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File: 1560826388139.jpg (1.48 MB, 2160x2160, collagemaker_2019617224021968.…)

No. 53920

-Ridiculous photoshopper extraordinaire
-Genuinely believes she looks exactly like her shoops
- (fake) Anachan who suddenly 'refuses' to speak about astronomical weight loss, but can't stop drawing attention to it
-Claims rare illness caused it after admitting to dieting
-WKs herself on reddit
-'Deactivated' IG and privatized FB after getting called out on here, 4chan and reddit

Fb: https://www.facebook.com/mickey.m.johnson.7
IG: @Thequeenofdeer

New milk:
>>went to ACEN and unshooped pics and video surface and expose the ridiculous extent of her wannabe Anachan photo editing
>>deactivated insta
>>Mickey sperged about online hate and edited pics of herself being sent to her friends
>>keeps posting cringy SNOW filtered videos that make her look like an even bigger, wobbly mess

No. 53923

thread anon here. sorry if I missed anything, I'm on mobile

No. 53928

Link to previous thread? I want to read up on her milk but I can't find it anywhere

No. 53929

No. 53930

No. 53940

File: 1560842149043.png (29.28 KB, 305x501, queenoffensive.png)

her posts she deleted from instagram lol

No. 53941

File: 1560842236569.png (863.91 KB, 931x562, frecks.PNG)

her freckles are fake

No. 53942

File: 1560842273082.png (685.13 KB, 790x611, watlol.PNG)

A picture where she looks like an absolutely different person with normal sized eyes and a regular nose and regular lips and jaw size

No. 53943

File: 1560842329243.png (863.7 KB, 893x573, wat.PNG)

Her bf's level of humour

No. 53957

File: 1560860477250.jpeg (9.21 KB, 293x220, BE648668-A613-4A0D-8142-DCC0D1…)

I finally realized what she looks like: one of those sims 3 era sims with about 200 bad custom makeup mods applied. The way her bottom “eyelashes” literally look like pixelated, stretched drawn on lines, the tiny pencil thin nose with extreme highlight, the way her eyes (and all her face really) just look super blurred and stretched and shopped.

No. 53980

this still grosses me out

No. 53982

File: 1560874068117.png (5.48 MB, 2212x1804, lyingcow.png)

No. 53984

File: 1560874369307.png (1.74 MB, 1428x1046, lyingcow2.png)

No. 53985

File: 1560874585252.jpg (71.7 KB, 498x494, surelmfao.jpg)


No. 53986

File: 1560874680546.png (35.75 KB, 493x398, things that didnt happen.png)

sorry for repost i didn't know if threadanon was still finishing up getting everything ready

No. 53987


wiggly chin cringe video mentioned in previous thread

No. 53988

At the end of the video do you see her nose, smile lines and cheeks expanding as she gets out of the filter?

No. 53989

I think my favorite part about it is that she's using her hair to hide her jowls but they're still painfully obvious. You'd think she'd just get Kybella or something so she can have something closer to the Dorito chin she claims to have ~*naturally*~

No. 53990

File: 1560875122472.png (325.09 KB, 489x515, mickkkkk.png)

Breathtaking and beautiful? Not so sure I'm buying it tbh

No. 53991

Her double chin is extremely prominent, even in her other video. Aside from that her face is really bloated too lmao

No. 53992

I've watched this several times now and I don't see the filter disappearing that is mentioned. Someone slow down the footage lol

No. 53993

Reminds me of what anon said about Mickey's chin basically melting into her neck when she saw her at Acen, it's only bound to get even worse now

No. 53994

Omg this reads like something out of a fucking fanfic

Also small thing, but lmao at how she got surprised she got handed the bill. I get she was with her mom (though Mickey’s an adult too?), but I’m also guessing that she’s absolutely not used to paying the bill

No. 53998

No. 53999

File: 1560878914649.jpg (232.18 KB, 1440x2792, Snapchat-780536953.jpg)

forgot to liquify the back fat bulge, micks

No. 54001

Nitpick. Be happy that she let a semblance of her natural body show for once.

No. 54004

>implying she "let" her natural body show

No. 54008

Holy shit I'm laughing so hard at how nightmarish this is xD

No. 54010

Kek her face is still shaped like the moon emoji

No. 54011

I think she’s going for a curvier body now (maybe one that’s closer to her actual size) instead of her previous stick-thin schtick. But no worries, she’s not giving up the insanely shopped bratz face

No. 54013

I'm surprised she posted this. She looks so much bigger than the anachan she shoops herself to be

No. 54016

That warped chain around her shoulder kek

No. 54020

It was very bold of her to post a video including her body, knowing she can't edit it like she edits her face in videos. Maybe she thought the angel and shadows were enough to hide her body

No. 54022

I guess it’s a step in the right direction, but I bet she’s shopping to emulate the idealized “thicc” body type that’s considered so attractive on Instagram nowadays

No. 54023

Which still doesn’t seem to be her natural body type, considering her tagged pictures from acen

No. 54031

I can't see the filters turning off either, but tbh she looks pretty big throughout this whole video. The filters make her nose hooked too

No. 54053

File: 1560900358896.jpg (657.04 KB, 1216x2054, Screenshot_20190618-182140.jpg)

The attention whore posted another video. Screengrab speaks for itself. Look at those hips.

No. 54054

LOL this bitch thinks she's cute XD she is the DEFINITION of try-hard; do you think she practices those poses in the mirror? The whole fucking scrunched up smile so she can make her face smaller lmfao. The fact she can't take criticism on her art without lashing out and handing out the block button, and getting her white knights and fangirls to all defend her. It's pretty weird because the number one thing I see people defending her for is "she's so pretty" "she does her makeup cool" "she takes cool selfies" "she looks like a doll" and nothing at all about her so-called, "personality", which seems to be very contrived and based all around her image and her looks and ego, and her social media appearance. Like, you like bunnies? Okay? You think deers are aesthetic? Like most tumblr and pinterest girls do? You are supposed to be "good" at makeup, but your eyeliner is ALWAYS janky and crusty, your eyelashes are a NIGHTMARE that you do yourself for some reason, and you can't wear actual mascara so you get powder and excess gunk built up on your lashes because you can't wash lash extensions, and then you wonder why you always get eye infections like every week? Your foundation always looks cakey, your contour makes you look like a ventriloquist dummy and is never blended right, your nose contour looks gross, your eyebrows are non-existent and patchy, and DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THE FUCKING LIPLINER OMG. But none of that matters, because she can just edit it all away anyway. So. Sad. How does she even have a cosmetologist license? She is a fucking MESS. I just….don't even believe she is a real person at this point. She's having a quarter life crisis or something. What's gonna happen when she gets older and people realise she's immature and nothing more than an edited selfie, and she realises she wasted her younger years trying to establish herself as something she's not? I think she's pretty far gone to lunacy-ville.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 54055

File: 1560901018056.jpg (143.38 KB, 1216x2054, teleTUBBY.jpg)

No. 54056


No. 54060

Her face will be in my nightmares tonight, thanks

I honestly don’t know what she’s getting out of these videos… attention? More “omg so pretty” comments? I feel kinda sad for this girl whose only real validation is her photoshopped/Snow-altered looks

No. 54087

I see it come off. Her jaw gets bigger. Sloppy

No. 54105

I think her square jaw is really attractive and I think she's pretty average body wise. The shoop just makes her actual appearance rather jarring, and the reason why she's got rolls in a few pics is because she's cramming herself into clothes that are too small not that she's still fat.

No matter how bitchy she can get I can't help but feel a little for her, sucks for her to still be stuck in insecure obese girl mentality despite losing the weight.

No. 54174

Im sorry but she’s overweight not average, if you look at her Toga cosplay pictures its pretty obvious she’s probably bounced most of the weight back already

No. 54183

Anon, she's fat af. It seems she did lose the weight at one point, based on those pics from her mom's page, but in recent time she's gained a lot of it back. She looks huge in those con pics and it's NOT just compared to her ana shops. She's just plain fat.

It's probably torturing her on the inside that she's gaining so much weight but when you eat the shit food she regularly gulfs down, it's no wonder. If you want to be a smol delicate thing, Mickey, practice self control and work for it. But nope, take a shortcut gastric bypass that mommy paid for that ultimately won't work if you aren't committed to taking care of yourself. Cows are so fucking lazy.

No. 54185

File: 1560960175833.png (196.87 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-06-19-11-58-17…)

Relationship issues? Also that video is probably the cringiest thing ive seen from her. Her chin does look wonky I cant tell if its edited but she looks like a fat girl trying to hide her body in it.

No. 54187

File: 1560961224148.png (172.68 KB, 255x426, chin.png)

why does her chin look ridiculously long in that video?

No. 54189

i’m pretty sure she changed the snow settings on her chin/jaw here. she puts her hand near her face in this video and if the chin filter was on then her fingers would warp when it comes close to it. i’m guessing she changed it to be a little more convincing but the snow filters are definitely still on her cheeks, eyes, nose, lips, etc. very sad that she thinks she can fool people with this shit even though there is video proof that she looks nothing like the alien sims 3 character she shoops herself to be

No. 54191

She never posts anything related to fitness, yet she claims she works out everyday.

Every picture of her eating or drinking is some unhealthy, sugary concoction. She posts pictures of herself posed with piles of fucking canolis and screenshots of candy, in bulk.

There's no way she hasn't put the weight back on.

No. 54198

I’ve never seen someone with ex-fatty complex as large as this girl. This is our baby Vicky Shingles kek

No. 54204

can you imagine dating someone obsessed with social media to the point they alter themselves into a completely different person? I bet she bombards him with her insecurities and needs validation hourly or some shit. Not to mention that she doesn't work or literally do anything…at all… lmao but who knows her bf has no standards considering he was with her 250lbs ago

No. 54205

File: 1560971357887.jpg (54.82 KB, 410x339, Screenshot_20190619-140353.jpg)

This girl walks around in her day to day life with brown shit on her nose and with lipstick smeared over her face like a senile Aunt Ethel, unfiltered.

I'm convinced she's at the hospital for a psych evaluation at this point. Her poor family has to see fucked in the head she is, right?

No. 54211

She's really not doing herself any favors by posting those vids, shitty filters aside. She cant photoshop the whites of her eyes to be giant in the vids, so the atrocious makeup/eyelashes plus her circle lenses make her eyes look suuuper small in her vids therefore making her face look fatter lol

No. 54212

I have a feeling our cow has discovered face tape leak
That’s just going to make you droopier in the long run, Mickey !!

No. 54217

god damn her hands are actually just fucking huge she terrifies me

No. 54218

I agree that she's hiding weight gain but I wouldn't call her fat.

No. 54226

Trying so hard to hide the hamhock arms lmao. Also, this is the scariest her face has looked in a while. Why does she think this looks good? Just admit you're fat and lower average looking and move on. Accept what you really look like.

No. 54247

File: 1560997242460.jpeg (64.36 KB, 628x445, CE15E519-E078-4DCC-AC60-E57521…)

Oh hey, remember when people were warning her about taking in wild rabbits and how they’re not domesticated and absolutely aren’t meant to be kept as pets, and she ignored it/went, “IT’LL BE FINE”?

Looks like she’s starting to ditch it in favor of her new rabbit because surprise, it’s “getting more wild”! But hey, at least she got some cute photos out of it

No. 54249

File: 1561000507281.jpeg (292.29 KB, 640x974, 4CBE0669-AA6D-48CB-98D4-236597…)

looking like botched plastic surgery

No. 54255

She's worse than dakota

No. 54268

In an alternative universe, Mickey is actually Kiki trying to cash in on Dakota's fame.

No. 54279

She gave herself a kawaii pencil neck in this one.

No. 54285

This is fucking creepy. I hope her family gets her some help. Jesus Christ. I almost think they don't see her selfies? How could they just ignore it.

No. 54287


I've noticed she has no social life. She never posts photos with real life friends. Just her mom and her hillbilly boyfriend. I'm sure they know but turn a blind eye to it for whatever reason. She has blocked tagging so if she does get out of the house with RL friends it's well hidden within her social circle. The only exceptions are the ACEN con photos which she hasn't technically fully denied are her.

No. 54289

Based on some recent posts, guessing she’s having relationship troubles. Maybe her boyfriend is finally realizing the difficulties of dating someone obsessed with their image on social media

No. 54309

Which ones? This is an imageboard

No. 54311

Nah, meant her Facebook posts. I think one person posted a vague passive-aggressive status from her here >>54185

Obviously this is all pure speculation, and who knows what’s really happening with her personal life

No. 54317

File: 1561068780752.jpg (52.42 KB, 548x419, Screenshot_20190620-164133.jpg)

Liquifying yourself into 1/3 of your actual bodyweight daily will do that.

No. 54323

File: 1561071850907.jpeg (182.86 KB, 640x535, 9FC3F601-3FA8-448E-B197-FD1881…)

wow great message Mickey. So empowering! Except not really. A person preaching self-acceptance wouldn’t shop their photos to hell and back and completely deny doing it.

No. 54327

File: 1561072912478.png (1002.64 KB, 812x1160, Screenshot 2019-06-21 at 00.20…)

No. 54333

“Girls you’re gorgeous no matter what!! I would know, since I’m actually a Barbie doll in real life. Even without makeup, I still look pretty similar to this as you can tell from my makeup-free photos. So if I’m gorgeous no matter what, you should be too!!”

If she really wanted to empower girls the way she empowers herself, she just needs to tell them to download Snow/Line/Meitu/Facetune/whatever.

No. 54340

Lol her butt is concave

No. 54344

She's so delusional, it's insane.

'I'm so confident' 'girls you're beautiful as you are'
then proceeds to post photos like >>54327
where she's edited half her body weight off and completely changed her face.

No. 54376

damn, wrist broke.

No. 54405

File: 1561101563342.jpg (86.22 KB, 540x960, 64871832_2451923211495603_8432…)

No. 54416

her head is the size of an actual peanut here wtf

No. 54427

File: 1561124684730.jpeg (122.51 KB, 750x1237, 5E67780F-E4DE-4B6C-9B3A-04ED29…)

What is going on with the whole right side of her face?

No. 54431

File: 1561128803488.jpg (446.2 KB, 1080x1053, Screenshot_20190621-095138_Pho…)

her newest video is strangely bad quality but you can see the filters break a few times throughout especially when she gets very close to the camera..

No. 54441

Video is so cringe as usual. This isn't self love, more like narcissism. You can see her shark nose throughout the video. Christ, it looks like she's about to fuck herself in the video.

No. 54442


I noticed that her camera speed jumps around a lot throughout the video, is that a SNOW thing or her editing?

No. 54444

You can clearly see her nose change shape as she moves her head. Her side nose profile is quite unfortunate tbh. This video made me so uncomfortable lmao

No. 54445

She's hardcore pouting her lips everything about this is so cringe help

No. 54446

Her giant hands creep me out so much

No. 54447

Looking like a 36 year old divorcee.

No. 54455

She deleted the video. Hi Mickey! Don't worry girl, I saved it for you.


No. 54459

File: 1561141494990.jpg (4.03 MB, 5000x5000, pixlr_20190621132138683.jpg)

Same outfit. Two different asses.

Pick an ass and stick with it Deer.

No. 54461


Deleted mine because yours has a comparison.

The fact that she thinks this shit is believable is absolutely bonkers.

No. 54462

It looks like she has a beard in the right one. That bad hair edit

No. 54467

Saw the video before it got deleted, and I exited after ten seconds. Whose version of self-love is to upload a video of them doing nothing but preen at the camera? Someone extremely narcissistic

No. 54469

Why is she acting like her waistline is really that tiny? It’s laughable looking at these pictures then looking at her Acen ones

No. 54471


I… don’t understand what she’s trying to prove with these cringy ass videos. That she really looks like her shoops? Mickey, the shitty quality and the filter slipping up only proves that you’re a fake and a liar.

Seriously, why doesn’t she just own up to her lies already?

No. 54472

She will never admit to it because she won't get her narcissistic needs met by adoring ignorant fans. She thrives on likes and comments telling her how "pretty" she is. If she ever did admit to editing she would be admitting she was a liar the entire time.

No. 54473

yooo wtf lol she's really creepy looking. How vain can you get? Put the phone down, and go live your life

No. 54475

This doesn’t even remotely look realistic at all wtf how does she think she can pass this off? It’s painful fake

No. 54476

Omg her ass I audibly gasped. Aside from how inproportionate it looks to her body it's just straight up another lie. I really wish I knew what her bf thinks when he sees these pictures or how he even deals with someone like this. Christ

No. 54477

Her face looks like she's been sedated lol

No. 54496

Yall are so pathetic, leave this girl be, bunch of toxic ass motherfuckers(k)

No. 54499

Nah but come again lol

No. 54502

File: 1561151366520.png (537.93 KB, 682x979, Screenshot_20190621-160738(1).…)

The filter doesn't know what to focus on here and her lips mesh with her cheeks lmao
There's also a part where she puts her finger up to her mouth and it also freaks out

No. 54503

Dude she still breathes like a fat girl
Shit grossed me out

No. 54504

She looks like the corpse bride

No. 54505

Oh you’re back

No. 54509

I wouldn't be here if it weren't for mickey being a delusional fat lying cow.

No. 54513

File: 1561158744691.png (410.15 KB, 493x894, nosewtf.png)

when the filter fucks you

No. 54514

File: 1561159036282.png (383.75 KB, 454x835, ok.png)

mickey shape shifting in front of us

No. 54536

I don't even understand how her fans believe her at all. She's really not even trying that hard to hide the fact that she shoops other than saying that she doesn't. Her other FB and her mom's FB are both easily accessible from her main FB page and both have unshooped (less shooped?) pictures on them of her.

No. 54561

the wrinkly skin under her armpit, yikes

No. 54581

File: 1561227655983.jpeg (390.77 KB, 1920x1241, BBF322B5-6C2B-4910-828A-638C68…)

left is her latest selfie. these are supposed to be the same person…. wow

She’s literally wearing circle lenses, lash extensions, and similar makeup in both pictures— and her eyes are still way smaller on the right

No. 54587

I doubt they actually believe her. They are either really dumb or photoshop their own photos.
Or they just feel bad for her.

No. 54592

File: 1561230561417.png (713.78 KB, 628x708, legit.png)

No. 54597

lmao it’s funny how in reality, it looks like her lash extensions actually shrink her eyes.

No. 54598

Some of them justify it as, “IT’S ALL JUST MAKEUP IT’S HER SKILL AS A MAKEUP ARTIST” conveniently forgetting the “makeup-free” photos Mickey’s posted, in which she still looks like a damn cartoon

No. 54607

One of her more prominent male followers believes this shit. I was the one who was messaging her friends with her photos from ACEN.

This guy said "I've seen her videos, she doesn't edit, that's impossible!!1!!"

She has this incel whipped. She drew his tattoo and he commissions her art.

So if you lurk here buddy, please note, you're tugging your dick to a fat girl.(read the rules)

No. 54660

File: 1561260478402.jpeg (345.93 KB, 640x1062, 76BCF269-CEA9-4E87-9AEB-9435EF…)

… what are her lips even doing wtf

Also what is with her humblebrag captions…. she literally looks like all her other photos because she shops them all the same

No. 54662

this is so sad….and her captions always sound like copypasta

No. 54664

I don’t understand how anyone can look at this (especially the lips!!!) and think, “oh yeah, this totally looks like a real person right here”

No. 54670

File: 1561262422551.jpg (34.33 KB, 255x250, FB_IMG_1561261749290.jpg)

Nice neck, you vapid dumpster

No. 54684

File: 1561279348075.jpg (110.52 KB, 546x960, 65590689_2455547954466462_8015…)

She seems to be editing herself thicc now too

No. 54700

her ear is melting and the creases in her top look suspiciously like fat rolls shooped flat but NO TOTALLY REAL 100%

No. 54711

Naw I think maybe her butt is actually big, she just edits her waist smaller kek so that she looks t h i c c but she's actually just a chubster

No. 54717

File: 1561314784523.jpeg (79.4 KB, 640x295, 2DE49999-D46B-44D9-86F6-6A2CD4…)

Let’s see here.

Mickey: preaches self-love and anti-bullying

Also Mickey: photoshops herself into a skinny Bratz doll despite not looking like that in real life at all. Was part of the petty girls chat group and never apologized or seemed remorseful for it at all. Once wrote, in referring to a girl with thin lips, “keep that gash closed”

But noo, she shouldn’t be held accountable for all that; obviously when she says “people”, she means “everyone but her” because she can do whatever she wants without regard to how her actions affect others

No. 54718

File: 1561316246386.jpeg (91.86 KB, 640x624, E0EEC490-9F2A-4627-96F3-D8CD7D…)

Edited her body closer to what it probably looks like based on her acen photos. I cropped out the head because there’s no fixing that.

Those are definitely fat rolls— I’ve never seen fabric do that on a thin person’s back. For people who’ll go, “she’s bigger than that tho”, I kept the lower half of her body the same, so I figured, proportionally, she’d be around this size. Didn’t want to make her butt any bigger.

No. 54721

File: 1561318240874.png (2.01 MB, 1740x1320, Screen Shot 2019-06-23 at 3.28…)

There's waaaay too much warping around her ass to not be shooped, but I do agree, it's a mix of photoshopping herself smaller in some areas and exaggerating "thiccness" in other areas. Her images are like a where's waldo of photoshop disaster

No. 54727

File: 1561322804783.jpg (976.65 KB, 1079x1909, Screenshot_20190623-134601_Fac…)

Ironic coming from someone who was in a group chat where the sole purpose was talking shit on and bringing down other girls

No. 54728

I'm fucking cackling the carpet in the back is sinking into her ass

No. 54729

Jesus christ. The lack of self-awareness.

Mickey, if you lurk here, this is from another girl: please stop. You have to realize you’re also contributing these “standards and expectations” by shopping your photos to be skinnier. You’re even contributing to really unrealistic beauty standards with how you photoshop your face. How the fuck can you preach this when you don’t practice it at all?? On your photos, you have girls commenting, “I wish I can be small like you,” “I wish I looked like you”, “I wish I had your head” etc. In their minds, they’re comparing themselves to you, thinking that it’s a valid comparison when what they’re comparing themselves to is the result of an image-editing app. You’re no better than photoshopped models on the covers of magazines that are made to make women feel bad about themselves.

No. 54739

File: 1561331816633.jpg (1.04 MB, 1231x2113, Screenshot_20190623-180707.jpg)

So much to unpack here.

No. 54740

Her skin is either really dry or is morphed around the bottom left of the picture… the texture is just really off

No. 54742

This is the same outfit exactly as the above weird shoops..who takes posed selfies while recovering from surgery? Her back looks like it's made of rubber? what is happening.

No. 54745

Right? Who shops pictures of recovering injuries??

No. 54748

File: 1561340369005.png (662.25 KB, 645x579, 990a7485753d47e808b290db7bde52…)

She's so bad at editing. What is even happening here

No. 54752

File: 1561344563259.jpg (198.58 KB, 486x867, IMG_20190623_190153_224.jpg)

I give you curved rib.

No. 54755

File: 1561345976465.jpg (107.94 KB, 543x960, 65043946_2457322890955635_7280…)

No. 54760

Those yaoi hands… are they like that because she edits her head smaller?

No. 54774

This is actually pretty accurate. It’s crazy because I saw her at acen before I even knew she had a thread here/heard of her online.. and I remember passing her irl and thinking I was glad to see more normal sized girls doing cosplay lol like I admire their confidence. Finding this blew my mind, she doesn’t see herself as average at all.. i almost feel sad for her. Her shoops aren’t even close to how she looks, I would have never guessed it was the same person at all.

No. 54782

File: 1561357345703.png (1.5 MB, 546x960, 1561279348075.png)

No. 54789

Wow. That’s some insane body dysmorphia. It’s super telling how I don’t think she’s ever had real life friends vouch for her with photos. The only people that stick up for her are people who haven’t even met her in real life.

No. 54810

This would be a pretty selfie if she hadn't totally warped her face. I feel bad for how she's set these literally impossible video game character standards for herself and she can't feel comfortable with her real appearance which is completely fine and only jarring in comparison with her shoops. Sure she's a bit chubby but if she wore normal flattering makeup and didn't fake her looks online no one would think anything of it and probably a lot of people would find her very cute.

No. 54815

File: 1561393618461.png (10.34 KB, 488x117, is this a SNOW reference.png)

OT but this gave me a good chuckle this morning since she's such an avid user of the SNOW app

No. 54826

I wonder if Micky is aware that using a lip cupper too much is harmful for your lips in the long run?…. I just remembered this is the same person who glues lashes on her eyes to the point she loses her vision.

No. 54837

File: 1561409173904.jpeg (109.04 KB, 640x458, 5D44527D-1B2C-4FBD-B0F0-FE5B1C…)

“Keep that gash closed”

No. 54851

>be the bigger person
>so that I can be smoller than you~

No. 54875

File: 1561446289443.jpg (356.51 KB, 640x974, BeautyPlus_20190625020312521_s…)

Reversed the individual filters on the app and tuned up the clarity. I wonder how close this is.

No. 54880

Considering the con candids, this actually seems pretty close.
It's crazy to know how she actually looks like.
I'm kind of surprised she even went to the con. She must have known there would be candids.

No. 54887

I genuinely don’t understand her fucked up hairpiece??

No. 54919

File: 1561482709106.jpeg (344.02 KB, 640x915, 8F3EC1DA-FF10-4A76-A95A-1F233D…)

Not really about mickey’s endless photoshopping, but…. this girl’s stomach looks vaguely like a vagina

Also what is with the ribs….?

No. 54946

She's fat, so big hair= uwu smoll
And she needs to have stupid extensions that don't really blend because, femininity=long hair and she needs to be the most prettiest ethereal fairy goddess ever.

No. 54952

i like this cardigan thingy tho, anyone recognize it?

No. 54957

whatever this look she's trying to pull off is, it's confusing to me.

does she want to look like a frau from the seventies? because she honestly comes off as a seventies mom driving a station wagon on her way to pick up the kids from school. it's, ah, unusual, i'll give her that.

No. 54975

File: 1561501426660.jpg (271.27 KB, 1133x2048, FB_IMG_1561501086346.jpg)

She has this sudden obsession with showing an ass that does exist.

No. 54976

My bad typo, *doesn't exist

No. 54977

The ass might be real, the ratio is not.

No. 54978

For someone who sits around all day editing themselves, not working, eating candy, monitoring and blocking people on FB, I doubt she has an ass this shapely. I bet that ass is built like a worn out mattress.

No. 54983

File: 1561503263494.jpeg (31.65 KB, 800x450, AAE5766D-2953-4E3D-AD5C-9AAAD8…)

The previous photos of her with that green jumpsuit looked incredibly fake, her “ass” is not proportional to her waist at all.

No. 54987

LOL noooo she literally looks like the girl who got plastic surgery to look like a barbie doll… and she wants to pass this off as “just makeup”

Also wow, she went from shopping for stick legs to shopping for an hourglass figure. What a mess.

No. 54990

By her recent body positivity posts, she's definitely going for a "oh look I just transformed into a thiccdoll over night since you've never gotten to see this side of me!" So when people see her in person she doesn't feel bad for being bigger. "I'm thicc now, I just gained a booty". Who knows, maybe she will slowly start revealing her true form piece by piece. Maybe she will gradually stop using filters on parts of her. Idk its wild really.

No. 55009

File: 1561513386229.jpg (559.59 KB, 1133x2048, grass.jpg)

Look at that warped grass.

I don't get this shit. It's not hard to learn to photoshop well so that the evidence isn't so obvious. If she's so committed to maintaining this illusion, why does she not bother to make her edits less obvious?

Unless she gets off on the negative attention, idk.

No. 55010

File: 1561513590358.jpg (24.57 KB, 188x396, FB_IMG_1561501086346.jpg)

Wtf is this? Straight line thigh. Grass bleeding into her skin. How embrassing.

Mickey, please stop this half ass editing. Some people don't know how to use Photoshop and it shows.

No. 55011

Her ass is literal grass kek
Also you can see the editing done in between her wrist and belly.

No. 55012

Her followers are simple people who can't be bothered to look past "ass and makeup"

She gets off on the negativity to some degree. It gives her a reason to post woe is me and I'm being bullied posts garnering even more pats on the back and sympathy.

She has a grown man following her that leaves skeevy comments, but she won't block him because it's a like or a comment and that means validation. Yet, you ask who the photographer was from ACEN and it's "BLOCK"

No. 55017

Like it literally looks like a full ass wig that she just didn’t pull up to her hairline.

No. 55018

Tbh many people (and certainly not her adoring fans) don’t check photos for signs of editing. Her fans are too busy gasping out compliments to notice the grass following the curvature of her ass. I mean, if there are people that really want to believe she looks like that to the extent that they’re willing to ignore video and photo evidence that she’s just an average girl, she doesn’t need to worry about learning how to properly photoshop

No. 55020

File: 1561517459505.jpeg (65.65 KB, 640x576, 1665D688-076C-4B01-A483-1F4995…)

Mickey on her newfound body. Watch out, she might have to start turning down requests for workout tutorials soon

All the comments going “THICC” and her replies on all her ass photos are some of the most gag-inducing things I’ve ever had the misfortune of reading

No. 55026

File: 1561520397328.jpg (805.27 KB, 1062x1920, BeautyPlus_20190625223826446_s…)

I'd like to see her originals before she edits them.

No. 55050

File: 1561531847406.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1242x2008, 5A2D88E6-775C-4C3B-9064-D61368…)

this calf is actually killing me tho haha like really bitch

No. 55095

File: 1561571250490.jpg (165.07 KB, 720x960, rufflez n frillz.jpg)

can someone explain to me how the fuck her thigh is smaller than her calf? she's getting lazier and lazier lol

No. 55109

File: 1561578827193.jpg (202.97 KB, 1152x2048, FB_IMG_1561578766276.jpg)

She simply can't take a picture without some goddamn commentary on why something doesn't look right.

Today the flooring and clothing racks are not playing her games.

No. 55110

Jesus Christ why does she elongate her neck so much? Mickey, please, you're not a giraffe.
LMAO her left arm looks gigantic because she made her torso so small.

No. 55111

File: 1561579823434.jpg (144.13 KB, 1152x2048, mickdick.jpg)

She keeps taking photos against the sky and grass now kek

No. 55112

File: 1561580526086.jpg (29.74 KB, 298x488, FB_IMG_1561578766276.jpg)

Armpit fused and stray hair disappearing under her blanket of LIES.

No. 55119

I…. what’s going on with that pinky??

No. 55128

I'm crying. Good eye anon!

No. 55129

File: 1561589360917.jpg (977.71 KB, 1080x1578, BeautyPlus_20190626174819484_s…)

Tried to do the opposite in the app again.

No. 55130

File: 1561589374059.jpg (54.04 KB, 820x1280, wonkypinky.jpg)

This is hilarious, anon

No. 55139

File: 1561591900619.jpg (14.09 KB, 219x327, FB_IMG_1561571765051.jpg)

That knuckle.

Bruh. Come on.

No. 55155

Is anyone gonna point out her toenails? Holy fuck?

No. 55158

Holy f this girl needs to lift weights. She is so soft looking, even with all the shooping.

No. 55160

File: 1561605837840.jpeg (26.64 KB, 255x312, 2BC3C397-71A5-4611-A673-C466EF…)


Holy shit

No. 55161

The eyes of the chick on her sleeve look… off. Or is it just me/the angle?

No. 55162

Psoriasis queen

No. 55196

Okay, I'm shocked. I followed her on insta because I thought looking at her clearly photoshopped pictures was funny, but I never imagined she looked SO different. I don't even know how you make what her photoshops are from what she actually is.

No. 55230

File: 1561651786573.jpg (138.42 KB, 540x960, jesus.jpg)

Her nostrils are two different sizes, lmfao.

No. 55231

This is the shit of nightmares.
Those clumpy dirty ass fake lashes look like a breeding ground for bacteria. Where's this bitches pupils under all that mess?

No. 55235

Think she started getting botox/lip injections? The top lip could be from photoshop but it's pretty bumpy.

No. 55249

Her bottom lip is a fucking mess holy shit.

No. 55250

Check out that sore on her tongue…

No. 55259

Did one of her teeth melt into her tounge or is that just the angle?

No. 55262

File: 1561664557079.jpg (878.45 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190627_143150.jpg)

Not fresh milk but an interesting find that I haven't seen posted. She was tagged and her response was bad con lighting.

No. 55265

sage for tinfoil but that girl looks so smug like she knows posting a non-edited photo of mickey is going to just destroy her uwu smoll babby facade

No. 55266

Honestly Mickey is not ugly unshooped…the way she edits herself makes her look like a shitty IMVU character, and that's not a good thing. At least here she looks like…a human being. The overlining on her lips is tragic though.
And if the girl who took the pic is smug well…I would be too kek

No. 55278

Sydney is low key cow-ish herself, wouldn't surprise me if she wanted to out her real look for attention.

No. 55282

That overlining just looks awful…….. if you’re going to overline, DO IT RIGHT

No. 55284

File: 1561680339221.jpeg (10.09 KB, 99x145, 37BE82C4-06DA-4D0A-9FDA-AE5700…)

Look at this weird centipede I found

No. 55307

File: 1561689033919.jpg (300.5 KB, 1080x1228, 20190627_212900.jpg)

Is…is she claiming her freckles are real? LMAO they are different every damn time!

No. 55312

File: 1561690188648.jpg (672.53 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190627_214619.jpg)

No. 55319

File: 1561692880353.jpg (1.17 MB, 3709x2497, hairycaterpillar.jpg)

That's definitely a hairy caterpillar anon.

No. 55326

Why even lie about it? It's so obvious that they're fake.

No. 55331

Her fake eyelashes fall out so much she has to draw them on (bottom lashes) I have seen so many photos of her using one or two single lash extension then drawing the rest on. VERY CRUSTY.

No. 55333


She is going to permanently damage her eyes with those rachet ass lashes. She has no bottom lashes to protect her eyes. I imagine the top are no different. She's always talking about the sun burning her eyezz! That's what happens you insipid cow, when you mutilated your eyes to the point they are an infected swollen mess.

No. 55353

at this point i refuse to believe she's not a giant ass troll.

No. 55418

File: 1561748564094.jpg (572.15 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190628_140157.jpg)

The mysterious disappearing freckles. Bitch be consistent with your lies.

No. 55428

File: 1561750856332.png (333.19 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20190628-140752.png)

Anon called it.
This comment was posted on her most recent hillbilly photo. it's been deleted. I suspect by her.

No. 55430

Is Andrew her boyfriend? Did they break up? She seemed to be compensating for something with all the embarrassing, trying-hard-to-be-cute videos she’s been taking… plus no recent statuses about “the boy”

No. 55431

I wonder why they broke up— and if he knows about this thread. I really want to know how in the world he was able to put up with all the photoshopping and her obsession with looking like a goddamn doll

No. 55432

He was her boyfriend. He was mentioned several times on her profile and in pics, he was also mentioned in photos on her mom's FB.


I did a little sluething and I think I found her (ex)boyfriend's page via the guy who made the now deleted comment. If it is the same Andrew, he's not active.

No. 55439

File: 1561755336329.jpg (118.27 KB, 475x960, 65242456_2465768996777691_9061…)

No. 55440

File: 1561755381725.jpg (126.63 KB, 519x960, 65832072_2464115716943019_6641…)

The lips

No. 55441

Honestly this girl‘s shit is just stupid. She’s insufferable

No. 55442

the seams on the overalls holy shit lmao

No. 55446

is she really wearing a wig so far back that her whole fringe is peaking out of it??? she's ridiculous this looks so bad

No. 55448

these do exist, are called half-wigs, but she's clearly wearing this wrong.

No. 55454

the back seat is caving in hardcore hahahaha

No. 55455

LOL yes, it looks like her hair, not her actual head, is wearing a wig. And she says she does hair? Okayyy

No. 55456

File: 1561759247858.jpg (79.21 KB, 1090x2018, FB_IMG_1561759078663.jpg)

Posts "seductive" picture…

No. 55457

File: 1561759458744.jpg (333.58 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190628_170256.jpg)

Gets angry when guys comment.

No. 55458


No. 55461

File: 1561760204983.jpg (111.13 KB, 553x960, mickeydickey.jpg)

anons how did we miss this photo

No. 55464

File: 1561763263738.jpg (2.59 MB, 5000x5000, pixlr_20190628180804084.jpg)


No. 55466

i mean, none of her family members or close friends have said anything saying it's false, but also keep in mind she literally fucks up her eyes with all that glue and even admits it so it's no doubt she puts herself through pain for the ~aesthetic~ kek

No. 55467

i don't think I've ever been clear about the whole surgery thing. is it just munchie dreams?

mad cus that ass is a lie?

No. 55469

It's a very real possibility it's all a lie too. If she can convert herself into a completely different human and carry on the fascade without guilt or remorse it's likely she's using a health complications for pity.

No. 55529

File: 1561822932678.jpg (391.96 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190629_104123.jpg)

I think Mick's got dumped kek

No. 55537

"Still" can't bend over, get out of a car, or sit down without help but according to her she's just recently attained that (photoshopped) ass by doing squats, okay.

No. 55538

Wow around a month ago or so she posted a gif from Tangled (I think the one where the guy was looking at the girl adoringly) and was like, “this is how the boy looks at me”

That sucks and all, but Idk why she’s airing this out on her public profile… it’s sad that her validation is from internet strangers complimenting her. Doesn’t she have real friends she can privately vent to and who can tell her she’s special?

No. 55542

That's assuming she has real life friends. Every picture of her is alone at a bar or with her mom. No one wants to associate themselves in real life with someone who needs constant validation.

No. 55553

That’s really sad. I can’t imagine being friends with someone, taking photos with them, and having them photoshop the crap out of themselves so they look like a cartoon character next to me looking like a basic human being lol

No. 55646

those drawn on eyelashes and lips… it's insane that she goes out looking like that, i feel sorry for whoever has to see her real unfiltered face

No. 55678

File: 1561924647910.jpg (188.33 KB, 540x960, 65360193_2469319423089315_3302…)

No. 55679

File: 1561924682709.jpeg (76.03 KB, 640x357, 7DCC3DDD-DD4C-495B-8F9C-E99957…)

Hahaha there are plenty of things, Mickey, but pretty sure you’d block anyone who actually answers this seriously

No. 55680

File: 1561925001828.jpeg (806.84 KB, 1920x2560, CCB53558-BB41-4A74-9EFD-CF86A0…)

Did she… stretch the picture vertically to make her legs thinner? Her legs are a lot thinner compared to this other photo

No. 55686

File: 1561928038504.jpeg (32.37 KB, 750x282, 284A935E-D5E3-4805-A0F3-2A3DDF…)

What is going on with her left eye? What is that giant eye bag and disappearing nose bridge? Whole area looks straight up drawn on like one of those eye stickers
She’s getting so sloppy with her shoops lately.

No. 55688

File: 1561929273667.jpeg (57.14 KB, 500x581, 84DCDD0F-9BB3-4EE3-B91F-09F328…)

Lol she’s in trouble

No. 55738

C'mon anon, we know she has no consistency when it comes to her shoops lmao can't believe she expects people to buy this shit

No. 55754


Didnt she previously post that she wanted to be told she's special? Fishing for attention much?

No. 55756

File: 1561997081203.png (1015.5 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20190629-103944.png)


Judging by the lack of comments on it, I'd say some of her followers are possibly seeing this cow for who she is.

No. 55759

File: 1561997828260.png (1.99 MB, 750x1334, 8E816F9E-173A-4090-AEE3-1EF006…)

at night i toss and turn because i keep thinking of this nightmarish pic

No. 55760

i can see her lying about the amount of PS she used lmao

No. 55764

thiss bitch out here really thinkin we believe her eyes are 1/10th of her entire head.

No. 55778

File: 1562013068819.jpg (51.17 KB, 492x960, 65157166_2469550849732839_1194…)

Another day, another terrible edit

No. 55779

File: 1562014840895.png (171.09 KB, 1440x1153, AddText_07-01-04.00.13.PNG)



No. 55783

File: 1562016764848.png (11.58 KB, 309x134, 4650d419665a4bb857342f7d116493…)

lol I thought she had finally admitted to editing but no. Wasn't she saying the other day her butt was due to exercise? Now it's due to genetics?

No. 55784


Lol sorry to trick you anon. I put a "fixed that for you" under the pic.

Yep last week it was lots of squats and hip thrusts. This week it's I'm Italian teehheeee, which means fuck all.

No. 55787

Anyone who knows anything about fitness knows hip thrusts don't grow your ass like that. Who do these dumb bitches think they're fooling (inb4 a lot, which is sadly true)

No. 55795

what the fuck is going on with her left leg?

No. 55806

File: 1562026835554.jpeg (212.22 KB, 1152x2048, C1088FE4-DCB5-42D7-9E51-09EDCD…)

her face just looks off here…. I thought her mouth was open but I honestly cannot tell. If her teeth are showing, they look painted onto her face

No. 55807

File: 1562027129550.jpg (37.88 KB, 289x436, FB_IMG_1562026981757~3.jpg)


Nice chunk missing from the leg Micks.

No. 55808

File: 1562027439181.jpeg (11.91 KB, 167x246, AddText_07-01-07.30.24.JPEG)

What a fucking mess.

No. 55809

KEK the grass isn't even lining up in between her legs. She literally tried to recreate the grass and sidewalk. Please, Mickey, do yourself a favor and learn how to edit better, use the ruler tool.
i love how the shadow behind her shows how thick her legs actually are

No. 55817

File: 1562029848977.jpg (997.86 KB, 1080x1726, 20190701_201005.jpg)

Like a washed up cokewh*re.

No. 55820



Wtf is wrong with her big toe,
does she edit her feet too?

No. 55834


sage for nitpick but it looks like she edited her toenail from her second toe onto her big toe

No. 55839

Why is this so sudden tho, like she thinks we'll believe she grew an ass like this overnight. She literally only just posted photos of her ass looking flat

No. 55852

Anonymous 14 hours ago No. 55820



Wtf is wrong with her big toe,
does she edit her feet too?

Her toenail looks like this in other pics too. It normally happe a to people who get ingrown toenails alot. They get really narrow and curved in at the sides.

No. 55854

File: 1562082049103.png (18.51 KB, 505x202, bitch how.png)

How is she going to "rent a lakehouse" when she has no job?? Begging from her followers?

No. 55858

I’m assuming her mom’s paying for her part lol. Partied with her favorite people….. yet none of the comments on her photos seem to be from IRL friends. Pretty sure even that guy whose tattoo she designed and who always comments on her pictures hasn’t met her in real life either

No. 55872

File: 1562096768989.jpg (182.17 KB, 1082x1988, FB_IMG_1562096574056.jpg)

Those nasty fucking lashes just glued to her bottom eyelid. I'm awaiting the day this delusional cow goes blind.

No. 55874

File: 1562098317133.jpeg (180.1 KB, 565x638, 08CFE2D7-5BF0-4AD3-A651-300533…)

Oh look it’s another picture of Mickey smiling

She’s wearing circle lenses and heavy makeup in both pictures but only looks inhuman in one. The magic of Snow

No. 55876

File: 1562102432335.png (11.74 KB, 474x159, d1fc97a7319018a21dd856191eb30a…)

She's really convinced she looks like her edits

No. 55877

The shoop makes look like she has edema in her arm. It's like a big, pale sausage.

No. 55880

File: 1562106024117.png (279.53 KB, 557x344, howdoianatomy.png)


Strawpoll: Is her shoop'd collarbone all fucky because it was already warped by the rest of the editing before she went in and darkened the edges, or is she so tubby that she has to make a blind guess at where it is and how it's shaped?

No. 55881

She no doubt edits in her collarbone.

No. 55889

File: 1562113092021.png (817.93 KB, 896x633, shewide.png)

Put together screenshots her latest turkey chasing video… waist is def not as small as she portrays online and yeah can't help but notice the nose.

No. 55891

Fantastic. Love how the one time she posts a video someone else took of her, it hides her face and is from a good distance. That waist definitely seems closer to her waist in her acen pictures lmao

No. 55893

She probably even contours to accentuate her collarbones irl. She's exactly the type of EDNOS-chan to do shit like that.

No. 55894

File: 1562116045499.jpg (94.16 KB, 540x960, 65547949_2473225382698719_1763…)

Her body looks exactly like her edits /s

No. 55897

Ugh her shopped face just creeps me out now

No. 55898

Is she trying to pass this off as a charming quirk? Narcissists are the fucking worst.

No. 55903

File: 1562122556931.jpg (777.5 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190702_215501.jpg)

Big difference. Just like acen.
Thanks anon for the screengrabs, I was going to do it myself but you beat me to it.

No. 55906

So that's why most of her photos are long as fuck, she literally just pushes the corners in of each photo and then edits her stuff so she doesn't look like she literally just pushed the corners in.

No. 55907

This is the shit that throws me off. She’s very apple shaped irl so the fact that she photoshops herself as thin and hourglass is bizarre. It’s beyond just slimming she’s literally like… carving out a new body

No. 55908

how old is this creature? if she's still under 25 i still hold out hope she will work out her self-hate and learn to like herself enough to stop being terrified of her actual face being shared on the internet

No. 55913

24-26 I believe, not very many people with her name in her state. Unless she's over 30.

No. 55926

File: 1562135443090.jpg (26.99 KB, 337x213, lmao.JPG)


Yooooo what the fuck hahaha she gave herself webbed thighs

No. 55934

Her mom's FB has another turkey video of her and is a clear shot of her from behind. Whoever said she has the same body as her edits is blind. Her nose looks huge in profile too. Not "naturally small and upturned" as she claims

No. 55937

File: 1562160463080.jpg (968.13 KB, 1500x1500, pt2019_07_03_08_18_50.jpg)

Don't forget to screenshot, anon.

No. 55938

File: 1562161948892.jpg (112.15 KB, 1025x671, Screenshot_20190703_095217.jpg)

The nose in profile lol

No. 55950

Is facebook just acting up rn? This video refuses to play for me. Can someone upload this and her mom's video here? It'd be good for archiving anyway, which we are supposed to do.

No. 55951


Facebook and IG are having issues loading videos atm. I'm following to save the video.

No. 55953

File: 1562174718964.jpg (12.92 KB, 284x112, Screenshot_20190703-120817.jpg)

That's right Mick's, blame FB for the quality of your pics. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact you run them through 3 different editing programs before uploading them. I don't have this problem with the quality of my pictures, then again I don't morph myself into a fucking dumpster fire.

No. 55967

She's just calling each and every person that follows her dumb at this point

No. 55981

Video posted to her mom's page.


No. 55983

She’s a wide bodied girl, especially for her height. There’s nothing wrong with that but what’s wrong is that there’s so many young girls commenting on her pictures wanting to know how she’s so skinny and petite. Stop lying to your fanbase, Mickey.

No. 55985

File: 1562196373090.jpg (204.07 KB, 1060x2048, FB_IMG_1562196352912.jpg)

No. 55986

File: 1562196517492.jpg (45.57 KB, 477x516, FB_IMG_1562196352912~2.jpg)

Did this bitch just Microsoft paint her overline?

No. 55987

File: 1562198903623.jpg (124.97 KB, 1334x750, iELI6P4.jpg)

No. 55988

Why would you photoshop yourself into this on purpose, and how blind do you have to be not to realise how noticeable and fake it is? It baffles me

No. 55996

She edits her body to be 1/3 of her real size.

No. 56004


why did this bitch look like she glued fucking tarantula legs on her eyelashes

No. 56006

are these wild turkeys? is this even safe wtf

No. 56009

they're domestic, hence the reason she's not screaming and running away from them

No. 56011

She looks so uncomfortable in this picture

Also really skinny. Mickey please stop pretending you’re this skinny. I have no idea how you don’t see the damaging message you’re sending by faking your body type.

No. 56012


She's absolutely miserable with herself. Waking up everyday taking pictures then editing 100+ pounds off your body to live a lie for social media and likes. No one who does this is happy.

No. 56013

File: 1562211488349.png (17.65 KB, 502x190, 4a73202afa7a825ad52debabb4c32e…)

But her ego is invincible anon.

Unrelated photo but why

No. 56031

Trying to shoop and creep her way into being another Belle Delphine, I guess?

No. 56051

Ugh she would look more fucking frightening than she already is. Her fucked up lipstick on her mouth and those braces peaking through.

No. 56053

The drawn bottom lashes trigger me

No. 56054


She's absolutely miserable with herself. Waking up everyday taking pictures then editing 100+ pounds off your body to live a lie for social media and likes. No one who does this is happy.

I totally agree with you but I find it a bit sad really. I (personally) don't think she's fat or ugly. In some of her mom's older pics from a couple years ago she looked amazing the way she was. She has nice features. I can see she's out on weight since then but she's certainly not obese. This game she's playing online is doing her mental illness no favours though, that's for sure.

No. 56075


Normally I'd feel sorry for someone who does this, however she's feeding off of other people insecurities. Everything she posts is "look how cute and unique I am". Her entire existence revolves around likes and comments on her look that isn't real.

Any pity I had for her went out the door when she said we were bullies and haters for calling her out. She can't admit it to herself, let alone her followers she's a fake with absolutely no substance.

No. 56094

It's obvious she DID lose an enormous amount of weight at some point due to how crepey her skin is. She's probably gained like 50 pounds judging by her unedited pictures. I think she posted somewhere that she lost all of her weight in like an 8 month period? That's extremely unhealthy and it's no wonder she couldn't maintain that. She literally starved herself. She has major mental issues to not only do that, but to live this fake life on instagram.

No. 56108

File: 1562288973405.jpg (125.25 KB, 529x960, 65946362_2476485375706053_6942…)

No. 56110

File: 1562289054108.jpg (108.22 KB, 555x960, 66241345_2476499549037969_4251…)

The shape of her head in this

No. 56116

You can tell by her face that she's fat like… lol

No. 56119

Looking to the future; do you guys think she's likely to crash diet and become actually skelly again? Or just stay on the path she's currently on of being overweight but smaller than she started at?

No. 56126


Judging by her diet that she posts about mainly candy, Splenda, monster energy drinks, liquor and milkshakes.. I'd venture to say she's going to gain back the weight + some. She clearly doesn't exercise and even if she did, you can't outrun a bad diet.

No. 56135

Her fucking neck! I can't with this bitch. And all those jagged lines around her face. She's just getting lazier every day.

No. 56143

Holy shit those bracelets are warped

No. 56149

I concur with anon above. She's going to get even fatter. She never had control of her weight in the first place, and she's not going to go on another crash diet because she's already convinced most of her followers she's skinny.

No. 56160

Doubt she'll lose weight again unless Mom pays to get that gastric band redone.

No. 56177

File: 1562342863150.jpeg (319.68 KB, 750x1082, 2585443D-DFC4-4D78-BA95-A68CF6…)

She looks somewhat like a normal person here…? Still doesn’t look like her at acen, though.
I love how her fans don’t notice that her nose changes size and shape in every single picture. It looks huge in this compared to all of her other pics.

No. 56178

>>56177 oh wow i cant believe she posted this, her nose really look normal sized

No. 56179


Why does it look like she has 2 left feet?

No. 56180


Just imagining a fat 30 year old woman with that ridiculous makeup and braces wearing clothes meant for teens is hilarious to me.

No. 56181

Wow did she actually not shop her nose for once?? I am surprised

No. 56184

She does look thinner on this one… Do you think it may be an old pic from the time she was indeed a thin girl? I mean those are not summer clothes… I doubt this is a recent picture.

No. 56185

it's definitely very edited. look at how warped the wheel is

No. 56187


It's less edited, but she tucked in her waist (you can tell by the wheel) and her calves look weird. Her face actually looks human though so that's good. This was probably the beginning of the end.

No. 56191

File: 1562350894177.jpg (344.63 KB, 1080x1547, Screenshot_20190705_142139.jpg)

Rich advice coming from Queen Facetune

No. 56199

It's one thing to be obsessed with the scale, but telling people to never look at it or throw it away is horrible advice. It's actually great to weigh yourself at least once a week (usually in the morning) so one can understand if what they are doing in the food and exercise journals is the right course of action for their goals.
People who've gotten rid of their scales do the worst in the long term imo, esp if they have disordered eating habits. Delusion is a hella drug.

No. 56204

…is that a shock collar?

No. 56206

File: 1562368743858.jpeg (161.93 KB, 750x1090, 7E847293-9472-4A8D-826F-FFFDB0…)

Yep, it is.

No. 56212

Christ I hope nobody's taking this woman seriously. I imagine there's eating disordered girls that follow Mickey for her thinspo shoops and read this daft shit thinking she knows what she's talking about. GF blew out her lapband in like a year and is addicted to milkshakes.

No. 56213

wow. miss animal lover my ass.

No. 56217

Wow… What a fucking cruel bitch. Lot's of animal protection organization and professional are trying to get those types of collar banned because it can cause serious mental and physical injuries to the animal. Who the fuck use that?????

No. 56220

It seems her dog just barks alot as seen in the random videos she posted petting her bunny. Possibly to shut him up? Her and her family were too fucking lazy to train the dog and he seems kinda older so he isn't gunna bother learning new tricks. Kinda stupid to us that type of collar on him right now. She should put it on that lazy bitch.

No. 56232

TBD, we use a collar like that on our dog due to excessive barking. They usually come with other settings beside the shock. We've never used the shock option but a light vibration and it's worked amazing to stop the incessant barking

No. 56240

>dogs barking because anxious and sense danger
>caring owners "solve" the problem by installing a shock collar

uwu Disney princess amirite

No. 56255

>this stupid nitpick about a collar
Dog owners use it to keep their pets from running off certain perimeters of their property, or yes to train their dog from behaviors like incessant barking. It's not to shock their pets for shits and giggles.
Sorry armchair dogfags, but these things do have practical applications. Stick to what's known about her.

No. 56274

Does she actually draw? Or is she known to trace? This art resembles the work of Kiyo Kyujyo way too much.

No. 56278

Is she really 30?

No. 56330

File: 1562490706296.jpg (92.85 KB, 762x1279, IMG_20190707_020903_085.jpg)

That's why her freckles change so much guys

No. 56337


does she still insist they are real? Wow delusion convince urself

No. 56343

Her eyebrows are done so thin, seeing her skull through the hair looks so freaky lol. Also what the fuck is up with that arm.

No. 56348

How is anyone convinced this is just makeup…. circle lenses don’t make your actual eyeballs bigger! She’s ridiculous, and her fans are also ridiculous for supporting this and feeding into her ego

No. 56387

people with actual natural freckles don't get them only on their cheeks and nose bridge kek. None on her shoulders, chest, forehead, chin…just where it's "cute"

No. 56408

holy hell her browbone looks crazy in this pic. looks like she shooped the hell out of everything below her brows but left her forehead/brows intact, she actually looks so much weirder and more alien-like than usual in this pic… not a good look mickey

No. 56409

holy hell her browbone looks crazy in this pic. looks like she shooped the hell out of everything below her brows but left her forehead/brows intact, she actually looks so much weirder and more alien-like than usual in this pic… not a good look mickey

No. 56422

File: 1562571915535.jpg (86.78 KB, 720x1280, IMG_20190708_004325_940.jpg)


No. 56446

File: 1562604461245.jpg (82.52 KB, 571x458, Screenshot_20190708-114455.jpg)

Overlines lips with lipstick.
Draws on freckles with a black eye pencil.
Wears crusty eyelashes
Poses like a pigeon for her photos.
Uses 23 packets of Splenda for a cup of coffee.
Don't stare, this is totally natural behavior.

No. 56450

But I thought her ego was so powerful? I can only imagine how many weird stares she gets in public ouch

No. 56454

File: 1562612687961.jpg (649.99 KB, 1080x1853, 20190708_140333.jpg)

So shes drunk and edited this HILARIOUSLY BAD. Mickey ft super dorito chin & wonky left eye. You can see the warping in that eye… o gawd.

No. 56456

File: 1562613094880.jpg (18.13 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

she reminds me of Jigsaw with that chin.

No. 56467

holy shit her shoulders/armpit area
I'm dying

No. 56477

Ughh she really grosses me out. Imagine seeing this freak in a bar. How does she expect people not to stare at that face. She says she has an underbite which causes her tongue to sick out from in between. Bullshit.

No. 56485

omg where are her teeth

No. 56489

Some of her older edits were kinda cute but this shit justs look creepy

No. 56493

File: 1562636586155.jpg (32.38 KB, 404x227, Screenshot_20190708-203933.jpg)

I want to ask for a makeup tutorial video and watch her squirm for an excuse.

No. 56495

Can we stop doing this? I don't really understand why people think this is necessary content. We don't need your artist's interpretation, it's equally as unhelpful as the shooped pics themselves.

No. 56503

File: 1562643851932.jpg (43.93 KB, 483x324, Screenshot_20190708-224250.jpg)


Post now deleted after someone requested a makeup tutorial. Kek

Now she's trying to sell her crusty USED eyelash extensions.

No. 56507

File: 1562646245983.jpg (368.13 KB, 1080x1563, 20190708_232251.jpg)

I can't stop laughing at this comment replying to what people want to see her post more of. Surprised it hadn't been deleted yet.

No. 56509

>ones without facetune

Also I don’t mean this in the creepy way — but where does she live? Like what state? I was surprised to see ACEN, I was always assuming Southern for some reason. Wasn’t expecting midwestern. (honestly makes me wish I had gone lmao)

No. 56510

Well she went to Dollinger Family Farm shown here >>56177 so it has to be in Illinois or a surrounding state. She must be terrifying to see locally, they probably all know of her around her town.

No. 56511

Pretty sure she is from Southern Illinois.

No. 56549

She posted her driver license awhile back and it said Illinois. From some light creeping, I would say either Joliet or Morris

No. 56558

File: 1562680433825.jpg (397.16 KB, 1080x1839, Screenshot_20190709_095349.jpg)

First of all, that's pantyhose so how do you not realize it's see thru??

No. 56559

File: 1562680598500.jpg (112.25 KB, 1080x836, Screenshot_20190709_095605.jpg)

Any takers for some crusty caterpillars??

No. 56581

Her big thighs and mattress ass aren't doing that thing fabric any favors either.

No. 56656

File: 1562738539211.jpg (2.15 MB, 5000x5000, pixlr_20190710005329533.jpg)

Asks for photo suggestions.

Deletes any comments pertaining to snow or FaceTune.
The SNOW comment stayed up for hours. I'll just assume she was in a sugar coma and didn't get the comment notification.

No. 56661

File: 1562744833144.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1527, Screenshot_20190710-024558(1).…)

She just bought tickets for a circus thing in Gurnee, which is where the Six Flags is located. I swear I saw her post she lives in Evanston, but Joliet seems plausible.

No. 56726

thanks mom

No. 56737

File: 1562780586773.jpg (397.61 KB, 1080x1778, Screenshot_20190710_134312.jpg)

HA! I think I spy her bf in the background

No. 56739

I have friends from Joliet and they appear as mutuals on FB. I’ll ask around.

No. 56742

File: 1562781424474.jpg (2.01 MB, 4895x4895, pixlr_20190710125448817.jpg)

Confirmed, her mom knows about her edits since this was up for debate recently.

They are both fucked in the head.

Side note, deleting comments where your followers ask you to post real natural photos is not rude Mickey. Sorry your fragile ego can't handle the slightest criticism without you slamming down the delete / block button. Whatever therapy you're using clearly isn't working.

No. 56743

> this is how i look 99% of the time
no you don't. your eyes are even more outrageous in this picture.

No. 56752


She has edited her nose into being almost non existent

No. 56754

Is this a joke lmao… her bdd has really gotten worse.

No. 56761

Huh? She literally looks the same as all her other photos??? The only message I get from this is that she’s in ridiculously dramatic makeup all the time.

No. 56763

You're joking right? Dramatic makeup? She's a walking FaceTune disaster.
And judging from her mom's candids and ACEN candids, no she doesn't look like this all the time

No. 56766


I love that last line. She's obviously spending her time much more wisely I see. Presumably spending hours on her horrid makeup and even more hours shooping herself into oblivion and monitoring her social media like a hawk, cuz obviously she doesn't have a job or friends or a life outside of her make believe online fantasy land… huehuehue

No. 56767

File: 1562789553277.jpg (5.91 MB, 4796x5212, pixlr_20190703124607140.jpg)


You're either blind or a WK.

Please explain how any of these look even remotely similar to what she portrays. Makeup doesn't make your nose 3/10ths of it's natural size, it doesn't shave inches off your chin, forehead and cheekbones, it doesn't lengthen your neck and it sure as shit doesn't shave 60+ pounds off your frame and give you an ass that weeks ago was non-existent.

Get the fuck out of here.

No. 56768

Does that mean her mom also sees her odd sexual posts (both hers and some of the art she shares)? Weird.

No. 56769

Calm the fuck down lmao. I clearly phrased myself wrong. I also think Mickey uses the crap out of snow/Facetune/all the image editing apps. All I meant was that she looks the same as all her other photos because she shops them all the same, but her caption makes it sound like she somehow looks different than how she normally presents herself. Even with the shopping though, you can tell she wears insanely dramatic makeup. Snow eye enlargement looks freaky enough on people that aren’t wearing makeup/are wearing minimal makeup, but it doesn’t make them look like dolls. The only reason the effect looks “doll-like” on her is because she’s wearing ridiculous eyelash extensions and a bunch of other crap. I’m absolutely NOT defending her at all, just pointing out how dumb her caption is (apparently in a terribly worded way).

No. 56771

"Huh? She literally looks the same as all her other photos??? The only message I get from this is that she’s in ridiculously dramatic makeup all the time."

My apologies. The way you worded your comment was it's just dramatic makeup. Which I've seen quite a few of her dumbass followers say.

No. 56773

I would hazard a guess that she sets the privacy of her posts to exclude her mom (probably other family too) from seeing them. Or would that little globe icon look differently?

I'm just assuming that because her mom seems to comment an awful lot on her written posts but never on her pictures

No. 56774

She really wants to live in a bubble. It’s one thing to block direct harassment and insults, but she deletes comments like, “[Can you post] pics without Facetune”. No name-calling at all. One thing to do would be to ignore it, but the implication that she edits her photos is just TOO MUCH for her, so she ends up deleting such comments.
She’s supposed to be an artist, right? I’m cracking up trying to imagine her in art school or in any professional creative field— she would NOT be able to withstand criticism.

No. 56779

"I’m cracking up trying to imagine her in art school or in any professional creative field— she would NOT be able to withstand criticism"

That's probably why she's unemployed. She probably gets triggered at the slightest critique. She's at least 21 since she drinks at bars. Imagine being 21+, unemployed, living with your parents, eating sugar all day, blowing up into your former fat self and editing photos of yourself into a waifu for likes. She's no better than the basement dwelling neckbeards who stroke her overinflated ego.(learn 2 imageboard)

No. 56791

Oh my lanta!! Hahahaha you win the internet today(learn 2 integrate)

No. 56797

It’s funny because with the social media following she had (on Instagram anyway) and the makeup skill she supposedly has, she could have found some income as some kind of makeup artist or influencer. But that would involve actual makeup tutorials, high-quality videos, and people seeing her without makeup and Snow filters, which I don’t think she can ever do lol.

No. 56869

If she was smart, she would have taken that route, but she doesn't even have the confidence for it lol. But I'm sure she's at least deluded enough to think she actually looks the way she edits herself. I mean, she allowed someone to film her in public, knowing the video would be posted.

No. 56884

File: 1562880080844.jpeg (151.87 KB, 1116x1852, 30964629-5A16-4291-9987-7BE81B…)

Wavy arm… And sure, Mickey, your shoulders are really that tiny.

No. 56886

File: 1562880344332.jpeg (153.19 KB, 1152x2048, 628EFBCC-8CA0-444A-A80A-AC811A…)

You can kind of see how caked up her makeup is around her bug-like eyes. It must look awful in real life especially during the daytime.

No. 56887

File: 1562880692808.jpg (108.63 KB, 540x960, fully delusional.jpg)


She's off her fucking rocker

No. 56897

File: 1562885740573.jpeg (100.99 KB, 627x458, E9E53DDC-C693-4849-B098-5AE882…)

Oh my god for the millionth time, Mickey: the real problem isn’t your aesthetic, the problem is the fact you don’t admit to using image-editing apps like Snow to achieve that aesthetic. You want to pass it off as just makeup. Your aesthetic apparently also includes a thin small body. But when people are asking, “how do I make myself look like that?” your answer is never, “Editing!” It’s some dumb variant of “exercise” or “i’m Italian lolol” You are willingly having people believe your face is achievable just with makeup and that you’re thin because you work out a lot and have good genes. That’s way more fucked up than whatever people think of your aesthetic.

No. 56898

It’s like she hears, “Stop deleting comments and blocking people who point out your editing and actually admit it” and interprets it as, “Your aesthetic sucks.” Not the same thing at all.

No. 56917

File: 1562894294075.jpeg (366.55 KB, 640x970, D9F865CD-A790-4DD7-8DD4-7BD6A6…)

“Lol it’s all just makeup”

No. 56929

She's lost all credibility because she edits her face and body to the point of being a completely different person, insisting that it's actually how she looks. All while preaching self love. After all the proof, she's still saying it's nothing but makeup. Maybe hinting that she simply "enhances" what her makeup does (or should do) and smooths her skin over. No bitch, you're craving a monster out of marble and claiming it's all uwu makeup, lighting, and angles uwu

No. 56950

The picture is slightly clearer than usual so her features look so fucking smushed. You can so clearly tell this is a fat girl face shopped into this abomination of a photo.

Kek @ her only posing with her legs spread apart when she's front-facing so she can more easily edit her flabby mess of a body.

No. 57038

File: 1562944373261.jpg (141.33 KB, 1152x2048, FB_IMG_1562939073896.jpg)

Still pretending she has thiccc ass. Kek
Her face looks extra disturbing here. Dead eyes.

No. 57070

File: 1562961580147.jpg (34.63 KB, 394x215, Screenshot_20190712-145055_201…)

Again, people pointing out you edit extensively and look nothing like your pictures in real life is NOT harassment. Please come back to IG, those hashtags will be fun to follow and you can't block them.

No. 57073

The awkward cringy thing is when all of her fans search for her IG now those other accounts pop up that expose her real face instead.

Not a fan but I tried searching for her and those only showed. I noticed a "irl" friend keeps commenting on one account saying her face is real, not PS and that the con pix are fake. Riiight…

No. 57078

>>57073 do you have screens of the friend? why would any real friend do that? why are they defending her?
i'm so confused. maybe it's her alt account?

No. 57089

File: 1562964594808.jpg (45.02 KB, 423x249, Screenshot_20190712-155035.jpg)

No. 57092


Did some digging. Not an alt account. She's from the same town. IG is private, Facebook is not. She facetunes and edits her pics heavily too. She probably doesn't want to throw rocks in glass houses. Also owns a set of very unfortunate eyebrows.

No. 57093

File: 1562965882141.jpg (59.2 KB, 540x960, 1918544_1545381079114384_40087…)

No. 57095

yikes. her fat hand. Is she gonna start binging?

No. 57096

File: 1562966761933.png (541.21 KB, 423x736, Screenshot_232.png)

screenshot of a video her mom uploaded of her, she's gained a bit of weight and is tormenting animals to take fucking pictures of them, she's such a waste of fucking oxygen

No. 57099

File: 1562967149347.jpg (104.18 KB, 784x960, 12524036_1555370654782093_2691…)

Pic of her and her mom pre-2015 and you can tell even years ago she still shopped because it's easier to smear your cheeto dust finger across the screen than put them down apparently.

No. 57100

File: 1562967226684.jpg (61.86 KB, 960x720, 13315697_1631239297195228_2096…)

"scene mickey" pre 2016

No. 57102

File: 1562968284742.png (40.22 KB, 605x264, 076.png)

>Im not a fan of unnecessary criticism or commentary on my life or appearance
>don't need unnecessary stress with all the harrassment
Literally just log off then? That's literally all you have to do to stop being "harassed". I don't understand these people who desperately want attention on the internet but think that means they ONLY deserve praise and are not open to any criticism. Mickey's the worst type though, she's offering nothing other than these shoops of herself. She thinks she deserves praise and recognition for doing well….nothing really, but can't even conceive of a world where she could just….not do that. She obviously thinks the world would be so deprived of what she has to offer that she HAS to keep posting these pics, it'd be a crime not to.

No. 57105


Thanks anon, haven't seen these before!

No. 57117

this girl has no waist, sorry

No. 57119

She looks like momokun here

No. 57123


What I don't understand is why she tries to hide her editing from her followers by blocking and deleting comments but turns around calls attention to harassment on IG. The only thing on IG if you search for her name in hashtags is precisely what she's trying to hide.

Either she low-key wants her followers to know ( doubtful )


She's even dumber than we initially thought. Likely.

No. 57140

It's funny that she's doing this now that her unedited pics have been out. She can't edit her legs into twigs anymore because everyone saw they're pretty meaty so she thinks if she just edits her ass huge and edits LESS of her legs it will be legit.

No. 57143

File: 1562989981067.jpg (103.32 KB, 540x960, BwwYlZU.jpg)

She literally just uploaded this. Wtf is up with her boob almost being in her armpit? Also the way she edited it, it comes to like a cone shape. I don't even know what's up with her stomach area.

No. 57145

God, this just hurts my brain. Like, how is it even possible for her to shoop herself down from >>53984 into this?

No. 57149

Cute camel toe, Mick. Also, it looks like she lives in a literal crack den. So aesthetic

No. 57152

File: 1562995483054.jpg (473.34 KB, 597x745, IMG_6881.jpg)

I mean she's practically at a right angle and going pigeon-toed, throwing her wiggly arms behind her and straining her neck out.

Besides that, I doubt she bothered shooping much of the brighter side and tbh when you play with contrast or anything it looks like she straight up just nuked that entire area.

Lazy, lazy.

No. 57153

That fucking arm. Kek

No. 57163

Wait so does Mickey live in Naperville? Kek I know a few people from there

No. 57164

File: 1563005201362.png (221.49 KB, 1078x1196, Screenshot_20190713-030632(1).…)

No. 57165

File: 1563005374060.png (350.63 KB, 1080x1453, Screenshot_20190713-030745(1).…)

The comments are trying to bait muh haters kek it's a site rule we don't cowtip, anyone who cowtips is a retard.

No. 57170

>i am comfortable and secure in who i am
>never mentions the photo editing

I mean if you're gonna admit you know what people are saying about you, why bother not omitting the actual reason people are talking about you? Just say you like to facetune into an IMVU character cause its fun and nobody would give a shit. However the tactile game of shooping and always bouncing around the subject to keep as little people possible aware is just sus behaviour.
like the convention pictures never got addressed by her besides one tagged by a fellow friend and the only thing she has to say is "such bad lighting x33!" Like we all havent collectively seen the unfiltered photos you're tagged in showing your whole body and face as it actually is

No. 57174

File: 1563012430322.png (2.16 MB, 1079x1782, Screenshot_20190713-050621(1).…)

I can't handle her leg

No. 57175

Uhm more like her fucking hand wtf

No. 57176

File: 1563014269293.png (1.94 MB, 2094x850, holymotheroffuck.png)

>>iTz jUsT mAkeUP yUo guyZ!!

No. 57186

>anime deer princess

No. 57188

Jfc her leg. She’s going right back to being uwu smol. Guess she forgot how she edited herself thicc in the same outfit, presumably, on the same day. This girl is wild, kek

No. 57190

an actual insane person

No. 57191

File: 1563028987641.png (280.29 KB, 339x608, mooks.png)

This one is sloppy. The hand is horrifying and her watch(?) yikes

No. 57193

File: 1563029094529.jpg (20.55 KB, 250x308, youright.jpg)

>the sad thing is you know there're going to screen shot this and put this in their forums as soon as they see it

No. 57200

Either her floors are dangerously warped or there's something fucky about that carpet

No. 57206

File: 1563036959661.png (26.58 KB, 336x78, Screen Shot 22.png)

Is it possible to buy Facebook followers? I know you can buy Twitter/Insta, but Facebook seems like it'd be harder. But….she has 13k followers on facebook and her pics don't even reach 200 likes (usually 120-180 max). Her other posts tend to be <50 likes. I know she was whining about her outreach being terrible in >>56507 but those numbers don't add up sis.

No. 57209

File: 1563038536809.jpeg (207.56 KB, 1242x808, D8674847-1A14-476E-A163-8CB306…)

After a google, I saw there's quite few sites
where you could buy followers. Some claiming to be 100% active and real. But we all know how that really goes. This one seems like the most popular one.
>You can buy followers to increase your followers or get 5-star ratings for your posts.

No. 57212

File: 1563039702575.jpg (218.31 KB, 747x775, Screenshot_20190713-123318.jpg)

Bitch anyone can mimic it, it's called SNOW, download it and enlighten yourself.

What do we have to gain? Proof that you're following, admiring and uplifting a liar. If she can't even be true to herself, how do you think she's projecting herself to her followers?

Mickey is insignificant and unremarkable. Why would anyone envy a 21+ year old adult who still lives at home, is jobless and spends her days morphing herself into a waifu for equally depressing males to tug their dick to?

I find it fascinating that a grown ass woman has spent years creating a fantasy world. You're just another like or comment to boost her otherwise trash self esteem.

There's no jealousy to be sought here, just pity for her and her ignorant fans.

No. 57215

>I can quit any time I want
>Happy fulfilling life

Doing what kek
This is her life and day-to-day, editing pics then bitching about people.

No. 57218

Clueless sheep fans like this would be enlightened on her bs if they would actually read what other people are saying instead of going right into defensive mode for someone that sees them as nothing but a follower count to boost her ego. Anon I replied to pretty much said everything there is to say. Between Mickey and her brainless followers, I don't know who's more delusional.

No. 57219

‘I love how I look’ but edits photos into oblivion and blocks anyone who mentions photoshop. Okay then.

No. 57220

She really is the new Dakota Rose. Hilarious

No. 57225

File: 1563052094920.jpg (76.06 KB, 509x360, Screenshot_20190713-160823.jpg)


No. 57226

Imagine being at her house and she’s just prancing around posing and taking photos in random corners and rooms lol wtf she must have all the time in the world

No. 57228

>I can have anything in the world, any price, any person, anything.
Mmm, can you tho, Mickey? Her posts seem to get more and more delusional sounding as time goes on. It's like she's really desperate to convince herself that this little morsel of internet "fame" is everything to her. In reality, if these people knew what she really looked like? She's still a nobody, living out in the semi rural midwest, no job, no education, just internet "support" via a photoshopped "anime deer goddess" persona.

No. 57229

>gorgeous anime deer goddess
holy autism

No. 57230

File: 1563055008458.png (247.24 KB, 676x900, kek.png)

I think in a complete vacuum it seems like nonsensical ramblings, but it seems to me she's directly responding to us, lmao. Still seems like nonsensical ramblings, if you consider she's probably parked on this thread, refreshing every hour to see what we're specifically saying about her so she can make a rambling post about how she DOESN'T care about us and we can't hurt her and she's above it.

(Please notice how of her 13k followers that she's earned through "effort and time", only 29 and 53 of them have shown up to show her said "admiration and love". You're right Mickey, you can buy followers but you can't buy "all the support [you] get"!)

I mean, if you look at her facebook page she's literally rambling, posting herself or sharing multiple posts throughout the day every day. I genuinely imagine her day consists of sitting on facebook all day, setting up her tripod and posing for pics (+shooping them for hours) and refreshing this thread and not much else. She clearly doesn't work or leave her house because of muh health or whatever. Mooks if you just got a job or a hobby you wouldn't have time to be so milky or obsess over what we're saying over here!

No. 57237

LOOL I love when her fans use the "THEY HATE U BC THEY'RE JEALOUS" defense. Jealous of what? How she doesn't have a job and seems to spend most of her time shopping pictures and taking selfies? I actually work and love how I look so much that I don't shop myself 50 pounds lighter and with a new face so nah… I'm good.

No. 57239

Aah, now it makes sense

No. 57242

Uhh Mickey, since I'm pretty sure you lurk here, please stop trying to shift this from the actual problem that SO MANY PEOPLE have said multiple times: you EDIT your pictures and LIE ABOUT IT. STOP LYING. You'd have a lot less "haters" or Internet strangers dragging you if you didn't cover up the fact you edit. There will always be people that will have a problem with your aesthetic, which is totally normal as it's not everyone's thing, but God this thread would be dead if you just admitted you shop your photos.

No. 57253

File: 1563063567701.png (3.54 MB, 2845x1331, mals.png)

Out of curiosity….has she said what the deal is with this or anything else about her health? Seems like she used to constantly talk about her "MALS" and post pics of herself in the hospital looking smol uwu and I had to go way back in the previous thread to even find what she was previously claiming it was. Cuz she used to insist she wasn't ana-chan, just emaciated from her rare disease uwu.

She clearly can't pass as either anymore, and seems to have dropped that specific line of defense all together, but still seems to vaguepost about her health. So what's all the surgery and health stuff supposed to be about these days? At the very least >>54739 seems like the real deal of some sort. Seems like she posts just enough about her health to make sure no one asks why she doesn't appear to have a job or anything. Or is it all part of the "DON'T ASK ABOUT MY WEIGHT LOSS" campaign?

(pics from last thread as reminder)

No. 57254

Mickey, you have nothing but a fake following based around extremely edited pictures and fake positivity. You sit on your ass all day taking pictures to spend hours editing away your double chin, hook nose saggy skin, and overall Michelin Man stature. Yup, livin' the life! Nobody with a right mind would be envious of your position. No job, no independence, no real social life, no personality, having your self esteem be directly linked to social media, it's a miserable existence. Good luck later in life when you actually have to, Lord forbid, support yourself financially. You'll be late on all your bills but no worries, you've got "support" from strangers on the internet uwu I'm sure they won't mind when you inevitably go down the ebegging every day route.

No. 57255

Yeah those numbers are crazy. With that many followers, you'd think she'd at least get a thousand or so likes. Though I'm sure some people are following her to laugh at her photos

No. 57259

File: 1563068426957.webm (318.91 KB, 480x852, 67430978.webm)

Posted today.

No. 57260

File: 1563068525870.png (182.81 KB, 295x373, Screen Shot.png)

Nightmare fuel, truly.

No. 57262

File: 1563068975769.png (228.45 KB, 1080x775, Screenshot_20190713-204719(1).…)

Some newer comments
We're all sad bois now, time to get banned kek

No. 57264

>Like honey, just love yourself and you would be sm happier
Ironic, given Mickey shoops herself into an entirely different person. Also kek at Kelly Eden being a style icon.

No. 57266

> I genuinely imagine her day consists of sitting on facebook all day, setting up her tripod and posing for pics (+shooping them for hours) and refreshing this thread and not much else.
tbh even if she looked exactly like her pics, I would still think her life seems boring af. She does literally nothing except taking awkward photos of herself. No personality to speak of, doesn't seem to have friends or hobbies except occasional cosplay which is really just more vanity and photo taking, she certainly isn't working or studying. It's even worse that she spends the rest of her day photoshopping said photos, but the sheer lack of substance to her life is sad. And yet she's still so arrogant, its' weird. Photoshopping is forgivable if the person has a little humility, but she has none.

No. 57267

> they have to make shit up
Yeah, it's not like there's pages of evidence and screenshots here, all (or most) of which Mickey posted herself.

No. 57272

File: 1563074312387.png (191.54 KB, 199x994, 15459598.png)

Oh no Mickey, there's something wrong with your windows! That can't be safe to drive

No. 57275


>I can have anything in the world, any price, any person, anything.

I wonder how awful it is for her to have cows she clearly wishes she looked like (Like Belle Delphine) be younger and more popular? It must be awful just drooping and eating your feelings all day while shooping herself into someone she thinks is capable of being loved.

No. 57278

topkek Mickey and Kelly Eden as style icons? Sure, if it's all lifted from somebody else and/or shooped to oblivion and back.

It's sad that these sheeple still believe and follow these losers.

No. 57299

She probably does have MALS - it can happen after gastric bypass.

No. 57313

if I woke up and saw this, I'd be swinging and punch it. The fuck

No. 57379

File: 1563156356906.jpg (176.67 KB, 809x587, Screenshot_20190714-210413_Fac…)

Sez the chick who literally wears a hair piece like a head band holy wowwwww

No. 57381

anon what was it? I saw a toga but couldn't click on it.

No. 57605

File: 1563289477892.png (1.56 MB, 1080x2064, Screenshot_20190716-100328(1).…)

She warps her neck so much. Also her tongue looks like a lil smokie.

No. 57614

Her neck omfg. Another Photoshop cosplay disaster we can look forward to, yay.

No. 57689

File: 1563352359529.jpg (114.2 KB, 720x417, IMG_20190717_113113.jpg)

i bet my ass she wouldn't know about Bianca if she didn't lurk the farms

No. 57690

Its on a bunch of mainstream and new sites?

No. 57780

File: 1563411349334.jpg (115.76 KB, 1272x1280, IMG_20190717_175150_066.jpg)

Imagine doing something as blatantly attention seeking as getting huge visible tattoos all over your body and then acting like an asshole when strangers ask you about them.

No. 57785

I mean tattoos feel nothing like that but ok. I'm going to say it. Weird flex.

Feels like skinning your knee as a child and not realizing it until later.

No. 57819

I feel like this is a nitpick lmao. people are annoying as fuck to women with tattoos. I think she’s just lucky nobody’s physically grabbed her to get a better look at them

No. 57820

Or, and hear me out here, or you could just say yes/no and not be an attention seeking cunt trying to impress the super mega alt. tattoo crowd

No. 57830

No new pics of her cosplay, yet. “Coming soon” must mean a few weeks because that’s how long it takes to shoop her photos to hell and back.

No. 57891

Anyone know why she hasn’t posted anything on fb since Monday? It’s very odd when she’s usually sharing things every five minutes.

No. 57899

Maybe she actually finally realized that Internet strangers will lose interest once she stops making her posts and photos public. The nice thing would have been if she had realized shopping her photos then lying about it was pretty shitty, but oh well

No. 57908

File: 1563566226036.png (2.6 MB, 1219x2048, Screenshot_20190719-155617.png)

Spoke too soon

No. 57909

she kinda looks normal here, not as shooped but i'm honestly not sure anymore. if i have to give her one thing i really do like the outfits she wears lmao

No. 57910

File: 1563566898921.jpg (430.67 KB, 819x1187, 20190719_150621.jpg)


can we just take time to appreciate her wonderful skills? Wobbly angled chair legs and wacky wavy arms, lol

No. 57911

File: 1563567925111.png (4.47 MB, 750x1334, 123FA66B-C345-4BBE-AD32-4D2EFB…)

When you shoop yourself to look like a literal fucking giraffe.

No. 57914

I think she's shopping her face less (her nose actually looks closer to normal), but the picture is so filtered and low-quality that it's hard to tell. Pretty sure she's still shopping herself thinner.

No. 57918

File: 1563573793241.jpg (43.97 KB, 209x306, 20190719_165825.jpg)

She looks really old and saggy.. I mean if she did lose all that weight then I'm sure there extra skin. That or she stretched the image to seem taller/slim. Giving herself long breast sag. From a distant she looks like a grandma.

No. 57921

Don't have to spend more time editing when she can just hide her hamhock arms behind her like a kid's drawing when they don't know how to draw hands. Genius.

No. 57922

No. 57940

Are her boobs really hanging down to her bellybutton?

No. 57964

unironically, yes. you can kinda tell in other pictures too. just a super unfortunate side effect of losing so much weight, boobs deflate and get hella sad. the only way to fix it would be a series of breast reconstructions and lifts, and since she already has so much other extra loose skin on her arms and legs, she’s looking at a hell of a lot of surgery if she ever wants to have an average somewhat firm body

No. 57997

Yall are tripping if you think she looks normal here lmfao look at that giraffe neck

No. 57998

File: 1563646466732.png (1.76 MB, 1295x2048, Screenshot_20190720-141043.png)


IDK what's simple about this when this literally looks the same as all her other shoops. Her makeup is the same, her lashes are still on— she can't do a simple look if she tried.

No. 57999

Also cracking up at how obviously she contours her nose.

No. 58003

>>57998 jesus fuck the spider legs are freaking me out.. I think that's the part of her makeup that is most revolting to me. Even worse than the lipstick smeared all over

No. 58005

The spider legs and prolapsed anus mouth both get me. I don't understand what kind of mentally ill you have to be to think these shoops look good or real in any way.

No. 58022

Her mouth looks like a tortoise's beak here. How are the shoops getting worse?

No. 58023

File: 1563666010123.jpg (48.94 KB, 539x359, bwi-blws228265.jpg)

#Nomakeup #selfie

No. 58104

File: 1563753095252.png (954.41 KB, 1298x2048, 1803758554.png)

There's also the fake pretty who's always ready with Snow and Photoshop and all the image-editing apps

A bit off-topic, but I hate the mindset that all girls are pretty or cute. Less people say that shit about guys. It just reinforces the age- old concept that girls have to be some kind of pretty to be valid. It's nice to be seen as pretty, but it's also nice to be seen as smart, and no one says things like "I see so many girls and there's so many different kinds of smart"

No. 59307

File: 1563824901691.png (866.09 KB, 2048x1469, Screenshot_20190722-154536.png)

I'm confused… But all those comments about her ass were okay? Is her ass not part of her body?

No. 59311

she’s referring to her weight, not her ass. it doesn’t make sense to normal people because she’s clearly body dysmorphic as fuck

No. 59318

Comments on her fake ass are validation. Comments on her "weight loss" remind her that she's still a fatty hidden behind filters.

No. 59353


You’re pitying her when you shouldn’t. I have similar stats to her. She was definitely in the 300’s of lbs. I lost 200, got breast lift + tummy tuck. Later, arm and leg lift. All skin is gone, all 4 cost me 47k total. It’s a pretty penny but not impossible. You don’t just get an “average firm” body, you end up looking great, in shape with minimal scarring and better stats than 75% of the US if you’re there and a healthy weight. She would benefit from figuring out how to maintain and save to do it, two life skills that seem too difficult for her.

At the end of the day she’s just amberlynn’s twin sister who had some success but couldn’t keep her brain straightened out long enough to fix her situation. She’s a lost cause and I’m sure her parents were extremely dysfunctional and never made her lift a finger as a kid or learn any general responsibility or how to value herself properly. All of her postings seem like that of a kid who consistently needs to come up with preposterously retarded escapades to get mommy and daddy’s attention.(no one cares)

No. 59369

Call me crazy but that post reaks of her projecting something… I don't see anyone comment on her weight. It's only been about her "thicc booty" which she was gratuitously showing off for attention.
She's posted a couple times about Eugenia Cooney, who's just recently gained weight, and is like trying to copy what's happening to her.
Just my two cents.

No. 59397

>all 4 cost me 47k total. It’s a pretty penny but not impossible
You're a fucking kook and I'm glad you got the timeout. This is a college degree, or a down payment to a house. Many people in fact don't have the money for that much plastic surgery you muppet.

No. 59414


I find it interesting how you people consistently shit on her loose skin yet when someone who provides insight into removal of said skin chimes in you ban them, lol.

No. 59415

No one cares.

No. 59423

Not everyone itt shits on her loose skin and we certainly don't expect anyone to drop 50k on surgery to appease those comments. She's here because her shoop is ridiculous and she lies about it.

No. 59429

Well, not everyone here is the same person. I don't really give a crap about her loose skin (it's an unfortunate side effect of losing a lot of weight, and there's not a lot that can be done about it besides surgery, so why make fun of that?). I'm here for the fucking terrible face and body shoops.

Yeahhh tbh spending that much money on surgery isn't possible for a lot of people, even ones who are in better circumstances than Mickey. 47k is like… a year or so of college tuition in America. You can't expect her to save up that much money just for surgery when there are probably more practical things she needs to pay for, like actually moving out or going to school or whatever.

No. 59451

>47k is like… a year or so of college tuition in America.
I pity whoever is going to school for 47k a year and not having it paid for by the school.

No. 59454

File: 1563918928023.jpg (362.49 KB, 1052x2040, FB_IMG_1563918878925.jpg)

Mickey, I know you lurk here,
learn how to fucking shoop.

Nice batwing armpit.

No. 59456

no, they got banned for blogging about their pathetic life. not for providing insight.

you can give us personal experience without making it into a soap opera where the words “i” and “me” and “my” show up more than literally any other word anon

No. 59466

What's really stupid is if she's so damn insecure about her arms there are tons of cute, lacy summertime cardigans and boleros she could wear to disguise them a little. The whole liquifying arms to picks and turning herself into a bobblehead technique seems like too much effort to drop just for it to not be convincing in the end.

No. 59482

Why does she elongate her arms so much? You can see how horribly edited they are due to the tattoos

No. 59483

I don't know much about photoshop, but is it likely she's using some sort of pinch effect in the centre of her photos to make her body smaller? Or a stretching effect at the edges? That sort of thing would create really long limbs if they're held away from her body.

No. 59499

File: 1563981687093.jpg (293.91 KB, 1080x1142, Screenshot_20190724_112053.jpg)

The fuck? Refrain from posting personal things? Can't get much more personal than photos of your "ass" or talking about getting hair extensions, or your implant in your back… She's so delusional it hurts

No. 59500

>boohoo i'm a privileged wealthy white girl and i don't like being reminded i'm a privileged wealthy white girl but let me pretend this post is about poor people shaming

No. 59502

Seriously, she wrote this well knowing she's got money. Her house is definitely upper middle class and everyone around the area knows living in Joliet/Naperville means you most likely are loaded. Her mom takes her to touristy restaurants a lot too. It ain't that hard to see kek.

No. 59508

File: 1563985215043.png (881.52 KB, 1440x2714, StitchIt_20192407112029_285.pn…)


I'm just going to leave this here. Not very personal if one day you're bragging about being able to afford anything at any price, paid for by your parents of course because you're a jobless leech.

No. 59512


lmao one of her main points in one of her videos was that people should be "focusing on their JaWbS, thEir CaReErS" ????

it only freaks her out because she knows she's jobless and leeches off of her family and boyfriend(?)

No. 59514

So she's uncomfortable answering questions because she doesn't want to tell people her source of income is mom, which is contrary to her brave badass self making shit happen tone she has in her other posts.
That would all go away if she got a job. Why are cows so stupid?

No. 59515

Lol wtf? Didn't she post a text screencap awhile ago about how she wanted tickets to a circus show or something like that, and whoever she was texting bought them for her? Like … don't brag about how you have other people pay for things for you, then talk about how you don't want people asking about your lifestyle, how it's funded, and how you refrain from posting personal things (She must have very different standards of personal because many people I know would not post public statuses about how much pain they're in from surgery, post-surgery pictures, how they want someone to tell them they're special…. the list goes on.)

No. 59527

File: 1563996039771.jpg (262.54 KB, 1152x2048, FB_IMG_1563995922103.jpg)

Her legs look closer to normal here. Hard to pretend you're still ana-chan when the loose skin is filling with cellulite, huh micks?

No. 59528

File: 1563996242755.png (2.25 MB, 1262x2048, Screenshot_20190724-151654.png)


Okay. I can accept she has an eating disorder where she lost a lot of weight. Idk how old this picture is, but I assume it had to be taken before Acen, where her tagged photos show her at a significantly higher body weight.

But Mickey. How do you justify posting cosplay photos that show a much thinner you compared to the photos and the video other people took of you? Other people struggle with eating disorders too. Other people look at things like your cosplay photos and think, "God I wish I was that thin." Stop thinking you're always the victim and think about how your lies about your editing affect the body image of other people.

No. 59529

Obviously this is giving her the benefit of the doubt— that she didn't shop this photo just to gain sympathy. But who knows

No. 59531

There's some editing going on, the sidewalk lines behind her don't line up with each other and her nose is not that small.
Also not sure why she's sharing old photos, she's definitely gained some weight and shoops herself to look like she used to.

No. 59537

I cannot believe she actually made that first post. She can have any person? Really? Does she think people are objects she can buy, own, and bend to her will? What a repulsive narcissistic way of thinking. Hey Mickey: people aren't possessions, and I'm fairly sure no one in the world has come close to truly being able to claim, "I can have any person I want."

No. 59538

For someone who's made so many posts about "don't dare ask me about my weight" "don't comment on my body" etc, she sure seems hellbent on trying to convince everyone of how skinny she is

No. 59539

File: 1564001552208.jpeg (337.66 KB, 750x779, 4314BE1D-6AF5-4893-9799-172D35…)

her hands usually give her away….unless she just holds all her weight in these babies

No. 59553

Looks like a fucking deathclaw hand

No. 59555

File: 1564009490983.jpeg (102.09 KB, 1074x432, B1B5C76B-DA81-4233-968C-E38943…)

She’s claiming that the photos of her taken at the con are edited

No. 59557

File: 1564010083934.jpg (849.91 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190627_143150.jpg)


Explain why you commented on this picture you were tagged in Mickey if the photos were "edited".

No. 59578

File: 1564017449393.jpg (735.5 KB, 1080x2240, Screenshot_20190724_211753_com…)

She had a live video going on FB of her drawing (sorry can't figure out how to record it but screenshot attached) and she's talking about her artwork but I haven't actually seen her draw anything. Couldn't watch it all but she keeps getting distracted with the comments… Anyway my point is can she actually draw?

No. 59579

She can't make an excuse for the video. Why would a videographer make her bigger on purpose in a cosplay video that showcases plenty of other people? All the people who are supporting her are just in crazy denial and are blatantly enabling body dysmorphia

No. 59593

now that you mention the pudgy hands, the shadows on her shoulder look suspiciously edited in, like the color is too flat to be on actual skin

No. 59610

File: 1564029804367.png (52.76 KB, 705x291, Screen Shot 19.png)

kek, good call anon.

Are they still together you think? She used to post pics of them together, but hasn't in a long time it seems. Like, when was the last time we saw him?

>Idk how old this picture is, but I assume it had to be taken before Acen
lurk more, this is way old. Before ACEN-gate like half of the convo was that she clearly had an ED but kept insisting it was because she had "MALS" ( >>57253 ). Plus she was part of that giant bully group with other ana-chans (speaking of which, Dae posted about her recently)

No. 59613

File: 1564030519139.png (187.06 KB, 1077x1136, Screenshot_20190724-235452(1).…)

Cosplay pics coming soon, anons!

No. 59620

>>59613 sorry I dont have fb.
Does she not post her art or do you guys just not repost it on here? Cause i'm pretty sure so far i've seen like.. 2 of her drawings in total?
I'm just wondering how much of an "artist" she is if she doesn't even art lol

No. 59643

With a Zero two cosplay on the horizon I wonder if we would get to see a cow crossover with Lori

No. 59655

The stuff she draws focuses on the same things she shoops. She has a DA account. I'd say she is good at art but only draws kawaii dolls.

No. 59656

File: 1564072858694.jpg (105.61 KB, 1024x892, Wrk0ON3.jpg)

Why doesn't she just admit her fb page and her photoshopped face is just part of her art? i really dont get it. Why deny it? I understand wanting to keep it a secret for the sake of the aRT.. but once people notice that's not really how you look, why screech at them and accuse them of photoshopping you fat? Just say "You're right, this is not how I actually look, it's a form of art and how I express myself" or some fakedeep shit
Maybe I'm trying to bee too reasonable though..

No. 59658

File: 1564073107436.jpg (Spoiler Image, 49.39 KB, 400x534, oUFzCrF.jpg)

more of her art

No. 59659

File: 1564073253289.jpg (Spoiler Image, 382.37 KB, 973x1287, YpjUPN5.jpg)

she only has 10 drawings on her DA profile and the last one is from May 2017

No. 59660

File: 1564075365445.jpg (265.33 KB, 720x978, 1545964755850.jpg)

>I'd say she is good at art but only draws kawaii dolls
Agree, but her tat also kind of looks like her style? But I don't think she has the range to draw something like this. Maybe she just told the artist like "the eyes HAVE to look like this"??

(Also for what it's worth, I grabbed this pic from the last thread. Don't feel like digging through her fb to see if there's an original, but I don't care for the circling of her skin. We all know it's a side effect of drastic weight loss, no one cares, it's not what makes her milky.)

No. 59757

kek, I think she deleted this? I can't find it on her fb anymore

No. 59758

File: 1564114134613.jpg (291.01 KB, 1110x2048, 67227530_2513782878642969_7092…)

>"Embracing my lion hair ty"

No. 59774

I’m betting she looks like Hagrid irl with those ratty ass extensions

No. 59779

god the anatomy in general is awful but those knees are particularly terrifying

No. 59781

File: 1564126637352.png (318.2 KB, 514x358, mmi.PNG)

probably deleted it so she could share this post

No. 59782

This is exactly how she edits her face

No. 59783

Oh dear, does she sleep with the wig on? Is that normal? This definitely looks like the wave you get hair that's been slept on braided

No. 59825

File: 1564159581906.png (85.64 KB, 843x397, md.png)

more "she's replying directly to us"?

No. 59826

File: 1564159800580.png (484.5 KB, 517x644, Screen Shot 7.png)

I feel like you can see echos of her real face in the right pic. Those fucking claws for nails tho, blech.

No. 59829


no makeup on…except white eyeliner on the waterline, foundation, contouring, eyebrows, and obvs photoshop

No. 59830

Has no makeup on…. Yet her eyes are still large and doll-like…… but "My eyes are big bc makeup and false waterline and circle lenses!!!"

Also seriously the lowest-quality photos ever. How many filters/edits did she run these photos through? Jeez

No. 59849

File: 1564164491820.png (4.01 MB, 750x1334, 1E01A38E-B1C2-41F1-9DCB-8CB22A…)

I know a chubby girl face when I see one.

No. 59852

That face is definitely way more round than her previous photos. I can see the under part of her chin! Looks almost as close as the unedited face in the OP image. She definitely got rid of her smile lines. Obviously edited her nose as well.

No. 59857


No. 59869

Hey Mickey, remember this? >>56917 "I have catty narrow eyes naturally that I enlarge with makeup!"

How do her fans not see the blatant editing here?

No. 59871

File: 1564170429973.png (84.17 KB, 1077x300, Screenshot_20190726-144347(1).…)

This guy's been commenting on a lot of Mickey's photos. I'm so confused on whether or not he's gay or trying to hit on her by pretending to be gay lmao this comment got me questioning

No. 59876

Idc if he's gay or straight or whatever, but I cringed reading his comment. Just the over-the-top attempt to be cutesy is off-putting… it's embarrassing that Mickey feeds off this

No. 59918

new face who this

No. 59934

It’s obvious extensions, the texture difference is the giveaway. Extensions don’t get the same natural oils as head hair so they get dried out pretty fast. It’s recommended to sleep with them braided though

No. 59935

Always love how the hair wraps around her face

No. 59962

He smashed those heart emojis with his dick. All men assume if you're a cute girl online you're doing lewds or camgirling, he's just more subtle about it than most

No. 59970

File: 1564191306993.jpg (3.89 MB, 5000x5000, pixlr_20190726203451429.jpg)

Taken same day.
Claims both are NO makeup.
One features her natural "freckles", one doesn't. Which is it Micks? If you're going to lie, be fucking consistent.

No. 59971

File: 1564191559012.jpg (41.91 KB, 640x1285, FB_IMG_1564191145186.jpg)

Disappearing top lip. Kek

No. 59972

White eyeliner in waterline, check. Clearly contoured nose, check. Drawn on freckles, check.

No. 59975

You can almost see a hint of her real face in here somewhere, but man, she's so sloppy with shooping her pics. You can literally see where things have been pushed around and warped.

No. 59982

Pretty sure fake lashes are considered makeup. Also contour…and white eyeliner… and fake freckles… hair extensions and photoshop isn't natural.
I get she's dumb enough to think she's pulling the wool over peoples eyes, but the fact that people can look at her pictures and not see the obvious makeup and photoshop is concerning.

No. 59983

Makes sense why she photoshops herself into unrealistic proportions if this is how she thinks anatomy looks like.

No. 59984

Has she… seen a woman without makeup besides herself before? Has she seen Emilia Clarke (first celebrity I could think of) without makeup? Like… there are makeup-free photos of some of the most gorgeous famous women online, and they all look much more real than whatever this picture is.

No. 60013

She going for the Dorito chin look now?

No. 60020

File: 1564207794210.png (2.88 MB, 1502x1251, mickz.png)

Does this drive anyone else crazy? Not even touching her different shoop styles, I still feel like I have no idea what this bitch's face ACTUALLY looks like, because even the real (or less photoshopped) pics we've seen don't look alike. There's definitely some distinct features going in some stages, but then the ACEN pics really seemed to throw a wrench in that. (Tried to find all the pics posted so far that are real or real adjacent)

No. 60028

Holy shit I just noticed the heel of her foot is gigantic KEK

No. 60049

what the fuck. people actually believe these photos are not edited? liquify is being severely abused. why are her photoshop skills not improving?

No. 60054

File: 1564248777611.png (309.57 KB, 2048x623, Screenshot_20190727-132612.png)

"I JUST WANT YOU TO KNOW I HAVE FRIENDS but I'm never going to post pictures with them bc that would require them knowing my photoshopped self and being okay with me shopping myself look physically better than them"

No. 60057

But anon, fake eyelashes, you can take em off at the end of the day, you don't risk getting eye infections, they don't take 5+ hours to install, you can do eyeliner and all sorts of crazy eye looks, and you don't usually get that glumpy gloopy, crusty, white dusty buildup of dirt on them like she does, because her's aren't just a simple ol' lash band. I think maybe because she gets to sleep with her lashes and get to be like "uwu I woke up like this", maybe she considers them as not makeup, so as to further her "I'm an angelic fairy with naturally facetuned features" agenda
Her freckles somehow look like they were added on with an editing app? Unless I'm just crazy. They look like an overlay from one of those makeup apps

No. 60067

File: 1564260013618.png (346.4 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20190726-231341.png)

Her followers are imbeciles.

No. 60068

Aren't they lash extensions? Technically I can say I have no makeup on when I wake up too because my lash extensions are glued on but they for sure aren't natural.

No. 60069

>Her lips are pigmented above her lips naturally
wtf does this even mean? you can tell that is not true in half of the photos >>60020 posted oh my god

No. 60073

"she HAS to overdraw them" What. You can see where her actual lip line is in her selfies, and it would look much better if she didn't overdraw her upper lip. Overdrawing the upper lip can be done well (Ariana Grande does it for instance and it's barely noticeable), but the way she does it is just sloppy and blatantly looks like she has a lipstick moustache

No. 60074

Honestly >>60020 got me wondering, the shoop is obvious, but have we discussed the possibility of ps? Like, obviously now she overshoots her top lip by a mile, but I think this is partially why she doesn’t look the same in any of these pics. It’s like her progression is:
>no top lip
>top lip
>top lip + overdrawing
>top lip + overdrawing + shoop
So are fillers in there somewhere between “no top lip” and “top lip”?. If she can afford extensions and insane manicures every week and cosplay and a vague implanted device that treats “chronic pain” without working…surely she can afford fillers, right? (and by “she” I mean her parents)

No. 60112

Maybe? Lip fillers are some of the fastest dissolving fillers because of the movement in the area. You need to get them redone every 3-6 months for around $500/syringe.

Not that we can tell because of all the filters and blurring, but filled lips tend to not have any of the natural cracks and lines in them.

No. 60113

the only 'true and current' pics are the candids - bottom right of op pic and bottom two pics of second to last column in >>60020
doesn't really look like fillers to me, just shitty overlining and shoop.

No. 60128

Also top two pics in the right column of >>60020. Those are from the cosplay video she was in. It's a montage of different cosplays by different people, and it's unlikely the videographer would decide to edit only her to be thinner and more anime

No. 60135

Her thicker waistline, how broader her shoulders are, and the reality of her face (her makeup does not make her look like a Bratz doll IRL no matter what her fans might believe) in the video still blows my mind, especially compared to all the pictures of her Junko cosplay she had been posting

No. 60265

File: 1564427732082.png (25.17 KB, 488x252, bitch WHAT.png)

Okay saged for old-ish milk, but she's replying to comments on >>59971 and???? She has to be fucking out of her mind, and her followers have to be more delusional than she is to believe this.

No. 60272

wtf she sounds like a pathological liar, like that weird girl at school where you'd say one thing to her and she'd go off on a tangent about how her uncle took her wolverine hunting to alaska and then she almost became a doctor and married chris hemsworth, but she decided to finish high school first. LIKE BITCH NO ONE ASKED

No. 60273

LOL WHAT. WHAT KIND OF EYE DROPS DRIES AS A CHALKY SUBSTANCE, AND WHY WOULD YOU NOT IMMEDIATELY SCRUB THAT OFF. I have never heard of eye drops that leave a chalky residue. Chalky substance implies there's some kind of precipitate in the eyedrops that's not being absorbed by the eye, which doesn't seem eye-safe at all. Some residue from eye drops sometimes happens, but in my experience, that usually stays on your lashes or the corner of the eye. It doesn't perfectly line your waterline like makeup. She is so far up her own ass in her delusion. Who lies about things like this? I am so sorry for whatever friends she has (if any) that have to deal with this crap

No. 60276

Girls who post photos with makeup on then claim they're makeup-free are some of the most annoying people ever. Can your insecurity be any more obvious? Do you really need to make up such ridiculous lies to maintain this image to your online followers that you look like a doll all the time?

No. 60279


She told her followers she has a natural pigmentation above her lips, therefore she HAS to overdraw them. What's crazier, her followers believe this shit.

No. 60283

Thinking about this some more— so her eye drops leave residue in a great enough amount that it's visible in a low-quality photo that's not even an up-close selfie. That must be an INSANE amount of residue.

Or it's just makeup. For the love of god, do none of her fans have any ounce of critical thinking?

No. 60295

Imagine the rationale behind this post:
>no makeup selfie
>obvious makeup
>Is that permanent makeup?
>No lol teehee
>I'm just crusty and leave white chalk residue under my eyes from my eyedrops

Telling people you're crusty is better than admitting you are wearing makeup

No. 60296

Yeah if she were telling the truth, that's disgusting. It's not about "not minding looking a little strange"; it's basic hygiene to clean around your eyes. Imagine wanting people to believe this is what you look like so much that you're willing to risk making yourself look gross

No. 60299

File: 1564436318297.png (222.62 KB, 1080x1071, Screenshot_20190729-173334~2.p…)

I feel like any optometrist or eye specialist reading her page would cry from sheer frustration

No. 60304


She has no bottom eyelashes anymore, anon posted a close-up of her eye when she put fucking peroxide in it. I'd say it's from either from alopecia traction and/ or a serious eye infection. Her eyes are sensitive because she won't leave them the fuck alone. The dumbass is going to go blind from the amount of damage she's doing to her lashes and eyes.

No. 60327

File: 1564446762272.jpg (90.14 KB, 735x1280, IMG_20190729_173303_655.jpg)

Funny you should mention that

No. 60328

She's captioned more than one picture with how her eyes are burning or she's having allergies or whatever, but it's NEVER evident in the picture. Her eyes look white and clear here, and her face doesn't look swollen or burning— the redness seems mostly to be from the lighting and her makeup. She needs to stop with the sympathy-needy captions

No. 60329

Anon, you can clearly see she has a lot of allergy eye drop chalky substance buildup on her waterlines again :(

No. 60331

they're not permanent extensions. she basically admitted they're not. even if she's attempting to use the permanent extension glue (which you need to use in the lash line), it doesn't work if you're using regular falsies with it. that's why they "come off more".

No. 60336

I admittedly don't know a lot about how eyelash extensions are applied, and I just watched part of a video on it. And wow, yeah, it's not done with regular falsies. So either she's applying falsies with permanent lash glue somehow and just fucking up her eyes, or she's using regular old falsies and telling people they're permanent so she can excuse the fact she never posts "makeup-free" pictures without them

No. 60338

Oh damn, you're right. Clear proof of her allergies :( What a hard life she must lead constantly having to deal with this chalky substance on her waterline

No. 60340

i think it's probably the latter tbh. if she's using the permanent glue i feel sorry for her because she's probably globbing it on since she glues her lashes way below the lash line. permanent glue is very harsh and needs to be applied really lightly, when doing it professionally you only dip the ends into the glue as little as possible.

No. 60341

The more likely truth is the ‘hyperpigmentation’ is probably a result of her suctioning her lips, as I clearly remember her admitting to in a now lost IG comment.

No. 60361

Holy shit that's exactly what it looks like! It's too bad the comment is lost. Do you think she still does it? Will the discoloration eventually go away if she doesn't do it anymore?

No. 60365

File: 1564468048693.jpeg (65.82 KB, 500x408, 5ACEAAC4-F5D1-41CA-9987-3807FC…)

literally this

No. 60386

File: 1564487928215.png (314.05 KB, 2048x810, Screenshot_20190730-075042.png)

This coming from the person who says shit like, "I can have anything or any person I want" and calls her own followers "fawns" and has referred to herself as the deer goddess or deer queen

Mickey, captioning a picture as, "COME WORSHIP ME, MY FAWNS" comes off as more pretentious than saying "my fans" >>56887

No. 60426

File: 1564526251198.jpg (96.34 KB, 540x960, its the size of her hand.jpg)

>Y this cup so big tf

The cup is literally the same size as her hand, lmao. She probably saw the cups and thought "wow i'll look sooooo tiny with this hehe!!!"

The loose skin on her arms/armpits also seems to have disappeared, would that be from her regaining weight or just shooping it out?

sage for tinfoil

No. 60427

File: 1564526378346.jpg (168.05 KB, 1152x1858, 67331221_2522104207810836_8119…)

All the wobbly lines

Her right arm though lmaoo

No. 60434

I would run for the hills if I saw her in person. I honestly don't understand how she thinks this is totally realistic, she's like a mix between a blow up doll and a mannequin it's completely creepy

No. 60435

In person she just looks like an average girl with a face caked with makeup. She wish she looked like a mannequin/blow up doll irl. If you saw her from a far distance, you probably wouldn’t even take a second glance but up close is another story. The shit of nightmares.

No. 60450

Weight gain. She's filling up all the loose skin and can now shoop herself into the smooth deer queen she wants everyone to think she is.

No. 60471

File: 1564549228996.png (1.19 MB, 640x1136, 534C8922-5D7B-4348-92C8-76F45E…)

Come on now….

No. 60479

I'm howling at the fact the seat cushions don't line up with each other. 10/10 editing Mickey

No. 60480

File: 1564552564366.jpg (69.61 KB, 720x1020, aRMS.jpg)

>Im so happy I grew my natural color out. I love being a ginger AHHH

Caption aside, Look at the fucking shadow she drew on her arms. The pixelation is amazing

No. 60490

File: 1564557075368.png (13.57 KB, 116x71, IMG_2369.png)

What and how

No. 60498

>>60490 this is so disgusting… no wonder the bf broke up with her. imagine trying to kiss her and that shit is slowly getting closer to your face

No. 60516

She's gonna lose an eye

No. 60546


haha the stray hair that kinks mysteriously around her lip….I'm usually terrible at spotting photoshop but Mickey makes it so easy!

No. 60614

File: 1564621208056.png (32.5 KB, 513x153, Screen Shot 8.png)

>Bonus cringe if the following is tiny.
Is she talking about her 13,000 facebook "fawns", even tho 12,960 of them don't seem to every acknowledge or interact with her?

Also she posted this status she posted right after so I guess
>all this unconditional love from everyone
isn't pretentious

kek, good catch

No. 60628

I wonder if he dumped her because she got fat again

No. 60674

Wasn’t he with her when she was her heaviest though? I don’t think weight is the issue here. Its probably all her delusions and vanity that scared him off lol.

No. 60681

I get so damn itchy looking at her eyes. That shit does not look healthy.

No. 60682

File: 1564658915320.jpg (436.61 KB, 1080x1780, Screenshot_20190801_072745.jpg)

Ooh get ready y'all! Any other Midwest anime conventions that we can compare her shoops to real life again?

No. 60705

File: 1564680836201.jpg (884.17 KB, 1080x1840, 20190801_123319.jpg)

Is it just me or are those lips thinner than usual…

No. 60723

Everyone's lips get thinner when they smile like that, she's sucking them in because she didn't put her lips on via overlining and photoshop.

She's gonna be so paranoid about people taking pictures of what she really looks like. Probably gonna opt out of being in videos. She could always say a picture is edited when a camera captures her in her true catfish essence, but that'll be harder to believe when it's captured on video again.

No. 60748

She looks so freaky in this picture. Stop pretending you have freckles, Mickey. Or at least learn how to shoop them on better. She’s getting sloppier and sloppier with her edits.

No. 60756

Why does she edit her neck to look like it starts at her jawbone

No. 60759

File: 1564709164331.png (826.06 KB, 1189x2048, Screenshot_20190801-212246.png)

Unsolicited comments on your appearance suck, sure— but I'm cracking up at the first comment. "You like to take care of yourself" Yes, drinking Monster daily and (apparently) not washing off the thick remnants of allergy eyedrops definitely indicates that Mickey likes to take care of herself, sure

No. 60761

I still can't fathom how she sleeps with lashes that thick. . . I'm assuming that by this point, since she absolutely for some reason can't take pictures without her lash extensions (which isn't impossible since lash extensions are semi-permanent and fall out), she has no real lashes left

No. 60766

its cus you look a damn ass fool lmao

No. 60770

She actually has a valid point here, women who think whatever a random strange woman looks like is setting the "standard" and they have to have an opinion on how this reflects on themselves/whether this is possible for them/etc are broken

No. 60772


No. 60778

Yeahhh idk, I get that unsolicited comments on appearance are usually not welcome. But I wonder what kind of small town she lives in where she gets comments like this lmao (especially on a daily basis??)… in a city, absolutely no one would give a shit.

In any case, she liked or replied to the comments, which are few but mostly follow the vein of the first comment ("ur a queen and they're just jealous!!!). I love that she freely supports these comments that endlessly praise her and call her a queen even though she made a post recently about how saying "my fans" is cringeworthy and people need to "humble themselves"

No. 60784

nah pretty sure wherever she goes there’s people wondering what the FUCK is going on. i’ve seen strangers approach perfectly normal looking people to ask questions before so it’s really not a stretch that people would come up to her and say something dumb about the fact that she has millipedes glued to her damn lash line

No. 60802

I'm sure she does get approached by people like that, but on the daily? Sureee. Also, I've seen her ACEN pictures and the video she was in, and irl she looks nothing exceptional? She looks like an average heavier girl with a lot of makeup on. I can see her getting approached a lot more often about her looks if she really looked as bizarre as her shopped photos, but she doesn't even look like her photos at all.

No. 60803

You know for a fact this chick overdraws her lips by 3inches, has bloodshot red eyes, bits of lashes glued more than an inch away from her actual waterline, wearing tacky obvious extensions in a rats nest she teased for 30 minutes while wearing like forever 21 and weeb tats. When normal regular degular people find social abortions like her, the usual way they approach (so they can see the fine details out of morbid curiosity) is by asking obvious questions regarding her looks.
do you know your lashes look like a gaggle of daddy long legs' but infected? = how do you manage to wear lashes omg!?
Those tattoos look five years away from being a coverup project = did ur tattoos hurt?!
You can literally see her enflamed cuticles how does she operate? = how fo you function with so laaawng nails?

theres ofcourse bumpkins who legitimately just are in awe cause not everyone is surrounded by snow app edited chicks who wanna be irl waifus to neckbeards so they just think "good for u" while asking questions that ofcourse can seem alittle strange but anybody who has ever dressed remotely outside of the status quo knows that 90% of the people asking dont mean shit by it.

No. 60806

This. If you're in real danger of going blind from gluing what looks like spider legs to your eyes, you bet I'm gonna ask you wtf are you doing sweetie.

No. 60848

File: 1564773963618.jpg (461.37 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20190802_152631.jpg)

She's going back to the more slanted eye look in this one…

No. 60850

File: 1564774143131.jpg (416.08 KB, 1080x1826, Screenshot_20190802_152814.jpg)

So that poor bastard is still her boyfriend

No. 60854

i think she's just romanticizing herself in general

No. 60874

File: 1564780725713.jpg (88.62 KB, 1080x585, Screenshot_20190802_152802.jpg)

Nah, she posted this the other day too

No. 60890

File: 1564785528524.jpg (395.09 KB, 1080x1821, Screenshot_20190802_183911.jpg)

I love how much smaller her arms are here compared to the red dress photo also posted today.

No. 60893

File: 1564785787411.jpg (148.93 KB, 1088x1992, FB_IMG_1564785726330.jpg)

Uh I think your shoulder is dislocated, or your entire is trying to remove itself from your body

No. 60896

Look at those pixels stretching near the edges

No. 60897

This is nearly a good shoop until you spot the giant thumb, bendy fingers and mysterious blurry pink area where the ear shoop went wrong

Her shoulder has several corners, giant yaoi hands, head strangely concave on our right

No. 60904

wow it's really obvious! the wall blurs in a horizontal way inwards, like she doesn't give any fuck anymore? But are we really surprised? With her no eyelashes, infected eyeballs, crusty lashline and dirty lash extensions, bad colour match for her hair extensions, and her really overdone and ugly lip liner? Also, one week she looks like she weighs around 180 (she'd have to be heavy because at her height, women don't start looking big until the higher end), and then the next week she's borderline ana, with boney shoulders and twig legs but a thicc booty. And those fuckin freckles, they make her look like a ventriloquist dummy
why are her fingers so fat??? and her nose can't be that small WITHOUT SURGERY, who is she fooling anymore? She just wants yes men and ass kissers and worshippers, in her sad little delusional world.

No. 60907

Ew her lips look extra buttholey here.

No. 60911

This is too fucking funny. She looks like a bobblehead! It's especially fun looking at this then watching her in the cosplay video she was in for ACEN. She wishes her shoulders were that tiny lmao

No. 60921

File: 1564804632718.jpg (693.54 KB, 1152x2048, 67618410_2527518017269455_6785…)

No. 60922

File: 1564804667520.jpg (182.35 KB, 1102x1876, 67628225_2527105807310676_2893…)

The most offensive of all I'd say

No. 60929

File: 1564810018873.jpg (39.43 KB, 300x100, dumbshit.jpg)

imo even these faces don't look like they belong to the same person, they look like they've been shooped differently

No. 60935

File: 1564813837124.png (2.83 MB, 1244x1800, mrhands.png)

>but still came home with
I mean, this implies they live together but she clearly lives with her parents. Also, weren't they engaged? None of >>60682 or >>60893 look like engagement rings.

Anyways, as much of a mess as these are, she's shrunken her face/head so small that her hands are literally almost larger then her entire head.

No. 60937

Lmao you called the file mrhands.png
this pic is hilarious, anon. Good job. I love Mickey's wonky finger shoops

No. 60938

File: 1564823875638.jpeg (497.67 KB, 737x933, 08C8A494-52E8-4C84-B88B-D099E6…)

Got curious and used the meitu body shape filter option and reversed/played with sliders which seemed to match up with the background stretching and the way shadows fall on her left (viewer’s right) arm. The shadows are what made curious in the first place tbh…

No. 60960

Kek you can see the awkward lumps where she tried to push her fat thighs inward. She really hates herself

No. 60987

Banner worthy

No. 61013

File: 1564876573549.jpg (366.38 KB, 1152x1542, FB_IMG_1564876424517.jpg)

Wtf is this supposed to be? A bald spot? An ear?

For an "artist" she sure does lack attention to detail.

No. 61018

Nobody can shoop this bad and look at it and be serious, is she just trying to get negative attention or genuinely this delusional and blind?

No. 61024

File: 1564887999999.jpg (50.57 KB, 220x275, chonk.jpg)

whomst the fuck is she trying to fool

No. 61025

File: 1564888136078.jpg (643.18 KB, 1080x1350, chonk2.jpg)

fuck posted thumbnail cause i'm a tard

No. 61026

Has she been fat this whole time? To be honest I had a hunch….lmaooo

No. 61028

Looks like her ear coming out the wig.

No. 61029

It's my personal belief she wants any attention, negative or positive . Positive just reinforces her reasoning to continue editing her overweight frame into a waifu.
Negative gives her an excuse to post for attention seeking support messages and asspats.

No. 61030

File: 1564891241735.png (1.08 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20190729-131744.png)

She lost the weight but not to the degree she edits herself into. She was a healthy size. However, she gained a good chunk of it back. Based on the fact she uses 15 Splenda packets in a single cup of coffee, chugs Monster energy drinks, and eats nothing but ice cream and junk food I'd say it's safe to say she's not on track to losing any of this newfound weight.

No. 61041

I feel like all those weird scratches on the left side of the photo are leftovers she forgot to edit out showing faint outlines of the placement of her real hair and body

No. 61050

i think its just loose hair from the wig

No. 61053

File: 1564924158058.jpg (952 KB, 1121x1992, 19-08-04-09-08-32-977_deco.jpg)

It's no surprise her wonky grasp on anatomy shows up in both her art and her shoops

No. 61084


my GOD this has been so far one of her worst/most hilarious mistakes

No. 61330

File: 1565120938476.jpeg (399.78 KB, 1242x1624, C52F6030-A2D3-4E05-977F-B58E64…)

In the comments she says
“As soon as I can start working again I'll be able to save for my own home.”

No. 61332

Did she delete it…? And abused by who, her parents? Her boyfriend?

No. 61333

File: 1565122967325.png (15.77 KB, 469x187, rest of screenshot.png)


It's set to "Friends Only," which is why you might not be able to see. Diff anon than screenshot, but I'm assuming it might be her parents abusing her. Since further in the screenshot that was cropped out is attached.

No. 61340

She must have added that after I posted >>61330

No. 61418

Oh bless shes one of those cows, "im abyuused" but manages to specifically focus that she needs to bring her bf with her because uwu since just getting a 9-5, being your own person and gaining independence is too hard when you can ebeg in ur abyuusive household until people have given you enough free money to move out with a fling that wont last.

No. 61433

Obviously if she's abused that's awful. But I didn't think her social media activity indicated anything unusual? She's actually on Facebook a LOT more than most people I know.

No. 61436

How old is she after all?

No. 61456

Tried looking for her birthday, but I found Mickey's house on Redfin. 5 acres of land and was sold for almost $400k.

No. 61460

File: 1565195028275.jpg (592.06 KB, 1440x1503, Screenshot_20190807-084305_201…)


I'm not buying it.
She's just looking to gain sympathy as usual. Her mom treats her to weekly fatty lunches. So the idea her mom is mentally abusing her for being the overweight cow she is , unlikely.

Her bio father, everything posted about him seems to be nothing but admiration.

Unless there is a stepfather or sibling we haven't heard of, I don't see anyone in her personal life who would abuse her daily.

IF she was being abused, her bio father or mom would surely step in and get her out of the situation.

This is probably a ploy to get $$ from her orbiters and naive followers so she can buy even more useless shit.

She claims she's trying to save money for a house when she can't work. Meanwhile she is buying expensive gifts for herself from Japan.

Nothing here adds up.
She lies about her appearance, she is certainly not above lying about abuse.

No. 61461

have to play devil’s advocate here. literally none of this shit proves that she’s not being abused. it’s only ever going to be her word vs. her family unless someone whips out a camera. acting like people can’t be abused because their parents buy them lunch and expensive bullshit online is ludicrous as shit, plenty of parents do things like that in vain to try to make up for treating their kids like shit. i’m not saying that’s happening for a fact, but any anon pretending like they know what’s up for a fact is lying out their ass too

No. 61463

Yeah but she's a pathological liar who claims her white eyeliner is residue from eye drops lol. All these cows have pulled the same shit specifically when they're rich spoiled neets who are being cut off. Poopchan claimed she needed money to move out of her ~abusive~ mom's place but she's still there and posts IG stories of the two of them singing in the kitchen. What's likely happening is that they both fight and yell at each other and say mean shit. Happens in every Dr Phil/Maury/family drama show where the parent and child are claiming abuse lol.

No. 61464

Nowhere in my post did I say I know what's up for a fact. I said I'm not buying it and nothing is personally adding up for me based on her history of lying in general.

Is it possible? Sure. However her relationships with her immediate family appear to be nothing but positive based on her own postings.

She can't keep her poorly molded lies straight. One moment it's I need money so I can move away from my abusive surroundings, then hours later it's look at all this shit I bought myself. Again, not adding up.

No. 61472

photoshopping yourself because you're insecure about your appearance and don't want to lose your followers doesn't equal being a pathological liar. she photoshops. it's cringe. that doesn't exactly say anything else about her than what it is. (im a different anon than the one you were responding to, but still)

No. 61475

ntayrt still doesn't negate from the fact that she constantly lies about her use of photoshop and says its all hard work and exercise. sage your wking next time

No. 61495

Habitual liars don't have a certain threshold at which they will stop at.

She's a narcissist attention seeking cow. I bet the abuse she speaks of receiving daily is nothing more than being justifiably called out online.

No. 61574

why are you reposting these? everyone in the thread has seen them. many times. we all know she got fat again. scroll up and you'll see animated gifs from the same event but seriously please check the thread. this is old.

No. 61576

Come on with this. If she's being abused then she really needs to stop lunching with mommy cause it exposes her bullshit for what it is. She's not paying for anything, guess as long as $$$ is involved she's more than okay with being 'abused'.

No. 61578

k but the funny thing is she never said shit about her mom or even WHO specifically was abusing her. that was literally just what one anon assumed and now we’re running with it as if mickey said that verbatim?

No. 61581

>im abused every day and im so fucking sick of it
>My only hope is to get my own house with my partner

Hmm. Where does she live? Who does Mickey see every day?

Who is she talking about if not her parents? Her dog? The neighbors? Stop wking for this histronic dummy, this is not a fucking mystery.

No. 61589

Her house is huge and located near a bunch of cornfields. It might be her mom, she seems like a narcissist tbh.

No. 61592

What makes you say that? Genuinely curious. Mickey occasionally shares some of her posts and has a few pictures with her, and her Facebook profile seems typical for a mother (pictures of relatives, etc). She posted a supportive comment after Mickey posted something about how she blocks people for writing rude comments. >>56742

Also admittedly not familiar with how abuse typically affects people, but is it normal for someone who's abused to post things about how good she feels about herself (>>54317), how she's living her best life (>>55854), and how powerful her ego is (can't find the post but the screencap is somewhere in this thread)?

No. 61598

File: 1565293182195.jpg (1.99 MB, 5000x5000, pixlr_20190808144139033.jpg)


Found it for you anon.

Also bonus about how she's living her happy and fulfilling life doesn't exactly scream I'm being mistreated at home to me.

No. 61622

can we not? clearly she is a liar looking for attention, we've all seen her out and about with mommy and mommy's $$$. who fucking cares about some bs abuse story when it's obvious bs.

lbr even if she were being abused it's not like anyone cares about it, i'm more interested in her weird alien shoops.

ikr she's full of it.

No. 61669

i reposted it for a side by side comparison to the photo i replied to because it's the best unedited representation of her body…who cares about this 5 days later

No. 61676


Lmao, I’m sure she genuinely thinks she’s being abused at home. Only I bet her idea of “abuse” is her mom telling her she should cut down on the false lashes, makeup and extensions a little and maybe get a job.

No. 61678

does she not have a dad? siblings? why did everyone immediately jump to her mom, is it just because that’s the only family you’ve seen her post orrrr

No. 61679

Pretty much, yeah. Switch mom to “any family member”, point still stands. This histrionic bitch can’t handle any criticism online so it’s not hard to imagine she’d take any irl critical remarks from family that she can’t block or delete as “aBy0os!!1”

No. 61688

File: 1565348380479.jpeg (148.42 KB, 731x1099, 1560810486429.jpeg)

She has a dad. Pic is from other thread.

I feel like she's an only child— this is absolutely speculation, of course, but the way she's spoiled strikes me as someone who's never really had to share much of anything in her life.

Yeah it's possible there's a stepdad in the picture we don't have any idea about, but at this point, speculating about that is pointless. If she's truly being abused, hopefully she gets the help she needs, but just based on how she can lie about the smallest things like excusing white eyeliner as chalky buildup, I'm reserving my judgment.

No. 61692

Oh my God she actually edited the blurred pic. Or she probably fucked up so much she just blurred the entire thing.
Also, Mickey is an aunt, she has some older brothers or sisters. I think her older brother is in his 40s or nearing that age. Looking at her mom's profile and other people who like her photos with the last name Johnson, it seems working in healthcare runs in the family. She's spoiled because everyone has the money and she's the only child left at home.

No. 61707

Next time try posting stale milk once instead of doubleposting.

No. 61708

The big ass hand and forearm and the dented seat in the background still kills me.

No. 61715

Was Mickey a late baby or does she have older siblings? Both her parents look pretty old, especially the dad. Which again makes the abuse thing sound like lies, every baby or only child I've ever known with ancient parents like that get spoiled rotten.

No. 61905

File: 1565568704213.jpg (104.02 KB, 505x960, 68731016_2541231279231462_1985…)

New face? Her editing is so inconsistant

No. 61912


>>I haven't been taking pics but took this boring one on the way 2 my first physical therapy session

Who tf wears a form fitting dress to a physical therapy session?
Don't even need to address that the pattern is warped to shit from editing, as usual.

No. 61913

What is going on with that left arm Holy shit

No. 61951

The arm she's raising to the side looks like it's made of jelly lmao… why is it so curved

No. 62108


Is she not trying to be the "uwu smoll" girl anymore?

No. 62114

these videos just make me wince so hard her nose changing shapes and her lip biting just makes me wonder how many times she poses there doing the same thing for one of these videos lol

No. 62115

her creepy bug eyes freak me out, what a cringelord

No. 62129

The way her boobs suddenly pop larger and also her whole self pops larger for a second when she stands back, that's not how humans move. I'm guessing she's smooshing her own face to show it's "real" and then the latter expressions and semi-dancing seems Belle-inspired.

No. 62133

File: 1565737347196.png (419.58 KB, 2048x1019, Screenshot_20190813-184753.png)

This is so fucking embarrassing to watch….. it's embarrassing watching a grown woman trying to act cute for strangers

I'm laughing at the comments. ALL HER VIDEOS HAVE ALWAYS BEEN LOW-QUALITY even when she was on Instagram. People are willing to believe she looks like this in these blurry-ass videos while refusing to believe the highest-quality footage of her that actually exists (the cosplay video)

No. 62135

File: 1565737668659.png (629.82 KB, 2048x1279, Screenshot_20190813-190425.png)

Another hilarious but also a bit sad comment.

Hopefully this woman's poor daughter learns about better and more realistic beauty standards

No. 62200

The entire fucking background is getting bigger and smaller. What was she trying to prove with this?

No. 62227

File: 1565793923131.png (616.44 KB, 1055x1567, Screenshot_20190814-094517(1).…)


No. 62288

File: 1565815825846.jpg (576.77 KB, 1080x1830, 20190814_154906.jpg)

Even with the Snow video filter, she doesn't look right. Crustiest eye makeup I've seen from her yet. Tried to pause on when the filter skipped out.

No. 62290

File: 1565817337321.jpg (335.9 KB, 893x884, FB_IMG_1565817213389.jpg)

Wtf is this dark pixelated junk in the corner of her eyes? Is this a result of filters or does she have a growth / fungus/ infection from her lash extensions?

No. 62293

Nightmare fuel holy shit

No. 62301

This is one of her more tame shoops. I think it's white glossy eyeliner to try to emulate an eyeball. The pixelated mess is more than likely separate glitters.

No. 62306

Her eyes and lips are smaller in this pic. She’s so inconsistent it’s hilarious

No. 62370

she's very spoiled. when i knew her, one of her big "problems" was that she maxed out her paypal (? circa 2014) spending limit for some timeperiod. idk if that's still a thing now or if it was just a lie.

No. 62424

File: 1565903039383.png (261.12 KB, 2048x529, Screenshot_20190815-165707.png)

Wow so humble how can anyone even be this humble omg

No. 62425

I feel like most of her statuses involving other people (who aren't her boyfriend or a relative) are some form of: "they thought I was so cute/pretty!!!!" It's exhausting being around those people. Please get your validation from something else other than your looks.

No. 62429

File: 1565906693370.jpg (282.91 KB, 1440x2046, letmefixthatforya.jpg)

Her status. Photo changed to something more realistic.

No. 62431

now that's a face that gets complimented in target

No. 62437

File: 1565910008528.jpg (192.33 KB, 1152x2048, FB_IMG_1565909807648.jpg)

That left shoulder is awfully fucking small (short) compared to her right.

No. 62438

That eye shadow though. It's piled on so thick it looks like it could crumble from blinking. Or she took crinkled foil and glued it to her eyelids

No. 62441

Is the original post low key shade though because it's honestly the least flattering picture of her?

>i'm so pretty!

>people in the Target think i'm pretty!
>i'm prettier than other people!
Okay, but, will you actually start believing it one day?
Goodness, what a shallow person.

No. 62446

File: 1565911151459.jpeg (227.9 KB, 640x836, B9AD03E9-5F5A-4ECF-90AB-2F7AFA…)

did she edit this with her fucking eyes closed? look at the random warping on her jawline and the weird smudge on her neck. very natural. very target compliment worthy

No. 62447

The neck smudge just looks like unbaked foundation she forget to blend into her chest.

No. 62449

LOL. Her right eyebrow seems to either have been terribly filled in or it got warped while she was pushing her face around in whatever app she uses. You can also see how flaky her foundation is around her forehead… she must spackle that stuff on. SoOOo pretty

No. 62451

The dots on the car seat are melting into her suspiciously tiny shoulder omg. She really wants people to think she has small shoulders bc she can't be uwu cute without them

No. 62465

inb4 she claims vitiligo

No. 62468

This actually looks like some sort of birthmark (or she just decided to smear foundation on there). It's odd that this hasn't really been noticeable before. In any case, I can believe the birthmark exists but not the poorly shopped shoulder that's sucking in the dots on the seat.

No. 62477

This reminds me of Kaka and Kota's old tweets.

No. 62503

For what it's worth she's posted about having a birthmark right there on her shoulder. That's what that white patch is. Her mom even commented on that particular photo.

No. 62504

File: 1565953991533.jpg (281.41 KB, 1080x1549, Screenshot_20190816_071407.jpg)

Here's the pic

No. 62533

she removed this pic from her facebook which is just hilarious. she's so confident and braggy but only about her shoops, not her real bloated blubberball of a face, beady eyes and toucan nose. I'm actually surprised she posted this herself but ofc she instantly removed it lmao

No. 62534

she didn't use that pic anon changed it

No. 62549

File: 1565973950963.png (1.27 MB, 1462x2048, Screenshot_20190816-124559.png)

This is the original post

No. 62566

what is the weird artifacting all over her forehead in this picture, is it crusty makeup or sloppy Photoshop?

No. 62570

File: 1565988348529.gif (221.21 KB, 500x375, giphy.gif)

Honestly it's not hard to get complimented. But I truly feel like the only reason she did is because she looks "extra" in the sense she'll go to target with full blown extensions, crazy makeup, long nails and an outfit not the average girl would wear just to run errands and do stuff. Which obviously draws attention to her appearance, but not neccessarily her face in general being pretty enough by itself where people are complimenting her for that. Her humble bragging about it sure is a laughable eyeroll though because it feels like she's trying to prove something or probably isn't used to being told that irl.

No. 62572

>Her humble bragging
tbh it's not even humble bragging, it's straight up bragging. She seems to think acting excited and typing in all caps makes it 'cute' rather than just showing off. It's obnoxious af though, I can't stand reading her responses to compliments because of the ott fake enthusiasm.

No. 62580

I agree, same thing with >>62549 this post. She comes off as so narcissistic and conceited when what people really are complimenting her on are her style/hair/clothes/makeup/tattoo and not her actual features.

No. 62585

I honestly think that she doesn't get complimented that much. People who frequently get complimented tend not to post it every single time on sns and yell from the rooftops that someone thinks that they could be or model or uwu deer goddess. I'd take all her posts saying that people are fawning over her with a grain of salt. If anything someone probably likes an individual thing she wore.

No. 62730

File: 1566088577122.jpg (172.66 KB, 1152x2048, FB_IMG_1566085177681.jpg)

Filters can't find her nose resulting in this glorious lopsided nostril.kek

No. 62731

File: 1566088627472.jpg (169.4 KB, 1152x2048, FB_IMG_1566085171293.jpg)

No. 62746

you just know she doesn't get complimented regularly from the state of this, like this makeup on her normal tiny eyed face must look even crazier

No. 62758

File: 1566109050319.gif (1012.14 KB, 698x1200, ezgif-4-50fa6538a19b.gif)

I like how at both angles her chin and jaw stays exactly the same. Do you think she has an overlay layer for all her selfies of just her "perfect deer chin"?

No. 62777

All her lower lashes are drawn on except for two clumps around the middle

I find it hard to believe a normal human would genuinely compliment this look. If anything eyeliner this severe looks like edgy goth fashion, generally people freak out at only slight variations on what is "acceptable" so I can't really see normie moms in Target sidling up to bestow a genuine compliment to this look

No. 62782

imagine how that lipliner looks like in person if its this noticable on the photo

No. 62798

File: 1566143720915.jpg (102.98 KB, 835x1280, IMG_20190818_085536_316.jpg)

Ew why tho

No. 62799

i think trophy wives in the 60s were supposed to pick up all the trash off the floor tho

No. 62805

Why does it look like her hair is growing from her chin

No. 62807

why does she wear her wigs like this? surely she must know how weird it looks? i know half wigs are a thing but this is not how you do it.

No. 62815

The longer I look at this, the worst it becomes. Her natural hair is a totally different color than her wig!

No. 62837

It really looks like she has a beard hahaha

I don't even want to get started on the wig….. girl what aesthetic involves wearing mismatched half wigs really far back

No. 62845

I wish I could find a picture she had when she used instagram wearing skull leggings showing her ass and it was completely flat, there was even a comment I remember reading someone else telling her that and her comment was " I know working on it" or something. Really doubt she grew 50 lbs of ass in half a year.

No. 62852

i mean, it is possible. she got 50lbs. of fat in a year, amirite

No. 62870

god that's just embarrassingly bad shopping
how do you even fuck up that badly

No. 62880

File: 1566174309598.jpg (67.39 KB, 768x960, 58461972_2351534641534461_4141…)

This one?

No. 62940

File: 1566212596283.jpg (373.45 KB, 1080x1430, 20190819_210314.jpg)

No. 63028


Going for the bearded lady realness here… that looks completely normal and not shooping gone wrong lol

No. 63111

File: 1566269566530.jpg (119.85 KB, 1152x1822, FB_IMG_1566269025000.jpg)

Hey dumbfuck, we can see the bent doorframe and window.

No. 63119

File: 1566272725636.jpg (148.14 KB, 1152x1940, FB_IMG_1566272799092.jpg)

She must be lurking. She deleted the pic and replaced it with this.

No. 63123

The necklace too, kek.

No. 63130

New video.
She went live to talk about how her new cosplay is too tight. Caught the filters slipping a few times but am not dedicated enough atm to screenshot.


No. 63132

Her left eye is atleast twice as wide as her right eye, and it's not just because of the angle.

No. 63133

File: 1566275287860.png (536.17 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20190819-230326.png)

Kek.. Comment is now deleted.

No. 63135

File: 1566275523783.png (247.45 KB, 289x412, 3495839593953.png)

I like how she had her hand covering her face or had half her face out of view for almost the entire video.

No. 63136

File: 1566275610084.png (523.68 KB, 487x868, 294583953945934.png)

No. 63137

File: 1566275839720.png (1.38 MB, 1042x836, real.png)

No. 63138

idk if she has filter on this one since her nose looks substantially way bigger but yeah she is covering her face a lot too also

No. 63141

File: 1566276248715.png (718.9 KB, 512x856, nose.png)

No. 63142


If you look at the left side of her face / chin you can see a pretty clear softening effect. When she moves around you can see the filter shift , not as obvious as most of her videos due to the potato quality, but it's there.

No. 63144

File: 1566276535199.png (481.84 KB, 490x900, mick.png)

No. 63145

File: 1566276689646.png (541.81 KB, 504x848, ohmygawd.png)

her..lip liner..

No. 63146

sis literally cant facetune her photos anymore they dont look anything like she did on the live jaajhahahaysqubwvaysw oh my god she's a mess(autism)

No. 63148

File: 1566277629868.jpeg (635.47 KB, 750x977, D553DB66-206D-472F-88CA-54F0F3…)


No. 63153

Fat girl on the internet behavior: using her hamhock hands to cover her bloated face, pointing her chin up to form some kind of face shape (with the help of the automated face slimming filter of course), further covering her big face with her ratty wig, only showing half her face, moving the camera quickly so it's not too obvious when the filter goes away, recording the video in shit quality with the lights out. Great job Mucky, you've really got us fooled.

No. 63155

The video is now gone from her page. Kek

For someone who gloats about being pretty, told she's pretty on a regular basis by random people on the street and how secure they are with themselves, she sure does have thin fucking skin.

Maybe your cosplay wouldn't be so tight if you quit shoveling sugar down your throat like the closet fatty you are Mick's.

No. 63198

it's so dumb how she actually looks fine normally. if she just did normal makeup she wouldn't look insane

No. 63205

It's actually bizarre how she covers her face the whole time

Who puts their whole hand over their face while they talk?

No. 63228

File: 1566318891827.jpg (159.9 KB, 1152x1692, FB_IMG_1566318858403.jpg)

That right door frame. Jesus Micks, how much fat did you have to smudge and warp?

No. 63229

big yikes. Her editing is really getting worse and worse, everything looks so warped to her eyes, nose, lips, door frame, wig and body. It really is crazy how she'll do a live video but cover her face the entire time yet she still does not look like these pictures she's editing into oblivion. She looks fine without morphing her face but the contrast to her shooped pictures is ridiculous.

No. 63230

Also is it me or are her nose piercings completely lopsided?

No. 63233

people who hate their teeth or smile?

No. 63241

the insecurity coming off this is so uncomfortable. Like damn, she really hates herself huh

Imagine having to wake up everyday and do all that makeup/hair etc just to keep up the lie that you look like some freaky anime character online. exhausting. she just looks grimy constantly too, like she smells of old sweat caked into the hair.

No. 63251

>>62549 >>62424
She'll post something like this because I truly think Mickey is conceited and loves her appearance, but not really, which plays into her body dysmorphia and how much she changes her face and body to achieve what she considers to be attractive. She only loves the highly edited image of herself, which gives her confidence, but then on a live video like this >>63130 and you'll see how finicky she is and how she's covering her face with her hand and hair because she is insecure. It's really interesting how she's both super vain and loves how she looks, but it's also so evident she truly doesn't. In all honesty I know what it's like to obssess over ones appearance, but there's nothing wrong with her physically other than her personality and attitude about her image online. If she was actually humble and didn't lie she could have a following but she's dug herself in such a hole.

No. 63254

seriously she doesn't look bad at all, reminds me of how kesha used to look during her party girl phase with a mix of some country girl

No. 63256

The lighting is helping her a lot tbh. The makeup looks awful in person as seen in her ACEN candids. She's not an ugly girl, but the makeup really does her no favors. Shame about her personality though.

No. 63259

This is the thing, she's not physically hideous. What makes her repulsive are her actions. It would be admirable if she owned her body, posted photos that actually look like her, and focused on improving her makeup instead of thickly smearing it on and relying on Photoshop to make it look "good." It would be admirable if, along with posting body positivity memes, she actually SHOWED she's for body positivity by being genuine about her body. But she wants so badly to be seen as this skinny and weirdly tiny-shouldered doll thing. Her level of inauthenticity is just grossly unattractive.

No. 63425

File: 1566346742579.png (541.96 KB, 980x497, Screenshot (10).png)

She's not physically ugly at all, but the comparison between her alien edits and real self is so shocking

No. 63430

Is she trying to be vanilla from Nekopara? Oof

No. 63431


That's not even her true self. She is clearly using filters in her live video, along with using her hand to cover her features and hiding behind those ratchet extensions to hide her bloated face. I bet she looks the same as she did at ACEN if not worse.

No. 63434

Still don't quite understand the appeal of how she contours her nose (even though she insists her nose is 100% real and not contoured)— it looks almost piglike

No. 63513

Not defending her but I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to use face slimming filters on Facebook live? I don’t think there’s even an option for that

No. 63547

File: 1566386044992.jpeg (470.44 KB, 2048x2048, B5BF3EF6-A478-4B98-80E4-821E23…)

I don’t understand, isn’t this what she strives so hard to look like everyday? Do you want the attention or not? Obviously this chick can’t make up her mind

No. 63554

Lmao she fucking wishes

No. 63590

Not super familiar with Facebook live, but after a quick Google search, I might have to agree. Filters for FB live are a thing, but they aren't like Snow filters where you can slim your face and make your nose smaller and all that. It's why her nose looks bigger in her live video.

I quickly skimmed the video to see if she ever shows her full face without her hand or hair covering part of it and not at a weird non-frontal angle. Nope— from what I could see, she always has a hand covering her face or only half her face is showing (the other half is either offscreen or unnecessarily covered by her hair). Add to that the dim lighting and her heavy makeup, and it's easy to fool her followers. She probably didn't want to give people time to realize that her nose doesn't match up with her photos in her video, so she deleted it

No. 63618

Honestly her face shape/nose shape in that live is pretty similar to the candids at ACEN, except in the live she could control things like lighting, angles, etc. so obviously she didn't look as atrocious. Also she had her hair/hand covering half her face the entire time which certainly helped, but I agree that I think she might have actually done this filterless? Which is just… lmao… and still her "fans" believe she is an uwu anime deer goddess

No. 63640


There are flattering filters you can use for FB live. Definitely not to the extent she's used to for her Snow videos and pics, but I can definitely see some softening around the chin area, so I don't believe this was filterless.

Also as anon said, dark lighting, hands covering her face , angled shots etc. help give the illusion of a small Mickey. The entire time she tried to hide her nose behind her hand or ratty hair as to not give away her perfectly normal uncreased nose.

Either way, her video looks nothing like her pics.

Side note, the fact she got excited about 13 viewers , I'd say her fanbase has dropped considerably and she knows it.

No. 63658

My thing is if you wanna look like a fucking alien, go for it. Call it art, cosplay, whatever you wanna call it. But why lie to people and swear up and down it’s the real you when it clearly isn’t? I’m sure she spends a great deal of time altering her pics and videos which is just a waste of time and energy tbh..plus she’d probably have a bigger following if she was just the real her. I’ve also noticed that she’s been getting less and less likes on every fb post here lately so hopefully people are starting to realize what’s up

No. 63676

them fingers tho

No. 63724

File: 1566485665464.jpeg (22.5 KB, 328x409, 2D0B9F65-3A56-4FA7-A34D-B43BE7…)

totally the face of someone who gets complimented by strangers

No. 63809

File: 1566517847285.jpg (267.96 KB, 1080x1209, Screenshot_20190822_195124.jpg)

Her bff Jackson said in the comments "oh shit he gone"… What did I miss??

No. 63897

omfg this chick is so far gone

No. 63918

File: 1566598563439.jpg (128.25 KB, 540x960, m.jpg)

she looks more natural here.. is any of the arm shooped tho?

No. 63973


bitch looks like a centaur

No. 63996

Have you seen so many edited pics that you're starting to think this is her natural look?

Of course there's some editing to her arms. Face. Ass. Back. Hands.

No. 64003

She gave herself ribs with a darken tool lol

No. 64026

File: 1566655164710.jpeg (93.71 KB, 540x594, 2445FCAB-2EA8-4D3E-A057-41AAF5…)

I think she tried to pretend her saggy tit was a rib and then used the darken tool to make that one extra rib line. I can’t unsee it

No. 64070

File: 1566689522992.jpeg (366.63 KB, 674x667, B7AFB5B2-2EC6-4472-916B-AF5148…)

She looks like a yourgirlfriend22 meme

No. 64246

File: 1566786157436.jpg (77.47 KB, 499x960, 68386828_2568958536458736_5210…)

I guess this is meant to be a no makeup selfie

No. 64260

Starting to think shes using picsart or meitu contour tool to draw on makeup and her freckles.

No. 64268


I recall someone who knows her IRL in some random post on FB saying she draws them on with eyeshadow which is somehow worse.

That smol pointy chin is hilarious considering the FB live video screenshots from a few days ago.

No. 64289

>>64246 I hate her spider leg bottom eyelashes.. but somewhat this looks even worse

No. 64300

File: 1566820722146.png (517.43 KB, 2048x1380, Screenshot_20190826-075539.png)

The comments on this are so sad… I have no idea how Mickey doesn't feel guilty posting this shit.

No. 64316

I swear to God why does she always round off her shoulders at the edge of every selfie when it's obvious her shoulders don't even end there

No. 64346

File: 1566844306769.jpg (810.89 KB, 1440x2219, Screenshot_20190826-133248.jpg)

She's self aware.

No. 64347

The second picture legit looks exactly like her irl

No. 64365

Because she's a small, tiny, real life doll anon who obviously doesn't edit her photos

No. 64369

She posts stuff like this because she knows her orbiters are too stupid to realize she's editing her pictures, so they'll see this as the typical "taking pictures from the right angle and the right lighting makes all the difference".

No. 65374

File: 1567569432464.png (2.1 MB, 750x1334, F6C98655-508A-4D1F-8477-C07D98…)

I cackled so hard I legitimately vomited, HOW IS SHE STILL FOOLING PEOPLE WITH THIS

No. 65378

File: 1567574801591.jpeg (179.93 KB, 1152x1434, 873F2475-628C-40AD-A14D-8B0752…)

full pic for anyone wondering. what a mess.

No. 65380

File: 1567579434529.jpg (102.73 KB, 700x662, 8555558_orig.jpg)

She elongates her forearms lmao she is slowly shop-morphing herself into a skeksis

No. 65386

What a musty looking bitch. Looks like she was partying all night at this mothel. Looking classy standing next to those empty boxes of beer and spiked seltzers kek.

No. 65387

File: 1567595264264.jpg (844.78 KB, 1080x1740, 20190904_070815.jpg)


No. 65401

File: 1567607875242.jpg (77 KB, 747x960, 69437151_2586152541406002_7073…)

No. 65402

This girl need to leave the internet. She’s a legitimate mess, and her orbiters only encourage it.

No. 65409

Looks like this bitch has no teeth.

No. 65413

She photoshopped in a shadow to make it look like her ribs are poking out. Lol, she needs help

No. 65415

Her hair looks great imo but everything else - badly, thickly applied makeup, odd, ill-fitting, revealing outfit - like the stereotype of a hooker in a movie.

No. 65416

Is that her boyfriend putting on his pants in the back?

No. 65424

It looks like she photoshopped a face from another photo onto her body lmao

No. 65431

the hair in her armpit is stretching sideways and she has random lumps all over her legs from pulling them in

No. 65441

I'm shocked she didn't smooth out the cellulite on her legs. One would think all the squats and exercise she apparently does for that ass would give her toned legs.

No. 65442

File: 1567652203235.jpg (23.67 KB, 434x410, reactivatedold.jpg)

I searched Mickey Deer on Facebook and this one I never have seen before. Did she reactivate an old profile when she got post blocked?

No. 65443

File: 1567652290961.jpg (76 KB, 720x1276, micikick.jpg)

She's been posting more photos from this mini-vacation

No. 65445

Holy shit, zoom in on her face. It look like something out of a horror movie.

No. 65448


I bet she thinks posting group photos will help hush the "accusations" that she edits. I'm well aware apps like Snow allow you to choose a face to edit Mickey.

Someday her friends in the photo are going to run across this abomination and audibly gasp.

No. 65461

File: 1567663147874.png (49.21 KB, 512x478, Screenshot (45).png)

I'm guessing this is weight related again?

No. 65463

She makes announcements like she's a Youtuber with a million followers. You need some skill beyond poorly shooped photos before you can get famous, Mickey. Maybe in 2011 shooping and lenses could get you somewhere (dakota, venus, taylor) but that ship has sailed.

No. 65472

Doesn't she get a twee embarrassed talking about this stuff like she's so popular, but doesn't get any attention when she posts?

No. 65478

File: 1567683205120.gif (22.5 KB, 191x242, mik.gif)

idk why but she reminds me of beans from even stevens in this pic lmao

No. 65482

Also more proof she lurks here haha. I remember people talking about how she doesn't take pictures with anyone else besides her boyfriend and her mom

I have to wonder how close she is to them though, because I feel like a close friend would tell her her excessive photoshopping is completely unnecessary. She seems like the kind of person who would cut off anyone who says that though. I'm guessing these are friends who she'd hang out with occasionally, but they're not close enough to her that they'd feel comfortable saying anything about her editing

No. 65524


I feel like these friends probably see the photoshop, but are either “typical mikayla” or just feel sorry for her delusions.

No. 65547

File: 1567730572661.jpg (103.62 KB, 750x960, 69854604_2589444351076821_8967…)

No. 65567

File: 1567749245941.jpeg (504.33 KB, 750x1170, B5203548-C4BA-41B4-836F-CF2E8B…)

terrible shoop lol

No. 65598

File: 1567780028212.png (533.22 KB, 429x617, mickey.PNG)

this is an abomination. i relate to the guy on the bed behind her looking at her take photos.

No. 65608

File: 1567788010089.jpg (780.61 KB, 1440x1941, Screenshot_20190906-075228.jpg)

Old milk but I haven't seen them posted elsewhere. Circa 2012 before her magical "naturally creased nose" made an appearance.

No. 65609

File: 1567788079484.jpg (938.79 KB, 1436x1965, Screenshot_20190906-075248.jpg)

Tiny eyes and a rather unremarkable nose.

No. 65611

Anyone have any idea how old Mick probably is?

No. 65612


I may be mistaken but I could have sworn I've seen her birthday as Feb 6th 1996. Which would make her 23 and too damn old to pretend she's a cartoon.

No. 65613

How do you think her friends approach the shoop question? Do they try and forget that it's happening or ask her about it or what? What kind of excuse does she give?

No. 65615

idk, this is not to wk or anything but i do think she's cute. she must have a pretty fucked up view of her face and her body otherwise why shoop herself into oblivion. she makes herself look dirty and less attractive when she does. apart from those con photos which were unflattering as hell, she should just be herself and not this creepy caricature. weird girl.

No. 65617

I thought this was Nemu for a second kek

No. 65620

File: 1567795457822.jpg (123.08 KB, 1056x1754, FB_IMG_1567787015144.jpg)

Nose of the week.

Uploaded this morning and has since deleted it. She probably forgot to crease it. Too busy making commentary about her "red infected eyes" as usual to notice.

No. 65629

But I thought she looked like >>59826 with no makeup?? This must be before she started using those eyedrops that just happens to look like white eyeliner and before her eyes GREW TWICE AS BIG. Because human eyes definitely do that naturally.

No. 65631

I know people who edit their photos (more subtly than Mickey, but you can tell), but I wouldn't bother calling them out on it because who wants to deal with the possible resulting drama? I'm sure her friends notice, and some might talk about it behind her back, but I'm guessing no one actually wants to say it to her face.

No. 65701

Her eyes look legitimately red, swollen and teary. Sleeping in makeup, lenses and lashes for days on end: this

Don't go blind for this shit, Mickey

No. 65707

she actually looks cute here. when did the maniac doll face shoop even start

No. 65754

What's wrong with her hand in this pic? They're literally HUGE and way bigger than her head in comparison. My god

No. 65760

Big hands, big body. Guess she thinks it's too much work to photoshop the hands to match the photoshopped face and body. Hands are a lot easier to fuck up. So much for being a ~smol deer queen bby~. She can palm a whole basketball with those meaty claws.

No. 65853

File: 1567995180438.jpg (77.73 KB, 1280x680, IMG_20190908_191250_208.jpg)

Wait what? Did she go to beauty school at all?

No. 65855

I would kill to be the fly on the wall if / when these volunteers show up to get their hair cut by someone who looks NOTHING like their pictures but I can only imagine this is a bluff.

To answer your question, I think I saw her certificate someone posted showing she has a cosmetology license. Doesn't mean she's any good, just that she passed the exams and obtained a license.

No. 65871

It's really just bluff. She's so private about her irl life because she knows she doesn't look anything like her pictures. Or maybe frankly she doesn't care if people see her irl if they're followers because they'll like her anyways since she's very fake nice with her personality. Kind of like >>55262 this picture for instance I think.

No. 65907

File: 1568060671051.jpg (86.04 KB, 940x1550, FB_IMG_1568060616173.jpg)

Still pretending she has an ass I see.

No. 65908

File: 1568060692492.jpg (157.44 KB, 1152x2048, FB_IMG_1568060613235.jpg)

No. 65909

File: 1568061110868.jpg (667.27 KB, 1103x1320, Adobe_20190909_153407.jpg)

No. 65910

Yet another "I'm really pretty so I get hit on/complimented all the time" post

No. 65912

why does she make her hair so ratty? Just because you have extensions doesn't mean you can't brush / comb them

No. 65916

Is this an old pic or do they really have christmas stuff up in September? Sage for nitpick, I'm just confused.

No. 65919

New pic uploaded today. Her house always has a bunch of nonsensical junk lying around in the background. Money doesn't buy taste.

No. 65932

Girl could've at least photoshopped out that bottle of Draino in the back

No. 65938


Or that cameltoe…

No. 65944

Her hand has an indent in it, wtf lmao

No. 65946

File: 1568082194358.png (654.85 KB, 911x796, md.png)

I feel like we didn't talk about how weird this pic is. I think she shooped her upper body and then gave up on shooping the lower part? Maybe she thought it was dark enough?

Also kek at the smoking. Can you imagine how awful it must smell with cigarette smoke sinking in those ratty matted plastic extensions?

No. 65947

File: 1568082374458.png (32.69 KB, 156x188, chair.png)

Also the grating on the chair kek. On her friend's it's totally normal/straight

No. 65951

Tbh I thought the same thing, like her lower half of her body is melting or something.

No. 65952

Her thighs are so uneven and wonky

No. 65969

File: 1568097718924.png (29.93 KB, 500x143, Screen Shot 2.png)

Seems like she's already kind of publicly shading the place she got a job at. Honest to god though could you imagine going in for a haircut and seeing someone with "hair" like >>65908 or >>65547 behind your chair? I would immediately walk out. What hairdresser in their right mind would see that hair on someone applying to work at a salon and say "yes, this IS a person who knows how to make hair look good"?? She doesn't even look like she knows how to brush her hair let alone cut or style it. Her extensions look like straight up party city plastic.

No. 66045

Imagine seeing a picture you took with your friend and noticing how she shopped her face and herself thinner

No. 66051

File: 1568156369346.png (181.06 KB, 1080x850, Screenshot_20190910-172029~2.p…)

I don't know how she always frames people pointing out she edits as "UR TRASH-TALKING ME"

No. 66052

File: 1568156433582.png (266.55 KB, 1080x1694, Screenshot_20190910-172106~2.p…)

For reference— Mickey is reacting to this post by someone named Skai

No. 66054

"No one wants to associate with toxicity"

Mickey's post had 29 likes while the other post had 47 lmaooo… and probably would have had more if it hadn't been deleted. But sure, Mickey, no one wants to associate with "toxicity" or "finding someone lying about their editing highly amusing"

She wasn't even mentioned by name or anything, so one has to wonder how Mickey found the post

No. 66069

File: 1568163241811.jpg (184.46 KB, 720x960, 70813580_2598592640161992_7573…)

No. 66070

File: 1568163272544.jpg (121.44 KB, 521x960, 69714272_2598671896820733_7569…)

Getting more and more ridiculous. Skai is right, lmao

No. 66071

Those are some of the fakest freckles I've ever seen

No. 66072

File: 1568165152633.jpeg (427.72 KB, 622x1107, 1066EF19-76D8-4D48-924D-F5826E…)

Wtf is going on with her leg here? Her ankle is super wonky too, and don’t even get me started on how poor the face shoop is.

No. 66073

File: 1568165614195.png (66.63 KB, 173x156, IMG_7654.png)

Bad edit aside, her eyelashes are always so dirty. It's really gross.

No. 66074

The bed of the truck behind her arm is warped to absolute hell lmao. How do so many people fall for this??

No. 66079

Her face is so gray because of her shitty muddy contour.

No. 66145

File: 1568211580316.jpg (274.05 KB, 521x960, 1568163272544_mr1568211437046.…)

If you reverse the face effects on meitu, it actually resembles her real face somewhat.

She gets really riled up whenever someone publicly draws attention to the editing, I wonder how she reacts to her friends and family mentioning it?

No. 66155

Her nose is a lot straighter, it doesn't curve at all. Her eye makeup would be a lot smaller, and her chin is nowhere near that small, and lips would be thinner. I think it's really embarrassing….like having people see you in person then they see how you portray yourself online. The con pics actually blew my mind, it's hard even believing that's what she actually looked like even though she looks exactly like her older pictures. This whole time I had no idea how heavily she edits her body too. I wonder if she'll ever stop lying and acting as if everything about her is based off genetics.

No. 66183

Like the guys Micky mouse shorts.

No. 66189

File: 1568247001423.png (494.1 KB, 618x715, deer3.png)

No. 66190

File: 1568247124815.jpg (109.92 KB, 691x960, deer1.jpg)

Sage if not milky but it appears she has "had her first day in the salon"

No. 66191

File: 1568247160717.jpg (126.06 KB, 540x960, deer2.jpg)

Is it just me that thinks this looks like a show room?

No. 66194


No. 66196

File: 1568248590762.png (464.69 KB, 900x618, dsdksd.png)

same fag im retarded i forgot to attach pic

No. 66212

This bitch showed up to work with her overlined lipstick to cut/ style other people's hair. The epitome of professionalism. /s

No. 66215

what the fuck is happening to her left eye??

No. 66216

I gotta say, at least she’s working now

Hopefully this will help her manage her life considering she clearly had way too much free time

No. 66219

File: 1568257337374.jpeg (8.63 KB, 124x91, 1B19FB7A-159B-4419-AD0D-DACA02…)

Looks more like a REALLY bad edit, her lower lash line looks like is pulled into her eyeball. Girl needs to see a doctor if that’s an infection, she’ll loose her damn eye

No. 66223


Her big ass hands are such a give away haha it kills me. Look how tiny her wrists are compared to these bear paws she's got going on

Also her eye looks infected and I just noticed the toilet behind her. This whole picture is A+

No. 66228

File: 1568262007305.jpg (112.29 KB, 540x960, 69819809_2600629733291616_1307…)

This looks so strange

No. 66229

I agree, she really looks like an Alien. She's edited her eyes and eyelids to actually look ridiculously huge.

No. 66238

the bug eyes… the wonky jaw line… the ridiculously tiny nose… i honestly wonder what this girl sees when she looks in the mirror

No. 66241

W-why is there a toilet in the corner of the salon, right under the logo? Who designed this room??

No. 66242

There's a Welsh girl on Instagram with black and white hair, Molly something, who has rented a similar "salon" which is a room she works out of. It's probably rented by a friend of Mickey's.

No. 66275

Trimz says their full-time spot has been filled by a different stylist than Mickey on their social media. Looks like she took a pic of the space while interviewing and didn’t get it cause someone sane seems to have been hired instead of her. Trimz states that you can rent booths there to do hair as sort of an independent contractor, so she’s probably doing that. Instead of building a meaningful resume that catches eyes she’s been playing on Snow App in attempt to reap self worth from vulnerable tweens using Facebook. She should’ve focused on her skill set instead of gluing bug legs onto her eyelids and pretending to be 80 pounds.

No. 66280


Eh definitely not wk'ing the freakshow, but there's a good chance they hired both or she's just an independent contractor. She would be truly dense to post where she works and not actually have the job considering she's inviting her followers to come see her. Then again she's inviting followers to come see her at her workplace where she looks nothing like her photos. This girl is a mindfuck.

She probably wouldn't let the salon photograph her for the page because only she knows her best "angles" and she can't shop her face/body to an unrecognizable version of herself.

No. 66294

Yeah it's looking most likely she hired it for photos or something, nothing on social media about it aside from those photos, reverse image search doesn't provide anything. Currently seems to be sharing things on Facebook so we'll see how this second working day goes kek.
(saged for no milk)

No. 66297

File: 1568332978395.jpeg (220.92 KB, 1125x788, C0BFFD5E-BB97-4AEE-8914-8CC354…)

The chair and vanity she posted look nothing like the setup at trimz from their own Facebook page

No. 66299

In the creepy dark part at the back you can see at the top of the wall the weird black speckle wall decal that's in the other picture-she definitely didn't get anything great or up front.

I’m not sure if it's the same other places but when I worked in salons we rented our chairs to do business in, she might be sharing it with other stylists and it may be bring own client type of situation as well.

Honestly the custom vanities with spots for hair tools are interesting and would look cute if in the right setting, it almost looks like they put the old vanities they had in the back to bring in more chairs (money)

No. 66302

She is doing make up there, she is not a stylist and probably not full time either.

No. 66327

Yeah apparently she's doing make up there, idk about hair, but it don't think that "booth" looks like somewhere you'd necessarily do make up, looks like it's just for a hair stylist imo.
(sage for nitpick)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 66335

This place looks super tacky, no wonder she got a job there (or, I guess, allegedly). I would guess the other anons are on the money and she's just renting a chair but - doesn't it still look really bad on them if they allow this dirty, caked on, ratty haired chick rent a chair in their establishment? Seriously, even if she's not an employee, walking in to see her at a chair would make anyone nope the fuck out.

This is not how saging works

No. 66345

File: 1568401636995.jpg (52.2 KB, 1280x599, IMG_20190913_120755_269.jpg)

No. 66358

Trust me, she fits right in that salon. In the Facebook, there's a section for some dye jobs they've done and they have people coming in with dozens of tattoos, getting fried neon hair, leopard dye jobs, and uneven styles. Her living in the wannabe-boonies of the Chicagoland area, there's a big ratio of weirdos compared to most other places.

No. 66463

File: 1568582807109.jpg (103.97 KB, 835x960, 70201282_2607713549249901_3811…)

No. 66464

File: 1568582862121.jpg (145.74 KB, 661x960, 70477788_2606259649395291_5304…)

She posted this showing off her work but if you zoom in, it looks edited?

No. 66465

Edited or not, that looks prettt sloppy.

No. 66469

Holy balls the amount of hairspray she used. Looks like a sticky mess, at least smooth it out. Poor kid…

No. 66480

why is her hairline almost at her eyebrows

No. 66495

Literally wtf is this? Why is she editing her client’s neck and head shape? She has serious issues

No. 66512

She edited the client's neck thinner and edited a huge dent into the front of their head. Also look at how chubby and wonky those fingers are. kek.

All that hairspray and there's still a ton of fly aways. She blurred and pushed the hair in certain spots too. Makes you wonder what the unedited pic looked like if her edited one still looks so bad.

No. 66540

I actually don't think she edited this. Her client has one of those forward sloped necks. And Mickey tried to make the hair at the crown have volume but it just looks like a shitty lump.

No. 66543

File: 1568653046525.jpg (182.09 KB, 661x960, 70477788_2606259649395291_5304…)

I'm not sure about the neck, but the hair has definietly been edited.

No. 66568

File: 1568691768897.png (7.45 MB, 1125x2436, 4DE59081-D643-463A-BEBB-5C6615…)

Photo from January but like what the fuck is going on here

No. 66573

Uh huh, and we talked about it in January. Sage your old milk/lurk moar.

No. 66999

File: 1569113904244.jpg (333.46 KB, 907x997, 201909216713678762483469177.jp…)

No. 67017

what the fuck is that anon

No. 67018

Holy fucking nightmare fuel

No. 67020

I auto scrolled to the bottom of the thread and that image genuinely scared the fuck out of me

No. 67042

I fEel FaNtAsTiIiIc….HeY hEy HeY

No. 67051

What's with all the newfags not knowing how to sage? Christ.

No. 67509

File: 1569590646951.jpg (333.29 KB, 1080x1769, Screenshot_20190927_092257.jpg)

Someone's for a new boyfriend… I think her last one was named Andrew and definitely looked different than this guy. Plus apparently he's from Ohio.

No. 67510

File: 1569590705124.jpg (229.48 KB, 2048x2048, FB_IMG_1569590563648.jpg)

A pic of the new bf

No. 67517

Damn. From what I saw her and her ex bf go way back. This is kinda sad tbh.

No. 67523

Wasn't her ex some kekistan/MAGApede fag? The only thing that's sad about it is that they're both in the dating pool now

No. 67530

How does she date people? Like presumably they notice that the pics she post on soc media aren't what she actually looks like. I wonder how she navigates that irl, they have to know how werid that is

No. 67542

>from Ohio
like he lives in Ohio or just comes from Ohio? If this is a LDR, that's just sad lol

No. 67559

File: 1569646403307.png (495.93 KB, 524x541, Screenshot4.png)

I mean, good on her for finally getting a job n stuff, maybe she'll get her life together and spend less time posting memes on facebook 20 hours a day but also I stared at this for a good 10 seconds trying to figure out what the fuck a "Brotd Bar" was before I read her caption

No. 67568

File: 1569648878546.png (87.1 KB, 547x285, 190918075.png)

Weren't they engaged? And also weren't they still together at ACen? Like, isn't he cosplaying Aizawa here >>61025 or am I wrong? I wonder if he had been putting up with her shooping shit getting worse and worse for years and the ACen drama was the last straw.

Was he? It didn't seem like he had any web presence at all. Eh, I could see where it's a bit sad. iirc they had been dating since before the weight loss. Imagine dating someone that hated themselves THAT much and that publicly and sticking with them through weight gain/weight loss/probable ed/etc and watching their bdd spiral that wildly out of control. I'm sure it wasn't a healthy relationship at all. How do you even help someone like that?

Weird as fuck. If you look at his facebook this profile pic is from 2017, but it's the most recent one he has. His insta is linked as well, but barely any posts on there. How the fuck did she meet/start a (long distance?) relationship with a Jersey Mike's employee from two states over with zero online presence, when seemingly she was still with her long-term fiance just a few months ago?

No. 67576

>>67568 Adam guy is probably just a rebound then, kind of feels bad for him. If they're in a LDR I wonder if they ever saw each other irl. That first meeting must have been awkward kek

No. 67590

He might be one of those people who haven't updated his location on FB. But we'll see if they take pics together.

No. 67606

File: 1569708162361.jpg (107.49 KB, 720x960, 71521635_2632711233416799_4875…)

No. 67608

Those fingers

No. 67610

>>67606 what the fuck is going on in this picture with her nose? and eyes? jesus christ.

No. 67613

Hes a catfish too. Yikes. Also her face edited vs his lol

No. 67614

All that shoop and she couldn't fix his receding hairline. kek.

No. 67622

Holy shit lmao this thread really is her fucking home page, she can't even pretend she's not obsessed with every single thing we're saying. This thread has been dead recently and the second we speculate about the new boyf she posts a pic with him and then posts this video with her crusty ass eyelashes about how she "doesn't have to disclose details of her life":

Hi Mickey. We can see that jawline wobbling in your video.

No. 67624

File: 1569719949738.png (105.49 KB, 311x222, Screen Shot.png)

Seriously what the fuck is on her eyelashes? Horrifying

No. 67634

It looks like she got glue all over them? Like she doesn't clean them so there's just glue everywhere.

No. 67642

File: 1569732470625.gif (3.52 MB, 320x172, lips.gif)

>It looks like she got glue all over them
What the fuck kind of glue/technique is she using if that's the case? Lash glue usually dries clear, and you just put it on the strip….not on the top and all over. I honestly don't understand how they could possibly end up like that.

Like her entire lip disappears at the end too kek

No. 67644

she’s still got a fat girl voice

No. 67645

>That nostril flare
She's genuinely pissed KEK
Just step away from the screen Micks!

No. 67646

Goodness she's so grimy looking. It looks like she brushed Elmer's glue all over the lashes and fell into a batch of cotton balls before the glue dried up. But these might just be a pair of some sort of hideous glitter lashes. Or she's putting liquid eyeliner on the lashes.

No. 67647

File: 1569739516383.jpg (605.12 KB, 1500x1500, lops.jpg)

I tired highlighting her real lips

No. 67650

God, I mean obviously she’s pursing her lips or whatever but before she even gets there you can see her lips just disappear before your eyes. This looks like she has a mouth rash or perhaps ate a cherry popsicle like a 4 year old. Also
>I don’t have to disclose any details of my life
Great because we never asked you to? We’re having our own convo over here that doesn’t actually require your input

No. 67657

He's just using angels and bad lighting to his advantage in his bathroom picture

No. 67669

"I down't have tew disclose any details of mai lyyfe. Thangs."

No. 67676

I was thinking about how it dries clear when I wrote it but maybe she's just using the wrong thing, or the glue got layered too much and then stayed white which I've seen happen sometimes, honestly it's just always going to be a mystery.

She should clean them before she gets an eye infection. Being "uwu" on the internet isn't worth damaging your eyes

No. 67697

File: 1569781881224.png (400.17 KB, 581x486, Screen Shot 2.png)

I mean, I wear and reuse lashes and I cannot comprehend how you would end up with crusty glue on top like that. I'm not doubting you I swear I'm just baffled. Unless she's like, putting loose powders/eyeshadow on after she puts her lashes on and it's just fallout? Or using a medical glue like collodion that doesn't dry clear? Looks somewhat reminiscent of when Jenna Marbles glued 50 pairs of lashed on with 100 layers of foundation etc

>Being "uwu" on the internet isn't worth damaging your eyes

I mean, this thread is filled with the horrifying fucked up results of her gluing on her own crusty lash extensions, I think her eyes aren't long for this world at the rate she's going. And then when people ask she refuses to give any details because "don't do it unless ur a professional like me uwu"

No. 68263

Since this thread is Mickey's homepage, please give us an update on the wild bunny you adopted and the pet bunny you maybe adopted

I'm very curious as to what happened to them

No. 68373

File: 1570200235587.png (135.33 KB, 500x522, anonymous-03-02-12-fri-1739-no…)

>still talking about her fake looks
>not talkning about her fake personality

No. 68374

>>68373 tell us more then anon

No. 68388

Pretty sure there's glue all over the lashes because she stacks the bands above each other to look longer, so there's just a trail of crusty dry glue all over her lashes. She's so worried about photoshopping her pictures, she must forget how stupid she looks when she's out in public trying to recreate her shoops while she's 30 lbs. heavier while a completely different face.

No. 68637

File: 1570424617906.jpg (102.92 KB, 494x960, 72295485_2647694915251764_4414…)

No. 68646

>that neck and chin
the fucking audacity of this bitch

No. 68660

lmfao the warping on her neck jewellery
I guess now her real looks have been exposed and she still has people who believe her shit, she knows she doesn't even have to try any more

No. 68688

File: 1570484585970.jpg (224.96 KB, 970x1389, Screenshot_20191007_174122.jpg)

Trimz salon has a video on their timeline that our beloved deer took. I tried to get a good screen grab but this is all I could manage. The video is terribly shaky and she's trying her hardest not to show herself in the mirror.

No. 68723

That's Vicky Shingles level of face and body covering

No. 68733

her giant shoulders and rounded potato for a head lmao

No. 68734

from 110 lbs to >>68688 160-170 easily christ

No. 68800

damn she's still as fat as in the convention video

No. 68837

The bumps on her arms from her editing look so bad. Also she makes her boobs look really shallow.

No. 68881

I'm white trash not a hillbilly

I don't use social media

We were never engaged

Just curious what you guys had to say about me, when we were together I told her to ignore this thread so I never really read it

No. 68883

File: 1570581514720.jpg (103.3 KB, 1280x720, just passin.jpg)

And before I get an angry text message from her, I'm not here to drop any hot goss about her to a bunch of petty femanons, I was just genuinely curious what was said about me

No. 68884

you're trying to piss her off to get her attention so she contacts you. Scrotes are so pathetically transparent in their manipulation. Fuck off. No one here cares about you beyond finding it funny how you would follow her around like an accessory.

No. 68885

File: 1570582826178.jpg (61.25 KB, 609x668, DB2ztN5UQAAgN6P.jpg)

No. 68894

File: 1570586018356.png (316.37 KB, 1421x1912, Screenshot_20191008-205033~2.p…)


Is she talking about you here Andrew? She claimed she was abused daily in an earlier FB post. She's clearly eluding to an ex.

Also we know she edits the ever living fuck out of her images, we don't need confirmation from her ex. I'm just curious how you navigated dating someone who pretends they are a living doll for so long.

No. 68897

>I'm white trash not a hillbilly
It's the same fucking thing, dude. Especially when you're living out here in the Midwest.

No. 68899

so who dumped who

No. 68918

File: 1570600959724.png (652.75 KB, 464x569, 1547407264041.png)

So are you the ex that posted about her on Reddit and said it was disappointing meeting her IRL or are you this ugly retard with the trump hat?

>I'm white trash not a hillbilly

Pic related

And here's Mickey claiming you were engaged >>>/w/48693

No. 68927

File: 1570614340513.png (589.71 KB, 912x440, 1545198560741.png)

Sorry you got dragged into this dude, it's nothing personal. Just morbid fascination.

>I told her to ignore this thread so I never really read it

I mean, she couldn't make it more clear that she's obsessed with this thread, but it's still a lil satisfying to hear

>petty femanons

kek, this is such a dumb 4chan incel thing to say. This entire site is "femanons", you're the minority here dude. At least you know how to sage, how refreshing. Mickey whiteknighting herself in her first thread didn't even know how to do that.

Yeah, I'm honestly a little confused, are these all the same dude or different ones? >>68918 is clearly Andrew, is pic related Andrew as well? I could never tell if >>53943 was the same guy cause blonde/no beard.

No. 68931

I never cared about being dragged into this I don't have an online presence. I only checked here semi-regularly to make sure there was no doxxing, threats of violence etc.
My own morbid curiosity is what brought me back here and yes that cringy Halloween costume is me it was taken years ago.

>implying I'm from the Midwest
>implying I would use reddit

I wasn't abusive, emotionally distant towards the end of things maybe but never abusive.

No. 68933

If I was trying to piss her off I would have posted something with more substance, I'm just here for the vain ego boost of internet randos talking about me

No. 68939

You're retarded you clearly live in either Joliet or Morris KEK don't act like we don't know.
If by the chance you don't live in a town surrounded by cornfields, you seriously went as far to have a long distance relationship with someone who does? How lame.

No. 68940

What made you emotionally distant towards Mickey? Also, if you weren't abusive why does she keep bringing that up? Does Mickey lie as much irl as on her social media?

No. 68943

it's so frigging deep, jesus. i thought she would have one of those really squeaky voices.

No. 68944

Why does she shoop so much? Does she talk about her shooping addiction with you? Does she think that's what she really looks like or is she aware that this is an idealized version of herself?

Is she a munchie? We used to hear about various mysterious ailments but since most anons prefer to talk about fatty-chans the thread devolved slightly. Is she close with her family? It seems like her and her mom get along well enough. Thanks.

No. 68945


Really dude this isn't a good look coming into her lolcow thread to update us

No. 68946

who cares if it's 'a good look' i wanna hear dish on mickey

No. 68947

You definitely want Mickey back, I can tell by the tone of these posts. She's got a job and a new boyfriend and you're jealous. I suggest not interacting any more in the thread if you want to stand a chance of that happening.

No. 68948

To be fair if it's true or not Mickey had been saying for a while she's being abused. If she's lying and Andrew really wasn't then it's just hysterical and eye-rolling the length this girl will do to get attention and sympathy online.

No. 68949

I can't tell anything from the tone of these posts are you psychic anon like what gives

No. 68950

How did Mickey move on so quickly if literally only a month ago they were together? >>65598 Was this you in the back Andrew? Especially since you guys were together when she weighed like 300 lbs?

No. 68951

What did Mickey mean when she said this?
Also when you say you were emotionally distant is it because you weren't complimenting her enough or something?

No. 68956

guy he's not going to give you any dirt. He's just here so she sees his posting, panics and contacts him. This is a controlling tactic. I'm not defending Micky, but why else would an ex come here and start baiting like this otherwise. He can read what we say without commenting.

Kinda starting to believe her about the abuse tbh, because this is such a textbook tactic. He knows she hates it here and is obsessed, he knows her seeing him posting is going to upset her and drive her insane.

He's an angry 4chan incel. Ignore him. He's just mad he got dumped

No. 68957

File: 1570641875795.jpg (253.74 KB, 1536x2048, FB_IMG_1570641612339.jpg)

Overzealous editing you did here Mick's. I don't recall you having a divet in your cheek.
Sloppy as usual.

No. 68959

How do they find time to meet up? It's a 5 hour drive apart.

No. 68962

It was in the cards for a while, neither of us were happy, talking less going out less etc.


She has no reason to contact me I'm only referencing posts about myself and not spilling the beans on her. Idk if you've ever had a tinder date bring up your exes egirl drama but it ain't fun. It also isn't great being called abusive in public threads so you can keep projecting sis

No. 68963

KEK I feel sort of bad for you, clearly someone just wanted some exclusive info from the ex himself rather than actually go on a date.
none of us are being abusive or projecting. if anything, why didn't you give more info why you were here in the first place instead 18 hours after the first post saying you were "just curious"

No. 68964

Were you less happy because of how obsessed she became with her online persona and editing her pictures? Did that have any impact on the relationship with her at all or did you not mind it?

No. 68965

Why would Mick be looking at wedding venues if she wasn't engaged?

No. 68967


I may be in the minority here, but I don't believe she was abused by you emotionally or otherwise. I think she uses her followers for sympathy and her own narcissistic needs hence why she posts the cryptic comments that she does. She gushed about you one minute the next it was "I'm being abused daily".

We are all well aware of her antics and how she puts on a good show for her followers. I'm not going to beg for dirt from her ex. I hope you can move on and find someone who doesn't need to edit themselves into a completely different person to be happy.

No. 68974


I agree. In >>61333 she implied she was being abused by someone she already lived with ("my only hope is to get my own house with my partner")

No. 68976

Her fucking nose. No ones nose looks like that

No. 68980

File: 1570656433877.jpg (201.34 KB, 1255x2048, FB_IMG_1570656407374.jpg)

Kek "superficial"
This wouldn't be complete without an editing oversight on her behalf.
Check your bricks Mick.

No. 68983

File: 1570660935198.png (218.25 KB, 387x761, 850701.png)

>Idk if you've ever had a tinder date bring up your exes egirl drama
w o o f

>You're retarded you clearly live in either Joliet or Morris KEK don't act like we don't know. If by the chance you don't live in a town surrounded by cornfields, you seriously went as far to have a long distance relationship with someone who does? How lame.
nta(ndrew) but he definitely didn't live in IL but MA (for college?) while they were dating. She posted this random screenshot that shows Abington, MA as his delivery location. Plus his current facebook says:
>Studied at UMass Dartmouth
>Lives in Chicago, Illinois
>From Boston, Massachusetts
They probably went to high school together and then continued dating long distance when he went to college out of state. It's not that crazy of a concept, calm down.

>clearly someone just wanted some exclusive info from the ex himself
This seems like a stretch. You don't think we would have heard about it here if it that was the case? I'm sure Mickey is just a hometown cryptid at this point, if he's dating back in their hometown area I'm sure it would come up.

No. 68984

After acen I seriously cannot unsee her real face whenever she posts a new picture

No. 68985

>Idk if you've ever had a tinder date bring up your exes egirl drama

Hahaha this gets better. Someone you dated on Tinder was a fan of Mickey? Wonder if she only swiped right because she recognized you and wanted some gossip.

No. 68988

Thirding. Especially if they weren't even in the same state for the more recent parts of their relationship.

>This is a controlling tactic.
>I'm not defending Micky, but
>Kinda starting to believe her about the abuse tbh
>He knows she hates it here and is obsessed, he knows her seeing him posting is going to upset her and drive her insane.
>He's an angry 4chan incel.
>He's just mad he got dumped
>no sage
For someone "not defending Micky" you sure do sound like you're Mickey self posting. No one else here is reading into it that much, and no one else is delusional enough to think that someone mildly shit-talking their ex = abuse u guise seriously I believe her now!!! ("Shit-taking" is a stretch even cause he's not even giving us any dirt) What about this is a "controlling tactic"? If she wants to throw a tantrum over her ex posting here and contact him about it, that's entirely on her. No one's making her do anything, and in fact the sane mature adult thing to do would be to ignore it/him/this thread altogether. (I wanna believe this is true because it then makes >>68962 keep projecting sis that much funnier.)

No. 68990

>Idk if you've ever had a tinder date bring up your exes egirl drama but it ain't fun.
LMAO implying anyone would recognize your irrelevant ass. I follow this thread and not even I know what you look like. Keep lurking sis you're only immortalizing your desperation.

You got dumped and your fat girlfriend upgraded overnight to someone more attractive, so now you're insecure about being cheated on and are lurking here for receipts.

No. 68991

>your fat girlfriend upgraded overnight to someone more attractive
Mickey literally not one single person in this thread thinks your new jersey mikes boyfriend is attractive or even cares lmaooo (at least you learned how to sage)

No. 68994

Attractive? Anon you're blind.
They're not internet celebs but the girl looks like a clown 24/7, obviously some people from their area knows who they are and just wanted to join the gossip, don't be ridiculous.

No. 69002

anon why are you having a meltdown

No. 69003

"Sis" lol I think I see why you broke up

He's not going to fuck you.

No. 69010

File: 1570679159498.jpg (160.38 KB, 980x1040, IMG_7345.jpg)

He's not gonna fuck you either Mickey, at least hide your butthurt a little better. How is your new "more attractive" boyfriend gonna feel when he comes to this thread and sees you sperging over your ex?

No. 69011

Dear god, I had a feeling she was selfposting. Her new boy has caterpillar eyebrows and a weird ass hairline. Our Jersey Mike's Subs king. OBV more attractive than any man.

No. 69217


lol RICH ROLEN is that you? funny seeing you here