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File: 1633556790870.png (403.49 KB, 472x499, imagen_2021-10-06_164238.png)

No. 208345

Since /cgl/ has been invaded by scrotes and trannies, let's discuss general things about the fashion here, from new releases to your dream dress. Share makeup looks and diy's, or your favorite coords. Talk about the comm you are in and your lolita friendships. Ex lolitas and newbies are welcomed too. Etc.
For drama, check out the tread on /w/: >>>/w/143376

No. 208346

Thank you anon, i wish we would all make the move here.

I'll make the first move then. Does anybody else just think the new wunderwelt site is so hollow and devoid of the soul it used to have?

No. 208358

File: 1633560588456.png (661.67 KB, 500x706, 0806BD73-8F9B-4AEA-9ACE-A10251…)

Thanks for the thread anon!

I’m very excited for AP to start up the Nakayoshi Bunny MTOs whenever it happens. I’m really hoping the AP prophet was right and we’re getting all the color way choices.
Also hoping AP USA sends out Sugary Carnival soon, I’ve been so excited since I ordered it back in January.

No. 208359

File: 1633561266137.png (256.63 KB, 264x650, 99a2853d2289d8e418f0a694805531…)

I haven't dressed up in ages and my closet is still full of stuff, mostly from before I had distinguished my current tastes. I have major nostalgia for some of the old bodyline, as well as old school and punk lolita. Some taobao brands seem to hit the mark with it, and I'm not too spergy about the exact skirt length as long as the overall silhouette works out well.

No. 209597

File: 1634334143375.jpg (133.48 KB, 750x943, c1f16f2e40.jpg)

I've never worn a lolita dress in my life but I love gothic lolita so much. I don't want to buy dresses right now because I'm overweight, but I'd really like to own one someday. I'm afraid to because it can be so expensive though. also the community looks kind of terrible.

No. 209610

File: 1634339169692.jpg (28.24 KB, 400x533, 1e092c535a365da80d8323949dd4a2…)

I kinda been into lolita since I was 14 (I'm 28 now) but the thing is that I only wore (handmade) lolita when I was a teen and never again, but still followed it pretty closely by going to CGL, BTB, being up to date with the current trends, doing art of it, dressing my dolls in lolita, etc etc. It's so weird (but not in a bad way) how much has changed since my teen years. I don't call myself lolita since I don't use it, but since it's more accessible to me nowadays as a latamfag, I might actually try to dress in lolita again when I get a new job. I just need to lose my lockdown lard as well lol
I also bought some cute fabrics a few years back when I was planning on doing handmade lolita for me again, but I don't even remember why I didn't follow through with it. I still have the fabrics, but I bought it for me when I was way thinner, so once again, I need to become thinner again to start sewing. I also dream of doing something like this >>208359 and sew cute clothes for me and my doll to match. Especially printless classic lolita! Printless is so underrated. Mary Magdalene is one of my favorite brands.

If you fear the community, be a lonelita, anon. Using the clothes for yourself can be so rewarding, even if it's just for a quiet self care day at home. Lolita is more affordable than ever nowadays due to chinese brands (you gotta search for the right ones though, or at least manage your expectations for fabric and prints). Also as aforementioned, you can always learn to sew! A cute, ruffled square skirt is so so easy to sew, and paired with a nice blouse (that you can splurge a bit more since it'll be a staple in your wardrobe and you'll complement it with cheaper skirts/jsks) can go a long way.
Like, buy 2 nice blouses, one black and one white, same for socks and shoes, nice thrifted accessories and look for the dresses or skirts on taobao, second hand or make them. It can be a nice hobby learning how to sew!

No. 209611

RIP, same.

No. 209629

File: 1634355525273.jpg (76.23 KB, 460x691, tumblr_inline_ojvyisRqwM1u9hpd…)

I've never worn lolita myself but I've admired the fashion from afar for like a decade now. Now that I actually have money I want to get into ouji, I love the shorts, hats, and vests. It's such a dreamy fairytale prince look. I have a fairly androgynous body so I think I can pull it off without looking too much like a sad fakeboi. It does seem like the community is overrun with them nowadays.

No. 209637

File: 1634365369578.jpeg (42.39 KB, 343x500, uloKHQx4uP916Vq71wFCOYQrCA17nb…)

I really love lolita, been wearing it for almost a year now and no other fashion I've worn has ever made me happier. Never felt the need to join a comm or anything because they really do seem shit. My closet is like 90% Baby and Meta mature sweet but I need to get my hands on more old school

No. 209640

File: 1634366768017.jpg (71.02 KB, 500x749, 724e87ac2e01627e3677514807a688…)

What are you guys' favorite lolita style?

Mine is classic, especially Rococco inspired classic rather than Victorian. I love Victorian too, but the baroque exuberance is so nice to my eyes. Bonus points if it's in ivory or reds. You can hear hapsichords playing when you look at some of these coords lol
I loved a while back (I wanna say 2015 but I'm not sure) when OTT classic was in. It was a bit too much of course, but the coords were pretty fun and creative.

I guess my least favorite is OTT sweet, especially those from like 2011-2012, but I don't hate it nor find it embarrassing or anything, just wasn't my thing at all.

No. 210534

File: 1634925438490.jpg (697.04 KB, 750x1000, Magic Lesson of Professor Cat …)

I swear to God there was a Dear Celine reseller shop on AliExpress, but I can't find it at all. Maybe it has been deleted. I love their prints, but the resellers outside Ali even on ali mark it up too much.
Any cheap taobao shopping services recommendations? It's been such a long time since I used one, I don't even remember its name now.

No. 217696

File: 1639637574307.jpg (67.35 KB, 768x432, p021yspz.jpg)

This is super autistic, but I'd really love to see a coord inspired by the dress Elizabeth I wore in the "Armada Portrait." It's black and pale pink with pearl trim and bows as accents. Picrel is a historian wearing a replica (since the colors are harder to see in the painting because of its age.) If someone made the dress shorter and changed the sleeves, it could be a really nice gothic Lolita dress.

I like the idea of history-inspired lolita dresses in general. I think lolita and Rococo in particular have a lot in common aesthetically. The maximalism, the pastel colors, and intricate designs are all qualities they share.

No. 217733

File: 1639659882494.jpeg (197.17 KB, 370x500, CC629136-DF10-4B22-AD84-82840B…)

I very much more prefer Chinese brands compared to Japanese brands. Im tired of seeing the same prints and shapes. I know Japanese people are faggots and hate anything that’s not traditional but I really like how China has brought back older styles. Also much cheaper. Thanks cheap labor.

No. 217734

I think it looks cheap and like a costume.

No. 217736

It looks like a cake, I like it.

No. 217740

I bought a skirt from the thrift shop that is clearly some coord Lolita fit but I only have the skirt so I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on what to wear to with it. It’s white and fuzzy with pink ribbon trim little shorts inside that have lace trim with cupcakes and forks

No. 217757

Serious question, do you wear lolita anon? I love a lot of the stock photos Chinese brands put out but I've bought from them before and almost every time it turns out to be cheap garbage (not that Japanese brands are perfect either to be fair) and I sell it. Do you have any brands you personally recommend?

No. 217761

File: 1639673124111.jpg (617.49 KB, 722x1015, IMG_9676.jpg)

I agree anon, although that pink dress isn't really up my alley.

I think Chinese lolita brands get a bad rep because China, being an industrial superpower, is just producing SO MUCH stuff that lots of it is bound to be garbage. People consequently overlook the small handful of great Chinese indie brands and lolita influencers. I find that a lot of Chinese lolitas are more likely to try weird things out that Western lolitas wouldn't while still holding themselves to a high standard of effort/investment in creating a great coord.

No. 217786

File: 1639682067322.jpg (121.33 KB, 750x1000, 5-750x1000.jpg)


I do, I cycle around 3-4 coords at any moment since I focus more on cosplay than Lolita. They're both expensive hobbies.. If you don't mind the upcharge DevilInspired is a taobao reseller. Shipping is the worst but whaat isn'[t at the time.

Brands I Like
ElPress (My OG post was Elpress)
Long Ears Sharp Ears
Classical Puppets


Yes I agree anon! I find the way they are making longer silhouettes now. I've even seen some without wearing pettis,

Also some Chinese lolita is NOT cheap or bad quality. Pic rel is a classical puppets wedding release. Its sold for around ~2k in western market.

No. 217790

This dress is gorgeous. I'm tearing up!

No. 220402

File: 1640901023782.jpg (29.69 KB, 564x530, 2c0fc0793fc2b65cccf39009657a58…)

I'm annoyed that old school has become a trend
I became interested in lolita when I was 11-13 because a goth fashion magazine I read would sometimes include it but only bought my first few pieces last year
I hope I don't offend any other lolitas but I can't get over how hideous I find most new releases especially ott sweet
either that or there's just something 'off' or boring about them, I only became interested in the fashion through old school and tbh I was quite shocked when I did more research and saw how it all changed and now old school is highly sought after and expensive so I can't actually choose things that I like most of the time
I started altering normie and vintage clothes to make up for it since I'm not active in my comm so who cares as long as I like it

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