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File: 1606409087387.png (779.82 KB, 976x600, UjbmP1B.png)

No. 161298

Previous thread >>148891

Post men who are unconventionally attractive, gross, unattractive, average, ugly,creepy/weird, or shameful for their reputation.

i think Tobias Forge himself is kinda cute and may not really belong here, but i'm here for Cardinal Copia/Papa Emeritus IV

No. 161303

File: 1606412393581.jpg (427.71 KB, 1200x1804, i am ashamed of finding him at…)

He's probably the oldest young-looking, far-right twink in the existence

No. 161304

I hate you for making me see his face on fucking lolcow of all places

No. 161305

File: 1606413631218.jpg (14.59 KB, 258x387, yes I have read fanfics of him…)

Since I was a teenager I've been obsessed

No. 161307

any fanfic recs? and do you own any merch?

No. 161316

same, what the fuck anon, him on my lolcow. horny Poles get the fuck out

No. 161319

with alan rickman or with snape himself? is it more his character or his looks?

No. 161321

File: 1606419970358.png (Spoiler Image,3.36 MB, 1967x1006, Przechwytywanie.PNG)

enjoy, polanon

No. 161324

This always cracks me up, JKM looks like a vampire on meth straight out of the 50s low budget horror

No. 161325

File: 1606422359467.gif (1.37 MB, 200x225, bosak.gif)

No. 161326

File: 1606422392600.jpg (473.62 KB, 601x1338, potter.jpg)


here ya go

No. 161330

File: 1606424160919.jpg (40.95 KB, 466x750, 34f48a7d39e9ddc7cec061b02bcf30…)

goofy, cute, stupidly tall

No. 161331

Oh god, this just remined me of that snape-teletubbies orgy fanfic

No. 161332


No. 161333

hi pnp
Jk though

No. 161334

File: 1606429154445.gif (Spoiler Image,3.52 MB, 377x289, DelectableSardonicChinesecroco…)

Krist was fun…

No. 161347

thank you anon for this gift gif i didn't know i needed

No. 161348

Another reason to hate men

No. 161360

Wow…what is the context here? I kind of hate much this turned me on

No. 161363

Fucking gross, men like this and the women that are attracted to them are such degenerates.

No. 161366

This is so off-putting. Disgusting.

No. 161369

Nirvana plays twister with Smashing Pumpkins, Kurt smears crisco all over Krist's body and Krist jerks off a beer bootle, they're high/drunk of course

No. 161374

File: 1606472416475.jpg (59.71 KB, 1024x720, depositphotos_38876075-stock-p…)

Wow this thread is off to a good start

No. 161375

File: 1606474228503.jpg (73.65 KB, 795x500, mozart.jpg)

I'm so embarrassed…

No. 161377

File: 1606477417084.gif (496.9 KB, 500x207, 03a23a8266a297f645d550838c6ca2…)

No. 161378

Could you elaborate? Is it the powdered wig?

No. 161379

I'm a sucker for historical fashion but that's not it. He's silly and childish but also a genius. He's also way shorter than me which I find cute. Like I could just pick him up and throw him over my shoulder.

No. 161394

I too want to know. I can't imagine his nasal voice nor his face being hot to anyone but then the character itself is a stinky incel too so there is no good way I can see this.

No. 161444

His character has a bunch of fangirls too, i guess it's some "tortured soul" appeal.

No. 161447

File: 1606547681798.gif (1.18 MB, 480x268, giphy.gif)

but only as mike pence

No. 161459

File: 1606563454823.jpeg (433.71 KB, 1920x1080, D36763DB-4A13-4C7F-9202-C0DCF3…)

Sick I know. Hadn't really thought of him until I saw that Feels Good Man documentary. I love his effeminate voice and manner of speaking. I know his haircut is supposed to honor his hero but I see it more as the 90s bad boy style. His eyes look like he's asking/expecting to be hurt. Ew he's so gross but also I'd like to tie him up and drip hot wax on him.

No. 161461

File: 1606566882516.jpg (33.69 KB, 828x635, DRIVERCORE.jpg)

snape fangirl here kek. i think it's because it's the only character that has some depth to it in the entire saga. i read the books when i was a young teenager (between the ages of 12 and 16 roughly) and up until that point most of the characters in other books or stories i had read were either 100% good or 100% villains. but not snape! something about how jk rowling wrote him just spoke to me and made him "more real" sort of speak. i dont think it's the torture soul trope that is enticing about him, i think the character is relatable cause even tho he is a "hero" at the end, it took him a lot of growth and mistakes to get there.

pic rel would be a wet dream to me kek

No. 161467

File: 1606571266044.jpeg (22 KB, 490x626, images (62).jpeg)


Its ok anon. I was in the same boat as you and had a crush on Marie Antoinette's brother : Joseph II of Habsburg

No. 161475

File: 1606576658964.jpg (64.17 KB, 474x632, Charlie Tahan.jpg)

I find his face so endearing. Probably because of his jawline, but I can't really describe how it aligns with the rest of his features. He looks like some kind of rat-bird creature who I would never want to touch but I would love to admire it from afar.

No. 161477

File: 1606580303619.png (1.17 MB, 670x767, AF9D0864-1987-48D9-8E24-6D0610…)

I have had the fattest crush on Joe Gilgun for like 10 years. Love everything about him but all my friends just thinks he’s ugly and annoying lol

No. 161480

File: 1606582809531.jpg (136.57 KB, 973x1200, EPE9-sEW4AAuH2x.jpg)

Gilgun is sexy as fuck, I don't care what anyone says. Have you watched This Is England? I just finished watching it for the third time. He plays such a good part in it. I tried watching most of Preacher and only stuck it out because of his character. But yeah, he is sexy. 10/10 would let him ruin me.

No. 161481

I actually thought this. I felt super attracted to him in Skins. I suspect he’s gay though as he lives in the Gay village area of Manchester.

No. 161484

Right?!? Yeah I’ve watched both the movie and the series multiple times, I love them a lot! He was my fave in Misfits too.
Dude just seems so likeable + hilarious + hot as hell haha

Hmm he hasn’t been in Skins? Or have I missed something haha?

No. 161486

Does he actually live in Manc near Canal St? Thats crazy. I live local to there and cant say I have seen him. I love his accent too. Hearing him say dirty stuff in Misfits had me feeling certain ways.

No. 161488

File: 1606586037278.jpg (115.36 KB, 768x768, hiyaaaaaaaa.jpg)

hey niece and nephew I want to slap uncle Roger like a bag of rice

No. 161490

The what now? What are you guys smoking?

No. 161503

File: 1606594630688.gif (960.93 KB, 250x138, kristkissesdave.gif)

he should've kissed his bandmates more often

No. 161522

File: 1606602344263.jpeg (51.65 KB, 677x478, 902.jpeg)

Mads (as hannibal lecter specifically), unconventional because hes like 30 years older than me, and the character being a cannibal somehow isnt a deal breaker. Id eat human flesh if he served to me (but not the anthony hopkins version, ew).

Extremely attracted to hugh dancey as will graham (also from hannibal) but thats not even remotely unconventional.

No. 161523

File: 1606604162217.jpg (242.88 KB, 1200x660, jack donoghue.jpg)

love the white trash vibe he has going on and i heard he's a huge slut

No. 161588

File: 1606637638636.jpeg (189.89 KB, 757x1168, 099B6707-8F0F-4F04-A9A0-2E5F41…)

Count Olaf from Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. I think I just have an attraction towards villain characters, especially if they have eccentric personalities. It’s kinda weird because NPH as a person is not attractive to me at all.

No. 161629

File: 1606655565131.jpg (157.61 KB, 2048x1536, carrey-1.jpg)

I was super attracted to the Jim Carrey Count Olaf when I was younger. Idk there was just something about how overdramatic (?) He was that I liked.

Nowadays I just hear weird things about him.

No. 161632

Samefag but I'm also not attracted to Jim Carrey so I guess there's just smth about the character.

No. 161637

Having Olaf as a manlet in the series is disappointing and ineffective tho, at least Carrey had more of a menacing presence

No. 161665

this reminds me, I was already strangely attracted to Phoenix Joker, then I saw deepfaked Carrey Joker

No. 161666

Phoenix Joker specifically with his clown makeup is so fucking hot to me lol I’ll watch the final parts of the movie just to fantasize about him sometimes

No. 161673

File: 1606684328360.gif (Spoiler Image,1.02 MB, 245x240, ed140e588d7a7c323492db786f59ca…)

Mads is beautiful to me. I know he looks weird to some, a bit waxy and spooky, but I love his look, especially in the Pusher movies.

No. 161674

omg I'm not the only one

No. 161676

samefag and I feel you anon, I did not expected to be attracted to Arthur but the more crazy he got throughout the movie the hotter I found him

Then again I've been into offbeat dark haired guys who happen to also be tragically insane for awhile now

No. 161679

not that anon but i tried to watch preacher, just couldn't get into it though. shame because i find this guy super hot, wish he was in more stuff. i'll give this is england a go

doesn't he keep a super lowkey profile or something? how do nonnies know where he lives lol

i'll give you my blessing if you make him permanently leave politics

No. 161684

You will love This is England. Watch the movie first, then the series. It will make a lot more sense if you do. I hope you enjoy it. It is quite dark, but also uplifting at times and funny.

No. 161685

That gif is disgusting. I also think it deserves to be spoilered

No. 161708

File: 1606711481871.jpeg (941.97 KB, 1190x1754, 42D446EB-764F-4F98-A760-C1976D…)

I want to dominate him, sorry about it

No. 161710

He’s kinda cute I like when he says hypothetically he’s smart kind of an asshole but he doesn’t deserve the hate just cause he thinks differently. I bet his wife (she’s a doctor) pegs him on the daily

No. 161711

He's cringy as fuck tho. The way he speaks makes me want to shove him in a locker unironically, not even in a domming way.

No. 161713

File: 1606716290330.jpg (1.12 MB, 1500x1000, macdennischarlie.jpg)

I've been rewatching Its Always Sunny and I'm just so aggressively horny for the gang minus Dee and Frank

No. 161714

He's painfully cringe and detestable but I think he's cute and I get wanting to dominate him. Grosses me out still though.

No. 161715

he’s cute but any video where he tries to be funny he reminds me of that awkward semi-autistic kid in class

No. 161717

ben is purely concentrated autism there is nothing semi about it

No. 161719

I feel you, imo charlie is the cutest. i want to hug him.

No. 161779

File: 1606781409119.jpeg (221.41 KB, 800x939, 76CC3519-5F11-4380-8BC2-C4549A…)

no one told me phineas gage was hot?

No. 161780

He was very popular amongst the ladies in my various psych courses.

No. 161804

jesus anon I scrolled past this multiple times before realizing who it is. it's cute that he has that little frog there i guess.

No. 161834

File: 1606833708321.jpg (1.63 MB, 4739x2665, shutterstock_editorial_1040189…)

Not an unpopular opinion by any means, but Bill Skarsgård is one of the only men I'd let degrade me and use me. I keep rewatching Hemlock Grove just for his character, especially all the blood kink scenes and the "please daddy, fuck me some more?" line in season 3.

Kek anon, I kind of relate. He was attractive to me in Super Dark Times for some reason.

No. 161840

never watched Hemlock Grove but now i got to do immediately. ugh.

No. 161846

thought you were talking about Matt Furie going by your description, so I was about to say "Naw, thats valid" until the image loaded for me.

No. 161847

File: 1606848257325.gif (6.11 MB, 540x275, 524B353C-FD6C-4E46-B59B-AFDAB5…)

God I posted Bill Skarsgard on one of these threads before. I love his malnourished look. His eyes are a bit strange which I think this could be something that makes him unconventional?

> "please daddy, fuck me some more?" line in season 3.

I have never watched hemlock grove though. Only saw gifs and edits stuff. So do you know what ep or have a clip kek sorry

No. 161857

File: 1606857088138.jpg (36.96 KB, 500x397, be177d6e6d10a62ead1e06433f17dd…)


yessss excellent taste anons
>tfw no skinhead bf

No. 161858

he looks like abe lincoln in suspenders

No. 161867

he was handcrafted by god for the sleazy chav look

No. 161868

His role and style in brassic is close second, i think i have posted the whole cast here before kek

No. 161906

File: 1606904401797.jpg (34.14 KB, 295x380, 14400.jpg)

idk if hes that unconventional or if my friends exaggerate how bad my taste in men is but i think punk men are so fucking hot, especially young steve ignorant

even more shameful is that i find young johnny rotten incredibly attractive but i think the sex pistols are posers so ill never admit it in public.

No. 161914

God I can’t wait until I’m able to watch Brassic in my country… I need some more Joe in my life

No. 161925

you think that's embarrassing, imagine being attracted to Sid Vicious

i want to die

No. 161933

File: 1606922276281.jpg (40.04 KB, 391x747, ef1335d63c1726d5700aa4e6f64e98…)

Girl, there isn't anything wrong with finding John Lydon attractive when he was younger. I'd be concerned now in his current ballooned state, but still. He is very charming.

Paul Simonon is my favourite punk guy. He's so attractive to me and his gap teeth are cute as shit. I met him once and he was very nice and just as handsome now as he was then.

No. 161956

File: 1606936874858.jpg (813.56 KB, 3040x1440, i70gt4kuixq31.jpg)

I'm learning guitar and I started watching his videos. He's my favourite boomer.

No. 161957

File: 1606937064667.jpg (39.97 KB, 500x499, EJmu7a0U4AEjwqK.jpg)

Btw for a long time I thought this was a photo of a young Mike Stoklasa but it was actually Rick kek

No. 161967

My dad always has this guy's videos playing on the TV lmao, but anyway i sort of get it.

No. 161978

File: 1606952089021.jpeg (114.69 KB, 679x980, KMBGRUNGE111.png.jpeg)

his music still makes me cry tho

No. 161979

Oh yeah, definitely. Rip

No. 161980

I have it bookmarked! It's Season 3 Episode 7 at 46:30. He honestly drives me insane, I'm not sure what it is but he just exudes dominant energy or something. I love him in Castle Rock too.

Do it! It's a decent show too up until season 3, and then all of the blood kink scenes make up for the decrease in quality. I've masturbated so many times to that show and don't feel ashamed lmao.

No. 161986

Holy shit he does look like Mike Stoklasa lol

No. 162002

File: 1606979685328.jpeg (758.67 KB, 1647x2240, 330E4913-B813-491B-8A38-1B0849…)

I’m horny for Freud

No. 162013

File: 1606988833295.jpg (3.3 MB, 2604x3909, CGJung.jpg)

I think Jung was hotter

No. 162021

File: 1606997447867.png (167.27 KB, 500x500, baldis basics.png)

Billy Corgan… Something about him is just so hot, especially when he wears red eyeshadow. Too bad he's an asshole :(

No. 162047

File: 1607023487601.jpg (64.71 KB, 470x482, tumblr_mkt0emNhcI1rjn7efo1_500…)

t. Emilie Autumn

No. 162062

File: 1607035308571.jpg (113.57 KB, 517x748, DkH6J3PVAAAWPOO.jpg)

Just found out that he passed away yesterday. RIP.

No. 162076

i kekd… a bittersweet nostalgia kek from 2007

No. 162128

File: 1607109351287.jpg (16.53 KB, 455x248, l-rossman.jpg)

idfk why

No. 162156

File: 1607127996403.jpg (132.77 KB, 768x1158, the_garden_29-1-768x1158.jpg)

This one is dedicated to The Garden anon from /ot/

No. 162159

they are really cute. i'm generally attracted to their style and body language, but i watched one of their interviews and the way they talk totally turns me off for some reason.

No. 162162

File: 1607131956710.jpeg (270.25 KB, 675x1024, CE4E7E3A-82FC-461C-A2A8-A98ED8…)

I'm not into the whole "daddy" thing, but there's something about older Alex Kapranos that makes me reevaluate everything

No. 162173

Honestly, their interviews only made me more attracted to them. They're so fucking weird, but I love their voices and how calming they are.

No. 162175

Damn, the one on the left really looks like my ex.

No. 162179

wow I was about to post them but you got me anon.
I found them by randomly clicking a video with Fletcher thinking he was some quirky girl and I wasn't disappointed.All songs I've heard so far are great. I seem to be more into puzzle rather than enjoy but I like their work as The garden.They are weirdos in a way that isn't try-hard and it's refreshing seeing that.I love how they dress too

and yeah Fletcher's kinda been on my mind lately.This is an old video but I thought it was really hot

No. 162186

File: 1607168370562.jpeg (203.58 KB, 1335x760, 0C7D4760-3A51-4154-85BF-9E1AE1…)

The guy who played Dudley in HP (Harry Melling). I’ve seen him in some new Netflix films like Queen’s Gambit and his quirky face has grown on me. I honestly think his teeth are cute

No. 162187

File: 1607169570236.jpeg (87.8 KB, 705x1024, BEBA1EA2-CC33-40D4-8705-02C434…)


No. 162192

I think this is the worst one on here, sorry anon.

No. 162197

I mean I get crushes on gay men too anon but this is a step too far.

No. 162200

File: 1607185941809.jpg (42.4 KB, 1280x720, Tomasz_terka.jpg)

Since we're posting old young-looking Polish twinks…

No. 162202

Fair enough, I like their weirdness but was put off by their southern californian af manner of speaking I think lol. I'm so into the kind of heroin chic look they carry though

No. 162208

Absolutely the fuck not. Leonard and Raj however…

No. 162211

File: 1607194376106.jpg (24.27 KB, 502x261, 0a1c6f07de2d8753c1a7e3b1b49983…)

No. 162215

Omg a pink casio fx I wish I had one

No. 162229

I also like Leonard some times but Raj would be more my bestie to do girlie stuff. I guess the funny silly type like Howard is my thing well his physical appearance is also totally opposite of my go to

No. 162353

File: 1607285776977.png (253.62 KB, 512x563, jon_ossoff.png)

I want to fuck Jon Ossoff

No. 162363

yeah I can understand why anon

No. 162364

File: 1607294181455.jpg (74.84 KB, 976x549, _112872262_hi000424723.jpg)

I don't know why I find him attractive, but…

No. 162365

No. 162369

File: 1607300011963.jpg (360.69 KB, 1920x1920, https___www.biography.com_.ima…)

i hate being one of those dumbass faggots who's attracted to serial killers. like, i hate them intensely, and i wouldn't have minded if they were sentenced to be tortured every day for the rest of their lives, but something deep in my core is attracted to the "alpha" persona of psycho- and sociopaths. it doesn't help i really like the aesthetic of the 70s/80s and there were tons of them back then

No. 162402

You know what…..I kinda understand this lmao

No. 162407

Would smash funny man

No. 162408

same! i saw the thumbnail of this mv and i was like "damn who this pretty model?", i thought he was a girl at first, fletcher really looks good with that white hair. This song is such a bop too

No. 162409

All serial killers are incels

No. 162411

Yeah, this.

No. 162424

im aware of that but its the projected personality

No. 162440

I didn't expect this angel to be so…retarded.

No. 162445

Is this really unconventional?

I find them hot af especially in this music vid.

No. 162483

Lmao this video was how I found out about them and I also thought he was a cute girl at first.I read they were models for a little bit and it makes sense

He got the power of god and anime by his side

I guess it's their aesthetic that sometimes is weird and could be considered unconventional especially how they dress/dressed at times and their overall quirky attitude.Aside from that they are hot yeah

No. 162506

He looks like a very old fashioned teacher. Hot

No. 162508

File: 1607393226327.jpeg (474.29 KB, 828x1124, 09CDC722-9574-4170-B6FD-5A8D16…)

Same anon. 8/10 would smoke 40 cigarettes a day with

No. 162513

File: 1607402116186.png (380.73 KB, 512x512, theo von.png)

this mf. Theo Von. it's something about the mullet and the way he talks.

No. 162517

File: 1607404188678.jpg (20.1 KB, 500x348, shootout-1-e1549657642573.jpg)

agree with anon here >>162409 Serial killers, especially the one's who kill only women (which tbf is most of them) come across as weak to men to me
My horrible sin is being attracted rampage killers and spree killers, god I deserve to die

No. 162518

File: 1607404334541.jpeg (50.89 KB, 696x928, 7617A2ED-40FC-48A1-96F0-2F702D…)

This guy from weeds

No. 162519

No. 162523

File: 1607405602233.jpg (28.28 KB, 293x473, c088c375537d47a7b09a8c18b747d7…)

Weston Cage(Nick cage's son) I'm not even memeing or joking, he's literally what I want in a man

No. 162525

spree killers always came across as more pussy to me. serial killers kill people with their bare hands
that being said, the uniform is hot

No. 162526

File: 1607405992205.jpg (100.4 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

well not spree killers who kill random innocent people, rather one's who actively fight against the police or some form of law enforcement, it's weirdly attractive for me

No. 162534

File: 1607410270263.jpg (71.88 KB, 557x622, gandalf.jpg)

hybristofags pls, that shit is so gross. this is a civilized imageboard

No. 162538

ntayrt but its the unconventional thread fuck off

No. 162542

File: 1607412387681.jpg (1.19 MB, 1280x1920, MV5BOGFjNTBhMjQtOTM4Mi00ZjViLW…)

Now he looks like the cooler preggory. Glad to see he stuck the aesthetic I guess.

No. 162547

he should die his hair black though

No. 162556

File: 1607420810482.jpeg (83.5 KB, 577x330, main-qimg-237e6a40b66a9f045695…)

I relate to that but I'm more into independence movements/organisations like IRA or Hamas

No. 162579

File: 1607433609405.jpg (160.41 KB, 1000x640, 170413-dumbledore.jpg)

Aww Gandalf is so cute. I like Dumbledore too. In a non-sexual way, a friendly magical date would be fun.

No. 162582

Ira are cunts I will never understand the cunts that glorify them, it's usually inbred cunts from council estates with no actual knowledge on the state of things.

No. 162591

Bri'ish "person" detected

No. 162594

I probably would’ve agreed in the past but since finding out about the IRA sex abuse scandals and reading Milkman… nope.

No. 162600

They're no better than ISIS or Al Qaeda. Bombing civilians, including women and children was pointless, cowardly and achieved absolutely nothing.

No. 162602

True but all sides in that situation were up to the same shit.

No. 162605

You're an idiot and clearly know nothing about the IRA. They are not glorified by Irish people either. You're probs a dumbfuck "Irish" American.

No. 162606

File: 1607450491382.jpeg (155.27 KB, 1283x722, 92B743DF-A9D8-446B-923F-78BCEF…)

No. 162608

File: 1607451025834.jpg (61.71 KB, 670x788, 20chai1.jpg)

nta but this is about attractiveness, I do find that often guerrilla fighters have this nice aesthetic that I sorta like, there was a minor controversy when teenage girls online started mourning the death of a Kashmiri guerilla fighter cause he was hot

No. 162611

isn't this guy a tea shop owner lol

No. 162612

i'd agree if balaclavas weren't so silly looking most of the time. the little mouth hole makes them look stupid.

No. 162619

Gimp vibes.

No. 162641

File: 1607463398696.jpg (38.58 KB, 468x512, unnamed.jpg)

Just wanna say that Trainspotting Ewan >>>>>>> Star Wars Ewan

No. 162643

You're spitting facts, anon. It's the only movie I have found him attractive in. I guess that says a lot about me.

No. 162644

Speaking purely in terms of aesthetics, balaclavas make their eyes look stupid but the getup on the guys in the back is an absolute banger. The tie on the left is a nice touch.

No. 162645

he's so corny… he has talent, he's good at rapping but something about him is just really corny. like eminem. idk white rappers really have to prove themselves to me

No. 162648

File: 1607467253671.jpeg (76.51 KB, 1200x675, D98D8CB5-8CA1-44D2-8CFB-618A11…)

Peak male performance

No. 162650

I love this dork. Best cinnamon roll and himbo.

No. 162652

seeing this man posted at least once in the past few threads is a win for me, I'm the one who originally posted him after I remember finding him cute as a rando ass side character in national treasure 2 and recognizing him as the dad from modern family kek

I swear all crushes I had on the old men I thought were cute in my teens years ago are coming back to bite me this year

No. 162655

I posted him last thread chef kiss

No. 162657

I’m gonna post him next thread

No. 162662

The way he’s in love with his wife is so hot to me.

No. 162669

surprised Ty Burrell isn't more in mainstream stuff, I feel like he can play a lot of characters, he looks nice for his age and I'm sure will be in the small minority of men in Hollywood who will age well, like Jeff Goldblum

No. 162671

File: 1607492009649.jpeg (53.11 KB, 700x518, 8CD8C006-8D02-4DD5-B046-F54BCF…)

I don't know why either anon… I hope he's in more stuff in the future

No. 162673

File: 1607497778366.jpg (120.67 KB, 960x651, 3tdyv4smuybx.jpg)

Some pics of the Assyrian Liberation army

No. 162674

File: 1607497802326.jpg (38.04 KB, 483x337, Assyrianfighters80.JPG)

No. 162675

File: 1607498005509.png (1.32 MB, 960x672, ehddr36n6wn51.png)

Revolutionary Assyrian Democratic Movement fighters in Northern Iraq

No. 162679

put this in the women's thread.

No. 162680

Ah, the eternal dance of Eros and Thanatos… Freud would have a lot to say about some farmers here

No. 162681

Anons I'm genuinely scared of you

No. 162682

yess me too anon

No. 162683

File: 1607504658968.jpg (119.15 KB, 750x749, sn42unqom5m41.jpg)

I mean guerrillas and militias often do have a rugged/traditional/DIY punk/soldier aesthetic all at once, I mean that's everything you want in a man

No. 162694

File: 1607521387166.jpg (23.59 KB, 400x400, xqc.jpg)

I am in love with this french canadian zoomer streamer

No. 162698

File: 1607523599959.jpeg (795.74 KB, 1920x1280, 7484CA29-EA42-4C86-9C76-BFF65D…)

I’ve been having some feelings towards Mark Prosch (Colin Robinson) lately that I cannot rationally explain.

No. 162701

Kevin Nealon! He is pretty attractive for an SNL alumnus.

No. 162702

Doesn’t that guy also play Putin? He’s pretty hot as shirtless Putin.

No. 162709

File: 1607527400787.jpg (44.58 KB, 280x396, weston-cage-280396.jpg)

it was so beautiful wtf

No. 162710

File: 1607528092169.jpg (500.95 KB, 1280x1920, 000AINNX9AMAKY9A-C125.jpg)

why are you guys not posting quality Polish twinks instead of this???

No. 162735

File: 1607550231554.jpg (350.39 KB, 1600x900, 15hunterbiden-abc-videoSixteen…)

I would never admit this one irl. Shame me.

No. 162750

Sending thoughts and prayers anon, I think you're broken

No. 162756

File: 1607564552447.jpg (38.9 KB, 840x471, download.jpg)

they're smart, funny, entertaining and respectful to women! they were even doing it when it wasn't cool in the 80s.

No. 162761

me too anon, me too.

No. 162766

I love you anon. You're valid even if your attraction is not.

No. 162782

File: 1607579531268.gif (728.86 KB, 245x330, 92051824-470C-4AB8-BDE2-8BB5FD…)

Alec Baldwin is such a fat piece of shit in the departed but I’d let him come inside me

No. 162783

lmfao at the replies to this, kids these days don't know why we called it grunge

No. 162784

File: 1607582246089.gif (Spoiler Image,1016.26 KB, 500x375, 64E3BD9D-0E32-4BDA-89FA-327466…)

Before you come for me, think of how this character makes AGPs seethe. I like Ted Levine as Stottlemeyer too; something must be wrong in my head. In picrel he's extremely sexy if you ignore umm some things

No. 162796

He really has that AGP autismo stare, I guess I could have thought he was attractive before 2015 (from a purely physical standpoint ofc), but with all the troonery infesting the world it's impossible now.

No. 162816

Your reasoning 100% makes sense. You have convinced me. Also I know almost no one watches SNL anymore and it’s stupid, but the most recent episode had a gag about a girl trying to explain why she thinks Buffalo Bill is hot.

No. 162858

File: 1607624222931.png (1.03 MB, 648x630, ted.png)

Ted anons… I saw you all in the last thread. I understand it now. I would even fuck him as a dirty, unwashed hermit. i kinda have a huge crush on him now what the fuck

No. 162862

welcome anon, glad ur here

No. 162863

I'm going to hit you people with a rolled up newspaper.

No. 162877

pre crazy ted was so sexy…

No. 162879

Ugh honestly anon go ahead I deserve it. Maybe if you smack me hard enough I’ll have a normal crush for once.

No. 162880

He kinda looks like Michael Shannon

No. 162885

File: 1607643571772.jpg (67.22 KB, 700x819, Tsukasa_Saito-P1.jpg)

this japanese comedian is so cute to me, balding head an all

No. 162892

I wish they never messed with his head.

No. 162910

I was thinking Jack Gleeson with brown hair

No. 162958

File: 1607707957596.jpg (128.84 KB, 807x825, ordinarythings.jpg)

He's really teetering on the fine line between cute and ugly imo, but it's his wit and humour for me.

No. 162960

I just found his channel last week, he’s been growing on me too

No. 162963

File: 1607709647094.png (760.71 KB, 1070x804, unf.png)

the shameful fetish thread reminded me how ridiculously attracted I am to old man Jeremy Irons

No. 162968

Ok, am I strange for thinking he looks like he has dwarfism, feature-wise?

No. 162970

based anon. I recently watched dead ringers and he was so strangely attractive in it

No. 162972

i aint seeing it personally

No. 162986

File: 1607724223162.jpg (246.54 KB, 1920x1080, c7dd6a5aee88b81bbd5391769bfaf5…)

i'm sorry

No. 162988

Ain't this dude racist? Anon…please. Plus he's Australian. Boooo.

No. 162991

who is that?
what's wrong with Aussies?

No. 162994

Catboykami. It's nothing personal. I just can't stand any of the accents from there.

No. 163001

trannyfucker kek

No. 163009

File: 1607733868355.jpeg (102.82 KB, 700x467, BB0C0C91-2E57-4DE2-B88D-09D853…)

both tim and eric, but for different reasons. tim because I genuinely find him attractive, and eric because there’s just so much of him, he’s huge. there’s something kind of sexy about that. (also because they’re both really funny and that’s the most attractive quality)

No. 163010

i love all the adult swim comedy/performance art weirdos. tim and eric, eric andre, nathan fielder, alan resnick etc

No. 163019

File: 1607745008710.png (826.9 KB, 1172x671, 3b5ee79d-97d8-4b86-95e7-896289…)

No. 163033

File: 1607756847955.jpg (220.45 KB, 1800x1800, 13foxnews-carlson-02-mediumSqu…)

tucker time, again. tfw no angry middle-aged conservative tv show host bf

No. 163036

File: 1607758691006.jpeg (53.39 KB, 658x640, 5705A310-6DDB-431B-A68B-62F7C9…)

I'm a sucker for weird teeth too, anon

No. 163043

I agree. Bob Odenkirk too. He looked really sexy in that movie trailer that dropped the other day.

No. 163046

looks like onision. ewww

No. 163048

I'd marry Mark Corrigan

No. 163049

Would you like it if he brought Kenneth out to play though?

No. 163051

i thought this was a comedy/commentary on straight male fragility. putting himself and his family in danger for silly things to prove his own masculinity and all. how confusing

No. 163060


I get that impression too. I’m not really into big dumb action movies, I just think he looks handsome in the trailer. Sexy voice too.

No. 163124

File: 1607842123825.jpeg (22.33 KB, 170x210, C19A257B-9D3E-472B-89E1-6F4950…)

He just seems so damn precious!

No. 163131

File: 1607849801967.jpeg (121.33 KB, 1280x720, DFF2EBA6-759C-4C3C-B011-E65AA0…)

The guy who made Detroit: become human, beyond two souls and heavy rain; David cage. I’m not normally into bald guys but something about him is incredibly sexy

No. 163133

File: 1607854926990.gif (7.8 MB, 450x186, 4CP4enU.gif)

No. 163151

His waifu trooned out recently so you might have a chance.

No. 163164

File: 1607880970625.gif (177.36 KB, 200x200, PHa9L4y.gif)

back to tumblr, hybristophile

No. 163174

File: 1607893079144.jpg (27.48 KB, 356x354, yes mr ride please scream into…)

I'm late as hell to the Death Grips bandwagon, but I finally got around to actually loving them. And what do you know, semi-malnourishd barechested Stefan does it for me.

No. 163182

Yoo i interviewed him once, had a good vibe about him, and smelled pretty nice

No. 163185

Fuck you, that’s disgusting. Every other man in this thread, fine. You went too fucking far with these two troglodytes

No. 163187

File: 1607904546662.png (646.47 KB, 684x536, Untitled.png)

this guy who completely destroyed steven crowder to the point crowder basically threw a tantrum and kicked him away because he was getting angry. a true hero.

No. 163188

are you the weirdo who was hating on tim and eric really hard in some /ot/ thread?

No. 163193

File: 1607906360752.jpeg (551.83 KB, 828x1004, DDF735FD-3036-43E3-9CDC-A34964…)

This tiktoker when he’s not that face he makes

No. 163194

File: 1607906387200.jpeg (390.22 KB, 828x673, D352CFEC-ADC3-4E3B-9F7A-6660EF…)

the face

No. 163196

No. 163197

No, I actually like their content but the thought of someone fucking them makes my skin crawl

No. 163199

lol, why them over several other more repulsive guys in this thread?

No. 163204

File: 1607911227230.jpg (32.09 KB, 500x375, MV5BZDU1OTRmY2EtZmYwNy00M2Q5LT…)

both of these fucks, i don't watch the show but they're cute and nostalgic for me

No. 163225

holy shit, same. Crowder is pathetic.

No. 163226

samefag but heres the video, he appears around the 6:11 mark

No. 163238

Nostalgic? Why nostalgic?

No. 163259

notice how much crowder is fidgeting around and turning to the crowd for validation and trying to get in this guy's space. the guy sits back and doesn't take even a SIP of water. we love a confident socialist boy.

No. 163274

File: 1607962704253.png (2.52 MB, 1034x1168, 2154.png)


No. 163275

File: 1607963387654.jpeg (87.92 KB, 555x539, 2C5A982A-E97B-4B8A-8C86-D8EA4A…)

Both of them at the same time is my fantasy.

No. 163277

I thought this was Anisa in a blonde wig

No. 163285

File: 1608039214982.jpg (25.25 KB, 474x382, lindybeige.jpg)

Please forgive me, father, for I have sinned. Lindy's got this very wholesome English dad energy, and I can't resist how endearing it is.
Shit, anon… I mean, he looked better before FFS (imo), I'll give you that at least. Now he looks like a deflated mouse with the voice to match, yet still somehow clockable.

No. 163289

he was hot before

No. 163290

>he looked better before FFS
i think he's pretty either way, i just chose whatever from google

No. 163291

No. 163301

File: 1608059288492.jpg (62.76 KB, 1275x850, Giuseppe-Conte.jpg)

No. 163306

Bimbe di Giuseppi on MY lolcow? It's more likely than you think.

No. 163317

he IS hot. hope he wins that seat

No. 163318

they are not unconventional, literally runaway models lmao

No. 163334

No. 163335


No. 163350

File: 1608080577309.jpeg (128.68 KB, 747x747, 0D7D3FBD-4CD7-43CA-96CA-2F8A65…)

happy to see I’m not alone

No. 163352

>that extra chromosome look
He's got it. Yeah, baby he's got it.

No. 163379

One was a hottie with a body back when i was a preteen, the other one was a soap twink with backstreet boys hair.

No. 163380

File: 1608107052802.jpg (1.02 MB, 2898x2898, AGeneticHaram.jpg)

I spent actual minutes on this because I couldn't unsee it

No. 163381

Oh my god I had the biggest crush on the middle guy. He's so cute

No. 163382

Bitch same, a fucking weirdo panty sniffer

No. 163435

mfw I also find both of the guys on the right cute

No. 163440

File: 1608147911519.jpg (87.96 KB, 677x720, 15587365.jpg)

I feel like his face is too narrow for him to be considered universally attractive. I also like it when he cosplays, he's such a goddamn dork.

No. 163453

File: 1608158289559.jpg (32.67 KB, 500x630, 1920505_vic8.jpg)

I think Victor Love is really beautiful, with makeup or without, young or old, I like his broken nose and I think his face is beautiful in a weird way like the best models' faces are. And all his music is great too (especially MBR) and he is so cute when he smiles

No. 163469

File: 1608165338294.jpg (92 KB, 1170x780, https___hypebeast.com_image_20…)

Unconventional simply because he looks like any other white dude

No. 163474

I think he's conventionally attractive, but you can tell he's insane from the look in his eyes

No. 163491

what's the guy in the middle's name? i think i've seen him in something

No. 163493

File: 1608187733806.jpeg (43.69 KB, 415x739, F3C2CDA1-3BA2-44D1-9913-2F0393…)

I want to beat the shit out of him but in a sexual way

No. 163495

File: 1608188798971.jpg (121.6 KB, 1280x720, Clown-Core-Hell-Video-1280x720…)

I want them to double team me while wearing thier costumes. It also doesn't help that the guys people have theorized to be them are my visual types too.

No. 163496

Wrong thread, he's objectively hot

No. 163498

NTA but he's a criminal piece of shit, pretty sure that's the unconventional part

No. 163500

Iwan Rheon, he was in GoT.

No. 163518

File: 1608211140571.jpeg (41.86 KB, 413x530, AAA0AA27-C6FE-4FFF-938F-02E791…)

Yup, good ole Seungri is pratically a mobster from how knee deep he’s on organized prostitution and other crimes.

Sucks that he’s attractive as fuck.

No. 163520

Ugh he was probably my favourite Big Bang member, very disappointed

No. 163521

He was also in misfits too.

No. 163538

File: 1608238601787.jpg (25.25 KB, 547x363, f54964c119b213c87ede67aaf40d61…)

he weirds me out in a good way

No. 163539

File: 1608238604045.jpg (92.72 KB, 700x506, 89660239__3165375_12.jpg)

I love this type of eyes

No. 163542

he has lovely hair

No. 163559

File: 1608254415138.jpeg (171.39 KB, 1280x720, 5E6E9052-2447-4E43-BAE6-C96974…)

Owner of Curiousity Incorporated, an antique store and youtuber. His video series on cleaning hoarded houses are great, he's so calm and kind about the history of the people who lived there! I don't think he's attractive enough for the other thread so I'm posting here.

No. 163566

File: 1608259799479.jpg (61.11 KB, 875x583, Max-Verstappen-10.jpg)

he's a dick but i'm into him

No. 163588

File: 1608269795846.jpg (116.98 KB, 681x383, dune.jpg)

No. 163595

Anon I know people on lolcow hate him but he's still an hollywood heartthrob kek

No. 163596

>hollywood heartthrob
that doesn't mean anything, the dude is hideous

No. 163603

File: 1608291764871.png (563.1 KB, 503x754, 8Umx9F7.png)

at least his singing voice is hot

No. 163605

how can he be hideous when he looks so good in Dune? Can the styling really be this effective for a scrote?

No. 163610

What do you mean he looks so good in dune? Are we looking at the same image

No. 163615

but he doesn't look good anon, he looks inbred like always

No. 163623

imho he looks like an edgy emo cutie pie, the black hair really suits him

No. 163631

He's still not unconventional even if you have an hateboner for him

No. 163658

fuck i thought i was the only one.

No. 163667

File: 1608363300800.jpeg (349.42 KB, 1920x1068, DD09CF12-4C04-479F-8887-14A780…)

No. 163682

File: 1608380195143.jpg (31.8 KB, 465x709, jg.jpg)

Everything about him is so endearing. He aged really well too

No. 163687

>everything about him is so endearing
>gloomy frowny b&w picture
I don't know who that guy is, but you must be Morticia Adams.

No. 163692

Is your shameful crush Rory Culkin or specifically Rory Culkin as Euronymous?

No. 163699

File: 1608394690205.jpeg (17.63 KB, 313x470, 17255273629236.jpeg)

Am I the only one ?

No. 163708

File: 1608403694700.jpg (57.05 KB, 600x735, sgreen.jpg)

I've had a crush on Seth Green since he was in Buffy and Austin Powers. My friends roast me non-stop.

No. 163712

You’re not alone! I can not believe in 2020 I’m still thirsting over Seth Green. I mean, he’s kinda been looking like Rickety Cricket lately but he used to be super hot.

No. 163715

All of the Culkins can get it tbh, Rory especially.

No. 163716


>I mean, he’s kinda been looking like Rickety Cricket lately

Kek, I wish that wasn't so accurate.

No. 163733

File: 1608421323129.jpg (49.33 KB, 326x420, ElDDU4JWkAIAqak.jpg)

He would have hated me and I battle the cognitive dissonance everyday.

No. 163745

File: 1608438068367.jpg (245.67 KB, 724x1086, img_0921.jpg)

Yellow Days ♥ I love his music so much. I've also met him and he's extremely nice.

No. 163770

are you black or something? lovecraft was racist but didn't hate black people. he always came off as a fetishizer to me. i mean one of his most popular creations took the form of a handsome, godly black man

he did hate the irish though

No. 163791

Nah I'm Asian and I'm pretty sure he hated/was afraid of us too. I'm also a second-generation immigrant and we all know how he feels about immigrants in the US. Well since he's dead I don't have to feel too bad about it at least.

No. 163802

I'm not really attracted to him, but yeah, his music is amazing. Good taste, anon.

No. 163808

File: 1608497293556.jpeg (491.01 KB, 2048x1366, 6502EE0D-3FED-47AB-B9BB-4FE169…)

I find brian tyree henry pretty for a heavy guy. He also got his MFA from Yale, and I really like intelligent guys. Plus he was hilarious in that one “gender critical” episode of Atlanta.

No. 163850

Best post . He was so cute in Austin Powers hes ugly as shit now.
Wouldve loved to crush his tiny man pelvis.

No. 163882

You're not alone. I think young Les was so hot in a weird nu-metal way.

No. 163895

File: 1608520700140.jpg (142.85 KB, 640x908, Roman_Mars_irwcpy.jpg)

he looks so boring and average but his voice makes me horny

No. 163951

File: 1608582725866.png (517.94 KB, 397x671, lock stock and two smoking twi…)

I was horny for this fuckface to the point of distraction for almost the whole movie

No. 163955

File: 1608584410293.gif (969.48 KB, 500x281, pm.gif)

He had no right to be so cute in Party Monster (Mac Culkin & the woman who played his GF too)

No. 163970

File: 1608594938269.jpg (54.67 KB, 750x430, windows.jpg)

I already posted about him in the last thread but the shame won't leave me

No. 163977

>the woman who played his gf
Do you not know chloe sevigny?

No. 163983

I know of her, her name just escaped me

No. 164001

Chloe Sevigny is stupidly sexy as Gitsie

No. 164006

i love guys with this hairstyle

No. 164012

File: 1608612671865.jpg (53.93 KB, 306x544, mom please dont delete this fi…)

he will choke me with his big and hairy arms, and kiss me with that crusty, lovely and beautiful lips that i love, feeling so hot that i'm tripping over my fluids and causing an epileptic seizure and cardiac attack that would lead me to death, where I will finally meet my beloved, Jeffrey

No. 164013

>>164012 he's beautiful p e r i o d also it's the eyes for me, he did pass the vibe check, sorry not sorry

No. 164014

File: 1608614913148.jpg (1.29 MB, 3158x3158, j.jpg)

he's cute don't @ me

No. 164017

File: 1608617449054.jpeg (162.26 KB, 634x898, AE028038-1CFD-4852-97F0-262079…)

goddammit epstein anons are gonna make it a tradition to post him in every thread. here we go again

guess it's time to post my cunt girlfriend suicider then

No. 164028

his face is like a shitty popsong, you like it because you've seen it too many times but it's pretty low quality

No. 164029

>>164014 he's so pretty I wanna shove a strap down his lips.

No. 164038

File: 1608646252671.gif (7.97 MB, 540x304, tumblr_a8f4b2bc48853c19509706b…)

I know he gets posted in almost every thread but I've been rewatching some old best of the worst vids and out of nowhere got a huge crush on Mike. I used to think only Jay was cute but now I can't stop grinning and staring at Mike with heart eyes when he's on the screen and I'm fantasising about him lmao it's like where the hell did this come from? I don't even find him that hot but at the same time I do? He's not really my type but there's something kinda attractive about him. Idk it's very weird

No. 164045

Ahhh, yes. The walking, talking and gurning STD riddled wax work. I knew it would only be a matter of time before he was wheeled out into this thread along with Epstein. Give it a day, and Savile anon will be here to complete the trifecta of rancid men.

No. 164048

File: 1608657213816.jpg (32.6 KB, 512x512, 1608657014067.jpg)

elliot rodger was a good looking guy and he could probably pull girls if he wasn't mentally a freak show

No. 164052

File: 1608659017232.jpeg (158.55 KB, 828x152, B1287621-EA7B-4FED-AEAF-5673FC…)

I posted him and I am ugly laughing at this so hard. Kinkshame me harder anon I deserve it. I mean at least there's no evidence that Rip Van Rubberface raped kids or teenage girls unlike the other two

>tfw college bookstores are closed

No. 164061

File: 1608665249351.jpg (33.64 KB, 225x350, 43530.jpg)

if he started an erotic audio onlyfans or something i would honestly simp so hard

No. 164063

aint this kiryu's VA? he's done voiceovers for BL VNs iirc, so there's 100% audio of him moaning out there - enjoy

No. 164071

Glad I could make you laugh anon. I only say it in jest, you don't have to justify your attraction to Jim Carrey to us. More for you, I guess?

No. 164076

I agree, what a waste

No. 164078

Kinda ot, but I am laughing at the past couple of posts, Epstein and Jim Carrey have been posted itt and it is only a matter of time before Saville makes an appearance too

No. 164084

File: 1608674288754.jpg (74.16 KB, 780x1137, jim-carrey-is-seen-in-promotio…)

honestly, he was such a cutie when he was younger. i love him in the classic 90s movies like dumb and dumber and the mask

No. 164085

Carrey seems terrible irl but I wouldn't say he's on the level of Seville or Epstein. At least the women he pursues are adults.

No. 164087

Not only was he a sociopathic pedo but he also had no lips. Love yourself, anon.

No. 164090

Well, I'm exceedingly self deprecating so I thought it was hilarious. The cliffnotes version is being mentally fucked up and having daddy issues and it spirals out from there. Thank you for coming to my Ted talk

If Epstein, Carrey, and Saville are the three horsemen of the unconventional threadpocalypse, who's the fourth? We need a fourth

I love blinds and articles about him because they truly do stray into fanfiction territory, and the man is insane enough that I have no idea what to think anymore. Yes he's obviously a fucked up, terrible person but I don't think he's the level of crazy that blinds about cults and other nonsense that sound pulled out of a stans ass make him out to be

No. 164113

oh.. wow. that actually makes a lot of sense for a lot of people.

No. 164117


my unconventional male attraction is any male in a ski mask…

No. 164131

File: 1608694466086.jpg (228.53 KB, 612x380, deadwood_0.jpg)

I been watching Deadwood recently and even tho Ian McShane's character is a gigantic asshole I'm weirdly attracted to him in this particular costume/styling…

No. 164132

File: 1608694521939.jpg (1.44 MB, 2000x1333, 5856546445.jpg)

i hate this bitch asshole whore, she doesn't deserve a man like him

No. 164135

File: 1608694690865.jpg (45.99 KB, 700x525, 232616.jpg)

the glasses fit him well omfg my nose is about to bleed

No. 164137

File: 1608695219888.jpg (14.33 KB, 300x300, 27867882.jpg)

d-don't l-look me like that, p-please…

No. 164138

> If Epstein, Carrey, and Saville are the three horsemen of the unconventional threadpocalypse, who's the fourth? We need a fourth

Ben Shapiro? He shows up often in these threads.

No. 164139

As soon as I saw epsteins face on the home page I just fucking knew it was gonna be in this thread.

No. 164141

>>164137 i mean, he's not THAT bad. He has a good face shape and prominent shiny ocean eyes that make him pyshically attractive and a little bit hot (don't come for me).

No. 164143

he was gorg when younger

No. 164144

reminder he had a dick like an EGG

No. 164145

and so it shall be? but who's who?

we've got war, pestilence, death, and famine
shapiro for war, carrey for pestilence, savile for famine, and ofc epstein for death (which can also be interpreted as the antichrist)

No. 164149

File: 1608697456798.jpg (95.21 KB, 1200x900, IS76TJ5GLVFMZPXQAQ3JA2BFNI.jpg)

No. 164161

thank god there's at least 2 other people who think this, I'm not alone, hooray.

He's def had surgery coz he was super vain, but it was all worth it kek

No. 164162

>>gurning STD riddled waxwork

omg anon, my sides. The accuracy

No. 164163

good. come scramble me, epstein-chan

No. 164169

File: 1608705818213.jpeg (64.98 KB, 523x445, 3D45DDE2-165D-4105-9D97-EA86CE…)

I blame liar liar for making me initially have some kind of freudian awakening for this mess when I was younger. his demon face contortionism is fascinating. I think he is the basis for me preferring tall weird dark haired guys.

he looks gaunty and old now but I would let him do whatever he wanted to me despite everything I've heard, especially in an outfit like the aforementioned and picrel where he's got a nice jacket or suit, i do love me a tall skinny guy in a suit. i denied my thirst for months but it's become extremely hard to deny, so might as well admit it. the rumors exacerbated it. he would verbally slaughter me for being a plain looking girl with a pile of heinous self harm scars and i'd take every second of it

as another anon put it, "if you flow with the horny, the horny will flow through you and away from you, so to speak. dont deny your thirst, it will only make it stronger."

i'm a retard who forgot what "gurning" meant and having relearned it today it's been added to my repertoire

No. 164217

File: 1608735370308.jpg (11.95 MB, 3793x5870, Toshihiro_Nagoshi_20140125.jpg)

yet another plastic surgery monster i'd shag

No. 164219

I will consider your laughter my Christmas gift to myself, anon!

No. 164220

He looks like a fucking muppet

No. 164225

File: 1608738254320.jpg (1.03 MB, 500x717, bfede3b17b69baa6368afd2fc0603b…)

tis the season

No. 164227

You had me at "shitters full"

No. 164240

he gave me a hillbilly fetish

No. 164289

>>164220 i want to be Miss Piggy now…

No. 164291

File: 1608763083975.jpg (19.77 KB, 340x316, 57865757.jpg)

No. 164330

File: 1608775913569.jpg (113.15 KB, 720x868, 416cb5b7743ece173c9e31ed87783c…)

i had the biggest crush on both of them in high school. ville is more conventionally attractive tho, but i guess he would be too feminine to some.

come to think of it, i actually had crushes on most of the guys from jackass lol

No. 164335

>yet another plastic surgery monster i'd shag
that's what I think about my kpops but I feel insecure about posting them and having nonas call them ugly freaks

No. 164337

Same but bam margera was a skinwalking bitch

No. 164352

bam is also one of the biggest blatantly manchild-y manchildren i have ever seen, he's pathetic

No. 164353

File: 1608788426158.png (1002.64 KB, 853x562, drugs are bad.png)

No. 164369

File: 1608802677368.jpeg (178.91 KB, 1080x1350, C7739F64-F028-4C5C-A520-47FD98…)

isn't the point of this thread to post what many nonnies consider ugly freaks though? it's all in good fun, just own the fact that most ppl don't align to your taste and it's okay. I like a diseased freak who can warp his face to look like satan incarnate, and that just happened to be what my vagina was misled into liking this year!!

picrel back to plastique kpop boys, all the current gen kpoppie men (except for a couple of members of nct) aren't to my taste, most of them are too young for my fossil loving ass, but t.o.p can get it

No. 164373

That’s not the same person, anon.

No. 164374

File: 1608803705192.jpeg (64.98 KB, 480x480, 36F92440-A357-4F88-BAEC-47E145…)

I’m so into Mel Gipson with a mullet

No. 164380

File: 1608811590461.jpg (35.2 KB, 433x651, 3c9d39f58c2b1acd8a9ce1c459d43e…)

Mel was 100% conventional and 150% cute when he was young tho

No. 164383

gosh T.O.P still is the hottest man alive to me. I just love his deep voice so much.

No. 164386

Yikes, is that pic really from 1982? He would only be 26 there and already had deep-set wrinkles.

No. 164400

Mel was insanely hot back in the day and the only reason its a shameful crush is because he's such a POS

No. 164402

what? that's them but in the current year lol
shows how much bam's fucked himself up

No. 164406

god. men age so badly huh?

No. 164415

File: 1608841779530.jpeg (170.53 KB, 873x1080, E21DC9C3-30AD-472E-B18D-3F99A8…)

‘Tis the season I guess

No. 164416

File: 1608842592093.gif (1.48 MB, 640x358, 051E3606-DDAB-4065-BF2D-577B1C…)

his brother is cute, too bad he's a manlet

No. 164514

File: 1608902630089.jpg (1.09 MB, 1561x2010, Kanye_West_at_the_2009_Tribeca…)

i used to think he was so cute rip

No. 164519

File: 1608905025197.png (1.12 MB, 904x708, 6299.png)

No. 164522

personification of russian aids

No. 164539

File: 1608915579875.gif (1.98 MB, 360x270, 543.gif)

shut up

No. 164549

File: 1608921458831.png (650.6 KB, 1440x900, 6CFC0562-4F5C-49FE-896C-B54420…)

merry christmas fellow weirdies itt
here's to manifesting a better 2021 :')

No. 164550

File: 1608921647466.jpeg (32.56 KB, 322x433, 4E3CD1D6-A9C4-4507-A7AB-1B3FBA…)

I hate him/his politics…..and yet
Please forgive me UK anons.

No. 164552

File: 1608921861354.jpg (14.1 KB, 220x220, ezgif-3-6bd4431c8174.jpg)

No. 164612

File: 1608960929887.jpeg (32.4 KB, 267x374, 657CB50F-0CE9-4D07-BE53-BF00DB…)

Watched It’s A Wonderful Life for the first time and I had the realization that Jimmy Stewart seems like top tier Hollywood Golden Age husbando

No. 164619

File: 1608964732179.jpg (169.45 KB, 1280x720, terry a davis.jpg)

my King…

No. 164622

are you the same anon who posted him last? im curious

No. 164624

File: 1608969013579.gif (833.51 KB, 220x313, 1584835596526.gif)

No. 164668

File: 1609011739023.jpg (12.48 KB, 200x219, 200px-Herman.Munster.jpg)

No. 164673

File: 1609018112188.jpg (96.41 KB, 736x760, IMG_20201226_180242.jpg)

>mfw I've been memed into finding Adam Driver hot

It started out with a non sith how did it end up like this

No. 164674

this is what Ellen Page is going to look like in 10 years

No. 164676

it's not a meme, he's amazing especially in marriage story
anyway welcome to the club

No. 164684

He is not hot or attractive in a conventional way, but I found him really cute on SNL (don't like starwars and haven't watched marriage story). He looks nerdy but not in the annoying wimpy Michael Cera way.

No. 164685

File: 1609032266889.jpeg (451.72 KB, 2048x2048, 95D45EAD-5BAC-47C2-8CB3-60E74D…)

Holy shit I just watched a down the rabbit hole vid about him, very interesting but tragic story. He was a looker in his younger days tbh, he could get it.

No. 164701

File: 1609043190376.jpg (52.2 KB, 500x751, eded8de1c88d27b8006eca896a7259…)

Yes, I think so, too! He's a bit awkward, but I really like his style of humour, he doesn't try to hard and he legit got some out loud laughs out of me during interviews.
also he's tall and strong

No. 164716

He’s ugly in pictures and soo hot in motion, I don’t understand

No. 164723

File: 1609065665476.jpg (358.06 KB, 1280x850, Major Bedhead.jpg)

shrug shrug

No. 164724

File: 1609068559690.jpg (491.45 KB, 2048x1829, 823726512836211.jpg)

There is no escape anon. Welcome

No. 164747

It's called being unphotogenic.

Finding Adam Diver hot is pretty conventional.

No. 164766

File: 1609091381152.png (70.66 KB, 339x284, tumblr_nlya2gXYxz1sl8bxqo7_400…)

C'mon now, anon.
Whenever he's posted in the conventional thread, nonnies there have a sped meltdown saying the government should disfigure him to make his face more bearable, that that type of cat is forever cursed for havin its name associated with the beast, that it should be a legal offense for him to have a face he's so ugly. I've seen people asking for spoilers and trigger warnings in this site so they don't ever gaze upon Adam Driver
Let we have him in the unconventional.
I've never seen an actor so polarising in a site where people admit finding Jeffrey Epstein hot.

No. 164768

>a site where people admit finding Jeffrey Epstein hot
Wait… those anons aren't joking?

No. 164769

I think most are kidding, but you know someone here actually does…

No. 164771

File: 1609093361743.jpg (637.63 KB, 1242x1227, 7ac7ae49b1db919f7c79302a95fa38…)

I'm part of the Adam Driver is fucking ugly camp. My unconventional Star Wars crush is the scrawny ginger.

No. 164772

h-h-hot, name?

No. 164773

>I've seen people asking for spoilers and trigger warnings in this site so they don't ever gaze upon Adam Driver
they are contrarian or meming or just purely retarded

No. 164775

>>164768 i think Epstein-chan really likes him and is in love with him. I don't think it's a joke, i find him very hot too.

No. 164776

File: 1609094929528.jpg (15.52 KB, 399x400, 838172621.jpg)

>i find him very hot too.
Hey anon wtf

No. 164780

File: 1609096580015.jpg (614.64 KB, 1080x1444, simonhanselman.jpg)

I like crossdressers (not drag).

No. 164782

Do you get off to the troon thread?

No. 164793

ntayrt but domhnall gleeson

I'm the resident carreychan and I've been here for enough time to see multiple epstein posters

I'm not surprised if epsteinchans are in fact legit. there was someone in an early rendition of this thread who was attracted to the japanese cannibal guy and there have been multiple serial killer anons. I think it's funny that trolling or not an epsteinchan makes an appearance in almost every thread. I also love how there's this little infighting going on everytime driver is brought up on here or the attractive thread because it's funny how divisive everyone is about his looks and the presence of driverchans on this board

this thread tends to fluctuate between "guy who's not conventionally attractive but not a bad person" and "guy who did really horrible thing and is a terrible person and / or not conventionally attractive", all of which befit the purpose of the thread. it's an interesting juxtaposition

No. 164799

File: 1609111570569.jpg (20.88 KB, 323x484, 3176b128ca4a8077f375d8963c420f…)

Hayashi Kento. I've been watching a japanese drama and he's the main lead. He's cute but I feel he may be unconventional since not everyone likes japanese guys and he has a kind of weird baby face. But he's so adorable in the drama I have a big crush right now on him.

No. 164805

File: 1609114898862.gif (64.37 KB, 220x124, tenor (2).gif)

This coomer manlet is a guilty pleasure of mine. I think he's actually funny when he's not being a complete smooth brain.

Only with long hair though.

No. 164811

File: 1609123876267.jpg (326.39 KB, 1804x2399, ToddHoward2010sm_(cropped).jpg)

i'll buy skyrim again just for him

No. 164813

Wouldn’t bang but I love this guy’s work. Nice to see another Megg, Mogg, and Owl fan on lolcow
He’s just a crossdresser iirc

No. 164815

I hate to admit it but I have to agree anon. The feeling of attraction fades the more he talks

No. 164827

File: 1609156096999.jpeg (58.39 KB, 596x522, DE2D41EE-C63F-46C5-A392-24587D…)

I want Mussolini to yell at me Italian. I’d let him strangle me to death with his hands, as long as he wore those cute leather gloves he has. The hat stays on in both scenarios. I’ve wanted him since high school history class. Fuck, that jawline.

No. 164829

File: 1609159440327.jpg (149 KB, 1200x1200, Brendan Gleeson.jpg)

I'm more into his father

No. 164830

What jawline

No. 164831

File: 1609162333049.jpg (28.24 KB, 366x488, 76bd2686b02ec34791259e9b49fbc2…)

stalin >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

No. 164841

File: 1609169833272.jpeg (473.9 KB, 1600x1235, 88B42C79-5A6D-4ECF-A123-D3B258…)

This jawline

No. 164846

File: 1609173382938.png (242.35 KB, 330x413, 3937A548-E991-478D-B76C-79DC90…)

I don’t even like men I just think his face is pleasing, same with Billy Corgan. They have a similar face shape that I like to look at.

No. 164860

File: 1609184966562.jpg (12.1 KB, 434x244, 1551090711065_La grande storia…)

Anon that is a shadow, his jawline is distinctly undefined in every other photo. He was also 5'6 and bald

No. 164868

File: 1609190257549.jpg (110.19 KB, 885x560, 171214149-b2832a45-b675-4912-b…)

just discovered the show Taskmaster a few weeks ago (they upload full series on YouTube, I highly recommend) and learned Greg Davies is 6'8" which is an automatic smash in my book. he used to be a teacher too and when he turns on the concerned-teacher voice I melt a little.

but idk something about Alex Horne I've come to find him even more attractive. I can't explain it. his bottom-bitch character in the show adds to it somehow too. he's 6'2, ginger, and I think the gap teeth is cute as hell.

he looks like a character from Wallace and Gromit though so I'm just confused

No. 164869

That’s why the hat stays on during sex

No. 164872

Welcome to the club, the new season sucked ass but yessss

No. 164874

File: 1609196946526.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1359x1812, B942A4B8-BB8C-41CA-A415-ADB651…)

Just had a sex dream about Nathan Fielder and I didn’t hate it. He’s not ugly but I’ve only known him on his awkward show and never thought of him like that.

No. 164883

File: 1609200878967.jpg (26.57 KB, 564x376, poggers.jpg)

feel like pure shit just want him back x

No. 164884

While watching NFY I fell such an strong attraction to him and I even don't know why.
Especially when he would break character like vidrel
Never thirsted him after finishing thee show though

No. 164894

File: 1609208928898.jpg (26.66 KB, 740x387, xqc.jpg)

I can change him

No. 164896


Who is he? I'd sit on him

No. 164898

File: 1609210099462.png (206.71 KB, 620x347, Xqc_1.png)

twitch streamer xQc

No. 164900

File: 1609210844760.jpg (250.36 KB, 1400x1400, pewd.jpg)


Just tuned in, he's boring af

Pewds is still #1

No. 164938

Lol in high school I did an entire research paper on this guy because I thought he was attractive

No. 164939

File: 1609240909661.jpg (133.78 KB, 700x483, ugh.jpg)

I want Nicolas Cage

No. 164948

File: 1609249898711.jpg (40.9 KB, 667x487, DdzBntMVwAEHjUa.jpg)

I can't be the only one who thinks this guy is great looking.

(First time posting hopefully I didn't fuck it up)

No. 164962

File: 1609259996694.jpg (12.36 KB, 220x332, 52._Ludwig_Wittgenstein_in_von…)

Ludwig Wittgenstein

No. 164965

I would also fuck young Nic Cage. Awkward because I learned while watching his movies with her that my crazed mother had a raging crush on young Cage. Which makes a lot of sense, but it's awkward to share the same sentiment

No. 164966

File: 1609261615812.png (963.64 KB, 748x776, 888.png)

i love him

No. 164990

my grumpy dude

No. 165008

File: 1609288224633.jpg (45.61 KB, 473x603, rodent.jpg)

this absolute lab rat of a youtuber dude. he looks like all the cringy british boys i spent my teen years avoiding as a foreigner yet here i am all these years later

No. 165012

Weird post tbh, you sound like Helga from hey arnold.

Unless he’s an actual creepy guy. What’s his yt?

No. 165013

NTA but he's one of the Sidemen. The same group that has the guy that boxed one of the Pauls. He's not creepy afaik, just weird.

No. 165022

File: 1609304250851.jpg (639.96 KB, 2591x1720, 1480511683-ustv-kiefer-sutherl…)

Chloe, where is my chopper?!

No. 165025

File: 1609309339457.jpeg (140.42 KB, 909x1261, 7658265F-49BA-4B44-A463-C080D5…)

President McKinley and his strong eyebrows

No. 165033

File: 1609321815555.jpg (43.32 KB, 1280x720, khabib-nurmagomedov_1trei7b88a…)

this monkey looking fella really does it for me

No. 165037

I don't have a thing for him but his cauliflower ears are so fascinating

No. 165038

now that you mention it, i'm surprised that there aren't more fighters itt.

No. 165059

File: 1609344030491.jpeg (28.61 KB, 474x645, 4A90F5C3-5D14-4F3B-B88F-934045…)

Oswald Mosley…Anyone else?

No. 165180

File: 1609424932298.jpeg (69.89 KB, 1100x825, 54C72864-9C1D-44F3-8454-4AC6D2…)

kill me

No. 165181

File: 1609425229999.png (183.01 KB, 630x539, 06c.png)

thas mento ilness luv

No. 165182

I refuse to believe this. Im choosing to believe you're just lying for attention and a shot on the lolcows best caps thread

No. 165186

File: 1609428104677.jpeg (84.3 KB, 796x1200, 92223ED0-5601-4525-9CA1-6BA742…)

he’s so gorgeous to me

No. 165189

File: 1609431790770.jpeg (46.83 KB, 640x641, 0556A8DF-A11F-462E-9D49-A658A6…)

same anon he was so sexy

No. 165190

File: 1609431879843.gif (895.18 KB, 439x329, FD308F70-F3C5-478C-AE3F-EEFEF3…)

I’m not that sorry about it but still

No. 165191

File: 1609431969529.jpeg (23.73 KB, 220x244, 1B01592B-6AD0-4EB2-848F-5C9597…)

he looks identical to rosa from oitnb

No. 165197

File: 1609437064577.jpg (42.38 KB, 352x643, yes.jpg)

No. 165200

the ladies of lolcow farm are pacifists

No. 165215

Every other cringy, stupid thing about this moid aside, he's 100% conventionally attractive. He's like over 6 foot tall, muscular, with very typically attractive nose shape, eye color, brow shape, jawline, etc. He doesn't belong in this thread, imo.

No. 165216

Tbh, facially, most UFC guys and boxers are super ugly. Like, not even unconventionally attractive.

No. 165220

This made more sense back when the threads were titled "Men you're ashamed you want to fuck". There's a lot of conventionally attractive that are only getting posted because they are nerdy or cringy, I think the next thread should have the former title.

No. 165223

File: 1609454933973.jpeg (16.1 KB, 340x142, 1DF68CC4-9760-4140-9CD2-D26CCC…)

This is fucking embarrassing but when Catching Fire came out I had a thing for Haymitch/Woody Harrelson.

>tfw no guilt ridden, alcoholic PSTD suffering, hidden heart of gold, mentor bf

No. 165228

File: 1609457178155.jpg (78.9 KB, 648x864, WH-Approved-Headshot-2017.jpg)

Holy shit anon. I haven't seen Cathing Fire, but I was JUST gonna post Woody Harrelson. I love his dad energy in Zombieland.

No. 165234

yeah idk why the thread title got changed, maybe because some anons aren't ashamed?

No. 165238

he's also the voice of Mr. Krabs, if that dad energy does anything for you topkek

No. 165246

He's not. In what, a movie or something?

No. 165249

yeah idk either but I almost believed he was mr. krabs for sec and believed it and then I googled it and my confusion was dispelled

No. 165261

File: 1609483230641.jpg (52.49 KB, 821x1094, 927351ae85dcc52d569fa7962a8324…)

…I can't help it.
Rami Malek, specifically in Mr. Robot

No. 165262

He's soo cute in Mr Robot.

No. 165263

Completely understandable.

No. 165265

File: 1609484656149.png (271.01 KB, 514x360, woody-harrelson-true-detective…)

Yes, I'm so with you. He was super sexy in season 1 of True Detective too. Drool

No. 165295

File: 1609511875145.jpg (938.07 KB, 1418x2048, MV5BMTUxODY3NjAzMF5BMl5BanBnXk…)

Speaking of Mr Crabs

No. 165296

Rami is so adorable, he just looks so innocent and cute to me. I think it’s his eyes that people find strange, but I like him

No. 165297

File: 1609512104874.png (1.1 MB, 821x1074, B04D6AE4-0812-4344-8BAF-355C5B…)

Chucky, I mean Brad Dourif in One Flew over the cuckoos nest

No. 165298

Clancy is so hot

No. 165299

I haven’t seen that movie but he is adorable and I’d definitely end up crushing on him.

No. 165303

File: 1609517501568.jpg (53.85 KB, 750x321, reedmoody#.jpg)

No. 165306

aw fuck i forgot about this embarrassing side of me. yes, anon.

No. 165314

File: 1609530401245.jpg (538.67 KB, 4062x634, inthecut.jpg)

this mf burns through the camera

best shoulders in the game

No. 165322

File: 1609535236891.jpg (182.87 KB, 600x518, oreed01.jpg)

Fucking yes anon. I watched this recently after many years and I decided I would happily let Sykes do anything to me.

No. 165385

File: 1609583515303.jpg (234.88 KB, 1242x1646, b813cd0f33f4b90a57966aba7baddc…)


Feel like pure shit just want him back x

No. 165392

looks like he smells like an open capsule of fish oil

No. 165419

File: 1609610907447.jpeg (105.8 KB, 605x1200, 5C5CBF24-9BC1-4AFA-863F-40D3D2…)

he’s literally the cutest guy in the world to me idk why. he kinda looks like mac demarco who i also had a huge crush on before he got fat and started balding

No. 165422

he looks like a neanderthal dorito

No. 165424

eboy karl jacobs?

No. 165439

File: 1609622444360.png (505.25 KB, 640x640, fT2kqKB.png)

Not usually the kind of guy I'd be into but his music slaps and he seems like he'd be fun to hang out with

No. 165441

Idk why i see pewdiepie

No. 165444

idk who that is but looks like my ex who i really liked but always thought he was a lil ugly

No. 165446

File: 1609624924512.jpg (2.11 MB, 2853x3655, Orson_Welles_1937.jpg)

both young and old versions

No. 165451

Divine taste, anon. I love his music and he's kinda cute

No. 165456

File: 1609630493683.jpg (30.38 KB, 359x512, unnamed.jpg)

yesenin was a cutie

No. 165461

I watched a couple streams of his and he seems really funny and chill, he's cute however I'm not attracted to him bc on top of having a baby face he's got the same haircut as every normie zoomer boy in my country so my lizard brain keeps registering him as a 16 year old boy despite him being older than me kek

No. 165463

File: 1609633461626.jpeg (202.65 KB, 1024x706, 1AB4663A-BFEA-49FE-97F2-150ABE…)

I always thought Yuri Gagarin (first guy in space) was adorable

No. 165470

he was even handsome in death

No. 165498

File: 1609673258511.png (227.22 KB, 470x330, xVR1DZx.png)

Probably stinks so would not go near, but part of me wants to take him for a walk in sunlight and have him eat a homecooked meal.

No. 165506

File: 1609678792951.jpg (36.69 KB, 363x313, маяковский.jpg)

Not unconventional though, just fukken old lol.

fun fact: out of the group of astronauts to be the first man to enter space, all of whom were equally (very) qualified, Gagarin was chosen for his smile. Also, all the candidates, including Yuri ofc, had to be no taller than about 5'5 because they wouldn't fit in the seat of the Vostok spacecraft.

No. 165514

File: 1609683432604.jpeg (74.71 KB, 630x1200, 6EC474C8-8C8D-4397-9EBF-9F424D…)

Is he really considered unconventional? Always thought he was a cutie.

Mayakovsky was hot, I like how he looked good with both longer hair and very short hair. He also gives me hope as someone who resembles Lilya Brik (nothing against her, just hate my appearance lol)

No. 165519

Fucking hell, anon. Noah is no fixer-upper, he's got too much going on.

No. 165549

File: 1609704766253.jpg (47.04 KB, 390x573, vladimir_mayakovsky_1924.jpg)

great taste anon. slav men are the best.

No. 165550

File: 1609704934876.jpg (41.97 KB, 414x640, komarov_vladimir_2-414x640.jpg)

samefag sorry but you reminded me about vladimir komarov. i always found him really handsome too. he died crashing into the earth, RIP

No. 165554

I believe Mayakovsky was actually Georgian, mostly. Also, im russian and i disagree kek, you can have them.

No. 165575

File: 1609716534591.jpg (108.84 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

Kurtan from the show This Country. The actor in normal clothes and hair styling looks fine but I was also weirdly attracted to him playing Kurtan.

No. 165634

File: 1609761979403.jpeg (275.57 KB, 1120x992, 8052B7BC-29B9-452B-886E-ADF0C2…)

>Also, all the candidates, including Yuri ofc, had to be no taller than about 5'5
>Is he really considered unconventional? Always thought he was a cutie.
He’s a conventional cutie to me, but I was scared to post him in the conventional thread bc the last time I posted a guy there, I got replies telling me he was ugly lmao. Also, god, the picture you attached is so cute. His smile is perfect.Saved.

No. 165639

File: 1609771184850.jpeg (107.56 KB, 1280x720, 10C36ED9-CA59-4051-8ACC-34F890…)


No. 165680

File: 1609799050776.jpg (46.73 KB, 663x663, f9407530570c34feed0ae70dddebd6…)

Ewan McGregor was so fuckable in Trainspotting even while playing a heroin addict.

No. 165683

I feel it anon, I always forget to post him here

No. 165684

File: 1609801750535.gif (1.75 MB, 400x225, hkjhjhfhgjkl.gif)

I am rewatching The Knick and so badly want to bang Dr Thackery.

No. 165694

very firm agree

No. 165702

File: 1609814698751.jpg (94.55 KB, 900x750, charles-bukowski-7.jpg)

i used to be obsessed with charles bukowski in high school. he's very gross although i would probably still sleep with him lmao

No. 165712

File: 1609834074477.png (850.55 KB, 493x861, 8D4AFEE8-49DC-4B97-B976-F699A5…)

Aside from the brief time he had a goatee he’s consistently done it for me throughout all 9 seasons

No. 165721

File: 1609858823979.jpeg (46.31 KB, 720x480, 0EC6EE88-7BD1-4CF8-A26A-C4715D…)

I was just thinking about that actor recently too kek

No. 165728

Glad it's not just me. I think Clive Owen is hot, regardless of people thinking he's an uggo.

No. 165729

File: 1609866359415.jpg (45.19 KB, 540x720, c919188b8df34383dc717645f68a51…)

David Mitchell has always done it for me. Come on ladies

No. 165738

File: 1609871354606.jpg (79.75 KB, 512x339, rickyjulian.jpg)

Apparently this is shameful

No. 165743

File: 1609874940385.jpeg (155.54 KB, 800x1200, AF9489DA-AA90-44FB-8D8F-2B06AC…)

i love guys with baby faces. i think the trauma of my early life has made me only able to be attracted to innocent looking men

No. 165746

Nothing shameful about wanting to bang Julian or Ricky imo. Julian especially.

No. 165748

File: 1609878908463.jpg (33.53 KB, 500x294, brianwilson.jpg)

He was so fine… And to be honest, I'd hit it even when he was slightly chubbier

No. 165766

>Julian especially
This is the way

No. 165791

He looks so much better with this kinda hair. He wears his hair too long in order to hide his ears and it makes him look worse imo. He should let his goofy ears show, they're cute. Bless this hair length on him.

No. 165801

File: 1609940826944.jpeg (432.74 KB, 1125x579, 1E33ADBC-A5F7-47E7-9B60-CE9ABB…)

you guys called me?

No. 165802

I came here with a very bad feeling from the front page. Congrats, now the unholy trifecta is complete.

No. 165803

File: 1609941746383.jpeg (273 KB, 756x557, 2D43E0E1-0B3C-4D26-8A90-6CB391…)

i want to fuck him in the ass against the wall with a strap on while he tells me i’m such a nasty dirty bird for doing this to him. then i want to strangle him tbh

No. 165809

I'm screaming she actually came through

No. 165810

I missed you, Savile-anon. We'll agree to disagree on wanting to bone Jimmy, but I wish you well.

No. 165817

File: 1609947349475.jpeg (365.8 KB, 1125x638, C0B13A19-490B-40DD-B78A-D7E5BF…)

I’m sorry everyone, but i can’t help it. i know how much he would hate to be dominated.

No. 165818

File: 1609947760593.gif (1.82 MB, 500x209, DDAA26C6-7540-4BBF-9AE2-162034…)

it's okay savilechan, I want my Jim to step on me, and much worse, I have the opposite hangup

you do greatly amuse me though

No. 165819

is that jim carrey?

No. 165821

Epstein-anon! Get in here quick so we can complete the ritual!

No. 165822

File: 1609949093514.jpeg (187.68 KB, 750x402, 67541E80-ECCC-4524-838A-E16194…)

Carrey is weirdly sexy, but i wouldn’t want him to dominate me. I only want to dominate evil and narcissistic men. Or innocent men. Or any man who fits my weirdo type. I’m attracted to men who range lookswise from John Belushi to John Lennon, I just want to cut them down with a chainsaw.

No. 165823

> I only want to dominate evil and narcissistic men. Or innocent men.

No. 165824

I blame robotnik and the number 23 for how I feel, thoroughly

No. 165826

File: 1609950081292.png (Spoiler Image,142.56 KB, 604x434, ACF23600-E079-469A-ACB2-BB119E…)

Literally, i’m dominant but i want when i’m pegging my ideal males to kinda verbally degrade me, like call me perverted and disgusting for getting off to this. I would post this in shameful fetishes but that thread is dead af.

Say what you want about Nemu but some of her art was based in concept/power dynamics. She always sexualized her ugly dudes.

No. 165853

File: 1609977904493.jpg (1.97 MB, 3600x2400, Gregor_Schlierenzauer_-_Team_A…)

>tfw no cute, hot-tempered ski jumper bf

No. 165855

He looks like a Mormon

No. 165860

Looks like the average normie scrote from my country whose only interests are sports, gym and making money

No. 165862

File: 1609980804077.jpg (601.18 KB, 1200x800, NINTCHDBPICT000141454388-e1562…)

No. 165873

File: 1609996110160.png (764.72 KB, 750x1334, 4C0F65B8-DC75-434C-A8A2-5BA81E…)


Im ashamed but…. retarded maga viking

No. 165874

Sorry Epstein-chan i didn't meant to tag you

No. 165875

saw the image on the front page and was hoping it wouldn't be this thread

No. 165878

File: 1609998008156.jpg (28.47 KB, 300x436, 64a376618be5aacd8c573b3db9c7f6…)

He was always so goofy on Iron Chef, idk why it made me love him

No. 165884

It's too bad he won't ever get into peak form again.
The normie cute guys are part of the reason I watch sports.

No. 165897

he's not a maga dude, he's an actor / shaman larper
he was in the blm protests as well (which I assume do not attract maga dudes)

No. 165899

File: 1610023000125.jpg (28.33 KB, 640x480, 17d95e1a-4158-4cf5-a09a-bfc40e…)

Came here to post this…at least I'm not alone in my shame.
Help me anon

No. 165905

I am very pleasantly surprised by American protesters, I was expecting a gathering of deathfats and got this

No. 165909

American anons, can you explain why there is a retarded man with buffalo horns on his head in your congress house?

No. 165910

Unfortunately, no.

No. 165911

File: 1610035991133.jpg (17.69 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (4).jpg)

I've been watching Growing Up in the Universe and I noticed Richard Dawkins was kinda cute when he was younger. The lectures were nice too

No. 165914

I'm not American, I just posted him here because I saw his picture.
The basic news we get is "orange man fanboys did something bad" and a lot of memes

No. 165917

File: 1610038369912.gif (4.03 MB, 480x342, 6C9CDA80-B69B-4B49-8A41-ED5EFB…)

I’m here for u anon. I’m in the same boat, but ONLY if he has the warpaint and Buffalo horns on. I won’t be taking any questions at this time.

No. 165919

File: 1610038940295.jpg (62.5 KB, 654x960, 136122677_10215605759811952_54…)

Dude was a counter-protestor at blm. Conspiracy theorists are being disingenuous and cropping out/editing his signs though.

No. 165924

The interlocked triangles on his chest is called a valknut, it's being used by nordic white supremacists, as is the Thor's hammer on his stomach. Given the context I think it's safe to say he's not just 'really into Norse culture'. Ten bucks says that hammer is actually covering up something even more blatantly racist.
I wouldn't fuck this idiot… But I do like the horns.

No. 165926

File: 1610045840059.jpg (56.56 KB, 500x500, khlebnikov1.jpg)

silver age poet i'd most like to fuck is khlebnikov. idek man.
but you are wrong, slav men are shit.

No. 165929

File: 1610047118738.jpg (374.63 KB, 1125x1102, iknow.jpg)

No. 165930

File: 1610049848971.jpg (941.53 KB, 2048x1394, gettyimages-1294968744-2048x20…)

No. 165931

File: 1610050147494.jpeg (75.33 KB, 653x806, C65937FE-EC6F-4C7C-86A7-AC48B5…)

No. 165942

File: 1610061284754.jpg (76.84 KB, 600x904, 459251261.jpg)

Ugh. I love him. I miss cute nerdy looking guys rather than tattoo covered eboys.

No. 165943


the last true american patriot, bae

No. 165946

I really admire him but his wife is a gross slut. He could have done much better.

No. 165948

File: 1610065636281.gif (1.03 MB, 480x270, gregghfgdffszasdxcfgvhb.gif)

Ahhhh yes. Greg is definitely unconventional but I unashamedly would let him ruin me. He's such a big guy, funny as fuck and would probably be a filthy shag. I am down.

No. 165949

Love him. He's always reminded me of an unconventionally attractive Joel McHale

No. 165950

he is so sexy i'd do anything to fuck him

No. 165955

File: 1610068682591.jpeg (47.91 KB, 340x621, 32018A8A-9CB7-44F9-832B-15ADBC…)

Alan dale but specifically as Charles widmore. He’s so fucking mean I love it

No. 165958

File: 1610073257574.jpg (82.36 KB, 736x925, 274c1eb9d95fc87990f41ec9099120…)

Idk if I should be ashamed, he just looks kinda dorky. I want to peg him.

No. 165961

Tbf, deathfats usually can’t get out the house or don’t have the energy to walk around the Capital.

No. 165979

File: 1610089622290.jpeg (121.7 KB, 940x626, 1485C0E0-409B-41E6-B3BF-179E50…)

is this the third property brother?

No. 165985

I just googled Joel and they do have a look of each other, but I'd rather fuck Greg I think.

Same. The fact he is an ex-teacher and a foot taller than me makes me want him to boss and throw me around.

No. 166067

File: 1610147202944.jpg (45.59 KB, 600x622, 8f49577c42e821a91f1d831162731e…)

he's really hot as Silas in motion. it blew my mind when i watched it at 12.

No. 166068

File: 1610147682735.jpg (32.46 KB, 500x681, ea6c55815ccd19ce76108246eb2793…)

No. 166070


No. 166092

GOD you just reminded me of this assignment I had to write as a 9th grader. we had to write about going back in time and meeting someone historic and I chose bill gates.

lmfao I cringe thinking about it know, because if I somehow was able to read it today it'd come off as self-insert fanfiction of 14 year old me and bill gates.

god i want to die

No. 166104

>bill gates

i cant mock you too badly though because I did basically the same assignment only i chose bill nye and we met up in a taco bell

No. 166138

File: 1610200881869.jpeg (127.02 KB, 800x450, AC2F3CD4-AB74-4516-9612-4A320A…)

I want Micheal Cohen to fuck me from behind and come inside me. His big sad eyes really do it for me. I want him to tell me about the stresses of dealing with trump as we lay in bed naked together, his warm seed still inside of me

No. 166143

…that’s hot

No. 166144

File: 1610203697519.jpg (590.16 KB, 2048x1367, merlin_165534831_f98ad7a7-772a…)

I watched A Hidden Life last night and one of my big takeaway was sadness over the fact that I am not, in fact, married to this fine Austrian farmer and his firm convictions against Nazism.

No. 166151

Who's his wife? What's the milk?

No. 166155

File: 1610209322781.jpeg (198.07 KB, 828x1259, 7EE7D5A7-24AB-4FD6-B62D-7C19B2…)

iirc his wife is a pole dancer or something of the sort

No. 166158

File: 1610210113282.gif (3.75 MB, 480x480, hjghhjkhkljl.gif)

He is hot, anon. I may have to watch this movie! I hope you don't mind, but he massively reminds me of another 'unconventional' actor I find very attractive, Michael Shannon.

No. 166159

File: 1610210361769.jpg (263.64 KB, 1356x1627, 10228322.jpg)

I hate myself but I find him hot

No. 166162

File: 1610211199229.jpg (133.72 KB, 1280x720, AAAABSKqSc3bQjtXubS1EVdXyWu8fA…)

it's ok. We can hate ourselves together because I'd fuck him silly in American Honey

No. 166163

File: 1610211329746.jpeg (78.01 KB, 600x718, F5F808C5-4CB7-4397-8794-DB2A01…)

I’ve been rewatching mad men

No. 166167

File: 1610211738684.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1201x1200, callmecarsonyt_72966234_160338…)


No. 166175

File: 1610215037021.jpeg (20.58 KB, 275x275, 1608080577309.jpeg)

Who is that guy on the pic? Getting crazy because can't figure out where I saw him before.

No. 166176

lol, this is dylann roof. I agree that he's pretty cute and dresses well, but he's a psycho.

No. 166177


Omg hahaha. I thought that's an actor or something hahaha. Thanks!

No. 166178

he looks like he has downs

No. 166179


This has to be bait, because not only does he look like he has downs, he isn't a good dresser and looks like a lame Amish boy

No. 166180

File: 1610216097142.jpeg (497.57 KB, 1536x2048, jshlatt.jpeg)

Yes even with the mutton chops. Unconventional because he scares me sometimes (picrel)

No. 166201

Definitely worth watching, especially given the state of the world. I'm glad I finally got round to watching it. It is just under three hours long, but very beautiful and compared to the other films Terrence Malick produced over the 2010s, a lot easier to watch stylistically.

No. 166207

i don't think it's bait, hybristofags are just blinded by their fetish / need to excuse their fetish with
>b-but he's attractive!
watch boardwalk empire kek

No. 166209

I have done, anon. Nelson is my favourite. The scene where he flogs himself when looking at pictures of women is my favourite. I love how tightly wound he is! Michael Shannon is the best at playing angry.

No. 166210

he gives me gopher vibes

No. 166211

I don't disagree that he's a disgusting person, but I like how he looks. I don't think he has any of the markings of a person with Down's syndrome. He doesn't dress or present conventionally but I prefer that. There's something about his look that seems deliberate or curated.

It isn't a fetish to say that I like how someone looks. It doesn't mean I like him as a person.

No. 166216

File: 1610228973954.jpg (612.21 KB, 2000x1270, Slowthai.jpg)

He looks so generically British but I still wanna get fucked by him

No. 166218

>>166216 I feel sick looking at him after seeing that video of him spitting in a fans mouth

No. 166229

ngl wish that would have been me

No. 166236

File: 1610233869425.jpg (28.79 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (3).jpg)

I have fallen into the darkest pit and I can't get out

No. 166238

File: 1610234776149.jpg (101.82 KB, 577x1056, 79b1baf0b1215984f47589540956d3…)

Sebastian Stan in I, Tonya. He looks like he sells stolen cars from Germany and goes to illegal raves every weekend.

No. 166239

10/10 taste anon, he looks like he smells like a vintage windreaker and cheap cigs

No. 166263

Oh same, feels bad cause he's such a scumbag in it. Luckily my thirst goes beyond I, Tonya, I find him hot in a bunch of other things too.

No. 166265

stan is a cutie

No. 166269

I don't know if this is unconventional, but holy fuck I think I want to fuck Pete Davidson. actually, fuck it, I know that's unconventional because he's a literal mongoloid, but I am endeared by this shitty movie I'm watching and I want to kiss him so hard and then while we're kissing slip my hand in his pocket to steal his dime bag of weed

No. 166271

he's kinda unconventional but not really

No. 166273

I feel like…. looks be damned he should be deemed unconventional. he's BPD. but I do want to fuck him, or like half fuck and then make him beg for it and then deny it

No. 166275

why is everybody here a dom?

No. 166278

is it dom-like to lure them in and then kick them in the face and to the curb

No. 166280

wait. samefag but is it dom to also hate the man you want to fuck

No. 166283

Hmm see, not quite dom… this is more commonly known as abuse! Hope that helps, anon.

No. 166308

Don't worry anon, I'm not a dom or a switch, I'm a sub and I feel the pain. I could not be a dom if I tried

You can hate the man you want to fuck without wanting to dom him. A hatefuck just constitutes wanting to passionately fuck someone despite them being some way revolting to you. I'm insanely physically attracted to my unconventional fuck looks wise but the fact that he's a piece of shit to women is what makes me ashamed. And in a hatefuck way I've fantasized about being hurt by him rather than hurting him, or a mutually toxic, abusive scenario. To each their own, though

No. 166318

i am not attracted to davidson. but I can see the appeal of bpdfag men esp when I'm a bpdfag woman who feels like no normal guy will love me or understand me

No. 166334

I am not a dom at all. I wanna be picked and tossed around like a doll by my ugly strong man

No. 166347

based. That's all I want in the bedroom.

No. 166364

Anon, just know that I've been wondering how you're doing and if you're okay, sending thoyghts and prayers

No. 166377

I normally don't like cuddling but I 100% would let him cuddle with me.

No. 166387

File: 1610305053870.jpg (166.38 KB, 474x579, image.jpg)

Is that the tarantino nazi guy? He looks more humanlike when he covers his ninehead.

No. 166395

File: 1610309945204.jpeg (726.94 KB, 1360x2048, 3F4D1390-3727-4E44-87E4-BEB496…)

i love him

No. 166407

File: 1610317065971.jpg (18.49 KB, 400x521, f5s9vqwdq5mz.jpg)

yess, I was thinking of posting him here too. would he go in conventionally attractive as a younger man?

No. 166421

anon lmao stop

my mum's celeb crush. I would call him conventional too, he's a good looking guy

No. 166430

File: 1610324388024.jpeg (510.6 KB, 1363x2048, EEE6735C-8840-4E4F-9D5C-6C9F71…)

I still want him even after seeing those unhinged leaked dms

No. 166445

The scawwy bwigg cwannibwal

No. 166453

I was scrolling quickly and thought this was Gregg Turkington fuck me

No. 166459

He’s like the blandest man ever. Just zero sex appeal or charm.

No. 166465

File: 1610354034782.jpg (318.11 KB, 1080x1080, 132928789_725395791508137_2865…)

first I thirsted over Boris. Now I thirst over Anatoli too especially after finding out he made an onlyfans. Even though I would never pay for onlyfans, just the idea is hot.

Wtf is wrong with me

No. 166468

He's so bland and dumb but I'd fuck him too. I hate myself

No. 166473

lmao you wanna be the new Michael Phelps of fucking?

No. 166510

File: 1610388847320.jpeg (309.98 KB, 828x710, 655617BF-FD65-49BF-9037-4BEF6C…)

watch out anon you're gonna get your blood sucked

No. 166533

File: 1610397881244.jpeg (51.31 KB, 850x600, C3C8CEC4-6D71-4A87-BE45-3024E0…)

Mike Myers specifically as Austin Powers

No. 166535

Omg anon I never dared to speak it out but… same

No. 166536

I thought I was alone with this KEK

No. 166538

this is killing me anon

No. 166545

Why? He's right about the nature of the world we live in.

No. 166565

File: 1610407442021.jpeg (523.51 KB, 2048x2048, 50CAECBA-BFCD-411A-8681-7D9402…)

this mf can have all my holes. I’m so strongly attracted to him it’s insane.

No. 166574

he looks like he smells moist.

No. 166593

noooooo anon not the word moist

No. 166601

is that brian mcbrian from sisterhood of the traveling pants

No. 166603

File: 1610423727429.jpeg (833.74 KB, 1000x1000, 8EEC590C-0827-4640-A9F8-8CBEE5…)

His awkwardness would attract me at first because I’m also a sperg, but then upon talking to him I’d probably get an awful gut feeling and leave. He looked so cute before the mohawk..

No. 166604

it joji, formerly known as filthyfrank

No. 166605

Say it louder for the people in the back!

No. 166607

File: 1610424866211.jpg (52.67 KB, 500x750, oOD3jBv.jpg)

i always had a celeb crush on michael cera he kinda looks like a potato now a days. but peak michael cera was charming in a way.

No. 166609

File: 1610427248349.gif (641.82 KB, 200x270, 795D472A-EFE2-4B46-BA99-9DAB50…)

He has such an odd face but god I would let Will Poulter slut me out so bad it’s not even funny. Especially when he was blond

No. 166613

I realized after I replied, but I was laughing hard enough at the mix up that I decided to leave it

No. 166639

File: 1610451845072.jpg (Spoiler Image,140.9 KB, 1792x1792, funny-tweets-about-old-kevin-o…)

Only because it is a an actor playing a character in old man make-up but I love daddy Kevin from This Is Us (spoiling for my fellow fans lol)

No. 166654

File: 1610466747415.jpeg (202.21 KB, 1080x1200, A13D887B-B8F6-4463-9B41-4189BF…)

I hate myself but I came to terms with myself and accepted he’s my ideal man

No. 166658

File: 1610468377582.jpeg (74.68 KB, 480x720, 0647A320-90E5-415D-A8EC-1111B5…)

He might be a cannibal kek but he’s still hot

No. 166664

Anon, do you actually find him attractive or do you think he's hot because he's tall? Because I'm on a similar boat but I know it's because he's tall

No. 166674

File: 1610478291968.jpg (156.53 KB, 1000x563, HAPPY-Season-1-Patrick-Fischle…)

I wanted to do dirty things with Smoothie (Patrick Fischler) from Happy!

No. 166675

File: 1610479373233.png (335.64 KB, 500x436, NWaSsPH.png)

why does this make me think of thredson from ahs

No. 166688

File: 1610488988849.jpeg (472.8 KB, 1600x2177, 1625C925-1E1D-4380-96F5-F565F9…)

yesssss plus he’s 6’3 and recently put on some muscle. snack

No. 166707

No. 166724

you disgust me to my core

No. 166725

File: 1610502480517.jpg (Spoiler Image,65.99 KB, 720x900, Profile_-_Sid_Phillips.jpg)

His face reminds me of Sid from Toy Story so I like to think he is a bully that you would have great hate sex with.

I would hit it too.

No. 166726

you disgust me to my core

No. 166734

File: 1610504631512.jpeg (55.23 KB, 480x640, 3D628BBF-E967-4720-8A98-33529C…)

No. 166740

i love this thread so much

No. 166747

File: 1610511095666.gif (459.75 KB, 268x150, i will purge degenerates like …)

No. 166749

File: 1610512053067.jpg (911.21 KB, 1920x1080, 7bf5-iwxpesx5422352.jpg)

I usually find him quite unattractive despite a high tolerance to semi-botched "little fresh meat" chinese idols, but Luhan in the strangely excellent chinese drama Cross Fire blew me away. There is something sooo attractive with him playing an aging 100-pound nerd with amazing self-confidence.

Also it's been very reassuring to know that Luhan 1) is actually 30 yo, 2) can act, 3) is a human male and not a skin-bleached lesbo-styled plastic robot.

No. 166750

File: 1610512179870.jpg (227.98 KB, 800x614, LUHAN6.jpg)

Samefag the styling made him look more like himself before his jaw shave (which is already aging quite badly…) and we all know teenage Luhan is best Luhan.

No. 166753

I don't understand…. why would you shave down a nice masculine jawline if you're not a troon? wut?

No. 166755

East-Asian beauty standards are sometimes bizarre

No. 166762

File: 1610513948543.jpeg (138.54 KB, 668x1000, 60464C20-D2A3-46EF-80B4-655A44…)

The Japanese dad from Babel

No. 166766

why/how he become so pale
and is it what all the pale asian stars do?

No. 166767

I only recently watched boris's stuff and I hate how he exaggerates his accent, sounds like russian jontron

No. 166773

What the hell is he doing on that website? Image ruined

No. 166775

File: 1610527046799.gif (1.63 MB, 500x464, FBB89BF6-4FC0-46B8-8597-89775F…)

I will proudly die on this hill

No. 166776

Probably a combination of never going into the sun, wearing a ton of sunscreen, brightening & whitening creams, makeup, photo and video skin smoothing and brightening filters, plain old Photoshop, and a shitty white balance when editing dramas and TV shows.

No. 166777

Eat Asian people have a wide variety of skin tones so some of them are naturally pale, it's more the unatural smoothness and vampire-like quality of the skin that's noticeable.

No. 166782

He does it on purpose since that's what got him views in the first place as he said in a now deleted video. If you watch his very first video , you can hear his actual accent

I guess he fell on hard times and took a joke they made on their slavtech channel and made the OnlyFans to support himself(considering he is aware he had fangirls from the first video he appeared in).He said the stuff there will be extremely tame(like slightly unzipped tracksuit).He also has started being more active on social media and made a youtube channel which he said he'll upload eventually

No. 166786

Good taste, good movie

No. 166816

File: 1610553007096.jpeg (587.93 KB, 1800x1349, 4CBBB359-DA24-449A-8EA8-BAA0BB…)

we’ll die together anon

No. 166824

Lmao I watch this guy occasionally. I'm childfree and all and mostly agree with him but I wish he would just lighten up.

No. 166827

Hell yeah his passion for science back then was very attractive. If you haven't read "The Selfish Gene" you should!

No. 166834

Fantastic taste

No. 166848

Does he make you horny, baby? Does he make you randy?

No. 166866

lol i get dunked on for saying he's cute, <3 u Will

No. 166872

File: 1610584272994.jpg (42.37 KB, 714x552, GettyImages-1154326574-1-714x5…)

No. 166875

Anon, please!

No. 166897

It's been awhile since I've seen a Boris anon

No. 166900

File: 1610593924341.jpg (334.68 KB, 1280x1280, Boris Johnson-3.jpg)

can i help u

No. 166901

hehe cat ears

No. 166912

I'm gonna kill all three of you

No. 166924

File: 1610608219641.jpeg (35.37 KB, 384x580, DL-6MC6UEAAU4ZQ.jpeg)

my quentin tarintino look-alike pop punk prince

No. 166932

File: 1610613971198.jpeg (234.84 KB, 1242x1163, D2EC2C0A-0DB7-41AC-81C2-CEE955…)

fuck i need to go to a mental asylum for this i mean it's not that bad but like ….. it's just this picture of him jusssst this picture he looks so good in it

No. 166933

File: 1610614190363.jpg (102.86 KB, 920x584, finger my asshole buckethead.j…)

6'6, goofy and With the way he plays guitar imagine what else his fingers could do.

No. 166937

I don't think I've ever seen him not smiling
Now I can't unsee the tarentino resemblance

No. 166938

File: 1610616393136.jpeg (179.88 KB, 804x588, DE46F3F6-471A-4A4C-987A-97D6F6…)

top tier taste anon

No. 166957

now i’ve seen the DMs….. armie hammer

some of them are really really hot

i need to love myself

No. 166958

File: 1610625562471.jpeg (68.18 KB, 622x1002, 29CF5709-A1A5-431D-BE5C-0786CA…)


No. 166961

Anon no. Don’t do this to yourself.

No. 166968

File: 1610635800211.jpg (751.96 KB, 1600x1179, Richard-Ramirez-attorneys-1990…)

extremely shameful because im not about to be one of these serial killer "groupies" but seriously, unlike overly praised Bundy, Ramirez actually was good looking, as much as disgusting his brain was

No. 166970

I love this guy's music

No. 166975

They are embarrassing

No. 166977

File: 1610637368560.jpg (33.72 KB, 500x497, 3859e4144ae2fd112a8c66b8c77a18…)

God tier bone structure.

No. 166978

Have u seen his fuckin teeth?

No. 166980

I mean he was also a serial killer.

No. 166989

File: 1610642005509.jpg (83.62 KB, 730x1095, 61e768831835467a91e6f999e609bf…)

This model reminds me of him… his name is fernando lindez

No. 166991

File: 1610642974956.gif (970.16 KB, 320x240, tumblr_4fe8ea94b9dfd02988160ab…)

Same vibes

No. 167010

When those “kitten” dms of his came out last year I could only think of this as well

No. 167015

At least Bundy had decent dental hygiene.

No. 167021

this guy is prettier imo

No. 167042

File: 1610655848191.jpeg (437.93 KB, 1500x1000, FDF99F8E-4128-4299-852B-C4ED6F…)

apparently his breath smelled like literal shit

No. 167044

File: 1610661055990.jpeg (118.66 KB, 1160x773, AC91062D-066F-4FAE-B7B6-9E5999…)

I think he might actually have Down’s syndrome

No. 167045

But why anon

No. 167047

File: 1610662103202.jpeg (128.21 KB, 1200x675, 3645ABDC-6A16-4E0D-A617-CD8E37…)

Does this mean you find his siblings and father hot, too? They all have the same unfortunate face.

No. 167050

They’re all severely chopped but his brother is better looking.

No. 167052


No. 167053

Agreed, but I think that’s just down to lifestyle. Boris looks extra shit because he’s fat, constantly unkempt, drinks too much, maybe other factors. With self-care he could match Jo in the looks department, though why bother when you get laid regardless ig.

No. 167059

Gross shit

No. 167060

LMAO post more

No. 167076

File: 1610676920182.jpg (140.99 KB, 1200x900, 1640.jpg)

yep, I do

No. 167077

I was going to say that's some gross shit but then I saw this >>167043 and nothing is worse

No. 167081

File: 1610681216074.jpg (35.07 KB, 404x594, 5af03020d2f4f9d09bd2390071081e…)

Would still let him hit it

No. 167082

File: 1610681342836.jpeg (263.11 KB, 722x645, 012D61B5-EF78-4CF3-B5EA-E70875…)

I raise you a Corn Pops

No. 167098

File: 1610689575887.jpeg (104.56 KB, 768x574, 569AE92B-2CF2-406F-95D4-C6846F…)

Ser Bronn of the Blackwater

No. 167108

exquisite taste

No. 167139

File: 1610721900427.jpg (41.57 KB, 300x450, bottom_richie.jpg)

fucks sake

No. 167180


No. 167228

File: 1610755058417.png (905.6 KB, 1280x1280, boris nyanson.png)

No. 167230

this is so cute omg

No. 167235

No. 167254

>that file name
>these replies
I'm praying for you anons

No. 167273

File: 1610784319701.jpg (148.86 KB, 901x1200, DMqfyiYWAAAv-h_.jpg)

Paul Olliges from Paul and Morgan

I want to fuck him like a screen door in a hurricane and corrupt him

No. 167275

don't know who he is but I have to admit it's pretty hot to see a guy drinking out of a chocolate milk carton

No. 167309

File: 1610802215040.jpg (253.96 KB, 623x1051, ea47d0e2-a844-43a5-9b0b-85a48a…)

Same OP, he was definitely hot when he chopped his hair while still playing for Repugnant. I agree hes cute in a dorky and dilfy way nowadays

No. 167457

File: 1610857337977.jpg (78.18 KB, 1200x628, jordan-peterson-12-rules-book-…)


No. 167516

get help

No. 167538

File: 1610898191721.jpeg (20.57 KB, 356x439, 88DF39ED-2C38-4910-8D32-33702F…)

Steve Martin. Young or old

No. 167558

File: 1610904948140.jpg (52.43 KB, 474x656, grnbdtht.jpg)

Never found Ralph Fiennes even remotely attractive until Grand Budapest Hotel. I'm a sucker for refined near-geriatrics, apparently.

agree, heard he was a huge asshole though

No. 167559

did you clean your room

No. 167561

No. 167564

File: 1610906843815.jpg (31.83 KB, 480x480, gettyimages-1165457536.jpg)

Every time I see him I remember that a farmer from the previous thread said that he looks like 'someone's gay grandpa' which is true and it will never cease to crack me up but I still find him hot

No. 167589

I honestly didn’t care for him when I first watched GOT but was weirdly attracted to him when I rewatched it. It has nothing to do with his looks but rather his personality for me.

No. 167598

File: 1610926505846.jpg (904.64 KB, 2500x1767, qanon-shaman.jpg)

No. 167599

Truly iconic.

No. 167600

No. 167608

I just want to bully him, sexually.

No. 167624

File: 1610935763782.jpeg (105.32 KB, 1600x900, 771DB277-AFC0-44D9-83F4-C291D0…)

I haven’t the faintest clue why

No. 167626

Why is Dan Crenshaw kinda sexy though? Like the eye patch makes him look like sexxxy pirate

No. 167627

can't stand his stupid kermit voice

No. 167630

listening to normal canadians talk, they have a slight nasal quality, but none of them are as bad as Peterson, and some ontarians sound near American if they're actors for example they've been working and living in the states for awhile and you're bad at picking up accents. Peterson however…

No. 167635

File: 1610948445711.jpg (18.52 KB, 400x400, 5b2d39f871d0e.image.jpg)

I want to be Josh Hawley's mistress. Cutest senator

No. 167636

I saw this on the homepage and thought from a cursory glance that it was Obama mashed up with Nic Cage. I'm so sorry anon

No. 167641

File: 1610951504285.jpg (181.28 KB, 1400x1400, 1147617342.jpg.jpg)

damn, you choose the ugliest image of him I've seen. he should keep the mask on.

No. 167642

sorry for samrfagging but yeah I would still also be his mistress regardless. yes.

No. 167654

What a cute rat

No. 167702

File: 1610977841735.jpg (21.75 KB, 288x450, 193860097-288-k957028.jpg)

I hate that I am so attracted to young Marilyn Manson

But damn if young him is not a jungle gym I'd like to climb.

I like lanky long-hair rocker guys way too much; they're never dependable/feasible boyfriends

No. 167703

File: 1610977902021.jpg (54.62 KB, 555x924, 6b1fab5c53e920b302d256aa8a09e8…)

Also, he majorly downgraded his looks once he started doing the draggy lips and shaving his brows.

Just no. It accentuated his face in all the negative ways, but I guess attention whores like him don't care.

No. 167704

File: 1610977932849.jpg (45.72 KB, 500x703, f0a0fca3b565d0df46209a2285f90c…)

No. 167705

File: 1610978133465.jpg (28.91 KB, 405x594, 644e03f4193c6ab87efb83cda32601…)

And he's such a POS, too. The best scenario would be to skin his younger self and put it on a robot or something, that would have more emotional intelligence than the actual Manson.

No. 167759

File: 1611005945213.jpeg (23.18 KB, 355x315, C4211A05-35D8-45E7-A341-EC01D9…)

Love him with ugly make up though I was so obsessed with him during Tainted love. I was so jealous of the bitch in the pool. I’m going to hell for this.

No. 167767

KEK I was jealous of her too anon

No. 167813

File: 1611025601660.jpeg (42.17 KB, 600x388, FFFB7F1D-A17A-4B1E-87EE-226C63…)

House arrest Julian Assange drove me wild back in the day. I even messaged his okcupid profile that was uncovered..

No. 167814

File: 1611025625237.jpeg (55.48 KB, 615x450, 2B805233-7CE5-4744-97E7-9DC3A9…)

Duffle coat assange was also hngh

No. 167832

File: 1611033031617.jpeg (68.77 KB, 717x478, 56185703-3A1D-46F9-A6A8-5B9E9B…)

Jonah hill in wolf of wall street attire. I want to do blow with this fat fuck and make out but probably not bang idk he seems like he’d be comfy to cuddle with

No. 167871

All or separately idc

No. 167872

File: 1611054855052.jpg (204.96 KB, 690x390, Mumford & Sons 'Hopeless Wande…)

Same anon - nothing ever plays from YouTube these days

No. 167942

File: 1611079808423.jpg (489.68 KB, 2004x2611, put me out of me misery lads.j…)

He's hit the wall SO hard and I think he's generally considered conventionally attractive but on here he definitely isn't. I am ashamed of this one.

No. 167962

File: 1611085934996.jpg (11.78 KB, 480x272, AT-cm_969461701-preview-480x27…)

my little cousin showed me his youtube channel and ever since I have this weird attraction towards him. He isn't even good looking.
repost because I forgot the image fuck

No. 168031

How old? I find him absolutely gorgeous but he looks a bit yung

No. 168034

Funny that you should mention him now, his trial is a a critical point.
The US are probably going to depose an appeal, and the UK's refused sending him across the Atlantic because his health would be at risk (and not because the charges against him are not legitimate)

No. 168046

He didn't hit the wall, yall just realised he was actually ugly as fuck once the hype died down

No. 168053

I've only been interested in him very recently sadly so I don't think this is the case, I think I just have appalling taste in men

No. 168061

File: 1611161875801.jpeg (18.23 KB, 276x183, C3424657-A28F-4FB8-BEDA-23C883…)

he's so sweaty and disgusting all the time and I've never seen a man that looks more like a literal rat. I'm in love with him

No. 168065

Exquisite taste anon

No. 168067

Fuck yes

No. 168098

File: 1611189652385.jpeg (39.81 KB, 438x574, 4392115c-abc5-4f20-ac0e-c78439…)

No. 168103

File: 1611193031125.jpeg (735.85 KB, 2848x2848, marcel.jpeg)

No. 168118

File: 1611205292933.jpeg (126.29 KB, 608x758, BDE1FCAC-55F5-4FCB-B5CC-FDDEEC…)

young ted cruz…

No. 168121

Men really become a separate species as they age.

No. 168122

File: 1611211760613.jpg (90.99 KB, 708x783, dd136c00fb571aa58456a94a46f359…)

He's a lil ugly, but he was cute for like one year back when he had his long hair. And he's very talented.

No. 168123

yesss I love him too

No. 168143

my fave, i want him and louis at the same time

No. 168184

File: 1611250732009.gif (2.92 MB, 545x389, Tumblr_l_1737723099908047.gif)

Manhandle me daddy

No. 168241

File: 1611270737571.jpeg (313.3 KB, 1000x1500, 347AC287-B4E7-4EE7-8AFF-7E21E0…)

i could’ve saved his black mirror character

No. 168250

File: 1611275527265.jpg (59.82 KB, 497x308, 50942958.jpg)

i want him to degrade me like the ghostbusters reboot "it was the biggest piece of shit ive ever seen"

No. 168251

>literal pedo
which cow are you

No. 168274

ooh i love when he did the voice for Howl in Howl's moving catsle

No. 168278

He usually looks like a dirty hobo with the beard + long hair combo but I would say that Bale is conventionally attractive. When he was in American Psycho….whew.

No. 168285

You say you like his voice, eh?

No. 168304

nta but he was 21 in black mirror
i find him pretty cute too

No. 168306

dude looks like he's in his late teens / young adulthood, fucking learn what word "pedo" means, it's so annoying

No. 168308

He's a pedo in the show you idiot

No. 168309

File: 1611319009706.jpeg (855.59 KB, 1285x1325, AA5BE77B-45BF-40EF-8B5A-42AC53…)

No. 168311

What the fuck man

No. 168312

Wtf you freak, get help

No. 168315

fuck him but i'd also (personality removed) fuck him

No. 168319

File: 1611322539589.jpeg (31.64 KB, 554x493, BB7D5EC8-D924-4C56-B49A-693372…)

No. 168327

But recreational taking hard drugs is cool!!

No. 168330

what the actual fuck, get help and beter taste

No. 168331

FFS I FORGOT, so sorry for posting cringe

No. 168339

File: 1611340554506.png (559.06 KB, 640x640, 2615CEAE-B3BD-4193-814A-B133D5…)

Don’t be ashamed bc I would too, anon

No. 168343

wow disgusting.
uh do you happen to have the unblurred version

No. 168346

File: 1611342441170.jpg (40.5 KB, 590x738, Thomas-Brodie-Sangster-age-Tho…)


No. 168347


No. 168348

same. i want to pelt him with tennis balls until he fucks me/while he's fucking me

No. 168349

File: 1611342846251.jpg (78.49 KB, 1125x1086, 511a23008ae21d280642b27c7043f0…)

I love him he's so cute

No. 168351

File: 1611343178318.jpeg (52.55 KB, 700x404, E76C165C-7398-4BCE-A975-2C35E0…)

This pic was him in Nanny McPhee, when he was 15!? Why does he still look like a tween?

No. 168352

File: 1611343301941.jpg (158.98 KB, 500x573, original.jpg)

Skinny 90s Chino Moreno was such a hottie, I'm only ashamed to say I would have shagged him because he was on hard drugs back then. I don't even find him even the least bit physically attractive (his voice however is something else) now even if he's supposedly healthier.

No. 168354

idk but i remember watching him in the maze runner when i was 14 and i still want him so bad

No. 168355

File: 1611343638187.jpg (850.19 KB, 1536x2048, 05krule3-superJumbo.jpg)

more archie because fuuuck

No. 168361

File: 1611345549235.jpg (95.03 KB, 1280x720, sexyseven.jpg)

i would let this man do a lot of things to me…mask on

No. 168364

Is this mick Thompson? I was so into Corey Taylor when I was a teen, good god the cringe looking back

No. 168366

File: 1611348178071.jpg (18.07 KB, 382x242, hannawald2.jpg)

He's probably the GOAT of cute normie ski jumpers, shame he ended his career so abruptly

No. 168383

File: 1611353308719.gif (7.52 MB, 960x540, 60E6BC33-F06C-458F-A7C9-10A873…)

yeah I absolutely want my liquids all on his face

ah, I see you're a woman of culture as well

No. 168387

File: 1611354708494.jpeg (62.79 KB, 640x360, 018F72A7-D2A1-4973-B137-3F0DC1…)

No. 168390

File: 1611356464856.jpeg (37.14 KB, 401x592, 899B55B7-0CD1-4F5C-AF8C-99660B…)

The guy who played the grave robber in Repo the genetic opera. Only in this makeup though lmao

No. 168391

File: 1611356593544.jpg (210.73 KB, 620x800, Lumber jack mf.jpg)

It's Matty all the way for me

No. 168392

that hairstyle will always be cringe to me. only the worst guys rock it

No. 168395

File: 1611357986088.png (Spoiler Image,1.51 MB, 1079x1270, 55A761CB-79D3-440E-A052-2A3878…)

Here’s a touchy Mick for you anon
And I want all of them to do me too, they’re all quite attractive both masked and unmasked (iowa and before only though, the only members I think are still hot now are Corey, James and Clown)

No. 168396

I posted him before and an anon said he just looked like Bam Margera and I'm still mad (love Matty so much though)

No. 168405

ngl I see where other anon is coming from but he's the whole package for me..
>decent husband and father
>charismatic and funny

Whereas Bam is a MESS imo. Plus his cheeky smile ahhhh!!!

No. 168422

File: 1611365802078.jpg (142.19 KB, 750x1092, njegos.jpg)

he was so handsome

No. 168428

…i understand the appeal, anon. although it seems like any fuck with him would be a pity fuck, he looks so sad.

No. 168432

File: 1611374028454.gif (980.96 KB, 500x288, Tumblr_l_148147298249939.gif)

it's just a bottle anon, not his dick. I have a gif of him losing his underwear on stage but it's too embarrassing to post here, and the quality isn't good enough to appreciate his dick I think
I want a stupid 6ft 7 bassist bf so bad

No. 168433

Please post it, hes really cute

No. 168435

File: 1611377924197.gif (492.88 KB, 500x277, Tumblr_l_149063095739225.gif)

ok but you really can't see anything here and it's just an embarrassing drunken man, he had better days. I can't find the video where it's from now
i’m probably gonna delete this kek

No. 168437

And extremely smart and talented too. Leagues above any men posted here, or even in the conventional attraction thread.
This is the first time someone posted a guy I consider to be (way) out of my league, after years of browsing lolcow.

No. 168447

File: 1611392855201.jpg (87.54 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

im so fucking sorry for this, im so fucking sorry
i want him to stick his tongue deep into my pussy while i degrade him for being a fat fucking ugly slob and then i want to sit on his dick and slap him while he fucks me

No. 168448

File: 1611397747062.png (677.86 KB, 980x580, dustin-poirier-ufc-208-media-d…)

going to be sad to see him lose against McGregor tonight

No. 168451

I am so glad someone gets it, anon, he was as close to perfect as you can get

No. 168457

File: 1611406989375.jpg (6.5 MB, 2514x3149, cavetown.jpg)

He looks like a tumblr girl, but I would do him so much.

No. 168459

She looks like a tumblr girl because she is a tumblr girl

No. 168460

No. 168467

No please, don't tell me he will troon out.
Feminine guys should age and become wizards like the dude from midsommar.

No. 168468

she is an ftm troon

No. 168484

Zoomer lesbians all like "I'm a pansexual demi queer because I find HIM attractive" aha sure Jan

No. 168485

how did you not know that she's a troon when so many of her songs are about being trans?

No. 168502

nta bruhh I didn't know who cavetown was but I've been listening to this one song of his for like a year and you mean to tell me I've been listening to a girl this whole time?? Wtf. I'm not sure if him (her??? it feels so wrong) being ftm makes the song more or less relatable

No. 168528

I used to be so unironically obsessed with that movie in middle school, looking back it was really cringey of me. Peak guilty pleasure kino.

No. 168551

File: 1611459240408.jpg (41.55 KB, 731x1023, 70e1a088e6a7a48555f0df008606f2…)

>because I find HIM attractive
for a second I thought you were talking about Ville Valo

No. 168573

Yeees but I do have a thing for trashy looking British men.
Only in the Queen's Gambit.

No. 168583

File: 1611489706040.jpg (115.17 KB, 508x610, 1611251607832.jpg)

him being a chonker is great news, i just hope he isn't leafy-levels of unfortunate.

No. 168599

File: 1611496149145.jpg (90.05 KB, 960x540, rsz-william-fichtner-2.jpg)

William Fichtner. I just rewatched Contact and remembered how cute he was

No. 168610

Is this Corpse Husband?

No. 168619

No. 168630

File: 1611509905466.jpeg (22.32 KB, 493x332, 642DA417-D7E8-400B-878F-27A103…)

john cazale in the conversation is so sexy to me, just in general when he didn’t have the moustache. i have a fetish for men with bob haircuts.
girl, i have a fetish for fat comedians and i even i wouldn’t fuck stav. i would rather fuck like sam kinison, you know that mf was fun.

No. 168650

File: 1611513572894.jpeg (83.25 KB, 355x364, 9B111EF2-A939-4382-81E1-99D643…)

this guy is an ultra racist but something about his dad appearance is getting to me

No. 168662

File: 1611516575462.jpeg (47.86 KB, 425x530, DA9183F6-F2BB-4EB2-B554-4EE98C…)

I would suck the snot out of Adrien Brodie’s nose, he was so hot in Cadillac Records

No. 168683

Is that repzion

No. 168697

File: 1611529973360.jpg (114.04 KB, 575x815, MV5BMjIyYWZiZmYtOWY5ZC00OTMwLT…)

in a similar lane, i had a sex dream about comedian tim dillon and now i hate myself

No. 168785

That gif was great, Krist used to be hot it’s really unfortunate how horribly he aged

I agree with you, he looks cute now in the sense that like.. he could be my dad type of cute. 90s Chino is one of my biggest rockstar crushes, I regularly watch the Warner Records Vault music videos & the Changes music video. >!i wanna sit in his lap and hug him!<

No. 168873

File: 1611599548673.jpeg (15.38 KB, 228x279, 53E692CC-2004-489C-A59D-382248…)

No. 168875

File: 1611599622745.jpeg (568.79 KB, 968x1300, 836CBE39-CC9D-4002-8485-01D504…)

and also

No. 168884

No. 168885

File: 1611607416594.jpg (11.24 KB, 523x180, 9edf66d5-dc56-4ac2-aeeb-83f5df…)

old Krist is so cute tho…

No. 168890

tony blair and anthony eden

No. 169041

fuck, same anon

No. 169049

File: 1611677943334.jpeg (99.72 KB, 1280x720, 902A92D5-44F7-4340-A42E-2E2837…)

I don't know who this is but I can't unsee the puppet from that interpol video

No. 169092

File: 1611693902774.png (727.92 KB, 776x1006, 7D47777E-A6A1-49BD-8D37-58C4A3…)

bernard the elf from that one christmas movie

No. 169094

File: 1611693963073.png (671.07 KB, 795x713, roper.png)

What the actual fuck went wrong in my life for me to end up here, talking about how I'd smooch this giant sebaceous gland on the cheek.

No. 169096

File: 1611695038585.jpeg (84.4 KB, 834x1026, 1*MRgIozj1WLBlrssLlE1ZNw.jpeg)

No. 169102

No. 169105

why no baldies?

No. 169112

File: 1611702089902.png (207.39 KB, 720x487, 20210126_175851.png)

apex baldy

No. 169115

File: 1611703391052.gif (885.23 KB, 268x280, pepperoni.gif)

No. 169123

Who is this dolphin cutie

No. 169129

File: 1611706044703.png (155.33 KB, 618x298, billy-corgan-smashing-pumpkins…)

No. 169130

File: 1611706776723.gif (4.27 MB, 480x270, giphy-1.gif)

Anthony Carrigan. He is so cute in Barry that it borders on fanservice.

No. 169135

so he got a bald dick too?

No. 169139

nobody better post jeff bezos. i swear to god

No. 169145

File: 1611715151529.jpg (95.51 KB, 1200x1200, 2200.jpg)

i'm… sorry, but I've always had a thing for him…

No. 169146

For real life super villains? Anon, why?

No. 169154

I fancy him so much

No. 169163

File: 1611734953705.jpg (563.3 KB, 1638x1638, joeyschweitzer_1572300692_598.…)

funny I came here to post THIS baldie and someone asks kek

I think he is really hot and I feel it's weird as he is one of those productivity dudes

No. 169190

File: 1611758770298.jpg (19.76 KB, 528x529, b8ea1cd8618b0b71b1778ec0c17e74…)

it has been years and my attraction still does not fade away

No. 169195

File: 1611760906529.jpg (51.93 KB, 771x633, codyslab.jpg)

I (still) love this self-desctructive retard

No. 169200

Yes, no matter how cringey and old he gets he will always have a special place in my preteen weeb heart

No. 169210

Thoughts on short guys? Like, under 5'8 short

No. 169211

you're ugly and don't register as men

No. 169216

My first serious bf was 5'4 (exact same height as me) and I loved it. I know I'm in the minority but I prefer my height or shorter.

Dunno if that's just part of being bi, 'big and masc' isn't my ideal. I like slightly feminine men and andro women. Tall men often have this vibe I'm just not looking for

No. 169217

so cute

No. 169218

File: 1611770688717.jpg (16.05 KB, 236x339, 0d68b59265928c145b5675788f2de0…)

this thread needs more burly men

No. 169228

File: 1611777135432.gif (483.97 KB, 245x245, SdY4.gif)

he looks like an alien but a cute one

No. 169232

well I'm taller than that so my thoughts don't really count but I've known multiple shorter girls (5'0-5'3) who dated men close to their own height, so no it's not over

No. 169238

I give zero shit about men's height, this is like the only thing that doesn't matter for me, I'd rather date a 5'4 guy with a beautiful mane than a 6 feet tall baldie.

No. 169245

yeah I'm pretty sure that's how alopecia works.

No. 169246

File: 1611786559382.jpg (44.49 KB, 468x696, 417cac4d8d6fa785e2d3db26b5efd4…)

This is only unconventional cause he's dead, but Burt Lancaster was the original giga-chad.

No. 169254

File: 1611789664718.jpg (39.87 KB, 790x395, Elliott-Smith.jpg)

No. 169255

File: 1611790807631.jpg (60.32 KB, 546x680, CJ9hZGeVAAA_Ank.jpg)

Varg has always been insufferable but he could get it when he was younger. Dat ethereal elfin look. I don't really even like metal guys.

No. 169257

ugh yes. I'm generally into big noses (greek, roman, jewish, what have you). When I see a hot man with a nose like that i cant help but to picture it between my legs.Patrician taste 10/10

No. 169265

does the cap stay on during sex?

No. 169290


It doesn't HAVE to kek

No. 169292

File: 1611821560593.jpeg (164.31 KB, 840x1193, 89C48E42-F63B-41B9-B90D-EF10B0…)

Elven Varg is good but I love the scruffy look he had for a while

No. 169295

File: 1611821929835.jpeg (81.16 KB, 540x788, 6682BEFA-85FC-4986-93BE-FFF8B3…)

Also the BRAIDS,,UNF

No. 169297


Who is this guy? I always see photos of him posted looking like he's on trial or smth and people saying he's a bad person, did he kill someone or some shit?

No. 169299

well… yes, he literally did, he's also a wignat sperg, look up varg vikernes

No. 169309

File: 1611837708020.jpg (59.79 KB, 325x325, Michael-Bluth-michael-bluth-10…)

Jason Bateman as Michael Bluth in early arrested development unfff

No. 169320

I want S1 Michael Bluth to bend me over and then judge me for being so horny and then roll up his sleeves and reluctantly fuck me so he can lord it over me later that he 'helped me when i needed it'

No. 169321

Fantastic taste. Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels had a lot of lookers in it imo

No. 169327

extremely based, i want to re-watch arrested development now

No. 169416

File: 1611895792170.jpeg (130.43 KB, 960x540, 03993E3F-AE25-45DB-B4C8-D95E72…)

I thought about Ozark Jason Bateman during sex the other night

No. 169422

File: 1611903220572.jpg (46.46 KB, 780x439, theres-a-mini-snl-reunion-in-t…)

Tim Meadows in Mean Girls started my crush for this beautiful man

No. 169425

File: 1611905554516.jpeg (75.2 KB, 791x1279, jason-bateman-as-michael-bluth…)

impeccable taste anons. where do I find a man like this.

No. 169436

At any law office located in suburban America

No. 169438

File: 1611912863129.jpg (39.16 KB, 496x771, IMG_20210125_044554.jpg)

I'm considering not being a lesbian anymore

No. 169439

i'm not even into him but my eyes. immediately went to the bulge. goddammit anons

No. 169443

File: 1611917730797.png (450.87 KB, 579x716, egoraptor.PNG)

No. 169452

how is this hot DILF an "unconventional male attraction"? He's hot as fuck

lold whole-heartedly at this. thank you anon i love u

No. 169461

Excellent taste anon, I unironically simp

No. 169484

File: 1611952546889.jpg (140.78 KB, 1024x1365, susu.jpg)

Susumu Hirasawa

No. 169488

he really isn't.

No. 169489

File: 1611954637346.jpg (333.78 KB, 2073x1382, -methode-times-prod-web-bin-fa…)

No. 169497

File: 1611960125710.png (190.25 KB, 381x473, pmodel.png)

amazing taste anon, especially during the P-MODEL era.. he's a god

No. 169499

no. cant protect me

No. 169500

Why is his face so punchable

No. 169506

File: 1611962546511.jpg (39.1 KB, 460x276, 10447284_10152433190430700_111…)

I have always found Rik Mayall attractive, but last night I had a really hot sex dream about him and I have been non-stop thinking about it all day. Also I miss him so much and wish he hadn't died so young.

No. 169510

he was so hot when he was younger, would still bang tho

No. 169514

File: 1611965471278.jpg (77.19 KB, 425x573, hirabike.jpg)

excellent taste to you too, P-MODEL is brilliant.

No. 169526

I don’t speak a lick of russian, Im pretty sure their target audience are t(w)eens, their music is mediocre at best but damn I have been simping so hard for Poshlaya Molly’s singer (Kirill Bledny) the past few days. I found him from Instagram but the bands music videos are great eye candy material (one of them (ctrl+zzz) isn’t on youtube though) even if he looks like a sick eboy

No. 169548

File: 1612000461079.jpeg (19.56 KB, 400x400, 41812E7F-D98A-4E80-9120-04CCFA…)

Fucking same,he’s not even my type of guy but those chops..

No. 169549

File: 1612003947635.jpeg (22.54 KB, 436x304, 2AF940B4-A852-4376-A161-8BFFDD…)

His character in 30 rock especially but I’m honestly extremely attracted to Chris Parnell in general

No. 169569

File: 1612023103734.jpeg (33.25 KB, 450x449, vlad-tenev.jpeg)

Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev is exactly my type >.>

No. 169570

Niiiiiiicce but why did you post in unconventional thread

No. 169571

What a cutie, does he have a terrible personality or something?

No. 169574

He's turning into a real life villain with his decision to prevent users from buying GME (and some other) stocks to save his ass/money

No. 169575

File: 1612024007579.jpeg (28.9 KB, 239x334, FAE8AAB3-2CE2-4D68-A91B-B86935…)

Speaking of 30 Rock…

No. 169581

wow Frank Iero cleans up nice

No. 169586

File: 1612028269741.jpeg (194.61 KB, 1200x800, 29378182_15245810370_r.jpeg)

i am ashamed

No. 169588

pete is a freak and i would totally let him take out all that repressed anger/sexual frustration on me

No. 169597

You do know that Kirill had sex with and raped several underage girls, right?

No. 169599

absolutely based

No. 169600

Is this fupa?
>kyle nathan perkins

No. 169612

even worse, he looks like his face is sliding off his skull or something. like a glitch

No. 169623

i never got the susumu hirasawa thirst but this is extremely based anyway. carry on, hirasawa anons.

No. 169630

File: 1612044734380.jpg (284.37 KB, 1080x1281, Screenshot_20210131_001209.jpg)

never heard of him before but god hes cute. i love men with shoulders and chest like his

No. 169631

could have at least cropped fupa out, you goddamn furry

No. 169632

nvm just checked him out and hes ugly in literally every single photo besides this one

No. 169633

Egoraptor/Arin Hansen from Game Grumps? You truly don't know him?
Not judging, just kinda surprised

No. 169637

w-wait what
To be honest he does look like he’d take advantage of his status to do nasty shit like that. OT but do you have any links I could read on it?

No. 169638

nope! im not familiar with gaming stuff or popular youtubers unless theyre like pewdiepie level so that might be why

No. 169639

File: 1612048699585.jpeg (71.51 KB, 539x566, B8EEE363-4825-49F7-8557-D5BEB0…)

I find keanu attractive outside of this movie but I am thoroughly ashamed to admit cult leader keanu in The Bad Batch with the awful pimp stache is kinda attractive to me

No. 169646

No. 169651

Dr Disrespect is just the man for you

No. 169660

File: 1612070672058.jpg (68.92 KB, 800x720, atelier_de_nicolas_de_largilli…)

No. 169674

Anon it costs $0.00 to love yourself

No. 169676

I guess - they're all in Russian, though. To be honest, I don't know that much about it. People have been saying the accusations are false, but there's no reason to belive this isn't true or that Kirill didn't take advantage of his fans. Here's the main one - https://medialeaks.ru/2107amv-pm-bledniy/

No. 169699

File: 1612109427045.png (784.22 KB, 1000x565, B4843322-8016-423A-83CE-6C46A3…)

He’s so hot in a fish called Wanda

No. 169706

KEK anon looks like FTM greta Thumberg.

No. 169707

Tired of seeing that ugly aspie murderer who burnt down our cool viking style churches. Thanks a lot bro.

No. 169766

File: 1612158557739.jpeg (57.63 KB, 500x679, DBA53492-A005-4CB0-89F6-FB0FEE…)

Robert Smith (but only 1981-83)

No. 169774

File: 1612161556642.jpg (24.73 KB, 454x581, th403pult0lf4h3l.jpg)

young Hawksley Workman with his jacked up hairline

No. 169802

File: 1612186822998.jpg (73.61 KB, 564x702, 7f145244c02da06ea268e22fff5057…)

dangerously good taste anon. although all of the pythons were hot in the 70s, eric idle especially

No. 169820

File: 1612199828096.jpg (18.46 KB, 406x312, pali.jpg)

no fucking way, never seen Idle like this.
Hopping on the train to post Palin, probably my first childhood crush since i watched Holy Grail.

No. 169845

File: 1612218823642.gif (1.26 MB, 375x250, D448A45B-204A-4317-995B-9952B2…)

Marilyn Manson in Jawbreaker I want to kms I’m so ashamed

No. 169879

File: 1612235784254.jpeg (97.33 KB, 500x616, F34F844B-6C68-4E07-8536-E1DB2F…)

Honestly he was super attractive when he was younger and I guess got more unconventional (physically) the more he aged

Deeply ashamed of these

I would do Papa II/III & the Ghouls any day of the week. IV is cute but I need some time to grow onto him.

No. 169892

After seeing younger pics of mads, I haven't been able to stop thinking of him young or old…

No. 169952

File: 1612291370110.jpg (68.13 KB, 600x900, 07---PC-Robbie-Augspurger---30…)

he is aging so well imo

No. 169989

holy shit, this is such a good pic of him. supreme taste

same! he seems like such a lovely man too.

No. 170009

Yes I would fuck them both

No. 170013

File: 1612326293756.jpeg (177.67 KB, 1204x850, 5588E723-1CFA-4720-BE10-2E6539…)

I just watched The King on Netflix last night. I don’t even know the actors name but I went to bed and had dreams about Netflix King Henry V and I can’t get him out of my head. He’s not even my type. And his lanky soy boy body was repulsive. But fuck… his eyes…those cheek bones. I don’t even know. I’m lonely.

No. 170018

dude he gave stds to a bunch of people

No. 170021

What a shit haircut ugh

No. 170022

Gross. I hate being attracted to men. Why am I like this.

Ugh I know. I instantly thought of that mass shooter from the Charleston Church Massacre.

No. 170029

File: 1612343041242.jpg (122.64 KB, 756x1200, DmpEYSDX0AAxL5G.jpg)

i liked his bowlcut

No. 170037

I don't think Timothee is that bad looking, tho that haircut isn't doing him any favours.

No. 170042

File: 1612355028665.jpg (81.08 KB, 750x926, EtOkm-LXYAEJ10G.jpg)

Feels weird saying this about a dead person, but SOPHIE was gorgeous

No. 170063

Lookng at this pic, yeah, i get you. He was mentally ill though, obv.
TIMs are like the forbidden fruit one should never touch.

No. 170073

I could've saved him

No. 170076

File: 1612367899142.jpg (575.47 KB, 2048x2016, 20210116_204345.jpg)

No. 170077

File: 1612368099620.jpg (386.99 KB, 2048x2048, D3aOX6jWwAEoEpA.jpg_large.jpg)

I can't be the only one right…

No. 170088

pretty much all the men in hollywood have std's and spread them, the entire industry is like a petri dish

wanting to fuck any hollywood man is doom

No. 170093

File: 1612375515988.jpeg (16.67 KB, 254x191, 3F30DA08-873C-4F65-AB26-3706C5…)

You know exactly why lmao

No. 170096

Is this moot? He looks really dreamy here

No. 170106

i think he looks absolutely wonderful in motion but i find him to look weird in pictures. don't know why

No. 170165

Why anon, tell me why~

No. 170170

Lol this aged like milk

No. 170174

I still love him

No. 170180

I miss him so much bros

No. 170189

File: 1612414016567.jpg (225.91 KB, 1400x1400, lvogel_190315_3304_3786.jpg)

for the anon that posted him, but in the old thread i want to peg him lol

No. 170194

File: 1612415964623.gif (2.19 MB, 600x338, FDE5E77B-C8A9-49FD-96A7-7FEBD9…)

I found him more attractive when he was stoic and dead behind the eyes.

No. 170197


lol that was me. glad i'm not alone. he's a pos but would!

No. 170252

Is that Nick Fuentes? Please seek help

No. 170305

File: 1612455669121.jpeg (63.05 KB, 454x697, D6248056-DFCD-4B3F-A2B3-4C52A4…)

Benny Normal from a long-dead band called Retard O Bot.
He looks kinda sluggish and mopey but for some reason I think he’s really cute

No. 170307

File: 1612455828893.jpeg (37.51 KB, 229x512, 769EB7B4-E047-49A0-9FF4-37D455…)

Same anon here
It’s so hard to find a good quality pic of him but I hope this one is at least a bit clearer

No. 170318

File: 1612460892665.jpg (11.7 KB, 300x300, A-7538497-1576203578-5492.jpeg…)

Im willing to be trad for him uwu

No. 170320

he's gay

No. 170322

File: 1612462255240.jpg (58.4 KB, 900x900, 5ba01bbc0e3d9.image.jpg)

I'll be his beard idc

No. 170325

he looks like onion here

No. 170351

File: 1612482336363.jpg (23.94 KB, 700x500, nathan-for-you-giant-suit.jpg)

nathan. i hope he sees this!!!!!!

No. 170352

doesn't he work at google or some shit. really sold out.

No. 170399

File: 1612495221691.jpg (413.37 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20210204-205810_Tik…)

This guy on tik tok who makes weird ass videos is so hot to me, send help

No. 170412

Omg anon, he’s live rn and I totally get it

No. 170413

He looks like a kid from my HS who would drag around a box of manga all day and was the president of his own lonely autistic anime club.

No. 170415

File: 1612505829332.png (1.03 MB, 915x989, Jack_McBrayer_ibx.png)

so cute

No. 170418

File: 1612507415380.jpeg (605.7 KB, 2000x2400, EB33F334-70B0-4FA6-9528-B4DDCD…)

Since he is getting shit on in the celebricow thread I thought it would be fitting. I’m kind of GC-leaning and yeah his politics are cringe but on Pose he’s just so pretty!

No. 170422

major armie hammer vibes in that pic… are you two doing okay??

No. 170438

Is this a drag queen?

No. 170450

File: 1612534897090.png (70.76 KB, 187x319, MM3D_Happy_Mask_Salesman_Model…)

tfw you trick a kid into cleaning your mess of downright apocalyptic proportions

No. 170451

no I am not

No. 170460

No, a tranny

No. 170473

File: 1612547111108.jpg (192.42 KB, 1340x879, Screenshot_5.jpg)

Idk why

No. 170506

I have a huge crush on him as Kenneth on 30 Rock, he’s just so wholesome and cute!

No. 170518

File: 1612565844183.jpg (54.26 KB, 400x544, b5ded33cd5144404aeb2a60779aaba…)

looks like bad yaoi anatomy

No. 170546

he looks like he's going to transition not realistically, just appearance-wise

No. 170575

File: 1612600199643.jpg (61.64 KB, 620x413, 14298625-low_res-louis-theroux…)

I want to make sweet, tender love to him

No. 170640

File: 1612640391618.jpg (142.28 KB, 580x435, louis-g2g.jpg)

he was super cute when he was younger

No. 170644

File: 1612641421518.jpg (254.43 KB, 1920x1080, agnb.jpg)

Speaking of Louis Theroux, the guy from all gas no brakes said to vice that he is taking the awkward/disarming interviewing style after Louis.
I like the curls so much.

No. 170649

>ywn see the expression on young louis theroux’s face when you get naked in front of him
why live.

No. 170651

KEK i love you anon

No. 170672

adrien brody is so fucking cute to me that even when he's literally just an aphex twin fever dream foot he's still hot

No. 170673

Kinda wish I could see him bare-faced. I bet he's a looker.

No. 170675

this is how i feel about so many celebricows that get shat on, even the ones that get mocked for their looks. i either have weird taste or low/ no standards

No. 170681

I've seen pics of this person before and always thought they were an honest to god woman. they are a beaut either way

No. 170692

It's ok we all have no taste here

No. 170693

I want a movie where Brody and Driver play like an uncle and a nephew or something like that. A slow burner drama of them trying to reconnect over the death of the father/brother, something along those lines.
That would be my wet dream

No. 170696

File: 1612664316681.jpg (88.6 KB, 1200x672, baked-.jpg)

Look, I…I can change him. I just want to bang a little sense into him, okay?

No. 170697

omg yes, I've totally got a crush on him too

No. 170700

oh my god with keanu reeves as the dead relative and christian slater as an unhinged mutual friend….. that would be too powerful to ever see the light of day

No. 170709

File: 1612674271343.jpg (88.34 KB, 725x760, 17c4ae5b6d2f4773c6a5c4681fcf52…)

No. 170713


No. 170714

Does young David Attenborough count as being unconventionally attractive? His teeth are kinda weird but idk, he's really fucking cute here. I think he's in his early 30s in this video. I looked up more pictures of him and thought he looked a bit more unattractive than he does in this video.

He also wears this stupid little outfit when he's out on his island expedition and I am loving it. God he's cute.

No. 170715

Nathan's awkwardness is endearing and it makes him cute. But I feel like if I stare at him for too long, his features start to warp and I start to feel uncomfortable. Like I'm looking at something I really shouldn't be seeing. As I'm looking at this image now, I'm realizing how fucking huge his upper skull is. Like seriously compare it to the size of his jaw. Holy fuck he literally has a huge brain. Maybe that's where he stores all his business knowledge.

No. 170731

Nom de Dieu de putain de bordel de merde de saloperie de connard d'enculé de sa mère

No. 170737

File: 1612702628063.jpeg (47.56 KB, 500x500, C79D5359-2D49-45ED-B46D-751B5A…)

i always thought rich from skins was so fucking cute, him and grace were the only good thing about gen 3 honestly

No. 170744

File: 1612705670568.jpg (80.61 KB, 810x810, 3a5abcc51332e256164c6f57c4dd6e…)

No. 170745

File: 1612706064338.jpg (47.13 KB, 519x417, Screen_Shot_2016-09-21_at_3.41…)

he was a looker in that youngish, innocent way. Reminds me of Peter MacNicol in Sophie's Choice.

No. 170750

love yourself anon

No. 170779

kek. now i understand the phrase 'excuse my french.'

No. 170791

File: 1612726819202.jpeg (51.17 KB, 402x439, E4AA7001-EAC5-4B64-92D8-798CC3…)


i really like h3h3s content. he's real funny to me and i love that in men. i would fuck the shit out of him if he was younger. i'd marry even cause i just really like the guy… when he was skinny and young he wasn't attractive either. but idc he's funny and i think nerdy guys are cute.

we are mentally ill for this anon

No. 170792

File: 1612727284620.jpg (55.1 KB, 533x292, skins52rich.jpg)

Incredible taste, anon. The actor is cute but especially Rich as a character…man of my dreams


No. 170793

File: 1612727412765.png (275.82 KB, 410x485, 1604253613995.png)