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No. 178060

Discuss anything skincare related!
Previous threads:

No. 178063

Dae feel like Vitamin C serums dry out their skin?

No. 178096

Reposting in new thread:

So I just realized I've started getting some black? Dirt in my open nose pores. I just started using a new moisturizer with spf ( I've never used sunblock on the daily on my face before, except at the beach and that was super low like 2. Now it's 30spf). Do you guys think this is why I'm getting these black heads? I've never gotten them before and I don't know how to get rid of them

No. 178102

Could be the sunscreen. Is it chemical or mineral?
I get blackheads anyway and my favorite method to get rid of them is benzoyl peroxide for a few hours (or as long as your skin can handle). It can be pretty irritating so have something at hand to soothe your skin in case it makes your skin angry (eg. Aloe vera).

No. 178137

reposting from old thread. Someone mentioned waxing would help but anyone know how to fix the pseudostache look. Would skin lightening or something help? Also about blackheads
do you have a specific brand you buy for benzoyl peroxide. I have had blackheads for forever and believed the would never go away, so this is news to me.

No. 178142

nta but you should be able to find peroxide OTC, the pharmacy will help you out. personally i think regular exfoliation and salicylic acid work better, but when it's about nose blackheads/filaments it really depends so you may wanna figure out what suits you better!
about the pseudostache there are hair lightening creams, or use one of those tiny razors and just shave it off
good luck anon(s)!

No. 178143

Thanks anon, will look for peroxide and salicylic acid and see which works. The thing with pseduostache is even after hair removal I have just a dark shadow and idk why.

No. 178144

is it pigmentation, or just like a mini five-o-clock shadow? laser/IPL for the latter

No. 178145

I think it might be pigmentation. Also for IPL has anyone here tried those ones they sell online and can do at home?

No. 178224

Anyone have some good tips for treating burns? I’ve accidentally burned my hand/arm while cooking a few times and it usually leaves a scar. I burned my wrist a few days ago (accidentally grazed a hot pan) and it looks terrible. I always wash it with cold water and use aloe, but it still takes forever to heal and scars anyway. My skin seems to be pretty thin and scars easily. Am I just fucked anons?

No. 178227

Not sure if it actually does anything, but my mom always puts toothpaste on burns.

No. 178228

Aquaphor healing ointment is recommended for this kind of thing, it's an occlusive that creates a "moist wound environment": it keeps the tissue hydrated and accelerates the healing process, which minimizes potential discolouration from scarring.

No. 178236

I use acne.org's gel since I also am cursed with fungal acne and it's fungal safe. Otherwise any benzoyl peroxide 2.5% should do the job (higher concentrations are redundant).
But like other anon said, also try salicylic acid since all skin is unique! I use that as well for my other acne issues. BP just personally works best on my blackheads.

No. 178241

Thanks anon. Do the products have instructions I can follow? Or is there a better way to use them?

No. 178326

Help me ladies. I have a bunch of whiteheads on my cheeks and some blackheads all over my face. I have mild acne and quite dry skin (except for nose and forehead). My face is full of scars and discolouration already so I don’t wanna use things to make the acne worse. I just want to have clean skin. What should I do? I have absolutely no idea about skincare.

No. 178334

Toothpaste on burns actually does more harm than good from what I’ve read. My mom does it as well, but besides the initial cooling effect, it doesn’t help heal or minimize scaring.

I’m getting some of this now, thanks anon!

No. 178340

I'll add to that real quick as I'm very clumsy in the kitchen and get burns relatively often - the aquaphor ointment recommendation is a+ and I recommend it too, be especially generous in the days after the burn happened; what is super important too is spending as much time as you possibly can on cooling the burn spot down IMMEDIATELY after you get it. Cold water, cold compress, depending on severity of a burn applied for even hours right after it happened. The way you treat the wound in the first minutes has a lot of influence on how well it will heal later.

No. 178366

Any advice on treating the scar after it’s mostly healed? Unfortunately I didn’t spend much time treating the burn after I got it so I’m sure it’s going to scar. Someone also accidentally popped the blister the next day trying to give me a hug (fml).

No. 178367

Does anyone have a slight LACK of pigmentation above their lip like a weird white skin stache? It’s really obvious when I work out and it doesn’t get red like the rest of my face and looks funny. Is there any reason why that happens/if it can be fixed?

No. 178388

2 questions. I used to really pick my acne on my cheeks until about a year ago, whats the best cream/oil to tone down the scars?

Secondly, ever time I shave my puss, I STILL get razor burns and it gets all red and bumpy. I've tried all the solutions, a good razor, shaving cream, post shaving cream etc. (also no I will not go for a wax etc)

No. 178394

Maybe it's melasma?

No. 178395

Can I layer my sunscreens? My moisturizer has sunscreen in it and it's physical one, while the new spf I bought ( biore) is chemical. This is my second day of layering them ( put th e moisturizer with spf in the morning and then the biore one a couple of hours later)

No. 178398

I think biore has enough alcohol in it to dry down nicely!

No. 178406

What should I use after I finished my 1% Retinol serum by the Ordinary? I thought I'd switch to a stronger percentage but I can't find one. Should I just repurchase and keep using it?

No. 178407

File: 1617872067326.png (1.07 MB, 591x1280, 272939_79967_1280_720_89110.pn…)

>whats the best cream/oil to tone down the scars?
have you tried products with azelaic acid or vitamin c serums?
>razor burns and it gets all red and bumpy
Do you have any experience with picrel type of razor and using it while showering? I usually do a combo of putting a shaving gel for sensitive skin, then using this type of razor, then immediately cold water on the shaved area and after all shower is done, some kind of antiseptic cream, like bepanthen, tends to get me the best results.

No. 178411

Does rose water actually has any benefits at all?

No. 178433

Do you exfoliate before+after shaving?

No. 178437

Rose water on its own doesn't really produce anything other than a pleasant scent. Some rose water formulas contain glycerin, and the glycerin is a humectant that draws moisture into the skin. Rose water is nice in that it feels refreshing, its kind of like thermal spring water sprays. If you're looking for a product that will transform the quality of your skin in a particular way then there are more effective options to explore. It really comes down to the skin concerns you want to target.

No. 178439

NTA but those plastic razors dull so quickly and just irritate you further.
Get a safety razor and some natural hair conditioner. Aloe vera gel afterwards. Your vag will thank you.

Don't use anything heavily scented, it will irritate your skin further.

No. 178459

This. Also don't use bepanthen on your fanny. It's a barrier cream and not antiseptic. It is breathable but can cause irritation bumps on some people's skin and cause ingrowns. Just use aloe vera gel.

No. 178474

File: 1617908996677.jpg (70.25 KB, 1200x1200, rohto-melano-cc-serums-melano-…)

I'm retarded and accidentally made a whole new thread about this lol but I just got this. i've never used a vitamin c before… and idk how to incorporate this into my routine. I have a couple of post acne marks I want to fade that's why I bought it. I usually alternate between a BHA and retinoid every night, and then moisturizer.. so idk where I'm supposed to fit this in. help pls

No. 178488

Where do u buy this?

No. 178490

in the morning before sunscreen

No. 178550

so after moisturizer but before sunscreen? do u use it as a spot treatment or just put it all over your face? the consistency really throws me off… it's so watery

I got it from Chuusi but there are other k/j beauty sites that stock it, like yesstyle

No. 178571

You should always apply products in the order of their consistency: liquids -> creams. So it should go before the moisturizer

No. 178667

Can someone recommend me a rich nighttime moisturizer? My skin freak isfreaking out from the retinol and is unusually dry and flaky nowadays

No. 178669

File: 1617998980319.jpg (98.43 KB, 800x761, cerave-moisturizing-cream.jpg)

this so much, saved me like no other cream before

No. 178671

Ignore the typo, I was having a stroke
Thanks! I'll check it out

No. 178691

File: 1618004813066.jpg (12.4 KB, 350x350, s2215945-main-zoom.jpg)

I would advise against the cerave, personally it didn't do anything for me except break my normal non-acne prone skin out. I'd recommend picrel, it is my fav nighttime cream

No. 178710

nivea in the tin if you can handle fragrance

No. 178713

File: 1618010315492.gif (687.01 KB, 500x235, 38954923.gif)

Okay nonnies, I'm going to try to stop touching my face for two weeks. I like to say that my mask is breaking me out, but in reality I make it even worse by picking and touching.

No. 178717

I wanted to try this but it's like ten times the price of the Cerave

No. 178724

it's worth it though and lasts quite a long time. it's really thick so you don't need much

No. 178933

I used to have really persistent chin acne which now is mostly gone - I wash my face with salicylic acid soap then with activated charcoal soap, and I started using The Ordinary stuff. I use buffet and natural moisturizing factors in the morning, and retinol and the same moisturizer in the evening. In the evening I also put a lot of V55 max salicylic acid cream just on my chin. Also my diet is mostly low carb, and the only dairy I have lately is double cream and a little bit of cheese. Which one do you think is actually the reason for the improvement? I'm really not sure and I don't want to mess it up somehow lol.

Also I just started using The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2%, would this help with fading dark spots?

No. 178948

File: 1618143439537.jpg (69.19 KB, 640x640, 13793c2e52238da3a6f0b0611ad2ac…)

anons how can i get long lasting faux freckles besides getting them tattooed? i really really want freckles i tried everything these past 2 years including traditional indian henna(did not work on me at all it wouldnt stick and it washed away immediately and color was off), brow tint(worked better than henna but would barely last a day) and l'oreals magic root cover up hair dye spray(it looked the best but going into sun with hair dye searing into my face makes me break out). I just want to know how girls like beabadoobee do it bcuz it doesnt look like a tattoo(im only posting this on this thread cuz 1-i dont want to do it with an eyeshadow 2-i couldnt find the makeup thread)

No. 178949

I would gladly give you mine

No. 178950

i'd take it in a heartbeat, full face of freckles lindsay lohan style is my dream its so attractive

No. 178952

That girl's freckles look terrible. Why would you do them in such a fake looking straight strip across your face? Her eyebrows are also tragic but that's besides the point.

No. 178959

oh no i dont want them in that position i just wanted to give an example, there are no pictures of her without the freckles yet they're so obviously fake (eventhough she denies it and insists on saying they're real lmao) so it must be something semi permanent cuz 1-it doesnt look like eyeshadow 2-she cant be doing freckles with eyeshadow every single morning 3-position of her freckles change every now and then so it cant be a tattoo either

No. 178980

having one grandparents on each side with 25% ginger DNA.
It might look cute but having to wear sunscreen and wearing a hat and long dress all summer isn't fun.

No. 178994

No not really, whats the best method of exfoliation for that area?

No. 178998

File: 1618159451868.jpg (12.32 KB, 474x304, exfoliation glove 2020.jpg)

nta but when I shave that area I exfoliate like my life depends on it because I dread the itch and ingrowns I used to get before I began exfoliating. I use one of those gloves made of a kind of scratchy material, like picrel. I wet it in warm water and then give the entire area I'm going to shave a really good scrub, avoiding the inner labia area. you don't have to be so rough it hurts though. after I've shaved I hop in the shower, grab my glove again add some soap suds and give the whole area another scrub. it's the simplest and cheapest method, you can get a set of those gloves for like £1. I use the partner glove to exfoliate my armpits before shaving.

No. 179013

I use the exact thing that above anon does. It's very convenient, and I scrub in circular motions.

Also slightly ot, the skin on my legs always trap my leg hair (not ingrowns, just a very very thin layer of skin for some reason) and the glove cures that completely.

No. 179028

Nta but do the suds burn? My skin is hella sensitive and anything applied after shaving is a nightmare. Do i need to change my razor or method of shaving?

No. 179033

yes yes yes, change the razor. If it burns, it means you're shaving while your skin is dry (always wet your skin with water or conditioner or soap, whatever) and/or your razor is dull. Don't press too hard into the skin, and lightly shave with the grain.

No. 179038


is there ever an instance where against the grain is ok if done right? with the grain leaves me looking like a strawberry :(. or am i shaving wrong?

bless you anons. didn't have a mom to teach me basic shit so /g/ is a godsend.

No. 179049

Are you sure you're equating the term to the right direction? I'd google to make sure. If your razor is sharp/new and you make sure to stretch the wet skin with your fingers, then it really wouldn't matter too much which direction you go because the razor should be just about touching the skin, not pushing into it to cause nicks

No. 179069

Does anyone use micellar water as a toner?

No. 179075

If anyone else is confused about how retinol and tretinoin compare to each other in terms of strength: I did some digging and found that 1% retinol is essentially equivalent to a prescription retinoid product that contains 0.02% tretinoin

No. 179125

no anon what are you talking about lol. it's a makeup remover

No. 179133

depends on the formula and stability of the retinol product as well, a 1% retinol product that's in a dropper bottle or jar can become weaker over time as it degrades

No. 179151

File: 1618251030064.jpg (139.08 KB, 1228x1280, Acne_Pimple_Master_Patch-01__7…)

These are wonderful. I have gone through packs of these since I first found out about them. If you get like smaller pimples with puss inside tmi these really help in drawing it out and also protecting it from bacterial and stuff.

No. 179155

nta but I do recommend mederma if you need to fade any scarring after it heals

No. 179263

Should I expect purging when switching from retinol to tretinoin?

No. 179278

File: 1618312426024.png (166.54 KB, 393x387, Screenshot_2021-04-13 Hanhoo B…)

Yes these are fucking great, they also absorb oil from your pores. For USfags you can get picrel cheap at walmart, and they also make larger patches to cover an entire area of skin. Don't buy the overpriced Hero Cosmetics brand at target.

No. 179285

I bought these last month and I loved it

No. 179361

I posted a similar question about the effects of going from a cosmetic retinol product to tretinoin in the last thread, I ended up finding this really in-depth guide by lab muffin that should answer all of your questions. The tl;dr is that there's no way to know until you begin the treatment, but you can take precautionary measures to mitigate the possibility of irritation.

No. 179376

I went on generic yaz and pretty much all my jawline breakouts stopped. If I knew it would be this easy I would have sought BC way sooner. Adapalene and AHAs have been taking care of any remaining issues along with only using powder foundation bc liquid always caused mild irritation.

My last problem is I have broken capillaries on my face and idk if it's possible to get rid of those or how much it would cost.

No. 179378

File: 1618351153595.jpg (10.49 KB, 480x440, 1582217354-philips-lumea-prest…)

Idk if I should invest in an at-home ipl machine. The Phillips one has lots of posts recommending it but I can't tell the shills from actual reviewers on reddit and YT

No. 179382

I have the exact device at home and if you are consistent with it, it really works but I’ve been extremely lazy these days and should do it again…. takes time tho to see the results hence needing to stay consistent.

No. 179421

I have the same struggle, anon. They’re ALL over my face and chest. No idea what to do about them.

No. 179460


I have it and I second >>179382, it totally works and I am a hairy beast. But you HAVE to be consistent, otherwise the hair will come back. I need to get back to it before the summer…

No. 179467

I have this and it really does work but you have to keep using it, it took about 3-4 times for my leg hair to disappear.

The darker your hair the better it works, my bikini line only took a couple of times.

No. 179547

ooh this has me curious. I have hirsutism/hormonal imbalance so I grow dark, thick hairs on my chin and also have sideburns. to the anons who have this, did you try other methods like going to someone for electrolysis? is this at home electrolysis?

No. 179655

Is there a way to make the TO vitamin C work under sunscreen? Because jfc does it pill. It pills even under moisturizer.

No. 179690

are you giving it enough time to absorb? I usually let it do so for about 5-10 minutes and then proceed with other skincare / makeup steps, never had any issue

No. 179760

Can vitamin C tablets cause acne? I started taking them about two months ago, and shortly after I started getting zits all over my face, chest, arms, and back. I recently got blood tests done, and my hormone and thyroid panels came back normal. I was under the impression that all forms of vitamin c were great for your skin, but I can’t think of any other causes. I’m freaking out a bit.

No. 179878

I mix it with moisturizer and only use it at night (cause I heard it makes your skin sensitive to uv?)

No. 179887

You haven't been stressed lately? Any big changes in your life? Change of diet? How about the weather changing?

No. 180469

Any recs for a spf30+ (ideally, spf50) sunscreen to wear everyday that doesn't cause pimples and is good for oily skin?

No. 180470

Forgot to add, that's also on the cheaper side.

No. 180489

File: 1618937154340.jpeg (150.48 KB, 531x557, 85084771-39A9-451F-8773-92EB1A…)

I picked up Acure’s Seriously Soothing Day Cream on a whim and so far I love it. It’s spf 30 and also contains niacinamide, which should help soothe inflammation and acne. The only problem I’ve had is that it feels a little tacky when you first apply, but that’s fine if you put it under makeup. The zinc also makes me look a little pale (I have a light-medium skin tone) but tbh I don’t really mind and it’s not noticeable to others. It was $14 at Whole Foods but I’m sure you could find it somewhere for a bit cheaper.

No. 180609

I wanted to thank you for the Cerave recommendation! It completely fixed my dry ass forehead in 2 days

No. 180611

How can I make washing/showering more comfortable? I am extremely sensitive to water, even just showering for a few seconds on low heat makes my skin red, dry and peeling, and it hurts. Splashing water in my face makes it burn bright red, hell even crying makes my skin burn from dryness. I am sensitive all over my body, but the face is the worst. I have to apply heavy fatty creams before showering to make it even slightly tolerable. Now during the pandemic I'm gross and only shower once a week, and even that short shower is excruciating for my skin.


No. 180615

I don't even read this thread but I came here just to second this recommendation. I will never ever go back to using anything else, this is the shit. It's super cheap too. My skin stays moisturized even if I forget to use it for a day or two.

No. 180620

I have sensitive skin but it sounds like you have a medical problem so I don't know how much help I'll be.
I wipe myself down with a cool damp cloth in the mornings and then moisturise after, you don't necessarily need hot water + soap to clean yourself every day, although I use that for my pits +bits.
It really sounds like you should see a doctor if you can though. My skin hurts when I shower or rinse because my acid mantle is all fucked up, but it doesn't go red. An inflammatory reaction to water is something else entirely.

No. 180622

Awesome, glad it helped you too!

No. 180663

Anon this sounds like a serious dermatological issue, you should seek help. I have a mild version of this, I get an itchy red rash on my body after showering but I figured out it's caused by the water temperature - the hotter the water, the itchier the rash

No. 180664

This is a super basic (and stupid) question but I got a 5% AHA serum from Catrice and I wonder if I should apply some moisturizing cream after that? Is there a waiting time too?

No. 180665

File: 1619032519141.jpeg (338.3 KB, 2048x2048, 5BC5FBAC-8295-4441-8D4C-EF2A7A…)

Oily hoe with acne prone skin here, these two are my faves, most of la roche-posays sunscreens are solid as hell.

The biore one are mainly available online so it can be a hassle to get a hold of depending on where you live.

No. 180801

Does anyone use one of those LED masks? What did it do to your skin?

No. 180805

Seconding the biore sunscreen. It is excellent. In general, Japanese and Korean sunscreens are way better than those available in the west.

No. 180911

I used Dear, Klairs and later realized it was falsely advertised. I am so mad and sad.

No. 181018

No. 181027

No. 181208

Would AHA help with making insect bites disappear?

No. 181236

Aha is used for exfoliating, I don't know how would that help with an insect bite. Definitely not an expert but I think something that would work best is moisturizing it very well and later use something like vit C or azelaic acid to even out leftover redness.

No. 181821

How do I identify what type of acne I have?

No. 181825

Can I replace Tactupump with Benzagel when I run out? Would I have to use retinol alongside it? I just don't want my acne to flare up again later

(accidentally posted this in the wrong thread earlier)

No. 181867

I have been using adapalene/differin since November and seen no difference in my skin… still the same frequency of pimples, closed comedones, blackheads, enlarged pores, etc. I see other people’s progress photos on Reddit and I get so annoyed like why won’t my skin improve

No. 182073

File: 1619551414873.jpeg (44.33 KB, 500x665, download (5).jpeg)

hi i need help and i have two questions.
my skin has ALWAYS been oily and sticky, there is seemingly not a single pore on my face that is not clogged. i have a combination of tiny tiny blackheads and closed comedones on LITERALLY EVERY INCH of my face and a few down my neck. my back is the same way- i have to scratch out blackheads between my shoulders every fucking day.
i've been using tretinoin for months alongside niacinamide and BHA skin cleanser, and moisturizer i know doesn't break me out. i get less pimples but my pores are all still clogged.
so here are the questions:
1.) can anyone relate to this issue. does anyone have skin that decides to just hold on to every little bit of grease like this(and if you found something that helped what was it. also is there a name for this)
2.) has anyone done accutane and can you say if it would help with this particular issue? i just want normal skin nonnies im down so fucking bad

No. 182078

How often do you wash your face? You might need to. wash it more often and keep something to wipe the sweat/oil off your face during the day. Start using more products for oily skin, like Niacinamide, retinol, sulfur, Salicylic acid, charcoal, red clay or kaolin clay, once a week do AHB/BHA there are gentile products for this

No. 182094

File: 1619555115544.jpeg (228.06 KB, 1584x2525, c1f678ead922685745786d4574fd7b…)

i have only washed it at night for years because i was told that doing it more would destroy my skin barrier (still not entirely confident i know exactly what that is either) but i'll try doing it again

i use niacinamide, tretinoin and my BHA cleanser and when i don't use tretinoin i use AHAs and ive been doing it for years with marginal success.
thank u for the list i need to try a charcoal/clay mask product again they do help

the only time my pores were noticeably clearer was when i used this neutrogena ""microdermabrasion"" thing but then tons of people yelled at me for overdoing physical exfoliation and said i was basically sandpapering my skin off

No. 182112

File: 1619558132233.jpeg (547.55 KB, 1125x1216, 58B89264-6E23-4CBD-8B29-4B3720…)

Oily/sensitive bitch here. I had the same problems like you until I figured out a routine that works for me. Lactic acid has worked the best for improving my pores and texture. I stopped using other exfoliators and just stick to lactic acid and retinol now a few times a week.

Another important thing I learned is that keeping it simple is sometimes best, so I also quit using vitamin c, niacinamide etc as I realized it just irritated and resulted in constant breakouts.

No. 182119

fuck i literally have that in my posession right now i haven't been putting it in my routine bcus ive been holding onto hope that my tretinoin would eradicate my pores. i will give it a longer trial now thank u x100 anon

No. 182217

also what % of tret are you on? i heard 0.5% and up starts working to clear out blackheads

No. 182286

Good luck anonette, also remember to not overdo it. I remember wanting to sandpaper my the shit outta my face but it’s the happiest when it gets a break once in a while.

No. 182297

How do I get rid of papules?

No. 182383

File: 1619641281514.png (946.11 KB, 1010x746, chrome_OCabDlew3g.png)

hey anon, i remembered your post while i was scrolling instagram and found this, idk if you'll see this since your post is old but hey, it might work. looks more natural than the pic you posted too imo

No. 182385

I’m going to attempt to remove my “mustache hairs” with one of those tiny brow razors. What can I use as shaving cream? My skin is fairly sensitive.

No. 182392

I use an aloe vera gel. My skin is also sensitive as fuck and it's always worked for me.

No. 182414

i shave my whole face regularly and use baby oil

No. 182466

I started developing fine nasolabial wrinkles recently, not enough deep for hyaluronic filling but visible enough.
What are your holy grail items you use to minimise those?

No. 182467

Retinol. Paulas Choice, inkey list, cerave and the ordinary has some pretty good retinol products. Keep in mind results may take up to 2 months.

No. 183026

nta but are retinols good/safe for dry, flaky skin? i'm plagued by dryness and flakiness no matter what product i use kek

No. 183047

Good sunscreen on a budget?

No. 183230

I don’t understand how skincare influencers can be buying and trying so many different products and know what is having an effect on their skin, and what to recommend. I only have like 5 skincare products and idek what is working and what’s not kek

No. 183538

farmers can you help me out on this one? I wondered if I could use BHA and then retinol right after? I'm currently using the BHA liquid exfoliant from paulas choice and the ordinary 0.01% retinol in squalane, I've been using the bha in the morning and retinol at night but would rather use them both at night.

some sources are saying this is a no no but other sources are saying it's completely fine. who am I to believe. anyone have any experience using bha and a retinol together?

No. 183539

I've always thought this too! I feel as though to really know how a product is affecting your skin you have to add it to aroutine that you've been keeping up for a good while, several weeks before knowing how something new could be affecting you.

if you're constantly adding new things and taking things out how can you know what is helping with say, acne scarring or discolouration when there are so many products coming and going?

No. 183541

nta but you should be okay as long as you start with the lowest amount. like me for example, I started using a 0.01% and haven't had any issues since my skin is just getting a small amount. I've been using it for about a month now and will move up to the 0.02% once I run out. I think as long as you do this and you're giving you skin time to acclimatise to the product you should be fine

No. 183593

Nta but do you use retinol every day or few times a week? I've read conflicting opinions. My skin is not sensitive and I ordered 1% The Ordinary retinol. I feel like I messed up and should've bought smaller %…

No. 183606

I personally started by using it every three days and just a small amount, a thin layer on my face. I do have combination/oily skin but wanted to start with as little as possible and with time in between the days to allow my skin to adjust. I had zero flakiness or peeling but with you already having dry skin you may get more flakiness, if you're >>183026 anon.

I'm currently using it pretty much every night now (when I remember!) and am around a month and a half in.

hmm the 1% may be too high actually, I won't lie, especially if you do have dry skin already, it might be too much for your skin to handle. you could however order the 0.01 and keep the 1% to work up to, which could be months. just remember to keep these in your fridge. the ingredients need to be kept cold.

No. 183702

PSA: retinol is several times weaker than Tretinoin. And the ordinary retinol degrades over time and has to be refrigerated and thrown out after a couple months.

No. 183755

Am really struggling with cystic acne on my chin, it's always in the same place and worse around my period.

I currently use hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, granactive retonoid and moisturiser (as well as face wash) but have no idea if this is helpful. My skintype is pretty average, get some oil on nose and some dry spots but no idea how to clear my chin. pls help sisters

No. 183760

I get hormonal acne on my chin and its my problem spot on my face lol. I tried all those serums but it honestly just made me have additional bad spots on my face. I find simplistic skin care works. I use the simple brand cleanser and toner. Garnier micellar water before that and I've been using olay as my moisturiser forever. I've recently started rubbing ice on my face at night, and I'm going to switch it to green tea ice. I thought it was a meme after seeing it on tiktok, but my skin looks way better. I use the ice after I tone at night then moisturise on top of it. There's videos to show how best to do this, but idk if it's because I notice my face more than others but I feel like since using the ice my face feels snatched and it's also cleared up my chin. Not immediately but I could tell the texture and condition of my skin was better so the blemishes were healing faster.

No. 183777


The ice thing sounds pretty neat, will look into it! thank you!!

No. 183779

Less important psa: not everyone can get tret without perscription

No. 183881

File: 1620283476444.jpeg (21.93 KB, 588x588, E59891B0-CD14-49EB-BBC7-DA1345…)

I just used aloe vera gel on my face for the first time, and my skin feels sticky. Is this normal? I’m using Target’s brand.

No. 183887

You can't introduce more than 1 product every 2 weeks into an established routine if you wanna know exactly what it does, there's no way they genuinely know the effects of all the products they try on their skin. They're just bsing, guessing and making it up.

No. 183895

thats the general feeling i get from using aloe vera gel from the few times i burnt a bit in the sun yeah

No. 183900

is garnier micellar water with hyaluronic acid any good? I've heard good things about hyaluronic acid especially and I'm too lazy to buy another soap I have to rinse off and splash water everywhere

No. 183903

Given you're supposed to wash off micelar water, not keep it on your skin, hyaluronic acid will not even have a chance to properly absorb, sounds like waste of money.

No. 183919

Just buy a hyaluronic acid leave-on serum

No. 183933

What do you get from shaving your face? Does it prevent acne?

No. 183940

is tca crossing only good for icepick scars??????? I have some flat dark spots I want to try tca cross on, it's worked great on my icepick ones, what do you guys think?

No. 183944

What can I use to fade keratosis pilaris scarring? I made a mess of myself thanks to anxiety and some hard times and now I have a bunch of scarring on my legs and arms.
I'd seriously appreciate some cisterly advice.

No. 183981

File: 1620325020741.jpg (22.11 KB, 400x311, 603501-685198.jpg)

not sure if this is skincare or plastic surgery thread but i recently noticed if i smile with teeth i have a horizontal line above my lip and i fucking hate it, its not as bad as this pic though i definitely dont want it to become any more prominent and im asking for a miracle here but maybe even reduce any lines/wrinkles i have right now (no fillers)

No. 184226

>the ordinary retinol degrades over time and has to be refrigerated and thrown out after a couple months

yeah I started out with the ordinary cauase it's so cheap. does that mean other brands have a longer shelf life/be more stable. I don't mind keeping them refridgerated but the short shelf life is kind of annoying

aloe vera is naturally very sticky, it's normal, maybe try mixing it with water to dilute it a little?

nta but I shave my face and I do it cause I like how smooth my skin is. it's also a form of exfoliation. some people say it helps skincare products with their absorbtion. I don't wear foundation but I've head the smooth base allows for foundation to sit nicer on the skin too. lots of benefits tbh but none I know that would help prevent acne

No. 184232

Have you posted about this before or is there an uptick in being insecure about this? I swear I've seen someone asking about this before. When you smile or make really any sort of expression with your face you will see folds appear. This one can appear when you lift your upper lip and becomes more prominent when the lips are also stretched (as in smiling). If it really bothers you then look in a mirror and practice smiling without lifting your upper lip as much.

No. 184233

It’s pretty easy to get a prescription for tret, at least in Canada you can just get it from your family doctor. I’m fortunate enough to have excellent insurance but even if I had to pay the full price I still would. Beats spending tons of money trying different products that are less effective.
I think neutrogena has a retinol product (nighttime wrinkle repair or something) that is actually stable and effective. Lab Muffin gave it a great review

No. 184250

File: 1620440185316.png (146.99 KB, 428x460, it-rubs-the-lotion-on-its-skin…)

Looking for body lotion recommendations. Must meet the following criteria: available in drug stores or superstores in Canada, absorbs quickly, smells good, and is not sticky. I used to use B&BW lotion exclusively but my area is in lockdown and they don't do curb-side pickup. They also don't have an online store in Canada and I'm too frugal to pay customs and shipping from the US. I've tried St. Ives but it doesn't absorb properly, and I can't stand the smell of Live Clean. I keep trying new lotions that I immediately despise and then I'm stuck with a huge bottle that I feel like I can't just throw away. Please help!

No. 184261

I like the regular Lubriderm body lotion, it absorbs quickly and feels nice, but it is unscented. Not sure if they make versions with fragrances.

No. 184277

Idk, seems a lot more difficult in europe

No. 184654

Does anyone have issues with acne on their ass? I get several recurring pimples just larger than a marble. Whenever I pop one it bleeds profusely for hours. How do I fix this? Its painful to sit down at this point

No. 184877

Nonnie, I have the same line when I smile and everyone always said it's super charming/makes my smile authentic an unique.

There isn't really a cure for it because it's just how the skin moves.

I love you and your smile-line!

No. 184959

could it be the ingredients in your shampoo or conditioner? some ingredients can cause acne on the back and down the butt. for me personally it was the sodium laureth sulphate that gave me acne in this area. maybe that could also be your issue? look out for parabens, sls, sulphates

No. 184963

Mine went away when I stopped consuming eggs and milk idk. I also recommend using sulfur soap, exfoliate daily and using a very thick moisturizer afterwards is a must, ideally one without scent.
And for the love of god don't pick the spots. If you have scarring you want to treat use a cream with salicylic acid.

No. 184966

My holy grail body lotion is Johnson’s baby bedtime lotion. Best smell over and really does hydrate and lock in moisture after a bath/shower

No. 185108

I don't have acne but I have huge red spots, maybe from sitting a lot. I feel like they don't really go away even when I don't sit up for a long time.
Anyone has a similar problem? I swear I've never heard anyone complain about this and not sure what to do.

No. 185401

I have it but not as bad as you, it's mostly tiny spots.

Consider what underwear you're wearing, too. Cotton absorbs sweat/oil whereas synthetic fibers lock down the moisture and bacteria on your skin.

Exfoliate (every 2 days) and moisturize (maybe even with soften the skin with salicylic acid) so the oil of your skin doesn't get locked under the epidermis and gets infected (pimples).

No. 185404

I'm really annoyed with my skin atm.

I have a morning and evening skin care routine but my skin looks like I'm still in puberty (I'm glad for my genetics concerning wrinkles though, I have almost none, plus a good portion of facial fat to make me look a lot younger than I am).

Could it be just hormones/hormone imbalance? My skin is very fair (to the point of translucent) and gets red/irritated very easily. The spots/pimples are almost always in my T-Zone where I'm getting very oily through the day.

I don't wear a lot of make-up on a daily basis because my job makes me sweat a lot (but I try to wash my face at least once a shift with a gentle cleanser) and I have to wear a mask anyways.
I exfoliate at least twice a week and use mostly organic products that make my skin feel good/moisturized.

Should I look into gentle AHAs/BHAs maybe?

No. 185413

Maybe try exfoliating less - once a week and no more; for something like a month. It may sound counterproductive but often skin overreacts to too much exfoliation by trying to protect itself. Trying a gentle AHA/BHA could be a good idea, dont forget to hydrate to make sure your skin's protective layer is not damaged.
It's not impossible it's hormones or diet too, so if you maybe have an opportunity to check for allergies and check your hormones, do so!

No. 185423

To add to above anon, I'd kick the work cleansing too. Wash your fash with water instead, and spray/pat on a hydrating serum

No. 185425

No way to fully remove the makeup with just water though, so I'd be careful with this.

No. 185499

nta but a lot of people see good results from rinsing the face with water in the morning and using makeup remover/washing the face at night

No. 185802

A few months back an anon with rosacea posted that they were trying out horse paste, wondering if you're still around and how it's going for you?

I started on it shortly afterwards and within weeks I noticed a huge improvement in the texture of my skin. All the raised bumps calmed down and I no longer have stinging or burning when my face gets wet.
I had one initial freak out maybe 10 days into it but I read that's just 'die-off' and true enough to what people said.. after that things got so much better.

I still have flushing in the evenings or I blush heavily when warm but those other parts cleared in no time. I had been struggling for 3 years with this prior. I'm just hoping the eveningtime flush might calm more. At least I'm waking up with a normal looking face. Most of the day now you wouldn't know, whereas before I was in a constant flare up.

No. 186152

im a nonny who was dealing with hella flaky skin earlier in the thread. i stopped washing my face/applying moisturizer for a week (depressed over my friend who passed away not just a slob kek) and the flakiness…disappeared? was i using something too harsh on my skin or what? i didn't even have a huge routine, i only use cerave dry skin cleanser, hada labo gokujun premium lotion sometimes, corsx snail mucin 96, and the regular old cerave moisturizer in the tub. i didn't feel like my routine was enough to cause my forehead to become drier than the sahara desert but apparently not using any product cleared it up

No. 186154

This happened to me before and I think it has something to do with a damaged moisture barrier. Once your barrier is compromised, any products tend to make the situation worse.

No. 186628

How do you guys avoid getting mask acnee? I was doing pretty well all winter because I wouldn't sweat under my mask but now that it is hot again, I'm getting acne on my cheeks again.
I had a pretty bad breakout last year when quarantine started (I never had such bad acne, ever) and I still have some scars from it. I don't wear makeup under the mask, just sunscreen.

No. 186632

I've heard that using mouthwash before putting on a mask will help. but I could use some tips too because I've been breaking out pretty bad lately around my mouth and chin!

No. 186647

For a moment I thought you meant put the mouthwash directly on the face and I was so confused kek
From a 2 minute google search, it seems to help? It has to be alcohol and fluoride free though.

No. 186890

File: 1621579826122.jpg (62.15 KB, 537x1500, 71jnRGk12hL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

does anyone else's skin get super sensitive right before their period? i have to stop (or cut down) using my AHA and my tretinoin. if not my skin will get ridiculously pissed off and begin peeling.

it makes me cut down my routine to just cleanser and moisturizer, and the moisturizer BURNS. i'm just using pic related and am planning to switch to a moisturizer that has no irritants. I was wondering if i should just buy the new moisturizer now and start using it right before my time of the month, until i use up my old cetaphil?

i think the ingredient that my skin hates before my period is the citric acid in this one. it really fucking burns but i'm trying to use up the shitty products i already have for the time being.

No. 186938

Sounds like you have a damaged moisture barrier. Periods should make your skin oilier because of relatively higher T levels

No. 186944

Try to look into acid mantle lotions or creams, it helps repair the moisture barrier so it might help you. In the meantime I wouldn't recommend using tretinoin at all while your skin is like this, stay away from scented creams and anything that can irritate it.

No. 186946

I don't usually have skin problems but I started using a light skin bleach lotion on my body(like stretch marks and shit) and have started using it on my face to help even out my skin tone.
It seems like the lotion is starting to emphasize the fading acne scars on my forehead and cheeks though, is that normal?

No. 186947

Are you using spf? Any bleaching stuff makes your skin extra sensative to uv rays so maybe it's the sun darkening your scars? Also I'm pretty sure skin bleaching lotion does nothing for your stretch marks?

No. 186952

First, don't use body lotions on your face.
Second, what kind of skin bleach is this?

No. 186953

Anons, do anti-stretch mark creams work?

Lately I kept thinking that it would be nice to get rid of stretch marks that I got on my hips and under legs, but I don't even know if that's possible, because I got them during puberty. They are not horrifyingly disgusting or anything, just normal and white-coloured, but I am not sure if there's even a way to fully get rid of them.

No. 186954

They don't work. Will make the stretch marks slightly paler at best. You can try laser treatments but nothing will get rid of them altogether. There's nothing wrong with stretch marks tbh, they're here to stay, you'll have to learn to accept them.

No. 187029

What do you think about her claims about HA?

No. 187031

It's not just her claims, it's how things are, hard to really dispute it. Everyone who is into skincare and did their basic research knows that if you want to use HA you gotta use it on moist skin and use a cream on top for occlusion, and only then HA will do it's job.

No. 187032

Thanks. So is using something like Cerave moisturizing cream okay since it has HA in it?

No. 187034

Yeah, having it in a cream already does the trick too

No. 187035


No. 187038

How helpful is adding lotion or serums or oils to your bath in reality to treat dryness? I figure unlike showering, it stays on your body after unless you rinse it off so it should work. What would an ideal ratio of product to water be?

No. 187048

File: 1621661934337.jpg (150.01 KB, 1024x1024, MASK_3efdd685-17c3-4715-9574-5…)

Any nonnies here use red light therapy? I just purchased the currentbody skin LED light therapy mask. I'm in my very early thirties and looking to plump my skin and tighten the jawline area. Thought this would benefit my skin and it was on offer so thought i'd try it out.

No. 187074

Ooh I'm very curious about this, report back after using it for a while, nonnie.

No. 187089

File: 1621702259131.jpg (Spoiler Image, 202.75 KB, 1000x772, IMG_20210522_183917_579.jpg)

Nonnies could you give me some advice?
My skin got significantly worse in around 4 months - it was a fast decline. Wrinkles (especially nasolabial) got more pronounced and pores got bigger.
I got sick with covid, after that I had some heavy stress in personal life and it really showed on my face.
I recently started using niacinamide with zinc serum, retinol 0,1 to 1%, vitamin C and cerave moisturiser. I use UV cream during the day.
I feel like my skin's got worse since I started using retinol two or three weeks ago but I'm not sure.
I don't know what should I do to help the pores and wrinkles.

No. 187103

>I got sick with covid, after that I had some heavy stress in personal life
Have you been drinking enough water and eating enough citrus/berries? Make sure you keep your skin hydrated, I spray my face with witch hazel every now and then when I start to look haggard and it fixes it right up.

No. 187107

Looks like clear healthy skin to me. Pore size is genetic and wrinkles are normal. Welcome to aging. As far as the retinoid goes, it's not uncommon for things to look worse before they get better. It can be very drying which can lead to exacerbating the look of pores. May want to use it more sparsely.

No. 187112

Your skin might be dehydrated. A shiny look with pronounced pores is sometimes a sign that your moisture barrier is damaged

No. 187148

Is glutathione or kojic acid more effective for dark spots? Can't find an answer anywhere.

No. 187165

No. 187166

File: 1621758341681.png (168.03 KB, 612x607, Bild_2021-05-23_102457.png)


Thanks for all your replies!
I switched from a particle peeling to a gentle enzyme peeling (once a week) - and gosh, did it make a difference already!

I quit the face washing with a cleanser during my shift, I only use water to rinse off the sweat. I also only use water in the morning with a microfiber washcloth in the morning, to get off the skin care residue/sweat/oil from the night.

My skin is much better and a whole lot less irritated now, I still have a few spots that I treat with a salicylic acid gel overnight.

No. 187167

How old are you? If you’re close to or over 30, this is just normal aging made worse by stress and poor nutrition/dehydration or whatever is going on. Your best bet is to stick with the tret (it gets worse for about 6 months before it’s better, honestly) but once you’ve used it for a year you’ll be glad. Drink more water, and focus on keeping your moisture barrier in tact in the meantime. You can never use too much moisturizer. Lock it in with Vaseline.

Also, microneedling. It’ll help elasticity and sagging which will help your nasolabial lines. But tbh I work with a 19 year old who has the same lines. Don’t know how people get that so young

If you do microneedling have it done professionally.

No. 187188

>Don’t know how people get that so young
By moving their face anon

No. 187189

this anonette is right about the Vaseline, that shit might as well be magic

I have similar pore-iness in the area right around my nose and I'm prone to breaking out on my forehead, so I always treated my skin like it was oily…which just left me with badly dehydrated skin. I didn't even notice how parched and tight my face felt til I ditched my foaming cleanser for a creamy one and started applying aloe vera and Vaseline after my moisturizer (Neutrogena's Hydro Boost, which is ok but never felt like enough moisture on its own). My face feels a lot softer and less bumpy in the T-zone, and I don't get weird creases in my face after smiling anymore. It's too soon to see any real effect on my acne, but according to skincare science it should calm down once my face stops REEEEEing at me I guess. I swear I'm not a shill for any of these cheapass drugstore products, just dumbfounded at how much of a difference they can make when used correctly.

sage for blog/sperging out over hydration

No. 187202

>Don’t know how people get that so young
I've had fairly pronounced nasolabial folds ever since I was 18 or so. For me it's just genetics since my dad is the exact same. If it suddenly appears or gets worse though it's probably stress/health thing like you said.

It's also important to note the difference between fine nasolabial lines and a deeper fold that's made noticeable by your cheeks essentially casting a shadow onto the less projected area between the nose and mouth. The former is wrinkling caused by aging, moving the face and dehydration, and can be improved by moisturizing. The latter is also exacerbated by aging but usually a genetic part of your face and while the puffiness can be influenced by hydration and diet there's not much you can do about it.
The difference is pretty obvious but if it's visible regardless of lighting it's probably the fine line type.

No. 187214

Based hydration anon. Many skin concerns can be improved just by making sure your skin is hydrated and clean.
Also I wanted to give some advice I saw from a Korean dermatologist - I make sure I cleanse my face for a whole minute before rinsing. This is really the #1 thing that keeps my acne away. If I don’t do this then my tret and moisturizers just don’t work as well for some reason.

No. 187219

File: 1621795967508.png (35.93 KB, 728x650, download.png)

This, I've had mine since birth. I remember asking my mom why my mouth 'separates from the rest of my face when I smile, like a cartoon dog' when I was a kid. My dad has them too and I don't like it but it is what it is.
It's very common in Slavic people, which is why you sometimes hear that Slavic women 'become babushkas at 20' from creepy American and British men. We don't, but when you're a farmer who doesn't take care of her face it's going to look more pronounced.

No. 187226

this may belong in makeup, but are there any recommendations for covering up long scars in the summer? i have pretty severe ones on my legs

No. 187255

My family's Slavic (mostly on dad's side) and none of the women had those folds at 20, kek

No. 187256

>I make sure I cleanse my face for a whole minute before rinsing
I need to start doing this. I did the double cleansing method for a while and my skin improved dramatically, but I've gotten lazy.

No. 187272

In my country it's very common.

No. 187274

I feel so understood anonitas. My maternal family is russian and ukranian and we all have those cheeks when smiling. Aaand I've had nasolabial folds since 17, even while using sunscreen and taking care of my skin. I've accepted them entirely lmao not much else to do

No. 187277

File: 1621821880072.png (268.48 KB, 351x334, mfw.png)

>unironic nasolabial folds autism
You guys realize that literal children have them too right? Pretty much everyone with facial expressions has them, it's not a sign of anything other than being human.

No. 187283

Bro that was my whole point, it's genetic.

No. 187287

What do you cleanse your face with?

No. 187291

Honestly I just use anything that’s not bar soap, I haven’t really found my holy grail. Lately I’ve been using a few samples of glossier cleanser concentrate and it’s REALLY good. I wish I didn’t like it cause it’s overpriced but it’s so nice, brightening but not drying at all, and cleansing for longer actually lets the active ingredients work. I hated CeraVe, the moisturizing one felt like it didn’t do anything and the foaming one is super drying. Thinking of trying Korean stuff next if anyone has any recs
Do it, you won’t look back. Literally makes the biggest difference

No. 187318


hii just an update. thanks for your insight, i switched to using jojoba oil as that was the only thing i had on hand that fit the criteria. didn't hurt one bit so i assume it was the citric acid in the cetaphil that was causing me issues.

so i went and bought myself cerave in the tub and that also went on like a dream (i used to use it years ago when it wasn't available in stores in my country). i don't think i have any irritation or anything anymore so i don't think i had a damaged moisture barrier but i could be wrong. my skin looks really good now after only 3 days of staying away from cetaphil. thank you for the help <3

No. 187328

Anyone taking collagen supps?

Read it can help joints but also the skin

No. 187338

File: 1621850815131.jpg (28.3 KB, 600x600, aad713c6321f10a3116da0de8d2576…)

I know people love CeraVe moisturiser, but it feels too thick for me. Does anyone have other suggestion?

I used to love Origins: Original skin (Matte Moisturizer with Willowherb), but it's a pain in the ass to get in my country because I'd always have to buy it off eBay from UK, but Brexit happened… It's light, smells super nice and gets rid off any redness on your face.

My skin type is combination one, prone to acne sadly.

No. 187340

File: 1621852471021.jpg (101.51 KB, 1524x2200, fba9777cfc454d9b86cdc17fb3bd3d…)

Has anyone noticed korean skincare to have become significantly more expensive over recent 1-2 or so years? I used to buy pic related for like 12ish euro and free shipping straight from South Korea off ebay, now it sells for 20-25ish euro after shipping. On zalando they're selling it for 30!!! euro, which it is NOT worth. Same goes for a bunch of other k-skincare I used to buy. What's up with that?

No. 187342

No surprise, it's super trendy now in the skincare circles to use korean skincare so sellers know that even if they up the prices, people will keep buying.

No. 187365

File: 1621864992478.jpg (109.05 KB, 960x960, 52d2ccb85df3bf9ef6fbe611764c23…)

In my desperate search for something that tightens my pores, I stumbled upon microneedling/dermarollers. Apparently they can get you results like pic related? And you can buy a dermaroller to use it at home? Sounds too good to be true.
Anyone here used a dermaroller to tighten pores? Is it really that good?

No. 187375

If you do it yourself, you risk making your skin texture worse. It is much better to have a professional do it. Imo, not worth it. Nyx has a great pore filling primer that blurs out your pores pretty well.

No. 187379

I rub a frozen potato over my face in the mornings (we grow potatoes) and it seems to do a really good job of tightening up pores and waking up the skin/face.

Not sure if it's ideal though I'm not a dermatologist.

No. 187380

File: 1621874870604.jpeg (77.63 KB, 750x812, 45954DF6-BD49-4712-83C7-34B7CD…)

Since we’re talking about hydration, I highly recommend pic rel. ive been using it for a few weeks and its so good, the least irritating face cream ever and no fragrance at all. The oil is good af too

No. 187394

I think that's more the cold being effective than it actually being a potato haha

No. 187492

has anyone ever done melanotan? I'm gunna buy some and start super small like 100 mcg a day and outdoor tanning Im tired of being white as a ghost and burning after 10 minutes I'm scared of skin cancer and the only place they ever studied it australia they found it reduced skin cancer. would love to know tho if this is unadvisable

No. 187539

I'm writing down the primer suggestion, but tbh I'm looking for something that actually fixes the problem. Otherwise it's like "fixing" acne by applying concealer and foundation over it.

No. 187548

File: 1621959821277.jpg (101.74 KB, 720x636, 20210525_173259.jpg)

I just learned about people washing their face with pee today. It sounds mental, has anyone tried it? If so, did it do anything or did you just kinda smell like pee?

No. 187549

Some people drink piss for health reasons, some gargle it, some put it in their eye. Sounds like mental illness or a fetish

No. 187550

Did you read the article, which clearly states you should NOT put pee on your face?

No. 187579

File: 1621963684265.jpg (50.43 KB, 1200x800, cri.jpg)

25+ anons, when did you start noticing changes in your face and how quickly did it happen?
I'm a few months from turning 28 and a few days ago I just woke up with sunken in eyes. I can't really describe what changed but something just looked off and it seemed to be my undereye area. When I touched my face, that area just felt empty and deflated somehow, and I had dark circles - but it didn't really look that different. I'm not scared of getting older on its own, but having the changes be this sudden is making me want to cry. Is this normal?

A year or so ago I got fillers for the first time, for my (genetic) nasolabial folds, I've felt bad about mine since childhood so I wanted to try it out. They were injected into the cheekbone area to 'lift' the cheek, and the difference wasn't noticeable to anyone who wasn't me. Could it be that it was just the filler absorbing into the skin that made these changes so sudden? When the cheek is lifted my undereyes also become less prominent.

No. 187586

They're probably only doing it for the urea. Which you can get in non-pee form now. Shocking, I know.

No. 187664

It's not normal, look into your diet and sleeping patterns and don't panic. Aging doesn't happen overnight.
If you're very very worried you can look into facial massage techniques, I've seen many people say it's incredibly helpful.

No. 187824

Im 26 and I noticed changes this year. Mainly acne. Never had that

No. 187853

I second this. I’ve been massaging my face every night for the past two weeks and I already notice positive changes

No. 187863

Thanks for the response anon. You might be onto something, diet and sleep have definitely played a part, when I first noticed them I'd been incredibly stressed out because of my shitty work and couldn't sleep for very long periods of time because they would bother me first thing in the morning. I'd also been trying to lose weight in a very unhealthy way.
I'll look into facial massage, thanks for the suggestion! I'm already using Avene A-Oxitive as a weak retinol cream and that should help a bit.

No. 187878

File: 1622022800348.jpeg (110.66 KB, 600x646, ExRNECFVoAARe_A.jpeg)

Nonnies is it better to sleep on your back to not squish your face? Do you develop wrinkles faster if you sleep on your side?

What kind of massages do you recommend?

No. 187881

In general yes but it's better to sleep however you're most comfortable to get a good night's rest.

No. 187936

I'm 25 and this year my dark circles got worse and my undereyes are hollow even tho I have a chubby baby face otherwise. It looks really fucking weird. My mom literally didn't have a single noticable wrinkle or sign of aging until her 40s so I didn't expect to start aging noticably at 25 :/

No. 187937

Based upon all the dermatologists I've looked up online, you cannot literally change the size of your pores as that is determined largely by genetics. You can only alter their appearance. Exfoliation helps (though remember not to overdo it, only a few times a week) with the appearance factor, as do primers. Dermarolling can help with appearance, but as I said, it is easy to fuck up on yourself, and even if you do it yourself, it should only be done 1x a month.

No. 188302

Does anyone use a humidifier?

I thought maybe a small one could help with my dry skin but idk

No. 188316

>you cannot literally change the size of your pores as that is determined largely by genetics
Yeah, I've read about that too. It's just confusing because one derm says that, then on the next page I see microneedling and CO2 laser being advertised for dramatically improving the pore situation, people posting before and afters etc. Makes me wonder which one is it

No. 188317

i mean, if people are saying that the only way you can do it is by buying hugely expensive treatments, they're more than likely just preying on your insecurities and trying to get you to buy their shit

No. 188321

I've been using a sample of hyaluronic acid serum from Kiehl's and I've really seen some improvement to my skin. however the full product is pretty expensive and I've splurged on Kiehl's moisturiser and eye cream already so I'm hesitant to buy it if a cheaper hyaluronic acid will work just as well. would something cheaper like The Ordinary's serum give me the same plumping and moisturising effects?

No. 188329

This is very anecdotal but my mom's pores basically disappeared since she's been to one great cosmetologist few years ago. She keeps saying it was some kind of a UV treatment and I'm not sure about that (she might've mixed it up) but I'm booked there in about a month. I'll report back afterwards.

No. 188330

I'm OP >>187579 and this is precisely what happened to me, but good news, if it happened suddenly it's probably fixable. I've been eating and sleeping better for the past few weeks and it's made a huge difference in how my face looks, my undereyes look a lot better now!

No. 188352

Does anyone else feel like most dermatologists are useless? I’ve been to several this year to have my acne treated, and not one of them asked me about my diet, skincare products, sleep schedule, stress levels, etc. They even brushed right over my skin history. Two of them walked in and prescribed Spironolactone right off the bat, even though I told them that I had just had my hormone/thyroid levels checked and that the tests results were normal. None of them even asked me to remove my makeup or examined my face for long. They’ve just given me the impression that all they want to do is rush me in and out and shove pills down my throat.

I’ve honestly learned more (and had better results) from doing my own research, reading these threads, and experimenting on my own. I figured that getting a professional opinion would be beneficial, as well, but I feel rather disheartened. Have any of you had similar experiences?

No. 188358

It sounds like what you're looking for is an esthetician. Derms focus on medical treatment for skin health, estheticians are concerned with the skin's appearance and are more likely to be tuned into cosmetic trends. They have different medical qualifications, some people recommend visiting with both to determine the state of your skin and how it can improve.

No. 188363

File: 1622221729015.jpg (82.51 KB, 600x900, f4c4be40c3d782491802c5b6e7e863…)

Dermatologists get commission and don't depend on the results of what they do for their portfolio, estheticians need a portfolio of before and after pictures of skin so they usually put in more effort to not deceive their patients

You're absolutely correct though. Not just with dermatologists, most "holistic" doctors tend to do much better than main doctors

No. 188380

I'm new to developing a skin care routine, I finally got one down and I want to know your thoughts.
I first wash my face with cold to warm water. Then I cleanse with Aveeno Ultra-Calming Foaming Cleanser. After rinsing off the cleanser I use a cotton round and wipe down my face with Oil-free Witch Hazel Toner. Finally I dab eczema medicated ointment on red spots or flare-ups and finish with a coat of shea
It works very well although my face is still discolored and has dark spots from years of eczema plaguing my face.

No. 188381

Thanks so much, anons! Interesting info. I’ll start looking for an esthetician in my area.

No. 188423

Foaming cleansers tend to be drying, you may want to switch it out for something milder once you finish your bottle. Maybe look into BHAs to help improve your dark spots. Wear spf every day if you don't already

No. 188431

Take that other anons med-sci skepticism with a grain of salt, the bottom line is that derms and esties are qualified to treat entirely different concerns. For example you couldn't go to an esthetician for a skin cancer exam or a retin-A prescription, and the average dermatologist isn't going to have the expertise to consult you on your beauty regimen. A lot of the time their practices complement each other. Do as much research into your local estheticians as you can because their approach and practices vary a lot. Generally speaking, the most reputable esties are the ones that work in medical spas. Those are also the kind of places that offer more intensive procedures like TCA cross and stuff.

No. 188496

Try stopping using witch hazel toner for a week or two, i've seen people say it can be drying for some. Also there's no legit moisturizer in your routine, shea butter is only creating protective layer on your face, not really moisturizing it as it doesn't absorb, so I'd try adding it. And like other anon say, maybe try a gel cleanser instead foam one? But I"d start with adding the moisturizer.
So the order would be: cleanser > rinse > eczema ointment > moisturizer > shea

No. 188740

I see! I didn't know that foaming cleansers were drying. Do you have any recommendations that would be okay to use with sensitive/eczema skin? Well then, I'm a bit of an idiot I didn't know that shea couldn't be a moisturizer. I'll try some getting some type of moisturizer that'll help and add to my routine. Maybe something from Aveeno would work? Weirdly enough, the toner hasn't dried out my skin but I'll give it a try. I've been looking into BHAs but from what I've read people with eczema should avoid them due to the salicylic acid in them.

No. 188772

any tips for getting rid of scaly skin that feels greasy after applying moisturizer? i think i need to get a new routine nonas help lol

No. 188773

File: 1622415349914.jpeg (58.84 KB, 700x700, B171D7BB-4838-416C-833D-7C1C98…)

I feel this product has become a meme in skincare communities but holy shit it literally solves all my sensitive oily bullshit skin problems. This + retinol, cleanser and spf is pretty much my routine now.

No. 188776

I have dry eyelids and use it as eye cream after every traditional eye cream I tried just irritated or dried them out more. It works so good! I use it on my lips and hands too. I’d use it on the rest of my face if I could, but it breaks me out if I use it around my jawline/nose/cheeks.

No. 188778

What products are you using?

I want to try this one so badly

No. 188783

nivea gel cleanser
emma s facewash
cerave moisturizer for dry to very dry skin
enzyme peeling mask from skir

No. 188786

File: 1622421751587.jpg (293.44 KB, 1500x1000, 1403885130066.jpg)

Update on cleansing face for a full minute. I still just wash my face with water in the morning, but I cleanse at night. I make sure to gently massage in the cleanser for a longer time, around a minute or two. Anons, my face is so soft. I usually have dry-ass peeling skin that is somehow oily for some reason but lately it's been so soft and hydrated. My oily spots are still oily but not as intensely as before. I still have some dry spots too, but they're not as intense either, and my moisturizers actually work better. Before this I would need to apply so much bullshit after cleansing like oils and ointment to prevent peeling, but now just moisturizer and occasionally a little ointment works great.

Now I just need to figure out how to not pick my face and I'll be oh so pretty

No. 188794

File: 1622425965535.jpeg (99.06 KB, 750x737, A26A895E-DC2C-4B84-9696-96784A…)

I bought this on a whim two weeks ago and it’s been doing wonders for me. I’ve heard of acid peels before but was too scared to try them, I usually just stick to using TO’s glycolic acid toner every night and even just switching my nightly toner to that did so much for my skin but this mask is chefs kiss for me. I’ve never had that “after ONE use my skin cleared up!!” but this product is the closest I’ve come to it. Immediately after washing it off it didn’t seem like my skin was too different but after a few days it seemed like my skin was glowing more than ever! I try to keep a minimum of four days between uses because I’m scared of overusing it and irritating my skin but damn. I really love this shit.

I also learned recently that TO’s glycolic acid toner isn’t meant to be used daily but oops lol. I’ve been using it for three years and my skin’s thankfully been okay.

No. 188804

I use this about once a week, I need to order a second bottle asap.

No. 188805

Nona since I read your post I've been cleansing for a whole minute every night and I cannot believe how soft and shiny my face has gotten. Total game changer

No. 188846

how do you fix a shiny forehead and cheeks? it's not just dewy. i look greasy. they RADIATE in the sun and it's super embarrassing. even light moisturiser and anti-shine sunscreen makes it so much worse. i think my skin is dehydrated and stripped, i feel no oil, but with a safe routine (avene very gentle wipe off face cleanser, cerave moisturiser) it didn't improve…

No. 189086

I got my Tretinoin order today and so excited to try it out!!! I think I'm gonna mix it into my moisturizer first so my skin will not freak out
Fellow greasy anon here, I found that using a primer and powdering my face multiple times a day helps the most. The Ordinary also has a niacinamide+zinc serum that stops your pores from producing oil but it pills like crazy

No. 189139

What do you mean by 'pills like crazy'?

No. 189141

Nayrt, pilling is when something forms tiny balls or capsule shapes, like how the fibers on clothing sometimes do over time. Skincare products pill if they leave too much residue, making your face look dirty and making it impossible to apply makeup or other products over it (assuming it's an AM product that you're supposed to be able to apply makeup over)

No. 190114

File: 1622901051874.jpg (19.89 KB, 480x468, 1622672719308.jpg)

Two quick questions for the skincare anons:
>I have oily/combo skin and my routine is cleanser, TO's niacinamide serum, To's HA moisturizer and sunscreen in the morning, and cleanser, Laroche Posay's hyaluronic acid serum and TO's HA moisturizer at night. Is it overkill to use two HA based products at night? I was thinking of switching it up to niacinamide and then hyaluronic serum at night, because I noticed that niacinamide works better on my pores if I use it twice a day. What if I only used moisturizer in the morning, since I already use the HA serum at night?
>I want to start with retinol for anti-aging, I'm 26. Should I go for differin first or straight to retin-a? I don't have any other skin concern at the moment, just sensitive oily skin and dilated pores I'm trying to keep under control with niacinamide.

No. 190272

HA is a humectant so you’re supposed to layer an occlusive moisturizer over the top of it to seal in the moisture, otherwise it will evaporate I think. So I’d keep using moisturizer

No. 190290

You should put it on after your moisturizer, it’ll still work well but will be way less irritating

No. 190381

Hey, nobody talks about this and it’s really looked down upon amongst skincare groups to mention the negative effects of tret use.

But I’ll say it anyways to potentially save someone’s face. Tretinoin is great for evening out your skin tone, fine lines, etc. but it actually destroys your subcutaneous fat stores on your face. This is what keeps your face youthful and plump. If you look at before and afters from tret users, you’ll notice their skin looks clearer, but you’ll also notice they’ve lost mid-face volume. It is very difficult to restore that volume.

I’m gonna be the one to say that tretinoin is not worth it. Clear skin is nice but there are other methods that won’t change your face so drastically. Nobody, and I mean nobody, looks BETTER (even with clear skin) when they’re lost significant volume.

No. 190383

When they’ve lost significant volume *
And if you don’t believe me, check RealSelf. Google “loss of subcutaneous fat after tretinoin use”

Here’s one source: https://www.longecity.org/forum/topic/72441-retinoids-possibly-causing-loss-of-subcutaneous-fat/

No. 190385

Additionally, I can personally attest to noticing this from using tret. That’s why I quit it and will never go back.

No. 190392

File: 1622989016237.jpeg (450.08 KB, 2048x2048, C07A8DD2-54E9-43AF-8535-8A93F7…)

Here’s a good example. On the bottom right (her After picture) she looks significant older after only 3 months of use

No. 190395

I used it for about a month and I noticed I looked older…
Some anons itt say it can get worse before it gets better, now I'm not sure about continuing using it.
On the other hand many articles and forums praise it as a holy grail for skin aging.

No. 190399

It doesn’t get better. I used it for a year and seriously regret it.

No. 190414

The links in that forum post are dead. I need actual proof.

No. 190701

Has anyone here had microdermabrasion for hyperpigmentation? And did you find it made a difference?

No. 190722

The links are dead, source would be nice. On the second page there's a working page but it talks about the rats' metabolism, meaning it was ingested and not applied topically. Also, tretinoin's side effects and the purging show much earlier than the desired effects (increased collagen, clearing acne, etc) and people often give up sooner than they should. Video is about a woman who used tretinoin for 15 years and she looks great

No. 190723

Samefag. Also, if it was true, wouldn't skincare companies try and monetize on it by creating fat loss body lotions?

No. 190741

it's shot with a different focal length, in what seems like different lighting and she lost the bangs, which is why she looks different from the first picture
if it truly was fat loss her tear troughs wouldn't get filled out, they'd get deeper.

No. 190780

Some of the results are insane. This woman is 50+ and looks way better in her after pictures than before. But she also got other minor things done, so I am not sure how much of it is Tretinoin. But I am intrigued, ngl. I recently developed my first wrinkles and now I am trying to figure out what I want my skin to look like and how I can achieve that within the next years. I have been using Retinol for a while now, A-Passioni from Drunk Elephant is my favorite one because it gives me nice skin with zero irritation. Before, I used The Ordinary (meh) and Paula’s Choice which gave me severe skin peeling despite the DE one apparently being stronger. But with those videos I am wondering if Retinol is enough or if I eventually want to try out Tretinoin, especially since I am approaching an age where my face doesn’t look "youthful and plump", anyway, kek.

No. 190790

I have super oily skin and terrible breakouts (like mild cystic acne) and I'm really tired of it. I don't take BC and I don't want to take any pills for it either but aside from washing my face twice a day, what else should I do?

No. 190795

What helped me immensely is niacynamide+zinc serum from TO, cystic acne still happens sometimes but rarer that ever. it's cheap so maybe worth a try?

No. 190844

File: 1623125564608.jpeg (28.12 KB, 700x700, D1DA4E90-1F0B-4333-A5E6-DA085D…)

Ive never used retinol before, would this be a good one to try?

No. 190852

If you look this up on RealSelf it’s talked about there as well. I think it depends on whether your facial structure is more fat or bone and muscle. Either way, it’s your world queens. I’m just telling you my experience and what I notice in others. Whether or not you risk looking older and more haggard is your choice and has no effect on me. Give it a shot, let me know how you feel in 6 months to a year. Remember that subcutaneous fat loss is irreversible. Enjoy your tret! I’ve said my piece.

No. 190854

File: 1623132213992.jpeg (700.32 KB, 750x1276, FBFECC07-15CD-498C-A1E8-55AFE6…)


No. 190855

File: 1623132261407.jpeg (770.95 KB, 750x1285, 98512807-F85D-439D-8986-437E36…)

No. 190857

My goodness those indents are ruthless. I was going to order tret but I'm not so sure anymore. My face is very full and I like my chubby cheeks, and my undereyes are already bad enough.

No. 190858

Yeah I have eye hollows and they started getting worse. (I’m not the Reddit poster, but her results are tragic). Now I’m considering getting undereye fillers due to using tret. It’s really not worth it if you have ample fat and your structure is based on that. Idk. For some people it’s a HG but for me, not worth it.

On the plus side, I found something called Volufiline (Sidmool brand) and it’s helping me gain fat back in that area somehow. Supposedly it works by encouraging fat cells to divide and grow. Guess it’s recommended for tiddies and the butt, but it’s helping my face recover from tret.

No. 190859


Here’s one article about it. Idk I was skeptical but it’s working for me. Apparently the new fat growth is permanent too, not just when you’re using it. So go easy with it, and only put it in spots where you really want to accumulate more fat.

No. 190861

Anons that are looking at this should know that while tretinoin obviously isn't for everyone, the effects of tret depend a host of variables like the dose you use, the other products in your routine, your environment, and what you're ultimately trying to achieve. It's a medical product, misusing it will make your skin extremely sensitive.

Labmuffin is chemist that talks about some of the misconceptions surrounding retinoids. It's not reasonable to deduce a cause and effect relation between two variables just because of an observed association between them, med-sci is more complicated than that.

No. 190862

Thank you anon! Your help and warnings are appreciated. I will definitely keep researching this and look for cases like >>190854. Since she had a great routine and was very careful, I think it is fair to say that Tret just doesn’t work for some people even if they stick to the "rules". Pointing this out because some of the negative examples I have found came from people that did not have a great routine and did not moisturize enough, but >>190854 apparently had a great routine, her skin just couldn’t handle it.

No. 190928

Every sunscreen stings my eyes and every time I wash my face in the shower it hurts so much. What do I do? I tried cleaning my face with cotton pads first but then it also gets into my eyes and hurts a lot..

No. 190929

So what that anon posted isn't a likely side effect?

No. 190933

Don't wear it around the eyes then? It's the only thing that worked for me, really sucks how many sunscreens actually do that.
Started using LRP invisible fluid and haven't had issues since.

No. 191004

Research suggests that it's not a common side effect. That doesn't mean that there isn't a possibility that some skin types have some kind of inflammatory reaction to tret that results in fat atrophy. Like with any medical treatment, it's important to get your information from credible sources before coming to any conclusions, if you can afford it I think it's good to do a skin analysis with a medical esthetician to understand what you're working with and what the possibilities are. And if you're concerned about protecting the condition of your skin as you get older then you need to give priority to sun protection and a gentle, hydrating routine

No. 191238

File: 1623296111567.jpeg (92.86 KB, 1384x635, 2D9C3285-9D23-4A48-8A7F-BF2CEE…)

Are these forehead “wrinkles” on this girl’s temples normal? Normal as in everyone has them, and/or they don’t go away. I was staring at my face thinking how I compromised my skin’s barrier on my cheeks when I noticed them. I don’t know if it’s merely a nitpick type of thing, but right now I’m dousing my skin in water and ceramides and hyaluronic acids and I hope it goes away as my barrier repairs itself. I broke it using salicylic acid cleanser way too often on top of drying masks + my currently paused tretinoin regimen. I didn’t have my keihl’s face wash the past few days and neutrogena was my only real option, so that’s how it happened.

On another note, I’ve been using the ordinary’s buffet for a few weeks in the morning but I’m really not convinced it does much for me. The hyaluronic acid B5 + innisfree mild spf moisturizer + dr. jart’s good cera mist was my complete morning routine for a while now. I ran out of TO’s niacinamide a few months back and never cared to replace it. But this routine made my skin noticeably brighter and kept it clear. I added lactic acid to give an extra oomph on non-tret days and I really like it. I use it with hyaluronic acid and good cera mist on those nights and nothing else. I won’t use it for a while now though.

I might go back to glycolic acid toner + a heavy cream, or something with eucerine urea repair for my forehead problem. If it doesn’t solve that then at least it’ll work everywhere else since I won’t be using salicylic acid often again. I can’t imagine using it more than once a day, 2-3x a week at this point.

No. 191245

This just looks like normal skin texture to me anon… look closely at children, even they have little lines and texture. Calm down. Are you 16 or something?

No. 191246

literally where

No. 191250

There aren't any wrinkles.

No. 191264

I just bought that Volufiline stuff, bit of an impulse buy because I actually can't tell if I need it? Like I don't know if my under eyes lack fat or not. But I am using tret and I don't want to worry about fat loss, so I figure I'll see if it makes any difference and if it doesn't then I'll slather it on my boobs instead. Apparently you can use it on your lips too.

No. 191266

anon it's time to go to the body dysmorphia thread

No. 191322

That's not wrinkles, that's just texture. You could try AHA, it might help

No. 191339

File: 1623355133794.png (178.22 KB, 276x276, 6589432740343255.png)

I'm happy to hear other nonnies mentioning this, I just added it to my routine a month or so back as well. I decided to give it a try after seeing a Youtuber's results (picrel). I have somewhat pronounced nasolabial lines like her and while they're not terrible I don't want them getting any deeper. Hoping to get a similar effect. Will probably use it around my tear troughs too since they age people so badly once they get really sunken.

No. 191437

I used to use tretinoin as a teenager with NO skincare routine (Ikr). It got rid of my acne but it fucking wrecked my skin's moisture barrier (but that was my fault). But even using it for 2+ years on unprotected skin didn't give me depleted fat deposits on my face. Thanks for the common sense angle, anon.

No. 191463

What's the catch with this stuff? Wouldn't everyone be using it of it works so well? Especially because of the claim that it's like "bogox but wothout side effects".

Not trying to be mean, just legit interested but very skeptical

No. 191467

I mean, I hadn't heard of it until anon mentioned it and it's still very new so maybe it will catch on. Bakuchiol also exists but nobody cares about it even though there are a few studies pointing towards its efficacy because it simply isn't as well researched as retinol. It's probably the same with this.

No. 191476

I’m one of the anons using it but I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s like Botox. It will slightly improve fat production and create a subtle filling effect over months of use. Fillers will produce the exact, noticeable result you want immediately. It’s effective if you have relatively minimal wrinkles or fat loss you want to address but it’s not going to totally transform your face and you need to be consistent.

No. 191530

I've been using tretinoin for 3 years and I have nothing bad to say about it. I haven't gotten any fat loss or anything, I have no acne and non dominate lines. I use the lowest strength prescribed by my derm

No. 191647

I don’t think there’s a catch, I think it’s just a newer ingredient in skincare. I noticed it’s more commonly used in Asian countries and is just now making it’s first appearances in the US. I like it so far, it’s working to plump up my eye hollows and cheeks (even my lips) so I’m happy. I think it’s a healthier, less drastic option than fillers with longer lasting effects

No. 191662

Where do you purchase it? I am wary of Amazonnor eBay because idk how to verify the ingredients. But maybe it's my only chance.

No. 191674

What brand do you recommend?

No. 191705

Im using a brand called Sidmool. I was weary of buying it on ebay too, but it ended up working out. I think there are other Asian beauty brands on places like yesstyle. The one I ordered from eBay was unopened, and unexpired so I just went for it. Took about a month for it to arrive but it was in good condition and has been legit thus far

No. 191706

No. 191707

Also, this is the video review that led me down the Volufiline/Anemarrhena asphodeloides (that’s the key ingredient) rabbit hole. It seemed like an honest review and it’s honestly the reason I even gave it a shot


No. 191713

File: 1623509803440.jpeg (171.72 KB, 2318x1739, 8F7FB660-568B-45AD-9A1D-B3D8AF…)

I have what looks like a heat rash (???) all over my face, and more specifically on my forehead. I didn’t freak out at first thinking it’d go away after a week or so. But it’s been two weeks, and while it’s not itchy anymore it’s seriously not budging. It looks like picrel, mostly on my forehead but also around my nose and some small patches on my cheeks

Begging for help here. Has any anon dealt with something that looks like picrel and how did you get it to go away? My skin was looking so lovely a few weeks ago and now I’m embarrassed to even go to work… the texture is so embarrassing.

The only thing I did differently was use a horrible sport/chemical sunscreen on my face for a couple weeks that seriously irritated my skin and it felt like it was burning me when I put on. But I was broke, on tret and out of my good sunscreen and felt I had to keep using it

For the love of god someone please help me

No. 191714

Could be fungal acne

No. 191715

I have some bad tear throughs (think Abii Pop before her fillers) and I can't afford fillers every year. I'm only 26 and it makes me look so tired and old idk what to do anymore

No. 191728

Anon, do you eat a lot of dairy products? I had this sort of rash when I consumed a lot of milk and yoghurt, and other forms of dairy

No. 191734

I got undereye filler last year and it's AMAZING! It completely changed my look, I didn't get it refilled because of college.

My friend had that, she went to a dermatologist and they gave her tret to get rid of it, I suggest going to a derm

No. 191735

What are the active ingredients in the shitty sunscreen you used? If you've got any aloe vera or some sort of soothing product, try putting a thin layer on, maybe a cool washcloth.

No. 191765

Dae find that their skin only feels moisturized if they use a mask?? Like I could slather on any kind of moisturizer and my skin still feels dry-ish afterwards

No. 191771

Try applying your products on damp skin. I stopped patting my face dry after washing, instead I let some of the water evaporate on its own and apply moisturiser while the skin is still a bit humid. At night I add a thin layer of aquaphor and that has made a huge difference. Also, if your skin is dry or dehydrated, consider rinsing with water in the mornings instead of using a cleanser. My moisture barrier was pretty damaged last fall/winter, I worked these habits into my routine and now my skin is soft and smooth.

No. 191812

Thank you for the replies. I don’t eat a lot of dairy but I did eat more cheese than usual last month.

I’m already prescribed tretinoin but it seems to make the situation worse so I stopped using it.

I thought it could potentially be fungal acne, so I bought some Nizoral when it started and have been using it to wash my face and it doesn’t seem to help at all.

The only thing that seeks to make it calm down a bit is cold water and light moisturizer. But it just won’t go away!!! Idk what the fuck to do

No. 191813

The active ingredients in the sunscreen that I’m pretty sure caused this rash are: Avobenzone (3%), Homosalate (15%), Octisalate (5%), Octocrylene (4%), Oxybenzone (5%)

No. 191822

in addition to this you guys may wanna try hyaluronic acid! i have oily-combination skin (dry patches) and a basic HA toner applied on damp skin has brought a really lovely plumpness to my face.

No. 191933

Any dark circle creams that worked for you ladies? The brand that was recommended in the last thread is sold out.

No. 192086

Dark circle creams wont work. Just use a vitamin c serum under your eyes and make sure your under eyes are hydrated properly.

No. 192087

Is anyone else into dermaplaning?
Its the only thing that removed all my flakes. It works so much better than chemical exfoliation atleast for me and because my face is hairless, my makeup goes on so smoothly now.

No. 192088

I have a bottle of this and it stung as soon as I applied it, any ideas why? I've used direct acids before so it can't be that. I couldn't even keep it on for 2 mins

the inkey list is meant to be decent, you could also try the ordinary. just start on a low percentage like 0.1 and work your way up over time

I've had issues with suncream stinging my eyes but I recently started using cosrx's aloe vera suncream and it doesn't sting. maybe it could work for you too?

No. 192090

Avoid chemical sunscreens and use mineral instead. The chemical ones always hurt when they get in your eyes, the baby ones are the best for not stinging but they’re not very cosmetically elegant

No. 192132

File: 1623698156943.jpg (88.99 KB, 980x550, redness.jpg)

Is there a solution to having slightly reddish skin particularly around the nose? It's nowhere near extreme as most pictures show it on the net, I've found pic related to be the closest. Any anons have a solution to it?

No. 192134

Looks like damaged blood vessels, I think that can happen from sun damage but it's also associated with rosacea, you should consider talking to a derm or a medical aesthetician about it if you can. A derm could prescribe topical solutions that reduce that redness by constricting the blood vessels. Depending on the severity and the underlying condition cosmetic products might not be very effective.

No. 192143

Thanks! I've never been an avid sun bather and I've always avoided the sun because it burned my skin. As for rosacea, all the examples I've seen look really extreme but I do get red rather quickly especially now with hot temperatures. I guess I have no choice but to consult a derm.

No. 192144

lol I've just seen some examples of light rosacea and that's pretty much my case. Still, I'm going to the derm asap to see if that's really the problem and what can be done about it. fml

No. 192163

File: 1623707177580.png (254.5 KB, 460x551, 84093724032744.png)

Do you get red easily during exercise? That's typically a big giveaway. La Roche-Posay's Cicaplast Baume B5 is very soothing for my rosacea and eliminates a lot of redness. It goes on chalky because of the zinc but it absorbs and goes away within about 10 min. I'm similarly not an extreme case but have some smaller areas of redness and a slightly "flushed" look even when I'm not doing anything if I don't keep up on my skincare.

Super late but I think this was me. I'm so glad to hear the horse paste is working for you anon! That's got to be a big relief after dealing with it for so long, I know it was in my case. Between it and this Cicaplast Baume I've definitely seen an improvement. Like you I still have moments where I get really flushed, especially when I'm working out, but I can live with that. It's nice enough not to look like a tomato on the reg. If you're looking for other treatments I've heard a lot of positive buzz around azelaic acid as well. I'm somewhat hesitant to try it because I've damaged my moisture barrier in the past and don't want to irritate anything, but supposedly it's gentle and good for redness.

No. 192164

On the bright side, if you can get to the source of the problem then you can't start to address it. Sounds like it would be pretty straightforward to get an effective treatment plan going. Good luck anona

No. 192171

Also, do you use any makeup? I dislike using makeup but I was considering getting a bb or cc cream to deal with the redness. I kind of have a hard time seeing it completely disappear even with a decent treatment.
Sorry for bugging you.

No. 192172

> Do you get red easily during exercise?
Yes, haha. Thanks for the tip. What's your skincare routine? I've only been doing gentle cleansing and applying moisturizer am & pm. It's a good thing I wasn't too agressive on my skin because who knows what might have happened.
True. I've been going through the rosacea subreddit and now so many things are starting to make sense to me. I always thought it was natural to look slightly drunk all the time lol.

No. 192194

>thought it was natural to look slightly drunk all the time
This was me, I was getting a facial with an esthetician and she said in passing "since you have mild rosacea…" and I was like wait, what? So there's an actual reason my skin is like this aside from unfortunate genetics?
>skincare routine
Using a gentle cleanser and moisturizer is likely all you need to be doing as a baseline, in my case it's been more about adding or tweaking the type of products used so that they specifically target rosacea as one of my issues. I use an oil-based cleanser, some sort of serum (vitamin C or niaciminade right now) and then the Cicaplast in the morning. Same in the evening except I use Retin-A about 3x a week and then layer my moisturizer with Aquaphor to avoid crazy peeling. Azelaic acid may be a good, gentle treatment you can use on a semi-regular basis for rosacea, and personally I've also found clay masks to be very soothing.

No. 192248

I absolutely love Cicaplast. It makes my skin super smooth like it never was before

No. 192251

Has anyone tried IPL for rosacea/broken capillaries? If so, how did it work? (I know there are better lasers for rosacea, but they're not easily available where I live)

No. 192255

File: 1623743448779.jpeg (171.31 KB, 526x369, melanotan-results-05.jpeg)

has anyone used melanotan? has anyone looked in to this? I don't want skin cancer or to be putting unutested peptides in my body but then again I am pale as a fucking ghost and big tan is a 8 billion dollar industry

No. 192257

I like how melanotan gave him muscles and a pool

No. 192264

Just wanted to update everyone in case someone here runs into this issue

For some reason hydrocortisone cream cleared this up almost completely in just one night. If any anon has something similar to acne, but unresponsive to acne treatments or doesn’t heal/change over the course of weeks, it’d highly suggest slathering on some hydrocortisone

No. 192265

I had two sessions with it, probably should have done more. It helped for smaller broken capillaries, bigger ones not so much but then again if I had the recommended ~5 sessions, who knows.

No. 192269

Thanks anon! I really appreciate the answer. I think I will get myself azelaic acid and niacinamide for now and incorporate it in my routine. Clay masks too.

No. 192275

lmao right?

No. 192304

It's extremely unsafe. Just get a high quality self tanner and eat a lot of carrots

No. 192309

I've been getting more undereye lines, even though I moisturize. Anything to make them fade a bit?

No. 192310

Retinol is said to be very effective with that, but maybe wait until autumn so there's no that much sun

No. 192324

How much selftanner are you supposed to use? Say, how many pumps of selftanner mousse for one arm? I'm wondering if I'm simply using too little because I only get a tiny little wash of color from my selftanner.

No. 192436

Are there any anons here with eczema? For a long time I thought I just had general rashes, and would get them in the pits of my knees and elbows. It would get bad-ish every three years, intermittently, I would scratch out of stress.

Anyways, recently (past months) it has gotten the worst it’s been, and spread out larger (up my arms, elbows themselves and legs) than ever. It’s on my ankles and under my buttocks. Now my thighs too. That’s all totally new. Walking or any movement can hurt. Creams do nothing and I don’t know how quickly a diet change can ease shit at this moment.

Does anyone experienced with eczema know what’s happening, I’m just confused and feel lost (honestly scared too). I usually ignore what’s happening but it’s unavoidable now.

No. 192451

do carotenoid tans work tho? does anyone have any xp either eating a lot of carrots, drinking a lot of carrot juice, taking beta carotene supplements and/or astaxanthin supplements and it actually giving you a tan?

No. 192453

retinol can have a gnarly warm-up period and take a while to see results, so i'd recommend starting asap. just be aware that like this anon said, the sun is more brutal when using retinol so make sure you stay covered spf-wise constantly.

No. 192470

File: 1623845860618.jpeg (48.39 KB, 551x471, nejmicm950425_f1.jpeg)

No, hypercarotenemia will never give you a tan. You'd need to eat like 10 carrots a day and you'll end up just slightly orange. Eating well all around will give you a healthy glow and a slight warm tone, but if you want to be tanned either sunbath with all the precautions or try a self tanner

No. 192497

I have eczema, specifically pompholyx. This has worked for everyone I know that has any kind of eczema. This is a two step process of bleach bathing and wet dressings. If you're skeptical please Google it, it's a well known remedy in allergy medicine (mum was a nurse specialist for 15 years).
Step One: Bleach Bath

Take some regular bleach not scented, just plain. Dilute with water so it's about 25% bleach. This will sting a bit, but I promise you it will work…Cover all the areas of the rash, you don't need to rub it in but make sure it all receives a few good soaks. Then rise off with very cold water to reduce inflammation.

This is killing off the bacteria that naturally occurs on our skin, mainly staph. Staph is harmless unless it enters your blood stream then it can eat your appendages off. (Google at your own risk)

If your eczema is really bad you might already have an infection, good news is eczema is pretty good at isolating it due to the ~ constant flaking ~. Doctors will prescribe a steroid cream, but I never use it.. It's only ever made my eczema worse as it's an oil-based ointment which makes it super hot & prevents the flaky healing cycle.

Step Two, Wet Dressings:

Next, slather with an oat-based moisturizer. I love lush dream cream, but others work just as well. If this is an emergency use rolled oats in a stocking to make a DIY milky moisturizer. This keeps the ezemca from becoming dry and cracking..

Then, take an old cotton shirt (must be cotton as it's breathable) and cut it into bandages. Wet the bandages and wrap them around the eczema areas (it's okay if you don't do everywhere but warm places like knees, elbows, armpits, hands, feet definitely need this).

I do this usually around 1-3 hours before sleeping as it's so much easier than trying to deal with dressings during the day.
I 90% guarantee that this will cure you're eczema by 20-50% overnight, do this every night or second night for a week or two and it should be mostly gone.

Good luck, I know how painful and awful it can be and I'm sorry you're going through this. Please don't hesitate to ask if you have questions :)

No. 192498

Would you say that Volufiline could be a substitute for tret when it comes to its anti aging properties? Does it do anything about fine lines? And does it cause breakouts?

No. 192508

Are you allergic to sodium lauryl sulfate? Its in most soaps and caused me to rash up. Otherwise anti-histamines usually help, but make sure you get the ones behind the counter with pseudoephedrine

No. 192514

Any good quality retinol brands that won't break your bank? I was thinking of the Inlet List's, but an anon already posted and and others said it was alright.

No. 192515

From my understanding, volufiline has a different purpose than tret. Volufiline should probably not be applied to the whole face, only areas where more fat would result in a more youthful appearance (for instance, if you have a hollow undereye area). I gain weight in my face so I am very careful where I apply it.

No. 192603

Thank you anon, so so much, wish I could hug you. I actually had seen bleach baths being mentioned on some sites but brushed it off because I thought it was crazy. I’m definitely going to give it a try. It makes sense because now looking at some of my skin, I can see traces of staph infections, and I had no idea.

I also never considered wet dressing because water can be quite painful, so I thought water and eczema didn’t mix. I have the oat based cream covered though!

Maybe, but I have always avoided soaps with this ingredient, and my current soap is free of it (l use a cetaphil bar soap). I might look into trying a cream with pseudoephedrine, I haven’t heard of it before. I have tried cortisone cream and it seems to work fine, I use it really sparingly.

No. 192625

File: 1623916090461.jpg (124.69 KB, 1080x1480, Screenshot_20210617-094802_Fir…)

Would it be okay to use a setting/mattifying spray on top of sunscreen?

No matter what sunscreen I use I end up super shiny and since it's summer I look super greasy if I sweat

No. 192634

Of course, a lot of people do their entire makeup routine on top of the sunscreen layer, just a bit of spray or powder will be 100% ok

No. 192716

very late nonnie but canmake mermaid gel (i use the clear version) does not burn my eyes when applying or washing, no white cast so if mineral gives you a white cast then this might work better

No. 192742

im darkskinned, and i have super hyperpigmented lips, i dont mind it on my top lip but recently i have started to notice darkness directly under my bottom lip and it kinda makes my lips look dry at times, what is a way to correct it
i am looking for a sunscreen but what are gels and creams that help remove the hyperpigmentation fast?

No. 192749

I think vitamin C helps with hyperpigmentation. Look into serums/creams that contain it. A more drastic solution are chemical peels and lasers but I'd say it's too harsh for the skin in your lips

No. 192763

Saged in case, but I've always since I hit puberty get acne? Or something like that on mostly butt and a little on shoulders and back. I'm extremely self conscious about it, I'm really clean and shower daily as I've got clinically diagnosed OCD I refuse to be dirty. So as you can imagine, it destresses me a lot knowing I have these spots there. They're not even pimples, like they look like it but when you pop em there's like only blood in it?? Anyway, anything I can do about it? I've tried antibiotics but they didn't work. Any advice would be appreciated, thank you!!

No. 192770

>mostly butt and a little on shoulders and back

Anon do you let shampoo run down your back? If so you should instead hunch over when washing hair or wash your body last and thoroughly to get the shampoo off.

No. 192882

Omg I do! Ill start doing that, thank you! If u have any other tips or ideas please let me know!! Thank you so much!

No. 192960

Are you sure it’s acne and not some other skin condition like kerastasis pillars or fungal acne?
I’d recommend you use a Salux Japanese washcloth, started getting bacne in my teens and I got one of those, I haven’t had body acne in years (maybe a pimple a few times a year if I’m not careful) and I’m in my mid 20s now.
Another thing that’s important for anyone who wants healthy skin is to not overwash and overexfoliate. You don’t need to soap up every day unless you are active everyday, just washing your danger areas should do fine if you get a nice deep clean once or twice a week. Your skin needs to be hydrated with a robust moisture barrier so it can heal and maintain itself. Clean clothes and bedsheets go a long way as well.

No. 193410

Does anyone know a sunscreen that won't make your eyes hurt like shit + itchy & make your nose runny? I already tried using a garnier sunscreen & the la roche-posay anthelios sunscreen and both left me teary eyed & itchy in the eyes. What so I do? Please, help!

No. 193415

I use Biore water based one and I never had any problems with it.

No. 193433

File: 1624213683354.jpg (39.92 KB, 1170x660, beesarebastards.jpg)

Trying out some Korean masks I got, this royal jelly one smells great. Does royal jelly do anything, though? I read it's good for collagen production but has anyone here had success with it?

No. 193438

All the Biore sunscreens I've tried smell of alcohol and sting my eyes like a mf
I've had luck with biotherm waterlovers and the clarins sunscreen stick

No. 193460

File: 1624220178587.jpg (167.37 KB, 1032x1000, 71a8sAyfBnL._SL1032_.jpg)

I have very sensitive eyes too, they can burn and sting just from the fumes of a sunscreen. One I've had luck with is the Biore one on the right.

No. 193468

That's weird, Biore water based sunscreens definitely don't normally smell like alcohol.

No. 193481

I also have really sensitive eyes and I use the one on the left. It has a strange consistency but I use it all around my eyes and have never had any problems with it.

No. 193604

Is it okay to use retinol after tanning a bit? Not right after but hours after?

No. 193608

File: 1624297427933.jpeg (485.63 KB, 1170x1609, 09D3F523-33B5-4891-8118-773150…)

Use organic baby sunscreen, I’m a super sensitive bitch too and this helps me. But it’s got a white cast so you got to rub it in good unfortunately.

No. 193631

Don't tan if you're using retinol, it makes you more sensitive to the sun. Honestly id recommend not tanning at all, a tan is a sign of UVA damage and that causes skin aging and melanoma.

No. 193633

I am sick to bastard death of my nasolabial folds and dark circles. Im 25 and have a chubby baby face and no wrinkles but those two features age me a lot and just generally make me look like crap. And just my luck they're two of the skin issues that are basically unfixable without fillers. Ugh

No. 193661

File: 1624312803936.jpg (45.39 KB, 800x800, garnier-ambre-solaire-sensitiv…)

I'm really sensitive too and this is the only sunscreen that hasn't broken me out or stung my eyes. It doesn't pill or have a white cast on me (I'm pale af tho). I also tried the regular garnier sensitive advanced one, it was irritating, left a white cast and pilled

No. 193708

‘nasolabial folds’ at 25 are a meme not a skin issue, they are a part of almost all humans face structure. sounds like you’re over fixating a bit tbh

No. 193731

You might want to give volufiline a shot.

No. 193756

Tbh yeah I’m shocked at how much this has actually worked for me. Volufiline actually has a noticeable filling effect. It’s plumping up my cheeks and eye hollows somehow. I don’t even care how, just grateful it exists

No. 193775

You don't look older because of nasolabial folds, you just look like a human being with nasolabial folds. Are you consuming enough images of humans outside of instagram, celeb content and lolcow? This is not a problem, this is your anxiety latching onto something "unfixable" to agonize over. If you got perfect filler* tomorrow, you'd start freaking out about something else.

*perfect filler doesn't exist and everyone starts to look gross from it migrating and wanting more and more to look "normal"

As for dark circles, I feel like color correction has fallen out of fashion but it's a life saver. A slightly peach-tinted stick concealer under my eyes (blended with light foundation) makes me look much more rested.

No. 193795

File: 1624386746025.png (1.12 MB, 1084x494, 908435098734543.png)

Nta but I'm getting a bit tired of people saying nasolabial folds are natural, "even babies have them" and that kind of stuff. Yes, they are normal and present at all stages of life, but there's a massive difference between a slight dip and deep furrows. They absolutely age people if they get too intense. Take picrel for example. It's highly unlikely that anon has folds that deep, but even so, there's nothing wrong with her wanting to balance out her face if she feels they're distracting. I don't know if you're the same anon who said nasolabial folds at 25 are a meme but I've known and seen women who started developing deep folds even in their early 20s, it's just genetics and fat distribution unfortunately.

No. 193806

Does anyone have a good recommendation for a self tanner that doesn’t get orange and splotchy? I don’t want to tan but I’m pasty from the meticulous UV protection and I’m warm toned so I look sickly yellow instead of elegant icy pink. i would like a little warming up to my skin.

No. 193809

How is your hydration? Not talking about drinking a shitton of water tho because that is actually counterintuitive. Are you eating hydrating foods? Maintaining salt/sugar/potassium balance?

Kinda weird but during my worst stints with alcohol binges is when my nasolabial folds would get really prominent. It takes a few weeks of really clean eating, moderate water intake, and hydrating foods like cucumbers/celery/etc. I think it had something to do with dehydration/water retention.

No. 193811

File: 1624390535380.jpeg (43.41 KB, 437x608, 4B00486D-6582-421E-A52A-DE2047…)

Anons I’m gonna be greasy for life. I inherited my grandpas shiny ass Pastapizza -America. skin. Is there any benefit to oily skin while aging or am I just coping for being able to fry potatoes on my forehead?

No. 193812

1 minute face wash anon here, happy for you girls. I switched to neutrogena oil free acne wash (thought it was a meme product but it’s actually really gentle and effective) and would highly recommend it to any anons interested in the 1 min cleanse. It’s summer so I stopped tretinoin for now (I work in gardens and my face kept burning) and this face wash has kept my acne away in the meantime.

No. 193819

What's your current routine look like? That could be the culprit.

No. 193840

Tret, essence, hyaluronic acid, light fragrance free moisturizer
It’s not extreme but I got to blot every couple of hours or so

No. 193853

Getting this shit, thanks anon. (I bow down before you)

No. 193855

I've had cystic acne for the longest time and it has gotten worse as I've aged. I'm 22 now and it started when I was 17. I use benzoyl peroxide but it only clears up minor breakouts, I still get massive painful/pressured cysts along my jawline/cheeks. I wash my face with warm water in the morning and a mild exfoliating cleanser at night, do any anons know what else I can try? The benzoyl peroxide makes me sunburnt and doesnt help the underlying issue at all.

No. 193871

Have you ever had bloodwork done to find food allergies, anon? I had bad cystic acne until I found out I had a soy intolerance. I learned soy is used as a preservative in tons of food, especially meat substitutes and vegan shit. I haven't had acne since I cut it out of my diet.

No. 193879

Yeah I got this done a year ago. I break out in hives all over my body every ~2 years and need to be hospitalised so got the whole bloodworks thing done but they found no allergies. They also have no idea why my skin just hates me but I guess that's life.

No. 193887

File: 1624431289639.gif (560.87 KB, 320x240, sxzYcq.gif)

I used to think dietary changes affecting your skin was a total meme. I had all these sources about how correlations between diet and acne were inconsistent and/or inconclusive.
Recently, my doctor had me cut out dairy for a month so she could test me for lactose intolerance. It's been about three weeks and I'll be damned if my skin hasn't cleared up (knock on wood.) I suppose it could also be because it's summer and I'm getting more vitamin D, but my skin has never looked this good. I still have dreadful dark circles, but the acne has subsided significantly.
I did some more reading and apparently it's not dairy, but milk specifically that does this to your skin. It has something to do with how milk is processed/treated, and the theory is that some people are sensitive to it.

No. 193892

See a derm, chances are you need accutane like I did when I had cystic acne in my early 20s. Some acne just isn't possible to fix with topical treatments and benzoyl peroxide in particular is nasty af. I remember it just making me dry and flaky, I'd rather have moisturized skin with pimples tbh.

No. 193894

>Is there any benefit to oily skin while aging
I think there is somehow? My uncle has had insanely oily and stretchy skin his whole life and struggled with it. He's 45 but he looks like he's in his early 30's despite being a raging alcoholic.

No. 193914

Volufiline anons, does it work on the lips too? Which website do you order it from?

No. 193916

The only thing that cleared my skin was cutting sugar (which includes any kind of carb as well)
Whenever I go back to eating it, it comes back almost immediately.

No. 193917

>any kind of carbs

Nta, but what about veggies?

No. 193933

File: 1624462723430.jpg (77.86 KB, 290x688, d56fbbe267ec185c97ad6b508023b4…)

Most veggies are fine, I have an allowance of around 50g carbs so most veggies do not fuck this up. As long as I dont eat starchy stuff like potatoes, it's fine. Picrel

No. 194211

Do any of you anons know some good products for someone with dermatillomania? Even after my skin is somewhat clear I go back to picking and I’m at square one with the gross scars around my forehead and cheeks. It’s like hell for me and my skincare routine has been helping a whole lot, but I wanna know if any of you found anything that helps by a landslide, I’d really appreciate it. Preferably stuff that isn’t harsh, probably Korean (but doesn’t matter) and for combination skin.

No. 194219

will Botox on the forehead give me arched eyebrows? I would strongly prefer if not

No. 194236

You aren't alone in that, I have dermatillomania too and it really sucks. When waiting for it to heal it helps to moisturize extensively, oils and vitamin E is good. I get wanting to minimize scarring but it can be risky for already damaged skin to exfoliate and all that I think

No. 194273

Reporting back after the treatment. I got treated with a few different things but UV spatula was probably the most important. It hurt like hell when the cosmetologist dug into my skin but after a week, my nose pores basically disappeared and my cheek pores got less prominent. My cheek pores were gigantic so I guess I'd have to repeat it in a few months or they just can't get any smaller.
But I can recommend the UV spatula treatment for pore minimising.

No. 194393

I just ordered some on Amazon. My second bottle. It’s been plumping up my lips - but just refilling volume that was already dwindling. I don’t think it adds anything extra but if you’ve lost volume in that area it’ll get you back to normal in the lip area. My upper lip was feeling deflated and now it’s full again.

Been using volufiline for about 1.5 months once daily, just a few drops under my eyes, my cheeks and my lips. It feels like I had dermal fillers but it’s apparently just new fat growth. I love it tbh never going back. Idk if it works for everyone equally though.

This sounds like an ad but I was doing my makeup yesterday and was really pleased to notice the fullness under my eyes. Like I could finally use eyeshadow on my lower lashline again now that my eye hollows have plumped up. Highly recommend to all the nonnies, cheers

No. 194394

Same question but I want the eyebrow lift

No. 194399

I would actually try a heavier moisturizer, it sounds weird but your skin might be out of balance and trying to make up moisture. Tret is drying and hyaluronic acid can be too- it pulls water in so if it isn’t paired with a good moisturizer it’ll pull moisture out instead. I use Stratia Liquid Gold and Clinique Moisture Surge during the day (I know it’s old-fashioned but it works for me and dries more matte) and Drunk Elephant Layla Retro at night (sometimes with a facial oil) as my last steps. Moisturizing has helped me a ton with my oily skin though everyone is different! Good luck!

No. 194505

I've been trying to self tan for so long but I'm pretty sure my skin is just DHA resistant in some places. The insides of my arms, chest and neck just won't take the tan no matter what I do. I exfoliate properly, make sure there's no barrier caused by moisturizer/lotion/showergel/perfume and let it dry properly while making sure it doesn't rub off from other body parts or clothing. I can't think of anything else that may be causing it. I guess I'm just doomed to stay paperwhite for the rest of my life.

No. 194508

Is volufiline likely to be bad for health? I want those fuller undereyes but I also don't want to get cancer.
I use mevala nail strengthener already but I'd like to limit my use of effective but unhealthy cosmetics

No. 194509

The one I use has only 2 ingredients. Volufiline itself is a plant extract with no known side-effects.

No. 194511

>plant extract
Plants can poison you too though

No. 194512

Wow really? I had no idea! I've been making poison hemlock soup all this time, thanks for telling me.

Anyway, this particular one has been used for years with no side effects.

No. 194619

Anyone else a Kikumasamune devotee? I love the toner and moisturizer in pump form. I recently gave their cleanser a try and while I can't speak to if it does anything for blemishes it does leave my skin very soft and I don't feel as though anything has been stripped.

No. 194660

Recommendations for a drying/hardening sort of product to put over spots?

I had a Neutrogena spot cream years ago that even though I don't use Neutrogena, I loved that it hardened on the spots like a little shell. (I pop the shit out of my spots and hate feeling them seep afterwards kek)

No. 194661

File: 1624883968536.jpg (26.58 KB, 239x480, 35524.jpg)

If you're euro, Akneroxid kind of hardens and it makes acne spots disappear in day or two for me.

No. 194666

you're better off using a pimple patch if you want them to heal faster. I think they have ones that include anti acne ingredients too but I just use the plain ones for whiteheads

No. 194673

If it makes you feel any better I think pale white skin looks so much more beautiful than tanned skin. Tans look really ugly to me, especially on people who are naturally pale. Embrace the whiteness, go for a gothic aesthetic or something. IMO the prettiest girls are Snow White and don’t tan

No. 194699

I have two questions related to shaving.
First, I recently shaved my legs and unfortunately ended up with shaving bumps and possibly ingrowns. I don't know how it happened because I never had a problem with it.
How to get rid of bumps after shaving and most importantly, how to shave properly?
I should always shave with a new razor, right? Should I disinfect after every shave?

The second question is: what do you think of these home laser hair removal devices? I want one, but is it worth it? Do you recommend any? Can I use it to my pubes or my ass crack?

No. 194706

This. Just get the cosrx patches and don't fuck with topical treatments, I promise nothing is more satisfying and better at healing than a patch sucking all the gunk out of a popped pimple.

No. 194712

Exfoliate to expose hair, rinse, oil up or shaving cream (I like do use conditioner), shave with the grain, rinse, exfoliate gently again, rinse again, and finally moisturize or oil. Replace the razor every so often, it’s less the dirtiness and more to do with how sharp the blade is. A sharp blade that doesn’t drag across your skin to shave hair will help reduce ingrowns and redness.

Home laser can work but you have to be consistent and it doesn’t happen fast. Having my armpits sting everyday only for a barely noticeable difference after a week wasn’t worth it to me versus getting near-instant results after one 30-second session at a laser office. Darker areas like your ass crack is even more difficult to get results with a home device. Just buy a 6-session package from groupon with a professional if you want to save money

No. 194726

salicylic acid will help with bumps and ingrowns. Tend Skin and Cerave SA cream are good products.

as for home laser hair removal devices, I have the Tria and it works well for me. it won't work very well if you have dark skin or light hair. the instructions say to use it every two weeks (not every day). spacing out the sessions will help to target the hair during all phases of growth. you can use it on your bikini line but it is not recommended to use on your labia or anus. the manual is available to download for free online if you want to learn more.

No. 194744

I wouldn't bother with a home laser myself. They can work but even the best ones don't compare to what you'll get from a professional. I've had professional laser and while it was costly, it was so worth it. I have a few hairs that didn't get killed that I pluck out when they grow through but having to pull out a couple of hairs occasionally vs the far more consistent use needed for the home laser and mediocre results my friend who uses one has had makes it clear what I'd go for. If you really want to cut down on hair, don't have the money for professional sessions and don't mind the upkeep then they're fine, but even if you just get your pubes and asscrack done by a pro, it's well worth the extra spend (and getting just that area done doesn't cost too much).

No. 194747

Thanks for these shaving tips anon! I hope this time I won't get shaving bumps lol.

>salicylic acid will help with bumps and ingrowns
Oh, I'll remember that! Thanks!

Honestly, I'd like to get a professional shave, but in my shit country it's REALLY expensive. For this reason, laser it's not popular here.
Though, maybe I will just go to do some problematic spots like ass crack lol. But at the same time, I would need to go more than once and after a while my hair would grow back. Idk if it's worth money just to get my ass nice and smooth.
When it comes to home devices, I wouldn't mind if I had to wait for the results or had to do it often tbh.
Idk, I will think about it, but thanks anonettes!

No. 194754

Nazi-chan vibes

No. 194778

I've cleared up my cystic acne with differin. It's a retinoid so it will get worse before it gets better, and will make your skin more sensitive to sunlight, but it actually made my skin prettier over time, compared to bp which destroyed my moisture barrier and made me look a decade older. If you do end up tryinging it, put it on after your moisturizer and only a tiny amount. It takes a while (like at least a month) to see the effects (and it will get worse at first) but it was so worth it for me. I still get acne but only tiny normal ones before my period.

No. 194799

I tried out a cleanser from Cerave & a benzoyl peroxide cream for my acne spots and my skin has been inflamed, red and with underlying tiny pimples all over my face for more than three days! What the hell is this and how can I get rid of this? Help!

No. 194800

It might be Cerave, I've read that a lot of people react to their products

No. 194832

Anons, how often do you use body lotion? I used to apply it every night but in the summer I can't stand the feeling of stickiness on my skin

No. 194836

i agree w the other anon!! i had a big problem with using CerAve products, their cream ended up making my skin red and clogging pores, giving me acne in spots where i'd never get them.

No. 194839

I had the same issue with Cerave

No. 194895

Nta but how the fuck is that Nazi? The sun ages you and tans tend to only look good on those naturally born with them, in my opinion. Some of us have tried tanning because we grew up having it pushed on us (like in the early 2000s) that we'd look "healthier" and ended up not liking it. Plus, its yet another bitch of a thing to have to maintain in winter months.

No. 194896

Thank you, I went and bought this yesterday after reading your reply and it's already really effective.

wrt the patches, they don't work for me and sort of fuck up my spots more, which always annoys me because I was so excited to try them years ago, then when I got them they just didn't work for me

No. 194900

Which brand were you using? I had good experiences with patches from Csorx.

Weak bait

No. 194963

Bumpity-bump. Can someone recommend me moisturizers that sink in quickly?

No. 194968

Topical dermatitis. Stop using both products immediately, take some antihistamines and use very gentle moisturizer, no "active ingredient" cleansers until it clears up (Eucerin makes good ones for sensitive/flaring skin, or Cetaphil).

Could be either products though the benzoyl peroxide is the likely culprit, it's very drying as a wash and I prefer it as a spot treatment. If your Cerave has hyaluronic acid that is probably adding fuel to the fire. Idk why people stan that stuff as one-size-fits-all.

No. 194969

I am that anon, and yeah not a nazi-Chan. Just someone else with pale skin that can’t tan. I never said there’s anything wrong with naturally tan/darker skin. I just think everyone looks better with their natural tone, and trying to tan is detrimental in many ways

No. 194973

keep up sweatys unless you self-flagellate about how pasty and basic you are you must be a secret white supremacist. God forbid you say porcelain then everyone really loses their shit kek.

No. 194982

>everyone looks better with their natural tone
Let's face it most beauty shit is about the grass-is-greener approach: pale girls tan, darker girls lighten their skin, curly girls straighten their hair, straight haired girls curl it… It's like we all think we look prettier when we look less like ourselves.

No. 195027

Could you post the link? There's multiple ones I can see and I'm skeptical with buying from Amazon because they often sell you fakes

No. 195071

File: 1625081697638.jpeg (47.49 KB, 750x586, 8D79D577-1CA4-4BA8-B311-4F3CEA…)

Has anyone here tried any ursa major skincare products? Thinking about trying but its kinda pricey

No. 195142

Is it normal for icepick scars to get wider but shallower after TCA crossing?

No. 195160

How do you deal with peeling caused by actives? My skin peels so bad that it gets in my hair and it looks like dandruff. It's disgusting

No. 195254

Just leave it alone. Only gentle wash, moisturize and use spf. You want to restore your natural skin barrier so just let it chill for like a week.

No. 195288

vitamin c anon reporting back after about 2 months. this is a great product! it has lightened a lot of my stubborn acne scars really well. I also used it on a bad pimple the day after the skin healed and it basically erased it, and left no scarring! I highly recommend it

No. 196071

Probably an overly naive question but would Volufiline help with a weak chin?

No. 196075

A serum? No way. Weak chin is best fixed with surgery.

No. 196081

Does hyaluronic acid help with acne scars?

No. 196083

I have rosacea and started using horse paste around the same time another anon did. (ivermectin like is in soolantra) Wondering if she's still around and what her results have been?

I worked my way through a few tubes. Around a week to 10 days in I had a die-off reaction where my papules and redness flared up even more. After that my papules totally went away for the first time in 3 years. The texture of my cheeks has been normal/soft/no bumps every since. I still get some redness in reaction to sun/heat or in the evenings. Texture fixed itself pretty quick but the flushing is stubborn.

I ran out of paste and stopped for about 2 weeks to see what would happen. In that time I got what seemed like painful hormonal spots around my lower jaw and hairline and I blamed a combo of facemasks, summer heat and traveling with maybe hormones. It was alot for a 30-something though. I re-ordered paste because I still have flushing and within a couple days back on it all my spots cleared. I had read about demodex acne so now I think my perfectly timed 2 weeks of spot outbreaks was that. The papules didn't return at least. These were bigger spots and on the edge of my face rather than in the rosacea zone. I'm wondering for people taking Sootantra is it kept up long term? With face masks being on the way out soon I'm planning on biting the bullet and seeing about paying for a doc to prescribe and advise when it comes to the ivermectin. It is doing something. I just don't know how long term you're meant to stick to it? Surely demodex eventually clear? If anyone else has been through this I'd love to hear.

No. 196084

Dermal fillers can totally change chin shape as well, just sucks that they’re an ongoing cost.

No. 196085

You may find this helpful, it identifies different types of acne scars and how to treat them https://simpleskincarescience.com/pie-pih-acne-scar-treatment/

No. 196094

File: 1625420576818.jpeg (599.83 KB, 1242x955, 6EA523D3-CE0F-4147-BEFA-33AD51…)

For the anons that have used this, is it a gimmick or does it really help? A friend of mine recommended it for evening out complexions.

No. 196148

it's a gimmick. for evening out complexions you should stick to an acid, I like the moon juice one

No. 196208

I’m 25, people guess I’m 19-23. Been avoiding the sun tho hehe.
Decided to finally fuck my skin up by going in sunbeds because self tanners are not cute. Is there a way I can do that to minimize premature aging? Cheap plastic surgery like thread lifting is allowed to suggest!

No. 196209

Most people look the same as they did in their late teens at 25. You don't start seeing the effects of sun damage until your early-mid 30s. Looking young now doesn't mean you should go to a tanning bed.

No. 196214

Unless you live an extremely stressfull life or dress like a boomer most people can't differentiate between a 20 yrs old and a 30 yrs old.

No. 196220

File: 1625486525006.jpeg (94.6 KB, 1600x1600, 37AA06ED-B2DB-4B9F-B188-FD63F0…)

Is this fine to put on my face?

No. 196222

Won't do any harm but wouldn't recommend prolonged use on your face, I used a similar urea cream when I ran out of facial moisturizer and had some clogged pores

No. 196309

File: 1625522818852.jpeg (556.63 KB, 2400x3000, 1C1FD116-5B27-4136-986C-B7A071…)

Has anyone here tried bakuchiol? My skin is really sensitive, but im 27 and i want to start using something for anti aging. Pic rel the product i was considering

No. 196318

Apparently there's no bakuchiol in that specific product.
(Yes it's reddit)

No. 196335

File: 1625533503422.jpeg (41.7 KB, 840x840, D33979D2-35EF-48A3-8833-F79F56…)

Well thats shitty. I didnt know herbivore also had a bad history so thanks anon. I was also looking at the inkey list one and pic rel, so i guess i’ll do more research. I just want an anti aging product i can use while im trying to conceive/pregnant and i have sensitive skin

No. 196376

Curology was a fucking lifesaver for me

No. 196384

Is this an ad lol

No. 196405

I have nothing meaningful to contribute, but the fact that a bakuchiol serum turns out to not contain bakuchiol is fucking hilarious to me kek

No. 196442

Has anyone tried curology before? I'm running out of tretinoin from my dermatologist prescription and thinking of giving curology a try. On a side note it seems they always wanna start you off on a super small percentage like smaller than the minimum (0.025%). I"m looking to get higher than that though, I feel that the 0.025% didn't do too much for me. I also wanna know how their formula really compare since they mix the treinoin and niacinamide together.

No. 196444

I did Rory tretinoin for a long time (almost a full year). It was meh. Stopped because I was sick of the irritation and upkeep to do with how drying it is. Ever since I quit tret my skin has been great

No. 196449

I was on Curology before they changed the name from Pocketderm, it was years ago so my opinion might not matter kek but I just remember that it didn't really do anything for my skin. I was on it for a year before I gave up and ended up ordering generic, higher percentage tretinoin online.

No. 196492

I tried threading for the first time today. It didn't remove many hairs and now I even got a friction burn or whatever it's called. What am I doing wrong? It also hurts my hands a lot tbh. I watched a bunch of videos but can't figure out what I might be doing wrong at all..

No. 196582

What website do you use to buy tretinoin from?

No. 197119

Can someone recommend a gentle moisturizer for the chest? I want to make sure the girls look their best but I've yet to find anything that doesn't give me at least a couple of penpoint-sized zits. I think anything oil-based is off the table.

No. 197140

File: 1625855130861.jpg (32.18 KB, 728x524, best_aloe_vera_gel-Nature_Repu…)

Cerave or pic rel can be used all over the body, not just the face.

No. 197142

I really like the Eucerin skin calming or daily hydration creams for body

No. 197143

Is this a good product? I thought it was bad because it looks chinese

No. 197147

It's Korean. I don't know anything about this product specifically, but Korean skincare has become very popular in the west lately and a lot of people have great results with Korean products.

No. 197148

Nta but it's 92% aloe vera gel and aloe vera gel by itself is almost entirely made out of water. You can get aloe vera gel from local stores, you don't have to buy from korea. Aloe vera is nice but don't expect much more from it than it being soothing, by itself it won't even lock the moisture into your skin.

No. 197151

What is good for moisturizing sensitive normal/combination skin? I've always used aloe vera because I'm prone to vascularity and it helps with that and because it's lightweight and I hate heavy products

No. 197155

I'm a sensitive normal-to-oily combination and I like Clinique. The Dramatically Different lotion for winter and gel for summer. It's a bit pricey though.

No. 197166

You saying aloe Vera is mostly water has inspired me to share a tip I got from a tiktok. Ice cubes on the face. I use one at night after I tone my face, have it sitting out after I brush my teeth so it's not absolutely freezing, and then rub it in circular motions. I use to get really dry skin on my nose and it hasn't occurred this year since I started (start of spring) and I swear a stubborn pore on the side of my nose has shrunk because I've been fixated on it and it's definitely changed.

No. 197182

Seconding Clinique, it's the only moisturizer that doesn't break me out or cause clogged pores. And i've tried everything from kbeauty to drugstore to luxury brands.

No. 197198

Third anon here to say I’ve been using Clinique dramatically different lotion daily since I was 13 years old. I can’t go without it.

No. 197234

Anon, its sold at tj maxx. I'm not acting like anyone needs to go to Korea for this.

No. 197241

I was just saying you can get it locally from a local brand to avoid confusion since you/another anon talked about it being Korean skincare. Which is commonly purchased directly from Korea or at inflated prices from Western re-sellers. Just making sure no one overpays for plain aloe vera gel. I don't even know what tjmaxx is.

No. 197261

It was a joke, because OP said “the most beautiful girls have Snow White skin” or something along those lines.
Idk about using ice… I think you can break your facial capillaries because of the sudden shift from warm to cold

No. 197267

I mean I wouldn't treat Tiktok as a trustworthy source for lifestyle related stuff. I mean a while ago there was a challenge where they encouraged people to overdose on benadryl because 'it's fun' or something

No. 197376

File: 1626005097232.jpg (546.5 KB, 1446x1797, Garnier Sunscreen.jpg)

I've been on a difficult skincare journey for the past 3 years and I've made the mistake of looking into hyped products or korean skincare that's insanely marked up or requires long shipping times. I've tried cosrx, cerave, tonymoly, benton, cetaphil, you name it. Recently I had a clear out and decided to look into more local options and I have to say it's changed my skin for the better. I live in Europe and for the most part I've considered the French pharmacy brands either overpriced or underwhelming but ever since I looked more into what they offer I'm never going back. The one thing I think is very underrated are sunscreens. Many EU regulated sunscreens that we can find in our drugstores/pharmacies have modern filters and are cosmetically elegant. Picrel, this is a La Roche Posay dupe for their shaka fluid and I swear by it, I reccomend this to all eu anons out there. Other brands I adore include Uriage, Bioderma (their micellar water beats any cleansing oil/balm I've tried), La Roche Posay (amazing cleansers), Avene, SVR, Geek and Gorgeous (rentinal serum and vitamin c serum) and Revox (eu equivalent of the ordinary, although stay away from their retinol)

No. 197379

EU sunscreens are amazing, lots of my friends cling to their Bioré and Canmake sunscreens and refuse to try anything from the drugstore because it's 'bad' but I've found so many nice ones recently. I get buying Asian sunscreens in 2016 or something, but ours have caught up and exceeded them by far.

No. 197381

Anon I have the same exact experience! I got so many Korean skincare products and it made my skin look like shit. Switched over to LRP and its a dream.

No. 197395

I was literally just checking out Revox, what's up with their retinol? Anyway, thank you anon, I needed to hear that. To be perfectly honest out of many Korean/Japanese sunscreens I tried only few worked for me really well but I kept buying them because the small bottles were cute and handy, very easy to carry around for the reapply purposes. Also they seemed cheaper at first, compared to western ones that are marketed as "face" sunscreens, but now with the shipping increase and VAT in place I'm screwed anyhow. I never gave LRP a chance before but your post convinced me.

No. 197402

Putting together a little care package for a friend who has been having a rough time with her mental health. What are some nice sort of treat skincare items that would be nice to receive. Particularly face masks as I know she still uses those cheap clay and peel off ones in the sachets

No. 197405

We get it; Local local local buy local. This is a skincare thread, not a consumer ethics larp. Fuck off already. Also the product in question has been posted in past skin threads and prior to this site's creation over on /cgl/ as its helped many anons. Esp given the minor alcohol content for oilier types.

>breaking capillaries

Because you can and no one advises this unless you wrap the ice in a cloth. Anon is just a moron.

No. 197406

My Beauty Diary or My Scheming makes really great sheet masks.

No. 197411

Are you really this dense? You're making a mega big deal out of something that was nothing more than a short remark to prevent anons from accidently spending more money than necessary. It was about saving money, not consumer ethics in any way shape or form.

No. 197417

Are you the same anon who thinks people recommending cups instead of pads are oppressing your vagina?

No. 197418

Anon they're really expensive in the long run. The cute tiny bottles don't last very long if you're applying the recommended amount and reapplying properly.

No. 197442

ntayrt but considering makeup thread just had a sperg out the other day about wasting money on a mascara I can see why nonnies would be sus. it's not your money at the end of the day so let people buy what they want.

No. 197448

I'm 25 and for the duration of my 20's I've had the most unruly chin/jaw typical hormonal, angry, cystic acne, located entirely in that chin and jaw area on either side, every day I wake up to more. I tried everything OTC, made numerous changes to my diet and routines, all over the course of years. Eventually I started spironolactone which made a huge difference and I had really beautiful skin for a few months but it has stopped fucking working and I have these huge shiny disgusting cysts welting up either side of my chin constantly. why live

No. 197456


Do you have long bangs or hair layers that touch or hang in your face? Do you hold your face/chin in your hands when you're working or scrolling or w/e? That's usually where my chin/jaw acne comes from nonnette

No. 197482

What can I do to minimize peeling after using actives like AHA or retinol? It's so disgusting that pieces of skin are just coming off my face. Do I need to moisturize more?

No. 197503

Yes, a really strong moisturizer is recommended

No. 197506

Use a heavy moisturizer at night and then put a layer of Vaseline or Aquaphor on top when you go to bed.

No. 197513

I've read that most people didn't have any results while using it, it also contains rosmary leaf oil which many found irritating/strongly scented.
I also wouldn't reccomend their vitamin C serum and caffeine serum because it oxidises really fast. The brand overall seems to have mixed reviews but the general consensus is that their products are very gentle and their serums are formulated to be on the thicker side.

No. 197528

File: 1626106023792.jpg (32.25 KB, 700x700, 10832664QiK17cT451pFD_700x700.…)

I love this sunscreen, sadly I tried it once when my friend let me try it and I've been hunting it down since it's sold out everywhere in my country at the moment kek
I'm super oily and this sunscreen was amazing.

No. 197530

Has anyone tried Hadalabo Gokujun Hyaluronic Lotion Moist? It's pretty hyped or was at least several years ago. I'm upping my tretinoin percentage and I know my skin will be dried out and in need of nourishment and hydration. Will this help?

No. 197564

I use it and I like it. I used epiduo (differin + bp) last year and that ha helped me retain way more moisture than if I had just used moisturizer.

No. 197591

>La Roche Posay
Seconding this. Had a few weeks where I was trying to find a new salicylic acid exfoliant and ended up with quite a break out due to what I was using not working. Started using their micro peeling purifying gel and 5 days later the break out is mostly cleared up and there's nothing new coming through at all. It's pretty cheap too compared to other brands that have worked for me in the past, it's nice to have found something really affordable that works so well.

No. 197629

So… something weird happened. I was using TO's niacinamide serum twice a day and LRP's hyaluronic serum at night, and I noticed that lately I've been getting some more and more noticeable fine lines out of thin air. I was getting worried and starting to consider tret, then I had an idea to ONLY use niacinamide where I need pore tightening (forehead, nose and upper cheeks). The phenomenon stopped.
Now my HA serum is fixing the damage, it's been I think a week and the fine lines are fading, everyday I have to squint more to notice them.
So yeah, be careful with that niacinamide, maybe only use it on the areas you really need it for.

No. 197651

oh crap I didn't know this about niacinamide, was actually about to introduce it for diminishing the appearance of pores. thanks for the headsup anon

No. 197704

File: 1626206272260.jpeg (56.08 KB, 800x536, 6D093E99-5668-467A-BA5C-0E26F6…)

Does nothing ever work on these things?

I recently had 3 fractional laser (Fraxel) procedures and I feel like there’s still no improvement many months later. Seeing my face in angled lighting completely wrecks my mood. I don’t know what to do anymore.

No. 197709

any way to remove moles at home? apple cider vinegar does nothing

No. 197717

File: 1626208499951.jpg (Spoiler Image, 79.64 KB, 584x610, Screenshot 2021-07-13 at 21.27…)

have you been doing it right? I've removed a couple using the apple cider vinegar method. granted I actually did it on 'flat' moles (when the apple cider vinegar method is only really meant for raised ones) and it took some real time and effort applying the acv onto little bits of cotton bud and using a plaster to stick the soaked ball to the moles every night for probably a 9 days.

these are the links I used to help me




like I said, the method is really meant for raised moles but I have done this on 4 flat moles now and have had varying results. one has completely healed and you can't even tell there was one there, one looks like a tiny fleck/scar on my skin, another now looks like a pale pink scar and the last one is still kinda there lol but a different shape (I consider the last two failures lol). tbh I probably shouldn't be advocating for anyone doing this but basically around the step where it's kinda crusted off I would cut into my skin and basically pick bits out to make sure I was removing all the pigment. what you really want is for the mole itself to 'pop' out which is best case scenario. see picrel, my pic) I realise how messed up this probably sounds and how it was basically self mutilation. I was asking for scars (and probably worse!) but honestly, after healing I'd rather have these little scars. sorry for any anons other than anon I replied to kek

No. 197721

samefag to add after doing this the 'sites' of the removal legitimately can take months to heal, like 6 months before the skin doesn't look sore and after that you may still have a leftover scar

I almost regret posting the info above since it's probably terrible advice but I thought I'd share

No. 197728

my favourite skincare youtuber has a video on this topic, might be helpful, I believe she used glycolic acid. also if you search her channel for 'acne scars' she has other videos on the topic. hoping you find a solution or can minimise your scars anon good luck

No. 197736

Isn't at-home mole removal dangerous?

No. 197743

Maybe try microneedling (if you can afford it go to a professional) or TCA cross. There’s also a type of surgery where they cut the scar tissue with a needle under your skin which should help… Unfortunately icepick scars are super hard to get rid of. Tbh lasers haven’t been very effective for most people with scarring.

No. 197755

> Unfortunately icepick scars are super hard to get rid of.
I honestly don't see how it's possible tbh. They're really deep, how can you get rid of them without removing enough layers of skin that they're shallow enough to be less visible? You'd have to fucking strip half the skin off your face.

I have pretty bad scarring and I just try not to worry about it even though it sucks. If my skin is otherwise clear and hydrated and healthy, I'm doing enough imo.

No. 197771

File: 1626235472768.jpg (401.22 KB, 1066x974, 1Untitled-1.jpg)

finally got rid of my stupid fucking fungal acne i've had since february. realized this was it when i noticed it on my back as well. soap got rid of it in a week or so. anyway, this is my current skincare routine. the daily vitamin c supplements + aloe vera + ulta md combo really helped get rid of the red marks fast, like i'm talking in 1-2 weeks. my skin's nearly back to how it normally has looked my entire life. btw am not acne prone, doesn't run in family. was also probably vitamin c deficient.

No. 197772

lmao i meant elta

No. 197791

Are you supposed to wash your face with a cleanser every morning after you wake up or plain water also does the job?

No. 197793

whatever works for you, there's no correct way

No. 197805

I heard just plain water in the morning is ok, especially if you get too oily during the day. I stopped using cleanser in the morning and noticed that it really helped with oiliness. Might seem counterintuitive, but it's just that over-cleansing your face can make it produce more sebum. Also my cheeks don't get as dry as before.

No. 197808

I always start with micellar water and if I notice there's like still dirt or mascara that didn't fully come off ill use a cream cleanser as well.

No. 197821

File: 1626274805642.jpg (73.74 KB, 613x550, 1623078624579.jpg)

Nevermind, today was particularly dry and I can see the newly formed lines in all their deep glory. Oh well then, tret time it is. Thanks a lot niacinamide, very cool.

No problem. Full disclosure, I don't think this was a common side effect, in fact I always heard of niacinamide as something that should make fine lines less evident. But it's worth avoiding certain areas anyway, especially undereyes and around the mouth.

No. 197837

I swore off of waxing brows like a decade ago because every time I went, I'd end up with like 40+ red pimples all along my eyebrow area, even when I went to high rated "SeNsItIvE sKiN" waxers. I'm thinking about trying again… Are there any tips to brace for a potential breakout? I've read that taking an ?aspirin? (Tylenol? Ibuprofen? I forget which) might help with the inflammation, and something about witch hazel which I'm not sure how my skin will take to. Does the witch hazel have to be applied before or after?

No. 197838

I know a lot of people swear by cerave moisturizing cream but I had the same effect with it. It's like after a few days my skin was drier and my lines more visible even though I didn't use anything else or had any treatments. I switched back to my old moisturizer and my skin quickly went back to normal and all the lines faded.

No. 197844

Just do sugaring. You can do it at home.

No. 197851

It’s not niacinamide, it’s just that TO has some terribly formulated products. I tried that serum too and it broke me out. it was so sticky and dried down super crispy. I think the zinc is part of the reason, since it can dry the skin, and whatever other crap they put in it. I’ve tried some other niacinamide products from cosrx and ponds and had no issues. It really does help the skin

No. 197857

I had the same issue, usually I get less irritation if I get threaded instead. Plucking at home seems to be the best option for me.

No. 197859

Skincare nonnies, please help! I am so clueless.
The skin under my chin and on my neck is very fragile and wrinkly, I think from hair removal (I use one of those threading spring things which plucks all the hairs).
How can I look after the skin there whilst not growing a full-on neckbeard?
Also, I've had expression lines since I was a teenager, but I'm self conscious about them now that I'm getting older… Is this something that can only be remedied with Botox, or is there a solution I'm missing?

No. 197877

With the expression lines, try tretinoin. It's suppose to be like retinol but better and it's commonly known as the golden standard in skin care.

No. 197878

Not great for me either so I switched to using multiple creams and oils my moisturiser routine now is
Iunik beta glucan - for the base
Vaseline advanced repair cream
Rosehip oil - for finish

No. 197910

File: 1626331073495.jpg (42.87 KB, 800x800, svr-sun-secure-extreme-spf-50-…)

I'm not using korean sunscreens anymore since the whole purito controversy, but yeah french pharmacy brands are really worth looking into
Pic related is what I've been using since a month or so and it's amazing, literally looks like you're applying a primer to your face
The only downside is that it is scented so probably not great if you have sensitive skin (the smell's pretty good if you're fine with fragrance though)

No. 197931

> whole purito controversy
nta but what happened?

No. 197933

Pls help my confidence is just gone. I have small spots all over my forehead and chin, there's not a single smooth spot and I just dont know what to do about them. Everything seems to make them worse or not do anything

No. 197941

EU anons, where do you buy your retin-A from?

No. 197947

Just go to a private derm, get a script and it should be good for a year or so. You can even say it's for aging.

No. 197957

I order it from an online store

No. 197992

I'm probably the only one but I'm skeptic about the safety of (unsupervised) retin use. It's not for nothing that it's hard to get here..

No. 197995

Purito sold the centella green sunscreen with SPF 50 but it was later revealed to be SPF 19, less than half as advertised.

No. 198012

File: 1626383897067.jpeg (91.07 KB, 483x691, 254113AD-75A5-4F33-AF56-1A8816…)

They can cut the scar tissues like pic rel to make the scar less deep. Or putting lots of tiny needles into the skin breaks up scar tissue and forces your skin to make new healthy tissues. I don’t think that peeling/microdermabrasion shit works

No. 198104

No. 198112

I had severe acne as a teen and got my cheeks full of boxcar scars + a weirdly omega shaped icepick scar. My face was always full with big, painful cysts. After going on bc to balance out the hormones + six years of maintaining a skin care regimen that includes peelings & retinol I can say that my skin still has large pores and rough patches with some small holes and a spot with underlying scar tissue but the boxcar scars are almost gone & the icepick scar kinda closed up so I only have some smaller scars right now. I know that my case is severe so if you only have some boxcar or icepick scars on your cheeks they will def. get better over time if you take care of yourself but just like I said - it takes time. You can shorten it by the treatments the other anons suggested I guess.

No. 198118

File: 1626451284767.jpg (28.7 KB, 543x467, Screenshot_21.jpg)

It's a local store that imports it from another, Romanian online store called Greeno Shop (https://greeno.ro/en/module/iqitsearch/searchiqit?s=tretinoin). The brand of Trteinoin is picrel

No. 198150

That looks sus as hell

No. 198159

Nta but most tret manufacturers use very simple packaging. I have mine shipped from India and it definitely works but looks very similar to this. These places are pharmacies, not skincare brands. If you need a cute trendy bottle and lots of buzz words blown up your ass then go for an overpriced, watered down product instead.

No. 198161

my current skincare has been working really well, keeps me moisturized but not greasy. I'm pretty sensitive to most products and can't use cerave

double cleanse
>cosrx milk gel cleanser
>esfolio honey cleansing foam
>kikumasamune high moisture lotion
>aloe vera
>cetaphil moisturizing lotion

No. 198168

how does that look sus, it looks like regular pharmacy product.

No. 198186

I don't mean that it looks sus because it's not cute. I mean that it looks like it was made in someone's backyard.

No. 198187

girl it's from romania

No. 198195

File: 1626472027055.jpg (12.81 KB, 250x169, sdfsdf.jpg)

can anyone help me out with an exfoliant? pic related is what my mom gave me a while ago that i had used for years and recently knocked off the shelf and it shattered, i think it's what i used almost exactly.
i have normal-dry skin (more on the dry side) and constantly get flakes or dry spots even from slight picking (i also live in a mostly constant humid environment). is this kind of exfoliant even beneficial for my skin-type - because this is the only shit i've ever used (exfoliant wise) that it actually removes all the dead skin and doesn't leave me flaky, and i see it coming off in the sink with lasting effects like into the next day at least.
i never see this stuff (this type of exfoliant, not the brand) in stores or even online so i always wondered if my mom just gave me some weird goop in a jar that worked like a charm but apparently it's some sort of enzyme exfoliant? the label had seriously rubbed off on mine.

No. 198205

File: 1626480040095.jpg (43.36 KB, 750x750, IMG-20200710-WA0010.jpg)

This reminds me a lot of Secret Key's peeling gel, they work in a very similar fashion. I'm not too sure about how effective these types of exfoliants are, but one thing you have to ask yourself is: is this gel that you've been using actually exfoliate your skin, or does it get rid of your flaky skin patches because it's hydrating? I see that the gel has many hydrating ingredients, especially the hyaluronic acid. I would recommend using a HA serum and see how it goes especially since you live in a humid climate, it's perfect for the serum to draw moisture from the air. Beware though, hyaluronic acid serums tend to have a learning curve, it took me awhile to learn how to use mine (always pat it on wet/damp skin, never massage).

No. 198285

File: 1626531563982.jpg (44.13 KB, 640x640, banish.jpg)

How do I perform dermarolling properly for maximum improvement on atrophic indented acne scars?
I see a lot of recommendations to use vitamin c serum but it's difficult to find anything with ascorbic acid of 20% or above that isn't extremely expensive.
(anything less than 20% won't be as effective or so I've been told)

No. 198288

I thought it was discontinued tho, can't find it anywhere too

No. 198290


No. 198305

So, I moved from a below-sea level climate to a place that’s around 6,000+ feet in elevation and my skin hates me for it. I’ve never had facial acne in my life, but my forehead is broken out in so many tiny little bumps right now. They’re not white heads, they’re just like… light pink bumps. Help me. In my home state, I would just use a bit of a hyaluronic acid moisturizer ever day, but I know I can’t use that here because the humidity is 0%. Maybe 10% on a good, rainy day.

No. 198307

A facial scrub might help. Could be an abundance of dead/dry skin cells. My forehead gets like that too when the humidity drops in the summer where I live. It doesn’t drop as low as yours for most of the time but my skin is used to a midrange level of humidity.

You could even use exfoliating gloves in the shower and then moisturize right after getting out. Just don’t over do it. Literally spend like a few seconds doing it. Facial skin is soft and sensitive.

No. 198312

How often should I use body lotion? Every day? Every other day?

No. 198314

I've had troubles finding it in my country, but from what a pharmacist told me it wasn't discontinued, just continually sold out? I definitely saw the 30 SPF version of it earlier this week

No. 198322

I use it everyday, sometimes twice if I shower in the morning too but it's a way lighter lotion.
Everyday is best, but there isn't much difference if you do it every other day. Depends on your skin and the weather

No. 198479

File: 1626658799696.jpeg (88.04 KB, 940x940, i hate this shit so much.jpeg)

I just fucked up with trying a sample of this Kate Somerville exfoliator and now my face is dry as hell yet has patches of dead skin that feel like sandpaper and won't come off unless I pick to a new layer of skin. I tried this earlier with some of the cracked dry skin and now can't cover up that area with makeup or else it looks ridiculous

Anons I know I sound like a 5 year old but please help me, my skin is so oily from overcompensating from how dry my ski is rn. And my skin is normally oily but I also make an effort to hydrate and lock in moisture every night. =What do I do? Do I try to scrub the rest of the dead skin off or just try to stop my already-oily skin from overcompensating w more oily by layering on [vanicream] moisturizer, squalane, aquaphor, and whatever other occlusives/humectants I can find?

No. 198490

If your skin barrier is compromised, I don't think you should scrub more, just moisturize and pick off the dead skin with your hands. After actives I use moisturizing masks and they really help with the peeling

No. 198499

please don't scrub anymore! I would recommend using hyaluronic acid every night until your skin improves, they do a bottle cheap from the ordinary. wash your face with a mild cleanser, but leave water on your face then rub in the hyaluronic acid to lock in that moisture, it should also help heal your very dry patches. follow with moisturiser. good luck anon, I hope your skin heals up soon

No. 198500

probably not what you want to hear but I've heard you really shouldn't try dermarolling at home, go to a pro, they'll know what to do.

No. 198634

Do you get the 11ml and how long does that last? How many applications would you say you get out of it? or do you get the 30ml bottle?

No. 198802

Turmeric is a super good spot treatment! I have two gross acne spots right now, one right below my nostil and one on my right cheek, so in the morning I mixed some turmeric with water (others use honey or yogurt but I have neither). After 30 minutes or so, the swelling reduced and they're less painful. Try it! But ymmv.

No. 198809

How do you remove the stain though? I remember I cooked with turmeric once and didn't matter how hard I scrubbed my hands afterwards, they stayed yellow for several days

No. 198814

I heard that turmeric is fat soluble so you could get olive oil to remove it. That's a good point though!

No. 198905

File: 1626927602556.png (362.52 KB, 659x400, IMG_1256.png)

I don’t know if this is common, I feel embarrassed since it’s really stupid but sometimes when I scrub myself really well I get tiny little red spots, like freckles or moles. And it’s not like freckles that have always been there, it’s like they formed during the shower or something.

Picrel is closest to what they look like, sorry for the small photo. It’s not as red and it’s not like… a rash? Just very tiny red spots. The article that I got it from mentioned cherry angiomas but it is definitely not that as they’re much smaller, as if you put paint on a needle and tapped it on the skin lightly. Does anyone know what it is?

No. 198911

I'm not a doctor but it sounds like petechiae. If you're scrubbing too hard then I wouldn't worry much about it (stop scrubbing so hard though). But if you bruise easily and get petechiae easily I would definitely go to the doctor just in case.

No. 198924

I second this. Dealt with the same exact thing but on my face after some intense workout and headstands. It’s basically a form of bruising or broken blood vessels

No. 198946

Where do EU anons get volufiline? Pls help

No. 199393

How much money do you guys spend on skincare/makeup in a year? I just splurged and I feel a bit awful because I only work in the summer but I think it will last me 1+ year.

No. 199395

I spend less on make up and more on skincare these days now that I’m in my 30s.
Although in my 20s I bought a lot of makeup that I never used. I’ve never been much of a make up wearer but I did used to wear foundation and false lashes and heavy contour, etc. Now I barely wear any. Right now I just use an illuminating moisturizer and self tanner on my face. Tint my eyelashes and bam. I’m thinking about getting my brows tattooed (the stippling technique I dunno what it’s called) and that’s even less make up to worry about.

I buy makeup every 3 months I think and skin care about the same. But the skincare costs more. Maybe $600 a year for both. That’s a pretty rough est tho. I can’t imagine more than that tho.

No. 199396

I mean I wasn’t much of an eye shadow wearer. Not that I wasn’t much of a makeup wearer.

No. 199402

Does anyone in the U.K. use tretinoin? Where do you get it? I know dermatica is the obvious choice but I saw it’s much cheaper from AllDayChemist, but the website gives off very weird vibes. From what I’ve read it’s legit though.

I don’t have a prescription so needs to be somewhere that will provide one. There are no dermatologists in my area either.

No. 199411

I probably spend about $100-$150 on skincare a year. My routine is just facial mist, moisturizer, sunscreen, tret (free), maybe an essence if I’m feeling spicy. Honestly skincare products take a long time to use up so idk how nonnies spend so much. Then again I only use drugstore/French pharma and kbeauty

No. 199412

Oop forgot about cleanser.

No. 199415

My skin tends to be on the dryer side (my nose/forehead can be oily) so I feel like I use more than the “normal” amount of product. Hence why I go through a lot. And I also use it on my décolleté area.

No. 199461

File: 1627296562781.jpg (160.7 KB, 1560x1960, paupau_paulaschoice_skinperfec…)

I've been using the paula's choice 2% bha liquid exfoliant every night for about two months now and it has had such a great affect on my enlarged pores/sabaceous filaments on my nose and cheeks. I know you can't shrink pores but you can help clean out excess gunk and using this bha has really helped. when I first started using it I hated it cause it felt too sticky on my skin but once I cut down on how much I used per application it didn't feel so bad and sunk into my skin nicely. I've also been using it directly under my eyes and it's helped reduce the appearance of those little milia like white dots. I used to think it was overhyped but seriously sticking with it for a few months and I love it. seriously, anons with enlarged pores, try this, be patient and you'll see why it's hyped up so much (testimonial not paid for for paula's choice. all opinions expressed are my own!)

No. 199535

File: 1627334106280.jpeg (28.44 KB, 700x500, 8EA01245-F5EE-4FDF-A18E-47E23B…)

I don't know if this will work for everyone but I highly recommend using these razors
I shave my entire face, forehead, cheeks, chin, everything once a week
In my teens I had horrible acne, in my twenties it all cleared up but another problem arose – literally everything I would put on my skin besides certain moisturisers will break me out. I can't use any kind of cleanser, face wash, oils, scrubs, chemical peels, AHAs, BHAs, nothing. BUT I've had so much success just washing my face with only water and putting on moisturiser twice a day, at morning and night. Then once a week I'll go ahead and shave my entire face, getting rid of dead skin and anything shitty beneath the surface. I put almond oil all over my face before shaving so as to not cut myself and have a smooth surface, and I was any remaining oil off when I'm done (I do not put oil on my face on any other occasion, it breaks me out)
This is something you can try if your skin physically isn't sensitive (can tolerate shaving) but is sensitive beneath the pores to the stuff it absorbs.

No. 199547

I think it's called a dermplaner

No. 199553

I wanted to give this a try but it's kinda pricy! Did you purge at all from the BHA?

No. 199554

Ty, I knew there was another term for it besides "razor"

No. 199557

not that anon, but if you're worried about the price you can buy small travel size versions of it for a fraction of the price


No. 199568

has anyone in this thread actually had luck clearing acne with diet and exercise? i only just started getting acne last year, never had it in my teens. (im 24). my acne is on my forehead, under my nose and on my chin but slowly spreading outward onto my jawline leading me to think it could be hormonal. i hoped it was just from wearing a mask / having bangs but it's been at least 2 months with hair up and no mask and it actually seems to only get progressively worse. the only other changes I can think of is that i haven't been to the gym since Covid started and i used to be vegan before Covid too. I want to see a doctor/ esthetician but would there be a point in trying diet / exercise first? (Cutting out dairy/sugar at least?) I don't have any other symptoms that would lead me to believe I have hormonal problems, but I feel like I've tried everything when it comes to products (even bought expensive ass silk pillowcases) and im at a loss for what to do… has anyone else just randomly started getting acne as an adult and what did you do?

No. 199575

Definitely eat better and exercise, but please do see a derm when you can. Masks ruined my skin last year despite having basically perfect skin prior to them. I wasn't as good about exercising, though my diet was good, but overall imo the changes didn't help. Going to the derm did: I got prescribed doxycycline for a month or two with a strong topical. If I didn't go to the derm, I think my skin would have been worse. Good luck anon!

No. 199577

File: 1627355966494.jpeg (133.14 KB, 1200x800, 04C9179C-2463-4890-BE8C-C3A7FB…)

Happy for you anon! Had you tried another BHA before? I just went through a box of Stridex and it didn't do much for my SFs so I'm on the fence about trying Paula's Choice. I ordered the Cosrx BHA along with an oil cleanser for now but I am not too hopeful…

No. 199580


You are probably allergic/ intolerant to something you eat. Most of acne prone skin cases are due to something you eat.

I advise you to go to a doctor anyway anon and make an allergy test so you can figure out what you need to cut in order to avoid acne.

No. 199621

it is pricey for sure. one thing I've found is though a lot of people sell them on places like ebay and depop. they buy them and don't see immediate results so they think they don't work and sell them. could the be an option for you?

I honestly am not sure if I purged or if I just had usual acne. I tried to find the difference between the two types but couldn't determine. all I can say is that I didn't get more acne than usual and I had them on my lower cheeks which is also the usual place. I mainly used the bha on my t-zone and had no acne there.

No. 199622

no I'd not tried one before! I think cosrx is meant to be a good brand, I like their aloe spf.

No. 199623

I shave my face too (though not with those kind of razors but with the same kind men use to shave their faces) and also find a more simplistic routine suits my skin better. shaving is a form of exfoliation and can also help skincare products sink in to the skin once the peach fuzz is removed. I love shaving my face honestly. just to any anons don't shave over acne. it sounds obvious but I've tried before, hoping to just take away some of the dead skin cells on healing spots and ended up cutting myself lol don't be like me

No. 199708

File: 1627424399770.jpeg (34.48 KB, 600x528, obagi-tretinoin_front_photo_or…)

I have an appointment with my GP tomorrow and I want to ask for a tretinoin/retinol prescription but idk how to ask lol what should I say? I don't have bad acne I just want it for anti-aging

No. 199710

Say its for acne. That's how insurance will pay for it. If they question you, just say you're having a good skin day. My face was relatively clear when I went to the derm and they didn't question my clear face at all.

No. 199817

File: 1627497275648.jpg (38.84 KB, 395x1230, 2653709.JPG)

thanks anon, that's what I did, but I got prescribed tactupump forte, which is adapalene and benzoyl peroxide. I'm not sure if I should even use this because my acne is so moderate.. I usually only get pimples before or during my period. my doctor was adamant on this product though, even though I asked for tretinoin.

No. 199821

I get it by saying I have Melasma

No. 199843

nonnas, i have a dilemma about mineral sunscreens and i want to hear your opinions because idk if i'm just being paranoid or something
afaik there are 2 main sunscreen ingredients that are used in mineral sunscreens - zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. nothing wrong with zinc, but titanium dioxide is potentially dangerous and i don't see anybody talk about it? it is basically a whitening chemical that is used in medicine or toothpaste to make them appear more white, and because it is a carcinogen, it is currently being banned in the eu in edible things like pills and toothpaste. but nobody is really considering sunscreens?
because it's a whitening chemical, it causes that annoying whitecast that most mineral sunscreens have and a way to prevent this, manufacturers use titanium dioxide nanoparticles in their productes. surely these get absorbed through the skin right? i only found one study about this that concluded titanium d. to be 'likely safe' but i just don't know.. if it's used around the eyes, then it gets absorbed at least through them right?
what's weird is that the majority of mineral sunscreens have added titanium d. even if the main sunscreen ingredient is zinc oxide. the only titanium-free sunscreens are the baby ones.
my issue is chemical sunscreen irritates my eyes instantly.. currently i just use a baby mineral sunscreen around my eyes and chemical for the rest of my face but it's really annoying

No. 199849

I'm sorry you didn't get what you asked for. At the very least I know adapalene is a retinoid so it does have anti-aging benefits to it. If you can get yourself an appointment with a dermatologist, they are much more likely to give you what you ask for. I also know you can buy some from online if your're comfortable with a pharmacy from another country making it.

No. 199854

File: 1627512996479.jpeg (107.9 KB, 1080x1080, C7582913-2E96-47B7-8DF9-B746AE…)

I don’t have much to tell about this other than that I’ve read that there are two different types of titanium dioxide, one of which is harmless, but only the manufacturers know which one they buy from the factories and the type of it is not declared on the label. I simply use a sunscreen which only contains zinc oxide-pic related, it has a pasty texture so you have to rub it smooth in your hands before applying but overall It’s the best I’ve tried yet and I tried many mineral sunscreens. Don’t know if you can buy it outside of germany tho, and if you want to use it for your whole body it might be expensive.

No. 199857

Zinc only sunscreens will be the way to go for mineral but at the % you'd need to get a decent level of protection is always gonna feel thick and tacky in my experience. If the only problem you have with chemical sunscreens is them stinging your eyes, maybe try out different filters? For example avobenzone (used in all broad spectrum chemical sunscreens in the US bc it's all the stupid FDA will approve for UVA) stings my eyes, but newer filters available in the EU and Asia like tinosorb S and uvinal A don't sting, plus they're better at what they do and more cosmetically elegant. This probably isn't helpful advice if you're not american though, since in that case youve probably already been using sunscreens without the older filters that cause eye irritation (though I know some EU ones still use avobenzone).

No. 199868

File: 1627518164044.jpeg (66.35 KB, 600x600, vitamin-e-overnight-serum-in-o…)

Thoughts on this?

No. 199876

thank you nonnette. I actually ended up booking a Telehealth appointment, and the doctor refused to prescribe me tret (!!) so I got it from this website called Felix. I'm going to use the Adapalene as a spot treatment and the tret as an all over cream.

No. 200177

File: 1627705728554.jpeg (191.65 KB, 1500x1500, 3A737561-CD7E-4AF9-B4EC-0C4F9C…)

Hey nonettes, just letting any of you that have premature aging concerns and acne scars to get this and pair it with vitamin c serum. I’ve incorporated both into my skincare routine and I’ve noticed that in the morning I have minimal redness and a more even complexion. My wrinkles have also improved and in all honesty I thought it was just my mind making it up, but then I’ve had family members and friends tell me my skin looked so lively and they were surprised I wasn’t wearing a tinted moisturizer or any face makeup.

No. 200187


idk the ingredients in this but body shop tends to use a lot of essential oils in their products. they can irritate the skin. but other than that, body shop is a nice brand.

No. 200203

Any C serum or do you recommend a particular brand? Do you use these two at the same time?

No. 200212

Any! I prefer ones with a concentration of 20% vitamin c but it’s all up to you on how your skin type is. I use the serum first after my toner and then I moisturize and layer the snail repair cream over it all.

No. 200225

I'm an idiot and I dropped my tube of tretinoin and the cap has broken. Is it useless now since it has contacted oxygen? Would replacing the cap with, say, aluminium foil affect the product?

No. 200237


Is it gel or cream? Try using a toothpaste cap as a replacement.

No. 200422

File: 1627851473296.jpeg (102.75 KB, 800x800, 050CE436-6094-414F-85F2-E00941…)

Can anyone recommend their holy grail self tanner? I use sunscreen obsessively (sucks because I actually tan beautifully) and no matter what I do or what tools I use mine comes out splotchy or too orange. I’m not looking to go from ghost white to beach bunny tan, just want to warm my skin up a shade or so.

No. 200423

File: 1627851687999.jpg (135.37 KB, 600x600, natural-bronze-gradual-tanner.…)

if you just want to go a shade or 2 darker why not try a gradual lotion? I use this one, its not patchy and can easily be removed in the shower with a cloth

No. 200444

Does a gentle daily exfoliator remove the need for regular exfoliation?

No. 200505

Lately I've been getting the kind of acne I've never experienced before. I get very, very sore, rock hard pimples in my face, usually just one at a time. They hurt like a bitch and you can feel the bump by touching it but there's barely any redness and no white head on it, squeezing them doesn't do much more than make me see stars from the pain. Eventually they stop hurting but the bump remains and never pops, instead just slowly fades away and gradually becomes smaller until it disappears. What the hell are these things? I've had hormonal issues lately but also been using a face mask due to them being mandatory here so maybe it's either both or one of them causing it? Can anyone help?

No. 200517

File: 1627905964580.jpeg (96.34 KB, 1500x1500, C092F3E9-5C89-4D31-83D7-116B39…)

They’re a little expensive but these would take my cystic acne down after two nights. Worth a try?

No. 200520

that sounds like cystic acne. they can be caused by hormonal issues. try products (creams or cleansers, but creams should work better) with benzoyl peroxide. retinoids can also help but from my experience they take a longer time to work and tretinoids are prescription only, but honestly the best way to prevent them is to fix your hormonal issues imo
they can cause scarring very easily so don't try to pop them or otherwise mess around with them

No. 200554

As other anon said don’t mess with them. They are most likely hormonal cysts - I’m prone to them around my period. Using cold compresses takes them down quicker for me, or a treatment with sulphur in it sometimes works but it’s never definite. Regulating hormones is the best bet, but the hardest to figure out.

No. 200579

File: 1627949356720.jpeg (757.96 KB, 3456x4608, chest.jpeg)

I know everyone has pores, but my skin looks horrible up close. The image isn't mine, but it's pretty similar. I'd go ahead and claim that mine is even worse, with the pores being larger and darker, and they even have texture. Before I knew better I used to squeeze some out, and that has also affected the way they look now. Another weird thing I noticed is that if I shine a UV light at my skin the stuff inside my pores is bright pink. It's mostly all over my chest, nose, mouth and chin, but it can be found all over my body. It's gotten so bad that I avoid wearing anything that reveals my upper chest.
Other than that, my skin seems to be relatively healthy(if a bit too oily/sensitive)and I don't get acne unless I pick at it or if I get unlucky while on my period.
My current skincare routine is pretty basic, with showering once a day each morning(or twice if I'm being active), using a CeraVe foaming cleanser, pure natural witch hazel and CeraVe moisturising lotion. I also sometimes attempt to physically exfoliate my face using Simple's smoothing factial scrub for sensitive skin, but I don't think it's doing anything.
So far it seems like I've tried a ton of things, but none of them seem to work for me:
Softymo cleansing oils(deep and speedy)
Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque (which I still use because it is pulling out oils, but not enough)
COSRX BHA Blackhead power liquid
COSRX AHA Whitehead power liquid (this one makes my skin burn and leaves red patches that go away after a couple of hours)
Stridex in the red box(ages ago and I saw no improvement, my skin wasn't reacting to it at all)
Pore strips(I know they're bad, but at least there's some results with them so I still occasionally use them)

So basically I have a massive Sebaceous filament issue and I was wondering if anyone knows what else I can do to combat this.

No. 200582

You sure it's not Keratosis pilaris anon?

No. 200586

I'm pretty certain that it isn't. I sometimes have slight flareups of KP on my upper arms, and they're 2 completely different things.

No. 200591

I had a lot of sebaceous filaments on my chest and temples. A combo of tretinoin and benzoyl peroxide has taken care of it. The ones on my nose and chin are more stubborn but I do think the benzoyl peroxide has reduced them in size.

Also not to be a fucking essential oil boomer mom but diet has a very significant effect on what your skin is doing so try cutting out dairy or something like that

No. 200593

I'm sorry for asking to be spoonfed, but do you remember which products you used?
I'll definitely try to limit the amount of dairy I consume, seeing as I love milk. You're probably spot on with this.

No. 200598

Another anon here and I also am not a boomer but I have gluten related sensitivities that manifest on my skin. Watch out your dairy and milk consumption and drink lots of water everyday.

No. 200632

File: 1628009377149.jpg (43.95 KB, 800x800, avene-cleanance-solare-50.jpg)

Is this sunscreen any good? It's on discount here so I was thinking of trying it out.

No. 200633

Samefagging because I forgot, I'd also like recs for a pore minimizing primer. Better if on the cheaper side.

No. 200637

File: 1628010469351.jpeg (19.1 KB, 700x784, nyx-professional-makeup-prebas…)

I use this Nyx one

No. 200655

I feel like I have to exfoliate every day because I wake up with dead skin on my face. Can anyone recommend a gentle scrub, maybe? I usually do oil cleansing but it gets a bit tedious after a while.

No. 200657

Thanks so much anons, sorry I didn't respond until now. What I ended up doing was just moisturizing well for days until the skin gradually came off by itself.

I do this but I have an issue with having more dried, dead skin afterward despite doing the most afterwards to make sure there's no dead skin on my face AND hydrating like crazy after I'm done. It's mostly an issue for when I wanna wear makeup because foundation makes it more obvious. I use a primer with my foundation just for some context. I've tried mixing a bit of squalane onto my beauty blender which I think sort of helps but I'm pretty sure I just need to get rid of the dead skin layer altogether.
Any anons have any suggestions?

No. 200665

I've never tried it so I can't speak on the texture but the filters look good as long as you're getting the European version.

No. 200666

You shouldn't overexfoliate. If you have skin peeling off you every single day moisturizer is a better bet.

No. 200724

L'oreal magic perfecting base.

No. 200766

File: 1628094169096.jpeg (153.44 KB, 1440x1440, 262B687B-EE46-4A49-8592-BF9485…)

Best self tanner for face that fades evenly and doesn’t break you the fuck out?

No. 200781

st tropez bronzing water serum is what I use and i've heard good things about isle of paradise face serum

No. 200789


Used this and it was better than that Jergens shit.

No. 201083

File: 1628317330336.jpg (63.29 KB, 1000x1000, 26155_xlarge.jpg)

Has anyone tried the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Cleanser? Is it hydrating enough?

No. 201091

I have problems with too dry skin and for me its ok. I didn't try other cleansers though.

No. 201175

File: 1628403162181.jpg (283.77 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210808-080955_Sam…)

Volufiline anons, is this Volufiline on Yesstyle legit? Or should I order on Amazon?

No. 201178

Idk but I got the Min Jung Gi since that one seems to be the most popular.

No. 201179

Forgot to add: I bought mine off yesstyle.

No. 201189

Amazon is a lot more likely to be fake, also you're giving Jeff Bezos money ew.
The ingredients are the same for all of them, I got several off of YesStyle and yes they were all legit.

No. 201190

Can anyone recommend something for dark circles? My undereye area looks so dull but I have not found any eye creams for dark circles that seem legit.

No. 201195

Thanks guys I ordered it!! So excited to try it out already

No. 201196

Is volufiline that good? It sounds like just another moisturizer or cream that promises amazing anti-age results without actually doing much. Maybe it's because I've been on the internet for so long and have purchased so many disappointing raved products but I'm skeptical.

No. 201214

Huh, this is the first one I see that costs less than 50 bucks a pop. I'll try it someday.

Some people claimed it filled up their face, others say it's overpriced water. I would tread with healthy skepticism. I expect it to have slight plumping effects, and only as long as you keep on using it.
There's no such thing as a miracle product.

No. 201226

It's not just a moisturizer, it increases fat cell production

No. 201272

File: 1628481047057.jpeg (28.26 KB, 314x500, 02EBF36A-930A-4453-9526-0801C5…)

Anons who have really oily combo skin use this. It keeps my skin hydrated but reduces my oil production. I used it as a base for my makeup and my skin was matte for an hour or two longer than it usually is

No. 201274

This was me earlier asking about diet/ exercise to help cystic acne. I did cut out dairy (which is probably just better for me regardless) and I've been having sugar only sparingly/ trying to keep it low glycemic since I read that spikes in blood sugar can affect hormones and cause inflammation/ acne. I felt like it actually did help the inflammation but it's hard to say since my skin just seemed unpredictable. I basically reached my wits end waiting for the breakout to cure on its own though– it's only gotten worse and more out of control over this year. my advice is that as soon as you figure out that your acne is cystic, just see a doctor. I got prescribed benzamycin gel yesterday so I'm really hopeful now. I also have an appt with a dermatologist so maybe they can tell me if I have a food sensitivity or something! I just wonder what caused it to begin with. Im so glad though, it feels like it's finally coming to an end.

No. 201285

File: 1628499741030.jpg (504.97 KB, 1878x1683, 01.jpg)

does anybody have experience with redness around the mouth like picrel? google suggests it could be perioral dermatitis. can anybody suggest me products that could help with it? it looks like acne and i hate it. i'll probably go to a dermatologist but currently i can't afford it

No. 201288

Could be also rosacea, I wouldn't do anything without seeing a dermatologist first

No. 201324

Have you tried Aloe vera gel at least to calm it down and lessen the redness? Look for one without any potentially irritating or pore clogging ingredients. I use the Benton soothing gel, not the tube but the round whatever it's called

No. 201332

Thanks! My moisturizer is almost empty, will try this one next.

No. 201352


I had something similar which I think was irritation from wearing masks. I used First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream and it cleared right up.

No. 201357

Don't use 'products' for perioral dermatitis, it won't do shit and moisturising actually makes it worse. You need anti-inflammatory creams, and/or antibiotics. Only OTC stuff I would advise is zinc ointment, it should bring it down a little but don't expect it gone.

No. 201364

they had their skincare recalled in regard to sunscreen

No. 201365

I used this 11 years ago when I was 13. I didn't care for it much and it made me oily as hell kek. I'm sure they've changed the formula since then or maybe I was just an idiot and used too much.

No. 201381

Careful, you'll get a rabid nonnie screeching about how "aloe gel bad".

This one and Cerave's were horrible for me. Honestly, I went with the Seoul snail cream from Amazon or Tree of Life's moisturizers.


No. 201620

>First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream
How is that, is it as good as people make it out to be?

No. 201901

I like bondi sands

No. 201986

Anon in 30s and I see the beginnings of sagging and jowls around the jawline and chin area. Any products or non surgical solutions that will work for tightening up a sagging jawline/ jowls?

No. 201998

Nope, embrace it

No. 202000

Retinol is said to help a tiny bit but nothing like more invasive treatments would. You can also look into facial massages.

No. 202048

How do I know if my skin is purging or if something is going wrong? Every time I try to start doing skincare I get breakouts or bumps. I haven't tried putting or doing anything to my face for about a year, only wash with water in the shower. My skin would be dull and dry as shit, even flaky. 2 weeks ago I started using a cleanser in the evening, HA, and night moisturizer, and in the morning wash with water, HA, and a more mattifying moisturizer. I have combination skin. My skin looks and feels so much better, but in lieu of that I seem to be either breaking out or just purging.

No. 202057

>dull, dry, flaky, irritable skin with bumps
Try reading about fungal acne, especially if it's worse in the oily parts of your face, like the nose crease, forehead, and mouth/chin. There's tons of products that feed the fungus and make everything worse, which could be why your skin looks "better" but is still breaking out. If you have any ketoconazole cream for athletes foot just lying around, you can test for fungal acne by applying that to one side of your face for a week and see if it makes a difference.
In any case, that's a lot of products to introduce at once. Try just using water to cleanse and HA on damp skin.

No. 202060

I'm pretty certain it's not fungal acne because it's not a cluster of bumps and they're not really red/irritated/itchy, it's just a bump here or there scattered anywhere across the face. Sometimes they might come to a head, other times they stay beneath the surface, other times it kinda seems like those closed comedones.

No. 202063

My skin is looking greyish lately and I'm not sure why. My lips and cheeks don't have take pink healthy look anymore. I've stopped eating meat three months ago, could that be the reason why?

No. 202074

I have little red pimples all over my chest and back. I have acne on my face but it's never as bad as on my chest and the products I use on my face are a hit-or-miss when it comes to my chest acne. What works for you guys?

No. 202075

It could be. The easiest way to test your hypothesis would be to start eating meat again and see if your skin changes back to normal. Since you probably don't want to do that, you could try raising your vegetarian protein intake and taking vitamin D and iron supplements. A grayish tone sounds like it could be anemia. Getting bloodwork done could also point out possible nutrient deficiencies.

No. 202076

exfoliate more anon, try a good scrub 1 or 2 times a week. that usually works for me. also maybe try a clay mask or icing ur face :)

No. 202077

maybe try doing jaw workouts? i dont know if those actually work. does kybella count as invasive?

No. 202080

File: 1629090273317.jpeg (106.39 KB, 1500x1494, 8E0E27F5-0F17-4938-A0DE-D1902F…)

I had the same problem, couldnt use products and didnt break out using only water. I would suggest maybe looking into products with really minimal, gentle ingredients. For a while i used only a shea butter bar soap and rosehip oil. I highly recommend the brand ceramedx, picrel is very nice. Also exfoliate very gently and dont do it too often

No. 202100

Have any of you nonnas done lazer tattoo removal? I’ve had 2 sessions my 3 small tattoos. I plan on having them all completely removed, but I didn’t realize how many sessions it would take. My tats have shrunk and faded considerably but I will still need more sessions and I have to wait 6-8 weeks between each session.
For those who had tattoos removed, how many sessions did it take you?
I so regret tattooing myself, and feel sorry for my friends who get idiotic visible tattoos. Removal is a lengthy process.

No. 202105

I almost don't wanna help you out because you sound so judgemental about your tattoo regrets but whatever. I'm getting one of my tattoos removed currently because it wasn't well done. I've had 3 or 4 sessions so far and it's more than 50% faded, the tattoo has turned into sort of a lightish navy colour. According to the aesthetician it'll take 1-2 more sessions max to get rid of the tattoo completely but I don't buy that, I'll probably need 3-4 more.

No. 202202

yeah i am judgmental, tattoos are retarded and you probably are too

No. 202204

Nta, but how are you going to call people with tattoos retarded when you yourself have tattoos? Sounds like pot calling the kettle black. Anyway, you should stop being such an asshole to people who are helping you.

No. 202223

>calling me retarded
>when you yourself got THREE tattoos
Lmao don't tell me you're a tradthot NLOG convert or something? That would be hilarious. Who else would be this hostile over something so benign?

No. 202287

I’m just being blunt. Yeah I have 3 tattoos that i’m removing, dumb fuck. I’m not a tradthot or whatever the fuck, just being honest with you because apparently no one else has. Tattoos are fucking ugly and everyone who looks at you will judge you for having them. Just because everyone else is getting shitty tattoos doesn’t mean you need to, have some self respect.

No. 202299

>Just because everyone else is getting shitty tattoos doesn’t mean you need to
So why did you get them? This sounds like some serious projection tbh.

No. 202308

You are projecting you weirdo. I like my tattoos, and I get complimented on them all the time, I've never been met with hostility or ambivalence toward my tattoos in my life. You are seriously weird, the only thing you're being blunt about is your own lack of confidence.

No. 202315


Sounds like you just got stupid tattoos you regret and want everyone else to feel like you. And I don't even have tattoos, not want any.

Go touch grass or something

No. 202347

>Just because everyone else is getting shitty tattoos doesn’t mean you need to
You're hilarious, why did you get them then??
Sorry that you got made fun of for having shitty ugly tattoos lmao

No. 202396

anon the girlies of lolcow aint gonna like this one but the way you are so correct.

No. 202404

Correct about what exactly? She decided she doesn't like tattoos on anyone including herself so suddenly everyone has horrible tattoos and everyone should be regretting them? You both sound BPD lmao

No. 202408

You made a mistake. Get your laser treatment and get over it without making it about everyone else. You clearly don't have a strong sense of who you are and what you like so for you to judge others when you're this fickle is just laughable.

No. 202409

>everyone who looks at you will judge you for having them
Not true. Not even the -wELL not literally but figuratively-way. I don't have tattoos nor do I want any but I like seeing well-done tattoos on other people. The problem is most people get ugly ones.

No. 202416

I love seeing people who've had less than great tattoos done (when they were young and usually broke/in a rush to get one done on the cheap) then get them covered with bigger, better tatts later on. The difference money makes, and planning.

No. 202461

Hello anons. I am using the Inkey List's retinol serum as my first retinol. It's been two months and my chin and face didn't break out at first, but around 4 weeks I started seriously breaking out on my chin. It gets better, then another outcropping of acne will show. Is this purging at this point? It's been over two months. I usually don't have any acne anymore, but I occasionally would get a carbuncle on my chin as a teen. Any help would be appreciated.

No. 202535

I know with perfume you're not supposed to lay it on the side because the air ruins it, but can you safely store skincare on their sides?

No. 202550

I'm new to skincare, could i get some advice on my routine and what I could add to address my issues?
I have oily skin and acne on my jaw and cheeks that gets really bad around my period. Heavy moisturizers tend to make me break out and strong treatments for acne make my skin dry and flaky. I also have lots of dark spots from picking pimples as a teen and huge sebaceous fliaments on my nose and chin that I'd like to reduce if that's possible.
AM- cetaphil cleanser, tea tree oil spot treatment, cetaphil moisturizer, nivea sun water gel sunscreen
PM- double cleanse with softymo cleansing oil and cetaphil, cosrx bha blackhead liquid, aveeno hyaluronic acid moisturizer
I kind of want to give retinol a try since it seems to work for my skin type but I was prescribed tretinoin .5% as a teenager and after 1 year it didn't do anything for me.

No. 202597

Do any of you anons suffer with Sebaceous Filaments on your nose area?

No. 202604

Pretty sure almost everyone has them

No. 202606

How can you know that term without knowing that everyone "suffers" from them?

No. 202609

Oil cleansing unclogs them

No. 202643

Just get some Stridex pads in the red box, anon. They work pretty well for this.

No. 202720

you'll never get rid of them though. that'll only ever be a temporary fix. anon should look into an AHAs or a BHAs to help minimise their appearance

No. 202740

I never said it would get rid of them for good and Stridex in the red box IS a fucking bha. Don't come here with your ackshuallay tier post when you didn't even know what the fuck the product was.

No. 202800

AHAs don't dissolve sebum lol. Read more instead of parroting a Reddit post you saw once.

No. 202856

File: 1629687257544.jpg (139.09 KB, 1280x2272, Hylamide_SubQ_Eyes_serum_packa…)

Stopping by to recommend this as the best eye treatment I've ever used for dark circles. I went through several brands for years and this has been the only one to actually do anything. I have the NIOD eye concentrate as well, but I haven't tried it out just yet. Still finishing the bottle of this.

No. 202873

File: 1629718722759.jpg (99.09 KB, 1024x768, 8370-1_energy-drags-imun.jpg)

I just really want to recommend Drags Imun to anyone worried about acne scars or with any healing defects or scars. It's absolutely insane in how much it helps heal, it's much faster, helps with any complications like infections and helps to leave less scarring.
My family has been using it for a few years, mostly with complicated scars after surgeries and doctors are always in shock and asking about it because they expect it to heal much slower. I'm now using it on smaller fresh acne scars and they shrunk to almost minimal overnight.
It's possible that this particular remedy is only sold in Europe but they seem to sell similar things overseas too. It's made from dragon blood tree and studies confirm its helpfulness.

No. 202875

Just want to add that it's meant to go on a fresh wound/scar that's still healing, I'm not sure if it's helpful for already formed old scars.

No. 202957

Anons what's the most moisturizing lip balm you've ever used?
Even though I do everything to keep my lips moisturized (I use the Himalaya with the cocoa butter) my lips are almost always permanently chapped. The other I smiled and my lower lip suddenly cracked and started bleeding. It's ridiculous. And I'm not dehydrated either, I drink like 3 ls a day. Halp

No. 202964

File: 1629795320260.jpeg (253.23 KB, 1024x1024, b5668cbad9fa87b88bb5f53a7b8810…)

Melty lip cream is the only thing that helps me. It's very hydrating and has UV filter. I use the mattcha/green tea one. It smells and tastes great and looks like a lip gloss so I don't need to use anything else on lips. I always buy them in bulks when visiting Japan but they sell them online too.
A lot of other lip balms are counterproductive to me, the more I use them the worse my lips get. Also check your iron and vitamin levels.

No. 202967

File: 1629796180761.jpeg (21.31 KB, 1024x1024, 28d35a717eed9abcdf465745497a1a…)

Cherry lip balm from Etude House, it smell divine and it's thick enough to stay, I used the clear one pictured(kinda strong sweet scent tho)

No. 202971

File: 1629797327838.jpg (81.77 KB, 600x400, hurraw-chap-stick-resized.jpg)

Hurraw, they come in lots of yummy flavors and don't contain any icky ingredients. There's also 2 tinted ones if that's more your thing.

No. 203006


Grow the fuck up, anon.

O'Keefe's. There's none of the retarded cutesy packaging bullshit or hurrdurr flavors.

No. 203012

Kek not an nlog insecure about flavours and nice packaging.
Nice redditspacing though.

No. 203014

nta but >>202957 asked for a functional product, not overhyped asian crap or flavorings/colours which can also irritate chapped lips further. but enjoy your gimmick kek

No. 203015

Anons recommended what worked for them. What's your problem?

No. 203016

threads being shit up with gimmicky products, for one. you probably think that fresh sugar shit is quality.

No. 203017

I recommended the 'overhyped Asian crap' because it worked wonders for me while other lip balms didn't. I tried bunch of stuff even from pharmacy but my lips were dry and chapped. I've been using it for three or so years now and since then I don't have that problem anymore. Why so much vitriol for a honest recommendation?

No. 203019

you're really invested in defending your spending habits on crap(stop)

No. 203200


exfoliate the area daily during your breakout with a good sulphur soap. It will be enough to clear it.

Also sulphur soap does wonders for face cleaning. I tried so many products and this is my way to go shit for more than 20 years. (inb4 u call me grandma, I embrace the title but I think I would like to have advice from an old senpai to things that actually work, it would save me good money)

No. 203203

File: 1629939825581.jpg (133.58 KB, 829x1045, IMG_20210825_204922.jpg)

This is the best thing I have ever used on my lips (I've also tried the same product in jar and stick form but the tube works the best for me). It has hyaluronic acid and it's very soothing and hydrating. It's also fragrance free.
So sad that they don't sell this in my country and so I have to buy it online but it's so worth it imo.

No. 203213

is there a brand you recommend?

No. 203242


I use a brand from my country but don’t worry; most skincare is about the properties and composition instead of brand. Try any soap with 10% sulfur during breakouts, you can change for one with less percentage for daily cleaning (If you have dry skin, I do not rec you to use it every day, try on alternate days)

Avoid any brand that adds extra shit to it. This type of soap smells a bit strange, I don’t like the smell, so good advice is: if it smells good, they are adding shit so do not buy it, it will not be good for your skin.

No. 203248

Please? Anyone?

No. 203259

File: 1630001234066.jpg (17.17 KB, 270x500, lrp-anthelios-mineral-tinted-5…)

I love this sunscreen, it provides just enough coverage to even out my hyperpigmentation and dries down to a really pretty natural finish. The formula looks like it would be a bit too red for my golden-olive skin tone but it doesn't deposit a lot of colour. Ime, it does everything that the glossier skin tint does with the added benefit of sun protection.

No. 203261

This is really vague, what exfoliants are you talking about specifically? Are you trying to target a particular skin condition? Generally speaking, when it comes to exfoliation less is more because overdoing it can damage your skin.

No. 203265

Tretinoin users, what facial oil do you use? I typically use rosehip seed oil but just read that it's not recommended to use with tret because of some vitamin

No. 203266

Is it a sunscreen or is it a tinted moisturizer with spf? I'm personally highly sceptical of these types of products because the fact that it dual works as a tinted skinproduct just means there's probably less SPF in it than in a real sunscreen.

No. 203268

Specifically I'm using the cerave dry and bumpy skin face wash. These daily face washes also call themselves daily exfoliants so I'm unsure if I should exfoliate manually once a week on top or if using this daily would be enough

No. 203272

yeah, rosehip oil has a lot of vitamin c, which can increase sun sensitivity. A soothing, moisturizing oil that doesn't have too many active components like argan oil, almond oil, or cocoa butter is probably your best bet.

No. 203292

You make a good point about moisturizers and cosmetics that contain spf, on their own they won't provide enough protection. This is a 50 spf mineral sunscreen that's lightly tinted to counteract the white cast that titanium oxide creates. I prefer mineral to chemical sunscreen and I don't wear foundation or concealer so this has perfect for my needs.

Sounds like physical exfoliation would be overkill, it's a pretty abrasive treatment on it's own and even more abrasive if you're using salicylic acid everyday. The skin on your face is generally more delicate than the skin on your body so you wanna be really gentle with it. Are you trying to treat some kind of acne?

No. 203488

Anons I'm trying to wax at home and it's going okay, except afterwards I'm always stuck with a lot of residue sticking on me. What do I do to stop this?

No. 203615

I just use moisturiser, I've seen 3 derms over the year and none of them recommended any face oil. I use the tretinoin and then la roche posay moisturiser. You could try without, a simple routine is often better but that's just my experience.

No. 203624

MY VOLUFILINE HAS FINALLY ARRIVED!!!! So excited to try it out, will report back

No. 203625

I don't use them, my skin is already oily and can't stand the sensation of more oiliness on my face

No. 203660

I only use it at night and limit sun exposure and also religiously slather on SPF, thinking about trying argan oil though

Any strict derm-recommended routine has left me looking like shit, tbh. I use LRP moisturizer with an oil on top of it at night, I have oily skin but oil is really the only thing that helps me get the level of moisture I need.

No. 203663

I’m not a pro, but I’ve been waxing at home since around when quarantine started. I would say if you’re getting a lot of wax residue left on the skin, it’s probably because of your application. When I apply my wax in a nice even strip (like a rectangle) it usually comes off evenly without leaving any pieces behind. At first I also had a bunch of annoying pieces left on my skin, it really gets much easier once you practice a bit. Using a pre-wax like Tend Skin is also very helpful, but I can almost guarantee it’s like 90% your technique/application that causes the leftover wax. Make sure you’re also leaving enough wax at the bottom (where you pull the strip off) so you can get a handle on the whole strip without leaving anything behind. Any leftover wax pieces on your skin can be removed with something like vitamin E oil or a post-wax oil.

No. 203669

Samefag. Anons who use it: do you dilute it with a moisturizer or just apply it as it is?

No. 203680

You shouldn’t need to dilute it, it’s not an acid or harsh exfoliating product like tretinoin. I put it on before moisturizer to make sure my skin absorbs as much as possible.

No. 203760

if its leaving a lot of residue you're applying it wrong, if its leaving a little residue rub baby oil(or any kind of oil vegetable oil even) and it takes off wax instantly

No. 203789

Another pore complaint post.

My pores are giant and clogged and have only gotten worse over the years. My nose and cheek areas are especially horrible. They've become so clogged too that skin grows on top of them, giving me this weird textured look at different angles. Sorta like ice pick acne scars, but they aren't scars at all.

I wash every day, but not twice because I'm prone to breakouts from over washing. I don't wear makeup on my skin, and I exfoliate. I've used a high strength prescription retinoid, all sorts of BHA and AHA products (CosX and Paula's choice) and absolutely nothing has worked for me. Pore strips don't even pull that much out, if anything. I've gotten a CO2 laser resurfacing treatment before that made no difference. I feel like manual extraction is the only way, but every time I've brought that up to derms they just suggest more chemical or laser solutions, which hasn't helped me. But either way, I'm convinced my skin is just immune to everything and my pores are only going to get worse. I'm only in my late 20s but my pores make me look 50.

To make matters worse, my collagen and elasticity has gone down the tines, but I feel like every attempt to tackle that just makes the pore-clogging worse. But I also can't skimp on moisture because I get dry too. I've always had multi-issue skin where addressing one kinda fucks the other and it's frustrating.

Sorry for going on so long. Anyone else relate or have any advice? I feel pretty hopeless.

No. 203819

File: 1630508785461.png (54.1 KB, 320x439, Screenshot 2021-09-01 at 17-04…)

Has anyone tried this? How hydrating is it?

No. 203823

Also, a lotion is the Japanese equivalent of serum, right?

No. 203852

File: 1630526820650.jpeg (20.64 KB, 500x550, 0558D7C2-17AB-4719-A64A-D34FB3…)

Use this Hada Labo one instead nonna, it’s the best. I use it as a moisturising serum and mostly don’t even put on extra moisturiser.

No. 203871

File: 1630538672855.png (92.68 KB, 257x349, 47328074503257034.png)

I know it's probably just my fucked up skin barrier but this stuff did absolutely nothing for me, and yes I did the whole put one layer on, pat it down, apply another layer deal like five times over. Skin still stayed dry and flaky just like with so many other products. I don't know if >>203819 anon needs something more, but the best results for me have been from Caviplla. It's technically a product for plumping/firmness but I haven't really noticed any of that. What it does do is give my skin that deep down hydrated feeling where most stuff just sits on the top of my face and feels gross. Plus it has a fun bubbling effect for oxygenation which is kind of tickly.

No. 203922

Hey anon, I'm so glad! Can you please report if you do see some results? I'm thinking of ordering it but I'm in the EU so it's going to be pricey to order it from abroad.

No. 203966

Sorry you're going through all this anon. Laser seems more aggressive so not sure if it would make much of a difference, but have you tried microneedling? I also wonder if you're exfoliating too much which is causing your oil glands to overcompensate. I know you said you use moisturizer but maybe reduce the amount of exfoliation and up the hydration? You could look into estheticians in your area as well. I know derms are technically more qualified but they can be overly focused on bringing out the big guns sometimes. Try checking out before/afters from estheticians in your area, see who looks legit and qualified, and see if they can give you an evaluation.

No. 204302

I've never had a facial or any treatments done, not even sure what I would need. If I went to a spa or esthetician they would tell me which treatments I needed, right?

I'm interested in microneedling, but don't really know much about it. I have some acne scarring but it's spread out, not concentrated in specific areas so I'm not sure what treatment would work for that.

No. 204492

Yes, most estheticians will either do free consults or wrap the cost of a consult into whatever procedures you end up getting (i.e. if the consult is $20 and a facial is $80, you pay $60). It sounds like microneedling would be a good fit for your needs as well, you typically do full face so if your scarring is dispersed all the better.

No. 204513

Micro needling can be tricky for asian skin type, or if you are prone to spots

No. 204521

File: 1630967009854.jpeg (522.21 KB, 1656x1335, 84743FCF-C845-41EC-97DE-8A12FF…)

Spoilered just cause it’s a close up of my skin - it’s not gross kek

Anyone know what this red bump might be and how to possibly treat it? I’ve had it for a few years. It doesn’t bother me in any way but I’m tired of seeing it. I just get gross results from google so I thought I’d check here.

No. 204522

Forgot to spoiler but whatever. Halp.

No. 204523

It looks like Sebaceous Hyperplasia

No. 204583

File: 1631033577223.jpeg (25.87 KB, 480x386, E1FFA0FE-E599-4C64-A6E9-F4A64F…)

I’ve been using this moisturizer lately and I absolutely loveeee it! When I wake up in the morning my skin still feels soft and supple. It has a light pleasant fragrance. I have very sensitive acne prone skin and this has been working great for me. The price was right too IMO.
What are your favorite Lumene products if you’ve tried them?

No. 204586

Lumene products have PFAS in them don't they? It was very talked-about in Sweden

No. 204588

They have promised to stop using PFAS.
I don't know if there are Lumene products out there who still has it though.

No. 204591

File: 1631037712738.png (252.66 KB, 640x1136, 9671C47E-3235-4E01-B289-AF19DD…)

Here are the ingredients, used an app called Yuka, not sure if these are PFAS

No. 204595

Has anyone here had success with anti aging ingredients besides retinol and niacinamide? Retinol scares me after the fat loss stories and I can't see a derm for other types, and niacinamide seems to irritate my skin. I wanted to try vitamin c but apparently most products are not formulated very well and won't work so I'm kinda stuck.

No. 204596

Thanks nonnette. I’ll check this out!

No. 204599

File: 1631042989928.png (549.02 KB, 638x777, 439027402375326.png)

Check out this brand, Protocol. They have both retinol (weaker but still bioavailable form of retin-a) and a vitamin C serum and they're packaged in a fancy way in oxygen-free and light-free environments which helps retain their quality/stability over time. I've used their stuff and felt it was good quality and nothing irritated my sensitive skin.

No. 204612

File: 1631046992577.jpg (3.04 KB, 156x150, 156x150_bedbugs_ref_guide.jpg)

Anyone recognize these symtomps? I have all over my body, from face to toes, red spots that don't itch. The closest thing I could find are bedbug bites (pic rel) but those are supposed to itch so idk what I've got. I also cleaned out my bed and bedroom thoroughly but I don't think I had bedbugs in the first place. Anyone have an idea?

No. 204617

Contact dermatitis? Doubt it's bedbugs, they won't usually bite the face and the bites itch like hell.

No. 204658

File: 1631085146999.png (774.44 KB, 937x394, fds4.PNG)

(picture not mine but close enough)

have any of you gotten rid of or lessened the appearance of your craterous pores/orange peel texture? what did you do?

i know it's genetic, and i know how to clean them out to make them look less visible but is there absolutely anything that can be done to have smooth skin or am i stuck looking old and bumpy at 20 years old? thank you

No. 204680

Literally every human on earth has this. Just wash your face regularly like normal and nobody will notice

No. 204682

How is this old and bumpy? Watch fewer tiktoks please

No. 204686

having a major eczema flare on my eyelids and wondering if there is anyway to wet wrap it? its such a tricky area to bandage and i have no idea if there are any products or techniques to it? wet wrapping has completely eliminated my body eczema, so im wondering if it could do the same for my face/eyelids.obv would have to do it before bed so i can sleep during.

any tips?

No. 204724

That looks like completely normal skin. Go outside more.

No. 204725

Maybe an eye mask? The gel pad kind, with a sleeping mask on top to keep it in place?

No. 204726

when my eyelids get dry and crusty i put vaseline or Nivea cream on them before bed.
i hope you get it figured out anon, dry eyelids are the worst

No. 204780

For the past month, I’ve been getting hard, large zits on the back of my neck, right underneath my hairline (cysts, I guess?). I use zero products on my hair, other than Olaplex shampoo and conditioner. The only skincare products that I apply to my neck are cleanser, Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant, aloe vera gel, and moisturizer. None of the products that I listed above are new. I don’t exercise strenuously or sweat much. I change my pillowcases frequently. Any idea what could be causing these?

No. 204789

File: 1631170049657.jpg (26.28 KB, 768x323, 98798546379080.jpg)

Agree with others that these are perfectly normal pores, but I'll give you some recs to reduce their visibility anyway.
>Broken record, but… microneedling/dermarolling. It really is a catch-all for texture improvements (picrel before/after)
>Clay masks, I find French green clay the best for pore tightening
>Good vitamin C serum
>Paula's Choice 2% BHA

No. 204982

What's anons' opinion on all those "skincare/shaping face massages" on youtube? Do they actually work? And wouldn't it cause wrinkles to be pulling at your skin like that everyday?

No. 204986

File: 1631282804880.jpeg (24.87 KB, 554x554, A77C2585-6652-44A9-BE38-000880…)

My normal skincare routine is quite boring, mostly moisture and prevention rather than eliminating problems on my face, its very dry and my skin isnt problematic but still

I decided to get this lux skin rejuvenation wand after i saw a bunch of unsponsored reviews from some very small YouTubers who have no reason to lie. Also saw the overwhelmingly positive reviews of it on their page.

After just 2 days of using the purple/magenta light my skin started to immediately purge which was so satisfying i kept waking up to dried up pus my skin puked up, (it did make my skin extremely dry and itchy because i was stupid to not moisturize and used it on the highest power)

I havent used any other led wands or masks so i can't vouch for the efficacy of those ones, my only problem is the battery capacity is not great so you need to charge it a bit, also

1. Make sure you put on some lubricant underneath or your skin will dry out and lubricate after
2. Your skin will be extra photosensitive be careful
3. Slowly increase the intensity if it starts to hurt moisturise and lower the intensity or just stop using it for that day
4. I dont use the blue light because ofconflicting ideas of blue light causing sging skin but thats up to you
I would give this wand a 4.5/5

No. 204987

File: 1631282867988.jpeg (63.44 KB, 591x519, 7790B9BE-CBDA-4268-AD4A-CA7486…)

No. 204991

Oh and a note on that blue light thing, screen protectors for eliminating blue light would really help improve your skin and sleep, ive heard that its as damaging as uv rays

Theres some ones on ocushield i want to buy

No. 204995

they don’t work, and a lot do end up pulling at your skin. some gentle massages using chilled rollers/those other kinds of accessories after moisturising can help reduce swelling and make you look a bit more ‘lovely’ and healthy, but it’s only temporary.

No. 204996

samefriend, i meant ‘lively’! autocorrect is a bitch

No. 205011

Someone wanna recommend me a peel for nuking the KP off my thighs and legs?

No. 205020

sorry I don't know any peels, but when I had bad kp on my thighs and knees applying almond oil every night helped a ton

No. 205093

Has anyone here managed to completely get rid of their acne scars? The pigmentation, red spots kind. How did you do it and how long did it take you? I've used niacinamide and azelaic acid before and while it did clear them up a little bit I still had spots. It's making me depressed because I really don't get pimples that much anymore, technically, my skin is pretty clear, but I always look like I've got acne because of the amount of scars on my cheeks

No. 205095

I would genuinely suggest you try rosehip oil, i thought it was a meme but it genuinely works.

No. 205130

There's hyperpigmentation and there's post-inflammatory erythema. I'm assuming your problem is the latter, which I get a lot too. The only thing that has ever worked for me is one or two sessions of microneedling. You'll look freaky the first couple of days, but by a week and a half, the red spots should be gone or at least pretty faded. Keep taking multivitamins and drinking water for prevention and skin healing. Lastly, make sure your moisturizer is good enough in case your moisture barrier is broken. Good luck anon, I know it sucks when your skin is clear and you still look like you have spots every day. I promise it can get better!

No. 205181

File: 1631413668081.jpg (56.92 KB, 735x490, myskin1.jpg)

Thanks anon. Haven't tried microneedling yet. I considered trying it on my own but I see it's not advised. I'm not in the market right now to get to an esthetician but I'll look when I'm able to.

My issue too is that if I don't exfoliate then dead skin builds up pretty much right away. I do wonder if it is too much though. I go in with an oil cleanser first, which peels off the flakes, then a normal cleanser and one of those rubber scrubbers to wipe them away. Pretty much only takes care of the surface though. My subterranean blackheads are years old at this point so BHA/AHA has done nothing. I just hope an esthetician can take care of the really deep stuff. I don't really have the huge black plugs you see on like, popping videos.

Other than my huge pores on my nose/cheeks, the rest of my skin looks like picrel.

No. 205524

If I use BB cream/concealer on my face should I be double cleansing at night with micellar water along with my cleanser? I have acne prone skin and I don't want to leave anything behind that could cause a breakout, but at the same time I don't want to overcleanse and cause irritation (leading to breakouts). If I don't use makeup I just use micellar water in the morning then cleanser at night.

No. 205619

ugh nonnies I tried to deal with an ingrown hair right at the corner of my mouth where the skin meets my lip and turned it into a raging spot, now it's taking forever to heal (I assume because of my mouth movements/face mask wearing etc). I've tried clinique spot cream and also aloe vera, and using hylauronic acid. any tips to get rid of this monster?

No. 205620

samefag, not hylauronic - I mean BHA

No. 205624

After you cleanse with your regular cleanser, test with micellar water to see if there’s any residue. If so you will have to double cleanse

No. 205684

Does anyone else find that oil actually dries their skin?

No. 205690

I've had this experience with hemp oil and it's even burned. This video might help.

No. 205721

Oils are not hydrating, it's more like a mask layer on your skin to help whatever hydrating product you're using. If you have a dry and/or damaged skin and just put oil on top of it, it may burn.

No. 205758

I got a new moisturizer and it only has 2 kinds of water and hyaluronic acid, it seems to get absorbed at first but after a while my face suddenly gets greasy. Putting on less or more doesn't really change anything. Is this normal? Should I just blot when it gets greasy?

No. 205764

File: 1631790783221.jpg (123.84 KB, 1000x715, photo-1516815989420-9cb5ef0fce…)

what has made the most difference for you ladies who used to have problems with texture (preferably not acne-related, more like pores/fine lines/etc.)

No. 205766

File: 1631792300166.jpeg (298.95 KB, 2048x2048, E21E2B47-6F98-4D72-8E63-DEE743…)

For me personally, chemical exfoliants and retinol. Depending on your skin type of course there’s different strengths and such, I have oily combo skin so I prefer lactic acid(once a week) and a lower % retinol since my skin can get irritated easily.

No. 205787

Nta, I also have oily combo skin and I'm targeting fine lines and big pores, if I go for LRP Retinol and TO's lactic acid how would I incorporate it in my routine?
>cleanser, niacinamide, moisturizer, sunscreen
in the morning, and
>cleanser, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, moisturizer
at night

No. 205788

File: 1631802891652.jpg (65.38 KB, 800x800, some-by-mi-miracle-toner-aha-b…)

exoliating, i use an exfoliating silicone brush with my cleanser once a week and a mild chemical exfoliating toner morning and evening. i personally prefer that over using a harsher one once a week

No. 205896

Has anyone had luck with retinol products from The Ordinary?

No. 205898

File: 1631849847760.jpeg (102.98 KB, 1200x1080, download.jpeg)

I just got this. I usually don't use products besides moisturizer, but my skin has been so angry. Idk if it's stress from work, wearing a mask for 5+ hours at a time, or both. Probably both. I'm so tired of one zit healing and another popping up.

Anyway, if any of you ladies have had luck with this mist, I'd love to hear about it.

No. 205905

I've been pairing their retinol (in gradually increasing %s) with their argireline and have noticed a great improvement. Hyaluronic acid+agireline+moisturiser and sunscreen in the morning then hyaluronic acid, retinol and moisturiser at night.

No. 205926

Which retinol? The one in squalane?

No. 205949

Lactic acid after cleansing and before moisturizer, max 2 times a week. Retinol you want to gradually introduce to your routine, so start once a week after moisturizing and then increase if it feels alright. Good luck!

No. 205963

Seconding this. Which retinol by them?

No. 205994

File: 1631912871305.jpg (72.35 KB, 800x800, 97b1fc8a5076.jpg)

Has anyone ever bought stuff like sheet masks, face masks, under eye masks, etc. off Aliexpress or other similar sites? I don't believe in the effectiveness of these type of products, whether they're $20 per lot or $1 per lot, but regardless they provide some extra moisture to the skin and they're relaxing more than anything (a placebo effect basically, people find comfort in routines). My question is if you have tried these insanely cheap ones, have they caused any problems to your skin?

No. 205999

File: 1631915442818.jpg (46.59 KB, 600x600, avocado_face_cream_box_new._we…)

has anyone tried this brand, ziaja? I keep seeing it on stores and the price is quite cheap, but I don't know if they're good products or not

No. 206004

They have great stuff for the body but I find their skincare products have a too strong smell and not ao great ingredients.
Look up some of their stuff on incidecoder and if it has anything that could irritate your skin.

No. 206017

I just bought some sheet masks off a site called (wait for it) masksheets.com. They came today so I tried one. I have to say, it was like being assaulted by a gigantic snail, the amount of goop all over my face. But I like using them because I'm A: living in a desert area and B: a lazy bastard. I have a routine I follow but there's nothing like a sheet mask to reinforce the hydration.

No. 206043

I love ziaja! Like the other anon said their body products are really good, everything from intimate gel to body lotions and scrubs. I haven't tried any of their face products so I can't vouch for them, but everything else is solid in my experience

No. 206044

their goat milk facial moisturizer broke me out like a motherfuck a few years ago

No. 206047

They're garbage, don't waste your time or money. Full of silicones, alcohol, plastics, irritants, parabens and fragrance that is just listed as "parfum" which means the ingredients used to make the fragrance can be any number of carcinogenic, irritating, harmful chemicals. They don't have to tell you what's in the fragrance.
This product will age you and irritate and damage your skin. Cheap rubbish, pass on this on.

No. 206051

thank you anons, I might give their body products a try, I still haven’t found a body cream that I really like.
The face cream I’ve used this past year got reformulated and I don’t like it as much anymore. Plus the bottle is way smaller now and the price doubled, don’t know what the brand was thinking but oh well.

No. 206077

File: 1631997105026.jpg (72.02 KB, 812x1600, 82aS4BY.jpg)

>probably gonna sleep over at new boyfriend's house
>don't want to skip out on my 7 step skincare routine
what the fuck do i do. i'm gonna cancel

No. 206080

Seven steps are too many anon, do you have the black plague or something?

No. 206081

it's not too much for me, it's fine.
>micellar water
>salicylic acid
>hyaluronic acid
>face mist/essence

No. 206086

This is like the “help me budget, my family is dying” tweet

No. 206087

File: 1632001426749.jpg (6.75 KB, 225x225, the result of saying absolutel…)

i don't buy the most expensive products i can get my hands on tho… it's all inexpensive and lasts a decent amount of time and (most importantly) works.

No. 206089

You won't ruin your skin over not applying products one evening. A healthy lifestyle is way more impactful anyway.

No. 206095

File: 1632006142793.png (181.61 KB, 400x746, olivolio.PNG)

I love this brand so much and have been using them for a few years. My package with their body lotion and bath milk arrived and I've yet to try it but they smell divine. This serum was great even if I didn't necessarily notice firming, but it did make my skin smooth and radiant. I've also used their face cream and it makes my skin super, super soft so I highly recommend.

No. 206149

File: 1632050870401.png (407.42 KB, 580x580, 370607__foreo_luna_fofo_purple…)

Are sonic brushes for your face good? I think I want one since they sound so relaxing. I've read one post claiming that using them worsened OP's wrinkles.
If they are safe, which one would you recommend? I've seen two being recommended: Foreo Luna (expensive, the cheapest one isn't even rechargable - super wasteful!) and Dermofuture. Is it worth investing in any of those?

No. 206151

i sleep on my side/stomach and i always have since i was a kid. so one half of my face basically always goes flat down on my pillow. i'm wondering if this wipes away or makes any skincare products less effective? i notice in the morning my forehead is usually a bit more shiny than my cheeks, presumably because my forehead doesn't touch the pillow. i absolutely can't sleep on my back, i can't fall asleep on my back and if i do end up sleeping on my back i'm never well rested and my whole body aches the next day so please don't suggest to just sleep on my back lol

No. 206157

I think you should be more concerned with your back really because sleeping on your stomach is really bad for it. But as long as you let your skincare absorb properly before going to sleep, it shouldn't be a problem.

No. 206219

Seconding and wondering if they're good or not. I tried using the non-electronic ones that are smaller that you just glide across your face and even at a gentle pace my skin still felt irritated by it afterward, so I stopped using it. I'd sooner return to a konjac sponge.

I've always been a side sleeper and there's research out there that has found that side sleepers have a more restful sleep, if that makes any sense. Back sleeping, while thought to be the superior sleeping position for the longest time, actually worsens a lot of things like snoring and headaches for some people (the latter for me, too). I think it would depend on how soon you go to bed after applying products. I'd think that after several hours everything would be absorbed and not just sitting on your face.

No. 206231

Nta but I can't even fathom how people can sleep on their back to begin with, the moment I try to do it I choke or stop breathing.

No. 206290

File: 1632114969262.png (791.95 KB, 1280x720, skin.png)

i recently went to the dermatologist for the first time in my life, as my acne is the worst it has ever been in my life (even through puberty never had break-outs). seems like a fungal issue/breakout but could also be stress related (and possibly some poor skincare)
feels like my derma barely looked at my skin and just prescribed me these 3 things (pic related) and was wondering if anyone is familiar with these products? ctrl + f came up with nothing for all 3 in the thread, and i am having some serious dryness/peeling issues after 2 consistent nights of this.
the nurse said if dryness occurs just wait 20 mins then apply moisturizer, but it almost burns on my skin after applying moisturizer (cerave, i normally have normal to dry skin in a humid environment). even the moisturizer doesn't really help reduce the dry skin itself, it looks like i got a nasty sunburn on my face that is peeling.
i only apply pea size amounts of onexton and tazarotene to areas affected as prescribed, but the foam is a little hard to control and i can't pinpoint what the reaction is coming from (or if this is just the worse before it gets better step).
and, this minolira pill i had to ask about any side-effects - nurse said they hadn't had any reported really and i should be good, but my derma failed to mention it could mess with my birth control (as noted on the bottle) so i haven't started taking it yet due to that.
before this i was using a few products recommended from this thread for my routine, but my derma specifically said to stick with my current cleanser (Tatcha Deep Cleanser) and use nothing else.
my routine before this was:
1. Tatcha Deep Cleanser
2. (1-2x a week) The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 30% Peeling Solution
3. The Inkey List Hyaluronic Acid
4. Glow Recipe Watermelon PHA + BHA Pore-Tight Toner
5. Paula's Choice 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant (Salicylic Acid)
6. (Every 3rd night) The Inkey List Retinol
7. Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream
8. Laroche-Posay Cicaplast Balm B5 (I have Rosacea) OR Cerave
9. Innisfree Broad Spectrum SPF 36 Sunscreen
sage incase this comes across as a blog post but i'm at a bit of a loss on what to do with my skin at this point since medically i was told to put my routine aside but also i can't tell if my derma just wrote me off with general scrips.

No. 206315

Sorry for the spam but I still really need advice

No. 206323

I don’t have any specific experience in dermatology or anything, but it seems crazy to me that they would start you on 3 fairly strong drugs at the same time. Can you call back and ask if you could maybe drop 1 topical and try introducing the other slowly? I have no idea about the bc thing. That seems dodgy and like something derm should have asked about since bc is so common for acne/in general!
And I hate to say, because it can be hard/expensive enough to get any specialist appointment, but I would suggest trying to get a second opinion. Are there any online derms you could try for advice?

No. 206327

Retinol/Tretinoin. Also tried AHA/BHAs and Vitamin C serums but I ditched them all for just the tretinoin

No. 206329

Anons who use oils on their face at night, how do you ensure that it doesn't get in your hair or on your pillow??

No. 206332

Just try it for a while. Does it really matter if it's general scrips? There's a reason they start with the general -works for a lot of people-solution before working towards heavier/more specialized solutions if that doesn't work. It's basically a process of elimination. Give it time, your before routine wasn't working so you've got nothing to lose.

No. 206361

i have acne prone skin that seemingly breaks out for no reason, its no more than a few pimples at a time but salicylic acid seems to keep it under control, the problem is actually texture and pores more than anything. i know you can't combine retinol and salicylic acid though so i'm confused as to which one i should be using.

No. 206381

I only use 2-3 drops and usually mix it with moisturiser. I also leave it an hour+ before bed.

No. 206385

I always see anons talking about Tretinoin, but everything I've looked up points out how this is a godsend for those with acne marks. I don't have those and yet anons claim its also for anti-aging. I use a313. Do I really need Tretinoin and have to stop using retinol or vit c?

No. 206452

I think you meant to respond to me judging by your response! That was my first thought too, he had all 3 ready to go after me briefly describing and he was in the room for maybe 5 minutes total, I talked to the nurse about everything more than him. She even gave me samples of the Onexton while waiting for my scrips to come in, she was extremely nice.
Like I said I haven't even started the pill due to the BC-related issues, and to add to your post he did ask about meds and so did the nurse, and I'm only on my BC, nothing else. So he was aware of that when prescribing it and didn't mention it even when I stopped him before walking out of the room to ask about the pill/any side-effects specifically. I think I might try for a second opinion, an online consult sounds good. My main issue finding a first visit was that he is the only derm in a 20+ mile radius covered by my insurance.
My problem isn't so much with the general scrips, it's more-so that he never took a good look at my face and I almost felt hurried/rushed out. I mean I was the one who pulled down my mask to show him (he never asked) because it's mainly on my cheeks and forehead. Also again, the not mentioning about the pill he prescribed being able to affect my birth control was the biggest red flag of all. Had I not read the bottle and started taking it daily like I'm supposed to… I'm not trying to get pregnant!
I'm also just worried because of the insane reaction overnight, it wasn't really a gradual "oh hey my skin is getting more dry" kinda thing (and this was after a couple days). Maybe my pea-size is too big and I should tone it down.

No. 206501

What the fucked is causing my clogged pores? It's not acne, it's just clogged pores. I stopped wearing foundation and concealer. My skincare didn't cause clogged pores before, the only stuff I've added is mineral sunscreen (a powder), and I double cleanse at night (I don't wash my face in the morning because I have dry skin) with a cleansing balm and a hydrating cleanser. I started wearing foundation everyday because of work, but I realize it was probably causing the clogged pores. I've stopped wearing foundation and concealer for a couple of weeks and I still am getting new clogged pores, though! It sucks. I used to have a clear face before all this. Any idea from anyone how I am getting them? Along with my new job I moved to a very dry area. Not sure if that's connected. Is there a way to remove clogged pores quickly? I just want my skin back.

No. 206507

File: 1632234576376.jpg (31.55 KB, 1600x1067, shutterstock_1020044095_meitu_…)

Do you exfoliate? Do you use toner? I would definitely start washing your face in the morning with just water to rinse away excess oil and then apply a light toner spray like witch hazel. I have similar issues and my skin can't take even the lightest of moisturizers, just oil (jojoba for my driest areas) and toner. Dry skin can definitely cause clogged pores so drink more water, make sure you get enough electrolytes or potassium so your skin can retain moisture effectively, and then slaw off the excess dry skin with an exfoliator once a week.

No. 206509

I use a gentle chemical peel on Saturdays (gentle enzyme peel by derma e) and a 6% glycolic toner (pixi) every other day. However, I use snail mucin (cosrx) which I'm heard also has AHA in it, and my moisturizer (eucerin advanced repair) has AHA in it, too. I'm wondering if my face is overexfoliated?

Other products I use:
The Ordinary 10% Argireline
The Ordinary Niacinamide plus Zinc 1%
Derma E Vitamin C Serum
Derma E Peptide Serum
The Inkey List Retinol
This one oil that increases your fat cells….I forget what it's called. It was mentioned somewhere up in this thread.

I also use the Trinity device from Nuface, all attachments. My skin looks great otherwise, it's such a a shame.

The cleansers I use is the cleansing balm from Derma E and Kiehl's cucumber cleanser. So they're very gentle.

No. 206511

I'll definitely take your suggestion of rinsing my face in the morning. I am thinking I need to moisturize more because when I wake up I deadass have flakes over my face and it sucks because in my previous climate it wasn't so dry.

Also, I use Pixi's firming eye masks every night. Those have retinol in them and I can tell they are drying out my eyes, but since they're a newer development I'm waiting for my skin to get used to more retinol and I'm moisturizing that area more. But the clogged pores are mostly near my nasolabial folds and chin.

No. 206692

Today I woke up with a rash of red pimples on my forehead which has literally never happened before. I didn't use anything new on my face, only put aloe vera gel on it before going to bed. What the fuck happened?

No. 206705

Sometimes you can develop sensitivities to things you usually consume/apply topically. Did you wash your hands before applying the gel? How long have you had the gel? Maybe it's gone bad or something. I would personally stop using the gel (at least until the acne has cleared up) and prioritize treating the flare up. Good luck anon.

No. 206724

File: 1632429357474.jpeg (51.31 KB, 716x717, 5CDE2FC3-A1AF-4BE2-9AF2-C30AEC…)

Oil cleanser recs that also removes mascara?

No. 206726

The body shop's chamomile oil cleanser, kose softymo, or even just grapeseed oil. I've used all three.

No. 206854

The body shop camomile solid cleanser was so disappointing, it stung my eyes like hell and wouldn't wash off properly even with a second cleanse. So mad I fell for people hyping it as a dupe for Clinique Take the Day Off, they're totally different formulas.

No. 206871

I didn't use the solid one. I used the cleansing chamomile oil in the pump.

No. 207266


No. 207676

Hello anons, I wanted to update you that I am getting a humidifier so I will see if that clears up my acne. Fingers crossed!

No. 208288

What could be the cause of experiencing a "new" type of acne? Recently I've been getting a lot of pimples under the skin which I never really got before.

No. 208426

I get sleep paralysis when I sleep on my back. I get "stuck" in nightmares and cannot wake myself up even though I know it's dreaming. So I just ordered some satin pillowcases instead - I can't deal with sleep paralysis every night.

No. 208432

Has anyone dealt with acne caused by birth control (progestin-only)? How did you deal with it? Estrogen isn't ideal for me, and I also appreciate that more athletes tend to use BC without it. I have to take BC for a medical issue and have only been on it for about 8 months. I hate it tbh.

I'm breaking out a lot. Currently using Differin (morning) and a erythromycin cream (evening) prescribed by a dermatologist. Oil-free SPF 50 on my face after the Differin. I sometimes forget to apply the erythromycin thing but I'm trying to get better about it.

I see almost no improvement and just moved temporarily to the Middle East, where the weather is also completely new (still warm/hot, dry asf). I guess they have winter here but I still think it's gonna be dry. Normally I have combo/oily skin, now it's dry in a few places - very new feeling. Still breaking out on my cheeks and chin badly.

I don't know the languages here well and everything is kind of expensive so I'm using up the stuff I brought from Germany:
- DM Mild Foaming Face Cleanser https://www.dm.de/balea-reinigungsschaum-mild-p4058172446474.html
- Alverda Clear Cleanser with Green Tea https://www.dm.de/alverde-naturkosmetik-clear-waschcreme-p4058172543272.html
- I have some "Heilerde" (clay?) masks but right now they are too drying.

I feel like my sunscreen adds so much shine to my face that I can't imagine putting a moisturizer over it. I don't know how to handle that. I use either Watery Essence by Bioré (SPF 50) or one I bought here (oil-free, sensitive skin, SPF 50).

No. 208435

I do sometimes exfoliate, I have a gentle oatmeal exfoliating cleanser. But right now my skin is very sensitive and it hurts.

No. 208436

the best and only skin care products i use are la roche posay effaclar face wash and face cream. reasonably priced and my skin is clear and moisturized - a dermatologist recommended these to me when i got post-puberty-acne. i‘m turning 22 and i‘m thinking i should start using something to prevent wrinkles. any suggestions?

No. 208445

Retin-A is the only topical treatment clinically proven to prevent and reduce wrinkles. You're still a bit young, I would start it around mid-20s and it will help keep your skin looking good for years to come. You can begin with a lower % to prevent flaking or intense purging. In the meantime AHAs are a decent substitute as they can reduce the appearance of fine lines and improve skin texture

No. 208473

I'm >>205787 and I'm coming back after two weeks of using TO's retinol and lactic acid as suggested to thank this anon. It's like these two products changed my skin already.
The niacinamide serum helped me with the large pores on my nose but my forehead pores were still stubborn as fuck, but now after introducing those two products to my skincare, my forehead has the same appearance as after I use a pore filling primer on it. It's still got some texture, mind you, but compared to the craters I had before, it looks good.
It also reduced redness, my skin appears more hydrated, even and plump, and now for the most (for me) incredible part, it reduced my oilyness so drastically. Nothing ever worked before, I've been going to different derms for so many years and tried so many expensive products, but nothing ever improved my oil production. And now, these two cheap products did the magic. I'm still in disbelief. I still have to use powder if I'm going out of course, but I'm infinitely less greasy compared to before. So, I have this anon to thank. May your skin always be clear and hydrated.

No. 208492

If Retin is that good, why can't we in the EU get it without prescription? Surely there's a reason for that?

No. 208495

anon i use retin-a and it really should be used under supervision of some kind of practitioner. it basically sloughs off the entire first layer of skin off your face leaving it very vulnerable to UV rays and other shit. if you use it irresponsibly or without direction it can really damage your skin.

No. 208517

That's BECAUSE it's so good. A very effective treatment is more likely to be harsh and have side effects, and it definitely does. It's not so severe that you can't deal with it yourself, but not everyone would do their research if it was OTC lbr.

I got mine online without a prescription but I've had a script for it before and was on accutane for years so I wasn't worried.

No. 208539

No. 208555

Update, my pore are more clogged than ever. I have quit all my products with AHA because I think maybe I am over exfoliating my skin. I am not going to use niacinamide and the mineral sunscreen I use because I wonder if either are breaking me out. I don't understand why my skin was fine and how once I moved to a drier climate why it's all fucked now. I still will use retinol, but only every other night. I hope to GOD something works.

No. 208565

In Greece, you can get it without a prescription. A friend's sister brought me a tube. It's ridiculously cheap there too. The brand is Airol. There are some reddit posts saying some people have trouble getting it, but I honestly think it just depends on the pharmacy. If you've been to Greece, you might know that smaller pharmacies often don't give a fuck especially if you aren't asking for 10 tubes or something. Azelaic acid is also available without prescription there.

I read you can get it in Portugal also, but haven't tried that.

No. 208624

Has anyone tried microneedling? Is it worth it? I'm curious about it but honestly I don't have any kind of big problem with my skin (e.g: acne) other than oiliness in my T zone

No. 208658

File: 1633719669485.jpeg (116.03 KB, 1920x2560, 771BE255-16D9-4DAC-B962-E410AB…)

I purchased this after seeing it recommended so frequently online. After just ONE use, a majority of my pores were unclogged, and my skin was noticeably brighter. Products rarely work wonders for me, so I was rather impressed. However, after doing some deeper digging, I noticed people complaining about the walnut shell powder - claiming that it creates micro-tears and comparing it to the infamous St. Ive’s Scrub. Should I ditch this product altogether?

No. 208677

French green clay is a wonderful pore cleanser and I recommend it all the time. That is likely what's giving you results, so I would order pure clay powder (you just add a bit of water to make a mask) and see if that maintains the same outcome, that way you won't be dealing with harsh physical exfoliants as well

No. 209284

File: 1634100835339.jpg (76.26 KB, 599x1600, eucerin-dry-skin-urea.jpg)

Anons who have dry skin, check out the 5% Urea day cream by Eucerin, it worked really well for me

No. 209344

File: 1634150878337.jpg (12.24 KB, 600x600, missha.jpg)

Does Missha's All Around Safe Block Aqua Sun Gel SPF50+ PA++++ smell like your typical sunscreen? I swear the smell is the only thing keeping me from making applying it a habit. Especially asking for input from Euro nonas, since I'm not sure if the ingredients differ by location to conform to health administration guidelines or something like that.

No. 209385

I've heard good things about urea but is this one of those types of moisturizers that's occlusive where it just sits on top of your skin to create a barrier or does it actually absorb/create hydration within the skin?

No. 209875

Does anyone have any experience with Tretinoin? I suffer with adult/hormonal acne in the chin area and I’ve been prescribed it. I’ve read that it can cause your skin to purge before it gets better and I’m nervous.

No. 209902

have been on .025 tret since june. I had horrible, nonstop hormonal acne only on my chin. it was so bad some days i could not talk or eat because it hurt for my chin to move. for about the first 3-4 weeks I did purge. but it's 100% worth it. not everyone does, though. it started getting better in july - I was seeing less cystic acne overall. august, I continued to see less and mostly only got small spots, hardly any cysts. now in october, I only get a few pimples in the days before my period. If I went on birth control I could maybe stop getting them all together, though. now i don't get cysts at all. I have some leftover scars that tret is really helping with too.

>yes you'll probably purge, but it's totally worth it

No. 209914

It sinks in pretty quickly for me

No. 209952

Ok, thanks!! I feel way better now I know it’s worth it in the long run.

No. 209953

seconding this. i purged for a few weeks (my acne wasn't that bad) and i haven't worried about pimples since. ok, maybe here and there before my period but u catch my drift. good luck!!

No. 210436

I have tiny skincokoured bumps on my chin, white string comes out when squeezed. They either don't disappear on their own or they're replaced quickly, it's hard to tell. Anyone know what it could be? I'm lost after googling for a while.

No. 210437

Possibly papules or milia? Have you tried an aha product?

No. 210563

I have been using tret for over a year and it’s definitely worth it. I started at .25 and am now using .50 and my skin is as close as it can ever be to perfect. I have a lot of large pores but even with these my texture has evened out and I don’t break out at all. The best advice I can offer is to start slow and buffer it when you start, my skin still has days where it flakes if I don’t buffer or let it fully dry before applying. I use a Konjac sponge to help with some of the flakes. I also still use BHA and vitamin C on alternating mornings (didn’t start until like 6 months after starting tret) without any issues.

No. 210592

what do u mean by buffer? I started tret a month or so ago and it still makes my face feel really tight a couple of days after I use it

No. 210596

Not sure but I think she means mixing tret cream into your moitsuriser to dilute it.

No. 210597

Sounds like closed comedones to me. They're dead skin cells and oil buildup inside a hair follicle, basically blackheads that haven't been in contact with air so they're not oxidised. Traditional treatment include AHAs, BHAs, Azelaic Acid, Benzoyl peroxide, or Retinoids. Your skin either has the tendency to get oily and/or you're using occlusive skincare/makeup.

No. 210735

is it normal when using vitamin c products for it to make your skin instantly feel very very smooth and soft?
whenever i use vit c serums it has kind of like a smoothing affecting almost like a blurring primer, like it definitely makes a big difference to my skin texture immediately. i never see anyone else mention this though so it's weird

i get these on my chin a lot, like the other anon said it's probably closed comedones. using a bha serum on the areas where i get them helps, also the cerave salicylic acid cleanser has helped a lot too!

No. 210743

I put my moisturizer on and then the tret after

No. 210767

Thanks anon! I think you're right about it being closed comedones.

Another question. I've never used AHA/BHAs before. Is it okay to just buy something budget friendly (I don't have a lot of money to spend) or does that mean a lot of quality loss?

No. 210918

File: 1635187827672.png (186.09 KB, 472x758, formula.png)

You can absolutely use a budget friendly one. Hell, one of the most commonly touted ahas out there is the Stridex red box and I've used it for years, simply because I don't actually need anything crazy harsh. Picrel and link related are two other aha I've tried and I like how they made my skin look and feel.


No. 211287

I've heard anons mentioning that they're trying out volufiline, what was your experience? I'm thinking of getting it for my under eye area but it's hard to tell if it's just shills spreading hype or not.

No. 211389

I used The ordinary's Glycolic acid (AHA) and Paula's Choice BHA liquid (the 30ml bottle). They're very basic and take some time to kick in, but they're really nice. If your skin is on the sensitive side, I would recommend lactic acid (tame AHA) so you can help your skin get used to acids.

No. 211392

Inspired by the above nona, but how long did it take you until you noticed a difference when using TO's 10% lactic acid?

No. 211425

Anyone had micro needling done before? For acne scars in particular?

There's a deal at a clinic for 3 sessions so I just took the plunge and booked it on a whim but I feel like it either won't do much at all, or it'll take way more sessions. My scarring is pretty bad, though I take good care of my skin.

No. 211456

I just ordered the gentle retinol cream by good molecules. Here's to hoping it's as good as the reviews say. I really wanted a less pricey dupe of that kiehl's retinol.

No. 211526

File: 1635609352042.jpg (45.5 KB, 750x750, SBS-675118.jpg)

Have any other anons tried cold creams and enjoyed them? I alternate between using them and oil cleansing to take my makeup off. I was using Pond's at first and while it has a nicer texture and scent, I didn't feel like it was getting all of my makeup off so I got picrel and Albolene. I've yet to try the latter, but the QH kind is great at removing everything if you use a muslin cloth. I follow up with my usual cleanser and haven't had any issues even though I have oily skin.

I tried Noxzema in the past and while I like the cooling sensation, I don't exactly feel clean after using it. Burt's Bees makes a cleansing cream which was initially marketed as a cold cream, but it performs better as a cleanser alone and doesn't remove makeup very well. I do love the smell though.

No. 211847

File: 1635817071902.png (1.02 MB, 1983x1322, 1635816943296.png)

Has anyone tried Cosrx and Some by Mi? Are they worth the hype? I'm about to buy a bunch of stuff from them to try out and wanted to hear unfiltered opinions. With Some by Mi i plan on buying their Miracle Series Starter Kit and with Cosrx i plan on buying picrel.

No. 211851

The snail mucin and aha/bha toner are really good. I've been using them for years now and my skin's great. I did NOT like the morning cleanser! I have dry skin and it was so harsh even though people were saying it was gentle. It was really stripping.

No. 211852

Thanks for the info anon! My skin isn't really dry so i'm not worried about that, however it is really sensitive, did you notice any reaction or were they harsh in any way besides the how drying it was?

No. 211853

The snail mucin left a greasy film on my face it was so unpleasant. Though it did ha e good calming and healing effect, I just couldn't stand the texture. The hylaronic acid gel type is great for hydration I put it on while the bathroom is still steamy and then lock it in with a thick cream. The morning cleanser dried my skin to hell it was awful I felt betrayed. The bha is excellent for spot treating pimples, I usually lance pimple with dermatology tool thing, then put a cosrx patch on it, and the next day follow up with bha. The pimples are gone so fast. This isn't an ad lol their just a good brand.

No. 211856

I have the snail cream that comes in a tub and it was just okay. Honestly, I prefer mizon or that seoulceuticals brand.

No. 211860

Slight stinging which I've never experienced before. It may work for you if your skin isn't dry. It was the worst cleanser ive ever used personally.

No. 211882

I've used the centella toner and the galactomyces essence. Both nice and hydrating and fragrance free but I really can't say if they did anything for my skin that a regular moisturizer couldn't do….

No. 211932

Is it bad to reapply moisturizer on your face throughout the day? or does the need to do it mean the product isn’t working for me?

No. 211959

If you need to reapply then you probably need a more hydrating one.

No. 211986

Reeapplying is only gonna make your skin more dry. Definitely look for a better moisturizer before you start peeling.

No. 212132

File: 1635977284592.png (98.39 KB, 467x632, neogen.png)

This is apparently an alternative to retinol. Have any other anons tried this?

No. 212145

I can't find a good mineral sunscreen with a good EWG rating. Everything gets flakey on my face. Any recommendations?

No. 212148

Anyone know a good moisturizer that doesn’t feel like cum on your face?

No. 212154

What's your skin type and what have you tried already?

No. 212156

Sensitive skin and I’ve tried neutrogena

No. 212161

You might benefit from something aloe based or Cerave. I've never heard anything good about Neutrogena moisturizers except for that hydro boost one.

No. 212164

File: 1635980771575.jpeg (207.38 KB, 1170x1412, 7BA620C3-1A58-4F5B-817F-BC7F16…)

I was using that one. Where I live it’s a bit humid. Before that I lived in a dry area, so maybe this product doesn’t work in humid/rainy areas? I like the cerave eye repair cream, so I’ll check out the other products.

No. 212166

Yeah, gel based moisturizers are going to feel similar to that one. I was about to suggest the lighter moisturizers that Innisfree makes or the Mamonde rose water gel, but if the texture puts you off then maybe a light cream from the Cerave brand would be better.

No. 212185

products with humectants should work better in humid climates than dry ones

No. 212248

File: 1636051422400.jpeg (90.34 KB, 1500x1500, 4A1FB22A-7BF1-42EE-99AD-834A7E…)

I’ve been looking into how to minimize my dark circles. Is there any preference towards vitamin c, vitamin k, or caffeine? Or do they all work the same? I’ve heard mostly good things about vitamin c and k, but I’m not sure which to pick.

No. 212275

Dark circles can be caused by many things, so it really depends. Sometimes they're due to thin undereye skin or even genetics, so if its either of those it may be a bit more difficult to do anything about them or even impossible. I've tried vitamin c for dark spots caused by acne and it works for that, but I didn't notice anything for my undereye area because the darkness I have there is due to thin skin, so I'm pretty sure only fillers would help and even then those aren't permanent. I've noticed that caffeine based products made me look more 'awake', but generally it helps to drink water, get enough sleep, use sunscreen, have a good diet, and do all the things typically expected.

Some people have also recommended retinol for the undereye area, but even when I applied it over a moisturizer (which some dermas do advise in order to avoid drying out and irritation) it made it look dry and worse.

Some eye products I've used that I did really enjoy are the caffeine undereye serum by The Ordinary, Missha Geum Sul Vitalizing Eye Cream (really brightened up the area and made it soft), and I'm currently using Venus Secrets Donkey Milk Anti-Age Oligopeptides Eye Cream.

No. 212600

it helps. i didn't get a lot of redness the next day. my skin felt really amazing for a couple weeks afterwards.

remember to take advantage of the time period (idk a week?) after each session when your skin will absorb more serum, etc. Follow the derm's suggestions but HA serum/face masks are great choices.

I only had one session but I'll definitely do it again. Seemed to help texture in general.

No. 212621

File: 1636338282486.png (55.9 KB, 348x297, 1395113670112.png)

lol this anon here. Still picking my skin and my face is ravaged by little red marks made by me. The shitty thing is, I don't even have to pick that hard, my skin just freaks the fuck out.

Any anons overcome their skin picking? I just like to find little cysts and hanging skin to pick out, and I do it sometimes without realizing.

No. 212629

Damn anon I just got done WRECKING my face for three hours and I see this post immediately afterwards. I have no advice but you are not alone and I, too, would like to know how to get off of this neverending nightmare ride.

No. 212636

does anyone know how to whiten skin? or any good skin whitening products that work?

No. 212643

File: 1636365931154.jpeg (29.85 KB, 343x455, love understanding and compass…)

No. 212644

I used to use shiseido white Lucent products in the late 00s but I don't know how other products work nowadays

No. 212669

I hate remember when AB asked her gay fanboys tonsend her pics of their buttholes before and after they used her bussyboy soap, I hate you.

No. 212698

If you're looking to get rid of dark marks, like acne marks, try vitamin c. If you mean to brighten or so, I'd recommend Shiseido products, sheet masks which specifically mention brightening/whitening (My Beauty Dairy and My Scheming make a few), Secret Key cream. The latter has always had good reviews for the price point, but I think I had bad luck with it because it wouldn't adhere to my skin for some reason. I got this during a trip last year and its like a superior version of the aforementioned: https://en.aprilskin.com/product/perfect-magic-snow-cream/576/

If you don't mind paying more, then you could also try Sulwhasoo's whitening products, Laneige, or SNP.

No. 212699

look for products that contain hydroquinone or arbutin

No. 212701

Is it stupid wanting to try out a skincare treatment just to…see what it does? I'm happy with my skin, my only problem with it is that it gets oily in the T-zone but I'm curious about treatments like microneedling and microdermabrasion and what they would do to my skin

No. 212707

It's not stupid just don't do it. Skincare more often than not is snake oil that capitalizes on mostly women's insecurities, so if you don't have to feed that beast, then please don't. Rather invest into gaining more skills or pursuing a hobby. Your skin sounds normal and nice. Don't try to experiment on it.

No. 212708

Uh I'd be careful with that, years ago I wanted to buy hydoquinone but found out they don't sell it here because it could potentionally cause cancer.

No. 212755

Hi, anons. I've been here before. Quick recap - I used to have clear skin. Moved to a dry climate and bam, clogged pores galore. I've tried a lot of things, but nothing has worked so far. My next try is Aquaphor. I believe my moisture barrier is compromised. I will update if it improves.

No. 212756

Don't do it. I had perfectly clear skin, started skincare, and now my skin is all clogged .

No. 212758

What are fine lines? Around my lower eyes I've always had them as a teen. You can't see them unless my skin is super dry. Are these technically fine lines? They look smooth if my skin is hydrated or not dry.

No. 212777

Sleep with a good humidifier in your room anon, this helps me so much in dry months. Aquaphor is nice as a lip balm but can be very heavy to use all over your face, it doesn't absorb and you'll feel kind of tacky all day. It's better to reapply a lighter moisturizer three or four times a day imo

No. 212887

I would say yes, those re fine lines. As you age they will get deeper and more plentiful. I believe moisturizing plumps up the skin and they become less visible. If you're worried about fine lines, look into retinol! And don't worry anon, we all have them.

No. 212949

Also to use sunscreen.

No. 213298

I always get tiny bumps on my cheeks and chin that are located deep under my skin and those fuckers are like ticking time bombs. Within a week they begin to grow and start to hurt really bad and there is literally nothing I can do against it since they are so deep under the skin. It takes about a week until they come to the surface and then I attack them with bha, retinol and benzyl peroxide which makes them come to the sourface and go away a tiny little bit faster but none of those things really seem to help that much because there are always tiny bumps again begin to grow under my skin and then hurt (like 2-4 at a time). What the fuck do I do against this?! I fucking hate my skin it hurts so much

No. 213314

Those sound like papules, which is common for adult acne. How is your diet? Certain foods such as peanut or dairy can be triggers.

No. 213319

Now that you mention it I was changing my diet because I started going to the gym. I eat a lot of low fat quark and protein bars because I want to get muscles. I will try to cut the dairy out and replace it maybe it will get better

No. 213461

I don't know why CeraVe moisturizer has been shilled so much, it dried out my skin instead of moisturizing it and I got break outs. I've started using a different one and all my problems went away.

No. 213500

Because for a lot of people it does help. I've been wondering for years why Paula's Choice has been shilled for years when her products are overpriced shit and her site is a laughable disaster where she rates all her own shit well and gives everything else low scores. The woman has had a level of unwarranted self importance just because she dropped out as a science major and worked at a department store beauty counter, but she isn't a licensed derma or a cosmetic chemist so she ultimately knows fuck all.

On topic, I moved up to 2.5% retinol last night and there was no irritation. I had some redness when I first applied, but that's normal. My skin feels really smooth and I can't wait to see the results after a month.

No. 213573

Everytime I wax my upper lip I get tiny white bumps a few days after no matter what I do. I cleanse the zone beforehand with soap or micellar water, I’ve tried desinfecting it with alcohol 1st, doing my normal facial routine, not putting any products around my mouth for a few days… Everything. And no matter what, I still get them. Pls tell me your secrets on how to avoid the little bumps I’m tired of my upper lip looking like a mess for a couple of days every month.

No. 213576

File: 1637158372488.jpg (155.23 KB, 413x700, tttttt.jpg)

Cerave really did help me and its relatively cheap. I had insanely greasy skin from washing my face too often, I tried fixing it for a year with a few products, heard about cerave, decided to give it a go and it really helped.
My bangs don't get greasy daily anymore so it's the biggest sign my forehead isn't an oil factory like it used to be.
Lately I've been seeing a lot of people complain about cerave though so you're definitely not the only one.

Funny thing, the reason why I washed my face so often as a teen is because once I read in a magazine from 2008 that mary-kate olsen washed her face more than 10 times a day to keep herself moisturised. That was the only piece of advice I ever took from a teen magazine and it completely fucked my skin up.

No. 213644

it helped me a lot when i hit the age where my old irritant loaded products i used in my teens + early adulthood started to irritate me. its a good starting point but if you already have a moisturizer that works for you, just keep using it until it stops working.

have you tried shaving? i waxed my upper lip for year but i eventually got irritation from leaving the follicles exposed so i switched to shaving. i'm a hairy nonny with light skin and dark brown facial hair on my chin, cheeks and sideburns and shaving is a god send.

No. 213649

use witch hazel as a toner after you wax, its cheap as shit too dont buy the fancy stuff

No. 213664

10/10 advice and I'm waiting for the pedantic anons to show up reeing about how witch hazel ages you because grain alcohol.

No. 213692


No. 213721

It happens to me too, anon, and I wax my chest. It's a normal body reaction, don't worry about it.

No. 213748

I've thought about shaving but my hair grows super fast and i cba to shave every few days kek if nothing helps, I guess that'll do tho
I've never seen witch hazel toner in the shops here but amazon surely has it, thanks anon!
I exfoliate regularly tho, I think me and >>213721 are just doomed

No. 213779

One day I think I’m just going to get tattoos all over my upper arms to cover up my keratosis pilaris bc I’ve tried everything and I don’t think it’s ever going to completely clear up.

No. 213796

File: 1637266466841.jpg (99.85 KB, 572x1446, 71f6x22FHlL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

yw nonna, this is the one i use and it's like $6 a bottle and lasts forever

No. 214048

File: 1637432028049.jpg (Spoiler Image, 448.74 KB, 1551x2030, PXL_20211120_180628611.jpg)

Anons, wtf is wrong with my skin.

I thought it was my moisture barrier because my skin was burning at anything I put on it. So I used aquaphor at night as I'd seen other estheticians do. My clogged pores are worse. I double cleanse at night.

For clarification, my skin used to be practically texture free, smooth, I'd get complimented on it. Then I moved to a drier climate and all my pores are clogged like this. I thought I overexfoliated, but I don't know. My skin is terrible now and I wish I could fix it.

No. 214049

File: 1637432078823.jpg (Spoiler Image, 236.4 KB, 2431x1034, PXL_20211120_180650271.jpg)

Other area of skin on face. These pores take forever to get unclogged. They will stay clogged for months.

No. 214050

File: 1637432108747.jpg (Spoiler Image, 468.55 KB, 1832x2674, PXL_20211120_180636566.jpg)

Last picture for reference.

No. 214057

I have pimples and scars on my ass/thighs and it looks super embarrassing and makes me wanna kms
The thing is I don't even wear tight pants all that much.

I don't know what's causing it

No. 214058

My mother got me a face roller the other day since I always complain about having a rectangle/fat oval head but I'm on the fence if it'll work. In some pics peoples faces look completely different but other times there's barely a change.
Have any anons tried it? or just have general tips around hiding an ugly face shape - sorry this is more face than skin

No. 214061

Cut back on dairy if you eat a lot of it and exfoliate.

No. 214064

have you tried eating a low protein diet? i went from daily meat eating to only eating meat (like chunks of meat) maybe 2 times a week and my kp went away completely within a couple months. also important to cut down dairy (especially cheese) and eggs (try to eat only 3-4 eggs per week). small amount of meat/cheese like a sprinkle of parmesan on your pasta is fine but just try to avoid eating proteiny foods like meat/eggs/cheese in big chunks. like eat the exact opposite of a fat meaty ham & cheese omelet.

i'm not a scientist but keratin is protein-derived so if your body is absorbing a surplus of protein i think kp is one of the results. Like in nature kp isn't necessarily a bad thing, in nature you would be getting abraded by branches & wearing rough animal hides and whatever, so producing more skin material is a good thing. but our modern lives don't involve much skin abrasion unless you exfoliate like 6x a day so the excess builds up and makes kp.

f you dont have time to cook try to eat at more vegetabley places like subway/chipotle/vegan restaurants. and importantly soy protein is still protein so eating impossible burgers and vegan chicken strups isnt what i mean. this might be hard to do with turkey & ham holiday meals coming up but its worth a try sometime like summer when a cool salad is very satisfying.

No. 214067

This is terrible advice.

Carb loading is bad for your skin as it just turns into sugar

No. 214070

did I say to eat only carbs one single time? Or did you see "don't eat protein" and think "that means eat carbs" because all you eat is protein & carbs?

Eat mainly vegetables. When I cook pasta, I use twice the weight of vegetables as pasta, be it tomatoes & onions in red sauce or arugula, kale, basil, parsley in herbed pastas.

And also, different people have different problems. If someone has kp, they may be getting too much protein for their body to handle. Someone else may be getting too much carbs for their body and having different problems, but that's not what this person has. It's something to try and it worked for me, it may not work for everybpdy because people are different.

There's no one soylent drinkmeal that perfectly feeds all people & there's no one perfect diet for all people's skin health because people are different. Some people are lactose intolerant and others aren't, for example - likewise if you have chronic kp ypu may have lower natural protein needs than other people, especially if you aren't pumping iron every day or w/e that would use up protein in other ways.

No. 214085

Ketosis pilaris is not caused by excess protein in diet. You're claiming things that are just not factually true at all.

No. 214091

>keratin is protein-derived so if your body is absorbing a surplus of protein i think kp is one of the results
No it's not, lol. It's your genetics fucking up and telling your body "Hey, make more keratin, but dry the skin cells out so they don't fall off normally".

No. 214117

File: 1637467856241.jpg (71.02 KB, 632x856, Capture.JPG)

I really love the smell of this line. I have the sleep mask and citrus products usually sting me but this doesn't.

No. 214162

Do you wear sunscreen? The sun may be damaging your skin. How about toner? I would get a toner mist you could spray in the morning and night, and throughout the day if you prefer it. Aquaphor's never helped my face since it's too thick and suffocates my skin (because that's what it's meant to do, form a barrier) and it's more useful on body skin.

No. 214166

When do you apply (Argan) oil, before or after retinol?

No. 214167

File: 1637512342882.jpg (48.07 KB, 1024x1024, revox-daily-sun-shields.jpg)

Has anyone used this sunscreen? How is it?

No. 214171

retinol should always go first afaik

No. 214174

I've worn sunscreen every day since I was 14. I will see if mists are helpful, thank you for the suggestion.

No. 214182

unrelated but have you noticed it having an effect on skin aging?

No. 214204

Hard to say since my mom is in her 60s and people think she's in her 40s. Most people think I'm a good amount younger than I am but I think it has more to do with genetics and that I have features associated with youth. I do suspect it's helped, though, since I smoke and still people think I'm young. What really helped, too, was learning to control my muscles in my face. Learn to relax them and emote without having to use all of them.

No. 214281

Not an option. I lift heavy in the gym, I need protein or I’ll die lol. Would rather have bumps on my arms than give up my workout routine.

No. 214303

File: 1637613850438.jpg (71.77 KB, 736x736, f16b6f09f69f30fb5624b9bfaebd68…)

Not always, no. You're able to apply retinol over a moisturizer for less irritation, it will just take longer to see results.

No. 214562

What are some pregnancy safe acne treatments? I currently control my acne with a prescription topical antibiotic and benzoyl peroxide wash, but I'll have to stop both of those when I get pregnant.

No. 214590

No. 214979

File: 1638005688389.jpeg (189.19 KB, 1108x1477, E3E68C5E-00B1-4859-9446-038C1E…)

How do I get rid of Buttnce?

No. 214980

You can try peelings but i'd really advise going to a dermatologist and presenting your ass for better and faster solutions

No. 214981

try exfoliating in the shower with one of those mitts or a loofah

No. 215011

talk to me about hyaluronic pens please anons and talk me out of buying one for my chronically dry lips

this has no business being so funny

No. 215067

i had to google what the hell a hyaluronic pen is and it seems like an absolute gimmick. if you know what these are you probably have everything you need on hand already. some derms say that using a thick moisturizer on your lips at bedtime is better than chapstick.
when you have dry cracked lips you need to prevent transepidermal water loss which mostly happens while you sleep. put some straight up hyaluronic acid on damp lips before bedtime and follow up with a moisturizer that won't hurt your lips. use vaseline or aquaphor or similar occlusive ointment to "seal it in". this really helps me. makes sense too because the skin on your lips is still skin like the stuff on your face. just make sure it won't hurt your tender lips and that it's safe for the mouth area.

No. 215110

Don't let shampoo or conditioner run down your back. Avoid wearing material or too-tight undies that rubs against your butt. Exfoliate.

No. 215135

thank you! I do have all of this so I'll start doing that, appreciate this

No. 215166

My skin is both dry, tight and oily. I have awful blackheads on my nose and I've tried everything. Recently I get acne on the bottom of my jaw, cheeks (not as much) and a couple at the top of my forehead. What can I do for this? The jawline acne is really painful. I also have scars even if I don't touch them.

No. 215219

Anon where did you get that picture of me

No. 215337

File: 1638226061671.jpeg (87.5 KB, 1125x1500, BBA8348F-674C-4EEA-9969-9F39BE…)

Anyone have any experience with tepezcohuite? Apparently it’s a really effective anti-aging/scar minimizing ingredient that’s not very widespread. Salma Hayek swears by it.

No. 215848

What's the most hydrating moisturizer you've ever used?

No. 215882

not sure how to measure hydration but the most emollient/thick one I've used was celestial by lush. great for very dry skin in winter