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File: 1596005575787.jpg (77.95 KB, 504x540, yon (2).jpg)

No. 145472

Pretty self explanatory. Continued from >>113718

No. 145475

Well, I'll start us off. My IUD is MIA. My doctor couldn't find the strings during a pelvic exam, and I had an ultrasound to find it yesterday. Haven't heard the results yet, but from what I understand, I'll likely have to have my cervix dilated so they can get at it with forceps.
I'm kind of anxious about what the pain will be like during the dilation, and I loved not having a period anymore so I want to get another one in there ASAP, if possible. Has any anon here had experience with removal of a migrated IUD?

No. 145481

Anybody else get horrible side effects from most birth control options? I’ve tried a variety of pills and patches and the negative side effects always outweigh the good. I gain weight, completely lose my sex drive, and my emotions are cranked up to the highest notch.

I’m hesitant to try an IUD or any other form of bc because of these symptoms. I stopped taking any form of bc 3 months ago for the first time in 5 years and I finally feel at a normal state with my body.

Any advice on alternative bc options? Condoms are ok, but they make me a little nervous.

No. 145526

Dunno if this goes here or into skincare general.
Anyway: beside waxing, what's the best method for shaving pube and exterior labia?
I only tried trimming so far, but never get silky enough results.
I refuse to wax and feel pain down there.
Does a specific, non aggressive shaving cream for vulva even exist?

No. 145528

Holy shit, this makes me nervous as fuck. I've had a IUD for 3 years now and never a problem. This year I have to take it out and put a new one, I freaking hope my doc does not find any similar issue.

My experience with IUD so far is 10/10.
If hormones from pills fuck you up, try a copper IUD
>no hormones
>98% effective (more than condom and pill iirc)
>lasts for years
>have it checked from time to time in normal routine schedule, no pills to swallow everyday
>if you change your mind and want a baby you can have it removed and go for it whenever you please

The only side effect for me was to have longer and more copious periods for the first year, but then it went back to normal.
Speak to your doc for more info, you might want to give it a try.

No. 145529

I've had bad experiences with bc too. The pills I've tried gave me migraines, and the implant made me chubby and grouchy. I've been off it for a while now, but I'm thinking about trying the nuvaring next.

No. 145534

For anyone wanting ref on the copper IUD

I got mine about 2 years ago (after a condom came off inside me, went to get the morning after pill and it's procedure here in the uk for them to sit you down and ask questions, they said i could go to the clinic and get a copper IUD fitted the next day)
I won't say it wasn't painful to get fitted, it fucking was. Like i thought i was going to throw up/pass out, i can't believe they don't give local anaesthetic or smth for it. I was gonna get a 10yr one but i was coping so badly with the procedure they gave me a 5yr one, which is apparently smaller so easier to insert. I had cramps and felt dizzy when i got home, I just ate a bunch of comfort food and took some painkillers and it was fine.
Before the IUD my periods were typically not super painful and lasted 3-4 days. For the first year after the IUD my periods would be more painful and last about 10 days. Since hitting the 2 year mark the pain has been less (or i got used to it) and the bleeding lasts 6-8 days.
Hormonally i've not noticed huge changes, i've gained weight but that could be due to various other lifestyle choices, i've been trying to lose weight for the past 2 months and have been successful.
What i will say though is that my major decision for getting an IUD is that a year prior to having it fitted I had an abortion (by taking the pills and waiting for the pregnancy to 'pass') and fuck if that wasn't the most physically and emotionally painful experience ever. I'd rather have a painful period every month than go through that hell again, it's not worth risking it.
Obviously still use condoms if you have multiple partners etc etc but for convenience getting a copper IUD is a big weight off my mind.

No. 145546

You and me both. Laser hair removal is an option?

No. 145553

Laser removal is the best, it's painful and you'll need 5+ sessions to get all of the hair removed but worked better for me than any other method. Anything else would cause severe irritation and new hair growing back would be visible in less than 24h after. Now thanks to laser epilation i'm finally free.

No. 145556

I feel like shaving was more painful than waxing for me since waxing you go in expecting a world of hurt but it's not that bad and the pain goes away after a day or so. Shaving just takes a cut or an ingrown hair to ruin your week. There's no pain free way to do it, and I really wouldn't recommend putting Nair down there if that's what you meant.

No. 145611

Probably no1curr but I'm op, went to the doctor today and it turns out my IUD is in the right position still, just the strings are coiled up inside now. It's not that big of a deal until I need to get it out.
What's crazy is that on the ultrasound, they incidentally found that I have an cyst on my left ovary that's the same size as the ovary itself. So that's wild. Good thing I got my IUD checked out, so they can keep an eye on my fucked up ovary now lmao.

No. 145615

File: 1596091580179.jpg (11.59 KB, 270x270, 41JQyyoUhLL._SS270_.jpg)

>Laser removal
Too expensive.
I bought pic related and I started using it on my body a few weeks ago (no results yet, maybe it's too soon?) but imagine my disappointment when I read the instructions and they say IPL cannot be used on genital area.
So no cream for my specific needs exist, uh?
Fucking useless scientists put a dumbass driving a car in space but cannot get me a quick and safe vulva shaving cream? smh

No. 145618

oh shit good luck to you and your ovary anon

This has warmed me up to and IUD even more. I’ve been considering, but honestly the pain of the procedure scares me quite a bit. I’m kind of a baby.

No. 145624

I guess everyone reacts differently to the insertion procedure.
I took ibuprofen before undergoing the procedure, it still hurt but for me it was bearable, it's just the usual discomfort of a gynecological inspection + the pain of the doctor inserting a cannula in your cervix to put the IUD in place.
If the doc is good and experienced he/she will be fast and reduce the painful sensation with a quick insertion.
Afterwards you will have cramps for a couple hours, but you can take extra ibuprofen to ease the pain.
After that, you will not feel anything at all and you will be free.

No. 145628


Anon from >>145534 here
It's the kind of pain that you bare through whilst it happening and for a couple hours after, whilst it was being inserted there was a nurse holding my hand and being really supportive. If you're gonna do it maybe take a friend with you to take care of you after. Like i said in my last post it's so worth it if you're not looking to get pregnant.
Another note; and this might just be in the uk, but the doctor won't call you when it's time to get it removed/checked up, so keep a mental note of roughly when you got it inserted, i use the period tracking app 'Clue' and logged it in there. it's not like after it expires it's dangerous or anything, my mum is menopausal and hers expired and the doctor said they could leave it there forever without a problem.

No. 145635

You can totally get the pubes safely with one of these! I've done this, not the same device but a similar home IPL thing. The hair on the mons is just like doing your legs really.
All you wanna do differently for the genitals is basically cover the bits that you need to protect with your hand (you might need to sit in front of a mirror for this). So use one hand to cover your labia minora and use the other to zap the hairs on the labia minora. That way you can't accidentally laser any pink bits which will really sting and can burn you. Godspeed anon.

No. 145638

>zap the hairs on the labia **MAJORA
my bad

No. 145646

That's good to hear.
But then why do the instructions say it can't be used outside of bikini line?
Did it work for you? How much did the growth of hair reduce?
I am at second application but everything looks the same tbh.

No. 145676

God I had my period end ~4 days ago but I’ve been spotting and with cramps similar to ons so I went to my gyno and nothing is wrong?? Has this happened to anyone else? Like my vagina burns and I have a bit of pain in pelvis but I got so many tests(blood urine they felt my stomach ultrasound etc) and I’m completely healthy, only cause I was told could be stress?

No. 145755

They say not to use it on the genitals because the light is attracted to pigment, so darker areas of skin (like inner labia and butthole etc) can get burned. I'm 8 weeks in and I'd say at least half of the hairs are gone and the rest grows back really slowly compared to before! I used the Smoothskin Bare one and have pale skin and black hair, apparently light hair takes longer.

No. 146010

I just started using tampons and this is so fucking difficult. How am I supposed to know I pushed it in far enough? The instructions say to push until my hands touch my body, and that's exactly what I do. I can't feel it when I'm walking, maybe slightl, but the moment I lay down or sit it starts to hurt a little bit.
Should I just get a smaller size? My period is usually quite heavy the 1st 3 days and I don't want to keep changing my tampon every other hour, but maybe I have an extra sma vagina idfk
Maybe I'll just switch to pads again because even though they're more unhygienic they're easy to use.

No. 146014

Did anyone else have a septate hymen? Did you get it removed with surgery?

No. 146023

Yes and yes

No. 146028

Did you leave the applicator inside? Otherwise, for me it only hurts if the tampon hits the side walls or the pubis wall, which also makes the tampon not be deep enough– try pushing it in at a slight angle where it points to your back.

No. 146031

You might have a low set cervix? This happens to me sometimes, when my cervix gets low (yes, they move lol).

No. 146037

thanks for this info anon, considering this in the future

>Hormonally i've not noticed huge changes

I thought the copper IUD didn't have any hormonal side effects anyway? isn't that one of the benefits of the copper IUD?

>waxing you go in expecting a world of hurt but it's not that bad and the pain goes away after a day or so
wait why would it hurt for a day or so? I've waxed other areas of my body and its hurt just for a few seconds. is it a stinging sensation you get that lasts for a day?

No. 146045

My periods can already get pretty heavy, so even though I wanted the copper IUD when talking to the doctor I chickened out when she talked about the painful periods. I got the pill but I’m too scared to start taking it and fuck with my hormones.

No. 146214

File: 1596440794541.png (18.32 KB, 957x573, Untitled.png)

>have vaginismus, am technically a virgin (done plenty of other sex stuff, but can’t even get a finger in my vagina)
>have bf who’s taken other girls’ virginities before he met me
>we’re messing around this weekend, I’m very aroused, try to get his dick inside
>only like 75% of the head can get in
>he says it feels like he’s hitting a wall when he tries to go in further, and that it didn’t feel like that with any other women he’s fucked
>also feels to me like he’s hitting a wall inside me
>later we look at my vagina with a hand mirror, and the actual hole looks absurdly small (I tried to diagram it in pic related—the black part is the actual “hole”. Sorry for shitty ms paint)

I’m kinda wondering if I don’t have vaginismus at all, and if my vagina is just… physically closed off? I feel like if he was breaking my hymen, it wouldn’t feel like he was hitting a wall. Is this normal?

No. 146216

>hitting a wall
This is a very common saying from people with partners that have this disorder. You should definitely see a gynecologist. Also vaginas usually aren’t gaping open like in your pic.

No. 146217

File: 1596443286975.jpeg (18.45 KB, 526x278, ENtPUKlWkAgYmE5.jpeg)

You should definitely see a gyno. Either your hymen is unusually thick or you have vaginismus, or both. I've attached a picture of what hymens can look like, but I got the hunch this is vaginismus

No. 146218

Anon stated in their post that they have vaganismus

No. 146219

They were also wondering if maybe they don't have it at all

No. 146222

I never had problems with tampons (minus the very first time) but whenever I go to the gyno it is super painful, so much that I feel like screaming and have a feeling of constantly needing to pee afterwards.
At my last visit she told me that it hurts so much because my vagina is crooked. What does that mean? I didn't tell her I'm still a virgin because that would be humiliating at my age, but it likely means that sex also would be painful right?

No. 146237

It will probably not be as painful, if you are comfortable with the person you want to sleep with in the future. Unless you were very aroused and relaxed at the gyno, which I doubt, it will be a very different experience. Just make sure there is enough foreplay, your partner is not a selfish asshole and have some extra lubrication on hand if you want that.

No. 146238

The doc already checked by himself that you are a virgin by inspecting your vagina.
I know it's not easy to stop feeling uncomfortable, but his/her job is to look at your medical issues, not to judge you.

No. 146243

I've heard of a tilted uterus (is pretty common) but never a crooked vagina. Do you think she meant your uterus is tipped? That can cause painful sex and one in every five women has it to some extent.

I have it to an extent where tampons are ok but it interferes with sex

No. 146249

I woke up this morning and had some sticky stuff leaking out of my pussy. I smelled it and it smelled like shit. Is it possible for the asshole to leak shit juice or did my vagina really just drop this foul smelling liquid? And I mean it smells like straight feces.

No. 146251

Yeast infections and bacterial imbalances can make your pussy smell pretty horrid.

No. 146252

Careful with these meme drawings anons. I've never seen anyone with "hymens" like c, d and e, and apart from them being unrealistic as fuck, b looks like a serious rare condition where you need surgical intervention just to let your periods out. The only one that looks like a realistic vagina is a).

In general be very skeptic about any online information about hymens. Chances are more likely than not that they are a massive patriarchal meme that comes from seriously hurting virgins in their first time and making them bleed ("something must have broken, it's her body being like this!!" so men can avoid taking responsibility for hurting their girlfriends and wives during sex and have an excuse to be as rough as they want). Fun fact your "hymen" never really goes away, it only stretches and opens a bit wider, hence why b, c, d, e, look absolutely ridiculous; it shouldn't be completely closed at all or to the point you can't get any fingers or tampons. That anon most likely has vaginismus rather than a "thick hymen".

No. 146253

I believe those "meme images" come from medical/anatomy books anon, it's not made by some japanese hentai artist.

No. 146255

Uhm, are you okay? These conditions are real, although rare. I speak from experience, as I had a septate hymen.


No. 146257

I had a friend years ago with shit coming out of her vagina, no joke. She had bad constipation from medication she was on and the compacted fecal matter caused a rectovaginal fistula

No. 146259

>apart from them being unrealistic as fuck, b looks like a serious rare condition where you need surgical intervention just to let your periods out
Surprise, b IS a serious and rare condition where you need surgical intervention just to let your periods out.

No. 146345

I'm sorry but this is the funniest conversation on whole Lolcow lmao

No. 147054

When I was young (maybe around 13 to 15) my mom noticed my long vag lips. I remember her making me lay down and touching them, then setting up an appointment at my pediatrician to ask him to also look at them and ask if they were normal (of course they fucking were). This was before I was even really exposed to porn and saw those ~*~pornstar vaginas~*~ and was self conscious about my vag lips. Finding out about women having smaller lips didn't help and I was definitely jealous.

Anyway, I looked at them today and thought they somehow shrunk lmao. I always thought they were horrendously long and huge, but today I just realized that they… really aren't. Kind of fucked up to think about how my own mom thought my vag was fucked up looking and made me self conscious about how they look. I love my mom but she didn't even fucking notice the beauty mark above my eyebrow until I was like in my 20s and we were in the middle of a facetime call.

No. 147064

Anon, that's super fucked up and weird. How did she even "notice" them in the first place? I don't think my mom has seen my vagina since I was like 8.

No. 147066

We used to take showers together. I’ve always taken long showers so at some point when I was young she just got in the shower with me and would get out before I finished (since she had to get ready for work or just to go out). We took showers up until I left for college. They weren’t very frequent though, maybe once or twice on weekends when I happened to wake up early on the weekend and she had to go to work that day too.

No. 147067

obviously I'm not the arbiter of what is "normal" and I know some people simply don't care about nudity around their parents but showering with your mom until you're 18 raises some red flags in my mind. She really had no reason to touch you or examine you even if she thought there was an issue. Sounds really stressful, I'm sorry you had to go through that.

No. 147083


Maybe read up on covert incest…

No. 147089

Seconding this. I showered with my mom until I was about seven or eight, and people told me that was weird. Showering with her when you're an adult and her touching your labia is… unnerving. I would ask a therapist what they think.

No. 147104

Is a bit of coital bleed normal if the guy has a massive dick, pounded the cervix, and caused some friction?
It stopped but he got a little freaked out seeing a little blood. I don't have any stds. I do have a nexplanon implant that could be making me more sensitive.

When a guy's dick is small to average I don't bleed at all. Does this happen to anyone else?

No. 147110

Are you getting enough foreplay and using lube?
It used to happen to me all the time when I fucked guys that I wasn't really into because I was young dumb and didn't know that things could be better.

No. 147111

I was fairly wet, we teased around a lot before getting to it but I think I tend to run dry after awhile due to nexplanon and the friction alone.
I'll just have to go buy my favorite lube again, I have some silicone shit but I fucking hate it. Anyways, thanks for the input anon. I just wanted to be sure.

No. 147114

I feel like shit for not having a pink coin purse pussy even though I know it's just bullshit porn standards

is there anything we can have and not be insecure about? I hate men

No. 147115

dont worry anon. men only shit on different pussy types because they cant get it. once you get a bf, its likely he wont care.

No. 147128

Men will shit on your pussy even if it is the ””perfect pink innie type”” that is promoted as the ideal.

Inner labia too big = ew roast beef, you have had sex with 1000s of people
Too small inner labia = you look like a child, I want a real woman

Literally cannot win

No. 147145

As long as you don't fuck absolute degenerate coomers no man is going to care what colour your pussy is or how long your labia are, they're over the moon to be near one at all
However if you're going to insist on shaving and keeping everything fresh for them then make sure to tell them if their dick smells or their balls need shaved, equality is important

No. 147153

I have literally never slept with any man who cared about this. it's basically only incels who even notice what you look like down there.

No. 147273

After having intense sex, does anyone else's vagina feel, like, it's sort of almost falling out? God, that sounds so bad, but I swear it's not as bad as it sounds. Like, the inside is so swollen from the sex that it kind of pushes out a bit. Not labia, I mean the actual vagina. And I'm not "loose" or anything either, I have the opposite problem where I'm too tight and it can be extremely painful for both me and the guy.

TLDR does anyone's vagina get so inflammed after sex sometimes that it slightly pushes outward

I think it only happens if I have multiple sessions. I've been limiting sex to once a day whenever I have it, and that's made a difference. It doesn't happen too often, but whenever it happens it really freaks me out and I can't really find anything fitting my experience.
Also, it always goes away within 12-24 hours and has never resulted in any kind of infection or change in discharge or anything like that.

No. 147274

saging samefag but for the sake of context I'm not very experienced and I never masturbate by inserting anything into myself, it could just be blowing the hell out of my vag because I'm not used to it and only have sex on occasion so it's overwhelming

No. 147278

another samefag, but after reading a bit and thinking I'm pretty sure the fact that I completely shave everything contributes too. Apparently being completely shaven makes internal inflammation way more likely and I already feel inflamed after shaving, even without sex.
Guess I'll stop fully shaving my vag and just trim, and be more careful with sex.

Still, if anyone relates please chime in.

No. 147279

File: 1597231042190.jpg (21.75 KB, 480x229, Tiled-uterus.jpg)

He shouldn't be hitting your cervix. Normally, the cervix isn't directly at the end of the vaginal canal; it's slightly on the anterior. During sex the penis is supposed to go a little bit past it. I think you should see a gynecologist, because it almost sounds like you have a retroverted uterus. They're pretty common.

No. 147281

File: 1597232020371.jpeg (32.43 KB, 547x361, A0AEF72D-4F95-426A-8BEB-A3761A…)

Have any of you sweet anons any positive experience with hormonal contraception?
I used the mini pill and the tricyclic pill (? English isn’t my first language) when I was around 18, the first one made me bleed a lot and both made my pussy dry up and my libido became lower. I haven’t used any hormonal contraception since then, but now that I’m pretty much sure that I don’t want kids, I want a more reliable method of contraception.
I also suffer from PMS for the two or so weeks between ovulation and the period. Some information states that hormonal contraception might make it better, some say it can become worse.
I might have a heightened risk of blood clots as well, so I’m thinking about getting an implant.
Any advice? And can anyone share any positive stories or is it just horrible and not even worth considering?

No. 147282

Have you thought about a copper IUD? I have one and it can fuck with your periods and make cramping worse, but otherwise won’t affect you like the hormonal stuff.

I got so so sick from my hormonal implant and basically any birth control pill I tried I’d just get the worst symptoms on the box for each one. The copper IUD isn’t perfect but I haven’t had any problems yet which is rare for me with birth control.

No. 147283

I’ve thought about it but I know some people who’ve had it, one of them had to take it out within two weeks because the pain was unbearable and the other one got a uterus infection from it. Maybe I should read up on it some more but I don’t know if I’ll be able to ever try it. I cringe at the mere thought of the pain and complications.

No. 147284

i use nexplanon (a etonogestrel bc that is implanted in the arm). i've had it 4.5 years, replaced once at 3 year mark. i still get my period, and it's really inconsistent and sometimes i bleed for like a month straight HOWEVER it's the only flaw (and everyone is different of course!!!). i still wouldn't trade it for anything. i got it because the pain was 10/10, i couldn't walk, leave bed, i was puking, and now i have none of that. my (serious, long term) bf and i also never use condoms and we've never had an issue thankfully!!! (be safe tho!!)
i recommend it to everyone and just advise to pay attention to your body of course.

No. 147286

I had the implant. It ruined my libido, made my pussy dry as fuck, and destroyed my mental health to the point where I wanted to kill myself. No emotions whatsoever, just felt grey and empty all the time. Ruined three years of my life and I am still struggeling with side effects like an irregular period two years later. I also bled for a year straight and my periods got worse and worse. It was alright for like half a year though.

Plus it was placed too deep so I had to have multiple attempts to dig it out of my arm. Fun stuff.

I had/have very heavy periods, horrible pms, migranes, nausea and horriblr cramping. I'd still chose that over hormonal birth control.

No. 147287

i've tried several different pills and every single one of them led to this:
- vomiting nearly every day a bit after taking it
- panic attacks every day
- developed severe depression, suicidal every day
- became extremely irritable and paranoid
- lost my period for a year and a half after stopping
- developed weird, isolated black hairs on my body and face

for me and other women i know, when one pill brings you hell, there isn't really any other one that won't be hellish too. women with "some" bad symptoms caused by the pill may have luck in trying others, but generally if the experience is super bad none will be friendly

get a non-hormonal option

No. 147290

Thank you for your replies!
I‘m gonna give the copper IUD another thought.
Anyone else who‘s had any experience with it?
I‘m kinda worried about the toxicity of copper and having it in your body for a prolonged time. Also, how exactly do they fixate it in your uterus?

No. 147299

I am getting surgery to remove an ovarian cyst, possibly the whole ovary, has anyone here gone through it? Kinda fucking bummed out, I just want the pain to stop though.

No. 147301

I got surgery for an ovarian cyst at 12. I thought I was going to die, so I didn‘t give a shit about the surgery, I just wanted it to end. The waiting was the hard part. They anaesthetised me and I woke up in a hospital bed. I had some pain after but it stopped after only a couple of days, as far as I remember. I have three tiny scars, barely visible. (My ovary is still intact though.)

No. 147311

my mother had her ovaries removed because she kept getting cysts. the surgery is a breeze, and you'll feel so much better afterwards. no need to worry, it will be worth it even if you just get the cyst itself removed

No. 147314

Does anyone else here have thick long pubic hair all the way down to their fucking thighs and ass cheeks or am I just gross
I'm not even Asian I'm white but I have brown hair sigh

No. 147315

not gross
is it actually LONG or does it just have more follicles that extend further than most people? i have pube follicles that kinda go down my thigh

No. 147316

I just have some patches where I clearly have thick pubic hair like the area of my butt cheeks close to my butthole and then I have a few long thick hairs on my thighs on the left and right.. Not as full as the front but still

No. 147317

I had that, went to laser epilasion a couple of times to get rid of it.
It really helped. Ididnt go there as frequently as i should so maybe thats why my pubic hair isnt completely gone, but it does make them thinner/shorter/less dense. If you're really disturbed by it, i suggest you save some money for it. Although trimming is enough imo.

No. 147318

das normal don't sweat it

No. 147319

No. 147328

Thank you ladies, I have gotten to the point where I am just wanting to get this fucker out, be it just the cyst or not but the thing is that it most likely will be an open surgery, which fucking worries me. It'll be quite a long car ride away at that but honestly, long wound would be better than this. I am still hoping for a uh the other option rather than open, taken its the fucking pandemic and all. I am also afraid I am gonna fucking wake up in the middle of it but mostly the healing + rona. Wish people would talk about this more!! My doctors haven't talked about the procedure itself yet and I am just too worked up to google right now.

No. 147329

I thought everyone had hair between their butt cheeks and a bit on their inner thigh? Don't worry about body hair, anon. If you don't like it, remove it. There's no right or wrong, it grows where it wants to grow.

No. 147331

my mother (sorry i keep mentioning her lmao) had surgery a month or two ago, i was so scared she'd get covid and give it to me but trust me, doctors are being extremely cautious and testing themselves constantly and dividing themselves up between covid and non covid patients. you won't get 'rona

No. 147333

just found out on /ot/ that some ladies don't know that we have glands outside the vagina that produce lubrication…gentle reminder i guess.

No. 147339

Hope your mom is well anon and thank you for real, made me feel better!

No. 147340

i had a labiaplasty last week and went to the check up yesterday. the doc said everything looked fine but I looked myself today… and it seems like he cut a part open that he shouldn’t and it looks horrible: (warning: gross) like a deep wound and there’s puss
I will call tomorrow but I’m scared I just ruined my vag forever

No. 147342

do you have feeling?

No. 147345


yes it hurts. I mean ruined it aesthetically speaking. That’s the reason I did the surgery in the first place. I just hope he has some answers tomorrow

No. 147353

This is kind of a lame thing to say but at least that area and tissue is quite quick to recover, I hope you'll get answers and a better outcome than you're expecting.

No. 147385

This is normal, don't sweat it. You know after you work out, you get kind of a pump on where the muscles you used are swollen? Your vaginal opening is surrounded by muscles that get worked out during sex, and it also becomes relaxed from arousal. Prolapse situations usually only happen in older women (who are also menopausal) and people using ridiculously enormous toys. Nothing bad's going to happen, you only need to be concerned if it's painful or it doesn't go away within a day.

No. 147401

thank you!! I've been worrying about it even though I know it's okay. your reply helped a lot, I'm glad it really is normal. prolapse was what I was scared of and that's all that showed up when I tried googling but I knew it wasn't that lol

No. 147406

If you're worried about copper go get tested for allergies before you implant a IUD.
I've had one for 5 years now, everything went smooth, never experienced any trouble and the insertion was painful but tolerable because my gyno was really quick and competent.
It gets inserted by placing a cannula through your cervix, the IUD slides from the cannula inside your uterus. Strings dangle out of your cervix for future removal of the IUD. You won't notice them inside of you, and you can keep using internal tampons without any problem.
I am going to insert a new one this year, best birth control decision of my life.

No. 147413

Forgot to add that it made my boobs saggier. Luckily still perky, they are just placed really low on my chest now.

No. 147417

Thanks for your reply, I am probably gonna get tested for allergies and save up for the copper IUD (when I can, which might take a year but anyway)!

No. 147502

Does anyone else's clit get numb when riding a stationary bike? Idk how to prevent it but I don't notice until I get off the bike.

No. 147512

how do you guys relax before sex? i have a real problem with tensing up so much that he cant get in at all without pain, but i dont think i have vaginismus because i am able to finger myself during masturbation. i really want this guy to fuck me but i get too tense!!!

No. 147513

I taught myself how to squirt about 4 years ago but I haven't been in the right mindset to do it again for awhile. It's quite a process and gets pretty messy so you really have to set aside time to do it, but holy shit does it feel amazing.

>in b4 iTs JuSt PiSs AnOn

1.) always peed before I started masturbating and didn't drink any other liquids after the fact
2.) it comes out it two clearly identifiable streams. seems to give credence to the whole skenes gland thing
3.) it actually feels distinctly different from peeing
4.) it's clear
5.) doesn't taste like pee
6.) tbh even if it somehow is still pee despite all this, idgaf. it feels great

would be really interesting to hear from any anon who can squirt spontaneously

No. 147515

how'd you do it?? i want to be able to but im always worried about piss

No. 147516

as dumb as this sounds, for me it was more of being in the mindset of "I can squirt if I just believe in myself enough" than anything else. It helps if you're really relaxed and happy going into it. Never been able to do it if I wasn't in that state. For me, I also have to physically like, push my vaginal muscles outwards to make it happen. It doesn't just happen spontaneously, although for some people it can.

If you're worried about accidentally peeing, make sure you go to the bathroom beforehand and don't drink anything until you're done. Put down a towel just to be safe, too. Even if it does happen, try not to be too hard on yourself about it. I do notice a difference between squirting and peeing, but tbh it's not that pronounced, so it's easy to fuck it up. You might just have to accept that while you're learning.

No. 147519

the squirting liquid comes from those glands I was talking about upthread lmao

No. 147534

No such thing as "squirting glans".
A vagina drool is one thing (it's just abundant production of the normal lubricant that vagina produces), "squirt" is an invention of porn industry.
It can easily happen to have pee stored in your bladder and the friction and poking by the dick can cause an involuntary release of piss (happened to me a few times, was really aroused and lost control of the bladder a bit); you can call it "squirting" if you like, but it's actually you pissing all over your man's dick while fucking.
Fun fact: even if you start fucking and/or masturbating with an empty bladder, it can easily get filled during action anyway. This happened to me as well.

No. 147567

This. Squirting is disgusting, it IS pee. Do you think your body keeps a little pouch of water as reserve, just in case you feel like squirting today? Please.

No. 147580

Diff anon. I had an ex who was obsessed with making women squirt using his fingers, there was definitely an orgasm involved but yeah as someone who drinks too much coffee and not enough water.. I could tell the liquid was at least partly urine

I'm pretty grossed out by semen though so tbh both sexes have gross shit come out of them mid orgasm lol

No. 147631

>No such thing as "squirting glans"
NTA, but nobody is using that terminology. In my earlier post, I specifically mentioned the Skene's glands, which are glands located on the anterior wall of the vagina, near the urethra. While female ejaculation hasn't been definitively proven as being distinct from urine, a prominent theory is that the Skene's glands are the source of the ejaculation, rather than the urethra.

>"squirt" is an invention of porn industry.

I can't find anything corroborating the claim that even just the term "squirt" was invented by the porn industry. The concept of female ejaculation has been noted for centuries, and has been studied (albeit not much) by the scientific community. To claim the notion in itself is an invention of the porn industry is objectively false.

>It can easily happen to have pee stored in your bladder and the friction and poking by the dick can cause an involuntary release of piss (happened to me a few times, was really aroused and lost control of the bladder a bit); you can call it "squirting" if you like, but it's actually you pissing all over your man's dick while fucking.

This seems to presume that the bladder wasn't fully empty to begin with. Are you suggesting that you and others who have "pissed all over their man's dick while fucking" are somehow unaware that they had a significant amount of urine left in their bladders, despite having gone to the bathroom prior to sex?

>even if you start fucking and/or masturbating with an empty bladder, it can easily get filled during action anyway

Again, how is this happening? Where is the urine coming from? Did the person drink something prior to sex? Did they not fully empty their bladder prior to sex? Is their bladder magically filling with urine during sex/masturbation for some other

>Do you think your body keeps a little pouch of water as reserve, just in case you feel like squirting today?
>a little pouch of water as reserve
>anybody with half a brain equating squirting to water

No. 147645

> don’t masturbate for a week
> expect masturbation to feel better
>feels worse

Godammit. I guess I should not masturbate for a month

No. 147651

Women don't ejaculate as there is no biological need for a woman to ejaculate. Sex as much as transexuals and idiots want to believe is an evolutionary construct and there are biological reasons for orgasms. A female ejaculating does not make any sense. Women piss yes, but they do not ejaculate. We get wet when aroused to ease the entry of a dick, when females orgasm they tremor, which is the muscles in the vagina contracting inwards to help with sperm flow up to an egg.

Why in the fuck would a woman ejaculate when the goal of fucking at least in a biological sense is for impregnation. Squirting outwards is counter productive. It is mental that this needs to be explained to women.

No. 147659

Was this supposed to actually counter anything I said, or are you just venting about a phenomenon you don't like?

No. 147660

What's the issue exactly?

No. 147670

Please explain the clitoris, I'll wait.

No. 147687

Stimulating the clit still involves an orgasm that effects the muscle to the ovaries lol.

I do kegels lady it doesn't bother me if other girls enjoy pissing while having sex, just don't fool yourself into thinking it's a special form of ejaculation.

No. 147697

It just didn't feel particularly good. When I was younger, masturbation would feel really good and last a while, now my hornieness fizzles out after a few minutes and it doesn't feel as good anymore. I should probably abstain for like a month, if not more, for me to feel any significant change

No. 147708

> I do kegels lady
Ntayrt but this cracked me up for some reason, like I can imagine you randomly screaming this at people mid-argument

No. 147729

>it doesn't bother me if other girls enjoy pissing while having sex, just don't fool yourself into thinking it's a special form of ejaculation.

Clearly it does bother you, since you took the time to reply to me in the first place, then ignored all my evidence/refused to respond to any of my points indicating that squirting may not necessarily be piss. The medical community hasn't been able to confirm what exactly is happening with women who supposedly "ejaculate," (I'll even put it in quotes, just to appease your sperging), so idk why you think you have all the answers regarding this topic?

It honestly sounds like you have some sort of issue with urinary incontinence and are assuming everyone who has ever purported to squirt has the exact same problem, and just can't own up to it. That may be true for some, but angrily insisting that ALL squirting is just piss, offering no evidence for this to be the case other than "I've pissed myself during sex before," just comes across as a cope more than anything else.

No. 147731

Are you taking any medications? Experiencing an increase in stress/anxiety lately?

No. 147738

Nta but I mean to there was an actual study that showed squirting fluid was mostly diluted urine so

No. 147768

I'm not on meds, nor would I consider myself particularly stressed

No. 147809

also nta but considering that it, uh, travels through part of the urinary tract or the general areas, I would assume the liquid to include trace amounts of urine related molecules even if it isn't actually urine

in any case it's an oversimplification to say it equals urine if it's a massively diluted version. This bothers me because moids already have so many complexes about normal female bodily functions being gross or shameful or whatever, I don't want them to start insisting it's actually pee omg haha ewww when it doesn't smell like it or really leave any other traces

No. 147820

this. it baffles me how women on this board are so quick to shit on it as a "pickme" thing or claim that the porn industry made it up when historically women's satisfaction that's not penis related has always been disregarded.

No. 147869

>I can't find anything corroborating the claim that even just the term "squirt" was invented by the porn industry. The concept of female ejaculation has been noted for centuries, and has been studied (albeit not much) by the scientific community. To claim the notion in itself is an invention of the porn industry is objectively false.

Never heard about "squirt" outside of the porn industry before - I believe modern scientific research were probably made just to "debunk" or at least clarify what is shown in porn movies, where actresses gush long streams of urine while being fucked.

>This seems to presume that the bladder wasn't fully empty to begin with. Are you suggesting that you and others who have "pissed all over their man's dick while fucking" are somehow unaware that they had a significant amount of urine left in their bladders, despite having gone to the bathroom prior to sex?


>Again, how is this happening? Where is the urine coming from? Did the person drink something prior to sex? Did they not fully empty their bladder prior to sex? Is their bladder magically filling with urine during sex/masturbation for some other reason?

Are you serious?
Pee in the bladder is not produced just as a result of drinking.
Never took a piss before going to bed and then waking up because you needed to pee despite it?
In my personal experience, I have "squirted" during sex in different occasions, a couple times because I did have a full bladder before starting to fuck (I literally felt my bladder releasing drops because of me being aroused and the dick thrusting in) but other times I peed before starting and bladder got full with new pee in mid action (same thing happened while masturbating, I usually pee before starting but after finishing the bladder is full).
You definitely sound like a man, you know nothing about how female genitalia nor bladder work.

No. 147902

Coming to terms with the fact that I just don't enjoy penetration all that much

I'm an oldfag, fairly experienced and after years of BSing about loving it (enduring it just so I could enjoy the other parts of sex) I'm trying to get more honest about what I like. I don't want to view this as something that's 'wrong' with me but it seems like every discussion I find on the topic just talks about ways to fake enjoyment or talks about exhausting every possible solution to the issue.. I want to move past the act tbh. I don't have any medical issues and I think 15 odd years of trying is enough to know that I don't like it. Has anyone else here dealt with this and got past the stigma of being treated like you're broken?

No. 147907

I don't have a lot of experience, but I also don't enjoy penetration. I keep thinking that maybe I don't do something right, maybe I'm too anxious, maybe I'm not good at taking things up there, but no matter how I try it just feels painful at worst and slightly annoying at best. Even when I masturbate, I get turned off as soon as I try to use fingers. It's weird because everyone else seems to find it amazing.
The thing is, what man will not want to have penetrative sex? I guess I'm bound to be alone or feel unsatisfied for life.

No. 147916

I don't like it very much either. I think I'm not very penetration-compatible with my bf either, it's probably something about dick size, the angle and tighness of my vagina, and other factors but I enjoyed it a bit more with my ex.
On the other hand he's great at making me cum orally or with his hands and he's into some other stuff to make him cum so it hasn't been an issue. I want kids later in life tho so it's with him we'll have to figure something out.

No. 147937

I'm unsure whether or not my period is starting/has started and I don't have any thin pads in my house atm. I guess I'll just wear the bulky pads and go to bed

No. 147938

Ever since I use soap meant for the vajajay and wash with cold water my vagina smells delicious and is healthier than ever.. Whoever says “wash only with water NEVER with soap, it doesn’t matter you have pubes btw haha” is a fucking liar even if they’re a doctor well that is unless you want a smelly pimply vagina that’s always infected.

No. 147939

Speaking of ejaculating I’m back to squirting and I have a feeling it’s because my pelvic floor is loose. How can I even train them? should I use wen balls?

No. 147941

Samefagging but
> This seems to presume that the bladder wasn't fully empty to begin with.
I read in a medical book that a bladder produces urine constantly and pretty rapidly

No. 147947

do you mind sharing which soap you use?

No. 147948

Girl you absolutely need to wash your vulva with soap, pubes or not. It's the vagina (internal canal) that is self cleaning, not the outer folds.

No. 147951

This discussion has happened a million times on here, the advice not to use soap is meant to be 'don't put soap inside your vagina' people usually aren't advising against soap on the outside of your body.

>unless you want a smelly pimply vagina that’s always infected

Was that you until recently??

No. 147952

Not OP but every gyno I've ever asked recommended using natural soap with as little additional ingredients as possible. All of these elaborate intimate hygiene products tend to be way too much for how sensitive the skin is in the vagina area.

No. 147956

>I'm not very penetration-compatible with my bf either, it's probably something about dick size, the angle and tighness of my vagina, and other factors but I enjoyed it a bit more with my ex.
Same. I feel bad but I struggle with repetitive intrusive thoughts from having OCD so I'm forever thinking this and trying my hardest not to say it out loud to him. I feel like finding this out would be a big deal to a guy.

No. 147965

Putting soap in a vagina sounds like a fetish. I’m sure they sperg about putting soap on the vulva too. And yes. I quit using soap down there because that’s what my doctor recommended when I used regular ol’ soap and still had a strong scent.
Chilly delicate wash emulsion works for me but when I run out of it i’ll experiment with more brands before i go back to it.
Fuck my gyno btw, she gave me always shit advice

No. 147987

stop being fucking retarded.

No. 148009

I either use no soap or some neutral soap without any alcohol or perfume, because I just get yeast infections if I use those highly fragranced soaps down there.

No. 148021

Every vagina washing post seems to be started off by the spergiest of tards, you're a perfect example of that. Congrats anon

No. 148076

Literally what was retarded about my post? Washing the vulva with soap is hated by gynos too and idk why. You’re just being weird.

No. 148116

On the second day of my period (and the second day only) I become weirdly aware of my clit, like it has an itch and I need to masturbate to get rid of it (despite not being horny at all). Does it happen to anybody else? It's not painful and I'm not very bothered by it, I was just wondering if there's any explanation for it.

No. 148121

>she doesn't know that the inner vulva (pink area) is self cleaning and has it's own bioload and ph

No. 148123

I just wash with water and I have no smell and no complaints. Soap just gives me yeast or bv

I mean, there is no soap in nature after all, and sticking to whats natural usually works

No. 148126

File: 1597791225103.jpg (135.91 KB, 400x519, 14988_415.jpg)

Not sure if it belongs in this thread, but I opened a pad today and found a fucking spider inside.

No. 148137

There's no deodorant in nature either, but that doesn't mean it's ok to go around smelling like a sailor's sweaty balls

No. 148140

File: 1597803163321.png (600.14 KB, 593x665, b84.png)

Who the fuck did you piss off to make a higher power put a spider in your pad?

No. 148141

I don't wear deodorant either and no one has ever said anything. I've even asked people to smell me and everyone says I smell fine.

No. 148184

How big of a spider are we talking?

No. 148185

Uh you shouldn't wash your vag with soap unless its like those special soaps made for it that doesn't mess with your ph level. Soap can seriously fuck up your vag, did you never learn this at biology?

Your vag shouldn't smell that bad either way, if you think it does smell you should probaly go see a gyo to ask for advice

No. 148187

Washing your vag with soap, especially perfumed ones, (unless it's a medical soap with a vag friendly pH level) can give you yeast infections and bacterial imbalance but ok.

No. 148189

Did I say wash it with soap? I assumed (although I see it was wrong) that it was implied I was talking about special soap for the hoohah, the outside. I cant remember the names but theres plenty.

Are you asian? A lot of asians dont have those…hormones or whatever they are called under the arms that produce the BO.

No. 148201

Me neither, and I'm not Asian, I'm Eastern European. I smell occasionally if I go on a multi-day hike and sweat a lot from the clothes and backpack but even then it takes several days of not showering.

No. 148230

you're thinking of apocrine glands! asians have fewer apocrine glands and around 2% of the global population has a gene which means you produce sweat which doesn't contain proteins that bacteria can latch onto and eat, which means they don't excrete and produce B.O.

so if you're an anon who can get away with not wearing deodorant for days you're probably quite lucky! but in the minority. the rest of us get stinky pretty quickly.

No. 148301

>tfw i have to apply 48hr deodorant every 4 hours

No. 148421

"Squirting" still contains pee. It might mix with fluid from the Skene's glands, but there's still pee in it. That's just what happens when all those muscles are in the same area. The substance produced by the Skene's glands alone are too mucus-y to "squirt." It needs to be mixed with urine to be watery enough to be ejected out like that.

Can we just accept that not all women orgasm in a super obvious way, and that if you want to be a good partner, you should try to pick up on the other indicators of an orgasm (like muscle contractions).

No. 148451

Does anyone own period underwear or cups?

I was looking at getting some underwear to try but I am worried reviews I found on various websites/forums could be disingenuous.

Brand-wise, I whittled it down to Modibodi and Thinx, but the critiques I found is the fabric is water proof so it can get really smelly and stay sweaty everywhere underneath, period or not. Additionally, I read that the materials might actually have compounds which are harmful to ones health, or that they are only supposed to last about a year… Since they are pretty pricy I am hesitant about buying a pair but would really love to stop using tampons.

For cups, I read that you are supposed to boil it prior to each use to reduce Toxic Shock Syndrome? They also seem SO big, I am a bit narrow so I am struggling on what size to get or how to expect it to feel? Also would love to switch to a method of managing my period that requires no insertion…

I am leaning towards just using washable pads, however my period is a monster for the first 2 days and basically 7 days worth of blood and clots come out in 48 hours, so I need washable pads that can take a beating, be really absorbent, not smell like blood, and maybe last a while before I have to discard them and drop more money on new ones? I was hoping period panties would be able to simplify things but now I don't know.

Anyone have any experiences/thoughts/preferences?

No. 148452

Been using a cup for five years now. Boiling before each cycle is good advice, but personally I just wash mine well with water and unscented soap whenever my period starts; I've never had a problem. I've accidentally dropped it on my bathroom floor maybe three times and that's the time I boil it for ten minutes.

There are plenty of online quizzes to take to determine what size cup is best for you, but the general rule of thumb is if your flow is regular and you've never given birth, size small should be just fine. If you consider yourself narrow, I'd recommend a small.

No. 148453

Yeah that! Sorry I couldnt remember the name.
There are also some asians that DO smell but they are never taught how to properly "take care " of the smell so they just dont do it.

Also I read somewhere that with age, you start getting some BO down in the vagina area, so thats why I said its good to wash it with (vagina-friendly) soap. Imagine if you washed BO with just water? It would just get worse.

No. 148455

I've been using cups for 10+ years, I boil them everytime before my period starts. They come in so many different sizes, shapes and grades of flexibility, you might have to try around a bit. Starting with a quiz like anon suggested is a good idea. Best investment of my life imo

No. 148456

Wow, thank you so much for your feedback! While I would prefer to stop using a product that requires insertion (I usually use tampons), if cups are this successful after so many years I would be willing to give it a try.

Can I ask what brands specifically you both like? Also at what point do you have to throw them away, from your personal experience?

No. 148460

Nta but I use pixie! It's very small compared to most cups. If you fold it like a taco, it's very simple to insert. I've been using one since September (and very often since my birth control is whack right now.)

Also, pro-tip when you're regularly washing them: Never wash in hot water or your cup will turn brown.

No. 148480

First ayrt here - I use a small local brand made in my country so I’m not sure if I can recommend it. But I would say a cup is good for 5-6 years: for example, I actually just recently replaced mine but only because the stem had broken off. The cup part still good.

I’m actually also interested in period underwear to wear on days when I think my period’s coming up, but yeah, the warnings about smell and stuff are making wary too.

No. 148491

I have this and it fucking sucks.

No. 148543

Thank you so much!

No. 148586

File: 1598163987982.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 20.39 KB, 231x334, help.jpeg)

Anons I can't tell if there's something wrong with me or if I'm just being paranoid. I feel like my urethra is too close to my vaginal opening, and also that it looks kind of swollen/puffy. Sometimes it burns while I'm masturbating. Wtf is going on. Is this normal? I got tested for a UTI and it came back negative.

Here's a diagram in that helps. The vaginal opening is colored blue and the urethra is green.

No. 148604

I've never seen a clit and urethra be so far from each other

No. 148605

Was just about to say

No. 148607

Is it also as swollen like it is in the picture?

No. 148665

No. 148717

You seriously went to a doctor and they told you you're fine? You need a second opinion. If your diagram is accurate, I don't know what's wrong, but something IS definitely wrong here.

No. 148718

File: 1598249334249.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 67.72 KB, 890x647, B467EBC4-46A0-475B-921E-EDE689…)

samefag, this is what a normal vulva is supposed to look like. Your urethra should be barely visible and a lot higher. I wonder if you have a birth defect or some kind of healed trauma? It's not going to kill you but you should definitely seek out answers.

No. 149066

Are you sure the green thing is your urethra? It honestly doesn't seem normal. Have you ever been to a gyno?

No. 149075

File: 1598467274765.png (Spoiler Image, 696.98 KB, 1524x950, 11930_2019_193_Fig1_HTML.png)

See now this is making me paranoid about my vulva situation lmao. What I've got going on looks similar to pic related which is apparently normal and looks somewhat like what you tried to draw, but I'm not sure if I'm misinterpreting your diagram?

No. 149156

File: 1598518366517.jpg (11.71 KB, 160x225, 20031225-jesus.jpg)

>Have vaginal fungus
>No money for meds
>When those cunts can kill their cancer with self-healing powers I can do that with a lil fungus.jpg
>Laying in bed
>Imagine how the sea flows out of my pussy
>Next day
>Shit I'm pissing myself
>It's just a lot of discharge
>Mfw my pussy feels a lot better

No. 149169

I've been to a gynecologist multiple times. I haven't had any medical issues with my vagina aside from BV a few years ago, which I took antibiotics for. None of them ever told me anything was wrong. It's been a few years since I've seen a gynecologist, though.

Idk anons, I'm kind of scared now. Maybe I should make an appointment.

No. 149179

I can put a dildo in my pussy and two - three fingers but I can still feel my hymen and its all fleshy, white and gross but it doesnt really hurt to insert? bleh

No. 149181

Why do I need to piss all the time? When I pee it feels like some is left over even if I pee for hours and my mom tells me to drink more water but that only makes me piss even more (i feel the piss fill up my bladder instantly) and I been to the doctors but they said nothings wrong I have no STDs or anything
am i crazy?

No. 149184

File: 1598531157152.png (Spoiler Image, 392.43 KB, 847x592, Screenshot 2020-08-27 at 13.25…)

Here's a diagram from one a medical textbook which might be useful

No. 149193

File: 1598534079123.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 97.32 KB, 1600x1513, cervix.jpeg)

anons I need some help. I think there's something wrong with my cervix but I'm not sure. It seems to be abnormally low, even when aroused. I can feel it by inserting my finger as deep as halfway through my first and second knuckle (~a bit over an inch) but the weirder part is that it's not in the centre, it sits on the left side of my pelvis. i can go "around" it with my finger and the virginal canal seems to be of normal length. I booked an appointment for a gynecologist but In on the waiting list for another 2 months. I'm very scared it might be prolapsed. Last time I had sex was years ago.
Pic related, it feels like that but more protruded. Has anyone ever had weird experiences with their cervix?

No. 149196

So what's your problem exactly? That it's on the side? I feel like mine moves a lot during the cycle. It's also mostly protruding. Tbh sounds normal to me.

No. 149197

I'm worried because it's so low and protruding during arousal as well. All the diagrams and photos I've seen show it to not be protruding, it looked like it snuggly fit under the uterus

No. 149208

how did you take a photo of that

No. 149209

Only ~an inch??? that seems seriously low. There's never a point in my cycle, personally, where I can feel my cervix without really jamming my fingers up there, it probably never goes lower than three inches and three inches is super low for me. I know everyone is built a little different and some people might have lower positioned cervixes, but even so, your description sounds abnormally low. It's good you set up a gyno appointment, sorry that it's so far away.

No. 149214

NTAYRT but looks like this was taken with a perspex speculum, it's what we use in gyno clinics for looking at the cervix

No. 149260

When your vagina gets sore because of sex, is there a way to fasten the healing process?

No. 149261

i get a LOT of discharge especially when i'm really stressed and i find it so embarrassing.

i've always been like that and for a while i thought i had an infection but there's no smell and it's white and thick. i always stress about it before, during and after sex lol idk what to do.

No. 149267

It's not her picture, it's from Google or something.

No. 149268

Not really. You could put a cold pack (covered with a cloth) on the area to help the inflammation, but you just have to give it a rest and let it heal on it's own.

No. 149274

Use lube/more lube during sex. Stops that from happening

No. 149278

File: 1598584737850.jpg (10.9 KB, 236x225, help.jpg)

I'm 80% sure I have a yeast infection, will the gynecologist have to look up my vagina to tell? I'm really self conscious so I want to avoid that as much as possible.

No. 149286

Probably, you can just get a 3 day OTC kit. If it works it works. If it doesnt you have something else.

No. 149304

…mine also looks like that. Isn't it normal? No gyno has said anything…

No. 149524

Why do I have such a hard time with penetration? Past year or so I can barely fit a finger in, and it hurts so much, only in the entrace area though, the inside feels fine. But the opening is so painful to get through, I have to brace myself before I carefully take a single finger out because it hurts even doing that. It wasn't always like this, I have had sex and used toys before but this had happened sometime after getting forced into a sexual act (not penetration) but my memory isn't too clear so I'm not sure. I don't put anything inside at all now because of the pain and I'm worried.

No. 149534

Really sounds more like a mental thing, sorry to ask but is it more of a you cannot stretch because it hurts and burns or more of a clamping, muscly sensation? The first one would sound more of a physiological issue but I am no gyno. Maybe bring this up with your gyno the next time you go, sounds worrysome.

No. 149539

Anon you really need to get past this mentality. It's very important to do a cytology at least once per three years but ideally every year. Gynecologist sees countless vaginas every day, they'll not think anything bad of yours. Look up the name of the doctor before going, possibly you will be able to find positive reviews from previous patients that will put your mind at ease.

No. 149540

I’ve still never been to a gyno and I’m far too old for that but I physically cannot brunt myself to do it…

No. 149547

if it makes you feel better most people don't go that often in countries outside of the US.

No. 149560

My aunt insists I go to a gyno, don't want to go but I am so fucking clueless at contraception and scared to death of getting pregnant. I never been on the pill, don't know how it works.

No. 149563

For the past few hours there's been this uncomfortable pressure on my vagina, almost like I have to use the bathroom, but when I pee it really hurts/burns and I'm scared that I have a UTI because I reaaalllyyy don't want to go visit the doctors, especially for an embarrassing condition like this.

No. 149565

Haven't had a uti in a hot minute but that sounds familiar. There's no shame in a uti, seriously its completely normal for women. You're just going to tell the doctor your symptoms and if it is a uti they'll give you antibiotics.
Maybe it's my country or something but most women I know talk about it like a fact of life because it pretty much is!

No. 149577

Me neither, in my country most girls go for the first time in their teens after losing their virginity or to get the pill to treat acne, and I'm a 27 year old virgin with clear skin kek. My coworker recommended me her gyno, so I should not fear about being judged for my lack of sexual experience, but I still have this mental hurdle which stops me from booking an appointment, I'd rather go to the dentist every week.

No. 149578

There's nothing embarrassing about an UTI anon. Woman's bodies are basically built in such a way that we get them terribly easy and any doctor knows that. But if you really don't wanna go, I have succesfully gotten rid of a UTI with a treatment course from the drugstore before though.

I'm in my mid-twenties and have never seen a gyno either but like, girls and woman in my country don't go to a gyno unless they're 50+ or have an actual concern/reason to go. We don't go for random check-ups when you're completely healthy and have no reason to go, so I'm not concerned. I didn't even know it was a thing for woman to get an annual check-up in other countries until I saw something trending about it on social media. And I'm from a rich western country with a decent health care system, so it's not like the average person can't afford it or whatever.

No. 149585

>in my mid-twenties and have never seen a gyno
I had my first gyno appt at 27 and I had precancer on my cervix

No. 149586


Thank you anons. I guess my embarrassment isn't really shame it's just that I really dislike going to the doctors for practically anything, I find it too invasive and awkward. The pain has definitely gone down, and when I pee it still hurts a little but nowhere near as much as before. I've been drinking a ton of water because I heard it helps, so I'm hoping that will eventually stop it. If it's the same tomorrow I guess I'll have to suck it up and go to the doctors lol. Ty again anons

No. 149587

If you think it's a UTI try taking lots of d mannose for a few days ASAP.
It has literally worked better for my chronic UTIs than anything the doctor has ever prescribed me. I used to get them twice a month and I'd be in terrible pain, then be put of some vicious medicine like cipro and get a horrible yeast infection. Since I switched to d mannose, at worst I get a twinge once every few months, I take a low dose and it instantly disappears.
You may need antibiotics though if it's been going on a long time, especially if your back starts to hurt.

No. 149589

This is what I’m worried about. Not going until I find out I have cancer.

No. 149590

lol i'm 28 and i've never been either
my friends keep trying to scare me into going and say i might have cervical cancer
there was a lot of pressure on social media a while back with everyone talking about their smear tests and talking down to women who didn't go
i'm sure they think it's very noble and i know that my way of thinking is flawed but it really sticks in my craw
i don't think anybody should feel bullied or pressured to have an intrusive test like that if they feel unsafe, i don't think trying to scare somebody with the threat of cancer is very understanding

also like, bold of you to assume i don't want to die

No. 149592

I don't know what age group first started getting the HPV vaccine but I never got it. Seeing as I had one of the two 'bad strains' of it that's what made my cervical changes more worrying. It was a stressful couple of years monitoring it for further changes.

Did most here get the vaccine?

No. 149593

I'm in a country where gyno appointments aren't common but at 25 you get sent a letter telling you that you're due to have a free cervical screening. Pretty good service seeing as most would otherwise never go

No. 149595

got the first one because they came into school to give it to us, but never got the other one (or two?)

No. 149597

It's not "social media pressure", it's raising awareness because there's a lot of women who died of cancer at young age, which could totally be prevented if only they went for a check-up regularly, and a lot of them just didn't know it's a thing they should do. It's for your own good, dying of cancer is a really shitty way to die; but in all honesty, if you don't care about your health and life, you don't have to go. There are chances you'll be fine anyway.

I got two vaccines for the HPV types that come with the highest cancer risk but not the rest; and the only reason I got them is because my mom who is a nurse learnt about the possibility to have these from one of the doctors. Otherwise it's really uncommon in my country for women to even know it's an option, and additionaly, it's really expensive to have these, unfortunately.

No. 149598

I didn't get it. My mother was convinced I'd be a virgin til marriage so "I didn't need it" and I think she said two girls died from it. I'm not angry though. I am terrified of shots and overall I'm pretty wary of new medicine.

If you're sexually active, please at least get tested for STD's. I never got tested because I didn't have symptoms, until a new partner insisted I get tested before we had sex. Thankfully I did, because I had chlamydia. Literally 0 symptoms of anything wrong, and I have no idea how long I had it for.

No. 149601

>i don't think anybody should feel bullied or pressured to have an intrusive test like that if they feel unsafe

well a pap smear shouldn't be considered intrusive, unless you have some sort of genital trauma. it is quick and painless. this definitely is an issue worth resolving

No. 149602

go to the doctor you fucking child

>uwu i want to die

then neck yourself

No. 149604

Some doctors are rough though. I think a good way to avoid trouble is to stick to a female doctor that has good reviews for being gentle, or going to planned parenthood.
I've read a testimony of a woman who went to the gyno when she was like, 15 and said she was sexually active, and when asked she admitted she had had multiple partners and the (female) gyno had a weird behaviour. Later she did her a pap smear that was especially painful and the woman suspects it was a sort of "punishment". Unfortunately I'm sure there's tons of doctors with shitty views who can't help but bring their useless morals in their work. Not that I think 15 year olds should have lots of sex but gynecological abuse is not the way to solve that.

No. 149606

How do you guys shave the "smaller" more "delicate" areas around your vagina? For example there is a bunch of hair on the outer vagina lips. I really don't wanna cut myself with the razor… Or should I just go and get it waxed?

Also I just looked into the vagina hole and for some reason there are some weird lumps right over the hole (like when you move away the inner lips and look into it). I had a surgery in the past were something had to be cut since I wasn't able to even fit a q-tip inside my vagina, could those lumps be leftovers from the surgery? My doctor never said anything and it also doesn't hurt.
I tried to describe it the best way I could and I'm too embarrassed to ask one of my friends.

No. 149609

I never could figure out how to effectively shave there so I've resorted to epilating.. it hurts a lot there but on the upside it stays gone a lot longer too so it's worth it to me.

No. 149610

I stretch the skin before I put the razor on. Sometimes I cover the delicate spots (like my clit) with my fingers to protect them.

As for the lumps, definitely get it checked out. If they're hard, they might be an STD/STI like HPV, but honestly there's no way to be sure if it's that or scar tissue or just normal vaginal lumps (I have them!) since you probably don't have frame of reference.

No. 149611

In my experience it's the one part of my body where no matter how rushed I am while shaving.. I never nipped or cut myself there. That might just be my anatomy though. I have what's considered an innie or neat vag. Probably worth asking your doc if those bumps are just normal old anatomy or something else. Could be scar tissue from your surgery?

No. 149612

Thank you all for your nice replies, anons.
I don't think that it is something serious - it might just be leftovers and general just feels like a little bit of weird skin hanging around.
I will ask my doctor about it regardless - just to make sure, like you suggested.

As for the shaving part - I equipped myself with shaving gel, a large mirror, the razor and will try getting rid of the hairs now.

Wish me luck lol

No. 149618

Lol tell us how it goes, anon!

No. 149831

life sucks so fucking much i cant jerk off without having a goddamn bartholins cyst pop up, i pee after i jerk off and i shower 3 times a day but the second i jerk off ill get a damn cyst for weeks
i just want to coom for fucks sake

No. 149927

I fucking have one of these now. do they go away on their own?

No. 149935

are those as big as they are when you google? Because damn. I read they're caused by the fluid getting blocked, so jerking off -> arousal -> more fluid -> glands block I guess. Sucks man

No. 149945

Whenever I put in a tampon it's like my vagina takes a sharp turn to the left when I put it in instead of going in straight. I haven't used tampons in years so I totally forgot until I ran out of pads today.

No. 149947

you'd think causing more fluid will eventually unblock it.

No. 150065

they take their time but yeah they eventually deflate on their own, i read hot water helps unclogs them too. hope yours goes down soon anon
mine have been around the size of a grape, they dont hurt or anything so am kinda lucky

No. 150103

Why does it take so long to get an appointment with a gyno?? It's always a month or 2 out. I need help NOW not a MONTH from now. Ugh.

No. 150185

Bro I looked at my vagina for the first time recently, at 21. I've got to sound fucking stupid but somehow it always grossed me out, thought I was trans/dysphoric but I think it's just cus I never got comfortable with it? I didn't even know the anatomy I swear… I should be ashamed it took so long but I honestly feel elated. Like hell ya I finally am learning myself. And it looks alright lol. Idk it still kind of icks me out so I'm trying to go slow but that was a big step. Fucking 21 years.

No. 150187

I'm happy for you anon! Appreciate what you have and don't feel like you're too late. I was even older than you when I did the same thing. Vaginas looked gross to me too but now that I'm in my 30s I did a complete turnaround and I find them hot. One thing I still have problems with is sticking my fingers up there for too long, for some reason the feeling makes me woozy, idk why.

No. 150190

Nta but
>still have problems with is sticking my fingers up there for too long, for some reason the feeling makes me woozy, idk why
Me too! I used to be able to insert and remove my nuvaring and that's the extent of how long I can stand the sensation. Like you said I feel woozy, squeamish almost. I'm not even young or inexperienced but I can't do it.

No. 150203

I’m getting my Mirena replaced next week and I’m so scared anons. Past 5 years have been great cause no more PMDD. But insertion hurt SO much last time. The doctor can’t offer me any pain medication (I’ve asked) and I don’t want to pay for a gyno so I have to do with ibuprofen. They’ll remove the old one and insert a new one in the same visit. Any experiences or words of advice?

No. 150243

Your pelvic floor could be too tight to empty completely. Whenever you're peeing try pretending like you're blowing out of a straw very slowly and relax.

No. 150244

It's probably just a tilted uterus. Mine does the same thing.

No. 150249

I'm 26 now, got the shot sometime in high school.

No. 150250

You will be fine anon. Its easier the second time around because you are used to having something inside you and you don't cramp like mad.

The removal does not hurt at all but is a bit uncomfortable - kinda like pulling a hair? Idk how to describe it.

No. 150255

i feel my period cramps in my vulva (as in, the external part of my vagina) and they get really sharp and painful, and make it harder to walk and sit. i'm wondering if anyone else experiences cramps there, because when i look up cramps online they are always near the abdomen and i'm worried there's something wrong.

No. 150256

Kind of. I get cramps around my vaginal opening. Like I can feel it tensing and contracting and sometimes it makes it difficult to concentrate because it aches. Is that what you mean?

No. 150272

I was about to get it but my mom said no because she's an antivaxxer and was "told by her friend who is a doctor" that it'll give me cancer instead. Now I'm 27 and when I asked about it they said I was too old.

No. 150273

I'm 19 and never got it

No. 150343

File: 1599399713894.jpeg (11.52 KB, 485x506, godwhy.jpeg)

Anyone else feels extremely uncomfortable and fearful with anything having to do with vags or even breasts?

I think i mitht be broken, i avoid gynecologists like the plague and even talking about anything vagina related makes me sweat and get anxious. In fact i cried reading this damn thread (don't know why i did it).

It's not like i've been raped, only groped by some men i trusted, but still any reminder of woman body parts like breasts or uterus makes me anxious and pregnancy talk makes me want to die. I'm not trans either, i have no desire to live or look like a man.

No. 150345

It could be a phobia maybe? And you say 'only' groped. Girl, that's bad enough. You don't have to have been raped to feel anxious about your body if it's been used in a way you didn't consent to. All I can say though is please, please, please try and go to a gyno for a check up. I struggle with getting my smear test done and it makes me faint, but it is so important to look after yourself anon. It is horrible, in my opinion, but it is over very quickly.

No. 150353

Idk, it feels like one but can someone have a phobia torwards genitals?

>Girl, that's bad enough

Thank you, but it feels like i'm overreacting though. If girls who were raped can still live normally i shouldn't be like this.

Thank you for the worry but i can't, i even have some yeast or bacterial vaginosis going on but i can't go. Maybe if it was just the doc looking but a smear is impossible. I would rather get sick even knowing the consequences (family member had cancer).

No. 150354

anon, I posted earlier in this thread how I never looked at my vagine before til recently, it's because of the same reasons you are dealing with. It fucking sucks and hard to say why this is a thing for us, but like other anon said the groping is enough to be super upsetting. So it could be that, but for me personally i think its cus lack of sex ed/society doesnt care for women to feel good/having to see how we are objectified 24/7. (And i was groped once too by a friend but just the thigh, still makes you hyper aware of your own body and how it is taken sexually). Imo that alone is enough to fuck us all up so this may not be so unusual.

It may be that slow exposure to the female body (mainly your own) could help. Thats basically what i am doing. Trying to learn more slowly, observe/touch, and yes i did cry too when i looked at pics and diagrams of vaginas. Really want to hug you tbh cus it is a strange experience. But i have faith we can both overcome, and go from disturbed -> testing waters -> tolerating -> loving/appreciating our body parts. But then maybe theres other options like therapy? Honestly what you said about getting groped by men you trusted is enough to have some trauma imo. Best of luck<3

No. 150360

sorry samefag as >>150354 but also have you noticed how society treats women like a "secondary" sex? Like men = neutral, baseline then women = that plus boobs uterus women parts. Or I guess you could say a similar thing about being a kid, then growing up to notice secondary sex characteristics which feel out of place. Could this approach have something to do with your feelings? Apologies for all this theorizing but its important to see that breasts vagina uterus etc are not disgusting, it's part of being an adult woman.

No. 150367

Phobias can develop for anything. It's pretty much a case of if it exists, it is bound to frighten at least one person. I feel weird about my vagina because I am phobic of pregnancy and have been sexually assaulted in my life. I can just about deal with putting a tampon in so smears are like hell on earth for me. I always warn my doctor and honestly, they are very kind and mine said you can have a chaperone, or get a nurse to hold your hand. They are very understanding, anon, promise. I know there is nothing I can do or say to change your mind, but just know that I believe you have the power to do it.

No. 150381

Thanks anon. I'm sorry you feel this way too, it's really awful since we constantly need to deal with it, there is no break or anything, i hope you can move past it someday. Yeah maybe therapy would help in the future, i don't know if many therapists are equiped to deal with this though lol

I can look at mine (others freak me out), but touching or any feeling is weird.

We are treated as not default yeah. Another thing for me at least is that i find it digusting that i have certain body parts to attract a male and have kids and i absolutely DO NOT want that but i need to be constantly reminded of it since like 11. I hate that my body is designed for mens pleasure and for childbirth when i don't want to and that i suffer so much from it to be honest. Being a woman sucks and doctors don't help when they refuse things like letting me get my tubes tied.

Thanks for the kind words. That might be it, i'm the same way, but even small tampons are too much. I can't even stand touching myself there directly too much, it freaks me out.

Honestly, my experience with doctors has not been like that, mine years ago were very dismissive and impatient like they didn't want to deal wirh a difficult patient so i never even let them see much less touch. But even if they're sweet i won't be able to, i really don't know what my state would be after and i'm already mid key suicidal.

No. 150416

thanks babe. mine is pretty small but hurts a bit.

No. 150510

I am so so sorry you're suffering because of this bullshit lie men create for us. Your body is only so much for men's pleasure as theirs is for ours, but that's meaningless. It really is true that sexual harassment is about domination and control. When men walk behind a woman and make demeaning comments about her ass (my friend's experience), or grope you, it can leave a strong sense of embarassment and shame. But that's their true intention, to override women's boundaries and get pleasure from the humiliation. It's ingrained into us that our bodies are the reason they do this, that they can't help it if they see an attractive woman with sexy features!! That we're baby makers or sex dolls. But you have to realize, and replace that internalization- I think you've internalized that message and so did I and others. But your body is NOT men's, it's not those features' fault for existing that all these expectations and actions take place toward them. Expectations and behaviors are external, they are men's and society's, but your body is there to serve you first and foremost. Sorry if I'm getting preachy I just am so sorry you have to face this bullshit that's not even fair or true. I hope you can come to appreciate your body because it exists for you, and its functions should be your choice. If someone asserts that you have to have babies or that your parts are for their pleasure, that's men's perversion. It doesnt have to be your reality.

No. 150511

(samefag anon, sorry for the sperging) Also, the fact you feel your body is for childbirth and for men is a reflection of culture and history. Those ideas have been pushed because men were driving the narrative, and didnt even acknowledge women as full people til relatively recent. You are a full person with wants desires and needs outside of your body's capacity to have babies. Think about it, if the world were different the same could be said about men's bodies, they're just for women's pleasure and giving seed. Lol it sounds weird but so does the other narrative. I just want to stress this view is really skewed and unrealistic and that women are not some kind of separate secondary being

No. 150565

no need since you already talk about it 24/7 if we're going to generalize

No. 150604

>noticed how society treats women like a "secondary" sex? Like men = neutral, baseline then women = that plus boobs uterus women parts

Pretty rich considering the female IS the baseline. The default. In all of evolution as well as when we're fetuses. That's why they have nipples. THEYRE the ones that mutate into males in the womb.

No. 150631

File: 1599585209734.jpg (Spoiler Image, 54.78 KB, 411x338, hair.jpg)

Idk if this is the right thread, but do you guys know how to deal with this? It's so ugly but I'm also too brainwashed to let my hair grow.

No. 150640

Have you tried waxing?

No. 150641

The only way is laser hair removal. You can use chemical exfoliants but it’s up to you whether you want them that close to your vaginal opening.

Some womens pubes are just too coarse, doesn’t make much of a difference with epilating and waxing.

No. 150665

I switched to just trimming. Couldn't find any other way around it tbh. I still have a couple of lil scar tissue spots that will always remind me of my shaving days

No. 150679

oof i wanna pull those out with a tweezer, so satisfying

but yeah exfoliating before and after shaving (with a more gentle exfoliator since you're using it twice) might work

No. 150682

Tea tree oil diluted with jojoba oil after shaving works great for me, and I have very coarse pubic hairs. Not shaving is what's really worked best in regards to having a healthy bikini area, though.

The tea tree oil has mild antiseptic properties and the jojoba oil mimics natural sebum without actually feeding/growing bacteria like sebum would. The jojoba also moisturizes the skin and hair. Just be sure not to apply any tea tree oil too close to your labia.

No. 150685

I am so glad I'm not alone with being fearful of vagina interaction. I really don't like doing anything with it because any form of insertion hurts like hell. Can't even do tampons.

I did, however, finally bite the bullet and had my first gyno visit today because I gave in to my need of needing to know if something is actually wrong with me. Turns out I have a ridiculously small vagina. Like, so small that the doctor couldn't even take a pap smear with the smallest… collector? because it made me cry and he couldn't get it in far enough. I am also still sore down there from the attempt and my appointment was 8 hours ago? Cool.

I was told that if I ever wanted to have sex or use even use a tampon, I would need to get a dialator (a very small one) and begin wearing that overnight but for some reason, that just feels gross to me because the only reason I know about dialators is because of trannies and their neovaginas. Never… did I consider real women used them.

but hey–at least I do have the knowledge there's nothing -actually- wrong down there–it's just fucking small and sensitive.

No. 150695

I once had a gyno tell me I had the longest vagina she'd ever seen in her 20+ years of practice. I've brought this up with other gynos but they all claimed I was normal and didn't know what she was on about. This was over 10 years ago and I am still moderately traumatized by the experience. I feel like the other gynos are lying just to make me feel better kek

No. 150763

Hey props to you for getting checked out, it's never pleasant but it's worth it.

No. 150838

I have a tiny vagina too! Same deal with Pap smears and tampons. On top of that, I have a very inflexible hymen. When I went to the gyno for the first time, she also said I might need dilators, but I never decided to bother using them. Penetration of any sort has always been painful and often felt practically impossible. Having PIV sex for the first time was highly traumatic because of how painful, uncomfortable and unsuccessful it was. I happily don’t date men anymore, and one of the many upsides is avoiding penetration. Clitoral orgasms have always been great on their own for me, so I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything.

No. 150883

Update: >>150250 was totally right. The measuring hurt more than the insertion itself. I barely even felt the insertion. The cramps aren’t as bad as last time either. Really happy about how it went down.

No. 150892

>just feels gross to me because the only reason I know about dialators is because of trannies and their neovaginas. Never… did I consider real women used them.
Women who've had certain types of cancer use them too. I'm in my thirties, been sexually active for over a decade and am a tampon user but I needed to buy a set post-cancer. I can manage average girth now (thanks to the set) but I still have an issue with length that might just be permanent.

No. 150916

Does anybody else remember the pain and almost tear up/gag for a day or two after pap smears?

It's why I refuse to get an IUD even though I know they're the most effective birth control, but when I bring it up to my doctor she's like "Yeah, pelvic exams can be embarrassing!"

No. 150920

I've had a handful of pap smears and a colposcopy (twice I think?) and I never felt any pain during any of them

No. 150928

My pap smears and IUD insertion were fine? You should try to get your doctor to take that more seriously (easier said than done I know), neither should be so painful you’re nauseous over it.

No. 150954

Has anyone gotten laser hair removal for down there? I really hate shaving and if I could choose between having hair and not having it I'd definitely pick not. Wondering if there's any risks with that zone

No. 150957

I used to really want it. When I planned tattoos that went down that low I had to choose whether to get laser done first or go ahead with the tattoos which would make laser impossible. I decided to just go ahead and get the tattoos, mainly because saving up for laser was alot.

I'm glad I didn't rush to do it. My feelings about body hair have changed alot since then.

No. 150965

According to my general studies certificate, that means if you were born male you woulda had a LONG dick. Embrace your big dick energy.

No. 151091

I have pretty limited experience w sex (LDR for most of my adulthood, now married in person and only recently got over fear of penetration) so idk if this is normal or not, but I think the luve we're using is irritating my vagina? I notice itchiness after sex but only when we use the lube…its water based, and we're using condoms. Would that mean its just the lube and we should buy a different kind or could it be something else? We're only ever with each other so I highly doubt its an STD and I dont get it it when I masturbate or any other time.

No. 151153

I've always considered myself on the smaller side down there, even as an oldfag most of my toys are more like beginners toys because that's just what I can comfortably take. The last few months though I've noticed that when I use regular sized tampons..they leak before they are even full. Just start to leak almost immediately. Super tampons don't have that problem. I have a light enough flow but find myself using supers now just to avoid leaks.

I don't understand why smaller tampons would do that if its not an issue of 'fit'? But then I still struggle to take an average sized dick so I don't know what's going on there. Any ideas?

No. 151156

maybe you are sensitive to latex, even alergic. try use latex free condoms and see if it improves the situation. good luck anon!

No. 151161

Tampons expand to fit you snug, maybe it's just shape,the small one doesn't expand enough or something.

No. 151209

thanks for the tip, I hadn't even considered that I might have a latex allergy! We were just about to buy new condoms so I'll test out some non-latex ones and see how ut goes

No. 151217

You could just not be pushing them far in enough or you're dehydrated so they don't to expand enough to "plug" you.

No. 151463

I really don't like masturbating. I don't know why, I just don't really feel like I gain anything when I try and sometimes even get completely turned off. I am not asexual (I am sexually active) nor do I have vaginismus or anything like that that might cause discomfort, I just don't…care for it. At all. Never have.
This gave me such anxiety when I was a late teen and young adult, I felt like such a weirdo when I started seeking out sex positive spaces simply because I don't masturbate, there was so much talk in those spaces about how good it is for your mental health and stress but there I was not really getting the big deal.
Anyone else like this?

No. 151558

File: 1600260742759.jpg (53.28 KB, 540x395, tumblr_pso8dkrCz31v80yrw_540.j…)

This is SO embarrassing but I've been worried and insecure about my clit for my entire life. It's way too big and it looks so weird. Even as a kid before I even had any form of sex education I knew something down there was different, and at one point I thought I actually had a penis (lol). As an adult it's still huge and very noticeable and sticks out through my underwear. The hood is really big too, the same size as my labia if not bigger.
It's made me terrified of relationships because I'm afraid my partner would react badly or think I have a disease.

Could I be intersex, or at least have weird testosterone levels? Asking that specifically because I also have a lot of body hair but I definitely don't have PCOS, like I have a trail of hair that goes from my crotch up to the bottom of my ribs. I'm really worried there's something wrong.

No. 151564

nayrt but ty for this comment, gonna try this next time I shave

No. 151635


same here, I thought I was the only one!!! i hate to admit that I started masturbating at 17 but only bc i was dating my first bf. before then, i was extremely weirded/grossed out by masturbation. I’m not asexual at all, I very much enjoy sex. but when it comes to me pleasuring myself, it just feels…wrong and even scary, even tho folks always say it’s completely normal and even healthy. it’s kinda sad how im in my 20s admitting that..

No. 151638

Clits come in various sizes and you shouldn't be having sex with anyone that makes you feel insecure about the appearance of your vagina anyway. I'm no doctor but judging from the body hair situation you could have higher than usual testosterone levels. Some women just are hairy though. Have you talked to your gyno or doctor about it?

No. 151663

afaik, clits just vary in sizes and there's nothing weird about big clit or big hood. Doesn't it mean there's more pleasure-space exposed? Mine is tiny and very hidden and sometimes so fucking elusive I can't stimulate it when having sex. So there's a brightside to everything, anon.

not needing or liking masturbation is completely normal, BUT having feelings like fear or disgust tied to it is not. You should work through it and analize why and when those feelings appeared. Maybe you felt pressured (you said you only did it because of your bf?) and it's some kind of trauma now. If it bothers you, think about consulting a sexuologist. It can be really healing to talk about it with someone competent.

No. 151668

A bigger clit is generally caused by exposure to testosterone in the womb or just a higher than average testosterone levels

I have a big-ish clit after going through a gender phase and taking testosterone, men don't freak out over it. If anything it just makes it ten times easier for them to get you off. It's a body part made for pleasure so having one that protrudes a little.. comes with its benefits.

No. 151702

I'm so weird about my vagina. I never look at it. Only like top down when I'm shaving, but nothing sticks out although I do notice one lip can hang lower during certain times of the month. Which weirds me out a little but to be honest I'm just weirded out in general. Like I clean down there and wipe fine, I don't get issues. I just never inspect myself or ever touch myself down there. If I masturbate it's always through fabric, it feels better mentally for me idk. I see the gynecologist and just let her assure me everything is normal and fine, is anyone else like this? They don't really know what it looks like down there. I have no idea what my clit looks like

No. 151745

I was like that up to a certain age. After I got some of my first sex toys I was curious to see what was going on there. Got a hand mirror out one day and looked at myself while playing. Toys helped me to get really familiar and comfortable with myself.

No. 152090

not sure whether this should be here or in stupid questions over at /ot but is possible to like… not have a clitoris at all? i feel like i don't have a sensitive spot anywhere down there and i've never really gotten any enjoyment out of oral sex so i'm starting to wonder if i'm honestly missing something lmao

masturbation for me is pretty much just humping my pillow but i've never experienced an orgasm so idk help me dear anons is there something wrong with me

No. 152092

I just had sex with my fiancé and have the worst pain of my life. Feels like extreme cramping in my pelvic area. What could cause this? My ovaries are swollen and hurt as well.

No. 152096

Is your period due?

No. 152102

I don't think so? Have you looked at yourself in the mirror and tried to find it?
It could be that you are just not sensitive in the tip, i'm the same way. And this method of masturbation can make you kind of numb because you will need a lot of pressure to get off.

No. 152103

anon i had something similar happen, had sex with bf and got intense cramps after, then pain that just continued and continued for several days. turns out i had developed an ovarian cyst even though im on the pill. do you have a gyno that can check you for cysts?

No. 152107

I'm going to second the anon that said it sounds like an ovarian cyst? I've gone to accident and emergency with a friend who thought her appendix was bursting

No. 152108

Does anyone have any advice on stretching out/breaking your hymen? I’m at an age where it’s embarrassing to be a virgin and I don’t want my first time (if it ever happens) to be a bloody mess.

No. 152111

Buy a dildo?

No. 152114

My hymen bled the first three times I had sex, never gushing blood or anything but enough that the condom would come away a little bloody so honestly you could always lie to a man if you ever have sex and just say it’s been a while, or that this is only your fifth time having sex or something. If you really need to stretch your hymen, get a dildo.

No. 152205

Simply masturbate vaginally. I started with one finger, then two, then vibrator. Use a lot of lube. Putting the vibe in wasn't easy, but because I was already pretty stretched there was no blood or anything. After that you're pretty much done. I had sex comfortably and the guy had no idea, I'm probably the only girl I talked with who had no problems during her first time - thanks to preparing

No. 152213

not everyone bleeds the first time (i didn't)and all my friends that have bleed, said it wasn't that much either. like anon above said, just a slightly bloody condom and that's it. Also, it's not shameful to be a virgin at any age, anon! good luck!

No. 152357

Is there such thing as having too small of clit? I always thought my clit was normal but I had sex for the first time with my boyfriend and he was trying to find my clit and help get me off and he told me it was really small and he never had any issues with his exes and that theirs were bigger and he was unsure he could get me off with it being so small. Ive been with a couple other men before and they never made any comments about my clit but I do remember both of them kind of having an issue with touching it properly in a way that felt pleasurable with me but they both did eventually figure it out and get me to orgasm. It feels dumb but I'm starting to feel a bit insecure lol.

No. 152363


Don't let stupid boys make you feel insecure, I'm sure if you told him his dick was smaller than all your exes he wouldn't like that either, but it's not like you would say something negative about something someone is born with and can't change because… Why would anyone do that?
It's not your fault, he's just trying to blame you because he's bad at what he's doing without trying to learn how to do it right. You deserve kindness sensitivity and respect in intimate situations, not someone who makes you dread it.

No. 152371

I'm sorry but who in their right mind thinks it's ok after you've just had sex with your partner for the first time to then compare their genitals to the genitals of all your exes!!?… what the hell is wrong with this man?

Clits are small, even as a lesbian I need to get to know what works for each new partner that I have, it's not an anatomy issue, different strokes work for different women and it can just take a bit of communication to learn what works. You don't give up on the idea of them ever coming after one or two sessions. I'm way more concerned about the way he's talking to you (when you've only just started being intimate) and I'm less inclined to think you have some anomaly going on with your genitals. He sounds like a selfish lover if he's so quick to say this
> he was unsure he could get me off with it being so small
I'm going to say this is a red flag for him being a selfish lover and someone who is quick to misplace blame onto you, it reads as
>I'm probably not going to get you off, I've given up already, but that's your fault
Isn't that just too convenient.

No. 152382

Late reply but, I used a dildo before ever having sex. The first 5 or 6 times using the toy I still bled. It wasn't alot and it wasn't bright red either. It was pink (blood mixed with my own natural lube I guess) I wasn't expecting to bleed beyond the first time but everyones hymen stretches a little differently and mine was a tough one. I had pain for the first few sessions too but I liked that I had both control over it and privacy in that moment? It's not something I would've wanted to share with a partner.

Totally up to you whether you want to stretch it by yourself or wait.

No. 152408

Follow the advice other girls gave you, but also let me tell you from personal experience there was no blood for me when I broke my hymen, all me and my bf at the time noticed were tiny bits of skin. You know that type of skin where you bite the inside of your mouth and a piece of skin falls out? If you ever took it out of your mouth to see what it looks like - that's what a broken hymen looked like for me kek
So once you break your hymen yourself it might not be that big of a deal after all.

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