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File: 1644862565103.jpg (6.07 KB, 101x220, 179427.jpg)

No. 230589

Hello, half of the website doesn't seem to be working (not even /meta/) due to some errors that don't let you post. I love /ot/ the most so I kinda miss you all, specially today (valentine's) so until everything is solved please use this thread to vent and post dumb shit. Mods pls no hate we'll go back to /ot/ when things get solved, love you all

No. 230692

Lawyers are scum

No. 230703

They don't do anything but lie and have no morals and fuck their paralegal/s.

No. 231886

File: 1644944501837.jpg (511.52 KB, 717x1155, 1644944452969.jpg)

We'll have to use this thread soon since the other one is like getting full soon

No. 231907

File: 1644946298517.jpg (6.15 KB, 104x220, 179425-1.jpg)

Hello again

No. 231961

Can't stop looking at your picrel

No. 232021


No. 232027

No. 232030

File: 1644951088001.png (2.11 MB, 2000x1600, LC drawing room_2.png)

cleared the board you can draw again if you'd like: https://aggie.io/nypffaequn

No. 232031

I love watching movies with friends and then absolutely tearing it apart afterwards. I love being nitpicky and I love criticizing it like no tomorrow directly after viewing. I will never stop and I'll always be pretentious about movies.

No. 232036

all of the board-tan drawings are so cute nonnies youre all so talented

No. 232086

We should be friends tbh

No. 232121


No. 232127

>hi everynonny

No. 232133

File: 1644956727574.png (977.9 KB, 1083x725, tamamama.png)

Much love to the nonnie who drew the talon of the hawk album & tiny tamas. Everyone is so talented!

No. 232137

File: 1644956896989.jpeg (408.68 KB, 828x804, 4299939E-5001-4464-B9C3-8E9459…)


No. 232138

husbandonons rise up

No. 232140

I miss this era of tamagotchi

No. 232141

File: 1644956983042.jpg (156.62 KB, 828x761, 70r32435.jpg)

this is less like a bunker and more like a stranded island im going insane

No. 232144

File: 1644957073543.jpeg (61.45 KB, 466x658, images - 2022-01-16T022821.286…)

Am here

No. 232146

I’m sexually attracted to kanye west and I would match his narcissistic energy

No. 232147

File: 1644957294579.gif (4.06 MB, 480x640, 1A8F61B2-B8D7-4B26-8D09-623A60…)

I mean how could you not adore this smile <3

No. 232149

File: 1644957400872.png (359.94 KB, 536x641, 190AD9DB-385F-496C-A552-38887F…)

kawaii sugoi

No. 232151

kawaii west
kanyan west

No. 232152

File: 1644957467377.gif (6.94 MB, 500x277, 35aaac943ce4290b05a9501e520367…)

Same, I grew up on the Tamagotchi movie, I'm hoping there's a revival since the new pix & smart watch thing are so cute

No. 232153

File: 1644957504369.png (109.63 KB, 664x479, Untitled.png)

i know our situation is shitty but such doodles feel so cozy

No. 232154

File: 1644957512707.png (2.66 KB, 101x101, EFFE9497-D5C5-4843-8DD3-302979…)

tfw the refugee thread is more active than the entirety of /ot on an average day (unless a scrote posted bait)

No. 232155


No. 232156

he could have been a cute manlet if it weren't for everything else about him

No. 232158

File: 1644957602987.png (551.44 KB, 500x705, 1629912232064.png)

Good morning.
About 1 year after getting into female-only imageboards, I find other imageboards annoying because they're full of scrotes and their scrotery. I literally cannot go back to other chans because I've realized how much they suck and how badly I needed a site like that but for women. I love the fact that there are now 3 of them where I can sperg about my interests (LC, CC and FC) without feeling like I'm talking to nobody because there's no one who understands.

Hey whats up
Feels good to be a yumejo

No. 232160

File: 1644957639336.png (326.17 KB, 216x610, klapollo.PNG)

Here are my husbandos. They're also each other's husbandos.

No. 232163

File: 1644957740172.jpeg (376.99 KB, 720x712, 1C23706F-B436-4E3E-89BF-EA893E…)

I hate the fact that, whenever I see Rika, all I ever think about that is Mr Cynical/ Rikafag guy that was pro-lolicon

No. 232164

File: 1644957776833.png (934.98 KB, 992x1403, __izumi_no_kami_kanesada_touke…)

Lord help me

No. 232166

File: 1644957820314.jpg (63.74 KB, 720x653, 80535ddea4e09aa9bcaf901fe65321…)

No. 232168

What’s FC? The only other imageboards I know are launching, the sushi one I forgot the name of, crystal cafe, and that one K-pop one I forgot the name of

No. 232170

File: 1644958058302.jpg (270.07 KB, 900x820, knubjyhgvf.jpg)

My thoughts exactly. I can't even tolerate /cgl/ anymore. It's too annoying dealing with the scrotes posting incel shit, the women replying to them as if they're actual humans, and the jannies who won't do shit about any of it
Each site has its own problems, but female imageboards are an oasis

No. 232173

Sup I'm about to draw self-ship with my husbando rn

No. 232176

No. 232177

Literally who

No. 232181

If I knew about tech I would make a yumechan site for us.
His hair is so fucking long, I love it

No. 232183

File: 1644958557108.png (13 MB, 2500x2500, 8249C74E-2857-4498-A077-9C657C…)

Stupid question:

What are some descriptions of this style and what are some reoccurring themes? Idk how to describe the colour palette other than ‘medium-saturation’ and ‘orange-y’

No. 232184


No. 232185

File: 1644958603000.png (12.31 MB, 2500x2500, BA32DDDA-0F19-437C-AB04-D89B9B…)

No. 232186

i wish there was a female imageboard that's just /m/ in one site where fujo and yume shit is just boards instead of full on sites. look how dead fujochan is because its too specific like are we gonna talk about this all day? kek

No. 232188

Anons husbandopost on /ot/ all the time. They make everything lively and I love them.

No. 232189

thanks for capping it nonnie

No. 232190


No. 232191

Just a random persons house

No. 232192

Absolutely! Yume just means dream so I was thinking of a place to discuss media in general as well like a mix of /g/ and /m/.

No. 232193

Overall looks like you like a neutral color palette with warm wood tones and traditional style. There are a few midcentury modern and eclectic vintage pieces mixed in but everything else leans traditional.

No. 232194

File: 1644959047029.jpg (46.38 KB, 640x640, gx48p04a36e21.jpg)

You are literally in /g/, deal with it.

No. 232196

File: 1644959192326.png (1.37 MB, 1268x855, style.png)

this is basically my personal style and i call it 'cheap eclectic'. it also has kind of an 'apartment chic' sort of vibe to it. it's hard to pin down because it depends a lot on slow accumulation of antiques and random pieces. there's a huge emphasis on form and shape (the arch doorways, the tufted rounded armchair, funky lamps) and a lack of care for anything matching. it's more about finding individual pieces you love and smashing them together because you can't bear to part with it, compared to like ultra minimalists who want all matching wood tones or something. colors tend to be warm and cozy, yellow lighting rather than blown out whites (often because people are renting apartments and can't change their light fixtures), lots of vintage textiles have yellowed over time as well. it's a very kitchen sink kind of style and is highly individual.

No. 232197

File: 1644959307447.jpg (2.1 MB, 1403x1408, Saber.(Gawain).full.3336829.jp…)

Wow dimensionphobic much?

No. 232198

okay? so stay in your damn threads de/g/enerate. ill fucking gatekeep the shit out of this sanctuary.

No. 232199

File: 1644959335327.gif (793.4 KB, 444x250, lana chan.gif)

my pussy tastes like:
>a) cherry cola
>b) diet cola
>c) coke zero
>d) burning leaves
>e) salty milk and coins

No. 232200

I hope lolcow resurrects like jesus on the third day

No. 232201

This situation is the most bizarre thing, esp as mods are still around.

No. 232202

File: 1644959606636.jpg (9.75 KB, 246x275, 1618158756583.jpg)

sum1 plz start another cytube viewing or listeing party. im so bored and a neet

No. 232203

bags of sand

No. 232204

lets listen to born 2 die

No. 232206

i keep clicking on /ot/ out of habit

No. 232207

let's do it nonnie. how though kek

No. 232209

No. 232210

File: 1644960088579.png (1.01 MB, 784x786, ifRZlry.png)

>fagg/ot/s and de/g/enerates clash >while /snow/tards thrive.

No. 232213

its bait like cmon let's just vibe and ignore the 'tard

No. 232214

File: 1644960224730.jpg (38.33 KB, 563x584, c9fffc7f56fa984590ca377d657fea…)

Get outta the way my man is coming

No. 232215

File: 1644960271769.jpg (59.44 KB, 400x480, tumblr_891d4b6262e343bfcd30ce5…)

No. 232216

nonny have lost her entire mind she out here kawaiifying kanye

No. 232217

File: 1644960309587.png (226.3 KB, 438x229, its britney bitch.png)

B-Britney, is this you?

No. 232219

it was added but youtube is being a meanie xenophobe again so I can't watch it in my country

No. 232220

File: 1644960418235.jpeg (125.61 KB, 1080x1290, B18F7C79-29E5-48CA-8081-A6607B…)

No. 232222

File: 1644960507674.jpg (69.15 KB, 640x640, kanye-west-memes-guerra-pete-d…)

>i miss the celebricows thread

No. 232223

File: 1644960525127.jpg (7.23 KB, 190x265, download.jpg)


No. 232224


No. 232225

File: 1644960577772.png (185.38 KB, 500x522, 99FCFAE5-C07C-41F4-9F8C-6A9DC6…)

No. 232229

File: 1644960702820.jpg (39.47 KB, 474x725, dd46cf29cf8d53d9564c6368d6a0a6…)

>i miss the tinfoil thread

No. 232230

File: 1644960804914.jpg (39.28 KB, 560x577, 1623966302735.jpg)

Do I smell a faggot tranny?

No. 232231

I was in the middle of typing up a personal vent but I'm good now that I've seen this. Thank you anon.

No. 232233

There he is

No. 232238

i got four hours of sleep and ate absolute garbage put me out of my misery

No. 232239

File: 1644961430844.jpg (127.92 KB, 736x823, d54679ec4855b9c02fde756f900239…)

handkissing is the best

No. 232241

I have a boyfriend for the first time in years and I've become extremely obsessed with him. He's actually really sweet and communicates with me lots which helps but I've kept a distance from anyone for a long time so that I don't develop these obsessions. Now that we are together though they're all coming back. And I just can't stop myself. It's extremely exciting to me. Nothing fills me with the will to live more than the idea of a strange codependent relationship together. I want to need each other. I wish we could fuse into one being. Does anyone else relate?

No. 232242

File: 1644961551378.jpeg (185.53 KB, 750x1014, D743B7E9-990C-44B3-AF62-2EC610…)

I deleted because I realized it's not husbandoposting thread but fukk it I got you girl

No. 232243

>caping for 3DPG

No. 232246

Need me a faceless hulking eldritch abomination boyfriend dripping with venomous ink and surrounded by smog

No. 232247

File: 1644961848143.png (477.56 KB, 424x636, 163624-1024__48850.1571637648.…)

>i miss the unpopular opinions thread

No. 232248

I haven't read a really good fic in a long time. I miss that feeling.

No. 232249

I was watching a video about bam margera lastnight and then I was reading about kanye around the same time. I was tired and switching tabs and at one point while reading a comments section making a bunch of excuses for Bam I thought it was people making excuses for kanye. Same vibes tho

Old enough and rich enough, kids in their life to think about, still can't get some help already. Endless excuses for em

No. 232251

File: 1644961908922.jpg (58.66 KB, 480x800, noS29A65scZn3HeXBPr90yjX8fCz1A…)

>"muh santuary"fag again with her bullshit
it's all so tiresome

No. 232255

why are anons complaining about this board? /g/ fags walked so /ot/ can run, why the fuck are you here if you’re gonna keep complaining about the original creator of LC culture? lmao

No. 232256

>og creator of LC culture my fuckin ass
calm down newfag

No. 232258

Husbando anons make me sad for the world, I thought that was a mood hobby

No. 232259

they're reclaiming it. men deserve to be objectified anyways

No. 232260

they're cranky because /g had the last laugh. /g reigns supreme, long live /g

No. 232261

they dont need to contaminate every thread with their cringe smelly moids. be cute but stay in your bubble

No. 232262

File: 1644962377001.jpg (236.19 KB, 1024x681, cute_white_coat_t3539.jpg)

I miss seal posting.

No. 232263

Based, objectify all men

No. 232264

File: 1644962385809.png (696 KB, 686x698, carla.png)

because they're nlo/g/s

No. 232265

/ot/ anons are literally /g/ anone

No. 232266

No. 232267

>What’s FC?
Fujochan, it opened in late 2021, pretty empty right now, at least the yumejo board, but there are still people who will reply the same day (they're just waiting for other people to post).
>the sushi one I forgot the name of
sushigirl.us? I saw an admin post about banning lolicons and it pissed them off (kek), but I still didn't want to use it because that kind of person posts there.
>that one K-pop one I forgot the name of
Choachan.cafe? Never visited it but I'm not into K-pop myself.

>I can't even tolerate /cgl/ anymore. It's too annoying dealing with the scrotes posting incel shit
Yeah, that's the problem with even the majority female boards/threads on 4chan. There's always the possibility of scrotes invading it, and once they decide to stay it's ruined forever. They're like a fucking cancer. same thing happens in the femporn threads

>If I knew about tech I would make a yumechan site for us.
Oh nona, there's one imageboard for women that I want to make that would be based on all sorts of male characters with glasses (both fujos and yumejos welcome). Though there would also be other boards, for different character types that I like, an off-topic board (in case you want to talk about media and not just the characters, or about other hobbies, etc.), and a femgaze 2D lewd board. No real-world politics, race or other such topics, just comfy fun.
Also I had already thought about the name "yumechan" for a yumejo/het femgaze imageboard, I think it sounds neat, especially because "dreamchan" is already taken. I'll be forever grateful to whoever makes it, even if it's not specifically for yumejoshi stuff.
My other idea was to open a "yumebooru" to save all the stuff from the /h/ and /aco/ threads (plus sfw stuff, basically a site for all 2D art of hot men that is female-oriented), or a "joseibooru"/"joshibooru" for both yumes and fujos, but unfortunately booru.org isn't allowing booru creation right now.

>look how dead fujochan is because its too specific
Imo, it would be less dead if it were advertised more on 4chan where there are still a bunch of fujos. Also there are many imageboards about very specific things and they're just fine even if they're slow, because that PPH is appropriate for the topic. Like Otterchan for example (although it's down right now). As long as there are a couple new posts every day it's alright, not every imageboard has to be 4chan or lolcow levels of chaotic, and you don't have to spend the whole day in it.
But I support the idea of having another imageboard for women that is more about general topics like TV, video games, music, etc. (CC only has /media/ and here we only have /m/). And an art board too!

No. 232268

you're the only one

No. 232269

I'm so mad at all the talented drawanons I did not expect someone on this website to be a competent artist based on the bullshit in the artist salt thread lmao

No. 232270

File: 1644962629931.png (194.43 KB, 640x268, raw.png)

>be cute but stay in your bubble
>fagg/ot/s thinking they make the rules
>on /g

No. 232271

File: 1644962636737.gif (832.89 KB, 220x124, 25F300E2-B421-4205-9E20-18CFAF…)

Not true I'm here for you anon >>232262

No. 232272

You dont have to be talented to doodle come have fun

No. 232273

is this where the board race war begins

No. 232274


No. 232275

how is it a moid hobby when half the characters are literally made by/for women

No. 232276

File: 1644962771933.jpg (Spoiler Image,212 KB, 620x930, bold.jpg)

>Angela added "I felt its entire mouth around my leg at that point and it punctured the skin around my calf

And he's not one bit sorry about it

No. 232277

cool we don't

No. 232278

de/g/eneracy is a moid activity.

No. 232279

I love when my cat carries the end of a toy in his mouth and takes me for a walk

No. 232280

>ignore /ot trolls
>don't reply to /ot trolls

No. 232281

No. 232282

For all the shit in that thread, at least we are not and will never be /ic/

No. 232283

Thats dumbbbbbbbbb

No. 232284

This is my scheduled once a week pity party where I lament the fact that I've never had romantic feelings for anyone. I wish I could get a fucking crush soon this is just embarrassing.

No. 232285

File: 1644962942910.jpg (259.5 KB, 1200x1250, __megurine_luka_vocaloid_and_1…)

I can post my beautiful wife too if you prefer that.

No. 232286

File: 1644963000411.jpg (Spoiler Image,103.66 KB, 717x751, @nori31291404 EurS_5lVgAMZn4_.…)

>a sanctuary


what are those videos where you replace an OP's song with another fitting song called? I love doing that when I procrastinate although I've never posted my masterpieces anywhere

No. 232287

I love fujos and yumejos, haven't you ever read a fic on AO3 and been blown away by the effort and passion put into an author's work, so that it's elevated to a masterpiece? Most of them for no compensation but purely out of devotion to their beloved 2d men. Then, you scroll to the comments, where some absolutely adorable women/girls have typed out paragraphs praising, analyzing, and lovingly paying tribute to the author's blood sweat and tears. It is so cute I almost cry sometimes. Female 2dfags are amazing

No. 232288

What if you crush on someone and it gets obsessive and they don't like you back and it fucks you up

No. 232290

>same thing happens in the femporn threads
Holy fuck every time i see a scrote in those threads going "do women really like xyz" I want to a-log

No. 232291

Its fine anon i felt the same in hs and forced myself to get a crush on this one dude and it led me to still think about this dumbass 5 years later despite never having spoken once

No. 232292

Years ago I used to be a retarded pickme bordering on trooning out but then I found lolcow and it was legitimately the first time in my life I was interacting with a community of other women, shortly after I peaked and pinkpilled and never want to interact with men again. Lolcow has its retarded spergs but man if it isn't the only imageboard I can tolerate these days. I don't really like the idea of an entirely new girlchan because lolcow already has a strong, established userbase, making new boards would just ruin the community and some sites would end up being honeypots anyway.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn about Fujochan through this thread however! It looks quite promising, maybe I'll start posting there

No. 232293

File: 1644963175072.jpg (105.74 KB, 934x901, E9cvmr_WQAwYSOD.jpg)


No. 232294

No. 232295

embarrassing how? i'm the same and it makes me feel god like, embrace it

No. 232296


No. 232297

Unf that little smile

No. 232298

weak fa/g/got. face the music..husbando = mental illness

No. 232299

File: 1644963313492.png (1.02 MB, 775x867, 77067191_p12.png)

Nonnie that quality sucks

No. 232302

Every time I buy a new shower gel (I like to change type rather than buying the same) I get to learn about new shit that they're taking out of shower gels. I don't know what any of it is or why it's bad in the first place but thanks. I think.

No. 232303

Shut up

No. 232305

Same anon, I've pretty much accepted that I'll never be into romance. It kinda sucks because I do like the idea of romantic scenarios, but then imagining a (real) man in it ruins everything. They're just so freakish and grotesque looking and don't get me started on personality. I do like having time for myself without some annoying ass moid constantly pestering me for attention though i don't know how some women can take it.
Anon why would you say this

No. 232306


No. 232307

I hope that one nonnie is still making the mood boards

No. 232308

I used to be a retarded pick me too and I'm so glad I stopped, lolcow is a blessing

No. 232309

So mad, are you the penguin anon?

No. 232310

Grrrrr bark bark woof snarl

No. 232311

I say it because I'm kinda living it. I don't know what's worse, a total lack of romantic interest or too much of it for the wrong person.

No. 232312

NTA but I feel you anon. Men just aren't meant for real, sincere romance. Even if he's docile and loving on the surface he probably resents you in silence and dumps you the moment he's secured a new, most likely younger and thus more naïve girlfriend in secrecy. There's no winning with men and they're not worth the risk.

No. 232313

File: 1644963677247.jpeg (23.21 KB, 800x800, DE04495F-78C0-4D8E-B519-91E885…)

No. 232314

no, your dumb samefagging seal thread always just annoyed me because you're too retarded to sage your posts while talking to yourself

No. 232315

are you capable of thinking about anything other than your animal fixation

No. 232316

File: 1644963801508.jpg (243.89 KB, 1378x1188, 65638616_p28.jpg)

Thanks nonna, I'm a sloppy pinterest sinner when on other devices than my computer and tend to save stuff in duplicates.

No. 232317

i love you nonny, this must be fate. let's kiss while the seal retard tripfags and has conversations with herself

No. 232318

I remember sitting in my history class in high school and the two guys behind me were complaining about how they had to pretend to care about this girls dog that died or some similar emotional issue. "just let me smash already". Eye opening moment, I wasn't into the dating scene before and sure wasn't after.

No. 232320

can you be both a /g/ and /ot/fag at the same time
i don't want to fight

No. 232321

Okay class let’s have a show and tell

No. 232322

I'm not actually seal anon you're yelling at the wrong person. There was someone angry about seals raping penguins previously.

No. 232323

Yes, of course, I am too anon

No. 232324

I used to bring dead animals into show and tell when I was a kid

No. 232325

>infighting about animals
just nuke the site already

No. 232326

cry harder scrote

No. 232327

File: 1644964081564.jpg (375.75 KB, 1201x1658, Tumblr_l_85057340973470.jpg)

here's my crystal collection

No. 232329

Cute and fun fact!Seals regularly rape penguins in the wild. And kill them in the process. With no remorse.

No. 232330

no you losers. pick a side dammit

No. 232331

File: 1644964107281.jpeg (188.31 KB, 971x1090, 9C199C8E-32DB-40A8-A415-E36B6B…)

let me show you something

No. 232332

File: 1644964111858.jpg (258.35 KB, 500x375, original.jpg)

My secret hobby is doing decoden and this one is my hello kitty moment, thank you.

No. 232333

are you a cat anon

No. 232334

Exact experience anon, i was a pick me too in a confused type of way i was so damn confused and honestly this might sound terminally online but after experiencing browsing lc for the first time a few years ago i realized how important women only spaces are and i wish there were more in real life as well as online, it gives us a break from all the gaslighting

No. 232335

What's wrong with you

No. 232336

Cyborg husbandos will fix it

No. 232338

File: 1644964182407.png (1.19 MB, 1533x611, borseal.png)

LC's forbidden beasts

No. 232339

>wahh she dont like muh chinese cartoon ass boils
>must be a scrote!!
find something new bozo

No. 232340

stop trying to push this lame seal meme. no1cares

No. 232342

File: 1644964252889.png (2.65 MB, 1280x777, 5C7493F9-E984-43B4-8A2A-1184A1…)

This is my pet. You think he looks funny. But you have to be like, respectful and shit.

No. 232343

Disgusting. Men have no souls.

No. 232344

File: 1644964253148.gif (4.03 MB, 480x270, shutupscrote.gif)

you literally call anons ''vapid whores'', you're not doing a good job at blending in scrote

No. 232345

Omg i love decoden stuff i was thinking of getting a custom one on Etsy

No. 232346

I'm manifesting
when I say that I really mean, man, I'm festering

No. 232347

that's not me you betch. try again

No. 232348

File: 1644964280154.jpeg (170.04 KB, 450x635, 6C576C37-1F71-4986-A12D-A36C4B…)

If women are so bad why can't scrotes stay away from us? Leave us alone. Anyway I love you nonnas

No. 232349

The long lost skinny and fat siblings.

No. 232350

>can't post anime, video games, or k pop without /ot/ fags getting mad
so what, are we only allowed to like nintendo since its western looking enough for your autismo tastes?4

No. 232351

File: 1644964330631.gif (1.23 MB, 800x800, 3726204hshw263xg7.gif)

Stop fighting and listen to some Lana with us

No. 232352

File: 1644964365267.jpg (47.82 KB, 768x512, jaykay.jpg)

This is my Jay Kay. He's a a singer and this is what peak performance looks like

No. 232353

No, I used to aquire dead animals and keep them in spirit jars because I thought it was interesting, I don't know why the teacher let me keep doing, or why I stopped

No. 232354

I want to mindbreak this moid

No. 232355

kek its the womb envy

No. 232356

we don't have the same music taste cuz i like rnb and funk

No. 232357

File: 1644964401370.jpg (11.01 KB, 342x342, 9902689.jpg)

a sign to nail on our bunker. how can anyone get mad over drawings and seals of all things

No. 232359


No. 232361

I'm not sealanon, i just think is fun some anons get angry every time a seal is posted

No. 232362

No. 232363

you know you're at peak ovulation then period horniness when you're fantasizing about getting pregnant

No. 232364

File: 1644964478098.gif (975.32 KB, 480x268, yato.gif)


No. 232365

that's a man anon

No. 232366

File: 1644964527220.jpeg (220.3 KB, 750x410, D6E7B57C-A876-4D15-A115-139EEA…)

I can fit all this sashimi in mouth look look

No. 232367

File: 1644964549807.jpg (32.56 KB, 1024x627, E93MyzPUcAIkubV.jpg)

diy sex for urself

No. 232368

speaking of, what's everyone's taste in music? riot grrl + jrock + some metal and punk (but i cannot stand moid musicians and anything made in the last ten years in general)

No. 232369

based 2

No. 232370

it's called balance you absolute idiot. when the ratio is off..it gets boring and annoying real quick

No. 232372

I like jrock and metal as well as shoegaze

No. 232373

File: 1644964680015.jpeg (499.6 KB, 711x1000, 4065F607-1895-4E29-A14A-6B840C…)

Being a scrote seems so unpleasant, they are always miserable and creeping on us. Once they leave us alone maybe I will take their claims seriously.

No. 232374

Anon didn't you know? Having a libido and feeling sexual attraction are abnormal and things only moids do, duh

The reason there's an art salt thread in the first place, I think, is precisely because there are a lot of artists here. It also makes me kinda proud to say that women on imageboards tend to be creative people compared to the scrotes. So many of us are into drawing, it's almost guaranteed that when there's a female community on an imageboard they'll all be into art or writing.

kekk same, please tell them to fuck off when you see them, I'm tired of being the only one who doesn't humour them and actually protests

I actually took that from another thread but here's the source: https://twitter.com/nori31291404/status/1363133834611601410
>do you have more
More of what? hot 2D men tied up? oh yeah I've got some more but can't post any of it here

No. 232375

damn, get better hobbies all of those suck.

No. 232376

i don't understand math but why not just post the things you like to restore balance?

No. 232377

weak bait

No. 232378

annoying main pop girl with a side of kpop and alt rock, sometimes listen to classic rock, 90s rock, japanese music, mandopop, and pop in other languages

i will pretty much listen to anything that does not disgust or bore me. metal classical and rap aren't much my thing but I'll accept that each of them have good stuff buried in there

I prefer music by women to male artists and female vocalists, I have noticed that

No. 232379

kek remember homemade dildo anon?

No. 232381

me too. Like wtf, it was just someone who really likes seals posting them in her own thread because she wants to share seal facts and pics. How in hell did some people manage to get mad at that?

No. 232382

File: 1644964859457.png (165.15 KB, 892x590, 1640812272036.png)

The male is completely egocentric, trapped inside himself, incapable of empathizing or identifying with others, or love, friendship, affection of tenderness. He is a completely isolated unit, incapable of rapport with anyone. His responses are entirely visceral, not cerebral; his intelligence is a mere tool in the services of his drives and needs; he is incapable of mental passion, mental interaction; he can't relate to anything other than his own physical sensations. He is a half-dead, unresponsive lump, incapable of giving or receiving pleasure or happiness; consequently, he is at best an utter bore, an inoffensive blob, since only those capable of absorption in others can be charming. He is trapped in a twilight zone halfway between humans and apes, and is far worse off than the apes because, unlike the apes, he is capable of a large array of negative feelings – hate, jealousy, contempt, disgust, guilt, shame, doubt – and moreover, he is aware of what he is and what he isn't.

Although completely physical, the male is unfit even for stud service. Even assuming mechanical proficiency, which few men have, he is, first of all, incapable of zestfully, lustfully, tearing off a piece, but instead is eaten up with guilt, shame, fear and insecurity, feelings rooted in male nature, which the most enlightened training can only minimize; second, the physical feeling he attains is next to nothing; and third, he is not empathizing with his partner, but is obsessed with how he's doing, turning in an A performance, doing a good plumbing job. To call a man an animal is to flatter him; he's a machine, a walking dildo. It's often said that men use women. Use them for what? Surely not pleasure.

Eaten up with guilt, shame, fears and insecurities and obtaining, if he's lucky, a barely perceptible physical feeling, the male is, nonetheless, obsessed with screwing; he'll swim through a river of snot, wade nostril-deep through a mile of vomit, if he thinks there'll be a friendly pussy awaiting him. He'll screw a woman he despises, any snaggle-toothed hag, and furthermore, pay for the opportunity. Why? Relieving physical tension isn't the answer, as masturbation suffices for that. It's not ego satisfaction; that doesn't explain screwing corpses and babies.

Completely egocentric, unable to relate, empathize or identify, and filled with a vast, pervasive, diffuse sexuality, the male is pyschically passive. He hates his passivity, so he projects it onto women, defines the make as active, then sets out to prove that he is (`prove that he is a Man'). His main means of attempting to prove it is screwing (Big Man with a Big Dick tearing off a Big Piece). Since he's attempting to prove an error, he must `prove' it again and again. Screwing, then, is a desperate compulsive, attempt to prove he's not passive, not a woman; but he is passive and does want to be a woman.

No. 232383

Please keep posting this creature I kek every time I see it

No. 232384

File: 1644964874916.png (Spoiler Image,2.54 MB, 2799x1710, download.png)

Gatekeeping this shit bunker thread had to be bait, but I still laughed

No. 232385

More yaoi pls (without getting banned)

No. 232386

File: 1644964957826.jpeg (522.08 KB, 1860x2048, DB8o-0sVwAAGIxy.jpeg)

Then add that to the list you looser, I like those too.

No. 232387

music that goes fast and has sometimes boooms and drops and then there is brrrrrrr and whoop whoop, but its not necessary if there are words repetitions. i also like when i can match the beat with my heartbeat or when it makes me depressed or maladaptive daydream. screaming, but more emotional and not like in metal bands, is okay

No. 232388

>Having a libido and feeling sexual attraction ≠ Legitimate hedonism
anyway, what I witness here isn't normal; it's scrote-like and mental illness tier. -shrugging- Facts are facts

No. 232390

File: 1644965117511.png (257.97 KB, 400x400, B079378D-A66F-45F5-AF6F-8A4451…)

I have a confession: whenever I have to really pee the pressure around my virginia and clit makes me horny. welcome to /g/ nonnies

No. 232391

Nona those guys are literally fucking

No. 232392

No. 232393

do you think if we all stay together in the bunker for long enough our periods will sync

No. 232394


No. 232395

Jrock, neue deutsche härte, trap bass boosted remixes of shit, acid jazz, 50s easy listening
I listen to music maybe once a week and i listen to artists more than i listen to genres because im very picky and dont like anything

No. 232396

At least post the link to it its common courtesy

No. 232397

based and saved

No. 232398

simply posting here at all is legitimate hedonism

No. 232399

can someone make this but for troons? need to add it into my shitpost fodder

No. 232400

I'm on mine right now but it doesn't stop the horny, must be /g/ infecting me

No. 232402

kek maybe

No. 232403

kek this whole ordeal might just make me graduate from LC. you guys are too weird. and i thought i was an oddball!

No. 232404

>"Legitimate hedonism"
>looking at drawings that aren't even half as degrading as the shit scrotes draw regularly
>not even fucking in real life with several different people, but just daydreaming about 2D characters

No. 232405

I got that affliction too, fam. I actually had to go to the bathroom a moment ago after holding in for an hour for… reasons lol. It's a blessing and a curse.

No. 232406

can you prove it?

No. 232407


No. 232408

File: 1644965390327.jpg (289.75 KB, 1213x1217, 1644358398062.jpg)

I have a secret insta account to which I post random poems I like that I find in books from library. It's called 'poetryeveryday' but in my language. So far no one follows me.

No. 232409

>me wondering why I committed myself to this some negative iq project for a year
>me remembering that I would otherwise probably be dead if not for said project
>me left with the remnants of what to do knowing said project could be disastrous if retooled and unleashed because I'm a stupid bitch who can't keep my trap shut
>me knowing this also ruined part of my psyche
>me yearning to get out of my predicament so badly that I'll do just about anything
>instead cope by cutting my thighs in the bathtub
>dye hair
>don't make any art, continue warring with myself
>sink back into reclusion and stare at the results of my laborious unhinged mind yet again not doing anything with them
>wonder why there is no progress in my piss and shit scented life

No. 232410


No. 232411

File: 1644965474696.gif (2.76 MB, 268x380, tumblr_1008677e8e11aee98ba5e56…)

No. 232412

new gif just dropped

No. 232413

Yes, one of them is literally saying "でる" (I'm cumming) and there are Japanese onomatopeia for wet squishy sounds on the left

No. 232414

i get wet at random intervals and sometimes unrelated to arousal, isn't that normal

No. 232415

File: 1644965530206.png (562.86 KB, 700x517, C5B0AAD3-F351-4162-8DB6-728FCF…)

I love my pets, sometimes I crouch over them and pretend I laid an egg that I must warm.

No. 232416

every time this gif is posted i swear his eyes get more demonic

No. 232417


No. 232418

Question: is it multiple anons posting that kpop fag or just one? Because if it's just one that's kinda sad.

No. 232419

how did you do this motion tracking effect? please i wanna do stupid gifs

No. 232420

That demonic glare right before going doggy mode

No. 232423

all the years I've been here, lurking confession threads and fetishes threads, that's the most normal one posted

No. 232424

kek [spoiler]it's probably just the one farmer. it's the same level of pathetic as the seal poster.[/spoier]

No. 232425

File: 1644965705340.gif (369.54 KB, 340x340, 1405794D-9B4A-4257-8DC2-9666DF…)

No. 232426

you r kinda sad tbh get well soon hon

No. 232427

This is turning me on anon please stop

No. 232428

No. 232429

horror eyes are the gazes that slice into the depths of your soul, this dudes eyes ain't shit

No. 232430

File: 1644965763358.png (793.55 KB, 635x841, 1644959437833.png)


No. 232431

Someone a while back posted about holding her bladder to the point where she'd come (handsfree) from it.

No. 232432

last straw. last straw

No. 232433

No. 232435


No. 232436

Because it's autistic

No. 232437


No. 232438

Cute post nonnie

No. 232439

stfu bitch, we all make mistakes

No. 232440

are you lost

No. 232441

File: 1644965923410.jpeg (137.4 KB, 500x718, 7137C9AE-950B-4FA1-AA20-878678…)

Tbh I don't even like talking about them here I prefer shitposting, but I had to get it out. Also I love these artworks of cute anime women drawn by women, they are sweet and girly in a way that taps into my childhood

No. 232442

File: 1644965933445.jpg (1.75 MB, 2400x1600, k.jpg)

kek someone is desperate.

No. 232443

You can tell it's a kpopfag just from their writing style tbh. schizo post hours: i bet money on it being a kpop radfem from tumblr but that's just me

No. 232444

File: 1644965975541.jpg (Spoiler Image,88.32 KB, 735x680, 1a620a05e429f52d94c6cd8a97d73d…)

For u my nonnie

No. 232445

File: 1644965976290.jpeg (126.92 KB, 1194x840, E088D1A3-2EA2-4FF9-B0ED-428819…)

I love her nonnie, holy shit another Lukafag!! Hello

No. 232446

she is the freest of us all

No. 232447

>some turd getting mad at cute cartoons and funny gifs or memes being posted calling it autistic
>always happens in conjunction of misogynistic posts or more retarded shit


No. 232448

No. 232449

Is this a record attempt to squeeze in as many buzzwords as possible into one sentence?

No. 232450

File: 1644966018706.png (251.66 KB, 700x779, 1443499864668.png)

Ace Attorney 4 was always underrated and a step in the right direction, AA5 and 6 were abominations and fucked up Apollo's character beyond repair. Trucy and Klavier being ignored in both AA5 and AA6 is a crime against good writing, and I still can't believe AA5 tried to make us care about a literal plot point with a character design just because Apollo says at some point that they were friends. They even turned Phoenix Wright, the ultimate dilf, into a useless deadbeat because of bad writing. All of this just because Capcom is retarded and wants to use Phoenix as a mascot to the series as a whole to sell paper toilet and tacky wedding rings. GIVE ME UNUSED KRISTOPH'S BACKSTORY ALREADY REEEEEEEEE

"deru" is more specifically about ejaculating, comming as in "having an orgasm is "iku" but in katakana, too bad I'm too lazy to switch to the Japanese keyboard to write that shit.

No. 232451

TY! hawt (please spoiler though for your preservation!)

No. 232452

P sure that’s discharge

No. 232453

we're all autistic
she didn't type anything this time tho, what's the style?

No. 232454

It's literally just imageboard lingo and "radfem". Why are you on an imageboard if you can't understand it.

No. 232455

this gif has been used as a shitpost for a couple of weeks now, lurk moar newfag scrote.

No. 232456

The beast is demonic in nature

No. 232457

I wrote a fanfic for an extremely rare pairing and now I'm on my way to do another!!!!!!

No. 232458

i hate being ugly and i'm scared of my own face

No. 232460

pure projection

No. 232461

File: 1644966198344.jpeg (Spoiler Image,132.57 KB, 735x1079, A747C7A8-C594-4346-9438-9D4968…)

the eyes in this photo started stealing portions of my soul, and I've been trapped in purgatory ever since laying my gaze on it

No. 232462

File: 1644966207969.jpeg (197.8 KB, 750x971, 06DB1C98-F2D8-4A9A-A585-CE059E…)

okay I have to vent but i’m drawing in the LC drawing room right now and i decided to draw a black woman and someone put their dirty ass text next to it saying
>/ot/ racebaiter

I know it’s a joke but I can’t even draw a person who doesn’t look like board tan? Fuck you, the person who did that you’re a loser, your mom doesn’t love you, and you can’t sit with us

No. 232464

please share

No. 232465

Who cares. You can still be a qt if you’re ugly.

No. 232466

I didn't say that I don't understand it, I said that it's too tryhard.

No. 232467

stop avatarfagging. anons with overly cutesy pics shitting on scrotes always got me sus. you're not fooling anyone

No. 232468

File: 1644966310027.jpg (65.28 KB, 736x671, b65953b166a652998825063ec83c0f…)

I made a little rant about my crochet projects in the last thread, and I think I'm finally getting it! I successfully did two rows. I almost had one less stitch than I was supposed to have, but I squeezed one more in there to get the correct amount. I hope it doesn't fuck me over in the next few rows. It took me 4 days but I fucking did it

No. 232469

cute, nice dress

No. 232470

kek this is either Elaine or the Kanye moid

No. 232471

I recorded a video for a class last semester with studio lighting and started crying when I saw how badly the camera distorted my features

I'm not terribly ugly irl, maybe even bland, but cameras have an effect of making me look like a disgusting muppet

No. 232472

Ugh anon please I just ate

No. 232473

File: 1644966364104.jpeg (89.74 KB, 548x639, 1643446081850.jpeg)

>mfw bullied a tranny so hard he finally admitted he wasn't a woman
im feeling proud

No. 232474

File: 1644966373817.jpeg (1.04 MB, 2200x1441, 15789072-A4C2-4D2A-BB59-35BF2A…)

I like to go on google map trips and find interesting places
This cafe looks cool

No. 232475


No. 232476

kek you literally prove that vandalizer's point. some of you are unnecessarily touchy when it's literally just pigment in the skin. grow some skin and just vibe

No. 232477

File: 1644966424816.gif (545 KB, 275x155, 1644478357922.gif)

No. 232478

Sometimes I purposefully hold my pee because it feels good. I've done it for way longer than I should have, and I'm certain I'm gonna get a UTI from it someday

No. 232479

I-I don't know if I should as it is my first fic and for a fandom based of a children's video game and I wish not to make my autism apparent on this site yet

No. 232480


No. 232481

File: 1644966530502.jpg (82.66 KB, 500x500, 500x500.jpg)

Happy Tuesday bitches have you recited the Chalisa?

No. 232482

wait is it about the series thats getting a movie soon, right?

No. 232483

File: 1644966541354.png (331.76 KB, 442x460, 1644960119390.png)

No. 232485

age and plastic surgery cannot contain the unsettling demonic pupils, they will always prevail

No. 232486

Same here anon, I want to masturbate so bad but I don't want to deal with the mess. At least it'll be over in a couple of days.

No. 232487

For your soul

No. 232488

i hate trannies because of my psycho ex troon roommate (troonmate)
they literally threatened me with a gun and also screamed at me for having a box of pads. he also constantly had screaming fits

No. 232490

>Ace Attorney 4 was always underrated and a step in the right direction
it was a step in the right direction for sure, but confirmed to have been changed from its original premise because Crapcom couldn't accept an Ace Attorney game without Phoenix in it. I think, had Shu Takumi been allowed to make AA4 about Apollo only and make it separate from the Phoenix Wright trilogy, AA5 and 6 would have been very different. Also I wanted to see or hear about Kristoph again REEEEE
KEK I typed my spoiler even before reading this part, I'm glad we both agree!
>I still can't believe AA5 tried to make us care about a literal plot point with a character design just because Apollo says at some point that they were friends
This, but fujos totally ate that up because they don't even need both characters to have had screentime together or even a personality. When I played AA5 I found that plot point so strange and felt that I didn't even know Apollo when he became edgy.

No. 232491

No. I don't know what you're talking about but it does have to do with a series that has a certain pink puffball

No. 232492

why not just do it in the shower

No. 232493

He sounds atrocious, I hope he's dead now

No. 232494

What are with all these no fun zone bitter posts
You're onto something. I'm smelling a moid.

No. 232495

meta knight is dashing

No. 232496

>I can’t even draw a person who doesn’t look like board tan?
No, you can't. No one cares about how much you need representation. Go self-insert somewhere else.

No. 232497

I for one like your posts cute nonnie. I like the art too.

No. 232498

i like to hold the shower head up to my vagina during my period so i can flush out the blood chunks.

No. 232499

File: 1644966826038.png (178.14 KB, 319x437, distinguished gentlewoman.PNG)

Lol who gave Elsie a moustache
I'm sorry about that anon, it's a cute drawing. Idk why that person would write that like there's only one racebaiter in /ot/, or like we have any racebaiting anons that are known for art. It wasn't even an offensive drawing.

No. 232500

File: 1644966830171.jpeg (61.97 KB, 1280x720, 1644422158795.jpeg)

schigitty schwat? SHIFIFTY SCHFIVE

No. 232501

Please give more stories about this creatura so we can laugh. Why did he yell at you over a box of pads?

No. 232502

Always true and no one was complaining like this in the other thread! Men hate when women have fun.

No. 232503

He is, he really is! I used to have a crush on him and still do haha…

No. 232504

i love this picture so much, good job nonnie

No. 232505

Ot being down rules because this thread is the best thing that's happened to lcf in years

No. 232506

Samefag but
>"deru" is more specifically about ejaculating, comming as in "having an orgasm is "iku" but in katakana, too bad I'm too lazy to switch to the Japanese keyboard to write that shit.
Oh yeah I'm aware of that, but saying "I'm ejaculating" sounds so weird in English that I thought a better equivalent would be "cumming". If I had come up with a better alternative I would've used it but I can't think about JP-EN translation right now lol

No. 232507

File: 1644966915215.jpeg (253.34 KB, 916x601, 2BB74DDC-7CC9-46AC-AAAA-64BE8B…)

I was going to make a post but then I forgor what I was going to post

No. 232509

Thank u for ur hard work nonny, this is community service

No. 232510

File: 1644966994310.jpeg (155.47 KB, 376x487, 3B404776-186D-4ACD-BB82-AA0135…)

Do you ever read what an anon types and then like her typing style and want to hear more of her thoughts and wish you were friends or am I autistic

No. 232511

did admin ever make a public statement about what's going on with all the errors? anything?

No. 232512


No. 232513

No. 232514

No lmao

No. 232515

Board-tan's name elsie?? what is going on??

No. 232516

No. 232517

also he has that enormous separate facial line down one of his cheeks

there is something so grossly inhuman about his appearance and entire demeanor and yet I cannot stop wanting

No. 232518

File: 1644967143731.jpeg (70.87 KB, 1080x744, A0205191-4BB7-4FE6-9128-CF0EC4…)


No. 232519

File: 1644967146647.png (230.05 KB, 542x652, Screenshot 2022-02-15 at 11.18…)

No. 232520

File: 1644967188103.jpeg (68.2 KB, 225x191, 3672A7DA-49E0-45BA-9639-B9F1E8…)

after the borden cow

No. 232521

he is an incubus

No. 232523

When she was first being created, someone suggested that name but no one uses it. I think I'm the only one who calls her that, but I'm determined to bring it back. Elsie = L C

No. 232524

No. 232525

It comes from L-C aka lolcow

No. 232526

i do too, it's cute

No. 232527

>he's an incubus
>he's not having sex with me

No. 232528

File: 1644967336005.jpeg (49.16 KB, 720x1280, 3A74BA45-09A6-429B-8334-A766D0…)

how this thread feels

No. 232529

Thank u anon, I'm retarded.

No. 232530

Elsie is a shit name

No. 232532

Everyone is sitting cross-legged barely an inch away from eachother, talking very excitedly to themselves.

No. 232533

File: 1644967452780.jpeg (77.7 KB, 640x625, ababhamtaro.jpeg)

No. 232534


No. 232535

we can always swap letters and change it to elise

No. 232536

And yet cozy at the same time

No. 232538

>Idk why that person would write that
Fuck them, I'm betting it's a male, probably that retarded /pol/fag who had been shitting up /ot/ lately. Just drawing a character that isn't white isn't "racebaiting" nor "forced representation", only a 4chan scrote would think so.

It's definitely an interesting place

NTA but yes, for me it was the fucking voice in Brawl kek, but to be fair I was still a kid/teen when I played that

No. 232539

Your mom

No. 232540

File: 1644967548890.png (Spoiler Image,15.78 KB, 311x336, komaeda.PNG)

No. 232541

how is az taking kanyes breakup

No. 232542

i wanna sit next inbetween seal-chan and ko-chan

No. 232543

komaeda discharge anon?

No. 232544

>but to be fair I was still a kid/teen when I played that
Is it wrong that I still have somewhat of an attraction to him that he's now earned husbando status despite me being an adult?

No. 232545

She sounds more intelligent than i assumed

No. 232546

File: 1644967672303.jpg (17.97 KB, 585x278, yt4hXhJh.jpg)

No. 232547

>Elsie = L C
omg that's genius, I love site mascot names that are clever puns like this

No. 232548

File: 1644967738326.jpg (96.72 KB, 493x661, 1ec5484addcf329aaf7c0ac475acfa…)

I have no thread and I must shitpost

No. 232549

File: 1644967767262.png (174.94 KB, 454x399, 0682B43E-A82B-4604-BF17-4A7EE3…)

good evening

No. 232550

>same thing happens in the femporn threads
Noooo I haven't checked in a couple weeks (or months? i'm losing track of time), did the moids evolve worse than their retarded

No. 232551

File: 1644967801684.png (204.85 KB, 518x338, neets.PNG)

Not her, but I hope she does see it.

No. 232552

meant to delete next oh well

No. 232553

I don't like dicks, I need the pussy one. You know, this made me realize that men are truly worthless. People who like them can just use dildos, but you can't replace a vulva. Of course, there are those shit onahole things, but unlike their walking dildos selves, women are needed as a whole for sex to be pleasant. Waifufags and MGTOW losers can cope all they want, their hands and sex toys can't replace what sex with a woman would feel like

No. 232554

File: 1644967833109.jpg (20.68 KB, 400x300, Friedrich-Nietzsche.jpg)

me kek it was a reference to nietzsche ("god remains dead and we have killed him")
your drawing is beautiful ano and that person is a retarded faggot

No. 232555

File: 1644967852860.jpeg (26.4 KB, 828x277, ab based.jpeg)

i am unironically in love with azealia banks

No. 232556

File: 1644967857180.jpg (98.46 KB, 891x900, E_PZ-qmVIAYLGG_.jpg)

I loved Phoenix in AA4 because he felt like he did get older but he was still himself. Only Takumi and Suekane are allowed to write Phoenix, I won't accept any substitute. I loved that Takumi confirmed that deep down, Phoenix was always completely fucked in the head anyway, anyone calling him ooc in AA4 is wrong, but AA5 making regress and making him a parody of himself just to restore the status quo was an insult to the character.

As for Kristoph… You'd think he'd still have an impact off screen on the characters, since he was Apollo's former and first boss, and he is Klavier's big brother. We don't even know how he feels about Klavier deep down. Does he like him but used him as pawn just because it was easier to trick his own brother who clearly trusts him? Does he dislike him? Does he love him but just underestimated him and thought Klavier would be way more dependent on him? Is he completely indifferent? WHERE THE FUCK ARE THEIR PARENTS ARE THEY DEAD? WHAT ABOUT THE SCAR? TAKUMI PLEASE ANSWER

>but fujos totally ate that up

I'm a turbo fujo and I don't give a fuck about Clay. Either make him Athena's childhood friend, some random guy whose death traumatizes Apollo because he already saw a man slowly, painfully dying in front of him in the previous game, or make him relevant during the whole game like Gregson in DGS, but Clay being some random murder victim and Apollo becoming an edgelord over it was ridiculous. Although, he had some scenes where he was talking and acting exactly like Kristoph, that was interesting and kinda hot. I've seen bitches saying Apollo/Clay was better than Klavier/Apollo even though Clay isn't even a character? He's just a bunch of drawings kek.

Thank god Yamazaki fucked off from Capcom, he won't taint Apollo and Klavier any further. Takumi should have written AA5 to keep adding things to Apollo, Klavier and Trucy's respective storylines.

No. 232557

cursed komaeda

No. 232558

She was so nice and honest with them too but of course they couldn't take it.

No. 232559

the drawing isn’t even board-tan it’s a random ass woman, calm yourself

right it’s just a skin tone! just like your retardation makes you a special misunderstood genius and the “libtard wokies” are in the wrong. i’m not a “special snowflake” i’m tired of hearing your colorblind shit. go fuck yourself I’ll respond to whatever I want, I’ll defend myself even if I’m anonymous bitch or scrote

No. 232561

i'm sorry ugh that's so dumb
your drawing is amazing btw

No. 232562

File: 1644968093038.jpg (80.97 KB, 736x541, 207cf5bceaf46d336e70296f62ba39…)

Ladies I just got home from work. Which one of you is gonna kiss me and say welcome home

No. 232564

i think people who act like non white people are on the same level of troons should be unironically killed

"noo you can't draw non whites thats virtue signaling" lol wut? acting like im drawing a tranny or some shit

No. 232565

Me cuz I just made a pot of tea

No. 232566

leggy boi

No. 232567

File: 1644968190323.jpg (148.36 KB, 1200x1200, Strawberry-Cheesecake_EXPS_FT2…)

welcome home our dear wife! i made you a cake

No. 232568

And just like that my heart stopped
Holy shit, who is that qt? I remember seeing him and thinking he was so handsome when I first saw him at 4 years old (pls no bully) but I can't remember what anime this is from

No. 232569

I'm in a pissy mood and I'm just thinking of how annoying everyone's gonna be when /ot opens back up. The longer it's out of order, the more annoying the "/ot IS FUCKING BACK, REJOICE NONNIES" posts will be.

No. 232570

File: 1644968238122.jpg (23.53 KB, 563x453, 1644514845350.jpg)

Get the fuck out of my house or I'll call the cops.

No. 232572

That's a female character from the whatever the fuck of Lodoss, I don't remember the English title because I'm ESL.

No. 232573

File: 1644968298398.gif (1.68 MB, 275x155, 95A92A12-DB2E-4430-8B29-CF9BC3…)

>t. seething yakubian devils

No. 232574

>is it wrong
I don't think it's "wrong", rather "weird". It's because he's not human-like at all and he's a cute round creature like Kirby. On the other hand, he has human-level intelligence and can talk, and he's pretty cool. As long as your entire life doesn't revolve around him it's fine to like him as a husbando imo. It does't seen that uncommon either, I've seen other MKfags, in particular one in 4/v/ who posted in vidya husbando threads.

Unfortunately yes
Like I said, they're cancer and only grow worse over time

holy shit based, but like the other anon said, it's a shame that people aren't gonna listen to her.

No. 232575

No mames güey

No. 232576

Yes, that anon on /ot/ a few days ago who left her bf who lived with her in the woods, so she went homeless traveling meeting lots of people.

No. 232577

File: 1644968438965.jpg (19.55 KB, 120x178, 15145767898900009.jpg)

Is it normal to have pee drops in your panties or am I cleaning myself wrong?

No. 232578

not to be dramatic but if you go into the drawing room to be negative towards other anons I hope you die

No. 232579

right?? do you see the shit in there? like okay let me draw whatever I want that’s the beauty of the draw room

No. 232580

you guys are so easy to troll. stop trying to cape for me.

No. 232581

kek amazing

get some liners or dilate

No. 232582

Aw are you the little gore moid in /meta/ trying to scare anons away and get a woman’s attention? I knew it, you’re so fucking obvious. Kill yourself already

No. 232583

>erases scribblage
like i am actually embarrassed how you cant take a joke. /ot/ race anons will never disappoint.

No. 232584

No. 232585

are you sure you haven’t been confusing discharge for pee stains?

No. 232587

berutorto…did you wet the bed again…

No. 232588

File: 1644968870936.png (42.5 KB, 209x335, flop.png)

i have three midterms to study for and one imageboard in crisis to post on instead

No. 232589

is it bad to eat fruit for dinner?

No. 232590

kek clever idea

No. 232591

File: 1644968940277.jpg (16.54 KB, 322x327, de49cc44baff477065cd88143bc13f…)

I didn't get to reply back in time before the last thread got locked, so if the anon who vented about her mental health counseling internship is still here: I'm honored that my reply was able to bring you some comfort and I hope that you'll be able to power through these stressful times. We're all rooting for you!
(Also, sorry for the corny unsolicited advice, but do you journal/ever considered it? I like to dump my feelings and rants into a notebook and I find it so relieving and a good way to process my feelings without involving anyone else.)

No. 232592

y'all should of left it up. it portrayed lc accurately kek.

No. 232593

Yo the song Black Velvet goes hard

No. 232594

File: 1644969056054.jpeg (124.2 KB, 720x1280, 63A6C72E-59DE-4EB0-9716-4765F2…)

No. 232595

No. 232597

I love it nonny

No. 232598

God bless you precious nonny

No. 232600

File: 1644969188260.gif (117.62 KB, 1024x768, Kristoph-Glasses-1-HD.gif)

>I loved that Takumi confirmed that deep down, Phoenix was always completely fucked in the head anyway, anyone calling him ooc in AA4 is wrong
Wow I didn't know that. Hey, are you one of the anons from the video game thread? I remember wanting to join in the conversation later but I forgot lol
>As for Kristoph… You'd think he'd still have an impact off screen on the characters, since he was Apollo's former and first boss, and he is Klavier's big brother.
Exactly, it's like they want us to forget they existed kek as if they erased him from the story
ALSO WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT PSYCHELOCK HIDING? was it ever confirmed what it was? I don't trust fan theories about it just being his subconscious fear of being caught or whatever, it seems that explanation is too simple, and it's not official

>Thank god Yamazaki fucked off from Capcom

Well I've read some interesting hypothesis about him writing 5 and 6 like that because he was forced to, and that there's evidence of 5 having last minute changes to the plot, but who knows. I blame Capcom more than Yamazaki because obviously they were the ones who started to mess up the direction Takumi wanted to take the series.

No. 232601

you should eat a little bit of carbs or protein if you want your meal to be filling. like fruit salad with nuts. or some peanut butter

No. 232602

File: 1644969200230.jpg (10.39 KB, 230x260, 24864198ae08b68e6c4a782ff2ee6f…)

i will post exactly that just because you're complaining about it

No. 232603

My legs get weak when I masturbate in the shower and it takes me too long, I need to sit or lay down.

No. 232605

File: 1644969309950.jpg (4.59 MB, 4032x3024, sausage boy.jpg)

He looks like a little sausage

No. 232606

File: 1644969330101.gif (1.86 MB, 245x240, 1644969172124.gif)

No. 232607

Maybe I'll drink a little tonight. Or maybe not. All I know is that I've got sims to perform plastic surgery on.

No. 232608

Idk about everyone but i cant do it if im not lying down

No. 232609


No. 232610

File: 1644969393123.jpg (142.05 KB, 1280x960, 1637694493754.jpg)

Someone on posted this a while ago but I'm still drooling

No. 232611

File: 1644969397943.png (572.99 KB, 674x642, hearts.png)

No. 232612

I fuck everything up for everyone I should kill myself I've contributed nothing to the world I'm a burden to my parents an annoyance to my 'friends' and all the others they hate me. This has gone on for too long, I should pick up the rope

No. 232613

No. 232614

Is there no joy in your heart nonita?

No. 232615

this gif never fails to make me laugh the longer i stare at it. ah womack, that crazy gooner.

No. 232616

File: 1644969575784.jpg (183.9 KB, 1024x680, gettyimages-80604713-1024x1024…)

Here we go here we goooo big money big moneeeey

No. 232617


No. 232618

File: 1644969684347.jpg (33.16 KB, 612x408, istockphoto-1158555215-612x612…)


No. 232620

I hardly ever go anywhere but /ot/ so I was absolutely terrified mods were sick of me and somehow permabanned me from viewing any more posts since 2 days ago

No. 232622

Yes that's me. I'll talk about AA4 until I die. There are a bunch of interviews from the devs online, there's a blog with translations that's full of info, I forgot the blog's name though.

I'm sure the psychelock didn't have a particular meaning. It's just there to say that Kristoph has a secret, he's hiding the fact that he used his friend and his brother like tools and that he killed several people, but he isn't a little bitch so he will never say what it is under any circumstances, probably even if he's tortured. Which is where the jury system plays a role, he wouldn't need to confess anything because the truth becomes more and more obvious and the jury is here to use their common sense and say that he's guilty of the crimes he committed. Again, AA5 ruined that by giving it some different meaning.

>I blame Capcom more than Yamazaki because obviously they were the ones who started to mess up the direction Takumi wanted to take the series.

You're not wrong, they're the one who told the B team to handle the main games. Actually, this reminds me of Capcom being responsible for DMC2 kek but DMC2 was infinitely worse than any AA game.

>Exactly, it's like they want us to forget they existed kek as if they erased him from the story

I hate this "no spoilers allowed" rule so much, it's so retarded. Imagine if the trilogy did that.

No. 232624


No. 232625

pew pew

No. 232626

File: 1644969869676.jpeg (122.73 KB, 1500x500, 1500x500.jpeg)

also are there any more pics like this that aren't scrote "roll for your waifu" shit?

No. 232627

So, what style do you use to browse the website, nonnies? I personally use Girltalk 2. I love the subtle teal gradient. It makes posts legible, while also being appealing to the eyes! There is so much beauty in simplicity.

No. 232628

File: 1644969879620.jpg (35.14 KB, 450x360, main-qimg-85f97e15b4d5cbcfc4b2…)

No. 232629

Yotsuba, because its nostalgic.

No. 232630

careful, the muh reprezentayshuhn anons might reee at you kekek

No. 232631

Every time I see the term "f/o" on tumblr I think about how Nemu allegedly coined the term and then I think about her art and get upset and disgusted.

No. 232632

Kek me too

No. 232633

I have a very controversial confession… just don’t let the trannies see… sometimes, period cramps do feel like trapped farts

No. 232634

Great choice!

No. 232635


No. 232636

Szalet because I am edgelord

No. 232637

File: 1644970203975.jpg (60.52 KB, 563x559, Tumblr_l_151650069434649.jpg)


No. 232639


No. 232640

Luna cause I love ponieeeees

No. 232641

File: 1644970418434.gif (446.15 KB, 421x310, download (2).gif)


No. 232642

ME!! I was going to post in the last thread if any anons would be interested in meeting up on a server and having an igloo party or something.

No. 232643

Samefag when I was in high school I used to have a plugin for Facebook called Ponybook that would make everything pony themed

No. 232644

Blizzard. Skii Lodge.

No. 232645

File: 1644970568112.jpg (97.91 KB, 400x566, 84594 - Ace_Attorney Apollo_Ju…)

Darkcow, I like dark themes on imageboards, and love blue + black/very dark grey palettes.
On mobile I use Szalet for the same reason and its fancy palette. Fortunately the background pattern isn't very visible. It actually took me a while to realize they were skulls it spooked me.

There are many things about AA4 that I liked, it actually became my favorite AA game. But that does't seem to be a very popular opinion. I should replay it sometime.
>There are a bunch of interviews from the devs online, there's a blog with translations that's full of info, I forgot the blog's name though.
Oh yeah I've seen that blog, but forgot the name too.
Thanks for the spoiler nonna, that actually gave me some peace of mind. I hadn't realized, but it seems so obvious now that you've said it.
>"no spoilers allowed" rule
I had no idea that was a thing. Damn

No. 232646

File: 1644970626088.png (339.29 KB, 624x395, fuck.png)


No. 232647

Because I just need to fucking vent. My ex got married yesterday. He's been with her 3 years. He turned 35 a couple weeks ago, and she just turned 21.

I've been trying to prepare for this mentally, and figured I would be relieved when it finally happened. I am sort of, I guess. But I'm also overwhelmed with the "why the fuck was I not good enough" again. I gave him almost 8 years of my life, I gave him everything. And it was never good enough. If you asked him, we weren't even together but one month in the very beginning. He used me up, drove me to the brink of insanity, and then threw me away. He constantly slept with other girls, and has a proclivity for younger.. I was 23 when we met, he was 27. After me, most of them were younger than 23. My eating disorder intensified, I was often suicidal. And he thought I was faking my anxiety. On and off for nearly 8 years…I was only ever a convenience.

I think he might have cheated on this one with me in the very beginning, like he did with the last one.

I didn't think I would be as fucked up about this as I am. But here I am, single still, and I kind of am just ready to be done. I feel pointless.

No. 232648

I hope I can get there soon, I'm just waiting in line to join!

No. 232649

File: 1644970762231.jpg (40.93 KB, 736x540, c58525d470e1062416301fbb50dcd6…)




(¯`·.¸¸.-> °º º° >-.¸¸.·`¯(



u   n   h   i   n   g   e   d

u    n    h    i    n    g    e    d






















(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ unhinged ♥

unhinged 波 あ

unhinged (波 あ)


˜”°•.˜”°• unhinged •°”˜.•°”˜















Wingdings: ◆︎■︎♒︎♓︎■︎♑︎♏︎♎︎

⋆ ⋆

,-*'^'~*-.,_,.-*~ ~*-.,_,.-*~'^'*-,

。✳ ✳。

⋆ ⋆

♥ ỮⓝⒽℕģ乇

✋ ùηħIND ൠ

♧ υภⓖ∂ ☝

UNʰŇgeᗪ ♬

υⓗᵈ ⛵

【。_。】 ⓊηίᶰǤᗴ 【。_。】

☠ ηίⓝGD ⛵

♣ ᑌᶰᎶᗴ∂

♛ ήʰภG乇 ♨

★彡 ℕiℕǤⒺ 彡★

Ňᶤᑎᗪ ☢☆

♝ u几hNģeĐ

¤¸¸.•´¯`•¸¸.•..>> UⒽƗภǤᗪ <<..•.¸¸•´¯`•.¸¸¤

♥ ŇιℕⒺ ♕

░▒▓█ ᶰĦŇⒹ █▓▒░

♣ υℕhᎥNǤeđ


.•♫•♬• нƗnⒺ∂ •♬•♫•.

нⓘ几Ⓔ ♣ඏ

ᑌᶰηD ☜


✩ ✩

⋆ ⋆

✧: :✧(emoji)

No. 232650

bruh that dude is obviously a worthless piece of junk, do you really want that pedo cheating retard to be your life partner and have his kids? you deserve so much more, moids' actions don't reflect anything about you, they're all sick in the head

No. 232651

My sister did the same thing lol
During my MLP:FiM phase I was into Hetalia more so I never did that

No. 232652


No. 232653

File: 1644970872274.png (2.1 MB, 2000x1600, LC drawing room.png)

Current iteration of the drawing board.

No. 232654

This is sooo much more aesthetically pleasing than the moid versions lmao

No. 232656

nona, stop looking what ur ex is doing, out of life, out of heart and listen to some anastacia

No. 232657

File: 1644971027073.jpg (59.68 KB, 391x582, fineartanon.JPG)

Damn fine art nonny really be snapping

No. 232658

File: 1644971046590.gif (492.92 KB, 640x360, download (5).gif)

Come on club pengus get on Blizzard Skii Lodge

No. 232659

File: 1644971143552.jpg (396.38 KB, 1077x1200, Screenshot_20220216-002351_Chr…)

On the menstruation wikipedia page.
We really can't have shit to ourselves, huh

No. 232660

whoever drew "russia forever" ily

No. 232661

Lmao at the two anons having a chat

No. 232663

File: 1644971442360.jpg (132.88 KB, 447x632, 1464749250312.jpg)

Nevermind, I found it: https://gyakutensaibanlibrary.blogspot.com/

>Thanks for the spoiler nonna, that actually gave me some peace of mind. I hadn't realized, but it seems so obvious now that you've said it.

I feel like with AA4 there are a lot of things that make way more sense once you think about it. For example, remember in the third case when everyone was like "of course a skinny child couldn't have used the gun?" and a bunch of players said the case was retarded because the kid is still the accused? But at some point Klavier heavily implies he has no choice because the "power that be" already decided Machi was the culprit, and if we agree that "the power that be" means Klavier's bosses and you take into account the fact that Daryan was using Klavier as a drug mule to save one of said higher up's dying son with a potential medicine, you can guess that this whole thing was fishy from the start on purpose. I really need to replay it again. I think I will give myself some time to replay A1 to AA4 at some point.

Poor Apollo, being sexually harassed by his serial killer boss like that kek

No. 232664

File: 1644971478016.jpg (757.82 KB, 1944x2880, MV5BMGUwZjliMTAtNzAxZi00MWNiLW…)

Playing this movie in about 15 mins. Join mee

No. 232665

I wish the sperg who wrote over lc tan a very shut up

No. 232666

Anons shitting on /g/ extra hard in the past month or so and all having to retreat here is the funniest turn of events. I love you all

No. 232667

It's late so I should be sleeping, but I watched this movie on the plane back to my country in 2020 and I loved it. Chris Evans looks cute in that one. I wouldn't let him call me racist slurs but he's cute.

No. 232668

I've been thinking the same thing kek

No. 232669

i wanna watch this movie but its so late i have to go sleep

No. 232670

File: 1644971795634.gif (371.33 KB, 500x375, 1403646047670.gif)

Day 3 of quarantine: the infighting has started. Husbandoposting has caused a rift between the /g/ and /ot/ anons. Scrotes and trannies finally figured out our location. Still no word from admin. I don't know how much longer we can carry on before things get bloody.

No. 232671

hate you too #♥##

No. 232673

File: 1644971869562.jpg (85.51 KB, 736x736, 97c36585c4c4d67bef0666a9562bd2…)

reaching enlightenment as I am taking a fat turd

No. 232674

hate watching a ted talk and the speaker keeps making mouth slapping sounds UGHHH SHUT UP!!!!! TALK NORMAL

No. 232675

File: 1644971896178.jpg (25.19 KB, 320x320, parishilton.jpg)

inshallah sister, we will get thru this

No. 232676

Thanks for the link, nonny
>I feel like with AA4 there are a lot of things that make way more sense once you think about it.
Yeah I also think AA4 had a slightly darker tone than the previous games. Like the example you gave. I hadn't thought about that either, but I guess I was too young to notice those things at the time.

Confession, when I played it for the first time and was super into Ace Attorney, I used to call Apollo "Apolindo" because he's so cute kek

No. 232677

>my post has been the first one on the site for 3 days
At least the post is filled with love.

No. 232678

please keep us posted with the updates anon, I'm to scared to look.

No. 232679

How come Club Penguin has so many Paris Hilton LARPers?

No. 232680

does anyone else think it's weird that crystal cafe is also having issues? (can't upload images/make new threads) saged for retardation

No. 232682

The image block comes from someone who was spamming, you guessed it, CP

No. 232683

Whay the fuck was the trans thing in the drawing room about? Did a troon get in?

No. 232684

File: 1644972095722.gif (584.9 KB, 498x498, goodnight-glitter.gif)

Lmao I'm sorry anons. I shouldn't be playing it so late (it's like 7 here) but I'm bored and I want something to mindlessly watch while I work on some stuff. I would've played it earlier but I was busy.

No. 232685

File: 1644972100628.jpeg (84.56 KB, 1280x720, download (3).jpeg)

where my girls at who have social issues not bcus of autism but bcus of ptsd and the never ending need to isolate yourself from everyone all the time repeatedly forever

No. 232686

does anyone else think it's weird that crystal cafe is also having issues? (can't upload images/make new threads) saged for retardation

No. 232690

nonny are you the one that said i missed you on ot? if so i've been wondering how that one lone post got through right after the site came back up kek

No. 232691

File: 1644972260875.jpeg (87.6 KB, 449x428, 38AD6D0A-1030-463D-9CC7-B3F076…)

my wife

No. 232692

>does anyone else think it's weird that crystal cafe is also having issues?
Yes I also think it's weird that both happened almost at the same time.

>Did a troon get in?
I think that's the obvious explanation. Someone's been vandalizing too

No. 232693

yes. i feel like it's fitting for the current state of the site

No. 232694

They were getting raided by a moid posting cp for over a week, so they disabled images for now and are using a captcha to avoid spam bots

No. 232695

i think i read cc disabled image posting because some moid was spamming cp a week ago. could be related although it looks like they weren’t targeted as bad as lc.

No. 232696

I only noticed these thing on my second playthrough. It's the kind of game where you go "aaah that makes sense now!" when you play it a second time, it's very fun.


That's cute. Apollo is cute, he deserves love and cute nicknames.


As I said, I already watched it so it's fine. I'll go to sleep now. Have fun, it's a very fun movie.

No. 232697

>tfw last day of being 26 and I haven't been drinking in L.A.

I'm spending my birthday alone, too. Damn

No. 232698

What trans thing?

No. 232699

Their admin restricted images and threads because of cp raids though

No. 232700

who cares, it's in the past. probably a gag. dont fixate on troons just post fun art!

No. 232702

why is cc more infested with scrotes than this site?

No. 232703

Moids are so fucking annoying and disgusting i hope they all drop dead

No. 232706

Is a dance party now every one to dance floor!!!

No. 232707

suspicious post

No. 232708

File: 1644972643228.jpg (32.15 KB, 680x340, 1600089371049.jpg)

Well my social issues are because of both autism and ptsd. I hope you still feel the good vibes that I'm transporting to you through my screen.

No. 232709

Wild guess but its probably because its a general girlchan type of site, while this one is mainly talking shit about cows. They still hang around here like the fucking parasites they are

No. 232710

pretty sure it's because cc doesn't have enough mods, cc admin said finding new good jannies is pretty difficult so

No. 232712

you nonnies are so talented ily

No. 232713

File: 1644972762613.gif (441.45 KB, 200x150, 4202508250.gif)

oh here we go

No. 232714

Hey hi what it do

No. 232715

lets vandalize the page for ejaculating in the same way and see how fast that gets revised

because scrotes get barely filtered out there and aren't met with as much hostility as they should to the point they can openly shit up half of the website with their larps

No. 232717

i didn’t draw her, lol

No. 232718

My poor kitty just had diarrhea because we were unable to get his usual food while we were in quarantine for a week, but right before he went he left out this very audible squeaky fart and it was extremely hilarious. I've never heard a cat fart before.

No. 232719

File: 1644972868235.jpg (46.02 KB, 640x427, snail.jpg)

right here. ptsd is fucking debilitating. sending love, anon.

No. 232720

Both sites have different reputations. CC is known as "that imageboard for women" while LC is "one of those imageboards about lolcows". CC is for general topics while LC is mainly for drama.
CC is also much smaller and slower and probably has less staff than LC. So that makes it a prime target for spam and raids and troon infiltrators (though LC also has its fair share of scrotes and troons, they've even posted openly in this thread).

No. 232721

oh ik ik I meant you nonnies in general

No. 232722

File: 1644972933858.jpg (82.76 KB, 1085x1200, this town aint big enough for …)

I love cowboy cats

No. 232723

File: 1644972988671.jpg (16.77 KB, 400x400, YEEEHAWW.jpg)

Anotha one
I'm sorry anon, I hope he gets better

No. 232724

File: 1644972998796.jpg (26.31 KB, 333x480, meowdy.jpg)

i love the filename u chose anon

No. 232725

My bf got a 13k hospital bill and we cant afford it. Finding it hard to understand why america fucks over its own people when they need emergency care.

No. 232726

I'm actually here

No. 232728

File: 1644973176146.jpeg (8.42 KB, 225x224, meowdy.jpeg)

No. 232729

What does a person even do in that situation?? That's terrifying

No. 232732

File: 1644973336078.jpg (654.03 KB, 3000x1998, aint my firs rodeo.jpg)

Meowdy little cat
Hope your boy is doing ok. It's not right that we have to pay for medical care.

No. 232733

did he break all his bones tf

No. 232734

nona sat on his face a bit too hard

No. 232736

File: 1644973481644.jpg (517.72 KB, 640x480, wain_cats.jpg)

I love the cat at the bottom. Very Louis Wain psychedelic cats, but like the third phase.

No. 232738


No. 232739

File: 1644973629569.jpeg (1.35 MB, 2000x1600, 2BC24FCA-9E3B-4935-B2EF-824E44…)

the the school of athens

No. 232741

No. 232743

File: 1644973904719.png (133.93 KB, 720x805, Screenshot_20220107-113506_(1)…)

The state of moids on Craigslist

No. 232744

>must have a butt

No. 232745

sorry anon this thread goes so fast I didn’t see that sorry

No. 232746

Satan is a /g/fag

No. 232747

i'm sure he'll get plenty of ''''''female'''' ''''teachers'''' willing to help him try out his ''''pegging'''' fetish

No. 232748

No. 232749

That’s actually not even the worst case scenario, I’ve heard of people racking up over $100k in medical debt in an instant. Nightmare clown country.

No. 232750

no worries lol

No. 232751

Maybe I should forward this to anorectal-chan

No. 232752

>e) salty milk and coins

No. 232753

link to new drawing canvas: https://aggie.io/20wsa7htc

No. 232754

she didn't lie though anal is cancer

No. 232756

i drew that! thank you anon i love louis wain

No. 232759

A lot of eurofags don’t understand that the burgerfag medical field is extremely greedy and money-hungry it’s essentially a business akin to pharmaceuticals. I can’t believe there are neocon morons claiming the high price is for the quality of healthcare when they can’t even pay their nurses or doctors enough wages kek

No. 232760


No. 232761

This isn't about the drawing room right?

No. 232762

I meant to reply to the one with the new aggie.o link yes, is it a legit link? I’m on my Hurd tonight lol

No. 232764

I haven’t eaten anything out of the ordinary or different than my usual stuff but my farts have been smelling DEADLY the past two days. Help.

No. 232766

I mean, I'm in it and so are a bunch of other anons. We've been clicking on the drawing room links this entire time when the boards get filled. Can it even be a link to grab IPs if it's from that site? Idk how IP grabbing works.

No. 232768

it's true though, depending on how long they've taken testosterone trans men's periods stop.

No. 232770

i know this is worthless on an anonymous website but i posted the drawing link and i promise im not a moid stealing your IP

No. 232771

File: 1644975303533.jpeg (16.93 KB, 474x288, 5f3cd0a81e3946cac29d78c5a88a4f…)

My younger brother keep coming into my room and judges me for drawing naked bodies. I need to work on anatomy, give me a time to breath.

No. 232772

nonny, you're way better off single than married to a man like this. I guarantee he's cheating on the new wife, cheaters don't just change their ways. you'll get married when the right person is in your life, not just so you're not alone. don't give up just yet!

No. 232773

lmao nonna i’m so sorry, i always draw people naked first because i can’t decide what to dress them in so it’s always shameful when people see my art and it’s a bunch of naked people. hang in there

No. 232774

this is amazing I wish I had drawing talent

No. 232775

Meowdy partner

No. 232776

File: 1644975745957.png (469.06 KB, 930x914, Screenshot 2022-02-16 at 1.42.…)


No. 232778

nonners r having whole conversations on a drawing board. kek ily but this thread exists for a reasonnnnnn

No. 232779

There is an actual chatbox on the drawing board

No. 232781

File: 1644976558480.png (326.03 KB, 436x400, yuzu_hysRwkFCJC.png)

I miss /ot/

No. 232783

File: 1644977068655.png (1.12 MB, 1378x776, lc.png)

this actually deserves to be in a modern art museum

No. 232784

That fucking panting korean looks like he's been recovered from an unmarked grave

No. 232785

I wish I could post this in the lolcow caps thread

No. 232786

we have the potential to make custom thread pics each time.

No. 232789

We're in some of the best years of lolcow.

No. 232794

File: 1644978137082.png (720.9 KB, 1920x1080, New Drawing (1).png)

New drawing board sorry, idk if there's one anon who usually makes the new ones. Just thought I would do it since the current one is full


No. 232795

File: 1644978242305.png (1.35 MB, 1920x1080, New Drawing.png)

No. 232796

I usually clear the same board so the link on /ot/ is accessible for anons who haven't been on a few days, but this is fine too! Be sure to check the board settings so it's big enough for everyone to draw on!

No. 232797

Thanks anon, not sure why my image saved like that

No. 232798

i love you too, nona

No. 232800

anal is repulsive. i once stumbled upon a gif of a girl inserting a dildo into her butt and almost vomited

No. 232803

File: 1644979216487.jpg (177.83 KB, 1080x510, IMG_20220216_033745.jpg)

>tfw missed discussing almost the whole mania episode because /ot/ is still ded

No. 232805

>me actively seething at my lack of tardye sperging

No. 232806

File: 1644979720255.jpeg (72.75 KB, 500x750, BE87E88A-F896-4409-8C95-C83223…)

Checking /ot/ is starting to feel like this.

No. 232807

wow, approaching day 3 of no /ot/… anons i can't take it anymore… take me out back and put an end to my misery please.

No. 232808

He actually sounds sane in this one

No. 232809

NTA but 12k was just my ambulance bill. It was a 4 minute ride and they didn't even turn the siren on

No. 232810

Feels like his management wrote it kek. All his posts are deleted too..

No. 232811

Pretty sure you can just not pay it and don't tell anybody

No. 232813

AHHH I pixeled the Tamagotchis! I've been playing my Tamagotchi ON and love it! We need a Tamagotchi thread on here

No. 232814

File: 1644980121052.jpeg (39.86 KB, 400x379, D214F0EF-A270-4C4E-A41B-88EB9B…)

>”stick it in /m/“
>oh wait

No. 232815

I fucking love Kaneoya Sachiko so much. I want to buy something from her and support her. Her art is amazing and so interesting

No. 232819

Finally a response

No. 232820

File: 1644980557306.jpg (137.9 KB, 1080x873, IMG_20220216_040218.jpg)

at least they're working on it nonnas

No. 232821

That's the goal, his management is doing PR and trying to cover the bases in case of court. "He is capable of being normal, he was just being manipulated to emotional extremes by his ex wife!!!"

No. 232822

File: 1644980873241.jpg (589.16 KB, 2560x2560, Mexican-Chilaquiles-Rojos-Reci…)

Am I right ladies?

No. 232824

File: 1644981078189.jpg (43.38 KB, 650x650, nqPkE24VeL.jpg)

Inspirobot time

No. 232825

Once we fill up 4 canvases, we should stitch them together to create a big piece of lolcow mega artwork

No. 232826

File: 1644981203565.jpg (61.1 KB, 650x650, only criminals believe in trut…)

No. 232827

File: 1644981207197.jpg (59.19 KB, 650x650, rVJqj1nbPw.jpg)

No. 232828

>I’m still learning in real time.
44 years and you’re still learning to not harass women? God, I hate moids.

No. 232829

File: 1644981271822.jpg (64.77 KB, 650x650, xoPRnoGEPW.jpg)

Any Geminis want to defend yourselves

No. 232830

File: 1644981383606.jpg (213.65 KB, 1010x1024, Tumblr_l_172671567600223.jpg)

And then mail it to Jodi arias

No. 232831

As a gemini, no. This is true.

No. 232832

Sounds right

No. 232833


No. 232835

File: 1644981527581.jpg (97.08 KB, 650x650, bZPyznRZ6k.jpg)

No. 232836

i go to bed angry, i wake up tired

No. 232837

christian babe-le

No. 232838

File: 1644981926910.jpg (481.09 KB, 1280x822, Tumblr_l_136844527370661.jpg)

Part 1 of a love story

No. 232839

File: 1644981979507.jpg (529.38 KB, 1280x888, Tumblr_l_136837103810872.jpg)

Part 2

No. 232841

No. 232845

Aw hell nah who erased spungalob

No. 232846


No. 232847

>yesterday's outage

No. 232848

Classless honky bitches

No. 232850

Top ten saddest anime deaths

No. 232851

Omg cute!!!

No. 232852

looks amazing nonny! wanna share that recipe??

No. 232854

I had no idea they were female, you sure?

No. 232855

I want trannies to die. Someone change this Wikipedia shit please. I'm angry now.

No. 232856

Yeah, obviously that part is true, I think she was talking about how "trans women" are included among "women who don't menstruate". Also trans men wren't included in that group despite being biologically women

No. 232857


No. 232858


No. 232859

File: 1644984070044.jpg (6.03 KB, 222x160, downloadfile.jpg)

Please I'm so sad someone give me a hug

No. 232860

File: 1644984194714.jpg (Spoiler Image,11.57 KB, 254x350, e7383jebr93.jpg)

You nonas ever shave your furbies?

No. 232861

File: 1644984202661.png (4.63 KB, 300x290, 11FB3576-23B8-43D0-B9A3-BC8A33…)

Got headache had to stop drawing I'm disappoint

No. 232862

File: 1644984268454.jpg (7.59 KB, 106x220, 179426.jpg)

I kinda like that we're all together in this thread and it feels like a sleepover but also I feel sad about /ot/. I definitely appreciate this moment in the history of lolcow and I love you all

No. 232863

File: 1644984269486.gif (3.41 MB, 640x640, cat hug.gif)

hugs u
im sorry anon :( i hope u feel better soon

No. 232864

AV-kun is male, it was confirmed in screencaps of some other imageboard and websites he posted on

No. 232865

Underrated response

No. 232866

I'm so glad you keep using these pictures and I love you too

No. 232867

File: 1644984463008.jpg (113.91 KB, 741x951, e1ccc706ddecc2bff2c6337b2f5e9e…)

I hope you feel better soon anon

No. 232868

File: 1644984504739.jpg (25.61 KB, 474x316, downloadfile.jpg)

Do you sit with your legs open or closed? My mom always tried to make me close my legs but I just spread them kek

No. 232869

File: 1644984552428.jpg (30.56 KB, 828x714, Tumblr_l_782591436359171.jpg)

Do not be deceived by owls and owl lobbyists

No. 232870

depends on what im wearing. usually open a bit unless im wearing a short skirt. then crossed. i dont like crossing my legs tho bc it makes my feet fall asleep.

No. 232871

I misss tinfoil thread ahhhh

No. 232872

File: 1644984805012.png (Spoiler Image,295.96 KB, 300x390, 2AC33267-2CE0-448C-8CFB-B12857…)

I'm eating peebut butter

No. 232873

God that's so yummy I wish you shared some with me

No. 232874

File: 1644984956213.png (616.76 KB, 882x466, juiugog.png)

Is it me or does Cloud have a very hot armpit…

No. 232875

My neck is so tense and I cant crack it

No. 232876

You may have some but it contains my saliva probably

No. 232877

off the spoon? the best way to eat it?

No. 232878

It's ok I don't mind

No. 232879

File: 1644985093074.png (105.18 KB, 386x233, mermaid.PNG)

I wish I got a picture of the scary Spunchbop before he was erased.

No. 232880

File: 1644985302895.jpeg (23.84 KB, 130x180, F1AC2C33-C794-4B09-87F5-C8BFDA…)

No. 232881

We prefer sephiroth here

No. 232883

No. 232884

Me too, fuck. I'm still waiting to earn some money to buy her artbook as a belated birthday present to myself. Can't believe there are actually people who don't realize she's a woman as soon as they see their art lmao, I hate the fact that people think the default is always male

No. 232885

File: 1644985675510.jpg (189.09 KB, 650x1200, 7ba06f23a82ac9ec8165888c13af6d…)

Would you help him or would you just let him die like this nonnies

No. 232886

i miss /m/ the most…

No. 232887

i dont interact with retards

No. 232888

this is killing me nonnies I broke up with my bf yesterday and it's all I want to rant about on here

No. 232889

This sucks, that would mean that his threads would have to be deleted from CC. One of the only decent males probably

No. 232890

Just went on /snow/ … saw young anachans… guys how do I get off the internet. I feel helpless and so, so empty whenever I see really depressing stuff like that. It didn’t bother me before. But fuck. All these kids need help and a warm embrace. I wish I could delete the internet. I need to find a new pastime…

No. 232891

Speak for yourself

No. 232892

>warm head
>hoarse voice
>throat feels a bit mucous-y and have to clear it every couple of mins
I-is this covid? I'm waiting on a test rn to confirm.

No. 232893

File: 1644986009302.jpg (Spoiler Image,136.03 KB, 800x1000, 19983527_818926171610330_32051…)

sachiko cosplays by moids prove why the y chromosome was a mistake

No. 232894

I vomited

No. 232896

I wish she was an underground artist that only women knew of. I don’t want moids to ruin this!!!!

No. 232897

the troll face in the background jesus christ

No. 232898

File: 1644986232577.png (816.22 KB, 600x1047, 2b00120de620e455ce9d9f3121466b…)

Thanks for spoilering this
I would not recommend opening this picture anons

No. 232899

nonny…you have a head cold kek

No. 232900

Why is there a monster high doll head in the background. What does it mean.

No. 232901

How much you wanna bet this moid has been tooting his own horn about "how much (he) totez looks like this character". Moids can be so delusional about their own looks, it's downright stunning.

No. 232902

Wikipedia is managed by trannies&moids, we should just collectively stop using this shitsite

No. 232903

He looks like foot fetishist friend I had and it's absolutely disgusting

No. 232904

Nope. He has a whole spreadsheet comparing porn actresses buttholes. He wants to save the anuses of women because perfect anuses are his fetish.

No. 232905

I feel like barfing now

No. 232906

I love you too

No. 232907

kek. no fucking way.
Holy shit.
Why do fucking scrotes have to only give a shit about women in relation to fetishes. Is there a thread about this retard on this site?

No. 232908

File: 1644986703766.png (218.06 KB, 600x600, CX4nb02WwAAVETU.png)

Samefag but ok I'm gonna do it here anyway

Every relationship I've had, no matter how toxic or eventful, I've always been able to take something from it. Every breakup has been somewhat amicable and we took time to reflect on what had happened and came to a mutual understanding that it wasn't working out.

But this guy, nope. I put off breaking up with him for months because he's such an insufferable man-child that I knew it was going to be annoying to do, and it went exactly how I'd feared. Childish, he brought out the worst in me. We said petty, mean things to each other and I acted out of character. It was such a shit experience, and I can barely even remember the year we spent together. I feel like I've taken nothing from dating, other than loneliness from the pandemic can really make a girl desperate to feel loved. I hope he has trouble finding someone again, I hope other women can see straight away just how annoying he is to be around. I hope that he sees me out on the town with a man who doesn't have a receding hairline and sees how affectionate and loving I can be. I'm filled with so much rage because he genuinely thinks he's better than me when he's really so pathetic that I often pitied him and his autistic interests. I just want him to get into a car accident and die.

No. 232909

Just do it here no one is stopping you. Be part of the vent thread representation

No. 232910

I'm breaking out more than I ever have before and I'm sure it's a mix of several things but I'm fucking fed up with it. I obsessively pick at my skin and it's making things worse and worse and I feel like I'm trapped.

No. 232911

Why is he holding the pot like that

No. 232914

File: 1644986831121.gif (279.3 KB, 275x155, 1643273505948.gif)

No. 232915

anon… it's time to stop.

No. 232916

I wish the nonnie who made that troon admit he wasn't a woman would come back and tell us how she did it.

No. 232917

File: 1644987083953.jpg (44.65 KB, 450x449, 1537392241704.jpg)

Fyck this shit already

No. 232918

The few times this happened to me I genuinely started freaking out, thinking I was going to suffocate, etc. Situations that send you right back to monke

No. 232919

This is actually the first time it made me laugh because it pops up just when I thought nonnies would put him to rest

No. 232921

youd have to put me to rest before id put annoying nonnies to rest

No. 232922

>tfw it is now confirmed to me that all two of my siblings watch the h3h3 podcast now
>one oh which's fiance (who does phonesex dominatrix trash for a living on twitter) regularly anticipates each new episode like it's the fucking Sopranos of her time
Literally WHY? Politics aside, it's bland and boring as fuck, Ethan is nowhere near what made him popular in his hey-day, unfunny, and their voices and conversations are extremely bland. And what's fun about some 40 year old schlub inserting himself in literal-who internet drama and pretending his political opinions are hotshit? How do you cope knowing you're related to people with shit taste?

No. 232925

File: 1644987803130.jpeg (84.84 KB, 864x712, 54770CA1-BA3A-4995-9091-785232…)

i loathe men

No. 232927

File: 1644987874755.gif (1.87 MB, 275x155, BC790D5F-9CBB-4A1E-A918-9CB11B…)

just one more…just one more

No. 232928

so he wants to have anal sex himself? kek hypocrite

No. 232929


No. 232930

I'm so used to the sped up one that this looks like slow motion to me

No. 232931

Tbh I never found the guy Sachiko draws hot in the first place. She draws him in hot or cool scenarios but I don't understand the phenomenon…

No. 232932

Wtf they're fucked up. Why does the fiance do that. H3h3 podcast sucks ass too. Ethan is gross

No. 232933

it's all the same character? i thought they were clones or smthh

No. 232934

No. 232935

>ethan klein

how many times do you think he coomed to belle delphine

No. 232937

I actually find this very funny never stop it always cracks a smile on my face and I hate kpop kek

No. 232938

why couldn't he shave his fucking legs? disgusting

No. 232939

I can't even stand looking at him, I don't understand how someone could willingly watch his content

No. 232940

the men she draws are very much my type so it's like I found a goldmine of pathetic men for my consumption

No. 232941

No. 232942

I hate them personally they look like they stink

No. 232943

He was ""funny"" in his old videos but he has also always been misogynistic garbage. His podcast is obviously the lowest of garbage and he does it for money. I used to like the funny videos from before the podcast but honestly I despise him now. Hila deserves better

No. 232944

kim jung un really needs to do something about this

No. 232945

i find her boys fugly, but i understand the appeal

No. 232946

File: 1644988566894.png (458.31 KB, 342x1263, Persona_5_Royal_Takuto.png)

yassified sachiko boy

No. 232947

File: 1644988593693.png (32.71 KB, 750x339, naomi.PNG)

So many celebs I thought would never have kids are becoming parents this year.

No. 232948

Who tf is this

No. 232949

I was going to make fun of kpoppers but then I remembered I desperately wanted to fuck endo shozo from gaki no tsukai

No. 232950

Me neither, never got the hype.
Same, I thought she just had a bad case of same face.

No. 232951

it's the dog boy

No. 232952

It's the quarantine and also she needs a distraction after hanging out with Epstein

No. 232953

naomi def harvested her child from some poor womans womb and probably bought the semen too

No. 232956

I'm sorry but that gif is such a forced meme

No. 232958

I don't know either, just assumed it was the same guy kek oops

No. 232959

you could say that about literally everything that is posted here. forbidden man too

No. 232960

this is just an au of every fictional man i've enjoyed, including my husbando

No. 232962

Why do nonnies jump so quick to combat every anon who doesn't think that retarded gif is funny… don't make me schizopost…

No. 232963

Does anyone remember the girl version of this gif with the korean girl also making a crying gesture with her hands while smiling and it was overused on /CGL/ back in 2012-2014???????

No. 232964

I wanted to play Breath of the Wild tonight and look for Koroks, but I got too tired all of a sudden.

No. 232965


I'm going to 1v1 you irl

No. 232966

don't give up cowboy drawing anon you can do it

No. 232968

i hate men but i love my husbando

No. 232970

many such cases

No. 232973

The only boards worth checking now are /g/, /snow/, and /meta/, but /snow/ has been slow as fuck with no milk as of late, and there's never any word from the jannies or admin so I don't know why I keep checking /meta/.

No. 232974

Goodnight sleep tight everyone

No. 232975

File: 1644989288322.png (154.36 KB, 600x600, download20220200180808.png)

A kind nonny let me host my weeding to board-tan in another thread in /m/ if any of you wanna go hang out, dance and get delicious food. <3

No. 232978

I wish I had a younger sibling or instead of my brother being the oldest, I would have been. I feel my mother wouldn't have latched on to me like she did if I wasn't the youngest. I'd probably have better control of my emotions and better self esteem.

No. 232979

seconding this! the shading technique is gorgeous!

No. 232983

fucking ew, this isn't even a cosplay, just an ugky stinky moid

No. 232984

File: 1644989685720.jpg (273.85 KB, 901x809, Screenshot_20220214-224430.jpg)

Never forget

No. 232985

i want to forget

No. 232987

My youngest sibling has better self esteem than me. Actually seems to be the only normal one out of all the siblings (possibly because our parents were less mean to her)

No. 232988

Looks like it's coming out of a hole, like there's some kind of eldritch creature/forest being inside the tree using it for a glory hole

No. 232989

This looks carved lol. I imagine a repressed nun made this and likes to sneak off to here.

No. 232990

holy moid comment

No. 232992

i headcanon that schlick-chan made it

No. 232994

File: 1644991077331.jpg (25.97 KB, 480x429, FB_IMG_1483320304721.jpg)

No. 232997

File: 1644991551201.png (35.87 KB, 250x187, 1642854728767.png)

So jannies have the time to redtext emoji use in this /g/ thread, but are still incapable of deleting/redtexting scrote baits in the unpopular opinions thread? I really hate farmhams (well unless they can't access ot as we do right now obviously).

No. 232998

File: 1644991642443.jpeg (55.39 KB, 479x662, A3ED58F0-96CC-496D-BF8C-747FFE…)

No. 232999

did you know abigail shapiro is only 21 year old?

No. 233000

WTF, I thought she was like 30

No. 233001

File: 1644991972915.jpg (67.65 KB, 657x638, pssst.jpg)

Pssssst, nonnie, are you still awake

No. 233002

it's also weird given how old her brother is

No. 233003

Trips of deceipt. She's 28. Google it.

No. 233004

different sources say different things, some say 1992 and others say 2000

No. 233005

How many posts do you think you guys made in this thread?
I think I'm close to 20 at this point. I barely post on lolcow these days but this thread is a goldmine of fun. Lub u all <3

No. 233006

I posted like almost 60 times in the last thread but not as many this time cause I'm sleepy today

No. 233007

Somewhere between 3 and 1000

No. 233009

how can I sleep with this racket going on outside?

No. 233010

File: 1644993018317.jpg (298.56 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2022-02-16-03-28-43…)

I can't post the gif for the life of me cause LC is all buggy and shit, but I believe you're talking about this gif of SNSD's Jessica cutesy fake crying on the music video for dancing queen

No. 233012

I drew fanart of one of her wolf women because I'm a homo and she liked and commented on it, I'm still riding the high of that one

No. 233013

File: 1644993053974.jpg (78.34 KB, 736x736, 2db03559d1b40fc38258884c98bf38…)

No. 233015

How do i stop being a fackin consoomer

No. 233016

File: 1644993804747.jpg (347.84 KB, 680x680, 1623091195727.jpg)

People are disgusting. I just came across pornographic art of a twitch streamer while searching about some drama she's involved in. I know I may sound sensitive, but I couldn't imagine how I would feel if some random coomer did that to me.

No. 233017

File: 1644994761888.jpg (666.91 KB, 1920x1080, New Drawing.jpg)

I love evil Patrick and the pretty cow with flowers

New board, this one is 2000 x 2000

No. 233018

kek evil patrick was a last minute decision and I thought of the matrix when drawing 1's and 0's all over him
someone should draw spongebob as neo

No. 233019

File: 1644996029761.jpeg (162.53 KB, 597x1027, EAA3214B-ACA9-43D6-BCD3-3A089B…)

The second comment made me fucking wheeze

No. 233022

>she hasn't taken the monkpill

No. 233027

is /ot/ back yet? I'm starting to get hot sweats

No. 233029

I'm almost finished my basket made from an Ikea catalogue, it literally took the entire catalogue to make it. I'm painting it now! I'm also gonna line it with a cute fabric. I made the handles heart shaped.

No. 233030

File: 1644999438155.gif (950.02 KB, 400x310, tumblr_mv702eWsHf1s1ccsho1_400…)


No. 233035

I wanted to kms as soon as I clicked on this pic, I regret having eyes.

No. 233036

No. 233038

File: 1645001200671.png (82.98 KB, 275x275, 1643129626353.png)

Just woke up, my throat still hurts. Yesterday was the first valentine I was without a partner in years. Only guy I kinda liked from the ones I'm talking to is kinda ghosting me.
I'm still sick so I'll just play Terraria the whole day, bought it 2 days ago. And I'll drink coffee. I might be alone and lonely buy I have vidya and coffee.

No. 233040

I had a LC dream because of this situation! A rich businesswoman nona had bought a secret large apartment and you had to be a farmer to get a key. Inside there was exhibitions about cows and also farmer artwork.
So not anon anymore but neat as hell.

No. 233043

goodnight nonnas i had a fun time drawing with you guys tonight!

No. 233045

File: 1645002316661.jpg (596.99 KB, 700x887, his-favorite.jpg)

Moids ruin everything. Christ, they're so ugly. They just cannot compare to 2d nor a woman's creativity

Anyways, does anyone know where I can buy her artwork in the US? I'd love to support her work.

No. 233046

I had an idea, next time I play the sims 3 I'm gonna breed racehorses and give them ricidolous racehorse names except more ridicolous, like "Johnny Did You Happen To See My Car Keys" or "Out Now In Stores Worldwide"
That's so cool

No. 233048

File: 1645003059416.png (336.43 KB, 670x1191, db6apcr-6919b14a-169c-4876-a8f…)

no idea what the resident evil lore is about but there are man titties so it's good

No. 233049

Someone shave those pubes off his face

No. 233051

File: 1645003474940.png (510.72 KB, 450x800, 585848014122.png)

No. 233053

I need him in my bedroom right now

No. 233054

File: 1645003606856.jpeg (393.25 KB, 828x577, 735788AE-9871-4F82-A472-33F622…)

Ugh idk if she sells prints but she has these cute ass keychains i want them so bad but its japan

No. 233055

File: 1645003610511.png (323.1 KB, 350x420, heven.png)

OK but his upper arm is comically large
Now THAT is what I want to see

No. 233056

I want to stroke his soft hair. Carlos is seriously going to make me start playing RE games.

No. 233059

Sorry nonna, should have specified I meant the "trans women" part is what's fucked up

No. 233060

They kept the woman=adult human female surprisingly. How do you edit pages on there? Do I need special permission or anything

No. 233062

honestly i'm gonna miss this when (if) ot gets fixed

No. 233065

File: 1645005225721.jpg (308.13 KB, 920x1380, l96KzH9.jpg)

is this the new celebricows containment zone?

No. 233068

>lurk for years
>start posting a fortnight ago
>site breaks down
Sorry nonarellas I must have pressed the wrong button or something.

No. 233069

please no

No. 233070

No. 233072

Same. We should make an ot general free for all thread on ot once it comes back up

No. 233074

Nonzas, why do amateur sewers (humans who sew, not holes filled with shit) (holes in the street, not assholes) never get really good? Like amateur jewelers get really good with time and are of good quality, but I never see people who sew get past the first few stages. And it always looks kind of cheap. Why?

No. 233075

Bragposting but I recently got a new job and it's honestly so much fun Id rather be at work than at home. I'm actually giddy with excitement every time I have work coming up. The hours are shit though.

No. 233076

I think it's because they always use ugly fabric

No. 233077

mmmm instant curry ramen for breakfast

No. 233082

File: 1645008222255.jpeg (376.69 KB, 828x655, A4418462-AEBA-4106-9E2F-16C037…)

No. 233083

Why is it dead today

No. 233084

File: 1645008307033.jpg (706.51 KB, 850x1100, dd2rb3l-eefb6ef4-bd23-408b-a57…)

I’m searching for the Tumblr of an asian girl who had a thread on pull, pretty sure she deleted her Tumblr but I really wanna find it on wayback machine or know her new socials
>Had a pull thread just because she was pretty, she asked for the thread to be locked and the pulltards complied
>Tumblr name had “lingerie” in it
>Would post lingerie pics of herself
>She was a huge fan of LOTR/The Hobbit and Dragon Age
>Would post lots of gifs of Thorin, Thranduil and Fenris
>She had two Samoyed dogs
Wanted to post this in the help me find thread but I can't wait, I have to know RIGHT NOW

No. 233088

impeccable taste, nonna

No. 233090

File: 1645009104093.jpeg (67.41 KB, 640x707, 71303CB9-2BF0-4CB7-9D23-83952E…)

I fucking hate computers. I want nothing to fucking do with them. They are a scam, a money bleeding scam to trick people into thinking everything is easier but it’s not. I’m sick of watching fucking retards battling with their ApplePay, holding up lines, making excuses. Just get your fucking card out and pay you time wasting nonce. “Oh muh Face ID doesn’t work with a mask!” You’d of thought you’d of figured that out by now. Fucking retard. Either don’t wear the fucking mask or just put your money in the fucjing counter.
Not to mention video games. One day, your computer wil crash and al your progress gone. You won’t know why, of course. You’ll have to answer a series of fucking riddles instead of having a machine that just WORKS!!!!! Why the fuck does updates just wipe data? I don’t know .& don’t fucking care to figure it ou. All I know is I spent a lot of money and now it doesn’t fucking work. And I’m supposed to spend a lot more and then magically it will. It’s like that, technology. “Just one more update! Just one more debug! And then everything will be ok and we will be able to live in utopia at last!” Except it’s not fucking true is it? Just go read a book. Write in a diary. When technology finally works adequately it will start doing away with us. I don’t care if this is an unhinged monkey rant, I read more books than all of you fucking nerds who stay typing into your retarded monkey box every day.

No. 233091

File: 1645009187606.jpg (105.94 KB, 700x700, rescue-cat-sleeps-doll-bed-sop…)

shhh the americunts are asleep

No. 233093

Fuck you too.

No. 233094

Nah. Your unhinged rant is reasonable. Technology has gotten progressively shittier in a lot of aspects, and the more reliant on it we become, the less reliable it seems to become. Everything is there though. Our medical records, bank account information, a handy dandy record of activity just waiting to be used in some marketing scheme from a bunch of companies that couldn't sell their garbage otherwise.
It'll be okay, nona. It won't but let's pretend before you burst a blood vessel in your eye

No. 233096

me when i forget to save

No. 233097

File: 1645009796504.jpg (320.38 KB, 700x525, meze_1354652158_1.jpg)

i meant it in an endearing way nonnie. here, accept this plate as a peace offering

No. 233098

I’m seething. I just want to larp my off the grid cottagecore witch fantasy on the sims.
Now I’m forced to fucking read and draw and go for a walk instead. I hate life. I’m going to bomb EA headquarters. It’s the only rational thing to do.

No. 233099

This was meant as a reply to >>233094
Sorry I’m a dumbass.

No. 233100

what did they do to the sims this time

No. 233101

File: 1645010044870.jpeg (358.57 KB, 1280x1707, 1FBCF016-FD1F-4C58-A72B-6ECFEA…)

My tummy hort

No. 233102

The thing that bothers me most is how browsers and websites used to load much faster a decade ago. Browsing is a significantly downgraded experience now with all the data-grabbing, advertising and other shit that only benefits others but makes a worse experience for you.

No. 233103

Mmmm last week we had workers help us fix things in the house and my roommates arranged a few plates like this for them, they didn't eat much so we ate the rest for the 3 next days, that is life

No. 233104

Years ago I was browsing that site 'meetup' coz I'd no friends or hobbies. The options were hiking groups that mainly consisted of men and seemed to secretly be about dudes trying to match up with women. Then there was also a group hug session that would happen in lil hippy cafe every month. A unisex cuddle pile.. what could possibly go wrong

No. 233105

Do you guys wonder what the younger zoomers are into nowadays? Last I heard from a friend that zoomer kids are posting their k-pop fanfics in twitter threads or the youtube comment section lol

No. 233106

Computers and the internet can be really convenients but it's like companies don't want anything to be convenient for users at all. I agree with you.

No. 233108

File: 1645010617627.webm (1.62 MB, 1280x720, SOUNDeffects.webm)

No. 233111

grrrrr I wanna punch him in his fucking face

No. 233112

File: 1645010800953.jpg (16.63 KB, 360x450, TheGiftGivinHeavy.jpg)

Yesterday I dreamed that I was at my grandma's house, but I was the Heavy weapons guy and I went inside the house and asked my mom (heavy's mom) to give me a santa claus hat, she was knitting, and she gave me the hat and I put it on and outside was this magical talking blue horse that was dressed as a reindeer and when I put on the santa hat I became santa heavy claus himself and I could control the horse and I made the horse pull a sleigh and I flew away in it.

No. 233113

i thought this was funny. hilarious even. but ever since i made the grave mistake of watching the video with audio, i hate this gif too. deplorable.

No. 233114

You're probably better off reading and getting exercise anyway. Reading fucking sucks on screens, but there's the flaw of not having access to the same amount of reading material in the library or bookstore vs finding something online. Google has effectively sharted itself as an effective search engine though, so I walk closer to the void each day.
Make a nice bonfire at home and toss their names in it. Whether it worked or not, at least you got a comfy bonfire at home.
They hire retards to constantly improve the AI learning for all of this shit too, which is hilarious considering how bad it's gotten. Using a search engine is on par with calling customer support with a language barrier.

No. 233115

File: 1645011365624.png (30.15 KB, 212x177, the guy.png)

Why is his ear so big

No. 233116

sorry for my rant, but vent thread is dead rn. i'm on good terms with an ex bf but he's been very pushy about boundaries lately. i had to leave a groupchat we were both in last week because he kept talking about how many girls he's fucking and talking to and his friends kept encouraging it. very scrotey behavior. i quietly left the gc and he was nonstop texting me afterwards asking why'd i leave and is there something wrong (as if he didn't know i could read his messages…). when i didn't reply in a timely manner he started blowing up my phone calling me dishonest and a bitch and he's just trying to be friends but i keep making it so difficult for him.

i'm the one who broke up with him, but i think it's kind of shitty behavior to boast about what a sex-haver chad you are in a place where you know i can see that. i've done my best so far to be quiet and discreet about my life esp my sex/love life bc i don't want to upset him, but he seems to have no consideration for that at all. it also made me see what a scrote he can be, the way he talked about these girls. i should hit them up (he linked their social media) and flirt with them at least lmao

No. 233118

because he's a good listener

No. 233119

Cut all contact. Does any of that that sound like "friendship" to you? Why are you keeping each other around? Not for a good reason. Stop it.

No. 233120

tiny vent: my supermarket doesn't have any rolled oats anymore. first they stopped selling quacker oats, then another brand i was using. all they have now are those shitty flaky instant oats that have the shitties texture that are basically ground to a powder. fml

No. 233122

The audience cheering while he makes those ugly sounds is so bizarre

No. 233123

I’m a zoomer. What do you want to know, o wise nonna? I’m amused with the fascination with this generation (or maybe I’m too young to have seen this cycle repeat).

No. 233124

Hi zoomer, I would like to know what counterculture(s) your generation has. Only mainstream stuff, viral trends and such reach me. But counterculture is much more interesting and I have no idea what zoomer counterculture is.

No. 233125

Staying friendly with an ex and having to eventually hear that they got a new bf/gf is normal but hearing about their no strings sex life isn't.

And him chasing you up as soon as you left the chat.. he's baiting you. He just wants to see that you care. He's the bitch baiting you with an inappropriate amount of info on his sex life.

No. 233126

File: 1645012709083.jpeg (462.19 KB, 1175x1763, 184D33FA-DD42-4A9A-A40E-D3FAB8…)

i love this picture so much

No. 233127

It's an edit anon lol

No. 233128

I actually like computers but I agree. I swear, hardware is becoming a lot less durable and all this "smart" technology is getting progressively dumber and dumber.

Honestly, the more time goes on the more I find that I could do without most of this technology, however…
>write in a diary
…writing by hand hurts my wrist and my handwriting is shit. The only thing tying me to the computer is the fact that typing is easier and causes less pain.
Even then, I absolutely loathe the chiclet keyboards that have become massively poular.

Also Ted Kaczinsky was right

No. 233129

do you guys remember that one guy who got popular because he drew hyper realistic portrait of celebrities and because he was super hot but it turned out that he heavily photoshopped his pictures and even worse contact lenses to try and alter his appearance

No. 233130

Im a zoomer and its nothing, theres nothing meaningful or valuable to offer the last i felt something was 2015 when i was 15

No. 233131

>Years ago I was browsing that site 'meetup' coz I'd no friends or hobbies.
Most of the time when I tried to look for this kind of thing myself it all seemed like undercover way to finding someone to date, it's so hard to make actual friends with no ulterior motives

No. 233132

File: 1645013124961.jpeg (475.43 KB, 790x759, 90A7B6AD-DDE3-4670-BDF2-A66808…)

found him

No. 233133

File: 1645013294848.gif (1.38 MB, 498x278, crying-fake.gif)

The original, the blue print

No. 233134

Ewwww fucking gross. I hate narc men. Kill him.

No. 233135

Zoomers killed counterculture? Where are the exasperated clickbait articles??

No. 233136

How much mold can I breathe in before I get lung cancer?

No. 233137

They only care when millennials kill seemingly useless things like idk ringing the doorbell

No. 233138


No. 233139

Dafuk is this chinese magic spell

No. 233140

uncultured and rude

No. 233141

You have no idea what is zoomer counterculture because there is no zoomer counterculture. With millennials it was scene, I think? If there was a cohesive counterculture I’d say it’s the she/her trigger warning super politically correct multiplex gendered terminally and extremely online TikToker.
People do write fanfics on Twitter. There also are a lot of kpop “clubs”: BTS study groups, BTS STEM society, BTS rectal violence fans. The devotion is almost religious. Also Spotify is big. They have that shit on 24/7, will look into your playlists and judge them. It feels like aural fetishism sometimes. Zoomers are also a lot more PC than older generations, I feel super uncomfortable with some colleagues because you have to walk on eggshells with regards to everything. And adoption of internet slang; mansplain, simp, naur (yup), and other things. It does seem a little bit off when you hear those words slipped into casual conversation in real life, like you’re in some John Waters surreal skit. Also they discuss sexism and racism a lot more than normal people, it’s like this shadow looming over them that they can’t escape. And kinks! Kinks are a big thing. They think they’re not normie or vanilla because they want to be tied up/choked—those two are the most popular, along with other stuff like holding by the neck—but it’s super funny because they were memed into it. Fifty Shades came out when we were like, what, 14 or 15 at most and 10 or 9 at least? BDSM/ddlg has made it into the mainstream already. Also TikTok is super big. Not only for creators, but for everyone. Everybody I know my age is on it and actively makes videos of their lives and their friends. I’m the only one I know who doesn’t one.

No. 233142

Gee Gee Gee Gee baby baby baby
Gee Gee Gee Gee baby baby baby

No. 233143

Listen boy…my first love story

No. 233144

File: 1645013928838.jpeg (108.39 KB, 1024x768, 1FB1E6F3-566E-4856-B410-84B93B…)

Tbh this type of guy is more attractive in an abstract sense, or more attractive to the male gaze rather than the female gaze. I can only imagine these guys as parodies of the chad meme that people use as shorthand for ‘an alpha’. Youthful, pretty guys with good fashion sense reign supreme

No. 233145

File: 1645014021451.jpg (15.79 KB, 474x266, downloadfile.jpg)

Reading all this gave me depression and terminal cancer

No. 233146

Its strange because he looks good in real life too, dont know why he would edit himself to look white.

No. 233147

They are worse than gen x at this point, and we'll all have to pull up with them and their shit for 40+ years

No. 233148

Why the fuck would you use Spotify if you can download music lmao. Rip these kids should had never been born. I mean it seriously. And the next gen is already fucked too

No. 233149

He's fugly as fuck

No. 233150

Why the fuck would you download music, do you have infinite space on your computer?

No. 233151

A package arrived today and when I felt how heavy it was I assumed I was sent someone elses order instead on mine.. turns out they just threw in a big ole bottle of handwash for free. You tryna tell me something…

No. 233152

Yes? Lmao

No. 233153

Even if there was an attempt of zoomer counterculture it would be quickly shut down and considered “problematic” i feel sorry for them, i’m 22 but i still remember a time where it wasn’t like this and it was truly amazing

No. 233155

nauur bestie because this explanation is on point, no cap /srs. the yassification of the generations we love to see it periodt iykyk

No. 233156

I dare you to try to guess which song lies behind this thumbnail

No. 233157

this a huge word salad and adding millennial aspect's to zoomers.
The youngest millenial is 26 now, are you forgetting that millenials were the first ones to start this PC she/her trigger bullshit back in 2014-2015.
Whole millennial culture also involves around ''sex lib'' and kinks, i remember when ddlg was popular back in 2016 and it was mostly people in their 20's and 30's who were into that degenerate stuff.

It seems like you are just adding millennial aspects to zoomers and dont seem to know much about them, the only accurate thing out of all of this is only the bts thing.

Also whats wrong with people talking about sexism, are you a scrote?

No. 233158

I'm tired of "problematic" shit, why cant zoomers understand everyone is different and has different opinions. They're honestly akin to the chinese credit thought police

No. 233159

this, acting like millennials didn’t start this shit on tumblr kek

No. 233160

Their counterculture is gender politics and injecting hormones and I wish I was kidding

No. 233161

he cute who he

No. 233162

>Everything I don't like or agree with is a scrote
Nta but she's just giving her opinion, chill
Also even though millennials have those aspects too, zoomers are building upon it and making it more widespread and worse. Also TikTok sucks

No. 233163

will never forgive t.a.t.u.'s management for what they put those women through

No. 233164

he already looks white? or is there some other pic I'm not seeing

No. 233165

Yeah he looks caucasian lmao

No. 233166

Spotity requires an internet connection to listen to music, that doesn't seem very convenient when you have internet issues. I'd rather download music I like once and listen to it anytime I want, if I want to discover new stuff I go on youtube on my laptop and I use an ad blocker so I'm not bombarded by ads every five seconds.

No. 233167

i am chill, im just replying to ''her'' post
>>making it more widespread and worse
So were going to act like there wasnt a whole sjw culture between 2013-2018 that was mainstream or tumblr.
With the capitol thing and many grifters suddenly going from right to left this was bound to happen.

I still want to know why anon thinks people talking about sexism is bad though.

No. 233169

Agreed fuck ads. Be punk and download shit for free. Own your music, not just borrow it.

No. 233170

Same, messed up stuff

No. 233171

i was having my mental breakdown/revelations about my life moment and i was crying painting and quietly singing with my spotify playlist in the field when some boomer with a dog decided to destroy the vibe and walk by me REEEEEEe find your own desolated field!!!!!!!!!! cant you see ive been going through things!!!!

No. 233172

File: 1645015336053.jpg (33.54 KB, 474x474, downloadfile.jpg)

Here have some hot coco, enjoy the sleepover

No. 233174

he is brown/middle eastern

No. 233175

want to see avril lavigne sing armenian folk music

No. 233177

Don’t be sad, nonza. It’s just another generation. It’s part of the whole cycle. I bet gen x was seething at the younger generation too. I do think a lot of the nonnas here are exaggerating their disdain because zoomers are the socially relevant generation right now, and they’re also the ones who were plugged in from age 7, 9. The kids can be a little retarded, as a treat. The only thing I mourn is “spaces”, soil from which movements can spring. Things like basement shows. I often think, “I want to be around people. How can I be around people?” It’s kind of hard. People have trouble enmeshing themselves in communities because these communities don’t exist offline anymore. I want a secret society.

No space and no patience. Spotify makes music accessible, which is both good and bad. Also, it’s hard to discover music nowadays; vinyl is expensive and mp3 blogs are dead. The only mp3 blog that’s still going strong is Sophie’s Floorboards.

> The youngest millenial is 26 now, are you forgetting that millenials were the first ones to start this PC she/her trigger bullshit back in 2014-2015.
See, I wouldn’t really know. I was on Club Penguin at the time. Had I stopped scamming other kids to give me their premium accounts’ password to buy a bunch of shit and instead hung out with older people, I might’ve noticed.

>It seems like you are just adding millennial aspects to zoomers and dont seem to know much about them.

Seems to support the theory that zoomers don’t really have any sort of cohesive or authentic generational identity or “movement”, and recycle that of millennials—something that millennial nonnas who love a-logging us keep reminding us of. Thanks, girls.

No. 233178

File: 1645015561206.jpg (29.16 KB, 474x266, downloadfile.jpg)

I don't want nonnis to argue, infighting is prohibited in the bunker. Muffin?

No. 233180

You can download your music for free with good quality from YouTube using mp3-convert.org/youtube-to-mp3-converter/ OR use deemix-gui (it's easy to set up)

No. 233181

File: 1645015904844.jpg (1.3 MB, 2444x1957, 1221985.jpg)

she was the original pickme methinks

No. 233182

Zoomers are thought police tier, no wonder they like gommunism

No. 233183

You don't have to buy vinyls lol you can buy CDs and that's way cheaper, also I rather have the CDs and do what my parents did in the 2000s and just play them. Also mp3 players still exist to this day

No. 233184

Honestly that's what I hate the most about them. They're a menace to society, the cringe shit they do would be bearable if they didn't want to make everything about communism and gender politics. They're ruining society lol

No. 233185


No. 233186

I think you mean the original nlog

No. 233187

File: 1645016293300.jpg (39.63 KB, 800x530, middle-aged-man-working-comput…)

No. 233188

Kek, my dad told me yesterday that he lost his virginity when he was 13 to a 30 yo hooker who did him for free wtf that's nasty

No. 233189

Nice pic of your dad playing Doom

No. 233190

i don't think she ever put other women down tho

No. 233191

looks like she had a under 14 discount.

No. 233192

File: 1645016448650.jpg (87.71 KB, 960x720, 1639454166082.jpg)

I still can't be mad at zoomers, they will have to deal with so much shit once millennials are getting old while also having a pretty shitty and policed teenhood.

Instead of hating eachother, we should collectively focus on hating boomers and manifesting their death asap.

No. 233193

Agreed. The level of conformism they exhibit is dangerous.
Learning they even have no counterculture, the tamest possible way to not conform, makes me depressed.

No. 233194

What kind of retarded cope is this?

No. 233195

But what about trannies?

No. 233196

Hey hey you you I don't like your girlfriend.

No. 233197

zoomer counterculture is being antisocial neet /s

No. 233198

Of course men are the main pests, but we're talking in generations here.

No. 233199

Anyone here has been on lolcow since 2014? Thinking about it makes me have existential crisis.

No. 233200

At the very least black boomers are better than black zoomers
inb4 racebait shut up let me talk about my culture for once without people calling it racebait

No. 233202

File: 1645016795367.jpg (97.03 KB, 400x320, how-do-you-do-fellow-female,jp…)

twf when you cant openly racebait or say you hate women anymore because anons ignore you here so you have to indirectly complain about them evil feminazis and evil non-racists in the disguise of talking about zommers.
Millenials started that shit.

No. 233203

2015 here, early experience with both the shady ass mods and some shady nonnies (sorry to the good ones) here makes me never ever post about my personal life or reveal any personal detail about myself, ever.

No. 233204

File: 1645016804266.jpg (42.99 KB, 474x377, downloadfile.jpg)

Everyone chill and grab a cookie

No. 233206

The tinfoiling thread is the other way.

No. 233207

No one is complaining about those zoomer

No. 233208


No. 233209

Ok zoomer

No. 233210

Can I make a g/ tinfoil thread or would that be banned? I really need my tinfoil fix tbh maybe the mods could move it to /ot/ later?

No. 233211

retarded degenerate

No. 233212

Zoomer deflects criticism of her stupid ass generation by proving her detractors' point.

No. 233213

Just do it here lol

No. 233214

File: 1645017106902.jpeg (38.02 KB, 623x478, CE02749C-3433-43F8-8438-9ED5C5…)

Are these “zommers” in the room with us right now?

No. 233215

Zoomer yet again proves that anything zoomers don't like including not ass kissing their generation means everyone is racist and sexist and problematic lmao never change

No. 233216

You're embarrassing lol the criticism must have had struck a core. Learn to not take things so personally and move on from opinions/conversations you don't agree with, everyone in your generation needs to learn to do so asap.

No. 233217

File: 1645017433264.jpg (134.16 KB, 1280x1280, P0.jpg)

Should I buy myself something cute but useless (eg a plush) or keep saving up / buy something more useful? I haven't "treated myself" with stupid shop-buys for 3 years now but I might as well keep saving up to get myself a new microphone and headphones. The dilemma.

No. 233218

Fuck off with your racebait.

No. 233219

Guys, stop bullying Zoomers, they are already in danger of 41%ing themselves any given day.

No. 233220

be millenial
>whole gen exists of basically trying to be as degenerate as possible, kinks, pedo to the maxx, obsession with pro-ana, age gaps normalized, ''women r dumb/worthless'' jokes, not contributing anything to society, having daddy/mommy issues, trying to stick it to boomers by being as degen as possible, are the first sjw's, are the ones who started this tranny gender ideology.

>complain about zommers

And before you start im literally 27, retard.
Personally im glad that girls now have a outlet that tells them its not their fault for getting abused by men or suffering misogyny, i wish i had that at my age.

And to all the other millenials here too, you know how bad it was, so stop trying to copy boomers with your ''hate the next gen'' bs

No. 233221

File: 1645017561768.jpg (152.83 KB, 1219x1300, 1537392175431.jpg)

Shut it zoomers, we don't care for your feefees

No. 233222

Microphone and headphones are better tbh

No. 233223

Nobody says people are racebaiting if they say "japanese" or "turkish" but if just saying the word black is automatically racebait to you you're probably a racist (unironically tbh)

No. 233224


No. 233225

this, I don't have any strong feeling about this topic but obessively hating the younger generation like everything is their fault is autisitc

No. 233226

Millennials and Zoomers are both hateful garbage trash to me so you're not doing any favors by pointing it out. Millennials were more sexist and bigoted than Boomers and Gen X were too

No. 233227


No. 233228

Yes, I'm still seething that there isno proper archive of staminarose. I'd love to make comparisons with current LC

No. 233229

Is it better to be a tranny and a communist then? Jeez. Just accept that the hate train for millennials already sailed and zoomers are as retarded if not more

No. 233230

March 2020 flashbacks

No. 233231

I personally just like to blame the two world wars and the 20th century as to why things are so bad today

No. 233232

I dug up oldest /pt/ threads through catalog and I think farms used to be way more edgy back then.

No. 233233

It was the industrial revolution

No. 233234

No, it's racebait because race barely has a role in how insufferable boomers are.

No. 233235

File: 1645017945878.png (1.18 MB, 1082x915, dirty whore.png)

Wanted to check how my high school priest was doing and I got horny while watching mass video from his loud ASMR altar kissing. I need to go out and get dicked.

No. 233236

They were lol
And males used to post a lot as well

No. 233237

I don’t consider 1999 and 2000 babies as zoomers

No. 233238

You're wrong then

No. 233239

Lol wut? did you even read what i said? I said the opposite: black boomers are better than black zoomers.

No. 233240

Anon they're like 21/22 so literally zoomers

No. 233241

I am 28 and this is true.
Little zoom zooms were only in elementary school and they looked up to us while we shitposted on tumblr back in 2012.

Now look what happened.

No. 233242

They were annoying and just a mix of pickme femcels and moids shitting their diapers over how other women look like in the most boring inspid way. Well, thankfully that lingering aspect of the toxic misogynistic 00s culture went away once the farms got the pinkpill and anti trans threads which changed the board culture for the better imo

No. 233243

Yep, I remember all those old 2014/2015 threads about some random weaboo having a "huge beak" (normal sized nose that isn't a dot like in anime) or being fat as fuck (having BMI above 18.5)

No. 233244

What I’d call zoomers are kids up to 19

No. 233246

And I'm saying no zoomer is as cancerous as boomers. Honestly fuck off with that shitty excuse of bait just to spergs about black people again, you can't even take race apart from nationalities.

No. 233247

kek ily anon

No. 233248

Stop having boomer vs millenial vs zoomer wars.

Don't you all understand that everything shitty happening in our society is because of males?

No. 233249

File: 1645018498094.png (578.92 KB, 700x525, 5e8e1d48c023205ad009d693.png)

Imagine being born after 2000. Cringe. The 90s were the absolute best time to grow up as a child, there is a reason people romanticize the 90s so much, it was fucking top notch. I wish I was born in the 80s so I could have enjoyed the 90s even more. After 2005ish everything went to proper shit.

No. 233250

>everytime there's a millenial-vs-zoomer convo it always points towards tumblr degeneracy
Be honest with me here. How bad was tumblr really? I'm 28 and to this day I have never browsed that site. The only news I have ever heard regarding that site was the recent porn ban and sjw antics that I mainly read about as hearsay from sites like reddit and 4chan (non-red boards) and the like. Mainly I've only browsed the edgier side of the internet so I don't actually know what actually went on in tumblr.
I also don't understand how zoomers don't have a counter culture. You would think that they would have the sjw-isms from the millenials and go the opposite direction, not take it and run the whole nine yards with it. Then again, I don't actually know any zoomers irl so for all I know all the current zoomer stereotypes could be overblown.

No. 233251

Zoomer counter culture is trooning out.

No. 233252

It's because we still had a big chunk of 4chan moids here.

No. 233253

forever straddling the plane between millennial and zoomer, the in betweeners are going to be the new lost generation

No. 233254

everybody was still infighting
(huh huah!)
those posts were fast as lightning
(hoo haauh!)
in fact it was a little bit frightening

i forgot the rest

No. 233255

there's endless millenail tranny communists, have you ever been on reddit?

No. 233256

File: 1645018755243.gif (4.5 MB, 498x275, enhypen-jake.gif)

Hello? (Hello?)
Boy, what you want?
(Man, I'm tryna come through, man)
Uh-uh, I'm at the studio, what's up?
(Man, I'm tryna get that pussy, man)
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Walk that nigga (yeah, walk that nigga)

No. 233257

No. 233258

this is why when I have kids I want to have a daughter. then I fear the idea of having a daughter knowing she has to deal with male behavior. the cycle is vicious

No. 233259

File: 1645018875085.jpeg (46.74 KB, 660x445, 1622395524_919_25-min-Social-n…)

>there is a reason people romanticize the 90s so much
Isn't it simply because young gens tend to romanticize modern era they didn't experience or barely knew? Like the younger zoomers and their obsession with 2000s.

No. 233260

why is it so hard finding friends in the Sims communities who aren't fucking uhhhh aroace demiboy gender neutral queer they/thems.

can i please just have normal sims enthusiast friends who aren't corrupted by gender identity bs. bitch i dont care if you made Pascal Curious a trans man autistic muslim i just wanna play the sims and not have this shit shoved in my face every single fucking day

No. 233261

File: 1645019030320.gif (4.74 MB, 498x280, meme-cringe.gif)

>being a sims enthusiast unironically
love that for you

No. 233262

Great, you posted an image of a show full of moid pedos

No. 233263

But trooning out is perfectly normal and completely accepted even encouraged.
Id say the zoomer counterculture is being a full on nazi.

No. 233264

whats wrong with the sims? i only play 2 and 3 because the 4th one is shit but i don't get it.

No. 233265

File: 1645019111499.gif (2.37 MB, 498x373, leon.gif)

hate blondies but damn is he sexy

No. 233266

Probably but being a teenager in the early 2010s was fun i wish i was born even earlier so i could experience the early 2010s even better

No. 233267

far more people love and care about the sims than about you
Suck it

No. 233268

This, for zoomers the counterculture is being /pol/ poster

No. 233269

wait I heard creepy stuff about Saget and Stamos but what did the other guy whose name escapes me do

No. 233270

File: 1645019283526.png (482.8 KB, 768x1024, pmo4dmOJTE1y41knto1_1280.png)

I much prefer the way he looked in RE4

No. 233271

>age gaps normalized
millennials were children when that push really happened

No. 233272

i really hated it when sims subreddit started to be full of essays where simmers bitched about people not making enough representation in their gameplay

No. 233273

But imageboards are originally millennial counter-culture

No. 233274

File: 1645019339725.jpg (38.79 KB, 500x306, why-you-might-be-crying-for-no…)


No. 233275

Same for the acnh community

No. 233276

Every single time you watch a movie one of the writers/producers/actors is probably a rapist. Raping women and children is the favorite past-time of everyone in Hollywood. Don't watch movies or tv shows if that bothers you. Literally every child you see on tv has been horribly molested.

No. 233277

age gap romanticization has always existed

No. 233278

>but being a teenager in the early 2010s was fun
nta but those were the worst years of my life lmao. plus the media was garbage

No. 233279

Ugh, i wish i could teleport in there and fuck his ass

No. 233280

theres nothing wrong with sims, i like the sims too.
I just find the enthusiast a bit strange
whats up with all the cattiness, i like sims but so many of their enthusiasts are unhinged like you.

No. 233281

i want to work in hollywood
not as talent
i know and have seen enough shady shit already

No. 233282

kek anon

No. 233283

Imageboards were part of the bigger "nerd" counter-culture for millenials.

For zoomers most nerd things are now mainstream, and to be counter culture is to have your politics be like /pol/ - be against women voting, support racism against black people, cry about incel rights etc…

No. 233284

yes omg i know right. the sims is one of very few games where you have no limit on creativity or what you want to make, why the fuck do people care if there's not transqueer nonbinaries with vitiligo in someone elses playthrough? someone messaged me being passive aggressive because I made Nervous Subject have a gf even though on tumblr they're obsessed with the idea that he's gay. i don't get it kek

i'd say i'm an "enthusiast" because i've played the games since i was very young and i enjoy making my own stories and stuff for them. i wasn't trying to be catty but i'm very enthusiastic about some games as i enjoy them so i was just wondering why that was 'cringe' or 'strange'

No. 233285

one of my current professors is kinda attractive. why do I always want the men I can't have? does that make me wistful or just sad that I have the worst luck with fucking everything?

No. 233286

File: 1645019759437.jpeg (123.8 KB, 649x470, E6A4DF37-E68B-4669-BF25-C027AD…)

basically anyone who is complaining about zoomers take picrel advice and shut the fuck up no one cares about your generational divide arguments because you keep falling for the bait. there are a lot of things that millennials and zoomers both grew up on and remember, this weird “millennials are better than zoomers” is weird because zoomers didn’t create buzzfeed, they didn’t create reddit, they didn’t create 4chan, they didn’t create kiwifarms, they didn’t create youtube, they didn’t create tumblr, they didn’t create all of the modern cancers that exist today. they never created “gender neutrality” or being an “enbie” or obsessing over nonexistent sexualities that was entirely millennial creation from the early tumblr days, they are simply wallowing in the evil creations of the navel-gazing hipsterfag that has existed since counterculture

No. 233287

this, that shit has been around in media even before gen x was born
why do you want to work there then, especially knowing what truly goes on there

No. 233288

She didn't call you catty. She called me catty for clapping back on her attempts at ridicule, because she can't take what she dishes.

No. 233290

I'm reading a problematic manhua that hits all my guilty pleasures but the translator won't stop bitching about how terrible it is. Just stop translating it then!! Why are you translating this if you hate it so much?! Thank you for translating it so I can read but but I'd rather you just drop it if you hate everything about it!

No. 233291

Pre-SJW tumblr was absolute heaven.

No. 233292

I only grab snickers

No. 233294

nta but as someone who wanted to get into sound engineering, most jobs that can make you any real money are likely in LA or the SoCal area. "Wanted", because I consider LA the worst place on Earth, but nevertheless I completely understand the desire to work in the entertainment industry backstage, for example.

No. 233295

i need enough money to survive and not to die, and i to some degree enjoy media a lot so it's an area of interest.

imo it's not some kind of massive cabal as much as it's a collection or smaller collectives of people doing bad things, rather than an overarching conspiracy. i would remain on the media or behind the scenes side of things so I wouldn't be too indulgent in the lifestyle, the most hedonistic thing I want is a survivable salary (ooh, spooky), and maybe to fuck a couple celebrities, I don't plan to actively engage with every degenerate, let alone sick their dick.

likewise every industry, whether rich and powerful or not, is going to have its problems, so I might as well be part of media if I enjoy media. I like entertainment media. I can't stand sports and I don't want to be a part of mainstream news media. Or politics. They're all too streamlined and equally rife with corruption

No. 233296

Let me guess, sadistic beauty? The bl one?

No. 233297

I guess it really depends what circles you were in on tumblr since it encompassed so many different communities, but I was an anime weeb and I had a lot of fun on tumblr. It was really just looking at a lot of nice pictures of jrock bands I liked, seeing pretty fanart, and then mix in some funny, witty text posts throughout. My friends and I would tag each other in posts. In my college dorm (at the height of tumblr), we would sometimes shit around and browse on our respective dashboards and read out texts posts we thought were funny to each other (my favorite was those "__ as horoscope signs" and we'd read out the ones for our respective signs). I even made a friend on there who I met in real life for karaoke! I did see some of the SJW shit going on and it's what eventually turned me off from it.

It's kind of like scrolling on tiktok, except pictures and text posts instead of videos. I don't really know how I would spend hours and hours on there, but I did.

No. 233298

Contemplating whether i should draw leon in the drawing board or not

No. 233299

Yes kek

No. 233301

kek I was on anime tumblr and it was dramatic as fuck

No. 233302

I actually remember seeing a lot of klance/shieth shipwars but I think at some point I started making a rule to myself to unfollow people who engaged in shipwars or people going on puritanical spergouts about ships. It only helped so much though lol I was really big into hetalia and I don't remember much sperging from the hetalia side of things, not from people I followed at least

No. 233303

File: 1645020614320.jpg (26.15 KB, 349x642, db0.jpg)

No. 233304

they are whining so they cant be cancelled for translating problematic things
t. someone who is friends with a stereotypical lgbtq+++ safe spaces tw everything twt user that likes to like read problematic bl

No. 233305

It all depends on who you follow, especially back then. Drama stayed between the people who started it and their followers and i followed a lot of creators who minded their own business they were college kids shitposting in peace

No. 233306

This. Zoomers' problems wouldn't exist without millenials. The blame-shifting is ridiculous. In fact, many millenials are literally the exact fucking same as their zoomer counterparts. If they weren't, their asses wouldn't even be here arguing with zoomers back and forth every day. They'd be on Facebook with their parents and grandparents. All this "reee zoomer" shit seems to actually be about bitterness and fear of aging

No. 233309

based, best leon look and he hasn't been the same ever since

No. 233310

I hate zoomers and I can't wait to get older.

No. 233311

Ohhh, that makes sense kek

No. 233312

I decided to do the same thing and I basically had go unfollow almost everyone over the years so I deleted my tumblr

No. 233313

aggieio anons i love you so much

No. 233316

nloz (not like other zoomers)

No. 233317

Translators need to shut the fuck up

No. 233318

But they posted with expert timing

No. 233319

File: 1645021458801.jpeg (69.56 KB, 446x687, images - 2022-01-02T004730.168…)

He needs it to hear all of his Ogatitos

No. 233320

False hope lol

No. 233321

is 1996 zoomer

No. 233322

eh don't beat yourself up too much, I think it's pretty normal and healthy to thirst over people you can't get. Don't be like the nonnie who fucked her old professor, fantasy is the way to go

No. 233325

I would prefer to work in atlanta, nyc or vancouver instead of la, heard the worst shit about la

No. 233326

NTA but yes

No. 233327

i would only do something so frivolous if he pursued me first

No. 233328

>mfw born in 2000, objectively coolest birth year ever
sorry you all weren't based since birth like me ♥

No. 233329

96 is a halfway point between millennial and zoomer, some historians swear zoomer starts in 97 while others say it's more like after 94-95

No. 233330

i hate being born in 2000, your too young to fit in with the millenials but your also too old to fit in with the majority of zoomers.
I really feel for all the 1998-2000 people.
Tbh i wish i was born in 2003.

No. 233331

Sorry to live in a society but people in their thirties arguing with teenagers about which is the better generation is wildly petty and we should be united against our common enemy: the moid. Nobody chose to grow up with tumblr or tiktok or Avril or Olivia.

>in b4 akshually I'm a 28 year old millennial

>akshually I'm a 20 year old zoomer

Congratulations, you're all old enough to know better

No. 233334

Akshually I'm a 30 year old. Wheres my 30s representation nonny I feel so invalidated oof

No. 233335

The only intelligent take in this entire stupid generation argument.

No. 233336

Well yeah thats how i feel… people tell me im a zoomer at 22 but I was never involved in the zoomer qualifiers such as gender politics or having tik tok, in fact no one my age i know has tik tok

No. 233337

kiroranke my beloved

No. 233338

Men who pose with their hands behind their head with the retarded furrowed burrow and homosexual profound expression. What the fuck is your problem, buddy? Why the fuck do you have your hand behind your head? You’re not rubbing your head. I know you’re not rubbing you head while taking a picture. I have never in my entire life a man rub his head in real life. Only place I did see that was in fanfics written by women. So what is the purpose of your retarded hand placement? This is the adult male equivalent of the female middle grader hand-on-hip pose.

No. 233339

File: 1645022830612.png (120.28 KB, 446x261, unknown.png)

The anon you replied to is right though. I hang around on a very young zoomer space and zoomers take the offended tumblr sjw to a whole other level so let me list some of the buzzwords of the top of my head: gender label collectors, kinnies, everyone is psychotic/delusional so you're not allowed to say "nice cosplay!" - instead you need to treat them as the character they're cosplaying as, you're not allowed to call the users people, you need to use "beings" because they might identify as non-humans, they hate fujos because girls aren't allowed to sexualize gay men, neopronouns, pronouns =/= gender, adding -core to every aesthetic

A lot of this could be found on tumblr yes, and they're definitely just expanding on it and making it worse. They're still on the y2k regurgitation train. They're very opinionated and political for your average 13-year old. Obsessed with race. Really into gender stereotypes. I don't think there's anything original about zoomers. For example the -core suffix to fashion styles is something that I distinctively remember first seeing on /fa/ in 2011 yet now all the zoomies use it.

No. 233340

Reddit dot com is that way.

No. 233342

File: 1645022916493.jpg (588.19 KB, 2048x2048, 1644283833392.jpg)

This is my favorite thread image. I wish/hope they'll unlock the Terry thread that was made too early because this thread pic is gold.

No. 233344

That is not blonde

No. 233345

Is pocket sand a viable move

No. 233346

Never understood the obsession with old men. I understand power dynamics but you can get it without sucking grandpa dick??

No. 233347

File: 1645023121419.jpg (129.88 KB, 736x1061, dc900bfff026be6b70a2a1570e0b9e…)

He loves you too

No. 233348

File: 1645023194765.png (700.18 KB, 1130x820, 5E25F237-7DEA-4CAC-A4D3-065BEE…)

This thread keeps fluctuating between comfy and annoying

No. 233349

That was such a sad post, lmao she said it was underwhelming and now shell have to live with it forever

No. 233352

File: 1645023711093.jpg (23.83 KB, 679x679, 64a45492da54b176174aafebf74d28…)

I was wondering what was going on itt while I was gone, and it was just yet another generation infight

No. 233353

File: 1645023814473.png (7.6 KB, 100x100, 89D28488-DD41-4AC3-9459-5299DE…)

Venting venting
My lower tummy has been hurting a lot for the past few days, usually only in the morning before I eat breakfast and I have no idea why. I hate stomach pains because it's hard to exactly pinpoint what's causing them. It's not period pain, and I haven't exactly been eating anything new either. Maybe it's the chocolate I made for Valentine's Day…
I hate it. It hurts when I move. I should eat but because it hurts I don't feel like eating. My husband and I make every meal together and his tummy isn't hurting so I don't think it's food poisoning. Stomach, teeth and eye pains are the worst. Impossible to be comfy. Don't know what to do. Am dying.

No. 233358

>Stomach, teeth and eye pains are the worst.
No, ear pains are the worst

No. 233360

File: 1645024497068.jpg (70.47 KB, 828x813, 7d23f5958d8f137fb260f533a727b9…)

No. 233363

File: 1645025303716.jpg (Spoiler Image,45.85 KB, 750x420, sports-car.jpg)

Men who go for young women by exploiting their innocent crush disgust me, male boomers are the worst. They always look the same, drive the same cars and have similar jobs. When I was 19 and taking a plane to London, the old dude sitting next to me kept flirting while bragging about being an MP. He kept pushing himself against me under the pretext of helping him choose a perfume for his daughter, disgusting. Spoiling picrel because it triggers my flight of fight response

No. 233364

encountered a moid who thought it was a flex to make an ugly picrew of himself. they truly are a self absorbed species

No. 233365

>too “degen” for casual BL enjoyers
>too boring for full-time fujos
>finally see someone that could be on my wavelength
>some genderspecial he/him or she/him tacked onto profile

No. 233366

I like bl anon what are you so specifically into that you find yourself stuck in the middle?

No. 233368

teeth and ears are on the same level. I had an exposed tooth nerve once, it hurt so bad it gave me video game low health ringing in my ears

No. 233370

complicated daddy issues. money. authority. almost everything encircles back to daddy issues tho

professor is in his 30s-40s from what I can gather. if it matters i am in my mid twenties so the age difference isn't that jarring.

No. 233371

Is it really that big of a deal to say "I love you" so early in a relationship? I've never been in a long term relationship, or many relationships over all, but my thinking is "I might as well tell you since I do love you, that's why we're dating after all." Although I'm also the type of person to always express my love for friends and family too in case something bad happens, I just would like people around me to always know that I care lol

No. 233374

this is considered a big deal? that's odd, why else would you be together anyway, like you said. before my first relationship, i had developed a habit of saying i love you to my friend and he'd say it back, and vice versa, until we realised we really meant it romantically. i guess "i'm in love with you" is something that holds more weight

No. 233379

Ahhh I got you. I like the first one too kek You might want to delete your reply before it derails into another screeching debate again kek

No. 233380

Kekkk anon if you tell them its off putting of course they’re gonna be defensive and call you boring. Do unto others as you like them to do unto you, don’t be put off focus on what you both share in common

No. 233381

I said it to my exes soon after we started dating and they were both uncomfortable with it and never said it back to me… My last ex said it was okay if I said it but said she didn't want to say it back yet.

No. 233383

Could be food intolerance? I love onions and beans but they kill me each time I eat some, it developed in my early 20s.
Can't wait for her to name drop after he inevitably breaks her heart

No. 233384

Good idea heh
Yeah you're right. I don't tell them anyway since I think it's pretty rude but it's hard to close the gap and get closer I guess.

No. 233385

My husband said it to me first within a week of us dating and I said it back. It was super cute because we both said it without thinking while saying goodbye to each other and then we both started separately freaking out until we saw each other the next day and talked about it and verified that we did actually feel that way and it wasn't a slip from both of us. But to be fair I knew I was gonna marry him the moment I saw him, so YMMV.

No. 233387

that youtube trend where people just make aesthetic videos of them studying and they rake in millions of views… the demographics of these videos, who are they?

No. 233388

School goers

No. 233389

Teen and tween gen z

No. 233390

I need the study with me videos cause they keep time + peer pressure me into studying

No. 233391

did it grow out of the lo-fi hip hop beats to chill/study to trend of the mid/late 2010s, or was it already a thing then? and I'm guessing covid made them more popular?

No. 233393

File: 1645028057638.jpg (36.11 KB, 736x552, 1642248772435.jpg)

I'm bored talk to me

No. 233394

File: 1645028098113.jpg (82.29 KB, 600x600, 19f1979a6c6ae9c3d3e779a4c920cf…)

Yes, nona I am here! What you said really meant a lot to me (seriously won't know what to do if this place disappears). I do journal when I have time! I should probably use it more to vent, but sometimes I just feel so tired that I just need to hear someone tell me that I'm doing okay. I guess that's a not a good thing to expect from others, so I'll get into better practice of using my journal more. I've honestly vented to friends before and it didn't help so much so I stopped doing it, but really what you said yesterday was just what I needed to hear and I feel a lot better. Love you and hope you have a great day!

No. 233396

My attention span is fine I've just finished a 5 hour painting I just want to shitpost

No. 233397

ayrt I was joking. I'll delete my post because I was being autsitic

No. 233399

File: 1645028345375.jpg (65.65 KB, 640x640, 983448.jpg)

I see. have a cat pic

No. 233401

I can do it too. I just have to pee and then stop and hold the rest in. It's 10/10 but it ruins your bladder

No. 233402

File: 1645028619252.webm (385.9 KB, 460x258, cat.webm)

thank you anon. Here's a cat webm for you too

No. 233403

File: 1645028628119.jpg (26.04 KB, 512x512, unnamed.jpg)

hey nonnington. what's up?

No. 233404

File: 1645028636241.jpg (259.8 KB, 880x495, hamster-bartender-miniature-ba…)

hi anon just come down to the bar i'll make you a drink

No. 233405

Any other anons subbed to r/actuallesbians so they can downvote every tranny post and comment? At this point I'm not even subbed for the lesbian content (not that there's any of that anymore after the trannies colonized it). It's fun to pull up some whiny troons post with like 4 reddit medals and watch the number of upvotes go down in real time kek. Nonnies, I urge you to try it as well.

No. 233408

File: 1645028885775.gif (277.28 KB, 270x200, 1638182359073.gif)

the early bird gets the worm, the fastest cat gets the fish

thinking about how nonatella could be derived from both nutella and donatella

I would like an apple juice please (this post brought back fond memories of lolcow inn)

No. 233413

Do you ever think about how you can't unknow someone? It sounds stupid but I'm always hesitant to make a new connection because you can't unknow people and the concept bothers me somehow. Anyway it's annoying that discord doesn't have an option to completely hide the blocked users menu, why would I want to be reminded of people I dislike enough to block every time I check on my friendlist/pending invites? fuck you discord

No. 233414

File: 1645029575695.jpg (99.49 KB, 462x310, frog.jpg)

c-can i get an espresso martini? i ordered it once last summer and now all my friends roast me for it… this is the only place i can drink one in peace

No. 233415

Appalachian accent >>>>>>> southern accents

No. 233416

Yes i always have this feeling after i get rid of a shitty person’s presence in my life its an impending doom type of feeling i feel like it comes from regretting ever knowing the person

No. 233417

I subbed to it a loooong time ago but barely check reddit now. One of my coworkers, the only other young and gay person in the office, was telling me how much she liked the new subreddit now because it used to be ~*~*too terfy*~*~. Dhe goes on and on about her dates and being a lesbian that it feels borderline performative to me. No I don't want to date nasty troons, and no I don't want them in my space.

No. 233418

I have a confession to fujos, i like ppatta’s work

No. 233419

wouldn't commenting something anti tranny get you banned pretty much immediately?

No. 233420

It's moid tier degen but the art is nice so I understand sister

No. 233421

I cannot stand my life anymore I think I will turn to alcoholism

No. 233422

Nona I'm sorry, espresso martini is the cocktail of choice in my friend group whereas I can't stand it. We should swap.
Whatever cider you've got on draught ta love

No. 233424

Yes, exactly that! I feel the same thing anon and you've nailed the description

No. 233425

File: 1645029955130.jpg (25.04 KB, 314x475, download.jpg)

Can I have gwapefruit jucie and seltzer

No. 233426

I love sims 3 nonnie, I posted about my medieval town in the sims thread a while back over on /m/. I wish it got a bit more traffic because I could chat about my sims for a while. A discord server would be great.

No. 233427

>lets google
>i hope its not gonna be some shotacon troll
the giant nips take me out and its so degen but i cant stop looking

No. 233429

It's so fucked how the troons have brainwashed so many millenials and zoomers into their cult. I feel for you anon. I feel like I have to get away from the current lgb community because I swear every single gay/bi person I meet acts like they'd die for trannies which is pathetic and weird and so I stay away. I hope maybe you could get a slightly older lesbian coworker who doesn't give two shits about gender.
I never comment anything negative, I just go on downvoting sprees. ♥

No. 233430

I dont even like the art (its ok ig to bright for me) i literally like the concepts and everything that goes on… the moid tier degeneracy that goes on

No. 233431

enjoy anon

No. 233432

Anon please post in the sims thread when /m/ starts working again!

No. 233433

I'm 96 and I feel like I lean more millennial mostly with the way I use technology. It's a weird mid point to be in and a seemingly unique experience to people born in that year?

No. 233434

Zoomer counterculture is just being normal. Rampant capitalism and consumer culture propelled by social media made real counter cultures mainstream, like gendershit. Being counterculture as a zoomer basically means being normal and well-adjusted kek

No. 233435

One of my best friends has a friend who was invited out to an outing with us and this fuckign enby bitch went off when me and another friend were talking about a bitch we ghosted (a chick who has literally said "im a woman transitioning into a male who's transitioning into a woman"!!!) and this bitch had to go off about "respect" and all this troon shit without having the respect to just say "hey, can you guys not talk about that person like that?" I don't give a fuck about troons feelings but if you're not an asshole about it I'll keep my mouth shut and "respect their pronouns" to keep the peace. Imagine going off about respect when you can't extend some respect to people you just met.

Then my friend had the audacity to talk about how she needs to be a better ally and asked us to refer to fucking chris chan with she/her pronouns. This shit is a stupid cult. I want to stop being friends with my friends but it feels petty and we are honestly great friends who have been through a lot outside of gender shit. This shit has absolutely rotted the brains of people around me but whenever I talk with people who aren't terminally online they're chill as fuck about it. I hate LGBT spaces and I can't be assed to bother trying to date someone because I know if they have the same views as me, they're probably hiding it as well.

Praying for the day I find an older lesbian woman to take me under her wing.

No. 233436

Are we not allowed to just tell people to shut the fuck up anymore. Should've told them to shut the fuck up but unfortunately that's "problematic" or whatever. Some people should just shut the fuck up, and also die.

No. 233438

File: 1645031226121.jpg (371.78 KB, 2562x2700, Lovers.jpg)

I cannot stop reading RPF of the musicians i grew up listening to,why are the fics so fucking good.

No. 233439

Me but with 70's musicians

No. 233441

I'm pretty nonconfrontational and didn't want to escalate the situation anymore, especially because it was a big group of friends and there were some others who were invited via another friend that I was meeting for the first time. I was genuinely excited to meet this person because I love meeting friends of friends and we usually get along, but I knew this bitch was going to be a problem when we were laughing about how one of us had earlier seen a guy walking in public with a bad dragon sweater and she had an issue with it.

Look bitch, I own fantasy dildos, I don't give a fuck about the dude's kinks. The joke is that he's bold enough to wear it outside, and normie observers who are in the know can't say shit without outting themselves as also probably being into it since they know. Everyone's laughing and having a good time except this cunt.

Sorry for the vent, this shit happened months ago but still fucking boils my blood lmao.

No. 233442

File: 1645031549330.png (22.88 KB,