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File: 1585774244850.jpg (11.04 KB, 256x197, 8NVS5D8.jpg)

No. 135420

All things skin!
Last thread not bumping anymore

No. 135439

File: 1585791310673.jpeg (115.6 KB, 652x895, F62AA805-2D67-4865-BFD6-4FC14B…)

My skin looks almost exactly like Pumpy’s. I’ve done pretty much everything short of Accutane and while I’ve had improvements it’s still not enough. I have blackheads everywhere: cheeks, forehead, chin. They will not go away even with BHAs and AHAs. I’ve cut down on dairy significantly and with quarantine I’m not wearing makeup anymore really. I wash my face twice a day with a very sensitive cleanser, moisturizer twice a day, drink about 40 oz. water, and do Vitamin C serums and raw honey face masks. I’m 24 and honestly my skin looking like this is the best it’s ever been. Still shit though.

Is there anything I can do to get rid of these blackheads? I can handle the whiteheads and I don’t get cystic acne anymore, but these blackheads are disgusting. If I run a finger over my skin I can feel all of them individually and it’s nasty. I’ve had them since puberty and they refuse to go away. I just want to have nice skin.

No. 135461

Did you get your hormones checked anon? I had the same issue and tried everything too (tbf mine was never as bad as that picture but maybe half that) and going on the pill completely fixed it for me. Like I get 0 acne now, I still can't believe it. I'd get my liver checked too. People always try to treat acne from outside but a lot of the time a systemic issue. Sometimes it has to do with food sensitivity for some people, observe if there is a certain food that breaks you out. Avoid foods that are hard on your liver and alcohol if you can.

I steam my face first to enlarge pores then do a peel-off charcoal mask on top of it for blackheads. You can try getting facials, they get the blackheads out manually after steaming but I don't do that myself because I'm scared of not doing it properly. There are videos on youtube that show how to do it if you want to try just search at home blackheads extraction.

One last thing that really helped me was salt face masks with the scarring I had.

Hope its helpful anon I feel your pain, hope you figure it out.

No. 135463

Pic related is a lot of pih.

Do you use sunscreen? Tried tret? Oil cleansers are supposed to help a lot with blackheads. Niacinamide?

If nothing really works then it's time to visit a derm.

No. 135479

Ive got bad hyper pigmentation inflammation on my legs since Ive grown up picking my scabs now i have to live with the dark scars it left how do i atleast lighten them up a little?

No. 135482

What is a good online course I could take to learn how to do my makeup well?

I mostly just use concealer if I have redness, eyeliner and lipstick but it's not done too well. My skin is good, I want to learn how to do proper makeup not drag queen Instagram/YouTuber style.

No. 135499

idk about courses but you can pick up tips here and there across the Internet if you look up stuff like "natural" makeup, etc.
I used to be someone who would beat my face everyday (contouring, baking, complex eyeshadow, etc.) because I wanted to hide my eczema and was super self-conscious lmao.
For redness you could also use a green color corrector/concealer.
For eyeliner, a simple small wing or mini-cat eye really makes them pop.
How is the lipstick not done well? Do you use lipliner?

No. 135500

Look up Lisa Eldridge on Youtube.

No. 135513

I mean the overall makeup isn't done well. It comes together neatly most of the time but I don't know what works best for my features. Sometimes it looks really off and I don't know why lol. I'd like to learn simple makeup and actually become skilled at it.

The lipstick is probably the easiest part. My most difficult is my eyes. Everything seems to make them sting, except pencil eyeliner. Also I have hooded eyes so it's tough doing anything with them

No. 135564


I don't know any courses either but I can suggest some tutorials

Snitchery - The Truth About My Lips… HOW TO FAKE LIP FILLER
Alexandra Anele - How I Blend Eyeshadow Perfectly
Alissa Ashley - Watch this if you have hooded eyes!
Crystal Lindy - how i do my eyeliner hooded eyes

No. 135608

File: 1585936311852.png (874.48 KB, 1416x908, Screenshot 2020-04-03 at 18.50…)

Can someone help me find out what undertone I have? I look different in every photo lol, from palest to darkest.

I'm quite pale, but I have a feeling that I'm more yellow or warm toned. Brighter colors look better on me. Any help?

No. 135611

sorry i can't help regarding undertones, but what's your skincare routine?

No. 135612

I exfoliate my whole body every week after soaking in a bath for an hour. This is the one thing that transformed my skin and removes any fine lines that could form (like mowing a lawn before it gets the chance to grow too much).

I used to moisturize a lot but I find I get more pimples that way. Other than that, a lot of sport and water. Nothing special.

No. 135614

Oh and forgot to add. When removing makeup, don't just use baby wipes. I always use that exfoliating scrub afterwards, because baby wipes don't remove it all. I wear no foundation other than concealer on red areas

No. 135618

I can't tell from your photo's. What looks better on you, silver or gold? Silver > cool, gold > warm.

For me, silver brightens my skin and gold makes it look dull and tired, my skin is cool.

No. 135622

does anyone know of a good moisturizer that doesn't have many ingredients, no alcohols, no silicones, no thickeners/texturizers, etc? something VERY bare bones but very moisturizing?

thanks, anon. will take some of these tips.

No. 135628

I really can't tell. I wear a silver ring and it looks good. But when comparing silver and gold to my neck or face I can't tell which is better or worse

No. 135631

I'm a total newb when it comes to skin care and was wondering if anyone could recommend a good moisturizer or cream for wrinkles/lines under the eyes? I've recently been getting them and it's really bumming me out! Thank you in advance!

No. 135702

Update: I've watched tens of videos, compared clothes on myself and jewelry and still don't know lol.

I suit brighter colors more: bright red, royal blue, yellow. But also deep brown, olive, and gray. Bright lipsticks go better on me (light lipsticks or peachy ones make me look absolutely dead), but a more blue toned one looks better. Another funny thing is warm eyeliners look better. I've always used dark brown eyeliner, because black looks too harsh, gray washes me out. I like adding gold to it sometimes.

In terms of jewelry, I still have no clue. I think gold but I'm so pale that silver looks good too.

No. 135722

before you do anything: get sunscreen and wear it religiously every day

No. 135843

Does anyone here have rosacea?

For the last couple of years I've had some redness in my face during the day and in the evening time it becomes full on intense flushing, lots of heat and redness to the point where I'd hate for anyone to see me like that. Does that sound like rosacea flush?

I'm not in a position to pay for dr visits so I've been ignoring the problem and hoping it's rosacea flushing rather than an underlying health problem. It's like clockwork in how it flares up at 6pm

No. 135845

what's your veincolor? I don't know how accurate it is but supposedly green > warm, blue > cool and both > neutral.

Anyway have you tried asking a familymember/friend what they think? Maybe you just find it difficult to see on yourself but it might be very clear to someone else. Also don't wear make-up and stand in natural lighting.

No. 135919

Can anyone spoonfeed me on how to start applying retin-a in my skincare? Which brand to get?
I'm in the EU and honestly don't know where to get it.
My skin is the common mixed type, mostly dry but with a slightly greasy t-zone. It's also very sensitive so I'm wary of applying something strong.
My facial skincare routine for now consists of using just facial soaps/gels and Cerave moisturizer.

No. 135921

My veins are green. Hm, so I think I do have warm undertones then. It would make sense, since I'm south european and we tend to have a more yellow tint.

No. 135991

Does anyone have this kind of acne? For context i have oily skin with big pores and black heads but my skin isnt incredibly acne prone so thats a plus, but lately i have these kind of acne that is very small, almost minuscule, tend to have the size of a needle head and they are always ready to pop. They and black heads are always the toughest for me to get rid off. Do you guys have any tips? Much appreciated.

No. 135994

Isn't retin-a persctiption only? Do you mean retinoid? The ordinary has some great products you can order online if there are no Douglas stores around.

You mean something like closed comedones or little whiteheads?

No. 135999

Yeah, that's what I meant. Sorry, I'm just new to all of this.
After going through TO's store, I was thinking of getting their best seller the BHA and AHA solution for exfoliating. Their granactive retinoids are out of stock so I'll have to wait.

No. 136001

Fyi, you can email them and they'll create a routine for you

Also get a good sunscreen if you'll be using retinoids and acids

No. 136010

Thanks! I will definitely email them then.
And yeah, I'll be getting a good sunscreen. Do you have any brand names you'd recommend?

No. 136011

I remember there was an app that told you which products were good for your skin and which ones contained potentially harmful chemicals. It would rate things like sunscreen so you could buy high quality, good ones.

I don't remember the name of it, but maybe an anon here has heard of it.

No. 136012

That sounds cool, I hope someone remembers. Thanks anyway. I'm constantly in the house due to covid 19 so there's no rush anyway, haha.

No. 136013

Found it, it's called EWG's Health Living.

No. 136014

Thank you so much! I hope others see it too.

No. 136023

You might wabt to look for physical sunscreens containing zinc if you live in a sunny place and dont want to reapply every 2 hours.
If you go chemical sunscreens i use LaRoche Posay Antihelios, its affordable and easy to carry around. Didnt cause any acne which has been a problem for me with other sunscreens.

No. 136034

After some googling, I think they are littles whiteheads yea.

No. 136094

Thanks, got a LaRoche in my cart right now.

Can anyone tell me what kind of exfoliator they use? I was considering getting TO's BHA AHA solution but I'm a bit scared to use it. My skin is dry but otherwise I have no problems with zits so I'm thinking that solution might be too harsh on the skin?

No. 136100

You can email The Ordinary for a routine? I think I need to do that.

Who here has tried The Ordinary or Paula's Choice, what are your experiences? Is it really as good as they say?

No. 136118

TO's lactic acid 5% is the mildest out of all of them, you can build up in % as your skin gets used to it

I use the ordinary and personally really like it especially considering the price.
The only negative thing I have to say about is that their natural moisturizing factors + HA sadly doesn't work for me. It made my skin feel tight, but that's more of a me issue I'd say rather than the product.

No. 136146

File: 1586397261072.jpeg (1.73 MB, 3464x3257, 4F6065B7-1E2E-452C-9EE6-A02581…)

I'm having the worst breakout I've ever had and I hope some kind anons can help.

Since moving a month ago, I started breaking out on the parameter of my face, which has never happened before. My occasional, hormonal zits are usually on my forehead or near my nose, but obviously they're mostly on my jaw/chin/temples right now. My skin type is combination and my routine is:
>Cleanse with Cetaphil hydrating cleanser, rinse off with cold water
>Apply rosewater toner
>Apply Cerave moisturizing lotion

I only wash my face in the evening. Sometimes I'll apply my Curology formula (4% azelalic acid, 1% clindamycin, 0.25% zinc pyrithione) even though it's clearly not working anymore and I'm going to have to cancel it soon anyway in order to save $$.

I figure stress might be causing the breakout since it's persistent?? I'm perplexed because I've never gotten those kinds of zits that are clustered and just textured without being inflamed, so I don't know what to do about them. I know I shouldn't care what my skin looks like right now since I'm not going out or wearing makeup, but I used to have clear skin and this is taking a toll on my mental health.

No. 136188

Ntayrt but I really like cerave's moisturising lotion with 30spf. It's also cheap and has no fragrance

No. 136216

If it makes you feel any better I wish I had your acne instead of mine. Yours is quite mild.

It's probably stress. I've seen many people on skincare and makeup-pages on reddit complain about skin issues during these tough times. In the future I might drop the toner if I was you.

No. 136267

How the hell do you lighten your bikini area ive seen the photos of momokun and im surprised to see her inner thighs are not that dark despite the chub rub around her thighs

No. 136292

Try AHA or BHA. I've used it to lighten dark dry skin around my pits and it melts ingrowns. I just some after I shower and then moisturize dry spots. The cosrx AHA spray bottle is very convenient.

No. 136319

CeraVe products break me out in that same pattern. Could be that.

No. 136329

cheeks look very much like milium to me. it my go away by itself if you take care and cleanse but it may not just as well - go see cosmetologist about it, they can easily remove it, just dont attempt by yourself bc you can mess your face up

No. 136338

liquorice root honey and rose water for 20 mins

Do not consume the liquorice root

No. 136345

Are the breakout itchy? It could be fungal acne it isn't inflamed like traditional acne and tends to be clusters of small bumps that don't often come to head. Washing with dandruff shampoo clears it up really well in a week or so.

No. 136355

Do you have a different moisturizer you'd recommend? That one's the only CeraVe product I've ever used and I like it mainly because my skin never feels dehydrated since it's so heavy-duty.

I'd never heard of milium before, so of course, I went to SCA and a bunch of people were saying the main cause seems to be heavy creams. That makes sense considering CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion is so thick. I had a travel-size version of Paula's Choice BHA and when I was using that religiously, I never had this issue. I just can't justify dropping $30 on the full-size right now when that money should go towards groceries, so if anyone has cheaper dupes I'd love to hear about them.

It's not really itchy, no. Though I suppose my Curology formula is for fungal acne when looking back at what the e-derm says the ingredients are for. That's currently leading me down a rabbit hole to these two sites:



No. 136447

Has anyone used Apostrophe? I'm seeing nothing but good reviews but you have to pay $20 upfront for a virtual visit and I want to make sure it's worth it.

No. 136452

File: 1586657565248.jpg (60.31 KB, 400x400, 1585479678876.jpg)

Methods for consistent/long term black head removal on and around nose? I've used the black face masks a few times but would rather incorporate strategies into my daily routine to manage them on the daily rather than ripping them out of my face every few months due to grime build up and poor maintenance on my part.

No. 136454

Oil cleaning followed by your preferred regular face wash. Use BHA weekly, stridex is cheap and works for this. Don't use blackhead trips they'll damage your pores, use clay masks instead.

No. 136457

File: 1586670338229.jpg (386.14 KB, 2320x3088, stachebabe.jpg)

is exploring skin care online worth it, for now I use cetaphil/cera-ve couple times a day. Along with pomegranate seed oils at night before bed. I just get my things at the store.

I need to save money but I would like to reduce my pores and lines on my face. I used to use retinol but stopped. Advice or similar problem.

No. 136458

Your skin looks really nice! I'm in my early 20s so I don't use anything fancy aside from my favorite toner moisturizer and vitamin C, sometimes chemical exfoliation. I think acids can help improve skin's cell turnover rate?

No. 136466

I like messing around with skincare but over the last 6 months-ish I kind of got sick of it and went back to a really basic routine. Cleanser, niacinamide cream, moisturiser, spf. My skin is definitely not as nice as it was in the autumn but it still looks fine. I notice the difference but I'm not sure someone else would.
Which cerave/cetaphil things do you use? I ask because I was going to recommend a BHA/AHA but the foaming cerave face wash has a BHA (salicylic acid) in it so you might have that covered already. A BHA that you leave on will do more to minimize your pores than if it's an ingredient in a face wash.
also spf. You didn't mention your skin type so I don't know what to recommend.

No. 136470

your skin looks great, anon

No. 136472

I feel bad because I've never found a regiment that works 100% for me because of how bad my adult acne is. It's not bad enough to require pills but it's just a mild constant that nevertheless fucks with my skin texture and leaves hyperpigmentation. Sad to say but some liquid foundation and some light translucent powder go a looong way for me.
But I'm just wondering what your skincare routine is for makeup removal? What products do you anons use? Techniques I should know about?

No. 136475

stop trying to fix it yourself and just go to a dermatologist. They're there for any skin problem/disease and adult acne most definitely falls into that category.

No. 136477

i want to kill myself when people like you post a completely clear face and ask for help with your skin. jesus christ. can i transfer my acne to you so you have some real problems?

No. 136479

not everyone has the time or money to just go to a derm. especially now. all the derms in my area are out for mnoths and months so i can't just run in and get a quick fix.

No. 136480

I thought I made it clear that I've gone to a dermatologist before by my mention of the pills. My bad, allow me to overtly say that I've been to multiple dermatologists throughout my life and I've never had a solution by them that completely worked on my skin. Right now my main routine, which is a face wash and zit cream, was actually recommended by a derm.

No. 136486

If someone doesn't have the money to visit a derm they probably also don't have the money to keep buying acne cures until something finally maybe works, and god knows most people can't just buy one random zitcream from the drugstore and have never troubled skin again. And anyone who has time to browse lolcow and research acne cures has time to visit a derm.

I misunderstood "it's not bad enough to require pills" as "I think it's not bad enough to see a derm"

No. 136508

Yeah I tried antibiotics but they didn't make much of a difference to justify their use. I have birth control but I've never noticed differences on versus off. I've tried prescription topicals. The only thing I didn't try was accutane but based on the side effects and all manner of monthly bullshit I don't really want to.

My mom has adult acne too, in fact her whole maternal side has weird skin issues. Mine is only mild because my dad didn't have any skin problems thankfully.

No. 136580

Sorry if this is a stupid question but does it matter what order you put things in? I want to use alpha arbutin and vitamin c, does it matter which I use first?

No. 136583

ingredients don't matter but viscosity does. generally you want to put product on, thin first then thick. thin product absorbs into the skin faster, and the thicker products will stop thinner ones from drying out faster too! if your products are the same viscosity then you can just put them on as you please.

No. 136584


No. 136597

File: 1586829521998.jpg (76.99 KB, 800x800, face stuff.jpg)

Thank you!! I am grateful my skin issues are minimal.I struggle bumps on my arms and legs
the most my mom calls them chicken bumps.
As for Cera-ve I do use the cleanser with salicylic acid. But I think I am going to invest in the moisturizer theu have with spf and see if that helps. Thanks Anon!
I think I have combination skin where my nose and chin are oily as hell.

I'm a sucker for "natural" remedies but I'm beginning to think its snake oil. Probably gonna switch back to Roc Retinol Deep Wrinkle Anti-Aging cream. What do you guys think? How do you guys combat fine lines that my main issue.

No. 136598

Do any other brown girls get slight hyperpigmentation around their mouth, if so have you found anything effective for reducing it? I guess I could try hydroquinone but I’m nervous to use it because of the side effects - it’s not a huge problem it’s just kind of annoying and I don’t want to make it worse by having some adverse affect to hydroquinone

No. 136605

me! i use a cleanser with niacinamide. it's made a difference definitely, but i'm looking to try a vitamin c cream as i've heard good things about them for this

No. 136606

Ty! I actually hadn’t heard of niacinamide before but I just looked it up and I’m going to try that first before hydroquinone because I would rather avoid using it if possible, I also just started using vitamin C so hopefully it will help a little! I find it so annoying because it’s the only thing that stops me feeling confident to not wear makeup but honestly covering it with makeup doesn’t even help that much because putting concealer over it makes the area look kind of ashy

No. 136625

I have puffy undereye bags on one side only. The other side is totally fine. Anyone know what could be causing that?? I tried googling but everything showed equal bags under both eyes

No. 136632

Could be fluid pooling on one side of your face when you sleep? Silk pillowcases, better pillows and sleeping in a different position could help.
Or could be linked to more sun damage on one side of your face if you spend a lot of time driving or something.

No. 136651

Anyone quit smoking and see an improvement in their skin? I’m on week 3 rn (thanks coronachan) and using extremely expensive dr gross vitamin c serum and I feel like I maybe see the teenyest subtle difference in color but not much.

No. 136671

I quit smoking a year ago and ive noticed my skin is less dull than it used to be. Before quitting i noticed i was starting to get really bad smile lines and they arent as deep anymore, and i havent used any anti aging stuff i just moisturize with argan oil every night

No. 136682

I've always had Photoshop perfect skin. When I stopped smoking, it became disgustingly oily and full of zits. It took a full year (or more? idk) for it to find it's natural balance again.

No. 136683

Also, it took 2-3 months of not smoking for my skin to start exhibiting changes.
You're probably just imagining the difference.

No. 136721

Can anyone recommend me a good moisturizing night cream or sleeping mask?
Retinol dries out my skin and my current moisturizer is not enough

No. 136781

I had pretty good skin before but jawline acne has hit me like a truck. Never done birth control and don't want to. Gonna try drinking spearmint tea 2x a day, some say it helps milder cases.

No. 136782

What's your diet like?

No. 136788

this is motivational. my skin got really oily too in the past 4-5 years and i always thought it was part of growth but maybe smoking is related!
can i ask if you replaced cigarettes with anything else or just went cold turkey?

i'm sure you're already taking care of this stuff but for me if i ever spot a zit near the jawline, cleaning my phone/changing my pillowcase almost always helps. if not, i end up getting my period in a couple days lol

No. 136790

Cut dairy

No. 136802

Product recommendations for red scarring left from under skin spots? I have very fair skin and about 7 years ago, maybe longer, this awful (maybe hormonal) under skin spot appeared on the side of my nose. Unbelievably painful, and me be super insecure about it picked it until it popped / bled. It's left a red mark that I'm now actually addressing. I've been trying Retin-C Scar oil for a few months now and there might have been a small improvement..nothing noticeable though. Anything else I could try? Thanks all

No. 136820

>can i ask if you replaced cigarettes with anything else or just went cold turkey?
I switched to vaping actually

Also, your skin problems are most probably from smoking, smoking ruins the skin's natural balance.

No. 136938

After lurking this thread for months I went into my local drugstore looking to buy some The Ordinary products, but due to the sale they were doing, had nothing I wanted to try left.
Instead I picked up some Trilogy products and holy moly they are the best products I have ever used on my face. I've tried all kinds of crap from basic Lush skincare to SK-II and nothing has really worked for me.
I bought the Trilogy Rosapene Night Cream, and the Vital Moisturising Day Cream, and my skin has never looked better. I struggle a lot with onion-tier redness, especially on my nose and cheeks however using these 2 products has dramatically reduced it, on some days my skin is all one even tone (!!!) and I noticed today it appears as if my pores have shrunk too. I would highly recommend this brand/products if you struggle with the same things I do.

No. 136960

File: 1587226535468.jpg (144.74 KB, 933x933, EVcXRkSWoAIWR8a.jpg)

Is my moisture barrier fucked? How do I fix it?

I wore some makeup and sunscreen last year that left my skin red, burning, and flaky. Since then, I haven't been able to use any products other than water and sensitive skin moisturizers without my face burning. Lately, it's gotten even worse. My face looks flushed and my cheekbone and forehead areas are super dry and flaky. Normally, I have pretty oily skin.

I used to have bad cystic acne so I'm always cautious and hesitant of trying new products and seem to have issues with most products, but I'm pretty desperate at this point. What can I do to fix my fucked up skin?

No. 136962

Anon, it sounds like you need to go visit a dermatologist…
What was the products you used? For how long before they gave you the reaction?

No. 136965

19 yo.
Has had pimples for the last year, it comes and goes depending on how often I wash my face.
I watch my bed hygiene and wash it every months, I drink a lot of water, I train 45minutes a day and I have a good diet.
I wash my face with an acidic face wash morning and night, use a normal moistirizer in the morning and one for bed time.
And the pimples just doesn't cease to appear.
I don't pop them, sometimes the blackheads and pimples literally makes me want to give up.
I don't wear heavy makeup to avoid the pimples to get worse.

No. 136967

The makeup was just a mix of drugstore and Korean makeup. I never wear makeup really, so none of it is super high end stuff.

When I first applied everything, it didn't seem to bother me, but as soon as I used my Colourpop setting spray, my face immediately started to burn. I took all my makeup off right away after that.

After that, I avoided using anything except water or a gentle cleanser and sensitive skin moisturizers for a few months. I don't normally wear sunscreen but was trying to get into the habit so I wore Biore UV Aqua Rich last month for one day, which didn't bother me in the past, but left my face red and burning the day after. Now here we are and my skin is fucked.

No. 136995

Skin history: I had moderate acne like >>135439 but the acne part has healed with the help of an aesthetician. Her acne facials include chemical peel, extraction, and LED treatment for hyperpigmentation but i haven't gone lately due to COVID.

Started to do my own TCA chemical peels (13% from Platinum Skin Care). The first time I did TCA, I fucked up on the application by applying too many layers (4-5 layers as a dark spot treatment) and ending up with more PIH which fortunately my aesthetician fixed. Learned the hard way that TCA peel doesn't work as a dark spot treatment. But my skin in general has improved so much using 1 layer of 13% TCA and then a second layer where my icepick scars are.

Video related shows the product I want to try for spot treating hyperpigmentation (Admire My Skin Ultra-potent Brightening Serum on Amazon). The pictures and video results look super promising. Once I get it, I'll update you farmers in 4 weeks!

No. 136997

File: 1587274459269.jpg (223.76 KB, 1000x760, face-mapping-areas.jpg)

After lurking the thread a little bit, I just wanted to say that I've tried a ton of other products before including The Ordinary. To me their products are pretty hit or miss. I reacted to their Alpha arbutin/ ascorbic acid which turned me bright red, the niacinamide made my skin really itchy and bumpy, the azelaic acid slightly improved my skin but it tingles for a bit. All the other products I've tried didn't seem to improve my skin much and I followed the regimen, in order.
I never had good experiences with dermatologists either. One pushed laser to me, which hurt like hell, and I expected more results for the price. Another dermatologist did an unnecessary biopsy on me, numbed me, scalpeled a chunk of skin off and cauterized it… Super traumatic for me because I was like 13 too. And I wasn't gonna go to another dermatologist only to have them prescribe me pills that wreck my liver and makes me vomit (happened to me in the past) .
So I ended up seeing an aesthetician that happened to practice TCM. Pic related

No. 137068

are these facemaps I keep seeing legit or just a meme?

No. 137070


idk according to this chart i should have cirrosis then, when my liver is doing top notch and i barely put any stress on it.

feels like bullshit.

No. 137082

A while ago I started a new skin care routine, it's been the first time I actually spent quite a bit on it, but it's absolutely not working as I wish it would, my skin is the worst it's been in years, redness, breakouts, greasy looking…
Maybe somebody could tell me what causes it? There haven't been any other chances in my life, so it must be one/some of the products.

>Neutrogena - Hydro Boost Hydrating Cleansing Gel (maybe too drying?)
>COSRX - AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner (too harsh?)
>MIZON - Snail Repair Eye Cream (not very hydrating?)
>Hada Labo Gokujyun Premium Lotion (looks greasy but doesn't feel good or hydrating as if there's something strong like alcohol in it)
>Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF 50+ PA++++ (that one's ok I guess)

>Neutrogena - Hydro Boost Hydrating Cleansing Gel
>Klairs - Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop (it says use 2-3 drops, but that's not enough to spread all over the face and neck at all)
>innisfree - Green Tea Seed Serum
>MIZON - Snail Repair Eye Cream
>Elizavecca - Milky Piggy EGF Elastic Retinol Cream
I was advised to first use the retinol after putting on another moisturizer so that it's not too harsh but after doing this for some time I now decided to skip that extra step.

No. 137084

For me it screams that its the neutrogena, i've only had bad experiences with their cleansers, i think you should switch to an gentle oil based cleanser ( i know that sounds ironic for greasy skin but just trust me lol), also switch the morning Hada Labo for a gel moisturizer, i like the pyunkang yul balacing gel for day use.

No. 137110

Doesn't seem very legit. Pretty sure I have dark circles because of insomnia, not because of my kidney. Weird correlations there

No. 137121

next time when you introduce a new product to your routine, wait at least 2 weeks before introducing another. That way you can see what a product is doing to your skin. Imo for now, strip away everything and start bare with 1 product and slowly start re-introducing the products to see what works and doesn't

No. 137139

anon are you still 13 because those face mapping stuff have been proven to be lies.
Jfc i cant believe there are adults who believe in that..you must be low iq digit

No. 137199

Is there anything you can find in thr house I can use as a mousturizer? I currently feel like the OP pic.

I ordered a new one almost two weeks ago but the delivery service used is absolute shit.

No. 137207

if you aren't very pimple prone, can try getting by with coconut oil (DO NOT do this if you are acne prone tho)? olive oil possibly but i haven't looked into it. obvi argan oil or something would be better but hard to get in a bog standard shop i reckon.

No. 137226

I bought a milder cleanser, hopefully that one's better.
But the Hada Labo does have a pretty fluid gel like texture…? I kind of feel like a "normal" white moisturizer (no idea how to describe it) would be the best, anything else like this one and other gels I've tried before never worked for me.

I guess I'll have to listen to you, anon. It's gotten even worse, for the first time I ever have acne on my forehead and real pimples on my cheeks, not just a few small whiteheads on my chin like before…and it feels itchy too. It just sucks because I was finally willing to put in time, money and effort and now it doesn't work.

No. 137228

You could make a mixture of equal parts honey and olive oil, massage it in your face and then wash it off with warm water &/or a damp cloth. I used to store it in the fridge & used it as a daily moisturizer when my face was really dry

No. 137236

…you don't need to store that in the fridge

No. 137273

File: 1587580845257.png (421.47 KB, 778x1042, Screen Shot 2020-04-22 at 12.2…)

Is anyone into mists? I just ran out of pic related and loved it deeply but it's $30+ and if I'm going to shell out that much for mist, I'd like to try different ones before I get hung up on this one.

Thinking of trying Caudalie Beauty Elixir next

No. 137283

nta but I live in a hot country so I can't imagine putting that on my face being pleasant/easy if it wasn't stored in the fridge

No. 137288

What is the consensus about putting retinol on both lower and upper eyelids?

No. 137323

I use it on my eyelids ever since watching this video

No. 137331

Holy shit, 61?? She looks amazing.

Too bad I can't get retin-a over the counter and will have to use meh retinoids instead.

No. 137337

I remember reading that it can thin the skin or some shit like that + irritate the eyes of course. I just ordered some from TO so we'll see lol

No. 137498

File: 1587761607352.jpg (106.21 KB, 1379x1499, 71DVj546U9L._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

has anyone used products like pic related, 'blackhead remover vacuum' or 'pore cleaners'. Any good results? Worth investing in? Complete con?

No. 137503

I don’t really advice putting tret in your eyelids. The skin there is very thin and has few sebaceous glands. It will dry out the area and make it very sensitive. Just applying it over your face will work in the eye area since tret works in the cellular level and migrates under the skin.

No. 137505

Smh this looks like fungal acne, you should wash your face twice a day. That curology formula is great for your problem but you’re clearly not using it enough.
>Sometimes I’ll apply my curology formula
Well apply it more often, don’t be lazy. Anyway if you cancel it and want to get rid of that get a sulfur mask or soap and maybe get a different moisturizer, I heard the cerave causes break outs for a lot of people.

No. 137516

i'd like to try it on my asshole

No. 137526

I had a big pimple on my nose it died down but there still seems to be a raised layer of skin where it was and it has turned brown. I'm wondering how I can get rid of it?

I cleanse, tone, and moisturize my face and apply aloe vera on it sometimes but it doesn't seem to be working.

No. 137532

it didn’t work for me, just gave me weird raised red bumps (blackheads didn’t change)

No. 137542

File: 1587810534136.jpg (804.12 KB, 1147x3095, 20200425_062915.jpg)

What on gods green earth is causing this? It first appeared when I had sepsis in 2017. It itches and sometimes it becomes raised and red. It used to be about just the size of small angel wings between my shoulder blades but has spread into this monstrosity. I couldn't find anything online that really explains my symptoms…

No. 137543

Please see a doctor anon, that's above our paygrade and doesn't look like something that will just clear up on its own easily.

No. 137544

i thought that was onision's back

No. 137545

Looks like tinea versicolor to me. It’s a fungal infection, you definitely should see a dr but in the meantime you should look into applying athletes foot cream on that. Have you tried putting something before anyway ?

No. 137559

No, don't use these, they could possibly break your capillaries. Also, they don't work. Your sebaceous filaments will not go away no matter what.

No. 137560

>sebaceous filaments will not go away no matter what.
that isn't true tho.

No. 137580

>Wash face at night, do normal routine
>Wake up morning with better looking clean, fresh, acne smaller, less inflamed
>Wash face in morning, same routine
>2 hours later face becomes an oily, inflamed mess with 20 more pimples, and snot coming out of my pores

The fuck is wrong with my skin. I swear, I want to rip my face off and start all over again

No. 137582



Other than seeing a derm,

Caprylic acid supplement, hibiclens wash. sunlight.

-anon who dealt with this shit before

No. 137602

Started using Vit C and bha power liquid 2 weeks ago but my skin only looks worse as far as I can tell, I got more pimples although a lot of them are small colorless ones but I also have redness in my face, is this normal?

No. 137610

File: 1587904215460.jpg (23.4 KB, 458x458, baba_de_caracol.jpg)

Does anyone here have any experience with snail cream for scars and general skin care?

No. 137612

Closed comedones? Or really slight purging due to the bha?

If your face wasn't red before the slow down a bit, worst case scenario would be a chemical burn or something.

Tbh everyone that I know uses it loves it. I personally haven't tried it.

No. 137616

Can you actually do anything about dark undereye circles? I have really deep-set eyes and pale, translucent skin. I just wish the skin under my eyes was more opaque lmao.

No. 137617

File: 1587915000250.jpeg (20.05 KB, 472x185, Snapchat-1259651818~4-01~3.jpe…)

Does anyone have lines like these? Growing up I had a bad habit at rubbing my eyes very hard and now I'm just starting to realize that I probably fucked with the skin there.

I'm only 20 and unless I get some filler or something I worried that I'll look like I'm 10 years old by the time I'm 25. Is there anyway I can reduce the lines or do I just continue with the undereye cream? My other eye isn't nearly as bad.

No. 137618


Those are from having deep set eyes in your skull, its genetic.
I think surgery or fillers are the only fix tbh.

No. 137638

girl that's literally just a crease from having eyeballs lol. also no one's face is 100% symmetrical so the reason one crease is more pronounced is probably just cause there's a minuscule difference in the position of your eyes.

No. 137639

I have those too. High quality eye cream with retinol in it and an eye specific moisturizer.

No. 137640

Honestly, I'm probably just hyper focusing in on it. If it's not my eyes it's my nose or other weird shit I don't like about my body.

Thanks anons

No. 137660

Looks like it could be closed comedones but I also got a few different pimples.. I feel like the products might just be clogging my skin and making it worse instead of improving it? But I know my issues won't sort themselves out so I don't know what to do. I hate my acne and acne scars and blackheads and milia and fine lines.

No. 137699

File: 1587973164650.jpg (55.46 KB, 899x427, 989818.jpg)

I'm white with yellow-greenish (?) undertones and my eyes always have this dark circle around them. Of course it's not visible if I use makeup but it makes me look so tired when I don't use foundation.

I read that it's genetic but does anyone know if there's other factors to it?

No. 137700


pic's not me btw

No. 137703

If it's really not genetics the it's either: diet, lack of sleep, water, smoking, possible illness?

No. 137708

File: 1587980983087.png (17.47 KB, 500x500, the-ordinary-supersize-niacina…)

Does anyone else break out when they use niacinamide? I've tried The Ordinary's niacinamide twice now and each time I've broken out within a week. It's not the kind of product that would cause purging, but it's also not the kind of product that would be comedogenic, so I have no idea why this keeps happening to me. My skin is cursed.

No. 137711

Some people are sensitive to niacinamide

No. 137713


What >>137711 said.
I personally use it only few times per week unlike some people who are able to wear it am and pm. It helps with redness but if I use too much it seems to break me out a bit.
The only suggestion I can give is to use a bit less of it and see how it goes. Sucks that so many products are such a gamble.

No. 137729

File: 1587997156518.jpeg (Spoiler Image,63.36 KB, 640x495, E40C7A36-BC6F-47AF-9B3C-8FC8F6…)

What’s the deal with the skin around my chin, it’s so much more bumpy and textured then anywhere else. I’m happy with the skin of my face except for this one area. I have a bottom heavy face anyway so the worst skin texture makes me even more self conscious about it. Any suggestions or advice?

No. 137732

I put the tiniest, thinnest bit of it on my t-zone and chin last week and it was still irritating as hell. It is banished to the back of the cupboard until further notice.

No. 137741

Did you used to have acne there? My entire face looks like that due to acne scars. I don't think you can really do anything about it tbh

No. 137743

Nope, never had any kind of acne :/ never had a breakout on my chin either, its just developed this kind of texture

No. 137772

has anyone here waxed their face before ?and if so can you share what it was like and some advice ,i'm thinking of doing it to get rid of peach fuzz

No. 137820

this kind of texture without pimples/closed pores is usually caused by diet. First offender is usually dairy. To be safe, cut sweets. And less meat if that's possible for you.

imo not worth the possibility of ripping off your skin which leaves a scar that will fade or not… Mine mostly did but the skin is a bit different there still, and it's been months. I used to wax my moustache but honestly never again.

No. 137842

>disillusioned with skincare after teen years spent using every clearasil-type product and none working because they don’t do shit
>now want to improve my skin but overwhelmed with AHAs ,BHAs etc,

Any ideas on where I can start? Websites, skincare guides, idk?

No. 137845

It'll be overwhelming wherever you start, so at first don't go out and buy a thousand products lol

I really liked the r/SkincareAddiction guide to Ahas, bhas, skin types etc

No. 137912

>“The truth of the matter is, there’s two basic categories[talking about dark circles and bags] – one is actual pigmentation in the skin, the other is skin that’s thin and shows the dark veins and fat pads underneath… they’re two problems,” Dr Gross tells Hughes.
>So, how do you know if you’ve got dark circles OR under eye bags? According to Dr Gross, the easiest way is to try a little something called ‘the pinch test’.
>“What you want to do is take your skin [under the eye] and gently lift it up. When you lift it up, look at what happens to the colour of the skin at the dark circle,” he says.
>“If when you lift it up, off the skin’s structures… the pigmentation does not change and it stays brown, it’s telling you that pigmentation is the primary problem. If when you lift it up, it all of sudden comes back to a normal colour, you know it’s because the skin is too thin and more transparent.”
So apparently I'm the latter, my undereye skin is too thin so I would need some product with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C to build collagen.
Anyone with the same issue? What are you using? Did you see an actual improvement?

No. 137949

great, seems like I am the same as you, anon. am very down about my under eyes as they had gotten quite permanent over this last year, am guessing its uni stress making me age prematurely kek (between acne and this, uni really does make me ugly lmao). are there any products you have in mind? i have used both the ordinarys HA and the cosrx essence and both gave me milia out the ass and acne on the middles of my cheeks (never happens normally). am i just supposed to be haggard af?

No. 138025

File: 1588267913371.jpeg (57.07 KB, 800x800, 2546686.jpeg)

What's a good alternative for this toner? (I'm talking asian toners, not western toners) I liked it, but I find it a bit expensive for how basic it is.

No. 138029

I have cystic acne around my jawline that isn't caused by food and I finally found something that works. It's worth a shot, anon.

Differin for $10 at Walmart. I put a thin layer over my jaw, chin, and forehead and after a month my shit is crystal clear. I did have to go through purging which was not fun by any means but very much worth it.I used it after my moisturizer once over 3 days as I have sensitive skin but you should be able to just feel it out.

Also, you HAVE to wear sunscreen. Learned that the hard way.

No. 138034

another sunken-eyed anon here, I'm pretty sure our only option is having fillers

No. 138044

I have a clear skin most of the time except the week before my periods where I get gross pimples around the lips and chin. I don't really have a skincare routine (just put some moisturizing lotion after showering in the evening) and I don't wear makeup, do you guys have any advice on what I could do or use to at least reduce their size (they are very red and visible)?

No. 138057

I think iron supplements can help with this.

No. 138065

It's happened guys, I friken burnt my face with tretinoin…
Been using it for about six months, only once a week. I felt like my skin had gotten completely used to it, so I tried using it twice a week… Only got to apply it once on the new schedule and chaos already ensued. Two days after tretinoin I developed a rash above my upper lip and around my nose. It's been three days since the rash appeared and it's gotten a tiny bit better but not much. It's red and bumpy and it still burns but no big blisters or anything.
How is it that all the women I see on YouTube are already using this shit everyday by the second month, I didn't even consider myself to have sensitive skin up until now, and I've been following all the advice, the pea sized thing and waiting 30 mins after washing your face and 30 more before moisturizer.
To those taking advantage of quarantine to start retin-a (a good idea since no one will see your purge), pls be careful with this stuff. I got mildy confident with it and look at me now.

No. 138108

I've been breaking out really badly during quarantine and it's starting to be pretty upsetting. My skin feels really dry too, and lucky me, I've got eczema as well as chronic acne, so my skin goes between being really dry and painful and broken out as fuck. Too often both at the same time. I think it might be partially due to stress/hormones but is it possible for allergies to trigger acne? It's triggering the irritation on my skin, there's been tons of pollen and taking allergy medicine actually made the irritation go down. Idk if I already posted earlier in the thread and didn't get a reply or if I deleted and didn't post but I'm basically at a loss trying to nuke my acne while I have dry as fuck skin. I use oils (mostly argan or hemp seed, I've been trying sweet almond and have used coconut before) or Un-Petroleum when I'm not too broken out to seal the moisture in when my skin is really irritated, and CeraVe cream otherwise. I don't know if the CeraVe could be breaking me out, since a lot of anons had that issue, but in my experience it didn't make my acne worse before. I lay off the oils when I'm really broken out or try it and watch how my skin reacts before using it too heavily, so I don't think it's the oil/un-petroleum. Right now it's only going onto the skin around my eyes/cheekbones, and usually I only put it there unless my whole face is going off the shits with irritation and my normal moisturizer burns. I'm getting these nasty cysts on my chin and forehead and smaller pimples on my torso, neck, and cheeks. I think part of my problem is a lack of consistency, but I've been trying to be more consistent since my skin is really suffering. Could any anons recommend something good for cystic acne but gentle enough not to fuck with my eczema/dry skin? I'm already on topical prescription medications (adapalene 0.3%/benzoyl peroxide 2.5% for the morning, clindamycin phosphate 1.2%/tretinoin 0.025% for the evening) and have been for years. And yet…I feel like my skin is still out of control, it gets bad under stress but since going from irl college, really stressed but getting out more/probably healthier, to locked inside and in online college, it's been worse. I don't think I can go on accutane now in the current situation because it requires regular tests, but I'm considering it more…I've tried different masks/treatments on the side, but it feels like I can't figure out a routine that will both work and be something I can stick to.
Not as important, but I also would love recommendations for eye creams or any nice treatments. I was using an expensive cream before bc I got a sample cheaply, but don't really have that much to blow on it (it is at least $60 for a jar of what I had…) I use straight oils/unpetroleum or my face moisturizer otherwise, but I feel like there may be better options. I have a vitamin C serum that includes hyauluronic acid that I apply sometimes (since it's good for pigmentation/scars and had a good list of ingredients that seemed potentially beneficial to my eye area) and less often do under eye masks. I'm trying to reduce/prevent wrinkles and pigmentation, but am a little scared of using the trentoin gel regularly in case it makes my eczema worse around the eyes or somehow makes the dark circles worse.
I'm really sorry that this is so long and idk if anyone will read all of this lmao, I thought more info would be better than less since everyone's skin has different combinations of issues and thought that maybe someone who has dealt with this and has similar issues/skin to mine would have some insight.

No. 138133

shit, what strength is your tret? i started using curology earlier this month and i have .01% tretinoin in my formula. i started using it every day after like a week of using it every other day and only have had a bit of dryness around my mouth. i think 0.01 is pretty weak, so every night is okay, right?

No. 138149

File: 1588430512302.jpg (33.34 KB, 800x800, 2010.jpg)

Anyone uses this? Does it really shrink your pores?

No. 138151

Nothing shrinks your pores.
However, exfoliating chemicals can reduce appearance of pores and make it seem like they have shrunk.

No. 138162

I have smallish pores so I didn't notice any shrinkage but this is really good for texture and acne. MAKE SURE TO MOISTURIZE WHILE USING THIS because for the first week or two your skin WILL get crusty and it's because the old skin is shedding.

No. 138202

Is there a way to tan without… tanning? I don't want to use makeup that doesn't match my body, read about tanning pills but heard they can be harmful. I love how healthy my skin is but I'm also wondering what I would look like if I wasn't so pale. I'm just terrified of wrinkles lol.

No. 138204

spironolactone in conjunction with topicals. it's not instant but it has great long-term effects for women that go beyond clearing skin.

No. 138205

you can buy spray tan now that doesn't look like shit. or go get a spray tan done by a pro who can swatch you.

No. 138206

I used the bha once! Don’t remember what percentage, but made my skin so flakey and dry over the winter, I was a skin noob though, so it might have been that, my skin is combo, but more on the oily side and I switched to aha I prefer it more.

No. 138210

my skin has been really fucking dry for a while, but my t bone is oily for some reason. i moisturize twice a day and i drink 2 liters of water every day but nothing happens pls help

No. 138217

Tanning lotions that you rub on and after a bit wash it off. Easier to get an even tan then spray tan.

Jergen natural glow is a lotion that over time natural builds up a tan. So the lotion has a bit of time and has a little bit of slimmer to simulate a tan. This is the one I used to use

No. 138219

Sounds like you have combo skin that is dehydrated, not dry. I used this article to start figuring out what kind of moisturizer I needed to be using for my skin type.

No. 138240

I have VERY oily skin, so if you're telling me that it will turn my skin dry it sounds like a dream come true kek

No. 138372

Does anyone else with oily skin finds that their skin gets oily in other places too, not just their face?

At the end of the day the back of my neck and my shoulders get oily as well, sometimes the middle of my chest too. Sorry if this is gross I just want to know if it's normal

No. 138377

I found an article that claims vitamin c serums actually age the skin:



No. 138386

Help me, farmers. My skin is pretty good but since 21 I've gotten very fine lines under my eyes that weren't visible until I looked down. I'm 22 now and the crease under my left eye is there all the time. If it's not just aging could these things be making it worse?:
>started using niacinamide, vit C and azealic acid on that area of the skin
>not that great with sunscreen till recently but I'm never in the sun anyway
>bluelight from screens
>shitty sleep because insomnia
Should I be keeping all products away from the whole eye area as much as possible or is it fine to put certain things like on the upper and lower lids?

No. 138389

If labmuffin hasn't said anything about vitamin C being damaging then I'm inclined not to believe it, feels like fear mongering to me. You should be washing it off after each day (note that it hasn't turned your face orange yet) which I don't think is long enough for it to be a pro-oxidant. I don't believe there's that much iron in the air and water (where does this person live?) for that to be a problem either. Kinda sus that after their first point the article shills their own product line.

No. 138398

azaelic acid on eye area?! dude no
all of those are too intense for eye skin (vit C in high suspension). It's too thin and delicate, you're going to fuck it up more this way. Just moisturize, hialuronic acid + eye cream. Try those massaging rollers. Sometimes the wrinkles are from the way we sleep, you're squashing your face into the pillow which creases the eye skin. Silk pillow covers are the best and try to pay attention how you sleep (not an easy thing to do lol).
AND drink more water & fix your sleeping schedule. Every insomniac I know have fucked up eyes lol sorry, get pills if you can

No. 138403

Yeah, wish there was a way to fix it.

No. 138417

hi yes I've waxed my face before. I have thick sideburns and so have only waxed in that area. tbh it was fine, if a little painful (though waxing my legs I found far more painful). I don't know what kind of wax you use but I just used the kind that come in those packs where no heat is involved other than a little friction to warm it up. the only reason I don't use this method any more is because you have to wait for the hair to grow back in to a certain length.

my only issue was the pain (tho bearable), the fact it left areas of slight residue wax I had to use an oil to remove the leftover bits. if you're just removing peach fuzz (and not thick, dark hair like mine) you might have a different experience. DO BE WARNED THOUGH I know it's technically impossible as hair growth doesn't work this way, but I could've sworn the hair grew back in thicker, not such a huge problem for my already hirsute ass but might be something to bear in mind.

No. 138418

ALSO VERY IMPORTANT just wanted to point out about what anon said about ripping off the skin, this shouldn't happen unless you specifically use something in your skincare routine like a chemical exfoliant that would cause the top layer of skin to be compromised. I waited like 2 weeks after using a chemical exfoliant (I wanna say it was a BHA or an AHA I was using) to prevent this before waxing and I still tore off the top layer of skin and had a sore, red and scabby upper lip area for a long while after.

No. 138419

in my experience absolutely, but it takes a while, like months to see results. will also say my pores got bigger once I stopped using, so you've really got to keep it up

No. 138420

yeah I have oily skin on my face and get an oily back and between my boobs too

No. 138436

Yeah I was a skincare noob and while I read up a lot on the effects I'm not very sure on technique/application (also I wanna clarify holy crap I didn't put the acid on my upper eyelids but I did used to put it like… across my cheeks and cheekbones and creeped up from there if that makes sense). Is sunscreen okay to put in those eye areas?

But thanks for the self care reminder, I suppose it's really called beauty sleep for a reason. Hopefully it won't get any worse, I know I'm grumbling rn about tiny lines, I know when I'm 40 I'd murder to keep my current face.

No. 138497

piggybacking off this, what is everyone's preferred method to remove moustache hair? im thinking of waxing again then plucking to maintain. I want to try threading/one of those weird threading gadgets too. I've tried hair removal cream and it's ok in a fix but i don't like having the "stubble" still there.

No. 138498

I just epilate it. It's quick and easy. I've tried threading it before but I couldn't get the hang of it to do it fast enough

No. 138657

Are collagen supplement pills effective?
Has anyone taken them and noticed difference in their skin?

No. 138660

File: 1588951323967.jpg (105.34 KB, 1000x667, eyebagwrinkles.jpg)

I'm 21 and have these really deep creases and wrinkles on my eyebags. It has gotten worse than before. What do I do anons? I use sunscreen, moisturize my skin and use the ordinary caffeine solution.

Has anyone had the same problem? What eye creams would work the best?

No. 138662

They got bigger? I'd expect them to return to look like they did before using that product, but you say they got even worse?

No. 138664

I've been taking the powder version + some other stuff inside. Didn't really do shit after 2-3 months.

That's just skin. It's normal

No. 138666

oh no I meant they returned to their normal size, sorry for the confusion

No. 138754

Use eye masks every couple days

No. 138756

Sorry I missed your post! Mine is 0.05, it's prescription strength. The rash finally cleared up a couple days ago. My holy grail for irritation and sensitivity is usually the cicaplast b5 balm but it didn't work this time, it burn and didn't seem to make the skin any better, I ended up using an adult diaper cream (lol) with lots of vitamins that felt very soothing and nourishing but sadly i think it's comedogenic.

No. 138775

File: 1589122030452.jpeg (398.66 KB, 1355x1807, image.jpeg.0ab1a7e35b8868b82c1…)

What to do when your forehead looks like this? I have large ass pores and oily skin that makes them even more noticeable - plus, it looks like there are mini bumps all over it if I look at it under certain lighting, even though I don't have any acne. When I try to "spread" my forehead skin horizontally with two fingers, the pores flatten and my forehead looks normal. Is there any way I can treat this without resorting to expensive laser treatments?

No. 138776

Forgot to say, I don't think it's dehydration as I already have oily skin and I apply moisturizer day and night.

No. 138778

what's your skincare routine like anon? Oily skin can be a symptom of dehydration.

No. 138789

Looks and sounds like what I had.
AHA, heavy moisturizer, hyaluronic acid and sunscreen helped.

My skin was just reeeally dehydrated and I also thought it was oily at first. The oilyness went away after a few months of lots of moisturizing.

No. 138792

I don't know, I've been using a multi-oil product for months and my derm seemed to disagree with my choice of using oil to fight oil. I bought it because a girl recommended it to me saying it fixed her oily skin, but on me it didn't do anything sadly. It's got meadowfoam oil and argan oil, plus vitamin E and other two types of oils, just in case you want to know.
I've had very oily skin since puberty, and my skincare routine used to have more products until two years ago when I cut some products down because they brought me no benefit and only broke me out. Right now it's very simple, it's just
>mild cleanser/micellar water
Then I either apply that oil product, or use a salicylic acid one on my T zone because I noticed that it stops the sebum for… about one hour.
Right now all I want to fix is the oily skin, then if possible the dilated pores on nose, forehead and part of the cheek near the nose. I also have a strange problem where my skin gets red after frowning or smiling. But my derm is clueless, and so am I.

No. 138796

Just when my skin started clearing up, we started having to wear masks at work and it absolutely fucks me up! Do you know those small rash-like pimples you get when you sweat a lot? I now habe dozens of those around my mouth area and there's nothing I can really do against that. Fuck

No. 138927

Does anyone know a good body lotion with lot of active ingredients? Like vitamin e, niacinamide, urea, maybe retinol too

No. 138966

I feel like wearing masks everyday has been messing my skin up more. Like big ugly pimples that I am working so hard to not pop. Also the general stress of currently working during this pandemic doesn't help. But if you can, like with things, change masks and wash em' I guess.

No. 139069

Last winter I had a really bad cold and my lips were scabbed for like three weeks straight. Ever since I have deep lines on the outer 1/3rd parts of my lower lip (if that makes sense). Is there anything besides getting fillers to remedy this or am I screwed and stuck with grandma lips?

No. 139070

i had a question about AHA usage! i've just started using the pixi glow tonic alternate days in the AM (i know it's expensive. will purchase an alternative from TO most likely once this bottle is finished), it's been a week.
i use the AHA toner by itself, once it dries up i top off with neutrogena water gel.
it seems to work really well on my texture and overall dullness, but it's also giving me large, closed pimples around the center and lower parts of my cheeks. i know this is the AHA that's causing it because
1. this is the only new product in my current routine
2. the pimples appear by evening-ish on the day i've applied AHA, and kind of harden up by the next morning which is a non-AHA routine.
3. the pimples don't go away, and a new one/two show up each day i apply the AHA.

does anyone know what's going on? is it the AHA, or the moisturizer aint sitting right with it? did you face problems like this with AHA?

No. 139071

i read this as baby lotion and was fucked up for a solid minute

the one thing that's been helping everything from my smoker's lips to budding crow's feet to old white thigh stretch marks, is the body shop amazonian multi-purpose balm
it's the best thing i've ever tried for my lips, maybe give it a shot?

No. 139090

File: 1589463392061.jpg (176.32 KB, 710x482, white_2.jpg)

Do these korean skin lightening products really work?

I have alot of dark spots from shitty cystic acne, i don't even pick at them but they leave dark marks anyways.

My face and neck are also darker than the rest of my body so evening everything would be nice.

No. 139091

No get laser or a skin peel

No. 139094


Im not a very good candidate for those treatments anon, im prone to getting keloids.

No. 139117

I wouldn't go as far to say it's genetic. It's rather ubiquitous. Most people have it to varying degrees. It would be rare to find someone who doesn't have this without foundation. Who wouldn't use foundation to cover it up?

No. 139187

Has someone here treated rosacea or couperose? This redness bugs me. I want to be less dependant on foundation.

No. 139227

I know Kojie San works but you really have to build up usage, I don't have sensitive skin but it felt like shit when I left it on longer than recommended at first lmao

No. 139235

I went to a dermatologist for my rosacea. He prescribed finacea and it's meh. Not as bad as before but my face is still red around my lips and not the same color as the rest of my body. Been using it for 3 months

No. 139242

i have it, i think it kind of comes and goes or just flares up sometimes? but i apply squalane oil p regularly and it seems to help, and it feels nice.

No. 139245

>squalane oil
Never even heard of it, thanks for mentioning it, anon, I'll try it.
I actually want to get laser treatment when I have "spare" money, but it's not gonna be soon.

No. 139295

File: 1589680011896.jpg (13.48 KB, 513x655, 8903558-1-rosegold.jpg)

What is a good sunscreen for wearing with strappy sandals? I don't want to ruin the shoes with residue.

No. 139306

I don't use korean products specifically but I have other things with niacinamide and vitamin C in them which I think has helped. I've also been using kojie san soap for 3 years now. My face and neck are still darker than the rest of me but not as much.
where do people find laser/peel treatments? I have no idea where to look for procedures in general but I've been thinking about it.

No. 139315

I had a skin peel, my sin was dull looking and I have type1 skin type but I am not a red head just from N Europe. tbh it did not to much for me. I have heard laser is better but more expensive if i were you I would save up and try that. Good luck

No. 139569

Anyone tried Inkey List's eye creams? People seem mixed on the Brighten-i cream but I'm curious to try the caffeine or retinol cream. I've got genetic dark circles (and don't sleep well either lel) and fine lines so I'm not sure which I'd benefit from more. I've got prescription retinol that's probably way stronger than what's in the eye cream but my eyes are really sensitive so I'm scared of putting it directly in my eye area. Idk if I should get a special retinol cream for the eyes or use mine very sparingly and combine it with other products?
I'm also curious about trying microneedling at home, but want to do it right because I'm a little scared of it. I've got a lot of old stretchmarks and some acne scars. The acne scars are fairly new and mostly pigmented so they might be fine with other treatments. Mostly targeting my hips/ass tbh so I know I'd need larger needles than the face (which I also want to try, but I think I'll start there). Anyone tried doing this? Does it work pretty well, what's the safest way to do it, good brands, etc.

No. 139571

File: 1590024634131.jpg (60.07 KB, 1200x1443, 6887034.jpg)

I'd give this Neutrogena spray a try. I really liked the cream version of this sunscreen because it would grip to my skin wet or dry and not be a slippery mess. To be real with you I've never used it with strappy sandals but it seems like the best option of all the sunscreens I've tried.

No. 139594

File: 1590042978739.jpg (9.06 KB, 406x406, ss.jpg)

I used this one last weekend at it was not greasy at all! I would still wipe the straps of the shoes down with a damp cloth and the tiniest bit of some mild soap

No. 139633

Unsure if it's been mentioned but Hyram on YouTube and CosDNA can really help find what ingredients are breaking you out. He was the only way I found a sunscreen that didn't break out my forehead. Cosdna is good for a quick look of what you're current using for potentially irritating ingredients or if you want to get something new.

No. 139638

File: 1590048751738.jpg (86.11 KB, 1125x1118, 61SKLiXR-6L._SL1125_.jpg)

Just wanted to tell y'all ladies.

After finding out that my favourite body cream (Light creme de corps, from Kiehl) was discontinued I decided that I would go with a different, cheaper brand just to try it out (I 've also used many Lush creams and they were ok). Especially since summer is coming I wanted my skin to shine like a Hawaiian goddess so I bought a pot of Palmer's Cocoa Butter and oh my GOD am I shining! Skin softer than a baby's butt. It looks so smooth , almost like photoshop, and for 1/4th (or less) than the price that I used to pay for the Kiehls one!

tl;dr if you want your skin to look shiny(in a natural healthy way) and beautiful buy this

No. 139640

I do and thats definitely normal. I didnt even notice I had them until that area under one of my eyes started itching like crazy and finally paid attention to that area.
Now Im having trouble because when I sweat a lot from exercise, the sweat tends to make that area dry and its itchy and then it gets swollen (so if that ever happens to you, just fyi don't scratch and put vaseline on it)

No. 139678

Dumbass question but should you be using body cream/lotion on your face too?
Asking since I seen some products advertising as face and body cream and some just as body cream

No. 139687

File: 1590073117437.jpeg (266.28 KB, 1122x1110, 4BD2FB19-9101-40FB-97C5-4DAEAC…)

I haven't had cystic acne in almost 2 years — until this bitch appeared literally overnight the other day. I managed to my acne under control with Curology a couple years ago, so I guess I'll start taking it again. In the past I only broke out on my forehead but now it's mainly my jaw/cheeks, which makes me feel like shit because I can't hide the marks with bangs.

No. 139744

I'm 28 and I just started a skin care routine tell me if I'm doing the right thing or not. Might as well start now than never.

First I wash my face with simple micellar water gel wash.
Then I use gommage rosette gel to exfoliate
After that I wipe my face with a stridex pad.
Next I spray on some Pyunkang Yul toner mist and I then use mizon 100% hyaluronic serum. For sun screen I used spf 50+++ canmake gel sun screen. I use the loreal charcoal clay mask 3 times a week

No. 139756

Sorry anon, I don't have any advice but your skin looks beautiful aside from that

No. 139757

So… Isn't that just a pimple? I've never had acne in my life so maybe I'm ignorant but I get those pimples once in a while, they just go away after a while and then they don't reappear until a few months later. Maybe you won't break out aside from that pimple?

No. 139770

I know this is probably bait but bitch.

No. 139807

Correct me if I'm wrong but from the two exfoliants and lack of a moisturizer I'm guessing you have oily skin.
Is there a reason you're using two exfoliating products? I purged like hell when I first started using a BHA and I was only using it every other day for the first month or so. I'd be concerned that it might be too much and could break you out and dehydrate your skin. Also I'd get a moisturizer and use a smaller amount of your serum under it.

No. 139830

The ordinary's retinoids are constantly out of stock, is there good alternatives for them from other brands?

No. 139862

I just watched the newest Alexander girly talk video and she used a high frequency skin care device. I didn't even know that was a thing but I it comes across as gimmicky. Is it tho or is there some legitness to it?

No. 140361

I have Dyshidrotic eczema on a couple of the joints on my fingers, as well as in between them. Essentially the areas just gets all red and itchy and then I end up getting a bunch of tiny blisters and swelling. I used to participate in a medicinal study where I got to test out a new eczema ointment and that used to help a lot, but now that I've finished my study I'm not allowed to use the ointment anymore so my blisters have come back. Have any farmers dealt with this before and found a way to combat it? I've read online that a diet change might help, but some people say reducing flour is the solution while others say reducing dairy or sugar, so I'm not really sure what works.

Any advice would be appreciated! also sucks for my eczema that I have to wash my hands so often because of the pandemic kek

No. 140385

Mine went away when I went gluten-free after being diagnosed with Celiac disease. It was an unintended side effect and I can't vouch for whether diet change might help for someone without an underlying condition though.

No. 140591

So, I started doing facial yoga lately to help with my skin. I honestly have noticed my complexion getting better and my skin looking 'brighter' (though of course it could just be placebo effect.) But it's made me break out quite a bit even though I always make sure to wash my hands. Should I just stop doing the moves which involve touching your face?

No. 140601

I used hydrocortisone cream on active flair ups,and avoiding soaps with SLS helped

No. 140609

Can I have some recs for a good, collagen building under eye cream on the cheaper side? My skin is getting paper thin there, I can already see some lines and I have constant dark under eyes from the skin being so thin.

No. 140619

Touching your face less is always going to be better for your skin. The breakouts could be part you touching your face, part necessary purge.

No. 140620

Idk if this is appropriate for the thread but does anyone have a routine when it comes to their legs? Ingrown hairs and bumps are my biggest concern.

No. 140623

maybe it's the oils from your skin, not the dirt?

Anyway, facial yoga isn't good for your skin, is it?

No. 140624


If you want brighter and more radiant skin, go for vitamin c and glycolic acid serums. Exfoliating with AHA's/BHA'S helps, too. Make sure you're moisturizing enough and using sunscreen if you go outside often. Touching your face is probably making you break out more, btw.

No. 140670

the skin above my lips/under my nose gets very flaky and damaged bc of hayfever/general allergies. what kind of products are good for repairing the skin there? it's quite thin skin and im worried that its gonna get permanently destroyed

at the moment i moisturise the area a bunch and use rosehip oil too but any tips would be appreciated

No. 140671

I think the term you're looking for may be your philtrum? can't help with advice though i'm sorry

No. 140681

Same problem. I started using CeraVe moisture cream on the dry patches and my skin looks and feels so much better. It has ceramides in it, which will help restore the lipid layer of your skin, so you won't lose as much moisture.

No. 140696

Am I ok to keep using body suncream on my face? Specifically garnier kids suncream. I've looked it up but haven't found concrete answers, some say it's comedogenic and causes breakouts but others say it's fine. Anyone got any clue?

No. 140701

Nta but I just got a tub of cerave cause wearing a mask at work dried my face tf out and my skin feels so incredibly moisturized without being greasy, losing my mind at how well it works.

No. 140702

Check the ingredients to see if the oils are comedogenic. Most body sunscreens are but it’s probably better than not wearing any.

No. 140706

Try eating more animal fats and use vaseline as a barrier.

No. 140707

File: 1590864432356.jpeg (66.05 KB, 800x800, large_5e5cd5e4-d720-450a-99f2-…)

I went through this same thing. It's so good. This is what I use now bc it was cheaper at the store and I like it more than Pond's. It smells like old ladies while you're putting it on but it goes away when you rinse. The eucalyptus is good for moisture. Now I pay more attention to maintaining my skin barrier ever since switching to these creamy cleansers.
>Using eucalyptus may improve dry skin by increasing its ceramide content. Ceramides are a type of fatty acid in your skin that's responsible for maintaining its barrier and retaining its moisture

No. 140712

Double post but whoops, you were talking abt Cerave not Pond's

My point still stands tho lol

No. 140714

Hey, I just wanted to say if anybody is struggling with acne, specifically hormonal acne, give Maca pills a chance. They're affordable and trust me, they did wonders for my skin. Legit the only thing I tried that has helped me after years of fighting against acne.

No. 140908

I can't find an spf spray without both alcohol and fragrance, so which one is worse? Or are they both equally bad?

No. 140911

idk about fragrance but with alcohols there's bad alcohols but also alcohols that are neutral or even beneficial for the skin in small amounts. It's not needed to 100% completely ban alcohols out of your skincare routine if you know which types are fine.

No. 140926

there are a few good alcohols, so no need to give up on something just because you see alcohol in it. They're mostly used to additionally boost the protective barrier of your skin which is especially important in case of SPF protection, you want to be shielded from that sun. Most common good alcohols used are cetyl, cetearyl, lauryl and glycol, read up on it, it's really worth researching skincare ingredients.

As for fragrance it doesnt have to be bad, same as lack of fragrance doesnt mean it's good. Good idea is to look how far up is it on ingredients list, because closed to the end of it, the less of a given ingredient is there. If it's one of the last ingredients, I wouldn't worry much about it.

No. 140930

I got the aha bha thing from TO and today somehow the cap broke/tore. I lifted up the bottle and suddenly it cracked. I can still close it but not completely obviously. Is air going to ruin my product now and should I buy a new one?

No. 140932

Sorry I should have specified that I meant the drying/bad ones.
Fragrance supposedly is bad though, I did research on that too, apparently even if you don't notice problems on the short term it's still harmful in the long term just like how you don't see that the sun damages you right away..

No. 140993

Not just fragrance but limonene and linalool can irritate your skin too

No. 141014

Due to curfews/protests, I am stuck at my boyfriend's until tomorrow. I have a tub of pancreas lotion and nothing else here to work with. I get acne and normally use two cleansers and a prescription, but none of that can happen tonight. What's the best I can do before bed?

No. 141210

File: 1591405822629.jpeg (205.17 KB, 828x808, 94C0926A-5E99-4412-BE67-DB9CFE…)

I ran out of facial sunscreen recently, but due to corona I couldn't get a new one so I started using this and?? I don't know what black magic is in this thing, the ingredients don't even seem to be good for your face but it's made my skin look better than ever. I've made no other lifestyle changes so I think it may be this.

No. 141216

Where can I get Cerave in the UK?What else can I get to fight my keratosis? I've got strawberry legs, strawberry arms, even my back and chicken skin on my neck and I hate it.

No. 141219

superdrug, boots, it's extremely easy to find in any beauty online store too like lookfantastic and feel unique.

No. 141251

I had basically the same question, I'm a bit clueless when it comes to skincare because I have pretty easygoing skin that has rarely broken out and as long as I use halfway decent products daily it stays clear, but I've noticed ever since turning 25 my face (and body in general lol) is so much harder to keep looking youthful. I'm hesitant to start on anti-aging creams because idk, I'm only in my 20's??? but I'm so tired of having nasty cellulite and fine lines that crept up on me and are not not going away. I also still have little pock marks (scarring I guess?) on one of my cheeks where I had a random bad breakout a few years ago that I was told would heal but the texture is still very much there :/ my mom handed down a pretty high quality undereye night cream and it literally doesn't do shit. feel like all I can do is start taking way more collagen/ vitamins and trying my best to sleep and exercise more, which I've been doing, but I'm impatient lol

anyway tl;dr sorry for rambling but if anyone has had a great experience with an effective anti-aging/ firming/ whatever skincare product I am down for whatever works at this point and am willing to spend maybe up to mid-high range if I have to but would like to keep it affordable, pls lmk if you have suggestions! my skin type is combination i guess? and I'm not allergic to products. I mostly use like keihl's/ mario badescu stuff and just bought a semi-cheap collagen moisturizer

No. 141254

File: 1591439725939.jpg (21.34 KB, 900x675, pol_pl_The-Ordinary-Ascorbyl-G…)

So first of all with all the under-eye cream, even professionals say they barely give any visible results. Hydration / protection from the sun is best you can have - and it's important!- but anything more than that can be only achieved with aesthetic medicine treatments.

This said, being in your 20s it's the best time to start thinking of your skin aging, because it's far easier to slow the process down that to reverse stuff that already happened. It doesn't mean you have to spend fortune on anti-aging brands, just like you said yourself look into vitamins and never forget your SPF/UVA/UVB protection. Vitamin C is your friend, I love The Ordinary Ascorbyl Glucoside Solution 12%, had issues with post-breakout redness that would stay there for months and regular use of vit C helped a LOT with that.
A lot of people say Retinol works wonders for them, personally I don't know because my skin is too weak to handle it, but it has confirmed anti-aging results. You'd have to read a bit more about how to use it though because allowing the skin to get used to retinol is a whole process, starting with low percentage and slowly building your way up.

Aside from that, obv hydration, hyaluronic acid products are great but drink a lot of water also, as mundane as it sounds.

overall no need to go too crazy but you'll definitely benefit from starting to pay attention at your current age.

No. 141273

just adding to the other anon who answered, the boots and Superdrugs are generally smaller where I am, and I’ve been more successful finding Cerave in Superdrug (Boots definitely stocks it though)

No. 141275

What are you supposed to do with your pic related? Put it on your whole face? And what does it do to your skin?

No. 141283

justmylook is having a sale on cerave and they do free delivery

No. 141343

thank you! I already tend to drink water like a fish but I'll have to try some of those products. interesting, I didn't realize retinol had a whole process, I thought it was just a regular ingredient like vit c or collagen.

still wish I could do more about my fine lines though, they look shallow enough to just be from sleeping weird but they aren't going away and they're like the only flaw I can't effectively cover with makeup, like concealer just makes them stand out more? if any anons have a holy grail magic undereye concealer let me know lol

No. 141362

My outer left eyelid is dry. Doesn't hurt or anything and it's not red, just dry and flaky. I've been applying a mild cream for dry skin I already had which seems to have helped a bit. Anyone have any particular products to recommend for this problem?

No. 141386

aquaphor is nice

No. 141419

Anons pls help. I'm having an allergic reaction to my sunblock (brand is called no-ad, kid's sun care, spf 50) and have these little itchy inflamed bumps behind my ears, on my undereyes, even on my upper lip where I accidentally rubbed sunblock. I'm taking benadryl and I'm going to get antihistamine cream, but is there anything else I should do? This is awful and legitimately the worst my skin has ever felt and looked, and I used to have cystic acne. If it matters, my normal skincare routine is to rinse my face with lukewarm water in the shower and moisturize with cetaphil. If my skin feels really nasty I use neutrogena ultra gentle daily cleanser. I know this sounds really lazy but even the cleanser sometimes makes me break out, I can't put anything but the cetaphil on my skin without a bad breakout.

No. 141437

if you're using sunblock, you need to cleanse your skin properly everyday. Sunblocks have a lot of various ingredients along filters to make them stable, and those ingredients need out of your face by the end of the day. They won't come off with just water, so you're coating those hard to wash off substances on your skin. No wonder it got irritated. You said you use Cetaphil, they have gentle cleansers. Try one

No. 141441

File: 1591605577585.jpeg (72.05 KB, 1200x1443, 42C633C8-F0E9-4AFD-A092-3B49B9…)

I’m so sorry you’re having an allergic reaction anon. I always use pic related on my face and never break out, i spend all day every day outside so i use it a lot. I should also mention i follow the “caveman regimen”/water only and it comes off in the shower fine. hope your skin clears up soon!

No. 141442

>I've noticed ever since turning 25 my face (and body in general lol) is so much harder to keep looking youthful.
I haven't yet turned 25 but recently I've noticed the same thing. It's not like I have wrinkles but my overall elasticity went downhill, my upper eyelid/brow area is becoming saggier and I noticed a decrease of plumpness especially in my upper cheeks.
I've been using anti aging products for quite a while already tho, so maybe it's just my shit genetics.

No. 141457

it's a serum so you treat is as any other serum, take 2-3 drops, and gently massage into your skin, though there are various ways of applying these, you'd have to see what you like best.
Vitamin C is used to strenghten the skin and help with regeneration, it definitely does the latter for me, before using vit C it would take weeks to reduce blemishes. In general it's always listed as something that helps to keep the skin smooth, soothed and evenly-colored. Honestly it's the only ingredient which which i've seen a drastic improvement on my own face so I'd always recommend it. The ordinary worked for me best but there are other good vit c products too.

No. 141466

Is Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence still the top choice for indoor facial sunscreens? Can anyone recommend something water resistant for an outdoor sunscreen?

No. 141468

genetics + photoaging. i know a 28er who has the skin of an 18 yr old with smooth, even, supple skin tone/quality throughout. sadly i was not born this person. gonna have to live with my shitty skin which is less shitty now thanks to retin a

No. 141475

>I noticed a decrease of plumpness especially in my upper cheeks.
Idk if this is out of the question but I've found that gaining an extra 5-10 lbs can do wonders for my face. Outside of that, I'm in my 30s so I feel you. I just try to load up on water, moisturizer, and retinol cream at night.

>I also still have little pock marks (scarring I guess?) on one of my cheeks where I had a random bad breakout a few years ago that I was told would heal but the texture is still very much there
Have you ever read about microneedling? It could help with this issue and used in combination with the right products I've read it can be an effective treatment for scarring.

No. 141500

Thank you!

thank you anon, I'll give it a try!

No. 141696

I'm not sure if this qualifies as skincare or makeup but here it goes, do any euroanons know a decent BB cream for really pale skin?
So far, lots of BB creams even with their lightest shade look orangey on me.

No. 141701

I used to use missha perfect cover bb cream in the lightest shade. It's not available in drugstores though because it's a Korean brand. I've never been able to find a non-orangey bb cream at the drugstore in my part of Europe unfortunately.

No. 141702

Thanks anon! That seems to be something that I was looking for. I'm still not sure if I should use a bb cream or if I should go for some tinted moisturizer. I just want something lightweight and to even out my skin tone without clogging pores and feeling cakey.
The price is really good too.

No. 141706

I have this night serum that feels like it gets absorbed and dries at first but then after a while my face gets greasy. Can I blot it with a paper towel after an hour? 2 hours? Not at all? I hate going to bed as a grease ball.

No. 141729

I have heard of that! my mom took me to get a chemical peel facial thing a couple years ago (when my breakout was over but marks didn't go away) and i don't remember if it included any needling but it helped me a lot at the time. when I'm able to afford it I'll definitely be getting something along those lines (and maybe a little botox or whatever for my undereye wrinkles too lol). i wanna take my bf with me, he wants to get laser treatment in the future because he's insecure about all of the acne scars from when he had bad skin as a teen. I guess I should be glad that my skin-related issues are still somewhat fixable though

No. 141788

Has any of you ever tried to take collagen supplements? Did you notice any change? Would you recommend it?

No. 141791

I tried it and it didn't really do anything

No. 141805

nta but how long did you try it for? I just started a week ago with vitamins, supplements and night cream but I've heard it takes weeks to months to really start having an effect. all I've noticed is faster hair growth which wasn't even what I cared about, but I guess if it improves my health more than my physical appearance it would still be worth it

No. 141838

3-4 months. Really didn't notice any difference

No. 141903

File: 1592123835534.jpeg (134.38 KB, 750x1333, A4E9AA9F-6F63-43D7-A14E-1BDF1B…)

can anyone tell me if these are good to buy? I do like foam cleansers but my skin is a bit sensitive, if these arent good is there any other cheap good products out there?

No. 141906

Collagen didn't do anything for my skin or hair, but it did amazing things for my joints when I was working out. I know people who it has helped with their appearance though, so it just depends. Once you put the nutrients in your body, you don't really get to decide where it goes to work it just goes where you need it, so it's different for everyone. Just plain biotin is the only things that's ever made a difference for me.

No. 141907

File: 1592133975402.jpg (10.97 KB, 466x466, 51Rf8t0g0uL._SX466_.jpg)

My skin is naturally very dry and sensitive and I've tried everything. The only cleanser that doesn't make my face feel stiff is this Vanicream one that's less than $10.

No. 141908

File: 1592134538378.png (125.55 KB, 400x489, Natura Siberica Nourishing Fac…)

I hace very dry skin.
I started used this (Natura Siberica Nourishing Facial Mask) daily about a year ago. After a week, I stopped being all flaky around the brows and nose.
The flakes come back if I stop applying it for more than 2 consecutive days.
Also, the bottle says you should use it as a mask twice a week (kek) but I put this shit on every day and my skin is all nice and hydrated.

Shout out to all my lizard peeps.

No. 141914

from what I read foam cleansers are tougher and more drying on the skin.

No. 141924

File: 1592144240468.jpg (23.59 KB, 488x488, GUEST_e9864eb6-d8de-405e-8d8b-…)

I really like the cerave hydrating cleanser, not a foam cleanser but it's really nice and gentle on sensitive skin

No. 141930

nta but I'm always used to not seeing most products mentioned ITT in my country but this one actually is. Thanks^^

No. 141947

Thanks anons! i'll look into these, my skin gets dry in the spring/summer I have no idea why it must do that. Where did you read that foam cleanser isnt good for your skin? I haven't heard that before but I've also never heard if it wa good, I just like the texture

No. 142007

I’ve also noticed a significant change in supple-ness and overall youthfulness since I turned 25 six months ago. If anyone has any solutions besides “drink water” and retinol please let me know. I’ve been a nazi about skincare since I was 18, and looked about 17 up until a year ago. Now I look my age. What gives?

No. 142009

Feels like my only option or saving grace now will be fillers and Botox

No. 142010

My only advice would be switching up your diet to more whole foods and shit that's good for your skin and cut down on sodium if you eat a lot of it. Other than that I guess face yoga/exercises could help if you stick to it.

No. 142011

I think what most 25 & under woman don’t realize here, is that it doesn’t matter what you do, how healthy you are or what skincare regimen you follow. There will be a point in your mid to late twenties where you will start aging just like everybody else and nothing you do will stop it, save for expensive cosmetic surgery & fillers. Every single woman will hit “the wall” and begin to lose supple-ness and that youthful glow, usually around 25 when your body stops renewing itself & your cells/collagen begin to die permanently

No. 142013

Don’t worry though. You’re surely different than all the other women throughout history - your teenage structure and flawless skin will totally be exempt from the natural aging processes. Just keep piling on the moisturizer & retinol! My point is 25 and unders are absolutely naive & think skincare regimens will save them, we’re all headed towards the same fate no matter how nymphet-like you like at 21, no matter what precautions you take. Best to accept women are unlucky in the aging process no matter how hard you fight it

No. 142014

you're actually going to be fine for a lot longer and i can assure you that no one but you notices the 'changes'.

don't smoke, drink water, get a scrip for retin-a, stay out of the sun.

that's the best skincare advice tbqhwyf

No. 142015

>the wall
Wow you're totally not a man at all! Gtfo

No. 142016

I’m not but I’ve absolutely been influenced and beat down by men online

No. 142017

Well, stop perpetuating that dumb bullshit then. Maybe you're not a man but you sure are a dense bitch.

No. 142021

"hitting the wall" is really a harsh way to put it. There's always a way to look a lot younger than expected for your age after you hit 30 (which is still not old btw). But I do agree that anons should expect to not be exempted from the aging process. It sucks that women are judged a lot harsher on their appearance but the key is not to put too much weight on it either. So many older women in their 40s and so on look so much better than the men in the same age brackets but I think that at that point your values should be a lot different than what they are now.
Thanks for coming to my ted talk.

No. 142025

I'm not buying it. Your posts scream incel.

For the record, your cells/collagen don't "begin to die permanently", stupid. They just renew slower as you age. They still renew even in old age. Also, according to studies in the literal textbook of cosmetic dermatology, men in general age like shit compared to women. For all MGTOW talk about muh collagen, muh lower fat percentage and muh thicker skin you sure refuse to ignore the fact that it's the very reason you age like shit, setting aside the tragedy that is male pattern baldness and your sad excuse for a sperm count at 35.

>The degree of facial wrinkling is affected by gender. In men, forehead wrinkles were increased in all age groups as compared with women. However, no gender-dependent differences were found in upper eyelid wrinkles. Other facial wrinkles were greater in men than in women in all except the oldest group (65–75 years)

>Photographs and dermal elasticity measurement by cutometer showed that the morphology, areas of sagging, and elasticity in male faces are similar to those in females in the cheek, but sagging at the lower eyelid is more severe in males after middle age.

>A positive effect of estrogens on stratum corneum hydration and wrinkles was demonstrated when estriol or estradiol cream was applied.

>Study demonstrated a lower baseline transepidermal water loss in women compared with men, but after irritation similar values in both sexes

>Botulinum toxin is injected into the muscles underneath the skin and causes a long-lasting paralysis and relaxation of those muscles. The fact that this has such a dramatic effect on the appearance of the wrinkle proves that deep wrinkles are not simply a phenomenon of changed properties of the skin but rather are an effect of the entire integumentary system including not only the dermis but also the subcutaneous fat and muscle layers.

>Collagen fibers become less well organized and the collagen itself undergoes chemical changes including crosslinking that reduce its mechanical exibility. Repeated imperfect collagen repair can lead to “scar-like” patches of stiff, aligned collagen. When the skin is excised, the wrinkle opens and partially disappears — obvious evidence that major wrinkles are under compression and in part maintained by the properties of the surrounding skin.

TLDR: Blow it out your ass and go get some Botox, Greggy.

No. 142029

>The degree of facial wrinkling is affected by gender. In men, forehead wrinkles were increased in all age groups as compared with women. However, no gender-dependent differences were found in upper eyelid wrinkles. Other facial wrinkles were greater in men than in women in all except the oldest group (65–75 years)
Damn, scrots BTFO. I actually didn't know there were studies proving this, I know that men are SUPPOSED to age slower because collagen blah blah but from seeing them irl… I think fucking not. We're the ones wearing sunscreen and moisturizer, they're more likely to work outdoors, they smoke and drink more, it'd be ridiculous for them to have better skin than us.

No. 142030

Collagen only really affects fine lines, and that can be remedied very easily with topical retinoids, vitamin C, or just moisturizing diligently.

Other factors that increase aging are smoking, drugs and alcohol, sun damage, sleep, diet, stress, hormones (that's why tims always claim their skin is much softer when they start taking hormones, but not the other way around), skin sensitivity, etc.

A common scrote talking point is cherrypicking examples from celebrities (usually former crackheads like LiLo) or saying how his dad looks like a strapping young man while his mother is a shriveled old crone, ignoring the fact that his mom was probably exhausted as hell raising kids without the help from his dad, or perhaps she too does crack, which I don't blame her for since I'd do my same if I gave birth to an internet incel.

"The Wall" is a made-up term used by bitter men to neg women and rush them into settling for a loser. Don't fall for scrote tactics and don't have kids with men approaching 40, lest you also become parent to an autistic incel in the future.

No. 142031

I hate the cherry-picking of using celebs as a way to define ‘the wall’. A majority of Hollywood is doing a metric fuckton of drugs all the time, of course they all look terrible when they reach their 30’s. They just have the money to fix it.

No. 142032

You're right on all counts and especially about this
>"The Wall" is a made-up term used by bitter men to neg women and rush them into settling for a loser.
Women need to remember that men are always actively working to create a huge pool of desperate girls who think that a) marriage and kids are the only way to be happy, and b) they're on a very restricted time limit to get marriage and kids. There is a time when you can't have kids, but it's much later than men would have you think. A desperate girl will both work to improve herself and lower her standards for men, it's a big win for them hence the constant fear mongering.

No. 142033

I use serums, vitamin c and retinol in the evening and bha/aha plus sun screen in the morning and I still look like shit… My skin looks the same whether I only wash with water or do a 10 step regime. It's so frustrating, I've been into skin care since I was around 13 and I still haven't figured anything out, in theory I know close to everything about and there are hardly any brands or products that I haven't tried already but I haven't found a single one that I truly liked or continued using.
I feel like my cleanser might not be the best but how do I even test this? If I only cleanse without following up with moisturizer I of course will feel dry and if I do use an additional product and break out I can never know whether the cleanser was the problem or the other product(s) I used.

No. 142035

How is your skin bad? Is it moderate-severe acne? Perhaps it's hormonal or diet-based. All the skincare in the world didn't work for me until I cut out sugar (could be milk, greasy food, etc. for others).

No. 142040

My acne isn't super severe (usually a couple of whiteheads/breakouts on my chin/jawline, sometimes nose) but it hasn't improved either for years and on top of that I also already start getting fine lines on my forehead and around my eyes. Plus my pores in general are huge, it's like a mix of everything bad.

No. 142042

Maybe it's just extremely sensitive? My skin was so bad for so long and I thought the papules and rashes that appeared were acne. Turns out it was just irritation, and everything irritated it, even the stuff "for sensitive skin."

I switched to Avene milk cleanser (but once that's empty I'll switch to YTTP superfood cleanser because the Avene one has fragrance) and Laneige's Cica Sleeping Mask as a moisturizer and that's all I used until all the irritation healed. Now I still use those but my skin will tolerate mandelic acid from The Ordinary every other day, which really helps with my forehead texture. Dermalogica's ultracalming line is also good stuff, I used to really like their cleanser and barrier repair, but they've reformulated a couple of times since I've used it so I don't know how good it still is.

I also only use flouride-free toothpaste because I get perioral dermatitis. Flouride can fuck sensitive skin up bad, might be worth trying Tom's of Maine or a charcoal toothpaste.

No. 142048

Jesus Christ when is this retarded diet meme going to stop. I've seen several dermatoligsts and they've all told me that there's not solid evidence acne corresponds to diet.

No. 142051

My derm told me the same thing. Maybe it helps some people with mild acne but personally I can't imagine trying to fix severe acne with anything less aggressive than accutane, that shit fixed me right up. It's hard to describe what a mindfuck it was to have impossible skin that never improved turn into perfect skin that couldn't keep a zit if it tried, within the space of a year. Going through that sort of change on hardcore medication really reinforces that it's not something under you control, it's not your skincare regime or your diet or your pillowcase, and it's definitely not your fault. It's crazy how resistant to acne my skin became once I had accutane in my system, it could've handled any amount of sugar or dairy, I could've slept in a pillow covered in grease with no change to my skin.

No. 142055

Use vitamin C in the morning and AHA in the evening a few times per week instead of retinol. Vitamin C decreases your skin's photosensitivity, AHA increases it. Using all those actives might be destroying your lipid barrier if you have bumpy skin or acne. Give them a rest for a while to see how your skin reacts.

What strength vitamin C do you use? Don't use too much. Don't use over 10% AHA either.

Your cleanser is bad if your skin feels tight after cleansing, try out a moisturizing cleanser like CeraVe gentle.

No. 142057

Seems like a very specific coincidence that my moderate acne stopped after cutting out all refined sugar and only flares up when I accidentally consume some, regardless of my cycle.

I would never say it works for everyone or even most, but the causation is very clear in my case.

Sorry, I shouldn't have lumped severe in there.

And I'm not blaming anyone for acne, I apologize if it came off that way. I also walked around feeling like shit for my skin and thinking everyone saw me as a filthy grease goblin despite it being out of my control so I get it.

Sorry to you both if you think I'm spreading big lies out of malice, that's not the case. I just wanted to share my experience as well in case it could help someone who is hesitant to go on accutane/BC and doesn't mind giving up some dietary stuff. Maybe it could be a last push to stick to it and they'd find relief, too.

No. 142062

So do any of the Ordinary products work good on you? Like the Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 and Vitamin C Suspension 30% in Silicone?
Whenever I'm about to buy anything from them, there's always a negative review at the top and then all the other positive comments look like shills.

No. 142071

Hyaluronic acid made me have a rash but tbf so has any HA I have tried and I think my skin is just overly sensitive. From their vit C stuff, the 12% ascorbyl whatever was nice and helped my acne scars fade more quickly (not like topological ones, just darker discoloration), I think I fell off using it due to financial reasons kek. If you are acne prone, I would personally avoid anything that straight up says silicone in it as like the one thing that MAJORLY improved my cystic acne was dropping anything w silicone in it (the other being BHA).

No. 142073

Ascorbyl Glucoside Solution 12% works well for me, it's not THAT much different than other vit C serums but somehow it was quicker to see results with this one as opposed to different brand I used in the past. (Liqpharm, I think it's only in Poland)
100% squalane is great also but you can't do wrong with squalane, so it's not that much thanks to the brand.
Overall TO has very good ingredients for it's price level, thus many positive opinions; it's no miracle solution to everyone's problems though and if it was more expensive people would definitely expect more from it.

No. 142077

Probably a retarded question, but isn't retin-a an anti-acne med? What does it have to do with antiaging?

No. 142078

This shows how young you are. I thought the same when I was a teen, that it was just an acne treatment. It’s actually the holy grail of anti-aging, though. But that doesn’t matter when young

No. 142079

The ferulic acid with reversatrol was actually a fucking godsend, every day that I used it I was glowing & had a perfect skin day. For some reason it’s been out of stock for mooonths

No. 142086

Thank you so much, I'll look into these if they're in stock. I'm just looking to add a few things to my skincare routine like vitamin c serums and the price tags on most of their items are really good.

No. 142103

Thanks for the recommendations anon, I will look into those products (tho sadly the ordinary doesn't ship to my country for some odd reason).

I split up the vitamin c and the bha/aha because the vitamin c I use states that you shouldn't use it after exfoliators or bha/aha. I use the one from klairs and it's only 5%, the bha/aha toner is from cosrx and doesn't state how many percent…?
I found a cleanser that is absolutely not drying at all but I feel like it might actually be too mild, sometimes it also makes my skin slightly itchy.

No. 142107

It's a miracle cream that does both. I'm forever kicking myself because I didn't realize either, and I had a prescription for it after I finished accutane. I only got one tube even though I had several repeats because my skin was clear, by the time I realized it was something I should use the script had expired. Reeeeeeeee

No. 142115

What's the closest thing to retin-a for europeans?

No. 142120


No. 142122

I have super bad dermatitis/ ecsema in between my breasts, scalp, face, ands now spread to my genitals and in my navel.
idk but for some reason I have it really under control on my scalp and face ( I exclusively use only t-gel on my scalp and apple cider vinegar rinses and use eucrisa on my face when needed)

in between my breasts its went away for a while but then would come back, ive tried eucrisa, steroids, adapaline ect and its still there and its spreading, same with my genitals but they started within the last month or so. I can't obviously apply eucrisa everywhere and it seems to do nothing for my breasts, im not putting that shit on my coochie.

I feel hopeless tbh, I dont know what's causing this flare up or why its spread and im so embarrassed by it. im literally pulling balls of my own dead skin out of my underwear and the smell is so terrible it makes me disgusted with myself. my bf has no sense of smell and says he docent care but its really affecting me. idk what's wrong with me I just want normal skin. I shower every day like my doctor tells me to, I just dont know what to do. I feel worthless.

No. 142124

File: 1592404475025.jpg (6.87 KB, 170x300, QVbathoil.jpg)

I'm so sorry to hear, my partner's been dealing with that since birth and it is not a fun ride when it wants to flare up. Are you able to see a dermatologist? Your doctor is an idiot because showering will just be irritating the skin more (especially if it's hot!). His dermo as well as prescribing some meds and topical treatments, told him it'd be best if he just bathed with this stuff taking about half an hour to soak in the lukewarm water and oil mix, and use a small amount as shampoo/conditioner too. It's worked out well enough that he doesn't need to be doing it every night anymore, but the meds are the most important part unfortunately. The oil is a soothing method.

No. 142126

Nah, I'm 25 and starting to look into antiaging stuff myself. It's just that where I live derms are only specialized in treating acne, and the only times they mentioned retinol to me was when I used to have acne. Good to know though, I'll look further into it.

No. 142127

I only get to see my demo every 6 months and its just a weird repeat of oh you ran out of samples/free stuff / prescriptions we wont try anything new because you've tried them all. its the only demo in my area that takes my insurance (rip) what oils/ meds is your bf prescribed?? sorry if that's a loaded q lol im just v desperate @-@

No. 142154

Absolutely! He can't remember what antibiotics he was on initially but it doesn't sound relevant in your case; the topical cream he uses on the body and face is called eleuphrat but for his scalp he was told to use elocon only when necessary. The first one is a high strength topical steroid and long term use runs the risk of your skin getting addicted to the chemical, but that's the gamble when shit is severe enough. Second one is the same but not as strong. Good luck, if you could save up even for one appointment with a different derm would recommend for the second opinion since your current one sounds kinda hopeless or just checked out lol.

No. 142156

hi anon, I don't know if you've been given this advice before but you could try soaps without SLS, I used to have painful eczema flair ups before I accidentally started using sls free soap

No. 142165

I bought some azaelic acid from TO to try out since I've been breaking out on and off and get bad redness/irritation/eczema and had read it might help with irritation and would be gentler than retinol, which is what I usually use. I've been using rx strength retinol for many years (over five years), would it be fine or a good idea to use both? I'd like to see if it smooths my skin out and tbh I'm just tired of my acne so I'm willing to try out some new stuff to see what sticks.

No. 142166

DO I need to worry about blue light aging my skin? What do I do about it?

No. 142174

I know this post is old but I was just scrolling and had a flashback
>blackhead remover vacuum
NO GOOD if you bruise easy, I gave my entire face a hickey and removed zero blackheads

No. 142211

I've noticed a resurgence of these and lol what the fuck? I remember my mom getting me one back in high school in like 2007. They're stupid pieces of shit. It basically gives you facial hickeys like other anons mentioned. There's no way to "suck out" your blackheads. Blackheads barely pop out when people put tons of pressure on it from their fingers, so what's a dumb vacuum gonna do? Think about it.

No. 142403

File: 1592694622162.jpg (476.5 KB, 2622x3616, hqxvxiuuhrry.jpg)

alright gals so i've had this red bump on my nose for like 4+ years, straight up. it looks like pic included in size and redness, and is located on the left side of my nose bridge. between a freckle and a pimple, i'd say its more akin to a pimple. it's delicate and will bleed heavily when scratched or open.

this shit has been on my face for over 4 years and no amount of moisturizers or creams have made it go away. it hasn't grown in size but it varies in redness. should i just spend the money and get it checked at a derm? im not hypochondriac but i worry bout cancer…

No. 142406

Go to a derm… if its not anything scary at least they can tell you if can get it lasered off or not at a laser clinic.

No. 142408

Might be an angioma (blood vessel anomaly, benign).

No. 142420

Anyone else use retinol? (Perscription not the lite stuff ) I have a few sun spots (not a big deal) but I swear to god since I started using Ret they have been getting darker. I thought it was supposed to lighten them?

No. 142421

Are you using them in the morning? They can make your skin darker if used during the day.

No. 142426

No only at night

No. 142431

Anon!! I'm using tretinoin 0.05% and I've been having a VERY similar issue. I'm pale but I've never been prone to freckles or sun spots, I've only gotten a couple ones over a lifetime of not wearing sunscreen (I got my shit together with sunscreen before getting on tretinoin though). But now a year into tretinoin, I'm finding new sun spots that I swear weren't there before. I wear spf 50 everyday even when at home, so idk what's up with that.
My theory is that I might be having problems when reapplying sunscreen, because idk how to properly reapply when I have makeup on.

So on that note I wanted to ask how do you guys reapply sunscreen over makeup? Is powder sunscreen the only option? Because they're pretty expensive here ($40 to $70) and they're TINY.

No. 142615

>So on that note I wanted to ask how do you guys reapply sunscreen over makeup? Is powder sunscreen the only option? Because they're pretty expensive here ($40 to $70) and they're TINY.
Powder / spray are the only options, and even if you apply these generously they dont provide as good and as even coverage as creams do. Unfortunately there's no way around it…

No. 142629

as far as I know only chemical sunscreens need to be reapplied

No. 142828

I just wanted to post this in case it's useful to anyone but if you have any kind of pigmentation from scarring you should try healgel, I have brown skin get scarring and hyper pigmentation so easily and it lasts for years and I have never found anything else that that actually works. If you can begin applying it while the skin is still broken and usually it leaves absolutely no mark when it's healed but even on old scars it's been working so well really quickly.

No. 142830

Use a serum with Vitamin C, it's good for hyper pigmentation.
Also be careful when applying sunscreen daily, make sure you cover everything and remember to reapply throughout the day if you can

No. 142968

Has anyone dealt with a massive breakout from wearing facemasks?
I have to wear one for eight or nine hours a day at my job and all along my jaw has broken out since it began. Please anyone who knows how to stop this help. I'm trying to increase my water consumption and my diet (more veggie servings and less meat and carbs) as well. My skin was finally decent before this pandemic but now wearing a mask has ruined it. I change my mask every four hours and I just don't know what to do anymore.


Cetaphil gentle foaming cleanse
Sephora C+E Super Serum (I think I'll be discontinuing this as I'm nearly out and I dont feel like it did a massive amount of good.)
Sephora Clear Skin Days
Cerave Moisturizing Cream
I've begun to forgo sunscreen since my face is under a mask the entire time I'm out of the house anyway.

>Evening Routine

Mamonde's Petal Spa Oil to Foam Cleanser
Kikumasamune Sake Skin Lotion
Cerave Moisturizing Cream

No. 142985

Can anyone recommend me a good, lightweight, non-sticky body lotion?

No. 142991

Seems to be really common to breakout because of the face-masks unfortunately… I'd really advise you look through threads on skincare- related subreddits, a lot of advice there. From the first glance though, what your routine is missing is exfoliation, best 2-3 times a week, personally I recommend enzymatic peelings but you'll have to look what works best for your skin. Moisturizing is important too but you have this covered already.

No. 142992

Also! If you use makeup / for these days you dont give up on sunscreen, I recommend double cleansing + 60s rule, attaching a video about said 60s rule but entire chanel of this woman is great.

No. 143067

Can someone rec a good sunscreen for the body that does not leave a greasy residue? I swear I tried everything from expensive French ones to Japanese ones and all of them leave a residue

No. 143078

I use Hawaiian Tropic and I never noticed any residue

No. 143080

thanks! And does it leave a white cast?

No. 143206

File: 1593700269183.jpeg (330.8 KB, 2014x644, 1D95EFD7-42A3-4698-B1EE-83D03A…)

I fucking hate my eyes. I hate my eyes so much. I’m only 24 and I look like I’m 40. Idk what I did to deserve this shit genetic shit. I really don’t know if there’s any hope for me. I really just want to die. I feel so ugly.

No. 143207

i think your eyes are really pretty anon you dont look 40 at all

No. 143208

Girl they're fine. Pretty color too.

No. 143210

a lil moisturiser and eyes looking straight front, it's all good. such a nice color too!

No. 143212

File: 1593705640243.jpg (47.74 KB, 600x600, kao-biore-uv-aqua-rich-watery-…)

I've used to wearing Bioré UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF 50+ PA++++ inhale but a friend brought me the gel as a souvenir and even though I've used it before, it feels so much heavier and tackier compared to the essence. I've truly fucked myself over, ordered a new essence one and will ofc use up the gel but at what price anons.

No. 143214

I also ended up with some gel to use up. I keep it at work as a back-up for the drive home.

No. 143225

I love you bitches.
Yeah y’all I literally took this pic at the most unflattering angle possible. I also used FLASH so that probably made things look a lot worse. You guys are so kind. Idk. I just compare myself to other people way too often. Also one little kid yesterday told me I looked 40 …

I wish I were comfortable in my own skin.
Self love is a journey.

No. 143239

Anon you fool I would kill a man for your eyes, eye colour, and eyelashes

No. 143261

File: 1593786910112.jpg (92.48 KB, 980x978, naked-man-watching-pornography…)

awe, you don't look ugly anon, plenty of men would find you attractive, you just have to avoid the pornmebois.(emoji)

No. 143264

I’ll die for you my goddess..
Nooooo my queen. Banned for stupid reasons. I will avenge you

To make things on topic I bought a bunch of shit from Paulas choice. I think it’s the skin plumping back or something. It came with four products.
A serum, a peptide booster, an exfoliant, and an eye cream. I swear to god Anons, I got the box and it was so small. 130 something dollars for all this shit better be worth it, if it don’t do shit I’m gonna find Paula myself, and I WILL make sure my skin is clear and youthful, even if I need to get blood on my hands.
I’m kind of mad at myself tho cuz the peptide booster spilt a little. Ugh. Whatever. There’s still some in there and I guess some things just happen.

No. 143268

Have you seen my face though?I'm only 19 and I've had very hollow dark circles and fine lines around my eyes since I was 13
Heck at least you can use foundation to cover them,i can't

No. 143319

I started using a sunscreen with drying alcohol because my face is oily and very acne prone and every other sunscreen has been terrible for me, I use my other alcohol free sunscreen around my eyes because it doesn't sting or hurt my eyes at all but when I put the alcohol sunscreen on my forehead and cheeks it somehow still stings my eyes.. I've used it twice now and the first time it was hurting my left eye and now it's hurting my right eye. I didn't accidentally put on the wrong sunscreen around my eyes so why is it stinging so bad? And yes I'm certain my other sunscreen is fine and isn't causing it

No. 143335

Can you put on an exfoliating acid and sunscreen at the same time? Like does the acid become less effective or?

No. 143353

Paula's Choice is overpriced but the products tend to be very good, I think you will enjoy them.

No. 143376

does dha (ingredient seen in selftanners) cause wrinkles?

No. 143377


Has anyone tried this? Basically it says that (studies show that) acne doesn't exist in places where people don't follow a Western diet, therefore the Western diet causes acne. It says to:

- eliminate dairy
- eliminate foods with a high glycemic load
- eat less omega 6 fatty acids and more omega 3 fatty acids (1-3:1 is recommended)
- eat more foods with vitamins A, D and E

I have noticed before when I started consuming an ungodly amount of milk for breakfast my skin suddenly became much, much worse and when I stopped doing that my skin went back to it's normal amount of acne in like a week or so. So I don't doubt there's definitely a relation there. But commiting a 100% to this diet is difficult (I don't have the financial means to move out rn or buy all of my own food so I'm somewhat bound to what my parents decide to eat).


No. 143397

I committed very hard to this for a long time. It did not work. What did work was getting an antibiotic topical from a dermatologist. I wasted so much money before just going to a derm. That said, minimizing grains and sugars is something that stick, and it's helped my vitamin levels (which I check every two years) because I've been eating more nutritious foods.

No. 143414


kek tons of asians have acne anon

No. 143421

File: 1593998017228.jpg (47.6 KB, 735x836, a51c3784e2839c61b66541be0384fe…)

Im recovering from an tooth extraction with dry socket so I ended up having to be on an antinflammatory and antibiotic combo for like 3 weeks, and jesus h christ my skin has never looked better, i struggled with cystic acne most of my life and now i don't have a single pimple, honestly i even ditched my skincare because i just wake up with perfect skin, its just insane.

How the fuck do I make this last after I stop the meds?

No. 143439

>eliminate dairy
Dairy is actually a very common offender, not saying you should never eat any dairy ever but it's recommended to just stop eating any dairy at all for about 2 weeks and see if anything changes. 2 weeks is not a big commitment so maybe worth trying?

>I use Hawaiian Tropic and I never noticed any residue
I bought Hawaiian Tropic satin protection lotion after your recommendation and damn, it has the best smell ever, like milk with vanilla. So summery and relaxing, love it!!

No. 143463

See a dermatologist and mention what worked for you, and they can explore options in those categories. I wasted so much money before by using otc treatments.

No. 143479

Im quite bummed out after doing some research and seeing that antibiotics are used as a pre treatment when people go in accutane, which im not allowed to take due to gastrointestinal issues.

Back to the acne life it seems….

No. 143481

I take a topical antibiotic, Aczone, and it has cleared things up about 90%. There are options that are less extreme than Accutane.

No. 143527

File: 1594152887922.jpg (25.05 KB, 400x543, image0.jpg)

I'm pretty much satisfied with my skin already, it's not particularly dry or oily, and I don't do anything to my skin, but I hear I need to do stuff to my skin right now so that my skin won't go to shit when I'm in my 30s. What am I supposed to do?

No. 143528

File: 1594153120885.jpg (57 KB, 402x604, IMG_6622.JPG)

Is there any long term downsides to consistently inflaming my skin every 10-14 days? Whenever I dermaplane, my skin gets inflamed, but it's the best method of getting rid of facial hair for me. Is there anything I can do to stop this inflammation?

No. 143534


Retin-A. Easier to prevent wrinkles than reverse them.

No. 143548

Seconding retin A, but also daily sunscreen.

No. 143559

Sunscreen is the most important one. Every day even in winter

No. 143591

NTA but is there like a beginner's guide to Retin-A? I would like to try it but I don't know which product to choose and I also am afraid of fucking up my skin.

No. 143599


Retin-A isn't going to hurt you, but crappier side effects can involve dryness and peeling. People usually avoid this by starting out with a lower strength (0.01 - 0.03%) then getting higher concentrations as their skin adapts to it. Lower percentages will still work but take longer to show results. People usually cap out at 0.1%.

If you're in the U.S. it's tough to get hold of in the first place. You have to get it prescribed by a dermatologist although you can have that done over the internet through services like Curology and Apostrophe. Personally I just order mine through an Indian pharmacy called ReliableRx. Cheaper and less hassle, no prescription required. They do require ID verification to protect against fraud but you can hide your ID number and I've never had any trouble with them stealing info or providing a bad product.

No. 143634

bumping my question in adifferent way this time
what do you think of this link

No. 143658

is it okay to wash my face everynight with african soap and then apply shea butter?
I'm scared it may be to harsh but I can't buy a face soap now, i'm trying to not buy too much cuz muh covid

No. 143692

In general it's not advised to ever use any soap on your face, even if it's has "face soap" label. But then everyone's skin is different. If I was in your place I'd just order some cleanser instead because cleansing is such an important part of the routine; but you can try using that soap for a week and see if there are any changes. Maybe it will be ok?

No. 143702

I didn't know soap was bad, in my country it's also really cheap in comparison to the others that are ridiculously expensive. I have been using the African black soap almost a month now but I think it's fine for now? I live in a hot country so it helps me to get rid of all the sweat and the shea butter but I remembered reading something about that soap being an exfoliating and doing it too constantly could harm the skin but so far I'm doing good… just worried about the long run, wrinkles and stuff

No. 143703

I've started a free trial of Dermatica (which is the UK Curology) and I'm gonna see if it helps at all and let you know.

No. 143720

I'm going to try this out too.

No. 143785

i’ve had some success with reducing my fungal acne with my current routine but i’m still suffering with hormonal acne (which i know can mostly only be improved with diet or medication)

but does anyone know any spot treatments that are effective for treating active hormonal acne (large cystic pimples and whiteheads)? drying lotion? hydrocolloid patches? pls help anons

No. 143788

Not that anon but you’re peaking my interest. I fear aging but I have dry skin already and no acne. I guess I should just schedule a dermatologist appointment and ask them if they think it’s good for me?

Does anyone think getting facials is important regularly? I’ve never had one done but I heard kpop idols go like weekly to the dermatologist but for what treatments?

I have also heard of people using those micro needle rollers on various parts of the body to promote skin healing itself and reduce some fine lines and wrinkles. I saw success for women after pregnancy with stomach wrinkles using that method but does anyone do that for their face? Sorry for posting all my questions at once

No. 143789

Good cosmetologist will be a better bet than dermatologist. Dermatologists focus more on skin diseases, not day to day skincare and anti-aging.

No. 143791

hormonal acne is a bitch, one day I manage to get rid of a pimple fast, few weeks later i get a pimple in the same spot and nothing helps :/ For smaller stuff i had some degree of success with Corsx pimple patches, for bigger ones I'm most likely to keep them under control with a gel containing Erythromycin I got prescribed from a dermatologist, it's extremely drying though so it's hard to use it often. It's a neverending battle unfortunately, rare are the days when my skin is completely clean.

No. 143794

This is more of a vent as I know there is nothing that can be done but god, I hate wearing masks. My face had almost returned to normal due to no more uni stress but now with this shit I have 3 painful pimples on my jawline, and this is only the second day of mandatory masks at work. kms. inb4 killing the elderly, rona free administrative area for weeks now

No. 143801

Mandatory masks at work are tricky. Try something as light and ineffective as possible, and wear a new one every day.

No. 143805

Try putting crushed aspirin mixed with water on your spots, I dunno if it will work for you but it's the only thing that works for me against acne

No. 143825

File: 1594446297210.jpg (290.81 KB, 748x1172, 91HJtU9 xmL._SL1500_.jpg)

jawline acne is supposedly hormonal. i started to get it super bad (painful!) a couple years back and my derm said it happens to some women as they age. spiro cleared it up, but until that started working i was using this stuff with some success. it is very powerful though and what i would consider like a nuclear bomb it terms of topical treatments.


gl anon!

No. 143857

File: 1594503984115.jpg (305 KB, 640x883, IMG_8411.JPG)

What are some good retinal-A cream and high SPF sunscreen for the face that can be easily found cheap in the UK? I bought £34.99 of the stuff at boots and now I'm experiencing buyers remorset. I'll try to return it tomorrow.What are some cheaper alternatives so that I don't have to spend as much?

No. 143861

Hold up, where is this image from and why did i get a crash of nostalgia seeing it? And to your question: uhh didn't revolution come out with skincare like that? I always get mine from asos or local places.

No. 143862

A series called Bizenghast

No. 143864

i take it no one herecares about self tanners no
sage for spamming and ignoring

No. 143944

it looks a lot like a work of a japanese artist who was popular in the 00s. He used to draw gothic lolita girls. I wish I remembered his name

No. 143968

tan-luxe "the gradual" or "the butter" are both great, or if you want a mousse I like st. tropez. I usually just get a spray tan though.

No. 143972

what makes you get a spray tan more often? thanks for the recommendations. do any of the options you've given stain white clothes/give off when you sweat? i have a good self tanner that i thought would be as good with an active life style but..

No. 143978

i noticed on the homepage some anon roasting PnP's "discolored asscrack" in her stale thread and suddenly I am super conscious about how I have a similar thing going on. except there are darkish areas kind of below my cheeks as well?

I exfoliate with body scrub but is there a more effective method of getting rid of discoloration like that?

No. 143979

I saw that this was a girlboard, but I didn't see a man one so I hope y'all don't mind if I scoot in with a question. Read on /fit/ that all you need for good skin is some charcoal cleanser in the morning, and moisturizer in the evening. Is this true, or is is it a man's simplification?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 143983

That anon is a dumbass and couldn't even figure out how to crop out their profile picture. Everyone's asscrack is a bit darker, you're fine.

No. 143986

If you’re serious about a regimen, try washing + moisturizer in the morning & evening. Use a moisturizer with hyaluronic acid. If you want to get extra fancy while still feeling masculine, I buy Mario Badescu face mist for my bf to use when his skin is feeling dry or irritated

No. 143991

definitely not "all you need for good skin", but a start. Most men don't use anything so when they do bare minimal, the change seems big.
The actual minimal regimen is like >>143986 said, a facial cleanser (not soap) + a moisturizing cream, every morning and evening. Bonus: two times a week you should do a peeling/scrub. Throw in a clay face mask sometimes in the evening. Honestly I'd love if a guy wanted to do face masks with me during stay-in date so that's an idea

No. 143992

My skin doesn't feel irritated, I just get pimples too often for my liking, and my skin feels not smooth. I want nice cool smooth glowing skin.
Doing a mask with a SO sounds really cute, I agree. I don't really know what a peeling/scrub is, but I'll look into it. Thanks.

No. 143995

Honestly this general is as bad as any general on /fit/. Don't use hyaluronic acid or any acid when you go out/in the morning because it makes you sun sensitive. Use a proper light sunscreen instead. Before you go to bed it's better to use an acid.
Why do you get pimples? Because of shaving or do you just have acne prone skin? Either way a once a week scrub is really good for the skin, and there are serums made to prevent ingrown hair that actually worked for me lol. (I'm not a guy but i have pcos). If you have mild acne that just pop up randomly every once in a while a spot application of sulfur/retinol/acid/whatever works. If it's severe then you need to see a dermatologist.

No. 143996

Can shaving cause pimples? That would explain so much. I'm in the army so I have to shave every day, but when I'm on leave and I grow a beard I feel like I have a lot less acne.. Something to think about. Does Charcoal Cleanser have acid in it?

I used to have a ton of cystic acne as a kid, but Accutane took care of that for the most part. Sorry about your pcos (I just googled it)

No. 143999

I don't know where your pimples are but if they are on the region where your beard grows it must be that. Since I know hairy people suffer the most from those dotty stuff on the nose a bubble mask once a month and shaving it off once a week really kept it at bay. Be sure to not overscrub as i kinda implied but do cleanse your skin twice a day gently.
>Charcoal Cleanser have acid in it?
Biore's does afaik. check the ingredients list.

No. 144046

Hyaluronic acid does not cause photosensitivity, it is not an exfoliating acid

No. 144100

File: 1594760973571.jpg (79.05 KB, 533x800, mystictan-priceboard_orig.jpg)

mostly I just enjoy the experience of getting spray tans, it's a luxury thing I guess, and it develops to a darker shade quickly which is good if you have an event or something. I get mystic tans. they have a purple tinted formula that isn't orange at all that I like. but since all salons have been closed i've been using tan luxe gradual, and I haven't gotten any on my clothes/sheets. I put it on at night. Haven't noticed about it coming off when I sweat, the only thing i've noticed is sometimes it turns out weird behind my knees from bending them

if you live near a salon that has membership packages you can often get a good deal on spray tans tbh

No. 144102

Big Yikes at going straight up 3 shades darker.

No. 144104

What's the problem, sir?
Not rich enough for that sadly tbh. But pic related looks amazing. I totally get why girls go for spray tans now. I guess my dazzling darkness will be achieved with cheap ol self tanners.

No. 144105

Idk im latina and seeing something (brown skin) im discriminated and was bullied for in school being treated as a luxury product for white chicks is kinda gross.

But I digress, im not going to start a race talk.

No. 144107

>implying you're that dark in winter
>implying "white chicks" only want radiant even sunkissed skin
I bet Jessica Alba and her orange ass would be proud of you. Kim Kardashian is the queen of spray tan and only weirdos care what race she is but she sure isn't one of those "white chicks", right?

No. 144109

Uhm, yes im that dark im winter? Wtf have you ever met a non white person.

And yes Jessica Alba and Kim Kardashian are these white chicks, the Kardashians literally made their fame on skinwalking black and brown women and making it cool and trendy.

No. 144110

if you ever have a big date or an event come up (if we ever go back to normal life) definitely try it! but yeah I would recommend anything tan luxe makes for sure, the gradual is fr the best self tanner i've ever tried

No. 144111

Isn't Jessica just like you LaTiNa? And what white chick is called Kardashian?

No. 144112

File: 1594766007029.jpg (57.07 KB, 735x711, 05430db07472ca2b77eea77c984851…)

So should white people just stop going out in the sun then? You're aware that white peoples' skin naturally darkens when they get sun right?

No. 144113

For me a self tanner was the most luxurious thing ever until you've conviced me otherwise lol but I definitely need to step my game up. The st moriz self tanner stained everything I wore/touched even if the color suited me very much.
does it look like pic up ^^ because that's the effect I'm going for.

also since you're experienced on self tanners, do you think dha sags the skin?

No. 144114

File: 1594766221160.jpeg (20.34 KB, 694x442, 5BA28E02-0B97-469B-B101-CF4E57…)

Ok you seem to be absolutely retarded.

White Latin Americans Exist.

Kardashian is an Armenian surname, Armenia is on the border of eastern EUROPE and west asia.

No one gets 5 shades darker naturally bby

No. 144115

Fake tan usually looks fucking dumb and, you guessed it, fake and it seems like a bitch to upkeep. Back in the day it also smelled like death.

No. 144116

File: 1594766599614.jpg (37.23 KB, 618x602, 5a3d4317aeb37db442751d16ad1aa5…)

Kim looks more brown than 90% of your average murican latinas lol

No. 144117

You sure don't sound very exotic and it must be because of that familiar calling ethnicities the color of crayons and lack of respecting other people's cultures and regions like they do in a certain asshole country. Latinas, black, white, brown LOVE spray tans just like they love brazillian butt lifts. But I guess your racist ignorant backwards pasty self was too busy doxing white kids on twitter no?
Not that hard to upkeep since I only need a weekly update. These days fake tans rarely looks dumb it seems and I'm a newbie to it.
very aryan because armenia is in europe also why are you white if you live in africa??!?!?!?!?!?!??!!?!

No. 144118

I haven't noticed my skin sagging at all tbh. I've tried a "natural" tanner with no dha and I looked like a carrot lol. The tan-luxe gradual doesn't get super dark on me because I like to exfoliate quite frequently. If you want a natural yet darker look in that pic I would say try st. tropez mousse, get one with no color indicator (indicator color gets in your pores and causes "strawberry legs"). do it at night if you can and wait until you're fully dry to get dressed, if you're worried about staining wear long shirt/pants to bed but I've never had that happen with st. tropez. avoid the brand vita liberata, it ruined my sheets completely! st tropez has green undertones so it's not super orange. I have heard good things about loving tan as well.

No. 144119

you're a saviour, thank you!

No. 144120


>You sure don't sound very exotic.

Oh im sorry am i supposed to not know proper english because im not white?

>lack of respecting other people's cultures and regions like they do in a certain asshole country. Latinas, black, white, brown LOVE spray tans just like they love brazillian butt lifts.

Your culture is? Painting your skin? To look as dark as as non-white people's skin?

>But I guess your racist ignorant backwards pasty self was too busy doxing white kids on twitter no?

Being this obviously racist and calling me racist.

No. 144121

Ok. You are probably just 17 years old I guess. Just make sure to apply sunscreen because I heard blue screen is even worse than the sun when it comes to wrinkles.

No. 144140

99% of trendy YouTube and ig skincare is bs, don’t fall for it. If you have good insurance go to a dermatologist and do exactly what they say. If you don’t have insurance, use differin (99% of other retinol are bs, even the expensive ones) and unscented cerave face wash and moisturizer. Only wash your face once a day, moisturize in the morning before makeup, wear sunscreen. That’s all you have to do if your under 30 with no major skin problems. Don’t fall for bullshit marketing and ridiculous useless products.

No. 144141

Have you tried Norvell? Mystic is decent, Norvell is the one where they hand spray you. It lasts insanely long and is perfectly even (I’m naturally pale as a ghost) and it’s only like 10-15$ more per session than a booth

No. 144198

How do I make old mosquito bites fade away?

No. 144202

Is it true that there is no way to tan safely? I read somewhere that any degree of tanning is damaging to the skin

No. 144215

Anyone have any experience with IPL? I’ve just bought myself one but am worried I wasted my money lol

No. 144244

No questions, just a rant. I feel like I ruined my skin by using retin a. I always had pretty clear skin minus occasional hormonal acne on the chin so I started to use retin a for antiaging to "prevent wrinkles". My skin has never been worse right now. I have 5 blind pimples on my chin alone and a huge blind pimple for each cheek. I feel fucking disgusting and ugly and I want to cry. I should have left my damn skin alone.

No. 144248

It can take up to 8 weeks to see positive changes from that medication. Some people (on /r/skincareaddiction) report a 'purging period' where after they start using the retin a their skin gets worse before it gets better, with dry skin and breakouts.

I would say stick with it for at least 10 weeks, and apply it as directed, but sparingly (applying more than absolutely necessary won't help and will likely give you dry patched or even peeling skin). And wear sunscreen every day or you'll be harming your skin more than you'll be helping, as tretinoin increases your skin's sensitivity to the sun.

No. 144250

Yep. Tans are sun damage, a tan is part of how your skin protects itself from UV radiation. A fake tan is not damage, though because it's caused by a chemical (I think DHA?) basically staining the top layer of your skin harmlessly.

No. 144251

I have stuck with it for close to 12 weeks and have done everything you said, but my skin is getting worse. Even worse, it cycles between pretty clear and nipples growing everywhere, like now. Honestly, I think my skin will get better (ie. waaay less cystic acne) if I quit it. Thank you for your thoughts though, anon.

No. 144252

Oh ok my bad I figured you had just started using it. If it gave you cystic acne, you should talk to a derm. Good luck.

No. 144259

File: 1594877101735.jpeg (26.74 KB, 488x488, 0A53AF2B-E75A-443B-833D-E58169…)

Does anyone have any experience with this? I went kayaking last weekend and got a really bad farmers tan, and i want to even it out quickly

No. 144294

In my experience it's orange, there's fake tan discussion upthread though

No. 144301

I stopped using moisturizer for a month now and my acne prone skin is clear 95% and it had time to heal. Found on cosdna the comedogenic ingredient contained was Steareth-2. Also this is a great resource http://www.caryskincare.com/acnecomedogeniclist.html

No. 144318

I accidentally left the cap off of my serum for 2-3 hours did it go bad or can I still use it? It wasn't completely off but it was loose

No. 144320

This is useful, thanks!!

What serum? If it was vit C it's a bit troublesome, but 2-3 h should be still ok.

No. 144335

File: 1594966065765.jpeg (43.72 KB, 401x430, 1589250480694.jpeg)

I constantly have bumps/whiteheads on the corner of the moustache area. How do i get rid of them? It's been a year and i don't know how to make them go away. Could it be because of waxing? Then what alternative should i use?

No. 144357

There's a lot in it like Vit C, Retinol, Niacinamide and a bunch more

No. 144359

Worst that could happen during these few hours is that it would oxidize a bit which means it could be a tiny bit less effective. But it shouldn't spoil or anything, especially if you can't see any difference in color or consistency.

Very likely vaxing. Ideally, go without vaxing for at least a month and see what happens, if you really need to get rid of hair in that area, try using razor as gently as you can, maybe with some additional product for sensitive skin.

No. 144407

Wouldn't shaving give me a "shadow" like males?

No. 144429

Retin-a may be too harsh for you. (Same thing happened to me.) It’s not an uncommon reaction, it’s a high grade product that can trigger sensitivity quite easily.
I switched to focusing on AHA/BHAs and niacinamides and my skin is worlds happier. After all, if it’s causing inflammation it’s only going to worsen things.

No. 144497

Glad to hear someone had a similar experience to me. It seems like everyone on the internet screams "YOU HAVE TO GIVE IT MORE TIME!!!" even after the person has used it for a while with no improvements… very annoying. Do you use any retinols/retinoids with your AHA/BHA? I found that I had no irritation with those products so I'll probably switch to those.

No. 144514

File: 1595132012101.jpg (71.21 KB, 1500x1500, 71fQ64INvLL._SL1500_.jpg)

I've only used pic related since I'm already quite pale, and it works really well and was never too dark/orange. It turns orange if you apply too much in one area, it should be an even and thin layer.

No. 144778

How do i get rid of my stretch marks. Help.

No. 144780

stay at a managable weight, skin massage and moisturize, work on fat toning, cleanse the area more often, etc. you wont make them vanish but you can improve how they look.

No. 144790

I heard bio-oil works for stretch marks, even if they are old, but I've never tried it myself

No. 144795

Are there any swimmers here? Do you guys have a special skincare routine? I'm thinking of going swimming regularly because I'm a fat pig but I'm afraid how the chlorine would affect my skin

No. 144796

Nothing particularly special, but definitely more focus on moisturizing, if you dont use additional moisturizers on your entire body, you may want to start. And obviously SPF protection but that's something I'd use every day anyway, so my habits don't change when I go to the pool.

No. 144798

I don't post often but I like talking about skincare. I had cystic acne that left dark spots/hyperpigmentation but after a year of a skincare routine I can now wear BB cream and be fine.

products I used are:
-Mario Badescu glycolic foaming cleanser
-La Roche Posay Effclair medicated gel cleanser
-Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay
-The ordinary glycolic toner
-Any vitamin C serum
-Aloe Vera Gel

And now I incorporate using retinol nightly, hope this helps anyone!

No. 144800

Anon, I'm >>144497 and I'm eyeing TO's glycolic acid. How do you like it? Is it similar to their lactic acid 5% or is it completely different?

No. 144801

i feel like i’m being a dumbass here sorry but can acne spread through/during product application? for instance if when applying moisturiser i move from an area with an outbreak to an area without can the pimples spread?

No. 144802

File: 1595465704103.png (329 KB, 609x284, b4.png)

Just how terrible an idea is dermarolling my face at home to deal with fine lines? Specifically nose to mouth smile lines. Pic is rando from internet but the before looks a lot like my issue. I've dermarolled scars away on my legs before and it worked extremely well but I'm a bit wary of doing my face. Has anyone here tried it before?

No. 144904

Any good, cheap dupes for the Clinique Dramatically Different gel and lotion? I love both products but I just can't really afford to buy them consistently. I tried the Simple gel and the Sally's lotion but the gel broke me the fuck out and the lotion is acceptable but no where near as good as the original. So just wondering if anyone has ideas!

No. 144922

I have a question:
Products specifically for men and products specifically for women exist not only because of preference in scent but also because men have thicker skin than women, and thus can or should use stronger products that would be too harsh for the more sensitive skin of women.
Similarily asian people have thicker skin than white people. So according to that same logic, doesn't that mean that products made for asian women are too much for white women? People of different races even use different shampoos, so wouldn't using the correct/fitting skin care products specifically for your type of skin be also or even more important? So far I haven't seen a single white person for whom e.g. korean products work, they always look like they get an increase of acne, redness, like they stripped away any barrier, it simply looks like what they're doing or what their products do is way too much for them.

No. 144926

I think you're right here with your observation, there obviously are caucasian people with skin thick enough that the typical korean routine will work, but definitely for others it's just too much layering and so. The products by themselves when you look at ingredients list are not so much different to what you can get in predominantly white countries so you just need to be smart with planning the routine if you decide to incorporate for example korean skincare into it.

No. 144933

I'd rather use The ordinary peeling solution, then a scar cream, and at night a good serum

No. 144939

At this point I’ve seen enough doctors and esthetician’s give at home microneedling the go ahead that I wouldn’t feel crazy doing it at home. But the dermapens with disposable heads are much safer. Penn Smith on YouTube is an esthetician with very detailed instructions for it and gives good reason to go no deeper than .5 mm once every 4 weeks.

No. 144940

"Asian" and "white" are very broad categories so that argument doesn't hold water. Tailor your routine to your own skin and use products you like. My skin is going to be different from a Swedish, British or American woman's even though we're all "white".

No. 144949

most skincare products (even the cheapest stuff) is usually specified for oily/dry/combination skin. same with factors on sunscreen, so i guess it's more about knowing your skin type.
I'm white but have thick dark hair, black hair care products like palmers coconut shampoo/conditioner are the only product thats actually battled my frizz.

No. 144950

Should i wear sunscreen if i never go outside and stay behind a pc all day?

No. 144952

If you're not going out a lot it might be best just to do it when you go out, some sunscreens can be greasy and cause breakouts if applied too liberally. instead maybe focus on an eye roll on or anti ageing cream if you're wanting to preserve your skins condition? you can start that stuff at any age and tbh the sooner the better when it comes to looking after collagen. i'd only apply a light layer of sunscreen if you're going out that day.

No. 144967

What are the best chemicals and nutrients to slow down aging? I've only heard that hyaluronic acid it's the go-to, anything else? Aside from sunscreen and moisturizer, ofc

No. 144969


No. 145012

No. 145019

File: 1595650724401.jpeg (449.45 KB, 2560x2560, 1EE0644B-58D2-4F86-92B1-2E5B37…)

I have a somewhat bumpy forehead, but also I’ve recently started to notice wrinkles on my forehead, under my eyes and smile lines. I also feel like my nasolabial folds have become more noticeable. They’re not really severe problems and also partly natural but it seems like they would be simple to reduce if I knew anything about skincare. Most people my age don’t appear to have these problems so I feel there must be things I could improve in terms of skincare/lifestyle.

I never used to wear sunscreen, even in summer, or used many products except those for acne. Picrel for the first row is what I’ve started using and the second row is a product I’m considering ordering. I’ve also started to drink more water (at least 1000mL), tried to sleep more often, jog everyday, and to apply sunscreen every 2/3 hours (except when it’s the afternoon and I’m indoors).

I know I need to wait longer to see results but I just want to know if there’s anything else so could do it as soon as possible so my problems don’t get worse. Can anyone tell me if I’m on the right path and if this will help improve my problems? Is there anything else I should do or a product that would be useful? Is achieving extremely good skin possible or should I accept my genetics and just not bother? I’m not really sure how much skincare can help with this type of thing.

No. 145024

I wear sunscreen when I'm inside all day at my computer but I sit right next to a window. If you don't have any sunlight then you don't need it

No. 145025

user >>145012 makes a good point about computer screens but you'd need a sunscreen that does UVA/B and blue light (I think that's what it's called)

No. 145029

I'd think twice whether we really need blue light protection or not. Obviously beauty market really wants us to buy expensive protective products but there's not real scientific proof yet we need it. I recommend Lab Muffin's video about the matter

No. 145033

It's not "genetics", you're just getting older, your bone structure is changing and you're losing facial fat, plus you yourself say you didn't wear sunscreen so no wonder you're getting wrinkles.
You sound like you're panicking, which you shouldn't be because this will happen to you eventually. Instead of slapping 100 different treatments on your face you should've used sunscreen religiously, moisturized more and slept more.

No. 145037

I think you misunderstood me. I’m not panicked about old age or looking for many products, I just wanted to learn more about skincare that could possibly help prevent problems in their early stages. I’m not very experienced in this area and this is my first time really trying to use skincare so maybe I came off as over-eager.

No. 145048

How often should I use toner?

No. 145050

No. 145051

My current skincare consists of
>micellar water
It works well, my skin is always clear. But my very oily skin, as well as dilated pores, have been bothering me. I was thinking of getting that Paula's Choice BHA which is said to reduce oiliness and shrink pores. Should I go for it, and when should I use it? After cleansing, or after moisturizing?

No. 145053

western or asian/korean toner?

No. 145057

Im from balkan and im new to skin care, I just bought some toner from the brand “afrodita”, not sure if its used anywhere else but here. I use it once a day, should I use it twice?

No. 145073

I'm not familiar with the brand. If it's a western toner, which I assume it is because you bought it in the balkan, those are supposed to cleanse your skin and minimize pores. They can be a bit drying because there's a lot of alcohol in them. Some are astringent too. I wouldn't use those more than once a day tops. Personally I don't use them at all, there are milder ways to cleanse your skin. If it's an Asian toner, those are mildly moisturizing and ph-balancing for the skin, which you can use every morning and evening before your moisturizer.

No. 145080

File: 1595706918533.png (107.1 KB, 538x670, simple.png)

Impulse bought this at Marshall's yesterday cuz my eye bags are out of hand. Has anyone used it? Should I use it? Simple Soothing Eye Balm.

No. 145277

Do you guys apply retinol straight on or put it in your moisturizer?

No. 145325

Apologies for the noob question, but I’m really struggling to figure out my skin type. I had HORRIBLE acne as a teenager, but it thankfully cleared up after taking Accutane. I have no obvious dry patches, nor do I have any oily spots (save for the T-zone on occasion), which leads me to believe that it is “balanced.” However, I have clogged pores and still get zits every so often. Does this mean that it’s actually oily? I definitely should have started researching all of this way sooner in life, but better late than never, I suppose.

No. 145335

Sad truth anon is that nothing will really help with eye bags except injections. Good to be moisturized tho!

You can have clogged pored and zits with any skin type, not just oily! From what you're saying it sounds like you're either normal or mixed so look gor cosmetics for either of these. Ideally, have an appointment with a cosmetologist, they would see you irl and advise based on exactly what you need, it helped me a lot with starting my skincare routine.

No. 145349

Every sunscreen I tried felt disgusting or broke me out, I finally found a sunscreen without fragrance and other irritating stuff and only one potentially acne triggering ingredient but of course it breaks me out. Where are the products without shitty ingredients??? My skin is pretty clear from acne without using any products but obviously you're supposed to wear sunscreen..

No. 145352

Not tried the brand myself but Purito has some supposedly good fragrance free sunscreen, it's a K beauty brand iirc.
I find that mineral sunscreens break me out less in comparison to chemical as well.

No. 145355

Have you tried La Roche Posay Anthelios Shaka Fluid? It works very well for me and I've seen a lot of opinions about it being the only one some women can wear without breaking out.

No. 145358

Uriage Bariesun and Balea Sundance for face and neck, if you're in Europe

No. 145403

Update: It hasn't even been a month and I've already stopped getting spots. About to start my period and that'll be the true test as my skin gets worse then.

No. 145407

what ingredients specifically are you trying to avoid?

No. 145411

This website has been a goddamn godsend: https://incidecoder.com/
I figured out that my Korean sunscreen and lotion were breaking me the fuck out so I'll have to stop using those. I hope this website helps you anons!

No. 145420

Is there anyone here who has succesfully gotten rid of their fungal acne without nizoral/ketoconazole? I can't get that without a doctor's recipe here unfortunately. If so, how/what did you use? I'm almost through a tube of miconazol but it's not budging.

No. 145421

File: 1595966518150.jpg (92.03 KB, 1300x1300, 001180353.jpg)

Not sure about that stuff but have you tried tea tree oil? It's anti-fungal. I have pic related and it's been pretty good to my skin.

No. 145424

Oh I get really bad cystic acne where it would scar and really painful, no whiteheads, and read that it could be from extra yeast growing on your face! I’ve tried just about every acne medication you could think of. I only found relief in clotrimazole cream. Sounds crazy but I put some on and dried my bad pimples within hrs and as the days go by it goes away without me wanting to pop it. You can get them at any drug store in the cream isle. Best of luck!

No. 145436

Is it bad to use hydrocortisone cream on your face? I typically use it on cystic pimples and it works really well but i remember reading somewhere it can thin the skin or something

No. 145448

Look into Asian (Korean, Japanese) sunscreen, if you can tolerate the ingredients. Wearing sunscreen every single day is much more of a common thing there so they make them with a much lighter, nicer texture as they expect them to be worn constantly instead of just for the beach or whatever.

No. 145496

Just a heads up to anyone with sensitive/eczema-prone skin, I had a terrible reaction to this sunscreen. It has great reviews and seems to be very well tolerated by most people so I stupidly bought it without checking the ingredients. Turns out it's absolutely loaded with Alcohol Denat., which is probably my number one eczema trigger. Took me ages to get my skin back on track. It's probably fine if you're not especially sensitive, but if you are I recommend Purito sunscreens like >>145352 says. I'm using Jigott Snail UV Sunblock at the moment and that's been just fine as well.

No. 145521

I did but the products I was interested in got new formulations in 2020 and went to shit basically. They either got fragrance added or more acne triggering ingredients

No. 145632

Are there any anons here who have experience with facial scars? I have about 10 scars all over my face (it's bad but not quite as noticable as it sounds) and I want them gone, obviously. Are there any skincare products that help with this? Does anyone here have tried any treatments against scars that actually worked (like lasering or microneedling)?

No. 145634

Not on the face, but I had really good results with silicone sheets on a burn scar! Sheets aren't very practical for the face, but there is a topical gel form. Nothing else I tried had any effect on it - vit E, differin, bio-oil etc, but the silicone sheets flattened and lightened the scar significantly. Good luck, anon!

No. 145647

Thanks for the reply! Were they keloids? And how old was your scar when you started using it? How long or often did you have to use the sheets before noticing a change? I'm thinking about trying it but most of the scars are already very light and deep rather than keloids (even if there are some keloids too that could probably benefit from using silicone gel).

No. 145707

Is suspected rosacea something that you need to see a doc about or are there products to help manage it? Given the current covid situation I'm reluctant to rush to a doctors office.

I've always been super pale, noticed I have more color in my face the last couple years which doesn't look bad during the day, but then in the evening time (every evening like clockwork) my face will flush hot and stay red hot for a couple of hours. Luckily I don't do much in the evenings. The worst triggers seem to be steam from the shower, consuming alcohol and orgasming (sorry lol) but the evening flush happens no matter what I do

No. 145721

I have similar issues, seen many doctors and since it's not permanent flushing/redness every doctor I saw would just dismiss me; idk maybe you'd have more luck but not unlikely it would happen to you too.

In general you know your triggers so try to reduce them as much as possible - more lukewarm showers, less alcohol, I guess nothing you can do about orgasming. Check if you have any rosacea triggering ingredients in your skincare / soaps, maybe that's a reason for your evening flushing. Azelaic acid is said to be a v good ingredient to reduce inflammation so you can look into products that have it, I'm testing it right now but it's a long process so can't say anything definitive about it's effectivenes on my symptoms. Also, sunscreen is a MUST.

No. 145752

File: 1596140235251.jpeg (228 KB, 1125x1990, BCD5445F-775B-4287-B8AA-2BA648…)

I just bought some stuff from The Ordinary. It has already been shipped, now I feel stupid because I just found out that a lot of the ingredients (polymers, chlorphenesin) are really bad for the environment. What are your opinions on this? (Sorry for the German screenshot)

No. 145754

No worries, anon! The scar was maybe six months old when I started treating it I think? Maybe a bit older. It wasn't a keloid but just a bit raised and pretty dark coloured. I used it for about eight weeks before I noticed a difference!

No. 145785

Don't feel bad, you didn't know. If you are really concerned about it just use up what you bought and then look for an alternative when the time comes in a few months.

No. 145820

Youtube recommended this video to me and made me realize that I have to step up my body skincare game. Or is this too much?

No. 145978

Those who have retinol, vitamin C and AHA in their skincare routine, how often do you guys use these?

No. 145979

File: 1596286447368.jpeg (64.2 KB, 900x900, AD39D840-D957-419B-8F22-60D589…)

Soooo… I just bought some Clinique facial sunscreen and now I‘m wondering… Isn‘t the sunscreen itself gonna clog my pores? I‘m willing to try it but since I grew up in a household that was mostly anti sunscreen (“sun gives cancer, sunscreen does to, so why bother”) I’m skeptical at the same time. I know my parents were full of shit a lot of the time but I can find information supporting both the use of sunscreen and the theory that sunscreen causes cancer as well.

No. 145985

Depends on your skin and how it reacts to certain ingredients

No. 145989

I used to use this sunscreen! I loved the texture, very easy to apply. It had a weird bitter chemical smell tho and maaad white cast

No. 145990

My personal schedule (sensitive, eczema-prone skin):

Retinol: The Inkey List serum every other night (I started at 1x per week, then 2x the next week and so on), but you'll want to adjust this depending on the strength of your retinol and the sensitivity of your skin. I have a small patch on my forehead that breaks out in eczema at the drop of a hat so I always try to avoid applying the retinol there.

Vitamin C: Every morning

AHA: 2x per week at night on non-retinol days

No. 145996

This is all anecdotal, but everyone in my family besides my grandma and me are anti-sunscreen and a lot of them have had skin cancer or precancerous moles. My brother had 3 pre-cancers removed before he was even 18 and my grandpa had full blown skin cancers twice. My grandma also looks younger than my mom and I’m 30 but look younger than my 19 y/o cousins because they all have sun damage. Sunscreen in general isn’t bad for you, though there may be some bad formulations out there with shit ingredients. I don’t know if any of those ingredients would cause cancer though, you’d have to look into whatever you’re using specifically.

No. 146283

I think any skincare product is going to break some percentage of people out, it's just a slight risk you take every time you try a new product. Sunscreen is important. I haven't heard that it causes cancer but even if so it's probably a lesser risk then not wearing it. And which is better, having cancer or looking prematurely aged and ALSO having cancer?

No. 146286

Yeah, you're probably right. My mom is anti-sunscreen and spends a lot of time in the sun, but she's already gotten five possible melanomas removed. I'm gonna side with the sunscreen users from now on.

No. 146291

I'm broke as fuck and found out I have rosacea lately. I already use a fragrance free moisturiser because everything fragranced stings my face.. but now I need rosacea friendly sunscreen and I'm guessing that's expensive? Any sunscreen I've ever used has been heavily scented

What do I buy or prioritize on a very limited budget? Is azelaic acid worth trying?

No. 146304

Azeleic acid should be helpful, try Melazepam on amazon

No. 146311

Vanicream is great.

No. 146422

I have a wrinkle and I think it's from frowning. I'll get my eyes checked to solve the frowning thing and prevent others, but is there something I can do about that one?

No. 146432

How can I make old mosquito bite scars fade faster?

No. 146434

Bio oil or vitamin c shit

No. 146435

Thank you!

No. 146437

Look for products containing retinol (make sure you start on a low concentration if it's your first time) and peptides

No. 146447

bio oil doesn't do shit. It's just a mix of mineral oils, plant derived oils, vitamins and fraganance oils. The active ingredient (PurCellin) is a substance made by ducks to coat their feathers (yes really) and there's no scientific basis that it does anything for scars or striae like Bio-Oil claims.

if you mean scars as in hyperpigmentation (brown spots usually), then anything that increases cell turnover rate and/or inhibits melanin production will help and even more importantly: use sunscreen, every single day.

Check this link: https://simpleskincarescience.com/pie-pih-acne-scar-treatment/
if you scroll down there's a list of ingredient and product recommendations that will do as described above.

No. 146448

Is it okay that over my physical sunscreen I wear a BB cream that has chemical sunscreen in it? They don't cancel each other or anything like that, right?

No. 146451

You’ll be fine tho personally I feel makeup with a sunscreen aren’t as great as actual sunscreens so the fact you put on an actual one is great.

No. 146455

Has anyone here used rosehip oil? Thoughts?

No. 146459

as long as you put your "real" sunscreen first you'll be fine (because whatever spf you put first, is what "counts")

No. 146474

to all my acne prone extreme dry skin people (oily too honestly idc)

vaseline is cheap and works super well, it soothes my thick dry patches after I exofoliate and has never broken me out.

Do better options exist that arent greasy as hell? probably. Can I find them easily? no.

I got acne and its a hard battle wishing I only had oil to fight against. but the forehead dryness and undereye dryness gets me everytime.

No. 146482

Has anyone ever used microneedling for scars/stretch marks?
I gained weight over lockdown so I have some new and really raw red looking marks, apparently this is the time when you have the best chance to do something about it.
I had a little microneedle stamp but it got blunt pretty quickly. So I've started using tattoo needles. It's easier to accidentally go too deep but if the goal is to promote healing by inflammation..it's working.
I'm using a retinoid too (not at directly the same time).

No. 146512

Why would you (just) use vaseline when your skin is very dry? Wouldn't it be better to use something that adds moisture to your skin?

No. 146563

Nta, vaseline locks in moisture - it's occlusive

Anyway, I've been using lactic acid for about a year now and been thinking about upping the %, but am wondering if going from 5% to 10% is perhaps too much?

The 5% one doesn't irritate my skin or anything but it seems like a big jump to take since it's double what it was.

No. 146590

Should be fine. If you're worried, incorporate it into your routine slowly and build up usage like you did with the 5%

No. 146924

Could any anons recommend some good quality exfoliating gloves (available in the UK)?

I've had a look online and judging by recent reviews under popular brands' gloves (like body shop or soap and glory) apparently their products have gone to shit.
On the other hand, Amazon has so many gloves on sale that even after reading reviews I honestly can't tell what's good and what's not, since opinions are so mixed.
I have an exfoliating towel, but 9 times out of 10 I just want to quickly go over a small area and using the towel is a hassle, so I don't even bother, and later regret it…

No. 146935

Dry skin anons, here’s your new routine! Purchase:
>Hada Labo Gokujun Moist (Rhoto or premium, they are both nice. Premium is a little thicker) it can be found cheap on amazon
>now brand grape seed oil or any other grape seed oil that is 100%, check the ingredients. I buy now from amazon
>Cerave facial moisturizing lotion. Sort of optional, but it’s good to have SPF and it’s a decent moisturizer on it’s own. Can be found at any drugstore

AM: splash water on your face and pat it dry with a towel only used on your face. Pat the Hada Labo into your skin, let it dry. If going outside slap that Cerave on top and let it set for a good long while before doing any makeup, of you wear it.

PM: gently wash your face with WATER ONLY (except maybe if you have bad acne) then pour some grape oil in your hand and massage it into your face, adding more water and working it in for a min or two. It’s almost like an oil cleanse, except we are going to skip the part where you wipe the oil off and just let our face air dry instead. You can also add some Hada Labo at the end of the wash, but I find it cuts through the oil and ruins the occlusion so I don’t.

Go to bed, wake up, and congrats! Your “I’m 20 and I have fine lines on my forehead?!” has been banished

No. 146970

Is mineral oil as bad as everyone says it is?

No. 146982

It can clog pores but it's generally fine as a skincare ingredient. The kind used in cosmetics is very safe and not even particularly comedogenic. I personally wouldn't bother using pure mineral oil as a cleansing oil, just because there are better oils with more skincare benefits that are just as cheap, but you don't need to worry about seeing it on an ingredients list.

No. 147070

Oh, okay, thanks!

No. 147071

What was the ingredient or product that made the biggest, most noticeable difference for you? Mine would be retinol and AHA

No. 147100

What products should I use to have an even, healthy looking (body) skintone? I'm white but get tanned very easily (don't know if this info is useful lol)

No. 147154

any recommendations for getting rid of flaking for sensitive skin? it's only happening over my lip and on my cheeks around my nose.

No. 147165

Honestly, any sensitive moisturizer applied liberally and often does it. As well as keeping hydrated.

No. 147174

No. 147189

does anyone know of a good cream for cellulite? or some treatment

No. 147206

be reborn as a male or woman with better genetics

No. 147207

woah big thanks

No. 147211

i mean there really is nothing you can do, it's basically a secondary sex characteristic, either you are lucky or you aren't. mine has basically been the same no matter if i was younger or older, skinnier or fatter, fit or sedentary. unless you are interested in the most minuscule difference, it's all snake oil.

No. 147532

How do I get rid of bacne (back acne)? s there anything else I can do besides exfoliation?

No. 147535

Anons, what does your body skincare routine look like? Do you just use body lotion? Or serums/other stuff too? So far I only used body lotion but I'm wondering if that's not enough

No. 147570

Losing body fat is the only thing that works

No. 147573

I've been using Benzoyl Peroxide and that has been helping. It'll take a while for your skin to heal but it has stopped me from getting new breakouts

No. 147744

Non sarcastic response: I actually used the Jergens firming moisturizer and it kinda helpers. I think the actual movement/massage worked more than the product itself though. Also self-tanner when you wear shorts or whatever tbh.

No. 148269

File: 1597878230296.jpg (33.09 KB, 480x480, 1597255228761.jpg)

Recommend me an undereye cream please. I'd like one on the cheap side, possibly with retinol or hyaluronic acid in the formula.

I'm also looking for something for oily skin and enlarged pores. AHA, BHA, I don't know. My skin is sensitive and I don't have acne, in case it helps.
Help me out, skincare anons

No. 148297

As far as I know, undereye creams are bullshit, you can use just regular moisturizer.

I don't want to recommend anything specific, because it's all very individual, but I have sensitive combination skin and my pores were quite enlarged, so I wanted to share what helped me. Basically I just choose anything korean on the cheaper side based on the comments/reviews and description. I always purchase foam cleanser (for example, right now I'm using Secret Skin Syn-Ake Wrinkless Foam Cleanser and I'm totally pleased with it), some light gel creams (like aloe or snail ones + you can keep them in the fridge and it will be real good for your eyes in the morning; I really liked A'PIEU 18 Fresh Cream, but some people say it irritated their skin, so idk), peeling gels (A'pieu Naked Peeling Gel PHA is my favorite), and a toner, which I just splash onto my face after cleansing and before applying cream. I liked L’arvore Rose Floral Toner (probably mostly because of smell), but now I'm using a simple Bulgarian rose water that costs, like, 2-3$ and works for me much better. i dunno if it helps with sebum and pores though, it's just a very decent moisturizer (sometimes I don't even use a cream if I'm not wearing makeup that day).

Also drink a lot of water.
Sorry if I'm saying something you already know, but it's very important to keep your skin moisturized, because if you try too hard to get rid of sebum, you can exacerbate the problem.

No. 148356

Today I tried hard wax for the first time but while applying it it already got hard after half a second so I didn't even have enough time to apply it properly.. Are the wax beans bad or is something else wrong?

No. 148361

Tried to make it as thin as possible though it wouldn't get very thin since it would automatically turn off at some point, and even put it on when it was too warm and a bit thinner, neither of that helped either. It gets hard insanely fast and I watched videos of girls doing it and it doesn't get hard as fast at all, they can just smear it out and I can't because it just hardens instantly :(

No. 148379

Do you have a screenshot of the beads you used? I assume your warmer isn't the problem if you got the wax too warm and thin

No. 148408

I like the sunscreen that I currently use but it leaves me looking so damn shiny. Is powder the only way to go to minimise shine?
I already tried mat sunscreens but they pill like crazy and I'm a bit worried that the powder will clog my pores or some shit.

No. 148418

File: 1598002082037.jpg (2.15 MB, 2736x3648, IMG_20200821_112643.jpg)

It doesn't get super thin, but it does get very hot. Almost burned myself when I tried to put it on when it was at its thinnest (but still a little thick imo)
They came with the heater btw, which is the Mealiss 10, and other people were positive about it..

No. 148759

A few months ago I finished my accutane treatment and I'm extremely happy with the results, however, my nose pores are starting to clog again even though I cleanse and tone. I don't want blackheads again, I suffered them so much. Any advice?

No. 148765

Are you exfoliating? I found chemical exfoliants to be the best for clogged pores, I used to use strong shit but now use whamisa exfoliating mittens pads whatever

No. 148781

Thanks for the advice! I'm not exfoliating and will definitely look into it

No. 148823

Maybe using a mattifying primer underneath it could help? I’ve never tried it but if you already own one or can get one cheap, it doesn’t hurt to try.

No. 148890

I have been thinking about trying azelaic acid to help my acne scars. My skin has mostly cleared up but I still have these reddish spots on my cheeks, and after using niacinamide for over a month they still aren't budging. I've heard niacinamide is better for brownish type of scars, while azelaic acid treats red scarring better.

What are anons' opinions on it? Have you ever tried it? What are your thoughts, and is there a specific brand you'd recommend?

No. 148894

Can I wash off my sunscreen by using coconut oil first and then cetaphil micellar emulsion? I don't like to use any cleansing foam, it makes my skin dry (maybe you have some recommendations for cleansing foam)?

No. 148921

Have you tried cleansing gels as the second step after oils? I have the same issue with foams and gel works perfectly. No recommendation because the one I'm using is only in my small european country.

No. 148934

I've learned to stay away from any foam cleansers, they are just too harsh and suck out all moisture. Your routine sounds quite eh oily, I agree with other anon about the gel cleanser, they are also easy to use in the shower haha

No. 148936

Any anons used duac/clindamycin for acne before? Just got prescribed it.

No. 148939

Thanks anons! I will try out cleansing gels. I didn't know that something like cleansing gels even existed lol.

No. 148974

Is there a way to thicken skin? The skin on my chest is so thin

No. 149144

File: 1598514978667.jpg (15.43 KB, 600x600, 51EQcevR-ZL._AC_UL600_SR600,60…)

Anyone else not a fan of the Retinol line by Ordinary? I'm using the 0.5% one and it just sits on my skin for hours, unless I mix it with a moisturizer

No. 149321

I've been using The Ordinary's 10% azelaic acid for a few months for various issues (acne scars, blackheads, redness) and I really like it! It's not a miracle-worker but it has done a good job of fading my acne scares and while it hasn't budged my most stubborn blackheads yet, I think it has prevented new ones from forming. It pairs very nicely with niacinamide.

One thing to be aware of is that it will probably sting quite a bit going on, especially at first (at least with TO's formula but I think it's a trait of azelaic acid in general). I had done quite a bit of reading on azelaic acid before buying and nobody mentioned the stinging so I was a little concerned, but after doing some more research it seems it's very normal and doesn't mean you're having a bad reaction to the product. The stinging should lessen somewhat after continuous use but it's not completely gone away for me.

Yes, it's an unpopular opinion but I just don't like the squalane! I want to put on the retinol early on in my skin routine to maximise the benefits, but the oiliness of the squalane makes it difficult to layer anything over it. I recommend The Inkey List's retinol serum instead, it's a similar strength and price and I much prefer the consistency.

No. 149323

File: 1598614123251.png (46.14 KB, 533x900, rdn-granactive-retinoid-2pct-i…)

Does anyone have experience with this Granactive Retinoid 2% in Squalane by The Ordinary?
I think I quite like it.

No. 149324

I used a granactive retinoid but I don't think it was in squalane, and absolutely nothing changed about my skin, I only got a patch of flaky skin above my eye and it stung the skin at my eye corners lmao.
But I bought it expecting it would help with acne, surprisingly I also bought salicylic acid from the ordinary and it did nothing, but when I make my own salicylic acid solution from aspirin, it works. Maybe I'm just unlucky since everyone praises the ordinary.
What do you like about it? Do you see any benefits?

No. 149330

>I make my own salicylic acid solution from aspirin
How do you make that?

No. 149335

Just grind up aspirin tablets and mix with something. I used to mix them with water but the solution was too runny so now I mix them with my moisturizing cream. (not every moisturizing cream works, it didn't work with the plain nivea cream in the blue pot, and my current cream became completely liquid when I mixed it in but still usable)
Since I started using that my acne has gone away mostly and even when it does appear it's not so big and painful and goes away quickly. I really recommend it, even though it might not work for everyone it's worth a try.

No. 149353

File: 1598630426975.jpeg (Spoiler Image,60.83 KB, 640x480, 33B68821-DBB3-42A9-906C-8BF926…)

what is this and what can i do about it? been on my chest for years.

No. 149356

oh I should add that its what remained after a bad pimple—is it a scar or am I fucked?

No. 149357

does it feel hard under the skin?

No. 149361

You should never put aspirin mush on your skin though

No. 149368

It's only attached to my skin. It's not bound to anything inside per say

No. 149376

Why not? I've been doing it for a year and nothing bad happened. Maybe nothing bad has happened yet though…

No. 149551

Any tips for someone who can't afford any skincare? I have acne and small little random red splotches on my face, and I'm a neet with 0 income. My dad got me some clean and clear cleanser, which I know is cheap, but I also heard that brand isn't the best for your face. I have some nivea sunscreen but I don't think it's meant for your face. Am I just a lost cause until I get money?

No. 149555

Sunscreen can usually be put on all parts of your body, there isn't a need for special facial sunscreen unless you're fussy about how it feels/looks. But other than that idk what sort of advice you're expecting if you have literally no way to purchase skincare products. You need a gentle cleanser and moisturizer, they can be found very cheap (a brand like Cerave for example).

No. 149562

Can you ask your dad or someone to get you a moisturizer? Basically any is better then nothing, but CeraVe and Cetaphil are good and cheap. You don't want to be washing your face with a cleanser on the harsh side like the Clean and Clear without moisturizing. If you have no way of getting a moisturizer only use the clean and clear once a day, probably PM, and use plain water in the AM.

No. 149564

Dr Bronners for acne and body. Cetaphil for moisturizer.

No. 149600

Does massaging the face with the gua sha or jade roller work?

No. 149608

Use water in the AM like the anon above said.
VERY lightly use olive oil or coconut oil for moisturizer.
Use the cleanser, it's better than nothing.
Wet some oatmeal in your hand. That's your exfoliator. Use this 1-2x a week.

No. 149690

File: 1598893507823.jpg (158.09 KB, 796x631, IMG_20200831_185529.jpg)

I've started getting pustules all of sudden like pic related around my cheek area and they're leaving scars because I keep accidentally popping them when I sleep or washing my face. I stopped getting them for almost a month but pretty much over night I got two new ones.
I don't know what's causing them. My face was a mess at the start of quarantine because I run out of skin care products so I had to make do with stuff I had at home until they opened the shops again, so I doubt it's caused by any of the new products I introduced since I've gone back to my regular rutine in June.
How do I get rid of them?

No. 149692

Wait, you aren't supposed to pop those?

No. 149695

kek isn't the general consensus that popping pimples is bad? I did pop them when I first started getting them because they're so tempting and gross looking, but I scar super easily and it just left red spots that wouldn't go away, so now I'm only touching them when they're dried out or they pop on their own.

No. 149696

might be hormonal, from touching your face, not removing makeup properly, dirty pillows/sheets, not washing your face properly

No. 149697

It's better not to pop them, imo. I had one accidentally pop and I think the pus got inside and infected it, which delayed the healing. For pimples with whiteheads like that, try putting a pimple patch on it. It's been a godsend since it sucks up all the nasty shit in the pimple and it helps to keep the area moist. If you must pick though, get a thin needle (diabetic lancets are good for these), clean with alcohol/fire, then poke lightly to get the shit out. Then, stick on the acne patch.

No. 149699

I think the ones I got today are hormonal because I'm on my period. That or dirty pillows.
I've never heard of pimple patches until a few hours ago, will give them a go and see if I stop scarring so badly. Thank you anon!

No. 149708

Anons with rosacea,

I've been putting off making a drs appt because of covid but I want to have an idea of what to expect, like what's the usual first course of action?

No. 149711

File: 1598904200799.jpeg (100.54 KB, 749x484, 1598535732813.jpeg)

they will give you metronidazole and finacea probably

No. 149715

No worries, anon! If you need them right now but delivery takes too long, go to the drugstore and look for regular hydrocolloid bandaids. You can cut them up into smaller sizes. Best of luck!

No. 149743

How do I stop my glasses from sliding off when I wear sunscreen it feels gross and annoying

No. 149842

I have a similar issue. My skin was clear and fairly balanced up until two months ago when I randomly started breaking (and losing MASSIVE amounts of hair). My face is also INCREDIBLY oily when I wake up now. I’m going to have some blood tests ordered, though I had them done in May (for unrelated reasons), and everything came back normal. Do any of you have any guesses as to what might be causing all of this? It’s really creating a lot of anxiety.

(For the record, I have had a Mirena IUD for the past five years and don’t get my period as a result. I’ve experienced no other changes since getting it, so I’m not sure if it’d suddenly start causing problems.)

No. 150667

File: 1599599223198.jpg (Spoiler Image,581.95 KB, 1645x1770, 20200908_164826.jpg)

So I usually have clear skin but the past few months I've had this super dry, red, rash-like patch of bumps on the side of my face. It's only ever in the one spot and ebbs and flows in severity but never goes away completely. Pic related is pretty much the worst it's been so sorry for the grossness.

For the record I have a decent routine, bha, moisturizer, and sunscreen in the AM and hemp seed oil, cerave face wash, aha, and moisturizer at night. Any ideas on what this could be or what I should do?

No. 150669

Anon… please… this is not gross at all. Stop setting unrealistic standards for yourself.
Two questions - do you use face mask and do you sleep on this side?
AHA and BHA daily might also be an overkill.

No. 150670

Fungal acne?

No. 150671

Skip that morning’s moisturizer. If you already do, then use the harshest cleanser you have and clean your face before applying sunscreen. If that still doesn’t work then switch to a different sunscreen. Can’t recommend you a brand cause I’m dealing with the same issue lmao.

No. 150675

It looks like a rash, but it could also be rosacea. I'd suggest azelaic acid, maybe it will help

No. 150678

clearly dry, damaged skin and here we go with the anons suggesting strong drying actives and skipping moisturizers. Instead trusting the internet I advise you go see a dermatologist or at least cosmetologist.

No. 150680

Thank you anon I guess I'm just being a bit harsh on myself. I actually don't sleep on that side so why it's just on that side I have no clue! I'll use a clay mask/moisturing mask/sheet mask depending on what my skin looks like it's needing, just a couple times a week or so though. I'll cut back on the actives to see if that helps.
Thank you I'll look more into this!
Yeah rosacea is definitely a possibility, it does seem very similar to that. I was almost thinking keratosis pelaris as well since I occasionally get it on my arms?
Thank you I'll see if I can talk with someone!

No. 150681

Does anyone else get sebaceous filaments on their nose/chin?

No. 150690

I mean, yeah fam. Everyone has them. They're totally normal. If they seem especially visible then more exfoliation or masks can help.

No. 150784

My bf has fairly big pores and a greasy nose, and the sebaceous filaments are super visible a lot of the time. I don't want to be shallow, but sometimes it kind of grosses me out when I see his face up close. Should I tell him to exfoliate more? Is there any treatment in particular I could recommend to him?
I get that to some extent he can't help it, but on bad days his nose looks like a strawberry.

No. 150787

Omg my bf has this too. He does nothing about it and I've kind of just accepted his nose is just like that, but I'd love to know if anything could actually be done about it.

No. 150788

I bet you've spend plenty on cosmetics, skincare and razors in your life even though you can't exactly help it your body grows hair or your eyelashes aren't naturally thick and volumeous or you have skin blemishes (for example). There's nothing wrong and shallow about expecting a little bit of effort from his side in return. Don't forget he gets to enjoy your efforts (which are far greater than his will ever be) to look good every day.

No. 150792

You're not shallow. If anything it's bad that he can't see and treat his skin problems himself. He's just let it get that bad without addressing it? I have rosacea and when your cheeks/nose or whatever are turning bright red you usually seek out a solution quick.

Anyway he should look into 'strawberry nose rosacea'

No. 150796

File: 1599681451906.png (65.86 KB, 587x564, 740832759842762.png)

Aah, I see. I don't think you're being shallow. As another anon said, it's normal to want someone to be hygienic and practice basic upkeep so they look nice. It would be one thing if you were asking him to dress in fancy clothes, get ripped and follow a 10-step skin care routine, but you just want him to address one issue. Since he's a guy he probably has no idea where to even start, so I think it could be helpful if you made some recommendations.

He should use a basic skin cleanser every morning, preferably oil-based since oil actually dissolves oil. I'd recommend exfoliation with a gentle BHA product like Paula's Choice RESIST Daily Pore Refining Treatment (2% BHA).

Clay masks also really help with absorbing excess oil and drawing out sebaceous filaments. French green clay is great. You can order some on its own and just mix with water (I like https://mountainroseherbs.com/french-green-clay) or you can get it pre-mixed like in Queen Helene's Mint Julep Masque.

Another great product for SFs is Ciracle's "Blachead Off" Masks. Have him leave it on his nose for like 10 minutes and when it's starting to get dry, take it off then GENTLY use an extractor like in the related image. If they're ready to go, they should easily squish out with light pressure.

Lastly, a non-comedogenic moisturizer would be good so his skin doesn't react to the cleansing with even more oil production.

No. 150827

Uh does anyone here use a nightcap to keep their skincare products from getting in their hair? And can you recommend one? My current cap just slides off all the time and my hairline is very high so I have to put it up higher to not cover my forehead and remove the product from there. My face never properly absorbs products and I have this product that isn't supposed to get absorbed very well in the first place but I don't want such sticky slimy stuff in my hair.. Especially because I shower at night, so I have to sit around in it all day

No. 150850

i'm nearing my 30s and have noticed an increase in chin hairs, what is the best way of removal? im putting this as skin related as right now every method is making me break out or my chin go scabby. I've tried tweezing (very addictive and i find the most damaging as I dont want to encourage the habit of picking away at myself) and more recently shaving which just makes me break out. I wonder is there anything i could put on after to stop this.
i was going to look into lazer hair remove and started putting money by until i read it doesn't work too well on blonde hairs. Does anyone have experience with this?

No. 150890

Is there any way to get rid of broken capillaries, other than with laser treatments? Also, what causes them to develop? My face is covered with them, from my cheeks down to my chin. My nose is so red that I could easily cosplay as Rudolph. It’s humiliating, and I can never leave the house without foundation. My mom has them (so I think that mine are partly a result of genetics), but hers are very mild. I’m not sure why mine are so severe or why they continue to worsen by the day.

No. 150893

Have you tried one of those 'threading spring tools'?

I have facial hair left over from hormone treatment and tbh plucking has been the method I keep returning to, those spring tools can at least make it less tedious

No. 150894

Sounds like one of the subtypes of rosacea

No. 150897

No other way but laser unfortunately, and it may not be fully effective too.
It's possible it's 100% genetics, severity can differ from person to person. But also what is your lifestyle? Do you do weight trainings? What cosmetics do you use in your skincare? Do you use face peels? Do you eat a lot of spicy food? Do you use high spf creams?

No. 150962

Thanks for answering, anon. I started developing mild broken capillaries when I young - eight-years-old or so - and they have progressively gotten worse over the years. They’ve even started crawling down my neck and chest.

I unfortunately am forced to live a sedentary lifestyle, due to the fact that I have a chronic illness - no weightlifting at this point. I just started using the Curology cleanser and moisturizer both morning and night, along with the Curology custom formula (8% azelaic acid, 1% clindamycin, 0.018% tretinoin) at night. I include Andalou Naturals’ Clear Skin Willow Bark Pure Pore Toner (which contains salicylic acid) and Sun Bum’s Face 50 in my morning routine. No face peels. I don’t eat spicy food, nor do I drink alcohol. Are these all activities I should avoid? I’m new to skincare and have only ever used cleansers and moisturizers until recently.

I’m also this anon:
I’m a walking disaster and feel more ashamed to leave the house with each passing day.

No. 150985

I feel for you so much, it's very similar for me - broken capillaries on my face since babyhood, recent years a lot of new ones on the back of my neck and on the chest, so i have the topic researched to some extent.

In general dermatologists I've seen pretty much confirm the info you can find online too - with weak capillaries it's recommended to avoid physical strain (thus my question about weightlifting) and situations in which your skin would flare up, so flushes of heat that would come with spicy food or alcohol, or for example saunas.
With skincare, every skin is different but it's not recommended to use too much acids on the weak capillaries, you have both azelaic and salicylic acid, the former is mild but salicylic is pretty strong, so you can try looking for a toner without it - but to be fair toners with acids have so little of it, it should be no issue.

Hormonal contraception is unfortunately directly linked with rosacea - which as other anon mentioned can be manifesting as breaking capillaries; and additionally it weakens capillaries in general without rosacea as well. The side effects of hormonal contraception rarely manifest in the beginning and it's not uncommon you'd only start getting them after five years as the damage done by hormones builds up, the skin gets older and it gets harder for it to fight back. If you're willing I'd definitely start with looking for an alternative for Mirena; you can get pills that are very effective with lower hormone levels so that could be a relief for your skin without having to get off contraception completely (I know I wouldn't be able to do it).

I really advise you look for a dermatologist that does laser treatments for capillaries to help you with what has already happened, and ask for advice how to protect your skin better for the future. Since it's genetic you won't be able to avoid new breaks fully but you can control it better with diet and skincare that would have, for example vitamin K and A - with these things it'll be best of if you consult a cosmetologist though, not dermatologist, as a cosmetologist will know more about skincare while dermatologist is more about skin treatment, if that makes sense? And keep using SPF protection (with UVA and UVB!) and moisturize.

Honestly, women with thick skin have no idea how lucky they are, broken capillaries suck. I'm often annoyed because with acne you can pretty much cure it most of the time, but with this, we're stuck. It really hits self esteem pretty hard. I hope you can get a treatment that will work good for you and you'll feel better about yourself soon!

No. 151110

I shave my upper lip once a week, not too often, but my upper lip area has this weird greenish shade to it, similar to when men shave and you can still see the shadow of beard hair. It probably happens because I'm pale with dark hair.
Probably a dumb question, but does any of you face this same issue and how do you get rid of it? I notice it a lot when I look in the mirror, because it's such a different color from the rest of my face. I just want my upper lip to have the same color as the rest of my face without that green tint

No. 151115

Why don't you wax or bleach them? Shaving might be quick and easy, but it grows back weirdly, hence the shadow.

No. 151120

I've always ruled out waxing because I'd have to go around with an evident dark stache until it's grown long enough for it to be waxed.
Bleaching though… I can try.

No. 151129

Be careful about chemical burns if you have tender skin though.

No. 151139

It could be just pigmentation. Vitamin C serum should clear that up if it is. My whole mouth area has a distinct greenish tint to it but using a vit C serum has improved it so so much.

No. 151208

Has anyone here ever gotten laser resurfacing done (specifically, to treat large pores)? I'd like to have normal sized pores for once. Are the effects permanent? They better be, given the price.

No. 151215

baby girl, pluck those suckers. Yeah it takes a little more work, but you don’t need the hairs to grow out like you do for waxing.

No. 151240

I’m in a wildfire zone in OR, and the smoke here is so thick you can barely see or breathe. I’m really worried about how this is negatively effecting my skin, any tips on wildfire smoke skin protection & care?

No. 151251

I doubt there's anything you can really do besides sticking to your regular skincare and cleansing routine and staying inside/away from the smoke as much as possible. It's not like de-smoke masks or sunscreen-but-for-smoke are a thing.

No. 151256

is eye cream a must have? I'm nervous about it being a scam, but I've started noticing slight wrinkles under my eyes and I'm worried about them getting worse.

No. 151259

eye cream is a major scam, it's just a gentle moisturizer put into a significantly tinier and pricier packaging than a "regular" moisturizer would be. just buy a gentle moisturizer and use it under your eyes. or look into retinols, they're very effective with wrinkling.

No. 151280

Is Differin any good to reduce oiliness and pores?

No. 151342

I REALLY appreciate the fact that you took the time to write all of that. Your advice and kind words genuinely helped me to feel slightly less alone and a bit more optimistic. Hopefully we’ll both be able to get a handle on this issue of ours someday!

No. 151552

Can anyone recommend a moisturizing body wash? Something like lotion, but that can be used in the shower like body wash… I legit never have time or energy to moisturize my whole entire body on the daily

No. 151554

I’ve been getting clusters of breakouts directly above my lymph nodes on my neck… any suggestions?

No. 151565

File: 1600266097320.jpg (2.11 MB, 3296x2472, 20200916_151848.jpg)

does anyone else get really bad redness around their nose, chin and lip lines (?) i have eczema too and i constantly get white heads there, and especially bad dry skin around my nose. i could just be looking too close though :/

my skin has arguably been the worst since i hit puberty, and i know nothing about skincare. any help is appreciated

No. 151568

What's your skincare routine like? Are you moisturizing enough with the lotion that's made for your skin and eczema? Perhaps your skin's too dry and irritated, and that's making the redness worse.

No. 151576

using a toner every time i get out the shower, rose water or witch hazel depending how my skin is. exfoliating with sugar & honey. i dont really go out much because i work as a coder from home, so sun damage isnt a issue. i try to avoid lotions as i feel like it clogs my pores more and makes me break out ;_;. i also use the bioderma makeup remover to calm my skin down.

No. 151586

I second the idea of using a moisturizer. Look for a non-comedogenic option for eczema, like CeraVe. These are designed not to clog the pores.

Also, instead of using a sugar scrub which is a physical exfoliant that can damage and tear the skin/cause more irritation, I recommend a chemical exfoliant that will be more gentle. Perhaps one with BHA. See here: https://www.paulaschoice.com/skin-care-advice/exfoliants/which-bha-exfoliant-is-right-for-me

No. 151587

It seems like your skin is irritated and not moisturized enough! Like the other anon said, Cerave is a good choice but I personally found that some of the ingredients (like stearic acid) broke me out consistently during periods. If you want a pretty basic moisturizer, Sebamed Clear Face Gel is a good choice since it doesn't have any ingredients that clog my skin.(https://www.sebamedusa.com/sebamed-clear-face-care-gel) I have a cheaper link if you're interested!

No. 151667

witch hazel is strong and irritating, don't use it on sensitive skin. Same goes for mechanical exfoliants, don't use sugar or any scrubs. Of course your skin is dry if you don't moisturize. The easiest skincare is face cleansing product -> toner -> moisturizer. Other anons recs are good!

No. 151689

File: 1600351563881.jpg (27.09 KB, 590x350, Dry-skin-1161921.jpg)

Does this have any basis in reality? Or is it bs?

No. 151710


No. 151718

I got dairy face and haven't consumed dairy in 4 years, should I just kms?

No. 151727

I have diary face and I love pizza!

No. 151744

Wine face looks exactly like my rosacea on a bad day, and I don't even get the fun of being drunk lol

No. 151784

I got wine face even though i don't drink alcohol

No. 151803

How were you able to narrow it down to the stearic acid? Ingredient lists just read like a foreign language to me. Are there any websites that allow you to copy and paste an ingredient list and translate it into “simplified” terminology? Or websites that let you know if the ingredients in all of your products have the potential to interact negatively? It’s exhausting spending hours typing every single ingredient into google, doing research, and having each article contradict the previous one.

No. 151805

here ya go: >>145411
I posted that a while back. My skin is a bit annoying in the sense that things make my skin break out easily. A lot of people seemed to have problems with stearic acid so I checked my moisturizer in the site and noticed that it had a comedogenic rating of 2, which means it's probably going to fuck up my skin. After cutting that moisturizer out, my skin looks better other than hormonal acne on my chin (cry)

No. 151862

Any euroanons have a vitamin c serum they like and could recommend?
I want to keep my skincare routine in terms of cosmetics minimal and instead focus on diet and healthy lifestyle. Do any other anons do the same thing?
I was thinking of increasing my vitamin c intake and incorporating powder collaged into my diet.
I just want to postpone using strong acids on my face until I really have to and I don't like the idea of supporting the cosmetics industry. So I'd have a moisturizer, gentle cleanser and a vitamin serum as my essential skincare routine.

No. 151983

File: 1600546762482.jpg (51.26 KB, 1080x1080, fw2.jpg)

Is it alright to consider moisturizers optional? All I really use is pic related and sunscreen and moisturisers just make by skin look greasy imo

No. 151984

There's a cleansing lotion that I use by Simple, it's like a whitish lotion that you massage on gently with cotton wool. I find that since starting to use that I don't need moisturiser til the end of the day. Like you said I put sunscreen on in the morning too so moisturiser would feel like alot.

No. 151986

if you have oily skin it can be hard to find a moisturizer that works without feeling like it does nothing, or is too heavy. right now i've been breaking out consistently so i've cut out everything but my tea tree face wash once at night, just to see if my skin balances out by itself.
Anyone have any advice on moisturizers when you have hormonal acne (cystic) and tiny whitehead breakouts? I have some pretty bad surface dryness where my skin is delicate on top and flakes off, but a lot of oil deeper down causing problems

No. 151994

Is it okay to exfoliate my body with sugar + honey?

No. 151996

Physical exfoliation isn't preferable but if you don't have skin issues and your skin isn't sensitive, it's okay for your body. Stay away with the sugar from your face though.

No. 152000

Thanks anon! I'll do it once a month or maybe every two months or something like that. And of course, I used to exfoliate my face with sugar when I was younger just because the beauty influencer said it, jesus, never again

No. 152051

My current routine is:
-Micellar water
I've just bought the hyaluronic acid serum from The Ordinary. Do I need anything else? I was eyeing Paula's Choice AHA and BHA solutions, but I want to test the serum first in case it breaks me out.
I also wanted to start Differin or Retin-A for its anti-aging properties. Would it be too much? Considering I've already bought that hyaluronic acid serum.
As for Retin-A, do you anons know any site that sells it to the EU without prescription?

No. 152063

Retinol will fuck you up initially, but when your skin calms down you can use BHA or AHA. Depends on your individual sensitivity really. Just a tip, micellar water is for makeup removing, not cleansing your face. Micelles draw out makeup and dirt but they don't magically disappear from your face, so if you don't use any face-washing product afterwards a lot of the dirt stays on your skin, because water won't wash it all away. It's okay as first step in cleansing but you need to use some kind of facewas afterwards

No. 152065

Ah, damn. I've tried many cleansers but they all broke me out, some micellar waters too. Only this specific micellar water I'm using isn't causing any break out or issue. My skin is a sensitive little bitch, I'm afraid.
I should probably try out a cleanser from the same line as my moisturizer's, that's another product that never broke me out.
Thanks for the advices!

No. 152119

Which tea tree cleanser?

No. 152422

I'm going to try the hyaluronic acid + b5 serum from The Ordinary. I've patch tested it, but after drying up, the product I applied on my skin started peeling off… is it normal?

No. 152423

changed my birth control to yasmin and my face is already clearing up. i heard yaz was the go-to for the 'acne pill' but yasmin is apparently safer or some shit and it has the same ingredients.
pretty happy with that and some new moisturizer, would definitely reccommend looking at what birth control you're on if you get hormonal acne

No. 152439

didn't yaz cause a bunch of women's death or was that some other brand

No. 152444

probably either applied too much or the product didn’t absorb properly. HAs are meant to be applied on a wet face so the HA can suck up the water and bring it into your skin. how many drops are you using? I usually spritz my face with either a hydrating face mist (no actives) or water and pat a single drop over my whole face (very important to pat on the ordinary’s HA, or it will pill) until tacky, then wait until it’s almost dry before putting on my moisturizer.

No. 152445

Any dry skin anons here? I have the zema and with the weather changing to winter, my skin had been dryer and my eczema has been having a field day. Not even my usual combo of squalane oil and cerave moisturizer can quench my skin’s thirst. Anyone found a better way to bring nourishment and plumpness back to their dry skin? I’ve been looking at maybe trying elf’s new cbd oil but I’m thinking I should try something more water based.

No. 152449

fuck just looked it up, 8 have died due to blood clots. yeah the blood clot risk does increase. 15 on yasmin wtf. honestly i'll take the risk if my skin will fucking finally clear up, lord save me

No. 152450

straight up vaseline anon. i doubt its good for acne prone skin (although the company claims otherwise) but its the only thing that really helped my severe dry skin, i just stopped using it due to the acne risk

No. 152458

my mom rubs vaseline all over her face before bed every night and it gives me so much anxiety

No. 152460

I don't really get spots/acne anymore but I have really bad blackheads on my nose, pore strips don't help and I'm losing hope; I just wanna rip those bad boys out

No. 152461

Did you try chemical exfoliation? Regular use should help, pore strips are just temporary solution - if any, and it's not impossible that if you have sensitive skin you can be making the matters even worse with these.

No. 152462

oil cleansing and clay face masks. there’s an oil cleansing technique that involves oil cleansing once for a minute, then oil cleansing again for fifteen minutes. the massaging action is supposed to gently loosen sebum plugs and “blackheads” on your nose and other congested areas. use clay masks just to dry up those oilier areas and maintain cleaner and smaller looking pores.

No. 152464

Oh, makes sense. I used a single drop to patch test, though it was probably too much product, and I applied it on dry skin and just left it on without patting.

No. 152466

Anyone else have dry as fuck lips? I already drink a lot of water and have tried every drug store lip balm (chapstick, burt’s bees, EOS, etc) nothing helps or lasts very long. Even after constant reapplying, there’s not much difference.

Is there anything that really works? Prescription lip balm (lol)? Tired of this crackhead mouth.

No. 152468

Me too, what helps me is to put a lot of nivea cream (or whatever moisturizer you have) on my lips before I go to bed so it works all night. Of course also keep reapplying it throughout the day or use lip balm but the most important thing is to use it over the night, when I don't do that, my lips are dry no matter how many times I reapply during the day.

No. 152471

File: 1600951825263.jpeg (41.27 KB, 554x554, images.jpeg)

Blistex Medex is a lifesaver. I exfoliate my lips with a sugar scrub or a rough cheap toothbrush if theyre extra chapped and apply it before bed. You wake up with new lips in the morning. It does tingle a little bit but not unpleasantly.

No. 152472

I use Blistex Medplus, I'm 99% sure that's the same thing as >>152471 said. It's pretty much the only lipbalm that really actively does something for me besides just keeping the moisture in. I don't use it as a daily lipbalm personally but when I have a cold and my lips are dry and cracked this is what I use, it restores your lips overnight.

No. 152474

File: 1600953798306.jpg (35.72 KB, 750x718, Super-Aqua-Mild-Peeling-Gel-r2…)

I have dryish skin and couple things that helps me
>exfoliating before moisturizing because deadskin blocks your skin taking in moisture
I would avoid harsh exfoliants however. My current favorite is Missha Super Aqua Mild Peeling Gel. It contains essence so it moisturizes as well. It's mild enough that you can use daily but strong enough to remove flaky skin.
>Using oil to lock in moisture
So the reason vaseline works well is because of its moisture locking effect. You can create the same effect with oil somewhat. I do this before bed. I'd recommend adding a drop of tea tree oil to 10 drops of squalene oil you're using. Tea tree oil is good for dry skin among other things. (Do a patch test before tho)
>Using hydrating sheet masks
Sometimes i switch using my regular moisturizer to doing a sheet mask if i feel extra dry. I don't have a favorite most work well. It's a plus if you get one with hyaluronic acid. (I exfoliate before and lock with oil after with this too.)

No. 152475

Samefag i forgot to mention Rose water. Nothing fancy but I buy organic rose water and put it into a spray bottle and use it like a toner. It feels moisturizing and soothing. You can also apply it on top of your make up, during the day when you want refreshment etc.

No. 152478

Doesn't exfoliating typically make your skin drier?

No. 152479

Depends on the ingredients. I find most chemical exfoliants do. But if you have dry flaky skin your moisturizer doesnt go as deep. You can test if you need it it by exfoliating half your face and see if there is a difference. It might not be necessary for everyone but if you have flaky skin it definitely makes a difference.

No. 152486

try using a lip mask or vaseline at night. with a lip mask, just apply it straight to your lips. with vaseline, apply your favourite lip balm first, then use the vaseline in a light layer to seal in the moisturizing ingredients and prevent transdermal water loss. and exfoliate your lips! gently, I like to use a mix of honey and sugar since they’re both humectants and antibacterial.

No. 152504

File: 1600973861058.png (589.47 KB, 1000x1000, 8e731a7a5f4f3a29def1dd5df4ca8a…)

I actually tried this a while back, but unfortunately lanolin also seems to irritate my skin. Lip balms with lanolin give me a weird rash around my lips for some reason (I'm pretty sure it's the lanolin since I've experimented with these products a lot).

Do you like any particular lip masks? I tried this one from Sephora and it didn't do anything, my lips were even dryer in the morning. I also tried the lip masks with the physical sheet, the Sugar brand scrubs/balms, and the Sephora brand lip balm. The Sephora coconut lip balm is surprisingly not terrible, but needs to be reapplied way too much.

No. 152510

Has anyone used a product by Geek and gorgeous? I was thinking of ordering a few things from their site to test.

No. 152524

as long as she washes her face first anon, im sure she has nice skin

No. 152526

I've found them recently and have been hype as fuck about it. I like their active ingredient choices. I ordered the toner, retinal serum, and Azeclair serum and I've been using it for 2 weeks. Short time, but I can say everything is cosmetically elegant, very mild on my skin, and doesn't trigger my redness. The Ordinary really seems like a heap of shit in comparison. Retinal seems to have already started working too, without drying out my face. The only downside is the bottles are smaller than usual, except for the stuff with droppers.

No. 152531

are lanolin allergies common? I was thinking of getting that lip mask for my mother but her skin is somewhat sensitive and I wouldn't want to irritate it…

No. 152542

File: 1601001029104.jpeg (Spoiler Image,134.46 KB, 1280x960, CDA0CBFB-36B3-4BA2-8F23-EF0FA7…)

How do I get rid of Fordyce spots (more like patches) on my lips? The ones in the attached photo look very similar to mine - almost like my lips are slowly being drained of color.

Spoiler, just in case a close-up of a random dude’s mouth freaks anyone out.

No. 152592

Ah, thanks anon! I'm going to order similar products so that's nice to hear. My skin's sensitive (but I guess for a lot of people it is) so I hope it works in the same way as it does for you.

No. 152647

A few that I have tried are the Aritaum ginger sugar over night mask (really popular, on amazon), Mamonde calming hydro sleeping mask (not my fave consistency but nice enough, pretty sure they sell on yesstyle), (not k beauty but) Kiehl’s butter mask for lips (has mango butter, at sephora), or (not k beauty either) Summer fridays lips butter balm (has wax to act as an occlusive layer, at sephora)

No. 152777

sage for probably being a dumb question and the answer being 'it's just popular thats why its out of stock'

but I can't find the ordinary's salicylic acid 2% solution fucking anywhere in the uk and it's been this way for a couple of months. the only places that stock it seem sketch or are selling it with a ridiculous markup. are they phasing it out or working on a new formula or something else I don't know about. I really wanna try it

No. 153099

My skin looks alright. It doesn't have any spots of anything, aside from a few discoloured spot things on my forehead, but I don't think it looks particularly great or anything- What can I do to make my skin look great?

No. 153102

I've been looking for azelaic acid by the same brand and it's out of stock in all my usual go-to places. Could be that covid is slowing up distribution of their products?

No. 153110

Try some chemical exfoliation, like an AHA. It helps to smoothe out your skin, relieve texture, and gives you a nice glow. Remember to moisturize, and to patch test!

No. 153111

I'll try that. I can't into moisturiser since my skin is already a bit oily and moisturiser doesn't really do that much good for my face

No. 153112

Same, I bought Boots Ingredients Salicylic Acid for the time being, it doesn’t say what % it is though. The pump bottle is awful so I’ll switch to Revolution when it’s empty (which is 2%). Superdrug also has an own brand SA. All of these are a similar price point to The Ordinary

No. 153115

I still think you should moisturize your face, because AHAs can irritate and dry your skin, which leads to breakouts (I learned the hard way…). Look into a gel moisturizer since you have oily skin. It could be that your face is oily because you're not wearing moisturizer. Just something to be aware of!

No. 153117

Have any anons tried Mad Hippie? Just ordered a bunch of their serums, face cream and their night cream

No. 153127

I fee like moisturisers cause breakouts for me, if anything. I could try gel moisturisers if it won't give me breakouts

No. 153131

It could be that the ingredients don't mesh with your skin. I really like this moisturizer https://m.feelunique.com/p/Sebamed-Clear-Face-Care-Gel-50ml because its ingredients are simple and noncomedogenic. Really helped my skin out during a rough time. This link is the cheapest place I could find this lotion.

No. 153185

File: 1601346299335.png (536.58 KB, 962x538, 300243905654863.png)

ladies my fingers look like pic related – cracked and dry with peeling cuticles. how do i salvage them? they look and feel like such shit and with winter coming here it's just gonna get worse. what products have done the trick for you all?

No. 153187

Oil your cuticles, push them back and trim them, moisturise your hands regularly, file and buff your nails.
Brands don’t really matter right now since it looks like absolutely zero care is going on. Get a cheap vitamin e oil and some basic moisturiser. Stop biting them.

No. 153196

i find body shop hand creams to work really well for me. i especially like this shea butter intensive care one they have, and i feel like it works really well. the other anon is right though, focus more on basics first

No. 153217

So I wasn't sure which thread to ask this question in but I get strange pimple-ish things on my butt sometimes and don't know how to avoid that. They randomly appear all over my butt but it's most annoying when it's really deep in the crack. It looks like a tiny red pimple but it feels like this big, hard and sometimes painful lump under the skin. The weird thing is, these show up out of nowhere in an hour but they will also completely disappear in a day. Even though it feels like something that'll take weeks to heal it's always gone again just like that.
Is this normal? I figured it might be caused by underwear or something irritating the skin but have been unable to find any one cause.

No. 153234

I've been using the niacinamide serum by The Ordinary for almost a week. I'm quite happy with how much it improved my pores' appearance, but it doesn't seem to have done anything about the sebum excess situation. I'm just as oily as ever.
Is there anything that could help with that? I use a gel moisturizer and I've tried oils, serums, washing more often, washing less often, nothing ever changes. I'm at my wits' end.

No. 153236

have some patience anon, with actives like this you'll need at least a month to see if there's a difference or not

No. 153243

I was considering trying the revolution one but I read it's perfumed, like an old lady perfume someone said. I'm honestly so close to just shelling out for paula's choice again because it know it works with my skin. really want to try the ordinary one though, oh well I guess I'm waiting

hmm I suppose certain ingredients could be harder to source cause of covid. good point

No. 153259

File: 1601397791530.jpg (234.64 KB, 1080x1080, 1595470117479.jpg)

Oh, I noticed that my pores were looking smaller already since day two so I assumed it would show its effects early on. That's good to know, you're giving me hope kek

No. 153282

I haven’t been using it for long either and have noticed the same issue. Recently started taking oral niacin every day as well and I think it’s helped a bit. Idk though

No. 153596

I've been struggling with hormonal acne for seemingly years. Every month around my period my face erupts in acne around my nose and chin, only about once a month, so I'm pretty sure its hormonal based. I've come to the conclusion I can't really do anything to stop it from coming (Unless I go on some birth control or hormone blockers, which can open up other issues) but I need a way to deal with the painful acne under my nose. Its gross but I will get these huge cyst like pimples that appear under my skin and are painful. The only way I deal with them is basically scrapping them off with a razor Its not the healthiest way to deal with them but I don't really know what else to do. Does anyone suffer from anything similar and how do you go about dealing with it?

No. 153597

oh god the spoilered text WHAT THE FUCK anon, do you want to end up with acne leftovers for the rest of your life?
hormonal acne is a real bitch, I understand your frustration. honestly your best bet is going to a dermatologist, but in meantime you can try checking how actives will work on it; spot treatments with salicylic acid for example. but I beg you, DON'T remove them mechanically, you can mess yourself up beyond fixing

No. 153600


No. 153601

Christ on a bike anon, PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS. Have you seen a dermatologist??? You will end up with scarring and more irreversible damage to your skin if you do this :(

No. 153617

>>153601 >>153600 >>153597
Oh shit. I guess I should have specified. Not like a shaving razor, its one of those eyebrow razors. But if it's that bad I guess I'll stop. I kind of just use one side to drain the pus out if it's one of those white ones, not cut into my skin, because I can't stand the way they look and feel. And sometimes they come back after leaking, super gross. I've never been to a dermatologist because I guess I thought I didn't need to?

No. 153624

anon please go to a dermatologist, they completely cured my cystic acne and while it'd probably be a different treatment for hormonal if it's causing you this much discomfort you should do something about it

No. 153625

We don’t mean it in a bad way anon! Doing that must me super painful and will definitely cause more scarring and damage in the long run. I do recommend seeing a dermatologist. Or your doctor? Have you been on any medication for it? I don’t get acne, but my mum did when she was younger and was given meds for it IIRC.

No. 153626

I haven't seen a doctor in a while. I'm one of those types that doesn't see a doctor unless I have to. I thought I was managing it albeit in a (unhealthy) way. I feel like any medicines I get will mess up my hormones since that's the cause. My acne is pretty concentrated and not too bad besides the painful under the skin ones, I've seen people with worse all over their face all the time.

No. 153679

what are good skincare books? I'm tired of following nonsense promotors. just want a skincare bible if it exists.

No. 153692

Can anyone rec a good daytime moisturizer? I’ve been using Cetaphil oil control but it makes my face look kind of greasy, and I also used to use CeraVe but their day moisturizer pills up. I wouldn’t mind getting something from a beauty store if I knew what’s worth checking out

No. 153697

File: 1601678825609.jpg (106.72 KB, 750x1334, dl1gkyyakrd11.jpg)

Passing by to thank the anon who once recommended me to get the niacinamide + zinc serum by The Ordinary.
I had pores like pic related on forehead, nose and cheeks, and I felt so bad about it that I was thinking of getting laser. Then I remembered one anon's post, said fuck it, let's try that serum, and after only a week it smoothed the fuck out of my pores, just like that. After a couple of days it already shrunk my nose pores, then cheeks', now forehead's too. I was ready to see little to no improvement because I didn't believe it possible and the serum is quite cheap too, but it worked like magic.
So wherever you are anon, thank you.

No. 153703

neutrogena hyaluronic acid with sunscreen. My holy grail and I currently use an innisfree sunscreen moisturizer for higher protection, but as soon as I’m out I’m going back. My skin in spring and early summer adored it and I shouldn’t have stopped using it.

warm neutral pink and gold.

Does anyone have any tips or methods to completely fuck up my skin to nearly the point of burning it but not completely? I have so much underlying active acne on my chin and around my jawline and I don’t know if it’s hormonal but I do know I want it gone ASAP. I’ve been dealing with it for nearly a month so it doesn’t seem to actually be related to my period. Is putting on an aha mask from the ordinary for 2 times a week a good idea? I know I’m pushing it but I’m really desperate.

Do any anons have experience with the ordinary’s salicylic acid? I want to incorporate it into my routine but I use tret and the instructions say not to mix, but I want to use the acid in the day time since the tret is only for at night. If this doesn’t work I fear I’m going to be put on a stronger dosage.

Not on my nose but on my chin and all the way to my neck. I want to pick them with needles :(

No. 153717

File: 1601694292436.jpg (96.76 KB, 1157x716, Pigments.jpg)

Any anons can recommend a good face serum that actually works to clear up skin pigmentation from acne and sun exposure? Or do I have to bite the bullet and fork out the dough to visit a dermatologist to get rid of em?

I also have lots of skin pigmentation/dark spots all over my body. Somehow these dark spots started to appear in quite a number all over my body the last one to two years. Is there a specific soap I can use to get rid of them?

No. 153718

Your post gives me hope. I ordered the same product a couple days ago and I am praying for anything to help my skin out. I'm so happy it worked out for you anon!

No. 153758

File: 1601736729043.png (1.77 MB, 1080x1082, 1591213289195.png)

Thanks anon! Browsing through skincare subs I had always felt disheartened reading that "nothing can shrink your pores, only expensive laser treatments can", yet this serum shrunk mine? I've been looking closely and they look about 1/3 of what they used to be. It's not just that they "appear" smaller, they really aren't as wide and deep as they used to be. I don't know how else to describe it.
I hope it'll help you too! Remember to apply it with a damp face, and pat it in instead of spreading it. I've been using it once a day in the morning, as in the evening I'm using the hyaluronic acid serum from the same brand, but according to instructions you can use it in the evenings too. Good luck!

No. 153828

Bumping my own post here. What do you redditors think of carolin hirons book?

No. 153829

I would recommend not going overboard with actives because you’re just gonna fuck up your moisture barrier and you’ll be even worse off

No. 153837

File: 1601778379128.jpg (14.01 KB, 328x328, 9ec43b90699220b485486681362e7c…)

Does anyone else get hormonal breakouts? Not sure if I have a hormone problem but every time my period is due I have actually an insane change in personality to the point I don't think it's normal "mood swings", I'm going full on psycho, and migraines that last a week + acne everywhere.

I've been using different stuff from "The Ordinary" mostly rose hip/retinol, I don't think it is helping much. I have the red flat pimples on the cheeks mostly.. but recently I'm getting those huge under the skin bumps that don't go down no matter what. On chin/nose/ears/cheeks. They really hurt. Do you think they are stress related or hormone? Maybe too much sugar? I've been drinking green tea because I heard it helps with balancing hormones..

No. 153845

have you been tested for premenstrual dysphoric disorder? severe mood swings during periods and the physical symptoms you're speaking of are often brought to a gyne's office.
> getting those huge under the skin bumps that don't go down no matter what. On chin/nose/ears/cheeks.
Perhaps cystic acne? I get one single cystic pimple on my chin every single period I get. The rest you described of migraines, it may be connected to stress or a vitamin deficiency? But that's only an armchair guess. I have a similar response as well, and I had an iron deficiency before. For right now, I'd recommend birth control but a lot of farmers on /g/ have spoken about how they dislike bc. It's up to you, this sounds like a shitty situation and I'm sorry.

No. 153849

I have a scalp infection that’s also caused what I believe to be fungal acne. It’s even infecting my eyebrows and making them red and inflamed. Inb4 I’m a dirty bitch - I took in a stray cat and I believe he gave me ringworm. Does anyone have anything that could be useful for clearing up my skin and scalp? Because of COVID it’s almost impossible to get a doctor to look or help where I live. I’m in a deep depression because of this, all of my hair is falling out too

No. 153851

Yep. There's no cure for this unless you want to fuck up your body and mind even more with birth control or antidepressants. I notice I don't get as nasty PMS if I'm not super stressed out shorty before I get my period. PMDD is definitely not a thing in itself and goes hand in hand with other mental disorders like depression and anxiety. Once you get that shit under control, the PMDD gets better.

No. 153970

Fucking did it. Successful sugaring paste recipe that no one asked for:

1 cup organic cane sugar
1/4c tap water
1/4c apple vinegar
The vinegar is from an asian grocery store, so I don't know the difference between it and apple cider vinegar or if there even is one. Your house will reek, be forewarned.
Prep up a clean jar that is microwave safe and set it aside.
Put all of the ingredients in a tall pot that isn't too wide.
Turn the stovetop to medium heat and whisk until combined, put the utensil in the sink and pick up a new one for later. If you reintroduce the sugar from a different stage, supposedly it can fuck up your batch.
I used a candy thermometer and made sure to not touch the bottom. Get the temp to 245°F and remove from the heat. Let it cool a little and transfer to the jar. I left the lid off a little to let the heat escape.
After it's completely cooled you can take a pinch, roll it, and smooth it out against the grain of hair you want to sugar. Smooth it out a couple of times to get it to stick to all the hair, then pull your skin taught and pull in the direction of hair growth

No. 153975


I have PMDD and two things have helped make it significantly better:

-my one time taking PlanB 8 years ago ( Note:I have never taken BC.)

-cutting out dairy and processed foods , esp sugary foods

On the subject of green tea, I've drank basically nothing but 2-3 cups of green tea everyday for the last 12 years, simply because it's my favorite drink and I really don't like any drinks besides the occasional orange juice. When I go the deli I always take the Tea's Tea/Ito-Ten brand of cold tea with zero additives. I believe the hype about it being anti-inflammatory and anti-aging because I look much younger then either of my parents at my age despite being a smoker at one point and I still have a extremely fast metabolism despite every other "skinny" relative of mine gaining weight after 27-29 (yeah I'm oldfarmer). A lot of studies have been done on japanese peoplewho live to 100 with relativwely intact health and pretty much all of them reported a lifetime of drinking green tea.

No. 153983

congrats! I really want to try this serum now, I keep hearing such great things about it. I have huge pores on my nose and cheeks and I hate them. just need to find out if I can use it with the salicylic acid 2% solution… once I manage to find it in stock somewhere

nice! thanks anon, may try this at some point

No. 153996

Can someone please recommend a good dermaroller or microneedling pen? I don’t have a ton of money to fuck around with, but I need something high quality

No. 153998

I’m 25 and suddenly growing fucking fine hairs on my upper lip and jawline. I’m also having small acne bumps everywhere (not cystic or big), is this a sign that I have too many androgens or pcos? I don’t take BC but maybe I should. How tf do I lower my testosterone for better skin, I’m freaking the fuck out. I’ve had porcelain skin my whole life until this year

No. 154001

Oops forgot to mention my jawline/sideburn peach fuzz, like wtf is going on with my body and skin. I have regular periods so could it really be pcos, and how do I save my goddamned face from all of this? Want to die

No. 154002

Not sure what is expensive for you… I use the Dr. Pen brand which is $130 with cartridges (https://www.amazon.com/Professional-Microneedling-Wireless-Electric-Cartridges/dp/B07J468Y9N). Imo not bad at all considering microneedling in office is several hundred a pop. If you're really stretched for cash then you can just get a regular roller, they can be as cheap as $15. Look for something that's made from stainless steel. There's really nothing that fancy about them, the most important thing you're looking for is durability and sterility, which is partly on you using proper prep. Bunch of info here: https://simpleskincarescience.com/dermarolling

No. 154017

If nothing has changed with your periods, there's likely not really anything detrimental going on. If you're concerned you can have a hormone panel run. Hirsuitism from androgen issues comes through more dark and in unfortunate, tumblr art-tier places on your body

No. 154612

I feel like I should just give up on finding a retinol/retinoid, getting that shit if you live in Europe is just too difficult, plus apperantly pairing it up with other suitable products is also tricky. I think it's kind of a fad that suddenly everybody pushes? "Don't do this just use tret, don't use eye cream just dab a little tret,…" I've been building up an asian beauty routine and amongst both japanese and korean products retinol basically doesn't exist (sometimes in extremely small doses) and yet people usually have great results with that. Is retinol/retinoid really so much better than an x-step moisturizing routine with vitamin c and whatnot?

No. 154645

It's not a fad, unfortunately for those of us without prescriptions. It's the most effective skin product for reversing/preventing aging aside from sunscreen and has plenty of science to back it up. But it's not like you absolutely have to use it or you'll turn into a wrinkled old hag, and it does come with it's own difficulties like sun sensitivity and not combining well with other products.

But yeah I'm still kicking myself for wasting the prescription I got for it after finishing accutane years ago, I didn't realize how good it is and never really used it.

No. 154661

I'm in the EU aswell and know how frustrating it can be that you can't get a lot of things here without a prescription (and derms unwilling to prescripe it to you) while abroad you can just find it at the drugstore. But recently I was reading up on ketoconazol (an anti-fungal (acne) agent). In the US and other places you can freely purchase it as Nizoral shampoo at the drugstore, while here you can't get it without a prescription. In the EU it was banned from drugstores about a decade ago because it can cause liver failure… Another one that comes to mind is hydroquinone (reduces dark spots from acne). You can get it over the counter in the US, but you can't get it here (and Japan, Aus and other places) without a prescription because it's safety can't be guaranteed, it's linked to causing cancer.

Those are good reasons to ban those ingredients. I don't know what the reason is that we can't get a higher percentage retinol cream here in the EU without a prescription, but there must be a good reason for it? I tried googling it but for some reason I couldn't find it. I think it's no secret that the EU is generally stricter when it comes to citizen's health and safety than the US.

No. 154836

I guess I can't consume sugar and bread made with white flour if I don't want to have rosacea and shitty hair. I've been eating nothing but eggs, veggies, fruits and tuna for the last 2 months and the redness on my nose and cheeks basically disappeared, I didn't even have to use any creams prescribed by my dermatologist. I was craving some sweet coffee and only after 5 DAYS of drinking it I have red shit on my nose. This is probably a dumb question, but if IT depends on a diet so strongly and I was able to almost get rid of it without any medicine, does that mean it's not genetic in my case?

No. 154865

Was it always like this? Maybe you're just allergic?

No. 155006

Has anyone here taken accutane for mild, persistent (adult) acne? I'm considering it because I've had acne since I was 12 or so and have had cycles of great to shitty skin. I'm 26 now and I still get acne, especially around my chin due to hormones. My skin isn't terrible and can look and has looked really good if all the conditions are right ie. use the right products, sleep a lot, never stressed etc, but there never is such an ideal condition. When I get hormonal breakouts, none of the topical treatments work and I am left with PIE/PIH. I tried exfoliating with AHA, retinoids/retin a (which gave me unpredictable results…), but nothing prevents those cystic spots and nothing subsides them other than time and a lot of tears. I do not want to take birth control since I'm volcel and don't want to fuck around with hormones. It's affecting my self-esteem pretty hard and I have come pretty close to cancelling plans with friends because of this. I have read about the side effects and the regular blood tests I have to do, but to me, it's worth it if it means I'll hate my disgusting face a little less.

No. 155007

Oh, and diet/exercise does not seem to affect my skin. I've had the shittiest diet, no exercise but the best skin, and vice versa.

No. 155013

Have you considered spironolactone? I've heard it can be good for hormonal acne and isn't bc.

No. 155047

I haven't, but it could be a gentler solution before deciding to use accutane. Have you used spiro before?

No. 155328

any dollar store/drugstore/otherwise cheap and inexpensive products you like? i want to take better care of my skin but have no idea where to start and not enough money to mess around with pricey things that might irritate my skin anyways

No. 155334

simple is a pretty good brand for the price, also the ordinary

No. 155340

File: 1602792704142.jpg (9.86 KB, 400x480, download.jpg)

The Ordinary is great, as is CeraVe, gruum or however you spell it has really nice cheap sunscreen.

No. 155470

anyone have any favourite HA serums? i use TO’s HA serum + B5 but I’m not sure if it’s as effective as it could be.

No. 155494

File: 1602908011135.jpeg (92.09 KB, 1000x1000, A9D473AD-A512-4F40-9366-E90C67…)

I use the hada labo one and I like it but I can’t compare it to the ordinary as I’ve never used that

No. 155538

damn anon I have the same issue. I've had tests and have high androgens/testosterone, I don't have pcos though, maybe you do have a hormonal imbalance like me?

I wish there was an easy way to lower these male hormones. from my research I've read these things can help (though I can't say they've helped me since I've only tried implementing the flaxseeds into my diet so far)

pure organic spearmint tea several times a day
ground flaxseeds
raw almonds (can boil them or soak them. do not use dry roasted)
make sure your vitamin d levels are in good shape

I watched a video from a woman who had managed to lower her testosterone levels and she did it with a combo of the above things, mainly the spearmint tea though. apparently she drank it several times a day.

No. 155582

Sorry for the crackhead ask, anons.. im drunk in my moms bathroom - but would tigerbalm (camphor) salve mixed with a carrier oil (like coconut?) be an effective way to get your face to produce collagen in response to the hot/cool stimulation of nerve endings? Is this insane ? I know that tigerbalm can be used to reduce stretch marks, but I dont want to throw caution to the wind and go putting it on my face. I found an article from 2018 that said camphor can improve collagen, so - thoughts ?

No. 155605

Sorry to hear, but it’s a relief I’m not alone
So far I’ve added spearmint tea already, along with stinging nettle tea, flaxseed supps, vitamin d, zinc, and iron… cut out all processed food, most breads/gluten, added exercise, fish, veggies, smoothies… quit caffeine, and I’m asking my doc for spiro to lower androgens lol

My testosterone test results came back on the low end of normal, but I’m now paranoid about it.

No. 155785

I’ve never seen an anti aging product with camphor so I’d say it wouldn’t work

No. 155821

I'm using the same serum from the ordinary and I also think that it's not very effecfive.
Make sure to use it properly though to try to make the most out of it, you have to apply it while your face is still wet and then apply an oclusive before it dries.
Some of my friends love the hyalu b5 serum from la roche posay, and I'm planning to try that one once I run out of this one.

No. 156423

If you want collagen stimulation either take Vitamin C every day or use a Vitamin C serum, I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to apply tiger balm on your face

No. 157071

Anons… I'm only 20 but I have a fine line from my nose to the corner of my mouth (nasolabial folds?) just on my left side. I assume it's from sleeping so I'm trying to sleep on my back, but after I smile/laugh I can see it (when I'm serious) and it drives me crazy. I cleanse, moisturize and wear spf, will retin-a help me? It's not a deep line at all, but at least I found it noticeable

No. 157075

Nasolabial folds are caused by bone structure and general fullness of the face, aka no amount of skincare is going to fix them, your face is probably slightly assymetrical or one side has less fat than the other.

No. 157083

Now that you've mentioned it, my left side is more assymetrical and has more fat. So, I guess there isn't much to do about it but continue with a good skincare to prevent more of that. thanks!

No. 157116

File: 1603913079901.jpeg (102.75 KB, 1500x1500, 520704b2-4c9d-47bb-bc2c-ee79ec…)

My TO order just came and I got the niacinamide + zinc serum so I'm very excited about your results anon. Do you use it AM and PM or only once a day?

No. 157128

I'm using it only AM, thought if you don't have any other actives I guess you can use it twice a day! Just make sure to start slow - maybe twice a week - because a lot of people report they needed to let their skin get used to it otherwise they'd get irritation and breakouts.

No. 157159

Do any fellow skincare anons have a fucked up sleep schedule? I end up sleeping at 4am a lot of days and I have to wake up at 8-10am. I feel like going through my whole PM routine only to wash everything off in a few hours is a waste of product so I skip it pretty often. Do you guys know if it's okay to do your PM routine a few hours before actually going to bed?

No. 157163

Why wouldn't it be ok? It's not like sleep in itself is the triggering factor to make the products work, afaik the main point of a night routine is that it doesn't account for sun exposure and you can use heavier products without looking greasy all day. I do mine after I shower even if it's only like 5pm.

No. 157462

What does vitamin e actually do?

No. 157489

Honestly try to fix your sleeping schedule if you can because getting good sleep is so important for your skin. You can't compensate getting just a few hours of sleep on a regular basis long term with slapping on some moisturizer every day.

No. 157553

How many times a day should I moisturise? How many times a week should I cleanse?
I think I have combination, acne-prone skin.
My cleanser is the hydrating cleanser from CeraVe and my moisturiser is the moisturising lotion from CeraVe too if it helps.

No. 157559

AM and PM should be more than enough! are these two all you use in your skincare overall?

No. 157596

Yep! I have a new facial sunscreen coming on the way if that counts.

No. 157656

Usually people cleanse and moisturize twice a day, AM and PM. I've seen some people with drier skin skip the morning cleanse and only rince with water though.

No. 157682

what are the best way to get rid of blackheads on nose
get rid of dark elbows and knees
skin exfoliate for entire body
kp or the strawberry legs shit
also skin bleaching/whitening products i hate being dark and wanna be lighter
ik its a lot but i have lots of issues ,,

No. 157687

You need a therapist not a skin routine

No. 157690

File: 1604196596343.jpeg (67.69 KB, 1000x1000, 00AA5F40-3B2A-4AD8-A50F-49359A…)

This helped me with kp, or you could look for any cream with exfoliating acids. Also stop trying to lighten your skin

No. 157692

For KP try exfoliating as well as a SA acid cream or lotion
I also have dark elbows and knees and they suck but sometimes their just genetics if not you can try a hydroquinone paulas choice makes one i've been using and it has lighten them up a bit but also don't over exfoliate them cause it can sometimes make it worse. Don't bleach or lighten your skin its not worth the damage its does to your skin and being unable to stand in the sun for more then a couple minutes without damaging even more is deff not worth it.

No. 157704

Vanicream moisturizer got rid of kp for me. For the skin lightening, I'd suggest working on accepting yourself.

No. 158078

I read somewhere that slathering Vaseline on your face before sleep is really good for preventing wrinkles. What do you anons think? I don't mind Vaseline, I just hate applying it.

No. 158095

Blocked pores and a greasy stained pillowcase though.. I couldn't

No. 158117

I doubt it would prevent wrinkles because vaselines not going to stop you from losing collagen and stuff but if you have dry skin it could be useful

No. 158225

I think it's used to "seal" your pm routine and form a barrier ao you don't lose water in the skin to the air but that's it. It won't prevent wrinkles by itself and there are some better occlusive products to seal it all in.

No. 158246

Vaseline cannot "block" or clog pores, it's not small enough on a molecular level.
It works as an occlusive to lock in moisture. Thing is, you have to put moisture in your skin first. It doesn't add any moisture, it simply puts a nice blanket over it and helps it not dissipate

No. 158278

Ah ok. I just knew that when I use it on my lips im not a fan of the oily feel of it, stays greasy and just sits there. It never by itself helps dry lips all that much (so what you explained makes sense) but it's sold like its a stand alone product for adding moisture.

No. 158340

is there a way to avoid getting little whiteheads after waxing your upper lip? Doesn't matter what I do, after a few days after I break out horribly on that zone.

No. 158379

cleanse your skin before waxing and apply a light toner afterwards to close the pores. try not to touch the area too much for a few hours until the skin had time to calm down. hope it helps!

No. 158420

I cleanse before doing it, but didn't think about the toner. I'll try that next time, thanks anon!

No. 158757

Any tips for hormonal breakouts? preferably natural remedies?

No. 158775

Spearmint tea seems to help me

No. 158791

I’ve been taking a spearmint supplement that helps a ton. I order it online and its super cheap on the swanson health products website (dont use amazon)

No. 158876

Is it true that some cleansers can make your acne worse before it gets better? How much acne is normal for an 18 year old to have?

No. 158880

If they have actives (AHA/BHA) in it then yes, otherwise no. Look up purging.

Also the amount of acne depends from person to person. I've known people who at that age had no acne at all, perfect skin while still sleeping with makeup on and eating like shit while others were on perscription stuff for acne and still looked like pizza faces.

You just have to find what works for you, which is hard, yes, but very worth it once you figure out a routine.

No. 158910

if a cleanser makes your acne worse, it can either mean you're purging as the anon above said or it's too stripping for your skin. if a cleanser makes your skin feel squeaky clean, tight or irritated, its generally not a good sign. make sure that your cleanser is gentle.

as for purging, besides acids, cleansers with benzoyl peroxide can also cause that.

No. 158925

Yes, you should also pay attention to basic ingredients and products in the cleaner. If you have oily or big pores you should avoid oils in your skincare. Not to mention, you can over do it with the harshness of the cleaner or you could be not correctly treating your skin problems. If anything, if you do use a harsh cleanser then you would need to have something to moisturize your skin to make it stable and not dried out.
So basically, products with oil in them can cause further acne while harsh products will cause dry skin then your skin will be overly oily making more acne.
Also keep in mind, the type of water you clean your face with too can be a bad pair for your cleanser.

Acne is normal for adults especially women in early 20's. The normal amount is like less than 10 at once but it depends on the size and type that would raise concern or if you have a severe case then yeah it would be bad too.

Cleansers should not make your skin worse for long period of time(more than a month), that is never a good sign. Cleansers aren't medicine so there isn't a need for extreme reactions. If you get a reaction that is extreme from a cleanser don't use it.
Before you rule out cleanser as first to blame keep in mind if you are a female, the time of your cycle, hormones (birth control), diet, and other factors in your life could be causing an out break at the same time.

No. 159471

Is there a product that decreases overall sebum production?

No. 160441

File: 1605805122449.gif (80.05 KB, 220x220, tenor.gif)

not sure where to put this, but anyone here dealing with butt acne? i seem to be getting pimples that i cant pop down there a lot and honestly its really emberassing.
ive tried using topical antifungals which didnt work, so its not fungus i assume.
i dont sit on my ass nearly as much as i used to anymore due to my job, so its not the sweat and pressure, also my underwear isnt even touching the spots that it appears at.
perhaps its that i wear warm thighs underneath my work clothes (nurse) and my ass cant breathe? i eat pretty well and my skins clear. im a little overweight at 150 at 5ft8

No. 160442

I think weight can really play into it. I wasnt obese before but being overweight did seem to be the problem for me as well when it can to butt acne. Try out some more different acne body washes and I'd even say try rubbing some castor oil on your booty. That stuff really works like magic when it comes to preventing acne. I really hope you can find a solution anon!

No. 160445

Niacinamide, because its a B vitamin you can take it as a supplement and it may help your skin too.

No. 161694

Will bleaching body hair (stomach, thighs, back) cause any skin damage like wrinkling or discoloration in the long run?

Also are all bleaches equal or are those fruit and hydrogen peroxide ones less damaging?

No. 161734

I have really pale lips, is there anything I can do to bring some color to them? I don't have any health issue, they're just really pale. I always have to put on lipstick before going out, or I'll look sick.

No. 161739

Do you happen to have long hair anon? A few years ago I was using rich conditioner and hair treatments that made my lower back/butt break out because the ends of my hair rested on it and it took forever to figure out why, but I got instant results once I changed to lighter formulas. Also, if you sleep naked wash your sheets weekly, and engage ez mode by buying a bunch of pretty top sheets and changing it every day; that got rid of my general body acne completely.

No. 161767

File: 1606774547952.jpg (154.5 KB, 700x1200, bb.jpg)

burt's bees tinted lip balm

No. 161784

I have them too anon, I'll try applying skin booster injections, they're not expensive and you can take them on botox clinics. The skin booster revitalizes the skin inside out and also boost collagen.

No. 161785

Also, skin booster injections are not fillers, they are like skin vitamin and collagen shots applied directly under the skin. The needles are so thin theat it baraly hurt at all.

No. 163191

Have any of you had acne only pop up in the same spot and never break out anywhere else? I have had constant acne on my cheek and forehead for 4 years. Its always red like I got slapped. Sometimes there will be a white head in the redness. I think I got the acne from my hat and from my pillow. No matter how much I wash my face or drink water or change and wash my pillow cases the acne stays consistent which is why I think its really deep rooted. Is there a way to get rid of deep rooted acne without a dermatologist?

No. 163198

File: 1607908085762.jpg (160.44 KB, 1000x1000, Mossa-Derma-Calming-Moisture-C…)

Has anyone here used mossa products before and did you like them? I want to try this, I have combo skin with big pores and have ditched base makeup besides powder and spf, so I like moisturizers for sensitive skin. I am open to hear fellow combo big pore bitches recommendeds though!

No. 163207

no. anything more than really mild, tiny zits is likely hormonal and you should see a derm about it. usually acne is not actually caused by outside factors esp if it's deep like that

No. 163215

Has anyone here had notable success using a jade roller or gua sha? I purchased both and the roller feels really nice first thing in the morning but I don't know if it's actually draining any liquid or improving circulation.

No. 163218

define "success"? it can make your face look a little fresher if used properly but it's certainly not "anti-aging" or anything

No. 163227

Anon, they don't actually do anything, it's just a marketing gimmick. You might as well stroke your face with a spoon

No. 163249

I hope you didn't get one of those 20-30 euro a piece ones that are identical to the ones you can get for less than 5 on aliexpress

No. 163349

tbh you can just massage your face using your fingers/hands. it can help improve circulation but nothing dramatic. just keep using it when you can if its pleasant but most stuff like that are gimmicks.

No. 163553

How come one half of my face is baby smooth and the other half is sandpaper-like even though I wash both sides equally? What's weirder is that I don't even sleep on the rougher side, nothing touches it yet it ends up like that.

No. 163554

Could be from sun damage, truck drivers and shit get super wrinkly on the driver side of their face.

No. 163617

Is there any way to make skin thicker? I have super thin, almost scaly skin under my eyes, really sucks cause I think my face would be cute if my undereyes didn't look so beat up all the time.

No. 163669

Using a Vitamin C serum promotes collagen growth and it thickens the skin. I had super thin skin as well (when I was around 22 my esthetician told me that my skin is as thin as a 45 year old's) and now, after years of using a Vitamin C serum, it's much thicker to the touch

No. 163670

samefag, the one that I use is 15%, anything below that didn't really do anything for me

No. 163671

I used my TO retinol serum yesterday night and I forgot to twist the cap back on it to close it. It was open the whole night. Is it still potent after all that time or should I throw it away? Fuck me and my ADHD brain

No. 163684

Which brand do you use?

No. 163691

File: 1608387333394.jpg (184.79 KB, 1950x1950, wp-159538027595166131308614632…)

It's a local brand, I don't think you heard of it

No. 163696

I constantly have a runny nose due to allergies and shit air quality and just being sensitive to touching my nose, so when I put on skincare or makeup I just keep wiping it off constantly because I have to blow or wipe my nose. What do :(

No. 163700

Anon, I had the same issue until I switched to dermato-cosmetics like Bioderma or Vichy. More expensive but I dont have to reapply as much and they last me longer. Have you tried?

No. 163720

Every time I wash my face I get sunscreen in my eyes, I don't open my eyes until I'm done washing so how do I stop this

No. 163730

Maybe you can clean it with a cotton pad and toner? Or a makeup remover. I also have that problem sometimes and I do that, then I wash my face as usual

No. 163761

Bumpity bump

No. 164275

Does anyone else here not “wash” their face? I literally cant use a cleanser every day or my skin freaks out and i break out. I dont wear makeup so i just use water in the shower and then rosehip oil after. Idk anyone else who is literally unable to use cleanser, i feel like its weird but its the only thing that keeps my skin clear

No. 164278

A lot of people just cleanse with water, if it works for you that’s fine, no point in adding anything unnecessary.

No. 164279

I've heard that being a thing with quite a few people. My oily clogged skin could never, consider yourself very lucky!

No. 164286

guess who’s allergic to squalane? this bitch. both olive and sugar cane derived squalane break me out in itchy hives. it’s supposed to be this holy grail for dermatitis but no one tells you that if your skin barrier is compromised that squalane can actually make it worse. what makes it worse is that I CANNOT escape the squalane hype. it’s in fucking EVERYTHING now, especially prevalent in products marketed for repairing skin barriers and eczema relief. this is what hell is and it’s being boiled alive in a cauldron of squalane oil.

No. 164304

No. 164309

Also, thanks anon. You just sent me down a completely unexpected spree of purchasing. I picked up some hyaluronic acid serum, a .25 dermaroller, and Ordinary 100% squalane. My skin has looked like shit since I started stress vaping, so hopefully this will help along with quitting on New Years.

No. 164620

I wouldn’t trust this website with anything. just a brief scroll through the link you gave and they have elf’s holy hydration cream as somehow squalane free when I can confirm it is definitely not. thanks but no thanks, i know how to shop for myself and i do it better than some gimmicky website.

No. 164621

just quit vaping. you clearly don’t need all that shit if your skin only got bad after you started vaping. maybe think instead of nuking your skin and wasting your money.

No. 164627

>>164620 is right. Please don't rely on this as your only source for ingredients if you have an allergy or sensitivity. As a celiac I try to avoid gluten in the products I use* and they list soooo many things as being gluten free that aren't. It can be a good place to start, but they are absolutely not a comprehensive guide at all.

* Yes, I know that people with celiac don't react topically to gluten, I just touch my face and put everything in my mouth like a dumbass and cross contaminate myself on the regular. If you're celiac and want to put gluten lotion on your face, then do it. IDK if anyone here's going to lecture me on that shit, but I get it anytime I ask gluten-free spaces for recs on gluten free skincare and it's the absolute worst.

No. 164717


I wonder whats the reason for it tho. Why do some people have to wash their face everyday and some don't have to ever?

No. 164742

File: 1609079397074.png (113.91 KB, 573x476, Screenshot 2020-12-27 at 15.25…)

Genetics. Or: Inflammation levels, sebum production, skin bacteria and cytokines which is just another way of saying genetics and environmental factors.

Not saying you can't look like a genetically lucky person if you put in the effort, but whether you have to put in effort while others can sleep with a full face of make up and still have perfect skin is outside your power.

(I know, the screenshot is about acne, not sebum production per se, but you get the idea…)

No. 164843

A few years ago I started taking care of my skin, double cleansing and moisturizing with gentle products and using a couple actives. My skin was so beautiful I stopped wearing makeup. But for the past year I've constantly been breaking out along my neck, jaw, and cheeks, mostly pustules and some cysts. They can take up to a week and a half to heal and they leave dark marks even though I don't pick at my skin. The worst part is that I get them all month long, not only around my period. I'm careful about protecting the skin barrier, I exfoliate with the cerave retinol serum 2-3 times a week, use sunday riley's vit c serum every other day, use pimple patches to cover blemishes. I eat a healthy balanced diet, drink plenty of water and regularly exercise. Yet on average, I have about 3-5 minor to moderately sized blemishes in my problem areas at a given time. I take good care of myself and my skin, so I'm at a complete loss of what to do. I'm entering my late 20s and I'm sick of feeling embarrassed by the condition of my skin. Can anyone relate? Could this be an entirely hormonal problem if new blemishes are appearing almost everyday?

No. 164849

It could still be a hormonal problem, especially since you said its mostly the lower half of your face. Do you eat dairy, or soy? Both have hormones and estrogen that can cause problems.

No. 164855

I eat small amounts of cheese and sugar on most days, not much soy though. I also have mild hirsutism, and noticed that removing hair (I use tweezers) often causes a blemish to form in its place regardless of how clean I keep my skin. I doubt I have PCOS because other than hormonal acne and some excess hair I don't have any of the other symptoms, and my period is very regular.

No. 164932

Anons, which drugstore sunscreens are good for acne-prone skin? I noticed that my drugstore has a huge sale on their sunscreens, but i don't know which one to pick.

No. 164945

The only one that doesn't break me out is biore

No. 164956

Do you wear a mask?

No. 164963

I use a Nivea one, it's good

No. 165100

Just got this and it feels very mild on my face, doesn’t make me red or irritated and it absorbs very quickly. I could imagine this doing well before foundation as it’s not greasy or oily at all, there is a faint smell though. Kinda wanna try the serums as well!

No. 165106

Not very often, when I do they're clean. I wash my pillowcases regularly and don't touch my face either. I rarely even wear makeup. I think I have a hormonal imbalance because my face gets a bit oily throughout the day and my scalp gets oily around the third day after washing. I just wanna know why? It seemed to happen so randomly. I developed all this hyperpigmentation on my cheeks and the side of my face because of these breakouts and it makes me feel so low. I decided to stop using actives for a month and focus on hydration in case it's a skin barrier problem.
When my skin was at its best, I was using an exfoliating toner by lancome and a light moisturiser, but I dropped the toner because it contained alcohol denat. Thinking about giving it another shot in the future for old times sake.

No. 165152

This is such cow-like behavior but does anyone else do period blood masks once monthly? I swear it makes a big difference

No. 165179

does it help with skin dryness? i'm desperate at this point and i'll try anything

No. 165185

I’m on my period and I want to die about this. I hate to be ringing in the New Year with this on my mind. What even is the benefit? Surely nothing you couldn’t achieve with traditional skincare.

No. 165274

>period blood masks
Sure, but only after I removed my sperm mask. Seriously, who the fuck came up with this?? Disgusting

No. 165277

If your skin is dry, look for these ingredients in moisturizers: glycerin, hyaluronic acid, sodium hyaluronate, aloe, panthenol, gluconolactone, propylene glycol, urea (this is really good, the higher the percentage, the better) and alpha-hydroxy acids. After using a moisturizer, you could apply a layer of Vaseline. It helps lock in the moisture

No. 165278

samefag. Also, avoid products with denatured alcohol in them

No. 165279

Anons, is Cerave moisturiser actually good or is it a meme? I am desperate for getting a new moisturiser, but I am worried it might give me breakouts.

No. 165280

i just started using their AM moisturiser with added SPF and i find it to be pretty good. it’s very lightweight, perfect for an AM moisturiser, and it doesn’t leave my face oily - just a bit shiny at the end of a day, but i can pull it off as being dewy, which i have no problems with. i haven’t tried any of their PM/non-SPF creams though, but i’ve heard good things.

if it’s okay to recommend something outside cerave, id recommend cosrx. it’s a korean brand, and it’s whichever of the cosrx moisturisers i’m feeling at the time. i especially like the thicker ones though, and the aloe vera one is nice on my forehead since it tends to need more care. i get them for relatively cheap through yesstyle, and they’re definitely one of my all time faves.

No. 165283

I have oily-combination skin and used the PM version for a while and I felt really lukewarm about it. It was better than some basic moisturizers than I've used but there are better products out there. I felt like it wasn't moisturizing enough for my dry spots but it was just enough for the oily parts of my face

No. 165291

Vanicream is superior.

No. 165325

I like to use the pm version as my go to moisturizer in the summer because it's pretty lightweight and my skin is oily/combo. The cerave moisturisers are basic and good, but they benefit from being paired with a good hydrating serum imo. I also like the NMF moisturiser from the ordinary. La Roche posay is good too.

No. 165328

Cerave moisturizing cream gave me closed comedones. I really like cetaphil lotion, it sinks into my skin and helps reduce acne inflammation.

No. 165340

I think I damaged my skin barrier by over cleansing, which resulted in moderate acne. I'm now switching to cleansing in the evenings only and focusing on hydration. Anyone experienced something similar? I'm trying to find more information on how my skin might react as the barrier heals itself in the coming weeks. I have a few pustules atm and I'm hoping that they will heal more quickly now that I'm stripping my skin of its natural oils less often

No. 165345

No. 165346

I've used their moisturizing cream on my face and I have oily skin. It works very well for me, especially during the winter. It was also the only thing that helped the rest of my body and didn't burn like crazy, like that fucking Palmers Hemp line.

No. 165887

It's winter now and my legs are super dry.. It's been like this for as long as I remember. What body lotion do you guys recommend?

(I use body butter after showering but it's not enough I guess.)

No. 165889

File: 1610005706872.jpg (14.23 KB, 355x309, 81pfzIQorLL._SX355_.jpg)

No. 165890

Seconding cerave, I also use the body shop hemp body butter which is formulated for dry skin— it says 96 hr moisture and I do only feel like I have to apply it every other day or so.

No. 165916

Vanicream. No parabens, scents, etc.

No. 165921

Thanks, ladies! I've used cerave before (I don't think it made too much of a difference unfortunately) so I'll try vanicream and the hemp body butter after.

No. 165934

Nta, but going to use a coupon to pick up some this week. Thanks for this, anon!

No. 165947

make sure your hydrated and getting enough omega 3 and vitamin e.

No. 165960

File: 1610076330921.jpg (105.95 KB, 600x800, how-to-keratosis-pilaris-chick…)

Recently started getting these bumps on my knees and upper thighs exactly like pic. Anyone else with this have a cream or something to minimize the appearance? Thankfully they don't itch or anything

No. 165980

is it keratosis? i don't recall specific treatment but look it up.

No. 166071

I think I have this (not diagnosed but my legs look like this without care) and the only thing I found to minimize it is to exfoliate 1-2x a week + moisturize often.

No. 166077

Looks like keratosis pilaris. Like others have said, exfoliate and moisturize and it should help. Wearing clothes that are tight or rub can aggravate it as well. I get them more on my thighs because I hate loose pants.

No. 166168

Do any anons have any special tips/tricks for dealing with cysts? My skin has cleared up quite a bit but right now I have two MASSIVE, purplish cysts on my forehead. I've tried all of my usual topical treatments but nothing seems to be working, they've been lingering for about 2 weeks at this point. Not even makeup can cover them up. I start a new job next week and I'd really like to feel at least moderately confident on my first day.

No. 166287

File: 1610247484037.jpg (32.48 KB, 700x875, SA-Lotion-for-Rough-and-Bumpy-…)

I've heard this works really well

No. 166302

I personally use hydrocortisone cream on them and then take some ibuprofen to calm the swelling. Its the only thing that has ever worked. If you catch it early and use the hydro cream it prevents it from getting bigger most of the time.

No. 166415

No. 166618

File: 1610431820507.jpeg (23.11 KB, 236x225, E5D27243-C770-4126-84F0-B94A4E…)

This is embarrassing but I’m at my wit’s end. I have terrible back acne that only seems to get worse as time goes on. At 18, I just had a little on my shoulders. At 19, it had spread to down below my shoulder blades. At 20, it covered my entire back. At 21, it has now started to migrate down my arms as well.

>shower regularly
>have tried many different soaps
>have tried washing with a washcloth, a sponge, a loofa, and even just my hands
>have tried putting acne gel on back
>mfw nothing fucking works and it keeps spreading

Idk if this could possibly be related but I have seborrhoeic dermatitis (face only). Also, I do get the occasional classic whiteheaded red pimple on my back, but my back acne is mostly tiny little bumps almost like young blackheads or something? Tmi but all I’m trying to say they’re not “liquid” lol. Not painful either. But it makes my skin feel rough and gross.

Has anyone dealt with this before? Or am I doomed to become a giant walking case of full body acne by the time I’m 24?

No. 166619

File: 1610432006223.jpeg (25.34 KB, 612x612, 2ecea62a-99ab-4fce-b02d-90725d…)

My ex had a similar issue and I had him use this on his back and it worked. Salicylic acid based products are most likely to help you with this.

No. 166622

use gentle products, moisturise and use tea-tree products sparingly.

No. 166624

I get backne, especially in winter, because of the clothing I wear. It's just not that breathable I guess so it traps the sweat in or whatever. Might be also a factor for you? Or whatever you ise to wash your clothes/bedding with?

Glycolic acid also helped me a bit to keeps the stuff at bay.

No. 166633

Is it something in your haircare that's giving you bacne? I struggled with it into adulthood until I accidentally found out that was my problem while switching to silicone free products.

No. 166649

so I'm using Accutane, and it's really helped with reducing acne. However, I get purple/crimson blemishes in the middle/back of my cheek. Additionally, my scarring/pores have become a lot more noticeable as well, due to paler skin.

Will vitamin c + the Korean skincare meme help me out in reducing my pore size and blemishes? Or should I look into something else?

No. 166651

From my experience, you should leave it alone. I had the same problems but my skin was too sensitive and dry to use any other cosmetics and now that I've finished the treatment, the blemishes and scarring are gone. The best choice to reduce the appearance of pores and blemishes it's salicylic acid but it'll be too strong for your skin at the moment. In any case, try the vitamin c but I wouldn't stress it too much

No. 166673

I think the benzoic acid in PC's retinol is irritating my skin. Could my skin get used to it or should I stop using it? It's the last brand I can try, other brands didn't have any effect on me..

No. 166677

You could try another brand. Some formulations don't work for people and keep in mind that retinol itself is an exfoliant. Tree of Life, The Ordinary, and Formula 10.0.6 have less costly retinol products than PC and I've seen better results with either. Also, if you're in the U.S. and have a TJ Maxx nearby, Pearlessence makes nice retinol serums.

No. 166678

I thought some anons might benefit from these links.




There's often a lot of controversy about alcohol in skincare, so the second link can help clear things up. If you don't prefer it in your products then that's your bag and no one's judging. This is just to clear any misinformation.

Also, the retinoids link can help anons who are just looking into the products and aren't sure of how to go about it.

The video is about some sustainable beauty brands. Again, if this isn't your bag then that's fine and no one's judging you, but there are a lot of people looking for such brands and it can be difficult to find ones which are legitimate vs greenwashing.

No. 166689

File: 1610489983036.jpg (67.03 KB, 435x512, unnamed.jpg)

No. 166690

File: 1610490116451.png (391.29 KB, 800x800, 87ff212b21f3e491819e6516d8a0cd…)

No. 166691

File: 1610490148408.jpg (102.31 KB, 1080x1080, b90212a74d7103d7eb06a8ec4e0ff2…)

No. 166693

File: 1610491036878.jpg (72.16 KB, 750x750, 5f60f076a8fee270c933af3601c1c3…)

No. 166694

seconding this about haircare products. I used to get bacne when I used shampoo and conditioners with silicones and parabens and shit in them. when I switched to brands that specifically stated they left out that kind of thing, my bacne cleared up. I actually used a standard head and shoulders shampoo for a while last year and lo and behold, my bacne showed up again.

No. 166695

I see a few anons here use the vanicream moisturiser, do any of you have experience with the vanicream gentle cream cleanser? also if you're in the uk where do you buy it/what do you pay.

No. 166697

I have dealt with this as well. Mine spread over to the chest as well and the only way I got rid off it was making sure to wash off any shampoo and conditioner with soap before I leave the shower and using only fragrance free lotions. I seem to react very badly to fragrance in skin care so that helped big times. Now I only get an occasional pimple here and there. Obviously ymmv but it’s fairly easy and inexpensive change. I use Eucerin on my upper body

No. 166705

Not in UK, but I can tell you that its better suited for oily/combination skin and not dry skin. Not sure of your skin type.

No. 166751

I've been drinking water for years and my skin is still the same.

No. 166829

File: 1610562089133.jpg (108.15 KB, 960x960, 17212041_748491765327040_59218…)

No. 166830

File: 1610562167791.jpg (123.99 KB, 960x960, 133043353_1776245369218336_858…)

No. 166831

File: 1610562233356.jpg (124.52 KB, 960x960, 79665339_1426911104151766_5316…)

No. 166856

After struggling with really bad cystic acne for over 10 years the only thing that worked for me was getting a tretinoin prescription. I've tried benzaclin and my acne came back when I stopped using it. Not only do I no longer get acne but it makes my skin look better than any other product. Not very accessible but it's so worth it imo if you can afford it.

No. 166863

Any anons here got any suggestions of products I can use to get rid of under eye Millia? I’m at a complete loss with them

No. 166876

File: 1610584789504.jpg (244.17 KB, 1080x1080, 20210113_193641.jpg)

Use an aha serum or toner to keep the dead skin from accumulating. A retinoid, professional peel, or at home peel is what usually gets rid of these. Sometimes they end up going away on their own as well.

Also, check whatever is in your eye cream or concealer. It's likely too rich for that area, which is delicate.

No. 166877

Nta but can you really exfoliate your undereyes?

No. 166880

oh that's good to know since I do have oily/combination. thanks anon

No. 166883

You use an aha or a bha. They're chemical exfoliants.

No. 166891

You wouldn't scrub the under eye area. That's why you use >>166690

No. 166896

I just turned 25 so it's time for me to start incorporating more aggressive anti-aging products into my routine. Any recommendations? I already moisturize a ton and wear sunscreen. I also recently ordered The Ordinary's Buffet serum which has a lot of hyaluronic acid in it. I don't really have an eye cream, but I put some Blistex lip serum under my eyes right before i go to bed.

No. 166899

File: 1610593678934.png (244.8 KB, 1080x1822, 20210113_220737.png)

The use of alpha or beta hydroxy acids will help to keep pores clear, provide a smooth texture and encourages healthy skin cell turnover.

AHA's like glycolic, lactic and mandelic are ideal for dry, combo or sensitive skin types.

BHA like salicylic acid is ideal for acne prone, congested, textured, oily or combination skin.
Also, a good vitamin c serum is very helpful. Another thing that helps are peptides. They are pieces of proteins and amino acids which are an essential part of collagen production. In combination with antioxidants, SPF and nourishing ingredients studies have shown them to be an effective ingredient in slowing the aging process and signs of aging.

We start to lose 1% of our body's collagen around 28 years old this is when adding a retinoid product at night is beneficial. Retinoids are wonderful for smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, helping to keep pores clear and fading discoloration. Retinoids are considered safe when not used in any sunlight or while pregnant. I recommend starting with an OTC retinol then when in your 30's switch to an Rx strength.

No. 166917

File: 1610604120574.gif (400.67 KB, 400x300, 1578305774458.gif)

Original anon here, I just got my hands on some vanicream and holy shit it works so well. I was skeptical cause it went on dry and I haven't exfoliated in like a week but it merged into my legs after a few minutes. Softest winter legs of my life, the kind I only get when I sweat under my blankets. Thank you so much, anon, ilu

No. 166967

hi anon, I use Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant by Paula's Choice

it really works on my milia, i've been cursed with milia all my life and especially due to steroid cream usage. but using this gets rid of them quick af

No. 167011

Seconding this.

No. 167012

File: 1610649421539.jpg (56.69 KB, 960x960, 118398179_1664867520356122_429…)

No. 167013

File: 1610649459587.jpg (118.69 KB, 960x960, 118540190_1671661489676725_817…)

No. 167027

No. 167063

What's the best thing for crow's feet? I've been considering botox and fraxel laser, can I do both?
I'm already using retinol but not very impressed so far. I just ordered some from The Ordinary in case that is better than what I've been using, but I'd prefer something less subtle.

No. 167072

unfortunately most over the counter retinol is not effective (either the retinol breaks down too soon in the formula, or the form of vitamin A needs to be converted into various new forms before it can interact with the skin). you should try getting a tretinoin prescription. also use sunscreen!

No. 167073

File: 1610674888264.png (361.45 KB, 490x390, 473285674895902.png)

Fibroblast plasma pen maybe? Bit of a gnarly healing process but seems to be a particularly good one for around the eyes if you're light skinned. (Higher risk of hyperpigmentation for those with more melanin.)

No. 167107

What concentration of retinol are you using?

No. 167222

There was a pustule on my cheek a little over a week ago. I didn't touch it, just kept it covered with a hydrocolloid sticker as it came to a head. There's no puss in it anymore, but there's a little bit of blood trapped under the skin. The area around it isn't inflamed at all, it doesn't hurt, but it looks like a really dark little spot from the blood and I hate looking at it. Should I get it lanced? How would it heal on its own?

No. 167259

File: 1610774121646.jpg (87.88 KB, 1080x1080, 1d96d85fb8dd0233883954985ffe68…)

No. 167260

File: 1610774148149.jpg (104.68 KB, 960x960, 118085624_1659622090880665_783…)

No. 167442

It isn't even a close race. So tired as 'retinol' being listed as a legitimately antiaging product when it's almost exclusively tretinoin with the clinically proven results. Probably because skincare companies can continue marketing their inferior retinol products. There is no secret and it's funny how everyone is one prescription/doctor visit away from tretinoin, but instead they're deceived to go for overpriced garbage.

No. 167490

What's the best skincare for eyes? Every face product I see usually says "do not use on eye area". i know there are various $20 eye creams on amazon but i just think they probably suck. i've been putting castor oil all over my eye for eyelash growth for over 2 weeks and it always feels very soft and "hydrated" in the morning. could that be good? i'm 26, no signs of any wrinkles yet, but really want to prevent it.

No. 167562


My retinol serum is like $9 and has been working fine for a few years, anon. Not sure who hurt you.

No. 167601

Ntayrt, but what's that $9 retinol serum anon?

No. 167652

I keep getting pimples under my breasts and I'm wondering if any anons have dealt with the same issue, and if so what the best course of action is?

I have moderately large breasts (it's been ages since I wore a bra with cups but last time I did I was usually a D/DD) and the pimples are always on the underside, where the breast tissue lies against the torso. It's super annoying bc I don't always see them unless I happen to like… lift my breasts in front of the mirror.

I usually don't wear a bra if I'm not at work (which since COVID has meant a LOT more braless time than usual) and I'm wondering if that has anything to do with it? i fucking hate wearing a bra when I'm not getting paid but if that's what's causing it i'll bite the bullet.

they're not like painful or anything but they take forEVER to heal and I'm eventually (lmao) gonna take my shirt off in front of someone else again and I don't want tit pimples to kill the mood!! Experiences, advice, suggestions all welcome. tia ladies

>tl;dr: recurring underboob pimples; pls tell me i don't have to start wearing a bra all the time to avoid them

No. 167659

Not everyone lives in a country where they're allowed to get retinol for anything other than severe acne, anon. I can't imagine just walking into the doctor's office and asking for it just like that, I'd be laughed out of the building.

No. 167660

Just use your normal moisturiser, eye creams are a meme.

No. 167664

Does anyone know what the strength difference between retinol and tretinoin is? What I mean is if I have been using 2% retinol for a year now and want to switch to tretinoin, what percentage should I use? Is there an overlap between the two?

No. 167666

I live in one of those countries, but recently I figured out you can get legitimate tret online with no trouble. It's a cheap OTC medicine elsewhere so it's not dodgy or anything.

I got some from India recently, I'm so relieved because I really thought I'd never manage to get a script and it turns out to be fairly easy and inexpensive.

No. 167676

Me unfortunately, they still come back sometimes but overall what dermatologist recommended and it did help noticeably was using either salicylic or azelaic acid skincare in that area. Right now every time the pimples come back I just use a bit of azelaic acid cream before going to sleep, sometimes also in the morning, usually takes a few days to get back to normal.

No. 167685

Is it safe? I'm wary of ordering anything from India that goes on my face.
Never mind, nice try Satan

No. 167822

This, that comment was incredibly fucking tone deaf.

No. 167824

File: 1611027649936.jpg (68.87 KB, 960x960, 119804494_1687142778128596_330…)

Tree of Life on Amazon. If you live in the U.S., Tj Maxx sells Pearlessence and they have retinol serums plus other kinds of serums and they're inexpensive.

I've been using either for a few years now and I haven't had anything but improvement in terms of texture, so I don't know what the other anon was on about.

No. 167825

Nta and I was told this as well, but they either didn't work for me or they were too heavy and gave me milia. This is a ymmv issue. I use this serum and its been great.


Its by the same brand that makes The Ordinary.

No. 167826

File: 1611027927129.jpg (62.44 KB, 960x960, 117946519_1663118540531020_460…)

No. 167830

Anons do I need to stop using retinol or perhaps is there a brand that works well with sensitive skin? Basically I can only use it once a week or it'll cause me a lot of pain. Even then, for a couple days after if I cry or tears get on my face it'll my face turn red, puffy, and be in a lot of pain for like 30 minutes. I've been using it for a month now. I am using moisturizer with it.

No. 167831

My skin burns with retinol but adapalene is fine. I use la roche posay's. It's taken a long time but with regular use along with benzoyl peroxide I've had good success in reducing breakouts and pigmentation scarring. Idk if it's as effective for aging.

No. 167931

Tret does have years of studies backing it up but it doesn't mean that retinol doesn't work, it's just weaker. They're all under the same family of retinoids. Even differin gel (adapalene) can give anti-aging benefits despite being geared towards acne.

No. 167972

File: 1611087790123.jpg (104.84 KB, 800x800, 119059620_1677003902475817_595…)

No. 167973

File: 1611087859740.jpg (118.09 KB, 960x960, 118177529_1661564067353134_421…)

No. 168057

File: 1611159964918.jpg (2.86 MB, 3120x4160, front-of-bottle.jpg)

Anons, what are some of your HG products? Pic related is mine! I've been using it for a few years now and I know that some people feel like its sticky (it isn't for me), but I love how my skin looks and feels afterwards. Also, the smell of sake plus bubblegum is soothing.

Also, has anyone had luck with finding the Aoyama Labo Ceramide Lotion?

No. 168102

Doesn’t this have placenta in it? I’ve been wanting to try!

No. 168107

It does! You'll find that it includes rice ferment filtrate (aka sake), ceramide 3, ceramide 6 II, amino acids, arbutin, and placenta extract. Its really good for hydration.

No. 168110

Does anyone have experience with dermarolling and has it helped?

No. 168115

I use a dermapen rather than a roller, more controlled and less risk for infection. But yeah it gives nice results. It's helped even my skin tone a lot and while I wouldn't say it's totally removed my fine lines, that takes time and they've gotten less severe.

No. 168134

did anon who wanted to use her periodblood as a skinmask have a point afterall???? questions

No. 168135

File: 1611222007847.jpg (37.68 KB, 558x229, You Probably Shouldn't Be Usin…)

why companies keep putting it into skincare stuff is a mystery to me

No. 168153

How often do you use it anon?
Haven't used it on the face but it made my hair grow back on my hairline.

No. 168161

Anon could you share more details on this? My hairline is fucked

No. 168198

That's okay, anon. You don't have to use it at all. I'm satisfied with the progress.

No. 168236

I thought this might be a helpful video for any anons.

No. 168296

This might be a stupid question, but after using an oil-based cleanser do you always need to use a second cleanser?

No. 168453

If I have a dry forehead and the rest of my skin feels normal but I keep breaking out would a BHA help? I keep seeing it mentioned as good for oily skin which I don’t have but I’m really at my wits end with these breakouts. Help me skin anons

No. 168454

Perhaps try using glycerin for real hydration.
Whenever applying glycerin, make sure whatever area is dripping wet with water, otherwise the glycerin will pull moisture from your cells into the atmosphere.

I just soak my face, apply some plain vegetable glycerin and my face has never been more plumper and hydrated.

No. 168455

Nta but how do you keep/seal the moisture in? Afaik glycerin doesn't bind the moisture so you lose it just as quickly.

No. 168461

No. 168470

I typically use a light oil like squalene or a lotion with urea in it.
Glycerin + urea is most effective together, rather than used as stand alone products.
If you're doing this at night you could also apply a thin layer of Vaseline.

Check this site for more details and the studies regarding glycerin/