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Previous thread:

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File: 1631507701148.jpg (25.17 KB, 318x360, 100062300464_152659-1.jpg)

24 year old anon,recently lost a ton of weight and will need to buy an entirely new wardrobe

I'd like to dress more cute and feminine now that i have the confidence to. The only problem is I have no idea how to shop and would end up wearing stuff meant for middle aged women i got at kohl's and jcpenney.I checked out express and h&m at the mall because I thought it would be what younger people wear but all the clothes looked like influencer bbl shit

What sites and shops would you guys recommend?

No. 205360

Is there a specific style or styles you like? I think that's the most important part before buying anything. It's impossible to recommend anything unless you have a more solid idea of what you'd like to dress like. Cute and feminine can be a million different things.

No. 205365

Sorry for not being more clear. I like a well fitted blouse,skater skirts and complementary legwear
I generally prefer more simple and elegant designs as opposed to busier stuff.

I wish I could think of something more specific but I'm pretty clueless about what to look for

No. 205375

What is a "flippy skirt"? I was window shopping online and kept seeing skirts described this way, but they mostly seemed normal mini skirts.

No. 205378

Aritzia has slightly more grown up/less influencer-y clothing that’s still pretty youthful. Los Angeles Apparel is pretty good for relatively well-made basics. What kind of price range are you looking for anon?

No. 205383

If you have some time and patience it can be really fun to go thrifting. You get unique styles, usually high quality but at a reasonable price. One trick is to visit the thrift stores in affluent areas since that's where rich people dump their old clothes and will sell at a fraction of the original cost.

No. 205398


Everyone from anons to influencers to actual magazine articles like to say this, but the pickings at thrift stores, especially of anything other than f21/target fast fashion, are SLIM. Even rich bitches are onto sites like Poshmark and RealReal by now and making a buck. If it isn't people holding onto their stuff to sell themselves, its pro flippers and vintage sellers "sourcing" anything left that was worthwhile. Thrifting is bleeeeeak the last few years.

No. 205404

Ty. Price isn't too important. I'm willing to spend more but not designer prices

No. 205406

know any good, inexpensive resources for 90s harajuku punk street fashion? finding old copies of Fruits magazine is so difficult and any issues that are available on ebay etc are overwhelmingly expensive.

No. 205408

This has never worked for me. Although I do online "thrifting" but that's mostly fast fashion, not neccersarily high quality clothing.

No. 205409

god so true. seeing these rich bitches "thrifting" is painful tbh. I live in a major EU city and the stuff is either insanely expensive or shit.

No. 205412

Where do you live? If you're in Sweden or Finland don't bother going to brick and mortar stores, but there's genuinely so much good stuff online? I can recommend some stores if you are local, at worst check Facebook Marketplace because that's where new moms get rid of their trendy clothing they can't fit into anymore.

No. 205424

Nta but which Swedish shops do you recommend anon?

No. 205426

I have a feeling thrift stores in less-obvious cities/towns still hold treasures. And estate sales have some great finds. I went to an estate sale of a former Disney background painter, got some awesome stuff.

No. 205427

Same anon, I also went to an estate sale less than a year ago and got some Afghan silver jewelry. You really have to look hard to find cool shit, but it's possible.

No. 205428

How to find estate sales?

No. 205459

southern Germany

No. 205470

googling "estate sales" would have been less effort than making this post

No. 205484

The issue with most thrift stores is not that they don't have enough coming in, it's that they only have so much shelf space and the few good things get bought fast, leaving shelves full of crap that then just sits there. Most thrift stores actually throw away 90%+ of their donations because their shelves are already full. Google "by-the-pound" thrift stores - these aee places where the overstock gets laid out in heaps for last licks before it's thrown away/sent to malaysia/pulped. It's basically the only place to reliably find stuff if you're willing to dig.

As an example, at the regular thrift store near me you will almost never find a good normal flannel shirt, sweater, or sweatshirt. That stuff gets bought fast. But at the by-the-pound that their overstock gets sent to, it's flannel shirts and grandpa sweaters everywhere. But be warned, it can be a very janky time.

No. 205491

seconding this. I went to a goodwill outlet last month and found a leather jacket that was real leather and not plastic fake leather. it needs a little bit of TLC with some leather conditioner but it's actually in really good condition considering i dug it out of a shit bin. probably cost me about 50 cents when you get down to it.

No. 205492

Last I went to a "by the pound" store, we don't actually use pounds here so I wasn't aware of how much (or rather little) a pound was. The clothes I wanted, just a bag of them, after weighing came up as 50 fucking euros. I didn't buy them lol.

I feel like thrifting only works in specific areas. Estate sales aren't a thing here as far as I know, I've never heard of them anyway.

No. 205497

Tradera is pretty affordable, nice collections but high quality items get hoarded fast

No. 205498

This is going to sound dumb but as soon as I come back home I'll count everything I have in my closet and I'd like you guy to tell me if I have enough, too much or not enough clothes. I'm worried I wear the same shit too often, and on top of that most of my clothes don't look formal enough for my new job so I'm thinking about what I should potentially buy.

No. 205501

>enough, too much or not enough clothes
This is relative to the size of your closet imo. You need enough space to be able to actually see every item of clothing (for that season at least), otherwise you're never gonna wear it.

No. 205522

Love the thread pic, it's early 2000s Japanese fashion right?

No. 205523

A skirt that has lots of movement when you walk, according to The Guardian.

No. 205531

how long did you spend looking? this is about the cheapest you can possibly get clothing for, so there's really no answer other than to spend time lookong for stuff that is worth buying.

The first time I went, I spent about $100 on some very big sacks that probably weren't entirely worth the money, but I still got some nice things & stuff for my sisters that they liked. If you're selective and spend at least 3-4 hours looking through everything in the place, and only buy what ypu really like, it's a very good deal. A tip is to ask an employee when they bring out new stuff, so you can get first pick when they do. Depending on how busy it is there may be some competition.

These places, aside from vintage-wholesalers, are where depop and ebay sellers get their stuff. If you see a hipster dude in a vintage sweatshirt lounging & waiting for the new stuff to come out, that there is a depopper.

No. 205549

After a lot of BS, I finally found out I got an entry permit to do this uni thing in Israel. It's not religious/political, just study.

My mental health is really bad and I really don't even know what types of clothes to bring there. I know to leave my warmest stuff at home. I have a couple longer dresses for visiting sites (though I presume trousers are ok too). It's a long shot but does anyone have any advice, esp regarding shoes?

I'm going for months oh god idk if I'm going to make it through this tbh.

No. 205552

It's not a big closet but it can hold more clothes than I thought when I bought it. It's an Ikea closet, I'll post what it looks like once I'm home and I should be there in 30min or so.

No. 205565

All this talk about thrifting made go to this website from my country that is basically a marketplace for thrift stores and why must everything be such a struggle? They never say what the clothes are made off, the pics are so shitty, I can hardly guess the lenght of some skirts, and why would I want to buy something from forever 21????

No. 205576

I think I just went into a bad overpriced store because I only got like 5 or 6 items. If it's by weight it doesn't really matter what exactly>>205498
I get right? It was a store in the capital city of my country and as I said we don't even use pounds here, makes me wonder if the "by the pound" was just to bait people in.

No. 205577

>I'm worried I wear the same shit too often
Stupid. Wearing the clothes you have and making most out of your clothing should be normalized instead of wearing a different outfit every day of the month. Clothes are meant to be worn.

No. 205581

Yes I know and I always had a small amount of clothes from growing up poor and having a hard time finding clothes my size to this day and never cared. But I feel like most of my clothes aren't formal enough for my job so I probably have just 3 tops I can wear that don't make me look unprofessional. I'm not really sure how to explain what I mean here but basically I feel like I went from having a small but decent amount of basic clothes to having to wear almost the exact same shit everyday like some American cartoon character.

Nowadays there's way more choice for someone my size that aren't just jeans with holes and basic but comfy large tshirts but it's almost only on online stores for most widespread brands available in my country so I can't try anything and have to order clothes and hope I won't have to return anything. I don't want to buy anything that I'll never wear just because it's my size by some kind of miracle because it happened a lot these past few years and I regret wasting money like that.

No. 205586

I mean, different clothes weigh different amounts. If you tried to buy 5 big leather jackets or wool coats they could easily be 5 or even 10 pounds each. Where I went, textiles are $1.50 a pound, so that would be 10 pounds per item x 5 items x $1.50 a pound = $75. So that kind of stuff, big heavy wool & leather, is still going to be more expensive. But it'll be like 30 cents for t-shirts, $1 for flannels and maybe $3-4 max even for the heaviest knit sweaters.

The price although good is a secondary perk anyway - what matters is that, when they bring out a fresh load of stuff, these are donations that nobody has looked through before you. That means that you have a real chance of finding genuine gems. I've found a genuine Giorgio Armani vintage sweater myself, some genuine vintage Christian Dior, several vintage Starter jackets, etc, but it really really does take a lot of looking.

I've met some sweet old retired ladies at these places who go there every day and actually make quite a lot selling vintage & designer on ebay. Sharks but you would never guess. If you make friends with them they'll just start giving you nice stuff, they actually find way more than they want to bother with because they're there day in day out. Also important is going there when it's not busy, this means early in the morning and weekdays especially.

I can't speak to your specific country's situation, of course.

No. 205605

I've had some luck thrifting but it was definitely better 10 years ago when going to goodwill was still for "poor" people, it's ridiculously competitive now. Lots more shein tissue paper polyester clogging the stores as well. I live in a big city and in my experience the stores in the rich neighborhoods are fully gentrified by now and full of upper class zoom zooms hunting for stuff to scalp. Personally I've had the best luck in suburban shops and thrift outlets in shitty parts of town where all the stained/damaged clothes go and are sold for like 50 cents a piece, I've gotten tons of beautiful vintage pieces that just had a small stain or missing button. As for estate sales, a lot of them are run by a company that knows the value of what they're selling so they make sure their deals aren't too good. The ones that have shitty pictures, advertise via yard signs and are run by the deceased's family are gold though.

No. 205606

Try Tise also, they're not Depop-tier expensive (yet)

No. 205638

As you said, thrift stores in weirder areas are better. Basically the fewer young people shopping there the better. But why are you so sure the zoom zooms are rich lol? If they're out hustling chances are they're the ones who don't get a fat allowance. They are annoying little ayybros but upcycling is an environmental benefit so I can't really hate them. Let's not forget that the purpose of thrift stores is to supoort charities and employ the disadvantaged, not to make sure you can get cool finds.

No. 205700

File: 1631739737730.jpg (417.65 KB, 1080x1080, tumblr_pfgr2by3T11qla6e4o1_128…)

So, I counted what I have in my closet, here's what I have:
>6 pairs of jeans, there's two pairs I barely wear anymore
>2 pairs of trousers that aren't jeans
>6 pairs of shorts but it's been a while since I wore any of them because I hate shaving and waxing my legs
>2 sweat shirts
>11 sweaters but I need to get rid of some of them because I've worn them too much. Maybe I'll use them as pyjamas though.
>9 blouses, but not all of them are my size so I should think about selling some of them
>17 tshirts, mostly graphic tshirts and crop tops so they don't look professional no matter what. I can't wear them at my job but they're great for summer though
>two basic black dresses for summer and a fancier one I bought when I was invited to a wedding, but I almost never wear them
>3 black blazers with very different cuts
>3 skirts I absolutely never wear
>one denim jacket, one leather jacket, one army jacket, one cute jacket for when it's rainy and a really worn out coat I need to replace soon
>1 pair of sandals, 2 pairs of high heel boots, 1 pair of really ugly flat boots, 4 pairs of sneakers

I plan on giving some clothes I didn't count here to some stores that can give me coupons so I can buy new clothes for less. I also made myself a list of things I should get to complete my wardrobe. Most of what I have looks very basic and I'd say half of the things I have are at least 5 years old. Would you say I have more than enough clothes or I could buy more stuff?

No. 205706

You own more than I do, idk why you say you have little clothes when you have 17?! Shirts. But of course if you need more formal clothes, get what you need.

No. 205710

>idk why you say you have little clothes when you have 17?! Shirts.
I knew I had a lot of tshirts compared to the rest but I didn't notice it was that much, I'm surprised too tbh. I accumulated them over the past 10 years because my size never really changed and on top of that there are some tshirts I completely forgot about and only found them recently hidden in my closet because I didn't put them where they should have been. On top of that I usually grab the first things I can get in my room so there are tshirts I like and wear way more than others so I thought I had like what, 10 tshirts maybe?

I feel like I should redo that list once I get rid of all the clothes I don't want to keep and once I bought things I'd like to wear more often.

No. 205715

It depends on how often you do laundry. I have two weeks worth of clothes because I go to a laundromat.

No. 205731

If you have a lot of clothes that you don't like, get rid of them and get something you like (and think you will continue to like in the future. There's no right amount of clothes to own, but generally, you want enough that you have something clean to wear for any occasion you regularly encounter. You also want to make sure you have few enough clothes that you can easily find the outfit you want to wear.

No. 205750

I say, make a selection of everything you have and want to continue wearing (so leave out the stuff that's worn out or simply not your taste anymore etc.) and fits in your lifestyle. Then decide how much you think you need to comfortably dress everyday without getting into a pinch because all your good clothes are in the laundry basket.

No. 205765

File: 1631791251753.jpg (119.79 KB, 634x951, photo-1524906481572-3bde0ae4da…)

i've lost 50 lbs but am still somewhat fat and losing weight.. i really need some tips/tricks for how to look thinner on my way down. i'd also love any examples you have of kinda bigger girls who dress well so that they look thinner/look good still, without looking like a frumpy grandma in the process :( thank you so much.(:()

No. 205920

How do you get black clothes back to black after they come out of the washing machine covered in all those white bits? It looks like tiny white bits of fabric idk I hope you all know what I mean. Is there some magic super sticky lint roller or what? Also washing blacks seperately to prevent it doesn't seem to help so I'd really like to know how to restore them

No. 205929

that sounds like too much detergent/detergent buildup to me. Try using a liquid detergent if you're not already and use less than normal. Also grab some white vinegar and use a cup of that as a fabric softener/to help dissolve any remaining bits of crap on the clothes. It could also be lint buildup from your washing machine so check that the filter is clean and that the drum doesn't have bits of lint left in it after a load.

No. 205985

Dont layer clothes is number one, second is if you have a big belly then wear form-fitting pants and baggy shirts and vice versa if you are bottom heavy
Third is to not try to hide your figure because at most times you will just look like a blob

No. 206160

Do any european nonnies know which brands make 100% cotton jeans that are cut for a wide ass? I am perfect 38 in Zara (probably other Inditex crap too) sizing but their jeans suck and in most other brands it seems there's a mismatch between my waist and hip measurements, so I'm discouraged from ordering anything after a few fails. (Yes, I'd rather research this on the Internet for hours than go to a store and try putting something on my ass.)

No. 206161

I feel like giving up on fashion entirely and simply dressing like I'm ready to go hiking at any minute. polyester zip up fleece, cargo trousers, big ugly boots. fuck it

No. 206162

If you run a shaving razor (same one marketed for legs or armpits) it'll remove lint and little white bits

No. 206191

Perhaps Agnès B.? I don't know where you live, so perhaps there is not much available to you. I live in a relatively affluent European city and there are a lot of independent boutiques in specific quarters of town that have very unique yet fashionable clothing, but aren't easy to find if you would search for them online. I would avoid H&M and similar chains as a whole aside from for basics.

No. 206193

I have found that thrifting primarily has value if you know how to tailor clothes. I often find garments with a lot of potential, if only I had a sewing machine. (I tried hand sewing and it's not the best idea for the alterations a lot of clothes would need).

No. 206209

>if only I had a sewing machine
It's pretty easy to get a good sewing machine for little money or for free. I see them every now and then at thrift/second handstores I visit for like 20-25 euro. Old models of course, but that's okay, sewing machines have hardly changed over decades and you don't need a computerized one for basic stitches. Or look online for second hand ones.

No. 206216

File: 1632078086005.gif (3.01 MB, 457x343, 1628807204265.gif)

Yesterday I went shopping and I wanted to buy a pair of skinny black jeans, something as basic as possible, and no matter what I tried everything was either too small but the size right above was way too big, too big despite trying the smallest size available, or the legs were too long while the jeans were too tight around the waist. I hate the fashion industry so fucking much. And because of covid some stores can't let anyone use their changing rooms anymore, and if I order clothes online I'm worried I'll get a wrong size and I'll have to pay to ship clothes back. On the other hand I noticed I have an easier time finding tops my size, mostly because I can finally find bralettes my size that aren't made for 10 years old girls so I don't have to just wear completely opaque clothes anymore, and it's easier to find tops with normal collars.

No. 206237

File: 1632089101433.jpg (19.3 KB, 668x220, Screenshot 2021-09-19 150436.j…)

>dressing like I'm ready to go hiking at any minute
lmfao my sister, pic related is a note I made regarding my fave aesthetic. I totally feel this

No. 206276

>ready to go fishing
Yo I'm fucking down, I flyfish

No. 206325

How do you shop for pants when you're short waisted but bottom heavy? Everything seems like it's high waisted these days and my waist vs hips always seem to be 3-4 sizes off from each other

No. 206336

I just went to look at my fav jeans only to find out that they are part of an American Eagle order I made in the states. sigh.

No. 206348

Get pants that fit hips and tailor, something simple like that should be inexpensive

No. 206520

File: 1632243375094.jpg (63.25 KB, 600x747, maeve brennan 001a.jpg)

No. 206522

Really? I always had the impression you had to buy a new one and be very careful with it. Do you have maybe a blog or website that talks about using second hand sewing machines you could recommend?

No. 206534

New ones are plastic Chinese shit, you're more likely to get a good one buying used

No. 206541

Sewing machines after 1950 started being made with plastic parts instead of metal (there's a couple brands that still use metal today but they're pretty expensive even secondhand since they last a long time). The older machines you'll find at thrift stores will be plastic parts usually but better to get one for $20 and it lasts a year then get that same one for $200 and it lasts the same amount of time. Try to make sure it works before you buy it though as its very unlikely someone will be willing to service a machine with plastic parts.

No. 206803

File: 1632503200398.jpeg (860.13 KB, 1242x2004, 22036020-2059-4053-B8CC-88991F…)

I’m really looking for an opportunity to wear this dress. Is it appropriate or too flashy to wear as a wedding guest (with the side buttoned up of course)?

No. 206817

It's very beautiful! I'd say it's appropriatie for a wedding unless it's a more sober-dressing type of crowd, but you'd probably know if that were the case.

No. 206839

Brunch, not even kidding. Just tell your friends to dress up a little too. But yes wedding also works.

No. 207252

File: 1632792064720.jpg (53.15 KB, 763x511, koifootwearherselclassic.jpg)

do any anons have any recommendations for shoes similar to picrel? i actually ordered these but the size i got was too small and after i sent them back they discontinued them lol.
& i know they are just generic combat boots, i just have a really hard time finding ones i like online for some reason

No. 207256

Look on either army surplus stores or ebay. Look for "Doc Marten boots".

No. 207267

File: 1632811460098.jpg (109.35 KB, 1720x1201, unisex-solovair-8-eye-derby-bo…)

idk your budget anon but look up solovair if you're looking for something that'll last. it's the company that made the original doc martens or something. the quality is much better than the crap dr martens churns out today

No. 208283

How do you dress when you love the ''kawaii aesthetic'' but you are in your mid 20s? Is larme kei acceptable? Does anyone have any inspiration pics or instagram accounts to share?

I'm starting to feel a little bit too old for certain clothes but I still don't want to give up on my style completely.

No. 208287

What sneakers work well with black and/or gray ponte pants? I have white vejas for jeans, but they are not right for black pants at all.

No. 208307

Larma Kei looks really cute (I had to Google it). If you're worried about looking immature I'd give you this advice, as someone who successfully went from goth teen to goth mid 20s- look at lookbooks of normie women our age, and try to recreate those looks with your own style. It helps SO MUCH when it comes to actually looking your own age while still maintaining style

No. 208929

i like some Aelfric Eden clothes but it's a chinese reseller of an aliexpress store called TEDSN that's muuuch cheaper. not all of the clothes are there tho

does anyone know if taobao will have them for cheaper? where else can i look? feels like i'm being ripped off

No. 208942

eh probably unpopular opinion but I feel like whether you can pull of larme kei is mostly dependent on your body type. Cutesy j-fashion, even if it's not extremely kawaii like larme kei, looks awkward and out of place on tall(ish), broad(ish) Western girls regardless of age. But if you're cute and petite like the Japanese girls the style orginated from, you can probably pull it off in your mod twenties.

No. 208944

Can anyone recommend some really nice leggings with pockets for me? I've tried shopping around but the ones took a shot on just get those fuzzies and look sloppy and wornout after a couple months. I know brands like Carhartt have better quality but I don't want way drop a ton on something that won't last.

No. 208962

Zoe, GymBeam and Squatwolf

No. 209035

Tbh I hope this is the right thread to post in but I'm looking for some outfit tips and/or ideas. I'm from the United States. I'm going to see Andrea Bocelli in a few months and I wanted to pick out a nicer outfit but "nice" really can mean anything with me rn because I haven't bought any new clothes in like 10 years lol. Can some ladies help point me in the right and appropriate direction for this occasion? I don't really know what's out there in terms of clothing lines… I think Express was one of the last stores I remember poking around at but I overheard a customer complaining about how she doesn't buy their shirts anymore because they pil so easy so idk. And I'm not fashion forward enough to put something together on my own in h&m. I hope this makes sense?

No. 209037

sorry for double post. for context I need to dress layered for warmth (will be cold getting there but warm inside). I'm kinda inbetween an inverted triangle and hour glass shape for body type. i'm more comfortable with darker tones and colors in my clothes but tbh I'd love to see any and all recommendations… it's a special night tbh.

No. 209062


this is way too generalized if you want good advice. what's your price range? what size are you? a nice dress and a coat is really all you need for this, but you can wear a pantsuit or just some nice slacks and a blouse.

you could pick the most formal piece of clothing you have and try to build an outfit off that.

No. 209135

Oh oops sorry. I'm 5'5 and 125-130ish lbs, 26 years old. My budget would be like $100-150 max for the whole outfit, including shoes. Is that enough? I haven't shopped for new clothes in like 10 years and I don't really have anything fancy unfortunately so it's going to be from scratch. I like the idea of a dress and jacket. Could you recommend me some companies to check out? I'm sorry for being so useless, I don't know anything about fashion at all so I'm feeling very overwhelmed. Thank you

No. 209211

File: 1634059437631.jpg (83.43 KB, 500x501, dark-academia_2083801.jpg)

Anyone know any good dark academia blogs to get outfit inspiration from?

No. 209272

File: 1634096457074.jpg (174.84 KB, 1140x887, 57403957803466.jpg)

Nta but I'd look for a simple but flattering formal dress like https://www.etsy.com/listing/811007896/navy-bridesmaid-dress-custom-lengths

No. 209275

File: 1634096767425.jpg (338.76 KB, 1140x1710, 70493284832756.jpg)

Or this. https://www.etsy.com/listing/952836581/the-marie-slip-satin-midi-bridesmaid - pair with a complementary neutral heel and a loose crop jacket or shrug made from light material so it doesn't overwhelm the look

No. 209328

File: 1634138633607.jpg (167.7 KB, 1256x1884, 1D140Gp.jpg)

How would you style a lime green top? I bought a knit top in a similar color, on impulse but now I'm not sure what to pair it with. I was thinking light wash wide leg jeans or maybe a skirt in some bright color like purple.

No. 209329

If you're gonna go for a slip dress like the second anon suggested, you can find one in any major retailer. Even Zara has some nice ones currently.

No. 209331

I would do a bright orange skirt

No. 209333

Look at some Jojo art for inspiration.

No. 209335

File: 1634140705124.jpg (392.79 KB, 1032x1500, mztFMaF.jpg)

Not the worst advice I've gotten on here
Road safety couture.

No. 209345

File: 1634151126475.jpg (142.15 KB, 1000x1481, bad-60s-fashion-trends-14.jpg)

the jojo image reminded me that clothes in bright neon colours look really good when they're paired with neutrals, kind of like an accent colour

khaki, neon lime green, and white together kinda make me think of tennis, but it's still a solid color combo and you could play up the preppy vibe with a blazer and a pleated skirt in light neutrals or something along those lines. or, depending on the fit of the top, you could go for a more edgy, Y2K-revival fit like your idea with the wide-leg jeans or some other wide-leg trousers made of a more structured material and chunky platforms/sneakers. i'm not sure about pairing it with purple, though if you want to go that route you could look at 60's mod fashion like picrel for inspo (ignore the filename lel)

No. 209350

File: 1634153871782.jpg (144.21 KB, 588x793, VZ2M1on.jpg)

Thanks for the advice nonna! And 60s mod is exactly what I was thinking with the purple suggestion, I love how colorful and ridiculous trends were back then.

No. 209378

your best bet is going to a department store like macys or saks. $150 is kind of low for a coat and shoes, you can easily get a nice dress for $50 but the coat and shoes will be the most expensive part of the outfit. I've gotten nice coats at target before but I'm not in the US anymore so I can't speak for the selection now. Check out TJ Maxx or Marshall's too - the only thing with these stores is that you arent guaranteed to find anything, expect to leave empty handed.

I would suggest that you go into a physical store to at least try on different kinds of dresses to see what you like to wear. You dont have to buy anything, you can try on some different things and then go home and order something similar online.

also if you aren't used to wearing heels, def don't choose this occasion to be your newest attempt at it. just get something comfortable.

No. 209387

I would suggest getting something extremely neutral and basic but nice. Try Banana Republic or Ann Taylor sales. If you don’t have to dress up often you should buy something you can keep in your closet for any “upscale” occasion in the future. Don’t try to make a fashion statement if you’re not comfortable, just dress nice enough for the occasion so you’re comfortable in the setting. A very basic neutral (some anons might say boring) is fine!

No. 209391

oh i forgot that nordstrom and nordstrom rack have large dress sections and will have a lot of different silhouettes for you to try on too.

No. 209500

It feels impossible to find 1920s fashion without everything being durrrhurr flapper XDD. What should I look for in order to create a 20s inspired wardrobe?

No. 209502

File: 1634256809370.png (900.43 KB, 612x792, dta.png)


all my examples are from downton abbey but the costuming is fantastic so. 20s is all about breezy fabrics, pleats, and embroidery. look for beading, sequins, embellishments and choose fits that are loose on your frame. the fashion of the era was all about that long drop waist torso, the body silhouette was long and slim, tall and boyish. no hourglass waists here - that's what your grandma wore. lots of eastern influence on the fabrics and colors of the time, deep red, navy, drapery. a little bit of military influence as well here and there, especially on hats and gloves. big shoulders.

No. 209503

>your grandma

I had to kek because my grandmother is in her 60s, but I understand what you meant. Thanks so much, anon. Its been frustrating looking online and only ever getting Gatsby looking replicas, as if women walked around in nightclub gear of the time during the day.

No. 209504

File: 1634259479788.jpg (51.98 KB, 500x703, tumblr_27898d7d41a9382f52d367a…)

Literally just wear longish dresses with big collars and a lightly belted waist, and mary jane shoes. Hate to shill cheap chinese goods, but alien kitty on aliexpress has many such dresses. I find that hair and makeup matters more when it comes to looking 1920-ish.

No. 209686

I'm tall, broad-ish frame with no curves. I guess my body is quite unfeminine and shapeless but I'm not skinny like a fashion model that would 'justify' having no curves. (I have a mid-range healthy bmi) What kind of fashion/silhouette looks good on a body like mine? Looser-fits make me feel like a potato sack and tight things just emphasize my chubby legs or nearly flat chest and no waist definition. Do I have any options or am I just doomed with my unfortunate body shape?

No. 209693

File: 1634395902142.png (826.08 KB, 612x792, gchristie.png)

this is completely impossible to answer without seeing you. but your best option is to choose a feature you like and highlight it. i chose pics of gwendoline christie for an example because she is very tall and not especially curvy. she usually emphasizes either her legs or her shoulders. but the biggest thing anon is that when you really like your clothes, it shows.

No. 209714

File: 1634410964310.png (548.35 KB, 728x547, imagen_2021-10-16_140145.png)

I saw this basic guide on the internet about how to dress your body according to your bodytype and I liked it because it uses more up to date styles. Imma link it here
I don't think these are "body flaws" per se, but you know.

No. 209715

File: 1634411051514.png (754.97 KB, 728x766, imagen_2021-10-16_140322.png)

I didn't know you aren't supposed to wear sandals if you have big feet. I don't like sandals, I preffer closed shoes anyways but this is very good to know

No. 209716

File: 1634411136247.png (783.03 KB, 728x679, imagen_2021-10-16_140536.png)

I also liked this advice:
>Fortunately, the times when stylists recommended that all full-figured women wear black clothes are gone. Nicki Minaj shows her response to the stereotypes of the past.

>Don’t wear any patterns or animal prints, instead wear solid colors, bold, oversized silhouettes, and as few decorative elements as possible (no fringe, bows, or other stuff like that). And of course, any look like this goes great with a belt.

No. 209723

huh is it considered having big feet if they're proportionate to my height? I'll keep wearing sandals regardless but I'm curious
t. 6ft and size 10

No. 209776

File: 1634439603515.jpg (14.76 KB, 300x225, a27046b17a7736f40f1d6a5f8145b1…)

do any scene queens remember these??

No. 209782

File: 1634445293135.jpg (327.47 KB, 1064x1600, Tumblr_l_260161334390545.jpg)

I love this look so much. Wish it was in color

No. 209786

What would you call this style? It looks slightly bohemian to me

No. 209791

This may be good advice, but it seems a little unfair to compare these two women with clearly different bodies as examples of a full figured woman dressed wrong and right. The woman on the left is wearing an unflattering outfit, but I'm not sure it would be fixed by putting her in what Nicki is wearing there.

No. 209806

Not everything is a style anon, sometimes it's just an outfit.

No. 209807

Rich lady in the 1970s?

No. 209860

It looks really cute but those shoes don't really look warm enough for the kind of weather that warrants a coat like that

No. 209862

File: 1634503413230.jpg (148.58 KB, 1001x1500, FIGTNY_191120_31255-1001x1500.…)

Does anyone recognize this bag by chance? The blog I took this picture from listed everything except for the bag for some reason.

No. 209878


FINE, Mom, I'll go change

No. 209913

von holzhausen market tote

No. 210007

Amazing, thanks anon! ♥

No. 210025

How do I learn more about brands and their history? Has anyone began to have an “eye” for designers signature tailoring, fabrics, designs, etc.? I want to become more knowledgeable about high fashion and couture designers

No. 210030

why don't you make a thread about high fashion and couture?

No. 210038

File: 1634607068281.jpeg (359.59 KB, 848x1663, 374E052B-B838-4A53-A4F1-29544F…)

I’m tired of wearing tshirts. What should I wear nonnies? No I’m not a troon I’m just tall.

No. 210039

Dresses if you hate shirts or maybe just wear a better form fitting shirt

No. 210040

Kek are you an oldfag or did you thrift that shirt? I'm an oldfag and remember when those prints were popular. I think you should go for a pant with a looser leg fit because the skinny is a pretty dated look, and try tops that aren't so long because the length of the top is making you look a bit stumpy even though you're tall (neckline and sleeve length are fine tho). Try looking for tops that sit around your waist or top of your hips. I think midi dresses would look nice on you too. It's hard to infer your style from just one pic but I think a midi dress or midi skirt with some pleating would look pretty on your figure.

No. 210042

I'm in my mid 20's and have had these jeans for over 5 years at this point. Honestly don't care about current trends but I'll keep my eyes out for looser fit jeans. Only downside about shirts is all of my tallgirl ones are sooo long on me it's bullshit.

No. 210044

File: 1634614486412.png (823.95 KB, 908x1462, graphict.PNG)

I agree with some of the other anons here. Tucking in your shirt will help make your legs look longer and give you a defined waist.

Before you try and completely redo your wardrobe, I always think it's good to make use of what you have. Try layering an oversize flannel or denim jacket over a t-shirt and pair it with bottoms of your choice, as long as you don't match the color of your jacket to the color of your bottoms you'll be fine. It might help you get a sense of what sort of style you'd like to follow. Picrel is an example of a way to wear a graphic tee that's a little more exciting than just jeans, but it may not be your style.

No. 210045

Nta but how do you wear skirts that length? My ass will peak out or is it for more flatter bods

No. 210046

it's cute but looks rather juvenile unfortunately. I have a skirt similar to that from Lazy Oaf though.

No. 210047

not the anon you're responding to but this outfit is hideous, nothing matches.

No. 210048

lmao i was trying to be nice.

No. 210062

You should try picking shirts that are more your size and not as long or loose fitting, because like the other anon said it makes you look kind of stumpy. If you want, you can invest in some fabric scissors and try trimming some of the shirts you have (follow a tutorial online). Also you mentioned your jeans are 5 years old, you should probably invest in some new, higher quality ones. I recommend getting something without a print or pattern on it (like regular old denim) so you can match it with your tops better.
You should wear safety shorts or leggings underneath so your whole ass isn't out. If you still feel uncomfortable maybe try skirts with longer cuts.

No. 210063

Defiantly never for a length that short. I go above the knees since my ass will usually ride up the skirt.

No. 210064

Just start reading. Pick up some books on brands you're interested in or read Wikipedia. Vogue has great resources for runway shows, with a gallery of images and a short article. But I agree with the other nonny, making a thread would be a great option.

No. 210065

I hope those are pajamas.

No. 210093

omg is that famous amongus gamer and emo king singer corpse husband??

No. 210105

Thanks for the feedback my nonnies!! If there’s anything else just let me know I’m open to it.
I’m laughing my ass off because your comment is so ironic in more ways than one.

No. 210114

I also forgot to ask what kind of looser fit jeans. Would bootcut be trendy enough? because they say flared jeans work good on my body type.

No. 210115

Anything that doesn't hug your calves so tightly. Bootcut, straight leg, flared, and probably even wide leg would work well and I recommend if it's possible with covid restrictions in your area to try on a few pairs in different styles at a store you like. Even if you don't see one you want buy from there, you can test which cuts are more flattering and comfortable.

No. 210122

I found dresses I've seen on Princess Polly on yesstyle and aliexpress, are those dupes or does princess polly just resell them? I've ordered from there before and the quality is nothing special, so I'd just order from aliexpress if it's the same thing because it's so much cheaper

No. 210123

They're an AliExpress reseller.

No. 210124

Go with flared jeans if that's what looks good on your body type but try not to get caught up in trends too much, trends are fleeting after all. I suspect looser fit jeans will be on trend for years to come but whatever type will be most trendiest will change from season to season so it's fruitless to chase the absolute trendiest. It's better to opt for whatever fit is most flattering on your body type.

No. 210127

IATA who said skinnies were dated and I didn't mean to imply that nonny should go with what's trendy. Skinnies were really trendy back then and nearly everyone wore them even though they aren't flattering on most women. I agree she should focus on how it works with her figure plus how comfortable she feels in them rather than what's in style. Thankfully different leg cuts are always available no matter what's on trend. The rise gets more complicated since most brands are stuck on high rises atm, but being tall she has the benefit of any rise working for her.

No. 210129

I’ve always hated low rise because I felt I looked so fat in them. It sucked being a teen in the 2000’s because all that was available was low rise.

No. 210131

I've actually always wondered if it was the case because I saw the clothes they were selling all over Ali last summer too. I just always assumed that ali being ali just copied it.

No. 210139

The easiest way to know at a glance if AE is the copy or the original, even if you can't feel the quality of the original garment, is to look at the number of items available to purchase in the other shop. PP has a massive active inventory and affordable prices (tho not cheap as AE). They don't design and produce all those different SKUs for a season or two and then it all happens to get replicated by AE. They order a shitload of products and then sell them at a markup. Smarter and bigger brands like PP, as opposed to low scale dropshippers, will eat the cost of shipping to their warehouse before shipping items out to their customers to avoid long wait times that are a tell-tale sign of drop shipping, and take their own photos of the products on models. They can make the money back because of their huge margins and because they don't work with any designers. You're not at fault for being on the fence because they go to lengths to make it appear legit knowing that most people don't know or consider how hard it is to fill up a store to that capacity if what you're selling is original.

No. 210181

Skinny jeans were also worn by those of us who are short and didn't want the cuffs of jeans inevitably dragging under our heels as we walked home from school, only to get torn up and ratty. Rolling them up looked stupid. Honestly, I despised low rise back in the day and they are certainly not good for every body type, but skinny jeans at least fit me and lasted longer.

No. 210274

any recommendations for places to find comfortable trousers anons?
i almost never buy any because finding ones that fit properly and are actually comfortable is difficult. plus unlike with tops i feel like it's hard to know whats gonna look good unless you actually try them on

No. 210291

This is such a general question nonna. What's your style? Age? Body shape? Do you need special sizing(tall/petite/plus-size)? What price range? Materials? Are you looking for an ethical/sustainable brand? Are you talking about casual trousers or work appropriate ones?

No. 210334

ah im sorry, just… basic trousers, idk how to describe it, stuff you can wear daily but im not too fussy about styles. my problem is that i will buy trousers or jeans or whatever and a lot of the time theyre just not comfortable, so i guess it'd be nice to hear from anons who have bought trousers before that have turned out to be super versatile and comfy to wear. i buy most of my clothes second hand from ebay and second hand stores these days, and im a uk 12/5'9" if that helps (i get bloated to hell and back so i guess that's a contributing factor to my clothing problems)

No. 210359

File: 1634785705255.jpg (100.4 KB, 650x975, 176564_174916_tonyanude_168956…)

What color tights would work with this? I don't want to freeze.

No. 210366


The Uniqlo EZY Ankle pants are great IMO

No. 210368

No. 210445

Everlane pants are very simple and comfy.

No. 210446

File: 1634858850843.jpg (404.3 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210912-230056.jpg)

what are some bra/lingerie shops that you really trust? online or in person doesn't matter i just want as many recommendations as you have

pic unrelated except im thinking of buying these next paycheck, idk

No. 210507

File: 1634910438694.jpg (71.02 KB, 1126x752, photo_2021-10-22_15-43-48.jpg)

I want to style those in a more exciting way, I've already paired them with rolled up Mom Jeans - any suggestions for tops?

No. 210518

She makes interresting videos, but I legit cannot watch any of them because of her obnoxious voice. Her forced vocal fries make me wanna sudoku
I want them too nonny. My friends hate them kek

No. 210547

What are some jewellry brands/stores that sell more chunky/less dainty type of jewelry? Bonus points if they sell it in silver.

No. 210565

What sneakers work with black woodcut pants. White sneakers do not look right.

No. 210570

A pair of nice boots, try ASOS

No. 210652

File: 1634984226927.jpg (440.51 KB, 1801x2600, zxpylYA.jpg)

Why not try a dress or a skirt instead? Kinda hard to make mom jeans exciting. But you could go for a fun sweater like picrel.

No. 210870

File: 1635161114190.jpg (85.71 KB, 794x1173, il_794xN.3325842016_iip1.jpg)

I desperately want to buy this but I think it'll look too girly on me. I have another piece from them but it's much more neutral and complements me better. Should I plunge anyway?

No. 210871

TBH it looks quite drab. What did the other item you got look like?

No. 210873

File: 1635162139826.jpg (86.16 KB, 794x1191, il_794xN.2532839888_7l2e.jpg)

That's why I like it! There's the kind of shapes and embellishments I like while not being too noticeable (hopefully). This may be my self esteem issues coming through though. This is what I have now.

No. 210874

Nta but isn't this also quite girly? The babydoll waist, the laces in the front, the small ruffles at the waist and on the shoulder.. it's girly in my eyes.

Don't you think you would stand out in that dress exactly because it's so unusual?

No. 210875

That is true. I suppose my reason is the billowing sleeves more than anything. They always remind me of children's dolls.

No. 210876

That black dress looks nicer and more goth. The main problem with the other dress is the colour, it doesn't even look flattering on the model. So it's drab but it still stands out because of the cut. Perhaps it would like nicer in black too.

No. 210877

What is this brand? I'm kind of curious to see more of it.

No. 210878

My fondness of black outer layers paused my excitement so I understand. I'm a lot darker than the models here and grey is supposed to be a color for my skin tone but I've never worn greys and have no frame of reference. If only they made it in black…

Linennaive. Lots of cloaks and dresses.

No. 210879

You could try dying it if you're down for that. I don't think much can go wrong with dying it black of all colours. But I can see how you'd probably be apprehensive about that considering how expensive the dress is.

Interesting brand btw.

No. 210892

Hi nonnies, I need some advice on where I should look for functional snowboots that are a little more stylish. Winter is coming up soon and I'm in the mountains so there's gonna be a fuckton of snow. The only ones I've seen that i didn't find as ugly are picrel from vans. Do any of you know of a good place to order some cute ones, or am I assed out? If it helps I'm more into a punk style right now but I'm down to wear things that are more cutesy

No. 210893

File: 1635174148911.jpg (217.06 KB, 1440x1494, Screenshot_20211025-105927_Chr…)

Samefag, forgot to upload the image with it. My bad

No. 210915

Nta but beware of dyeing clothes, usually the thread is made of polyester and wont dye. so you'll have grey stitches on a black dress.

No. 211245

File: 1635394168206.jpg (123.31 KB, 600x450, mukluks.jpg)

I usually wear Manitobah mukluks. Though they're not made in Canada anymore.

No. 211259

File: 1635407214690.jpg (246.07 KB, 1280x1280, P0.jpg)

I bought this dress years ago and have barely worn it. I feel like it looks very dated at this point and I don't like the 2014 tumblr vibes it's giving. Any ideas on how to style it?

No. 211266

File: 1635420221953.png (156.02 KB, 1816x1024, fruits anon.png)

I have digital copies of vol 1 -50, Do you have a throw away email?

No. 211283

I would just cut it into a croptop and make the neck space bigger. The skirt part is too boring.

No. 211291

2014 tumblr vibes? This literally looks like those dresses in the china shops at the mall in 2005 but velvet instead of patterned. Toss it, girl.

No. 211293

Am I the only one who likes it? It'd look fine with some golden jewelry and a black boot.

No. 211295

I like it too. I’d probably wear it with an oversized black sweater in the winter. but I’m old and have zero fashion sense

No. 211297

File: 1635438240956.jpg (58.02 KB, 560x480, 2731375_LOOKIE2.jpg)

I kinda like it. I agree the cut of this dress is boring, but it could totally work on winter with black tights and a leather jacket. Kinda like picrel, but I'd drop the beanie.
I don't care about looking "dated" particularly, so it's up to you. I don't think this look aged that much anyway

No. 211298

At this point just sell it for a few bucks, I don't see how you could style it in a way that wouldn't give 2014 vibes.

No. 211305

ayrt, I actually tried that but the overall silhouette ends up looking weird. Probably because it's midi length and bodycon.
That's basically how I used to wear it. Leather jacket and creepers or boots of some sort. I don't care a ton about looking outdated, but something about the combination of cut, material and color triggers me.
Gonna try this if all else fails, I don't think anyone would want to buy it anyway.

Thanks nonnas!

No. 211371

This is probably too late, but I bought these earlier this year, and they're extremely uncomfortable. I don't know if they have to be broken in or what, but I can't stand wearing them.

No. 211453


This is knee length anon, midi is between ankle and knee.

longer midis used to be called "tea length" which is cute

No. 211467

having C cups for specific fashion trends is a nightmare, I buy a shirt with cups built-in and they are too small or too big. I can't win it feels like with this fashion trend. Anyone else has issues with corset-type inspired dresses and shirts?

No. 211468

Ayrt thanks for the correction, I had a brainfart.

No. 211469

As an f cup I don't even try to participate.

No. 211780

File: 1635781087051.jpg (56.66 KB, 827x573, lisa simp.jpg)

so basically this video is saying 'find out what your vibe and style ,in conjunction with your tastes, according' but how tf do I do that?

No. 211785

By window shopping, I guess, that’s how you can figure out the type of clothes that you would like to wear and that would make you feel comfortable, specially if you try out the clothes and try to experiment with stuff you wouldn’t usually wear, like different brands, colors, materials and such.

No. 211786

I thought the video was trying to suggest that you should figure out the impression your face, body, mannerisms, speech etc give off and crafting a look using your appearance as a baseline. I may have misinterpreted the video

No. 211787

It's the same thing really, theres no way to do this other than by trying on lots of stuff and seeing how it looks on you. It's good to go to a big store like tjmax/marshalls or nordstrom or w/e and just try on a ton of stuff and take pictures with no plans to buy anything. Then you can look at the pictures later/the next day and judge how you look a little more objectively.

No. 211843

File: 1635813571478.jpg (49.7 KB, 564x699, dress jacket.jpg)

C is nearly optimal imo, assuming you have a small band size. It's big enough to fill your clothes out without getting completely sized out. As another F cup I just can't buy things with designated space for tits. Unfortunately all clothes are not going to fit all people.

I didn't watch the video, but to do what >>211786 is saying it would probably be helpful to ask people who know you what vibes you give off. Or dip your toe into kibbe types if you can handle the autism.

No. 211887

I am sorry for making such a cow post but could it be possible for individuals to start trends that happen on the street?
Sometimes I feel my niche style spread in a few towns but maybe that’s my mild schizophrenia kicking in.

No. 211889

Why are people hating on this. It can give 2021 vibes actually with the right shoes, jewelry and bag. I actually very much love it.

No. 211896

I feel the same but in an even more schizo way, sometimes I think that I can predict trends because I will be like
>Geez, These skirts are cool, but what if skirts could be longer.
And then long skirts are in and everyone wears them.
Tbh, it’s possible that if you wear something interesting, others will want to try stuff from your style, I mean, that’s how basically everything evolves.
And sometimes it’s just that when the market is over saturated with some stuff, the clients will want something new, usually completely different from what’s in store, so it isn’t really predictions but just being fickle about clothes and styles, I guess.

No. 211900

It's probably just bias. Especially nowadays there's a ton of short-lived microtrends happening so for every trend that feels like you personally predicted/started it there's probably 10 others that aren't your thing.
I kind of had the same feeling before though, like I was suddenly really into berets and cargo pants and platform boots seconds before these suddenly became super trendy. It's obviously just a coincidence and these are fairly generic articles of clothing, and there's plenty of stuff I'm really into that didn't turn popular at all.

No. 211905

Where can I find inspirations for a more fit for work and mature goth style? I'm getting older (mid 20s) and I always loved the style but never had the money. Now I have the money but I wouldn't feel comfortable wearing average goth stuff outside since I'm not a teen anymore and an introvert.
So anyone got some bloggers, youtubers idk just anything I can get some inspiration for combs from?

No. 211912

File: 1635861109947.jpg (35.71 KB, 600x600, 7e65861716b84f70a1a0c0a1f8e98b…)

look up corpgoth/corporate goth. i like a few of the outfits here

No. 211914

File: 1635862490158.jpg (152.35 KB, 640x960, 147b9f96d68aafc95ec48e8c11f322…)

Hiya anons, lately i've been trying to incorporate softer designs into my wardrobe and would appreciate some advice.

My usual style tends to fluctuate between romantic goth and vampire goth, however, much of the fashion, hairstyles and makeup tend to be rather dramatic, i really like this dramatism but i don't think it fits my frame or face, i've come to the conclusion that most of it makes me look like a toddler that ransacked their moms stuff.

I don't really want to change my style completely, but i would like to find a way to make it softer, any advice?

Picrel is a reference on how i usually dress:

No. 211915

No advice but I haven't seen a real goth in years, congrats on doing your thing!

No. 211922

You're what, 25? 26? I wouldn't be dressing in this >>211912 middle-aged-and-up costume when you're only in your twenties.

No. 211924

File: 1635869445595.jpeg (20.41 KB, 333x500, D2B16136-7081-4913-B79E-A77F0C…)

What about something similar to this? You could wear pointed shoes under the pants to further elongate your legs.

No. 211936

File: 1635874725413.jpg (346.07 KB, 1600x2400, yang-li-fw19-2.jpg)

Is there a kind of more specific goth style that you're into anon? In general, I think wearing a narrow tailored blazer, cigarette pants, and pointed heeled boots (all in black or oxblood) reads as goth while avoiding the overly-mature librarian look.

No. 211955

File: 1635882354224.jpg (1.35 MB, 1500x1500, outfits.jpg)

>>211936 >>211924 >>211922 >>211912
Thank you for your answers! I'm turning 27 next year and work as a designer, so I can wear casual clothes as long as they aren't over the top. I dumped some outfits I liked in the image, idk if it's a specific style. But I like oversized stuff because I can wear more clothes under it, since I'm always freezing.

No. 211967

What kind of shoes, jewelry and bag would you go with? I know I'm asking to be spoonfed but I would really love to hear some ideas.

No. 211970

No advice, I just want to ask where do you shop? I feel like it's getting harder and harder to find quality romantic goth clothes.

No. 211974

I don't see what's wrong with "2014 vibes". A cute dress is a cute dress (or you think it's ugly, that's also okay). But to disregard a piece of perfectly wearable clothing that is in mint condition you put your hard earned money towards because it's too this or that year is stupid imo.

No. 211975

Pinterest is the best for fashion inspo imo. You can find old blog posts, magazine scans, street snaps etc. You could also look into darkwear designers. Brands like CDG, Yohji Yamamoto, Ann Demeulemeester, Rick Owens etc.

No. 211990

File: 1635896450336.jpeg (694.73 KB, 750x1000, EC3CACAA-DE4C-4653-A8FE-C57FC6…)

I really like chains and dress more “hardcore” but I don’t like BDSM or kink shit, in fact I’m against it, but I’m semi worried that buying a bag like this will make degenerate men think I’m into kink shit. Is this bear even wearing “bondage”? Am I just naive?

No. 211992

Bear looks like it’s wearing bondage but you could always use it as a plush and not a purse

No. 211994

Yes it does. Without the harness it wouldn't look like BDSM. You could probably just take that part off the bear?

No. 212003

Thanks anon! Gotta prove to my parents that it wasn't a phase.

I don't know if i'll be of any help because most of my wardrobe either comes from local shops, stuff i found and altered or straight up made from scratch. However, three places i do buy from relatively often are PunkRave for general clothing and Fantasmagoria and Etsy for accessories (i think Etsy could also work for clothing but you'd have to comb through pages and pages of generic stuff). All can be fairly hit or miss for me but are basically the only places i consistently go back to.

The best advise i could really give is that if you have the time and the means you should try to learn how to sew, it really helps when you want a specific thing but can't find anything satisfactory.

No. 212015

File: 1635906634958.png (693.49 KB, 728x1006, siobhan.png)

How would I go about finding a shirt jacket like this? How would you describe it? Putting in leather shirt jacket does not provide results with that style or fastening.

No. 212016

Id laugh if I saw you wearing that!

No. 212022

File: 1635911352934.jpg (92.47 KB, 750x1101, 48302975034867504.jpg)

Idk where you're getting the shirt aspect this still looks like a jacket to me albeit a really thin one. Possibly fake leather due to the wrinkly crappy quality. It's got sort of a peplum going on so try "faux leather peplum jacket." Personally I think picrel is a much better attempt at this sort of look (older Forever 21 design).

No. 212080

Yeah if you dress alt, you're gonna attract men who make stupid assumptions about you based on the way you dress and have fantasies about solely your looks and how "kinky" you are in their head. Reminds me of the last episode of Downtown on MTV.

No. 212103

I saw a coat I find really cute in Zara, I'll try to see if they have my size tomorrow after work. Pray for me because it looks great in the manikin but usually the shoulders always look too stiff and large when I try coats from Zara.

No. 212104

Good luck! Do you have a pic of it?

No. 212114

I dont and the Zara website is even more dysfunctional than a government website so I'm not even going to look for a pic online. If I manage to buy it I'll probably post it here.

No. 212115

I don’t like the Zara website either. It’s like looking at a magazine and has no proper navigations.

No. 212135

People always complain about the Zara website but I don't get it. It has completely normal navigation and filtering.

No. 212153

It's horrible to scroll through. I want to scroll through neat rows of items with even spacing, not the weird "picture here, bigger picture there, row of small pictures over here, whoops now you get a black and white picture instead of a coloured one!" thing that Zara has going on.

No. 212176

File: 1635984699691.png (270.05 KB, 444x419, Schermafbeelding 2021-11-04 om…)

There are probably some that will think that but if you like it just buy it nonna

The pictures are annoying as shit, like an attempt at looking high fashion but as a result you can't tell what the actual item looks like (picrel)

No. 212332

File: 1636139782356.jpg (73.59 KB, 564x846, clothes I like.jpg)

How do you find out about designers that you like? The only real designers I know of are Raf Simons, Errolson Hugh, V. Westwood, Virgil Abloh, Tomoaki Nagao and Rick Owens, but I can't really name an of their pieces or separate any of their collections/eras. I just have a general idea of their aesthetics and the only one I like if Vivianne Westwood from the 80s and 90s

No. 212334

There's indepth books on that stuff, sometimes from the house itself, but they're generally very expensive.

No. 212335

Browse Vogue's runway archive, watch documentaries, read fashion week coverage…

No. 212337

File: 1636141663530.png (257.08 KB, 400x405, IMG_3919.PNG)

Does anybody know who this is/how I can find more outfit inspo that looks like this? I really like this comfy high-feminine winter vibe and want to see more like it

No. 212339

I think she had a thread on snow or somewhere I will try to find it for you just wait a second

No. 212341

Her name is Kate Lambert (I don't know how to link threads properly here is a copy paste link >>>/snow/105318) but I don't think you'll find more outfits like this because there's too many other photos of her "modelling" half naked

No. 212368

this looks like an attempt at the bella swan-core type thing that's gotten popular on tiktok recently, maybe look for inspo related to that?

No. 212374

Thank you so much!!
I don't use tiktok but I'll definitely look for twilight/bella swan content, thanks! I haven't seen any of the Twilight movies so idrk the fashion subculture it represented

No. 212591

I bought a hoodie on an online secondhand marketplace that was labeled 'vintage'. It just arrived and I unpacked it to find the most shitty, flimsy piece of shit I've ever seen. The material is shiny and feels like plastic or thin Chinese costume fabric. So after looking inside I see it's from Shein. I had never seen any Shein item irl before (they're not popular/easily accessible in my country) and I'm baffled that this is supposed to be the ultra trendy fast fashion brand I've seen so many people mention online. Like, I expected it to be bad quality but not to this extent.

No. 212604

can I suggest boycotting this fucking company? I ordered from them last year, Oct 2020. Immediately after the items arrived, I had to have emergency surgery. Was in hospital for almost three weeks. As soon as I get back, I realize I can't try the bottoms on (abdominal laparotomy) so I keep the dress and top and tell my partner to take the rest back asap. The first thing I thought about while barely able to walk was this fucking package, you know, and the notorious strict 30d return policy.

Well this piece of shit company counts 30d from shipping confirmation, not delivery confirmation, what a joke. So I missed the deadline by ONE DAY. I am fucked up on painkillers and so my bf chats to customer service, tells them I have documentation of being hospitalized and need to return or exchange these things. He seems to get a grudging "ok, wait for our email" reply after emphasizing all of this. Next business day, an email: fuck you, you can't return shit.

That's the customer service you get when you miss the return window by one day during a covid lockdown and with undeniable proof of being hospitalized for the entire span of time you had the items. Fuck Zara and their fast fashion.

No. 212631

Could you subconsciously be seeing the start of trends and noticing it before it blows up? That seems more likely than predicting trends from nowhere

No. 212660

Sucks but it's your problem. I literally returned items in store after 3 months, because they got fucked in the wash. No one made a fuss.

No. 212663

zara return is 30d in my country too and they were quite bad during covid lockdowns about it. how is that customer problem? u can't return online orders in store anyway

No. 212664

You can return online items in store though. At least in my country. During covid we also got extra 10 or so days to return.

No. 212665

I think a lot of people have this feeling, me included. I guess it is because trends are a scam: https://99percentinvisible.org/episode/the-trend-forecast/
and you subconsciously pick up on stuff

No. 212686

oh ok. in austria you can't.

No. 212831

File: 1636495097871.jpg (199.63 KB, 1080x1083, Screenshot_20211109_215049.jpg)

long shot but does anyone know where to get a sweater like picrel? i think the design is neat but its aliexpress and i now know better than to waste money on stuff that will break after 1 wear

No. 212834

you can try blackcraft cult or the sweaters and kikillokikillo.

No. 212853

tysm anon i actually ended up spending like £80 kikillo just now, id never heard of them but their stuff is really cool!

No. 212858

Np, anon! Enjoy

No. 212864

File: 1636532234317.jpg (82.9 KB, 509x339, idkwhothisbitchis.jpg)

Any advice on passing for a normal person, appearance-wise?
I'm not hopeless, I dress decently, I sew my own dresses time to time, but my default is very baggy tshirt-leggings-boots and I'm trying to see if changing my outward daily look actually makes a difference that drastically.
I'm covering the pink in my hair this week with a dark brown that matches my roots and aiming specifically for that realm of "Prima your mom always brings up at parties that's doing better than you on Instagram but all the cousins know she's actually a fucking deviant" (mexican american Normie, I guess? The Insurance/Tmobile Manager Normcore?)
I don't particularly feel bad about my appearance, but like I said, curious if it makes any tangible difference to look like that or if it's all bs.
I've been experimenting with youtube tutorials on 'softglam' makeup, too. Lots of peach and neutrals, etc.

No. 212881

What is it about "dressing normal" you're confused about lol. Are you so lost in NLOG world you've never heard of converse, jeans and fitted t shirts?

No. 212902

Shitty aliexpress sweaters hold up fine in my experience. I find I can actually be rougher with them than my nice, natural blends. The tradeoff is that they're always itchy and stiff.

No. 212903

What that other anon said. Just stock up on skinny jeans, trendy sneakers and fitted tops.

No. 212905

I swear I've seen these designs in a different shop that also claimed to be an independent artist.

No. 212925

sweater anon here, the problem with that one in particular was that it had nonsense engrish on the back that was pretty off-putting otherwise i mightve bought it, despite the potentially bad quality. i have a few things that have held up from ali, just sometimes you get stuff that is the lowest quality and instantly breaks apart

tbf some of the items on there seem like generic billie eilish anime-core stuff so i wouldn't be surprised if its a reseller but idk, i liked a lot of the stuff on there. just hope it's nice quality and looks okay when it arrives

No. 212948

Idk honestly. I just saw a guy wearing it on okcupid and asked where he got the purple/red monster sweater from lmao. Ended up not buying it bc of what >>212925 said. "Billie eilish animecore"

No. 213172

File: 1636812128471.jpg (154.39 KB, 1440x2016, s7-1221272_alternate2.jpg)

What are your thoughts about boat necklines? I can't decide if they are elegant or old lady-ish

No. 213180

I love boat necklines, I think it only makes you look older if you already are middle aged. Maybe try wearing it with other vintage-y fashions so it's clearly a vintage vibe and not an old lady/politician one?

No. 213188

I love these necklines, but my bra straps always peak out and I can’t really go braless.

No. 213214

File: 1636847999626.png (3.49 MB, 1680x1380, my tastes.png)

my tastes recently I guess

No. 213216


Done right they can look beautiful

No. 213217

ntayrt but I would love those digital copies also, thanks!!

No. 213220

Cute taste anon.

No. 213234

File: 1636863709262.jpeg (56.76 KB, 943x1200, 496ec1f2908c60af203608e9ce50cc…)

Is it hopeless trying to wear non-fitted clothing when you have a strongly hourglass figure? I know I will never be a cute, tiny, waifish model but I'm a normal weight, is there really no escaping the Billie Eilish effect for women with wider hips? Pic rel is how I feel wearing anything that isn't skin tight. I'm not even talking oversized… just wearing a medium sweatshirt/shirt/cardigan makes me look like a this unironically.

No. 213237

I recommend getting baggy tops that hit at your lower waist or mid waist and if you like baggy jeans/pants, getting a slim fitting waist with wide legs. This works with mid rise and high rise. I wear mainly baggy clothes and am hourglass with small boobs, and this is what I do to pull it off in a way where I don't feel like I'm wearing a tent. I'm pretty slim and if I don't follow these rules I look mildly obese lmao. Getting oversized crop sweaters and shirts, or men sized and cropping/hemming yourself, works great. It doesn't even have to show skin if it hits your mid waist! I also like mixing it up with a semi-slim/slim fit top or bottom with a baggy piece.

No. 213249

Do you have large shoulders/arms anon? If you aren't overexaggerating and actually do have a strong hourglass you shouldn't look like a fat man when you don't wear skin tight things. I'm pear shaped with medium to large boobs and I usually just wear my boyfriends XL shirts and sweatpants and look fine and still curvy and small. If I want to feel extra curvy or show off my figure I'll tie my shirt back with a rubber band or tuck my shirt in

No. 213250

File: 1636887116927.jpg (125.65 KB, 736x1104, Vn3IJIK.jpg)

Lean into the oversized trend and go for clothing that is obviously meant to be oversized. I like going either skin tight or full tent, the inbetween makes me feel frumpy.

No. 213251

I don't associate this with old lady at all but I just think it's a cut that's flattering on few

No. 213267

File: 1636914893838.png (177.02 KB, 295x322, Screen Shot 2021-11-14 at 1.27…)

Crop sweaters are what I've been doing, but I was just feeling limited. Getting a good pair of slim fitting pants with wide legs is a great idea, since the long skirts I've been wearing aren't cutting it. Thanks anon.

Large as in overweight? No. Large shoulders as in extremely broad for a woman, yes. My shoulders are wider than my boyfriends', who is taller, heavier, and generally larger than me lol. Pic rel is a female swimmer whose shoulders are pretty similar to mine, though I'm bonier/less muscular. I do have to do the rubber band trick when I to wear a specific non-fitted shirt, but I can never get it to not look tacky/ sloppy.

No. 213268

Who is this person?

No. 213269

Fu Yuanhui

No. 213274

I think you just sound insecure about your shoulders, I think large shoulders are sexy on women with hourglasses because they remind me of WWII pin ups. Emphasize the waist mostly if you just want to feel more hourglassy

No. 213347

File: 1636990711576.jpg (220.23 KB, 1530x1187, 22528764_10154970709843344_877…)

I'm looking to start building a wardrobe of mid-tier luxury to premium luxury clothing. What are some go-to brands and items that I can start with?

No. 213395

Do accessories count? Expensive, but Lotuff and Frank Clegg are two US-makers of extremely high-quality bags I'd recommend. I'm a buy it for life person. Obama's briefcase was from Clegg. A useful menswear blog is permanentstyle.com Full of info and some brands highlighted make things for women too.

No. 213431

File: 1637058971510.png (2.07 MB, 1978x1032, Second hand and sale.png)

I'm a fan of Polene and SANCIA for leather bags but I buy secondhand designer for high quality nylon.

Neous, Crockett & Jones & Ann demeulemeester do wonderful boots

Marle NZ for great wool basics, I also like Paloma wool for colourful pieces.

Madewell, everlane, lilysilk & UNIQLO for high quality basics so you can save money long term to put towards statement pieces like a leather moto jacket.

Pic is my latest buys; a mix of Vestiaire and sale

I guess if depends if you want understated branding or full supreme hypebeast

No. 213432

Crockett & Jones
Ann demeulemeester

No. 213438


Sure, make yourself a throw away email and I'll send you the pdf files. I also have some Gothic lolita bible magazines and EGG guard.

No. 213439

*EGG Gyaru magazine early editions

No. 213474


No. 213475

nayrt but if you have the time I'd love to have those fruits and GLB scans as well!


No. 213524

File: 1637117539681.png (211.16 KB, 1868x844, Untitled.png)

Alright I'm sending them through and they'll come as a Google Drive link. I'm slowly collecting all the editions so next time I have a big drop I'll comment here

No. 213537

File: 1637126083983.jpg (123.81 KB, 1024x1432, 87174424_99_D3.jpg)

Looking for lug or combat boots similar to these (Mango Monet lace-up boots) from last year. Decided not to buy them because of many complaints about the construction, but never found a similar pair.

For me these are always more or less in style, not worried about looking dated.

No. 213562

3.1 Phillip Lim, All saints, Steve Madden, NEOUS, Alias Mae.

All similar but none exactly like it

No. 213569


Omg could you also send me the pdf? I've been needing inspo lately and would love to see these scans

You can send them at yeahyeah@maildrop.cc

No. 213574


No. 213578

seconding ! i would really appreciate it as well
my email is pinkie@tfwno.gf
thank you in advance

No. 213620

File: 1637179012761.jpg (112.66 KB, 700x700, boots2.jpg)

latex/pvc boots look so cool to me for some reason. I especially love it when it's combined with more common fabrics like wool, and I feel like it has the potential to look mature and sort of refined-looking. I hate the fact that coomers have co-opted it to the point where it's only associated with latex fetishism

No. 213621

File: 1637179036863.jpg (1.03 MB, 792x1056, boots.jpg)

No. 213622

File: 1637179159385.jpg (1.27 MB, 2000x3000, boots3.jpg)

No. 213623

File: 1637179434941.jpg (717.16 KB, 1920x2880, vogue 4.jpg)

this is an example of latex pants but whatever

No. 213628

File: 1637182316618.jpg (708.17 KB, 1920x2880, vogue3.jpg)

No. 213634

Me too nonnie pls!


No. 213653

rofl things dont need to match to look good in an outfit

No. 213669

File: 1637191722807.jpeg (152.79 KB, 750x883, 13DC0AD1-BCE3-4723-829D-218C27…)

Where can I get a dress like picrel that is nice quality? All the ones I like are from aliexpress or amazon, on Etsy they’re very expensive and I don’t like the designs. Doesn’t have to look exactly like picrel, just a black dress with long sleeves and a big collar

No. 213687

Me also, please and thank you!! hotdogmarshmallow@maildrop.cc

No. 213689

Can I also sign up, thank you nonny! blessnonny@mailsac.com

No. 213691

disagree. 90% of mismatched outfits are clown-tier and/or look like a hobo rummaged a dumpster

No. 213704

ANON!!! I hope you can send them to me too!!!!

No. 213709


Nona you should just post the pdf to the thread, it might be easier for you since so many people want it lol

No. 213716

I like Sister Jane.

No. 213740

Now that everyone is asking for it I'd like the scans too. My email is in the email field!

No. 213941

So it's been really fucking freezing here lately, like in the single digits farhenheit. I finally decided it was time to get an actual winter coat, so I went to Burlington because every time I have bought an expensive coat from a department store it never lasts and usually isn't very warm anyway. I found a pretty cute pink coat, it's also reversible and black on the inside. I bought the next size up to be more comfortable and because the arms are kind of short but now I regret it. I feel like it makes me look gigantic, which I guess is kind of unavoidable with this kind of coat but it's even bigger than I need it to be. It has drawstrings but still. If it was a regular store I would just try to exchange it but I'm not sure about Burlington's policies on that kind of thing since their clothes are discounted and from other retailers. Also I brought it into my house so it might already have dog and cat fur smell on it (I can't smell it but I think people who are allergic to it can)

No. 213953

What style works on girls that are not skinny or plus sized? I'm in a damn limbo of being average in size and height.

No. 213958

Most clothes? It’s hard to say if you don’t show what you actually like

No. 213962

What type of underwear/panties is this called in the modern day?

No. 213966

she is wearing a bra, garter and stockings, and tap pants over normal panties. i guess you are asking about the tap pants? they're like silky shorts basically. then she has a slip over that, under her dress.

No. 213967

rofl this is the most humblebraggy complaining shit. "wah i can fit almost anything i find in a store what can i possibly wear"

No. 213977

>not skinny or plus sized

that's not a body type lol, finding something that looks good on you is gonna have to do with your proportions, like hip width, limb length etc. and just the look you're going for in general. do you want to look longer? thinner? curvier? all of those are going to be different styles.

No. 214214

File: 1637549149224.jpeg (83.96 KB, 800x1000, 03960F09-34AF-47F8-826E-D88889…)

I want a really wearable floral dress but am worried about coming off as overly basic. Does this give off mommy blogger vibes? Are puffy sleeves kind of dated at this point? Help me nonnies

No. 214219

If you like these dresses, skip every polyester one you come across, including blends. It looks cheap and that screams mommy blogger.
larger prints look better than a ditsy floral or geometric.
Get one that’s about one size too large and have it tailored. Nothing looks better than a dress that perfectly fits the bust and hips.
Try to style it with anything other than the uniform of brown knee-boots and various knits over the top.

No. 214264

what's a nice luxury brand for mens scarves? ive been looking to get one as xmas present for someone so ive been checking ebay auctions and there's a lot of burberry ones which are kinda ugly imo

No. 214464

Larger prints are more mature and imo they can make you look matronly.

No. 214557

could these
anons send the pdf files to these
anons ? there are three people who are currently in possession of the files. please help !
my apologies if i missed anybody

No. 214597

Is there any way to wear cutesy loud fashion (think 2017 pixielocks, I know she's a turbo cow but her style used to be pretty cute imo) without looking like an autist? I've always loved cutesy loud fashion but it's just not very wearable to me, I'd love to wear it in a more mature way though but I have no idea how

No. 214604

I've got one my grandfather used to wear. The brand says "Woolmark" and it's made in Italy. I'd imagine it's vintage now compared to their newer stuff, but it's still very handsome-looking.

No. 214605

Considering the dress anon wants, she’s going for matronly.

Tiny print over an entire garment makes the body look bigger and those dresses are already loose bags with a waist string.

No. 214609

File: 1637809547829.jpeg (327.13 KB, 1917x2880, E7B9AE55-6DBE-4A29-82CC-F980D4…)

op here, definitely not going for matronly lol. Here’s the same dress with less soft styling. It’s actually all cotton but I agree that it looks a little synthetic. I think the shape has a nice 80’s french vibe, I’m mostly worried that puffy sleeves are passe

No. 214613

large prints are not matronly lol, tiny prints are more grandma

i don't like the puff sleeves personally. if it were a cute skater dress or even more fitted sleeves i would say go for it. as it is, the shape is not super flattering. do you like the shape or the pattern more?

No. 214614

Damn y’all must think matronly is like, an apron and a Gibson girl hairdo.
It’s essentially a smock with a keyhole at the neck. Unless you lengthen the skirt you’re not gonna get more matronly. Matron isn’t always a terrible or ugly thing.

I’m begging you to skip the gumboots from picrel omg it looks like grandma in the garden.
The puff sleeves will be in and out forever, go for the style that better suits you.

No. 214617

I often walk the line of looking too autistic (not anything like the style you're describing) and I find that mixing some elements of the style you really enjoy with some more modern elements helps to update the look and make it work. Also, simplifying down and choosing one main piece as the draw to your outfit. For example, wearing a bright patterned blouse with some simple pants and chunky heels that are very "in" right now. The patterned top being bright and kawaii as you like.

No. 214619

agree! if you're wearing something loud then don't make the whole rest of your outfit loud

No. 214646

You obviously like it so just buy it. Why worry if it's trendy when it's ugly anyway.

No. 214648

File: 1637831950104.jpg (53.76 KB, 599x799, 15572146374242804541_thumbnail…)

Agree to disagree. Irl I only see middle aged women in big floral prints. Or plus-size women, companies are hell bent on putting them in ugly as shit bold prints. Meanwhile every gen-z oriented store has 90s inspired ditzy florals.

No. 214658

Thanks nonny, thats so sweet of you and yes please!! Fruits anon where did you go?

No. 214678

File: 1637868176401.jpg (Spoiler Image,35.15 KB, 500x303, c500x303.jpg)

big prints look more modern. at the end of the day though, dressing like a grandma has become more "in", so do what you want. wearing an outfit with confidence is all that really matters

No. 214679

i don't know why i spoiled that image somehow, ignore it

No. 214706

File: 1637881315718.jpg (189.02 KB, 1140x1140, il_1140xN.2901723838_qbby.jpg)

what do you call this??? im trying to find a similar item to pic rel

No. 214708

File: 1637882043311.png (456.18 KB, 563x845, hfhft.png)

Yeah that advice is totally accurate and current, just look at how old she looks omg grandma alert.

No. 214709

Knit shawl? Bolero?

No. 214724

File: 1637886269554.png (1.86 MB, 1564x1446, unitled.png)

100% agreed, who tf thinks small florals are grandma-y and big florals are not? Objectively incorrect. Go into any actual old lady store and I guarantee it'll be big florals. I also see them more often in cheap stores, it's like the fabric itself is cheaper and more affordable for seniors.

Pic related is dresses from my local cheap old lady store, filtered by floral pattern. They are literally all like this.

No. 214739

agreed– large prints are gaudy. and old ladies love gaudiness.

No. 214753

i sense you own small floral patterns and feel called out rn

No. 214754

File: 1637894189160.jpg (126.39 KB, 1467x407, Untitled.jpg)

i mean i can do the exact same thing. it's about the style of the clothing not the pattern. please learn something about fashion and calm your sperging

No. 214758

Not who you were talking too but those aren’t half as bad as the other examples. I would see any of those on any young women in the street and not think anything of it. Except maybe left which is an ugly cut. But the others are perfectly normal?

No. 214773

I think some of these are actually quite cute. Fuck I'm terminally doomed to a frumpy fashion sense

No. 214777

the others are perfectly normal and basic too?

you're not, anons are just butthurt someone called their small floral prints matronly

No. 214786

This. These dresses could be worn by both younger and older women and look flattering because they have some waist definition. Except the one on the left is super fugly.
All the dresses in >>214724 look like potato sacks, which isn't really flattering on anyone, but it's more "expected" of older women to not wear form fitting clothing.

No. 214816

i'm actually shopping for a new wardrobe rn and so small prints have been on my mind. but i think you're projecting. not everything is a personal attack anon.
most of these are cute but you really tried tho lmao

No. 214818

double post my b but correction: most of them are borderline cute
lemme not get carried away here lol

No. 214830

File: 1637942221339.jpg (829.94 KB, 1057x2961, IMG_20211126_165642.jpg)

Is this dress very ugly? I usually wear a long black simple dress to formal occasions and wanted to switch it up with something colorful, but my female friends and my bf all tell me it looks worse compared to my usual long black dress. Only my mom, who helped me pick up the dress, encourages me to wear it tonight. Not sure what I should do.

No. 214831

hey anon, i think this shade of pink looks GREAT on your skin but the fit and those rhinestone things kinda suck lol
maybe you can try to remove them? again this shade looks absolutely gorgeous on you

No. 214832

I agree, The cut makes you look a little boxy but I think depending on the shoes you wear and your hairstyle U can def pull it off

No. 214833

It would be pretty if the neck line was different. What a shame…

No. 214835

File: 1637943602047.jpg (119.01 KB, 1390x1740, IMG_20211126_171858.jpg)

Thank you guys for the answer, there seems to be something wrong with the way the neckline fits. The rhinestones are embeded in the straps, I am not sure I can pull them out. Picrel is how the model wears the dress, the neckline looks much prettier. It seems like it's sitting too high on my ribcage almost

No. 214837

man, what a bummer! it looks cute on the model. seething along with you nonny smh

No. 214838


Could it just be that the straps are too short? Maybe you could extend them— I think you’re right that it’s just sitting too high up

No. 214839

oh no, that sucks anon
the belt thing looks crooked too, can you return it?
but look at the bright side, now you know that this shade of pink is very flattering on your skin

No. 214845

doesn't look made quite right compared to the model photo tbh. for example in the model photo the keyhole at the neck is about an inch wide at the top, while on yours it's too narrow to see your skin through at all. plus what other anons said about the short shoulder straps & crooked belt.

none of this is that noticeable if you wear it though, since its not like anyone else has seen what it's "supposed" to look like.

No. 214854

It's not ugly at all, the colour's gorgeous on you actually, but it doesn't fit you well. I'd return it if you still can and wear that black dress for now and look for something better fitting later.

No. 214877

and everything >>214724 posted is completely shapeless. again. it's the style not the print. idk how many times i have to repeat that for it to stick

No. 214879

go for the black dress. as others said the one you got doesnt seem to have the same shape as the model and the top/keyhole looks very poorly fitting. it's not your fault tho. just remember to not buy stuff online that's meant to be super form fitting like that, always get in-store so you can try it on.

No. 214899

That's a lovely color on you but I think the fit isn't right. The belt area shouldn't sit so high. Getting a size up and tailoring it would probably solve the issue but I also don't think anyone would notice it looking off without seeing the model comparison.

No. 215186

File: 1638140323827.jpg (83.41 KB, 790x552, Screenshot 2021-11-28 145837.j…)

It's not "sticking" because you're in the minority. Here are some more shapely dresses which are made ugly and matronly by large prints.

No. 215329

I agree with this article, I’m the OP you replied to, the first schizo to be exact, but I’ve been doing some thinking and now with my classmate’s that’s copied my style since a week ago I’m a 100% convinced that the best dressed will be copied by in town. i don’t care if I forgot my meds, I’m absolutely convinced. How else is street fashion formed?

No. 215405

File: 1638289554000.png (796.61 KB, 750x1125, Clothing Forever 21.png)

What are you guys planning to wear for new years eve? Personnaly I have a very basic but kinda sexy outfit. Plunging V neck bodysuit, a straight jeans with a simple belt, my dr martens 1460, probably a cute necklace and maybe some heavy makeup so I can show that I tried a little.

No. 215409

Whenever a disagreement like this happens, I always wonder if the people involved just live in different countries or something. Where I live the US, big prints have definitely been out of style for several years now. They're not even a grandma thing so much as a white trash thing.

No. 215412

lmao this. I don't know why it's so hard for many of you to comprehend that trends and style aren't universal. All of you be on an imageboard that has a clearly international audience but somehow after 10+ posts it still hasn't dawned on many of you that maybe, just maybe, trends are just different where you are as opposed to anon you're replying to. Truly a skill.

No. 215413

That sounds so swag, but would be better with flared jeans, they always compliment a woman’s natural shape. I think I might wear pink eyeliner and lotus earrings, but have a black outfit otherwise. I just feel like black is classy, but pink adds liveliness.

No. 215414

Nta but all of these look fine to me.
t. another US anon and not white trash

No. 215416

Won't be going partying because we're in lockdown here, so I'm planning on wearing something reasonably comfortable. I think I'll either wear a black long legged jumpsuit with a leather jacket and a clean black boot or a cute mini dress w tights and dr martens.

No. 215417

pajamas as always

No. 215451

Idk if any of you have been to Zara recently, but I bought that one blindingly glittery holographic dress. Images don't do it justice. Think I'm gonna go for bright pink heels or maybe a little 70s silver wedge moment.

No. 216156

File: 1638740845571.png (550.22 KB, 538x700, 1092.PNG)

Has the international shipping thing with Ank Rouge (I believe it used to be through the Shibuya 109 site, but it's been so many years and I bought from them so infrequently that I don't exactly remember) completely been discontinued? I hate fussing with shopping services unless they are built in like the one they were using. I was interested in shopping with them again, but can't seem to find any of the pages related to the site I was using last time, it had a bar at the bottom of the screen advertising the built in shopping service and there was a button to add to international cart on product pages. If anyone knows what happened to it please lmk, I'm severely out of the loop these days

No. 216185

i wanna dress like a medieval princess or a peasant but in a modernized way how do i do that without looking like a costume

No. 216186

hapa clothing

No. 216235

File: 1638793795724.jpg (253.22 KB, 1588x2117, il_1588xN.2744811690_3hti.jpg)

>without looking like a costume
It's going to be hard then. Before the recent popularity of corsets I bought my clothes exclusively from larp shops. White bardot/milkmaid tops and square necklines are in and easily accessible; it gives a peasant like silhouette and you can pair it with a bodice corset. I think dressing this way will always look like larp/costume no matter the quality of the clothing item. I can only think of the etsy shop Hearts And Found which makes princess-like dresses that don't look too larpish, they also all come with huge pockets and the size and the lenght can be custom made. The good looking bodices are incredibly expensive though (around 200-300), here's my etsy shops list

Under 100 bucks:
>HedonisticCostumes (chemises and bodices) >ValRok (bodices and clothes)
>RoyalTailor (some of their bodices are under 100)

>HeartsAndFound (modern princess dresses)
>Little Women Atelier (pretty linen dresses)
>FrenchMeadowsaprons (super exp but high quality bodices, Renaissance clothes around 100)
>Nour And The Merchant
>KatyushaWow (beautiful aprons)

No. 216247

Not OP but this was very useful, thank you anon! While I don't mind looking like I'm wearing a costume, I'd rather avoid it.

What shoes should you wear with these outfits?

No. 216267

File: 1638815163743.jpg (1.6 MB, 2794x3676, 184031109.jpg)

nona said not like a costume….it is a hard question, but maybe if you used to literally only shop at larp stores this isn't advice you should be trying to give…?

idk why but picrel was my first thought - a sumptuous thick wool large tartan poncho looks regal & rural at once, but it also isn't out-of-place enough to read as a larp. DON'T buy a cheapo one from amazon/walmart/aliexpress as it will be thin, thready, and cheap looking. its got to be sumptuously thick wool to look royal.

picrel is from talbots which is mid tier quality at best but at least it's a real clotbing store.

No. 216270

That just looks like a rich horse girl aesthetic. Nothing medieval princess/peasant about it.

No. 216275

File: 1638818672403.jpg (945.17 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20211206-141942_Gal…)

yeah it's not like nobility has a history of wearing sumptuous wool robes. kek

it's terribly plain that your idea of "princess/peasant" is wholesale from the ren faire. there's a whole lot more out there than that… and the whole bodices & corsets schtick is tired af.

No. 216276

You don't. Embrace the larp.

No. 216279

What you suggested is not a sumptuous wool robe but a tartan fucking poncho. This is so stupid kek

No. 216280

if you can't see how those two things are similar I don't know what to say kek. They're both heavy wool garments that drape over the shoulders. Are you like blind? Do you need me to post one of those tumblr image descriptions? lmk and I will be happy to accommodate your special needs

ren faire is cringe, sorry. and handmade clothes from etsy stores are not going to look normal irl. >>216235 looks like it's made from a cheap wrinkled sheet, and it's so badly made that the breast cup is collapsing like a crumpled napkin even in the photo lmao. buy real clothes

No. 216289

File: 1638826853036.jpg (35.64 KB, 654x654, 1587745146759.jpg)

Also, I completely forgot but a lot of tiktok zoomers seem to be into royalcore, you should check it out and see if there are outfit inspos that you like
Happy you found it useful, imo mary jane heels (the "thin" kind, not the chunky kind) go well with that type of clothes since it's feminine and timeless. Otherwise any kind of vintage looking lace up boots should do, I have brown packer boots from Ad Tech and they work well
KEK nonna, wtf. I don't understand why you're visibly so angry at my listing. It's all good if you think that it's cringe or bad looking, but don't come whining when people are doing exactly what you did by telling you that your "sumptuous thick wool large tartan poncho" is uggo and tone deaf. Ah yes, nothing screams princess/peasant more than a britbong Tory voter fit, I guess. I shouldn't even have responded, your ellipsis overuse tells me that you're a masterclass sperg

No. 216291

>tory voter fit
Kek i love you

No. 216302

File: 1638833232122.png (3.41 MB, 1363x1524, anons sumptuous wool.png)

>shits on better suggestions
>unironically describes a fucking tartan poncho as Regal & Rural™
bitch I’m crying right now

No. 216313

KEK fr. That tartan is so ugly too, looks like something you'd buy from a touristy shop in edinburgh

No. 216358

Cotswolds kei

No. 216370

File: 1638895975917.jpg (131.7 KB, 750x939, rachel.jpg)

You might want to check Rachel Maksy out, she has some nice outfits inspired by different time periods and also some fantasy like lotr. And like >>216276 said, you have to accept that some people will still think you're going to a ren fair and that's ok!

No. 216422

I really like the alt fashion scene but idk where to buy the clothes from.

No. 216429

File: 1638934674345.jpg (38.03 KB, 600x857, AW21CL399-Gabrielle-Velvet-Mid…)

My style takes a variety of alt influences, but my main priority is not looking too costumey. My biggest tip is that it's all in the accessories, like belts and chokers and shoes, because they can change up a look easily. Otherwise, just having a variety of black/muted colored basic pieces is a great place to start. If you're going for a more specific look, like romantic goth vs more of a 2021 grunge look, keep the differences in mind.

Killstar is kind of the classic alt store but I find that a lot of their stuff just looks too costumey for daily wear. Just look at a couple of listicles and shop around on the pages to see if they have things you like. Personally, Disturbia is one of my favorite clothing shops right now.

No. 216434

Any specific subculture? Alt is a very general term.

No. 216437

if you're into goth you'd be better off with thrift stores. weirdly enough goth clothing from expensive stores tend to have shit quality. hell even ebay has better quality vintage clothes sometimes. and imo the stores that try too hard to sell themselves as goth or alt in general tend to have that costumey look compared to things put together from various regular stores.

No. 216439

Ignore other anon and skip overpriced fast fashion brands like dolls kill/kill star they’re trash items not worth half what they charge. Like over a hundred bucks for plastic renamed “vegan leather” and polyester as if it’s a premium material.

Thrifting will yield excellent blouses and skirts that have been handed down by old goths, and there’s always nice quality fabrics amongst the polyester shit. Try to avoid wearing the cheap metal accessories, they’re usually costume jewellery quality and will turn your skin green where it rubs.

Dark mori could be decent inspo for A slightly more adult look instead of the very teenage kill star style.

No. 216451

File: 1638950331068.jpeg (972.62 KB, 1485x904, B95EF00F-BEEA-42E7-BB82-B74CCC…)

Tip to be a winnar at thrift stores:
Absolutely no college towns (zoomers will suck it dry)
No thrifting in areas with any sort of “scene” or culture” or anything artsy (hipsters will suck it dry)
No overly poor areas (nothing but shitty fast fashion castoffs)

Look for a thrift store in a wealthy but extremely boring suburban neighborhood, or a high end shopping area, or, even better, a thrift store sitting right at the edge of a working class area but close to a high end area.
This is where I found my holy grail thrift store —a mile from a massive luxury shopping district, frequented only by working class families who have no interest in high end cult brands, vintage 1970s stuff AKA all the stuff I want. Replaced my wardrobe and furnished my whole apartment at this place.
Basically you’re looking for a thrift store where the wealthy but unlikely to buy secondhand donate their castoffs. It might take some searching but if you find one of these you’re set.
Take my tips and find your discount Shangri La nonnies, it is my gift to you.

No. 216453

Beautiful strategy nona. My college town was also a hipster hotspot and while the thrift shops were good for the odd statement piece, it was mostly fast fashion dregs. I’m back home in a smaller town with lots of old-money farmers in the surrounding area and my thrifting game has gone next level since coming back. The quality and longevity of my finds in small town vs city thrifts doesn’t even compare.

No. 216458

File: 1638964571945.jpg (149.38 KB, 1078x1349, f87acadd8914416b1cda67c3b37d3c…)

I wanna dress like a stuck-up rich cunt. Is Ralph Lauren worth it? What are other preppy brands that you can easily find from second hand online and physical stores?

No. 216468

Ralph Lauren is awful quality Chinese garbage nowadays. It's never been stellar but now it's truly worse than ever. Look for old (emphasis on old) middle market stuff like Tommy Hilfiger, they have no resale value so people don't pick them dry to sell on eBay, but they still hold up because older garments were not made to be thrown out in a week.

No. 216508

Thanks for these tips anon, I've always wanted to make thrifting work but have had trouble finding decent stores. Everyone usually says go straight to the rich neighborhoods but as you said many of those are already popular and overpriced and/or picked over. I will try checking out the "boring" areas.

My secret tip is not regarding thrift stores per se but checking out estate sales. I've gotten some really nice wool/cashmere/real fur/natural fiber pieces from fashionable grannies that have kicked it, selling for a pittance because someone just wants to clear out all their relative's belongings.

No. 216725

The actual rich bitch brand is Hermes but if Ralph Lauren is shelling out to you… idk. It's possible to find older Hermes & Versace etc online for not that much, but it will take looking & patience.

Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren are like the same tier of nice-ish mall store. Like not even the most expensive store at most malls…? I'm confused why you would day this. Hilfiger has been a middle class mom brand since like… ever? Like it's preppy sure but it's far from actually rich.

No. 216971

I've been hesitant to ask, but where do you guys get Chanel replica handbags?

No. 216972

Tried this strategy three years ago when I thought of it myself and it still hadn't proved fruitful. Especially seaside, wealthy communities with a majority boomer population of retirees and zero schools for miles. I've had more luck with estate auctions; scored three genuine fur coats within the last month.

No. 217197

File: 1639416374106.png (407.93 KB, 752x944, Bildschirmfoto 2021-12-13 um 1…)

does anyone know where can i find blouses like these?

No. 217198

File: 1639416419734.png (554.62 KB, 752x830, Bildschirmfoto 2021-12-13 um 1…)

No. 217209

I have shoe size 11 US and 43 EU, will I be able to wear chanel flats? Pls don’t mock chanel it’s hard for me to resist the chuckles too but their flats are classic

No. 217253

File: 1639432389025.jpeg (374.82 KB, 1140x1520, iu-51.jpeg)

I recently got a cardigan like picrel (the colors are slightly less rainby though) does anyone have ideas on how to style it? Everything I can think of is boring or clownish (no jeans please I hate them)

No. 217272

Wow that’s so cool! I would wear it with mom jeans, a tank top, a headband and gold rimmed classes like a basic bitch. On shoes I would wear low ankle trainers to show some ankle for a slimming effect. I really really love that cardigan, it looks like something a wholesome elementary school teacher from the 70s would wear.

No. 217291

Thanks nonna! I found it in a thrift store, you could probably find something alike on an online marketplace or if you're crafty get some rainbow yarn and crochet it yoursefl ♥

No. 217690

File: 1639633931686.jpg (36.65 KB, 545x856, Screenshot_9.jpg)

How would you style/accessorize a dress like this? For a casual look

No. 217691

btw it's supposed to be dark green

No. 217692

i'm sorry but i really hate this. the belt is awful, the dress is awful. you could go with both gold or silver jewelry. it's very simple so imo you should similarly go with simple accessories and not too much. something about those boots paired with that dress though is odd

No. 217699

Nta but what is a casual look to you?

No. 217706

can someone please recommend me some actually nice online stores
i don't really know shit about fashion but i like korean styles and alt/edgy/goth styles

No. 217714

Guys do you think I would look super manky if I went frizzy on purpose?
I know how to avoid friction, use protective styles, moisturise my hair and my hair is ‘under control now’ and curly. I remember though, a little younger I let it poof at school because ‘eh’ and some b word said it looked messy and made other people look at it. But I actually like the fluffy feeling, having it stand up on my shoulders like a cloud.

Can I brush-frizz it again, or will this damage my hair? Will it make me look unkempt, and are there cute ways to style this?


No. 217716

Wrong thread

No. 217717

Under the knee suede boots and a brown aviator jacket. Ditch the belt though. I'd go for a funky scarf in orange tones, to make it more retro. If that isn't your jam, wear some chunkier jewelry in whatever color you like. Dainty stuff would get lost imo. If you wanna go basic, just throw on a leather jacket and ankle boots.

No. 217718

Over a corduroy/denim pinafore, dress, skirt or overalls. Basically any color will work. From burgundy to cream to dark wash denim.

No. 217719

hisses in annoyance and hangs head sorry mistress tail droops(autism)

No. 217727

Scrote alert

No. 217728

Do they not have a size chart? In my experience conventional women's shoe sizes don't go larger than EU 41 or 42. If you don't want to go into a store or call them to ask, you should probably try to ask somewhere where there's a Chanel customer base. Purseblog forum comes to mind but I'm sure there's more.

No. 217763

/r/repladies is the best source of info for designer replicas ime.

For the first blouse, look at school uniform stores like French Toast. The second blouse is really clearly from taobao, so just search "lolita blouse" on aliexpress or something.

I would not wear this dress at all because I'm not a mormon housewife stuck in the year 2014.

No. 217769

Fortunately I am not a wasteful trend chaser in the year 2021.

No. 217772

I didn't want to say it but you're right nona.
Not chasing trends doesn't mean you have to wear ugly skater dresses.

No. 217781

Thanks for the rec, anon!

On topic: I'm astounded that everyone's so upset about the dress another anon posted when one or two threads ago somebody asked about fox printed tights and anons praised them as if it wasn't quirky new girl bullshit. It's just a dress, imo. I don't see anything mormon about it and it looks like something I could wear to student club meetings as something casual yet professional.

No. 217788

>I'm astounded that everyone's so upset about the dress another anon posted when one or two threads ago somebody asked about fox printed tights and anons praised them as if it wasn't quirky new girl bullshit.
It's very well possible there wasn't an overlap in the anons who commented on those fox thighs and anons who commented on this dress. Anons in this thread don't have a single taste or opinion. I remember those fox print thighs and thought they were tumblr-tier cringe so I didn't comment on it.

No. 217789

thights* sorry don't feel like deleting and reposting

No. 217791

File: 1639685908507.jpg (107.57 KB, 560x457, 2138522_IMG_3678_copy_copy.jpg)

As people already stated, it looks a bit dated. Reminds me of early 2010 retro Tumblr fashion, looks like something Taylor Swift would have worn back in the days, kek. I'd own it and go full 2010s tard by wearing it with peter pan collar, heeled oxfords and fantasy thights (especially the fox thights that >>217781 >>217788 mentioned). Peak Zooey Deschanel tumblr degeneracy, let's go nonny

No. 217797

I can see that. It just honestly looks like a plain dress to me, but a little too thin.

No. 217798

lol this is some zoomer shit

enjoy your greige sackdresses i guess and revel in how young and hip you look with your waistless polyester reformation trash

just admit you want everyone to dress the same and go

No. 217799

this isnt even a skater dress. the reason it's so twee and dated looking is all the other shit you mentioned, not the fact that the dress has a defined waist. its a fucking empire waist babydoll.

just because pinterest moms wore chunky necklace chevron in 2012 doesnt mean people cant wear blazers anymore

you zoomers cant cope unless there are strict rules and guidelines in place to tell you how to dress, what music to like, what aesthetic you need to promote, to the point that basic fucking clothing silhouettes are cheugy to you

No. 217800

(nta but)
lol this is some millennial shit

enjoy your shit reddit spacing i guess and revel how old and autistic you are with your butthurt unsaged post

just admit you can't take any kind of criticism and go

No. 217801

You are SO brave and quirky and different for wearing ugly tumblr tier dresses. How did such a fashion icon grace us with her presence? Also, zoomers are not the demographic that's into greige capsule wardrobes grandma. Go back to reddit.

No. 217802

Different silhouettes being trendy in different points of time is literally the basis of fashion and trends.

No. 217803

Isn't an empire waist supposed to sit higher?

No. 217805

Holy shit all over a dress. >>217781 is me before I get accused of being someone angry kek. Nonnas, it's almost Friday I'm rooting for you!

No. 217807

File: 1639688129419.png (46.04 KB, 299x413, smugus.png)

I could reignite sperging with the mere mention of leggings

No. 217808

it's under her bust where do you think it goes

No. 217810

I thought you were referring to the original green abomination, oops.

No. 217811

Ayrt people here also hate leggings? I prefer them for working out because sweatpants make inner lining material stick to my legs when they sweat and they don't breathe well. I do like the fashion ones I have that look like faux leather with a nice top, but to each their own.

No. 217814

File: 1639689120651.jpg (55.75 KB, 600x600, 69JhEkE.jpg)

They're probably referring to dated stuff like pic rel. Not workout gear.

No. 217816

sorry nonny you arent allowed to enjoy defined leg silhouettes anymore

now we wear bell bottoms and culottes until tiktok tells us what to like next

No. 217819

Another tip is, try to figure out when the best time to shop is. I used to go to a Goodwill that would be super picked over on Friday or Saturday but have lots of stuff Sunday especially earlier in the day. The weird part was Sunday was the color tag dollar day and was pretty busy, so you think it'd be really picked over. I guess they refreshed inventory on Sunday. This was in Philly, this store was near a couple universities but kind of in the hood so not many college kids.

I've since moved and the thrift stores near me now kind of suck, but they're better in the middle of the week

No. 217820

Jfc, this is the most attention I'ever received on this website lmao. Tbh I only considered this dress because I'm pear shaped and these types of dresses (skater? A line?) look good on me. And yeah, honestly I have no idea what the trend is, I don't really follow it. What types of dresses count as trendy nowadays?

No. 217821

Bell bottoms are not leg defining? Kek. And no one is telling you you can't enjoy your 2014 core clothing, just that it's objectively dated. You sound like the millenial morons who think zoomers are waging a war on their skinny jeans and side parts.

No. 217822

If it makes you feel any better I think it's cute or at least inoffensive. But I'm also a millennial so idk

No. 217828

I say just wear it if it suits your body type, especially if you already own it. It provoked quite the reaction from anons here but it won't with in reality grounded people you'll be around irl lol

No. 217829

File: 1639690929647.jpg (52.23 KB, 564x751, 4352c44bb077ef98501fcd461c1a6d…)

They're fine for workout clothes, but they're on their way out for everyday clothing.

I think the problem is that it's a skater skirt AND it's knee-length AND it's plain cotton AND it has a crew neck. It could have one or two of those and still look current, but the combination looks outdated. If you really like fit and flare I think this dress is cute.

No. 217830

this may be on trend but I swear this is what we'll be laughing at in a few years just like we're laughing at 2013/14 skaterdresses right now. The length, the buttons, the sleeves, the pattern nothing about this is cute. (No offence to anon who posted this)

No. 217831

File: 1639691436952.jpg (6.74 KB, 235x353, f14d8c3b5c057c80fe000ea7d00773…)

I was also going to suggest this, a wrap dress, or a very toned down version of the selkie dress for anon. I agree that this stuff will look dated in 5-10 years, but that's just part of fashion. I don't think there's anything wrong with having clothes that aren't the peak of fashion in your closet, I would just hold onto them until they come back in style.

No. 217832

File: 1639691611735.jpg (17.47 KB, 400x400, s-l400.jpg)

People were arguing over if it was ok to wear them as normal pants if I remember correctly. The real question being: why would you choose to wear leggings over horse riding breeches and thus reject the napoleon-core fit?

No. 217835

I think we'll be laughing at smock dresses tbh. Tiny floral print dresses have been trendy in some shape or form since the 90s.

No. 217836

Yesstyle for korean fashion (they have cosmetics as well)
As for alt/edgy shit: fantasmagoria.shop
I live in europe so all of these are eu websites, but they do deliver worldwide. Hope it helps!
Check etsy for shirts and accessories, there are some cool things there.

No. 217840

Oh, my bad. I've never used tumblr so I don't know half the shit anons itt are currently referring to, but I'm trying to follow along. I do remember seeing those at hot topic many years ago, but I thought they'd look bad on me. Same for galaxy hoodie dresses; cute in theory, but the quality of the blown up print was typically some shitty jpeg on fabric.

I guess I can see that, but I've also still made 80s styled outfits since high school and still do occasionally wear them depending on how I feel that day, so I guess I'll keep being out of loop! Thanks for explaining, nonita.

No. 217842

Samefag but I'm surprised yesstyle gets mentioned here as an approved shopping site because when I mentioned buying from there in 2014 /cgl/ I got clowned heavily.

No. 217843

Yeah it can be a hit or miss sometimes, but items with good reviews are usually decent. Check the sizing though, it's all over the place.

No. 217854

yeah this just looks like a shein dress

No. 217890

File: 1639713051688.jpeg (16.96 KB, 472x650, images - 2021-12-17T114820.638…)

I have two bell bottom jeans that i only wear in my house because i have 0 idea what to wear as a top + what shoes to pair it with. For reference my first pair looks like this and the second one is a checkered brown one i got from h&m

No. 217893

File: 1639713766236.jpg (257.59 KB, 1224x1036, tumblr_27d95ed957dc2bb941f9674…)

anyone know what this style/cut of dress is called?

No. 217894

Simple tight top

No. 217915

Shirtwaist dress/80s shirt dress.

No. 217932

File: 1639729192890.jpeg (329.44 KB, 1425x2000, 50DE16E6-3275-4458-9107-EF0810…)

is it okay to mix completely yellow gold and white gold jewellery, or yellow gold and silver?
my engagement ring and earrings are white gold, but my wristwatch is all yellow gold.

No. 217934

I've heard to never factor in wedding rings when it comes to this, your wedding rings are part of you and always there so just ignore them when it comes to adding other jewelry nonnie. I bet those pieces look great together!

No. 217950

Imo, if they're all nice looking pieces, they'll look good together. "Not mixing gold and silver jewelry" seems to be one of those arbitrary fashion rules that older people follow religiously and weirdly weaponized to belittle trends and youth fashion in general. I'm not saying they're complete bullshit like the kibbe stuff, they can be useful for someone who has trouble dressing well, but ye, they're kinda bullshit kek

No. 217965

It might look a bit messy but in my opinion it doesn't look bad. I wouldn't wear it with a very formal outfit though but for every day it's fine

No. 217978

Mixing metals or keeping them apart goes in and out of style. Personally I think wearing metals that flatter you (especially around the face) is more important in deciding whether or not you should mix metals. I also think you should just wear what you already have.

No. 217979

It's not really arbitrary but grounded in colour theory. Silver and white gold are cool, golds are various shades of warm. Mixing warm and cool is generally thought of as clashing/undesirable, although even the way that is perceived is trend-influenced.

No. 217983

File: 1639756402727.jpg (334.45 KB, 2100x2940, 6e8897b88d6e69bc8c6bfb43ff7337…)

sure! it was primarily associated with boho chic but nowadays it's mainstream fashion. they even sell gold/silver necklaces together now. reminds me of mismatched earrings and how it used to be considered alt-fashion.

No. 218004

What cut of jeans should someone with big thighs wear and what brand do you recommend? I have an athletic figure and I can't seem to find a good cut that will accentuate my figure while also not choking the shit out of my ass when I sit down. Thanks!

No. 218040

I know its been argued that larger prints are for gaudy, old ladies but smaller prints like these look really bad on me and larger printed flower dresses look better. It probably won't make any sense, but it suits my body type and I think it has to do with how short my hair is.

Ayrt they should just wear whatever they want, who cares what randos on an imageboard think? I do agree with you though that the napoleon look is cute.

No. 218048

File: 1639785326575.png (493.78 KB, 622x558, ImageLR_Merge (3).png)

Sorry for the absolutely shit pics; I had to screenshot from the show. I hope the second picture conveys the lightweight fabric.
Where can I find a flowy plaid/flannel button up long sleeve like Juliette's? What search terms should I use? Flannel is a type of fabric, not a pattern, right? Is the flowy material chiffon? I'm not so good with fabric names/properties. Thank you!

No. 218049

Sorry for double post but the show is Yellowjackets for anyone wondering.

No. 218081

The mens section of H&M has flannels like this, some are quite thin so you might be able to find something similar there

No. 218114

File: 1639808139560.jpeg (504.73 KB, 828x1076, 84A3DEA0-376F-4207-A93E-DE530B…)

I’ve gotten similarly thin plaid button downs from J.Crew Mercantile off Amazon. The fabric is paper thin but the hems are thick, so it may not have the same billowy effect. You could always rip the hems tbh. It’s J.Crew’s economy brand so you don’t have to feel too bad about “ruining” a $30 shirt.

Also I’m obsessed with YellowJackets lol

No. 218117

Also try searching for “cotton double-gauze plaid.” There’s a couple there that look like they might actually be the exact shirt.

No. 218129

Yep, makes no sense at all. Just say you like them.

No. 218136

I never said that I didn't like them? Two things can be true simultaneously. I don't understand why people itt get so nasty.

No. 218137

What I meant was, don't make up dumb excuses like short hair and being a fatass. Like ugly shit unabashedly and proudly nonna.

No. 218150

theres literally articles advising prints based off body types what the fuck are you so hostile for nonny LMFAO

No. 218155

this is true >>218150, patterns do generally translate different on different body types. Most people either don't have the eye to notice this at all though or can't verbalize why a pattern looks good or worse on someone.

No. 218226

File: 1639857053556.png (966.62 KB, 851x567, LCFFA.png)

Thanks for the rec's! I ended up getting a sheer one from Band of Gypsies. Poshmark has a million of them. The first picrel isn't the one I bought but it's the same idea.
I thought of u bitches while shopping for this shirt bc I was specifically looking for a small-print plaid. kek

Are you good anon

Well-said. It's all about proportion!

In other news I bought some Umbro soccer shorts. The ones with the checkerboard pattern. I've always thought they were cute…
Sorry for scrote image but that's kinda how I will be styling them. But with cuter proportions. Actually it looks like they're in style rn and sold at Urban. I knew I was on to something!

No. 218234

I'm the anon they originally replied to and I don't understand why what I said was so farfetched either. I'm not fat? I'm 5'2 and I weigh 146, but I do lift and I know some cuts do not flatter my arms. I carry my weight in my hips and thighs but wear a 34B in bras. When I've tried smaller prints on I look like the dead wife from beetlejuice. I didn't think it was, like, unheard of to be able to recognize if something doesn't flatter ourselves.

No. 218252

What do you guys think of Kooding for Korean clothing? I feel like they're a bit more reasonably priced compared to yesstyle.

No. 218267

>implying geena davis isnt hot

No. 218324

>I'm not saying they're complete bullshit like the kibbe stuff
Sounds like someone is a SN in denial

No. 218327

nta but even kibbe himself is inconsistent about his system and keeps changing his mind on which celeb's kibbe types are

No. 218328

You're right he's been very inconsistent but this is because he wanted to distance himself from what the original kibbe IDs used to be, he's also very clear about some core rules, is not his fault 99% of the kibbe fandom chooses to ignore him so they can run away as fast as possible from their own SN/FN identities.

No. 218335

I kinda hate that natural bodies are the one category that's always being shit on. I'm FN and obviously I know I don't have a beautiful curvy feminine body or face but I didn't think it was THAT bad, still sucks reading it whenever I see kibbe being mentioned anywhere

No. 218344

You don't have to buy into kibbe, but he never says that naturals are ugly or unfeminine. The prime natural celebrities he listed in his book were Shirley Maclaine, Ingrid Bergman, and Lana Wood. Some of the modern celebrities he says are FNs are Anne Hathaway, Elle Fanning, and Jennifer Lawrence. Having strong shoulders and being tall are both conventionally attractive features and make it easier to pull off most clothing. Sorry to sperg out, but my gf is a FN and I think she's the most beautiful person on the planet.

No. 218347

That's the weird thing, most average Romantics aren't that curvy, people like Marilyn and Beyonce are absolute outliers, Romantics are normal-ass women like Shaygnar or Lucinda, they're the typical small girl who can't find clothes her size, the curvy women are very often Naturals but people refuse to accept this because they're obssesed with Romantics. It's come to a point where FN women would get mistaken as Romantics because they were attractive or curvy, people still don't want to admit Doja Cat is an FN even thought Kibbe said she's far from being a Romantic or a narrow type, the same goes for Megan Thee Stallion, they all want to play dumb, they just want to see what they want to see.

No. 218358

I got tired of everyone's bs at r/kibbe so i managed to join kibbe's facebook group, most people at the subreddit typed me as a romantic because i was curvy/5'3, but the moment i posted a pic/drawing in the Facebook group they all typed me as a FN kek, even Kibbe himself replied too, why? because i have a "v-shape", i have broad shoulders, that's it, Kibbe didn't care that i was "~petit and fleshy~", he literally just saw broad shoulders and said "oh, you're FN" kek.

No. 218394

File: 1639995885739.jpg (37.43 KB, 555x555, adba5bc4351ac464f03c8e1052fd5a…)

tfw you feel left out because you don't even get what SN refers to and what it implies. I remember being the one that sounds like ddlg tumblr username

No. 218420

SN is very easy to understand, is simply a romantic with more flesh, SN is soft but toned, most women aren't very waif-ish but also not very broad.
>I remember being the one that sounds like ddlg tumblr username
Ethereal/Ingenue? Those don't exist

No. 218426

You sound like some kind of gamine. Dunno what the people on fb group were on.

Pre diaper injections Kim K is a pretty textbook example of SN.

No. 218429

>ddlg tumblr username
Probably flamboyant/soft gamine
Basically, SN body is frame dominants so shoulders are more prominent than anything else on their body, plus they have flashiness.

No. 218440

Not all FNs are muscular/tall, actually most are very regular because they're the second most common after SN. Kibbe typed me as a FN because i have broad, straight shoulders with a somewhat big bust, that is a big difference from Gamine, i saw women typed as gamine in the FB group and they all looked so…reduced, they aren't very curvy

No. 218442

No. 218446

ah fuck off, this thread isn't nearly active enough for some kibbe discussion that will naturally end soon enough to drown out other ongoing discussion.

No. 218481

If I'm a deep winter, what sort of monochrome looks can I pull off other than black and white?

No. 218483

different anon but isn't height considered super important for certain types? forgot which ones though, but idk if I've ever seen a pic of shorter FNs. on the other hand some officially typed gamines like Audrey Hepburn are above average height so idk

No. 218490

Kibbe has changed a lot of things since his book's release, basically:
>FN and D are the tallest types, but anyone bellow max height can be FN/D (one of the few Ds he typed last year was 5'2 kek)
>Even if you're 5'0 it doesn't mean you're R/G, but if you're above their respective height limits you are something else, R/G height limits are very strict
If you want to see modern FN examples you should join their FB group, there are lots of FNs, is a pretty diverse category

No. 218491

Sarah Jessica Parker is verified FN. Idk how that works, I always thought she was FG.

No. 218499

why do you guys believe in this kibbe fag shit? it's so remarkably inconsistent and stupid. it doesn't work and there are few consistent similarities that routinely tie these types together

No. 218500

Is very inconsistent because there are at least 4 youtubers shilling their own version as it was the official, also Kibbe is weird asf and doesn't like when people reveal shit from the FB group so most people never get to understand how to use his system

No. 218501

It's some astrology tier facebook mom brainrot

No. 218502

N family members in denial rejecting the system to run away from their fridge self

No. 218505

>t. INFP libra rising with scorpio sun who forgot to charge her amethyst crystal this morning by turning it counter clock wise in her pussy, which makes her physically unable to sage

No. 218506

Now translate it

No. 218508

No. 218523

File: 1640056057619.jpeg (327.94 KB, 828x1351, 3B1EDEF7-2DFB-438A-9B13-6CCB24…)

I just YOLO bought these in a drunk haze. How do they do in the snow? I live somewhere with a pretty mild/moderate winter.

No. 218528

navy, really light greige, light grey, dark grey, wine, some dark greens

No. 218531

It's fun to talk and share stuff. Not much more than that.

No. 218535

just the name alone makes me want to vom

No. 218555

honestly they look cute nonna, good choice. Don't know how they do in the snow though

No. 218559

File: 1640077390450.jpg (135.84 KB, 634x1099, 2A344DC000000578-0-Busy_woman_…)

>How do they do in the snow?
Used to wear plastic boots as a child for horse ridding and my feet were freezing in the winter ngl. I think they're cute though.

No. 218560

Pesonally I think broadly speaking there's truth in the basis of his theory: it's flattering when the lines of your clothing match the lines of your body.

This makes sense and you can observe this being a grounded theory irl (i.e. overly frilly j-fashion stuff doesn't look good on a tall, broad woman - long, oversized clothes swallow up shapely petite women). Imo this is simply line and shape theory just like colour theory is real, you wouldn't call colour theory astrology-tier bullshit. But then he attempts to categorize the 3 billion women this earth has into what, 16? categories. And tries to over-detail his shit and that's where he goes really wrong in my opinion.

Stop using naturals to insult ffs

No. 218562

you sound mentally ill. get therapy.

No. 218566

Thank you nonna!
So none of the bage colors. I wanted to invest in camel coat and classic trench coat, this means I should look for something else.

No. 218567

File: 1640085469710.jpg (376.83 KB, 1080x1087, IMG_20211221_181639.jpg)

Should I invest in these Mary Janes nonnas? Are they difficult to style?

No. 218568

These are super cute. I think they're easy to style with mini dresses and skirts, chunky shoewear looks good with a lot of different dresses and skirts, so if you wear that a lot I say go for it. I personally wouldn't know how to style them with pants/jeans easily.

No. 218569

They look cute but I'm not convinced on the materials or construction. If it's patent leather it's worth the investment, but if they're pleather and are on the pricier side I would give them a miss.

No. 218572

I just got a bunch of great hand me downs from my cousin! She has a bunch of cute pencil skirts so i think is a good addition to my wardrobe.
Oh they are pleather and aren't too expensive, so im really thinking about it>>218568

No. 218580

Nonnies, please tell me if there is a name for the style I'm envisioning. The clothing looks similar to current cottagecore, but it's much less revealing. Think: no bodices or exposed cleavage, but still light-colored not nice fabrics such as linen etc. The silhouette is more covered/modest like mori-kei, but less woods and more prairie/spring-themed.

I wish I could get more into cottage-core as it is, but I think it reveals more that I want to for myself. Dresses are slimmer and more 40's silhouette than I like.

Does this type of style even exist, or do I have to hunt down separate pieces like some sort of rabid prairiedog who doesn't wanna show their figure?

No. 218581

File: 1640091610786.jpg (110.31 KB, 750x1333, xzc.jpg)


No. 218582

File: 1640091639642.jpg (68.31 KB, 564x728, zxc.jpg)

No. 218583

Grandma style

No. 218584

File: 1640091776443.jpg (111.75 KB, 750x1333, 9618e2ae010fe6c4cea6454e597c29…)

But IDK, I don't feel like these could be labeled 'boho' because they don't feel as hippie or loud as some boho prints can get. And even from these examples, it's not the whole scope of what I'm envisioning. White isn't the only color and long dresses/skirts are not the only type of articles.

No. 218585

Lucky you found the teal ones? I have the purple ones. They're amazing but treat them gently. The rubber can get all scuffed up.

No. 218586

File: 1640091953438.jpeg (181.72 KB, 612x816, 7AF8A1E6-DA40-4468-A6A1-6518B6…)

Hi nonnas, i bought this skirt at a yard sale on impulse but I have no idea what to wear it with.

No. 218589

man that's a difficult one to style

maybe with a blouse and lots of different layers for a kind of bohemian layered look. Long skirts work really well for that kind of thing imo

No. 218592

Depends on how it looks on your body, if it creates curve or is it just a flowing A line. Does it stop at your knees or cuts part of your calves etc.

It also depends what sort of a look your are going for, like you can add corset and blouse of any color that is on the skirt. You can also wear it with a simple (no patters) shirt or blouse with ruffles for more feminine look.

I personally only wear skirts of this cut with long boots, sadly this articular skirt doesn't jazz with winter outfit.

No. 218593

File: 1640093737077.jpeg (63.76 KB, 360x450, B1F2476B-DB3C-44E9-B3C0-785331…)

Look up Pink house style (picrel)

No. 218598

File: 1640098562755.png (761.69 KB, 807x587, ugly.png)

These knitted pants are one of the ugliest recent 'trends' I've seen. I don't even know where you're meant to wear them, they look like they're meant for lounging around at home but the ones I've seen in store are quite expensive.

No. 218599

They are for lounging around at home but they look so dumpy on everyone and stretch out too easily.

No. 218608

They’re cute and comfy, you’re supposed to wear them to the grocery’s store or the pharmacy with a long coat or sweater that will cover the fupa or pad lining during your period, you match them with your favorite crocs, mismatched socks and a really old and stretched out scrunchie for that meth chic kind of style that will make anyone stay away from you.

No. 218611

>that meth chic kind of style that will make anyone stay away from you.
KEK you need to be hired as a fashion correspondent for this post alone

No. 218770

Guys, please help. I NEED clean/sleek looking lightweight sneakers (trainers). I've been searching for ages but can't find anything, everything is so bulky or badly made garbage.

Looking for something like running shoes but not toooo much like running shoes, just need them to be comfortable and lightweight. Thank you.

No. 218819

File: 1640199792271.jpg (733.76 KB, 2560x1440, Shibuya-109-GettyImages-494984…)

Fellow anons that do japanese online shopping - am I the only one that have been having issues accessing Shibuya 109's online store for months now? Even if I have a direct link to an item it just takes me to the front page. Is it a VPN issue? BuySmart Japan sucks and a lot of the times the pictures of the items won't fully load so I want to at least browse the regular online store so I have an idea of what to look for. I like a lot of the brands in there so I feel sad not being able to do my shopping or even do as much as check the store list.

No. 218883

allbirds, uniform standard, clae

No. 218886

They're kind of a meme at this point but Onitsuka Tigers/Serranos sound exactly like what you're looking for. Most of the colorways look kinda stupid but the classic blue/red stripes on white are pretty nice.

No. 218890

this and also many kinds of Asics are quite cheap new–in-box on eBay, because sneakerheads arent into them (yet). Look up asics gel 1090 or gel kayano, as other anon said the colorful ones are kinda goofy but they white/gray ones are nice. Very comfy and durable too in my experience.

these brands are cheap ugly crap upsold to millenials. bad construction and really, just so ugly. They literally look like nurses shoes. If you buy these you got straight up scammed & taken cause they arent any better made than $20 shoes from walmart, and look worse

No. 218959

You aren't alone at all anon, I made a post upthread because I was having trouble trying to shop their site. Also tried going back to direct links to see if it made a difference, same as you. VPN doesn't seem to make a difference.

No. 218983

That really sucks, I wonder what the issue is and why they made that choice. I would get it if they wanted to keep international customers out so they can focus on keeping up with japan-only orders in case they get understaffed during covid but if it's not a vpn issue then I can't wrap my head around it.

No. 219044

Do any of you nonnies dress dumpy on purpose? I really like the grungy look of super oversized everything and feel more comfortable in it, I was just wondering if I'm the only one who does

No. 219048

anon pls that's what reddit women wear

No. 219053

File: 1640302278708.jpg (42.38 KB, 640x559, s-l640.jpg)

NTA and I wouldn't necessarily recommend them for someone looking for something "sleek" but I like my allbirds. They've held up really well for the last few years and have gotten compliments from strangers.

You're definitely not alone nona. I think that oversized everything is pretty in style with a certain subset of zoomers right now.

No. 219154

File: 1640349775049.jpg (188.67 KB, 1140x641, BGGal_20160412_132753364_7-114…)

any fellow lonely nonnas want to suggest what to wear to a restaurant like this? my coworkers are casual, I'm not. I have to work with what I have in my closet already. I just can't decide whether to wear a dress, a kind of fun skirt, or to go for black/sleek trousers & floaty (or shiny) top.

Anyone want to go instead of me? Bc I'm not feeling it.

No this isn't the exact place, I'm not that dumb. But vibe is similar.

No. 219155

I can't really show too much skin on top in this group. I have fewer concerns about skirt length

No. 219174

What I like to do is try to find photos of people dining at the restaurant (in reviews etc.) to get a better feel of what balance of casual / formal / sexy I can afford.
Can't go wrong with sleek black trousers and a nice blouse though - that's my vote.

No. 219179

thanks, that helped me feel more confident. I had issues finding pics of people dining at night here. Also my one much older colleague made a fucking inappropriate dick joke to me last week so I am extra self-conscious about looking professional.

No. 219181

I like the black trousers + shiny top combo, sounds both comfortable and professional

No. 219203

File: 1640374309241.png (5.21 MB, 1426x2794, 1640336691367.png)

Does anyone know where Taylor's shirt is from? Tried to use Google lens and other apps to find it, but couldn't. Yes my taste is trash.

No. 219207

File: 1640375088353.jpg (2.42 MB, 1405x2000, a.jpg)

The neck looks slightly different so it might be a different product, but it looks to be dolls kill, unfortunately. It's sold out but you could maybe get it second hand from some e-girl on depop: https://www.dollskill.com/horoscopez-capricorn-astrology-tarot-card-print-long-sleeve-mesh-top.html

No. 219214

Ah, go figure it's Dollskill. Hopefully I'll find something similar second hand one day. Thanks for find it anon, I appreciate you.

No. 219234

Thanks for the help, dinner went well. ignored the scrote and had a decent time talking to a couple older more accomplished women. (yes this was a work Xmas eve thing - a weird anomaly since most of us can't see families this year and this country celebrates orthodox Christmas anyway, so for them this isn't Christmas)

No. 219537

File: 1640571433590.jpeg (24.03 KB, 454x454, iu-58.jpeg)

My hair and skin tone are like picrel, I've been wearing all black for the past 5 years and want to start wearing more colors but I have no idea what colors suit me. I do wear olive green occasionally but I feel like any other colors make me look very dull/washed out. Any ideas?

No. 219552

red maybe?

No. 219555

nta but the shoes look fine to me? Can you suggest other shoes that aren't reddit tier, then?

No. 219571

I think you could look great in a nice deep red or emerald green!

No. 219572

If you want boring sleek basic sneakers just go for vejas/adidas superstar or stan smith/onitsuka tiger.

No. 219590

I actually really like it, and the way the woman in the picture wore it is good. I wouldn't add scarves or big jewellery or anything. It looks good as it.

No. 219593

You might want to look into olive skin

No. 219600

No. 219764

File: 1640666617190.jpg (98.9 KB, 800x800, Vazrobe-Huge-Oversized-Sunglas…)

Anons I'm looking for high quality oversized sunglasses. (kinda like picrel but doesn't have to be exactly those ones) They can be of any brand, I just don't want something flimsy and cheap looking. Also please don't recommend extremely high priced ones that are made in china but is only expensive because of the brand status.

No. 219831

All of the big brands you see in stores are produced by one company. Look into indie designers if you want something not made in China.

No. 219836

What kind of clothes should we wear when we have some belly fat ?

No. 219837

holy shit that's LARGE

No. 219838


No. 219839

File: 1640693221796.png (223.59 KB, 368x342, Screenshot 2021-12-28 at 13.06…)

does anyone know what these dresses are called?

No. 219843

Is a shoulder peplum a thing?

No. 219845

I think that's a capelet. 60s or 50s inspired.

No. 219847

I'm an ESL fag sorry. In general I mean what king of clothes is recommanded for women with belly fat

No. 219874

File: 1640712289615.jpg (448.12 KB, 683x807, ModCloth-plaid-skirt-and-black…)

Do you mean your belly just sticks out a little while you still have a defined waist, or are you an apple shape?
If it's the former, skirts like pic related will emphasize your waist while hiding a stomach pouch. They can be short like in the pic or longer, but try to go for thicker or stiffer fabrics that will hold their shape easily. If it's the latter and you don't have a defined waist, go for baggier sweaters and shirts while showing a little more leg.

No. 219882

File: 1640713900150.jpg (82.04 KB, 858x858, file.jpg)

Where do I find bras that don't give me unsightly back lumps in thin shirts? I'm fairly thin but have kind of a meaty back, and every single bra I own has the band pushing into my back fat like in the pic. Structured longline bras do help but when I sit down I just get the same lumps but lower on my back where the band ends. I'm definitely not wearing a too tight band size either.
I hate how it looks but the only way around it that I found is either using a sports bra or not wearing a bra at all. Sports bras don't work with many necklines and I don't want to go braless all the time, especially since I'm pretty busty. Any ideas?

No. 219896

I wore these around NYC on my period and I have no regrets kek.

No. 219900

Tuna Slater is that you?

No. 219926

File: 1640724888835.png (1.26 MB, 1440x900, Screenshot 2021-12-28 at 20.40…)

After watching the new Matrix trailer a while back it made me nostaglic for that trinity-look I wanted as a kid. Then just bored-watching Sex and the city a similar coat popped up and it cemented my need.

Has anyone seen one that isn't Shein tier or £1000+?

No. 219928

File: 1640725004439.jpeg (58.32 KB, 480x720, 1FB79F80-20AC-4160-A5E6-72CB7B…)

Her style is almost as good as fran fine from the nanny why in the hell did people hate her style? Camielle’s style is bland and boring.

No. 219933

Maybe a bra with broader straps or even racer back would help? I don't have personal experience with this but that's what came to mind.

No. 219934

This is atrocious.

No. 219940

are you serious, this is so ugly tryhard. fran's outfits were loud but very well put together, this is just loud.

No. 219950

BUT WHYYY? What’s the difference between hers and fran’s?!? They’re both loud as you say? Using jargons like try hard are not proper ways to explain fashion mishaps for me especially when I don’t understand it. I legit don’t understand the hate. Is it because the show’s horrible?

No. 219954

File: 1640731200582.jpg (390.76 KB, 627x662, 1619213580-1706.jpg)

The outfits on the Nanny were cohesive and balanced, they were bold and colourful but they didn't have a bunch of clashing patterns and colours. Eg if she's wearing a patterned skirt, she has a plain top and vice versa.

Actually I don't totally hate >>219928, if the boots were a different colour and the top didn't have a pattern (or had a more subtle one) I would've thought it was cute. Mixing patterns is a thing and not inherently bad but they just didn't pull it off.

Anyway I want the fucking patchwork platforms in pic related, omg.

No. 219955

Nayrt and I'm not like a fashion blogger so this is a very surface level take but for me…The outfit is comprised of elements that aren't drawn together by ANYTHING. The only thread to go on in defense of this outfit (imo) is the silhouette is nice, but it falls apart when you consider the pieces. None of them work together to create a look that's more than the sum of its parts. No part of the outfit makes any other part look good or stand out. It's just noise.

No. 219956

I have no idea who Fran is but the outfit is an ugly mess of patterns and colours. The colours are the worst offender imo, the outfit wouldn't be half as terrible if she had worn clothes that matched in brightness and hue.

No. 219981

You can see in >>219954 Fran's outfits were form fitting and showed off her figure.
I have no idea who you posted or what she wears, but the outfit does not give her any illusion of shape at all.

No. 219989

File: 1640740469205.jpg (32.85 KB, 550x977, ac5ae8c590549533ef95cbafcd8c53…)

i LOVE wearing some cute trenchcoats whenever i can in autumn and stuff because it lets me semi-larp my corny fantasies without looking too autistic

No. 220064

Are you absolutely sure you're wearing the correct size and style? Even the cup shape can affect it. I hate recommending reddit but check with r/abrathatfits if you are wearing the right size and ask them for advice. You'll get a lot more helpful responses.

No. 220066

Thrift stores and sites like depop are full of leather trenches, coats and jackets. Ebay too.

No. 220070

Each of Fran's outfits had a good silhouette, accentuated her body, colors were bold but they weren't randomly picked, they either matched or were contrasting. Take the neon look in the middle. It's 'loud' with neon green, orange and pink but the colors go together and they match in tone and brightness. Each look clearly has a lot of thought behind it, all of the little details create a rounded out look with a distinct vibe. For example, the one with the patchwork platforms. The colors in the platforms are found in the skirt and the sweater. The prints give a cozy vibe put together with simple denim and knit. The skirt is tight so the top is looser. Platforms instead of boots accentuate her legs. On top of that, Emily's outfit literally looks like it's from Zara. I think the blazer and the top might be. The boots look awkward, skirt is too short, the different tones clash(warm yellow in the blazer, warm colors in the skirt vs cool toned boots). The prints aren't connected by anything, neither color nor pattern.

No. 220077

File: 1640768691156.jpg (74.62 KB, 500x755, Julia-Richter-blog-a-personal-…)

my fucking sides, wtf is this, is that for real? As someone who think the "no more than 3 colours, "only 1 pattern" rules are annoying, outfits like this are probably the reason why they exist in the first place kek

No. 220100

If you look at anon's image, you see it's a PVC/ vinyl coat

No. 220104

Good luck trying to find a pvc coat for under $1000 that isn't trash quality. Meanwhile, quality leather is abundant. Since nonna doesn't have money to drop on designer shit that's the closest she can get to that aesthetic.

No. 220187

Does anyone else buy clothes a size bigger than they are? Growing up my mom always had me buy clothes bigger than I needed cause I was "growing".

Now i'm an adult and figuring out my style and sizes and she's so awful about it. She hates when I buy a size small and keeps yelling at me that I'm not an 8 year old child. I bought a pair of bike shorts from VS Pink and I couldn't decide to get a medium or a small since I have lost some weight recently but then thought what if I gained it back or whatever. I eventually got a a size small and my mom is freaking out about it. It doesn't help she low-key thinks I have an eating disorder ugh.

Now I'm second guessing that I should have just gotten the medium cause it really was practically the same size when I held them up together to compare. I'm 5'6, and my waist is 27 and hips are just under 38. I don't know what size to buy for myself when my mom gets mad at me for buying smaller sizes and then I start to wonder well what if I gain weight so maybe I should just buy a size bigger?? I was raised pretty frugally so I try my best to make things last as much as possible so its hard not to have that in my mind.

No. 220190

Bitch looks like a fucked up stabilo highlighter.

No. 220191

Unless you have a history with rapidly losing and gaining weight you should buy what fits, otherwise you'll end up with a warderobe that's entirely too large for you. If you're not sure, try on both sizes, look in the mirror and move around to try what fits best. Don't mind what your mom says and buy what fits best regardless of what letter the tag has on it.

No. 220207

I always get clothes twice my size cause they feel more comfortable.

No. 220210

Please tell me what you think of them in terms of quality and look and share link!!

No. 220261

Are Rag and Bone jeans actually good quality denim? I just ordered myself some previously owned ones off of REALREAL for ~$13 each that were in good/excellent condition which seems like a steal when on the R&B website they go for around ~$200.

No. 220283

The outfit you posted really isn't any better

No. 220310

It is though.

No. 220487

it definitely is. Everything is warm-toned or a neutral piece. It's a nice palette of colors. I don't love the hat but I'm just anti-hat most of the time

No. 220591

File: 1641002959443.jpg (24.07 KB, 600x600, e6c3f1385167c1fd41224815552840…)

what do you think of military-type jackets? are they difficult to style without looking like a larper?

No. 220598

File: 1641007375685.jpg (25.43 KB, 500x640, 21_95707001_1.jpg)

I used to love these 10 years ago when they were all the rage, but I think now they look a bit too LARPy. There's definitely jackets out there with military elements, but I think what dates jackets like this is the overall tight silhouette and they're usually made from cheap fabrics.
Something like picrel is a looser fit and longer but still gives the same vibe imo

No. 220638

File: 1641042609316.jpeg (452.39 KB, 1700x2550, iu-63.jpeg)

How can I style skirts like picrel in a unique/more intricate way? The only thing i ever wear them with are solid color (graphic) tops and a cardigan if it's cold but I'm getting bored, I feel like wearing anything else with them looks a mess. Any ideas?

No. 220655

black boots that only come up to the ankle and oversized tops that can be kinda tucked into the top would be my go to. the skirt looks kinda slim, so if you can bulk out the top of your outfit it should balance it and make it more interesting. you can make it more punky with docs and a black denim jacket, or more preppy with an oversized sweater and normal (more sleek) ankle boots

No. 220656

>thrift stores are full of leather trenches
sure if you wear a mens xxl

No. 220666

Had a jacket just like this when I was a teen, they were in at the time. Loved it, still love the look but I wouldn't have the confidence to wear it while it's not already trending cos I'd worry about coming off as weird. You could look for something that's a toned down version.

No. 220667

Lacy blouses, crocheted tops, velvet, flowy sleeves, jewel tones, lots of layered jewelry, a coat like this >>220598, patterned scarves, just below the knee slouchy boots and absolutely no basic ass ankle boots and pullovers.

No. 220683

first two are great if your goal is to look like a grandmother

No. 220684

Ayrt, only if you are unimaginative and don't wear anything besides normie fashion.

No. 220687

the skirt is already grandma-tier as it is and an oversized sweater would emphasize that.

No. 220698

Crochet tops do not make anyone look like a grandma.

No. 220723

you say that like it's a bad thing. you know what makes you look like a grandma? being old. no one is going to think a young woman dressed in those clothes looks like a grandma

No. 220735

Hi nonnies what would you wear to a black tie optional wedding in May? I’ve looked it up online but I’m very out of touch and none of it looks appealing to wear. Not sure what’s hot, what’s not, what will make me look like a 40 yr old real housewife.

No. 220763

File: 1641087594052.jpg (133.22 KB, 500x749, ByronGreenEnchantmentMaxiWrapD…)

How would you describe your style as is anon? It's a bit hard to say as what you asked is pretty broad but I'd suggest a dress that isn't too slinky or provocative, something a little more lowkey like picrel. It's fun and spring appropriate, little bit flirty without thick shoulder straps. Not a fan of the colour personally but I'm more using this picture as an example for the overall shape and vibe.

No. 220792

File: 1641109138723.jpeg (240.66 KB, 828x797, 74B45CC4-5E3E-42C5-A92B-D5FFE2…)

Sometimes I think my fashion sense is decent but then I go and order shit like this. I just fucking love sort of kitschy shoes (and cats). I mean, they’re subtle at least.

Do you guys have moments like this?

No. 220795

There ain't nothing subtle about them but they are cute and if you like them and style them well then who cares lol

No. 220819

I bet you think that putting on a bunch of thrift store shit that ages you by a good 30 years makes you "not a normie"
What level of cope do you need to be on to think that deliberately aging yourself up with clothing choices is not a bad thing
There is really no good way to style these. This is the opposite problem of the skirt where anything you do with them will make you look like a womanchild

No. 220842

don't you get bored of being so boring?

No. 220844

I guess I was considering them subtle when compared to something like Irregular Choice kek and because they’re just black and white versus something more… vibrant. Though honestly, if they were orange with a cat face on them I still probably would have bought them because I absolutely love orange cats.

You sound like you don’t enjoy having a bit of whimsy in how you dress and that’s a little depressing, tbh.

No. 220845

Sweaty, don't you know that wearing anything but ankle boots, skinny jeans and sweaters makes you either a grandma or a womanchild? I'm sure nonna looks absolutely timeless in her greige business casual get up.

No. 220851

File: 1641143621847.jpg (32.14 KB, 554x554, images.jpeg-47.jpg)

weeb anons tell me where i can buy some EDGEY anime shirts that's not fucking aliexpress, preferably original art by the brand.
>inb4 cringe
i use my wagie money in ways that bring me joy

No. 220853

you can prob get some weeb stuff on redbubble, then it goes to the artist

No. 220855

File: 1641144067877.jpeg (451.03 KB, 1102x1043, 8155EB94-D805-4098-9D1C-A60047…)

it’s a japanese doujin goods website so beware of porn and stuff, but there’s a lot of cute/cool designs.

No. 220857

Why are you so invested in what others choose to wear

No. 220861

Pot meet kettle.

No. 220865


No. 220867

Very few on redbubble are legitimately creators, their site is rampant with stolen work and they never seem to address any reports to take them down, and the quality of their products is not great either. I only bring this up since you mentioned wanting the artist to get something. Teepublic is a better alternative that I've used but there may be better ones out there too.

No. 220868

No, kek I just have them in neutral colours. They are super comfy and flatter me for now though!

No. 220870

I only dress military style, but an officer jacket like this is difficult to pull off. The short ones are definitely better. Long officer coats are suicide for the short legged.

No. 220984

File: 1641227269088.png (83.31 KB, 320x411, pants.png)

Who are high waisted pants even made for? My ass is my best feature but somehow I look frumpy and flat as a board when I wear them. You can't even find mid or low rise pants anymore. Looks like a fucking diaper.

No. 220986

the quality is pretty good imo, i have a few shirts from there that i wash all the time and they are holding up ok. as for the art being stolen - you can pretty easily look at someone's profile and see their other items and it's obvious if it's a real artist or not

No. 220990

File: 1641227730080.jpg (57.26 KB, 600x798, manny-santos-thong-degrassi.jp…)

they are for me, and me alone. my waist is like right under my boobs. i'm 5 feet tall. my legs are 3 feet long. high waisted pants make me look like i have real legs and a nice butt. low waisted pants make me look like im trying to wear somebody else's pants and you always have to worry about plumber crack. maybe you zoomers just enjoy the novelty but i remember 2003 and having to hold my waistband up every time i squatted down to pick something up. enjoy not being able to wear real underwear i guess.

No. 220991

Slim women with long torsos. If you can't find mid and low waist jeans that's on you, they are everywhere.

No. 220997

slim woman with long torso here and i'm always frustrated how these high waisted pants never reach up to my actual waist, it's like clothes intended for tall people but made for medium ones

No. 221003

File: 1641233337578.jpg (138.97 KB, 900x991, 5.jpg)

I thought they were pretty universally wearable? I rarely see people who look BAD in them. There's a lot of poorly designed high waisted pants out there that look unflattering but when you get the right ones for your shape they can really work.
I'm 5"5 and pretty skinny but i still have a belly pouch as most women do but when I wear pants I tend to wear ones similar to picrel (leg cut like the left, waist similar to the right)
What I like about these sorts of high waisted pants, apart from being loose, is that the pleats coming from the waist down the centre of each leg work to wrap around your leg nicer and create a more dynamic shape.

I was mildly attacked by >>220819 given I do, in fact, put on a bunch of thrift store shit that ages me by 30 years, kek. I look like an old lady in my 20's but I don't care! Take that nonnie!

No. 221010

Forgot to mention I was excluding jeans. I was specifically looking for mid rise pants and had no luck after browing all day, store after store. It's driving me nuts.
Who said anything about zoomers? I'm a millennial and I exclusively wear mid rise pants, and now that they're worn out, I can't find replacements. Enjoy the trend while it lasts, I guess.
Thanks for the informative post anon! I think you're right. My issue with high waisted pants is that they have to be perfectly tailored to be flattering on me, which is a huge pain when that's basically the only fit available where I live. I'm petite so I'm used to getting pants and dresses hemmed, but this seems difficult.

No. 221011

ahhh, yeah, getting things tailored to match your height is something else. Have you considered learning how to do it yourself? Would save a lot of time (and money). I'm on and off teaching myself how to sew, and it really does make a difference learning to take in your own clothing and alter it to suit you.

No. 221012

For long torsoed, short-legged freaks such as moi

No. 221013

this photo is so horrible… why this pose on top of all the other very obvious fashion offenses?

No. 221020

They look good on women who have wider hips.

No. 221040

Lmao I was just about to ask if anyone knew where I could find some high waisted, straight leg pants. Ideally natural fiber.

No. 221044

The idea intimidates me. I imagine it's like any other art form and it'd take years before I can do very much. If it's easier than I'm picturing, then maybe I could look into it. Great job teaching yourself anon!
I have wide hips and the loose ones make me look like Dexter's mom in frontal view.

No. 221056

This might be kind of a strange question, but does anyone have experience buying boxers? I've seen some women swear they are more comfortable and better quality, and I lean tomboyish anyway, so I'd like to try buying some. I don't know how to shop for them, though, and sizing is an issue.

No. 221063

Hemming pants is insanely easy, especially if you're not picky about a slightly crooked seam. If you're too intimidated even by that or just don't want to buy a sewing machine, you can start with fusible tape. With tape you literally just pin your hem how you want it and then iron it.

No. 221323

File: 1641330024865.jpg (4.13 MB, 3960x2640, dk_store_22.jpg)

Nonnies what are your honest opinions on Dolls Kill?
Is it hit or miss?
It is just cheap chinese crap?
Are any pieces/brands worth it?

No. 221326

Tacky. My first thought.

No. 221327

hard miss. it’s such a tacky brand the clothing items they sell aren’t even in good quality and the stuff you get don’t look as good as the ones in the adverts. overall a big scam to con edgy tiktok “alternative” bitches into buying their weirdass products

No. 221332

Terrible quality, overpriced, often sells out then tells you after you paid. Their own brand stuff under "Dolls Kill" is literally just Leg Avenue and other cheap lingerie brands. Their stuff falls apart too, even shoes. The only thing I have that fared well and survived a year is my platform boots from Darker Wavs. Everything is rushed and cheapened, you can tell from design alone. Most of the clothes and shoes look okay posed but in motion they look hideous. Guaranteed to make you feel cool when you really just look like you're wearing Party City. You deserve better than that. At least go for Unif or something

No. 221335

File: 1641332551888.png (1.57 MB, 1080x1919, Screenshot_20220104-133923.png)

Dropped my pic, these are the boots. I bought them on sale during last year's Black Friday for less than this. They're okay but hard to walk in especially if you live in a hill filled place like San Francisco or Seattle. Neoprene sleeve scratches super easily so you have to wrap them in paper and then put them in the suede bag they ship it in when not worn.

No. 221336

I personally never gave a fuck about all the drama surrounding the owner, but it's not worth it. Most of the stuff isn't good quality and the things that are decent will be available directly from their own labels, sometimes on sale when DK is still charging full. I got a cute pajama set I couldn't find anywhere else on there once and it came smelling like straight up rolling tobacco for some reason too lmao

No. 221339

Can anyone give some recommendations on how to accrue an "early 2000's/mid 90's edgy hacker" wardrobe (for a lack of better phrasing)? I swear I'm not a troon kek. I shaved my head a few weeks ago and I've really enjoyed wearing slightly smudgy dark eye makeup with little to nothing on the lips and no blush. I don't really know where to start, and I would appreciate any tips/recommendations!
if anons need to know body type, I would say I'm either a kibbe classic or natural. I'm pretty proportionate on the top and bottom. Clothes meant for skinny girls with small hips make me look matronly because of my hips, clothes meant for curvy girls makes me look weirdly immature because I'm not quite curvy enough to pull it off

No. 221340

>My ass is my best feature but somehow I look frumpy and flat as a board when I wear them.
That heavily depends on the pair of jeans you're trying, I can go to the same store, try on 3 pairs of similar high waisted jeans and one of them is guaranteed to make my butt into a pancake.
I'm pretty tall with wide hips and a decent butt and a good pair of wide legged high waisted jeans makes me look amazing.

I love these.

No. 221366

Like in the matrix? Black turtleneck, black pleather pants and thin black sun glasses (red or green sunglasses would be cool too)

No. 221504

File: 1641398895457.jpg (50.11 KB, 670x476, aw21-g-dec-moments-fam-friends…)

Are Pandora bracelets worth it?

No. 221508

In what way? It's worth it if you like it. Be prepared to never receive any other gift for any occasion other than a charm.

No. 221511

They're asking for thoughtless, east gifts. Your aunt or uncle doesn't know what to gift you for xyz gifting occasion? Pandora charm! Pretty sure that's why they're so popular. Woman think they get something ~meaningful and speshul~ and gifters, esp men, will never have to put one braincell into gifting ever again. Literally genius marketing.

No. 221514

Those have a kind of postmenopausal vibe to me

No. 221520

File: 1641404228353.jpeg (152.28 KB, 1080x1080, E045A90D-74F1-410F-83D2-8592B9…)

What do you think of pins on shoulder bags/tote bags. I’ve always seen em on backpacks and my bag is really plain i wanna decorate it a little bit but i dont know nonnies help

No. 221522

Agreed. Idk what OP means by worth it but if those are expensive, they look quite dated and ugly imo. Not worth it.

Then do it. They're cute and a good way for expressing yourself. No one's gonna talk shit about tiny ass pins on your bag lmfao.

No. 221527

Only women who wear them here are teens or in their 20s. Never saw anyone over 30 having one.

No. 221529

Ugly imo

No. 221532

I've only ever seen frumpy moms and middle aged ladies wear them, I think teens would rather drop dead than wear Pandora charm bracelets.

No. 221537

Diff anon but where I live it's a younger thing, young women tend to get pandora as bday/xmas gifts from their Nigel and then they post pics of it online like it's a flex. It's a whole thing and it's kind of trashy to me at this stage. Overdone.

No. 221538

To be fair I'm in a shit part of Europe, trends take good 10 years to show up here.

No. 221542

guide to fashion for fatties or should I just wear hoodies and leggings until I lose the weight

Been trying to lost the weight for 12 years now, feeling like giving up and accepting it

No. 221543

If you've been trying to lose weight for 12 years with no success, you need to go to a doctor. If you don't have any hormonal imbalances or thyroid issues, go to therapy cuz something isn't right. Onto your question, if looking cute is very important to you then do it. But be aware you're essentially wasting money and won't be able to wear those clothes once you lose weight.

No. 221546

>young women tend to get pandora as bday/xmas gifts from their Nigel and then they post pics of it online like it's a flex
sad because a brainless gift like a pandora charm is the opposite of a flex.

No. 221569

I've lost weight a few times but I have a hard time keeping it off

Recently I started doing OMAD and lost 23lbs in a month (227 to 204) but then Christmas derailed me and I think I've gained a lot of it back, too scared to weigh myself

I don't know I just wasted so much time waiting to be skinny to enjoy life. Feel like not waiting to live my life anymore

No. 221598

anyone else have a skinny but wide torso? my belly is flat and cute from the side but from the front… oh god. It's just so wide and it doesn't help that I have hip-dips and small boobs. i'm definitely a pear-shape but not in the most flattering way. i have no idea how to style for my body at all!
i try to wear tighter clothes for my top and then looser clothes for bottoms, but when my clothes are tight, my ribs still make me look wide.
i've seen ppl style with this body type by wearing tops that kind of pinch in and then flare near out at the bottom but i don't know what else would work for this shape. also, my torso seems pretty long compared to the rest of my body… fucking struggle.

No. 221601

I struggle with this as well. I find that dresses like wrapdresses and blousedresses that are more relaxed in fit but not without waist emphasize work well, but I've yet to figure out something that works well for seperate top+bottom. It's an unfortunate bodytype.

No. 221602

Yes!! those suggestions are solid, i have a few like described and they do work quite well. as for the colder months, i kinda just suck it up and accept that i look frumpy. the nice thing is that i look good naked, but fabric never wants to work w/ me.

No. 221639

That is not a thing in the US. I've never seen those but they still look fucking dated. Ugly. You might as well pass on it.

No. 221760

Try a body shape calculator, you don't sound like a pear. Either way, clothing tips for inverted triangles could be helpful. Try wearing loose bottoms, skirts that flare out, anything that widens at the hip, with a tighter top.

No. 221821

Post some inspo pics, nona.

They always make me think of this SNL sketch

No. 222150

File: 1641622100073.jpg (104.44 KB, 495x750, haiderackermannfw10.jpg)

Runway dump. Designer in filename.

No. 222151

File: 1641622126538.jpg (65.78 KB, 500x714, haiderackermannfw101.jpg)

No. 222152

File: 1641622154828.jpg (325.72 KB, 499x750, irisvanherpen2.jpg)

No. 222153

File: 1641622182987.jpg (72.76 KB, 500x750, irisvanherpen1.jpg)

No. 222154

File: 1641622215281.jpg (53.8 KB, 500x253, mcqueens10.jpg)

No. 222155

File: 1641622246308.jpg (52.32 KB, 500x333, mugler.jpg)

No. 222156

File: 1641622272610.jpg (135.52 KB, 500x688, mugler1.jpg)

No. 222158

File: 1641622295932.jpg (133.37 KB, 500x500, johngalianofw09.jpg)

No. 222159

File: 1641622317423.jpg (79.89 KB, 500x750, dolce&gabbanaf13.jpg)

No. 222160

File: 1641622480940.jpg (178.35 KB, 800x1087, clemence-poesy6.jpg)

Last pic. Not really runway fashion, but I want this outfit.

No. 222161

File: 1641622776827.jpg (140.38 KB, 500x750, lumt00137_w0.jpg)

get predator glasses kek

No. 222162

File: 1641623161139.jpg (227.91 KB, 1200x1799, jean-paul-gaultier-spring-2007…)

Very nice pic dump anon, I love Iris van Herpen!! Also love Catholicism-inspired runway looks, so pretty

No. 222214

Where do I go for well-made "slow-fashion" made from natural fibers? I was looking at Linennaive which seems good in terms of fabrics used and quality, and isn't expensive to a degree I couldn't justify it, but their stuff is not my taste at all. I also don't mind purchasing second hand but I don't know where I would go where I wouldn't have to browse through lots of polyester or have to ask sellers what fabrics their listings are made of, like with Vinted.

No. 222219

Look for secondhand sites that have filters for material

No. 222221

No. 222243

Not bad.

No. 222364

How would you style duck boots without looking too “Christian Girl Autumn” or basic Massachusetts sorority sister? I just bought some because they were on sale and need boots for walking in slushy snow but now I’m having some doubts.

No. 222365

File: 1641699613436.jpeg (251.93 KB, 750x811, 5C5744AF-CEE8-4EA7-8C4C-9159F3…)

This is them, I’m fine with looking like a fisherman, just looking for advice.

No. 222369

File: 1641701175385.jpeg (35.97 KB, 236x419, FCF59439-79F9-4E10-BA0B-50AAAD…)

Well I don’t own a pair of duck boots but I like this kind of style with them

No. 222373

That’s very “Christian Girl Autumn” or basic Massachusetts sorority sister

No. 222377

awful, no offense

No. 222387

No offense taken. I’m on ambien and thought she look cool. Sorry to give you bad fashion advice duckshoe op hope u find the right cords

No. 222394

File: 1641709290069.jpg (98.3 KB, 564x752, fbf97307dd60a940a62547f6f06d14…)

get a military jacket

No. 222412

I don’t think the outfit itself it basic, just the orange tan and the platinum hair with brown roots, and the messy bun, it’s very sorority sister. Just cover the head with your thumb, then it will just look like a casual outfit.

No. 222413

Not American, I thought duck shoes were some kind of meme I didn't get. People under 70 actually wear those?

No. 222423

File: 1641730621338.png (5.24 MB, 2048x2048, kate_libby.png)

This is so perfect, I love this style so much. I don’t really get to dress like this a lot, so I don’t have a lot of practical advice really. However, when I do try to pull it off I try to keep the look sleek but still have a rough edge. I am very pear shaped, so I get the matronly thing, but I still like to wear straight skirts and tight pants even though its not cool looking (on me) and I look frumpy. I also like using sheer/fine mesh tops with this look. In the end I would say try to adapt any style you currently have, since that’s what a kool hackerr would do anyways.

I love the movie hackers A LOT and it can be a goldmine for inspiration. Cool jackets and certain fabrics can speak a lot, as well as certain accessories as well. Picrel is of kate libby, but you can take inspiration from any character because they all look amazing. I personally think lord nikon had some of the best outfits and is underrated. Also if you get really 90’s or overdesigned in-line roller blades you’re super set and no one will question you. Literally just bow down in prayer to this movie.

I feel like I can’t give any more good pointers but I’ll end with saying also look into old fruits magazines, old camera bags, old rollerskate gear (like wrist guards), chloma (interesting brand I just found out about, I use them for inspo.), and take notes from rave fashion of the 90’s and 00’s. I love gabber, pls one day wear a full shell suit, you got the shaved hair part down already. Also, you can use old tech as accessories, but I personally kind of find it cringe. Since you have a shaved head, you can pull a lot of this off easily, its a look hard to pull off with long hair. The makeup can be left simple like you do, or you can do fun touches (there’s a pic of kate with a thin blue stripe across her face, her look in the end of the movie, things like that). Go with the flow, and outfits that feel natural to you will look best. Let me live vicariously through you nonna kek.

No. 222435

File: 1641736460288.jpg (185.81 KB, 736x941, MI_2020aug28_01.jpg)

you clearly do care if you felt "mildly attacked"
why are you so unimaginative that the only fashion options in your mind are "stuff from the basic white girl meme" and "steven universe-watching aliexpress-shopping auntie"? you sound more boring than the people you're making fun of

No. 222440

is what you posted supposed to be… good?

No. 222444

File: 1641739364138.jpg (76.72 KB, 727x1024, Kawaii-Girl-with-Pastel-Goth-L…)

i'm sorry, here's something more tailored to your tastes

No. 222446

ah, the average issey miyake fan…

No. 222447

i mean, it's definitely not. i have never in my life been into that style of dress but yes some on here have. it doesn't make what you posted any less shit. you can shove the avant garde shit up your ass, she looks like an out of work clown resorting to substitute teaching

No. 222449

File: 1641740869126.jpg (116.32 KB, 683x1024, dotCOMME_March16135_1024x1024.…)

i thought the farmers in this thread liked "whimsy" and not looking like the "basic bitches"?

No. 222451

Ayrt, because the first advice anon got was ankle boots and a sweater. I was making fun of that post, specifically. I suggested the retro, thirft store, Stevie Nicks aes because it fits the skirt. If you can somehow incorporate that skirt into a haute couture look, hats off to you. I am not any of the other nonnas. Calm down, you are arguing with 5 different people about a days old post.

No. 222453

why are you so offended by an offhanded comment?

No. 222454

The farmers in this thread are not a hivemind and like different things. From baby's first high fashion runways(sry pic dump anon) to j-fashion to duck boots and pandora.

No. 222469

people here say you look like a chinese if you wear socks and sandals rofl. it's not a good look and it's certainly not "feminine".

No. 222472

File: 1641745151108.png (230.07 KB, 389x625, Screenshot_33.png)

No. 222475

>No super cutesy sites (like liza lisa lmfao) as I am in my mid 20s

What is it with people thinking that as soon as you enter your 20s, you have to start dressing like a middle aged woman and can't experiment with fashion or wear things that are 'cute.'
There is no real noticeable difference than an 18 year old an a 25 year old. If you don't like lizlisa, that's fine, but writing if off because you're in your mid 20s is sad. Don't fall for this "wall" rhetoric.

No. 222478

what the fuck is that i want it

No. 222479

wait a minute is that a dude

No. 222483

I personally don't like wearing frills and pink lace because I am in my mid 20s. I never said anything about hitting the wall. Way to twist my post and be as useless and salty as the other poster. You know you can dress elegant and classy without dressing like a middle aged woman. Frills or hag aren't the only options.

No. 222485

it's by hyein seo, really cool designer, i wish i had fuckin MONEY

No. 222486

closet child has a lot of casual stuff like this (second hand) but it also has more extreme stuff like lolita, visual kei, etc etc

No. 222492

nta but you can just say you don't like frills? why relate it to age? frills don't become illegal when you hit 25.

No. 222494

If that's your personal taste then whatever, but saying you don't want to because you're in your 20s? You are indirectly saying that anyone who is in their 20s is dressing inappropriately for their age if they like pink and frills. Some of us like wearing feminine things and it has nothing to do with wanting to look like a little girl.

No. 222503

i really love this one, is there a pic of the full thing in display?

No. 222515

File: 1641752803365.jpg (76.17 KB, 500x750, 13.jpg)

No. 222517

love it, suits of armor should come back in style

No. 222518

They should, but that's a corset.

No. 222520

File: 1641753787357.jpg (99.16 KB, 734x1200, main-image.jpg)

i know, i just thought it really resembled some 15-16th century plate designwise. the arms and the faulds especially.

No. 222532

why didn't they cover up the twig and berries with plate armor too

No. 222539

File: 1641762598151.jpg (Spoiler Image,217.51 KB, 1000x1500, main-image.jpg)

they often did.
mostly in decorative armor though. for real combat it would've been uncomfortable to ride a horse in a metal codpiece. chainmail skirts were more common (and more effective at protection than they look).

No. 223182

File: 1642037406187.jpg (62.16 KB, 640x640, 247445058_3017152865265632_664…)

Where can I find a headband like picrel?
it doesn't have to say nihongo stuff I just like the style

No. 223197

i think that says 'thrasher' its a skater brand, thats probably an athletic headband.

No. 223200

oh nice, I didn't even notice it was in english, thanks anon.

No. 223291

File: 1642076497548.jpg (21.42 KB, 888x1110, 14046001.80.jpg)

Anyone recommendations for a basic smart flat shoe? I've had my doc marten shoes (picrel) for about 5 years now, but I'm very over them and now that I'm not a teenager they don't feel smart enough anymore lol. I did want some loafers but I have very narrow feet so it's impossible to find any that fit.

No. 223292

just get solovairs, like martens but better in every way

No. 223808

I'm fairly skinny but I've always had proportionately large boobs, and I hate it. Wearing sweaters and baggy tops sometimes works to hide it, though that more often than not emphasizes my chest because the fabric just hangs off that area awkwardly. Is there any way to minimize that area through clever fashion tricks? I tend to like wearing tops tucked into pants/skirts because the blousing effect creates some visual balance, but I'm curious about other options too. While I wouldn't call myself an apple, I guess my body shape is an inverted triangle since I have broader shoulders than hips.

No. 223845

I have the same body shape and problem. I usually wear non wired bralettes and that makes them look smaller.

No. 223910

I have the same body type and there's no real trick. I think a well fitting bra looks better than trying to hide your chest.

No. 223937

File: 1642303437819.jpeg (271.85 KB, 1536x2048, D6CDD849-C55B-4387-8006-D1D53B…)

I have almost no tits. Is there anyway to make sweetheart neckline shirts not look awful? I think they’re so cute. Is there anything I can do to hike up my boobs effectively?

No. 223939

Sweetheart shirts look better on small breasted women imo, I'm legit considering a breast reduction for this reason

No. 223940

I wear sports bras + something high cut and it works like a charm unless you're trying to look legitimately flat chested

No. 223974

This just gives a uni boob effect.

No. 224050

File: 1642357568890.jpg (12.58 KB, 236x314, 4ba31c85607a67bb1e244149f3ca6a…)

I wear minimizer bras and try to balance it out with voluminous bottoms. I try to avoid adding any additional volume on top.
I used to be a fakeboi and found that the most effective trick was layering. I'd wear a t shirt and then put a loose but stiff layer on top like a blazer or button down. Combined with a very tight sports bra I could look close to flat as a 32F.

The model doesn't have any tits either. I'm sure you'll look really nice in them nona.

No. 224160

I also think these type of shirts look better on small boobs but if you want you could try them with a push up bra.
What webstore is this image from? I like the trousers

No. 224178

File: 1642411050264.png (520.81 KB, 794x996, ZOoqCVX.png)

What are these tight sleeve cardigans called? I know it's some kind of morokode like picrel. I know that some ballet girls wear them under their leotards, but I have no idea what they're called

No. 224182

Search for tie cardigans, boleros or arm warmer cardigans.

No. 224245

File: 1642432996684.jpg (35.65 KB, 1000x1000, 598807C01_RGB.JPG)

I don't like or own these bracelets their known for but I've bought their other jewelery when they had discounts. If you really want one I would say go for it.
The quality is good, they're sturdy and do not feel flimsy at all. For example I have a ring that I've been wearing for about 4 years now and it still looks good imo, the rhinestones haven't fallen out either.
Lastly, I would suggest you wait for a sale. They usually have pre-holiday offers like 20% off, or a free charm or something. They could be having one before Valentines Day.

Noone asked but picrel what I bought last black friday.

No. 224246

Which Pandora ring did you get, Anon? How often do you clean it & do you use a cloth, water and soap etc? And did you get your ring in silver or in the gold/rosegold colour? (Just curious if it's even significant when it comes to tarnishing)I'm thinking of getting a ring but I'm afraid the rhinestones will fall or that it'll get foggy like worn out silver.

No. 224253

File: 1642436325816.jpg (197.22 KB, 864x960, photo.jpg)

to be fair the original color has faded. it used to be rosegold but now it's less red, more yellow. I don't really mind as long as it doesn't turn grey or whatever which it shouldn't. Or maybe I just have low standards…

Most of the time I take it off when I wash my hands but sometimes I'm lazy and just leave it on. Have never actively cleaned it tho. Is that a thing?
I thought in general the less your jewellery gets in touch with water the better?

Anyways I can't speak for their silver because I haven't worn that on a daily basis. Not sure but can't you just polish out foggy silver?

No. 224254

I have a bracelet and charms in silver that got foggy reeeally quickly. Polishing them with a cloth works fine but both tge charms & bracelet aren't very shiny for long after polishing. I've even noticed marks from water which I guess is normal, but I wouldn't expect them to get foggy so quickly after being polished. Making me feel altogether skeptical about getting a ring, instead I just might invest in something else that I won't have to polish every 2 days

No. 224255

nta but silver is bad for rings anyway since it scratches so easily. You're going to end up with a dull ring in no time. I prefer silver color-wise, it sucks it's such a soft metal.

No. 224270

just buy a vintage sterling or pure silver bracelet anon, etsy has tons and they aren't super expensive. real silver isn't going to smell, discolor, or fog up

No. 224371

File: 1642465591595.jpg (41.15 KB, 655x665, 7acbf9e89de5805d3561f0b172fc61…)

i am so sick of fucking cropped shit

i got this gorgeous jacket online, but even with 4 different angles the model was posed to make it look normal-length. the jacket barely went under my boobs and was NOT advertised as a cropped fit. basically every jacket, sweater, top in general that i'm interested in seems to have a fucking crop. this shit looks so dumb.

No. 224372

samefag for clarity picrel isnt the jacket but it had a similar fit lol

No. 224385

I loathe it too anon, there's so much cropped garbage that isn't even described as such online because it's just assumed every woman in existence is wearing high-waisted pants and/or doesn't care about having her gut exposed. Maybe I'm unable to overcome my programming but growing up in the 90s, I still prefer low-rise pants and it's a such a struggle to find anything that will comfortably cover my upper body without showing some stomach. I have a long torso just to add insult to injury.

No. 224444

File: 1642480617157.png (218 KB, 680x615, Schermafbeelding 2022-01-18 om…)

Anons I know these are weeb-tier but they're so cute I can't.. Should I?

No. 224471

As long as they’re comfortable, and you don’t plan to wear them to a traditional funeral with a black dress, I don’t see why not.

No. 224506

I saw those too just yesterday, and was surprised how cheap they are.

If you can't afford better shoes, just buy them, they're cute. But if you can, it's better to not support these fast fashion plastic conglomerates.

No. 224537

File: 1642514713088.jpg (108.9 KB, 1024x1311, 0233179428_1_1_3.jpg)

Always surprises me when a normie clothing retail brand sells alternative looking clothes. Not my style at all, but A to Bershka for efforts. I know that the Hello Kitty platform sneakers didn't sell well at all, I've been seeing them on the shelves for months now

No. 224542

Oh they sell these too? How cute! I was looking through their website yesterday, I haven't looked there in years but they're really outdoing themselves, too bad it's made by Chinese slaves otherwise I'd spend my whole paycheck there lol

No. 224552

are you telling me that normie people are walking around with card captor sakura on their jeans? wtf. I hate I liked anime when it was nerdshit and hate it when it's become mainstream whyyy

No. 224596

Bershka had a ton of weeb collabs. Naruto, NGE, DBZ, Bleach, AoT, Miku…

No. 224828

File: 1642604654037.jpeg (50.12 KB, 1066x1200, red mesh dress.jpeg)

how do you style see-through mesh dresses?

No. 224834

I would maybe wear it to the beach as a flimsy coverup, or it could be okay with a turtleneck sweater and leggings or even denim pants underneath the dress.
I don’t really like the period blood color.

No. 224838

I like the way it looks over a long sleeved mock neck bodycon dress, usually see them styled over white dresses for early 2000s vibes. I think as soon as you try to make it sexy it's super trashy so just use it as a fun textured layering piece.

No. 224899

I like to style them over turtleneck or crewneck shirts/sweaters and a skirt that's about the same level of flare as the mesh dress and a little bit longer than it. A bodycon dress like the other anon said would work too. For me the best thing about sheer dresses is how they can work on top of high neckline tops similarly to camisoles, that's why I like to pair them with necklaces too.

No. 224981

>a turtleneck sweater and leggings or even denim pants underneath the dress
what? this sounds awful, cartoon network character shit
it's a club dress. you wear it as is, trying to style it as a casual outfit is going to look ridiculous

No. 225013

this would be cute if not for the balconnette style neckline, it makes it a little toooo sexy to be versatile

No. 225394

File: 1642812629794.jpg (117.51 KB, 564x1222, 9e1fe495251f6aac82058d9aa7a574…)

What does non gen z think about gen z fashion?

No. 225396

I like some stuff. Most is just recycled anyway

No. 225398

That pic is just trash, military/peasant/punk-rave/viking?

No. 225399

It looks like stuff she dug out of a garbage.
Most gen-z outfits look like a retarded amalgamation.

No. 225404

Personality-less, derivative, badly plagiaristic consumerist, devoid of soul, improper amalgamate, groomed from childhood, echoic. Sometimes plain ugly.

No. 225464

File: 1642835766354.jpeg (408.99 KB, 1153x1301, 30D18B54-1AD1-477D-89AD-C96A46…)

This dress. With the lace collar and everything.

No. 225474

I went through the trouble of trying to figure out my Kibbe type and I think I am a soft gamine. But I hate that it confirms for me that in order to look good, I must always emphasize my waist. I hate being skinny but still looking fat in everything, what a bummer.

No. 225480

you like this?

No. 225482

I like a lot of their fashion although a good chunk of it does look closer to a costume than fashion to me. It has a performative vibe to it, which I guess makes sense when it orginates from tiktok. Picrel I like some individual elements like the ripped thights and jacket but the outfit as a whole is uncoordinated and messy.

No. 225505

same, after reading this post i was like hmm i should finally find out mine and came to the same conclusion. its hard being short and petite. i had to lose 30 pounds for my waist and boobs to stand out from my chubbiness and i still look the same to me.

No. 225539

File: 1642872919540.jpg (74.74 KB, 1335x1500, 71bMRXRctuL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

are there any nice ways to style suit vests other than the usual business-y look?

No. 225550

This feels like bait kek, but the thing that bugs me about Gen Z fashion is how self conscious it is.There is a soulless, arbitrary quality to it because each outfit is chosen to impress an algorithm, not a human group of peers. It's like a pop-up ad, not pleasing, just attention-grabbing
>it's a club dress. you wear it as is
You would wear this completely sheer mini dress with just a bra and underwear? BPD fashion

No. 225552

u can wear a vest in that more folk-y hobbit way but it wouldnt work for one that polished looking

No. 225555

File: 1642877845966.jpg (96 KB, 720x883, 9c934bf89200736414ec3bbce5015f…)

I've never seen anyone dressed like this out there in the world, going out in the world and seeing potential gen z girls I'd say what's the most common is that comfy street/urban wear and if i wasn't too brainwashed into loving skinny jeans I'd wear that too

No. 225558

I'd wear it over a black tube dress of the same length or a black tube top + skirt combo

No. 225559

I've seen e-girls/altgirls in the wild but nothing like that picture either.

No. 225624

How do you pull off classic and dramatic styled fashion when your face is very round? (and no I'm not fat kek) Even just doing a smooth/sleek hairstyle looks awful on me.

No. 225644

File: 1642923242529.jpg (91.23 KB, 482x714, Little-Spree-Alexa-Chung2.jpg)

Where could I buy similar Mary Jane flats? I'm a Europoor and these kind of shoes are nonexistent here

No. 225650

I've seen some on ASOS.

Just commit to the look and be confident. If a moonface like Selena Gomez can pull off classic and dramatic fashion, so can you.

Buy a time machine, go back to 2013, and order this off of DearMyLove. Simple as.

No. 225707

File: 1642953299916.jpg (65.89 KB, 680x826, 8b80dc0ea459bfbd132d883eed5d15…)

I love this style. It's so cute and feminine. I take a lot of inspiration from Cassie from Skins and similar "quirky" styles I see. I've been trying to get this type of clothing from thrift stores and so far I'm having fun.

No. 225708

File: 1642953470371.jpg (94.8 KB, 520x800, 0e5718628968a803358c0b5f5b4213…)

Samefag but I think this picture illustrates the aesthetic better.

No. 225709

File: 1642953770109.jpg (75.12 KB, 564x630, 4d726ce45ff72c04c14b6dcaa8f0c0…)

My mom made me a crochet bag and usually I wear clothes that don't go with that but I want to wear that bag, I'm looking for clothes that look like that in thrift stores too

No. 225710

File: 1642954066366.jpg (70.71 KB, 594x687, 91649ab89357e7d27e8a2c2c89034e…)

That's so sweet, nonna, I bet your mom will be happy you want to wear what she made for you :)
These types of clothes are really easy to find, if you don't have access to thrift stores any boho style shop will do.
My to-go outfit is: dress with a pattern (usually plaid or floral), a basic shirt underneath, a vest or sweater on top of the dress, leg warmers, and boots/brown converse/flats.

No. 225714

File: 1642954597700.jpg (471.24 KB, 1300x1730, 21fa8999soffy_600_02.jpg)

Thanks for posting, I find it really cool how the outfits are composed of so many parts. Pic not really related I just wanted to share it

No. 225805

What is cool baddie clothes for pale skinned bitches?

No. 225812

Please exit the bus.

No. 225814

File: 1642981962710.jpeg (24.45 KB, 285x177, F954668F-F18A-4116-9954-C96609…)

I think you will like these, they suit anyone who tried them on.

No. 225872

File: 1643022911005.jpeg (51.29 KB, 840x840, Adicolor_Tricolor_Japona_Track…)

I bought this tracksuit because I really wanted one and it was on sale, but now I feel retarded getting one with gaudy colours since I literally only ever wear black and white.

Does this look as stupid as I think it does? I really don't know if I'd be comfortable wearing it. Probably means I should return it…

No. 225888

If you are polish or russian you should keep it and wear it proudly, if you aren't that's cultural appropriation and you should return it and write Putin a letter of apology.

No. 225892

Well said. Will send it back and pray against NATO expansion.

No. 225899

Tracksuits look retarded no matter what, just keep it nonna or exchange it for one with different colors

No. 225914

File: 1643044913894.jpeg (548.46 KB, 1125x613, 3693DF65-668B-477B-9E54-8D7C54…)

Ok long shot but does anyone have any idea where her top/dress is from, or know of anything similar?

Link to vid - https://youtu.be/rSzajn4ylFI

No. 225922

Try upload a pic to Pinterest and use their lens feature, I've gotten crazy lucky doing that

No. 225923

I'm not a big fan of tracksuits but I think wearing the jacket and the pants separately as accent pieces might work? But wearing the whole thing at the same time is too much I think

No. 225947

File: 1643054823090.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1170x1155, 66435EAD-CAA6-43F8-B211-A1D760…)

I fell in love / nostalgia with this vintage baby tee, but I’m not sure how to style it.
I’m 31 so I don’t want to style it like y2k revival zoomies (no offense to zoomies honestly, but I would look ridiculous)
How does /g/ style their graphic / tight tee shirts?

No. 225954

I would wear dark blue jeans and a bandanna around my neck.
t. basic bitch

Or… I would wear a leather or denim skirt and some dumbass novelty accessories, they do that in larme magazine sometimes

No. 225956

dress up as lifeofboris for halloween

keep it, it's gaudy but funny

No. 225957

my boots leak
pls suggest boots
maybe lower than the knee, cool looking
not cowboy

No. 225978

unironically uggs, get them so I can live vicariously through you

No. 225994

Looking to get some Chelsea boots. Is there any particular brand that's better and more durable? The ECCO Chelsea boots (Modtray Chelsea Leather Chunky Lug Sole Boots) look nice, but I don't know anything about ECCO. Looking for a pair that has a bit of a heel. What would you recommend?

No. 225995

What the hell are those
Why? I just need to look bomb without my tan. Nothing I wear looks good anymore.

No. 225997

File: 1643070982241.jpg (86.27 KB, 580x580, m_5b4398a71b329442fd01caf2.jpg)

In the spirit of the indie sleaze revival I bought picrel and cut off the fringe and it is a look tbh.

No. 226007

File: 1643074601890.png (557.86 KB, 646x646, tS3WUAABK0455348wjsgiIjo.png)

>indie sleaze revival
anon literally where kek? But those fringe moccasins are such a throwback holy cow.

No. 226008

Ayrt and the indie sleaze revival might just be a tiktok microtrend tbh
Here's an article about it though:

No. 226018

We must be on the same wavelength because I was having an existential crisis about this and the twee revival all day.

No. 226019

only art school students dress like this

No. 226055

I kept getting bombarded with ads from soulmia around halloween for some really cute stuff. finally broke down and bought some of it. never buy from them, their stuff is crap, made out of shitty fabric and doesn't look like the pictures. I bought the stuff at a discount and even that was overpaying for it.

No. 226086

Graphic tees with patterned bottoms are always cute! Try a more artsy style so you don't look like you're trying to be 16 again

No. 226353

I've got some vagabond chelsea boots, they were pricy but I love them and they're really comfy too. They're known for the chunkier platform styles but they've got a selection.

No. 226448

File: 1643234015307.jpg (106.02 KB, 640x590, selby.jpg)

seconded. i have cowboy boots but they're so overdone. i want something better. preferably brown leather, slight heel. its always the vintage ones that look the best but 2nd hand shoes are always uncomfortable. i like 70s selby boots in theory but they can be hit or miss.

No. 226565

It's a fucking white t-shirt, you can pair it with quite literally anything. What do you wear in your day to day life? Historical costumes? Holy

No. 226643

File: 1643263714061.jpg (361.35 KB, 677x1024, gettyimages-1221895108-1024x10…)

Go ahead and shame me for my scrote-tier taste in movies but then please help me find some nice quality clothing brands that sell dresses/tops/outerwear with Conan vibes. I love this aesthetic but can't find shit quite like this that isn't AliExpress quality

No. 226665

what is this from? conan the barbarian?

No. 226680

Bumping my genuinely good question. How to dress like a basic bitch and still look bomb whilst having pasty ass julia fox tier skin?

No. 226689

Wear clothes and make-up (if you wear it) in colours that match your complexion. Everyone's skin can look good and healthy on them no matter how light or how dark, how sunless or tanned if they wear colours that fit their complexion. As a general rule, cool skin wears cool colours, neutral wears neutral, warm wears warm best. You can get even more specific by looking at how muted or bright/clear your skincolour is, but it gets a bit complicated for most people to recognize at that point. People who have a very light complexion (blonde or lightbrown hair, blue/green/grey eyes and a light skin colour) generally benefit from wearing light to midtone colours, definitely no darker than that. No blacks or dark jeweltones for your "pasty ass" skin, especially not near your face (because those colours accentuate imperfections and age/tire your face). This means a lot of skipping on buying cute clothes because they're in the wrong colours for you though and it takes a bit of practice to recognize the temperature of colours.

No. 226690

File: 1643284982459.jpeg (59.68 KB, 515x811, 667641C5-C332-48B8-B35B-B645AA…)

Anon, I bet you already look good. I’m tanned with olive skin and I wouldn’t mind being pasty-pale. It really gives you so much room to play with the colors and contrast them against your skin. Opt for jewel tones and black: deep emerald, deep maroon, rich navy. Copper yellow, soft pink, and tawny beige look really great on pale women, especially with deep red or rose-brown lipstick (I can not emphasize how gorgeous pale women look with 90s pink-brown lipstick; check out Marrakesh by MAC, Ziggie by Colourpop, and Pillow Talk Medium by Charlotte Tilbury. Also Korean brands like 3CE).

If you’re skinny like you said, go for a nice pair of high-waisted black skinny jeans. I’ve always said (even when they were in!) that skinny jeans only look good on really skinny women. They still do. Don’t fall for the oversized pants meme; that’s just another trend, and you want to invest in clothes that will look good on you for years (for your wallet’s sake). Crop tops and patchwork, witchy skirts are great as well. Late 1960s mod clothing would look good too, lots of the models were pale and thin.

No. 226691

File: 1643285514976.jpeg (109.22 KB, 458x640, 9AB08898-D293-4C5A-ADAC-55C323…)

Oh, and like >>226689 said: look at your veins. If they’re green, you’re warm-toned. If they’re blue, you’re cool-toned. If they’re neither, you’re neutral. I’m mostly warm but olive-skinned so I keep to deep hues: blacks and wine reds and olive greens. Your hair color also plays a role in this as well. For example, pale dirty blonde women always look great in beige and baby pink. Silver with blue hues as well always looks amazing against pale skin. Darker haired pale women look better in darker clothes because it creates a really nice contrast against their skin + matches with their hair, really brings out certain hues in their face.

No. 226727

Late reply but you probably want something like Fasbee or Buyee which have a large variety of jp brands including very casual ones

No. 226737

That dress in particular is from the sequel Conan the Destroyer

No. 226766

Do any of you have experience with tights that claim to be (near) indestructable? Like Sheertex or indestructablestockings.com? (writing the url to avoid confusion) Are they as good as they claim?

No. 226777

I’m so happy lip piercings have gone out of style. By far the ugliest part of 2000s alt culture.

No. 227195

it's just swallowed by online algorithms and shat out 00s fashion. everything is plagiarized.

No. 227218

NTA but hit or miss in what way? I'm curious bc the boots you posted are cute af and now I want a pair.

No. 227904

Has anyone ever ordered from Charles & Keith? What's the quality like?

No. 228150

File: 1643796696808.jpg (49.14 KB, 564x846, cultgaia.jpg)

How about Cult Gaia? I've never seen Conan, so if you posted more pics I could probably give better recs.

No. 228220

what does it mean if you have both? on thin parts of my skin like wrist my veins look blue but when the vein goes down my arm it looks green

No. 228255

NTA but it means your skin tone is neutral

No. 228513

File: 1643934164620.jpg (24.6 KB, 320x480, 00060m.jpg)

Can anyone find a knock off of these chanel sunglasses? They're Chanel 5018 2007 RTW and I can find the real thing but I'm not paying over 30 bucks for sunglasses

No. 228531

File: 1643942527866.png (1.56 MB, 1828x2090, jokes write themselves.png)

Is there any semi-safe fashion community that isn't super salty towards or berating the posts of thin people? I'm thin with narrow hips and weird proportions (long arms and short legs–things I literally cannot change). I'm short and look stumpy if I wear the wrong garments or fit. Because of my limb length and my weight I have a lot of issues with sizing (because again, my hips are narrow as shit) but whenever I go to r/FemaleFashionAdvice (or r/ffajc, because these bitches don't talk shit directly to OP oftentimes) it's full of people who are seething and downright nasty towards women of a similar size who are looking for fit/sizing advice. Previously I've spent upwards of $70+ on alterations to fix a garment I really liked that was not available in my size and I prefer to avoid that. I also prefer fitting clothes because omg…I have large breasts(!). Not really, my cup size is large (I think wide-rooted breasts so my chest can look prominent in the wrong garment) but my boobs are not actually big and are deflated due to weight loss…but if I post my bra size in there the pitchforks would indefinitely come out.
I'm being more candid on here since it's anonymous, I'd try to obfuscate my actual size and situation to even post on there because every time a girl posts about being an XXS, there's an analogous post on r/ffacj that's making fun of her, filling in a bunch of blanks like "OMG IM SO DAINTY AND TINY AND SMOL NOTHING FITS" when the posts oftentimes are so tame. If it really triggers you that small and thin people have fitting issues then maybe you should lose some fucking weight jesus christ. When I have gone shopping in person at stores like Ann Taylor, BR, JCrew, which carry petite sizes, it's still hard to find my size. Yes, likely because I am American kek. I used to weigh more in high school and in my experience it's so much easier to find clothes as a size 2/4/6 than it is to be a 00/0 or anything smaller (inb4 someone claims that people this size are anorexic or underweight people are all eating disordered kek). Don't even get me started on thrifting and how disappointing that can be. If I could wear oversized clothes I would bc they look cute on other short and thin women but they make me look frumpy as hell due to my deflated and wide-rooted boobs that look bigger in bras.

Side note but I was curious to see if mine and other anons' suspicions were true, so picrel is a collage of a couple regular posters on there. Peep the fat white woman complaining about thin petite white women.

No. 228532

File: 1643943673146.jpg (138.67 KB, 587x1203, 1543887879964.jpg)

never forget, the women seething at you look like this

No. 228537

Shes holding the phone upside down lmaooo

No. 228540

Where have you been able to find the genuine shades? I can't even find those sold used.

No. 228543


Oh god, STFU. People don't want to read shit from thin people because you all sound insufferable in this faux-apologetic, overly-polite and pre-defensive, I am a victim too but not like those other victims (NLOV, I'm coining it) way.

If you want advice about your weird proportions or whatever, just post measurements instead of all of the extra chatter. And no, there are no safe fashion communities. This is the internet.

No. 228544

Really sad but sometimes true, this 'reality' is great proof for scrotes who claim that women are all jealous of each other.
So where are the posts making fun of obese women by thinner women? Right, because everyone knows that we're all supposed to be sensitive about weight when around fat people yet it's fine to make fun of thin people simply stating their body measurements, proportions, etc for fit advice. I'm not mad about that either, but why the hell can't it go both ways? Why is it acceptable for them to constantly berate and downvote women who are having legitimate problems with clothes and fashion, if not also aesthetics and finding a suitable style, because we've got normal to underweight fat distribution?
If you think about it, you're mad because I'm hypersensitive to criticism, which is kind of understandable as it comes with viewing these communities that whiteknight "plus size" while disparaging shorter/thinner than normal women. Every time I posted there I constantly felt like I had to disparage myself to not be that "petite hourglass with a perfect BBL ass and perky boobs" that they always rant about.
But even that isn't enough. They're mad simply because I'm thin regardless of my saggy boobs, my broad shoulders, etc. Idk why it's so impossible for these women to understand that we're not fashion models and also women who also are negatively affected by beauty standards. When I was fatter my inverted triangle shape wasn't that bad but now that I'm slimmer it's much more pronounced. I just feel like people don't realize that there are negatives to having other types of bodies aside from being obese. Pretty sure being underweight also has health consequences too regardless if you're anorexic or not and some conditions (in my case psychiatric medication) are behind our weight as well, it's not just being genetically blessed.

No. 228545

Anons please look into your Truth is Beauty Essence (also called McJimsey) type!! I was previously deemed a Flamboyant Gamine but my face is Dramatic and Classic essences primarily and the Dramatic Classic style fits me like a glove whereas FG stuff just made me look boxy and didn't suit me at all.

No. 228550

No. 228552

I'm going down a rabbit hole at the moment and trying to find shades similar to the half tints you want. I'm finding gradients (I don't know if you like those) but they are not the distinct half tints you want. It seems those are truly one of a kind. Here is a site, they have some out of stock but there is a email alert you can sign up for when they become available again. who knows? Maybe they will restock it one blue moon.


No. 228554

holding the phone upside down while taking a selfie is a common trick

these are so cool

No. 228556

no offense but being pissed off about shit like this is just pathetic. like >>228532 said, those women are bunch of fatties. why the fuck you wanna have some sort of misery competition with them or give a shit what bunch of fatties online think. they're fat and angry. that's like giving a damn what some random crackhead in the corner of the streets thinks about you.

also gotta agree with this >>228543 these kind of posts always have the weird overly polite victimy style

No. 228568

They're not pissed for real, they pretend to be pissed because it gives them an excuse to bring up how thin they are. That tendency is why they get mocked on ffacj etc in the first place, no self awareness.

Being skinny is great and enviable, just enjoy it instead of taking faux offence to people punching upwards. Your feelings aren't hurt and you know it.

No. 228575

very very based post

No. 228577

File: 1643963393512.jpeg (219.46 KB, 1959x2500, asos-Black-Coconut-Chunky-Plat…)

im so desperate for a pair of chunky high heeled boots that look like this but its all either too expensive from thrift store resellers or out of stock in the mall

No. 228597

Man I saw a girl wearing them today with a 60s style outfit and she looked so good it was an actual hit to my self esteem

Anyway I have no advise but keep hunting for an affordable pair sis

No. 228598

Then if you looked better when you were fatter why don't you just gain weight?
You said that the fat women who were mad should lose weight, well that applies to you too
And there's plenty of women who make fun of obese women

No. 228601

The seething when you mention you have a bigger cup size is ridiculous. I suspect ffacj has a lot of cross over with smallboobproblems. Those retards think having big boobs would fix all of their life problems, when all it gives you ill-fitting clothing, unwanted attention and catcalling at 12 years old.

No. 228606

We basically have the same body shape, down to the saggy boobs. I've no advice but I know how much it sucks. Proportions oftentimes matter more than weight, but there's no point in trying to explain that to people who haven't been under 150 pounds since middle school.

No. 228616


Oldfag here who cannot believe that 90s Steve Madden boots are back, whew lad

No. 228621

File: 1643979870255.jpeg (470.85 KB, 1330x1822, F265E102-4988-46F0-BD4F-62B4F5…)

Just got a 90s leather jacket and it’s been so fun styling outfits with it!

No. 228622

I found similar ones on Vagabond. But I think ASOS has some too. Also Nelly has some but that’s a Swedish website.

No. 228629

It's probably my old one. Have fun with it, young nona.

No. 228631

File: 1643983344724.jpg (120.58 KB, 634x1093, 959755d3a03e68ecd212db9c014ad4…)

Help me find my style nonnies, I don't have an ounce of sense for this kind of stuff but I'm self-aware enough not to dress totally frumpy. I've been promoted at work and need to start dressing better. The closest fashion style I found that would fit me and wouldn't force me to compromise is healthgoth as I'm very into sports myself, own a lot of black and functional clothes, don't wear heels ever, dresses only on rare occasions. The edgy aspect is not really my thing tho I like the sleek black part of it.
I guess I'm just looking for some ideas what to search for. Like a toned-down more mature-looking version of healtgoth/sport style? When I try searching for "sporty casual" I get picrel which is not what I'm after. Do I just buy from expensive sports brands and get away with wearing all black and a simple hoodie with widely recognizable fancy logo? I work in sport business too, so it is kind of acceptable. Help a retard out.

No. 228644

Are you retarded anon? I literally just said that I have fit issues and want to ask questions about buying from brands that I don’t know carry my size. Whatever, you can’t win with people who assume that everyone is a pro-ana braggart and not just people who have fit issues. Especially in America KEK why is this so hard for people to understand? You realize that it’s not normal to be thin despite how skelly celebrities are? It’s more normal to be fat here if you’re an average person.

No. 228645

Glad you could relate, anon. It’s a struggle. Recently I got a Wacoal bra because I’m finally down to a DDD/DD cup and I think buying shallower and smaller cups helps with my boobs looking overly prominent. I used to wear the Freya Deco which is also shallower bra but it makes my boobs stand out a lot in comparison to Wacoal’s bras. The more they stand out, the more top heavy I look so…
Tbh I think they’re just insecure about women being skinny but especially with their ideal body types (bbl ass and perky big boobs). Even though my boobs are saggy and deflated it’s still a threat because I have a technically bigger cup size and these bitches are dumb and will jump to conclusions like “OMG THIS WAIFISH BIG BREASTED PETITE CHERIE IS SO TINY”. It happens to like every woman on FFA who mentions having a sizing issue no matter how you frame it to try to avoid the fatties making fun of your post.
I suspect sizing and shopping irl is worse for us in America because being fat is so normalized but I could be wrong.

No. 228660

if you ask about fit and you dont post measurements you are just looking for a reason to talk about your body

No. 228661

that's just athleisure nonna.. why do you need your style to have a meme name? make a pinterest board and just start adding stuff to it that you like the look of, it will give you some more suggestions and you can fill it out. then just look at individual pieces in those outfits that you like and try to find them. I'm talking specific stuff like 'leather bomber jacket' or 'crop grey hoodie' or something.

No. 228667

Thanks for the tip, for some reason I never thought of looking up specific pieces. I figured people take inspiration from fashion tumblr blogs or something and I hoped there were more terms describing what I'm after so I can go look it up. Athleisure sounds just about right!

No. 228668

Health goth isn't just black athleisure. It was more of a tumblr meme than anything else tbh. Also, even though it's pretty far away from goth, I'd still expect a "health goth" to actually be into the goth subculture instead of wearing it as a costume. Just wear what you like and feel comfortable in. Not everything is a style or an aesthetic. Sometimes an outfit is just an outfit and doesn't need a special label.

No. 228669

Thanks for trying anon!

No. 228670

Maybe ask over at r/repladies? I swear that sub can find replicas of the most random items.

No. 228671

>Being skinny is great and enviable
The only reason you think this way is because you're overweight and don't know how it feels to be skinny. Most thin people don't look glamorous but rather ill and have trouble finding clothes that fit them perfectly without tailoring. If seeing skinny people talk about their body, and struggles triggers you this much, either dont hang out where they are or lose weight. It's not healthy to get so offended by someone just because they're talking about their struggles with not being on the healthy range of bmi, whether you like it or not, it's the same as obese or overweight women complaining.

No. 228672

>Most thin people don't look glamorous but rather ill
what are you talking about? if you're naturally thin you won't look "ill", there's a difference between naturally thin and anorexic thin, and the later looks pretty malnourished for obvious reasons

No. 228673

>Most thin people don't look glamorous but rather ill and have trouble finding clothes that fit them perfectly without tailoring.
if you think this makes you unique you have no sense of perspective and are extremely self centered

No. 228674

get a grip. you don't look ill and no one is victimizing you. if you're in the healthy range of bmi you don't look ill. you're reaching so hard to be offended. just let the fat sad girls be fat and sad, it's not like they don't get enough shit. you can't be content with 99.999999% of society thinking you look ideal? really?

No. 228678

I'm not talking about healthy average thin that's in the healthy bmi range, I'm talking about women above the healthy bmi or so skinny they can't find clothing that fits them properly because their bodies aren't the norm, just like obese women's bodies. I'm not skinny, I'm not trying to sound unique but rather show you that the opposite of fat and obese isn't cute thin model girls but skinny girls who look unhealthy, just like overweight women do.

No. 228679

nobody gets perfectly fitting clothes off the rack no matter what size you are

No. 228681

Meant below the average bmi, my bad.
As I stated, I'm talking about women below the average bmi who aren't considered ideal in anyone's eyes but ana-chans and for some weird reason overweight women's. I'm not skinny myself. Don't jump to conclusions.

No. 228683

then as you said those people should just fix their problems and gain weight, should be just as easy as losing it, right?

No. 228694

Gaining or losing weight isn't a short journey, people along that journey can ask for advice on clothing that fits their current bodytype or have reasons they can't gain weight such as metabolic issues, depression or more likely ED. Overeating and undereating are both ED that take long time to heal from so both overweight and underweight women of all body types should be able to ask about advice regarding their clothes and how they can hide or emphasize certain features without anyone being offended or for some reason thinking they're bragging.
Being fat is unhealthy. Being skinny is unhealthy. That doesn't mean those people shouldn't go out or try to look their best as they try to become healthier. Any woman whatever her weight or height is, can want to dress her best and shouldn't be brought down or mocked by other women because her issues are different than theirs.

No. 228740

That's all great but if they wanted advice on how to get properly fitting clothes they would post specific issues with their measurements and proportions instead of just
>uwu I'm so skinny how do I dress nicely even though everything in fashion caters to me?

No. 228817

File: 1644016401536.jpeg (351.34 KB, 1272x1064, iu-80.jpeg)

Is there any way to break in vegan docs that isn't by wearing them? Maybe this should be in the stupid questions thread, but I've had these for half a year and never wear them or want to break them in because they're just so damn uncomfortable. I know it's just because they aren't broken in yet, I have another pair I've had for years and they're super comfortable but I've worn them so much they have holes at the toes (don't ask me how). Could I put something on them to make them less stiff, bend them, put newspapers in them overnight or do I just have to get through the pain lol. Or perhaps give up and buy some army surplus boots, they last a long time and look like they have the right amount of clunkiness

No. 228819

It's plastic. It won't break in.

No. 228821

That's what I was afraid of, thanks nonna. I feel guilty for not wearing them because they were a gift and I really love docs (I've been wearing them since I was 13, 19 now and I still love everything about them). I guess I'll just buy some secondhand leather boots that are broken in already. Still feel guilty though

No. 228835

you could try the hairdryer thing but you might melt the glue holding the plastic together too

No. 228854

if you're really desperate you might be able to find some tips if you look up hacks for breaking in/stretching figure skates. they usually have plastic lining so the stretching hacks could work on your shoes.

No. 228863

damn, i cant believe you posted about fatties being aggressive to normal sized women and then they came and proved your point

No. 228864

Thanks anon! I'll try that, if it doesn't work I found some secondhand army boots for cheap so I might just go for those. I hope the ice skating thing works though, I love my docs lol

No. 228874

Based nona. The fatties weren't saging their infighting either, maybe its a brigade from another website?

No. 228881

i'm a skinny bitch and i think this is absolutely beta behavior.

like oh, you got to be the victim? you really really need to be the victim? you gotta get the fatties to admit that you too are A VITCIM WHO SUFFERS! what, next you gonna start debating the homeless crackheads that acttually you also have had an difficult life and sometimes people with money also get shamed so the mentally ill junkies living in the streets should pay some attention to our problems too.

if you're skinny and give a shit about this and gotta have misery competitons with fatties you're absolutely fucking pathetic.

No. 228884

>redditspacing ragepost
Kek. No one is saying skinny women suffer as bad as fatties, it's just weird that fat women get so upset and mad and even have a whole ass subreddit to mock other women who they deem to be more attractive. All thay over some random average girl asking fashion advice. Also how is being overweight comparable to being a homeless drug addict? If you think that's a fair comparison, at this point you're just mocking overweight women yourself.

No. 228887

hurbadurpa spacing spacing kys you idiot

>No one is saying skinny women suffer as bad as fatties

that's exactly the problem, you all wanna suffer from something. why? stop being beta martyrs

No. 228888


> t this point you're just mocking overweight women yourself.

exactly. why get pissed off at fatties when they miserable enough and have competitoon over suffering with people like that?

beta behavior

No. 228892

>hurbadurpa spacing spacing kys you idiot
>Literally uses reddit spacing in both of her posts
NTA but are you genuinely retarded?

No. 228930

File: 1644077912523.jpg (106.66 KB, 1125x1089, D_v7269VUAAmYSg.jpg)

kek they are making fun of you for sperging about reddit spacing, maybe if you ate some toast for breakfast you'd have enough brainpower to read the posts anachan
>they didnt even sage in /g/ must be a brigade(infighting )

No. 228934

I'm the one that complained about reddit spacing and >>228892 isn't even me, most people don't like doubleposting reddit-fags who infight without even saging. Not all posts that disagree with you is by the same person. Please quit derailing.

No. 229036

Lotta fatties itt wow kek
This explains why so many anons were into large prints a few weeks back

No. 229037

I really like things similar to mori kei, modest clothing like long skirts and cardigans, comfy babushka wear. But I'm tall and am built like a troon in some ways so I worry about looking overly frumpy. I feel like no clothes ever look good on me. Any advice for this?

No. 229045

File: 1644147002535.jpg (80.24 KB, 500x740, blouse.jpg)

I have a similar body type and style. I actually think mori kei adjacent styles with a bit less layering and decoration can look really good on our body type. Natural, soft, and fresh looks accentuate my femininity whilst anything too feminine looks out of place and accentuates my broadness. I tend to go for pieces with a gentle geometric structure whilst still being flowy. I used to wear very long, flowing cardigans but I find that shorter ones like the Achille cardigan from Sezane look better on me. Skirts generally look best when they're simple, straight, and fall just below the knee, rather than very long. Tops that hang loosely on my shoulders but still fit well without being shapeless look good, as do slightly more open necklines. Natural materials like wool, silk, and linen work well, and most knitwear looks good so long as it isn't too oversized. Most important thing is wearing clothes that fit properly. Oh also avoid too much layering which i guess is kind of integral to mori kei. lol. Pic kind of unrelated i just love the look, anyone know where to find a similar blouse.

No. 229056

if you're tall you can actually get away with long skirts and dresses more easily because they accentuate your height (in a good way), try it.

No. 229059

Are kitten heels lame? I cannot walk in high heels because they make my feet hurt but small heels are fine and I want to dress more femininely

No. 229065

I think they look good with the right outfit on the right woman.

No. 229087

i think they look great when you use them to make a casual outfit more feminine/dressed up, you just have to choose the shoe carefully because a lot of whats out there with a low heel isnt flattering. i havent worn a heel for something other than a formal event that isnt a kitten heel in ages

No. 229485

they can be ok. someone please explain to me though why kitten heels somehow make women's feet look longer than flats though? i don't get it. they should make them look smaller but somehow they often make them look like boats

No. 229493

looks like the cult girl from servant kek. i assume she is total mori kei inspo

No. 229499

hm I think it might be the angle of the heel? idk

No. 229512

They've been trending for a while anon, you're fine.

No. 229567

File: 1644420403222.jpg (100.59 KB, 768x1152, hmgoepprod.jpg)

I recently bought this top, but it's super sheer, like even if I wear a nude bra under it, you can see it.
What color undershirt should I wear under it, beige or white?

No. 229570

File: 1644421148485.png (1.01 MB, 900x700, grunge.png)

I really miss the og grunge movement, it was so refreshing to me. Minimal to no makeup, comfortable clothing, skating, doing heroin. Now everything is a disgustingly denigrating downgraded thot halloween costume, I hate everything.

No. 229571

>Minimal to no makeup, comfortable clothing, skating, doing heroin
That escalated quickly

No. 229572

I love dressing like this and loved that movement (minus the heroin kek). It's so comfortable and creative. I really liked the 90s grunge and also nu-metal style of large hoodies and baggy pants, boyish attire etc. I just know they were all cosy as hell back then.

No. 229591

Beige. For some reason i think the white usually appears more under a sheer shirt.

No. 229592

(young)Teen girls are dressing like this in my side of europe. the boys for the most part are the ones holding the board. The plaid is back, the loose jeans too. Except most opt for a solid mute color baggy hoodie. Hair is "lazily" straight like picrel or in a loose pony tail. Weird because the teens 3 years ago were wearing arthoe staples with makeup and all.. now bareface grunge wannabees. trends are crazy.

No. 229594

File: 1644427043035.jpeg (161.83 KB, 675x1200, C1B32918-994F-41AE-A1F3-0D6A8A…)

Literally half the teens I see dress in baggy ass clothes just like this though. Big shirts ripped jeans and flannels. It’s more common than thot stuff where I am, probably cause of dress codes or body insecurity. I’m guessing you live somewhere where this isn’t trending?

No. 229702

File: 1644451691508.jpg (17.71 KB, 235x294, telfar painted.jpg)

I wanna buy and paint a telfar real bad with something weeby (maybe baby digimon or kirby on a pink one,) and wanted to ask if anyone has done that before and has any tips to make sure I don't fuck it up

No. 229713

telfar bags are completely fug, no offense. worse than tory burches. that drawing also looks really, really bad. you can probably do better tbh.

No. 229714

yassified bnha telfar holy shit

No. 229717

I see teens wearing things like this almost as often tiktok thot shit (southern US). There's also been a big mallgoth revival, which warms my heart.

No. 229750

Sorry anons this post slipped my mind but you're right. If I posted my measurements it would be even worse. I just wanted to complain about the fashion communities online and how seething they are towards thin people whereas they never make fun of overweight people at all. Not trying to drag this on but they completely miss the point, pick out everything I said about my body as bragging even though I'm not ana and definitely don't get off talking about my saggy boobs, and then claim that I wanted sympathy from fat people.
At best I was just hoping other people would chime in with their own experiences, maybe other petite/thin people who have also noticed it or possibly someone bigger if they're able to see the situation without a bias against thin people.

No. 229769

just buy a knockoff to paint on.

No. 230065

File: 1644593815556.jpg (12.12 KB, 400x400, QW6EZObv_400x400.jpg)

Is anyone using apps that let you keep track of your closet and help you plan outfits? I'm overwhelmed by the amount of them.

No. 230085

File: 1644601739293.jpeg (81.66 KB, 358x921, 2160FD90-F778-41B7-A17D-E97256…)

I just can’t find a style for my pear shaped body and feel like I’m doomed to look like picrel
Any suggestions for better outfits and styles?

No. 230086

Get a fake one from ali, they're plastic anyway

No. 230087

File: 1644602531450.jpg (28.69 KB, 500x667, ef7e5a6e6f900c762be020ccf0cc31…)

I feel like as a pear you have to do the exact opposite of that pic
Clothes that are tight around the waist and if you wanna get loose, do it from the hips down, preferably with long skirts.
Avoid anything that has volume around the waist, especially if it begins around the boob area, it will only make you feel frumpy and large. The sleeves can also have a bit of volume though, like frills and what not, sometimes it's even good to have it to balance out large hips if you're self conscious about it.

No. 230088

File: 1644602614927.jpg (65.96 KB, 735x1022, 1482933cafe667db5d64099411a2f9…)

No. 230090

File: 1644603140081.jpg (13.41 KB, 250x246, f5c55424fe5e6c211200e43ffcdd22…)

No. 230182

File: 1644642777476.jpg (110.38 KB, 800x800, black murder boots.jpg)

Is this good foot attire for going out to murder someone or is it too tacky? I'm most definitely going to jail after that so I wanna look good at least but not "moidish" if that makes sense.

No. 230185

File: 1644644192257.jpg (36.18 KB, 399x728, 7509fe4e68e029ca4de0f34fc017db…)

I love it, but I like the hard rock aesthetic.

No. 230186

oh this looks very cool anon, I'll take this route.

No. 230252


do yourself a favor and get a dupe of the ysl wyatts (what this is trying to be)


No. 230253

these are so much more ugly than what anon originally posted, also looks nothing like it

No. 230280

I have an issue and I desperately need help anons! I’m going on a blind date today (first date in 4 years) with two of my friends that are a couple and their friend. They all work high paying government jobs, and the mystery man apparently comes from a wealthy family. I’m more of a shitty punk retard that works like 5 part time jobs. I want to make a good impression and I don’t know wtf to wear. We’re going bowling and then playing some switch games, so it’s very casual. I’m also in the middle of losing weight (22lbs down 15 to go) and I’m 5’6 145lbs. My jeans are all too big and baggy but I’m not buying new clothes until I hit my goal weight. I was thinking a simple flannel dress with leggings or something. Most of my wardrobe is band shirts and sweatshirts and I dress mostly androgynous. I am so fucking nervous and having an absolute meltdown kek he’ll probably just be a typical gross scrote but on the off chance he isn’t I want to look good. Sorry I deleted and reposted to say that my “going out” looks are unfortunately pretty close to what Amanda Bret wears. Tights with shorts, black booties, tank or band tee etc. just to give an idea of what I’m working with

No. 230283

The dress sounds fine but don't do the leggings. Go bare legged or wear a nice pair of tights, whichever your weather allows.

No. 230286

I have a whole bunch of clothes I don't wear anymore because of the colour they are. Is it worth trying to try to bleach(?) and dye them? Are there any reliable methods of doing that or is it like, not worth attempting such thing at all?

No. 230307

File: 1644700072226.jpg (119.75 KB, 1243x719, Annie Hall 3.jpg)

What staples do I need for this kind of look and where do I even buy them? Just the male section + tailoring to my measurements?

No. 230312

File: 1644701027058.jpg (31.68 KB, 345x437, 1592332506790.jpg)

Anons, do you have good tips for online shopping?
I am in a tiny EU country so there's not much to buy, and the only stores I enjoyed (like Miss Patina) were UK based. I thought of looking into Etsy too, don't want to step into AliExpress because I am too worried about the quality.
My problem with ordering online is that it ends up both being too small and too big for me, because I am a hourglass which leads to me only being able to buy basic blouses, t-shirts, stuff like that.
I also wish there was a way to remove UK out of country list whenever I click EU on Etsy…

No. 230326

I had an annie hall phase when I was 17. I found most stuff in charity and vintage shops. The 1970s male cut of trousers are flattering if you have a small waist. I also got old formal-military uniform trousers as they fit the same way, but it might depend on your country's uniform.
Miss Patina is a mix of Taobao/Aliexpress and their own designs. Just order things that have good photo reviews. The majority of Etsy is also resold Aliexpress.

No. 230412

Reddit tier suggestion. Thursday boot company and other similar brands may be good quality but they're ugly as shit.

No. 230438

File: 1644760772043.jpg (39.05 KB, 600x800, A1tcIW_CIAA4IyH.jpg)

all the baddies on goSupermodel had those

No. 230482

File: 1644783796247.jpg (172.52 KB, 975x1436, tumblr_o6uea8uCKA1v0jfsto1_128…)

I miss colour. Why are all clothes these days grey, brown, or beige. Even the "y2k revival" clothing is such a joke, nobody wore neutral tones back then. We live in ugly bland homes with white walls and grey floors(seriously, that grey laminate flooring that's so popular nowadays is ugly as fuck) and we wear boring frumpy clothing with no colour. No wonder people don't have any imagination these days, it's like our modern world is designed to be as under stimulating as possible. Even when clothing has colour it's always pastel or gray toned.

If I wasn't poor I'd pay for nicer brands with better colours, but even thrift stores have been picked over and only the ugly clothing is left.

No. 230485

Bump. I didn't mean to sage.

No. 230488

File: 1644784315845.jpeg (52.91 KB, 143x275, 714A8016-D358-4810-9511-84728F…)

From the anachan thread. Any of you ladies know where I can cop that coat (on the right)? What’s the specific name for it? Is it technically a trench coat? I’m going for a female hitman look

No. 230490

File: 1644785322930.jpg (300.49 KB, 2048x3072, 8606744800_1_1_1.jpg)

I can't see in the image properly bc I'm on my phone, is it without buttons? Otherwise it looks similar to these type of masculine coats from Zara

No. 230491

Actually now that I'm looking at it, it's less structured and looser than the Zara coat, maybe search for oversize masculine coat?

No. 230495

File: 1644786779289.jpg (15.13 KB, 128x118, 1639545266930.jpeg.jpg)

I like ur stickers nonnie

No. 230497

Omfg fuck my gay life

No. 230498

File: 1644787288608.jpg (1.79 KB, 125x125, 1639156975935.jpg)

HAHAHAHAH i'm sorry

No. 230499

File: 1644787298832.jpeg (13.55 KB, 180x148, 1AD4C72A-BEBE-465A-884F-7393A5…)

I don’t use that Chinese spyware app very often leave me alone
I blame the anachans

No. 230556

File: 1644833342996.jpeg (1 MB, 2048x2048, E3C766C2-DBF7-4763-AA24-5B1330…)

I wanna pimp around in picrel but afghan coats are stupid expensive sigh

No. 230576

I felt like this when I moved to central Europe. I would wear a red sweater or colored tights or a skirt with a watercolor abstract pattern, and I felt weird. Everyone was in black and beige boring stuff, except this 65yo woman professor, who had some pretty cool vintage skirt suits in candy colors. Too bad she styled them, well, like an older lady would.

It's hard to find color when stores aren't selling it, so I understand the issue. Pastels make me look yellow/green so I can't wear them. Sometimes I make a list of special things I would like to have, so I can keep an eye out for them. I also like to add color with tights or socks of various lengths. I'm guilty of having mostly basic shoes (brown, black, a dark red, running shoes, converse) though, I'm just awful at committing to colored shoes.

No. 231584

File: 1644907101402.jpg (419.67 KB, 1536x2048, LOOK5_018_eefe7756-1df7-4416-b…)

I really like the sheen and style of this Vanessa Mooney romper, but I hate that it's a romper. To me the bottom looks especially diaperish with this material and color. I wish it were a midi or mini dress. I'm not expecting to find my imaginary version of this, but can any nonnies recommend stores that sell clothes with a similar idk aesthetic I guess? (Not SheIn/AliExpress/etc)

No. 231604

the only reason I can do some brighter colors are using some gem-toned things I had from high school that I'm lucky to fit into after ten years. I had a lot of colors back then, including neons, but the reds/purples/blues/greens are easier to work into an adult setting. It's hard to find colored pieces that I like nowadays that also fit for an adult setting. I have so many cardigans/dresses/skirts/shirts from 5-10 years ago in good colors for me that also are appropriate lengths. Now it's honestly hard to find in stores. It pisses me off.

No. 231619

Hard agree

No. 231633

I am not fashionable at all but I have this really bright blue jacket I wear and I stand out so much and feel weird when I wear colors that aren't black or gray on my college campus. It's funny how it was weird to other people that I wore all black in high school but now it is the opposite. It's boring.

No. 231639

I can’t stand rompers, they always look cute in pictures but when you try them on they look ridiculous.

No. 231665

They look fine to me but just seeing them gives my tiny urgent bladder so much anxiety lol. Especially one's like OP with finicky buttons.

No. 231684

Last week I was buying a jumper for myself and i asked to see more colourful items since she was showing me just neutrals. First she said something like but what I'm offering is what's in now. I don't care about that so I tell her again to show me more vividly coloured items. Then she scoffs "well, if you wear color…" with a tone as if I want to drape myself in literal shit and leads me to it finally.
Well i got a nice green jumper, the colour got so many compliments when I wore it. People love to see colour. Fuck you and your trends, store lady

No. 231689

I'm no seamstress but wouldn't you be able to have it altered to a dress fairly easily? Like it's more or less just substracting some fabric rights?

No. 231690

Ugh yes I hate the beige nude neutral trends, they never looked good imo and just seemed boring and unimaginative. Colourful and patterned clothing always looks great even if it's a bit kooky or crazy, it gives people a lot more personality in my opinion.

No. 231697

Beige doesn't suit me personally. I have a nice hourglass shape, but beiges make me look shapeless for some reason.

No. 231709

I think color is in this season though? Not for the winter as much but this upcoming spring summer. I've seen a lot of super colorful cute stuff in fastfashion stores and runways but… I think the "classy" and "expensive" looking clothes tend to be dull and boring neutrals that are either beige, black, etc. I wanted to ask you anons where you shop? I see a lot of colorful stuff in the stores I go to, even for winter it's quite colorful.

No. 231724

Ayrt, the jumper I bought was from Gioroga. I know nothing about the brand, I bought it because it's Italian. Italian = quality in my mind.

No. 231733

File: 1644931071439.jpg (79.54 KB, 564x1013, 569287b78f1e8bf2709e9bc88a0f3f…)

I'm heavily considering buying a pair of air force just because I don't know what shoes to wear with a skirt/shorts.
I became so scared of wearing heels with skirt or shorts, it's a shame because it can really elevate an outfit on top of giving you cartoon tier long legs.
I wanted to wear white high waisted shorts and a polo-like crop top (wish it wasn't, but everything seems to be cropped these days) with block heeled sandals, but I can't do it kek. I wish I'd stop being so stuck up about it. I'm also the same when it comes to going braless, I have zero tits and could do it but I don't because I'm scared of scrotes reactions

No. 231747

I don't think heels are worth wearing but why are you scared of them?

No. 231750

I don't wear heels because they're uncomfortable, but I wear a lot of skirts. I mainly wear long flowy skirts and in the fall I'll pair them with a pair of boots or booties. In the summer I'll wear flats, I mainly go for ones with an ankle strap or something similar. Sneakers work well with them too if I just want something really casual. I'd like to buy a pair of loafers too, I think they'd look really cute with skirts. For shorts I usually wear sneakers or boots.

No. 231873

>Colourful and patterned clothing always looks great even if it's a bit kooky or crazy, it gives people a lot more personality in my opinion.
it just makes me look like a depressed clown personally, or like i'm wearing a costume. it feels like i'm larping as zooey whatsherface which is the opposite of my personality and who i hate.

No. 232016

Agree. And being pear shaped just emphasizes how dumb the bottom of a romper looks.
Yeah probably and I know alterations are not too expensive but I'm also kind of just looking for a similar style clothing too because I need to refresh my wardrobe. I've sized out of a lot of my clothes which I've worn for several years and I don't really know who makes such things in current year and don't prefer thrifting clothes.

No. 232130

File: 1644956529558.jpg (95.61 KB, 1080x1080, FB_IMG_1624041951987.jpg)