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File: 1556975796138.png (507.36 KB, 658x966, Screen Shot 2019-05-04 at 9.14…)

No. 114320

In this looks obsessed world. Especially as a woman, honest people will admit our entire worth is based on our looks by society.

No. 114322

I've been slowly getting out of my appearance prison. I was so aware of myself that couldn't do anything without thinking how I look like in that situation.
Guess it gets better when you start by educating yourself to not judge people based on looks and don't compare yourself to anyone. Question the beauty standarts instead of trying to fit them. Take a look at your female friends, see how they are beautiful in their own way and how happiness and lightness help people look truly beautiful.

No. 114332

I guess I kinda lean into it in some ways? Like I used to be really nervous around guys until one day I realized no guy (at least, not one that's nerve-wrackingly attractive) is gonna notice me and in many cases will straight up ignore me because I'm not cute. Plus most women prone to competition don't see me as a threat. I just fly under everyone's radar and I kinda like it that way.

No. 114333

I’m honesty not sure if I’m ugly or not but I’ve never really gotten the attraction of a man irl so that probably says it all. The only person who’s attention I got for a short moment of time outside of a dating app or site was some dude who I later found out was just texting every girl in class who wasn’t fat.

It doesn’t help that I have an extremely weird aversion toward wearing feminine clothes ever since I was a kid. I thought about trying to be more fashionable and feminine but just can’t bring myself to. Some of my family members gave me a ton of shit for my fashion choices when I was experimenting a bit with them and never taught me anything about presentation so that drove me away even more from the idea. The most I do now is wear form-fitting shirts or sweater and jeans. I’m not a full-on tomboy and I keep myself clean but I often get the feeling my lack of feminine style prevents guys from being attracted to me. The only two guys I’ve ever been involved with all made comments wishing I would wear something more feminine like leggings or a skirt and I can’t help but feel that they probably were unsatisfied with me and felt like they were settling for less. After all, first guy cheated on me multiple times and the last guy ended up ghosting me after a single conflict in our relationship.

I guess I’m fine just staying invisible from men for now.

No. 114337

Think I’m on the border of ugly/cute. I’ve had lots of guys into me but without any respect, like I should consider myself lucky that they gave me the time of day. I’ve been referred to as the weird girl for as long as I can remember, even though I was just quiet and timid. I have a weird nose and think it’s probably what most people notice first when they’re trying to decide if I’m cute. As I’ve gotten a bit older and wiser I’ve learned it doesn’t matter. I’m the kind of person who can go from swamp witch to plastic bitch with the right make up and outfit, but honestly it’s more fun to be ugly. When I used to try extra hard to be cute, my life was like a drama circus, no trip to the gas station was complete without being harassed, which made me feel insecure and shitty. Now that I’ve settled into a more comfortable life, I prefer looking natural and boring, makes being a human so much easier. So I guess it depends on your perspective, but ime being ugly isn’t terrible and being hot isn’t fun.

No. 114342

I mostly forget my ugliness when losing myself in course-work. As difficult as college is, it at least gets me to take my mind off my appearance.

Trying to dress up has the opposite effect for me. I have a huge nose and chin, so all make up and cute clothes just looks like polishing a turd.

I've never been approached by a guy, and whenever I've talked to a guy he'd always seem stand-off-ish. spoilered for being blog-post-ish: Last week a guy thought he lost his pen but it ended up being mine, so when I told him he raised his voice and got condescending… there's no way he'd have reacted like that if I wasn't so ugly. Was he trying to reaffirm to the people around us that he wouldn't ever talk to me willingly? I wonder how he'd have reacted had he accidentally grabbed the pen of an attractive girl?

Girls on the other hand are generally nice. But sometimes I'm sad I miss out on the whole "getting dressed up" thing.

No. 114349

We're all going to be considered ugly when we 'expire' at fucking, 30 or whenever men think is too old. I'd rather get used to being ugly early than have a big shock when I ~hit the wall~ and suddenly I'm not getting a tonne of attention. I think I'm more average than ugly, but definitely not pretty enough to get attention out of nowhere from random guys. Once I deleted social media and removed an easy, risk free way for men to contact me, I pretty much don't get hit on at all. It's been a good thing though, I really don't rely on their validation to feel good about myself anymore. I look back on myself as a teenager and I really had no personality because I was so busy wasting my time on boys, their interest or compliments never helped my self esteem and I never benefited from their presence. I'm a lot happier and more confident now just working on myself as a person and disregarding sex and relationships. The important thing is to develop self esteem in other areas… creative pursuits, sports/fitness, any kind of hobby or interest that doesn't involve your looks or men is great.

No. 114354

"Ugly"/average people tend to find someone, usually in a similar "bracket" but not always. Personality actually does matter when it comes to picking someone you spend years and years with. People can be attractive/beautiful in odd ways even if they're "ugly". I'm what people would consider pretty but I've dated "ugly" people and still found them attractive because there was something interesting and cute in their appearance and in their personality. It wasn't pity dating either because I'm not an asshole, I legitimately liked them and found them attractive.
Hope the probably ugly himself scrote enjoys his ban. Ugly men should stfu about ugly women only being worth their looks when they have a bad personality to pair up with theirs and call women worthless under the guise of concern. They're the ones who actually have nothing to offer.

No. 114356

>They're the ones who actually have nothing to offer.
kek this, nine times out of ten ugly women have better personalities than ugly men.

No. 114358

Is anyone here just average but if you had the disposable money, could be really pretty with minor enhancements? I feel like if I had my hair dyed, eyebrows tattooed, maybe a jaw line reduction, eyelash extensions, and veneers, I’d be prettier without needing makeup. I guess anyone can be prettier if we had enough money to keep up with the maintenance.

No. 114361

Yes. If I had a nose job and had enough money for intensive skincare (like regular facials etc) and lash extensions, I think I'd be very attractive. I'm just average/good, right now.

No. 114370

Search for happiness and confidence within. Do things you like, enjoy your hobbies. Don't let society bring you down. Stop worrying about men and relationships, it's not worth it.

No. 114373

File: 1557073827896.jpg (26.32 KB, 256x300, 51159.jpg)

If the primary reason why you're upset over being ugly is male attention, cut that shit out. Unless you're looking to manipulate men to achiece questionable ends that end up not being worth it, spending resources to keep yourself beautiful for them is like a pig seasoning its own ribs.

No. 114375

I get what you are saying but being ignored by the opposite sex for your entire life can have psychological impacts. Even if men are worthless anyway.

No. 114376

nta, but what kind of psychological impacts? I'm courious

I'm average looking but never gotten any male attention irl or online really and it hasn't really impacted me

No. 114377

Obviously this isn't true for everyone, but for me it makes me afraid to even show my face in public. Makes me feel absolutely worthless like I failed at life because I can't even lose my virginity like a normal person. I feel stunted emotionally and I get paranoid that people know I'm still a virgin. I think it has contributed to my depression and possibly body dysmorphia but I know I have other underlying problems that also factor into things. Basically it makes me feel like I'm less than a whole person.

Just wanted to add that I'm not saying being wanted by men is the main goal in life, but I'm getting too old to have children and it makes me extremely sad that I won't ever get to fulfill my dream of having my own family.

No. 114380

so much sour grapes and cope lmao. incel thread

No. 114382

>coping with being ugly thread

No. 114385

It honestly sucks feeling alone and not having a decent boyfriend though.

No. 114389

>spending resources to keep yourself beautiful for them is like a pig seasoning its own ribs.

Fucking poetry.

No. 114390

I'm kind of whatever about it. I feel invisible a lot of the time and occasionally I can tell when I am offending the man I am speaking to by not being fuckable lol. Or the opposite happens and the guy thinks that by being attractive he is literally doing me a favour by talking to me. I really don't care much though. Sometimes I get super uncomfortable about my looks but not in comparison to anyone else if that makes sense? I just wish I found myself cuter.

No. 114404

idrc about this, but being treated nicer is a perk. When you're pretty, people gravitate towards you and want to be your friend or find you intriguing. Random compliments in public from strangers.

No. 114408

For me having very high standards helps, I will realize everyone is ugly too and very few people are cute. And maybe most of you all should just, I will sound rude, "grow up". We're supposed to work on our personality and achievements, and physical beauty aint one of 'm. Sure it's a nice thing but not really much.

No. 114414

>And maybe most of you all should just, I will sound rude, "grow up".
It's harsh but I think this is a pretty good attitude to have about insecurity over appearance. For really ugly people, I get it, but for most people who are just average/mediocre and upset that they aren't 10/10 models… their insecurity gets treated as a serious emotional problem, but deep down isn't it just greed? Like being average is good enough for everyone else but not them, they have to be better than the rest to be happy with themselves. I try to remind myself of that every time I get jealous of an instagram model or celebrity or whoever, rather than throw myself a pity party for not being perfect.

No. 114417

strongly agreed.
I'll say more. People who whine about not being hot, people whose problems are "not getting compliments in public from strangers", disgust me. How can they not realize how idiotic that sounds? And how toxic it is? Instead of wallowing in self-pity over stupid shit, work on not giving a fuck. That's how you cope.

No. 114425

I don't care about compliments from strangers on the street thats actually pretty cringey but its not as easy just "not giving a fuck" when you are ostracised and isolated by society. I have never had a relationship and no friends. It's actually extremely difficult going through life as an ugly woman. You are not even considered a real woman. Sometimes I think I should go full tranny and LARP as a man.

No. 114427

I’m not sure if it’s true but I heard in a documentary that looks are so important in Korea because it can effect your ability to get hired at a job. I sometimes wonder if the same can be said in other countries? Maybe not to the same extreme degree but to a small extent. Of course looking presentable to an interview is an obvious responsibility, but I can’t help but wonder if employers do hire better looking people. I know there’s laws that they can’t discriminate but it’s not like they would vocalize about it. I’m excluding certain careers like model obviously.

No. 114428

>You are not even considered a real woman.
I want to go a step further and say we're not even considered real human beings. I can see a clear difference in the way people used to treat me when I was a very ugly teen compared to how they treat me now that I know enough about makeup and skincare to make myself look average (I'm still ugly without makeup, though).

It really stings to realise that my own parents are much nicer to me now that I can make myself look ok, whereas they used to scrutinise everything I did as an ugly teen and constantly insult my appearance. I don't blame them for it because I understand that it puts everyone in a nicer, more forgiving mood to look at a pretty face than at a disgusting one. I just wish human beings would acknowledge their bias and try to be more objective, but whenever I try to discuss this with anyone, they virtue signal about how they're not shallow and totally don't care about beauty.

No. 114434

I went through something similar as you, anon. I was a fat kinda ugly teen, then lost weight and somehow grew out of it. There is a whole world of difference how people treat you and what they expect from you.

I was always envious that guys can be just ugly and still live normal lives, not be reminded of it all the time. People would always expect me to be nice to them as if i was supposed to be grateful for their attention. Strangers would give out to me if I bumped into them and the list goes on.

People who grew up average/pretty will always say shit like "beauty is on the inside" and "be confident" since they have always had it easy.

No. 114438

Similar experience to you two (was a young fat frumplet with acne), but I feel like what I usually got was either sympathy or being ignored. Every once in a while I'd get the "can't be assed to speak with you bc I wouldn't fuck you" vibe from men, but no abuse. Maybe it's a result where I live and the fact that I was gnc at the time so some strangers assumed I was a young boy with my deep ass voice lol.
A big thing I remembered was people would treat me like I was stupid more often than they do now. Not sure what that was about.

I'm not a model or anything in my current state, but after losing weight and dressing up every day I do get treated differently. People assume I'm intelligent and capable now and I get positive attention from some men (somehow they're also my type and not intrusive). People are also more eager to let me cross the road…the real privilege.

Also, to first anon, I disagree that being ugly is an excuse for your parents to have mistreated you. Parental love should always be unconditional and what they did was wrong.

No. 114443

I try really hard to cope, but it's hard. It's like everything nowadays can make me feel depressed and bring me down.
This weekend I went to my sister's house. She lives with her boyfriend and he loves her to death. At one point he was showing us something at his phone and I saw that he keeps a picture of my sister as wallpaper. It's a picture of her sleeping in the afternoon, no make up, no fancy clothes or anything special, yet she looked like an angel.
On my way back to my empty apartment I kept thinking about how effortlessly beautiful some people are and how I'd never find a man who loves me that way.
I know it's a super silly thing but it sill made me feel sad.

No. 114447

The same happened to me. People just ignored me most of the time, nobody was mean but nobody was nice. I had bushy brows, short hair and hairy arms (I'm Mediterranean and looked a lot like my dad… People thought I was just a boy with a squeaky voice). I looked the same throughout my teens until I turned about 20 and then I hit a weird growth spurt and learned how to take care of myself, now that I grew into my face a bit there's a specific subset of people that coo over me all the time and it feels weird.

I'm strangely bitter about it because those same people wouldn't have looked twice at me back then. I try to be as nice as possible to everyone, and I did back then too because that's how my dad raised me, but I always expected the same of others and that is not how others acted before.

No. 114485

Yes! I was very average and plain. I started making more money and got eyelash extensions and a bit of filler and I actually had a guy come up to me and ask for my number for the first time ever. It was fucking bizarre.

No. 114496

Hmm cgl banter. They don't come this hard these days.

No. 114507

I don't know if I deserve to post here because I don't think I'm ugly, just a plain Jane, but my biggest insecurities are my big forehead and thin hair. Can't change the forehead and can't even do anything with my hair to cover it because it's thin and there's so little of it that cutting bangs rob me of even more volume…

No. 114509


Ufff! I feel ya. I also have a fivehead (more like sixhead) and thin hair. I have super straight hair with puffy/frizzy ends that end up making my top hair lay flat. If I don't shampoo my hair within 2 days it'll get super oily on top and just ughhh… definitely increases my ugliness factor.

No. 114512

I'm the ugly and odd one in the family. During my school and uni days, all my siblings have admirers, received valentine gifts, have close group of friends and cliques, invited to parties and go on dates except for me. Guys try to be friends with me just to get to know my sisters which hurts. My aunts/uncles always give compliments to my siblings regarding their good looks and I was never given one except for comments on my weight (I was a chubby kid) and my braces (I wore braces for 2 years). I was even called "ugly betty" from the show 'Yo soy Betty, la fea' (a telenovela filmed in Colombia. There's also an American version of the show) by my aunts and cousins. Guys in school called me "pizza face" (due to my severe acne problem),"frog" and "weirdo" (because I was an anime fan).

As to how I cope being an ugly person? Tbh I'm kinda grateful that my parents brought me up to not care about looks/beauty. They only cared about education and success. So at school I was mostly focused on getting good grades. But not gonna lie, it fucking hurts being the "ugly betty" and I have super low self-esteem due to this. If someone gave me a nice compliment even if I knew they sincerely meant it, I wouldn't believe them and will assume that they have an ulterior motive. I've actually become a loner and have a hard time expressing myself or make friends.

I also cope with being the ugly one by escaping reality through art. If I feel sad I just draw something nice and beautiful.

Now that I'm older, I think I've become an okay looking person since I've learned how to take better care of my skin and health and try to dress like a normal/basic person instead of a weeb with no fashion sense. But no guy has ever shown interest or approached me even though I look okay/average.

No. 114683

Im Half Asian. All my features are small, dainty and Asiatic but then I have a big bumpy white nose that belongs on a witch and I wanna get a nose job :( it looks good in certain angles but the profile view is hideous and I’m so self conscious about it. All my life I’ve been made fun of for it. I’ve been called witch, shark nose and a “Jewess” by racist people even though I’m not Jewish.

Should I get over and embrace it or splurge and get a nose job to make it look straight from the side? From the front it looks long and slim but not big so I like the front view and hope the nose job won’t change that. I just want a straight nose with no bump so my face looks more cohesive

No. 114687

Have you considered wigs? I have thin, fine hair and mad cowlicks. I’ve never been able to do cool shit with it (different colors, certain styles, etc) without fear of damaging it or not being able to pull off the look. See if you have a beauty shop local. I don’t wear one all the time, but it’s a nice way to switch up my look for a fraction of the price and upkeep of getting whatever style irl

No. 114694

how did your family/friends react to you wearing wigs, or have you always done it? I like my hair but it would be nice to change it up every now and again

No. 114700

I'd say I'm probably middle-ground, nothing stunning but odd-looking in a sort of vaguely endearing way? I get hit on pretty much every time I go out but it's always by skeevy autist manlets or 40 year old men, so I guess I'm kind of considered 'attainable' for them?

I've learnt to accept my flaws and just roll with them. I used to despise my nose but I've accepted as I've grown older that I have a lot of pretty features too, and my witch nose just makes me more unique: I never see people on the street that look even slightly like me. Bizarre/extreme hairstyles look great on me. Instead of hating myself for not being 'conventionally attractive' I've started looking for the positives of the flaws I have, and letting myself dress really feminine even though my features are a weird mix of soft and angular, and I actually think I'm kind of pretty sometimes now, just in a different way to other people.

No. 114720

I honestly think big noses on women are beautiful. I watched an interview with sophie turner recently talking about how she dislikes her big nose (not that big but I wanted to use someone famous and obviously pretty as an example). It is your choice of course but this is one vote for saving money and learning to love yourself x

No. 114762

>big bumpy white nose
It might be from your asian side if your other half is japanese. It's a popular trait there. IMO big, bumpy noses look better on women than men.

No. 114785

She’s beautiful. I never would’ve thought she was self conscious about her nose. It’s very perfect in a neo-classical painting kinda aesthetic. I unfortunately have a hooked big bumpy nose ridge that looks more like a witch’s as opposed to her nice straight picturesque nose.

My Asian side is half japanese half Chinese. The bump def comes from there but my white side of the family has larger noses. I just got the worst of both sides. My sibs all have lovely petite noses they got from my grandma (the type Korean idols have post plastic surgery) and it makes me jealous and angry that I lost the genetic lottery looking at them

No. 114786

File: 1557846405046.png (204.05 KB, 600x418, Screen-Shot-2014-04-22-at-10.0…)

Im half Korean/half German and I feel like I got the worst traits from each side. I got my dad's square German jaw/chin but the rest looks Asian but Im like 5'10". Honestly thinking of saving up and going to Korea for surgery.

No. 114788

Just be careful anon, keep in mind jaw surgery is really difficult and dangerous and might not turn out how you want and then you have to be able to cope with having a non-ideal face that isn't even your natural one anymore. Speaking as someone who got plastic surgery that I don't really regret but it did not turn out at all how I imagined and definitely has glaring flaws despite that I went to a really expensive surgeon with a good reputation because the human body sometimes just heals how it wants to heal and now how it's supposed to. Best wishes to you.

No. 114790

That actually sounds gorgeous. A square jaw is really model worthy, especially with your height. The mixed blood is also exotic and everyone seems to like mixed nowadays. But if you’re really concerned with your jaw, you could always get surgery or get a haircut that flatters your face shape.

No. 114791

File: 1557850875708.jpg (18.87 KB, 400x400, me2_400x400.jpg)

Jumping on the mixed train, I'm not actually mixed but many people from my country have very… Odd facial features (pic related) for a white person. At home it's fine and people don't pay attention but since I'm an Eastern Europoor I live and work abroad where I constantly get asked where I'm from and people straight up refuse to believe me when I tell them and will argue with me about it.
I feel like shit because I never thought it was that big of a deal. Also since my eyes are really weird, I still can't figure out how to apply normal makeup and Asian makeup makes me look like a weird weeaboo and doesn't suit me either.

No. 114793

Speaking of being mixed race, although I posted earlier about being pretty average atm, I feel like a few traits definitely didn't work out. My hair is the biggest since my mother has curly hair and my father had thick straight black hair, so I have this dark brown abomination that is only curly around my ears. But it also won't fucking curl anywhere else even with heavy hair spray. I really like the vintage look but it either falls out within an hour or just turns into a frizzy mess depending on the curling technique I use.

I also generally have features that resemble my father's side, but I'm pretty pale. Not full white person sort of pallid, but light olive. I feel like it looks dumb idk, just makes me look racially ambiguous. I am grateful that I got curves from my mom's side (father's family has fridge women), but I think my leg-to-torso ratio takes after my father. So I have big hips but also a long torso and stubby legs. At least I got his tendency towards quick muscle gain lol.

These aren't things other people notice I guess, but it's annoying for me to style myself sometimes.

>don't believe you when you say where you're from
Lmao anon.
Where do people tend to think you're actually from? I'm sorry you also struggle to style yourself in some way.

No. 114794

I have small, hooded lids (not quite as small as the man in your picture, but still smaller than average and weirdly asymmetrical) and what works best for me is to draw a really thin line of brown eyeliner on my top lid, very close to my lash, with a small upward tail. I can't use most eye shadows because they'll smudge where the skin above my lid goes over it, but using concealer as primer and then a light brown powder shadow has worked so far. Any other colours, even just black eyeliner, make my eyes look way too small.
Curling your eyelashes and using a good mascara also really helps with making your eyes look bigger, rounder or more even.

No. 114797

Kinda reverse of your situation
My family is Pakistani and we get mistaken for eastern European a lot
were actually Balti(a very small ethnic group originating from Kashmir)

No. 114800

File: 1557860088041.jpg (246.45 KB, 1670x1670, proboscis-monkey-1X1.jpg)

I feel like it's really easy to look "conventional" if you have a narrow nose. Big lips, thin lips, big eyes, small eyes, V jaw, square jaw, whatever are more versatile.

Wide noses have never been attractive. Ever. Even hooked noses get credit every so often.

All of my sisters have proportionate button noses and I'm salty. My shit is wide AND hooked.

I cope knowing that I live in a day and age where I can pay someone to get this tumor off my face.

No. 114811

I get what you're saying but its not exactly that simple. For example, a lot of asian girls have broad, flat noses, but they're not too large and they kind of blend into their somewhat flat faces, so they still look just fine or even cute as a result.
Most facial features can either look good or bad depending on their surroundings.
I'd agree that those other things are 'more versatile' though.

No. 114813

File: 1557867013833.png (130.59 KB, 770x409, FEATURED-25-770x409.png)


I'm assuming you're referring to EA and SEA.

>but they're not too large

If they're considered small and narrow enough to be "passable" then they aren't what I'm referring to. I don't think most would say West or Sub-Saharan African noses are "not too large" or "cute."

Still, I don't believe the beauty standard in the majority of these Asian countries have ever portrayed the noses you're referring to as attractive or remotely flattering on the face, even if they can blend in with the other features. They just consider the nose unattractive alongside the features that accompany them. There are near ubiquitous filters that automatically narrow the nose and their populations have high rates of rhinoplasty.

Even in the west, Asian actresses will have square jaws and small eyes but not wide noses. Same with black actresses who get rhinoplasty. Same with Latinas, who are mostly represented with thinner, European noses.

Also, no one in the world even draws character designs with wide noses by default if they're supposed to be conventional looking. Even if they're "of color." It's pretty much universally accepted that bulbous noses just ain't it.

You are right though, that it isn't that simple and people find different things attractive. But when it comes to beauty standards, wide noses have never been a part of that, not even marketed as an "exotic" feature like other traits have been.

No. 114815

File: 1557868142151.jpeg (116.28 KB, 1280x720, 4AC61B98-DE44-4954-9EF0-44A678…)


Japanese/Chinese/Norwegian anon here. I have the same issue with applying eye makeup too. I inherited both hooded eyes (white fam) and Asian epiphanic folds but with double lids. It’s impossible to do winged liners and apply eyeshadow cause it turns into a smudgy mess. The double lid actually extends farther than my lash line so I can’t even do a sharp wing that flicks up because it becomes distorted with the hooded skin fold. Also when I smile my eyes disappear or one eye is bigger than the other.

Makeup problems aside, my eyes are definitely one thing I like about myself and I think they look pretty, especially with my double lashes condition (distichiasis I think it’s called). My eye colour is also a nice forest green. Idk why but I find a lot of mixed people with Norwegian ancestry have weird coloured eyes, like that Ghost girl from Ant man and wasp movie. She’s half Nigerian and Norwegian I think

No. 114818

People ask me if I'm Chinese, half-Chinese or Mongolian (?). Mostly they assume half-Chinese. I'm ethnically Hungarian.

No. 114819

There's a girl from one of those clickbaity trumtrum-esque video tutorials in Japanese who is half Norwegian and half Japanese, she's really cute, has a very unique face and I think green eyes.

No. 114823

>If they're considered small and narrow enough to be "passable" then they aren't what I'm referring to.
I'd argue that they only have to be small or narrow enough, not necessarily both. If its broad and flat, but kinda small and really quite flat, its totally inoffensive. And sometimes a little upturned snub-nose is pretty cute looking. Im looking at some Japanese school photos as a reference here, although ive seen a few black girls with noses that have that 'upturned snubnose' effect in the past too.

But I guess you're right about beauty standards either way. I cant think of any examples of it being culturally valued in comparison to straight narrow noses, even when in one of the forms I mentioned.
And if its big and stands out then rhinoplasty is probably the best option if you can afford it(and if care about it obv.)

No. 114826

File: 1557875049909.jpg (50.51 KB, 569x327, 34787d.jpg)

That just ain't true. Wide noses are feminine feauture.

No. 114833

File: 1557879857730.jpeg (7.94 KB, 348x145, 197BE273-2354-4655-BE40-EFB922…)

Pics? I’m curious lol.

Should’ve added a reference pic in original post, but my nose legit looks like this but more prominent and protruding with a larger bump. It ruins an otherwise (imo) attractive face. I like everything but my beast of a nose.

No. 114834

Did you just shit on my niggress Chiyaki? She and her nose is stunning.

No. 114848

File: 1557887973146.png (506.32 KB, 689x330, Untitled.png)


IMO they are jarring, especially if they are bulbous and have an undefined tip. I hate how it's disproportionately massive and unavoidably the loudest thing on the face.

No. 114849

they fit their noses quite well, actually. both of them look nice.

No. 114853

Their noses are really cute and suit their faces perfectly.

No. 114855

It actually fits their face lol

No. 114919

She ain’t conventionally attractive imo and conventionally attractive is what most of society glorifies

No. 114920

These women look great, especially Rihanna. You're really just speaking for yourself anon, lots of people find Zaldana and Rihanna cute.

No. 114927

who cares about being conventionally attractive when you're overall not ugly, conventionally passable, and awesomely badass on top of that?

No. 114950

Yeah, I have always personally thought "Western" noses on Asian faces to look pretty unique and cool. That aside, this thread kinda sucks, it's just devolved into another beauty standards thread instead of the actual topic. Why does this always happen lol?

No. 114970

So you rather they have an off-putting michael jackson/ wendy williams-esque nose? Lol no thanks

No. 114971

>what most society glorifies
Correction: what "western" society glorifies

No. 114979

She's a professional model ffs, she's clearly conventional enough.

No. 114986

I can't figure out asian beauty standards tbh. They glorify high nose bridges and often I see models/actresses etc praised for noses I would consider a bit big, but then their anime characters and the majority of celebrities have small cute noses.

No. 115050

File: 1558129925927.jpg (35.11 KB, 297x400, halle.jpg)

You ask that like botched rocket noses are the only rhinoplasty available for black people. Nice. Wendy and Michael aren't known for making rational, non short-sighted decisions in their lives.

Final Fantasy characters lean toward the realistic end of the anime style and they have high nose bridges. In China, there is a trend of using a specific wax to make the bridge higher. And Korean idols will have their bridge raised during rhinoplasty.

No. 115163

File: 1558283416161.jpg (69.33 KB, 500x500, large.jpg)

sage for blog but
>tfw pretty enough to get hit on regularly
>but ugly enough that it's always by 40 y/o men and creepy manlets

I'd get it if I dressed weeby like some farmers or was more of an altgirl, but I'm normie-passing. I'd rather be ugly or pretty and just KNOW where I stood but instead I'm in this weird realm of almost-pretty and almost-ugly. I've come to terms with my uglier features and just consider them to be something that makes me unique, at least I'm not average-looking. But it sucks knowing if I was just born with a better nose or thicker lips I could've been a solid 10.

Don't know if I'll ever get plastic surgery. I'm okay with my appearance most days, it just sucks knowing with a little bit of tweaking I could actually be gorgeous and instead I'm just kind of endearingly weird-looking.

No. 115200

Lose enough weight for people not to give a fuck

Most models are ugly at a normal/high weight

No. 115213

File: 1558383524769.jpg (102.91 KB, 780x780, 60340105_2963204850387995_2930…)

>mfw took the skinny is beautiful meme
>went from 115 to 93lbs
>everyone tells me I look like shit including my bf but I can't bring myself to gain weight and keep trying to lose more

fuck my life

No. 115214

I tried that but just ended up going full ana-chan. Don't wanna get tubefed again.

No. 115225


Not trying to trigger you guys back into ana but maybe Pilates? Or other type of elongating exercise would help

Skinny as in dancer/ muscularish long body not malnurished

No. 115228

Anon didn't even say she's fat, why would your mind go there? Sounds like something an incel would say.

No. 115230

to bring back the nose discussion, i have a hook nose and i used to hate it. now i have kind of mixed relationship with it. some days i feel really pretty about it and people keep asking me where i am from (i don't have the usual looks for people from my country because of my ancestry i guess) and other days i feel really ugly about it.

but on other hand i feel like that my face has become more better looking more older i have gotten, and i feel like i will be better looking middle aged woman than young woman. like to me it feels like that people with small feature kind of lose them when they get older and their faces get saggier, but since i have strong features they will show better when i'm old. so i guess i'll wait 15-20 years until i'm hot.

No. 115231

File: 1558393605456.jpg (34.12 KB, 475x452, Rihannas-peaked-Cupids-bow-lip…)

Big noses only work on people with big lips, if someone has barely any lips it looks bad but Rihanna has big lips so it looks well positioned on her face also I don't want everyone to look the same there are different types of beauty. If we went by the stereotypical big lips, small nose and large eyes combination barely anyone would be considered beautiful.

No. 115232

File: 1558394088827.jpg (43.89 KB, 800x399, sabrina.jpg)

pic related, like i know not lot of people would consider middle aged women hot but i like how the teacher character's(? i haven't seen the show just pictures and gifs) actress from the new sabrina series looks and since i have similar features like her i am hoping i end up looking like her when i am old.

No. 115237

She is not old.

No. 115240

File: 1558405592793.png (227.36 KB, 488x400, meme-488x400.png)


>better nose or thicker lips

>"lose weight"

i'm 10 pounds soaking wet my hooked nose receded lips swelled and crops watered thanks

No. 115250

>honest people will admit our entire worth is based on our looks by society
Sounds like an incel quote.

No. 115253


This is true.
I'm biracial (Half black and white) and my nose is similar to hers, a bit smaller and uppity and my lips are thick/plump. I love my features though. But I will say if I had smaller lips my face would look weird as fuck.

Sometimes bigger features can be good, just as smaller ones are too.

No. 115265

Anon please. This is one of those 'let's pretend beutiful adult woman is mediocre/ugly buut I still like her' moments. Don't fall into that place.

No. 115269

>tfw you have bulbous, wide, hooked nose and thin lips and are not multiracial
end me sis

No. 115272

Rest assured in the United States, no one would question your European ethnicity, as everyone here is weird looking as shit and mixed with everything.

Off topic, but guy you posted is really attractive and not weird looking to me at all… t. amerimutt

No. 115284

I've had issues since childhood because i was plain and wore glasses and had braces and was weeby for the first 14 years of my life but that's nothing unique, I reckon a fair few of us were like that and just kind of internalised that we were ugly because kids are mean and whatever. But recently I feel like a lot of my appearance issues arise because I look a lot like my mum facially/body-wise, she's unintentionally trained me to think I'm ugly because she spent so long calling her features (the ones that I inherited) ugly in front of me. also it's hard looking in the mirror and seeing her in some of my features and expressions because she's kind of a bpd asshole and looking like her makes me feel as if I am her sometimes. because of this i can't really tell if I'm actually ugly or if I'm just biased. I've been trying this new thing where I stare at myself in the mirror for a few minutes and try to detach myself from my reflection as if I am looking at another person entirely, and I'd say it's kind of helping me to feel better about my appearance, not sure if helpful to anyone at all so I'll sage

No. 115293

I do yoga and use handweights lol. I'm not fat, I'm still pretty skinny. Idk why you'd keep pushing this as a legit recommendation but I've finally got my life back on track this year and escaped NEEThood so I'm really good with not maintaining a low BMI anymore, thanks.

No. 115313

Try being a short ugly guy if you want life on hard-mode…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 115317

Well done anon this is a really good step! I had this realisation too a few years back and it's slowly paving the way for me to be much more realistic and kind to myself.

My mum never intended hurt me and would always try to reassure me that there was nothing wrong with me but it didn't match up to the body dysmorphic things she said about herself, and now I've grown to look the same as her I have to rewire the internalisation of her self-hatred. Of course I ended up with unhealthy ideals after she was always comparing her adult body against my preteen size!
I hope we can break this cycle.

No. 115318

My mum always put her features down after my dad left her and she got engaged to this awful man that belittled her and when she finally left him he berated her looks in front of me and my brother told her no one would love her at her age etc. She got remarried to a nice kind man but I had a bf call my mum ugly before and would hate if I'd imply I might look like her. Another ex called me ugly after other men were hitting on me. When I look in the mirror as I've aged I see my mum more and she reassures me she found love later in life but she also had kids around my age so she doesn't have this dread of not starting a family idk I'm scared lol

No. 115362


Thanks anon! It's tricky, but let's try to break said cycle together

No. 115363

(forgot to sage last post, sorry!)


anon, I'm so sorry that you've encountered some frankly disgusting sounding men in your life. I wish I had something more encouraging to offer here

No. 115375

Definitely not a woman's entire worth, but God if it doesn't determine a lot of shit in your life.

My dissatisfaction with my looks is a (pathetically) huge part of my life. Even as a little girl I remember wishing so badly to have the same ending as the "duck" from The Ugly Duckling.

No. 115409

> My dissatisfaction with my looks is a (pathetically) huge part of my life. Even as a little girl I remember wishing so badly to have the same ending as the "duck" from The Ugly Duckling.

Same. I'm mostly afraid of how it will affect my future work prospects. I have already resigned that I'll never have a guy be interested in me.

On the topic of ugly duckling, I really hate how in such movies they put an obviously beautiful girl to play an ugly girl, so when her transformation is due, there's little difference. But at the same time, it gave me hope that my moment might come. The moment never came. My features never fit into their place and I'm still hideous long after puberty.

> inb4 lose weight, learn 2 makeup

I absolutely hate those comebacks. No, it's not weight and makeup doesn't solve everything. It sucks because in my case I've been treated poorly due to that. It doesn't matter how much of a nice person I was or how much effort I've put into being le decent human bean, it boils down to looks, at least for women. It would be fine if I were ignored but people constantly remind you that they find you ugly. It's not always outright direct, it is direct enough for me to notice.

And I hate that I care that much. I've used to think that I have the smarts to make up for that, but to my bitter realization, I'm not particularly bright either. I wish my parents have aborted me, and I'm being serious here. I wish I wasn't a coward so I could go through suicide. I don't even think I deserve being outside because I constantly think about how I'm uglifying the place if that makes any sense.

Of course, people are keen to say how that's not true, there's happiness for everyone, something something inner beauty and blah blah blah. Euthanasia should be available for people like me.

No. 115412

I avoid looking at mirrors because if I'm with others and I glance at myself in the bathroom or something it actually ruins my day. Sure I still look ugly but if I'm not constantly obsessing over it I can have happier days.

I personally can't leave the house without filling in my brows and doing at least some light mascara because I look like some fucked up hairless alien without it.

I find that having nicely done hair and working on your body helps take away attention from your face.

I can't use social media much or I get in a depressive state and feel so ugly so I'd just say avoid that to.

I know it's all basic info but I cope by being good at my hobbies and self improving mentally and physically. If you study and get a good job you can get a nose job so that keeps me going as well. I also have a good skin care routine, keeping care of yourself does help with looking and feeling less ugly.

No. 115420

To be completely honest with you anon, as someone who has gone through a fairly painful ugly duckling process, it's not easy but it's not hard either. The most painful thing about it is witnessing on your own skin the difference in treatment from other people.
I wasn't a monster as a kid, but my parents were always too busy fighting and using me as a divorce bargaining chip to give me the life skills I needed. Grooming, amongst other things.

After my 20s I started taking better care of myself due to leaving shitty conditions and having freedom to look however I want. This is what I learned:
-Makeup, hair and clothes worked a decent amount, but they only do if you find the right style/colour/technique for your face and body. Building a wardrobe is hard and takes forever. I still don't know how, but I can manage to dress pretty nice a lot of the time.
-However, makeup, hair, weight loss etc can only do so much. If you don't have a lot of money or don't want to spend a lot, it's going to be really hard because you'll have to waste some money on experimentation and you'll make mistakes at first.
-I could look decent but I was always homely until I got 3 moles removed from my face and had a nosejob. It wasn't even a drastic one, most people can't tell, but it made a huge difference. Having massive changes to your bone structure is bound to make you look weird but if you get work done bit by bit it's better.
-I got rid of my glasses. I still wear them around the house but they can make any outfit look frumpy so I just wear contacts outdoors.

Honestly the most depressing thing is how when you're frumpy and awkward you don't even have to do much, people will just naturally be annoyed by you, especially women. All of a sudden people got way friendlier since my looks changed, salesladies no longer scowl at me and are super sugary sweet now. Call me names all you want but boys never gave me a second glance back then, to them I didn't exist, but for girls it was open season to pick on me for shit I couldn't help like my ears or nose, and staff usually treated me as an annoyance and were kinda rude always. Back then all I wanted was a friend to rely on and talk to, now I couldn't care less. You can't exactly go back in time and undo the emotional damage, and now I know that how nice people are to me hinges on my physical attractiveness, which makes me bitter as hell.

No. 115436

Since the dawn of early humanity, my ancestors have gotten laid. Someone in the world found each individual in every generation attractive. My face is a reflection of thousands of years of genetic selection. I may not be conventionally attractive, but I'm sure there's something to be said about all of my features that have made it along this far, and I'm at least content with that. I wear my face around, as-is, ie I don't wear make up or alter myself anymore. I no longer hide my crooked nose. It's actually one of my favorite features, because it's so different from most people I know. Same for my combo of dirty blonde curly hair, freckles, and a unibrow.

No. 115448

That's absolutely beautiful anon, this needs to be on a plaque.
Although it would need a disclaimer that thousands of years of science have taught us that hygiene is important too, since I could imagine smelly teenagers using it as a reason why they don't need to shower!

No. 115449


Well for the never finding an interested guy thing, it really depends on a whole bunch of factors including and aside from appearance. Most people with average to below-average appearance can still find someone, from what I've seen anyway (that someone probably won't be drop-dead gorgeous, but yeah). I'm sure there are people who are physically "hideous" but I think they're incredibly rare. Still, it fucking sucks feeling ashamed and humiliated bec of appearance even if no one's literally throwing tomatoes at you. I relate to that heavily.

> movies

Yeah that trope really bugs me too. It's a bit insulting to be pandered to like that. I like British actors bec they're a bit more regular-looking compared to Hollywood types.

Well I have to say I agree with the right to die (this is… off-topic) for, like, persistent psychological suffering. I don't think there's happiness for everyone. Do I think both of us are for sure hopeless in getting to a better place emotionally? No. I guess I'm still trying even if I don't think the odds are in my favor. I hope you try your best, anon.

No. 115450


Christ I literally replied to the wrong thread and I also didn't correctly quote REEEEE hope it's allowed to post this and point to like. The post above. Ugh. I'll see myself out

No. 115455

There's a guy on tinder who I like but I won't meet up with him because I know he won't like me irl and I'm too terrified, I don't want to lose him and it would be awkward being around someone who doesn't like me. There's a lot of shit wrong with me like my ugly teeth/mouth which I hide on pictures, my wide crooked nose, hooded eyes, flat chest and ass, and the speech issues my ugly teeth are giving me. I don't want to meet up with him and then lose him, I'd rather have him as an online friend than lose him completely..

No. 115459

Sadly I'm the kind of person with a huge nose and no lips even my friend once pointed out that I have no lips.. I'm white but I guess my nose didn't want to be white lol

No. 115475

>How to cope with being ugly
I wish I knew.

There's literally nothing that I like about my body, there's nothing that could be even remotely considered attractive.
>too tall, but short-legged + big feet + cankles
>bulky legs (especially my calves look like a man's), littered with stretch marks and very visible veins
>ghostly pale, but dark and thick body hair, loads of moles
I'm so hairy, even on my toes fingers and lower stomach, my legs and arms are worse than a man's.
>too wide violin hips/hip dips, saggy chest, wide shoulders, manlike wrists and hands
>big head, double chin, quare jaw a la Kelly Osbourne, saggy jowels, thin and downturned lips, fat cheeks, nasolabial folds, hook nose + big hairy nostrils, deep and nearly black undereye circles, small hooded eyes, manly brows and forehead, m-shaped hairline + flat hair at the top, dry at the bottom
My face manages to look too fat and gaunt at the same time. I could easily pass for 10 years older than I really am.

So yeah, like others already pointed out, muh perfect diet/skin care/makeup is of no use. Most of those things couldn't even be changed with surgery. I'm just very, very unlucky.

No. 115494

No wonder you think of yourself as ugly if you talk about yourself like that all the time. Maybe you should go and see a therapist because I doubt that this is what you really look like to other people. Your body image is just fucked. Nobody notices all these small imperfections and if I would do that all the time I’d go nuts.

No. 115506

For starters I doubt things are as bad as you say, hooded eyes and a flat ass and chest are normal things. He won't be a perfect human specimen irl either, you're probably hupercritical of yourself.
But that aside let's be real, probably found him on tindr in the first place because he wants either a fuck buddy or a girlfriend, and refusing to ever meet him is stringing him along.
Maybe the two of you are now good friends, but in that case then you should be able to trust him to explain this situation, because you should be able to explain your feelings to friends. If he wants to meet up with you then do it, because postponing it isn't going to fix anything. If he drops you, he was no friend.

No. 115514

On his profile he just said he was bored, and there are plenty people on there mainly for friends so I don't think meeting up is a hard requirement. I also mentioned I'm not interested in hook ups so he probably knows that's not what I would go along with anyway, and when I tried to be flirty he didn't join in either so he doesn't seem like the type anyway but yeah he does like me because he calls me cute and wants to cuddle lol. We haven't known each other for that long yet so I'm not sure I should bother him with my long sad story about my self esteem issues and general anxiety disorder shit, but we seem to really click so I love talking to him. It's just been on my mind so soon already because we don't live that far from each other so it's kinda silly that I don't want to meet up since he probably wants to some time especially when we call each other cute and shit

No. 115528

>Nobody notices all these small imperfections
Thing is, they're not just small imperfections, they're everywhere. I don't have a single body part that's "normal" or without a problem.

No. 115529

ok let's assume there is a "normal default for all body parts. next time you're outside at a bus stop or like a shop and you see a normie couple, try to observe the woman as critically as you would observe yourself. is her hairline "normal" or her wrists "manly" etc. maybe even try this with the workplace's/school's stacy. can more than guarantee that the women will always deviate from your "normal" on multiple accounts. however, this is not to enable you bitching about how "ugly beckies everywhere steal all the chads, so unfair" but rather to understand that you are perfectly within the norm and not a legitimate cave dwelling being. as a woman, your appearance will always be important (unfortunately), however, confidence can honestly do a lot.

No. 115580

I was gonna say the same thing. What is the age range on lolcow. I’m 24 and she looks young to me, maybe mid thirties early forties. That’s not old, and you’ll be lucky if you look like her at 30

No. 115665

I recently stopped being carded 75% of the time. The last few years, I’ve always been perceived as being under 21 and sometimes they even tried to take my card away like it was a fake. I’m about to turn 25, and suddenly nobody is carding me. I don’t know what’s changed in my appearance, I feel that I look mostly the same and am aging ok… but it was my understanding you get carded until you look over 30. Could I have really aged that rapidly without noticing? I feel embarrassed and unattractive lately.

No. 115666

Tbh I feel scared and wanna know who else feels this?

No. 115675

(I'll assume you're 2 different anons, my b if I'm wrong.)

Why be ashamed of looking your age, anons? Maybe you still don't even look your age, but 22-23 and that's enough not be carded anymore. And maybe it's not even your physique's doing, maybe you changed your clothes/makeup to a slightly more mature style without realising.

Looking younger than you are is flattering but it also comes with its disadvantages, like not being taken seriously in the workplace, being creeped on by pedos, etc.

Looking your age is more than fine, it's normal. Hugs to you both.

No. 115841

I have objectively some disabilities but physicially on the surface I look pretty much perfect (in my opinion). I have in my opinion one of the most perfect faces ever. You now know.

No. 115904

Braille keyboard or voice-to-text?

No. 115914

It could be a coincidence. I've always gotten carded, I grew up with my mom always getting carded too. I had the same thing happen to me a few months ago. Every time I went out, I didn't get carded. But recently I went down to Florida and I got hazed twice by two different people. Literally made me stand there and recite the information on my ID because they believed it was a fake and I was lying to them. Partially I was relieved because I too had been questioning why I wasn't getting ID'd back home, lol. Sometimes people are just awkward about it. When I was a server, honestly if someone was pretty or made me feel awkward I wouldn't ask, because I'm not confrontational. You could just be getting people like that. Also, if you dress professionally for work this makes a huge difference. My husband and I both wear business formal at our day jobs and NEVER get carded at dinner when we are dressed up. But on the weekend we sometimes get carded.

At 25, you don't look OLD at all. My mom STILL gets carded and she's 40. It all depends on where you're going, what you're wearing, etc.

No. 116237

I'm still feeling bad about this tbh

No. 116243

If you met him on Tinder, he might not be interested in just being your friend, anon. I understand your fears, but I think you should still go for it. I also look better on selfies than I look irl and no matter what angle I use, I can’t really catch my awkward real self on camera. I usually tell guys that while I am not a total catfish, I might not be as attractive irl when I do online dating. I have had guys telling me that they were really happy when we finally met because they thought I was beautiful in reality, too. Maybe it will be the same for you! I also matched with a really hot soccer player once who insisted on meeting me. He loved my pictures, but I could tell that he wasn’t into me when we hung out. It was still a nice day though! Even if a date is not a success in terms of hooking up/starting a relationship, it can be a positive experience and help you gain confidence. And if your teeth really are a problem, why don’t you get them fixed? Good luck, anon!

No. 116345

break our mirrors …. baby girlsss i have a porn addiction!

No. 116569

Because braces aren't as easy to get for everyone, they cost a lot, and I'd have to lie to the ortho to get them as well, not to mention while wearing braces I would just have more issues on top of all my existing ones since braces look absolutely horrible to me and get food stuck in them etc. Can't really call that an easy fix in my case.. also I had a fight with the tinder guy and it doesn't seem like he's coming back so I guess that problem fixed itself :')

No. 116750

I just hate when people are like "just put some make up", "lose weight" or "i'm sure it's not that bad".
They don't know what it's like to cry every time you are yourself in mirror. to don't want to go outside because you're afraid of people reactions. You just want to sleep forever. And it's not even about killing yourself, you just don't want to… 'be here'.

No. 121902

I've gotten used to it. I've just returned from a big city to my home in the country and after looking at all the pretty people there I realized how ugly I am lol.

I know I won't ever get a boyfriend, but that doesn't mean I don't have potential to achieve my dreams or be the person I want to be. Also, most of the guys I meet end up being assholes or misogynists so I don't beat myself up over males not giving me attention. The only thing I'm afraid of is meeting the man of my dreams and him ignoring me because he thinks I'm trying to flirt with him. I wouldn't mind being just one of his closest friends

No. 121916

>to don't want to go outside because you're afraid of people reactions

has anyone actually "reacted" to your looks though or is it just something you worry about?

No. 121919

comforting until you realise that half of women of childbearing age are childless and there have always been rejects and spinsters. you just don't know about them because they're alone.
not to be a debbie downer, but these are things that keep me up.

i don't want to be pretty for men, i want to be pretty enough that people pay attention to what i have to say or for them to care about what happens to me.
i secretly dream of a happy marriage and being swept off my feet/finding real committed love with a kind man but i have known it wouldn't happen for me since i was about 7 or 8. idk if it's because dating culture is different, or there are no nice men, or if it's purely down to my looks. realistically, probably a combo of bad looks, low self esteem, and a shy personality.

No. 122797

I wish I could easily just stop existing in my body. Not quite die, but just. stop.

I'm just gross. bumped nose, fat gains in weird places on my face, small beady eyes too far apart, fat lower lip and no upper, hooded deep eyes with very little lash, two different cowlicks in my bangs so I can't hide my massive 5 head, pasty as shit, constantly red nose and inner cheeks, weird rough patch under my chin (keratosis pilaris, cant be fixed.)

im short and fat too, no matter how nice I try to dress I look like a mid-western mom taking their kid to a parent teacher conference, not a cute 23 yr old girl.

People treat me like I have some sort of handicap, overly friendly, in the way you know they're doing it out of pity.

I hate it. Sometimes I can be moderatelyy okay with my face (with a wig, contacts, heavy makeup/contour/facial taping and shapewear) but the second it comes off I feel like im about to have a mental breakdown.

No. 122820

how old are you? I'm sure you will get a boyfriend at some point.

No. 122821

I'm doing my dream job, and more successful than I ever dreamed I would be, but I still think I'd trade it to be my prettier housemate who's struggling to succeed in the same field. I can't even imagine what it would feel like to not constantly worry about what I look like- the absolute freedom that would come with knowing I'm attractive. I can't help but feel like if I was born good looking, I wouldn't need to bother to try to be successful. I feel like everything I do is an attempt to make up for not being pretty. I hate how even after years and years of developing everything else about me, I still feel worthless because of the way I look. No matter how good I do in my life, it doesn't matter because I'm still ugly and people will never see past that in a first interaction.

No. 122829

If you're so concerned by your looks that you aren't interested in the rest of your life then maybe your life isn't interesting enough for you. If you had an open world simulation game with an automatically generated avatar, instead of accessorizing the avatar and looking at every mirror it would be more fun to just go explore that world and try the craziest thing you could do with it. You only get one life and you're already done with it? Go launch a crazy big scheme or work at an small rescue shelter in another country or something.

No. 122839

someone didnt read the post

my issue isnt that im not interested in it. its that im constantly reminded that im lesser while im trying to just live my life. in big and small ways

unintentionally rude comments from store clerks, girls talking about me behind my back while im at concerts, guys saying they wouldnt date me and doing that cringey backpedaling thing because they realize they just said something shitty, going to stores with a friend and everything fits them perfectly and I look like a sack of potatoes.

When I play open world games with customization, I do spend a long time dressing my characters up.

I'm also /cope/ with depression and going to therapy already, on medication etc etc, so telling me to 'just go enjoy it' isn't going to do shit. Life when you're a woman is heavily dictated by your looks, from how others interact with you, to just being able to do something as simple as going for coffee and a croissant while you do some work.

People are ruder- or they act like they pity you. Both suck.

Being pretty gives you a sort of halo to most people. My cousin is probably one of the most gorgeous people I have ever seen IRL. She looks like a photoshopped insta model but in real life. Hanging out with her, I'm constantly in her shadow/people ignore me, avoid me, etc. (Not her fault, because she's also probably one of the nicest people I know, despite being like, model-level gorgeous and talented as fuck)

We'll go shopping or hang out and dudes consistently approach her- only talking to me to get me to be their 'wingman' or get info from me. Normally she just ignores it bc she has a boyfriend, or we'll both leave.

TLDR: im trying to 'enjoy life' as you so simply put it. Life sucks anyway.

saged for blogpost

No. 123343

Keratosis pilaris can most certainly be fixed, it's just dead skin cells not flaking off properly. Get a scrub mitt and a milk/cream cleanser and clean under your chin twice a day, stop leaning your chin on your hand, don't wear scarves/high-necked clothing, etc. You can get lip filler in your top lip and lash extensions on your eyes, lots of hot girls have 5heads, visit a hairdresser and ask for hairstyles to suit your hair type, lose some weight/tone up with exercise - and if you're really still not happy after all that rhinoplasty is an option. A lot of what you're unhappy with is totally fixable IF you're dedicated.

No. 123344

Every few years I combat my conditioned need to be desirable by shaving my head. I've got quite strong bone structure and not a lot of subcutaneous fat, so people instantly start to read me as male. Definitely forces me to think about stuff other than whether that guy thinks I'm QT.

No. 123353

I've kept my hair very short for years as a way of avoiding male attention

I'm happy for them to assume that I'm gay or too boyish to bother with

No. 123356

Isn't it bizarre how differently men treat you? The guys at my work literally stopped speaking to me overnight, so odd.

No. 123362

I feel like I get treated differently for being fat and ugly. At uni we would have events with my society and they would end pretty late at night. When the groups were splitting up the guys would all jump at the chance to walk the cute, thin, tiny girl home, despite the fact that she lived like 5 minutes away and had a fully lit street to walk down. On the other hand I had to walk 20 minutes along a path in the dark that had been the site of a couple of stabbings and muggings the previous year. No one ever offered to walk me home and make sure I was safe. All I would get is a "Bye!" and then their attention would be back on the cute girl. It really felt like no one would care if I got hurt at all.

No. 123368

So stop eating weirdo you’ll save money too and it can go to makeup and clothing

No. 123391

she's not a weirdo for what she said.

No. 123392

Eeeh if you seriously think "no one cares if I get hurt because I'm fat" maybe think about that attitude being the reason. Maybe you're bitter in general, maybe you're not that liked? Harsh, but I'm not really bashing you… I'm thin and rather pretty, and in such situations I always walk home alone anyway - the reason being I'm not really friends with the guys in our group, because I'm terrible at socializing with men and painfully awkward. Being cute may be a factor in why guys like a certain female friend, but in my experience it's about who they like as a person/friend rather than looks alone

No. 123393

But >>123362 has a point. I don’t think no one would care if she got hurt, but of course men will prefer spending time with the cute girl and help her. That’s just how it works, not just in those situations but also in school, at work… Anon can adapt to that by losing weight and working on her looks or learn to not give a fuck that men will always will judge your looks and treat you accordingly.

No. 123396

i consider myself hideous but i’ve still landed myself multiple sugar daddies and a dozen chads on tinder; men really aren’t as picky as you might think.

No. 123413

I must be deformed because men avoid me like the plague; I can't imagine a man being around me willingly, let alone paying for it.

No. 123416

My point was that they don't like me as much and that I am aware they would like me more if I was thin. That was just one example but there have been many times when people put her above other people and not just me, to the point of whiteknighting her when someone calls her out on her bullshit and she starts crying crocodile tears. All because they think she will fuck them.
I'm aware it isn't a healthy mindset but mental illness is a bitch

No. 123418

File: 1568482704243.jpg (33.18 KB, 500x331, shutterstock_1086894311.jpg)

let us not. you're almost blaming anon for this bullshit. the men are shallow. even if it were her attitude (doubtful), good people aren't just like, "oh, dark alleyway where people have been raped and mugged? well, you're a little snarky, so peace!". your post is namalt tier.

No. 123419

>sugar daddies
Well, yeah, it's no secret that men aren't too picky about who they fuck, if you offer them the puss then they'll take their shots regardless.

Do the Chads go out in public with you, take pictures with you that they share openly, and ever express wanting to get into in a long-term romantic relationship with you and actually doing so?
If not, you're the ugly side chick.

No. 123423

>Do the Chads go out in public with you, take pictures with you that they share openly, and ever express wanting to get into in a long-term romantic relationship with you and actually doing so?
>If not, you're the ugly side chick.

This happened to me. I knew it was happening, and even called the guy out on it, but he kept assuring me he liked me, so I was in a weird flip flop of whether or not to trust him because he seemed genuine. I was in denial hard. I told him I wouldn't put out until I got to know him better because something just felt "off." Sure enough, he ghosts me. I regret being as intimate as I did.

why am i such a dumdum

No. 123427

Don't feel bad anon, he lied to you about his intentions like what a lot of scumbags do.
I wasn't so lucky.

Back in grad school I lost a large amount of weight (80+ pounds) but I was still an overweight weird chick. I had very low self-esteem even with the weight loss and I was quiet. One day a semi-cute ultra Chad who was the ~*~vice president~*~ of some stupid fraternity cornered me alone in a library study room and started hitting on me. I foolishly fell for it because I had lost the weight and had a hope that maybe I was becoming somewhat attractive to men. Ngl it made me feel a little validated at first.

Turns out he was more than happy to hang out with me and fuck me in private, but he had a huge problem when it came to anyone finding out. Had a rule that I could be friends with him on fb but I wasn't allowed to tag him in any pictures or statuses. That was probably so he could get away with keeping me as a side chick among others he had, and not letting anyone publicly know he was with me. Anytime we hung out in public it had to be very low key, like at a frat house party or late night with his mates because there'd be plausible deniability that I was just a thirsty slut he was pity porking.
He was never going to take me seriously.

Then I met my ex and started dating long term. Chad bro quickly deleted me off social media and ghosted me because he knew I wouldn't be fucking him anymore, and so my usefulness was up.
My only consolation was that this Chad had a tiny dick, and was probably fucking someone like me to compensate for his own low self-esteem as I think even Stacies would have laughed about his pathetic bedroom performance.

No. 123449

does anyone else find the idea of like going to the beach and being half naked just mind boggling? like i often wonder how so many people can feel comfortable enough with their bodies to do that. not even that, like I find wearing shorts and those little tight shirts to be way too much and i'm amazed and jealous that girls can just go ahead and wear them with no problem, like they're not worried or constantly thinking of what other people might say in public if they look at them. idk i've always found this thought to be stupid but that's genuinely how i feel - it amazes me that people can show off so much of themselves like it's super casual and a normal thing but i find myself anxious like crazy and always hyperaware of people staring. i can barely imagine myself wearing like a swimsuit at the beach for example because of that

No. 123454

UDS. I hated how whenever I had a crush, the guys reacted badly upon finding out. Or they would like my friends instead.

That changed in my 20’s.

If you suddenly found a lot of men interested in you, it wouldn’t actually be great. Most men are NOT nice to women they find attractive. They’ll just do what they can to convince her to fuck them. And once they have her convinced they aren’t respectful.

I think women who have always been attractive know that and use denial to their advantage so they can get someone to stick around. That’s ultimately what I learned to do.

Being attractive does give you more options with men. But also, once they’re with you they stop caring so much about how you look. And you still find their attention drifting towards all the other attractive women in the world regardless.

I’m approaching 30. I’ve noticed how the world is starting to treat me like the ugly teenager I feel like again, and I can relax.

No. 123455

File: 1568522444072.png (98.98 KB, 632x650, 1475925012134.png)

You are beautiful
Every single one of you

No. 123460

>>123455 you too, anon.

No. 123471

i've lived on the beach before and unless you're in santa monica, ca or miami it's mostly the fattest, nastiest women in tiny bikinis. that's what's appeased a lot of my insecurities about wearing swimsuits, etc.

No. 123603

Go to the gym and be ugly and ripped.

No. 123755

Here's some thoughts nobody asked for: I don't really have the incel mentality of 'beautiful people have everything and ugly people have nothing and will get nothing' (I think that's rather black and white), but I'm still obsessed with my looks relative to others'.

Like, I know being a universal sex symbol doesn't necessarily make for a euphoric life (people like Marilyn Monroe and Hedy Lamarr were unhappy for arguably most of their life, so you can be beautiful and yet troubled and feel empty). So at this point I think it's just an emotional/subconscious thing I have with looks. I didn't really want to bang as many Chads as possible or be a VS model and have people jack off to me, it's more like I just wanted to be exceedingly beautiful so I wouldn't feel shitty about myself, because anything less than that would be losing. Or my subconscious thinks that's the key to confidence and being accepted. I did desperately want to be accepted.

So anyway, I do think that lookism exists and that average-looking people get ignored in favor of pretty people, at least at first, and have less opportunities/chances. And I agree that it sucks. Women are constantly bombarded with how important it is to be beautiful, to an extent that men aren't, and I don't agree with the 'everyone is beautiful' campaigns in terms of physical beauty. But then again, do the Chads even really care about "Stacies" beyond wanting to fuck them? Super-hot women get objectified and creeped on a lot. And if you want to have a successful career but you're a hot girl (in "serious" fields), you won't be taken seriously. So anyway, life sucks as a woman, period.

No. 123758

I was raised in the fashion industry arguably the most self absorbed place ever

>do think that lookism exists and that average-looking people get ignored in favor of pretty people, at least at first, and have less opportunities/chances. And I agree that it sucks. Women are constantly bombarded with how important it is to be beautiful, to an extent that men aren't, and I don't agree with the 'everyone is beautiful' campaigns in terms of physical beauty.

Yes but we also live in a world where men prefer women to be seen not heard

>But then again, do the Chads even really care about "Stacies" beyond wanting to fuck them? Super-hot women get objectified and creeped on a lot. And if you want to have a successful career but you're a hot girl (in "serious" fields), you won't be taken seriously.

But if you are ugly then you aren’t even spoken to in any industry and get shoved in the worst possible way

We can’t win

No. 123794

i wish i could see myself in the way others do.

i am overweight, have a really weird nose, hooded eyelids with one lazier eye, really deep eye bags, a square jaw and gross hair. my teeth are also messed up so i hate my natural smile and it also shows a lot of gum.

yet all the things i've listed are also things people point out that they like about me. my boyfriend especially says he loves my smile because he knows when it's genuine. but it's hard to take any compliment seriously when i'm so used to seeing all these tiny flaws added up to make one big mess.

i wish i could get over these self esteem issues.

No. 123825

Beauty is the ability to magnetize people and influence behavior therefore gaining benefits. However it's fickle and somewhat illusory, because it's a force that's usually outside your control (by virtue of your genes) and it's not dependent on solid qualities or abilities.

Both people who are very beautiful and very ugly have "karmic" lessons to learn - both need to wake up from the grip of beauty otherwise both will eventually crumble in life. Beautiful people need to have the realization that the good and easy things happening to them aren't for granted and aren't backed up by their true abilities otherwise when they eventually lose their beauty they're in for a rude awakening.

The lesson for ugly people is to accept they do not possess the power to magnetize and instead of yearning for an ability can't have - to develop qualities that will get them what they want in life and more importantly to fight the pull of bitterness, envy, anger and malice.

Beautiful people need to fight their blissful ignorance and develop abilities, ugly people need to fight their angry misdirected ignorance and develop abilities. Once the force of beauty disappears (which it always does) that's the only way you can survive reality.

No. 123839

File: 1568998138456.jpeg (50.85 KB, 460x449, A8C61971-4E31-494F-9CFE-A13BEC…)


I’m on the same boat. I was buttfucking ugly from my early middle school days all the way until after high school. I was (still am) super insecure and had bangs that did not suit me at all, but kept them because an old friend told me I looked less ugly with them. At least she was honest with me. The only compliments I would receive from friends were for my personality.

Anyway, cut to after high school - I finally found a hairstyle that suits my face, learned how to decently do makeup, and am currently exploring my fashion taste.

When I visited my family I haven’t seen in a while, I got compliments on how pretty I looked for the first time ever. Instead of that making me feel good I felt like shit instead. I honestly wanted to cry. I’m still ugly without makeup. I don’t think I could ever let anyone else (besides my parents) see me without it since I got that reaction.


Same with me. I cannot leave the house without filling in my brows and putting on eyeliner. I feel naked without them.


If it makes you feel any better Anon, Angelina Jolie, Margot Robbie, and Lucy Liu all have square jaws and they’re absolutely beautiful in my opinion.

No. 123869

Staying single, turning down all men, only having female friends, etc

I get more insecure in relationships than I am single only because I know how judgement men are to their girlfriends and how badly they act over their girls flaws

No. 124098

my ability to cope has been getting a lot worse lately. to the point that im afraid of going outside where people might look at me. i just really hate the idea of existing in a body that an be perceived

im below average. i posted about this before, but my mom permanently fucked up my scalp when i was a kid so i grew up with large bald spots that i cant hide for my whole life

it doesnt help that natural black hair isnt really considered attractive when the curls arent loose and thick. people made fun of me in school for having a dark upper lip/mustache, looking like a guy, being chubby

i got my dads very large/wide nose, a big and round forehead, long face, sparse eyebrows, an overbite, a man chin, small eyes, really bowed legs and small tits, im shaped like a frumpy exaggerated pear

most of the time i dont feel like im human. i feel like no one else would accept me as human either. like others have said, catching a glimpse of myself can ruin my whole day. I just feel like a goblin hiding away in its cave

No. 124100

Anon, you don't have to answer this if you don't want, but how did your mom give you permanent bald spots? Have you tried putting eyeshadow on them that's close to your hair color? I'm not sure how big they are, but that might help a little bit?

No. 124120

chemical relaxers repeatedly burning my scalp + tight hairstyles. Some of my earliest memories are of crying about how much it hurt then being yelled at for being “tender-headed” lol

itried that years ago and it made me feel better than cause it was less obvious at a distance, but theyre too large to go unnoticed if youre looking right at me unfortunately

No. 124128

You should try using the Bosley hair fibers. I've known men who are balding and women with cancer who are able to cover up huuuge bald spots with that product. You'd never be able to tell it was all just powder.

No. 124134

i would suggest using a product called edgefull its marketed for your edges but im sure you can use it anywhere. Plus it mimics afro hair fibers since im assuming you are a fellow black girl. This makes me sad I wanna be your friend!!

No. 124198

There is a pretty big difference in size between my breasts. Like one is a whole cup smaller and it makes me so fucking insecure. I have such a hard time finding a bra which fits good to. Its strange when i was a teenager i didn't worry aboit th3 difference at all but now im so insecure about it. Im trying to work out my left side since im guessing what also plays a factor is that i use my right side more. I hope the size difference will atleast get a little bit smaller.

No. 124295

Are you trying to make the left side smaller to match? In my case, the right breast is smaller and I'm right-handed. I feel like every time I exert effort with my right arm, I'm making my tit smaller. I hate this lol

No. 124519

if difference is too big there are plastic surgieries to make breast same size.

No. 124548

get padding for one side of your bra?

No. 124683

im so tired of being ugly/plain. nobody is honest. guys and girls both ignore me in favor of my friend to the point I stopped bringing her with me to our local lgbt bar (she likes it bc she doesnt feel threatened in there, shes straight) and when i told her she basically cussed me out and came after all my insecurities (saggy breasts, big nose, weak chin, uneven eyes) and now I feel like I'm gonna be sick.

No. 124684

What a bitch, you're gonna be honest with that asshole and she's gonna come for you all like that? The troglodyte was already thinking that about you and knew the dynamics and got off on them from the jump. I hope you remove that sordid wench out your life.

No. 124685

ive blocked her basically everywhere, another friend of ours (mutual) dm'd me bc she had been bitching abt me to them.

It just sucks. she's very petite, big warm gold/brown eyes, cute disney princess type nose and wavy blonde hair.
I'm much broader (wide shoulders, muscular legs) with dark brown hair and grey-blueish eyes. It feels like shit to find out how she viewed me, and the fact that she likely ENJOYED it makes it so much worse, and now I'm wondering if she was talking me down when I wasn't right there to hear it…

No. 124686

Halle looked more feminine and youthful with a wider nose though

No. 124771

File: 1570363890177.jpg (364.65 KB, 932x932, tumblr_nw4cuu5XrR1uegvy1o1_128…)

>small breasts, like A cup, even though i'm not even skinny but average (170 cm/58 kg, feeling a bit fat…)
>flat ass
>bad teeth from years of bulimia (yes i managed to quit but i did irreplaceable damage)
>bad nails (ugly shape)
>manly sausage hands
>literally no eyebrows, they're fucking light grey, i have to dye them for them to stand out (makes me look even more bald and ugly)
>thin ugly light brown flat hair (grows so slowly and just hangs off my head, always looks dirty, i try to do highlights but i still look like shit)
>bad skin (not acne, zits and blackheads though, fine lines…)
>extremely pale, uneven skin tone with red splotches, burn easily and never tan (this makes me feel super fucking ugly especially, i lather myself in sunscreen and still i burn and look so hideous and trashy)
>HUGE NOSE, i have been bullied so much about it, it is wide and bulbous and the profile is awful, it makes me suicidal that i can't even afford surgery
>hooded eyes, i look like steve buscemi

>no friends, female or male

>have a boyfriend but that's it, i'm constantly paranoid he finds someone better, it would be so easy for him
>bf is the only man i ever dated
>no other man has ever seriously tried to hit on me, instead i got bullied by girls and boys alike all my life
>never talk to anyone about my appearance issues of course, try not to self-pity too much but it's killing me
>if my boyfriend left me i honestly think i'd be alone for the rest of my life


god, if her nose is considered big, i can only imagine what people think about mine


that nose fits them and they look very cute. i think that wide noses can fit black/very tan mixed race women but on white people it's just ugly as hell. i am very pale, round features and my nose is like that and i'm fucking hideous

No. 126025

No. 126037

This hurts anon cause you are basically describing me.

Drawing on your eyebrows really makes a difference though. I go from 2 to a 4/10 easily.

No. 126042

No. 126043

Honestly anon there's a lot "fixable" here

>small breasts, like A cup, even though i'm not even skinny but average (170 cm/58 kg, feeling a bit fat…)

Excersise, build muscle

>flat ass

same thing

>bad teeth

if you have the money and are willing to spend it, the dentist can fix a lot

>bad nails

so grow them out. The shape of the nailbed is hardly noticeable if you grow them out and file the tips into a nice shape. Also keeping them neatly polished helps a lot

>manly sausage hands

again growing out nails will make your hands appear more feminine

>thin ugly light brown flat hair

dye it. Use products to create more volume and experiment with hairstyles

>extremely pale

this is not a bad thing anon. One of the most prettiest girls I know has a skin with 0 pigment and she's stunning. Wearing the right colors makes a world of a difference. Also you can wear foundation or tinted moisturizer/bb cream to even out your skintone

>no friends

that's not a permanent state, you can totally get yourself friends and a social life if you're willing to work for it

>i'm constantly paranoid he finds someone better

so improve yourself and have a little bit trust in your partner

No. 126102

improve your diet
good skincare
hair care
nail care
learn makeup

No. 126109

File: 1572112172095.jpg (31.12 KB, 632x480, Diogenes_looking_for_a_man_-_a…)

When I look in the mirror I generally like what I see. I feel pretty to myself. I even looked in a flipped version of the mirror image at a science museum (supposed "true mirror") and I still felt okay with what I saw. My bf calls me beautiful all the time.

But whenever I see photos of myself I don't know what happens. Whenever I take group photos from far away everyone looks more or less like themselves, but I look completely different, in the worst way possible.

My face is round like the moon, my hair looks thin and limp, my lips do a disappearing act, I have unfortunate fat distribution so that when I laugh my mouth area looks like it completely separates from the rest of my face and I look like an old, fat baby. Closeup photos aren't as bad but I still look busted a lot of the time, especially on photos taken by others.

Recently I started working with these two guys and we were browsing some pictures I took on my phone. They saw one of my profile photos for WhatsApp and were really surprised because I looked "nothing like myself".
Then, as we kept looking, they kept pointing out all my worst photos, usually taken from a distance with my eyes closed and a stupid look on my face, and saying I look "a lot more like myself" there. They didn't know which ones I prefer so they weren't doing it on purpose.

I also noticed that people ignore me a lot of the time and just won't talk to me. I've never been flirted with except for a few random African immigrants on the street, nobody but the people who are "supposed to" tell me I'm pretty does so, I'm not fat or smelly, I don't dress poorly (just kind of average), I'm not mean or weird socially. A few times others have noticed the same, so I made a joke about how I'm just not the best looking, which usually makes people go "nooooo that's not true, not at all" and it just sounds like very hard work to spare my feelings and I always feel lied to. Sometimes I wish people would just tell me honestly what they think.

No. 126120

>I've never been flirted with
Are you sure it's not because you just act cold or distant? Or maybe that you just don't stand out? If you say you dress dress average, chances is that you pass unnoticed.

No. 126132

Recently I've been feeling so bad about myself, I don't know what to do anymore. I even feel self conscious in front of my parents, and in uni or at work it's fucking unbearable. I can't look anybody into their eyes and always keep my head down when passing mirrors or windows. Sometimes I think of just giving up caring and living an isolated life, fat ugly and alone, but at least no longer worrying.

The more weight I gain and the older I get, the more hideous I turn. There's not a single part of my body that could be considered okay, everything about me is miles below average. The only people talking to me are super sweet women who are nice to everyone and my oldest male costumers (think 80) who jokingly flirt with the poor ugly shy girl. I'm like some stereotype for a loser woman out of a book.
Last christmas photos of myself made me cry (my mom hung them in the kitchen…) and I swore to myself to have lost my excess weight til this year but I only got fatter and grosser instead.
Recently I kept thinking of why this is and I came to the conclusion that for all my life not once a man said anything positive about me. Only extremely harsh comments and rejection, starting from an early age. So why would I ever feel desireable when everybody always made to sure to let me know just how repulsive I am?

No. 126138

this is stupid but i starved myself for years before finally going to inpatient therapy and getting real help. i’m in recovery and at a healthy weight and i’m okay with all of that.
the problem is that when i starved myself my hair fell out and i had to shave it.
my hair didn’t start growing for almost a year and now it grows very slowly. it makes me feel disgusting. i usually wear wigs honestly. in fact most people don’t see me without a wig on.
the worst part is, i’m growing body hair like an animal. i pluck my eyebrows daily because if i don’t i have a five o’clock shadow where my unibrow grows.
i have done everything and it bothers me so much i hate being bald with a unibrow.

on the bright side i’m no longer 5’5” and 80 pounds. that was the ugliest thing about me for a long time.

No. 126140

I’m in college and no guy or girl my age has ever hit on me. I’ve only been hit on by extremely old or gross men, and have never had a boyfriend. I feel so disgusting. People don’t talk to me when i’m with other people like I can say something and i’ll get completely ignored most of the time. It doesn’t help that i’ve gained a shit ton of weight at my new job and I go to the gym but something is always getting in the way and I hate the idea of being judged by others at the gym. I’ve been saving up for plastic surgery for a while but unfortunately had to spend that money on an emergency. I also have really bad teeth, and don’t have dental insurance so my teeth are only getting worse and I can’t afford to do anything about it. I hate the fact that people have to look at me, I just want to move to an isolated cabin and have a bunch of animals and not have to worry about my looks. Pretty people always say looks aren’t everything but i’m sure my life would be a heck of a lot easier if I was even slightly pretty.

No. 126147

seriously this. People have straight up told me they thought I was a cold bitch before they got to know me. Apparantly my neutral face is perceived as very cold and bitchy by others, especially if I'm minding my own business. (which is annoying because I can't go around smiling 24/7)

Anyway you might be giving a total different vibe off to others than you're thinking and be completely unaware of it.

No. 126155

Thirding this rbf point.
Just last year I was checking out a guy who I saw around uni and he approached me and asked if I "have an issue with him."
Perhaps anon has that problem + has a tone of voice that adds to it? I'm also monotone when nervous and it makes me sound annoyed even if I'm not.

It is unfortunate but she already has a bf so it's nbd in the end.

No. 126158

But in the end this is just as bad, because naturally having a resting bitch face is nothing one can fix, you can't get rid of it no matter how hard you might try, so people like her (and myself) are doomed

No. 126163

It's possible, I do have legitimate, professionally diagnosed assburgers so it could be that. Around strangers I'm slightly anxious 90% of the time and I always think that everyone considers me a weirdo.
But I've worked so hard to practice small talk, mind my body language, not stutter and not feel overwhelmed in public and "blend in" that it just feels very unfair that no matter how hard I try people still won't talk to me because of my face.

Thanks for the responses anons, I don't really know what else to say.

No. 126252

What are some things that only pretty girls will experience? Are there any above average girls here, or girls with above average friends who can spill? How do people treat you? What's your experience with dating and crushes? Is it easy, relatively speaking?

No. 126253

Do you by any chance have PCOS?

No. 126268

I was extremely unfortunate looking until 16, so I noticed the BIG difference in the way you are treated. Suddenly my male teachers (gross) acted surprised and told me I was getting prettier, also my classmates saying "wow you look pretty today". You suddenly stop being a zero in the left, they start to invite you out, when they take pictures I usually leave, but suddenly I NEEDED to be in the picture.
Also fuckboys and jocks chasing you without even knowing you, the ones who used to bully me, wasn't the most pleasant thing. Women too.
I also started to get harassed in the streets and public transportation. I hated feeling objectified, like a piece of meat.
I didn't even changed the way I dressed, using baggy and masculine clothes, but that didn't stop anything. Even when I got a pixie cut,nothing changed.
Really don't know how pretty girls go around dressing like actual women without fear.

No. 126273

This sounds like a shitty YA novel

No. 126274

File: 1572363342039.png (530.41 KB, 800x537, f977336d78cec91602c69805852f79…)

Same. It doesn't help that I'm actually super empathetic and instantly pick up on negative vibes. If people don't like me, I don't want to bother them, which in turn reinforces their perception that I'm an arrogant bitch who doesn't want to talk to them.

I even had friends tell me they thought I wanted to be left alone in situations in which I wanted a hug.

The only situation in which I enjoy suffering from resting bitch face (or being a sperg, or both) is when me or my friends get unwanted male attention.

How do my fellow RBF anons feel about "anti-resting-bitch-face" surgery? https://nypost.com/2019/09/16/women-are-getting-plastic-surgery-to-fix-resting-bitch-face/

No. 126275

I'm not but my little sister is beautiful, so I witnessed just how differently she was treated growing up.
I think the disadvantages of being ugly already start in kindergarten and continue throughout your school years: teachers will subconsciously always prefer cute kids over ugly ones. Maybe it's the same with parents too. People feel a stronger urge to take care of something pretty. Bad cute kids will get the same grades as good ugly kids.

My sister already received love letters in kindergarten. She never made or found friends, she simply always had them, because people naturally immediately always found her super likeable. Whenever we were on vacation she used to get free shit from street vendors because literally everybody found her adorable.
By the time I reached puberty my confidence was already low thanks to how I was treated before. Combine that with mean comments, getting ignored by everyone and you get a fucked up adult. My sister is a teen now and while she sometimes has insecurities, it's usually something that can be solved with a talk. Her grades are amazing, she has an easy school life, nice friends and later she hopefully will find a nice bf and a job easily.

No. 126280

[Samefag] Now that I think about it, I don’t think it’s my face as such. When guys hit on me (rarely) their faces slowly turn from cheerful to kinda uneasy within the first 60 seconds of the conversation, even if I’m responding positively. I know that I subconsciously furrow my brows a lot, so maybe botox would help (or maybe I have a very weird voice or it’s my general autism or all the above kek).

The only time this doesn't happen is when I'm on MDMA, which incidentally is also how I meet the guys I end up dating…

I use my new, public facing job as an opportunity to study why some people come across as arrogant/mean even though they didn’t say or do anything offensive. Maybe it’ll help me figure out what’s wrong with me. I noticed that some people look really fucking weird while they’re listening to others talk. They frown and clench their jaw like you just insulted their entire family or they furrow their brows and leave their mouth open, looking like they didn’t understand a single word you said. I’m pretty sure most of them don’t realise what they’re doing with their face.

No. 126282

This could be an entire thread by itself

No. 126283

No, because it would be full of anons claiming that being beautiful is sooo hard, be glad you're not as cute as I am, girls…

No. 126284

I think there's a relationship between eating disorders and body hair. Good luck, anon.

I'm keeping watch over my sister because she has unhealthy tendencies with her food. She was overweight as a kid and seems terrified about being fat again, but she doesn't have the proper knowledge to maintain herself properly. She just does the typical "I guess i'll just eat crackers today lel" that so many dumb fuck girls do.

No. 126285

and of course she gravitates towards easy cardiobunny exercises instead of lifting weights

No. 126286

File: 1572365426836.gif (15.14 KB, 220x123, real.gif)

Pretty girls will be able to call out fellow pretty girls. Same with unattractive girls.

No. 126288

Her before photo looks like she's about to break someone's penis in half kek

No. 126290

>So why would I ever feel desireable when everybody always made to sure to let me know just how repulsive I am?

Because it's a chance to impress the only person that matters the most:


No. 126558

File: 1572737032349.jpg (69 KB, 1600x840, What-Shape-Your-Nose-Reveals-A…)

I feel like no matter how much I 'improve' my appearance, I'll never actually look good because of my nose.

I can't wear make up any more because it just makes my nose more obvious. I know this is gonna sound cringy but I'll often jealously watch outfit and make up videos wishing I could try stuff like that without coming across as 'polishing a turd'.

Obviously I have other imperfections but I see those other flaws often enough in those types of videos that to me they don't seem to matter as much.

No. 126570


Nosejob anon?
A shitty nose is one of the most easily corrected ugly features.
Yeah it a bit pricy but insurance may cover it if you have even the slightest breathing issues, i have chronic sinusitis and if i wanted all abroad nosejob train choo choo

No. 126574

File: 1572749790765.jpeg (669.7 KB, 1125x1121, 1A2FECC4-9C94-475C-AF5C-B7BD23…)

5k in turkey

No. 126586

What did she do to the rest of her face? Her jaw and forehead look different.

No. 126594

File: 1572780698805.jpeg (640.06 KB, 1242x879, 68B0F17F-7529-4295-B197-270D9D…)

I honestly don’t know how long I can take living in this body when I constantly compare myself to other women. This is torture. Other people on this planet are going through worse shit and here I am crying over the way I look. Can someone please beat me to death with a giant stick.

No. 126603

Stop complaining and do the same things those girls have to do to look like that

It’s like having a computer in pieces and complaining you can’t connect it to wifi

Fix yo shit

No. 126611

Why is it that I think I look really good in the mirror but when people take a pic or if I take a selfie, I see how ugly I am with my big ass moon face head? So that's how people see me huh. No wonder the biggest compliments I get that I'm "cute" fml.

And I lost weight recently too, yet my moon face hasn't changed. Do I have to lose more?

No. 126617

height and weight?
might just be bone structure, which you should learn to embrace and enhace through styling

No. 126625

File: 1572809003994.jpg (39.22 KB, 634x495, lhovrvwv.jpg)

Camera lens and lighting can change how people look in pictures compared to real life.
And "cute" is better than nothing lol. How is that an insult?

No. 126633

jaw lift and botox i assume

No. 126638

How do I get over this stigma that plastic surgery will somehow make me.. not me?
I hate my bone structure and I want to get my nose and maybe chin fixed. I'm not disgustingly ugly but it really bothers me.
I feel like PS will finally wipe away my crippling insecurities but also fear I'll be guilty forever afterwards, and even feel like I'm "tricking people" in a way. Which doesn't even make logical sense.

No. 126641

How do you feel about your children not looking like you? What message will you be sending them by doing PS?

I feel like that is the key question, not have you betrayed yourself or are others tricked.

No. 126666

Will they have to know? Do children necessarily always look like their parents? What about biracial kids?

No. 126668

My mom had PS, (and wants to have some more procedures) its whatever, im still recognizable as my parents kid and she even offered for me to get breast implants since thats what bothered her more when she was on her 20s.

No. 126684

People won’t notice if the result looks natural. I went from a crooked nose with a small beak to a straight, but natural nose and I didn’t have to deal with any comments or rumours. I told everyone that I was getting surgery for health reasons (partly true) and that was it.

When I showed pictures of my old nose to my friends they were shocked and said they never noticed how crooked it was. I feel like most people don't pay attention to individual flaws and look at you as a whole. If you suddenly have a straight nose, they just assume you always looked this way. "You look different, but I can't quite put my finger on it," is a comment I got a lot. Plastic surgery only registers with them in the form of Kylie Jenner lips and huge bolt ons.

Chin surgery would probably be even less noticeable, especially if it balances out the changes from the nose job.

Look at before and after pics from different surgeons and try to find one who goes for a natural look. Avoid surgeons who give all their patients the same cookie cutter nose, no matter if it suits their faces or not.

None of what I said applies if you want drastic, exaggerated changes. However, you should only opt for extreme results if you have the confidence to deal with the reactions.

I think it’s highly unlikely that your child is going to be a miniature version of yourself. My mom has a tiny, upturned nose, so who knows how my hypothetical spawn would look like.

I didn’t hate my nose as such, I only hated it on me. It could have been beautiful on a woman/man with bigger eyes, lips and just bigger features in general, but on me it looked off. I feel more like myself post surgery than I did before. If my future child inherits my nose, maybe they can pull it off? And if it makes them unhappy, I’d be completely fine with them getting it fixed at the appropriate age, though I wouldn’t actively encourage it.

No. 126688

Is it odd that I absolutely don't want to get ps? Just a simple nosejob would likely make me look a hundred times better and therefore also improve the quality of my life but for some reason I'm completely against it. I should want it, I need it, other people would do it if they looked like me. No idea why, it's not like I wouldn't have enough money or that I'm scared of surgeries either…

People who've done it, do you feel guilty towards your parents? Since getting ps could mean that they gave me shitty genes, that they're also not attractive?

No. 126711

Not at all. My nose looks good on my dad but not on me, and I never looked that much like either of them anyway, I looked most like my grandma save for my nose.

No. 126715

> People who've done it, do you feel guilty towards your parents?

My parents think I’m ugly, I think they’d be thrilled lol

No. 126717

I'm honestly so ugly and it sucks to just be known as the "ugly" one. It just kind of sucks to never get any attention from anyone. Actually the only attention I do get is when someone makes fun of my features.

I really hope I can save money for surgery. I have tiny eyes (Is there even a surgery to make them bigger?? It'd be amazing if there was), a huge bulbous nose, thin lips, a long face, a huge forehead, face covered in acne. It doesn't really help that I am super pale and that I'm fat.
I'm honestly considering going ana-chan. At least I'd be skinny and ugly instead of fat and ugly. Maybe then people would start to notice one positive thing about me.

No. 126732

Same. Also, my nose wasn't an exact replica of my dad's – it had some of my mom's potato-y features. It was a Slav-Middle-Eastern Frankenstein nose.

I look more white/less ethnic now, so I do feel kinda bad for getting rid of a feature that signified my father’s side of the family. But on the other hand, nobody would have guessed my background before the surgery either. I just looked like a white girl with a weird nose.

No. 126733

I feel the same way tbh. It mostly has to do with the fact I don't want people to know I've had a nosejob, which is sort of inevitable with social media. I wouldn't want to deal with people judging, especially because asians are always stereotyped as having a boatload of work done and looking plastic. I've thought about getting filler in my nose though just to see what it'd look like without a bump.

No. 126946

What a incel thread

No. 126956

No one here wants to shoot up men for not finding them attractive.

So less incel than thought

No. 126960

Y'all are equally superficial.
Wah wah, I'm not Chad, wah wah I'm not Stacy.

Men typically direct their frustrations outwards, women inwards.

That is the cause of the difference between them shooting up others with guns, and you shooting up yourselves with silicone.

No. 126961


No. 126962

Only a scrot would compare plastic surgery to actual murder, you just proved femcels work to improve themselves instead of taking it out on other humans like man child incels.

No. 126970

>plastic surgery
>improving oneself
No, improving oneself would be working through their self-esteem issues and not mutilating their body.
Of course it's nothing in comparison to murder but men often do hurt others before themselves while women tend to hurt themselves the most.

No. 126984

What an utterly nonsensical comparison. I mean, to start with women being insecure about their looks doesn't indicate they're a virgin. And externalizing blame is the defining factor of being an incel and why they are shitty people, the concept literally means being celibate 'involuntarily'. Anyone who doesn't hold other people responsible for their virginity is just a normal virgin. You said yourself that women don't do it so… they have nothing in common, your post was pointless, the traits that make incels human garbage are not present in anons who want to get surgery so why make the comparison?

Incels aren't even particularly superficial with regards to themselves anyway, they think their looks shouldn't have to matter at all and resent women for having any physical standards at all. Their main issue is just how it limits their access to sex. Women just accept that men have standards and feel bad about not meeting them, and it runs so deep most of us feel the urge to improve our appearance even if they aren't consciously trying to impress men or get sex.

No. 126993

not only is comparing pc to murder completely ridiculous, as other anons have pointed out, incels dream of plastic surgery, too.


No. 126996

I used to be really ugly and even though I grew into my face, I'm still 100% conscious of how differently ugly people are treated. And I used to get the "just focus on your career" but the fact of the matter is that career is like 95% networking, and that requires you to be good-looking enough to function as a human in society.

I don't blame people who get plastic surgery or cake on makeup, sometimes you need that to get by

No. 126999

Incels and people who choose plastic surgery come from the same place.
Feelings of inadequacy brought on by perceived societal standards.

They're both bad ways of coping with the same issue. You can argue which way of coping is worse, sure.

But it would make more sense to adress the underlying cause.

No. 127013

>PlAsTIc SuRgERy iS bOdY MuTaTiOn!!1!!1!

No. 127014

So you're making fun of people who believe that.
1) Care to explain why they're wrong?
2) Why do people who are wrong deserve ridicule? They don't. Say what you will replying to the first question, none of it makes it ok to ridicule people with different beliefs.

No. 127017

>Feelings of inadequacy brought on by perceived societal standards.
Except inceldom is about feelings of entitlement to women's bodies brought on by actual, realized societal standards (in the sense that they struggle to get sex/relationships because they are terrible). You're making an extremely weak connection between two very different things. Insecurity is near universal, having that in common is meaningless.

No. 127075

It's you who tries to draw a false line between two related issues.
>actual, realized societal standards
are exactly why people seek plastic surgery. And turn to inceldom.

Fight the boogeyman scaring people. Don't fight the people.

No. 127098

Do you mean mutilation? Because plastic surgery is literally body mutilation. Regardless of what your opinion is.

No. 128728

I wonder, have any of you all experienced sabotage or an attempt of sabotage when people see you trying to change your appearance for the better?

Someone recently told me that they had to drop some "friends" because they would always tell her she didn't need to change when she decided to change her diet after being diagnosed with diabetes. Another one told me her "frenemy" would tell her she looked good in objectively ugly outfits and to not do anything with her neon-dyed washed hair.

No. 128729

Ime most of the people who said not to change something were doing it to seem polite and out of fear that they would offend me. None of my friends have been mean or wished me ill after I graduated from high school and left such people behind, and even then it was super obvious that those people had their own problems to resolve so they were feeling insecure.

The only one who's honestly come the closest to being a "frenemy" was my ex, which is why he's an ex.

No. 128731

Yes, when you successfully lose weight, friends and acquaintance will be annoying or down right hostile especially if they tried at the same time and failed . Maybe not everytime but I ‘ve heard about this happening to multiple persons so it’s not just me

No. 128747

>Ime most of the people who said not to change something were doing it to seem polite and out of fear that they would offend me.
This, I think people just say that automatically, people will frequently say similar about weight loss but then congratulate the person. The frenemy might be a bitch but some people are and of course need someone "ugly" around so they can feel better about themselves.

No. 128967

im afraid of getting plastic surgery because i don't know how i look irl. its all different, ive recently started to come in terms with how i look without makeup, and some photos i took were alright and then i looked at old photos and theyre so repulsive, idk how i look and it actually makes me panic. i haven't felt this for a long time, im afraid of going out tomorrow, ashamed and disgusted at myself and angry and jealous of beautiful people
i wish i could judge my behavior and appearance clearly. i could change for the better, if only i understood how

No. 128973

File: 1576026742271.png (27.69 KB, 184x179, 1499023860271.png)

I honestly wonder how people get plastic surgery without being afraid the surgeon is going to butcher them, even if you do a lot of research, every surgeon has bad reviews. And it's hard to tell which reviews are fake and which aren't. I think that's the only thing stopping me from getting a nose job.

No. 128978

If it makes you feel better, I got a nose job and I look like myself but better.
If à surgeon is good, he won't butcher you. You'll look similar to how you did before but better.

No. 128980

File: 1576052752579.png (282.83 KB, 966x1077, 1545781725201.png)

How did you research your surgeon? What country did you do it in? Do you think most of the RealSelf reviews are real and how did you feel reading the 1 star reviews?

No. 128985

Real Self doesn't exist in my country so I just looked up suggestions on local discussion forums and went to a consultation with the doctor everyone recommended. I live in a very small country so word gets around fairly quickly. Doctors are really expensive where I live but I wanted to recover at home instead of some shady third world hôtel.

No. 128987

I'm a month late but I also have a sort of Slav-Middle-Eastern Frankenstein nose (potatoe tip from my dad and convexity/projection from my mom) so I'm happy to see someone who used to be in the same boat. I've been thinking for years about whether a nose job would be a good idea or not, but I'm far from having the finances for one so it's not a priority at the moment.
Are you happy overall with your nose job? How did people react ? Like you I look like a white girl with a weird nose so I wonder if people think you've white-washed yourself or something like that.

I'm rather pretty overall despite my nose so it doesn't bother me much but I'm afraid that with ageing I'll end up looking like an ugly witch, kek.

No. 128992

this aynon typed it with a smirk of course.

Plastic surgery rarely looks good on average people btw, so if you're average and above don't ever do plastic surgery.
t. ugly

No. 128995

File: 1576084503878.png (215.45 KB, 786x462, meb.png)

Plastic surgery is peak pickme behavior in many cases, in my humble opinion, as it pertains to things you would do to please other people at any cost

No. 128998

i agree, people always say they're "doing it for themselves" but 9 times of 10 someone else put the idea in their head.

No. 129366

I don't feel or consider myself ugly but people treat me badly because of it and I have been called ugly. What can I do without getting plastic surgery? Again, I'm comfortable with my looks, I just hate people.

No. 129368

Go to the gym and be fit. Be mindful of what you eat.

No. 129376

When you're ugly and men would rather eat dirt than touch you (much less date you) the best thing you can do is become an autosexual. Jerk off 5 times a day, completely privatize your sexuality, be intimate with yourself, get turned on by your own body and features. Scrotes will never fuck us anyway unless we get plastic surgery or loose weight and why would you go through all these troubles just to get pumped and dumped by some moid who will always pick a naturally pretty/non mentally ill girl as his gf or wife?

No. 129379

nah I don't think so. People really blow up the flaws they see in their face and body in their minds when other people often hardly notice it, unless it's something really bizarre or blatant.

No. 129380

Nobody cares. Also you're male so your opinion is irrelevant. Nobody here wants to fuck your shriveled up thumb of a dick. Go back to your own boards.

No. 129385

No shit, you completely missed the point.

No. 129386

Then love all the people.
Take pride in walking among them.

No. 129393

You sound autistic.

No. 129439

File: 1576807379421.jpg (49.54 KB, 661x625, bag.jpg)

i dont want a bf or gf i just want to be left tf alone and allowed to work on my career / hobbies in peace w out getting treated like dog shit by everyone
i wish i had the courage to off myself
>Jerk off 5 times a day
why are u so horny are u ok

No. 129457

No I'm not ok

No. 129461

I wish we could form an ugly girls’ suicide pact. I will be throwing hands at the girls who are actually pretty that try to join.

No. 129478

Nah, let's start a cult.

No. 129496

File: 1576884140609.jpg (Spoiler Image,86.34 KB, 609x500, jisatsu_circle-c3_p063-e127166…)

go read the suicide circle manga now

No. 129497

From what I've seen even the ugliest girl can get a bf so maybe your standarts are a bit high

No. 129498

You sound like a scrote. Yes, ugly girls can get a quick pump and dumo behind the gas station but a loving, fulfilling relationship with a male who will not treat you like worthless shit and cheat and watch degrading porn? Impossible as an ugly girl. Get the fuck out of here with your "just lower your standarts sis :)". I will not be fucking doing that because the bar is already on the floor for males. I'm not going to date an abusive asshole just so I can say I have a bf.

No. 129500

Thank you for this, Anon!

No. 129543

File: 1576986380233.jpg (79.24 KB, 640x673, kisses.jpg)

Fellow uglies, have you created a fake/pretend bf to cope? I thought of making a man up in my mind and pretending I have a boyfriend so that I can feel cared for. I was going to write love letters to him, go on cute dates by myself while imagining he is there, and imagine him saying sweet things to me. I was trying to think of the traits my bf would have and I was stumped. All I want is for him to be caring, romantic, and respectful of me. I'm afraid to make him attractive because attractive men would rather hang themselves than talk to me and it just reminds me how ugly I am. Now I'm more depressed

No. 129549

Good shit, you fucking tell them anon. Being ugly shouldn’t stop you from having basic self respect. Also I think it’s not literally impossible. Women have better success at looksmaxxing.

No. 129550

File: 1576997462287.png (1.12 MB, 960x720, 40950345.png)

tbh this is literally why otome games exist
try hakuoki

No. 129560

Anon, this is lolcow-tier. Isn't there a cow who did it?

No. 129587

Good timing, anon

Now, >>129543, you don't need a boyfriend to be happy. Build up your self-confidence. Self-confidence is very attractive in itself. Sounds cliche, but you need to love yourself before you can love someone else.

No. 129608

Literally everyone gets fat and ugly when they're old.

When I'm in my 50s and everyone around me is baggy, saggy and getting wrinkled (for the overwhelming most part), the playing field will finally be even.

There are plenty of 50 - 60 somethings that want to date people their own age.

I'm just over here waiting. It can't happen fast enough.

No. 129612

File: 1577066434918.jpg (132.92 KB, 1013x503, BorderGrans.jpg)

Has any of you seen this Swedish movie from last year? https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5501104/
I liked it very much and the main characters are very far from normal beauty standards.

No. 129623

File: 1577081356532.jpg (61.64 KB, 600x425, MV5BYTYzMmU0YmMtNTRkMy00Y2M2LW…)

How much has Hollywood fucked up people's standards of beauty when normal, average looking people look "very far" from normal standards of beauty?

No. 129624

When you're old that's already a wasted life.

No. 129628

Umm the movie is literally about trolls lol.
I haven't seen it yet, I want too.

No. 129666

Naahh, I disagree. I mean … Sex and relationships and attraction are important, but they're about 10% of "what it's all about," imo.

Making art and music and having good friends who make you happy. You can have good friends even if you're ugly, HELLO … doing something good for the world … Enjoying your family, etc.

Just cuz you can't find someone to have sex with you right now doesn't mean your life is being wasted. Not at all.

No. 129672

File: 1577147034035.jpg (37.94 KB, 688x459, Tina_and_Vore.jpg)

The actors look of course very normal, but i was meaning their prosthetics makeup in that film.

No. 129730

Do you ever feel so ugly that your brain cannot accept that you're a woman (nor a man in that regard)? ive been tomboyish all my life and when people or i talk about women i never really feel like im personally involved, i am all for womens right and all i just mean it in a way that i feel like im talking about a group of people that im not part of, even when i remember that im a woman it feels weird because i look nothing like the images that pop in my head when i think 'woman' it kinda hurts when you think about it. i dont think any man would be interested in me on the long term either, they just want to fuck me and never see my face again. men are so disinterested in me that i often get asked for dating advice by men… my body looks alright under clothes but it is just flawed when i take them off so im always in so many layers of clothes.
it really hurts my hetrosexual feelings that men will never find me attractive enough to consider getting in a relationship with me, i might be a libfag but i want to eventually have a home of my own with partner (no kids) and i would like to go on cute little couples holiday trips…. ill probably be a loner for the rest of my life so i better just save up and go on trips by myself and it wont be unsafe for me as a solo traveller because muggers wont recognise me as a woman.

No. 129731

Absolute same. I don't include myself when I think about "woman". When some male sperges about women I don't feel included at all. "Woman" is not the category I see myself in. I'm not a troon either even though I'm deeply uncomfortable with everything about my body to the point where its probably dysphoria. I just feel I don't earn being called a woman because I'm extremely ugly and disgusting. I know its all bs and of course I'm a female but I feel so different from everyone that I might as well be an entirely new species of organism. A lot of this is the BPD talking though. I honestly wish I was a man. I don't want to become a tranny because with my extremely curvy body type it would be impossible to even pass as male but I wish I was born a man.

No. 129732

I relate to this except the wishing your were born a male part, im too attracted to men to wish that but i absolutely get it and it fucking stings in the bottom of your existence.

No. 129745

I've always been insecure as shit but I was at my uni a few months ago and as I was walking by, some dude told his friends I was built like a door. It made me realize that I am really am ugly and I've been coming to terms with that these past couple months.
I can make myself look kind of cute with make-up and weight loss but it's a struggle keeping discipline.

Also, why do men feel the need to comment on your body when you're minding your own business. I know I'm ugly I don't need your input thanks.

It's either that or they think they can touch you because you're ugly and won't do anything about it.

No. 129754

Babe men think all women are naturally supposed to cater to them. Thats why they get personally offended if you're ugly. They think your entire being should revolve around being pretty and presentable for them. They're so angry at us for not fulfilling their standarts.

No. 129759

I think everyone knows that but it's sad how you still can't escape objectification by males even if you're literally ugly. NTAYRT by the way.

No. 129779

Men think we come off a conveyer belt somewhere in the Lady Factory, but these posts made me think of something else.
If they like objectifying and considering us as only made for sex, a girl which doesn't fit their idea of beauty disproves the hypothesis. She's clearly a human and not a sex object made in a factory for their pleasure. She's a person. A "pretty" girl proves their hypothesis and a, in their mind not "pretty" girl disproves it.
She must be a human. Made for another purpose than cummies.

Then they get angry.

No. 129782

Or she must be a broken product

No. 130073

I'm so ugly I shouldn't even wear lipstick because my mouth and teeth are fucked up and horrible. I don't know why I even spend my money on nice clothes and makeup anymore. I feel the urge to dress up pretty but I can't because I look fucked up as hell either way

No. 130426

omg I literally feel the SAME exact way
I will buy new clothes or makeup in attempt to feel like myself again and then I'll think "why'd you even spend money on that when you should save it to fix your teeth"
but my teeth problem is gonna cost so much money and is so out of control that I just keep spending what little extra I have to try to make myself feel better temporarily… a whole mess

I hope things get better for you!

No. 130458

Nayrt but I had to read this three times because I thought I wrote it and forgot.
I just need braces so bad but in the meantime I keep fixating on other random things that I think will make me look nice. It's futile bah

No. 130497

I honestly don't think I will get braces anymore because they're so expensive and my income is low and unstable, and braces would make my self esteem even worse while I already hate myself and I'd constantly worry about food getting stuck in it and stuff

No. 130501

I felt exactly like this before getting braces. I felt really ugly and no amount of makeup or flattering clothes could fix my face. My income isn't exactly high either, but I just decided to do it and I don't regret it at all. I might look like a sperg with braces but in a year my teeth will be straight. I've had to cut down on a lot of spending but I feel like it is really worth the money.

No. 130516

I'm not any of those anons but I've gotten braces three times in my life and my teeth are fucked again. The last ones I got taken out like five years ago and I had them on for two years.
This time I'd rather splurge on invisible ones if I'm going to have to wear braces my entire life.
And no I don't have any weird condition, just normal crooked teeth.

No. 130517

I already struggle to pay my bills as is and my teeth are so bad I would need them for years. If I didn't already cry without braces I might consider it a bit more but my self hatred is already bad enough. And with bad luck I might need them again later like anon above me just said

No. 130530

teeth anons, I shared your pain. I urge you to get braces because it boosts your confidence so much and you can smile freely without covering your mouth with your hand. invest in it! most of my social anxiety and self-consciousness disappeared once i went through the pain and process of teeth straightening and procedures to get a nice smile.
Speaking from experience, I had the worst teeth ever and became a case study for orthodontist and dental students. my jaw was super small, causing crowding. my adult teeth were way too big for my small teeth and not all of my baby teeth fell out, making it so that i had 2 sets of teeth (adult and baby teeth making my mouth look like a shark). Adult teeth also grew right under my tongue because of all the crowding. I had to take out my baby teeth and 4 adult teeth to create space for braces. in the end, it was all worth it. my self-esteem improved after braces but it definitely declined with braces because of all the junk getting stuck in my teeth and my obsession of preventing cottage cheese stains.

No. 130538

I had something similar to you, anon. Small jaw, super crowded teeth, adult teeth coming in wrong because baby teeth wouldn't fall out, etc. Looked terrible and made me never want to smile.

Most orthos have payment plans. I didn't have insurance and wound up paying a couple hundred every month (US, about 6 years ago). If you can cut out other stuff and reasonably afford it, just do it. It's worth it.

Don't worry about the food getting stuck, there's special floss for braces. Wear your retainer after braces to keep your teeth from getting crooked again.

No. 130554

I do this anon. My imaginary BF is based on a boy who went to college with me that I barely talked to. It's just nice to pretend I'm not alone all the time.

No. 130560

I'm really scared that I wouldn't be able to handle braces mentally since I'm already scared to leave the house with my looks as is and braces look super ugly and troublesome imo and I can't get invisible ones because my teeth are so messed up and I would need them for years. Not to mention that my income is already unstable and it's going to get even worse. I'd have to pay for it all on my own and also pay for public transport since I don't live close to an orthodontist at all.

No. 130567

just try getting a consultation for the invisible ones you don't even have to leave the house.

No. 130574

Every orthodontist's website says they only do invisible ones for small problems. And consults are in person I don't know why you think I wouldn't have to leave the house.

No. 130592

If you have alot of guys who want to fuck you, you are not on the border of ugly/cute.

No. 130593

Stop obsessing over them. If its relationship problems you are having trouble with, go out and talk to people. Join clubs, make friends. Stop yourself from worrying about the way you look. CBT methods help with the latter

No. 130595

boys will never like me because i'm ugly
it's just the way it is
i have to get over it so i can feel better

No. 130606

Something that helps me cope with dying alone is knowing all the attractive people who have everything given to them and lived life on easy mode will get the shock of their damn lives when they get old. I won't be affected because I've always looked old and been ugly but they will suffer HARD now they can't use their looks to get ahead over people. It makes me happy.

No. 130608

Today my mom shared an old photo of me (super out of focus and beauty blurred by my ex's chinese phone camera, hardly looks like me) on facebook and captioned it something nice, only to then text me privately to tell me that she shared it so I could see how much better I used to look and how ugly and sloppy and malnourished I've gotten.

I feel really heartbroken. I can't help but think of the phrase "a face only a mother can love," and how even my mother thinks I'm ugly. I've struggled with a lot of eating disorder and body image shit, I'm exhausted. My face is probably aging, I have terrible eyebags, I can barely afford food much less skincare. On top of that I have nothing going for me and can't get a job, and then my own mother goes and kicks me when I'm down like this. What the fuck.

No. 130623

I'm so sorry, anon. That's horrible of your mother to do.

No. 130722

my heart broke reading that, i'm so sorry. i wish i could give you a hug

No. 130741

I'm feeling so down right now. Most of my friends are married and in a serious relationship. My older sister has been married for 5 years and my younger sister is in a serious relationship and had confided in me that she's thinking of marriage soon. I'm happy for my siblings and friends for having found love and life partners. I really am, but all this marriage/relationship shit is making me so depressed because ugly 31 year old me have never found love, ever. I'm always the ugly sister/friend. I've never dated anyone because no one is interested in me at all. I know that my ugliness is the cause of my loveless life because I've asked my close friends whether I have a bad personality to rule out whether it's just my bad attitude and not my looks that is repelling men away and all of them said I'm a very nice and a happy go lucky person. So it's definitely not my personality that prevents me from attracting a potential love interest! Not only that, no one has ever complimented my looks. Not even my parents/relatives. Whereas my siblings always receive compliments from my parents/relatives. Even total strangers! I'm the ugly friend that wingmans had to help distract for their buddies who are interested in my friend.

Yesterday I was talking with my younger sister and the topic of dating came up. I told her that I'm having difficulty finding any dates using a few dating apps. I keep getting ghosted so many times by guys and asked her whether it's because of my age and look. She quickly averted her eyes and didn't answer my question at all and changed the topic after that. I know I was the one who asked that stupid question but shit! It hurts so bad when your own sister indirectly confirms that you're an ugly as hell person.

I wish I don't exist sometimes.

No. 130745

Why are so many Asian mothers like this? I swear everyone has a story about their Asian moms constantly insult and belittle their looks to the point where they sometimes straight up tell you that they wished you were a son. I just don't understand how even though they themselves went through horrific misogyny all their lives from Asian males and then turn around and do the same to their daughters instead of protecting them

No. 130748

damn, anon, are you me? i'm always the ugly, undesirable friend and it just hurts so much to see people i'd be interested in flirt with my friends simply because my friends hand them a piece of paper in class. apparently i have a nice personality, i'm funny and great to hang out with, so it has to be that i'm ugly. i already lost a lot of weight and now i'm only a small fatty, no longer a beached whale, but i guess it's still a turn off. i'm trying to lose the rest as well, i take care of my appearance, i dress well and i sometimes get compliments for my clothes. i just never get compliments for my appearance. i wish at least once someone would smile at me or tell me i'm pretty. i know it's stupid and i shouldn't be so superficial, but if just one person made me feel that i wasn't ugly, my sense of self-worth would be so much better. i'm in my late 20s and i feel so sad that i'm going to die alone because nobody wants me. i think i'd be a great gf/wife honestly but it's so painful that nobody wants to give me the chance to prove it because my face is so ugly.

No. 130750

I'm actually Mexican, but there's a lot of similarity between Asian and Mexican mothers I think. Similar pattern of putting up with misogyny and "macho" behavior only to then turn around and lash out on the daughters.

I don't know if my mother wishes I were a son, but she definitely stopped being loving and protective when I stopped being a cute little toddler. It hurts and it makes me desperately want to get surgery and lose more and more weight so I can be frail and helpless enough for her to re-form protective/loving feelings for me or something.

No. 130751

Sorry to hear that you're also the designated ugly, undesirable friend like me. We're like the edible but unwanted piece of lumpy, imperfect fruit left behind in the fruit bin. All that 'looks aren't everything, personality goes a long way' is a total BS! Science already shows that attractive people have tremendous advantage over ugly people. Plus, Iif you're an ugly women, you're doomed.

I'm glad to hear that your making an effort to lose weight and dress properly. I wish I still have the energy to give a damn. I've already tried for years to do everything I can to make myself at least average looking but now that I'm 31 and still an ugly loveless loser, I'm slowly giving up on trying to make any effort to change my looks. I'm just so tired and bitter.

I sincerely hope that you will find a suitable partner for yourself though anon. You're still young and based from your post, you seem like a nice person.

No. 130760

It's not stupid or superficial to worry about appearance, it's something only pretty or at least decent looking people say I think. It plays a great role in our self-worth and is a problem if it stops you from leading a happy life.
It's great you make an effort to lose weight and dress nicely. I'm trying my best to mask what I can with clothes and makeup, but I just wish someone would like me, not my makeup, not my clothes, just my face and body the way they are.

I used to take pride in my hair, but recently it turned way darker and grey hair appeared (I'm 26). My first reaction was to start dyeing, which caused massive hair loss and I had to cut them short. Here comes my only nice feature…
I'm ashamed to wear anything more revealing because of scars from surgeries on my chest and around my neck. Also, my veins are super fragile, which makes my legs and arms always bruised.

About dating, I've resigned myself to a lonely life, because at this point if someone tried to get into a relationship with me, I would seriously question their judgment and doubt their motives.

No. 130775

It hit me the other day that I'll most likely never have a fun relationship with a boyfriend who tries to do cute things like taking me on a date or posting even one picture of us on social media (I've had short relationships in the past, but they were so meaningless and half-assed, it was disgusting). It just makes me sad. Like other girls in this thread, I can get sex at times, but they're always one night stands where I get ghosted afterwards. My standards for how guys treat me are so bare minimum compared to my pretty female friends who always talk about how they love feeling wanted and getting spoiled…

Idk, I put SO much effort into my appearance and get compliments on my clothes, but that's it because my facial features are just really ugly even with makeup. I wish I could feel like a "real" girl who's desired, but I don't think it'll ever happen.

No. 130776

Anon…. If you had braces 3 times and your teeth did not stay straight then you did not fix the main problem and getting braces again will have the same results.

I know from experience, I had an awful tongue crib (I think that's the name in english) put when I was really young to correct how I placed my tongue (spoiler : it didn't work in the long term). After a few years they replaced it with braces. Then I was finally free of everything but hah my teeth became crooked again. This september, so like after 8 years, I decided to go back and have straight teeth or die trying. I was actually told it wouldn't fix anything to have braces again because the problem was my tongue and my jaw. They said I'll have to do jaw surgery (lower jaw will be moved forward a little) then speech therapy and braces to have and keep straight teeth.
So for any anons who had braces and your teeth moved a lot again after, you probably have an underlying problem that braces alone can't fix.

Speaking of this surgery I'm not sure I'll do it. One of the reasons being what if I became uglier ? I know jaw surgery will change my face, like not completely of course but it will be noticeable. I would regret it for ever if it looks worse though. I hate that I have to make that choice.
Have any anons done that kind of surgery ??

No. 130777

That’s Latina moms in general, combined with fucked up double standards and being overly strict

No. 130779

I look at beautiful women and think "how does it feel to be a real person"? I just don't feel like a whole, complete person. I need a different face to become one.

No. 130812

i'm not super attractive, probably 7/10. being pretty is a double edged sword. some aspects of life are easier, others are shittier.

to this day my mom only comments on/compliments my looks despite me doing well in my schooling and career. after my most recent job interview (i did get the job) my coworker told me they overheard the supervisor saying i'm really pretty. but i overheard the supervisor after interviewing someone else and they were calling them smart and articulate, etc. it was a guy and he wasn't very good at the job tbh. also i get unwanted advances from men at work even when i say im not looking for anything but friendship. which then makes some other women at work dislike me.

i have an attractive bf but i've been hurt/betrayed by him multiple times in the past. i chose to forgive him cause i love him and he has the means to take care of me financially. i know that other men are much worse, he really does love and care for me. also other guys ive dated focused almost soley on my looks and wanted to have sex all the time and brag to their friends. in high school i was bullied by a group of boys and their jealous gfs/friends who were obsessed with me…so i developed social anxiey and i don't use social media. it takes me ages to trust people.

i will say that strangers approach me often for directions or other mundane questions. and i can make friends at work or school fairly easily. i get attention from men. but people are still shitty to attractive people. you aren't exempt from being treated badly, but you get treated badly in different ways. maybe super super attractive (9/10 or 10/10) people have a easy ride, but i wouldn't know.

No. 130817

Jesus, this is pure mood.

Man I really feel cursed. In terms of my looks, I am probably just a couple of steps above being completely deformed. My face is very asymmetrical and in pictures it's extremely noticeable and looks like on part of my face is melting off. To top it off, I've had horrible hormonal acne when I was a teen which has left with horrible acne scars and hyper pigmentation on my face, back shoulders and a little on my chest. The idea that I will still have these scars when I am 30 is my greatest nightmare and I am deeply ashamed to wear anything that shows off my shoulders or back because of how disgusting I look.

To make things worse, I haven't been taking care of myself very well. My teeth have yellowed and I am so insecure about people seeing my teeth. I also allowed myself to balloon to 80kg and I feel even worse about myself. I am so ashamed at how much I destroyed my own body, but going through the effort to reverse the damage also seems so not worth it.

I'm lucky that I don't really fall in love or develop crushes easily because holy shit, only the most desperate man would fuck me, never mind date. It sucks because I will never experience even a average looking man look at me lovingly or wanting me. My brother who is 6 years younger than me has already had a girlfriend (and probably had more girls who liked him too), it's pretty cringey and embarrassing how I've never been close to such a thing.

Every time I try to talk about my disdain for my appearance to people, I always get told I'm stupid, I'm over exaggerating or being negative, or they try to give my a make over that makes me feel uncomfortable.

No. 130818

I wouldn't bother unless your teeth are upsetting you that much. I have an overjet an a small lower jaw which gives me a little double chin if I am over a certain weight, but seeing how brutal the surgery is and that a lot of people end up with a numb face afterwards has put me off. Also, the recovery sounds terrible. Liquid diet, risk of choking, wired jaw, massively swollen face. I am not going to bother and just live with my teeth/jaw, there's more important things for me to be worrying about than that.

No. 130833

>to this day my mom only comments on/compliments my looks despite me doing well in my schooling and career.
My mom never complimented me on anything.
>i have an attractive bf but i've been hurt/betrayed by him multiple times in the past.
Ugly guys aren't any nicer. At least you're not a virgin loser like most of us here.
>he has the means to take care of me financially…he really does love and care for me.
You're lucky.
Sorry for sounding bitter but on the other hand, you went out of your way to reply to a 2 month old post just to write about how everybody likes you (but only because your sooo attractive) and
>some other women at work dislike me.
>wanted to have sex all the time and brag to their friends.
>jealous gfs/friends who were obsessed with me
Yeah every guy wants to fuck you and all girls are jelly harpies…

No. 130836

I'm in the confusing position as being seen as unnattractive by half the people I meet, or VERY attractive by the other half (I'm mixed with distinct features).

Dealing with both ends of the spectrum just makes me fucking hate humanity. It's true that they both come with pros and cons. On the attractive side, people will only fake caring about you as long as you seem available. If you're not available, you can fuck off. I doubt men have to deal with this shit because people can accept them not being fuckable.

The favors and friendliness can be nice, but I know if they didn't like my looks, i'd be seen as taking up space. They'd treat me the same as the people who aren't attracted to me.

Sometimes being seen as ugly can be nice because you're more invisible and there will be less pushy freaks insisting you get close to them.

If I could choose though, I'd rather wish to be fully attractive. I hate knowing that life is still slightly better that way.

No. 130837

someone was curious so i answered. sorry

No. 130838

>but people are still shitty to attractive people. you aren't exempt from being treated badly, but you get treated badly in different ways.
kill yourself.

No. 130848

Ugly anons: can you please post pictures of people that are ”similar kind of ugly” that you are?

I’m lucky that I’m decently pretty. Not model-pretty but still better looking than average.
My only problem is that I’m bad at posing for photos. I got reverse resting bitch face.

No. 130852

>Ugly anons: can you please post pictures of people that are ”similar kind of ugly” that you are?

No. 130853

nta but I'm curious what anons define as ugly and if they're really as ugly as they think they are.

No. 130857

File: 1578935526363.jpg (124.66 KB, 700x782, 1496605242482.jpg)

I have Gal Gadot's weirdass sloping forehead, caveman browbone, huge face and small rest of the head. A manly m-shaped hairline, my nose is thankfully not hooked but still very big from the side, deepset + hooded eyes, gigantic dark circles, small lips, huge cheeks, square jaw, jowels, double chin. Also large pores, wrinkles, moles and sickly skin colour. And of course a rbf.
The upper part of my face looks witchy but my lower part is fat, so I guess a mix of that.
Maybe I also resemble Lady Gaga a bit, but I'd like to believe that I'm still a tiny bit better looking than her (or at least I wish so…)
I still look pretty similar to how I looked at 12, but that's because I resemble a 40-year-old mom since forever. I'm also very tall and my body has a lot of imperfections too (e.g. lots of body hair, pimples and veins showing), so that adds just to my general unattractiveness. My teeth and hair are ok but that alone also doesn't matter or change anything.
I've been told I'm ugly all my life, so yes, it's definitely true.

No. 130859

Gal Gadot looks better than 90% of the posters here stfu you lookism weirdo

No. 130861

I think Gal looks lovely tbh

No. 130863

You're all obsessed with men but the hardest imo is being despised by straight women, employers, staff, family…etc. It crushes your soul.

However I realized confidence is also soo important. One friend told me: when you feel ugly it shows and makes you unappealing.
She was right. At one point of my life I was happy, careless, thought I was the shit and guess what? Met a lot of new people, someone fell in love with me, had a boyfriend, hooked up with some fucking beautiful girls (I'm bi). I was not afraid to approach people or be approached and it paid off. Now that I'm depressed again I'm alone and ignored.

Of course being pretty is a lot easier, everyone kisses your ass. But if besides being average (I'm sure nobody itt is a <4/10), you're a killjoy and absorbed by your own insecurities don't be surprised if nobody wants to be near you.

No. 130870

Wait, people ITT are average? I thought it was a thread for the "<4/10".

No. 130874

Women always undervalue their looks and are generally very insecure. Look at this anon>>130857 saying she looks better than Lady Gaga but is ugly? Ok
So yeah anons itt are prob average except obeses and those with fucked up teeth

I know this scale is retarded and eurocentred but it gives a perspective

No. 130875

File: 1578953412199.jpg (732.03 KB, 1755x2000, fTD4D35NCbyR2kpxCg6sASEhWcCREp…)

No. 130876

Then there's no point in this thread.

No. 130879

Average-ugly still isn't enough for women. The bare is so hight for us!
When you don't meet these expectations it hurts because you have to accept you will never be treated like a beautiful woman. To have a normal social life, you have to be very active and aggressive in your social interactions…so the contrary of what women were taught to do.

Look at films (modern propaganda): the nerdy guy gets the Stacy without improving anything about himself. Whereas the nerdy girl always has a makeover before getting the Chad. Or all these couples where the female>>>>>male. How can an Homer get a Marge?
Society tells to ugly-average men that they can still be seen as attractive if they're rich/funny/nice enough but an ugly-average woman would still be unattractive no matter how funny/rich/nice she is.

No. 130881

If your problem is that you'll never be treated like a "beautiful woman" that means you don't have real problems other than 1st world problems and your wishes come from greed and jealousy. Just accept you're average and move on. Don't compare yourself to people who have been called ugly to their face or heard remarks about how ugly women are x and y.

No. 130882

Some of these photos are so wildly out of place, especially in the 8-9 categories lmao

No. 130884

Most women itt are average, that's the fact. I tried to explain why they still feel ugly and worthless.

No. 130906

How conceited and self-absorbed do you have to be to come into a thread about self-image struggles and say THIS?
Do you also wave money in homeless peoples' faces?

No. 130909

she does while telling homeless people that having a house and money isn't all it's cracked to be lmfao

No. 130910

I find it funny how I'm really just unattractive yet men have the guts to cat call me on the streets,I have a big nose,I wear boyish clothes,I'm a social outcast since I'm not like other girls (I live in a really harsh third world country)
I have the body of a 13 year old,dark circles and lots of body hair,I cope because I know I won't have a man by my side and that's alright because I have always been different and shunned by people (usually girls my age)

No. 130912

Does anyone else feel that the presence of strangers kinda makes them hate their appearance? Like I'd look in the mirror and be happy and maybe a bit confident but then the minute I'm out in public i suddenly feel really ugly and that other people probably think so too, I feel like there's a thousand eyes on me judging me. I just hate how easy it is for other people to influence how i feel sometimes, i want to be in full control of my emotions but i'm just such an insecure bitch deep down

No. 130913

Cat calling is not about the subject. Men use it to show their own ”confidence”/”masculinity”, and impress other men. It has nothing to do with women’s appearances.

No. 130922

if I were pretty I would've been cute, quirky, and spontaneous but because I look like this I'm awkward, sloppy, and annoying. I really hate how two people could do the exact same thing but be judged differently according to how they look. even my jokes are unfunny until someone who looks better than me repeats it then it is the funniest thing ever, my edgy personality is radiating negative energy but other edgy girls get to be edgy and not be as judged this much but thing is even if i acted all cute and soft it will still look awkward and annoying because it is me the problem and not my interests and personality.

No. 130926

I think I'm ugly because everyone ignores me. And whenever I talk to people they don't even look at me. I find that people avoid me. I guess I'm really hideous, huh?

No. 130971

it's social anxiety. get help

No. 132940

I haven't been on here in a while, but am anon you replied to. Most women are having children late in life, and having children is not a measure of sucess. Maybe in some scientific terms it is, but I value community more. The reason we have children is to ensure survival of the tribe. There are many ways to fufil this evolutionary need that does not require biological children. Working "spinster" women provide labor: teacher, mediator/spiritual conselor, farmer, CEO, you name it. Adoption is also an option. Our culture places too high of a value on a picket fence family. It's not bad to want, but it's just one of many options. You're allowed to find out it's not for you.

I get the not being paid attention to thing. Humans are biased to be kinder to those they find better looking, but even Albert Einstein who is no model was highly respected as a person and listened to (as well as had his naysayers). No matter who you are, what ideas you have, there will be admirers and oposition. There is this fantasy that being attractive means life is easy, well that is something sold to you by celebs and the beauty industry. Only a fraction of the top 1% can ride this, and they're the ones selling you those products to improve your appearance in order to be "swept off you feet." Everyone has to work to establish their place in life. You'll see very attractive women who are also alone and may feel like you, women who are high on the social ladder. There's a level of assertion you need to have, and it takes time to develop.

No. 133888

File: 1583578223525.jpg (47.6 KB, 720x720, fd61b39d11f6b26798dac880b09904…)

my body image is going shit again and the suicidal thoughts are creeping back in, I'm unmotivated to do anything because I'm so ugly I won't get anything in life. I just wanna die.

No. 133932

>even Albert Einstein who is no model was highly respected as a person and listened to
Being ugly doesn't affect men that much.

No. 133933

you can still have kids tf. get a donor or adopt, if you don't then you can assume you don't actually want a kid, just some idealized fantasy of suburban life. its not that great for the record

No. 133934

you aren't talking loud enough or confidently enough, you probably aren't contributing enough to start discussion. yes pretty girls and obnoxious men get more attention, but anyone can be part of a conversation if you make the effort

No. 133935

feel your feelings dude, don't be absorbed but take some time. you're allowed to feel shit, and sad, and mad, listen to some music, write about it. still push yourself to go to work or school and to do the things that will contribute to your future, but fuck anyone who says you're not allowed to be depressed. feel shit then let go.

No. 133966

I hate what I am, what I'm related to and the image people have of me. My looks influence my personality and mental health. I'm mad. I can no longer stand being with other people. I have almost no empathy. I hate myself. This hatred of myself obsesses me. There is not a day when I'm completely relaxed and light hearted. I'm never really myself. This feeling of being stuck in a body and a life that is not mine consumes me.

No. 133971

Wasn't there a study that claimed ugly people are perceived as less trustworthy? I feel mad too. It's a literal self-fulfilling profecy.

No. 133972

Y’all need therapy…

No. 134005

I relate so hard

No. 134135


I seriously thought I wrote this, you just said what I go through every day for all of my life. I avoid going out and speaking with people, making and eye contact makes me hyper-aware of myself so I avoid it at all costs. norhing is enjoyable because wherever you go you only see attractive people and online especially people get successful because they're attractive and whatever you will do or say will be better if it was from someone attractive.

Living is a constant reminder that you're ugly and will never be happy.

No. 134485

I just realised that people have a negative first impression of me because I am ugly.
Truly tragic.

No. 134502

I'm so tired of feeling all of this ^^^^ shit. All of these posts sum up my thoughts over the recent years.
Anyone else feel like their mindset is absolutely impossible to change at this point? I literally equate my appearance with my self-worth and don't feel like there's any turning back. As long as I think I'm ugly I think I'm worthless.
I finally came to terms with this reality and I'll hopefully be getting a nose job whenever this virus blows over. After experiencing a lifetime of stigma surrounding plastic surgery, I realized it just isn't that deep.

No. 134512

Nowadays I've been thinking that this is just how it is. You are ugly, and even if you come to "accept" yourself you'll also accept an existence that is incomplete. I've come to understand that things like love, or just being appreciated in general, will never come to me, and even if I forcefully take them they'll never be truly mine. People like beautiful things afterall.

No. 134518

This is similar to my experience.
I've always liked myself, and even though I was never destined to be a model I made sure I had hobbies and was educated. That I could be funny and have things to talk about. I mean we're all gonna be old and unappealing one day anyway right?
Yet no matter, people will always treat me a certain way because I'm unattractive and there's little I can do to change their treatment towards me despite my efforts. It's so hard for me to accept. I wind up hating myself because I'm hated by the herd and that hurts.

I'm actually looking forward to being a cute little old lady if I can make it. At least then the expectations about looks won't be as ruthless…hopefully. I'm fucked if society expects us to get plastic surgery and fillers in our 60s and onwards.

No. 134527

Ahh true, I guess I also look forward to that.
But I can't help thinking about all the things I won't be able to experience, the relationships I won't develop, the many ways I won't express myself. You fill your life with pretty things, but your beauty will always be lacking, especially in the eyes of others. Even the small compliments and kind smiles beautiful people receive can make life so much brighter.
Those who say looks don't matter truly have no idea what kind of humiliations one can go through because of them. But again, it's useless to think about it too much.

No. 134528

it is useless but I was brainwashed to worship beauty like everyone else and I can't even love myself ffs.

No. 134531

A long, miserable life and a long, beautiful and fulfilling life are not the same.
Also, I want to die young, it would make me feel more… not pretty, but worthy tbf.

No. 134536

File: 1584662149694.jpg (614.59 KB, 956x1200, melanie-gaydos-is-one-of-the-m…)

This probably sounds insensitive but DAE feel there's something awful about resting in this place of middling ugliness - not overtly deformed, perhaps not even HIDEOUS, but certainly not attractive. Just vaguely ugly or off looking. I feel like if you have an overt deformity any decent person will try to look past it and even be overly nice to you, you'll get a lot of "yass queen"s and "YOU'RE GORGEOUS" in response to anything you do and you're encouraged to go out and live despite your deformity. Maybe get a modeling gig like pic related or do a TED talk like Lizzie Velásquez. It's like the weird kid in school vs the kid with special needs. Most people won't outright make fun of a kid with a disability because you just come off as a dick, but they'll totally make fun of the kid who's a little bit unusual because it's fair game. I'm not saying living life with a deformity is enviable, I'm sure it's very tough and I wouldn't want it for myself, but I feel by being just kind of unpleasant looking there's something of a different judgment cast on you. Almost like an "ew why are you trying to be normal" sort of vibe, because you're so close yet fall so short. Idk if I'm wording this right but hopefully someone gets what I mean.

No. 134538

I get what you're saying but it's x10000 harder to be hideous. SJW will hypocritically praise you but you'll always be a monster. Every room you walk in will be filled with awkwardness. You'll be never able to form a genuine connection with someone because you're not only ugly but repulsive to look at. Your post made me realize how lucky I am to just be invisible, thanks lmao

No. 134539

i think it really just depends on the individual's personality and their specific insecurities and wants. some people might do better with the attention and sense of certainty that comes from extreme ugliness and can't bare being invisible. but most super ugly people would probably trade anything to just be middle tier boring ugly. having a hard life isn't JUST about what people/circumstances do to you. it's also about how you interpret those things. so maybe you would indeed have a better time if you were uglier but not everyone in your situation would.

No. 134559

wtf i want to be disabled now

No. 135107

is anyone else struggling with all the video chatting happening with the pandemic?
I hate the way I look, but I'm very sociable and I can usually put it out of my mind to a certain extent and just enjoy being around people. With quarantine, every interaction I'm having with friends is via a video chat it feels like, and I hate being able to see myself in motion- I cant have a normal conversation and I feel depressed after what should be a fun time with friends.

No. 135118

this might be weird but I don't find disabled people ugly nor pretty just pity. Maybe because they know they won't be "normal" looking or gorgeous so they deal with the cards they are dealt wiht..which radiates confidence??

No. 135417

I don't think my features are ugly, they just don't look well together. It's like an outfit made of nice clothes that belong to different clashing styles. Or maybe I'm just obsessed with faces.

No. 135498

Just saw a photo where I straight up look like a troon. Pull the fucking plug.

No. 135719

Yes! My therapt appointments are video chatting ones now and I fucking hate it. I hate having to see myself

No. 135733

A few things I dislike about my face;
My bulbous nose
My square jaw (which widens the bottom half of my face) yet the overall shortness of my face

No. 136069

I'm a facelet, hiplet and chestlet. I'm trying to gain some muscle through callisthenics and I'm cutting to lose fat. Idk how to do makeup still, I'll try to fix my skin through a skin routine and get contacts first

No. 136418

im so ugly i wanna cry.
ive cried about it countless time, had swollen froggy eyes all time time from crying but i dont feel anything anymore, just secretly wish i had enough money to fix myself but even then i know no amount of procedures will make me as pretty or good looking as people who have it naturally, and even if i did my personality is insufferable and im a party pooper that no one likes, people befriend me out of pity and i dont have anything interesting. im truly nothing.

No. 136419

Hip and chest are meaningless tbh, most models are flat and straight shaped.

No. 136430

Does anybody fantasize about models though? I've always heard people calling them anorexics.

No. 136432

File: 1586636167778.jpg (431.27 KB, 1080x1323, IMG_6623.JPG)

Maybe it's just me but I prefer pic related over most models

No. 136433

I'm hideous and I have a 'funny looking face' according to a few people. Some other have told me that makes me look cute and quirky and I sort of agree but I'll never considered myself sexy or attractive. I'm also very hairy and I'm terrified about being intimate because of my hairy body. It's not like black and thick hairs but they are everywhere. I feel like a fucking fuzz peach and I hate it.
What helped me the most to cope is being 'weird' and have an awkward sense of humor. It sucks since it's a mechanism I adopted when I was a teenager (and not like other girls, durr) and the fact that I look somewhat childish because of my overbite but… I only attract robots.
I don't know what I'm going to do when I get older (I'm in my late 20s already) because being edgy and quirky isn't a great look for a grown woman who isn't an artist.

No. 136434

and who are you?

No. 136543

you know our society is fucked when you see a woman use the words "fuzz peach" negatively jfc.

No. 137274

This sounds fucked up but sometimes much of my feelings of ugliness can be tied back to my race. I feel like objectively average-looking women with Euro features will always get more praise and attention over their looks over objectively attractive women with non-Euro features.

I feel like I don't get as much respect from other people as a result of not fitting into the ideal stereotypical look often attributed to women of my race. Even if I did, I don't think I'll ever get as much people ogling over my appearance as a more white-passing woman would.

No. 137276

I mean isn't blond fuzz the one type of body hair that even fussy people generally won't bug you about having? Alot of kids even have that blond fuzz pre-puberty, I would think it's fairly inoffensive even by typical beauty standards.

No. 137348

Reading through this thread makes me happy that my sister doesn't completely realise she's ugly. It's something I've always noticed as kids but kept to myself. My classmates would make fun of her to me because we looked nothing alike. It hasn't affected her to the extent it should. Probably because we're both minorities living in a western country where it's harder for westerners to tell apart ethnics. Still, she's managed to live a good life. Yet there are some negative personal traits she has developed due to her physical ugliness. I had always wished she were good looking, so she'd live an improved life.

No. 137361

what race are you?

No. 137370

Southeast Asian.

No. 137397

> Yet there are some negative personal traits she has developed due to her physical ugliness
What do you mean by that?
I'm pretty sure she realized but since there's nothing she can do about it (unless surgery) she moved on

No. 137468

She has a tendency of unfairly criticizing and undermining her siblings whom from a social stand point, have treated her far better. The irony is, she even tries to pick apart their looks, as tho to compensate for her 'problem'. She likes to exaggerate physical flaws of attractive people where there is few to none. Anyway, her 'problem' is, she can identify that she's unattractive although not remotely to the fullest extent, and she had to grow up around her traditionally attractive siblings. To describe her in the most negative way, she can be bitter, vengeful and delusional. She's like this mainly due to her ugliness but not exclusively. For example, if she possessed more humility and self-perception, I do not think she would be outwardly mistreating others like this.

No. 137480

Sounds to me like she knows exactly how she looks and is justifiably upset that she can't do anything about it.

No. 137508

Your sister probably knew people were making fun of her if they made fun of her to you. You don't think other people have said shit to your sister?

You sound insane that your sister can't criticise you and your other siblings because she's the ugly one lol? Like you're on here calling your sister ugly and explaining it's annoying she doesn't think she's as ugly as you think she is. Mental

This. She's probably fed up with her conceited sister.

No. 137549

are you sure she is not posting here about the bitch of her sister? lmfao

No. 137555

File: 1587831181641.png (470.52 KB, 419x393, hairarms.PNG)

Was never seen as attractive to the other sex but women call me cute. It's nice but I'd like to hear some men say it to me. I have shit skin especially around my legs and back. I have those dark spots left by scars and they won't go away no matter how hard I try and it's an ugly contrast to my pale ass legs. Ever since I was a child I'd pick my scabs and not to mention I have arm hair and it's hairier than my dad or my guy friends. It's not thick but its long and sometimes I can see the shadow of the strands. It's making me insecure because my mom is practically hairless just like my dad. Guess I got the hairy arm gene?

I want to shave it off but my mom says that it will grow back thicker. Aside from that I have shit jaw line. My last resort is losing weight. The only thing I like is my nose. It's sharp with a bump.

No. 137577

Shaving doesn't make hair grow back thicker, that's a myth. The angle of the cut at the end of the hair just makes it look different.

I use hair removal cream on my arm because I don't wanna keep up with shaving it. I've also waxed before. If it's that bad for your self esteem just get rid of it, it's no big deal.

No. 137592

I am the hairiest girl you'll ever meet in your life, but I just do full body waxing. Forget nipple hair. I even have forehead hair! The lady who does my eyebrows also takes care of my forehead hair and mustache for me. I've been waxing since I was a teenager, so I'm pretty used to the pain. It won't hurt as much as you think it will but it will still hurt, so prepare for that. I've never bothered to take pain killers or anything beforehand- seems a bit crazy to me to do that every 2-4 weeks or however often it is that you go in for waxing.

Dark spots, scars, cellulite. Everyone has them. That's not going to automatically make you feel any better about yours, I know, but I want you to know that even the most beautiful girls have something like that they will never be rid of on their body. It's society that makes us feel like freaks for this stuff that's out of our control. You don't have to be one of those hippies who loves all of the imperfections of their body- just don't HATE your body over it. It's normal. You're normal.

Lose weight if you want to do it, not to impress others. I think if there's something you hate about yourself and it's in your control to change it and you want to change it, do it. If there's something others are trying to make you hate about yourself and you're considering changing, ask yourself who you're changing for. I've got a big nose. I like it. It's my father's nose and the nose of everyone on his side of the family. It's a nose with history. I'm not getting plastic surgery just because it's not a conventionally attractive nose. Flipside, I've always been skinny so if I gained weight, I'd probably be uncomfortable with that and want to go back to the body I'm used to ASAP. I'd lose weight and that's for me. You see the difference?

No. 137632

>I have arm hair and it's hairier than my dad or my guy friends
same, my arm hair is like the girl you posted. my mum has no hair, or barely any hair on her arms either. I shaved my arm hair once and it grew back in all sorts of odd directions so I would advise against that. I'm trying to embrace my hairy arms tbh. for what it's worth I like seeing hair like that on other women, makes me feel better about myself and nice to see a woman living in her natural state without a care

No. 137634

kind of a rant sorry but I have a hormone imbalance and some days I could just cry from the frustration of having to deal with the hairiness it brings. I have to shave my face, I have no choice. I've plucked, lightened and waxed but shaving is the simplest, cheapest and painless thing to do. I grow sideburns and the hair is very dark and thick, it's literally like the kind you see on teenage boys. I showed a GP once and I could see the shock on her face. I also grow hair on my chin and have to pluck every day. I wake up each morning with them all grown back. those hairs also stick under the skin too which means I have to kind of squeeze them out. my neck also has hair but it's fine and light, if long.

I feel cursed sometimes, especially since my doctors don't really know what to do with me. I don't want to have to deal with shaving and worrying if people can see my stubble. I see girls with the tiniest amount of peach fuzz on their faces and envy them.

No. 138049

So many posts about body hair. Here to add another one I guess. A few years ago I managed to slice open my leg while shaving. It was pretty intense for one slip of the razor, like spectacular damage from a little slip. I was pissed off, sat in a bath that looked like a murder scene and swore I'd never shave again. It took a long ass time to heal and to this day I have the scar from it, Ironically the hair never grew back in the scar area.

So I haven't shaved since. I haven't waxed, haven't epilated. I always resented the routine of hair removal to begin with so I had a major 'fuck this I'm out' moment. I trim some hair and thats it. I'm aware that alot of guys would write me off based on that fact alone but for some reason I'd rather be single forever than remove it.

Lately a guy (older, creep tbh) started chatting me up and I was pretty sure it's because I was wearing leggings that day, all I could think was how uninterested he'd become if he knew how much hair I had under them lol

No. 138052

nta but I stopped shaving 2 years ago and it’s one of the best decisions I ever made. Im not covered in body hair, but the hair I do have is thick and dark. When I stopped caring about shaving, I eventually stopped caring about being attractive (or ugly, depending on how you look at it) to men and it’s been really liberating.

No. 138575

It seems like a lot to deal with. Have they sent you to an actual endocrinologist?

No. 138576

I don't take selfie anymore. Never. And avoid all photos. It's just better for my mental health.
I also don't look in the mirror. I mean, I'll look at parts of my face to clean and put on some make-up but never the whole thing at once. I feel better since I started doing it.

No. 138585

I am 19, never had any friends in high school and am still a loner in college. No boy has ever shown interest in me. The only men who approached me were creepy men around my fucking father's age. I am not friends with any girls either. All my friends are internet friends.

No. 138588

Are hairy arms on a woman considered repugnant? A lot of asian/south Asian women have darker and more noticeable body hair but I've always been so self conscious about it. I'm debating waxing my arms but also feel like it's completely inane and stupid to do so.

No. 138590

I’m south asian but I’m lucky enough for the hair on my arm to be pretty fine so I never really bother removing it and have never had anyone comment on it. However, some of the chicks on my dads side are super hairy, and get their faces and arms waxed pretty regularly. My sister is someone pretty much everyone agrees is gorgeous, and she has fine, long hair on her arms still, and dudes will literally keel over to date her. As long as it’s not super noticeable, I don’t think anyone cares.

No. 138605

don't do it, arm hair growing back sounds awful.

No. 138704

How do I stop feeling envious of pretty girls?

No. 138710

It's not permanent, though. When laser first came out, everyone thought it was and I think that thinking just stuck. I have got everywhere on my body lasered over the years. Best result was on my underarms, which aren't completely gone but the hair is definitely still less than what it was before I got the treatment years ago. You'll have to do follow-up treatments every few months to few years depending n your hair growth, and it's fucking expensive. I should have just stuck with waxing to be completely honest.

No. 138740

find people you respect that have similar features to you and idealize them instead.

i think this really helps if the issue is body type. like, find a fitness person with a similar body type to you who has improved themselves in a way that you want to look like.

No. 138857

How do I trick myself into thinking I'm pretty? It sounds odd but I want to have this delusion. Some ugly people I know are so comfortable with themselves.

No. 138863

ikr. you are too self aware. try getting a lobotomy maybe?

No. 138864

Try limiting your exposure to advertisements, instagram etc.

No. 138867

Look at old photos of your mother and grandmothers when they were around your age. See how pretty they are,and realize you are also that pretty.

No. 138871


Or get into a niche where you will get more attention, average goth chicks recieve as much attention as pretty "normal" girls just because they fit into a little special box.

No. 138873

it sucks being ugly. there's this one chad i've been obsessed with since forever. im too scared to even face him up close so i embarrassingly duck my head every time i pass him. sometimes i imagine being his female counterpart so then we'd enjoy being rly freakin attractive together and have the cutest family. but u know, im just me… he has all the choices in the world so why even bother with me. i just wish i were gl… even then if i were rejected by him, i'd still be beautiful. right now theres rly nothing i have to cope with. it fuckin sucks being ugly

No. 138877

Why not just ask him out? What's the worst that could happen? He could say yes, you never know. Either way we'll all still be ugly, so you only have something to gain and nothing to lose by asking him out.

No. 138885

>What's the worst that could happen?
NTA but getting used for sex by a guy who thinks you're ugly but an easy lay, which ends up eroding your self esteem and dignity while he benefits off it with zero effort…?

How naive could you be to think the worst case scenario is being rejected by a man? That's a kindness. They're waaaaay too willing to fuck girls they don't find attractive and their lack of feelings for you will be obvious.

No. 138896

Can confirm. Have had guys tell me I'm "beautiful" just so they can stick their dick in me and then never talk to me again. It's traumatizing.

No. 138898

All guys do that though and even so, it's better to be done in by someone who's hot than a regular menbot. Anon should go for it as advised

No. 138904

That's a pretty good point. Uggos aren't much less arrogant entitled than hot guys. Ultimately I prefer not having sex when I don't feel confident in my looks though.

No. 138912

I was born with a genetic condition that long story short, includes being born without most of my adult teeth. I kept most of my baby teeth until college but I had always had a huge complex around them and an underbite growing up. I had several other things affecting my self esteem (high forehead, wide shoulders, etc.) but these were the biggest. I feel like I wouldn't be as quiet and socially awkward throughout life if I wasn't so afraid to talk and show people my ugly weirdly shaped teeth. I was told by a guy I dated before that I had "Strong features." Perhaps it was a compliment but it made me more self-conscious.

Recently I've started the long and expensive process of getting dental implants. I had jaw surgery last fall that helped fix my underbite/slightly deviated jaw and until I get permanent implants I have, well, dentures. My mouth looks like "normal" people's do but I don't feel any prettier. I feel like I look the same ugliness, just in a different way. I'm not ungrateful at all, as the procedures are for function, not aesthetics but still. I should honestly be thankful. The condition I have (ectodermal dysplasia) is milder than some others who have it. I could have been born looking a lot worse I suppose.

No. 138989

Men have zero standards and put their depravaded dicks in any hole, including animals and corpses. I'm sure you guys can get some cock too if you try.
>B-But I want a loving relationship with a Scrot!
Since when there is such a thing with them? Men only engage in relationships with women, regardless of their appearance, because they want a free whore, babysitter, mother, maid and wallet. Once their partners's utility is gone, they cheat on them or start to treat them like shit. The only reason I wish I were beautiful is so I could make money out of their dumb asses.

No. 139002


femcel or radfem

place your bets guise

No. 139012

Read MariKondo, clean your room, buy things you need and can improve your life, self care, then buy extra things that you want but not important: clothes you like,makeup,decor your room etc. Hit the gym or work out a little bit, organize your life, reflexion…

Building up your confidence will make any nasty comments about you hurt significantly less if not not at all. If you don't like your hair experiment with haircare and conditioners, if your don't like your eyes or face try color correcting, concealing, remember less is more. Learn color theory btw you have warm skin cold pink won't suit you best even if that's your favorite color. You don't need plastic surgery nor to straighten your hair or heavy makeup.

Youre happy you look happy bam, best impression. Also don't care abt sex or relationship

Enjoy life I know ppl are pure shit but that's sad and infuritaing to let them put you down while you're just living in your own peace

No. 139025

There's a kernel of truth to this. Watch very carefully how a man acts towards you when you are a drain on him. Usually this will be during illness or injury. How he treats you during these times is more important than how he treats you when you are able to reciprocate, so don't compromise on this. Also look at how he treats his mother and his elderly relatives that can no longer do anything for him. Even if his mom is terrible, treating her poorly is a red flag. You want a man who will help his ailing grandmother while getting nothing in return.

No. 139035

isn't that the condition that one of the kids from stranger things has?

No. 139056

Oh, a Pick Me.
As if this isn't a thread about women whining because Chads won't give them attention

No. 139064

File: 1589430905892.jpg (7.48 KB, 200x200, 1368405590001.jpg)

NTA, but this was a remarkably low effort post and I pity you

No. 139083

the fuck are you on about?

No. 139084

File: 1589458051294.jpg (1.13 MB, 1914x1182, melgaydos.jpg)

NTA but nah, Gaten Matarazzo has cleidocranial dysostosis.

PR is Melanie Gaydos, model with ectodermal dysplasia.

No. 139086

What I hate about being this fucking ugly is that, if I were to ever find a partner, they're either be abusive, predatory or just someone settling for me because they can't find someone better. Nothing aside the outer looks truly matters, no matter what bullshit anyone says you have to be attracted to the person you're supposed to love. Sure you can be full of talent and good qualities, but you know what'll happen the moment someone shows up that's just as talented and has the same good qualities as you, but is just prettier.

No. 139088


Being just a normal person is different from a pickme you dumbass

No. 139240

Ectodermal Dysplasia anon here. Yeah, the kid from Stranger Things is different. I believe his affects the bones, and teeth. I hate to sound like an awful person, but I look normal compared to individuals like in your pics. In my case I have fine hair, and thinner, flatter nails. Plus the whole dental thing. It's an umbrella condition with dozens of subtypes that could affect the ectoderm (skin, hair, nails, sweat glands, etc.). It does make me feel better that I could have a more noticeable form of it.

No. 139264

i cope with being ugly by wearing a wig and taking filtered photos

No. 139819

I think I'm fairly average and I'd be pretty if I had a smaller button nose and I fucking hate it. I tried accepting it but I don't think I can. I don't want a surgery because I'm a pussy and I'm really afraid of the pain I'd have to go through.

No. 139851

I'm in the exact same place. Literally disgusts me to look at my nose and I just want it to go away. Watch some nose job vlogs, people say there's not a lot of pain and mostly discomfort. Only thing that worries me is the risk of being botched/having complications, but avoiding that is mostly just a matter of having the $$ for a good doctor.

No. 139910

considered surgery? i'd splurge for labiaplasty just to consolidate everything into one neat upgraded package

No. 139911

men aren't worthless, you're just being conditioned by echo chambers like this full of miserable women who love company poisoning the well for other women who aren't ruined by years of making shit dating decisions and still have a chance at a happy life. you should take what you consume via imageboard culture with an extreme grain of salt.

No. 139912

men aren't worthless, you're just being conditioned by echo chambers like this full of miserable women who love company poisoning the well for other women who aren't ruined by years of making shit dating decisions and still have a chance at a happy life. you should take what you consume via imageboard culture with an extreme grain of salt.

meant for >>114375

No. 139913

who the fuck wants to raise a stranger's baby, retard?

No. 139914

File: 1590263422306.jpg (46.7 KB, 625x626, DgTTKut.jpg)

you said you were going to leave smh >>>/g/139908

No. 140091

I was doing fine the past couple of days, actually pretty happy, but being made aware of how I look has shot my confidence and happiness back to zero. My own boyfriend said I look 'inbred' and his friend didn't insult me, but he did say 'I just don't like her face' behind my back to him. But then 2 other people I showed my face to said I was a '10/10' ? It's so confusing. I know the simple answer is 'beauty is subjective' and that I shouldn't care but I do. I wish I was perfect, and that beauty was a 'one size fits all' so I could just change myself into a girl that everyone would find pretty. I'm pathetic. Even while typing this I feel like crying and throwing up, hah.

It doesn't matter how many compliments I get, I know there are people out there who won't like my face, so that makes me never want to show it. I know it's stupid, but it's so deeply ingrained in me that I'm sure I need actual therapy. I just hate how differently people treat me based of off how I look. I remember when I was younger, as a joke with my friends I came into school with a blonde wig one day and every single boy treated me 10x nicer than usual. Just because I had blonde hair. Fucking wow. I hate how much of a difference hair makes. I just can't take compliments anymore because I think they're lies. I hate this lookism world and I wish I could walk around wearing a mask 24/7, but I know I'm giving into lookism by being insecure of my looks. When I get like this, I feel like I can't go on the internet at all for a couple of days because if I see a pretty girl, it'll just shoot me right back into being sad. I don't know what to do or how to stop caring. I want to rip my face off and hide in a hole where no one can see me.

No. 140094

First of all anon
>My own boyfriend said I look 'inbred'
what the fuck. Therapy will definitely help and you should look into it but please start with leaving that piece of shit person.

No. 140095

Dude, you really need therapy and also to dump your shit of a boyfriend. Don't even think about what his friend said. No decent person would utter something like this about an appearance of his or her friend's SO. And if it's ok to your bf and he even decided to quote this to you then he's really just trying to crush your self-esteem.

No. 140195


just fakeboi pre-t for awhile then. see if you like it and who knows, maybe that's how you want to live your life.

No. 140206

Shes not a tranny, you missed the point…

No. 140236

It makes me happy to read this thread and see so many women being unhappy with their looks to the point of considering suicide. I hope you lead very dull and unsatisfying lives :-)

No. 140239

it's an imageboard everyone here is leading dull and unsatisfying lives

No. 140268

mm kay. thanks for paying us a visit, scrote-cel anon

No. 140273

anon is probably trying some kind of retarted reverse psychology to motivate you or something, don't pay it any mind.

No. 140285

also in the "ok looking but would be pretty with a smaller nose" camp.
what makes me feel a lot worse is the fact that I've noticed a lot of women making a point of showing off hooked noses and noses with bumped bridges to show that ~all noses are beautiful~, but these women always look normal/pretty from face on. my nose has a wide nose bridge (I'm very white so it looks really off) so I look fine in profile but from face on I look horrendous. and I don't see anyone trying to make a point of wide noses being acceptable.

No. 140286

File: 1590523416378.jpg (45.69 KB, 564x564, eb29d86e0e3c3a318ffef2dd10a959…)

Idk, I think wider noses can be cute

No. 140289

I'd completely overlooked marina's nose, thank you for this!

No. 140307

Eh. It would look better if it was small.

No. 140309

like your putrid dick anon?

No. 140344

File: 1590535458297.gif (12.6 KB, 113x49, owned.gif)

No. 140345

we already know y'all are dykes there's no need to keep clarifying it

No. 140346

dykes master race

No. 140354

..that's suppose to be a wide nose? it's not wide at all. doesnt dominate her face in any way

No. 140421

true, but it's not a tiny delicate button nose either

No. 140592

>wake up in morning
>bright sunny day
>pretty happy
>go into bathroom to brush teeth
>look in mirror to do skin care
>see how ugly I am
>morning has turned into me crying for hours over how I look


No. 140593

anon i really think this is body dysmorphia

No. 140596

File: 1590751311044.jpeg (131.81 KB, 1200x1200, baddiewinkle.jpeg)

I'm honestly super ugly but the fact that I dress well and put makeup on kinda saves me
I get complimented on my outfits and hair, but at the end of the day, I'm still an uggo who looks like a young version of Yzma from Kuzco kek.

My biggest cope is that most people will look like wrinkly meat bags by the age of 65, so who cares in a way. Can't wait to be a grandma and look like a big meanie with white hair and a fake fur coat

No. 140602

I often obsess over certain things about myself. Recently it's been the weird wrinkles around my laugh line, it's probably extreme weight loss. Now I'm focused on my teeth. The shape of my jaw, my ankles. Is this BDD? I'm also a diagnosed anorectic, I know I'm spoopy deep down but I still feel big personally. I don't think I'm that ugly I just really hate myself. I don't know if people pity me from all the compliments I get or if I'm really delusional.

No. 140605

my biggest hope is hundreds of years from now where every1's all perfect and genetically engineered, they will look back at history's 'beautiful people' and laugh how imperfect and ugly they are.

No. 140613

>>most people will look like wrinkly meat bags by the age of 65, so who cares
>you die anyway so why live

No. 140615

File: 1590767712740.jpg (34.12 KB, 563x544, 2b4a9.jpg)

No. 140616

>I get complimented on my outfits and hair

Same here. Whenever I get a compliment it's usually about something tertiary like my clothes, bags, nails, makeup. Never me though. I can't tell if it's just because people think it's creepy to compliment people nowadays, but I honestly don't remember the last time I was called attractive by someone who wasn't a man trying to get into my pants cause he thought I'd be easy.

No. 140639

I never compliment on a woman's beauty, just makeup or clothes. I think only time women gas each other up on appearance is social media (commenting on selfies, etc. ) or when you're dressed up for an event.

No. 140642

Is ugliness and unconventionality functionally the same thing? Seriously not trying to blog or gloat but I get called beautiful, pretty, hot (it's literally just my youth) and compliments on my skin and things like that but it's still considered a meme to be into me and I'm unappealing to so many people. I'm overgrown, i'm strangely proportioned, I'm masculine (nothing wrong with that, i'm proud of it but as a woman it's generally not a desirable trait) and I just look fucking weird. It feels like I'm not ugly enough to need a coping thread but I do because there's something very off about me. Nobody liked me when i was younger at all, I get male attention now but it's from the strangest people. Can anyone else relate? My face is okay but everything else about me is fucked up. I'm really sorry if people feel i'm overstepping here but I couldn't find a thread to post this in.

No. 140643

Sorry anon but I seriously have no idea what you're trying to say. Like, wtf does
>it's still considered a meme to be into me

You say you get called attractive and you get male attention, what else do you need? To be reassured that it's normal to not be completely perfect in every way and be exclusively pursued by equally perfect men?

No. 140644

Like it's a joke to be attracted to me because there's clearly something wrong. It was a meme between a group of guys at my school because they all to a degree found me sexy but it was like a guilty, r/trashyboners thing where it's like oh, you must be into some weird shit if you like her. I'm so aware of how I sound, i've browsed femcel boards before and I hated it when a girl who had had success came in and derailed to brag about good looks but I really don't have any intention of doing that. It's really hard to word, I was just hoping that someone else would be like me or at least have been there or understand.

No. 140649

>It was a meme between a group of guys at my school because they all to a degree found me sexy but it was like a guilty, r/trashyboners thing where it's like oh, you must be into some weird shit if you like her.
Literally my exact experience.

A bit personal, but I’m mixed race half white/half black, and although there were guys who told me they liked me/found me attractive, it never went farther than that. Like I didn’t fit into the right box for them, therefore I wasn’t worthy of their respect, nor was it socially acceptable for me to be seen in public with them, etc..

No. 140650

thank you so much anon. it's totally about respect and social acceptance and the ribbings they'd get from their peers. I'm white but an obvious sperg/mentalcase and it hurts to my core when i seem to tick the boxes and come across as attractive but there's a caveat to it all. it's very cruel

No. 140698

i suffer from bdd and ive been called pretty/ugly throughout my life. ive received plenty of conflicting opinions from ppl and i honestly dunno which is true but probably im ugly since thats what i typically see in the mirror.

No. 140715

I realize this might not be the thread to post about this and if so sorry, I just don't know where else it would fit and I kind of just want one person who relates. I'm definitely not ugly, just average. I make myself look nicer by being interested in fashion, maintaining a good weight, and wearing natural looking makeup. Despite all this, I can't help but feel like people just see me for the things I do to advance myself rather than me as a whole. Someone earlier said they get commented on their outfits, etc. That happens to me, and although I will be told I'm pretty on instagram if I post something, the comments are never from boys. I hate that I'm seeking male attention for approval. I think it's because there's a constant belief that men will fuck anything that walks, so sometimes I wonder why I'm not experiencing that type of behavior. I think it has to do with my insecurity showing on my face. I'm socially anxious and although I manage conversation and have a personality, I have a hard time showing it. I think it's a case of being very average and not having the personality to compensate for it. Kind of like joji lmao. He's average but he makes up for it. I don't make up for it.

No. 140726

Does this go here? I don't know. I know it's something almost no one sees, but why are my pinky toes so ugly. I don't know if they're naturally like that or I stubbed them a lot as a kid but the nails have always been wrinkly/bumpy. All my toenails are small so maybe it's genetic. I just wish I could get a foot manicure sometimes but I would be incredibly embarrassed for anyone to have to look at them, let alone paint them.

No. 140727

Check your shoes. Could be a fit issue you don't recognize but your body knows. Another possibility for the bumpiness is a fungus, but toenail trauma from bad shoes or hitting them a lot is the likely culprit.

No. 140728

Laughed at the idea of some dudebro complimenting your outfit, anon please love yourself.

No. 140729

Are you me anon? My little toes is chunky compared to the others (apart from the big toe obviously). It's either the knuckle or the bone has just thickened there. My feet have always been wide so my shoes always rub and my little toes get the brunt of it. I haven't found anything yet to help them.

No. 140740

I have a big wide crooked potat nose, wide head with big forehead and thin hair, small droopy bunny mouth looking like I've had a stroke on one side from my fucked up huge overbite and overcrowded teeth, very hooded eyes, bad skin with acne milia and blackheads, no curves at all to make up for any of this, can't even fit in adult underwear


No. 140788

a wide bridge? i also think thats a cute feature. personally i think any noses are cute as long as they're fairly flat. but i know that likely means little to someone unhappy with their features.

noses truly haven't had their "beauty moment" yet and at this point i don't think they will. even the small amounts of appreciation for hooked noses doesn't begin to match the comments men have about them. and i barely see any support for wide noses outside of black twitter. it's really odd. unfortunately i think the current beauty standards regarding noses will persist.

also when you have a really bad hooked nose you can tell from the front and it casts a really strange and noticeable shadow.. i would say my profile actually looks better than my front in certain lights lol

No. 141060

I feel like I get complimented (by other women) just because they feel bad for me, I'm an ugly WOC and they can't help but feel guilty for me and it sucks because their compliment always come as fake after a while.

No. 141101

I feel like my face is a bit ugly. The only person in my life that has ever called me 'cute' was a friend who was much prettier than me (at least in my mind) that I had when I was 16. She also compared my appearance/mannerisms to an anime character, I had no clue how she made that connection ,and I still don't (I feel like she was calling me quirky). I still don't know if my 'ugliness' is something all in my head

No. 141296

What do I do if I'm vain but not attractive? I'm not one of the hurrdurr looks don't matter types, I live and breathe for beauty and aesthetics. And I feel like it comes off as hypocritical.

No. 141320

Be an ugly woman who dresses well. It gives off big clit energy imo, more than people who just stop taking care of themselves.

No. 141321

Vain but not attractive women are fucking based. Nothing than a woman who looks and carries herself so well your respect for her makes you not even see the face or think you must be kidding yourself. You absolutely can lean into it and vainmaxx

No. 141323

File: 1591492650987.jpg (35.71 KB, 640x590, Whiteairpoduser on Instagram_ …)

I can't tell if I'm ugly or not. A lot of my family members constantly tell me that I'm ugly. But then people at school and on social media always compliment me for my looks. So, I can't tell if people in school and sm are being fake or my family members are saying the truth. ( the family members that always call me ugly are my own grandma, and my aunts )

No. 141324

ugly and all it is is traits on women that can and are beautiful on so many women. i promise you you're literally fine but the world wants women to do so many things to make themselves valuable and sexy. You won't find much happiness trying to please people with your appearance as a woman because we can never be perfect and even if we're perfect someone won't like that.

No. 141325

I think you should be more inclined to believe the strangers and friends honestly. Sometimes family members can be rude for no good reason and what they say isn't the truth. It might just be because they're insecure themselves and want to bring you down too or they're just mean or they think that their words don't affect you, who knows. You're probably not ugly at all if random people are complimenting you though.

No. 141334


Sis do you
>shower every day
>wash your hair at least once in two days
>wash your face and brush your teeth every morning and night.

If you do all of this you're family is being petty because there's no reason to mock someone unless you're trying to help with hygiene. (meaning it's their problem, not yours)

If you don't do most of these…your aunt and grandma might just be uncomfortable with lack of hygiene.

I'm just saying but personally, lack of hygiene is the ugly thing that makes me avoid people, not having whatever features. bit of acne, longer nose, receeding hairline don't matter…

No. 141335

also I believe that you're not a dumb asshat so honestly if you say you're "not sure" whether you're ugly or not, you are probably average. And many people like average.

No. 141337

Again to all these people saying "I think I'm okay but other people probably see me as this"

How many times do you walk on the street and judge random men and women for one single feature?? I mean I definitely have strayed away from fat/overweight and showing too much skin people…but I don't think I've ever looked at a squarer face, bigger forehead, droopier eyes and thought "that person is ugly af" I remember a time I saw someone with severe acne and I thought "she's really pretty despite the acne" …you're not ugly because of that one feature… you're pretty but just happen to have something that makes you average.

No. 141342

>wash your hair at least once in two days
Washing your hair that often isn't good for it. Who becomes unpresentably greasy in two days anyway?

This tbh. People seem to find it hard to accept that they're average, they want to be top tier gorgeous and when they fall short, they want to wallow in self pity about how unfortunate they are.

No. 141355

Nta but I have straight and fine hair and they're a greasy mess my end of day 2. I can't then use dry shampoo to buy myself a day or look umkempt and greasy and day 3. My hair clumps together and it's very visible a the root.
I've been washing way less during quarantine (1/4days) but the pattern is still here and I ended up being a greasy goblin 2 days out of the week.

No. 141360

>Who becomes unpresentably greasy in two days anyway?
If only you knew how bad things really are.

No. 141383

You're right. I think people on here tend to overestimate how much the average person nitpicks other peoples looks. Especially on a site that's at least partially dedicated to judging/nitpicking others it's easy to forget that real life doesn't really work like that.
I do think that if you browse here a lot those tendencies can kind of slip into real life as well though. I've caught myself thinking stuff like 'oh that nose is really unfortunate' before when looking at strangers on the bus who actually looked perfectly fine. To me it's a sign that I should probably spend less time scrolling through /pt/ and /snow/ threads for a while.

That being said, you'd be surprised at how judgmental people can be. I've heard my grandma of all people comment on random stranger's looks before even if they were totally normal looking. It happens, and it can be difficult to accept that other people might have these thoughts about us, even if we're most of the time our own worst critic.

No. 141387

Even the smallest amount of grease is unacceptable lol. You shouldn't let it build up before washing.

No. 141391

I know, I shower daily since I'm naturally greasy.
I once experimented with washing less to "~retain natural oils since washing is so unhealthy uwu and you'll be less oily in the long run!~" but it just gave me bad dandruff and scalp acne.

Some people are just greaseballs. Maybe it works for dry people or people with certain hair textures, but for other grease-chans…please go into showering less with caution.

No. 141393

I think i'm becoming a grease-chan. I used to have normal hair and shower every other day, but now I'm greasy af after 24 hours.

Why would this happen to someone?

No. 141395

Hormonal shift, change in water hardness, sudden gain of a bf running his greasy hands in your hair… Infinite possibilities.

No. 141714

Why is it taboo to admit you want the "pretty privilege"? I want that feeling you have when you go outside and you're admired or when someone has a crush on you and makes an effort to get your attention.

No. 141744

Crabs in a bucket mentality perhaps? I noticed pretty women often do give a shit how good their friends look, giving them fashion advice etc. When pretty women tell less pretty women that looks don't matter they are often just virtue signalling. They wouldn't want to wake up with an ugly face themselves.

No. 142060

Have you switched to any new hair products recently? I had the same problem and turned out it was my shampoo.

No. 142081

Nta but in addition to hormonal changes and/or new products, it could also be your diet and lifestyle. I used to have a shitty restrictive diet and box dye my hair so I only had to wash it once or twice a week, now I can hardly skip a wash because it's so long and healthy (not dying + incorporating avocado, fish, some dairy into my diet)

You could also look into different conditions that affect your scalp/hair follicles, my bf has uhh sebhorric (?) dermatitis or some shit and he gets super greasy literally overnight. It's crazy

No. 142087

Anon, if you're still here you should check out this video.

No. 142096

I've always been told that I'm ugly in every way and treated like I'm subhuman. Because of all this I always feel like no one wants me around and everyone is just tolerating me. Being loved and cherished for who I am and not just being used for favors and other's needs seems absolutely impossible for me. Everything for something I cannot change. Don't people like me have the right to be jealous of pretty people who can be treated with respect without putting in any effort?

No. 143283

How do you deal with being genuinely ugly? Like not just "oh i hate my nose i wish it was smaller, also my lips could be a bit fuller" but I have the traits witches and ogres are described with in childrens books.
Growing up I was called hideous again and again, people came up with the wildest insults and no man ever showed interest in me. I have every single "imperfection" (huge understatement) that exists on this earth, not one thing about my face or body could be called average, there's even stuff no plastic surgery or laser treatment exists for yet.
When I'm alone and at home I'm ok but in public I can't bear to see my reflection in windows or mirrors, and other than my family I also can't look people in the eyes.
I just wish I was born looking average and normal, close to all my problems since earliest childhood stem from me hating the way I look and people treating me badly because of the way I look.

No. 143292

File: 1593826075411.jpg (17.65 KB, 340x338, Doris_the_ugly_stepsister.jpg)

I just realized how small my eyes are and how wide my face is I look like Doris from Shrek without makeup
No wonder I hide my cheeks with my hair bangs

No. 143301


No. 143304

I guess lol

No. 143326

I've been feeling progressively worse and honestly, I don't have anything going on for me except for ass maybe but it has dimples and it isn't the best shape ever… I hate my face so fucking much, I have flap small lips and hyperpigmentation everywhere including huge big dark circles, my nose is big and wide, my eyes are small and round and my overall face is hideous, my breasts are saggy and have always been like that since I was 13, my personality is rotten, I'm broke and unpleasant to be around, I don't niche interests like books or anything and I'm not good with words my speech and language skills are subpar I don't know what I've been doing all this time that I spent alive, 'it gets better' is just a statement that gives you false hope leaving you more devisated. I don't even have the guts to kill myself and I have to live through the suffering until fate gives me the mercy of death, but until then I'll live every day hating myself and knowing that it will bever get better.

No. 143345

You made my day. Use your face to your advantage and be big mama, it pays out to look mature sometimes. MILF hunting is a legit thing among guys.

No. 143438

I literally look like a mixture of a pig and a rat. Big and crooked nose, fat cheeks despite being skinny everywere else, crooked teeth, underbite and bulging eyes that look dead most of the time. I look ridiculous with makeup and hideous without. I look like I have some kind of problem, fuck this shit. Even thinking about being with someone while looking like this makes me cringe.

No. 143627

I tell myself I’m unconventional looking, though I am just fugly.
I am short and thanks to quarantine I’m out of shape more than ever. Not only that but my skin has always had a cellulite look to it, even when I was skinny as a teen.
I have PCOS but v mild symptoms, so I have a lot of baby hair on my face plus I have oily skin and hair.
I have one boob at least a size bigger than the other, forever permanent sperm eyebrows from over plucking in the 2000s.
I cope with it by pretending I don’t care, but deep down I do. I am dating someone who is a 2/10 but his personality is a solid 9 (I feel awful for saying it but it’s true).
I have always settled for much less because I know I’m ugly basically.

No. 144839

I have nothing to show off, my face looks really fucked up thanks to a wide potato nose and horrible teeth, on top of that I have literally no curves and can't fit into any bras or underpants, except for children size underpants, and I'm not extremely underweight I just have no hips or boob or ass fat. Even if I'd get fat I'd probably still have no curves and only look broad and saggy. My hair is also ugly, it's very thin and oily and I have a huge forehead but my hair is too thin and oily for bangs. Help.

No. 144871

I would be really pretty if i didn't have crooked fingers and lordosis. I think it's worse than being completely ugly, because you get rejected for just a couple of fucked up body parts. It's seriously frustrating, because i could've been a model if i didn't have this disgusting birth defect, i swear. I already went to a clinic to get surgery, but they said it's too risky, so i'm stuck with deformed fingers for the rest of my life. Sometimes they hurt too. FML. I'm nightmare fuel.

No. 144872

Lordosis at most part is fixable by regular exercise - but you'll need a physiotherapist to advise you, especially in the beginning- and monitoring your posture, it's not all lost anon.

No. 144882

i could be cute but my birthmark distracts all attention from my good features. i have a big nose, but plenty of people have one, compared to my birthmark which is like 1 in a billion.

No. 144963

Hey anon, I have lordosis and a couple of crooked fingers on one hands too!
Other than that I’m quite attractive.. I’ve learned to hide my crooked fingers in photos and since last year I’m getting physical therapy. It helps with the occasional back pain.

No. 144996

Does anyone else here feel annoyed when very attractive women rant and make a huge post about insecurity and flaws despite looking like hot models and having a billion friends and boyfriends
It's not a competition and I know hot women can feel insecure too but I always feel like when they talk about accepting your flaws and shit they don't even know what it's like to have actual flaws
I personally don't have any normal features and it just frustrates me that people act like this when they don't even know what it's like to be ugly, when you're actually ugly you don't just learn to love yourself you just learn to accept how fucked up you look and you don't post pictures in lingerie showing off everything that you "learned to love" when there is nothing that looks normal

No. 145065

Yeah I had to leave social media for this reason, constantly seeing gorgeous women saying that stuff really fucked with my head. I feel like there's different levels to the experience and the pretty girls who post about feeling ugly in sexy outfits is a really annoying one.

No. 145182

I must have some pretty polarizing looks because some people find me gorgeous, but other people find me ugly, I'm not sure what's up with that. I personally think I'm a borderline ugly person who could look better if I took better care of myself, which I don't because I'm depressed, but I'm working on that at the moment

No. 145557

thought this video would be a good eye opener that basically explains what you are going through
My experience throughout my life has been the same as yours so I can relate highly

No. 145606

File: 1596076160955.jpg (5.71 KB, 250x185, 871423.jpg)

Maybe it's just a cope but I genuinely don't mind being ugly. I'm gay so it's actually kinda nice being invisible to men. My hair is already graying and I'm kind of excited to rock a swamp hag aesthetic.

The only thing I'd change is my body hair. I have hirsutism and it's a bitch to deal with, and lately I've been really paranoid about being mistaken for trans because of it.

No. 146858

anons, how do you prevent yourself from becoming resentful of someone close to you who is better looking?
I used to be so close to my cousin we were more like sisters or best friends, but since we both started college I find I can only stand to be around her for a day or two because I start comparing myself to her looks-wise and it makes me angry. It's even worse when the person has a good personality because it makes me seem extra bitter and evil. I recently moved in with a new roommate who is utterly lovely, and also tiny and beautiful. I feel like a troll when I stand next to her, I don't want jealousy to harm our relationship but I'm still worried about inviting my bf round in case he finds her to be more attractive than he finds me.

No. 146859

My sister is way hotter than me. I'm not bitter or resentful because a) I love her and want good things for her, even if I don't have those things myself, and b) there are an infinite number of better looking girls out there - it doesn't really matter if some of them are people I know. And tbh I'm not 100% sure of this, it's just my assumption - I kind of differentiate my appearance hoping that guys who are into my ~type~ are less into hers. Eg she is tanned and blonde and outgoing, I'm pale and brunette and nerdy. Chances are we attract different types of guys, and even if I attract fewer of them ideally they would specifically prefer my style.

I can't say the concern that a bf might find them more attractive isn't a real one, it's something I consider as well. But any bf will come across better looking women than you in his lifetime and I guess it's an easy way to filter out the shitty ones early on.

No. 146863

Thanks, this actually helps a lot. I suppose anyone who is attracted to me will ne attracted to the unique things i have to offer, and if they forsake that because they see someone hotter then they aren't worth a second thought.

No. 146864

No. 146889

It actually doesn't sound as bad since you look different, but this reminded me of a friend I had. Her sister basically looked like a prettier version of her. They had the same hair color, complexion, body type, etc., but there was no getting around that my friend was the more unfortunate looking one. Men she dated would always make the most brazen, disgusting comments after meeting her sister, like "wow, she really got all the looks," or threesome requests. Her sister was also heavily favored in her family. There's no way that doesn't fuck with you after a while.

No. 146989

This is good until you notice how much your prettier sibling looks down on you and sees you as shit. Also you can probably attract guys who are into your type because you're already good looking enough to begin with.

No. 147479

literally every female friend I had, I can't help but feel insecure and terrible when I'm around them because I feel like a monster.

No. 147495

it's kind of funny, my parents are both conventionally attractive people and are not at all related but I came out looking like a literal incest baby complete with the habsburg chin and fucked up eyes. Throughout schooling the catty popular girls would always come up to me and make a big point out of telling me how "pretty" I was. I had to hold myself back from losing my shit at them because it's one thing to call me ugly, but it's another thing to assume i'm so stupid that I don't know you're blatantly lying out of a sense of charity (or just to laugh with your friends behind my back). Thinking about it still makes me angry.

No. 147514

Did you ever have any actual evidence whatsoever that those girls were actually insulting rather than complimenting you? This post comes off as very paranoid to me.

No. 147518

Yeah my evidence is that I am butt ass ugly. Not "uwu i have a big nose sadface emoticon" type ugly, but an "I look like I belong in an inbred amish settlement" type ugly.

No. 147700

Am I the only one who feels hotter around my hot friends? I feel like they lift me up (easy enter at clubs, free drugs or drinks by scrotes who want to fuck them…etc) and people always assume I'm particularly out-going/funny for girls like that to be friend with me. It's an ego boost.

And I'm not concerned about boys at all, because the few interested in me have NO fucking chance with my friends.

No. 147707

Be my gf please. I'm a lonely lesbo and I don't care about appearance. I just want my gf to be interesting and nice.

No. 147849

File: 1597626305743.jpg (396.98 KB, 1524x1073, ugly.jpg)

No. 147852

Wow I remember her. She looks pretty decent in the newer photos with her husband, the makeup and longer bangs help a lot.

No. 147856

This reminds me of these two women I constantly see tearing up my small town together; they're older (40's), disheveled, and one has hirsutism.
It recently hit me that they might be gay (since it seems they shop and live together), which made them all the more charming.

This could be you guys…I'm rooting for it.

No. 147908

Nta but I hate resposes like this. Evidence that she is actually ugly? The mirror? The shit grin the girls might have had when saying that? How no one fucking tells her she's pretty honestly? How she says she looks like she's an imbred?

No. 148258

i find cute clothes and dye my hair a color i like so everyone can stop looking at my face and focus on my nice everything else. I wear make up sometimes and my friends tell me I picked nice colors instead of "you look nice" so I guess it's still a win for my nice selection of things even if it stings a little

getting called cute by fashionable people is way more valuable than getting male attention but im about to reach the end of my youth so it'd be nice if I got one compliment from a man before i die

No. 148319

Her husband looks like a creep, ngl.

No. 148445

You know, I was never insecure of my appearance before I started browsing R9k. Maybe I'm just sensitive but that shit wears you down. Obviously I've stopped browsing now and I think I'm just going to stop caring about looks and say fuck it and find myself cute.

No. 148446

Why, because he's with an objectively ugly girl and that seems predatory or? He looks like a normal scrote to me.

No. 148454

But why are you basing your looks around what fat, ugly NEETs think? None of them would ever have a chance with the women they constantly post and judge, and why do you care if bottom of the barrel doesn't want to smash you? You shouldn't want to be smashing them either sis.

No. 148475

to be honest the wedding pics look very shooped, maybe its an hoax and he is just a friend or family related? I also remember that same old pic of her but in a previous thread. Im not on my pc, such a shame now I want to dig for that pic

No. 148481

they probably look shoop'd because that's likely a photo studio background. they don't look like they have money at all.

No. 148483

Why would you listen to what a bunch of deformed misogynists think? If you're ugly it's okay to feel bad about it but don't take their word for anything.

No. 148583

Same here though I think most find me ugly

No. 148585

I don't feel any creepy vibes coming off him from the pic. I wish them the best

No. 148981

yeah someone spent 4 years setting up a /b/ post to fool you.

No. 148993

>bumping thread to reply to a 4 day old post
Go wash your dishes or something robot

No. 150155

I have a plain face, like horse girl tier. It's hard to sexualize myself unless I wear vulgar, revealing clothing, which I do most of the time. I wish I could dress sexy and tasteful at the same time, but no, I look like I go to church.

No. 150160

lmao that wedding pic is so shopped

No. 150175

Stop going to r9k what the fuck is wrong with some of you…

No. 151010


sorry for late reply but I think certain ethnicities are just geared to have older woman hate on younger women unless they fit their very specific, dated beauty ideals. My older female relatives and mom are constantly hating on me for being too skinny, no matter how times I try to explain that I do not have a "curvy" body type and I'm not about to eat junk food to gain weight I don't need. They also hate how I dress unless I'm dressed like a late 20th century third world dictator's wife. I am constantly trying to reject donations of tacky 1970s-80s era brooches and sweaters.

No. 151800

im drunk and read this as "They also hate how I dress like a late 20th century third world dictator's wife." and laughed a lot thanks

No. 152429

I wish I had bigger eyes. It's the only thing that bothers me and that I can't fix.

No. 152430

>I am constantly trying to reject donations of tacky 1970s-80s era brooches and sweaters.
God I wish that were me

No. 152437

Am I the only one who feels kind of weird about not having a big ass? It doesn’t really bother me but fat asses have become such a thing lately that it’s hard to ignore. Like for years (among white people), having a fat ass was dreaded and something to avoid at all costs. Nowadays it’s like, if you don’t have a huge porn star ass, you might as well die.

No. 152442

I feel you anon. I’m a pancake-chan and the last few years I’ve been too nervous to wear tight pants or shorts or anything that would reveal my long back. like I’m going to get bullied by strangers lmao

No. 152443

It really pisses me off tbh, yet another thing to add to the long ass list of unfair beauty standards for women. It's no longer enough to be slim or fit or even busty, you also have to have an unnaturally huge ass. And what makes it worse is that scrotes think it's super easy to get one, just do squats! I don't want to do fucking squats for the sole purpose of giving them boners, exercising for my health should be enough but it never is.

No. 152451

most non pornsick men don't think like this, they don't care how big your ass is and at most just appreciate a nice shape (which will come from bone structure and such) a lot of us can do squats until we drop and still not have much ass, and ive never really like the muscular lifters legs and butts. just don't fear, titties are making a come back

No. 152455

I'm naturally small on bottom (don't have big hips) tbh I liked my body shape before this trend and I don't feel any different during it.

Maybe sexuality plays a role though, I'm attracted to women and I've always found bottom heavy figures unattractive (just personal taste, not bashing) Maybe if I were straight I would view it through a different lens and be more vulnerable to trends?

No. 152463

I had this online friend I feel envious of, she has the perfect small cute doll face and nice hair which perfectly matches her pastel kawaii dolly aesthetic, she also has achieved a lot in life and has a fun personality, overall she attracts a lot of people both girls and guys
I'm a college dropout with no money at all, still stuck with my parents at 24, no driver license, got some really bad mental issues and am just mentally slow like I struggle with opening doors and windows already
But the worst thing is that I'm also ugly.. I have a huge square head, huge wide potato nose, I have a weird tiny droopy bunny mouth because of shit teeth (deformed, crowded, all out of place, missing small bits, weak and discolored) and a huge "diagonal" overbite which makes people ask me if I've had a stroke. I'd like to hide my huge acne forehead with bangs but my hair is also super thin and oily so I just end up with stringy sparse wet looking hair barely covering my forehead. If I at least looked like this girl I could dress up cute and still attract people somehow but I've got so many issues I will never be like that, I will never be attractive in any way.. Can't even dress slutty and get thirsty attention instead because I also have a flat chest and flat ass and no hips which guys have all made fun of before yay me

No. 152465

And btw I don't care if anyone thinks I'm not that ugly, it's about how I see myself, and I wish I could look more like these dolly like girls. I already don't have anything else going for me with my mental issues and being broke living with my parents until I'm like 35 because I'm so fucked up I can't even find a job.

No. 152490

Keep up basic things like hygiene and maintaining a moderate weight, maybe do some hair or skin care, and you're good. Perhaps I just have a warped sense of reality from all the time I've spent online, but after all these years of seeing people praise homely girls or being generally desperate for any human affection at all, I don't think others really give a shit what you look like.
But who knows, maybe I am just coping with being hairy.

No. 152575

Do anons really think getting strangers' attention means you aren't ugly?

This isnt a humblebrag, I genuinely live on a rollercoaster of "Im ok how i look" to "Im an abomination who should kms." Pretty much any time I notice my looks in a pic or whatever, it's the latter. I can't get a good read on what I look like. I just know I have a big nose, weird smaller mouth, yellowish teeth, and my hips/thighs are too wide with small boobs. The nose, but also the pear shape bothers me the most. I feel embarrassed especially to sit, so wide like a frumpy mom. Im trying to improve what I wear, but it always comes back to me. Not underweight but i guess skinny fat, and it gathers there

I'm asking because in this thread, some say "Men dont pay me attention so I must be ugly." There could be other reasons? And, isnt it possible to be average/ugly even if they do? Ive had guys approach before and such, but I thought scrotes were just desperate? Maybe they see a homely girl and feel secure enough to do so, actually.

I guess I am hoping it may be true that I'm not ugly, but I highly doubt it. The features I described tear me apart every time I get ready for the day

No. 152576

It's hard to tell without pics but pear shape is the second best after the perfect hourglass imo, wide hips will always be considered attractive by anyone who's into women, I much prefer it to the wide shoulders and big boobs + no ass body type, also ages much better.
I relate to how you feel though, I was bullied for my looks when I was young (tall and lanky, pale as a ghost with acne and dark hair) and I still feel like that dorky kid even though I look ok now I guess? I have some really good pictures of myself but they are the ones that people look at and say "wow I wouldn't recognize you there!" so it's hard to know what I look like when photos make me look like a different person.
Back to your post, I don't think men would approach you if you were ugly (unless they're also ugly). You can definitely be average and get approached, but average doesn't equal bad/unattractive. I think most ugly people would give a limb to be average.

No. 152581

Oh man, im ayrt and it bothers me you were bullied for that. Other than the acne (which is normal) I see those qualities as beautiful, it's a shame you still have to feel the effects. I am sorry that just sounds so harsh.

Thank you for your input, I appreciate it. And I know people say pear shape is good but for me it makes my head look small and is hard to dress. (aside from feeling freakish) Im slowly assembling better outfits but its such a chore to redo your closet. Feels like pants in general aren't flattering to hips(if the top's too tight they look big, if it's loose head small) but Im trying to find ways

No. 152611

I feel I could learn to just accept myself, but I'll never get over the fact that my ugliness also caused me to be stupider from lack of oxygen/energy. Mouth breather face is a curse.

No. 153976

There is no worser insult than being compared to someone you find very unattractive. My boyfriend and my ex at one point both said I look like Brittany Venti and I've never wanted to get a nose job so badly. I really don't want to look like her, she's a 6/10 at best and barely anyone thinks she's pretty. I don't even have big boobs to make up for an ugly face! I wish I could just rip my skin off holy shit I look like her. I see it. And I don't want to see it. This sounds really mean to Venti and it is I'm sorry I just do not want to look like her. Imagine being told you look like Madison Beer or Megan Fox, how could you ever be insecure again? Instead I get Brittany Venti. It's truly over for me. It's over. It was one of the first things my boyfriend said when he saw me. That was his first impression of me. That I look like VENTI!? I am officially never showing my face again no one can perceive me it's over.

No. 153977

The actual problem is that you date men who compare you to other women. And of course those same men would be the types attracted to Venti, her exes have been as pathetic too.

Don't think there's an objective standard at play here at all. It's scrotes trying to connect vague dots to tie you to the appearance of a chick they got a boner for once, regardless if she's actually attractive by conventional standards. You probably don't look anything like her, you just come off to them as lacking the self-esteem to shut their fantasy shit down.

No. 153980

I think Brittany is really pretty, she's just a thirsty dumbass.

I bet a lot fewer people would screech about her being ugly and call her Sid the Sloth if she wasn't a retard and they didn't hate her.

No. 153982


I wouldn't take it too seriously. Men aren't very good at that shit. At least he compared you to someone you resemble (and fwiw I don't think venti is ugly, just retarded). My partner's standards for physical attractiveness are even lower. He thinks I look exactly like every white female musician because I'm white and like music. We can share no other physical features and he would swear we were twins… We've been living together for five fucking years and my most distinguishing physical feature to him is "hurr durr white lady make noise"

No. 153987

File: 1601921672442.jpg (73.63 KB, 562x588, 042915-donatella-versace-birth…)

by the way you described it i thought she looked like this. Brittany looks like a normal girl with wide set eyes.

No. 153989

Brit's cute though. Also nothing wrong with being 6/10 since it's above average.
Maybe you've been memed into thinking men ""require"" us to be perfect, in which case just stop caring about coomers. It's truly not worth trying to please them at the expense of your own wellness. They will never be satisfied.

As long as you're not far below average or fat, it shouldn't destroy your life or anything. Randoms won't mistreat you just for your appearance.

Goes for anyone itt. If you're not actively suffering abuse because of your looks, wake up and try even harder to stop obsessing. You're just making yourself miserable over nothing.
t. trying to stop doing it myself because I'm wasting precious time by being a dumbass

No. 154006

Wouldn't be surprised Venti herself wrote up some fiction just so she could get affirmation that people think she's cute but just retarded.

No. 154008

File: 1601926892822.png (474.6 KB, 451x507, 4730584309645.png)

Seriously anon, you need to chill. Brittany is quite beautiful imo. Madison Beer looks like every other swollen, generic Insta-thot in existence and Megan Fox used to be pretty but her looks aren't particularly interesting, just mainstream attractive. Plus recently she took the bog pill and aged herself like 30 years lol. Brittany has features that are actually unique and nice to look at.

Who knows what it is about her these guys are relating to you, either. I find people tend to latch onto prominent features to the point of indifference to everything else. I have a friend with curly red hair who people have compared with Natasha Lyonne multiple times, but literally the only thing they have in common is the hair and a petite nose. Imo she has much prettier features than Natasha (less boxy face, more balance between her features and bigger, catlike eyes) but people just see the most blatant stuff and make sweeping generalizations.

No. 154028

I just can't get rid of my acne, i just cannot. I've tried literally everything, i even starved myself in hopes it would cure my acne and took accutane which caused severe hairloss and it came back just as bad. My face is scarred and hurts. It looks so ugly, i should just kms. No self respecting moid would ever want to date me. Even if, i'd just be the forever girlfriend, until he would find a pretty woman. I'm not worth loving, i know that. All i ever wanted was to find a man, live in a nice house and have children. This disease shattered my dreams. I don't think i asked for too much. God just hates my guts.

No. 154031

Why in the hell would starving yourself help? My acne got kickstarted by starving and hormones. Sorry for you anon but this sounds very off, maybe you need to look into some psychological help because this doesn't sound too normal.

No. 154118


kek, i believe that

No. 154422

I am so sorry to hear that anon. Accutane is awful stuff. Please consider topical Retin A/Tretinoin along with plenty of moisturiser. I am sure your hair and skin will recover in time.

No. 154596

I’m so self-conscious about my teeth that I’m scared to meet anyone I get to know or even talk to people. They’re fucked up from an accident I had as a child and I can’t afford invisalign yet. The upper central left incisor is inverted and looks shorter than the right one. And to make it worse there’s a huge gap between the central and lateral left incisors, while the latter looks like a snaggletooth. I find other people to look really cute with some crooked teeth but I look like total bumpkin. They’re kinda discoloured, too, but at least I can hide them for now with a mask.
I can kinda live with my huge crooked potato nose but I’m so mad I missed the chance to fix my teeth for free as a teen.

No. 154601

how is accutane bad? it completely cured my acne

No. 154604

Accutane cured mine too and it was the best decision I ever made. But the possible side effects are severe, it can fuck your shit up if you're unlucky and since anon had hair loss clearly that's the case.

That said I would never tell someone not to try it, the chance to fix your acne forever is worth it imo. The side effects exist because it's hardcore and it works, I would just recommend closely monitoring their health with a derm.

No. 154614

Brittany is much better looking than Madison beer and i'm not just saying that to be ~uwu~ edgy!! I didn't even know who Madison was, but she looks like every single other average looking insta thot???

No. 154637

I would only recommend accutane as a last resort. There are plenty of effective alternatives like topical retinoids. Yes, there's a good chance accutane can cure acne, but there's also a noticeable amount of people who have suffered undeniably from its awful side effects. In my humble opinion, anons, this risk is unnecessary especially when there's so many other treatment options out there with substantially lower risk.

No. 154659

I knew someone who had a bad reaction to Accutane. Still had the acne and the treatment fucked up his bowels for good. He was always in some kind of pain.
The side effects are rare but they are brutal when they happen and most of them are for life.
It's gambling that the reduction of zits won't come with something as fun as hearing loss, anaphylaxis, cataracts or some seizures.
It could be worse it for painful disfiguring acne but I honestly don't get why they seem to give it for your run-of-the-mill teenage acne nowadays. It looks fucking dangerous to just cross your finger and hope for the best for what is a minor comestic thing.

No. 154667

No I agree. I haven't gone as far as reducing carbs and upping fat intake but I do find that my skin looks significantly better when I eat less grains and little to no dairy and sugar. I've wanted to really commit to an anti-acne diet for a longer time to see if I can completely rid myself of acne but haven't found the will to do so tbh lol.

No. 154668

samefag, am not the anon you replied to btw

No. 155054

NTA but didn’t they ban Accutane recently? At least in the States.

No. 155059

It's annoying how every rando who tries to give advice on the topic is like, "here's how you can change!" as if there's anyone who doesn't know, because I feel like it's the wrong approach. Nobody ever says "accept yourself" or "like yourself", it's just "You have to do this and this and THEN you can start to think about not hating yourself".

No. 155068

Seconding this. I went paleo for 3 months and it completely got rid of my acne. No joke. I'm not paleo anymore, but now, I only ever get small break outs around my chin in the days leading up to my period.

No. 155070

I would do almost anything just to feel comfortable in my own skin.
I will never know what it'll be like to be a pretty girl. The only thing that can change that would be surgery, which I don't think I'll do for numerous reasons, or time (hair growing, ageing changing my face etc.) I just can't accept it. Even though I've felt like this for years I still cry way too often about the fact that I'll simply just never be beautiful. I'll never know what that's like. I'll never know what it's like to have people treat you kindly and give you opportunities just because of winning the genetic lottery. I'll never know what it's like to have people not treat you like you're lesser than them just because of how you look.
The unfairness of it all makes me want to cry so bad. I regret showing my face to people online so much and there's nothing I can do but suffer since they've already seen me now. They won't delete photos of me even though I've asked kindly and they keep showing how I look to strangers for what??
Why are people so cruel? I just want to rip my face off. I know I'm ugly. I can't change it. Why do they just rub salt into the wound? I can't believe how easy pretty girls have it. And how un-empathetic most men are towards body dysmorphia. I just can't accept my ugliness, sorry. I wish I could. But it's been years and I still feel like I was fucked over at birth.

No. 155071

I just wish I was average.

No. 155141

I don't consider myself ugly but I just hate my legs. It feels like I'm the only one who has fucking cankles, they're genetical, can't do nothing about them. They're disproportionate to the whole body even when I'm slim. I can't wear skirts, shorts, shortish pants etc. I can't wear high boots. Fucking fuck

No. 155214

Does any anon genuinely have any tips on not thinking about how ugly they are 24/7
It's really wearing me down

No. 155216

Cover your mirrors and don't look in them more than once a day. Stop browsing places online that show pretty women/talk about looks. go outside and do some physical activity no matter how light.

No. 155222

Dedicate your time to something productive to society, like volunteering, planting trees, lobbying. Most people that do that are nice and won't care, and many are there to find purpose in their own lives and won't focus on a stranger's looks.

No. 155225


Learn a new skill! Dedicate a little time each day to work on it and keep a daily or weekly diary of your progress. It will keep your mind occupied and looking back on your progress can give you a little confidence boost when you're feeling down. It doesn't matter if it's a useful skill for a future career or just something fun that you are interested in.

No. 155234

(nta) What if I want to put effort in my looks and research fashion/make up stuff? I can't not look in the mirror because I want to practice make up. I also want to be able to think about this topic without going back to "uh but my face :(" mentally.

No. 155238

Easier said than done but the only solution in my opinion is to accept that you're simply not CONVENTIONALLY attractive. Which doesn't mean that you're not attractive at all, because it's not only about bare looks. You can also draw attention to the features or parts of body that you like.
Also think about people in your life or celebrities that aren't conventionally attractive either but you and other people still like them, find interesting etc. Because as I said before it's not only about face.
There's a high chance that other people don't even perceive you the way you see yourself. They either don't notice or care about your 'defects' or you're just average and are comparing yourself to people who really won the genetic lottery.

No. 155242

Again with the personality bullshit.

Anyways you have a chance at being considered attractive if you meet someone who likes certain features that you have. Maybe as a fetish, maybe not.

No. 155275

Idk doing those things naturally makes you nitpick flaws. Maybe if you develop an outrageous unique style and just have fun with it? I don't see how you can do beauty practices and not focus on your beauty.

No. 155280

kinda long, sorry.
at this point i can't tell whether i'm ugly or just ''weirdly attractive''
i usually only wear a little makeup when i go out like mascara and maybe some tinted lip balm, that's it.
i have a lot of girl friends and there's the girls in my class that i hear talking about how they got asked out at the gas station or some shit, but that's literally never happened to me.. like my friends have been asked for their snaps, ig's, numbers right in front of me but no one ever bats an eye at me.

the only thing i can tell is different from me and my friends is that i wear less trendy clothing, i just stick to dark skinny jeans and baggy clothes. i have a normal bmi of 20 and i don't have acne, i wear deodorant, perfume, i don't smell bad, i'm really quiet during classes and keep to myself, and i treat people how they treat me.

the only time guys have ever showed some interest in me is online. they'll see my face and not care much for it and we'll just.. talk. be normal. do americans just have lower standards?
i dunno. it feels hopeless at this point, will i have to repent to lesbianism?

No. 155283

probably just bc you like to keep to yourself. women who like to put themselves out there are more likely to be asked out. if you give off a vibe that you’re not into that or do things that makes you blend into the background (like wearing dark, baggy clothing) you’re less likely to he approached. it’s not a bad thing, but if you want to be approached more often then you’ll have to make yourself more open to the experience. chat more, maybe pull your hair back(?), express interest in new experiences. or just straight up become the pursuer. if you want to find a date then put effort into dating, ask out a guy, be bold, make it clear what you want.

No. 155286

i never knew it could be made that simple.. i'll try that definitely. if it's alright with everyone else i could update? but other than that, thank you!

No. 155298


No. 155301

>if you want to find a date then put effort into dating, ask out a guy, be bold, make it clear what you want.
God thank you for saying this. I really loathe how it seems 99% of dating advice for women even from self-purported feminists is that "if a guy rly likes u, he will ask you out so just make urself available lol!"

I worked as an agency-represented model so I know I at least have a modicum of mainstream attractiveness, people (friends and strangers) told me I was pretty, etc. No one EVER asked me out my entire life up through college. I did have creepers hit on me like every woman in the world, but every half decent man kept their distance. I smiled a lot, expressed myself, made conversation and had/have male friends. Nothing.

Finally I joined a dating app, found the cutest boy I'd ever seen who wasn't a gross perv and asked him out. We've been together 4 years and are now engaged. I do believe the guy should reciprocate and step up after you make the first move, because otherwise yes, it shows he isn't interested and/or not really committed to a relationship. But so many men these days are either shy or terrified of asking women out because they worry about coming off as a freak. I also hate the waiting game and refused to continue playing a passive role when it came to something as important as a life partner.

No. 155380

IDK any more appropriate thread to say this but I've noticed that after looking after myself and my appearance and overall style I now can pull the stupidest stuff and people will just go along with it, crazy world we live in.

No. 155423

What kind of stupid shit anon?

Growing up I was bitter about pretty people getting this treatment but now I find it funny how far people will twist themselves into putting pretty people in a good light.

No. 155449

>Growing up I was bitter about pretty people getting this treatment but Wow I find it funny how far people will twist themselves into putting pretty people in a good light.
I know what you're talking about and I was fed up with it as well I kinda snapped and did my thing which ended up resulting in me finding my style and becoming more invested in my overall appearance and boosting my appearance from below 6.5 all the way to 7.5, I'm not a Stacy but losing weight+getting my skin problems resolved and knowing how to do my hair and dress in a way that makes me both interesting and cute gives the illusion that I'm pretty.

>What kind of stupid shit anon?

When I looked more basic and sad I used to get judged and challenged for pretty much anything I said or believed in, I had an interesting personality but I looked basic as hell and quite frankly sad so people either dismissed me or thought I'm a tryhard/faking it but now that people find me more attractive they're more accepting and open to learning more about the nonsense I say , people don't seem to question me at all or give me weird looks, and if someone did people jump to defend me(???) it's a weird feeling. like my personality and jokes are now more offensive and weird than ever but I haven't been told once that I'm cold or stupid or that I don't get it, on the contrary people join and it's great fun for everyone, people tell me that they love me and appericiate having me on regular basis I'm so mad I didn't get to be surronded by this much positiviy when I needed it the most.

Not to toot my own horn but I now get compliments all the time which I used to never get and if I got them back then it was about something unrelated to my looks, so this is a proof that people find me more attracrive now.

That's another reason why I hate the whole "You just need to be confident BUT YOU DON'T CHANGE YOURSELF FOR OTHERS PEOPLE NEED TO ACCEPT YOU AS YOU ARE" shtick, because if you didn't look interesting enough or looked attractive enough they wouldn't even care to get to know you or learn anything about you as an indivisual, don't believe in that shit, don't go for darastic measures like plastic sugery unless you really need it otherwise there are countless ways to represent yourself to look better and generally more loveable, friend-able, and hireable.
People are shallow and basic and we need to acknowladge that, best thing you can do is to try to use that to your advantage.

No. 155461

>When I looked more basic and sad I used to get judged and challenged for pretty much anything I said or believed in, I had an interesting personality but I looked basic as hell and quite frankly sad so people either dismissed me or thought I'm a tryhard/faking it but now that people find me more attractive they're more accepting and open to learning more about the nonsense I say , people don't seem to question me at all or give me weird looks, and if someone did people jump to defend me(???) it's a weird feeling.

And you don't find that absolutely patronizing? It's okay to admit that it makes your life more convenient, but I wouldn't say that people being more agreeable because you're easier on their eyes now is exactly the same as having genuine respect and understanding. It doesn't make you angry that fake people just go along with what you say regardless if they actually agree with you if it means they get your good graces or look good to others? That's what you want, a bunch of kiss asses who are liable to abandon you the next minute you get old, ugly, or fat?
You're only going to be able to take advantage of this up to a certain point anyway, and after that you'll be angry that you played into a system whose endgame is that you become as disposable as the ladies who aged out before you.

No. 155462

There's a ugly young woman running for local office. I'm gonna vote for her, I can see the pain in her eyes. Fuck the rich boomer incumbent. Ugly bitches rise up.

No. 155463

being an ugly woman is truly being old and invisible from the start. I'm thin and my skin is great but I'm 100% ugly. I've got the unfortunate facial structure. It doesn't matter how I dress up or how much effort I put into my appearance.
What angers me mostly is that it affects me in all areas of life. I can forego relationship with men as they've showed their true face many times even the so called nice guys, but I will be the invisible overworker ant and it won't matter what I do or try to do, all people see is an ugly woman in me. And I can't even say my achievements are enough to justify my ugliness.
So when I read experiences such as yours it depresses me deeply. I know that I could kill myself and no one would care. In fact, if anyone saw my obituary with my photo they would probaly think it's a good thing because it's one less ugly soul in the world.
I can only dream of being 4/10.
good for you anon!

No. 155466

damn I'm sorry anon I didn't mean for it to be depressing for anyone, I'm ugly but I acknowalge how there are others who have it worse and I'm sorry you have to go through that, I hope you feel better soon.

No. 155467

It's not your fault, so no worries. I'm used to it but it's just depressing to reflect on that every once in a while. I'm already used to being invisible anyway. I'm glad for you so don't apologize!

No. 155468

I hate how it effects work too, I really am praying that working from home will become the norm and we can live-edit our video conferences with fancy asian filters.

No. 155488

Really sorry you're feeling like this. Of course I'm inclined to disagree on anon having an "ugly soul"…but I was reminded of this part in Parasite where one of the poor people says, rich people have the luxury of being kind, or something like that. Maybe that goes for beautiful people too, since they have to deal with less shitty, dismissive behavior. Unlike when you're ugly…

I remember feeling like a ugly duckling as a kid. It didn't help that my dad basically ignored me and only fawned over my older sister, praising her for being pretty and resembling my mother. That really hurt me a lot.

No. 155508

I wish I felt cute to myself. I know I'm ugly, don't care if anyone else thinks I'm ugly. My brain seems to prioritize my looks way down at the bottom so I am either autistic or really grateful that's the case lol. But I feel so uncomfortable in my own skin. I am hoping that a lower weight and a better skin care routine help.

No. 155511

>don't care if anyone else thinks I'm ugly. My brain seems to prioritize my looks way down at the bottom so I am either autistic
Is that an autistic thing? Being on here has made me realise how little I worry about my looks or how other people judge my look. I remember caring more when I was around 19/20 but that was a short phase.

I know I definitely don't like to see myself in photographs but I don't sweat how I look day to day leaving the house. I have super short hair just because I can't be bothered drying it and all my trousers are long because I think leg shaving is BS. So I read discussions on here about obsessively removing all body hair or being upset when the hairdresser takes off more length than you wanted and I can't relate to any of it, honestly do question if I'm autistic.

I don't look amazing but it doesn't impact my happiness. Like you said it's just not a high priority in my head either.

No. 155646

Not her, but I wonder. My mother once cried because she said I must be autistic because I didn't care about my looks as much as she does (and she doesn't even wear makeup, just stylish clothes).

I think my face looks decent and my skin is nice, I just can't be assed to style my hair and go to the hairdresser often, so I just grow it out and either wear it down or in a pony tail. I use zero makeup and most of my clothes is just sort of "librarian" comfy. I don't mind being photographed at all, and I really can't understand women that go over every picture someone else takes of them and make them delete the less favorable ones, but I also don't share any pictures of myself on social media. I do have strong body hair though, even on my arms, which I was hiding with long sleeves as a kid, but nowadays I just can't be assed, even though I do think it has a negative impact on people judging me.

I think it'd be nice to have good looks, but I also really don't care enough to put effort into it. I really don't know if it's just autism or some kind of subconscious self-hate.

No. 155651

Wtf no you're not autistic for not being pathologically obsessed with looks. Don't be ridiculous.

No. 155654

NTA but I thought about it as well. The pressure starts at an early age so the average person will adapt, no problem, but when you do something that's considered abnormal it makes you think - why do they not adapt? Make up is not necessarily natural but following rules is or should be.

No. 155655

I mean, what even counts as pathological? I'm in a sort of female-heavy field of studies, and see most women my age care about their hair and clothes, and a bit of makeup. Not to the level that it's what they talk about in conversations, but all it takes is just a look at them. Grooming habits seem to be strong in women (to what degree it's up to marketing psychology is an insteresting question), but I don't care about it besides not being stinky and washing my hair with good products. Even though I grew up in the same culture as them.

No. 155662

Adapting to each and every societal rule indiscriminately is not only crazy, it's impossible. Everyone chooses which rules to adapt to and to what level.

If you're clean and neat, you're good. Anything above that is extra, and it's fine if you enjoy it. It becomes pathological when worrying about it is negatively affecting the rest of your life.

No. 155671

I wish I was like you anons. The other extreme is BDD and wasting hours upon hours of your life staring at your reflection in disgust and fear. 0/10 would not recommend.

No. 155682

i have a plastic surgery appt next month. i haven't told anybody that this is the reason why i was so insistent on working right after graduation instead of taking time off, even though i can afford to. i'm even renting a small room in an acquaintance's house so i can have my procedures and heal without my family finding out. i'm really jealous of anons who have found ways to cope. i just can't take it anymore lol

No. 155697

what procedure? and how did you find then decide on a surgeon?

No. 155706

>I was reminded of this part in Parasite where one of the poor people says, rich people have the luxury of being kind, or something like that. Maybe that goes for beautiful people too, since they have to deal with less shitty, dismissive behavior.
Nta but definitely. If people have treated you in a nice way your entire life of course you'll feel less bitter, less defensive, less suspicious and so on, simply a warmer, more welcoming and trusting personality that in return invites even more people to approach you nicely. If you're ugly people will already let you feel that difference from earliest childhood onwards, so of course you will develop a much more negative outlook on humans and society. It's so unfair, like an endless circle. I'm lonely because I'm ugly and because I don't have friend my confidence decreases while my unhappiness increases and as a result I become bitter and unable of approaching others myself, resulting into me feeling even more lonely and bitter and invisible and so on.

>I remember feeling like a ugly duckling as a kid. It didn't help that my dad basically ignored me and only fawned over my older sister, praising her for being pretty and resembling my mother.

I remember so many experiences like this. During family gathering old people would always praise other kids for being pretty, glance at me and then quickly add you too. But even when I was only around 8 I could already tell that this was only done out of politeness.

No. 155709

I have a cleft scar and I’ve been taunted for no particular reason other than the scar even worse in adulthood, or on the inverse older women will treat me with this uncomfortable and patronizing overcompensation. Ever since everyone has started wearing masks, the sheer difference in how I’m being treated is almost shocking. In many ways it feels surreal, I’ve never been treated like this in my whole life, and it hurts to think about just how different of a person I would be if I had always been treated this well. I’m constantly complimented, people look me in the eyes, I’ve been given preferential treatment at my new job and when out getting food. Nobody at work makes fun of me for being quiet or says I look like a serial killer. It’s going to suck when I have to take the mask off:

No. 155732

I am getting invisalign in a few days. I really want to get rid of this overbite that makes my face look bulky.

No. 155735

Don't remove the mask after covid's done. You can just lie and say you're immunocompromised and don't want to take risks. People at work or in the street aren't entitled to see your face.

No. 155737

God I wish face masks become a fashion thing…

No. 155744

Because of masks I also realized that my eyes aren't that bad, it's the lower half of my face that's the problem…

No. 155761

I finally got a job, hope I can find a nice orthodontist that will let me pay bit by bit for my underbite correction. Man fuck trufemcels it was a good place to commiserate but I'm bitter that they made it seem like all hope is lost. I can do this.

No. 155945

Whenever someone compliments my appearance, I can only think 'but there's so many prettier girls out there' or 'they're lying'. It's so annoying, I should just be grateful for the compliment in the first place. But no matter what I just always believe I'm too ugly to ever deserve them. Seeing pretty women makes me feel down. I just think about how much easier they have it, how they're deserving of compliments and I'm not because of the way I was born.

No. 155947

What exactly did you change about your appearance? I need to know, so I can copy you hehe

No. 155971

Anon literally said she lost weight, fixed her skin issues, and just started investing in her hair and wardrobe

No. 156000

I can read. But I want her to elaborate on what exactly she changed about her wardrobe, hair etc.

No. 156004

I mean, what worked for her isn't necessarily gonna work for you. You need to figure out what looks best on you.

No. 156036

What bullocks then, won’t help you a bit

No. 156039

Is there anything I can do to fix a double chin aside from plastic surgery? It seems to be genetic and gets worse the older I get. I'm not overweight, so I don't think diet or exercise is going to make a difference.

No. 156041


No. 156234

i still have my consultation to go so i'm not sure what procedures exactly, though i have a vague idea of what i'd like done. i contacted a bunch of places local to me before deciding to go to the only woman within driving radius of me, i just don't think i could feel comfortable getting work i'm so sensitive about from a strange man

No. 156556

meant for >>302021 but it's locked and it's better here anyway.
many posts are like
>oh, the mean anons have people in their life like the ones who look like the cows they nitpick, and they still love them
let's not fool ourselves. it's unlikely that they become close to such people in the first place.
and another thing
>they are hated because they think they look good
this one is grating. what they are saying is that average people should not have confidence at all head never take/post selfies. keep your head down too so you don't give them the idea that you think too highly of yourself.
also i have no idea how to link threads so sorry for that.

No. 156574

Good for you. Happy healing anon.

No. 156581

I hate mine too. I get jealous of plus size models who despite being 200+ pounds got chin lipo so their faces look really pretty.

I think I'm gonna go the surgical route.

No. 156608

>tfw mouth breather as a child

No. 156652

thanks anon, idk why but this post actually makes me feel so much more secure in my decision ;__; really appreciate it

No. 156704

I have hirsutism too, too much testosterone. I worry that that extra testosterone is making me look manlier, as well as simply hairier and it fucking sucks. I would be mortified if someone thought I was trans. I was a major tomboy as a young teen and my dad once told me I was too 'manly' and it stuck with me lol, fuck

No. 156725

Will the noir henna bar from lush make my medium brown hair dark brown / black? I don't know if it's worth a try. I have long virgin hair and just want a dark dark brown/ soft black look.

No. 156775

I think it’s kind of funny reading anons who are preoccupied with wondering if they’re ugly or not. If you have to wonder, then you’re not. If you’re actually ugly you’d know it without a shred of doubt. Source: actually ugly.
Maybe it’s a fucked up mentality that I feel I have to “make up for” being ugly through other things, but that’s just how society is. Because of this I’ve always tried to excel at everything I do and put out work of consistently good quality. It’s exhausting but the thought of being mediocre or untalented AND physically hideous is enough to make me want to off myself so I continue to work myself to the bone.

No. 156895

I don't know about feeling the need to "compensate" for being ugly, but I do know it pisses me off how much it affects my prospects. I don't mean dating; I mean shit like getting hired and promoted and networking. Conventionally attractive and good-looking people have a much, much easier time with all of those.

I've made my peace with my looks mostly, but it does grind my gears that no matter how skilled, educated, accomplished, put-together, well-dressed, or well-spoken I am otherwise, being an ugly woman shuts a ton of doors in my face by default.

No. 157693

Thats sad, anon.

No. 157696

Being ugly also hurts your prospects for making friends. Because of a lack of self confidence. And bc ppl are shallow. Or at least that's what my issue with being ugly is.

No. 157724

I was unattractive for my entire adolescents. Around college I got attractive, I didn't even notice it at first, I just thought people were being nicer to me. Honestly it was a huge relief, having good looks will get you far in this life. At the same time, I think it gave me a complex about it.

The difference between pre and post ugly duck phase depresses the fuck out of me. People used to talk over me, ignore me, think the worst of me, certain women viewed me as an inferior and I was basically invisible to men. Now men don't just pay attention to me, they go out of their way for me. My shitty behavior gets excused, I've gotten free stuff before. Mostly it just made me really bitter about men. I would say 70% of them don't even see worth in talking to a woman they don't want. It also made me horribly afraid of losing my looks, I didnt know it was such a big deal. I think being average looking is the best circumstances.

No. 157726

I really feel this, I wanted to reply but I remembered we have Stacy problems now and complaining about them here is tactless of me. Anyways I’m quietly seething with you anon, men can choke.

No. 157761

I've become obsessed with the idea of becoming a programmer or accountant and just working from home, doing interviews and meetings over cam so I can edit my face using those asian live video editors. I'm just so tired of this stuff. Can avatar based vr cyberpunk stuff come already?

No. 157936

I just have to vent somewhere, so this post is tainted heavily by emotions:

I have developed an extreme complex surrounding my jaw and chin. In my youth I developed a poor posture and habits which lead to me having trouble breathing through my nose properly, drooling excessively and dealing with sleep apnea and all its consequences. My jaw is severely poorly defined and my chin rather recessed. I have all of the traits needed for an attractive face for the rest, but the size and slope of my chin and jawline destroys any semblance of symmetry and harmony in my face; the corners of my lips droop down, I have excessively fat cheeks regardless of weight because my jaws cannot support the fat properly, and as a result, my nasolabial wrinkles are disgusting, aging me. My palate, my bottom jaw, it is too small… Moreover, I have the tired eyes of such a person with a weak chin. Overall, it ages me and makes me look fat, dumb and ugly. I understand why nobody would take a second glance at me, and I understand that my parents both suggest and support plastic surgery. I want to get surgery so badly. I look up what I can do to fix this every day. I try mewing and eating more meat, and sleeping with tape over my mouth to practise breathing through my nose and resting my tongue on my palate subconsciously. I look into braces and fillers and jaw and chin surgery. Anything to fix this problem of my health and appearance. The surgeries are so expensive, I could never pay for it, and insurance doesn't cover a lot of things. I am considering going abroad to find a cheaper procedure. ANYTHING to fix my face. I hate myself and how I look so much. I don't let it get to me throughout the day, I simply focus on productive matters and try not too attach too much worth to looks, because it is pointless. BUT IT SUCKS. this is all the result of the way I was raised and the habits I obliviously developed as a kid. i could be pretty, it could all be easier. this is a pointless struggle. struggling with academics or sports is different, because i am able-bodied and it relies on practise on strength. but this????? this is completely outside of my control and inhumanely expensive to fix. I am sick of it, I am so sick of it. I just want it to end. thanks for reading lol k bye

sage for blogging

No. 157948

move to the uk and get surgery for free yo

No. 157970

Feel you. I hate my jaw too. Save up for surgery if you can and get it done abroad but make sure it's a good doctor. Best Wishes.

No. 157990

No. 157996

Not that anon but thank you for the recommendation. It looks like a good alternative to jaw surgery.

No. 158002

No problem. For any anon worried about a recessed chin, I suggest looking into orthotropics but make sure you’re very serious about it and consult a professional. If mewing doesn’t work for you, you’re doing it wrong or need more serious intervention. Fillers will temporarily help with your confidence but don’t use it as a permanent solution. Your recessed chin also affects your airway and entire face, when you expand your palette you pull your face where it should be and although you may consider the changes subtle and timely, it will be worth it. It will improve the harmony of your entire face. I know incels sound insane and have made the whole thing seem like a meme but there is some truth and science to it.

No. 158077

What changed about your appearance?

No. 158393

wdym?? i might unironically be migrating to the UK for other reasons, so do inform me.

likewise dear anon

I am actually only familiar with Dr. Mew and consider visiting him when I am in the UK. Everything you say is true and I alluded to it slightly in my OP. It is not solely a matter of aesthetics, it is simply the aesthetic result of poor health. I always compare it to poor posture of the back or shoulders. I will look into the link you posted here >>157990 more, as it does not seem very effective judging off the before and after pictures.

No. 158413

File: 1604531989446.gif (4.3 MB, 750x962, 45E71A31-60EE-4E75-9FD2-0E3BFE…)

Here’s another photo of someone using the same device.

No. 158442

Wow! Out of curiosity, have you personally used it or any experience with it?

No. 158449

>before : leaning forward
>after : standing up straight

No. 158463

I understand your cynicism. I want to know what position his tongue was in too, because bringing the tongue up in a mewing position makes a double chin look like that. Really curious about that forward growth of the mouth though. I wonder if he had fucked up teeth before and they got straighter? Head x rays would be the most useful.

No. 158467

Samefag but here's the actual guy in the picture talking about how the AGGA appliance basically just moves your teeth forward

No. 158484

Um trying to be politely but if you can’t notice the blatant differences in appearance after a palette expander than maybe you just naturally don’t care much about peoples features, which is fine. Also they say people with autism are bad with faces. But there’s still a lot of people who immediately notice these things and they’re still apparent.

No. 158503

That doesn't prove much, considering people with a poor jawline/chin tend to lean forward unconsciously to create some kind of illusion of a jaw. Otherwise, if you stand straight with no chin/jaw, you emphasise your underchin and jawlessness. However, in the second picture he is standing straight and has more jaw/chin, which is very indicative of improvement. Obviously everything should be taken with a grain of salt, but your point basically proves the opposite of what I assume you were trying to point out.

No. 158519

People want a dramatic, instant result thanks to the delusions of social media and the extreme surgery look right now. It’s vaguely comparable to being pornsick—consuming so much edited media that they can’t tell what’s normal and what’s ridiculous. Palette expanders will always be a better alternative to genioplasty and chin implants but it takes time and people now expect some flamboyant result, completely unrealistic. At least palette expanders are correcting the problem and expanding your airway, not forcing your entire jaw into a new position and sawing away bone that will take months to heal and will likely have complications. Chin implants misplace and droop and aren’t correcting the overall problem.

No. 158543

I am sorry but I do not see how that is relevant to what I said.

No. 158550

I replied to the wrong post accidentally, sorry

No. 158556

If everyone posted their selfies here, we'd all see that we're not as ugly as we think we are.
No im not a male or a creep or anything, this is just an observation i made while reading this thread..

No. 158559

You know I’ve wanted to be on the same page here but from what I’ve seen there’s some I would be cruel to give hope to

No. 158562

Is there a selfie thread? I've never seen it.

No. 158567

Of course not, it's against Global Rule 4.1

No. 158568

File: 1604643217640.jpg (53.7 KB, 500x332, grimes1.jpg)

Ugly anons, do you remember how many men are Grimes simps? Just pick up a hobby and some scrote will find you attractive.
Washing your hair everyday is terrible for it and is probably making it greasier. Look at onision who showers multiple times a day. You might be using shit products too. I generally recommend staying away from drug store brands. Also, dry shampoo is a life saver and will give your hair a bit of volume too.

I know this comment it old af, but relevant for any other anons having this problem.
You know, I'd say go to /soc/, but they'll probably just make you feel bad unless you have big tits. And being validated by a bunch of autists doesn't mean much.

No. 158569

Then how would you know how unattractive some farmers are?

No. 158571

lol @ thinking any of us want to be beautiful for male attention. i have hobbies and i've had bfs, and neither of them could ever give me the sheer joy and relief that knowing i'm conventionally attractive (or even average/not ugly) would

No. 158572

Not because of the male attention but because they have rate threads there

No. 158575

>Ugly anons, do you remember how many men are Grimes simps? Just pick up a hobby and some scrote will find you attractive.

No. 158577

grimes is pretty cute though, so not a great example. If that's what you think ugly looks like then you truly have no about the people who are in this thread.
Also, if you bothered to backread at all I think you'd find that there are hardly any anons itt who are whining about not having a bf. When you're actually ugly, the treatment you get for that bleeds into every area of your life. finding some scrote to fuck you is the least of your problems. Scrotes will fuck anything with a hole.

No. 158586

I have no intention of singling anyone out because I’m not saying this to try to hurt anyone’s feelings, but there have been threads where people have shown their eyes/haircuts and they leave in bits of themselves. There was one recently where all of her skin was tomato red, you could tell she was obese by all the fat on her forehead, and if it wasn’t for no scar I would have genuinely thought it was Porgie. I’ve also gotten selfies from a few anons over time from the FF thread and I feel really bad for them. I have no intention of bullying people for the genetics that they can’t control but I’m not going to lie to them if they’re venting about how hard it is for them socially. They aren’t lying.

No. 158587

> Grimes
> cute
Well she's far from being conventionally attractive. A lot of anons in this thread sound like they'd be fine if they got simple PS. Or even just tried with their appearances. I had really gross teeth from smoking heroin for years. I got them whitened and I'm way more confident now.

Is being ugly /that/ bad? It sounds like when fatties reee that they don't get correct medical treatment or job promotions, because of their weight. I'm sure it would suck, but
> bleeds into every area of your life
sounds really dramatic.

No. 158588

It is for women, don’t be silly.

No. 158592

>implying I care about the "opinions" of m*n

No. 158593

>Scrotes will fuck anything with a hole.

No. 158625

>I had yellow teeth from being a junkie so I know what it’s like to be ugly, you girls are being dramaaatic
Go OD on something

No. 158729

>when fatties reee that they don't get correct medical treatment
You have zero empathy, damn. BPD-chan?

No. 158765

shut the fuck up, most of us can't even get sex

No. 158766

That post was from nine months ago.

No. 158774

You’re not really missing much.

No. 158817

nta but why should doctors prioritise fatties health when they themselves don't? empathy is for kids with cancer not hamplanets who can't bear to put down the fork

No. 158820

If you paid for an appointment, it's normal to expect a good service.

No. 158822

sure if you pay for private health insurance but where there's universal healthcare I wouldn't want my taxes going towards diseases people bring upon themselves by being obese

No. 158823

So you're also against treatment for alcoholics or meth users, am I wrong?

No. 158825

kek it's so much easier to avoid eating 4000 calories a day than falling into drug addiction when you grow up surrounded by poverty and addicts. I'm guessing you believe that media line about sugar being more addictive than crack?

No. 158827

Any type of addiction is an emotional/psychological problem. Both are people self-medicating.

No. 158833

you won't get life threatening withdrawl symptoms from eating less. And anyway going back to the topic of the thread, being fat isn't a valid reason to complain about being ugly when you can lose weight at no extra cost if you do it right and don't shell out for gimmicky diet products. Can't do shit about an unfortunate facial structure if you can't afford plastic surgery

No. 158932

So I'm guessing anon doesn't know about food deserts, how cheaper supermarket food is loaded with antibiotics and shit that cause weight gain, nutritionally depleated veg and fruit unless you get it at whole foods, having to slave away for most of your day to afford to live and not having the energy to cook homemade stuff, growing up in a family where you're not taught proper eating habits, becoming fat when you're a kid bc your parents fed you that way, using food as a comfort mechanism, women who were assulted and got fat in a way to 'protect' themselves, etc.

Nah, anon is just an asshole, or a self hating fatty. People just get more butthurt over fat people bc of lookism. No one gives a shit if a girl is doing heroin, as long as she's skinny. It was even an it girl thing back in the day, heroin chic.

No. 158939

You know how I cope with being ugly? By knowing how insufferable men can be.

Just read this fucking thing.

No. 158940

She's just an ex-addict who doesn't like being roped into the same category as fatties and thinks there's no long-term ramifications for her health from what she did in the past just cause she's clean now. She can hide her skeletons unlike fat women who have to face prejudices everyday. And tbh the way she thinks bodies can just bounce back from weight loss tells me she's super young. The psychology ain't that deep.

No. 158942

Easy to say when you're taking drugs reducing the appetite. How can a heroin user be so judgmental lmao?

No. 158946

IDC if it's toxic, hating men has done wonders for my self esteem and confidence.

No. 158950

I'm not and never have been a drug user but I can see how you feel the need to project in order to convince yourself there's some deep, personal reason why I don't sympathise with the merciless fatphobia our brave chubby soldiers must fight on daily basis.
No matter the quality of food you have access to the laws of thermodynamics don't change, eat less calories than you burn and you'll lose weight! The secret doctors don't want you to know.
In the context of this thread weight is something very easy to cope with, lose it. Where's the simping for women with witch skulls? You can't perform plastic surgery on yourself, and anyway there's a paywall.

No. 158951

>I'm not and never have been a drug user
Ok. So you're the BPD who felt called out and started to stan for the heroin-smoking OP after this >>158729.
You lack empathy as that anon suggested, no deeper psychoanalysis is required.

I hope you get your witch skull fixed.

No. 158952

Not really that interested in that bit, just when fatties started crawling out of the woodwork to demand muh empathy and absolve themselves of responsibility for their decisions.
Thanks I hope so too ♥

No. 158953

People are just posting about their experiences in a thread about ugliness and wondering why you're being aggressive in thinking certain ugliness is worse than other ugliness. No one is "demanding" anything of you and you're free to ignore posts even where you suspect that's the case, so you can stop being so dramatic.

No. 158968

Does anyone else's dad treat them like shit bc you're ugly? Mine stopped parenting and investing in me when it was clear puberty wasn't going to fix my body and face. I fucking hate this, daddy issues in embarrassing to admit even online. I fucking hate his coomer ass, especially since he invests in my little brother way more than he did with me. I catch him just staring at me, probably wondering how his handsome genes and my moms pretty genes managed to fuck up so badly.

No. 158987

>tfw you never wanted kids to not ruin your waist and tits because that's the only positive thing about your body
>but then you get fat
I still have a lot of weight to lose but already noticed that I look saggy. Kill me

I additionally have to deal with being the loser amongst my super successful and attractive siblings.
Both my mom and my dad have a couple same unfortunate traits and while my siblings got none of them, I got them twice as much. Both of them have bad skin and look older than their age, both of them have very visible veins and extremely muscular calves (that's why my legs look horrible since I was just an underweight 12yo), my mom doesn't have cellulite but my dad does, I got my mom's wide jaw and jowes, my dad's giant nose, huge height and large bones,…I could go on forever.
And then they have the audacity to pester me about not having a bf. Maybe it's because no man ever found me attractive?

No. 158990

On top of being an asshole, you can only talk in non-sequiturs, it's quite amazing.

No. 158993

I mean, it's definitely true that ugly women are treated worse than ugly men. We can see that on media of any kind. I just thought it sounded dramatic.
Those fatties bitch that doctors tell them losing weight will reduce cholesterol, lower bp, less strain on joints and muscles, etc and call it fatphobic. Doctors told me to quit doing heroin, but I was like, "yeah, I probably would feel better". Also, this

But thanks for the diagnosis, armchair-chan.

No. 158997

You're a fucking heroin addict, you dumbass attention-whore. Why the fuck do you think you're better than fat people?

No. 158999

>shoehorning your drug addiction in a thread that has nothing to do with drug addiction

No. 159011

Well, I've been clean from heroin for 7 years. I don't hate people for being fat. I think fatphobia isn't real and that HaES is retarded. Can you read?
I mentioned it because I felt ugly with brown spots on my teeth from smoking black, but feel fine with whiter teeth now. I was saying something like a nose job might make one of you feel better. I was saying you're probably not as ugly as you think. The fucking bitterness in this thread is unreal.

No. 159019

No need to direct that at me, I haven’t added anything to this thread. I’m just saying you’re a cow for continuously mentioning your heroin addiction and sperging about fat people in a thread designated for girls who feel ugly. Clearly your advice isn’t worth it’s weight in salt.

No. 159052

File: 1604950045732.jpg (42.61 KB, 555x312, a89a52e0e1ce90deb04f85d0f0bae9…)

>>being an ugly woman shuts a ton of doors in my face by default.

No. 159059

File: 1604955265663.jpg (96.91 KB, 750x891, b5f6b8cf4ce838d5f2c8b8b8d55d11…)

Merkel has always been average but badly-styled. She's chubby now, but had a good figure. Low WHR, big boobs. Far from ugly IMO.

Legitimately ugly women exist and they struggle in every domain. Choosing Merkel as your hideous woman example proves how high standards for women are.

No. 159061

How do I deal with coarse dark hair fucking everywhere?
My thyroid is absolutely fucked and while medication is helping me deal with the weight issue the hair issue I fear will never go away.

No. 159062

Heroin addicts are better than fat people.

No. 159065

>t. Luna

No. 159068

File: 1604956564268.jpg (58.49 KB, 481x600, s2u2wfwlc8fz.jpg)

Yeah, I wouldn't call Merkel ugly at all, but she's had an "old lady" haircut since forever (pic related). Looking at the few youngish female world leaders, most of them are conventionally attractive, like Jacinda Ardern or Sanna Marin. The older ones aren't really "ugly," they're just old kek. Even Hilary Clinton was pretty back in her day.

If you're an ugly woman working in any normie industry, it's way harder to get noticed.

No. 159071

Sanna Marin gets so much press just for being young and pretty, it's kind of annoying. She seems to like it too and does things like being on a magazine cover wearing nothing but a blazer. I don't doubt that she's a capable leader but most of the publicity seems to be on her because she's pretty, especially since the entire Finnish parliament is now led by women and none of the other women ministers get nearly the same amount of media attention or praise for being "strong female leaders".

No. 159078

File: 1604958737368.png (313.15 KB, 735x720, 1541957632.png)

>my mom doesn't have cellulite but my dad does
anon… w-what…?

No. 159079

The attention she gets is baffling. She looks like the average woman where I am, slightly prettier, maybe… like anon said, most politicians are old, so therefore "ugly", that probs explains it. I didn't know about the mag shoots, I'm always disappointed when powerful women do this. I remember some (Italian? politicians/scientists? can't remember now) who did an underwear shoot, sprawled over their work desk. I was so disgusted.

No. 159080

>calling yourself slightly prettier than some random woman mentioned on an anonymous image board
I gotta hide this thread

No. 159081

File: 1604960662344.jpg (23.36 KB, 526x526, 121078027_10158999439611095_47…)

this is the controversial shoot. what a fucking bimbofied horror.

No. 159084

Lol you misread. I am a poor writer, so it is understandable, sorry lol. I didn't write "I am slightly prettier". Read back and notice the commas in my (admittedly) clunky phrasing. I said she's a slightly prettier version of the average (meaning typical) woman in my country. Pale oval face, light eyes, slim nose, dark hair, small lips, even featured. What I mean to say is: she looks normal, maybe a little prettier, sure, but the admiration she gets is excessive.

Is that it?! lol.

No. 159085

yes. it's just that single picture.

No. 159086

Ah you’re esl. Sorry about that, given all that just went on itt right above you I thought it was just more nonsense.

No. 159088

I do not know what you are trying to say but I have never seen Merkel or any other female politician from Finland posing on a Vogue cover, especially not with deep cleavage

No. 159162

Can't believe I was cursed to lifelong ugliness for being born bri ish

No. 159163

Fuck no after reading the dumbass shit thread and how mean something anons are about appearances I know I'd be ripped to shreds. Ugly women aren't accepted anywhere, even amongst other women, clearly.

No. 159164

>Ugly anons, do you remember how many men are Grimes simps?
No? I've only seen men call her ugly

No. 159165

What would you choose, gaining a ton of extra weight or becoming a functional human bc of antidepressants

No. 159166

Meds shouldn't inherently make you gain weight, only increase your appetite. I'd risk them and try extra hard with diet and exercise (which should help with depression even more).

Though admittedly my opinion ain't shit on this because I've never had depression and the most miserable I've ever been in my life was specifically because I gained weight.

No. 159167

What antidepressant is it? I've taken all sorts of SSRIs and SNRIs and I never gained any weight

As far as I know the only psych meds that really will pile the weight on like that are antipsychotics. And when it comes to taking them people don't have a choice

No. 159171

File: 1605011972576.jpg (61.25 KB, 634x740, Thierry Baudet naakt op Instag…)

Lol, but can your politician do THIS?

sage for OT

No. 159178

He's Dutch, they're all slutty so it doesn't count

No. 159185

Being fat isn't the worst thing you can be if "functioning" meant you had a steady homelife balance, relationships, and hobbies. As long as you're eating healthy and exercising, then you'd be doing your best.

No. 159296

File: 1605082983135.jpg (Spoiler Image,266.84 KB, 1178x1731, 20201110_230822~2-1.jpg)

I'm pretty sure I have the world's worst side profile. Someone said Lisa Eldrige had the profile of a kidney bean and I think that's me too.

I have disgusting skin. I have fat eyebrows/forehead. Not like amy slaton kind of fat, but like, saggy. And the rest of my face has saggy fat too. I think losing weight might make my face look even worse.

I also have hip dysplasia which gives me a severe "hip dip" and stops me from doing a lot of exercises. I have saggy downward pointing breasts and my body is covered in stretch marks. Oh and I have a gap in my two front teeth.

Some of those things can be fixed by surgeries but they're fucking expensive and some are dangerous too. And some things like my fat eyebrows just straight up can't be fixed.


No. 159297

You look like an average fat girl. Take an antidepressant, eat a salad, wash your face, and stfu.

No. 159304

I mean, the picture is kind of blurry so I'm not sure if you look any different in real life but from what I can see your forehead, eyebrows and skin look perfectly fine? The only thing that really stands out to me is your double chin, which you wouldn't even need surgery to fix, just weight loss.

No. 159305

Not to be mean anon, but lose weight before complaining about being ugly.

No. 159316

The way imageboards have made me so distrusting that I’m not convinced this isn’t someone using their poor ex friends pic or something of that nature as some sort of sick vendetta

No. 159318

anon your facial features look absolutely normal. they'd prolly look good if you lost weight actually. so yeah, you're not really ugly, just fat.

No. 159319

Lose some weight and you'll become average. Gtfo body dysmorphia-chan.

No. 159323

if you're >55kg (provided you're of average height) you don't have the right to call yourself ugly… just yet. lose weight first, groom yourself well and learn some really basic makeup, then make a conclusion.

No. 159325

Just lipo the double chin and you'd look fine tbh. I'm not gonna jump your bones by saying lose weight cause I don't think anons realize that double chins don't necessarily go away with weight loss.

No. 159333

I have a similar chin and I'm not even overweight (genes from my moms side) I remember I would obsess over my chins and side profile in my early and mid twenties and I knew that it'd take a small procedure to get rid of it. I seriously considered it but then at some point just stopped being bothered by it.

Stuff like that doesnt make you hideous, if you walk around in a busy area or people watch for any amount of time..those traits are just average. They make you look average. If your aim is to look above average then do what you need to do but I think you're being way too harsh on yourself.

No. 159358

Um, I guess this picture is dishonest then because I do have saggy fat eyebrows. Losing weight wouldn't really do anything bc both of my brothers are skinny af and they have the same forehead/eyebrows. Also, did people completely miss the part where I said I have a gap in my two front teeth? That also contributes to my ugliness

I think you're right, since my sister is skinnier than me and her double chin is just as bad as mine

Um no, its me

No. 159398

>saggy fat eyebrows
I've literally never heard eyebrows described this way. Either way, your eyebrows in the picture look completely normal. I think you're overthinking it, honestly. Also, there are measures you can take to fix your teeth. Braces or Invisalign can close the gaps.

No. 159429

I fucking hate having to interact with pretty men. Like kill yourself, you don't even need to be pretty. Pretty men are the ones that truly just float through life. My coworkers were fawning over him it was cringe to watch. I wanted to torture kill and eat him.

No. 159433

> Also, did people completely miss the part where I said I have a gap in my two front teeth? That also contributes to my ugliness
Do you have some sort of masochistic need to have us all join in and call you ugly? You look normal imo. Entirely within the range of what's considered average. That seems to be the last thing you want to hear though.

No. 159437

Ignore body dysmorphia-chan. She just needs to get off the internet and go outside.

No. 159450

Just stop making excuses and lose weight lazy ass

No. 159778

I'm ugly as fuck, but since I'm kind of a neet and I don't go out a lot (I have no friends) I don't feel ugly most of the time since there aren't people around me pointing it out. But then I read a fluff love story or see a romance movie and I'm reminded that I will never be loved truly… either I'll end up alone, with some other ugly porn-addicted scrote settling for me, or someone prettier than me but abusive and using me as fleshlight. Average or good-looking people can have a relationship and be on the same page, but I'll always be the subhuman looking fucker that is only granted some attention. I don't know how some people can imagine themselves with someone attractive, if I imagine myself being with a pretty man I just want to kill myself from disgust.

No. 159781

Can someone explain how tf to practice “mewing”

No. 159783

You can literally just google it.

No. 159784

File: 1605373599703.png (31.79 KB, 633x758, m6rayhvoroz31.png)

I have times where I feel like i'm average to somewhat pretty, but then I feel like I'm literally the biggest pile of shit to walk on the face of the earth. I'm filipino, (Not the pretty filipino you see in Ms. Universe or something, the average troll faced, and musty nosed filipino) I'm constantly paranoid that people who compliment my looks are actually just pitying me or just people trying to hype me up, and I feel like my personality is the one of the only things that compensate people leaving me. I don't know whats genuine or not anymore, and I kind of wished i was white. Are people pitying me and only feeding my false sense of reality or am I just average. I feel like guys only talk to me because I'm oblivious to peoples intentions, and I'm afraid people who treat me too nice on the street are only doing it because I'm easy to kidnap or something. I will never know how I look like to other people and I'm afraid people are lying to me.

No. 159785

Okay anon there's a lot to unpack in this post but let me just tell you this
>I kind of wished i was white
Being white does not automatically
make you pretty. Being Filipino does not automatically make you ugly. Stop it with this incel-tier white supremacy garbage.
Your insecurity is what's going to drive you away from people, not your looks. I know this is the ugly people thread so I sympathize if you're genuinely ugly but it sounds like you're getting a lot of positive attention that ugly people normally wouldn't. It really sounds like you're just extremely self-conscious. Like you said you're probably just average and upset you don't look like a Miss Universe 24/7. You sound young, so I'm hoping you'll grow out of it.

No. 159788

thank you anon for the kick in the ass I needed, I just feel like shit since I've been so unsure of how I look- I needed this.

No. 159789

This is so fucking ingrained into our society. Nta but until my early 20s I never felt threatened or jealous of other girls’ appearance unless they were white like me. It was like, a social conditioning that I learned to break. For the longest time I unconsciously believed I was prettier than non-white women simply by having pale skin and blue eyes. I remember thinking this as early as 4yo. Anyone who acts like there isn’t still inherent racism in our society is sadly mistaken. It’s a shame I could think that way so young

No. 159793

>I never felt threatened or jealous of other girls’ appearance unless they were white like me

How is it possible to feel threatened by someone's looks other than if they look like a druggie about to rob you or something?

No. 159794

I remember being nine, looking at my arms and wishing I wasn't brown.

No. 159796

Because she wants to feel superior to other women and if they're prettier than her she can't do that, because she attributes value to beauty. Lots of women feel threatened by prettier women because they see them as competition for men's attention or success in the workplace.

No. 159810

They don't mean physically threatened like the person might be dangerous. They mean it's a threat to their ego, when they perceive someone as being better than them at something, it makes them uncomfortable.

No. 159812

Are you me? I am mixed Filipino and white. I wish I was fully white too. I know it's not good and I have to deal with the genes I was given too. I would argue though, have you consider these feelings from the culture itself? My Asian side is pretty critical and it ended up making me feel like I have a shit personality. Don't be scared of being too nice, just be scared of not knowing when to stop being too nice. I have similar feelings, you should take a step back and look at it more logically though. Asian culture sucks and Filipino culture is very similar in harshness. Like my family always said, there is something you could've done better.

No. 159813

File: 1605387331753.jpeg (38.04 KB, 474x374, F67E5D1E-4476-4831-8094-D8D946…)

oh anon

No. 159815

i'm intersex and it's fucking weird. if i try to pass female i look like a trans girl. if i try to pass male i look like a trans man. androgyny for me isn't being vague and hot its not looking good as either and men abusing the shit out of me for not being able to have kids. i'm constantly afraid of making other women uncomfortable which is literally the last thing i ever want to do. i will literally not use the bathroom if i have to, im willing to give up some comfort to make sure other women are comfortable but at the end of the day i just feel lonely and not really accepted anywhere. its been getting worse recently with all the trans people pretending to be intersex and the bizarre idealization and fetishization going on. i would do anything to be normal.

No. 159816

Sorry if this is rude, but what kind of intersex are you? Genuinely curious

No. 159820

File: 1605402607856.jpeg (96.77 KB, 563x752, 72B5D880-E7EC-4359-8F2C-59028A…)

Me too, anon. But it’s okay now.

No. 159828

I did the same, but wished I was tanner. I even tired to lay out in the sun for hours but just burned myself. Eventually I learned to live with my skin.

No. 159836

You do realize how different a non-white person wishing they were white is as opposed to being a little white girl who really wants a tan, right

No. 159837

how is it different anon

No. 159838

go fuck yourself

No. 159839

I get it in a way. Some white girls can’t tan, while other darker skinned white girls are naturally tan and can get even tanner. Being of Irish heritage, I was jealous of white girls who weren’t as pale and freckled growing up. Not racebaiting, but Jesus Christ white girls of varying colors struggle with their skin type and self image, too

No. 159841

The persecution and prejudice against people who can't tan is so saddening and unfair. Woe is you, white girls!

No. 159843

So true. Sad to think that there used to be establishments you couldn’t enter unless you had a perfect malibu tan.

No. 159847

File: 1605428142787.jpeg (94.09 KB, 1200x630, 01A12B92-801A-4871-A75F-203CD7…)

Lol, while people have been persecuted in the past, too. Example - Irish immigrants in America.(racebait)

No. 159848

White* people, or certain groups rather. My Irish ancestors were widely hated, prosecuted and shunned by white American culture and had to deal with discrimination and poverty

No. 159851

I'm irish and I remember my mom would make me sit in the sun for hours in the summer and shout at me when I wanted to stop because I would burn.

All that really did in my case was make me reject alot of beauty standards as being BS. I'm now stubbornly against changing my appearance and I blame those arguments for setting that off in me. I was way too young to be having that shite pushed on me. I still don't tan, I dont dye, I don't do make up. And weirdly that was the one blip where a usually caring mom ripped my confidence to bits berating me over a load of nothing. It repeated every summer with her telling me she was embarrassed over how I looked 'sickly' FFS mam nearly everyone here is pale anyway. It's a non issue.

No. 159855

People used to call me vampire and snowman growing up because i was always the palest person. My mom forced me to get spray tans even though the smell gave me migraines

No. 159863

How about finding a community for intersex people? They exist for trans people and what not so I assume you can find one on social media or discord. Idk if you have a therapist but it sounds like you could use one too

No. 159864


lose weight, save up for some jaw/cheek filler to give your face definition and you're sorted

No. 159865

I have! It's been really nice, it just kind of sucks to go back out into the wider world.

No. 159872

> white women are as oppressed as WoC
You guys are trying to compare have a shit mom and getting called names when you were 10 to systemic racism? kek.

No. 159877

Being a white girl with a mother that forced you to get tans is almost the same as being a chubby girl whose mom puts her on a diet, it's abuse in the name of beauty standards that quite frankly most kids don't care about any ways but it can never compare to being brown and having being brought up to be taught that you're uglier than your more white-passing relatives and siblings, your parents, your grandparents, your aunties and uncles, your cousins, and everyone you know has the same mindset that you're ugly and evil, you'll never the bad treatment you'd get because of the deep-rooted self hate that they project on you, and the kids at school and strangers outside aren't any kinder either, the tv, magazines, comics, dolls… everything is telling you that you're ugly, the nicknames aren't snowman and vampire and stuff that can be twisted to be cool, you'd be called shit, slave, and all sorts of ugly names that no kid should deal with, and you can't fix this by just getting tanner or losing weight, even the skin bleaching creams your mom made you use at the young age of 8 don't don't fix it, it's a mentality that you can never fully heal from and it's painful to deal with because it is so deep down in your own self consciousness that formed in your early years of life.

It's okay if you don't understand but don't pretend that you have it hard too because you don't. people being racist against your people 100 years ago isn't the same as people being racist against you 100 years ago until today. Even with all the woke movements and campaigns you still can't compare, campaigns always reek of colourism and favouritism to those who are mixed or/and were brought up middle class and talk and behave like white people, brown people who aren't light skinned, aren't mixed, aren't middle class, and don't behave and dress white enough are still pretty much hated.

I'd like to pretend that I'm fully over it but I can only try, every now and then I'd have low moment and wish that I was a little less brown.

No. 159878

> white women are as oppressed as WoC
Literally no one is saying this, you're the ones bringing it up. Fair-skinned anons are simply sharing their experiences growing up, calm down.

No. 159882

> it's abuse
> don't pretend that you have it hard
How can you start out saying anons were abused as kids and then go on to say 'don't pretend you have it hard'… it's not a competition. You are the one making this into something that it just isn't.

No. 159889

Nta but my mom was really hard on me growing up in this regard. She told me I had the fat genetics, and would have to work to stay fit or I’d look like my obese relatives.
I was hardly ever allowed to experiment with my own fashions, and when I did they were made fun of.
If we were going out in public, she’d make me change my face multiple times, as well as hair - “at least put on some mascara you look sick” “wash it off it looks awful” “wear some concealer” but then I’d get ridiculed for not applying it properly or not having the right shade. This started around 13yo and got progressively worse until I moved out.
She and my father insisted I attempted to tan, despite burning badly in the sun and they still ridicule me when I put on sunscreen at 25yo.
If I had snacks before dinner my dad and brother would ridicule me, dad calling me lunchbox and my brother would tell me I had jiggly thighs in shorts. I was never chubby or overweight, even.
I had a mole on my face that kids bullied me for, and so my brother started calling me the names they called me at home. My therapist had to push my parents to let me have it removed after years of bullying and trauma that continued even in my own home.

My brother, who’s 21 now, still “jokingly” tells me I’m hideous, makeup won’t help, and that I’m disgusting looking. Sometimes with a straight face he’ll tell me I’m worthless. My parents laugh this behavior off, always have

I’m at least smart enough to realize other friends and boyfriends have never thought that of me, and that he’s wrong, but he’s still abusive towards me about my looks despite my not being bad looking at all (which took years of seeking validation in unhealthy, toxic ways for me to realize)

All of this shit really stuck with me in adulthood, I still can’t leave the house without makeup, still struggle with disordered eating, and developed extreme body dysmorphia, anorexia, and OCD with things like skincare as a result when I entered adulthood, which landed me in the hospital a few times.

No. 159890

Oof, and I almost forgot one of the most influencing forms of bullying on their part.
My dad, who’s opinion has always meant the world to me, would tell me as a teen that I was going to age poorly, that I looked too old for my age, he’d make backhanded comments about my thin hair and how I’d be bald at 30, about how my skin would be like leather at a young age because my mom insisted I wear makeup, and so on.
As if all of the above wasn’t bad enough…

No. 159891

This is becoming such a diary post, but they really fucked me up and I wasted my youth feeling hideous as a result. I’m terrified of approaching 30, for gods sake, and felt too old at 18. As soon as 24yo my brother and father began insisting I’m basically 30.
For the record, my 21 year old brother has skin issues, is balding, and looks 35, but I’m the one who’s torn apart endlessly

No. 159892

When the fuck are you moving out and cut all of them out? They sound like fucking psychos.

No. 159960

I'm >>159855 and i'm not even white i'm biracial lol. Just got the pale genes. But thanks for the education i guess…

No. 160213

I'm very ugly, decided I was tired of it and I'm currently on the road to become average.
Here is what I'm getting done
1. Melanage Peel to help even out complexion $1000 x Done
2. UVB light therapy to get rid of hypopigmentation FREE
3. Bellafill fillers for nasolabial fold $1000
4. Under eye implants by dr apo $4000
5. micro needling to help alleviate scars $1000

If I manage to save up more money I'll probably get chin augmentation done since my chin does recede a bit.
Also I might get a septorhinoplasty if insurance covers it, I had really bad nose trauma as a kid and I'm about to see an ENT about it since I think there is residual issues that remain due to my sinuses always causing problems for me.
Seems like a lot but I look like shit, a few things here and there should have me looking normal. Anyone else get extensive work done?

No. 160215

anon please rethink doing so many procedures. invest that time into a hobby or something that makes you happy and can help you grow more as a person, looks aren't everything.

No. 160227

How can your skin be THAT bad to warrant all that work and money? Just get some fucking tret and stay out of the sun.

No. 160229

You're spending all that money on unnecessary procedures but you're putting off sinus surgery to repair an actual medical issue? Wow. Society sure does a number on women. Object first, living human being second.

No. 160246

Do your nose job first since it's covered by insurance. You don't need all those skin procedures jfc, do your skincare routine diligently and order a dermaroller online, then see if you still need them all.

And to all the dumb asses here thinking about fillers, have fun with autoimmune disorders, and ending up looking like taytay, in 10 years. They don't dissolve fully even when you get them dissolved, they shift in the face instead. Get a fat transfer instead if you want to fill undereyes.

No. 160261

I am sorry you feel you have to change so much about yourself anon. I wish I could hug you

No. 160429

I can’t afford a fat transfer, but I would benefit so much from undereye fillers… is it really that bad for everyone? It can’t be tasteful and minimal?

No. 160439

If you don't care about all the health risks (including literally going blind) then go ahead, but I'm saying rn you're a retard for doing it. Save up for the fat transfer, in the long run its safer and doesn't need upkeep.

No. 160440

You can get thick rimmed glasses to hide your undereyes.

No. 160448

Don't listen to the idiot anon above that doesn't habe a clue. Undereye filler are done since decades and lots of people are happy with them. Go on realself to research what procedure you consider, theres too much cope with the anons against fillers on here.

No. 163447

Thick glasses are ugly as fuck

No. 164449

Doesnt matter how racially ugly you are there are things everyone is capable of doing to become attractive
Nice hygiene
Nice teeth
Fit body
Long/thick hair
Dress nicely
Everyone can do these things, even the ugliest person can get a step up if they achieve all these things. If you're really ugly, grow your hair to be super long that turns every ugly girl from a 2 to 5 real quick.

No. 164453

>If you're really ugly, grow your hair to be super long that turns every ugly girl from a 2 to 5 real quick.
No way, long hair requires proper care and maintenance in order to look good. If someone is ugly and not used to styling it they will look unkempt with long hair. And idk what you mean by 'super long' but the religious horse girl length hair is a horrible look on everyone.

But ia otherwise, those things should be sufficient to make most people look presentable. Clear skin, good teeth, fit/slim body and healthy hair should be priorities.

No. 164467

I wouldn't say good teeth is something everybody is capable of, do you know how expensive veneers/implants/braces are?
It's cheap to diet/shower etc. but good teeth is more than just brushing them for some people.

No. 164501

if you're ugly in a manly way long hair will make you appear even manlier due to the contrast.

No. 164604

Gotta love the disgusted way my dad looks at my fat body when he thinks I'm not looking. Like kys scrote I'm your f-ing daughter stop thinking w your dick. He treats me so much worse after I gained weight.

No. 164605

Nta but in my opinion good teeth isn’t straight super white teeth just teeth that don’t have visible decay and are brushed regularly.

On that note I honestly never felt bad about the crookedness of my teeth until I said I felt ugly one day and my friends mom said I look ok and would be beautiful if I just got braces. Like wow, thanks I guess. Literally was fine with my teeth before that

No. 164608

Genetics are the main factor in having good teeth so I'm more likely to feel bad for someone with bad teeth than judge them as lazy or at fault for it. But looking after your teeth should be a top priority for the sake of your health rather than your looks, it is worth saving up for any dentistry/orthodontics that might be needed unless you are completely and utterly incapable of affording it. Bad teeth can REALLY fuck your shit up later in life and it only gets more expensive.

No. 164635

Tbh genetics do decide a lot. Not saying you can't improve yourself, but some people also have problem skin and difficult to manage hair. I used to have awful acne and pretty much nothing helped it except getting older. It was so annoying to hear things like "just take care of your skin and you'll be so pretty!"

No. 166515

I'm feeling really insecure about my teeth again. I have an extreme overbite, literally half of my middle teeth are always showing, like a bunny, but it's even worse because they're also all over the place aligned really horribly, yellow, transparent, and missing some pieces (I don't know why I don't remember those breaking off) I can't even close my mouth

No. 166520

is there any way to know whether you're ugly or not without interacting with people offline to see how they treat you or posting selfies to "rate me" websites? i unironically think i'm the most repulsive looking person alive and i don't know if it's just bdd talking or if i'm legitimately ugly and should kill myself asap

No. 166523

That's BDD - most of the world is ugly, you just ignore them

No. 166524

You'd know.

No. 166527

Who care. Join NPA. Eat tree frogs. Shoot AFP dogs

No. 166529

If you're not sure - and if you were sure you wouldn't seek the ways to confirm or deny it - it means you're definitely not ugly. Do NOT put your photo of any of these "rate me" places, people there go out of their way to be excessively harsh and mean; also beauty is subjective.
And also who gives a fuck what scrotes think; you know it's all scrotes in these places.

No. 168762

The top half and bottom half of my face both look fine individually but the whole just looks messed up and goofy. I feel like a collage made by an elementary schooler for art class. Plus I lost the teeth lottery and have a mouth full of yellowing overcrowded snaggleteeth but I smile with my mouth closed. Fuck my ancestors for practicing cousin marriage for generations in their bumfuck fishing village. I cope with my bad DNA by not looking in mirrors ever.

No. 170384

Bad natural teeth is hell. You're right it's embarrassing to even smile and laugh. Also the shitton of dentist bills. At this point I'm more angry at my shitty health than ugliness. Wouldn't mind being ugly if I just had healthy teeth and kinda symmetrical face.

No. 170386

Anyone else have a type of face that changes drastically in lighting and whether they're tired/bloated? It feels like I have body dysmorphia, but it's actually real.

No. 170400

Me too. My face changes every hour I swear.

No. 170402

It's the worst thing ever when you have bad teeth that make it more difficult to clean all of them properly and then they get cavities and stuff, which makes them even more wonky and gross looking. When I got an orthodontic consult they said I had to fix my dental health before I could get anything fixed, and then the dentist I was referred to told me that if I didn't get my teeth properly aligned I was going to keep getting cavities. Why are teeth so expensive??

No. 170446

That's fucked up, hope you can find a good dentist, seems like all of them I've been to have been condescending uninterested and sloppy. I swear they get off on shaming you for something you can't control.

No. 170463

does anyone ever imagine what anons on here would say about their looks if they were a cow? seeing girls a thousand times better looking than me be referred to as hideous beasts made me realize i’m definitely not even average…

being ugly doesn’t have an impact on my life in any significant way since i’m not interested in relationships or sex, but i do feel kind of melancholy sometimes.

No. 170478

Idk I can compartmentalise why some anons go after some of the cows looks. They just hate them so they'll nitpick at any imperfection or if the cow especially uses their appearance for their own gain anons will then tear them specifically down for their looks. I think it's good practice to be objective when reading here, people are insulting others for lols with the mindset we all hate dis bitch etc.

No. 170479

I hatewatch a couple of deathfats and follow their threads on other sites. I see people bashing those women and their double chins day in and day out. They just never get tired of a good chin joke. The same profiles are making the same chin comments on repeat for months so its weird to read and makes me question if mine is enough to knock about 5 points off my looks? ouch lol

I'm thin so just blessed with bad chin genes. I feel average overall but it sure is a flaw people love to get nasty about.

No. 170483

Ngl it would make me feel flattered that ppl want to pay attention so much to me, since irl I'm either invisible or treated w outright hostility. Anyways, they wouldn't say anything that I/family/strangers haven't said to me before.

No. 170549

this is made by scrotes for scrotes so it doesn't matter.

No. 170797

File: 1612728265476.png (9.83 KB, 362x163, eyes.png)

My face is extremely asymmetrical. I know everyone has this at some level, but my one eye and eyebrow look like they're melting off my face. The corner of my mouth is also lower on that side. Can you have a stroke without knowing it cause ???? Why am I so droopy? I try to hide it with glasses and I guess it's not as noticeable in person, but I never ever take pictures. I look so deformed.

What can I even do? I guess I could shave the bottom of the eyebrow and fill in the top, but my eye? Not sure what I could do. It doesn't help that I also have hooded eyes. Fuck.

No. 170981

I have the same thing, it's caused by small palate/misaligned jaw/other imbalances in the body like one hip higher than the other. A stroke you would lose feeling in your face.

Wish I just had a straight up deformity, symmetry is THE universal beauty standard.

I wear glasses that start just below my eyebrows, and pluck my brows so they're more even, then fill in the top of the lower one to bring it up.
Have bangs on the higher side to make it seem more heavy, and hair that curls into the jaw to hide diff levels.
You can line your upper eye's waterline with white to make it seem lower. Conceal the eyebag of your lower eye only. I wouldn't do anything more for makeup because it just accentuates asymmetry no matter what style.

No. 170985

How does everyone cope with the fact that according to society’s standards, all women are ugly and useless once they pass 30-35, regardless of how hard we try to still look good?

No. 170989

File: 1612849474909.jpg (11.34 KB, 500x331, ptosis-woman.jpg)


i have something very similar but on a pretty mild scale, like pic related but a little more mild. idk how to even describe my eyes but my eyelids are unmatched, the left one is like triple eyelid creased and the right one is a normal double eyelid but it's very slightly hooded and gives it almost a boxier/ more basic round shape than the left one, which is the Chad Almond. literally only I ever notice it and makeup isn't an issue so i don't think they're like hooded hooded, but my right eye looks (to me) like its a millimeter lower than the left and it just gives me stroke vibes

I know some people have ptosis which could explain it, but the last dentist i had told me i had a slightly off bite/ malocclusion which one anon mentioned. she said I could get it fixed but there were a lot of extra steps and a whole other orthodontist involved and the crossbite was mild and not effecting my health so i was like fuck it, too much effort. now that I aged out of my insurance I couldn't get it done anyway but I wonder how much that kind of thing could potentially straighten my face or even out my features.

tbh i think the occlusion happened because my teeth have changed shape from all the years of grinding in my sleep and EDs. which makes me sad if this happened because of something i 100% could have prevented by being more responsible.

I want to respond to this with something along the lines of "you don't cope because it's fake" but i'm mid twenties so i can't exactly speak from experience

No. 170990

sad bait

No. 171001

Not bait. I genuinely feel that way

No. 171003

I just realized it's always fellow ugly girls and scrotes who dare to say something about my looks. The best compliments I'd ever gotten were actually from conventionally attractive people. Now that I think of it, in high school I was best friends with the popular girls and the only students who said shit about my looks and weight were quite unfortunate looking themselves. Even among my exes, the fatter and uglier he was the more comments he made about my appearance and demanded I should change something. I only dated 2 Chad type of guys but they really made me feel beautiful and special. They'd compliment me every single time we meet (something unheard of when you're dating an ugly scrote) and go in detail about how cute/beautiful some of my specific features were, including ones I'm insecure of. Again, same with my high school best friend. She even took my first kiss because no boy wanted to date me in high school and would always defend me from the uglies who tried to put me down.

I know it's not the same for everyone and you can get bullied by attractive people, but my experience made me pretty much immune to "ew ur ugly" type of comments. Most people who always notice and focus on the ugliness in others are ugly themselves.

No. 171005

when you refer to ‘society’ you really just mean men. just hang out with women, children and animals exclusively, you will feel much better

No. 171006

What if I genuinely love men and mostly hang out with guys? I hate this

No. 171010

Then you're either a pickme or a man

No. 171011

It is bait. Posting it in the ugly whinge thread just to rub it in is too obvious, try harder.

No. 171020

Lol it's not true, it's literally enough to just stay in shape and do your makeup/hair. Milf's are a thing now.

No. 171022

LOL maybe only among incels online. Real life is very different, try it sometime.

No. 171023

You feeling that way and the world or society actually thinking that way…are two totally different things. You're taking an existing issue and blowing it out of all proportion.

No. 171028

if you're friends then why do you care if they think you're fuckable? or maybe don't hang out with misogynistic people…

No. 171055

Anyone else repulsed by sex/intimacy because of growing up ugly? I can't even imagine it in my head, it just stops.

No. 171062

I can only imagine it if it's someone fictional. Definitely can't imagine a real person wanting to touch me, except below average guys.

No. 171409

How do you find the will to take care of yourself if you're ugly? I haven't been doing my physio exercises because it's like… What's the point? I don't really care about avoiding future pain. Sick of having to maintain my body like a chronic illness even though it only exacerbates my mental illness and how poorly ppl treat me.

No. 171423

Honestly, if you feel like you have no reason to do it, don't do it. Just from personal experience, avoiding future pain really is worth the effort, and as for attractiveness, even if you're not conventionally attractive, having a well worked out, toned body will seriously boost your overall appeal and self esteem in a long run.

No. 171433

Sometimes I hate being ugly and other times I'm thankful for it. I don't have to deal with stalkers, nice guys, and weirdos. I can go out and do my own thing without anyone bothering me. Obviously I know even ugly women can experience these things, but the odds of it occurring are way lower, at least in my experience(being tall might also help).

But really I just want to be normal. I wish I could go somewhere and interact with people without my brain constantly yelling: "you're ugly, don't smile, hide your teeth, they secretly think you're retarded". My lack of confidence has led to a lack of socialization and fucked up my development. I'm emotionally and intellectually stunted. I'm probably 5-10 years behind people my age and I have no idea how to fix it.

I try though. I love working out and my body is halfway decent (athletic pear shape). I'm just a total socially retarded butterface. Never dated, not sure I ever will.

No. 171475

Would it be right to leave what I like to become more "feminine"? I hate female things, like jewelry, clothes, makeup, hairstyle, these things. I'm really sloppy, ugly, fat… I think i'm a horrible person, but… I like comfortable things and I don't care so much about my appearance, no matter how much I know this is a problem, but… I've been a victim of "bullying" and this has been a problem for me. And i'm a adult… This thing doesn't hurt like when I was teenager, but… It's a little… uncomfortable.
So… Would it be right for me to forget what I like to be more feminine and the people stop annoying me?

No. 171480

I'm the same way, dressing up just feels like a chore and exercise in humiliation. It just looks cringey to put in effort in your appearance if you're ugly. But after a certain age you're seen as stupid and odd for not looking feminine, though.

You can just get around this by having a "uniform" at work/school. I wear black pants and any blouse, do an easy hairstyle (steam rollers every few days), and got thick glasses to hide my eyebags. There's plenty of low effort styles.

No. 171483

File: 1613171034897.jpg (105.79 KB, 736x1309, 6041509537d972bfc79100982a3f4c…)

There's no "right" or "wrong" in a situation like this. Try it out for some time and then reflect if you prefer to present yourself that way. Honestly, you don't need to go full on stereotypical feminine, wear baddie makeup, spend hours styling your hair, wearing dresses, etc.
If you want to be comfortable and maybe look more "put together" I'll suggest you to have a healthy and clean looking skin and hair with skin/haircare. As long as you hair isn't frizzy/dry/oily, you're more than good.
You don't need to wear a ton of makeup either, you can curl your eyelashes (carefully) and put on some transparent gel (like the one from Maybelline) on your lashes and brows. Maybe put on some cream blush, tinted lipbalm and a nude color eyeshadow if you want to, those types of products don't feel heavy on your skin at all. Or you can look up "natural looks" like picrel (skip the castor oil, ew)
And regarding clothes, the classic, minimalistic style always look good and it's very comfortable because the clothes aren't tight or short, anything like that. Just make sure they are well fitted on you and you'll look amazing.
Don't stress over jewelry, maybe try some small, classic, quality earrings and you'll be set. Also smell good, wear a perfume you enjoy, it doesn't have to be super strong and sweet. You can check the fragances, clothes, makeup and hair threads here! I'm kind of on the same page as you and this is what has worked for me but seriously, if you don't like this at all don't put yourself through such a misery and fuck anyone who tells you anything, just do you

No. 171490

So pretty….and then there’s the overlined lip. It just always looks so bad, even on literal models…

No. 171574

This is the style of make I prefer, not even bothered by the over-lined lip myself, but I wonder if the glossy lids wouldn't break down the mascara on her lashes

No. 171585

It looks like she has a rash.. the blush isn't flattering at all imo

No. 172236

Taking pictures is so triggering, my face looks like a literal stroke victim. Fuck asymmetry fuck asymmetry fuck. Since masks and hats came into season I've been treated so much nicer. I never want to let another person see my face ever again.

No. 172947

How do you fellow uglies cope with the fact that you can't wear cute clothes or makeup? I am fairly ugly and I always feel envy for women who can pull off girly clothing and makeup. I always tell myself it's like putting lipstick on a pig, you still look like shit even if you smear paint on your face. Or like I really want to wear dresses or pink or something with lace or lingerie or just anything cute and feminine but I feel like people will laugh at me for even trying. I've been staying off the internet a lot lately because I realized I was feeling terrible looking at fashion choices I felt I couldn't make. I'm sick of always looking like a boy with saggy boobs. Is it weird to dress up if you are ugly? I get so scared someone will make fun of me even though I know it's not likely to happen.

No. 172949

i had always hoped that i was at least average looking despite my weird long face, but i realized today that the only times ive ever been approached by a guy in public are when i was wearing a mask.

No. 173275

My forehead has bulging muscles and a seriously wrinkly angry look. How do I get rid of this? I can't get surgery to remove a facial muscle, and injections would only make the rest of my face puffy, right? It's so ugly. Just these muscular protrusions above my eyebrows and an ugly permanent line right in-between my eyebrows.

No. 173308

You can only dress up like a matron of you're ugly. I tried to just wear what I like and got looked at like literal trash by most ppl on the street. If you like it you can wear it at home. But honestly no one wants to see it because it catches everyones eye and it's harder for them to treat you as invisible. Sorry anon.

No. 173311

wear what makes you happy, fuck others. In my opinion visually there is nothing worse than an ugly woman who has completely given up on herself - walks around with stringy, oily hair, wears unfitting t-shirts, jogging pants etc. It's just so goddamn sad and unpleasant to look at. I used to commute with twin sisters who both looked like this and I felt both repulsed and sorry for them. They were fat to make things worse and always traveled together, often wearing the exact same outfit. They were late in their twenties too

No. 173339

do you guys get confused when you see fellow uglies posting selfies with captions like "I'm so hot" etc? I would absolutely die if I did that. I don't get it, is it a kind of fake it til you make it mindset?

No. 173380

File: 1614484592152.jpg (18.33 KB, 275x261, 1613681337581.jpg)

I dunno what you're talking about I've never seen that (except some delusional men). The truly ugly ppl know it and don't post photos.

No. 173383

yeah, it's so annoying? like they must know they're ugly, yet they post captions as if they're conventionally attractive

No. 173710

Kek I love it when people treat ugly ppl like shit but then get personally offended when we show the mental illness they they caused in the first place.

I only do basic hygiene and wear baggy clothes, it's easiest to just not think about my appearance at all. Much better than agonizing over flaws, wasting money, and being made fun of for being delusional and try hard.

No. 173728

Wear ugly clothes if you want, the same "fuck others" principle applies. I was offering another perspective to the anon claiming that wearing nice clothes will make it worse since op seemed interested in putting effort for herself.

On another note, what do you think about an ugly and unkempt woman that abuses everyone around her, especially the one bleeding heart retard that tries to be her friend? Is it justified by previous bad experiences, or should she get over herself and seek therapy ASAP?
Have any of you also met such a person? I sincerely hope none of you are like this

No. 173738

Uh sounds like that's just your personal problem, most ugly women I know of just want to be left alone, or are desperate to have friends.

Anyone who uses their mental illness to be abusive is a shitty person.

No. 173767

>Uh sounds like that's just your personal problem
Luckily I have left this person in my past, but this thread accidentally reminded me of her. Mostly when the other anon said
>I love it when people treat ugly ppl like shit but then get personally offended when we show the mental illness they they caused in the first place
because that's the kind of justification my ex colleague had for treating everyone like shit ('people bullied me in the past and I'm forever alone so I will take it out on everyone and if you don't like me being a cunt, that's YOUR problem'). She was a horrible person that should have gotten actual therapy, but I somehow doubt that.
Somehow I had managed to meet an actual female incel in the wild, and I don't even believe that they exist as a societal phenomenon kek.
Anyway I'm glad you don't think being an abusive POS is the right cope for being (or feeling) ugly.

No. 173825

Yeah that's a shitty thing to do, I mean show signs of mental illness like flinching at touch, bad posture, little interest in beauty, bad hygiene, stuttering, etc.

No. 173975

I hate how even though I'm ugly, ageing still effects me. I didn't know people could be even more cold, curt, and unforgiving than they already were.

No. 174014

all of my cousins, both my mom's and dad's sides, are from decent to handsome/beautiful. What's worse, that out of my mom's siblings, she was the one to inherit my grandpa's short and chubby genetics, especially the chin-belly that never goes away even when I was thin back then. Also the short neck, that accentuates or exaggerates how big I look on the face.

I feel out of place. I hate it. I'm that short and chubby cousin out the lithe and beautiful people in a reunion or gatherings. At least my brother, who may be fat, looks decent than I am. As a girl, I get harsher comments and opinions. But I've began to cope with it to be honest. I hate the thought of being single and unattractive as I grow older but it's better than the familial disputes and tension my family has for each other. At least being ugly is the little problems I've come to accept.

No. 175327

nope, you know there is these intelligence attraction/hobby type attraction out there lurking, its just i cant find these types.

No. 175355

Does anyone else feel like their ugliness only matters when it comes to special events and certain times? Like, most of the time I'm ok with not being attractive, it doesn't impact my life too much and I don't think less of myself for it. But being ugly and bad bodied at events like weddings, parties, holidays, the beach etc is so crushing. I think it's because people take photos and dress up so it reminds me of my flaws, and it stops me having as much fun as I should.

No. 175975

I hate my body and my face but looking through #selfie channels on discord really helps with my self-esteem, I go from feeling like a 5 all the way to a 7.5 or 8 even, seeing real people and not polished celebs is helpful.

No. 176003

unattractive people tend to overestimate how attractive they are, so I suspect the girls in this thread aren't as ugly as they think, just average

No. 176018

Yes. I'm always so afraid I'll embarrass my fiance by not being beautiful enough, even though he's literally never insulted my appearance and always expresses pride in me. I suck at makeup and my stomach is so unfortunate. My hair is too frizzy.

No. 176024

I don't even know if I'd say I'm truly ugly but I've always been low maintenence and kind of butch in my expression, which doesn't do me any favors. I'm read as gay sometimes and I know alot of people (esp men) view short haired women as almost automatically ugly. I've had two long term male partners though. I'm usually fine looking the way I do but when me and my last partner ran into his brother one day and I got spontaneously introduced… I panicked that the brother would be judging me or thinking my bf had shit taste in women. I know for a fact that when my bf was introduced to my family he wasn't panicking about purely being judged off appearances. I really felt it in that moment though and I hate how much I knew my value would be judged off of that.

I had the same with a previous bf, I dressed way more feminine when invited to events like his dads 50th. It wasn't very 'me' and I felt uncomfortable but again I thought it was my job as a woman to look nice otherwise they'd potentially talk shit to him about his choice of partner. That's the only time I really give in to those pressures, when meeting the family.

No. 176030

as the world should be

No. 176031

Hide the thread if it bothers you

No. 176032

>unattractive people tend to overestimate how attractive they are
>I suspect the girls in this thread aren't as ugly as they think
Well, which is it, anon? These sound like contradictory statements,

No. 176039

NTA but I think anon is saying "actually ugly" people wouldn't be in this thread because they wouldn't think of themselves as ugly, so the people in this thread aren't as ugly as they think.

No. 176813

I miss abi gibson. I watch this when I feel like shit about my face
personally I don't think she's ugly though

No. 176816

What a queen. hope shes not hanging out with callum and that group anymore, they were so mean to her and not in a joking friend way.

No. 176909

Absolute queen. I came across her videos at a weird time in my life and I feel I'm better off for it.

No. 176913

I genuinely comfort-rewatch her videos every other week. I really hope she's doing ok and comes back to social media/youtube soon.

No. 176915

I just binged a bunch of her videos because of these comments, glad I did cause she's hilarious in every video except that one for some reason. Needs a career in stand up tbh.

No. 177179

I've seen this thumbnail on YT soooo many times and finally watched it after seeing this post and am now 3 vids deep on this chick's channel I have never seen anything more relatable in my life thank you anon for prompting this

No. 177180

all she needs is some purple shampoo and conditioner. why do women feel they're ugly if they're not super pretty? I want to start an average girls positivity movement, most of us are average. average people have a few physical flaws, which can be interesting/charming. that's how I came to terms with my appearance at least

No. 177182

To be fair, her friend group were the hoping to be “model” ty