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File: 1588635126602.gif (1.91 MB, 494x616, xUv7qMD.gif)

No. 138339

Previous thread >>121350

Post men who are unconventionally attractive, gross, unattractive, average, ugly,creepy/weird, or shameful for their reputation.

Starting off with Richard Sammel, cause something about him playing a nazi is just chef's kiss

No. 138356

File: 1588645759241.jpg (85.46 KB, 414x392, hw414_AS20200225004430_comm.jp…)

Roland, he's the number one host in Japan. Everything about him looks gross and he's botched af but I can't help thinking he's cute

No. 138358

This person looks like a mummy made of peanut butter.

No. 138362

File: 1588650059088.jpeg (28.94 KB, 1200x900, C3BFF38B-1F14-420A-B213-F7DC68…)

Mr clean barbie

No. 138371

File: 1588658699613.jpg (188.19 KB, 1333x2000, MV5BOTdkMTAxOGEtM2YxNC00MzkzLW…)

I'm not ashamed I just don't understand my attraction to him…

No. 138385

Jesus fuck please don't. That he hangs out with Gackt makes him even worse looking imo.

Also google for the pics of him when he was in highschool. You will be SHOCKED. No wonder in all his pics he looks like hes wearing 20 pounds of makeup (and surgeries ofc)

No. 138397

I literally thought this was a blonde girl. Disgusting.

No. 138422

>unconventionally attractive, gross, unattractive, average, ugly,creepy/weird, or shameful for their reputation.
literally none of these, wrong thread

No. 138424

ehh, wouldn't really say so, the anons in the "attractive men" thread can be kinda picky, so this is a middle-ground thread for that imo.

No. 138428

It's not even summer yet…

No. 138518

File: 1588790123199.jpg (70.65 KB, 1200x964, ashes to ashes.jpg)

if this fucker from 90 say fiance were to just close his crazy eyes and shut his mouth i'd let him hit it ngl. i'm attracted to his feminine metrosexual energy

No. 138526

File: 1588801047137.jpg (384.94 KB, 2000x2400, 9710486.jpg)

I've been watching the Waco series on Netflix and it's giving me feelings I was absolutely not expecting

No. 138529

You have got to be kidding! His accent is so bizarre sounding and his stupid hairstyle only highlights the fact he’s balding. He’s a total ass personality wise too.

No. 138532

File: 1588808064337.jpg (75.44 KB, 1024x759, rs_1024x759-170613154327-1024-…)

he's probably been posted before but idk what it is about paul dano, i find him oddly sexay

No. 138535

i also think he's a total ass personality-wise (a womanizing and gaslighting ass at that lol) but imo his Mauritian accent is kinda endearing. i can see where those rumors of him being a male escort come from. he could be a
cute himbo if he wasn't a psychopath with graves disease

No. 138538

How do they rank that? Also I've seen hosts in various pics and youtube videos and some of them just look…average or even busted. Is it their personalities? Customer interaction seems to be a large part of the job I guess.

No. 138541

Same, anon. I'd gladly cuck my husband to bear his child

No. 138547

I watched that movie recently

No. 138580

I have no idea of how the ranks work but I know for sure this guy is number one, he's insanely popular rn.
I don't even think it's the looks or personality, hosts just know how sweet talk lonely women

No. 138581

File: 1588856433137.jpg (75.43 KB, 826x826, IMG_20200504_222809.jpg)

This Noah Centineo

No. 138586

(nta) I don't understand why they're all so fucking ugly though. How scarce are handsome men and good plastic surgery in japan?

No. 138589

He was so cute in Okja… I watched that scene when he pulls the glass out on repeat the first time I saw it.

No. 138599

File: 1588881321084.jpg (44.02 KB, 470x300, IMG_4173.JPG)

IRL koresh was kinda cute, they did a good job on casting and costume

No. 138601

File: 1588882670497.jpg (58.61 KB, 800x715, 073ffdc70e174f6e5d8ca5f3c16a58…)

Brian Sella

No. 138663

File: 1588953738249.webm (4.39 MB, 322x240, Macho_advice.webm)

Max Headroom.

No. 138684

I might be wrong about this but I think the average woman doesn't go to host bars, just hostesses and other desperate lonely women
They just want someone to talk to so there's they're not that focused on beauty, my guess

No. 138685

File: 1588984504754.jpg (78.9 KB, 980x653, 6ix9ine-GOOBA.jpg)

A dark secret I will only share here. I hate my brain.

No. 138686

i hate women

No. 138688

I can see it honestly, he's an attractive guy without all of the extra shit he wears.

No. 138703

File: 1589004784411.jpeg (80.42 KB, 534x712, 87326E8C-C886-4C53-BAFC-AB66C1…)

I'm sorry anons

No. 138732

File: 1589056381047.jpeg (101.16 KB, 700x467, C9257946-09FF-44BC-ADAB-0A0454…)

If I completely ignore what he is like as a person (the sex stuff w/ a minor, idc about drugs and gangbanging really tbh), I find the whole “obnoxious rainbow thug” persona pretty funny/cool/endearing ngl.

No. 138736

I like him in the vid for 4769, none of the rainbow stuff going on in it

No. 138738

yeah i get it. i like how unconventional and himself he is, that's very attractive to me, especially in his scene where that behaviour is seen as faggy he's pretty well-known and most people who listen to that sorta music have at some point bumped 6ix9ine. he's his own man, he's a dead man walking though, i kinda hope he doesnt die

No. 138742

You know what? Kudos for picking the ugly one, anon.

No. 138744

this is the proof that most people here are fucking whities(15 year old spamchan)

No. 138745

File: 1589068421511.gif (4.83 MB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

I found him cute in fefe im sorry

No. 138757

File: 1589092664181.jpg (107.73 KB, 600x600, 600x600.jpg)

Little Jimmy Urine

No. 138765

File: 1589103738168.gif (987.62 KB, 480x270, 7924031E-BC47-4557-9D5E-B2C634…)

Girl me too

No. 138781

I don't know if it's because I'm sleep deprived but these two posts are funny as fuck to me right now.

No. 138801

File: 1589150335077.jpg (526.11 KB, 1536x2048, 7790058bcb71f82a8a34418f2cc3ad…)

Guy who considers himself an incel.

No. 138804

File: 1589153746131.png (141.39 KB, 340x335, D98204E2-9510-4ACF-B750-0E5D30…)

I hate myself

No. 138814

extremely attractive to me, who is that? is he one of those twitter "incels" that orbits shooter and kantbot?

No. 138815

File: 1589164441832.jpg (173.1 KB, 942x633, rozz.jpg)

he ended up growing his hair super long and getting more into makeup but i love rozz williams

No. 138827

File: 1589195916798.jpg (48.25 KB, 505x720, original.jpg)


love him

No. 138854

Wow, he's handsome.

No. 138860

File: 1589215470573.jpg (5.11 KB, 300x168, download.jpg)

there, i admit it, only as this character. i'm ashamed of how sext i find him but i don't even know if he's conventionally unattractive.

No. 138861


I think he's pretty good looking tbh. I wouldn't consider him conventionally attractive though.

No. 138862

maybe it's just me being ashamed of how much i think about him. i thought i was over the bad guy fantasies when i left my teens..

No. 138906

File: 1589249029899.jpg (1.46 MB, 1242x1645, 1586449398152.jpg)

Guy who considers himself an incel

No. 138908

you can tell by his expression how much he hates himself

No. 138920

Kinda reminds me of the Fault in Our Stars guy, except poutier

No. 138935


He must have the worst parents to have turned out to be an incel even though he's hot.

No. 138941

File: 1589287321855.jpg (1.37 MB, 2316x3088, e0792d4d2439063f45ae84a256d90c…)

Here's another angle of him

No. 138942

File: 1589288469644.gif (544.95 KB, 468x337, KNTc.gif)

I've been watching British TV shows lately and Noel Fielding stole my heart, he's so silly and cute. I love his ridiculous outfits as well

No. 138943

File: 1589289166388.png (242.03 KB, 444x349, im boinb og hell.PNG)

I know I'm going to hell…. It's Mr Atheist for anyone curious.

No. 138944

Me tooooo I love him and his crazy shirts

No. 138949

he is so attractive omg

No. 138950

Hrs hot af

No. 138959

I love his Trump impression lol, he seems like he'd be really cuddly and fun to be around.

No. 138960

he can have my whole body

No. 138962

I'm not physically attracted to him but when he complains about shit like sexism in the church and how he hates it with such a passion.. I start to feel him

No. 138971

File: 1589323493113.jpg (90.12 KB, 980x500, cc-fan-called-sam.jpg)

Callum of Callum's Corner fame.

No. 138996

17 year old me wanted to fuck the shit out of this guy, now i'm just like ???? He looks like every other braden, jayden or aiden out there with a 'saturdays are for the boys' flag in his room.

No. 139009

File: 1589386435339.jpg (94.48 KB, 960x641, eric-andre-hot-ones-first-we-f…)

I don't even like his 2edgy5you humour but I find him attractive

No. 139055

File: 1589421233354.jpg (108.46 KB, 1125x803, EX8OSGaUEAAGSXS.jpg)

Honestly, I was for the whole body positivity thing, but I didn't personally see the beauty in overweight dudes

But this… this is art

Honestly, I don't know how I'd have sex with him but I feel like I would want it

Like for sure he's not ugly, he's just unconventional so I immediately had to post it

No. 139058

>checks thread daily to see if anyone posted ed from 90 day fiance
>no one did it
>thank fucking god

No. 139060

File: 1589427901072.jpg (93.49 KB, 1200x800, GettyImages_1157399189.0.jpg)

I don't know why but I would absolutely let him hit.

No. 139107

he's 100% my type physically I just want to go there and make him laugh

No. 139108

No. 139109

I'm ashamed anon but this is the unconventional male attractions thread.

No. 139165

File: 1589520697581.jpg (24.3 KB, 320x518, a51b6c8.jpg)


No. 139169

wasn't he the thread pic for the first "men you're ashamed to say you'd fuck" thread? it's come full circle

No. 139181

File: 1589536110794.jpg (46.37 KB, 600x788, 959177-20110617-richard-ayoade…)

Not sure if he counts as unconventional but Richard Ayoade. How smart, funny and artistic he is makes him incredibly attractive to me. Same thing with Bo Burnham ugh

No. 139183

File: 1589540388732.gif (798.49 KB, 245x205, HFcMoLt.gif)

I have a thing for intellectual men too. ugh the things I would do to Richard…

When I was watching Travel Man I kept waiting for them to go to a sauna or a bath so he would take his shirt off but even when they did, he never went topless lol I was so disappointed

No. 139191

I was surprised when I learned that he has a wife and kids, I got the feeling he was gay

No. 139198

Danny Elfman specifically in this music video

No. 139200

Sucks that every well dressed dude who is funny, intelligent, and skinny is thought of as gay automatically
for both gay and straight dudes, it can't be fun

For any bon appetit-ers, Chris Morroco also has a wife

No. 139203

with chris it's different because his voice sounds like a gay accent.

No. 139220

you mean
>Daddy Elfman

i'll see myself out

No. 139223

File: 1589582346716.jpg (87.53 KB, 640x955, tumblr_5e111021f7b221c72a1bfad…)

him and frank tovey makes me wish i had a skinny fun new wave bf

No. 139238

File: 1589606084314.jpg (818.96 KB, 2500x1679, PRI_88445746.jpg)

All of them. At once.

No. 139239

This is a nitpick but I would say that his humor lolsorandom than 2Edgy5u. Good choice though.
Sis, love yourself.

No. 139243

File: 1589611335268.jpg (25.17 KB, 560x415, rs_560x415-141212140814-1024-n…)

Been watching New Girl and honest to god fat Schmidt is doing it for me

No. 139244

i discovered max headroom like, a year ago? and i'm pretty sure i watched as much of his content as i did because i find him a bit handsome…

No. 139250

Isnt New Girl that tv show with Adam Driver? Is he good in it? God his BDE drives me crazyyyy

No. 139251

You might be thinking of Girls

No. 139257

im sorry anon but this dude is straight up fugly
i always wonder how people who like fatties can get past the smell

No. 139398

File: 1589894012614.png (937.92 KB, 773x801, jared.png)

Zach Woods especially as Jared in Silicon Valley and especially in this episode where he hasn't slept in days

Super tall, skinny guys with big eyes and big but narrow noses are my weakness

No. 139399

File: 1589894099528.jpg (24.25 KB, 560x415, 393cDkz.jpg)

he's pretty hot in this one too

No. 139422

File: 1589919746031.gif (103.13 KB, 540x240, tumblr_nq6c5fyn8Z1tyug9zo3_r1_…)

Ah same, anon. This guy fucks.

No. 139430

File: 1589929197973.jpeg (134.77 KB, 601x667, 7A8DD2EE-3363-4034-87EC-2551A7…)

I’m so sorry :(

No. 139432

wrong thread, asshole

No. 139446

File: 1589950511100.jpg (77.97 KB, 980x653, 6.jpg)

I don't know how popular/unpopular this opinion was but I think I like soft Chris Pratt better than buff Chris Pratt (although he's a gorgeous man either way.) I don't usually have a thing for big guys but he just looks so soft and cuddly…

No. 139447

How is it the wrong thread? Do you know who anon’s picture is?

No. 139448

File: 1589951024863.png (184.91 KB, 640x660, ProJared.png)

I'm sorry, anons.

No. 139453

Everytime I see this ugly motherfucker I imagine Holly posting this while crying.

No. 139456

i hate myself for it but i get it anon

No. 139480

I hate muscle. Would prefer a slightly soft man over a gym go-er any day

No. 139481

i do, actually.

No. 139564

girl me too

No. 139575

File: 1590028827819.jpg (531.01 KB, 1280x960, big james.jpg)

James gandolfini

the face, the sad eyes, the bigger broader type, how kind he was outside of playing tony soprano, humorous, older than me

No. 139577

his annoying ass personality that he seems to have adopted since he got "hot" makes him more annoying now, he definitely seemed cooler before and I agree he looked better

No. 139603

not only are his looks incredibly marginal, his personality is annoying as fuck. I will never get why so many people find him sexy

No. 139632

File: 1590044765790.jpg (48.98 KB, 729x486, hecanlikegetit.jpg)

For some reason.

No. 139636

File: 1590047842158.jpg (46.2 KB, 960x950, louistheroux.jpg)

love of my life, fire of my loins

No. 139650

File: 1590054969083.jpeg (50.01 KB, 500x696, 869D7160-C6D8-4042-8D73-1910D1…)

Anon same. I don’t think he’s “unconventional” at all.

No. 139680

File: 1590069774194.jpg (96.84 KB, 1276x819, la-tr-lvn-las-vegas-shows-ray-…)

yes im retarded

No. 139683

I guess that makes two of us, anon.

No. 139773

File: 1590100213821.jpeg (125.71 KB, 430x550, nxp.jpeg)

Here's my incel crush.

No. 139801

please dear god don't let this be yungcynical exposing herself

No. 139802

He's unconventional in the same sense as Adam Driver.

Fuck off back to kiwifarms/reddit, scrote

No. 139815

>unconventional in the same sense as Adam Driver

You mean with that BDE? Idk. Id let Adam fuck me with his nose tho.

No. 139816

File: 1590149151992.jpeg (117.94 KB, 462x463, 751653B2-10E2-4D62-8343-507F34…)

>He's unconventional in the same sense as Adam Driver.
NO anon I disagree. John Cusack has a cute baby face while Adam Driver is just… idk how to describe it but he looks like pic related.

what is the appeal????? that he’s semi e-famous??

No. 139820

File: 1590158884433.jpg (174.35 KB, 1280x853, Driver.jpg)

I love Driver as dark and tormented Kylo Ren, but I reeeally want to have kinky fun with him like this <-

No. 139821

File: 1590163221871.jpg (54.64 KB, 1080x569, D42nQrwWkAAZHRW.jpg)

No. 139828

Ah, I feel you anon.
For me it is not only the Kylo Ren character, but also the voice he has.
Imagine him taking you from behind, holding you with those long arms and big hands, and then leaning upon you to whisper things into your hear… aw shit.

No. 139829

I'm not her or a man lmao.
I'd never want to interact with the guy, hence why he's here.
>what is the appeal?
It's also a mystery to me.
I suspect it may be that his demeanor (sans shitty opinions) on streams also reminds me of some friends I had in high school. Just familiarity/parasocial shit I guess.

No. 140044

File: 1590374607896.jpg (2.13 MB, 2500x1667, elon-musk-portrait.jpg)

Please don't shoot.

When I first saw his picture, I had no idea he was Elon Musk. It was years ago and the Tesla meme hadn't taken off. I knew his name, but not his face. 4chan was mocking him but I though he was qt so I reverse searched. Years later, I find out what a sociopath he was to his wife and I feel disgust. Shame, totally would… if he was a kind, average joe working at a tire shop. RIP

No. 140055

File: 1590380316673.jpeg (35.46 KB, 300x300, 809E8C3A-3C27-431F-9F0E-FA8E32…)

A couple anons in the previous threads beat me to it but
Jesus Christ I wanted him to fucking destroy my ring since I was like 6.

No. 140056

i would right now. i'd secretly kill for a threesome with him and grimes. i'd let him plant a chip in me alright

No. 140057

That's not unconventional, Frodo is a timeless beauty

No. 140059

File: 1590380765301.jpeg (58.51 KB, 600x399, 3569A1B9-A96D-4092-B56B-D6E1B3…)

For anyone else who has seen Mandy, my dumb ass probably would have sucked him off right there, swallowed, then joined his cult.

No. 140060

File: 1590380879993.jpeg (45.45 KB, 500x282, 4CF9A263-3362-4CEB-90FA-24B91D…)

>Timeless beauty

No. 140062

File: 1590380913958.jpeg (25.63 KB, 450x450, C42E2249-561D-4D1C-81E4-C98AD2…)

from the first episode of Mr. Robot I've been nursing a massive crush on Rami Malek and it has not gotten any weaker with time

No. 140067

>i'd let him plant a chip in me alright
love yourself
I had a few moments of blushing watching the Queen movie. Though he looked good with Freddie's teeth.

No. 140069

File: 1590383545771.jpeg (70.4 KB, 491x750, 945A2EE5-C212-496E-9F16-944FA3…)

I want all three of them.

No. 140070

File: 1590383610127.jpeg (529.14 KB, 1485x2166, F094A25E-31F7-429D-B99B-8A78DB…)

But especially Alex

No. 140073

File: 1590388645773.jpeg (29.44 KB, 750x419, F89D23F3-1F80-4C4B-B831-1E3094…)

>tfw the actual choice i want to post is so fucked up that even people who want to fuck ted bundy would be disgusted in me

not gonna post that guy, so my choice for this thread is paul naschy. he looks a bit like a young brando mixed with john belushi which i find interesting. i love giallo and euro horror films from the past.

No. 140083

Someone posted Boris Johnson. Just do it.

No. 140104

The Undertaker, I don't watch much wrestling but everything about the Undertaker is just so otherwordly to me, like he's as close you can get to a Demon Lord of hell IRL

please me tell I'm not the only one

No. 140108

File: 1590419041463.jpg (162.49 KB, 624x420, rodstewart-624-1377866644.jpg)

No. 140114

File: 1590420784036.png (Spoiler Image, 549.6 KB, 615x927, 2972181C-FE6B-498E-B7CD-AA9B6C…)

lmao fine. he’s it’s 100% worse than boris. at least boris doesn’t fuck kids or corpses and was suspected of being the yorkshire ripper.

let it be clear i don’t want to fuck him, rather i want to sodomize him publically for humiliation. only in the 1960s-1970s though. for revenge of course.

No. 140121

File: 1590424089651.gif (1.75 MB, 250x188, F5E86E03-B04D-4CC7-9AB7-5E3894…)

I’ve always found Thomas Dolby so charming and sexy with his theatrics and pulp sci fi / steampunk aesthetic.

No. 140122

God young Boris could like get it

No. 140125

i hate to tell you but that’s not boris lmao

No. 140126

File: 1590424712196.gif (Spoiler Image, 350.31 KB, 500x288, size_restricted.gif)

No. 140127

this is the worst one in the thread but i appreciate you a lot for your honesty, anon, and it did make me laugh

No. 140128

File: 1590425418771.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 142.28 KB, 461x559, AC4C7ED4-EE2A-46E0-92F3-FBB57F…)

it’s better than wanting to be actually railed by him. i want to be the one railing him with a rusty pipe.

thank you i try

No. 140134

He was a proto-femboy

No. 140137

lmao wtf

he was like 45 and somewhat hairy. but he was a degenerate like most femboys so i guess that counts for something?

No. 140139

the long hair, large eyes, and lack of any facial hair made me think of that

No. 140140

that was the common style for men tho. a 1970s femboy would be like marc bolan, not savile

anyways im ashamed point blank but a middle aged man was not a femboy

No. 140141

File: 1590434385574.png (519.33 KB, 994x362, 1492742523785.png)

these two from mystery's thread over at /pt/. so weirdly hot especially the one on the right. i want to fuck a robot so bad

No. 140142

bet you a fiver he had a wardrobe full of thigh high socks

No. 140143

Holy fuck the blonde one is gorgeous

No. 140144


No. 140148


No. 140151

alright. I thought you were like that anon who posted the ted bundy femdom greentext 2 years ago. it's still lodged in my mind

No. 140152

nah, that wasn't me

No. 140153

post caps..

No. 140154

Are you retarded?

No. 140155

File: 1590438097947.png (124.09 KB, 1406x427, Screenshot (1037).png)

found it

based anon, whoever you are, please write a forced feminization thing for necrononce savile now. its only fair

No. 140156

Alright femdom and pegging is one thing but forced fem is only a porn sick male troon fetish, it's also insanely sexist

No. 140157

I loved his character in GOTG (cocky chad himbo who’s also a dork) but he seems insufferable irl. So i get it to an extent.

No. 140158

i mean, turning a man who hated women (and girls) and abused them into a woman is only karma

No. 140159

forced fem is ridiculously sexy, come on now

No. 140160

based, thanks anon

No. 140161

I cannot think of a single person in the world who would want to self-insert as Savile, so it looks like some women are into it

No. 140164

File: 1590440110377.png (1.26 MB, 600x1296, изображение.png)

I will now post some datamined pics.

No. 140166

File: 1590440573220.png (1.52 MB, 667x894, 1590440626480.png)

No. 140167

men getting off to being dominated is boring as shit. you know he wouldn't like it and he would absolutely deserve everything coming to him, so it's 100% more exciting that way

this is the second time i've meme'd other people into being into abusing horrible men

No. 140168

File: 1590440627401.png (1.35 MB, 737x1078, 1590440680917.png)

No. 140169

File: 1590440816394.png (1.13 MB, 800x600, 1590440869783.png)

And the last one.

No. 140170

No. 140171

are you sure that's a man

No. 140172

Pics are from one german imageboard. People there say that this is a man.

No. 140178

cute man

No. 140191

outside your fantasies its not really possible to dominate a guy against his well, don't you remember that one anon, who tried to peg her boyfriend or something and he in turn hit her and started yelling at her

No. 140193

lmao that’s why roleplaying exists, i guess. I’m never going to peg the men of my choices but i can always find a man willing to play the part.

No. 140197

File: 1590468589982.jpg (43.34 KB, 512x298, unnamed.jpg)

every member of Кино, but specifically Viktor Tsoi

No. 140217

File: 1590490745546.jpg (645.9 KB, 2312x1080, Screenshot_20200526_125712_com…)

This nerd (NileRed on youtube)

No. 140223

Most people in the comments section lust after him when ever he shows his face.

No. 140291

Is he hapa?

No. 140347

File: 1590535707733.jpg (50.6 KB, 645x430, letov.jpg)

Aye, no shame, would. Letov in the early nineties (and absolutely in no other time) could get it too, if only he actually washed his hair.

No. 140358

ntayrt, but yes! He's half Korean.

No. 140393

File: 1590558928947.jpg (124.08 KB, 908x1223, entwistle.jpg)

about two years ago i thought john entwistle from the who was super sexy. i still dont understand why to this very day

No. 140561

File: 1590727743290.jpeg (544.5 KB, 750x738, 44C69C80-EE6A-43DF-8BC9-924E69…)

Does anyone else think call me Carson is so cute

No. 140562

I saw the thumbnail on the front page and thought this was Holly BRown …

No. 140563

sry anon but this looks like any scrote from the early 2010s who played league of legends

No. 140577

I also think he's cute and his personality seems like a 10/10

No. 140580

He's pretty ugly, but his personality does make him seem more attractive.

No. 140607

File: 1590760058992.jpg (115.54 KB, 685x1029, Fad Gadget1.jpg)

amazing taste anon, I still miss Tovey

No. 140608

File: 1590760316022.png (120.41 KB, 352x425, shelley.png)

Young Pete Shelley. I have a thing for manlets and those sad blue eyes.

No. 140611

Looks like he belongs on incelselfies sage

No. 140638

File: 1590790860103.jpg (105.29 KB, 1200x630, 3756.jpg)

I know this is late but I'm the anon that originally posted Boris and god you're so right. I'm so hot for bullingdon Boris it's embarrassing.

No. 140660

File: 1590800462201.jpg (1.86 MB, 1660x2519, jhonen_vasquez_2007.jpg)

Johnny the Homicidal Maniac was one of the few comic books that I read during my comic book phase. He's a funny guy

No. 140680

I was shocked by his appearance when I first saw him. Given the content of his comics and tv show I expected him to look… different.

No. 140693

File: 1590848366558.jpeg (348.52 KB, 2048x993, 76639047-1DD5-4BDE-A44B-79D604…)

Watched ‘The spy who loved me’ yesterday and honestly, I’d mount this giant.

No. 140733

I haven't been into true crime for two years but I was bored a couple weeks ago and looked up the journals and now I'm sucked back in :(

No. 140763

i'm right there with you anon throughout all episodes i just wanted to protect him
the fact that i'm attracted to "broken" men in general also added to it

No. 140772

Aw hell yeah his anthology for JTHM was the first comic thing I ever bought for myself. He's still cute as fuck, his enthusiasm is just great

No. 140774

File: 1590966424996.gif (8 MB, 540x540, tumblr_8f3caba3b21a219dafdcf86…)

posting the king of this thread

god i want him to fuck me up in this outfit

No. 140775

this guy has a face like a sledgehammer but exudes BDE. he's hot

No. 140777

No. 140804

File: 1590992048424.jpeg (277.24 KB, 1500x1000, 322AD1E9-9D2F-4FE2-A932-7F0DDD…)

I thought I was the only one: >>131487

No. 140807

File: 1590992771951.jpeg (783.18 KB, 1242x1181, 1B86E6E6-4DBC-48F4-8E0C-115657…)

Samefagging but also this wholesome guy from TikTok.
Here’s one of my faves: https://www.tiktok.com/@420doggface208/video/6820861242308152581

and this one that went viral: https://www.tiktok.com/@420doggface208/video/6831147210927852805

No. 140811

No. 140814

File: 1590994802972.jpg (75.02 KB, 1149x921, yh1Dcy3-Cli_wmZZgJhWtR8dyMpyzF…)

He's disgusting and his teeth are too big for his mouth but I think he's super cute and I wanna domme him tbh

No. 140815

File: 1590994885844.png (592.25 KB, 840x628, Jerma2nd.png)

another pic

No. 140816

IDK who this is but he looks conventionally attractive lol

No. 140817

Jerma gets posted fairly often, anon.

Agree. The only thing unconventional about him as that he's actually short. (5'6 iirc).

No. 140819

My bad.

No. 140823

File: 1591009749465.jpeg (538.13 KB, 1536x2048, A22C5066-2BF8-4520-A5B1-975118…)

Also adding this legend to the list.

No. 140824

File: 1591009782285.jpeg (214.1 KB, 1122x1504, A9942972-3EA9-457B-9646-39163E…)

No. 140838

File: 1591021082370.jpeg (164.75 KB, 946x1062, E71EA51E-1281-4CD1-8721-27DB0A…)

>tf2 scout looking ass mouth

No. 140845

Is that Emma Watson

No. 140851

How is Jerma disgusting?

No. 140858

I… thinkScoutiscute.

No. 140872

File: 1591046833738.jpg (115.62 KB, 1600x900, suicide.jpg)

hes strangely endearing

No. 140877

He seriously lost all his appeal to me after his reaction to the only fans stuff

No. 140879

He looks like a forty year old child molester now

No. 140880

He peaked physically in 2016 after he started training to fight Jinx but it's been a decline since then

No. 140881


Can't relate, he's funny but his overall personality and attitude have always been immature and cringey as fuck. I don't care about the onlyfans thing but damn was it satisfying to watch his own little army of edgelords revolt against him

No. 140888

i live for this thread and don't like to insult others' questionable taste but this is just fucking terrible

love yourself

No. 140890

He was very very appealing in 2016/17 but now I can't even look at him

No. 140895

File: 1591081036542.jpg (45.42 KB, 850x570, Cruz-Hayes BD 026 TT.jpg)

No. 140900

I mean like suit yourself, but the way he talked about his girlfriend like she’s just a piece of meat and replaceable made me not want him anywhere near me or my genitals

No. 140906

File: 1591101338509.jpeg (59.82 KB, 960x541, 24B4C1DB-3A74-4B95-A1E9-45D2AE…)

He just seems cute I’m sorry, he has a cute giggle

No. 140917


C'omon guys don't you want to feel the tickle of his pedostache upon your skin? Buy him a switch with your patreon revenue? Hold him at night as he sobs over his dwindling fanbase? A broken man.

No. 140918

only semi-related but matt is my thinspo

No. 140920

File: 1591119429605.jpg (277.18 KB, 1920x2880, DSC00837-min-min-1-1.jpg)

simply adorable

No. 140922

hear his rantings about how your pussy is nothing special…


No. 140935

File: 1591131470965.jpg (82.6 KB, 1200x675, Dadi-Freyr-Baldur-Kristjáns-00…)

him being stupidly tall helps

No. 140937

File: 1591140420619.jpg (293.4 KB, 640x640, vf_iwan_rheon_ss_9794.jpeg_nor…)

Iwan is not super ugly like others in this thread but I think he fits the unconventionally attractive and creepy/weird vibe.
First saw him in Misfits and I already loved him (also, his character was incredible in that show) but I will be forever grateful for his role in GoT. He was born to play a psychopath and that was the perfect opportunity.
He is also super sweet and funny in interviews just 10/10.

No. 140938

Lol I thought he was scooping ice cream out of a pint in this pic.
Also damn, he looks good with facial hair.

No. 140944

I feel like he belongs in the attractive men thread anyway. He's so handsome.

No. 140945

ehhhhh he has that "slightly inbred british person" look about him

he's not ugly but def not a conventionally handsome man

No. 140947

File: 1591154153745.jpg (Spoiler Image, 158.25 KB, 1080x1440, FB_IMG_1591044188983.jpg)

Linus Tech Tips? anyone?

based anon

No. 140948

Iwan as Ramsay could GET IT. Was obssessed with him a few years back. Even read shitty smut fics of Ramsay.

Worse of all, I blame that stupid Telltale game for making me feel that way.

No. 140950

File: 1591156947272.jpg (97.83 KB, 1280x720, download (1).jpg)

I prefer men that use Linux

No. 140951

File: 1591157592934.jpg (7.64 KB, 200x208, 8db6a4007e19107571d05eb8245b4b…)

rob dyke. i think someone tried to start a thread on him once here. he literally legally changed his name because youtube kept demonetising him for his last name or so i heard. he used to be one of those true crime youtubers, something about his voice, demeanour and looks and hearing him describe such gruesome, awful things used to turn me on so badly

No. 140952

Hnnnng that happy trail

No. 140953

File: 1591160246531.gif (889.65 KB, 391x365, 4231653B-FDAC-4358-A29B-AEE78C…)

>missed his name
>read “he literally legally changed his name because youtube kept demonetising him for his last name”
>reread post for his name

But he’s hot.

No. 140954

File: 1591160993091.jpg (18.56 KB, 360x382, CU_aqLoUAAEEz_4.jpg)

not to be an edgelord, but younger Varg could get it

No. 140957

This gif is horrifying.

No. 140964

File: 1591172860655.jpeg (173.65 KB, 634x1007, D8DC8F3A-ECCB-4DE8-91AC-7B20A7…)

Can’t tolerate him as a person at all but man was the lead singer of Devo ever ridiculously hot! To the point I can’t breathe.

No. 140971

File: 1591179325061.png (803.59 KB, 1280x800, 104f840e327e6c7fd8bef8778b5ac7…)

Robert Webb used to be so dreamy in his early Peep Show days

No. 140980

I love you anons. Immaculate taste in unconventional men.

No. 140982

File: 1591189599457.gif (485.15 KB, 496x305, 1467823578_Varg Vikernes.gif)

Same he was so cute

No. 140985

You guys have any tips on images/porn(preferably het) of men with long hair?
So hard to find ffs.

No. 140989

lmao why? i thought mark was chill. he’s a bit pretentious like david byrne i guess

No. 140990

File: 1591203630005.jpg (62.4 KB, 1024x576, p07mdnwd.jpg)

Yeah I'd do him. Stop looking at me like that.
>inb4 love yourself anon!!

No. 140998

Take it to the grave. I got drunk and told a friend that he was hot for a Tory and they turned around and just told everyone in the room and people made fun of me for weeks

No. 141008

OT but what happens when you search metal head on porn sites?

No. 141023

File: 1591236438004.jpeg (260.41 KB, 900x1319, FCCF4BB4-F34D-453B-8419-A848D8…)

i keep having sexual dreams about him

No. 141024


gr8 taste anon

No. 141036

File: 1591242449589.jpg (44.77 KB, 648x365, fring boy.jpg)

I feel like I'm way late to the show's popularity "bandwagon" or whatever, but since i'm only starting to get to the end of it, I'd probably fuck most male main characters in Breaking Bad.
But especially Gus Fring though.

No. 141170

File: 1591371111679.png (395.42 KB, 616x759, D609A9C3-00F7-4939-A718-91F9F9…)


No. 141172

Just got the mental image of him keeping the mask on during sex

No. 141181

omg, I thought about posting him here in the past but never did lol cheers anon

No. 141206

File: 1591404623529.jpeg (62.84 KB, 474x645, AB92176B-9BD0-4CD0-929C-D024B1…)

Watching Jimmy O. Yang’s standup special made me realize I am a simple woman who appreciates a head of shiny, black hair and a man who can make me laugh. He also has freckles on his nose that I think are so cute.

No. 141208

He's fucking adorable.

No. 141212

File: 1591409173497.jpg (95.54 KB, 720x900, Harry-treadaway-penny-dreadful…)

Watching Penny Dreadful and finding myself oddly attracted to Frankenstein, even though he looks like the ugly member of a shitty 2006 emo band who stands at the back in group photos.

No. 141217

File: 1591412937894.jpeg (314.59 KB, 1893x2840, 356D558E-9AF4-4E55-AF36-31FC64…)

I liked Harry Treadaway as Brady in Mr. Mercedes, which is questionable to say the least since he was playing an incestuous mass murderer.

No. 141244

File: 1591425383540.jpg (159.09 KB, 1920x1080, jimmy-o-yang.jpg)

Dude, you're so right.
Love his hair and eyes. I hope reprensentation will start to flip the whole "short asian men are not hot" / "long hair are feminine and not sexy on a man".

Honestly, I can only think about fucking him when I see him in anything.

No. 141245

this looks a bit like my husband but with a different nose.

No. 141270

File: 1591451091555.jpg (46.18 KB, 300x440, 1591433687219.jpg)

of course they look the same theyre asian lmao what the fugg(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 141289

File: 1591465099866.gif (1.94 MB, 245x140, 73382CF6-E876-428F-8634-F6AB51…)

I wanna stroke his beard and feed him cheese

No. 141480

File: 1591641223634.jpg (21.1 KB, 266x400, craig.jpg)

I've been looking back at my emo music playlists and Craig Mabbit in his Escape the Fate/Blessthefall days.

I think it's mostly because he looks like a white version of my boyfriend.

No. 141487

His fob character in Silicon Valley was funny af, the only reason I watched the show.

No. 141507

File: 1591687300032.jpeg (40.79 KB, 460x361, 05C14082-282B-41ED-A034-324F66…)

Fuck it, all of them. I love all their masks in all their albums but mostly AHIG (picture) and Chris in .5

No. 141516

Are you me? First time I ever actively searched for smut (and I am still ashamed).
He (Iwan Rheon) doesn't do anything for me, it's just the role. Weird.

No. 141518

ideal bodytype tbh. skinny guys are not my cup of tea

No. 141521

File: 1591717742610.jpg (20.74 KB, 500x342, ilya-lagutenko.jpg)

The man with the prettiest eyes and the creepiest smile.
He aged as shit though like all slav men.

No. 141527

File: 1591722743112.jpg (39.19 KB, 630x1200, MV5BMTQ0MzIxMzUwMV5BMl5BanBnXk…)

Awh, his character in misfits was my first full-blown insane sex dream. Those were the days

Pic related I would fuck the shit out of Hank azaria. That's actually a really long standing crush for me too. His voice really gets me as well, not just in a recognisable/he's a voice actor! ish way just in general I love it hnngh

My fucking sides

No. 141561

I'm screaming, but I understand.

No. 141611

george castanza from seinfeld, and young bob saget. too ashamed to post pictures

No. 141616

File: 1591839795927.jpg (33 KB, 426x639, ED-AX322_Kessle_JV_20180309114…)

george has such cute eye smile thing

No. 141621

true. I always wondered what he would look like with more hair

No. 141649

File: 1591870927190.jpg (81.23 KB, 800x445, robertsmith.jpg)

he used to be so cute…didn't age well though and now looks terrfying with all that makeup

No. 141699

File: 1591910133887.jpg (52.74 KB, 800x575, yououghtaknow.jpg)

now that you reminded me, young dave coulier/uncle joey has always been my full house husbando.

No. 141705

File: 1591919226318.jpg (Spoiler Image, 74.54 KB, 400x600, large_kN1W347q4cwZG80qk6baR1dm…)

This movie turns me on so much. Degenerate, ik.

No. 141707

File: 1591919769427.jpg (48.65 KB, 564x846, 747f567894f5bf6bac6307ea5a1ff8…)

I loved him in The Walking Dead and he seems like a really funny, sweet person in real life. He's in his early 60's now but he can still get it.

No. 141711

File: 1591930763959.gif (1.52 MB, 720x404, 8A06405B-540B-4E1F-B2D4-53C688…)

Kinda wanna fuck this dude again. How embarrassing.

No. 141717

File: 1591941120723.gif (7.4 MB, 375x500, tumblr_c97ab5922740b2520aab32a…)


lol you're far from the only one anon. even lots of guys have admitted that they think he's handsome

No. 141724

That’s true but he’s 5’6 and has a snagged tooth so admitting this to anyone else might be a bit embarrassing. Not that anon btw. tfw I saw him at an axe throwing bar last winter but was too nervous to say anything to him

No. 141727

Is it true he's bisexual or is that just a meme

No. 141735

He's only unattractive when you consider movie star types the norm.

No. 141774

I’m more embarrassed because he’s a YouTuber who’s 15 years older than me. Admitting that to most people gets you a side eye at the least.

What is an axe throwing bar cause it sounds terribly gimmicky and awesome.

No. 141785

He just looks like young Ben Affleck with big messy hair and lipstick lmao

No. 141789

Dr. Todd Grande is a psych who talks about mental health related topics. He is so calming and has a dry sense of humor about the ridiculous cases he discusses.

No. 141790

I'm subbed to him, I love how insanely calm he sounds, covers some fucked up topics and keeps the same chill tone throughout all vids lol. I'm not quite hot for him but I can see why he's getting fangirls in his comments lately.

No. 141792

Bitch me too

No. 141793

File: 1591991349679.jpeg (288.82 KB, 1150x805, 1E1C0D6A-F5EA-4BAE-874A-A21972…)

Klaus Nomi can GET IT

No. 141794

File: 1591991571048.jpg (161.62 KB, 640x463, 08cab221-06bb-427d-a103-1eef74…)

ok but Jello Biafra is unusually hot

No. 141796

I used to like him but he seems like kind of a jackass tbh. He sided with Chloe ("dissociadid") over trisha paytas kept hearting comments about how he "roasted" Trisha plus that he is always begging for patreon bucks and shilling his merch

No. 141800

Nta but I remember him making a vid about DID lately and it felt like he was blindly taking the word of people who claim to have all these alters. I know the DSM 5 says it's real but that doesn't mean people aren't also faking it sometimes

Youtube drama probably helps his views but I prefer when he covers true crime cases

No. 141806

lmao anon, what a fringe choice

No. 141809

He made two videos, I rewatched the first video and he spent over half explaining its controversy and skepticism regarding its existence. He did go off on trisha in both and wasn't as critical of dissociadid as he could've been.

No. 141824

File: 1592026063050.png (550.99 KB, 640x510, 70D44584-4F89-4F3F-B4FB-C8752B…)

Glad I’m not alone haha. I have too many pictures saved of them so my favourite guy/mask fluctuates a lot. I really like their jumpsuits too. just want to sit on their laps and kiss them through their masks

No. 141852

lmao I thought I was alone with this. I love his subtle, dry sense of humor. He also reminds me of my therapist whom I have a crush on

No. 141867

File: 1592077317545.jpeg (23.12 KB, 400x300, 143B4E81-7B80-47A0-8D86-412648…)


No. 141980

File: 1592206185723.jpeg (55.82 KB, 442x341, 9DAB2E0A-8EFD-49C0-9607-71A7A3…)

Recently started rewatching That 70s Show on Netflix and found myself weirdly crushing on Red. How do I make this shit go away? It’s embarrassing desu

No. 141996

File: 1592235428608.jpg (25.68 KB, 270x305, marc rebillet.jpg)

If you flow with the horny, the horny will flow through you and away from you, so to speak. Don't deny your thirst, it will only make it stronger.
Besides, unless you're a paedo, have some fringe-degenerate-philia, or you've got the hots for someone morally reprehensible in general, fuck feeling shame. Tired of that shit.
So as not to derail, here's mine. It was actually hard to look for a pic where he doesn't have that dumbass face he always pulls. Still would.

No. 141997

File: 1592236657776.png (521.84 KB, 494x667, untitled-38.png)

No. 142012

Never liked him and I hate that he got cast as one of my favorite characters.

No. 142020

I’m short so his height doesn’t bother me that much. The snaggletooth is a turn off but I still think he’s a qt.
I don’t know but there was some hot debate about it a few threads back.

No. 142023

Words of wisdom, anon.
Plus the guy you posted is hot as hell

No. 142026

Damn who dis?

No. 142028

File: 1592254359725.gif (1.24 MB, 480x400, dumbass.gif)

Marc Rebillet.

No. 142058

File: 1592288620691.jpeg (38.35 KB, 512x512, CB7D96BB-D236-49DB-AC87-124E69…)

Saddam. I mean, look at these eyes.

No. 142059

File: 1592288960850.jpeg (39.33 KB, 616x410, 03589849-7D40-4329-81F0-30FD14…)

Ted Cruz can get it tho

No. 142065

File: 1592297890300.jpg (22.27 KB, 270x334, Саддам_в_молодости.jpg)

he was cute when he was young.

No. 142080

I wasn't into him before… but I gotta say the greying hair and the beard… does things to me

No. 142089

Seriously though he looks like an old Hollywood pinup from a vintage movie magazine.

No. 142090


Harry is Hot as fuck you should check out his modelling photos with his twin brother.

No. 142091


I get it and I'm ashamed and he's currently chatting up my partner on Insta.

Life is strange.

No. 142093

File: 1592335806488.png (800.61 KB, 992x678, Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 2.28…)

He's a literal man child who only eats packaged ramen, doesn't clean his room, and is a walking skeleton. But I would still let him hit it

No. 142106

File: 1592340839372.png (316.45 KB, 578x432, helios.png)

So… does Helios count? Got a thing for his voice (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W5b3Y2y0pPE), first thing after finishing Deus Ex was rub one out, ye-e-esssssssss

No. 142108

You're getting cucked by ProJared?

No. 142109


No. 142111

Someone post young pictures of Gadaffi and Netanyahu and well then have an unholy trinity of terrible Middle Eastern leaders being hot when they were younger

No. 142116


fucking same tbh I lived in the same city as him prior to him moving to the US and I often daydreamed about meeting lol. like at the mall or something. i would've loved to suck his dick

No. 142118


No thankfully….no danger of that.

No. 142119

He’s going back to Canada soon to sort out his Visa, so nows your chance

No. 142128

File: 1592407096039.jpg (122.32 KB, 899x1200, James_Acaster-3347 copy.jpg)

I'm watching British panel shows and I find James Acaster quite cute despite the fact that pale, sick-looking British chaps are usually not my thing

No. 142129

Great choice anon. He's really funny. Have you watched his standup show on netflix? I had to shut it off a few times because I was laughung so hard.

No. 142136

He has drinking threads and a discord server on /soc/.

No. 142144

File: 1592426957200.png (127.1 KB, 283x250, iu-3.png)

Greentea, a competitive Tetris player. He's really cute with his mannerisms, and he's actually quite good at Tetris, kek.

No. 142145

File: 1592430143026.png (803.05 KB, 770x1200, 7fc19579b2cbe503e6d0bcd3ad6b38…)

Blixa Bargeld Blixa Bargeld Blixa Bargeld Blixa Bargeld isn't that just the best name ever

No. 142151

File: 1592433177345.jpeg (5.57 KB, 182x277, images (5).jpeg)

young skelly Blixa was so damn hot

No. 142152

File: 1592433652518.bmp (Spoiler Image, 1.06 MB, 770x481, 4ef9ef480b4c41b4985b9cf76f1f41…)

(I hope this really is him I found it on last.fm)

No. 142160

File: 1592444414060.png (332.25 KB, 370x370, HM149-podimage_370x370_crop_ce…)

Hamilton Morris, but I have a weird thing for tall skinny jews

No. 142173

wow he's cute

No. 142176

File: 1592469537632.jpg (50.11 KB, 751x751, uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.jpg)

He's been posted many times before, but I can't say anywhere else that after watching Django, I'd like Christoph Waltz to personally rearrange my guts.
That is all. Have a nice day.

No. 142181

File: 1592483118253.jpg (29.44 KB, 417x600, gregsage.jpg)

Great taste anons

This man is basically an 11/10 for me, his entire personality is perfect

No. 142188

Yes yes yes, 1000%

No. 142193

File: 1592500065509.png (278.68 KB, 500x375, tumblr_inline_p7hsd6CWIL1s5987…)

I just wanna vibe with them

No. 142201

I posted them before I love their music and they're so qt! Good taste anon.

No. 142209

File: 1592514136881.jpg (157.14 KB, 650x360, greg-grid-uproxx.jpg)

literally only want to fuck him because he's 6'7. his face is meh but when he's standing up he's so attractive just because of his height

No. 142230

File: 1592530904242.jpg (35.48 KB, 512x336, unnamed.jpg)

Johnny Depp in fear and loathing, fair to say I'm ashamed.

No. 142237

File: 1592534826290.jpg (87.91 KB, 1200x675, phil.jpg)

I know it's kinda weird, but I honestly think he's pretty attractive. Something about the shiny bald head, I think.

No. 142238

File: 1592535143044.jpg (23.15 KB, 400x400, 1591058297767.jpg)

Shiny bald heads can be attractive, anon. I support you.

No. 142242

File: 1592537030413.png (846.44 KB, 1008x991, 15.png)

I never had a crush on someone until i found his channel. He's so cute, skinny and funny, 101% my type. I like he doesn't come off as cringy and tryhard like other youtubers of his age too. Ah, where do i find someone like him…

No. 142249

probably at your local college campus in the computer gaming labs…

No. 142250

File: 1592544217637.jpg (33.2 KB, 340x605, ScottLive.jpg)

Where do you live? Men in my country are ugly as sin lmao.

No. 142252

File: 1592549089926.gif (1.27 MB, 400x309, source.gif)

good choice anon

No. 142279

File: 1592581634180.jpg (47.33 KB, 399x600, Fabiano Caruana Kaspersky Lab …)

Chess grandmaster Fabiano Caruana melts my heart

No. 142301

File: 1592596684917.png (901.61 KB, 1269x804, 16377826.png)

tfw you will never have lanklet/manlet threesome

No. 142598

File: 1592890276851.jpg (162.81 KB, 1000x1498, Phil Wang 4.JPG)

I don't find him funny at all but he's got nice lips

No. 142600

File: 1592895556812.jpg (16.53 KB, 300x300, K_oxpNmk_400x400.jpg)

he's so cute and dorky. I bet he likes cuddling.

No. 142603

File: 1592896920399.jpg (23.12 KB, 300x300, bn3dq99aru3s8dihe1f0_headshots…)

haha I was going to post him too. too cute

No. 142605

He’s so cute!

No. 142608

Who is this man?

No. 142609

File: 1592904456109.jpg (139.93 KB, 900x1200, Mutahar.jpg)

I find someordinarygamers extremely attractive

No. 142610

Holy fuck anon this is based. The first thing my boyfriend said when I showed him Mutahar was that he was a very beautiful man lol.

No. 142613

He looks like literally every guy I pass by on the streets.

No. 142621

>my boyfriend said when I showed him Mutahar was that he was a very beautiful man

No offence anon but your bf sounds like the scrotes on the rateme/truerateme subreddits who rate totally ordinary scrotes as 7s and 8s just to embellish on their own ratings. In other words, they're all circlejerking each other's similar, mediocre looks so they can all convince themselves they're attractive lmfao.

No. 142622

File: 1592921734147.png (140.09 KB, 343x379, warrant 3.png)

Michael Richards in the 80s
10/10 to me

No. 142650

He looks like if I stayed the night at his place and had to leave the next morning he wouldn’t want me to go and would squeeze me close with his big teddy bear arms, then I’d just call in sick and roll back over so we could snugglefuck all day.

No. 142651

Awww, he reminds me of my crush in high school who sat in front of me on the bus… cute taste anon.

No. 142655

Same omg. I developed a HUGE crush on him after I watched that movie, it was almost unhealthy

No. 142657

File: 1592953132247.png (914.7 KB, 1000x563, AvpaZQS.png)

young, old, he looks fine at any age

No. 142658

That’s Woolie from Super Best Friends Play, he does livestreams and podcasts with Pat in Castle Super Beast if you want to check them out

No. 142661

ayrt, I did too. Deep in the throes of unhealthy borderline obsession I had a dream where he was very fatherly towards me, which is when I realised my taste in men is pretty fucked up lmao.

Also Daniel Brühl. It's not Inglorious Basterds, its Goodbye! Lenin that introduced me to him.

No. 142662

Anon this is a big ass reach for what? I don’t think my boyfriend would admit that he’s more attractive than anyone, it was just a dumb passing comment lol.

No. 142665

I kinda get 80s/90d era Michael Richardson and Jerry Seinfeld’s appeal. Too bad they’re both POS (Michael is a racist and Jerry was is arrogant creep who preyed on teen girls while in his late 30s). Maybe Constanza wasn’t so bad after all.

No. 142666

No. 142677

omg anon, I totally get this

No. 142692

File: 1593021099226.jpg (44.55 KB, 999x433, no one agrees with me irl.jpg)

what a cutie

No. 142694

File: 1593025799775.jpg (680.92 KB, 1080x1324, 20200601_185747.jpg)

An anon of taste posted him in the conventional thread and was mocked by the ladies out there but she was right: Peter Steele was beautiful.
He was also a really nice guy, had a bunch of rescued cats that he loved as his real children.
I know it's dumb since he's dead for 10 years, but I'd love to be his cute ginger housewife, living in a log cabin somewhere in the woods with our cats, cuddling by the fireplace…Yeah, I know he was a massive cokehead and drank wine like it was lemonade but let me dream.

No. 142695


yesss anon! i love him in reservoir dogs. such a cutie

No. 142696

omg anon i love him too, good taste

No. 142697

Impeccable taste, anon. Fletcher is absolutely gorgeous in this video it kills me

No. 142698

tim roth was a super cutie anon, I think a lot of his charm comes from seeing him in motion though, rather than a still image.

No. 142708

>reads your file name
Wtf I totally do

No. 142712

I get lowkey mra/mgtow vibes from him tbh

No. 142727

I literally only know this guy from anons posting him in these threads but you're all valid.
>tfw no toll masochist crazy cat man vampire bf


No. 142728

is there something specific he said that made you feel that way? I don't even watch him, I'm just curious

No. 142732

all the videos of his that I've seen have a "women be crazy" vibe to them.

No. 142735

I don't get that vibe at all…

No. 142738

File: 1593066219262.gif (999.81 KB, 500x268, tumblr_mrw3j0sjdW1qzymy9o1_500…)

Willem Dafoe, specifically in Platoon….look at those lips. I know he knows how to eat p*ssy.

No. 142747

i heard he has a huge dick

No. 142749

File: 1593086827786.jpg (920.08 KB, 3010x4515, Charlie_Kelly.jpg)

Was he posted yet

No. 142750


I've had a ridiculously huge crush on charlie day ever since I was a kid

No. 142751

Yep, pretty much every thread

No. 142767

File: 1593105349695.jpeg (53.61 KB, 646x431, A7D17A13-3AB9-40F1-A357-87ACB9…)


Beat me to him! I always get, “Seriously!? Him?” reactions when I say Willem is my celebrity crush but what can I say. I like weird, artistic guys and he’s a bomb actor. (The Lighthouse recently was amazing.) Also he has pretty eyes, a nice face shape and killer cheekbones.

No. 142796

He looks kinda average but IMO his personality and sense of humor makes him very attractive

No. 142800

File: 1593135233139.jpg (220.04 KB, 1400x1050, uncut_gems.jpg)

forgive me

No. 142806

File: 1593144901537.jpg (61.15 KB, 824x464, ad464e86dd4edf43f839c2f0c9a305…)

Lol same but only as Zohan…I'm not sure if that makes it better or worse

No. 142807

I can sympathize with you zohan anon. please forgive me everyone

No. 142811

File: 1593153711460.jpg (90.34 KB, 699x1049, stevenogg.jpg)

Steven Ogg. I don't care that he's balding, I think he has a really nice face. I am also extremely guilty of thinking his portrayal of Trevor Philips was hot.
Ah, fellow anons of culture.

No. 142812

omg yes, he’s weird af looking but i love him.

No. 142824

steven ogg has such a great and charismatic presence. big dick energy

No. 142825

he has a very strange face but he's so talented, and a very likeable, humble person it seems. i also like his voice

he was so daddy in the florida project

No. 142841

I would let Steven Ogg kill me. I'm with you anon, I also found his portrayal of Trevor Philips hot

No. 142842

File: 1593190741774.jpg (11.26 KB, 236x286, Dhp.jpg)

david hyde pierce, even though he was only really attractive in the 90's to me, his sense of humor and charisma tickle my pickle

No. 142849

I found him to be really hot in that “GTA in real life” video “His body was banging in that. Aside from balding, I still think he’s really not that conventionally unattractive. Now wanting to fuck Trevor Phillips is really shameful tbh. Although I would.

No. 142850

Charlie and most of the male characters in Always Sunny have been constantly posted in these threads

Good taste tho

No. 142852

File: 1593207082706.jpg (23.16 KB, 399x295, U100P200T1D298064F8DT201001061…)

i think the balloon boy dad is really hot lol

No. 142853

File: 1593207133000.jpg (26.54 KB, 634x419, article-2563546-1BAB1192000005…)

samefag but even now that so much time has passed, still hot to me.

No. 142854

File: 1593207762896.gif (984.56 KB, 405x286, tumblr_mmcm9xN2YI1sq83ueo1_500…)

yas! i've posted him in these threads before but i prefer him with longer hair without glasses

No. 142862

just looked him up and he has several videos about MGTOW. I haven't watched any of them all the way through but I'm starting to see the vibe you get..

No. 142863

I've spent so many fun nights imagining him growling dirty things into my ear. And he's one of the very few men who can have just a moustache with no beard and still look good. Also even after all these years Trevor is still at the very top of my "Shameful Husbandos"-list.

No. 142866

File: 1593238709547.jpeg (52.3 KB, 478x720, 6566F1B2-8813-4159-802E-52FB59…)

Really late,but I was just about to post him.I just love his “don’t give a fuck“ attitude and rat-like appearance

No. 142875

yess!! such a cool guy

No. 142899

File: 1593285251233.jpg (75.86 KB, 703x657, simon roper.jpg)

I know he appears his best here, and looks kind of like an ape (and not in a good Willem-Dafoe-monkeyman-facial-structure way) in his newest stuff. Even then, I still watch his videos and think about whispering facts about useless extinct germanic languages to each other in bed. He just seems so quintessentially british and wholesome, plus he can actually talk without using too many filler words every 2 seconds - he's neofolk bf goals, basically.
Plus, his hands are immaculate.

No. 142902

Just watched a few seconds of one of his videos and I think I understand, anon. Brb.

No. 142908

File: 1593292445979.jpg (206.44 KB, 1600x2400, 841236abb18bdad4529b4615de44af…)

he's hot. loved him on the walking dead especially alongside jdm

No. 142918

100% agreed. Sometimes I'll be watching one of his videos and he'll be talking about something really interesting and I'll feel myself drifting off thinking about how cute he is. I feel kind of bad about it.

No. 142925

Congrats to him becoming a dad of twins at 50, he’s still an eccentric fuck but you could see his edges toned down into something more ‘chill weird’ in that new music video with the two dancers representing his unborn kids.
Also, guess what, he collaborated with Serj Tankian (System of a Down singer) on a new album they released this year!

No. 142962

File: 1593377985363.gif (8.26 MB, 640x460, tenor (2).gif)

I hate myself

No. 142963

Same. I’ve had a huge crush on this dude since like 2018 and I need help.

No. 142965

File: 1593379818023.jpeg (85.75 KB, 740x450, B2EC06D3-BCC0-4B04-9639-D014A8…)

Samefag but I also find Trippie Redd so cute. He has a “so ugly it’s cute” thing going for him kek

No. 142969

File: 1593383315001.jpeg (230.64 KB, 1050x1768, 5352EE35-F9B8-4F8F-A03E-036884…)

Ben Whishaw, specifically in Perfume (pic related) he’s pretty hot in Cloud Atlas too.

No. 142978

File: 1593392666789.jpeg (37.67 KB, 560x477, 144F0CF7-2FCC-481A-BF68-F19792…)

yessss he was hot as Q in the newer James Bond films

No. 142982

he's not unconventional whatsoever

not a superhot model, but he's not unattractive

No. 142988

No. 142997

excellent taste anon

No. 143037

File: 1593457998870.jpg (287.82 KB, 1909x1080, 20200629_221044.jpg)

Idk tbh

No. 143041

>that bulge on Steven

No. 143050

File: 1593469788162.jpg (258.85 KB, 828x1107, IMG_20200430_140132.jpg)


No. 143062

Anon must think this is 2011 tumblr and it’s still quirky to like skinny pale nerdy guys

To be fair a good percentage of posts in the thread give off that vibe

No. 143066

File: 1593493429299.jpg (522.62 KB, 1536x2048, gjubh8m40ap41.jpg)

I have a crush on him too anon and I kinda hate myself for it. I can't figure out what's so appealing about him.

No. 143068

i completely forgot this guy existed

No. 143072

File: 1593508105738.jpeg (269.64 KB, 1080x1440, 5744A072-510F-43D0-948C-8E78AD…)

I stand by my submission

No. 143075

yoo I had the weirdest crush on him last year. skinny white boys with an accent >>

No. 143084

File: 1593540808609.jpg (275.53 KB, 1420x947, de7bb10d90f51838cdf905fd2e8426…)

someone on the red scare subreddit said he looked like a combination of louis theroux and john belushi and now i cant unsee that lmao

No. 143098

he had some video on the problems with marriage or whatever, but the comments were just mgtows ragging on women full force. I thought it was a weird thing to allow to stay up for a channel by a doctor that's supposedly about mental health, either very unprofessional/unaware (doubt it) or lowkey mgtow himself. he can't say what he thinks openly but you can see the subtle signs sometimes imo

No. 143113

File: 1593589786761.jpg (820.05 KB, 1080x1584, 20200701_094842.jpg)

He's fun and he fucks, it's as simple as that

No. 143123

File: 1593595488760.jpg (30.84 KB, 540x304, god why.jpg)

I'll never forgive myself for this but his cockiness just gets to me, I don't know.

No. 143125

I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. I'm so sorry.

No. 143127

File: 1593602793044.jpg (28.7 KB, 634x619, 4C5C9BBC00000578-5741035-image…)

Okay I know this dude looks like he hasn't slept in a year and does drugs for a living but I gotta say: I think Pete Davidson is cute as hell

No. 143133

he would literally execute me but yeah he’s pretty cute

No. 143134

No. 143141

I know this is the purpose of this thread but anon love yourself.

No. 143145

File: 1593619715490.jpg (140.75 KB, 1080x1071, _20200701_170648.JPG)

I'm really ashamed he's looking less dead in the eyes lately.

No. 143146

No. 143147

you should be ashamed

No. 143148

File: 1593621365852.jpg (37.66 KB, 960x650, 960x0.jpg)

If he wasn't a disgusting pedophile and just a normal middle-aged man instead, I would have thirsted so hard after him when he was still alive

No. 143149

This is the worst one yet

No. 143152

File: 1593622605025.png (Spoiler Image, 393.02 KB, 516x476, 1AE70363-1EA4-454A-9506-9C4AE8…)

posted in last thread but after finding out this piece of shit abused his gf until she committed suicide, it boggles my mind how I still get flustered every time I see him even though I also have this overwhelming urge to want to stab him

No. 143153

oh no. no. just no.

No. 143155

this takes the cake for the entire thread

No. 143156

dawg he was a pedo with an egg shaped penis. please love yourself.

No. 143157

File: 1593626212659.png (64.73 KB, 265x257, pingu supris.png)

Please, for the love of god, love yourselves anons.

No. 143159

>takes the cake for the entire thread

Really I think that's on par with Jimmy Saville at >>140114 lol

Someone posted young bibi last thread. Damn

No. 143165

This is somehow worse than the Bundy posting Even if he wasn’t a rapist pedo, he was still ugly as fuck. Love yourself.

No. 143170

While young Saddam was handsome, I can’t take that face seriously after watching a lot of early seasons South Park lmao.

No. 143173

most of the guys posted here are ugly as fuck

No. 143178

File: 1593649135410.jpeg (19.24 KB, 938x500, 72400477-ADF4-4096-B434-A3CBF9…)

yes anons, that is the essence of the thread, it's not like it's titled "unashamedly wholesome men"

No. 143179

no I get this, me too anon

No. 143180

File: 1593651077518.png (Spoiler Image, 230.67 KB, 848x730, Screenshot (1226).png)

i know making fun of other anons is fun, but the moralfagging in this thread is getting annoying.
>implying you cant stab him and fuck him at the same time
anon, you need to get on my level
i'm the savile-anon, but honestly my choice is worse because at least epstein resembled anthony bourdain (who a lot of women think is weirdly hot). savile, even when young, looked like snow miser mutated in Chernobyl

No. 143182

Jimnon here I'm subby as fuck so I don't think I could be on your level, I think the stabbing would be posthaste… but I do admire your willingness to be open about what your fantasies are cuz I'm fucked up as all shit myself. Also watching The Number 23 before I read into the details of his ex's death was a huge mistake, because that movie had its share of sex scenes I did not see coming when I started watching it.

I don't love myself at all anons, I'm sorry, I'm living with severe childhood trauma, relationship traumas, disorders galore, a lowkey death wish, this is the shame thread after all. I'm still exceedingly disturbed by his actions. I hope something does actually fuck up his life because of what he's done.

No. 143193

File: 1593661527049.jpg (67.92 KB, 1100x825, tenfrance.jpg)

man, i don't know what you guys' problems are, but whatever gets you going. anyway, all i'm saying is that if he wasn't so very gay, i'd do unspeakable things to tan france. but not like, your weird "i want to torture and stab him" -type unspeakable things. i would maybe like to for us to have sex in the missionary position, run my hands through dat pompadour and whatnot

No. 143196

File: 1593669089961.gif (1.45 MB, 500x281, CB61D902-9CD3-44AE-8AF8-FB5578…)

Jason Sudeikis in Last Man On Earth specifically.

No. 143203

File: 1593686161125.png (1.13 MB, 1600x900, huh.png)

I accidently got a video of him in my recommendeds and it just kinda came out of nowhere. Don't give a shit about wow but I still tune into his streams. Feels kinda shameful because he's balding and I think he's a NEET.

>>142899 Same, Anon.

No. 143230

nooo anon. he has an infowars sticker and evil rat eyes! thirst from afar, he will definitely murder you and wear your skin if you meet him.

No. 143234

i love his dead fish eyes

No. 143236

I want him to serve me his meat so bad you don’t even know

No. 143241

Zack is a qt tho

No. 143242

Despite what people say, I think he’s more of a QT with his hair now than if he was bald.
Though, that might just be because I find bald men unattractive

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