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File: 1556101173104.jpeg (Spoiler Image,100.34 KB, 733x550, 9B9BABCF-8FDA-4314-919B-368119…)

No. 113718

Continued from >>71573

No. 113720

I try to feel around it and I always feel like it's alright but then it still leaks, so I must just absolutely suck at this.
TSS is apparently caused by just air being inside the vagina where it shouldn't be, so cups don't help here at all.

No. 113721

Nah, maybe it’s the shape/size or your flow is too heavy and you’re not changing it enough? Doesn’t work for everyone.

Also, I think tss caused by bacteria growth. I only really hear about it because tampons made of certain fibres/anything left inside long enough encourages rapid growth.
People with burns and cuts can get it too.
Never heard of it being because of air in the vagina but considering how many things can and do go wrong, that’s probably a factor.

I boil mine every two days or so to be safe and don’t leave it in for longer than 8-10 hours.

No. 113722

>I only really hear about it because tampons made of certain fibres/anything left inside long enough encourages rapid growth.

Yeah I think cotton is more bacteria-friendly than silicone. Plus, the string may be a source of bacteria as well.

I‘ve talked to a girl who almost died of sepsis from using the cup (and only had it in for like up to 7 hours) though, so I think neither of the methods that require you to insert anything into your vagina is really safe. The cup has less risks though. If handled correctly, that is.

No. 113725

I'm terrified of those TSS stories but I hate pads so much. I have only used tampons in the past 2 years. I change every 4 to 5 hours. Has anybody had any problem with them here?

No. 113729

File: 1556114032030.jpg (208.16 KB, 939x1300, fqze0ybhta8qcpmbtgm9.jpg)

TSS is rare and you guys should really not be as worried about it as you are. I posted a substantial rundown about TSS in a previous thread but I can't find it unfortunately so I'll rewrite it.

Basically there was a TSS "outbreak" (obviously it can't be spread from person to person, but in a short period of time there were many cases) in the late 70s and early 80s because of a new tampon brand called Rely, which were marketed as ultra-absorbent and could be kept in for hours and hours. Carboxymethylcellulose and polyester, which made them super absorbent, caused dryness in the vagina and lead to a higher possibility for ulcerations in the vagina upon removal. This, combined with the fact that they could be left in for an extended period of time, led to an abundance of cases of TSS.

Rely tampons were eventually taken off the market because of the extreme volume of TSS cases associated with them and they were found negligent in offering the product. Carboxymethylcellulose and polyester can no longer be used in tampons. The FDA now requires that tampons are regulated as medical devices, absorbencies are regulated, and pamphlets warning users about TSS are included in boxes. The rate of contracting TSS is now 1 in 100,000 - very low.

TL;DR: the chance that you will get TSS is very low and the reason that people think TSS is so widespread is because of FDA regulations stemming from super-absorbent Rely tampons in the late 70s.

No. 113732

I‘ve been using tampons for about 10 years now. I sometimes (but only like 5 times in all those years) had to leave it in for 8+ hours and nothing happened. Wouldn’t recommend trying it - at all - and avoid it as much as possible, but it’s supposed to show that it’s not happening as quickly as it sometimes seems.

Wash your hands before changing your tampon, use the smallest possible size and only leave it in for up to 6 hours and you should be fine.

Also: I noticed that in most stories (at least in the news etc) of people who (almost) died from TSS it’s also people that ignored unusual symptoms like fever, throwing up, etc. and thought they had the flu or similar. It’s mostly people that aren’t aware of TSS and its symptoms.
If you go see a doctor as soon as you show flu-like symptoms, get an unusual rash or similar, you’ll be fine. It’s not a death sentence.

It’s more likely you’ll catch the flu (which could also kill you), yet you won’t stop going outside or seeing people.

No. 113741

once I accidentally left a tampon in for like a month… it was nasty but I didn't get sick or die

No. 113742

wow this is my actual nightmare.
i've heard enough horror stories from female nurses in my family about women not even knowing they needed to take tampons out to last a lifetime.
one story involved maggots

No. 113747

ugh… thankfully my situation wasn't that bad. I think what happened was, during a night of heavy drinking, I couldn't find the tampon string and just assumed that I forgot to put one in, so I inserted another one which must have squished the old one up even further. I was near the end of my cycle so I didn't think much of it when my flow stopped shortly thereafter

No. 113748

when/how did you realize you'd left it up there?

No. 113749

This discussion has just made me more wary of tampons.
Pado for life. idc if it makes me a gross frumplet in the eyes of others (who won't even know anyway lol?) for 5 days.

No. 113752

at the beginning of my next cycle, the flow wasn't as heavy as it should've been, and there was a persistent odour

No. 113755

Bacteria can grow because of the air introduced into the vagina. No air, less growth. That was the problem with these super-absorbant tampons they had in the 70s or 80s as well. Here's an interesting article: https://vitals.lifehacker.com/everything-you-think-you-know-about-toxic-shock-syndrom-1831047669

> “Menstrual blood can multiply Staph. aureus organisms from 1,000 to 10 billion,” he said. But in order for all that bacteria to result in TSS, “you just need something to turn on the toxin.”

>That something, Schlievert said, is air.

>Anytime a woman inserts a tampon—or anything else, like a menstrual cup or a diaphragm—she risks introducing oxygen into the normally anaerobic vagina.

I quite like the cup actually, even if I have problems with it fitting (it doesn't overflow, just flows past it, my period isn't that strong) because it feels less intrusive than a tampon with the string etc. Maybe I'll go back to the cup and period panties on my next period. I unfortunately get skin irritations from actual pads.

No. 113757

I used to hate cups after having a bad experience with my first one, but I've since repurchased and this one is a lot better than any other solution I've ever used. My period problems went from shit to amazing.

>Got my first cup, so no frame of reference
>Narrow, made out of stiff silicone
>Would make me want to pee whenever it was in and always leaked
>Insertion and removal were annoying because it would always slide up
>Unfolding it always felt like getting cunt punted on the inside by a large rubber band

>Softer silicone, more malleable
>Doesn't press on my bladder, can't really feel it at all
>Wider, gets almost all of the blood except on the heaviest day (but even then using a reusable liner is plenty)
>Never slides up, removal is easy and fast
>Doesn't make my bathroom reek of menstrual blood since there's no waste in the bin

I'm so glad I didn't completely denounce cups.

No. 113790

Please anon, I’m desperate for a good cup. Do you know the brand of the latter?

No. 113812


Different anon but I've tried Lunette and Diva and they've both been super comfy. Lucky I have a light flow so I literally put it in the night I get my period then change it every 24 hours in the shower

No. 113868

I‘m having a mini crisis rn so please bear with me.

I‘m having one tiny and one slightly bigger skin crack on one side of my vulva, between my inner and outer labia. It hurts like hell and bleeds a tiny bit occasionally.

I‘ve had an unpleasant itch for the past few days but I‘ve also had a lot of sex with my bf on Monday and Tuesday and I always get a bit itchy when he‘s cum inside of me, so I didn’t think too much of it. I didn‘t notice any unusual discharge or smell either, so I don’t think it’s a yeast infection?

I should have gotten my period today and I‘ve been having some really annoying pms symptoms over the past few days. Dry skin being one of them. So I think the cracks are just some really sore and dry skin? Ugh, I don’t know. I‘m kinda worried but also think it’s just a hormonal thing.

However, since I should be starting my period soon, I‘m a bit worried about how to deal with that. I usually use tampons and pads but I feel like neither is actually a viable option right now. Inserting a tampon would actually really hurt right now and a pad just seems very unhygienic.

So does anyone have any idea how I can deal with the wound or has had something similar?

No. 113873


I've had this before - always just assumed it was a yeast infection. Mine clear up easily on their own - don't shave dont there for a bit, drink plenty of water, make sure you're wearing loose fitting trousers and knicks, no sex for a bit either. It really sucks anon, I know how painful and uncomfortable you must be. I think pads are better than tampons so that you're not touching the area as much?

If you've had a yeast infection before and it seems different, you should go to a doctor if your symptoms keep persisting.

No. 113886

It's the OrganiCup, it's pretty neat.

No. 113892

Thanks! You guys are the best.

No. 113893

Probably the wrong thread but if I just use birth control, my man doesn't need to use a condom right?

No. 113895

Anyone else feel almost nothing from oral? Every time I’ve had oral done on me, I feel a bad about it because I honestly don’t get much pleasure out of it and I don’t want my partner to feel like they’re doing a bad job..

No. 113896

I'm the same, I just don't get anything from it. I don't enjoy having my nipples sucked either.

No. 113901

Yes, unless you are taking medications that interfere with birth control and for the first week at least of starting being on it, or if you forget to take a dose, with certain types. The obvious about not preventing STDs also applies. This link might help! https://www.plannedparenthood.org/learn/birth-control/birth-control-pill/how-do-i-use-the-birth-control-pill

No. 113907

How many people did you receive oral from? Are you sure they aren’t just bad at it?

I used to really dislike oral too because I didn’t feel anything either. I thought oral is just not for me and it kinda made sense since I didn’t feel anything from sex either.
Then I met my current boyfriend and oh boy was I wrong. Him eating me out was the first time anyone ever gave me an orgasm. I mean, it’s not like I’ll definitely come whenever he eats me out but it feels significantly better than everything all other guys have done.
Many guys just really suck at it.

Not saying that this definitely has to be the case for you, though.

No. 113909


Also be wary of having sex while you have any illnesses that has a gastrointestinal element to them e.g. diarrhoea, vomiting.

No. 113922

I've had a new boyfriend for a bit more than a month and I'm absolutely crazy about him. I want to have sex with him all the time but the problem is that I get sore literally every single time we have sex. Like, so sore that I can't have sex for a couple of days afterwards. I really don't know why this is happening. I'm usually really wet myself but we've been using lube just in case, so it's definitely not dryness.
I thought maybe it's because condoms increase friction, but last night we didn't use a condom for the first time and I'm still sore… It's so weird because I haven't had this problem with any of my previous sexual partners. His dick definitely is on the bigger size but it's not huge and definitely not a lot bigger than the other guys's. I've realized that this especially happens when he slips out for whatever reason and then reenters, but I really don't know how to avoid this. I'm so frustrated..

No. 113935

Do you go at it for long durations?
What positions?
These things can contribute to it

No. 113940

File: 1556487290046.jpg (490.02 KB, 800x800, 4902011881332.jpg)

I went ahead and bought some Japanese pads because they looked like they were really high quality and held a lot of blood. They were measured by centimeter too instead of being small, medium, large, XL which was awesome because more variety of sizes.
Well, I finally wore them. They suck. I seriously thought the pad was going to start to rip apart. I only wore it for about 6 or so hours. They were nowhere near the same quality like the generic ones I get from Walmart and Aldi. I could wear those practically all day and overnight.
I dunno maybe it's just this brand. I'm glad I got a package of them for only $1. I feel sorry for all the women with a heavy flow and this is all they have. Is there a better brand out there? I'm the type of person that has to wear overnight liners all day and the ones out here in America are way too short for my ass crack.

No. 113941

you should really change them more often than that tho anon….

No. 113942

Feels like absolutely nothing. I’ve had all my partners go down on me just in case they are different but I think it’s just my tiny stupid clit that gets nothing from it. (Sorry I get so frustrated thinking about it)

Two of those guys are supposedly pretty good at it too from what I’ve heard from other girls. One guy went at it for an hour before I thanked him and gently pushed him away lol. I felt like such an ass

No. 113946

I just looked up how often I should be changing it.
>Every 3 to 4 hours
Really? I'll run out of pads so fast… I go through 3 to 6 during the duration of my period now I gotta bump it up to like 12. That's over half a bag for one period cycle… Jesus this sucks.

No. 113947

You should change more often for sure. I use toilet tissue layered up plus a pad, if you can't change more often you can at least flush the toilet tissue and replace it. I'm sorta allergic to feminine hygiene products so I try and use tissues when I can.

No. 113948

Holy shit 3 to 6 for an entire period is WAY too little.

Sorry to be this harsh but I feel sorry for the people around you. I mean, unless you have a really, really, really light period (so, basically just spotting) that shit must reek.

You gotta be glad you didn’t get any infections yet. Please change them more often and get over being so gd cheap.

No. 113949

Oh my god, Anon…. you have to change it.
Once you get your first UTI, you become extremely susceptible to future ones.

Take it from me, chronic UTI stranger.

No. 113951

3-6 the entire week damn you must have a light and short ass period because that shit wont fly with the rest of us lmao

No. 113954

Every body has different needs. Check out this quiz from a reputable site which does not sell any cups. http://putacupinit.com/the-menstrual-cup-quiz-v2/

No. 113957

Thanks! It actually recommended Organicup as my result so that settles it then.

No. 113962

It's usually really heavy for only one day where I'll sometimes need two and it only lasts for 4 or 5 days really light.
Anons, I honestly had no idea I had to change the pad that many times. My mom never told me how many times to change my pad because she mostly used tampons. She never complained about the smell when I still lived at my parents. Only my boyfriend complains sometimes when I'm in the bathroom but I thought it was just because it's how we naturally smell during our period. I've learned something good today so thank you.

No. 113968

Yo… I don't want to come across as rude but that is so extremely unhygienic. I go through around 5-6 tampons a day, if I use pads I go through the same amount. You are just going to have to suck it up and use more.

No. 113980

What kind of pads are you using though?
I only use like two maybe three pads a day on my period but I buy those nice Always Infinity with the gel core and they absorb a ton of blood before the top of it gets uncomfortable.
I've never had an UTI either.

No. 113981

I think anon uses 3-6 pads for her entire period, not just for a day.
Also yeah I use the same amount as you and am actually uti prone, but I've never gotten an infection from it.

I also do the toilet paper thing >>113947 mentioned on my heavier days though.

No. 113989

My period only lasts four days and I use a full packet of pads. People would be able to smell the blood after that long anon. Good god fix your hygiene.

No. 113991

Hey - we all have to learn in some way. My mom refuses to even mention menstruation with me so sometimes you just need a group of girls roasting you on the internet.

No. 113999

I finally figured out my vaginismus and I'm able to have sex. I don't have the burning/stretching pain anymore. But now Im getting sharp/"gas" like pain in my lower abdo on every stroke even if he doesn't enter very deep. The deeper he goes the more intense the pain is though. It still hurts even after sex. My abdomen was hurting especially when i first sat down.

i am so pissed off, i can't win. Im also not ever aroused so thats fun.

No. 114000

>Im also not ever aroused

Why are you having sex if you aren't aroused?

No. 114001

Im trying to fake it til I make it i guess. I never get aroused but I want the intimacy of it with my partner.

No. 114002

There are other ways to be intimate with someone. Are you asexual or just not into this guy?
You need to be aroused to have PIV, no wonder you're experiencing pain.

No. 114004

The fact you are never aroused = your entire problem with sex. Going in dry is going to hurt for anyone. If you were aroused your body would loosen and lubricate up. Have you ever been turned on before? It may be a hormonal imbalance or you are not attracted to your partner? I don't think you should hurt yourself for "intimacy" anon.

No. 114037


You can't fake it until you make it, you're fearing pain so you're unable to relax, unable to get aroused and you're tensing up and that's exacerbating whatever issues you had to begin with. Honestly don't put yourself through this, talk to your partner and put penetrative sex off the table until you're ready. If he loves you, he'll do whatever it takes to make you comfortable and confident to have sex again. If he whinges, kicks up a fuss or acts like it's your fault, then he's not worth having and you kick his ass to the curb.

Seriously anon, love yourself

No. 114057

File: 1556600993015.jpg (Spoiler Image,33.3 KB, 640x496, MaFDpL9.jpg)

I saw this post on /r/godpussy yesterday, and I swear to god if I've never had vagina envy before, I have it now.

No. 114058

Gross. Nobody cares about your porn fantasy or pictures of anuses.

No. 114060

it looks like they photoshopped it into a tiny hole lmao? how could anyone look at this and consider themselves attracted to women

(and not children)

No. 114062

>Browsing subreddits dedicated to collecting the dismembered women's body part that scrot find the most arousing
>Loving yourself

Pick one.

No. 114063

As if the anon posting their “pussy envy” isn’t a grubby bloke anyway.

It’s like when incels larp as women. So stupid it’s obvious.

No. 114064

It's like >>114060 said, why is there a weird blank space above her clit? Looks like she'd have trouble peeing.

No. 114067


You're clearly a man, get the fuck out of here. No women have vaginas that are this tiny and pink, they have hair and long lips and discolouration and all sorts. This is like a child's vagina

No. 114068

this vagina looks like a bleached anus that has been blown out by a severe anal gangbang to me.

No. 114069

Look at all this frustration, kek. As if anyone who doesn’t love hairy big labia is automatically a dude. Get over yourselves.

Feel you. It’s not like I hate mine or that I have large labia, but whenever I see a really pretty looking one like this I’m like… oof.

No. 114071

Pretty much exactly what I meant, sure this example is really extreme, but my comment still stands

No. 114072


Why don't you make another thread to post pornographic photos of women. We're talking about vag issues, I really doubt anyone wants you dumping this gross objectifying shit here

No. 114073

File: 1556624323695.jpg (Spoiler Image,328.65 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_20190430_123814.jpg)

This anatomically just looks very off? I'm going to be honest I've never looked up vaginas or ever truly gazed upon mine except for shaving. I found this photo of a "stripper" local to me on twitter that men were all going nuts for and again this body looks off spoilering image. The tits look fake and idk Wtf is going on with her vagina.

No. 114074

Why did you feel the need to share that? This isn't tumblr, weirdo.

No. 114075

>pretty looking

You want to look like a baby or a fgm victim? Okay. That's your problem but it makes you sound like you got extreme body issues or are indeed a dude.

No. 114076

File: 1556627222804.jpeg (Spoiler Image,48.21 KB, 500x750, E0D44AC8-E686-4D5A-93FF-AFF2F2…)

I don’t mind hair on the pubic mound, but yeah sure, preferring clean shaved labia over pic related sure makes anyone a pedophile on this website.
Btw are we still talking about preferences, not ‘I can exclusively be attracted to X/like X’. If I say I think that muscular men or brown haired women are pretty, doesn’t mean I loathe any other body type or hair color. Jfc.

No. 114077

Why don't you sperg more about your taste in female genitalia and post more pics, everyone is really loving it.

No. 114078

Do you have a huge collection of close up HD pic of labias or smth?

No. 114079

That's pretty gay, vagina-envy anon. Perhaps your envy is…something else?

Anyway, in general I don't think anyone should feel ashamed of their genitals. This includes men wrt penis size and foreskin. Making a hierarchy of privates isn't where it's at for me. I'm kind of an ugly-people-deserve-love-and-acceptance type though, so perhaps my thoughts are moot.

No. 114081

I‘m not the OP.
I do like other vulvas too and do find them pretty. It’s just like saying you like every single dish equally. I just don’t believe that there’s anything you do like more than others.
And as I said, my preferences don’t make me see other people or parts of them as unattractive or makes me treat them differently. (>>114073 for example is just really uncalled for, because the labia looks perfectly fine imo.) In fact, I don’t fucking care what other women’s vulvas look like if they’re comfortable with them. I just have an ideal for me (although not in a way that makes me want to change mine). And I think that’s what the original vulva envy anon wanted to express, too.

All vulvas are beautiful and deserve the same amount of love and appreciation tbh.

That being said, this whole topic would’ve been over much faster if you just had ignored the OP.

No. 114082

let me assure you you are fucking weird and none of this is normal.

>I just have an ideal for me (although not in a way that makes me want to change mine).

um, tf does this even mean? are you using your mind's power to make your fanny morph into that fleshlight one you posted earlier then?

just go hook up with a woman or something, hoarding hd pictures of vaginas is so bizzare whether you are a larping scrote or a self hating female.

No. 114083

>um, tf does this even mean? are you using your mind's power to make your fanny morph into that fleshlight one you posted earlier then?
Wtf where is this even coming from? I do not want to change mine, as I said, but I wouldn‘t mind if it looked different? Like, the same way that one might say ‘I would like if my stomach was a bit slimmer/more muscular’ but it doesn’t bother them to the point of actually attempting to change the stomach they have? Why is that so incredibly hard to fathom?

And, still not OP.
I have posted one single picture that took me approximately 10sec to google. Yeah, so weird.

No. 114084

The recent contributions to this thread have made it reek. It reeks of jealousy, misogyny, homophobia, internalized misogyny, internalized homophobia, internalized jealousy, and externalized jealousy, misogyny, and homophobia.
>Eww don't post close up pictures of vaginas. They're gross.
Love yourself.
>Wow I really don't need to see anuses
Uh, sweetie? Hello? Its 2019? We eat ass. If you don't like that then how about you fuck off back to whatever racist, sexist, and homophobic time period you came from. If you haven't eaten a few of your friends asses you can't say for sure that you're straight. You can say "I like to think I'm straight because I'm homophobic, but I can't say for sure because I've never had a lesbian experience so I don't know if I enjoy it, or not.".

Can we PLEASE get back to the current year now? Thanks.

No. 114086

WTF are you on about? I'm pretty sure not all lesbians "eat ass".

No. 114087

I can't decipher if this is satirical or not.
Poe's law, I guess. Farmers are pretty angry and batty so by making fun of us we'll just believe you are one of us.

No. 114089

File: 1556637916269.gif (1.8 MB, 268x268, 1493443641_rihanna-laughing-re…)

>jealousy, misogyny, homophobia, internalized misogyny, internalized homophobia, internalized jealousy, and externalized jealousy, misogyny, and homophobia.

No. 114091

File: 1556641130494.jpg (Spoiler Image,270.99 KB, 900x675, onahole.jpg)

Jfc, I jumped because I thought I was looking at CP.

You do realise that labia minora exist for reason? Life without them as an adult woman would be extremely uncomfortable. They protect the vaginal and urethral openings and stimulate the penis shaft during sex.

Why would you want your vag to resemble a loli onahole?

No. 114094

Not only do they protect the vag but it feels good when they are touched. Why would you want to have less of your sexually sensitive parts? Do men want to have less dick? No.

No. 114096

This will make great copypasta, thanks

No. 114106

Body shape is clearly that of a man. Also the bolt ons look like they were botched and have migrated.

No. 114107

questioning asexuality honestly, but I'm getting everything that can affect libido tested.
also if that's true, how can prostitutes have sex with gross dudes if you have to be aroused?

well we're using a boatload of lube. nah never been turned on before honestly. I know what the situation sounds like, but i'm not just having painful sex for him or anything. I only started having sex recently and we have PiV sex occasionally to check in and see where we're at or see where/quality of the pain so I can relay it to my gyno. He's a great dude and I'm glad I have someone I can trust to help me try and get through this. Obviously I don't want to be asexual. Recently found an issue with my thyroid that's developing, but I don't know if that can make someone feel completely asexual.

I do love myself. Read comment above. I'm the one initiating because I want to experiment with different positions/see if anything makes it better or if anything has gotten better. I've told him all my concerns and he's really sweet about it.

I'm just so happy my vaginismus was resolved. I was googling the pain and it can be consistent with banging your cervix (d/t not being aroused maybe?) or ovarian cysts (i have a history of them). Thanks for the concern though girls I appreciate it.

No. 114113

Loads of women browse subreddits for “god tier pussy” sure. Definitely not just bringing up your porn for kicks, because women totally sit around and discuss other women’s vaginas with photos to compare who better suits men’s porn fantasies. Much legit.

Shoving your sexuality in peoples faces because some mingers on twitter talk about analingus for attention doesn’t make it cute or woke to bring up your fave porno in casual conversation. Nobody is afraid of an asshole. It’s just that what you think is sexy and interesting is exactly the same as a 15 year old boy.

No. 114124

Can we drop this entire porn pussy discussion already maybe?
Like, both sides?

No. 114179

File: 1556770871777.png (867.09 KB, 759x1790, screecapture.png)

Vaginal health is such a nightmare. I felt like I had a UTI for 2+ years straight, and no one could tell me why and my tests kept coming back normal. After being shuffled around to different doctors that would just shrug their shoulders at me a urologist sent me to a physical therapist that dealt with women's issues. Turns out pelvic floor dysfunction was my issue (high tone to be specific, basically the physical therapist said "it feels like you're trying to break my finger" when examining me). All I've had to do is some minor stretching, and I almost instantly felt better. I have a set of dilators I'm slowly trying to use, but even just my fingers worked fine.

The fact that it was such a simple fix and it took years to figure out, even speaking to more than one gyno makes me so frustrated. Just feels like just when I think we have Women's Health figured out, something like this – something I had never even heard of in all of my years of trying to figure this out – was the problem. Took finding an ultra-specific specialist to say "pussy 2 tight gurl, you're basically permanently clenching"

idk, just wanted to throw it out there in case someone out there was experiencing something similar. pic related was exactly what I was feeling: desperately hoping for a positive uti result for years so I could just finally fix my issue with an antibiotic. ugh.

No. 114258

Anyone ever go to a waxing salon? I would like to try it but I obviously don't enjoy strangers torturing my vulva so idk.

No. 114266


I've been getting brazilians regularly for the past year. The initial awkwardness never really fades, but just remember its their job and they see lady bits every day.

I WILL say, the first time (or if you wait a months between waxes) is always gonna hurt more than any regular appointments afterward. Be sure to let them know its your first time and they'll tailor their process to it. And for the love of god, DONT go to a nail salon to do it, most of the people at nail salons aren't professionally trained for waxing. Make sure their licenses are displayed or available on request.

No. 114301

I kind of enjoyed it (obviously not the waxing itself), my technician was super nice and I found the sessions would fly by because I would be focused on our conversation and the waxing (while painful) was kinda like background. it only took like 10 minutes. I just had to be careful not to be speaking when she would tank the strip because I was scared I'd lose control of my voice and accidentally yell. so I guess it hurt, but it's honestly not that bad at all. The most awkward part is taking your pants off in front of them lol. once you're on the table it all goes quick and they're just doing their job and you can chatter/have them talk to distract you.

No. 114432

I have an extremely small clitoris and for some reason that makes me feel mad and jilted. I feel like I have the female equivalent to a tiny penis, except this probably does affect pleasure.

No. 114622

Oh my god, anon.
Mine's so small I have trouble finding it.

No. 114917

Update: I used the Organicup for the first time today.
Here's what I learned.

1. I bleed way more than I thought.
The first time I entered in the cup it must've not unfolded properly. I couldn't tell cause my fingers wouldn't fit in with it as it was too deep. Anyways, I bled through a lot. Honestly the cup filled up too and was half full, so it did it's job despite the mess.

2. The recommended C-fold the instructions recommended hurts and is hard to enter.
I discovered the push method works much better. I attached the video for anyone interested.

3. It's such a pain to get out. If I can reach the cup to pinch it, then it's too low (and the stem sticks out).
If the cups too deep I can't reach it without yanking on it (feels like a vacuum cleaner attached to my cervix).

4. Despite everything, I am converted now. Tampons good bye, cups for life. When it's entered right - it's honestly perfect. I can't feel it. It stores so much blood and it doesn't smell. I don't have to change it as often and when I need to re-enter it, it's not impossibly dry. I'm excited I don't need to blow cash on tampons anymore (especially since I have a irregular every 2 week cycle). Also it's better for the environment. I can't believe the amount of waste we produce from tampons and sanitary products alone.

> tfw used to be completely anti-cup / critical

No. 114918

Glad I'm not the only one lol.

No. 114978

How does menstrual blood travel out of the vagina? By muscles? Is that what cramps are?

No. 114980

Yeah, your uterus expels it into your vagina (cramps) and then gravity takes it from there.

No. 114981

Is it normal or possible to have moles on your inner labia? I didn’t think you could get one on that type of skin but I’ve got a tiny, non raised dot of pigment on my left labia minora that shocked me when I was examining down there to check for things like this in the first place. I think I saw it before when I was a teenager and ended up forgetting but idk if I made that memory up since it’s been several years.

I’ve also never had a monthly period, I would skip 3 or 4 months and now it’s 1-2 which I took blood tests for and everything came back normal. The doctor told me some women just have unexplained irregular cycles and he didn’t seem dismissive but I don’t know what to believe. I don’t have PCOS symptoms, I’m not an athlete, I’m average weight for my height so what do?

No. 114988

I have a mole on the hood of my clit, where my inner labia meets my outer labia and no gyno has ever said anything about it so I guess it just happens. If you’re too unsure or it keeps growing I’d definitely see a doctor though.

And I also have a very irregular period, too. In 16 years I’ve had less than 10 4-week-cycles and I don’t show any other irregular symptoms either.
I am, however, quite thin (only close to being underweight though) and not living a healthy lifestyle at all, so that might be it for me.

No. 115031

File: 1558112734008.jpg (24.8 KB, 488x488, GUEST_95e74ec6-cb79-4964-8be6-…)

How do I shave my pubic area without causing little red blood spots? This only happens on the front area but not underneath my vagina near my lips. I use conditioner on my legs to shave, would it be okay to put conditioner on my pube area? Obviously I wouldn't put it underneath. I just want a clean shave!

No. 115035

Period stuff. I never really got clots until a few years ago (I'm 27) and they are HUGE! Seriously, I just bled through a super tampon in 1-2 hours and when I pulled it out there was a gigantic clot that wrapped around the whole tampon. This happens every period and I sometimes have periods where I use 10-25 super tampons a day for 2 days (I'm serious. One period I bled through them in less than an hour for at least 8 hours straight).

It doesn't really hurt too bad, the worst part is I get bad mid back pain, which I tried looking up info on but it seems that women normally have low back pain. I don't have pain in my low back, only in my mid back. And I get bad digestive issues but I have IBS so I just thought the period made it extra bad.

I'm just getting worried because I was reading online and this is supposedly not normal. I read that on a normal period women only have 2-3 TABLESPOONS of blood for the entire period????? WTF? Even when I was a teenager I started using super tampons. And clots bigger than a quarter are also abnormal? I really am getting scared because my mom had to get a hysterectomy when she was 40ish because she had similar issues for years and ended up having her period for months straight, extremely heavy.

Should I go to my doctor? Or do you ladies think that I'm overreacting and Dr Google is just making it worse?

Don't shave that part totally. That's really the only way to avoid those nasty bumps. A bit of hair looks better than a bunch of pus filled boils on your mons. I don't use a razor on my VULVA or pubic area at all because of this, I trim it up with scissors or a trimmer. I only use a razor in the bikini area so that pubes aren't sticking out of my underwear. An easy way to thin out the hair on the mons is to shave with the hair instead of against it.

Also can we all as women stop referring to our entire genital region as our "vagina"? This shit is so annoying to me like…your vagina is a very specific part of your crotch and it is on THE INSIDE. Call it a pussy, cunt, vulva, lips…something! But don't call the outside area your vagina.

No. 115037

File: 1558117402387.jpg (49.25 KB, 800x600, Bored-shibe-with-human-eyes.jp…)

>Also can we all as women stop referring to our entire genital region as our "vagina"? This shit is so annoying to me like…your vagina is a very specific part of your crotch and it is on THE INSIDE. Call it a pussy, cunt, vulva, lips…something! But don't call the outside area your vagina.

No. 115041

File: 1558118998205.jpg (19.29 KB, 300x300, 1285197159-98343_full.jpg)

Truth be told anon, I haven't figured out the trick to banishing them completely either. What does work for me though, is using tiny bikini razors (pic related) and trimming first. Shave with the grain. I use coconut oil, but there are different options. After shaving I use something with alcohol to disinfect the open follicles and moisturize as well. It's not perfect but has helped.
I know it's "dangerous" but to be honest I just use hair removal cream and shave to touch up, it takes a while to grow back and I don't get ingrown hairs.
No matter what you choose for hair removal it's a lot easier to deal with if you trim first. And cleaning the area and the razor first probably helps prevent ingrown hairs.

No. 115045

Seriously? Okay have fun making more girls and women confused and uneducated about their own bodies and saying shit like

>>This only happens on the front area but not underneath my vagina

I know grown ass women who don't know the names of basic parts of their own bodies and think that piss comes out of their vagina or their clit. It's sad.

No. 115046

Maybe grown women and girls should learn how to google instead of you policing how we should call our genitals.

No. 115053

Your whole post is annoying you sound like a right cunt. There, used cunt like you wanted us to instead of vagina. You're a 27 yo womanchild.

No. 115056

I'll say it! She sounds like a right vagina.

No. 115059

I'm on my period but I'm having no blood. I'm shedding lining because I am getting out clots but without any blood at all, I don't even stain my smallest pads. My last period was normal but I've had this problem once before this year, it ended up being tremendously delayed. This time around, however… I'm not sure it'll even come.
Is this something I should be concerned about? I haven't been sexually active in a really long time so, pregnancy discarded.

No. 115109

File: 1558196940555.jpg (55.02 KB, 800x800, HTB1qNXeXoLrK1Rjy1zbq6AenFXaj.…)

I usually only shave the outer few centimeters on either side of my pubes but when I do, I use this method and I don't get bumps at all:

-exfoliate the area first using a rough washcloth or shower brush
-use a new razor every time (or as close to new as possible. If I've used the razor more than 3x on other parts of my body I will use a new razor and shave my pubes first so they get the sharpest of the blade.)
-use shaving cream or conditioner every time
-swab the area with alcohol and a cotton ball immediately after exiting the shower.

I trim the rest of my pubes with hair clippers… lol
I hope this helps!

No. 115117

Pubic hair struggles..
I'm hairy af specially down there. Last year I gave up and started laser hair removal. IT IS FANTASTIC. The hair's gone and my skin's gotten ridiculously smooth. It is probably the best decision I've made in the past five years and I figured I should share it so more people would know about the option being available. It can be expensive but it's really worth it. No more razor burns, bumps, itching, ingrown hair or any other shaving/waxing related problems. It hurts, specially around the clit and anus area (I know not everyone has hair growing around their buttholes but still). I guess it is similar to getting a Brazilian for the first time. But once it's done it's done.
To be honest it has helped my self confidence and made me more comfortable with my femininity. So yeah 10/10. If you're curious definitely give it a try. For me it worths every dollar.

No. 115143

Is it normal to not be able to cum from anything other than a vibe/showerhead? Even when I first started masturbating when I was younger, I've never been able to get off using my hands/dildo. I don't think there is a man or woman on earth who could make me cum just by using their hands. I need really intense pressure from a vibe. It's awful, I feel like my vagina is broken. I'm not on antidepressants either…

No. 115156

On the topic of shaving: does anybody remember this cow named Asha?
I remember reading in one of her threads and somebody posted that she likely has some illness (can't remember the name) that makes it difficult for her hair to break through her skin and therefore her body was littered with ingrowns.
I fear that I have the same thing.

My armpits are fine, on my legs it's also still somewhat okay, but regarding my pubic her it's so bad, that I don't dare to shave it at all.
I'm "blessed" with being extremely hairy, so the hair on my inner thighs, around my crotch is also already very pube like and whenever I shave, 2 days later it's so itchy that I can barely keep from scratching in public and not a single hair breaks through. Like there's always at least 30 little pimples that contain a hair. Sometimes I can't pop them to free it and it turns into a nasty big bumb and scar.

I already tried so much: shaving cream, normal shaving, shaving foam, shaving gel, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, shaving dry; then afterwards different lotions, baby powder, toner, aloe gel,… I also tried whether to exfoliate before or afterwards, but nothing helps.
Maybe waxing would be better, but I'm too much of a chicken for that.

No. 115168

God, I haven't shaved in over a month and I keep getting ingrown hairs. Could their be another reason why? Or is it just from the random hairs that fall out?
It's only one or two at a time and usually only on the right side of my pubic area. Popping the ingrown hairs feels so weird, like there's a bit more pus still in there I'm not squeezing out, but it usually goes away a day or two after I get it to pop instead of get bigger.
Also I have a slightly itchy area where my clitoris is, the thing is I'm able to scrape some dead skin off every couple days. I happen to have psoriasis and my crotch used to be really itchy and flaky over 8 years ago, it slowly went away out of nowhere. I was wondering if that might be a reason why? My gyno has never said anything was wrong with how my pubic area looked.

From my knowledge it's either folliculitis or psoriasis.

No. 115169

Thanks, anon! I found out I was knicking myself because I wasn't using a proper lubricant when shaving. I'm now using conditioner and it's all smooth as butter but now that you and the other anon mentioned it, having some hair in the center sounds cute and now I'm going to have to try out how to shape it and trim it the way I want after it grows lol

No. 115172

what kind of alcohol do you guys mean? Is it stuff I can find at my local drugstore, like a disinfectant or something?

No. 115175

same here i never was able to have an orgasm in my life without the showerhead (and i discovered the showerhead when i was 21)… are there more of you who have the same problem? Is there any way to fix that… i love my bf and he tries his best but… i cant and i often fake it because i dont wanna hurt his feelings and i love him…

Oh before him i had another relationship and 2 make out sessions and there was also nothing never…

Im nearly 27 now and still not able to orgasm outside me being by myself in the shower its frustrating.

No. 115179

You could always invite him into the shower to use it on you. Might end up with you being able to orgasm in other ways from getting more comfortable.

No. 115216

I'd been having sex for 11 years and been with my partner for 3 years before I finally had my first ever (non-masturbatory) orgasm. If you know what works for you alone, just try getting him involved in it and slowly removing your assistance. I still can't come from penetration but oral works for me. Just stay relaxed, it's all in the mind!

No. 115217

since some anons are on the shaving topic: if u get razor bumps or ingrown hairs easily i have found that using peppermint oil before u shave is a good idea. just dont get it u kno… on ur actual vagina its hell.

i also like to mix a lil bit of shaving gel, water and soap while to use while i shave.

using aloe (like REAL plant aloe) on your coochie after shaving is really a life saver also.

fellow anon with psoriasis. i have to shave VERY often cuz of the ingrown hairs. it's prob flaring up cuz of sweat depending on the weather where u live. i have found also it's easier to tweeze out the ingrown hair (if possible) then pop it. not recommended when ur pubic hair is still super short tho.

buy some peppermint oil. apply it before u shave, wash it off in the shower and after you shave and wash it off with soap in the shower. repeat it a few times after u shave too.

No. 115350

Sorry if this sounds retarded or too tmi but how normal is it to want to shower before sex? I'm self conscious about having pieces of toilet paper stuck in my cooch (idk why this happens) and I dont want my bf to see that if we start doing it.

No. 115351

It's pretty normal, some people complain it kills spontaneity, but I'm not going to feel sexy if I'm afraid my buttcrack stank or I have toilet paper on my labia.

No. 115354

Who cares if it's normal or not, if it makes you more comfortable you should do it. I'm sure the guy won't care at all since he's getting sex regardless, he might even be happy to know you'll be extra clean.

It is expected in Japan, if that helps.

No. 115361

tbh i don't the he'd care. if he's horny, he's more focused on orgasm and pleasure. if toilet paper was in your cooch and he noticed it, he'd take it out and go at it. i like to keep a box of kleenex and wet wipes nearby where we have sex so if you don't want to go the extra mile and shower, wipe yourself real quick.

No. 115369

This is what I do. Whenever we’re about to do it I’ll just quickly clean my private parts/butt crack and arm pits. Unless I’m generally sweaty like in summer or something, then I’ll take a shower.

No. 115385

Ok this is also related to sex and it's gross but whatever I need to let this out please don't make fun of me

I feel so uncomfortable about my whole body even my vagina because it's a big dark floppy roastbeef, I get discharge a lot and sometimes leak a little bit of pee so I always wear pads cuz I refuse to change my underwear multiple times a day, I never had sex because I only tried it with a long distance guy I didn't see often and it hurt so much not even the tip would go in and no I wasn't scared or anything, now basically every guy my age has already slept with plenty girls which I don't like because I want my first time to be special and I'm also embarrassed of my vagina/body and I have anxiety disorders and am really uncomfortable with sex stuff, dicks gross me out. I also went to the doctor for a hemorrhoid kind of thing but they just left it there lol

No. 115394

Ok, girl, don't worry too much about your inner labia, unless it's very uncomfortable doing daily stuff there's literally nothing wrong with them. People who say otherwise are ignorant, misogynist or both.

And with your incontinence, I suggest doing some kegel exercises, as it makes your pelvic floor muscles stronger so at some point you won't accidentaly pee yourself whenever you sneeze.

No. 115400

File: 1558635113701.jpeg (14.67 KB, 488x488, GUEST_917923a6-1b69-45f2-9a58-…)

Yep just the regular stuff from your drugstore! Use 70% isopropyl instead of 90%, which may be too drying.

No. 115410

Alright, I should probably just go to a doctor but I figured I'd see if any anons have advice. About 3 months ago I was forcefully penetrated against my will (not technically rape since it wasn't a penis) and it tore the skin at the bottom of my vaginal opening. It healed fine, and two weeks later I had sex with my long distance boyfriend who visited me after my assault. It tore back open. Five weeks later I moved across country to be with him. The first time we had sex it ripped back open and bled for about 20 minutes. After that it kind of just kept tearing slightly every time we had sex. Finally I got to the point where I was like okay, no sex for a week. It healed. Had sex, it ripped again. Waited another week. Still tearing open. I had a pelvic exam before I moved and the doctor didn't say anything so it must have looked okay when she was down there, but when I look with a mirror now it looks like a huge rip, similar to when you tear during childbirth. I didn't think it was a big deal but my boyfriend was horrified when I asked him to look. I'm at my wits end; I read that new mothers have to wait 6 weeks if they have tearing but that seems extreme and I'd really rather not wait six weeks. I already waited 5 and it felt like ages. Do any other anons have experience with this? My mom suggested I might need a stitch but it heals fine by itself if I leave it alone. I hope someone has a suggestion, I'm desperate.

Sorry if that was gross.

No. 115411

Thank you. I hope I'll be able to do the exercises though..

No. 115413

Even if you were raped with an object it's still rape. Like wtf, don't downplay what happened to you.
Secondly, you really need to see a doctor, this sounds scary.

No. 115415

You should see a doc asap because if it keeps healing and tearing over and over it may not heal or heal very badly.

No. 115416

>I was forcefully penetrated against my will (not technically rape since it wasn't a penis)
That is the literal, legal definition of rape. A penis doesn't need to be involved. See a doctor, see a therapist and see the police, this isn't something we are qualified to help with.

No. 115430

Thanks for the responses. I was told by police that it's technically sexual assault and not rape because he didn't use his penis. I did not press charges because I didn't have time since I was in the process of moving, but also because I felt the police were downplaying what happened. I feel very guilty about it.

I also feel very discouraged to see a doctor. When I was assaulted he also forced oral on me (him performing it, not me), so I decided to get tested for stds while I was at the doctor. It was not covered by my insurance. I finally paid off the bills last night, almost $500 for the blood work alone. I have no faith in police or doctors at this point. I simply can't afford to go to a doctor anytime soon.

And yes, I do post in the man-hate thread now.

No. 115431

You need to see if your boyfriend can leave you alone/no PIV for however long it takes to completely heal. The guy who raped you is a piece of shit…I'm so sorry Anon.

But you really need to let this heal or even see if you can get a loan from someone to cover the medical expenses for it to be stitched up. Don't continue having sex and breaking the wound because you could end up getting seriously infected.

No. 115546

I feel like I always have a UTI or I'm on the verge of one. I have tried D-mannose, probiotics, cranberry pills, AZO, etc. Nothing works. This didn't start up until I became sexually active with my current bf. Am I allergic to his dick or something? We both shower/freshen up and pee before and after sex, I only wear cotton underwear and keep myself dry, and we are both extremely clean, so I'm not sure what bacteria is consistently getting up there??? My gyn said that I'm just naturally prone to UTIs and she said I should pop nitrofurantoin after intercourse.

I don't want to be dependent on antibiotics for the rest of my life, but this is honestly debilitating. Is there anything else I can do?

No. 115548

I have the same problem, anon. I started making my boyfriend wash his hands every time we fool around and it's helped a little bit. I haven't had a uti in a few weeks, I think the hand washing helps. That and I take two azos everyday. My doctor also suggested taking an antibiotic after each sexual encounter but that seems really overkill. What if we have sex daily or twice a day? That's a lot of crap to ingest.

You said you were fine with your other boyfriends, right? I was thinking maybe your bf isn't washing as well as you think he is. Also, this is obvious, but don't let him put his dick anywhere near your ass, not your asscrack, nothing. Just keep him away and if you have to try showering with him and see if he's doing a thorough job. One person I was with insisted he was cleaning, but when I watched him he merely rinsed his penis with water for like 2 seconds even though the rest of him was very clean and washed. You never know what's going on in there. Also make sure your bf's underwear are clean. That helped me as well as the obsessive hand washing.

No. 115551

I was with a guy who would give me UTIs. No sugar added cranberry juice was my go to. Just chug like three big glasses a day. Avoid sugar and alcohol as that will make a uti worse. A warm wash rag can help alleviate that "I have to pee" sensation.
I dumped ole dirty dick dude and the utis stopped. Consider a new boyfriend. Is he especially large. My uti guy was, and I hated it.

No. 115563

This is embarrassing but recently I have to always strain/push when I pee in order for it to come out. I’m a hypochondriac so it’s freaking me out a little. I started Prozac a little over a month ago (started at 20mg and went up to 40mg) and I don’t know if that has something to do with it because I didn’t have this problem before.

No. 115575

We have showered together and he definitely scrubs his dick properly. I actually think you're onto something regarding the hand-washing. We definitely touch unclean surfaces before or while fooling around (phones, laptop, remote etc). I never even thought about the hand-to-genital transfer of bacteria, thanks for the tip.

No. 115648

Is there something I should be looking for, like a certain sensation to be certain that my menstrual cup is in properly? It always seems to leak. I've only gotten it to work once or twice and it was glorious but the rest of the time it just leaves me with stained panties.

No. 115659

If you're not already shoving your finger up your vagoot to run it round and check the rim of the cup is open (should feel circular or like it's not still folded in somewhere) then honestly, nah.

No. 115660

I fold mine in half to get it in. Then like this anon says, >>115659.
I sorta jam my finger in up to the rim of the cup, trying to break the seal of cup and vagina walls and allow air in to fill the cup, thus unfolding if.

No. 115662

Make sure it's not sitting too high either. At first I was shoving it all the way up there and it was leaking, it's actually meant to sit pretty low in your vagina. I find giving it a bit of a spin and pull down helps it open up that last little bit too.

No. 115704

For me, if I try to pull at the bottom of the cup (I cut off the stem) and there's some resistance, I know it sits correctly and push it back a bit.

No. 115734

Feel for your cervix before insertion (it moves throughout your cycle) and then check after insertion that you're not placing it beyond/next to the cervix.

No. 115737

It cannot go past your cervix.

No. 115741

File: 1559092941023.jpg (15.93 KB, 700x234, menstrual-cup-cervix-placement…)

To be clear, it's just deeper in the vaginal canal. It cannot go through your cervix.

No. 115759

Thanks for all the replies, anons! I ironically got my period right after posting this so let's see if it works!

BTW do you guys follow the instructions and 'boil' your cup in between cycles? What is the best way to sanitize?

No. 115760

Oh man this is embarrassing. I didn't know about boiling it.
I wash it with antibacterial soap every time I take it out. I will boil now. Thanks Anon lol.

No. 115765

You should avoid antibacterial soap if you can, as antibacterial cleansers can mess up your flora. Plain soap is just fine, though.

No. 115803

I'm in a LDR where we might see each other like, 3 to 3 months? For now though, in the future I plan on moving in together in 1 or 2 years. But I want to get a copper IUD in the meantime. I just don't trust condoms alone. I'm very paranoid about getting pregnant. Is it true that you can get it and then you don't have to do anything for the next 5-10 years? Sounds too good to be true… Damn.

No. 115828

You should check your strings every month after your period to make sure it's still there.

No. 116027

Anyone extremely scared of having any diseases whenever just one thing shows up? My recent bf showed me a picture of what I assume is a cold sore on his lips, and now I'm freaking out, noticing every small thing on my pubic area, annoyingly calling my doctor and puking and not being to eat properly or sleep.
What if I somehow gave it to him, or that he I got it from me (despite me only sleeping with him once and using a condom) I am going to KMS out of this fear, it hurts.

No. 116032

As someone who has genital herpes (cold sores there, basically) you don't need to freak out like that. If you really got infected with herpes you'd see it right away, and it hurts. Most people have herpes and don't show symptoms actually.

No. 116043

his mom prolly gave it to him during birth, don't worry. as the other anon said, most people have latent oral herpes due to childbirth but if you had it, you'd have your 1st outbreak by now (assuming you're over 18).

No. 117083

File: 1560962640601.jpeg (59.51 KB, 640x572, image.jpeg)

My inner labia is probably less than a centimetre long I'm an innie. The only way that I've ever enjoyed masturbating is by rubbing my vulva through my panties. I stopped because I got anxious that maybe that's why I have any labia protruding at all. Once I found out a lot of girls including other virgins who have really long labia artist were in that way I realised that's retarded. My question I really need help with is I'm still scared to keep rubbing so is there any way that continuously rubbing my vulva really roughly and fast is going to lengthen my labia?? What do I search to find sources that can reassure me or inform me because I don't even know what to search take it any relevant information

No. 117085

If you were actually permanently stretching your labia it would hurt and be extremely uncomfortable. Look up labia stretching, people do it in African countries and it's a painful process.
There is nothing wrong with visible inner labia. Most of the women in porn are not naturally innies, the majority have had labiaplasty, so don't compare yourself to them

No. 117101

I can't find any answers on this, but has anyone found that the placement of your pubic bones limits how big of a penis you guys can fit inside of you? Like, my pubic bones (the bones on like, either side of your vagina opening) severely limit the size of what can be put inside. They're really weirdly close together.

Like, not an issue with the vagina, but the bone placement.

No. 117102

man, why the fuck is the vulva/vagina/labia always being treated like some mystical element with magical abilities. if you continuously rub any other skin flap on your body, does it lengthen? jfc do you guys listen to yourselves?

No. 117104

Considering your pelvis should be able to have a baby going through it I'm going to guess no.

No. 117105

The pelvic ligaments and bones loosen when you're pregnant and the pubic symphysis separates to allow a baby through. Not comparable to a person that isn't pregnant and has never been.

No. 117110

So, I tried all sex position and everything hurts. I have endometriosis and a retroverted uterus. Started hurting more than usual (my guess is that my second partner has a longer/weird shaped dick compared to my ex) I can't find sex enjoyable at all anymore.
Anyone here deal with this shit and have tips?

No. 117111

I don't masturbate much but my inner labia has grown a little bit over the past few years (i'm 27).

I don't think it has anything to do with whether or not you touch it though.

I think it's more about hormones and how they change with aging.

No. 117130

I have the same issues and have the same problem with pain in certain positions and I found that it's better when i'm flat on my back or stomach but if i'm at an angle with my legs lifted up it hurts too bad.
maybe see if you can go slow trying out certain positions to see if one type will be okay but if nothing is working i would just recommend using toys and things besides penetration and eventually u might be able to ease back into it

No. 117137

Why should you have to force yourself if it's painful and uncomfortable? There are other ways to be intimate

No. 117148

Have asked your doctor about this particular issue?

No. 117452

What does BV smell like? I feel like I'm smelling sort of funny compared to usual, but it didn't show up on my test at the doctor. However, I was spotting, so maybe it did effect the result, the yeast result looked like a flat out negative though. I treated for yeast already so it's not that and it didn't look yeasty either to me or the doctor.
I'm starting to think that I just get low grade BV regularly and especially after treating yeast, so I wanted to know if anyone gets it, what it looks/smells like, how they manage it, etc. I have leftover medicine for it but no applicators, I'm trying a little bit to see if I notice any changes.

No. 117454

They say it smells like fish

No. 117456

I thought that was only after sex?

No. 117482

Uhhh… idk if this goes here, but it’s vag-related so I guess??

For those who have had kids or have been pregnant before, how did you know? Did you have a feeling you were before your missed period? :/ I’m freaking out because I may be.. my period is due any day and something feels really different about this cycle, but I might be imagining things.

No. 117490

Not really what you're asking but what happened? Are you on the pill?

No. 117494

Honestly stress can make your period feel weird

No. 117509

It has a very distinct smell. I wouldn’t say it smells like fish, though. I had BV for three years and the only things that helped me were this: https://de.iherb.com/pr/Renew-Life-Women-s-Vaginal-Ultimate-Flora-Probiotic-50-Billion-Live-Cultures-30-Vegetable-Capsules/13115 and a proper antibiotic. Does your discharge have an unusual color, too? Because that is another symptom.

No. 117512

I missed my period for a week and also had a really weird sensitivity in my boobs, even that early. Take a pink dye cheap test when you are 1 week late, they are better than the expensive tests

For those of you with an iud, I've just seen a photo of the size of it in an actual uterus and it's really put me off getting it done. I'm really freaked out by the idea of getting it inserted and also I have seriously rough cervix thumping sex so I'm afraid it'll cause me pain during or after sex, or that it'll accidentally get pulled out or some shit

No. 117516

I had an IUD a few years ago, getting it inserted didn't hurt at all but as soon as I got home and sat down, I felt like I'd been stabbed and started bleeding. I had it taken out a week after that, the bleeding didn't stop and the pain was getting worse.

Male doctor said it was normal, but a nurse gave me codeine and some of those huge pads for women who've just given birth. It didn't feel normal to me, but idk.

No. 117518


Sorry for micromodding but there is a separate BC thread: >>>/g/108748

No. 117521

Thank you, I've had a baby so youd think I wouldnt be afraid of this but ugh

mb I always forget, thank you

No. 117668

Has anyone else had their PMS symptoms change over time?

Up until 18 my boobs got extremely tender around my period and I never had cramps. Eventually one day, a switch flipped and my boobs don’t get tender anymore. I bloat and get crampy now. I have the copper IUD but even before I got it at 19, I noticed that my period symptoms changed and became more of an annoyance due to the water retention and the cramps.

I tried looking it up but it’s hard to go through the articles about general PMS symptoms to find what I’m looking for. I’ve heard that PMS is rougher for women in their 20s but that doesn’t explain why I stopped having tender boobs during each cycle. Does anyone have any insight on this by chance?

No. 117962

Weird/retard question but is there a menstrual cup…but for petite/small vagina people? I got the smallest version of the Lena cup but god, it still hurts to put it in and take it out.

No. 118001

Is it true or not that some woman just don't have regular cycles? I've never had a once-per-month period, it's always skipped 2-3 and every blood test I've had that included iron/thyroid/hormone stuff came back within normal range and one of the doctors I saw said not every woman has it exactly once a month. But he was 1) a dude, 2) not that experienced (he was at my clinic as part of training and was fairly young but still quite older than me) 3) not a gyno. Sometimes I think it might be an issue if I want to have children because doesn't that mean I'm not ovulating on those skipped months?

No. 118008

Yes, some women have (very) irregular cycles. Can be a hormonal unbalance, or your body is just wired like that. It can also be linked to a mental trauma. Sometimes after your first child it suddenly changes to regular cycles.
If you don't have any period in a month, then you didn't ovulate.
I do know a a lady who had 3 children, and she has her period every 40 days. Might be related, she has very long pregnancy every time (nearly a month more than a normal pregnancy).

No. 118017

i’m petite and the smallest size of the mooncup fits well. you should try using a bit of water based lube to help insertion, that helped me a lot

No. 118061

The MeLuna Small (not the Shorty) is a good small cup. You can also check out this chart and sort by capacity.

No. 118070

File: 1562067511353.jpeg (45.55 KB, 450x600, E839862A-E292-4934-8C83-E45859…)

I wanna start shaving my pubes. Any advice so i don’t accidentally cut myself or make it itchy down there?

Last time I tried it, it got super itchy and I kept discharging because my vagina was irritated. Especially when the stubble started to grow in. Last time was the first and only time I ever altered body hair down there.

I just wanna shave now because I got a super cute bikini but my very hairy bush always peeks out of it. ~sigh~

No. 118071

not contributing but I'm just wondering if the intense itching from hair growing back ever goes away…

No. 118073

I only got this kind of itching on the first few times I shaved. Maybe it's something on your skin…

No. 118075

I shave my pubes and don't get any itching. I've been shaving for years, but I use a safety razor as opposed to plastic Venus ones. The blades are a lot sharper and it gives a super close shave so that might be a factor.

No. 118081

there shouldn't be any itching when you shave but ive been shaving since i was 8 and never stopped so

No. 118090


>get safety razors for the delicate areas

they market them as "bikini line"
>exfoliate and moisturize the area
i use a sugar scrub with coconut oil in it, which does both,but exfoliating with hot water and then moisturizing keeps itching and razor bumps to a minimum
>don't rush
i've only cut myself a few times and it's always important to dedicate time to doing it

are you high mami?

No. 118097

I think my weird cycle is my "normal" then and I'll count it as a blessing (my periods are on the lighter end too so it feels like I cheated my way out of menstruating lol). But yeah thanks anon that was reassuring. I hope longer pregnancies weren't more stress for her? I thought it would be increasingly difficult as the baby's head grows larger. If it was really important I'd wonder how you'd count the age of a person who was in the womb for that much longer.

No. 118107

What products do you use? Do you make your own scrub?

No. 118109

She's kinda old, if she had a that long pregnancy these days most doctors would have pushed her to be induced. No problem with any of the babies, but she told me she was sick of being pregnant… There's no typical pregnancy, and no typical baby imo. If you actually get pregnant, tell your gyno about your long cycle. You should track them when you try to concieve (or even before) so you have some data, because most doctor won't trust your memory and won't believe you if you don't. Maybe try those fertility tracker methods (temperature +self cervical check just one is not enough) to know exactly when you ovulate. I'm not an expert though.

No. 118275

File: 1562253809452.png (399.99 KB, 480x679, reusable pads.png)

I recently decide to switch to reusable pads, and I'm in love with them. I'd love to see what anons who use them have to share.

No. 118287

Do they show under clothes?
Those are pretty but I wouldn't wanna bleed all over pretty artwork of a girl's face.

No. 118289

I've used some and even made my own, and they didn't show at all. They're super comfy, but I'm a Yuropoor and there aren't any sold here and ordering from the US is super pricey.

No. 118298

I have some double gauze reusable liners, though I mostly use a cup. I love how they breathe.

Some show under some clothing. An overnight pad would probably show under thin, white leggings. The liners I have don't show under medium or lightweight pants. It's similar to regular pads, really.

Precious Stars Pads ships to the EU, but making your own like you have is even better.

No. 118315

I've been thinking of switching over. Do they ever slide around for you? That's my main problem with non-winged pads, and I feel like even with the snap, they could still go up or down.

No. 118338

is it abnormal to wear panty liners at all times? i get a lot of discharge (despite washing very thoroughly) and don’t feel like changing panties 3 times a day.

No. 118339

No, it's what they're made for!

No. 118345

Yeah, what >>118339 said. Tbh, I‘d find it more abnormal to change your panties several times a day every single day (the amount of laundry…) instead of just wearing panty liners.

No. 118350

It's not, but it must be really expensive in the long run. Whenever I wear them, they bunch up and ride up my asscrack lol. Have you tried Thinx or some similar underwear?

No. 118351

Does anyone else here rarely use underwear? I just find it extremely constricting and only ever buy panties when they're cute and I want to wear them for aesthetic reasons. My vagina is healthy but I feel like a weirdo admitting to going commando 99% of the time.

No. 118364

same. I only own a few pairs and I haven't worn them since the last time I wore a skirt (over a year) at this point it feels incredibly uncomfortable, like I can almost feel a UTI developing. Too tight, hot, and keeps moisture around so much longer. I honestly forget that most people wear it every single day, it surprises me when I think about it.

No. 118396

where does ur discharge go? if u dont have discharge, that's not healthy.

No. 118404

The only logical conclusion is that the discharge goes to whichever pants I'm wearing lol. It's rarely heavy enough to leave bleachy stains, but it's not like I'm dry as a bone down there all day.

No. 118412

Has anybody used female condoms for period sex? I'm thinking about trying it out, but buying them requires a prescription.

It's not abnormal, but it isn't recommended because it doesn't let the area breathe. [Source: https://www.womansworld.com/posts/wear-panty-liners-every-day-129580] However, if you don't have any problems wearing them every day, then it is perfectly fine. It's best to stick to cotton liners without added scents, but again if what you use works for you that's what matters.

They stay in place unless I'm wearing very loose panties or synthetic panties. Normal cotton or modal panties keep them in place for running, sleeping, etc. One thing to make sure of is that the gusset in your panties is wide enough. If it doesn't cover your whole vulva sans liner, you're going to have a bad time with a liner.

No. 118416

I don't think I have ever spent a day in my life without wearing panties…

No. 118422

that seems kind of gross. cotton panties are really the way to go, they let you breath and protect your crotch area from uncomfortable fabric in jeans, or the elements in other things. i would never not opt for a comfortable pair of cotton panties or wireless cotton bra since most fabrics are too rough for crotch/nipples.

No. 118426

It's incredibly gross and those anons are weird as hell. Letting your discharge fall on your pants and down your leg is fucked up dude.

No. 118427

Soooo if you go shopping, you take some panties with you? Because it's really gross imagining someone is trying on jeans which were in contact with your discharge before…

No. 118448

So you wear every single pair of pants just once before washing them?

And what do you do when you’re on your period? Even when I‘m wearing tampons there will be some light staining.

I‘m genuinely confused by women who don’t wear underwear and are comfortable with it.

No. 118527

I swear I started my period today, I got all the cramps and everything. I went to the bathroom and saw some blood. I have PCOS so it's really hot or miss on which months I'll get it. I went to the bathroom again and there was no blood on my pad so I stuck my finger in my vagina with toilet paper and I got more blood, I just assumed I needed to do that to have it come out. Next time I go to the bathroom, pad is still untouched. I did the finger again, still blood. It's really gel-like like a regular menstrual clot. Is this normal? Any other anons had this situation? Should I masturbate or something to open up my vagina and help push it out lol?

No. 118591

Any suggestions for razor bumps and/or ingrown hairs? I like to stay shaved but I fucking hate the bumps I get. Maybe reading Shayna’s thread has made me a bit self conscious about it. Something I could be putting on my skin, maybe? My skin is sensitive so I avoid putting stuff on it and usually just shave in the bath.

No. 118592

okay so update, everything is good lol. i just had to wait another day and the flow started.
i'd like suggestions for ingrown hairs as well. i haven't shaved in like 4 months and i still get ingrown hairs to this day, i think it's just from stress and just random hairs falling out. how to avoid that?

No. 118598

I keep showing very clear signs of pregnancy but took 8+ pregnancy tests and all of them are negative, why?

No. 118601

It might be the type of birth control you're using. When my mom was on a certain kind of birth control it sometimes made her have symptoms of pregnancy even though he wasn't pregnant

No. 118611

your hormones might be fucking with you, look up pregnant woman care and see what they do to ease it incase you are having nausea or pain, sounds like your body is simulating a pregnancy for some reason
if you're american go to that one free clinic that conservative boomers hate they might help

No. 118612

A few days ago I had sex and was properly penetrated for the first time (it was my second time having sex and I was/am really tight).

Afterward I felt really sore and now days later my vagina is itchy. Is this normal and if not, what could it be?

No. 118617

Sometimes I get really sharp pains but they don't really feel like regular period cramps? Like rather than throbbing/contracting it's just a sharp, continuous pain, like my uterus is in a vice grip. It's bad to the point where I can't even budge an inch without the pain multiplying and I get shivers but it usually calm down after an hour. Does anyone else get the same kind of pains? Are they just cramps or possibly something else?

No. 118622

Could be micro tears healing or t might just be irritated. Did you use a condom? Is your partner STI free? We can't answer that for you, but if you're unsure - get checked. Chances are you're just a bit irritated.

No. 118654

i have regular unprotected sex with my LDR bf that i see once a month, and every time i have sex with him for the first time he tears the vaginal opening open on the spot closest to my anus. its relatively normal, but if it itches on the labia and all around you could get some Clotrimazole, as its OTC and pretty cheap.

sidenote ask him to get tested

No. 118664

Your boyfriend tearing your vagina isn't normal anon. That happens when you give birth. Your body should relax and lube itself up to allow for entry without tearing, this is for the other anon too with possible tearing. Are these guys just jamming it in dry with no foreplay? You need lube at the very least if these guys are not putting in any effort to get you loosened up first. But really they need to spend time getting you relaxed and comfortable - and if you are expecting pain it will be difficult to relax.

No. 118669

ldr anon here
sorry, i didn't mention the severity of the issue. it's not really a tear, like open flesh, more like tiny micro tears due to friction. i guess it is due to not being super soaking wet, but in my case i hardly am crazy horny, if at all. any tips for that?

No. 118695

This happened to me one time. We go through bottles of lube crazy fast bc i'm a bit tight, so this one time we tried applying lube only to the top half of his dick (we use condoms though) because also i was very wet that day. Never again. Now i know i always need to apply lube all the way to the base, and reapply mid way.

So maybe give that a shot.

No. 118702

first anon here, he ate me out for a really long time before to try to help me relax/get turned on and loosen up. i guess i was just too nervous to relax properly. he didn’t use lube, though, nor a condom, and he pushed it in even when i was almost crying and telling him i was in pain so idk.

No. 118709

>and he pushed it in even when i was almost crying and telling him i was in pain

My god anon I'm sorry. That is NOT okay.

No. 118780

thank you anon. i felt like i was being impaled, it was awful. i thought it was my own fault for not being relaxed enough, i'm glad that's not really how it's supposed to be.

No. 118884

My problem is way less important that the other anons here, sorry.
But I'm a WOC, I have a darker tone pubic area and it bothers me, I always keep my hair, I trim it but almost never shave, I shaved today and I'm planning to not let my partner see it until some hair grows back, I know that it supposed to be slightly a darker tone but mine is so dark it makes me feel insecure and I've been struggling with this since early adolescence, I tried many home remedies and different shit.
Any solutions?

No. 118905

Do you happen to have Acanthosis Nigricans? I have it too and it might be a health problem. If you can solve that health problem, it’ll probably return to the rest of your body’s skin tone. I’ve seen hacks where people rub lemon water on their pits to lighten it. Idk if you want lemon near your pubic area because it might upset your vagina.

No. 118935

Why does my vagina look like this? Why isn’t the hole visible? I don’t even know what this skin is?

No. 118936

File: 1562929084442.jpg (10.05 KB, 225x225, hymen.jpg)

Anon what the fuck are you doing posting that. To answer your question it's your hymen or vaginal corona.

No. 118937

Okay i deleted it. Im not a Virgin Though so im not sure why it’s there

No. 118938

File: 1562929610546.jpg (60.46 KB, 750x522, fishcar.jpg)




No. 118941


Because you're putrid?

No. 118943

File: 1562931985392.jpg (28.81 KB, 600x449, lolfugly.jpg)




No. 118944

mods are trannies. good try.

No. 119031

If you have to do it more than twice, you're probably not pregnant. You're more likely than not constipated.

No. 119131

I can't say I'm surprised to hear that you hater bitches all have gross yeast infections.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 119160

Which signs? Early pregnancy and PMS have a lot in common. Also your hormones going a little nuts can also make your period late.

You might not have been properly turned on or too nervous. Try giving yourself time to heal and have an orgasm before penetration so your body is more ready.

>he pushed it in even when i was almost crying and telling him i was in pain so idk.
Yeah don't let him penetrate you if it hurts.

No. 119178

Breaking out, morning sickness, breast soreness, constipation, cramping, cravings, discharge which I found weird because usually my only pms symtoms are breaking out and being emotional

The thing is I have pcos and not to get too TMI but my husband has been cumming in me literally every other day, I did however get my period unless it was a miscarriage which wouldn't surprise me because I have miscarriaged before

Any tips on getting pregnant?

No. 119209

That does seem unusual, your hormones were probably doing something unusual for you. You should see your obgyn about this if you're trying to conceive. There are a number of things they can do. One thing is that they'll put you on birth control for like 2 weeks at a time to regulate your cycle. There are also a couple medicines to help you ovulate. See your doctor so you can figure something out. Most women with PCOS are able to get pregnant without IVF.

No. 119364

I have what is either an ingrown hair that's blown up or a bad pimple right between my labia majora, near the clitoral hood/minora in that little crease between the labia where you can still grow hair. The placement is terrible, I don't have a hand mirror, and I know for a fact that I'm going to get gross there. How the fuck can I get rid of this? It's making me feel really self-conscious and I had a heart attack when I noticed it because I thought it was on my clit and there was something really wrong.
I have prescription acne meds and gentle wipes for the vulva. I'm trying to just treat it and keep clean, but nervous about doing too much because painful area and I've already been dealing with vulvar discomfort for a month. Never dealt with such a bad and poorly placed thing in my life. Anyone have any ideas?

No. 119442

You could try to remove it after holding a hot wet washcloth to it for 10-15 minutes, but honestly, the locations pretty sensitive so if it's not crazy expensive in your situation a doctor would be totally justified. Salicylic acid is good, too.

No. 119531

I'm experiencing some pain on my clitoris. It's mostly when I touch it or wipe. It's sort of a burning sensation, sometimes a sting… Never happened before. Nothing to be seen on the surface. Haven't had sex in more than a year so can't be STD. Anybody knows what it could be? I'm about to have my period these days

No. 119533

I sometimes get a weird pain when I have a loose (pubic) hair stuck under the hood of the clitoris. I usually can’t get rid through it just by wiping etc because it’s stuck really weirdly. I’ll have to pull everything back as far as I can to be able to see/get rid of it.

It stings really weirdly, not just a stinging sensation on the surface as you would expect and causes a discomfort whenever I touch myself, wipe etc.

No. 119538

I'm new to sex/sexual acts in general (despite being mid-20s, long story) and I'm nervous about having sex with my new bf for the first time. I've had some issues with tightness/pain even with fingering which has been annoying for me.

He's great with foreplay/making sure I'm comfortable so I'm wondering if there's anything I could do to make things a bit easier? I want to have sex with him but I'm really worried that it's going to be a difficult time.

No. 119541

water-based lube is your friend. if you're uncomfortable breaking that out, the key is definitely to try to relax. if you're still a virgin, expect some discomfort your first time, but it really is about trying to keep your muscles as relaxed as possible. muscle tension from being nervous can really hinder your ability to enjoy it.

most importantly - as is always mentioned in these kinds of threads - don't force yourself into something that hurts or makes you uncomfortable

No. 119561

this is more of a vent sorry
I absolutely hate having a heavy flow. I can sleep with a maxi pad and a super plus tampon in (I know, don’t lecture me) and I end up bleeding down my leg every morning. The worst days, I go through at least 6 super plus tampons. If someone is using the bathroom when I realize I need to change it, I literally have to change my clothes just because I’m five minutes too late. I have a copper IUD which I think has made it a little heavier, but it’s always been bad. I’ve stained every set of sheets I’ve owned, I’ve bled on literally all my pants, the only underwear that’s safe are ones I specifically only wear when I know it’s safe. I can’t have sex at all on my period because I bleed through towels and stain the mattress AND neither me nor my partner can feel anything. I’ve stained the bathroom matts, the carpet on the way to the bathroom.. because I basically have to shower after getting up in the morning cuz I’m covered in blood and can’t get to cleaning the floors fast enough lmao. It’s so awful. I can’t afford to change my birth control a bunch to try to remedy this either.
I just wish I could sit on a bunch of towels for a week and not have to worry about shit lmao.

No. 119588

Are you overweight and/or do you have a crappy diet?
I used to have a super heavy flow when I was a bit overweight (like just 10 lbs) and eating crappy. Once I started eating healthier and loss the excess weight I noticed a huge difference.
But even now if I happen to give into period cravings or something and I eat crappy for a few days before my period I notice it gets heavier again.

No. 119594

anybody have experience with endometriosis?
I don't have it, but a friend does, and I want to know a bit more about what she's going through to help in any way I can.

I know a bit about the medical stuff behind it, but what are some things that help and what are somethings that definitely don't?

No. 119598

I’m not overweight or underweight. My diet is currently shit lmao but even when it was a LOT better, my period was the same. I even got work done to see if there’s something wrong with me causing it but everything came back normal.

No. 119612

you should try a menstrual cup, the avg capacity of a super tampon is around 10ml but cups generally hold around 25-30ml of fluid. i’m pretty sure you can even get ones which hold around 45ml.

No. 119651

Ive thought about it but I’m kinda just freaked out by the whole thing. It took me years to be okay using tampons, another new product seems just as overwhelming to me? I’m all around uncomfy with fiddling around down there and I’ve heard it can take time to learn how to place it properly

No. 119653

As someone with a heavy flow I 100% recommend the cup. It worth learning how to use it as overwhelming as it might be. I put it off ages and honestly regret it. You'll have your period for a huge chunk of your life so you might as well make it easier for yourself. It's worth it.

No. 119974

Maybe a dumb question but my period came early, I'm assuming the date it happened is the new date my period will start on from now on..?

No. 119978

Idk if you're a child but it doesn't come on the same date every month. 28-31 days in a month. Periods usually start between 21-30 days for those with a regular cycle. If yours is around 30 days it means your next one may be closer to the new date. Stress and health affects the startdate too. Mine has never been completely exact.

No. 119989

Are you on the pill? I am and mine is pretty regular I can always count 4 days back from my next tablet, but stress and diet can have fluctuations.

If you're looking to start on to the pill for the first time iirc you take it the first day you bleed.

No. 119995

Is it normal to have long periods? I'll spot for 3 days before my period (I don't have any symptoms aside from this spotting), have 4 days that's my "actual" period, and then another 3-4 days of spotting.

No. 120039

can any anons break down for me the basics of grooming your pubic hair? i never really found a reason to trim/shave or anything and now i'm curious and want to try. my main question is what exactly is the most common thing to do. do most women shave their pubic hair off completely or mostly trim it? i have some hair growing in my inner labia so i don't think shaving only would be a good idea or at least only on the outer edges, but even when it comes to shaving i'm a bit clueless. do i just buy a safety razor and go at it the same way i do my armpits (just with soap and water) or do i need to do something else as well? sorry for the dumb questions, i don't really have many people in real life i could ask this to.

No. 120040

Everyone does it differently but I've got my method down to an art so I can shave every 2nd day and not get ingrowns/irritation/itchiness
>hair on the labia is so soft and easy to shave I do it every day, soap and water is enough and I prefer that to shaving cream
>it's also possible to shave slightly into the inside of the lip if the hair goes there, it's never bothered my skin at all
>pull the skin taught when you do it, squatting makes it easier or just standing up
>hair on the mons is coarse and hard to shave, use shaving cream.
>never shave against the grain (the direction of the hair, it goes inwards and meets at the top of the slit) because it hurts and irritates the skin badly
>shaving with the grain (inwards/downwards) is the safest way to avoid irritation
>shaving horizontally to the grain also works, I do it once with the grain then again horizontally to get a closer shave
>consider not shaving the centre area at all, it's by far the most easily irritated skin. I leave a patch and trim it
>pretty much any razor works as long as it isn't blunt, I'd say get a nice one but honestly I've used cheap as shit disposable razors for men without even a strip of soap on it and it was great
>it will probably be itchy for a while even if you do it perfectly, it goes away after a while

No. 120041

I vaguely remember my period being regular though but this time it came a week and a half early. But I'm thinking stress and poor nutrition may have caused it..

No. 120051

>all this effort instead of making a pass with an electric trimmer once a month.
You're fucking up, anon.

No. 120052

I second most of this.
Few things I do differently:
>shaving against the grain doesn’t bother me/my skin too much
>I don’t use shaving cream or gel at all, as it usually irritates my skin a lot, instead I’ll use regular hair conditioner on the mons and let it ‘soak’ a few moments before shaving
>men’s disposable razors (3 blades or less) work best for me (Gillette Venus and cheap alternatives were by far the worst and I always got irritated skin, even when using fresh blades)

Another few things:
>let my razor sit in some isopropyl alcohol for a minute or so before shaving
>always do it before going to bed so I can avoid wearing (tight) underwear (but if you have to wear some, use something light and made of cotton)
>let the area air dry and use skin- and wound-friendly desinfectant afterwards
>a little while after shaving I’ll use some hazelnut or coconut oil on the area
>when it’s really hot I’ll use baby powder in my bikini area in the morning because I’ll tend to get irritations from sweat and friction there

No. 120084

It takes 1 minute max, it only sounds like a lot of effort because I put thought and detail into my post for a newbie's benefit

No. 120087


Thanks anons for the responses, they're honestly really helpful. Even when I tried looking it up online most websites were incredibly broad on how to groom so it didn't offer much help and I appreciate how much detail you put into it.

No. 120091

So I've never bothered taking care of the skin on my lips because it's easy to overlook but since I started wearing makeup I find that I can't wear lipstick without it REALLY bringing out all the lines I have, not granny pout lines around my mouthh but it's like permanently dry lips (I used to peel them a lot and they're naturally super dry without balm). Any way to reverse this? My current plan is moisturising them and exfoliating the dead layers off because I get the urge to bite them and it's slow going.

No. 120098

I literally hate shaving but when I do, I use coconut oil instead of shaving cream and I avoid doing it in the shower, like the only water needed is to rinse off the razor. Squatting over a mirror helps me get everything. I go with and against the grain, just don’t go over the same area too many times. I usually leave a triangle of fuzz up too because it gets irritated sooooo easily, I trim it with a trimmer meant for facial hair lol. After, I’ll take a shower and rinse really well, pat dry, and use a little bit of coconut oil to keep the area happy. I’ve never had an issue doing it this way. But I have a “fat pussy” so stubble rubs me in all the wrong places lmao I usually just go full bush or trim it, it’s like twice a year that I shave at all.

No. 120101

Unless you’re applying lipstick to your labia, you might be in the wrong thread lmao

No. 120364

a week ago I got my period a week and a half early, figured it was from stress and other things but now I've also had brown shit coming out of me for the past few days already. I don't usually have a period for a whole week and the brown stuff is weird.. some of it is thick and some is watery.

No. 120372

It's just tissue from your womb mixed with mucus and old blood. Trying to think how the best way to describe it is, is it sometimes like little blobs and gobbets and also a bit like viscous snot or phlegm, but brown? Does it spread out into a little brownish slime streak on the paper when wiping after going for a pee?

It's very normal anyway, this used to be what every breakthrough period I had while on the mini pill looked like (no bright red fresh blood at all) and now this stuff is what the end of my periods look like I'm off hormonal contraception. My personal theory is it's what older shed endometrial tissue looks like if it's been hanging around for a while and has had a chance to oxidize (go brown).

No. 120385


nta but this happened to me this week and this post was reassuring! hadn't even had my period in a week but it's exactly as you've described so I'm no longer worried.

No. 120387

yeah I started getting brown stuff after my period after quitting birth control pills but it was never like this + my whole period has been messed up and weird this month. thanks for assuring me tho.

No. 120398

Hey, sometimes periods do just be like that. The more I read about it and hang out in female spaces the more I learn about how wild each woman's menstrual cycle can be. Did you know doctors only consider the absence of a period to be notable if it's been 90 days since your last menses? When I read that little factoid my mind was a bit blown, that's literally like, a quarter of a year lol, anything under that can be considered within "normal range" apparently

No. 120400

I think I have a cut on my labia minora as a result of my boyfriend using a lil too much teeth while sucking on it. I didnt feel too much pain when he was doing it but since then it has become rather tender, and hurts a bit when I pee. I tried my best to examine it and it looks like a patch of raw skin kind of? Has anyone dealt with something like this before?

No. 120401

To the anon who recommended nixit cup like half a year ago, thanks it has saved my period! I have a very low cervix and heavy flow so traditional period cups didnt work for me and tampons were uncomfortable too. It is almost fun to get my period now lmao.

No. 120412

is there anything I can do about my dark/grey roastbeef vagina? at least make it lighter or something..? it's so bad I hate looking at it.. also not completely vagina related but I have a hemorrhoid and I checked in the mirror while lying down and it's kind of noticeable and pops out a bit, do you think my boyfriend will mind when/if he notices it?

No. 120416

But I do not recommend it, learn to love yourself first.

No. 120417

Skin is skin, anything that works to brighten complexion on the face works anywhere else. A niacinamide cream would work fine. But he probably wont mind.

No. 120428

That's too expensive anyway.
I doubt putting random creams on my labia is safe tho

No. 120429

If you're wary of even putting creams on your labia, wtf kind of advice do you think you'd be willing to follow? That's the absolute safest sounding possible solution to changing your skin colour. Obviously you can't do much short of horrible sounding things like bleach and injections.

No. 120433

Does anyone else feel a tingling on the bottoms of their feet when they masturbate?

I get so distracted by this weird feeling in my feet. It's like that tingly, almost burn-y sensation you get when you first move your foot after it's been asleep. It's not pleasant or sexy to me– it just makes it hard to focus on masturbating.

Shit like this is why porn infuriates me. Vaginas are not supposed to be pretty, and I hate that porn has created an unreasonable expectation that vaginas be 100% pink and have no minora showing. Ridiculous.

Your vagina is fine, anon. Any guy who bitches about what your fucking junk looks like needs to be dumped asap.

Also, hemorrhoids are common and incurable. If it's not bleeding, painful, or obstructing anything, don't worry about it. I would advise against anal sex if you have hemorrhoids. Anal sex is a meme invented by men anyway, and is always more pleasurable for them than it is for women. Plus it's unsanitary and requires a lot of preparation on the reciever's part.

No. 120435

>Does anyone else feel a tingling on the bottoms of their feet when they masturbate?

Yep, I know exactly what you're talking about. Like firey pins and needles. I think it's because we unconsciously tense our muscles during sexual pleasure, so you're feeling the effects of cutting off your own blood supply in your legs. Apparently this is why you should consciously learn to relax your legs when dabbing the Devil's doorbell, I've seen a lot of Cosmo-esque advice suggesting it makes your orgasms better.

No. 120460

light-skinned innies are kinda cute though..
well my hemorrhoid is uncomfortable but when I finally went to the doctor she told me it's a skintag and didn't do anything besides telling me to put vaseline on it so I guess that hemorrhoid is my partner for life now lol. I've already had it for years as well.

No. 120462

random but i used to really tense my legs up when i would masturbate and i got really bad charlie horses all the time that would completely ruin the moment. i taught myself to focus the tension to my glutes and it feels great (to me) and makes you feel like you had an ass workout afterward lmao.

No. 120501

how many of you wash your hands after masturbating? i do it in bed at night and well, i don't lol
it doesn't help that we don't have a sink in the bathroom tho

No. 120503

I never do, but only because I don’t really penetrate myself and I also don’t get wet or anything, so my fingers usually stay dry.

No. 120550

I always need to pee after masturbating and I wash my hands after peeing.

No. 120573

never i usually pass out right after i come so
it's not like it's a mess afterwards anyway

No. 120584

I do. I also wash my nether regions too because I get super wet.

No. 120596

Ew yeah. Why would I want pussy juice remnants dried up and getting on anything i touch?

No. 120599

nether regions? this is sus, bro. we don't call that shit the nether regions.

No. 120601

I’m just a prude and don’t like saying pussy or vagina. plus I was referring to the whole area including my ass crack cuz it seeps into it. That’s why I don’t masturbate much it gets too messy for me

No. 120603

> nether regions

No. 120775

Is it normal for your vagina to be looser lying down than when vertical?
I was rubbing one out, as you do, but decided to lie down for once and there was definitely more room. Is it because the muscles are less tense or has my vagoo got an issue?

No. 120779


I find dildo-time feels a whole lot better if I'm in a squatting position rather than laid back so def think it affects muscles like that

No. 120928

My dad used to say pussy in front of me, like in the trump manner which was super weird considering my age.

Now I can't find a good way to say vagina that doesn't cringe me out.

No. 120945

Is it normal to have all over increased body sensitivity after taking birth control for about a week?

I started on vienva and ever since I became really tender-headed, typical pain I could deal with like bumping into things became more intense, I get uncomfortable easier, but on the plus side I'm starting to have really intense orgasms

No. 120948

Yes, that’s normal.

No. 121392

So I've had a mole on the outside of my labia majora for years. I can't remember how long, it's been there for ages. I shaved off all my pubes today for the first time in quite some time and… I think the mole grew some? Of course googling it only beings back CANCER CANCER CANCER and I can't deny that it's weird to have a mole down there. It's got me all anxious because it's not a flat mole, plus I can't go to the doctor. My health insurance isn't that good. Would Planned Parenthood look at this kind of thing? I know if they end up referring me elsewhere I'm still screwed (because, again, insurance). Or am I just worrying for nothing????? Ugh

No. 121396

I have one next to my vagina, too, that worries me sometimes. Growth itself isn't indicative yet of anything bad. I feel you though and it's very stressful to think about and the internet only amplifies that fear. I'm sorry that you can't ask for help because of insurance. Did it change otherwise in appearance? Like shape/colour/border? If not, I'd say you're good. Even wonky, lifted moles are usually healthy. It just sucks if you can't get them checked and have some relief. It's also normal to have moles literally anywhere on the body.
Asking PP for help sounds like a great idea!
You could also get a friend's opinion if you dare and if it could help for starters as a non-professional first opinion and maybe to vent some of your frustration.
Good luck and I'm hugging you from afar!

No. 121400

Thanks for the kind words, anon, I really appreciate it. Color hasn't changed on it as far as I can remember, and while I know color isn't really indicative one way or another, it's more pink than brown. I just feel like it's grown in size a bit, like… oblong? It's always been an irregular mole, so I feel unsure about how far I should read into its shape. And I did have my husband look at it and he thinks it's a little bigger too (and honestly I think that's what has me all anxious. Like… if someone else can actually acknowledge that it's different, ahh!!) I know I really have nothing to lose by requesting a PP appointment, so I guess I'll work up the nerve to make one!

No. 121470

Do you think it could be a skin tag? That's a common place to get them, the friction from your underwear or from your labia rubbing can cause them.

No. 121479

Sage cause anecdote, but I also had a mole down there and accidentally shaved it off and ever since it's an ugly ass scar.

That said, get it checked out.

No. 121570

Idk if this is the right thread but I’m an ex fatty. I’m also part middle eastern so I already have kind of dull olive skin.. the skin around my vag lips/upper inner thigh is dark and discoloured from rubbing so much for so long.. is there anything safe I can do to help rejuvenate the skin there and brighten it?? Almost makes me look dirty when I’m fully shaved :(

No. 121638

I guess there's the tiny chance that it's a skin tag and I'd really be happy to learn that it is, but I'm pretty certain it's a mole. It's got volume to it and it's oblong with weird edges. I think my biggest indicator is, like… they say you should get a mole looked at if it's the size of a pencil eraser? And this is pretty darn close to that size. But I do have a PP appointment scheduled for tomorrow morning! I know they won't be able to do anything but look at it and give me an assessment, but it's a start. I have really bad insurance so I don't know what I'll do if I need to go further with it, but… idk. I don't know! One step at a time, I guess.

No. 121647

I would also like to know if anons have suggestions. I've been looking at niacinamide creams for intimate areas and wondering if they work?
I get a lot of results for papaya soap too but I've a feeling it's just a physical exfoliant.
I think though, some darkness is inevitable and normal. I'm whitest white with no friction down there and I'm not even sexually active right now - but still have slightly dingy, dark fanny skin. So if there are no suggestions, it's probably worth us both just coming to terms with it.

No. 121661

Your skin is really sensitive there, even if bleaching creams work it's probably not the best idea. I've always been self-conscious about my skin being darker in that area but no one I've been intimate with has cared or even noticed until I pointed it out. Anyone who thinks it's gross is probably just a creep anyway.

No. 121664

What're the best pads? Preferably nothing crazy expensive.

No. 121665

call me a weeb but fuck it. megami elis.

>pure cotton, nice and soft and breathable

>cute package design, looks like magic circles, being a girl is suffering
>kawaii heart design on the pad itself which also lends to keeping moisture locked in
>fairly cheap considering the nice material

do it.

No. 121670

I like Always Infiniti, they're super absorbent while still being thin.

No. 121680


Always is the best brand imo, they're nearly always on promotion or in multibuy offers (where I am at least)

No. 121688

Always Infinity.

No. 121713

You guys were really supportive and I really appreciated it, so here's my follow up if there's any interest! Doctor said it was just a skin tag and I am SO relieved. She said it was nothing to worry about health-wise, but if it gets irritated because of its size, my pcp would probably have something to prescribe for it to help it go away.

I am so thankful for Planned Parenthood as a resource for this kind of thing. They're so well trained on how to make you feel comfortable and they really do take care of you. Thank you, PP! I'll pay it forward when I get financially stable!

No. 121722

DEFINITELY agree with other anons, Always Infinity. I recommend the extra heavy/overnight pad to anyone who has a very heavy flow like myself. If someone isn't using this brand and is having issues (like I did) with leaking and a heavy flow. I'd 100% recommend it.

While i'm here do any anons have lube suggestions for someone who has an allergy/sensitive problem? I have a sensitivity (possible allergy) to lube and no luck on a replacement. Any reputable brands?
The issues I have been having every time I use lube is burning/itching then swelling. The swelling happening over time not immediate.

Any recommendations would be great!

No. 121725

Are you using silicone based lube? A lot of people are sensitive to that.

No. 121744

File: 1566001588486.jpg (138.22 KB, 1920x1280, YES-Organic-Lube-Made-With-You…)

YES lube is very gentle.

No. 121745

I like the System Jo H20 lube. I have extremely sensitive skin, and have never had a problem with it.

No. 121756

Hey anon, from what the lube says in ingredients, no it's a water based formula. No silicone.

Thank you anons! I'll check them out.

No. 121875

I've been using a period tracking app for the last few years and in the last twelve months or so my periods have been getting further and further apart, I am several days to a week later than the apps estimate every month. I also only bleed for 2 days. I don't know what to put this change down to, I turned 30 this year, am not sexually active or on birth control

Anyone know if this is a '30s' thing? In a way light and short periods are ideal but it's the change that makes me wonder. Can't afford to go to doc right now and my towns only (male) doc is usually dismissive of women and womens issues

No. 121897

I can't even remember where I was reading it, but I was reading about natural cycles of periods. I've been on the pill for over a decade with few breaks and am curious about my presumed fertility levels. I read that the body can naturally slow your cycle, thereby preserving release of your egg. It probably is a normal thing since you're not on birth control. A concern I have is that I'm regulating my cycles too much.

No. 121900

File: 1566253622495.jpg (Spoiler Image,9.58 KB, 200x222, ou4kEIh.jpg)

(warning spoilered pic is SUPER GROSS!!! not mine but looks the same)
has anyone here ever passed a decidual cast before? it happened to me today for the first time and it was the most painful, traumatic moment of my life. i felt like i was birthing an egg sized thing, paired with the most intense period pain i have ever felt. it was followed about 10 mins later with a blood clot that was the size of my hand. now i'm still experiencing quite bad period pain but nowhere near what it was before getting that thing out. i've also had the heaviest flow that i've ever had (filling up a night time pad every couple of hours). am i going to die? i'm going to the drs tomorrow but the feeling of having to birth that thing out on the toilet was so freaky and painful. :(

No. 121905

I've shed parts of one, but not the whole entire thing in one go. I remember a lot of pain, different pain than usual (like, cervix-y? I'd hazard a guess as to it being what the beginning of contractions feels like tbh, it happens sometimes when I pass a really large clot, too), then freaking the fuck out when I went to the toilet to go sort myself out and finding whatever the fuck it was, lmao. A photo and a flurry of "holy fuck, am I dying???" texts to my mum later, she told me it was probably parts of a decidual cast.

I can't tell you whether increased flow/clots and pain is normal, because I have PCOS and ?endo/adeno, and super overnight pads on the hourly and bad pain is my usual, but you're probably not dying. It's a good idea to see your doctor though, just to get checked out, and to talk about it. It's absolutely really freaky, I empathise with you there.

If the pain and bleeding get appreciably worse I think you should consider more urgent medical attention, though. In the mean time, just look after yourself anon! Get a hot water bottle/other heating method of your choice, some painkillers, some chocolate, a cup of tea maybe? Do some of that good good self care.

No. 121908

thanks anon, i'm feeling a lot better now after some strong af painkillers, hot water bottle and new season of mindhunter! i seem to have finished passing the big clot stuff now so i'm less on edge. the pain really was insane! it was defo inside my vagina pain which was new to me, and it felt like i had super bad trapped wind in my stomach just before that came in waves so i guess it is like contractions. freaky stuff!!! the joy of being a woman

No. 121909

Jesus I didn't know these existed. It's basically a period pod from my quick search about it. I woulda fainted anons, you're both braver than me.

No. 121911

Same, how do our bodies still seem to hold endless untold horrors? I feel like by now I should know everything I have to fear but they keep coming.
You anons are incredible for not just dying of fear

No. 121920

I've seen women convinced they've had a miscarriage after passing regular old clots.. this thing is a whole other level

What kind of conditions cause this? birth control, pcos?

No. 121922

hi i'm original anon that posted about birthing one of those things. google tells me it can come from the pill, pcos, endometriosis and cancer of the uterus. i'm not on the pill and not diagnosed with any of the latter but i have suspected i have pcos for some time as i have had issues with fluctuating weight in the past and i'm super hairy (on my chin and neck, sideburns and tummy. sometimes on my boobs too. lucky me!) i also have had period pains so bad before that i've been vomiting from the pain or almost fainted if i stood up too quick with them. i know there are other symptoms so i don't want to self diagnose, but i'm going to mention it to the doctor today so hopefully they can do tests or whatever to find out!
me and my boyfriend use condoms religiously right now as i have been avoiding the pill due to one making me really crazy for the couple of months i took it around a year ago, but i'm hoping to go back on it to make things easier. i was really freaked out though and genuinely thought i miscarried when it came out cos it just looked like a bloody lump of tissue, followed by really heavy blood and big, beefy clots. i really wouldn't wish the experience on anyone! i'm just worried this is going to be a regular occurence during my periods now and i don't think i could handle that pain again without heavy drugs and i try to avoid super strong pain meds due to addiction issues in the past. i still have cramps today so that's over 5 days of pain now (i usually just have pain on the first day of my period) so it is a little out of character, but my doctor is a super nice and understanding lady so hopefully i will get some answers and help today! sorry for the massive post, this has been a super weird experience as i don't have a lot of female friends to run these things by!

No. 121936

I hope your doctor has some sort of explanation or solution for you Anon! Good luck!

No. 121954

Hopefully it was a once off thing for you anon. Wouldn't like to think of any woman going through that regularly. Let us know if the doc has any useful info on them/ particularly on avoiding them!

No. 121964

Am I the only one that gets REALLY wet very easily? Like I'll have a sopping mess down there just after a few minutes of being aroused, not horny as fuck, just normal levels of sexual arousal. Is this normal? I've always been like this, since I was 12 or 13.

No. 121973

That sounds normal to me anon, I'm sure some of us here wish we had that problem

No. 121975

Well yeah, I guess not getting wet enough is much worse when it comes to having sex. But having to walk around with panties that are VERY wet every now and then is a pain in the ass, shit happens sometimes.

No. 121986

same tbh. if I know I’m not gonna put the wetness to good use, I’ll wear a pantyliner so it’s not too annoying and doesn’t also soak my pants lol

No. 122001

This is why people have sex towels.

No. 122043

You are not alone. I dont even have to be aroused because I have so much discharge sometimes I get a wet spot on my jeans. Also I fucking hate panty liners. I have some period panties but they are too expensive to buy for every day use.

No. 122057

For years I didn't get why pantyliners were a thing, only in the last few months have I found out why

No. 122058

Sometimes this can be a sign of an infection. If you some other issue too like different color, have it checked.

No. 122059

i hate pantyliners, they honestly make my crotch stink. and i change them every couple hours. i also feel like the liners themselves make me get even wetter, if that's even possible.

No. 122060

I did ask a doctor years ago. They said if there isnt a weird smell/color/texture or itching it is normal.

No. 122071

Fabric panty liners yo. They don't ride up your ass and get destroyed by friction, smell, or make you itchy. And the liquid doesn't sit on top.

No. 122296

I've literally just been realising the same thing this week after religiously wearing them all the time to feel cleaner.

No. 122313

ugh, end me. I guess this is half vagina related, but my problem started there. I've been so ITCHY the last two days, but, like… it's migrating around my body? I thought it was excessive itch from my shaved pubes growing back in, but when I got a mirror, I saw two tiny white bumps on my labia. I thought they might be ingrown hairs, but I've since gotten individual itchy bumps on my lip (thought it was a cold sore), behind my ear lobe, on a knuckle, inside my other ear canal (??), and now I'm laying here in bed with an itchy was. What the fuuuuck. Google isn't helping me at all, either. Fortunately it seems like a specific area is only itching for a 24 hour period? But I don't have the money to go to the doctor. I just want the itching to stop.

No. 122323

scabies maybe?

No. 122325

You know, I was wondering if it was this. I won't discount it, but I'm not seeing any "trails" on my skin, plus my husband hasn't been dealing with any itchy bumps.

After sleeping on it, I'm wondering if I'm just dealing with an allergic rash. The bumps are reminiscent of the after effects of my last case of poison oak. Like, I got little bumps on my lip and genitals then, too, despite doing the appropriate cleaning at the first sign of poison oak. My body is stupidly sensitive that way. It just really wigs me out that this all started on my vag, you know?? I have no reason to have an std or something, but wtf

No. 122328

Why do I just smell bad sometimes?? There are days when my underwear just stinks, but it’s not a fishy odor. It’s like ammonia but… not pee, because I know I wipe correctly. And it’s never coupled with unusual discharge. It also doesn’t seem to happen when I don’t wear underwear? Is it possible my vagina just needs to “breathe” sometimes?

No. 122329

it's your PH levels, try changing up your diet a bit. the same thing happened to me and i got sick of bleaching my underwear. i would research more into it if i were you, but i fixed it by eating yogurt and other such probiotic foods.

No. 122369

It can take several weeks to develop symptoms after having contact with someone infected.

But nonetheless, you should go see a doctor. No one here can really help you with it and there’s a ton of possible causes. It might be as little as stress induced hives, it might be dermatitis, it might be an allergic reaction, it might be scabies and the list goes on. it’s impossible to tell.

No. 122592

File: 1567339595032.jpeg (774.76 KB, 1242x905, BBBBD76B-597B-489B-AE1E-D3887C…)

I haaaaattteeee my vagina SO MUCH. >Spent an hour and a half trying to put in a tampon.
>Finally get it in and it hurts
>Taking it out hurts
>can’t even finger myself without it hurting
>want to lose my virginity bc tired of being a pathetic loser but can’t even insert anything by myself without it hurting
>looks ugly too

No. 122612

Alot of the time virgins have no problem using tampons. Could you actually be dealing with something like vaginismus?

That comes to mind cos you seem to have a negative view of your vagina.. that negative view mixed with past painful experiences could be causing your muscles to involuntarily tighten

No. 122736

Sounds like possibly vaginismus, friend. Dumb question but did your tampon have an applicator? When I was younger, my first time using one was a brand that had a weird shape and no applicator and it soaked my damn vag dry trying to put it in and hurt like a bitch. Have you ever been to a gyno/doctor about your situation?

No. 122844

Does anyone else have to do ‘tip toes’ when they’re close to orgasm? I do it without thinking and trying not to requires effort that takes me out of the cumming headspace. I’ve even given myself bad cramps in my calves from how hard I bend my feet down if I’m being really intense.

I never really thought about it until I rewatched End of Evangelion where they censor the scene of Misato sleeping with her bf by only showing her legs on camera where she’s doing that and I thought ‘that’s a really weird way to move your feet during sex, wait, I do that’.

No. 122847

I used to have that too. Still cant wear tampons comfortably (havent really tried a lot tbh)
It gets better when you have regular sex with a good partner who spends enough time at foreplay.
If it still hurts a lot when he inserts, you're probably still dry and he's not doing a very good job "preparing" you
Not saying the first time won't hurt (it probably will) but it helps.

No. 122861

It suddenly became difficult and painful for me to insert into my vagina and I'm worried about it. For the context, my period ended 2 days ago and I didn't masturbate during. Probably around 10 days since I last inserted anything into my vagina, I don't use tampons. I use an average size (5 inch) dildo exclusively to masturbate, I clean my toy immediately after use every time. My vagina is very tight so I'm used to a struggle to insert and then things become very easy and pleasurable when its inside, but now it feels completely different. Its even tighter and completely painful to insert, I can't get it in all the way and it feels kind of like it might be swollen inside. I have no sex life outside of using my dildo, I don't overdo masturbation and I definitely don't have an STD. Should I be worried? Does anyone else have this experience or know how to fix it? I'm afraid I won't be able to masturbate like normal ever again and I want to cry.

No. 122863

It could be a mental thing. I never wear tampons cause I hate them and just use pads, but I was having PIV with my ex frequently for years until one day I closed up. Stayed with him for a sexless 2 years while we both thought my shit was broke. Soon as I moved on from that situation I've opened up again and had no issues. I really want to get back in contact and say I've had loads of sex since, since he really made me out to be broken lol. Honestly, I think a lot of girls when they say they're too tight there's something subconsciously making you tense up. Maybe try a vibrator on the outside for a while and you might get aroused enough for penetration? I don't think a tampon or dildo has emotional scarred you like my ex bf did so hopefully it goes away. It sucks when you feel like you're broke, but I don't think you are anon

No. 122866

You're not alone, anon.
I've had something similar happen to me after heavy and uncomfortable periods. It's always just gone away after a few days. I think >>122863 is right that you're probably just tense.

No. 122869

Thanks for the advice and reassurance anons. I did it last night and tried again this morning and its really freaking me out but I think freaking out about it might just be making it worse. I did try with a vibrator earlier and it got me relatively wet but unfortunately made no difference when it came to insertion. I don't think was originally making me any more tense than usual, I was excited to masturbate now my period was over, but now this whole issue is probably making me tense, I don't know how to get past that.
Also its a relief to hear that it could be related to the period itself as that makes sense with the timing.

No. 122881

Stupid as fuck question, but do hymens grow back? The only thing I ever put inside me was a 2 and a half inch curling iron and when I finished I noticed that I was all bloody and freaked the fuck out. It’s been yeaaarrrsss since I’ve done anything vaginally. I tried to finger myself but I could physically feel the sensation of “breaking” something. The only example I can think of is when you stretch out bubblegum and put your finger in it. If that makes sense. What the fuck is that sensation? It turns me off and freaks me the fuck out.

No. 122915

File: 1567828367295.jpeg (26.82 KB, 739x415, BC978484-A5E8-49D2-B311-14697E…)

No, they don’t grow back. How is that an idea anyone has?

No. 122924

Waaaait why did you put a curling iron up there?

No. 123057

Update, gave it a break for a while and tried again last night. I took it really slow including some shallow masturbation when I couldnt get it in all the way. By the end I almost had it fully in but it still felt different and kind of painful and closed up compared to usual. I'm just hoping if I keep this up things will go back to normal.
Should I invest in lube? I havent used it before since I produce plenty of moisture pretty fast but I think it might help my situation now.

No. 123133

how do you deal with a yeast infection? this is the first time ive had one lol. idek what caused it. im 99% sure its a yeast infection and not bv because theres no odour and its a thick white discharge but it itches and burns like hell

ive brought an otc cream and some probiotics, would these work? i dont really want to go to the doctor because nearly all the gynecologists in my area are male lmao.

No. 123137

I had like almost a year long reoccurring yeast infection streak as I was trying to cure it with otc pessaries and cream combo (canesten for britbongs) and it worked for a cycle and then came back. Just go for the otc pill, it is much more effective (gone for good as of 5 months on the 1st try!) and probiotics are probably a good idea anyway! honestly hate myself for suffering so long with it, for the first few months i thought it was just a ~a natural change~ due to aging/moving to a diff climate, but nah, it was just good old candida

No. 123144

Idk, if it doesn't break all the way, won't it just heal?

It's been years since I've had a hymen lmao

Is there any good info online about hymen? Now I'm curious. What is it for?

No. 123166

>>123144 It either breaks or it doesn't for fucks sake. It cannot grow back, it's not some lizard tail jfc you sound like Yaniv.

No. 123169

The hymen never leaves the body. I know Laci Green is obnoxious, but this video summed it up pretty easily for me when I was a kid with bad/no sex ed, so I'll share it here.

No. 123175

It's not always a "wall" type of hymen as we imagine it - it can have a hole or many holes etc, that's why you can insert tampons every month and yet still have an intact hymen that would break during sex. Or it's partially broken, you can insert tampons, fingers, but breaks more when you put in something bigger, like a penis lol. Hymens are wild man.

No. 123176

It's not always a "wall" type of hymen as we imagine it - it can have a hole or many holes etc, that's why you can insert tampons every month and yet still have an intact hymen that would break during sex. Or it's partially broken, you can insert tampons, fingers, but breaks more when you put in something bigger, like a penis lol. Hymens are wild man.

No. 123186

I'm an idiot. I thought hymen's were a myth cause I've never had one and neither have any of my friends.

No. 123193

you need to be 18+ to use this site anon. if you're not underage please go back to school jfc.

No. 123196

Really? Because if I break skin anywhere else on my vagina or body, it grows back. If the hymen isn't toally obliterated and only gets injured, why wouldn't it repair itself? Stop getting caught up in the Almighty Virginity and think rationally about this literal piece of flesh. That's all it is.

How about we stop shaming others for being ignorant of something no one bothers to teach us about?

No. 123199

File: 1568212979362.jpg (243.11 KB, 741x1631, hymen101.jpg)

Whoops, dropped pic, lemme try this again.

Interesting, I didn't know there were different types!

I did a lil research I'd like to share! See pic related;

>there are different types of hymen but the most common is a "half moon" which allows for tampon insertion and menstrual blood to escape

>biologists npt sure what the evolutionary use a hymen has– probably to keep bacteria out of the vag
>hymen can be stretched and usually when it "breaks" it's really just stretching open for good
>other mammals have hymens who don't give 2 fucks about virginity so it's probably not about that
>all girls are born with a hymen, see pic related for different types. some girls have super thick hymen.
>apparently if you get water blasted in your cooch or accidentally jump on a pole in a pool (? Lol I'm sure it's happened) it may bust/stretch the hymen

No. 123205

I'm probably older than you. It wasn't covered in sex ed.

We were also taught blue balls were a myth but I've had a lot of guys confirm otherwise.

No. 123208

lmao anon do you know where you are?

No. 123209

the reason people think hymens break during sex due to virginity is because american christians didn't historically use lube during sex lol. nothing more nothing less. also >>123196 is wrong, it doesn't grow back cause it never left, it's supposed to stop covering the opening after puberty. if it rips it heals, but it doesn't regenerate.

fair enough, i forget that sex ed was retarded even just a few decades ago. learn on, oldanon!

No. 123212

>123196 is wrong, it doesn't grow back cause it never left
>if it rips it heals, but it doesn't regenerate.

I'm that anon and I never said it regenerates. See:

>if it doesn't break all the way, won't it just heal?

I even said in >>123196 that if it get injured it will heal, NOT regenerate if it is broken (aka permanently stretched open according to my research in >>123199 )

No. 123213

I'm still on the fence about blue balls.
Has anyone else ever felt the ache when they get really horny? It hurts a bit. I figured it feels like that, maybe a little worse at worst and men use it as an excuse to guilt women into banging sooner rather than later.

No. 123214

can't these guys with blue balls just masturbate if it hurts so bad?

No. 123216

stupid question, but i used one of those vaginal suppositories, idk what theyre called, against thrush, but i didnt manage to push it all the way up. maybe half way at most. would it fall out if i went to go pee? am i allowed to pee with it in?

No. 123217

Yes lol

No. 123222

My boyfriend apparently has actually really painful blue balls (but he doesn’t use it to guilt me into sex so don’t worry). When he cums after blue balling, it’s always a LOT more than normal and he says it’s a little painful too (he sounds like he’s in pain mid orgasm too, usually he’s quiet) and he stays sore briefly afterwards. I never believed blue balls were actually a thing until him because the evidence is pretty obvious with him. But I bet it’s different for most guys.

No. 123224

What does he say causes it? Not ejaculating for several days? Or literally just getting a boner?

I have read tons of material about all manner of nofap autism and edging degeneracy. You'd think it would be a huge topic of discussion amongst communities centred around these things.

No. 123230

i used to get blue balls as a teenager. When fooling around with my gf i was hard 100% of the time. After fooling around my balls felt like someone kicked them very hard.

yes, as a precaution. After getting blue balls cumming won't ease the soreness.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 123232

Recently I bought one of those reusable pads for periods and I was surprised by how much I liked it. I didn’t feel any wetness for a few hours and it didn’t smell either (which is what made me hate using disposables). But I was wondering if anyone else uses them, how many is a good number to have to get through a period with?

No. 123236

it depends on how much you bleed and how often you do laundry. i have like 10 and do laundry every 2 days.

No. 123237

Being turned on without release, like if he gets turned on before bed, he’ll blue ball the next day. So getting a boner from something, yes. But a random one (like morning wood), no. He doesn’t really go multiple days with doing something so I have no idea if it goes away on it’s own or gets worse over time

No. 123252

I use washable cloth pads - have done for about 8 years I think now! they're great, I used to hate sticky sweaty plasticly pads.

the amount you need all depends on how heavy your flow is really. I have, I think, 6 but I alternate between pads and using a menstrual cup during my period. 3 of my 6 pads are technically liners too which are just for discharge and very light bleeding.

if you have a heavy flow you'll need more as you'll want to change them more often. you could buy a few more and see how long it is before you run out of clean ones and then buy more accordingly until you have enough to last through an average period. for some great info I would recommend checking out precious stars on youtube. that's where I started for info on RUMPS (reusable menstrual products) btw, welcome to the club!

No. 123253

So I have very small inner labia. It's hidden and the lips are short, always kinda "closed" together, you could say I don't see them often lol. But I tidied myself up after some me&me time today, I pulled the labia apart and I saw bumps I've never noticed before. They were on the inside of my labia minora, not like pimples but… glands… idk. A bit like on the tongue. I remember the skin being smooth there. I'm a virgin so I doubt that's some disease. Did a little digging on the internet and found out that those can be fordyce spots? Apparently they appear during puberty and you get more of them with age and they're normal. It's not like I've seen many vaginas…, but I've never heard nor saw those. So my question is basically do you girls have them? Or should I saw a gyno about that? That would be my first ever visit and I'm the shyest person I know, so I'm not really eager about that

No. 123271

Do you have a screenshot of the article you read or related pictures? I’m curious. My labia are kind of long, but I’ve never noticed something like that.. but I also never really explored my body much until way after puberty so I can’t say if it’s different.

No. 123278

I keep getting recurring yeast infections even after getting prescription medications from a doctor twice. It seems like my balance is just totally fucked up. I don't know if it's toys and having sex doing it, but I don't want to keep spending money on treatments for them to come back over and over. What do other people who get this do to make it stop coming back all the time?

No. 123289

I’ve had them since puberty ur fine anon it’s super normal

No. 123290

Are you talking about vestibular papillomatosis anon? According to the internet they're normal and not a disease. I think you're fine but if you're really concerned seek a gyno out.

No. 123293

What materials are your toys made out of? If they're rubber, jelly, TPE or TPR throw them away and replace them with silicone options

No. 123318

Hoping this is the right thread for this. Did anyone else experience this or know what I should do?

I went off birth control (patch) in December. After that, I had no period until July. During this time I got a Pap & blood test done to try and find out why it was taking so long to get my period back… everything was fine. I got a ‘period’ in May (very light and irregular), and a normal period in June and July (normal for me is intensely heavy & painful). Now it’s September and no period… I’m almost 7 weeks now without one (I’m usually every 5 weeks). I have not had sex, so I am not pregnant.

Since then I’ve lost my doctor. I have no access to health care. My area has a doctor shortage and almost no one can get any healthcare.

Should I be worried? I know my tests came back fine but it seems weird to now be 9 months in and still not have a regular period back. Especially after having one twice…

No. 123319

*after that I had no period until May, oops

No. 123335

This is normal for any hormonal change anon. I gave birth nearly 2 years ago and my period still hasn't settled back to normal. If you're not having sex I wouldn't worry about it.

No. 123369

i have those too, theyre harmless

No. 123373

Your partner could be giving it back to you after you cure it. He or she should see a doctor, too.

No. 123404

Get you partner treated for it and don't have sex until you have both finished treatment. Throw out any toys that are porous materials like rubber or jelly and clean any other toys after every use. Silicone toys (without a motor) can even be put in boiling water for a few mins to disinfect them every now and then

No. 123438

I have them. Never even gave them a second thought.

Here's a weird thing about my vagina. It was one lip fused my entire childhood until puberty. I didn't think anything of it and it never affected me. (unless that's why I have an innie clit cause if so… that sucks)

No. 123528

I don't know what to do with my pubes anymore. I tried hair removal cream but it missed some spots so it just ended up becoming patchy and you can only use that stuff every few weeks.. I used an epilator on the rest but it grew back really fast so then I used a razor. I also got my damn labia stuck in the epilator so now I'm a bit scared to try again. I don't know what to do, I hate shaving because I always have stubble and get all those ugly red bumps.. but no other method seems to really work for me. The cream would work if it would get all the hairs but it didn't so now I'm stuck shaving the rest until it's safe to use the cream again. Can you use wax inbetween hair removal cream or is that also too damaging? I don't have wax yet but I want to try it. I don't want to get it professionally done because it's too expensive (I'm very poor) and I'm also very ashamed of my vagina because it is a smelly roastbeef that leaks all the time lol…

No. 123530

If you are ashamed try hiding it with your pubes? But seriously anon if you actually smell go see a gynecologist. You likely are normal and worry too much about genital beauty though. Genitals aren't very pretty.

No. 123533

if it legit smells (vs you just being insecure/not knowing how normal vaginas behave), go to gyno, it is probably bv. excessive discharge could also be due to bv or it could be you just produce more discharge naturally (most likely the case if the exact amount/texture varies throughout the cycle). otherwise maybe leave your vag alone for a bit so the pube situation can calm down, do not use hair removal cream bc they are really harsh chemicals and the thought of anyone putting them anywhere near their vagina honestly makes me shiver. used that shit on my legs once and my skin got so fucked up and dry and went back to normal only in a week or so. and those are legs!

try looking up "proper" shaving techniques but tbh i think it is all a meme/down to individual person's biology as I personally always end up with red bumps and ingrowns anyway, even on my legs. i recommend just keeping everything nicely trimmed (scissors or clippers), imo that's the most comfy colution and if you are so concerned about your (btw very normal) labia, a little amount of pubes will hide them a bit as opposed to a complete baldie look just making them more on display.

No. 123539

My vagina has been the same ever since I was a child, I don't believe I had bv since then already.. I recently switched doctors already and don't feel comfortable around my new one so I'd rather not tbh. I recently already tried trimming my pubes and I kind of liked that, but I'm worried my SO won't be happy about it lol. I don't want to ask him for his opinion because he keeps acting like a pushy pervert which makes me really uncomfortable so I don't want to bring up those subjects..

No. 123540

Anon….if your partner is a pushy pervert who you aren't comfortable talking to about sexual things, are you really comfortable having sex with him?

No. 123542

shaving is a meme just quit, theres literally nothing good about it, especially on your genitals, if there are parts that bother you then just trim lightly with scissors, who gives a fuck about uneven pube length

No. 123546

then that's probably just the way your vagina is, I am also quite discharge heavy, usually have to change panties twice a day or else i feel like a slug lol, nothing wrong with that!

You describing your bf as "pushy pervert" does rise red flags, you should feel comfortable enough in your relationship to be able to ask your partner for his input into things but also hold your ground if it is something that pertains to your body but he has different wishes on than what you feel comfortable with. does he not shave his pubes? has he ever implied that he finds pubes on women gross? positive answer to either voids request for a bald vagina imo.

No. 123548

File: 1568648301260.jpg (81.99 KB, 1000x1000, Mini-Handheld-Laser-Epilator-D…)

Don't know if it's the right thread to ask this, but has any of you tried IPL hair removal?
Does this get rid of the hair for good or it's just the usual marketing ruse?
I am very lazy so I trim my bush like twice a year, but if this really works I might invest some money in it to keep the area less hairy in a more permanent way.

No. 123568

No but I also never tried to have sex with him in the first place. I'm still a virgin and his behavior has only made me feel more put off by the idea of even attempting to have sex. It makes me feel gross and anxious. And yes I told him that. Different subject tho
Sorry I don't understand the last sentence.. you mean if the answer is positive I should shave my pubes if he wants me to?

No. 123571

Only the tria works don’t buy any other brand I’ve tested a few over the years

No. 123574

no, the opposite, if he either doesn't shave his own or thinks women with pubes are disgusting then leave the bush firmly on. 1st indicates hypocrisy and 2nd immaturity/porn sickness/inability to comprehend women are human too etc etc

do not have sex with anyone that makes you feel gross or anxious, it will only make you feel worse and create negative associations with sex, which will hurt you in the long run.

No. 123576


is it available in Europe?
so you did get rid of hair with it? did you use it on your pube too?

No. 123577

>is it available in Europe?

>so you did get rid of hair with it?


did you use it on your pube too?
>my hair is super black and coarse unless you are tan/black skinned I highly recommend it

No. 123580

i have used the braun ipl, it is okay, it does work, but i also have the tria, and that is effective. i would say go for tria if you can afford it. you can get a pretty ok deal on some ipls though that do work in my experience, just not as well.

No. 123585

get rid of shaving bumps by wiping down the area with 70% alcohol after shaving and patting dry. then moisturize.

use a NEW razor every time you shave, use baby oil to shave with.

buy caplet probiotics on amazon (candefence is what i use) to stop your vagina smelling. this will stop the discharge too, if it's bacterial vaginosis.

No. 123617

this is all terrible advice. every last bit of it. especially the probiotics, which cause tons of ongoing issues. you should feel bad.

No. 123625

Ntayrt but nah the shaving advice is solid. Fuck off with your unhelpful ass

No. 123659

Thank you, might be my next purchase then.

No. 123665

nta but even though that sort of routine is generally seen as gold standard, there is still no guarantee of zero razor bumps. it has probably sumbe dumb shit to do with individual skin differences or whatever but point being, if you shave, you prolly will get em, unless you're exceptionally lucky.
t. bitch who gets razor bumps at a drop of a hat

No. 123671

so you haven't tried any of the advice posted, yet it's terrible advice because it doesn't work for you? I use this method every time and never get shaving bumps. you are obviously doing something wrong.

and please go ahead and post what ongoing problems probiotics cause. I'm waiting.

No. 123676

I disagree with that dumbass post but probiotics are legitimately good for you and help prevent yeast infections (idk about BV). I am constantly on antibiotics for sickness and I'd probably be dead without them.

No. 123955

File: 1569181767048.jpg (53.71 KB, 500x500, original.jpg)

Is it normal to feel aroused when you're on your period???

This only happens during the first days, I tend to be very affectionate and crave physical touch. It's frustrating.

No. 123956

Yes. Very normal. It happens to me every month. I find it annoying too, lol. I wonder, "is this what men feel like all the time?"

No. 123960

yeah when you are ovulating you have higher desire to have sexual relations and also higher chance of getting pregnant

No. 123962

Yes it's normal.
I watch some porn if my bf is not available.

No. 123965

i've been cramping pretty bad and my period is due, so i took the plunge and shaved my pubic hair!!

this is the first time i've ever done this before. i'm very, VERY hairy naturally but i didn't shave until i turned 18, and i rarely ever shave except under arms and legs when i go out clubbing (also rare) so it's not as coarse as it could be.

i wanted to experience a period without hair because it's kind of annoying (i have a very big bush!) and i'm surprised how much i like it!!

it took about an hour and i have a couple cuts but it's a good first attempt. i don't think i'll do it often though, maybe just special occasions.

No. 123966

So I know you’re not supposed to put soap inside your vagina.. but is there a special way to wash your vulva? Can you use scented soap? I’ve been doing it for years and have never known if it was okay or not because people use vagina for everything even though the vulva is different…

No. 123968

Just wash the external bits. The more mild a soap is the better it is for you, but if what you are using now isn't causing any problems there's no need to change things.

No. 123983

any of the non-skincolored areas are semipermiable membrane, which is the part you shouldn't wash.

No. 124002

everyone likes it the first day, update us tomorrow or the next day lol. itchy as fuck I can't stand it

No. 124055

File: 1569322419050.png (932.49 KB, 1200x600, period-panties-thinx-btwn.png)

I've been using menstrual cups for years now but always feel I have to wear a thin cloth panyliner too. I've heard lots of women talk about how great it is to not get leaks but they never mention 'spotting' which I always get when using my cup which is why I wear the liner. I'm definitely using the cup right, making sure my cervix is inside, I think the spotting of blood is just what was already inside my vag inbetween removing of the cup. does any other cup users here get this?

follow up question, has anyone tried the underwear made for periods that is meant to soak up any blood (like thinx and modibodi)? if they're designed to do that then surely they could cope with a little spotting of blood as I'm using my pad. anyone have any experience with them?

No. 124056

I feel this way on my period too

No. 124057

70% alcohol… rubbing alcohol? sorry if stupid question

No. 124058

but ovulation is an entirely different time in the cycle from the menstruation

No. 124059

congrats on your shaving success, anon!

No. 124060

the vagina is a self cleaning organ, anon. you don't need to put any kind of wash inside there, doing so can mess up your pH levels! when I wash I just stick to a little gentle soap (I've been using dove for years with no issue. don't use one with harsh detergents) in my pubes and around my vulva but never inside and wash it away thoroughly and I've never had an issue.

No. 124061

*as I'm using my cup

No. 124064

but when you rinse off the water and soap reaches the rest anyway or do you girls somehow cover your opening when you rinse off? lol

No. 124065

Yes. Also called Isopropyl alcohol. Good luck!

No. 124067

My theory is that the reason there is no universal method/advice when it comes to washing is because vaginas differ so much.

For instance, no, the soap doesn't reach my inner bits when I rinse because they are completely covered and by my labia majora.

What do you ladies think?

No. 124074

So do you use soap on your inner labia or no? I get like, smegma build up between my inner and outer labia because I have ‘fat’ outer lips and long inner lips. I guess the question is, should I be using soap between them or is just water okay? It seems like either way it gets rid of the build up but idk what’s better for that area.

No. 124075

It's easier if you pull apart your outer and inner labia with one hand, and then use one of the fingers on your other hand to scrub in-between the fold with lots of water. Make sure you use lots of water or else you'll get irritated bc it's a very sensitive area. You should feel the dirt being lifted off as your scrubbing and washed away. Absolutely don't use soap. It always throws off my balance.

No. 124076

Yeah, this happens to me too. It's just blood that's between the cup and vaginal opening.

No. 124078

I get that weird build up too but def do not use soap to wash it away, just your fingers as >>124075 described.

also unrelated but I wish femfresh headquarters burnt to the ground, how can they and similar companies (looking at you, period pain "specific" ibuprofen costing 6 times more than normal) prey on women's insecurities and general lack of info around women's health still in the good lord's year of 2019 is beyond me.

No. 124079

I always use a delicate intimate cleanser (regular soap or shower gel is a no-no), never had an issue with PH balance or irritation, but maybe I'm just lucky. Foam cleansers are my fav.

No. 124087

I guess the soap touches the entrance to my vag but it rinses away, I doubt any soap gets in there as I said I've never had any issues with washing this way

No. 124089

yeah on my inner labia. I have a similar inner and outer labia as you by the sounds of things and also get like a weird build up sometimes. I do get the soap in between the outer and inner majora but not between my labia minora where the vag hole/urethra is. maybe a few bubbles get in there but they get rinsed. also, when I say I use soap I mean just some bubbles on my hand and a little light rub, not holding the soap on my labia or anything. I think the soap itself is the biggest issue honestly. can't stress enough the importance of a mild soap like dove

No. 124091

Hmm yeah, I feel like I understand it better now lol. I’ve always alternated between soap and just water trying to figure out what’s better to no avail.

No. 124094

period underwear is ideal for cup or tampon backup. I use thinx for this purpose and they're awesome, they look and feel exactly like regular underwear.

No. 124104

Usually my period only lasts for 3 days but its been going for 6 days now. I always get more depressed, angry, irritable, sad and hungry the week before my period but this current cycle was the worst ever. I was a literal demon. I seriously turned into something else then suddenly came back to normal the day the period started. Scary. I also get one really long dark hair but that grows out of the same place on my chin every single time. I know it's probably something hormonal but just to say I'm a loser normie virgin so I don't have any issues like that. I Don't shave. I clean with simple lukewarm water and my hands in the shower.

No. 124118

Hi I have really bad anxiety and often am too scared to go to a bathroom due to that, I started using bc pills again to be able to postpone my period when I go to events and stuff but they make me feel fucked up mentally. I'm really sensitive and emotional and get upset too much. I know there's this IUD without hormones but that doesn't really help with postponing periods + I can't afford that for now anyway. Anyone got any advice?

No. 124125


oh my god this is the worst. i don't know what i've done wrong because i followed all the advice i could find but it's like someone grated my vag i am SO bumpy and red and itchy!! what the fuck? how the hell can anyone shave down there regularly? i mean it's been less messy period wise but jesus christ it's horrific looking. i'm worried about ever trying again!

No. 124127

welcome to the world of shaving your pubes, it never gets better that's why I've resorted to just trimming the hair really close instead.

No. 124213

A really good shaving cream and razor are a must. If they're not good enough, you're fucked. That might be why. I use Nivea shaving cream for men and a 5-blade Venus razor.

If you want to try again, wait 'til everything heals and the hair grows out a little or else you'll go through worse.

No. 124250

I always wear pads because I always leak urine or get blobs of discharge but when I stay at my bfs place I don't wear them because that's embarrassing and the urine would be visible lol but in return I feel disgusting after some minutes because I feel myself sitting or lying around in blobs of discharge and probably some urine..

No. 124262

Anon…are you okay?
Pls see a doctor if you're leaking piss.

No. 124267

You need a gyno and a doctor ASAP. Gocs of discharge is abnormal and a sign of vaginal infections. Leaking piss is unusual unless you’re wheelchair bound or have had quite a few kids. You might have a physical thing that can be sorted out.

No. 124278

I've been this way ever since I was a child. When I was 11 or 12 my mom already called my doctor multiple times to ask what to do about the discharge but he kept saying it's normal.
Also I don't leak urine that much it's just a bit.. I don't think I leak enough to warrant surgery which honestly I'm not that excited to get into anyway.

No. 124279

File: 1569656817772.png (45.73 KB, 619x453, 1478404642416.png)

My discharge has ALWAYS balled up like lint or wet toilet paper. It's so gross but every gyno and GP I've seen says it's normal. I've had a million yeast infection tests and they always come back normal.

I feel so gross. This is not sexy. This is not normal. I'm so sick of being told to just deal with it. Someone teach me some sort of home remedy I can use to have normal discharge.

No. 124280

It may be the laundry detergent you use anon

No. 124292

File: 1569695423724.jpg (152.14 KB, 1200x900, good.jpg)

Is it like that all the time for you? Thick discharge is normal at some parts of the cycle.

No. 124298

>>124279 are you drinking enoigh water? Even that can affect your discharge, also detergent or soaps, even the material of your underwear. Not that it's gross or unnatural but just because you're clearly bothered by it.

No. 124308

when you guys wash your vagina every day how much time do you dedicate to it? I feel like I should wash a little longer just in case because i usually just splash and rub some water in the important parts. I've been thinking of adding a tiny bit of soap mixed in with the water, is that alright?

No. 124309

It’s probably not gonna be surgery, you’re much more likely to need pelvic floor exercises or something. Keep leaking pee so constantly you need to wear daily protection and saying it’s not much if you like, but it’s probably a fixable problem you’re gonna ignore.

How can so many adult women not know how to wash themselves? Wash for as long as it takes to get clean. If you cannot recognise when you are clean you’re probably not qualified to shower without supervision and a life jacket.

No. 124312

>How can so many adult women not know how to wash themselves?
It's weird, right? I feel like some scrote keeps asking so he can masturbate to the detailed answers anons keep giving.

No. 124313

Oh ew I bet you’re right. I almost wish it was that the average woman no longer knew how to wash themselves but of course it’s just gross horny dudes.

No. 124315

I suspect you're right, I would hope that the average woman knows you don't put fucking soap on your vag unless you want issues afterwards.. it's a dumb male thing to not understand these basic facts about vag. It self cleans so water in the shower is enough

No. 124324

The question of "should I put soap on my vagina/how do I clean my vagina" has come up a few too many times on here lately

Male brains really are fucked

No. 124328

Most men complaining about how soooo many adult women don't clean themselves are scrots who push women into sex despite a woman saying no, in which most women say no if they are having bad vagina days like a yeast infection or UTI, if you're a man and can't take no for an answer you literally have no right to complain

No. 124369

I was the first anon who asked and it was a genuine question because this shit isn’t really explained and my mother was too reserved to actually tell me lmao kind of embarrassing but oh well!! Idk bout that other anon, the answers to my question probably should’ve been enough for them

No. 124371

Is anyone else afraid to look at their vagina close up? Idk what's wrong with me. I'm just afraid of it and I won't let my bf eat me out and I feel like my clit is too tiny and I feel like my labia minora isn't pink enough sometimes… it gets pale and almost bluish sometimes, idk. I wash it with soap but I don't think I do a good enough job. I don't like my smell or looks. Go ahead and hate on me for being like this but has anyone gotten over this

No. 124377

I can't put my own fingers inside me. I can manage a tampon and a partner using fingers/penis/toys no problem. But there is a mental block when I try to do it myself.

No. 124379

I hate looking at my vagina lol. I've used a mirror a few times but I just cringe and don't want to know. I don't mind having someone go down on me, but sometimes I'll deny it if I'm feeling particularly off about it idk.

I'm the same. I hate feeling myself there, I don't mind a partner or using a vibrator but I just don't care to touch inside of myself.

I wonder if there's a lot of women with an aversion to their own genitals? I just don't get the appeal of them haha I don't think they're pretty.

No. 124390

I can't stand the feeling either. I think mine stems from a time I tried to insert a menstrual cup and it trigger a vasovagal response and I felt so faint and weird I had to lie down. There's something about putting my own hand in there that makes me feel so bizarre, like it shouldn't be happening. Not morally, I'm not bothered by things like that, I think it just weirds me out that there's a hole? Who knows.

No. 124395

Don't wash your vag with soap.
If it smells weirdly or you think the colour is off, it's probably because you're fucking with it bacterial flora. Soap is highly alkaline, actually the highest you can get in a washing product! Your body's skin can take it, but neither can genital area and your face. Use products intended for vaginal wash ONLY and check for strong detergents; don't use anything with SLS, but something with Lauryl Glucoside and other gentle detergents you can Google. I know some countries don't have the variety of products to choose from, but you can always try to search for the best.

Also, for some other anons, it does not self-clean. That's a myth. You shame that one anon for asking yet you give wrong advice. Discharge doesn't magically disappear. Water isn't enough to clean all of it. Do you also wash your asshole with just water? The vulva is close enough for shit bacteria to spread, also you sometimes wipe carelessly maybe, you sweat, you sit whole day in your underwear. It's all there. You have to wash it with a product. It's skin like any other. You just don't use anything harsh and only wash external parts (sounds obvious, but believe me, not for everyone).
Don't shame people for asking. It's something that needs to be talked about more, and more openly.

No. 124399

I think the issue is that the question of 'girls please describe how your wash your vag' kept coming up over and over and sounded like a male poster, then the soap thing kept coming up in those male sounding posts so people got tired of answering the same question day after day on here and another thread

No. 124401

Discharge is the self cleaning. The vagina cleans itself in that no woman ever needs to douche or insert pessaries to be clean. Nobody is saying a splash of water is all that’s needed to clean the vulva and labia.

You badly misunderstood the so-called myth you’re railing against.

No. 124402

I'm the anon you're quoting about vaginas being self cleaning, at no point did I say 'the vulva is self cleaning' so calm down

Nobody is being shamed for asking a question either but lets be real the cleaning/soap question is asked daily on here so why aren't anons reading those posts for answers? It's like groundhog day on this thread lately

No. 124403

dumb question: do vaginal ‘lips’ become more pronounced as you get older/your body ages?

No. 124408

They usually do when you are going through puberty but I don't think they do for the rest of your life.

No. 124413

yes, they are affected by aging pretty much the same way the rest of your body is (not that they will suddenly undergo a growth spurt or something, but they can change shape somewhat. fat loss from the pubic mound can also happen and will change their shape). it's also common for labia minora to get darker.
fyi this is a noticeable difference if you're comparing how things looked as a 20 yr old vs 80 yr old, not you turn 30 and your vag transforms.

No. 124423

I have an arm implant so I don't get periods or anything, I just have self-consciousness issues about my vag discharge.
So basically it's a constant milky cream color. It has a pretty consistent vaggy smell and sometimes when I swatch it with tp it's slightly off color yellow. Slightly, but not like an infection.
It's not itchy or clumpy like a yeast infection.
It never hurts when I pee or have sex.

It's just strange.

No. 124441


the soft yellow is probably just oxidation, iirc my mom thought i was diseased because i had discharge like yours
i had to bust out the good ole biology book on her.

nothing to be ashamed anon, just your body doing its natural thing.

No. 124490

I just got my period again and I want to try out menstrual cups. I have a retroverted and slightly tilted to the side uterus. My cervix seems low (44mm) and I've had issues with penetration due to tightness. I use small tampons (o.b.) and my flow is average. I've never had a baby and am not a virgin.

The quiz said Lunette (size 1), Lena, Saalt, or Ruby.

I'm worried that my weirdly positioned cervix will mess things up, anyone else deal with this?

No. 124501

I need to wear pads because of the discharge anyway. I don't want to change my panties 10 times a day. And since I've had frequent discharge literally as long as I can remember I don't believe that could be a fixable infection or something. If I've had an infection since I was a young child I'm sure there would be other signs of infection or it would be worse by now after 10+ years.

No. 124508

You can choose not to believe it but it won’t make it true.

No. 124509

Aren't doctors supposed to know what they're doing? Not sure why you think you know better than a doctor

No. 124520

Does anybody else find it hard to empty your bladder when you have a menstrual cup or even a tampon in? Wondering if it's normal

I have a bit of an overactive bladder (from anxiety I think) so it's annoying having to change a barely used tampon whenever I need to pee

No. 124521

Nobody thinks the vulva self cleans you moron

No. 124524

Ah shit, didn't mean to quote the other anon there. Anyway tilted uterus and menstrual cups y'all??

No. 124525

There's a youtuber called Precious Star Pads with a few vids on what cups will work best with low cervix or tilted uterus etc, might be worth checking them out

No. 124581

Yes, it presses down on your urethra. I love my cups, but hate that it's hard to pee. The Instead cups don't affect my urination, though, so I switched to them.

No. 124605

File: 1570114003571.jpg (81.36 KB, 768x716, Put-A-Cup-In-It-Firmness-Guide…)

maybe try a softer cup. one that doesn't cause much pressure.

No. 124609

File: 1570118903692.jpeg (160.36 KB, 1280x712, tumblr_nozf7sdHmf1uqlgxno5_128…)

>it does not self-clean. That's a myth.
>Discharge doesn't magically disappear.
Gosh you don't know what you're talking about here. The discharge IS the self-cleaning. Think of a self-cleaning litter box. Just because it's "self-cleaning" doesn't mean you won't ever come in contact with cat shit or you won't ever have to look at a litter box or ever touch one again. It just means it's gathering it all up and out for you in one location for convenience, and you don't have to stop what you're doing and clean it out yourself every single day. You just get rid the stuff that's been collected for you. Or even a self-cleaning oven – you still have to clean the soot out that the cleaning created when it's done. The discharge is like that.

>Water isn't enough to clean all of it.

>You have to wash it with a product.
This isn't true at all and everyone's vagina is different. For example, I have atopic dermatitis so I have to pay close attention to what I'm using on any of my skin, and even (dermatologist's orders) minimize soap use to only the most necessary areas such as armpits etc if it's flaring up. If I use any type of cleansing agent (even the ones specifically designed for vaginas or are for "sensitive skin") outside of water it all goes up in flames for me no matter what. But that's not the case for everyone. It doesn't smell bad and my discharge is normal just using water.

>Do you also wash your asshole with just water?

>The vulva is close enough for shit bacteria to spread
No, because they're completely different functions and asshole isn't self cleaning. This is why people douche before anal sex. If you spread the shit bacteria to the vulva it's because you did wash your asshole properly, it's not because your vagina doesn't clean itself. It's not the vagina's job to clean your asshole. If your cat shits outside the self-cleaning litter box or pisses on the wall next to it, it's not the litter-box's fault it can't clean that up. You don't then say "This self-cleaning litter box is a myth!"

No. 124614

Yeah I guess I have like a gaping vagina so I assume the soap will get in there on its way when rinsing off lol but that also makes me wonder how girls like me are supposed to wash then although they do usually say you're only supposed to use water in the first place..

No. 124823

File: 1570445448844.gif (405.07 KB, 250x215, 2764375.gif)

Guys, it's like that on the inside of my vagina. There's no way that's caused by detergent. And masturbate and my finger comes out looking like there's a bunch of white lint on it. It's been like this for literal years.

God I wish someone knew what the fuck is wrong with me. Mucus-y discharge is what it's supposed to be like, right? It's not supposed to ball up, right? That's my understanding.

Maybe it's just because it's four in the morning but this post made me laugh. Nice insights, anon.

Plus shit shouldn't be getting into your vag if you wipe front-to-back and don't wear thongs.

For real though, vaginal canals are self-cleaning (please don't douche) but vulvas are not. Stuff gets stuck between the labia and causes smell and itchiness if left untended to, so definitely wash that area with at least warm water and a washcloth.

Although does anyone masturbate in the shower just for the sake of cleaning and making sure everything's okay? Masturbating in the shower is how I discovered the issue I mentioned at the beginning of my post.

No. 124827

White lumpy discharge usually indicates an overgrowth of yeast but you say you've been tested and that's the first thing a doc looks for

The only similar thing I can say I experience is from having an enlarged clit (past testosterone use) under my hood needs to be cleaned every day or it gets little white clumps under it which I assume is a result of trapped dead skin cells? something similar to what men get when they don't clean under their foreskin

No. 124837

Is anyone gonna give me some actual advice instead of just accusing my doctor of being a liar and telling me I have been infected the past 12 years
This is still something I struggle with and I want to feel better.

No. 124838

Pissy pants, pissy attitude

No. 124841

Haven't masturbated in a month until last night. When I was turned on it started hurting? What the fuck. Can girls get blue balls?

No. 124844

NTa but how is that anon having a pissy attitude? Ya'll wanna be middle school mean girls so bad sometimes

No. 124846

Maybe I'm too late but I figured someone might find this interesting.

I've tried two types of pills and am currently using a spiral/IUD. When starting the pills I was always a hormonal mess (I cried watching Big hero 6, which I normally don't do etc) for the first month or so but I have not experienced the same with the IUD. I think I've read that IUD's release less hormones than the pills and that's why there's a difference.

Best of luck! <3

No. 124848

k, I'll bite. you don't comprehend there's two different issues going on, if you say there's no infection then I guess the blobs are just your normal, I too get these gelatinous blobs when I'm ovulating; the other issue is the urine leaking, which is probably due to weak pelvic floor muscles as >>124309 said and you totally disregarded them and went off as if it was about your discharge instead of wetting your pants.

No. 124855

See a female doctor not some dude who thinks an obvious problem is normal. Go see a gyno like you were already told. Don’t accept an obvious problem as totally normal because one doctor said it’s normal for young women to piss themselves all day and produce globules of abnormal, unhealthy sounding discharge.

You were given solutions and got bitchy when anon told you to see a gyno because it’s abnormal and you insisted it’s all perfectly fine and normal.

No. 124858

Do any anons have the Kyleena IUD? I'd love to hear your experiences with it. I've had mine for 1.5 year now and I have more frequent spotting on it than I did when I had the Skyla for 2 years, but at least I'm not bleeding for 8 months straight like I was when I was on the depo shot.

Anyway, I've been bleeding a bit since last Tuesday evening and the blood is brown. I looked it up and a couple of articles said it's actually normal if you're on hormonal birth control. Regardless, it caused me to schedule my annual appointment with my gyno, as I tend to have trouble feeling my strings (I think they may have curled up towards my cervix) and I haven't had a bout of spotting/bleeding last this long.

TL;DR - I've been having consistent, but not worryingly heavy, bleeding with my IUD over the past week. Wondering if this is normal.

Side note: I should also add that I don't think I'm pregnant, but they'll test for that anyway when I have my appointment on the 17th.

No. 124866

Read all the responses to her posts, people took time to reply and she gave them attitude, now she's back reposting the problem and has to start with another passive aggressive comment on the last batch of responses.. doesn't encourage people to want to help

No. 124869

I've gotten it before too. Usually what I do is just…. flush the inside of my vagina out with body temp water. Honestly, it's usually because I've gotten a tiny bit of lint or something up there from masturbating (hazards of cats sleeping in your bed) and my body is trying to flush it out so I help it along.
But if you've had it for years I'm not sure, have you managed to cut yourself with your nail and it's your body reacting to the damage?
Does it come and go at all or just stay forever?

No. 124870

Cytolytic vaginosis presents the same as a yeast infection but you won't test positive for yeast. I've been having trouble with it for 6 months and the only cure is baking soda douches. Consequently I'm allergic to baking soda so yay me. You might ask your doctor about it, it's diagnosed through ruling out other things like yeast and there's no real way to test for it.

No. 124921

>flush the inside of my vagina out with body temp water
>still douching

please fucking don't do this.

No. 124926

My friend douches her vagina, how do i make her stop? I already told her she doesn't need to. She said it just feels like it sometimes. She uses a special cleanser for it, but idk what kind.

No. 124934

Don't worry, I only do it when I have the weird discharge because I know it's my body trying to flush out something foreign. I don't do it all the time, only when I know there's something up there that I can't get out. I know it's not healthy to do but only in emergency.

No. 124941

just stick your finger up there then, much better than risking all the complications of douching.

No. 124958

My doctor told me to douche. Sometimes the ignorance is taught by the people we are supposed to be listening to.

No. 124967

i will never understand why doctors are so fucked up in regards to genitals. the effects have been understood by doctors almost forever, they just want to "fix" stuff they think is icky about genitals for "cleanliness". lucky for us, unlike men, we don't have anything easy to snip off to dry it out down there, so they tell us to rinse all the "gross" stuff. and most of us never learned about how either sex's genitals actually worked in high school. the negative effects weren't really widely talked about till the 80s/90s and even then, commercials still promoted it.

No. 124974

So I have an "innie", as in my labia majora pretty much cover everything. I clean it every day using my fingers and water. But it seems no matter how often I clean it I get this smegma build up in the folds under my clitoral hood. Little bits of smegma get hard and fuses to the skin making it really difficult to clean. The only way I have figured out how to get rid of it is to take the pointy ends of a tweezer and carefully scrape at it over and over in the shower. Even like this it takes FOREVER to get the chunks out, plus it makes my clit area sore to dig at it with tweezers after a while.
Please tell me there is some better way to prevent/clean this, at first it was satisfying to get the chunks out but I'm getting tired of having to spend an extra hour in the shower when I want my bf to eat me out

No. 124975

File: 1570670111587.gif (3.45 MB, 500x281, AAB77A8D-5F08-4B69-A412-7136EC…)

Fucking what

No. 124976

is this like "penis inspection day" tier shit for femcels?

No. 124979

Yeah um I have an "innie" too but I don't get cement gunk stuck to my inner bits requiring tweezing. STD?
You need to see a doctor if you're not trolling.

No. 124981

Understand if you don't want to share but what do you do to clean yourself? Maybe I'm just a retard and have been doing it wrong. It can't be an STD because I'm a virgin

No. 124984

Ughhhh listen scrote, how to clean has been described in detail here enough.

No. 124985

File: 1570677143940.jpeg (106.62 KB, 787x1250, 14FAF87F-408E-4BD5-9603-695F96…)

No. 125136

I guess this is the right thread for this but does anyone have a good way to prevent ingrown hairs? I don't get them often but they're super irritating

No. 125148

do you mean after shaving or just in general?

No. 125223

don’t use a dirty or dry razor, trim before you shave, moisturize after, avoid wearing dirty clothes and underwear

No. 125353

I shave with the grain and try to leave the slightest of stubble. If I don't it's game over.

No. 125470

>Cytolytic vaginosis

I'm curious about this. I haven't dealt with any vaginal issue since my tween years but this year it's been utter hell with me getting sick with some sorta coughing shit, getting a bodily rash that excluded my genital area, and now what seemed like a yeast infection that I took one of those one-day Diflucan pills for. It seemed to help with discharge but the skin on my labia never seemed to fully go back to normal. It's still sensitive, stings when I pee or wipe with the usual baby wipes I use (basically almost entirely made up of aloe vera with no fragrance). I haven't changed anything about how I treat my vagina but it's just been so sensitive and raw lately.

I did go on a beachy vacation and try tampons for the first time during it. I'd been a pad girl all my life and I wonder if tampons just totally messed my balance up.

Wow what a wall of fucking text about my mysterious new ailment.

No. 125495

then what's the point shaving if you aren't smooth for even 2 hours? genuinely asking, no hair looks cute, full hair looks cute but a stubble is so vile in my eyes.

No. 125510

If you have to leave some stubble anyway then why don't you try a trimmer?
I only shave the sides and use a trimmer for the rest, i use one with attachments because i like my hair about 1cm long, even and tidy.
But there are some that can cut the hair really really close to the base too.

No. 125524

two days before my period my vagina gets SO ITCHY. i don't really have other symptoms like strange discharge, smell, or dryness. just terrible, uncomfortable, "please kill me now" itchiness. it goes away when my period starts.

when i was on the pill i lived without this for years, but now i am off the pill and the itchiness is back. what is going on and is there any other fix for this besides birth control?

No. 125544

NTA but I keep myself at stubble length too, I hate the feeling of being totally smooth for some reason but I also hate longer pubes

Don't really know why smooth bothers me so much but I can't even masturbate if I shave close because I can't stand the feel

No. 125582

As a kid I had labial fusion and I thought everyone had that and it was just a detail they skipped in sex ed. When i hit puberty they separated and it didn't feel anything so I was never concerned.


No. 125737

Bc of PCOS I celebrate my period. Is there any alternative from birth control? I really hate what it does to my body. It never normalizes my periods, in fact I usually get the first one and it rarely happens from there. Once I've quit I've noticed they're more frequent.

No. 125739

I also have itchiness issues depending on where my cycle is at the moment. When it was really bad still, I also got micro fissures on my labia that itched like crazy. Usually it happens before getting my period. It usually goes away when I use yeast infection treatment (usually a 3 day regimen with uvulas). I did that a few times and it got better. I took lactic acid afterwards and started taking probiotics. Especially the probiotics made this problem go away totally. Look for "Ultimate Flora". Generally, I think most vagina issues are a bit of a trial and error, but most of them you can cure. Good luck!

No. 125767

I don’t feel pain inside my vagina. Long nails or other pointy things, don’t hurt. I’ve tried to use my nails to scratch to really test it out and I don’t feel anything. It’s fucking weird and I don’t know if it’s something I should see a doctor about

No. 125896

I also don't feel anything in there. PIV is comparable to touching my arm… erotic arm touching.

That said, I think everyone is different and there's nothing for us to worry about.

No. 125939

Does anyone else get intense leg cramps on their period? Like the whole leg but especially the upper thigh area? How do I stop the pain?

No. 125941

That's not uncommon, anon. I get it too, some women don't. It's due to hormones released while on your period. There's not much you can do except take regular pain meds. Maybe contact your doctor to see what options you have if you believe your period pain is pretty unbearable because there could be underlying causes. I take naproxen for period pains, but they only do so and so much for me.

No. 125942

Some tampons my mom got me (huge cardboard ones) irritated my taint and I can't wear underwear without feeling pain what do I do

No. 125943

Metformin is also a treatment for pcos but i've only ever seen it being prescribed to overweight or diabetic women.

Also there're a couple different types of bc pills that treat pcos, you should ask your doctor if the ones you're taking are not working for you.

And don't get too carried away by the rageboner people have for the pill. To some people it works wonders. In my case it got rid of my pcos period cramps, cleared my skin, and made my boobs grow a size up.

It does give me mood swings but i'll take that 1000 times over the misery pcos used to put me through. I used to pass out from the pain sometimes.

No. 125949

Just don't use them? If they're that bad they're probably cheap crap, go buy your own.

No. 125960

Lol obviously but the damage is done

No. 125995

I'm amazed some people get clear skin or extra boobage from the pill. It saved me from heavy periods but not much else. Still fatigued and get pains from my period. I got a cream that helped cystic acne on my chin/mouth area earlier this year but it looks like it's increasing again now so I might have to ask for it again. I'm still on one of the combination pills that have less risks and might hear with my doctor about trying a stronger one but I'm unsure. Anyone had experience with switching to a stronger pill?

I've been waiting a bit over half a year now to get a kinda big cyst operated away and still heard nothing from the hospital. Not always joyful to have free health care in that sense. I'm too scared to have penetrative sex atm in fear it'll burst.

No. 126287

The nymohet thread made me think of something I've never thought about before… do labia minora grow with puberty? God forgive me but the lollis in that thread are always going on about their perfect uwu little girl innie vaginas. Are all girls born with "innies" (cringeee) and the inner labia grow during puberty or something? I'm hetero with no dangly bits and also not a pedo so I have no idea

No. 126301

File: 1572371593301.png (53 KB, 625x327, 5654374.png)

let me google this for you…

No. 126302

Healing ointment, >>125942

Monistat makes an anti-chafe gel, that would help.

No. 126305

Fascinating thanks! I didn't even consider googling it because I was fresh out of the lolli thread and didn't want to end up on a list for googling about little girl vaginas lmao
Also I was asking anons about their personal experiences/bodies which sounds even creepier lmaoooo anyways thanks for satisfying my curiosity

No. 126306

regarding the acne, that depends on the pill. Not all pills have a specific ingredient that combats acne.

No. 126342

I was always a little ’outie’ as far as I can remember and it made me feel bad because my (also female) cousin was an innie, I noticed in the bathroom mirror when we were like 4 at the time. It grew and got darker during puberty and I couldn’t give a fuck about being a roastie, especially when the alternative is getting stranger surgeons near your junk and risking nerve damage/urination problems. Most penises look like worse disasters anyway, it’s called ‘bumping uglies’ for a reason.

No. 126348

Anyone else cringe when hearing other women refer to vaginas as roast beef?? Or even worse when they say they’re loose lmfao. I actually see it ALL THE TIME and it kinda triggers the shit out of me.

No. 126349

Samefag as >>126348 sorry but also just wanted to add that I saw a plastic surgeon in my area record and publish on Snapchat a labiaplasty or whatever the fuck they call it where they literally scissored off a woman’s labia minora and I was just so grossed out that someone would mutilate themselves like that….

No. 126351

I feel irritated about it too. It's just.. very dehumanizing and offensive.. but people these days defend their right to be as dehumanizing and cringe as they want, so hey.

No. 126355

How do I stop squirting during sex? I just want to be able to go to sleep after sex without having to lay in a gross cold wet bed or changing the sheets, it also dehydrates me even more as if sweating and peeing after sex didn't do that already

>Inb4 it's piss!!

I wish then I would be able to control it, it doesn't smell, taste, or even look like piss. And I still have to pee even when I do squirt loads

No. 126356

I call my own vagina roastbeef because that IS what it looks like. I'm white but it's dark and floppy. Not attractive at all.

No. 126357

You voluntarily watched it yourself anon. Plus most women who get the surgery are doing it because it causes discomfort or other issues. Using the word "mutilation" makes it seem like some extreme African level shit. Truth is it's just women wanting to shorten their labia.

No. 126364

Any anons know any remedies to control spotting? Particularly from a copper iud? I've had it for 6 months and I still get a lot of spotting between periods. My gyno told me my options were to take the pill for a few months (I can't handle hormonal birth control) and use ibuprofen to control the spotting as needed. The ibuprofen works but it's really hard on my stomach and I don't like taking it a lot

No. 126368

Same here, but I'm very ashamed. It's so fucking ugly. Labiaplasties are not normal where I live so it's not an option. I'm a virgin and I can't see myself having sex with the lights on ever, if he even agrees.

No. 126383

It is mutilation, unless it's for medical reasons. You lose sensitivity, sex feels less pleasurable for both parties by decreasing friction (similar to how the foreskin works during sex), and there can even be reoccurring pain.

Just own up to it. There's nothing wrong with having bigger inner labia/discoloration. When women enter puberty the hormones cause color changes and inner labia growth in many women. If your concern is what men think, they don't care. Men are programmed to find a large variety of things attractive. The retards you see complaining about labia and breasts jerk off to porn and hentai all day. They aren't the kinds of men you'd be with in the first place, so who cares?

No. 126384

You should enjoy your roastbeef cuz it makes sex/masturbation far more pleasurable for both you and the man. the extra skin gives extra sensation

No. 126390

No. 126391

What does it mean if you have an atypical PAP and tested negative for HPV?

No. 126394

Seconded. It is completely mutilation. Just as any plastic surgery is.

Y’all anons with the big labia need to stop with the internalized misogyny. Lots of us are happy with our big labia as are lots of men, but also who FUCKING cares what men think? If they want a vagina w nothing extra then fine but yes typically all they do is watch porn and jerk off to smooth bright pink vaginas and bleached hairless assholes and that’s just not fucking reality.

No. 126396

Sorry, I meant larger labia themselves decrease friction and keep the natural lubrication from drying out. No labia/no foreskin both cause more friction and drying, which can cause discomfort and pain for both parties.

Yup, and if you do find a guy who cares that much, then that's a blessing in disguise. You know to dump him on the fucking spot. I know we all have our insecurities but really there's no part of your body you should be ashamed of. The body tries hard to keep itself healthy and in good order for you, it's so heart-breaking people hate themselves over small imperfections

No. 126398

thats really helpful thank you!

No. 126404

Are any anyone here mommies? I'm 7 months pregnant and I accept the fact that my coo hie will inevitably change maybe? But what are the changes and how do I deal with my new vag?

No. 126405

Any anons*
I've heard about things like you pee when you sneeze, your period gets heavier, your labia hangs a little lower, etc. obviously I don't mind any of these things but how do I get used to them and what should I be wary of

No. 126407

what can one do about chronic BV or yeast infections after periods? Taking probiotic supplements doesn't help. My obgyn just prescribes me the meds to get rid of the issue and then be done with it until it comes back the next month. Literally every month for the past several months (maybe over a year) after my period I get BV but this time I think I may have a yeast infection. Do any anons have any suggestions? I'm so tired of the discomfort.

No. 126415

I'm sorry anons but reading this makes me angry. I hope this isn't race baiting or whatever, just sharing my experience, but I'm a darker skinned woman with no hope of being born with an 'attractive' neat pink vag like some white women and it'll spiral into a source of dysphoria if I don't mentally squash it. Like even if I get it shortened, it's not pink, if I wanted to bleach it, that's probably not even possible on top of being dangerous and expensive. It's easier and free to change my mindset about a body part I shouldn't be judged for anyway. It's still upsetting to read what you guys think about genitalia that look like that and I feel sorry you feel the same embarrassment as I did when I was >>126342 this young.
Admittedly I think men's genitalia looks awful most of the time and their darker ball/dick skin looks like dirt but I remember that it's just skin (that's gonna be clean before it touches me) and sure as hell no man is going to wax and bleach his nuts just for me so why should I do it for them?
I'm not bothered about 'roast beef' comments because I've only ever looked forward to a good roast beef. I fucking hate the word 'loose' as if you can tell how it feels just by looking at it, people seriously need sex ed and to use their brains more than ever as labia minora have no indication of 'experience'. Like does anyone comment on the appearance of men's dick and balls changing shape for having sex too many times? Of course we don't.

No. 126416

Vaginas are made for sexual pleasure, and birth. They don’t need to be pretty, just healthy. It’s fuckin sad to read about women being shamed into hating their perfectly healthy vulva or labia because some mediocre dude throws a fit if she doesn’t look like a 3D rendering of a sex doll.

No. 126421

No. 126422

I hate it sfm. its bad enough when men say it but when women say it, it makes me sad. why do you hate your own gender so much? the worst is women hating on other women for having larger labia/supposedly being loose. that shit pisses me off

No. 126423

>Yup, and if you do find a guy who cares that much, then that's a blessing in disguise.

exactly this. I have a medium to larger labia and if a guy ever mentioned he didn't like it I would peace out. I actually prefer to have larger labia tbh now (even though I've wished I looked different before) because I'd rather look the way I look instead of having one of these 'god tier' pussies gross men put on a pedestal. I'm happy to be undesirable in those kind of men's eyes, if that makes sense

No. 126432

>I'm not bothered about 'roast beef' comments because I've only ever looked forward to a good roast beef.
Hell yeah anon. I totally admire and respect you.

No. 126440

I have been shamed for my labia by men so many times AND women as well, and I have out loud in conversation with women who have never seen my vagina told them “well my vagina looks like that and has since I was little. Would you call me a roast beef pussy to my face? Would you call my labia loose and nasty and ugly to my face?” They usually don’t bc they’re so stupid that they think nobody really looks like that except old whores. And then they apologize.

Anyway yes I have definitely had to learn to love my vagina. But now I do and I have to remind myself of exactly what you said. I don’t want those kind of people down there anyway. When people try to say that large labia is ugly I just counter them with I think its beautiful and looks like flowers. Pretty pussy petals. I especially hate when people make those kinds of comments because you never know who is listening, some girl who really wants to like chop her vagina lips off… nobody should ever feel like that.

No. 126442

Fuck ywah, good on you anon

No. 126446

Big dick energy is out, big labia energy is in.
Ilu anon.

No. 126473

How do you clean your labia? Wipes? Just during shower? How is it supposed to smell?

No. 126487

I just use fairy and some dishwashing sponges from lidl, you know those green and pink ones? Works like a charm and I feel like a squeaky plate down there!

Seriously tho, how many "how do you wash your genitals my fellow females" posts are we gonna get huh?

No. 126491

what do you even mean by smell? just clean with warm water and your hands. i have large labia on one side and i rinse on either side of it

No. 126496

Recently my discharge started to be more intense (maybe because I've changed my meds), and idk, during the day I just feel uncomfortable, so I've been wondering if feminine wipes would be a good choice. My gyno said they disrupt your natural processes so I'm not sure what I should do.

I'm sorry for my autism kek.

No. 126502

File: 1572647710263.jpg (394.51 KB, 620x752, keeffe1.jpg)

>I have been shamed for my labia by men so many times AND women as well
I'm sorry you had to go thru this anon. and it's so sad to hear women parroting the same bullshit as these men. it's great to hear you stand up for yourself though! I'm impressed

>When people try to say that large labia is ugly I just counter them with I think its beautiful and looks like flowers

I agree, large labia are beautiful and need to be celebrated. the majority of women have them and I'm tired of us having to feel like we're less than because we don't fit into this cookie cutter ideal.

>you never know who is listening, some girl who really wants to like chop her vagina lips off

it's so sad tbh and I'm tired of labiaplasty being so popular (simply for cosmetic reasons) and young women growing up in a world where they think their perfectly normal labia is somehow wrong.

No. 126503

Oh my god how many times does this need to be asked. Google it. If you’re a woman, you’ll learn two valuable lessons in one. If you’re the same cumbrained dude who asks this every week, you’ll find all the porn you could dream of.

No. 126513

Sorry, I should have phrased my question better. I wanted to ask if any farmers had any problems with using feminine wipes, since my gyno is very adamant about not using them.

No. 126520

why do you want to go against your gynos wishes? surely those 10 years of medical school taught them something?
I personally can't use shit like that without an immediate yeast infection, even scented or more plasticky pads/liners are too much.

No. 126523

use baby wipes unscented they’re basically just water wipes much better for ph balance

No. 126531

thank you anon! i'll do just that then.

No. 126534

I started using 'sensitive wipes' lately and within a couple days I had my first ever yeast infection

No. 126537

I call my own pussy roast beef or loose as a joke sometimes, but I would never say that to another woman. Or joke like that around someone who might take it seriosly.

Once on a another image board two anons were fighting "innie vs outie" and being particularly cruel and disgusting about how they talked about womens genitals. They turned out to be both women. Well it could have been larping males but still. Throwing other women under the bus so you can feel like a better object for men. Makes me want to vomit. I think everyone should like their genitals. They are there for YOUR pleasure and baby making, not to look pretty.

No. 126584

Okay so I'm a virgin and ever since I was really young, as young as around 13 I believe, I have noticed these little white bumps on my labia minora. They're only really noticeable when I stretch the flaps out, but they're there. They don't hurt, they don't itch; they're just ugly. I've never gone to a gynecologist, but from online research I've concluded these are fordyce spots. Has anyone else here had this? Is it possible to get rid of them? I hate them and honestly they've made me scared of actually showing my body to anyone because I'm afraid they'll think I have some terrible disease or something.

No. 126589

I have some of these too. Idk what they are. Guess it is normal!

No. 126618

These are normal, they're pretty common, and literally no one will even look at them. Your future partner (male of female) will either have them too or at least seen them before.
In the case of men, aside from fordyce spots on their dick or balls, they can also have pearly penile papules that are even uglier but equally harmless. So even if your partner isn't female they will probably relate.
So really, don't worry about it. This is such a virgin worry that it's almost endearing.

No. 126630

Have them! I don't think i've seen vagina irl without them tbh.

No. 126670

I have these, I'm pretty sure, above my clitoral hood. they seem incredibly common anon. try not to worry about it too much

No. 126693

File: 1572908742810.jpeg (12.06 KB, 236x226, 7A3F921D-A5F2-4FD0-8AB3-8ACAA1…)

Who here uses menstrual cups? has it ever leaked while you were asleep? I toss and turn around a lot and I'm worried about that.

Do you need to buy one of the specific menstrual cup washes and use those daily or can I just rinse it in between wears and boil it after use?

Also, does anyone else have a menstrual cup microwave sterilizer like in the pic? Do those work well?

No. 126695

I haven't used that type of menstrual cup that you have in this photo, but I have used disposable ones. They didn't leak as long as you make sure to empty it as often as your flow is. If you flow in heavy than you'll need to empty it out or throw it away often. I did wear a disposable one to bed and I don't remember it leaking in the night. You really don't need to be menstrual soap for it. Soap and water between uses will work fine. You should definitely boil between cycles

No. 126696

Also, I wouldn't buy the high-cost reusable ones if it is your first time using a menstrual cup. Go with the Softcups.

No. 126719

If you do it right, it won't leak. I wear mine to bed and have no problems. The only thing that is going to make it leak is puting it incorrectly and after you get used to it, it won't happen. Also, don't forget to measure your cervix to make sure you get the right size!

No. 126735

I got a Luna cup a year ago and I’ve loved it since. I’ve only leaked like, 3 times, and it was caused by incorrect placement and a heavy flow. Cups take a little while to get used to but they’re healthier for your body and for the environment. I boil mine before and after my period and wash it with soap and water every time I empty it. They’re definitely worth trying.

No. 126752

Speaking of softcups, have you girls already tried it for having sex? Does it leak or feel uncomfortable?

No. 126766

wait, you can have sex with a cup inside? how/why? I'm confused

No. 126778

Thank you for telling me I need to measure my cervix, I didn't even know you could do that!

No. 126790

It's really important, also your cervix lowers a bit when you are on your period, so keep that in mind too! My cup is 4,5 cm, the exact measure of my cervix, and I have to struggle a bit when using it. Its not awful, but insertion could be a bit easier if I got a smaller one. I'm sure you'll like it, just don't give up if it seems a bit hard in the beginning, took me about 3 months to get it right and I almost threw it away.

No. 126791

Never tried a softdisc and penetration, but oral with the regular cup is actually REALLY good and I had no problems at all! Definetly worth a try.

No. 126842

It will leak only if it is full; I've never had a problem with movement with any model I've tried. You should probably wash it, though any sort of mild soap without oil, scent, antibacterial ingredients, or abrasive additives should be fine. I use the specific washes just to keep scents from accumulating, but it's not necessary. Rinsing under cold water before washing is a good way to minimize staining. I've used those collapsible sterilizers before and I found they hang onto scent even when dried immediately, and also tend to overflow if you fill them enough to cover the cup. If you don't want to just use an old mug that you've designated for the purpose, you could try using those pump/bottle part microwave steam bags.

I've done it with the Lumma Unique, which is the same thing but a reusable silicone. No pain or leaking. My boyfriend did not feel it at all.

No. 126850

i honestly cant tell right now if i am pissing blood or of its just my period that i have had for a year straight it just seems different today

No. 126862

Has long massages helped anyone with menstrual cramps? I've tried for like a minute but it's been painful mostly and makes me bleed more. I'm tired of beating myself up mentally for painful periods and want to treat my body better but idk what to do to help relieve symptoms.

No. 126884

This is a great answer, thanks anon!

No. 126927

Washing my vulva with regular body soap isn't that great, right? That's what I've been doing, but lately I've been considering getting something else. A "feminine" wash makes me feel like I'm betraying women. I don't want my vulva to smell like a delicate flower or a fruit, I just want to clean it. I almost bought a feminine wash but the marketing angered me. Any recommendations?

No. 126928

Why not just water?

No. 126929

I've done that for most of my life and it went okay but I feel really self conscious about it around my bf ? Soap make me feel better, but I don't think body wash is ideal

No. 126934

it's fine to use a gentle unscented soap

No. 126981

I use a unscented wash meant for coochie, idk is it just where i'm from but that shit is widely available at most grocery stores.

No. 127677

So Im paranoid i could have a silent STD, even tho its high unlikely (only had 4 partners, with pretty clear sexual history each) but fuckk its OCD ish levels of madness.
I can’t get tested (not murican) because i would show up in our family plan since i share insurance with my mom, and shes fundie levels of prudish.
The smell and discharge are normal, just the same ive always had since puberty, no itching, pain or redness, i think i had the beginning of an UTI but I wasn’t taking really good care of my health and hygiene at that point when i kicked my own butt back into decent grooming it went away.
Im still so panicky about having an STD tho, anything i could do or should look for without professional testing?

No. 127679

Is there a sliding-scale clinic near you? If so, you could go and pay cash.

No. 127713

There are services online where you can request a test kit and post off samples to a lab. You get your results through email and they will even post a prescription if needed. Bit pricey but I used one once to test for a couple of the most silent/common STDs and it put my mind at ease without having to face anyone at any point during the testing. All very discreet

No. 127867

Not sure if I want to put this in a the mental health thread, but I tend to get really anxious around my menstrual cycle. Usually a few days before I start bleeding, I have dissociation and when the cramps start, the dissociation gets stronger.

Any other anons deal with similar symptoms? Anything that's helped ease the symptoms? I usually like to workout when I'm anxious, but I don't know anything else that could help.

No. 127885

File: 1574448648481.jpg (82.03 KB, 1080x988, Screenshot_20191122_195014.jpg)

Are these wet wipes safe to use?

No. 127890

I don't know much about ingredients but I used what claimed to be super gentle personal wipes lately and got my first ever (non-antibiotic related) yeast infection within days..

I'd rather dry wipe and deal with feeling slightly less fresh than risk any wet wipes again

No. 127892

I hate dry toilet paper so much I hate those little pieces that rip off and get stuck to your skin down there and I especially don't want that when someone is gonna go down on me

No. 127896

nta but maybe buy slightly better toilet paper if you use those 2ply ones that aren't quilted at all? have used nothing but normal, dry toilet paper my entire life and not once have i had bits of tp stuck to my ass wtf. idk, maybe spit on a fresh bunch of tp as some moisture for the final wipe?
i think some people are more predisposed to getting thrush at a drop of a hat (me) to the point of getting it from more scented shower gels trickling down (me). If you do end up getting thrush, i recommend oral tablets over vaginal pessaries by a mile, the creams are kinda naff too.

No. 127904

Maybe that other anon lives in a country where all toilet paper sucks.

I lived in england for a year and the toilet paper was so crumbly and shitty no matter the brand.

Also their plumbing is fucked so I guess that's the reason why they make their toilet paper disintegrate with the slightest touch.

No. 127944

How does 3 layer or 4 layer tp sound? I can't find anything else. I don't know what we have right now though I don't exactly pay attention to what it looks like and my parents buy it.

No. 127949

Try baby wipes.

No. 127968

You should avoid phenoxyethanol. Try some baby wipes. A handheld portable bidet (around $10) is also good.

No. 127976

Playing it safe with just dry wiping. I mean I made it to 30 without needing them before. I think sometimes we're too self conscious around constant 'freshness'

No. 127978

i mean just try them, if the toilet paper is soft yet sturdy, usually like quilted 4ply is, you shouldn't have this problem.

true, british tp is atrocious, i was honestly shocked being an eastern europoor and assuming everything's better in west. shades coconut is decent tho and doubles as an air freshener kek

No. 127983

File: 1574595934228.jpg (41.41 KB, 275x249, 1567603524153.jpg)

Wait what ungodly abomination is that, does there seriously exist a brand of scented tp in the UK ?
British people are a plague and menace on this continent, absolutely disgusting. This information ruined my day.

No. 127986

UKAnon and I never knew our tp was so shit and I've been Europe and USA and never noticed a difference. I will say my brother had an American girlfriend for a while and she stayed with us. She went through the tp like there was no tomorrow we were baffled for it. Maybe she thought it was shit too now come to think of it lol.

No. 127987

Yup, we're fucking awful - coconut, floral, aloe vera - you name it, we want our arses to smell like it. I never understood why people used scented toilet paper, all it's going to do is irritate you. Just wash yourself properly and you wouldn't have to resort to cleaning yourself with perfumed tp. Never used it, never want to. Fuck that shit.

No. 127988

I didn't know this was a thing despite being British born and bred. What kind of psychopath makes and buys this? Also though there are few scents less appealing than shit, I can imagine the combination of shit and coconut actually being worse.
I'm team bidet personally. Wish they were more commonplace.

No. 127992

Right? I'm currently trying to convince my bf we need a bidet. They're so good. And if you go to Tesco, they have like… various scents. To be fair, they do smell alright on their own, but I'm not sure I'd want to mix it with shite, as you rightly said. I think the same people buying these are the same people buying them VIPoo sprays. People afraid of their own shit stanks.

No. 128002

File: 1574623574806.jpg (2.37 MB, 3937x2567, arse_wipe.jpg)

I don't get the complaints either. My experience of UK toilet paper is that some of it is so thick that it's more like kitchen roll. Some brands are so bad for this that I deliberately avoid them and buy cheaper toilet paper because my husband finds it's necessary to use half a roll to clean his hairy arse crack and the thicker paper will block the toilet.

I always see pic related in discount shops and I know people that buy it because it's cheap. I tried it once and never again. It has a very chemical smell to it, like cheap perfume and alcohol.

No. 128005

I have a routine of pooping before I shower, last guy I dated was the same so it was ideal in terms of always being clean for intimacy and not having to smell the bathroom after each other lol

No. 128013

You can find scented tp in the US too. My boyfriend brought lavender scented tp home once and was baffled when I told him there was no way I was going to be using it. It smelled alcohol-y like only cheap perfume can. It was really thin and scratchy too. No way I was putting that anywhere near my junk.

No. 128024

File: 1574652759858.jpg (77.45 KB, 1000x1000, brondell-bidet-accessories-gs-…)

Get two of pic related or a similar product, so he can appreciate the difference water makes and you have something to use yourself.
Also, you can make "poopourri" for a few cents with just alcohol, castile soap, essential oils, and water. It's nice if you don't have a bathroom fan and don't want to have a smelly bathroom while you do your hair or brush your teeth.

No. 128035

Scented tampons are a thing too, and scented pads, As a tampon user I can't say that I ever smell my period anyway??

No. 128041

I've used scented pads because i got some for free, god one of the most pointless inventions. Like thanks, now the smell of my period blood has a hint of alcohol. I've never heard of scented tampons, sounds like an infection waiting to happen.

No. 128063

Oh god there’s nothing I hate more than the scent any pad in my country has. It doesn’t even smell like alcohol like >>128041. It‘s more like really cheap sweet/flowery soap. Mixed with the blood it’s so disgusting I stopped using them for a while because just the smell of the unused pad made me sick. And it’s nearly impossible to find unscented ones! If you do find them, they’re really fancy, eco-friendly brands that cost easily 5-times what I‘d pay for store-brand ones.

Scented tampons sounds even worse of an idea. I knew about probiotic tampons but don’t know if they’re really useful either.

No. 128135

y’all idk if this is normal or if i should see the gyno
basically it’s way too early for my period but i’m getting reddish brown spotting. naturally my anxious nervous ass googled it and now i think i should go get a pap smear or something to make sure it’s not from an std or cancer or something

the only thing is i live in a country that isn’t lgbt friendly and i don’t want to tell the doctor that i have sex with women so they don’t need to bother with pregnancy tests or whatever

No. 128141

Have you played in a way that could've been rough on your cervix lately? Is it happening after play or just randomly?

No. 128160

depending on how they test for pregnancy there might be no harm in just getting it as long as they don't charge you extra.

in the us we test for pregnancy with a urine panel and they just do it automatically/still encourage it for anyone regardless of sexuality mostly because drs here need proof you aren't pregnant to provide certain medications.

No. 128166

i don’t think so .. my girlfriend and i have a semi long distance relationship and the last time we had sex was a week ago and now a week later this spotting as started. tmi but there’s barely enough blood or discharge to bleed into a pad but if i insert my finger into myself it comes out covered in brownish/reddish discharge.

i should probably go to a gynaecologist instead of explaining it to randoms on the internet but i’m just not sure if this is normal and i’m overreacting lol

No. 128171

ugh ignore this. like half an hour after i posted this my period came in full force … i guess i’m having it twice this month .. this is so weird

No. 128192

Are there any side effects to not having your period for extended periods (pun unintended)? I mean, assume that the person in question is not pregnant.

No. 128193

I think it depends more on what's causing it. People get types of bc that stops periods and are fine.

No. 128198

Do you mean periods stopping naturally or someone using the pill to stop periods?

If you take the pill continuously to avoid periods you can eventually get breakthrough bleeding anyway

No. 128213

Normally I would google for answers, but I don't really wanna see pictures so here it goes

(warning; tmi and gross)

I had a lot of discharge today and it was chunky and slightly yellow. Do I have some sort of yeast infection or something? What do I do about it?

No. 128214

Probably nothing wrong unless there is a bad smell and itching too.

No. 128227

Naturally. I'm 19, virgin, and I haven't had my period since May.

No. 128229

Does working out make you discharge a lot? I've been having lots of white creamy discharge like I'm about to start my period but I start in a good few weeks. It doesn't even smell or look weird, it's just a lot

No. 128239

How do I stop recurring yeast infections? It feels like no matter what I do, I'm always getting them. Maybe I'm not cleaning enough or well enough? I thought about getting a washcloth just for my vulva and using a mild soap on it, then making sure I'm dry. The problem is that I might have eczema there too, so I need to not be too dry and uncomfortable…and can saliva make yeast worse? Or the pill?
I've also always been pretty "wet" naturally and ever since I started getting yeast infections, I feel like I'm really smelly, especially if I wear jeans. I hate it. What can I realistically do about that which isn't bad for my vaginal health?

No. 128240

old post, but do you know if the change in breast size from the pill is permanent? I got bigger after I started the pill, but I've never gone off of it since to notice if it changes back. I was curious if it's a temporary change and removing the hormones changes it. Doesn't the pill make you gain a little water weight as well? idk. I like mine a little bit bigger, but I've thought about a copper IUD, I'm just scared I'll get painful periods and spotting and irregular periods since I was prone to both before the pill. And was curious about this detail too lol

No. 128243

what sort of thrush treatments have you been using? I had like 3 years of reoccurring yeast infections when I used pessaries or internal creams to treat it, then getting the oral pill ended the cycle once for all (haven't had thrush for almost a year now). they also have different strengths of oral pill but they aren't sold etc at least in britbong land.

No. 128248

Are you underweight at all? Or even overweight, both can stop periods

No. 128249

I get discharge from going for walks, didn't happen so much when I was younger but I assume it's caused by movement/friction

As long as it's normal discharge

No. 128254

Have you seen a doc about it or have you been just treating it yourself?

If it's such a recurring problem a doc should look into causes, hormones being out of balance is one cause, undiagnosed diabetes or high sugar levels is another

No. 128268

Yes, I've taken the oral pills. That makes it go away for a while but hasn't stopped it coming back like this…I've done the OTC remedies too and probably even combined them with a pill. I'm either doing something wrong or have very bad luck.
I've been going to a gyno for this and it feels like a game of whack a mole. I don't think I have diabetes (no other symptoms I can think of/not at high risk) but hormones or blood sugar could be things I could get tested for. I have gone to an endo before but it was before the yeast started acting up. Thank you!

No. 128457

I'm waiting for my obgyn appointment and I only shaved my vagina/butt and armpits for the exams and left my legs hairy. My last partner was completely fine with me going hairy-legged, too. In spring/summer I'll probably shave my legs again but this feels pretty darn great so far. I'm comfortable with it too. And I rarely ever get in-growns anymore there

No. 128460

What? You don't need to shave anything for obgyn exams. Especially not armpits lol

No. 128465

I let my body hair grow out alot of the time and I've dated guys with no issues around it either but yeah I've shaved once or twice when I had pap smears. I saw it as similar to how I brush extra well before dentist appts to be presentable lol

I ended up having a whole series of exams because of changes in the cells on my cervix and eventually I stopped worrying about shaving for exams

No. 128467

Tbh I'd only care about shaving if my partner put in the same effort. Women pretty much always have light hair in general and are expected to shave, but it's ok for men to have thick, long body hair everywhere that traps dirt and looks ugly af? My sperging aside, I think it's perfectly ok to shave for exams though.

No. 128482

Has anyone here had periods during vaginosis? My blood smells odd, not fishy but kinda different than usual and the blood itself is very watery. I am not in pain or discomfort though, but I was very late.

No. 128537

No. 128538

Yeah trimming for access, maybe, but they don't care. Just have clean feet and fresh socks and you're fine.

No. 128561

you're right. I just get smelly when I don't shave my pits. I sweat more than other women it feels like and deodorant only works if I shave. I think it has to do with more hair > more surface for sweat bacteria to collect on. And I wanted to be safe about my vaginal area, it was a bit bushy and I never went there unshaved before so far and don't go very often. I'll see what's comfortable/possible in the future.

That's cool, I like to hear how other women handle this and get comfortable with body hair

No. 128562

I had a breast exam, too

No. 128567

odd how? BV would definitely smell fishy/foul. and period blood can be watery because it contains mucous

No. 128685

>>128567 kinda nearly sour? I always have very heavy flow and not watery, so it's unusual for me even tho i know it's normal if it makes any sense. I am thinking of trying these basically hp level fixing things after my period, because that's what the doctors would tell me to do too before prescribing anything else. I am just having these suspicions.

No. 129651

Does anyone know what causes perineal tears that isn't sex? I haven't had sex in 3 months nor do I use toys so why tf is there a tear again?

No. 129671

I prefer pads as opposed to tampons 100% Haven't used tampons in years…
Anyway, does anyone else feel the need to change their pad abnormally often? I know it says like "8 hr protection" but the thought of wearing one for more than a couple hrs max just really grosses me out. I know it's not environmentally friendly but I just CAN'T.
I wish I could just wrap my mind around a divacup because I'm generally an enviro-conscious person. UGH!!

No. 129685

I get mine due to my implant as it massively fucks with my periods/hormone levels and causes all sorts of shit, one of them being little tears. So it could be that? I went to the docs about mine and they accused me of having herpes even though I have been tested annually for everything and it has all came back clear. Best thing I can recommend is try and keep everything as natural as it can be, shaving made mine worse, using body washes/lotions there is a no-no. It's shite but I hope you feel better soon.

No. 129694

it's not paranoia anon, i was sick on my period once and didn't change as frequently and got a little bit of a rash from the friction.

No. 129719

My period has been super irregular for the past year. I get it every 2 months now as opposed to once a month. I had bloodwork done and everything was fine, and I saw a gynecologist, did an ultrasound, she said it's okay and that she can see that it's coming, that this is just how my body is.
But wtf, I haven't had my period in almost 2 months again! I eat well, I'm not pregnant, what's the problem??? This is so scary. My periods used to be so regular until late 2018 too. I don't know what changed.

No. 129720

I know how it feels, I try not to use a lot of pads, it takes up so much space in my garbage lol.

I literally cannot use tampons, I've tried twice and both times I'm pretty sure I started developing TSS. I become extremely out of it and just wanted to sleep. Also I could feel the tampon inside of me the entire time. Both of these times were when I went swimming so I thankfully didn't have to wear them long.

No. 129722

File: 1577245136360.jpg (34.95 KB, 384x400, 517c9yyjkAL._AC_SY400_ML2_.jpg)


Have you tried washable cloth pads anon? They're always an option. I got some recently because I hate the way dispaoble pads feel with a passion and don't like changing tampons so often. I can't speak for anyone but myself, but I find them much better and more comfortable than throwaway pads.

No. 129735

What’s the absorption like?

No. 129746

NTA but I have a bunch and they're really comfy and don't smell, and absorb much better than traditional pads.
I used to have leakage and really bad chafing (in part because of the wet material) until I switched to washable fabric pads, wouldn't go back if you paid me.
I don't know if all of them are good though, I just bought some made in my country since the ones you can find on Etsy were really pricey.

No. 129750

For my last 2 cycles, I’ve had spotting for 4-5 days before and after my period. Before this I’ve always had very consistent cycles. Is this something to be concerned about, or is it relatively normal?
I have no other symptoms expect I randomly get a dull/achey pain on my labia. I went to planned parenthood 2/3 months ago and they did a physical exam & std tests and they said everything seems normal. It’s just “phantom pain” whatever that means, but now with the spotting I’m worried there’s something else going on
I’m 23 and generally healthy for context

No. 129764

Americafag here, I usually have to wear overnight pads and I'm interested in buying washable pads, any brands to recommend?

No. 129765

I've heard good things about Luna Pads and some Walmart ones whose name I forget.

No. 129769

I've never worn pads in my life, but want to switch to cloth pads because tampons make me crampy for some reason. What does it feel like actually wearing one? Do they feel like bulky and wet all day? I know they're going to be noticeable, but I worry that they'll feel gross, I guess.

Also, how do you know what absorbency and length to get? I have pretty heavy periods (like super plus tampons every few hours) the first few days, so how do I figure out what size I need in cloth pads?

Sorry for all the questions, anon, but I appreciate your help in advance!

No. 129771

really hard to say, getting it checked out was the right call. the only thing I would recommend is getting a pap smear if you haven't had one recently, and checking your labia for any abnormal swelling, discoloration, or any other changes.

if the pain continues I'd get a follow up exam done as well.
it definitely could be just irregularity, that can be stress/diet/aging/etc/nothing in particular. I've been very regular for years, but get spotting with darker blood and random aches once in a blue moon.

No. 129774

I find pads really uncomfortable and anxiety-inducing because you can just kind of feel it leaking out and I never know if it's still absorbing or not. So I stopped using them a long time ago. Do anons not have that problem?

No. 129783

Yeah it’s absolutely the worst. Sticky diaper like feeling that constantly feels like it’s leaking (plot twist it is leaking). Even toilet part is preferable.

Honestly cup is the future and if you can’t insert anything then cloth pads still feels more secure.

No. 129793

Not everyone can use tampons/cups so some of us are stuck wuth that crap

No. 129797


The ones have are the same ones in the pic above. Teamoy brand from amazon. It was $15 for 5 I think, but they make a variety pack that's $23 with diffrent sizes.

They're pretty good, def more comfrtable than dispaoble ones. The fabric on the front is kind of like fleece and the outside is a waterproof which is nice. The only problems I can see are if you sweat really easily you may get hot in these, and they sometimes shift around when you're moving a lot (can be fixed by pining them down with extra pins)

Again, I can only speak for myself, but I haven't found any issues with the smallest sized ones, then again I don't have as heavy bleeding as some. I think it'd probably be really hard to bleed through one unless you were shifting around a lot, as it seeps into the fabric instead of sitting on top of it like normal pads.

As for washing, I genrally let them soak in a bucket with soap and water or rinse them in the shower with me and then throw them in the wash with my underwear.

No. 129801

I love cloth pads and prefer them to disposable ones. I'd never go back.

They feel better than the regular ones because they're softer and more breathable. I don't get sweaty or chafe anywhere with the cloth ones. Because it's fabric and doesn't have that plasticy feel, a lot of the moisture seems to disappear. One big bonus for me is that you don't get that "omg a waterfall" feeling when you stand up after a while, sneeze or cough. It gets absorbed very quickly. I never get the wet feeling with them and they actually feel less gross to me than regular pads.

I have exceptionally heavy periods to the point where I'm on medication to prevent blood loss when on my period. With the regular pads, I'd change it every hour or two and my underwear would always find a way to get stained, flood or leak. The cloth ones hold out for longer and I can do a whole day at work without feeling like it needs changing or feeling gross or icky. I change them every few hours but that's really more out of habit and just to be safe than actual necessity. They seem to channel the blood better. When I remove the cloth ones, they're not dripping and all the blood seems to have found its way to the middle of the pad instead of ending up all over the wings and every other part. Like >>129797 said, the blood doesn't sit on top like a regular pad.

The biggest downside for me is that they can shift a little because mine are only held on with a single press stud, but I change what style of underwear I wear and that fixes the issue.

I got night time ones because I honestly thought my period would be waaaay too much for the regular ones but they've been perfect. They're not as bulky as you might think. I'd say mine are about the thickness of a regular pad but floppier because they don't have stiff plastic so they don't show through really. If you're wearing something really tight or the fabric is thin, they can be easily hidden with a pair of boyshorts or something.

No. 129816

for anons talking about reusable pads, what do you guys do when you change them in public?

No. 129818

The ones I got come with a 'wet' bag with a waterproof inside. You can fold them up and wrap them in something of you really don't want anyone accidentally finding it.

No. 129826

I'm not the same anon but I'm interested as well, what I'm worried about though is what do you do when you're at work? Surely you can't just change your pad and carry the soiled one around in your purse?

No. 129922


It never occurred to me that cloth, reusable pads would exist. I've wanted to switch to Diva cups for similar reasons, but I'm struggling through vaginismus for me to be able to easily insert them without crying in pain. Thanks for the info! Totally getting a set of cloth pads right now.

No. 129946

I tried cloth pads made by someone on Etsy but I didn't like them as the ones I bought from AliExpress for way cheaper. I like the ones with the top part white. Feeling them closer to my body than the disposable ones and none of that annoying plastic sticking wrong and all that.

No. 129990

My discharge is a bit weird but my doctor insulted me before for thinking my discharge was abnormal and now I don't want to call her because I already have ptsd and other anxiety disorders and her insulting me about the exact same thing before and saying I just don't understand how women bodies work just makes me definitely NOT call her.

No. 129993

You can put them in a plastic-lined baggie like the other anon said. I also time my changes so that I don't have to do it at work as much (change right before I go, once in the afternoon, once when I get home) but my flow isn't that heavy so there's that. I've found that they don't reek like the disposable ones so there's no issue with the smell.

I still don't know why Always and Libresse are still in production, they're horrible and used to give me swamp ass.

No. 130027

oh my god I use washable cotton pads but sometimes if I don't have any clean I grab a disposable one from my mum and she sometimes buys the scented kind. they smell so overpowering and I'm always scared they'll fuck up my pH balance

the idea of scented tampons is too much for me to handle

No. 130028

>like really cheap sweet/flowery soap. Mixed with the blood it’s so disgusting

I know the exact smell you're describing and I want to puke

No. 130035

the pads from my country that my mom used to buy me smell like soup spices, so it's better? but it's really weird. fuck asian medicine dude, it all smells like soup.

No. 130041

I get them right before a yeast infection, I think from wiping too far forward and getting discharge on that area.

No. 130048

Same, this evoked a visceral reaction in me

In recent news
>Used to use pads but bought mooncup
>It was amazing, changed my life
>Used it for prob 2 years
>Got pregonantè, had a baby, no period for roughly 2 years
>Period returns, vag et al still tight as a motherfucker so I don't purchase the different size cup
>Use pads for a bit then do mooncup again
>go to toilet to change/clean cup
>Huh that's weird where is it? I did put it in, right?
>whole ass finger up there, can't find the stem
>Continue digging and wonder if I somehow sneezed or shat it out without noticing whatsoever
>I know I put it in. I panic. This has never happened before. I know there's nowhere for it to go and yet still wonder if my cervix somehow dilated and inhaled my cup
>Panic cry
>Everything cramping from being bent into exorcist position
>Employ 2nd finger and bwonk it off what feels like a rim
>turns out my cervix is fairly tilted post baby and makes a weird space
>whole entire cup maneouvred itself upside down. I'm talking an entire rotation to sideways then right upside down. Where did it find the fucking room to do this in my vagina? Who knows
>afraid to yeet anything up there ever again in case it goes into orbit and ends up upside down again

No. 130086

That's why they say to get a bigger one anon. It has nothing to do with how tight you are, post-baby vag is post-baby vag.

No. 130093

When you buy a set, they usually come with a bag to put them in. Mine also fold up and close with their press stud so they're just in a little square, which makes them pretty easy to hide. With the way they fold and the plastic-lined wet bag, any moisture and scent is easily hidden.

Tbh though I think they could probably survive a shift at work if you were really against changing them in public. TMI and kinda gross but I lasted a 12 hour hospital shift when I'd forgotten to bring an extra pad and was struggling to find time for a break. There was no leakage and the fabric and lack of plastic means that the blood doesn't really pool in the pad. It gets soaked up so you still feel relatively dry.

No. 130094

File: 1577758947905.jpeg (422.67 KB, 1500x1500, unscented pads.jpeg)

These cotton unscented pads are good and pretty cheap. If you're american you can get them at walmart

No. 130519

Weird question but while I was in the shower shaving I was pulling my labia away from each other and it hurt on the inside. Is that normal? I have more pain issues there and I suspect it's all vaginismus.

No. 130520

just moving your flaps about (assuming you weren't tugging or the pubes hadn't stuck together etc) shouldn't hurt, no. generally kinda feels like nothing really, like touching ear or bellybutton would (best examples of other flappy bits i could come up with lol)

No. 130522

That's why I specified that it hurts on the inside, not the outside. And I can see how that works since I'm pulling the "hole" as well while doing that.. I just figured it could be vaginismus since I already suspect that I have that for other reasons

No. 130527

I mean if you're just spreading them in like a not forceful way it shouldn't hurt on the inside even of the vaginal opening stretches a bit. I def don't have vaginismus and I can even kinda stretch my opening with a finger without any discomfort so maybe you do have it. Go to doctors though, there are ways to lessen it/get past it.

No. 130528

My doctor is a cunt who insulted me. I already have anxiety disorders to begin with and I don't feel comfortable going to her. I already switched doctors very recently so I can't do it again and there's no other doctor close to me.

No. 130536

Has one of you ever been to an OB/GYN appointment while on their period?

I‘m struggling with very severe PMS symptoms and also haven’t had a pap smear in way too long. Unfortunately I‘ll probably be on my period that day. Only like day 3 or 4 out of 6-7, so it’s not that Bad, but I‘m still incredibly insecure about it.

I‘d re-schedule but getting an appointment is a literal nightmare. I‘ve made this appointment in September and my symptoms are getting so bad I don’t think I can take waiting another 4 months.

No. 130537

you shouldn't really get a pap while on your period so reschedule if you're on it.

No. 130710

You should always avoid pap smears when on your period because it makes it more difficult to get a good sample and you might end up having to go again.

No. 130728

i have my first ob/gyn appointment EVER next tuesday and i'm terrified because i'm already 27 and i've never been to one.. my gp was already mad and made me feel really bad (she's making me go because i'm going through bad health stuff right now and wants everything checked), which is understandable but still. i explained to her that my family is weird and i grew up with the mindset that you don't go to the doctor for regular check ups or whatever unless you had a terrible chronic disease or something. it's the truth but i'm just horrified of getting "shamed" again. it's a very sensitive topic for me and just makes me feel very immature and stupid and what not. it's not even the procedure or anything, just having to tell the doctor that i've never gone through this whole thing. ugh.

No. 130740

The doctor definitely doesn't care at all. They see so many different women and genitals each day that they absolutely will not even have an opinion on the fact that you've never been. Just explain to them that its a family issue and they'll be like okay whatever. The actual procedure is also no problem at all. The anxiety and discomfort you feel now is literally worse than a pap smear, which is usually over faster than you even realize.

No. 130771

Anon, don't worry about it. I had my first gyno appointment at 25. If they're at all professional they'll show no emotion/judgement/reaction to what you say.
And remember to be honest!!! They don't give a shit what you did.

No. 130773

I haven't been able to actually "get wet" consistently since I was like 14. It's weird because I can feel turned on but there will be literally no natural lubrication until either my bf eats me out or after awhile after my bf starts fucking me (with lube). After that it's normal but it's 100% dry until the sex starts. I have sex with my bf nearly every day and I only get wet before sex only a few times a year and that's usually only after not doing it for a week or more after my period. I don't have a low libido and this started happening after I started taking antidepressants as a teen, but I haven't taken any meds in over 6 years. Is it possible for antidepressants to fuck up your sexual functions for life? Is it comparable to erectile dysfunction because I was pornsick as a teen, even though I don't watch porn or masturbate anymore? Or is this completely normal and I am just overreacting? I really don't think it's normal being in my early 20s and it being impossible to have sex without lube first.

Also, I feel like it's worth mentioning I have no problems reaching orgasm, my only problem is just I can't get wet like a normal person.

No. 130774

I'm voluntarily celibate anyway so it doesn't even matter but I dislike how my vulva is significantly darker than the rest of my body. It looks like I have some melanin build up there probably due to weight gain. I'm not fucking anyone right now but I can't help internalizing it when people talk shit about non-pink vaginas

No. 130792

Getting wet is also a protective move by your body to prepare you for insertion. It sounds more like your body is just a bit slow on the uptake, perhaps because you have sex so often that it doesn't register it's happening/is an event it needs to protect you from. The clue is it's easier to get wet if you haven't had sex for a week, your body is more aware of the "gonna have sex" signal when it's not an expected event. As long as you are careful to use lube and your boyfriend is not hurting you I don't think it's a problem.

No. 130819

File: 1578861975826.jpeg (125.55 KB, 1300x866, 48AB74D0-1D30-409E-A116-410561…)

>visited boyfriend
>got rubbed
>after some time together, i leave
>boyfriend texts me “i have to tell you two things, but i don’t have the heart to tell you.”
>starts to panic but tells him to tell me
>he tells me his finger STUNK when he smelled it
>stares at my phone processing what he said
>immediately tells him “i need some time away” because this is embarrassing as fuck

WHAT THE FUCK DO I DO? This is probably really funny to most of you, and looking from an outsider’s point of view, it is! But I can’t stop crying from embarrassment, lmao. I don’t want to talk to him for a while. I know he didn’t mean to hurt my feelings, but damn one of my worst fears came true.

I’m supposed to be starting my period soon, so, could that be it? My diet probably has something to do with it too. Oh and I don’t put soap in my vagina, but I do wash it with water. Agh, this is so fucking embarrassing I don’t think I could talk to him or see him for a while.

No. 130820

1st things 1st, are you sure he wasn't memeing with you? being fake serious etc and you're just being insecure?
if you don't have any itching, discoloration of discharge etc, it is probably not bv and thus it's on your diet. if you wear undies from synthetics consider switching to cotton, also helps w less crotch sweat. don't put soap in your fanny unless you want thrush.

No. 130822

He was being serious, I think. Now that you mention it, there was a little discharge last night but I didn’t think nothing of it.

No. 130823

having discharge is normal, if it is a weird colour or texture then go to your gp/gyno but if it's your normal discharge then everything's fine. I haven't had bv so I cannot speak about that but thrush discharge looks fucked yet behaves the same so even if you had thrush it wouldn't stink. have a feeling if you had bv you'd know by now as it's quite uncomfortable. so back to your diet, anon. do you smoke/drink coffee/generally drink fuckall throughout the day?

No. 130825

I don’t smoke or drink, but I have been eating a lot of hot Cheetos lately. I was drinking water daily as well, but then took a sip of root beer for the first time in a while and got hooked again.

No. 130826

yeah, am leaning to think he was just joking. and or doesn't know what vaginas smell like. like your nutrition sounds normal, it's not like you're eating landfill and guzzling it down with bong juice. I mean can you perceive any sort of weird smell yourself?

No. 130827

Errm no, not really, but what if I’m just used to it? Usually my mom would flat out tell me if I smelled bad so I’m thankful it isn’t anything serious as BV. Maybe I should talk to him again. I really appreciate your help, Anon.

No. 130830

no problem, hope this has been even a bit useful kek. it is true we get used to our own smells etc but like surely not to THAT extent, you can still smell your own farts like. do ask your gp/gyno if in doubt tho! and def do talk to him, completely ghosting over something like this is bit silly, if you do have some sort of abnormality then yay, can fix that, if everything is ok and it is el grande miscommunication then yay, can also fix that.

No. 130851

In my country you don't even randomly go to a doctor or gyno when you don't feel sick, those regular checkups women talk about here are something we don't have.

No. 130868

Not sure if this belongs here or i shoul've asked in the skincare thread, but i think i have an ingrown hair (never had it before), and while the most common advice is just take it out with a needle lol, i can't do this cause i can't even see it, only a reddish swelling in an uncomfortable place so if i try cutting, i won't even see what i'm doing. it doesn't hurt but it doesn't seem to go away either, what the hell am i supposed to do

No. 130880

Get a mirror and put it between your legs.

No. 130887

Are you sure it's a hair? Could be a bartholin's cyst?

No. 130916

Hi, so my discharge sometimes seems to be kind of green, but it's not an unusual amount I think and it's not super thick like glue or whatever, it looks like normal discharge but green? I'm hesitant to get it checked out because it doesn't look that odd besides being green and I don't have an itch or a fishy smell, I don't want to go through all that trouble if it's nothing.. The std place is pretty far away so it would take up half my day and I have to work too. I don't want to go to my doctor because it's not free if I get it checked out there and also she's a cunt who makes me uncomfortable

No. 130921

both of you, thank you so much!! i had my appointment today and it wasn't awkward at all! she only did an ultrasound scan to check whether everything was alright and said that i don't have to worry about coming in regularly unless i become sexually active/want birth control or have any sort of medical problem.

my doctor said something similar to that, too. she said young women really don't have to worry so much about going in regularly. when there is any sort of risk involved (like cancer history in the family), yes, but if everything is alright, nothing feels bad and your period is regular, you can chill and don't have to worry so much.

No. 131058

Can any of you tell me which wet wipes you use for down there?
After reading baby wipes should be okay I ordered some but they don't feel good, they dry out your skin and my labia got itchy afterwards.

No. 131063

File: 1579272307878.png (494.59 KB, 850x604, wipes.png)

At home, I use Amazon Essentials unscented wipes or Water Wipes. On the go I use Simply Summer's Eve, which does not have parabens. Another option if you find those all bother you is paper towels, specifically that thick, nonwoven type (like Viva) with some fresh water.

No. 131064

I used super sensitive baby wipes recently and got a bad yeast infection. I asked my doc about it cos I'm not prone to yeast infections and these wipes were so mild and fragrance free etc, She said not to use wet wipes full stop

I'm a lil pissed at myself for putting myself through a yeast infection when my hygiene is just fine without introducing wet wipes

No. 131065

Did you buy scented wipes? I'm sensitive to fragrance in a lot of products and it makes me itchy. Sometimes baby wipes will leave fibers too which can cause itching. If you think the scent is the problem try Honest unscented wipes, I always carry a pack when I travel cause I get UTIs super easily. If you don't think it's the scent maybe look into a bidet? You can get really simple cheap ones on Amazon that are easy to install and there are also travel ones that are sort of like a douche. Since it's just water you shouldn't have any issues.

No. 131069

Nta but I've been told moist wipes are bad for those who are prone to UTIs. That the mild ones just add moisture to the area and that is thought to do more to promote infection than prevent it. I looked into it after seeing my gyno and found articles saying the same, that they are more likely to exacerbate issues

No. 131099

I don't understand what you need the wipes for in the first place? It's known fact they they're bad for your vagina and bad for the environment, the only thing wet wipes should be used for is when your body or asshole stinks but you're away from home with no access to a shower.

No. 131169

Anyone have tips on switching from applicator tampons to non-applicator? I hate the extra waste of applicator tampons and alot of the time I find the applicator seems more painful than insertion would be without one

How do you know when to stop pushing without an applicator though?

No. 131178

File: 1579455479703.jpg (40.58 KB, 500x403, 51f9UECBfrL.jpg)

OB Pro Comfort are smaller in diameter and have a smoother exterior than regular OB tampons. As for positioning, make sure you've pulled the retrieval string in various directions to widen the base before insertion so that you have something to push on.

No. 131186

I stop pushing when i feel the tip of my finger inside.

No. 131195

as soon as you stop feeling it inside you. we're all built differently, so while >>131186 stops as soon as the tip of her finger is inside, i have to put in my finger all the way to the knuckle, otherwise it'll feel very uncomfortable and very obviously like there's something inside me. you'll probably have to fiddle around a little, but don't worry, you'll get the hang of it at your own pace.

No. 131259

Seconding this.
I‘m not too sensitive with it hitting my cervix so I usually push until I feel resistance. I just can tell when it sits right and I won’t feel it. Sometimes (but very rarely) I’ll still feel it when I stand up or sit down but then I’ll just re-adjust it a few inches, no big deal.

I usually find that it’s way more difficult when I’m nervous about it hurting (like when I have really bad cramps).

No. 131347

Can someone recommend some (black) wide panty liners? I need to wear them every day due to frequent discharge but all the ones I tried are too narrow and the discharge keeps getting in my underwear on the sides and it feels so cold and wet and is hard to clean I hate it
Yes you shouldn't wear them every day but if I don't I need to change my panties over 10 times and I'm not rich enough to buy that many underwear nor do I want to walk around in public with a bunch of smelly panties in my handbag.

No. 131355

you should get reusable cloth ones. if you're not getting blood on them you can just wash them the same way you'd wash your underwear.

No. 131358

I cleaned my labes and now I smell very nice.

No. 131684

File: 1580440637981.jpg (14.52 KB, 326x326, meme cat.jpg)

I had a period on the 7th and I'm having another one now this isn't fair.
I did eat an entire chocolate cake two days ago which I think triggered it. So don't eat an entire chocolate cake if you don't want that. I guess. I mean, I don't even like chocolate. Or cake. It was like eating a brick, the icing was so hard.

No. 131794

File: 1580582204663.gif (1.68 MB, 332x332, 1532249613373.gif)

I'm a virgin, I masturbate, but my hymen was never one to "pop". I think it's the kind that is open and just stretches.
Maybe this belongs more to the Masturbation thread, but let's say I could have some sex soon perhaps maybe, and I don't want it to be too awkward.

So I can put two fingers in just fine, immediately when aroused. But with 3 fingers it gets weird. I feel like my vag opening is like a tight thick rubber-band around my fingers, and when I push the fingers in more, the band goes in too. This is weird and uncomfortable. Like, the skin gets pushed in. It kinda follows my fingers, it's painful. Doesn't happen with just 2 fingers though, but I wanted to stretch a bit to avoid penis-caused pain. It's not like I'm not wet/aroused enough. So, is this normal? I mean, I know it is. But I don't know, is it going to be like this always? Is my vagina build like this, is it hymen after all, or will I stretch? IF the opening stretches, then does it get so uncomfortably tight again after not having regular sex? Or does it stay stretched?
Sorry if those questions sound retarded. I'm an anxious person and I like to be prepared and know the situation the best I can beforehand, so I don't get sabotaged by fear

No. 131795

There is a lot of info about the hymen ITT. Lmao why do you think it pops? It's a bunch of leftover skin folds from when you were a baby, nothing else.

No. 131796

that's why I used quotation marks? Sometimes it does tear/bleed from stretching, that would be the stereotypical "popping". I know it's not some magical thick membrane covering the opening, thanks

No. 131799

I don't think there is anything abnormal judging by your post. Try using a smaller dildo first if you're nervous about intercourse.

No. 131804

I thought that I had 'broken' my hymen with a thin hairbrush handle (classy I know) but for the first couple months of internal play I would still bleed and hurt a little. It only stopped after I bought myself a full sized dildo and braved it. Not gonna lie, that was pretty painful too but after that first session I was fine

No. 131808

Hymens don't really "pop" they stretch and tear. You've likely already done this if you use tampons or a cup. I do use a cup and there was still a small amount of blood the first time I had sex. It wasn't painful though. If you're nervous get a anatomically correct dildo that matches the average dick size where you live and try it out. If I could go back in time and do things differently, this is what I would I have done.

No. 131809

thanks! I've been thinking about buying a dildo, so with your encouragement I'll just do it

No. 131840

Just kinda sounds like vaginismus to me. I used to be totally fine with fingering and medium sized dildos but the first time I had actual piv sex it was unberable and my vag felt way too tight the whole time. It continued for a while but eventually I was able to relax and now I don't have that problem. My problem was just anxiety and it sounds like that might be your issue too.

No. 131961

File: 1580798585583.png (312.67 KB, 600x338, tumblr_mv1ey4FnVO1senseuo1_128…)

Has anyone else suffered from intense cramping after masturbation?
It's recently happened to me and I figured it was because I was suffering period symptoms (sore breasts/exhaustion/ect) but mine are very irregular and haven't had one in a while and I'm wondering if I should be concerned.

No. 131963

Same. It's the only reason I don't masturbate because those crampings aren't worth it.
I don't have any advice about it though.

No. 131977

It's God looking down on your sinful habits

No. 131979

No. 132004

File: 1580858448747.jpg (15.67 KB, 279x278, 1573053869047.jpg)

Has any anon here had ovarian cysts? What were your experiences with them?

No. 132006

Yes, I had multiple cysts on my left ovary. Did a few check-ups every year to keep an eye on kt. One got quite big (about 7cm) so I got it surgically removed since they feared my ovary would twist eventually.
I didn't have too many symptoms from it. Some cramping randomly outside my period sometimes.

No. 132415

>>132006 Sorry to hear that, anon. I have one rn in my left ovary as well, about 5cm (diameter?? i have no idea, i was kinda too overwhelmed to retain the info my gyno told me) and i got bc to control it. I am just very scared and have mild cramping, had bleeding before too. It's too much work to be a woman.

No. 132546

similar here, although my period used to be really fucking irregular since mid puberty, started to finally get regular (every two months) in my mid twenties… let me tell you this from my own experience (I bothered doctors a lot about this):
different doctors will propably tell you the same if you don’t have any other issues.
if they do come every two months in a rythm it’s not really irregular. some women react more sensitive to stress, nutrition, hormone changes through aging and whatnot, and having a slower period rythm is not that uncommon or neccessarily bad so just do your checkups and try not to worry too much about it, it will only raise your stress levels which can lead to futher irritation and delay in sensitive bodies.
If you are worried about your fertility you can test it. but really, don’t panic.
I understand that you’re sacred since it is a recent change, but having the period only every 2 months has it’s benefits and it’s totally possible for it to change again.

No. 133317

File: 1582571676200.jpg (73.74 KB, 353x400, styling.jpg)

How do you guys style your pubes? I always went for completely shaved but now I'm thinking of changing things up a bit

No. 133319

Bottom right, but trimmed. Who styles their pubes, get a fucking hobby lmao.

No. 133320

I used to feel pressure to shave but I just trim now, very low maintenance

No. 133340

Some people like wearing swimsuits without their pubes showing on the sides

No. 133342

70s bush but shaved around the sides depending on my outfit

No. 133350

What the hell are you wearing that your pubes stick out like that?

No. 133362

I think it's fairly common to havr some pubes in the groin area. Hence even if you just trim usually it's best to shave the bikini line for swimwear. Doesn't mean that you're wearing anything weird surely.

No. 133370

Anyone have tips for shaving your labia and butthole properly because I can't seem to get my razor in the right places especially the butthole, the area seems too narrow to get a whole razor in there. And no I can't really use a mirror, I don't have a bath and my eyesight is absolutely horrible and in the shower I can't see anything

No. 133371

I waxed myself (too socially retarded to let someone else do it) and it was surprisingly easy with the right preparation. Having a was warmer >>>> wax strips

No. 133372

I use the Noxzema Bikini razors. You can find them at Target or any drugstore, basically. They're a three pack of colorful small razors.

still takes awhile, but they're much narrower so they fit better.

No. 133400

Can you squat and shave? That's what helps me do my butthole best tbh
That or have my boyfriend shave me lmfao

No. 133580

Anyone here ever dealt with green discharge but no other symptoms? I went to an std clinic but they weren't really concerned at all, they just gave me a test to do on my own and I think it's only getting tested for chlamydia. If it comes back negative I don't know what to do, should I just assume it's bv or a yeast infection? I read that they don't do any harm besides being uncomfortable

No. 133622

when I shave I like to keep a full bush on the top (mons pubis) and then shave everywhere else, like the labia majora and around my a-hole since I'm pretty hairy. I don't bother shaving these days since no bf but I trim

No. 133640

I have a UTI (I think) but no real pain, even when I'm peeing (kinda feels a bit of pressure but not burn/sting/et cet)…only way I know that's what it is is because there was blood in my urine last night and today it really smells awful (like beyond dehydrated pee stink)…basically I don't want to go to the doctor if this will just clear up on it's own. What do you think anons? No blood today, just stank.

And yes I wipe front to back and wear mostly cotton underpants, think I've got my nasty BF to thank for this.

No. 133664

Please go to the doctor anon. If you have a UTI it might just go away but the risk of it moving up to your kidneys isn't worth it. Blood in the urine could potentially be something worse than a UTI too, not to freak you out. Please get it checked out. I'm hoping it's just a simple UTI and the doctor sends you on your way with antibiotics. And make your boyfriend wash his hands before he touches you.

No. 133711

Kind of weird, but could it be a really high dose of b-12?

No. 133717

Uhm I don't exactly keep track of that stuff but I doubt it.. I don't eat a lot of anything, I think my diet is pretty balanced

No. 133743

> smells awful (like beyond dehydrated pee stink)…basically I don't want to go to the doctor if this will just clear up on it's own

I had this with no other symptoms, no pain, just a slightly overactive bladder and the smell issue. Put off going to the doctor for weeks and drank lots of water, tried home remedies. It never went to my kidneys but the smell got stupidly bad like stale urine. Antibiotics are needed anon. Looking back I haven't got a single UTI since leaving my last relationship and I think my exes hygeine played a large role in it.

No. 133762

Thanks guys. Appointment scheduled for Thursday. No more blood and it doesn't smell, but its still cloudy and now I'm itchy + cramping. Trying not to overthink it and I'm going to let the doctor be the one who solves this. Thank you for encouraging me to go see a DR, I'd usually let something like this go but blood in my urine got me freaked out.

No. 133765

That much b-12 generally only comes from supplements. It can be in vitamins and also in energy drinks.

No. 133772

more birth control related but still. i recently swapped bc and my dr had me stay off of my old one for 2 weeks to fix my hormone levels. now i'm on it again, but i got a yeast infection randomly and my breasts are a bit sensitive. i had sex twice (both with condoms) but condoms irritate me a bit i've gotten a yeast infection in the past from it. but i also know yeast infections can be a sign of pregnancy. should i check to see if i'm pregnant?

No. 133805

Yeah can't be it. I got my results back and they were negative. Don't know what to do now.

No. 133883

Does anyone else touch themselves only through their underwear? Masturbating with directly my hands feels…weird? Idk. There's not enough friction, I guess

No. 133919

I’m the same way anon, I basically only get off through rubbing my clit through my underwear, unless I’m in the bathtub.

No. 134064

Idk if this is the right place. Anyone successfully lightened/completely stopped their heavy & painful periods?

Mine are a fucking nightmare. Dr has just put me on the mini pill but last time round it made them worse for a few months before helping. Just wondered if anyone has experience/advice as idek if the pill will work

No. 134069

I pretty much completely stopped my heavy painful periods by taking LoLoestrin. It also helped with my migraines as well if you get them, just mention it to your doctor if you have migraines with aura because it can increase your risk for a stroke. If the pill is the route you want to go down, it's worth trying different ones. The Depo shot might help too but I had a lot of negative side effects from it so I can't personally recommend it. Apparently fennel seeds can be helpful, so maybe there are some natural remedies worth exploring. I hope you find something that works for you, anon.

No. 134095

Can birth control help with PMS mood swings? I've heard that they can cause them, but could it work the other way too?

I'm not on the pill, and I turn insane a week or so before my period. I suddenly start having these violent fantasies like wanting to jump off bridges, or slitting my wrists or wanting to push people in front of the train. Sometimes they seem so real they scare me. There's also this general feeling of hopelessness and of course the obligatory bursting into tears for no reason. Does anyone have experience with this?

No. 134104

> wanting to push people in front of the train

I've had all sorts of depression and pms from hell mixed with that depression but.. that line right there. You need to tell a psych, it's way too serious of an issue to just treat with the pill. Intrusive thoughts like that require actual psych meds and psychiatric appointments.

No. 134108

My period lightened up after I got the implanon, though it took a couple of months to stabilize. I would bleed like a running tap for 6 days of a 10 day period and it was a painful nightmare. A friend of mine who got one first experienced light spotting for a few weeks before that calmed down for her though it wasn't painful.
Good luck with your shit sis, long and painful periods are a curse

No. 134110

Piggybacking off this - I have the Implanon implant, I'm on my 3rd one. The first 2 were a dream, I had zero periods in all that time. The 3rd? Absolute nightmare. I will bleed for weeks on end, then it will stop, give me a couple of weeks to breathe and start up again. I can't take the pill or anything to counter it (hormone issues), so it sucks but I am stuck with it until I can afford sterilisation. Your mileage may vary though anon.

No. 134130

I'm a virgin and I use pads for my periods. I wanted to switch to menstrual cups for years (therefore I've done my homework and I know all I need to know regarding them) but put it on hold because I was a virgin, finally came to the conclusion that I'm not losing my virginity any time soon plus pads have been giving me all types of irritations and skin rashes so I bit the bullet and bought a menstrual cup, I did a test run the first time I put it in it was relatively easy but when I took it out after about an hour I started bleeding, alright guess my vaginal opening is stretched now so I tried again the next day, it's harder I couldn't even insert the whole thing so I took it out after successfully inserting it half way after many errors, the cup and my fingers were covered in blood, I bled again, fair enough it is still healing so I waited a few minutes then tried again… I spent a little over an hour failing to insert it fully, it either unfolds half way and doesn't get it from the start and each time I try it gets progressively more painful and the bleeding never stopped so I gave it a break, this was last night and today I woke up feeling slight pain in my vagina and I'm so devastated, I want to switch to cups, and my vagina is in fact getting a little stretchier every time (I can insert my finger without spending a whole minute now) but I also started feeling shame because of all the things we hear about losing the hymn even though I know that they're incorrect and hymns are elastic but having your toilet water red and washing blood off your cup, fingers, and panties for an hour makes you wonder if you're doing the right thing.
also, am I doing anything wrong? like I said I've done my research and from my point of view I have less elastic vaginal muscles that need to be trained but the blood makes me worry.
PS: I'm a shorter girl, 5ft/1.52m.

No. 134132

samefag I mentioned that I'm on the shorter side because shorter people have smaller bodies and shorter girls have smaller vaginas. sorry if it seemed relevant.

another thing is I don't have issues with my periods other than the painful cramps so I don't think there is a problem with my vaginal opening other than being too small.

No. 134149

>shorter girls have smaller vaginas.

how to spot a larper

No. 134152

I already explained that a woman with small body will have small body meaning a smaller vagina, it's not rocket science, sure not ALL short women have smaller ones and not all tall women have a bigger one. please think for once, I've been waiting for other girl's input on it for help and you're not being useful…if you don't have nothing useful to say please don't accuse me of thing I'm not, thanks you.

No. 134154

that's not how it works and there is literally no science to back it up.

No. 134155

The vagina is not smaller in shorter women, anon. And even if that was the case, why would you assume cups are made for tall women? If you're not a male, you have some other issue like vaginismus. Did you read anything anywhere about using the cup? I'd suggest doing that instead of asking us here because most of your questions can be easily answered by googling. You also shouldn't be shoving anything into your dry vagina…

No. 134156

Does anyone have the link to that site with a questionnaire that helps with choosing the right menstrual cup?

No. 134162

This is retarded, but has anyone ever scraped or poked the inside of their vagina? I think that's what happened to me, I'm dumb and didn't use enough lube. How long does that take to heal?

No. 134166

I've had a guy hurt me with his fingernails once, idk if cuts happen in there like normal, but it will heal itself hopefully with no issues just take it easy lol

No. 134167

Okay, despite the "short girls have smaller vaginas" that sounds sus af, I'm going to answer genuinely because I've been a tool about vaginas too.
I'm a virgin and my road to being comfortable with cup was: using tampons, masturbating with one finger, two fingers, using the cup. And still the few first insertions were not easy, just to be clear. It needed some practice.
So my advice would be prepare yourself, stretch. Don't insert the cup by force, that's why you get friction and blood. If you can't fit it in, you need to be more stretched and relaxed. Try masturbating vaginally. If that's not your thing, just use your fingers to stretch, but be gentle.

No. 134172

I literally just did something similar a couple weeks ago. I cut myself around the vaginal opening in the shower with a sharp fingernail while I was cleaning myself while on the last day of my period and making sure I had no leftover blood there. It was a bitch to heal and it hurt to walk but I think the outer vagina is more difficult to heal than inside. I couldn't wear underwear or use toilet paper for a week or else I would irritate it more because of the friction.

No. 134181

No. 134182

It heals pretty quickly. Avoid tampons and menstrual cups for a week if at all possible and you'll be fine.

No. 134193

Thank you

No. 134194

I’m sure this has been asked before so I apologize for not going back and looking, but can any anons give me some advice on having real orgasms instead of tension ones? I always thought that I could only get there if I hold my breath and tighten my muscles but I just learned that it’s not as long lasting/ good as a relaxed orgasm?

No. 134196

The first time I masturbated and had an orgasm I wasn't planning on having an orgasm. I was never into masturbating and only orgasmed with a partner.
I was having phone sex with my boyfriend and was rubbing myself. I had no expectation of an orgasm, just rubbing myself because I guess it was more fun than laying there. Wasn't even focusing too much on the rubbing. Then, out of nowhere, boom, I came.
If I were you, I'd read something erotic or watch a steamy scene from a movie and just lay back, rub and enjoy. Don't think about getting yourself to orgasm. Be in the moment and enjoy what you're watching/reading.

No. 134204

Don't hold your breath, just use slow deep breaths and relax into whatever you're doing.

No. 134210

I usually have to ease into it via tension, but once it starts to feel good or like I might orgasm soon, I relax my muscles and just try to enjoy the feeling.

No. 134219

are vaginal (non-clitoral) orgasms real?

No. 134226

I was bored the other day and had a long session to myself, after I had worn my clit out I was getting orgasms lower down. They're definitely easier once you've already had a few idk

No. 134230

File: 1584154795575.jpg (59.27 KB, 640x637, 38661754_2123384277734983_3376…)

For the past couple of years I've been dealing with vaginal and vulvar dryness. It seems to get bad 2 weeks before my period, where I feel like I develop small tears on my vulva, mostly around my inner labia. I don't see anything really except some redness, but it hurts to wash myself in the shower. I don't even think about masturbating around this time.

I've been tested for everything, am not having sex right now, shower every day using just water, use sensitive laundry detergent, and wear cotton underwear so I don't know what it would be. My doctor wanted to give me estrogen cream but I was wondering if there was anything a little milder that could help. I've heard both good and bad things about Vitamin E, coconut oil, and OTC dryness creams. Anyone have any suggestions?

No. 134241

There are different types of orgasms?
I thought that it was just Freudian bullshit (man have one; and women and receptive gay men have another).

No. 134246


I've got one super long inner labia, but it has next to no sensation. Like, I can feel it when it rubs up against underwear or something, but the only sensation I feel is discomfort (from friction, mostly). Same with during masturbation, I feel like it limits arousal because it just gets so sore after a while if it's touched too much. Sore and it dries out.

Is this abnormal? Anyone else experience this, and what should I do about it??

No. 134258

Are you on birth control? I get this sometimes on the implant. Had a nurse accuse me of having herpes but my tests all came back clear and eventually a doc told me it could be hormone related because of the implant. He prescribed me daktakort which is a hydrocortisone cream. It helped a lot. Not saying you need this, but it could be the same problem I had. I would get paper cut-like tears around my vulva and on my perineum, sometimes it got so bad I would get a sting when I sat or moved in a way that caused a tear. I hope this helped a bit, and you are not alone.

No. 134259

what kind of vulva are you anons? i have visible inner lips, they’re also a bit asymmetrical

No. 134260

why are some of those a penis lmfao

No. 134261

those illustrations are fucking horrible, but i guess i have the first one, it just doesn't stick out into oblivion.

No. 134264

it's getting less sensitive because it's not supposed to be rubbing against fabric. i just tuck mine up and it works fine.

No. 134268

5 tbh. idk about the tone of the description. is that really true that it's sooo uncommon?

No. 134274

No. 134275

also, agreeing these are bad illustrations. i hate shit like this anyway. there aren't like a set number of "types" of vulva/labia.

No. 134276

#4. It's like a sandwich.

Seeing these pics reminded me of a porn movie I've seen recently where the guy, who was probably used to seeing labia-less porn vaginas, had to get it on with a girl who had prominent lips. When her panty came off, he stared at her junk in surprise and went 'WHAT ARE THOSE???. I felt sorry for the poor girl.
Tl;dr: Men are trash

No. 134278

I'm a mix I guess. My inner labia isn't super visible and it's asymmetrical. My outer lips are kind of puffy but you can see a bit of inner lips peaking out. If I were to spread my legs you could see I have inner lips and they're not nonexistent. My clit is invisible though and totally hidden I don't like it tbh

No. 134280

Starting to wonder if I'm in early peri-menopause. Since hitting 30 my periods have become very light and the space between periods is so long that my period tracking app is of no use to me at this point, the only way I know my period is coming now is that I experience vaginal dryness in the days beforehand…

Have any other 30-somethings here noticed significant changes in their cycle around this age? I brought it up with a friend but she heard 'two day long light period' and laughed it off as me being lucky.

No. 134281

It is. Most women have clearly visible "lips", innies are rare

No. 134290

5 but I had no idea that was considered unusual. I know it is an unhealthy mindset but I'm glad my outer hides my inner though because my inner labia are very misshapen and I don't like oral because of that.

No. 134291

I'm a 5
> This is the least common type of vulva, yet the most typically 'desired' one thanks to the fact it's the shape that's most frequently seen in porn

I grew up thinking everyone was a 5 and tbh I still didn't realise it's the least common

No. 134292

uh i guess 5 but like, my inner lips don't show. I don't find 5 is that rare though?

No. 134294

Glad that I'm not sexually active lately. My period is seven days late and I swear that I felt that familiar lower back pain a week ago..only for it to then go away. Does anyone else get this?

No. 134295

same tbh, i have a 5 too.

No. 134297

i'm surprised it's considered that rare, i have 5 too, though i'm not sure how flat they mean by the description.

No. 134300

Thanks for sharing, anon. I've never been on BC though, and all of my hormone tests always come back to normal. I keep trying to do my own research but it's all stuff for post-menopausal women so I don't know.

No. 134306

Never seen a 5 before. I'm a 7.

No. 134308

What if they're very prominent and very wrinkly and grey/black especially on Caucasian women..?

No. 134311

am caucasian, also have weird grey lips lol. it's always bothered me bc it looks like death but i'm p sure it's normal. i've never googled it tho.

No. 134313

not sure about grey, but discoloration in that area is extremely common. most women i've seen have brown discoloration.

No. 134329

it's only normal, skin there should have discolouration in both genders because sex horomoes makes your gentials go draker. you've got nothing to worry about.

No. 134336

Hi I recently got tested for stds because I'm dealing with green discharge and the results for what they tested for came back negative and they told me they think it's bv. I'm trying to treat it myself because my doctor makes me uncomfortable, I ordered 100% cotton panty liners because they're supposed to be better than other panty liners or even pads. Problem is they're really too small for me, I still get discharge in my underwear on the sides. I want to go back to wearing normal pads with wings but I know that increases the risk of infections but I don't want to get discharge in my underwear every day..

No. 134337

I'm the same. All the women in my family that I've seen naked, so my mother and my sister are also 5. I always assumed it was the default.

No. 134340

> I'm trying to treat it myself because my doctor makes me uncomfortable

In what way? Is switching doc an option?

No. 134353

but there isn't much to the treatment other than unguents and pills…

No. 134356

She has insulted me and I already have mental disorders and struggle with things like this so someone being so mean to me is not helpful I don't know any other doctors and already switched recently because my last one sucked too.
I don't understand what you're trying to say. I am using something designed for infections already.

No. 134362

What the fuck? Did they spread themselves in front of you or something? It's not something you can tell unless you're up close…

No. 134363

Not that anon but I've seen a lot of women's vaginas in changing rooms etc and you can tell what their lips look like from a. distance.

This makes me sound creepy as fuck but I swear people don't care in my country and just go around naked without shame

No. 134364

not that anon but in my country it is common to go to sauna naked and such. maybe it is similar to that anon too. also another 5 chiming in. not that I have seen that many women naked but most have been either a 5 or 6. i think longer labia are very cute/sensual looking so i don't rly get the roastie meme.

No. 134368

I'm saying this because I have very visible roastie flaps, but my pubic hair covers it up mostly unless I spread my legs wide, then they are visible from further away
That's why it's fucking weird to me that you're able to tell if you're not right up in their genital area

No. 134370

either you have really long pubic hair or not that long beef curtains. but i gotta agree with the anons, you can generally tell a women's vulva's shape from farther away too, and i also wasn't particularly starring at random women.

No. 134375

just chiming in to let everyone know that most of us can tuck in our labia.

No. 134376

I looked up what an 'innie' looks like and im horrified, how do people expect a grown woman to have that sort of vagina naturally? it doesn't look natural at all. I have a 5 according to that Cosmopolitan article >>134259 but when I spread my legs there is labia and vulva and all of the normal vagina parts and not just skin and a hole, that's crazy.

No. 134377

>Tfw S+ and night time pad combo only last 1 hour a day for the first 4 days of period.
Holy shit, it's so annoying. Changing my tampons and pads every fucking hour is hellish, and I thought it was normal at first, but apparently it isn't.

No. 134378

you must have looked up some weird photoshopped picture then cus an "innie" only entails that a women has their labia minora covered by their labia majora.

No. 134380

All the roasties can't :(

No. 134382

File: 1584396942730.png (125.29 KB, 232x233, EE79EF79-E1BA-4184-9791-E0E9D8…)

Weighing in on the innie conversation:
It seems there are several types.

No. 134383

are these plaster molds or what's going on with them?

No. 134384

You were probably looking at a pic of a woman who had labiaplasty

No. 134386

>when I spread my legs there is labia and vulva and all of the normal vagina parts and not just skin and a hole

i think that's what most of us 5's are talking about too, it's still considered an innie. i have inner labia, they're just very short. hence it's an innie. looking up a term for a vagina is probably like looking up a disease, you're only going to see extreme cases of it, not the average.

anyway, i know it's not a conclusive pool of people or anything, but i feel like cosmo may have exaggerated just how rare it is as a kind of virtue signal. i wonder if there's been any actual statistical studies lol

No. 134387

saying how women look is misrepresented in porn is nothing new, but yea i'm wondering this too cus it's pretty natural for the labia literally named "minora" to be covered by the bigger one. doesn't mean women with their labia hanging out are weird of course, both are natural.

though i'm wondering if they mean a really specific shape and we are getting the wrong idea from their ridiculously bad illustrations.

No. 134388

guys it's cosmo are we 12? cosmo is like the worst magazine ever.

No. 134390

>though i'm wondering if they mean a really specific shape and we are getting the wrong idea from their ridiculously bad illustrations.

i thought that too at first but i don't think so. i went back and read all the descriptions again and none of the other ones describe any kind of innie. they're literally saying just the outer lips covering the inner lips is muh unrealistic expectation. i know women with long labia get needlessly hated on but acting like innies are basically just a porn thing doesn't help anyone.

No. 134396

Most of these could be the same vagina but with the girl sitting in a slightly different position or being more/less dry or swollen depending on arousal etc. Not much point splitting hairs about innie types…

No. 134406

Only thing I've noticed (im also in my thirties) is that during my last period I had night sweats (only once) and during the period before the last one I had those in two nights. I thought it was a normal thing (hormones change during your life etc etc ) but then my friend told me maybe it was a sign of perimenopause and I started freaking out. Thanks bitch. Anyways I went to my gyno and told her about the night sweats and she told me not to worry about it unless they start becoming more regular.
Anyways you shouldnt be starting perimenopause that early ( i read you could get arthritis, among other bad things), so perhaps you should go to the gyno so they can test your blood and see your level of hormones.

No. 134408

Forgot to say my mom went through the menopause in her thirties and they could never tell her why. She's passed away since so I can't ask her what the first symptoms were or whether it's likely to pass down in the family.

I've probably had 7 periods in the last year instead of 12 so I was about to book a doc appt and then the corona panic hit my area.

No. 134412

This article sucks and the illustrations are shamefully awful. This kind of bull makes women categorise themselves and fret over it, can you imagine trying to get guys to worry and nitpick their dick shape out in a catalogue? 2 is so bad I can't tell what it's supposed to be, it just looks like a dick. 4 looks like it was drawn by the kind of lousy hentai artist who makes 'puffy lips' all look like ballsacks.

And lol, 7 'types' of breasts. Just look on 007b to see how much they can vary and know they're all healthy, functioning and shouldn't have to go under a knife just to look better.

No. 134501

I ordered suppositories and now I realize they will come without applicators. Do you think I can use a tampon to get the capsules in? I can't use my finger because it feels absolutely horrible, worst feeling I've ever had so far.

No. 134645

Not sure if i got an UTI or a BV..

I just had sex for the first time (a condom was used, but I am sure he got bacteria inside) last month and after that I had this green-ish shade always appear on my pantyliner. I went to planed parenthood and they said it was a BV and I got treatment for it. It appeared to go away, and I made sure to follow the instruction they gave me. Then, I meet up with him after it had gone away and we did not have sex, but he did try to finger me and although my pantyliner isn't as green as before with the BV it's slightly similar. I don't feel any burning or itching, or anything , but it just feels uncomfortable. A bit irritated, maybe? Then I saw one of the "DumbBitch" memes pics and remembered that his nails looked kind of gross, so maybe it's an UTI?? I don't have insurance and can't afford to pay for a doctor consultation right now… What should I do?

No. 134654


It could be BV, but you need to get tested to be sure. If it is bv you need antibiotic. If it is an STD (like trich for example) you need to get proper treatment.

Don't have sex. Don't put soap in there. Don't douch. Change your underwear constantly.

A uti would give you problems when you pee. Sometimes it can feel like you still need to pee even though you are done.

No. 134655


Also, you can try planned parenthood if possible. Make your appointment asap. If you can't, just show up very early as a walk-in (ie. As soon as the open be there).

No. 134670

A uti would give you symptoms in your bladder or symptoms when emptying it, any hint of green discharge is usually BV

Please don't let this guy near you again! It's not worth getting recurrent infections and once infections become recurrent like that it can be hell trying to get back to a normal balance down there

No. 134672

BV also smells nasty . So >>134645 , does your discharge smells bad?

No. 134704

If he touched his dick in between touching you it could still be an std, trich can cause green discharge.

No. 134707

if it was BV before it probably is again. your ph level is probably off if you're this sensitive.

No. 134714

I don't have medical insurance though. Last time I went to PlanedParenthood (which is an hour drive from where I live, btw) they charged me almost $200 to tell me I had a BV and she only prescribed me with one pill to take for two days… I am definitely not having sex, trying to avoid soap or anything scented, and I don't change underwear constantly but I do change the pantyliner a lot.

And the thing about the UTI is that I have always been a person that just pees too often and a lot… so I don't know if I am having anything extra.

I read the symptoms online and they just sound so similar that I don't even know anymore. For sure I am not letting that jerk near me though.
I personally don't smell anything out of the ordinary. There is a smell, but it's not "horridly gross that there is definitely something wrong here" kind of smell. Then the other thing is, I don't always have a working sense of smell for some reason, so I am afraid that I am maybe missing something.

I am trying to remember, and I do think he touched his dick before me.. But the discharge I have now is less "green" than the one from last time though. I went to Planned Parenthood with the intention to test for the trich the first time actually because my pantyliner was very green at first. When I got there, since I don't have insurance, they said I should be examined instead before testing since it could end up costing more. The gyno examined me and said there was no sign of green discharge (even though my liner was still slightly yellow/green by then).

Okay this is what I am also thinking. Can I go and buy some over the counter BV medicine for it? Who do I have to go to to see why my ph is off? Yes, I am sensitive and it sucks so much.

Thank you all for giving me advice by the way! I don't have any girl friends I can talk to this about sadly.

No. 134723

you can get BV meds at pharmacy, i think you have to ask the pharmacist though. usually with PH you can just look stuff up online, like diet. usually yogurt helps a lot! i don't know i'd call the guy a jerk since BV is usually either because the guy is dirty or your vaginal ph is sensitive. it's not like a standard std where the guy is unsafe or something, it's more like a yeast infection.

No. 134726

The studies done with yogurt aren't really conclusive. The bacteria in Greek yogurt isn't really the same or the amount you need to help your vagina. There's probiotic pills specifically for women that can be helpful. Diet can help for sure too.

Tbh I'd rather pay for the good stuff and be hurting financially than not treating it properly and have it become a huge, and literally smelly, problem.

Furthermore, be assertive when you visit doctors, gynecologists, clinics, etc. Get what you need within your means.

And I know we don't tend to think ahead all the time and I hate to be that old prude, but think before you have sexual relations. If you can't afford to treat or take care of any type of accident, then be more cautious and picky.

No. 134732

File: 1584967058309.jpeg (7.18 KB, 258x195, downloadedfile.jpeg)

Anons who used to have vaginismus but don't have it anymore, how did you get over it?
Did you get physical therapy or just figured it own on your own?

Any tips or tricks?

No. 134738

I will ask at the pharmacy if I can get any today, and will look into the PH balanced diet.
Well he is kind of a jerk tbh, and I lost trust with him. I should won’t be near him.

I will see if there are any of those pills at the local store when I stop by the pharmacy, and look into the diet.
Well, the last time I went it didn’t even feel like I was getting “the good stuff” so it just felt like a complete waste of money. i don’t even know if they are even open, lots of places are closing near by. Then right now with the shortage of basic stuff and jobs are getting cut off, like mine it’s hard to spend that. I get your point about abstaining from it in the meantime though. My area isn’t really affected by the virus itself right now but everything is going on lockdown mode a lot faster than expected, so I am suddenly not able to take care of it.

No. 134817

again, i don't really get why you lost trust in him, unless i missed something. BV doesn't mean your boyfriend has a disease or is dirty or anything, and it doesn't mean he has bad bacteria on him either. i suggest you read below, because you seem to be confused about what BV is.


No. 134822

I developed it with my ex fiancé. I swear that due to his unemployment for 3 years and my constantly working to support us gave him ample time to work up a porn habit. His dick got curved from all the wanking. He was unattractive to me but I was in denial. He wanted me to go to a doctor, I wanted him to turn me on. I ended up dumping him and was scared that I was broken and couldn't have sex. First guyi hot serious with after that relationship turned me on and I had absolutely no issue taking his dick. Our first time having sex was mind blowing and since I had a very long dry spell I was very excited and into it.

Basically I think a lot of women are disgusted by their current partners. I never went to the doctor about it because I knew deep down I just hated my ex. I was still able to cum thru masturbation etc, I just tensed up when the ugly cunt would try and fuck me

No. 134824

can you stop downplaying actual physical conditions? your shit taste in men has nothing to do with anon possibly not even being able to insert a tampon.

No. 134826

She asked for stories, I shared mine. Sharing an experience doesn't negate people that actually suffer you faggot

No. 134828

anon, she asked for stories from people who had and recovered from the condition you clearly didn't have the condition.

No. 134829

Sorry my bad for actually engaging with her.

No. 134837

literally no point to you to engaging with her about that shit. you sound like SFboomer tard.

No. 134840

The first time I tried to have sex literally every single part of my body seized up, like my hands literally became claws and I couldn't even be fingered, and within seven months I was able to finally do penetration! In those 7 months I had 3 different partners so I think that had something to do with it, with every different guy I got a little bit further and felt more comfortable with myself.
A big thing for me was becoming more comfortable with sex, so I'd try to think about sex without having my legs immediately clamp together, I don't know if you have that "external" response like I did or not. Another thing that really helped me was gently masturbating with a warm, wet washcloth in the shower– by taking away any type of physical pain, I was able to relax my pelvic + uterine muscles a little bit more each time.I'd recommend trying to starfish more when you masturbate to try and just keep all your muscles relaxed, as well as being open with any partners cause the shame letting them down made my anxiety worse in my opinion. I really think one of the most important things is not being mad at yourself about it.
Good luck anon! I promise its something you should be able to get over yourself in time, but if it takes longer than a year or so I'd recommend seeing a professional or talking to your gyno about it! Also, do you have a history of sexual abuse? I didn't, but if you do, it might be helpful to work through that with a professional first, and the rest might follow. I know its so hard because it really is all in your head but you can do it!

No. 134844

oh it was for something else that i didn't write, i am sorry for making it seem like it was all because of that anon. Thanks for the link though!

No. 134882

I haven't gotten my period. It's been 32 days since the last period started and not one single drop of blood since then. It is impossible for me to be pregnant since the last time I had sex was 4 months ago. So what tf is wrong with my body? I should add, that I stopped taking hormonal birth control in January, but the cycles after that were all normal and very punctual…What is wrong with me? Am I pregnant with Jesus? Do I have a disease? Am I getting into menopause in my twenties? pls help

No. 134883

I recently had inspiration hit me and decided to grow my nails and care for them but now the problem that had arised is that it hurts to masturbate. I don't put anything in my vagina so that is okay but it hurts to rub my clit.
I don't have any sex toys since I live in a Islamic state and idk where to get them.
Is my only solution to cut my nails or to never flick my bean again?

No. 134890

I've started having a longer space between periods some months (am in my early 30s) Periods are often delayed by ten days or so and then my periods are pretty light when they do come.

Can't find any info on what causes the delay apart from vague stuff like stress. Another search result is always pcos but I'm in my thirties and wouldn't that cause problems earlier?

No. 134931

Probably just an unovulatary cycle, torally normal dont worry but if your scared take a pregnancy test

No. 134955

Since some others were talking about late periods
>last period was Feb 12th
>haven't had sex this month but have had some of bf's precum on/ slightly in my vagina
>period is now almost 2 weeks late
>stuck at home with my parents and can't easily get out and buy a pregnancy test
I know it's absolutely retarded to be worried about getting pregnant from so little but I'm scared anons

No. 134968

period is around 5 days late. feel as though I've been premenstrual forever now. I'm putting it down to stress

No. 134973

I've been having delayed periods for months and similarly my premenstrual symptoms actually show up on time and are dragged out for ages til my period comes

Obvs in my case I think there's a different cause but for the few anons here only having the issue this month it could be corona stress

No. 135098

Been treating an infection and now instead of green usually watery discharge I'm finding thicker light yellow discharge since a few days and I don't know if this is normal?

No. 135099

I'm more worried about you trying to have sex with 3 different people in 7 months
I hope you get tested for stds regularly

No. 135100

File: 1585357312428.jpeg (105.83 KB, 700x394, E9804D82-9E49-47EC-A7A4-C8AA58…)

No. 135109

File: 1585377135199.jpg (63.88 KB, 933x715, 1584021820237.jpg)

I've come to terms with the fact I'll probably seek labiaplasty at some point in my life. I have a really cute little clit so I feel like my vag would be so pretty if it wasn't for the brown tipped floppy outer labia that gets tangled up in each other and chafes in my underwear.

My bf doesn't mind and would probably be horrified but like I can't enjoy him going down on me or having his face anywhere near cause I don't want him to see it. It's just so bad for my self esteem and ability to feel sexy at all.

No. 135113

Spend the money on therapy not surgery

No. 135116

Nta but are you 'worried' or are you just here to judge them?

No. 135122

Don't bother, it's normal for men and women to be that loose nowadays.

No. 135131

I'm an oldfag now but looking back on when I was younger.. 3 people in the span of 7 months sounds tame as fuck.

No. 135173

Stds were and still are common and can be really dangerous, unless you're doing everything completely safe and both people don't even touch their private area before touching the other person at all I think it's a valid thing to worry about
Idk about other places but in my country you don't get pap smears or std tests for no special reason, you'd have to ask for it and it costs a lot, and I'm not sure many people actually get checked regularly and since you don't show symptoms most of the time until it's too late and there's damage done to your organs… It just seems very risky to be so loose unless you can afford to get std tests and treatment after every partner or avoid every type of contact without condoms which is harder than you might think

No. 135175

> It just seems very risky to be so loose

Anon why are you lecturing me on stds? I'm old and not sexually active.

No. 135177

I’m the anon you’re shaming and if you read my post, I didn’t even have penetrative sex with two of the guys I was with. Sorry you live somewhere where sexual health isn’t common but don’t project, I get an exam every year, I always use protection, etc. If you think someone having sex with 5 guys by the time they’re 20 is “loose”, that’s definitely a cultural difference. Would hate if you heard about how other people my age go about hookups, lmao

No. 135178

>you don't get pap smears or std tests for no special reason
Sucks for you but you're assuming this anon also lives in a shithole.

No. 135180

how damn presumptuous of you to assume anon isn't taking sensible precautions.

No. 135184

Just because you think being a loose easy chick is the cultural norm for you, doesn’t mean people can’t think you are gross.

No. 135188

t. the boomer anon

No. 135205

I was literally saying that I was talking about my own country and was giving an example, you need to learn to read.

No. 135207

Don't assume me worrying about the dangers has anything to do with culture, most people in my country sleep around a lot as well. You know, you can have your own mindset apart from whatever the most common mindset in your country is.

No. 135213

feel retarded for asking this, but is there any difference between having an actual penis inside you and a plastic one?

No. 135216

No. 135222

This. This was my point, stop shouting out basic std facts at anyone who mentions having multiple sexual partners at some point in their history. We don't how long ago that anon had those sexual partners or how careful she was. Point is she wasn't looking for advice but she got called 'loose' by these oh so concerned anons.

No. 135223

Anon you might want to keep your virgin eyes away from a thread that's about vaginas. You'll find that people on a thread like this want to talk about sex without being called loose and gross

No. 135224

A plastic one yes. You can get dildos that are made out of dual density silicone and feel pretty close to the real thing but most toys feel different to a penis

No. 135225

How so? The shallow 1/3rd of the vagina is sensitive to touch while the deeper 2/3rds are sensitive to distension. It's the literal physical volume of the object sliding in and out, expanding and distending the vagina that stimulates it during sex.

Are you literally talking about the man fucking you not being present? Because that's obvious.

No. 135227

Nta but it's all about firmness. You can spend 150 dollars on a dual density toy and that's going to feel close to real but apart from that they feel different.

Vixen Creations is a brand I'd recommend if someone wants that realism in a toy

No. 135251

Are you a virgin? A penis is warm, firm but also flexible and the dick twitches inside you, a dildo is just hard and cold

No. 135254

You know there's an appropriate thread for sex advice. If it just stayed there this bullshit wouldn't have happened. And it's not just virgins who don't like to sleep around and are concerned about the risks, also if you want to stop slut shaming then stop virgin shaming too, everyone here was just being factual, stop feeling so attacked. If you feel attacked maybe inside you're actually ashamed of what you are.

No. 135256

>calling a girl with 3 partners in 7 months loose
You're a woman, of all people you should know that insult means nothing. In those 7 months I probably had sex every other day with my boyfriend which most definitely resulted in me being a lot "looser" than that anon. Fuck off with that insult
You can feel the er, meatiness, twitching, pulsating, warmth

No. 135260

what age did y'all start going to the gynecologist? i'm about to be 19 and uninsured but i've never gone before cause i'm kind of nervous about it.

No. 135262

File: 1585603530719.jpg (42.15 KB, 840x560, transvaginal-ultrasound-transd…)

Can't help with the insurance part since I'm a european but I went when I was 18 first, because I wanted to get my first checkup + birth control pills + pap smear. Some girls go earlier, usually if they have issues with their periods/infections or is they're sexually active. My younger sister is 18 now and she's too scared to go and it's impossible to convince her to do it.
Best thing that I can tell you is that gynecologists don't care what you look like or who you are, this is their job and they see thousands of vaginas so there's nothing to feel nervous about.
My first visit was like this: I was told to sit on that chair where you spread your legs, she took some cold metal clamp to look inside of me, then she did a vaginal ultrasound with pic related, I remember her lubing it up and me being slightly scared lmao

No. 135264

How do I fix my roastbeef or hide it? My boyfriend wants to have sex for the first time after all the corona virus shit and I can't get surgery. I don't know what to do I'm scared.

No. 135268

anon you shouldn't try and hide anything, I'm sure there's nothing wrong with you or your 'roastbeef'. try taking the time during the corona lockdown to learn to love yourself

No. 135300

First step is to get off 4chan and realise the "roastbeef" is actually how most normal healthy women are. Literally no man that's in love with you will not care, if anything he'll just be happy that he's getting some.

No. 135302

When i was young all of my exposure to how pussy should look like was porn and i was ashamed of my vagina but then i went to art school and got exposed to 1) dating women 2) female artists doing projects on femininity which made me realize there's more than one type of way the labia will look and they're all fine. I'm seeing so many women struggle with non-conforming to some idiotic standard set up by porn of all things, if only we had proper sexual education that would actually expose young people how different genitalia can be we could save so many from unnecessary embarrassment and provide so many with so much better sex without shame.

tl;dr Anon please don't waste money and time on surgery, go get that dick, have fun!!

No. 135317

> inside you're actually ashamed of what you are
I don't feel attacked, or ashamed. I'm not the original anon.

> everyone here was just being factual

Calling posters loose and gross isn't being 'factual'. That anon overcame vaginismus symptoms and managed to have sex and she was called loose and gross.

No. 135319

> My boyfriend wants to have sex for the first time after all the corona virus shit

Do you want to though? You say you're scared and it seems like he's never seen you naked or been intimate in other ways first?

You can say no. You can ease into it by getting intimate in other ways for a while before jumping into it. His initiation of this just sounds very off to me.

No. 135342

No. 135364

Hey, I've never been to a gynecologist before, but hopefully I'll have an appointment soon (complicated by all this virus stuff) because my periods are longer than 2 weeks with up to or less than 2 weeks between, and awful cramps.

What should I expect? I'm nervous because I haven't been able to ask anyone else about this, I don't know where else to ask this but here.

No. 135374

Sounds like ovarian cysts tbh.

No. 135383


Wait, what? Ovarian cysts don't make your periods long and painful.

No. 135448

this might be long and gross (sorry) and i'm not really sure how to word this, but is it possible to get blackheads on your groin? i've never had to deal with them before (i've rarely ever got pimples) i was in the shower and saw a black thing on my groin area, i didn't know what it was so i panicked and removed it (it didn't bleed though), but now that i think it's a blackhead i'm worried that i did something wrong?? i know popping pimples can leave scars but i don't know if it's the same for blackheads. it was about the size of a pinhead i think.
this is probably a dumb thing to be worried about but i really don't know what to do, or if i should do anything. i'm a clean person (shower every day, wash my hands, etc) so i don't know why it happened, or if it's something i should be worried about or not.
can stress cause them? why did it appear down there instead of on my face? i'm so confused. sorry this is so long but i'm really lost

No. 135485

Yes, that is possible. It could have been an ingrown hair, too.
Don't wear super tight clothes, exfoliate gently and maybe try a chemical exfoliant like stridex pads, glycolic toner, amlactin lotion etc.

No. 135584

Had quite a long session with a new toy a couple nights ago, while I only used it vaginally I woke up yesterday with rectal pain and still have it today.

Now for years I've had pelvic discomfort from sex and no amount of scans and exams ever found what was causing it.. rectal pain is new though. A google search brings up endo as a possible cause and I've heard endo is often hard to find on scans. Does anyone here with endo experience this? Any opinions on what else it could be?

No. 135774

It is normal for the labia to be dark/grey? I'm olive skinned if that has anything to do with it. Sick of hearing about princess peach pussies and wondering how my virgin ass got stuck with what I have.

No. 135776

100% normal, it's your hormones anon. The shade depends on the undertone of your skin, so some are leaning towards pink and the others towards brownish.

No. 135778

> Sick of hearing about princess peach pussies

I always see women worrying about either this or not having a 'pornstar innie vag' but seriously I have a pink 'innie' vagina and it's not like men care or suddenly worship you/care more about getting you off when your pussy is pink

No. 135779

I have not bled in four months officially. I am on birth control and sexually active… but I have not bled in four months. Despite taking my bc normally. I haven’t had any pregnancy symptoms. Should I be worried

No. 135786

Yes. Go take a test ASAP. Even if you're not pregnant, something could be wrong (not necessarily though, could just be stress or any number of factors so don't freak out just yet) and you should see a doctor if you're able to, but taking a pregnancy test is the first step here.

No. 135870

I didn't have any symptoms other than missed period either, but I'm pregnant now, so yeah, take a test and talk to an ob asap if negative. Good luck!

No. 135884

You should not necessarily be worried. Take a test to ensure you're not pregnant, but birth control can make you stop having periods. That's normal. It's abnormal if you stop taking birth control and don't get your period back for several months. No need to freak out anon just take a pregnancy test to be sure.

No. 135945

Birth control is not 100% effective so if you were not also using condoms, yes you should be worried

No. 136571

File: 1586793225031.jpg (92.38 KB, 837x556, Icelandic-Waterfalls.jpg)

I've always had copious amount of discharge but a week before my period it gets even worse, it's like a waterfall down there. Sometimes it soaks through my pantyliners too and it looks like I pissed my pants…anyone can relate to this?
it's so embarrassing

No. 137427

Is my labia minora weird? It feels smooth all over aside from some textured areas on the ends(?) If that makes any sense. I feel like an alien.

No. 137438

My labia goes all the way down to my butthole, it's like I don't even have a perineum. I've never given birth and I don't remember if it was always there or if it happened naturally with time, or maybe it's just a weird thing that popped up from straining? It never hurt or anything, it's just there and looks like an extension of my vagina. I'm kinda bummed about it. I also wonder if it's causing me to have health issues down there frequently, despite being very hygienic.

No. 137447

I'm not quite as bad but I remember when I was younger I couldn't understand why pantyliners were even a thing.. All through my twenties I had no need for them. In the last few years though I get wet any time I go walking and I'm like oh that's why! No idea what changed.

No. 137481

File: 1587752284498.jpeg (Spoiler Image,26.23 KB, 721x1265, Drawing.jpeg)

My labia looks like this and I have always been self conscious about them being so high and short (I rarely see pics of anything similar)

No. 137485

Anon although you may not see this represented in porn or anything, you are normal and anyone who likes vaginas would find that normal and fine

No. 137486

If you get wet just from walking and not due to your period cycle maybe you need to tighten your muscles down there. That's almost incontinence anon