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File: 1520367127009.png (655.83 KB, 809x596, 1519316152902.png)

No. 30581

>Was in the hospital for a month for unknown reasons
>Has been released and been posting more, but still not opening up about the reason for the hospitalization
>posted a video where she more or less confirms it was because of a eating disorder

General Info:
> Venus youtube celeb since she was 11/12 years old
> Has been on various tv shows, travelled country to country by her mother speaking fuck knows how many languages
> Never went to school/was homeschooled
> Her mother Margret basically used Venus for $$$
> Venus escaped her crazy money sponging controlling mother and leapt into the hands of her visa cough husband Manaki
> Currently resides in Tokyo now living life and still hiding from her mother who continues to try stalking/harassing Veenos!
> Venus is still social awkward but may gradually be making friends alas Taylor R

Old thread >>286133

No. 30582

New video where she basically admits she has an eating disorder and thats why she was in the hospital.

>I know I'm a far way from being obese, but in my head I'm fat

No. 30583

>she basically admits she has an eating disorder
When? It sounds more like the surgery was unrelated and the bloating just made her panic. She even explicitly says that she doesn't have an ED.

She definitely has severe body issues and disordered eating though and admitted to restricting her food, which is unsurprising considering her stage mom made her diet as a young girl so she'd look good in pedobait videos.

No. 30584

>She even explicitly says that she doesn't have an ED
I find it interesting that she brought that up and said she got tested for an ED at the hospital. I think she probably does have one, but apparently Japan doesn't take ED seriously. Correct me if I'm wrong though.

No. 30585

When the hell did she weigh 140? I never recall her ever looking over 120 lb

No. 30586

File: 1520372177766.jpg (287.7 KB, 700x1200, l496-2[1].jpg)

Probably during that time when she was modelling for bodyline, pic related. She got a bit heavier after that I think, but looking at those pictures now it seems insane that people would call her chubby lmao

Japan is generally terrible when it comes to mental health care, which she definitely needs. Fixing BDD or an ED by yourself is hard, especially in an environment where constantly wanting to be thinner even if you're already slim is basically normal.

No. 30587

File: 1520373108692.jpg (Spoiler Image,144.51 KB, 800x1129, 910.jpg)

I always think of these images when I think of how the Japanese are about weight. I don't think any adverts we have in the west are as bad as this when it comes to losing weight. I'm sure there are ana-chans who would call the before pics fat but they seem fairly normal.

No. 30588

no, she was in the hospital for gastroparesis and a prolapsed stomach. she says that several times throughout the video. she did say her doctor theorized her post-surgery edema was from being malnourished, but denies its from an eating disorder.

also how fucked up is it that Marge made her 11 year old self pull up her shirt after eating than accused her of being pregnant?? And said that "mexican people are fat and short because they eat too much corn" what a batty old loon.

No. 30589

Living in Japan, I can agree that there is a terrible culture around women staying thin. I think it’s actuslly true for many/most Asian cultures from what I’ve seen.
I had a baby here and I remember people immediately talking to me about wearing a tummy binder (to not look fat). Many women would marvel about “how much I eat” everywhere I would go. I am pretty slender but considered fat by many Japanese standards. The pressure is huge here and if you don’t have the mental capacity to realize it’s bullshit, it could seriously affect anyone.

No. 30590

>she basically admits she has an eating disorder
> When?
literally the first sentence.
> in my head i think i am fat/ take up more space

No. 30591

I'm living in japan too and never noticed that.
but once I've met a guy who said he only eats a pudding a day or he is becoming fat

No. 30592

What the fuck is going on here? She spends five minutes explicitly describing her body dysmorphia and anorexia nervosa behavior
>Anorexia Nervosa is characterised by persistent energy intake restriction, intense fear of gaining weight and disturbance in self perceived weight or shape.
the fucking video is called Scared of Getting Fat. And then she says "I was tested for an ED and I don't have one." WHAT. FUCK this bitch I have supported her but am done with her she is just a ball of delusions and disorders, she has held up a passingly 'okay now' impression for a while but no, it has all been a sham. She is fucked and will never be okay. Yeah it's not her fault but the damage of her childhood was done and she isn't going to be okay so I'm never going to look at her again, why would I want to look at some wretch writhing around in the grip of one very specific obvious problem, and all her fans and half you
goobers nodding along with her rambling delusional rationalisations about why It's Not That.

No. 30593


No. 30594

You are an asshole anon. It's difficult for people to admit they have an ED, that's the entire fucking problem. One of my childhood friends had body dysmorphia and anorexia as a result and she just couldn't SEE she had a problem even though we were all worried about her. It was pretty brave of Venus to post a video like this, its a huge step admitting you have a problem, and hopefully she will get better from here.

No. 30595

She doesn't have an ED according to Drs so she might not meet all the requirements for an anorexia diagnosis, e.g. having a low BMI. Asian healthy BMI's are generally lower than western, so she probably still looked normal. Especially in the context of being in Japan where it's normalised behaviour to worry about weight. It leans towards EDNOS. Just because she has BDD symptoms doesn't mean she has anorexia.

No. 30596

This is only because doctors in Japan really do a poor job at dealing with eating disorders. She obviously has one.

No. 30597

You do know, that one very big symptom/thing of having an eating disorder, is that you try your hardest to claim you don't have one? She knows she has a problem, but she is just in denial of the correct diagnosis or about what she should do about it.

This, tbh. And I don't even think it should really matter if she thinks she has this or that at this point, it's just very good that she knows that she has a problem and that she is speaking about it and trying to get better. Too bad Japan is an awful country to be mentally ill

No. 30598

It's the same as before though. Admitting something but not quite the real situation, vowing to get better! do better! in some entirely unspecified way, I've seen this from her like three times before. Do you notice - by the way - how when she speaks it isn't coherent? I've noticed over the years that in her serious videos, when she talks subject of the sentence changes half way through. Sometimes the subject is never arrived at, but she continues as if she had said something. I gave her the benefit of the doubt due to language before, but it's different to language mistakes, it's more like how brain damaged person (e.g. marina joyce) talks. I dunno. She did call herself addled at one point but I think she's a bit more 'addled' than we know…

No. 30599

Not quite. She knows her fear of being fat and feeling she is huge and fat and ugly is irrational and false and she’s dealing with her dysmorphia appropriately and openly. This is a big step up from where she was before. No more secrets or hiding but openly dealing with it is major progress. I think she’ll continue to progress now that she’s taken those all-important first steps.

No. 30600

Have you ever tried calming down

No. 30601

File: 1520527419061.jpeg (205.37 KB, 600x910, 233CF294-514F-4FE5-B3D1-B518E1…)

Venus got control of her SM accounts back from marge. With a lawyer.
marge must be pissed.

No. 30602

This makes me so happy for Venus. I'm glad her mom is losing more and more control over her. To hear the sick things she told 11 year old Venus about her weight, that woman deserves to be alone. Sorry for the slight derail, just really happy Venus is getting back her rightful property.

No. 30603

File: 1520534203697.png (394.94 KB, 601x433, Birthday Date w Boyfriend ♥♥♥…)

Probably a dumb question, but was she wearing a wig in her latest video with Manaki or was it just extensions? I was surprised at how full and healthy her hair looked, then I saw this video >>30582
If it's a wig, wow. I want it.

No. 30604


Chill pill non

Clearly she has disordered eating, which is not the same as an eating disorder (but on the right track). And she's in Japan; their body standards are fucking crazy and their mental health care is lacking. I'm sure if she were elsewhere, the US for example, they would have slapped an AN or OSFED label on her, but because she also had gastroptosis, they could have blamed the weight loss entirely on that.

It's hard to admit to having problems like that; I am actually quite happy she finally decided to address this issue with her fans and own up to those weird black and white ana-test videos

No. 30605

That's a wig, it's been in her previous videos but it's clearly a wig. It's thicker and less oily than her real hair.

This is her real hair. Oily and thin. If that's a wig then that's a failure of a wig.

No. 30606

her greasy hair in that video >>30582
triggers me. I just want to scream WASH YOUR DAMN HAIR

No. 30607

I think the vast majority of people here agree that she has an ED though, just not about whether or not she admitted it. Also denying that you have an ED is part of the disorder, I don't know why you're so upset. She probably still believes she's fat and everyone is somehow lying.

No. 30608

she doesn’t meet the criteria for an ED diagnosis, it’s that simple. She does have body dysmorphia and disordered thoughts and eating, that’s different and she admits to that. She’s not out of the woods yet but she’s off to a good start towards recovery.

No. 30609

imagine having to have legal intervention for your social media accounts

No. 30610

She didn’t have to though, she chose to. She doesn’t even use fb or Twitter that much. She did it as a big FU to marge I think.

No. 30611

File: 1521038576465.jpeg (84.41 KB, 274x410, DF913E33-B380-4847-A2A4-A4019B…)

No. 30612

Anyone else thinks manaki's responde to Venus buying lingerie was fucking weird and childish? also the comments are full with ''Omg Venus japanese boys are so pure you can't do that!'' which is ironic considering japanese guys are the most perverted and fucked up

No. 30613

Well that was awkward kek

No. 30614

File: 1521387403171.jpeg (80.28 KB, 281x397, D98AFFEC-EC97-4EC1-8E14-B93884…)

It was a joke and Manaki was acting according to Venus. People don’t get their brand of humor (again according to Venus, on instagram.)

No. 30615

File: 1521389832109.jpeg (617.65 KB, 1305x1901, 1CEA29E2-59F8-4589-AA36-B5074D…)

She’s panicking about gaining what little weight she has gained. When she still looks like this >>30614

It sounds like she’s had some counseling on how to deal with this (writing it down and relying more on logic rather than feelings.) She still has a long way to go though. I really hope she’s still getting ongoing therapy cause she obviously needs it.

No. 30616

I think that's just a cover up. He looked serious and I've never seen him act like that before. He was so uncomfortable he was turning red.

No. 30617

>would sage for speculation but not sure how
Just to address the eating disorder thing…

I'm a qualified personal trainer and we were always taught that asians have a lower BMI due to the differences in bone structure compared to Europeans.

In Asian culture it's also normal to point out peoples weight. My aunt is Asian and she has said this to me;
"Remember when you were the skinny one."
"You should watch your weight because when you look in the mirror you will wonder what happened to you."

My old Japanese house mates used to say similar things too.

Now I imagine if I am getting it from a couple of people (my bmi was overweight but I did a lot of barbell work) then she would get it a lot from people she knows in japan too.

I am worried that some of the people who she knows there may have also been promoting this behaviour (not due to being evil but as Venus grew up in England during her teens she may well have a western mentality) and so I am concerned about what people may have said as these issues became prominent to the eye of the online audience when she moved to Japan and Seoul.

No. 30618

To sage, just write sage in the email field.

No. 30619

Same here, it was so fucking awkward.

No. 30620

I know she claims it's a joke, but he seems so uncomfortable in this. She needs to learn to respect his boundaries, which she'll have to learn since her mother obviously never taught her.

No. 30621

manaki is not an innocent child, i don't know why people think that.

also, new video, in response to the comments
however he is so damn awkward

No. 30622

I think so too. She definitely described unhealthy mindsets about food and gaining weight, at the very least. She seems to also have a fair amount of anxiety about it. As someone in the YT comments pointed out, she might have EDNOS (eating disorder not otherwise specified)

No. 30623

He looks like a baby that had plastic surgery. So fucking ugly god damn.

No. 30624

File: 1521820316464.jpeg (249.07 KB, 1547x1167, 252CC306-99B7-4ED5-A626-2DB5C5…)

He is not ugly. He’s an average/slightly cute Asian guy.

No. 30625

In what world is this average? Ew.

No. 30626

Right. He looks like a old lesbian.

No. 30627

File: 1521880122890.jpg (163.77 KB, 720x1098, _20180324_082802.JPG)

I wonder what her "very personal" video will be?

No. 30628

Well “today” is officially over in Japan and no video has appeared. Is she really doing this again?

No. 30629

I guess she's a lolcow again. I thought Youtube is her job, why does she need to make videos about being sad? Does she realise every other Youtuber also pretends to be happy?

No. 30630

Come on she's just sharing her feelings and being honest. I don't see the problem

No. 30631

She seems to be genuinely depressed, I am going to cut her some slack. And tbh I think this is the sort of 'entertainment' many of her viewers are interested in.

No. 30632

She's making videos crying instead of going to a therapist

No. 30633

>crying instead of going to a therapist
Easier said than done. Don’t forget she lives in Japan where mental health treatment is woefully lacking. Therapists are rare and good therapists even rarer.

She’s in one of the worst countries possible when it comes to mental health support/treatment.

No. 30634

So how is crying in videos going to help

No. 30635

Maybe it’ll help her feel a little bit better for awhile? Talking about what you’re feeling is supposed to help, that’s what talk therapy is all about. She has no one to talk to so I guess she’s using Youtube to vent.

It wouldn’t be my choice but sharing your feelings on SM seems to work for some people, especially young people like Venus who grew up on SM.

No. 30636

I’m all for her being real but wasn’t it obvious that she wasn’t okay mentally? Girl ran away and married some dude or some shit.

Honestly I just think it’s funny how this is a show thread yet every other person is praising her because she’s going through a hard time.

No. 30637

Yeah I don't get why other people act like she just became a poor depressed baby. She's been posting stuff on instagram about being lonely since years, obviously it doesn't help.

No. 30638

mhm, she is like a bomb of feelings, also, the only adult friend she has is taylor? what about this mika girl?

No. 30639

I think Mikan is not much older than her.

No. 30640

No. 30641

phone call with Manaki’s mother.

No. 30642

As far as I know she's 1 year younger than venus

No. 30643

Why is she making private phone calls public?

It’ll clearly piss her Mum off if anything

No. 30644


No. 30645

I really don't think she should be, it definitely seems like she has boundary issues. But she did seem genuinely nervous about making the call and crestfallen to hear that her mom really was that much of a mooch. It is like she's having a messy, unproductive public meltdown/'therapy' session.

No. 30646

She seriously needs an adult in her life right now, not some 20 something dude she's married to.

I hope no one is going to stalk her dad down by the name she didn't even block out… god damn. I understand her fans are concerned but god damn, this is gonna turn into one big Marina Joyce repeat or some shit.

(I'm angry, I'm sorry)

No. 30647

she didn't put the last name (h-p is all first name). the surname is not palermo as far as i recall, rather something else as palermo was made up by margaret to be more 'hollywood'

No. 30648

File: 1522762549099.png (1.84 MB, 1399x784, Untitled.png)

she did

No. 30649

All these years and I still can't stand the way she talks. I'll never get used to it.

No. 30650


some of y'all are brutal goddamn.


I don't know if making this video public was a good idea, but i feel so sorry for her. Her mother wrecked a lot of relationships for this girl. I hope her fans don't try to track her dad down and I hope he gets back to her.

No. 30651

The point of this video was to point out to other that even their 'idols' feel sad. Being happy all the time isn't a requirement to have a good life.
Even the barbie youtube did a similar video lately.

No. 30652


No. 30653

yeah idek. good thing the surgeon is in jail now.

No. 30654

Wow, that was a heavy video. I had no idea she was staying in the hospital for anything like that, I thought it was probably mental health issues, I don't know… I'm glad she made the decision to not cut off her stomach, though. My mom has had bariatric surgery when she also probably shouldn't have done it, not to the extent of Venus but she wan't actually obese, and since then she's been through phases of severe anemia, she throws up a lot, almost everyday, and anyway, it's just scary sometimes.

No. 30655

not to take away from the seriousness of this video but is that o come let us adore him playing in the background? kek. stay healthy, venus.

No. 30656

I'm not saying I would definitely know how to handle this situation better if it were my spouse, but it's sad to hear her say she had no one to talk to despite having a husband, and that when she got the surgery Manaki threatened to divorce her. Since she's also said the only person she has to talk to is Taylor it seems like she is really isolated and alone in dealing with her severe mental and physical health struggles.
Also crazy how she's said doctors in Japan confirmed she doesn't have an ED despite all the behaviors she details in this video are textbook ED behavior and thoughts, like the severe calorie restriction and frequent fasting lasting several days, terror of feeling fat on her body and wanting to cut it off etc.

No. 30657

she clearly has eating disorder. How crazy! she almost died because she wanted to be skinny. She need to admit it and seek professional help.

No. 30658

She is seeking professional help. She said on instagram that she started seeing a new therapist this week.

No. 30659

Either she's lying about the doctors saying she has an ED, or the doctor's she's going to don't know jack shit.

I'm inclined to think she's lying tbh. The mental gymnastics she's doing to somehow disprove she has an ED is insane. I feel so bad for her. We always thought Margo was the reason for her previous weight loss, but this all happened after she left. Manaki does not seem the type to push her to do this sort of thing, especially since he was angry according to Venus. Maybe its just trauma from her younger years, and stress about her mom and living on her own for the first time.

Its so sad, she really needs serious help. I'd seriously hope Taylor would see these signs and try to persuade to see that this is so much worse than what Venus wants everyone to think it is…

No. 30660

Honestly her ed is probably partly her mothers fault too for making fun of her stomach after eating as a child and doing body checks for her, which she’s spoken about in a previous video. Ofc it’s probbaly also a way to have control over something in her life, it’s likely her mom still stalks her and that can be very stressful. ( I don’t follow Margo threads)

In Japan Ed’s aren’t really “a thing” so it’s unlikely she’s actually been diagnosed with it. Hopefully her new therapist is a good one.

On a side note I never knew it was this severe for her and I hope she will be better soon. Hopefully her friends keep supporting ear.

No. 30661

If all this is true… Dude. What the FUCK. This surgery experience is insane. And the surgeon took out her appendix and gallbladder too, without her knowing he would do that and not telling her why? I know you can get some botched surgeries overseas but this is one of the worst I ever heard.

Usually medical stuff doesn't gross me out but I am physically cringing at how awful this must have been to go through. I hate to say this, but she definitely shortened her lifespan after this ordeal. That's really sad.

Also she says she can now eat like a normal person… tha is not true. You have to make big diet adjustments if you get your gallbladder out, let alone after all this shit that was done to her intenstines/stomach.

One thing I don't understand is she must've had to have corrective surgery. Is she in insane debt now due to this and her extensive hospital stay? I don't know how the medical system works in Japan but that is so fucked.

No. 30662

So… that means that Margo was right for once? lol
I know that having an ED is not her own fault, but getting such a surgery is plain insanity AND she has an influence on much younger girls, so showcasing her clearly sick behavior for months… Somehow can't pity her much.

No. 30663

i feel really sorry for everything she‘s been through and yeah i guess mental health issues and an ED do make you behave irrational but damn she really does make the worst decisions sometimes…

i reaaaally hope she listens to Taylor. she knows a lot ablut nutrition and health and i think she could be a good rolemodel for her.

No. 30664

She was only right because Venus was scared and reached out to her. Instead of being there for her Margo spilled all of her private problems on social media. She could've had an opportunity to patch things up with her daughter but she's more interested in making her look bad and convincing the world she wants to strungle her. The way she blabbed it all with Benoos have illegal surgery to remove her intestines because she wants to be thin only made her sound insane. She still sounds insane even with the reality as it is.

No. 30665

File: 1524448768834.png (290.96 KB, 1080x1559, Screenshot_20180422-215707~2.p…)

She's very sick.

No. 30666

tbh I wonder if getting her stomach reduced would be a good idea under the condition it was done by competent doctors.

She might feel relief from wearing a corset though, it exerts pressure on the stomach and nerves that signal hunger.

No. 30667

In a previous video, she said that she was able to pay for the hospital visits (I believe someone asked if she was staying on Manaki's dime and she got very emotional and said she would never ever do that to him).

No. 30668

I really hope her health isn't fucked up for the rest of her life and that doctors can find a solution…she's so young. It's really sad.

inb4Lolcow isn't a fansite: I'm not even a fangelic myself but I wish her the best.

No. 30669

im 55kg, too fat for japan

No. 30670

Lmao cant believe i thought her mom was really losing it, saying she got illegal weightloss surgery and then HERE WE ARE lol
I mean props to her for finally coming out and saying all this but she definitely has an ed.
Dang this story just gets wilder and wilder.

No. 30671

File: 1525092589968.png (462.87 KB, 712x378, fgh.PNG)

I noticed Manaki's jaw looking very strange in this particular video, do you think he is stuffed things in his chin to look more 'anime-like' or did he recently had chin implants?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 30672

I think it is just how the fabric hangs, he's much less shy than before but he's been wearing the masks more so he is evidently uncomfortable with his looks a bit.

I'm actually really enjoying his videos, he is funnier than Venus.

No. 30673

File: 1525628960656.png (39.15 KB, 560x365, venus.png)

i'm so proud of venus. she is truly growing and flourishing.

No. 30674

Interesting, i am actually quite happy she admits to it! If she really wants to change, it would be a great step forward.

Honestly i am always nitpicky so who knows how much of this is for views or attention but whatever she‘s going in the right direction and that‘s great.

I am also glad she cares about friendships and goes out more often than sh used to.

No. 30675

No. 30676

Pretty certain half of those pictures aren't even of Venus

No. 30677

I don’t know if I’m going crazy or not but I’m beginning to experience Margo-like feelings towards Manaki lol

But in all seriousness, I genuinely feel bad for the girl. Her fans have now spammed her friends because that (edit) part was just added

No. 30678

File: 1526431105832.jpeg (Spoiler Image,688.04 KB, 1242x2058, FAB64D88-232E-4D15-A064-D6515B…)

Also excuse the double post
But this is the photo in reference about the (edit)

No. 30679


I dont really get what her problem is. Gastroptosis isn't a big deal, and can be reversed with proper diet and excercises.. it also doesn't make ppl fat or hungrier than usual (I know because I have it too). Her problem is that she's mentally ill, a binge eater, and too lazy to do sports.

No. 30680

She's never going to get better unless she leaves Japan and gets help somewhere else.

No. 30681

I agree.
I think that she has an eating disorder which fluctuates between anorexia and binge eating. She's latched onto this condition as an "easy" way to get what she wants. I'm sort of horrified but not surprised that a Japanese doctor is even considering performing this operation on her. But then Japan has terrible treatment when it comes to mental health and even worse when it comes to eating disorders.
Basically, Venus needs to be inpatient yesterday.

No. 30682

File: 1526568685100.jpeg (380.21 KB, 750x1096, 47DAF20D-6EE2-486C-B852-F96220…)

She realizes she was wrong to post about Mana. Give her a break, she is trying.

No. 30683

File: 1527060841703.png (1.27 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180523-093404.png)

No. 30684

Anyone else find it a little distasteful how venus is using her surgery story to make more money?

Like she said it's to help others avoid what she went through but then she posts a MONETIZED video. Then she further sells her story to some magazine or whatever. And then if that wasn't enough, she changes the title of her surgery vid, changes the thumbnail to those shocking underweight photos of herself and its the first vid that pops up if you search her channel, so she's basically trying to clickbait (trick) people in viewing it again, thus giving her MORE MONEY.

It's so distasteful. Ugh.

No. 30685

Eh, I dunno. Her body is fucked for life now, might as well make the best out of this situation.
Apart from that - with Youtube being her main source of social interaction for years and having no private life because of Margo, I'm not surprised she feels oversharing personal stuff like this is normal.

No. 30686

nope it's totally understandable. what i wanna know tho is why doesn't she wash her hair

No. 30687

THIS. what's the point in wearing cute and expensive clothes if she just ends up looking like an unwashed mess.

No. 30688

It's really difficult to wash hair when you have had surgery. I would go to the salon to get it washed. She may not have had that option.

Anyway she has a new video up. Doesn't she have family in Sweden?

No. 30689

File: 1529269675296.jpeg (121.51 KB, 691x1062, 46CB3B41-66C4-450E-A549-609C2E…)

her surgery was months ago. That’s no longer an excuse for her appearing dishevelled, greasy and unwashed in most every ig pic and YT video now.
Also - is she binding her chest? (see attached pic, from latest video)

No. 30690

File: 1529274006471.jpeg (485.27 KB, 1298x1653, BE8647DE-C7D8-439B-B4B6-A84339…)

How about you just wash it once in awhile? And trim off those old dead ends. That would be nice.

No. 30691

Holy fuck she's fucking recovering both mentally and physically. Give her a fucking break. Don't look at her IG if you don't like looking at someone who's dealing with some serious issues. Good god.

No. 30692

Serious issues for sure..going out of your way to dress and look like a 6-year-old child qualifies as a serious issue I agree. However her IG is public and she’s always thirsting for views on IG and YT so “just don’t look at it if you can’t deal” is kinda unrealistic don’t you think?

No. 30693

I get that she's mentally unwell.
Still, she has the time and energy to put on tons of makeup, circle lenses, nice outfits, and edit her pictures… but can't take a 5-minute shower?
That's just having bad hygiene and nothing else.

No. 30694

When I was recovering from ana my hair looked like that just a few hours after washing it, maybe that's it?
But girl, seriously do yourself a favour and buy some dry shampoo either case

No. 30695

There's also a shitton of humidity in Japan, caucasian hair always suffers

No. 30696

You don't HAVE to view everything thats public on instagram. Also stop posting this pedo shit all over /cow/ you've even posted it Margaret's thread about it.

Showering requires stripping down naked and remaining naked for a time, usually rubbing yourself. You seriously can't understand why someone with a fucking ED wouldn't want to be prolonged to their naked body? She's doing what she can. If she wasn't wearing ANY make up, nice outfits, etc she knows you cunts would be even worse. It doesn't take any more effort to put a nice outfit on than a casual one.

No. 30697

not frazzle anon here but she does seem to be wearing some kind of brace. if you look at the side of her it looks a bit rigid

No. 30698

Just washing her head (or wearing a nice wig, or using dry shampoo..) doesn't require being naked.
It's strange that some people here seem to think that showering can somehow be optional under any circumstances. It's pretty much the only thing expected by society.
Slathering her greasy, uwashed face in makeup makes it actually look so much worse.

No. 30699

>It's strange that some people here seem to think that showering can somehow be optional under any circumstances.

So if you got into a car crash and were physically disabled, still in your hospital bed, you should be rushing to get up to shower? What the fuck is wrong with you? Go back to empathy school. Mental damage can be as debilitating as physical.

No. 30700

People in wheelchairs manage to keep themselves clean. Even an iranian sheepherd probably takes a dip in the sea once a day. No one cares about someones mental damage or their reasons for being gross irl, and especially not on lolcow. So get over it and just take a shower, greasy-chan.. then you won't have to defend yourself on here all the time. :)

No. 30701

She’s not physically disabled or in a hospital bed now yet she still looks greasy, unwashed and dishevelled all the time. Just wash your damn hair once in awhile, how hard is that?

No. 30702

File: 1529687257068.jpeg (248.52 KB, 1275x1473, 46F3FAF5-168B-4748-BA6A-CC493B…)

So Venus follows this account on IG-
it’s all about tips and tricks for losing weight and staying skinny. 0 cal drinks, lots of veggies and other high bulk low cal foods, basically the whole ana playbook

No. 30703

File: 1529687288488.jpeg (617.18 KB, 1281x1636, 3C40220A-06EE-401B-B24B-38F6B7…)

more of their content

No. 30704

File: 1529687669343.jpeg (338.05 KB, 1272x1484, 75F9F008-DB2E-413A-8F1C-3977C4…)

she recently liked this post:
about how to compensate for eating a meal out by restricting the next day(s)
just eat veggies and drink only water until you’ve atoned for that meal.

don’t know if she’s getting any kind of ongoing treatment for her ED but it’s clearly still there.

No. 30705

Nothing wrong with that. Every woman not blessed with a high metabolism needs to look after her diet.
I just hope she eats enough fats and proteins, and not just veggies all the time.

No. 30706


What are you so angry about? Chill.

When I was going through my own ed issues a few years ago, I never didn't want to take a shower, I was naked but by myself, and I never heard that from any of the other girls in my support group. Out in public eye most of us kept ourselves clean and groomed because we wanted to look normal. and what does being naked have to do with it? i could feel my fat stomach and thighs touching at all times-but wwhatever.

It is a norm to not care about washing when you are depressed. But she goes out quiet a bit so, its a bit strange to some.

and being mentally ill and disabled are not the same thing, do not compare the 2.

No. 30707

File: 1529966984410.png (637.72 KB, 475x584, venus.png)

look at venus looking all fluffy and adorable again, hanging out with yukapon. she gets along with pretty much everyone, which is a miracle considering she grew up with maggro.

No. 30708

shes back on twitter now.

No. 30709

No. 30710

File: 1530216583465.jpg (14.52 KB, 326x326, 7b9.jpg)

jesus it's bad.
it makes sense though. when she was with margo she wasn't allowed to have feelings or be sick (mentally or physically), so she has to go through 18 years of trauma now, all at once..
please don't die venus

No. 30711

Her new video is scaring me! I feel like I should call someone to help her, but she's not even in the USA.

No. 30712

This really sounds like me when I tried to recover from my ED, don't forget that anorexia is an anxiety disorder, I really hope she gets better soon. Anxiety is a bitch

No. 30713

Jesus Christ she doesn't look good. Wonder if she'll take down this video soon because she ALMOST sounds manic with trying to describe EVERYTHING she's feeling at once or she's just really out of it. Please don't die Venus!

No. 30714

File: 1530425378092.png (583.97 KB, 589x581, uA2fL2r.png)

Hopefully the meds will help, I've been in her exact position (minus having a support network at all) and still am. It's tough.

Also someone left a comment on one of her recent posts criticizing her style (that it looks like for "little kids" & she's outgrown it & hoped she didn't go out like that in public), then compared her to Mags when she wore her lolita dress for (My Strange Addiction?) I think. Then, not too long after V posted this pic, clearly in public, in kawaii-styled clothing and lot's of cutsey hashtags in a comment, although it's a lot more of a subdued kawaii-style (lack of colorful bracelets, hair clips, ribbons etc) so maybe it has nothing to do with the comment(s) as I'd assume she'd wear something really over the top if she was making a subtle jab over it.

But I thought it might be a subtle jab like "F you I'll wear what I want (adds a bunch of kawaii hashtags to try to piss them off)", similar to how she sometimes makes subtle jabs to Maggot. Or am I looking too much into it lol. Her face looks pretty evil and menacing in that pic and kind of matches Mags exact facial expression in her pic, eerily similar actually, same with the way she's holding her hands & the commentator actually brought up that very same pic. I know she gets angry when ppl criticise her style (based off the previous Manaki posts,) but would she really bother making a subtle post over a hater/stranger?

Was just an interesting catch and got me thinking but maybe I'm crazy? Does anyone see it lol? I would hope it's not a jab though and she would be above that, she can wear what she wants and doesn't need to worry about such comments really.

No. 30715

Jesus christ what a reach. She always adds the same hashtags, and she posted a lot of pictures outside in those kind of clothes.

No. 30716

Idk if these girls are the right influence for her tho
Mikanmandarin is anorexic and yukapon is a mentally ill drug abuser soooo

No. 30717

Even in her depressed, i'm vacuous "i dont want to die" video she kept staring at the camera to see if she "looks good".

so. fucking. vain.

No. 30718

File: 1530490210218.jpeg (344.93 KB, 1427x1364, 078E5D6A-7B1A-43D0-9EC7-7626BF…)

She’s going to Narcon this month, July 26-29 in Sweden. It’s a gaming/cosplay convention. She’s on their FB page with a caption (in Swedish) but I can make out “meet and greet” and “signing session” so it sounds like she’s going as a presenter to meet fans and sign autographs.

No. 30719

eh, it's to be expected.
seriously, does she even have real hobbies and interests besides getting attention on youtube/instagram, clothes, food and spending money in general? all of her videos are basically about that.
for most of her life her only influence was "i'll tell my 11yo daughter that she looks pregnant after eating"-margo, so what do you expect? it will take a long time for her to find an identity of her own and stop just being a vain husk.

No. 30720

File: 1530490429424.jpeg (109.07 KB, 759x658, B9C2CD0D-1C9E-4177-90BD-7946C6…)

the caption:

bwahaha marge is gonna be ragey. She used to love going to these things back in 2013-2015 when she was rolling in those Venus Youtube bux. Now she’s a broke-ass hobo stuck in a moldy rented rooom in Seoul.

Suck it marge

No. 30721

Hah, fun to see some Swedish Vänner here. Might as well give you an transalation: "Our last guest is coming all the way from Japan to meet you. @VenusAngelic is coming to NärCon Sommar 2018!

Venus lives in Japan and vlogs about fashion, food, travel and everything cute. At the festival she will hold a Q&A about life in Japan. You can also meet her at her Meet & Greet and signing session.

Tag a friend that wants to come with you and meet Venus!"

No. 30722

>wash it
Do you know what the weather is like in Japan right now?

No. 30723

Apparently she is staying with Mikan

No. 30724

I’ve seen in her Instagram stories it’s only for a week. I’m glad she can stay at friends for a while, when in couple it’s good for everyone to breath a bit and as she has no family to visit, it’s nice she has a friend.
Hope her future life changing decision is about going college!

No. 30725

Really? I thought she was dropping a hint of maybe a separation.

No. 30726

Well she won't become better as long as she's with ana-chan and kusuri-chan

No. 30727

Many people keep commenting about this meaning she is breaking up with or leaving Manaki but spending time apart during stressful times is quite normal. It doesn’t ultimately mean divorce. Lots of couples do it to clear their head and help their relationship. Perhaps her therapist suggested some space. Couples should not be glued at the hip 24/7. Manaki has solely been taking care of her while dealing with this crazy situation and when he is at work, she is spending long hours alone, lost in dark thoughts. She needs to have someone else around her while she getting used to her medications and dealing with therapy.

I saw several of her fans already declaring that Manaki must be a bar person or not strong enough for her, dispensing theories that HE must have done something wrong. How about the poor guy is exhausted and needs a break from his mentally ill wife? And she said this break is only for a week. I can’t believe how fucking naive and unempathetic her fans are.

No. 30728

File: 1530717443385.jpg (213.55 KB, 1044x1568, DhQuCBAU0AAqEQ0.jpg)

Glad to see that she is weight restored, she bounced back quickly.

No. 30729

>I can’t believe how fucking naive and unempathetic her fans are.

Probably has to do with most of them being teens.

No. 30730

A lot of them are even younger than that, like 9-12 years old.

No. 30731

Sometimes you just need to get away to a new place for a few days to clear your head and get a fresh perspective on things. I agree with the poster above that spending so much time alone in their apartment while Manaki is at work isn’t healthy. She has nothing to occupy her time, no school or work and no family or friends close by. It must be really lonely and boring all day.

I think this is the first time she’s spent any time apart from Manaki except for her hospitalizations - he even tags along on her girl’s days out with her friends (Taylor, Mikan and even Tsuruko when she visited Japan and they met, you could see him in the background in the video.) Why he feels the need to tag along on these things I don’t have a clue, unless Venus wants him there. Either way it’s kinda messed up.

If her “life-changing decision” is to break up with Manaki I doubt she would be so happy about it. Wouldn’t that be a pretty scary/sad thing? For one thing, I doubt she’d be able to financially support herself on her own.

She seems too happy in the video for it to be that.

No. 30732

File: 1530719080678.png (23.93 KB, 1231x135, Capture.PNG)

She liked this comment on the video, which I highly doubt she would do if she was about to announce her divorce.

No. 30733

I think the life changing decision is probably to undergo the surgery she initially turned down to remove some of her stomach.

No. 30734

True, but it also shows that the decision is probably about taking a break from Manaki. If I had an excellent relationship, I wouldn’t be liking “sometimes people just need a break from family since home can get stressful” type of posts.

No. 30735

OT but did Mikan have a nosejob ? She has this typical plastic surgery nose.

No. 30736


Its probably hella nice to talk to someone that she shares a fluent language with too. I doubt Venus is super fluent in Japanese which probably makes expressing her emotions fully to Manaki really hard. It probably causes frustration in both of them because Manaki can't understand what she wants or how she feels besides basic words and sentences.


probably just meitu editing and filters. All the weebs edit these days.

No. 30737


/I saw several of her fans already declaring that Manaki must be a bar person or not strong enough for her, dispensing theories that HE must have done something wrong. How about the poor guy is exhausted and needs a break from his mentally ill wife? And she said this break is only for a week. I can’t believe how fucking naive and unempathetic her fans are./

I guess it's because they love the idea of Venus being just a frail little victim that they can project their own issues on. Having her spend some time with other people than Manaki breaks that bubble bc, well, she's not moping and being some sort-of sad puppy. She seems to realize that even when Manaki has helped her out a lot, he cannot do absolutely everything, and being with Mikan and others will be a refreshing change of pace. But to the "fans", that means she must be OMG SAD AND TIRED!! BAD MANA!!

I remember seeing her fans bitching because Mikan couldn't visit Venus every day when she was hospitalized. Now they're bitching because she CAN take her in for a short while for a change? LOL, gimme a break.

No. 30738

I don't believe she would leave Manaki and give up her visa and cushy life as an adult child, at least not without a plan B for a visa. Venus would never leave her holy land of Japan.

No. 30739

Mm. I really hope that things aren't as they seem. It looks like she's just been going through and liking every comment without much regard for what they say. I'm gonna give the situation the benefit of the doubt and hope that Venus is simply taking a break as opposed to having actual trouble in her relationship.

No. 30740

File: 1530745700238.png (1.07 MB, 640x1136, ED691F5A-378B-4488-800E-702B4A…)

this is so sad, she looks so big next to that girl
imagine getting all that surgery just to get thin and then exposing how big your bone structure is next to that girl

No. 30741

Venus' broad Alpine bone structure really shows when she's beside actually petite women. Since she idolizes cultures that have naturally small women it's no wonder she's so unhealthy.

No. 30742

To say she may frequent this site, probably not a smart move to say she looks chunky when she's just gained healthy weight from being skeletal. It was seemingly people calling her fat from the Bodyline shoot on here and PULL (and comments from her mother obviously) which triggered her downfall with food and weight.

No. 30743

She actually went on PULL to clarify that she did have a nose job. The profile was more prominent, typical Kurdish “hook” before.

No matter how much you love them, taking care of a mentally ill or physically ill person is exhausting and can hurt your own mental health very badly. These kids don’t realize what it’s like to take care of anyone but themselves and they have this warped view that the only good family and friends are those who drop everything, even risk their job, to cater to their ill relative. It’s very cold-hearted! I see a lot of this “If you can’t accept me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best.” mentality among tumblr kids and it makes me feel so bad for Manaki, Mikan and the others who already done so much to help.

She just gained back healthy weight and you’re taking jabs at her? Yes, she is naturally bigger boned and will never naturally be petite but don’t forget how awfully unhealthy she looked just a few weeks ago. People need to stop pointing out how big and “tall” she is and just be glad she doesn’t look like she is dying anymore.

No. 30744

On what planet does she look “big”? Y’all are sick.

No. 30745

Big as a bigger structure, not fat.
She's taller and wider in bone structure, that's not fat you retard.
Or her friend is just really petite but I doubt.
She has an east european body type, which is normally taller & wider than your normal uwu smol girl body type glorified in japan

No. 30746

hey both look cute here. The little extra lbs suit her so much. I'm glad she is looking healthier.

No. 30747


I think Venus is actually still pretty skinny. She just looks "normal" next to mikanmandarin because she's anorexic.
Seriously I can't stand the way mikan acts around food in her and Venus videos
Hope it doesn't affect their friendship

No. 30748

was it actually ever confirmed that mikan is anorexic?
she doesnt look sick or boney, has nice skin, hair and a healthy glow (just compare her to venus), so I would be surprised.
she also seemed normal to me in her eating videos

No. 30749

She looks 10 when she's 20, she has a natural tan and thick hair due to her heritage, of course she doesn't look as white as venus.
She only ever shows her legs so it's hard to tell how bony she is.
In videos with food she's always like OMG I'm so hungry, this looks so good, I'm so huuungry(yea U sure look like u r) and takes forever until she starts eating,very annoying. I bet she and venus are ana twins

No. 30750

I’m a different anon but lol you say big as in simply big bone structure and not fat, but also in the same breath said “this is so sad.” How is being or looking big boned sad? Clearly you meant it negatively, and this is coming from someone petite. Venus looks
healthy finally, whereas the girl next to her often appears malnourished. Ffs.

No. 30751

I think venus looks heavier than usual here because of her styling choices. as far as I know she's a pear and pretty much all her fat is on her thights - these shorts make her hips look wider, and because of the loose blouse you can't see her petite upper-body.
she would look just fine in an a-line dress, or if the blouse was cut tighter.

No. 30752

is "omg big bone structure!" the next "nasolabial foldssss" ?

No. 30753

what's sad about being taller than your friend? It's good that she can show herself like that you retard

No. 30754

Her friend is severely underweight tho, go look up her PULL thread.

No. 30755

I'm not >>30740, famalam :v

No. 30756


Calling her malnourished is mean tho
She's a refugee, it's normal

No. 30757

Am I the only one who has actual irl friends with mikans bodytype?
You can see her body is just supposed to look like that, she looks really skinny but still "soft" enough (if that makes sense). If venus had the same bmi as her for example, you could tell right away that something was wrong. plus mikan has apparently maintained that exact weight for years, so she would be and look very malnourished by now.
I'm not saying it's impossible though, just that there are girls looking like that.. and you all definitely glamourize being smol uwu, a body like that only looks good on photos tbh.

No. 30758

Except a lot of this shit has nothing to do with ED but is current thinking on how to maintain a healthy weight while also making sure you get the proper nutrients. A fucking infographic telling you about the pros and cons of steak vs. chicken or ‘instead of eating the whole bag, only have two oreos’ is hardly for ana-chans. Venus def has an ED but at least she’s trying.

No. 30759

I actually feel kinda bad. Her young, retarded and tactless fans are spamming with comments saying "Venus you're so big?!", "Venus I didn't know you were so tall and wide :)".
I genuinely wish she wouldn't have instagram. It can't be good for her mental health

No. 30760

they're exactly the kind of people drawn in by content like "watch me eat this giant pudding xDD", "watch me bathe in slime OwO" and bizarre clickbaits with no noteworthy content besides a cute girl talking nonsense like she's 10yo.
It's easy money, but the price is having to put up with those retards.. still better than having to work retail though.
I just hope Venus knows this, and only pretends to care for that sweet youtube bux.

No. 30761

In what country does she look 10 anon, she fricking looks 19-20.
what a reach anon.

No. 30762

File: 1530832965366.gif (194.77 KB, 220x258, tenor.gif)

No. 30763

I wonder if it’s good for her to be around Mikan, she super skinny and acts weird around food and that might trigger Venus.

And she just has this smile that says that she’s thinking bitchy thing about you.

That’s the vibe I get.

No. 30764

Well, Venus needs to learn, she will see a lot of skinny girls (and more in japan) she cant just hide herself from the world.
reality check.
I get the vibe that Mikan has a dry sense of humor.

No. 30765

all her friends are skinny though (taylor, you-stole my-apricot-girl and tsuruko), and have some sort of ed or at least watch their intake very closely
venus never had friends before, so I think any friend is better than none rn

No. 30766

I wasn’t saying for her to have no friends just…I worry about her. Like she doesn’t need to relapse.

Been there, not fun.

No. 30767

File: 1530893339171.jpeg (113.1 KB, 1189x430, AE74AFCD-52EA-4A16-B96F-93A63A…)

Mikan throwing shade
Venus playing her “little anime games”

No. 30768

I swear to god, venus "worried" fans are going to chase away all her friends eventually.
It's just not wort it.
her friends are not allowed to make jokes, they have to be there for venus 24/7 no excuses, and they better think veeery carefully about what they post on their instagram, or there will be a neverending flood of retards sperging out.
did venus even comment the last time, when she uploaded her suicidal video and mikan got bullied like it was all her fault for not instantly dropping everything and driving over? I can't find anything on her instagram.
maybe venus is enjoying it idk

No. 30769

no one’s “sperging out.” just noting a snarky comment by this Mikan girl. Is that not allowed?

No. 30770

File: 1530909681242.png (10.2 KB, 286x242, inst.png)

I'm talking about this ..tho I noticed after scrolling back that it was only these two so far, but still.
just thinking back to people annoying manaki because he dared suggest princess venus should wear normal clothes instead of lolita, etc

No. 30771

In the video on Venus channel Venus looks soft, pretty, cute and feminine and her "smaller" friend looks angular and mannish. Prettiness is not directly related to size.

No. 30772

I agree, imo she's one of the few white weeb that actually can look cute in Japanese fashion. Mikan's face really isn't cute, and her height won't make it better.

No. 30773

Mikan is a spoiled toxic grade A cunt. She desperate for e-fame and always has been. That's how she latched onto Venus (she messaged every well known kawaii jvlogger before she got to Japan). And between her and Venus she was the one who got along best with Simply_Kenna's equally toxic "smol" ass (to the point at they were almost ignoring Venus during her video). I'm guessing she's also the one who brought fucking Yukapee into their friendship circle.
It might be worth noting that on her IG during a live in March, Tsuruko said that she and Mikan weren't friends anymore and implied that Mikan was a fake friend and she shouldn't have trusted her.
I'm all for Venus having friends and Tsuruko seems like a pretty good one. And we already know that Taylor (of all people) was there for her consistently.
Mikan just reads to me as a user to me

No. 30774

Chill anon, we don’t know anything for sure, if Milan was really all that, why Venus move with her? Let’s stop assuming Milan and venua relationship, everyone here acts like V is some sort of fragile goddess that can’t be teased.
Also if anything tsuruko always gave me the wrong vibe to be honest

No. 30775

File: 1531031763026.jpg (1011.21 KB, 1080x2079, Screenshot_20180708-023314_Ins…)

Guess that confirms that her time with Mikan was definitely meant to be temporary. I would think that if anything happened with Manaki, she'd probably say something by now.

No. 30776

Oh and also Mikan uploaded this.

No. 30777

for a nosejob nose, Mikan's nose look super ugly.

No. 30778

"It's just cuz I'm British, everyone is like this here"

Well first off nobody talks in that fake posh voice she puts on, it's absolutely grating. People tease their friends but they don't frickin' declare that they hate them in the middle of a sentence. She seems like a bipolar jealous freak. It's just you Mikan.

However I think it's kind of her to let Venus stay over for a week. But don't pretend your bitchy, jealous, backstabbing attitude is normal.

No. 30779

lol venus barely escaped her crazy, hateful mother just to find like 1000 new ones on here

No. 30780

She's definitely jealous lol, she's so ugly and venus is so cute. Telling your friend you hate them is really weird even as a joke, it's like she can't hide that she's a bitch.

No. 30781


Her accent isn't fake at all, she really does speak like that lol

No. 30782

Anons in this thread are getting stupid by wk Venus, while talking crap about Mikan looks jeesh.
Because obviously everyone needs to be jealous of Venus
Margo clones go back to PULL
This is not a mikan thread

No. 30783

they've got a really genuine chemistry honestly.

No. 30784

okay I might be waaay off with this, but does anyone else feel like the two of them are secretly in a relationship? or is it just me? I mean I know there arent any obvious signs and there is no reason for it to be that way, i'm just wondering.

No. 30785

I agree. I dont even want to know what her nose looked like before if this is the 'after'. it's terrible.

No. 30786

well, it is kind of sad for her to risk her life to lose weight only to look chunky next to a naturally skinny/petite person. she tried so hard to be that and failed. that's sad. but all in all i hope she gets out of the whole situatiom happier and more confident and that comments dont bother her

No. 30787

her relationship with Manaki is so weird. does she even tell him whats wrong or talk about their problems. are they real?
did they ever even sleep together?

No. 30788

You sound Ana-Chan, nobody “failed” at anything. There’s no “winning” an eating disorder, you don’t win with diseases- she’s sick, and that’s about it.

No. 30789

objectively, no.
from the point of view of an ana-chan however, she did.

she should just play to her strenghts. like, her body is much more suitable for weight training/intense cardio than mikans for example. she could gain muscle easily, and stay petite while eating pretty much anything she wants. she looked super healthy and skinny while in the netherlands, where she went ice skating regularly and was forced by margo to go to gym (pretty much the only useful thing her mom ever did).
but first she'd have to accept that she doesn't have the body to stay a kawaii bmi 15 leek without forever suffering and probably dying very young.

No. 30790

this may be a generic ana thing but i don't get the impression from venus it would ever have occurred to her to do exercise. It seems not to exist in pastel poppet world. the one time she mentioned it i'm sure she was thinking of like, a 10 minute walk

No. 30791

Nah I also feel like there's something going on. Venus jokes about her friends being girlfriends and stealing her from manaki. In a video she was with a friend and manaki and she joked around saying "today I'm gay" and telling manaki to leave or something. Maybe it's all just inappropriate jokes but…

No. 30792

File: 1531525041500.jpeg (408.93 KB, 1629x1097, DE4B3CAF-2957-475C-A6E4-CC62F6…)

Mikan has a boyfriend though

No. 30793

A Japanese boyfriend lol. Is she using him for a visa too?

No. 30794

File: 1531568999295.jpg (88.84 KB, 750x730, cf5dkkliuz701.jpg)

Suits Venus. I do not make fun of her, I just came across this picture surprisingly.

No. 30795

Damn Mikan is making a punchable looking face there. Plus gotta love the extreme skin whitening and fake hafu look she meitu-ed herself into.

No. 30796

Her relationship is just normal, she has mentioned that they do talk about her problems and stuff, and its most likely that they do sleep together,
whats with anons thinking she has a secret relationship with Mikan?

Yeah, it's weird that she is in Japan and has a Japanese boyfriend right?

No. 30797

Are you in Japan with a visa husband too?

No. 30798

I don't understand why everyone assumes that because you live in another country and get a boyfriend, you're going to use them for a visa??

I didn't realise that if you move to another country you're 100% not allowed to get a partner or you're clearly using them

No. 30799

Stop being petty.
No, I'm not.

No. 30800

Because people date and marry others for visas all the time.

So its not that crazy to consider it.

No. 30801

All the time but not everyone does it.
people date and marry because they like each other all the time
it's not crazy to consider it.

No. 30802

Has manaki said anything about Venus getting out of home?

No. 30803

said where? to who? He's a japanese salaryman. his social media presence is part of 'Venus Media'. He literally doesn't speak English

No. 30804

File: 1531848075176.jpeg (218.71 KB, 1242x1443, 88011FAB-DDD1-4212-A43C-F92D52…)

Not manaki
But Venus replied to this person about leaving manaki, obviously she is not leaving him

Manaki knows a very basic English (and as far as I know, he was learning more)
What he does has nothing to do with his will to learn the language.

No. 30805

File: 1532172560739.jpg (408.88 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180721-132811_Ins…)

Venus posted this on her insta story.

No. 30806

No. 30807

Her new hair is so ugly

No. 30808

Ikr. Her hair is always fried af, then when she gets tired of it she just gets expensive extensions every now and then

No. 30809

She needs to grow it out, and maybe get rid of the bangs. Like im so sick of her with bangs. Like she looked good with out them.
I scrolled down her insta to find no bangs pics and it seems she got bangs right after she met mikan.

No. 30810

lol stop it with that mikan shit.
venus always had bangs. closest to letting them grow out was when she was a blonde and living in the netherlands.
I agree that those strange bangs she has rn don't do her any favors.

so no one here went to närcon to stalk her?
that's a good sign lol

No. 30811

File: 1532829296334.jpg (1.43 MB, 1080x1080, 37169516_420361578452498_93532…)

venus is cute af, but I get the unhealthy urge to aggressively pin her down and put in some leave-in conditioner in that shitty, frizzy hair of hers.

No. 30812

The summers in Japan are a bitch!
Humidity is high and European/Caucasian hair is not used to those levels. Esspacally bleached/dead hair will fuzz up beyond control. I tried to put some argan oil in mine and some anti frizz stuff while I was there and it still fuzzed on me. Straightening it would help for a few hours but that's it..

And I think she got it permanently straightened?! Probably damaging it more.

Not to WK, but I guess she can't do much about it other than wearing a ponytail/all her hair up.

No. 30813

Yeah, at this point its too fried. If she's insecure about super short hair, she could always wear cute, natural looking wigs.

All that talking about her hair reminds me that phase when she died it jet black, pretending it was "her natural dark brown hair color"… Like sure jan. Its been a few monthes she dropped this gig though, so hopefully she realized it was cringy.

No. 30814

Ffs on her insta the last pick without bangs was her w/ Milan that said I just met mikan!
That’s all I meant then it’s bangs bangs bangs ugly ass parted bangs!

No. 30815

that was a wig

No. 30816

Ok but I still think she look better without bangs. That’s my point.

Now I feel like I sound crazy.

No. 30817

yeah, she definitely looks better without them. she also doesn't embrace her other nice features, and tries too hard to fit in with the weebs.
I guess growing her bangs out, dressing age appropriately and having a fit body just isn't ~*kawaii*~ enough.

No. 30818

Venus Q&A at narcon

No. 30819

As someone who has been living in Japan for a decade, this is very true! I never had so many bad hair problems until I moved to Japan. Yes, her hair is damaged but the European structure also does not fare well with the humidity and some of the hair products are not effective for foreigners . Besides more regular deep moisture treatments at a salon, I think hair smoothing cream might work better for her than oil during the summer.

It was understandably a little awkward at certain places but it was so refreshing to see her so laid back and eager to talk with her peers. Sometimes she was flustered but you can tell she was excited to speak freely like this. And we have confirmation that she indeed identifies as bisexual! I’m glad she feels comfortable revealing that and not being ashamed or confused. I like how frank she was about how part of her attraction to Manaki was how feminine he is and she actually stated that SHE kind of stalked his social media for months after she first met him.

I’m counting down until Margaret finds and obsesses over this Q & A video.

No. 30820

Her body language is very cute. I'm just relieved no one asked her any inappropriate questions.

"what's the best thing you've done in your life?" "running away from home" kek

No. 30821

I hope she does more conventions and meet and greets like this so she can interact more with like-minded young people and become more comfortable with herself. She looked very happy to be there. Hopefully this opens up possibilities for her future plans and helps her cope with ED/self-esteem issues through positive activities.

No. 30822

Her instagram has been so boring lately… It's litteraly only pics of her filtered face. I liked it more when she posted pics of her going out, snacks, etc. She seems so self absorbed nowadays

No. 30823

File: 1533846760659.png (708.75 KB, 504x922, Untitled.png)

No. 30824

In Mikan's new video Venus actually is starting to talk back to her and you can tell she's getting tired of Mikan's self-obsessed whining and complaining…Mikan you can be funny without being a massive bitch to your friends.

No. 30825

lol I love mikan just because she makes you obsessed lesbians rage.
we get it, venus belongs only to you uwu
mikan is an anorexic bitch, not a real woman with curves like you~~ uwu

No. 30826

File: 1534085499168.jpg (146.02 KB, 1242x1834, uMUeTYP.jpg)

Obsessed lesbians? Dakota… is that you?!
But speaking of lesbians, Venus does love her some yuri manga.^

Seriously, though. This thread is slow as fuck and nobody HERE has shown they are anything like you suggested. There were at most, two people that stated they didn’t like Mikan and everyone else has been neutral. Maybe you should just stick to PULL if you’re starving that bad? They have a whole thread dedicated to bashing Mikan.

No. 30827

lol well then.

I didnt even look at her whole Q and A story. It was so long

No. 30828

Has this whole thread basically turned into 'omggg she's so cute' and supporting her

How is she making money since she isn't doing… anything?

No. 30829

She hasnt made a video in a month. She did go to a convention but she didn't even upload any videos about it, or of it. Like a lot of other youtubers she just doesn't have a care in the world! she never seems to worry much about money.

Idk if she got paid for the convention, if she said she did I dont remember.

Also does anyone think Venus would ever have some merch, or write a table top book?

No. 30830

File: 1534363833437.png (60.03 KB, 578x556, venus.png)

Confused about her sexuality, I wonder what made her realise that, or I wonder if she always thought about it but never knew how to express it??

No. 30831

It's just weird to see her act like a normal human being for once in her life. I think being able to be happy for someone, especially if you've been following her stuff since 2011/2012.

No. 30832

Does Venus model or something in japan? Or is it just student life and going out 24/7 with her?

No. 30833

File: 1534377962297.png (113.44 KB, 562x276, Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 01.0…)

Holy smokes! Is anyone else into graphology? It's not a real science, but look how low that t bar is! For those not into graphology, the higher the person crosses it the higher their self esteem is, lower the t bar the worst their self esteem is.

also her handwriting is a lot messier than I expected

No. 30834


No. 30835

Can you expand a little more, Manaki? Right, your english sucks.

No. 30836

nta but what the fuck? Your armchair psychology was cringey as hell, and you're digging yourself deeper now with your paranoia. You sound like margo.

No. 30837

maybe it is margo?

No. 30838

No I'm not Marge, thanks, nor do I support her psychotic behavior. Just because I dared to criticize your kawaii queen Penus on her very own gossip thread doesn't make me a fucking child abuser.

No. 30839

>the higher the person crosses it the higher their self esteem is, lower the t bar the worst their self esteem is
ah yes, because her issues with binge eating and body image didn't already make that clear enough
ffs anon lol

No. 30840

She said she's on antidepressants that sometimes have the side effect of making her sweat, plus it's been super hot in Japan, plus she's struggling with depression. Stop complaining that she's not washing her hair multiple times a day. It doesn't even look that bad. If I saw that hair on an ordinary non-model person in the street, I'd just be like, whatever.

No. 30841

lmfao It was a joke. chill. Youre the only one losing your shit over here.

No. 30842

just by the way, i think at least part of the reason there are no videos or things from venus for a while is that there seems to have been another passing around of the vex video. There are currently a thousand 5 year olds spamming her vids with "thot" and "she claimed a copy right on a video that someone worked hard on what a bitch". It makes me angry but she's handled it before and it will die off soon enough

No. 30843

No. 30844

File: 1535144209673.jpg (35.37 KB, 525x525, 1515709593313.jpg)

kek sorry guys


meant to post this bc the intro is Venus throwing some shade uwu

No. 30845

lol I was so confused

whoa why do venus's teeth look so discolored?

No. 30846


I love how much shade Venus is throwing Mikan, honestly maybe that's the best way to return Mikan's constant comments which are clearly not jokes but feel shady, jealous and superficial.

Also I love how Mikan can't take either of them giving her any sass back, the exact way she does to her friends.

No. 30847

they are jokes. She is just maybe overdoing "sarcastic English humour" because it's a bit of an act for her since she's not originally English

No. 30848

btw why do we all speak like nasty ghetto drag queens now
>throwing shade
>spill the tea
this is fag culture can't women do our own thing

No. 30849

Lmao, it’s not that serious. You sound butthurt.

No. 30850

no i just think women unknowingly adopting things from drag culture which is men's parody of women is kind of.. i dunno, potentially lame.
anyway I just realised mikan and venus did a whole video about why their teasing is not
>clearly not jokes
for this anon >>30846

I also think it's a good video for the person who i saw once who said venus is 'not that pale'. In this video because she is verging on invisible lol

No. 30851

Hm I’m not sure they mean to parody women for serious reasons (I mean their audience is even mostly women), but with that being said, thanks for explaining, I appreciate it.
Anyway - yeah, they’re not jokes and I’m surprised the ‘friendship’ has even lasted.

No. 30852

What a boring vlog, especially when mikan and venus are just talking in different languages and pink anime wannabe is just standing there like -_-

No. 30853

So Venus meets up with Taylor and they go shopping for a birthday cake for Manaki and mother’s day gifts for Manaki’s mom, who she calls ‘mom.’ No mention of poor old marge. Marge is ghosted. Lol

No. 30854

this vlog was actually kinda enjoyable and wholesome to watch except for Venus's outfit. Wearing lolita when you're at a cute cafe in harajuku makes sense but in a Chinese restaurant and a fancy bakery it kinda looks cringey. Especially when Taylor looks completely normal

No. 30855

I literally wear lolita to the grocery store, the dmv… Everywhere. For a lot of girls, lolita is everyday clothes, not a costume or only for events. What was cringey to me was how ugly her coord was. That huge beret did not match.

No. 30856

that true or false video was shit

No. 30857

she's now doing ultra hyper energetic style. it's too frenetic for me i can't watch - in one bit she jumpcut the space out from between individual words in a sentence.

No. 30858

sooo.. venus is a fucking idiot that actually abuses animals now. nice.
who tf even puts two hamsters in a cage to begin with? now she has like 10, and they have to live in totally unsuitable and unsafe conditions.
why even film this shit?

next weeks video: "my hamsters dieded how could this happen ;_;"

No. 30859

watched the purple hair dying… so is this mania? is she manic or just pretending to be manic (for some reason)?

No. 30860

Or maybe that's just the actual Venus, now that the antidepressants kick in and she's less depressed…

But yeah, it also does seem like mania.

No. 30861

I never had hamsters for pets, im not into tiny, rat like animals, but arent they really territorial and each need their own cage?
Or is that only certain types of hamsters?

No. 30862

venus looks like crap, can see get some decent lighting in a video?

No. 30863

She makes so many mistakes and leaves them all in, it's hard to watch

No. 30864

Same anon as >>30863
I lovee the video with Taylor, it's edited so well, please more of that (vlogs in Japan/outdoors) and less hyper videos at home.

No. 30865

>the actual venus
dunno if you're young but.. no adult in real life is like that

No. 30866

*no mentally healthy adult that grew up normally, you mean.

No. 30867

yeah, they're all very territorial and solitary.
there are some breeds that get along better, but you never know when they could turn on each other.. especially in super tiny cages like this. one of these little shits needs at least 1m² of space, or more..

that's why I think venus just isn't that nice of a person. she doesn't care about the needs of her animals, she just gets them because they're cute and thats it. and an underpaid store employee told her that those shitty plastic cages with bad ventilation are good enough, so it's ok!

No. 30868

she does seems different from her usual hyper self.
the slurring, glassy eyes, and kinda puffy face.. maybe she's drinking?
could also be mania though.. that would explain the sudden energy and motivation to put out a video every day.

No. 30869

She's probably just trusting whatever the employee said. I don't think being stupid in itself makes you a bad person. Did anybody tell her yet that hamsters need space?

No. 30870

File: 1537014104508.png (1.04 MB, 1125x658, vham.png)

fans have told her since july 2017 (when she still only had one hamster), to which her response was getting more cages and connecting them through tubes.

No. 30871

File: 1537014521481.png (2.03 MB, 1920x1080, vham2.png)

… that must have been only temporary to make her look good, though. because in her new video around 10 hamsters were sharing a single cage before she seperated them.

on another note: hamsters have always growing teeth and need stuff to chew on (besides food), that's why the plastic shit she puts inside the cage is actually bad for them. every hamster needs its own stuff, or they will fight each other.
and you will note that the only opening for air is at the top… but she stacked those cages.

people have told her all this multiple times.

No. 30872

Welp, I see.

No. 30873

what do you all suggest she do then now she's saddled with 10? 10 1mx1m cages? her whole apartment?

No. 30874

give them to a shelter? it's not like their living conditions could worsen there.
their only happiness in life right now is just food, while they sit in their ammonia filled cage, having to fight someone every time they want to drink water.
the point was that venus is a shit person who doesnt give a shit about anything. you can always tell the real character of a person when you see how they treat defenseless animals.

No. 30875

Obviously getting rid of them won't help them, as cages this size are normal in Japan. As if a shelter would put each hamster in its own giant cage. It's a slightly unfortunate situation but she's dealt with it as well as what's reasonably possible. You seriously need some perspective. Of all the world's rodents Venus's hamsters are probably in the top % when it comes to living conditions and they should be the least of anyone's worries.

No. 30876

last time I checked lolcow was for shittalking people, and that's what I do. venus herself is also in the top % when it comes to living conditions, so I guess there's no need to feel bad for or defend her either?

I'll laugh my ass off when one day she stops mentioning them, and later we catch a glimpse of those cages in a video and there's like only one left..

No. 30877

Horrible logic. If the reason why people felt bad for Venus was due to her living conditions, then yes, that would be dumb, for the same reason as feeling bad for pampered rodents is dumb. Why would you laugh your ass off if the hamsters died? I thought you cared about their welfare.

No. 30878

The thing is, if she had not gotten two hamsters and had not kept them in the same cage, she wouldn't have to deal with that many hamsters to begin with. It just shows that she either
a) didn't get informed at all about hamsters before getting them - because it's literally the most basic thing that there is to know; hamsters should be kept alone - and there's no excuse for that
b) she just chose to not give a single fuck about those animals. Which would be even shittier.

And like… Is she literally that dumb to not realise a male and female are going to breed at some point?

But back to your lame-ass apologies.
Just because animal abuse is normalised in countries like Japan, doesn't make it okay. If you don't have room to keep an animal in appropriate living conditions, don't get one. Simple as that.
And even if they don't face better living conditions in a shelter, they at least have a /chance/ to have a better life, whereas this way they'll die in about a year. Tops.

No. 30879

> And like… Is she literally that dumb to not realise a male and female are going to breed at some point?
While you shouldn't overestimate her intelligence, she did explain that she thought the hamster she had was female and she got another female one so that they wouldn't breed. She was wrong about her first hamster.

No. 30880

anons and youtube comments has made it sound like an obvious fact that every hamster ownder knows - that a single hamster isn't lonely and doesn't want a companion. So anyone got speculation as to what would motivate her to get a second one in the first place?

No. 30881


You're an idiot.

No. 30882

I've done some research on dwarf hamsters and pretty much everything I've read says that they are social animals and it's totally fine to keep two of the same breed together, especially if they're introduced at a young age. So hamster rights activists can chill.

No. 30883


so you've read some answers on yahoo, or asked your aunt betty? because there is no reputable source that would ever state this.
stop it venus, just admit you don't give a fuck or ignore it, but don't try to give us this bullshit.

No. 30884

There are countless reputable sources stating that it's fine or even advised, I really don't know what you're on about, genuinely not sure if you're trolling.

No. 30885

when you reply click on the post number so it links in your post

No. 30886

yea sure, just keep making claims without providing proof. maybe we will get bored and stop arguing, which will somehow make you right.

http://research.fiu.edu/documents/facilities/acf/documents/hamster-biology-husbandry.pdf -> page 20 - caging and environment: "Usually housed individually due to aggressive nature"

found this here after 2 seconds, should be easy enough to understand even for you since it's a presentation. there's more if you google it.
there are so many stories of people who found their hamster mauled to death in the morning, just in the comments of venus' video. but I guess they're all wrong, since you FEEL it's ok!

No. 30887

I've always got the impression that venus is rather simple and materialistic.
like the kind of person that has to buy some useless shit every day to feel good, and doesn't really think much about things. she has attempted to be deep a few times before, which was pretty embarassing to watch.. she doesn't seem to have well formed opinions on anything.
+ I remember her mentioning a few times how she loooves studying/implying she's secretly very smart, and how good her money management skills are.. so I'm inclined to believe the opposite (just like someone coming up to you and randomly stating that they're "a good person" for example.. kinda fishy)

so I believe she basically got a hamster 'cause it's cute and she needed some new shit.

No. 30888

everything you wrote has nothing to do with my question of why she'd get a second one if it's so well known they don't get along (but i don't
disagree with your assessments)

No. 30889

I meant to say that she probably didn't think very hard about it, and didn't inform herself about hamsters before buying the first or the second one.
probably just strolled in a petshop, and the store employee was like "oh yes, you should totally get a second one, they will be such great buddies!".. most people working in such a store don't care. they probably have to throw away dead hamsters all the time (happens even in countries where animal welfare is a thing).

No. 30890


It is only golden aka Syrian hamsters that are strictly solitary. Venus does not have golden hamsters. Other dwarf hamsters are social (although obviously any animal sometimes can fight). Dwarf hamsters are even widely used to study the role of biochemistry in bonding, due to their social nature. It seems like a lot of people fail to make the distinction between hamster species. Perhaps you should do some research rather than spending 2 seconds finding a random presentation. Here are some references.

"Syrian hamsters, also known as golden or teddy bear hamsters, MUST be kept alone. One Syrian hamster per cage—no exceptions! Dwarf species like to live in pairs."

"female dwarf hamsters (Phodopus sungorus campbelli), a gregarious species"

"Most small rodent species kept as pets are social animals, also dwarf hamsters, with the exception of the solitary golden hamster. A person cannot replace a conspecific i.e. social partner, therefore these rodents must be housed in groups with conspecifics all the time."

"Siberian dwarf hamsters form monogamous male-female pair bonds. Disruption of the pair bond results in increases in body mass and behavioral alterations similar to profiles seen in human atypical depression."

"Social hamster species should be housed with their cage mates."

No. 30891

I would guess she just goes to pet stores to look at pets. I had a friend that wanted to come with me to the mall when i needed to run errands and she wasted a hour of my time so she can play with pet shop puppies and talk to the employees. She wanted to buy one too but this stupid bitch lived in a dorm, had no job and no money.(the dog was a few hundred dollars)
i think thats what Venus does. Goes to pet shops, goes "cuuuuqqqte" and gets talked into buying pets by employees.

No. 30892

File: 1537301391357.jpeg (144.12 KB, 1001x999, 9887547F-7AB4-4178-AB0E-23BB91…)

Why does she go out of her way to look and act like a six-year-old smol child? What is her deal?

No. 30893

I'd say it's either due to her fetishization of the Japanese culture, but since she isn't japanese it just seems forced. Or it's part of an mental health issue - not wanting to grow up, be responsible for anything etc.
Or both.

No. 30894

Lol it looks like her tits are bound to look small chested

No. 30895

File: 1537361066868.jpg (156.53 KB, 598x735, ydsfgdshsgh.jpg)

this is the same shirt.. did she pin it in the back?

No. 30896

It bugs me that she does this but than shes all like this isnt what im doing, im not a kid!

I think she has some real issues and is trying to reclaim her childhood or something

No. 30897

File: 1537373630616.jpg (87.28 KB, 720x505, _20180919_171344.JPG)

No. 30898

You seem to know some weird looking 6-yos, kek. Don't women even older than Venus like to dress cutely in Japan? They do fetishize youth over there for sure, but not everyone who likes cute things is an evil age player if that's what you mean. Sometimes clothes are just clothes.

No. 30899

File: 1537389165374.jpg (49.78 KB, 634x951, Venus-Palermo-aka-Venus-Angeli…)

I mean…

No. 30900

>Sometimes clothes are just clothes.

Are… Are you for real? Have you ever watched any of her videos?
She literally goes out of her way to act like a child. She even binds her breasts to make herself look more flat-chested than she actually is and you're still saying this is totally normal behaviour?

No. 30901

tbh I've always thought it was just her youtube-persona. she needs to stand out somehow, and what else besides acting like a toddler and looking cute can she bring to the table?
she's not funny or has any interesting ideas - at least that's my opinion.
or does anyone think people would still watch her videos if she looked and acted like the average person?

No. 30902

I think she would be better as a normal girl who just happened to like really cute things, and did cute gestures.maybe be a bit more subtle, than she wouldn't come off as a try hard.

shes definitely not funny, some of her video ideas have been ok, but imo her baby personality is very off putting. Like its fine to be an adult and enjoy childish things, but…idk

No. 30903

Are you one of those people who think lolitas are age players and wear children's clothes? It might have something to do with her eating disorder, but mental disorders are hell so I really wouldn't blame her for it. Binding her breasts, I think, is most definitely a body image issue thing. Doesn't mean she tries to act like an actual kid, tho. She's just messed up and has a weird and often inappropriate sense of humor.

No. 30904

>Of all the world's rodents Venus's hamsters are probably in the top % when it comes to living conditions

Ily farmers

No. 30905

not that person but isn't that obvious? are you forgetting the wild ones that cycle eternally plague breeding and then mass starvation?

No. 30906

I agree with Anon, I just like how they phrased it.

Watched this video >>30897
And it's really good, even the Logan Paul references were funny and tasteful (if that is possible in the context).
I like how she was obviously subtly emotional about the forest and whimsy and so on. I hope she spends more time with her friends as it seems good for her.

No. 30907

Agreed, I think she's emotionally/developmentally stunted, trying to reclaim her childhood as other anons have offered seems likely to me. Of course it could also be a marketing thing, as >>30901 suggested. Standing out on youtube is hard and she has a pre-built online identity to fall back on that can compensate for her otherwise non-engaging screen presence. She's been pegged into that hole for so long she might not know how otherwise to be. I remember threads back people suggested she could have gone in a crafting or cute housewife direction which would have had more longevity and been more engaging compared to her current content.

Am I the only one that likes Manaki's videos better? He actually has a sense of humor even despite his stilted English.

No. 30908


tbh I found the logan paul references in her vid to be distasteful and as a cheap attempt to try and get more views.

No. 30909

I know venus can be weird, but is anyone else concerned about this video? Even the comments are questioning if she's manic right now and tbh, I don't blame them. What is even going on with her mental health lately?

No. 30910


Not so much concerned with her mental health as that video is either a desperate attempt at being "fun and entertaining" or more likely, a "jab" at the viewers who say things like she's bipolar, manic, mental, emotionally stunted etc. Sadly, she is not unlike her mother. She strikes me as a very vindictive and passive aggressive person (just better at being subtle about it unlike her mom,the petty things she does are so subtle, many viewers wouldn't even notice). So not surprised she'd do this, as she obviously reads all the gossip threads about her, yet "pretends" she doesn't care what anyone thinks. So yeah, the video looks satirical and a jab at those who said those things about her.

Personally, don't like her like I used to when the "wool was still pulled over my eyes". She just strikes me as a fake, attention-seeking, petty, egocentric, somewhat manipulative, vain person(can't stand the way she always squints her eyes to create a larger "aegyo sal" or the way she's always checking herself out in the cam, I mean even in her "I'm so depressed dont wanna die" vid). She tries much too hard to be this "cutesy" person, it always feels disingenuous, though I suppose it's not surprising given she wanted to be know for being cute as a little girl, and therefore "practiced" this persona (aka: the period stained underwear vid she accidentally uploaded which was just her staring at herself practicing cutesy poses/faces etc).

I dunno, she mostly just seems to care about money and "appearing good" to the public. I get YT is a job and she needs money somehow, but I mean, she'll even use her family drama just to get views (aka more money), going so far as to put up a thumbnail where she's visibly distressed, melodramatically shaking on camera for the drama/pity and genuine viewers will actually be concerned for her, a girl who just posted that for money (and probs a jab at margo (though understandable, still petty)). Or the surgery vid. She kept click-baiting the title and thumbnail, changing it to trick viewers into clicking and giving her more views/money, yet she claims the vid was merely to "help people". What a load of bs. Money is what drives her and she would never share a story and "be honest" if she wasn't certain she could spin it into a positive light(aka amazing, strong, inspirational, totally honest venoos). "Redemption" stories are a big thing on YT and she definitely capitalized on that (she was at her most popular during that time too).

Sorry for the rant but she just screams disingenuous. Like I remember when she said she didn't share her finances with manaki because "venoos would never burden him with her bills". What she really meant (and completely voluntarily shared to glorify herself) was "I make more money so I'm not going to share my fiances with him". And if, by chance she was solely referring to her hospital bills, she still voluntarily shared that info with her viewers, again, just to "appear good", which is something narcissistic people who want to glorify themselves would do.

Like I used to see her as totally genuine before I noticed all the subtleties. She kind of reminds me of Maergery from Game of Thrones now, who was mostly nice (but attention-seeking) with some subtle petty jabs here and there, but in the end, Maergery was still very fake, solely interested in glorifying herself and "appearing good".

It's sad b/c I find myself sympathizing with her at times, then noticing her disingenuousness at other times.

Also, seriously hope margaret was just lying when she shared that text where venus supposedly said (paraphrasing)"if you're cute and thin you can get away with anything". Like pls be a lie. She can't be that manipulative. It would be so disappointing if that's the way she thinks. And hopefully, if she did at one point, she doesn't think that way anymore.

But all in all, I hope that vid was just a random vid or attempt at being "fun and interesting". If she really IS manic or something, she should consider taking a break again to reflect. If it's just a jab (like I think) at comments on here and other forums, she should be ashamed, as most of those comments seem to be from genuinely concerned viewers.

No. 30911

i think she is mentally cracked but simultaneously playing it up because she finds it funny.

No. 30912

agree with everything, but
>the petty things she does are so subtle, many viewers wouldn't even notice
what kind of petty things?

and it's obvious that she lies all the time. wasn't she still telling everyone with a straight face how she's naturally skinny, etc a year after leaving margo? the truth about her ed only came out after she was hospitalized.. I guess it was just too good a story not to make videos of.
what about those "omg, I speak ((20 standard sentences and maybe about 100 words in)) 8 languages fluently!!"-claims?
she will also still probably insist on having a natural high-pitched 11-yo animu-voice when she's 40.
and no way anyone is ever gonna believe her about her "studies","side projects" or whatever productive thing she's claiming she's doing atm instead of lazing around the house (seeing as venus is super proud of a sticker book (ngl it's cute), and otherwise sharing every mundane idea she has, I'm preeetty sure we would have heard about it all the time).

the questions are.. isn't everyone doing this on youtube? would all those things even matter if the drama with margo never happened, and is she actually milky on her own?

No. 30913

I don’t think she’s lazing around, she has depression, that’s different, she lies a lot but i can believe her depression seeing who’s her mother, and that everything in her life relays on her relationship, if anything goes wrong she doesn’t even have a real home country (I mean, Swiss I guess but she wasn’t raised there so it should be weird idk) to go back to. So the depression thing I totally get.
Anyway her situation is bad and I don’t think she’s very milky herself, it’s rather sad to watch (not saying this to diminish her) her dark downfall, hope she’s indeed doing something out of internet cause I don’t think is the best to expose yourself so much when you have mental disorders and a vengeful mother after you. Idk but I’ve always imagined her doing something related to cook and culinary, I used to love the few cooking videos I saw from her and becoming a cook would be a brilliant way to gain life with her passion (food), then she could build a real career and feel more safe/ have perspectives. Hope I’m right and she’s able to do something only for herself alone

No. 30914

>her passion (food)
i think someone with a bunch of EDs and consequent digestive problems should get any hobby in the fucking world except something that's to do with food. imagine just carving a dolls house out of wood, or sewing a scarf, and how that has not the slightest thing to do with your fucking body

No. 30915

1-I don't follow marge on anything so I never saw that text but "when your thin and cute" sounds like something venus would say.
2-Just cause you have depression doesn't mean you aren't lazying around
3- The views for her last like 10 videos are garbage
4-I just absolutely can not stand the thumbnail for her 30 lies video, I just hate it! I mean her thumbnails have taken a noise dive as of late, but that one…I really dislike, and if you're looking at all videos then her i dont want to die video is right underneath it and it completely makes her look crazy.
5-Also I don't think Venus is funny, so if she was trying to make jabs or something it's not very obvious.IMO

No. 30916

what are you replying to?

No. 30917

boy.. I can't wait till her youtube-money dries up while she gets increasingly desperate, and then has to find a real job.
can you imagine her working in a convenience store? with that fake voice, falsies, circle lenses, and probably some weeb shit in her hair?
it will help with her depression tho. like, how is it supposed to ever get better just by her taking some meds and sitting at home, reading what other people say on lolcow?
nobody ever got better by being a neet. it only gets worse over time tbh (I can say that not only from personal experience).

No. 30918

she seems to have gone out and been normal with her friend. making normal posts on i.g. etc. So.. if you're doing good, why upload and leave up worrying slurring manic videos? Oh well i don't know what ideas she has that she thinks are good ideas, she still has up other drunk videos like the one where she slurred some waffle about how gay people are all right

No. 30919

A convenient store in Japan, like that? Doubt it.

I’m surprised she has done nothing with modeling or something of the sort with Lolita brand (or dolly clothes or wtf she calls it). It’s something a lot of girls who go to Japan do…the ones I’ve seen anyway, that don’t go to Japan for just a semester abroad.

No. 30920

Guess what video she just posted?

No. 30921

one about youtube comments. so what?

No. 30922

You are so much fun, like a wet blanket.

No. 30923

fuck off, there's enough to talk about in her recent state and videos without needing to pretend she's paying attention to us squee

No. 30924

File: 1538734365335.png (89.15 KB, 640x494, venus.png)

looks like she accidently uploaded one of her very old videos but took it down quickly when she found out lol

No. 30925

what? You make as much sense as the idiots that write venus love letters in her comment section.

No. 30926

interesting.. does she even get that many negative comments? I didn't see any nasty comments on facebook or youtube (besides that hamster video). Isn't lolcow pretty much the only place where people openly criticize her?
even so, I've never seen anything as bad as "kill yourself" on here.
So what the hell is she talking about?

No. 30927

she doesn't get negative comments, she just wants to play the victim again

No. 30928

cringe you idiot, it's obvious you are the same person who wrote this >>30920. Let it go - do you even read this site? There is maybe one post about her per day, and only about 1/3 of them are negative. She specifically said she was talking about youtube comments (and facebook, which is odd though, because I didn't even know she has a fabebook page).

she didn't really play victim (what do you mean again?), she said If you put yourself out there on the internet negative comments are going to happen and you have to accept it. The 'off' part of the video was where she started saying how much she hates herself, which was awkward and depressing and coy and annoying. I would find this annoying even if I was her fan because it's like someone begging you to compliment them (which is not the same as playing the victim)

No. 30929

oh and by the way, you guys might not have noticed because it seems nobody was looking at her old videos over the last big break from output, but for at least several weeks there were thousands of retard kids posting
>What the fuck is this bitch??
>She steals money from creators who work hard with copyright!! THOT
hundreds of times because it seems a hate video about her did a round of getting recommended or something and I think she must have briefly been a meme on some site hence thot thot thot

No. 30930

I feel bad for her.. then again, her channel seems to bring in more money than working minimum wage and she doesn't have to leave her room, so I guess it's a small price to pay tbh.
she should be smug about those 12yo's that probably don't know how adblockers work and bring her even more views.

No. 30931

any reason why she is speaking and acting like a toddler when she starts playing video games? she has some serious age regression issues going on, i hope she gets help

No. 30932

yeah i didn't love the baby talk but on the other hand, since she mentions that she was proud of uploading a video a day this week and wants to continue doing that, could it be that the one or two off seeming videos were merely…rushed?

No. 30933

Well, at least now we know what she does all day.

No. 30934

I wish she would get a fucking job or go back to school or something. What does she actually do all day?

No. 30935

what is the target audience for this?
it's just… depressing

No. 30936

This is too much.. she's acting like a 5 year old

No. 30937

her behavior has been utterly bizarre and kind of disturbing in her last few videos…
i wonder if these short videos of her acting manic are meant to be some weird halloween stunt (she started uploading these vids on october 1st) or if i'm being too optimistic

No. 30938

she obviously is age regressing and trying to maintain being a child but the fact is that she a grown married woman, you can't stay young forever and i think the reson she behaves, dresses and talks like a child is because she can't accepet the fact that she's now an adult and finds it easier to be a child

No. 30939

i find it really embarrassing because she clearly looks her age without the makeup and it's so cringy to think in her mind she actually thinks she fooling people that she's a little girl when in fact everyone can see she's just a women drssed in little girl clothes and acting like a little girl, i really don't know how manaki can go out in public with her, i would be humiliated to have my partner pretend to be a child

No. 30940

doesn't anyone find it alarming that her behavior is getting younger and younger? she used to act like a preteen but now shes gone right down to a toddler and soon she will be acting like a baby

No. 30941

I mean… she does have a fairly large apologetic following that will excuse anything because evil evil Margarine treated her so badly :(
Plus all the Wannabe-Manaki-Weebs that fetishize this kind of stuff as much as she does.

It's the same as with Bunny Meyer (grav3yardgirl); as long as there's an audience, there's not enough reason for her to change. She lives through her internet-persona, this character is such a huge part of her life that it has become part of her personality as well.
She needs to get off all (public) social media, go to therapy and focus on what's there besides YouTube and social media.

No. 30942

What kinda crap content is this. I’m sorry but who watches this??? It’s just her acting like a baby playing with a toddler toy

No. 30943

I don't think it will happen as long as youtube is giving her money. It seems to be a fairly large sum, too.
Margo was living super comfortably with that money back in the day (eating out every day, tacky and expensive shit..), and venus herself said she's earning more than manaki and so could pay her hospital bills herself.

Sad to see she's killing her income by putting out retarded videos like this.

No. 30944

So glad venus cares about her hamsters after all!
She also seems pretty normal in this, so I guess her weird videos were.. just her kind of humor?

No. 30945

File: 1539425149137.png (1.13 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181013-060506.png)

Now she wants to die.

No. 30946

File: 1539427657449.png (589.06 KB, 620x695, rip2.png)

that was for 30 minutes or so

No. 30947

At this point I honestly can't tell anymore if she's actually psychotic (maybe due to her meds, if that video with the antidepressants was for real) or just doing that for attention.

This very impulsive kind of behaviour also reminds me of my birth control induced depression.

No. 30948

She doesn't care about her hamsters, she just cares about "seeming" like she does for her public image and for content of course. She didnt even notice her hamster had babies initially, that is a neglectful and irresponsible pet owner. Shes the type to get a hamster " just cuz they're cute" and to prove margo wrong of course.

No. 30949


That pic for the suicide post is old, probs around the time she went to narcon. Looks to me she was like "im gonna make a dark post, whats the most dark/emo pic of myself i can find". A person truly depressed in the moment doesnt do that. Shes looking for pity/attention again as the follow up to that post seems so "planned". Either that or she really is bipolar or manic or her meds are having some effect on her.

Also lately in her content she keeps mentioning her "haters". Im assuming shes referring to sites like these rather than yt or fb like she mentioned as she doesnt get much hate there (unless shes deleting comments regularly).

Found it annoying she mentioned there are videos out there "slandering" her (most notibly the vexxed vid) yet she CHOSE to take the ad revenue off that vid instead of force vexxed to take it down. Then she publicly complains about it. Talk about greedy then playing the victim. Jesus.

No. 30950

>Im assuming shes referring to sites like these rather than yt or fb like she mentioned as she doesnt get much hate there
Don't fucking start with this again. You so desperately wish she notices us. One post per day here and 3/4 of them not negative

and the hamster white-knight of is back

No. 30951


FYI, this website is not a Venus fansite so anyone can talk about whatever they like about her. I guess you just cannot handle someone talking badly about your queen.

And, nope I’m not the anons above.

No. 30952

I even didn't say anything defensive of Venus? Just against anons delusions of importance. Unless you mean about the hamsters - I just don't care to read the same sperg about hamsters over and over again

No. 30953

File: 1539716893808.png (400.08 KB, 431x769, adshjkahskj.png)

venus should finally decide if she's ~going to be herself from now on~, or mold her persona to her followers wishes. because doing both is what makes her seem manic and unstable.
actually it would be smarter to just seperate her private life from business - which her youtube/instagram is, no use pretending she's just doing it for all those lovely fans and because it's just so much fun!! uwu
she's obviously tired of it all

No. 30954

This girl is so stunted and fucked up it surprises me there are so many people defending her. Is it just PULLfaggots who want to live vicariously through her? Her husband isn't even attractive.

No. 30955


No. 30956


No. 30957

Do you think something happened? She hasn't updated in a while… With halloween and everything it's strange

No. 30958


Probably. Her life is a fucking mess. I wouldn't be surprised if she had a mental breakdown.

No. 30959

she said on twitter that she's working on a new video.. two weeks ago.
I just hope it's not a serious video about her mental illness or something cringy like that.
stop telling over 100k strangers all about your personal shit, venus. it only works for your friend taylor because she leads a cool life and doesn't have real problems.

No. 30960

I think she's in another country because there's no way this ugly pizza place on her twitter is in Japan (there's also french language on that poster)

No. 30961

File: 1541617875453.png (512.34 KB, 856x482, Captureva.PNG)

Depression must had been crushing her hard that she stopped looking after her hygiene, and it seems like it been a while.

I'm not sure if she noticed it or not, but I wouldn't assume that she is the kind to show the world that she doesn't shave.

No. 30962

This isn't reddit.

No. 30963

Ive been saying it from the get go after she left Margo

She’s fucked in the head and problematic and everyone pretends she’s fine

She isn’t

Clearly isn’t and it’s worrying how a young woman acts the way she does. Not even in a cute way but… she’s just a mess

No. 30964

Agree she’s ‘fucked in the head’ but it’s because of Margo the psycho freak, not because she left.

No. 30965

okay no one

on here

thinks she's fine

so fuck off with repeating your mantra

we get it

No. 30966

Oh god noooooo

I dont want to be that anon but.. does mana even touch her at all?
or give a single shit anymore?
I mean, sure, he probably works a lot, but is this really the best kind of care he can give her? she was walking around with greasy hair for months, looks like shit due to malnutrition,…
not like he alone could cure her depression, but you know it's pretty much over when you can't bring your partner to practice basic hygiene and shave for you anymore… or just don't care to do it.

No. 30967

I don't try to defend Venus but why is bad higiene if she doesn't shave? Just because she doesn't shave her armpits doesn't mean she is dirty or that she and her husband aren't fucking anymore.some people don't shave is not that weird.
Venus needs people in her life who stop enabling her childish actitudes , because she is just making herself more insecure, it seems all her life revolves around the fact that she is " cute looking" she is always making this stupid faces trying to be cute, it makes me crazy , I'm.not saying she has to stop liking cute things and clothes, but she should know they are more things in life than looking cute .

No. 30968

New video.

No. 30969

Some of these are just sad. I don't get where she's heading content-wise or why she still bothers. And she looks so… unhealthy? I don't know how to explain it but there's an offputting feeling I can't shake off. I'm starting to really feel bad for her again, and last time I did was when she was still with her mother.

No. 30970

maybe crafting things is part of her self-therapy (I did this and it helped)? and she was like, okay, I'm already doing this, might as well make a video

No. 30971

remember venus angelic?

No. 30972


Fuck off yourself

I posted once?

She’s fucked up. Get over it.

No. 30973


She was weird before the drama with her mother. She’s generally odd. But Margo made her worse.

No. 30974


She’s nothing else to do? She doesn’t work and just dicks around. So any shit will do now. It’s like that now with most youtubers

No. 30975

It's pretty common in Japan/China/Korea for women to not shave their underarms, that's more of a western thing. However you'd think Manaki would have noticed her swollen bright red stomach at some point

No. 30976

i can't get over that a post was made on this board by an alien or AI, or at least some kind of entity that doesn't understand biological reproduction. If you are messed up by having a psycho parent, there is no point 'before' this lmao. Before that you weren't alive

No. 30977

Her new video is… weird? I mean, weirder than normal. She looks beyond tired, and depressed, I guess? Not even trying to pull the bubbly persona, and the make up is so mature for her usual tastes. What is going on?

But even though it's "out of character", I like this make up on her, sorta. But this video definitely has an eerie aura, idk.

No. 30978

yea no shit the makeup is different than what she usually wears and "not her usual tastes", that's because shes clearly making fun of those videos that have been going around of asian girls pulling a fake nose and chin off their face

No. 30979

Her attitude is 100% just a dig at those people that tell her to grow up and behave more maturely.
She's obviously unable to sit back and reflect the comments she overexaggerates it in a sense that makes all her uwu fans go 'but why would you want her to be depressed like that?'. Because obviously there's no way to act maturely without being dead inside.

No. 30980

I noticed that her videos in the last two months didn't get many views at all… are people not interested in her anymore?

No. 30981


she went back to makeup stuff lately. her latest video seems very "margo era-ish" with the dolly stuff and voice over.

she's desperate for views and probably hoping she'll get more with that style like she did in the past.

i notice her instagram is a bunch of different looks as well - doll, natural, professional, edgy. going from one look to another seems to get her more likes and the attention she's desperate for.

this girl should really get a real job. but i guess venus is "too good" to work in a cafe or retail or something. (and too greedy). she wants the easy way.

at the very least i hope she keeps her yt professional and her personal life out of it. i cant stand all these youtubers milking their "problems" for pity, attention, views and money, and then claiming it's to "help people". what a load of crap and venus jumped on that bandwagon and reaped the temporary benefits.

No. 30982


The makeup in that video is so bad she has to use blurring to make it look ok. she never was good at makeup (face makeup in particular)& she has the audacity to brush off comments like that as if they're completely invalid (in her vid with mizuki). The amount of concealer and powder she sloped on makes me want to cry. And it looks dry as fuck. Imagine irl. And you can see the color corrector through the foundation. Yikes!

No. 30983

This video feels like she hasn't changed from when she did those makeup tutorials at 14.
"I look soo much like a doll desu~"
"My skin is soo pale"

Dors she really believe she naturally looks like a doll, even after leaving margot? Just being white and having a nice face doesn't make you a doll, anyone can be one then. It would be nice if she realized that the doll shtick is dead, will she still pretend to be one when she'll be 30?

No. 30984

File: 1543507519932.png (1.98 MB, 1268x1497, why.png)

I dont get it.. what's the point of putting on a super cute dress, and caking yourself in makeup, if your nails and eyebrows look like… this?
she should get her eyebrows done and maybe some gel nails instead of buying usueless plastic shit and burando.
pretty nails, eyebrows and teeth always come first, they're not an afterthought, venus jfc
just throwing around money on expensive shit, thinking it will automatically make her pretty is such a trashy margo mentality

No. 30985

what happened to her good microphone rip my ears

No. 30986


tbh the eyebrows don't bother me at all, I think that's a bit of a nitpick. But the nails, holy damn.

No. 30987

Is her thumb just swollen? I noticed in the photo that Venus has a stubby thump very similar to Megan Fox. I might be wrong though, as I have to see more photos showing her hands.

As for her makeup skills, I remember her ganguro one was quite cringy for me.

She uploaded another Korean makeup video a while ago.

No. 30988

>tbh the eyebrows don't bother me at all
how about now lol (have a look at the new video)

No. 30989

oops, typo….stubby thumb.

Her eyebrows shaved & in the video looks so weird now.

No. 30990

i think she uses some wrong settings in her video software that actually makes the contrast higher because all her closeups look like when they crank it up in tim and eric etc. to create a grotesque effect

No. 30991


no that's just how people look up close, you can see all the pores, grooves, dry patches, hairs etc. from far its harder to tell, especially if the people use facial blurring, so i dont think it's the contrast. just lighting and the closeness.

No. 30992

She posted another really bad makeup video. The way she does her face makeup is soooo bad, no wonder she has so many wrinkles for her age (mostly around her eyes due to the amount of makeup she puts there). I hope none of her followers do makeup like that. Especially korean makeup which is supposed to be "barely there" face makeup but hers (as usual) looks so dry and cakey. Why do people who know nothing about what they're doing even bother to post videos. Either be skilled at makeup or don't post "tutorials". And of course, she needs to use face blurring and makeup apps to change her features. One of her worst makeup vids to date.

And the eyebrows, jesus! all you need to do for straight brows is down comb them and dry a line from the slight arc and extend it both ways and it looks straight, without being too thick as well. at least she told people not to do that but still, terrible tutorial. she should stick to vlogs if she's not skilled at anything in particular.

No. 30993

So she's back at it with her ~korean girl~ tutorials. She could have just titled it "korean style" or "korean trends", but I guess it aint enough for her yellow fever.

No. 30994

you think i've never seen a face close up lol. but you're right it could be lighting (bad lighting, good lighting will make pores hardly visible)

No. 30995

File: 1543714793752.jpg (58.4 KB, 872x361, face.jpg)

she changed it to "korean makeup hacks" now after the rageclick boost.

but anyway i just don't understand why you would spend 40 minutes fiddling with 7 layers of skin makeup to go from left to right

No. 30996

I wasn't that bothered by her eyebrows but I was bothered by those fucking thumbs. They're clubbed looking and bulbous. I was like "Jesus christ Venus" take some care before you upload a video. Then again she always looks like she needs a good bath, a hot dinner and some colour in her cheeks. She always looks pale, sickly and thin. It's horrible.

No. 30997


I agree the doll thing is dead. Even Dakota bailed on that shit, got herself a bad new hair cut and ditched the kawaii clothes. A lot of the Japanese trends right now is like from BIS magazine, the cable knits, curly cute bobs. It's more grown up. No one really cares about dolly looking things anymore.

No. 30998


I think Venus would suit working on a kids TV show or doing voice overs for anime or some shit like that. She's a bright and colourful character. Youtube on the side. But I don't know what she will do when she's older… she needs a back up.

No. 30999

File: 1543768705603.png (1.09 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20181202-173556.png)

What triggers me most about her make up video is that she applies purple colour correction under her eyes.

Colour correction is supposed to cancel out the tones, that's why you apply green on the red parts of your face. Trying to cancel out purple/blue/green-ish dark circles under your eyes with purple doesn't make sense.

Also jfc what's so hard about cleaning your nails before doing close ups?

I'm genuinely wondering if she's losing it now. She doesn't seem psychotic or anything but SOMETHING is off. She does know how to do her make up. She could do much better eyebrows than those she has done. She does know how to record videos (lightning wise etc). I can't quite put my finger on it.

No. 31000

She's just forcing herself to make videos now.
Whenever she tries to actually have fun with them (like the telephone-babyspeak one) everyone freaks out, people unsubscribe from her channel.
So she has to decide whether to do what she wants and become irrelevant, or keep it professional and treat it as work.
Seeing as she can't even do her youtube-"work" properly, there's not a chance she could ever survive a real job, so there's no choice than to periodically shit out these videos her fans love so much (like bad makeup videos).

I just wonder why she needs this money SO badly, to the point where she is sacrificing her sanity. Having money to buy cute shit can't be worth it making yourself the laughingstock of thousands of people.

No. 31001

But as I said; it's not like all that stuff is new to her. She's been forced to do videos she didn't enjoy doing for the majority of her time on the internet. And I feel like shaving off her eyebrows and badly drawing them on like that is a Britney Spears 2007 level meltdown for her.

It's just too odd to me to just count it as fan-service.

No. 31002

File: 1543974805591.png (1.31 MB, 750x1334, IMG_6397.PNG)

I'm sorry but that looks absolutely disgusting!! Wtf did she make? Also looks like she just through a bunch of plain tofu in there, doesn't looked seasond at all

No. 31003

OMFG that looks like dirty dish water, also I agree about the tofu part, guess they are eating boiled plain tofu in dish water this evening yum

No. 31004

I saw that too, I think she is just a very unhygienic person and she really doesn't know how to use makeup properly , colour correcting is very basic knowledge and she clearly doesn't know how to do that

No. 31005

File: 1543997276095.jpg (79.3 KB, 430x860, thp.jpg)

she posted a better looking picture afterwards.
Why is mana cooking in the middle of the week? He must be working fulltime, while venus has nothing to do all day. I hope that's not a regular thing, like there's a limit even to depression.

No. 31006

What sort of content would you advise Venus to do?

I think going for a 'cute housewife' thing might work. She can keep a kind of cute aesthetic but more mature, her cooking videos aren't bad. She can focus on Japanese home cooking, crafting items for her pets and to make decorating goods (her craft videos are OK too). I didn't like them but her Japan tour videos where she showed off different places/businesses in Japan seemed to have people interested in them.

Hair and Makeup has her competing against so many other beautubers and its hard to make the dolly look carry on as you get older. I think a beauty oriented channel could be interesting if she talked more about Japanese cosmetics and beauty products but she doesn't.

No. 31007

honestly.. she was always bad at crafting, cooking, makeup, or anything requiring motoric skills. but she seems to really ejoy doing it, so why not going for a kids channel?
she wouldn't get any cristicism for her crafts there, could completely let out her childish side without it being weird, talk about candy, toys or whatever as much as she wanted.
you could put half her videos there rn and they would turn from creepy-cringy to cute in an instant.

her main channel she could use for everything else. if she wants to do low-effort videos, why not do some outfit or haul ones (we know she's a hoarder anyway, and people love that shit), or vlogs.. or maybe just ask her fans, like she did 1000x, but actually deliver this time?

No. 31008

Did anyone see her latest video LOL

She is so desperate to prove ppl wrong and cares highly about insignificant things like ppl thinking she cakes on too much face makeup. She immediately opens it with saying she takes good care of her skin and doesnt use too much face makeup LOL. And the look she gives when she says it. I got margo vibes lol.

These types of ppl shouldnt be youtubers. If you're scouring your gossip sites and then trying to counteract everything said, thats not good and youre just fake. Shes literally another Marzia. And i guess shes doing makeup now cuz its easy. She could be marzias twin. Lazy, greedy, subpar work.

Venus also took down a bunch of her videos. Guess she finally milked enough money out of her surgery vids (which were there to "help ppl cuz venus-chan cares oh so much about that") and wants to attempt a more grown up and professional approach from here out. Im guessing shes gonna try to mimic Phan for them juicy youtube subs.

No. 31009

You do realize that this would just cater 100% to the ddlg/pedo part of her fandom and that those will become her main audience?

None tbh.
She has some serious issues. She needs to take some time off and do all the puberty, early 20’s stuff that normal people go through but Margarine didn’t let her experience.
She needs to find out who she is, what her skills are and what she could work as besides making videos. Once she has figured her life out, she’ll realize whether she really still wants to do videos and what she wants her content to be.

Right now she’s dependent on this whole Venus online identity because this is very likely her only source of income. She needs to grow up, take control and choose to find herself a alternate career path before she’s forced to. And I don’t even mean ‘growing up’ in a ‘get a grip’-kinda way. She never had a chance to learn becoming an adult. But she has to now.

No. 31010

File: 1544052117086.png (2.03 MB, 750x1334, IMG_6407.PNG)

Looks like mana is cooking yet again, he works a lot and it's unfair for Venus to make him cook after a hard day at work considering she does absolutely nothing, it should be 50/50 in a relationship and since she doesn't work she should do everything at home

No. 31011

that video was hilarious, i love when she says she doesn't cake makeup on PHAHAHAH she wears soooooo much makeup, what is she talking about?????

No. 31012


Well she DID followed up with saying she wears more concealer tho. Tho she puts it all the way on the sides of her eyes where her skin looks normal(no bags) so its pointless and not helping there.

I Dont get why she feels the need to defend herself over it tho. Like the video itsself or the way she says 'passionate' in such a bitchy way at the start as an f you to anyone who doesnt like her makeup application skills is so ugh. And that angry look in her eye when she mentions too much face mkup. So passive aggressive yikes! Also foam face washes are terrible as they tend to overstrip the skin just saying

No. 31013

I think a kid's channel is a good idea, how long as her pedo fans gonna keept watching?

But you do have a point about finding alternate money sources. What kind of jobs can foreigners do in Japan? She's married so she is eligible to work and her Japanese isn't that bad. Maybe their are jobs like nail tech where the education doesn't take long?

No. 31014

i expect she doesn't wear her 'makeup totorial' looks around town (or ever, they're just last-ditch ideas for videos).

>it's unfair for Venus to make him cook after a hard day at work considering she does absolutely nothing
this is pretty cringe. this is the pulltard "everyone around the cow is being mistreated by them and is a poor thing uwu. i protec them" instinct. you don't know what the deal is lol, maybe he likes cooking. Another point is, venus has said before she's financially independent so, maybe she pays her share - i dunno how that works with her youtube videos so low though. i dunno how any of these people make money. 30k views is like $50 maybe.. for a whole day's work. and only once a month uploaded on average.. fuckin how

No. 31015

"after getting a lot of requests from my viewers on youtube" looool.

More like: "after reading my gossip sites and taking the idea straight from PULL…"

No. 31016


venus said she doesnt SHARE her finances with manaki. her reasoning was she "doesnt want to burden him" which, imo was complete bullshit. it's probably more of a "i make more and don't wanna share" plus sharing with margo didnt exactly work out. she makes the most money on new videos since they get the most views but even if she didnt upload for months, she still gets a monthly check for all her old videos and views they get. it's less but they still get views.

No. 31017

people on her channel asking how venus' skin is so smooth and glowing but just like margo it seems she's using apps like beauty box to airbrush her skin. each of venus' latest makeup videos seem to be using facial blurring apps, her latest the most subtle

No. 31018

who cares about pedos though? you'll encounter people oversharing their disgusting fetishes everywhere, there's no escape nowadays.

No. 31019

File: 1544120347024.jpg (95.04 KB, 588x578, venus shoop.jpg)

is it just me is she going down the same root as dakota via photoshop? she edits her photos to have a smaller nose and bigger eyes and smooth skin and even a smaller mouth

No. 31020

File: 1544212187732.png (1.45 MB, 750x1334, IMG_6437.PNG)

Looks like she has just given up on cooking and making mana do it, he's being doing it for days now

No. 31021

hey remember when she sang anaconda and said the n word in a fake baby voice? well i found the video to her live scream, might be one of the cringiest things yet

No. 31022

for anyone that wants to skip to the n word part it's at 2:00 and not to mention she sings about pussy and dick too lol

No. 31023

Holy shit that laugh at the end…

God she’s so fucked up at this point. Seems a bit like she’s been acting like a child so much that she actually un-learned how to be an adult. (although tbh even behaving like a teenager would be progress at this point).

Or she’s psychotic and Mana is an actual pedo that takes advantage of it by influencing her behavior.
I know this is stupid, hence the spoiler. But, you know…

No. 31024

File: 1544950813905.png (1.84 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_Instagram_20181216-…)

Good! Also working on a video.

No. 31025

oh god, I'm so happy for her!
I hope it's actually true and she can finally enjoy her life

No. 31026

New video. The editing is… nostalgic

No. 31027


yes she is. in candid photos you can see her eyes are actually deep-set, semi-hooded and kind of small. with the right camera, editing, makeup and angles they appear waaay large tho. her eyes are small like margarets but she has a bit of a more pronounced tear bag to give the illusion of bigger eyes, as well as aegyo sal makeup, squinting and editing. her nose is big like mags too, slightly less bulbous tip but she edits that too. her lips are thin and long (her moms actually look smaller and more doll like). she edits her jaw often as well and completely smooths the face like margaret. if you've seen her in person, she looks different.

Also another bad makeup vid. Sadly all her "looks" tend to end up looking the same and why does she filter the fuck out of the videos?

she looks like she's going back to the old style of videos she used to make as she got more views then

No. 31028

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with her husband cooking. Why shouldn’t Venus be proud to show it? It was also only a few meals she has shared. You are needlessly nitpicking.

It’s cute but extremely boring. I can’t tell what direction she wants to take her channel or if she is close to giving it up. You can obviously see the effects of her medication, but I don’t think that it means she is actually sad in recent videos.

I will say that her hair has been looking very healthy recently so I assume her overall health has been better.

No. 31029

Her hair isn’t necessarily healthier she’s just finally washing it.

No. 31030

File: 1545501225581.png (4.22 MB, 2208x1242, 8B60AD5B-08FF-4511-937D-D5E124…)


I don’t even know if those are better or even worse than her own nails.
Couldn’t she at least have chosen some that cost more than ~5$ and more importantly ones that fit?

No. 31031

Yeah makeup application is not her strength. I hope she doesnt continue in this direction. But makeup vids are easy to make and edit. They require less effort than say, a vlog with lots of footage to go through and actually leaving the house. Would be nice if she did more vlogs about japan, visting shops, touristy stuff, talking about japanese culture ect.

I don't think she's passionate about yt, just seems to want easy content and as much fame as possible with as little work required.

No. 31032


Lol she obviously lurks here and put those on since people commented on her nails.

No. 31033

I think they look really nice for her first attempt. she probably wasn't sure about them, and wanted to try out cheap ones first.

She really should stop lurking here though (if she does).
lolcow isn't representative of most peoples opinions about her. her subscribers seem to really love her and her videos.
I hope she realizes that. if she lurks here.

No. 31034

isn't is suspicious that when we talked about her gross unwashed nails and how deformed they looked in her last video and suddenly she started wearing false nails? also just to make a quick point that SHE'S MISSING SOME OF THE FALSE NAILS! does she just not care how people see her anymore??? having missing nails on a video about how to look angelic isn't the best when it just makes you look like a slob >>30999

No. 31035

File: 1545522430046.png (335.16 KB, 842x430, nails.png)

cheap false nails that have fallen of are so angelic and kawaii!

No. 31036

File: 1545541544234.jpg (21.27 KB, 363x411, fuckthis.jpg)

fuckin.. all i can feel in the latest video is "i'm in filter hell". and kind of makeup hell too. Going to the mall today and seeing so many unladen fresh faces that don't look like someone with a stocking over their head was so revitalising after too much internet beauty world and starting to sink and drown under these layers of smart blur mugg and foundation fugg.
She looks like a chalk drawing in pic related
She looks like an AI-upscaled texture

No. 31037

I think its a big improvement from a lot of her more recent content and her older makeup videos. I doubt her makeup looks polished and I would not wear her looks but I find her makeup videos oddly fascinating, its like the 'outside art' of the beauty youtube world. She makes odd color choices, chooses odd placements, and uses brands no one has ever heard of and ultimately makes looks that are distinct from the cosmetic zeitgeist. Maybe other people feel similarly and that is why her makeup videos were well liked. I think she was good at hair tutorials too so that might be another good direction. Completely agreed about the filters though. Too aggressive.

nice to hear good news for her, guess the milk will dry up.

No. 31038

No, they don’t. Even for a first time try they look terrible.
And there‘s nothing wrong with trying out cheap ones first, but for god‘s sake if they turn out this bad just remove them entirely before filming.

Also as >>31035 pointed out, there is one missing as well.

They don’t fit, there are some missing, not to mention the bad cuticles. It looks like she didn’t put any effort in them at all. Unkempt and unhygienic, just like her natural nails. So there’s really no point in wearing fake ones.

There’s btw nothing wrong with being not able to 100% take care of yourself due to depression etc. But she’s doing make up/beauty tutorials. And earning money with it. There should be at least a hint of professionalism or effort if she expects this to pay her bills. And right now there’s not.

Also: she can do better. We’ve seen better of her. There’s literally no excuse for this low effort bullshit.

No. 31039

Hey, at least she’s washing her hair. Baby steps..

No. 31040

dude can you imagine what her eyebrows would look like without that filter?
maybe she's trying to protect us from that horror

No. 31041

File: 1545843765459.jpg (146.67 KB, 1520x472, what are those.jpg)

have you seen her eyebrows and makeup without filter??? she needs the filter so it looks better but if you compare her makeup with an actual beauty youtuber it's very emabrassing that she tries to pretend to be good at makeup and make tutorials that no one in there right mind would use (well unless you want to look like you're bad a makeup i guess)

No. 31042

What filter? Everything's just blurred to hell because of the video compression.

No. 31043

New video with Mana.

No. 31044

soo they've got another hamster (around 13:00).. why though?
didn't she have like 10 already, and people were giving her shit for keeping them in tiny cages?
maybe most of them died by now, so she has more space

No. 31045

File: 1546558093011.png (237.14 KB, 708x296, wut.png)

omg why are her under eyes so bruised????? did she get plastic surgery? you could go a week without sleeping and still wouldnt get that dark

No. 31046

this is from the video being colordiddled in aftereffects or whatever. you can see a bit later when the mask is down and her eyes aren't really like that

No. 31047

Pretty dull video, though i do wish mana was the one with 1 mil subs as he's the more tolerable of the two.

also that clickbait is gross. i remember ppl on pull defending venus when her mom clickbaited with sexually suggestive stuff (their kawaii venus-chan would never!) yet they go on to post… that (among other sexual clickbait). i can feel the desperation for views from them.

and damn you can really tell up close (hand shot of venus) how bad (and i dont mean flawed as in acne, redness etc her skin is nice in that regard) but it just looks dull along with nails and teeth. either she's still restricting/dealing with her ED not getting enough nutrition or that surgery really messed up her nutrient re-absorption for life or perhaps she even went on to get the surgery again like she wanted to (kept posting about being hungry, wanting the surgery in the hospital as if she was seeking validation for it or something). I'm not sure I buy the whole being over her eating disorder/havent stepped on a scale thing. she looks a lot thinner again as well. I hope that isnt the case though.

No. 31048


perhaps one of their hamsters bred again? i do feel sad for that many hamsters in such a tiny space and i feel like venus only got a hamster in the first place because a)she wanted to make herself look better to the public after what her mom said about her treatment of animals (probs the main reason as she is obsessed with maintaining a good image and its pretty much the only thing she puts A LOT of effort into (similarly to marzia)and b)because it's cute and kawaii and perfect for her channel etc etc.

No. 31049


to me it looks like she's intentionally squinting her eyes (it's a technique to make a more pronounced "aegyo sal"). could just be the angle as well

No. 31050

File: 1546722594012.jpg (112.97 KB, 1106x432, idk.jpg)

i don't understand her, she's always telling people to love themselves and promoting body positivity yet posts highly edited pics of herself. if she wants poeple to truly beleive what she says then she needs to take her own advice and just accept what she actually looks like instead of spending 10 hours editing her face

No. 31051

Left is another overcompressed video, not photoshop. Right, I don't know. Could be motion blur, could be bad photoshop.

No. 31052

this is the second time you misunderstand that someone is posting a real vs edited. you keep saying the 'real' one is less edited. that's the fucking point

No. 31053


even in the left pic she's still trying to look different (mainly the eyes). she's literally bulged out her eyes while simultaneously squinting the bottom a bit to get that asian aegyo sal. i think she is desperate to have "big amimu eyes", which in candid shots, she just doesn't have. they're hooded like mags (who also does the creepy wide eyed look to try and give the illusion of a larger eye on camera). her whole insta is grossly over edited. she smooths as much as mags which is sad considering she's younger so why smooth so much. not to mention that eye edit. they look like alien eyes. but honestly, being fake and over edited is what got her popular in the first place. she no longer cares about "being real" with her audience, given it did't gain her more views/popularity like she had hoped. (only a bit during the hospital stuff)

No. 31054

lmao someone even commented on her insta "natural beauty". how blind can people be. then they feel bad that they can't "look as good". how sad.

No. 31055

strange she never said a word about her other channel. I'm laughing my ass off rn

maybe because she doesn't look as fresh faced anymore? you can't really tell from the left picture, but sometimes (in photos taken by other people) you really can tell she looks unhealthy and more like 25~. no one would ever think she's under 20 irl

No. 31056

omg she DOES NOT have the voice to be a voice actor, she doesn't have a pleasant voice at all and to think she actually thinks people won't recognize her voice and to start up a new youtube channel is ridiculous, no one wants to listen to a whiny annoying voice

No. 31057

and she says she's 16 in the video…. i have no idea why she's lying about her age, just more proof she can't cope with the fact that she isn't a child anymore

No. 31058

I'm really confused now, isn't she saying that the character is 16?she goes on about being a second year at Lumiere and such.
Did you and me watch the same video, anon?

No. 31059

I think anon was referring to the fact that she truly wants to still be a teenage girl, also in her other videos from this channel she did a Q&A in which someone asked what she looked like irl and she said in her response that she looks 16 years old and repeatedly kept talking about how she's 16 years old, Idk about you but I find it disturbing that a fully grown married woman is online pretending to be 16, roleplaying or not it's weird

No. 31060

File: 1546853063150.png (962.09 KB, 711x732, sdfdfd.png)

>someone asked what she looked like irl and she said in her response that she looks 16 years old

pictured: venus, looking not a day over 16

No. 31061


She doesn’t sound one bit british. Jesus fuck!

No. 31062

she looks like one of those women desperate to hold onto her youth, my guess is when shes 30 she will still be pretending to be young

No. 31063

yeah. she's only 20 and already looks washed out and kinda desperate in her kawaii clothes and pigtails.
aren't round and meaty faces supposed to look youthful for longer? her skin shouldn't have lost any volume and elasticity at her age. if it's her diet then she has to change it asap, it's better to be chubby than look this worn out.

No. 31064

she's actually 21 and going to be 22 in feb, she looks a lot older than her actual age, does she plan on trying to be a young teen girl forver? or is she going to try and to something with her life

No. 31065

i have just counted that she says she's 16 37 times in all her videos… she's obsessed with pretending to be young and letting people know how young she is.

No. 31066

are you saying this aware that she's v.a.ing an anime character, but you think her personal psychology is showing through- or do you not understand the concept of these type of videos

No. 31067

I'm fully aware it's a character but it's more of her psychology, we all know she wants to be young and she can pretend with this character, plus like anon said, she said in one of her videos she looks 16 in real life which is just simply not true and shows her delusion

No. 31068

You mean like when I commented on these two posts?


Neither >>31040 nor the left part of >>31041 is filtered. They're both mangled by video compression. That was all I said.

I can believe that the right picture of >>31050 is edited and wrote as much. Using the left one as part of a comparison on photoshopping is retarded because it's an overcompressed mess.

No. 31069

You can blame the retarded company that hired her for their British character who has a setting of being 16. "Virtual youtubers" are not supposed to leak any info about the person behind and only talk as the character they are playing.

No. 31070

>she said in one of her videos she looks 16 in real life
this is the part that i think you don't understand. 'in real life' doesn't mean in real life. the ai's voice actresses aren't giving away their actual irl details - this is still part of the character

>>31068 please go back to 4ch/g/ or whatever with this a/v autism

No. 31071

File: 1547813837463.png (483.48 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-01-18-23-07-52…)

Venus was live and she came out, the whole live was so wholesome and just nice to see her so relaxed and happy with a friend

No. 31072

Came out as? Please give us details anon.

No. 31073


Tell us lmao

No. 31074

She came out as bisexual on the live stream. Someone asked "do you support LGBTQ? and she responded "Yes, actually I'm bisexual myself"

No. 31075


I’m sure she said she was ages ago somewhere else?

Half the world is bi these days and she’ll never part with manaki

A Japanese man who will give her a hafu weeb child tho so it doesn’t even matter

No. 31076

yeah as bi. I know it was joked about and speculated but I didn't think she'd outright said it. she also said shes sick of makeup that's why she's not making videos and she's taking some time to find what she loves. can't remember much else interesting.. she ignored questions about mana and margrot

No. 31077

Weird how she didnt answered to questions regarding Manaki and even removed his insta link from her bio. Now that she came out as bi maybe she's trying to go for that ~im so cute because i love girls teehee~ loli shojo ai heroine persona but then again since she's a huge weeb she'll never ditch that sweet visa.

No. 31078

It looks like her and manaki broke up, she removed him from her bio plus they deleted all of their pictures together on each on their accounts.

No. 31079

they did a video together like 2 weeks ago.
to my knowledge they never posted pictures of each other since 2016, and while mana deleted pretty much everything since then, you can still see pictures of him if you scroll far back on venus instagram.
people thinking they broke up because she removed him in her bio.. is this facebook

No. 31080

if your husband came out as gay would you be like.. ah cool let's stay married

No. 31081

she's bi tho. the only difference to someone hetero is the bigger pool of people she finds potentially attractive, so this shouldn't be an issue in a happy marriage.

i'm actually sceptical whether she is actually bi or just believes it. like, how does she know?? she never had a relationship before mana.
i think she just finds girls to be aesthetically pleasing, and is kinda drawn to them because she never had real friends when she was with margs, and now maybe believes it's sexual attraction?

No. 31082

>she's bi though so blah blah
fuck off, how did she find she gets horny off women unless she's going around looking at pics or whatever of women and getting off on it. Something which if your partner does, is disloyalty unless you're tumblr scum "we watch porn together" freak (which means you're very ugly and need to cling to each other)
I agree though I don't think she's actually bi lol everyone has this fuckin phase.
Everything's a phase same as how every single video including the last one is "i'm not like that now, i'm like this now!" see how it lasts one month until she's looking back at this video and going oh ugh

No. 31083

New video, really good imo.

No. 31084

It was definitely a lot better than I anticipated. Hopefully Venus’ self awareness can eventually help her get a better foothold in her recovery.
Maaaaaaan if it doesn’t shed a bit more insight into how much Margo messed her up though.

No. 31085


God she's still thinks shes such a "special little eccentric snowflake". Cannot stand her.

"Not very many ppl can say they grew up on the internet…"

Is her head so far up her special ass? Everyone I know (especially the current teenage generation) is "growing up" on the internet. She is such an egocentric brat.

" I'm a weird special little creature" "when ppl laugh at me I can laugh with them".

No you dont, venus. You get pissed off but for the sake of your obsession with "seeming good" like marzia or mikan mandarin or maergery tyrell, you lie. Just like she said she doesnt read her gossip threads. Yeahhh right (rolls eyes)

No. 31086

you just want to hate on her dont you

No. 31087

That video was mostly for damage control on her more controversial vids throughout her youtube history. She's trying really hard to be liked by a random internet audience. I don't know why she cares so much. Just do what you want and STOP trying to appease your audience with vids like these for gods sake.

She also comes across as very vain/narcissitic in this one. Hope to see her drop the facade, vanity and desperate need to please one day. I'd like her if she was less self-absorbed and image conscious.

No. 31088


I dont think she is bi either. There's a difference between finding women cute or sexy or getting turned on here/there by their body, femininity, cuteness etc and actually, in reality desiring to have sex with them or be romantically involved with them. I dont think venus would want either of those. An example: some women get off on porn/turned on focusing on the female actress rather than man but they dont actually desire sex with them or a relationship. That in turn doesnt make them bi. Maybe its the same for v. Or maybe its as someone else said… For that "i love girls teehee loli shojo ai heroine persona". Who knows.

No. 31089


She looks 25-27ish in candids to me, her mom looked older at 22 too. She just doesn't have that "kiddy" look to her face anymore. Her dress style (if other people have ACTUALLY said she looks 16) might be what fools them. I'm honestly surprised she thinks she looks 16. Maybe she is referring to her pics which are all facially smoothed/edited, but even then she doesn't look like a teen to me. Magaret seems to have this same age delusion as well.

No. 31090

read the post you're replying to again more carefully and read the replies

No. 31091

I mean yeah this is the 7th or 8th video she's done that's the same awakening "i've changed" "no more lying" "dropping the persona". But - i just wrote out a whole thing about how for many people there actually is no 'self' under personas because people have always had some form of audience, and it's too existential for most people to handle that, so they just fake it to themselves, and how therefore she'll keep revealing the next layer down but it's performances all the way down because she doesn't know she doesn't HAVE a self…… and then i watched the last part of the new vid again and … Actually SHE said what i was trying to say. So, maybe she knows exactly what I thought she didn't know. So for me it's an open question whether the new therapist's advice has actually allowed her to grow a self, and or whether growing a self is just not that easy and this is just another layer of performance to appeal to/ appease an audience who can meet her on this higher level.

No. 31092

So she's going for pity…again.

Guess it's time for pity party number 2. She wants the same attention she got during her hospital phase, where everyone was glorifying her. It's trendy now for youtubers to use their mental health issues like depression for pity and views. Disgusting.

No. 31093


She does have "a self", she just most likely is over thinking/analyzing. I was the same way for quite a while. Not having a fav food doesn't mean she doesn't have a self. People pleasing doesnt mean she doesnt have a self. All these things actually make up "her self".

No. 31094

>Not having a fav food doesn't mean she doesn't have a self
that's right, but she only said that because she was grasping for a way to illustrate something very abstract and hard to put into words - which is also why you don't understand what I meant, so i'll give up trying to get it across lol. it's like if you've spend a few days in silence with nobody and no stimulus around you, you'll know what i mean

this is just ridiculous. the video was entirely positive after the first 30 seconds.

No. 31095

Same ol Peenus being an attention whore, what a surprise. Time to join the Kawiwi sooo gay and soo depressed Confetti Club.

Inb4 spergelic's rant "u jelly of our queen Weebus living the purfect nihon dreamu"

No. 31096

so.. how is she supposed to behave to not be considered an attention whore?
(she obviously can't leave youtube as it's her job)

No. 31097

Stop making videos and get another, actual job.

You’re pretending like she has to do videos not to die or go bankrupt within a few days when this is not the case.

Also nobody is criticizing her for doing YouTube in general, stop defending her with straw man arguments. She just needs to stop to exploit her personal issues for clicks. She’s mentally unstable, wow. So is basically everyone else in their twenties. Except that everyone else doesn’t try to make money out of it because there’s nothing quirky, cute or romantic about it. She‘s sick. There’s treatment for it. She‘s not 6 anymore where you can sit down crying because you got a scratch on your knee and everyone tries to console you. That‘s not how the world works and by pretending her way of dealing with her issues - getting her online following to pity her - is somehow okay doesn’t help anyone.
She has people that are there for here irl and off camera. Those are people that are supposed to be her safety net. Not a bunch of faceless numbers on the internet.

She has issues but by continuing the same pattern as the past years she won’t change shit about it.

No. 31098

THIS. I love you anon.

Also is she even pursuing an education? Studying japanese is good since she wants to stay there longterm but that won't be enough to provide her a job. She said in one of her videos about studying languages that studies come before an interest in languages but she's been doing the exact opposite since years… She can't even follow her own advice. Since she lives with Manaki it's not like her situation in Japan is unstable. If he doesn't support her financially she could keep making videos while studying, sure that's a lot but that's how it's like to be a responsible adult. She doesnt seem to realize she won't be a kawaii anime child forever and that Japan isnt just a giant themepark.

No. 31099

She did a live stream on instagram a couple hours ago and answered some questions, including if she plans on continuing her education. Answer: no that’s not going to happen because she’s “a middle school dropout” so she’s concentrating on reading a lot and her “business” (Youtube? She barely makes videos anymore so idk what “business” she’s talking about.

Also she could get her HS diploma equivalent online if she wanted to so that excuse doesn’t fly.

No. 31100

Other answers to questions:

She’s still together with Mana (“of course!”), they have separate rooms because they’re both introverts and need ‘alone time’ (but she’s home alone all day every day when Mana is at work so whatever.) They still sleep in the same bed.

She’s “bisexual leaning towards lesbian” and she’s kissed a girl before.

She doesn’t hate her mom but feels sad about her. She’ll make a video about that soon.

She admits she’s a NEET.

No. 31101

>She doesn’t hate her mom but feels sad about her. She’ll make a video about that soon.

Jesus. Fucking. Christ. She needs to fucking stop milking that cow.
That’s exactly what I meant by ‚exploiting her personal issues’. There’s literally no point for her to make yet another video about her mother except for clicks.

If she actually cares about her mental health and wants to become better, she needs to take ten steps back and keep her personal life to herself. Because once she puts this stuff out there, she‘ll get thousands of opinions on herself and her life. And as someone who‘s struggling with knowing who she actually is out of her internet persona, that’s the last thing she needs.
But as long as she‘s literally doing the complete opposite of anything that would be beneficial to her actual life, not just her bank account, I‘m having a damn hard time believing she even wants to become better.

No. 31102


If she's "leaning towards lesbian" and keeping separate rooms with Manaki, I don't see why they are still together except for the visa. Which is pretty disgusting from Venus imo especially if he genuinely loves her. Does Mana even know this whole bisexual story?

No. 31103

She wasn’t “milking that cow.” She answered a question one of the viewers asked on her instagram live (“do you hate your mom?”) She answered very briefly (“no but I do feel sad about it.”)

No. 31104

>She'll make a video about that soon
How it's not milking the situation for YouTube bucks?
You Venus stans pulltards are ridiculous.

No. 31105

Thank you, that’s what I meant.
Obviously there’s nothing wrong with briefly answering questions.

No. 31106

>Does Mana even know this whole bisexual story?

Gurrrrl, have you seen his Instagram comments whenever Venus and her friends make lesbian jokes about each other? He’s totally into it and he probably isn’t so straight himself.

Why are you and others disturbed by “leaning towards lesbian” part? She is just describing her personal sexuality and what she is turned on by. Girls on her Instagram are always trying to show her BTS videos like they’re the hottest things ever and she is just explaining that she can’t get into that stuff because it’s not appealing to her in the same way it is for them. The way she leans in her sexuality doesn’t reflect on her fidelity or ability to love someone. Think about it: If someone strongly states they are 100% heterosexual, does that mean they are always looking at other women while they are with their girlfriend because their heterosexuality is so deeply ingrained? Because you’re insinuating that due to Venus’ sexuality, she can’t be faithful to an individual person, even though Venus has stated that feminine boys like Manaki are the exception for her. Don’t conflate sexuality and romance because they don’t always mesh perfectly.

And for the last time: They sleep together, in the same bed, at night but have separate day rooms where they spend time and play on their computers/game systems, etc. If Manaki is working odd hours and coming home late, is Venus supposed wait for him on their marital bed or keep herself occupied in the living room/kitchen all day? Extra rooms like a father’s office, mother’s sewing room or a kids toy/game room are completely normal, you know.

No. 31107

venus kept her mouth shut for a long time, while margo was talking shit about her to anyone willing to listen. her fans (the people that matter to her, so not you) have been asking her these questions all the time.
if so many people want to hear about her personal stuff, she gets money from it AND enjoys it, then why shouldn't she make those videos?
it's not like yall wont be the first to click on any shitty clickbait video she puts out. just enjoy the goddamn milk

No. 31108

Fuck off to PULL if you can’t handle people criticizing your precious little uwu angel princess

When was the last time Marge actually did though? So why not speak up against the allegations when they come up in the first place?
Right now her clicks are dropping rapidly so she needs something to fix that. Which is drama.
Which also explains why she shouldn’t do it: It‘s not a video she WANTS to do. It’s not a video she‘s doing because it’s something she enjoys. She‘s just serving an audience.

She actually said herself that she kinda doesn’t know what her personality really is. So what she should do is take a huge fucking step back from being who and what her viewers and fans want her to be. Which would be the opposite of ‘oh ppl ask for this so I’ll do it’.

>just enjoy the goddamn milk

What milk though? There won’t be any actual milk. This will just be another 10+ minute video of
>marge was and is mean
>so many lies
>poor me can’t live a normal life

when she actively keeps doing stuff that keeps her from having a normal life.
It’s literally that shocked pikachu meme in action.
>’I’m so depressed and don’t know who I am’
>does literally nothing to change that
> :O

No. 31109

>So why not speak up against the allegations when they come up in the first place?

what's the difference? people are gonna insist that she's only doing it for attention anyway.
if anything, doing it now, after years, proves that it's not just about getting maximum attention. plus, she's putting zero effort into youtube, so I doubt she's getting real desperate here.
I'm willing to give her the benefit of the doubt this time and believe it's actually therapeutic and necessary for her to talk about stuff.

I mean, she'll probably cringe about it later and delete, but please stop pretending you care soo much about her mental health. some other anons here do this too.
if you actually did, you would leave encouraging comments on her instagram, not some posts on lolcow talking about what an idiot she is. it's like you have to justify yourself because you know you're just being unnecessary salty.

also "milk" may be a strong word, but I'm kinda hopeful for new margo-pearls like "all mexicans are short and fat because they eat so much corn"

No. 31110

venus stan is mad

No. 31111

Kek I don’t care about her mental health at all and neither do I pretend to.
She just keeps saying how well she is and how she’s trying her best to become better and so on. I’m simply saying that she isn’t and what would be best for her.

But anyways, what >>31110 said.
Keep on defending her. I’m out. If I wanted to read how great she is and that she can’t do any wrong over and over again I’d go to the Margarine thread or PULL.

No. 31112


Oh man. That video's going to be quite the pity party. I can't believe she's planning on making another marg video (though kinda assumed the second part of her vid would be that, given where she stopped). Is she planning on releasing it near marge's birthday too, like she did last year (where she talked about the pregnant comment) to low-key get marge hated on. I get that marge is an asshole and stuff, but it's ALWAYS the same crap with venus. It's always about pity and attention. Remember the calling my dad video? That was just posted for clicks using family drama for views/money and a clear jab at margaret. She was getting so much "aww poor venus-chan" comments it was sickening. Like if you need to do it for therapeutic reasons (like some here tend to defend her with), then do it OFF camera, with your husband, friends and THERAPIST.

And then there were the plethora of hospital vlogs. I remember her stating she doesn't share her money with manaki to not "burden" him. Completely voluntary information just to glorify herself and she most likely doesn't share (if still applicable) since she earns more and is fairly greedy. And then there was the first video on marge. I get she had to explain that they're not business partners anymore but one of the points she criticized marge for was"trashing manaki" as if she herself never did (quite a hypocrite) and thus the pity party began.

She's very egocentric. And loves a pity party. This is clear. Can she not just make vlogs hanging out with friends, teaching us about japan, doing random things that don't involve SELLING her pity stories to an internet audience to glorify herself?

No. 31113


yes, its not really an excuse. I kind of get the feeling she doesn't plan on getting an education because 1) there's nothing she cares/is passionate to study (which is fine) 2)is too lazy 3) thinks she's "better" than that ie: a 1 million subbed youtuber now having to "work" like the regular plebs. She's too "special and eccentric" for that.

No. 31114

I feel the same way. This really isn't smart of her… Who goes to live to a completely foreign country without a hs diploma. She'll probably regret it later but now she only cares about the rich weeb dream life.

No. 31192

She said in her instagram live that continuing her education was not going to happen because she’s a “middle school dropout.” Which is b.s. because there are ways to get a high school diploma equivalent, it’s commonplace.

I’m going with the ‘too lazy’ explanation. She’d rather sit on her ass in her little pink bedroom on the internet or whatever it is she does all day. School? No way. Get a (gasp) JOB? No fucking way.

No. 31357

File: 1549131589285.png (592.53 KB, 803x588, tmi.png)


No. 31359


No. 31378

she's so over manaki lol

No. 31439

I married him because I was sooo in love with him, n-not for visa u baka!!

No. 31449

as if she’s serious about this
it’s all for attention
she wants people to speculate and spread rumors about her & manaki so badly

She’s fighting becoming more and more irrelevant by all means necessary. And manaki is on board with all she does bc he’s a cuck.

No. 31458


I can see her pull fangirls fapping to this.

No. 31481

I swear, every time I start thinking she's getting her shit together and maybe isn't a gross autist…

No. 31513

Venus and Manaki have deleted all photos of each other on Instagram. I wonder what's going on?

I feel like this is her preparing to "come out" and possibly Manaki too. I've never sensed any chemistry between the two. Venus lived for a long time under her controlling mother who only allowed her to interact with mommy. Then she felt her only option out was to marry someone she barely knew and probably never loved. I don't believe she's genuinely into women, she's just acting like every sexually repressed person I've ever met.

No. 31538

Or possibly, she’s going to therapy, her therapist advised her to remove her personal posts (ie. the ones that gave her the most trouble in the past two years) and focus on something that identifies her more as a person.

But of course, it’s more fun to take out your frustrations on some girl who’s been put through the ringer.

Grow up, people. Everyone has their weird humor moments, everyone needs their privacy. Just because she isn’t info bombing the internet doesn’t mean she’s getting divorced.

You ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

No. 31539

holy crap can you fuck off already?

She just said that she will upload a video about her mother literally a few days ago so how does that go with your theory of keeping her personal life more privately?

No. 31540


>it’s more fun to take out your frustrations on some girl (…) Grow up, people (…) everyone needs their privacy.

Do you know where you are spergelic? LC is a gossip board, there's no need to defend your uwu Queen every time someone say something remotely negative about her weeb ass (just a reminder: wking is against the rules btw)

Go back to PULL (or KF) and leave us, catty and immature jelly bitches, alone.

No. 31557

Not the best place to ask people to not talk shit about lil'Margrot.
She's probably obsesed about vaginas now because when she was young the only person who talked to her was that ziggurat of fried chicken and mustiness. And now wants to find another girl who will fill her place.
Not like abuse victims would search more abusers, because that's what they got used to and the human brain can't really do shit once it got damaged.

No. 31591

Shit, sorry i thought this was the Margot thread, not the Venus thread, my bad.

No. 31618

File: 1549299258891.png (653.81 KB, 913x581, Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 6.48…)

You don't wanna attention whore too much. yea, right. She loves the speculation and all the hundreds of comments asking whats going on with her and manaki

No. 31622

It's just a way to shut people up. She's always telling every detail about her life but suddenly she changes a really big part of it and it's no one's business?

No. 31642

>there‘s so much going on but I’m not gonna tell you what
>don’t wanna attention whore

yea right

No. 32220


"I also didn’t feel like attention whoring too much 🙄"

She reads here. shes just saying that to try and prove that it ISN'T true because she has an obsession with "seeming good" and what not. Fake.

No. 32222

Dont get why youtuber have to come and read here. We dont go on her page and say these things and there's no need to "prove yourself" to us. Venus-chan, do yourself a favor and fuck off. Don't read here again. Stop using this thread to try and negate every negative thing said about you.

No. 32223


lol. if she didn't want to attention whore, that post wouldn't have even been made. Which is exactly why I say it was made to try and combat the negative stuff said recently. It's like when she was called vain and what not earlier, and literally like a day or two later, she made this post about "how shes grateful for everything she has" and what not. What convenient timing.

No. 32238

This. Some anons even suspected that she post here to defend herself. The constant WKing is pretty weird imo, but I don't know if it's true or not.
Anyway, she's irrelevant, that thread is in autosage (thanks to the retarded Peenus fans…and Daphne the flat-earth believer autist) and isn't really active…so, her obsession with what we have to say about her is cringy af.

Tdlr: Venus, if you don't like the heat, get out of the kitchen

No. 32241

every month or so you say this sort of thing and it never makes sense. there IS no negativity about her in the thread. It's like you've not read it. There's like 1 post per day and 90% of them positive or neutral. So just stop living in this grandiose fantasy where "our hate is really getting to her". Maybe she does read here. but there's nothing to respond to

No. 32242

oh i didn't read this post, it's even worse
>her obsession with what we have to say about her is cringy af.
>her obsession
?? this is just schizophrenia

No. 32260

Why does it matters to you so much that she is not hated? This is second time you posted something similar. Do you have a really hard time accepting people don’t like Venus?

No. 32265

you literally can't follow what I said. Learn to read English and get tested for schizophrenia

No. 32269

I’m not the same anon as above who stated Venus reads here…so I don’t know why you are getting so angry.
If you can’t handle reading negative comments about her, don’t read here.
And, who cares about how much positive, neutral, or negative comments she gets on here. I repeated this many times in the other threads…this is not a fansite of Venus.

No. 32304

anon, could you go over the thread and actually count how many positive/neutral posts there are vs posts where someone makes fun of her or is insulting in some way? you know, for science?

venus has responded to "hate" that no one actually knew about before. some of it is probably only in her head.
why do you think it's unreasonable a confirmed mentally ill, overly sensitive, image-obsessed person wouldn't read everything written about her on the net and make a huge deal out of it?

No. 32548


I think you're the one who hasn't read it. It's fascinating how you feel the need to defend someone who doesn't know you exist, whom you mean nothing to and who doesn't care at all about you (watch venus post how she loves all her followers now rolls eyes), and only cares about the income you help her generate. You're nothing more than a click to this fake-ass, attention-seeking, egocentric Marzia-like Youtuber who weaves a sob-story to vindicate anything negative she's ever done. People can have their opinions. People can have their critiques. You are the only one with a "grandiose fantasy".

No. 32549

"One time I took a selfie and I ended up looking sad even though I wasn’t so I saved it for a sad occasion like today which is my 22 birthday and I’m very lonely and I hope that next years birthday will be more fun because the only party I’m having right now is a pity party"

Venus-chan continues reading here, being attention-seeking and passive-aggressive now. Making a birthday shout-out is the epitome of "look at me look at me give me attention i want it so bad".

Horrible photoshop and eye enlargement on the accompanying pic too. Dare I say it, but she edits MORE than marge and that's sad.

No. 32551

FUCK!!!!! It's so frustrating to be so completely misinterpreted.
WHY THE FUCK do you think i am defending her?
WHY THE FUCK do you think I like her?
all i am saying is when you have a site with less than one generic, moderate criticism per day, most of it stale, old news, non-issues and like you fucking said, personal opinions, it just doesn't make sense that when the cow says something totally generic like "I don't want to attention whore too much" that some anon should think "haha I just called her attention seeking! she's responding to me!!" It's sad and lame (or grandiose delusion/schizophrenia) to think that your generic comment that everyone has already said and everyone already agrees with, specifically broke the cow and pushed them to respond.
None of this has fucking anything to do with Venus.
How the FUCK am I defending her? Point to the fucking part of my post that defends venus.
>muh you can't handle the negativity
you stupid moles if anything my posts imply there isn't enough

No. 32554


The fact that she responds via instagram posts or videos (the hater video as an example) is indicative that she does indeed read here and uses these forums as an attempt to "better herself in the public eye" which just makes her disingenuous. And she also claimed to not read them one time (obvious lie), which is further indicative that it does bother her.

I don't know if she posts here to defend herself (it's possible but who knows), however I remember this actually was the case in Mikan mandarin's PULL thread. She had one of her friends white knighting her after she herself responded to some things. It was a nice response but then all those facebook posts got out and just went to show how good Mikan is at PR (and made her look disingenuous too). So it could be. Just like in the marg thread, someone called out Aunt Zsu and was met with a very triggered, white knightish post to which someone suggested it could have even been Zsu herself. You never know.

No. 32560


That was fast. Have you been refreshing this thread by the minute for the past two days?

No. 32571

The responding to haters video was in response to her Youtube comments which are indeed a cesspool of hate and cyberbullying.

I really doubt she bothers with reading here.

No. 32572


Not really. Majority of her instagram and Youtube comments are actually positive. The negative one's tend to be on the Vexxed video only. Or she's deleting comments.

No. 32573


And just to be clear, I say that she responds (indirectly) because she has a history of doing so. For instance the "I'm so grateful for everything I have" insta post. This was only posted AFTER she was called out as vain or something earlier in this thread. She then gets 20k+ likes for being "sweet" and "grateful" and what not, when in reality, she ONLY posted that as a counter to negative things said about her just a day (or a few days earlier). If that's not reading here, I don't know what is. She gets glorified by her fan base for posts such as those when they weren't even posted for genuine reasons, rather as an attempt to boost her public image. Maybe she is grateful, I hope she is, but her motivations for that post (and plenty like it) were for disingenuous reasons. There are plenty more instances where she has done stuff like this, such as some of her recent posts. But then you tell me it's "grandiose and schizophrenic" to think so, when the proof is there.

No. 32575

And she definitely reads PULL. Back when she called out Manaki for suggesting she not dress lolita-like, even PULL was calling her out for involving Manaki (same with when she said he wouldn't have kids with her). Her instagram comments were mostly like "Yaaasss Venus slay you can do what you want etc etc" while PULL actually called her out for throwing Manaki under the bus and this caused her to directly respond. Even her most positive gossip threads were turning negative.

No. 32579

And finally, it doesn't make sense to (initially) post on insta that you're not trying to be "attention seeking" (after various people called you out for that) and then a few days later post a deliberate attention-seeking post (even admitting you are having a "pity party") after you get called out for trying to prove you're not actually attention seeking. Suddenly, you're very blatantly seeking attention again. Like it's a complete 180 from her previous post. So it seems she does read here (but to indirectly respond seems stupid) but she's done it before, so…

No. 32581

it's just that you don't understand that what's written on here is not unique, novel insights it always, always is reflected everywhere else at the same time. pull,ig,yt comments. You are claiming the general mood of the reception as FROM MY POST which is all i'm saying is cringe

No. 32587

That birthday caption tho… Venus, if you want us to believe that you're not attention whoring why not talk to your REAL friends instead of crying to the public? Also why not try to see what's positive in your life, you're living in your dream country and own the fashion and toys you love right? Are you depressed because 22 means you're not loli pedobait anymore

No. 32591

She's lonely because she thinks she's so special and unique just because she's kind of internet famous. I bet she thinks she's above all her friends.

No. 32646

>she’s lonely because it very much animates her followers to interact with her pictures and therefore boosts her visability

there, fixed it for you
It’s just yet another posts that’s supposed to make people talk about her and speculate about whether or not her and mana are still dating.

I do believe she’s lonely. But flaunting it like that is just manipulative attention-seeking.

No. 32899

Well it seems like her and Mana are still dating since Mana's parents brought her gifts.
I wish I had saved screens from the insta story.

No. 33262

yeah, its none of our business.

No. 33271

File: 1549937603665.png (1.29 MB, 839x856, face.png)

>dat photoshop

No. 33279

Is she trolling or what? That shoop is atrocious.

No. 33295

Scary af

No. 33512

File: 1550065318207.png (1.61 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-02-13-14-41-30…)

I don't get this. She very rarely makes videos, doesn't study and doesn't have a job, so how is she busy?

No. 33605

Yeah, she’s “busy” like her unemployed psycho leech of a mother. They both need to get fucking jobs.

No. 36815

Did she always have „Palermo“ in her Insta bio?

No. 36830

Nope, I don't know when she changed it but not long ago it just said Angelic instead of Palermo. Maybe this is a way of trying to stop being the "Angelic" persona and just be her real self?

No. 36844


Also, earlier one venus fan wrote: "Birthdays come around every year, but friends like you only come once in a lifetime. I’m so glad you came into my life. Best wishes on your special day. I love you!!!" If that's not her actual real life* friend, then the level of delusion that is her fan-base is astounding.

On her most recent post, someone commented: "U look so natural and happy 💖 super cute like a natural doll" :eye roll: How deluded. Her pics are always extremely edited and that thick mop top fringe and fake lashes honestly look horrible. Not at all "natural".

She's probably really bad at time management given that she never worked or had any real responsibilities, spoiled rotten by margaret and always had money. Time management goes down the drain. Maybe she considers streaming with her "jabberwocky malice" crap as work that makes her "busy". Or maybe playing games and doing her hobbies is what she considers as making her "busy". Or most likely she's just full of shit. I remember her saying she "works hard for her money". I couldn't believe it. What she does isn't hard work. I'd love to see this special snowflake working a full time "real" job. She'd melt into a puddle of tears.

No. 36896

Um…she “never worked”? Seriously? She did nothing BUT work while in her psycho mom’s clutches. Churned out 2-3 videos/week, week in, week out, nonstop—while psycho marge leeched off her earnings as her only ‘job.’

You’re deluded, hon.

No. 36931

2 videos a week arent that much work compared to uni or an actual job tbh. You're the one who's deluded. I'm a uni student with a part time job and I'd love to be as 'busy' as her lol

No. 36994

Margaret might be an abusive piece of shit but she wasn't forcing Venus to make the videos, she made them as a hobby and Margaret took advantage of that. That's not working.

No. 37026

Is she still together with Mana or did she kick him in the ass when she got residence?

No. 37038

You really think Venus had a choice in making all those videos? She was the sole source of financial support for the two of them for years. Her $$ paid the rent and the bills and funded her psycho mother’s endless shopping and travel binges. And she could have just chosen to stop doing that any time she wanted? Get a fucking clue.

No. 37052


Margo was a bitch but Venus is pretty much the same. She manipulated Manaki for the green card, following their purposes without thinking about others is something both venus and her mother do .

No. 37092

Nobody is saying she had the choice, but 2 videos a week when she didn't go to school (Marge said she was homeschooled but… Yeah) isn't "busy". At some point she only did one a week if I remember well.

No. 37101

how long exactly is it since she went there and they got married? is it exactly the time to get residence? lol

No. 37116

venus is a permanent resident in japan now, right? could it be that she broke up with mana and is now bringing up bisexuality so she could have a reason to the public for them breaking up aside from the "i used mana for a green card" thing.

(this is assuming they broke up)

No. 37117


she did have a choice and shes the one who wanted to do youtube be famous and known "for being cute". no one FORCED her into it and according to magaret, she didnt even let venus to do yt at the start. margaret helped out when she realized there was money in it for her and without each other they would have had nothing. they were essentially a team and then magaret wanted venus to divorce and venus left

No. 37118

also the only way i see venus being busy is if she broke up with mana and is now in the process of adjusting to life changes or something. doing a few yt vids a month or some crappy vtuber channel is NOT work. this girl has never had to actually do real work.

No. 37131

True, Margaret didn't even let her do it at first, and I doubt she's lying because the first videos Venus made were just her dancing to anime songs, she was just a typical 13 year old weeb. If she hadn't started making videos then Margaret would've had to find a way to make money herself, just because she took advantage of Venus' hobby doesn't mean she was a slave forced to work for her mom.

No. 37309

She needs 3 years in Japan for residency and she has more for sure. So she no longer needs him. I hope he is doing fine

No. 37347

Well, contrats for being as manipulative as your mother, Weebus. Of course you love Japan's kawiwi side but you don't actually respect its nationals kek

No. 37465

At least on her birthday they seemed to still be together. At least his parents got her presents and showing those off on IG when they broke up would be very weird imo.

Tbh I don’t think she‘ll leave him anytime soon. He spoils her a lot and feeds her ego. I can’t see her wanting to give that up.

No. 37515

File: 1551033194687.jpeg (175.08 KB, 750x885, C3C3DD0A-25C7-438A-B926-47FA9B…)


No. 37516

File: 1551033217033.jpeg (55.93 KB, 750x379, EEA7FA4F-A0C5-40D5-8DB9-F8B59B…)

Comment on that pic

No. 37520

Wow, so edgy. How old is she again?

No. 37522

I guess she's a full on lesbian but didn't want to accept it? She's always talking about being into girls, which wouldn't be something she should think about if she actually loved Manaki. It's obvious their relationship is over.
Anyway, I don't think she's improving mentally, she's probably realizing how much she fucked up by marrying a man for a visa.

No. 37525

She just turned 22.

No. 37526


Seems like she couldn't come out until she got permanent residency after being married for three years. Now she has permanent residency, she doesn't have to stay married to stay in Japan and can date whoever she wants, get a divorce, and get to live in Japan for the rest of her life.

No. 37543

Every snowflake hops on the gay train right now despite being bi at best for special points. Why would Venus be different?

No. 37549

Again, her Youtube $$ was the sole source of income for her and her leeching mom for years. Marge had no job and no income other than Venus’s money. You really think Venus had a choice whether to keep making videos or not at that point? Get real.

No. 37551

Like who? Why does it bother you so much that she might be a lesbian? It's obvious that she's always been into girls and only was with Manaki for the visa so Idk why people deny it

No. 37564

remember everything else she has said about herself has turned out to be her mistake or a lie for whatever reason. so when she 'comes out' as anything, take it with a grain of salt. but if she is a lesbian i guess that means she will lose her cuteness pretty soon (see ellen page) and rip her audience

No. 37579

Why? Why can’t she just put a cute photo without that caption? I think she would get much more viewers/followers if she didn’t turn them off with that whiny attitude.

No. 37607

File: 1551067902231.png (159.66 KB, 430x846, 3.png)

some interesting bits from her q&a rn
110% lesbian venus confirmed

No. 37608

File: 1551067939181.png (80.39 KB, 430x853, 2.png)


of course.

No. 37609

File: 1551068046989.png (124.66 KB, 430x842, 1.png)

she used to deny this all the time.
what's even the point in lying if you're just going to admit to it like a month later, venus?

No. 37623

funny she say this cause there is no such thing as a borderline psychopath or is she confusing it with personality disorder.

No. 37626

her virtual tuber character is a little kid atm
she is just saying bpd you goof, not borderline psychopath lol

No. 37632

Like Jillian for example. I'm not active enough on here anymore to get you a concrete list but you'd have to be blind to not notice the influx of "I'm sooo gay XDDD" kids who think girls are pretty and nothing more. Especially if you're a lesbian yourself with dating experience.

No. 37633


No. 37637

you're overconfident in your English level. just pipe down please

No. 37638

You should be the one to shut up…you were the one who insulted me first.
I just was trying make a point that she wasn’t clear enough in her caption about the word psycho and even the person asking the questions seem confused as well.

No. 37640

I just wonder what it's like to be a female friend of edgy meme lesbian venus.
she seems like she'd be that girl that always finds excuses to touch you and ogle every remotely attractive woman like a dirty old man.
everyone would be grossed out if this were a guy randomly telling people how he wants to fuck dominant big tiddie girls or whatever ("also I have bpd uwu").

No. 37642

sage for massive blog post (really sorry for that) but Venus currently reminds me of myself when I was around 18 or 19 and moved out from home.

My mother was quite abusive, too. My dad was diagnosed with cancer when I was 15 and my mother was severely depressed and maybe has some kind of personality disorder as well, idk. Anyways, she always made me responsible for my dad being sick and made me do all the chores around the house while she just was in bed with my dad watching tv and getting drunk. She made me buy groceries, cook dinner, clean, pick up any meds my dad needed and so on. I basically had no puberty. My dad died when I was 17 and since I had a bit more time I got a job and eventually had saved up enough to move in with two girls.

When that happened, I basically mentally went through puberty; I was on tumblr a lot, got in touch with the LGBT community through that, was totally convinced I was 100% gay, that I had BPD because I (used to) cut myself and was a bit impulsive, all that jazz. Your average tumblr teen. But since I didn’t have the chance to go through all of this during my actual, physical puberty, I went through this much later.

I think that’s what Venus is going through rn too. I do believe she thinks she’s a full-on lesbian. But I don’t think she actually is.
I also don’t think she does have BPD.
But of course none of us actually know.(Blog)

No. 37643

Nice blog, except Venus isn't some kind of tumblr snowflake

No. 37654

yeah nowadays it’s instagram that brings together the special snowflakes, so?

my point wasn’t her becoming a tumblr snowflake. my point was that’s she‘s possibly going through a pubertal phase and therefore becoming as edgy as possible. (‘Look I drink alcohol and I’m a psycho lesbian uwu I put the hot in psychotic hehe’)

or was that too much of an insult of your precious weeaboo queen?

No. 37655

File: 1551100143285.jpeg (120.16 KB, 1087x514, 7B7E9FAB-80A7-4202-923E-338D10…)


Alrighty then

No. 37662

istg venus if this is another early april fools prank

No. 37699

I hate venus but I don't see the point of denying everything she says just because you don't like her and acting like it can't be real because you somewhat relate to it

No. 37743

many posters in here will be like
>why would she lie or be mistaken about herself? sweats
(even though she has been 100 times before) because they don't want any people speculating if lesbianism can be just made up

No. 37749

lmao I don’t really care that much about lesbians or buy into any of this ‘you only need to find the right guy’-crap
If she’s actually gay good for her for realizing and coming out. More power to her.
I’m just pointing out that there’s a bunch of girls that identify as lesbian (and other labels) during puberty but end up backpaddling once they’ve figured out their identity. Denying that this does happen a lot (especially to those who spend a lot of time on tumblr/Instagram/twitter) is delusional.

I’ve never said this definitely does apply to Venus. I’m just saying that it’s possible she’s - in the process of figuring out her true self - experimenting with labels, trying out what fits.

No. 37762

I feel like this is her "excuse" for breaking up with manaki (if they actually did) to divert attention from the whole "you just married him for a visa and japan". Such convenient timing, seems almost planned. Or maybe she'll out right admit that to her audience and get away with it for "being honest" once she got everything she wanted.

I personally don't believe she is lesbian, as she seems very confused. First she was asexual, then hetero, then bi, now homo. Part of me feels like it's an act as well.

Ridiculous. She freely CHOSE to work as a team with her mother so they could make big bucks, big easy youtube bucks, neither of them could at the time if they didn't have each other. And it's not solely "venus' money" nor is it leeching if maggot was also putting work into the channel (unless she kept all/most of the money for herself), but from what it seems venus had money too and everything she could want materialistically. They couldn't get along (hard to with narcs) and split. Venus continued doing youtube with Manaki. I get the hate for mags but its gotten to the point that people like you are so biased, you can't look at anything objectively and spew this one-dimensional, one-sided fantasy.

I don't think she considers marrying manaki as fucked up as it got her what she wanted and she has repeatedly stated that leaving home was her best decision which would not have happened without manaki. plus they may not have actually split.

honestly, venus' response here is complete bs.

lol true, it is an unfortunate double standard. But remember, venus is an attention-seeking special little self-absorbed snowflake. What do you expect from someone as vain as that?

No. 37797

>First she was asexual
She was never asexual, Margaret made that up

No. 37855

Her pull fangirls are close to writing fanfiction about her. She is an empowered lesbian b-but of course she loved Manaki all along, she never married him for a visa! Lmao

No. 37875

does anyone knows if mikan has her own thread here?

No. 37910

Yeah, right. Venus “chose” to make 2-3 videos a week and support her raving narcissist mother financially because she enjoyed it so much! You can tell because she keeps making videos now…oops, no she doesn’t. Total coincidence, right? She escapes the leeching loon and BANG! No more videos.

And yes marge was a leech who lived off her underage kid’s work. Venus churned out those videos every week while marge fucked around, shopped, travelled the world and stuffed her face at restaurants every day. She burned through what was left of Venus’s $$ for a year after Venus left and now she’s renting a shitty goshiwon room and living like a hobo because she has no one to leech off any more. Poor marge.

No. 37925

there's not enough milk she is just another weeb in japan which is why she has a pull thread (how dare she live their dream)

No. 37975

File: 1551283960347.png (284.84 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_Instagram_20190227-…)


No. 37976

File: 1551284307413.png (287.79 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_Instagram_20190227-…)


No. 37980

well that's a lot of teenage nonsense. anyway, i just realised: so.. marge was right about this too? 'no not psycho, bpd' - eh it's all the same shit from the outside

No. 37993

File: 1551286556753.jpg (37.88 KB, 592x415, 1549404340002.jpg)

>in b4 margo was right about everything

No. 37999

Why the fuck does she post this kind of shit on social media… She should show this to her doctor- if she still sees one- instead of tons of strangers… She wants to "reach out" but how can 12 yo kawaii edgelords help her?? Maybe she'll start her own cuntfetti club soon…

No. 38002

Good. Now get a proper therapist instead of whining on insta and claiming how much of a ~psycho~ you are. But she won't and the next thing will be her manipulating others, acting like a pos and blaiming it on muh bpd, like every other flake. She'll end up exactly like margo.

No. 38048

Is it just me or does this sound like regular plain ol‘ depression?
Was ‘just’ being depressed and having an ED not special enough?
Like, not gonna pretend I know what’s going on in her daily life but none of what we’ve seen ever seemed like she has BPD. First and foremost with her being able to keep up a relationship for YEARS, especially now that she’s claiming she’s a lesbian.
Someone with actual bpd - especially if they had never been treated for it - would actually fuck up their SO’s mental health as well. At least from what I’ve heard an seen.

>acting like a pos and blaiming it on muh bpd
god, I don’t know if I actually want to see this or if the cringe is too bad

No. 38063

Sounds like you have no idea about mental illness, she's always seemed like she had something going on that's more than depression.
Kids with with narcissistic parents pretty much always end up with BPD symptoms, anyone that thinks she's "just" depressed has no idea about child abuse etc.

No. 38065

Omg this. Being in close quarters with someone who has a severe untreated mental illness can really fuck with a mind as fragile and plastic as a child’s. Or anyone, for that matter. BPD especially is well known for its hallmark of sufferers saying really awful things that aren’t necessarily true, and it’s like I can hear Margot’s stupid fucking voice telling Venus she’s a “piece of shit human being” from her exact repetition of the same phrase.

No. 38104


venus AND marg turned out those vids (no matter how much of a narc bitch she is), that doesnt mean "poor aboosed slave venoos did everything". you're delusional. your queen venus even stated herself that her dream is to post youtube vids every day (aka be an actual relevant youtuber like pewds who gets all the attention, validation and of course, the cha ching. but it was too much work for her. and she livestreams her "malice jabberwoky" shit pretty regularly on youtube.

venus said this herself. but i doubt it's true. most people with depression claim they are asexual when in actually it's just low hormones and detachment/emotional issues.

She wants pity from her fandom. if she wanted to reach out online (without seeking attention or pity to boost her image, especially in light of the possible breakup with manaki), she'd post that shit anonymously on some mental health forum or reddit or something and not on insta.

No. 38105


correction to my second paragraph: not most, but quite a few depressed people question if they are asexual

No. 38112


Not sure if she really has bpd tho. A lot of the symptoms overlap with other issues like clinical depression.

To be diagnosed you need to meet 5 of the following:
-Intense and stormy relationships that involve splitting
-Feeling persistently empty or bored
-A warped view of yourself that affects your emotions, values, moods, and relationships
-Impulsive behavior, such as abusing substances or driving recklessly
-Anger issues, such as violent outbursts followed by extreme guilt and remorse
-Extreme attempts to avoid abandonment or extreme feelings of abandonment
-Suicidal thoughts and/or self-harming behaviors
-Extreme depression, anxiety, or irritability that can persist for hours and days
-Feeling dissociated from yourself, including paranoia and amnesia

But lets say you relate to: feelings of emptiness, abandonment, dissociation, self harm/suicidal thoughts, warped view of self, you'd qualify as having bpd, yet those symptoms sound a lot like depression, don't they?

For instance, from what we've seen of v, she doesn't seem like someone who has "violent outbursts followed by intense guilt", which all the bpd sufferers I knew, exhibited this. V even said she doesn't argue with people and made a tweet about feeling nothing/sadness over guilt/remorse(was on some diagram). She doesn't seem to have stormy friendships either, at least from whats presented to us. If she exhibited these two, it'd be more telling of specifically bpd over just depression, (like how the other five I listed a person with only clin. depression could easily have). I'm guessing her therapist said this tho. So they'd know better but she doesn't really seem like she has bpd.(armchairing)

No. 38119

That’s what I was trying to say.
I don’t doubt she does have any serious mental health issues. I just don’t believe she has BPD. In fact, her sudden change in personality (the whole ‘I’m a psycho lesbian now!!’-stuff) seems like she’s trying to fit the criteria.
(Clinical) Depression paired with body dysmorphia/an eating disorder just seems more likely to me.

But yeah, since every other person that’s feeling a bit down has depression these days, ppl will go ‘oh but her symptoms are way to severe for it to be depression’ when - no. Not necessarily.(armchairing)

No. 38131

how can she even be diagnosed doesn't take like 6 months? Do they even use "american psychiatric association"'s made up categories in Japan?

No. 38148

She doesn't have "clinical depression", you just don't know about mental illness. Maybe she doesn't have bpd, but I'm 100% sure she has cptsd, which can seem like depression to other people"

No. 38172

Well, as I said. She definitely does have a mental illness. I just highly doubt it’s bpd

No. 38212

lookup ICD 10, all you armchairs need to catch up if you're going to play the part

No. 38228

Oh please, maggot didn’t do shit besides pimp out her kid to tabloid magazines, shady “modeling agencies” and sleazy reality TV shows. And spend Venus’s money as fast as it came in. Take a look at Venus’s videos from before and after she left the maggot—the filming and editing is exactly the same. i.e. 100% done by Venus. Maggot’s videos on her channel reflect her crappy filming and editing skills. She didn’t do shit, just leeched off her underage kid. It’s painfully obvious to anyone with half a brain.

No. 38465

I know this is the venus thread, but mikan mandarin is such a fame-whore. Like why would you post on venus' public insta "can't wait to see you tomorrow". Can that not be done privately? She just HAS to be on like every post low-key promoting herself.

Also if venus and manaki really split, then she really is a shite person. Like first she makes a video publicly defaming her mom (narc or not) for trashing manaki when she herself (hypocrite) trashed him with mags AND additionally only married him to get to Japan and used him to further herself and then breaks up asap (after getting permanent residency) and then excusing it all with being gay. Perfect excuse and everyone will defend her. I hope they didn't break up or at least she doesn't have her visa if they did cause that'd mean she broke up without waiting to get it and make her less of a "user" of people

No. 38466


isn't this arm chairing too?

No. 38467


the vids on margarets yt are edited the same just that she has shittier equipment using her phone to record. she obviously DID do more than "pimp" her out. a 13 year old doesn't end up doing yt successfully without the help of another, in this case margaret. It's painfully obvious to anyone with half a brain.

No. 38479

>Like why would you post on venus' public insta "can't wait to see you tomorrow".

That’s something most (wanna be) e-fame prople (especially Americans) do, though. It’s the usual fake affection.

No. 38499

it's not armchairing when there's no other possibility

No. 38537

A wild thought here - what if Manaki dumped HER because she was such a hard-maintance wife? I always thought he had a lot to put up with.

No. 38538

Did Venus always hang out with Cathy Cat? Surprised Cat hangs associated with such a drama-lama after her own drama just calmed down.

No. 38556

They must have something to gain, else Cathy would not loose time with Venus. Cathy is 15 years elder than her so for sure it is not a friendship.

No. 38687

Do you think it would be justified to ask the jannies to undo the autosage, since Venus is more active again?

Now that would be a plot twist. Maybe that's why she's saying she's a psycho. Maybe it's a quote from him and she's being self-loathing/petty.

No. 38757

>Venus is more active again
fuckin hardly. maybe once a month she makes an insta post which has some drip drip little bread crumb about how her retarded life is going

No. 38800

It would be cool indeed but they need to permaban the spergelics before or the thread will be shitty. I'm pretty sure they're the reason why they autosaged it in the first place
Snowflakes/cows like Jillian (Pixielocks), Luna Slater or Dakota Rose are barely milky too

No. 38819

So how will she live if she and Manaki have broken up? Can she afford to pay her own rent? Her Youtube income is basically zero these days and she’s never had an actual real-world job, ever.

No. 38821

Ohh funny you should say that.
Just read this in the Dakota Thread:

>Recently, there have been cases where foreign nationals residing in Japan who are married to Japanese nationals have been the victim of what’s known as “divorce without consent” wherein the Japanese spouse forges their foreign spouse’s signature, or otherwise tricks them into signing a form they cannot read or fully understand, and submits the form behind their spouse’s back.

>Since the Japanese authorities don’t investigate claims of forged signatures or signing under deception, the divorce is therefore final. A foreign national divorced in secret by a Japanese spouse can then find themselves suddenly losing their right to reside in the country as divorce automatically cancels spouse visas. This leaves the foreign national with 6 months in which to acquire another form of visa before facing deportation.

I personally don’t think he would break up with her though.

No. 39015

Assuming she has permanent residency now, she can work any job she wants in Japan, including hostessing, like those Canadian girls.

No. 39102

She wouldn’t be able to maintain her present lifestyle on her own, with tons of leisure time to waste and money to spend on overpriced cute Sanrio crap. Unless Manaki would be on the hook for some kind of alimony payments.

No. 39115

As long as we know they have no children so Manaki ows nothing to her after a divorce

No. 39296

Do Mana and Venus still follow each other? When was the last time they posted something together (I don't use Instagram or Snapchat). I just checked Mana's accounts and his Insta page went down to only 5 posts (mostly burger related) and iirc he also removed some recent videos with venus from his channel.

As much as I personally rooted for Venus and him when everything went down, I really think that he should just dump her and do whatever he likes because Venus seems to be really unbearable these days idk if she was better with hiding it in the past but now she just super obnoxious the "thehehe I'm so gay guyzzzzz!" and constant mental illness rants. I really wonder why nobody told her to just fucking quit social media at all and get therapy for a year or so because she has def some serious problems that don't get solved with ironic memes, passive-aggressive Insta posts and leaving all her followers with vague posting about her current situation and if she is divorced or nah because it's the only thing that gets her some kind of attention right now.

No. 39685

she took down plenty of fine videos like the style-swap with her goth friend but left up dodgy ones like "wearing my boyfriend's clothes" where she just waggles her butt around for 10 minutes

No. 39719

I could totally see Mana be enough of a bootlicker to just go with her ‘let’s make them think we broke up’.

I have seen a few other ‘e-famous couples’ that suddenly acted like their erasing each other out of their lives, leaving any questions unanswered or only said something brief that could mean anything. Eventually all of them were like ‘What’s the big whoop? Kek we totally didn’t think it was such a big deal? Just changing the style of our feeds and not at all trying to make anyone talk about us? uwu Of course we’re still dating!’

They might be broken up. But as long as neither explicitly states that they did, in fact, break up, I’ll go with attention-seeking as usual.

No. 39803

File: 1552476191823.png (121.08 KB, 371x551, Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 1.20…)

No. 39807

File: 1552478318161.png (140.13 KB, 371x606, Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 1.58…)


No. 39819

File: 1552487225179.png (439.91 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-03-13-15-23-27…)

They're disgusting, I have no hope for her.
Wanting validation from fucking a bunch of people is typical BPD behavior.

No. 39828

Wtf Mana have some self respect dude… I thought Weenus was a nice person but now she's so sketchy, all I can see are Maggot's narcissism and manipulative persona.

No. 39833

File: 1552495761056.png (1.88 MB, 1242x2208, A153FE15-1C50-47FB-B526-819474…)

Exactly as I suspected.

>I dOn’T eVeN kNoW wHaT yOu’Re TaLkiNg AbOuT

>WhY wOuLd YoU tHiNk ThAt
>YoU’rE rEaDiNg ToO mUcH iNtO tHaT

She’s just as manipulative and calculating as margarine. Anything for attention.

No. 39838

Imo I think Mana is worse. He is really into having two girlfriends and watching them together. That dude is a pervert
Who encourages their wife to have a girlfriend?

No. 39843

Well, he went after Venus when she was just 13. It‘s really nothing new he‘s a creepy perv.

No. 39846

I can kinda understand Venus using Mana to escape her crazy mom. Mana couldn't have been this dense and knew it was a rescue situation instead of a marriage one.
Venus figuring out her sexuality is probably something she couldn't do around Margo.

No. 39899

lol are you 12?
Open relationships are a fucking thing anon. Grow up.

No. 39903

Open relationships are a thing when you're too immature to commit to someone and just want to fuck. Grow up and stop using people as toys.

No. 39917

i noticed she removed all her "daily" vids she did a while back. most had under 100k views. maybe it was to make her channel look less bad? (more active for the amount of subs)

duuude. yes. this is all i see too. but in a subtler, more inconspicuous way. mags is so delusional she doesn't even know how to charm ppl or be subtle. both are attention-whores.

I wonder what mana would say if venus wanted an additional MAN instead

True, it's easy to forget tho when youre constantly presented with a "front" from both of them. kind of like how venus edits the fuck out of her photos, ppl just start believing that's how she really looks. That said, her most recent edit is horrifying. Complete with digital makeup and ppl asking her how to have her eyelashes, which I think are digital too. What poor fools.

No. 39934

I know it's a good thing she comes to terms with her sexuality, mental abuse and whatnot but honestly Manaki is a fucking doormat. He works full-time nightshifts to make ends meet while his wife is at home all day talking about how she's so gay and at least definitely more into girls. On top of that she uploads like 1 vid a month and claims to be sooo busy you guys!
When it comes to her mother I definitely am on Venus' side but her current behavior is just as bad tbh.

No. 39937

Why people act like Manaki is so innocent. He literally wants a threesome and lesbian porn, both are perverts, if Venus is using him for a visa, Manaki is using her for sex and stuff, I don't see the problem,

No. 39953

you could be right.

the only reason I kinda doubt it is because he was really trying to have a normal relationship with her.
for one her parents seem to have completely accepted her, so mana must have been serious about it.
and remember how in the beginning he was tagging along _everywhere_ because of venus' uwu-anxiety? going on dates in the middle of the night because she couldn't sleep? trying to do youtube-videos together, even though he doesn't seem interested now?
accepting her rants ("mana doesn't let me wear lolita everywhere ;_;") and "funny" april fools-joke about him molesting girls on the train?
coming home after a 12-hour shift (which is usual in japan) to a greasy, crying, lazy woman that tells him she needs "a day off" after she worked so hard making 10 youtube-videos in a row after months of just lazing around the house (referring to one of her youtube-videos where they play vidya)?
these are just some of the things that come to mind.

maybe he's into the lesbian thing, maybe not (I mean, what is he supposed to say to that? "no you can't"?), but he sure as hell deserves SOME action for the shit he must have been through living with venus.
Imagine that thing is your girlfriend.

No. 39958

>he was really trying to have a normal relationship with her.
Again: She was 13(!) when he (20 at that time iirc) first approached her.

And yeah, obviously he‘ll put up with her shit. He‘d have a hell of a hard time finding a new loli gf that‘ll just straight up go with his pedophilia.
She was age regressing on a regular basis and actually binding her chest. She’s a gold mine for him.

>maybe he's into the lesbian thing, maybe not (I mean, what is he supposed to say to that? "no you can't"?)

Well, yeah? Any sane adult person would dump some piece of trash like that.
Imagine being in your late twenties and after being married for years your SO is suddenly like ‘I don’t know if I’m actually attracted to your gender at all let me experiment’, would you seriously just be like ‘oh well okay that’s fine’?
Anyone posting this kind of shit in the relationship advice thread on here would get told to dump their ass and it would definitely find its way into the red flags thread as well.

But again: He’s a pedo doormat and probably really hoping for some girl on girl action. But tbh if Venus actually let him join any of her experimenting I highly doubt she’s even experimenting for herself to begin with. But whole other story.

But also; isn’t this just another cliche about visa marriages? The whole open marriage thing?

No. 39964

Maybe Mana is so bad in bed she thinks being lesbian must be it then lol

No. 39969

File: 1552570465230.jpg (92.48 KB, 1080x720, 14156513_311651495855724_63237…)

>loli gf
eeeeeh, I don't know about that. she doesn't even look young for her age.
It's hard to believe only his fetishes and venus looks make him take all of her shit and hold on to this relationship. then again he's a man, so everything's possible.

No. 39983

Sorry I didn't get any screenshots of it but Venus said that she wasn't asexual on her Instagram Q&A thing, which means Mana and her have sex. Then, someone asked "are you lesbian or bisexual" which she answered "I'm not sure" to.
Seriously, Venus is acting like those tumblr fake lesbian who are ~so gay uwu~
No Venus, if you're having sex with a man you're not a lesbian.

No. 39994

How does that mean she's having sex with him? Do you think everyone that doesn't have a partner is asexual?
That's quite the reach.

No. 40004

Her saying that she isn’t asexual doesn’t necessarily mean she does sleep with Mana. It could also mean she feels sexual attraction towards women or in general.

Speculating about whether or not her and Mana have sex is going a bit too far though imo. She herself has never publicly spoken about her actual sex life. Only general questions like whether she’s into DD/Lg stuff etc. So there’s no way of telling what’s going on and it’s really none of our business.

No. 40020

She looks old for her age, she looks like some grown women dressed in kids clothes, she only looks young when she photoshops her photos

No. 40028

File: 1552614909738.png (1.77 MB, 1242x2208, CE990DFD-62D0-4369-A1CF-F470B5…)

Venus posted this and deleted shortly after

No. 40029

File: 1552614936805.png (1.84 MB, 1242x2208, 3B283E73-1609-4068-9867-1D8939…)

No. 40031


I'm just going to assume this is the shit manaki hears when he gets home after a long shift and asks why she hasn't yet showered or taken out the trash

No. 40033


In Japan an age gap is more usual than in other countries. A boy of 20 having a much younger girlfriend is not something unheard and bad, it is a different mentality over there.

No. 40047

Maybe focus on healing instead of fantasizing about being in an open relationship where you can fuck any girl you want.

No. 40099

This is such typical Borderline shit she keeps doing. I’m not at all surprised she got this diagnosis.

Poor Manaki.

No. 40138

Stop acting like Manaki is a victim. He's just a creep.

No. 40186

does anyone have this video downloaded? most of the videos in this thread have been deleted and i can't find them anywhere, i've been out of the loop with the venus thread for a while

No. 40195

My point was that living with a Borderline is hell. I feel for him.

No. 40213

I know what your point was. He can divorce her.

No. 40216

No. 40225

I feel for her for having to live with a pedophile that seems to get sexual pleasure out of her actual coping mechanism.

No. 40233

venus looks like she's 30, what pedophilia?
his fetish is fully grown women with wrinkles that pretend they're an anime school girl.
that's pretty manageable considering he must be either at work or sleeping most of the week anyway, and venus can just go shopping everyday while never growing up or getting a job.
you think venus could thrive as well and be ~totally lesbian u guys~ in a relationship with a normal, mentally stable and healthy guy?

No. 40267

So you’re telling me it’s totally normal and healthy for a 20 year old grown up man to fall for and approach a 13 year old girl as long as he‘ll stay with her once she grows up?

No. 40268

It's normal in Japan, don't you know? (sarcasm) >>40033

This thread is full of weebs defending Manaki just because he's Japanese, gross.

No. 40271

I'm telling you that some ageplay fetishist is the ONLY kind of person that would tolerate her. If she ever left manaki it would just be more of the same.

If she was suffering so much she could just get a job and move out, or at least work on her channel to save money.
I'm sorry to say but your poor abused bby venus is totally here for that shit

No. 40308

File: 1552844494870.jpg (559.05 KB, 1060x1219, Screenshot_20190317-095317_Chr…)

I remember her singing on an old Nico Nico live…and it was awful. And she wanna try the utattemita route now? Oh boy…
Alas, since her fans are retarded and delusional, they'll praise her anyway.

No. 40323

She mentioned awhile back on IG that she’s been taking singing lessons.

No. 40341

Return to youtube my ass. It's like the 10th time she does her big ~comeback~
At least her yellow fever shoop skills are stronger than ever lmao

No. 40413


They're both german, youtubers, like lolita fashion, expressed interest in making clothes, both adults who act like retards, both put on an overly sweet, fake kawaii personality, both are vain and vapid, obsessed with aesthetic and showing off "how kawaii they are" and their kawaii clothes and kawaii things and their hair and makeup and the food they eat and being all like "tee hee hee I totally laugh like this and am a natural animu girly" and probas have never picked up a "real" bookin their lives except their manga and did I mention they're vapid? And egocentric. Cathy needs more exposure and venus wanted an older friend for life advice. They're perfect for each other.

No. 40414


Even in the right she's edited a bit. I think thats on camera right? she uses beauty box to smooth her face sometimes or apps or some cameras have this function built in like smartphones so her skin is edited and smoother EVEN in the right as well. And some cameras cant pick up everything since they're not as clear.

No. 40419

She has huge feet

No. 40433

oh yeah, it's definitely edited.
there are no current candid photos of her, but her looking like this even with some sort of filter and good lighting is pretty telling.

No. 40457

Not anyone can learn to sing. Taking lessons can help with your breathing and stuff but if you're deaf tone and have no talent whatsoever, you'll never become Maria Callas overnight cause you pay for fancy classes.
I don't know why Venus want to do stuff which she have no skills like makeup, music, edgy humour and even drawing. She would be better doing the "kawaii housewife" style (her travel vlogs were super nice imo) or simply stopping YouTube since her mental health is so bad uwu.

No. 40459

She already fakes her voice with a high pitched loli ~totarri nipponese~ accent, and her singing karaoke with Mikan was awful. Maybe she's entering a new ~kawaii idol loli~ phase like Yukapon tried to be and her age regression (and pedo husband) deluded her into thinking it could work..

No. 40508

If you guys can't wait to hear some of her singing.. she posted this on her malice twitter


No. 40513

Just when I thought her mumbling problem couldn’t get any worse…

No. 40532

Why does she think that just making a baby voice while singing will work? No tone skills is not cute, Venus.

No. 40590

Cat has a very solid education she graduated from an important UK university after that she moved to Tokyo where she has a Japanese partner that is also her photographer, she keeps this kawai image only as part of her job.

No. 40756

is she delusional

No. 40854

File: 1553240233121.png (303.61 KB, 399x722, Screen Shot 2019-03-22 .png)

Wanting to die as usual

No. 40863

I'm sure she made like 30 pictures, carefully posed and edited, till she could decide what would go nicest with "just wanna die"

stay classy, venus

No. 40865

File: 1553246154494.jpg (67.31 KB, 1080x408, Screenshot_20190322-101426__01…)

No. 40866

File: 1553246704274.jpeg (203.33 KB, 750x1094, E6222F2F-F6E3-44D3-97AE-F3B516…)

No. 40867

File: 1553246767268.jpeg (136.75 KB, 750x1075, 6733A006-42C4-4BD1-937F-07021E…)

No. 40868

File: 1553246813493.jpeg (231.68 KB, 750x1162, 94504691-C751-4512-B19B-0B9709…)

No. 40870

My god she's so unlikeable but she try's so hard to be this relatable girl that everyone feels sorry for, no Venus, you just come across as attention seeking and weird

No. 40872

like mother like daughter..
how tf does she think she'll recover from THIS?
does she think she'll come around tomorrow and be like "oh its just muh depression haha its ok i'm taking meds uwu"

No. 40875

Remind me something…
> Aboobloo I'll go to the river

No. 40882

>Can't wait til I jump off a building, I'm such an insufferable cunt
>Oh haha guys I'm better now, I talked with my friends :)
fuck off venus

No. 40887

I see ol’ marge passed those extra special fucked-up mentally defective genes on to her unfortunate spawn. Yay marge.

No. 40888

I’m surprised she hasn’t done a dirty delete on those yet

No. 40890

poor weebus, the rich weeb lifestyle is too much for her

No. 40892


I want this to be a new lolcow banner

No. 40936

Is she into DDLG or wtf means that line?

No. 40965

Seconded! I can't stand the cringy "good luck" banner with her and Manaki. It's seems so out of place on a board like Lolcow (it reeks Pulltards with their "uwu so positive and nice, we wanna help the flakes to improve themselves"), that one would be so much better.

No. 40993

I have no sympathy for people who use mental illness as a trend. it's "cool" to be depressed and edgy now so v's gotta make these kinds of posts. I'm depressed too and have my low "want to kill myself smash my head in the mirror days" but it's very easy NOT to post this stuff to random, insignificant strangers online. It's a purely empty thing and attention-seeking in a bad way. She should talk to people irl or post on a suicide forum or call a hotline or write in her journal or talk with her therapist during these lows. This is just disgusting. Not to mention how she's still vain enough to blur and edit her face/facial features. Like come on.

No. 41009

She did deny being into DD/Lg in the past, but then again she also said she didn’t age Regress and took that back so who the fuck knows at this point.

I also feel like this whole ‘I’m such a psycho kek’-schtick is just another placeholder for an actual personality.
She apparently got her diagnosis shortly after that ‘I don’t know who I am, I always just portrayed fictional personas, woe is me’ video so maybe she’s clinging on to said diagnosis now because she thinks THAT’S who she is.

No. 41010

File: 1553338347839.png (442.98 KB, 720x1528, Screenshot_20190323-114837.png)

so apparently people have been spamming venus' friends

No. 41011

File: 1553338395323.png (498.06 KB, 720x1528, Screenshot_20190323-114851.png)

venus could prevent that by writing about it, but never stops her fans for going after her friends or mana..

No. 41014

This caption isn't very gay of you, Venus… Hmmm….

No. 41038

Venus is a manipulative piece of shit like Mommy Dearest, period. She knows very well that her friends receive this kind of retarded messages everytime she post her woe is me schtick on Sns. But she loves being a perpetual victim. I don't understand how some people can still defend her.

No. 41041

I used to. I can’t anymore.

No. 41061

File: 1553380706002.jpg (95.23 KB, 717x576, Screenshot_20190322-210746.jpg)

b-but anon, it's because she's ill so it's okay! you don't wanna stand between her and recovery, right?

I predict it will only get worse now that she can justify everything with "muh illness".

No. 41067

I felt sorry for venus but now she is annoying af

No. 41069

If she’s thinking posting shit like this is gonna help her it won’t. Her bio is disgusting as well. I imagine all the tweens following her and looking up to her think this is okay?

No. 41070

oh well, i mean you've got anons on here saying im gonna jump under a train (cos fuck the driver, right? the passengers, the people who have to clean you up, your family, etc.) depressed people act like pieces of shit we know that

No. 41082

No surprise Manaki dissapeared from social media. Imagine the amount of angry messages from rabid fans he'd be receiving.

No. 41085

We've seen Venus act her "edgy" self before plenty of times, but this is just pathetic and blatant abuse of her mental health issues for validation & attention from her fanbase or anyone in general that will give her the time of day. It's gone beyond that "haha so random! 1" point and she still thinks she's "cool" when having words linked to suicide or whack DDLG lines in her posts. She needs to step away from social media for a while because this certainly isn't helping her. It's making her look like a cunt and her fans excusing her behavior because of her problems just gives her an ego boost. She will carry on this "woe is me I have depression and I'm a mess so I don't give a fuck lol" attitude until she has a severe mental breakdown.

No. 41148

I mean, I don't know what way you expect them to act when people clearly only care about depressed people in the context of protecting other people. Fuck the depressed person, but ooh the poor train driver.

No. 41153

File: 1553435972418.jpg (83.13 KB, 1080x338, IMG_20190324_145924.jpg)

report her posts

No. 41164

what is this cuntery? fuck yourself. people care about the train driver because they are innocent, whereas you make a choice to turn your problem into other people's problem. you still know morality. you might as well say 'what about the poor rapist who suffers from an insatiable desire to rape?' they, like you, need to fucking sit on it and just watch cartoons.

No. 41167

nah mate, shitty people who dont give a fuck act like pieces of shit.
I've never met a single person that wasn't depressed or maybe even suicidal at some point in life. they went to work like everyone else and didn't ruin the life of anyone.
just like venus behavior has nothing to do with depression and everything with being an insufferable attention whore.

No. 41168

This is actually horrifying…

No. 41169

She's taking after her mother. A narcissist in training and the older Venus gets the more it shows. Her entirely fake persona is slowly cracking away and this is how she really is. She's obviously got her friends wrapped around her finger so they treat her like she's bundled up in cotton wool, which is exactly what she wants along with the dark & edgy attention seeking on Instagram.

No. 41291

You clearly have never had mental health problems and lack empathy. Good for you I guess.

No. 41299


I agree with Mikan but I also hate her reply. its basically "im suffering too guys look at me boo hoo" Everytime venus has a low, she is conveniently also having a low. i'm sure she has her own problems but that's just ridiculous to say you are conveniently feeling JUST as bad every time your friend has a low. Mikan deserves her own lolcow thread honestly. but pull did a good job showing her fakeness.

"the only help is social media" No it's fucking not. not your audience. if irl people aren't making you feel better, go to a fucking suicide forum, not as "Venus Angelic" to get the attention you crave but as a random anon person and pour your heart out there and seek help. Not posting edgy crap. There are suicide hotlines too.

Venus also changed her "fuck me daddy or I'll kill myself ok" post. It sounded really bad, as if she was emotionally blackmailing manaki the same way her mother would talk about suicide to her a few times (according to v).

No. 41301


And let's not forget how she used mental illness to make money off of (all those milked hospital vlogs) and selling her story to the tabloids. What depressed or mentally ill person does that? She is so fucking greedy on top of everything else.

No. 41302


Spot on.

No. 41310

The fact she and many of her fans are excusing her dark humor because of her mental health issues just makes it worse. If you're going to be a self loathing edgelord who treats suicide intentions as just a meme than don't do it on your main Instagram as the person you're known all over the Internet for because alot of her less informed fans are young and if they happen to be suffering from depression to, then they will take in her words to heart to make themselves better. Venus knows exactly what she's doing for self pity points. I used to give her the benefit of the doubt since Margo went on a rampage, but that's swiftly turning around because she's literally a clone of her. A spoonie version to be precise.

No. 41313

I don’t like Mikan but I‘ll have to go to bat for her on this.
If you‘re mentally unstable yourself, it’s very easy to get dragged down when someone close to you is suffering. Especially if Venus actually vents to her or if Mikan tries to be there for her; that kinda stuff is emotionally draining. So it’s not necessarily 100% made up.

However, mentioning it like that is major attention whoring because there was no need to mention it. She could just have written something like
>Venus is safe and we’re in touch
>she’s an adult and responsible for her own actions
>there’s only so much I can do
>pls stop messaging me

No. 41331

She's deleted the other triggering photo she posted. I suspect a backlash is coming through to her DMs and the comment section. Waiting for the next edgy captioned photo any moment now because she never learns when to just fucking stop.

No. 41407

Ikr. Her audience is made of young and easily influenced teens, and kids are even more vulnerable to depression. Those of you who have an instagram account, please report her suicide related captions…

No. 41412

She doesn’t care one bit about her younger audience. She’s still immature herself.

No. 41415

I just love it how every few weeks venus is like "fuck everyone, I don't need my stupid fans, just gonna be my edgy asshole self from now on" but then realizes she would have to actually work for her money without youtube bux, and people outside the internet won't give her the attention she so clearly deserves.. so she deletes everything and returns smiling through gritted teeth.
it's getting old

No. 41453

Her YouTube content has gone to shit. Too busy building up those self pity points on Instagram to stick to a solid schedule like she used to. It's been 2 months since she last made any new content and it's hardly like her life is constantly hectic because it isn't. She needs to get a grip because her fans will eventually get bored of her antics and move on to someone far more productive & interesting. Those YouTube bux won't last forever.

No. 41483

Dell she didn't do her big ~*youtube comeback*~ last week like she said. So lazy, it's obvious she doesn't care about her channel not its audience anymore, every few monthes she does clickbait to get the sweet $$$ but that's it

No. 41724

Called it.

No. 42073

Venus has changed her main channel name to Malice Jabberwocky and dropped this video.

No. 42074

What in the literal fuck

No. 42079


Wow I love public channel suicide

No. 42082

She basically just killed her career

No. 42085

Oh I just remembered April Fool's is Monday so let's disregard this for now

No. 42087

She’s promoting her ‘new’ channel on Twitter:


No. 42088

is she not aware people have only been following her for her looks, not her content or personality?

No. 42093

Her japanese is so cringy… I know this is a "character" voice but it doesn't sound cute anymore, just retarded lmao. Also wtf she was never a *~living doll~* in the first place, just an average white girl who thought she was totes special

No. 42096

RIP to her channel, this is the worst thing she could do, she does realise people laugh at her because she's so cringey right? she's just not made for YouTube

No. 42097

Definitely beginning to think she's reached peak with her spiralling mental health issues and is going down the path some of our most fucked up cows follow when they begin to make no sense at all & become far more disliked. Granted April Fools is just around the corner, but Venus is just no good for YouTube at this point. Girl needs to find herself a normal job in Japan and stop being a try hard.

No. 42099

It's an April Fools prank. Just read her replies on twitter.

No. 42102

That shop is awful…where's her jaw?

No. 42115

now that's a reach if I ever saw one

No. 42116

It has April Fool's energy but I'm not sure? None of her tweet replies seem like obvious trolls to me but I might be stupid, if anyone wants to point them out please do.

No. 42117

okay but how did we not know about this cringy second channel… or am I the only one??

before her avatar was a loli it was more tolerable imo

No. 42118

I thought it was common knowledge but a lot of her followers are surprised. The Malice channel was mentioned here as recently as >>40508 but in general it's not milky or interesting so I can see how some farmers didn't notice.

No. 42119

she did some weird yuri roleplay and even mommy kink lmao

No. 42120

No. 42123

File: 1553975446521.jpg (65.65 KB, 727x270, 372Itt1.jpg)

Regarding the Malice stuff, I really don't know anything about vtubers so I looked it up. Sorry if this is common knowledge but I'm posting it anyway. Malice was part of an vtuber agency called WINKS which announced their closure a couple of weeks ago. Now she's managed by Takuya Ishikawa (pic related). So – I don't think it's April Fool's. I think it's in earnest.

No. 42131

Nah it's not a prank, anons just always assume the stupidest shit even when it's obvious it's not like that.

No. 42160

can you explain / translate ?

No. 42161

I haven't watched her in a few months. WTF is she doing?

No. 42176

Why would she need to be “managed” by anybody? She makes voice over videos playing an anime cartoon character.

No. 42178

Loosely translated, "I think that this is an 'industry first' and will be difficult, but let's work hard to make a virtual idol that can appeal to everyone."

I think this is referring to Venus wanting this channel to be the first vtuber to get to 10mil. Which is… kind of delusional, lol. Kizuna Ai's channel has 2mil subscribers which seems like as good as it can get.

No idea. Seems to be a thing though. Are any anons privy to this vtuber crap?

No. 42180


She needs to be managed because venus doesn't have the programming ability or art skills to make the vtuber model (unless that model is just like those random custom vtuber models you can make with apps in Japan). Being part of a company (called WINKS or whatever) could lead to more success (possibly) than going at it totally alone.

But you can see she's in it for the wrong reasons.

-I want to have fame and attention and money aka 10 millions followers
- I wanna be the first to get a diamond play button (aka surpass Kizuna AI)

And let's not forget wanting to be a daily "Pewdiepie" like youtuber which she tried and failed because it was too demanding and she's not interesting enough. And don't forget when she wrote as a kid "I want to be known for being cute".

She's always been in it for the wrong reasons. But vtubing is way WAY WAAY easier, so if it's not an April fools thing, she's probs doing it to get easy bucks (assuming she gets the same amount of views).

No. 42182


Also working with a company gives her access to vtuber technology. The person behind Kizuna AI (more sophisticated vtuber art model)has access to these motion sensors strapped all over their body and they film with a crew of people and a green screen and stuff, so this might be what venus plans on doing.

Or she's just using a model made by said company and sort of "promoting them" but she'll be doing the content by herself. Her other vtuber channel was just live chats, playing games, generic youtube stuff etc

No. 42183


True. seems to be copying shane dawson's thumbnails as well

No. 42187

Thanks for the extra vtuber info. Venus is my favorite cow so I'm interested but know nearly nothing.

>to be a daily "Pewdiepie" like youtuber

Not only is this out of her charisma and creativity level (among so many other things), but if she is really going for this, why THIS character? Malice has no appeal imo. Bad name, weird character design, and now a loli. Kizuna Ai is the opposite and you can see how she's become as popular as she has.

No. 42191

Glad to see that she finally accepted that her main audience is pedos/white NEET weeaboos and decided to cater to them.

This girl is so fucked up. But not in the “oh she’s psycho uwu yami kawaii”-way, but in a “it’s cringy how hard she’s trying”-way.

But then again, maybe focusing on being a vtuber and drawing away attention from her face will make it possible for her to actually work on her mental health.

No. 42193

Her Malice character and some other vtuber playing truth of dare and being pervy/touchy. Openly describes Malice as a loli, which doesn't surprise me with that age regress fetish thing Venus has.
On the other one Malice plays the "mom", calling the viewer "baby". I guess some old japs pervs are into this…

No. 42219

Lmao the comments on this video are either “this is not what I signed up for. Unsubscribing” or “omg I’ll support you forever! Don’t listen to the haters”

No. 42228

Well I guess this answers the question of what does she do all day…sit on her ass in front of a computer screen. And no aspirations to ever do anything more than that, apparently. What a waste.

No. 42445

File: 1554109869476.jpg (988.1 KB, 1164x684, CV3mZEN.jpg)

She's enjoying the attention. Also lmao @ that second comment, which she replied to

No. 42446

File: 1554109907348.jpg (7.11 KB, 343x102, F5zwrL2.jpg)

The reply. Makes it sound like she's lurking.

No. 42447

thinking about 'acting out' and why someone does it. it's not going to relieve the pressure if some teeny goober fans notice and give you attention because the attention you want is like from dad? i guess? i mean do you think she acts out to try to get like 'dad' to notice her but she doesn't know she's doing that? like the feeling of dad where her actual dad would normally be

No. 42453

Not surprising tbh
I mean, she doesn’t work so she has time all day and she‘s obsessed with herself.


No. 42469

i mean, she wrote "daddy fuck me hard so i don't kill myself". I know someone said 'that's how borderlines meme' but .. is the real audience for writing someth like that just other edgy's for edge cred or.. is it cos you hope some kind of 'dad' entity does hear the cry and flies down and says no more tears pet

No. 42473

File: 1554129405943.jpeg (Spoiler Image,141.49 KB, 750x941, 07E7F493-C078-4158-A3F0-253BC3…)

No. 42474

File: 1554129444442.jpeg (53.74 KB, 750x284, EACFFB87-A87A-43D1-A0A9-EA1D12…)

No. 42476

File: 1554129467893.jpeg (116.1 KB, 750x638, 4A8502BB-CABD-425D-80F1-B30F62…)

No. 42477

File: 1554129495787.jpeg (78.23 KB, 748x440, B9BBC436-A88C-4E51-AB7E-DE2E95…)

No. 42485

>wonder if you'll still be this edgy when you have to look for a real job bc your channel will be dead (:

Couldn't have said it better myself

No. 42494

She's big mad that people aren't into her Malice thing and it's hilarious. She's trying to hide behind her "edgy" jokes and pretend she doesn't care, but her being so angry and defensive is a dead giveaway she does.
She really needs to take a real break from the internet because she's quickly becoming Margo 2.0

No. 42525

So what happened to
>I‘m mentally ill and the only help is social media

It’s almost like social media doesn’t help? Shocking.

She’s literally gonna blame anything on bpd~/being mentally ill now.
But fun fact: You can be mentally ill or have bpd and still be a functioning part of society and decent human being. But of course if you rather keep up old patterns and wallow in self-pity all day, you become a sarcastic edge lord and blame it on everyone and everything but yourself.

No. 42648

the worst thing about venus is you know that after creating all the buzz, the next video or anything won't even be out for another month

No. 42707

File: 1554233753403.jpg (36.47 KB, 941x242, comment.JPG)


coming back to check this thread after a few days and seeing this weird ass shit lol

Venus can change her channel as much as she wants, but if only going to upload 5 times a year, she won't go anywhere with this embarrassing shit.


>1,7 Million subs

>~50,000 views on this video


No. 42709

File: 1554233817640.jpg (66.64 KB, 757x581, social blade.JPG)


and this made me also wonder how her social blade statics look in terms of this change.

No. 42739

She deleted a bunch more videos, that’s why the -10 million views on 3/31. Every video about her family drama is now gone. Only the blandest makeup/cute stuff ones remain.

No. 42790

It's weird that the whole Malice thing wasn't an April joke tbh

No. 42793

File: 1554290056822.png (19.08 KB, 734x115, lazy.PNG)

I mean not really, she uploaded the video 2 days before April 1st. All of her Malice stuff has been around for quite a while. Just bad timing on her part to make a decision so weird that people can only assume it's a prank.

No. 42797

So it seems as if she's serious about the whole Malice thing. I hate to say it, but it just looks bad and bland design wise. Like something you'd make in a dress-up game or character randomizer. Not to mention how cheap and lifeless the animation and voice acting are. It's very unrealistic to think she could honestly get a diamond play button with this thing..

No. 42799

>10 million
she can't be serious with that. Her actual Malice channel got 1200 subs after 9 months. More to the point, she knows she struggles to make videos and deal with the pressure having 1 million subs. Like there's no way she would look at the prospect of an amped up presence and high output and engagement and be like 'yeah, i'm in a great place personally and i'm ready to take my career to the next level'.
The only thing that explains it to me is that it's silly little girl Malice's dream not Venus'. I mean, Malice is the one who said it

No. 42805

File: 1554304795434.jpg (508.39 KB, 1400x1989, 81wrVDdsHVL.jpg)


I know that all the weeb trash is super generic but now when I think about, the design of her malice character reminded me of Rozen Maiden in terms of art and character design.

No. 42825

It‘s not the first time she‘s being extremely delusional, so really not all too surprising.

No. 43006

she changed the name (or her company? no idea) to malice.exe so now the name sounds even worse imo and WAYYYY more like she's trying to outright copy kizuna ai. pathetic.

No. 43009


lmfao "private" person my fucking ass. after leaving margo she shared quite a lot of her life (and especially anything that got her pity b/c pity=popularity=more money) until finally people stopped giving a shit (about the time she kept milking her surgery/depression for views/money) so now she's going for the "private, mysterious persona" hoping it'll boost her channel/mitigate damage while hiding her pissy-margo-like personality behind edge. Careful not to cut urself on all that edge, peenus. And the "I'm not a fan of ppl pleasing". PUH-LEESE. What an insufferable cunt.

No. 43010

ps: has venus ever actually worked a real job? i always thought 1-2 days part time work would have really been good for depression, having a schedule, responsibilities etc. but i guess it's easy when you leech (in a sense) off of manaki and have never really been independent. now she's going to pretend to be some retarded little anime girl while claiming she hasn't age-regressed. and if her channel really did die, given how spoiled and lazy/entitled she is, she probs actually would start a patreon instead of work. sad.

yep this is 100% confirmation that she lurks here even though she stated she doesn't in one of her vids. hi peenus-chan. once a pathological liar, always a liar.

And does anyone remember her "haters" video that she took down? Remember how she said she responds to hate or valid criticism when faced with it? well, she definitely lied. you can see through all that edge just how pissy she actually is as a person. That haters vid was as bad as her "how I stay thin" vid in terms of the entire thing being a blatant lie to boost her public-image.

No. 43019


either that or she's copying DDLC and the whole justmonika.exe thing

No. 43040

Is anyone else curious how she got into the vtuber crap to begin with? And an agency (however tiny and now defunct)? Does she or Manaki know someone, or did she just apply?

Possibly. It would explain the name "Malice" other than a twist on Alice in Wonderland. Though the boat for DDLC left the port long ago…

I don't think she has anon. Curious if anyone knows otherwise. I don't she could manage a real job. Not that she is actually incapable, but rather has handicapped herself over time.

No. 43072

No. 43076

it'd be weird if it was, it was so obviously not a prank

No. 43080

She wrote an application according to her Malice twitter.

No. 43091

She’s never had a real job of any kind, not even a part-time job as a teen like most everyone starts out with. Nada. And she’s apparently fine with that and has no plans or aspirations to have a job (let alone a career) now or in the future. She’s basically a waste of space.

No. 43132

Actually, we know very little about her life. Maybe, she's studying something or is working besides doing youtube videos. Just because she doesn't talk about it, it does not mean, she is not doing anything besides youtube.

No. 43142

tbh anon besides japanese (which she hasn't mentioned since a while) it seems she didn't study anything at all. Even she admitted she is a middle school dropout in a live

No. 43160

That sucks
Some of her drama videos I liked, mostly cause I ran away from my family and I could sympathize for her.
…I didn’t run overseas and marry a Japanese guy though….I went to college :/

No. 43162

She doesn’t seem clever enough for this to be like ddlc

No. 43164

So it looks like she's taking a comedic approach with the character, at the beginning at least. Then after that she abandoned a lot of it and made it a long exposition where she addresses the less-nice comments instead… lol. Then switches to all of the nicer comments. Hopefully with that out of the way we'll see what she's actually doing.

Some interesting things mentioned:
>This channel is aimed at a Western audience
>She is going to use "3D" technology, so maybe better tracking like Kizuna Ai
>Venus is NOT coming back, she's a ~private person~

I wish she would fix/edit the tracking on her eyes. It's super distracting.

Also I think >>42799 anon was right, it's Malice's character to want millions of subs. I mean I'm sure Venus wants that too but in this video it was portrayed as a delusional whim.

No. 43229

If she actually wants to get anywhere with this she seriously needs to work on her pronunciation. Her mumbling is so bad in some parts I didn’t even understand a thing and thought she was speaking Japanese again. Holy shit.
When she did normal videos she maybe could get away with this but for something that so heavily depends on her speech…

No. 43230

I hadnt been up with her in a while and I saw this and thought wtf is she doing?
I'm not the biggest fan of hers but I could sympathise with her having an abusive parent and managing to get away.And I was concerned with her health and all since she obviously has serious issues
However I hope she drops of the internet for a long while till she sorts herself out at least.I don't see her going anywhere with what she is doing now(the character thing is weird and it's difficult to watch due to her accent)

No. 43239

File: 1554555324950.jpg (45.11 KB, 756x390, social blade.JPG)


no surprise here

No. 43240

>>43229 >>43230
Yeah her annunciation, accent, and mic quality all make her very difficult to understand with an avatar in her place. Like 85% of the comments on the video are saying peace out, 10% are saying the audio is terrible, and 5% are supporting her lol.

This will be interesting to watch as time goes on. I wonder if she'll lose subscribers with every new video going forward.

No. 43245

i don't think she's gonna be too upset. She obviously doesn't enjoy making videos and hasn't for years. She's not an entertainer personality and she knows that. If the channel dies she might appreciate being forced to think of something else

No. 43252

Tbf not long ago she posted an instagram story that said she was going to study but wanted to keep it private. I doubt she's going through with it but…

No. 43267

I could totally see her just saying that so everybody will get off her ass for doing nothing.

>You do nothing all day kek

>yES I study but I’m keeping it totally private so I can’t tell you what/where uwu

As long as she doesn’t do it online in some way, the what/where would probably leak through at some point.

No. 43270

She said she didn't planned on getting her highschool diploma through the internet so I'm not sure what she can study in Japan, even if she got JLPT N2 or even N1. Can she really go to uni there without a hs diploma?

No. 43286

I highly doubt she's ever going to continue with school.
I bet she wants to just spend more time going shopping and eating with same 2 people. Really productive shit.
She's gonna get that diamond play button in no time.

No. 43290

It's possible though it isn't likely. However I agree with some anons that Venus isn't much of an entertainer and would do better in an academic setting. The only example we really have is her studying Japanese, which has gone well. Compare her to others who live(d) in Japan like Micaela and Taylor R and she has a leg up. I mean, sure, it's the bare minimum to LEARN THE DAMN LANGUAGE but she's done it. If she exceeds N1 level then she might be able to complete uni.

Then again, some schools don't require a high proficiency – Mikan for example going to fashion school. Venus could get a degree in whatever, and at whatever school, similar to the US which has plenty of easy/fast/accessible programs.

No. 43297

She doesn’t seem interested in school at all, of any kind. No goals or ambitions at all beyond sitting in her little apartment making lame videos and surfing the internet/gaming all day. It’s kind of sad how she’s ended up. I had hopes for her after she escaped her psycho goblin of a mother but now not so much.

I wonder what she lives on now that her Youtube $$ has dried up.

No. 43595


No. 43616

File: 1554887058011.png (303.55 KB, 1080x969, Screenshot_2019-04-10-11-00-48…)

She now is proud of being a depressed shut in NEET and won't change for anyone because it makes her happy!
Except for all the breakdowns and suicidal posts.
She's so stupid, she'll never get better if she actually thinks her lifestyle is totally healthy and she's just an ~introvert~

No. 43617

File: 1554888055554.png (347.2 KB, 767x935, deechu.PNG)

No. 43619

The delusion is real. I suppose if she's still living with Manaki then they must avoid each other. She's just in front of a screen in her dark room listening to her hamster run on its wheel, going nowhere just like she is.

No. 43620

File: 1554889808412.jpeg (1.8 MB, 1242x2203, 645494B2-995B-42ED-905A-231ABB…)

venus ~*not being a ppl pleaser*~:
>"I-it's not like I care about baka youtube anyway! I just FELT like moving an already existing side-channel to my bigger, money-generating one. S-stupid fans leave me alone I love the darkness ok"

picture: also venus

No. 43628

It's like she's reviving a 15 yo edge phase. Yes venus, most people would prefer to have fun and be happy all day over working hard, that's not something special. Plenty of introverts exist and plenty of people who don't want children also exist. But those people would sooner or later end up hungry and on the streets if they don't make at least some sacrifices. Just like you would at this point if your followers keep dropping and Manaki had enough of your shit.

No. 43636

it's a bit psychotic, i mean
>and i don't want to have kids
>left alone with my own assets

No. 43638

Yeah where does that child thing come from? Has anyone been bugging her about when she was gonna have children or… ?

No. 43642

Well there was one post where she said Manaki told her he won't have kids with her if she doesn't treat her eating disorder.
I bet Manaki wants to have kids so Idk how they're going to stay together.

No. 43643

What bull shit is this?! She didn’t end her channel, she’s just making worse videos now! She’s gone insane.

No. 43647

He makes so many sacrifices for her and she won't make a single one for him. It must be a pretty depressing marriage for him.

Girl, shut up. Introverts and people with depression go through what you're going through all the time but they still manage to do what they have to do in life. She's just being a whiny turd at this point and you can clearly tell that she's trying to guilt-trip her fans into being less critical of her.

No. 43648

File: 1554908470622.jpg (31.02 KB, 442x392, social blade.JPG)


Where was this posted bc if it was on Insta, it's gone now.

At this point I really hope that Manaki drops her uwu depressed ass. Maybe she can return to her Mom because at this point both of them deserve each other.

Maybe she tries to go down the hikikomori route bc the malice weeb shit isn't working for her lol

No. 43649

enjoy your vitamin D deficiency i guess, sitting in the dark all day 24-7 actually could explain a lot about how dull, gross and shitty her hair/skin/nails always look

No. 43654

Do anyone remember that video called something like "I killed my Hamster and Aspergers"? One where she denied being autistic because Margo told her since her childhood so she believed that for a long time.
I remember that she basically self-diagnosed looking sympthoms on internet and said "no i don't have that!!!" but imho she sounds like one in this post. I guess she should do a test or something like she has done with her BPD or ED instead or self-diagnosing and being satisfied with that because "my evil mom told me I'm Asperger so that can't be true!".

No. 43656

Lel that’s not a description of her being actually autistic it’s just her trying to be an edge lord uwu psycho chick, just like the past few months.

Her diagnosis is that she’s a delusional piece of shit that needs to grow the fuck up.

No. 43668

It was a post-and-delete on her instagram. More of the same borderline drama queen bullshit she’s been pulling for the past 2+ years.

I’m done with her and her shit.

No. 43670

I kinda want to watch this q and a she’s planning, just to hear what lies she’s pulling out of her ass.

No. 43672

Are you one of those people that think being socially awkward is autism?

No. 43690

File: 1554935423764.jpeg (292.29 KB, 1242x1572, 2AB4E548-E05A-47DD-9139-05974C…)

I was surfing through the malice account and this just struck me as bizarre to refer to an episode of self harming as a 'menhera explosion'. Sure it's sad to hear she's cutting her self repeatedly but more so her attitude towards it is to 'lol make it weeb subculture relatable' da fuq

No. 43707

Good grief… just when you thought she couldn’t get any more obnoxious…

No. 43708

>today's plan is to rest on Sunday next week
if you think about how shaky google translate is.. it might not be a 'rest' she's planning

No. 43717

she doesn't even need a degree. there are plenty of decent paying jobs where you don't need schooling like being a receptionist. really easy work and would help her with anxiety or some hospital jobs which pay well here (not sure about in japan). she also has(im assuming until she says otherwise) a husband, so even working a part time job at a cafe, retail position, vet clinic… whatever would be enough for her to live off of. school isn't for everyone. i just hope she doesn't do what mikan did, it's such a waste.

she'll lose subs but she'll probably gain some, albeit slowly (her other channel was at like 2k). most of her audience seems to be inactive though given her subs to view count anyway.

its VENUS who wants all that. she can just hide it all under a character. convenient. but bs

No. 43725

actually, menhera is a slang word in Japanese for borderline personality disorder.

No. 43751

No it's not, wtf are you talking about. Menhera refers to anyone with a mental illness, stop making stuff up

No. 43786

She diesn’t want a fucking job. She wants to sit on her ass all day in her little pink room, just like she’s been doing for the past two years.

No. 43787

She deleted this tweet because she's lurking. That's just one tweet of many on a bad day she had discussing her mental health and feeling down.

No worries anon, it's literally the word for rest and usually meant for taking a break or vacation.

lol if you don't know Japanese, why bother pretending you do?

No. 43790

It's normal wanting to talk to someone, but (I think someone said it already) there are chats and communities for that.
guess she's too self-important to let go of her "fame" even for a second and just be a random anon online. or maybe she tried once, but didn't get hundreds of worried pms right away.

No. 43791

Not the first time she mentions cutting/self harm, and yet I can't recall seeing her with scars, old or new.
Right now she is trying to fit the stereotype of bpd with edgy cliché statements that are straight from tumblr, but people aren't giving her the response she expects. It feels like she is feeling the need to go over the top with extreme symptoms to justify her mental illness status. It comes off as forced and begging for attention of any kind.

No. 43798

File: 1555010949163.jpeg (60.14 KB, 634x951, 035BFDFF-C7CE-4D4E-B27E-EDAEEE…)

That’s what I’ve been thinking the whole time.
Unless she’s actually cutting at her boob or vag, I’m having real trouble believing this one.

No. 43799

wow her face looks terrible

No. 43801


Because she wants to go to cafes, watch anime and do nothing all day

No. 43805

That picture is from when she was in hospital.

But, as >>43791 said, she’s mentioned cutting a few times before and has acted as if she’s been doing it forever (around the time she went public with her diagnosis).

No. 43812

I swear, if she now conveniently starts posting pictures with visible scars just to prove her point, I will lose the last bit of sympathy I have for her. We all know she reads here. I don't doubt she has mental issues, it's very obvious and expected after living with Maggro for a long time, but it is totally not okay exaggerating or faking mental illness to enhance your new persona.
As long as she continues to thrive on online attention and being the ultimate victim, she will never recover from her real mental issues.

No. 43815

She just shouldn't be living in Japan. They don't have the mental health help she would need and she's only there because she used her husband to escape her mom and live in weebland. Clearly the thing about studying was also a lie too since she just wants to be isolated in her room forever. Grow the fuck up, you're not a teen anymore.

No. 43828

I wouldn’t be surprised at all if she suddenly started cutting or (visibly) hurting herself all of a sudden. After all that’s what a real BPD psycho gf does, right?
Or if she was genuinely convinced it would make people take her mental illness more seriously. Because THAT’S why people say she’s attention seeking.

No. 43832

I stopped taking her seriously when she started pairing her suicidal captions with carefully edited cute selfies with good light and angles.
Tbh I have my doubts about her diagnosis. BPD is very trendy, as is the whole "cute but psycho" and she started pushing classic BPD symptoms to her followers after she made her diagnosis public. PULL keeps mentioning stupid stuff she did in the past (crying selfies, etc) as proof of her having BPD, but it could be anything. She was never as extreme as she claims to be now.

No. 43838

not trying to WK her or anything but a lot of mental disorders come out (especially for girls) around this time in her age. Like I don't doubt she has a lot of issues due to her horrible upbringing but there's always the chance that it's only coming out now because… That can just happen.

It doesn't excuse her behaviour or her being such an edgelord– Like if you have an issue, you can reach out to people, but doing it in this way is so unhealthy. She needs serious help and Japan is one of the worst places for mental health support.

TBH I'm pretty sad. I thought she was going to be doing so much better after leaving her mom. What is she even going to do after her youtube videos fail again and again? Working as a translator/transcriber is not only a very frustrating job but it doesn't pay well, even if you're doing at multiple sources (live translations, audio, online etc). I hope for her sake she thinks about at the very least, having an extended vacation with her dad and her family.

No. 43841

Does she even talk to her dad? I don't know if she even mentioned him after that "calling my dad" video

No. 43843

not sure but there's probably a high chance her family asked her not to make videos/post about them, especially since margo is insane. Didn't her aunt delete her instagram after getting in touch with her? I haven't checked but I remember reading that on an old margo thread.

No. 43844

>vacation with her dad
duhh yeah who she's never met, wants nothing to do with her and whos disastrous attempt to interact with tipped her over the edge into proper lunacy gOoD idEa

No. 43848

Marge and Venus lived with Venus’s dad in Switzerland until Venus was 7 or 8 years old.

No. 43856

I know where you're coming from but lets not act like getting children as a sacrifice/just to satisfy your partner is a good idea. We really don't need a Margo 3.0

No. 43861

Do you really think her dad gives a shit about her? Especially because people that marry narcissists don't tend to be very sane people

No. 43867

Probably not but to say they’ve “never met” is incorrect.

No. 43874

This. Also, doesn't he have another family to take care of right now?

No. 43881

I never said anything like that, but nice reach. What I was referring to was Venus not doing a single thing for Manaki. If you think about it, what has she done for him? At all? He's usually the one giving and she's always the one taking. He tolerated her psychotic mother for her when many guys would have run for the hills because it would have been too much drama. Venus wants to fool around with people while married, and Manaki is just going to let her do it. He's been dealing with her weird bullshit and whiny behavior since she started going full attention-seeking mode.

With that said, he deserves it for being a pedo.

No. 43892

I don’t see them lasting. I thought at first it was a paper marriage that might work, then the video where she dressed him up as a girl, talked about how she’s kinda attracted to girls, the drama after she went to the hospital. I do not think they will stay together. I don’t think she will find another man the way she is now, unless he’s like a huge fan of hers, like Manaki was.

No. 43901

I feel for Manaki. He thought he was rescuing his dream kawaii princess but ended up with an emotional basket case who doesn’t leave the apartment or even bathe, lies to him, uses him and throws him under the bus at every opportunity.

No. 43948

He wanted to date a child, he got a child. Karma. I don’t feel sorry in the slightest for this creep.
Plus, he does have and always has had the possibility to dump her if he wanted to.

No. 43949

Exactly, she's been like this for a long ass time so if it's so bad he can divorce her. He's not suffering as much as anons think, like c'mon he actually wants Venus to fool around with girls, he's just a creepy perv. He started watching Venus when she was around 14, don't forget that.

No. 43959

It’s not that easy to “just dump her.” She has no means of support, nowhere to go and no one to go to if Manaki kicks her to the curb and he knows it. He’s stuck with her sorry ass.

No. 43965

Yes it is. It‘s not his responsibility for her to have a Plan B for her life. She‘s 22 years old. She‘s an adult.

Also, as >>43949 said, it obviously can’t be as bad if he deals with her and actually enables her behavior like that.

He could also just help her to get far enough to stand on her own two feet (even though she should be capable of doing that herself at that point in life) and then go separate ways. But there’s literally no need to feel sorry for for him. He actively chooses to pamper that wannabe-child of a wife that he has.

No. 43973

Who actually thinks a boyfriend has to take care of you if you break up and have no where to go? Lmao

No. 43974

B- but uwu princess peenus is so helpless she needs to be taken care of!!

No. 43976

How is it his fault that she has no support and no one else to go to? This would only make sense if he was her dad, which well… he's not.

No. 43989

lol this thread deserves its autosage. Stop sperging about whether Manaki is mistreated or not, jfc. All this speculation for and over nothing.

No. 43999

venus is the worst cow because she has a lot of funny issues but she's so fucking slow there's never anything to talk about.
Make a fucking video you fucking annoying little shit

No. 44008

Her Q&A is less than 12hrs off so there's that. Honestly we need to learn to just shut up and wait for the milk instead of speculating nonsense.

No. 44039

Even if he has, she is still his kid.

No. 44054

Her Q&A live. It's long. I haven't made it through but around 6:30 she says it's all an ~experiment~ and she wants to show she can do real life and vtuber content.

No. 44059

She’s been “collaborating with a company” with the goal of becoming a Virtual Idol. She makes barely 1 crappy low-quality video a month. How exactly does she think that’s going to make her an “idol”? Lazy ass. She’s so fucking lame.

No. 44071

Her fake cutesy laugh every 2 sec is so annoying… Like we know you're not *~soo happy~* to talk to your fans, you just want fame and money

No. 44099


can't believe people threw money at her in the chat. for that crap content. now i understand why she's really doing this. she doesn't really like youtube (being a successful daily youtuber is too much effort and heaven forbid she get a real job out of the question for super special venoos) so she does this to just make easy bucks. sitting in front of a camera with a virtual anime girl avatar means you don't have to get ready for the camera, you don't have to film, get props, go out anywhere and you don't have to edit if you do mostly live stuff like her other channel. It's easy. And she gets ad revenue plus stream money from dumbasses dumb enough to give it to her.

No. 44100


she has money saved up, mentioned investing, speaks Japanese and has a youtube channel with old videos giving her monthly revenue. She's a fucking 22 year old. Yes he can dump her. She finds and apartment and moves on. She is just a special little fragile snowflake who refuses to take responsibility and lives a retard weeb princess life like Marzia Bisognin. She's a leech like her mom.

No. 44101


Right. I noticed this too. Her calling my dad thumbnail was one of the worst. She didn't edit out her dark circles and put a bunch of red around her eyes to look like she was crying and "acted" scared in the video, just to use her family drama for money, make a jab at her mom and get her pity from her audience. For all we know, she is using mental illness in the same fashion. She sure liked milking her hospital vlogs as well

No. 44102


Very true but she enjoys being a victim (no matter how much she might say she doesn't) and is prone to melodrama just like her mommy.

No. 44103

I honestly could not watch that whole Q&A. She lies, she rambles on and on.
I did notice that at least in the beginning of the video she did not mumble as much as she usually does, and the audio wasn't complete dog shit like in her last video.
The way she pronounces words needs to be improved upon.
I babysit toddlers that speak clearer than her.

No. 44104

File: 1555289842663.jpeg (347.07 KB, 1985x1057, 4AADAB05-A691-4EFA-B1DF-39D905…)

She has zero monthly income from Youtube since she stopped making new videos plus she deleted all the old videos about her family drama which were the ones still getting views. Her Youtube channel is dead. She killed it.

Oh and she’s lost close to 1000 subs in the past 24 hours alone. She’s been hemmorhaging subs since she started this virtual crap.

No. 44105

I couldn’t watch it either. That fake kawaii baby voice made my ears bleed. wtf is wrong with her.

No. 44106


lol according to her insta post earlier she was "going to quit youtube if she didn't switch to vtubing" lol yeah right, now she says it was "all an experiment", most likely lying because she's mortified how her subs keep dropping and she might have to…omg WORK for real.

No. 44109


I think she still makes money from videos. Idk where I saw it but it said like $30 for one vid, $80 for another and so forth, but I could be wrong

No. 44110


lol same. And same goes for her Japanese voice. She should just talk how she normally did in her videos, instead of trying to make a "anime girl voice acting" voice, like all the other cringy virtual youtubers do. It doesn't have to be perfect, natural is better imo

No. 44111

Also her fake kawaii laugh is super annoying. But sadly this is something she did even in her vlogs, like the Kamakura one. She literally laughed like, "tee hee hee hee" to Mizuki and another time went something like, "unn nya". So fake and cringy, this is why I never trusted her. It was always about pushing this disingenuous cutesy personality and every mannerism was practiced to perfection.

No. 44114

The only reason she's doing this is because she sees it as her only way of being someone famous, I'm talking like Kizuna Ai or Pewds level famous. Her dream is not being a daily youtuber, it's having 10million+ plus subs and everyone talking about "Malice" aka her, everywhere. She isn't satisfied with 1.7 million followers. She wants to be rich and famous (like actually famous). There's nothing I despise more than people who want to be famous just for the sake of being famous. These are usually the most disingenuous people around – they tend to be very fake. She just hops on any bandwagon she can like a fame-seeking vulture. And if this really is the case wit V, I hope she fails. She never deserved what little fame she had anyway.

"The reason I'm not making another account for malice is because it's still me". (rolls eyes). Peenus please. Think you meant to say, "The reason I'm not making another account is because I am greedy for subs and exposure and I'm too lazy and impatient to try to build this thing with another account when I'm not too far behind Kizuna at this point and that feeds my ego knowing I started this with 1.7 million subs and by the way,I'm venus now, please accept me and stop unsubbing cause I'm not malice i'm still venus, oh and after years of having no problem doing youtube and dying for people to comment on my cuteness I'm actually really shy too shy for youtube which is just a nice way of saying I don't wanna put in the effort to do my hair, makeup, get dressed and film and edit since these livestreams are so easy suckers thx for the cha ching btw and this is an experiment, i'm also gonna throw in some real vids cause I love money…I mean youtubing and don't wanna lose all my subs"

No. 44117

No, according to Socialblade.com her Youtube income is $0 and has been $0 for some time now.

No. 44118

I don’t know what she’s living on these days. Sponging off Manaki? She has no Youtube income anymore.

No. 44121

Making creative videos/vlogs people want to watch is just too much for penus chan! She has just had such a hard life, and has been through shit, and people need to…idk. Just accept it?

No. 44123

it says zero because she deleted videos making her viewcount negative for the month. you can't just mindlessly believe sites like that or you might as well believe momokun has a net worth of $12 million because some site says that. I'm sure it's low though. People with even 10x her views per month can't live off it

No. 44127

i dunno but i think you have it backward. i think she wants to shit out content to make a living while not having any exposure and not ever being talked about at all ideally. when she said she wants to be an idol that was in character as kiddy malice - last week when she was trying to make malice distinct from venus

No. 44132

In the video she said she doesn't have Japanese citizenship. Could this be why she's still (according to her though it seems fishy) with Manaki? She also said she plans on going to school but didn't specify what field. Could this also be an indication that they broke up or plan to, so she'd need to go to school? Other than that, the video was filled with a lot of people pleasing bs and lies (especially the beginning), and she said she would do some real videos, vlogs etc, most likely to try to retain her audience and ease them into the anime youtuber garbage. Also for some reason she refused to answer what programs she uses to shoot her videos (assuming people were asking for the virtual equipment). I doubt she forgot, but just didn't want to say, as I've seen this with most other virtual youtubers… they tend to avoid saying so to limit future competition. This was not an uncensored q&a at all. Finally, adding captions is too much work for her. lol.


She def wants to be talked about. If "Malice" is a name as famous as Kizuna or any other big youtuber or virtual one and everyone knows Malice is Venus Angelic, then she gets just that. It's one and the same. Nothing she's doing now is more private, except not showing her face on camera, which she does on instagram anyway so it negates that PLUS she said she plans on making non-virtual videos as well.

No. 44147

Watched some of the video and she said she "thinks" manaki wants her to have a threesome with him / another girl, but earlier on her instagram she said this WAS the case. Now it's just an "I think he does". Then she stated she doesn't want a threesome. So she either wants to stick with just manaki, have an additional girlfriend to herself or doesn't really want to be with manaki at all. She also said she doesn't have time to watch Netflix stuff but earlier stated she plans on going to school because "she has time". The whole thing was pretty inconsistent. She was also asked on her thoughts about cannabis use and legalization and she completely dodged the question by saying something along the lines of, "If it becomes legal in other countries then it might become legal in Japan".She also said she listens to Arianna Grande, but when asked to sing one of her songs, even just a part, she couldn't without looking up her songs, which was odd, if you listened to her music you'd be able to recite something, a few lyrics at least. She ignored a lot of questions she didn't want to answer as well. It ended with her sucking up to her followers and saying she wants to be "friends" with them.

She mentioned facerig near the end as ppl kept spamming that question

She made quite a bit off this livestream. Imagine sitting alone in your room making a nauseating cutesy voice and ppl throwing money at you LOL. And I thought ppl throwing money at SSSniperwolf was bad, but this is a whole new level of low.

No. 44148

She also joked about her "psychoness" at the end, yet again, sensationalizing mental illness and treating it like some trendy edgelord thing.

No. 44154

Socialblade can’t be relied on to report accurate earnings numbers but it does record views accurately, and the # of views she gets these days isn’t going to generate any income to speak of.

No. 44160

>she said she "thinks" manaki wants her to have a threesome with him / another girl, but earlier on her instagram she said this WAS the case.

Talk about wanting to be a more "private" person

No. 44164

Anyone else find it odd how she kept responding with "It's private" regarding her relationship to Manaki to her Youtube audience, but on her instagram, she had no problem saying they're still together and Manaki encourages her to date girls or something? It's almost like she enjoys the attention it brings her so she refuses to state it to her Youtube audience which is her main audience. She loves the attention.

No. 44166

Cute how she tells her fans to stalk her because she reacts well to stalkers. That's a great way to encourage people to do shit that is not cool.

No. 44170

does anybody have a summary of the q&a video? im too weak and i cant go through one hour of that gibberish, especially with no subtitles

No. 44171

Am I the only one who took that as a stab at Manaki, since that's how they technically got together?
I don't think she's actually trying to encourage people to stalk her (even if that's how it's coming off as), I feel like she's regretting her relationship/marriage with him.

No. 44172

thing is, she has probably married that guy because ,that was her way to get away from her situation. it's clear that she is not doing well, so she will ramble and rant about anything saying things either out of impulse, manic episodes, rage etc. now she's paying the consequences of making such a heavy life choice because manaki is likely demanding her to be a bit more of a responsible adult and less of a spoilt human doll kid.

about the whole mentioning self-harm deal, whether she is doing it at the moment or not doesn't matter because these are all signs that she needs some kind of attention or validation to feel good. she doesn't need to be told that she's gross for faking self-harm and mental illness, she needs to be told over and over that she needs more help than she thinks.

No. 44180

look on pull

No. 44189

Is it just me but she also tried to find excuses to do moan-like sounds? Like she was always clearing her voice, using that as an excuse to do weird sexual sounds. I know she's trying to attract pervs but her fanbase is 12 for fuck's sake

No. 44194

I have no idea what you're talking about. I know y'all love to reach but this is retarded.

No. 44211

It's so cringy the way she is pushing the lesbian thing whenever she has a chance. Like with the answer to "do you like BTS?", that she answered something along the lines of liking girls more, so she prefers Blackpink, or when questioned about the company she is working with, she said "some gay bitch company". What does that even mean, and why do you have to stick "gay" in everything like a tumblr kid?
She is trying so hard to make "gay and psycho" her new identity, too bad it's not even original.

No. 44276

man it would be so nice if someone made a new venus thread already. takes me forever to scroll down on mobile and it won't be on autosage anymore

No. 44278

what piece of shit phone do you have

No. 44313

Late but her dad thought she was calling to ask for money and rebuffed her.

I'm sad to see she hasn't found a happy ending but this is the reality of having a one-on-one relationship with your abuser all your life, and everyone else shut out. It's like Gypsy and Dee Dee, Gypsy probably ain't right. You spend your days being manipulated and learning how to manipulate as a basic life skill. I'm sure Venus feels genuinely unstable in her identity, I can believe Margo gave her BPD. Publishing those things to her fans is just disturbing, I'm reminded of way back when she left Margo and she made that weird post standing on the chair in her wardrobe and saying how depressed she was.

No. 44314

bookmark it you fool

No. 44321

Thread off sage since the anons here are well behaved.

No. 44368

File: 1555546257208.jpeg (116.76 KB, 1132x805, 056C4122-51D8-4910-87AA-F9B631…)

Is she drunk?

No. 44369

File: 1555546302347.jpeg (106.96 KB, 1053x680, B81BAC4E-D581-439B-81E8-3DD5E7…)


No. 44396

Constantly clearing her throat was annoying. I think it was her BPD/DID cue to try and revert to the "anime" persona. I also suspect Manaki was in the room too because she says things that seem directed at someone else, and seems very distracted. "Manaki is a pervert" seems very random unlesss he was there too

No. 44399

manaki does not work.
he hasn't worked for the last year and is a fullblown NEET.

No. 44400

where are you getting this?

No. 44401

Say where you're getting that from or don't post at all.

No. 44406

this one has been deleted (the vid in the link is unavailable) while shit like >>43617 is still up

No. 44407

i think you transcribed the link wrong, i did earlier and it was just a jpop song

No. 44408


Yeah, lay with dogs and you get fleas… live with a crazy narcissistic harpy lady and you get her narcissist tics.

V needs therapy that Japan probably can’t provide for her. This story won’t end well at all.

No. 44409


is she pulling an etika or what? Posting weird ass shit to simulate a breakdown or something like that?

No. 44412

really? i just extracted text from image via Bixby vision. if so that's lame though, was hoping for something ~edgy~

No. 44418

File: 1555611914907.jpeg (232.13 KB, 2041x1304, 407D0E7B-6CFD-4868-AE0D-A9DCF3…)

She did delete this tweet..maybe after she sobered up? (the link was garbled and not functional.) I think she drinks to excess.

No. 44424

To me it seems more like how tumblr users type when they want to indicate extreme happiness or emotion in general.
I also think she's been posting "weird" stuff for us to discuss lol and to prove she is as extreme as she wants to be. Sometimes it even seems like she is replying to critics made here (she tweeted something about people exposing stuff she posted in the past just after anon found the menhera tweet)
I would not discard the drinking thing, but to me it seems like she's been trying to turn liking beer into a quirky trait (like she did on the Malice stream), so I doubt it's genuine. Both the kawaii persona and the edgy slob one are fabricated, imo.

No. 44425

File: 1555619338710.png (129.25 KB, 733x534, oveires.PNG)

Since she deleted them, here is the context for the "drunk" tweet. To me it seemed see was being extra about rumors of a k-pop comeback so I didn't post it before.

No. 44426

I agree, not only is she responding directly to things we've posted, she's acting in a way to get a certain type of attention. Maybe she's playing up her "Malice" persona but either way it's cringey and ingenuous.

No. 44457

She's just a mess, her malice videos have less than 100k views together, and her youtube banner still says Venus Angelic. I wonder how much longer this malice thing is gonna last.

No. 44461

It really would've been smarter to just make a video saying she was taking a break from YT for mental health reasons, then just never coming back if she didn't feel like it.
Her subscriber count most likely would've hovered in the same place, since she has a dedicated fanbase, if that's what she's worried about.
She says funny things sometimes, but her accent is way too thick to be voicing a character. Everything loses power when the audience has to strain their ears to really hear what you're saying.

No. 44498

She’s been doing this shit for years—claiming to care SO MUCH for her fans then disappearing for weeks or months at a time. Then reappears saying she’s ALL BETTER and promising to get back to posting videos you guys! -only to disappear again (currently.) She treats her fans like shit and has for a long while now.

That plus the sound of her fake baby anime voice makes the ears bleed.

No. 44499

The thing with 'BPD personalities' is that you don't just switch between them whenever you like. In fact, most of them are 'combined' from people you probably regarded as a 'first/favourite' person of sorts or someone you regard that atm.

It's not something you just create one day because you feel like it.

No. 44502

I've been following her ass for years, so I guess I would be considered part of the 'dedicated fan'. But woooo boy am I having a hard time staying subbed to this bullshit. Not even because it's garbage content but because she's obviously going through some type of mental break and she refuses to acknowledge it.
Also by that Q&A video its quite obvious her and Mana are no longer together otherwise she would have answered the many questions about him. She has always always answered the question if they were together any time anyone asked. But all of a sudden its too private? Nah fam they aren't together and its weird how she won't admit it.

No. 44507

Which leads to the question how is she living/what is she living on if they’re no longer together? She has no income to speak of on her own. How is she paying rent, buying food, keeping the lights on?

No. 44508

I assumed she's just like his neet roommate now or something. They have separated rooms anyhow so it kind of works.

No. 44513

It'll affect her pride if she discloses their break up. After all she chose this fairytale uguu kawaii wife to a Japanese man life and as it clearly hasn't worked out, so now she's too embarrassed by it all.

No. 44515

She’s said in the past that she contributes equally to paying their bills. Now I guess Manaki pays for everything.

No. 44518

She isn’t answering these questions because it makes people like you and the other anons ITT talk about whether or not they’re still together.

She needs people to talk about this and her mental health badly because she isn’t putting any actual content out but still wants/needs to stay relevant.
And relationships and mental health are (besides weight/beauty) THE most interesting topics to people. They love to gossip about those things. Not just on here or PULL, but in general.