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File: 1674722036489.png (148.03 KB, 300x300, kimi.png)

No. 278737

Kimi/Kimani aka LilEcchiGirl

• 23 years old Florida native
• Cosplayer/OnlyFans Girl
• Asian Fisher
• Supports pedo-baiting, EA-baiting, cosplaying in children's uniforms, and as underage characters in a sexual manner
• Guest for Waifu Expo 2023
• Falsely accused Youtuber HeavenlyController of SA when all he did was drink with her and invite her over

>Was recently exposed online for having wishing further suicide attempts on another OnlyFans girl @cyberstephanie (whom she supposedly was buddies with personally.

>When group chat logs were released, it was evident that Kimi and other OnlyFans girls in the mix were all bullying, bodyshaming, accusing others of being racist (while capitalizing off of asian fetishes), fatphobic, and just unnecessarily mean.

>Kimi proudly encourages others to reach out to her in an effort to dox other successful OnlyFans girls out of pure hatred and jealousy, all while pretending to be buddies with the same girls she supposedly cannot stand

>Heavily photoshops her own photos while mocking other OnlyFans girls for doing the exact same thing

>She routinely lies about being Japanese and Puerto Rican. I don't doubt that she is Puerto Rican since she resides in Florida, but she has frequently mentioned that she is both 50% Japanese and 25% Japanese. She will also randomly trauma dump about being black/African American which is what I would believe she is truly mixed with.

>Got plastic surgery to appear more East Asian, and uses face-tape to emphasize a slanted eye shape.

>Changes voice to sound like she has an asian accent randomly

>Keeps deactivating and reactivating her accounts as the saga continues, all while not acknowledging anything

>Lies about being engaged to her supposed "Sugar Daddy" (is never seen with a ring, ever)


No. 278738

File: 1674722442277.jpg (29.79 KB, 450x401, kimi2.jpg)

This was Kimi's appearance before the identity crisis

No. 278739

File: 1674722500182.jpg (35.48 KB, 430x496, kimi1.jpg)

Here eyes might be almond shaped but this face and hair texture isn't that of someone who has even a drop of Japanese heritage in their blood.

No. 278741

File: 1674722563070.jpg (34.45 KB, 450x501, image18.jpg)

Notice her "new face" has both eyes and brows in completely different area codes. Nose looks a little different too.

No. 278742

File: 1674722795098.jpg (44.17 KB, 585x900, chat 1.JPG)

Here's a chat log of Kimi demanding cancellation of other girls doing the exact same thing as she does. There's enough sponsors to go around.

No. 278743

File: 1674722972697.jpg (51.71 KB, 415x901, chat 2.JPG)

Chat cont. where Kimi encourages suicide of her beloved "friend". Sickening.

No. 278744

File: 1674723042612.jpg (44.76 KB, 550x897, chat 3.JPG)

Chat cont. Kimi is down to dox whoever, just point her in the right direction.

No. 278746

File: 1674723119123.jpg (48.93 KB, 546x903, chat 4.JPG)

Chat cont. Body shaming? From someone who photoshops their entire face and hips? Pathetic.

No. 278747

File: 1674723343056.jpg (27.55 KB, 404x809, chat 5.JPG)

Chat Cont. Kimi + Fatphobia is so bizzare since she recently was asking for tips on how to gain weight so that should could get "thick". Yet another OF girl who wants to make their body fit a trend to appease to sick perverted individuals.

No. 278748

File: 1674723397365.jpg (33.04 KB, 408x655, chat 6.JPG)

Chat Cont.

No. 278749

File: 1674723454411.jpg (31.86 KB, 410x705, chat 7.JPG)

Chat Cont. More fatphobia.

No. 278750

File: 1674723508845.jpg (29.06 KB, 413x643, chat 8.JPG)

Chat Cont.

No. 278751

File: 1674723673640.jpg (77.92 KB, 682x677, kimi 4.JPG)

She looks so different, and this is from 2015

No. 278753

File: 1674723740261.jpg (10.32 KB, 450x164, image09.jpg)

East asian bating? I think yes.

No. 278754

File: 1674723806088.jpg (4.47 KB, 255x119, image04.jpg)

Here eyes are clearly not tapered like they appear to today. I have nothing against plastic surgery, but morphing races or attempting to look ambiguous is pretty embarrassing.

No. 278755

File: 1674723917998.jpg (50.64 KB, 432x862, tiktok.JPG)

> Constantly complains about having her tiktok accounts deleted

>Posts weird shit like this that is clearly against TOS

No. 278756

File: 1674724011200.jpg (37.91 KB, 418x716, chat 9.JPG)

I don't support fat folks either but this is just weird to do to people who you smile and act friendly too online. All e-girls are the same lol

No. 278757

File: 1674724154712.jpg (48.26 KB, 528x795, chat 10.JPG)

Chat cont. Extremely insecure women. The irony of this conversation. All grown women crying about other women who are minding their own business online.

No. 278759

File: 1674724327632.jpg (41.87 KB, 785x870, chat 11.JPG)

While I can agree the photoshop on this one is hilariously lousy, Kimi herself has some weird shoops too, even in video. We know she facetunes to death, body and face.

No. 278760

File: 1674724688983.png (29.08 KB, 585x412, account delete.png)

Lotta locked account activity going on since the leak

No. 278761

File: 1674725030405.jpg (99.42 KB, 1232x881, waifuexpo.JPG)

I really do hope she gets kicked off of this panel for Waifu Expo. There's finally an adult only con I can attend that isn't too long of a drive away and I'd hate for it to be tainted with this vile person.

No. 278765

File: 1674727365608.jpg (48.96 KB, 599x421, jennalynn.JPG)

Jennalynnmeowri calls out Bishoujomom on allowing Kimi to be a guest after finding out she is spewing hatred online about other cosplayers. Bishoujomom follows up saying that she will be releasing a statement to clear things up. Looks like Kimi is in hot water for this one, you love to see it!

No. 278766

File: 1674727942047.jpg (Spoiler Image, 41.33 KB, 453x607, photoshop1.JPG)

Sure does photoshop their waist and thighs a lot for someone who complains a ton about others doing the same thing

No. 278767

File: 1674728581075.jpg (22.69 KB, 300x533, lilecchigirl_0064_300px.jpg)

Why on earth is there a huge bulge? wtf

No. 278769

File: 1674729148874.jpg (Spoiler Image, 12.04 KB, 202x337, preview (3).jpg)

Yuck! More Asian fishing.

No. 278771

File: 1674729380701.jpg (31.1 KB, 634x835, noway.JPG)

lmao no way she deactivated

No. 278773

File: 1674730432819.jpg (25.13 KB, 592x506, stillhere.JPG)


This acc is still active

No. 278775

File: 1674731389427.jpg (561.76 KB, 1606x2048, 20230126_060739.jpg)

I'm glad this thread was made, I went straight here after seeing g twitter drama. Here is mimsy and tsuwukii, I've never heard of them before today but they have large followings. The amount of Photoshop in this photo (and every photo they post) is insane, no wonder they are so insecure about Stephanie.

No. 278777


No way in hell these women were serious when they uploaded this. And to have the audacity to talk about others? Embarrassing.

No. 278779

File: 1674732585998.jpg (78.08 KB, 1069x1645, 20230126_062627.jpg)


Also adding another I don't see upthread, here is tsuwukii getting upset over another egirl making out with another girl in front of her boyfriend

No. 278782

File: 1674734789563.jpg (31.91 KB, 602x597, stolen user.JPG)

Looks like someone stole her username. I'm guessing she tried to change it so she could avoid being linked to all the drama and all the call out posts mentioning her and dragging her to filth.

No. 278784

File: 1674734900022.jpg (47.92 KB, 305x575, baedshoop.JPG)

I cannot seem to tell if they really believe they look like this or if she just has a super distorted view of herself. Like body dysmorphia. Is facial dysmorphia a thing too?

No. 278785

File: 1674735187848.jpg (60.61 KB, 512x640, mybpd.JPG)

Rori (@lilrorivert) made a hilarious attempt at explaining why she was such an asshole in groupchats. Absolutely no accountability, just "muh BPD". What a loser. Mental illness doesn't make you say disgustingly awful things like that about people you're supposedly friends with. So far this is the only groupchat member I've seen respond to the commotion in any capacity.

No. 278786

For some reason when she streamed on twitch I had a small little guy feeling something was off so I started looking less and less at her content

But usagi? Amber? Nooooo

No. 278788

At this point, I think it's safe to assume that any of these kinds of girls with a large following have some sort of issues with ego and insecurity that they are ugly from within. It's so malicious and disgusting.

No. 278793

Idk why people expect girls who were always seen as weirdos/cringey weebs grew up to be awful people who’s only validation came from crusty men and being a pick me.

Kimi went through a phase where she tried to be a tattoo artist and failed, the others are all Neets. This is all they have so they’ll fight each other until there’s one of them left.

No. 278794

She went through phases back in 2019 where she’d larp as a Troon for the whole “omg I’m a trap” meme. She used to get comments calling her a man and she’d play into it. Unfortunately she’s posted her vagina online so we know she’s not a Troon

No. 278795

Mimsy is only insecure because she’s a haggard mum (you can tell she’s had a kid) her stretch marks and saggy boobs are post partum tier. Projection at its finest. You’d never see these girls without a filter or no makeup. They know they can’t and it’s hilarious watching them cannibalise each other, in a vicious endless cycle. The fact some of those women are 30 is hilariously embarrassing.

No. 278798

That's hilarious because Kimi still tells people she's a tattoo artist. I was going to meet up with her while I was in her area once and she suggested I let her ink me up. Sweet gesture but hell no.

No. 278799

It doesn't make sense because she'll showcase her stretch marks, not that I have anything against them but I'd think if I were a mother who was insecure about my body I'd be obsessed with shooping those. Sometimes she does sometimes she doesn't. Being a mother and comparing yourself to young women who aren't mothers seems taxing.

No. 278800

File: 1674740929617.jpg (40.08 KB, 630x858, nuke2.JPG)

This was basically the message that was sent out into the groupchat initially before all the drama and bashing. It seemed innocent except for the fact that not EVERYONE had been deleted. This was pretty much moments before the mocking and bullying occured. I'm curious as to who leaked the entire conversation in the first place. Any ideas?

No. 278801

File: 1674741006281.jpg (38.74 KB, 692x993, nuke1.JPG)

Here they are keke-ing about booting everyone, and so, the shit talking begins! Fuckin' freaks.

No. 278802

File: 1674741691034.jpg (Spoiler Image, 12.91 KB, 250x444, 2k6ne0.jpg)

Please tell me this is NOT the sugar daddy in question? Kimi is always making fun of white people and people who like white people. But this guy? YUCK he looks old and creepy.

No. 278804

It's so funny how Kimi photoshops her waist. Even in this picture she always overdoes one side dramatically while neglecting her left side. Maybe she thinks it gives it some sort of realistic illusion but really it looks like she carved her own body out.

No. 278805

File: 1674742286627.jpg (58.65 KB, 596x662, shiharaaireditout.JPG)

I found out who leaked it. Apparently a user by the name of @siharadesert was within the groupchat. She had gotten her account back after being suspended and was still inside of the groupchat when she gained access again. She was the one who screen recorded and took screenshots of the chat itself and basically snitched on the girls. What a shame! You'd think they'd be smart enough to create a brand new groupchat instead of booting everyone and shit talking amongst themselves. Silly girls. No wonder they just went silent and deactivated, they were completely blindsided.

No. 278806

File: 1674742745361.jpg (54.74 KB, 590x534, siharadesert.JPG)

ngl I'd feel like a bad ass. What a revelation.

No. 278807

File: 1674742924093.jpg (21.02 KB, 591x531, byebye.JPG)

Bye Bye Ms. American Pie!

No. 278809

She really axed her account huh? I'm pretty sure she's been getting that @LilEcchiGirl OG account suspended and unsuspended a bunch of times in the last few months. She finally gets it back, and then, well, karma I suppose.

No. 278813

File: 1674744294234.jpg (66.93 KB, 1547x687, racistmimsyamber.JPG)

Amber is a racist my guy

No. 278815

File: 1674744421036.jpg (78.58 KB, 520x801, mimsyracist.JPG)

Amber is gross what the fuck is this

No. 278816

Why does her torso look like its photoshopped on top of her legs

No. 278818

File: 1674745024233.jpg (50.88 KB, 675x804, racistamber.JPG)

Just lil Amber making up her own vocabulary uwu

No. 278819

So she deletes everything but keeps her OnlyFans? funny

No. 278821

The heart stickers around the hips to hide the fucked up areas of photoshop LMAO do these people have any self awareness

No. 278822

They do! That's why she covered up her gross body. They just don't care.

No. 278824

Did she shoop her nipples off? wtf is going on here

No. 278826

That poor arm

No. 278828

File: 1674747959697.jpg (66.65 KB, 831x1149, FZsmNBrXwAA1dmE.jpg)

It's so funny when she makes her skin lighter. Bizarre editing fr.

No. 278829

File: 1674748201564.png (80.75 KB, 357x360, 3k0002.png)

Why her neck like that?

No. 278830

File: 1674748355185.jpg (40.17 KB, 605x476, anmcddskgposiefdg.JPG)

Kimi is trying really hard to rebrand lmao. Here's an active account.

No. 278831

One of her old @s is @666GYARU or @GYARU666

No. 278833

File: 1674749107433.jpg (65.56 KB, 1366x479, Wishlist.JPG)

She is really wiping out everything, even her Amazon wishlist. Prob afraid of being doxed somehow.

No. 278834

>Floridian who claims to be mixed Japanese
>Got procedures done to appear Asian
Why do so many Florida weebs do this? Himeahri and her friends claim to be xyz race + Japanese or Korean and she got procedures done in an attempt to look like an Asian stereotype

No. 278836

Amber was like the owner or mod or whatever they're called of the GC. There's not really a leader, the group was originally made up of a bunch of OF/Content Creators that just used it normally, no drama. It was just to share posts for engagement. Then Amber decided one day to just axe the group but instead of deleting it she decided to hold onto a handful of members and shit talk a bunch of the girls that were previously included.

No. 278837

That's crazy! Not sure about her friends, but Himeahri looks scary. She reminds me of the guy who wanted to look like Jimin so very badly.

No. 278838

"Amber said" etc is in reference to Amber talking about another girl. It can be confusing but they're not talking about Amber.

No. 278840

I assume it's because Florida is one of those hot areas for plastic surgery in general, just look at all of the BBL bodies that come out of there.

No. 278842

Sorry about the mess, the shittalking comes AFTER the purge of people. The original twitter thread might make more sense since this is so so out of order.

No. 278843

Can y'all pls fucking sage

No. 278860

Garbage vendetta thread again.

No. 278861

hey kimi!

No. 278877

File: 1674761299048.jpeg (381.46 KB, 1172x906, F504F87F-590F-4964-B834-60031E…)

10k retweets and 11 million views in 15 hours but sure totally a vendetta thread mhmm

No. 278887

Momo is defending these girls on twitter and that tells me all I needed to know about them kek

No. 278890

Not the cow, autist.

No. 278895

Mim swars her 2 BBLs and 2 implants never happened. I want more milk on her if anything. It's like BunnyAyu and Bishoujo claiming no work. SS and Bunny both have implants, bunny had a second one done. All these girls stay lying. They are why men have unrealistic expectations for "just work out, you can get there naturally ".

No. 278896

Do you mean Moo? We don't call her Momo here. Its Momokun or Moo.

No. 278899

Of course queen of being kind to others and respectful would defend mimsy over this, totally not hypocritical at all!

No. 278902

File: 1674768471552.jpeg (332.29 KB, 828x789, 2E4354EE-1223-40F1-81F7-73BE70…)

Not sure if the ‘high school’ part is a lie coming from Amber/Her friends or something she’s making up on her own but I guess she hasn’t done the math

No. 278904

Moo is on a whole holier-than-thou tirade right now to clean up her look on Twitter.

No. 278908

File: 1674769450945.png (63.27 KB, 598x610, BA27A51C-01D5-4393-8902-A9C7F3…)

I doubt someone would steal her phone and post this (not my screenshot)

No. 278909

I hope Moo gets called out for being in any of these chat groups recently. Please, someone fucking leak her, fingers-crossed.

No. 278913

>Waifu Expo
>finally an adult only con I can attend
Ew. Hide your scrotism scrote.

No. 278918

this entire thread is full of men.

No. 278923

Moo is trying to claim she was hacked, but if she was hacked at one point, why wouldn't Mimsy delete this? At least make a better excuse for her shitty behavior, Moo.

No. 278932

People are trying to claim they’re photoshopped but you can STILL find them on her account through the basic search. People are stupid for thinking these egirls are scummy degens

No. 278933

File: 1674778951876.jpeg (203 KB, 1242x924, 3C384A4B-B3A3-436F-83DF-C797AF…)

She’s right. They all have beef with each other and talk shit but I hate how Moo is trying to throw herself in for relevancy. Are we forgetting all the vendettas shes had against Vamp or how shes assaulted people. I hate her “live let live sigma male” vibe she’s trying to go for

No. 278937

was Mimsy part of the bullies? i can't see her in the chats

No. 278940

You’re joking right? Who do you think Amber is?

No. 278941

File: 1674781747305.jpeg (80.86 KB, 1169x1169, 452507EC-D9D0-4A40-9B8F-F30B08…)

I’m crying, there no way she’s making herself out to be the victim

No. 278945

File: 1674783150459.jpg (22.75 KB, 946x2048, FncGsw-XkAE3Ihr.jpg)

she was 21 years old when these were posted, you should know better

No. 278949

File: 1674785504041.jpeg (133.98 KB, 1169x1069, 0C797294-401C-44FD-8374-C61E1D…)

If you and Mariah Mallad are on the same page, you’re a loser. Hands down.

No. 278953

File: 1674787614011.jpeg (291.41 KB, 1170x1166, 5EA30028-59EF-4C96-A822-D6400B…)

Someone made a tell all “Truth About Lil Ecchi Girl” website: https://lilecchigirltruth.carrd.co/

And it looks like Kimi has caught wind of it and is looking for validation

No. 278954

File: 1674787930965.jpeg (642.75 KB, 1170x1051, C853B5FB-B611-4191-8AF6-739C65…)

Pathetic, hang it up Kimi!

No. 278955

And twitterfags

No. 278956

kek why include that bottom right picture, she looks like a sissy troon

No. 278957

File: 1674788319105.jpeg (825.37 KB, 1170x1483, DDB212C8-EECB-4773-88B2-4F7052…)

So she admits she got some kind of surgery? Interesting. I like the phony transparency. Like she’s an advocate for body modification or something.

No. 278959

I miss the days where when people were disinterested they behaved so. Instead they have nothing to contribute so they just dissect replies because they’ve nothing better to do, nothing to offer. Go away.

No. 278960

Have you ever been to a convention? Lotta kids running around. I like the dress up provocatively and I hate doing it around kids. Yuck!

No. 278961

To be fair she used to play into that, just like she pretends to Asian. She loves bottom feeders.

No. 278962

File: 1674788699106.jpeg (809.37 KB, 1170x1405, C4E912BA-6E9C-42BB-B27B-178E8B…)

Me when I’m delusional as hell. That’s not why anyone thinks that. It’s because your eye shape changes every upload.

No. 278963

If her “eyelids are uneven” it’s definitely because she’s shooping lmao.

No. 278965

Men? On lolcow? Bffr

No. 278967

This girl is literally as dumb as a fucking rock holy shit

No. 278970

So like I wanna know what surgery did she get? She said “pre op” so what was the operation

No. 278971

File: 1674790696263.jpeg (234.18 KB, 1638x2048, C9150519-2C07-46DD-83AD-104CC2…)

Looks like she got the Arigato Grande Special to me

No. 278973

File: 1674791647235.jpeg (830.63 KB, 1170x1849, 153B72E2-5297-482B-82F7-1FC4F6…)

There’s no way she’s serious. She proudly joked about this woman’s suicide and is like “I didn’t do anything”. The jokes wrote themselves

No. 278976

What…is she telling people she meant she should try graduating again? As in go through school again?
She must be completely convinced by the people she talked to that her desperately grasping for straws is creating any kind of narrative that could be believable when the reality is they just don’t care about her or how she acts.

No. 278977

i wish there was more outrage for this kind of bullshit. What the fuck is she even on?

No. 278978

Cry moar, I never said I was disinterested I stated a fact kek.

No. 278980

Is everyone on this board slow in the head? She meant she should attempt suicide again, not attempt university again.

No. 278981

Opinions aren’t facts. You’re wrong. Men don’t hang out here unless they’re looking for leaks.

No. 278984

Stop being a retard and learn how to use the reply function. I'm the anon said twitterfags, not scrotes.

No. 278985

I love how she’s using an old picture of her as her profile picture to make a statement after people revealed what she really used to look like. Funny.

No. 278986

File: 1674796537276.jpeg (210.22 KB, 1170x624, 968486EE-2FE4-408B-8D2F-B9138A…)

Of course you all know this was going to end with her and a Twitlonger. Here we go!


No. 278987

File: 1674796715095.jpeg (166.19 KB, 1066x467, F5FF876B-4F8C-4774-A9E9-288BAE…)

You don’t get to “expose everybody” after having been exposed. This isn’t a game of Uno. What an idiot.

No. 278991

File: 1674797254226.jpeg (134.76 KB, 1079x299, 7685742F-E8F0-4DE6-B0E0-897FF0…)

Is she serious? She’s the one who went private and deleted all of her accounts, even going as far to changing her usernames and deleting wishlists to vanish and save face. I hate the pseudo-sob story. Have some accountability.

No. 278992

She’s trying to save face although it’s funny those girls now are like “oh I’ve curated an audience that fatshames and bullies so I’ll be fine” like girl, put down the face tune and maybe just get therapy to not be vindictive.

Kimi is only doing this to save face and make sure she retains some income

No. 278993

File: 1674798146897.jpeg (168.25 KB, 1242x1295, 288A055A-64E4-47E1-8AE4-AF3458…)

She’s turning on them lmao

She was laughing at her jokes and making horrible statements with her, now suddenly she’s MLK trying to advocate against racism and bad tweets. Accountability is just saying “yeah im a bad person and I need help and I said what I said and I’ll work on it and not throw others under the bus to get heat off me”

No. 278994

File: 1674798296990.jpeg (606.87 KB, 1040x1026, FBF74F31-40C3-4D50-8C82-105120…)

Obviously these girls don’t feel any sort of remorse for their actions but I think it’s funny how Kimi is “exposing them” like I don’t see her trying to convince the people she was in cahoots with that she was in the wrong, or that THEY too are in the wrong.

No. 278995

>Guiz don’t believe your eyes! Believe me
She’s literally insane to think this could work kek
Either way, she’s burning her last bridge and should have just leaned into being a huge bitch publicly
What a dumbass

No. 279000

What a manipulative POS

No. 279001

Does she really think people are blaming her for OTHER PEOPLE’S REACTIONS? Silly woman

No. 279003

Pulled a Takashi 69 and thought snitching makes you the better person

No. 279004

File: 1674801950444.jpeg (281.43 KB, 1062x1028, 95FBB962-4EC6-4AE5-9161-E594AA…)

These women do not care. Kimi is such a master manipulator, it wouldn’t surprise me if she baited these kinds of responses so she could “call them out”.

No. 279005

File: 1674801996551.jpeg (76.02 KB, 1170x253, 47653C3A-D6E1-49D4-A79D-D25D1F…)

Gotta love Amber, at least she stays true to herself as an evil witch

No. 279007

File: 1674802031452.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 204.99 KB, 1063x1117, 943E495F-CE2C-4B42-BDB2-6C5F9F…)

On brand!

No. 279008

File: 1674802150980.png (262.96 KB, 952x1236, 9D213091-CAF9-4588-A5CC-4C5FFD…)

What a circle jerking echo chamber

No. 279010

She said “yeah I did that shit but look at what they did!”

No. 279011

File: 1674803077997.jpeg (390.39 KB, 1170x1084, C6C19005-2536-49E6-BFE6-B4780D…)

She must really think everyone is a fucking idiot oh my goodness

No. 279013

File: 1674803264149.jpeg (384.83 KB, 1069x916, D79ADE99-78B8-4DFE-9355-3C8A24…)

What a fucking coward. I would rather her just say nothing, zero, silence

No. 279015

File: 1674803570364.jpeg (234.35 KB, 1066x587, DD8AD6CE-B9EA-428D-9AAC-C3A414…)

I’m sorry but LEAKING NUDES that you sell online is not stalking. It’s awful, sure, but it is far from stalking. It come with the territory.

No. 279016

I read the entire thing and there’s absolutely no apology. Woooo! Give us nothing!

No. 279017

File: 1674803869802.jpeg (111.78 KB, 1057x403, FDB6287C-0504-4C4D-8740-EEB67E…)

TFW you get exposed

No. 279018

File: 1674804217438.jpeg (102.42 KB, 1284x564, 4FCE7CD2-64C9-4E15-A2EA-269966…)

Shameless, wow.

No. 279020

The only good thing about her “statement” is that she’s dragging mimzy/amber in to it more. She didn’t get tagged in the original thread so she got away with very little heat

No. 279032


Usagi posted an "apology" too
Tl:Dr "i wasn't being serious!"

No. 279034

She’s being obliterated. It’s actually funny watching them scramble. Idk where Rori went she’s been laying low and Amber hasn’t been online at all. I feel like those two decided not to post their apology tours after the others were mocked and no one cared. Kimi deleted her Twitter again

Oddly seeing more scrotes calling off their support. Guess they don’t like knowing what hot* women think of them as fat losers

No. 279035

Her “I’m serious idc my audience is haters like meeee”

Also her “guys it was just a joke we were just having laughs”

You’re either mean badasses who don’t care or you’re whiny insecure PLUR egirls?

No. 279036

She was definitely tagged in the original post. People totally zoomed in on the whole suicide thing, big time.

No. 279038

Why are you here?

No. 279039

Lookie here we’ve got the Lolcow Leader, the Lolcow Lorde, the shit talking superintendent, the munch eating manager, the biggest hater of them all mini modding and showing the girls how to do it.

No. 279040

No. 279041

File: 1674818401897.jpeg (174.49 KB, 1074x1074, 16505A2D-87BF-48AE-A163-39623D…)

I’m surprised! Waifu Expo and those who run it actually have some dignity and got rid of her! Love that for them.

No. 279042

a con holding people accountable? Say it ain’t so

No. 279043

File: 1674818774806.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1170x2150, F3CA507D-E226-4187-9A41-D7A770…)

She’s still on their website but I’m sure it’ll come down. This image is so fkn creepy.

No. 279049

I can be simultaneously interested in a cow, and think this thread is full of teenagers from twitter who can't read post numbers or reply to the right anon.

No. 279054

So you’re a grown ass ADULT? Interested in internet gossip? What a loser.

No. 279056

So you're underage?

No. 279058

Not you pulling a “no YOU!” You’re an ancient member of lolcow, stop “infighting”. Follow the rules! First we’re a teenagers now we’re minors, who cares? Contribute or shut up.

No. 279060

File: 1674823360046.jpeg (63.6 KB, 1079x356, 3238180E-3A12-4732-93F0-ABDB9A…)

No words for this man

No. 279061

File: 1674823900024.jpeg (67.36 KB, 458x538, 9DCC33B1-9EF8-423A-B95D-FED725…)


No. 279062

File: 1674824070151.jpeg (109.81 KB, 1170x1487, 10EA7CFC-8475-40C5-870E-C3108A…)

Imagine uploading images like then boldly laughing at other people for editing their pics

No. 279065


You sound incredibly retarded. You type like a twitter fag.

Nobody really cares all that much about your ghetto whore circle.

No. 279067

She doesn’t even look human

No. 279069

Is this from a character creation menu? Did she really think noone would notice? These are the same that cry about Asian fetishism (while not being Asian themselves)
God imagine hating your race that much
>also integrate twittfags

No. 279070

“Ghetto whore circle” - Me when I’m a racist adult who consumes internet drama like a teenage mean girl

No. 279071

I know a femcel when I see one.

No. 279072

“No one really cares that much” - Someone who won’t leave this thread after complaining about it and its participants. There’s 50 other “cows” for you to pay attention to but you keep circling back here you old hag. Get a fucking job basement dweller. It’s 8AM and you’re arguing with “retards” “twitter fags” “men” and “minors”.

No. 279073

>is on lolcow

No. 279076

Femcel 4chan

No. 279088

Why the fuck are you on this website you retard. We dont cry over the same bullshit you faggots obsess over.

No. 279089

why the fuck are you here then. Look in the mirror dumbass. Jannies need to sweep this unintegrated infested thread. You sound mad people aren't sucking your ass over your vendetta about some whore nobody knows

No. 279090

>spergs about lolcow
>using lolcow to attempt to rally a personal army

pick one and kill yourself

No. 279092

It's 8AM and you're obsessively checking a thread about an ethot you're obsessed with.

The fact you have no concept of timezones tells me everything I need to know about you

No. 279093

File: 1674836256714.jpeg (245.22 KB, 1170x543, 1EE5A0BA-186A-40AD-9CCB-2A9D7A…)

>tells girl to commit suicide
>attempts suicide over girls online you’ve never met before spreading rumors

No. 279094

File: 1674836519917.jpeg (153.69 KB, 1170x307, 8B9EBDA7-BD3D-4E0A-B2CD-D7386D…)


No. 279095

I love this song

No. 279101

Amber finally apologizes with her own twitlonger

https://twitlonger.com/show/n_1ss7tn1(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 279106

File: 1674845656055.png (375.88 KB, 863x1373, Screenshot_20230127-135300.png)

Look like someone is releasing the full version of the group chat, I wonder if anything else interesting will be found


No. 279107

Youtube link as well for the full conversation https://www.youtube.com/embed/EkbsoLm6UWs(learn2embed)

No. 279108

File: 1674846850613.jpeg (480.22 KB, 1170x1564, EAF765CB-86FD-49AF-BDC1-09C88E…)

There’s no such thing as being an e-girl that isn’t trying to build up off of another girl’s popularity. That’s the whole purpose they’re meet-ups and collabs.

No. 279109

File: 1674847012873.png (59.58 KB, 797x670, 95A9FAE6-D7CB-4FC0-9236-7C7F9B…)

It’s not even written by her 1/2

No. 279110

File: 1674847053122.png (64.01 KB, 746x549, FB0E09C0-665C-4B82-977D-D95C4D…)

These girls are not sorry at all and you can expect the behavior to continue

No. 279111

> creates gc for engagement
> gets mad at others for caring about making connections

No. 279112

Why say anything at all? Pathetic

No. 279113

No wonder it sounded so weird and unlike her. What’s the point? Kimi makes a twitlonger so they follow up with their own bot-made one.

No. 279114

File: 1674847461807.jpeg (567.26 KB, 1170x2160, F26E3595-2D1C-4658-B68F-6FA0B8…)

“I haven’t done anything to anyone”
Sure, Jan.

No. 279115

File: 1674848006061.jpeg (355 KB, 1170x1578, EEFBBDE0-1B45-4908-BEAC-6F1A38…)

Why are girls who do Only Fans pretending that Belle Delphine ruined a generation of women? Tone deaf.

No. 279117

They follow in Belle’s footsteps. They’d wear her skin if they could.

No. 279118

File: 1674848449362.jpeg (704.19 KB, 1170x1406, FB2BD855-AB16-46F9-ACC9-44FBA3…)

There’s literally nothing wrong with this woman’s look besides the overdone airbrushing. Just say you’re jealous of her because nothing about this pic says “e-girl aesthetic”

No. 279119

Learn how to post. You have to sage image dumps.

No. 279121

Who the hell are you supposed to be? Post this stuff on Twitter. Lolcow isn't your personal blog to clear your name and we don't need cows fighting in the threads. Fuck off.

No. 279122

File: 1674849481879.jpeg (524.31 KB, 2048x2048, 057BC7E0-CD13-43D4-A85F-6932EA…)

Is this body dysmorphia?

No. 279123

Did you just climax after hitting reply?

No. 279126

are you tweaking? Fuck off moid

No. 279128

File: 1674850331250.jpg (120.25 KB, 900x506, 1634007296457.jpg)


No. 279140

Kek this chick is just like fellow cow HimeAhri
>From Florida
>I am insert random race with Japanese/Korean
>Fake Asian animu name
>Photoshops + got procedures/surgery to slant up eyes to appear azn desu
>Hates on costhots when a costhots themself

I'm guessing she looks completely different IRL too. It's hilarious how weebs think they can photoshop and surgically alter themselves into being Asian, that's not how shit works.

No. 279141

Just a couple of questions:
Does anyone have evidence of her flip flopping between being a quarter or half Japanese?
Does anyone have context for the situation with HeavenlyController?
Does anyone have any copies of her old videos of her pretending to have a Japanese accent? I’m not saying these allegation’s aren’t true but I just want to know if anyone can shed light on these things since I don’t see any evidence ITT. I know her socials are nuked but I’m sure someone has old screenshots

No. 279152

You can see her old Instagram where she had natural hair and braids

No. 279162

Did you even look at the photos of her in this thread? Does she even look like a half Asian person? You can Google what those people look like, I mean come on.

No. 279166

I heard this thread was a trainwreck and I am not disappointed kek.

No. 279177

Awww, glad it’s gaining traction <3(<3)

No. 279183

I can see the photos and I can tell something is clearly going on but I was just wondering if people had receipts on her specifically claiming to be 25% and then claiming to be half. I also can’t find anything at all on the HeavenlyController situation but I just want receipts.

No. 279185

File: 1674902915795.jpeg (467.44 KB, 828x1267, B7AA54B8-04F0-456C-8DD1-CD6CBE…)

You’ll likely have to find it yourself anon
As far as the heavenly situation goes, a few days ago I found this where she tells this story about it


No. 279187

Why are you surprised that she’s a raging bitch when she’s one of the most botched editors to ever grace the internet? Mimsy’s editing always looks ridiculous, and she freaks out and tries to prove people wrong when she’s called out. If you have eyes and a brain you can tell her body isn’t even close to real, neither is her very edited face.
I thought she might at least be somewhat self aware but that AI apology really shows that there is absolutely nothing behind those eyes. We need to stop platforming people like that. She adds nothing to society. None of these people do.

No. 279189

Thank you, I didn’t bother reading the entire post. Not reading an apology that starts with backstory from a decade ago, especially because it seems that it never actually tied in to what she was being “called out” for.

Ironic that UglyPilled was trying to cancel other people for sexualizing Japanese women and pedopandering or whatever because iirc she had a bunch of school girl/loli nsfw stuff all over her Twitter. I can’t believe she’s pretending to be Japanese to make money off of scrotes with an asian fetish while also pretending to be an SJW about it? One look at her old Twitter and you could tell she was unhinged.

No. 279190

Has he made a response? How do we know the allegations are false?

No. 279193

File: 1674905390974.jpeg (219.78 KB, 828x1273, 03F950DA-28D3-49E4-BD79-DB10AA…)

Yeah I had only seen it by chance (without having heard anyone talk about it before) but didn’t post the link because it seemed uncomfortable and not milky
Know what’s sad though? On the link to the original tweet this Venus girl she was talking so much shit about had replied

No. 279194

File: 1674905639094.jpeg (39.87 KB, 341x700, BBD4E200-BAEF-4B78-BA54-45E9CD…)

He has and there’s a lot of information about it
Searching ‘heavenly allegations’ should bring up a huge amount of results
It’s something I’m not really interested in because I find it believable but she did say a lot of stuff afterwards like how the flirting was mutual and that she was on a break with her boyfriend and was doing whatever she wanted

No. 279195

This makes me wonder how many fake asian people there really are on the internet. Never expected this from her, never was a fan but I knew people that collabed with her and she came up often on my socials. Thought she was a bit weird but I never thought she was lying about her ethnicity. Someone needs to make an edit of her eyes slowly becoming more elongated over time so we can really see the full extent of it kek

No. 279196

File: 1674907291831.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1170x2007, 529B539C-1069-4B4C-8E9E-B9B48A…)

Here’s more evidence of her claiming to be both. Sadly she had deleted her accounts as well as her routinely having her accounts suspended so it’s difficult to recover.

No. 279198

File: 1674907429053.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1170x2007, 135ABB21-D9BD-44C5-A947-473972…)

She’s claiming to be half Japanese on TikTok after being called out on that platform . She 1) doesn’t look half Japanese and 2) doesn’t seem to embrace her other “half” despite ODing on the “Japanese” part

No. 279200

Puerto Ricans aren’t even known for having big asses

No. 279202

File: 1674907631355.jpeg (292.25 KB, 1169x1724, 2799F602-D038-4210-BFE9-E29350…)

If I was 1/2 and 1/2 id probably be milking both sides on Reddit and twitter. Why wouldn’t I be posting myself as some sort of Latina like that isn’t popular in the porn industry in this era, just like the whole “Japanese” thing.

No. 279203

This sounds as corny and made up, riddled with random information just like her “apology” lmao

No. 279204

Even within this thread there is “evidence” of her elongating and having surgery and/or face taping her eyes over the years. The old pictures of her are from 2014/2015. She also recently admitted to it when she was trying to prove a point about not Asian-fishing after being called out recently

No. 279205

It’s because she wants that sweet, sweet weeb coin. She knows people like Belle Delphine were able to capitalize on creepy, basement ridden incel anime boys and she wants to cash in. The more I look at her the more I realize that she actually looks like a caricature of a mixed asian person, not a real one.
She’s probably threatened by other women so much because some of them are making money without having to lie about being asian. She’s been anxious this whole time that this would get exposed and get in the way of her making bank off of asian fetishes.

No. 279206

File: 1674908063687.png (5.83 MB, 1170x2532, 0994EE45-B32A-4B44-96EA-D40857…)

She calls herself 50% PR and 50% Japanese but posts herself in “Black Cosplay Girls” Reddit. Which is a reason why it’s suspected that she is truly half black and half PR.

No. 279207

File: 1674908520314.jpeg (673.92 KB, 1170x967, 0373B808-0A1E-4F39-8B1D-DE7A0A…)

Corny description of herself online. If she were truly these things I highly doubt she’d be describing herself like this. Also in just about every town/county in Florida there’s Max 1% of Japanese people inhabiting it. I’ve witnessed her crying more about being treated poorly because she was perceived as black versus Asian. She tries hard to be an advocate for women’s rights and SW rights but never Asian rights, despite COVID, etc.

No. 279208

File: 1674908751660.jpeg (457.39 KB, 1170x1963, 35031164-B5F2-43E6-AB47-58CFFD…)

She does not look Japanese at all. At some point she claimed her grandmother was “Japanese”. Even if this were absolutely true it would make her less than half. Her mother is like PR and her dad is Afro Caribbean. I’m a black person with almond shaped eyes and I don’t look Asian AT ALL. Just have angled, smallish eyes.

No. 279209

I bought an art piece off her years ago cost me $50aud due to shipping, I kept asking her where it went and magically she stopped responding. This was when she was trying to be a serious tattoo artist and selling art.

I’m not surprised this is what she’s become

No. 279210

File: 1674911042531.jpeg (29.4 KB, 473x445, 5628E301-3204-4995-A08F-359C75…)

She has a Puerto Rican last name so that eliminates any possibility of her dad being fully Japanese.

No. 279211

Puerto Rican isn’t a race though, her Puerto Rican side could be black. I think this whole time she’s been implying she’s half Black Latino and half Japanese. Clearly a lie either way but ethnicity and race are different.

No. 279213

Kimani isn’t a Japanese name either

No. 279214

It’s a common African American name. Makes sense as to why she would go with “Kim” or “Kimi” instead since they’re stereotypically asian names. Kimani is really a pretty name though, what a shame.

No. 279215

File: 1674914930662.jpeg (14.25 KB, 194x259, 9FCD3252-D297-4945-8F51-3A480F…)

here’s a pic of ana-chan @lilrorivert who was promoting people starving themselves in their little group chat after it came to light that they had been exposed. sorry about the quality, i haven’t seen anyone put a face to the name and i dont want her to get away with any of it. looks like her eyes are edited unevenly.

No. 279216

File: 1674915141507.jpeg (21.52 KB, 206x245, B2B24D0C-899D-4037-B432-C05FAE…)

Just gonna assume this is thinspo since she’s hiding her face. Hope she gets help soon, she has a model thin body yet she seems to obsess over fat people. Maybe she secretly wishes she was curvy, poor angry bone thug

No. 279217

File: 1674915870561.jpeg (68.23 KB, 828x848, FD0368B4-238A-4334-BCE3-C06C0A…)

Do they seriously think this looks real? The eyes look like cartoon eyes, yet they were tearing other women apart for editing pictures. You cannot make this shit up. The lack of self awareness genuinely makes me worry for the future of humanity.

No. 279222

File: 1674917366617.jpeg (108 KB, 828x528, A946DBA5-189B-462D-ADA7-9BC624…)

> Twitter user @minato_mei accuses @mimsy (Amber) of sexual assault.

Still looking for more context and info.

No. 279223

Isn’t Amber besties with our resident cow Moo? It’d make sense if they’re both unhinged weirdos who don’t understand consent

No. 279224

She’s probably Japanese like I am Indian (I’m not) based on my mum’s dad being a Fijian Indian/Maori. Like it’s not really a thing. She’s just larping because being Japanese in egirls eyes means coomer bucks, it’s why so many Asian egirl pretend and lie about being Japanese

No. 279225

She’s insecure because she’s a mid twenties woman who acts like a 14yo rotting in her bedroom all day like most egirls. They don’t have anything other than being skinny or “thicc” so they project. None of these women that were in that group chat have anything to turn to once coom bucks run dry

No. 279226

Yeah profiting off of coomer’s asian fetish is the new “it girl” thing to do I guess. I’m just surprised that she took it so far, she literally will not shut up about being Japanese. She’s used the fact that she’s Japanese to justify when her white egirl friends got called out for sexualizing Japanese culture or pedopandering. Bet both her and the friends that tokenized her feel really stupid right now.
It’s sad that a lot of these girls come from ED tumblr where they were taught that they’re more valuable than other women for eating 400 calories a day and hating themselves. It seems like a miserable life to live. Kim’s old Instagram also had some pictures that looked like thinspo on it.

No. 279227

File: 1674918820816.jpeg (184.73 KB, 828x1097, 183B980F-266B-446A-9F44-A2B35A…)

What’s up with the 2014 ana-chan to OF pipeline? It feels like the most self hating girls from Tumblr mastered the art of angles and photoshop to profit from the men that never liked them when they were younger. They also get to play high school bully to take all of their anger out on other girls. She also has bragged about having an 18 inch waist.
Funny that she’s body shaming people with Mimsy, who has clear extra skin and stretch marks and is someone that Rori, Kimani, and Usagi would consider to be fat.

No. 279228

Is this about Natalia/Yukapon/Pinkii? I remember Natalia talking about having “Japanese friends” that support her strange behavior and then seeing her and Kim hang out. Not sure if Natalia is someone that Kimani used her fake “Japaneseness” to defend but I wouldn’t be surprised.

No. 279234

File: 1674920308254.jpeg (181.75 KB, 828x1217, 47890842-555B-4D8C-A66B-C8749A…)

Things that aged poorly:
> Kimani trying to call out another girl on Tiktok for uploading a tutorial on how to achieve “asian eyes”.
The jokes write themselves.

No. 279254

Puerto Rican definitely insinuates something, but ok. She identifies as Puerto Rican and Japanese (lol)

No. 279256

I’ve seen on her IG people call her “Kian” it wouldn’t surprise me if Kimi/Kimani was a made up name or persona

No. 279257

That's what I'm thinking. Most thots have some alias, even though some try to add in a part of their real name or a name they know, but it wouldn't be a shock if the names she's used online or that you guys can look up are just OC names she's been so attached to at this point that she's made it her whole personality, even IRL.

No. 279258

I’ve definitely been in GC with Kimi where she’d talk about her body claiming she misses her “old self” and how skinny she “used to be”. Always thought it was weird of her to bring up since she is pretty thin regardless. I think a lot of these girls have eating disorders, or have in the past.

No. 279260

Kimi IS a Pinkii supporter

No. 279263

File: 1674925345058.jpeg (235.22 KB, 1170x876, 3618C5A1-B75E-47A9-8A57-25BE61…)

She’s trying to clear up the AI generated apology

Link: https://twitlonger.com/show/n_1ss7ts5

No. 279265

File: 1674925466417.jpeg (242.19 KB, 1170x710, 4189DDCB-C0DA-4149-84C8-3E2E77…)

Why is she thanking people?

No. 279268

That’s what I was saying. I wonder if at some point she used her fake Japanese persona to protect Natalia from criticism.

No. 279270

>thank you for telling me I'm a fake ass bitch and who bullies others for the same insecurities I have
Is she braindead?.(learn2sage)

No. 279271

Shame that someone this brain dead has such a huge following. 1.2 million.

No. 279273

Who the fuck cares? The only people who think Pinkii is some weird ass weeb are the ones that can’t speak Japanese or are fake woke while doing the same shit she does. It’s irrelevant.

No. 279274

Not sure if it’s been linked yet but this is Kim’s backup Twitter that’s currently on private


No. 279275

Here come the Natalia WKers that do this in every single fucking thread. The point is Kim might’ve shielded someone from criticism based on a fake Japanese persona. It was light speculation. You can stop shaking now.

No. 279276

She is a weird ass weeb and she makes the fact that she was in Japan once upon a time her whole persona but that’s besides the point. Not surprised that Kim surrounded herself with delusional white weebs like Nat. Moving on…

No. 279280

>Supports pedo-baiting, EA-baiting, cosplaying in children's uniforms, and as underage characters in a sexual manner.
Yeah, now we know the audience for this thread. I wish tiktok/twitter users would get some working brain cells instead of reaching this hard.

No. 279281

As soon as Natalia’s mentioned, here comes the bullshit. There’s no need to stretch here, this girl is clearly altering her looks to appear more asian and is trying to capitalize off of coomers who can only get it hard for women if they’re animated or a very specific type of East Asian.
It’s just interesting that she known to be friends with loser weebs who make speaking Nihongo their entire persona.

No. 279282

If you’re turned on by a kids uniform then idk what to tell you man. Just weird that she was pretending to be Japanese while also apparently defending EA baiters. Pinkii isn’t an EA baiter as far as I know though, just a weeb and she’s not even important to the discussion.
I wonder if Kim will go full femcel when she gets back.

No. 279284

So this is a black girl who is pretending to be Asian and getting mad no one believes her? kek

No. 279286

It’s depressing the subtle changes she made to look more “exotic”. I wonder if it’s surgery or tape or a combination of both.

No. 279288

but that’s the thing, people believed her for a long time. she advertised herself as your “thicc japanese waifu girlfriend.” and to be fair, she did pass as japanese and puerto rican. but at first glace, i would guess middle eastern. she aimed for japan but missed and ended up looking from a different part of asia entirely. kek
not sure why very skinny girls with a slightly defined ass insist on calling themselves “thicc” while being fatphobic to people who actually fit that category.

No. 279289

also i know most people on here dont believe in fatphobia, i am just saying that it feels like part of the reason she fat shamed some of these girls is because she can’t decide if she wants to be japanese anachan or thick exotic mixed girl

No. 279291

It’s funny that she’s fat shaming people because she was just asking for “diet advice” a week ago because she wants to “get thicc”. The “thicc” to lard pipeline, all to serve coomers is hilarious.

No. 279292

File: 1674932381845.jpeg (467.99 KB, 1170x1163, 89339CEB-30BE-4319-8E4D-0C8E29…)

Another alt of Kimi’s

No. 279293

File: 1674932588621.jpeg (694.55 KB, 1170x1738, A57200E3-FF67-49FF-A045-A89145…)

Ahhh, that explains the fatphobia. She hates the body she’s in. If you hate yourself at 110 pounds of course you’re going to hate anyone heavier who is comfortable in their own body.

No. 279294

File: 1674932658816.jpg (4.73 KB, 225x225, download.jpg)

>said i look like rupal
>she does

No. 279295

File: 1674932704904.jpeg (469.59 KB, 1170x1619, AF60476F-5995-494C-800E-662520…)

The gossip chats that were leaked were screaming “ED”. Willing to bet there isn’t a single e girl who hasn’t suffered from that.

No. 279296

File: 1674932816455.jpeg (753.53 KB, 1170x1838, 934FA12D-D5D0-4BDD-978A-135ED1…)

Sad. Oh well, she hates herself.

No. 279297

Damn, or those comments kept coming because people realized you have a weird reaction when they'd "compliment" you with weird stuff like that or they stopped saying that not because you're "getting fat" but because they also realized that commenting on someone's weight or how they eat is a massively shitty thing to do and they stopped. She's focusing so much one one or two people.

No. 279298

File: 1674933459569.jpeg (720.45 KB, 1170x1765, D0875CF7-F624-4191-8815-D2D83C…)

Nobody is saying that to her LOL

No. 279299

File: 1674933572578.jpeg (320.53 KB, 1170x1195, DAD9D4B3-FE96-4489-9D37-9847E0…)


No. 279300

I wish I’d taken caps but last night I saw people saying Rori isn’t even black

No. 279301

File: 1674934042353.jpeg (1.69 MB, 1170x1867, C29D5017-BD8C-4F75-A141-E0D822…)


No. 279303

File: 1674934587717.jpeg (580.18 KB, 1170x1701, 873F2E2A-9D60-4F67-A85D-788E31…)

Kimi with her mother. I’m not buying the whole “I’m Japanese” thing

No. 279304

File: 1674934702888.jpeg (619.97 KB, 1170x1457, EAFDD7D2-947B-4FB2-9371-512D4B…)

She looks so different here. Even harder time buying the half Japanese thing.

No. 279306

looking at her fully eliminates any possibility of her dad being Japanese.

No. 279308

She’s probably really hungry because her body isn’t made to sustain itself at such a low weight. My guess is her body wants her somewhere around 120, so it’s offsetting her hunger to get her back at that healthy size

No. 279309

yeah; they probably could tell you were struggling and didnt want to contribute anymore. if you suffer from an eating disorder, i completely understand because the pressure on women is insane and often crushing. but hoping that others starve themselves and edit themselves like your friend group is ridiculous.

No. 279310

This is “overeating??”

No. 279311

Well, she’s lying about either being black or Japanese. If her mom is a non-black Hispanic person, I doubt her dad is blasian, he’s probably one or the other.
So she’s either Hispanic & Asian (not black) or Hispanic & Black (not asian), my guess would be the latter, especially because of her hair texture and features. Her mom has lighter skin and seemingly straighter hair. So, the black must come from her dad.

No. 279313

She randomly cries about being black or black issues which lets me know she is in fact a black person. The way she tried to prove she’s Asian is proof enough that she isn’t. Instead of arguing it she could easily just post a pic of her family, but we know she would never do that. Instead she’s just like “guys they’re denying my heritage”.

No. 279314

Is she the only one out of the girls who got exposed that have a thread like this? I cant find as much stuff about the others

No. 279315

Someone should definitely make a thread on Mimsy at least. Her photoshopping is ridiculous, especially considering that she cries every 3 weeks publicly about how people are attacking her for photoshopping but she can’t help it bc she’s an irl waifu. Not sure who she thinks she’s fooling, especially considering that she’s definitely plus sized and body shaming other women.

No. 279316

They’ve kinda already been mentioned in here but it wouldn’t hurt for them to have their own thread. People have been sharing the other girls’ pathetic apologies and poor photoshops here.

No. 279317

She apparently did post photos of her “dad” but it wasn’t her dad it was a random unrelated asian man? Someone made a Carrd on her explaining this. I vaguely remember the video of her showing her parents, but at the time I didnt really care or pay attention. I assumed that it was bitter weebs who were mad that she was black and Japanese, especially since her eyelids were taped to all fuck on Tiktok.
Link: https://lilecchigirltruth.carrd.co/

No. 279318

File: 1674940004122.jpeg (42.36 KB, 371x653, 10D2145B-1F99-4F04-A74E-C7F0CA…)

Jump scare

No. 279320

LOL who lied to you?(learn2integrate)

No. 279321

File: 1674941466370.jpeg (126.69 KB, 674x577, 7CF689EC-626D-4008-8722-A24A83…)

The side by side…

No. 279324

Yeah she’s obviously afro Latina

No. 279325

File: 1674942136678.jpeg (368.25 KB, 1080x1440, images.jpeg)

Honestly, I can't believe anyone thought she was ever Asian at all. Many black women have almond shaped eyes, even in the shooped 'after' pics, she just looks black with almond shaped, upturned eyes. I can see that she may be using tape, or makeup, but she never doesn't look black to me. picrel, Foxy Brown, a black woman with upturned almond eyes. Obviously they don't look exactly alike but…

No. 279330

I hope she didn’t actually get surgery on her eyes because she does not look Asian she looks fucked up
Kniteyama/Oli London behaviour honestly
The way she’s gone this long doing this is a testament to how gullible people are as well as how scared even all the asian people she knows must have been to say anything
Enjoy your wrinkles before even hitting 25

No. 279331

Hilarious. She's definitely just a black latina who's poorly larping as a ~black japanese haffu~. There are plenty of notable blasian women that exist and she doesn't look similar to any of them. She's basically just doing a caricature at this point.

No. 279333

She's another himeahri. Himeahri said her Great great Grandmother is Japanese and her dad is the asian one. When are weebs going to stop lying about Japanese? It doesn't them special.

No. 279337

I only believed it because I thought she just had a unique look to her, but looking back she really does not look asian

No. 279339

She probably would have been able to fly under the radar if she wasn’t taping her eyes so severely. Seems like a dumb lie she told when she was young took over her life.

No. 279342

She admitted to having surgery yesterday or the day before after being called out on it

No. 279343

People have been denying her being Asian probably her entire time online. She just usually gets an army of losers to tear apart and defend. A lot of them are lost causes and coomers.

No. 279344

Yeah I agree, the taping is ridiculous and the fact that you can see the pink of her eyelids is concerning. I wonder how long she thought she could keep this up for, she had so many people fooled.

No. 279345

I think a reason people defend her is because there’s an influx of people on Tiktok who question people’s race and harass them until they post photos of their family. She used that to her advantage.

No. 279353

It's hilarious because theres a lot of black hafu creators with her hair texture and skin tone. hoe probably couldve gotten away with it if she wasn't taping her eyes back to cartoon villain levels

No. 279363

So are there any candid photos of Mimsy or any of these girls?

No. 279366

File: 1674970109255.jpeg (1.95 MB, 1170x1830, 00906478-1284-4FED-BC6F-73630E…)

No. 279367

File: 1674970167992.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1170x1786, AAE18C9A-EB5F-49FE-8834-768665…)

No. 279369

File: 1674970263504.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1170x1752, BCF52B5C-C880-4A3F-825A-A5A483…)

No. 279371

File: 1674971403063.jpeg (648.09 KB, 1434x2048, C5A5418A-6061-4486-BB70-976A12…)


No. 279377

Keep in mind that a lot of photos of Mimsy now are probably pre-2BBLs and her second tit job.

No. 279436

What even is this thread? It's not enough to have a thread just for some fake race bitch. Who cares?

No. 279438

Did you read it retard? People are only paying attention to her at the moment because she was in a group chat that was exposed for racist bullying and wishing suicide attempts on other egirls.

No. 279439


No. 279440

File: 1675035993459.jpeg (155.65 KB, 1170x765, A6A5D206-BF16-4109-B344-04F1D7…)

She still calls herself a tattoo artist

No. 279442

Cringe but not milk pls sage

No. 279451

Sage your shit

No. 279452

People are going on about other stuff happening in here that have nothing to do with the cow at the top of OP that's why I'm wondering what exactly is the discussion in this thread because if it's just about her editing that's not enough for a thread and most of it seems to be her editing and pretending her race. Aside from a regular mean girl stuff common Does she actually have any like illegal drama or anything. Most of these cows reasonable can just go into other existing threads.

No. 279453

Don't you know anon, she's an ewhore who dresses in seifuku, cosplays underage drawings and pretends to be Asian. That's more than enough for the twitterfags infesting /w/ to make a thread where they circle jerk about irrelevant topics and blog about anything but the cow.

No. 279471

People who pretend to be asian online always look kind of off, but what bothers me about Kim in particular is that she looks like such an offensive caricature of an asian person. She clearly is trying to emulate their features, is this what she thinks asian people look like?
I know everyone is saying they can’t believe people fell for it, I can’t believe I did either after taking a second look. I just thought she was mixed in an interesting way, which I think is what she was going for.
Sad to see these egirls sell their souls and make themselves caricatures of “exotic” women to please ass scratching, basement dwelling moids.

No. 279473

This was huge internet drama and there was initally a lot to discuss and milk. I understand that her having a permanent thread might not make any sense but it’s good that this situation and their responses are documented. If she comes back I’m sure she’ll give us plenty of things to talk about, since she seems to advertise to the sickest of hentai watching dweebs. She’ll also double down on being Asian and still play up the whole exotic Asian waifu fantasy because these women would die without attention and what else is going to fund them?

No. 279480

NTA, but honestly sounds like general costhot stuff. Probably should've just posted all this in there. Someone made another thread the other day too and it wasn't worth it about that girl either, about the same amount of milk too, and it got moved into a JFash general. Unless there's interesting, not just racebaiting and photoshop, milk I don't think these girls need their own threads on /w/. Otherwise you have people posting stuff no different from HimeAhri, the Gyaru thread, and then there are the cosplay generals. She barely cosplays and it more of an ethot, which has a thread on /snow/.

The milk involved other people though, otherwise it's just complaining about her racebaiting. You can't base her whole thread on just a quick viral slap fight that didn't even have her as the center. That doesn't hold up longevity-wise.All the greentext doesn't even have anything milky at the top of OP like the SA stuff. The only thing about it is >>279222 and it involves Mimsy, not even OP's cow.

No. 279484

>honestly sounds like general costhot stuff
Seeing as this thread has quickly devolved into costhot general with a sprinkle of Himeahri I agree.

No. 279486

Pretty much. It's covering so much and a lot of it is just because OP has their name in the issue, but she's barely the focal.

No. 282467

I can vouch for Kimani being a huge piece of shit and a liar.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 282503

then explain anon

No. 282979

I was wondering if she would get a thread to be entirely honest. She went under the radar for a long time. I just wanted to clear fact-check her info since she claims to be a doxer or whatever, her last name is Serrano, not Ortiz. Take it with a grain of salt but we dated in high school. (Deleted but wanted to add more) when we dated she lived in Davie but moved to Texas, idk where. I saw in the website that she posted a pic of her great grandma but does anyone have the pic she posted?

No. 290124

She is starting to befriend Japanese models/cosplayers so she can start building up a following there

She's starting to post more in Japanese

She also said she's gonna start a fantia soon LMAO yeah ok bitch(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 290185

She’s also claiming to move to Japan. She contradicted herself in the announcement thread. Said she was a quarter after saying she was half.
She’s definitely moving to Japan soon to try and continue her lies.

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