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File: 1630434150526.jpeg (140.33 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpeg)

No. 203731

Post your experiences and future plans – have you had plastic surgery? Would you like to get anything done? Tell us about it.

Old thread: >>>/g/139461

No. 203745

File: 1630442468425.jpeg (Spoiler Image,54.11 KB, 389x551, 7B049025-4308-42C6-BE2F-D3870F…)

I want to shave my nose bump off, it would cost $7,000 where I live and I don’t wanna travel to Mexico or Turkey for anything cheaper. It may take me about 2 years to save up

No. 203873

Try a liquid nose job! It’s filler added to ur nose and cost usually around 500. You’ll have to get it touched up after like a year, but it’s a good thing for in between.

No. 203875

I got my lips done for the first time in 2019. Then just got my boobs done in may. Plastic surgery is a bit addicting. I’m planning to get my nose done or a eyebrow lift for the end of this year.

No. 203882

Not that anon but how does adding filler to your nose help when the issue is a bump? I'm guessing the idea is that it smooths out by filling in around either side of the bump but then doesn't that raise the height of your nose? That kind of defeats the purpose, a bump sucks but so does having a bigger nose to get rid of it.

No. 203884

My nana was an old school glamour queen and she gave me some advice which I’ll pass on to you nonitas: never get permanent work done to meet a temporary beauty trend. If you’re getting work done to meet a trend sure it’s reversible/short-lasting, and if you’re getting longterm work done (ie rhinoplasty), make sure your goal is complementing the rest of your fave instead of getting nit completely reshaped. Godspeed anons.

No. 203893

File: 1630555047300.jpeg (317.12 KB, 1170x1162, D2114AB9-20EC-4045-BEA1-1E8FBD…)

I thought the same at first! But filler is usually 1ml, around a teaspoon (so not much bigger). Filling in the bump usually leads to a smaller looking nose, in a optical illusion kind of way. The bump tends to make your nose look bigger. Hope I explained this well

No. 204012

File: 1630656191661.jpg (Spoiler Image,91.27 KB, 1200x900, Pilar_cysts_5.jpg)

so… I don't think this is actually plastic surgery but I don't know where else to put it. I have at least 10 of these stupid cysts on my head. I don't know what kind they are specifically but I just googled pilar cyst and it looks like this. I don't have insurance aside from medicaid and I don't know if I will ever be able to get them removed. you can't see them under my hair but oh my god I hate them so much. spoilered even though it's not that bad, I just don't want to gross anyone out. has anyone else dealt with these?

No. 204013

My mom had those. Removing them is not some complicated procedure, it doesn't take long. You should ask a dermatologist about it.

No. 204084

I know they're pretty easy to remove, I just don't know how much it will cost

No. 205044

I really badly want a nosejob to fix my nose from being lightly crooked and remove a bump. I want it to look like my own nose, just fixed. But of course literally everyone in my family is against it because "you won't look like yourself, it's a dumb risk, etc" so I'm seriously considering doing it behind their backs (I have the money) but I live with my parents so i don't know how I would be able to hide it…

No. 205352

I've had a fleur de lis abdominoplasty, thigh lift and breast lift is anyone has any questions they want answered. I have some sick gorey pics if anyone wants those.

I got it done after massive weight loss to reduce loose skin. I still deal with body image issues but at least i can look cute as fuck in clothing i like.

No. 205369

tbh it's not worth it anon, listen to your family. You just want a minor change, but are going to have to shell out major bucks for it and nose jobs are notoriously unreliable no matter how careful you try to be when shopping around. Best case scenario is it works but now you're down thousands, are stuck healing, and nobody can even tell unless they've been staring at you for 20 years. Worst case is you're down thousands, your nose is fucked, everyone can tell you had something weird done, and now you'll have to shell out more for a correction that may or may not work. But it's your face and your time and your money, so whatever
i love surgery pics lol

No. 205373

Not really a surgery question, but how much did you lose that you ended up with significant excess skin?

No. 205423

never heard of a thigh lift before, what is that? also, how long did it take to recover from the surgeries?

No. 205525

Money is literally no issue, I've got several times the amount of money I would need. It would be a small surgery of a difference but it would be a massive change for the better for my face and confidence. I don't even care if no one else would be able to tell because I would literally be doing it for myself. But I'm sure they would be able to tell because my nose IS crooked, even if it's lightly so it is visible and people would be able to tell that it's instead straight. Like even if it's subconscious (which I would prefer) I'm sure they'd think a straight nose looks better simply because… it does.
My family is the kind of people who will say everyone looks better in their natural face, but then praise all the celebs who have had work done as examples of what "natural" is. Still, I fear their judgment so much.

No. 205646

File: 1631686403865.jpg (Spoiler Image,494.99 KB, 1800x1708, 20210706_115726.jpg)

heres one from a 1 week check up! warning, involves post surgery shit like bruising, swelling, incisions etc. The line looks janky but my legs were in an awkward position

Loose skin is a weird subject because it depends on more than just weight loss. it comes down to genetics, skin elasticity and other shit. I lost a lot of weight so I was gonna have loose skin no matter what, but I lost 70kg in total.

I cant remember the technical name for it, but they basically slice you from your knee to your vag. cut off the excess and stitch you closed. The thigh lift was 110% the worst part of it all, I never would have gotten it with my other surgeries if I knew how much of a pain in the ass it was to deal with. I actually ended up getting an infection in it (not from the surgery itself) but that is part of the risk you take and I was fine.

It takes about 6 weeks till you're ""normal"" and can take compression gear off, but you can walk around and take yourself to the toilet without needing help at about 3 weeks.

No. 205647

File: 1631688678013.jpeg (85.86 KB, 892x339, 827AC0DF-FB4A-4E12-A1F2-3ED87B…)

Anyone had tooth contouring done? I have serrated front teeth and small 2nd teeth which makes my front look even bigger. I’m not losing sleep over it but I just got my first professional job and want to put some money aside and get them shaped. Does it hurt at all? What kind of money would I have to spend for it to be done well? Sage for not actually ps.

No. 205657

Hope your healing goes well and congratulations nonners

No. 205661

Kinda looks like an autopsy pic, I jumped from my seat

No. 205703

I had some mild tooth contouring done on my front teeth when I was a teen because I had slight mamelons. I unfortunately don't know how much it cost, but I can confirm that it doesn't hurt. It's not too different from getting your tooth drilled for a filling from what I recall.

No. 205728

looks great yet painful nonny, hope you heal well!

No. 206014


The reasons you listed are pretty much the same reasons I had for getting a nose job - to fix the noticeable crookedness and remove the bump on my nose. The surgery was the first week of August and it's been about three weeks since the bruising faded completely. I feel so much happier with my appearance and just…relieved is kind of a weird word to choose, but it most closely matches how I feel. Growing up, my family always made cracks about my nose and how it didn't look like anyone else's. Now that it's been straightened and most of the bump removed, my nose looks like my mom's - just an average, normal nose.

For you, it might be best to just hold onto the money for now and wait until you're out of your parent's house to get it done. The first month or so after surgery, your face will be bruised, swollen, and you'll look like shit (or at least feel like you do.) The last thing you need while trying to recover are people constantly giving you grief about having it done, commenting on your recovery appearance, or just generally stressing you out.

Use this time to research the surgeons in your area and lookup recommendations on how to prepare for the surgery and recovery process. Most reputable surgeons will have been in practice for years already and will likely still be around when you're ready to have it done.

No. 206109

Anyone ever used finddockorea for plastic surgery? What was it like?

No. 207038

File: 1632632110850.jpg (294.72 KB, 689x639, DImpled-Chin.jpg)

Has anyone had chin fillers for a weak chin? Does the filler on its own smooth out the chin dimples or would one need to get Botox as well for that? picrel is not mine but similar

No. 207061

anon weak chins on women are one of the best ways to look youthful. you would be an idiot to give yourself a strong chin

No. 207068

Why would you pick looking youthful over looking pretty? You wanna be an ugly teenager again?

No. 207070

weaker chins aren't ugly… i forgot which thread i entered, gl with your mental illness.

No. 207071

File: 1632680624609.jpeg (83.49 KB, 1200x783, 91F07DC5-959B-4D40-BA22-EC2E38…)

Give examples of women who look prettier with weak chins than actual well-structured chins

No. 207072


No. 207075

no because nothing will change your mind. you will never be happy with yourself no matter how much work you get one. seriously good luck

No. 207076

chin sperging is moid tier, anon. stop acting like a moid.

No. 207077

Ok samefag. Ntayrt but you're in the minority in thinking that having a face that melts into your neck is more attractive. Your bias against plastic surgery or weird chinchan fetish isn't relevant.

No. 207078

>implying it's samefag
no retard, caring this much about chins makes you the minority. use your money for a therapist not surgery

No. 207085

kek, I said it
>implying i'm ayrt
Kek. Nobody gives a shit about chins if theirs is normal looking. ayrt wants hers done because it looks bad to her. Additionally "You'll never be happy with yourself" is such obvious concern trolling. The majority of people who fix one really garbage feature move on with their lives, happy they don't have a glaring issue staring them back in the mirror.

No. 207086

therapy. now.

No. 207088

>anon weak chins on women are one of the best ways to look youthful

No. 207098

I get what this anon is saying but
This anon has a point too
You guys aren’t wrong
A weak chin can make you appear more youthful but in an ugly teen way

No. 207112

On the topic of weak chins, my dentist suggested I get jaw surgery to fix my overbite but I'm terrified. It'll also take like two years of traditional braces beforehand because my teeth are fucked up and I'm so embarrassed about wearing braces in my twenties. Don't know what to do. My other option is Invisalign + an orthodontic appliance, but it will only camouflage my jaw issue and I think my side profile won't change much. Either way, I'm scared of pouring thousands of dollars into something only to remain ugly.

No. 207116

i have always had jowls and heavy brows i was considering a pdo thread lift for. also interested in hydraulic acid lip fillers just for the humectant properties because I have had chronic dry ass lips since I was a child. anyone have experience with pdo?

No. 207123

I’ve done the HyaPen lip injections. So much cheaper than the needle and it looks exactly the same as getting juvaderm. You have to get a couple MLs to notice a big difference but the same goes for the needle. You have to get at least 2ml to notice a big difference unless you literally have no top lip. Do 1ml and two weeks later do another ml. I did 2ml and it was enough. Anything more and I’m afraid I’ll look like a few Cows here on the farms kek

No. 207127

In the same boat here. I plan to get Invisalign but I don't know if it'll help widen my narrow-ass palate. I just want a wide Hollywood smile damn it.

No. 207129

>I'm so embarrassed about wearing braces in my twenties.
Grow up honestly, it's 100x more childish to care so much what people think than it is to… what, fix your teeth later in life? Do you see adults with braces and think they're losers or something? I got braces at 28 even though my teeth are perfectly fine, I just wanted them to be perfect and here you are with your dentist telling you that you need surgery…

No. 207132

Yeah I know it's not very reasonable but I already get comments about looking like a 15-16 year old, and considering the field I study in I feel like it makes me lose a lot of credibility. They seem higher maintenance than Invisalign too. But honestly your comment made me put things into perspective so thank you for that. I guess my dilemma is less about the braces/aligners and more about the surgery. Part of me feels like I'm just being shallow and I won't be so self-conscious about my appearance in a few years' time, so I don't want to regret investing in such an invasive surgery.

Did your dentist suggest surgery too or does he think aligners will be enough? Mine says surgery is the better option but he thinks Invisalign is fine too if I'm too scared. God I don't know what to do. The risks of losing sensation or developing TMJ from the surgery are bothering me. I don't even want my smile to be perfect, I just don't want to look like a rat anymore.

No. 207133

Nonnie get your overbite fixed, this is not a cosmetic issue, talk to your doctor, a bite like this can fuck up your jaw and teeth. Nobody who isn't a total asshole will judge you for wearing braces.

No. 207146

I've had TMJD for years and I heard from a dentist – not orthodontist – that braces might be enough depending on whether the root cause is a teeth vs. jaw misalignment. I still have to ask a bunch of orthodontists here for more opinions, though. I'm hoping Invisalign will be enough for the both of us anon because I don't want surgery either! I'll leave that as a last resort. Would you be starting the process soon?

No. 207153

My ortho said it's a skeletal issue so I think I'm out of luck unfortunately. He's okay with me going the no-surgery route but I really don't know if it's a good idea. My TMJ is very slight as of right now so I'm scared either procedure will worsen it. I still have to get a proper, more in-depth consultation and then the dentist said I'd also need a gum graft, so I think it'll be a few weeks/months before I can start. My other issue is that the surgery is very time-sensitive i.e. I can't wait too long after the braces are off to get it done. The problem is I only get two 3-week vacations in the year, so I might have to offset the start of the process so that the surgery can fit into those time windows. If the braces take longer than expected then I'm fucked cause I'll be in third year of med school where I have basically no vacation. Anyway I wish you luck and I hope you can get by with nothing more than aligners. This surgery is a headache.

No. 207218

I am wondering if any anons have experience with getting work done to improve/lessen lower stomach fat? I have the unfortunate fat distribution that gains weight there first and lose it there last. I gained about ~20lb with lockdown and while I am working out again regularly (3/4 days a week) I have been absolutely obsessed with this part of my body and it drives me crazy. I want and plan to keep working out but I want to reduce this area as soon as possible since it bothers me so much. I'm not looking for a tuck or anything that'll keep me out of the gym for weeks. Does anyone have any advice/experience with coolsculpting, liposuction or anything else?

No. 207222

Coolsculpting can cause paradoxical adipose hyperplasia, where fat cells multiply instead of decreasing. Why go for quick fixes that can fuck your body up? If you eat right and lift you'll lose the weight in just a few months.

No. 207255


ayrt, i heard about linda evangelista which is why i am second guessing it and hoping there are other options or other people's perspectives. I wanted to look at some spot reduction options since I've been obsessing about it. I think it's just triggering my anxiety since i'm not in my early/mid 20s, so I worry that it'll be even harder to get rid of with just food/exercise.

No. 207359

if you really want results asap, you should increase workouts to strictly 5x/week instead of 3 or 4 if at all possible nonnington. good luck!!

No. 207375

File: 1632918724877.jpg (16.08 KB, 591x312, 5Aflxn2.jpg)

I got chin fillers, just 0.5 ml though, but I like it. My chin wasn't super weak, but I wanted it to be a bit bigger/pointier. Picrel is what it looked after I got it done, it's been a couple of months but it looks mostly the same. It's a subtle difference though, but it improved my profile I think.

No. 207394


No. 207432

I got a nose job 6 years ago. When I look at pictures from the first two years post surgery I could cry. I don't what happened, but my nose looks so wonky now. It's still better than my pre-surgery nose, but the fact that I had an almost perfect nose for a very shot period of time is depressing. Not gonna touch it again though, I'm not that insane.

I got my 11-lines injected with botox for the first time 4 months ago and now I have to make up my mind whether I should do it again. I feel like my overall mood is declining as the botox is wearing off. Now I'm wondering if the ability to subconsciously frown affects my mood.

No. 207436

Looks really good nona! I was thinking of getting the same actually, just for a subtle change. Does it hurt at all?

No. 207459

Looks very pretty!

No. 207480

I'm going on my first consultation for botox this friday. I want it to look as natural as possible. Procedures i'm interested in are stuff like fillers for my dark under-eye circles, slight eyebrow lift and v shaped jawline/chin. I am wondering about possible long-term side effects, i know it only lasts a couple months but i just want to be on the safer side i guess.

No. 207481

Could it be that you got a nose job while your nose was still developing? (Despite you maybe being past your teens)
That sounds like something that isn't supposed to happen

No. 207565

File: 1633047783330.jpg (145.27 KB, 827x737, Tumblr_l_190851820824121.jpg)

Wish I could guarantee great results like this without migration but most likely id end up with massive filler stache

Big lower lip with small upper lip feels

No. 207581

Fat grafting. Costs more but lasts much longer, no migration, looks and feels natural. As always look for a proven provider though, they have to prep it the right way so it doesn't just get reabsorbed

No. 207662

File: 1633138631440.jpg (78.47 KB, 900x900, promo-8847e457c7c94bf4a03a65d5…)

Isn't the nose one of the few body parts that keeps changing throughout life? I had a crooked nose with a bump and it's still straight. It just got less defined and the nosetrils look uneven from the front like Cara Delevingne in some pics. The fact that I couldn't find a better example might be a sign to stfu.

It's just a mixture of getting older, inflammation due to bad lifestyle choices and me being a side sleeper (not during the healing process ofc). I tried sleeping on my back but I'm already an insomniac.

No. 207751

File: 1633213124164.jpg (49.04 KB, 2000x764, rib removal.jpg)

has anyone here had rib removal surgery ? im thinking about saving up for it because i look exactly like the "before" pic in this. i literally feel like a man or worse, a tranny especially because my style is "cute" and im skinny… is it worth it ?

No. 207754

The before has a decently defined waist and looks feminine. The after looks anachan kinda, but do you. I really don’t think you look like a tranny though

No. 207758

you're probably better off trying to build muscle in your butt, hips, and thighs, i am more petite with a "boxier" frame and bulking up the thighs and butt will help even you out a bit

No. 207781

Holy shit anon, you do not look like a tranny. No man has a body like left. You have some severe dysphoria, but at least try >>207758 this before removing your fucking ribs

No. 207805

Seeing posts like this is mentally exhausting. Do not pay to have your rib(s) removed, jesus christ. There is absolutely nothing ugly or man-like about the body on the left. Please take a break from social media or whatever is giving you these insane expectations about your body and go have a burger and touch some grass

No. 207815

I hope the nitpicking retards on /snow/ see this and remember it every time they call a slim, perfectly nice body a 'fridge'. This is their legacy.

No. 207849

waiting for more anons to post their bodies to motivate me to lose weight.

No. 207984

Sorry for the late reply I wasn't checking this thread - it only hurt a little bit, but the sensation was so weird, I think because they inject it pretty deep. Just make sure you find a good injector who makes you feel safe and they use numbing cream and it shouldn't be too bad I think.

No. 208000

I have a really dramatic breast asymmetry issue. In the UK, corrective surgery for breast asymmetry is supplied by the NHS according to their website, but I'm not sure if I want to do it.
Don't implants have to be replaced every 10 years? I'm thinking ahead to the future where getting implant replacements for my one tiny tit isn't probably going to be that easy, (im assuming the worst when it comes to economic and climate troubles) and I don't like the idea of something synthetic being inside me either.
Idk. should I do it? It's not life destroying or super noticeable clothed, but like, I never ever want to take my shirt off in-front of my boyfriend for this reason. It just looks ridiculous when I'm naked. It's a source of shame for sure.

No. 208019

You'd have better luck doing that in CC. So many insecure fatties

No. 208020

Anon please don't. Get some muscle mass by going to the gym instead, stay natural and avoid uncesessary surgery!

No. 208028

File: 1633372027485.gif (1.41 MB, 300x264, NeatBasicDodobird-size_restric…)

>rib removal surgery
>rib removal

No. 208039

File: 1633377337264.jpg (Spoiler Image,85.72 KB, 1056x696, brazilian-butt-lift-before-aft…)

if you're going to get a surgery to improve your silhouette (which is probably perfectly fine anyway) just get a BBL… it will make your hips look wider and your waist look smaller. still wouldn't recommend it but it's MUCH safer than getting ribs removed. your ribs protect your organs and are there for a reason. a BBL is probably cheaper too.

No. 208040

Time to get off the internet anon and look at some women irl around you. That's a normal woman's waist. Sure it's not most cinched hourglass in existence but most women don't have that.

No. 208042

Idk, from googling it rib removal seems worse.

No. 208046

Ahhh wtf did I just read. Do not get a rib removed. What kind of cyberpunk ass movie torture ass shit is that. The before pic looks fine, reminds me of a runway model's proportions actually. Men will care more that you're skinny and if you have a nice ass so consider working on that instead of removing bones from your body! I hope whichever scrote surgeon came up with that procedure died a painful death. and that it was his bones that tumblr witches were stealing in 2015 (as karma)

No. 208055

Nobody should be getting BBLs or rib removals. Nobody.

No. 208098

might want to consider braces if you also have an overbite, fixes the face without heavy jaw surgery

No. 208318

I had braces for 4 years and while it fixed my bite, my chin remained weak

No. 208320

Anyone had only 0.5 ml of lip fillers? How much of a difference did it make?

No. 208376

File: 1633568090097.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1242x1428, 1D626725-3C4F-44F0-84A3-1B3B1C…)

0.5ml is a literal waste of money unless you’re fixing something like picrel.

Even getting 1ml only makes a slightly noticeable difference. It mostly just adds volume to your lips so they look plumper.

No. 208408

File: 1633586438179.jpg (67.35 KB, 960x720, jawliftsugery.jpg)

i really want to start working on my lower face since it's the worst, i want to get jaw lift, chin and lip fillers, and botox to get the smile resting face or at least get rid of my gloomy resting face

No. 208409

Not to bash on you or any of anons in this thread but god it's bizarre that in a relatively short amount of time we've gone from "Ps is only (socially) acceptable when it's to fix something really really bad, like that absolute hook nose you get bulled for or boobs that make your back hurt" to "Time to get this, this and that procedure done on my pretty average and normal face like it's ordering a hamburger!". Absolutely surreal to read this thread.

No. 208429

will we ever not live in a society anons

No. 208523

Honestly I don’t see anything wrong with a little filler or Botox. Similar to getting a hair cut or changing your hair color. It’s temporary and in the end it boosts your self esteem.

Chopping your nose off, removing ribs or sawing down your jaw is a whole other story. And if you’re that unhappy with your face you likely will never be happy with it.

No. 208524

>a little filler or Botox. Similar to getting a hair cut or changing your hair color. It’s temporary
I agree the other procedures you mentioned are more extreme, but "temporary" fillers have been shown to persist years longer than expected, and they can migrate into weird areas of the face so you end up with the puffy, distorted look of so many older celebs. It's not something to undertake lightly and the more you do it over time the more it's likely to build up and look gross (https://www.thevictoriancosmeticinstitute.com.au/2019/09/how-long-do-dermal-fillers-really-last-mri-scans-provide-evidence/)

No. 208526

AYRT and I totally agree. I’m not saying anyone should just get filler or Botox or just jump into it like the other anon said as ordering a hamburger. I only get a little lip filler but knowing full well I could end up with that bloat face a lot of cows and celebs have if I’m not careful. I started to do the HyaPen thinking maybe less chance of migration. I’m sure there will always be some of it left over even with the HA filler.

No. 208552

Hi anon
Maybe talk to your GP and go through the pros and cons with them. Or even a counsellor. Implants do need replacing every 10-20 years, but you say the main issue is self consciousness when naked eg not wanting your boyfriend to see. Would he necessarily react badly? If he didn’t care about the size difference would your own feelings about your boobs improve?

No. 208660

this surgery is really extreme and if you can be convinced out of it you shouldnt do it. ive also been shamed for even wanting it and honestly i get it we should not be expected to do these barbaric things to our body. i consulted for it this year actually and will probably have it done next year (cutting 10-12 on both sides) because i have the same issue but probably worse than you… my ribs 10, 11, and 12 are flared out and i have a very awful rectangle body that looks bad when i wear clothes that should fit me normally. you will get like a 2” reduction. the only surgeons who do it right where they cut and reshape your lat muscle after removing the bones in the US are Dr Eppley and Dr Dorner otherwise it will be for nothing if you arent corsetting because the muscle will still be straight based on how you were born thats what happened to the human ken doll when he got his ribs removed and you couldnt even tell the results… how dangerous the surgery is i think depends on your body type, if you have a longer torso your organs are higher up but if you have a shorter torso rib 10 probably cannot be cut because your lungs could be exposed… you will get two scars on your back that are 1” long on both sides but you can fraxel laser them and make them invisible so you probably want to factor some laser sessions in

i also had other plastic surgery though… if you are not sort of into PS then i dont think you should do this its extreme unless you are really going for a certain look. i plan on hiding the fact that i got it done from my family for sure because how controversial it is

good luck nona i hope you can find a way to accept yourself because you are beautiful even with perceived flaws

No. 208682

File: 1633731708055.jpg (49.11 KB, 717x189, dxgdggdg.jpg)

No. 208700

Getting plastic surgery is peak pickme behavior, you might think you're doing it for yourself, but deep deep deep deep down, if not for medical reasons, you're doing it to appease other people, 'cause you think you aren't good enough. Change my mind

No. 208706

Are we not allowed to want to look attractive? I don't really get why this is such a radical concept, people have been doing things to alter and (in their minds) improve their looks since the dawn of time. Even men want to look attractive, it's a pretty human desire to feel better about yourself when you fall within conventional beauty standards whether or not you actually want a partner. Do you feel similarly about dressing nicely, painting your nails, exercising and maintaining a fit body, getting haircuts? I mean I'm one of the people that think ribanon is insane and it pains me to see perfectly pretty girls thinking they need to turn themselves into uncanny valley blow-up dolls, but I've also seen a lot of very natural looking ps where people still look like themselves, just more youthful and fresh. I don't think anyone should be shamed for aging naturally, but I also don't think all people who have ps feel they're worthless without it. They just enjoy maintaining an image of youthfulness as long as possible. Not sure why that would be weird for anyone really.

No. 208707

what if someone wants to do it for another woman's approval? i think most people care about others' opinions to some degree

No. 208708

Read above pic again. Slowly this time

No. 208709

You're right that nobody has surgery for themselves but having insecurities and wanting to be attractive =/= being a pickme. wtf is the point of pickme as an insult/descriptor if it applies to literally 99% of women? We've all been socialized since birth to be insecure and prioritize our looks, that's just the norm and those who get surgery are just taking it a bit further than others.

If anything pickmes are the sort to brag to men about being naturally perfect and not needing surgery unlike other fake girls.

No. 208711

Obviously nobody gets it for themselves but I’m guessing you don’t have a big nose or a weak chin or any other feature that you’ve been insecure of your whole life, so you don’t know what it’s like to have that pressure on you. Plus we are women and from the moment that we are born we are bombarded with the pressure to be beautiful. I envy girls who like you who just don’t get it and don’t see why anyone else should. Just think back on your childhood. Most girls toys are makeup and barbies and barbies wherein you put makeup on them. Princess stuff, nail polish, etc. look at cartoons, notice how any male character is allowed to have wonky noses, exaggerated chins, bodies in all variations but all girls look exactly the same, facially, big eyes, tiny sloped nose, puckered lips. The only females who look different or older in kids shows are the villains or weirdoes or background characters. Boys on the other hand get marketed with fun toys and are allowed to be messy. imagine being told all your life that you are SUPPOSED to be beautiful, and then when you put in the effort , you’re called vain or villified by men who would ridicule you for not trying to be beautiful either. We can never win.

No. 208715

Don't be disingenuous. Every woman on the planet has had their looks picked apart and shat all over regardless of their actual "beauty". Women who oppose plastic surgery aren't perfect, confident 10/10 stacies who jUsT dOnt gEt It, they're just trying to undo societal brainwashing.

No. 208720

I have a large nose. Not like “holy shit look at that lady’s nose” large, but it’s prominent enough to be a thing people have teased me for. No I’m not Jewish.
I wanted a nose job from when I was 13 until I hit 25 or so. I don’t think I gained any better self image, but didn’t like the idea of not looking like myself or that it could go wrong and somehow look worse.
Also it makes my face interesting I guess,

No. 208745

>they're just trying to undo societal brainwashing

well you’re doing a great job

No. 208752

Did you miss this part, oh close reader?
>whether or not you actually want a partner
Even if I never saw another human again, I would rather see an attractive face in the mirror with few wrinkles when I hit an older age than getting saggier. Few enough words to make it through your head this time?

No. 208762

I know I am. Have fun spending thousands of dollars on procedures that will eventually disfigure you or kill you. Women who defend ps are pathetic.

No. 208765

Yeah I have a fairly big Italian nose, nothing too dramatic but people who wanted to annoy or tease me always brought it up.

I sure as hell maybe would be prettier with a tinier or straighter nose but I’m kinda afraid of ending like prettypastelplease (or whatever her yt name is) and having a smaller but wonkier nose.

But most importantly i feel like I’d just end up looking like all those million insta thot clones with the same re-hashed look.

At the end of the day, yeah I’d want people to find me attractive. I have very very attractive friends and people fawn over her when she leaves the room. Most importantly I want to find myself attractive when i look in a mirror, it doesn’t have much to do with wanting to attract men or be accepted.

No. 208831

I agree, I would rather look individual than one of 1000s of nose-jobbed lip-inflated identical Insta models. When Love Island is on I can hardly tell the white girls apart half the time.

No. 208937

>Wanting to look good-taking pleasure in trying to look good-does too.
When you want to see "an attractive face in the mirror" that is honestly even more sad than pick mes wanting to look good for men. You're performing even though no one is watching. Your self worth is intrinsically tied to your looks, but it's okay because you do it for your own approval.

No. 208950

I say this at the risk of sounding crazy but I had a small nose bump like OP and I just smoothed it out with my finger. Like I really just would massage up and down my nose bridge every morning and night with my spf or moisturizer using light pressure and it's flattened out. Idk if it's permanent but if I really just have to rub my finger up and down my nose twice a day to not have a nose bump for free I feel like it's worth it.

No. 208954

How do you nonnies afford plastic surgery? I'm poor but I wanna get lipo. I'm at a normal weight but whenever I've gained weight it's always gone to my arms and stomach and made me uncomfortable

No. 208961

>at a normal weight
Girl just get a gym membership. I'm not a plastic surgery hater but why on earth would you even consider going under the knife for something you could easily and affordably fix yourself?

No. 208967

Because my body literally looks fucking disgusting especially when I gain weight. The weight goes to my fucking arms and stomach and I look like a monkey. I also have no boobs. I would post a pic of me at a higher weight but that would be very autistic of me

No. 208969

Also samefag and sage for autism but I hate exercising

No. 208971

You will never maintain lipo results without a healthy diet and exercise. You would be flushing money down the toilet. Not only is it not the miracle you seek but you could skip the lipo and solve all the problems you hope to fix with lipo by just doing the aftercare… Put your big girl panties on and commit to a healthier lifestyle if you want the results or get therapy so you can accept your fat arms as the logical product of your laziness.

No. 208973

When you get plastic surgery you have to work out anyway

No. 208977

You guys are right. I'm just seeking the easy way out, but I guess there isn't. Thank you.

No. 209004

Nat but this take is dumb AF. What’s the issue with wanting to look good for yourself? If anything that’s heaps better than wanting to look good for other people with varying and changing tastes.

People with body dismorphia and PS addiction are obviously not what I’m talking about but I can understand that someone may want to remove extra skin after a massive weight loss or lift their tits and that’d have nothing to do with looking good for others.
Would you say the same thing about tattoos, haircuts or fake nails?

No. 209068

any anons have a lower blepharoplasty/eye bags surgically removed? Thinking about going that route vs tear trough fillers. Also considering fat grafting to my temples/forehead…

No. 209069

Please enlighten me as to why you'd put fat into your forehead? Never heard of anyone doing that before. What's the benefit?

No. 209085

File: 1633979207346.jpeg (86.78 KB, 1278x720, CF23CDA7-4E70-4F1E-8066-BF0A3D…)

it might just be a retarded nitpick about myself, but I feel like my browbone is too prominent and it makes me look like a caveman lol. pic rel

No. 209091

File: 1633982147070.png (693.25 KB, 477x628, 487037043275034.png)

Nta but yes, this is a retarded nitpick. Left just looks like a regular human head, the defined brow makes it more elegant and less cutesy if anything. You don't have to have a sphere head to be attractive anon, plenty of women have a slight dip like that and it looks normal/literally no one pays attention to that except for plastic surgeons who want you to be insecure about the most random shit. Kristen Stewart has a profile like this and she's a babe

No. 209100

the after picture looks like someone who ran into a wall every day for at least 10 years. For me, the before picture has way more harmony in the face. Please ignore this nitpick of yourself and move on with your life, no one cares about your browbone and that's good as it is.

No. 209108

I don't think it looks cavemannish but I can't change your aesthetic preferences. My concern for you anon is that much of the fat used in fat grafts is metabolized, so some months after the procedure there's a chance you could end up with an uneven lump of fatty tissue on your head which is much more of an eyesore than a prominent brow. I don't know if there's another way to address your concerns but please proceed with caution.

No. 209277

>woman who's otherwise perfect has trait, therefore the trait is not bad

Stop this. A supermodel can look good with a beak nose or monkey ears, that doesn't mean it looks good on normal people.

No. 209289

Most women are attractive. Even the "average" girl typically has a few features which stand out as pretty and unique. I doubt anon is a troglodyte considering she only mentioned some eye bags and her head, and you don't know otherwise either. So no, I will not stop and you're the one making assumptions. Even if she was ugly you're acting like altering a curved brow would improve an otherwise hideous face, which is retarded, so your point is moot.

No. 209296

>Even the "average" girl typically has a few features which stand out as pretty and unique.

Not really, that's why it's called average. Unremarkable. No one wants to be average. Most people can do with some improvements here and there including the nonnie with the prominent browbone.

No. 209349

I have the opposite problem, forehead too flat O wish it was more of a sphere or even had a caveman browbone, just anything but a flat face with nothing prominent but my huge fucking nose.

No. 209416

I'm sorry but this is insane. What the fuck, anon?

No. 209965

I'm not sure if this has already been discussed, but I'm posting just in case no one else was aware of it. This is the first I'm hearing about Breast Implant Illness, but there's a lot of stuff online about it. I changed my mind on getting implants, the risks are not worth it IMO

No. 209966

File: 1634568686594.jpeg (255.32 KB, 640x752, 18B49C46-E55C-49B4-A299-1795D5…)

No. 209968

>chronic brain fog
>brain fog
it's true!

No. 209997

BII has only been found in women who received textured implants. Women with smooth implants are not thought to be at risk. I would also recommend any nonas looking into implants to avoid the ones filled with silicone, including "gummy bear" implants, because if they rupture the silicone gel goes everywhere and must be removed from your insides. Smooth saline implants are the safest on the market - smooth implants haven't been found in women with BII and saline is safely absorbed into the body if they should rupture - though obviously accepting your body without implants is the lowest risk out of all your options.

No. 210014

Every time I see pics like OP I think they'd look so much better with the "After" makeup and lighting with their original face.

No. 210356

No. 210492

I don't believe in breast implant illness. The symptoms seem way too vague.

No. 210495

Nta but doesn’t saline look and feel way too unnatural? I have deformed breasts and the older I get the more I seriously think about getting implants cause I feel like an imposter of a woman but I could never forgive myself if I ever gave my healthy body potential illnesses.

No. 210519

Happened to Yolanda too. (Gigi Hadid’s mom on an episode of The Real housewives of Beverly Hills)

No. 210529

They don't feel as natural as silicone, but they can look natural when placed under the muscle and if you don't go crazy big. I have an in-law with saline implants and I didn't know she had them until she told me. They look really natural on her. She went pretty large (but not crazy bimbo size) and I still never suspected they were fake. I didn't squeeze them or anything to compare the feel but they look great and she's had them for several years. She got them done after she finished breastfeeding and she chose saline because of her safety concerns. Over the muscle they will look super obvious but unless you're a body builder it's unlikely that your surgeon would recommend that.
>I feel like an imposter of a woman
Sweet nona please get this sorted before you get implants should you ever decide to. You are no less a woman because of the shape of your natural breasts. No one gets cosmetic surgery if they're totally happy with themselves but breasts do not a woman make, your chromosomes do!

No. 210556

That’s something to think about ig, thank you. And also, thank you so much for your kind words. I know my breasts (or lack thereof lol) don’t define my sex but it’s really hard out here when woman=feminine=nice round breasts. I’ve been dealing with this since I was a teenager and I’m otherwise a very non-shallow person who’s generally against plastic surgery but this has been affecting me and my mental health too much. But I will probably never actually go through with it due to my health anxiety issues…

No. 210568

I understand how you feel! I have really small breasts and it took a lot of work to not hate myself and accept that I was just as worthy a woman as any other. Your value as a woman is your birthright, regardless of breasts, butt, face, clothing hair, etc. and you deserve to love yourself and be loved for your natural state. And that said, I'm still considering getting implants because I still want them after sorting out my mental problems kek. But I don't hate my body anymore, and if I never go through with it I know I will still love myself and treat myself as valuable and worthy. I think it's really important to not consider PS as a means to fix low self esteem, because if you don't address your feelings first then it may end up worsening your mental health rather than making you feel better. That's sort of the slippery slope that a lot of people take when they go too far and get botched. You have to love yourself enough not to do anything crazy in hopes that it'll fix something. But it sounds like whatever you choose in the end you'll be okay, because you seem care about yourself enough to be really cautious about potential health risks.

No. 210672

Thank you so much for those words. I really needed to hear that. I’m glad you’re learning to accept yourself as you are. I wish you the best lovely nonita.

No. 211211

File: 1635371751309.png (38.17 KB, 275x258, 1630265101390.png)

so ive always had a weak jaw and decided to get jawline-filler and i was honestly surprised how good they made me look! anyways, i feel like whenever i get touch-ups, my jawline tends to look "fluffy" idk how to say it, but the 1st time i had it done it was sharp like angelina jolies jawline and now it seems so "fluffy". any other nonnies have had this experience? idk what to do. i definitely dont have 20k to get jaw-implants..

No. 211214

Normal with fillers, they can migrate and they don't completely dissolve in your body naturally, so the area may look like it's dissolved but in fact it just moved around a bit. That's why it never looks as good as the first time when you had no filler in your body. You should see if you can get the old filler dissolved by your doc before trying to add any more.

No. 211215

shoot me.. honestly.. even if it looks weirdly puffy it still looks much much better than before.. ugh..

No. 211217

That's just how fillers are and it sucks that drs pretend the fillers themselves are completely temporary when it's just the results that are temporary. But even though you can't get the same sharp results as the first time I'm sure you look beautiful. Don't even think about jaw implants there is too much risk and the reward is not worth it. Fillers are much lower risk, just see if you can get some of the old filler dissolved before your next touch up.

No. 211697

Like a month late but no one really answered your question. Filler helps a bit for the dimpling, but Botox works better. I get filler in my chin and my NP always recommendss Botox as well.

No. 211940

i’m considering getting cool sculpting done on my stomach and inner thighs, but i’m afraid i’ll end up botched and wasting a huge amount of money. i’m thin to begin with but i just can’t seem to get rid of the rest of my fat in those areas.
has anyone had cool sculpting before and did it turn out okay?

No. 212034

File: 1635916761032.jpg (Spoiler Image,297.47 KB, 465x778, Carol_Doda_06_465_778_int.jpg)

I feel like people think just because a photo of a woman is from the 1900-1970s somehow means there's no plastic surgery or photo editing or that plastic surgery back then was very obvious

This is carol doda, she has one of the first xl breast augmentations done in the 60s and they look completely natural, there was also plenty of photo editing back then especially for skin smoothing. It just feels like anytime women are ever shown nude she altered her body either with corseting, surgery, etc or via photo editing, I just don't understand what was so wrong with the female body that we had to subject ourselves to constant discomfort to be attractive. And now that the norm is being attractive it's even harder

No. 212106

Hi anons, I am going to turn 25 and I'm thinking of doing Botox. I want it for my forehead. I have extremely fine lines (you cannot see them unless you look closely) and I can't tell if those are from self harm scars since I cut there in a horizontal motion years ago. I'm worried, though, because I'm read if you get Botox on one part of your face, lines will start showing up elsewhere. It seems weird to me and I'm not sure how legitimate that is. I also want to have a CO2 ablative laser and a laser for my eye veins, which have made me look like I have dark circles. I am also thinking of PRP injections for my undereye area since it is slightly hollow and I don't want filler since that can stretch the skin in that area out. Lastly, I want implants. I would prefer saline for safety reasons as I want to avoid BII. I'm not sure how natural they will look, though. I'm starting out as a 32D. Any thoughts?

No. 212109

Botox in your 20s will just ruin your face. Wait till you’re 40

No. 212116

You can get rid of fine lines with retin-a and/or microneedling. Don't jump for the fillers so soon

No. 212118

>I'm young, should I get Botox?
>I have big tits, should I get implants?
>I cut up my fucking face
>I want to laser away my eye veins
You need therapy not plastic surgery

No. 212119

Mind your own business if you aren’t gonna give me advice

No. 212120

That is my advice. Unchecked mental illness and plastic surgery do not play nice together. If you don't want to be botched by 30, go to therapy.

No. 212121

You probably are haggard lmao

No. 212124

>t. anon who mutilated her face so badly it looks like premature wrinkling

No. 212125

calm the fuck down and sage you bpd newfaggot. the other anon is right, you are completely mentally ill. you are clearly not looking for advice either.

No. 212126

I’m looking for advice on what I should get lmao no need to be bitchy because you spent your day on this site Lmao

No. 212129

File: 1635976937566.jpg (131.42 KB, 850x504, pete-burns-freak.jpg)

Nta but you shouldn't get any plastic surgery if you self harm, you need to fix that shit up first and even then you still risk ending up like this because surgery is even more addicting than self harm.

No. 212130

Bitch I don’t want filler on my cheeks are you dumb

No. 212131

>t. anon who mutilated her face so badly it looks like premature wrinkling

go see a therapist not a surgeon.

No. 212139

File: 1635978637218.jpeg (643.27 KB, 1170x723, 1F753DC8-0F1E-4C4F-BB1A-CF11CB…)

I have a consultation for chin lipo soon, but the results on their website look extremely underwhelming. They all look like they still have double chins in the final result (pic related). Should I just find another doctor to do the procedure, or are these results typical for this surgery? I don’t want to spend 4k+ to still have a double chin after

No. 212140

This just shows how insecure women are pathetic. Straight to looks based insults. There's something really ironic about a person who is asking for ps advice calling someone else haggard. I'm sorry but other anons are right. The only thing you should get is therapy. Botox is unnecessary at any age but especially at 24 and all undereye injections can lead to blindness.

No. 212142

There is no difference between these two photos. It’s a before and after? Doesn’t seem worth the money.

No. 212143

Honestly from the heart: You want a lot things and thats not a good sign. People should get surgery if it affects their life negatively and non of these inprefections scream that to me. Botox … well I remember a time when everytime the word botox was said it was also said that it's a poison for the body. It doesn't say that anymore anywhere. It's never good to inject botox. You might as well try psychedelics to make you realize you don't need any of this posh surgery bullshit for a happy life if you want to try some poison.

No. 212144

Have you tried losing weight first? Specifically building muscle and lowering your bf% ? Either way, shop around. Google is free, RealSelf has millions of before and after photos.

No. 212146


nona, the other anon is right. if you're heavier, your best bet is to work out and drop some weight first (this includes a good diet). if you still have this issue after, i have read about kybella (injectable) but i highly recommend checking out realself and discussing with a qualified professional who will shoot straight with you in a consultation. good luck nona

No. 212150

i’m not fat lmao. would gaining muscle really help? i don’t see how that would affect my chin/jawline.

No. 212151

U just have a fat face then sorry

No. 212155

i think the after picture loks quite nice actually and natural

No. 212158

If you're thin with a double chin, it's going to be hard to get a good result from chin lipo because it's likely not caused by excess fat. Two things that can help a double chin on a thin person is having your bite assessed by a dentist and working on your posture. If both your bite and neck are properly aligned, then you might look into filler around your jawline.

No. 212160

There's skinny and there's fit. Lowering your overall body fat percentage can make your face slimmer.

No. 212170

I had fillers put in my cheekbones and nasolabials for the first time 2 years ago, to correct the ones I had (genetically). I had no other visible signs of aging, I was 26. Things looked great for a while, the technician was very nice and told me to come back in 6 months to put more in my right side since it was more pronounced. Due to COVID I skipped.

After about a year, I noticed a drastic, almost overnight change in my fat distribution - my under-eyes suddenly drooped and hollowed out, the apples of my cheeks became lower and my face shape looked slightly different in 3D view (sharper cheekbones and the slightest sagging in jaw/mouth corners). I've been told this is not supposed to happen overnight, but for me the change was drastic and I never recovered. Nobody else noticed any of these things (neither the fillers nor the sagging), but I did. My face just looked almost uncanny one morning, like there was something wrong with it and it took time to figure out what.

I went back this summer to have it looked at but something seemed funny, the same technician forgot I even existed, they didn't have my customer information, and I only booked a consultation but she put more filler in anyway. She also did it differently from how she did it last time and my cheekbones looked kind of overfilled until recently, without the sagging ever going away. Everything seemed rushed and a bit fishy.

Could this drooping be due to filler migration? I want to have it looked at and potentially dissolved but I keep telling myself it's just natural aging and I'm making excuses to cope. It's just shocking to me that so much would change so rapidly.

I just want my natural face back. Neither of my parents aged badly or have saggy jowls and I look a lot like my mother. I eat healthy, don't smoke or drink, and I wear sunscreen religiously so I find it hard to believe this is normal.

No. 212174

Dissolve your filler, but aging is in fact normal.

No. 212177

Did you go to a doctor or a beauty parlor? Hard to tell from your wording here.
>Didn't have my customer information
That is weird. Could have been done off the books? Did you pay with cash or a cash app? I would not go back to that technician. They should have on file what you had done.
>Could drooping be due to filler migration?
Possible but there's no way of knowing until you see a doctor about this. It is also possible that you suddenly noticed your natural aging. You're in the age range where many women lose the baby fat in their face so your features become more prominent. It's gradual, but can feel sudden. Hope you'll get a second opinion from a qualified plastic surgeon. If your tech felt sketch who knows how qualified they were to give you fillers or where they sourced them from. Hopefully nothing went wrong but better to be safe than sorry.

No. 212178

Well yes, but not overnight surely.
It was a well known ps clinic in my city but the person was a trained nurse, not a doctor.

No. 212179

404 - Jaw not found
You could try losing fat but the non-existing Jaw will make it very hard.

No. 212180

It wasn't overnight. Probably the combination of bad technique, filler migration and slight aging. As the other anon said we often don't notice tiny, gradual changes.

No. 212182

Okay, so not a salon? I ask bc there are some nurses who do fillers and other injectables but they don't work in doctor's offices or with surgeons, they take some classes on injectables and get certified and only do those services, usually out of a salon environment. While it sounds like a good thing (because they're "specialized," right?) they have less training on the techniques and the complex anatomy of the face, may not have access to the best quality products, and aren't the safest bet to trust with your face. But it sounds like you're talking about a clinic with surgeons, so she might just be clerically retarded. It's always possible for surgeons and highly trained nurses to fuck shit up too. Just the odds are way less than when dealing with a beauty parlor nurse.
>Not overnight surely
No, and I don't want to gaslight you into thinking overnight changes in your face are normal. I still think you should get a second opinion about this from a different doctor or nurse at another plastic surgery center that does similar procedures. That having been said, it really can feel like it happens overnight. I remember when it happened to my face a few years ago. I looked terrible with baby fat, so waking up hotter was pretty exciting and memorable. But I had no fillers or other procedures so I didn't have any doubt like you're having right now. See a doctor, but be prepared for the possibility that it's just aging.

No. 212195

Lol what? Literal doctors always advise to look for signs of mental illness before approving plastic surgery for a patient. Are all of them jealous hags too?

No. 212196

Kybella is better and cheaper

No. 212224

Yeah, I'm 100% open to the fact that it might just be aging, but like you said I'm suspecting it's not just that. Will check with a doctor just in case since consultations are supposed to be free in another clinic, thanks for the reply anon!

No. 212262

ntayrt but this was helpful for me, thanks. I have a couple fine lines in the same spot that I’d like to get rid of without botox.

I’ve seen some fine lines referred to as “dehydration lines” but idk how to tell the difference or if that’s even a real thing, lol.

No. 212287

>dehydration lines

After being in Shay threads for so many years and seeing people like graveyardgirl, I can believe it. I've had lines that appear when my face is too oily (I have oily skin) and I haven't showered yet that day, but then I wash my face and they're gone. They're not dirt, its like actual lines on my face. This is why I think people who say that oily skin is ideal because you'll never appear old must not have the skin type themselves, because when this happens I certainly do look haggard. My paternal grandmother is in her 70s and still has oily skin.

No. 212330

Update, it was filler migration. I don't actually have jowls, my cheeks were just overfilled and starting to sag downwards. Fuck fillers.

No. 212868

I got 2ml filler in each cheek, shit cost $2000. Had supermodel cheekbones for a month and now they're just.. meh. It flattened out a lot. Gonna get cheek implants instead. I'm kinda over all these temporary procedures like fillers and thread lifts. They're the fast food version of plastic surgery.

No. 212879

>$2000 to look almost imperceptibly hotter for a month
Is this the post-scarcity utopia I've been hearing so much about?

No. 212900

Glad you got it checked out nonna and thanks for updating.

No. 213004

How much and where?

No. 214296

Will PRP injections to the undereye area stretch the skin out?

No. 214321

File: 1637623296632.png (Spoiler Image,64.6 KB, 293x177, mouth.png)

I don't even know how to ask this without sound kind of insane. but I have noticed most people when they talk/smile their teeth kind of protrude.. mine don't. they're really far back in my head. like when I smile there's actually an indent where my mouth is… if that even makes sense. I fucking hate it so much. is there any surgery that could change this, like make my teeth protrude more? probably not but I'm just wondering. I inherited it from my mom who has the same smile, every time I see her laughing I'm like god that's so ugly, it makes me not wanna smile or laugh. I'm definitely not imagining it.

sorry to post a picture of some random moid's ugly mouth but it was the closest thing I could find to what I have (although my mouth is much worse). I also have a tooth gap, rip. spoilered bc ugly

No. 214329

Book a consult with an orthodontist anon, they can definitely help

No. 214369

you probably just have an underbite

No. 214393

Jaw surgery is your only option. I have the same issue and keep going back and forth wondering if it's worth $20-30k.

No. 214419

Never heard of an underbite or braces?

No. 214526

File: 1637733072765.jpg (Spoiler Image,57.34 KB, 419x800, Melania-Trump-Nude-Sexy-31.jpg)

Do you guys think Melania has had implants since the 80s/90s? She always denies but homegirl has chameleon eyes

No. 214537

They’re definitely fake. They don’t look like naturally perky boobs.

No. 214548

100% fake, I've never seen natural boobs that look like this in my entire life

No. 214598

>scar in healing process visible under right breast
>rippling of implant on the bottom left
>odd hexagon (?) shape and not a natural round

Is it just me or are breast implants the last thing people will ever admit to? so many celebrities, specifically the kardashians and models will admit to botox, nose jobs, etc

No. 214599

nta but how did you notice these details? the image looks kind of blurry to me

No. 214600

I'm on mobile so I just zoomed in, it also doesn't look blurry imo

No. 214768

File: 1637896684097.jpeg (652.08 KB, 1242x940, 5EDEC448-CF9D-49EF-BDC1-C821D8…)

Dunno if this has been brought up before, but is anyone else disgusted by the lip filler looks in South Korea? When they smile they look like Ricardio from Adventure Time to me kek

No. 214779

Yeah it's gross. Like they want to look like ball-jointed dolls

No. 214785

her breasts are as wall-eyed as her actual eyes.

No. 214921

many kpop idols look freakish due to this. it’s sad. also they have a trend of making the mouth look naturally upturned at the corners which results in people’s mouths looking like they have a gap between their lips even when they’re closed

No. 215040

File: 1638044858031.png (26.87 KB, 300x296, vocal.png)

seriously considering getting vocal feminization surgery. i sound like a tranny trying to sound female and it makes me suicidal. i am already masculine enough as it is and i even got hormone level tests when i was a teenager because i was so worried about having irregularities but it turns out im fine.

No. 215058


Have you maybe considered/looked into speech therapy first? There is a lot that a vocal coach can do to help with pitch, tone, etc without surgery (and you may need to do speech therapy anyways).

No. 215195

I really really want Kybella or lipo for my double chin. It's genetic, I have it at any remotely healthy weight (I know, have been anachan in the past) and I hate hate hate it so much.

No. 215353

Female with a deep voice here. I used to be very insecure of how I sound since age 12 but now that Im older I feel like I grew into it.. Voices can be genetic I think, my father defo had a deep voice. Dont worry too much about it.

No. 215577

I have a deep voice after a phase of going tran. I thought I'd be spending the rest of my life always trying to soften it around strangers. I thought I'd be mistaken for 'the other kind of tran' and that was my biggest worry. At first I tried to soften it and tbh that felt and probably sounded more sus than just speaking naturally.

Ime people think you're a lesbian or a smoker. Those are the assumptions people will jump to.

No. 215955

File: 1638643284723.png (208.42 KB, 299x399, PUFFY SINUSES.png)

Kinda weird picture but is there a term for having a swollen/puffy sinus area like this?

No. 215958

yeah, that region is called nasolabial folds.
you can improve it with facial rollers (jade, rose quartz) and consult a plastic surgeon about Sculptra if it is really bothering you. never inject juvederm or similar fillers in this area.

No. 215960

>fall for the crystalkook roller meme or get plastic surgery
you really have every bad idea at once. don't give advice on anything

op…first try eating a lil better. I get puffy like that when ive been eating too much salt

No. 215961

not sure how i never realized it was the nasolabial folds. thank you anon
i actually don't eat enough salt but i have an autoimmune disease so i always drained. but thank you too

No. 215964

File: 1638646172933.jpeg (69.13 KB, 525x525, 40072A89-F876-468E-9316-8728F8…)

I booked a consultation to get my facial mole looked at. (I know it’s not cancerous because I’ve had it most my life and it hasn’t changed but it’s mandatory) Anyway, hopefully I can get removed. There’s different methods including laser or shaving it so it’ll at minimum be £350 and maximum £750 which is a lot more than I would’ve liked but it’s something I’ve thought about for as long as I can remember and I’m hopeful that they will approve of the ‘surgery’ pic is similar to mine.

No. 216007

i need some advice.
i think i have an overbite? my top teeth almost completely cover my bottom teeth when i close my mouth. how do i fix this? is this something a dental surgeon can help me with? is this happening because i never got braces?

No. 216008

That's how it's supposed to be dummy

No. 216012

File: 1638666667769.jpg (17.68 KB, 320x320, bite-problems-malocclusions-la…)

are you sure??

No. 216016

Ok I imagined something else, I'm sorry I called you a dummy. But that can be fixed with braces, you don't need surgery

No. 216125

Agreed. >>216007 Nona you should look into braces or Invisalign to fix your overbite. Surgery should be a last resort. I know it sounds easier and faster theoretically, but so much can go wrong during this kind of surgery and even if everything goes right it will effect your jaw function long term. As in your ability to chew, talk, smile, and take care of your oral hygiene. These things could become painful or even impossible well before retirement age. No sane surgeon would agree to jump into surgery for an overbite without exhausting all other options.

No. 216149

Do you think surgery will ever take off in the West like it has in places like SK? Apparently 1 in 3 women have had a procedure, usually eyelid surgery. I was surprised by our lip filler trend and would never have predicted it's popularity, especially with results being so bad on avg.

No. 216170

i honestly had no idea braces could fix an overbite, my dentist has never told me i need braces. i can eat fine, but i think the overbite is leading to headaches and sometimes my jaw hurts. the only thing im concerned about is that i like how my teeth are a little crooked, and i dont want them to straighten them if i get braces.

No. 216367

You can discuss your cosmetic concerns with a dentist or orthodontist, but they do not make your teeth look perfectly straight like ugly tic tac veneers when they fix your bite. But they will straighten your teeth to a degree because improper tooth alignment is what causes an overbite. However what I meant was not that your overbite will prevent you from being able to eat/function normally in the future. It's actual jaw surgery that you need to be worried about. It's only done as a last resort because the success rate is not too high and the long term effects are pretty bad, so it should only be done if the need for the jaw surgery outweighs the risks, like if your health would be worse without it than with it. It doesn't sound like the case so if you don't like your overbite get braces or aligners, do not go for jaw surgery. If any doctor suggests surgery to you to simply fix an overbite they are a straight up quack who doesn't care about your long term quality of life. Headaches and jaw pain sounds like you may be night grinding, which is super common for people with poor tooth alignment. That would definitely cause you more pain in the future if it develops into full blown TMJ, which it can, so talk to your dentist about it so you can remedy it before that happens. Even if you decide you don't want to get your bite corrected, they should be able to create a custom night guard for you that keeps your mouth aligned while you sleep to prevent grinding, or refer you to someone who can.

No. 216638

File: 1639074630414.gif (1.72 MB, 368x368, random happy doggo.gif)

does anyone else hate that they went for PS and it has helped them a lot? i really dislike how much it pushed my self-esteem, cause it shows how vain i am.. but it does help a lot in real life, in every way (at least i feel like that, any other nonnies want to chime in?)

No. 216684

No shame imo. What did you get?

No. 216697

The only thing worth being ashamed of is going overboard and turning out like a freak. Developing good self-esteem puts your life in easy mode. Who cares how you got there? Better than being a self-loathing loser.

No. 216755

Unless you had a medical deformity before, it doesn't help you in daily life as much as you think.

No. 216828

File: 1639174354301.png (29.31 KB, 400x228, 69238D8B-F659-41FA-8512-6D725A…)

I have my surgery booked for Feb after years of planning. Really happy and looking forward to it. I’m getting lantern jaw surgery in SK at a dental clinic and I’ll admit, this is the first time I’m travelling alone, and I am nervous, but more than anything just really happy. I do also want breast reduction in the future, but I’m 130lbs 5,4 right now, so I’m going to consider it further when I have lost some more weight (lost 19 pounds since summer). But even if my boobs are back to being smaller, which I’m betting on because weight gain caused me to go up to a F cup from a B cup, I’m sure the sagging and loose skin will be an issue. Sorry for rambling, I just don’t have anyone to talk to about this stuff and I’m really happy about having things in motion for my surgery plans.

No. 216867

>jaw surgery

No. 216870

If it helps her mind it helps a lot. Positive outlook/confidence and good mood literally change your body chemistry, healing, pain perception, aging and so on.

No. 216877

If you need surgery to be able to have a positive attitude in your daily life that's grim.

No. 216898

I don't have any surgeries myself. But looking good gives people so many privileges that it's no wonder they feel better. Not everyone is born with good genetics, why suffer for something you didn't choose when you don't have to?

No. 218254

anons - how financially secured are you guys before proceeding with a hefty $ surgery?

i just checked on how much a boob job would cost and it would be $10k, 50% of my current savings. i could wait another 1.5-2yrs for it to be insured by my insurance, but i really cant wait that long, i hate myself everytime i take off my shirt. just looking for more stories/opinions before i proceed.

No. 218265

It sounds like a bad idea. What if there's complications and you have to spend more money? You might end up completely fucked.
Also, do you know for a fact that you'll stop hating yourself when you take your shirt off? It's very likely you'll instead feel insecure about having breast implants. Maybe you'll feel a little less bad overall, but something about your attitude tells me that getting breast implants won't solve your problems in the way you seem to think it will.
I know you want the surgery pretty badly, but what does it mean to be "unable" to wait? Would you kill yourself if you couldn't afford to get the surgery?
You're trying to rationalize the decision with these dramatic-sounding nothings because on some level you know that spending the money would be a bad idea and that it's not worth the cost for you. Spending half your savings is a big deal.
What sort of situation are you in where breast implants would be covered in 1.5-2 years, though? Just curious.

No. 218280

I want to get a breast reduction or maybe even mastectomy I am just so sick of my boobs they’re uneven and heavy. They hurt my back and ribs. One is DD the other is an entire cup size bigger than that. Left is bigger. They fucking blow up during my period so they get huger every month. I’m terrified of anesthesia though.
My breast are 42 inches and my waist is 28 inches and my hips are 37 inches. I feel like even having B or even almost A boobs would be ideal since I’m so active. How do I get over the fear of surgery….I’m almost 30 and don’t want kids either.

No. 218289


Hi anon, I had a breast reduction 1.5 years ago and it was the best thing to ever happen to me. We have around the same measurements so I understand your pain. Most insurers would cover you if you dont want to give money to a PS. You should really pin point what about the surgery is scaring you and go see your GP/PS and tell them about your surgery. IDK so much about telling your fears to your GP but I would express it to the surgeon and see if they had any idea. Good luck! I went from a ~40 bust to now a 31 and it's awesome I can finally wear dresses my size without having to upsize to clothes that don't flatter me.

No. 218337

ive wanted a nose job and double blepharoplasty for years now and i think ill go for the nose job in 2 years when i get done with school. nonnies in this thread are saying that theyre so risky and so frequently come out botched but i feel like that can honestly be avoided with realistic expectations and expressing to your surgeon that you want something conservative. i worked for a surgeon and didnt see a lot of noses but i liked the ones i saw. breast implants were my least favorite, i could always tell with the shirt off. if you know what to look for (granted men often don’t) they are so obvious.

No. 218628

Not quite plastic surgery, but is lip blushing i.e. semi permanent lip tattoos a good option for someone who has asymmetrical lips? I like the shape of my lips, but my right side in terms of its red border is smaller than the left side. I was wondering if lip blushing could even out my lip shape in terms of coloration (its 3D shape is fine if that makes sense). I don't want to do filler because my top lip protrudes already in the the 3/4 view and profile view, and I thought a lil lift was for me until I realized it would not correct the asymmetry.

No. 218629

I am really curious how your insurance would cover that. I have a plastic surgery fund that I put $500 in every month. If you make more than me, hell, just dump $1000 if it means that much to you.

No. 218708

File: 1640147310317.png (2.38 MB, 1968x1104, 7954601E-1DF7-41EA-BE50-CC717D…)

Has anyone here had experience with orthognathic/jaw surgery? I'm a mega chinlet and am very interested in having it done… all the before and after pics on google seem so dramatic in the best of ways.

No. 218713

How would this work? At least my own natural lip color changes a lot from day to day, even through different parts of the day. Seems like 90% of the time you would have this obvious pink line where the tattoo is.

No. 218717

I'm seeing that gender-affirming surgeries are becoming covered no questions asked by insurance companies, including gender special types. I am seriously wondering if you can play up the gender card to get free surgeries kek

No. 218727

If you try it let us know if it worked

No. 218783

I think it's a big factor in me being afraid to be intimate with people because I hate how my body looks with it.

I went in for a consultation and honestly I'm already pretty sold in terms of the results and just anything being better than what I have now.


I did some research and my breasts were kind of symptomatic of tuberous breasts, and technically if your doctor can diagnose it as that, then you can qualify for health insurance but to my knowledge, it takes a long time and not guaranteed - the surgeon said he didn't think mine qualified anyways

I make 85,000 a year and I didn't have a lot of savings prior to this but I think I'm just going to take the splurge. Since the payment is not 100% upfront and I can make back the amount in a few months. But I do appreciate the second opinion.

No. 218784

File: 1640188359042.png (151.05 KB, 378x378, 6oByyE0.png)

I know its a drawing, but how come picrel doesn't look ugly despite the long philtrum? I have one too but I feel like it's a huge flaw on me. I've been thinking about a lip lift but I've seen a lot of bad results and it's irreversible so it's scary. Is it possible to offset a long philtrum with anything else? I tried lip fillers but it wasn't a huge improvement.

No. 218788

She has a blank space and no actual philtrum drawn. Also we assume that her top lip is somewhere around there. I guarantee you that she would look worse with more details because she has such weird proportions.
Maybe it sounds like a hypocrisy, but I feel like you probably look fine. I dont think I ever paid attention to how long someone's philtrum is… Even on the Aiko picture. I only noticed when you pointed it out

No. 218807

First thing is to see an oral maxillofacial surgeon. One who does a lot of jaw surgeries, not just dental/wisdom tooth/etc. Someone who clearly specializes in orthognathic operations. Get a 360 pano CT done (normal for consultations). Either your jaw will be recessed, or you can have normalish jaw growth but just lower than normal chin growth. If your bite is off because of the skeletal malocclusion (the recessed or underformed jaw) you will likely need to do braces+jaw surgery. There are a lot of advancements now so that you don't need your jaw wired shut for weeks (days maybe) and if you're young or well off enough to be insured or covered it's well worth it. Travel (to or around the us) if you have to. Do not go to sk or turkey

If your maxfax says that you only need a sliding genioplasty (cutting the chin bone and moving it forward/vertically) it will be a lot cheaper and a lot easier to recovery. It won't affect your teeth and the recovery is very mild. Many maxfax will do a genio in combination with jaw surgery fir aesthetics or balance so they are familiar with the operation as well.

Do not waste time with chin filler

No. 218900

I do know I have recessed upper and lower jaws from a previous visit for wisdom teeth, and am a candidate for the full jaw surgery shit. I've moved since, so can't see the same surgeon… do you have any more advice for picking a surgeon? Will I likely need braces on for a while (like a year or smth) beforehand? Or any other general advice? Recovery looks tough so I figure I should try to do it now vs sometime down the road.

No. 218994

I got so depressed shopping for cute bras today because of the saggy, excess skin on my saggy breasts after weight loss I started looking into breast lift surgeries. They almost all want you to get implants too, but that is an absolute no for me. I just wish they didn't take off and sew the nipples back on, looks really freaky and I don't want them to rot off or something.

No. 218996

How bad is the sagging? If it's not excessive then you can maybe do something like breast tite instead. Also implants are not always necessary, like here, I think you just need to find the right surgeon https://www.instagram.com/p/CWl4XlXs8_A/

No. 219010

I’ve known a couple women who got a lift without implants. They both had a lot of breast tissue so implants weren’t necessary. The skin was just sagging a lot. A consultation would be helpful in determining that.

But yes the nipples look like pepperonis.

No. 219014

I hope to God it works because I hate the asymmetry, lmao. I was curious if anyone else had experience with this problem.

No. 219109

It depends on your anatomy. If you have a long midface like I do, a lip lift would just make you look horsey and slack jawed and your mouth would be open all the time. If that's the case you need something like orthognatic surgery. If you have a long philtrum and no teeth show you're a much better candidate. You have to find a good surgeon though with a lot of experience, and they can be pricey.

Sometimes it's the opposite problem of what you state too, and the lip will fall back into place in just a year because the anchoring wasn't strong enough.

No. 219257

File: 1640415054505.png (397.7 KB, 422x474, 9spK3JA.png)

I can never tell who has a long midface unless it's really obvious like Liv Tyler. Is mine considered long? I do already have some tooth show, I had a consultation with a surgeon and he said he'd only do it combined with a v-y advancement to compensate for it but idk, he said I should think about it for a while because it's a longer recovery.

No. 219259

Nta but you look super pretty, anon. I don't even notice your philtrum at all. Merry Christmas!

No. 219265

From what I can tell you have a beautiful face, don't mess it up with unneccersary plastic surgery.

No. 219276

I thought this was Shuwu at first as I was scrolling past

Don't take that as an insult though, I think she's cute

No. 219302

Why did antony youn blacklist bha and aha in skincare and pdo lifts?
I’m okay with my nose kinda, I just want to lift it that’s why I’ll try pdo first. And I want a liplift with pdo instead of fillers.
Also last question: why does my eyes look weird from the sides? I have a drooping nose and thin lips, is that possibly the reason? My eyes are my best features til you turn it to the side.

No. 219339

Liv doesn't really have a long midface, just oblong shaped face overall. For long midfaces think Robbie/Blaire White. Just that very obvious space.
Some people can get away with long philtrums if the rest of their face or chin looks good. Proportions matter. I can't see your eyes but just judging from your lower face your proportions seem to be good. You could always get a small amount of filler on your top lip but not too much cuz it does have the chance of weighing it down (again think Blair White).
Which surgeon did you consult with? I did a lot of lip lift research but I don't think you really need one judging by that picture

No. 219508

nonny you're beautiful. please don't mess with your face.

No. 219931

File: 1640725225638.png (208.87 KB, 414x286, babyface.png)

Which clinics are best for face fat grafting in Korea for the cute puffy look?

No. 220214

File: 1640819899470.jpg (14.38 KB, 496x200, bbg1.jpg)

Hi anons, should I get lip blushing to correct my asymmetrical lips and microblading, or laser vein removal first? The thing I don't like about vein removal is I'll need to travel a whole hour away. I'll need to take work off, too. But I'm so sick of needing foundation and concealer to look like I'm not being perpetually abused. My undereyes are worse than this lady's because I have a bunch of tiny little veins in addition to the reticular periorbital veins.

No. 220413

Youn doesn't like thread lifts because they are too expensive for how little they last and they can make future surgical facelifts more difficult to perform. I think he doesn't like AHA because it is sun sensitizing. He doesn't like BHA due to concerns over it being a carcinogen but I'm 100% convinced he misinterpreted the data and that a different substance with the same initials is what is of concern. I'm not sure I'd trust his dermatological advice though, he isn't trained in that. His skincare line is apparently pretty good albeit probably overpriced, but he didn't create the products themselves, he hired professional formulators and gave his approval.

No. 220421

You can't use laser for these veins under your eye, laser is used to close broken capillaries, this is just caused by a very thin skin. AFAIK you can try some injections there to make the area more thick and the vein less visible because of that but that's all.

No. 221855

File: 1641499087621.jpg (Spoiler Image,22.01 KB, 936x189, PXL_20220106_195224610.PORTRAI…)

How do you go about fixing seriously fucked up brows? I'm thinking a brow lift could even them out but I'm curious if there are any alternatives. I've tried googling it but only get recommended makeup tips which absolutely do not work lol

No. 221856

There's nothing fucked up about your brows.

No. 221863

What's fucked up about them? Do you think they're too straight?

No. 221864

I don't see anything wrong with your brows anon, they look pretty damn good. And I don't see why you think makeup wouldn't work? People who don't even have brows are able to draw on convincing copies at this point. Go to a qualified esthetician that does brow tinting and shaping and I'd bet they can give you whatever you're looking for without any surgery needed.

No. 221865


Look at how lopsided they are bro

No. 221868

It's honestly not that noticeable. I'm not saying this to make you feel better, I really didn't notice until you said this and even then I had to look at it for a second to see it. It's one of those things you could fix with makeup (or accept that, like most people, your body has a little asymmetry).

No. 221872

Samefag, but seconding the anon who said to go to an esthetician.

No. 221877

It's noticeable in this picture framed around your brows but I don't think this is noticeable irl much. No one's facial features are perfectly symetrical and people see you in movement aka not constantly from a perfectly straight angle from the front. You're fixated on it because you stare at your brows in the mirror too long in a way no one else stares at your face.

No. 221896

My brows are similar to yours, I wish I could offer advice, but I know how you feel. Everyone tells me it’s not noticeable but it’s practically all I see in the mirror. It looks like one of my eyebrows is constantly raised like I’m doing a funny expression (kek). I did get them professionally shaped once but I personally hated it, it didn’t really affect the asymmetry and it made them look too “Instagram brow-y” if that makes sense.

No. 221901

Is a minor face lift with threads viable?

No. 221916

Viable for what? Depends on what kind of results you want. You'll get at most a few millimetres of lift each time.

No. 221919

how old are you anon? i hope you're not considering a facelift too young.

No. 221924

Thread lifts are not worth it — they’re very temporary and it can make your skin look bunched up

No. 221926


There are issues with threads, up to you if you think it's worth the risks

No. 222054

Anyone here ever gotten HIFU? I know a buccal fat removal would be more noticeable but I do like what I see online about the tightening effects of HIFU on the cheeks.

No. 222058

I have, about 4 times in fact. I wasn't impressed. Some of the before/afters I was shown were really impressive but I just never noticed much of a difference. So either you have to do it really long term to see results, my provider was garbage (I don't think so, since as I said she had other good results) or it just wasn't the right fit for me. You could still give it a try though, maybe you'll have more success and it's pretty low risk compared to the big guns like ultherapy which can fry your nerves and shit.

No. 222069

File: 1641595857401.jpg (45.78 KB, 500x322, SNSD-Kim-Hyo-Yeon-rhinoplasty-…)

Does anyone know what Hyoyeon from SNSD had done that makes her eyes so much prettier? I can tell she's had a nose job, but the biggest difference imo is how her eyebrows aren't arched downwards anymore. Can you get like, an eyebrow lift on just the inner part? What would you call this procedure?

No. 222070

File: 1641595926285.jpeg (37.33 KB, 500x393, main-qimg-62c0096e8069fc9a8a33…)

samefag, but I'm pretty sure whatever Hyoyeon got is the same thing that Ariana Grande had done. Ariana went a bit overboard though I think and looks like she's always surprised lol.

No. 222071

Eyebrow lift? I think first girls eyes look better in before though

No. 222084

just throwing this out there. are there any cleft lip/palate anons here? if yes i so badly want to talk about and compare reconstructive plastic surgeries, i've had over 20. adding that as someone with an insane history with surgeries, this thread makes me sick sometimes seeing girls do unnecessary traumatic shit to their faces, people don't seem to understand you are being cut apart and put back together and what that really entails until its too late

No. 222101

May I ask why you had to have over 20? What went wrong?

No. 222106

by 12/13 i was very explicitly going to kill myself if my birth defect was going to remain extremely obvious for my entire life. i didn't make threats or anything it was just obvious by the signs and i told them the cause when they asked why. my care team took pity on me and attempted to make me look as normal as possible. hence 20+

No. 222143

Just brush the inner hairs on the left brow upwards with a bit of mascara lol. It's seriously not noticeable at all anon.

No. 222563

Anyone went through and got any advice on nosetip rhinoplasty?
I'm not sure if i'm gonna be just going for that, or maybe get some work done on the "slope", let alone that I am pretty terrified of going under the knife, especially on the face… But it is something I've considered since I was a child.
I don't want a huge change, just something natural, based on what i already have, nothing too crazy.
Just would like to know if it's worth it at all.

No. 222728

File: 1641843760026.jpg (147.31 KB, 1008x1002, narrowpalate.jpg)

Has anyone had any experiences with widening their dental palate? Most of the info online seems to be for children. I have a narrow dental palate and I hate my smile because of it and I think it might give me difficulty breathing. I'm also considering masseter botox. I have a very tense and uneven jaw and think it could help with overall symmetry and teeth grinding, but idk if it's worth it because the results never look particularly dramatic.

No. 222730

I had to get this done when I was like 14 and according to my dentist I was on the limit because my bones were already developed and it's mostly a treatment for children since their palates are softer or something like that. She actually was the only dentist I ever went to that was willing to do the treatment, every other dentist my mother took me to said it was too late because I was a teenager. Also it hurts like a bitch, I have a high pain tolerance but everytime I had to adjust the braces I'd end up in tears.

No. 222740

I got it widened in my mid 20s. I had no problem with it and didn't really feel any pain. The effect is noticeable, not groundbreaking, but satisfying. Looking at picture, I have from medium-narrow to medium now, I think (hard to say because I have small mouth).
Overall, I recommend it.

No. 223037

do you think it’s worth it to get laser treatments on self harm scars? i have some big ones on my thighs and despite it being 8 years since i’ve done them to myself the scars are paler than the rest of my skin and don’t tan. some of the scars are raised as well. i don’t typically wear short shirts and shorts but i kind of hate looking at them and i get clueless people in my life who see them and ask out loud in front of large groups of people how i got them. even though i think it’s pretty fucking obvious they are self inflicted by razor blades. i’ve always been a bit against cosmetic procedures but i’m prepared to be a hypocrite and get it done if the results are good. the other part of me just wants to live with the consequences of my 14 year old self

No. 223040

the results will depend on a number of factors (e.g. keloids are much harder to treat, and certain types of scar tissue can only be surgically removed and left to heal again)
you may need a specific treatment that works best with your skin type and the type of scar tissue you have. your best bet will be to get a consult with a good, reputable dermatologist who isn't shilling their own medspa services and see what they advise and recommend.
if it is causing you discomfort you should look into it and get some professional medical opinions. follow up with your own research, and prepare yourself for the most realistic outcome. don't let anybody use your bodily insecurity to shill subpar services and prey on you.
it's not vain, hypocritical, or petty to want to minimize a visible and stigmatized reminder of your past

No. 223138

this is the dumbest reason for getting orthodontic work done i have heard of yet, sorry. also i doubt you'd manage to get the distance you need to make serious difference as an adult. i got it as a child/teen and my palate is still narrow and highly arched compared to the average.

No. 223140

I also had a palette expander as a teen and I agree it does not give the results anon is hoping for. My palette is still narrower than average and it made my TMJ pain much worse. I still have some breathing difficulties and my jaw function is rapidly deteriorating. Anon you should look into getting your bite corrected and only worry about a palette expander if they strongly recommend it for functional purposes, as in fixing your bite and not just cosmetic.

No. 223654

your face is so pretty, please don't get anything done.

No. 223673

Study a smile in mirror and pictures. Most people don't have wide perfect palates or perfectly symmetrical teeth but they look great when they smile.
A relaxed smile always looks better than a wide asf grin in pictures. Most of thr time, you dont smile wide enough to shoe those dark corridors anyway.

No. 223745

nta but I have the same issue. my voice sounds like I just woke up and not in the sexy raspy way, more like the mtf contrapoints way. I hate it. I'm legit paranoid people will think i'm on hormones or something.

I'm gonna try voice training but that requires constant effort/strain when you speak and I just want to speak with a pretty voice naturally.

No. 223919

I got permanent makeup to even out my lip shape (asymmetry) and for my eyebrows. I will update on my results. So far, the swelling is already going down a lot. I am really pleased with my lips, as for my eyebrows, I am waiting for them to narrow and scab.

No. 224530

Ugh. I'm contemplating on whether to get a blepharoplasty because I hate how my eyelids are 90% of the time uneven as an Asian woman. My single eyelid is small, which is fine, but compared to my other doublelidded eye, it looks fucking ridiculous. I have used tape before but all it did was irritate my skin and not give me permanent eyelids like people say they would. I'm in my late 20s and my mom said that they'll come in as I get older but mom! I am old now but they're still not here yet!

No. 224599

>late 20s
>I am old now
You're not old.

No. 224607

Haha. You're totally correct, anon. What I really should have said is older. My mom was similar to me and she started getting permanent double eyelids around her late 20s so I was waiting to get them too, but unfortunately not.

No. 224985

My eyebrows are finally starting to scab. My lips have peeled 2x and now look pretty much healed though they get dry very easily. It looks super natural! My asymmetry has improved, but when I go in for my 3 month touch up, I'll ask her to line the side that is a bit thinner more. It's such a nice effect overall. I'm still waiting for my eyebrows to flake off and lighten.

No. 225293

File: 1642774614536.jpeg (520.57 KB, 2048x1536, DFEDA7DD-0018-492E-A6D9-BB612C…)

Jaw shaving is the dumbest surgery ever period. This lady got her cheeks, jaw and chin shaved now and now it looks like her face is recessed and underdeveloped. 90% of people who get this surgery do not look as good as celebrities

No. 225294

She looks very swollen in the second pic and still has a plaster on her face. Maybe it looks better once the swelling's gone down, which takes a while?

No. 225300

Is this really the same person? The ear is different and skull is slightly smaller in second pic.
Maybe I'm being paranoid because I refuse to believe someone paid to get their bones shaved so they can look like the a snotty 9 year old mouth breather. Especially since before pic obviously had threadlift or some sort of face sculpting surgery already.

No. 225304

She used to be gorgeous. I hope it looks better after the swelling is gone. Poor girl.

No. 225309

They took her hairline too, my god

No. 225324

fucking why?? this is horrifying

No. 225416

Looks like she got an implant on her forehead

No. 225421

She went from elegant bone structure to pudgy moon face. I blame pedo scrote beauty ideals rampant in Asia.

No. 225428

File: 1642822269029.jpeg (677.14 KB, 1536x2048, CDB1951B-2C3C-406B-876A-8B7E29…)

I posted this, I forgot to mention she had her forehead worked on, eyelid surgery, her nose shaved down and liposuction along with the other stuff I mentioned. She did it all at the same time btw, and she said she hopes she can finally look normal now after the surgeries. I never knew someone could hate themselves this much kek. She literally destroyed her face and body for jap pedophile “beauty” standards.

No. 225429

Fat grafting?

No. 225439

Stacy to femcel pipeline

No. 225444

finally look normal???? she was gorgeous before!

No. 225456

She will always look chubby now.

Her natural bone structure could have suited a really amazing dramatic aesthetic, jet black sharp bob and good styling, she'd look like a model.

I hope she finds peace with herself.

No. 225461

what a retard… hope she's happy with her decision

No. 225519

>i hope she finds peace with herself
I don’t think that possible for people like that lady

No. 225582

I like my face enough from the front, but I hate my profile. It feels like my nose is too far back and too small (I also have a lot of trouble breathing through my nose), but then the entire lower half is progressed too far forward. Is there plastic surgery that can make my nose bigger or do I have to get one of those terrifying bimax procedures where they break all the bones in your face and put them back together?

No. 225712

File: 1642954402577.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1658x1045, 7F750A2A-00C1-44D3-84C4-B077EA…)

I love looking at bad celebrity plastic surgery

No. 225716

>I also have a lot of trouble breathing through my nose
In some countries in these cases you could even get a surgery covered by healthcare plan

No. 225719

File: 1642956123873.jpg (30.31 KB, 490x479, f1f4a9e4b6dd228b7dce5d650d6890…)

No. 225722

Imagine paying money to ruin your face like that. She had a good bone structure before. Just why.

No. 225726

Holy shit. Before reading the text on the image and in the post, I thought the right was before and the left was after. This is tragic

No. 225749

The after is awful, but I can somewhat understand her line of thinking as someone with similar strong bone structure. You sometimes feel more “gaunt” or “mature looking” compared to others. In societies obsessed with youth and a certain filled-out face, it can be difficult. She probably got this wanting to round out her face more. It’s too bad because she looked great before and should have embraced those features, but I get that she probably felt out of place, hence why she felt more “normal” >>225428 afterward.

No. 225772

Yeah, but she went really extreme with it. It's so sad, she had top-tier model bone structure.

No. 225773

Nose, v-shape jaw, braces/ortho work, filler for under eyes, probably something for her eyelids since it's korea + weight loss and aging.

No. 225824

I actually did talk to an ENT doctor about it and he said I was medically indicated for some kind of surgery that involves scooping out my internal nose structures but I wonder if there’s any way to also increase facial aesthetics at the same time… I’d really like to just get it all done at once and not have a bunch of surgery on the same part of my body if I can avoid it.

No. 225828

She went from beautiful adult to an ugly 13 year old

No. 225909

It's funny, women in the West pay money to have a facial structure like in the left picture. I know I would.
Real shame.

No. 225913

holy shit i look like the after and this is making me want to die

No. 225965

I also looked like the after. Stunted lower jaw growth due to life long mouth breathing. Adolescent braces and then the jaw relapsed in my 20s. Too poor and busy living to anything about it until 10 years later. Consulted a maxillofacial surgeon. Because I redid my braces in my late 20s, doing jaw surgery (which would be optimal) would have meant putting braces back on to move my teeth again. Given my bite was corrected, I had a sliding genioplasty done. Look into it if you haven't. Do not get tricked into a chin implant, total waste. The cost and recovery is not bad for a sg if your bite is good. Also a double jaw surgery can cause your nose to widen from the bone movement. But it would be better to do if you have tmj

No. 225976

You can take pride in the fact that there is someone out there in the world who spent $100k+ to have your face structure because it is their standard of beauty

No. 226017

Can any nonas share their post-breast augmentation healing experience? Good or bad. Especially if you were flat chested before. Idk I'm just not sure what I should expect and I feel like people tend not to be totally honest in public reviews. No I don't have a y chromosome just shit genetics. Also I'm bra-free and wondering if I can continue not wearing bras after I'm fully healed. Things I can ask at my consult I know but someone please humor the retard.

No. 226094

I’ve always looked young for my age then out of no where I started aging, my face started losing fat and my eyelids are getting hooded. I just booked for my consultation for an upper bleph and I’m getting face injections next month
How long did you have your braces in before surgery

No. 226163

I had 2 years of adult braces with some extractions to make room in my mouth. It improved my mouth area appearance but obviously didn't change my recessed chin. It was ok I feel in my 20s when I looked young but as I started to have natural aging and facial fat loss, it looked worse.

No. 226176

Why do you say a chin implant is a waste? Also, do you mind if I ask how much your sg was? I've just been getting chin fillers in the meantime (for the last four years or so), and it's obviously not a long-term solution… Of course, I like it and it feels safe, but cost-wise, I probably could have afforded some type of surgery by now.

No. 226210

File: 1643201349140.jpg (Spoiler Image,124.71 KB, 550x300, breast-lift-diagram-ptosis1.jp…)

Does anyone know where I could get a before and after of very saggy breasts that went through a breast lift? My boobs are somewhere between stage 2 and 3 from the photo and size DD-ish, simply put very severe. The only pictures I ever see on plastic surgery sites are of women whose breasts are slightly sagging, i've never seen any picture where the breasts were as saggy as mine are now.
Do you think I'll end up with botched boobs if I go through with this given how severe my sagging is? I'm fairly young (20 years old) and I know my boobs might sag again in the future, but I don't think I can live with them for another 20 years or so because they're a genuine nuisance.

No. 226211

Also forgot to add, how much do you think the prices would be bumped up given the severity of my case compared to the "average" price for these types of augmentations?

No. 226243

Check out the breast lift gallery on plasticsurgery.org, I don't want to post random women's breasts on lolcow but there's some before and afters where the befores sag to the belly button. I'm sure there's a comparable case for whatever your breast situation is on there so you could see what kind of results are realistic.

No. 226252

Are nonnies retarded? She's obviously swollen as fuck.

No. 226253

I rarely wear a bra so yes. I went from A/B to a D cup. The pain was dull and heavy but absolutely bearable, what bothered me the most was having to sit when sleeping. My only tip is stack your pillows properly so you sit up straight all night. DO NOT SLIDE DOWN. It's so, so painful to try and get up if you do. I slid down a couple of times, woke up laying on my back and just laid there crying because I had to pee but couldn't get up. I called for my my mom to literally try and lift my adult ass out of bed and I was crying. As with most plastic surgery day 3-4 are the worst.

The night before surgery I slept on my stomach thinking I could never do that again but about a year after I could do it 100% comfortably.

No. 226284

Even without swelling she's going to look like a blob. Also, people who undergo those dramatic cheekbone and jaw shaving surgeries always need some kind of lift afterwards, because they develop hella jowls since the skin no longer has a bone structure to cling to.

No. 226330

This has made me realise I have the pseudoptosis form of breast sagging… anyone know if there's any difference in treating that compared to normal ptosis? Any other experiences? I've always thought it's weird because my nipples are still very forward pointing but the lower breast sags.

No. 226335

Implant size is not as customizable. It is also silicone and can lead to infection (rare) and shifting (more common). It can cause the skin to thin. The cost difference is not as much either. My sg was 6k. If you need more dramatic movement then sg is the preferred way. If you can achieve the look you want with filler alone, an implant may be ok appearance wise but it may have more complications. Also if your mentolabial fold is already deep, an implant will deepen it, but if you do sg, they can mitigate it with some vertical movement

No. 226631

File: 1643258337131.jpeg (549.45 KB, 828x850, 4F4DDEFA-D321-45F4-A798-396ED2…)

She has a pig nose on top of those botched nostrils

No. 226723

>Also, people who undergo those dramatic cheekbone and jaw shaving surgeries always need some kind of lift afterwards, because they develop hella jowls since the skin no longer has a bone structure to cling to.

I had v-line surgery and it's true for me. I'm kinda sad about it because my surgeon promised it wouldn't happen and he didn't shave off THAT much. I'm gonna go all in and get a Bella Hadid-type lift of the eyes and everything. Might as well while I'm under.

No. 226774

File: 1643317845564.png (688.8 KB, 739x415, 8213098139_282984.png)

i might be retarded but i'm pretty sure she has never gotten plastic surgery… have you seen her pictures from before debut?? she just… looks like that….

No. 226775

That’s because she already had plastic surgery during her predebut retard, no one naturally looks plastic and over done..

No. 226781

File: 1643318772404.jpg (14.93 KB, 314x468, add49a00a61b40dc755dc98c6630d6…)

She isn't even 18 in the middle picture, and she's even younger in the surrounding pictures. She doesn't even look plastic to me, like, at all? She just has a fucking upturned nose.

No. 226783

Sage for slight ot but girls like this make me sad. Imagine going through so much pain only to get botched. I think(?) this is a kpop star or sth which means she also didn't really have a choice in the surgeries either. Poor girl.

No. 226790

Nayrt but in SK many of the plastic girls start getting PS as young as 14, often with parental pressure. It's really sad.

No. 226817

With parents' consent, minors can get plastic surgery too. It also takes a quick google search to find her pre-surgery pics. Girl's botched.

No. 226828

File: 1643336110607.jpeg (59.21 KB, 602x602, EB33CFF3-A48C-4E79-BBFA-D5FDC1…)

>she has an upturned nose
Nayeon’s past nose:

No. 226835

her old nose was so much cuter. i feel so bad for women in sk.

No. 226843

I’m not a fan of hooked noses but each to their own. Her first NJ looked alright and her nostrils were slightly piggish but it really wasn’t bad, now she has a full on pig’s nose

No. 226845

The only SK nosejob I like is Lisa, they shrunk it slightly and changed the bridge without fucking with the nostril and general shape. I think nayeon and other botched kpoopies would have greatly benefitted if their surgeons did just barely enough to change it instead of trying to morph it into a whole new shape. Tbh a nose isn't meant to be a standout feature; just needs to blend into your face

No. 226881

This was not an improvement, and they didn't do anything to fix her overbite?

No. 226899

I remember a candid pic of her posted in the old kpop generals, I think she was out in a grocery store or something based on the lighting, but you could really see her without filters and the nose looked so uncanny. Wish I could find that pic again.

No. 226912

i really want a blepharoplasty. i have extremely hooded eyes (am part asian) and they’re really ugly, and they make it basically impossible for me to do any kind of makeup since i have like.. no eyelid space when my eyes are fully open? also i’m 19, is that too young to get something done to my face? i figure they’ll get worse as i age

No. 226960

I'd advise you to hold out a bit longer. When I was younger, I genuinely believed I needed a minimum of 10 surgeries to even begin to look ok. I slowly grew out of that in my twenties. I'm not saying to abandon the idea, just put it off. Wait a year or two and see how you feel about it. It's not like the surgery will disappear.

No. 226963

File: 1643406573709.png (1.06 MB, 897x895, screenshot-www.instagram.com-2…)

Samefag, forgot to add that in the meantime you could check out tutorials for your eyeshape. I'm not sure if you have white people hooded lids or monolids but you can check out the account in pic rel if you have monolids. She has a tone of tutorials and posts on reddit.

No. 226965

Hey anon, I posted about considering bleph here >>224530.
Like the other anon said, I think it's best to wait a few years before you get it done because you might change your mind in the future. Not to be all "when I was your age", but I'm still glad I didn't get it done even though I could have 10 years ago. I was glad to just accept my natural Asian features without paying money or falling into the pit of "double eye lid best!!!" mindswt which can be really toxic. Another thing is that you could start losing some fat around the eyelids and get some lids naturally. I'm also wary about bleph because a family friend of mine who had very thick monolids had it done in Korea when she turned 18 and her eyes reverted back to monolids. When she recovered from the surgery, her lids were pretty big and prominent. She also got the inner or outer corner cut to make them longer, but her eyes look kind of odd now since they're so long without the lidspace to compensate for it. I don't know if that happens to everyone or if it was just a special case, but I definitely don't want to throw my money away for something to revert back to presurgery state.

No. 227010

Seconding this & piggybacking to say - no one should bother getting major surgery until you're at your goal weight.
A couple bmi points can change some people's features by a loooot. And honestly, 80% of looking good is just being slim/fit & having good hair.

No. 227050

I just watched a video about how plastic surgery can evade facial recognition software. I have been struggling with a stalker since I was underage (he was blackmailing me with something life ruining so I couldn't report him to police) but now I'm an adult, it's been years since he actively harrassed me but I know for sure he knows where I live and work. Since facial recognition software became commonplace I felt heartbroken that I couldn't ever be free of him until he died,even then I wouldn't put it past him to tell someone else about what he knows to keep terrorizing me. And he'll always find me because no matter what I do, living in society means my picture and name ends up on the internet. I have fantasized about moving countries, changing my name and hair but I know since the Facebook overlords have the signature of my face it won't really stop facial recognition. My only shot is facial surgery. Which leads to my question, what is the feature you see as most "she doesn't look like herself anymore" to change? I want to start with a brow lift because I have very hooded inset eyes. Of course it's best to do a lot at once but I wonder if it's possible to re anonymise myself without an extreme nose job, I'm terrified of breathing problems it's a phobia of mine.

No. 227120

This is insane.

No. 227212

File: 1643508205514.jpg (23.25 KB, 221x225, lips.jpg)

I have uneven lip corners similar to picrel, is plastic surgery my only option? Could fillers fix this? Or do any of those facial exercises work?

No. 227231

Those look like normal lips to me. Everyone has asymmetries that are apparent to themselves but not to others. You're fine, anon.

No. 227254

Just use a lipliner to even it out, no need for surgery.

No. 227290

I promise no one but you is even paying attention to that. Everyone has asymmetries, it's normal and unimportant.

No. 227309

Is there any surgery that can fix eye symmetry? My face is slightly drooping to one side and it's especially apparent in my eyes, one of which is slightly lower than the other.

No. 227322

bruh. why are you looking that hard

No. 227344

Everyone's face slopes slightly to one side. A plastic surgeon can make some changes to your eyelids which might help if what's really bothering you is eyelid asymmetry, but no they can't change the actual height of your eye kek. Your eyeball and the muscles and shit that help it function all sit inside a bony socket. You can't just break it or squish all the workings of the eyeball around so it sits higher without a massive risk of losing movement function or going blind, both of which would cause a way more obvious visual flaw than what you're describing which is a normal degree of facial asymmetry.

No. 227762

All these nonnies posting pics of the tiny unnoticeable asymmetries in their faces saying "should I get surgery? I know it's pretty bad RIP" are making me so glad that I never went through with all the procedures I used to think I needed when I was an angsty 20-something.
Unless you've got a hairlip or something, you probably look completely fine. Don't ruin your natural face trying to gild the lily.

No. 228158

What should I do with nosolabian folds? Can filler help? Or it will just drag muscles down later on?

No. 228174

I've never seen filler look right in that area because it's so mobile when you talk and smile. Besides it's usually caused by inflammation swelling so why add more volume to your face when you can fix the swelling instead.
Look up facial lymph draining massage that's what helped mine the most, between that and eating clean. I tried gua sha but it's nothing compared to actually getting the massage done by a professional. They don't go away altogether but I don't mind as long as they don't crease or cause shadows on my face when it's relaxed.

No. 228192

Apparently paranasal implants are good for that area. Filler and fat grafting migrate so not good solutions.

No. 228212

Idk if how to find good specialist for face massage, from what I know bad one can ruin face. Do you have any useful tutorials for self-massage?
I should research if it's possible to get paranasal implants and fix face symmetry at the same time. I was thinking about fillers for that as well.

No. 228242

File: 1643827262157.png (351.41 KB, 779x337, 48037534036.png)

>I've never seen filler look right in that area
I guess you haven't been looking that hard then because just about every plastic surgeon is going to say that filler is the safest, quickest and most effective choice.
So long as a surgeon knows what they're doing and doesn't overfill then migration isn't going to be an issue. Also a silicone implant is going to be way more invasive than a needle with hyaluronic acid.

No. 228246

all filler migrates no matter how good the practitioner is.

When filler is "absorbed" it has actually just migrated and will last years/decades in your face. Every time you top up the filler your face gets puffier and puffier until you look permanently bloated and artificial.

I saw a video recently of someone who had an MRI done and they found filler in the face that had been there for 8 years.

lol of course it's more invasive, but it's the only true solution. Stop perpetuating the myth that filler doesn't last a long time.

No. 228249

Also filler in the nasolabial area is one of the most dangerous areas to treat because of the huge arteries. It's very easy to block one of these arteries and cause serious complications. You don't know what you're talking about.

No. 228252

the key is not to put it in the nasolabial fold, it's to "lift" the face naturally by putting filler in the cheekbone area. the girl in pic rel had filler injected in the cheekbone area, lessening the folds naturally. maybe they also did nasolabial fold injection but if you can lift it by augmenting the cheekbones, it's a better idea

No. 228256

How about face lifting by a surgery or threads? I have heard horror stories about it as well, but if it's worth it maybe I should try it?

No. 228257

honestly you probably do not need it. what about a noninvasive light based treatment? almost everyone on here is young and probably does not need this kind of stuff anyways…

No. 228264

>noninvasive light based treatment
I don't know much about it.
To be honest I wouldn't mind those nasolabial folds that much if my jaw wasn't asymmetrical, because of it on I have different type of folds and it's really bothers me. It's also a cosmic joke that the side I have a "better" prominent jaw has more prominent fold.

No. 228295

Do you grind your teeth in your sleep? (If you don't know, do you often wake up with headaches, jaw discomfort, or jaw or head tension?) If you have a more prominent fold on one side, you may have an overdeveloped muscle on that side from grinding at night, which could be improved with masseter Botox. TMJ can also cause this asymmetric muscle, however Botox treatment is less effective than bite correction for full blown TMJ.

No. 228434

I wore bracises for a while, I think dental vise everything should be fixed. I will look into masseter Botox, but that overdeveloped muscle side is the one I always liked, until nasolabial folds.

No. 228436

File: 1643922928883.png (44.48 KB, 718x337, 586689345937.png)

I mean the doctor you linked would disagree. He does still use filler, just in small amounts. There are plenty of before/afters on his site of people he has injected if you'd like to take a look (https://www.thevictoriancosmeticinstitute.com.au/detail/dermal-fillers/). I never said it doesn't last a long time, just that it is effective, safe and attractive in smaller quantities. Stop perpetuating the myth that filler is never the answer.

No. 228440

I'd say nose is the big one

No. 228518

You sound mentally ill. Unless your stalker is Mark Zuckerberg himself, he doesn't have the ability to track you through facial recognition at this level.

No. 228522

what could he possibly have against you to make you seriously consider changing your entire face through surgery

No. 228523

samefag but has anyone tried hyalauronic acid injections for black triangles(interdental papilla recession)? or gum grafts?

No. 228527

an anon posted a site awhile back that allows you to submit images for comparison and the facial recognitions somewhat on point. you have to be premium to be able to access any of the sites it links though.

t. me. reverse engineered myself into said site, find out someone had reposted old revenge porn of me to ifunny with top text bottom text captions, try not to bludgeon myself to death with frying pan. couldn't get the site to take it down either

No. 228528

he's probably harassing someone else by now, maybe. I don't use social media anymore except for snap, it gives peace of mind to be away from it all, maybe you'd feel better too

this is how women get driven crazy by males and then get called crazy, having a stalker changes your life and mentality forever

No. 228548

How would this allow someone to track you across countries, like anon says it would, unless you're posting geotagged photos of yourself regularly that are cached? Anon is acting like this dude is capable of accessing CCTV, typing enhance into terminal, and finding her in a crowd of thousands like a Bourne film or some shit. If he knows where she lives and works, getting a nose job wouldn't help anyway. Nothing about this line of thinking is rational.

No. 228565

If its still up, say the pictures were CP, that both you and the guy were 16, and youre pursuing legal avenues. No website wants to fuck around with that

No. 228641

i was over 18 in those photos, but the context behind how they got spread and the time they were taken is disgusting. in the one that somehow managed to make it on the internet and linger there, I look sick, was drugged up and suicidal. and the assholes who spread it knew that was the context of the photo. seeing that picture of myself again made me want to dry heave. i tried everything I could, it's never been taken down.

I'm under social media aliases only at this point. Having anything under my real name is a death sentence. I really don't want to make a linkedin once I graduate college out of fear someone from my past is going to find me, and I know it's virtually impossible to be in the working world without one. I have considered changing my surname to circumvent this, but it's not easy to do that legally.

If it's any consolation the pimeyes site only seems to archive public pages and not semi privatized accounts. Cant do anything about posts that are still active unless you submit a takedown. if something is posted by someone else it's up to the site to remove it.

No. 228649

Nonnies I just booked an appointment for undereye fillers and I'm simultaneously excited and nervous because I've never had anything else done before. On one hand I'm scared that filler will stretch out my skin over time and make my undereyes look worse but they've always been so extremely hollow that I feel like it doesn't matter either way and my doc reassured me that I'd be a good candidate because I don't really have under eye bags (like it's just thin skin and hollow, not like I have a bag of fat under there idk how to properly explain it) and she's just gonna use a little bit.

No. 228654

With undereye fillers, you should be worried about going blind first and foremost. Not skin stretching out kek. Good luck nonna.

No. 228657


My eye sight is shit anyway so it's not like it would change much, jk.

Well yes, that's always a possibility but the before and after pics look promising and she seems to have a lot of experience when it comes to that kind of procedure,so fingers crossed. Thanks anyway nonna.

No. 228692

>I really don't want to make a linkedin once I graduate college out of fear someone from my past is going to find me, and I know it's virtually impossible to be in the working world without one.
I know this is a little off topic but I just have to debunk this for you nona. LinkedIn used to be expected but now it's basically Facebook-but-with-job-postings. Most businesses do not care if you have one nor take it seriously. Many companies do not look for candidates on there, only recruiters (and if you need a recruiter's services you can contact them rather than wait for them to find you, they will be happy to make those connections for you because that's how they get paid). Companies that still use LinkedIn just advertise available jobs and share their new hires, but those job listings are available everywhere else. Anyone who tells you that you need one to be taken seriously or get a job is an oldfag stuck in the past. You do not need a profile there at all and you definitely don't need your full name or photo on there.

No. 228836

Nice. I got undereye fillers for hollows but I also have a bit of prolapsed fat so I’m just going to get lower bleph in a few months. The filler made me look awesome for about 9 months but after that it starts to migrate and flatten out so I’m just gonna get perma surgery done instead of paying 1.5k and risking blindness every 10 months to refresh it. Plus I don’t want so much inert filler in my face building up.

The fillers are painless but to minimize vision risks I suggest asking for a cannula instead of needle. Makes it basically impossible to penetrate a blood vessel with the injection. Good luck!

No. 229013

File: 1644122213202.jpeg (494.24 KB, 828x1050, 9BB19E8C-79CC-4EEE-BE7D-4ECE14…)

Jisoo has a fake nose but a lot of ppl think it’s natural because she had it as a teen but she started getting PS young cuz she comes from a plastic family

No. 229018

99% of the natural kpop stars have surgery. Tzuyu was shilled as a natural beauty for so long until she was exposed to having a nose implant. I will not lie though, they look great and natural.

No. 229019

question, i'm not a kpop fan but did nana get ps?

No. 229020

File: 1644126003249.jpeg (34.6 KB, 530x350, EFF1DA70-4AB2-43D9-AFB9-1BABB5…)

Yes. Her it’s probably the best surgery I have seen.

No. 229024

File: 1644128059229.jpg (73.91 KB, 750x905, db1c35da8fe0a14751e493e33ed48c…)

Since she just had the double eyelid surgery, everything else was perfect balanced naturally already. Too bad she now has fucked up with her jaw, she had such a nice bone structure before.
She still looks really beautiful imo, but she was perfect before.

No. 229027

i thought she did something to her jaw recently. i was thinking the first time i saw her that i was shocked she hadn't been pressured into a jaw shave before. too bad, her jaw was absolutely perfect. the eyelid surgery made a huge difference, but there was no reason to fuck with her jaw.

No. 229028

File: 1644134600087.jpg (59.5 KB, 564x846, f6bad3685d2ff7a701451b20466ec8…)

Yeah, she had that modelesque hot mean girl vibe to her. She is too round in the face currently, which makes her look more approachable, so I guess that was the intention there with her becoming an actress? Truly a shame, though.

No. 229039

File: 1644144162958.jpg (102.33 KB, 600x900, 914188949c2e8bb1f86e4d049d1d94…)

she looks a bit like Park Gyuri here

No. 229077

i don't follow her, did she have a jaw shave? maybe it's just fillers making her look round because shaving your jaw after you're 30 must be the dumbest decision ever unless you're aiming for the droopy face look

No. 229124

File: 1644186279906.jpeg (709.2 KB, 828x1258, 25817F6A-B62B-4AFE-AF61-EBF3DD…)

The obsession with jaw shaving in east asia really needs to stop, I found a vid of someone giving a makeover to their doll that included jaw shaving.

No. 229127

Nta but it might also be masseter botox injections.

No. 229138

botox doesn't really have any effect when it's the bone structure that makes the jaw prominent, in >>229028 it looks like it's the bone not the muscle
lol anon do you have the link

No. 229139

Please share link, I need it

No. 229225

any1 have jowls but also big cheeks? I want to fix my jowls with filler but usually they put it in the cheeks so I dont know what to do. lol

No. 229255

>any1 have jowls but also big cheeks?
Damn anon I've never seen someone with this problem i can't even picture it how it looks like, any examples?

No. 229266

Are you sure it's jowls and not just fullness from your cheeks? I remember a girl who was complaining about having "nasolabial folds" when it was just shadows projected by her prominent cheekbones

No. 229268

Lip blushing aka lip semi-permanent tattoo. I did it for the same reason you did and it's great for that.

No. 230198

Is fibroblasting/plasma pen really bad for you? I see conflicting information from doctors. One claims it "cooks" your skin i.e. it can damage it too much, but I figure that can be due to the practitioner, as I've seen with similar treatments like microneedling, a bad practitioner is what it boils down to. Is this just a cope? Should I cancel my fibroblast appointment?

No. 230391

It's an energy device. There's a tapatalk forum called laserdamagesupport, go there and see what thermal stuff can do. From what I understand it does "cook" (cross-link) your collagen which creates a temporarily "lifted" (constricted) appearance, but it can be bad in the long run. Thermal burns and other fibrosis-inducing things can also harm your subcutaneous fat.

If it's lifting you seek, there is another device that's about to come out which is like microneedling, but each needle actually removes a tiny amount of skin in something akin to fractional punch biopsy. It's called Ellacor, made by Cytrellis, approved for lower face laxity but used off label for scarring. Can remove a lot of skin in one go, but since the "punches" are tiny they will heal without visible scarring.

Now, I do not know what the long term implications are and if microneedling/microcoring is actually scarless internally, but just thought I'd share.

No. 230400

unpopular opinion but kylie was cuter before, thin lips and all. now all her features are unusually large and weird looking

No. 230401

nta but how much did it hurt to get it done?

No. 230402

yes she looks like a 40 year old kim clone now

No. 230423

Agree. Whenever I see these before and after plastic surgery pics like threadpic, I think the Before would look a thousand times better with good makeup and lighting than the After.
This whole thread (and whole PS industry) is like a body dysmorphia coping hugbox. Unironically asking shit like >>230198
>is cooking your skin bad for you?
It's mento illness luv

No. 234365

I did fibroblast to fix an eyelid that's slightly saggier than the other (excess skin). All it did was make the texture weirdly pitted PERMANENTLY, and no difference. My eyelid is still saggy as before. I'm 30 btw. Cancel it, it's not worth it at all. Saving for a blepharoplasty now, sigh.

No. 235139

They use a numbing cream, but yes, it does hurt. It's the most sensitive part on your body, it's a bit unavoidable. Your practitioner will likely be sensitive to your threshold of pain and they can wait longer for the numbing to occur, though.

No. 236600

File: 1645156115330.jpeg (551.13 KB, 828x1036, 6947646F-965B-4989-A71B-A6241B…)

Did nayeon also get a jaw shave? Her jaw line looks sus and I’m pretty sure she got a chin implant

No. 236961

File: 1645181412749.png (915.65 KB, 1141x801, wtf.png)

Friendly reminder to NEVER go to South Korea if you're white. I know some of you consider it and I did too for a while. What a nightmare this is, if my sister came home like this I'd cry myself to sleep.

No. 237053

There are people who want to look like the after pic tho such as the tards who want to look like anime characters like Sayathefox and transracial asians like himeahri.

No. 237056

looks shooped

No. 237059

Tf? Did they shrink her whole head? I do see myself wanting to get a surgery like that, just because how the media has ruined my view of actual people. The after picture does have some kind of eery, uncanny valley feel to it though. Something really dystopian.

No. 237061

What's so bad about it, she looks younger

No. 237066

WTF this is so creepy and uncanny

>What's so bad about it, she looks younger
Yeah, Koreans idealize youthfulness to a fucking creepy degree. They took an adult woman and gave her the features of a child. Their ideal face is that of a white child. Disturbing.

No. 237067

She does look eerily younger but like her entire face is plastic looking. What's it going to look like in a few years contrasted with her body. Plus her eyes do not look normal.

No. 237070

The surgery isn't that botched but it looks so uncanny almost like people with face transplants. It's not ugly but she really looked better in my opinion.

No. 237082

eyes and nose are botched but they did amazing work on her jaw

No. 237093

she should have left her eyes alone

No. 237094

Post profile shots or other pics

No. 237096

Kek she looks like an uncanny wax figure or a polar express character

No. 237099

this is fucking terrifying

No. 237147

I probably wouldnt think twice of her seeing just "after" image but seeing both is deeply disturbing to thing HOW MUCH was removed and changed to make her look like this

No. 237189

File: 1645200841950.gif (364.18 KB, 400x300, FlakyScarceIvorybilledwoodpeck…)

what the

No. 238011

File: 1645240525883.jpeg (180.41 KB, 1066x1279, A9560777-E056-4727-BD61-1D361A…)

What the FUCK happened to yeri? She’s just 22 and she looks like a 45 year old PS addict

No. 238041

What is going on with her left eye???

No. 238044

definitely looked shooped but also looks straight up embalmed. extremely corpse like

No. 238048

File: 1645242778889.png (929.15 KB, 823x1158, Yeri_at_ICN_Airport_on_January…)

i dont know any any of this but i think she just has kind of a mature face? some people are just like this. that boobah tier outfit doesn't help either but i think maybe she just needs different styling

No. 241569

File: 1645388787900.jpeg (285.12 KB, 508x822, 6AE66A59-278E-4C94-BE20-53FF42…)

That jaw…

No. 242466

They zoomed out the after picture to make her head look smaller in comparison lmao
i don't understand how they're both obsessed with looking like children while at the same time ignoring the fact that children have proportionally big cute heads

No. 243002

Right looks like a corpse on the autopsy table, this is actually horrifying. The dead eyes and skin, please be a shoop

No. 246183

File: 1645839919227.jpg (Spoiler Image,402.95 KB, 858x1171, IMG_20220226_023940.jpg)

Anons what do you think about my side profile? Is it too masculine? Should I get a nose job?

No. 246184

please put on some clothes retard

No. 246186

No, I'm genuinely jealous.

Idk why people care about side profiles, mine looks like shit but idc. No one looks at you from the side anyway

No. 246189

if this is legit u, ur gorgeous so stfu

No. 246190

I deadass though lolcow was full of uggos and fatties, i didn't think there were actual Stacies here I'm impressed, you're very pretty

No. 246192


No. 246196

lol I knew you were a farmer

No. 246213

Imo you cannot clock attractiveness off of a side view alone. I doubt you look that masculine irl anon. Your profile is a bit masculine but in of itself it's pretty, so if your profile is all you're worrying about, I wouldn't.

No. 246214

If not, amazing, but this looks edited with a faceapp filter to me. FaceApp tweaks your thirds, jawline, chin, and lips if you use any filter so if you are using one (which I'm not saying you are), this is not an accurate read of your appearance/side profile

No. 246215

how else will she flex her collarbones

No. 246229

No but a natural mild lip enhancement will feminize your face tbh.

No. 246239

why is everyone saying you're attractive? you can't gauge that from a side profile.

No. 246240

At least hers are visible kek

No. 246249

>No one looks at you from the side
>why is everyone saying you're attractive? you can't gauge that from a side profile.
What. The. Fuck.
Do you guys live in some weird 2d world or something? Did looking at screens all the time break your brains? I have no words…

No. 246265

You have a short face, smooth brow, short distance between nose and mouth. Your chin is forward and in line with your nose. If anything your nose has a small bump in it and it's straight, which imo isn't that masculine but I'm not a fan of the ski slope pig nose look either so I may be biased.
Agree with maybe a small lip enhancement but it's not necessary. You don't read masculine to me.

No. 246267

I don't think you need to worry or change anything. I think you look like a woman if that's the concern? i'd say your side profile looks very striking/commanding to me, which is considered "masculine", I suppose, but doesn't need to mean "man". I think it's a nice unique look and you shouldn't worry about whittling your nose down.

No. 246323

>Anons what do you think about my side profile?
It is nice
>Is it too masculine?
No, I find it quite the opposite, you have small, delicate features
>Should I get a nose job?
Your nose is literally perfect, wtf, no

No. 246548

looks shopped to me too. It's always only model looking people being posted on these threads, usually either to fish for compliments/feed their ego or a troll posting edited pics/not themselves

No. 246562

lol at the triggered uglies itt rn. i guess it's to be expected in a PS thread

No. 246571

She's very beautiful and everyone's saying she's so pretty that she looks like a model or like she did facetune. How is that triggered, bdd-chan?

No. 246573

I'm pretty sure this is Steven using the faceapp filter. The photo looks shopped af.
Some of you r dumb.

No. 246576

nta but accusing her of shooping because she can't be that pretty irl is seething. so are the comments about her lips, when they look fine and any filler would give her duck lips

No. 246598

Good looking people who have been made very aware (by life) that they're good looking going around asking others if there's something wrong with their looks is eyeroll worthy but also extremely common on the internet. In fact, on threads about looks it's usually almost exclusively good looking people fishing for compliments

doesn't change the fact that it looks shopped and not because it looks impossibly good or something. If you have an eye for editing you'd be able to notice

No. 246606

File: 1646000656901.jpg (Spoiler Image,231.33 KB, 481x837, IMG_20220227_232327.jpg)

Op here, the photo is not edited in any way. I often felt like I look too androgynous and I felt bad for never looking like a typical "girly girl". My biggest complex is probably my slight jaw assymetry. I also don't like my nose because of the bumb. Maybe it doesn't look this big in the photo because of the lighting or something, but I feel like irl it's pretty visible. I'm surprised by all the positive comments here and I don't know how to react to them because I haven't been getting many compliments from people irl
I also don't think there's anything wrong with my lips tbh

No. 246607

>if you had an eye for editing
lol ok, which parts of it look shooped, and how?

No. 246608

imho women have begun to fall into the "androgyny" category due to this perfect storm of fear over trans women bleeding over into nitpicking women without 100% feminine "baby face" features and prevalence of ps/filters everywhere, making women feel unfeminine in their natural state. I bet with make up you'd read suitably "girly girl", but also you can just be the type of woman you wanna be.

No. 246611

this looks like a totally different person

No. 246616

Kek this would be so hilarious if it was true. Why do you think its shooped anon? I don't use social media often so can't tell photoshop from reality.

No. 246869

File: 1646085842856.jpg (33.29 KB, 481x438, 20220228_223500.jpg)

Seen someone talking about overbite and just wanted and opinion in if i have an overbite?

No. 246881

yes, looks like it but it's not severe or anything

No. 246911

File: 1646092741333.jpeg (67.03 KB, 420x260, BC8B49FD-CCDF-463B-9B8A-A01C87…)

Any Nonas done a breast fat transfer? Would love to hear your experience. I’ve done a bit of research on it and I think it would be a good fit for me. I don’t want huge tits just wanting to more or less get back what I lost after breastfeeding 2 kids for 2 years each.

A lift would be too extreme as my breasts aren’t saggy they just lack volume(if that makes sense). My nipples are at a good place and my skin is fine.

No. 246920

Overbite is when your upper teeth cover your bottom teeth excessively, which doesn't seem to be the case here. What you have is an overjet, but yours does not look too dramatic to me. Maybe 4-5 mm? A normal value would be 2-3 mm I reckon.

No. 246921

What you need is therapy

No. 246924

File: 1646096117211.jpg (84.74 KB, 962x543, 20220228_115746.jpg)

i mean when i close my teeth together it does cover it like 60%

No. 246937

I haven't looked too in depth but I've read that not all of the fat that's injected is accepted by your body and you can end up with uneven results, and there's also the possibility of fat necrosis where the dead fat forms lumps - which is benign but if you're like me and are worried about breast cancer, the scare isn't worth it. If you don't mind having to potentially go in for multiple revisions (and fat harvesting) then by all means go for it but I do encourage you to look further into the risks I mentioned if you haven't yet.

No. 246966

Ask your dentist next time you're going for a checkup if you want to be sure.

No. 247029

I have small, wide set, shallow breasts and would love to get one of these. Because I'm the same as you, I just want them to be more full. I love having small breasts since they look good in almost every fashion, but I want enough to fill out bras cups without having to use padding…

No. 247033

>people who have been made very aware (by life) that they're good looking going around asking others if there's something wrong with their looks is eyeroll worthy
Yes because normal-looking people shouldn't ever discuss their appearance, only uglies!! kek

No. 247141

File: 1646216285395.jpeg (27.55 KB, 600x450, 52A8E94A-0C28-46A4-8BAC-4DE68A…)

Not quite PS but does anyone have any experience with getting orthodontic work in your 20s? I had braces in junior high and a night retainer that I broke a few years ago in college and never got replaced, and now I’m noticing my overbite coming back and my canines getting pushed forward.
I really don’t want to go through adult braces. I’ve been thinking of getting an Invisalign but I’m worried it won’t be strong enough to getting my teeth back the way they were and I’ll just be wasting my money.

No. 247150

You're acting like beautiful women don't constantly get engaged by ugly men they reject or the shitty men they're dating. Most women are made insecure about their looke to the point it ruins your potential and the time spent on presenting yourself ideally sets you back from men who don't have any expectations, thus can spend more time on themselves and their careers.

No. 247167

I’m this nona and I looked more into it. The cost is ridiculous compared to implants. Even if I add in saving for the 6 weeks I take off, it’s still thousands cheaper to get implants. And the results from fat grafting may be hardly noticeable. Which wasn’t a deal breaker for me but it is when you factor the cost(10-12k). So I guess I’m going the implant route.

No. 247168

I wore braces between the ages of 24 and 26 and I'd say it was 1000000000000% worth it.

I had to wear them when I was 14 too, but that orthodontist had no idea what she was doing and did a shitty job (NHS…). Since she told me to stop wearing my retainer after the braces were taken off (because she said it was 'unnecessary', which is bs) my lower teeth became crowded again (to which she said that 'this, unfortunately, happens'). Then in my 20s I developed difficulty chewing because my teeth were not touching properly and I also developed jaw pain. I went to a private orthodontist and boy, it was expensive, but so worth it. She was super conscientious, help me understood what was going on every time she did something and made me promise her that I'd ALWAYS wear my retainer, every night, until the day I die, because otherwise my teeth are going to go back to their original place. Also, I can chew now, my jaw pain went away completely and the crowding in my lower teeth was also fixed.
If you decide to go with it, read reviews religiously or go to someone who was personally recommended to you

No. 247170

Yeah I wear invisalign at 27 and it helps a lot. My teeth weren't very crooked, it was just a minor alignment. I suck at having them on all the time though, u
I mostly wear them in the evening and night.
But my classmate wore them at 28, she had really messed up teeth and now it's totally straight.

No. 247175

My teeth moved because I hadn't worn my retainer in like 10 years. I don't have dental insurance, but thankfully there's a lot of cheap alternatives to invisible aligners. I've used Smile Direct Club, and they're pretty good – the first round didn't make my teeth 100% straight, so I got refinements at no charge.

No. 247184

Fuck how do you know if your overbite is returning? I had braces on for 4 years. I have the permanent metal retainer on my bottom teeth and I refuse to remove it in case it shifts back.

No. 247190

Gently bite down where your back teeth rest together comfortably. Don't shift your jaw forward or backward. Then look at your teeth in a mirror. If your top teeth rest just slightly in front of your bottom teeth, your bite is normal. If there is a gap between your top and bottom teeth, your bite is not aligned. If your top teeth stick out too far it's an overbite. If your lower teeth stick out it's an under bite.

No. 247249

When/if you go through with it, I’m interested in your results, if you don’t mind posting that. I’ve always been afraid of getting “implant sickness,” but I really want to do it too.

No. 247292

>Smile Direct Club
Glad it went well for you, but in case other anons are interested, it's better to avoid that company and just go for Invisalign instead. Sure it's more expensive, but you're being properly followed.
SDC might work best for "easy" cases, but I've heard of some pretty awful reports of people having their bite fucked up, broken teeth, nerve damage.

No. 247302

I agree. I got my Invisalign in November and I'm really happy how everything's coming along so far. A friend of mine who got some knock off ones by her dentist now has a big gap in between her top teeth (that wasn't there before) even though she mostly needed her bottom teeth fixed due to slight overcrowding and needed to get a lot less done than I. She didn't even get any attachments (although her case is similar, just not as severe as mine). I'm very glad I didn't opt for the cheaper version even though it was really hard to afford it all.

If any nonnies are intersted in Invisalign or SDR, I'd recommend checking in with a specialist first. Maybe your insurance can cover some of the cost too.

No. 247309

ahh I have my breast lift/fat grafting surgery in 5 weeks and I'm really nervous about it. I think I'm getting some cold feet and I have to wear a fucking breast pump that hurts a lot for 6 hours daily until then…

any other anons have cold feet leading up to the surgery?

No. 247310

How do you get Invisalign cheap? It's so pricey, but I heard that in places like India it's cheaper, or other countries. Like is there a way to get a discount?

No. 247327

Nta, but it probably depends on where you live. In some places Invisalign is cheaper than traditional braces. I live in Italy and my dentist only asked me for 2000 eur for my case (crowding in the front, one canine tooth needs to be rotated, crossbite on one side, some misalignment between top and bottom row) when my former dentist wanted at least 6k for traditional braces.

No. 247645

Oh I see, it didn't look like it from the side. Well, overbite and overjet often come together. Honestly I don't think it looks bad based on this picture, it's quite cute imo. But definitely this is something you can fix with orthodontic work.

No. 248057

File: 1646656202762.jpg (80.23 KB, 750x749, 9cb722965f81bd8b7c1f8f1d5ecc15…)

Did Zoe Kravitz have work done? Or is it just aging?

No. 248058

Looks like textbook aging, she still looked like a gangly kid in the first photo.

No. 248063

I don't see any changes except her face getting thinner

No. 248064

She probably has botox but other than that, I don't see any changes that can't be explained by aging.

No. 248076

File: 1646667054181.jpeg (1.29 MB, 2560x3840, D2B2346F-2F43-41D6-818C-97D25C…)

idk it looks like she had some kind of jaw surgery or chin implant, especially at met gala

No. 248096

Definitely some work done, but it was a good start.

No. 248345

i have serious dark circles which are hereditary and also due to stress growing up. i was ok with them and made them work except now my midface is thinning and i just look exhausted and old. but i also kind of like how my face has thinned out in a way, i dont want to pump it back up. has anyone had lower bleph or midface work done? they cut into your fucking eyelid but the the satisfaction rate is high and when i gently smooth that area with my fingertip i recognize my face again and look 10000x better. i just want them gone as a gift to myself for surviving the stress that made them so bad in the first place. inb4 get fillers

No. 248605

Nonnies I've posted about undereye fillers here before >>228649 and got it done today and I'm so happy with the results!

No. 248981

File: 1647034560658.jpg (32.62 KB, 615x250, yaeba.jpg)

not exactly plastic surgery, but i really understand the appeal of yaeba teeth…although the idea of going to japan and getting caps is terrifying (/don't want to look like a weeb). i'd never want to do anything that i couldn't remove/reverse out of personal preference

No. 248985

Just take my natural snaggle tooth

No. 248999

File: 1647039441601.png (166.27 KB, 399x400, img_5b90ab56dae6f.png)

Same! I love it both for men and women, I think it's so cute. It can be snaggleteeth or just prominent fangs. Love it. NGL I even got a little sad when my friend corrected hers lmao
I've thought about getting fang implants (like Charlotte Charms), but it's so expensive, and a bit of a hassle.

No. 249000

Snaggle teeth are wanted? I’ve always wanted to fix mine with Invisalign but have been too lazy about it. I think it’s kind of cute sometimes since it gives character to my smile. But other days I hate it. Perfect teeth drive me nuts.

No. 249001

I had these until my teens when I had them fixed. I got called vampire or hamster at school for it, now it's cute? lol

No. 249002

Nta but I find "imperfect" teeth very cute and pretty, especially on girls. It gives your smile character, a perfect set won't be as memorable as something out of the norm.

No. 249004

It's still not a mainstream thing at all tbh. You'd probably be still mocked nowadays by normies and kids or whatever, since yaeba is pretty niche. But I personally think it's very cute and charming.

No. 249009

This is one of those things that look cute and quirky on attractive people imo. If the person only has 1 flaw and otherwise conventionally attractive features, it makes the flaw itself charming.

No. 249028

Anything “ugly” now eventually becomes a trend later. I used to get mocked in school for having naturally big eyebrows. Plucked them to lines like everyone else in the 00’s. Color me shocked when everyone had big bold eyebrows and now bushy/feathered brows are “in”.

No one ever made fun of my snaggle tooth and most people said it was cute which is likely why I never fixed it. It’s not even that bad but it does snag on my bottom lip sometimes after I smile. Makes me feel like a pug kek

No. 249041

you dont have to go to japan and get caps, you can go to a dentist and get the same thing they fill cavities with built ontop of your real tooth to the shape/size you want. and then you can go get it removed whenever you want.

No. 249043

File: 1647057517443.jpg (22.27 KB, 306x487, gigachin.jpg)

this guy claimed to get his jaw like this from "jaw training" but there's no way right? he must have got some kind of implants

No. 249051

I think he got the Faceapp procedure done

No. 249053

Kek that’s not how muscles work. Why would you want to look like a boomerang anyways?

No. 249062

File: 1647066644364.jpg (Spoiler Image,106.77 KB, 1280x853, 202011181427-main.cropped_1605…)

Same vibe as picrel. I'd say implants for sure. I don't think your jaw muscles can expand the same way your biceps can, for instance. Also, 'jaw training' wrecks a havoc on your jaw joints, even if he got them naturally, good luck for him with dealing with the pain and the clicking sound every time every time he opens his mouth from now on

No. 249063

*wreaks a havoc, sorry, esl

No. 249065

File: 1647066920238.png (110.98 KB, 667x876, jaws.png)

samefag, here's an article about jaw trainers: https://www.health.com/condition/oral-health/jaw-exercise-device-tiktok

>problems with the TMJ can cause issues including; radiating pain in the face, jaw, or neck; jaw muscle stiffness; limited movement or locking of the jaw; painful clicking, popping, or grating when opening or closing the mouth; or a change in the way the teeth fit together

No. 249070

tiktok has a face stretch filter that lets you do stuff like this. how are you guys falling for sth so retarded ffs

No. 249086

Is it a filter though. I've seen the stretch filter and it's very obviously warped and moves and around, in his videos it doesn't do that and he even touches his chin and it doesn't blur or anything. I think he just overdid chin/jaw fillers

No. 249259

Has anyone had a gummy smile surgery? My gummy smile makes me insecure to smile and I was looking into fixing it now that I have the money to.

No. 249975

My philtrum is 12 mm and my chin is more than double that (26 mm) but I feel like my philtrum is still long. Is this body dysphoria or is it possible for the philtrum to be long even with the "correct" proportion?

No. 250019

I’m no expert, but the fact that you have your facial features measured by the mm makes me think body dysmorphia.

No. 250064

Lmao, this for sure, you gotta let it go, >>249975

No. 250163

they remind me of children's teeth and makes me think about cultural pedophilia of japan

No. 250288

Have any of you anons had minimally invasive fat removal that wasn’t coolsculpting? I want to get rid of some stubborn belly pudge I gained from medication but I’m afraid of the potential coolsculpting side effects.

No. 250290

Just do some situps, anon, or exercise more regularly. It's healthier and cheaper.

No. 250291

Anon idk if you’ve ever tried to target belly fat but it doesn’t just go away with situps unfortunately

No. 250311

Look into hyaluronic acid fat dissolve. There’s a few places around me that offer it and it seems like a popular cheaper treatment. I’ve never done it but have thought about it. I retained some lower belly fat after my 2nd pregnancy. Exercise and weight loss hasn’t helped with the last bit.

It doesn’t appear to be invasive.

No. 250355

Thanks anon, I'm looking at that as well as smartlipo (which is invasive but less than typical lipo apparently?) Belly fat is unfortunately one of those things that just exists once you get it. There is no targeted workout that will get rid of it. You have to make your whole body lean, but if you're someone like me (and I'm assuming you) then you're already in a healthy weight and only have that belly fat. We'd have to start starving ourselves.

That's the only reason I'm looking into surgery for it, plus the fact that it's coming from my meds and not my diet.

No. 250403

I went for a breast augmentation consultation with a male surgeon (I've only met female surgeons before), and he was kind of exceedingly nice. Like he kept saying how good it was that I'm so slim, he complimented my hair being long, and said things like my waist is so small that his hands could reach around it. Like I get saying that I'm not a complex case because I have a good base, which even the female surgeons said, but a lot of the other things didn't seem very relevant. I wasn't wildly uncomfortable or anything, but idk. Am I overthinking or was that kinda weird?

No. 250405

He’s trying to make you feel confident to:
1. Make you like him
2. Not give you an extreme inferiority complex, considering that most people who come to see him will have insecurities and one odd comment could unironically ruin their life/self image forever.

How big do you want to go? Implants? I really want bigger boobs but I’m afraid to get surgery and invest the money.

No. 250408

File: 1647541793757.jpg (1.44 MB, 2368x2600, bxL83EV.jpg)

He said the max I could have is 310cc, and recommended I make rice sizers at home. It sounded so small, but actually the sizers looked pretty big to me. Picrel is with 300cc sizers but idk if I should go for a smaller size. With these I looked like trash in a baggy tops lol.

And yeah I'm not completely sure about it either, it's a big decision. I had one surgery before though which made me a lot happier, and getting another one feels less scary now.

No. 250540

I see a slightly smaller nose, sharper jaw, and lower third hollowed out which could be jaw enhancement (filler or implant?) and buccal fat removal - but tbh i kinda doubt it. It's so subtle and harmonious that it's hard to tell if it's good work, or natural changes from aging, weight loss/facial fat loss, plus makeup and lighting. She has great bone structure and natural fox eyes so didn't get much if anything done. If anything the before pic looks like had bottom lip filler - that cheapie "hot dog" look with no wrinkles - which she either stopped getting or moved to a more subtle upper lip fill.

Sry to humblebrag but I met her in person once for my job and she's wildly pretty in person and was very sweet in a "chill stoner girl" way, seemed like she had a close relationship with her parents too, she was endearingly normal

No. 250869

Sorry for not replying yet nonna!
You look fantastic there. Will you have more cleavage with the actual implants? It does sound small but they look great on you. I’m a pathetic idiot who fantasizes about 800cc and having a high profile cleavage but those are just stupid fantasies stemming from insecurity and compensation and something I’d never actually do.

What was your first surgery, if I may ask?

No. 250885

File: 1647784275514.jpeg (206.27 KB, 640x796, 1D9A7719-2772-4733-AB2C-AA91FC…)

>used to judge anons here for being so autistic about minuscule things regarding appearance

Well, now I’m here. I’m going for my consultation for my jaw surgery soon, and I’m getting really particular about shit like nasofacial angles (30-40 degrees), nose projection (0.55-0.60), nasomental angle, nasolabial angle etc because of quoves. I’m actually really excited, though I’m definitely doing more research in facial aesthetics over what the surgery will be like

No. 251255

I am thinking about getting >>203893 with tax return money or whatever I spouts want to have my nose permanently altered but this will do for now

No. 251283

Thanks! Yeah the surgeon said he could make more of a cleavage, though I don't expect anything dramatic because naturally my breasts aren't really close together so I can only expect an improvement. And wow 800cc is really big, I'm not even sure if they can always do it during the first surgery. Just be careful because bigger implants are generally riskier I think.

And it's probably kinda controversial here, but it was a labiaplasty. Luckily I experienced no issues, and I went to an experienced female surgeon, but the recovery is definitely not as easy as surgeons suggest.

No. 251284

Why did you get it done? Was it for aesthetics or disconfort?

No. 251290

Don't do it, nose dermal filler has a high risk of leading to blindness. Many reputable surgeons refuse to do it.

No. 251296

Can we see a before and after? And moar details please I am a mom and my vaginas always been flappy but it looks a little different now

No. 251307

Both, it was always in the way though and was often pretty uncomfortable, but it wasn't that bad. It mainly bothered me because of how it looked. I later found out that only like 9% of women have what I had, and so it was rare when I saw someone with labia that stuck out as much as mine, even though I looked a lot online because I really tried to accept it.

I'm not super comfortable sharing pics of it lol, but if you have any specific questions I'm happy to answer them.

No. 251310

Just curious, do you plan on having children vaginally? I think I have only ever heard horror stories and very few positive experiences, so I’d be interested in your perspective.

No. 251314

ok scrote

No. 251318

File: 1647978125481.jpg (Spoiler Image,223.06 KB, 1416x1620, RDT_20220322_14390591578034484…)

Pic rel is not me but what's everyone's experience with a breast reduction on breasts that aren't ~that~ large? I'm busty but not nearly as busty most people who get reductions, coomers would probably call me small if anything. I guess I'm quite average in terms of size but I always just preferred the aesthetic of smaller breasts and it would help me fit in most clothes better. Picrel would be my ideal reduction results. I just want cute small perky b cups

No. 251319

Nta but are you talking in general giving birth or giving birth after a labiaplasty? If you’re worried about your vagina after giving birth, the only thing that changes is the color. It won’t be as pink and it’ll be dark for awhile but it does lighten up a bit. Don’t know what you’re specifically worried about. I’ve had two kids and my vagina looks and feels the same, with the exception that it’s darker. And all my girlfriends who’ve had the same experience all say the same.

Btw the color of your labia darkens with age too.

No. 251324

Can't speak for everyone but my vulva personally looks pinker after birth, depends on the person I guess. I'm also extremely pale so when nipples or genitals darken on me it gets a darker red/pink instead of brown

No. 251331

Aside from the 200 pink-pilled reasons, the number one reason I’ve read to never get labiaplasty is because the scar tissue from it can complicate vaginal births. That is why I ultimately decided against it.

No. 251347

Who have you consulted with? Would it be through insurance and a local maxillofacial surgeon or are you going the Korea route? Jaw surgery is my dream because I'm an asymmetrical mess but it's not in the cards

No. 251368

I have very small scars from the surgery, in the middle of the labia because I had the wedge technique, and can't feel or see them anymore, so I hope it won't complicate things. But I'm unsure if I'll ever have kids and definitely not for a long time. I also read about a lot of negative experiences, honestly a lot of things can go wrong even when you go to someone really experienced. I'm really happy that I did it but I wouldn't encourage anyone to do it unless they really wanted it, the risks can be pretty serious and the recovery sucks.

No. 251373

has anyone gotten a lip flip? also my tuberous breasts make me wanna kms but i dont want breast implant illness

No. 251375

Interesting but totally makes sense. I tore my labia a tiny bit during my first birth(got one little stitch), so I could see how scar tissue and all that would complicate the birth process.

I’m scheduled for a consult in 2 weeks to get one via Botox. Curious too if anyone has gone this route.

No. 252741

Yeah the nose job is horrid but I'm impressed they managed to make a 40-ish womnan look facially 18. Censor the nose and she looks good imo. I have been considering going to ID clinic in Seoul since seeing Cluam Sutherland's transformation. It looks like they did a (botched) rhinoplasty, browridge reduction, fat transfer, lower and possibly upper blepharoplasty, V-line jaw, and something to her lips (I'm not quite sure)
Maybe the doll-like aesthetic isn't for everyone but sis just dropped 15 years off her face. That's a feat

No. 252745

No. 252759

I'm getting a fat grafting and lift next week to correct this, I can update you afterwards.

No. 252772

anon, the after picture is very obviously photoshopped. her neck is half the width it was in the before picture, and if they're using photoshop to advertise their jaw surgery then I'm willing to bet a lot of the other signs of aging were smoothed out too. I'm not saying they didn't do a ton of that to her face, but thinking anyone can turn back time like that is just setting yourself up for disappointment.

No. 252787

I have smile lines and I’m only 21

No. 252791

Everyone has smile lines, the excess skin that stretches when you smile has to go somewhere.

No. 252799

I have really bad nasolabial folds and always have due to prognathism cuz I'm mixed. Makes me even more unattractive with my long philtrum though. I was considering implants since I don't think fillers would do anything I don't think. I don't know if there's a dental surgery that exists for this unless I'm mistaken

No. 253350

File: 1648867711433.png (62.56 KB, 420x368, fat.png)

Does anyone have any experience with scar revision? Is it actually worth it or do you feel like it doesn't actually improve the appearance of the scar enough? I have the world's ugliest surgical scar on my stomach from a surgery I had as a kid, its really old and completely faded but it makes my stomach look like I weigh over 300 lbs because it caves in a lot and looks just like a fat person's stomach when they get so fat that their belly fat caves inward at the bottom like pic related. Losing weight does not make the scar less noticeable either because I've weighed just over 100lbs and it still looked like that. I'm just really afraid of messing with it because some results pictures I saw looked really good but others made the scar look significantly worse afterwards and if that happened to me I would literally just commit suicide but also I am so tired of looking at this ugly ass scar that completely ruins my self esteem and makes me want to die anyways. This is something I've always wanted to do and I finally have the money for it now but I'm just not sure if I would be satisfied with the results.

No. 254823

I watched vid rel recently and I feel like it sort of describes my face. I'm still unsure if I'd call my jaw 'wide', but I think the width of my mid-face is similar to the width of the jaw, but I still wouldn't call it a 1:1. I feel like my face overall is somewhat neotenous, but in a bad way. Like I look like an ugly child.

The guy in the vid says that women with wide jaws looked better with visible cheekbones but I'm unsure if I fully agree with him. I've disagreed with quove's advice before, such as when he suggested that short woman to wear shapeless maxi skirts to 'appear taller', which I disagree with. I personally have a decent amount of facial fat, but I kind of have a love-hate relationship with it; I like that it somewhat makes me look neotenous (despite the fact that I sometimes feel like I look juvenile AND ugly), and I somewhat hate it because it makes me look like a moon-face I've been nearly-underweight before, so I have had visible cheekbones in the past, but I'm unsure I look good with them. I think I looked somewhat 'interesting' with visible cheekbones, but that might be because I wasn't used to having visible cheekbones before, and I sort of looked malnourished (in part due to me being nearly underweight at the time).

No. 254826

I've had scar revision surgery, but on a smaller scar (probably, I don't know how big your scar is). In my case, there was a big improvement. It's always a gamble, no one here will be able to tell you if the results will be worth it in your case, especially not without a picture. You should make an appointment with a renowned surgeon who can tell you what can be done and what to expect.

No. 254836

That woman isn't ugly or masculine, just basic like every woman would be if they didn't take care of their hair skin makeup etc. If you look like her, shaping your eyebrows and getting a cute haircut along with a natural makeup to brighten up your face should be enough. I only watched a bit of the video but don't get bangs if that's what he's suggesting, maybe get faceframing pieces? If you have a highhairline you can use minoxidil or take vitamins because I thought I did too until I realized my hair had fallen out because of vitamin deficiency. Anyways, she's not ugly and she doesn't have any features that are striking enough to make her gorgeous like the majority of people but she can definitely look beautiful with the right styling. Reddit and this retarded plastic surgery moid isn't going to be of anyhelp, though.

No. 254838

I got my tuberous tits fixed about 10 years ago and only now I may be feeling breast implant illness because it's more than time for revision but I'm putting it off since I don't really have the money anymore.
Or it could be just regular aging and other hormonal problems I have, I can't really know but either way I never had migraines or anything like that, just dark circles, dull skin and fatigue. Again, could be just aging.

Still much better than the tubes, I was harrassed for them and would've offed myself years ago if it wasn't for this surgery.

No. 254840

File: 1649345806945.png (1.08 MB, 1154x788, 7-Figure7-1.png)

I plan to get Masseter Botox to fix my haw asymmetry.

What am I in for? Anyone here has done the procedure?

No. 254850

Finally got a labiaplasty. Didn't hurt more than light period cramps. No pain killers needed at all. Going to the bathroom feels fine, sitting feels fine. I'm really glad I did this, she's looking so pretty now.

I'm really surprised! I expected to live off pain killers and groan in pain when trying to pee and stuff. Labiaplasty surgery videos makes it look super painful.

No. 254853

Congratulations anon, I hope your recovery is well.

No. 254862

why did you do it

No. 254885

File: 1649363273815.jpg (25.95 KB, 800x450, e02e5ffb5f980cd8262cf7f0ae00a4…)

You get period cramps in your labia?

No. 254899

When I have cramps my labia feels really tight, like there's pressure all over. Isn't that normal?

Because it didn't look nice. Which is why we all get plastic surgery. It's also gonna be nice not having to adjust my panties all the time and literally having to open myself when masturbating or having sex. Plastic surgery is like one of the least feminist things we can do but I don't see why some people sperg as if a labiaplasty is even worse than a nose job or breast implants.

No. 254900

Have you never had vagina pain as a period symptom?

No. 254904

NTA but I wondered if it'd cause friction issues and such before, which I myself have sometimes. It's nice that you're happy with your results and now feel more comfortable about your body.

No. 254905

>I don't see why some people sperg as if a labiaplasty is even worse than a nose job or breast implants
Nta but personally the thought of having sharp tools near my pussy is more terrifying than having it anywhere else.

No. 254907

> the thought of having sharp tools near my pussy
i was unfortunately reminded of the scene from antichrist where the woman cuts her clitoris off

No. 254925

>just had thigh lipo
>start massaging thighs like the surgeon told me to
>literally hear water or some shit squelching around inside my thigh
discostan i hate this so much

No. 255064

why did you do your thighs? not to shill for today's beauty standards but a decent amount of meat on your thighs is very in right now?

No. 255067

I had a fat transfer to my breasts. My BMI is like 21 so I didn't have that much fat but they sucked a lot out of my hips and thighs. I hope my body doesn't look weird once the swelling goes down.

No. 255077

I'm sure it'll be fine, anon. Swelling can make stuff look weird but please give it some time, plastic surgery is very traumatic and it might be hard waiting for your results but don't be harsh on yourself.

No. 255089

is too much underboob area the biggest give away someone has had work done? female nipples are usually lower and bigger but I keep getting bombarded with onlyfans girls who have giant tits that are all underboob with small nipples practically on their shoulder, it just looks so bizarre to me since you never see these types of boobs irl or in old photos

No. 255091

It could also be shooped since men want tiny nipples that are super high and those girls have to photoshop themselves to fit the standards.

No. 255099

if they're really high up and large, most likely

No. 255100

that's so weird to me, nipples get larger, lower and darker during puberty and during pregnancy, wouldn't having larger and lower nipples be a sign of fertility? they always like to run their mouths about how men need fertility signaling women. Also nipples stretch and get larger as boobs grow, it's practically impossible for very large busted women to have small areolas naturally

No. 255102

>men want tiny nipples that are super high

No. 255103

anons, these are people who are trying to push the narrative that 14 year olds are more fertile than actual normal aged mothers. there's no rationality to their flavor of the week attraction

No. 255108

>darker during puberty
nta wait, are they supposed to be darker? Mine are the color of an anemic ghost

No. 255113

I'm pregnant so mine are dark rn but are usually pretty light as well, they get darker with estrogen spikes but may not be too dark if yours were already extremely light before

No. 255121

Mine haven't darkened much either. I've always had pretty solidly pink nipples that occasionally darken a bit when I'm near or on my period

No. 255128

i think for white people they are mostly fairly pale/pink

No. 255136

Do they not? If you ask any man what the perfect breasts look like to him he will show you globes with tiny pink nipples at the top

No. 255138

a lot of white people have tan nipples

No. 255165

You are fine, probably ethnic. No need to be insecure

No. 255174

The anon you're replying to, It's because they see porn actresses with plastic boobs and believe it's possible for women to have a tiny nipples. I also have big nipples but never felt and will never feel insecure because it's a dumb expectation from pornaddicted men and in reality, tiny nipples look very fake on huge breasts unless they're natural, which in most cases they're not.

No. 255177

File: 1649445737793.jpg (Spoiler Image,80.46 KB, 300x428, cute-small-tit-redhead-181.jpg)

i have kind of small nipples but not anything like fake boob nipples. it's entirely possible but when you see small small nipples usually on a larger breast it's very suspicious. i think it's pretty clockable because they are just SO TINY. like wtf is this. am i being too critical or are those very tiny for how large her breasts are? they seem very oddly tiny to me

No. 255191

These aren't that small considering she's outdoors and in the water so probably cold. Sometimes you ladies have the most autistic nitpicks. Women with breast implants aren't more likely to have smaller nipples. A woman with small nipples before will may still have small nipples afterwards but if the implants are large they will gradually stretch. Too high of nipples is caused by a botched breast lift.

No. 255201

it heavily depends on the amount they insert. if you get a normal sized implant (because naturally they fall a little and are only, at best, partially under muscle), they raise the nipple to a degree and so the nipple is being pushed up but the implant below it unstretching it (not enough to compensate, for say, a person needing an actual breast lift and nipple reduction), rather than right at the largest part of the boob's apex, so the nipple isn't as stretched over the pointest part necessarily anymore, so it seems less stretched. though i think some a lot of people do get nipple reductions. how stretched your nipples will be depends on your bmi/fat, actual breast tissue amount, implant size, under or over muscle, implant profile, etc. i have been to many plastic surgeons about breast implants. yes they can and do get larger but it depends on those factors. that's not really a nitpick, but an observation? a nitpick is generally just rude, this is genuinely suspicious to people.

No. 255214

Areola reductions are extremely common especially paired with a breast augmentation. They're done on men a lot too, it's probably one of th easiest, cheapest, and least invasive surgery to get on your chest and it you're already getting any sort of breast surgery (reduction, lift, implants) most surgeons will just shrink your areola for free. On top of that there's virtually no scarring.

No. 255222

>very tiny for how large her breasts are
Those aren't big boobs, even the filename is 'small tit redhead'. I'd say mine are a similar size and they're a solid B.

Definitely look fake though, like they're too round at the the top under the armpit. Even the perkiest boobs are gonna have a bit of a concave slope.

No. 255236

File: 1649454398121.jpg (Spoiler Image,50.1 KB, 640x640, bigboobssmallnipples.jpg)

NTA but I don't think she was saying her breasts are big but they were just too big considering her nipple size, nipples like those are usually found on very flat chested women and skinny men. Nipple/boob ratios look so off.

Why is it a thing to not want to have developed female nipples anymore? It's bizarre because you're expected to have extreme versions of sexual dimorphism for everything EXCEPT nipples kek. Do people really believe adult women who've gone through puberty enough to have extremely developed breasts, hips and everything else just somehow magically have areolas the size of literal babies? Is this correlated with the obsession of wanting women to have child like vaginas as well? It's so weird to expect women to magically have puberty affect everything but their vaginas and nipples

No. 255259

File: 1649456839555.jpg (Spoiler Image,346.89 KB, 1080x2231, Screenshot_20220409_002545.jpg)

(breast lift before and after under spoiler) does anyone else think the before here looks better, and not just better because it looks natural but more attractive too? I'm straight so idk but in the before picture they look bigger to me and more like, breast-shaped? also would you consider the first picture saggy/in need of a lift in the first place? Because to me they look fine

No. 255262

ya to me the 1st pic is way more attractive (but im straight too)
i think its about this woman's body shape tho. she has a pretty square and muscular torso, and them lifted and less space between them emphasizes her muscular shape and make her breasts look more like pecs to me…

this woman definitely did not need a lift, she naturally had really nice boobs.

No. 255267

They honestly look the same. The only difference I see is areola placement, and they look more natural before imo.

No. 255268

You're definitely right, porn corrupted how people think breasts are supposed to look
This looks so out of place, it looks like someone cut off anorexic moid nipples and stuck it on her chest

No. 255272

Girl… some women just have small nipples, on a bcup like the original pic that's not weird at all. There was nothing disproportionate or indicative of surgery.

I get that beauty standards can be unfair but you're just shitting on some random chicks boobs like they personally offended you.

No. 255273

File: 1649461515073.jpg (Spoiler Image,86.79 KB, 500x890, 8250131-t7-enh.jpg)

Does anyone know if hopelessfrantic is natural? Her body always looked so bizarre to me especially when she does work with other girls, breasts look natural but she obviously uses push up bras and angles to make them look perkier and fuller. Maybe she got a rib removal? Something about this doesn't look natural

No. 255274

To be honest first picture looks as perfect as boobs that bog can look and although the after doesn't look bad, the before looks definitely better.
These nipples look so uncanny. I get some can prefer smaller ones but this doesn't look good at all, imo and even the scrotes who say they liked small areolas would probably be weirded out because of the proportions.

No. 255277

Literal babies usually have bigger areolas than her. Are we looking at the same picture?

No. 255285

i promise you none of these women would say "you're shitting on me!!" for being like "she has suspiciously small nipples", it's a desired trait most women want and that society idealizes, to have tiny nipples. so much so that areola size is a huge concern for a lot of women. no one is shitting on them, jfc, with the drama. i don't even know how or why you're getting this offended on their behalf when it's a conventionally socially valued trait.

No. 255286

yes, this is absolutely the case as well.

No. 255290

i don't like this surgery, it was totally totally unnecessary. the way they pushed them apart further looks strange. her breasts were attractive before

No. 255295

File: 1649467847805.png (402.96 KB, 500x312, naprawde-duze-biusty2 (1).png)

i was meaning the breast is large for the nipple, not that the entire breast size is large. it's called "tiny tit redhead" because it's obviously named by a porny male with no conception of breast size. plastic surgeons treat breasts like that too when they talk sizing unless they're light-touched doctors. i'm short and not fat or wide and was told "for very small C" (i already had perfectly enough breast tissue, i was just insecure at the time as an 18 yo), that i was going to need 450ccs. which was waaaaaaaay too big. you need to get resized or not sized by an american system if you think those are a B. they're not huge or large but they're not a B in the normal women's sizing system that the rest of the world uses.

No. 255299

This. My breasts weight 5 lbs and my plastic surgeon said "he was surprised I was a DD and not a B. He's also from one of the most obese states and I also find people who are surrounded by obese women think the normal size for boobs on healthy women are super large, when I moved to Colorado people were calling me busty

No. 255302

I guess it's possible to have larger breasts like that with such low body fat. They hang naturally, but have a lot of fullness in the actual breast away from the body. Maybe she got implants above the muscle?

No. 255306

She uses angles and shoop, they look like gym socks in videos. Something about her body and face look so weird? I don't know it's like a mix between alien and geriatric rehab patient

No. 255309

I would conclue that it's probably the ED that makes her look a little off. She looks sort of drugged up tbh

No. 255318


anon this is how i feel mine arent on the worse end of the ones on google but they are definitely sad tuberous breasts :( does anyone know what countries offer saline breast implants? I feel like saline is the safest option because if they leak it isn't harmful idk tho, i also wanna get my nipples pierced cause they look way better when my nipples are hard and maybe it would help? also has anyone figured out where sydney sweeney got her breast implants done

No. 255331

It's probably because she had her boobs done and now has the plastic look anons are talking about. To be honest I don't think it's a good trait to have them that small, sure bigger areolas are shamed like every aspect of a woman that shows signs of childbearing but having those uncanny proportipns isn't attractive either.

No. 255355

It's possible, I think it's due to having more dense breast tissue instead of fat.

No. 255356

Have you thought about fat transfers? It's much more unreliable but a lot safer and there's no foreign objects being inserted in your body.

No. 255378

File: 1649517063894.jpg (Spoiler Image,82.79 KB, 1280x720, (m=eaSaaTbWx)(mh=VB5y-ijhGZ08I…)

Her boobs look like normal big boobs. I have large breasts myself and can definitely make them almost appear fake with good angles and positioning, which she usually does. If you catch her in more uncontrolled positions/no shoop they have the natural sag and all

Most anons are just referring to her frame overall

No. 255380

Kek it's weird to me anons think a more logical conclusion is that every other part of her body grew as she got older except her nipples. How does one even end up with extremely small nipples?

No. 255382

AYRT, I know I have the same proportions as her. I've been told it's because my tissue is dense hence why my boobs don't disappear at a lower bmi. It's weirdly nice to see someone with the same kind of body.

No. 255392

File: 1649519438100.jpg (Spoiler Image,7.56 KB, 275x183, images.jpg)

I do too but it's not her boobs again, she just looks so weirdly drug abused and saggy all over, not just her boobs, she'll work with other girls and she always looks so weirdly unhealthy and misshapen next to them. pic rel is an example of what I mean. Even when the other girls are also very skinny but she's just very bony and weird looking

No. 255409

she has posted pictures of her with her mother and they both have the exact same body type. so either they both got them done and they've just sagged a ton or they just both happen to have genetically large boobs and small frames. i'm betting on the latter. you can tell that they don't look overly firm and look like actual breast tissue in caps like these, which lends to the likelihood that they are real.

No. 255417

File: 1649529410932.jpg (350.69 KB, 2330x1738, 8BH31prGJfJN_xC9JbJ6VSd-jh7uLz…)

Her mother had a lot more muscle and fat than her though and smaller breasts, although they're both wearing push up bras in this. Her proportions are way off since her entire body is narrower than her literal had and her boobs are bigger than her head. Her mother is skinny with large breasts for sure but hopeless just straight up looks like someone glued breast implants to a junkie

No. 255418

This is one of the most bizarre things I have seen

No. 255441

Implants don't sag like this >>255378. Literally the most normal/natural looking boobs ever.

No. 255444

are you not reading? everyone agrees her breasts are natural but her body looks off

No. 255445

She's just skinny? And probably a junkie? What's so strange, she's probably not lived the healthiest lifestyle being in porn and all.

No. 255446

that's what we're saying, I personally think she might have had a rib removal, especially when compared to her mom, either way I don't know why you're trying to explain why she doesn't have implants when everyone was on the same page

No. 255457

>'nothing….indicative of surgery"

You can literally see the implant scars under her tits if you look close enough, plus they look fake as hell. They are just nicely done, its not the 90's anymore anon…

No. 255466

File: 1649544323411.jpg (Spoiler Image,165.7 KB, 833x1250, 238320_full-1.jpg)

80s and 90s implants look pretty natural though, I feel like the bolted on boob look didn't come out until the 2000s. My coworker is gen x and we started talking about when plastic surgery suddenly just hit men's magazines and she said "it's so weird, boobs looked so natural and proportional and then one day I just woke up and now you have stick thin women running around with massive breasts that are round at the top"

50s-60s nudes were artificial as well but not nearly as common as when the 80s hit. It also really fucked up people's minds because it felt like before porn became common people understood very thin and petite women won't be able to have the exact same breast size as a woman who's like 5'7, 200 lbs and with high body fat, so people just forgot how proportions worked and just expected all women to have massive boobs

No. 255474

i blame a lot of surgeons (who are male) and the choice to do over the muscle implants without enough fat. but so many of these male doctors insist you should get large size and high profile implants even when you specifically insist you do not want that. i've heard many horror stories where women say "i only want 200ccs" and wake up with 475cc high profile implants and are horrified. i cancelled my surgery date (admittedly a very talented dr) just because he refused to listen to me and just told me "just trust me, you're not going to be happy with a smaller implant". it seems like a lot of doctors are badat creating pockets too, adding to poor placement and encapsulation = bolted on looking

No. 255499

Because male plastic surgeons are no more or less sick than the average bloke. Big is now small and medium is practically flat chested. Whatever happened to proportion?

No. 255522

they both look so bizarre but i would still pay (not a lot) to look like either of them, especially at the moms age

No. 255528

it's all fucked up and even women think totally normal, actually proportional or even proportionally large breasts for a small body are "small". i hate this stupid sizing system in america, it makes women think normal boobs are all As and only Gs are actually Cs or Ds.

No. 255557

nta but i don't think she had rib removal. i think she just has a small ribcage cause she's a small framed woman though she does have nice hips for how ana and rough she looks

No. 255559

nonas, i want to get a procedure to reduce my big ass cheeks and jowls, probably will end up getting partial buccal fat removal or fatgrafting. however, i have some post acne scarring issues (lots of redness and also perioral dermatitis) and i just feel terribly self-conscious when not wearing make up. i don't even show my bare face in front of my parents. this is the only reason why i keep delaying getting a consultation. should i just go for it? i'm just worried i'll have a bad luck with doctors/nurses or them wanting to take before and after pictures idk..

No. 255566

how old are you?

No. 255570

I still can't forget the amount of large busted women on abrathatfits that get sized at Victoria's secret and told that they're just B cups with super large bands
Nah to me it definitely looks like a rib removal, there's a huge difference between a skelly with a small ribcage and straight up missing ribs/structure where her bottom ribs are supposed to be. Rib removals are common in modeling and have been around since the 80s, could also be why she's really insistent on not showing her back since that's where the scars are. This is why she looks very odd compared to the other girls despite the fact the other girls are also skinny with small ribcages

No. 255571

>buccal fat removal
Don't. BFR is such a "short term" meme surgery, it only looks good for few years and then you will look twice your age as soon as you start losing collagen - see Bella Hadid.
Treat your skin, you can get a consultation with a derm and see if you qualify for microneedling, but leave your buccal fat alone.

No. 255712

I had tuberous like breasts most of my life (they are pointy, saggy, asymmetrical, and huge nips) and recently got a lift /reshaping / fat graft to correct it!

super happy with the results and I recommend the procedure to any anons that suffer from the same condition and want to correct it with surgery. even though it has only been a week since I did the operation and the final results aren't "set" in, I'm already super happy to see my breasts being super round, symmetrical, and "normal" looking. I'm looking forward to going braless often and bikinis in the summer!

No. 255713

> i don't even show my bare face in front of my parents
Sounds like you could benefit more from therapy than surgery.

No. 255745

Nice job anon, I'll step in before the tubular breast anon comes in saying that it's cute and shouldn't be messed with

Tubular breasts are a legitimate deformity that can take a huge toll on your life, especially since society is very breast centered. I feel like women with tubular breasts are often gaslight out getting a correctional surgery but people don't understand you're literally missing breast tissue, why is it fair people who are born without jaws, noses, feet, etc are all able to get surgery without shame but women with tubular breasts can't? And ofc people will just shame them every other day and constantly make it seem like having big perky tits is the norm

No. 255746

Well women with tuberous breasts aren't born without breasts, they're simply born with an unattractive variance. It doesn't hinder with your life like not having a jaw or nose would as in those cases you would've have trouble breathing or even eating food which is why one is more of a functional problem while yours is purely aesthetic. Again you could also say the same thing about people with maxillar or mandibular problems who have a bad profile and even eating/breathing difficulties because of them. Theirs is considered a health issue too, but most won't get surgery for it and will probably be shamed if they do.

No. 255805

Tubular breasts is caused by abnormal tissue growth, whether we like it or not, if you live in the west your entire worth as a woman is very dependent around your boobs, it can create a horrible stream of self esteem issues for these women and make it hard to get in relationships. It's a literal deformity, why shouldn't women have the freedom to get it fixed without being bashed or getting fake ass "nooo it's not like that love yourself uwu" speeches?

No. 255807

Not to mention bras rarely fit properly and it's a whole ass mess that fucks with your head

No. 255823

You're right anon. I live in a conservative Muslim country where women's breasts don't really have an impact as much so I couldn't think of the impact it'd have on women from other cultures. But again I hate how women feel insecure and get surgery to get ideal boobs because no man has to do surgeries to fit the male ideal. I myself have big and inverted nipples and I don't think it's an attractive thing but I'd never get it fixed because I never had it pointed out to me. I'm sorry if I sounded judgemental, I do understand your point better now and although women shouldn't ever be judged for getting surgery, women should also not feel like their small differences or tiny deformities mean they should get them fixed surgically.

No. 255831


I never knew I had a deformity until visiting /g/ and I'm so glad I found out it was one - this whole time I thought I just had an ugly body and while no man had an issue with it, I hated how my breasts looked.

While I'm not advocating that everyone who has tubular breasts get surgery, it should be a clear option and women who have it should be educated that it can be "corrected" with PS. I couldn't be more happy with my op and I thought I would have to be unhappy with my body for the rest of my life before I found out about this type of correctional surgery.

Yeah I would buy bras and one breast would fit perfectly while the other has a bunch of empty space in the other cup lol

No. 256080

I’m starting to save up for a nose job and yeah wish me luck. I just hate seeing pics of me from the side. I like taking pics from the side and drawing over the bump to make it straight.

No. 256086

>whether we like it or not, if you live in the west your entire worth as a woman is very dependent around your boobs
omg guys stop this

No. 256317

File: 1649886050850.jpg (193.59 KB, 1667x1889, Untitled163_20220413222614_mr1…)

I desperately want to get work done to fix my face. picrel I tried to draw over my features a bit. my head looks kinda like a rectangle and I have a wonky nose + chin which you can see.. would filler help? Ever since I was 13 I wanted jaw surgery so badly and some way to fix receeding hairline. I basically wanna bimboify myself completely because I've got such plain flat features.

No. 256322

It's hard to say from a drawing, but from what I hear, if you want to get a more 'sculpted' look to your jaw, you shouldn't use fillers, since it's make the idea look soft and doughy (unless you want that). I think there are serums out there that help with hair loss/recession that you can talk to a dermatologist with

I don't really see anything wrong with your jaw? It seems to be normal. There's nothing wrong with average/plain .Stop watching porn

No. 256329

You look attractive to me? You have pretty full lips, a strong but balanced nose and an elegant face shape. Anything you're seeing that's supposedly wonky to you is being vastly overestimated in your head.
>Stop watching porn
This. Please start viewing more normal human women and purge yourself of the brainrot.

No. 256376

Is there a surgeon who will do a micro face lift? I need a slight one. I think it's from genetics, but it might be due to age. I'm in my mid 20s.

No. 256378

Kek even this shitty outline of you looks beautiful, you're making me feel bad about my own face nonnie.

No. 256408

This is such a nice drawing nonna!!! It's hard to tell from the front, but is your chin recessed? Do you have a convex profile?

No. 256453

even if your chin/nose is wonky, it's probably best to leave it alone. Don't get surgery to make your face 'symmetrical' because fat/skin is difficult to guess of how it will sit on your face once the surgery is complete. Your face may look perfectly symmetrical on the operating table, but you could end up with a worse, less symmetrical result

No. 256490

Has anyone gotten a rib removal before? I'm very short with a small ribcage and pregnancy has been completely fucking up my ribs causing major discomfort

No. 256500

Get your hair and makeup done, will make a much bigger change than a small surgery and will be easier to turn back to your natural looks when you're bored. You look beautiful already but you can get the "bimbo" look just by simple makeup and nice dyed hair, no need to go to a surgery addiction route for something you'll probably grow out of.

No. 256520

Have any nonnas had a mommy makeover? Also not that I wanna get one, but has anyone seen a chick with a BBL in real life? How jarring is it?

No. 256531

Jarring. It is super obvious. The butt doesn't move in a regular way and it look disembodied. The other thing to keep in mind is most girls with BBLs have larger frames (I'm not saying their height, I mean their frame) and you can tell they were not slim before if that makes sense. I think butt augmentation has a long way to go before it can be considered, it's going through breast implants' bolt on phase.

No. 256534

I want jaw fillers, but I've heard that eventually they migrate and look like jowls. I hate that fillers suck.

No. 256583

Idk if you mean you have rib flare anon but there are exercises (core and breathing work) to help with that

No. 256605

That feeling when you get a labiaplasty and the stitches are itchy as fuck but you also get a yeast infection from the antibiotics you had to take. Feeling cute and sexy

No. 256824

Four years ago, I had a nose job and chin implant and it changed my life.

My only regret was not having it sooner.

If you were born with an irreparably unbalanced bone structure that no makeup/grooming tip can salvage and you have the money, absolutely go fix that shit.

No. 256827

Needed this. I am just really dumb with money and I flip flop between “I love my ethnic nose” to “I could look so pretty with a little nose”

No. 256831

A couple of thousand dollars is a penny in a bucket compared to a lifetime of being treated better, paid more, and respected.

The only people who posture about "loving yourself" and "accepting your natural beauty" have never felt the crippling isolation of having sub-3 looks. I'm not speaking to the Plain Janes who have otherwise unremarkable but "average" features.

If you have a profoundly recessed chin and giant neanderthal nose, you're no different than someone with a cleft lip and it doesn't matter if you have "pretty eyes" or a "nice smile" - no one will be able to notice your eyes (let alone your personality) if your facial deformities completely overwhelm your natural beauty.

Plastic surgery for many people is a way to look NORMAL, not hot. I mean, I happen to look hot after my PS, but that wasn't the goal. Once I was able to bring my looks up to a 5-6 after surgery, only then was I able to reap the benefits of further enhancements that had a compounding effect on my overall appearance.

Pre-surgeries, I looked like a monkey with blush and false eyelashes on. Now makeup, hair styling, actually does what it's intended to do - accentuate my beauty.

No. 256839

Did you have anyone who knew you before treat you much differently after your glow up? What was their reaction?

No. 256842

I have family and a few childhood acquaintances who knew me pre- and post- surgeries. Even though it's obvious that I got PS, no one brings it up. Whether they admit it or not, people are relieved that I now look normal. And they all - unconsciously - treat me better.

My parents treat me better. They're more inclined, even excited, to introduce me to their friends, coworkers, etc. My neighbors treat me better. I have conversations with acquaintances from my hometown where I feel like a welcome participant - I don't have to wait until a lull in a conversation to interject with my thoughts. People go out of their way to solicit my opinions now. People look at me, and hold my gaze when I look at them.

Seriously, the fact that people look at me is an enormous advantage and something I actually had to get used to. Humans don't like looking at ugly things. We don't consciously make the effort to ignore ugly people, it's just the way we're wired. When you're disfiguringly ugly, you have a harder time making connections because people prefer to keep their gaze on average people (or exceptionally beautiful people, if they're around). This is especially true in groups/crowds. Facial attrativeness commands attention by default.

No. 256844

This is really insightful and fascinating. It's amazing how everyone is in denial about how your looks affect your chances in all aspects of life. At least with experiences like yours, you have learned a lot about human nature and have a very unique perspective. Hopefully all goes well for you and you get everything you want from life.

No. 256850

Until you get old, and people treat you like trash again. See you in a few years

No. 256853

Everything is relative. I can be the hottest looking old person in a room full of old people, and still be treated better than the wrinkled hag who aged like curdled milk because "everyone gets old so what's the point in taking care of myself when I'm young"

No. 256883

Tiny noses look super fucking freaky to me, don’t make a decision based on trends. It’s bad enough women get memed into cutting up their features because something is “in”. Natural ethnic noses are way more striking in their beauty compared to a whoville tiny ski slope one. Unless it’s completely bashed or crooked you don’t need to even think of changing it IMO it’s sad seeing everyone wanting to look like one type of woman

No. 257023

You weren't fucking disfigured because your nose wasn't perfect. If I read your post out of context I'd think you were an acid attack victim, but no you are just a delusional vindicta fag. People are nicer to you because you gained confidence and probably act less autistic than before.

No. 257035

File: 1650247590063.png (29.41 KB, 168x208, Screen Shot 2022-04-17 at 7.02…)

You're the delusion one if you think "el le confidence" makes people treat you better, when /pt/ is full of overly confident cows who invite endless ridicule because they think they look like hot shit. If anything, the surgeries gave me /less/ incentive to work on my personality/confidence, because I no longer need it to win the favor of people around me.

It wasn't just my nose - I also had a severely recessed chin and class two malocclusion. Pic related except with a large hooked nose.

No. 257038

Whenever I read posts like this, I'm glad my plastic surgery woes are just to perfect my proportions. Jesus fuck.

No. 257040

Idk where else to sperg about this but this thread seems appropriate. I just had a breast augmentation. My results are looking great, my surgeon listened to exactly what I wanted which was to even out my proportions. I had a fairly large bottom and thighs but very small breasts and I wanted a little more up top to help fill out my clothes. I went from an A cup to about a C cup with moderate profile implants for a natural look and I'm thrilled with my figure so far even though my implants haven't dropped and fluffed yet, and healing of the surgical site as gone smoothly so far. However I was prescribed hydrocodone for the first week following my procedure. I had some doubts about taking an opioid and my surgeon said I didn't have to take it, but not to be afraid to take it as prescribed if Tylenol wasn't managing my pain. So I dosed three (3) times thinking it would be safe like my surgeon said. Now I am going through shitty fucking withdrawal symptoms. I can't really blame my surgeon because it's not as if I didn't have the drug information or a chance to ask questions, and it's not NOT safe like I know it'll go away eventually. But fuck I wish my surgeon would have said how awful the come-off would be and not just said it'll be ok. I would have been so much happier tolerating pain for a couple days than being a twitchy shivering useless sack of nausea unable to focus on anything or sleep. I can barely walk around because my legs keep twitching out and I feel like I will fall any moment. And only now that I've brought it up I'm hearing my symptoms will last a week or more. It also took me 6 days to poop after my surgery no matter what I did to combat the constipation nothing helped until the hydrocodone finally started leaving my system and by that point my withdrawal symptoms started kicking in. Any nonas planning on getting surgery and get prescribed opioids, do be afraid and never eat this shit, it fucking sucks and is not worth it!

No. 257042

File: 1650254007021.jpeg (93.21 KB, 966x500, 35D459A0-E9B0-4781-BC31-98B32B…)

Nta, I totally buy what you’re saying. imo a recessed jaw is the main ingredient in making the most ugly type of non-disfigured human face. That’s what makes before and after photos of jaw correction surgeries so deeply satisfying to look at. Like, “wow, there was a normal human hiding in there the whole time.”

No. 257043

I don’t think having withdrawals after 3 doses is normal. You might just have unlucky biology for it. I’ve taken plenty of opioids after surgeries and never felt withdrawal symptoms, just slightly increased pain at the site after first switching back to OTCs. But you heal and that gets better.

No. 257045

From what I had read it takes prolonged use to get withdrawal symptoms. So at first with the leg issues I was worried it could be DVT even though the symptoms didn't really match what I had been told to watch out for. But my surgeon told me they are all symptoms of withdrawal. Idk maybe you're right I might just have shitty biology. I do have sensitivities to certain meds. I just know I really regret taking it.

No. 257052

I have similar, my jaw has always been fucked up but now I’m just hyper aware of how nonexistent my jawline is and how much my nose sticks out compared to how small my chin is. If I get a profile photo taken of me it’s horrendous and ruins my whole day just seeing it. I’m hesitant of surgery though, I have a phobia of it after a previous incident and there’s the off chance something will get fucked up which makes me want to practice self love instead

No. 257055

I'm sorry but this is mental illness. Ugly people might get treated worse but people don't avoid ugly women like aside from in the dating scene. I know a ton of "ugly" or "fat" girls that are popular, have a lot of friends and even cute bfs. If you really thought you were that ugly, you weren't and I'm sorry you felt that way. You probably look better now but your shame must have been what kept you from being as social.
You're doing the right thing. Vidnicta-fags like her are mentally ill and will harm themselves because they're trying their hardest to fit impossible beauty standards. Profiles are really not important, your face from the front is what determines your attractiveness anyways.

No. 257057

Thank you anon. I’ll consider not getting it I am also scared of being botched. I have glasses with huge frames that hide my nose. So that’s a thing

No. 257064

“People don’t avoid ugly peoples aside from the dating scene”
NTAYRT but that’s just blatantly false and not my experience. people date to find their life-long partners and being THAT ugly that you repel every dude isn’t some insignificant thing to get over. i’ve seen a few girls with recessed chins that bleed into their neck and tbh i feel bad for them. i definitely wouldn’t preach that they learn to accept themselves if surgery could most likely improve their chance at finding happiness in every aspect of life, including dating/relationships

No. 257066

Bitch are you retarded? I said aside from the dating scene and even there, if a girl does her makeup and hair well and has a nice body, she can get a bf or a gf easily. Not everyone looks like a model, woman don't have to look like models!
You have Vindicta poisoning and the way you talk about women's looks so judgementally while ignoring men's ugliness is retarded. You're not better than ugly women and they probably feel bad for you because of how you used to be when you looked like them when they can function just the way they are without needing men's validation and spending thousands for surgery.

No. 257068

why are you in the plastic surgery thread if you think all it takes to get a bf or gf is makeup, hair, and or a nice body. even the most idealistic christian fags who think god made everyone beautiful aren’t that naive

just like there are a few people who are born with model looks, there are a few people who on the literal bottom bell curve of attractiveness. your autistic sperg about Vindicta aside, not everyone who gets plastic surgery is trying to chase model hadid looks. some people are just trying to look not fucked up and improve their life and there’s nothing wrong with that

No. 257072

Because most people don't get plastic surgery to appeal to scrotes? Getting a jaw surgery because it's functionally disabling you or some other issue is fine, just getting it for aesthetic reasons is fine too but it won't get you a man.
You'd be way better off styling yourself in a way men like if that's all you wanted, long hair, a nice make-up and stylish clothes paired with a good body is going to get you way more attention that a nice jawline. It'd be way less invasive and inexpensive too.
Also you're not trying to improve your life, you're trying to get picked by men and are willing to literally get multiple unnecessary surgeries for some dick but still look down on unconventional looking women as if you're better than them. You're not.
Go back to Vindicta. Plastic surgery isn't bad, your outlook is. Valuing scrote opinion so much you got multiple operations to get a bf and still want to advise other women to do the same means this isn't the place for you.

No. 257074

File: 1650266472270.jpeg (57.27 KB, 425x500, BF5BD891-0663-4852-B6DF-377F98…)

god you’re a clown. if a guy has a recessed chineck i’m repulsed and have zero attraction to them. i’m not so deluded to think than men don’t react similarly to women with chinecks too. what, is it normal and justified for women not to want to fuck pic related, but retarded when a man doesn’t want to fuck pic related, but as a girl?

if someone is on the fence about surgery, it probably means their features are fine and they’re just self conscious about some dumb trait in isolation. but some people look fucked up in the face and getting surgery to not look fucked up in the face will definitely help them “get a man” along with a bunch of other shit too

No. 257075

Nona’s original post didn’t mention dating or scrotes at all, why are you acting like that is secretly the key motivator?

No. 257076

See >>257064 where she reveals she did it just because.
You're still mentally ill for thinking getting multiple surgeries to get men is ok. Men fuck anything and nearly anyone ends up single if they're really looking and don't have some mental issues keeping them that way. Go outside and look at the couples, are they all 10/10 models? No but they're still happy.

No. 257077

Samefag but the women unwilling to date this guy also wouldn't date this guy after surgery because if they had kids, the kids wouldn't end up inheriting his looks. Same for a woman, if a nosejob or a jaw surgery makes you feel better go for it but men will also dislike your new looks because they're "plastic" and trust me, they'll hear it from someone or be able to point it out from your old pictures.

No. 257087

Implying men have standards they literally jerk off to plastic asses

No. 257092

Anon said getting plastic surgery would make her more attractive, that's why I said that. Men have super low standards anf they'd also go for so called ugly girls, plastic girls, etc. Though they will neg you no matter what even if you're beautiful so doing stuff to get their approval is simply stupid because they never will approve of a woman's choices.
I had plastic surgery myself but I'm against it getting advertised as a tool for women to use to get treated better or something. It's disgusting to think someone felt the need to get surgeries just because they want to get treated better. Most of these girls aren't even ugly either, it's just that the standards today mean %80 won't be able to be considered conventionally beautiful without some sort of enchantment.
Does that mean they're not actually pretty? Of course not but the stuff we see on media makes us think that way.

No. 257100

This just shows how the internet and spending time in online spaces meant for gossip and trash talking women warps your perception of reality. In real life, your personality, charisma and charm matter much more than a hooked nose or a recessed chin. All you are proving is you have no friends, shit personality and need to go outside.

No. 257151

That wasn't me but anyone would be weirded out if someone advertised very hard and dangerous operations as easy stuff to get done so people can treat you better. It's scary to think someone on the fence could be persuaded by her weird ramblings and end up getting botched.

No. 257160

Very hard and dangerous operations kek

Nose jobs and a chin implant are minimally invasive. If anything is hard and invasive, it’s boob jobs, which are way more common and done for purely vain reasons because some girls can’t handle having perfectly normal and attractive A cup tits? The hypocrisy is stunning. Ofc men don’t want to fuck weird looking chinecks, and even if they do, some people don’t want to settle for retarded horny scrotes who will fuck anything with a pulse?

I am all for women going from a 2 to a 5. Nonita is right that half the pearl clutching and moralfaggotry in this thread is from people who have no clue how difficult it is to not even be considered slightly below average, but pitifully ugly and deformed. Like why are you ragging on someone who acknowledged that she got surgery to take her from sub 3 to a 5 looks wise and accusing her of wanting to be a model

No. 257164

Let’s be clear, you shouldn’t get surgery based on males or anyone else. Normal guys (if you care about them) in relationships favor compatibility and personality instead of picking apart features and whether they’re scientifically attractive or not. Sure if you want to look better that’s your own choice but don’t act like it’s necessary for dating or friendships. People can look past human flaws easily, we are all our own worst critics. For example I think I have the most crooked nose ever and no one else notices even when I ask. And friends tell me similar flaws and it’s things that I don’t notice because I don’t obsess over it like they do. Even people with small chins I can see that their face isn’t the standard but it doesn’t affect the way I see or treat them as a person. Fearmongering that you can only live a normal life as an uglier person if you get surgery and all your problems go away is very silly.

No. 257168

For example I think I have the most crooked nose ever and no one else notices even when I ask”

Because you don’t have a crooked nose. You have slight asymmetries that are normal. You look completely normal, and are trying to relate to girls who do not look normal. Sit down.

>“Even people with small chins I can see that their face isn’t the standard but it doesn’t affect the way I see or treat them”

My eyes rolled so far back into my head. Drop this sanctimonious mother Teresa bullshit. Probably the most dangerous thing you can tell very ugly girls is that the world isn’t REALLY as cruel as they’re led to believe and if they just improved their Charm and Charisma they could do anything they want. You’re literally gaslighting these people into thinking that all the ridicule, bullying, and abuse they suffered because of their looks is because they lacked Charisma and Makeup lol. Charisma is inherently tied to looks, whether you realize or want to admit it or not.

No. 257170

>In real life, your personality, charisma and charm matter much more than a hooked nose or a recessed chin
This so, so bullshit kek

No. 257171

im the anon who was talking about dating and relationships, im not the original nona who got a nose job and chin implant. you’re so triggered and have a bone to pic with Vindicta specifically, like go fuck off and seethe somewhere else

No. 257172

I'm honestly confused, why is that anon so pissed at other women who were humiliated so much by their appearance to the point of resorting to surgery? why is she denying how looks affect how people treat you and that nobody gives a fuck about personality? why is she so rude and unemphatic?

No. 257194

Where did I say bullying can be avoided via charisma and lmfao with the gaslighting? I’m saying it’s not a requirement for “very ugly” girls to get surgery because not everyone cares that much about appearance and it’s not the boogeyman you perceive it as. I’m ugly too and got bullied my whole life but in professional fields when you grow up it’s not as important and you make connections through other means besides “wow that person is attractive”. If surgery really improves your life then good for you, that’s the goal, but this doomsday rhetoric of the only way you can ever live a normal life is if you fix your ugly face isn’t true. Don’t you know people in real life who are less than cute who have fulfilling happy lives? Women in your career field who get shit done and don’t need to look like pretty goddess queens? Friends who you cherish that have visible flaws but it doesn’t matter because they make you laugh and smile? And I’m being fully honest I never look at people out in public and think damn that’s an ugly person or they need to fix xyz

No. 257199

>And I’m being fully honest I never look at people out in public and think damn that’s an ugly person or they need to fix xyz

you’re in the minority. you can’t speak to the reality for most extremely ugly women, especially in professional circles. tbh naive and delegitimizating moralfag harpies like you who neg other women are the worst, you’re so weirdly threatened by the irrefutable reality that women DO live better lives when they look acceptable to others. it’s not about your strawman argument about looking “cute” or “fuckable” or “modelesque” you dimwit, even though there’s nothing wrong with that. continue to live in ur cope world where ugly women are expected to be perfectly content with a “laugh shared among friends” and the ugly men who are so desperate for pussy that they’re the only ones willing to engage with them (and how dare these women want more from themselves and life, they should just be content with their lot)

No. 257201

did it occur to you that maybe your experience is not global? is called basic empathy
>you can’t speak to the reality for most extremely ugly women, especially in professional circles
Is literally statically proven that attractive people get benefits over uglier workers
>you’re so weirdly threatened by the irrefutable reality that women DO live better lives when they look acceptable to others
For real, is misogyny 101: as a woman, if you look pretty you get treated better cause to society your looks is all that matters, either anon is not that ugly (very probably) or is a scrote, there's no way she's so unaware of the social rules and misogyny involved in lookism

No. 257202

No. 257204

Could you retards ever stop arguing about who is the ugliest and who is doing what for the right reasons? Cosmetic surgery is never necessary. It's always vanity no matter who does it whether you're disfigured or average or attractive. Doing things for yourself is always selfish, and being selfish isn't bad. Do your research and don't go full retard and cheap out and disfigure yourself, or do. Who cares? It's your body. If one person's opinion on the internet pushes you to get or not get plastic surgery then you're a weak-willed retard and have more problems than your appearance could ever solve. No one here is putting poor ugly girls in danger.

No. 257215

Goddamn of course I’m aware of the double standard women face with appearance and their shit treatment by shit people. It’s obvious pretty people get benefits just for existing and do things that ugly women wouldn’t be able to. This doesn’t mean ugly women can’t prosper or be satisfied with themselves and their lives. It’s their choice to get surgery or not and I don’t judge that but you’re so aggressive over this topic like I’m some retard Stacy completely unaware of how hard it is to be unattractive, that’s your own strawman. I’d never want to cut myself up for the privilege of some random guy opening the door for me at the shops vs simply ignoring me. Beautiful girls irl deal with worse shit than I ever will so that’s a trade off too. Physical appearance isn’t the end all be all for life, this reminds me of incel looksmax craziness.

No. 257219

>”I’d never want to cut myself up for the privilege of some random guy opening the door for me at the shops”

Lmao if you really think girls are getting surgery for that, then you’re even more of a smooth brained retard that I thought. You don’t have a goddamn clue

No. 257229

>It's always vanity no matter who does it whether you're disfigured-
Bullshit, you're starting to sound psychopathic, if you're disfigured of course is going to affect your mental health, is not only vanity
>Beautiful girls irl deal with worse shit than I ever will so that’s a trade off too
Also bullshit, women of all types deal with shit, no one questions that, the problem is your unwillingness to admit ugly women get abused for their appearances too
>I’d never want to cut myself up for the privilege of some random guy opening the door for me at the shops vs simply ignoring me
You have to be a scrote, this is unreal

No. 257233

Fixing your face will never fix your brain.

No. 257235

That was hyperbolic, I was referring to that one anon who acts like ugly women are treated like fucking lepers of society and how getting a surgery was the only way to be a visible member of the human race since now people look at you because you’re pretty! Being ugly isn’t always that fucking bad, I guess I’m a male now because I don’t think cosmetic surgery is necessary to be happy or even treated normal. And somehow I’m also crazy for not judging humans by their appearance and understanding our value isn’t defined by our faces. Think what you want but I’m just giving my perspective, you’re only going to make ugly girls feel worse about themselves by being so stubborn that there’s no hope for them or whatever.

No. 257238

Okay scrote

No. 257240

if you think being ugly isn't always that bad, it only means YOU aren't that ugly for it to visibly affect your life and happiness. there's gradients to everything. You're so self-absorbed it's insane, your experience cannot be replicated by everyone because newsflash some girls are actually uglier than you could ever imagine or relate with

No. 257241

It's not psychopathy or scrotey to call a spade a spade. Cosmetic surgery is not a necessity for anyone. Ugly people can be happy with or without it. You went for it and you're still unhinged even though everyone is treating you better. It didn't really fix anything. It's still okay to do it if it makes you feel a little better. But it's not and never will be an effective treatment for mental illness. That's tranny logic and look how well that's played out for them.

No. 257242

I never had any plastic surgery, not everyone is samefagging to the extent you are.

No. 257244

I'm not samefagging either, anon. More than one person disagrees with you. How can you even brigade this hard for the magic of plastic surgery fixing ugly women's lives if you've never even had it?

No. 257247

Yeah yeah yeah. You're either a farmer or being dense on purpose; you yourself admitted that "pretty people get benefits just for existing and do things that ugly women wouldn’t be able to" and now you're saying plastic surgery can't "really fix anything" even for the ugliest/disfigured. what a joke. All ugly women can learn to be content if they just accepted themselves right because they're really just exaggerating the abuse and social isolation they've experienced all their lives huh? sure jan

No. 257249

>You're either a farmer
Nta, but we're all farmers…

No. 257253

That wasn't me anon. I said cosmetic surgery is always vanity, which it is. I never said ugly people shouldn't get plastic surgery. It's fine to be vain. But don't expect a cosmetic fix to fix your mental problems or fix your life. Aren't we all farmers here?

No. 257256

Vanity is okay because being vain can improve your life and open doors that would otherwise be closed for you. Why are we shitting on people for wanting more for themselves again?

Like sure if you’re content with your lot that’s great; you never needed surgery and will never relate to people who need surgery to enjoy certain things because they’re that ugly or deformed.

No. 257258

>You went for it and you're still unhinged even though everyone is treating you better
This, tbh. Imagine being such a pickme you think getting multiple surgeries to fit scrote's standards is fine and still go around accusing other anons of being scrotes.

No. 257259

I literally said it's okay? But it's not necessary. If you want better for yourself there are multiple routes to achieve that. Your way is a way, but not the only way and not a cure-all. Undergoing surgery is risky even if you have a great surgeon and no underlying health problems. No one needs it. You want it really really bad, good, go get it. You should pursue the things you want. But keep your expectations realistic and don't act like you and other uggos need it to be happy. I said arguing over who is the ugliest and who got surgery for the right reasons is retarded. I didn't shit on uggos for getting it. I don't give a fuck if you get plastic surgery. Go for it! I have posted about my own plastic surgery in this thread.

No. 257260

No one is getting surgeries to fit scrote standards, dumbass. What new "hyperbole" and strawman argument are you gonna pull from the deep recesses of your ass next.

No. 257261

You deadass said disfigured people getting surgery was just vanity, you're OUT of your fucking mind

No. 257263

It is vanity. You don't need improvements to your appearance to live a full life.

No. 257264

This anon is genuinely infuriating, either a pickme or a scrote, there's no way
stop samefagging, you ain't fooling no one

No. 257265

See >>257064 where you or an anon agreeing with you literally said
>that’s just blatantly false and not my experience. people date to find their life-long partners and being THAT ugly that you repel every dude isn’t some insignificant thing to get over
So you're getting ps just to not "repel" dudes. Also doubleposting is considered samefagging and against the rules, newfag.

No. 257267

File: 1650314060957.jpeg (11.61 KB, 223x124, F88B25C8-AAE3-423F-9C66-B91FFD…)

Idk anon I think this girl probably has a better life now

No. 257270

Disfigured people are allowed to live with dignity and deluding themselves into thinking they're perfect while people still harass and abuse them will not help them at all
I'm not any of those anons, and fuck off with your "newfag" bs you're clearly baiting you don't get to minimod itt

No. 257275

Nta but being ugly isn't a disfigurement neither is having a big nose or a small jaw.
I'm not samefagging, multiple anons are disagreeing with you. You're the one who's shilling plastic surgery for ugly women so they'll fit society's standards better and get dates easier, you're the pickme. You're the pickme because you're the one who's literally defending the idea that women getting surgery just for male's approval is logical.
Imaging being willing to get plasticity surgery not for yourself but to fit in some scrote made ideal just so you can have an easier time getting a man.
No matter how many times you call us scrotes or pickmes, you can't change the fact that you're unhinged.

No. 257278

Okay samefag

No. 257282

Everyone disagreeing with you must be the same person! No I’m glad there’s other anons that can see my point here. Cosmetic procedures are a slippery slope, normalizing them as an easy fix feeds into self esteem problems and sometimes makes people even more dysmorphic where it becomes one then the next and next, don’t be upset some aren’t as supportive of surgeons profiting from plain old insecurity. Being tragically hideous and deformed is different and very fucking rare. Getting a jaw procedure because they’re malformed and mouth breathe so it affects daily life isnt the same as “ugly girls get treated like shit so they should make changes to fit the mold to make life easier” Most good surgeries are meant to be subtle anyways so it’s not going to make everyone bow to you suddenly, men don’t pay that much attention to detail in the first place so don’t do shit for their approval.

No. 257283

>ugly girls get treated like shit so they should make changes to fit the mold to make life easier

Yeah, if they want to, they should, because it WILL make life easier. If they don’t want to, fine. But don’t delegitimize the reasons why tragically hideous girls want surgery in the first place by accusing them of bowing to scrote standards (samefag.) And don’t feed them retarded lies like “men are so clueless they won’t notice a difference between a receding chin and a balanced jaw!” That’s dumb and you’re dumb.

No. 257285

Based. Imagine getting two surgeries to make men happy and then turn around to accuse other anons of being pickmes. Just tragic.
Unhinged. Literally. Learning to fo makeup, hair and dieting will make a much bigger change than surgeries in most ugly girl's cases. Most ugly girls are either fat, have bad skin or just don't take care of themselves. Even the girl you posted doesn't look that good in after because she's not styled at all.

No. 257286

kek you’re a troll

No. 257288

Didn't get picked, huh? Maybe after the third op.

No. 257290

The fat that """"she"""" keeps talking about "pleasing men" and "pickmes" when several anons already told her there are women who get surgery to stop harassment and abuse is worrying
stfu you're a retard

No. 257291

No. 257292

Ew, you’re a fucking weirdo. The fact that you looked at the above pic where the girl isn’t wearing makeup in either the before or after and said with your whole chest “she doesn’t look good in the after because she’s not styled” when the whole point of before/after pics is to show the difference without makeup means you have literal doo doo for brains.

No. 257296

Surgery isn’t a miracle cure for our misogynistic culture anyway, the way some of you act like a disgusting looking person can simply get surgery and it’ll stop abuse is not grounded in reality. Decisions to get surgery shouldn’t be made by people being assholes, then they’ll just make fun of you for other reasons or say you’re fake and insecure etc. Haven’t you seen the videos on botched people who spend hundreds of thousands on surgery but they just end up looking like uncanny monsters? Do you think they have no problems and everyone treats them nicely as a result….even the most conventional people get treated like shit and called ugly for no reason sometimes, that’s life.

No. 257298

I'm telling you surgery isn't enough to "fix" your looks or help you fit the beauty ideals and this is what you get? Kek. You need styling to be attractive, surgery is going to do much less than a flattering haircut, outfit and makeup will.
See >>257064 where anon mentions how getting surgery to find man is totally valid. That's what I'm against, women getting surgery for other reasons is perfectly fine as it should be but for men? Fuck no. This dumb pickme has been arguing how based it is for her to "become more beautiful" only to appeal to scrotes.

No. 257299

i’m the anon you replied to and i already told your dumbass that i’m not the one who got multiple surgeries. i got braces in middle school if that helps lol. your autism ITT is laughable considering your Reeeeeing against literally nothing. no one here got multiple surgeries to “please men.”

i said previously that it’s okay for a girl to get surgery to improve her dating chances if she doesn’t want to settle for mouth breathing perverts who will fuck anything that moves. but that’s just a perk of surgery and not WHY most ugly girls get surgery. they just want to feel normal like everyone else.

No. 257303

Literally >>257064 said they felt bad for girls who have recessed chins and they should get surgery because it'll help them with dating. I'm not a scrote for saying that anon is retarded. If you think about potential surgeries when you see people, you probably have body dysmorphia because that's just not normal.

No. 257304

File: 1650317887056.gif (56.78 KB, 300x184, 1542312447375.gif)

I'm still going to get surgery and fake feminist chan won't stop me. I can't wait to be a 5/10.

No. 257305

As is your right nonita. Onwards and upwards

No. 257317

I'm the first anon who started this, not sure why you are convinced it's impossible for multiple people to be against your views. I'm not even fully against ps, just against idiots with some normal deviance in apperance calling themselves disfigured and pretending like the only reason people don't treat them as well as they should is their appearance. I find it really strange and distinctly terminally online behavior. I know many normie women who would fall under your definition of deformed, who are treated well by their peers, have a wide group of friends and fulfilling relationships.

No. 257321

No one’s talking about normies with normal deviances calling themselves deformed. We’re talking about truly bona fide ugliness that makes people uncomfortable. Bye now.

No. 257322

How common is being so ugly that people are uncomfortable?? I don’t think I’ve ever in my everyday life encountered someone like that, definitely not a woman if it were to happen. I doubt most of these girls posting about ugliness look terrible enough for people to run for the hills and be affected by it. Sounds like dysmorphic thoughts and you’re overthinking your flaws. It’s okay to get surgery but don’t go in thinking it’ll change anything beyond a feature on your face, don’t set yourself up expecting validation from others or for your place in social rank to change.

No. 257323

I meant normie as in not mentally ill and browsing image boards. I'm sure you'd think they might as well off themselves with how they look.

No. 257325

Samefag, anon please come back and explain what you meant. Why wouldn't that anon be a farmer? Are you not a farmer? Wtf

No. 257327

Based. BDD-chans you have their own thread to whinge about your supreme Earth shattering ugliness. Please stop shitting this one up.

No. 257330

You’re the “Based” scrote who has derailed this thread from the very start. Fuck off

No. 257331

I never said it was common, but there are a handful of girls I know with very unfortunate bone structure who definitely stand out. They’re just as rare as people born with modelesque bone structure because it’s on a bell curve. I think for those girls, surgery would actually benefit them meaningfully. But yeah for most girls who are just average to unconventional looking surgery won’t change much.

No. 257384

Yeah but they love the attention. BDD-chans are the worst, I swear. Knew one who cried about how ugly she was and she looked literally fine but had the worst personality ever like the BDD-chan in this thread, she thought getting multiple surgeries would make people treat her better when in reality she yelled and screamed at anyone who dared to disagree with her.
She also thought too highly of scrote opinion like some girls here do. It's sad but they're mentally ill so it's best to ignore them from now on. They've been saying that they'll stop replying but keep on relating afterwards which just proves how obsessed they are.

No. 257423

Why the fuck are you still going about the pickme BDD-chans that want to please men? Fuck off already

No. 257451

Have fun talking to yourself scrote?

No. 257470

Agree with this. I've been to this thread before and think I'm not attractive at all, but I have seldom met women who are so ugly they cause discomfort. The majority of men are by far, uglier than women. I see ugly ass people all the time and I live in the south, but seldom is someone's facial structure the hills have eyes levels of inbred and mangled.

It's fine not to have perfect bone structure, trying to forcefully symmetrize it into something it's not will often make it look worse, that's why bad plastic surgery is often so unsubtle and ghoulish. Modern surgery culture is a vicious capitalistic cash draw that prioritizes tasteless over tasteful work, and it shows. Even celebrities have started going to med spas that charge clients up the ass every six months for bad fillers.

The best kind of plastic surgery is the kind that takes your preexisting face and "enhances", not completely alters it. This kind isn't the cheap shit and is often far less noticeable. Modern plastic surgery culture has given average to poor women the illusion that they are far uglier than they are, and they're not. You're just not looking at natural human faces on social media anymore, where this cancerous, male led industry is projecting the idea that you are ugly. It's a farce and you're all falling for it. That's why for me it hurts to see so many women wanting these entire facial transformations; blowup doll lips, cat eye surgeries, buccal fat and lip fillers before their face structure has chance to settle. Plastic surgery never crossed my mind because although I hated myself, I have had no money and too much pride, even though I hate my looks.

I've gotten less awkward looking in my twenties by just having baby fat naturally recede from my cheeks, and many women will never get to see it. Rich 19 year olds entirely changing their faces through plastic surgery is so sad to me, and then poor women of the same age thinking they achieved that look naturally and can one day afford to. You're more than the sum of your looks. Even in this moid filled shithole.

No. 257492

I'm sure you're not that ugly anon. I know this feels like an empty compliment but I think every woman is beautiful, we are inherently beautiful by nature and the strict beauty standards making us view ourselves through the lens of a man's eyes are cruel on our looks to keep us oppressed. Girls won't have as much time as boys even growing up because we're forced to think about and alter the way we look all the time. Men never follow beauty trends, men's features don't go out of style nearly as often as women's do and men force women to date ugly men for their "personalities" yet mock every woman who's not as perfect as a doll.

No. 257501

It does not escape me the irony that most ppl preaching “all woman are bootiful” ITT are on /pt/ calling cows ugly, fat, etc.

(Not that they’re AREN’T ugly/fat, but there’s nothing I hate more than people who try to save people from the “ugly” label.)

No. 257508

File: 1650407200554.jpeg (61.08 KB, 500x719, 01C6B5A5-3B95-4EBA-A4AC-069081…)

I think my features are emphasized in an uncanny way and would look better if they were downplayed. I was born and will die with a thousand yard stare. With the exception of my lips, which are too small, everything feels like its too overwhelming. The intensity of my face completely mismatches my actual demeanor and draws people away from me. I know "loneliness by ugliness" in its own way. I see myself at a bad third person angle on camera and i end up crying. Irony is I've found people with similar features to mine very attractive and then put down my own. I'd just prefer not to touch it until it's at a more matured state. Older people getting plastic surgery makes sense, I'm just grossed out by those under 30 getting extensive procedures done. The demise of Ariana Grande's natural beauty for example, depresses me. Though I hate my face I have an odd pride in it, wanting to preserve this vicious venus fly trap until it dies. These celebrities will see the effects of this type of surgery in their 30s. It unsettles me. Trying to preserve youth through falsehood thinking you can outwit genetics and lifestyle? Ha ha ha.

There was a point where I was obsessed with beauty standards, plastic surgery, and facial composition. Contemplating all the things I need to change, starting with my pointy ass witchy nose. Beauty standards are always changing. They will change again. The best thing one can do is not try and forcefully adhere to trends by altering ones face in a permanent manner. Learn to love yourself by also hating yourself. Maybe go out not wearing makeup 6 days a week. Or try something makeup wise that's not trendy, but fits your face type. Learn to work with the features you have instead of considering them unsalvageable. I want to physically cringe every time one of my female friends puts their looks down, and I try and push them towards self acceptance. Like so many women seriously are beautiful and I just wish they'd love themselves, spoken like someone who doesn't love herself either

There is something gorgeous about a textured and real looking person. A person who's a little off kilter. Humans reject perfect symmetry and see it as offputting, it's a biological mechanism. Everyone's ugly when everyone is a smooth imitation mannequin of humanity. Having grown up with a modelesque looking mom, resembling my dork dad in the upper face, I will always consider myself inferior, but at least I know and embrace the oddity. If not out of pure laziness and lack of motivation or funds to change it.

No. 257524

I don't really use cow boards and I don't really think most cows look as bad as some anons make them out to be. Some fatter or uglier camgirls were exposed mocking camgirls for their weight and looks on /snow/ so I believe a big part of it is just vendetta-chans or people nitpicking women because they're milky and act weird as fuck.
I relate to you a lot, anon. I wish I was your friend and had the chance to help you notice your unique beauty, you sound like such a sweet person too and I'm sure you're just as beautiful outside. Your features being strong means you'll get people who can be very interested in you, though, more than they'd be to an average girl because that's how attraction works. Some people are voted average by others while other people will get half thinking they're gorgeous and half thinking they're plain unattractive, beinging part of the second half myself I think it's not that bad. I've had girls and guys genuinely think I was gorgeous when we were dating while some people just didn't agree, it's only human.

No. 257545

I'm not much of an active cow board user anymore either. Milk has dried up significantly. I have never been a major fan of appearance circlejerking in threads though, esp as a celebricowsfag. I get sick of that shit when it becomes redundant

one day I'd like to realize my true beauty nona, hopefully it'll be valued somewhere else someday by someone. right now i think it's just a lot of wallowing in my own loneliness and sorrows. there are very few people I would consider truly hideous? I'd love to be able to view myself the way I view others. having done art stuff in the past all I can think when I see how prolific ps is now is that the world is inching closer and closer to the dystopian world of the westerfeld uglies trilogy, we're stripping away uniqueness

No. 257654

probably the tard from CC who claimed women who get breast reductions, skin tag removal, etc are lying about their pain and are only doing it for attention from men

No. 257696

I have a couple stitches poking out from under one of my breast implants. I have dissolvable stitches but I guess a few spit out which is normal maybe? No blood but they were poking out toward my compression bra which was putting pressure on them making it uncomfortable and itchy. I taped a gauze over it for now so it doesn't poke out toward the bra. Leaving it like that shouldn't be a problem, right? I've read about people cutting them off themselves but I was gonna wait til my next post op to ask the doc to snip them. I really don't want to do it myself. Will they fall off when the inside part dissolves?

No. 257700

I wouldn't mess with it, it's pretty normal for it to stick out before getting absorbed completely

Has anyone had staples for their plastic surgery? Everytime I see them I cringe, it can't possibly be good for your skin or comfortable

No. 257704

Do you think I should take the gauze off too? Also the idea of staples freaks me out but I'm curious to hear about that as well. I assume they are probably made of titanium since it's body-safe. They use titanium for jewelry in healing piercings and for my piercings the metal itself was not irritating, just the movement of the jewelry. But as for the sensation and healing experience when it's for PS, I wonder.

No. 257756

I had a deformity in my body and growing up, I was terrified to show that part of my body in public and had to cover up. Whenever I did not, people would always point out that body part or stare which made me self conscious and even depressed. I had surgery when I was old enough even though it didn’t impact my health whatsoever and could have just coped with it the rest of my life. Now I feel I can be like everyone else. I no longer hide that body part and no one stares or says rude comments anymore. A lot of people who get surgery just want to be seen as normal and not always chase beauty. It’s hard to accept yourself when everyone points out what is wrong with you or treats you differently.

No. 257829

but anon don't you know all female plastic surgery is "gender affirming feminization" just like for twans women

No. 257872

When I had severe body dysmorphia I considered opening up a GoFundMe claiming to be trans and spending it all on plastic surgery. I HATE how much more socially acceptable it is to get plastic surgery for MTFs than bio women especially since bio women get shunned for their looks way more than trans ever will
>But muh boobs!
Okay? They get boobs on hormones, they're just not stupid large porn star boobs, welcome to being a woman since most women also don't like their natural boobs
>But muh face
Cis women have big noses, jaws, etc all the time, you don't need a kpop nose job and jaw shaving to look like a woman
It's always them wanting to look like a blow up doll, if you'd rather be a man than an ugly woman you're not fucking trans you're a porn addict with a fetish

No. 257892

>you don't need a kpop nose job and jaw shaving to look like a woman
Women don't need a kpop nose job and jaw shaving to look like a woman, no, but men do. Although they still won't look like a woman after all that.

No. 257964

Interesting. I find a lot of troons who get facial feminization surgery to actually not pass as well after, they often just look like a bimbo troon where as before they could've easily passed as a butterface woman before but no they don't want that

Also why the fuck is it so easy to get free plastic surgery in UK? The countless NHS boob jobs are ridiculous. Probably why so many British men have an off view on how female bodies are supposed to look. They even pay for laser hair removal. Low-key thinking of moving to UK

No. 258083

Why is shayna’s implant so veiny? Is this common implant nonnas?

No. 258087

Prominent veins are very common, but only in the first months of healing. This happens because of skin stretching and swelling etc. but as they heal everything should relax. If they stick around for long it could mean the implant is much too large so the skin has been overstretched. You usually only see that in oversized implants, but if it was completely flat before maybe the implant is too big for her breast size. It could also be that she has some other type of issue going on, or that the veins were prominent to begin with. I don't frequent her thread but I've popped in there recently and the fact that she apparently tells people not to touch it leads me to believe she has some sort of other complication going on with her implant. I can't really speculate as to what that is exactly.

No. 258098

I think she just doesn’t have a lot of breast tissue in that breast. Which might explain also why it didn’t grow as big like the other breast did.
She must have had some sort of deformity for her parents and a doctor to give her an implant. I get you want to give your kid an opportunity to grow up normal and they probably thought it was the best option.

No. 258099

> Also why the fuck is it so easy to get free plastic surgery in UK? The countless NHS boob jobs are ridiculous. Probably why so many British men have an off view on how female bodies are supposed to look. They even pay for laser hair removal. Low-key thinking of moving to UK

It’s not actually that easy anon lol. I live in the UK and most of my family work for the NHS, you have to fit certain criteria to get free ps, it’s not whoever wants it, there aren’t that many places available, waiting lists are extremely long, the actual plastic surgery work isn’t that good etc etc etc. Obviously you’re going to hear about cases bc they’re sensationalised etc but actually nhs boob jobs etc are pretty rare. Also why tf would a handful of women with boob jobs change an entire nation of men’s opinions on male bodies? It’s porn and pornified media like the rest of the world.

No. 258116

Most women in the UK with fake boobs have paid for them. I'm not in the uk anymore but I'm in another country with free healthcare and there's a pattern where there's always these highly exaggerated stories that get spread around about free non essential procedures like that. People say it because they want to have a lil rage out about 'where our tax money is going' but it's played up dramatically and always a friend of a friend who told you. Don't fall for it.

No. 258126

>Most women in the UK with fake boobs have paid for them.
I talked to a lot of women who've had implants and some stories are just bizarre, from the NHS offering implants to teenage girls and that yoga instructor who flashed at a bar mitzvah because the family paid for her implants (she wasn't related to them). The way a lot of people pay for their plastic surgery is a trip, I think the donald trump story is the grossest, offering ivanka implants "to get better jobs"

No. 258138

I've heard of alot of bfs paying for them and them getting dumped not that long after lol

No. 258457

Everytime I see all these 18 year olds on IG with their suped up faces I feel the need to get PS to keep up, I hate it.

No. 258463

No, actually let yourself age well while their faces begin to fall apart, most of them are rich nepo babies. Do you want to go bankrupt chasing trends that will change in a few years time, and botch your face along the way?

No. 258480

I know what you are saying but society is not kind to women who are aging

No. 258481

if you are comparing yourself to 18 year olds I have to question how old you are, and if you're under 25 and consider yourself "aging" and have to compare yourself to 18 year olds with bad fillers, that's even sadder

god I used to think 25 was so old and now that I've passed 25 I've realized it's not, I don't even look that different from when I was 18

No. 258488

Kek seriously I don’t understand why people think they’ll look drastically older at 25 than 18. I’m 33 and hardly look any more different than I did at 25. Maybe less baby fat on my face.
Plastic surgery makes you look older anyways so I don’t understand the thought process.

The internet is fake anyways. Nearly everyone uses filters and face tune, even on top of plastic surgery.

No. 258532

File: 1650779436194.jpeg (395.22 KB, 710x867, DDB93DBA-130F-4EA8-8581-E7AC5A…)

Kylie Jenner is early 20s but looks so much older because of the filler. I think fillies should be avoided overall, it doesn’t even fade or dissolve on its own it literally just moves wherever in your face. And that’s why people get so puffy looking. You’d think celebrities would have a team of people to tell them to chill out but nah. Shekels are shekels and filler doesn’t “last” that long, it expensive to upkeep. If you wanna age good, eat well and exercise and use sunscreen.

No. 258533

File: 1650779553452.jpeg (205.17 KB, 1024x574, DF2E7404-8C1B-4481-ABE9-37FCCD…)

Every time I think I look old and gross I try and look at unfiltered or imperfect photographs of famous people for affirmation. It's amazing how when you zoom in and remove the filter, even the allegedly perfect people have real skin texture!

No. 258534

File: 1650779722035.jpeg (79.2 KB, 832x416, AC808417-377F-4583-A94B-3EF178…)

(love the freckling on emma too)

No. 258551

Why does Ariana have a uni-nostril

No. 258563

very weird angle? Idk it's tripping me out

No. 258648

File: 1650825197662.jpeg (242.4 KB, 828x1479, EAADD321-FCF4-48E7-A0C6-D382C6…)

Why do celebs like lying about their obvious lip fillers?

No. 258649

File: 1650825250275.jpeg (484.44 KB, 828x701, 1CC00800-0AD2-4A35-BADE-2F68D2…)

No. 258650

Literally who

No. 258651

beabadoobee confirmed farmer

No. 258705

Which non-surgical breast lift is best? I've heard of Aptos threading, which freaks me out a bit because of the use of barbed threads. Caci bust treatment only targets muscle, so couldn't you could get the same results from exercise? Thermage sounds promising, but temporary. Renuvion is more expensive and newer so has fewer reviews, but only requires one treatment and is longer lasting. Anyone have experience with any of these?

No. 258709

File: 1650839397174.jpeg (46.19 KB, 680x677, EEo00qlUwAEGMTe.jpeg)

Nah it's natural. Look at her old pics. It looks the same to me.

No. 258714

People get shit done before they debut lol

No. 258821

Recently I've been toying with the idea of getting a boob job/breast augmentation to help hide my pigeon chest. I have one of those fucked up chests where my sternum kind of sticks out. My boobs are A cup size, and while I don't mind having no boobs, my chest is really ugly to me and I wish I had cleavage. I always avoid wearing low cut tops because I just look boney.

Anyway, has anyone here gotten surgery to correct their pigeon chest? Was it worth it? Some days I just want to fly to South Korea and hop on the plastic surgery tourism train. But it would pain me to spend all that money.

No. 258839

Not trying to burst your bubble anon, but wouldn't implants just bring more attention to your irregular shaped sternum? I imagine they wouldn't sit straight since your ribs are kind of fanned rather than flat.

No. 258849

Very late, but I feel this so much. I'm insecure about my acne, my small butt, and especially my bulbous, prominent nose. I see anons calling noses way nicer than mine "potato noses" and it makes me want to hide forever. I get nitpicking cows about aesthetic things they can control, like poor hygiene, ugly fashion sense, or filter abuse, but nitpicks on things the person literally can't control are just cruel and not milk. People don't choose to be short, or have small butts, or big noses, or big foreheads. I'm sorry some people aren't born looking like perfect Barbies?

No. 258920

A couple things, first, medical tourism probably isn't that cost effective in this situation. I guess it depends where you're from but with breast augmentation being such a common procedure, it is not very expensive compared to other cosmetic surgeries and you'll probably feel a lot better being cared for in your home country and recovering in a place that's comfortable to you than you would going to a foreign country to save a few bucks. Of course if it's not foreign to you it's up to you, but from your wording it sounds like you want to go there for cost reasons. When you add up the flights, transportation, hotel stays, possibly an interpreter if you don't speak the language fluently, and other costs associated with traveling, you'll probably spend about the same amount as you would having it done in your home country where you can communicate your goals and medical information more effectively. Second, I don't think a breast augmentation is likely to hide this issue. Cleavage after breast implants is dependent on your anatomy so if you have a sternum deformity it might push your breasts apart and as >>258839 said, probably draw attention to it. There are some women with far spaced breasts who get breasts augmentations thinking that their breasts will look closer together, but they often end up with larger breasts that still spaced far apart because that's all their anatomy will allow for. However it might be worth scheduling a consultation with a surgeon in your area to see if they think differently since they can actually examine your anatomy.

No. 259020

I was always pretty and my body is 34dd 120 lbs but I had a bump on my nose and not huge lips so I got my nose donee and got lip injections and now I am confidently beautiful

No. 259023

Nah, she has filler migration that changes every photo

No. 259024

Do you have pectus carinatum? Isn't there a way to fix that instead of messing around with your boobs?

No. 259036

It's not worth it, it's also not that big of a deal or an actual deformity that's going to be noticed but an average person. In my opinion you shouldn't get the surgery to fix it because it's super invasive and to be honest, I don't think any results look good enough to take the risk. I have the opposite where my chest is sunken in and know a few guy with it, none of us got surgery either and I didn't think it was a big deal or something unattractive on me or any of those guys.
If you really want to get surgery you can but remember that only you will notice the difference, choose based on that fact alone.

No. 259084

I hate having a big crooked nose. It sucks because I thought you could only tell it was crooked from the side well guess what you can see it from the front too according to some off guard pics of me.. another thing is that I’m kinda alright looking it’s just literally my big ass nose outshines all my features. I have big eyes, nice cheekbones, big lips and no body can tell because of my fat italian aquiline nose. I’ll be damned.. I keep tearing into my nose job savings too

No. 259094

Fat italian noses are so attractive and unique. If you already have big and well proportioned features a smaller, ski slope nose would not fit your face anyway.

No. 259141

Anyone get stretch marks removed? I have them on my stomach from having a kid and I miss wearing crop tops. My tummy was always my favorite part of myself. I had a belly button piercing and it created these two deep/wide stretch marks that shoot up from the piercing hole. I don't have any extra weight in my abdomen though, so I don't think I can get a tummy tuck.

No. 259182

I have a dark spot surrounded by a little bruise under my armpit. I'm 2 weeks post breast augmentation. It appeared a few days ago. It hurts a little like a pinch but doesn't really swell. I wonder if it's a small hematoma but the doctor said it's only an emergency if it swells up and continues swelling bigger and bigger. Well it's not doing that so I'm just planning to show it to my doctor next week at my appointment, but should I be worried and go in sooner? This spot isn't near the incision site so I don't think it's necrosis.
I used to fret over my aquiline hook nose and was dead set on getting a nose job until I started shooping straight noses on my face and realized how retarded I'd look if I got it done. Once I knew I would look like shit with a designer nose I started to accept it and even like it. Little noses don't work on every face and I'm sure you are beautiful.

No. 259505

why are you lying to her like this? are you that same anon who keeps insisting tube breasts are cute?

No. 259742

nonna you sound a lot like me, just exchange acne for thin hair. i just wanna be freaking sexy like everyone else, most girls i see are lovely and graceful and hot but all those genes skipped me over. i know exactly what things i would get done, but i simply cant afford it for a few more years and its so frustrating because i know i would feel so much more confident. i dont feel like i have permission to like dorky stuff or be sexual when i look like a potatohead with chronic insomnia

No. 259746

File: 1651208466998.jpg (67.48 KB, 540x700, gaga.jpg)

Big noses can fit certain faces better and fuck it, big noses are hot. Ski slopes are soulless and overrated and they can look horrible on some

No. 259748

NTA but I like big noses on women if their features are in harmony. Sure a smaller nose will be more conventionally attractive but people can have unpopular opinions.
NTA but can you try makeup and hairstyling? Most of those pretty girls know how to take care of themselves and even though they're naturally beautiful too, none of them wake up like that. If you look like you have insomnnia, maybe try color correctors and foundation? You can also get your hair dyed and cut to suit you.

No. 259753

File: 1651212625697.jpg (98.8 KB, 1136x1136, b0a49f32fddd3a080f4dfe00bffae6…)

I love women with big noses, it looks so regal

No. 259772

Getting lip filler for first time today. Not sure whether to get .5 or 1ml but probs going to go small. Accepted I can never afford rhinoplasty and think fuller lips will help balance my features! Scared it will hurt tho eeee

No. 259775

Nonnie get 1 ml. 0.5 is a waste of time you can get that affect with a lip plumping balm, I got 0.5 before and it was hardly a difference, I’m getting it again next month and going for the full syringe

No. 259777

Samefag just make sure they numb you lol my injector only numbed the top lip then decided we needed to do some in the bottom to balance it out and the bottom lip wasn’t numbed, super painful

No. 259787

Thank u! I did get the 1ml in the end! I love it so much, deffo super painful tho omg. I was numbed but still felt worse than tattoo/jabs/waxing. I went for top lip and ended up doing the bottom one as well, it balances out my nose so well.

No. 259853

This is so sad, he is nothing like himself from just 3-4 years ago, and he was perfectly fine. Korean showbusiness is brutal.

No. 259877

I always thought he looked like a kid before and now he looks botched. Not only do most men in kpop not look like men but the current generation are going to look like wax candles by the time they're 40

No. 259879

previous generations waited until they hit their 30s/40s to get the dorito chin wax candle look. now they look like this before they hit 25…

No. 259887

They used to consider SK's surgery some of the best and subtlest and now it's a plastic nightmare. I can't tell if it's the worldwide trend of rich people collectively deciding to get cheap looking procedures but I'm begging them all to go back

No. 259958

File: 1651295621793.jpg (61.21 KB, 500x333, gyarudeath.jpg)

How retarded & unrealistic is it to consider leg lengthening surgery if you don't have any genuine medical reason for it? Desperate womanlet here

No. 259982

How short are you? Can't you just wear heels? That surgery is a scam for men who think their height is what's holding them back. It's not.

No. 259995

i read a lot about this surgery before out of morbid curiosity, and its so dangerous and can basically cripple you for life so I don't think its worth for anyone to do.
short girls are cute nonnie.

No. 260022

I’m tall l and I’m here to tell you it isn’t all that. I’ve come to terms with my height because I can’t shrink (I’ve tried) I even listened to those subliminals on YouTube. I look gaudy in cute outfits cause I’m so tall and i slouch to blend in with others

No. 260028

I need advice for my huge cheeks and facial fat. I'm in my very early twenties, and I'm quite healthy, always been skinny, so my face looks disproportionate compared to my body weight. I've been thinking about getting buccal fat removal for a long time since the lower half of my face looks very jowly, also, the fat on my cheeks makes me look like I have strong nasolabial folds for my age. I know buccal fat removal is not the best option and it can be counterproductive, but I don't know what else can I do to reduce my facial fat. Full cheeks don't make me look youthful, instead, it creates this old-lady jowl appearance on me. I've heard of facial massages and using gua sha to slim down the face. Has any of you have tried it? I would love to hear about your experience with it.

No. 260051

DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACIAL FAT. gigi has facial fat and jowls and she still looks young. you'll lose it naturally as you get older, you're still in your early 20s.

No. 260052

Listen to this >>260051. It's true. I'm losing my cheeks only now that I'm almost 26. My face looks slimmer and people around me can notice it. Just be patient, I guess.

No. 260094

based room temp iq post, kek

No. 260143

shut the fuck up
literally just shut the fuck up

No. 260150

Getting a boob job to make my boyfriend more attracted to me is a bad idea, right? He told me he finds me attractive, and he's liked some girls with small boobs in the past, but I know he generally likes big ones. My boobs aren't bad rn, they are small, but they are round/perky with small nipples. I see their imperfections (I can really fixate on it) but I know they aren't bad. I'd love to have slightly bigger ones, but I don't feel like I'm unlovable/unattractive as I am, it's just I keep feeling like he would be a lot more attracted to me if I had big boobs. But I also dislike like 95% of all boob jobs I see and I've been looking at surgeons for years now. I just feel like once the novelty of it would wear off (if they turned out well) then our relationship wouldn't change much.

I wouldn't only get the surgery for him though, I'd like to feel a bit more womanly because I keep getting mistaken for a teen, but at the same time I'm super unsure about all the risks (I'm part of a plastic surgery group on fb and I see people having issues all the time), and the scars, and possible future surgeries. Can someone be the voice of reason for me lol, I keep going back and forth between really wanting the surgery then not wanting it at all. I'm actually supposed to book a date with a surgeon whom I had consultations with, who uses the implants with the lowest complication rate, does small incisions etc., but I just don't know.

No. 260155

Don’t do anything like that for moids wtf. Find someone who loves you for you. You owe that to yourself.

No. 260170

>Getting a boob job to make my boyfriend more attracted to me
>I wouldn't only get the surgery for him though
just dump him wtf, he would never get a penis extension or an ab implant or any other bs for you

No. 260184

If you're doing it genuinely for you, go for it. If you are being pressured into it by your bf or doing it just for him, then no

No. 260193

Do you have any idea how many men worship small boobs? Just date one of them and not a weirdo who makes you feel unattractive

No. 260282

I've wanted a nose job for years. I'm finally in a place financially where I could afford to finance one and pay it off before the interest kicked in, or save for a couple years. But I've decided against it.

I had a mole removal on the NHS. Granted, I'm sure if I paid for it myself I probably could have gotten it done 'better', but at the time couldn't afford that. They agreed to remove it on the basis that it wasn't harmful but they could run it through testing as it was 'unusual', though due to covid I never got my follow-up appointment so I've got no idea what it was. They told me they'd have to cut it out of my skin, but that it would only leave a tiny scar, I'd barely notice it. I decided a scar would be easier to cover up with makeup than a mole (it didn't matter how much foundation I put on, it always showed through, and protruded anyway).

When I came out of the surgery it took about an hour before someone brought me a mirror. They said it was a success and everything was fine. I was horrified when I saw my face: the mole had maybe been 5mm wide, but the scar stretched across my entire cheek. Obviously I wasn't allowed to cover it until the stitches fell out, and I worked a reception desk so I was understandably terrified of going back to work with it. I know this isn't 'plastic surgery', but the idea that this was a success and I still wasn't warned about how much it would alter my appearance, that every medical professional told me it would be 'barely noticeable'.

I've come to terms with it now, and it's healed a lot. After 2 years it is pretty easy to cover with make-up, although on days I don't wear foundation the odd person decides to comment on it most people have the decency not to say anything. And I think it looks kind of bad ass. But it does annoy me that I probably could have worked on my confidence and accepted the mole in the same way, and didn't have to go through all that. If I had a botched nose job though, or even one I hated that the surgeons didn't consider 'botched', well that's not going to be as easy to cover up.

I did get lip fillers though (I've decided not to do anything permanent to my face), just 1ml, and I've actually found that does a good job of balancing out my nose with the rest of my features in a way that isn't going to permanently botch my face if it goes wrong. I don't judge people who do decide to get plastic surgery, but it's definitely made me rethink my own stance and the fact that even if most surgeries don't go 'wrong', they might not go 'perfectly', and I might still find myself in a position where I'm forced to learn to accept a part of my appearance I could've accepted without spending £6K+.

No. 260284

Just a note - filler is not temporary. New findings show it doesn't dissolve, just migrates.

No. 260289

Thanks for sharing your story anon. I had a similar medical injury when I was younger and it's genuinely traumatizing when the first thing people see on your face is a scar. Maybe it was serendipity that you had that experience before going through with the nose job. And now you have money saved for actually improving your life so that's cool!

No. 260296

No. 260301

That's what I am saying nonna…it is not temporary. No type of filler is temporary.

No. 260368

how is hyaluronic acid not temporary? HA is also easily dissolved procedurally with an enzyme

No. 260379

This has been posted in the thread like 50 times already. All fillers, even temporary HA fillers migrate and are present in MRI scans years later. Not only that, sometimes the filler is resilient to dissolving.

No. 260398

Also watch this. Hyaluronidase is not the perfect solution its been advertised as.

No. 260401

I’m agreeing with you. I posted a link to a doctor talking about it lasting longer and needing review. You’re good non

No. 260418

File: 1651421457511.png (Spoiler Image,1.4 MB, 1120x792, breastaug.png)

How is it possible that a surgeon has hundreds of beautiful results on their instagram like on the left, but on their website there are some less fortunate ones like on the right? I feel like their starting point wasn't that different. I wanted this surgeon until I saw those results, but idk if that was taken really soon after surgery or something. I've only heard good things about her and I've seen a lot of people who went to her and posted their own photos, but I'm really scared of ending up like the right on picrel.

No. 260434

I think that might be a moid

No. 260488

Just because they look similar doesn't mean the anatomy will allow for the same result, for example the sternum and space between the patients' breasts looks quite different which has a big effect on your result. The patients may not have had the same aesthetic goals and went for different types of implants because there are different shapes not just sizes,
the texture of your breasts can be different among women within the same apparent size range. Plus, aftercare on the patient's side also plays a part in how your results will end up. There are a lot of factors that go into it so better to have a consultation with the surgeon so you can tell her what you like and don't like using her portfolio photos and she can set you up with realistic expectations for what is achievable with your anatomy.

No. 260492

I think you look cute anon based off of what you’ve described, chubby cheeks don’t make you look fat. A double chin and puffy eyes do.

No. 260494

>I have small perky boobs with small nipples
They sound perfect already anon don’t touch them . i prefer those boobs! Dump him if he’s negging your appearance, how big is his pp? Bet it’s not impressive.

No. 260498

File: 1651426804446.png (70.59 KB, 512x288, 70F8A91C-22AC-4122-91BE-C997B9…)

Have any moms who’ve breastfed done something about their boobs. I dont like my saggy big nipple titties… they make me feel like picrel

No. 260518

how long ago was it? I hated mine for a couple years after I stopped breastfeeding but tbh they pretty much look like they did pre-pregnancy now

No. 260519

Sorry to hear you had a similar experience, your confidence really does take a hit from it. Much love nonny <3

Sorry lol I didn't read back in the thread much, this is really interesting tho so thank you!

No. 260526

2 years

No. 260528

Different breastfeeding positions prevent sagging. I definitely hear you about the large areolas though, I'm currently breastfeeding and am terrified they're going to stay large and dark

No. 260534

I did hamburger feeding and wore a bra ALL the time and just popped them out through the side. They were saggy back then too. I had big boobs before I got pregnant and then they got HUGE so I wouldn’t mind a lift that makes them appear smaller.

No. 260535

Oh mine got lighter but not smaller so I’m considering going under the knife

No. 260572

File: 1651447425912.jpeg (59.24 KB, 1600x900, 703214r.jpeg)

What should I do if I have a nose like hers?

No. 260575

the only thing you can do is rhinoplasty

No. 260576

such a cute nose tho

No. 260577

I wish we could trade noses, I always thought Grimes’ nose was her cutest feature. I have a bigass Italian honker and i think it’d probably be too dangerous to get it shaved down to that size.

No. 260582

grimes nose is the least problematic thing about her

No. 260621

Have me be jealous of your nose because it's so cute.

No. 260627

I'd wear a cute outfit, maybe just wear some mascara and eyeliner along with some lipstick, have my hair in a cute hairstyle, and take cute photos with friends. I think you may be hyper-fixating. When I get too into my head, I do the same thing. What is it specifically you hate?

No. 260698

>What should I do if I have a nose like hers?
Live, laugh, love and enjoy your healthy natural nose. Watch some Botched or PS stories on youtube if you feel the need to mess with perfection. Nose job surgeons are the biggest hacks of the bunch, they will literally break your nose, block your breathing, wreck your face nerves, cut your muscles, and then charge you even more to fix it.

No. 260716

I just got a breast augmentation, breast lift and gala plex (internal bra) surgery 4 days ago. Was 500ccs and ngl I'm a little sad. There wasn't anything wrong with my boobs before the surgery I actually liked them, but I was interested in making them a little bigger and maybe a tiny bit perkier? Now, my boobs look like someone shoved 2 volleyballs into me, perfectly round etc. I know the healing process will take time and they'lll look and feel more natural with time but I can't help but feel sad for some reason. I've been feeling super emotional for the last two days and ended up crying for no reason yesterday to a friend. Anyone have any advice on what to do? I'm on like 6 different meds right now to deal with the pain + possible infection so maybe it's that?

No. 260717

Your nose is cute I would rather have a wide button nose, it suits her well. I have a fat crooked Jew nose and I look like a Disney villain

No. 260718

I'm surprised your surgeon didn't tell you, but feeling depressed during healing any plastic surgery is common because it is not going to look anything like your final result or what you imagined it would until months later. The volleyball torpedo boobs are very normal at first because your muscles are tight and swollen from surgery. The swelling makes your implants sit very high and look too round, your nipples might even start to look low in the coming days or weeks giving you a distorted breast shape. Over the next several weeks your implants will go through a "drop and fluff" process where your muscles will gradually relax and the implant will go lower, and then the fullness starts to settle in the right place and they finally look like normal breasts. Right now since you're on a bunch of meds and in pain and can't do much, you're kind of left stewing with your result and for some women they start to feel really depressed and regret the surgery. Just remember that you really can't judge the final result for a few months, so as you heal try to do some activities you enjoy that don't require too much physical activity to perk up your mood. For me I really couldn't get back into gaming for two weeks even though it's a sedentary activity because my body was using up all my energy for healing and I couldn't focus. So something like watching TV, listening to music, maybe some kind of easy art activities like coloring or even kids puzzle books will help take your mind off of it for now, until you feel able to do what you usually enjoy to boost your mood. Keep your chin up and give it time to fully heal before you decide if you hate it.

No. 260720

thank you. My surgeon did give me a pamphlet about it, but it wasn't too in depth. You're right though I couldn't even play simple games because my mind can't think. I'm glad to hear it's normal because I'm not normally a very emotional person and it was weird crying when I rarely cry.
My boobs feel so MASSIVELY heavy too. like standing almost feels like they're going to straight up rip off my body. I'm legit scared to remove this bra thing they gave me like ever with how intense it feels.

When did your surgery start to look 'normal' to you? 3 months?

No. 260731

I'm only 3 weeks out, but they are finally starting to drop. They haven't fully dropped or fluffed (my surgeon said 3 months is average and that's why most surgeons take post op photos at 3 months) but they're starting to look more normal! For reference I got small, moderate profile implants (no lift because I was near flat to start with); right now they are looking a little bit big and like high profile implants. So they still have some upper fullness and overall swelling, but it's a huge improvement on my immediate post op swollen torpedoes! The shape is slowly resembling my pre op breasts again. I've also regained mostly normal sensation, only a few spots where the nerves are still recovering and feel a bit numb or tender. I have some random pains now and then which my surgeon told me to expect. They come for just a second and then go away. My breasts felt super heavy exactly as you described and felt sore and painful all day for the first week and a half. They also felt like they were pushing too far out to the sides or in towards the middle and I convinced myself I had all the complications. I had to skip my shower twice just to not remove my compression bra because it hurt and felt so heavy to have the bra off! And I was mega constipated from the meds (finally pooped on day 6! TMI but hey if you're going through the same it might make you nervous like it did me) and basically nursing my ice pack 24/7. But after those first idk 10 days or so, it gradually felt easier, and now 3 weeks out I actually feel good when the bra comes off for my shower and massage. After coming off all my meds, I started going on short walks and that really improved my mood. I even had the energy to go out dancing this past weekend (with my surgeon's approval and keeping my T-Rex arms in place so no one could push my arms too far kek), I felt a bit sore from jiggling by the end of the night but nothing major. But besides talking to my surgeon, I got a lot of in-depth healing info from my sister in law, and her breasts look so natural it's crazy. I have seen her in a bikini and I had no idea that she had her breasts done until she told me. She got exactly what you had done plus a tummy tuck as part of a "mommy makeover" ten years ago. For her she said they started to look and feel normal around 2 months. But some people's bodies may heal faster or slower than others so give it at least 3 months. In any case what you're feeling is consistent with what my SIL told me, what I have experienced, and what my surgeon explained to me, plus all my anecdotal research I did when I was a sad sack in bed healing those first few days, so I'd say it's got to be normal. And I hope my little blog has given you an idea of what to expect in the coming weeks. Hang in there, you are at the peak worst stage of the healing process right now and after a few days you'll notice little improvements day by day. You'll still be sore but you'll notice it becoming more manageable and being able to do more things, even if it's just staying up and focused on something for longer or being able to put your clothes on easier or wash your hair easier, just take note of these little things because it's a good indication that you're getting better. Don't push yourself, try not to stress about it, and let your body do its thing.

No. 260765

Can you only get an internal bra with implants?

No. 260796

no offense but why did you get them so big? that's really big.

No. 260803

omg THANK you so much for your reply. Especially the nerve part! TMI as hell but I can't feel my nipples what so ever, and I got insanely scared of that because I orgasm through my nipples and I legit got scared I fucked something up for 'aesthetic'. Doctor told me it will most likely repair itself and not to worry especially because I had minimal issues/bleeding but I'm never sure…

tbh, I brought some photos of models who's boobs I liked and he gave me some recommendations. I have naturally big boobs but I'm 33 and they were slightly sagging a bit with age so I wanted to correct that as well. My bf thinks I'm crazy for the entire thing but I really just wanna feel good being on the beach in a bikini because I grew up being extremely shy of my body until honestly hitting my 30s lol. I like having boobs on the bigger side.

No. 260823

Yw! I had some anxiety over it too despite doing a lot of research beforehand and my surgeon saying everything went great. I guess when it's your body it's hard not to worry. Glad I could help ease your mind a bit.
>I can't feel my nipples what so ever, and I got insanely scared of that because I orgasm through my nipples and I legit got scared I fucked something up
It happened to me too nona. I am used to my nips being sensitive. First week or so post op, both nipples were totally numb. Then my right one started regaining feeling until it became so sensitive it felt like I was being electrocuted if I touched it directly. Now the right one has gotten back to normal sensation and one of my few numb-ish spots left is the left nipple. I can feel it a bit but it's not totally back to normal, but my left breast has been trailing behind the right a bit through the whole healing process. I don't know if it's going to do the same thing but I would like to get electric nipple time over with so I don't have to dread it anymore kek.

No. 260835

electrocuted?! omg I hope not. It's interesting you say that your left is trailing to heal because my left seems a little more swollen/messed up than right as well. I wonder if that's just a common thing. It's so relieving to hear that you're healing nicely though… Those 25+ pages of documents talking about perma sensitivity issues, to implant cancer, to nipple necrosis etc really scared me shitless lol.

No. 260896

I might trace my tiddies and post them and have some input from nonnas ITT I am a mom who breastfed for a year and considering getting a lift or implants maybe.

No. 260899

I'm now starting to freak out that my left boob might have a double bubble because it's slightly dropped more than my right? and a bit more swollen in the bottom? I know it's only been 5 days but I legit can't stop freaking out. Just spent the last few hours going through hundreds of photos with my bf with girls who had double bubble and I KNOW ITS TOO EARLY but my god my anxiety is through the roof.

No. 260936

You know you'll just get reposted by moids outside lc right, even if it's jus an outline do you really want that to happen? I say just get a consult to get professional input.

No. 260943

They just want your money. There are very few cosmetic surgeons with integrity and morals in this world.

No. 260948

Uneven swelling (as long as it's not MASSIVELY uneven, like one breast swelling to twice the size of the other) and one breast dropping quicker than the other is normal and not indicative of double bubble. Your surgery will cause swelling around the breast including toward the armpit and under your crease. If your 500ccs implant falls below the crease I think the deformation would not be a question of "is it, isn't it?" Of course if you really think you have it please check in with your surgeon! But double bubble is pretty rare to begin with and while it can happen any time after surgery it usually happens after some time has passed, so you would be a really rare case if so, especially considering you had the internal bra as well. I don't want to sound dismissive but I really doubt you have it. Because I had myself convinced I had symmastia or that my implants were going to pop into my armpits at the peak swollen point post op which is around 3-5 days after surgery. But visually the stuff I was freaked out about was not an obvious deformity and turned out to just be swelling.

No. 260954

>Naturally big boobs with 500 ccs
What size were you before and after? That seems ridiculously big considering you already had big boobs

No. 260955

NTA but a 500cc implant will look very different in a woman with large natural breasts than it would in a woman with small natural breasts. If she got the same size implant as a small breasted woman sizing up to average, she would probably see no difference in her breast size when all is healed.

No. 260960

Putting a large implant on large boobs just seems off, unless the anon already had a large frame

No. 260982

It really just depends on your body proportions. I don't know about her but most women with large breasts have larger frames. Hence why "tits on a stick" is seen as an abnormal body type or a sign of breast augmentation. No offense to petite nonas with natural big tiddy but they are probably aware that their body type is uncommon.

No. 261019

no please, dismiss me away lol I can't stop freaking out because my left boob is swelling in the bottom side more than the right. For the record I only had a benelli cut (donut cut just around the nipple, not lollipop or under or armpits) so I shouldn't really be swelling around my armpit I think?. I just had the zoom postop meeting and the doc said the internal bra should prevent those issues but we'll see in 3 weeks postop.

My boobs are/were pretty big. I don't have a HUGE frame but my frame wasn't petite either. I had to get 500cc as I wanted a natural look but 'plump' or slightly larger. Because I was getting a lift and I'm a little older, that was the size the doctor suggested as he was removing some existing tissue due to the lift. If I had gotten smaller volumes it wouldn't have even been worth it to get implants at all and just go for a lift only, which I didn't want.

No. 261065

Would you rather get butt implants or a BBL? I’d rather get implants cause I don’t want stomach fat in my ass

No. 261096

bbl definitely. encapsulation, migration, they literally can flip, they don't blend in seamlessly. bbl by a long shot but i'd never get one anyways.

No. 262429

File: 1652029235373.jpeg (720.85 KB, 3465x3465, 091C627F-6F44-4900-BAB7-2B7DD0…)

should i get a nose job? i hate how “fat” the tip of my nose looks, and i want to shave down the bridge. i’m in college and have 2.5k saved up for cosmetic shit (getting some jaw botox soon) so i would have to work a lot to save up for a nose job. my parents are telling me not to do it (of course) but i’ve been wanting to ever since i was 14.

No. 262431

bitch stop self-posting and instead of getting surgery get some self-esteem

No. 262432

damn okay i saw other people post similar things, thought that was the point of the thread. my bad

No. 262433

Think that anon was snappy because your nose is really cute and is already VERY similar to your dream nose.

No. 262435

thanks, and yeah i get that. i definitely don’t think i have an “ugly” nose. i’d be fine living with this one, i grew up looking at “uwu cosplay heavy edits” faces and grew to like a very specific set of noses, especially ones with really heavy slopes but that looks very unnatural and i think the pictures of my dream nose would suit my face better. not sure if i just need to learn to deal with the nose i have or get the nose job i’ve consistently wanted since i was a young teen.

No. 262436

Your nose is already very sloped, you should invest that money into therapy.

No. 262443

do not touch your nose.

No. 262820

I think your nose is cute. Have you tried editing it to resemble how you want it to be? I have a round nose too, it's not big but I feel like it could be smaller sometimes. I was even considering surgery, but whenever I edit my pics I don't actually look better, just kinda weird. And a too small nose that doesn't fit your face might make you look a lot older, that's another thing to consider. Not everyone looks good with the type of nose you want, so be really sure if you do it.

No. 262862

I have a consultation for a breast lift this week. I've never had any kind of surgery, what should I be asking the surgeon?

No. 262871

Anon, your nose is perfect, don't you dare change anything about it

No. 262911

You bitch nonna I would stab someone to be born with that nose.

No. 262977

You and the surgeon will most likely discuss your aesthetic goals, your anatomy, what your options are, what to expect of the basic surgery process, the risks of surgery, where the surgery will take place, and pricing. You should ask any questions you have about preparing for and recovering from surgery, as well as tell them of any medications you are taking and any drug or alcohol use. Other than that, it's really just whatever you want to know. You can ask about their experience and credentials, you can ask to see before and after photos, you can ask questions about scarring, or anything else regarding the whole process. It just depends on what you would like to know before you make a decision.

No. 263663

Is there anything you can do against a long midface? I have a small round face but the midface just fucks it completely up. I have a typical eastern european nose and its killing me since I look extremely masculine.

No. 263670

Stops using Vindicta. You're really pretty already.

No. 263671

Is there any body surgery I can get to look less mannish and gangly? I am a FN and I hate it. My head is really small too.

No. 263688

You could maybe work out to strengthen certain muscles to get a better form?

No. 263952

shoulder reduction, although it's hard finding a surgeon to do so. and rib removal

No. 263987

This might come across as really dumb but have any of you tried to change your appearance without surgery? What I mean is, if you like massage the same area for long enough or squish a certain part will it actually move?

No. 264021

Working out can make you look less gangly and if you target the right muscles you can look more shapely. Otherwise breast implants and BBL are the classics. Shoulder reduction is a meme and not worthwhile.

There's anecdotal evidence but ultimately nothing conclusive. The most conclusive evidence I could find regarded the use of corsetry in the Victorian era but seems to only affect the person if used young enough, if you're not a sickly 12 year old Victorian girl you aren't going to get the same benefit.

No. 264111

Before and after legit looks almost the same to me. Especially the side profile.

No. 264137

Just had botox (a week ago) for the first time, and between my eyebrows. I’ve had a pretty noticeable frown for some years, but felt it had gotten worse lately.

I’m on day 5 post-injection, and already noticing massive improvement. I feel I look so much younger, healthier, and refreshing. But honestly I mostly did it because it gave me a severe resting bitch face. I have wrinkles in my forehead that I don’t mind, but the ones I had between my eyebrows just made me look so unapproachable.

Feel free to ask me stuff.

No. 264140

File: 1652643211229.jpg (114.76 KB, 756x854, dark-circles.jpg)

How old are you? Just curious not trying to be rude. I'm 23 but I haven't considered botox yet, I don't have any wrinkles except for when I smile (which I don't do much anyway)

The only cosmetic thing I have been considering is under eye fat fillers, because my eyes are big but deep set and the skin is incredibly thin here. But I fear if it goes wrong it could look 10x worse than I now, so I have to live with creepy eyes for now

No. 264150

Your nose is perfect, you could contour it.

No. 264163

botox might make you look older in the long-run

No. 264197

I’m almost 34, and haven’t really had any issues with aging until recently.

The problem with undereye, is that they use filler instead of botox, which has a reputation of migrating. You should do a lot of research about it if you really want to have it done, and make sure you don’t “cheap out” on the person doing it.

This is very true. I did baby-botox (a lot smaller) and have no plans or wishes to do it anywhere else on my face, so I don’t end up looking like the catlady. lol

No. 264228

I think noses with softer, rounder tips are cuter than the angular, bony type. I wouldn’t even consider changing my nose if I were you.

No. 264259

File: 1652690835055.png (862.57 KB, 1265x708, Screenshot 2022-05-16 104658.p…)

I want this so bad but I feel like I would need a lot of filler because my eye sockets are super hollow

No. 264260

Not worth the risk. I also couldn't tell the difference between two photos before I read down because it's such a small difference that's possible even with make-up. Just use color corrected and powder.

No. 264262

I got this done years ago with follow ups and it was completely worth it. I think the fillers migrated over time, and if you look for them, you can see them when I smile. My under eyes were so bad that it doesn't even matter though. Literally anything looks better than how my under eyes looked before – dark and hollow, and no concealer helped. Now they're just dark and I can cover them up easily.

No. 264264

It's always annoying how every before and after cosmetic procedure photos have different light; of course she's going to look significantly smoother with strong directional light falling straight on the face, not from the right topside. Results would be nowhere as striking if they used identical light on both, but well, it definitely sells the service well to people who don't give it a second thought.