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File: 1587643394867.gif (1.19 MB, 500x281, winkwink.gif)

No. 137333

Post conventionally attractive males you want to have sex with and have no shame admitting.

Previous thread: >>112464

No. 137341

He's a small guy.

No. 137349

File: 1587655631857.png (216.69 KB, 381x579, LEONID.png)

For you

No. 137430


He's 1,75 m, that's not so short. Like chill out it's fucking Tom Hardy

No. 137454

File: 1587732764706.jpg (42.45 KB, 396x594, 87a46648f8a8eb00b49a5a827de829…)

Plus he looks like this.

No. 137536

File: 1587799939923.gif (7.93 MB, 540x450, ceabeccb-eb03-4bdc-91ca-efeb68…)

I hate his facial hair and I know he's a piece of trash but God his butt and lips and hair are so fucking hot. He's cute when he cries too uuuhng

No. 137538

agreed he is SO FINE
he almost has a sleazy zac efron vibe

No. 137541

I'm intrigued.
Post his butt pics too

No. 137557

Him and Alexei pretty much made season 3 worth watching for me

No. 137561

File: 1587834404693.jpeg (4.36 KB, 194x259, images (4).jpeg)

Ansel Elgort

The fact that he's weird makes it 100x stronger.

No. 137562

File: 1587836137234.jpg (327.12 KB, 1362x2048, 190811-ERIpdpCU4AEqrxH.jpg)

No. 137566

File: 1587838844588.gif (1.35 MB, 268x180, 206efc82-9343-40a6-84c9-05fecd…)

here u go

No. 137567

File: 1587839526562.jpg (44.45 KB, 750x750, moistaf.jpg)

one of you anons actually was frothing charlie a while back, thanks heaps i got a weird thing for him now.
short hairy goofy boys are the sweetest thing

No. 137569

File: 1587840530658.jpeg (34.54 KB, 300x300, ab67706c0000da84ac3e34e63796e3…)

i mean you aren't wrong

No. 137571

He's a beautiful short king

No. 137574

File: 1587841786742.png (430.83 KB, 598x632, charles.png)

fuck yes anons short kings forever
if they don't have a complex about it it's the BIGGEST DICK ENERGY
re: charlie, he got that pocket rocket power makes me go full owo and uwu

No. 137575

Not bad, is the character as slutty as he seems?

No. 137585

Essentially, he basically just fucks a bunch of older women.

No. 137597

his white trash tattoos are disgusting

No. 137609

Okay Tumblr

No. 137611

liking tattoos is tumblr

No. 137613

Okay boomer

No. 137614

Donkey Kong looking muthafucka

No. 137615

go back to tumblr

No. 137619

File: 1587919156282.gif (1.18 MB, 268x268, B13F58E5-7F2A-4337-AA45-70D4FE…)

This man has single-handedly given me a daddy kink. I don't understand how he keeps getting hotter

No. 137625

I don't understand why younger women who are into older man feel like calling those men "daddy"? It sounds creepy.

No. 137627

This shit goes here >>121350.

No. 137630

File: 1587925570850.jpeg (102.67 KB, 1140x798, C2942422-8E97-4FDD-9237-4A4061…)

It doesn't matter that you don't like him, Jeff Goldblum is widely considered attractive kek

No. 137633

lol maybe when he was in his 20s, he's just a grey old dude now, not attractive

No. 137650

Agreed. He doesn't belong here. Nothing about him is conventionally attractive at his age.

No. 137680

I think hes hot too anon, aging doesnt mean you get ugly

No. 137718

Jfc you all need to love yourselves. Jeff Goldblum is a meme.

No. 137736

Lmao. Go back to your thread.

No. 137982

File: 1588210156430.gif (685 KB, 360x181, anigif_sub-buzz-8311-150973374…)

Yeah lmao. Here's dirty trash boy putting cologne on his dick. Slutty boy.

No. 138170

File: 1588455036102.jpg (44.01 KB, 500x727, cf73a2649d7b3f666d714bf8e18e48…)

I don't think there's a single unflattering photo of him.

No. 138171

So what's this from?

No. 138173

File: 1588455828167.jpg (132.73 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 138178

I had a friend that looked like him, too bad he was a gross neet that never brushed his teeth.

No. 138187

Damn this gif made me wet
I wanna know too

No. 138188

stranger things season 3

No. 138192

File: 1588468608292.gif (2.07 MB, 400x296, 0003843127.gif)

It's Billy, one of the antagonists from Stranger Things. He's the older brother of one of the kids.

He's a piece of garbage but he's so. fucking. pretty.

No. 138194

He is played by Zac Efron.

No. 138195

File: 1588470511159.png (1007.22 KB, 1077x1351, lsldykzyl3b31.png)

nope dacre montgomery

but somehow i find him about 100x more attractive as a gross, mulleted bully from the 80s. he's not ugly or anything but he's almost too boring as a regular guy lol

No. 138196

>tfw you will never have sex with the handsome pool boy
feels bad man

No. 138197

I'm not into stranger things but I've watched compilations and edits of him on youtube

Same. I wish he'd grow his hair out irl tho

No. 138199

File: 1588472816749.gif (1.78 MB, 268x260, tumblr_p6dwh6Lbsw1tn6b73o3_400…)

Its regrettable but I get why doesn't go for that look, its risky as hell IRL and might personally be better to come across as a boring good looking dude

No. 138200

File: 1588473191153.gif (1.62 MB, 268x190, 598547165.gif)

He is deadass the reason I got into Stranger Things. A sexy glam metal villain with floofy hair? Holy shit, where do I sign?

I don't care that he's ~problematique~ lmao

Agreed, long hair on men can be hot, but it's really hard to pull off. Plus that's Montgomery's actual hair, it's a wig. Ntm the fact that if he looked too much like Billy irl, he'd experience the Ron Swanson/Nick Offerman effect and everyone would just assume he's actually like the jerkass character he plays.

No. 138203

File: 1588474408523.jpg (154.44 KB, 1024x759, rs_1024x759-190913123335-1024-…)

worked for joe keery. he looks like an incel now that he cut it off lol

No. 138209

File: 1588476570057.gif (4.86 MB, 540x450, steve.gif)

Jfc the issue isn't that he cut his hair, it's that the hair cut he got looks like ass. The bangs are absolute cancer. What is that mess, a horribly botched bowl cut? Jesus Christ, you're a wealthy celebrity and your hair looks like that?

In any case, Steve was cute, too, but not as fuckable as Billy. Steve was mostly just endearingly dumb in seasons two and three. His little sailor outfit was kind of adorable.

No. 138211

Personally I'd let either one of them take me, but billy is definitely above Steve in raw sexuality

No. 138213

File: 1588477684078.jpeg (154.09 KB, 1280x720, 6D59F0FA-E838-403E-94A8-9B97E2…)

No. 138215

i literally only find him attractive in s2 and 3 when he had some real good writing. but i don't think joe keery is especially hot objectively. it's all that cute babysitter ahoy boy power

No. 138220

Being caring, especially towards kids or animals, is a really sexy trait in a guy. I think that's a big part of Steve's appeal.

No. 138226

Ugh, looks like I've been convinced to continue the series even though I didn't care for season 1.

No. 138274

File: 1588552466205.jpg (81.91 KB, 1280x640, hugh-dancy[1].jpg)

No. 138449

File: 1588709256335.jpeg (50.39 KB, 499x750, 4B62DD12-5D4B-48A6-BE4A-7D36AD…)

Yes, yes, yes! Excellent taste anon. I will forever mourn that there probably won’t be a season 4 and I won’t get to see him as will graham again

No. 138480

I don't know the actor's name (who plays a pompous director and happens to be a director irl) but the guy who plays darren nichols in slings and arrows. He's so fun and shitty, I want to throw drinks on him and do it in the bathroom

No. 138816

File: 1589164535597.jpg (37.48 KB, 463x500, tumblr_nrm4lyROAY1smrujpo1_500…)

would do anything for long haired tom cruise to dom me
no other version of him sry

No. 138900

Wtf how did i not know of a young, long haired cruise and how smashable he was

No. 138918

File: 1589260333295.gif (1.03 MB, 498x249, tenor.gif)

omg yes, he was even hotter as a blonde imho

No. 138919

File: 1589260577714.jpg (212.72 KB, 2110x1582, lestat.jpg)

No. 138930

hot, I love longish blonde hair on handsome men

No. 138931

File: 1589277298167.gif (122.99 KB, 220x115, tenor.gif)

Him and Brad Pitt were both pretty sexy in this movie, damn it is such a good one too I'll have to re-watch it soon.

No. 138934

File: 1589279250807.png (724.06 KB, 540x799, tumblr_inline_opuwf8sYba1uaky6…)

Long, curly blonde hair on men is my kink tbh. My first crush on high school had hair like that.

Fun fact: these two characters are a couple in the books. They have a love-hate old married couple thing going on.

No. 138947

File: 1589292404493.jpg (47.1 KB, 650x488, bf8ffe4e45ccbddf3f17c78d2672f5…)

him in eyes wide shut tho…

No. 138988

File: 1589355929373.jpg (108.16 KB, 618x932, 39ca4845b6594130274dbf322d5a7f…)

He looked so good in Legend

No. 139000

File: 1589371862569.gif (1.05 MB, 498x278, burnitdaddy.gif)

Oof yes. That movie is a gift to women all over the world. Even Antonio Banderas was hot on it.

>Fun fact: these two characters are a couple in the books. They have a love-hate old married couple thing going on.
I thought that was implied in the movie too?

No. 139006

The only gift was Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise looked fucking awful which his dead fish mouth and evil little eyes (sorry horny anons)and Banderas was boring, he and Pitt didn't even kiss.

No. 139015

File: 1589390940461.jpeg (22.52 KB, 474x631, received_619527145539630.jpeg)

No. 139021

File: 1589396134236.jpg (44.67 KB, 500x750, lg.jpg)

I want him to destroy my insides. Or maybe I want to destroy his idk.

No. 139024

File: 1589396841960.jpg (228.67 KB, 1054x1378, 2abb948ad38098c642efc52e981b0f…)

No. 139029

Why? Then you won't be able to enjoy sex anymore.

No. 139033

File: 1589401680171.png (540.85 KB, 600x900, 53a4372c-68be-4515-b8a9-da4475…)

Would be 10/10 if he wasn't so unfaithful and old rn

No. 139045

It would be the ultimate sexual gratification to destroy a man as sexy as louis garrel.

No. 139049

File: 1589416593438.jpg (17.01 KB, 307x400, eeca05de887458371188b6d2e30415…)

Honestly I didn't think any of the actors were particularly sexy in IWTV– I just liked the movie because I was a fan of the books. When I was reading the books, my headcanons for what the characters looked like were pretty different from the actors they cast.

I pictured Louis as being more gaunt with a narrower face (think Nicolas Hoult.) Tom Cruise isn't sexy to me at all. The Lestat in my head looked more like a young Johnathan Rhys Meyers (but blonde.) Dacre Montgomery would also make a good Lestat imo. Armand is supposed to look like a Botticelli angel, which is the total opposite of Banderas lmao.

No. 139059

I'd still fuck him in his old age anon

No. 139066

This thread made me rewatch Interview with the Vampire and surprisingly I realized I find Christian Slater the most attractive in it. They all look good to me though, and I love long hair. Tom Cruise is weird in that I've never found his individual features particularly handsome but overall he just looks good and has the charisma to compensate.

No. 139074

He's the best movie Lestat so far, imo.

No. 139082

I didn't say I wouldn't

No. 139097

>young Johnathan Rhys Meyers
Now that is good stuff.

No. 139130

File: 1589489756299.gif (1.51 MB, 500x300, giphy (3).gif)

Tom Hardy in this role is the only time I found him attractive.

No. 139131

damn. what movie is that?

No. 139135

File: 1589494866475.gif (991.87 KB, 250x190, received_1554792158025369.gif)

It's from The Reckoning. He doesn't have many scenes in it though, sadly.

No. 139179

File: 1589533728142.gif (325.16 KB, 458x259, giphy.gif)

Have you seen Velvet Goldmine? Johnathan Rhys Meyers and Ewan McGregor make out and it's so fucking hot. It's a weird movie and Christian Bale is horribly miscast but I love it anyway. It's my trash.

No. 139182

File: 1589538689922.jpg (269.82 KB, 2100x1399, c00e8b5f2d5bb0da8ad8d577c2bccd…)

I remember watching it as a kid and thinking the actors were cowards for not sleeping together in the same coffin like they did in the books lol

Banderas disappointed me the most, he was supposed to be young and cute with reddish brown hair, not a middle aged latino.
Although Cruise's and Pitt's acting was really good, visually I much prefer Lestat's actor in the trash sequel, any hotter than that isn't possible…

No. 139213

File: 1589573418538.jpeg (66 KB, 840x560, download (1).jpeg)

I can't even look at a picture of him on the news without getting horny pls send help

No. 139217

File: 1589578300180.jpg (1.89 KB, 109x125, 1505086162063.jpg)

god please no

No. 139218

yesssss he's so gorgeous

No. 139222

Just wanna say totally agree, Armand is supposed to be cherubic. Banderas was a miss and I wonder who would have been a better cast aside from some random redheaded cutie off the couch.

No. 139297

File: 1589687840692.jpg (72.45 KB, 630x1200, dj.jpg)

90s daniel johns

No. 139298

File: 1589687978132.jpg (33.5 KB, 480x305, bp.jpg)

brad always but in true romance especially…LORDTTT help

No. 139303

File: 1589702431118.gif (1.62 MB, 245x155, 2786.gif)

Fuckin' Floyd!

No. 139324

File: 1589735325117.jpeg (309.52 KB, 683x1024, 7C2B5A66-9E3D-4D9F-AD59-12C351…)

Fransisco Lachowski. sometimes browse looksmax.me to amuse myself, and all the guys on there are obsessed with looking like him, which is pretty understandable tbh

No. 139702

yeah I can see that he's attractive but i'm surprised those incel moids worship him. his look gives me some very child-like vibes. looks like a cute kid's face mounted on a man's body. jsyk im more into guys like cavill or pitt.

No. 139712

Eh, he's kind of boring. He looks like an NPC in a Bethesda game.

No. 139714

File: 1590083630681.png (1.38 MB, 1000x1110, a27d24_5263eb6126004beca0d7e2a…)

Cavill is a fucking creep though. He dated a teenage girl when he was like thirty. Also he said all this shit about how he's against #MeToo because he's terrified people might think he's a rapist, which sounds exactly like the sort of thing a rapist would say lmao

No. 139719

he looks like a mixed kid I used to crush on when I was in 4th grade… but now the face is still the same but the body is all stretched out to adult proportions.

and pitt is a cheating womanizer. shamefully i'd still want to fuck em both then brag to my friends about it

No. 139720

cavill's images superimposed on the article cracks me up. he's supposed to look all thoughtful and dignified yet ends up exposing himself as a jackass.

No. 139722

Enjoy your STDs, then.

No. 139723

File: 1590085765406.jpg (140.07 KB, 800x450, gaston.jpg)

Exactly what I was going to say. The dude says and does creepy shit, then turns around to be like "but I hope y'all don't think I'm a rapist" lmao! "Traditional approach to woo and chase a woman", I'm wheezing! I guess the man wants a medal for not dragging underage girls by their hair in his lair, instead he is so civilized to groom them politely. Does he ever listen to the shit coming out of his Gaston-like cake hole?! Fuck you Cavill, you are gross and you ruined the witcher for me.

No. 139728

OMG he would've made the perfect Gaston

No. 139731

File: 1590087194634.jpeg (81.23 KB, 442x700, no-one-grosses-me-out-like-gas…)

I know, right? His behaviour is equally nauseating, while thinking he is the biggest stud in the room when he is actually just pathetic. Gaston is also all about chasing women aka being a dickhead who makes them uncomfortable.

No. 139732

File: 1590087533730.jpg (588.47 KB, 1920x1080, disneyscreencaps.jpg)

Green or yellow dress? To be honest, don't.

No. 139734

It's a huge red flag when a guy wants praise for basic human decency.

No. 139736

Cavill greatly resembles Gaston. They even have an identical hairline

No. 139739

I think most of the dudes who say this shit are probably being disingenuous about it and just being overly reactionary..

BUT.. for the men who legit feel this way. huge fucking red flag. stay as far away as possible.

No. 139740

File: 1590091017662.jpg (1 MB, 1203x1717, justin.jpg)

same tbh

No. 139755

He's cute but not handsome or anything like it. Can't say he's my type.

That's a damn shame. I've always thought him to be a decent human being. Aren't there any attractive actors who are decent guys? People have posted tom cruise, brad pitt and henry cavill but they're all bananas. Does anyone know if Tom Hardy checks out? I'd hate to be disappointed again.

No. 139775

I've never understood the Justin Trudeau thing. He looks like if someone shooped Ted Cruz to look normal.

No. 139776

Bahaha now i can't get it out of my mind. Trudeau is overrated but obviously so. He's easy on the eyes, a popular guy in power. Kind of like how people shill Ryan Gosling as attractive but not to the same extent. Idk he just isn't enough to do it for me.

No. 139778

I think people are perceived as more attractive if you don't expect them to be. It's a surprise when the leader of a country is young and decent looking relative to his peers, so it kind of exaggerates how good looking he is. I think he's pretty handsome, but in a C list TV actor kind of way that wouldn't draw attention if he wasn't who he is.

No. 139789

My mom stans Keanu Reeves. My understanding is that he's a good person. I've also heard that Ryan Reynolds is a decent guy. Not to bring up Dacre Montgomery again, but he seems really sweet and level-headed.

No. 139806

Anon what have you done now I can't unsee it

No. 139916

File: 1590266142629.jpg (Spoiler Image,363.74 KB, 1864x2329, EXmwPPtX0AAWJKW.jpg)

Aw yeah

No. 139936

Who is that? If that's the cosplayer I think it is guess I was wrong him being FtM.

No. 139961

One of the few actually male cosplayers. But I am only attracted to him as Cloud kek

No. 140015

File: 1590353744135.jpeg (69.86 KB, 640x907, 4E4EB8AC-8B72-458B-AFBC-EDC8C4…)

I completely agree but I’ve been posting about how horny I am for 90’s Christian Slater for like 6 months.

No. 140018

File: 1590355339242.jpg (Spoiler Image,189.41 KB, 1280x1280, leon_kennedy_in_shibari_by_gra…)

Spoiling just to be safe. Different guy but hot guys in cosplay are A+.

No. 140023

File: 1590359528016.jpg (1.61 MB, 4096x2731, EYt-tOdX0Ao31MJ.jpg)

damn, amonut of photoshop he uses tho… uncanny valley to the extreme

No. 140024

He looks like he made his face in Blender.

No. 140037

File: 1590372705179.jpg (25.27 KB, 408x594, c547815182de157d2096a6bf3083d0…)

young kyle maclachlan

yes anon. yes.

No. 140075

No idea who he is, but he's perfect

No. 140087

Holy shit. Fanning my face here. Can't thank you enough for this anon. That wig is 10/10 too.

Love this guy.

No. 140106

File: 1590416852146.jpg (1.1 MB, 2730x4096, Dz4Bpt2XcAEOMus.jpg)

Ah sexy bondage Leon, we meet again.

I agree. I wish cosplayers generally would chill out with the editing.

You're very welcome anon. Have another.

No. 140119

This pretty pathetic, he's widely fancied by women but here he is complaining because he wants to be 'the one doing the chasing'.. are men ever happy?

No. 140147

Thank you! So hot… Gonna go through his Twitter now lol.

No. 140162

File: 1590438933496.jpg (83.04 KB, 720x900, CodyFern2018.jpg)

No. 140177

jesus i'd ruin him

No. 140183

File: 1590451492980.jpg (61.09 KB, 540x800, 13ad5f9d26606f67e069cb6313f0d9…)

damn, YES

if they actually make The Vampire Chronicles tv show anytime soon like it was planned he would be a perfect Lestat

No. 140184

File: 1590452051618.jpeg (92.92 KB, 681x1000, 146D7E71-C8C3-4AD9-B1BF-20FB14…)

I’m not proud but I have the hots for school shooter Christian Slater

No. 140185

oh me too, god his smile his hair the way he's lowkey controlling and scary it's hot

No. 140186

to this day regardless of his age i would let him raw me, hes so hot in true romance like fuck my ass please

No. 140189

He kinda looks like Nicholas Cage

No. 140199

File: 1590469848999.png (63.69 KB, 312x162, DDEBA030-02B3-438A-9817-1FF85E…)

As much as I love True Romance, Heathers is my favorite movie of all time and he’s so stupidly hot in it. I know that kind of stuff is only fun in theory but GOD he looks amazing in every frame.

When I initially saw what he looked like now I was very ‘meh’ but actually watching him in Mr. Robot made me have weird feelings for an old man and I’m not proud of them.

No. 140213

File: 1590485209229.jpg (50.92 KB, 1080x1077, 083eb71f5cdf0121b1dafc71821f50…)

I'm glad someone posted him. I especially loved how he looked with longer hair in apocalypse

No. 140215

File: 1590488797558.gif (1.21 MB, 268x268, 43fec7bbb77127cb3594e87bea2c90…)

YYEEESS, I liked him too! I also loved how sweet and naive he looked in those scenes 'from the past'. And his little smile.

No. 140219

What is it with Australia and sexy actors? Is there something in the water?

No. 140229

File: 1590503527206.jpeg (45.67 KB, 498x750, A23EF712-1E1C-4038-8BEE-6D8AE6…)

Finally someone else with good taste in this thread. He is a male model

No. 140230

Go away faggot.

No. 140231

>everyone who likes anal must be male
ok femcel

No. 140237

Nice try fag. Now go away.

No. 140241

Most women actually like anal.

No. 140242

i was nta of the original "raw me" comment but do you ever get tired of hi scroting on this site? E-EVERYONE WHO DOESN'T AGREE WITH ME IS MALE

No. 140243

Troon detected.

No. 140245

This is getting embarrassing for you.

No. 140247

You can go now, troon.

No. 140249

>Everyone I don't like is a male

No. 140250

there are multiple anons replying to you calling you retarded. how do you think women should act anon? i'm dying to see how many of your pinkpill ideas line up with conservative ideals, that's always a fun game to play

No. 140255

You getting too emotional over this like typical troons. Anyway let's stop this here.

No. 140256

Fuck off, femcel.

No. 140257

no anon, let's keep going. did the pp comment hit a nerve? tell me how women should act and how you imposing your ideals of behavior on all women is somehow feminism. how is r/ femcels treating you?

No. 140260

File: 1590509187318.jpg (31.06 KB, 768x432, lowquality.jpg)

No. 140263

File: 1590510821077.jpg (182.94 KB, 817x1222, c9c1fd5d9cd99fec13a69b2b6c9435…)

same here, glad you guys understand. I first found him hot in this camp look (fucktarded extra bullshit in general tbh) but his acting in ahs is so amazing, I had to post him. He is so self-possessed and hot hngngng

No. 140264

File: 1590510946101.jpg (73.21 KB, 703x703, 1522845693987 copy.jpg)

I will never get over young kyle maclachlan…

No. 140265

He was peak cuteness during Twin Peaks.

No. 140280

File: 1590519578483.jpg (61.6 KB, 700x700, c86a8713ebcd517e81950e08e93b93…)

young Jon Stewart..hhhnnnnngngn

No. 140283

yessss I love eyes like that

No. 140372

File: 1590552270502.jpg (119.29 KB, 1296x730, ahs_apocalypse-fx-publicity-h_…)

his role as Michael in AHS Apocalypse was amazing. also the long hair he wore. FUUUUUUUUUUCK.

No. 140446

File: 1590628681608.jpg (49.05 KB, 572x784, 0dce0e50a59669cf9f272fc9c359a9…)

Discovered Tony Thornburg today and I…

No. 140599

The blond dude in this video, but if his eyes were normal lmao. I just like blonds, man


No. 140622

File: 1590773479647.jpg (89.74 KB, 384x512, unnamed.jpg)

Every role he plays is 100% testosterone. He's just so manly.

No. 140625

File: 1590776404002.gif (1.42 MB, 498x498, tenor.gif)

His blonde hair, blue eyes, and muscular body make me weak tbh

No. 140633

Not really a fan of blondes but I’d risk it ALL for him….please find me Chris!!

No. 140635

File: 1590790095117.jpeg (24.96 KB, 240x320, 6C82B2AD-AEF2-4B76-A878-DC02F7…)

Mark Taylor I only saw him on the tia and tamera Mowry movie “seventeen again” but I remember when I used to dream up my future husband it would always be in his image lmao. He is so fine and he is STILL fine like how!? How they have someone so fine in a kids movie!?

No. 140647

File: 1590792334685.png (1.2 MB, 735x1306, blonde.png)

What is considered blonde? I always thought it was pure yellow blondish like pic rel, that's just light brown.

No. 140665

File: 1590801854619.jpg (29.31 KB, 615x409, Hollywood-Hunk--Chris-Evans.jp…)

His hair is pretty blond in the movie, but his natural color seems to be light brownish. Determining dark blond from light brown is mostly subjective anyway.

No. 140676

File: 1590806944776.gif (1.44 MB, 250x250, 57454F0D-EB5B-4CBD-AAF3-6A53FA…)

zach villa but only in American horror story

No. 140677

He looks like a better looking version of joji

No. 140734

File: 1590895586807.jpg (19.89 KB, 477x356, 28fbe560d15ee532a1069ca0a67e92…)

he was insanely appealing in fight club

100/10 taste

No. 140748

File: 1590946602706.jpg (41.64 KB, 757x960, dccb87124fdf1fa4467ceae62f3463…)

I have no idea who this guy is, I just typed in Mature Korean Men in google. I used to work in an asian beauty shop and the Korean manager looked like pic related. Never had a crush on Asian men before him. I just love this kind looking smile and neat haircut.

No. 140754

File: 1590955045040.jpg (141.11 KB, 1000x667, 1a23b1b3caa0dd06dce6567c079467…)

Only men I simp for.

No. 140758

Bogdanoffs in the making

No. 140822

File: 1591007890340.jpeg (189.55 KB, 1058x1574, 3B3A5A8F-E777-4AE3-A491-E824C6…)

hey anon if you're wondering who he is, his name is so ji-sub

No. 140839

File: 1591021471342.jpeg (143.15 KB, 500x624, AF32B25F-80CD-423B-ABCD-AE714B…)

No. 140893

File: 1591079220483.jpg (26.72 KB, 400x599, 18.jpg)

Idk if anyone else is Grey's Anatomy trash but ughhh. Link. He is one of the only non-toxic male characters on the show right now and he's so pretty.

No. 140899

File: 1591088809071.jpg (21.36 KB, 600x315, b8dda348fe7f69651c30a294794fd1…)

No. 141068

File: 1591276731503.jpeg (305.07 KB, 828x459, 4397F525-2D00-4A08-BF5D-8A8679…)

What good hair wasted on a literal retard.

No. 141090

I don't think this small eyed sicko with blotchy ass skin and potato facial features can be considered conventionally attractive anon

No. 141095

File: 1591288474793.jpg (160.42 KB, 955x484, 20200604_192406.jpg)

No idea who this guy is but he's just so fucking hot to me

No. 141106

Michael Phillips

No. 141124

Idk who this is but he looks like a serial killer. I don't think he belongs in this thread.

No. 141127

Martin Byrant, really?

He did a big mass shooting in Australia years back which was the inspiration for tightened gun laws

No. 141138

What the fuck is wrong with you?

Follow up question: what the fuck is wrong with people who have fetishes for IRL serial killers/mass murderers?

No. 141173

I think it's most often just larping males trying to meme the 0.1% of women who have hybristophilia or whatever, because they think it's secretly a thing even in the general female population and that's why women don't find them interesting (or worse, they think that acting in a violent and daaaark and edgy manner will make them interesting).

In most of these threads on attractive men, you see a couple obvious moidposts going "isn't it cool how we women are secretly attracted to killers, I have such a crush on this or that school shooter tee hee". So it's either that, or anon is one of the of women who actually have this paraphilia, but that's probably a minority of the "confessions" you see on the subject. I don't think a woman would mistake that for a conventionally attractive guy, or see that unkempt mess as "good hair" lol.

No. 141187

Speaking as someone who used to be into that kind of stuff, I don't think it's larping males. I don't know why it happens but I don't think it's an ~alpha male~ thing or whatever given that a lot of them were the complete opposite of that in their everyday lives (Dahmer, Columbine shooters, Dylann Roof).

No. 141192

Kek is this bait? A lot of weird outlier girls who were raised wrong at some point clung to Dylan Klebold, myself included. How can you not know this as a woman on the internet?

No. 141195

How can you not know how much ex-nice guy type males on the internet seethe and screech about hybristophilia as evidence that women in general are into violence? They can't stop bringing this up whenever women's preferences are discussed.

It's not that no women have this paraphilia, just that it's exactly that, an atypical fetish. Combining this, and the butthurt males, many (but not all) people making these "confessions" are probably larping moids.

No. 141196

I don't know anon, i don't actively seek out and hear from ex-nice guy type males kek

No. 141293

File: 1591468296925.jpg (53.16 KB, 512x512, unnamed.jpg)

Hasan Piker, Holy fuck, thank you YouTube algorithm.

No. 141499

hasan really the sexiest bastard

No. 141502

Who hurt you guys? I know a lot of people who grew up with shitty parents and none of them had serial killer fetishes.

No. 141506

File: 1591684048610.jpg (108.28 KB, 1426x1478, 07a962938fe73bfe63ea876c782333…)

Based Ryan Murphy knows how to pick the qts.

tbh I might do old Jon Stewart too.

No. 141512

File: 1591707950714.png (296.95 KB, 1000x1000, 540ccc730bf3e87045a80b74f45ddc…)

He was really cute in the first 2 seasons but sadly he aged like milk, can't imagine his toxic relationship helped either.

No. 141524

File: 1591721330570.jpeg (75.11 KB, 618x397, Stromae_20.jpeg)

He's cute and has great style

No. 141558

God yes!
Oh, to be back in high school when our French teacher showed us Alors on Danse, downloading it after school to my knockoff iPod, listening to it constantly throughout summer and wishing I was a cool french girl clubbing and enjoying the nightlife

No. 141795

File: 1591991899866.jpg (113.5 KB, 500x750, Ahn-Bo-Hyun-1.jpg)

Quarantine has gotten me into watching Netflix kdramas. His character was such an ass, but I kept getting distracted from how much I was supposed to hate him because I thought he was hot lol

No. 141797

File: 1591992704297.jpg (256.65 KB, 719x1280, Billy.JPG)

i came here to post him jesus fucking christ i love him. i'm literally in love with him

No. 141810

you can hardly call this a man kek

No. 141811

File: 1592001317236.jpg (40.94 KB, 630x753, joegoldberg.jpg)

what do anons think of joo goldberg from "You"

No. 141812

Xoxo, gossip dan

No. 141814

File: 1592002457393.png (83.98 KB, 210x203, 7e65d063c0927560419f8a90bcb52d…)

it pisses me off

No. 141816

File: 1592005104994.jpg (268.8 KB, 540x810, fuck yeah.jpg)

He's already been posted, but hell yeah I love him too. He's so pretty it's not fair. Look at all of his freckles

No. 141820

I preferred him physically to the other two guys in gossip girl in hindsight lmao even tho he was xoxo gossip dan

No. 141825

File: 1592026287319.jpg (146.1 KB, 1200x1200, 7016..jpg)

I didn't know who he was until I saw the news that NASCAR banned the confederate flag but he's so cute, I think he's really short though. I'm about to become a NASCAR fan kek

No. 141831

Would be willing to fuck Joe if he left right afterwards and never contacted me again.

I didn't watch Gossip Girl so I never realized what a qt Penn was till recently

No. 141868

AHS season 2 was peak Evan Peters imo

No. 141869

File: 1592078115173.jpeg (57.03 KB, 512x341, F98DDBA8-3ADE-4EE5-9676-26D432…)

he looks like a meerkat here

No. 141875

File: 1592083801682.jpeg (30.57 KB, 800x520, bubba-wallace-ap-2015.jpeg)

Same here anon. I can't stand Nascar, but he's handsome as hell.

No. 141942

File: 1592155689295.jpg (160.14 KB, 2750x1546, 31382.jpg)

just finished season one and holy moly am I into it

also was that typo intentional?

No. 141943

penn is hot af but book Joe talks about how he's gonna make "you" cum so I prefer him.

No. 142155

File: 1592440310604.jpg (101.65 KB, 1300x1030, max_raabe.jpg)

Young Max Raabe could get it

No. 142158

File: 1592443560029.jpg (154.27 KB, 1000x1027, damned 1963 oliver reed tough …)

this pic of young oliver reed….. i would let him take me 100x times

No. 142187

lmao, my mum is really into him and his songs

No. 142267

File: 1592570347678.png (560.69 KB, 680x593, EaWaXx8XQAEC3mx.png)

hate that i'm attracted to this dirtbag

No. 142340

File: 1592630018770.jpg (236.36 KB, 810x1080, nice.jpg)

i wanna put him out on a tray

No. 142355

File: 1592658657437.jpg (71.97 KB, 770x770, 0f9bf4c196e347e19e537d7ae47676…)

louis garrel is so fine

No. 142363

go away stevens

No. 142371

No. 142373

File: 1592677004745.jpg (102.48 KB, 640x1103, MGK.jpg)

Machine gun kelly.
Had a sex dream about him twice and I think about them so often

No. 142381

I don't really listen to his music and I'm not normally into the alt/tattooed type of guy but I think he's hot as fuck. I was sorta embarrassed to see how people were clowning Megan Fox for being with him as if he was some ugly bridge troll when I always thought he was really good looking.

No. 142382

I've never even listened to his music, I literally just had a dream about him once and that was it for me, instant crush
I thought that too, both him and Megan are WINNING in their relationship and are such an attractive couple I can't see any reason why they should be made fun of besides mgk cucking her husband and jealousy

No. 142392

>I was sorta embarrassed to see how people were clowning Megan Fox for being with him as if he was some ugly bridge troll when I always thought he was really good looking.
Hah same. I'm surprised by how universal the dislike for his looks seems to be. But I wonder how much of that is a knee jerk reaction to his appearance being that of pure undiluted fuckboi? Like, he just reeks of being a douchebag and afaik his behaviour hasn't contradicted that.

Either way I support Megan Fox in dating a hot, (appropriately) younger man after her youth was taken by an ugly old pervert who continues to be an ugly old pervert and is now dating Courtney Stodden. She's winning the breakup for sure.

No. 142402

File: 1592693189168.png (746.48 KB, 1280x637, 03F84CEC-11B6-4242-9BD7-F32A9B…)

This man from Narcos is so freaking beautiful it hurts me.

No. 142473


He looks like Lurch from the Luna Slater threads

No. 142500

File: 1592783225353.png (172.94 KB, 360x360, pasted image 0.png)

nta but

No. 142528

LMFAO this is so good. Also, that guy looks like Tommy Wiseau

No. 142531

File: 1592817257421.jpg (27.66 KB, 480x480, 86464975_1601501836692492_4554…)

No. 142565

File: 1592847798498.jpg (19.77 KB, 573x307, Fawadkhan.jpg)

No. 142693

Can't agree more with you anon, Peter was truly gorgeous ("Life is Killing Me" Pete was best Pete imo) but you'd better post him in the unconventional male attractions thread where we most likely to celebrate his beauty.

No. 142723

I heard somewhere he was an asshole which kills it for me

No. 142873

File: 1593253100171.gif (484.39 KB, 461x330, C088BF2B-DC30-4C24-B78B-D36944…)

Cillian Murphy, holy fucking shit his eyes are so fucking beautiful. He’s actually perfect, I’ll never find a guy even half as hot as he is lmao

No. 142877

Pretty eyes. I want him.

No. 142882



No. 142890

My husband has been told he looks like him quite a few times. I definitely see the resemblance, he’s handsome.

No. 142910

Anon you’re so fucking lucky! Cillian is stunning, I have such a huge crush on him. Peaky Blinders was a blessing for me.

No. 142922

I cant decide between him or mads

No. 143177

wtf no

No. 143209

File: 1593705142546.jpg (147.46 KB, 800x1200, EU-p1xOWoAAOOPC.jpg)

i've always thought he was cute in his youtube videos but when kurtis conner posted these on twitter he went from cute to unbelievably hot pretty quickly.

No. 143211

I don't like his lips nor his videos but damn he's looking kinda tasty here.

No. 143213

I love this styling, make-up, jewelry and painted nails but still accentuated masculine traits, it's all super hot.

No. 143215

File: 1593712005765.gif (3.82 MB, 444x250, shteev.gif)

wtf, yes
Frankly, he is super nice

No. 143216

Same anon, same…

No. 143218

Is he trying to be Eliot from The Magicians?

No. 143221

Anon, I love you
I am 100% with you

No. 143222

Eh his makeup and nail polish is sloppily done

No. 143279

Oh shit I love that dude’s videos!

No. 143337

File: 1593896045197.jpg (679.61 KB, 2048x1825, 20150408WHITE-slide-L0ZB-super…)

young Marco Pierre White though……
(he's still got it)

No. 143341

Anon what the fuck I was thinking of posting this earlier!!!! What the fuck!!!!!! Good taste obviously.

No. 143342

File: 1593902204133.jpg (531.32 KB, 2425x3200, 2012_CSK_04334_0040_000(bob_ca…)

Great taste

No. 143348

File: 1593915187254.jpg (45.1 KB, 750x750, ranveersingh.jpg)

Ranveer Singh is fucking gorgeous

No. 143352

No. 143354

File: 1593934692871.gif (712.15 KB, 370x330, 9A315AC2-6406-4753-ABEB-94E879…)

Young JFK, he has that Marlon Brando look that I love

No. 143370

I thought I was looking at a strung out Kit Harrington lol

No. 143430

omfg this, i’m never into guys wearing makeup/jewelry/painting their nails etc but that picture does things to me

No. 143452

he looks like a wholesome american poster boy

No. 143633

File: 1594248637635.jpg (161.87 KB, 1200x628, mark_wien2.jpg)

I love how happy he is every time he eats something yummy

No. 143653

File: 1594260041414.jpg (48.58 KB, 587x457, sonny.jpg)

Sonny looks like every other white man but I'm sorry anon, Sonny is the superior food traveling youtube daddy

No. 143657

I've never heard of him until today but I'll take a gander at his videos. Thanks for the intro!

No. 143666

I don’t think he’s attractive, but I think he’d make a great traveling buddy.

No. 143680

He freaks me the fuck out. Bug eyed soul staring freak.

No. 143696

He looks psychotic and I always felt bad for his wife and child dragging them all over the place so he could stuff his face in front of the camera with that empty-eyed grimace he mistakes for smiling.

I guess if you like killers who would eat your skin and vlog about it..

Patrician taste. Although I feel his channel has too much production now. I liked his earlier stuff where he was much more authentic and less politically correct. I guess that happens to almost every small youtuber who makes it big though.

No. 143699

File: 1594305298147.jpg (73.83 KB, 500x664, tumblr_inline_nz7f2yRSy21swrb5…)

Indisputable fact: Young Marlon was the hottest guy in the universe and noone will ever reach this level of hotness

No. 143845

File: 1594484550216.jpg (126.14 KB, 750x937, ffb9fcd438ad5dc509667a66fd35e7…)


No. 143849

He has very pretty eyes, I never noticed that before

No. 143859

Yass, I usually hate facial hair (esp moustaches) but he really pulls it off

No. 143889

File: 1594566237944.jpeg (82.82 KB, 371x380, 3001CE53-9DBD-4E24-ADA5-A84EC1…)

Frank Zappa.ive never been into guys with much facial hair but he just does it for me

No. 144097

File: 1594760325308.jpeg (26.56 KB, 320x480, EC0C2C22-D248-42D6-A047-1DB751…)

I just rewatched Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging and reawakened my lust for Aaron Taylor Johnson

No. 144127

File: 1594771667237.jpg (127.58 KB, 1280x720, mgg.jpg)

No. 144133

File: 1594775367349.jpeg (99.19 KB, 960x960, 8A802259-BBFC-4BBD-A82E-BF20B3…)

bf is a dead ringer for him too wew

No. 144158

Whew, wrong thread

No. 144164

File: 1594815066979.jpeg (478.68 KB, 1280x1920, 7EFE6478-8952-4F9D-BF20-838873…)

you’re either a scrote or a fugly bitch

No. 144165

File: 1594816032954.jpg (96 KB, 750x1000, FA953-CC32-C129-0CE7-86CCB7608…)

He looks like my druggie ex.

No. 144170

File: 1594819795978.jpeg (70.07 KB, 600x450, F3092D46-8227-4A26-9AE8-EE68B0…)

chuck schuldiner was so hot
tfw you’ll never find hot metal bf

No. 144184

File: 1594825838263.gif (3.49 MB, 400x303, 8D46iM.gif)


chuck was not only hot af, but also sooo so talented and he always seemed to be such a nice person. And of course, he was such a handsome fuck. Always reminds me of young david gilmour.

Sucks a lot knowing that you will never get the chance to see him live …

No. 144196

File: 1594832558780.gif (1.2 MB, 245x280, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a…)

No. 144379

File: 1595022154088.jpeg (80.71 KB, 544x800, 56BA78BF-C74D-4BA0-9F6A-CC43E2…)

I’ve had a thing for Julian Casablancas for years, tbh would still hit even though he’s old and has a weird greasy evil haircut

No. 144381


yesss anon. i’ve had a huge crush on him since high school. basically every member of the stokes was a cutie

No. 144387

File: 1595026153418.png (262.26 KB, 500x635, Julian-Casablancas_1247654370.…)

young julian tho

No. 144392

Yes omg

No. 144403

yes anon!!! i hope that look comes back please god

No. 144446

File: 1595084226636.jpg (10.9 KB, 211x314, 7e07466e0b8a800f39c98d230a0386…)

The Lover is one of my guilty pleasure movies and Tony Leung Ka-fai was so gorgeous in it

No. 144475

File: 1595104917096.jpg (399.73 KB, 997x1333, buttigieg-neuman.jpg)

No. 144605

File: 1595218157338.jpg (126.36 KB, 1296x730, gettyimages-1176722106-h_2019.…)

No. 144614

File: 1595229394165.jpeg (293.11 KB, 1800x1200, CEDD5144-B372-41A7-B79C-161954…)

No. 144624

File: 1595249344188.jpg (359.12 KB, 489x699, 1591645823927.jpg)

I will never get over young jules

No. 144629

File: 1595259933252.jpeg (75.59 KB, 612x911, 21765147-5502-4EFC-943B-3207FD…)

Prince was hot in every era,I don’t care if he was a manlet,his sheer confidence is/was enough to get me going.No other straight dude has the balls to go and flaunt in tights and heels like he did.

No. 144658

can we have Prince back for Harry Styles and Ezra Miller?

No. 144674

File: 1595325841404.jpg (26.57 KB, 400x400, D1MzXREU4AA7GCM.jpg)

No. 144675

File: 1595325949413.png (635.5 KB, 590x768, Anthony_Padilla_2019.png)

No. 144676

File: 1595325990284.jpeg (167.55 KB, 642x900, ELs1C_pVUAIjrc2.jpeg)

happy for them

No. 144677

yeah i adore their relationship. also they're both super fucking hot

No. 144690

Yes to both of them

No. 144741

he's really cute but his recent instagram thirst trap photos turn me off completely. He went from being too much of a simp with kalel for me to like him to too much of .. whatever he is now.

No. 144762

Wrong thread.

No. 144763

kek you must be attracted to zoomers

No. 144898

File: 1595559136682.jpg (43.09 KB, 512x340, unnamed.jpg)

The only downside is he's my height but w/e

No. 145021

File: 1595653615724.jpg (55.32 KB, 327x480, blogger-image-653142720.jpg)

Started watching the original Star Trek for the first time and Shatner is gorgeous, especially when he was in the Twilight Zone.

No. 145023

File: 1595653984209.jpg (99.86 KB, 640x640, lolf0836_shatner_twilightzone-…)

No. 145034

File: 1595671078635.jpg (129.39 KB, 740x1024, 8426828804_c0399f8a79_b.jpg)

No. 145054

File: 1595687826586.jpg (61.26 KB, 503x604, 98f9c530be78cf6603b26fbf376027…)

Rewatching "10 things I hate about you" was a bad idea, now I'm in love with Heath Ledger
Tried to watch his documentary but felt bad seeing all that private footage of his life

No. 145056

Holy crap anon nice taste. Along with being an awesome artist he's a major cutie

No. 145081

File: 1595707514811.jpg (53.98 KB, 299x512, brucelee.jpg)

No. 145402

File: 1595957013342.jpg (62.17 KB, 540x536, armiehammer.jpg)

Slightly ashamed because he couldn't be more bland

No. 145489

File: 1596013416418.jpg (324.34 KB, 1621x2000, 3_Gregory-Peck.jpg)

Young Gregory Peck, especially as Atticus Finch

No. 145525

File: 1596039119400.jpg (370.19 KB, 1292x1600, Audrey-Hepburn-Roman-Holiday-G…)

yes. in roman holiday too

No. 145588

File: 1596062192539.jpeg (32.53 KB, 500x433, 60F9A465-DE52-423E-A764-F0CD53…)

kek if you’re ok with his dom cringe

No. 146089

File: 1596368853399.jpg (54.64 KB, 564x858, MichaelMando.jpg)

I have such a huge crush on him in Better Call Saul. Not my usual type at all, but I'd sell a kidney to fuck him tbh.

No. 146091

Eww wtf

No. 146197

he was pretty hot in far cry 3 too. best villain ever

No. 146203

File: 1596432114785.jpg (174.38 KB, 980x1400, ustv-michael-mando.jpg)

I found his eyelashes so distracting in BCS. I'd kill to wake up with lashes like his.

No. 146278

File: 1596478444495.jpeg (24.79 KB, 671x457, 55CF43B4-D161-48E6-B0B0-B1080B…)

I have a bit of a crush on Dave Navarro these days ever since YouTube recommended me Ink Master and I’ve been binge watching every season…. absolutely love him as a judge too.

No. 146347

Anons pls none of the last few posted are attractive love urselves

No. 146658

File: 1596801785528.jpg (368.77 KB, 1357x2000, image.jpg)

He was gorgeous

No. 147120

File: 1597084263726.jpg (303.96 KB, 1280x1280, joecole.jpg)

No. 147123

File: 1597085282151.jpeg (49.71 KB, 640x960, A5494BDD-325F-4285-A828-0BD471…)

Yeah some of them belong in the other ”men you wanna fuck thread”

No. 147143

Oh god I love him, I want him and Cillian Murphy in their 1920s lad outfits to Eiffel Tower me tf.

No. 147162

Heath truly was too pure for this earth, such a tragedy

No. 147215

File: 1597174746467.jpg (18.68 KB, 372x503, 4d8843bf28ac9408200c607c82f6cd…)

ville is never not sexy to me. what a man

No. 147226

File: 1597179130682.jpg (19.86 KB, 490x490, New-promo-photoshoot-for-Ville…)

he's a crusty boomer who now makes boomer music

No. 147233

kek i'd still smash, he has a sexy deep voice

No. 147703

File: 1597508863246.jpg (99.42 KB, 671x851, 66d9d3f8cffb4d83121f55eb1c56cb…)

No. 147811

File: 1597604977681.png (332.8 KB, 392x531, 4D96AE47-65D1-49B2-A220-F3AA79…)

Robert Finster as Freud: analyse me, baby.

No. 147815

Holy shit I forgot about him completely! Hard agree. He's the only reason I kept watching that show past season 1, lmao.

No. 147823


There’s only 1 season isn’t there?! I’m eagerly awaiting more just to see him and further brush up on my German…

No. 147824

Oh my bad, it does. Point is, he's hot, but the show just wasn't for me, I guess, so I stopped watching at some point. Also, nice to see a fellow deutschlerner.

No. 147864

File: 1597643384542.jpg (379.53 KB, 1350x1800, trinner.jpg)

No. 147865

File: 1597643442572.jpg (61.3 KB, 500x944, Jonathan-Archer-Star-Trek-Scot…)

No. 147962

File: 1597709498315.jpg (214.12 KB, 1479x1000, MV5BMTc1N2JjNDYtNGZjOC00YjRhLW…)

playing left 4 dead again reminded me of how much i want taymour ghazi to daddy dom me. and i hate daddy dom shit. but god damn is he hot

No. 147986

File: 1597722131275.jpeg (5.29 KB, 275x183, daddyaf.jpeg)

So I watched IT chapter 2 and saw this hot motherfucker there. Jay Ryan. He kind of reminds me of an argentinian ex I had yeaaaaaars ago so maybe that's why I think he's hot? His gf looks like a male version of Moana's Maui tho so maybe he's closeted and she's his beard, like it seems to be a normal thing in Hollywood.

No. 148943

File: 1598399080205.png (406.33 KB, 500x488, 2167D30C-55A4-4902-9FB2-251ED1…)

Matthew Baynton is such a cute little twink I want to peg him tbh

No. 149275

Everytime I see him I think he looks like a brunette Thom Yorke lol

No. 149311

File: 1598604916435.jpg (1.86 MB, 500x280, 2vYLQaN.jpg)

Dylan from Bates Motel (Max Thieriot)… what a cutie, damn

No. 149312

File: 1598604959774.jpg (1.65 MB, 500x220, 7N1kDLM.jpg)

No. 149370

File: 1598638990925.jpg (13.64 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (9).jpg)

This movie blew but he was 10/10 in it

No. 149388

File: 1598646007338.jpeg (187.52 KB, 1200x856, FD5774EF-1B54-4501-A506-6F7BEC…)

>reee kpop idol

No. 149396

File: 1598648465468.gif (1.17 MB, 265x199, tumblr_pkbfnvInmB1tvqjyt_540.g…)

Eye makeup on men is so fucking hot.

No. 149399


I don't know who either of these of these people are but I agree

No. 149401

honestly I thought so too but after they revealed that his character is inbred I couldn’t stop seeing it

No. 149412

File: 1598650339870.jpg (43.14 KB, 411x512, unnamed (1).jpg)

The white guy in the gif is Ville Valo from HIM

No. 149425

File: 1598654180524.jpeg (48.57 KB, 800x609, C6532D7F-A9B9-4C2E-98DC-2F87C4…)

Ville was so fucken hot

No. 149426

File: 1598654866194.jpeg (136.44 KB, 800x1200, 98B93CAA-05CE-4290-8436-12ABB2…)

korean guy is Bang Yongguk, used to be in a kpop group until he got fed up and left to do solo stuff and fake deep short films

No. 149429

The lore of Bam being like obsessed and in love with him is so fucking funny. Even going as far as to be severely bulimic because he never saw Ville eat and wanted to be built like him, the impact. What a simpler time.

No. 149440

File: 1598669992047.jpg (79.04 KB, 1280x720, JDMW-CSI_017.jpg)

Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

This particular pic is from 2003 but like…even now he's so fucking hot. He's such a hunk. So macho. He's got it all - deep voice, hot body, the broody, tall dark and handsome thing, killer personality, dimples, manly bod, what's not to love

2000's were his peak years imo

No. 149444

File: 1598671409168.png (Spoiler Image,767.97 KB, 980x653, Bam.png)

bam is one of the most pathetic men i've ever seen in my life lol. the combination of extreme privilege and whininess makes him so disgusting

spoiler because he's ugly as fuck

No. 149445

omg lmao i can't believe i had a crush on this frog when i was a pre teen rip me

also don vito burns in hell

No. 149455

You have to give the guy his flowers, he definitely did the vlogging thing first. It’s pretty cool that he was able to follow some random finnish man he was in love with for years and turn his band into a cult symbol in the usa when it otherwise probably wouldn’t have had the same reach. He’s got a lot of mental issues obviously and is absolutely insane and his head is fried.

No. 149456

File: 1598679419716.jpg (53.8 KB, 378x548, 5ba52141d26e9dc1f203395414da75…)

travis fimmel as ragnar in vikings

No. 149459

I always found Rollo and Athelstan more attractive tbh

No. 149465

File: 1598695108790.png (255.98 KB, 640x400, 256278EF-0DE8-40C1-9DBA-963780…)

No. 149466

File: 1598695187395.gif (2.37 MB, 500x265, EB782C9F-899A-4786-BE06-7702A4…)

I used to think Athelstan’s cute when I was 18 or something but idk about it now

No. 149553

Is that the dad from supernatural? He's hot kek.

No. 149797

File: 1598984402912.png (293.74 KB, 615x573, screenshot22.png)

No. 149957

File: 1599073882156.jpg (50.73 KB, 500x580, brucelee.jpg)

His dick was probably tiny, but that body ughh

No. 150078

File: 1599145858319.jpg (81.59 KB, 1200x798, 534f64e042e19af1645633585dd5c3…)

He was so damn hot in Stoker

No. 150107

File: 1599166349986.jpg (29.47 KB, 400x598, morten2.jpg)

Morten Harket is still hot now but he was so damn pretty in the 80s

No. 150142

File: 1599214688929.gif (3.99 MB, 268x400, 10286477-1ad9-49ef-897b-7c9723…)

I don't give a fuck about hockey but I saw a gif of this guy and oof. I'm not normally into jock/Chad types but this one is cute. Would smash.

No. 150147

What's his name? He's sexy

No. 150148

I wasn't expecting to see Ryan Graves on lolcow this morning kek he's 6'5 and very cute in person. Shame he's not better at hockey

No. 150151


No. 150152

YES had a crush on him due to this movie.. god i love how well dressed he is in this (and edgy too :/)

No. 150153

I see him all the time

No. 150159


No. 150194

oof. i would fracture his pelvis

No. 150224

Who cares how good he is at hockey. With a face like that, I'd want to fuck him even if was a cashier at McDonald's.

No. 150258

File: 1599307888530.jpeg (195.51 KB, 540x750, 5b0QOMQ1qhc7aqo1.jpeg)

Idk anons, I've fucked a couple of less than attractive men exclusively because they're good at hockey. But this isn't a thread about my weird issues so have some Brady Skjei for your time

No. 150260

Is the guy behind him checking out his ass? Because same.

No. 150261

surprise nipple

No. 150262

he's lucky he's so damn gorgeous i can forgive those dreaded earpods. mama mia he looks good in a suit

No. 150286

Fuck OFF he's so hot it's almost depressing

No. 150289

He's kind of generic looking. Not as cute as the first guy.

No. 150303

The only acceptable chad.

No. 150308

Ok ma'am I'm going to start watching hockey now.

No. 150316

File: 1599366303124.jpeg (68.63 KB, 540x720, DF0AAC0F-C2CA-44A7-BECE-ACB310…)

This qt from WKUK

No. 150317

I love how androgynous Ville looked back in the day. I'd smash a female version of him 100%

No. 150330

File: 1599382101432.jpg (47.37 KB, 564x704, 68bdd3e61f3aa73868ca31cd3eb146…)

This guy a few years ago. Right now he looks weird.

At his peak he looks like my ex.

No. 150331

File: 1599382374455.jpg (65.39 KB, 564x705, 2f0d18638612a2bba868b0da647de0…)

Those bracelets are hot on men for some reason.

No. 150481

File: 1599492296374.jpg (32.41 KB, 871x490, 08833_DD.jpg)

I've wanted to fuck this man ever since I saw him in Harry Potter.

No. 150488

File: 1599495517615.jpeg (27.95 KB, 392x488, B5760F96-05A1-417A-AD15-E6E0FB…)

Edward Norton in American History X.

No. 150489

File: 1599496296175.jpeg (11.13 KB, 183x275, B382CBFB-0891-4DC8-888F-57F381…)

Probably already here, but I’ll never get over Khal Drogo. He fuuucks me uppp

No. 150494

File: 1599500338367.jpg (50.23 KB, 445x600, brettanderson.jpg)

Missing the 90s.

No. 150498


No. 150504

You're tyking meh ovah aaaaah

No. 150521

File: 1599517849299.jpeg (54.75 KB, 700x420, 9BADEB03-5E8D-476D-AAD5-6A50C6…)

I decide to google this man to see what he was from and is that—is that fucking tom yorke

No. 150527

justine is my waifu

No. 150529

File: 1599519162919.jpeg (74.21 KB, 574x800, 199A716B-F6A8-42A1-B5BA-6623E4…)

So nobody else is stunned that this was tom yorke in 94? Just me? Nobody tells me shit

No. 150532

wrong thread anon, try the unconventional male attractions thread

No. 150593

I'm not shocked because I was alive back then. So do you fancy young Yorke with 80s hair?

No. 150602

He looks like a silkie chicken

No. 150608

No. 150628

File: 1599583535117.jpg (32.01 KB, 564x846, 442ba45fe94c88a398e41cc1c95ae3…)

No. 150635

File: 1599587675281.jpg (75.71 KB, 560x586, thommy.jpg)


No. 150638

Never in life

No. 150664

Things I wanna be:
So maybe Jim Morrison

No. 150817

He is probably a huge douchebag, but man, he was cute in the 90s

No. 150819

I love that he takes the piss out of Kurt Cobain in that video

No. 151143

File: 1599897169256.jpeg (177.92 KB, 1920x1080, 0640F48A-0E11-492A-8A6C-6238B7…)

Tfw you wouldn’t mind getting chlamydia from Timothée Chalamet in Dune trailer
God help me I strayed too far from the light

No. 151152

File: 1599907944892.jpeg (39.69 KB, 750x750, C5119263-AB49-433D-B97B-A6312E…)

chlamydia is curable

No. 151169

Ugh, he looks like an anemic troon “lesbian.” Is this really considered conventionally attractive these days?

No. 151170

No. 151173

If you‘re a teenager, yes

No. 151177

File: 1599926580641.jpeg (20.37 KB, 400x266, 2B3F728A-AB61-4C83-A7FF-C0D37E…)

timothee is just the clearance zoomer version of louis garrel

No. 151178

Same. But I'm just back on my bullshit anyway… no matter the unibrow, the diseases, the rumored gayness, I would not hesitate
Why not both. It's the same type anyway

No. 151179

No. 151182

Awful face but good hair.

No. 151239

File: 1599973107417.png (1.55 MB, 1822x966, B8F01EEA-AA91-42A2-8C9B-05A784…)

I just watched Midsommar and… I feel held by him

No. 151247

Wrong thread, anon.

No. 151250

He’s a crazy cultist but I felt like he wasn’t ugly enough to go in the unconventional thread

No. 151252

raise your standards girl, he’s ugly as fuck

No. 151253

i can’t believe you said that. absolute sacrilege.

No. 151262

File: 1599999739423.jpeg (143.18 KB, 910x1280, EE9B2614-1CBB-4890-9370-0FF219…)

The guy who plays Kurtan in this country

No. 151266

He looks like a supply teacher who would stink of coffee and eat egg sandwiches. Sorry.

No. 151473

File: 1600191809965.jpeg (194.5 KB, 827x822, A09D32FD-7703-47EC-A050-B05A7A…)

No. 151476

Damn is that Logan Lerman? He looks so different.

No. 151477

Yep that’s him. I was surprised to see the salt and pepper hair but I think it suits him. At least his face is still fresh and youthful

No. 151480

Hadn't seen this guy before so I checked out more pics. Wouldn't have given him a second look when he was younger, looks gorgeous now.

No. 151528

Tfw a man like this will never even shit in the same bathroom as me. Im tired.

No. 151534

I dont know something about this look is offputting. he looks shady

No. 151535

>men being out there getting called handsome when they're greying at fucking 28

No. 151544

Lmao okay then, I guess my standards are lower than I thought

No. 151551

Ew. I don't know what it is but something about this dude is just disgusting.

No. 151555

why does kurtan look kinda hot in that picture i feel confused.

No. 151563

I love jeffrey for all the reasons you mentioned. he's too skinny for my tastes these days, but back on shows like supernatural and movies like the resident when he had some meat on his bones he was so fucking sexy. his voice really does it for me too. so gruff


No. 151578

File: 1600274446391.jpeg (40.15 KB, 480x478, 3E211DF6-D97D-49A6-AD18-3D0B07…)

I know he’s not super attractive or anything but I binge watched mind hunter this week and i would bang holden ford 100%

No. 151621

Lol I thought I was the only one thinking that with all these anons praising him

No. 151623

File: 1600307032121.jpeg (72.51 KB, 640x354, A1B29FBF-677A-4A23-B4B9-5C08E7…)

Karl Urban. Absolutely anytime, anyplace.

No. 151624

Honestly same but I wanna bang Tench more

No. 151628

I always had a huge crush on him ever since I watched that shitty Doom adaptation. He's so sexy.

No. 151644

File: 1600325310678.jpg (28.53 KB, 320x480, eomer.jpg)

tfw when no rider of rohan bf

No. 152359

File: 1600858187923.jpg (123.41 KB, 892x663, dinoskritsis.jpg)

lowkey want to softly dom him

No. 152361

yess hes peggable

No. 152364

Could you TIMs please keep your degeneracy to your own containment boards

No. 152365

come to femdom general lol

No. 152366

bruh I'm not even into femdom it was a joke chill
y'all a littlw wild there that's why I said "softly" kek

No. 152369

Sorry for going off topic, you see the sad thing is that true male beauty is very short-lived and it often feels like the only who get to appreciate that beauty are a subset of gay men, and they've kept it for themselves and I want to love these young beautiful men but not as a man, not with any sort of phallic plastic dildo, but with my own self, you get what I'm saying

No. 152416

File: 1600896462939.jpg (841.22 KB, 1920x1080, 120125929_4129681387047935_511…)

I rarely find any guys attractive but there's something in this dude that makes me think of a JJBA characters excuse the weebness and is super hot to me

No. 152417

File: 1600897037539.jpg (32.85 KB, 747x1120, 07008822-ae01-467a-a874-4ec3a6…)

No. 152418

im lazy whats his name anon? dont feel like doing reverse image search rn

No. 152421

This dude, he's a contestant in a top model reality show in Poland

No. 152434

i think you posted in the wrong thread, anon. this is the attractive men thread, not the unconventional men one kek

No. 152477


I wouldn't call him unconventional(or at least too unconventional),the styling is just weird

funny how the two last guys posted are from next top model in different countries kek

No. 152679

That's one plastic looking man you got there kek

No. 152928

chris evans but only with the buzzcut or the short captain america hair. Stupidly handsome.

No. 152931

Did you see his peen leak lately?

No. 152932

I did but I didn’t like it. I wish I didn’t see it.

No. 152936

Ken became a real boy

No. 153740

File: 1601719591486.jpg (85.23 KB, 876x900, Pete_Burns.jpg)

young pete burns was so fucking hot

No. 153761

File: 1601738205893.jpg (143.03 KB, 1125x1390, EjL4lgiU0AICPYy.jpg)

Well never thought I'd see the day where I'd be willing to simp for pewdiepie but well here we are

No. 153762

um… this is nice

No. 153768

Pity he sounds like a fucking squeaking toy

No. 153772

this is the literal Ideal physique I like in a man personally
I prefer to hear him speak in Swedish

No. 153781

Looks great. Why does Nicocado Avocado have an Onlyfans but not this guy? Life's unfair to women.

Kek, this is so true

No. 153791

The middle of his abs looks like a vagina wtf

No. 153833

No. 153856

File: 1601793794739.png (981.47 KB, 864x1024, Lighthouse_Trailer_Thumb-Full_…)


FUUCCCCKKK same anon. But he tickled my clit when I saw him with his fucking mustache in The lighthouse man. Never wanted to look at another man after that……

No. 153890

Butterface but at least he puts more effort into his looks than every other male youtuber.
6/10, would hatefuck.

No. 154016

File: 1601932224166.jpeg (26.25 KB, 236x296, C311E9F5-5E71-4C4B-B26B-39473E…)

God help me

No. 154019

This kinda looks like an incels idea of the mythical chad.

No. 154020

File: 1601933143727.jpg (81.9 KB, 640x640, 1b99nEO.jpg)

He was the perfect himbo also the hottest couple picrel

No. 154029

God I wish more men looked like they were manufactured in a gay factory

No. 154065

File: 1601950900940.jpg (38.96 KB, 670x440, Akshay-Oberoi-x_d.jpg)

I usually don't find bigger guys who could kill me with one hand attractive but his intelligence and education changed my mind

Threw on a Netflix movie called Pizza and holy fuck is the main man beautiful uhhhgh take me here take me now

No. 154077

this thread makes me sad because they are out of my league. not incel feelings though lol just ah well. If more men groomed themselves better maybe this would be less depressing

No. 154092

No. 154138

File: 1602000496896.png (216.81 KB, 312x312, C6AA229D-A4DB-4CD2-A4CE-868059…)

Vitruvian Physique on youtube.

No. 154154

File: 1602007061896.jpeg (478.88 KB, 1659x2196, F6585B42-7C80-48A4-9E29-35ADA8…)

This guy who posted on /cgl/, I'm not sorry at all

No. 154155


animu skinny toned, even got the crooked torso right

No. 154156

File: 1602007155690.jpg (46.03 KB, 432x540, 03chbkn.jpg)

what if he looks like pic related

No. 154166

>post selfie
>get made the posterboy of incels and robots everywhere
I feel so sorry for this guy

No. 154168

shit taste.

No. 154169

isn't he better looking now? I could've also sworn he was a gf now

No. 154170

File: 1602011809455.jpg (306.14 KB, 2000x2400, 8518627.jpg)

He looks like a sexy prewar french postman on bike who stops by your house everyday to service you.

No. 154173

File: 1602012852389.jpg (48.9 KB, 1000x1000, MV5BNDY5ZDQ2ZjEtOTk3Ny00OWI.jp…)

While properly recognized for his talent, Toshiro Mifune was quite underrated when it came to his looks. Dude was honestly so gorgeous.

No. 154174

Are you thinking off eggman? That’s not the same guy. I don’t think Blackops incel has gf

No. 154178

File: 1602017804440.jpg (75.79 KB, 652x900, 7408327509463.jpg)

Was he…? I might not be as informed about public response, but I've heard everyone from critics to fans and even everyday observers say he was both talented and very handsome. He played a lot of more rugged roles but that's not really a negative for most people into men; he is a prime example of classic good looks.

No. 154184

File: 1602021618239.jpg (226.95 KB, 1600x608, 421081.jpg-r_1920_1080-f_jpg-q…)


Blazingly hot in Good Time too…

No. 154232

File: 1602062451712.png (815.16 KB, 571x671, 1600838395105.png)

eggman doesn't currently have a gf.

sam is attractive

No. 154240

was hooked on japanese cinema thru my teens, this man defined my sexual awakening

No. 154261

File: 1602081797030.jpeg (40.51 KB, 409x540, EG57SLHWsAEmcn-.jpeg)

made for pegging

No. 154262

dayum who dis?

No. 154264

nta but I think it’s the actor who plays Norman in heavy rain

No. 154267

NTA and I had no idea either but decided to take pity on you thirsty anons, used the mysterious machinations of backwards google search and found out that dude's name is Leon Ockenden

No. 154307

File: 1602093708497.jpg (175.31 KB, 816x867, IMG_20201007_184735.jpg)

As anon >>154267 said. He peaked at 30 but I think he still looks good for a 42 year old. Tfw no 6'2 himbo bf who loves cooking for me and telling me stories about david cage's fetishes…

No. 154319

File: 1602097943204.jpeg (35.4 KB, 800x600, 93C4BD28-A731-48AA-B59F-9AB51F…)

y2k hrithik roshan could get it

No. 154326

File: 1602100849941.jpeg (770.66 KB, 2377x2515, E3854712-6DDA-44ED-9E92-4CDD72…)

Also posted this. The anon said he was 5'9.
Well I'm not out to stalk him, I'll just keep thirsting over his shirtless pic and imagine my husbando's head on it kek

No. 154331

File: 1602102171862.jpg (14.68 KB, 376x374, images.jpeg-2.jpg)

I find him ugly.

No. 154465

File: 1602184678002.jpg (232.4 KB, 1074x1585, 20201009_021548.jpg)

Most people want to fuck Adam because of Stars Wars. And here I am wanting to fuck him because he look like a medieval man born in modern world.

No. 154468

File: 1602185794356.jpg (123.47 KB, 640x828, mes9m83dvtx31.jpg)

Lemme join the RobPat circlejerk. This man is an goddamn work of art, with just enough crazy and unsettling vibes to make him unforgettable. And apparently he's into smelling armpits

No. 154474

This thread says attractive.

No. 154492

I hope anon is joking because everyone has diffrent taste with attractive man.

No. 154508

Everyone has different taste yeah but conventional is not a gray area where you can put objectively unconventional guys in

No. 154520

I can't be the only one who just sees a tired guy who looks slightly creepy

No. 154522

I don't care about him one way or the other but I've been relishing in all of the asshurt his casting as Batman has caused. I love the sound of neckbeard scrotes REEEing in the morning. I hope he turns out to be a surprisingly good Batman, if only because it would make the whiners feel stupid.

No. 154544

File: 1602257605872.jpg (27.18 KB, 400x300, rob-in-christmas-sweater.jpg)

Me too. I've never understood the appeal.

No. 155520

File: 1602933397275.jpg (37.93 KB, 1024x683, colin-o'donoghue.jpg)

I think Colin O'Donoghue's a little…maybe basic looking, but i found him so hot in The Rite.
He was cool as Captain Hooke too

No. 155524

Not familiar with him but any semi-decent man wearing a priests collar instantly becomes more attractive. That's the rule.

I used to live in an area where I'd spot a hot local priest and it boggled my mind that he chose the life he did. Guy was hot as fuck and living as a catholic priest so couldn't even marry. Off limits completely. Living in a country with few attractive men already.. it's a sad loss lol

No. 155525

File: 1602942837906.jpg (93.73 KB, 538x674, 20201017_165422.jpg)

No. 155530

File: 1602948679411.jpg (137.27 KB, 1440x891, 2020-10-17 20.32.45.jpg)

No. 155536

who even is this? he looks like he's waiting in the school office to see the principle after being reprimanded for fighting

No. 155543

File: 1602958571398.gif (2.43 MB, 540x245, 314248187a8f5330ff56403de4ac04…)

>any semi-decent man wearing a priests collar instantly becomes more attractive
Preach it

No. 155626

File: 1603031902283.jpeg (514.07 KB, 1955x3335, A751F801-228B-4D32-866F-F3963C…)

Rudolph Valentino, pic rel in what would be a problematic role today. he smiled weirdly af though but it was kind of cute
I read that he was angsty because men in America mocked his looks. I think they felt threatened because their wives and gfs loved him, a foreigner. Reading about Valentino's reactions though I feel like he might've been an incel today. Even looking like that and being a sex symbol, he complained that the only women he wanted didn't want him. He met up to fight some guy over his masculinity. His death was apparently a big deal with a riot and other wild shit at his funeral… He or his fans would've made good cows i bet
anyway he can kidnap me that's why Im in this thread

No. 155632

Based take. Wasn’t he also pretty short? I remember there being some disagreement on his height with the studio saying 5’11 but most sources saying 5’8.

No. 155653

File: 1603048585642.jpg (381.97 KB, 950x500, chrisbroad12_01.jpg)

I honestly wasn't sure if I should post him here or the unconventional thread

No. 155661

I was just talking mad shit about him to my bf lol

No. 155680

Met him once and he's very wholesome and sweet on top of being really attractive. Also he's one of those men that makes it very clear he is married so nobody misinterprets anything, which I thought was pretty cool (and probably pretty rare amongst actors).

He is so strange to me. Sometimes I look at him and think absolutely, yes, so attractive. Other times I just don't see it. He was hot in Bel Ami.

No. 155684

Lmao this outfit is so wack and none of those clothing items belong to the same country/culture

No. 155686

I’m sorry but he’s so grotesque-looking to me

No. 155687

definitely goes in the unconventional thread. i don't find him attractive but his videos are fun, i wish he would talk more about the bad aspects of japan though

No. 155749

nta but why

No. 155840

O shit, this is really hot. I think I might be developing a kink for priests.

No. 155926

File: 1603244413837.jpg (91.13 KB, 734x493, feet.jpg)

No. 155936

I think It supposed to be walking foward

No. 155937

File: 1603252655249.jpg (132.97 KB, 1074x736, 20201021_105803.jpg)

Sage for doublepost, here a better picture about it

No. 155987

He's pigeon-toed anon. Or are you confused by another mundane detail

No. 156025

File: 1603315241747.jpeg (334.42 KB, 2560x1823, 7D252ED3-7F4A-492E-B64E-3203C6…)

i find him really hot at times but then at others (when he had super long hair) kind of ew. here’s him when he’s hot.

No. 156061

File: 1603338467988.jpg (52.79 KB, 744x446, B88264833Z.1_20180706190513_00…)

Jared Keeso but only as Wayne

No. 156062

File: 1603339758961.jpeg (64.25 KB, 409x516, image.jpeg)

I find Adam kinda gross with a lot of facial hair like in that getup but also in some photos one of the few guys I consider genuinely hot. I don't understand myself

No. 156067

File: 1603342201839.jpg (3.09 MB, 3264x1836, letterkenny-BIG.jpg)

Same and also these himbos, especially Jonesy as he is thicc

No. 156071

Same anon, the long hair doesn’t really suit him, makes him look weird. Will say that he looked super sexy in Brokeback Mountain.
Jared Kesso is super hot as Wayne even with that accent his character has, I love his very broad shoulders.

As you can tell I have a thing for hot cowboys/non-trashy hicks

No. 156075

off, but that's one long midface holy shit

No. 156097

mmmm tasty

No. 156165

File: 1603386372097.jpeg (32.9 KB, 700x458, EB857205-C919-4195-BA66-9A4DC5…)

Watched emily in Paris and I couldn’t help falling for this generic ass character

No. 156169

i don’t want to watch that show because lily collins annoys me but he’s v cute

No. 156512

File: 1603586468806.gif (2.58 MB, 498x498, tenor (3).gif)

I simp MGK so hard.

No. 156524

I don't even like his music but I think he's really cute after seeing him in this video. He and Megan make a good couple.

No. 156549

looks like projared lol

No. 156551

looks like projared lol

No. 156661

File: 1603737721514.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1242x1228, EA2661DD-2CDC-47E4-B72F-E7BFE0…)

I love one man only.

No. 156687

File: 1603745238263.jpeg (114.37 KB, 749x905, 56A11913-A797-48FB-B1AA-C11C3B…)

horrible taste

No. 156695

File: 1603747984872.jpeg (39.57 KB, 640x377, 8D60E5D8-A97C-4BD3-BBFA-A057D1…)

Tfw you also like that picture kek
I’ll see myself to unconventional attractions then

No. 156696

File: 1603748653989.gif (1.47 MB, 350x294, 7676767.gif)

god I'm back to this bullshit. neeting with him would be so comfy

No. 156792

His tatts bother me because it looks like he just adds on whatever without planning out the space

No. 156811

No. 156813

File: 1603797230080.jpg (114.58 KB, 450x300, hunter-biden-pizzagate.jpg)

No idea if he's considered conventionally attractive physically but he has everything I want

No. 156823

post your paedophile in the unconventional attractions thread please

No. 156835

File: 1603807238085.gif (732.03 KB, 400x300, tumblr_mo0wyvpU2s1s48gbbo1_400…)

He's my heart, he's my soul

No. 156845

File: 1603810043005.jpeg (102.93 KB, 1100x825, 5ec59605988ee37bc73d71e6.jpeg)

his new video with megan fox was very nice

No. 157156

Lol, okay Trump

No. 157178

File: 1603948979025.jpg (675.35 KB, 1920x1920, InShot_20201029_122119931.jpg)

His face is so flexible in many ways lmao

No. 157182

File: 1603955832435.jpg (458.05 KB, 2000x1500, Logan-Lucky.jpg)

I didn't get why everyone liked him until I saw this movie, Logan Lucky. Now I like him too. I recommend the movie too, it's about a heist in some backwater town and all the preparations they have to do to pull it off

No. 157183


Anon I've been all about Modern Talking since the day my russian Dad played "cheri cheri Lady" in his car when I was 5 and no one understands me. Be my BFF

No. 157184

File: 1603958676293.jpg (45.15 KB, 360x500, tumblr_mqrlwo56Ht1sbimbvo1_400…)

Absolutely fantastic taste anon. I love them but Thomas is my husbando. Also, I want to strangle Nora lmao

No. 157185

He’s such a faggot, everything he does is extremely cringe too. He tries so god damn hard.

No. 157190


That's fine cause, I'm a Dieter Stan 100%. Still seeking my perfect german chubby cheek peasant face

No. 157206

Why are you putting this man in the attractive thread when he’s so objectively ugly that he doesn’t have an instagram

No. 157210

I've been seeing this guy in lolcow threads every once in a while for months now and everytime I recognize his face and I just don't know where I know him from, it bothers me lol

No. 157214

The starwars fan and the milky horny fangirl ruin his fanbase

No. 157217

what do you mean anon I don't have instagram and I'm beaufitul as fuck

No. 157219

Nah I mean the lore is that he said he won’t make one because everyone always talks about how ugly he is

No. 157221

File: 1603971206423.gif (1.49 MB, 403x223, tumblr_o4apaplViA1v8t15ko1_500…)

he also doesn't have a twitter. Because he doesn't like social media and all the drama that it brings. It has nothing about his looks or lack of them, idiot.
Anyway he is beautiful and you can fuck off

No. 157227

File: 1603978358601.jpg (45.66 KB, 380x570, http___cdn.cnn.com_cnnnext_dam…)

He is a private person. I think the reason he doesn't social media is for privacy reason. In the past someone leaked his home address in twitter and don't forget the Reylo that give his wife a death threat and harassment.

Pic related with his wife

No. 157236

File: 1603983291103.jpg (88.22 KB, 500x700, tumblr_msczkmyZRc1qejocno1_500…)

ngl I would hop onto Barry's dick in a heartbeat.
God, why are SW fans so retarded? I'd hate to be in Joanne's position.

No. 157242

File: 1603984937026.png (1.22 MB, 790x1194, tumblr_pkdrn98gWK1uvsngzo5_128…)

Kirill Sokolovskji, Ballerino. Pretty and gorgeous asf.
Some Adam driver fans are creepy asf. Someone leaked his son picture on private discord. I'm not suprised if Joanne looks so tired .

No. 157374

File: 1604040811720.jpg (26.5 KB, 353x541, 5bc5a33fb48e3345834f4a422bd74c…)

It's a shame Billy Corgan is such an asshole because he's really pretty and handsome

No. 157381

Wow now that's a beautiful face

No. 157388

He literally said it’s because people would bully him for his looks. He’s not conventionally attractive.

No. 157401

File: 1604064069867.jpg (45.29 KB, 959x615, large-1527068749-16a125c6cd90e…)

Anon do you have hate boner for Adam Driver or something?
Post Proof if he actually said that.
Oh yeah he indeed has a beautiful face. He has a balance between masculine and feminine feature.

No. 157402


it's true when he leaves the house people throw tomatoes at him and call him foot face

No. 157403

No. 157412

show proof, retard. because all I am seeing is this:

>One more question related to fame, and I mean this as nicely as possible: I could imagine that in high school you were maybe kind of gawky looking, and then to learn as an adult that you’ve become an internet sex symbol — did that have any bearing on your self-conception?

>I’m not aware of much of this. Social media, I don’t participate. I don’t have an opinion that it’s bad — or worse. You’re right that the existence of a public persona is an interesting thing, but I have no control over it so I don’t try to control it.

>Some people try to control it.

>That’s not how I want to spend my time.

No. 157419

Hnng, them legs and feet
More male ballet dancers please.

No. 157423

File: 1604073792571.jpeg (66.86 KB, 1200x674, 862F7DE3-370D-489B-AA59-70B1BB…)

Ewan is my forever crush. He’s aged really well but nothing tops how cute he was in Moulin Rouge.

No. 157433

File: 1604077757632.jpg (26.01 KB, 319x480, ccc971c2842b6b97ecc65319d2c966…)

Check out Mathieu Ganio, but unfortunely he is not my type.
Tbh this thread is evolve to general(mix) attractive males not Conventional

Anyway Keanu Reevess can go hard on me.

No. 157438

File: 1604078598347.jpg (52.1 KB, 500x667, 1474909554_2ltipuc.jpg)

Oooh definitely my taste though anon.
And Keanu is a 10/10

No. 157439

File: 1604078975764.gif (2.85 MB, 268x250, ahs-michael-langdon-crying.gif)

I don't mean that I want to fuck him in the literal sense (he's gay anyway), but Jesus, what a beautiful man.

No. 157475

File: 1604090231296.jpg (1.99 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20201031_033341968.jpg)

For you anon <3

No. 157507

File: 1604100539001.jpeg (134.86 KB, 688x1000, 92FF02A2-ABF6-44FD-96A3-1EC729…)

No. 157519

File: 1604103684380.png (1.44 MB, 800x1010, aisjsl.png)

Wow. This is just proof that long hair really can trick us into thinking any man is hot

Did you see any of the john wick movies? picrel. Watching those in the theatres made me thankful that i'm not a man and can't get public boners kek

No. 157531

File: 1604108259071.jpg (71.85 KB, 747x747, 70497629_2499764133585583_3278…)

He looks more medieval anon. Still hot tho.
I find his looks the hottest, and I love the suit styling.John wick movie is still my Keanu favorite look because it's fit my aesthetic

I love Germain Louvet, Damn why are Ballerino is blessed with Pretty face and nice body.

No. 157564

im sorry but ive hated adam driver ever since he admitted he would run like 50 miles to college every morning then devour an entire cooked chicken in class. imagine this man sitting behind you in psych 101 gnawing chicken bones covered in sweat. no wonder they sent him to iraq he is nightmare fuel.

No. 157566

I know. I find it strange that he has rabid fans. He never shuts up about the military either.

No. 157611

File: 1604150640094.jpg (63.46 KB, 720x954, 1mukt1oim5951.jpg)


No. 157615

> i said ooo girl

No. 157616

File: 1604154113300.jpeg (58.25 KB, 468x628, D953C721-36D6-4F44-8C0B-3B1C8C…)

This is really the guy anons are simping for. He looks like live action Wallace.

No. 157617

File: 1604154585130.jpg (70.13 KB, 585x350, wallace.jpg)

You right anon. I love you

No. 157618

that's a shitty photo

No. 157619

oh damn who dis?

No. 157620

File: 1604155473109.jpg (224.96 KB, 1200x1600, 3878971.jpg)

Absolutely busted, everything is oversized.

I remember an anon absolutely simping over Alex Wolff back when hereditary came out, probably the same weirdo.

No. 157624

All photos of him are shitty, he’s ugly. Literally when he took the helmet off in force awakens, I cringed and said “oh ew.”

No. 157625

yesss anon, he's such a cutie. i wanna kiss his whole face

andrew vanwyngarden, from the band mgmt

No. 157627

File: 1604160659048.jpg (68.47 KB, 640x725, whm2hukxdx801.jpg)

No. 157628

He looks like an animorph that got stuck halfway through transforming

No. 157629

Watch out anon you give tumblr idea for fanfiction

No. 157630

I dunno Alex is kinda cute and he is just a good actor

No. 157632

I'm deeply disturbed by driverposting

No. 157633

Is this image regarded as an attractive picture of him? I always thought it was a meme because it was awkward.
His head looks so small in comparison with his chest. The proportions are so off, and the super high rise pants don't help.

No. 157636

File: 1604163947675.jpg (288.25 KB, 1080x1344, 20201101_000111.jpg)

I respect Youngrong sexuality. I wish he is bi or pan tho.
This is Korean Drag Queen Nana btw

No. 157637

File: 1604164486914.jpg (44.17 KB, 433x650, inoue_takehiko_1802.jpg)

I'm usually not into shorthaired/bald men, but I can't deny Takehiko Inoue is very attractive. He's as beautiful as his drawings.

No. 157652

Nah I think that weirdo was the one who constantly posted about her desire for skinny brown manlets, a preference which is inexplicable to me. And it was weird that she had to sperg about it like it's some impossible dream considering that's the easiest type of man to get.

No. 157653

File: 1604176534246.jpeg (32.22 KB, 500x500, C1CFF6B7-6A22-47A6-A622-D9478D…)

Ash from the Evil Dead is so cute

No. 157654

No. 157659

File: 1604180347743.jpg (79.44 KB, 900x600, KPRU6BSUKNE5JKJ2SX2S2S62OI.jpg)

Yes. Even at 62, I would still want him to shag me senseless. He's such a dirty hornball in Ash vs The Evil Dead.

No. 157663

That’s literally just his face, you need to work on that low self esteem simp.

Should be a bannable offense tbh

No. 157671

yes! and the fact that he's so fucking talented makes him even more attractive

No. 157674

Did you mean to tag Adam Driver?

No. 157677

LMAO I was wondering the same thing

No. 157678

No. 157683

Evil Dead 2 is one of my favourite movies ever. He is actually cute isn’t he.

No. 157685

These last few posts including the Adam driver ones, made me think I was in the unconventional attractions thread

No. 157686

I know. Force memeing a chinless sperg into every thread they can is painfully on brand with the lc base I guess.

No. 157691

no lol
but I can find him attractive sometimes (with long hair only)

No. 157700

File: 1604205047168.gif (2.76 MB, 500x287, tumblr_pp7akqu3Bo1wtavz1o4_r1_…)

Watching Everybody Wants Some, Tyler Hoechlin is SO fucking hot in it, even hotter than in Teen Wolf. I usually hate moustaches but he pulls it off, his body is perfect and he wears crop tops… I'd say he needs more roles but he's not a great actor, ah well.

No. 157721

File: 1604224148881.jpg (278.37 KB, 1202x1700, 20201101_164605.jpg)

Hmmm tasty

No. 157735

File: 1604237778048.gif (9.35 MB, 540x350, b38_cdc2d8b1_540.gif)

was he objectively the most beautiful boy who ever existed?

No. 157736

File: 1604239124056.jpeg (539.06 KB, 1911x2803, 420242D0-5C6D-4A97-8F05-69AE22…)

time to post chad to expel disgusting driveranons from this dimension!

No. 157737

Anon why are you so assblasted by adam driver's pictures? Just ignore him if you don't like him you don't have to bring him up again

No. 157739

Every picture ITT should be a picture of Dolph ♥

No. 157752

File: 1604244848343.gif (358.87 KB, 480x270, 1471536958-star-wars-kylo-ren-…)

Good job anon !

No. 157760

Damn Grace got a hot one. I would suck on his tits every day and night, wish men had perky tits like back in the day such a shame.

No. 157773

You make the mistake of thinking it’s only one anon who thinks you’re pathetic

No. 157781

please stop posting this ugly ass mf

No. 157787


Do you have a huge hateboner with Adam driver ?
Who've hurt you?

No. 157794

These are all different people. Stop, stan.

No. 157833

I love him so much.

No. 157929

This is mean but I can’t because of the mole. It’s too distracting. I am surprised he hasn’t had it removed.

No. 157938

I was thinking the same thing, I find these big moles to be a major turn off for some reason.

No. 157968

He was ridiculously handsome in that movie

No. 157978

beautiful. hes got the same kinda appeal as francisco lachowski, elegant-cute

No. 157984

File: 1604365361017.jpg (28.74 KB, 375x500, 29025abbc96fe9c01ab66514dd109c…)

No. 157987

Alain was a 10/10, handsome, witty, polyglot, smart, multi-talented and French.
Also Drive (2011) is the reddit version of Le Samourai

No. 157989

File: 1604366565375.jpeg (30.25 KB, 642x477, 2A0A211B-D672-442A-B5CC-626D98…)

John Francis Daley?

No. 157991

Idk who this is, but my boyfriend resembles him and he's sooo fucking hot I can't believe I'm with him. But he's extremely shy and has a complex from being chubby when he was growing up.

Most days when I wake up in the morning and look at him I'm like, "Jesus christ, how am I next to this man."

No. 157992

File: 1604367391933.jpg (16.96 KB, 302x400, Robert Conrad.jpg)

Another classic cutie in the same vein.

No. 157994

File: 1604368139768.jpg (79.52 KB, 736x935, a1a96fcd9125ac16380465505e0967…)

Good for you anon! I'm jelly

No. 158005

Yeah funny how puberty can change people

No. 158012

File: 1604375942062.jpg (58.17 KB, 800x540, SS-01.jpg)

Adam Beach in Smoke Signals.

No. 158018

File: 1604378835153.jpg (671.3 KB, 1024x554, giancarlo giannini.jpg)

ey gabagool

No. 158019

File: 1604379128812.jpg (143.65 KB, 960x960, al pachinchin.jpg)

pasta fazool

No. 158023


No. 158025

KEK I'm fucking dying at this man's huge nose mashing into her eye socket hahaha

No. 158026

I've been pretty neutral about the Adam Driver sperging but omg he is blinding her

No. 158030

I was staring at that picture for so long like ‘is that the kid Mitch from Waiting?’

No. 158052

Spoiler anon wtf

No. 158053

Report it, it’s obviously a scrote

No. 158054

File: 1604393393997.jpeg (135.69 KB, 681x1024, 1B66E41E-4AD8-4718-B015-6F8FDB…)

God what a qt. I wanna sit on his face.

No. 158055

I usually don’t like redhead men but he’s really freaking cute

No. 158072

Ooh, I like him too! He's qt

No. 158167

No. 158375

File: 1604517800424.jpeg (118.48 KB, 765x765, 4B174445-6FD2-41A3-8AB8-04A23B…)

Young Hugh Grant could get it

No. 158612

File: 1604673715708.jpg (69.43 KB, 1102x593, EiC3G55XsAAu1gJ.jpg)

Even thought he was really scummy and disgusting in this movie I couldn't help being turned on. His character is very sensual in an agressively male way.

No. 158613

No. 158732

Hell yeah! I bought the book specifically to read these parts lmao

The efforts to make Pattinson look fat didn't really work though, took me out of the blow job scene

No. 158737

File: 1604745409081.jpg (58.13 KB, 564x840, c0013371bf8f784acd251ff086d47e…)

he really could huh

No. 158745

I would like to peg him

No. 159182

File: 1605017360245.jpg (384.05 KB, 900x1200, tumblr_op7jp4KHrM1wowforo1_128…)

I want a soft NA boy to cuddle with.

No. 159183

He sort of looks like if Ewan Mcgregor and Tom Holland had a lovechild.

No. 159194

File: 1605028311203.jpeg (34.58 KB, 550x413, 015F2531-14FF-43A3-B57B-D0A507…)

same pic

No. 159360

File: 1605117568137.jpg (50.81 KB, 500x532, tumblr_p01f0cFTu11w2xmreo1_500…)

I haven't liked his music since I was a preteen but god he's such a beautiful man. Pity about the scientology

No. 159364

>Pity about the scientology
you just broke my heart anon. he's beyond perfection looks-wise and i love his voice even tho i dont like the type of music he does

No. 159366

that goddamn wifeyI'd fuck her too tho

No. 159380

File: 1605122057051.jpg (61.08 KB, 820x820, c55d74e215c99c686b50299cde0329…)

He was extremely hot in these T-ara drama-esque MVs.

No. 159385

File: 1605123292850.jpg (41.77 KB, 960x720, ciso1.jpg)

Ah!!! Ji Chang Wook was the first Korean actor I really liked and who got me into kdramas lol. Healer was the first drama I ever watched. He has been in some great dramas the K2, Suspicious Partner and others.

No. 159521

Hot Doofy could wreck me and I wouldn't care, I have legit rewatched this scene over a 100 times now and I don't think I'll be stopping anytime soon

No. 159523

Are you familiar with that one anon that posts about wanting to fuck a sweet mildly retarded guy… I feel like she'd prefer regular old doofy to this version

No. 159524

File: 1605201443818.jpg (47.25 KB, 1280x720, hot_doffy.jpg)

WHAT NO, I just find this scene of young Dave Sheridan hot

No. 159547

File: 1605215275377.jpg (167.61 KB, 1200x1200, 1_Godfrey-Gao-photoshoot-Beiji…)

He was so handsome and had impeccable style. Can't believe he died so young.

No. 159550

File: 1605215773294.jpg (127.7 KB, 406x508, Lee-Fang-Portrait-1.jpg)

Lee Fang from the Leftcows thread

No. 159552

His death was such a shock. You'd never think a young guy like that would die that way. i wonder if he had some sort of underlying health issue. Very sad.

No. 159555

File: 1605218951139.gif (2.65 MB, 480x358, 34039780-A5BF-4F77-99EE-F38699…)

It took me awhile but I get it now.

No. 159557

welcome to the light side, we have donuts

No. 159578

You're not the only one. The only time I found him slightly attractive was in his role in one of the Harry Potter movies.

No. 159592

ye, that's the appeal, duh!

No. 159704

File: 1605304044902.png (1.46 MB, 800x1129, 4809327694363.png)

It makes me irrationally angry to know that men have the genetic capacity to look this perfect. They should all get on this level, it's the least they can do to balance out their shittiness

No. 159705

He's really handsome. Who is he?

No. 159710

File: 1605306574586.png (792.59 KB, 531x760, 8509437693863.png)

Takuya Kimura, very famous Japanese actor who used to be in a boy band. Sadly he hasn't aged well but he was so beautiful

No. 159711

I’m sure there are men out there who can look like this naturally but KimuTaku likely had some work done.

No. 160094

File: 1605556525169.jpeg (23.53 KB, 491x625, images (80).jpeg)

Hmm he be smokin tho

No. 160132

File: 1605575337005.jpg (247.69 KB, 1013x709, c451ad5ecd5866d4cccd4f55f5c395…)

Blondes are usually not my type but MGK drives me wild. Same with Lil Peep.

No. 160137

I didn’t know he was considered conventional, he looks like he drinks Mountain Dew and monster exclusively

No. 160190

File: 1605625906729.jpg (39.36 KB, 960x540, bene4.jpg)


No. 160191

File: 1605626078783.jpg (5.38 KB, 194x259, me.jpg)

like me?

No. 160220

File: 1605638161117.jpg (125.29 KB, 750x813, 12a6ea82669569a8d68e1b207f3f5c…)

i love kurtis so fucking much. attractive, funny, relaxed, genuinely respectful of women/anyone who isn't a white man. gotta say i love his look too, with the tats and piercings and i even love his stupid mullet he has right now.

he's basically perfect. men like him are so fucking rare.

No. 160221

Sometimes he looks a little ratty to me but for the most part I also think he's pretty attractive kek. Idc if he has a big shnoz, Big schnozes need love too.

No. 160224

i agree but i kinda like it. the careless approach to his hair is really cute to me, i get bored of all the guys with that typical "sweeped back and shaved sides" look

No. 160241

File: 1605647964357.jpg (92.16 KB, 995x1024, ohyeahhh.jpg)

Also along the lines of "internet man doing commentary" Eddie hits my midwest thicc boy target. They're both really cute and I would do unspeakable things with them.

No. 160381

File: 1605771186080.gif (596.71 KB, 480x318, giphy (1).gif)

He has such crazy eyes but I love it.

No. 160396

Oh yes, I love his role in Twin Peaks, although he'd probably annoy me irl kek

No. 160400

naryt I like eddie too, don't watch him anymore though cause I got bored of his vids. he is cute tho

No. 160484

File: 1605823371134.png (52.54 KB, 512x378, ghty_6575.png)

No. 160515

He looks like he has an iq of his US shoe size

No. 160523

Wrong thread, anon.

No. 160544

File: 1605872324217.jpg (194.5 KB, 1107x738, hatari_by_parri_thomas_for_the…)

Can I have uuuuhhhhhhhhh cute bdsm boyfriend

No. 160547

File: 1605876539657.png (87.59 KB, 148x317, huh.PNG)

Did he give his armpit a fucking undercut

No. 160550

Fucking spoiler this shit you degenerate

No. 160552

it's a mullet because he has a mullet too

No. 160564

File: 1605887225562.jpg (42.86 KB, 630x1200, MV5BNzk0MDQ5OTUxMV5BMl5BanBnXk…)

the fact that Robert Pattinson looks so handsome but lowkey insane is so attractive to me.
I either want a normal guy who's lowkey insane or whatever the fuck >>160544 has.

No. 160566

Those lines are fairly common

No. 160611

i hate their hair but otherwise sure

No. 160695

File: 1605994931289.jpg (21.34 KB, 600x455, tumblr_lyzdq7K1YX1qhm32eo1_640…)

young bruce campbell. currently in lockdown here and thinking of marathoning some of his shows/movies since I only know him from pics/gifs. he's dishy

No. 160730

Only young? He is a sexy as fuck now anon! Go watch all of his stuff. He is my all time biggest 'celeb' crush.

No. 160761

File: 1606053096856.gif (9.82 MB, 540x540, tumblr_6b85c77bbb92c55dc7507ed…)

this guy from the haunting series

No. 160775

File: 1606059216156.png (1.61 MB, 1024x1200, 35633CE7-3509-4A67-AAB6-F11439…)

He is so hot it’s killing my brain cells

No. 160784

He was so cute in the first Haunting series but now he seems to be typecast as a manipulative bad boyfriend instead, I would have never expected it.
In The Invisible Man (not a good film if you are triggered by women under threat of male violence) he talks so weirdly with his bottom teeth.

No. 160815

File: 1606074136120.jpg (398.08 KB, 1365x2048, MV5BOTY2MTg0OTEzOV5BMl5BanBnXk…)

well I can't deny he's an attractive man now, he looks fantastic for his age, I just wouldn't fuck him the age is he is now lol

I will check out some of his stuff! can you point me in the right direction? where is a good place to begin? I like the look of him in that western looking tv show, is it any good?

No. 160816

ohh yeah the youngest brother right? I started this show but only made it 2 episodes in. he is hot, I like his eyebags

No. 160823

I like it when masc men wear knit sweaters

No. 160831

I would unashamedly shag him now tbh. My love for him knows no bounds. Brisco County Jr is great! He is also in Xena, Maniac Cop is fun if you like weird B movie shit. He mostly does short bit parts but he's great. Check out the Old Spice adverts he did a few years back, they're on youtube. Enjoy!

No. 160832

I saw him at a con last year and dude is charismatic as fuck. He did a Q&A and the host was supposed to ask him prepared questions but he was just like "Nah," grabbed the mic and took questions from the audience by himself. Basically just made it into his own little on the spot stand up comedy show. One of the best con panels I've been to.

No. 160834

I am so jealous anon. I've never seen him irl but I've watched panels he has done and you're so right, he just has a natural charisma.

No. 160847

He was sooo cute as Luke Crain. Not so much as Peter Quint but I was amazed at how he was able to make himself look so different.

No. 161029

File: 1606231298261.jpg (168.59 KB, 700x994, shirt1_700x.jpg)

this model for the brand kiel james patrick whose pic an anon posted in the ideal guys thread that I shamelessly saved and then tineyed

I'm very horny and he's cute, whoever he may be….

No. 161119

File: 1606273547878.gif (4.82 MB, 540x304, c26ecdeeb0ddbde925db485f86ad41…)

idk if danny is an "attractive man" so much as a "cute boy" but i want to dom him so hard

No. 161147

File: 1606291634228.jpg (147.19 KB, 1080x1080, 7599c66220f1c1ad.jpg)

holy shit anon, I was just going to post him!

No. 161149

I like his nose but his eyes seem too close together. Also he looks perpetually 18.

No. 161217

good taste

tbh he looks like one of my first boyfriends so i'm weak. i'm also ok with him looking like a teenager lol

No. 161445

File: 1606546530843.jpg (47.92 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1606546210435.jpg)

I don't like tattoos and I'm not even that attracted to men, but I think this random model might be the most beautiful man I've ever seen. I love his curly hair, the harmony of his facial features and his long swan neck

No. 161483

File: 1606583746186.jpg (59.45 KB, 960x639, lolcow.jpg)

Mads Mikkelson. Especially in Polar and Hannibal. I feel like such a meme watching Hannibal like 'murder me and eat me yes please uwu'

No. 161495

I want to dominate him. idk why but he looks like he'd enjoy it.

No. 161498

doesn't fit in here he's not conventional at all

No. 161500

What just because he's older?
I thought he was conventionally attractive.. I'd been laughing at myself for being obsessed with him because of it, thinking wow my tastes have changed so much never thought I'd be this straight haha

No. 161501

In nearly all the movies he's in there's a bit where he gets tied up / beaten up and I swear it's because he's extra hot in those situations

No. 161502

that and looking like a wax figure of a reptilian

No. 161519

No, he looks creepy and plastic. He reminds me of those men who get tens of plastic surgeries done to look like ken, that kind of plastic and creepy.

No. 161528

Do you mind saying which movies you’re talking about? For science.

Also wow I didn’t know he was considered unconventional. But I guess because older white guys are rarely my type I just assumed he must be super objectively handsome for me to actually think he’s hot kek. He’s like the only man in that category I’m into.

No. 161559

File: 1606618630549.jpg (71.23 KB, 631x631, 5b24a1fa2e4c4b1e64bb2711c78c6d…)

I somehow only just discovered Jake Gyllenhaal as Seymour in Little Shop of Horrors and holy shit

No. 161574

File: 1606631764374.jpg (17.97 KB, 430x640, dv8omplmf7f51.jpg)

I would definitely bang him in a club bathroom.

No. 161578

Polar, The Salvation, Valhalla Rising, (Hannibal but it's not a movie). He gets beaten up in The Hunt but it's sad not sexy.

No. 161583

File: 1606635972294.jpg (25.37 KB, 360x450, robbstark.jpg)

I'm rewatching Game of Thrones and my god he's pure sex. Those curls HNNNGG

No. 161587

Good Girls made me hate him but absolutely agree

No. 161614


No. 161628

He's so fucking hot anon, watching him in Good Girls and Graceland did things for me. He's total my type.

No. 161651

lmao only called him a model because he's literally modelling clothes on some website. it's not like he's walking high fashion runways

No. 161663

File: 1606676143717.gif (3.45 MB, 416x480, 651432356.gif)

I don't watch Game of Thrones but this gay knight is hot.

No. 161688

I've only seen Good Girls, but this man sweats sex appeal. His voice is so smooth and he's so sure of himself. He plays the part so well. Mmmmmm

No. 161703

File: 1606702527763.jpg (42.49 KB, 940x600, stormy.jpg)

No. 161722

File: 1606737882399.jpeg (257.55 KB, 968x724, BA867DD5-82F3-41E8-98AA-C00C35…)

Ooh I think Jaime was by far the hottest of the main cast

No. 161723

File: 1606737972747.jpeg (36.94 KB, 230x360, A2D9F1A5-B8EC-40B8-A8A1-95A6A6…)

Similar look to above, here's the hottest character from Lost

No. 161724

File: 1606738941352.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1207x1468, E58BC902-DA18-4597-A18F-42EFDA…)

The resident Lost hottie was Sayid. Oof

No. 161725

No. 161726

I'm not sure this belongs here but I knew someone who was legit attracted to the fat guy from Loss, I'm still friends with her btw

No. 161727

File: 1606739260100.jpeg (142.12 KB, 1200x675, 6D6719AD-187E-41DB-B74D-DF4B60…)

Holy hell, nice find anon. He kind of reminds me of a young Ethan Hawke, who I love. Especially in this movie (snow falling on cedars)

No. 161728

Ohh yeah, I loved his voice especially. ♥

No. 161737

I found hurley attractive also, thank god I've grown out of that

No. 161743

File: 1606762529231.jpeg (126.41 KB, 739x722, 3E94E838-57A1-46F0-B9A6-7905DF…)

I wish he could sit on my face but he probably smells like death since he smokes

No. 161789

I watched this recently and find him particularly attractive in this, in some roles I find him too boyish and feel weird about it.

Also as somewhat of a tomboy I like this aesthetic.

No. 161792

File: 1606795755918.jpg (45.87 KB, 482x700, ugh.jpg)

Jason Sudeikis from SNL does it for me lol

No. 161866

I find him cute but you want him to sit on your face? would you want his smelly butt on your face? did you mean to say you wanna sit on his face

No. 162118

File: 1607102361694.jpg (137.14 KB, 700x1050, 83a32c47dc4f09852107bcf1bebf9d…)

No. 162119

Young Christian Bale can get it.

No. 162120

File: 1607102696306.jpg (159 KB, 1080x1350, f768f4b5b0f6c9cc9385bea084a229…)

Damn right anon

No. 162157

File: 1607128965268.png (222.2 KB, 680x709, B8577204-8195-456F-987A-166102…)

samefag but

No. 162160

File: 1607130510756.gif (1.7 MB, 268x360, 780c020753cd07c2115c237478ed11…)

So, I recently watched BBC's Pride and Prejudice and it spiraled me.

No. 162168

the lake scene they added for absolutely no reason whatsoever >>>>>

No. 162169

He was such a dreamboat. The BBC version is my favorite just because of him.

No. 162210

File: 1607193947497.jpg (57.15 KB, 640x640, ludwig.jpg)

I don't even use twitch but I simp

No. 162223

I watched the 2005 one the other day and ugly cried at the end when he keeps calling her Mrs Darcy. When will that be me!

No. 162225

File: 1607201828016.jpg (344.14 KB, 2048x2048, 20201206_035324.jpg)

I wish he dress like this often. Whatever

No. 162228

anon…your intellect, your taste….
lately he's been looking not great but back when he had blond hair? whew

No. 162238

is that chlamydia-kun? google says it's khaki pants but i call bs

No. 162303

true kek the pedo stache isn't his best look but he's still attractive imo
he's pretty funny too, and normal people funny not zoomer funny

No. 162324

File: 1607270289838.png (625.41 KB, 512x768, Magnus Vestergaard.png)

I was checking out new music to listen to and I only clicked on Dune Messiah because the man on the cover was so beautiful. The music didn't click with me though

No. 162329

File: 1607272246098.jpeg (26.76 KB, 435x705, images (6).jpeg)

Friend started watching Pushing Daisies and caught snippets of it. Lee Pace was absolutely adorable in it.

No. 162366

Ooo nice, he's also 6'5 apparently.

No. 162532

Who dat? He's too cute to be Chalamet!

No. 162613

File: 1607452790189.jpg (75.98 KB, 620x802, Tripp-Kilpatrick-Francisgum-04…)

I don't want to fuck him but he is very handsome.

No. 162708

File: 1607527182757.jpg (201.74 KB, 1168x1080, andre_3000.jpg)

Double thumbs up

No. 162713

Amazing taste, anon. Also this man is a master poet which is hella sexy

No. 162747

File: 1607561121173.jpg (433.66 KB, 1500x2250, dd8da8ac641b183475a04c38bd4c86…)

Yessss black men underrepresented ITT
>LaKeith Stanfield

No. 162755

File: 1607564290116.jpg (287.91 KB, 1552x1992, 23.jpg)

I'll hop on that train. Michael Jordan is so sexy.

No. 162767

File: 1607572701284.png (896.06 KB, 640x640, E71609CD-BF82-4409-B8E0-A2DC26…)

Am I the only person who thinks the fact that he has acne problems is kinda cute?

No. 162770

No. 162772

File: 1607575076733.png (1.18 MB, 960x1200, hot black athletes.png)

Ok racist anon

No. 162775

He’s the plainest boy ever I don’t get the appeal at all haha sorry it just makes him look like an average high school boy and he has no real attractive features or uniqueness.

No. 162776

he's so ugly and acne is disgusting
i thought only tween girls were into this guy

No. 162781

anons stop being mean. id put the colon parentheses sad emoji if i could

No. 162802

File: 1607595367158.jpg (251.52 KB, 1148x2048, 20201210_171608.jpg)

No. 162813

I don't know who he is but he looks like the average guy I went to school with in my teens. Not ugly, just average.

No. 162821

tom holland is ugly and bland and a forced meme get over it

No. 162827

I'm not the anon who posted him, nor someone who finds him attractive. I was just saying that in general.

No. 162847

File: 1607621745458.gif (1.5 MB, 268x300, tenor.gif)

nayrt but I went to school with some real uggo boys. if tom holland had been there he easily would've been in the top 1%

I don't think he's especially attractive but as far as guys his age go, he's pretty cute. or maybe it's just because I really like him as spidey

No. 162857

File: 1607624184546.jpg (58.53 KB, 639x640, e83d8739c7b804ca94d24c1d6a7d0c…)

No. 162861

I used to think Tom Holland was ugly until I watched a movie with him in it, now I understand his charm.

No. 162869

File: 1607633330539.jpg (79.09 KB, 722x1136, Alain_Delon_1962-300495958586.…)

I wonder why modern actors are significantly less attractive than those in the 60s. Probably because newer generation of men have less T

>According to actor Jean Claude Brialy, when Alain Delon arrived in Paris completely unknown he hypnotized everyone by his beauty when he entered bars and restaurants, wives, husbands, young girls, dogs, everybody in shock, in an interview before Brialy's death he said he had never seen such a phenomenon again.

>When Alain was discharged from the Navy and arrived in Paris according to the owner of a famous restaurant in Paris 5th arrondissement all the women in the whole district threw themselves at him. He started dating Brigitte Auber before he got into acting. At the time he did a variety of odd jobs, including waiter and porter, she was a famous actress in France and yet she was the one who was insecure.
>When he returned from the Navy and Indochina he befriended a leader of the Corsican mafia who introduced him to the head in Marseille, the later treated him as his son. French screenwriter Pascal Jardin said he was the only man who made him want to become a woman in order to know him better. The Italian director Visconti repeatedly stated Delon was his muse and "beauty itself" and reportedly he played the piano to put him to sleep when they were shooting Rocco and His Brothers. It seems all the people in the industry across Europe were stunned by his beauty, can see it from the words they used when they recall the first time they met him.

No. 162870

I see it but there are some modern actors that even men agree are handsome too, for example Zac Efron, Brad Pitt, Jude Law, Leo Dicaprio, Michael B Jordan, Chris Pine/Hemsworth/Evans, Cillian Murphy, Henry Cavill. I don't like Timothee Chalamet but maybe he can be included
OT, but I think that the previous generations were more in awe of attractive people than we are. I really doubt anyone can wake such reactions nowadays, maybe we are kind of desensitized from being so exposed to celebrities and the beauty industry

No. 162876

File: 1607639652505.jpg (445.8 KB, 685x583, 16007020369754.jpg)

>Brad Pitt, Jude Law, Leo Dicaprio
Leo was always ugly and girly in his youth imo (not to mention he's a closeted homosexual so of course some men like him)
>Chris Pine/Hemsworth/Evans
painfully mediocre
>Cillian Murphy
seems effeminate
Chalamet needs lighting and angle frauding to look somewhat bearable
I'm not saying they're ugly (except for Leo, Pine and Chalamet but that's my personal taste), but actors from the 60s and 50s were objectively more manly than all those guys. And someone like Delon (perfect combination of pretty boy and a chad) was also more beautiful. His face was so symmetrical it was very easy to film and photograph him because he looked just as good from every angle, when most actors look good only from certain angles. Henry Cavill is bland and takes testosterone, he has a tryhard physique that says he needs a personal trainer and anabolic steroids to mog you, Delon's natural physique says that he mogs 100% of the planet on a genetic level

No. 162881

what the FUCK this looks just like my ex. now i gotta watch this movie and get sad.

No. 162882

This is just your personal take. I don't find most of the actors I listed that handsome either but they're the "hearthrobs" of this generation and the majority of both men and women agree on that. You can find Delon or the actors of the '60s more handsome but that's just your opinion, the thing is that there are actors that attract people the same way as they did nowadays, in the end, beauty ideals tend to change with time

No. 162883

Low-T anon has been sperging about this for months

No. 162886

Yeah but men losing testosterone with every next generation is a fact, not my opinion. So obviously it will affect every industry, including acting. The industry has to force someone down your throat anyway, and younger generations of women have no one to compare modern actors to, since the men in their lives are also low T and they're usually not interested in classic cinema. So they're just attracted to what they see on tv. Those who are into classic cinema will lust over Delon (happens on tumblr for example) and I can assure you than if they had to choose between young Delon and Chris Pine/Hemsworth/Evans, Henry Cavill or whatever, they would choose young Delon.
I don't recall posting about it on lolcow, so it looks like I'm not the only one.

No. 162897

Timothee Chalamet is HIDEOUS.

No. 162898

File: 1607651714932.jpg (30.5 KB, 463x463, harrylloyd_vis_1.jpg)


No. 162904

thank god i'm not the only retard who wanted him to touch my boobs

No. 162907

File: 1607663410454.gif (2.84 MB, 500x300, 1594878142371.gif)

I am guilty

No. 162908

Please be under 18 anon, seriously he's a kid

No. 162917

Bjorn was 15 in that film and was paraded around as a sex object for grown men. He's even stated that it made him super uncomfortable.

No. 162918

I'm not sure who this actor(?) is, but that's so depressing. This is why every underaged person on a filmset should be heavily supervised, and should be allowed to back out, contract or no contract.

No. 162921

Björn Andrésen was a boy not a man yet in that movie. Don't be a creep.

No. 162922

File: 1607686869167.jpg (104.98 KB, 1080x1350, 51383611_2247361472143028_5167…)

Kirill sokolovski

No. 162923

Looks like jaron bloshinsky if he wasn't turned into a fat tranny

No. 162927

sage for off topic but, but Björn Andrésen face and likeness in Death in Venice ended up becoming the archetype for Bishonen males, it's rather fascinating to think about about his massive influence in anime and manga, but then my professor who was relaying this fact to us sorta ruined the moment by citing Death in Venice(A film where a grown man stalks an underaged boy) as an example of a queer film and trying to make us sympathize with the pedophile stalking Anderson throughout the film

No. 163097

File: 1607821131694.jpg (49.97 KB, 564x846, 3c4bb703853e6ca4f3e3ac98cf67e9…)

joe keery, though only with his steve harrington hair. half expecting to get called out for posting him in the conventional thread but to put him in unconventional with some of the weirdos in there wouldn't feel right

No. 163099

File: 1607821485060.jpg (61.23 KB, 640x797, Young Marlon Brando From the 1…)

hard agree on the hollywood actors thing. they were just so beautiful back in the day. they're just so bland these days.

No. 163100

File: 1607824041562.jpg (123.16 KB, 1024x759, rs_1024x759-200225142001-1024-…)

he looks like an incel without the steve harrington fit

No. 163101

File: 1607824238675.jpg (79.5 KB, 1080x1328, Asmodeus.jpg)

No. 163102

File: 1607824307759.png (1.32 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200220-141313.png)

No. 163105

File: 1607827604458.jpg (767.01 KB, 2860x2565, arnas.jpg)

Recently I've been obsessed with Arnas Fedaravicius. He was distractingly hot in the Last Kingdom, but he's really cute in normal clothes too.

>tfw young marlon brando will never NEVER eat you out

No. 163106

I love TLK, it is full of gorgeous men too

No. 163108

File: 1607831354917.png (273.58 KB, 780x484, Dark-Jonas-Martha.png)

Louis Hofmann

No. 163158

File: 1607879815458.png (783.47 KB, 720x736, Screenshot 2020-12-13 at 17.15…)

Sam Webb

No. 163159

I would marry him just for that last name alone, I want people to call me Mrs Weeb

No. 163265

File: 1607957508277.png (353.71 KB, 444x430, Capture.PNG)

Chris Broad from abroadinjapan on youtube
I think he's very hot and I find his humour very attractive too

No. 163266

I think he's hot too but don't think he belongs in this thread, really. Also, there was a bit in one of his videos where he acted quite stern, and it made me feel things.

No. 163268

I posted him as well a while ago in both the attractive and the non-attractive thread and neither of them would claim him lmao
What was the bit? My personal favourite is where he got in a bath with a friend of his, I watched it obsessively

No. 163269

Horny samefag, the fact that he used to be a teacher also does things to me. I wish he disciplined me

No. 163270

File: 1607959931959.jpeg (66.95 KB, 512x512, B9CCF666-A248-4318-95BC-7228DA…)

He is so, so, SO not my usual type…and yet, he’s so damn hot to me.

No. 163272

No. 163276

Chester Rushing. You can search by image btw

No. 163284

His face makes the think of oatmeal, I wish I could lick his cheeks.

No. 163286

I love men with a ridiculous amount of freckles, my ex bf was Irish and had them all over his face and body.. I thought it was so cute, like being kissed by the sun a million times

No. 163298

is it weird that I sorta wanna lick his face, like I'm super vanilla but I just wanna lick his face

No. 163372

File: 1608098732168.png (257.99 KB, 488x669, George_S1.png)

I've been watching Grand Army and I can't get over how hot this actor is.

No. 163390

I thought this was Milo Ventimiglia at first

No. 163458

Fuck me too. I found the video, it's the 'What No-one Tells You About Japan' one, about 8:45 in. Its just one line he says that hits me, mixed with the lighting and camera angle.

No. 163678

File: 1608376539053.jpg (75.39 KB, 839x916, f55zuZJ.jpg)

young Alex Jones…

No. 163681

File: 1608380002600.jpg (32.03 KB, 361x564, A-429598-1528943487-3204.jpeg.…)

You think he's always so mad because this is what he looks like now?

No. 163697

File: 1608393807578.png (311.55 KB, 450x450, 110-2.png)

Ooh my god anon, just googled Grand Admy and idk if it's the same white boy but he's so hot

No. 163704

Haha that's a different guy, but I agree. I don't find the actor as attractive when he's not in character though.

No. 163926

does anyone know what on earth happened to him? looks like he hit the wall in more ways than one in the next few years. was it the copious steroids?

No. 164122

Markiplier has always been attractive to me but his spastic over the fucking top screaming and personality really put me off but the other day youtube recommended this video where I guess he accidentally went live and didn't realise and he's literally just adjusting shit but him being so calm and normally makes him so attractive here and oh god it makes me want to fuck him.

No. 164124

That Easter island head is already a turn off tbh.

No. 164269

File: 1608756475483.jpg (82.13 KB, 1200x800, NickSadler-e1599055818522.jpg)

I already liked Nick Sadler but now I see this image and help anons my heart is beating all weird like and I can't breathe

No. 164282


dunno if you watched unnus annus but he acts normal in most vids. plus he's naked/shirtless often.

No. 164511

File: 1608902192375.jpg (66.8 KB, 1194x626, 15ddfc5084f6245f19212489c4e6f2…)

loved him in us

No. 164515

He was so husbando material in that movie

No. 164516

File: 1608903335203.jpg (30.47 KB, 450x684, fkfdslfjdf.jpg)

TFW no cute black boyfriend with dreads

and no tacky soundcloud face tats, either, why are they still a thing

No. 164521

dude looks fat

No. 164889

File: 1609206429242.jpg (56.87 KB, 524x810, -6ztFhW5FrRn_sDL9IpNuweE_BOQ63…)

i love 80s hunks

No. 164908

File: 1609217632086.jpeg (127.36 KB, 1080x1027, EqYAY5LXAAE4O1m.jpeg)

just saw this pic on twitter and honestly he is cute

No. 164977

File: 1609268451784.jpeg (42.1 KB, 405x512, 7BECA5AD-AE29-41D0-ACB2-77EBD2…)

God I just really like guys with short bangs. They’re so hard to find irl though..

No. 164979

File: 1609268811196.jpeg (85.54 KB, 1280x720, misfits-nathan-young-robert-sh…)

I love misfits

No. 164982

haha aww he's still adorable.

No. 164984

File: 1609271293894.jpg (96.56 KB, 564x811, c428511e9f70f06519c57e46b392d2…)

I'm so attracted to men who are conventionally masculine, but on the short/petite side. Currently rewatching Breaking Bad and I'm so hot for Jesse. His face kinda bloated up in recent years unfortunately. Charlie Day is another good one.

No. 164985

I hate Ross lynch for making me attracted to blonde men named after Texas cities

No. 165074

I have such a weakness for guys with bright, wide smiles and those little half dimples. It's the best

No. 165088

Me too, anon, me too. I love manly manlets (meaning shorter men who are comfortable in their masculinity, not chauvinistic dudes with a Napoleon complex).

No. 165201

File: 1609442081616.jpg (173.2 KB, 736x1100, de800f68e21aff35632eebb77f7cd0…)

My man's kinda short but idc, been crushing on him since twilight

No. 165205

File: 1609443540949.jpeg (704.95 KB, 1502x828, 6940EA8F-CB16-457A-A561-A4330E…)

him and his gf are so cute

No. 165207

I wish I knew who kennie is, sorry kek

No. 165208

File: 1609444445809.jpeg (60.69 KB, 540x720, D773B2B4-EDD9-420A-AFBF-56D7E2…)

>Charlie Day is another good one.
You’re god damn right

No. 165449

File: 1609625087475.jpg (1.12 MB, 2000x3000, IMG_2129-1.jpg)

I love his voice even if it doesn't match his face at all

No. 165510

Cute. What's his name and how short is he?

No. 165783

File: 1609911282249.jpg (60.55 KB, 870x524, kevin-parker-870x524.jpg)

I have a thing for Jesus looking guys lately

No. 165784

Good taste anon. Kevin Parker can get it any day of the week.

No. 165894

File: 1610017570397.png (1.04 MB, 1600x1600, ross-scaled.png)

does this make me a hybistrofag

No. 165898


he's hot but his thottery and narcissism disgust me.

No. 165900

File: 1610023566706.gif (998.89 KB, 500x270, tumblr_ma1v9oyUhn1qlxnhco2_r1_…)

Jude Law, especially in Closer

No. 165904

He's always fuckable to me

No. 165936

File: 1610052976059.jpg (182.22 KB, 1080x720, andre-3000-facts.jpg)

No. 165937

Be real, him or Sunny Bridges

No. 165952

Nta but obviously both!

No. 166059

same anon, same, and I'm not even into blondes normally.

No. 166083

File: 1610154995277.gif (7.4 MB, 540x400, hoooooly.gif)

No. 166084

my bf looks just like this. curly haired mediterraneans are so cuute

No. 166086

At first I thought he was that guy who played the main role in 365 days kek

No. 166089

Come on, this one is MUCH hotter.
Also I can't look at 365 days dude after all of these rape-y scenes. Not his fault, but still

No. 166381

this isn't conventional.

No. 166382

No. 166408

File: 1610317869876.jpeg (41.12 KB, 354x450, 92E168AB-BE72-426F-AF4E-86BAEB…)

i want to run my hands through his hair and snog his face off

No. 166413

He's been hot for forever at every (legal) age, he's like a fucking incubus. Motherfucker scares me sometimes.

No. 166417

File: 1610319553324.gif (9.48 MB, 540x430, mando.gif)

pedro pascal, but mainly because I'm attracted to his character on the mandalorian. couldn't help but laugh that he has he/him in his twitter name

he was so cute as nathan

oooh, beautiful eyes

No. 166418

I love him. I don’t give a shit about Star Wars but I’m considering watching The Mandalorian just for him. I hear he’s gay though.

No. 166422

I've seen a couple of the star wars movies and they're just okay in my eyes. I watched all of the mandalorian though and you really don't need to be a star wars fan to enjoy it. oh pedro's gay? tbh Idk anything about him other than his GoT role and now mandalorian

No. 166424

sorry I'm retarded but who is this?

No. 166426

christoph waltz

No. 166451

Thank you. that pic is super gorgeous.

No. 166497

File: 1610383185359.jpg (44.13 KB, 630x483, b7297d868629cbb02a44a9e21f1b92…)

especially when his character stormed the office, oof.

No. 166501

wrong thread anon

No. 166717

It's hotter when he wears the helmet for some reason

No. 166741

File: 1610509318523.jpeg (89.58 KB, 520x780, 79FB939C-929B-4FA7-970C-5455D0…)

I stg, I would let Jared Padalecki hate fuck me. He is so cute and hot at the same time, both in his younger years and now.

No. 166742

File: 1610509424739.gif (65.67 KB, 500x273, 5C4AF7A9-7105-4C21-A9BE-8BFB5C…)

Help me anons. I’m having a heart attack

No. 166764

File: 1610514320051.gif (987.18 KB, 500x280, 1441820797.gif)

He aged badly imo rip his hairline, but I will never forget his shirtless scenes back in the day.

No. 166768

File: 1610515960809.jpeg (60.66 KB, 700x701, 8BF2AFDF-B660-4A20-80E3-978816…)

been watching a lot of SNL and I cannot believe how much I wanna fuck bill hader.

No. 166770

anon wrong thread

No. 166774

Same. Holy fuck

No. 166952

File: 1610623508418.jpeg (68.24 KB, 432x600, 6941EEB8-49B5-4950-970F-474497…)

He drives me wild because facially he’s pretty and a manlet but his voice and aura are masculine as hell. His sex appeal is crazy in interviews though you wouldn’t know it by just looking at him.

No. 166962

File: 1610629006318.jpg (104.18 KB, 1338x797, Screenshot-from-2019-05-03-12-…)

Viggo is objectively attractive but he only turns me on as Aragorn. When I was 5 years old my mom hung a big Return of the King poster on the door of my room and I had to stare at his face every time I tried to sleep. I was so scared of him and I hated that poster. A few years later I watched the trilogy for the first time and I was like "Oh". Probably my first male crush.

No. 166974

File: 1610637210889.gif (2.93 MB, 500x370, tumblr_1c6030b4ac96c5bf2ae500b…)

Ooh Anon same, I've had the biggest crush on him/Mando as well. However I do think Pedro looks his cutest during this one garbage netflix movie called Triple Frontier tho.

No. 166986

File: 1610640205785.jpg (184.96 KB, 510x383, ytumamatambien.jpg)

I really liked him in y tu mama tambien. I'm not into BL at all but I loved watching the relationship between him and Diego Luna's character culminate in the final scene with Maribel Verdu, it was so romantic and sexy

No. 167126

File: 1610715908626.jpg (861.77 KB, 2539x3791, 77050b5d400a8516cd612935395ee0…)

I'm not a furry but Rum Tum Tugger can hit it

No. 167148

Fucking me too. He was my first crush ever. I used to fantasize about being Arwen. She’s perfect too lol.

>im not a furry but… im a furry
Get it girl

No. 167164

the aura of this post…

No. 167386

File: 1610830096633.jpg (23.65 KB, 500x283, 69601_337109359737036_36496426…)

There are like 3 photos of his face on the entire Internet, but I think he looks cute (or at least looked cute in like 2012, the photos are so old) and I love his music so much!

No. 167446

File: 1610854621909.gif (2.25 MB, 268x340, tumblr_bf03b038bce0ad27aa23967…)

Kpop related; but Shownu from a group called Monsta X. He's not small like most idols are and the way the man moves..gets you thinking about other moves.

No. 167448

Of course he knows how to move he's long been rumored to escort for rich married women

No. 167480

Hot. Not a fan of kpop babyfaces, but his body is perfect.

No. 167712

File: 1610980868592.jpeg (175.02 KB, 900x1200, 8012EDB5-0A68-4E34-B66E-85A107…)

i wasn’t sure which thread to put him in bc idk if i have good tastes or not but i find him so cute

No. 167938

File: 1611079158030.jpg (116.1 KB, 812x810, billkaulitz_20210119_114751_0.…)

I regret NOTHING

No. 167941

I thought that was Chester Bennington for a hot minute

No. 168009

File: 1611110425502.jpeg (49.87 KB, 1200x675, 4F6081C8-AAF7-4592-A090-2FE5AD…)

I’m so stupid hot for Jared Padalecki. Like viscerally so.

No. 168078

File: 1611179418806.gif (669.53 KB, 245x138, 20201108_201028.gif)

I am legit in love with Oliver Jackson Cohen. I'm awful. He's big and hairy and gorgeous and I want to hit it like the fist of god.

No. 168081

File: 1611180062951.gif (935.73 KB, 230x276, love .gif)

Devon, holy shit. i would do anything for him, my god

No. 168082

omg my emo boy wet dream

No. 168083

File: 1611180581142.gif (982.15 KB, 230x276, hhh.gif)

Have u seen him now, his face is kinda chubby and he has curly hair, super cute. weird bc i only like super skinny guys but when he was super skinny for okja i hated how he looked, it doesn't suit him

No. 168084

anon that gif… jesus christ… but omg i looked at his more recent pics and he is still so cute aa

No. 168085

Looks like bjork lmfao

No. 168092

This counts as childhood crush for me. I still would, feel like he designated my taste anyway

No. 168142

File: 1611226505444.jpg (85.25 KB, 976x549, p00q6ndy.jpg)

Ideal man

No. 168144

No. 168152

Agreed, I’m usually not into blondes but I want to tear him apart.

No. 168157

File: 1611236276532.png (672.39 KB, 828x612, kV4enhN.png)

The Chainsmokers dude, I think he is hot af

No. 168210

He looks like blonde Brett Anderson, such a cutie

No. 168256

ia, the whole mandalorian armor is very sexy imo

No. 168537

File: 1611445319637.gif (1.22 MB, 480x270, ff9422d8820153c92b81d0f1a56d37…)

Why is he so adorable

No. 168541

oh god young jared and jensen. my sexual awakening

No. 168542

Jensen is still my #1 celeb I'd wanna fuck honestly

No. 168553

File: 1611462461203.jpg (723.1 KB, 2400x1600, 9ca106e4894ae453b8d3eca384ef3b…)

Richard Hendricks from Silicon Valley

No. 168555

he reminds me of shane dawson

No. 168558

Is that a fucking mullet

No. 168560

File: 1611467223962.jpg (75.9 KB, 682x1024, Hot-Jude-Law-Pictures.jpg)

No. 168579

Sure is

No. 168590

File: 1611491150832.png (387.71 KB, 609x400, 11.png)

Jon Hamm. Either when he's a young jock or grown up daddy age.
God I just have embarrassing fantasies of him being a dom towards me. Im not even a sub usually but goddamn for this man, anything.

No. 168593

File: 1611491653622.jpg (307.52 KB, 2042x1361, domwest.jpg)

Dominic West from The Wire

No. 168603

File: 1611496915038.jpg (50.72 KB, 615x615, e9db85655bcd145762a48b508daae9…)

Anton chekhov
But it's too late

No. 168605

Good choice.

No. 168618

cavemen uggos

No. 168621

>tfw this is 90% of the thread

No. 168625

pic on the left is perfect omg omg omg

No. 168648

why cavemen

No. 168686

File: 1611525838170.jpg (11.29 KB, 259x329, David,_vampire.jpg)

Here is another mullet man t. mullet aficionado

No. 168689

Get Queefer out of here

No. 168842

Lucky for you he will fuck anything with tits and a pulse

No. 169007

File: 1611660607588.jpg (185.28 KB, 1200x1200, 0_GettyImages-1227791509.jpg)

English football player, Harry Winks

No. 169009

No he doesn't

No. 169012

File: 1611663905348.gif (1.08 MB, 480x276, harry-winks.gif)

Or does he?

No. 169037

File: 1611674929885.jpg (85.83 KB, 842x947, my prime minister.jpg)

former (as of today) Italian prime Minister Giuseppe Conte </3

No. 169038

Idky but he looks gay

No. 169052


No. 169055

>Griezmann in Tottenham
Anon pls >>169007

No. 169056

I mean they could be twins.

No. 169063

Now that you mention it, I can see the resemblance. Only with short hair though

No. 169072

This is not average middle-aged white male thread.

No. 169080

John Hamm? More like hot damn. ntayrt and don't have big tits. I do have a pulse though, give me some of that hamm

No. 169296

File: 1611822171278.jpg (25.4 KB, 615x409, vvd.jpg)

Ok football anons bring your best nominees. I have a huge thing for Virgil Van Dijk, saged because I'm not sure he's conventionally attractive? He's tall and muscular but something about his face has a hint of caveman I guess, not necessarily in this photo. He's super physically affectionate with his teammates which I love.

No. 169336

File: 1611860535786.jpg (599.74 KB, 1280x1729, tumblr_pk5irrsseb1rjev45o1_128…)

For me it's Sergio Ramos before he grew that ugly beard. He's gorgeous

No. 169352

File: 1611865740633.jpg (33.9 KB, 360x450, Hasan-Piker-Bio-Starsgab.jpg)

tfw no buff leftist bf

No. 169353

omg anon I'm so happy I saw this pic on the front page and to see it led here. He's so cute

No. 169354

Is he a "sex worker"?

No. 169356

I know right?! I've been binge watching his channel and clips from his streams a lot lately. I know he likes to say he's stupid but he really knows how to put the thoughts I have more eloquently than I ever could.

Nah. He's a Twitch streamer/Youtuber and former host for The Young Turks.

No. 169397

No but he used to date a porn star. He's one of those really sex positive coomers woke guys

No. 169398

oh god hasan is soo fine. seeing him call someone a fucking idiot and bans them in chat is pretty fucking hot
No, his ex was a pornstar tho. Kinda sick of his coomer takes tho it gets kinda old.

No. 169404

So Hasan basically got cucked for however long he dated the pornstar gf and then I'm guessing probably said he was ~totally cool~ with her getting railed on camera by other men. He also capes for trannies, notably when he tried to prove that Pokimane wasn't a nasty evil TERF.
I used to find him really hot (visually) but after the Pokimane thing I find him kind of disgusting. Especially now knowing that he supports the porn industry while also being proclaiming to be super ~woke~. And to think people take his word and value his opinion as a political commentator when he's a pornsick cooming brocialist who claims to be close to a commie yet supports the sex industry which is absolutely anti-Marx. Not even looks can save this man.

No. 169428

File: 1611907062795.jpg (591.17 KB, 2560x1710, SleepyHollow_IWitness-30_0042_…)

Ichabod Crane is fucking hot and sexy. Watching Sleepy Hollow makes me horny

No. 169429

File: 1611907320782.gif (931.52 KB, 245x285, tumblr_ndrxfrwqPr1tqxkrdo3_250…)

No. 169463

File: 1611933912966.jpg (179.19 KB, 1080x856, Screenshot_20210129_162442.jpg)

I tried watching his interview with his pornstar ex, could only get through the first 20 mind because they're both insufferable (literally he starts by dismissing anyone with concerns about pornhub as a "white feminist who hates sex") but one thing that stuck with me is that at one point Janice explains that as a porn star she sometimes consents to things she doesn't want to do, and he just nods and accepts it. I honestly can't look at him the same way after that, like how on earth can you just be okay knowing that your girlfriend is not only having sex with other men but having sex she actively doesn't want, for money? Idk it's incomprehensible to me

No. 169558

the only thing we can all agree he'ss a himbo (I don't listen to twitch streamers and most podcasters so dont know about him much)
cucked comment makes you sound like a scrote

No. 169560

this vid is older than Janice subtweet(s) and comments about him on their dating.

I know she has been vocal for a few years critiquing professional porn / studios (she barely shoot for companies pre covid too, only with other performers or her own stuff)

I have been off twitter for a while so I'm out of the loop, last industry backlash was that Porn Fidelity accusations

I'm sure she is still with PH (most likely with a special contract too) and has her reasonings (can't use the unprivileged or need to work and angle…) cope

No. 169561

Were the subtweets/comments about him anything interesting?

No. 169650

I'm not, anon, I was subbed to him bc he seemed refreshing and was hot but he's not just a himbo, he's a faux intellectual brocialist that supports the sex industry. No bueno. I also think watching your partner fuck someone else on camera is traumatizing to the average person and that you'd probably have to have a fetish for that in order to be okay with it.
And he has no comment on this? Not surprising but still gross.

No. 169791

File: 1612179317646.jpg (85.06 KB, 749x677, CuXjiI-VIAADHG5.jpg)

this kinda sorta shameful cause of who he is, but Ahmed Khomeni the great grandson of the infamous Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, he's really good looking and one of my exact types

No. 169793

File: 1612179664628.jpg (40.85 KB, 477x560, DeAW7tJV0AAClsK.jpg)

here's him as a cleric(one of the youngest clerics of all time)

No. 169819

Aw fuck we're at the 'hot dictator' point of the thread now

No. 169823

actually he's a member of the liberal party with in Iran, Ironically most of Khomeini's grandchildren and great grandchildren are all fairly anti-regime and secularists

No. 169824

I find men from Iran, Turkey and the Caucasus so cute when they're young, unfortunately they're hairy and most of them age like milk

No. 169827

File: 1612204434603.jpg (125.28 KB, 666x960, 5n8cr3e8zws51.jpg)

Somebody said hot dictator?

No. 169846

he looks like an incel Robert Pattinson

No. 169872

File: 1612230471343.jpg (24.49 KB, 546x534, 838_ahmad-khomeini.jpg)

don't care still cute

No. 169894

File: 1612251308085.png (318.27 KB, 591x524, Screenshot_2021-02-01-22-27-26…)


No. 169896

and he is literally a walking std museum, kinda sad that hasan proclaims to be feminist yet sees women as objects ( literally he doesn't know the number of women that he slept with) and thinks there's nothing wrong with the sex industry (casually wears the pornhub hoodie even tho pornhub had cp,real videos of rape,abuse ect.)

No. 169898

Wait you mean people really take this dumbass seriously? He's a fucking rich boy LARPING as a leftist when he's a neolib dumbass at best. He is fucking hot, period. But he's an epitome of a HIMBO.

No. 169901

How dare you insult Himbos like that, Hasan is many things, a faux leftist, sex positive male feminist, a wannabe intellectual, but he's not a Himbo

No. 169902

A himbo would not know how to larp as a leftist, half the appeal is them being too dumb for a political affiliation

No. 170095

File: 1612375699025.jpg (66.14 KB, 459x714, c0gow4t8cfn11.jpg)

I was looking for character designs for another thread and during the process I realized what a fine man Kazuma Kaneko is

No. 170294

File: 1612452147832.jpg (62.97 KB, 500x365, mgmt3.jpg)

Both are beautiful boys but Ben is more my type

No. 170295

File: 1612452200805.jpg (370.18 KB, 940x930, Mgmt_Ben_Goldwasser_Electronic…)

so cute

No. 170365

File: 1612485631179.gif (1.6 MB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

Henry Golding. First noticed him watching the movie The Gentlemen and I still think it was his hottest character

No. 170366

Semi-related but this movie was absolutely bonkers. I watched it recently with my mother and we were so lost for a good majority of it kek.

No. 170369

No. 170395

Also tried watching it with my mom but we stopped after the first kitchen scene because it seemed too much of a sausagefest

No. 170454

File: 1612537512984.jpg (83 KB, 1400x932, 5RIA2YULKBBYBL4OVYWK6K7ICM[1].…)

Gone far too soon. I never got to hear him live :(

No. 170486

Who dis? I was scrolling fast and I thought this was Braco

No. 170490

same kek

No. 170492

google reverse image search says dmitri hvorostovsky

No. 170520

why are half the men in this thread so old

No. 170573

we all have daddy issues

No. 170602

File: 1612616660597.jpeg (161.79 KB, 1280x720, 42BBAE68-D083-4A3E-A4D0-3DCFFA…)

idk if this belongs here or in the other thread but alan tudyk makes my loins tighten. especially now that he's nearly 50

No. 170603

Because I'm old, at least by LC standards.

No. 170625

File: 1612631718587.png (2.11 MB, 1343x1308, 35CAAD38-AFAF-447E-848D-465682…)

So I’ve recently taken a linking to bad bunny

No. 170645

File: 1612641986457.jpg (90.83 KB, 1280x720, cristian_campbell.JPG)

this episodic character/actor from supernatural was so fucking hot

No. 170679

File: 1612656951996.jpg (475 KB, 3000x1981, rexfeatures_9242120ac.jpg)

this is cute, I just watched firefly for the first time, never knew who he was until then. I'm more into Nathan Fillion myself, who is also still hot at nearly 50. what a great head of hair

No. 170684

File: 1612658340834.gif (7.83 MB, 540x324, cillian.gif)

No. 170726

Tommy Shelby is a shit character but I literally play that show muted just to see all that delicious period-drama eye candy, mmm yes. Something about that 1920's gangster look in a cloud of smoke just does it for me, I hate it. Why Cillian.

No. 170759

File: 1612710325842.jpg (10.64 KB, 236x318, jon stewart].jpg)

fuck was he hot when he was younger

No. 170901

No. 170909

File: 1612805494135.gif (834.53 KB, 380x307, A7C05002-60F1-4F84-8B1D-04A902…)

Sorry about your shit taste nonny. Maybe one day u will understand my thirst

No. 170914

File: 1612806366069.jpeg (176.48 KB, 1200x1200, 59C7DCBA-991F-4234-8560-C8FA66…)

My taste may be trashy, but… Roman Reigns.

No. 170931

go back to ugly men thread

No. 170982

File: 1612846618323.jpg (75.8 KB, 700x700, 7eb1d5ffd73eb5895aa14484c017fb…)

love his new aesthetic

No. 170984

Andrew is the most beautiful thing to exist

No. 170992

File: 1612855531591.png (539.23 KB, 347x751, 431280483027423654905.png)

Dude is genuinely sexy! I think the trashiness is just from the WWE getup. He's the Rock's cousin after all, handsome family.

No. 171037

I don't watch WWE but this made me look him up. Christ, what a gorgeous guy

No. 171063

File: 1612902106546.jpg (174.47 KB, 779x592, andy.jpg)

God yes. Andrew is the man of my dreams

No. 171099

File: 1612918966642.jpg (294.37 KB, 1200x1500, 21ad5cb6d4861dc38f250317418faf…)

No. 171130

He should come live here, parliament storming happens often enough to keep him amused, and also I would fuck him to keep him busy in between.

No. 171459

i actually crush on edward norton

No. 171465

File: 1613152255666.jpg (64.85 KB, 667x1000, impromptu-6.jpg)

hugh grant as chopin drove me absolutely insane. i have never been more attracted to a character in my life. was chopin really like this IRL? i want to hold him and protect him ;_;
i 100% self-inserted as george sand in the film.

No. 171467

File: 1613156431626.png (387.9 KB, 582x552, Schermafbeelding 2021-01-20 om…)

Dax Riggs was so cute when he was younger jfc

No. 171473

What happened to this thread? Did a bunch of ESL anons get it mixed up with the Unattractive Men You'd Fuck thread?
See >>137333
> Post conventionally attractive males you want to have sex with and have no shame admitting.
…zero shame at all? I'm hoping that you have the wrong thread because if not then…

No. 171488

Just a bunch of sad anons with zero standards, unfortunately.

No. 171495

What's wrong with Cillian Murphy?

No. 171570

He's legit hideous jfc

No. 171730

File: 1613387563697.jpg (255.3 KB, 1382x2048, Et4oOvUVcAM3mgj.jpg)

seems like a fuckboy but hot nonetheless

No. 171740

eww, look at that 1000 cooms stare

No. 171940

File: 1613549553258.jpg (709.32 KB, 1766x1179, dacre.jpg)

I used to think he was plain out of costume, but I've really come around on him. He seems like a really sweet, earnest person, and I think he has beautiful eyes.

No. 171941

File: 1613549679426.jpg (24.29 KB, 340x500, 53d4818beb299e945e77ef13ede4b7…)

I randomly came to the sudden realisation last night that Chris Tucker was pretty damn cute when he was younger. He's got the most handsome smile ever. I'm thinking of rewatching the Rush Hour movies just for him lol

No. 171950

File: 1613557471850.jpg (87.77 KB, 1280x536, The.Dressmaker.2015.720p.BRRip…)

The superior Hemsworth tbh

No. 172059

I LOVE remembering this video once every 3 months and just watching it over and over, thinking of who is the cutest. AG Cook is deff in my top3.

No. 172075

File: 1613605097408.gif (996.08 KB, 500x375, holygodmyheart.gif)

4 months late but YES. He's one of my two favorite actors! He's so animated and expressive, and reading about how he'd research and prepare for a role is fascinating. I.e. for Seven Samurai, he studied lions to get that same swagger in his character's gait. What a cool fucking guy.

No. 172081

File: 1613606443851.jpg (149.5 KB, 979x615, husbando.jpg)

richard armitage as francis dolarhyde has occupied my mind for the past week. theres something so bizarrely delicious about him as that character, and he's so tall…gosh.

glad someone else said him, he was so gorgeous in hill house. that whole family was hot as fuck for no reason, even the young mom and dad! they could all have a turn, god damn. reflecting on my tastes maybe i just like tall, mentally unwell characters…i gotta get some standards kek

No. 172099