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File: 1498836006448.jpg (54.75 KB, 512x512, sdld52CI.jpg)

No. 27657

There hasn't been an active thread for her in a while but since she's completely re-branded and still putting out content, here it is.

>Known for her aidoru days

>Pee scandal
>Still lives in Japan
>Trying to be a successful youtuber, DJ, singer and model
>Still does drugs (?)
>Went from literal loli pedo bait to 5edgy3u baddie type

Past threads:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/natalia_natchan/?hl=en
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tarii1212?lang=en

No. 27658

I discovered her through PDR's channel. Ever since that collab she's made Duncan and Mimei her top featured channels. Trying to ride their coattails for sure.

Also in the first pic on her instagram feed she's wearing an edgy tshirt glorying drug use. I don't know why she would actively advertise her fondness of drugs in a country like japan, especially as a DJ who parties constantly. Wouldn't that jeopardize her visa and modelling gigs etc?

No. 27659

>oh no Yukapon thinks drugs r cool but dey are bad in Nippon :(:(:(
The pee saga was amazing milk, but this is dairy free

No. 27660

Chill out she's in /snow/ now. If there was truly fresh milk, mods will move her back to /pt/. I didn't think she would fit well in the jvlogger's thread because it's not totally her crew but w/e.

No. 27661

I don't think there's enough milk about her. She's pretty low key nowadays and just jvlogs about stupid shit. Her milk kinda peaked when she become yukapee and had that epic breakdown tearing the teddybear up and shit.

Tbh I think she belongs in the Jvlogger thread. She's pretty much like a hipster version of them now.

No. 27662

File: 1498842321694.png (625.93 KB, 828x594, Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 5.03…)

Seems like she's gained a bit of weight since before, good for her. She had a pretty obvious ED a while back, and looked pretty sick.

No. 27663

She looks a lot healthier now. She's still really cute but that IG baddie makeup does not suit her at all

No. 27664

She looks cute now tbh. I like her 90s technopop vibe.

Looking through her insta it's actually kind of refreshing to see something so different. 90% of the jvloggers basically act like 60 year olds wherein they only go out during the day and the rogue night out is like, Karaoke and they hardly ever show themselves drinking, so it's interesting to see another side of Tokyo.

No. 27665

She was posting stories on her insta about the struggles of keeping up with Japanese standards of skinny and skipping meals/snacks because of that.

No. 27666


Whoa, I want to see her breakdown video. I hadn't even known it existed. Is it on that youko site like her other ones because I can't seem to find it…

On another note, I think that her fashion and especially her makeup can be pretty sloppy and lulzy sometimes, but I'm also seeing her improve. Unfortunately, her music is horrible despite having a great voice.

No. 27667

Click on her old thread links and there's a page in the OP where all the stuff about her breakdown and akira is.

No. 27668

I'm actually enjoying her content nowadays! And she looks cute with her 90's style

No. 27669

I wouldn't mind her so much if she spoke Japanese properly or didn't rely so heavily on slang. She has a near native accent but ruins it by her choice of words and ending every sentence with a very hard "ssu"
I know she probably hangs out with people that speak like that, but her way of using the slang is too exaggerated and off putting. It reminds me of Sharla saying "sooo goood" every 5 seconds.

I just wish she would tone that and her makeup down a bit because then I'd be able to stomach her videos.

No. 27670

File: 1498875389997.jpg (299.89 KB, 1024x683, tumblr_maw12jsBm71rt5l2ho1_128…)

Aah, I miss Yukapon drama.
The milk is super dry now, but I still find her cute.
A Vintage Yuka for nostalgia's sake.


She's honestly looking good her, I am glad she gained weight.


I agree. Maybe she think's using slang reflects how fluent she is, but it just looks like she has poor vocabulary.

No. 27671

Can anyone with visa knowledge tell me how she and others live in japan so long ?
Does she go to school? You cant get a work visa by DJing/doing youtube

No. 27672

Yes you can get a work visa from YouTube if you're earning enough and signed to a Jimusho. I'm tired of all the know it all here that don't know shit about Japanese visas kek

No. 27673

Why is not being milky ok now if someone lives in Japan? Taylor, half of the gaijin Gyaru thread, yukapee etc have no milk. They just happen to live in japland. It's getting really annoying

No. 27674

I'm taking a trip down memory lane, and the 2011-2014 Yuka milk was fucking insane. Those really were the golden days. Now, we have nothing.
I wish the Wayback Machine saved all the screencaps and videos from yukapon.us (which is now mostly empty), though.
Here's the old /pt/ thread for anyone who wants to reminisce too:

No. 27675

Yuka isn't on a work visa. She's studying makeup at vantan. The same school that Shiena went to. After her breakdown she stayed in America for a year or something like that then went to a language school for two years (the maximum time you're allowed on a language school visa). And now she's at vantan and will probably work in Japan after.

She's been going to Japan since her failed idol days. Her Japanese is good because she learned it pretty well during that time.

I'm happy that she's made a comeback. I've always liked her.

No. 27676

She actually had a fanbase and signed to Japanese management which is way more than what most weeb aidoru wannabes can say. Why does everyone on this board call anyone that actually gets to Japan a "failed idol"? Yeah she had the scandal in the end but she didn't really "fail".

Also she could very well have a work visa. Dakota Rose, Yuriko Tiger, Taylor etc have work visas and besides Taylor I'm sure Yuka is making more via YouTube etc than the rest. She leaves Japan quite a bit too which is a requirement for a work visa. I think she's at vantan but doesn't have their visa. I say that because you can't DJ on a student visa.

No. 27677

I'm getting early Christina Aguilera vibes from this picture

No. 27678

I doubt immigration would care. She doesn't even have a degree and started youtube and DJing after she went to Japan. How can she get a work visa? She's definitely on a student visa

She went to Japan and the idol thing failed because she got a lot of abuse after the pee and Akira mental breakdown scandal. She then went really quiet for a while and lived in America before going back to Japan and changing her style. I said she failed as an idol not as a person. She didn't even get a foot of the ground because of her scandal.

Stop getting defensive. I actually like her.

No. 27679

Can anyone link directly to this breakdown video?

No. 27680

She had fans etc she didn't fail as an idol her career was still successful.

Also you can get entertainment visa without a degree. You seriously think Dakota or Taylor or those Russian farmer's daughter models have degree? I heard Yuriko tiger doesn't even have a Highschool diploma.

No. 27681

What exactly is her talent? What would be the point of going to a language school and then vantan to study makeup if she has an entertainment visa doing YT and DJ. You sound illogical and dumb. Stop reaching.

No. 27682

Internet tarento and modeling. Most of you fucktards live in your family's house in Alabama so stop talking shit about visas kek. She might be on student but she might be on talent visa. Her YT brings in steady views and she does some modeling so it wouldn't be that hard to get. Dakota gets 0 work and has one.

No. 27683

It was on the yukapon.us site but it isn't up anymore. It's probs online somewhere but you'd have to look.

No. 27684

She started youtube after she went to Japan

No. 27685

I haven't been around the time that there was drama around her, but I somewhere read she has rich parents? So, I wouldn't doubt a student visa and you can indeed be a DJ while on a student visa

No. 27686

Up until last year she was still getting regular modelling work. She modeled for Baby The Stars Shine Bright and won a modelling contest iirc. I don't know how much work she's done in recent months but it's entirely possible that she's on an entertainment visa.

No. 27687

I think so. They had enough money to send her to study in Japan for how many years.


But what I'm trying to say is that before she came to Japan she wasn't doing anything. After her pee scandal she went quiet. So how could she suddenly go from doing nothing in America to an entertainment visa when the only things online about her back then were videos of her loli akiba dancing, peeing and breaking down.

She only started DJing and the modelling after she went back to Japan once the scandal had blown over.

No. 27688

sha had a job for years at a cafe or an inzakaya I'm not sure, i think she supports her expenses with day jobs. Of course this was back then when she was studying japanese and also attending dj classes

No. 27689

The pee thing happened in 2011-2012. She's been in Japan for at least 4 years now(post scandal). It's totally possible she went from student to entertainment.

No. 27690

Possible but unlikely. Her youtube has only blown up recently. Last year she was only getting a couple thousand views on her videos. Like I said it doesn't make sense that she'd be a full time student at vantan on a entertainment visa. Especially studying a subject that has nothing to do with her "talent" kek.

No. 27691

i found her yt a few days ago and i like her a lot. i think someone else said this on pll but i like how she's active in the club/nightlife scene in tokyo since other jvloggers usually only go out during the day and rarely drink/party or show themselves doing it.

No. 27692

Amina and yuka hangout. This must be the same aggressive wk from that thread because they sound similar.

No. 27693

It's funny. In America she wanted to dress in Japanese style but now that she actually lives in Japan she wants to dress American instaho style.

No. 27694

she was younger back then.
i think once people that are into jfashion and stuff actually move to japan and realize people dont actually dress like that, they default back to normal fashion…

No. 27695

Or….she's just an adult now. Doesn't have much to do with "nobody dresses like that in Japan!" Because not many people do the Instagram baddie look either

No. 27696

I've been to japan. Most Japanese women actually do dress cute style. Not over the top weeaboo but they wear a lot of floral, flowy skirts, pastel colors and soft/kawaii makeup. I'm not hating on her but it just ironic that in America she wanted to look and act Japanese but now that she's in Japan she's following American trends lol

No. 27697

it's because she wants to stand out. she stood out when in america in her lolicon/decora shit, and when she went to japan she kept the style to meet people(and since it was dying she was still kind of unique)now, she's trying to stand out again and coplying trends that she thinks she'll seem cool for wearing.

No. 27698

I always assumed she gave up that style because of her yukapee/akira/lolicon past or maybe she's just not interested in that style anymore.

No. 27699

File: 1499550210736.jpg (138.01 KB, 363x540, 3434324.jpg)

I miss younger Yukapon. Nowadays she looks and acts trashy.

No. 27700

why are duncan and mimei associating themselves with her? do they not know about the pee chronicles or what

No. 27701

She was trashy back then she just iddnt show it. She even was into gyaru before the whole uguuloli persona. Honestly her saccharine childlike act creep me out. She was trying hard to act like a kid (and her catchphrase "eternally 13", shooping her boobs flat in swimsuit pics,…)and tried hard to please pedos. I know that's what some idols do to get fans but ew.
>tfw used to think she was super cute
>tfw used to think being an idol was all being cheerful,being cute and singing and dancing
How I miss being ignorant and 14.

No. 27702

You do realize that Yukapon was a also 14, right? Hypocrite.

No. 27703


Yeah honestly I wish everyone would just pull back for a minute and consider she was a damaged, groomed young teenager. I felt sorry for her during her downfall.

A few years ago I maybe judged her the same way, but after working with mentally ill/traumatized teenagers for as long as I have now, idk but I feel bad for her. She was clearly groomed from a young age and has a traumatic history of some kind, physical or sexual abuse. Predators can smell damage and I'm sure that's had lasting effects on her. I know I'm probly in the wrong place saying all of this blah blah but I'm just giving my standpoint.

No. 27704

I miss her old look because it was cute, and I was curious for how long she could pass as a loli. With that said, it's a lot healthier for her mentally and probably relationship-wise to move onto a more young-adult style.

I imagine in a few years, she'll have faded into obscurity and be a semi-normal adult woman. The only thing I can imagine getting in the way of this is drugs (i.e. getting caught with possession of drugs is a good way to lose a visa or go to jail).

It's weird because she used to be underaged and even as an adult passed as a child. Now I can totally imagine her getting married and having a kid in a couple years lol

No. 27705

Even if she did get caught with drugs she'd probably marry first. She has a lot of connections in Japan now and is pretty much fluent

No. 27706

How do you know she was groomed and sexually abused? Has she openly said that she was? The thing was akira happened when she was 18+.

No. 27707

Yeah but getting married doesn't prevent someone from going to jail. Either way I doubt she does drugs

No. 27708

This isn't true. She first went to Japan to meet Akira when she was 15 and they started talking online when she was around 14. They dated from her being ages 15-18 and he created her "Loli sister" persona. He told her they would get married and by all accounts he groomed her. He was a 40+ year old man and I'm tired of people defending him. Yes her parents could've been smarter and shouldn't have let her go to Japan with him but I heard she was under the impression that he was in his 20s. If he wasn't Japanese most of the weebs who know this story wouldn't take up for him so much. He's a pedophile who groomed her and slut shamed her after she wanted to leave. After her he kept in contact with numerous foreign weeb girls many who were under aged. One being Abipop/Abi who knew he was a pedo and didn't care because she wanted to be a famous nippon aidoru. All these girls are fucked up to be honest.

No. 27709

There was a leaked screenshot going around where she was flirting with some guy in YouTube DMs, saying shit like "What color do you want my panties to be?". She also said "I can't tell you the details, but I lost my virginity at a con when I was really, really young :(" or something.
I'll see if I can find it on /cgl/.

No. 27710

I didn't know that. Thanks for the info. Either way Natalia shouldn't be here. She's just j vlogging now and definitely isn't a cow. There's no milk on here anymore.

No. 27711

I'm sick of people defending Akira too. She may have been a dumbass but she was a child and he was a fucking pedophile. He was a "lolicon" and liked that she looked young.. I wasn't around for her drama but even I know a pedo when I see one ffs

No. 27712

This is my first time posting in this thread or any of her past threads as far as I can remember. I met this girl when she was around 16 at a local con. She introduced herself as Yukapon, spoke broken Japanese, and claimed to be a quarter Japanese. She was this tiny, baby voiced, awkward anime-acting girl who definitely looked much younger than she was. She was all over my friend who was Japanese and close to her age which I find kind of funny now given that this was within the time frame of her "dating" Akira.

I don't think she was really in love with Akira (given how she was really all over my friend), but saw him as more of a way to get her foot in the door into a life in Japan. Akira, however, is absolutely a disgusting lolicon and should not be defended. I think Yuka was just typical teen weeaboo trash desperate enough to do "whatever it takes" to get to Japan. And hell, it worked, didn't it? I am glad to see that she's been able to move on and grow up since then though. She seems pretty alright and generally quite milkless now. I do kind of wonder if her past will come back to bite her in the ass though.

Sage for being semi bloggy.

No. 27713

thats the first thing that popped into my head when i saw yuka collab with them. but i think that is part of the joke. why else would she be playing duncans little sister? it goes with her old image. duncans channel is a joke but he has a big jp fanbase so people probably know who yukapon is lol

No. 27714

I legit think that most people don't know. Look at how many people on here who are asking about it.

There's a big difference between people who are generic anime weebs to people who are into idol stuff. Most people who are interested in Japan are mainly into anime and the more mainstream stuff. Idol groups aren't mainstream in Japan or the west.

Also doing anime dance covers like yuka, beckii and other wannabe idols used to do has been pretty much unheard of for the past 5 years.

The only people that know about her pee stuff are those who were interested in the gaijin idol stuff. Most of the people she's blogging with probably had no interest in it or just don't care anymore.

No. 27715

Idols are mainstream in Japan. AKB, morning Musume whatever are household names lol. >sagefornitpick

No. 27716

Not Akiba idols, though. They're mostly unknown outside of small groups, and fizzle out of cult popularity very quickly. They also never become well-known outside Akihabara.
Yuka being a gaijin who was literally mistaken for Beckii Cruel when she went to Japan during her stint just makes things a bit sadder.

No. 27717

Honestly does anyone have any tips on leading a social/night life like her in Tokyo?

Her instagram feed makes her life seem so chill and I wonder if it's normal for a foreigner to have connections with these night crowds or if it's looked down upon?

No. 27718

>go to the club like any normal city

I don't know why people on lolcow act like Tokyo is some weird sacred place. Just stop being awkward weebs and go.

No. 27719

Exactly what >>27718 said. It's like any city. If anything, Tokyo is pretty welcoming as it's constantly full of tourists.

No. 27720

there's a raving scene in everyone country. Just treat it like you would anywhere else. I agree with above tbh

No. 27721

File: 1500528294391.png (810.83 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1159.PNG)

No. 27722

ok? Why are you posting this?

No. 27723

Damn they all look like shit. What happened they used to be cute

No. 27724


late but. jesus christ, the clip was only 15 seconds long so it stopped and then some other video started to play, a little boy playing with himself, and all of the suggested videos involved naked children. what on earth is that fucking website

No. 27725

Oh god. The CRINGE.

No. 27726


she sounds like the millionaires.

No. 27727

She looks really cute, but goddamn this song and the whole concept of the video is trash.

No. 27728

I kinda get what they were going for, but it's really not doing it for me. She sounds like a chipmunk and the video doesn't really seem to have a story? It's kinda hard to even make out what she's saying.
She looks cute though, and nice shots of Tokyo I guess?

No. 27729

Could you explain the concept? Cuz I’m lost. Doesn’t help I can’t make out half of what she’s… singing? Rapping? Saying?

No. 27730

Sorry I should have say the 'lack of concept' makes it trash.

No. 27731

This is okay but looks so much trashier due to her not doing her roots or even washing her hair for this video.

No. 27732

Some files and posts have been deleted due to suspicions of cp. Please be wary of the links posted and files linked.

No. 27733

im glad shes doing well.
might be off topic but she was associated with pinku project right? what happened to them and her

No. 27734

Part of the cringe trasshit that still loves Millionaires kinda likes them for how unbelievably bad it is. Although… is the concept supposed to be enjou kosai? That’s what’s kinda freaky about it especially with her lolishit background, I thought she was done with that….

No. 27735

I can’t stop laughing, wow. Even for trap this is low quality music.

No. 27736


Man, I actually liked peachmilky. I hope she realizes who shes hanging out with :(

No. 27737

Cringe the voice doesn't suit her try hard style she tries to come off as.

No. 27738

>Also in the first pic on her instagram feed she's wearing an edgy tshirt glorying drug use. I don't know why she would actively advertise her fondness of drugs in a country like japan, especially as a DJ who parties constantly. Wouldn't that jeopardize her visa and modelling gigs etc?

Can't find the post you're talking about, but is it weed? because lots of Japanese people legit don't get the reference, they think they're acer/japanese maple leaves. My friend showed me a picture of his aunt's house and they had this little room divider curtain emblazoned with
in the traditional Rasta colours, covered in weed leaves. They had no idea what the connotation was.

It's not that big a deal because unless they've been abroad most Japanese people wont be familiar enough with drugs to understand what its in reference to, and their English level wont be good enough to understand the text fully.

No. 27739

Where I live in Japan I see people drive around marijuana leaf car air freshners dangleing from their reveiw mirrors all the time.

Sorry for bad grammar. 

No. 27740


No. 27741


No. 27742

not that anon, but i always saw guys wearing weed socks when i lived in umeda lol

No. 27743

those are probably actual maple leaves.

No. 27744

File: 1519529928934.png (448.05 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180225-122918.png)

No they were not. I know the difference, I use to smoke all the time in the US. Even though they are pretty damn close. We make that joke everytime we see it "oh look Japanese maple leaf" with finger quotations. I saw them at Don Quixote, also. I live off of the mainland.

No. 27745

How the fuck does she travel so much? How loaded are her parents?

Also Christ her boyfriend looks like a faggot

No. 27746

She makes money from her Dj jobs, flights sales going on and don't forget tax season. That car vlog was cringey as hell,her boyfriend was ugly as fuck, along with her greasy stiff hair. The icing on the cake was when she tried to act "hood" *kek

No. 27747

White dude with awful face tattoos trying be a gangster in Japan. Now I've really seen it all.

No. 27748

i didn't watch the whole video but are his tattoos fake? cos those are really unfortunate.

No. 27749

File: 1521426625775.jpg (129.86 KB, 1175x784, KzYaP4G.jpg)

They're real oh no he's some mumble rapper

this is his insta, looks like he had a kid with some japanese lady too

No. 27750

File: 1521427723811.png (279 KB, 533x352, gross.png)

Is her new boyfriend the greasy redneck looking, soundcloud rapper wannabe dude in that vlog? She typically only dated old, creepy looking Japanese guys, so I can't really say it's a huge downgrade, but he's pretty gross looking.

No. 27751

Opps, missed this. I guess he is her boyfriend. She's always dated some real winners.

I'm looking forward to when the dirt comes out she's doing a dating service or something. If she hasn't yet, I can see it happening in her future.

No. 27752

Well, it seems like he left his wife and child to drink lean and make shitty soundcloud raps so, but at least he doesn't fuck kids like Akira. I guess it's an upgrade?!

No. 27753

File: 1521431144351.png (618.2 KB, 915x534, cringe.png)

Dug around on him a bit, was wondering what type of Japanese woman would settle for this. Surprisingly his ex is really cute, but upon further inspection, it seems she just really wanted a hafu baby, she even has line stickers of their kid for sale. Weird.

Also, this guy didn't get really stupid looking until the past year, seems he is in a downward spiral and "Natchan" is along for the ride.

No. 27754

File: 1521431231181.jpg (819.18 KB, 1000x804, 1394162377190.jpg)

Also, didn't she date that one old decora guy, Junnyan? Has she ever dated anyone who wasn't super cringey?

No. 27755

File: 1521433521983.jpg (306.23 KB, 1280x853, yuka.jpg)

The weird thing is that Natalia is, imho, genuinely cute? She has a cute face, she's thin and well kept in general. She could land a rich not so old japanese dude with ease. Is her self-esteem that low? Why is she always dating pedos, greasy dudes and greasy pedo dudes? What the fuck?

Yep, she did. During that decora phase of hers. Wasn't he like in his 40's or something? She wasn't even 20, IIRC.

No. 27756

I met her once, briefly, at a local con around her pee video phase. She was telling people her name was legitimately Yuka, that she was half Japanese, and was speaking in very broken Japanese, etc.

Honestly, she's probably just insecure and has issues with her own identity. She always seems to be recreating her identity based on whatever loser she's dating at the moment. It's like her entire identity is based around other people or whatever is trending at the moment. She was a kawaii loli idol, then a harajuku street fashion girl, now she's trying to be an edgy instagram baddie who dates shitty soundcloud rappers.

I'll agree though, she's not an ugly girl by any means. She may nto be model pretty, but she's cute, has a cute/petite figure, seems to come from a good family. I don't really get it either, hopefully she snaps out of it before she ends up going the "toopoor" route with her new lilpeep wannabe of a boyfriend.

No. 27757

I couldn't see anything about his ex, other than that they'd been together for a few years, had family trips and even got married, they stayed together until the baby was 1. Then they split and he got a bunch of fuckstupid tattoos.

He seems to be the grandchild of a US mayor, Ilus W. Davis. I really hope dollar store Peep doesn't fuck up Yukapon even more, I was kinda rooting for her.

No. 27758

I really hate this Insta baddie persona she’s trying to push. She really doesn’t know who she is and it’s kind of sad. It’s cringey and forced as fuck, and her new style of dress/hair/makeup is all sorts of terrible on her. I really loved her back when she was still modeling for Btssb, she’s so much prettier in a softer style and with brown hair. Now she just looks fried and washed out.

No. 27759

I don't know this girl but she can do so much better. Both men look ugly and trashy as fuck.

No. 27760

Honestly, her history of extreme identity changes and her taste in men really make me wonder about her personality and emotional/mental stability. Is she really just that thirsty for a taste of fame in Japan? Is there something else at play here?

It seems like she had dated Akira, despite him being so much older and clearly a lolicon, because he was buying her gifts, cloths, and promising her help with an idol career in Japan. Junnyan is old and ugly, but he is a rather well known character in the street fashion world, has been in a ton of magazines street snaps, and was a manager at Super Lovers at the time. Now she's latched onto this trashy, soundcloud rapper and is trying to spin herself a new identity as a DJ now.

I know she's still pretty young, but her history and pursuits of fame have gotten pretty out of hand at times. I'm glad she's been able to move on from the scandal of her pee video and other questionable content via her relationship with Akira. I just hope that she doesn't fall too far down the rabbit hole with this new guy. She's never been an outright mean or awful person, just kind of the usual cringey weeb at her worst. She really could do so much better and I hope she eventually wakes up and sees that.

No. 27761

File: 1521525354204.jpeg (464.55 KB, 1242x1678, 44D9B22A-1EFF-45EC-9D5E-E60976…)

How long before yukapee gets knocked up too?? She escaped small town american life, but damn you just cant take it out of the girl can you?

No. 27762

File: 1521543110475.png (7.2 KB, 307x189, thosebarstho.png)

Abortions in Japan are pretty costly, here's hoping she doesn't get pregnant by the knockoff lilpeep.

It really is too bad though. She went from having a decent modeling job with BTSSB and being in magazines via street snaps to dating this loser and making whatever this mess is >>27725

Her other music is pretty terrible too, her song writing is highschool student tier at best. It's a pity because when she isn't singing this garbage, her voice is actually pretty decent.

No. 27763

I kinda liked this song actually.

No. 27764

File: 1521572128731.png (907.3 KB, 1015x744, 1xhyiT6.png)


Idk how he got the Japanese chick and now Yukapee because despite her cringey life she's cute meanwhile he looks fucking disgusting.
It's not even like he's charismatic because he talks like the "no ragrets" guy from we're the millers. Fucking walmart peep, christ.

No. 27765

File: 1521580246599.jpg (42.34 KB, 640x960, 1455024449845.jpg)

No. 27766

File: 1521580314423.jpg (48.34 KB, 640x960, 1455024524298.jpg)

No. 27767

File: 1521580349948.jpg (45.49 KB, 640x960, 1455024510889.jpg)

No. 27768

These are like, at least 2 years old? She's been talking about wanting to gain weight recently.

Does anybody have the videos that were on yukapon.us? The ones where she talks about wanting to drink her piss and being super out of it?

Also, I have a brief recollection of someone claiming that she was in a gang bang and liked it? Am I imagining this? It's been so long since we had fresh Yuka milk.

No. 27769

File: 1521582887082.jpeg (117.62 KB, 768x1024, 1454861340654.jpeg)

Yes They are from 2016

No. 27770

I remember that, the story was that she was fucked up on drugs at a rave, got gang raped by some tourists and claimed to have not minded/enjoyed it. That's some 2-3 years old milk though, plus I think it was some BS started by one of her frenemies.

No. 27771

The Japanese chick just wanted a hafu baby or some white dick. After she got it she kicked his ass to the curb. He probably still heartbroken, would explain why he look a hot mess now.

No. 27772

No. 27773

>claimed to have not minded it
Now, I do have some fucked up fetishes myself but surely this couldn't have been a healthy response to indulging in that shit in a non-safe environment with no real aftercare. Yeesh, girl's a mess

Thank you, anon! Funnily enough, I've posted a fair bit in that thread and completely forgot it was here and not Stamrose.
Also, m0m0ko! Holy shit, what a trip down memory lane.

No. 27774

Yeah, I think the general consensus was that it was probably an exaggerated version of a club hookup or an outright lie.

No. 27775

File: 1521596020613.png (1.44 MB, 798x893, oneyeardiff.png)

Honestly, he wasn't horrible looking a year or two ago, when the Japanese girl was dating him. I personally don't find him attractive, but I could see how he might appeal to a Japanese woman with a white fetish.

He's gone this far downhill in about a year's time. I can really only wonder how much worse it's going to get and how much drugs are involved in all this.

No. 27776

Wow… Wow. How far in life do you have to sink to get face tattoos??

No. 27777

Maybe getting used by a girl just for a hafu baby broke his soul.

No. 27778

Tbh I like fairly extreme body mods, even face tattoos, but his are really awful. The ones on his eyelids (which says "rice boys") make it look like he permanently has black eyes. The rest look like someone doodled on his face while he was sleeping. The blurry throat tattoo that says "Trapanese Dreams" in bright teal is pretty horrendous as well.

Seriously. Don't do drugs kids. At least whatever kind of drugs this dude is on. He looks like a meth head.

Anyone have any info on his recent facial scars? He had a huge gash across his forehead that he had stitches in when he and Yuka first began dating publicly, there's a small scar across the tip of his nose from the same incident.

No. 27779

File: 1521620379385.jpg (32.31 KB, 500x371, lilkev.jpg)

I hadn't really heard him talk before. But wow…


He seriously reminds me of that rapper from Always Sunny who Dee was dating, that they all thought was retarded.

No. 27780

Hes so gross ew

No. 27781

oh gods, i love that episode so much. And that's a perfect reference for this dude >>27775

No. 27782

How old is that bag of shit? He looks forty.

No. 27783

File: 1521934878492.png (928.46 KB, 466x836, hm.png)

Okay, so I did some digging. Turns out he's the grandson of Ilus Winfield Davis, who was mayor of Kansas City, Missouri, back in the 60's. His family remained in Kansas city, and that appears to be where he grew up, which explains his accent. His real name is also, "Winfield Davis", so it appears he was named after his grandfather. Before going by the alias "lil blue steel" or lilblue, he typically went by Win Davis, and was into skateboarding. According to various sources like whitepages, he's only 26 years old. Which, I admit, is surprising, as I would have guessed early 30's, but hey, that's what hard drugs will do to you I guess.

Honestly, I think Natalia is only with him because she's trying to ride what little fame/following he does seem to have. She's attached herself to the billings of almost any shows he's performing at and he's almost constantly promoting her via his instagram. That and he probably has some pretty decent drug connections and homegirl has a problem.

Pic is a show she's promoting that both her and Win are performing at.

No. 27784

I think Natalia’s bf is pretty hot, I was surprised to come here and see that everyone thinks he’s disgusting.

I do agree that the face tatts are dumb though, struggle rappers at the moment seem to think that face tatts will instantly make them famous.

Also I hate Nat’s gangster-trap-whatever persona, it seems so forced and inauthentic, especially when she tries to use lingo like “fire”. I think her bf must be influencing her and bringing out this persona even more than before.

No. 27785

File: 1521942101610.png (746.13 KB, 928x597, no.png)

>I think Natalia's boyfriend is pretty hot
In what world, anon?

No. 27786

I completely agree with the lingo bit,
for some people, using that slang just sounds…right? natural? faze banks is a good example of it sounding more natural than when natalia says it.
She sounds so tryhardy

No. 27787

File: 1522049122590.jpeg (457.62 KB, 560x839, D19A31C7-EF2C-45EA-9928-5FE59D…)

Its more cringy because she’s trying to be instahood while her accent is veeeery typical midwestern middle class white girl lmfao i was actually surprised when I heard her speaking english

No. 27788

No. 27789

I also believe natalia has some of identity or personality issue. An anon before mentioned her loli and harajuku phase but does anyone else remember when this girl was into gyaru and ganguro? There are probably old pictures of her online somewhere. She was around 14 or something and used to go to the gal meetups and started a gal forum. So far she's gone through:

- gyaru
- loli-akiba idol
- Harajuku
- Normal fashion (right after the akira/pee thing when she was back the US and when she first came back to japan)
- Hipster/trap/rapper

I mean if someone put together pictures of her wearing each style you'd laugh at how weird it is.
She changes styles every year or two. I'm surprised nobody noticed this sooner. I give it another year before she's onto a different style. She could easily get what she wants (fame) by going down the normal fashion route and following every bf she has.

No. 27790

You know back before internet armchair diagnosis, we just called this following trends. But please go on about how this girl is unwell for going through phases (as a teen, no less)

Borderline personality disorder is not changing your style every two years and you anons who armchair diagnose are annoying as hell.

No. 27791

Weird because I never mentioned BPD nor did I diagnose her. Having identity or personality issues doesn't mean someone has a mental illness. But this is a bit more than following trends. Are you seriously saying that you know lots of people/teens that do this? Please give examples.

No. 27792

Not that anon but no one said BPD, calm down. Regardless, it's not just changing styles, she tries to literally morph herself into something she isn't with each one. She is white as snow yet she's trying to talk as if she lived anywhere outside of her middle class life.
Usually when people change styles a piece of them still remains in each trend. Can you say there is any part of Yukapon that IS Yukapon? Like what even is her personality? It's all fake.

The lingo thing pisses me off the most it's so goddamn annoying. I've said before she does the same thing in Japanese where she tries her hardest to shoehorn in any slang she knows.

No. 27793

I'm starting to think she using her "boyfriend" for fame or something, and out of all the weebs boyfriends hers the ugliest. She needs to wash her hair too looks fried/ greasy.

No. 27794

File: 1522088142265.png (674.24 KB, 708x572, Screenshot at Mar 26 20-14-34.…)

I found our Princess Peepee in incest porn

No. 27795

Doesn't look like her.

No. 27796

why are u even looking at incest porn anon

No. 27797

Honestly, I think she's always hopping around trends hoping to find one that will finally land her the fame in Japan that she's been so desperate for nearly the past decade. I think that's why she always attaches herself to men who have something to offer her as far as fame/attention go rather than men who are actually good for her/stable/healthy. This is the first guy who is close to her in age, and yet he's a drugged up, shitty face tattooed, baby daddy, soundcloud rapper who both sounds and acts mentally impaired.

I don't know if she's just really insecure and doesn't think she could do better or if she is really that thirsty for attention/fame. Honestly though, I think it's all about the fame for her. Maybe she feels she has something to prove after her idol career tanked and never took off?

It looks a little like her I guess. Kind of like Yuka if she put on a little more weight and lopped off half her nose. Pretty obvious it isn't her though. But who knows, maybe we'll see her become an AV star next.

No. 27798

She wont stop until she’s in the spotlight performing. First it was as Yukapee, then she started doing lana-esk covers on soundcloud, then she tried to model for a bit, and now she wants to be a dj/trap queen. Her own music sucks, and honestly her singing isnt even that good. Not horrible, but her technique isnt good and she’s trying to hard to do that breathy throaty lana del ray style of singing. I really can stand her voice. Doesn’t help that shes one of those people who arent horrible singers so everybody tells them how great they are so they go around throat singing all the damn time.

No. 27799

Honestly, I was surprised by her singing. She has a pretty decent singing voice given that half the time she's trying to talk in that annoying, squeaky, anime girl voice, even still.

It's weird because she's decent looking, has a decent enough voice, but seems to squander it all away by trying to cater to whatever scene her current fuccboi is into. If she would had kept doing the covers and worked on her singing, maybe got classes, continued pursuing modeling, small acting roles, etc. She probably could have a decent little career going as a Z-list celebrity by now. Instead she's dating this disgusting little peep knock-off and depending on him to book shows at tiny venues as she pursues to be a "Japanese trap queen". Way to go Natalia.

No. 27800

agree. she was cringy back then, but now she's just a plain white trash with colored hair.

No. 27801


No. 27802

it doesn't seem like he knocked up that japanese girl. going way back into his ig you can see they seemed to be quite in love… wonder what happened

No. 27803



Her Japanese viewers don't seem to be too impressed with her boyfriend. One of the top comments said "he definitely takes meth" kek

No. 27804

Every time I see this threads picture I instantly think of Dakota Rose popteen shoots

No. 27805

Probably was one sided love or something.
Welp not surprise every weeb end up with a ugly partner. Don't know why this trash wants to be a singer in a foreign land? He better off making it in America how laughable.

No. 27806

Probably loved her enough, but didn’t realize that wanting to be a rapper aint going to pay for diapers and formula and she got sick of his shit.

No. 27807

Probably what you've said. In addition to the guy going from a normal enough looking dude to what he looks like now, as seen here. >>27775

I wonder how he's staying in Japan. Who is sponsoring his visa? Or Natalia's visa for that matter?

No. 27808

man if there were more milk this guy needs his own thread. so many visa marriages involve foreign women but we rarely get milk on guys who do it. thats clearly the only way he has been in the country this long because soundcloud rap dont pay the bills.

btw the mom is still keeping his last name it seems

No. 27809

if you are married for at least three years and live in japan for one year on spouse visa, you can apply for permanent residency. that, or give birth to a japanese child.

No. 27810

I follow her on Instagram and notice that she seems to leave the country a lot. More often than someone just doing visa trips but still.

No. 27811

If anything, she probably found an entertainment company via youtube or modeling or something and stays that way. She went to school for hair and makeup, but I guess she just wants to see how far her ‘career’ will take her. I honestly wonder what her future career goals are. Does she still think she’s going to get discovered?! Or is being a walmart-brand level soundcloud artist enough for her?

I dount she does visa runs. You can basically get away with doing one a year, any more than that and they will semd you back on the next plane.

No. 27812

Could you imagine being her mother and seeing all the weird ass shitty men she brings home?! Like damn, she must have no hope at this point for her daughters future.

But then again she did knowingly let her date a creepy japanese pedo who promised her an idol career at age 15. Even allowed her to marry him kek

No. 27813

>Even allowed her to marry him kek

No. 27814

Has she even been doing work as a model/personality lately though? My best guess is that she is a part time language school student. A lot of weebs do that until they can try to find a more permanent way to stay. Her family would probably fund it too.

She probably peaked during her btssb modeling era, around the same time she was making it into magazine's street snaps and the like too. She's still young, so maybe if she doesn't fall too far into this shitty "trapenese" rabbit hole and let her drug use/partying get too out of control she might be able to be a non-embarrassing somebody, someday. Also, here's hoping bootleg peep doesn't get her pregnant or anything either, he's already one girl's baby daddy.

No. 27815

File: 1523162171577.png (385.83 KB, 811x588, nymphette.png)

Sage for samefagging, but after taking a peek through hewr instagram, it looks like she hasn't had a modeling gig in forever. I don't know if she's still working there, but according to one post, she was working at Shibuya109 as recently as last year. I don't imagine that they would sponsor her visa though?

A lot of her older posts are pretty cringey too. She's only 22 in this photo, yet she goes on about feeling "too old" to wear the skirt? I can't imagine how she's going to handle her mid to late 20s if she's already feeling old at 22. She also tagged this "nymphette".

No. 27816

She still looks pretty young but I understand how someone would give into the pressure.

No. 27817

What pressure? It's a simple pleated skirt and she's only 22, not 30+.

No. 27818

File: 1523166279802.jpg (9.79 KB, 255x200, b51.jpg)

>because of my age
lmao, she's not even 30 yo, what the fuck, why would you be embarrassed?

No. 27819

File: 1523167380239.jpeg (91.19 KB, 400x533, B61B1C5B-E4CA-4E9F-BC8E-189537…)

She already had a language school visa for 2 years iirc. You can get them for any loger than that i think, because a lot of people abuse the system that way

Of all the weird clothing she owns, a basic pleated white skirt is what she’s most embarrassed about? She has weird ideas about age as well. Remember when she would prance around in japanese kindergarten uniforms and pigtails and call herself **~~eternally 13~~** while drinking out of a sippy cup and pandering to pedos?

No. 27820

File: 1523171342813.jpg (133.39 KB, 685x486, 1522630121220.jpg)

Exactly what I thought when I saw the post. I guess she is ~eternally 18~ now as she has moved on from the creepy "little sister" era and onto this new "teenage trap queen" phase.

She's like a diet, weeb Abby with all her phases.

No. 27821

File: 1523184146372.jpeg (795.44 KB, 1242x1900, 3018749D-4288-4C54-B20C-5B8A2C…)

No. 27822

Even in a youth obsessed society, who said you can't wear a plain tennis skirt past 18?

She looks youthful and I think she's cute, but she's dating this ugly troll and seems to have low self-esteem/identity issues. It's a shame.

No. 27823

i think her mom is like jillian's mom in a way
"you do you, sweetie<3 ignore the haterz"

No. 27824

>I'm 18 forever

Wait for the huge meltdown when she reaches 25

No. 27825

File: 1523195720240.jpg (76.86 KB, 1200x900, DT6hi6nrSDAAAqbBG.jpg)

No. 27826

File: 1523199415096.png (978.78 KB, 1169x743, nTGm3jP.png)

Looking at this pic she posted made me gag. I bet his tongue smells like stale vomit, alcohol and yeast.

No. 27827

File: 1523208273402.jpg (479.52 KB, 640x640, 27892345_161907211132213_93580…)

Part of the reason she's going back and forth is because she's some kind of NBA ambassador now. How she got involved with that, I have no clue.

No. 27828

She looks like a blonde version of Ayalla, social repose's ex. I'm mad they didn't blend her extensions in and that she sounds like she's on helium, but she's pretty and I want to know how to get her body - she's very thin but she doesn't look sickly.

No. 27829

She's just petite, anon? If you aren't naturally petite, but starve yourself to be smaller than your natural bodytype you will look sick.

She's fairly small in person, though I'm not sure what her actual height is. Probably close to 5"?

No. 27830

Oh she is?? lol I had no idea what that was about, I was like oh uhhhh I guess she really likes basketball…?

No. 27831


She's going to the school fashion school that shiena went to and is doing a makeup course or something. She made a YT video about it a while ago. I forgot the name of it now. I think ksara also goes there or she used to.

No. 27832

But how long do those classes usually last? Shes been doing it for like 2+ years now iirc

No. 27833

One of the japanese magazines she was in said she was 160cm (5'3") iirc

No. 27834

its called vantan

she said she went to language school before this beauty school. idk which program she is doing it vantan but they go up to three years.

No. 27835

I wonder what she's going to do to stay in the country after vantan. She's already used up all her language school years, so what's next? I doubt dollar store peep could secure her a visa.

No. 27836

Has this been verified as written by him..reading the Japanese it doesnt seem native..like its been dumbed down. That might just be him catering for people that follow him that arent fluent in Japanese though lol

No. 27837

All of them have nice bodies - i'm jealous…

Saged for no contribution

No. 27838

who's ksara?

No. 27839

Seriously? Most of them have chunky legs.

No. 27840

>chunky legs
Ana-chan, plz.

No. 27841

Here’s a thought—instead of derailing on another pointless comment that you could’ve easily ignored with your opinion that nobody asked for, just. Don’t. It’s crazy how when you disagree with someone on a matter of opinion you can just move on, I know.
They all look like the offbrand junior version of that one Instagram prostitution ring in the US they send out to rappers

No. 27842


Like anon said Vantan is usually 3 years. So either she's still on a student visa or transitioned to an entertainment visa. She's fluent in Japanese and does work in the entertainment industry so she could easily get one.
I'm pretty sure she had an agency when she first went back to Japan after the yukapee incident and was sharing this website http://natalia-natchan.com/index.php Look at how different she is. Again another example of her constant style changes. She's a completely different person.

No. 27843

They are seriously chunky.

No. 27844

i can't believe that site is still up. how cringey. the latest news is 2015

No. 27845

Not even that anon but they're not ugu thin but if thats what you consider chunky legs you have issues
>inb4 everyone is a fatty who doesnt agree with you

No. 27846

Im failing to see where these so-called "chunky legs" are

No. 27847

How would she get an entertainment visa when she isn't signed to a modeling agency or a music label? Seems unlikely.

No. 27848

she could be on the same visa as peachmilky. was it working holiday visa? I dunno anymore

No. 27849

Not FAT. just chunky. like, tree trunks, or elephant legs

No. 27850

which one, ana chan?

No. 27851

….they look like perfectly normal healthy legs
Do you just look at tumblr thinspos all day and now all legs that don't look like Eugenia Cooneys are chunky?

No. 27852

Americans can't get a working holiday. She's either on a student on entertainment visa. Nothing to really speculate about. Either way she's always been in Japan legitimately.

No. 27853

Her boyfriend seems to be so slow and dumb. Does he possibly have a learning disorder?

If she is going to date him I think she should at least keep him out of videos. Hes pretty embarrassing and contributes nothing.

No. 27854

Her boyfriend…what in the Kfed white trash mess?!?

No. 27855

File: 1524747399892.png (63.71 KB, 1440x1044, it's always sunny in nipland.p…)

he's like lil kev from that episode of it's always sunny but he's a shitty soundclout rapper instead of a normal one

No. 27856

Its always funny when girls dress in jfashion but then their taste in men show how white trash they are.

No. 27857

Oh shit, this joke has come around full circle. >>27779

Also, next thread pic please?

No. 27858

File: 1524780687567.png (674.93 KB, 644x731, yukapeesnewvideo.png)

Basically how the first few minutes of this video >>27853 went down.

No. 27859

This is scarily accurate to the content of the video. Food picture could have been him eating the dango like it was going to poison him.

No. 27860

File: 1524793418262.png (664.46 KB, 640x730, fixed.png)

No. 27861

This is perfect. Actual gold, thanks for the laugh anon.

No. 27862

Is she also acting slow? When she asks 'what are you supposed to eat at hanami?'

She's been living in Japan for years and sucking off japanese culture forever. She damn well knows. Her boyfriend looks so trashy… I like tattoos, but he looks awful. Why are face tats a thing now with trashy dudes?

I feel as if she will lose fans because of her boyfriend now.

No. 27863

If he really is slow, she is probably just asking questions on a level that he can answer to make him feel like they're on the same level.

No. 27864

Is she really dressing in Japanese fashion though? I mean, I'm old and shit, but she just looks very 90s lately.

No. 27865

this is so bad

No. 27866

His voice is pure auto tune and the producing is shit. Does he really says he's a pro musician?

No. 27867

This guy wouldn't be able to have a career outside of Japan, just like Natalia. They both get by on being the token gaijin as their gimmick. It's probably why she dropped the cutesy weeb thing too, it wasn't going to get her anywhere. She's just trying to ride this dude's coattails to fame, but let's be real… it's not going to happen.

I'm curious to see what her next phase/career will be depending on what type of guy she dates next though.

No. 27868

Another lil peep wannabe.

No. 27869

In the comments:
"BTW his forehead tattoo looks like a broken head lamp that he got while someone was strangling him."

No. 27870

Is this…music for Japanese people who liked Lil Peep? Horrible.

No. 27871

I think its the opposite though nobody hardly knows that dude.
Song is pure trash they might want to find another career to ride on.I thought natalia was a dj did she quit become a singer?

No. 27872

Is there even an audience for this shit in Japan?

Also kek’d at one of the top japanese comments.

>So this is what it feels like when japanese try to sing in english….

No. 27873

Is this PDR throwing some shade about Natchan's retarded bf(watch from 2:39)? I know him and Mimmei hang out with her some times and I can't see them approving that guy.

No. 27874

I meant, the only thing going for him and Natalia in Japan is the novelty factor of being gaijin artists. With the popularity of shit soundcloud rappers in the west right now, they are really a dime a dozen. Over there he's at least a novelty which draws attention he wouldn't be able to get over here in the states.

Do they still hang out? She seems like her world mostly revolves around bootleg peep these days.

No. 27875


he at least looks better than he did in that video where they were driving lol

No. 27876

Not the same anon btw..

I get what you're saying but is this sort of music actually popular in Japan? Like in the US it's actually become mainstream over the past 3 years and reaching number 1 on the charts so even the smaller trap artists can sell out a medium sized tour and maintain a decent social media following. Japanese music charts sound like the US 15 years ago imo. With all the j-rock and girl/boy groups dominating the charts.

Anyone see gaijin j-trap becoming big in japan? Certainly not anytime soon.

They're deluded. The only thing that being novelty may bring is that western media outlets may wanna interview them. Natalia would've been better of trying the Pop singer route if she really wanted to be famous in Japan.

No. 27877

Oh no, I completely agree. Honestly, I don't really get why this dude went to Japan in the first place. I can only assume he was pursuing a fetish, which he has now fulfilled by having a child with the Japanese ex. Natalia is generally still out of his league, can actually communicate with him, and is convenient. Which is why I imagine he is with her now. (Similar to how gaijin hunters will date Japanese girls in between their gaijin girlfriends.)

Natalia peaked during her btssb modeling phase. She could have pursued a fairly healthy indies singer, model, and small time tv personality career. She's too busy latching onto random dudes and trying to mirror their looks/careers/fame though.

No. 27878

You can only get an entertainment visa if you're an actual celebrity

No. 27879

File: 1539925576992.png (429.24 KB, 804x569, 8676.PNG)

Looks like they broke up and Natalia is in LA now.

No. 27880

File: 1539925708054.png (2.29 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20181016-170631.png…)

No. 27881

oh, did they?? I stopped following her a little while ago because she was starting to look so greasy, drained and just… dead inside, in all the photos she was posting. His mug wasn’t helping either.

No. 27882

I noticed that when she went awo for almost 2 weeks, not to mention she seems depressed. Good for her, she was doing so much better before she met that dude.

No. 27883

I've only just seen this now and the comments are so savage.

>I guess this is like when Japanese people sing in English

>This is just so lame
>Wouldn't this have been better in 100% English?
>The video is cool, but the song is so bad
>Without the subtitles I'd have no idea what they're singing
>If you listen to the lyrics, he's talking about filling his nose with cocaine, so he surely does drugs [this is a huge thing in Japan]
>This absolute emptiness inside of the cool shell is just a shame
>Japanese nuances are hard, so there's nothing that could be done
The general consensus is that the video is cool, but the music is horrible lol

No. 27884

File: 1539977861909.png (567.97 KB, 972x500, H3w4EgG.png)

Something weird is going on on her twitter.

No. 27885

Her Twitter is set to private I can’t see it…

but what the hell…? Would she really post something like that herself or is someone outing her? …then again, wouldn’t they make it public?

No. 27886

Ooohh boyyyy I can't wait to see what the unfolds. Her Twitter is pretty inactive tbh so it'll definitely be something small.

No. 27887

Maybe a pissed off john/sugar daddy or troll got access to her account and posted that. Or maybe the ex.

No. 27888

She probably has a lot of shame about how she enjoys cutesy stuff after all these years of people joking about her being a paedo panderer and places like lolcow pointing out age/nasolabial folds every three seconds

My money is on this

No. 27889

So did she actually have a visa? It's weird she left Japan right after the shiena incident.

No. 27890

it looks like they are together tho?
his instagram is 7i7b7u3

No. 27891

File: 1541020529626.png (475.62 KB, 1440x1908, hh2p7jE.png)

That's a Fetlife profile. There's no photos on it, just a generic spooky anime girl.

No. 27892

File: 1541020654157.png (68.72 KB, 613x306, ZY60gtN.png)

No. 27893

File: 1541020685642.png (65.09 KB, 577x342, q7HxvMk.png)

Looks like it never had any pics, so it could be anyone.

No. 27894

No there not.

No. 27895


Ok then why have they both posted the same dog

No. 27896

Considering the timing of the breakup, the "I'm sorry" >>27880 and the leaked Fetlife pictures >>27884 I think it's safe to say that the reason for their breakup was probably that he found out she was selling these services and talking to other men on Fetlife. Anyone got any more info?

No. 27897

She deleted all her pictures,videos,and untagged herself from tagged pictures of them.She even posted a new video that is reminiscing of their breakup.

No. 27898

File: 1541917106192.png (71.54 KB, 297x500, 5be5974597d18_Capture_2018-11-…)

She posted this to her story on Friday, got it from PULL. Translation from PULL user as well:

"I want to go back to the time before I met you. Back to when I still had myself.
I know there’s a lot of things you’re afraid of. You put up a front, but I know you’re actually afraid.
Ive overcome so many awful things and became a strong woman, but you hate women that are strong.
Because you wanted me to become a weak human being like you.
It might be scary, but I know I can overcome this. I can go back to my old self.
Youre pathetic. I’m wishing you a life all alone full of suffering. "

No. 27899

Thank you so much anon! I'm happy for her, I hope they don't go back together

No. 27900

Isn't that exactly what happened in her Yukapon days with Akira (Akira and/or that pedophilic /jp/ tripfag)? It's how she was "outed" and her whole jailbait Akiba idol thing was sent to a screeching halt.
Here I thought all that shit was over, and she was living a pretty nice life. History repeats itself, I guess.

No. 27901

I remember when she first showed lil blue on youtube and the top Japanese comment said "Natchan you're gonna get hurt". The japs called it

No. 27902

Now who would of thought some druggy man child would not want a strong woman? Very mind boggling indeed.

No. 27903

he deleted/changed his insta lol, this dude is a cow himself and gaijin scum to japanese prob

at least he has good japanese, well he should because he is a BABY DADDY..!!

the soundclout rapping is the funniest thing tho, how do you trap in nakameguro? can someone deport him?

No. 27904

Who didn't think this? Dude hardly visit his kid.

No. 27905

He's back in Cali now,he got out quick after the lockdown on overstayers.

No. 27906

If he's back in cali then they may be together. Someone was asking on her IG if she's is santa monica.

No. 27907

I thought she was still in Japan?

No. 27908


She went to Vantan, she has a whole series of videos. If she graduated in 2 years she'd have finished in April 2018. However she could be in a 3 (or possibly 4?) year program in which case she would have until April 2019 or even 2020. If she is traveling as often as >>>549315 states, that probably means she has enough cash (from whatever source) to keep paying tuition.

If she leaves Japan this year, it's not because of visa problems. It's because she wanted to leave.

No. 27909

There not together and she took a break from social media to try to go back to her old self here.>>730367
I think her ex had visa problems so she left with him. Her ex posted on his story asking about a visa.

No. 27910

Some soy: Went on instalive just now for a "10 minute live" to tell her followers she's going to revive her channel. I believe she said she's doing a video in the US then back in Japan. Was working on some music and let everyone listen to a song about how "he can't be faithful" etc. etc.

No. 27911

New video titled "I'm back…I'm sorry"

>Nat lived in LA since July

>Due to untold circumstances she wasn't in a position where she could post videos
>She's now still in the US but not in LA and she can't tell us where
>There was a person around her who said that she looked stupid in her videos which discouraged her
>She wants to show us a stronger version of herself
>Will start uploading videos again

I'm guessing lil blue must have been a real piece of shit because she really sounds depressed

No. 27912

>not in LA but can't say where

Parents' house. What happened to her basketball job that had her flying back and forth so much? Was that through her BF maybe?

No. 27913

No it was through her youtube or her agency. Natalia's ex never had a job just some deadbeat, wannabe soundcloud rapper.

No. 27914

She's from around St. Louis, isn't she? She's probably living at home again after burning through the last of her funds in LA which I'm sure adds to her "depressed mood" we're seeing here.

I don't doubt blue was shitty to her. She seems to always go after predatory men in general. I was surprised that he was closer to her age and not Japanese, but I think her desperation for fame really fed into why she was with him. Each dude she's been with offered her something for her "career". The first showered her with gifts and offered to help her with her idol career. The next was a fairly well known guy in the harajuku street fashion scene, been in a lot of street snaps, etc. Her persona changed with each guy too, the loli idol, the decora fashion blogger, then with blue, suddenly a instagram baddie trap artist? It's no wonder she feels so lost, she has no one to base her current persona around.

No. 27915

File: 1543850376262.jpeg (32.89 KB, 600x600, 70107ED5-2015-4A70-900F-E97417…)

At least with the others she had one stable thing- Japan. Whether it was pedo-loli bait, harajuku fashion blogger, alcoholic rave girl, or wannabe spoopy fashion model she at least was in Japan and doing things in Japanese with locals and she looked happy. Then she met some joe dirt level soundcloud rapper and lost all touch with that.

She seemed more like able and happy when she worked at that shibuya 109 shop. She looked good and seemed more down to earth.

No. 27916

File: 1544027971672.jpg (115.3 KB, 720x947, IMG_20181205_113847.jpg)

Is she doing a tribute to xxx? I'm puzzled . It's like she's gone off the deep end

No. 27917

File: 1544027996251.jpg (143.74 KB, 720x1114, IMG_20181205_113904.jpg)

And the caption

No. 27918

>she looked more happy then
She was suffering with severe bulimia. I doubt it.

No. 27919

>she looked more happy then
She was suffering with severe bulimia. I doubt it.

No. 27920

Pretty sure that song is meant for her ex.

No. 27921

She made a new video and it's kinda pointless aside from the food 'tip'

No. 27922

At least it shows that she's actually thinking about what she got wrong before and is trying to learn from her mistakes. I hope she stays in the US for a while to let things blow over.

No. 27923

I think thats a old video she edited a long time ago. It looks like she's in her Japan room.

No. 27924

New video, filmed when in Japan. She says so on her Facebook

No. 43425

She released a new music video and it's pretty awful

No. 43432

I’ve been watching her videos still for the most part. I think her concepts for music are cute and I like her whole Hawaii cyber girl schtick. She also has a good voice imo. She just needs to put things together better. She’s kind of all over the place with her music videos and he direction of her channel in general. If she were to upload consistently and content that people actually want to see (not boring aesthetic vlogs yukapon dear) she could get somewhere with normies I suppose

No. 43434

I liked this one. I like the mixture of Japanese in her music.

No. 43444

broke 7 rings lol

No. 43448

It’s a good song, not very innovative but still catchy imho. There are some cringy parts, but she is playing with a certain genre and style (thus the lean/cocaine scenes) and makes it "kawaii", which is an idea many people will like. The video is cheap but creative. I have never checked this girl out, but I was interested in the thumbnail (a good sign?) and compared to other weeaboos in JP she really has something interesting going on. I just wonder why she has like no clicks at all. Why is she so unpopular?

No. 43450

I liked this up until that loud squeak at 0:51. What the fuck kind of remixing?

No. 43452

She looks so different here. Is she still trying to appeal to a Japanese audience? Aren't drugs even more taboo there?

No. 43454

I think she's trying to appeal mainly to other weeaboos who like Soundclout rap, and to a smaller extent, the alt kid/druggy scene in Japan, not the mainstream. It's possible she's just doing this for personal enjoyment, though. The low production value makes me wonder if she honestly expects this to go anywhere.
Ariana Grande's already cornered this particular aesthetic (all the comments would be some variation of >>43444 if that video ever went viral and hit stan Twitter - which it most likely won't), but maybe the pink hair will give her a leg up.
Vid related, somebody doing roughly the same thing (I think it has better execution, but far worse music).

No. 43458

video and song are okay but why it seems it was recorded on the lowest resolution ever? it bothers me so fuckin much

No. 43459

and don't tell me it's supposed to emulate those lo fi videos, this looks recorded with an old Chinese android phone, for fucks sake

No. 43482

holy shit that was worse in absolutely everything.¨

For what it's worth, to my untrained ears (I really don't care about soundcloud rappers and Ariana Grande-like musicians) Natalie's song is okay-ish. I think it hits a lot of the right edgy topics that are popular with, well, edgy teens? The ending was way too much cringe for me though. Had to exit early lol.

No. 43506

Basically she's still trying to ride out the style she bit off off her ex, but is putting a ariana grande spin on it now? She went from a instagram baddie phase while dating 1i1blu3 and hyping the "trapanese dream" to knock off weeaboo ariana.

I guess it's not her worst phase, though I wonder which it will be next?

No. 43531

She’s not in Japan anymore anon

No. 43687

Did she lose more weight? Also, wtf that clothing haul looks pretty bad

No. 43711

All that stuff is from Taobao, I literally own two of the shirts in this haul. The skirt is so common it should go without saying that it's straight from China, too.
I took a look at the site in her description, and it seems like the same thing is true for nearly all their other shit, too (most notably the butterfly ring/bracelet).
I'm dead at her (probably unknowingly) buying these items at high prices from this Taobao reseller, talking about their quality as if the owner actually made/oversaw their production, and going on about how hard it is to start your own brand. She got played.

No. 43713

Well…she posted a BTS for the music video. It's funny that she actually sings/dances to "7 Rings" for a bit.
8:25 for a cringy twerk attempt.

No. 43813

It seemed to me that the owner just gave her the clothes as if it were a sponsored video? She's kind of unclear about it. But either way, I can see the graphics on those shirt peeling off after one wash, i'm not sure why she's raving about the quality when she hasn't even tested them out.

No. 44350

Her channel is good the way it is that's just you.
You mean Harajuku baddie and she always liked trapanese.. She just wanted a dude who looked like lil peep. Ex tried to ride her wave but his rapping is tragic.

No. 44482

>Her channel is good the way it is
Lmao. The stans are invading.

No. 44533

No your just flabbergasted someone like her channel anon. Taydigger channel turnt to shit because anons said the exact thing.

No. 44578

No idea who Taydigger is, but anon is right that her channel needs polishing. That music video was rough.

No. 44841

that was rough to watch. She rented an airbnb 2 hours away to do that shitty video?

No. 44856

It's fine to me too.

No. 53493


She mentions lolcow/PULL in this video, at 10:08. Not sure if I should post this here.

No. 53506

Are you the loser she brought up in the video? Acknowledging the existence of her threads in passing isn’t milk.

But some scrote revealing himself as an unhinged female larper on a gossip imageboard is actually hilarious, so thanks for that at least

No. 53515

No I don’t really browse it much, I was watching her videos and thought someone might find it funny

No. 53535

She already knows the existence of her thread, she's been jabbing at it on twitter for ages.

No. 53924

File: 1560828670046.jpg (444.17 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_2019-02-09-09-35-10…)

Was there any drama to the Pinku Project saga?

No. 53925

Yeah, isn't she still good friends with Robin? Kinda much to call the CD she made with her "trash"

No. 53938

Pretty sure there's no drama, it probably just makes her cringe since she clearly is embarrassed by her Yukapon stuff

No. 53945

File: 1560843011880.png (18.77 KB, 597x198, kek.png)

Out of curiosity I looked this DVD up and found a review of the whole thing from a fan. Sounds like she's embarrassed for good reason, though I can't say I've found her more recent music all that "good" either. At least she's dropped the loli act and is pretending to be a teenage baddie now, I guess?

Still seems kind of rude to the other girls involved in the project though.

No. 53946

File: 1560843107056.jpg (491.28 KB, 1195x1600, IMG_0674.JPG)

Bonus pic of the cover uncensored by her scribbles.

No. 54033

Natalia hasn't out grown the whole 'kawaii weeby' shit. She's in Japan right now and i bet she's still doing the whole thing to appeal to men.

No. 54243

You’re so full of shit…receipts for your claims? Still salty she called you out for being a rapey creep? Still trying to lure girls you can’t get onto rooftops? Pathetic loser.

No. 55030

She's not in Japan anon. She was only there to shoot a video.

No. 56572

File: 1562688258590.png (519.51 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20190709-115733.png)

Found this comment under the Magical journey pv from Pinku project (when she was there)

No. 56881

Anyone catch some of the lyrics about her past in Bubblegum bottles? She says Tokyo was a nightmare and still won't talk about what she seen. It also seems like her father overdosed on pills. Can anyone who knows more about her elaborate?

No. 56888

don't fucking bump this thread, goddamn summerfag.

No. 56889

why not? its the only place to talk about natchan reeeee.

No. 56890

because if you have nothing new you need to sage. read the rules. put sage in the email

No. 56934

Couldn't find the lyrics online, anon. Don't really want to put myself through listening to it either. However, I wouldn't be surprised if she legitimately had a bad time in Tokyo. In all fairness too, it's mostly her own fault. She was getting a few decent modeling gigs early on, but sort of squandered it away by constantly pursuing garbage tier men and also trying to constantly reinvent herself. When she got with lilblue or whatever he was calling himself, she was clearly involved in drugs and shit too, clout chasing.

At the very least, good on her for knowing when to step away and not becoming another Lorena. She still has a chance to turn things around, but given her history online, I doubt she'll ever achieve the fame she's been so desperately chasing all these years.

No. 57069

What's her job? She sings about making so much money, but what does she do to make money, exactly?

No. 57146

Girl just being dramatic. The only thing that happened to her was lil' peep wannabe she dated, broke her heart. She talks about him non-stop in songs and videos. Girl if you don't move on. Shit happens dude was fugly anyway stop being hang up on him.

No. 57147

Youtube,online shop,mommie pays the bills and yada yada.

No. 57169

Didn't she also get molested by Akira?

No. 57172

I wouldn't put it past her if he did since she falls for guys hard. Dude could be a pedo and abusive twat, yet she would still stay with them. Lil blue or whathisface looked like a piece of shit and that still didn't stop her from dating him. He also abandoned his kid.

No. 57173

Akira was legitimately a pedo, so yeah. See >>27708

No. 57208

>her parents were under the impression he was in his 20s not 40s+
So they shipped their 15yo out to a foreign country to a man they thought was 20+. Still super sketchy.

I do think Akira shouldn't be given a pass in the whole ordeal, the dude was obviously a pedophile and child predator which is horrifying. In that sense, I do feel for her, but it is kind of fucked that she was so wrapped up in her weeb delusions that it motivated her to pursue a 40+ Japanese man, pee videos and all, when she was just a teen. Even going as far as going to Japan as an actual child to go see him? Insane.

She also dated that old decora guy, junnyan when she was just barely legal. That's when she was actually doing okay in her "career", getting into magazines and small modeling jobs. Not sure what happened, but she definitely overhauled and dropped the little girl act after him.

Then there was the lilblue saga, where she's suddenly an IG baddie who raps? Slightly more mature, but I do mean slightly. She went from pretending to be an actual small child to a teen at the very least.

I do think she's been through some shit, but I don't know, I think a lot of it was kind of at her own hands for being such a thirsty weeb? It was surprising when she started dating the white dude given her history, but it seems like her interests in Japan has kind of turned around since then.

No. 57370

Are you actually blaming a 14 year old for being groomed? These people probably filled her heads with ideas of grandeur because look at all the white weebs who had (seemingly) made it big in Japan at the time and she was undeniably cuter than them (still is cause most of them were full on uggos relying on angles and shoop)

Abuse and manipulation is a crazy thing and she seems to be actually trying to live her life now and yeah it's super different from her previous weeby aidoru BS but that happens. I cant really blame her for doing cringy shit because of her history and having more of an insight on it now.

Does anyone know if she's even gotten professional help after all of that?

I think if there's any blame to be laid on anyone close to Natalia it's her mom and even then there are people who fall for MLMs to this day so someone with a convincing case that 'oh I can help make your daughter famous in Japan just like Magibon' (was kooter before of after yukapon I cant remember) could easily trick her mom. He also could have easily found female friends to vouch for him or convince Natalia to lie to her mom about being totally chill because she was a child.

You cant compare early 2000s internet / culture where 'lol random' reigned supreme and glomps werent banned at cons yet to now where people are so much more careful about that kind of thing.

Should it have happened? No. But it did, along with other similar stories of people being groomed via the internet that continue to happen to this day (see also: Austin Jones, Lionmaker, ProJared)

Sorry for the sperg I'm obviously too buttmad

No. 59453

Yeah dramatic.
She got doxxed by venus mom with that pee video / and her youtube channel was a major disaster with everyone telling her she was a slut

she got groomed by a pedo, who made a website to bully her, (and somehow everyone believe she was the evil one.. .. in a relationship with a 40+ years old dude with a 15 years old girl, but ok)

then, had a toxic relationship with a druggie who left his child and couldnt care more about personal hygiene.
also, probs he was abusive
but yeah, girl is just dramatic.
anon, honestly, did you even read the other threads?

No. 59628

Why would you date a dude who don't give af about his kid? He's not gonna give af about you either. She brought that on herself being a dumbass. Why would her mom let her 15yr old daughter stay in Japan alone? She knew he was 40 too.. I don't know if some people are born stupid or fame was clogging their heads but… The "Japan is a nightmare" she talks about is actually blue not pedo whatever. Gurl has been taking jabs at him for the longest, while ol' dude straight up hasn't mention her.

No. 59760

>her mom
both parents you mean?
well, child negligence. but that's not natalia's fault, that's her parents fault.

No. 59861

Her dad died, but I think she has a stepdad.

No. 62140

Saw this posted and just had to comment. It's hilarious watching her with other youtubers. They're clearly super annoyed with her and are constantly trying to correct her Japanese but she is so rude about it. Why the hell does she speak that way? It's like no one told her that no one in the real world speaks this way or at least has an off switch.

In the other video of this camping trip, it's clear no one wants to talk to her because she's so quiet and kind of faded in the background. And the girl who got pissed at her in this video calls her out again saying "How come you keep speaking so rudely even though we just met?" I love that she's getting called out for this shit.

No. 62141

here's the other video with the girl calling her out at 3:20.
It could be explained away as a joke but it's clear she meant it.

No. 64667

This is so weird it's like she has no sense of self and just follows the instructions of her romantic partners. When she was with pedo-sama she would dress like pedo bait, when he was with the Decora guy he would dress like that and when he was with the SoundCloud guy she dressed more like vaporwave trap style or however you'd like to call it. I feel sorry for her, she probably has no self respect or sense of identity and ends up dating such abusive guys and falls in love with them. There's something odd with her, like she's absent and disconnected. She should go back to America and seek therapy.

No. 67344

i know one of you fuckers bought her ahegao pics she was selling on insta(minor necro/thirst)

No. 82152

She was raped by her stepfather. And akira was a child groomer. He used to have a facebook and added multiple underage weebs and promised them that they will have a good aidoru career.

No. 82176

Receipts anon? You can't just necro the thread without receipts.

No. 82186


God. If it's true it explains a lot. Hooking up with the lil peep clone and that weird bubblegum trap phase. The bizarre pedobait phase . She must feel worthless . It's a shame , I think she's pretty and the kind of try hard , die hard that you sort of think might just spin that wheel one day and win the metaphorical cow jackpot. I hope she gets therapy. Some men are just evil .

No. 82293

File: 1581559369135.jpg (383.73 KB, 1536x2048, 1410507700765.jpg)

The full story is even sadder iirc. Her mom knew what was up, knew that she had a relationship with pedoakira, and allowed her to fly to Japan by herself at age 15ish to stay with this guy and 'produce music'. She wanted her daughter to make it big to pay back all the money that was loaned out to her to soend on flights/vacation shit.

No. 82296

That's what I don't understand about her and her mom's current relationship. Like if my mom sent me to Japan to be a ~gyaru~ and a ~jpop idoru~ and to also be groomed by a pedo like I wouldn't want to talk to her anymore. But maybe she hasn't come to terms with what happened to her growing up? She should really go to a therapist and work on these things. The more she ignores them the more pain she will be in as she gets older.

No. 82666

Just get a job or a better job if you want to go to Japan so bad. Every time she goes to Japan this thread some how gets revived. Then dies after she leaves Japan. If you want claims to be believable provide receipts.

No. 130234

File: 1609670175771.jpeg (738.11 KB, 2448x3264, 01B3FCB7-CD0F-478C-B32D-3E7CDB…)

No. 130237

File: 1609671942576.jpeg (71.16 KB, 678x452, 987BCB9A-CD4C-4560-8E1E-7A5C7E…)

Why is she suddenly woke now when she basked in the jfashion Street cred it gave her whenever she was photographed with him as his “girlfriend”

No. 130239

…because she was a teenager at the time maybe?

No. 130255

Because she was literally a teenager herself and hindsight is 20/20.

No. 130296

I have been thinking this myself for years now, and you know that all the fakebois in the fairy kei and decora scene probably don't care if they know.

No. 130385


Yeah it is. Maybe she shouldn’t have been explicitly loli pandering for so long.

No. 130387

ok but did anyone else see her post on the YT community tab where she posted a link to her “Santa-chan” set on Patreon?

honestly makes me kind of concerned that she’s going to become an e-thot because I genuinely like some of her music and I thought maybe she wasn’t going to go down that road because of what happened in her Yukapon past.

anons am I just naive?

No. 130399

File: 1609776555609.jpeg (28.78 KB, 275x210, 00.jpeg)

>genuinely like some of her music

You must be at least 18 years old to post here

No. 130523

flame me all you want for my music tastes but my point still stands

do you guys feel like she’ll eventually go down the same path as Weenus or Peachmilkytea and the like?

No. 130558

I don't think so, she's really pushing her music on tiktok but maybe..

No. 130561

Yes she will. Be realistic anon. She's a weeb who wants to live in Japan. What do ALL of them do. Literally all of them resort to prostituting/escorting/sugar daddies. Even Amina did and she appeared to have a high moral compass. So Yukapee?? Who's been fucking old men since day 1 she got there? It's only a matter of time. The weeb dancing community fell into porn, VenisAngelic does onlyfans-hell even that applemilk 1988 bitch almost fell into porn way back like 15 years ago-it's just inevitable.

If its an attention seeking weeb that runs around japan, they WILL end up doing some form of sex work so I'm very certain Yuka will do it too, she's just still holding onto the hope that she can do something else. But the problem with that is she doesnt look fresh, young, and doe eyed anymore. She looks jaded and miserable and doesnt watch her weight, so her modeling career is effectively over. Idol career ended with the pee scandal. Tiktok career never taking off, nor is music. Give it a few more months and she'll start testing the waters posting more sexual things before announcing that'll be her next new empowered venture.

No. 130572

extremely ot when did peachmilktea start making sex content? last time i checked on her she was getting botched up, that's bleak omg

No. 130582

File: 1609884666881.jpeg (131 KB, 827x1004, BD0C5280-10ED-4728-9AD3-0C4B12…)

>doesn’t watch her weight
She’s still fairly thin anon. But I agree, I wouldn’t put it past her to start doing sex work.
Also this comment on her tiktok made me kek

No. 130623

>Haha she got groomed/molested as a child so funny.
Are you okay anon?

No. 130737

She was a dumbass kid but most kids are dumb. The fault lies entirely on the adults in her life, like her parents. iirc her mom was pretty fine with what her daughter was doing/the pandering and even shipped her off to live in japan when she was underage, maybe hoping she would make it big? anons can correct me if I'm remembering wrong but I could swear there was this weird dynamic between them for a while after/in between her hooking up with old japanese men and now.

everyone back then either enabled her or called her a whore for what happened, what she did was bad but not nearly as bad as akira and allegedly junnyan

No. 131015

Its better if she didn't,not everyone will make bank opening an onlyfans. Chris,Emi and DeL failed onlyfans didn't bring in shit for them. In my opinion, she should start selling tapes like how future funk artist do.

No. 131073

Ok, but here’s the thing. I suppose I had way too high of hopes for her and really thought that maybe the experience was so traumatic for her that she wouldn’t want to associate herself with that again. That would be the natural assumption I think anyone would make. I’m surprised purely by the fact that she’s willing to dive back in again knowing the possible consequences.

It sucks, but you’re right. That’s the inevitable for foreigners that move to Japan with these heavily romanticized ideas for their future. I just really thought maybe Yuka grew up.

No. 131074

this was meant for >>130561

No. 131075

also sage for ot but she started shortly after she moved to Japan and then it started becoming more serious after she started doing Twitch and Patreon and shit. she’s also going to be a vtuber now soooo(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 131142

So wait is she still in Japan or is she back in the states? Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I keep seeing her in either Japan or some rando bumfuck place. I’m c o n f u s e d.

No. 131166

She hasn't been in Japan for a while now. She was in Chicago, then moved back with her family in Missouri at some point.

No. 131259

No. A soundcloud rapper is not considered a job over there. Japan is only accepting priority jobs back in their border.

No. 132186

it wasn't facebook but tumblr pretty sure it was called akirasky or something, I once asked him something about that idol shit basically being pedo bait and he just said some bs about "it's just a style" was surprised he replied, super creepy dude. His whole blog was like his defence that he wasn't a creep and that she was a stalker and trying to pick up new girls to "help". This stuff doesn't need ""receipts"" this has been talked about at length for literally more than a decade.

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