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cringe(shit thread)

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If you’re going to make a shit thread at least post information on why you think they deserve a thread.

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How old is she? Can you maybe post any info at all?

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people want to date you…because you look like a 16 year old boy…. ….. ….. What the fuck??

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Abigail Lowes aka Abby aka Jaxx Lowes. He started to go by Jaxx recently and is convinced he is transgender and identifies currently as a male with he/him pronouns. His mother Sarah Lowes believes this because Jaxx would be raped by his father as a child and Sarah would let it happen so Jaxx no longer wants to be a girl because it was the girl that got hurt. Jaxx has said the N word and claimed not to know what it means and told us that he only learned about racism when he was in 8th grade. He also said that black people scare him. There are also reports of him being transphobic to an ex girlfriend of his asking her, a trans woman, if she had "boy parts" and asking for her "real name". Jaxx has been a part of many controversies but he also never apologizes and he always brings issues to his mother and she tells him whether or not to apologize. Reccently he was caught with a video of an underage girl that he has in his possession and he watches it without her consent and we have told him to delete the video multiple times. He is 17 as of October 2019 and seems to have many female friends under the age of 15 and chooses his friends based on how much they look like the cast of stranger things. Finn Wolfhard is his latest obsession and he has edits of "Faxx" in his camera roll that feature him and Finn kissing. He was also obsessed with LilPeep and there were videos of him surrounded by orbs, convinced these were signs that the spirit of the dead artist was with him. He now cosplays finn and wants to be like him and i believe it is one of the reasons he identifies as a transgender male. He is currently attempting to get on testosterone hormones(newfaggotry, namefagging)

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instagram: @jaxx_wolfhard
twitter: @jaxxwolfhard
youtube: jaxx lowes
tiktok: jaxx_wolfhard

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