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File: 1579486609583.png (1.99 MB, 1565x1180, drspaceman.png)

No. 79174

Sarah "Best in Show" Spaceman is an Atlanta based cosplayer and "motion graphics designer", currently with 92k Instagram followers. Milk imported from the Costhot Thread/PULL.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sarahspaceman
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/sarahspaceman
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@sarahspaceman
Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Sarahspaceman
Costhot Thread: >>33300

>Rushes to be the FIRST to cosplay a character, even if that “cosplay” is just photoshop (“First” Spinel, White Pearl, Mega Pearl)
>Constantly has to remind everyone she’s self taught and how hard she’s worked and how much she’s improved: >>40751 >>79090
>Gives out advice, makes tutorials, sells patterns despite hiding shoddy work: >>39551 >>39547 >>75844 >>51264 >>76939
>Chronic abuser of rhinestones, beads, gems, lace, hoop skirts and glitter freckles to hide shoddy work: >>39550 >>67331
>Delusions of grandeur: always answering “all the questions” she’s getting about her cosplays and process, all “questions” seem tailored to let her post and repost and brag about the same shit over and over again: >>79090
>Chronic Shoop Abuser, and proponent of Shoop “Cosplay”: >>39548 >>39549 >>39553 >>40711 >>67331 >>78165
>Throws fit or has meltdown in response to any criticism at all
>Makes up shit such as “A lot of cons have rules against cleavage”: >>39544
>Sore loser and alleged bully towards other cosplayers: >>75789 >>75826
>Has dentures, but doesn’t always wear them: >>39552 >>40714 >>75694 >>75718
>Has apparently tried to get the PULL thread where she is discussed (“Cosplay Personalities”) taken off google: >>75711
>Won at Momocon 2018 (Pink Diamond), won’t shut the fuck up about it (sells “Progress Pamphlet” of costume on Etsy)
>Didn’t place at Momocon 2019 (Godoka), won’t shut the fuck up about it: >>76366
>Won at Holiday Matsuri, 2019 (Ranko) won’t shut the fuck up about it: >>75694
>Likely lurks here

Recent Milk:
>Public meltdown over not placing in Momocon 2019 contest with Godoka >>51000 because she let down her fans by not winning: >>51082
>Public meltdown after receiving “backlash” for not putting a spoiler warning on her rushed photoshopped closet cosplay of new SU character: >>75129
>”Backlash” was mostly just people explaining why she should have posted spoiler warning: >>75130
>Throws a fit over any criticism, claims people copy her: >>77074 >>77102 >>77104
>Got into Holmat contest because of followers: >>77115 >>77147
>Claims “cheapy satins” are her least favorite fabric. Makes cosplays out of cheap shiny satins: >>78932 >>79021
>Posts Rosalina WIP pic that looks nothing like Rosalina (color or cut), claims she’s taking liberties and the cosplay is for her: >>78932
>Throws fit over critiques over Rosalina because “color is a fucking spectrum”: >>79128 >>79130 >>79131
>Posts Sophie Hatter WIP that looks nothing like Sophie Hatter, claims using leftover fabric as the reason the dress is completely the wrong color. Somehow manages to both brag AND use it as an excuse.
>Cut bangs into a $90 lace front wig for an otherwise completely inaccurate hastily thrown together cosplay because “doing them on a lace front makes sure you don’t see the cap of the wig”: >>79021

No. 79175

File: 1579486771658.png (347.83 KB, 397x738, Satin.png)

Couple of Receipts:
>Claims “cheapy satins” are her least favorite fabric. Makes cosplays out of cheap shiny satins: >>78932 >>79021

No. 79176

File: 1579486873356.png (586.78 KB, 1269x705, Progress.png)

>Won at Momocon 2018 (Pink Diamond), won’t shut the fuck up about it (sells “Progress Pamphlet” of costume on Etsy)

No. 79177

File: 1579486961791.png (413.61 KB, 404x744, SH.png)

>Posts Sophie Hatter WIP that looks nothing like Sophie Hatter, claims using leftover fabric as the reason the dress is completely the wrong color. Somehow manages to both brag AND use it as an excuse.

No. 79179

Finnally a thread on her.

No. 79180

File: 1579488258538.png (822.2 KB, 787x740, QA.png)

>Delusions of grandeur: always answering “all the questions” she’s getting about her cosplays and process, all “questions” seem tailored to let her post and repost and brag about the same shit over and over again: >>79090

Didn't cap all of her "anonymous questions" from yesterday, but basically every question (see amount at top) was like this. Reasons for her go on and on and on about herself. Other questions I didn't cap included:
>Do you ever get overwhelmed?
So she could talk about how stressed out she gets but how strong she is

>Did you practice your Holmat dance?

So she could post ANOTHER video of her dance

>What program did you use for the background of your dance?

So she could talk about how she's a professional video editor so only she could do it and no one else could sorry ://

>Who is the worst person you've ever met at a convention

I wish I could say but I can't uwu

>What was your first convention?

So she could post pics then and now pics (again) and talk about how she lost weight and no one asked for her picture at that convention and look at her now she showed them!

>What tools do you recommend for people who want to start sewing?

The advice everyone was apparently begging her for that only experienced cosplayers like her would possibly know? Her inbox apparently flooded with "best in show" must have item recommendation requests you couldn't get anywhere else?

…..Scissors. Don't cut fabric with household scissors. That was her sage expert wisdom.

No. 79182

File: 1579488299698.png (354.01 KB, 401x738, dance.png)

No. 79196

File: 1579494942347.png (347.71 KB, 783x674, sh.png)

Sophie apparently wears a dark dark navy dress with with a trashy plastic jeweled belt and white bead trim and a giant red bow? Because of her….personality?

No. 79201

File: 1579495442820.png (522.15 KB, 836x705, dAqDb1sxulu.png)

….but wasting a $90 lace front wig is for….movie accuracy and realism? She must have gotten the wig for free considering she wasn't even willing to pay for fabric. She's full of shit.

No. 79204

File: 1579496197948.png (333.09 KB, 711x413, E6682A1A-8896-4407-A2CF-CC0AF5…)

i don’t know what you’re talking about it looks great

No. 79209

File: 1579497705040.jpg (547.62 KB, 1321x1920, 20-01-20-00-16-52-809_deco.jpg)

Bless you anon for compiling everything and making this thread.

Her "tutorials" are always so bad. This was her showing how to sew a checkered pattern, but none of it lines up at all so it just looks sloppy.
Her newest one for attaching rhinestones cracks me up because hotfix tools are literally like $15, let alone that e6000 is super toxic and she's using it indoors with no ventilation.
Her tutorials are just an excuse to put herself on a pedestal above everyone else, but she ends up looking like a dumbass because she clearly doesn't know what she's doing.

No. 79215

File: 1579498969302.jpeg (142.94 KB, 516x840, 1577816343485.jpeg)

God, that looks like shit. It also seems….unnecessary? I just feel like red/white checkerboard wouldn't be THAT hard to find at like, a JoAnn's, it's not a complicated or unique pattern.

Old-ish milk, but speaking of that cosplay, does anyone know what this was actually in reference to? (pic from other thread) Like who stole what from her? >>77102 >>77104

No. 79218

I believe she was salty that other Pink Diamond cosplayers were using smocking on their costumes. Y'know, a technique sewists have used for hundreds of years, but apparently only Sarah is allowed to use.

No. 79227

File: 1579505197002.jpeg (182.91 KB, 1080x1080, E589E1DB-A90F-431B-B0DD-0930CB…)

If she doesn’t want people using her “techniques” why is she literally selling her “techniques” for $2 on etsy? She really thinks people would buy that just because they’re huge fans and want to look at her, huh. No one in their right mind would buy that shit unless they were looking for a specific aspect. She can’t really be that dumb can she?
>I’m not gonna give you the top secret recipe for Coke, but for $2 I will give you a picture book of me making it, including all of the techniques used for all the ingredients so you know how smart I am and how hard I work
>HEY you guys can’t do that >:(((

Not like her shit was accurate anyways. If another person makes a pink diamond cosplay with their colors all fucked up like hers are, then maybe she’s have a case. I don’t know why she brags about her shooping “skills” so much, it’s a nightmare.

No. 79238

File: 1579513024414.jpg (678.76 KB, 1080x1659, 20200120_103523.jpg)

i'm a tailor and looking at her stuff really hurts, all these rhinestones and the cheap lace are the typical amateur ways of "fixing" mistakes.
And don't even get me started on how ill-fitting everything is she sews, she clearly doesn't know her own shape

No. 79242

File: 1579514791162.jpeg (148.62 KB, 750x1105, 812724D2-F00A-44D6-8CFD-74E962…)

So I’ve gone pretty far down on the pinkdiamondcosplay hastag on insta, and I can’t find a single one that looks like hers (probably because hers looks doesn’t look like the actual design at all). The closest is this one, which is some cosplayer in the UK who didn’t even post a full body pic of the costume. But that’s literally ONE person, she’s acting like every single Pink Diamond cosplay after her was directly inspired by her?

GOD I’m a tailor as well (hiyeee) and this made me cringe so hard because the post is about changing the costume to fit her better? And I’m guessing that last pic is supposed to be the example of it fitting better but I can’t tell because is still clearly doesn’t fit at all? Like that shit is all the way open and is still way too small for her, how is it going to look actually laced and closed up? Not sure what kind of tailor you are, but I work in bridal and I would never let a bride walk out if her corseted dress looked like that, and I’m definitely not competing in “master” competitions. I wouldn’t dare do anyone dirty like that on their wedding day because that looks truly awful.

No. 79244

File: 1579515013634.jpeg (583.84 KB, 750x1046, 5874678C-D307-43A9-8A8B-352EE8…)

This is the only other one that looked slightly similar, but they’re very obviously not the same concept at all. So like is this bitch really claiming she owns the concept of “texture”? Anyone who uses any type of textured fabric in a cosplay should have asked permission from Sarah first?

No. 79290

File: 1579552847785.png (1.79 MB, 1080x1336, Screenshot_20200120-153528~2.p…)

Maybe she's mad because both of these look aesthetically better than her attempt.

She's not that great at smocking or beading. I don't know why she's so weirdly possessive about those techniques.
It looks like she used a ballpoint pen to mark her stitch increments? This looks horrible.

No. 79296

File: 1579558925358.jpg (407.62 KB, 1077x1914, wtfiswrongwithSarah.jpg)

I'm 99% certain that Sarah lurks on lolcow and/or PULL now. Because this can't be about that one negative comment she got a few days ago, right?

No. 79297

Nitpicking, but the amount of ink stains, loose stitching, and stray hairs on a work-in-progress product is ridiculous.

No. 79306

File: 1579568066681.jpeg (154.33 KB, 1080x1080, 332BCB8A-22A6-4551-A5FD-034974…)

Why would you even post something that zoomed in? So we can see your gross cat hair and pen marks and loose threads? It’s not doing her any favors.

For someone who loves showing off her shooping skills and bragging about being a professional editor, I cannot get over how blatantly terrible her shooping is. This is from her facebook from 2017 and I just cannot for the life of me figure out what she did to that poor innocent wall behind her in the Peridot pic. Or how, even?

No. 79309

What bugs me the most about her shooping is she claims to be 100% transparent when she photoshops herself. Her size has changed 3 times, at least, and when she does disclose she doesn't fully disclose what she does (again mostly to do with shooping her own body). There are so many issues with coloring and relying on it to finish her costumes that it's just frustrating. People see her as a photoshop god and she's really just meh.

No. 79312

I was going to say it looks like there's a corner there in the peridot pic, but looking at the out of cosplay one, there's a picture frame and no evidence of a corner. Bizarre. What a weird bodytype to try to shoop your body into too, her thighs are thinner than her calves and her hips look like bad drag padding.

No. 79320

Not to defend Sarah because her shoops are indeed terrible, but it looks like the door frame to the left is a closet with one of those little folding luggage racks hotels have in it.

Her recent Instagram stories are her trying to explain how to alter patterns, but the way she explains things and talks comes across as so condescending. She's currently "taking questions" so she can show off her mediocre sewing knowledge.

No. 79325


Her Peridot wig is the funniest shit I've ever seen. It's enormous, the bangs are shit, and I can't get over the awkward little twists at the tips.

No. 79328

File: 1579581137558.jpeg (30.61 KB, 554x554, trainwreck.jpeg)

No. 79330

File: 1579583557476.jpg (111.78 KB, 996x2048, 79280320_516510562286288_77361…)

Completely win hungry, and only chooses pieces that she thinks will win. Madoka didn't win, so she picked an idol like the one of the girls who won at Momo where she lost in Madoka.
She claimed at one point that she is allowed to be upset on losses because she is "baby". She legit takes winning at the only thing to validate her.

No. 79331

>She's currently "taking questions"
"writing questions to herself" you mean? Can't wait to hear what masterful advice that only someone as talented and self-made as her would know….probably stuff like "thread goes through the little hole on the needle". Do you think she'll post a picture of her at a convention years ago and a picture of herself now though to inspire people?

She's gotta, someone in the last thread said she tried to get her PULL thread taken off of google (not sure how to corroborate that though) so I have to assume she's constantly checking that shit and would have found this already? I also kind of assumed her tantrum the other day was aimed at us as well because we were so blatantly calling out her ~liberties~

Don't worry anon, you TOO can have this wig, just by following her tutorial!

No. 79333

Yikes this is bad.
Also kek at her calling bobby pins "straight pins"

No. 79334

File: 1579585191763.png (216.53 KB, 388x427, padding.png)

Wow, I forgot that that character from that children's show had their entire ass cheeks out and was so thicccccccc. Seriously, what the fuck is going for here? Background of the peridot pic is like an optical illusion.

>her thighs are thinner than her calves and her hips look like bad drag padding.
You got me fucked up with this anon cause like….IS she wearing drag padding? I know this is bad shoop but she's a straight up box in the left pic, and she's clearly got something on under her tights? If she's got fake teeth that she only wears for special occasions, why not have fake hips/thighs/asscheeks for special occasions? You know like, when you're wearing a thong to cosplay a children's cartoon character?

No. 79335

The thing that bothers me most about her is how she talks about Photoshopping but just COMPLETELY leaves out that she regularly photoshops her body.

I saw her at HolMat last year and didn't even realize it was her (She was in Pink Diamond) at first cuz she was twice the size, at least, than she appears in her pictures.

And she does it on all of them, I dunno what it is but like that type of dishonesty just gets my goat. Especially since her Photoshop ability isn't even that good. Between her and that other GA "Photoshop guru" cosplayer I am constantly baffled why anyone thinks they have anything to teach others.

No. 79336

File: 1579585648038.png (976.43 KB, 1080x1532, Screenshot_20200121-004444~2.p…)

She's wearing padding.

No. 79337

File: 1579586200218.png (678.11 KB, 852x744, expectation.png)

>yes I wore hip pads
Ok, what about the rest though? None of it adds up sis (expectation vs reality)
Love how she completely obliterated any and all background on this one though, like even she could see how much she fucked up with the other pic

No. 79338

File: 1579586223688.png (192.23 KB, 424x383, expectation2.png)

No. 79339

File: 1579586251548.jpg (1.62 MB, 1920x2560, 20-01-21-00-55-57-882_deco.jpg)

You made me curious anon, so here you all go.

No. 79340

When is this post from? Cause in her "Bodysuit Tutorial" video (Feb 2018) she makes no mention of padding or anything at all. Did she go back and change that caption after getting called out or something?

Also spoiler for how she made her bodysuit: she bought it for $12 on Amazon. Her tutorial is that she shows going to Amazon and typing in "green bodysuit". (But be sure to tag her if you use any part of her technique for your Peridot!)

Yeah, I would never have known that was her if I saw her at a con.

No. 79341

File: 1579588868511.jpg (1.36 MB, 1920x2560, 20-01-21-01-36-27-382_deco.jpg)

More evidence of her shooping her body. Way to blur your trash heap of a room to hide your photoshopping Sarah.

December 2017 lol

No. 79344


But she lost So MuCh WeIgHt, YoU gAiZ!!! And she's improved sO mUcH with her cosplay!!!!

Every time she reposts the picture of her in her first costume ( >>79090 'unhemmed fabric sewn to a shirt!' jesus christ Sarah we KNOW you say it every time you post that fucking photo) it makes me agree with anon: she's definitely regained the weight, and her attempts to hide it with photoshop only make it funnier.

No. 79347

Eh.. This one is a little bit of a reach to be honest. You can tell with the blue dress, hat, and the gray/silver braids who it is if you've seen HMC at all. Its not the right color blue, but its really stupid to say this is unrecognizable.

No. 79348

File: 1579592668827.jpg (442.21 KB, 1172x1106, 1569378186487.jpg)

Here's another weird one from the last thread but didn't notice until recently – she's fused multiple planks together in the fence behind her? Clearly the individual plank lines got too curved/wobbly so she just got rid of them all together.

No. 79351

Off topic maybe, but god this pic shows how awful her makeup is. The blush on nose thing she does makes it just look like her makeup has rubbed off there. I've seen some people who do it well but she's not one of them and does it for every single character.

No. 79352

File: 1579595473860.jpg (96.44 KB, 720x900, 75426185_458445328106043_73858…)

ntayrt, but it makes her look like she's just been punched in the face.

No. 79353

File: 1579597108141.png (2.05 MB, 1385x790, holidaymatsuri_video.PNG)

I think it's really weird that she put a montage of her making her Ranko cosplay in the middle of her skit during the holmat masquerade. Is this a requirement if you're competing for an award or was this just her bragging to the entire audience that she made her cosplay?

pic related of her testing the wings which was shown in the video

No. 79356

She's apple shaped and trying to shoop an hourglass out of it lmao. She should just accept her body type and lose a few pounds but she'll never be an hourglass

No. 79360

Yeah, that part of her video weirded me out too. Oh, you made your costume yourself? Just like all the other competitors?
This is something you post on IG, not put into background of your performance.
But hey, she solved the bendy fence problem other shoopers have!

No. 79367

File: 1579615651644.jpg (596.29 KB, 1080x1511, 20200121_150455.jpg)

I am really beginning to doubt that she has lost as much weight as she made it look here

No. 79369

When I saw her in 2018 she was closer to the left than the right. Either she has one of the worst yo-yo problems I have ever seen or she's been lying about weight loss pretty consistently.

No. 79375

It's absolutely just Sarah bragging to the audience about making her costume like literally all competitors are expected to, but she has to feel more special than everybody else because she's the most talented seamstress and how dare you question her poor crafting decisions???
Showing progress during judging is usually required for any decent contest, but never as part of your stage performance if you're doing a skit. I've been involved in contests for years and have never seen anyone so narcissistic that they've done this.

No. 79377

File: 1579625705679.png (1.27 MB, 1080x1340, Screenshot_20200121-115156~2.p…)

She's exaggerating her weight loss using Photoshop.
Also, she was apparently too lazy to make an actual Poison Ivy? She literally just reused her Ashi dress kek

No. 79392

File: 1579641302092.png (336.07 KB, 446x868, lol.PNG)

sage for old milk but she had posted this to her story a while ago, and she got it from katiecosplays who's an even bigger cow lol. sarah is such a famechaser

No. 79397

I mean this statement does ring true though. And what has Katie done? I've never seen her involved in drama.

No. 79398

this is not milk at all

No. 79402

Sage for autism, but I remember being irrationaly angry when she decided to skip making sleeves for Nezuko's yukata. She could've made them and just leave them plain if she was too lazy to stitch the pattern on again.

No. 79403

isn't katie the one who threw green tea on a dog ??

No. 79419

File: 1579656057896.jpg (319.27 KB, 800x398, sarahcompare.jpg)

If you look at her corseted body she is a smaller size without the corset (someone else was in charge of shooping her photos) in recent photos and both are within a month of each other. Not forgetting the obvious Photoshop I circled. She claims to tell everyone when she's using PS to adjust herself and I get it but this it too extreme to no disclose. Especially when she mentions body positive stuff in the community.

No. 79420

She definitely lost some weight, but nowhere near as much as she seems to make it out to be. Her arms/legs/face thinned out a little bit, but she def uses posing and shoops her midsection into oblivion. Her legs are weirdly scrawny for for her weight tho, does she just sit around all day? No day job? Just unfortunate genetics? Her legs look so underdeveloped in comparison to the rest of her in so many pics.

No. 79425

Not milky but hilariously obtuse for two fame whores to share.


Yeah, that's her. She was also on Heroes of Cosplay season 2 I think so yeah, most the big GA cosplayers are milky af.


She claims that, but I've never seen her actually admit when she photoshops herself thinner. She's cleverer than the girls who just claim they don't Photoshop at all in that by shopping so many other things if anyone called her out she could just say she's open about shopping her photos.

No. 79430

File: 1579661843430.png (812.05 KB, 1027x916, atl.png)

This is milky because she clearly ONLY cares about becoming famous and getting attention:
>with over 85 thousand followers on instagram my costumes have been seen all over the world
…and making it a profession. Why else would she be doling out her "professional" advice and doing Q&A's and bragging about her achievements every 10 seconds? OP tweet alone is just a wild thing to brag about because it implies that literally the only reason anyone would ever do cosplay is for the fame and money and by somehow not doing that you're not only special and not like other girls uwu but a humble saint. Everything she does is self-indulgent, there is no "can". Pic related, cause
>I've been to Italy
as a brag just makes me laugh
sauce: http://voyageatl.com/interview/meet-sarah-spaceman/

I get what you're saying but clever is giving her way too much credit, the girl photoshopped a wall into an entire new tesseract dimension for the purpose of making a child's cartoon character based on a rock more fuckable. Clever? No, it's the oldest trick in the book. Manipulative? Yes. Covering her ass? Yes. Does she actually have an ass to cover? No, that's how she got in this mess in the first place. >>79338 looks more like a saggy diaper to me.

No. 79448

File: 1579667042862.jpg (212.06 KB, 946x2048, 79602436_452131818838289_82630…)

Her "professional" option is on her awful sewing skills.
Still don't know how she won in this costume.

No. 79451

Your icon is showing.

No. 79452

Photo is cooped form someones story on IG after they shared it.

No. 79455

File: 1579669885528.png (445.1 KB, 372x657, tape.png)

This was from her Pattern tutorial/Q&A yesterday that of course everyone was begging for – how else are they going to get those much sought after techniques to steal?

No. 79456

File: 1579670522774.png (453.87 KB, 370x656, measure.png)

After a long and completely nonsensical "tutorial" of her explaining how her mannequin is smaller than her and so after you cut out the tape pieces uhh make them all bigger? and do mockups? she posted a "if that was too complicated/didn't make sense to you feel free to ask me questions uwu" and of course had numerous requests for her wisdom.

For those keeping score at home, here's the professional pearls of wisdom she's given so far for those who want to be master seamstresses and win contests just like her:
1. cut fabric with fabric scissors
2. measure things

No. 79458

You can get adjustable mannequins (particularly vintage ones) afaik. This seems more logical than making your patterns in the wrong size first.

No. 79469

I don't even understand what she's trying to say here, but she's rather dumb if she can't figure out to just tape on her own body or pad the dressform out to her size.
Although her making patterns on a form 14 inches smaller than herself explains some of the fit issues.

No. 79471

Why not just….pad the mannequin if it's not the size you need? That's simple logic.

Also there's a glimpse of her true size. 42 inch ribcage ain't small, definitely not as small as she photoshops herself to be. Gotta look absolutely ridiculous with the supposed 28 inch waist…which I don't believe unless she's wearing a reaaaaally tight corset but seeing her pics…again no way does 28 look that…thick.

No. 79478

>This seems more logical than making your patterns in the wrong size first.
This. Watching her try to explain this process made me feel like I was having a stroke.

>Gotta look absolutely ridiculous with the supposed 28 inch waist
I mean, it would explain >>79238

No. 79481

I just don't get her. She's so desperate to become famous and thinks her number of followers means something. There are plenty of cosplayers who will gladly share what processes and materials they use, not hiding a link to some goddamn rhinestones behind a Patreon paywall. Kinpatsu is doing this same thing, making tape patterns and small tutorials, and she's thinner and prettier than Sarah and actually looks like she knows what she's doing. Sarah looks like she discovered cosplay in her college anime club and because she was the only cosplayer she has authority to give shitty advice.

Don't mean to blog post but I'm a fatty-chan and my bust alone is 42, there's absolutely no way Sarah is as small as her photos let on with a 42 underbust, unless she's using terms incorrectly again and means her actual bust instead of her ribcage.

No. 79483

How the hell did she even get that many followers? with such crappy Cosplays ,seems fishy to me

No. 79518

Not fishy. Just pandering

No. 79547

Not fishy. Steven Universe.

But also she was probably paying to bump her content, it doesn't cost much on insta and for awhile there she kept showing up on my feed despite me having no interest in SU or most the other things she cosplays and no real friends following her.

No. 79639

Her garbage still shows in the #cosplay tag in my feed all the time, including all of her untagged spoiler posts.

No. 79716

File: 1579880867147.gif (572.01 KB, 371x512, 96CE481B-8EBC-4AC1-8FF7-087AAB…)

SU for sure but it’s also fishy to me. I would guess it’s one of those things that most ~influencers~ do of buying a bunch of followers in the beginning which in turn makes a bunch of real people follow them because they look legit. That and SU is a helluva drug.

This. I follow her now for the milk but before that every single time I went to my little search bar area where it shows suggestions she was there. Every. Single. Time. and I have never had interest in SU or anything either.

Also enjoy this nightmare fuel I found on her Amino.

No. 79718

This is supposed to be her???

No. 79724

File: 1579883588309.jpeg (170.95 KB, 281x686, F13C9005-B512-4B54-ABFF-27837D…)

Oof what a mess.If you’re going to edit your body make sure your cape doesn’t wiggle

No. 79729

File: 1579886996784.jpg (569.4 KB, 1080x1052, 20200124_182808.jpg)

did she edit her arm to make it look like she has muscles?

No. 79739

Looks more like she edited her body smaller but not her arms? If she tried to make them look like muscles she failed, because they just look like she has big hammy blobs instead of biceps.

No. 79756

File: 1579903435284.jpg (727.59 KB, 1080x1916, SarahSpaceToga.jpg)

I don't know why, but I never noticed her shoops before? (Aside from when she would blatantly photoshop a character to be the first at something.)

But look at the bathroom door frame. It's curvier than Sarah ffs.

No. 79760

>the bathroom counter
I'm scared.

When are shoopers going to take effort to make sure the setting around them doesn't look like a funhouse mirror? It's a dead giveaway and you'd think people wouldn't post terribly obvious edits like that.

No. 79784

File: 1579919950924.png (1.66 MB, 1080x1744, Screenshot_20200124-151726~2.p…)

Sage for nitpick, but I'm constantly amazed how little effort she puts into sewing despite acting like she's amazing at it. She really couldn't be assed to even press open her seams? Even beginners know to at least do that much.
It's shit like this that bothers me whenever she makes tutorials, because she's spreading her bad habits. She's like the Tom Preston of cosplay.

No. 79787

Did she just… not put boning in a corset that is clearly patterned to have it?
I'd love to see her try to go to fashion school or ever take a sewing class and get laughed out of the room.

No. 79788

No, she used boning afterward over the waist tape which is fine, but she didn't press the seams open before attaching it. Basically by stitching this the way she did, she left all the bulk from the seam allowance to one side of the seam which can look lumpy or bulky.
Pressing seams is BASIC knowledge on getting a garment to lay nice. She's either too lazy or too dumb to bother doing it.

No. 79789

This has 0 chances of fitting properly, why go through all this effort only to fuck it up with a rookie mistake? Who the fuck would post shit like this

No. 79795

File: 1579931838012.png (414.54 KB, 367x651, corset.png)

UGH this is nauseating to look at. Seriously, the fucking uncut threads everywhere makes my skin feel itchy just looking at it. Also I don't think she knows what the word "basted" means? That looks like it's just…sewn in normally? She's so eager to brag and show off her "prowess" that she can't even take .05 seconds to cut those threads before bragging about it?

Don't worry anon, that's just the one she won her big fancy award for. Here's the one she's working on currently, in all her infinite patterning wisdom. >>79455

No wonder her corsets turn out like >>79238 this is the mannequin she was already saying was way too small, who would have ever thought her fool-proof method would fail?

No. 79814

Honestly, it looks fine for once, so if that's what she wants to do with her money it's whatever. Lace fronts don't cost that much anymore and it's a valid method if you don't want a hard hairline. Compared to her ugly ass checkers or her disaster of a Peridot wig, this is an improvement.

No. 79825

Where in this process is she making the pattern bigger like she said in her "tutorial"? She's full on making it to size of the mannequin. Does she just half-assedly throw in a modesty panel on the back when she's done?

No. 79826

When she deadass said "see! A good corset is one that doesn't stay down and flat!" or whatever made me confused. Corsets aren't also not pressed and made of 70 percent interfacing like hers.
There are 1000's of articles to help make corsets but she chose this cheap way.

No. 79829

File: 1579978988600.png (436.15 KB, 966x522, ww.png)

>if that's what she wants to do with her money it's whatever. Lace fronts don't cost that much anymore
I mean, no one said it didn't look fine, she's just blatantly full of shit and using it as an excuse to make a "tutorial" to pretend like she knows more than everyone. I highly doubt she actually bought it, it seems much more likely it's a promo wig. She couldn't even be bothered to buy fabric for the actual dress, use the correct pattern for the dress or do any other piece of the costume accurately, so why on earth would it be believable that she went out of her way to spend $90 on a wig for "accuracy" like she's claiming? She definitely got it for free and is trying to pretend like she made a big smart artistic choice.

>There are 1000's of articles to help make corsets but she chose this cheap way.
YES I was truly so baffled by this. What the fuck was she even talking about? Also kek @ her saying literally if your corset lays flat "it's a cheap corset"

No. 79832

Same with this shit, I don't understand why she's so obsessed with acting smarter than every other cosplayer in existence? As if some poor uneducated (not best in show) cosplayers drown their wigs in fabric softener as step #1 and then go "aw fuck, why didn't I think to try brushing it first?!"

No. 79833

File: 1579980901691.png (448.5 KB, 849x717, weft.png)

Sorry for samefag, I hadn't looked at her TikTok before this and it's full of "Tutorials". Wigs aren't my strongest suit admittedly (and I usually just buy wefts instead of making them) so someone who knows what they're talking about….this can't POSSIBLY be correct, right? How is this at all useful if 70% of it is just going to immediately fall out?

No. 79838

why on earth is she doing it like that?? Wefts are ALWAYS done in the middle so nothing falls out, also never with this huge amount of fiber.
"They're better for odangos" you usually have a ball base and glue stray hair strands onto it that then get sealed with hotglue or other adhesive, she seriously has no idea wtf she's talking about. Never seen anyone so full of shit.

No. 79839

Shit character design = shit cosplay
I know the original She-ra wore a mini dress but couldn't they give her full on body armor instead???

No. 79850

Why is she using black thread for blonde wefts? Combined with such a wide zigzag it's gonna show super bad.
There's tons of tutorials on YouTube on how to make wefts, there's no excuse for this garbage.

No. 79852

File: 1579991305441.png (2.4 MB, 1080x1762, Screenshot_20200125-172423~2.p…)

She's so full of shit. It makes no difference how long heat is applied to a wig, it only matters what shape it's cooled in. If she dunked it in boiling water, she could've just dunked it in cold water right after to get the same effect.
Way to spread misinformation Sarah.

No. 79855

File: 1579993889328.png (1.8 MB, 750x1334, CE2577BF-063B-4BE7-83B3-E145B7…)

>it only matters what shape it's cooled in
Was gonna say this “”technique”” of hers, isn’t this just going to mess up the shape? Wouldn’t you want it to cool down asap in the shape you had it pinned in? Instead she is drying it with MORE heat???

Bet she’s gonna take those rollers out when it’s still hot too, cause why the hell not at that point? Can’t wait for her to show off her stunning final results.

No. 79861

Nitpick but the video before this story post made me cringe the way she brushed out the wig. It's clear she's still a beginner yet somehow won best in show and is in the masters category??

No. 79863

File: 1579997472416.jpeg (317.98 KB, 1123x1982, 8BE59B08-B827-48F0-88DE-2AC70B…)

Am I wrong in thinking this is kind of an outdated/sloppy technique these days anyways? I know it serves it’s purpose but taking all the time and effort to carefully pin something in the specific shape you want it to be in only to then slam dunk it into a cramped pot of actively moving water just seems like it’d end up sloppy as fuck, especially if you then shove the hot soaking wet wig in a towel and shove that towel in a bag? She said she’s impatient but she’s literally wasted an entire day doing this because all she’s done at this point is heat and reheat and reheat the same shit over and over again for hours without actually letting it cool or set in any way? Christ, I’m baffled honestly. I feel like I’m having a stroke watching her do anything because nothing she does makes ANY fucking sense.

Unless she’s going for the loltots technique I guess, lmao. Can’t wait to see the final results….pic related all I can imagine a soaking wet wig shoved in a bag will end up looking like.

This one? >>79832
Not a nitpick imo, since she’s claiming her method of brushing out wigs is the end all be all of wig maintenance. Don’t you know you’re a gullible idiot if you’ve ever had to use any other method to detangle your wig? By all means, rip half the hair out of your wig by violently dry brushing and yanking at it instead of doing anything to possibly make that process easier or less damaging on the wig. Not a problem of course, because you can always re-sew all that hair you yanked out back in with her weft technique! >>79833

No. 79900

sage for sewing sperg but this is 100% not how you make a corset. The waist tape is not only put in wrong, it's put in on the wrong layer. I can't even tell where the center front of this monstrosity is because her pattern, cutting, and sewing are all heinous. This is absolutely going to look like a lumpy disaster.

it really grinds my gears when people like this think they're qualified to make tutorials, let alone charge money for them. It's like the girls in the anachan threads trying to give fitness advice.

No. 79949

File: 1580050026722.jpg (732.01 KB, 1069x1901, 20200126_154721.jpg)

This is such a mess

No. 79960

File: 1580061459648.png (397.93 KB, 363x648, xx.png)

Why does she just like….not show the ones that look like shit? Unless this was the best looking one

No. 79961

I was about to say the same thing lol that waist tape isn't going to do anything except add a bit of unnecessary bulk. But kudos, I guess, for being able to say that you added one? I hate that judges are so easily wowwed by a competitor using some technical words, instead of actually caring that a competitor did it correctly.

No. 79962

File: 1580062260288.png (502.16 KB, 368x649, xxx.png)

So what's her plan this time? Dunk just the top layer?

I just cannot get over this bitch saying she did it this way because she was impatient and then literally taking an entire day for it to look this bad.

Not a competitor so sorry for dumb question but, do you have to show proof that you did that kind of stuff? Like does she have to show >>79784 pic?
>I hate that judges are so easily wowwed by a competitor using some technical words
I mean, p sure she doesn't know what the word "basting" is because that doesn't look basted, she's just throwing in fluff words that she thinks sounds impressive.

No. 79967

Depends on the judges. For example someone like Cathy from God Save the Queen is going to be able to listen to her, look at this work, and know she doesn't actually know what she's talking about. But Cathy is known for her sewing and construction.

If it's a "celebrity" cosplayer like some of these Instagram popular ones who don't (Leon Chiro is pretty open about having a team create his stuff for him for example) they wouldn't have the background to listen to someone and know they're using terms wrong. They could just be impressed by all the shiny on costumes like Sarah's.

Like if Sarah claimed she serged her seams, Cathy could flip the seams and KNOW she was full of shit, Leon wouldn't.

And for some reason we've been getting more of the latter as judges lately. And sometimes even if a judge does know, they'll be outvoted by the other judges.

No. 79983

Most competitions have at least one craftsmanship judge who actually knows how to sew/construct things and that person would spot sarah's bullshit from a mile away. Usually they also ask you to bring a folder of progress pics (or send them in ahead of time) to prove that you actually made the thing instead of just buying something and passing it off as your work. The only cons I've seen that don't have a legit craftsmanship judge are super tiny cons where they can't afford to bring in someone knowledgeable to do it. Momocon has judges who do actually know their shit, which is why her horrible Godoka didn't win. I think she got lucky with Pink Diamond because she could hide her poor construction with excessive trims and embellishments, but with something that actually relies on solid construction she's screwed.

No. 79992

File: 1580087120254.gif (745.05 KB, 500x281, ca.gif)

>The only cons I've seen that don't have a legit craftsmanship judge are super tiny cons where they can't afford to bring in someone knowledgeable to do it
I've never put much stock in people winning competitions or even had any interest in entering them myself, I think because of this reason? I've seen acquaintances of mine win and then get invited back as judges that started sewing like….1-2 years prior and just have a big insta following. So….people like Sarah. Sometimes seems like it's more Drag Race judging, people just relying on charisma and fanbase and that bodddddyyy. How far out are we from Sarah getting invited to judge and never shut the fuck up about it?

It's funny to think of them not being able to afford someone knowledgeable. I worked as a high-end tailor for many years and I can assure you there are plenty of old european women who would LOVE to criticize every single stitch for free. They feed off of the tears of those they deem less experienced, it keeps them alive. Do they ever go outside the cosplay space for judges? Theatre Costume designers or Tailors? Local Drag Queens even? (ones that actually sew). Sage for ot

No. 80005

File: 1580095991969.jpg (1.24 MB, 1080x1736, Hi_sarah.jpg)

Someone's been lurking lol

No. 80024

File: 1580112592331.jpg (836.25 KB, 1062x1888, 20200127_090601.jpg)

is the wig and the the stuff she's working on right now , for her sakizou Cosplay? i swear you have to be 100% accurate with everything , especially the colors , otherwise it will be a complete disaster.
so i'm calling it now , this will be her worst Cosplay

also still funny to me how she preaches that Cosplay shouldn't be for fame, only for fun , but apparently she couldn't Cosplay sakizou since not enough people know it ?
she clearly choses the characters after what gives her the most Reputation
what a hypocrite

No. 80054

Did I miss something? Why aren’t her seams clipped? Hasn’t she been sewing for years? This should be basic knowledge… I’m surprised she even knew better to not open her seams honestly.

No. 80055

*didnt know better to not open her seams oops.

No. 80062

Tbh she shouldn't clip them because she's probably going to need to let them all out anyways, since she makes everything like 4 sizes too small. There's no way it doesn't turn out like >>79238

No. 80148

That way she says this "searching for a new project" speaks volumes. It's clear she really means "searching for a new project that will win awards". Every cosplayer not in it for clout or awards has a bunch of costumes that they want to do, they don't have to search for something new to make.
It's like she doesn't even try to hide that she just wants to win awards and be famous. Is Florida pretty low on talented cosplayers? Her stuff wouldn't even place at small California cons.

No. 80177

File: 1580225522954.jpeg (111.45 KB, 750x1188, DF3B0B9B-0700-4000-A9DC-85CB42…)

The problem is when it’s no research, no good, and then you make a bad/wrong tutorial

That’s funny because I’d never even heard of Sakizou before some anon brought it up in the Cringe thread, and I think anons basically said people always think they should automatically win contests because they do these designs. Hard to tell if there’s a design in particular she’s doing because A. the corsets and hair are so busy with shit it’s hard to say if any of them look like what she has so far B. 100% of the time she gets the colors wrong so even if something does look similar who the fuck knows. Gonna look like a trainwreck either way.

You can also tell she only cares about clout because every time she posts her first “cosplay” she goes on and on about how no one even asked for her picture. Which is like….ok?? it sucks but calm down that happens to everyone at least once, especially when you were first starting out (or when you do a more obscure character you know…because you like it? not for as much attention as possible?). People asking for your pic is not a metric of if your cosplay is actually good or not.

Also since when the fuck is idolm@ster not popular? So whiny.

No. 80241

File: 1580264774807.png (10.43 MB, 1125x2436, 3AB7045C-E374-43AD-8ECE-4A3174…)

Honestly I'm thinking if I were to take a guess she may be doing the Seraphim design.
Because it would hide that horrid corset, and would incorporate that ruff she is making plus those gems.
Also Seraphim cosplayers have won
anytime they enter something, and it would allow her to use all those techniques she has won with before.

No. 80248

I mean the only really well done Seraphim I've seen is cowbuttcrunchies which won but it was incredibly well done in all areas. Sarah doesn't have the technical skills to do it justice and at this point it's been done so judges will end up comparing it to other versions they've seen (whether unconsciously or not). That's probably part of how she got away with her shitty Ranko, no one else does that costume.

No. 80385

File: 1580374649167.jpg (664.06 KB, 1080x1920, 20200130_095530.jpg)

haha look my cat has found something to choke and die on . Better film it ,instead of taking it away(nitpick)

No. 80387

File: 1580374827746.jpg (741.53 KB, 1080x1920, 20200130_100023.jpg)

oh no honey it won't be nice , it's already a disaster

No. 80521

File: 1580443908779.png (1.34 MB, 750x1334, 51D8C804-302B-4D1E-9415-F87662…)

Part of my feels like either her followers are idiots or she has a second account where she asks herself these questions j

No. 80544

File: 1580451967769.jpg (1.73 MB, 1080x1771, pleaseno.jpg)

This is probably one of her worst "tutorials" she's made. Like, yes Sarah, you DO have to brush a wig to detangle it. What you DON'T have to do is say that other methods are wrong while yanking out half the fibers in your wig with a brush made for human hair.

She doesn't even need a second account, IG just lets you send yourself questions using your own account.
Also love how this doesn't answer the question at all lol.

No. 80545

Samefag, but it's so embarrassing watching her continue to post pictures of her messy house/apartment. You really couldn't bother spending two minutes to pick up all the trash on your floor before filming a video?

No. 80580

I don't think this is her asking herself a question for this one. Part of making mockups is knowing alterations are probably going to be made, so you baste the mockup together. This way you can alter the pieces, take apart the mockup, and transfer the changes to paper by tracing the new pieces.
Making a wearable mockup is kind of defeating the purpose.

Sage for sewing fag

No. 80583

What's with the horror styling head here? Styro heads are pretty cheap to replace.

No. 80636

File: 1580515314081.png (472.68 KB, 501x593, bf998a3defda15b653a47db16c7691…)

>Making a wearable mockup is kind of defeating the purpose
Right, this is just another example of her trying to use sewing terms that she clearly doesn't understand to try and make herself sound much smarter/more experienced than she actually is. Also if you make a "mockup" out of the fabric you bought to make the piece….it's not a mockup? You're just making the piece? The point of a mockup is to work out all the kinks before you actually cut into your nice expensive fabric. Can't wait until she posts her expert tutorial on how to half-loop topstitch on low-viscosity rayon.

Also I might have dreamed this but I swear I she posted something with her Rosalina cosplay where the lining was navy, so I think her off-color Sophie cosplay has something to do with being a "wearable mockup" of her Rosalina dress.

No. 80641

File: 1580519836301.jpg (270.46 KB, 1150x2048, 1580519532809.jpg)

Sage for nitpick, but this dress just looks terrible. It looks like she used white thread to serge navy satin, and peep that visible horsehair braid. I don't get all the bedazzling either, Sophie's dress is supposed to be plain. She's not qualified at all to be giving sewing advice.

No. 80650

Not to mention the awful fit in the bodice, apparent inability to properly ease sleeves, or how wrinkly it is.
If I saw this at a con I wouldn't think it was Sophie, I'd think it was something I wasn't familiar with. It would be one thing if the dress was a shade or 2 off but she might as well have made it red.

No. 80657

This post honestly just proves that she absolutely drenches the damn thing in silicone when she tries that method which isn't at all what you're meant to do?

No. 80658

I kind of see Sophie, but it also gives weird Elsa vibes with the random bedazzling in an almost snowflake-esqe pattern. I would think it's someone's weird crossover fanart design or something tbh. The material is definitely a terrible choice and looks weirdly plastic in pics, full of wrinkles, and doesn't seem to hold it's shape very well as seen in the sad sleeve shape. She looks like she took a satin liner out of an old thrift gown and dedazzled it.

No. 80659

File: 1580538161658.jpeg (435.91 KB, 750x826, C7D67661-F079-480C-B6F5-DAD829…)

This is from her TikTok (sorry for bad screenshot, I’m on mobile) which shows she couldn’t even be bothered to wear tights or a petticoat with are both distinctly part of the costume? No apron either (which while not required would make the costume more recognizable) and the only time Sophie ever wears a hat with the blue dress is when she’s old iirc?

This costume literally looks like she saw the movie once 5 years ago, and made this based off of only her memory of it.

>Sophie's dress is supposed to be plain

She said she did it this way to reference when Howl says he used magic to make her dress pretty uwu as if that made any sense at all.

No. 80660

File: 1580538204697.gif (813.06 KB, 500x251, CC2426BB-A35A-47DE-AFA7-0EF0A7…)

Pic Related

No. 80662

File: 1580539054733.png (1.44 MB, 750x1334, EA4D6790-7D0E-4737-BC3C-323D20…)

>It looks like she used white thread to serge navy satin
She definitely did (from her TikTok again). It doesn’t look like she even bothered sewing the pieces together, it looks like she just serged them together.

But don’t worry, she’s provided this “Sewing Basics” lesson on serging:
I wonder if that’s just the thread her serger came with and she can’t figure out how to switch it out?

No. 80671

What the hell is going on with her body in this ? She looks huge

No. 80705

I would be embarrassed to post this. Not just the fabric but how terrible the fit is. How does anyone think she knows what she's doing?!

No. 80709

Ah yes, both the shitty photoshoppers in one photo together. This makes sense, they encourage their shittiness in each other.

And both make atrocious "tutorials" for things they're not qualified to teach others.

No. 80714

Okay, I know this is Sarah's thread and I don't want to derail, but angelicdaze's tutorials trigger me. So I wanted to know if you have more milk about them?

No. 80716

File: 1580588398817.jpg (220.4 KB, 1150x2048, 1580588327607.jpg)

Lurking again, but at least she cleaned her disgusting room.

No. 80725

There’s not even any reason to have horsehair in a dress like this? It’s for making things like ruffles or very poofy skirts hold their shape. If she wanted it to have any effect on a dress like this she’d have to use the really wide stuff, like 4”. Otherwise it just makes the dress look even more cheap and stupid.

I can understand doing a different style for the bodice and sleeves, Sophie’s dress is drawn without any visible seam lines so you have to take some liberties there to make it actually fit a human body, and the style of bodice seems appropriate for the era. But the length is totally wrong (sophie’s dress hits above her ankles, not floor-length) and the fabric is a nightmare aside from the color. A cotton or linen would not only be more accurate but also easier to sew and not show her mistakes as much.

No. 80781

File: 1580600803102.jpeg (43.42 KB, 350x490, 8B33D29F-B439-41CA-B3E2-862F0E…)

>Sophie’s dress is drawn without any visible seam lines
Sorry….what do you mean? She has a very distinct bodice with a yoke and collar, etc….it’s pretty clearly designed? There’s not really anything to be left to interpretation. Do you mean that she doesn’t have princess seams? Cause not every bodice requires those, especially if you’re not going for a tighter/tailored look (which Sophie definitely wouldn’t do). I just don’t understand what you mean.

(Using green dress as the example but it’s exactly the same as the blue)

No. 80785

File: 1580602001179.jpeg (65.66 KB, 514x707, 54EDA71C-5DE5-4E56-9707-D8BDC7…)

The problem is this is the pattern she shows that she used and she just clearly wasn’t able to make it work. There’s probably a million other patterns that she would have been closer with. I guess she had to do it that was because she’s the master of altering patterns? (Or because she made entire cosplay in a day for a photoshoot out of scraps and couldn’t be bothered to buy the correct fabric or pattern). Explains why the shoulders look so terrible I guess?

Honestly since she already has brown hair and bangs I don’t understand why she wouldn’t just do the green dress version? For all her bullshit about using a lacefront (free) wig for “accuracy” the wig still looks like shit. She’d have been better off using her real hair and just going with the green.

I mean, if she’s related to Sarah and doesn’t have her own thread I think it’s fine to talk about her here? I wanna know the milk

No. 80823

Ugh serged together seams are the hallmark of a lazy seamstress. You can't iron open the seams so it tends to look lumpy and is just lazy. Clearly the judges never flipped her seams in contests.

No. 80851

File: 1580625823344.jpg (229.44 KB, 719x720, Screenshot_20200202-013740_mh1…)

I guess a good summary of AngelicDaze would be that she's a subpar photographer and editor who lurks drama boards. She got posted on CGL without her name even being mentioned in a bad Photoshop thread and freaked out about it. She's hosting photography on cosplay photography even though she, on her own admittance, has just started to get serious about it. In pic related she more or less just burn tooled the eff out of her face. Sarah looks bigger in the newer sets because AD is in charge of editing and doesn't retouch her own body much (kudos for that at least).

No. 80865

If she didn't want the edges to fray she could have serged the edges of each piece before sewing them, and still have been able to press things properly. Or even better, actually given it a lining.

i've known so many shitty cosplayers who thought that owning a serger made them TOTALLY PROFESSIONAL when they had no idea what the actual purpose of the machine was or how to use it properly.

No. 80871

She does edit her body , same as sarah ,she makes herself skinnier than she actually is. I mean she's not fat as sarah thats for sure, but she's also not as skinny as she makes it look on her pics

No. 80904


I think it's more that they know which angles are flattering and stick to those. Sarah looks bigger because she's not the one in charge of editing, I wonder how she feels about not being able to take in half her waistline.

No. 80931

File: 1580673378764.jpg (839.37 KB, 3472x1907, collage (1).jpg)

It's one of the romantic jewels. Not sure why she's being so secretive but can't wait to see how this monstrosity turns out.

No. 80950

I wonder why she's doing this one specifically. It's something designed to promote the tights sakizo designed )and the character is wearing) so why not do one of the TONS of designs the artist has done without very specific tights?

Though lowkey cant wait to see how much she fucks it up.

No. 80951


oh hell no
as if she could make that.
the stockings alone are way above her skill level , don't even get me started on everything else
and looks like her wig is way too dark for this

No. 80963

I can't wait for the inevitable "Box Pleat Sakizou"

No. 80967

Its easy to see why she is doing that one.
1. The sleeves are a recreation of her Pink Dimond ones
2. The skirt will be similar to Madoka
3. There is enough beads and trims to cover up her seams

What I am laughing at is how she is jumping right into using Dupioni. That will be mess especially since it seems she hasn't really worked with any sort of material besides broadcloth and satin.

No. 80994

I feel like out of any of her cosplays this one annoys me the most. How hard is it to find a thick sweater and a more accurate seifuku. It’s like she bought the cheapest options possible just to pump out another cosplay for likes.

No. 80996

File: 1580711707113.jpeg (212.27 KB, 742x1208, 606544C4-ACE8-4A04-842E-84809E…)

Another “question” for her to share this pic of her humble beginnings uwu, so everyone mark that one off of your Sarah bingo card for the weekend.

God bless anon, as soon as I saw this on her story I knew someone here would know what it was

Good catches. Don’t forget her checkerboard pattern tutorial the thighs.

That wig’s gotta be for something else though, right? I mean I know she’s terrible at colors but she can’t be THAT off. Plus that wig isn’t anywhere thick enough or long enough, this looks like you’d have to sew together 2 wigs to get this much volume. I’m guessing she’s gonna try for Momo contest with this, since her profile says that’s her next con….seems way too early to be finalizing her wig and being “impatient”. I guess we’ll see.

No. 80997

File: 1580712456002.jpeg (695.98 KB, 750x1045, B5908745-53B8-479F-82A4-398E83…)

Told you she got that wig for free and was full of shit with her “for accuracy uwu” tutorial. I wonder why she only put it on this one and not the other pics or the actual one where she originally tags the wig’s insta? Weird that she still doesn’t actually say she was given it in any of her posts though.

Also one of her excuses for using a lace front was so you wouldn’t see the wigcap (which ??? in the first place) and you can still totally see the wigcap. You don’t even see any hairline, so the lace front was completely unnecessary, what a waste.

No. 80999

File: 1580713969689.jpg (1.26 MB, 1920x2560, 20-02-03-02-04-58-662_deco.jpg)

Honestly it's more annoying how much smaller she edits herself than her lazy ass cosplays, especially with how much she talks about her "weight loss." I tried finding one of her wearing Toga at a con, but here's the next best thing.
When you order it online vs. when it shows up in the mail. I can't believe people actually recognize her at cons. How embarrassing.

No. 81000

File: 1580714066989.jpg (2.09 MB, 1920x2560, 20-02-03-02-08-20-999_deco.jpg)

Dumping a few more.

No. 81001

File: 1580714093031.jpg (1.46 MB, 1920x2560, 20-02-03-02-07-37-513_deco.jpg)

No. 81002

File: 1580714217910.jpg (1.65 MB, 1920x2560, 20-02-03-02-06-19-851_deco.jpg)

No. 81005


I can't stop laughing at her itty bitty legs paired with those quarterback shoulders and hammy arms

Seeing those two pictures side-by-side is comedy gold, who does she think she's fooling lmfao

No. 81007

File: 1580716977113.jpeg (38.18 KB, 552x555, images (16).jpeg)



No. 81008

now that you mention it what's wrong with her legs ? why are they so underdeveloped, is this some sickness?

No. 81010

File: 1580718251976.jpeg (407.35 KB, 750x678, 28F384B5-D711-46F3-A5B7-E224A7…)

Oh right, I forgot Uraraka had lupus

This one’s the closest at least, but she definitely still edited herself daintier. Even at her smallest she has no femininity at all. Those shoulders thooo

I’ve definitely known multiple people built like that: dense square body with stick legs. I have a hard time believing there’s something wrong with her health-wise that she wouldn’t be milking at every opportunity

I don’t understand her difficulty with this costume in particular? Like, she’s clearly got a fupa she’s trying to hide, but whatever shooping she’s doing is just making look worse. And she has a weird arm thing going on in these too, right by the armpit? Like >>79729 (even covering with the sword you can still see fupa) and >>79339 (tried to cover weird arm thing with uwu sparkles)

No. 81012

>enough beads and trims to cover up her seams
That's how you get shit tier sakizo, these designs require a good base silhouette, otherwise you look like you covered your spirit halloween costume in glue and went rolling down the aisles at Michael's

No. 81055

I absolutely never noticed she just wore jean shorts with this. And then didn't even try to make the top long enough to cover.

It's a one piece Sarah, and bike shorts aren't even that difficult to make. Why half ass it so awkwardly? The shorts would have been the easiest part!

No. 81067

Wtf? Are the two on the right edited? How are her legs so freakishly small?

No. 81076

File: 1580768758449.jpg (32.9 KB, 500x375, meat13.jpg)

every time she posts this i'm reminded of this from spongebob

No. 81126

File: 1580779397689.jpeg (76.93 KB, 240x297, F055FA32-9C75-4CF0-90DE-F81FB6…)

Her newest post is Godoka. The wig is, of course, inaccurate but that’s expected at this point. I’ve noticed that a majority of the wigs that she has used recently are ones that she has received for free. She tries to make them “work” for cosplays but they never do.

No. 81128

File: 1580779818132.jpeg (106.06 KB, 299x395, E0B3AFEC-F5B0-4AE3-B2BC-2BD7BB…)

Samefag but what even happened to this wig? It looked choppy but at least it was closer to the character.

No. 81152

File: 1580784550545.jpg (201.42 KB, 2000x1124, 61255194_2226429054106811_9202…)

You sure it was that color?
Because I'm sorry she photoshops her wig colors all the time.
Found a photo she didn't post of herself just so we could see the best color.

No. 81154

I didn’t say anything about the color, hon. Look at the cut. We all know her colors are always off.

No. 81159

File: 1580787854100.jpeg (781.82 KB, 1920x1800, 5BAAF9B1-FE8D-459F-9B4E-37F4CA…)

Since she just posted another Godoka, here’s a comparison of what she actually looks like in person

No. 81161

how can someone have a wig so inaccurate for godoka. Like even the prestyled eBay wigs are more accurate than this shit

No. 81166

File: 1580788355291.png (721.96 KB, 957x621, doka.png)

Oh no this is awful

I'm so confused though because she does have a better wig? >>81128 >>81152 Why did she all of the sudden switch to a worse wig? Did she literally rip her original wig off and stomp on it during her Momocon tantrum?

No. 81167

File: 1580788807850.png (772.34 KB, 956x622, doka2.png)

Samefag sorry, apparently this was her improvement? Which I'm going to take to mean she irreparably fucked up the original wig in some way and is just lying. I guess Madoka has lupus too.

No. 81169

The other difference is her sh00ping away half of her face width and jaw/chin kek

No. 81171

File: 1580790095021.jpeg (544.48 KB, 750x837, 52D646B9-F29B-458E-A79B-057157…)

Gotta love those tagged photos.

No. 81183

Damn, I knew she was making herself thinner, but she's getting rid of about 50 pounds and creating a completely different face.
Does she even have a job or go to school? Because it seems like she just fucks around making crappy costumes and "costests" and should have time to work out and eat properly.

No. 81192

If I remember correctly, she does video editing professionally somewhere in Atlanta, so she does actually have a real job.

Bless you anon, this is glorious.

No. 81205


I can almost hear those seams screaming in pain.

No. 81251

File: 1580844363196.png (751.63 KB, 796x810, Screenshot_20200204-140242.png)


A lot of her milk is essentially the same as Sarah's. They're both extremely subpar photoshoppers and mediocre cosplayers who think they're better than a lot of people, hence the terrible tutorials.

AD just jumps on different more obnoxious viral trains. Like I think last year when there was that blow up about that popular cosplayer taking pictures in the graveyard she popped up with a 'tutorial' on "how to be respectful taking pics in a graveyard" almost instantly and was called out on it being an attention grab because wtf. Following her IG stories and tutorials you'll see of that type of thing. She likes to talk like she's an authority in a lot of cosplay things and she's just not.

And like most of her tutorials aren't even good. She didn't even edit out the gross ass dirty silicone caulk line right behind her body or really bother to make the photo look like…anything. just a bunch of dead white space and her in the tub with flowers. Her "posing tutorial" just shows she only knows three poses no matter the character. She even has a "how to host trivia" tutorials. What.

And now she's moved on to telling photographers how to do their job despite her admitted lack of experience and that overall all her photos are just…boring. Same face, similar posing, mediocre editing.

She's like a crossplay version of Sarah which makes sense cuz their friends and AD has defended Sarah during her condescending PSA's… ironically about photoshop usage.

No. 81300

File: 1580865755637.jpg (414.86 KB, 1150x2048, 1580855973426.jpg)

Wonder how long it'll take her to ruin all the silk. She can't even pin things properly.

No. 81301

File: 1580865935622.jpeg (357.6 KB, 750x713, 69B29054-D775-46AD-B66D-80AEA5…)

I don’t want this to turn into an AD thread but this is such an ill-fitting fake chest. It just looks like lumpy tits. She smoothed out the arms but didn’t think about the stomach wrinkles?

No. 81305

why the fuck is it so short? godokas dress is an unusual shape, but it covers her crotch - why won't this girl do anything properly?

No. 81316

Because she doesn't understand proportions and the fact that real people don't have anime legs that are twice as long as human legs. My guess is that she wanted the stockings to hit mid thigh like they do in the anime and still show under the skirt, without realizing that that's not going to work on real people. Also how desperate do you have to be to see that your crotch is showing in a picture and still post it? She didn't even crop it out!

No. 81326

lmfao what the fresh hell is this, I thought this was a botched ftm job. nice Geralt as a prison grandma.

No. 81330

This is so awful I almost feel like it should be spoilered for blatant woman tiddy.

No. 81381

AD said she doesn't wear a binder under that thing so her tits probably fill it out enough to make it look like that weird shape.

No. 81404

This has been 100% nightmare fuel for me since she posted it. Especially since she made SO LITTLE EFFORT into the male makeup and how awkward the just looks. Can't wait for that crossplay makeup tutorial.


Why. Why would you drop a small wad on a silicone chest piece that you don't even need for Geralt…and then NOT wear it a binder? Such a waste.

No. 81424

>your crotch is showing in a picture

I actually clicked on that picture and not only is her crotch showing it looks like she's wearing some kind of bulky weirdass diaper so thanks for that.

Nothing about that is attractive.

No. 81477

File: 1580955019131.jpg (325.46 KB, 1150x2048, 1580954771396.jpg)

Was bored and looked through her Madoka wip and discovered why her scallops look so bad. Literal, just googling "scallop sewing tutorial" will show the correct way to do them. She loves making tutorials but won't listen to others.
The more you look through the Madoka album, the more clear it is why she didn't place at Momo.

No. 81567

what really REALLY bothers me (idk maybe cause I don’t spend a boatload of money on cosplays) but the fact that she dug right into silk because “it’s a sakizou) I’ve seen plenty of sakizous made with cheaper matieral that look way better then what she’s got so far. If she has her expensive ass heart set on silk why not just use poly silk? It’s the same look just cheaper fibers. I doubt judges are gonna give her extra points for using silk

No. 81569

There are benefits to natural fibers over synthetics, but it is weird for cheapskate Sarah who's only used cheap satins and broadcloths in the past to splurge like this.

No. 81570

True but isn’t it like a bit of a difference skills to to sew silk/natural fibers? That of which she most defiantly does not have

No. 81571

Since she lurks here, and we’ve been calling her cheap she decided to buy expensive fabrics to brag about how much she spent on her sakizou.

No. 81574

is that a fucking halved apple? the table is all wet…

No. 81575

It might be synthetic silk.

No. 81584

File: 1581028027065.jpg (939.74 KB, 1443x1920, 20-02-06-16-05-29-155_deco.jpg)

This is so self-serving. If the costumes were that great, why not feature them in photos without you handing them awards? Judging isn't that big of a deal.

Looks like a resin gem she maybe used to draw the scallop lines, except she drew them wrong which is why Godoka is a puckered mess.

Silkbaron's dupioni is genuine silk.

No. 81661

The table's just covered in dry glue, probably hot glue given the filaments

No. 81765

Has Sarah noticed Moo (Mariah Mallard) is having Castle Corsetry make Pink Diamond Sakizo design yet? Which probably was just Moo using her picture and telling CC to make it but different

No. 81781

i don't think she would dare to accuse moo of copying her

No. 81805

idunno Moo's rep isn't exactly good and shitting on her is pretty commonplace.

No. 81817

File: 1581213611761.jpg (509.23 KB, 1080x1675, extremenoseblushhidesmyinsecur…)

Sarah being a "sensitive uwu baby uwu" again.

I highly doubt she ever got picked on/ bullied/ whatever because she puts blush on her nose. Pretty sure it was at most like five comments that politely said "I really love your cosplay, but the nose blush is a bit extreme uwu." (Like when people were politely explaining to her that she should have put a spoiler warning on her most recent SU "cosplay").

But out of 92k followers, you're going to get upset over a handful of comments that politely suggest you do something different with your makeup? What. The. Fuck.

As with any cow, pretty sure she wanted attention and her comments to be flooded with "bUt yoURe sO pReTTy uwu"

Shouldn't be surprised at this point, yet I still am.

No. 81831

Sage for nitpick but does it not bother anyone else that she wears her wrist cuffs backwards and I guess threw the gloves away?

No. 81839

File: 1581219556614.jpg (685.99 KB, 1079x1220, gloves.jpg)


Definitely not defending her, but in >>81817 that seems like her "casual Godoka" to wear around cons when she's not competing. I think she made the gloves and the wrist cuffs seperately, for whatever stupid reason.

But as you can see in the picture, she wore the gloves and cuffs properly when she was competing at Momocon 2019.

You are right though. It does bother me that the cuffs are backwards, regardless of if it's a "casual" cosplay or not.

No. 81848

Can't get the pictures rn but she doesn't wear the actual gloves because they were so poorly made they fell apart. It's in her construct story on insta. Right after making the actual glove part they already had holes in them.

No. 81951

File: 1581307031368.jpg (2.01 MB, 1080x1728, learn2spell.jpg)

She's been posting her followers' "unpopular cosplay opinions", most of which are catered to critiques she's received.

No. 81953

"nessisary" ok. With some of her spelling and the fact that she has no teeth, she seems like a hillbilly who somehow found out about cosplay.
I can understand making a spelling mistake once in a while, no one is perfect but she makes so many all the time. Doesn't her phone have autocorrect?

No. 81954

File: 1581310193982.png (341.51 KB, 366x650, oksarah.png)

Threw the gloves away, threw the wig away, threw the shoes away? I just don't get it. She's not even wearing the shoes/wings here: >>81159
Like…I get it cosplay shoes are never comfortable, but these barely even look like kitten heels?

C'mon now. Also this one…..this is the most blatant self-post I've ever seen. I've never heard this "opinion" anywhere else, because no one else ever struggles so much with basic colors like she does. She's def talking about this thread with this one and >>81817 cause we keep pointing out her terrible makeup looks like lupus.

No. 81974

File: 1581316202586.jpg (619.1 KB, 1514x2048, 1581316109609.jpg)

This is just so ill-fitting. I'd be mortified to walk around with that much fat spilling out of my costume because it's so tight.

No. 82002

if it was someone else then i assume they were talking about how it's okay to use slightly different colors to better suit your own skin tone.
but this is sarah so I'm sure she sent this to herself about her weird dark navy Sophie dress

No. 82056


And also her Rosalina dress that's sky blue instead of teal… yikes

No. 82386

File: 1581621943980.png (821.06 KB, 635x941, download.png)

Big reveal yall. Now look, I'm not all that familiar Sakizo or the cosplayers but isn't having tights full of giant bulky thick embroidery patches going to be super heavy and cluttered and also look terrible? I would assume that pattern would just be printed or painted on the tights, is this how other Sakizo usually cosplayers do it?

No. 82396

The tights may not come in sizes that would fit her, and she also wants to boast her “skillz” so she can have bragging rights for beading all of those designs.

No. 82398

File: 1581627260115.jpg (556.11 KB, 1080x1602, SakizouTights.jpg)


Full disclaimer, I know nothing about Sakizou, so I'm probably wrong. But it seems like you can actually buy the tights from the artist or designer or whoever, and the rest of the characrer is made around those tights.

I found an image of the tights that is very close to the design Sarah is working on (see >>80931 for original image). And if this is what shes trying to go for, I cant wait to sit back and watch her fuck it up.

No. 82399

I think the beading looks fine but is she fucking blind? The ovalar proportions on those rose pieces aren’t even close to being correct. What the fuck is she thinking?

No. 82407

I think her reasons are 1) this particular design has been out of stock for years and 2) she's probably going to compete in it and doesn't want the centerpiece to be something she just bought. That being said, I'm not too sure about the method she picked to make these…

No. 82414

If she’s beading that whole thing those tights will be super heavy, hopefully she’s using a sturdy fabric.

No. 82434


My theory she is most likely doing the tights because she saw Casey Renee Cosplay do it for her Sakizou piece for Twitchcon.
Sarah seems too have become pretty close to the girl as she now comments on Sarah's posts. Plus that girl just seems to copy everyones winning pieces.

No. 82490

If you're going to go to the trouble of hand beading all this… why not do it in the right shape? The top ones might be ok (hard to tell at the angle) but the bottom ones look straight up round.
Unfortunately the lumpy stuff on the tights never really looks good…ya it's pretty in the illustration but ends up looking chunky and heavy in real life.
This costume is going to be a disaster and I can't wait for her tantrum when she doesn't win.

No. 82493

File: 1581651980797.jpg (292.69 KB, 750x1125, 7V2A0910EE.jpg)

Countdown to meltdown when she loses Momo again for not being accurate because she thinks she can just do whatever she wants – she's not a slave to the canon, remember?!

Had to google this, I see what you mean, that does seem like exactly what she's trying to do. Except hers look like small/lightweight appliqué pieces, Sarah's look like giant heavy dense brooches. Even the base fabric she beaded on looks super thick? She's doing her favorite thing of thinking cheap beads/glitter/rhinestones = better! more points! i worked harder! i'm a designer! when these are going to look so bad and are so impractical. She's not gonna be able to move her legs at all.

No. 82565

This girl's tights read like boots, not that it's a bad thing tbh, but it really doesn't look like tights. Sarah's is going to be a mess.

No. 82566

Remember in her post she is taking her time and Momocon is going to be a "test run" so she is most likely going to try competing at another con since she is most likely still mad about loosing.

No. 82770

I can't believe she chose to publish this photo. She looks horse faced on this one, her teeth aren't helping.

No. 82784

File: 1581820754780.png (596.17 KB, 937x599, huh.png)

Yeah…..not really sure what I'm looking at here, but I don't see Rosalina.

No. 82785

It looks like she picked up a discount Halloween store princess costume and a wig out of a dumpster. How does she have so many followers??

No. 82786

The holy hell is that sleeve trim?? That looks gaudy as fuck. Like straight off a tablecloth

No. 82811

sometimes cosplayers are the perfect example of “it takes a lot of money to look this cheap.” This is a beast

No. 82814

This looks like a cheap costume bought off of AliExpress or some shit lmao

This is going to be a glorious disaster, literally nothing about this screams Rosalina but she's going to try to defend "muh creative freedom". Dumbass.

No. 82815

File: 1581837983019.jpeg (326.97 KB, 750x691, AF41A610-3E52-4D68-920D-44A251…)

Oh, you wanna bring up teeth in a Sarah spaceman thread?

No. 82942

The pleat on the top of the sleeve is soooooooo bad.

No. 82950

Whats that weird wrinkle on top of her sleeve ? it looks like she's not wearing it properly ??

No. 82961

Its because the bodice wasn't patterned well. The sleevecap was too big for the armscye so she made a pleat in it to make it fit. But the pleat is big and not ironed so it puffs out making it even more noticeable.

But also the bodice doesn't fit her either.

No. 82965

File: 1581877880136.png (426.97 KB, 633x557, 5j1qwy5z9.png)

I think she used the same bodice pattern she did for Sophie, because it fits her poorly in the exact same way including the clearly ill-fitting sleeves, tacky belt and "snatched" waist (her words, not mine). Like, I think she tried to use that pattern just without the yoke piece? Would explain her “usable mockups” bullshit as well and why Sophie was such a dumpster fire, Sophie was just her “useable mockup” of Rosalina.

Also I bet she rushed to post these because everyone else was posting Katsu pics and she was butthurt she wasn't getting attention

never acknowledged this A+ work, but A+ work

No. 82973

That's just how her face is, she's not gonna live her life never posting pictures that have her face in them. Not everyone wants to photoshop themselves into a modded sim.

No. 83339

File: 1582127451880.jpeg (935.37 KB, 750x1328, AADF11EC-7260-49C3-8E4A-A9D04A…)

She is currently finishing up that mock-up corset. She broke her sewing machine needle and she was talking about how lazy she was being with it… Sarah, we know. Also, why does she always take her progress pics on her floor?

No. 83342

As if sewing on some bias tape is something to be proud of.

No. 83363

File: 1582133983262.png (327.67 KB, 650x758, Screen Shot 2020-02-19 at 11.3…)

She's going to be guesting at Louisianime and judging the costume contest there

No. 83391

Jesus CHRIST this looks bad. The ratty wig, the wrong color, the inaccurate silhouette, the awful construction. The puckering seams. It looks one hundred percent nothing like Rosalina. And she got 3k likes for this.

That's it, cosplay is fucking dead. I hate this community so much. Why should I be spending hours upon hours perfecting my craft when this sort of garbage performs better? This post literally broke me.

No. 83428

Get good at social media

No. 83451

File: 1582162938257.jpg (2.19 MB, 3413x2560, Rosalina.jpg)

Can we talk about how she photoshopped her reference picture of Rosalina to be closer to the color of her dress?

No. 83768

File: 1582304783052.png (1.14 MB, 750x1334, D66AAFB5-C257-49C5-91B5-E8D914…)

please Stop making this face. Also that wig looks so frizzy

No. 83862

she's making that face to hide the fact that the Cosplay is super ill-fitting again

No. 84349

File: 1582663105981.png (4.34 MB, 1125x2436, 22812D74-B393-4CE5-B1CA-A3ED66…)

Love how she’s so photoshopped she never looks the same in each photo she posts

No. 84353

The way her boobs are pushed up looks really painful to me , that musst be uncomfortable

No. 84357

rosalina's dress doesn't even show clevage.

No. 84362

File: 1582673787645.png (107.67 KB, 1438x202, op.png)

Honesty every costume she wears looks like it hurts because she keeps trying to shove her 42 in ribcage into a 28 in "snatched" waist. Her boobs in her Godoka costume always look so uncomfortable to me, like she's both shoving them up where they don't belong and then also smashing them down to try and create cleavage. Just looks painful

Unrelated but I was trying to find a pic of her Godka and I guess they were talking about her in a Competitions thread a while back and
>I know Sarah Spaceman has been hitting the drama bong lately
made me chuckle

No. 84365

File: 1582674175159.png (316.58 KB, 1425x1055, op2.png)

But I just wanted to post some of the responses here (from /cgl/ btw) because it really straight up looks like Sarah was whiteknighting herself (poorly)
>she has a lot of followers uwu
>they were all sooo worried about her uwu
>she didn't want attention she wanted quiet uwu
>she's explained this already but that doesn't fit the narrative so no one talks about it
>dude trust me uwu i'm not her but i just know it

No. 84372


With the addition of that fucking makeup and wig on top of the shiny dress with cheap lace, she should just rebrand this cosplay as 80s prom Rosalina.

No. 84384

I could list out all the things wrong with this costume, but no one cares. All I can say is this looks like a totally beginner costume, not a costume made by an award winning cosplayer. Her other stuff is shoddy but this is a whole new level. This makes me honestly wonder if she's getting help on her competition pieces; as jenky as they are, they look like masterpieces compared to this.
I think she has pretty small boobs and thinks making things extra tight will make them look bigger. Just use cutlets or something, it's so easy to make your boobs look bigger!

No. 84635

File: 1582873662136.jpg (1.14 MB, 1080x1910, 20200228_080648.jpg)

This fabric looks so cheap again , will she ever learn?

No. 84663

So much for the dupioni. Thank god, it would have been a total waste of good fabric

No. 84672

What the hell is this, Rosalina the drag queen? She looks like a hooker from the 80's. Inexcusable. I know people take liberties and want to make their cosplay stand out but this is just called "Not giving a fuck". It makes me so sad that there are so many extremely talented cosplayers who barely get 100 likes on something they created with dedication and someone farting out a mess like this is widely celebrated.

Why does she have so many followers to begin with? Could someone explain? Did she have a cosplay that went viral or something? Her stuff in general is nothing to call home about and she seems like an insufferable diva so why exactly did she get so famous?

No. 84676

She spams tags and her obsession with being the "first insert character here", and sticking to popular series, means people lose their shit even over her miserable Photoshop "cosplays." She ends up on the explore page on insta a lot.

No. 84726

File: 1582939757867.png (168.42 KB, 312x315, screenshot.png)

>Did she have a cosplay that went viral or something?
I mean, I guess in theory her Pink Diamond? I have to assume she did the instagram thing of "buy some followers first so people think you're worth following" as well. I mean for someone who as almost 100K followers, her posts only ever get between 2K-8K likes. That seems like low engagement considering? But what do I know.

>She ends up on the explore page on insta a lot.
This. Between her and heylizardleigh I'm triggered by any Pink Diamond I see on the explore page. Her shoop ones always end up there as well. At a glance the only pic I saw that got more than that range was her shoop, and it's not even a cosplay.

No. 84790

File: 1583002098066.jpg (675.68 KB, 1070x1903, 20200229_194710.jpg)

She looks huge , it's really getting to a point where she can't hide her weight gain anymore

No. 84966

File: 1583167992862.jpeg (390.2 KB, 750x1309, 71C37206-E64D-41DC-A22A-F75517…)

She spent so long making scallops for this dress… where are they? These just look like unkept ruffles

No. 85025

File: 1583194570491.jpeg (193.64 KB, 750x1104, 6AF7871F-9152-4AAD-B027-86CE17…)

Guys I haven’t gained weight. I’ve just been wearing a corset. A corset that’s way too small so it looks like she’s spilling out

No. 85026

File: 1583195989982.jpeg (41.8 KB, 337x385, 07E84E6B-ABEE-439F-91BD-A9D9FA…)

god this is so embarrassing, she really couldn’t be bothered to clean all the threads and shit off her before taking these? all that shooping she does and she couldn’t shoop out the stains and cat hair? jesus christ

No. 85043

i love how her shadows give away how much she shooped her arms and shoulders smaller and still looks like an ogre

No. 85054


Jesus, she has the most unfortunate body shape.

No. 85072

why is she so fucking dirty??

No. 85074


Can't she see that the corset pushing her sad tits up only makes her look more top-heavy?

No. 85092

It looks like if she made it, she made it too tall. Or if she bought it she bought a long line corset that she doesn't need.
No corset should fit like that. It should rest under your boobs but not like that.

She might be able to save it by moving the corset down over her hips.

No. 85123

she made it. its the same one she mde for ranko. and speaking as someone who makes corsets for herself all the time, this corset is so poorly fitted

No. 85129

File: 1583284664682.jpeg (557.03 KB, 750x1316, 35DD0BEC-B438-4521-B2D5-2765CC…)

Sarah really is a one-trick pony, huh?


Okay?? Nobody asked you to?? You’re only doing that so you can get more asspats, you’re still chasing that validation that you got from your Pink Diamond cosplay.

No. 85138

Is this for the Sakizo? That skirt has like 1 inch scallops, hers looks like they're 3-6 inches (hard to tell scale here but they're definitely too big).
Sarah, if you did this right you would need way more than 233. But that would take more time and effort that people wouldn't kiss your ass for.

No. 85178

File: 1583351089842.jpeg (665.88 KB, 750x760, 42F5C48A-EEE9-47AB-B58A-C9BA57…)

The texture of this cosplay is so unsettling.

No. 85185

I like how a bead fell off on one of her pant legs despite being "so good at beading guiz"

No. 85191

she also made a rookie mistake of not making the quilting first. she really is just like those drawings that have horrible anatomy but are overdesigned as fuck so people don't notice at first.

No. 85201

No. 85202

I'm all for stylized cosplay but her Pink Diamond is too much. Her pant legs remind me of wrinkly testicles.

No. 85213

If just her pants were textured, and maybe the sleeves were sheer/light? It might work.

The clash of textures is what I think throws it off.

No. 85216

Between her, Moo and LizardLee (or whatever her name is) I feel like this is the costume for cows.

No. 85283

was it really impossible for her to find pink fabrics that look good together

No. 85308

File: 1583464970000.jpeg (808.78 KB, 1024x907, insta.jpeg)

You're totally right

Time to reset the "It's been _____ days since Sarah posted her Panty cosplay from 7 years ago" board. I'm getting legitimately triggered by it at this point. It'd be one thing if it was just a tbt but these "anon" questions all the time…..woof

No. 85309

File: 1583465615849.png (1.3 MB, 1498x1334, insta.png)

Reset the "____ days since she posted her Holmat performance" and "____ days since she gave out stupid nonsensical sewing advice and pretended to be an expert" boards as well
>how do you serge a raw edge so it's not a raw edge
>serge it
>and then just cut it anyways!!!
>still a raw edge
Like…..does she not know what a raw edge is?

No. 85320

To be fair, you do have to clip corners if it's something that's being turned out such as in this example.
But I think the question was how to do it when you're not doing it inside a lining, because it will generally come undone at the corners if you don't do anything because you'd cut the serging there

No. 85389

Scope that shitty fucking serger tension tho

No. 85480

I feel like she's sending herself these questions. They're worded awkwardly and she has pics ready to go for some of them

No. 85520

God she uses the word “scallop” so much it doesn’t even seem real anymore

No. 85538

Sarah has judged at a con, her friend won best in show of course. Which she gloated about afterward.

No. 87382

File: 1585438618476.jpeg (561.66 KB, 750x719, D1A1A3BB-1FB2-43E2-A0FB-C9B25C…)

Sarah made a huge post about Steven universe ending and it showcases how much she photoshops. Here’s a photo dump.

No. 87383

File: 1585438904914.jpeg (573.24 KB, 750x744, E478D980-CB1A-42AA-9D04-04DD38…)

No. 87384

The little craft foam kneepad sitting gently on her tights in >>87382 … the neon green arms that don't match her face, her blurry face with anime eye shines that almost cover up her entire eyes, the fucking enormous triangle wig… the high contrast flowers… the fake sunlight…

>Comedy gold

No. 87387

File: 1585440704759.jpeg (590.76 KB, 750x742, 37C89680-F647-4D0D-B291-FC50CB…)

No. 87389

File: 1585441024206.jpeg (395.25 KB, 750x735, 1834E135-5261-4D1A-9FF7-44B781…)

No. 87390

File: 1585441133432.jpeg (820.96 KB, 750x736, F948E25B-80B7-4B17-B801-E84E67…)

I think this one was posted before but it was included in the initial post

No. 87397

File: 1585447990437.png (174.2 KB, 360x450, AoOni.png)

No. 88037

File: 1586155123920.jpg (594.99 KB, 1080x1671, 20200406_083743.jpg)

Look at this mess , she can't be serious

No. 88048

Why does she think this looks good

No. 88051

This looks like a kid playing in a pile of freshly washed sheets.

No. 88061

How can she think this can even look good? It’s lumpy and the scallops are too big for the source material.

No. 88064

shouldn't the skirt be made of something light like lace? her fabric looks super heavy and don't even get me started on the color

No. 88078

File: 1586204762274.jpeg (729.46 KB, 2048x2048, C30B8B2B-869B-461B-A647-93050A…)

Yikes lol the shape and color is all wrong, and those scallops are just…bad.

No. 88102

literally wtf. the fabric is too heavy and thick for that shape, the hoop skirt barely supports the damn thing, it’s the wrong colour, plus so many more things that are not correct. I also had a look at her comment section and it looks like she’s deleting all the negative comments while liking the ones kissing her ass. there is a difference between being able to sew and being able to construct.

No. 88103

the beading details are all in green in the art but she chose gold beads instead??

No. 88104

this is asherbee tier wrong, dear lawd

No. 88105

And the fact the fabric is so thick and dark you can’t even see her details.

No. 88110

What "master" level cosplayer looks at this photo and says "oh yes, clearly those delicate ruffles are the heaviest satin I can find."

No. 88125

I love how she talks about how many scallops there are when hers are way too huge. The ones in the art are tiny, maybe an inch, hers are 3-4 inches. Scallops suck to sew but she would have been better off not doing scallops than doing these huge ones imo.

No. 88130

the weight of the fabric she’s using is making me want to die. what the absolute crap did she waste her money on? it looks like cheap satin costume fabric.

No. 88133

But this looks so fucking wrong. Jesus christ. How does she look at the reference image and then what she made and think "yep, this looks just like it!". It's like she got rag towels hanging off her waist and the whole thing is like 12 inches too long. She just does whatever the fuck she wants at this point, I doubt she actually looks at the references when she produces "quality content" like this. Makes no sense, literal asherbee material.

No. 88137

File: 1586246271398.jpg (751.02 KB, 1080x1505, 20200407_095538.jpg)

can someone tell me what she needs those things for ? I can't see anything like that on the Design, well maybe the parts on the arms? but come on

No. 88140

Holy shit I always knew her work is straight garbage but this really takes the cake for the worst thing she's ever made. The skirt in the illustration is supposed to be light and airy, not a dense clump of badly gathered scalloped fabric.

It's supposed to be the headpiece but instead of using lace, she's making a weird disk-looking ruff. This is definitely a case of someone who doesn't know what they're doing thinking that the more fabric they use, the better the cosplay.

No. 88158

Oh my god. This looks like a bonnet.

No. 88170

Excusing the awful fabric how do you get the shape THAT wrong? I'm no master seamstress myself but even I can tell the bit by the waist and right below has a distinct shape before going into the scallops. That needed shaped padding

No. 88190

So knowing her it is also the head piece but I think it's going to be the arm ruffles as well?

>someone who doesn't know what they're doing
On one hand? I 100% agree she has no idea what she's doing when it comes to sewing, construction and cosplay in general but I think She 'knows' exactly what she's doing. She's egotistical and delusional to the point that she thinks she's a smarter/better designer than Sakizou, as well as if she does her 'own take' she cant judge herself by how shitty her costume looks compared to other people who make the same look because she's doing her 'own take so of course they look different!!'

No. 88215

> liked by mariahmallad

No. 88217

File: 1586338114158.jpg (257.92 KB, 1080x1920, c0AUhdC.jpg)

No. 88219


She's literally just making the worlds heaviest diaper. Holy shit I can't wait to see this play out

No. 88229

Yeah based on the reference eyelet lace would be closest, or any lightweight fabric with an embroidered edge. Huge taffeta sandwiches weighed down by beading just can't flow like this is supposed to.
Pretty sure these are the ruffs sticking out of the shoulders, and maybe the headpiece?
So she got all that expensive silk and is covering it in the cheapest looking beads she could find?

No. 88283

Oh my god, you can literally see the hot glue. She didn't even sew the points where the fabric meets, she just hot glued it.
Sarah, you can't act like you did soooooo much work when you did the quick lazy method. If you're going to act like a master level cosplayer, at least make sure you can't see the glue in the pictures. I hope you get disqualified from any awards for being a lazy brat.

No. 88292

File: 1586408734932.jpg (127.38 KB, 1010x1300, ruffs.jpg)


holy shit anon youre right


pic unrelated

No. 88307

damn a sakizo design inspired by charcuterie arrangements would be funny though

No. 88345

Girl meets Meats

No. 88369

File: 1586501816226.jpg (1.42 MB, 1080x1920, 20200410_084847.jpg)

i love how she's not even trying to find lace in the same gold as her pearls.
And those "roses" …
i can imagine how this Cosplay will look when its done

No. 88381

We were joking with friends about sakizo designs based on thanksgiving dinner, it would fit right in
Like one of those "cake fails" where they try to do fancy icing and the cake just falls apart into a pile of crumbs and multicolored goo. Matching golds is hell though, I'll give her that.

No. 88430

Sadly they may not match or look completely good on her, but you can bet she will win something in this.

No. 88435


I truly wish she just got the design printed on some spandex through spoonflower or some shit… >>85129 is right, she's just desperately chasing the clout she got from her Pink Diamond and now she thinks the busier a costume is, the better it is.

This is going to look like utter shit and I can't wait oh my god

No. 88444

these look so…muddy. it's disappointing but we all knew it was going to happen. all of the 'creative' choices she's making are just wrong.

No. 88447


my friends and I do a ton of judging around the country and we joke that we all desperately want her to show up so can award her nothing

No. 88471

Legitimate question, if you had a master level contestant and they had hot glue on their costume (like her stupid ruff pieces), how would you react? Personally I would write her off right there because that's the lazy way and shows she only cares about what you can see and not actual craftsmanship, but I'm not a judge.

No. 88486

I think it would depend on if we can see it- when in her picture you can 100% see it. So I definitely would mark her off for not just tacking it with string.

No. 88488

Hot glue has it’s uses, though.
If it’s showing and messy, that’s definitely points off, but just using hot glue in general isn’t the biggest crime in cosplay

She definitely should have hand sewn those ruffles if she’s planning to enter this into a competition, but if not I don’t think it’ll show up in pics besides the one she posted?

No. 88494


there's a trend:
novices use hot glue for everything
journeymen use hot glue for nothing
masters use hot glue only for what it's meant for

she has no idea what she's doing, though, so that's irrelevant. part of the appeal of sakizos is the historically influenced techniques needed and she's just gluing her way through.

No. 88495

Like >>88488 said, it's not about using hot glue, it's about how clean and solid the final piece is as a result of using it. Cosplayers who turn their nose up at anyone who uses hot glue can pound sand, but if I see obvious glue lines or visible safety pins, you can bet they're getting knocked down because that's not the right application.

No. 88500

AYART- Obviously hot glue has it's uses, I meant more in the context of using it in a place where it definitely should have been sewn. Unless it has armor like Serphim, I can't see hot glue being appropriate on almost any Sakizou costumes… they are decadent and opulent and require a lot of hand work and tedious techniques.
It's not even like she was in a rush, we're all stuck at home and most cons are canceling or postponing anyway. She legitimately just only wants to do tedious work if it shows and she can brag about it (like beading).

No. 88511

this is so gaudy. the colours make it look like some kid threw up after swallowing wads of bubble gum.

No. 88526

File: 1586677053988.jpg (194.19 KB, 768x1024, a0e0e03ba4734ab95b2d41dddc21c2…)

Here's the thing…

The design she's making was 100% only drawn to promote the tights that sakizou was putting out and are still available for purchase…

If she spent more than 2 seconds looking she could have found and bought the tights (they actually run pretty large) or at least seen that most of what she's doing is inaccurate.

No. 88531

But then she couldn't enter it into a competition for that precious, precious validation
There's a cosplayer I follow who does absolutely incredible stuff with hot glue, it's a really good material if you know what you're doing

No. 89185

File: 1587196865140.jpg (928.4 KB, 1080x1920, 20200418_100049.jpg)

No sarah

No. 89226

File: 1587245635610.jpeg (816.7 KB, 2048x2048, 2F469E97-DFB0-4906-AC4B-36DB6A…)

Why is she choosing a corset pattern with giant hips?? The art doesn’t even have the hips visible, it looks more like a princess bodice than a full corset with hip padding

No. 89229

File: 1587246300195.jpg (946.35 KB, 1080x1881, 20200418_234237.jpg)

Did she ever take a look at the original Design? She must be blind or something

No. 89235

>I may have to pad these

Does she think that the top skirt puff is part of the corset…?

No. 89242

I’m usually one of those “trust the process” kinds of people but holy fuck?? This is awful.

No. 89244

At least it's not brown.

No. 89245

Those are the cheapest looking beads ever and the stick on gems are not a good luck on those Joann fabric premade roses

How can she think this looks good? It looks like a toilet paper cover you’d see in your grandmas bathroom over a sakizou design

No. 89259

A lot of cosplayers make their sakizo tights if they're out of print, and some straight up print knockoffs by tracing her illustrations and sending them off to a manufacturer. Ironically, this girl I know who makes printed knockoffs claims she really admires sakizo as an artist and respects her work, and comments on every single one of sakizo's posts in hopes of getting noticed.

I can't wait to see this puckered, terribly decorated mess in its finished state. Everything about this cosplay is an absolute trainwreck but people are going to kiss her ass over it and call her "talented" because muh sakizo.

No. 89277

All she needed was hip padding FFS god this is gonna look like Grandma's 80s wedding dress just with less cohesion

No. 89279

File: 1587317196258.jpg (61.08 KB, 1280x720, better.jpg)

Gotta admit, anons. I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for her to debut this shit.

No. 89288

File: 1587326951471.jpg (1.16 MB, 1080x1920, 20200419_220821.jpg)

Me too, with every Update it gets worse, i really can't wait to see the Final Desaster

No. 89306

I don't understand why she added all these pink roses, the design has small white and purple motifs where the roses are but they are definitely not giant pink ribbon roses.
This seems like it's going to be ever more of a disaster than most of her stuff and she thinks it's going to be a masterpiece haha

No. 89314

Im thinking she can't get any in the mail and the places around her are shut down right now. She will put all the blame on this and say she is updating the design to fit her needs and she likes pink way more anyway since she cosplayed pink haired Madoka and PD.

I had these roses already anyway too.

No. 89318

Everything about this is so heavy. Why do untalented girls who have no business making complex cosplays always fuck up the one thing integral to sakizo? The drawings always have a lightness and an ease to them, but here's Sarah stomping around like a graceless troll loading up 20 pounds of cheap beads and miscolored roses…..

No. 89333

I am so fucking ready, and for the epic meltdown after when whatever she enters it in just has the judges go "No."

No. 89338

>here's Sarah stomping around like a graceless troll loading up 20 pounds of cheap beads and miscolored roses…..
I'm fucking howling at how accurate this description is anon. It's a consistent problem with a lot of half-assed Sakizou cosplays to begin with, people think it's enough that you slap on some heavy fabric and a ton of beads and accessories while completely misinterpreting the source image and not delivering the feeling of lightness and grace the artwork has. This one in particular will look like she's wearing the whole wardrobe of a theatre production at once. How the fuck does she look at those printed thighs and think "yep, that's oughta look like a grandma's pillow frills".

No. 89401

File: 1587452188728.jpg (1.08 MB, 1080x1920, 20200421_085428.jpg)

It's really suprising how she is able to make it even more awful

No. 89420


Because the gold squares on the tights really match the drawing's skin tone…

No. 89440

No because she can't photoshop herself in person. This is what fatties do whenever there is a cosplay that involves bare skin showing because they goop out those parts. The sheer nude mesh is supposed to give the illusion they are more intact and shapely. She probably thinks those are, like you said, the skin when the tones are completely different.

No. 89449


I think the point was if you look at the reference the tan squares in the tights clearly aren't supposed to be skin (too dark)

No. 89450

>She probably thinks those are, like you said, the skin when the tones are completely different.

No. 90026

File: 1587940537230.jpeg (750.99 KB, 828x1469, A33E235A-CFA9-4CBC-A56B-AB44A0…)

In what world does this look good???????? like lol it doesn’t even fit her for a “custom pattern”

No. 90027

Beat me to it, anon
This shape is doing no favors for her linebacker shoulders

No. 90029

What even is this.
Why does the bust look like it's made for someone with boobs the size of their head? Why do the hips stick out inches from her own hips? This clearly wasn't custom done for her unless she did it herself but he corsets are usually too small not too big.

No. 90038


there's so much here to unpack.

why is it so horribly sized? why does the waist-bust line bulge out instead of accounting for the underbust measurement? why didn't she make a cupped corset like in the actual art? what the fuck is going on with the neckline? what's that misshapen U dip, is it trying to be a sweetheart or what? what's with those weird puckers under the left boob???

I'd say she has it on completely untightened, but it clearly fits her around the top, so…?

No. 90039


clean your room, sarah

No. 90060

Okay I understand messy room cause on con crunch and life but like…We're all in quarantine how the fuck is her room a disaster??

No. 90099


I wish seeing Sarah doing dumbass shit didn't bring me so much joy, but here we are.

The weird shape makes her look like she's about to spill out of that thing. And knowing Dr Spaceman's history with corsets, she probably is.

It makes her look hilariously top-heavy. Even those sad hip lumps can't save her. Comparing this monstrosity with the source image has me in stitches, anons. Holy FUCK, she's going to melt her computer trying to photoshop away all the puckers and fat rolls.

No. 90101

Jesus, the other stuff was bad but this takes the cake, what on earth are those boobs doing

No. 90115

Even the mirror is gross. This looks like a hoarder's paradise.

No. 90162

File: 1588025279037.jpg (1009.87 KB, 1080x1913, 20200428_000741.jpg)

Hiding mistakes again

No. 90164

Why are those pearls so enormous jesus christ

No. 90167

Oh yeah. Those seems are going to split as if Momokun sewed this bitch.

No. 90176

The top stitching on these tights kill me. Why unevenly stitch on stretch fabric when she’s inevitably going to pop those stitches by sitting down. Serging those squares would’ve been more than enough for those pieces.

No. 90181


straight topstitching on stretch


No. 90199

These are going to look so lumpy when worn. I know she thinks that making it by sewing the squares together will look better to judges, but she would have been better off getting printed fabric or even painting it.
I really wonder what is going through her head a lot of the time.

No. 90206

A lot of people have the misconception that more work = the costume will look better and perform better in a competition. At katsu 2017(?), there was a girl who spent hundreds of hours hand embroidering her costume, but it looked flat and unappealing in person. She lost to a Sakizo that wasn’t as overembellished, but was cleanly made and finished.

No. 90208

A double straight stitch on stretch works, it just doesn’t allow a lot of give

No. 90209

Kinpatsu does this and it drives me insane to no end to see the praise she gets for it

Taking unnecessarily complicated steps over something simple just to brag about “I hand spun my own fabric!!!”

No. 90229

Well, as long as the result looks good, why not. Not saying that unnecessary work makes costume better, but it can be more fun to make.

No. 90288

I really dont see how the two are comparable. Kinpatsu's finished work is clean and actually looks like the character meanwhile Sarah is too busy trying to see if she can break a world record of 'how many useless inaccurate detailing can she fit on one design'

No. 90299

And there isn't anything wrong with completely changing the idea of a cosplay as long as you can still tell who it is. Im sure we can tell what Sarah is supposed to be just from how gaudy it is already and Sakizou in general, but Kinpatsu has actual talent with sewing, crafting. The two, like you said, are not even comparable. I like different designs of a specific cosplay, but we all know the ones who can't actually creatively finish it right always look bad and that's where Sarah is.

No. 90323

Oh her work is definitely clean

It just comes across as self righteous and “give me brownie points for doing things complicated!” Is all I was trying to say

No. 90325

That idea can be placed on anyone who does over the top added designs for cosplays then. She isn't out there bragging about it. Don't take personally, anon.

No. 90332

File: 1588107330980.jpeg (642.12 KB, 750x1204, DA001519-C4A3-451C-A091-DA78ED…)

She kind of does. I was just using her as an example because she was the first one that came to mind because it’s always “praise me for my extra work”

But regardless this is derailing so I’ll stop posting about it

No. 90366

This doesn't come across as "praise me for my extra work". You sound like one of the butthurt costhots who gets upset that they don't get tons of attention when you throw on a taobao costume and wig and take a mirror selfie.

No. 90372

honestly. There are so many nitpicked butthurt cosplayers in the scene its hilarious when something as mundane as self applauding, not bragging, is a knock to your face because you feel intimidated by someone who is actually good in the hobby. Anon is definitely salty. I think the only thing I remember Kinpatsu doing that was shitty was defend someone that was being called out, but people are dumb and do that for their friends and I think she backtracked and decided she was wrong, wasn't she?

No. 90376

Nta, but this is such a weirdly defensive WK post.

No. 90378

Nah, its cringy when costhots bitch about people who are unproblematic just because of salty jealousy and claiming the cosplayer is a 'bragger'. Its not King to call that behavior out in a cringe thread. Especially when we already have posts on posts of obvious vendettas filling this thread like the bepcosplayer's stalker.

No. 90381

I remember her defending Moo when all that drama happened

No. 90447

File: 1588222727519.png (1.45 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20200429-235354.png)

Welp, in case anyone wondered what Walmart bargin bin craft supplies haphazardly applied to fabric looks like, we have a sneak peek.

No. 90448

File: 1588223095058.png (2.89 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20200429-235423.png)

Bravo Sarah, this looks like shit.

No. 90449

Oh, I can't wait for when she puts the lower half on and realizes how much her fugly oversized skirt covers these and looks like even more shit. Inb4 her mental breakdown.

No. 90453

It isn't as bad as I expected… it looks nothing like the reference but from a distance it might look ok.
Or maybe I'm just going crazy because it looks better compared to the clusterfuck of the skirt and corset.
All the hand beading in the world can't save this monstrosity and it's not even done yet.

No. 90457

If it weren't for the massive cheap looking pink ribbon bows and the warped squares at the top, it wouldn't look so bad? I can't imagine it's going to hold up very well, especially with how stretched things are looking at her thigh.

No. 90461

Since the seams are on the diagonal and she only needs them to stretch horizontally, it shouldn't be a problem, but it really does not look good
I think there's a place for doing stuff yourself that you didn't have to do yourself, I have friends who are weaving their own fabric or making their own lace because they have fun learning and applying these techniques, and once you've done that you're not going to NOT point it out to the jury. I'm embroidering a ton of tulle by hand because I couldn't find a premade one that I really liked, I didn't have to do it, I could have gotten something close enough, but I decided to do it anyway and obviously when it's done I'm going to tell the judges about it. I don't expect to win just based on that but I'm still going to point out stuff that I'm proud of. If Sarah wasn't skipping on aspects that are more important, like silhouette and choosing appropriate materials and techniques, it would be admirable that she spends a lot of time on detail, at least in my personal opinion. But she's lazily half-assing the basics and not taking the time to learn how to properly apply techniques, so it's just wasted time hand-beading a turd.
Even in this shitty picture you can see how much it bunches up at the knee and foot, and she didn't account for the stretching around her thigh so her diamonds are distorted, pretty sad. The flowers don't look as bad in comparison, though they're still not a good color.

No. 90463

Compared to reference yeah I can admit it’s cluttered but looking at it alone I don’t think it looks bad?

We’ll see how more of it comes together

No. 90471

I think yall are blinded by the fact that the rest of the costume looks so bad so your expectations are lowered.

You can tell she didnt actually make it the right size because of the obvious bunching around the foot and knee. She also got the proportions of the lace detail wrong at it's supposed to be an over the knee look not a thigh high. You can also tell she didnt measure the thigh area correctly because of how much the pieces that are supposed to be squares are pulling horizontally.

If this was some like journeyman or beginner cosplayer using their quarantine to make something fancy I might say it's impressive but the WILD variation in flower size, how lump it looks in motion and just the thought of her attempting to put the lace at the top of that is going to be a train wreck. Sorry if I'm wrong but if she was going to put the lace on those shouldnt she have done it before sewing the tights together?

There isnt a single con happening for months and months so she doesnt need to rush it so the fact that she's making rookie mistakes just grosses me out.

No. 90472

They are saying its not as bad as they expected. No one is saying it is the best work she's ever done or anything and the flowers still don't even make sense for the piece. She hasn't finished the rest of everything so we can only base what we know is wrong and inaccurate off of what skeleton pieces she's made aside from the stockings.

No. 90493

One thing that confuses me about Sarah is not just how many followers she has, but how many she has who are actual craftspeople. I admit that I also didn't understand the extent of her photoshopping and construction sins until I came here, but how can any cosplayer worth their salt look at >>90026 and praise her?

No. 90527

To be completely honest it doesn't entirely surprise me. She's won major awards and big winners tend to follow each other because they think follows lead to friendship which leads to clout. Crafters subconsciously be pretty cliquey. Alternatively they could be pity follows since she is pretty popular; more along the lines of "people will notice if I'm not following this big name and ask me why and I can't exactly tell them I can't stand to see her shit on my feed."

No. 90553


I know several medium-largr Crafters who are hate follows. Sometimes you just want to watch polyester burn

No. 90554

File: 1588303372892.png (78 KB, 420x420, Png.png)


I still can't get over her smug little smile. She really thought she was doing something.

No. 90596


Her mouth looks like because she doesn't wear her dentures and thinks smiling like a special needs kid hides it

No. 90948

File: 1588543899867.jpg (380.52 KB, 1080x1920, 20200504_001110.jpg)


No. 90961

jesus those cheap ass beads

No. 91016

✓ huge beads
✓ cheap looking
✓ wrong color
✓ no straight lines
✓ fabric crinkling and pulling
This is shaping up to be the perfect example of how not to do heavily embellished designs

No. 91030

Oh god it looks like a box of crafting goods spilled over the floor

No. 91062

it's all uneven and wonky as hell. how tf is some stuff falling off already?

No. 91077

crowded, uneven, poorly done beading is basically her signature now

No. 91110

Why is she so obsessed with sticking these pink ribbon roses on everything?

No. 91119


I call it the Spaceman Special: Higher Bead Count = Higher Quality!

No. 91134

This is gonna look like a thrift store wedding dress from the 80s when she's done.

No. 91145

Even the 80s would be pressed to produce a gaudier dress

No. 91193

You right. Also is it really too hard for her to you know place the fucking beads properly? I see multiple ends sticking right up. Like come on Sarah even a novice knows better

No. 91538

File: 1588799202851.jpg (305.53 KB, 1080x1920, 20200506_230629.jpg)

This looks so weird , how is it supposed to fit?

No. 91548

Sometimes I really wonder if this bitch is blind. Can't she see that the pink ribbon roses don't look good with the cheap beads? They stick out like a sore thumb. She really couldn't be bothered to find a pastel pink ribbon, huh?

No. 91574

That wavy ass bottom row of beads……

No. 91581

File: 1588812566397.jpg (78.93 KB, 474x805, f78dabdbfb0a1bfb64b0a968a0d392…)


(Reposting the source in the thread bc it's been a while and I'm tired of scrolling up haha)

The corset beads are large but they aren't those cheap lumpy gold things. You would think for someone who's entire skill set is 'hurrdurr put more bead on it', she would know how to sew a fucking bead.

She's made something that's meant to look delicate and flowy look so fucking heavy that she's probably going to shake the ground Jurassic Park-style with each step, blinding every poor soul who looks her way from the immense eye-strain of seeing this costume in person.

No. 91591

That middle green lopsided wonder. Also I like how she clearly didn't try to assure the beading was properly sized before gluing that shit on. This makes me think of Bedazzler shit. Tacky overdone beading.

No. 91630

It looks so disproportionate with the waist being soooo small and the Bust and hip being so oversized. Which do t even fit it so it’ll look even weirder. And it’s another thing that’s not like the source image which just had a little bit of a waist, not a Jessica rabbit waist

No. 91660


I just realized the front decorations on the corset are supposed to be jewels. The fucking artwork is called romantic jewels. Why the hell did she make summer camp style beaded appliques???

No. 91669

Isn't the Design actually an underbust ? Idk but there this line of pearls under the boob area that makes it look like it ? She totally missed that , it also looks like the whole upper part is white or at least a lighter color ??

No. 91696

For her emphasis on "detail" she's sure making a variety of inaccurate mistakes. The gems down the middle end in a green one at the base, not purple. Even if she didn't make it an underbust she still forgot the line of beads under the cups. Why are there two ruffles under the corset when the pic has just one row?

I really do want to see the entire outfit complete though. It will be glorious(ly awful).

No. 91697

File: 1588873159110.jpeg (268.38 KB, 1125x847, E908F44C-FC16-4190-A25F-DCFC01…)

I feel like Sarah should really take this twitter post to heart

No. 91698

Looking at this it looks to be like the big gems in the chest should’ve just been simple resin casted gems, or am I wrong? Are they usually supposed to be a series of beads/sequins like what Sarah’s done?

No. 91714

File: 1588882368641.jpeg (107.9 KB, 363x645, A04DCBB4-1EA6-407B-90A8-31B86B…)

They should be individual cut gems, as should the ones on the tights be. I’m not sure if she really thinks more beads = better cosplay or if she just doesn’t understand what gem facets are.

No. 91722

what bothers me the most is that the spacing on the center panel is off and looks nothing like the original design. why bother going “over the top” if the main part of the corset design isn’t even accurate to the source material?

No. 91730

Damn, those aren't even roses on the sides of the gems on the tights. Yet she just had to slap on ribbon roses instead. They're not even the same colors.

No. 91771

I don't think she's aware that this image was an ad for the tights Sakizo designed. I don't think she's actually a fan of Sakizo, and only picked it because it's fancy and people tend to get attention for Sakizo costumes (if they're done well). I doubt she owns any of the artbooks or really researched images because this is a really random choice to make

No. 91773

Im not going to really fault her for wanting to make the tights herself instead of buying them. If she was going to do this bullshit to the whole outfit she might as well include the tights so at least its cohesive. No reason to have something actually nice on it and then whatever beaded monstrosity she does elsewhere. If this was a better cosplay like CBC, I see them also doing it by hand. Sarah just makes it look awful in general.

No. 91777

I think it's more the fact that if she was enough of a fan of sakizo's designs
first of all she would have done one by now
secondly she would have looked up to see if there was higher res reference or anything more to work off of since nowadays sakizo's art and books is a lot easier to get.

I wouldnt mind as much about her doing the tights if they were at all accurate.

No. 91780

It sounds really stupid to say that because she didn't cosplay it during the massive hype in 2015 that she shouldn't be cosplaying it because she isn't a 'true fan'. That's so fucking cringey in cosplay. People cosplay for designs. No one gives a shit if you are a fan or not except salty Karens.

No. 91830

calm down with that reach and get your panties out of a twist.

Admittedly, I worded myself poorly. When I typed 'enough of a fan' I meant more along the lines of 'why spend hours on a design while butchering basic design elements and obviously not putting the effort in to make sure you're getting very obvious and simple things to prove, correct'?

'People cosplay for designs' is kinda the only point to make a sakizo since other than her occasional fan designs of things like Alice, Fate or Final Fantasy there's no character behind them. Because of that it's extra stupid that she's blatantly getting things wrong. There's no 'love of the character's backstory/personality' to fall back on so why isnt she getting simple and obvious design details correct?

Sarah is basically only known because she likes to make things that look overly complicated (Pink Diamond, Madoka, the idolmaster one) it's easy to wonder why she hadnt made a sakizo before now.

No. 91832

>People cosplay for designs. No one gives a shit if you are a fan or not except salty Karens.
Found the thot/attention hungry sakizo cosplayer

No. 91849

Finding gems of that size isn't easy, but there are other ways to solve this
Maybe it's intended to be but it does make a whole lot more sense to make it a cupped corset, what she did isn't that though
Silhouette always has great advice, her work is stunning. (If you're reading this, blink twice)
The point isn't that she's "not a real fan" but that she hasn't bothered to research the design before tackling it, otherwise she would have come across the tights and used them as a reference instead of making it up as she goes. Or she could have noticed other aspects of Sakizo's style that would have informed the way she interpreted the design, for example that she draws very delicate and airy designs and that huge plastic beads and big heavy double layers of dupioni aren't a good fit.

No. 92232

This was me, when I said I don't think she's a fan, I meant she didn't know that it was a piece done to sell the tights she designed (and therefore that she could look at the tights for a better reference) and the fact that it was a random choice. There are so many designs that would have been easier to make work as a garment. It's like she typed Sakizo into google and picked the first thing she saw instead of taking her time to find a design.

No. 92352

File: 1589074325770.png (844.61 KB, 646x1038, quarenteen.png)

I know we're not meant to diagnose the cows but I genuinely think Sarah is pants-on-head retarded.

No. 92753

File: 1589238469901.jpg (38.56 KB, 1080x1905, 20200512_010632.jpg)

Is it just me or is her Account really gone????

No. 92759

Gone for me too. Did she delete or something? At first I thought that she might've hanged her username, but I couldn't find it in my search history either, so I think it's gone. Wonder how long that'll last.

No. 92763

Her tiktok is private now so i guess she really deleted her Instagram ?? That doesn't fit our fame hungry sarah at all

No. 92775

File: 1589247556119.png (491.99 KB, 490x500, sarahspaceman.thumb.png.bc0463…)

I googled her name to check her other accounts (FB is still up but it hasn't been updated since the start of Feb) and this is the first image that comes up

No. 92778

It really doesn't, if she was going to delete because of Da HaTuRzZz she would have posted 20 stories of her crying and saying she couldn't take it anymore and that we were all so mean for making us go on hiatus.

Maybe she tripped over while wearing her romantic jewels corset and was crushed under the weight of the shitty cheap beads and fake satin roses.

No. 92786

File: 1589250797561.png (910.15 KB, 2024x1222, insta.png)

it's back now

No. 93753

Has she posted on her stories at all? I've checked on a couple of random days and didn't find anything. Also, her TikTok is still private, and she hasn't made a normal post since she deleted either. I wonder what happened.

No. 93785

This is just my theory but when I saw >>91697 this tweet making rounds I was pretty sure that Silhouette was vaguetweeting Sarah (and probably reading this thread) and Sarah figured it so as well, thus ragequitting.

No. 93930

File: 1589695939308.jpg (397.81 KB, 1080x1906, 20200517_080859.jpg)

I'm really suprised that she didn't post a story to complain about it , something definitely happend and she's not using it for attention??? Very odd

Also idk if this thing she makes here is for the arms or the head piece but either way will look awful

No. 94196

Is there a reason you think it was directed at Sarah? Not that I can't see why she would, but was there any beef between them or something?

No. 94382

NTA but not a lot of crafters are actively posting progress right now, and Sarah is one of the few who is whose work applies to Silhouette's post: actively competing, not-so-great foundations, covering shoddy work with beads and gems. Silhouette posting this now, when people aren't actively crafting but Sarah is, would be a very huge coincidence. Sarah is also always very open about how much it pisses her off when she doesn't win and cries about how she thinks she should have because she worked ~so hard~, when it really just comes down to her work not being that clean.

No. 94411

plus cosplay judges talk, and Sarah made quite an impression with her post-Godoka meltdown, so she's kind of known in those circles for her way of over-embellishing a crappy base and throwing public fits when she doesn't win

No. 94480

That's giving Sarah too much self awareness as far as her construction goes imo. She clearly thinks her sewing is top tier because she flips out if she doesn't win, and she was obviously super proud of the terrible Sakizou corset base.
If she's aware that her sewing is trash and hasn't done anything to improve it and thinks that embellishment hides it, she's stupider than I thought. I figured she's just too delusional to realize that the base is trash to begin with.

No. 94559

Oh, I didn't mean to imply that she knows her work is shit! I agree she thinks way too highly of her construction skills, just that it /is/ shit and she covers it all with glittery crap and expects to win because she thinks it's amazing.

No. 94610

>If she's aware that her sewing is trash and hasn't done anything to improve it and thinks that embellishment hides it, she's stupider than I thought.
Why is this so hard to believe? A lot of people do this shit consciously, rather than stupidity it's just the result of self-indulging and lack of diligence. They add extra sparkles and shines to make up for their bad foundation work and hope that they dazzle the judges enough for them to forgive the overall construction. I would easily believe that Silhouette was subtweeting her because of reasons >>94382 explained. Sarah is notorious for adding unnecessary shit on her costumes and having meltdowns over losing and she's one of the few well-known cosplay competitors making massive builds right now, I'm willing to bet that the tweet was at least partially inspired by her.

No. 95172

File: 1590104327123.jpeg (591.92 KB, 750x1324, 9D7467B2-9983-43FD-8A38-6A4DB1…)

When cows collide. Sarah linked Lovely Lor for Lolita tips

No. 95207


Not to derail the thread, but what's the milk with Lovely Lor? I tried researching her, but couldn't really find any milk.

Also, possible proof that Sarah lurks since she has since taken down the story post? She didnt even have it up for a full 24 hours.

No. 95208

Lor isn’t super milky. She’s just a lolita that doesn’t dress well but keeps trying to make resources for beginners. She also made a “shit lolitas say” series a long time ago that was a rip off of another youtuber’s series.

No. 95214

I don't think you explained it very well, Lor haven't really done much wrong she just isn't as special or as qualified as noob lolitas make her out to be. And mentioning her shit lolita says videos is the most irrelevant pointless piece of information you could bring up. She's credited the ones who came up with the original "shit __ say" and every YouTuber was making one at the time. And that was so long ago.

If you can't even give proper information than don't say anything.

>>95172 was just looking for an excuse to bump the thread and provide useless shit for no reason. Someone sharing a video isn't milk no one cares.

No. 95458

there's a thread in /w/ about popular lolitas

No. 95520

File: 1590272021813.jpeg (120.61 KB, 750x717, EBCD6B1B-8DBB-4E63-A5ED-E5AC0C…)

Sarah posted more progress on Sakizou, posting more pics in a second.

No. 95521

File: 1590272065240.jpeg (430.75 KB, 750x1079, B35946F1-E5C7-4F10-845E-BB024F…)

No. 95522

Is something with my eyes wrong or did she actually lose some weight?

No. 95523

File: 1590272193771.jpeg (127.04 KB, 750x745, 339918F6-CA41-48C1-812C-DA7D5D…)

No. 95524

Anon… it’s a corset.

No. 95527

File: 1590272343878.jpeg (262.41 KB, 749x746, 57396069-AE64-404C-9725-34B8AA…)

No. 95529

I’m gonna chalk it up to her lacing herself in to be kind but a corset should have an even gap at the back. For example if the top has a 1 inch gap between sides, the middle & bottom should, too. Hers is very wide at the waist, small at the top. The corset either doesn’t fit her or she didn’t lace it fully.

No. 95530

Samefag who just posted these, The first picture in this set is actually a video showing how she laced herself into this corset. I’m on mobile so I can’t upload it but it’s on her instagram. She tugs on the two “bunny ears” to lace up. Im not a corset expert but aren’t you supposed to tug on the little “x” that the laces make? That’s what I’ve seen in other videos anyway.

No. 95531

This is the most wonky shaped corset I've ever seen. I like how it's gaping at places even though it's laced tightly. How did she even manage that?
The only thing that isn't terrible are the center pieces that are supposed to be the jewels, they look ok from far away but the pink roses throw the whole thing off and the beads are way too big and the waviness is doing her no favors.
How can she not tell that this looks like trash?

No. 95533

God, the boob cups look horrendous. Those gold beads are doing her no favors and this would look 800% better without them.

No. 95540

File: 1590276986476.jpg (2.42 MB, 2560x1920, 20-05-23-18-34-31-204_deco.jpg)

"Master level"

That beading.

No. 95542

Samefag, but why in the fuck did she elongate the corset so much?

She's going to look so out of proportion with a long ass torso and a frumpy ass skirt that looks like it weighs a ton. If the skirt even fits right given how low she'll have to wear it under that corset.

No. 95550

The boob cups look so bad. There's almost no shape in them? If you told me this was a flat corset, something built like stays, that she just put beads around to give the illusion of a cup I would believe you.

No. 95569

Those flowers look so hideous. They're such a bright, neon pink, not to mention all unevenly placed and sized. It's supposed to be an elegant dress and Sarah makes every choice to ensure it's the tackiest mess. Those wiggly Mardi gras beads don't help ever.

No. 95608

The beads at the bottom edge really get me. It’s like a blind person tacked them on lmao how are they THAT wonky??

No. 95618

Thats not what i meant, her arms and shoulders look "thinner"

No. 95634

it looks like she's in the middle of lacing it up in that picture, you can tell the bottom is completely loose while the top is tight so it doesn't fall while she laces it up
oh god, it's so bumpy. look at that pulling, the wavy binding on the top, the wavy beading, the gaping around the ribs…

No. 95696

It's so gaudy that even though there's more stuff on it than the original picture it looks 100x cheaper.

No. 95701


What kind of moron doesn't tip steel boning? How do you get to a place where you're buying steel boning from a specialty place and not buying tips? EVERY corset 101 involves tipping boning for this exact reason. Was she just being cheap? Does she not research? Has she never read anything put together by more experienced corsetmakers?

The cups are a fucking nightmare, which is even worse because they're not separate cups. She used a long line overbust pattern, and just fucked it up that much more. What the fuck. How.

No. 95875

hell, even duct tape is better than no tip, how do you get this far into constructing a corset and not know that

No. 96011

Iirc there were also a few replies on the tweet specifically mentioning sakizou cosplayers, that silhouette agreed with

No. 96012

She may have laced incorrectly, but the bunny ears method is an entirely valid method of lacing a corset. It's the best way to tightlace too, and is much easier to do on yourself

No. 96020

Is she planning on entering this ever? Couldn't just bought a corset and slapped all that on.

No. 96027

It's obvious she plans to enter this somewhere.
I hope she gets laughed out of the room.

No. 96029

Thing is she mostly enters low grade contests. She won at holmat with her bells and whistles monstrosity because nobody brings high calibre cosplays. She probably knows better than to enter anywhere with a healthy competition.

No. 96122

i'd love to see her enter something like crown championships

No. 96301


Okay Holmat was big this past year due to all the international competitions, but it was rigged in her favor.
In my opinion she won because they wanted free publicity from someone who had a ton of followers, and she is one of those people.

Repost from thread Bio
>Got into Holmat contest because of followers: >>77115 >>77147

No. 96308


The problem is the overall quality of entrants at Holmat was pretty bad, and all the good people were competing for the international stuff. She chose to enter the holmat-only portion, competing against a bunch of locals and teenagers.

No. 96320

Is the bottom of her corset even going to be able to fit over her skirt? It looks really narrow in comparison to the picture of her skirt.

No. 96388

This doesn't surprise me at all, considering how Holmat panders so much to 'cosplay guests'.

No. 96389

the cosplay coordinaters have their noses up alyson tabbitha's ass. They've always only cared about clout

No. 96539

Holmat is nothing but a party con

No. 96541

File: 1590679269670.png (2.95 MB, 750x1334, 4B7F791B-F61F-414E-8CF0-BE64F8…)

This vid is so confusing she says she’s going slow yet speeds up at the end. Also why choose to hem it like this rather than do, idk, a rolled hem? She’s so confusing.

No. 96602

To be fair, the first vid was ""asmr"" going slow, then she sped up to keep going. I watched this though and I'm honestly confused how her needle just fell out like that. I abuse my machine and have never had that happen. How does she fuck up on everything like this?

No. 96662

She probably forgot to tighten it or put it in all the way

No. 98952

I noticed she's been REAL quiet lately with current events and BLM. Not to force people to post but it feels weird to see someone with 90k just ghost right now? Especially a Steven Universe cosplayer.

No. 98966

She's spamming her stories with as many links as possible per day, which is what most of the community is doing now. Quantity of share buttons pushed is the only indication of how woke you are now, but she doesn't seem to care enough to post anything where it will stay for more than 24 hours.

No. 99430

File: 1591714814507.jpeg (541.5 KB, 750x1080, 2D8C39FA-DE70-4DAD-8518-BAE700…)

Didn’t see this one mentioned. I thought she had chilled out on the editing by Ranko. This stuff messes with my head so much. It makes me want to photoshop my photos too which I know is not a healthy thought. But the towel, the shower curtain, the phone lanyard…

No. 99486

17k likes… Can these people not even see how badly its shooped?!?!?

No. 99686

gravity? I don't know her

No. 99948

See, I was gonna give her the benefit of the doubt because that tutu is bulky and she probably got stuck on the shower curtain in that one side, but then you see the chain on her phone case and remember that Sarah is lying to herself and everyone about her body, so. Pour one out for that chain and towel.

No. 100436

File: 1592098463550.png (3.23 MB, 750x1334, 242D3448-2BFC-496A-A9F6-09A8FB…)

What’s with the weird lump behind her knee? Also these are her “fixed” leggings…

No. 100439

I have watched this video half a dozen times and I can't figure it out. My guess is either she's stuffing the back of her tights to give her legs a more attractive curve, or it's a big untreated cyst or growth.

No. 100440


Pretty sure its just her calf muscle. Wearing heels that high can make them extremely pronounced.

No. 100441

calf muscles don't look like that unless you're grossly ripped.

No. 100449

Thats the cool thing about legs, the muscles in them don't have to be ripped to show or feel, especially calves because the muscles, unless you are seriously massive which Sarah isn't (deal with it), you can see those muscles easy. That's a calve muscle.

No. 100450


Adding on to this. She has prominent calve muscles, high up, due to wearing heels a lot. That is extremely common.


You can really, really see it here when she is flexing her back leg up.

No. 100491

File: 1592119935814.jpg (502.64 KB, 1080x1893, 20200614_093121.jpg)

No. 100496

It looks so heavy lmfao Sarah honey what are you doing

No. 100522

The skirt looks heavy and the leggings look itchy…yikes.

No. 100552

did she add suspenders to the skirt ?

No. 100587

There is no way that this skirt is going to look anywhere close to correct. It's too long, too heavy and just looks like a piece from a different costume.
Granted, nothing on this costume looks good, but it's going to look so amateur and terrible.

Although, thinking about it, wasn't pink diamond her first competition piece? I put some blame on the judges who bumped her up to masters on that when it very much wasn't masters level. It obviously gave her a big head and there's a reason for different levels in competitions. They kind of screwed her over by giving her that award since now she's stuck in a level far above her actual skill level.

No. 100593

Speaking as a judge who has been forced to award a halfassed "masters" cosplay best in show because there was simply nothing else that came close, sometimes that's just what happens with local competitions like the ones Sarah likes to enter. On the other hand I've also seen shitty judges go apeshit over detailing while ignoring structural problems, so it's tough to say who's at fault.

No. 100638

This skirt has got to be at least 10 lbs by now omfg.

It looks like she added suspenders to support the weight of the skirt.

No. 100645

I forgot for a second that this wasn’t a mock up. The skirt is such an awful blob to begin with, but nothing really pops and everything blends together terribly. You can barely make out the scallops, and even the giant fucking bow blends in too well. Sarah only does details for details sake but the dumb bitch has got to realize she’s wasting her time considering no one can even see them because this skirt looks like a muddy paintng.

No. 100796

yeah, you don't have to be good to be best in show, you just have to be the least bad

No. 101185

File: 1592420015978.jpeg (547.64 KB, 1125x2047, A554B687-A7D6-4990-AFC1-3A8E5D…)

She’s planning on selling that pattern for that godawful top

No. 101191

How do people like Sarah get sponsorships when more talented cosplayers don't? The cosplay community is wack nowadays.

No. 101202

Companies don't care about talent. They care about numbers. I know someone who was offered a sponsorship with a crafting company, even though she makes none of her cosplays.

No. 101269

I didn't even realize that was her… she needs to cool it on the photoshop. At least she's usually recognizable.

No. 101320

She has 91k instagram followers, most sponsors don't look much further than that

No. 101374

File: 1592507746345.jpg (393.83 KB, 1080x1629, 20200618_211438.jpg)

She can't be serious with this…its way too big

No. 101377

File: 1592508272384.jpeg (704.15 KB, 2048x2048, 68A1653E-D10F-466A-9EFA-C9AAED…)

thats really bad, makes me feel bad for whoever gotta judge her costume

No. 101383


Why does she have no sense of scale or proportion?? How can you look at a reference with elbow length sleeves and make something to your wrist???

No. 101388

I see she’s reusing the same techniques that got her attention with her pink pearl. I’m tired of the smocking. she can’t even make it look good. It looks like shit bc the fabric isn’t stiff enough to hold its shape and it’s too thick to lay nicely.

No. 101389

looks more like quilting than smocking in the reference imo

No. 101394

>>101388I feel like she saw some big name cosplayers use smocking and now thinks that this is an easy win button to smash into all of her costumes. It looks so bad and tryhard.

No. 101404

exactly my point. it’s not even source accurate so why fucking bother with all the extra time that goes into honeycomb smocking? oh right bc if you spend oodles of time on your cosplay it automatically makes it better and you will win best in show.

No. 101499

Nitpick but it must be said: Her nose always wigs me out. Her nostrils are so flared it looks like they’re trying to escape her face.

No. 101545

what is makin me go crazy is that if u look close the materials of the sleeves are sheer, but she made them out of a bulky satin lol

No. 101651

she did use chiffon for the sheer part

No. 101824

File: 1592771058025.jpg (260.83 KB, 1080x1915, 20200621_222332.jpg)

Still looks like a hot mess

No. 101846

Everything about this cosplay looks so heavy. The skirt portion looks like it weighs 15 pounds alone, let alone the droopy ass sleeves, stockings that will be falling down every 2 steps, and the terrible beaded bodice.

It's literally the exact opposite of the source material, which is soft and floaty looking.

No. 102056

File: 1592921988615.png (9.79 MB, 1125x2436, 34E03ED3-7F47-4DEE-8DE4-C2B1B0…)

This looks horrible.

No. 102074

At first i thought the pearls on it are Pins she forgot to take out, it really doesn't look good

No. 102101

She deleted this post. I guess people in the comments did notice her blatant photoshopping.

No. 102105


It's still there. It's from November 2019 so you gotta scroll a little bit.

No. 102119

File: 1592954535549.jpeg (624.11 KB, 828x1026, 377E5C37-A730-470B-B669-65FA8C…)

no words…

No. 102127

File: 1592960796094.jpeg (6.04 KB, 354x300, received_255327149224632.jpeg)

I don't understand why you would go to all of the trouble of making that when the reference doesn't look like it's been pleated all up like that at all. It looks very heavy and out of place.

No. 102132

I can wait to watch her try to keep this thing on her head. It's got to weigh a few pounds.

No. 102146

File: 1592970516417.jpg (191.9 KB, 900x1256, a2405b68d63445b1c8aa3f5287c90e…)


The headpiece in the reference looks like it's made of a similar scalloped lace to the one used for the skirt and sleeves. It definitely isn't pleated silk lmfao. I'm all for artistic interpretation but it looks terrible and heavy and resembles a halo when it's painted as a circle behind the head. If she wanted to go in that direction, why not cut her losses and do Seraphim?

I'm getting secondhand embarrassment just watching this unfold - whatever this is >>101824 is wrong in every way and it's so painfully obvious she's trying to recapture whatever she thought she was going to win with Godoka >>81839 by throwing more fabric and more beads and more bullshit on her dress form.

Whoever bumped her up to Masters did her no favours lol, Pink Diamond was a flash in the pan

No. 102181

I would definitely not read the reference this way but this is actually kind of cute as a hat to wear with a 1950s inspired dress

No. 102585

literally where the fuck is this in the source material? bc I don’t see it anywhere. how can you be this wrong about interpreting the source image

No. 103667

File: 1593724459788.jpg (228.11 KB, 1080x1920, 20200702_231307.jpg)

Yet again it looks nothing like the original Design , why would she put these pearls on there???

No. 103672

File: 1593726987689.jpeg (490.79 KB, 2048x2048, 4FA2DBA2-1BCF-4597-8BC8-A1FBC0…)

also missing details lmaooooooooo

No. 103675

I really really hope this is just a WIP and not the actual finished piece. There is just so much wrong here. The cheap plastic pearls also look like they’re weighing down the thinner material. She could’ve gotten a nicer effect if she just used a nice quality lace.

I didn’t have high hopes for this cosplay but I didn’t think it would be this bad.

No. 103676

File: 1593730385891.jpg (152.75 KB, 600x600, 31482-YS-10x8-14Y.jpg)

she could've used something like pic related, you can prob find some knock off for $5 on amazon

No. 103678

I'm so confused why she interpreted those as pearls? In the picture it just looks like a cloth neck piece with lace or scalloped(? I'm not a sewing person) edges. This looks so goofy.

No. 103687

Does she not understand the concept of a JEWEL? Like ROMANTIC JEWELS, an artbook that Sakizo did? They're supposed to be faceted jewels. Not an ugly cast thing with glitter in it.
Also, it's clearly a choker with some lace off the bottom. Someone take the pearls away from Sarah, she abuses them like a junky uses coke.

No. 103693

File: 1593742487858.jpg (56.4 KB, 720x514, pansy.jpg)


The flowers all over this design are clearly pansies, but every time she has to use a flower she uses those ugly satin roses. And it's so obvious that the original design is wearing a choker, but somehow Sarah interpreted that as an ugly collar with scalloped beaded edges?

Please, god, don't let her win anything for this costume. I'm praying for another Godoka-type shitfit amplified by 10 because spending money and tacking beads on guarantees an instant win in Sarah's mind.

No. 103774

Because making it by hand = more points with the judges

No. 103778

Does it still give you more points if it's incorrect? Plus I'm pretty sure you can buy molds for faceted gems if she really wanted to use that defense. I think she literally doesn't understand how to interpret the art work correctly.

No. 103785

It doesn't if the judges know what they're doing and aren't just rewarding manhours pumped in. Sarah constantly piles crap on because it's "more effort" without understanding that the thing has to actually look good

No. 103787

The thing is, Sarah gets wins because she enters contests with cons who don't have competent judges, like at Holiday Matsuri. Competent judges will see through all of her bullshit, but she seems to be avoiding competent judges.

No. 103835

Not if they're good judges

No. 103969

File: 1593977131607.jpg (466.75 KB, 1080x1920, 20200705_212426.jpg)

These wonky seams

No. 103970

File: 1593978714240.jpeg (682.21 KB, 828x918, 743D66AF-A7BE-4948-BC51-E128C1…)

the costume looks like bright gold armor, not dingy leather

No. 103978

Sarah Spaceman literally inspires me to brush my teeth and floss twice a day so I don't end up like this.

No. 104003

The spikes, the vertical placement, the actual style of the bustier…she doesn't even look at the reference while she's crafting, right? She doesn't care about the proportions at all. She just goes off the image she has in her head from when she looked at it the first time. Of course certain things have to be adjusted to fit on a real human body, but this screams that she tries to get things done fast rather than caring about accuracy at all.

No. 104004

she really is a more popular asherbee

No. 104016

ignoring the horribly done bodice (which i could even excuse if she was altering or using scraps due to corona)… why is the sun shaped like that? we already have a front on visual from the art. she could've scaled it, printed it out, traced it onto her foam and cut the exact same shape. instead we have this extremely ugly brick on her chest with malformed rays coming off it. also is it just me, or does the top "ray" attach to the choker in the art? i guess i'm expecting too much to believe sarah would ever look at a reference photo more than once, though.

No. 104023

Is this character supposed to be brown and African-inspired? I hope the "woke" cosplay crowd tears her apart for it, just because it'd be funny to see her have a meltdown over being canceled.

No. 104037

Straight up, this should be proof that she didn't make the wings and scythe for her Raiko costume. That sun looks like a preschooler made it, there is no way someone who had the skills to make those props would make something this shitty.

No. 104058

As long as she doesn't paint herself brown nobody will give a fuck

No. 104101

All this would have taken was a crystal in the middle. The pearls are super poorly sewn on too, is she incapable of finding nice lace? All she'd have to do is search for five minutes on taobao instead of making clunky things like this.

No. 104139

Stupid nitpick but god she looks like the annoying librarians pet here

No. 104242

File: 1594155563575.jpg (318.7 KB, 1080x1881, 20200707_225803.jpg)

Is that cat hair or is she just that lazy with the sewing ?

No. 104418


Considering the fact that she allows her cats to wallow and lay all over her cosplays, I would assume cat hair.

No. 104457

You can make facet style resin jewels so it's not like she needed to make this shitty one.

No. 104496

how tf do you fail at putting a bead in the center of a flower so badly?

No. 104841

File: 1594590946142.jpeg (445.01 KB, 1125x2005, 99AE2C4F-CB94-451E-A151-906B61…)

Oh boy

No. 104849

I can't get over how the beads on the skirt just make it look like the seams are pinned.

No. 104850

why doesnt the corset match the skirt??????

No. 104864

File: 1594602852659.jpeg (751.77 KB, 2048x2048, E57BC969-4CCD-43EB-B6A6-2236D9…)

yikes…it’s not even close

No. 104867

seeing how the corset and skirt not match in color is aggravating me and it's not even the start of the problems here

No. 104869

my only question is, why is she in such a rush? there aren't any cons bc of covid so why isn't she taking her damn time to make this properly?

No. 104870

I dont think shes in a rush - she just completely lacks the eye that craftsman/artists develop via experience. She has a massive audience but seemingly no friends in the community who care enough (or maybe they're afraid) to tell her when shes making something shitty. Did she blow up on IG fast or something? Been following her thread for a while but she comes off as a cosplayer who has a following way bigger than she deserves/before shes ready. I hope she does actually improve but judging by her ego already, I dont know if shes humble enough to realize how much she doesnt know.

No. 104872

This. She's been working on it for a few months.
Basically she won Best Masters in her first contest (or one of her first) and since then thinks that over embellishment and tons of beads/beading=win. She definitely doesn't have the construction skill she thinks she has and relies on photoshop in most of her pictures. Then whenever she loses for her mediocre work (Godoka) she pitches a fit like she was robbed when most of the novices probably have better craftsmanship than her.

No. 104875

the beads around the cups lmfao they get me every time. and the skirt is such a weird pink colour, i was just joking around when i said she was going to look like a meat platter ( >>88292 ) but the skirt looks like a tray of shaved ham hahaha

can't wait to see her add those ugly sleeves and enormous shoulder ruffs, that'll really tie it all together!! /s /s /s

No. 104877

I'm kind of curious to what she would say if someone were to tell her what's wrong with this costume. It is weird that no one has said anything to her about the inaccuracies, or could it be that people have told her and she's brushed it off? How has she gotten away with so much shoddy work when she has such good crafters following her? What are people afraid of?

No. 104887

What is going on with that side seam? It looks like some kind of glue dripped down on it?

No. 104889

See thread pic. Sarah is a huge baby who flips out and starts ranting at any criticism she receives. ( >>79128 >>79130 >>79131 ) She has a sizeable follower base of young stupid weebs who are dazzled by the illusion that she's a hardworking cosplay queen who almost went blind hand-beading those tights, and trying to help some hillbilly fuckwit is honestly just not worth dealing with shrieking teens filling your notifications because Sarah thought you were too mean to her. She has a massive ego and spending all her time in her echo chamber where she's praised for being master-level even though in reality she can't even sew a mitered corner.

Honestly, after stomping around the con scene and making a huge ass of herself, it wouldn't surprise me if the good crafters you mentioned are waiting for her to crash and burn like we are. At least we're honest about enjoying this mess.

No. 104900


I've heard a handful of pretty high level crafting people shit on Sarah while drunk, so I think you're right. People are waiting for her to learn some humility.

No. 104912

seconding >>104870 because she’s never making mistakes anon, she’s making artistic choices!! it honestly kind of makes me wonder if she has some kind of color blindness because almost every single one of her costumes has been so wildly off in color (but color blindness is much rarer in women right? idk)

whatever happened to rosalina btw? just abandoned?

this makes my skin crawl, why buy expensive silk/satin/whatever only to let your cats walk all over it? it takes so little to snag that shit, I wouldn’t be surprised if she ends up with a ton of snags. also cats literally put their assholes on everything, I just don’t get it

No. 104925

I think it’s the same lace that’s on the front, but she didn’t sew it down so part of it is sticking out.

No. 104929

File: 1594672973690.jpeg (667.19 KB, 828x1119, 250C092E-85E8-4CD5-A1CC-CC0130…)

It kinda doesn’t look terrible?

No. 104932

It looks like a garbage bag with an old lampshade on top. Nothing even matches, the colors are all wrong. The reference drawing looks like a cream and gold based dress with primarily muted colors. Sarah's has neon pink flowers thrown in with muted pink salmon and an ivory corset with burnt gold beading and bright green whatever the fuck. How do you mess up colors this bad?

No. 104936

It doesn't look terrible for a random midtier theatre play that utilizes functionality and sparkly things over actual amazing craftsmanship. But put this thing next to the reference image >>91581 here and it looks absolutely nothing like it.

No. 104938

The corset and the skirt are two different colors. The pearls look too big and come off as being cheap looking. The details of the dress are lost because of the fabric.

From the reference art, this is supposed to look light and airy but this just comes off as a cheap theatre dress.

No. 104945

she’d drown if she fell into a puddle in this. not because it’s too heavy, but because no one cares about her.

No. 104947

So that hoop that she made to me looks like 1860’s that’ would be Civil War style you know gone with the wind gowns I’m pretty sure the dress she is making is not that style? Maybe I can’t tell Cause the way she makes things

No. 104954

File: 1594685796517.png (913.34 KB, 602x749, od1Crrk.png)

Had to show the front proper as anon hadn't, pulled from her show off video. The fucking side ruffles hanging off on wild angles is killing me.

No. 104958

File: 1594693510665.png (928.16 KB, 825x1207, Screenshot_20200713-222114.png)

Sage because the image was already posted BUT. … The dress is uneven?! In the video as she spins the dress form the dress itself seems to be draped properly and not scrunched up on one side. But at the end of the video from the front view …

No. 104971

The thing that bothers me the most about this skirt is that the top hoops are JUTTING the fuck out, the top most one especially. The volume of that layer should come from how the fabric gathers, a lighter (aka appropriate fabric) would sit properly without being forced. The shape should not come from the hoop forcing the material out like that. A judge doesnt even have to touch it to know what's happening here.

This skirt shape is not impossible, nor that difficult to make for a decent seamstress - even a cosplay seamstress using the plastic plumbing pipe trick, it's not rocket science. The entire reason its failing is her fabric choice and goddamn, that is quite possibly the biggest tragedy about this whole pile. You learn fabric choice when you're like, intermediate at the latest. Someone get this bitch some friends to talk some sense into her.

No. 104977


Sarah should be competing at a low journeyman level. Whatever dumbass judges bumped her to masters did her zero favors. If that came into my judging room under masters I would be grilling her on why she signed up that way.

No. 104980

She got lucky with her Pink as it was just busy enough to look impressive. Whereas this looks like one of those expectation vs Reality bought a wedding dress off wish

No. 104988


It honestly wouldn't surprise me if she was colourblind - the reference picture clearly shows the skirt is made of light lacy fabric with blue embellishments but she sews on gold beads?? >>104864

Then again she made those enormous shoulder ruffles so it's more likely she's just a talentless hack with no eye for detail.

Also, >>104929 her hat thing is on the floor.

No. 105035

her being colorblind doesn't account for her really bad fabric choices.

No. 105065

Oh damn, you're right. The hem is uneven as fuck.

>Someone get this bitch some friends to talk some sense into her.
Someone like her would never have friends that aren't just asskissers. Lmfao. She'll just call anyone who doesn't worship her toxic and a hater.

No. 105137

I think she just has no eye for design or construction. The scallops on the skirt are small… around 1 inch would be the proper proportion. But she did 3-4 inches, I'm guessing because she didn't feel like taking the time to do smaller ones. The corset is completely the wrong style and she couldn't even get the fabrics to match.
She's either too delusional to see that everything is off on this thing or she's too proud to admit she bit off more than she could chew as far as craftsmanship and it looks awful. This happens to a lot of costumers, but the smart ones have the piece of mind to set it down and come back to it once they have the skills for it.
Sarah can't admit that she made a mistake.

No. 105176

Mistake? Anon it's actually spelled *creative liberty

No. 105223

The skirt on the reference is 100% made of eyelet lace. No question. Using that would not only have given her the proper weight and drape, but saved her a TON of unnecessary work…and yet.

No. 105239

no it's not.

No. 105360

File: 1594888402265.jpg (251.91 KB, 1369x745, Eyelet Lace comparison.jpg)

NTAYRT, but come now, Anon.

This took twelve seconds of Googling to find an eyelet lace border that was sort of similar to the reference image, in terms of detail and size. Have a look at the comparisons between the reference image I've provided, a sample of eyelet lace, and Sarah's absurd scallops.

Even with all her gloating and showboating about 'accuracy', you can see that she's drastically simplified the design on the scallops. And in before anyone says she's not finished beading the skirt, why would she have put it all together and on the skirt frame otherwise?

You can also see from the reference that each skirt tier has different designs on them, but Sarah was too busy being lorded over in her hugbox to notice otherwise. Only the bottom layer has those pointed arches, but she's made every skirt layer the same.

I'm constantly amazed at how little referencing she does to the image when she makes her stuff. It's like there's no planning of forethought going into it. I only watch her social media to see her breakdowns and what gross stuff she puts out, or hoping that one day she'll take her fake teeth out again. I can't wait until she tries to walk around in those overly-beaded stockings and has them all come off as they rub between her thighs.

TL;DR Sarah is a hack seamstress who doesn't know her shit.

No. 105405

Eyelet lace looks really informal in most contexts since it’s cotton-like anon, an organza-based lace would be better. It would’ve been fine if she still beaded it all (not with heavy pearls though) but it just really needs to be more lightweight. The double layer of heavy fabric weighs the whole thing down.

No. 105515

I get what you're saying, friend. The point I was trying to make (not very well, unfortunately, so that's on me) is that there's already existing lace fabric out there (organza would have been great) that she could have spent a few days researching and buying, and it would have looked a hundred times better than whatever BS she's trying to pull.

Not even the excuse of 'I wanted to make the design 100% accurate' could excuse her from making her scallops, because she missed out a huge deal of detail in her own version.

I really hope she loses again so I can see her public meltdown.

No. 105560

File: 1595012397692.jpeg (742.71 KB, 2048x2048, 056148DB-A82B-434C-817B-1A52A6…)

wow….i thought it looked decent but next to the reference they don’t really look anything alike? like it’s pretty, if it were for an oc, but it doesn’t look sakizou at all

No. 105570

If this had been somebody's first or second time seeing and drafting an intricate cosplay I would have been impressed, but it's really, really bad if this is the creation of a girl who hypes up her work so much and presents herself as not only one of the best seamstresses in cosplay, but a teacher for others as well. It looks absolutely nothing like the reference and looks really cheap and quickly throw together.

No. 105580

This is also going to look much more out of wack proportionally once it's on her body. Her dressform is around 4-6 sizes too small if I had to guess.

No. 105595


NAYRT, but same. I want her to lose just to get the whiny crybaby instagram stories about how she tried tho hard you guyth. Didn't she throw a fit when she didn't place at Momocon? If she doesn't place with this costume the meltdown will be spectacular holy shit


The corset already gives her some super weird proportions, (see >>95520 ) but combined with the skirt it's going to be a disaster. Sarah is unfortunately shaped and it was already funny seeing her tiny legs sticking out from underneath her Godoka skirt, but this endeavour is going to end with her looking like a gaudy cake pop.

No. 105611

Yeah, she made the corset way too long in proportion to her short legs. Being long waisted I don't know how she doesn't realize higher waistlines would be more flattering, but on the other hand she doesn't seem very self-aware on a LOT of aspects of her costumes that could easily be made more flattering

No. 105681

what is crazy to me is that the design doesn’t have a super long corset. It looks like it hits right under the natural waist on the art, so why elongate the corset of a more flattering and accurate way already exists?

No. 105683

Because I would bet this is the pattern she had: an underbust corset with flared hips, so that's what she used by ignoring the reference and some slapping fake cups on. Just like she used the wrong pattern on hand for Rosalina and just like she used whatever fabric she had lying around for Sophie. Sarah doesn't care about taking the time to make something right because she can hide behind it being an "interpretation".

No. 105710

Basically this, but it's an overbust corset because the cups are fake. She just "made" them by outlining where they should be in pearls. She acts like she's the construction queen but she can't even modify patterns in the most simple way possible.

No. 106458

File: 1595542881847.jpeg (645.39 KB, 2048x2048, 464B860F-EA4B-4F9D-ABB3-8F0937…)

back at it again with not paying attention to details huh?

No. 106460

i hope she gets blasted for this shit.

No. 106463

I'm more surprised she hasn't been dragged by "woke" cosplayers already.

No. 106464

right? what the hell are they even good for?

No. 106470

Who is this character? Is this one of those they scream only poc but really they mean black people can cosplay ones?

No. 106488

File: 1595555563518.jpeg (572 KB, 828x918, 1593978714240.jpeg)

It's Leo from a series of astrology gijinkas, but the design is clearly meant to be African-inspired and the character has medium-toned skin even accounting for lighting and the exaggerated color. Here's the same character but with the colors balanced to be more normal.

No. 106492

i don’t think there’s anything wrong with white people cosplaying characters who are black coded or anything like that. she’s cosplaying leo bc that’s her star sign. im not defending her, her craft is utter shit and i am astonished with how innacurate everything she makes is, but this isnt something to camcel her over

No. 106495

File: 1595556451885.png (6.26 MB, 828x1792, 087A9B3E-E497-4E7D-A5F4-F2294F…)

to piggy off this post, as long as she doesn’t fukin paint herself darker i doubt shell be cancelled, and she shouldnt be over something like this. also I can’t believe that she chose to leave all of the craft foam sides uncovered which is not “master class work”

No. 106511

we don't either but someone's got to stop her.

No. 106518


What's wrong with that cosplay other than that you're using the "muh cultural appropriation" argument only because it's convenient for you?

No. 106546

Once again cosplaying characters outside of your race isn't ~problematic~ as long as you don't do blackface, nobody will give a shit. We don't need to be making up milk when there's already so much there. Just sit back and enjoy the garbage craftsmanship and occasional entitled shitfit.

No. 106584

Cept that's a load of horseshit and you know it. Or you're way too young to be here in the first place. The wokesters go after anyone even tanning in summer and picking a cosplay go it is a cardinal sin in their eyes.

No. 106602

File: 1595612598161.png (3.14 MB, 1125x2436, 3326B496-43A1-49E7-90AE-99C20A…)

This is driving me insane because it shows how seriously lacking her sewing knowledge is. You can sew practically anything so long as you have the right needles and foot, it’s rarely about the actual machine. Dear god.

No. 106617

She likely uses the same foot/ needle for everything. I doubt she even knows there are variations and just thinks the added foots that came with her machine are there for decoration

No. 107374

Sounds like you guys are the "woke" cosplayers you're bitching about, you're not fooling anyone.

It's obvious you're the types to go have tantrums on PULL and twitter accusing people you dislike of cultural appropriation while not keeping those same standards for anyone else.
We get it, you pretend you hate zoomer "wokesters" but copy their logic because it makes you feel morally superior about disliking someone for otherwise petty reasons.

Just say it's a shitty cosplay and move on, the characters skin is pretty light anyway.

No. 107713

File: 1596320860527.jpeg (712.25 KB, 2048x2048, FE3BC540-401C-4990-BD60-ACACAA…)


No. 107720

Why yikes, anon? They look exactly the same as the picture!

No. 107724

>Going with that terrible cool purple instead of the warm magenta in that image.

What is color theory.

No. 107729

File: 1596327781146.jpg (4.67 KB, 200x200, XfKYBht.jpg)

No. 107731

Legit, is she colorblind? This is so fucking off and everything she does always is off. It's starting to make me horrifically angry how bad she is.

No. 107734

File: 1596329634334.png (1.61 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200801-204819.png)

The worst thing about this is wasn't even stash fabric. She started with white and could have made these any color. I'm pretty sure that is the color you get out of the bottle with craft store purple dyes so she just dumped it in without testing or taking the time to blend colors. She's so lazy.

No. 107735

File: 1596331926217.gif (841.06 KB, 557x425, ekBX6Yv.gif)

Jesus she didn't even bother at least looking up a tutorial on dip dying gradation. Just dunked that shit in making it look like a bad take on Cheshire Cat. What is she even trying to prove? That she's retarded and has no one to tell her it looks like shit?

No. 107736

File: 1596332051727.jpeg (596.39 KB, 828x943, C0148E42-8D20-4528-9194-7F9E82…)

Ur right she mixed colors for the orange but didn’t bother for the purple, when I think she should’ve added some pink

No. 107753

I dont get why she even blended the orange and yellow together (and did a bad job of it since the fabric just looks orange). That gradient is magenta to yellow. Where'd she get orange from??

No. 107759

…first of all why did she use elastic on any of these pieces? They're just going to look like puff sleeves

No. 107768

There's orange on the skirt but if she wanted to match the arm and neck bits to the skirt why wouldn't she dye the skirt at the same time?
I'm not sure if it's elastic or just gathered but either way she should probably dye the fabric before gathering

No. 107769

File: 1596362457907.png (523.88 KB, 600x594, Capture d’écran 2020-08-02 à…)

Oh, and here it is with the ""armor."" Predictably, none of the colors go together.

No. 107777

This looks so bad. I am convinced she's color blind or doesnt care

No. 107838

File: 1596396637202.jpg (573.38 KB, 1204x608, BpyeWwG.jpg)

played around in my art program as best as I could testing the theory. I can't recreate the awful armor color she's selected this is my best guess at what she might be seeing if she is colorblind.saged for no real contribution

No. 107856


Her interpretation looks like a Vegas showgirl outfit, or one of those over the top tacky dresses the brides wore on that show My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding.

No. 107860

God the armor just looks fucking gross. That’s the only word for it.

No. 107866

Being female and colorblind is incredibly rare, so I doubt it. She's just lazy and untalented, simple as that.

No. 107869

Leo’s are supposed to be a bright and vibrant star sign, which is why the artist went for gold, I think. So why does hers look so fuking dirty

No. 109322

File: 1597538324481.jpeg (565.45 KB, 2048x2048, FE549D77-F72E-41DA-BD80-5FBCB6…)

these are so innacurate the socks are the wrong color and they don’t fit don’t have the dots and are just so lumpy

No. 109323

File: 1597538345522.jpeg (317.83 KB, 1125x1896, 3C7459CA-08CD-47C4-AEEC-92DFD8…)


I didn’t get the chance to save the entire video but the jewels on the shoes were also sliding around

No. 109326

Wow these look even worse than I thought they would be. Everything looks so half assed and inaccurate. The worst part has got to be those god awful pink flowers. They’re huge and totally off color from the reference. I’m really starting to think she’s color blind like what some other anons have been saying

No. 109336

Less extreme than the rest but the heels look so off. The ones in the photo look feminine and more old school while the ones she’s using look like aliexpress generic pumps

No. 109342

probably, heels just like them are a dime a dozen on amazon. Also found plenty that look almost exact style of the pictures. Also how did she get stripper stiletto gold sparkle heel from cream colored low wedge?

No. 109349

File: 1597571930364.jpg (23.2 KB, 513x655, 11046895-2.jpg)

these would fit better

No. 109394

Her cosplays look like when a kid makes doll clothes and sticks oversized beads and sequins everywhere…

No. 109506

File: 1597682776948.jpg (163.26 KB, 1080x1468, yikes.jpg)

If you thought the front was bad, take a look at back.

I know in the reference photo, no one will see the back of the socks so it's not as big of a deal as the neon pink ribbon roses. But jfc, Sarah. Why didn't you make a mock up of the diamond pattern first to see if any diamonds were gonna be cutoff in the back? Why can't you accurately measure shit? Why are you so lazy and incompetent when it comes to the craftsmanship part of cosplay? Adding cheap rhinestones to a cosplay thats already disaster doesn't take away from the disaster. If you put glitter on top of literal feces, it's still just shit, and thats what all of your cosplays are.

I can't wait until cons open back up so that the judges can rip you open a new one.

Sorry if this post sounded kinda vendetta-y. It just pisses me off at this point how little she tries, but also goes over the top. idk dude.

No. 109516

Saged and warning for Sewist sperg.

But anon you're right; even though no one will really see the back it looks like shit. Holy gods she is an utter nincompoop.

Why wouldn't you just cut out 50, or even 100 of the same dimension of each square for the diamond pattern, and just sew them all together to make a yardage of diamon-patternedfabric, THEN cut the necessary amount with Seam allowance (as you would for any other pattern piece) and sew together.

Instead she just cuts a few of each colour, hobbles them together until they vaguely approximate the size she needs, and calls it a day. Even though she had to fuse the diamond pattern to make it work. "Master level" yeah right.

No. 109517

honestly this kind of item is something you have made/printed professionally. she could have just gotten the socks printed and added all the extra shit on top (if she really felt the need to).

No. 109547

The act brand sells the socks/stockings.

No. 109553

Wtf is wrong with her legs ??

No. 109573

Why does she have a footballers calfs lmao

No. 109576

It doesn’t even look like the stockings are even.

Everything about this is bad looking and cluttered.

No. 109584

>row of potential pearls on top of the tights
>adds her nasty pearls everywhere else but there

No. 109768

File: 1597979092765.jpg (679.48 KB, 1079x1626, Screenshot_20200820-220327_Ins…)

This cow popped up on my explore out of nowhere, and the wheeze I let out. It's so fucking bad in motion, I cannot wait to see the full thing.

No. 109772

File: 1597980460498.gif (3.49 MB, 298x528, dangly bits.gif)

No. 109784

Some people just have naturally muscular calves like how some people are naturally more hairy than others

No. 109789

>>109772 my god she has such unfortunate proportions

No. 109887

File: 1598084128236.png (88.21 KB, 360x360, TSR_Dr_Eggman.png)


The red and black top + Sarah's sad body reminded me of someone…

>inb4 the meltdown on her instagram story when shiny satin ballgown eggman with stripper heels and glitter freckles doesn't win best in show

No. 110081


Why the hell does she put pearls on every surface she can? In the original design the white part of the stockings has a cream polka-dot pattern, not ugly cheap pearls.

No. 110269

File: 1598436531768.png (425.79 KB, 597x506, sarah wig.png)

So so close.

No. 110299

Actually, once the headpieces and stuff are on, we know these will look awful though, I think the wig will look pretty accurate.

No. 110306

She just needs to brush out those curls

No. 110307

I'd definitely leave them until final styling to make sure the rings are really set. That way when they are brushed out, with a wide tooth comb, Sarah, not a fucking actual bristle brush, it'll hold those nice waves way better.

No. 110312

She also needs to either have something under the curls to push them up and support them or clip them up to the wig until she's ready to comb them, or else they'll loosen over time.

No. 110426

I would have cut some shorter sections in the front to match the artwork but it's not the worst, it should be fine once combed out. It will probably clash with the other colors but that's a given at this point.

No. 110531

I can see the potential in this wig being good. Once she brushes it out and trims the front it’ll look pretty accurate. I’m sure though she’ll brush it out with a normal hairbrush causing the wefts to thin out and look frizzy. The color match is pretty spot on though.

No. 110539

Yknow the wig actually looks decent. What on earth is that blocky necklace. The art does not look like that.

No. 110605

do you mean the neck of the mannequin head?

No. 110649

I think they mean the necklace in >>107769 that is supposed to represent the narrow choker in the reference

No. 112205

File: 1600018253955.png (5.65 MB, 828x1792, 62122C4A-23BB-4CE8-9DD0-F3EEDF…)

it’s a sign. don’t use the bad roses sarah

No. 112308

File: 1600066864548.png (1.33 MB, 913x704, lrn2spel.PNG)

Maybe a nitpick, but how much of an idiot do you have to be to ignore your phone's auto-correct or spell even simple things as stupidly as you are?

>'awall' instead of AWOL

>'plyers' instead of pliers

No. 112358

File: 1600096106640.jpg (4.05 KB, 200x200, images.jpg)

No. 112366

File: 1600098410239.jpg (318.72 KB, 1080x1888, just stop pls.jpg)

"…the appliqués are handmade…"

NO THEY'RE NOT SARAH. If you use pre-made lace and just sew it on with other hodge-podge bullshit, it's not actually handmade. You didn't make the gross gold lace yourself. You bought it from the store. You just did the gaudy "gems" and horrible beadwork.

But hey, guess what?
That still doesn't mean that it's a handmade appliqué. ALL of it needs to be handmade in order for it be qualified as being handmade.

idk maybe I'm just nitpicking tho

No. 112368

the appliques are ugly as fuck but this is peak nitpicking, you sound dumb as hell

No. 112369

Nitpicking aside I just love how the one appliqué doesn’t even set flat and is hunched in. Peak costume construction

No. 112381

Are those scrunchies?

No. 112385

File: 1600116536729.png (4.84 MB, 828x1792, 93388166-4B24-4040-BB22-A5F42F…)

It’s so busy and crowded, and those tacky appliqués look so bad

No. 112405

Gaudy is the only word I can use to describe this. It will impress normies. Like if you're to paint the Mona Lisa with diarrhea. It's still shit fundamentally. I can't wait to see it all come together

No. 112410

I can see why she went for them but these colors really aren't working together… especially the pink roses.

No. 112492

File: 1600203826025.png (3.98 MB, 828x1792, E9615C94-9393-44EF-BCC4-7F70E4…)

she make it too easy

No. 112494

File: 1600203991783.jpg (2.2 MB, 2048x10842, grandmasyardsalecosplay.jpg)


Sarah over here looking like the leftovers at my grandmas yardsale.
This is so deliciously embarrassing. Fucking kek

No. 112495

You posted it while I was posting it!!! Great minds think alike

Sarah: Troubleshooting has revealed that the monstrous sleeve ruffle is fucking hideous and inaccurate beyond salvation. The troubleshooter recommends burning the whole costume and rethinking any life decisions that lead to this abomination

No. 112498

Looking from the inspiration image back to that monster sleeve, like holy shit. At which point do you not realize it is not only not accurate but completely out of scale? She's gonna look like a person in a Mecha costume at this rate.

No. 112501

jesus why did she make the top an entirely different color than the rest of the dress

No. 112505

File: 1600208350164.png (288.25 KB, 301x680, why.png)

No. 112507

File: 1600208806785.png (1.96 MB, 750x1334, 91F1C390-9504-4D51-8D96-8F6558…)


Is she a fucking toddler? She writes it this stupid way in two separate Instagram story slides.

No. 112516

File: 1600213125495.jpeg (627.78 KB, 2048x2048, 68113E8C-36C0-44FD-A278-05B02C…)

its not like the image at all

No. 112519

Is she just doing it by memory at this point?

No. 112520

The source is so pretty and delicate and she out here looking like someone challenged her to make it in an hour using only supplies from a nursing home

No. 112547

For the love of god this pains me to view this. So many amazingly talented, skilled, hardworking cosplayers are out there making gorgeous, accurate work yet have no audience or recognition - and this hoe acts like its illegal to even glance at the reference twice. I pray the judges who have the displeasure of having to view this are actually sensible and intelligent enough to not be blinded by this glittered up pile of cold cuts and recognize how truly atrocious this is. I can't imagine how Sarah can look at this and find it to be acceptable. Is she trolling??

No. 112559

It really does baffle me why she makes these decisions. She clearly isn’t lazy, she can put hundreds of hours into a cosplay doing bead, sequin, smocking, embroidery work… she takes on massive builds knowing how much money and time they take. She is clearly capable of sewing to some degree… she’s not great but she can at least put something together. So why does her costumes fall at the hands of her being too lazy to analyze references properly? Why can she spend hours on beading a headpiece that doesn’t exist but can’t spend a few hours measuring out her costume’s proportions correctly? She’s really holding herself back.

No. 112569

Sage for blogposting but from my experience with cosplay it could be that it's really satisfying and easy to work on smaller, flashier stuff like accessories, but the ground work with sewing and getting colors right is boring. It's much more satisfying to spend a few hours doing beads and embroidering and end up with a detailed headpiece than to take a ton of time measuring and doing mock ups to end up with a sleeve, even if it would benefit the costume more in her case.

For innacuracy the urge to put your own touch on stuff gets strong (because it would look so prettyyy and detailed) and i think she might be reusing materials that don't quite fit to avoid buying more shit.

That being said she should be past that phase already considering she has some experience, she should have listened to criticism and identified these flaws.

No. 112587

Why is she making everything grossly huge?? Lmao she has no concept of how to measure anything

No. 112688

I can understand making some changes to the source material to make things translate better into reality or to try to make your take stand out, but imo Sarah really is doing a lot of this shit from her inaccurate memory. She also seems to hate pansies since she replaced all the pansies in the ref with those gaudy pink roses and hates purple droplets too for whatever reason.

I think the best way to to this would have been to make a brooch and just add a hairclip/barrette back to it rather than making a huge headpiece but hey, Sarah's gonna Sarah. I can't wait for her to mess up the wig and weigh her head down with whatever massive monstrosity she makes instead of the light lace headpiece in the ref.

No. 112693

File: 1600376668945.png (3.53 MB, 828x1792, 60C16C37-80C2-4A5B-8B06-F1175A…)

poor u
didnt u see this

No. 112696

Thank for posting this anon, got a big chuckle from me seeing it. Oof, what a disaster.

No. 112717

I know the lighting is shit, but the whole thing looks, like, filthy.

The top looks just cheap and covered in dollar store beads, and the darker colored skirt looks just straight up dingy next to it, like its was made from curtain's from a pack-a-day grandma's house.

The GIANT sleeve looks like it has shit stuck inbetween the folds and just looks gross.

The nasty gold lace/doily ass garbage on the tights/shoes and other parts just looks so bad. I'm not even going to mention the dollar store pink roses.

There's literally no part in this entire cosplay that looks good or even accurate at all.

No. 112735


That's what makes it so funny to me: it looks so cheap and horrible but she still bragged about how expensive the fabric was. She spent so much on the silk but still plastered it with tacky plastic beads and sale rack gold lace.

She isn't just polishing a turd, she's shoving ridiculously overpriced food in her mouth (the kind that's covered in truffles and gold leaf to bump up the cost and seem more expensive and fancy than it is to dazzle poorfags with the pricetag), shitting it out and polishing that.

No. 112845

It's hot glue in the sleeves i think >>88137

No. 112883


The judges who have the displeasure of viewing this will most likely give her an award. Think of it like this for something os tacky and poorly constructed after this pandemic at least for awhile judges won't want to get up and flip seams on anyones costume, and will most likely stand back a bit. She has the perfect opportunity for her monstrous creation to win because she will be able to hide her shoddy work like she did with pink diamond because no one will be able to truly flip seams.

No. 112888


several of the high level judges I know have shittalked this to hell and back, so don't be so sure. except Sarah only enters tiny contests with no real competition so she can steamroll with mediocrity. it's pretty telling her biggest con was holmat when all the talented competitors were in the WCS sponsored other contest running at the same time

No. 112905

God seeing the costume piece by piece was already horrible but actually seeing the whole thing together is even worse. She looks like she wrapped a bunch of blankets and pillows around her body. It doesn't look delicate just…heavy and clumpy and so so ugly.

No. 112917

Eh, to anyone who any sewing knowledge, it's pretty clearly shoddy work and you don't have to flip the seams to see it. I doubt every anon here is a master level judge and we can all see how terrible it is in pictures, let alone in person.

No. 112948

The only reason she won awards previously was because she had basically no competition at those contests. She chooses her contests on purpose when she thinks there won't be anyone less bad than her entering.

No. 113000

Agreed with all of this, it's truly agonizing to see this all come together and just get worse by every WIP photo.

Honestly back when I was a baby cosplayer and did similar mistakes as she did it wasn't about wanting to put my own spin on it, it was just that I didn't have the eye for translating things into real life. When a beginner cosplayer looks at the reference photo they just see "vaguely flower shaped pink thing and gold thing on my head" and then make something remotely similar to that interpretation and end up with this >>112516 . At this point it really looks like she doesn't receive (or at least listen to) a lot of feedback to help refine her eye and is more occupied with just "putting something together" than actually perfecting it to look like the reference design.

No. 113027

I agree and disagree. Her win at Momocon was not with out competition.She just made a costume where they couldn't look at the pieces with out making her take off her clothes.
Plus the girl was in novice. My opinion was they were fooled by her "skills" and its why she was bumped up to masters.

No. 113039

But there are time where she can look at references, like with her ranko and shiny chariot ones, so she seems to have this ability. But then you get sophie, rosalina and sakizo where it seems like she ignores it just because? Maybe she is tired at this point idk.

No. 118151

File: 1603797496327.png (949.93 KB, 1034x663, Untitled.png)

I was about to sage-post in this thread mourning the loss of one of my favourite minor cows, but she posted an update yesterday lol

Massively disappointed its not her wearing the clusterfuck of a Sakizou cosplay (I NEED to see all the pieces together) but at least she's not disappeared off the face of the earth.

No. 118152

File: 1603797572276.png (906.08 KB, 1022x672, Untitled.png)

second pic in the album, along with her mentioning weight loss in the comments. I did think she looked slimmer but its hard to tell these days

No. 118159

she may have lost weight but she still cant coord for shit.

No. 118164

Where is the "socially distanced" part, if you're stood together /with your masks off/ for pictures?
Did y'all stop breathing for the fifteen minutes it took you to get that one shot?
How is this responsible behaviour, as a person with /any/ amount of following.
Cows are disgusting. Also why are they all too stupid to look at the camera lense in mirror selfies instead of their own eyes…?

No. 118227

any other anons just dying to see this monstrosity all together? I'm just bummed it won't be at a con for a contest. Can you imagine judges faces when she hobbled her way up.

No. 118303

It'll still make it to a con anon, don't lose hope. And when she doesn't win she'll have another big meltdown.

No. 118494

ew both of their dresses look so sad and limp, Sarah's especially

No. 118524

Those dresses don't look absolute BTSSB baby lolita, anon. A cupcake petti would look ridiculous.

No. 118537

You know you can have social bubbles right? This nitpick is stupid

No. 118546

>Says herself "socially distanced"
>No social distancing

She could've pointed out, these people are in my infection circle.
She did not.
Stay mad.

No. 118704

Reduced social bubbles are still part of social distancing. It’s okay to be wrong anon(derailing)

No. 119564

File: 1604785799071.png (3.87 MB, 828x1792, B01B8A87-90D5-43AA-AD55-68B96C…)

Ah yes, changing it to something that looks like it’s going to pop at the zipper. And all the frayed edges. The other waistband was much neater

No. 119587

It still amazes me how she can look at this lumpy mess and think "Yea I did a great job!"

No. 119738

>weight loss
>skirt still too small
how the fuck Sarah

No. 128753

File: 1609062336528.jpg (917.52 KB, 1439x1622, SmartSelect_20201227-014228_In…)

Idk if its off topic. But she just posted about her brother? And he's transitioning MtF. I just find it interesting tho, he seems to be wearing the same dress as her in this pic and he uses the same phone case too. Kinda picking up Norman Bates dressing as mother vibes here..

No. 128797

It's probably her dress… maybe she wanted to try lolita and Sarah lent her the dress. The phone case is pretty basic so I wouldn't put any weight on that. I wouldn't call this milk, especially because it's not even about Sarah.

No. 128808

Damn, he looks particularly mannish like that. Lolita and otome definitely aren't troon-friendly fashions.

No. 128831

NTA it kinda is about sarah since he is in most of her new photos including those recent lolita photos >>118152

Like we will clearly be seeing him in her content in future.The format of the username is similar - I assume spaceman is their actual real last name? but combined with adopting her fashion it's a little odd.

No. 128832

File: 1609109447498.jpg (37.43 KB, 1024x640, iu4V2JTMQG.jpg)

Also she really now anon

No. 128833

Now we know she didn't point that out because one of the people is her brother, and he didn't allow her to announce that she "has a sister" until later, therefore creating awkward drama for her.

No. 128862

File: 1609116180419.jpg (726.89 KB, 1436x1594, SmartSelect_20201227-163811_In…)

Yeah sorry I didn't notice but in some pics (s)he does use it. Its not that milkybur its been pretty boring since the lockdown

No. 128877

Gotta love the same dead inside eyes just a half assed smile and make up he borrowed from his sister.

No. 128952

why is it that mtf people ALWAYS go for "girly" fashion like lolita that already looks like ass on biological women (best example is sarah)?? It's such an extreme contrast to their features and makes them look even more manly, just put on normal, feminine clothes and normal makeup if you want to be taken seriously.

No. 129201

>why is it that mtf people ALWAYS go for "girly" fashion like lolita that already looks like ass on biological women
Because to them, "woman" is a costume.

No. 129217

File: 1609271319931.jpg (191.23 KB, 1125x2003, sarah.jpg)

I think someone ran out of their prize money from Holiday Matsuri last year.

No. 129294

…? No? Zip tie boning is used a lot by cosplayers. This is a reach

No. 129562

Usually those are beginner or budget cosplayers. The people making real corsets use steel boning because plastic will warp with body heat. If it were just an average cosplayer no one would say anything, but since Sarah acts so masters level super advanced, yes, she's going to get some shit for using zip ties.

No. 129576


This is also likely something she is making that will have her horrible heavy beading on it so plastic is not a good choice.

No. 129581

NTA but zip ties are commonly used in historical costuming as a synthetic whalebone—they form better to the body and warp less than the terrible featherlite boning you get in rolls. These zip ties look thicker so they will be more stable as well. One of the key functions of boning is to stop horizontal rippling of the fabric when pulled taut, which is also less crucial here since there’s a fabric overlay. Since it’s a longline bodice iirc, that also factors in additional vertical support on the entire torso.
Steel boning has a place, but it’s not the only option or always the correct one, especially for just a bodice.

No. 129590

Sage for sewing autism, but this was the case 5+ years ago before plastic boning (different from featherlite) was widely available. You can buy this shit on Amazon now so there's really no excuse for using zip ties any more if your pattern actually calls for plastic. Also plastic boning is only appropriate in fully boned corsets or stays, which is not the kind of shit Sarah makes. If you have fewer bones, you want steel. A "master" showing off zip ties is code for "asspat how thrifty I am" and is not an appropriate material to be bragging about.

No. 129594

If it’s actually a corset with some shaping or reduction and not just a boned bodice, I agree that it should be steel— we’ll see I guess. For a bodice I have doubts that it’ll make much difference in the end appearance or integrity unless she’s trying to put it along curved seams. Thicker cable ties are like flat steels that can form better with body contours, in my experience. idk if she’s actually considering all these things, but there will certainly be worse choices to harp on.

No. 131724

File: 1610375143488.png (1.46 MB, 868x2133, Screenshot_20210111-081912.png)

New Sailor Moon cosplay pics up and naturally it doesn't fit her and the circles she hand beaded are all different sizes because why measure?

No. 131732

I can see what she was going for with the bodice but she has no fucking sense for design. That's not a bodice style that you want to put a corset back on, it just makes it look like she has severe back tits and it doesn't fit. Sarah, I beg of you, fucking learn something about how to make a goddamn dress if you want to make them all the damn time.

No. 131759

what is up with the back? the ribbon looks so bad, a simple invis zip would have looked so much better imo. what's the latest with her sakizo? is she still gonna finish that mess?

No. 131813

File: 1610406971302.png (1.57 MB, 1080x1076, Screenshot_20210111-170954.png)

Should have posted part of the front of it. Nothing is spaced correctly and idk whats going on here tbh…

Also tfw her greatest disasterpiece is still not done

No. 131814

Is this a mock up or the actual dress? The fabric looks like a tablecloth. Shouldn’t it be chiffon or sth?

No. 131815

File: 1610407324226.png (1.8 MB, 1070x1889, Screenshot_20210111-171133.png)


Oh anon you know darn well this is THE dress….

Also semi-old post but wanted to post her and her "big stompy boots lesbian" brother. Also allegedly she got sponsors by Hot Topic for this although I didn't see any Hot Topic in the pics unless im retarded

No. 131820


The AGP smile…..ohhhh no no NO, LOL

No. 131828

File: 1610414680722.png (102.17 KB, 340x391, Princess_Serenity_-_Anime.png)

Princess Serenity's gown is famously an empire waist AND YET she shoved a belt in there. Why?!

No. 131850

She may have done a lace up to get the tension needed to keep the top up. I once planned to do a fully hand beaded Serenity and gave it up because it was so heavy a fraction of the way in. If she knew how to make a proper corset foundation she'd be fine, but clearly she doesn't have the skill for that.
I have no fucking clue what is going on with the top, why is there all the gathering?? It looks like she just made a circle skirt, beaded the top and stuck and belt under her tits.

No. 131853

Probably out a belt to give the illusion of a waist because she can’t reveal how much of a chunk she is. A free flowing dress would look like a house of her.

No. 131867

He fills me with fear in this image, I think it's the juxtaposition of her sweetness and the fact they are supposed to be the same, being sisters an' all. Just makes seeing him more jarring.

No. 131906

File: 1610466710379.png (1.13 MB, 1080x2122, Screenshot_20210112-094932.png)

Oh should also show her before and after of her wig the before is a kek show and the after doesn't look much better because its not canon to the look…

i had to listen to fucking bts to screenshot this fml…

No. 131907

File: 1610466749441.png (1.06 MB, 1078x2101, Screenshot_20210111-171040.png)

Here's the after, granted way nicer but it looks nothing like Usagi….

No. 131912

Nah, its a mess but its clearly supposed to be sailor moon. Why are the bangs so.. big though? I think she's going off some of the more detailed, old scans for the wig because there are points where her tails are very thin like this with more bang volume back before reincarnation. I'm hoping she lops them or brushes them out on her head. The curl currently is a lot.

No. 131964

File: 1610488348113.png (1.24 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210112-164907.png)

Sarah is a known fan of Umbranwitch's oversized frizz wigs. It doesn't surprise me that she thinks anime bangs are supposed to look like this.

No. 131966


that explains a lot on giant not-accurate bangs, I'm not a cosfag so I don't know the lore.

No. 132020

The bangs could look ok if she plans to brush them out to soften them. She may be waiting until she actually wears it to keep them from wilting. But the side curls are wayyyyy too huge, it looks like hair that should be pulled up into the buns (not really how it's done on the wig, but in theory). I'm guessing the wig is too small for her head and she's trying to cover up her real hair, but it's going to look ridiculous

No. 132148

File: 1610558891287.png (1.34 MB, 1080x2037, Screenshot_20210113-065738.png)

Sadly we did not brush them and it looks absolutely top kek on

No. 132247

It's an anime, so I'm honestly all on board for it looking cartoonish. It looks nice. The dress.. not so much.

No. 132262

Why the fuck is there a fucking loose Mardi gras bead just dangling in the front ? What’s with that stiff belt? This is hideous

No. 132263


I imagine she's going to be adding more strands of beads like that around the bodice. It's going to end up completely overdecorated, especially if she tries to put beads (which I will bet are going to be cheap-looking plastic pearls) on that belt.

I actually didn't hate this costume, save for the horrible corset back, but I can tell it's only going to get worse from here.

No. 132289

LOL does she not realize that the horsehair braid flipped down because she didn't hem it high enough?

No. 132316


i think she just thrifted or bought a cheap wedding dress online for this. that's why it's not the exactly correct cut and doesn't fit. i know sarah is famous for sizing stuff wrong and bullshitting the pattern, but it's strange that there's a row of tiny eyelets down the back just like the ready-made wedding dresses have. why go to the trouble of putting those in if you're gonna lace it up? not to mention the corset back looks totally incongruous with the cut and it looks like it was haphazardly added afterwards. the back edges look finished and the ribbon looks like it was attached to the inner lining of the dress. maybe it's the low-res photo tho, just a tinfoil.

No. 132406

I didnt even see that until you pointed it out top fucking kek

No. 132871

File: 1610841548834.png (1.42 MB, 1080x2011, Screenshot_20210116-175649.png)

Anon was correct the over bedazzling begins

No. 132874

File: 1610842047409.jpeg (101.91 KB, 828x983, 9D8201E9-6494-4E06-96C4-04AAE7…)

Could it be she’s doing the dress after the SM Crystal anime and not the classic one? The dress is a bit different, it has a waist and is not empire cut

No. 132875

it still has a gathered waist.

No. 132900

I wonder if she actually did bead all off this or if she only beaded the pearls and the sead bead stuff is pre made trim. It seems like something she’d do, use pre made beaded trim and then claim it’s entirely hand beaded because she did hand do the other beading

No. 132963

Same anon. Their size difference and features too. It looks so Buffalo Bill creepy. It makes my skin crawl seeing big old ugly dudes trying to be 'ugu kawaii'

No. 133001

the post is a time lapse video of her doing the seed beading

No. 133022

could be but that's still not even close to the picture….

I also have a video of her "spinny skirt" where the bottom is kind of tattered that shows how poorly it fits but I'm too retarded to know how to upload it

No. 133847

File: 1611281186754.jpg (1.29 MB, 2048x2048, This is a dagger, not a sword.…)

Sage for possible nitpick, but oh my god, Sarah that is not a sword that is a baby dagger. Even with the reference photo you put up on your stories, anyone, except for you apparently, can clearly tell that the sword design is supposed to be longer than you made it. On top of that, it isn't even straight, one side is higher up in the other.

For being a "uwu Masters uwu Best in Show uwu" cosfag, you really don't know how to make anything, do you? Do us all a favor and find a new hobby, Sarah. Or better yet, enter an actual competition like Katsu and see what the judges think of your horrendous work.(learn2sage)

No. 133877

How is she so bad at copying proportions. It happens with every one of her cosplays

No. 133957

Sewingfag sorry/nitpick incoming: Not only does she not understand proportions and placement, but in what universe would you want to manually satin stitch the other details? She's going to have two different textures on her details and it's going to look so fugly. Also it's more labor intensive than programming the embroidery machine.

I hate everything about the way she does things.

No. 134296

I was going to argue that there probably wouldnt be enough fabric to hoop at the bottom but in that case she could literally just… embroider it before cutting it out. whatever happened to vectoring patterns before making cosplay details? I swear people just wing it these days without even looking.

No. 149002

File: 1620342370359.png (2.68 MB, 750x1334, 22EFD240-A020-4324-B0D2-C6B2EC…)

Thank goodness, she’s remaking the corset. Hopefully it won’t have such a weird shape

No. 149005

It looks like she still has the large too long hips and no cups drafted in. I'll be surprised if it looks much different from the first one when she's done

No. 149032

File: 1620354264593.png (8.14 MB, 1242x2688, DBE605B5-858F-46E5-B9A9-74D121…)

slightly lol(namefagging)

No. 149056

I thought she was doing it to be unique or something. Because the skirt is beige and the corset is ivory. She’d be better off making the skirt in ivory (like the art) but she’s too lazy for that

No. 149057

It took her this long to realize?! I wonder if she's redoing it cause of this thread

No. 149065

God no, probably caught wind of some better seamstresses in cosplay remarking on it or comments on her reveals laughing at the obvious mistakes.

No. 149085

Oof, I forgot how bad this looks. She'd be much better off just burning this and starting the entire project over.

The corset is only one of many issues. She could could construct the best fitting and cleanest corset ever and it would still look like trash bc: she covers everything in ill-proprtioned hobby lobby garbage, and everything else involved with this cosplay looks absolutely terrible.

No. 149090

I can't get over how thick and heavy the skirt looks.

No. 150072

File: 1621039375852.png (4.18 MB, 750x1334, F3DA3867-4D96-4EC9-8877-191684…)

Sadly it’s still a terrible shape

No. 150104

Right? Like why was the bodice her first priority. It was wrong, but the skirt is a way bigger issue than the bodice.

No. 150149

It should be an under bust corset and it shouldn’t flare out so much. It could be be so much simpler

No. 150167

I think she’s trying to make room for the skirt because she’s too stupid to realize that that’s not how corsets work.

No. 150213

The skirt is dragging this cosplay down, she will redo the corset (that was imo fine) to color match and follow its shape when it's not even accurate

Maybe it's because she spent a lot on that expensive fabric for the skirt and it would feel wasteful to scrap it, but it would help this cosplay so much i wish she would do it

No. 150334


She didn't tip the bones the first time and they ripped through. Might not have been as easy of a fix as she thought >>95521 >>95520 She needs to remake the whole thing from scratch frankly. Nothing fits her, everything looks super heavy, all her colors are off, and her entire silhouette is off.

You have it backwards, corset was silk dupioni, skirt was polyester satin. She definitely spent a pretty penny on the skirt fabric with how much she used though.

No. 150560

File: 1621280826926.jpeg (229.56 KB, 750x832, 7F4D3C41-8F25-4BE9-B743-B84A27…)

I don’t know why she would have gone through to the “finished product” with how bad the first mock up looks. This new one looks like a better fit for sure. But once she transfers all those embellishments it’s just going to look clunky

No. 150651

File: 1621326464991.jpeg (374.5 KB, 750x860, 0FB95482-E09B-4111-9E3C-089817…)

Front looks better aside from that shoop broken ironing board and whatever is going on with the right side of her chest. The back is still too low and she gave up on the cups the design has. Those embellishments were sized for the larger corset, I’m betting they’re going to look worse on a smaller corset

No. 150652

File: 1621326686490.jpeg (1.04 MB, 2828x2828, 5595B970-E9A9-4947-B61C-AD6A6E…)

Samefag but she could’ve colorblocked one of the many cupped corset patterns out there and ended up with something closer like this

No. 155247

File: 1623292176426.png (4.36 MB, 750x1334, 545BFB1E-244D-4D05-89A3-22B4BD…)

Back to the awful appliqués

No. 155286

Why on earth is there cording??? Why did she decide that external boning channels were the way to go??? Why is the bust curve nearly flat???
I know she's doing it because techniques like with PD but this isn't really an improvement.

No. 155907

File: 1623773078290.png (1.42 MB, 1080x1823, Screenshot_20210615-091516.png)

As per usual it fits like a glove

No. 155908

File: 1623773332363.png (1.23 MB, 1080x2010, Screenshot_20210615-091510.png)

Samefagging. After all these years she clearly has figured out corsets. Warp speed Sarah

No. 155919

How did the back on the final manage to fit worse than the mock up? The fact there's still an armscye on a corset is appalling, especially with how low it's sitting. I would be concerned about accidental side boob

No. 156265

This looks tiers better than the first, no idea why she added extra stuff to make it complicated tho… it’s too bad she clearly rushed it near the end. Pics on ig show wobbly, poorly made boning channels. Must’ve really wanted to get it on after spending days doing the waffling that no one will ever see.

No. 157537

File: 1624805576921.jpeg (211.95 KB, 1125x1071, 02ECC381-EFBE-4EA8-B892-B4B303…)

Top kek, she’s not doing her brother any favors by posting pictures next to him. When photographed alone they look like they could MAYBE pass as an extremely unfortunate woman, but next to Sarah they just look like a dumbass man in a wig. Love this.

No. 158067

Why does it look like he's trying to skinwalk her? Or at the very least look very similar to her?

No. 166641

File: 1628373248937.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1170x1582, B61BC909-AB7E-4C58-AA86-3F59D3…)

Something looks really off about her face in her latest post. Is she doing her makeup differently? Also, not sure if anyone else has been following, but it seems like she’s getting into Genshin Impact, so I can’t wait to see what clusterfuck cosplays she’s going to turn out.

No. 166651

Didn't she lose weight recently? Pic on the left looks like an anachan/someone who regularly restricts. Lack of facial fat which you'd expect to see.

No. 166665

File: 1628388630870.jpeg (562.86 KB, 2828x2828, 4ECB5E60-E28F-4C92-A672-2E5624…)

Wouldn’t be surprised if she’s editing herself again. Even if she dropped weight, I don’t think it’s enough to make her look this different.

No. 166804

I legit thought these were pics of the brother again until I read other anons comments. Those look like a man's legs. The face is definitely gaunt and looked more like his face with filter than her.

No. 166898

Looks like terrible editing/abusing Meitu auto-adjustments in addition to weight loss to me. Her chin is a dorito and that doesn't happen just because you lose weight. Her nose bridge is also thinner and the tip is sharper, and that doesn't happen without plastic surgery or editing.
I can't wait to see her awful Genshin cosplays since the designs are so complicated that even several veteran cosplayers I follow opted to buy them instead of spending a ton of money and time to make them.

No. 167230

File: 1628727956215.jpg (1.02 MB, 828x1541, IMG_5505.jpg)

This just came up on my fyp and I cannot WAIT to see her absolute disaster of a Mona cosplay. Also, lmao at her claiming she "invented" 3d fabric pieces like designers and costumers haven't been making 3d pieces from fabric and interfacing for forever.

No. 167577

File: 1628920489218.png (471.64 KB, 390x882, Character_Mona_Game.png)

She can barely make a standard overbust corset; she's delusional if she thinks she has the ability to make a cupped corset bodysuit. Better makers then her have struggled with it. Whatever happened to her sakizou cosplay? She hasn't talked about it in months. Did she just drop it to make a new extremely complicated cosplay she thinks she can win with and rhinestone because someone else (with better skills) has?

No. 170183

File: 1630436604553.png (4.96 MB, 828x1792, D38BD553-854E-47E5-B505-C3DC7A…)

she says it’s done lol. god it’s a mess

No. 170184

File: 1630436692358.png (4.69 MB, 828x1792, B7465E19-F615-42A4-8B30-B13F19…)

same anon here. felt the need to post the reference she gave lol

No. 170189

I was just coming to post this.

Fuck the whole thing is an absolute cheap-looking mess. The new corset does, admittedly, look 10000x better than the old one. But it's all still flaming hot garbage thanks to being covered in cheap-ass plastic beads and comically large ruffs that aren't even accurate to the source material. Can't wait for all the candids of her from DragonCon.

No. 170193


It's just so heavy and dull looking. This is the problem with Sakizou designs - people religiously recreate trim designs made of thousands of rhinestones and then slap it on a base garment that was never considered for proportion, fit, feel, etc. Then add that Sarah can't even get the ugly rhinestone trim right either and you have a huge mess.

No. 170195

I just really want her to enter this in a contest and have another meltdown for not winning

No. 170203

File: 1630443008582.png (7.68 MB, 1242x2688, C095D5A9-8AFD-45AA-8855-5A6951…)

why do her legs look like that in the red cosplay

No. 170233

She has different bone structure in each photo as well. Lay off the photoshop, Sarah.

No. 170257

It looks nice but not that much like the ref, more an inspired unique design. Like she could claim she did this 100% from imagination and nobody would question.

No. 170307


Her "Lisa Frank inspired" bunny outfit is such an eyesore. It's like she's attempting to do decora. And we already know she has no sense of color theory so it just comes out looking tacky.

No. 170311

Love how she still can't get the sleeves up over her arms

No. 170327

seeing as she's wearing it on the friday of dragoncon, safe bet to say she'll be entering it in the friday night costume contest. yknow, the one judged by costume movie industry professionals.

No. 170374

I still don't understand why she didn't use organza or something, it would match the source would have looked way better (and not have weight issues)????

No. 170376

Wow, this looks like shit

No. 170377

No. 170406

Sarah's never entered the Dragoncon contest before despite it being local to her and this is a strange costume to submit. My money is on her taking advantage of the slashed covid numbers to try to "win big" at a watered down contest.

No. 170434

The reference is clearly a sheer, super lightweight fabric with the sun shining through it. Meanwhile, her legs emerging from the pitch black cavern of piles of heavy fabric. She completely missed the mark.

No. 170444

She looks like a demented can-can dancer in a burlap sack mess, did she ever look at the reference pic and for a second think about her choice of fabric? Just how can someone miss the mark this much wow

No. 170469

File: 1630600416555.jpeg (742.64 KB, 750x1222, 91791E0C-664A-483B-AF1E-E97DFD…)

Here’s a clearer image she posted to her Tiktok, she does a 360 and it’s… hard to look at.

No. 170499

Those sleeves are so, so sad… Deflated sadness.

No. 170508

Everyone on social media is slobbering all over this cosplay, including skilled seamstresses. Is the cosplay community really this desperate for new content?

No. 170587

thank you, those sleeve bother me so much

No. 170592

Are all these horrifyingly thick and bulky fabric choices so she can shove them in a suitcase ready for cons without any worries about it losing its horrendous shape? I can imagine more fragile materials which better suit the reference would also need ironing after spending time in a suitcase.

No. 170642

Is Dragoncon virtual casting its contests this year? Can't wait to see how she places.

No. 170676

File: 1630715202121.jpg (502.11 KB, 1080x1970, Screenshot_20210903-201813_Tik…)

Look what came on my FYP on Tiktok. The skirt seems an odd length, and the sleeves are too tight giving her fat rolls in a weird spot, this whole cosplay is a mess


No. 170696

New to this cow but i found this vid quite endearing tbh, can’t really see what’s wrong with it. I like the whimsy vibe kek

No. 170710

File: 1630730668020.jpg (590.5 KB, 1080x1085, Sarah, please find a different…)

Consistency? We don't know her.

It's the ruffle "halo" for me. Just a reminder that she used hot glue for the ruffles, in case it wasn't obvious. ( >>88283 )

No. 170718

Linking tiktoks from the app links to your account at the top, next time use a web-browser logged out to browse/link.

No. 170734

File: 1630758000892.jpeg (198.61 KB, 1024x1024, 538566F3-AD46-44BD-B004-AA479B…)

If it looks this dumpy in photos, I can't imagine how ugly it must be in real life. Even someone with no costuming knowledge— hell, no knowledge of Sakizou— can tell this is total garbage. Hideous, rumpled, uneven. It doesn't even fit her properly! What a failure. Bitch is walking around looking like a bejewelled coffee filter.

No. 170736

the longer you look at it the worse it gets and judging by her face, she looks like she had a mental breakdown right before taking the pics
those look like simple ruffles, why did she make them so compact? I can’t tell if it’s cardboard or fabric but KEK muffin liner waifu~ I guess

No. 170754

The saggy uneven skirt, the beading flopping around as she walks, and the droopy ass coffee filters around her arms. Sheer quality. 10/10 looks just like the reference.

No. 170766


Oops thanks anon.

No. 170783

I hope she enters this in a contest and gets slaughtered. This shows how little she knows about construction and pattern making and thinks she can bead her way past that.

No. 170818

She always makes the ugliest faces with the same make up for every outfit.

No. 170881

Lmao anon you are being really generous. The coffee filter is a better fitting fabric that thats heavy shit she used

No. 170937

File: 1630889509417.jpeg (904.64 KB, 750x1333, EB791852-DD11-4FC9-BB27-F184EE…)

>weighs like 15 lbs
For someone who makes full garments you’d think she knows that lighter fabrics exist.

No. 170952

File: 1630901245416.jpg (36.26 KB, 400x400, tumblr_m89gbfYqYg1ruf0xoo1_400…)

I cannot get over the fucking ruffs, how autistic do you have to be not to make those out of a lighter fabric, or lace? I'm no seamstress but at least I have eyes.

No. 170954

File: 1630905748357.jpg (2.89 MB, 2560x2560, 21-09-06-01-21-32-265_deco.jpg)

I can't stop being amazed by every poor choice she made with this costume. every single aspect was so obviously outside her skill level, which would be fine if she didn't act like she was a professional.

No. 170989

Thanks for the side by side, Nonita. The more I look, the worse it gets. The skirt is the most obvious failure, but to me the sleeves are the most egregious. They're poorly proportioned, ill-fitting, and lacking in the detail work she purports to love. Seriously, what's up with the loose fitting part at the end? They look like fabric scraps, and the length gives the impression that her arms are fat and stubby. I can't believe she's entering this into a contest. Maybe she could place second or third in "most mismanaged cosplay."

No. 171020

File: 1630950485790.gif (1.21 MB, 410x308, 1615405229285.gif)

No. 171030

It just looks like a costume made for a person two times her size, the proportions are so off… Not to mention the technique and material choices are all wrong, too. Why waste all this time to make something so inaccurate?

No. 171051

holyshit. Every single aspect of this costume is wrong and inaccurate. The sleeves and the skirt are the worst offenders.

No. 171125

This is just absolutely depressing and shouts "I have no idea how proportions work at all"
Literally important details are too large or otherwise completely left out

No. 171163

She couldn't even bother to buy a textured wig? Cmon Sarah!

No. 171233

these are the legs of a man

No. 171291

Good god it's just depressing, literally everything about this costume is wrong. The proportions, the colours, the techniques chosen, the silhouette, the wig, the details, the material choices. Absolutely nothing works and I have no idea how she ended up with this. If I was judging her this would be one of those costumes that you have to struggle to find something encouraging to say because it's just fundamentally flawed from the beginning. I just don't understand how she ended up with these results because, let me repeat myself, nothing about this works.

It's not like she's a total beginner, at her experience/skill level you should be able to perform better than this. What the fuck. All that time she put into pointless hand-embroidery and beading should've gone into structuring that dress. Why didn't she just pick a lighter fabric? Shit droops like crazy.

No. 171299

this is the issue i notice all the time, ESPECIALLY with sakizou cosplayers, and other highly detailed design cosplayers, like game of thrones stuff etc. People jump in with thinking the hardest thing is the detailed embroidery, but dont spend nearly enough time actually researching fabrics, techniques, etc. I've seen people spend a hundred hours longer than they needed to on incorrect embroidery, because they didnt stop and damn look at the reference enough before hurling themselves into a DMC thread bargain bin at hobby lobby.

No. 171424

File: 1631221925489.jpg (15.95 KB, 400x400, FB_IMG_1622376698617.jpg)

People that usually boast about how long a costume took them to make are trying to compensate for something.
For as long as she took on it, I can't understand how she totally missed the mark on the head and arm pieces. If she redid those, it honestly wouldn't be terribly off and probably easier to wear. I haven't been to lolcow in months but seeing people fawn over this absolutely mediocre pile of beaded nonsense brought me back.

No. 171430

File: 1631224666466.jpg (446.88 KB, 1080x1260, Screenshot_20210909-175516_Ins…)

JFC what is wrong with her face and why did the photog think this was flattering.

No. 171452

File: 1631259653321.jpg (714.06 KB, 1080x1487, don't you dare, Sarah.jpg)

No. Please dear god, no. Not again.

Who wants to place their bets that Sarah is going to do this design when her Sakizou doesn't place? They're just too similar. And we all know that once she's "mastered" something she just does the same cosplay again, just slightly different. ( See Sophie Hatter and Rosalina >>82965 )

No. 171454

a mixture of regular and crinkled silk organza would have looked soooo much better, and would have been 100x lighter and easier to work with.

No. 171458

I don't think she entered the Dragoncon contest. The results have been posted and her name didn't appear anywhere, but weirdly enough, I couldn't find any images or video of her entering either. One would think a flashy costume like hers would at least make it into the photos.


No. 171463

jesus the quality of this years FNCC was dire from the looks of it. no idea how that best in show won, or any of the others. sage bc not sarah but whew

No. 171479

They're always encouraged to do so by the community around them. You don't get Instagram likes by doing a good job on patterning and fitting the costume, you go viral with tedious busywork even if it looks like shit. If it's sparkly and shiny the masses will love it. Sakizou is the go-to choice for all attention whore seamstresses because the designs are ridiculously busy with embroidery, sequins, frills, jewelry and other crap plastered all over them. People believe they don't have to put any effort into it if they just cover the whole thing with subpar effort, making them look like a kindergarten crafts project.

Sarah's recent attempt is especially offensive because she had a year to work on it yet this is what she ended up with. She had her chance to roll up her sleeves and put her all into it. Normally I wouldn't give much of a shit but this is the person who threw a public fit about not placing in a contest with her hot mess of a cosplay and is regarded as an influential costume maker.

God I just can't get over how those sleeves are obviously a stitched diamond pleat pattern, why the fuck did she go with the smocking? She's done it before so it's not like she's incapable of doing it, it can't be simply a flex.

No. 171567


Smocking was a meme for a hot second before the pandemic and instead of realizing she'd made a mistake and starting over, she just kept it. Hideous.

No. 171744

costume quality has gone down so much, since the smart people arent attending cons during covid.

No. 172190

Hahaha holy shit. I hadn't checked this thread before, but recognized her latest cosplay reel was in my suggestions "bc it has pockets" I had no idea that was supposed to be a Sakizou cosplay. Wtf is that headress? The sleeves? Unstyled wig? The proportions on EVERYTHING? So much for upping skills during covid damn.

No. 174937

File: 1632947108331.jpeg (257 KB, 750x734, BE704173-5ADB-4495-8324-FA7ECB…)

No. 174938

File: 1632947295491.jpeg (132.22 KB, 750x352, F82D4B2C-E1A0-49A6-823B-E4E3E7…)

Only talks about inaccuracies in not having the braid but ignores all the other blatant inaccuracies

No. 174939

I think the one thing that looks similar is the shoes and socks

No. 174960

Similar is generous, anon. She's missing the translucent ruffle around the ankle strap. The metric fuckton of huge 3D flowers are pink despite the design showing no pink anywhere on the stocking outside of the cameos down the middle. There are so many and they are so large that you can't even see the actual pattern. If she had used fewer or smaller appliques, they might have been okay looking, but she seems to think more = better.

No. 180480

File: 1636076713541.jpg (728.59 KB, 1080x1293, Screenshot_20211104-214133_Ins…)

I'm genuinely shocked 3,000+ people like this when it looks like she's wearing a fucking diaper and the color hues are completely off from the ref.

No. 180484

Not to mention like her Sakizou all the proportions are wildly off. But I guess she found her new SU. I for one can't wait to see how she botches that wig though.

No. 180500

Nearly forgot to post this. I saw the fashion show at AWA because my buddy was in it — and lo and behold, who do I see walk out but Sarah. Nearly laughed out loud. She completely fucked up on stage with her partner, and looked like some anime club teen trying to do ~kawaii desu ne~ poses. I asked my friend about it afterward because the fuck up was that noticeably bad, and apparently she had been fucking up even in rehearsal. She was doing such a bad job, that all the other girls would start laughing and thought she was joking whenever she offered them posing advice backstage.

No. 180539

Nice diaper

No. 180547

File: 1636126392833.jpg (109.7 KB, 887x886, worldsbiggestcameltoe.JPG)

I don't understand why she thinks posing with her feet in such an ugly, pigeon-toed fashion could look 'cute' in any way. This is your typical SarahSpaceman build - colours are off, proportions are fucked, terrible choice of fabrics, the list goes on.

No doubt she's going to accidentally stumble on a way to sew something and claim she 'invented' that method like she did with her fabric stars, too.

Honestly, she must have some sort of colour blindness, or just mental handicap when it comes to colours. Why would you look at some CLEARLY PURPLE fish fins and say 'yep they're absolutely light blue'.

No. 180596

Internally screaming. Kokomi doesn’t deserve this utter disaster of a “cosplay”.

No. 180620

I remember from past photos of her that she has a bad case of man legs. Maybe she poses like that in an effort to hide it. But that would take some level of self awareness so idk.

No. 180650

She really does have the most narrow hips and chicken legs compared to those big/wide shoulders.

No. 181154

File: 1636472258941.png (569.73 KB, 746x310, colorblindness.png)

The longer I look at her work, the more I'm absolutely convinced she has a form of colorblindness. The reference image clearly shows Kokomi's front bow as a gradient purple/violet, with the colour on BOTH sides. She's made her bow a sky blue with WHITE on the back. And don't even get me started on the proportions being out of whack, but then again that's her brand, isn't it?

They may seem like 'nitpick' things, but when Sarah brands herself as a know-it-all seamstress, and shills her skills out for money as 'the right way' when she can't even get the most basic things right… well, fuck. How does she have so many followers?

No. 181196

Looks more like she has an apple body shape to me. I’m almost positive she’d still have chicken legs if she gained weight

No. 181199

Tbh I thought this was all bought. Like she went to the cheapest seller and is just altering it???

No. 181202

I think she's inverted triangle shaped.

No. 181217

She just looks like a ruler
She would need bigger boobs to be upside down triangle or apple

No. 181221

Wow nothing about this is accurate except the tights. Did she make this? The cameltoe is bad for something handmade to fit her.

No. 181227

I don't think this would work as anything but a printed bodysuit with a jacket on top, but this is a particularly bad look.

Does no one critique her cosplays? If she's colourblind she should really have someone helping her out when picking materials if she cares at all about accuracy.

No. 181254

I don't think she's colorblind, I think she's just lazy and cheap. Instead of searching for a nuanced color she picks the cheapest, most readily available fabrics, which usually comes in limited, bold hues. Her Sophie is a perfect example of this: even a colorblind person would be able to tell the shade difference between a bright blue and a dark navy.

No. 181260

You've hit the nail on the head with this comment, Anon. I remember she was showing off on one of her stories how her favourite fabric is 'cheapy satin' >>79175 (despite saying they were her 'least favourite' she doesn't use anything but them) and how she's so 'thrifty' because she sources all of her fabric online from cheap warehouses.

Which tells me that she doesn't care about the quality or feel of the fabrics, she just gets the least expensive fabric in 'close enough' colours (for example her Sophie dress, which she made a dark navy instead of light blue) and Rosalina (blue instead of teal).

She's shown her workspace and clothes are filthy, she has absolutely no sense of proportion, has public meltdowns when she doesn't win with her sub-par costumes and is mediocre at sewing, at best. Truly the epitome of a cow.

No. 181261

File: 1636527115825.jpg (162.29 KB, 1001x1001, sangonomiya_kokomi_genshin_imp…)

The real kicker to me is that if she's going to use fabric like this, she might as well just buy a costume and tailor it. At least then the colors and overall proportions would be more correct. In general I feel like the Genshin Impact character designs are made for cheap fast-fashion miccostumes type cosplay and not actual seamstresses with how overdesigned they are, so Sarah was really doomed from the start.

No. 181275

She also claims to film all her progress while another cosplayer, bambilashesdesign, is currently doing Kikomi as well but…with lightyears better craftsmanship…

No. 181281

nta but her being colorblind might explain a lot, the characters she cosplays don't have crazy impossible to find fabric colors, especially if she orders online, and yet they are all dramatically wrong everytime

No. 181287

nta but we've discussed this before. Sofie was navy blue, sakizou was beige with pink roses, she edited an image of rosalina to get closer to her fabric color to 'prove' she was accurate. She sees the colors just fine. She just wants to pump out content as fast as possible so she doesn't bother with swatches and searching for the right color

No. 181305

>she edited an image of rosalina to get closer to her fabric color to 'prove' she was accurate

This is the most damning evidence that she's lazy, not colorblind. No need to keep making excuses for her.

No. 181343

her video says she "successfully avoided cameltoe" but of course the "bodice" gives it a wedgie effect anyway. also this "master level" cosplayer just now realized you cant use standard needles on knit fabric? im so tired of her.

No. 181502

File: 1636638595884.png (921.41 KB, 1080x767, Screenshot_20211110-085214~2.p…)

Using the most unattractive photo in this clickbaity video image.

No. 181584

>How does she have so many followers?
1. She posts a ton of content
2. She hypes herself up as a pro seamstress
3. She picks busy, overdesigned characters that have a ton of detail to flex about
4. She picks popular, well-known characters that are easy to make go viral
As for her constantly fucking up the colors and proportions, I'd scratch it up with her just not giving enough shits to do it correctly. She wants to do things as fast as possible to post new WIPs every day, so she has no patience or time to compare shades, tones, arrangement nor what works in real life and even remotely looks like the original design.

No. 181750

Why is it these basic mayonnaise girls who are into cosplay are these generic dish water hair with glasses type lol

No. 181822

Who cares? Should they look like porn stars like Yaya Han or Jessica Nigri? Her looks are like the least milky thing about her.

No. 181898

Wtf is dish washer hair? Imagine being so scrotebrained you are repulsed by the sight of an average/normal looking woman doing anything

No. 181986

Dish water hair is when it’s not quite blonde, not quite brown. But drab, dirty looking. Can’t tell if it’s clean or greasy with a color that’s reminiscent of dirty dish water. And lol. We can make fun of her body and her teeth but as soon as someone mentions her hair? Whoa now. Seriously.

No. 182180

Her awkward body posing, ugly quirky expressions and poor teeth hygiene are milky because she chooses to present herself online this way. Having brown hair and glasses isn't milk.

No. 185753

File: 1638677444299.png (9.1 MB, 2688x1242, 3E0EEB50-93CD-4C27-96E5-ACE2AD…)

I really can’t understand why the fuck did she made Kokomi’s vision that huge

No. 185757

Pls resize your images nonny, 9.1mb is pushing it a bit.
Makes me feel like I'm on dialup kek
Plainer people might feel more compelled to prove they are attractive or to get the kind of attention attractive people get via dressing up in lavish ways.
Also applies to general attention seekers, (histrionics and narcissists notwithstanding) the desire to get attention isn't limited to only average looking people.
But that's one thing that draws average looking people to cosplay is it's like a step-by-step in getting attention that they wouldn't normally get, plus the transformation from normie to anime character must be personally satisfying to them.
Attractive people tend to be a bit more apprehensive about getting attention since they know it's associated with free emotional labor to strangers and sexual harassment as well as lack of privacy, but for those for whom it is a novelty (see also troons, her brother being relevant) getting attention can seem a desirable outcome and well worth the effort.

No. 185763

Sarah's never been able to proportion anything properly. The whole outfit looks like a cheap aliexpress cosplay slowly fall off of her.

No. 185777

an aliexpress one would look better honesty(sage)

No. 185787

File: 1638706698213.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1080x1920, Character_Sangonomiya_Kokomi_C…)

She claims it's the best cosplay she's ever made but this has to be one of her laziest. There are still a ton of elements missing from the cosplay like gloves and a collar, bows on the top of the sleeves.

No. 185795

That pendant is just hilariously big. She's bad with proportions but this is ridiculous even for her. It's practically hanging down to her crotch, which draws attention to the satin diaper. She might as well turn it into a oversized superhero belt buckle.

No. 185963

File: 1638789498125.jpeg (283.46 KB, 412x829, AEB4E0EE-2BDE-4EB8-9B5C-E209D8…)

the sleeves look nice but it’s all the wrong color and it’s all out of proportion

No. 185964

Yeah she definitely has issues with sizing and proportions. My guess is she just eye balls it without planning ahead or taking into account the characters build compared to her own. Anime characters are slender and willowy more often than not so in her head I think she she’s it on the character as correct and then it looks like garbage when you put it on her stalky build.

No. 186015

Sage for nitpicking I guess but look at how many details are left out.
No choker, head fin piece, gloves, etc
I truly don't understand how she has so many followers for churning out half assed shit

No. 186022

Hair bow's on the wrong place on her head too. It should be at the back, not sitting on top.

No. 188915

File: 1639765253990.jpeg (207.59 KB, 828x1440, 2ADD167C-B570-4CFB-989A-F4ECFF…)

Taken from her Instagram story at Holmat. Everything is baggy and ugly and she looks a dang mess. That ‘gradient dye’ on her stocking is appalling, basically just a straight line. Her crotch is crumpled inwards giving her eight cameltoes because she doesn’t know how the fuck to pattern anything. Her ‘dye’ details on the bodysuit are nonexistent like the dye didn’t even take, and her hip pads are clearly visible under her stockings.

No. 188916

File: 1639765422777.jpeg (767.78 KB, 828x1453, 6A2BB769-D546-459F-A95F-F2FA7D…)

No. 188920

It's a corseted bodysuit ffs. There's no reason it should be baggy in the slightest. That hat is a mess all on its own. How does the queen of making everything oversized fuck up the only oversized part of this cosplay

No. 188946

Nitpick but I hate how she smiles. It’s all scrunched up like she bit into a lemon. I’ve never seen a more punchable face.

No. 188948

File: 1639784233059.png (8.34 MB, 3840x6694, 831b2457f727f5a1b937ca9520432a…)

I'm not familiar with this character so here's what it's supposed to look like for reference, another genshin character Mona the Divination Witch.
This is one of her better cosplays I think, she isn't shrouded in fifteen layers of the wrong colour fabric and the small details seem to be done in an aesthetically pleasing way, particularly like the gold stars, shoes and tights details.
The hat is probably the worst part, it looks unintentionally mis-shapen but at least it matches the bodysuit. For her this is very good and seems suitable for a con as well without being too desperately attention-seeking like this one in comparison >>174937

No. 188950

Samefag, that said, her main cosplay colour is clearly blue when the character's main colour is three shades of purple, but as a whole I think this cosplay is acceptable without the usual ridiculous over-work on inaccurate details as she is known for, she'd probably lose her cow status if she kept working on more reasonable cosplays like this versus oversized, 15 layers, 25 glued overworked detail panels to represent some tiny part of the costume, and so on that she's infamous for.

No. 189007

I'm impressed with her gall. She's entering this into the contest. Based on everyone else at pre-judging I'm expecting another Sarah fit.

No. 189013

really? she even said herself it might be her worst costume and it was like a one week build, what?

No. 189026

File: 1639813502358.png (1.54 MB, 943x841, hippads.png)

She edited out her hip pads in her instagram post, but they're clear as day when you look at her stories.

On a completely different cosplayer I wouldn't normally care about these sort of things, but this is Sarah we're talking about. Everything, even nitpicks, become bigger flaws because of her horrible attitude and elitism. If you put the reference of Mona and her costume side by side, you can tell just how sloppy everything is. Even something as simple as making the arm socks go up to just under her sleeves is too difficult for her. Here >>188915 they don't even come up to her elbows. And all her 'impressive dye work' looks like trash considering it's an entirely different colour.

I'm hoping she enters this garbage into the competition and loses. She probably won't have an epic meltdown like her Godoka because, like another anon said, she even said so herself that this was one of her worst costumes. But imagine having the gall to enter something even you think looks bad into a competition where people have tried their hardest.

Man, fuck you Sarah and your shitty elitist hateful attitude. I hope none of the other Genshin people in meetups even want anything to do with you.

No. 189225

she shoes are so fucking inaccurate and sad.

No. 189232

she said kokomi was one of her worst, not mona. mona looks decent compared to that ugly thing.

No. 189508

Did she enter the contest? I haven't seen any posts regarding it. Maybe she's still riding on the coattails of her Ranko win.

No. 189531

she was at the 4pm "meet the judges" thing that was hosted thursday (and they claimed the contestants were required to go)
However after that she wasn't seen again in relation to the contest, she also changed her lineup so I'm wondering if she saw the competition and dropped.

She wore her kokomi around the floor on Saturday.

No. 189533

File: 1640068025697.jpg (87.96 KB, 503x779, grannyshoes.JPG)

What's the point of her making her Kokomi shoes if she walks around in cheap KMart granny shoes that aren't even the right colour?

Also can't imagine she'd be comfortable after dredging her costume in the pool water to do spins and getting her socks wet. They're part of leggings so she couldn't just take them off to dry them, she'd be walking around in sopping feet for a long time.

No. 189534

She always chooses such heavy, baggy, oversized fabrics for light and airy fitted costumes. The thumbnail looks like she's draped in beach towels on her way to the pool.

No. 189540

File: 1640071703504.jpg (824.33 KB, 1076x1352, Screenshot_20211221-082643_Ins…)

Her unfiltered face is so bad. Looks like she wet her pants.

No. 189550

File: 1640079798541.png (2.28 MB, 1373x875, justbuythis.png)

You can quite easily just buy a more accurate cosplay than both this and her Kokomi. Normally you'd want to make your own for a better fit and control of the materials, but Sarah always picks the worst possible fabrics and doesn't know how to pattern so I don't know why she wastes time and money when she could just get her efame fix with a nicer cosplay.

No. 189568

File: 1640089628190.jpg (1.3 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20211221-132418_Ins…)

The socks of her cosplay are literally coming apart, but lets not forget that she is a masterclass seamtress

No. 189593