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File: 1687312899634.jpeg (257.16 KB, 960x1410, 1660593188659.jpeg)

No. 301141

Kelly Eden (n.) is an infamous narcissistic skin-walking trend-squatter who is a self-proclaimed mental health advocate. She severely shoops all of her frequently posted, same-faced modeling images despite multiple cosmetic surgery procedures. Cannot handle any criticism and blocks and deletes any "haters", refusing to apologize for any of her cow antics.

> The epitome of an airhead “has-been” e-cow who has never really been anything

> Entire aesthetic/home decor lifted/skin-walked from previous roommate Tilly Dinmore (Tillywinkle/Amelia Nightmare/Demonpuff) and Audrey Kitching
> Has (now smaller) breast implants, botched lip-injections/fillers, botox, and is poorly liposuctioned
> Lays claim to several mental and physical illnesses including depression, anxiety, BDD, bipolar disorder, and Hashimoto’s; none of which are known to be legitimately diagnosed (often throws self-pity parties on Twitter, crying about said illnesses)
> Is anti call-out culture, yet publicly calls out fans constantly
> Has unsuccessfully attempted to join communities such as emo/scene, goth, Lolita, otaku, gamer/nerd, BDSM, and table-top gaming; was a LARP thot and is a fake gamer girl; is recently a conspiracy theorist and self-claimed communist
> Has penchant for "collecting" accessory friends (with rainbow hair); dubbed former friend group the "Fellowship of the Rainbow"
> Known to lurk, possibly post on threads
> Doesn’t shower/claims consistent dirty feet are her “brand”/wears wigs to cover dirty unfixed hair
> Claims to be “financially stable” despite constant whining about student loans/how poor she is for sympathy/money to spend on shopping trips, vacations, plastic surgery, etc.
> Known to sell sponsored items she got for free at a large markup
> Can’t be bothered to properly promote brands sponsoring her
> Didn’t address lipo for months, let fans believe weight loss/new body was due to “hard work” at gym, until video about lipo experience was posted; now offers promo codes for lipo/other plastic surgery procedures, (I.e. laser tattoo removal)
> Has a Society6 store where mugs/other merch with stolen art are sold; has been called out for it and refuses to acknowledge it

> Tried to sell severely pitstained top for $110 on Depop amongst other stained clothes; got called out on TikTok and Reddit, claimed to feel humiliated and threatened suicide under fake account
> Claimed to have gotten implants “removed”; in reality went down to 270 ccs from 380
> Posted about fighting against anti-semitism whilst having made anti-semite posts not too far in the past
> Listed painting made with her dead father’s stolen ashes for $3,500
> Removed almost all videos from YouTube channel and got rid of pink hair; began dressing and acting more like Stefan’s preferences (ex. physical similarities to his ex girlfriend, typing like him, constantly posting about smoking weed, etcetera)
> Suddenly made her new personality being a communist and began acting like a conspiracy theorist; fought people in comments who actually lived through communism
> Deleted Tumblr account (which had posts of her defending Dahvie Vanity) before tweeting about famous victims of abuse; never apologized for defending Dahvie, instead made tweets against woman who called her out on it
> Claimed Jesus was a communist, Anonymous is a CIA plant, and sympathized with an active shooter
> Claimed self-proclaimed empaths are “emotionally expensive, one-sided friendships” despite declaring to be an empath multiple times in the past
> Became very pro-Russia/North Korea/China and made tons of anti-capitalism tweets whilst pushing expensive art products on audience, whining about not being able to afford a $350 Barbie, pink bunny hats, $150 Yugioh shoes, wanting a mylar balloon for being sick, etcetera
> Painted countertops pink, made lopsided heart wall from wood, painted outside of garage studio pink, and became “drapery apprentice”; covered entire apartment in drapes despite having lit wax candles on walls
> Sold entire Sephiroth collection
> Claimed she cut off friend group in tweets while crying about being left by friends in other tweets
> Suddenly claims to care for the homeless despite taking picture in front of sleeping homeless dude with thumps up in the past
> Sister Madi came out fully against Kelly in multiple tweets (some now deleted), claimed Kelly lies about her age amongst other things
> Suddenly became anti-plastic surgery and anti-tattoo despite having tons of plastic surgery and being covered in tattoos

> Set Twitch money goal to help pay her rent; then one to get her dog groomed for $240; then one for a new laptop
> Continued to vague-post and complain about FotR’s “betrayal”
> Anons discovered that she did, in fact, date pedophile/rapist Dahvie Vanity
> Tweeted against Dolls Kill, despite working with/receiving free PR boxes from them numerous times in the past, then Dolls Kill ads came up that were recently filmed in her apartment
> Casually made up a rape story in a tweet
> Keeps selling nasty, dirty, chewed up items on Depop page; selling overpriced items she keeps wearing in pictures and claiming they’re “never worn”
> Anon came in claiming that Kelly’s former roommate Dre told them Kelly used to eat all of Dre’s food (take with grain of salt)
> Claimed she was cottagecore before it was a “thing”, now attempting cottagecore themes poorly then complaining about the cottagecore community “rejecting” her
> Gained liposuction weight back
> Constant complaining about “big tiddies”, said she plans to get smaller implants
> Skinwalked Azusa Barbie for a bit with newly dyed magenta straight hair and blunt bangs
> Poorly spray painted TV, remotes, etc. and advised other “mentally ill” people to do the same
> Looking to buy a home with Stefan while complaining about home market; claimed to have “baby fever”
> Claimed botched lipo was because of scar tissue, blamed WAVE plastic surgery center; few months later is at WAVE again
> Called out former fan for bringing up her alcoholic father, said “Karen mad because I moved on and won’t talk about old relationships from two years ago” (referring to FotR); continues to constantly bitch and moan about FotR without directly mentioning them
> Made ridiculous Patreon goal of $500 to revive a dead character from her doll skits
> Suddenly selling most pastel clothing, removed pink dye from hair, dressing more matronly; seemingly influenced by her bland boyfriend
> Begging for expensive barbie items for doll skits produced with poorly spray-painted cardboard items
> Review for renting out her apartment claimed it was dirty, her bf talked crazy to them, and they tried to charge more than was originally asked
> Claimed one of her former friends is running a “smear campaign” against her
> Went to Rome with boyfriend and his family; made it all about herself again
> Got interviewed for Auxiliary Magazine, said that sanding “isn’t needed” for DIY furniture and claimed she wasn’t told they’d be putting a picture of her in the magazine (where she looks haggard with greasy, messy hair in a hoodie with no makeup)
> Continues to bitch about student loans and her bf not being able to afford hospital care despite getting brows tatted, scheduling breast implant reduction, taking a trip to Rome during a pandemic and often removing her mask all while not working

> Check previous threads (too long to include)



No. 301142


No. 301143

File: 1687313951662.png (49.19 KB, 614x738, tats.png)

No. 301144

File: 1687314009030.png (726.69 KB, 1013x625, toshi.png)

slimy using her dog for posts like this tbh

No. 301151

>rent is theft
Kelly, YOU collected rent from renting a room in your pig sty. You are thieving criminal.
What else does she have control over now? Doesn't seem like there is anything happening in her life at all.

No. 301154

This is so fucking weird. If I didn't know Kelly beforehand I'd think this was a commie zoomer parody account.

No. 301159

It's really weird how often she mentions her boyfriend. He gets a mention in her Twitter bio now? She acts like a teenage girl who just got her first boyfriend. It's really bizarre.

No. 301160

The paint fumes killed all her braincells,can't wait till skeletor dumps her kek

No. 301164

Thank for the new thread anon!

She's reading from the Pixielocks hymnbook by suddenly claiming an "abusive" childhood despite, by all accounts it being perfectly normal. Her dad was an alcoholic but she never said he was abusive and speaks very fondly, iirc she shit on her mom a bit but then was singing her praises when there was a family gathering for a funeral many years ago. Madi she was close to until some recent event, post Skeletor, probably to do with her being a fake communist.

As for that Twitter bio, she has guaranteed nobody will use her for money laundering (NFT art being the same premise) great job Kelly
In a recent Story she showed that huge, very old painting of the girl with two ice lollies, leaning against the wall of her studio, i.e. she still has it. Her art is good but she has a hard time shifting it, her new paintings are good too (and more reasonably sized) but the way she runs her online profiles is pretty unprofessional.

No. 301165

Idk, most cows don't and anons chaulk it up to wanting to hide the relationship. I don't find it weird.

No. 301166

Most influencers and celebs keep their partners on the down low, (unless they are also celebs and can be used for clout) particularly if their following mostly consists of people thirsting for them. Kelly doesn't have any thirst followers, it's mostly all arty or weeboo women, so she has nothing to lose by posting about him. I agree it isn't weird, we just aren't used to seeing it for the above reasons.

No. 301202

I don't mean she should be hiding him like an e-girl. It just seems really forced when she mentions him sometimes. I'm not talking about posting pics with him or writing a caption like "We went to the whatever cafe today!" Writing a dumb joke in your bio and then saying "my bf says I shouldn't post this tho!" just seems awkward and makes the joke worse.

No. 301541

I have access to bunch of vids from when she briefly unprivated them before deleting everything, does anyone want them? (Mostly fellowship of the rainbow vlogs and also the one where she was a brat about returning an angelic pretty dress.)

No. 301548

Yes. If you are the anon who has posted this once or twice before, we all said yes, archiving videos is good.

No. 301551

Yes we'd love those.

No. 301580

Please do nonna.

No. 301591

Different anon here, I have a couple (not many) Kelly vlogs downloaded as well, where is good to upload them for sharing/archiving purposes?

No. 301593

samefag, I have these ones:
>museum of ice cream (fellowship at pop up photo op)
>twitch stream 'quick hang before holidays' idk if this is still on her Twitch channel
>What's in mah bag
>Mt Hei relaxing nature hike Japan Vlogs 6 (I forgot she briefly had blue hair for these)
>Dolls Kill Haul preview Trolls collection
>Custom pink PS4 Pro! colorware review
>Dolls kill ultimate sample sale
>Hello Kitty cocktail bar
>Exploring the real north pole (this is with her sister Maddi and pretty good proof they got along well prior to now)
>Show me your ita bags fanime 2018 (fellowship con vlog)
>Japan haul 2
>I've never been so scared (another one with Maddi)
>Find the golden egg (fellowship easter egg hunt)
>A pumpkin patch and a family (another family vlog)
>Random rant at 12am
>Holographic light up shoes (review)

No. 301856

I noticed in her recent Instagram video how deep her voice is now, like she’s trying to come across as more “mature”. She’s reaaally trying to distance herself from what she was like before completely

No. 301917

So you have links or do you need to upload them somewhere? Id love to rewatch them nonny

No. 301961

File: 1687950410439.jpeg (79.96 KB, 1125x785, E03E3EDE-4A79-4F0D-BC74-D12762…)

Do you think Skeletor hates the tattoos and wants them removed?

No. 301962

File: 1687950479419.jpeg (122.11 KB, 1125x978, 87012762-47DC-42A0-84FF-093D98…)

Sorry forgot to sage the post above this

No. 302028

He wants a commie tradwife from what it seems like. Kelly is giving in. Seen her Depop lately? She's selling ALL of her pink/girly clothes and has been wearing blacks/grays/neutrals in all of her posts recently.

No. 303099

File: 1689046621988.jpeg (Spoiler Image,918.83 KB, 1290x1457, IMG_3031.jpeg)

No. 303100

Hit spoiler on accident >>303099

No. 303134

She looks awful

No. 303660

what's going on with this then? are you going to upload her old videos? where will you upload them and how do we get access to them?(learn to sage)

No. 303981

Do you mind sharing her videos with us? As much as I absolutely am disgusted with her now, I do acknowledge that I was one of her BIGGEST fans in the past. Part of me just wants to watch it for the nostalgia…(sage your shit)

No. 304320

File: 1690453497421.jpeg (379.64 KB, 1125x2080, IMG_1089.jpeg)

No. 304324

Her channel name now shows 250 videos, though we can only see the "select few" so it looks like she has actually unprivated them (all? idk how many there were) now for members. I'm sure she posted some BS in Stories awhile back about how she's moved on from Youtube, but I guess she hadn't considered monetizing it at that point.
I'm one of the anons with some videos saved but I can't figure out where to host them, maybe I'll just zip them into one folder for download since the video streaming/sharing sites want payment.

No. 304344

Idk who told her that wig, dress, or this overall picture are good but they're lying to you hun

No. 304349

She deffo lurks here lmaoooo(learn to sage)

No. 304367

Putting most of her videos behind a paywall, which… isn't even active as far as I can tell. I know I'm retarded, but I couldn't find the join option even with a tutorial to show me where it is. Stay classy, Kelly.

No. 304387

>Putting most of her videos behind a paywall
How uwu commie

No. 304397

File: 1690560376007.png (8.01 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_2277.png)

I wonder if Kelly regrets that trip

No. 304399

Rumble is a good alternative site to put them

No. 304453

Thanks for the suggestion, I'm putting the ones I have on rumble shortly here: http://rumble.com/user/KeIIyEden
(it's actually keiiyeden with uppercase K, ii, and E, the proper username is taken)
Also looks like Kelly has responded in the comments about the Join button not being visible, so that may work soon for anons who want to take one for the team. You may be able to download the member-only videos if they show as unlisted, youtube downloaders still work for unlisted videos.

No. 304544

File: 1690853154053.jpeg (296.66 KB, 828x1362, IMG_3162.jpeg)

jfc kelly, just say that you need the ad money and move on. the commie grift is so boring.

No. 304583

Because we all know how communism is well known to tout self expression and holdup the values and importance of the arts. Kek

No. 304640

Ironically or tellingly one of the last things a Chinese vlogger I follow posted before she got shut up by the ccp (still alive and well but no longer posting on Twitter) is some commentary about how the US is good at creativity and innovation, and China is good at production, and the US should embrace creativity - in response to the video of that girl who did a cute little dance at her graduation and got punished by the salty old cow who handed her her piece of paper.
CApitAlism does actually encourage creativity because the more shit you can create and make, the more shit they can sell. And being unique and standing out is something people will pay a lot to achieve (beauty, fashion industry)
But AllOneMind communism clearly doesn't encourage anyone who acts outside of the box.
And she is speaking over the literal 100s of people who responded when she first started shilling commie shit, who have actual lived experience of communism and can confirm it is shit.

Anyway youtube update in another story, she can't monetize because she hasn't uploaded for so long she lost monetization so basically she needs to be active on there again before the membership will work.

No. 304780

Kelly, skillshare what exists with better artists than you. Also tons of free, and more professional, videos than you can offer on YouTube. Monetization for all this is already oversaturated, I don't think she realizes most artists are definitely not going to get for advice. She's fine at what she does, but she shouldn't teach because she isn't consistent.

No. 306035

File: 1692595240823.jpg (367.22 KB, 1430x2048, 20230820_222207.jpg)


No. 306037

WHO is lying to her and telling her that any of this looks good ?

No. 306045

File: 1692630083394.jpeg (484.95 KB, 1125x1084, 213D5E3A-DEBF-43E5-801A-655097…)

Not sure what any of that has to do with your hot take Kelly

No. 306056

Lol she's hurt that the black blob on her back isn't considered super cool and unique

No. 306080

>man just says he dislikes bad tattoos
>Kelly immediately makes it about his race and gender
She just self inserted herself into it. Is she admitting her tattoos are bad? Also it's funny when a privileged white woman is quick to attack.

No. 306136

Kelly's right (for once), she means this take is dumb and from opposite land, same as when delusional white men believe they are actually the oppressed ones vs women, POC etc. Tattoos are no way the most common thing, the vast majority of people have none of one.

No. 306279

File: 1693023521384.jpeg (62.17 KB, 828x297, IMG_3606.jpeg)

i guess she didn’t get the attention and ass-kissing she wanted bcoz the next tweet shown is her saying she’s “joking”. then why even tweet it???(this isn't milk, sage your shit)

No. 306300

we knew what she meant and it's stupid

No. 306973

File: 1693865187615.jpeg (954.77 KB, 828x1444, IMG_3660.jpeg)

i’m so shocked and offended that kelly didn’t use Labor Day to preach her faux-commie bullshit and instead promoted her webstore

No. 307527

Any more videos being uploaded to the rumble hosting site? Kelly’s YouTube still isn’t allowing subscribers for the privated videos. I miss the old ones and wanted to revisit them. Her YouTube content was always fun to watch.

No. 307607

I have a few more still to upload, thanks for reminding me, they will be uploaded shortly. Looks like the twitch stream I saved isn't still on her Twitch channel so I'll upload that too.

No. 308417

Thank you! You’re the best.

No. 308765

Does anyone have the video tour of the pink kawaii pastel dollhouse?(sage your shit)

No. 308888

Stop asking and post them already, we've all made it clear that we want the videos for months now

No. 308892

If I had I would have posted it a long time ago

No. 308917

I don’t think Kelly has her memberships active. On her Japan haul 2 video there is a linked vid to the sailor moon eyeliner try on and review. When clicked, it says not available and members only. I did some digging and the JOIN button doesn’t appear for iOS on some channels. I went on my laptop and still no join button, but it appeared on Blair Whites channel. She’s missing easy money on old content.

No. 308927

She posted in Stories that her channel isn't monetized due to being inactive for so long, I assume there are some Youtube hoops to jump through in terms of viewership etc before memberships become active.

No. 308994

I love that she's just decided to leave most of her videos behind an unbreachable paywall since she found out she can't monetize them. It's just such a classic move for her. If she can't get money out of them, then no one else deserves to be able to see them, I guess.

No. 309845

I mean, she made them for money, what do you expect from a content creator?

No. 310703

Can someone make a new fellowship of the rainbow board

No. 310782

But on her channel under playlists you can find some old videos without joining anymore

No. 311849


There isn't too much going on in the fellowship anymore unfortunately. I think Stephanie is the only person still doing anything?

She was most recently seen tweeting Trisha Paytas, trying to offer herself as a guest on her podcast as someone who transitioned from YT to OF. I would watch that… if she grilled her on the fellowship. I know they all went to Trisha's birthday party one year.

No. 312070

No one gonna mention Dre just got engaged?(Either post a screenshot or sage)

No. 312125

File: 1699705257709.jpg (226.09 KB, 1080x1920, WOT5EWUI.jpg)

nta but she posted a few things about it on stories, fellowship thread is full so I'll post here.
What it sounds to me is they were planning it for a while, since if it was a surprise proposal how come they were considering being on this show prior. They also had the rings ready which probably took a few months to order and produce, and had the ship location booked for halloween. I assume there's a lot of demand for a place like that so you probably need to book in advance. But she says he proposed only a few days before on a bench? idk.
Kelly isn't engaged to her moid yet so I wonder what she thinks. Kota married, Stef married (but at what cost) the disneylandprincess Katie girl is also engaged.
Stories follow:

No. 312126

File: 1699705287120.jpg (208.24 KB, 1080x1920, C4IISZFJ.jpg)

No. 312127

File: 1699705408022.jpg (291.27 KB, 1080x1920, OGJ8XX6F.jpg)

No. 312129

Kelly's trying to farm new free models/"references" for paintings (she will try to sell ofc) in some historical dress FB page.

Sage because I forgot what group it was and can't get a screenshot bcs of that

No. 312139

Where can we watch them?

No. 312145

Link to the reuploaded videos is here:

No. 312161

To be honest, I think this thread and the fellowship thread are very slow compared to what they used to be. It seems like it might be best to re-consolidate the two at this point. Might make things a bit more lively. Thoughts?

I think it's so crazy to see where they all were then vs now. It's sad really,
Kelly was a MUA/Tattoo model and now she's some random PNW guy's radical leftist shadow/mouth piece.

Andrea was and up and coming MUA/influencer and now she's perpetually unemployed and in an on again/off again beardship with an eterneral teenager.

Stephanie I think had the post promise, she was a really charismatic youtuber with a lot of ambition and a good network and now she's a soiled human shaped couch cushion scraping pennies out of neck-beards pockets to, I can only assume fund some sort of drug habit, because why else would you do that?

I honestly don't even remember who else was in the fellowship anymore besides them.

I think they all could have milked their 10 minutes much longer had they stuck together. I would be fascinated to find out the truth of what happened.

No. 312177

>>To be honest, I think this thread and the fellowship thread are very slow compared to what they used to be. It seems like it might be best to re-consolidate the two at this point. Might make things a bit more lively. Thoughts?

nooooooo. most of these girl belong in the cam girls and other threads, their drama isn't related anymore, joining threads would be a lot of different stuff in one place

No. 312187


Not really, both threads often go a week+ with no posts. Most of them aren't cam girls and the one who is never has been in the cam girl thread so I'm not sure why they would be now?

While their drama may no longer be related, one would assume that the people following Stephanie, Dre, etc's drama are still the same audience as the one following the Kelly drama as none of her calves really ended up with their own (non-overlapping) following except for Kota who had a pre-existing audience.

No. 312202


I don't think Stephanie should be in here since she went so far into thotdom she should go to the camgirls thread like other anon said. Dre still fits here since she was so prominent on Kelly's channel and hasn't changed or gone off the deep end in any way, Kota, Katie, Doedeere would be ok for here but imo if a cow has changed considerably to fit into another thread like Stephanie or Claire they should go elsewhere.
I do agree that the fellowship could have lasted longer, iirc the running theory is Envy sabotaged everything by being a backstabber, since she was known for this behaviour in the past.

Kelly at least is making nice art now even if her boring scrote dimished her sparkle somewhat.

No. 312224

I bet you she got advice from the girl who sold her farts in a jar. That's always a good idea. Girl, you're unemployed, take any bag you can get.

No. 312225

She's not unemployed, she does a lot of freelance stuff, worked on an indie movie about a month ago and plenty of other things. Those shows don't pay contestants anyway afaik

No. 312324


They pay the American cast member (since the other is not allowed to work in the US yet).

What they do the most though is get people followings and then they use that to either appear on other shows or they just do sponsorships on instagram/tiktok (which pays well).

I don't think they would be a good fit for the show but if for some reason the show wanted them it would be a good opportunity considering they both get their gigs from low-level influencing.

No. 317568

File: 1704922065889.png (2.26 MB, 828x1792, IMG_0276.png)

This makes me so sad :( It looks like all of her personality has been sucked out of her appearance

No. 317569

File: 1704927492337.jpeg (109.47 KB, 828x306, IMG_4846.jpeg)

what is she on about? all of the comments are suggesting that she’s allergic to the shit she put in her hair (likely), but she’s saying that it’s just LA’s water kek

No. 317570

maybe she’s dressing more minimally for her commie cosplay?

No. 318680

File: 1706487941707.jpg (406.32 KB, 720x982, Screenshot_20240128_192546_Fac…)

Not milk but she has been posting in decor groups on Facebook.

No. 319041

File: 1707190561889.jpeg (282.16 KB, 828x1353, IMG_5010.jpeg)

kelly’s started showing her face on her feed again, but can’t seem to find a hairbrush. for someone trying to sell painting courses, she really dgaf about professionalism…

No. 319682

Her hair looks so greasy, she really isn’t putting effort into herself now.

No. 319713

Latereply but she looks way better with her natural hair color, the bright colors made her face look so harsh.

No. 321596

Is she getting breakouts from her greasy hair kek

No. 321692

File: 1709061308461.jpeg (736.71 KB, 828x1453, IMG_5266.jpeg)

kelly did an IG q&a last night. apparently, she “took a sabbatical” from YouTube because she felt like she was playing a “euphoric character” online and couldn’t separate her personality from her online self. valid, but also… she scared away all of her friends with her dramatic bullshit and narcissistic personality, so…

No. 321736

She's morphing into stickman

No. 323473

File: 1711149114334.jpeg (27.43 KB, 180x320, IMG_0048.jpeg)

kelly has reuploaded a number of old (non-Fellowship) vids on her channel. not posting a link, but my personal favorite is her vlog where she destroyed a bedroom in her family home while visiting after her teenage cousin’s suicide.(sage old milk)

No. 323501

she also just posted a new video of her putting on ice skates while complaining about a legal incident with her landlord and saying she is jobless? wtf is she setting up for another grift? also most comments seemed like bots because they had nothing to do with that weird video(this is an imageboard)

No. 323518

definitely grifting. not sure what she’s making off of her Patreon “private classes” but she seems pretty desperate

No. 323553

You could try actually posting the goddamn video since this is an image board.

No. 323556

this video makes absolutely zero sense on put on youtube. what about this muffled complaining would make anyone want to pay for her shitty paint classes? she’s delulu

No. 323583

Personally I am glad she is sharing old videos again. Say what you will about her but the girl is a great vlogger. Her channel was top tier in its prime.

No. 323886

New life update video on YouTube. A bit long but… seems somewhat healthy?(subjectfagging)

No. 323907

She seems self absorbed and self indulgent in the same way as she always did, except with the whole weeb facade dropped. I didn't watch more than like 10 minutes but she's not saying anything that warrants going on and on. She talked to her therapist friend one time for free and was magically a better person? Sure Jan. I don't know her personally to speak to if she has matured or not but her saying 2019 like it was the worst year of her life made me roll my eyes so hard.

No. 323911

In order to discover a pattern you need to talk over time so I’m sure being her FRIEND they talked more than one time nonnie. Let’s use our critical thinking skills. Clearly she’s done a lot of reflection over a five year span. I believe her when she says 2019 was the worst year of her life. We don’t know the circumstances but losing every person close to you in one fell swoop would devastate anyone, whether you’re at fault or not. Not wking but at least have justification behind the hate lol she came across pretty genuine.

No. 323917


I liked it. She seemed very normal and relatable in a way that made me like her in the first place. However, I am not the slightest bit interested in the painting so while I understand that will be part of the package, I hope it is not he focus and I can just skip those videos.

I do hope she explains eventually what went down with the fellowship though because I'm sure the speculation is worse than what actually happened (at least I hope that it is).

No. 323919

I’m hoping she unprivates more old videos. They’re entertaining, a decent amount of us would rewatch them, and it would help her pay bills so why not? Even if she had them behind a paywall I’m sure some people would pay to view the old stuff. I miss her con videos and I want to watch the hotel party cosplay event video even though Stephanie was annoying.

No. 324034

"I waaaaanted to get some more soil but I can't afford it… but if YOU want to venmo $8 to our garden, we can afford fresh soil!!"
>few minutes later while spraypainting unnecessary junk, says each can is $5.

"It's just nice to get your hands it some dirt and connect with nature!"
>Puts on disposable laytex gloves to handle said dirt while saying this.

Only kelly can insertspraypainting/chemicals/landfill into a gardening hobby while also making it a grift. Amazing.

No. 324108

Amazing you got that far. The audio is shit. If she's gonna do videos outside she needs better mics. Also hoping for a nona to summarize her return video

No. 324173

This was an… interesting watch for an experienced gardener. Sprinkling the seeds the way she did was mildly retarded but she is growing super easy basic stuff that would be hard to fuck up in so cal. The e begging for soil was so dumb. She could do a lot with that space if she did the smallest amount of research and spent like $40-50 on some good compost, seeds, and starts. She says she's been at it for 2 years but also a complete newb? It's a good hobby to get into I just wish she cared enough to learn.

No. 324273

File: 1712268292977.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1179x1996, IMG_0351.jpeg)

kelly has a paintbrush collaboration coming out at some point. it’s an interesting color scheme… very out-of-character for her

No. 324304

File: 1712310266131.mp4 (162.25 KB, 720x1280, envy.mp4)

Considering what was said in past threads about Envy not being a good person, and this not even being the first friend group she's broken up, her living 5 minutes from Dre in three different locations certainly takes an ominous edge like what are the chances? Is she stalking her wtf
(posted on Dre's stories)(sage your shit)

No. 324322

Ngl, it's kind of impressive that she pulled this off unless this brand does collabs all of the time. Her painting is so generic and she isn't really on social media like that. How does she not have a trust fund being unemployed all of these years?

No. 324347

It's a pretty easy collab to make for the brand since they just need to print the inserts, there's no real investment on their part.
She makes most of her money renting out her apartment and doing small commissions I think.

No. 324401

i doubt anyone wants to rent her dust-ridden drapery den, these days. it used to be so cute, but now she’s taken away all of its quirky appeal.

No. 324671

File: 1712717764660.jpeg (611.27 KB, 1179x1648, IMG_0431.jpeg)

kelly’s listing for her pay-per-view painting “workshop” includes the cost of emotional support

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