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File: 1645034328771.jpeg (74.29 KB, 640x480, 17C9C9ED-B3C2-4834-926B-F6CBDB…)

No. 233511

I can’t believe we’ve made it to this point.

Previous thread: >>230589

No. 233515

File: 1645034478583.png (352.53 KB, 677x1000, Durst and Jonny.png)

I wanna keep talking about IRL BL between music men

No. 233516

3 ot threads no revival yet

No. 233518

I go eat soup, I hate soup. I'm always hungry after.

No. 233520

you cant count? this is the third thread silly

No. 233521

Whoops, maybe my brain is broken along with /ot/

No. 233522

ily music BL anons. I have nothing to contribute anymore but I used to be an avid frerard shipper back in the day so you're still my people

No. 233523

obligatory sigh

No. 233527

This guy looks like a girl with a stache

No. 233531

>oh my gawd this dude is so hot
>looks like a serial killer and rapist with very low trust features and psychotic stare

I don't trust women like this tbh

No. 233532


No. 233533

kpop is retarded

No. 233534

File: 1645035135653.jpg (Spoiler Image,93.2 KB, 1080x949, emogayboys.jpg)

Man that ship takes me back

No. 233535

Based dubs

No. 233543

File: 1645035270004.gif (4.47 MB, 498x273, sushichaeng-jake-enhypen-dog.g…)

No. 233546

File: 1645035297098.jpg (35.56 KB, 355x500, 6kexbt4afx801.jpg)

No. 233548

File: 1645035307507.jpg (22.58 KB, 561x480, uncle leo.jpg)

No. 233550

professor looked so cute today! i do not want to think that!

No. 233551

File: 1645035380433.jpeg (169.41 KB, 698x1005, 2D55FDBA-C2DF-49C1-987E-3BD1AA…)

No. 233555

File: 1645035412101.gif (805.1 KB, 320x230, cry-kpop.gif)

No. 233556

On the ritter sport chocolate packaging the font is the same as in skyrim menus

No. 233557

I thought this was terry gilliam at first glance

No. 233559


No. 233560

File: 1645035589107.jpg (24.47 KB, 475x462, 7d9bbc170301f438cbd1a40980dde7…)

i'm not doing so well anons

No. 233561

File: 1645035594420.jpg (14.59 KB, 500x286, pc4fg7r3ex.jpg)

same nonnie. wtf was wrong with me kek

No. 233562

im trooning out
im trooning out
im trooning out of control again
again again

No. 233565

venting time: my last exam is tomorrow but i gave up! was gonna graduate this semester but i failed one of my previous exams so what's the point…

No. 233566

File: 1645035654692.jpeg (60.81 KB, 645x499, EB774FA2-5EAF-41C9-AC8E-4738B5…)

No. 233568

having my room located next to my dads stay at home office is the worst, i can hear everything through these paper thin walls

No. 233569

File: 1645035731050.jpeg (133.19 KB, 800x480, D9AB347C-650B-4BEC-A21C-CEE128…)

Have you ever thought that maybe it’s the Skyrim menu that’s in Ritter Sport’s font?

No. 233573

At least you were a degen Waycest fan like myself

No. 233576

Bold move to give up the potential for graduating a semester early in exchange for 24 hours of not having to study.

No. 233579

File: 1645035902802.jpeg (31.72 KB, 500x423, joker jotchua.jpeg)

i need to take a fucking shower

No. 233580

File: 1645035905329.jpg (25.09 KB, 400x341, asotm.jpg)

nothing anon, we were literally based

No. 233581

agree with this. nona you should cram, trying is better than outright failing. get your degree and get out of there instead of spending another semester in purgatory

No. 233582

that's embarrassing why,would you admit that

No. 233583

so many music shippers on this site, is this a widespread phenomenon or are they just naturally drawn here?? i honestly dont know the names of the members of most of the bands i like kek

No. 233584

shut up we are all cringe here

No. 233585

A small youtuber that I used to watch got back together with his gf from like 6/7 ago and they're even engaged again.. don't be giving me bad ideas like that

No. 233586

File: 1645036068914.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1500x1000, download (19).jpeg)

i ship alex g with myself but havent found much in the way of art or fanfiction about it. wheres my representation?

No. 233587

I'm glad I was never much into degen mcr ships. Most I did was thinking about the time gabe saporta kissed william becket.

No. 233588

incest cringe is different than plain irl shipper cringe

No. 233589

Omg ferard is back is it 2005?! Grabbing my feather boa and my studded belt brb.

I got to see them live for the Black Parade tour, it was fantastic.
I know they were contractually obligated to produce another album by warner bros, but i hated danger days. I wish they just broke up before that album.

No. 233591

File: 1645036136964.jpg (7.8 KB, 225x164, f02d208499f0429ed621fba473c0b1…)

Pic rel

No. 233592

i get embarrassed when i accidentally double post sorry everyone

No. 233593

File: 1645036178230.png (300.01 KB, 218x550, 2qil.png)

Damn, you are smart…

No. 233594

File: 1645036198127.jpg (40.96 KB, 497x405, original.jpg)

Tell me your favorite ships anons.

No. 233595

do not remind me that I used to want to fuck gabe saporta

No. 233597

Cuz it's an anonymous imageboard dumbass

No. 233598

File: 1645036232799.jpg (12.52 KB, 236x316, d0f084a07782ea4989cae42e89f964…)

No. 233599

File: 1645036263732.jpg (76.4 KB, 736x877, 567e2a701a829d6e03496204f587c3…)

No. 233600

i'm not graduating anyway since i failed last week's exam and now i am sulking

anyway the professor who failed me should kill himself

No. 233601

File: 1645036310797.jpg (81 KB, 500x650, jorey3.jpg)

I get banished from other places because "EW YOU CANT SHIP REAL PEOPLE!!1" and /ot/ allows me to be as weird as i like.

No. 233603

professor is a tall lanky guy. wonder if he has a big dick. aaaaand this is why I'm saying this here and nowhere else

No. 233604

File: 1645036375795.jpg (862.81 KB, 2531x1607, RMS_Queen_Mary_Long_Beach_Janu…)

The Queen Mary

No. 233605

For me it's only for one band (Yes) and there's hardly any content on it but I just like the idea

No. 233607


No. 233608

she thicc

No. 233609

IT WONT LET ME DELETE A POST I MADE WITH A TYPO i accidentally reported it i'm so sorry farmhands

No. 233612


No. 233614

File: 1645036552537.jpg (81.19 KB, 640x629, tumblr_44354b72673e5a4d810c947…)

Obligatory low quality pic

No. 233615

File: 1645036631794.jpg (51.37 KB, 427x721, Lucozade-Original.jpg)

Gotta stay alert as I sit around not really doing anything

No. 233616

Stop it and just think about an imaginary man like the rest of us. I guarantee you 300% less feeling bad about it and 1000% less embarrassment when talking to the real person you lusted after

No. 233618

File: 1645036688488.jpg (58.38 KB, 720x547, 2e616d617a6f6e6177732e636f6d2f…)

there is just as much judgy people in /ot/ though

No. 233619

File: 1645036775944.png (2.01 MB, 1280x1623, Jimard.png)

TFW your music ship are both friends irl and has a hot 31 part fic.You wish you could have this.https://www.wattpad.com/story/242910889-jimmy-urine-x-gerard-way

No. 233620

File: 1645036820514.jpeg (23.29 KB, 236x315, 41044B2A-47F9-413D-A645-6860BA…)

I would give an arm and a leg to be able to find cobra starships old merch at a decent price kek

No. 233621

File: 1645036826713.jpg (702.51 KB, 2171x3635, E4fToRyVIAYXQgi.jpg)


No. 233622

File: 1645036853445.png (250.94 KB, 515x515, tumblr_7d675e6c47c18f9a6722924…)

Yeah I do

No. 233623

File: 1645036915028.png (630.53 KB, 700x688, 1636489868897.png)

Hope you will do better soon nona

No. 233624

celebrity lust fallback time, he can't hurt me with his unattanability quite the same? or can he?

it's either celebrities or characters portrayed by 3d men I don't do 2dpd anymore

No. 233625

File: 1645037044769.jpg (71.71 KB, 500x389, 735631.jpg)

I don't have music ships but I love these dumdums

No. 233626

I raise you one better : not even human

No. 233627

suspected incubus's don't count

No. 233628

I still own the purple Cobra Starship hoodie with Gabe's name in it. Kek.

No. 233630

I don't really have sexual dreams and my brain couldn't even choose some chad but a random average dude who grabbed my boobie and then sucked my titties and he had a dumb look on his face being like " hue hue it's so nice being with you here sucking your tiddies" and it was cute in a way??idek wtf im lonely but I can't even fantasise normally anymore cause the reality of moids cockblocks my brain(and bf you talk about husbandos,it happens with husbandos too). I can't even have some sort of decent relationship in my head and that random-ass dream was weirdly nice I'm sorry i wanted to say this somewhere i wish we had the dumbass thread :'(

No. 233631

lmk if you find an extra one to send to me you lucky bitch

No. 233632

File: 1645037225721.jpg (6.16 KB, 208x242, index.jpg)

Who ever got catfished with this mofo?

No. 233633

where are the TAI fans
Kek, me! Good times

No. 233634

In middle school, I told everyone he was my bf.
>mfw everyone just sure janed me
couldn't even fucking lie in peace

No. 233635

File: 1645037464633.png (Spoiler Image,231.66 KB, 640x360, 20181218183139.png)


No. 233636

This was the generic attractive emo dude I kept seeing on shit like quizilla but never learned who he was

No. 233638

If it makes you feel better i had a dream of a obese neckbeard trying to sensually message my neck………………
Meanwhile all the hot guys are only interested in being friends in my dreams.


No. 233640

Ew, no. White boys are disgusting

No. 233641

I bet there are still girls getting catfished with his pictures today

No. 233642

no unless you count facebook moms who are new to the internet.

No. 233643

Oops, posted in old thread:

So quick question, how do you decide what’s a counter culture? Like why isn’t the cottagecore/minimalist/anitwork thing that’s becoming popular considered counter culture? Is just because you don’t like it?

No. 233644

why is /OT/ dead but /g/ is fine? why are LSA AND LC treating me so badly when all I do is love them

No. 233645

File: 1645037922003.jpeg (790.83 KB, 1920x2589, CA7DC064-C7F1-4853-B769-B14819…)

No not the puppy man.

No. 233647

>outing yourself as a lsa user

No. 233648

I wonder how he looks nowadays

No. 233649

You’re confusing subculture and counterculture

No. 233650

technical issues with /ot/ ily too <3

No. 233651

nta but why do people hate LSA? the women there are based

No. 233652

File: 1645038080088.jpg (43.08 KB, 450x675, a7403fc37a56b0517fe50445981781…)

ive reached a level of lonely/horny where im thinking whether to summon a incubi and then sell my soul

No. 233653

ehhh some of them are unhinged and have a habit of doxing and harassing their own userbase + the cringey colorism infighting the site has

No. 233655

File: 1645038153083.jpg (629.63 KB, 1250x866, EV6cm6eWkAYqPzD.jpg)

He went full Brookelle Bones aka had disgusting lip fillers

No. 233657

Why would scene count as counter-culture? And how is anti-capitalist, self loving, mindful ideals not counter in a world of increasing commercialization and digitization?

No. 233659

in the past it was okay but now atleast half of the users seem to be either white women or men who are pretending to be black women on that site.

No. 233660

no the worst is trying to summon one and then a whole lot of nothing happens

No. 233661

then want to try summoning one with me?

No. 233662

Honestly counterculture nowadays might be taking up a religion and attending a church kek

No. 233663

File: 1645038367558.jpg (60.23 KB, 480x640, 7160a190f032c5297566116fe7f8d9…)

twf no hot demon/vampire to rail me.

No. 233664

perhaps the real demon is within myself and not even supernatural forces will touch someone so cursed

i just wanted fame fortune and to be fucked and satan said no

No. 233665

Kek, I've used both boards since LC was created, I don't know what shame is anymore. Also, LSA is based once you get past all of the unhinged self hating black women. Most users there are peaked and hate men just like LC.

No. 233666

nta but how would we go about trying to summon a demon together if we arent in the same localization?

No. 233667

Honestly, I wouldn't consider scene a subculture and not a counterculture because it was based mostly on aesthetics. But I do think the fact that scene was kind of birthed through the internet and scene queens/kings were some of the first people to get 'internet famous' might give it merit as a counterculture in the sense that being famous or popular on the internet wasn't really a typical thing back then. But idk I guess it's all up to interpretation because I wouldn't consider scene a counterculture.

No. 233668

>666 in post
it is fated

No. 233669

Counter culture is just whatever isn't ~popular~ in society atm. All the stuff you listed used to just be the way things were

No. 233670

kek yeah and also not using the internet or any social media or caring about personal aesthetics whatsoever. basically the amish i guess.

No. 233671

As a general rule do you think someone who has he/him in the bio, watches anime and and is twinkish in appearance is a ftm? They're rarer in my country and there's no videos of their voice to judge. At the same time this kind of person never shuts up about being trans and there's no mention of that.
I like to do this on random people who show up on my feed.

No. 233672

File: 1645038669747.jpg (112.97 KB, 1080x954, d3e862084f2edd4719f6c99598e7a8…)

or we end up with evil hot husbandos.
we are farmers we are all bound together by the power of lolcow AMEN

No. 233673

I have no brows
I'm round and pale
yes I was born a ginger male

No. 233674

>inb4 amishcore
>basically just tradwife + cottagecore
we're all doomed

No. 233675

Oh ok. I saw an anon in the other thread say gen z has no counter culture and then used scene as an example of one kek. Made no sense to me, im gen z but there were scene kids in school and they never had any kind of ideals they just had an aesthetic. I guess that anon just has their head up their crotchety ass whiffing their own bullshit

No. 233677

imo there really can't be a counterculture anymore, anything slightly edgy or niche immediately gets noticed by corporations that turn it into a marketable aesthetic. look at the romwe/shein homepage and it's all egirl/cottagecore/dark academia/whatever the trend is at the second. you can't be counterculture when the dominant culture is directly selling you these aesthetics

No. 233678

Cryptoisland? No.
Reddit Island? No.


No. 233679

Tbh the “counter culture” of today is just vapidly reactionary. Normies, with families, who don’t live on the internet are countering the mainstream.

No. 233681

the ritual I did involves a little blood, a clump of hair, and burning of a piece of paper whose words contain your desire, though in what order you're supposed to burn them I forgot

for convenience i just smeared the blood on the paper after writing on it

No. 233682

sounds legit. so how do we do the summoning? do you have any method in mind or do we just wing it? kek

No. 233683

Does anyone else find it extremely funny that /g/, the most maligned of all boards, turned out to be the lifeboat during this disaster? Sorry if this has already been discussed.

No. 233684

I was going to take a nap first because I'm tired but I would recommend winging it late at night. rumor has it spiritual forces are active most during the witching hour of 3-4am

No. 233685

look what you've made me search you dumb bitches

No. 233686

I need to use the vent thread, the dumbass thread and the unpopular opinion thread. I need to let off steam and to have a think I can't think with all this mess

No. 233688

/w/ is worse tbh

No. 233689

Damn who dis

No. 233690

File: 1645039498132.jpeg (56.35 KB, 612x408, 45EDD08A-1432-4939-A8B1-F8C6A4…)

>Heterosexual (& none-LGBT(TM) homo/bisexuals)
>No mental illness
>Not terminally online
>Motivated and Ambitious
>Rejects PC tendencies

No. 233691

>no mental illness
>not terminally online
so that cancels out everyone who uses this site, then? kek

No. 233692

File: 1645039601822.jpg (78.48 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Anon i cant believe you did that, its a good thing nothing showed up.
Blood contracts are considered really serious and permanent, you could have fucked yourself over,
Oh wow us anons really are connected, i saw that same video a year ago, never thought it would get brought up here.
There was this one girl in the comments there that said that she thinks she manif a husbando but then she changed her mind and now wants to respawn herself.
Ive also looked at alot of imaginary friends subliminals too and almost manifested one

aloysius blood moon calling

No. 233693

you lost me at no mental illness. most of my peers i know irl (19-22 yr olds) are like this though

No. 233695

Kek samefag, you got it. I guess I can’t swipe that label for myself.

No. 233696

>Your demon lover rents/owns desired vehicle(s)

No. 233697

I love how these posts are sandwiched in-between succubus bf summoning nonnies

No. 233698

Funnily enough, all of the millennials I know are full tranny simps, while half the zoomers think neo-pronouns are stupid and even more have started to question the gender role reinforcement

No. 233699

File: 1645039787790.jpeg (64.65 KB, 564x549, 74659CEE-FE69-48B0-8090-90CB11…)

I had an important meeting today but totally forgot until it was already too late. I feel ashamed that I let others down. Obviously it won't kill me and nothing horrible will happen, but I try my best to be dependable every day…. I won't let it happen again. I'll be more responsible from now on!

No. 233702

No. 233703

I always equate millennials = buzzfeed you tubers. I didn’t even raise an eyebrow reading this. I know I know..most are wholesome normies

No. 233704

File: 1645039964974.jpg (134.93 KB, 1124x1103, Tumblr_l_99456882195239.jpg)

No. 233707

No. 233708

File: 1645040140221.jpg (13.93 KB, 190x266, caim-inma-kun-wa-oshigoto-deki…)

pls dont confuse succu with incubus. It hurts their feelings

No. 233709

Ot but these people should cool down with the teeth whitening strips wtf

No. 233710

I'm an old school astrology fag but had a dark period where I didn't care as much but honestly considering metaphysics and existence I'm back baby. It's the true understanding. I'm not talking pop astrology either. Anyway I'm going to stop being hung up over not having a lot of deep relationships. I pretty much vibe with whoever in the moment and have a lot of people I'd call a friend but would never personally depend on them to always be there for me. I've had a lot of abandonment and it use to be a thing but it's just not my nature anyway. I've always followed my own path and while it seems I'm a loner I do love people. I just always seem to be moving around and while it does feel like heartbreak when I move on from a good group of people I don't know how to maintain the closeness. I'm starting to get why I'm a sagittarius dominant.

No. 233711

ew it's a they/them?

No. 233713

I wanted to say this was my experience too in the last thread, but I knew it'd cause seething and denial in the midst of all the sperging lmao

No. 233716

I think being an ehoe/egirl is the worst "career" you could choose. It's literally worse than working retail because with retail you get to keep your dignity. As a sw or egirl you have to compete with millions of photoshopped women pandering to scrotes, there's no objective way of attaining success, even if you're funny or naturally beautiful. Being an egirl/ehoe/political grifter and relying on men and competing against dumber and uglier women who are more successful than you must take a huge toll on your self esteem. It's not like in the past when a woman could succeed using her sexuality by being naturally beautiful, now anybody can alter their appearance into being some big ass and thin waist and huge tits model and coomers take that for reality

No. 233720

they're talking about multiple incubuses ,anon

No. 233721

men are fucking disgusting and I hate how women put up with mysoginistic shit just for cool girl points

No. 233722

I think their as in ALL INCUBUS
I didn't want to misgender cubus folks

No. 233723

I hate society and men deserve a special place in hell for making society into what it is

No. 233724

where do you get your astrology knowledge from nonnie? everything on the internet seems like pop astrology

No. 233725

>very healthy pink fingernails.
>If desired- is Virgin, has never been with anyone before.
>If desired-goes to the gym. Takes you with them to go to the gym. You two will be gym buddies.
>your demon lover owns/rents desired technology example~ phone, computer,
Laptop or iPad.
> If desired they will take you out on fancy date nights.


No. 233726

which one do you choose:
edgy emo girl
big tiddy milk gf
tradwife gf
left winger woke gf
not like the other girls that are not like the other girls gf
which one do you choose?

No. 233727

as a former astrologyfag even stuff like "sagitarius dominant" is a new age astrology stuff

No. 233728

File: 1645040710484.jpg (32.75 KB, 320x497, Auguste_toulmouche-vanity.jpg)

Do you also get horny when you see noodz of yourself? Time to reclaim gender euphoria from troons

No. 233730

the first one
i feel disgust when i look at myself, i need to tone my body up.

No. 233731

we live in a society fuck society fuck society I feel myself turning lesbian ive only had deep connection with other women and men are useless in bed anyway

every woman should be a lesbian. Can you imagine society then?

No. 233732

TRAs screenshotting this and screaming "See? SEE?! AGP ISN'T REAL!! CIS FOIDS HAVE IT TOO"

No. 233733

yes I am very beautiful and I love myself. I am beautiful and smart and no scrote deserves me

No. 233734

At least it makes sense that we’re still having girl talk here. Just… deranged, chaotic girl talk.

No. 233735

as someone who's been familiar with lsa for a decade id love to shit talk some of the regular users on there kek

No. 233736

emo girl

No. 233737

i'm a goddess and every woman is

No. 233738

MY counterculture isn't noticed by corporations.

No. 233739

I’m neutral. But I’m amazed I’m living flesh sometimes.

No. 233740


dont choose any anon those are all pick me personas scrotes want

No. 233741

Proper books.

Not really.

No. 233742

>thing we ate thread

My avocado toast today:
>two slices of sprouted wheat bread
>mashed avocado spread on top
>chopped red onions with chopped cilantro, all marinated in lime juice on top of that
>thinly sliced carne asada on that
>all topped with a seasoning blend of dried garlic, salt, onion, and sesame.

No. 233743

it literally is LMAO

No. 233744

I want to make fun of everything in existence and never have a job I want to express my thoughts truly and be unhinged and live in the forest

No. 233745

Does anybody here hate these edit audio videos on youtube that all have similar songs.
At first it was good but now so many channels are making edit audios for views and all of them contain the same basic generic songs.

No. 233746

fried pancake with cottage cheese and cream

No. 233747

Post example

No. 233748

Bitch what the hell every single word in that sounded so good I am going feral I want that NOW

No. 233749

is manifestation real? do our beliefs really shape the outcome of our reality?

No. 233750

Tradwife gf, but as long as she doessn't like nazis or bap faggots

No. 233751

Ask God.

No. 233753

File: 1645041172724.jpg (14.42 KB, 225x225, index.jpg)

>coffee x4
>chicken breast, white rice, broccoli
>chicken breast, white rice, broccoli
tomorrow it's gonna be
>coffee x4
>chicken breast, BROWN rice, broccoli
>chicken breast, BROWN rice, broccoli

No. 233754

nobody understands me I am a genius on the level of a scrote that society considers smart but society won't ever take me seriously because I.am a woman. I am the smartest and most beautiful person on earth and so are you Don't let them take you down

No. 233755

File: 1645041243669.png (362.46 KB, 652x658, r.png)

they get repetitive really fast since alot of these videos contain the same songs, mostly the ones who go viral on tiktok.

No. 233756

Yeah. Weak people are afraid of that fact, and corporations, governments, eg anything/anyone that wants you to consoom work hard to kill belief in anything but more consooming

No. 233758

how does that have to do anything with corporations? If anything corporations want you to believe you can become anyone. The premise of manifestation is that your imagination creates your reality, so if in your imagination you are some rich celebrity then that will become a reality according to the theory of manifestation. That sort of thing only benefits capitalism

No. 233759

>the reality of moids cockblocks my brain
can't relate i have the most retarded fantasies in spite of all reson, my brain produces so much copium if i could i'd gladly share some with you

No. 233760

A milky big boobed, left leaning edgy woke trad wife, that is NLoG that are NLoG who happens to be Emo, please.

No. 233761

I pray every night and let it all out all and also ask for help. Things have been going pretty well for a while.

No. 233762

i wish i were as retarded as you tbh. no thoughts just vibes

No. 233763

File: 1645041475008.jpg (88.14 KB, 1600x800, suicide-2016-stats.jpg)

we suck at sports, even when it comes to intellectual things like chess.
But guess what? At least we don't kill ourselves bc our introspection ability isn't clouded by testosterone

No. 233765


No. 233766

Corporations tell you that you need to buy their products to rise, to feel good, to do anything. If you can do all the things they advertise to you yourself through your own will, they're out of money. If you want to be a rich celebrity and you succeed in that, you are indeed benefiting capitalism. If someone wants to destroy it and they succeed in that, they are attacking capitalism. The use of the tool itself isn't one or the other

No. 233767

I keep making comedy skits and song and song videos in my head. One of them is called "pick me" and the video should be of me dressing in different modern woman stereotypes and the lyrics should highlight how women are enslaved into performing for men and the video is me appearing on a platform like Twitch in all these different costumes. Emo girl, trad girl, intellectual girl and the song slaps hard and has a lot of bass

No. 233768

Do you weebs know a japanese equivalent for Netizenbuzz? I wanna read sass from there

No. 233770

File: 1645041579174.jpg (106.32 KB, 1600x1688, print-178681288.jpg)

>we suck at sports, even when it comes to intellectual things like chess.
kek someone is trying to hard

No. 233771

Time for all the followers of doom is drawing near
Deceiving no-one, knowing nothing but the bite of fear
Smiling as I throw the switch that takes away their breath
I see life as an interruption to the tune of death

She is the electrocutioner
She is the electrocutioner
She is the electrocutioner
She is the electrocutioner
She is the electrocutioner
She is the electrocutioner
She is the electrocutioner
She is the electrocutioner
She is the electrocutioner
She is the electrocutioner

Playing with my birds, I wonder how the world could be
A perfect place to sing about, for anyone but me
I see the shimmer of the dewdrops as I drink my tea
And when the foolishness is over, I am much more me

I wish that all the suffering and all the misery
Could be consumed inside my room, where switches set you free

Where switches set you free, my friend
Where switches set you free

No. 233772

Could you please pray for a french girl to come finger your religious pussy?

No. 233773

Speak for yourself. I was taught chess pretty young and even got a pc lego chess game I loved. I once bought a chess board and had it in my backpack lol, I ended up getting stuck at a fucking gang party afters and was only smoking weed and feeling super depressed. I whipped put my chessboard and beat so many moids. One moid kept fucking trying to distract me and switch the pieces. However they were all fucked out of their heads yet super focused on coke. Quickest check mates of my life

No. 233774

Anime culture is ded.

No. 233775

>Believing in yourself?! NO! THAT'S RETARDED!
Yeah, I remember dealing with learned helplessness too. I know you'll just make up an excuse if I explain my own life, so I'll just say you can get better, anon. It's not retarded kek

No. 233776

I wouldn't call lc a counterculture, but there's definitely a vibe here that's hard to find anywhere else. I guess it's the sense of community and I'm sure if we all met irl we wouldn't all get along… but in the midst of current internet culture with tiktok, twitch streamers, egirls, instagram, etc, farmers have their own brand of internet culture that I think counts as somewhat of a "counter" to how one is normally expected to act on the internet nowadays. Like openly hating men, valuing anonymity, being candid about mental illness (but not in an attention-seeking way since we're all anonymous), sperging out about niche interests, etc. Sorry if this sounds stupid. I have been thinking about this for a while but can't put my thoughts into words. I'm assuming it's because most of us were probably terminally online and grew up on 2000s internet culture and that's why we're like this, but tbh this is one of the few places I feel that I'm talking to people "like me" so it's very comfy and I'll be sad if this site shuts down.

No. 233777

i dont think j-pop is big now, so even if you find something similar it will probably be old.

No. 233778

Zoomer culture is not believing in yourself and finding authenticity cringe.

No. 233779

Do you weebs know a japanese equivalent for Netizenbuzz? I wanna read sass from there

No. 233780

it's ok I'll be a mentally ill NEET my entire life I will mod this website from the public library in Romania

No. 233781

Oh so incubus are superior to succubus only because they're male? Check your internalized misogyny.

No. 233782

No, I play chess too but it's a known fact?
>16 yo better

No. 233784

File: 1645041853364.gif (136.74 KB, 100x100, 1C899BA0-9A94-45BF-8B54-6B79C9…)

No1curr about your blogpost.

No. 233785

aww congrats you're good at retard strength, autism and killing yourselves. dilate

No. 233786

> and I'm sure if we all met irl we wouldn't all get along
Lmao I have thought this multiple times, funny how it works out online

No. 233787

fuck you stupid ass scrotee you are my puppy you are no God, I am your Goddess and you worship me and I have way better artistical talent than you and you will give me all your money to spend it into my artistic career so I can make art about hating men. Stupid scrote.

No. 233790

No. 233791

Sorry I'm not TJ fucking Henderson

No. 233792

i think most /m/ nonas would get along

No. 233793

nta but I'm praying so hard to manifest french succubus right now

No. 233794

God won't play that for me. I'm like a star contact at this point in our relationship. I be calling up every night

No. 233795

I agree, I was thinking too how I'll be sad if this site dies because you can't get something like it anywhere else. Well to be honest I'm not fond of the gossip side but the little community we have on /ot/ and others is so fun and unique. It feels like the place I can be the most honest on the Internet and connecting with others is so much realer that way. On the other sites you have to go along with whatever the culture is there, to an extent you do here but idk it's hard for me to word this. Love you nonnies

No. 233797

you know if you put your mind up to it enough in a couple of years you might meet a beautiful french lady willing to finger you and then you will take it for granted or as a pure coincidence but you have manifested all of that into reality

No. 233798

I’m so fuckin drowsy and tired this week I don’t feel like doing anything, ot needs to open back up so I can at least distract myself with stupid bullshit

No. 233799

The closest I can think of is 2ch

No. 233800

you know there's always gonna be some mentally ill NEETs willing to mod this place

No. 233801


No. 233802

time to workout for my husbando
Then study for my husbando
Then write fanfiction for my husbando
And finally summon a demon for my husbando

No. 233803

Someone based should make a music men shipping thread on fujochan's real person shipping board aha

No. 233804

let it all explode

No. 233805

kek "with diarrhea" sounds like "with child"

No. 233806

I've spent all day posting here, I was supposed to work for fucks sake

No. 233808

Why tf you watching AMVs

No. 233809

I hate women that date ugly old scrotes

No. 233810

File: 1645042503294.jpeg (139.34 KB, 613x1080, 112A4DFE-387B-4ACF-9EB7-8E98DE…)

Buyin’ my first ‘horny’ figure when it goes up for pre order.

No. 233811

I had sarma today and it's making me burp and taste it all over again

No. 233812

Cringe, imagine hating women

No. 233813

I do. It was a cute post about her live for lolcow. You're just boring.

No. 233814

What’s music men?

No. 233816

Men… in music…

No. 233817

I would say it hits just right because LC is fairly liberal leaning without buying into extreme views like accepting troonery or being concerned about being politically correct and shit like that. The anonymity helps and no one takes anything too seriously. Infighting here just gets you called a fucking retard at worst, infighting elsewhere on the internet gets you cancelled or or called out, with the risk of people going to stupid extremes for the sake of their "morals"

I like that I can post whatever I want and people will understand without going "well ackshully!!!"

No. 233818

is that the place with the cartoon child porn?

No. 233820

Men who make music, usually

No. 233821

No you're thinking of the shota board

No. 233822

File: 1645042672786.gif (54.09 KB, 240x240, B72E69E9-7F9E-4145-BACE-51BB2A…)

And I'm one of them

No. 233823

I'll date your dad
What nonna? You don't know the 2021 summer hit "Music Men"?

No. 233824

File: 1645042688193.jpeg (134.05 KB, 1256x1920, FCD9B8E3-CDBB-4701-8EB5-3C5AD4…)

Like…the guy in take on me sort of thing? Or just guys who make music?

No. 233825

I hate how in modernity and in this digital capitalism hell anything is considered "work". Some retard making some click bait video with information he has collected in 1 hour that is readily available is work then fuck this gay world if that shit is work and you can have a career out of that, then wallowing in my philosophical angst in my room and producing bad poetry is work too

No. 233826

Her post was boring me. Small wall o’ text. Pass.

No. 233827

>You don't know the 2021 summer hit "Music Men"?
I don’t listen to much music :((

No. 233828

Like members of bands fucking each other (raw)

No. 233829

Dating is ok but having kids w ugly men is dumb
I feel bad for them

No. 233830

Which ones?

No. 233832

I dont want to see scrotes and 2 scrotes having sex is worse than anything especially since all men are gay and made to be fucked in the ass to cum from their prostate so they secretly have gay fantasy
I want to see women. Beautiful women, waifu characters, smart women, interesting women. No more scrotes. Blaggggghhh

No. 233833

By 6pm Thursday I will have worked 46 hours this week. I'm tired.

No. 233835

friendly reminder that being unhinged is based and that everyone should quit taking their meds

No. 233836

File: 1645042907979.jpeg (132.79 KB, 579x640, 3A719416-6AB1-4D2A-B5EC-BDC945…)

No. 233837

yes based being unhinged is not even real, just stupid social expectations or being too critical of oneself

No. 233838

Its not amv's its short versions of songs.
we grinding and hustling for our husbandos

No. 233839

cute depressions is the name of my girl group

No. 233841

File: 1645043088970.jpg (88.95 KB, 1296x730, ltoie7010_2-h_2020.jpg)

I love Elizabeth Gillies

No. 233842

File: 1645043105923.jpeg (9.43 KB, 217x233, images (1) - 2022-02-16T222350…)

my wife ano.chan I support her and her artistical endeavors and she likes blue very much and she is a tomboy and a weirdo I love you ano chan

No. 233843

File: 1645043114674.jpg (11.82 KB, 600x448, Shadow-people_zpsaa95af9a.jpg)

Agreed, shadow people are my best friend.

No. 233844


No. 233845

File: 1645043141962.jpg (45.38 KB, 500x537, depwession.jpg)

>cute depressions
sorry nona but this sounds like a character written by a male

No. 233846

File: 1645043165363.jpg (282.32 KB, 1280x1920, 0_6ejmjaARnmekACf5.jpg)

I've never oogled a woman more than her

No. 233848

Me too, let's write awesome women characters together

No. 233849

You should make a band called cute depressions

No. 233851

I live in a really diverse/cosmopolitan city and ik it isn’t that big of a deal realistically but for some reason I really hate being the only non white person at my job. It makes me feel like an outcast I guess or just like people subtly treat me differently but honestly idk if they even actually do or if I just think that because I feel that way already

No. 233852

i already have did you not read my post

No. 233854

File: 1645043351008.jpg (87.77 KB, 739x979, C1Djf1fUkAECztv.jpg)

I love you ano chan you're me but in a different timeline you make great art

No. 233855

amen sister

No. 233856

I wish i had tits
tits manifestation

No. 233857

I think the exact same thing. No other web community is really the same. It's nice here, there's actual freedom. No one has to pretend shit, and no one actually knows/cares who you are, so you can't be "cancelled". At worst, people might recognize your posting style and they'll you to fuck off if you're annoying. It's a nice place to chill, sisterly vibes (including arguments over random shit that don't mean anything later)

Speak for yourself bitch

No. 233858


No. 233859

One day I hope all of us NYC nonnies that are older than 21 will meet up in Manhattan and go drink boba tea and get high. We could shitpost irl but I see that going very left very fast so maybe not

i love y'all I'm high

No. 233860

Oh I misread it as ‘girl in my group’

No. 233861


since i see that there are some anons here who know and use subliminals, what are your opinions on it and did you get any results from it?

No. 233862

This my shit right here

No. 233863

This but unironically

Do you want them to be?

No. 233865

where is that anon that screencaps the aggie page and then wipes. where are you wonderful anon. please do your thing.

No. 233866

I'm powerful. I can control my reality and I will be one of the most famous artists of the century and I will spread anti scrote propaganda

No. 233868

I use them as a joke, I love reading the comments though kek. It's stupid but I'm in no place to judge because I listen to "boyfriend asmr" at 4am

No. 233869

File: 1645043761580.jpg (71.35 KB, 1076x957, Shouts-Pizza-Rat.jpg)

nyc nonas rise up

No. 233871

took a two hour nap pretending my husbando was holding me. good ass nap.

No. 233874

I'm that anon but I've lost track of which board is the latest one since the thread has switched rooms

No. 233877

I love 𝓻𝓪𝓽𝓼

No. 233879

its a yaoi 18+ game called ''to trust an incubus''
Personally i think the game is shit since all of the characters force you to be in a crappy thirdwheel poly relationship with them and the person/incubi they really like.

No. 233881

File: 1645044031107.jpeg (56.91 KB, 500x667, A9501AA3-4697-4021-A50E-3C5FC6…)

No. 233882

damn nvm but thanks for the name nonna and the poly thing sounds awful

No. 233883

gaslighting asmr: 'what? You're crazy, that never happened. I never said that. You're always trying to be the victim. That's not what I said. That's not what I meant by saying that. I don't remember that happening like that.'

No. 233884

society: women have schizo they believe in astrology and manifesting

men: https://youtu.be/738QcxtQ_tI

No. 233886

sorry forgot to embed

No. 233887

File: 1645044128459.jpg (60.77 KB, 600x357, windowdisplay.jpg)

are boston nonas allowed to come?

No. 233888

in an act of desperation i on and off listened to a titty growth sub and it didnt work… but the ones for better mental health did work

No. 233889

you have to be over 18 to post here

No. 233891

like i said i was desperate and im not going under knife for bigger boobs

No. 233892

not sure what you mean anon. we are here. this is the newest thread. we are living it, breathing it

No. 233893

stop being a buzzkill.
nah its okay, i listened to subs too.

No. 233894

wear those bras with filling

No. 233895

What’s netizenbuzz?

No. 233896

it only works in reverse ime. the more i think about something, the opposite happens
don't zoomers believe in manifesting though?

No. 233897

File: 1645044595388.jpg (25.5 KB, 500x375, 1943674_1314754306613.47res_50…)


No. 233898

File: 1645044605462.jpeg (48.16 KB, 600x600, 21874E9E-0EF5-4408-A40A-749452…)

Women for the past 200 years:
> there are a lot of things that are more important than work and hoarding money or resources

Every male youtuber in the 2020’s:
>over the past year, my eyes have been opened to a life changing truth…
>hustle culture. BAD.
>moid applause erupts in comment section

No. 233899

KEK I mean the aggieio board/room, but anyway depending on the settings anybody (not just room admins) can clear the board, just save a copy of the room via file then double click a layer to own it and then deleting it, it's a bit tedious but doesn't take that long

No. 233900

yes!! this happens to me too? The more I desire or obsess over something I end up paradoxically fucking it up. I guess manifestation should be like an ambiguous desire you set into your subcounscios. Not something you obsess over

No. 233901

File: 1645044698459.jpg (1.18 MB, 1600x1200, img_3689_good.jpg)

I'm making kirimochi. I can't wait to grill it aa

No. 233903

can you tell me how to stop obsessing , same shit happens to me. I have a really obsessive personality.

No. 233905

File: 1645044883192.jpg (40.01 KB, 546x575, his ratship.jpg)

window rats rise up

No. 233906

File: 1645044885682.jpg (72.5 KB, 1200x675, 7hDFpny.jpg)

I feel you nonnie.
>feel the need to compensate for my small tits by being hyper feminine and dominant towards men
>mfw tits napoleon complex

No. 233907

you need to ground yourself in real activities and grow your life. Try, hobbies like gardening and other stuff that grounds you in the present according to your own resources. This is what I understood from reading Neville Godart. That manifesting is a desire you put into your subconscious but you must consider it something that is real in your life already. You must put yourself in the feeling of that which you want and convince your mind you already have it, but I think this must be done before sleep, so in the rest of the time just focus on immediate reality

No. 233908

File: 1645045038117.jpg (3.69 MB, 4000x2666, c_PanosPictures_PublicEye_Shei…)

Since we have no consumerism thread, I just want to bitch about a friend of mine who threw a passive aggresive tantrum all throughout our galentines gathering because her asos package didn't get delivered on time for her brunch with her moid. Another girl I met through her discovered Shein recently and was raving to me about it as if she discovered the wheel.

Can't stand these two and their fast fashion consumption. I look at clothing online and she instantly deems anything I like "too expensive" uhh yeah because I'm specifically looking at well made garments small businesses or stuff made by a single person who wants to not be paid slave wages. When I used to work with her, they had packages delivered to the office non-stop!! Of just clothes! How many poorly made satin shirts do you need?!

No. 233909

okay. i saved a PNG and even a PSD. i'm a lil bit scared to wipe but here goes!!!

No. 233912

i liked whoever put the build a husbando thing in the drawing board, that was really creative we should make more build a things

No. 233913

File: 1645045149018.jpg (312.13 KB, 1920x1080, MS901CUMFX_GAL_13.jpg)

I was looking at Totos toilets once cause I was curious about how much they cost and I saw they sold a 20k one and this was one of the photos for it kek

This is my favorite picture

No. 233914

I wish I was an NYC nonna then but I am without a Y (in two ways kek)

No. 233915

File: 1645045176982.jpeg (111.41 KB, 639x786, 66EDFFB1-D88F-4B94-8947-A38E2C…)

Literally how are women so insecure about small tits? I literally have never been self-conscious about my tits in my entire life. It’s probably my best trait

No. 233916

i know about loa and neville i just dont know how to stop with my addictive and obsessive behavior.
I dont believe in tarot but almost every-time i do tarot on me i get the devil card which literally signifies addiction.
Feels like im chained by my own mind, i cant do anything without becoming obsessed or losing complete interest in it. Its either all or none.

No. 233918

File: 1645045233765.png (2.19 MB, 2000x1600, LC drawing room.png)

nevermind, i can't do it - an admin has to do it. here's the screencap, it's all i can do.

No. 233919

I used to not mind it, then when I first had sex I was self conscious about suddenly even though the guy said he liked small tits. Fuck that guy now but I love my small tits. They are cute and cause me no back pain and I can go braless or wear all the cute bralettes.

No. 233920

so when i wanna read rpf of actors i want to fuck it's creepy but when people ship real musicians together it's fine. hmph

No. 233921

All the cultural memeing of big vs. small breasts is why, but in the end you realize it doesn't matter. It's just talk. We're fine and I love my small bobbies. Lots of potential romantic partners like them too. Like many beauty standards whatever its importance is overblown either direction.

No. 233922

you can also wear padding if you want to appear as having bigger breasts and you don't have to suffer through surgery or the side effects of large breasts like back pain etc

No. 233924

Scrote joined the Discord with clear links to his lethally autistic /fit/ dating sim and shitcoin.



CastleClique, if you're reading this, there's a reason all the girls refuse to work with you. You're a creepy loser. Cut your dick off and die.

No. 233925

i don't get horny but i do really love my body. i stare at my body in the mirror sometimes and do different poses and just think "damn, i look good". it gives me a lot of satisfaction to see it. now, if only i could feel the same way about my face…

No. 233926

Read whatever the fuck you want their checks are too big to be bothered by that. If I want to read about being railed by a professional driver I will, periodt

No. 233927

File: 1645045628800.png (1.88 MB, 2000x2000, LCdraws_alt.png)

board cleared: https://aggie.io/nypffaequn

there's also a different ongoing room here: https://aggie.io/emzmmeyxaz opened by another anon, just fyi

No. 233929

the ceo of the company I work for just almost hit me with his car while I was walking in the crosswalk and then proceeded to pull over beside me to tell me to watch where I’m walking lmfao.

No. 233931

why are some of you still saging? embrace the sage-free life for now, ladies. let loose, relax, have a bit of fun.

No. 233932

I've never played this game but I love this guy he's such a sweetheart why don't they let him talk uuuhhhhhhhh I really have to study but now I'm thinking about riding a horse with ellis and he could tell me stories aaaaaaaaaalll day

No. 233933

I don't care if agps screenshot what we say, what's different is that they are not women, don't have female bodies but they get off to the idea as creepy men. As real women we are allowed to feel desirable. I sometimes get turned on from similar things like being in just my underwear, I think the reason though is that I'm imagining how a guy I'm attracted to would react and stuff like that. It is probably socially conditioned tbh lol but I don't mind this one. I think the whole phenomenon for bio women comes from wanting to be desired and loved as we are (not what we aren't like troons which is inherently disordered and fetish-y)

No. 233934

it's the female socialization

No. 233935

aidungeon also exists so you can write your own

No. 233936

I can't recognize half the food listed here. literally never heard of em

No. 233937

anon… it was unironically
dispose of your meds, only moids should be on meds and die
women should be free to be unhinged and never see prison

No. 233938

>I really hate being the only non white person at my job. It makes me feel like an outcast I guess or just like people subtly treat me differently
I had my internship in a small team of women, two of them were black and they left not long after I started working because their own internship contracts were over, so I was the only girl in that team who wasn't white and the atmosphere was like day and night. I quickly noticed I was being treated like a retard way more often than not, or I was asked shit like I was some kind of alien from outer space, and coworkers always assumed a bunch of shit on me based on my ethnicity. The two black girls told me they also had that impression but thought at first they were being paranoid, just like I did at first too. Now I'm working in a way more diverse team and I'm treated like a normal human being. Shit's weird.

No. 233939

what happened to /ot/? what is admin doing? did she run with the money

No. 233940

No. 233941

i think the ''trying to fuck with people'' is alot more common that we think. I see people having their mental health destroyed and getting negative results yet they never blame the channels for this, except for some outliers.
I listened to weight loss subs and i thought i was going to die and my health became shit, what the hell are they putting in that shit.
Now i make subli myself because i cant trust any channel.
>aren't actually just a trend
anon ive known about them since 2017, i know its not a trend.

No. 233942

the mirror is much more attractive a visage than the camera. unless the camera is angled

No. 233944

we all voted and decided it would be more fun to have slumber parties on /g/ so /ot/ is cancelled.

No. 233945

art nonnas i kiss you all softly on the lips

No. 233948

do appearance changing subliminals work, like can i actually change my race and eye color or sprout demon wings

No. 233951

Yeah sure, that's how I got my demon wings

No. 233952

yes they do. also if you don't give me your mommy's credit card details you will have 69420 years of bad luck

No. 233953

all 2d men should have ahoges so i can grab them and swing them around in a cicle like i'm about to shotput them

No. 233954

I came across a song I hadn't hesrd before and it's hauntingly beautiful.

No. 233955

Everyone that wanted /ot/ to get shut down for a while got their wish

No. 233957

who wanted that, trannies?

No. 233958

stop being so gullible. seriously it can be dangerous

No. 233959

when troon hatred blinds you from using correct grammar

No. 233960

Does anyone else think Dakota (of /pt/ fame) is pretty? And I'm not talking about her old dolly shoops but the short hair (minimal shooping?) style she's been doing for a while? Kota>Kiki

No. 233961

File: 1645047292746.jpg (7.23 MB, 5616x3744, 1627067228280.jpg)

A ~redirect~ from the Help Me Find thread:
Does anybody have a link to a collection or whatever of those -dere type checklists that were popular on tumblr about five years ago? Like, there'd be like 10 or 15 traits or statements listed like
>[ ] I can get a bit obsessive
>[x] I want to know everything about my favorite person
>[x] Other people have told me I can get a bit too much
>[ ] Being attached at the hip is my ideal relationship style
>[x] …
>[x] I…
>[ ] …
and you'd fill them out like I did in my example. It was simple just for fun stuff obv lol and I think people used these lists often for their OCs, too. I also don't think there was That One Post. In usual tumblr fashion, people just started uploading their own versions and some got more popular than others (though I know that the exact one I'm thinking of had deredere, yandere, tsundere, kuudere and dandere) and people did them out of their own volition or got tagged by mutuals. Just the name of a tag I could look up to find lists like this would be enough…

No. 233962


No. 233963

File: 1645047342514.jpeg (178.41 KB, 698x1005, 779AF834-6A04-463A-90FD-A047AC…)

No. 233964

I think so too

No. 233965

ill give you a serious question. It depends on your beliefs, the way that subliminal is created and the topic of the subliminal.

I will list them by easy,mild to hard.

Listening to subs to change your mental health or personality

Mild/takes time/slightly hard:
Changing parts of your face/hair/body, manifesting abundance and objects.

Hard to almost impossible:
Regrowing new bones,supernatural abilities, being a billionaire, having wings etc etc.

No. 233966

i want to play cute anime inspired mmorpg with pretty fashion that does not have autistic moids ruining it with their speedlevel minmaxing shit

No. 233968

Deleted my post because paranoia moment, sorry anon
Yeah, I've noticed that too and it's scary. Some subs literally do the exact opposite of what they claim, I think only one or two channels ever got exposed (Mind Power and the other I can't remember). You really can't verify who's uploading shit. Even worse are the "underground subs" made by edgy children and shit, I sure hope those don't work

No. 233969


I think she always had potential that has been overshadowed by her laziness

No. 233971

you might want to revise your rankings
i only listened to a couple of sub videos and i became a billionaire pretty quick

No. 233973

how do you make your own subliminal?

No. 233974

It's more fun than the last time it happened. Last time it was bunch of butthurt and infighting in /meta/.
Good old 'let me get my popcorn' drama, it was fun too. But this /g/ thread is really cosy.

No. 233975

No. 233976

sometimes I look at myself in the mirror for too long and I get scared of my own reflection. I keep repeating to myself "this isn't me, this is someone else" and my brain gets convinced my reflection isn't mine, and I get spooked. It's like I'm some kind of prey animal or something

No. 233977

>I keep repeating to myself "this isn't me, this is someone else"
there's your problem kek you made it a mantra.

No. 233978

do you genuinely believe they can change parts of your body?

No. 233981

Happens to me all the time when it's half-dark in the bathroom and I lean foward and look upwards at my reflection while my head is tilted down. It's incredibly unnerving to me.

No. 233982

same, small tits are a status symbol.

No. 233984

i miss the pitbull posters

No. 233985

You can look more racially ambiguous, skewing closer to whatever race you imagined (people will ask you where you're "really from" or if you're mixed), but nothing you yourself aren't able to believe. You can change your eye color, but be prepared to wait years, especially if you want to go from dark brown to something like blue or green (as opposed to lighter brown)
You won't get demon wings growing out of your back or turn into a wolf or whatever, but you'll probably find the exact ones you imagined at an affordable price, someone will gift you a pair, or you'll see a lot of things that relate to the kind of creature you want to be. That kind of thing

No. 233986

its weird because at first i thought it was a ''me'' problem or subs dont work but then i started using my own subs and i had no side-effects and everything was going great.
>"underground subs" made by edgy children and shit
i actually think those subs are better because atleast those kids are honest about making fucked up deranged subliminals unlike surface subliminal channels whose listeners act like a cult.

they're joking anon…

No. 233988


No. 233989

You have to be 18 or older to post here.

No. 233990

the pubic hair thing is so true

No. 233991

yes but its so hard and takes a long time and mental discipline and most of the time they have a cinderella effect where the results are temporary and you have to listen to a long time (3-6 months)so they dont fade away.

Ive been able to make some small changes that people around me noticed but once i stop listening it all reverts back to how it was before.

No. 233993

So basically you're humans that fail the mirror self-recognition test?
To me it sounds like your existence disproves this test as a valid measure of self-awareness

No. 233995

File: 1645048169551.jpg (60.74 KB, 710x923, 73712_01.jpg)

my stupid chonk cat got stuck between a counter and a wall.

i freed her and now she is angry at me as if i was the one who got her stuck????

No. 233996

Is this bait.

No. 233997

>these are the people calling you a retard in other threads

No. 233999

>Add mantras whether text to speech or record as a background to any music
>regret wasting time because subliminals don’t work especially since you made it yourself and aware its there

No. 234000

>its weird because at first i thought it was a ''me'' problem or subs dont work but then i started using my own subs and i had no side-effects and everything was going great.
If I were interested in getting into this were would I start? Interested mainly in trying it for self-improvement/mental health type stuff, I've found hypnosis helpful in the past so I feel like this could be helpful too.

No. 234001


No. 234002

Right, I was thinking about that too, why do they make this kind of underwear so all our hair pokes out so we have to keep cutting it, I mean I don't mind hair but somehow showing pubic hair is too intimate and I don't want my roommates to have to look at it, it's a conspiracy I tell you. Although I have to admit when I wear underwear that covers my legs too it's way too uncomfortable, the fabric always bunches up around the top of my leg, I hate it. I don't know what the solution is

No. 234003

i know right? it drives me crazy

No. 234005

This thread is so chaotic

No. 234006

>oh no someone has different spiritual/lifestyle takes than me that must be bait
Why does this happen all the fucking time by bitter noonys, atleast we arent failing the mirror test.

You could try to make your own subs by making affirmations for a desired topic then using your voice or text to speech for those affirmations then you add some other sound (whether be it music or something relaxing) on top of your recording and then try to decrease the volume of the affirmations so theyre barely audible (so you cant understand whats being said consciously). And thats how you make a subliminal.

No. 234008

if she's that size it absolutely is your fault, anon

No. 234009

Hail Eris

No. 234010

File: 1645048778134.jpg (84.98 KB, 960x960, 135448421_145294827391696_8839…)

how do i attract sexy husbandos? all i do is attract uggos.

No. 234011

Subliminals don't work, nonnie. Also I'm not one of the anons failing the mirror test kek.

No. 234012

File: 1645048865735.jpeg (283.06 KB, 640x897, 0F63108B-7265-4C42-8C0B-D6BC4C…)

Should we make multiple different /ot/-style threads for the temporarily occupation of /g/? Like should we make a temporary confession, dumbass shit, foreign language, vent etc threads? I feel like the new /ot/ threads, although really lively and autistic (In a good way), often just get filled up less than a day, lots of infighting about stuff (most notably musician shippers) and it’s easier for moids to bait. Also, should we make a musicianshiping/ celebrityshipping thread?

No. 234013

when i tell you i am mesmerized

No. 234014

Here you go nonnie!

No. 234015

File: 1645048977476.jpg (88.25 KB, 900x600, shutterstock_1736075657-e16194…)

She is not that size but she is chonk, I am keeping her on a diet. She got fat after I got her neutered and battling her extra weight has been a long and difficult journey.

No. 234016

you're wrong and a danger to yourself

No. 234018

i feel bad for regular /g/ users if we swamp them with bullshit

No. 234019

Of course intellectually I know it's me and I would be able to pick myself out of a series of photos of similar looking people in the same pose. But when you see a human-creature in the half light in a strange pose with different parts of their body in different proportions than usual, it evokes a primal kind of fear like the uncanny valley.

No. 234020

This is the most song ever

No. 234021

if i don't become a 6ft tall beautiful, bright green eyed ambiguous raced vampire billionaire in a few months i will murder you

No. 234022

I vote yes. I don't like how /ot/ and /m/ threads are taking up a lot of /g/ (sorry /g/ posters) but it'll be worth it if there's less infighting and spamming.

No. 234024

File: 1645049148679.gif (1.38 MB, 498x278, crying-fake.gif)

And we're still here……..

No. 234025

i like having everything in one thread tbh and like the other anon said let’s not colonize /g/

No. 234026


No. 234027

File: 1645049277865.jpeg (28.21 KB, 518x421, 1644477099066.jpeg)

I vote no. Do not pollute /g/. This thread is enough and it's okay if it fills quick, it gets a lot of attention, why would you want something slower?

No. 234028

delusion? i welcome that.

No. 234029

File: 1645049309042.jpg (55.87 KB, 451x604, 1589397668799.jpg)

Schizo video compilation starting now…

No. 234031

I wish I had a discord friend that would criticize me like Shayna and tell me what I need to workout, what surgeries and/or makeup and hair would suit me, what styles would look good on me, and the like. I'd be willing to return the favor. I also am willing to gossip about my crazy period in life when I did cringe terrible stuff if you want "milk" so it is similar to the experience. I would love for someone to do this to me.

No. 234033

I fucking hate the internet

No. 234034

Just be selective and don't overcrowd the board, /g/ is first and foremost still for /g/ content and shouldn't be crowded out by /ot/ and /m/ refugees. There's literally no good reason to create a foreign language thread here for example, it was barely active in /ot/.

No. 234035

File: 1645049558024.jpeg (714.14 KB, 1426x1403, F7972144-B378-458E-B8C1-DFB855…)

If you mean a website with a lot of articles, thats how most of the japanese internet is.Heres the female section of one, i think
There’s plenty of others, like 2ch, livedoor, anaguro, anyway when you clock articles it will usually tzke you to a similar website and you will probably find an interesting blog

No. 234036

No. 234037

let's burn it down

No. 234039

No. 234042

I both love and hate you, anon. Either way, I hope you have an amazing day.

No. 234043


No. 234044

i feel like moids are easier to ignore itt. plus i like the fast paced energy >>234027 fourthing

No. 234045

No. I like the energy of these threads. It feels sort of like we're lifeboat occupants on the verge of cannablism and it's very novel.

No. 234047

I agree with you, /g/ will become a complete mess if we make too many replacement threads.

No. 234048

File: 1645050065542.jpg (74.71 KB, 480x394, 387690549932.jpg)

digital subliminals spiritually corrupt and pollute you.

No. 234049

How do you think your husbandos sweat would smell like?
I feel like mine would smell like a mix of a oriental vanilla, a musky scent and cinnamon.

No. 234050

File: 1645050070164.jpg (211.72 KB, 1080x1350, nice combover bozo.jpg)

Post birds now

No. 234051

File: 1645050171851.jpg (7.06 KB, 275x275, 1611848657926.jpg)

No. 234052

File: 1645050177491.gif (3.57 MB, 498x379, shoebill-shoebill-stork.gif)

No. 234053


No. 234054

It would smell like sweat… can sweat smell like anything else than what it is?

No. 234056

Pretend like I'm posting this in the Stupid Questions thread.
Does anyone else's pee sound/feel thick sometimes while using the bathroom? I know it sounds crazy, but this is a genuine question.

No. 234057

No. 234058

you will never need another lovah… cause you're a milf and im a motherfucker

No. 234059

nonnas john tucker must die is free to watch on youtube right now

No. 234060

Should I drop my schizo videos and play this?

No. 234061

I love the driverfags watching SW

No. 234062

File: 1645050606118.jpg (28.63 KB, 261x288, 36882_1055690961_escutesess.jp…)

mine can, sorry your husbando is a stinky boi.
whats the movie about?

No. 234064

Don't post my man you homewrecker

No. 234065

File: 1645050758027.jpeg (49.97 KB, 1701x167, FC4B2965-6BB5-4DAF-8266-157A83…)

Love my japanese queens

No. 234066

yeah lol. probably didn't drink enough and it's heavier in waste

No. 234068

I wish i had smaller breasts, i wish i was flat both in chest area and butt.. i hate my body so much anons you don’t even know i feel like a saggy cow waiting to be milked. When i look in the mirror i don’t see an animal i just see eldritch veiny horrors. No, i’m not shayna but yeah Having a smaller chest is a blessing anons embrace having nothing to weigh you down

No. 234069

I meant i dont see a human lol

No. 234072

Fuck anons im finished with season 5 of gossip girl and im thinking of quitting watching the show. Season 5 was so bad so s6 must be worse.

Ahh. The show started of so good and it went downhill s5.

No. 234073

samefag but honestly keep watching if you are a schizo I doubt you would like “yucky girly things” kek
four early 2000s teen stereotypes come together to take down a two-timing ugly scrote it’s kind of like mean girls but not really

No. 234074

how one dimensional do you think people are? are you 12? she can be a schizo and watch chick flicks retard.

No. 234075

was anyone else a /snow/ regular that moved onto /ot/ (or /g/ or /m/)? i'm curious as to what made you nonas make the transition? i think, for me, it was when the ambrose milk dried up. chronically online tumblr/twitter cows are my favorite but they are so quick to delete everything. i know how fucked up this sounds but i wish we'd get another soren or something. until then, i'm kinda over /snow/

No. 234077

I'm right here. Dale.

No. 234079

I only used Lolcow initially for my short-lived obsession with Dakota Rose, then that got boring. I tried other imageboards but they got worse over the years, especially 4chan. Ended up back on lolcow and realised there were none milk boards and now I'm here.

No. 234080

I'm the schizo and I've actually watched this film before. I enjoy chick flicks too, nonnie.

No. 234081

i was a /w/ regular who then moved onto /ot/g/m/). The biggest reason for this is because all of the cows got boring.
Now when it comes to milk i only keep up with two threads in snow and thats it.

No. 234082

I don't understand the anons who keep complaining about pics of men on the site and how they want to see more women, just use the waifu and 'women you'd like to fuck' threads, even the hornypost thread allows waifus. There's plenty of threads to post/see women

No. 234083

I'm glad I'm not alone. Honestly, all I drink is water, almond milk, and zero sugar flavored water but I haven't been drinking much of anything so maybe that's why.
I wish less women were insecure about their boobs in general. I don't have small tits mine are normal, but I think they look nice.
I was a /snow/ (and then /w/) user when I first came to the site, but then I got bored of it. I guess cause it feels like cows just do the same shit over and over. I only occasionally stumble over to /snow/ to read the MTF threads, but now I've been visiting it more often because of the Alice Llani threads.

No. 234084

File: 1645051529237.jpeg (101.32 KB, 1280x720, CF8B0204-25E9-4758-A176-9E0194…)

I love finding husbandofags in the wild. Had a nice talk with a Johan (Monster) one and just now I found a Waluigi one. Mario waifu/husbandos are always so wholesome. My opinion of a man goes up when I find out Daisy is his waifu.

No. 234085

A combo of a few things over the past year or so - the main cows I came here for were Onision/Lainey + their flakes & Dasha/Edwin/Mina so when those died out I definitely started checking out different /snow/ cows. Soren dying, Isabella Janke milk drying up & Shayna moving to Seattle were the biggest recent things that made me lose interest. I still check Shay’s thread but she’s eternally boring and grossing me out more by the day. I’ve hidden almost all of the current /snow/ threads because they just don’t appeal to me anymore. I don’t care about eating disorders or weebshit so a lot of modern /snow/ cows & all of /w/ is not rlly my jam

No. 234087

I had a friend whose husbando was Johan. She was nice as hell, I hope she's doing well.

No. 234088

fuck off anon I was talking about the quality of the movie lmao

No. 234089

I have diarrhea and the sides of my fingernails have an orange tint wahTs happening to me

No. 234092

covid vaccine works

No. 234093

You eat any carrots? Try getting a nail brush and scrubbing your nails.

No. 234094

kek who bleached racebaiter-tan? #bringbackthepigment

No. 234095

File: 1645051914001.jpg (387.88 KB, 2000x1125, ms worldwide.jpg)

No. 234096

someone tried to de-bleach her after that screencap was posted, using the bucket tool kek. but it was too late

No. 234098

File: 1645052005833.jpg (22.4 KB, 500x413, e6b95cab0d08227082e1ebd1d1be8d…)

i have to recharge anons goodnight and i wish yall sweet dreams.

No. 234099

Night, anon.

No. 234100

I browsed this site for years without ever stepping over onto the ot boards, I mainly kept up with cows in /snow/ and one day just click over onto /ot/ and /m/ which I had never even visited before and liked it a lot and just stayed. I don’t really keep up with any cows now just the mtf thread because everyone is boring but I enjoy interacting with anons who have similar interests.

No. 234101

So you mean victor rolf spicebomb

No. 234102

sweet dreams nonna!

No. 234103

Good night queen, sweet dreams!

No. 234105


No. 234106

File: 1645052311833.gif (229.79 KB, 200x133, EE60B613-61DB-4D98-8DD2-47D8CE…)

>”kek who whitewashed ‘racebaiter-tan’ even though that’s not her name”

You’re lucky you live in a world that you don’t have to deal with this shit constantly. Someone drawing a black character isn’t racebaiting for the last fucking time you dumb racist bitch and yes this is a woman calling you a dumb, useless, pigheaded, white euro trash bitch.

No. 234108

these threads move too fast how will i get any sleep?

No. 234109

My tooth fell out and the part near my gum is yellow/orange & black (there’s a little bit of tooth still there) I called 111 (non emergency line) and they said it’s not serious enough to do anything about. All the dentists are full and I’m worried that if I go to a walk in they won’t do anything either. Literally what the fuck do I do

No. 234111

>kek you’re only proving them right
>kek it’s just a skintone
>kek it’s just racebait
>kek it’s nothing and you should ignore and endure it because who gives a fuck if you’re a human being even though you’re still anonymous

It’s one thing vandalizing the korean guy drawing because it was a joke but me getting angry that someone vandalized my fucking drawing isn’t me being a poor little snowflake twitterfag it’s me being a functional human being. Not everything is going to be a joke to everyone, go kill yourself

No. 234112

You're nuts, she was calling her that as a joke, can't you see she's standing on your side?

No. 234114

anons i wanna date this guy that’s 20 years older than me

No. 234115

i feel like you don't have much to lose if you do go and they turn you around, but have more to lose if you do nothing

No. 234116

blease don't do it anon.

No. 234117

File: 1645052676696.jpeg (134.67 KB, 639x735, FC93829C-47FD-4F4A-955B-11E11C…)

No. 234118

I fucking hate autistic women deadass, this shit isn’t a “JOKE” I don’t care

No. 234120

File: 1645052776312.jpeg (63.95 KB, 800x450, 71AC402E-3D05-4DBB-A167-E5894B…)

“kek racebait” “kek” haha like kill yourself immediately <3

No. 234121

nonnies, do you deem someone fat based on their measurements/fat distribution or overall bodyweight/bmi?

No. 234122

That's a grown ass men, not a guy. And what the hell is so special about him?

No. 234123

Seconding the anon above, at least try to do a walk-in. I know you said you called the non-emergency line, but perhaps you could go to the emergency room. Depending on what's going on with your mouth, they might be able to treat it or give you something until you can get to the dentist.

No. 234124

Anyone ready for day 4 of /ot/ containment?

No. 234125

Don’t do it unless you’re 35

No. 234126

i just think he’s handsome af, he’s nice and funny, and is “established”- has a good job, investments, etc. we have stuff in common even though i’m much younger than him

No. 234127

nonnie dont do it! why would you want to date some geriatric scrote old enough to be your father?

No. 234128

>whitewash kek
yawn, you just want to be angry at this point. i thought your drawing was very cute and would never want to vandalize it. but keep bawling about victimization, queen. laugh a little

No. 234129

i came here for onision two years ago but he doesn't do anything anymore, I keep up with some generals on /snow/ but that's it. the only other individual cow i followed was shoeonhead, I've hidden her thread though because the nitpicking bothers me too much kek. The only snow thread i check daily is the mtf one, it has bad vibes too lately though and I have my schizo theories on why but who cares

No. 234130

my parents lol

No. 234131

>LC is fairly liberal leaning
>The anonymity helps and no one takes anything too seriously
Also bullshit
>I like that I can post whatever I want and people will understand without going "well ackshully!!!"
Completely bullshit too

No. 234132

File: 1645053023290.jpg (494.12 KB, 1548x2064, pigina.jpg)

Hey nonnies

No. 234133


No. 234134

why did you post this

No. 234135

But that's ok but you have to lift weights too, my bodybuilder roommate would always eat peanut butter

No. 234136

nonnie i desperately want to hear your schizo theories please. i have to stop myself from schozoposting too kek so i'm very interested in hearing your theories!!

No. 234137

he’s cute!!! and maybe he’ll die soon & i can take his money

No. 234138

nonny u have shown me the light…

No. 234139

pls pls share your theories im dying to hear them i love tinfoiling

No. 234140

For me it's the face. If you have a fat face you're fat for me. I have a fat face fml.

No. 234141

>someone vandalizes my drawing because it’s a black woman

right it’s not them that’s, the problem it’s my “victimization” . take your fucking conservative values and shove them up your ass and maybe kill yourself? thank you

No. 234143

File: 1645053245884.png (249.83 KB, 376x475, Walter.png)

nonnies i finally made a fren after 4 years at uni but my self-sabotage is telling me to not go out tomorrow bc 10am too early… i need motivation to shower n sleep soon.

No. 234145

Do it anon, stop holding yourself back. You deserve friends!

No. 234146

Go on fellow schizo

No. 234147

File: 1645053360807.png (773.82 KB, 726x1128, 1630445974962.png)

No. 234148

I think we should dump our schizo tinfoils in this thread tbh

No. 234149

>tfw have a fat face but only 98 pounds
what do

No. 234150

i dont remember geto being bald

No. 234151

you seem unhappy, i'll ask LSA to pray for you. seriously loosen up weirdo

No. 234152

overall proportions/fat distribution? it's hard to tell someone's bmi from looking at them and two people with the same bmi can look a lot different depending on how muscular or skinnyfat they are

No. 234153

I'm having diarrhea too anons, i ate a big chocolate cake for Valentine's day and now I'm paying the consequences (it was good, worth it)

No. 234155

I only use /snow/ because I'm a shaytard and I also keep up with kathrine and lucinda. And SOMETIMES scorpioasshaux because she was mutuals with some people I knew on tumblr. but everything else on there is boring. I feel like you can get all the milk from some cows just by visiting their twitters.

I wish the fashion threads got more activity. outdated trends and outfits you hate were fun threads.

No. 234156

File: 1645053568938.png (5.96 KB, 369x289, 5B900C0E-39FC-4310-AE44-F42E1F…)

To the anons attracted to Jesus,

What do you think about Jesus being 5’5-6?

No. 234158

Be happy because having a skinny face makes you look weirdly old even when you are not

No. 234160

Holy shit how tall are you?

No. 234161

im with black anona here. yes there is nothing we can do once some racist defaced her art but at least we can acknowledge that what they did was shitty and racist. >>234141 be angry if you must. but most of us liked your art

No. 234162

well when he's on the cross that adds some height

No. 234163

I'm 954% sure a male defaced anon's drawing and it is laughing at us from somewhere

No. 234164

nta and i'm white but it's not really a joke and it's not funny.. in general coming into a room where everyone is having a good time and making obnoxious political comments is stupid and cringe. and targeting one anon in particular is indefensible, honeslty i wish these people would fuck off back to where they came from

No. 234165

No. 234166

ty white savior lol

No. 234168

i hate being this attracted to men. down so bad ughhh

No. 234169

File: 1645053814670.jpg (Spoiler Image,364.29 KB, 1000x1333, Crochet Turban Pattern by GuCh…)

It's day 5 of trying to make handwarmers. I hate myself anons. I was working on the wrist part, but then it didn't come out the way I wanted it to (was supposed to look ribbed, it did not) so I frogged it. I want to maybe take a break from this and make a earwarmer/a headwrap Picrel, isn't this cute? I don't even wear turbans or a quick project to give myself a break, but I literally can only work on 1-2 projects at a time. I'm stuck doing these until I have at least one hand done.

No. 234170

I have no self respect so I say go for it

No. 234171

kek i take it back

No. 234172

Nona, stay hydrated and moisturize your skin.

No. 234173

started off lurking and then moved onto posting. then decided cow threads were less and less milky so started using /ot/ and /g/

No. 234174

Yes I need my celebricows thread to live

No. 234175

same honestly

No. 234176

File: 1645054039757.png (1.11 MB, 1174x810, 4SYuCFG.png)

tbh "black anon's" reaction was pathetic and twitter-esque, that's why she was ever a target. the one who fucked with her art is a retard and should fuck off.

No. 234177

i drink water all the time tho. sometimes maybe too much cause i piss every 10 minutes or so

No. 234178

same my favorite cows were soren/nicole/ginger/the uwu traumacore crowd and the current generation of cows just doesn't come close to being that level of funny yet horrifying

No. 234179

File: 1645054103172.jpg (38.38 KB, 537x527, 1640729793053.jpg)

>mfw a 26 year old he/they shows off their crossdressing moid oc

No. 234180

File: 1645054133119.jpg (17.42 KB, 228x371, 1631882986121.jpg)

nonnie stop replying to the obvious retarded tranny. It's the same one who vandalized with trans shit.

No. 234181


No. 234182

sweat, minor trace of cigarettes, some kind of soft yet sharp cologne. i want to imagine his sweat complements the way his choice b.o deterrent smells

No. 234183

i only lurked on /snow/ and /pt/ until a couple of years ago, never posted there. found lolcow through the dasha/mina drama and mainly just liked reading all the gossip threads. the site honestly just intimidated me too much to post, and i'd never browsed the more casual/lounge boards much. they seemed more inviting so i posted here and there and then it became a regular thing, and my interest in gossip stuff generally died down though i still read the leftcows thread sometimes

No. 234184

File: 1645054394994.gif (316.8 KB, 220x153, 1611090518916.gif)

false, im only here for infighting, it's easy dopamine. i suck at art and could give two shits about troons.
t.a thriving "black" imageboard user.

No. 234186

Nah, honestly I want to look as flat chested as possible tbh

No. 234188

fuck the truth wastes my time

No. 234189

schizo anon come back and tell us your tinfoils

No. 234190

File: 1645054635080.gif (5.79 KB, 349x164, ni hao.gif)

What are you nonnas gonna eat for dinner today (or what did you eat if it was already dinnertime for you)? I haven't decided yet, I think I may make some kind of chicken stew or orange chicken, rice and egg.

No. 234191

Fuck, I was browsing /x/ on 4c and somehow I switched to this thread without realizing and got the weirdest vibe when read ''nona'' like someone from /x/ was saying it.

No. 234192

File: 1645054717843.jpeg (229.57 KB, 600x600, FLeEVSNakAAn_zh.jpeg)

Yuri on ice movie WHEN

No. 234193

romanian anon

No. 234196

where's that nutcase been?

No. 234197

pls don't summon her

No. 234198

god damn I make good chicken cutlets

No. 234199

I'm making omurice because weeb

No. 234201

chicken stew sounds lovely nona! i had thai green curry with sticky rice, and noodles with spicy beef. my sister also bought me a chocolate muffin and it was one of the best i ever had

No. 234203

File: 1645054998743.png (183.92 KB, 821x267, restream.PNG)

Just a reminder, re-stream nights and HSM marathon are soon. Also, I scheduled another re-stream night on March 26th for Gone Girl.

No. 234206

Go back to LSA.

No. 234207

Thank you!

No. 234208

Can I have one plz

No. 234210

what is LSA what is it why is everyone mentioning it itt what is lsa WHAAAT

No. 234213

imagine what it'd taste like if you cooked cinnamoroll

No. 234214

No. 234215

easy. munchmallow vanilla

No. 234216

of course nona, sit right there I will toss one into your mouth as if you were a seal or dolphin

No. 234219

Imagine kiwi farms beauty parlor section, but instead of coombrains it's users are sAsSy "black" twitter females who talk about the most petty of gossip for yasss points

No. 234220

I stopped by my Uni and they had mushroom soup. Also bought some sweet potatoes to either eat or use for rice balls

No. 234221

A website ran by and created two annoying black women. The entire user base is comprised of psychotic twitterfag stans and snobby bootstrap-mentality black people who get angry whenever a black woman wants to date a white man and they also have an unhealthy obsession with Chris Evans and the Royal Family. Every one of their threads starts with a racebait question that has an obvious answer (ex. “Why do black (x) does y? Does it mean z?) but they do it because the OPs are attention whores and want to bring every undesirable internet user under the sun to blow up the thread at massive proportions that throttle the spaghetti code of their website. Tl;dr it’s a gossip board but for obnoxious black people

No. 234222


No. 234225

NTA but also not just black females a lot of baby boomers who lurk the pop culture/music boards and constantly talk about how modern music is bad blah bla michael jackson is the king of pop (and also the king of molesting children) in the blck community they’re called oldheads. Sorry for sperging I just hate that website kek

No. 234226

Ive been reading about narcissism types and id like you guys opinion on which type my old friend is. This was in middle school but she did some things that messed me up pretty bad. Here are some things she did.
>said i was "her creation": told me how to dress and what clothes to buy.
>induced me into anorexic behaviours.
>tried and succeeded to keep me away from other female friends
>used my friendship with a boy to get closer to him
>said she would never want kids except a perfect genetic clone of herself
>half pretended to be diagnosed as aspergers and bragged about how special she was
>tried to get me to pretend to be schizo so we could get sent to the looney bin together
>coerced me into a relationship with an older boy
>when I broke it off, she spread rumors about me
>responded to my anger by pulling out a nonsensical sob story of being abused by her dad when she was a toddler
Or maybe it was bpd?

No. 234228

File: 1645055777806.png (173.87 KB, 466x535, mwah.PNG)

I love this drawing, reminds me of my husbando

No. 234229

File: 1645055791301.jpg (21.85 KB, 340x191, 1611753896150.jpg)

no. it's my mission to bully other "black" nonnies here. there's like two of them here who have sticks up their asses. i keep using quotes bc i dont understand the importance of even mentioning it. we're anonymous! what social currency is even valuable here? (aside from husbandofaggotry) for all i know she could be a pitiful larp since she sounds cartoonish that's my tinfoil literally go whine on twitter if you get so easily triggered. im here for fun, fuck off im not ashamed.

No. 234230

File: 1645055828129.jpg (1.26 MB, 1978x3867, 20220210_005232.jpg)

Why the fuck did a random guy give me a Jesus figurine and go away with no explanation while I was standing in a toilet queue at a bar

No. 234231

for the love of god, log off. oh I'm sorry, was that too lolcow cringepilled stacycel oomffem poggers sussy baka for you? The internet has given you genuine brain damage if you immediately jump to categorize people's behavior into different website cultures. "you know I've been feeling kind of depressed lately and-" "oof chief yikes you're acting kind of tumblr-esque right now…" grass. touch. now.

No. 234232

File: 1645055840546.png (205.72 KB, 470x420, photorealistic cow.PNG)

Samefag, you guys are just insane

No. 234233

are you okay, nonna? you know, maybe you should close the tab and do something else with your time.

No. 234234

>we're anonymous! what social currency is even valuable here
And yet you keep mentioning your race and admit to infighting/baiting over race. This is a chill thread, please just stfu.

No. 234235

kek im the ayrt. i agree, redditard.

No. 234236

He's cute! Jesus makes a good husbando

No. 234237

A-anon… did you really just censor hand??

No. 234238

File: 1645056053081.gif (2.57 MB, 275x202, 1610986311535.gif)

ur right..im a hypocrite bohoo..hoo im logging off -bloop-

No. 234239

why would anyone say "log off" here? you don't even need to log in. that is definitely tumblr/twitter/reddit vernacular.

No. 234241

No. 234242

every thread goes to shit as soon as race is mentioned at all, just sparks the longest and most boring infighting every time

No. 234243

I’m gonna be honest you sound like an absolute loser. Doesn’t matter if anyone is “anonymous” there will always be some form of social decorum anywhere you go no matter how unique the decorum is. No one is virtue signaling, just don’t fucking vandalize my drawing, it isn’t a twitterfag thing, I wouldn’t do it to another anon unless they allowed it.

No. 234244

how the fuck am I supposed to pay for theapy when my abuse has fucked me up so.much I cannot fucking work?? Fuck that gay ass shit. I.already have CBT and DBT memorized, but the truth is much of the time our pain is not only in our heads but it is a result of objective factors outside of ourselves. Be it the past, a chemical imbalance, fucked genetics, being mismatched with your environment and so on. I'm tired being labeled incorrectly by people or being seen as the opposite of what I.am or having my work downplayed or not being properly rewarded or paid for.my work and only attracting literal vampire narcissists that feed off my amazing positivity and capacity to stay strong and when I don't supply them anymore with me being nice and making them feel good they call me a vampire narcissist being completely unaware of them being those vampire narcissists. I grew up being beaten to a pulp by narcissists and learning how to not offend them and keep.them happy just to.live. My.childhood was in a part learning how to not offend narcissists so they wont punish me for offending them. Now as an adult I am harshly criticized.by others and I.am not.allowed to complain and when I do, I am a bitch for it and too emotional. Others can offend me step all over me and use their power to chain me but dare I do the same to them. Fuck this sincerity, I hate being put in this position. I was too pure. I want to break this pattern. Fuck you. Ain't no mother theresa. You come crawling at my feet or I dont give a fuck. Nobody cares when my fee fee's get hurt. Why should i care when yours do?? I am telling the truth. Everyone is a godamn narcissist stuck in their own head

No. 234245


No. 234246

learn to lurk dumbass the conversation over race didn’t poof out of thin air

No. 234247

File: 1645056291946.jpg (8.77 KB, 236x177, 1599992244867.jpg)

that's why im on LC. gotta waste time somewhere lol

No. 234248

>no you
i'm right and based

No. 234250


No. 234251

She's shy

No. 234252

I don't know what's going on lol

No. 234253

Nta, but they didn't say that it came out of nowhere kek.

No. 234254


No. 234255

No. 234256

i like OT but snow will always be my favorite. i miss the old cows though, like Raven and my personal favorite, Kelly Ronahan….the grossest shit I have ever seen was in her thread.

No. 234257

*SHE didn't say that it came out of nowhere. Sorry for using "they", I'm a burgerfag what do you expect.

No. 234258

File: 1645056604019.gif (1.18 MB, 275x275, 1631303196326.gif)

and for the last time..i didn't change the colour of your drawing, i only wrote "/ot/racebaiter" im not fucking evil quit twisting words and being sensitive. you're no fun and ill bless you all with my departure from this convo weeeeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEE.

No. 234259

File: 1645056605715.jpg (Spoiler Image,26.78 KB, 500x236, logoffapc.jpg)

kek no I'm just a boomer on the inside

No. 234260

is there anymore room in the draw room or is it cluttered like last time?

No. 234261

the ceo of the company I work for made a sugar baby metaphor in a company meeting, do you think he's scoping out offers?

No. 234262

No. 234263

it's been cleared. knock yourself out

No. 234265

File: 1645056755289.jpg (455.23 KB, 1000x1458, OMOSHIT.jpg)

when/if /ot/ comes back, can we have make a new omocat thread? it reached max posting limit, and i have no where to laugh at her art anymore.

No. 234266

Boston nonnies need to meet up, get drunk, and talk about our favourite, dumbest cows and shitpost out loud pls it's only a 45 min amtrak for a rhodey anon like me

No. 234267

You should have pretended he hit you.

No. 234268

>no one was virtue signalling
oomph, don't lie to yourself.

No. 234269

I did dabs a few months ago for the first time and had a really horrible experience. I think it actually fucked my brain up.

No. 234270

File: 1645056991210.jpeg (97.58 KB, 700x746, 1644950169256.jpeg)


No. 234274

yeah you’re permafried now

No. 234276

File: 1645057082287.jpg (19.9 KB, 320x317, b988acf4cfdd7514ea42dd7e0cee9b…)

Can't wait for my packages to arrive nonnas. pls no consoooomer bully, I haven't bought anything except for replacing broken stuff since 2019

No. 234277

Based Boston nonnies: If you know a guy named Stanley who lives over there, please give him the most painful of bitchslaps for me. Thanks in advance <3

No. 234278

sorry anon, you’re having a stroke. it’s time for hospice.

No. 234279

? i wasn't even talking about this thread damn, i was catching up on the celebricows threads and the amount of derailing that goes on there is just insane. was some unfortunate timing it appears

No. 234280

try a different pattern nonny. handwarmers shouldn't be that difficult. i've personally found knitting them to be much easier because knitted stuff has so much more stretch and ribbing is easy as pie in knitting.

No. 234282

What a dumbass. Do you see white women "bullying" other white women on other sites for daring to be white? You're a race-obsessed, bitter sperg. Stop using white reaction images, you will never be Lana Del Rey or the Karen you desperately wish to be. You should be forced to use k-pop pictures only so everyone will instinctively know you're a spastic who should be ignored

No. 234284

Let's have sex

No. 234285

It's only ok if he's fictional anon

No. 234286

with who?

No. 234287

I hate how my ex exaggerates how "happy" he is with the girl he left me for on social media. It's literal non-ib bait. Sometimes I think he's actually unhappy but whatever

No. 234290

he sounds like a fag

No. 234291

oh the schizo theories aren't that interesting kek just that there has been an influx of posters from the other farms. They're very recognizable to me from the way they write and subjects they bring up. Like they'll write essays about how bbc porn made white men troon out, or sperg about black women and libtards etc, shit that never came up in the old threads. And it's not just the mtf thread, someone made an ethan ralph thread recently (which reads like kf copy paste), the uptick in nullposting on /g/ (and wking).. idk I read kf too and I think lc should be for everyone, even cringe scrotefarms people, but they cause a lot of infighting with everyone else in the mtf thread

No. 234292

forget him and see

No. 234293

he wants me so badlyyyyy

No. 234296

File: 1645057748494.jpg (122.96 KB, 1300x951, online-intramuscular-self-inje…)

WeeeeeeeeEEEE. I'm back. I'm glad i was a mirror for you to look at. remember to take your booster shot nonnie! boom annnnnddddd im out.

No. 234299

Mirror how? You're the retarded kind of schizo instead of fun, please stay out. Or build a fort with (c)rap-anon and seethe about the blackies together, no one wants to hear it

No. 234300

File: 1645057912269.gif (494.17 KB, 198x160, 953464c64fe02e75407dee624ddfd4…)

hon, you're sounding pretty bitter and race obsessed. so you might as well join us.

No. 234301

yesss girl

No. 234303


just kiss already

No. 234304

I love yoouuuuu Merry Christmas Aishiiiiteru

No. 234305

What did you get nona, if you don't mind me asking? I'm currently waiting on a perfume and I'm sooooo excited to give it a big ol sniff when it gets here.

No. 234306

I kek'd thanks nonny
I appreciate the offer but I'd much rather hold your hand

No. 234307

>dARiNg to be white
holy twitter, go back there. how patronizing.

No. 234308

File: 1645058162080.jpg (22.42 KB, 574x450, scissors.jpg)

shall we?

No. 234309

File: 1645058210786.jpg (Spoiler Image,79.87 KB, 720x688, photo5181932464610847091.jpg)

Reject infighting, embrace yaoi

No. 234310

I don't know if it's genetic or chronic bad sleep, but it freaks me out that I can see the lines under my eyes where the sockets begin. I can easily visualize my skull without flesh on it

No. 234311

Why does Jenna Marbles sound like Dee?

No. 234312

No. 234313

File: 1645058308417.jpg (143.24 KB, 735x588, 233cb0c988542fcb646819ba828609…)

russian tiddies

No. 234314

they need to lay an egg NOW

No. 234315

I was literally about to reply saying looks like Jotaro's the one laying the egg this time

No. 234316

File: 1645058401323.png (278.23 KB, 790x757, gigastacy.png)

Unironically, yes. You can actually try to get what you want and risk being embarrassing (to no one but yourself tbh), or you can be dainty because you're afraid of being "cwinge", leave everything up in the air and keep wishing things were a little different
Take the delusionpill. Forsake your meds

No. 234317

this thread is moving so fast

No. 234318

File: 1645058414113.png (215.17 KB, 862x720, 292727819372616162.png)

This entire debacle has made it really obvious just how much LC has become overpopulated by underage and low IQ newfaggots who incessantly shit up the entire board with their retardation. Might just leave and come back when we get a moderation team that actually gives a fuck about culling the herd.

No. 234319


No. 234320

It's the amount of time that passed, everyone is going stir crazy. I thought the first two or so threads were pretty bangin

No. 234321

No. 234322

Guy at work tried to talk to me about Lost Ark since it's a type of game I'd like and potentially play (haven't yet, told him that before the conversation continued. Only mentioned that I had looked at charcter classes.) and he spent the time talking about how sexualized the female characters were and how he had a hard time playing those character classes because they were so sexualized/wearing so little and blahblahblah. It felt so forced/fake. Like I'd care that a guy found character models sexualized.

No. 234323

mwah mwah mmwah

No. 234324

I only kiss hot and based black girls, no self-hate stellas

No. 234325

File: 1645058659611.jpg (Spoiler Image,307.85 KB, 860x1200, 1620664030671.jpg)

You can stop samefagging, psuedobecky. YWNBW

No. 234327

Honestly nona I bet you're 100% right. What ticks me off is when an anon will post something and then write out an entire paragraph written like they're aiming to get as many "good" ratings (or whichever rating, I don't have the ratings memorized kek that place is for the terminally retarded, no offense) as possible.
Hard disagree about having lolcow be open to the scrotefarmers, though. Every scrote who has a kiwifarms account should kill themselves tbh.

No. 234328

File: 1645058701529.png (51.42 KB, 333x338, panting noises.PNG)

Me when I'm subjected to that gif

No. 234329

i WILL spit on moids
i WILL look at passing moids with disgust
i WILL refuse to give moids any kind of positive gesture
i WILL interrupt moids mid sentence
i WILL disrespect moids whenever I can

No. 234330

File: 1645058728533.jpg (155.37 KB, 682x1024, pg20.jpg)

No. 234331

No. 234332

yes you can try to get what you want by doing things? not just..thinking about them??? unironically the most vapid ""dainty"" course of action. you think the woman in your picrel just listened to bodybuilder subliminals for three years and woke up jacked? no you dummy

No. 234333

File: 1645058796754.jpg (63.01 KB, 680x627, FLSlb_LXMA42kCm.jpg)

No. 234334

The woman in the picture is fucking photoshopped

No. 234335

Should I read my ex's spam messages y/n

No. 234336

Do you do things, or just complain a lot? Also, why do you type like a Twitterfag anon
>you think the woman in your picrel just listened to bodybuilder subliminals for three years and woke up jacked? no you dummy
That's a fucking meme pic, what is happening in this thread anymore kek

No. 234337


No. 234338

No. 234339

File: 1645059008438.jpg (86.17 KB, 1300x866, 41374427-close-up-of-young-bea…)

i'm besties with based women(gasp i didn't need to say a race!) who aren't "woke" and patronizing. i can exist without self-imposed shackles unlike some nonnies. have fun living with "the world is against me" mindset. lc will still remain funnnn

No. 234340

what you fucking retards dont understand is that the human psyche is still magical. You won't grow devil wings or change eye colors but you can literally change your life, become more successful and heal from trauma by putting the right ideas into your subconscious. We are like a machine and our assumptions, beleiefs and so on drive us from behind like mindless zombies, so you can change part of your life by changing those. You won't change the laws of physics and so on but you can change your life, but not in a delusional manner.

No. 234341

Dee's nuts

No. 234342

what? How is that twitterfag-like? I haven't used twitter since high school

No. 234343

subliminals made by 11 year olds dont work.

No. 234344

Is this bait.

No. 234345

Subliminals do not work at all.

No. 234347

File: 1645059155023.jpeg (369.31 KB, 1810x2560, 5524D6D9-A77C-46B1-8083-5F935B…)

>age 10 (16 physically)
This part was such a nice touch, hilariously absurd yet it also makes sense considering the way SDC characters look at their ages.
>also pic related which is from CLAMP too

No. 234348

only if you share them with us

No. 234349

Anybody else eating spaghetti right now

No. 234350

No. 234351

These kinds of people fear faith and only believe in "Beep beep go on computer, eat hot chip, lie and cry and hope things change when I'm doing the same shit all the time. Maybe I will see a therapist (no I don't realize that's just the new atheist version of "go confess to a priest")", don't even bother. It's actually more fun to call it delusion because it gatekeeps the weaklings and followers

No. 234352

Maybe she has hand tattoos

No. 234354

File: 1645059301677.jpg (165.81 KB, 715x1024, cover.jpg)

Kek, yes - I love the CLAMP fujos.

No. 234355

I'm not talking about subliminals made by 12 year olds that tell you that you can change your skin color to blue and be a shape shifting monster, I am talking about positive affirmations that you can tell yourself and can function as subliminals, those are the real subliminals. The positive/negative affirmations you keep telling yourself or that others tell you, literally shape your entire being. It's not that hard to understand human psychology and it definetely isn't schizo. You can do "subliminals" which are positive affirmations to one self and in some time it can slightly change your life or get you closer to your dream self. The opinions you have about yourself in your subconscious and the affirmations you tell yourself shape who you are and how you interact with the world and what you put out and ultimately how others treat you. If you keep telling yourself you are shit and ugly those beliefs, in years will shape your reality and how others treat you and so on. Subliminals are simply affirmations.

No. 234356

wait a second…

No. 234357

File: 1645059401114.jpeg (23.68 KB, 260x445, CF30E3EA-9B8C-4B95-BE4D-1E2529…)

Racebaiting and shitting on others solely on the basis of their race or any difference is a male trait they can’t help it fear of the other is in their dna something something booga booga race jokes are retarded moid tier shit. Grow up, and hate on moids with women of all backgrounds instead

No. 234358

File: 1645059420955.png (426.21 KB, 1498x404, Screenshot 2022-02-17 at 12.54…)

Found the perfect subliminal for you all!

No. 234359

stale take. not everything undesirable is scrote tier

No. 234360

Yes that's right.

No. 234361

So which self-help book did you finish nonna

No. 234362

Not everything is i agree, but race jokes are

No. 234363

Maybe she has hand tattoos

Yeah I love u guys 2

No. 234364

okay, i agree with you

No. 234366

No bitch, women should be talking MORE. Men should be listening to that sub. I'm going to hide a speaker in my brother's room and play that quietly for the rest of the month, will update with results

No. 234367

This is also a technique in cognitive behavioral therapy. It's hard to start the affirmations when you don't believe them at first but it actually helps if you can stay at it long enough and convince yourself. Exactly like you said, with negative thoughts we don't realize it but we already do this with them, repeating them so they are cemented harder as beliefs without even noticing we do it

No. 234368

kek, this.

No. 234369

I'm done with radical feminism. In the beginning it was superb how there was this group of only women fighting for women's liberation, tackling the problems from the root, but the more I stayed the more I saw the absolute disdain they have for women who are mothers, straight, bisexual with a man, not gold star lesbian, separatist, has been nice to a male once. Like stop, this is horrendous, we have a common enemy and they want to pull each-other titties over lifestyle choices instead of what we all want to accomplish. I'll always be pro-women and anti faggot tranny scrote bullshit but enough is enough for me.

No. 234370

Why does this make sense

No. 234371

kek ily

No. 234372

RF isn't tumblr kek

No. 234373

based rhodey anon. we could get drunk and then walk around intoxicated in the common. maybe get cannolis too. other NE anons welcome.

ok nona i got you.

No. 234374

I've been on ovarit, spinster and on RF discords and they're all the same.

No. 234375

you might be the prettiest bitch on planet earth but if you hate yourself and drawn in self loathing and your internal monologue and affirmations are based around how you are worthless, your counscious self will act upon that and it will manifest in reality, people will hate and bully you. Similarly you can be someone ugly but have positive beliefs aboit yourself and you will become magnetic and everyone will love you

No. 234376

Finally…I can take a shit. The moment I've been waiting for

No. 234377

Okay Roald Dahl

No. 234378

File: 1645059861930.gif (4.03 MB, 480x270, shutupscrote.gif)

No. 234379

take your meds nonnie.

No. 234380

You're right anon, I think I will try a different pattern for the cuffs and just alter it to fit the pattern for the rest for the hand. I definitely need to try knitting someday.

No. 234381

she right though

No. 234382

no you take your.meds stupid self loathing bitch, it.is only your fault for being miserable and you refuse to put in the effort to change and drag others with you

No. 234383

File: 1645060031005.jpeg (83.31 KB, 750x807, DE8586AD-D814-4F1A-95CE-D0B3CF…)

personally I don't hate men

No. 234384

unironically this isn't true, I'm conventionally attractive and miserable and no one has ever hated or bullied me especially not for being ugly. not denying that being more positive would benefit me obviously but yeah

No. 234386

you seem very angry, nonnie. those positive subliminals don't seem to be working.

No. 234387

I'm done with it too. It's no longer productive. But it shaped a lot of my values and I'm grateful for the ideology. I can't be in that community anymore.

No. 234388

NTA but if you can say "I'm conventionally attractive" with a straight face and believe it, you don't have the kind of self-loathing being described. There's different types of misery

No. 234389

This is an ugly people cope

No. 234390

i'm apathetic to them. wont ever be a handmaiden tho

No. 234391

really even ovarit? i thought the average user was a middle aged british mother kek

No. 234392

File: 1645060205740.png (1.25 MB, 1342x710, 23CF6456-F732-4C17-A241-3D8199…)

No. 234393

Yeah the ideology did open my eyes to many things, but as you said is no longer productive.

No. 234394

we're all sitting on the porch together as old women on rocking chairs, watching the sunset.
what is your:
a) beverage of choice?
b) favourite wild animal to watch?
c) choice of weapon in case any moids are lurking around?

No. 234395

Lmao I'm latina in my 20s and yes ovarit is very strange, like they cape for trannies but at the same time hate them???

No. 234396

you don't have BPD, it doesn't even exist and you have all the resources to succeed but you refuse to change your mindset. People dislike you because of the energy you bring.with you. Your assumptions about reslity are bad and about yourself. You drag the room down and nobody will ever like you and it isn't because your face is ugly, you can get as much plastic surgery as you want and people will.still dislike you because people feel and have instincts and can immediately feel the negativity you bring with you. People also influence each other so your negative beliefs will drag others down and they are aware of it, that's why they avoid you

I am objectively above average but I was bullied and told I was ugly because I convinced myself I was and people immediately saw my weakness

No. 234397

guru-nonnie has spoken

No. 234400

Just make it yourself

No. 234401

File: 1645060446222.jpg (23.4 KB, 402x568, cancel me daddy.JPG)

I'm getting this on a shirt. Should it be white or black? how can I make it pop more?

No. 234402

>Sweet tea
>birds (and strays if those even count as wild animals)
>pitch fork, Elsie style

No. 234403

She has a thread on /w/ too anon

No. 234404

omg sell it to me. i'd wear this and idc if i get physically attacked, i'd laugh gleefully with my broken teeth and bloody nose

No. 234406

>bloody mary

No. 234407

I'm sorry you had to go through this but the reverse really doesn't work for actually ugly people. They might get treated slightly better but still only superficially.

No. 234408

I'll give u the PDF file for free nonny, how can I share it without doxxing myself?

No. 234409

>diet coke (cuz diabeetus)

No. 234410

good point..uh

No. 234411

Yeah, I have the same point of view. Many radical feminist spaces suffer from the same problem as any draconian space: Petty infighting and constant purity spiraling
I've just given up on it. I'm thankful I was introduced to logical (and fun meme) misandry, Andrea Dworkin and The SCUM Manifesto, and that I learned that being GNC/having your own experiences in life doesn't make you a tranny or any kind of "genderfucked fluxgender autigender", and I still feel somehow relieved when I see a woman who's openly a radfem online, but the community itself is too stultifying. It makes me sad

No. 234412

yeah I'll never be some kind of mra but I view every human as having flaws some way worse than others, and the differences between our biology is why those flaws differ. I will hold them against the ones who do the worst things but I was raised by a nigel and known a few plus to me everyone is imperfect and what we need is understanding with a focus on self-improvement and balance between our different traits. sometimes I've wondered what if I was born a male then I would undoubtedly have similar views to them, we are all pretty bitter and misled right now. getting pissed off by each other's getting pissed off at our getting pissed off ad infinitum

No. 234415

maybe i dont but ive had eds and body dysmorphia forever so my self loathing feels and has felt very real to me

No. 234416

then why have I seen so many liked, socially accepted and generally successful ugly people? While I have seen miserable, disliked and suicidal beautiful people? Are you.tellimg.me the reality I see with my eyes daily is a lie?

Most people or.most women that believe they are ugly are just average but they have high standards and hide very harsh inmer beliefs about themselves. Most normies are ugly or average and.most of them do great. I've seen objectively beautiful people whom were objectively miserable, with broken psyche's, hatred towards themselves etc and in the end their life was even more miserable than that of.someone "ugly". Most people also don't realize we as individuals, our beauty is literally shaped by our inner flame and also by your.stylistic choice. By changing ypur style and the way you carry yourself you can make.others think you are beautiful

No. 234417

I think my moid is actually going to kill me once he realizes I'm leaving him. At this point I don't even care, I wish I'd never been born. See you in the next life, nonnies

No. 234418

well i hate all men very much! and i wish they'd all explode at the same time!

No. 234419

File: 1645061001963.jpg (26.44 KB, 480x255, 5y4w8ieofhsikd.jpg)

No. 234420

your experiences aren't universal

No. 234422

Just use the one on /w/ silly, the omocat thread doesn't belong in /ot/ anyway

No. 234423

Are we having cabin fever yet? It feels like it

No. 234424

>milk tea
>hens, or joining the other nonnas in birdwatching

No. 234425

China must impose sanctions on Canada for human rights violations

No. 234426

Other nonnies don't seem to agree but I think this rang true for me. I'm not super attractive but it was a negative feedback loop of getting bullied -> feeling ugly -> getting bullied for being ugly etc etc. I'm more confident in my looks, I'm just painfully average on a normal day and maybe just above it on a good day, but I feel like that confidence in myself radiates out and I do get treated better and actually complimented more on my looks now.

No. 234427

who the fuck was laying down all those toynbee tiles anyway.

No. 234428

trudeau's tiananmen square

No. 234429

that’s sensible. kek I support the mutual bitterness the sexes have between each other, but nowadays it’s full blown murderous hate and unfamiliarity..it’s too weird; maybe even dangerous.

No. 234430

it's not my experience. The beleifs you hold about yourself shape your reality and the vibes you put.out.

You could be gorgeous but if.you have bad beliefs about.yourself youre gonna drag the room down and make people hate you. Normies and most people connect through moods, if you are negative or hold negative inner beliefs they immediately remove you or label you as weak and socially unfit. It is just natural selection. I don't know if any of you ever go outside or leave your anime fantasy that has been shaping the beliefs anout your own beauty since your childhood and has made you pursue a cartoon like unattainable standard of beauty, but most humans are not very beautiful just plain average.

No. 234431

moid apologists gtfo

No. 234433

Looks interesting, what is it?

No. 234434

uh are you Canadians doing okay? Your pretty boy pm seems to be freaking out a liltle. Just a lil. Also can the Russians and Ukrainians french kiss and tell burgerfags to gtfo?

No. 234435

File: 1645061576349.jpg (45.46 KB, 585x680, cf.jpg)

You're literally right, but most anons are too blackpilled to accept it. It's easier (and in their minds, safer) for them to stay miserable and mock anyone who says they've moved past that and actually gotten what they wanted, including some of the shit that seems far-fetched. Having hope is scary if you've been hurt before
It makes me sad because I've definitely been there, but if some of us could break out of it, they can too

No. 234436

>then why have I seen so many liked, socially accepted and generally successful ugly people
All of this can still be superficial, and yes of course relationships can be deeper than what you see. Also money can help or double as hard work and effort as normal people for some crumb of recognition kek.
Though I agree that most people who deem themselves ugly are just average. But when someone is really ugly, then they just are, no matter how much they delude themselves.

No. 234438

I don't doubt you went through that but not everyone has the same problems as you. Actually now that I thinbk about it the best my social life has ever been was at the worsty of my eating disorder somehow kek. I didn't have a problem socialising with people actually it distracted me from my feelings. Again not everyone struggles in the same way, self loathing will look different in different people depending on what caused it, their cirumstances, how other people treat them etc. I was lucky that even as a depressed emo retard no one seriously bullied me

No. 234439

File: 1645061673817.jpg (904.96 KB, 2000x1600, LC drawing room.jpg)

Could admin clear the board? I think it's pretty full

No. 234441

No. 234442

Right. There's 5 million other websites to do that. But no, even here has to cater to them.

No. 234443

Dump him anyway, it's not your problem that he's brain damaged. But don't do anything stupid nonna..

No. 234444

ppl just need to delete their the text so we can have more room to draw

No. 234445

wise words gurunonna. I’ll give them a think

No. 234446

popular people at work or even in school settings are not always gorgeous some of them are average or even ugly but they are still successful at socializing, because socializing is not looks, it is personality. You could look like a kpop idol with porcelain skin but if you hate everything and hate yourself and have the vibes of a carboard box people are gonna exclude and hate you. We are literal tribalistic and we act upon our instincts of self preservation. Nobody wants a self hating bastard around because your moods influence others moods and others do not want to.risk being dragged down by your negative mindset and endless complaining. The "stacies" weren't very attractive, just social girls with a certain style and vibrant personalities

Yes but you are unaware this is due to your own self delusion and beliefs. Your social life was best during your EDs because your beliefs and self worth are structured around you being skinny. It is like a placebo. You saw yourself as being more worthy of love or being more worthy of being liked for being skinny, but it was all in your head and a result of your beliefs

No. 234447

there is no room left for acknowledging we are all humans who have flaws and those can be improved on (in terms of the average person). I've seen both ends rile each other up over simple misunderstandings that could be corrected. and most of the animosity comes from "they are different than I am and move through the world differently than I do" I wonder if it's a result of the idea that's emerged that there should be no difference at all between the sexes. we just are different in some ways but people assume that would mean a hierarchy, to me it doesn't because the world needs the good traits of both, we need a balance it's like yin and yang

No. 234450

File: 1645061930271.png (456.84 KB, 500x500, 1644255100732.png)

No. 234451

i think anon's aren't done drawing

No. 234452

File: 1645061980214.jpeg (21.75 KB, 275x275, 2885DB7A-0B64-4590-8670-7A1E87…)

Free? Aww thank you so much!

No. 234453

File: 1645062044949.png (392.84 KB, 720x925, FLwxGlcVEAEmIZR.png)

based mom

No. 234456

nta i basically agree with you because i have to because i'm straight and my brain runs on pure copium but I also believe that if men were more like women everything would be better

No. 234457

Yes, spread the hate nonny, bless.

No. 234458

I also feel this way. I'm grateful to have peaked and to find all the great resources. But the MTF thread has people spiral out in infighting nonsense and I cringe in disappointment. Women fighting over race, ridiculing anons who have nigels, attacking other anons who don't fall in with the hive majority opinions. It's makes me feel bad, I want comradery with other women. It's freeing to have a place to opening speak our feelings without dumb woke cancel culture but the community is a mess.

No. 234459

the main problem with men is that as a collective they cause way more social chaos than women ever will. They kill, rape, kill themselves, their wives and children and use their power for the wrong reasons. Women do not cause even half or a small portion of the social chaos men cause. No matter if you are involved with radfem community or not, you cannot deny this reality about men

No. 234460

I was gonna say some shit like pagliafag detected, but then realized normal heterosexual stereotypes come to life vastly outnumber me / average taffent, and resign myself to go live as a hermit

No. 234461

>kill themselves
Is suicide something that causes social chaos?

No. 234462

i agree with you but the people starting race arguments are not radfems

No. 234464

men have completely failed their roles as protectors, as patriarchs

yes because men do not kill themselves in silence. They drag their loved ones with them or do mass shootings

No. 234465

Damn, an inkling of a difference in consensus opinion and it’s catering to men. Stop trying to hyperbolize shit. A lot of zoomers have this bad habit, hoowee. You can still hate men, don’t worry. I, personally, am past that stage.

No. 234466

Men are deformed abominations that do not deserve to walk this earth.

No. 234467

Where are the rusame anons now that their otp is fighting again, tensions are hot ladies

No. 234468

you are right, but I will not stand being chastised because I am not a gold star lesbian separatist who has never looked a man in the eyes. Puritanical draconian bullshit.

No. 234469

if you're posting this because of me, I agree they are worse, the funny thing is that decades ago people used to be able to admit that including men, it went overboard due to a drive for control but people had common sense like if you're a woman walking alone at night you're in danger from men, nowadays you will catch retards actually arguing against that and other things that everyone, even men knew once. the reason men are like that is because of the different biology, aka being stronger, having higher aggression and libido, and also being more likely to act out. now those traits in themselves could be utilized for good like protecting women and children against predatory men, and achieving things for society, but unfortunately they also mean men are more likely to commit crimes. but everybody knew this already until somehow we started denying there's any differences. when I saw how many women enable men doing horrible crimes, excuse and even aid them, I realized these are just awful humans and it's the biology is why it manifests differently. but with men it is worse. logically though who is able to stop them? mostly other men, and they fail as men and as human beings when they don't do it
like I said, this used to be acknowledged by everyone but nowadays we pretend there's no difference (this doesn't mean I'm saying back then was better, it was in many ways worse but on this sole fact people agreed that women could likely find danger from men)

No. 234470


No. 234471

I hope that more women who don’t want to challenge themselves or change anything if it means doing something even mildly inconvenient fuck off from radical feminist spaces

No. 234472

As a burgerfag, I'm so sorry for my pos country always trying to get involved. Russia does need to chill out and let Ukraine be but why does America think anyone cared for their opinion. I want to leave this country so bad. Whats the best, peaceful, most woman safe country to live in? I have dyslexia but I would try really hard to learn a new language and gtfo of here.

No. 234473


No. 234474

damn this is so good..

No. 234475

Goin to work goin to work working to go workin on the job gettin it done ladies I'm goin to work

No. 234476

your pathetic group would prefer a furry lesbian sexual harasser than a normie midwest mother with a loving husband.

No. 234477

>rile each other up over simple misunderstandings
kek be a bit more specific. Which gender has what misunderstandings and more importantly, how does that "riling up" manifest?

No. 234478

KEK I love you anon.

No. 234479

>I wonder if it's a result of the idea that's emerged that there should be no difference at all between the sexes
Never thought about it like that. Of course that discussion won’t happen for another 40 years.

No. 234480

File: 1645063026373.jpg (63.74 KB, 720x900, Tumblr_l_119627832703947.jpg)

Posted in the other thread oops

No. 234481

the problem with radfem community is that as any other ideological community, it can attract hypocritical retards with narc issues that want to climb to the top in that said ideological community. I've found hypocritical radfems some of them I would say even undercover mysoginists but that doesn't mean I will deny the truth that comes from radfem ideology. Men are objectively shit as a collective, dangerous and the world is shit to women and very objectifying/degrading due to how men have consolidated the world. I cannot find as many arguments for hating women, or at least rationally based arguments for hating women as a collective.

Women do not need gossip though, without gossip and back stabbing we could create true solidarity. I've always felt like gossiping and being wishy washy is some ideological concept introduced by men into female society to make them unable to form solidarity. Males are horrible and they have completely failed the responsibility nature has handed them.

No. 234482

We are definitely stir crazy if we're defending moids.

No. 234483

I love that Dale Gribble!

No. 234484

File: 1645063086827.png (226.45 KB, 500x500, AC69873C-343D-42F4-9B47-13AABD…)

>loving husband

No. 234485

hey guess what? radfems can be racist too. no person in a group is immune to that bigotry.

No. 234486

>will sexually harass me

No. 234487

I'm not gonna infight anymore sorry for pissing off nonnies let's have fun once more

No. 234488

File: 1645063215513.png (1.76 MB, 2000x1600, LC drawing room.png)

Anons you guys are amazing. There are so many talented artfags, I wish you all success in your careers.

No. 234489

File: 1645063228736.jpg (85.84 KB, 1200x1025, DwACwuJX0AErmJ9.jpg)

>they need to protect us from each other
dystopian, this is why all women should own guns

No. 234490

not to mention radfem community attracts right wingers because of some overlap of beliefs but radfem has nothing to do with right wing, it is left wing or out of the political compass. Right wingers can hate black people, as expected.

No. 234491

but all of this is literally the opposite, people treated me worse when i tried being positive and confident. the times i was called "ugly" was when i was feeling fine, not being negative. also the more i think about certain thoughts the more the opposite happens, manifestation/subliminals only work in reverse, at least for me

No. 234492

File: 1645063260003.jpg (139.34 KB, 625x860, ab35105fbc7974d1945531738e7c5b…)

Lisa frank belongs to radfems and terfs

Spread the word

No. 234493

She's the owner of "livingcarousel" hit her up and tell her to sexually harass you as she has done with other women in the community

No. 234494

File: 1645063299128.jpg (24.04 KB, 450x661, Tumblr_l_329223979893159.jpg)

No. 234495

Let's be real. Most of the "challenge" for the English-speaking/western side of the radfem community is arguing with other radfems over stupid shit lol

No. 234496

No. 234497

i know anon but the posters in that thread in particular are right wing kiwifags

No. 234498

>pot parties
Ah shit.

No. 234499


No. 234500

anon, be honest… how many fursuits have you bought?

No. 234501

>I've found hypocritical radfems some of them I would say even undercover mysoginists

what!? you mean you dont want to get called a dick worshipper by an ex-polyam ddlgfag projecting her shame onto you? sounds like you're the REAL misogynist.

No. 234502

File: 1645063483461.jpg (51.15 KB, 500x666, d046131bbd6723bbe088eadca65cb1…)

No. 234503

You'd be surprised at the amount of people who claim to be radfems but are racist or even misogynistic.

No. 234504

File: 1645063545526.jpeg (69.44 KB, 600x650, A2FDCA90-D8B8-404F-92F8-A144BE…)

I love when artists fuck up romanization

No. 234506

romani-chan is that you

No. 234507

everytime I see the feet shoes I wonder if they are enlarged casts of his real feet

No. 234508

thanks to gc and retards who call everyone who hate trannies a terf

No. 234509

Both can nonnie. Right wingers and Radfems have the potential. Anyone. That was my point.

No. 234510

Here's my problem:
Moids will try to destroy you, radfems will say they'll protect you but ONLY if you are pure enough for them. Which in my eyes in moid behaviour.

No. 234511

Kek, basedpill

No. 234513

File: 1645063779922.jpeg (62.16 KB, 500x693, 56747DBB-F417-431B-A3EC-D546BE…)


No. 234514

Wtf is this supposed to say

No. 234515

File: 1645063781845.gif (3.77 KB, 128x128, 1633939578596.gif)

Here's my problem. My ass is too juicy but ONLY on weekdays at 9 am

No. 234516

Chrollo Lucilfer

No. 234517

If you are a racist and call yourself a radfem you are not a radfem. Radical feminism is rooted in women supporting women and fighting back against the one common enemy: males, if you’re too blinded by a predominantly male trait like racism to see this and better educate yourself you are not an actual radfem but delusional. Racism is a thing for men, as women we should be smart enough to acknowledge this and not have such caveman brained ideologies, if you’re a woman and you’re racist im gonna assume you had some sort of nlog poltard pick me phase because it’s most likely true and your racism stems from some sort of influence men had over you.

No. 234518

God damn you people are so dramatic. All radfems do is try to take political action and talk about theory. You’re not a victim because some random on the Internet told you that dating moids is a waste of time

No. 234520

What the fuck was the original?? How did they fuck it up this bad hhahahha

No. 234521

this thread is ruining my mood and no one wants to listen to me someone perform cpr on admin while i kms

No. 234522

File: 1645063955787.gif (2 MB, 498x378, D33659BB-2EA0-4DB0-8413-A2D5A7…)

The file name of this image is misleading. Squidward is not actually big in this image but is in the process of “bringing it around town”, and as such the camera angle gives him the appearance of being large
If you want an actual image of squidward being large I suggest you look up the episode where he ate all the krabby patties in the patty vault

No. 234523

this isn't funny, cats can literally die from these kind of accidents because they are stuck so bad you break their bones trying to get them out

No. 234524

File: 1645063977387.jpeg (211.31 KB, 750x737, 3DAA5417-EBA1-4C69-8FD4-1901BF…)

I swear it's a giant version of his real foot

No. 234526

I must warn you that is very idealistic of you.

No. 234527

File: 1645064016315.jpg (243.19 KB, 736x736, 3937ee610cfbb2d6363a6a075272b6…)

For optimal viewing of this post please use the theme KEEKWEEK

No. 234528

>All radfems do is try to take political action
Maybe in countries like Mexico and Korea kek

No. 234529

It's the fact that you and other anons come back here time after time and try to convince us men aren't that bad. We get it. I don't think all men are bad either but I don't feel the need to come back here periodically to preach about it since there's plenty of places that love men. It's really grating. like can we have this one space to hate men in peace

No. 234530

It’s not funny. But cute. Thanks for telling me that, scary.

No. 234532

From what I can tell, if you're Japanese, romanizing a name like Chrollo's would be a nightmare. Imagine you had to guess what Kuroro Rushirufuru is supposed to mean, and then multiply the difficulty by 5

No. 234533

I agree with you. Loser tradthots and pick-mes who want to appeal to edgy scrotes are still obsessed with co-opting the "radfem" label, sadly. All we can do is keep telling them to fuck off. They're not pro-women, they're just the closest thing to femcels and are using politics to be tsundere and seethe about /pol/ moids being mean to them lmao

No. 234534

File: 1645064146016.png (785.2 KB, 800x800, 12925_Chester_s_Flamin__Hot_Fr…)

No. 234535

Were not convincing you… we’re sharing our opinion and discussing the reasoning. Don’t be so paranoid. Most of your sisters agree with you!

No. 234536

Can't sleep?

No. 234537

you can moid hate all you need, but I will shit on puritanical radfems till you die

No. 234538

how very trippy of you

No. 234539

File: 1645064253884.jpeg (130.93 KB, 808x601, 47E5532F-07EC-4870-8C51-EA0B27…)

bite this onion

No. 234540

k e k

No. 234541

I'd figure there would be a wiki page they could check for the romanized names.

No. 234542

File: 1645064283500.jpg (36.5 KB, 275x273, 1642641542520.jpg)

No. 234543

same, i'm sick of hating, is making me miserable and its not healthy. I hate them when its due, but obssesing over men is going to be the death of me, they don't deserve that much space on my head

No. 234546

File: 1645064393881.jpeg (184.17 KB, 1600x1600, F22BDBD1-1794-4732-B872-385332…)

No. 234547

same nonny, same.

No. 234548

First image to reply is the image I overlay on my company presentation at very high transparency so that it's not directly visible yet if you really observe it, it's there

No. 234549

Schizo anons post your most schizo tinfoil GO!

No. 234550

File: 1645064457322.jpeg (80.83 KB, 644x488, 28DB3790-A7A4-49F3-9E3A-1D5234…)

No. 234551

I know right. Sorry for seeming rude, but this is amongst my top 3 horror scenarios, right after washing machine accidents and balcony accidents.

No. 234552

File: 1645064469186.jpg (77.96 KB, 750x750, 1644548704714.jpeg.jpg)

No. 234554

tap water has caffeine to keep us freaking out constantly so we'll engage in political warfare on facebook

No. 234555

>stopped seeing men as boogeymen
>got clear skin
>killer quads
>and 210 IQ
>i must be a tradthot pickemeisha now heehee

No. 234556

No. 234557

That's what I thought until I saw how many mess-ups there are kek. Most get it right probably due to that though, or otherwise seeing it romanized somewhere, but there are those who guess apparently? Sometimes it almost looks intentionally bad but I don't get why they'd do that? I don't hold it against them but I find it so funny

No. 234559

Boom na da mmm dum na ema
Da boom na da mmm dum na ema


So, fight!
Something on the—dum na ema
Some things—they fight
something on the—dum na ema
some things—they fight

something of the—dum na ema
some things—they fight
something of the—dum na ema
some things—they fight

No. 234560

I'm not a radfem and never claimed to be

I hope you know the men you defend would never do the same for you. There's plenty of heinous misogyny on the internet and elsewhere. Even good men just turn a blind eye to that.

I agree with this, my mental health improved when I stopped using the manhate thread. It's good to have a place to vent about men but not good to obsess over it

No. 234561

File: 1645064569014.gif (1.41 MB, 498x294, let-the-hate-flow-through-you-…)

No. 234562

Who says that hating and obsessing are the same thing? I hate men, but they don't consume my every though and I can interact with them irl normally.

No. 234563

there are civilizations living under ground which are highly advanced. entrances to this world exist all over the planet, and if you dig on the internet you can find a list of the alleged entrances in the US.

No. 234564

How did you come to this conclusion schizanon?

No. 234565

No. 234566

File: 1645064667986.jpg (212.13 KB, 950x1007, Screenshot_20220211-210626.jpg)

Big Toilet Paper doesn't want us power washing our asses after pooping and thus is holding back the advancement of civilization which is basically a crime against humanity. As is taxation.

No. 234567

Boom na da mmm dum na ema
Da boom na da mmm dum na ema


So, fight!
Something on the—dum na ema
Some things—they fight
something on the—dum na ema
some things—they fight

something of the—dum na ema
some things—they fight
something of the—dum na ema
some things—they fight

No. 234568

Hey now
You're an all star
Get your game on
GO play

No. 234569

is obvious because everytime I drink chamomile tea I can't sleep, it say EXPLICITLY on the box that it is caffeine free but I can't sleep when I drink it, so it has to be the water.

No. 234570

Boom na da mmm dum na ema
Da boom na da mmm dum na ema


So, fight!
Something on the—dum na ema
Some things—they fight
something on the—dum na ema
some things—they fight

something of the—dum na ema
some things—they fight
something of the—dum na ema
some things—they fight

No. 234571

the super wealthy are inbred and dabble in bonafide black magic.

No. 234572

something takes a part of meeeeeeee

No. 234573

N-n-n-nonnies!!!!! Stop fake schizo posting. We are creating reality and the stuff we find insane conspiracy theory now will literally become truth in the future. I really do think government will try to take complete control over human life

No. 234574

Wow anon. I said we’re not trying to convince anyone here that men are saints. We are merely sharing an opinion and discussing why we think it’s so
Where was I defending men? Why would you think I’m naive enough to expect support from the other sex? I’m just leaning towards a wholistic approach to this sex issue. Sheesh.

No. 234576

That is what metaverse is leading up to.

No. 234577

Man this thread was chill and fun at first, but then like everything on lolcow had to turn into sperging about radfems and race. Im peacing out now

No. 234578

cats are aliens from another planet sent to brainwash humanity

No. 234579

Boom na da mmm dum na ema
Da boom na da mmm dum na ema


So, fight!
Something on the—dum na ema
Some things—they fight
something on the—dum na ema
some things—they fight

something of the—dum na ema
some things—they fight
something of the—dum na ema
some things—they fight

No. 234581

File: 1645064953428.jpg (39.29 KB, 720x576, Tumblr_l_661561341289976.jpg)

This is the reality I want to create

No. 234582

File: 1645064967795.jpg (33.81 KB, 1214x176, ew fat.JPG)

I hate when anons answer to multiple people in one post like a self-important asshole. I bet you are fat, who has that time?

No. 234583

File: 1645064972277.jpeg (113.69 KB, 900x900, unnamed543.jpeg)

No. 234584

Boom na da mmm dum na ema
Da boom na da mmm dum na ema


So, fight!
Something on the—dum na ema
Some things—they fight
something on the—dum na ema
some things—they fight

something of the—dum na ema
some things—they fight
something of the—dum na ema
some things—they fight

No. 234585

it's cyclical, check back in the morning

No. 234587

People who disagree with this are retards

No. 234588

File: 1645065054073.jpeg (635.79 KB, 1694x2270, DF8651A7-AF2C-4299-BEEE-6C8518…)

want to do my makeup like Ellie from Last Night in Soho. go to campus like that then see how many stares I get

No. 234589

File: 1645065058399.jpg (44.56 KB, 736x736, aaeb1bc6addb2a4ca55b54d70b878f…)

I want to thank /m/ nonnies for introducing me to YTTD

No. 234590

File: 1645065062205.jpg (215.86 KB, 797x889, d23tw6c-e0eba579-2746-4db6-8ad…)

I'm so sad I forgot to log into Bimboland and do a Valentines look earlier this month. I could have made such a cute outfit. I will make sure to not miss out on St. Pattys day. The whole re-naming thing just killed my whole energy to play that game. Why do they have to they/them everything.

No. 234591

Kek post this in the “Substitute-Things I Hate” thread

No. 234592

Boom na da mmm dum na ema
Da boom na da mmm dum na ema


So, fight!
Something on the—dum na ema
Some things—they fight
something on the—dum na ema
some things—they fight

something of the—dum na ema
some things—they fight
something of the—dum na ema
some things—they fight

No. 234593

File: 1645065080245.jpeg (102.92 KB, 700x525, HeyNonny.jpeg)

No. 234594

There's a wandering "race" of people who come in different phenotypes. I say "race" in quotation marks because they can look black, white, brown or Asian. They cannot stay in one place. It's a genetic, in-born thing, and those who live in groups tend to have the belief that people who live in the same place forever are actually cursed. They're considered "gypsies" in Europe, but nobody talks about the fact that these same people exist in southern parts of the US, and no one questions the wandering nature of the Fulani people. Their morals are very different from yours and ours, I'm sure we've all seen it
They may appear poor and/or homeless, but the elites of this "race" hold a lot of wealth, and likely store it underground

No. 234595

File: 1645065129390.jpg (86.78 KB, 1440x1080, Derj.jpg)

i want Serj and Daron from SOAD to fuck,WHERE IS THAT RPF YOAI BOARD

No. 234596

Sometimes is kinda funny how some anons assume i have a boyfriend/have sex with men or that i've male friends: i literally never go out, i don't talk to anybody, i don't even have any social media or visit other imageboards besides lc, i don't have friends at all, i'm virgin at 20 and on permanent celibacy (no religious reasons, just low libido).

Men are like aliens to me, i don't understand them, i don't understand pickmes or male-aligned women because, why would you be so obsessed with men? they're boring AND dumb, hard pass.

No. 234597

Daron is so cute to me, his personality too

No. 234598

I miss the dressup games thread…

No. 234599

Bezos and co. are actually masochists and will soon allow for the people to revolt, all for the sheer sexual satisfaction they will receive in their final moments at the gallows. Think about it: the public humilation; the millions, no, BILLIONS rejoicing and laughing at their pain; the decades-long anticipation for their plan to come to fruition; the years spent scrolling twitter and cooming to the seethe of the proles. It would surely surpass the ecstacy of any andrenochrome injection.

No. 234600

Boom na da mmm dum na ema
Da boom na da mmm dum na ema


So, fight!
Something on the—dum na ema
Some things—they fight
something on the—dum na ema
some things—they fight

something of the—dum na ema
some things—they fight
something of the—dum na ema
some things—they fight

No. 234601

File: 1645065257907.jpg (40.57 KB, 632x322, Tumblr_l_279434955501164.jpg)

Aka jews

No. 234602

File: 1645065317573.jpg (28.71 KB, 750x734, IMG_20191220_083748.jpg)

No. 234603

make it on fujochan

No. 234605

>lights a phat cigar
All the actual Radical Feminists left LC before the pandemic took hold. Since then, it has been meager LARPs.

No. 234606


No. 234607

elites have already the technology for wireless mass brain manipulation and are already using it without us noticing

No. 234608

File: 1645065405621.jpg (19.29 KB, 300x400, dnjdedkjs daron.jpg)

I love Daron so fucking much.hes so cute,i die sobs

No. 234609

when are the jannies going to talk to us.

No. 234610

"flood detected" my ass DETECT THIS
Boom na da mmm dum na ema
Da boom na da mmm dum na ema


So, fight!
Something on the—dum na ema
Some things—they fight
something on the—dum na ema
some things—they fight

something of the—dum na ema
some things—they fight
something of the—dum na ema
some things—they fight(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 234611

My tinfoil is that they are deAD

No. 234613

Admin-chan and mods left us in a hot car which is this thread

No. 234614

also what if the enty blinds about jim carrey cult are actually true and he is in cahoots with jared leto, the allegations he also was somehow involved with jizzlaine maxwell and was mentioned at her trial are also true. god I don't want it to be but what if it is??

the separation between art and artist is getting harder and harder to maintain! will the walls close in? let me fuck him first though so my derangement is worth something, I don't care about what happens to my disgusting soiled body

No. 234615

>I hate it when people integrate and reply multiple times in one post instead of replying to each post individually

Also it took less time to write that than you spent screenshotting and cropping it. Who has the time.

No. 234616

No. 234617

if they're dead who killed them

No. 234618

File: 1645065552194.jpeg (169.98 KB, 620x1200, F3F986F5-6D97-40A2-83FE-AF0A40…)

No. 234619

File: 1645065553708.jpg (79.14 KB, 749x421, Tumblr_l_202352643879370.jpg)

What would you do to them

No. 234620

I binged twin peaks with my bf while drinking a shit load of kava tea and now kava tea smells like twin peaks.

No. 234622

That's already happened. It's already happening. Live in it, those who claimed it can own it

No. 234623

I used the scissor tool on my pc you retard fatty, I can screenshot your ass faster than you can finish your 5th cup of ramen noodles with extra butter and soy sauce.

No. 234624

File: 1645065640326.jpg (61.52 KB, 703x469, zingara-regina.jpg)

>the elites of this "race" hold a lot of wealth
gypsies? yeah that money comes from organized crime, it's not a secret

No. 234625

File: 1645065646708.png (81.78 KB, 1024x683, Dutch man portrait stock photo…)

i desperately want a dutch bf. dutch men on average are the tallest and have the largest d!ck sizes in all of europe. and they look so cute riding their funny bicycles arounddddd ugh i want a tall dutch chad to give me a bouquet of tulips

No. 234627

You guys are going to be called anti-Semitic tinfoil anons.

No. 234628

File: 1645065706144.jpg (80.5 KB, 936x846, Screenshot_20220216-204044__01…)

No. 234630

same because I'm stupidly tall myself but that guy is fugly

No. 234631

The Penis is a myth. They’re hella talk though.

No. 234632

File: 1645065760428.gif (613.23 KB, 112x112, skungegob.gif)

No. 234633


No. 234634

It's okay I'm a Semite, I've got my papers

No. 234635

When I drove to work this morning it was 10F degrees out (-12) and the Tsuritama theme song started playing…I can’t wait for winter to end

No. 234636


No. 234637


No. 234638

I used the scissor tool on your mom

No. 234639


No. 234640

Thread background music

No. 234641


my stepdad is dutch. sorry to any dutch anons but the language is so ridiculous. haha ja ik hou van posten op internet!

No. 234642

nice try, she's been dead and cremated for 3 years now

No. 234644

File: 1645066046102.gif (1.81 MB, 498x280, 36A8883F-46B2-4E94-85FC-B0E23F…)

I didn't say when

No. 234645

I talked to a dutch guy on reddit once. I could t tell if he was autistic or just European

No. 234646

He's still on the benadryl trip

No. 234647

Wash their spray tan off then wash their hair

No. 234648

Hell yeah mine's on year eight hi five

No. 234649

File: 1645066096490.jpg (21.49 KB, 563x564, AH HEEMM EH MHEEEMM HEEEMM AH …)


No. 234650

I'm just glad to see he's alive

No. 234651

I seasoned my ramen with her ashes

No. 234652

Well someone with a lot of juicy pictures is gonna have to start it off

No. 234653

Flood detected post discarded

Flood detected post discarded

Flood detected post discarded

Flood detected post discarded

Flood detected post discarded

Flood detected post discarded

Flood detected post discarded

Flood detected post discarded

Flood detected post discarded

Flood detected post discarded

Flood detected post discarded

Flood detected post discarded

Flood detected post discarded

Flood detected post discarded

Flood detected post discarded

Flood detected post discarded

Flood detected post discarded

Flood detected post discarded

Flood detected post discarded

Flood detected post discarded

Flood detected post discarded

Flood detected post discarded

Flood detected post discarded

Flood detected post discarded

Flood detected post discarded

Flood detected post discarded

Flood detected post discarded

Flood detected post discarded

Flood detected post discarded

Flood detected post discarded

Flood detected post discarded

Flood detected post discarded(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 234654

Can we name the next thread "Bunker Fever the 4th Edition"?

No. 234655

k can we get a new drawing room noww

No. 234656

No. 234657

The actual rulers of the world are god-like alien women with telepathic capabilities and premonition. They created women and men and know the absolute truths about the later group and see them as lesser so they make men die far more on average than women on purpose (illness, war) and manipulate them into killing themselves too. They make both women and men suffer to fill a "quota" but eventually, when women die, they go to a mystical Valhalla and receive eternal peace as women are inherently blessed, men are actually demons and cursed, so when they die, they go to an infinite nothing for 100 years only to resurrect into earth again to fight other men and die again. Men are stronger, but they never get know Valhalla, love or peace, they just suffer forever and ever, and their rage is just a result of their unfixable, cursed nature

No. 234658

File: 1645066220232.jpeg (93.04 KB, 827x833, ErBud7yXYAE0CFs.jpeg)

God I wish I screenshotted it before I erased it but I felt it was somehow an extension of me, like a Frankenstein's monster of sorts, and got too disturbed

No. 234659

thank u nona

No. 234660

File: 1645066324507.jpg (14.13 KB, 300x250, 57071521b035fb1979d5f399a083ff…)

90% of humanity will get cancer due to phone use within the next 40-something years, but it won't be framed as that and pharma and medical fields will make the biggest bucks they ever did out of it.
Remember all those speculations about too much handy use causing cancer back in the 00s? All of that promptly stopped with the introduction of smart phones.

kek, makes kind of sense, those scrotes must strive for maximum coomer degeneration if they have the money to do basically anything

No. 234661

Someone is always watching me and can hear my thoughts. I can sense them and as a result get embarrassed when I think certain things. I just hope it's God alone and no one else

No. 234662

unbelievably based, nonita.

No. 234663

aids in my brain

No. 234664

File: 1645066370411.png (214.36 KB, 743x407, 273057407_641786863542076_3671…)

No. 234665

Hoi, save me a bewb layer. I’m off to bed.

No. 234667


No. 234668

Throwing in a LC-related tinfoil: Admins and mods aren't posting because there's some kind of issue with the site that makes it easy for whoever fucked it up to find out any new poster's IP and other information, dig into post histories, etc
They're not telling us because they don't want us to freak out, and the information overload from all the posts/posters might discourage whoever's behind this

No. 234669

File: 1645066452479.jpeg (79.83 KB, 750x742, 937F5128-55CA-4032-B698-FEBB1B…)

No. 234670

OMG THANK YOU NONNIE im so glad cursed spong will live on

No. 234671

File: 1645066460531.jpg (76.59 KB, 951x1280, Tumblr_l_203257931819493.jpg)

No. 234672

eating a lemon as we speak, nonas

No. 234673

File: 1645066484728.jpg (62.31 KB, 800x543, original.jpg)

I've had my phone sitting in rice since yesterday. I really miss it, but I don't feel like getting it out and cleaning it.

No. 234674

File: 1645066503084.jpeg (673.47 KB, 394x390, nonny-heart.jpeg)

No. 234676

>I would say it hits just right because LC is fairly liberal leaning without buying into extreme views like accepting troonery or being concerned about being politically correct and shit like that.
So, in other words, lolcow is an ignorant "both sides" kind of ""centrist"" with an extremely shallow view of politics that conforms to liberal mainstream American politics, where the userbase's idea of "political extremism" is being PC on Twitter, forcing people to use retarded pronouns and thinking trannies are the gender they say they are, even though those things barely have anything to do with politics, and everyone acts as if being "politically incorrect" were a revolutionary act. Just like KF but very slightly more left-leaning due to the radfem influence.
>The anonymity helps and no one takes anything too seriously.
Considering the original purpose of this site, I doubt it.
>Infighting here just gets you called a fucking retard at worst, infighting elsewhere on the internet gets you cancelled or or called out, with the risk of people going to stupid extremes for the sake of their "morals"
Only because everyone is anonymous, but as soon as something is known about you, people will use it against you and expose you.
>I like that I can post whatever I want and people will understand without going "well ackshully!!!"
It still happens anyway

No. 234677

THANK YOU - Spunchbop anon

No. 234679

File: 1645066527977.jpg (51.61 KB, 650x650, 1Derz1pne0.jpg)

Inspiro bot approves

No. 234680

I always see cute phones like this and I wonder if there's anyone who uses one currently. Any nonas with a cute phone like picrel? Where tf do you get them?

No. 234681

File: 1645066581744.png (591.26 KB, 647x835, 1644611924977.png)

Two sisters

No. 234684

File: 1645066635823.png (96.52 KB, 864x426, Screenshot 2022-02-16 215626.p…)

ITS UP !!!!!!!

No. 234686

spray them with a water bottle until they get out of my way

No. 234687

File: 1645066706754.jpg (45.82 KB, 680x402, 1d7.jpg)

Just try tracking me

No. 234688

>90s to 2000s
sigh. i shall be lurking though

No. 234689

My husbandos are being shilled to me by corporations using air-waves to make me think about them, these air waves manipulate my libido and hormones too, so its always sexual thoughts. The main corporation doing this is Dreamworks and will find the way to stop them, they can't get away with this any longer, i'm not their guinea pig

No. 234691

are you here you weird little nona? i miss your sperges, come back to me

No. 234692

File: 1645066838122.jpg (25.28 KB, 480x598, Tumblr_l_328996839778246.jpg)

No. 234694


No. 234695

who are you fucking? megamind?

No. 234696

File: 1645066857238.jpeg (886.97 KB, 1125x1092, FBA72075-4F2E-41A2-B0E9-BCC443…)

Those are good points to raise but you misunderstood what our overall discussion was over. Sure this site has its flaws and nonnies can be ignorant or dismissive of these issues, but you have to consider the fact that my name is Yoshikage Kira. I'm 33 years old. My house is in the northeast section of Morioh, where all the villas are, and I am not married. I work as an employee for the Kame Yu department stores, and I get home every day by 8 PM at the latest. I don't smoke, but I occasionally drink. I'm in bed by 11 PM, and make sure I get eight hours of sleep, no matter what. After having a glass of warm milk and doing about twenty minutes of stretches before going to bed, I usually have no problems sleeping until morning. Just like a baby, I wake up without any fatigue or stress in the morning. I was told there were no issues at my last check-up. I'm trying to explain that I'm a person who wishes to live a very quiet life. I take care not to trouble myself with any enemies, like winning and losing, that would cause me to lose sleep at night. That is how I deal with society, and I know that is what brings me happiness. Although, if I were to fight I wouldn't lose to anyone.

No. 234697

File: 1645066893318.png (143.49 KB, 573x401, 60A1D6B3-2319-4A76-B233-BB981E…)

alternative spung

No. 234698

No. 234699

That fucking hand.

No. 234700

No. 234702

kek based

No. 234704

If anyone has yaoi hands its him

No. 234706

Ignorance is bliss

No. 234707

thank you nonas for helping me name my child ella stevia by the way it's a travesty and she deserves the name

No. 234708

I'm craving McDonald's so fucking bad anons. This is torture.

No. 234710

Should I post kpop or graphic yaoi hentai

No. 234712

where did the spamtonfuckers go. you guys were here for like a week and poofed.

No. 234714

what about just acting normal?

No. 234715

File: 1645067210127.jpeg (37.36 KB, 326x326, C9CC7838-5FE4-401A-BC14-EFAB98…)

Y-you're talking about his hands?

No. 234716

File: 1645067214408.png (412.82 KB, 840x786, 135-1355871_mcdonalds-big-mac-…)

>blocks your path

No. 234717

Those are bad quality china phones who break one way or another within a few months.

t. had a hello kitty flip phone from ebay

No. 234719

When /ot/ opens back up I better see anons posting the best of the insanity of these threads in the lolcow's own caps thread.

No. 234720

graphic kpop yaoi hentai

No. 234721

Jesus christ on a bike that looks tasty

No. 234722

File: 1645067284731.jpg (185.76 KB, 682x1024, pg4.jpg)

moar yaowwie egg

No. 234723

I don't

No. 234724

File: 1645067324941.jpeg (400.27 KB, 2048x1632, 8521ACAD-E701-45CE-BBA2-E88CE1…)

No. 234725

Based CLAMP poster

No. 234726

Boom clap the sound of my farts has not stopped playing in my head for one minute since that screenshot was posted

No. 234728

FUCK YOU now I have to get some McDonald's.

No. 234729

File: 1645067379660.jpeg (69.45 KB, 640x640, 35875D17-D519-450E-8752-E3739C…)

I’ll stop eating Mcdisease once I marry a man. He’ll flamethrow the bag each time, I just know it.

No. 234730

File: 1645067397203.jpg (12.81 KB, 301x400, 0008.jpg)

No. 234731

the food is falling out the the burger hes gonna spill

No. 234732

File: 1645067436453.jpeg (132.46 KB, 1300x1170, 11.jpeg)

No. 234733

If you marry me I'll just flamethrow everything

No. 234734

No. 234735

I've trained myself to do this because I don't want moids staring at me

No. 234736

File: 1645067498626.jpeg (895.06 KB, 828x1628, C1A94BEB-F6DE-4493-86DA-5CFF78…)

No. 234737

File: 1645067542101.jpeg (29.62 KB, 739x415, 20F7CA0C-8608-4C25-870C-B7E691…)

No. 234738

I miss all the spergy nonas, the fall of OT has me all nostalgic. I also miss that one Nona who kept posting the same photos over and over again. One was the Kardashians next to a photo of some old wives working by railway tracks or something. I miss the wierdos

No. 234740

I thought that was a screenshot from the new version of picrel KEK

No. 234741

thank you

No. 234742

File: 1645067637907.jpeg (94.1 KB, 1276x1248, 1618068416364.jpeg)

I miss the attractive british males thread it was the only place I could sperg about British comedies. And the Depeche Mode thread

No. 234743

File: 1645067651768.jpeg (18.35 KB, 225x224, sfhjjkjb.jpeg)

No. 234744

They're also skelly

No. 234745

Fucking same

No. 234746

File: 1645067697621.jpg (34.51 KB, 960x171, Screenshot_20220216-211425.jpg)

No. 234747

it's still there check the catalog

No. 234748

god she looks so real
how is she not real
what if she is real

No. 234750

File: 1645067828061.jpg (62.48 KB, 960x752, Tumblr_l_203241437350854.jpg)

No. 234751

Same, but also because of periods. I get paranoid about blood spots.

No. 234753

File: 1645067958798.jpeg (244.41 KB, 1500x1098, 67d88h75.jpeg)

No. 234754

Boys will be bugs

No. 234755

i read "bulges"

No. 234756

sometimes their bulges have bugs! be careful

No. 234757

Me up until i mentally plastered the inside of my brain with bulletproof lining

No. 234758

Go to jail you are horny

No. 234760

just stop being ill lmao

No. 234761

File: 1645068223418.png (317.9 KB, 952x717, hppeg28jqje31.png)

No. 234762

>chuckles every 30 minutes

No. 234764

Me until I started going outside regularly, reconnected with real people, identified my interests and began pursuing them despite the shame and embarrassment. You don't have to live in a scary and judgemental world like that forever nona. There is hope.

No. 234766


No. 234767

I don't think that will work for me. I also feel like they can see me when I'm "alone" (I've never felt truly alone). It's schizo tier but I learned to live with it, only in certain moments I get reminded and just tell myself it's God

No. 234770

>chuckles every 30 minutes
okay but true

No. 234771

That actually might be the solution thanks nonna. If not I've resigned myself because it may be a result of my upbringing and anxiety disorders. But it feels real I just try to brush it off

No. 234772

somewhat me but I don't even care anymore. I have a good relationship, my own home, and a job. I've earned my LC addiction.

No. 234774

I recognize that I am the problem. Lolcow is addicting.

No. 234777

File: 1645068702163.jpg (12.08 KB, 460x280, download (1).jpg)

No. 234778

is your husbando on the tumblr sexypedia?

No. 234780

damn kiranon, you always got my back. seems like we've been interacting with each other quite a bit, unless i've been talking to a different kiranon every time kek.

No. 234781

he would be if his series was more popular

No. 234784

no, i'm unique, i'm not like other husbandofags

No. 234785

File: 1645068894947.jpg (202.87 KB, 631x881, prettyboy .jpg)

vintage midwestern bishie

No. 234786

File: 1645068901822.jpeg (741.63 KB, 1125x1654, 362D9477-2218-450E-BBDB-12BC56…)

more like nonsensical childhood crush but

No. 234788


No. 234790

File: 1645069075916.png (427.28 KB, 578x834, Screenshot 2022-02-17 at 3.37.…)

No. 234791

incredibly based

No. 234793

I have been too obvious and need to fade back to the shadows for a while. I thought there were others but it looks like it's just me currently. Glad to run into you though!

No. 234797

there's an anon accidentally making threads in her delusion KEK
I love you please come back to the bunker anon!

No. 234798

Oh yeah. I get it.

No. 234799

File: 1645069326633.jpeg (241.32 KB, 828x284, 88185D04-3874-4678-8A45-1D4A18…)


No. 234800

File: 1645069389799.jpeg (87.63 KB, 750x750, 1640737014646.jpeg)

Fuck the Hollywood cult
On the TV
The mistrust you've sewn has got me stressed out
Fuck the Hollywood cult
On the TV
In my phone they won’t leave me alone
Oh no
Just a little girl
Family wrecked by rock n roll
That’s what Hollywood sold me
And I will burn down your whole damn hill
Before you motherfuckers own me

No. 234803

based lyrics

No. 234804

I didn't realize doja went to our university
can she please bring us some taco hell

No. 234805

My husbando is from a series that was cancelled due to one of the voice actors doing blackface kek

No. 234808

File: 1645069654756.jpeg (44.81 KB, 600x397, abab.jpeg)

im drunk and i cant read right now but i'd like to add to the tinfoil of previous anons re: the site is compromised somehow and IPs/identifiable information has been compromised hence why no mods have posted anywhere on the site and only discord and say that its possible but ive been rawdogging the internet since 2006 and nothing bad has ever happened to me and nothing bad will ever happen to me because i cannot be killed IRL

No. 234809

What if someone made another celebricows thread on snow? It would kinda fit there. Just until it opens again

I also don't care about celebricows, it's just an idea

No. 234810

File: 1645069723311.jpeg (107.11 KB, 650x449, EF34C584-9258-41E6-A8E4-4B14A5…)

No. 234812

my hair is thicc tho and i have no appetite

No. 234813

From what I gathered from your posts, I had the exact same delusions as you. It was really hard feeling like I never had privacy and I was always being judged. For years I was also convinced there was no hope for me, so it's kind of shocking how well I am doing now. As long as you are willing to strive for it, I truly believe you can get better and not suffer from those thoughts anymore. I'm sending you all my strength and support, and I'll pray for you as well

No. 234815

No. 234818

>the site is compromised somehow and IPs/identifiable information has been compromised

I'm too dumb to know what this means. Like they don't want to post because their ips got doxxed or something?

No. 234820

welp my time has come can't wait to be kidnapped in the middle of the night by the elite squadrons

No. 234822

File: 1645069979251.jpeg (10.18 KB, 258x196, imBROKE.jpeg)

this, but i'm also an autistic neet

No. 234825

File: 1645070207435.png (331.76 KB, 442x460, 1644960119390.png)

just tinfoil. i dont know how websites work and it seems like the reason the site went down was just a simple DDOS but the paranoids including me wonder about what vulnerabilities could be potentially exposed. especially considering that anyone with mod access can see entire post histories and they store cookies via passwords you enter for posts to be able to delete them. you should not be scared bcus i grant everyone who has posted in this thread immunity from bad things forever. also who would fucking care that much about retards posts. anywyas

No. 234826

What anon would you hope to meet at a lolcow.farm meetup? What would you say to them?

No. 234828

Just visiting a website gives the site your IP. Mods are redtexting, so that can't be the issue, right?

No. 234829

id want to meet anyone i infight with so we could duel it out irl

No. 234833


No. 234835

also samefag but that would just mean the admin+mods would just need to use VPNs to tell everyone

No. 234836

File: 1645070394129.jpeg (68.03 KB, 640x695, download (6).jpeg)

idk LOL

No. 234837

same but instead we’d had a passionate hate fueled make out sesh

No. 234838

same. I’d meet with the feminist, tradthot, and racebaiter anons kekek

No. 234839

I want to meet Ko-chan but I'd be too shy to engage. She's too witty, there's no way trash like me could keep up..

No. 234840

wasn't there some sort of raid recently? maybe they locked /ot/ and /m/ for that reason? the radio silence is really annoying. a single update…in discord. probably means nothing but we also did get a new admin recently as well.

No. 234842

File: 1645070467817.gif (103.76 KB, 360x360, 765096F7-DAF3-46F4-A77D-30F630…)

Back at you

No. 234844

File: 1645070506884.gif (770.56 KB, 600x602, dj.gif)

every time i flush
i get this feeling
every time i shit i swear i could die
can't you feel my ass beat fast
i don't want this to last
need it to just fucking slide

No. 234845

I want to meet the anon who posted 'Hall is the blonde one' and ask them what the fuck happened there

No. 234846

File: 1645070625219.jpg (51.18 KB, 547x580, 1640749440115.jpg)

Yeah I'm on the same energy basically

No. 234847

File: 1645070689714.jpeg (139.43 KB, 1125x471, BE496B2F-B71F-48D9-AA69-BE3AAF…)

No. 234848

My guess is they thought this site worked like myspace and that you had to paste a long html code to have graphics

No. 234849

File: 1645070774861.jpeg (322.69 KB, 591x1096, FBDC18FD-2684-44C6-A74F-56BCE7…)

Fucking Adam Dancy. Who the hell is this mysterious anon??

No. 234852

No. 234853

komachan, other carreychans, homemade dildo anon, the entirety of unhinged celebricows anonship so we can have an irl roundtable

No. 234857

What happened to youtube slash MVs? A forgotten art…

No. 234861

No. 234864

That was hilarious

No. 234865


Ariel333Lindt's channel is legendary, I hope it never gets deleted.

No. 234867


No. 234868

File: 1645071370349.png (1.44 MB, 1548x1024, 94D12501-D226-4A9D-B659-B9F7C8…)

why did I do a compilation of this anon

No. 234872

Glad to run into you too! I respect your concern about maintaining anonymity, but it's always a pleasant surprise to run into you as well as some of the other husbandofags. hopefully you don't recognize me at least

No. 234875

File: 1645071520102.jpg (57.35 KB, 514x536, jd.jpg)

This is my favorite video of all time. For me it's Snarry

No. 234876

Trannies stop calling things fem challenge

No. 234878

File: 1645071681796.jpeg (133.85 KB, 1200x1200, FA9E65C5-2B67-46E2-889E-415345…)

Fat Irish Azealia needs to come back.

No. 234879

I want to draw but my hands are too damn sweaty, this is my curse

No. 234880

File: 1645071751435.jpg (146.7 KB, 760x802, tumblr_48335292f71eeafe6a35d91…)

Me and you girl, for life baby!