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File: 1644485983377.jpg (78.84 KB, 736x1047, photo4909361088248785425.jpg)

No. 229808

>What is this thread
By popular demand, we have created the retarded shitpost thread /g/ edition, which of course, talks about husbandos and horny shit
>Why was this made / what is the difference
The difference is that here you can be retarded about your fictional 3D and 2D crushes so you don't clog the other retarded thread. Post memes, be frisky, whatever.
>But why
Farmers are some horny bitches
>Examples of posts that go here
-I want the Jojos to ganbang me raw
-I love me some man tiddies

The retarded hornyposting thread now includes pairings.
For real 3D men hornyposting, refer to: >>>/g/193846
For other /g/ related shitposts just use the current /ot/ thread. Thank you!

Previous horny: >>>/g/219775

No. 229818

File: 1644488249407.png (834.68 KB, 1280x1651, bba343a39af2bd92b1cbaca88cf361…)

my favorite thread on lolcow dot farm

No. 229825

File: 1644490983490.png (2.38 MB, 920x1330, jSJpmuH.png)

I hate this stupid mobile game for making me horny for fucking cookies. What's worse is that the western fanbase is 90% underaged so there's barely any good, hot fanart.

No. 229837

File: 1644498634104.jpg (381.39 KB, 1612x2160, IMG_20211122_001116.jpg)

Pretty boah

No. 229838

Zenyatta is so hot

No. 229839

I don't blame you for thinking that cookie looks tasty.

No. 229844

File: 1644502499597.jpg (594.7 KB, 2039x2894, __chosen_undead_dark_souls_and…)

I'm back to hornypost knights in full armor thanks

No. 229848

File: 1644503401761.jpg (47.72 KB, 540x574, Travis by thegoldenhigh.jpg)

I want to go shopping in Tokyo with him so bad and maybe even go to a love hotel together.

No. 229849

Damn, I never thought I'd see cookie tits, that's pretty good. Too bad the retarded fanbase would probably try to cancel this artist for sexualizing a cookie.

No. 229854

File: 1644508150619.jpg (726.31 KB, 1500x1000, nya.jpg)

Godspeed nonna, thank you for your service.

No. 229860

File: 1644512265261.png (Spoiler Image, 3.04 MB, 1858x2048, alonnebooba.png)

No. 229862

Chocolate chip nipples

No. 229864

I'm going to eat them

No. 229865

File: 1644513783616.png (144.75 KB, 500x500, sheeeeeeet-pepe.png)


No. 229866

File: 1644513866846.png (Spoiler Image, 1.67 MB, 1280x940, 848CA1C8-123E-4ACE-B4E3-51DB04…)

Same gworl

No. 229868

Goddamn, what kinda Paul Fotie Photenhauer style shit is going on in your picture anon?

No. 229869

whoah can I have a cup?

No. 229871

File: 1644517286830.jpg (28.26 KB, 453x515, tavis.jpg)

Amen nonnie, he's so gross and sexy in the best way

No. 229872

Whos the artist?

No. 229873

File: 1644517645826.png (610.24 KB, 618x820, Mephistopheyesplease.png)

I want to wrestle him and shove his face in the snow.

No. 229874

File: 1644517961995.jpg (63.33 KB, 564x677, f3fa4392160656715c7b5dae03dd13…)

to you as well nonnie
damn that's bara af

No. 229875

File: 1644519057441.png (Spoiler Image, 549.79 KB, 783x997, FHEVLylVgAMvma0.png)

I don't like this ship, but I really like this pic. I'll just pretend it's a male prostitute or Sugimoto

No. 229876

Sweet, I was getting thirsty.

Wenyu. Unfortunately, she's a shotafag.

No. 229879

File: 1644520526941.png (Spoiler Image, 591.42 KB, 1329x877, tojiyuuuji.png)

i wanna be his bunny too…..

god damn it nona, guess im going down the memory lane tonight

No. 229883

File: 1644521969380.png (62.35 KB, 300x535, 021FAB0C-837A-4EE6-AEFA-59D1A3…)

Thank you nonette I learned something new today

Clink clink betch

No. 229889

File: 1644523621297.jpg (45.26 KB, 340x450, 340.jpg)

Has anyone played this game? It has a lot of husbandos

No. 229891

Oh niiiice, who and what is this?

No. 229904

>semen bartender
What bar does he work at?

No. 229907

File: 1644527587790.png (901 KB, 720x1560, Captura de pantalla_20220210-1…)

Voice of cards

No. 229908

File: 1644528455546.jpeg (1.25 MB, 2000x2000, C1BB0B77-A18B-4FAF-BDAC-509918…)


No. 229950

File: 1644541050059.jpeg (755.73 KB, 3464x3464, AE0352AE-6F64-4617-9E97-3DFD4C…)

he’s kinda hot

No. 229952

File: 1644542238945.jpg (76.42 KB, 318x600, 400.png.jpg)

I love him so much that I bought a Kentucky Derby shirt off of ebay.

No. 229959

i barely understand as someone who likes pathetic men, but i will always look at this character and think of nemu

No. 229962

KEK how?

No. 229963

he looks like he walked right off the page of one of those weird medieval paintings

No. 229965

i don't know what part you're referring to, but he was one of nemu's harem. as for the barely understanding part, the art style is ugly as shit, but pathetic men can be endearing.

No. 229966

the art style is shit and trust me I’m not as autistic as nemu I was half-joking but I hit a really low point in my life right now and my brain is doing the craziest shit by making that rat man hot to me

No. 229967

don't worry nona, i'm not judging too hard. i hope everything gets better for you soon.

No. 229968

File: 1644549077303.jpg (109.07 KB, 758x896, raito.jpg)

Did anyone get a s*x toy that reminds them of their 2D boy's dick (or what you would imagine to look like at least)? I'm interested but it's kinda schizo

No. 229972

File: 1644551690854.png (2.71 MB, 1652x2048, tumblr_6a9f7cce00d447edfc7e58d…)

I'm down so bad and can barely find any horny art of him. Ugh.

No. 229973

Have you tried searching for it in japanese and korean on twitter? Sometimes I find good SW fanarts there.

No. 229976

I don't judge you at all nona, why is he hot to you though? I don't know the character btw
Is it just because you have a mad scientist fetish or something?

No. 229985

Hot, I'd take a seat there.

No. 229988

File: 1644563142775.jpg (51.48 KB, 563x562, 00c30db2e2165978e410ce60b42e83…)

Mando truly is one of the best seats in Star Wars. I want him to fuck me on top of his ship console

No. 229990

File: 1644565924778.jpeg (41.4 KB, 339x432, C429EFAC-64CA-4BD7-A5EA-E3C630…)

Moids jerk it to hentai cartoons
No one bats an eye
I think Rick is hot (and if I was a cartoon I’d smash) and suddenly I’m the weirdo
idk the smartness, the time travel, his sarcasm, his god complex. Also I develop weird crushes but I get over them and I’m like “idk why I liked them?”

No. 229991

File: 1644566361063.jpeg (102.57 KB, 1200x675, 6F62DC8C-395A-424A-87FA-99A7A3…)

I want to dom Jerry

No. 229992

File: 1644569401327.jpeg (126.6 KB, 1080x810, 3CB0F0B1-A1F6-462C-B233-C1D9E7…)

Nonnas in the shameful thread emboldened me. I am falling in love with Philip J. Fry.

No. 229997

Embrace it, nonacita

No. 230005

He's a cutie

No. 230009

Absolutely agreed nonnie. I've only seen s1 and I spent most of it just staring at him in his getup lol. He looks so sturdy to sit on and like he knows how to use his hands. His competence, confidence and strong personal code just add more fuel to the fire. I want to encounter him randomly at the some outpost and have seriously hot stranger sex with him.

No. 230020

File: 1644581780298.jpg (533.87 KB, 1600x900, Daigo_(YK2).jpg)

literally worst boy but I still wanna rub how pathetic and incompetent he is to his face

No. 230046

don’t blame nona cartoon guys are infinitely more likeable and human than IRL scrotes

No. 230048

File: 1644589783015.jpeg (18.62 KB, 281x324, 07173539-0761-43C8-82F7-77097D…)

yes nonna I think it’s a problem I just really love 2smart4me fictional male characters like kyoya from OHSHC and dr. stein from soul eater

No. 230063

The man exudes sex

No. 230077

He certainly exudes screwing.

No. 230084

>idk the smartness, the time travel, his sarcasm, his god complex
kek I totally get it

No. 230098

File: 1644606995005.jpeg (939.44 KB, 1242x1586, 14D4A5A2-D26D-4D5B-B744-DC1089…)

The way I unironically want this because he looks so cute

No. 230099

you obviously weren't on tumblr in 2016 because everyone was horny for him and shipped him with the grandpa from gravity falls kek… truly a different time.. i also agree

No. 230101

File: 1644607751973.png (1.51 MB, 1280x1811, tumblr_ou55xkn06F1si2gyto1_128…)

The Flesh Curtains era Rick was unironically cute. But I feel nothing for his older self.

No. 230104

He looks super cute here but like a different character, not to mention the art style. It doesn't have his original charm imo


No. 230107

File: 1644612495094.gif (1.72 MB, 498x275, AA258120-E315-41E7-931D-78986F…)

Aw I mean I reblogged cringe shit back then because I was 15/16 in 2016, but I didn’t watch Rick and Morty until this year . I redownloaded the app just to read Rick x self fanfics. He’s just so foxy and I want him to yell at me and then hold me. I need help

No. 230109


No. 230112

File: 1644613967597.jpg (103.26 KB, 720x792, FLV_kcTXwAELSZr.jpg)

No. 230114

File: 1644614254374.jpg (354.03 KB, 1200x1064, 94614498_p18_master1200.jpg)

Imagine…touching your husbando's tiddies.
How would they feel?

No. 230119

Firm and warm. A little hair. God I want to bury my face in his tits.

No. 230121

File: 1644615931369.png (646.4 KB, 724x798, MFB.png)

Here's mine

No. 230122


Skyrim made me realize I want to fuck dragons and/or eldritch cosmic beings. I don't really know what to do with this information.

No. 230124

Demons, horns, tentacles, ghosts and maybe angels. Not really that much of a monsterfucker.

No. 230127

File: 1644617403127.jpeg (209.99 KB, 720x792, F9F9B03D-8036-4B10-BBF6-91F937…)

I guess I’m too vanilla, I just hate knots and claws tbh, knots because… ew, and claws because I don’t like the idea of getting fingered with some huge sharp claws.
>Tfw no hot half angel half demon bf with horns, wings, multiple eyes and extra limbs who can shapeshift into an eldritch horror and many other things.
>Tfw no hot bioluminescent alien bf with tentacles, fangs and a tail (which would be hotter if it’s also like a tentacle) who can radiate heat to keep me warm while he fucks me.

No. 230129

Not very meaty or squeezable, that's for sure. He's still strong and somewhat muscular tho (and so tall hnnngh), he could definitely bridal carry me easily.

No. 230131

File: 1644619297863.png (37.86 KB, 500x500, dczebn3-8bd20526-dee4-4cdd-9ad…)

Let's be real, he would cum in 5 minutes tops and it would be fucking cute. Scout was literary made for sexual bullying and I wanna see him absolutely spill his spaghetti when I let him do the sex with me lol.

No. 230134

File: 1644621314289.png (88.21 KB, 200x200, 4FB7D689-FD65-420C-A102-32B7E8…)

Do you guys remember that assblasted pearl-clutching anon few threads back that accused everyone in here of being scrotes because “w-women aren’t supposed to act like this?”
Pepperidge farm remembers.

No. 230144

Oh, i just know they're big, meaty and firm, he's a total showoff so maybe he would let me touch them
Was she a tradthot or something?
>Pepperidge farm remembers
I remember when this meme was popular, good times

No. 230157

>Eldritch Horrors

The only things on there I actively dislike are dragons and knots. The rest I like or am neutral about. I think I definitely got bingo at least once.

No. 230161

She probably started fapping and temporarily dampened that shame she was projecting on the thread.
My husbando's lanky and kind of skinny so I don't think his titties would be heavy or prominent. I'd love to play with his nips though.

No. 230164

Who's your husbando? Or at least describe him a little bit more if you don't wanna say

No. 230165

File: 1644633161769.jpg (101.52 KB, 736x1022, 4dbfbc07550ceed62cf8079047c7ea…)

No. 230168

File: 1644633714287.png (143.04 KB, 462x259, JHkg9tS.png)

Him, lol. I'm one of the sisterwives here.

No. 230169

File: 1644634470678.png (165.01 KB, 247x499, HaruspexFullModel.png)

scarred, probably. he deals with muggers a lot. they'd feel scarred, a bit fuzzy, the right amount of soft AND firm.

No. 230172

I love when the yakuza men look damp

No. 230176

Best crazed gunman

No. 230184

I don't like actual monsters. Like they have to be mostly human looking.
But one of my husbandos does have glowy eyes and skin and I just want to know what he'd look like in a dark room so bad.

No. 230201

File: 1644658152249.jpg (278.36 KB, 690x850, tumblr_pth1ibt6nQ1rl0s2xo1_128…)

Holy fucking shit based nonny, I thought I was the only one here

No. 230203

File: 1644659763306.gif (1.03 MB, 246x300, boom.gif)

Cheers nonny, he's not super muscular but he's not completely flat, lookie here. Also this video (the mac update trailer) is so cute, when the soldier bumps into him he smiles so adorably

No. 230205

File: 1644661389688.jpg (22.33 KB, 350x484, 2dd5b6e2aba4180efe42a7bf92ff1c…)

He exists. I blush

No. 230210

Ugh he's so cute I can hardly stand it.

No. 230219

i will never be able to admit this to anyone i know but this video made me blush. i didn't think i had a thing for men who dance well but i NEED to fuck this guy nonnas

No. 230230

I think deoxys is hot

No. 230233

File: 1644673675949.jpeg (171.9 KB, 720x792, CF51D0CD-CBF3-4EE9-BF82-DAA657…)

*angel: only if biblically accurate

No. 230241

Pass him to me when you're done, I have a mask fetish and I'm ashamed lol. I might just get into Star Wars because of it.

No. 230243

thats what im doing nonna, have another.

No. 230250

I think Bisharp is hot

No. 230263

File: 1644689174115.png (640.89 KB, 720x792, bingo.png)

not into that kind of vore, otherwise would be bingo

No. 230267

File: 1644691068575.png (996.98 KB, 1526x1600, 386Deoxys.png)

which form nonna

No. 230271

File: 1644692895519.png (1.04 MB, 1005x553, ingo.png)

I can't say I was into the subway bros before but the developments in Legends Arceus made Ingo a lot more intriguing

No. 230272

How are these guys in past-Sinnoh? Time travel or something?

No. 230273

It's only Ingo, he got sent to the past similar to how the mc was. He's older, depressed and has amnesia.

No. 230279

>He's older, depressed and has amnesia.
>he got sent to the past similar to how the mc was
wtf I didn't know this game was isekai, I've been ignoring it as much as possible kek

No. 230290

File: 1644697468191.jpeg (1.27 MB, 4096x2305, grim.jpeg)

This design is technically from gen 7, but gen 5 really had some great underrated men.

No. 230292

File: 1644697940857.png (218.24 KB, 275x599, Black_White_Grimsley.png)

I've always thought he was hot. I was so hyped for Black & White, so many designs from it are so cool and I like the darker touch they all have. One of the first things I did when those games were released was look him up on R34

No. 230294

You got bingo though, anon!

No. 230295

File: 1644698472713.jpg (Spoiler Image, 120.51 KB, 718x753, grimsley selfcest.jpg)

If I were a bit older at the time that it came out, I would've done the same.

No. 230297

nonnie…what did you mean by this

No. 230298

two for the price of one

No. 230300

A week or two ago I had the retarded idea to listen to albums by my husbando's seiyuu since he also has a music career. I don't know if I'd go so far as to call it a "mistake" but after a few days I had to admit to myself it was the most generic male idol shit and the singing voice was totally different anyway reminded me of W-inds but shittier
I'm kind of cringing at myself now.

No. 230302

I love looking through seiyuu stuff because you can find the weirdest things. My husbando's seiyuu had a video on yt up for a bit that was him screaming during a foot massage and the comments were all JP koebuta posting "I love his cries!!" KEK

No. 230306

I want to see that video now…

No. 230310

The video was taken down by the uploader, but there's a lot of weird seiyuu foot massage content. vid related at 3:30 is the seiyuu i was talking about in another pain situation though. i've only found 2 foot pain videos related to him but 1 was already weird enough. is this a fetish thing? an acceptable way of getting moaning fanservice?

No. 230321

File: 1644704176443.jpg (782.32 KB, 3840x2160, 20220212_161508.jpg)

I'm 3 years late to this game but ROOFROOFRWOORFRWOOFROOFROOFWROOF

I wanna squish his face

No. 230327

File: 1644706162905.jpeg (704.81 KB, 800x1200, EF696D15-6EC1-4E4F-A5F4-2F7018…)

mister steal yo girl

No. 230328

Sometimes i just wanna replay it for a 4th time because Leon's model is so good. I love what they did with both him and Ada's models. Claire looks awful

No. 230331

Why is this so hot lol

No. 230334

anon plsss lmao I literally just typed up “wheres waldo fanart” and that shit popped up. unironically tfw no red-and-white striped brunette bf, I bet waldo secretly defends morrissey on his free time

No. 230336

>defends morrissey
What did he even do?

No. 230344

File: 1644716920196.jpeg (91.89 KB, 500x514, 66B9654B-C96F-44F4-B13E-1E34BE…)

Who remembers

No. 230345

fucking meee nonna meeeee

No. 230351

I love thinking about how clean my husbando must be. He must smell amazing as well. A nice fragrance, but still a masculine fragrance. He showers every day before and after work and goes to bed freshly showered, wearing his clean pajamas.
Also he washes his ass properly every time he shits

No. 230354

show us your clean and proper husbando, i'm jealous

No. 230357

>i'm jealous
You mean your husbando isn't clean?

No. 230358

he looks like he reeks, it's kinda hot though

does anyone else like their voices but hate how they appear in those kind of shows.. they come off as so immature, stunted and juvenile especially the male ones with those stupid VK haircuts

No. 230359

File: 1644723384945.png (240.32 KB, 650x732, 42811972-364F-4CB5-8462-9032DC…)

Never 5get… The fandom's collective thirst for him back then still speaks to my soul (although this fanart I found looks more recent)

No. 230360

Me too, as well as other monster/vaguely humanoid pokes like darkrai and dusknoir. Usually I'm disgusted by pokefuckers since most pokemon are basically neopets, but I give a pass to the ones that look far removed from feral animals. I know I'm a hypocrite lol

Yumejo/self-insert wasn't common during Homestucks heyday so 99% of all Bro smut involved him fucking his little son brother. That and the puppet fetish and him being a Hussie self insert kinda turned me off of him. Godspeed though, nonnie.

No. 230361

>Yumejo/self-insert wasn't common during Homestucks heyday so 99% of all Bro smut involved him fucking his little son brother. That and the puppet fetish and him being a Hussie self insert kinda turned me off of him. Godspeed though, nonnie.
By all means, there was no reason for it to manifest like that (or at all really) so understandable! I wasn't comfortable with that ship either, but I do miss the times when people fought over shit less, I remember having a chill time at least in my pocket of the internet

No. 230362

i could never be a seiyuufag because i dislike being reminded that my husbando’s voice belongs to some 3dpd scrote

No. 230363

absolute same, it turns me off so much. my husbando's VA played him in a live action stageplay and i just saved the videos as mp3 because i found it offputting kek. I don't like the line between cute harmless 2D men and 3D moids to be crossed.

No. 230364

File: 1644725286760.jpeg (195.08 KB, 600x849, 3638C8A9-BF3C-44E7-ABA9-B60BA8…)

Mine looks like he should be clean but he isn't because of um reasons

No. 230365

Not her but I remember how chill the Ace Attorney fandom used to be around 2011. I wasn't very involved but I could see how no one gave a fuck about ships. Everybody was shipped with everybody (the adults I mean), it was fun seeing both the serious and the crack ships and how people joked about them. Now it's all full of ~discourse~ surrounding the straight and gay ships and everyone who ships a straight couple is shat on by twitterfags.

No. 230366

do you think he smells like dismembered hands

No. 230367

I've thought about the issue and here's my concerns
>smell of the hands
>germs carried by the hands
>fact that he does dirty things with them
>likely fact that he uses them to wipe his ass
I am pretty sure he disposes of them once the smell/rot gets too bad but it's still not looking good for us kirafuckers. That said in canon, people would've reacted badly if he had a smell, so we have to assume that by some method he is able to stay clean for his quiet life. I don't think he smells but still it can't be sanitary

No. 230368

You responded to someone in the confessions thread on /ot/ didn't you

No. 230371

tbh I think he wouldn't smell that bad, it would barely be noticeable because he's pretty obsessed with that sort of stuff. Also didn't he, like, spray something on the severed hands? It seems that he does whatever he can to keep it from getting really gross.
>>likely fact that he uses them to wipe his ass
I thought that was canon lol

I saw the reply you're talking about but that wasn't me kek
It did inspire me to think about my husbando's personal hygiene though, and I realized it's one of those details that are easy to imagine about him. Like there's no doubt that he's pretty clean, even though it's never explicitly shown.

No. 230373

File: 1644727340225.jpg (248.08 KB, 1920x1080, 1638742930708.jpg)

It's a new thread so I'm morally obligated to post him, I'm sorry

No. 230376

>I saw the reply you're talking about
samefag but it appears that it was in the Things You Hate thread

Don't be sorry nonna, I like your enthusiasm

No. 230378

Don't worry, your posts are always nice to see. I know it goes against imageboard culture, but having regulars around in these sorts of threads while the rest of the site is completely anon is fun. I could be bickering with another nona in one thread and complimenting her husbando/waifu in one of the husbando threads kek

No. 230379

Good points nonna good points. I'm glad to have reassurance that he is as clean as he seems he should be.
>I thought that was canon lol
I couldn't remember, looked it up and you're right. There is fanart of it too

No. 230380

From what I've read in these threads, maybe he wouldn't smell super dirty but still not very pleasant lol
5/10 smell maybe

No. 230381

sorry nonnie i got embarrassed and deleted it… i post him too often

No. 230382

File: 1644728334179.jpg (142.29 KB, 850x574, merlin.jpg)

which sakurai-voiced 2D boy do you have it bad for?

No. 230383

File: 1644728725532.jpg (61.94 KB, 800x800, f01c9589d5a82c7c79fae4eadb2696…)

You're not gonna like my answer nona

No. 230384

File: 1644728789805.jpg (109.36 KB, 640x858, Josukkuma.jpg)


No. 230385

reigen's my favorite, but i like >>230383 too.

No. 230388

File: 1644729154453.jpg (23.69 KB, 474x269, obligatory.jpg)

No. 230390

File: 1644729463151.jpg (167.31 KB, 2048x1152, EvNkT9bUYAM9Sv9.jpg)

is your husbando a reigen or mob plush?

No. 230392

File: 1644729753962.jpg (102.28 KB, 640x858, Kirakkuma.jpg)

oh no nonnie, now i'm crying. (bonus kirakkuma)

No. 230393

File: 1644730026900.jpg (59.1 KB, 750x740, love.jpg)

I happen to be a Kira-anon, thank you

No. 230394

File: 1644731313545.png (332.39 KB, 1181x1748, 97FE05CE-0158-48A0-B199-C0D595…)


No. 230404

based. was gonna post some other one that had his seiyuu moaning but the uploader privated it fuck

No. 230405

File: 1644739142934.webm (Spoiler Image, 4.6 MB, 854x480, Osomatsu-Matsuno-_Audio-nsfw_.…)

wait nevermind i saved it heh

No. 230406

File: 1644739621486.jpg (373.92 KB, 1540x2048, 33318bd983f63c0b06942e8a681ab6…)

also rohan

No. 230418

File: 1644749778175.jpeg (28.86 KB, 246x350, C6FA7F16-E141-46EA-9D99-0D7C27…)

First hubando i remember building him a hidden shrine

No. 230430

We all do nona, we all do. I want to squish it with my hands and then with my pussy
>seiyuu foot pain videos
I…what. Why is this a genre?

No. 230440

File: 1644764251490.jpg (371.53 KB, 546x711, d4k7a1p-a0082101-cb9f-49d2-8c7…)

Not a day goes by without retarded fights in threads, but this thread never has fights, this is my favorite thread, I love you anons, I love when you post about your husbandos again and again, it's like seeing that same stray cat again that you saw the other day.
I want a korillakuyasu, he is so cute

No. 230445

File: 1644766043629.jpg (38.48 KB, 364x531, 20220213_091957.jpg)

I'm halfway through a playthrough of the game and he really needs some cuddles, I just wanna be his mommy for a bit and tell him how good of a cop he is while I spoon him

No. 230453

File: 1644769294560.jpg (Spoiler Image, 249.08 KB, 1100x1100, fiddle.jpg)

>>230263 oh you're right! got so into filling it out I didn't see the bingo!
>>229808 Any anons played Spiritfarer? It's this sappy platformer(?) and should in theory contain no husbandos, but here i am wanting to cuddle this poncy dead birdman with MS. He talks too much and likes weird food and his hug animation is so sweet. he tugged on my heart immediately and I don't know how to deal.
Picrel is some cute fanart. nothing NSFW but i think the text is from the end of his questline

No. 230454

My husband is so cute. He adores his dear 'ol mum. Sniper's the only mama's boy I love.

No. 230459

>I love when you post about your husbandos again and again, it's like seeing that same stray cat again that you saw the other day.

I've been worried about doing that since it might be considered avatarfagging or standing out. But fuck it, I keep seeing you nonas posting the same guys in these threads, so let's do that.

No. 230461

File: 1644772796539.png (643.52 KB, 758x531, sniperpostcard.png)

I haven't played it, but that game looks so cool. I'm downloading the demo, thanks for posting about it
I was worried too, but I realized I love it when I see others post again. If you love him, you must have lots to nice things to say about him, so don't restrain yourself
Imagine if he sent us postcards too, like he sends to his family ahhhhhhhh I would keep them in a pretty box under my bed

No. 230466

File: 1644773850629.png (2.69 MB, 1733x2000, summer.png)

>>230461 Have fun! And have tissues ready if you're at all sensitive to sad themes, because this one is a real heartbreaker. I'm only halfway through and have cried for literal hours over these characters.

Putting some love up there for Summer too. She's such a crunchy hippie with a touching redemption backstory. I think she's in the demo too?

No. 230468

File: 1644775896713.jpg (274.76 KB, 800x687, 92212405_p2.jpg)

Bury me in his fat juicy tits

No. 230470

That looks like the face he would make when he hears you say that.

No. 230475

kek, anon, I saw it before you deleted it. I've never seen the show (game?) your husbando is from but when I see your posts I feel like we have some kind of kinship. It's not our faults nobody else appreciates our husbandos

I just like to sperg about him and this is the best place, I feel embarrassed but I'm glad nobody seems to mind. Obviously, I post in other threads and this one too "incognito" so hopefully it doesn't really come across as avatarfagging.

No. 230505

File: 1644789945893.png (2.69 MB, 1280x1476, 9603D6D1-33E2-4F1A-96FA-C4DC0F…)

Bury my head in those massive himbo milkers and die peacefully

No. 230507

File: 1644791086292.jpg (96.22 KB, 620x960, 1436354.jpg)

okabe is a top tier husbando, i'll fight anyone who disagrees, he's really nice to girls as well as brave and courageous
el psy kongroo

No. 230508

File: 1644792211762.png (580.23 KB, 750x1000, 67556808_p31.png)

In the spirit of Valentine's Day tomorrow, how do you think your husbando would react if you gave him chocolates (or anything else) on Valentine's Day? had this picture saved for weeks just for the karsfuckers. not sure if you're still around though

No. 230512

kek I see Kars (hot as fuck btw) and the first thing I think of is that he shares his seiyuu with one of my old husbandos

>how do you think your husbando would react if you gave him chocolates (or anything else) on Valentine's Day?

He would barely react, if at all (on the surface), but maybe he'd be flattered deep down or find my gesture endearing and give me something in return, in his own way, even if he thought that stuff like Valentine's Day is dumb or frivolous (which I also kinda do). I love him

No. 230513


No. 230514

No. 230515

File: 1644816200353.jpg (79.66 KB, 730x729, 331962dfb768e8e2672a56e94de575…)

It's valentines day here and I think arthur would be very happy. We'd feed each other chocolates and have marathon sex in a hotel or in a cabin

No. 230522

File: 1644817663765.jpg (917.04 KB, 1200x900, 95659072_p2_master1200.jpg)

Testing too
Happy Valentine's day!

No. 230523

File: 1644818155041.jpg (1.1 MB, 883x1200, this outfit is something else.…)

Happy Valentine's, nonnies!

No. 230524

File: 1644818548719.jpg (107.41 KB, 700x510, 55040642_p16.jpg)

happy valentine's day anons!! may your husbando(s) receive a lot of cute fanart to celebrate

No. 230525

This is one of the only working threads right now and I kind of love that

No. 230526

File: 1644819732381.png (1.19 MB, 1282x722, Screenshot_289.png)

all according to keikaku

No. 230527

File: 1644819951595.png (396.36 KB, 1280x764, tumblr_p3n6o8aqUT1sk0vlxo4_128…)

happy valentine's everyone!

No. 230528

File: 1644820075401.png (593.14 KB, 1624x1008, 【Treasured_Kiss】Jiro_Yamashita…)

Even though we've never interacted before, I like you Jiro anon, I think your husband is extremely adorable and handsome and you have excellent taste (from what I've seen in the SideM wiki lmao)
You've probably seen this illustration so many times already, but I'm posting it to wish a happy Valentine's Day to you and your husbando

No. 230529

nonnie, your husbando has a yeast infection? dump him

No. 230530

No. 230531

File: 1644820789955.jpg (152.52 KB, 1920x1080, whtv0toyqih61.jpg)

No. 230532

File: 1644821853295.png (428.38 KB, 1355x793, thisonesforthekirafuckers.png)

honestly this is the first time in years i've given a shit about valentine's day. thanks for making this vday a fun one nonas!

No. 230533

Precious, i love you

No. 230534

File: 1644823109423.jpg (280.31 KB, 637x900, the impact...jpg)

Ahh, this is so sweet nona, thank you!! That's definitely one of my favorite cards of his, and I'm hoping it eventually gets ported to GS. I'm always ecstatic that I found him, even if his content is almost all dangerous gacha. I know of other characters that fill a similar niche, but certain things about him felt so disgustingly catered to me that it was inevitable for me to love him so much. I want to mess with his bangs so fucking bad SM has some real gems for such a laidback franchise.
I hope you have a good day with your husbando/waifu too!

No. 230536

File: 1644824884539.jpg (134.89 KB, 544x680, 07379d5e059102640a50791dfb49cf…)

I like Tanigaki, but I don't quite understand the quote? Kek
If I'm not mistaken the artist of picrel said this was her interpretation of everyone's reaction when you tell them you like them. Tag your husbando mine is Saichi

No. 230540

File: 1644826832147.png (61.83 KB, 1600x1300, dbzpleo-1125595e-9627-44ef-8bb…)

I'm feeling particularly mean today but I can't draw. Feel free to complete this as well!

No. 230541

File: 1644826949457.png (67.25 KB, 1600x1300, dbzplfg-cdce51e8-5ec8-4adb-839…)

Or this one if you want to be nice

No. 230549

>but I can't draw
Here's an idea: use screenshots and/or dialogue from your husbando.

No. 230554

nonny oh nonny i will do this once im home and hate it

No. 230555

File: 1644832885619.jpeg (262.01 KB, 1024x562, 73192BA5-4568-4F1F-A1BD-0DD1D3…)

W-will you be my valentine

No. 230558

File: 1644833679252.jpg (534.2 KB, 1268x1920, tumblr_f0ffeb063f038ab35c43a73…)

Happy Valentine's Day to my angel, light of my life, my personal fashion icon

I'm taking lithium now but I'm still deranged over this sweaty, sickly man. I was reading Komaeda x reader fics during my break at work yesterday and I had to go to the spare room and just choke myself a little bit to calm myself down.
I used to be respectable. IRL people think I'm a nice young lady, I'm relatively clean and not even actually that unattractive, but this stupid game turned me into a total chain-wanking degenerate. I love you so much Komaeda, I wish you knew how loved you are. I want to give you the happy ending you never got to fully experience in canon.

No. 230559

File: 1644834547929.png (208.99 KB, 360x450, Wiggins.png)

I wish I could torture this cutie

No. 230566

Ko-chan, did you come back?

No. 230568

File: 1644838137249.gif (3.55 MB, 330x450, Tumblr_l_310746583302197.gif)

Happy Valentines Day!

No. 230569

How could we possibly forget? Glad you're feeling better again.

No. 230572

God he's perfect

No. 230574

It sucks because he's "marketed" as a self insert for moids who are convinced they are literally him, even though there is no way they are anything alike.
>he's really nice to girls as well as brave and courageous
He is, but I think if he was those things alone he would be kind of boring. Being this way when it matters but then choosing to act like an absolute retard the rest of the time gives him more complexity. I'd say it even makes his true nature of actually being a good person more authentic.
I actually found him to be stupid and annoying at first but by the time I was done with s;g and s;g 0 I had to begrudgingly admit that I fell for him. I'm not normally a husbandofag but I've been obsessed ever since.
Yeah, this isn't exactly hornyposting but it's definitely retarded, sorry.
I was trying to post this yesterday as the site went down but had the foresight to save what I typed out before attempting to refresh when it seemed to not be working

No. 230581

File: 1644858129463.jpg (676.9 KB, 1280x854, MP100_Valentines.jpg)

I wish you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day with your husbandos!

No. 230585

Are these on Pixiv? I'm assuming they were originally in Japanese and about Waifus instead

No. 230588

File: 1644861619149.jpeg (399.84 KB, 750x740, 3C355EDE-B899-40EF-8C65-9F4BB7…)

i’m late to this but picrel

No. 230592

Why would Waldo defend this guy

No. 230594

File: 1644863247954.jpeg (220.83 KB, 1003x1353, 64DA5126-0014-4B3C-9A20-05CDD7…)

i bought him chocolate….

No. 230597

waldo is a freak nonnita and not in a good way

No. 230601

As you should, otaku sister.

No. 230611

File: 1644865776290.jpg (154.35 KB, 839x1185, FLkNHXzaAAAbZb5.jpg)

How my chocolates should be delivered today, ideally.

No. 230646


No. 230652

who would do such cruel stuff to their pure 2D husband, nona..

No. 230656

My heart broke just thinking about it

No. 230657

Yeah I would never want to break his precious little fictional heart.

No. 230679

Does anyone want written prompts of their husbando and the scenario of their choice?? if i know the husbando, i'd be happy to make one for you

No. 230681

>pure 2D husband
What if my husbando isn't pure though?

No. 230704

Who fucking their husbando on valentines day? Raise your hand

No. 230709

Hehe u so in a cent…

No. 230713

have you played Judgment?

No. 230728

at least 2 nonas here

No. 230734

you're lowballing

No. 230756

Me, he's lying on the couch with me on top of him and we're kissing

No. 230772

is your husbando's dick big, small or medium in your mind? discuss

No. 230777

he's big everywhere except for brain

No. 230780

just like a man should be

No. 230781

Me of course. I kidnapped him, don't worry he's a pervert he will like it
same kek

No. 230783

>someone made a series cock headcanon chart
big with a full bush

No. 230787

you can't leave us hanging like that, anon, post it please

No. 230789

seconded kek

No. 230798

i'd post it but it's cursed and the funniest part about it is the literal paragraph descriptions the guy who made it gave the dicks kek

No. 230799

File: 1644876664366.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.98 MB, 500x249, tumblr_nveq6a5cQg1tjhypeo2_r1_…)

>I kidnapped him, don't worry he's a pervert he will like it
kek who is it? I kidnapped mine too

No. 230801

what series

No. 230820

Sorry anon is a secret, kek'ing at that gif tho

No. 230822

sidem. if you really want to find it it's on pixiv and twitter i think. same guy? made an underwear chart and i find it hilarious >>230801

No. 230828

File: 1644877263102.jpg (25.81 KB, 387x746, chris1.jpg)

boulder puncher husbando in military gear looking serious

No. 230829

>the guy who made it
>same guy?
eww a male made it?

>tfw husbando is big in height and brain and his dick is probably at least 15cm long
feels good

No. 230833

above average

No. 230835

File: 1644877362419.png (98.21 KB, 238x480, RE2_Ext_Chris.png)

Boulder puncher husbando on low poly

No. 230839

it has a lot of male fans for an idol series. i've seen multiple gay men drawing self insert art with the idols. you can always tell when it's a moid based on their favorites, and my husbando happens to have a lot of crossover.

No. 230845

File: 1644877702798.jpg (Spoiler Image, 27.97 KB, 459x669, chris stepping on me.jpg)

He is the only one who matters, my true love

No. 230848

Well ok, I can tolerate gay fags when they draw stuff we can enjoy too.

No. 230853

Men should look and dress like this 24/7

No. 230855

he doesn't need to swim and be a sailor with those titties

No. 230857

File: 1644878020375.jpg (220.3 KB, 1280x1707, 028.jpg)

I love seeing hot men in shorts and boxers

No. 230863

File: 1644878088113.png (521.13 KB, 450x562, 1642901407280.png)

got you

No. 230865

this woman is a genius

No. 230896

File: 1644878874856.jpeg (30.69 KB, 600x471, FE494C1B-9ED2-4B3C-B704-538442…)

Yall got any husbandos with glowing eyes I need recommendations

No. 230903

File: 1644879075872.png (398.11 KB, 476x750, tumblr_oqpfrk27y71w2txydo1_500…)

like that?

No. 230906

File: 1644879173432.gif (4.19 MB, 624x428, tumblr_393210654b58f1ac49d4310…)

No. 230907

meant to reply to you sorry!

No. 230912

That depends are they a little bit evil?

No. 230915

left is ''evil'' version of right dude, persona 4 btw

No. 230926

No. 230929

i know

No. 230933

>tsukishima looking annoyed and irritated at being confessed to
That's my boy <3 no happiness for him

No. 230936

Ah yes one of my top three Chris looks

No. 230939

Return the slab

No. 230940

The dude that says "you should kill your self NOW!"

No. 230941

have you received your third covid shot yet nonnie

No. 230945

isn't it etika kek

No. 230967

No. 230972

Oh my god I made the mistake of getting too familiar with my previous husbandos seiyuu and it damaged by brain so much it got to a point I was seeing the ugly 3dpd in my head saying the lines instead of my husbando.

Now I have a different boy in my heart (funnily enough from enstars too >>230302
) and I tried watching his seiyuu's YT channel briefly since I thought he was pretty cute for a VA, but I got whiplash to that gross feeling again. I now actively avoid even looking at his face for more than a split second like I'll quickly scroll past a picture if I see it on official SNS for seiyuu content, even though I really love his voice.

No. 230977

what enstars boy, nona?

No. 230985

is the husbandofag to seiyuufag pipeline real? i'm scared of becoming attracted to dudes who look like my husbando irl

No. 230986

File: 1644881599917.jpg (71.05 KB, 571x718, tumblr_pmxkuxaIYo1t5l89w_1280.…)

Almost forgot to mention, I also wish you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day with your waifus as well!

No. 230993

nta, but i'm the nona who posted the seiyuu video upthread. if anything, i just feel grateful for how he portrays him + does well at lives. the most koebuta-y i get is seeking out otome cds that he does with a similar voice to husbando.

No. 230997

ive been meaning to do the same since i found out mine did otome games, now i feel motivated lol, thank you nona

No. 230999

What do you mean by full blush?

No. 231001

bush as in lots of pubic hair lol

No. 231003

Hiiro! Your husbando's karate buddy heh I wouldn't say he's my husbando but I love him in a wholesome way that I can't explain. I want to dedicate my entire self to him.
I don't think so? In my case I just enjoy hearing more of a characters voice speak casually which is why I watch seiyuu content. Nothing to do with looks since most of them are usually fugly. Nowadays I restrict it to famous seiyuu (uchiyama, ayumu murase, ono yuuki + female ones) since they do so many characters that I got over the brain imprint eventually.

No. 231010

Ah shoot sorry I thought it said blush, kek
Yeah it makes sense imo

No. 231015

i think you have my husbando confused with tetora, but he was my favorite when i played back in 2016-2018! they just happen to share the same seiyuu which i was really surprised about when i found out. hiiro is super cute! ALKALOID is probably my favorite out of the newer units, i really need to get back into reading the stories sometime.

No. 231017

big, which is why he wears baggy pants

No. 231031

File: 1644883072208.png (1.72 MB, 1920x1080, Beni.png)

I'm just dumping some coomer pics that sit in my folder since I never really talk about these series anywhere

No. 231033

File: 1644883097998.png (2.53 MB, 1920x1080, benis benis.png)

No. 231037

File: 1644883204524.png (Spoiler Image, 1.31 MB, 1920x1080, Shinra booty.png)

No. 231039

File: 1644883289640.jpg (562.37 KB, 1668x2224, 1603167132912.jpg)

I liked the guys in this this shitty shounen

No. 231079

File: 1644885365969.jpg (948.29 KB, 1600x1300, doing hurtful things to husban…)

happy valentine to you too! <3

i am unable of being too cruel to gojo so only 2 are truly mean. i wanted to draw a grey anon in 6th panel too but it looked awkward with gojo hugging some weird bald, grey alien so i used shoko as a stand in for myself instead kek. this is the first time i have ever drawn a selfship art pls dont be mean nonas

No. 231095

Omg you're amazing, also kek I'm glad you made it funny

No. 231112

File: 1644886729424.jpg (549.32 KB, 1080x1426, G.jpg)

I'm telling you there isn't a thing I wouldn't let (young) Arthur do to me

No. 231118

average on the smaller side so I can bully him about it

No. 231119

this is absolutely amazing, nonnie, i love it, his reaction to being hit seems pretty fun..

No. 231125

good shit! i love the little bit of blush on his nose on the last one, it's moe.

No. 231164


yeah. my first sketch was something more on the funny side but then i got horny kek he has power that makes others unable to touch him unless he allows it. imagine sparing with him, being able to hit him and then getting him to actually try to fight you seriously and go into his psycho mode. so hot

No. 231184

I love you I love this

No. 231186

Is it normal to find nearly all yakuza moids fuckable (husbando material is something else) or is that yellow fever?

No. 231197

99% of asian males irl aren't that swole so you're safe i think

No. 231217

No. 231230

Fauci is that you? post husbando

No. 231235

this will be me later

No. 231236

lack of taste is a side effect of covid, fuck encanto, it seems dumb as shit. nothing wrong with nona though

No. 231266

File: 1644893677465.jpg (59.01 KB, 633x720, cute.jpg)

Because it is Valentine's day, I will express my love for this perfect boy. I wish he was my valentine (and also like five years older). I want to tease him for being cute and call him a good boy and ruffle his hair (even though he would kill me afterward). I want to give him vday chocolates "as a joke" and feel slightly disappointed when he adds them to the pile of chocolate he's already received while also receiving immense satisfaction from watching him eat them because I bet his eating face would also be very cute.

No. 231272

tbh when the pandemic began and I saw Fauci for the first time I thought he was cute
yeah sometimes I'm a grandpafucker


If I had a daki of my yhusbando I would die of embarrassment but also I'd dry hump it every night

No. 231275

Never watched this anime but he looks sweet

No. 231308

File: 1644897123156.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1625x1750, 83AB9550-DB31-4FC6-8910-AC8213…)

excellent taste and cute art, gojosister

No. 231316

File: 1644897921565.jpeg (419.74 KB, 2048x1382, CF0A00D8-4486-4193-9916-D299DC…)

Very wholesome, here is another Josuke for you. He's a goodboy despite also being a rascal. Very lovable

No. 231337

My second favorite Jojo! He's so cute anon, I hope you had a good day with him.

No. 231342

File: 1644898880698.jpeg (158.12 KB, 749x633, C0C520ED-1607-49CB-8F3E-F3BF19…)

Meanwhile for Vday (I'm late) I will share the most canon-accurate fic I found of my husbando, warning r18 LEMONS Kira x reader:
This is more or less a shitpost but in addition to being a kirafucker, I must confess I have an even worse JJBA husbando (I believe in having many). I'm not sure I have the strength to spell out who though. Let's just say I walk a lonely road. Anyway hope you're all having a good one and that we can keep posting despite this site's issues.

No. 231361

>I must confess I have an even worse JJBA husbando (I believe in having many). I'm not sure I have the strength to spell out who though.
Cioccolata? Fat Funny Valentine? If all that's stopping you from saying it is that you think it's "bad" then I don't think you should worry.

No. 231376

Cioccolata, I'm embarrassed but I have embraced my evil tastes

No. 231384

I don't mind at all nona, don't be embarrassed of posting about him in the retarded husbandoposting thread

No. 231406

File: 1644900239968.jpeg (485.31 KB, 700x1000, 1af.jpeg)

Happy V-day nonnies!

Adding one of my waifus to the mix. Hope I dream of her slamming me against the wall tonight ♥

No. 231446

Bless, although I should probably post less for a bit
Woah… gongeous

No. 232038

File: 1644951295901.png (Spoiler Image, 2.92 MB, 1991x2048, a6dc81_7915325.png)

Spoiler because it's a trace of porn.

No. 232083

No. 232090

File: 1644954119497.png (1.14 MB, 640x1136, B8088FEC-56A6-4871-ABB9-5B6907…)

Valentines day baby

No. 232171

File: 1644958080641.png (324.98 KB, 500x376, tumblr_mxz2p2IRji1ronhn5o1_500…)

Probably the worst crush I've ever had.

I don't even like him sexually, he's just so adorable I want to hug and kiss him

No. 232195

File: 1644959178885.jpeg (187.69 KB, 444x669, 1644442871851.jpeg)

This your man?

No. 232236

the fact this post keeps getting replies its the reason i don't use this thread

No. 232240

File: 1644961487164.jpeg (281.28 KB, 1536x2048, 748B12C1-132E-4922-B64C-6F4ADC…)

Have you schlicked to your husbando yet today?

No. 232244

File: 1644961670619.jpeg (473.99 KB, 2048x1536, 8E8BF2D6-6295-4513-A9E2-7B78F0…)

Btw please forgive me for using that word. I'm only referencing the /ot/ bunker thread.

No. 232250

I dont masturbate it makes me sad.

No. 232252

nonnies I couldn't host my weeding with board-tan on /m/ during valentine's day could I host it here with your husbandos?

No. 232257

Yes, good times.
I'm surprised that there are anons who haven't.

No. 232289

File: 1644963094050.jpeg (231.19 KB, 864x1080, 71417775-BABE-4730-A323-D27C0B…)

>tfw no real cowboy husband to furiously rawdog you in a cornfield or sumshit

No. 232300

Nonnie i respect u but thats not. A good pic he looks like the hunchback of notre dame

No. 232301

im taking a break for now. i went too far yesterday and now my leg been hurtin the whole day

No. 232319

File: 1644963958087.jpeg (21.12 KB, 604x438, 837C3191-A4C1-43E8-B37A-454160…)


No. 232358

File: 1644964428136.jpeg (89.73 KB, 722x398, ECF4139D-1F2B-4707-A0C2-75C47E…)

No. 232571

File: 1644968255558.gif (2.77 MB, 268x350, 8e807af9-9c22-4fe5-8518-7d7527…)

Life is suffering

No. 232599

god imagine running your fingers through his hair while he eats you out

No. 232604

File: 1644969289296.jpg (128.1 KB, 1920x1080, EKqFUDLX0AAxuOt.jpeg.jpg)

No. 232672

File: 1644971835331.png (42.65 KB, 1320x203, mafianon.png)

This (very based) post made me wonder what daily life with my husbando would be like.
What do you think life with yours would be like?

No. 232737

I watched a clip from this cartoon on YouTube and found it funny and relatable as fuck, what's it called? I also worried that I'd be attracted to this character if I knew him kek


I can't for medical reasons. It's a shame because I woke up horny today.

No. 232763

mission hill, used to air on adult swim back in the day

No. 232769

File: 1644975104241.jpeg (79.09 KB, 1122x728, 930A9890-591B-4F0A-AD3F-A81BCF…)

No. 232842

you may, as long as we get to be bridesmaids (and my husbando is invited)

No. 232895

you may nonny, I'll get the preparations ready!

No. 232912

File: 1644986789736.png (228.62 KB, 600x600, Our Wedding.png)

The wedding is country chic themed, so get your cowboy boots ready! Board-tan wanted a cow print suit but it wasn't in our price range so we went with all white, she even washed her hair for the occasion! An anon in /m/ was gonna bring bouquets with white and black roses in a cow print pattern for the bridesmaids. Our first dance will be to "kiss me" by sixpence none the richer, then we'll cut the vanilla bean and strawberries cake, after that is time to party. We have a dance-floor, an open bar and mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, fried chicken and green beans reception dinner.
Everyone is invited and you all can bring your husbandos and waifus. Hope you can come and have fun <3

No. 232923

it would've gotten replies in other threads too tho

No. 232924

I used my 7 inch dildo while looking at porn of my husbando and fantasize about him fucking me as I listen to a NSFW audio of him. Sadly it's the only NSFW audio I can find for him and it's about him getting pegged.

No. 232926

is it reigen.

No. 232936

Yes.Lol that was quick.

No. 232954

That sounds like so much fun nona! You look very pretty in your dress and board-tan looks so dashing in her suit. I will definitely be in attendance for the mac and cheese and open bar. I hope you two are happy for years to come and that you also have a nice honeymoon <3

No. 232955

sometimes i want to bite my husbando's shoulder really hard. he yells out in pain hard. not exactly sure why but sometimes i really just feel like biting.

No. 232976

lately, i’ve been thinking about “losing my virginity” by buying a dildo with a design similar to the dick i imagine my husbando to have in my fantasies and going on from there. i know i sound crazy, but…

No. 232977

Thank you so much anon! We both appreciate your good wishes.

No. 232980

Oh jeez nona it sounds delightful. I cannot wait for the reception dinner oh boy. Congratulations! I wish you two endless happiness!

No. 232982

Thank you so much! please eat till your heart's content!

No. 232986

Assuming that he exists in my universe and not the other way around, I would imagine that daily life with my husbando would be the same as my life now but elevated. I would be his cool, slightly older girlfriend who visits him in between college classes and allows him to stay over at my apartment on the weekend. I will love taking care of my reckless, impulsive husbando and in return he will be cute and listen to me vent when I need to (and he can vent too obvi). I will always look forward to Friday nights after I finish a stressful week, because my boyfriendo will come over for dinner and we will drink beer and play vidya, listen to music, or watch something on my laptop. Then right before going to bed, we will cuddle and I will talk about how stressful my week has been. As we lie in my bed together (and huddle for warmth because my apartment is fucking cold), I will bury my face in his chest and in a moment of weakness he will praise me and say things like "you've worked hard this week" and "you're doing a great job."

What about you nonnie? What would daily life with your husbando be like?

No. 232991

File: 1644990686947.jpeg (520.31 KB, 1242x786, 67BBCBD4-A15E-4FE2-B9A0-9449E8…)

I recently and randomly discovered there was 2 recent(2018) YuYu Hakusho OVAs and it reignited my love for this angry little manlet.

No. 233011

he was my favorite character on the show back in the olden days. my friend liked kurama. never finished the series because CN stopped showing it. oh to be 12 again.

No. 233025

If you have Hulu, all the seasons are on there(they offer free trials too). I’ve been binging since I watched the OVAs. I’m not a big anime fan but I’ve always enjoyed YYH.

No. 233050

File: 1645003465257.jpg (372.37 KB, 1943x1943, DSC_3012.jpg)

Ohhhh I brought the bouquets, look at these aren't they beautiful? It doesn't really look like a cow so much but I thought it was so pretty, congratulations anon, I wish you all the best. I'm gonna go grab some mashed potatoes and dance with my darling husbando

No. 233293

File: 1645020200964.jpeg (155.29 KB, 356x511, 61128E8A-29A0-4343-9B64-AEF34C…)

I rarely post in the husbando threads because i’m insecure about my taste i have the blandest most basic tastes in fictional men. Just give me a stereotypical pretty boy silent type like nier, link or cloud (currently) and i’m sold

No. 233300

It’s so weird but I love this. It’s like a tuxedo bouquet. Are there any flowers that are naturally black?

No. 233308

Imagine if our husbandos thought about us too
No, I don't think there are any naturally black flowers. These are fake flowers, but I like that, I would rather have fake ones that will look beautiful forever

No. 233341

Black tulips are pretty close but they’re still purple

No. 233369

File: 1645025897118.gif (2.27 MB, 498x278, 987515512.gif)

>TFW your husbando and waifu aren't anime characters, so you can't buy merch and make a shrine for them

No. 233373

File: 1645026289814.jpg (159.02 KB, 1000x707, ThreeZero-Hannibal-Lecter-Figu…)

Sometimes they could have a Hot Toys' (or similar) doll…

No. 233376

File: 1645026484650.png (395.82 KB, 776x611, mWLtooO.png)

no real moid will ever compare to him, need him sm
before you golden kamuy fags start shunning me, I agree with his ideals too

No. 233386

File: 1645027094454.png (193.66 KB, 480x640, 1511278765156_375324.png)

I wouldn't shun you at all, Kiro did almost nothing wrong. He is not my type but I appreciate his convictions a lot
Get yourself a big dicked caring husband that would die for his people's rights

No. 233398

Exactly the same anon, we are one

No. 233470

File: 1645032478780.jpg (8.92 KB, 172x240, 3069014.jpg)

Oh Arlo why did I respectfully let you friend zone me for Nora

No. 233481

I know it's just a shitpost but raiden squirming on the floor yelling is so cuuute, poor little baby cyborg

No. 233764

Sometimes I like it because it keeps my autism at bay. Other times I hate it because I find myself wanting to interact with the actor(of husbando) on SM. Which I have done before. And keep thinking about doing again. Why am I like this.

No. 233847

These are beautiful nonny!! thank you so much, you can get all the mashed potatoes you want. <3

No. 233910

File: 1645045109931.jpg (132.75 KB, 850x849, __rosa_and_marius_von_hagen_te…)

My current fantasy is being a devoted nun to our lord and saviour while being railed down every night by a beautiful and hot incubus.

No. 233980

can you share the link please

No. 233998

I would probably stay home waiting for him to come from work every day. I like to think that he wouldn't allow me to go work or study outside to protect me. To be honest that'd be fine by me, as long as I can see my friends/family from time to time. Or maybe he would think worrying too much about that would be unnecessary. In any case, we would spend as much time together as possible when he gets home. We would eat and sleep together and he would fuck me every night Just keeping him company when possible is enough for me and I get to live comfortably for free. I couldn't be happier tbh.

>Imagine if our husbandos thought about us too
funny and cute tbh

No. 234302

Where my monsterfuckers at???

No. 234414

File: 1645060876513.jpg (229.29 KB, 495x635, cropDestiny 2_20210920040832.j…)

awoken guys~

Just being the big damn heroes together, and when we finally have time off just cuddling/chilling/sleeping all day.

None of my husbandos would fit in the real world, either lookswise or job/life qualifications.

No. 234519

File: 1645063923634.png (308.11 KB, 642x1000, where is the good r34 of this …)

I am down so bad for a dumbass pokemon character. I got so involved since he's obsessed with MC and literally takes you out on a cute ferris wheel date. I tried checking everywhere, even Pixiv, and I cannot find good r34 with him anywhere
Just wanna schlick to him in peace, maybe grind against his face

No. 234682

File: 1645066587969.jpg (37.94 KB, 564x423, c8a47f172e77d2bfde3597e911d4a7…)

Right here baby

No. 234705

File: 1645067041246.png (317.45 KB, 369x512, Portrait_kitsuragi.png)

I know he's gay, but I can't help thinking about his soft lovely voice whispering filthy things in my ear

No. 234709

I really like this artstyle

No. 234765

Tumblr used to have so much good fanart of him, but now that you mention it I haven't seen good rule34 of him in a few years

No. 234807

I love thinking about how my husbando would spoil me, despite him being super unemotional. And even then he would kiss me. Thinking about him kissing me, like a husband would do, as he gets dressed every morning, makes me blush kek

I need to play this game, looks cool

No. 234923

do it nona. i did it once and ill fucking do it again

No. 235148

I don't know why it's impossible to search it on YouTube but I'm glad I added it to my likes. Doesn't sound much like his English voice actor but it's still pretty cute. Don't mind the thumbnail.

No. 235165

Anon…. Kek

No. 235186

He deserves a loving wife like you after what he's been through.

No. 235193

I just clocked my friend's posts in this thread hehe caught u!

No. 235210

nonnie me too i was retardedly in love with him

No. 235214

File: 1645088282097.jpg (297.27 KB, 1600x1200, boyfriend.JPG)

No. 235215

i hope to god this isnt me i know i have friends who lurk
kek i read smut fanfic of him on my dsi when i was like 15. follow your dreams nona

No. 235250

Love u anon! hehe

No. 235253

who's this? he looks high calibre

No. 235259

Marauder from Doom

No. 235262

File: 1645093203532.jpg (370.38 KB, 2560x1440, doom-eternal-dealing-with-mara…)

A++ taste anon, thanks for sharing.

No. 235266

File: 1645093434314.jpg (341.08 KB, 1528x2160, Marauder.JPG)

Np nonny enjoy <3

No. 235287

File: 1645096452890.png (908.56 KB, 800x1159, dfeccc54be9873a347d889f4b491c2…)

hello bestie

No. 235314

Hope it was me heh love you anon!

No. 235317

You like jellybeans

No. 235344

Fucking NICE

No. 235571

I have literally had nightmares about this

No. 235612

File: 1645118982322.jpg (1.41 MB, 2894x4093, FIdsrH9VIAQyPj8.jpg)

i wish my sleep paralysis demon looked like this

No. 235619

i want to boil him

No. 235637

boil him in my hot pussy

No. 235680

Rail me daddy

No. 235737

>reading reader insert smut fanfiction on a nintendo dsi/3ds
Those were the days

No. 235867

File: 1645126937121.jpeg (168.63 KB, 750x750, B06E4A68-41B4-47E7-BB42-F92A7D…)

I hope josukeanon saw my reply >>>/g/234992 and I wish her and all husbandofags a very pleasant husbandoposting

No. 236184

dsi fanfiction literally gave birth to the person I am today. It was Naruto fanfiction in my case.

No. 236194

This is going to sound very weird, but I'm on my period and cramps are more painful than usual, i wish my husbando would rub and kiss my belly to help me feel better

No. 236216

I want to rub and kiss my husbandos' bellies (I have a harem) for no reason except I like them

No. 236220

Ahhh I was exactly in your shoes a few days ago and I even dreamed of him rubbing my belly I hope you dream about it too

No. 236264

Hey that's my boyfriend

No. 236267

File: 1645139844858.jpg (158.73 KB, 960x1343, woof.jpg)

i want to call him to my private chamber then grab and suck and lick and grab and suck and lick and grab and suck and lick and grab and suck and lick and grab and suck and lick and grab and suck and lick and grab and suck and lick and grab and suck and lick and grab and suck and lick and grab and suck and lick and grab and suck and lick and grab and suck and lick and grab and suck and lick at THESE 90% lean beef abs & hips

No. 236271

No. 236276

File: 1645140784970.jpeg (510.35 KB, 2048x2048, 1B49A446-8484-4DA5-B2CB-452692…)


No. 236281

File: 1645141186476.jpg (55.34 KB, 600x740, download (2).jpg)

Don't worry nona, I saw it when I woke up today. You are so sweet! Glad to know that even though our husbandos are enemies, we are friends. your drawing on the draw board was so cute! i saved it on my phone so i can look at it whenever i want hehe hope you don't mind

No. 236310

File: 1645142458473.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 97.72 KB, 540x540, CDBD3E1A-1E0D-4A9B-AC9D-A4632B…)

Spoiler for cosplay. But GOD there’s not one day where I don’t think about this image and what I want to do to Leon.

No. 236315

File: 1645142563189.jpeg (127.29 KB, 850x601, 251C648A-5CAF-416B-BBFA-510A4F…)

The best man

No. 236361

I though that was one of the things from castle in the sky for a minute

No. 236387

File: 1645145526386.jpeg (73.82 KB, 660x882, ED66CA02-CDF6-4BBA-8B49-C26753…)

Ingo is super cool in the new Pokémon game. They're rare, but when Pokémon does husbandos they do them right. I love his tattered coat and hat and his dead eyes. I want to help him go back to his poor brother.
N is top tier too, and I have a soft spot for Bianca. Whoever wrote the BW characters and story should come back!!
Iscan is cute as hell but I respect his relationship with Palina.

No. 236427

File: 1645147105685.png (196.38 KB, 506x709, 28a586f0-36f0-4c7b-9436-eb1470…)

I have a cosplayless pic for you

No. 236496

File: 1645150038458.jpg (87.13 KB, 514x827, rozarita.jpg)

is for you, I don't mind you saving! I'm happy you liked it enough to do that. Yes despite that, we are friends til the end
also picrel's translation made me kek: "Ah, new girlfriend…"

No. 236505

File: 1645150553615.gif (2.98 MB, 540x330, 1e0d8e1f-32c9-4067-88a7-e5d714…)

Any of you have ficless husbandos? Can we have a support group?

No. 236511

In that case I write my own, even if it's shitty. usually ends up being smut tho because I can't write.

No. 236531

File: 1645152047019.jpg (253.54 KB, 607x935, IMG_20220218_043936.jpg)

not that I know of at least

No. 236552

File: 1645153771198.gif (1.73 MB, 220x393, 1645149869308.gif)

None of my husbandos has fics, and if they got any they're probably ironic/memes, rip

No. 236566

File: 1645154711850.jpg (60.83 KB, 564x564, 17c305d131fe57ff247e9f7cf93335…)

I have a crush on Dr. Octopus, he's way older than me but i like his vibes and yeah, i find him hot. i will never admit this irl

No. 236571

Yeah I totally get it, even though I only have vague memories of watching that movie as a kid. Now that I've looked at some pics of him, yeah he's pretty hot tbh

No. 236577

Two of my husbandos dont even have a singular piece of fan art, I don’t read fanfics so the fanfic thing isn’t an issue but I just want to have media of my husbands to look at.

No. 236593

Unfortunately, no. I would honestly prefer it if some of them didn't have any fics. Though I'm happy that some of them do have both serious and meme fics. I just checked AO3 to confirm on one of my husbandos and I'm so fucking disgusted at males writing lolicon pedoshit "interracial" (peak scrotery) and putting it on there, fucking disgusting I wish I hadn't seen that, I wish AO3 banned scrotes
However I do know that there are a couple who have 0 lewd fanart if we don't count the stuff I drew or requested myself.

Who are they, if you don't mind me asking?

Kek for me it was Hetalia fanfiction on FF.net

No. 236606

I will out myself if I say exactly who they are sorry nonny but one is a side character from an old manga and the other one is the protagonist of a super obscure comic book, both kind of have predominantly male audiences too so that adds even more to the lack of content. I didn’t even know men wrote shit for AO3, ew, i’m sorry you had to see that.

No. 236609

File: 1645156522188.jpeg (46.82 KB, 731x548, Spike-Spiegel-shirtless-731x54…)

My #1 husbando, always and forever

No. 236615

>but one is a side character from an old manga and the other one is the protagonist of a super obscure comic book
I respect anons who have husbandos that are so obscure that there's no content of them honestly, wish I could draw something for you nona, because I totally get how it is to fall for a side character that no one knows
>I didn’t even know men wrote shit for AO3, ew, i’m sorry you had to see that.
Yeah, I've also heard of that one time a bunch of 4chan moids submitted many "lesbian conversion therapy" fics to AO3 or something. Vile shit

No. 236619

This guy was the definition of the word Cool

No. 236633

File: 1645158352932.gif (4.92 MB, 960x540, tumblr_efedd85d5d6e6e6ba785486…)

i literally just came to this thread to horny post about alfred molina, great minds lol. his doc ock is fucking chefs kiss

No. 236650

Only went to see the new movie because of him.

No. 236653

Hmm I hate capeshit but maybe I should watch that new Spiderman movie

No. 236677

Skip to 2:36

No. 236678

File: 1645160378758.jpg (33 KB, 728x511, rahad.jpg)

he's hot as fucc in Boogie Nights

No. 236685

> wish I could draw something for you nona
Oh nonnie you are too kind thank you ily
> Yeah, I've also heard of that one time a bunch of 4chan moids submitted many "lesbian conversion therapy" fics to AO3 or something. Vile shit
what the actual fuck is wrong with scrotes jesus christ

No. 236798

File: 1645169124593.jpeg (533.74 KB, 1266x1249, 3D2D920F-006B-4D36-B147-1169AB…)

i need to see his flaccid penis or i might die

No. 236799

I don’t have a husbando, only my ideal bf blob of light that exists in my mind and I am super horny for

No. 236802

Is this why he sucks in battle? Anon keeping him up all night sucking on his abs.

No. 236808

That's next level, I love your mind

No. 236854

Congrats! You are also a monsterfucker

No. 236866

???? No I mean he is a human guy but he’s undefined because he’s just my ideal boyfriend and that’s it. so in my mind he is just an amalgamation of traits I like but it’s hard to visualize as a certain person since i haven’t met him yet, so in my minds eye he is like a guy but his features are sometimes blurred with light and only a few are apparent depending on the daydream. I think this is common

No. 236868

i read a self insert fic of my husbando not letting reader pee and belittling her and i found it extremely hot, the dialogue was amazing, how do i stop my brain from finding scrote shit like that hot

No. 236871

File: 1645176078769.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 249.92 KB, 828x1472, 8E85BF30-280F-4CC2-8C69-CB08DD…)

I meant like this kind of except he’s not an Asian twink

No. 236881

what husbando

No. 236885

File: 1645177302183.jpeg (145.99 KB, 1200x628, E3135993-E39B-4049-BA1A-65ED3A…)

i saw it and didn’t care for it but yesterday i had a very interesting pg-13 dream about getting dommed by the green goblin, fml. i think the contrast between his two personalities is what did it. never had a thing for willem dafoe but i guess i do now.

loved the glasses

No. 236906

adachi nonny?

No. 236930

No. 237087

File: 1645190068280.jpg (57.77 KB, 735x981, 27405a2cf621348b21dfdcfbcbbf5f…)

Every day I wake up I have to deal with the fact he isn't real

No. 237097

Anon have you ever thought that maybe thats the reason you like him

No. 237219

Has anyone joined the husbandofag server in the friendfinder thread? What's it like? I don't usually participate in discord because I'm really shit at engaging and get shy lol, but at the same time I'm bored and want to make friends…

No. 237227

i’ve been thinking about joining as well

No. 237239

Yeah what is it like? I hate discord but now that LC is barely functioning…

No. 237268

Hey, I'm the owner! Our server is on the smaller side, around 30 members but maybe 1/3 are active. I completely understand being shy, I try my best to engage with everyone because I know how it feels to be left out or judged. Anyway I'm retarded and accidentally killed the invite so please contact me asking for an invite. I won't feel offended if you join and end up leaving if it's not your thing.

No. 237273

i wish I knew if cedric anon joined the server, i kinda wanna meet her

No. 237281

File: 1645205569590.jpeg (198.76 KB, 1920x1080, 7F775774-3441-4129-97EB-196760…)

Yeaaah idk

No. 237325


No. 237331

it's always adachi isnt it

No. 237333

this is from lego ninjago right? i can respect this. you are valid nonny

No. 237339

File: 1645208396848.gif (6.68 MB, 268x200, 2E151F26-AAFD-4182-81E0-3E594B…)

the moid infestation of /h/‘s femporn general is pissing me off

No. 237344

Are you talking about 4chan? We need our own spaces. Moid spaces are no good.

No. 237352

I blame the retard who engaged with them writing essays of "discussion"

No. 237357

Kek I just found out that Cedric is on the sexyman wiki
Also I'm too chicken to search for reader insert fics on AO3 god help me

Hey, I wanna meet the other Cedricfags too, and had been thinking of naybe dropping my discord tag for them to add me but decided against it.
I have heard of it, but never found an invite either. I'm kinda shy and don't like discord for a reason, but maybe I could try joining this one, it sounds fun.

No. 237362

File: 1645209711316.png (357.38 KB, 1004x818, 1445929742168.png)


No. 237369

File: 1645209991116.png (283.44 KB, 800x960, 1641463047283.png)

No. 237375

I don't even wanna look, I haven't regularly checked the 4chan threads in a while because the scrotes were getting too annoying. Maybe the legit female posters could move to /yu/? Would that kind of thread be allowed on Fujochan? Though it would inevitably result in some males infiltrating the site and possibly a raid… Ideally for me, the general would successfully move to FC and the threads on /h/ would die out due to inactivity.

No. 237378

If you have doubts just ask the FC admin if such a thread should go on /ot/ or /yu/, she'll tell you.

No. 237397

Thank you anon! Honestly a server on the smaller side would probably make me feel more comfortable and I'm glad there's no pressure to stay if I get too anxious. Makes it sound comfy. I'll think about joining once I'm done with work!

No. 237437

I wasn't aware of this imageboard, thank you nonnie.

No. 237576

What are you talking about, I just looked a few minutes ago and it's just the same as it's always been. Just hide the posts or report the really bad bloggy posts. /aco/ is worse because even the seeming girls post trashy art sometimes.

No. 237593

File: 1645219510432.jpg (74.12 KB, 959x959, 273675347_887174985287325_2275…)

Tiktok will fuck anything at this point but Im kinda into this

Help me

No. 237615

Delete tiktok and study for your math test

No. 237617

it's chill and based

No. 237619

>implying tiktok invented lusting after fnaf characters

No. 237620

File: 1645220681382.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 42.77 KB, 400x533, 5C5A4E5D-22EF-4E73-B0F6-1E7522…)

No. 237635

I don't judge liking most of these weird characters, but why this guy? Granted, I don't know much about Baldi's Basics.

No. 237644

I have no clue, I was shitposting but apparently they exist… seems fake or underage.

No. 237660

File: 1645222561007.jpeg (324.4 KB, 960x1295, 4D70878B-B84A-445D-900B-EDBD66…)

The board fucking died but atleast I have my husbando hoes love u guys muahh

No. 237677

what board?

No. 237689

Every fucking board

No. 237703

Looks like one big powdery manbaby

No. 237704

File: 1645225673251.gif (2.59 MB, 269x370, Tumblr_l_692233665874798.gif)

No. 237806

I was rewatching my husbando's show and it made me sad he's not real. I hope I dream about him tonight.

No. 237823

File: 1645230087939.png (698.69 KB, 1200x1600, 1640370784234.png)

Me but it's scrote trap/femboyfags on /y/ and /cm/.

No. 237847

File: 1645231402058.gif (2.01 MB, 250x250, what-about-it.gif)

take the adachi pill, nonnie

No. 237849

Fuck, same. Husbandoposting about him on here unironically made me take it more seriously than I expected. Now, rather than just wanting to fuck him, I can't stop thinking about how happy I would be if we were married. And I still can't dream about him dammit

No. 237851

File: 1645231650149.jpg (316.04 KB, 800x806, 1474527164264.jpg)

Take your Adachi and get out before anons bully you for you terrible taste.

No. 238019

File: 1645241364816.jpg (490.44 KB, 1024x768, 2172534.jpg)

befriend, marry, copulate with

No. 238021

Befriending gappy, marrying johnny, copulating with both johnny and gyro simultaneously and that is allowed because we're married

No. 238029

Murder all

No. 238046

I will proceed to masturbate while thinking of my husbando looking at me in the eyes and telling me that he hopes that I don’t mind that he’s not good in bed. Sleep well, nonnies, I will.

No. 238121

>while thinking of my husbando looking at me in the eyes and telling me that he hopes that I don’t mind that he’s not good in bed
so fucking hot I'm gonna think of my husbando doing that from now on

No. 238124

File: 1645248834027.jpeg (134.81 KB, 800x720, 7E165827-A4DB-4385-A387-B766AF…)

No. 238127

File: 1645249113936.jpeg (171.53 KB, 980x899, C277FFD8-4420-4269-9355-95E110…)

Stop bullying my husbando or else

No. 238142

File: 1645250441878.jpg (Spoiler Image, 102.35 KB, 850x1184, __pyramid_head_silent_hill_2_d…)

Does pyramid head count as a monster?

No. 238158

i want him to [redacted] me

No. 238163

File: 1645253158789.jpg (317.79 KB, 850x648, 84610662_p13_master1200.jpg)

Gum gum gum girl, konichiwa boy
Konichiwa 'til night party time
Gum gum gum girl, konichiwa baby
Konichiwa gum gum girl

No. 238201

t.JoJo villain

No. 238283

File: 1645265551359.jpeg (88.51 KB, 500x627, 492884BF-343D-4610-B04B-E93C25…)

No. 238290

Absolutely. Also got DAMN.

No. 238600

File: 1645284844866.jpeg (78.54 KB, 437x437, 753CCE1F-9383-4E97-B975-4F9450…)


No. 238603

Very cute, we've got some talented nonnies.

No. 238633

Cute and hot, who's this?

No. 238637

Male version of 2X-tan.

No. 238647

I swear you guys are gonna convince me to play this game

No. 238666

File: 1645288423908.jpg (129.2 KB, 803x1024, gettyimages-LS002550-1024x1024…)

My headcanon is that he has a radfem punk rock girlfriend, he's a supportive bf and and doesn't mind any misandrist comments she makes cause he knows that as a big strong man he shouldn't feel threatened about words said by women

No. 238704

File: 1645290096484.png (90.74 KB, 514x576, meta.PNG)

A little meta-tan doodle, I love the board harem

No. 238726

no offense but he seems like a sex-pest

No. 239610

why did i think this was fucking murdoc from gorillaz. you are a talented artist though!

No. 239860

File: 1645318120855.jpeg (102.71 KB, 457x457, 2E6F2AF4-5D73-40A1-A418-811828…)

horny grip

No. 239876

hes so hot

No. 239877

I want to grab those pecs while staring directly into his eyes and licking my lips.

No. 239878

File: 1645319144415.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 29.07 KB, 288x450, A36F2493-076A-468B-B9E4-1F5153…)

>what I’m imagining

No. 239885

File: 1645319590091.png (1.42 MB, 1898x1290, 1630727593107.png)

horny grips his horns

No. 239890

File: 1645319840282.jpg (1.02 MB, 2160x2160, 20220219_081241.jpg)

Sometimes i imagine I'm this very rich woman and i live in this big mansion and these two are my sexual slaves. I would relax and do rich girl shit while i watch them do chores and clean my house, and at night i would call one of them to service me

No. 239896

File: 1645320129946.jpeg (283.59 KB, 750x916, 34BF58A2-49E4-4B29-9426-B64E96…)

bargain bin grimmsley ass

No. 239907

His titties smell like…burning leaves

No. 239912

KEK I did not expect a post like this today
Are you the same anon who wants to torture the guy on the right? Why? He doesn't look like a bad guy at all

No. 239920

I remember you. Why do you like this character sexually? Just curious!

No. 239922

File: 1645321899609.jpg (91.05 KB, 564x564, be6173ecaa4198988c554e6eccac49…)


No. 240004

>Tfw he will never “hya” shyly as I stroke his ears

No. 240017

my heart, my love

No. 240040

I can't tell what's worse, the fetish or the fact your into older men

No. 240045

File: 1645329030368.jpg (59.07 KB, 600x760, a49.jpg)

Well you're right anon, he's not a bad guy he's actually pretty nice, he's soo nice i want to tease him, i want to torture him (with love)
He's a lanky, dorky and ditzy guy who follows every command, he's also very docile and genuinely sweet, idk something about him awakens my inner dom tendencies

No. 240049

File: 1645329246880.jpeg (143.04 KB, 926x1156, 1643231859934.jpeg)

This is why /g/ were meant to separate

No. 240054

Oh no we are not doing this again, good night xoxo muacks goodbye adios

No. 240061

kek how do you think he and Cedric would be if they lived together with you? I imagine it would be pretty funny tbh they seem to have pretty different personalities

ikr see you later nona

No. 240083

I agree with you but why say this

No. 240086

nta, but that's one thing about getting older, it gets less wierd to crush on middle aged guys.

No. 240102

I'm back kek, but yeah it would be hilarious, i want to see their dynamics. I think Wiggins would like to receive orders and shit as he's more easygoing and positive, Cedric would be all cranky and complaining all the time cause "he's a powerful wizard" and "shouldn't be doing mundane chores", he would try to flex magical knowledge sometimes. I think they would eventually become friends tho

No. 240124

Aaaaah that's so adorable! You totally get it, also having Cedric as a sex slave is something I had never thought about kek
based nonnie, I love you

No. 240138

old husbandos lives matter

No. 240163

File: 1645332751812.jpg (Spoiler Image, 231.1 KB, 674x1200, 6c4b68c2d5b6f6571ea09dda037603…)

this but unironically
plus there are some actual GILFs that these same people probably wouldn't complain about, the Cedric bashing feels strangely personal

No. 240168

File: 1645332954790.jpeg (6.38 KB, 165x305, download.jpeg)

they knew what they were doing with those thighs

No. 240608

File: 1645342030214.jpg (139.13 KB, 735x892, ba2e35bdc609e42f9953677548a8b2…)

Nothing but respect for our elders

No. 240681

File: 1645346076365.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 415.62 KB, 1021x1078, AD5EF7D9-E616-454C-99CE-90E75F…)

No. 240698

god they're both so hot

No. 240741

File: 1645352132194.jpg (197.93 KB, 1280x720, FL8d9xkaMAEQAjn.jpg)

Sengo removes his thigh high boots and garters when he goes inside. This is too scandalous. How is this allowed?

No. 240744

I mean it's clearly distracting serious saniwas from their work.

No. 240859

File: 1645362618072.jpeg (149.48 KB, 488x488, 81059200-E9DB-4C39-A6D1-345A4D…)

His hair is in a bun His hair is in a bun His hair is in a bun His hair is in a bun His hair is in a bun His hair is in a bun His hair is in a bun His hair is in a bun His hair is in a bun His hair is in a bun His hair is in a bun His hair is in a bun His hair is in a bun His hair is in a bun His hair is in a bun His hair is in a bun

No. 240861

wait, why is /2X/-tan a male?

No. 240881

File: 1645364392387.jpg (108.81 KB, 761x1200, b51e0d329b5c6275e9ab3e9e2437a2…)


No. 240914

That’s the genderbent version

No. 240997

File: 1645368601139.png (1.14 MB, 850x1333, g.PNG)

seeing ingo posted on here a while back singlehandedly got me back into pokemon in record time. i didn't get it at the time, but now i do. i hope emmet is in the dlc or something.

No. 241049

It's been so many years and I still want to devour him.

No. 241432

Is anyone willing to share some of their favorite self insert fanfic of their husbando? I want to write some soon for my own husbando and I need inspiration. Also, does anyone else find that fanfiction written in first person makes them cringe? I prefer fic written in third person.

No. 241456

I also think that 3rd person makes it less cringe but in my case that might be because 1st person written by other people feels weird.
I wish I had some fics to share with but unfortunately I rarely read fanfiction and my husbandos don't seem to have a lot of self-insert stuff.

No. 241464

Me, give me cute buff Cloud instead.

No. 241485

File: 1645384206608.jpg (28.49 KB, 500x316, 8ff.jpg)

oh god. oh fuck. oh god oh fuck oh god fuck

No. 241499

File: 1645385652772.jpeg (95.62 KB, 1280x720, 31D0DB85-F06E-4F67-8577-4C6323…)


i’ve loved him and his creepy remnants since i was a kid

No. 241506

File: 1645385988673.jpeg (208.72 KB, 1910x1076, AE9DDAD1-5CC0-4D95-B0C1-03A2CB…)

also samefag but professor layton is pure concentrated husbando and i would never settle for a man who isn’t him

No. 241515

I prefer 3rd or 2nd person, it’s less cringe than 1st, sadly, most of the fanfiction made of one of my husbandos is so absolute shit. He’s either a “daddy dom” or unironically crossdressing, just thinking about it makes me want to kms.

No. 241521

No. 241522

I've been horny about Sengo since 2017 and now he is 3D and showing his entire legs and you can see his underwear in battle. I'm just fdogijmdsgmosidjgmiopdgj. Blessed.

No. 241529

No. 241532

File: 1645386997161.png (919.23 KB, 2000x3659, jojovibin.png)

Do you guys have any songs that remind you of your husbando or waifu? I see people make playlists inspired by anime characters on youtube and I think it's a cute idea. Nonas give a lot of thought to their husbandos so I'm curious if there are any songs that you associate with them.

No. 241543

I've thought about this before, but haven't really been able to come up with a playlist or even a single song, except one which would probably make me get shat on by everyone

No. 241549

File: 1645387787442.jpeg (157.75 KB, 735x685, 618F644F-AAAD-41A5-9218-F7A58A…)

I really want Diluc to fuck me, I want to visit the winery and get a special tour from him, then he takes me inside and he says that the deluxe tour that I got included his personal office and quarters, he’s blushing, I accept it because why the fuck no? Then he shows me the inside of his house and offers me a glass of his premier grand cru that he made on his own, I drink it and we just have an actually good time.
Then he says that he hopes I had a great time and I kiss him, he accepts the kiss, then it escalates and he says that he wouldn’t do it with someone drunk, so he tells me that we should wait, and then we go out on dates, we also have indoor dates cooking and playing instruments, he tries one of the super special milk cookies that we made together and he kisses me, we have a great time even if he’s awkward as fuck and has no idea of how to fuck, so he apologizes all of the time and gets all embarrassed because he sucks but that’s hot so I still feel amazing.
And we have a happily ever after.

No. 241550

That's sort of what I was doing after finding out his seiyuu's music was pretty awful (or at the very least not my taste)
But I never made playlists, just associated songs with him.
I'm way too embarrassed to say anything more specific than that, I'd totally be outing myself.

No. 241553

>boys - Charli XCX
When I’m thinking about my whole harem.

No. 241555

Top tier taste

No. 241557

Me. He killed my wife and Zack mogs every other FF boy anyway.

No. 241568

Solidarity, Aerith > Sephiroth

No. 241589

File: 1645389377069.jpeg (113.59 KB, 652x818, 9389F3B0-24B3-4635-875E-0F339C…)


i love sephiroth and zack but to me angeal is one of the best (and under-appreciated) husbandos

genesis is okay too, but only if he shuts up

No. 241592

samfag, I also like to think of AMVs that I'll never make (do people still make those? kek)

No. 241602

I would actually make AMVs of some of my husbandos if I had video editing software

No. 241606


omg anon i’m glad i’m not the only one who does this. i actually made a few AMVs of my husbandos (and waifus) back when i was a teenager and they actually got a decent amount of views on them which i still find so crazy because i died inside watching them as an adult lmao

No. 241616

I have a few songs for some of my husbandos but I haven't built up enough to make a playlist. I really want to though!

No. 241618

File: 1645390561100.png (2.04 MB, 1766x2009, tumblr_0184ff82fa9bb5790add416…)

>he apologizes all of the time and gets all embarrassed because he sucks but that's hot so I still feel amazing
Based, I love the idea of Diluc as an embarrassed apologizing virgin too.
I want to make an itabag for him so bad but I haven't done it yet because I feel like it might be dumb to do so when I'm still Diluc-less in game

No. 241630

It's funny how things are so cyclical. AMVs were common in the 2000s and then people stopped making them because they were cringe, but now I see them coming back. Also anime edits on tiktok are huge and aren't they basically the same thing as AMVs but just way shorter? I honestly watch a lot of those and it reminds me of being a preteen and watching AMVs kek.

No. 241652


i miss watching low quality vincent valentine be my bad boy AMVs lmao

“anime edits” are just AMVs with better/easier to use editing softwares i guess?

No. 241675

>Your fingertips taste of metal
When I sing it it's not about gay sex…

No. 241752

File: 1645395994913.jpg (11.02 KB, 768x432, Featured-Inscryption-Act-3-vs-…)

idk nonas i just want to dom him

i want to dom the robot

No. 241754

woof woof grrrrr bark bark bark woof woof arf arf grrr grrrrrr ruff ruff bark bark

No. 241786

File: 1645398643621.jpeg (91.45 KB, 501x431, 1FAA337B-2B1E-4CEE-B7E6-8CEC33…)

New best boy dropped

No. 241788

File: 1645398695713.jpeg (175.42 KB, 675x643, 1A23EA5F-721B-4AB1-BAEC-1C8756…)

No. 241789

File: 1645398724060.jpeg (102.38 KB, 435x435, AB515DF8-3E54-44E9-8139-9A5209…)

No. 241794

Why does he only have 1 horn though

No. 241808

Don’t judge me.
Legend of Zelda
Red Dead Redemption 2
Star Wars
(I read most of her works and enjoyed them)
Mob Psycho 100
Golden Kamuy

No. 241828

he's dark and brooding

No. 241831

empresscomplex is my goddess

No. 241835

Kek, i get it.

No. 241901

most of the fanartists who draw my husbando are shippers, and while i respect their right to artistic agency, seeing art of husbando romantically interacting with canon characters makes me mildly jealous. are there any other nonnas here who feel the same?

No. 241952

no but i get annoyed if i see a lot of ugly fanart for them

No. 242003

It depends I think. For some of my past husbandos I couldn't stand seeing ship art of them at all. For others, I enjoyed shipping them too, and if I felt irritated at others shipping them it wasn't because of jealousy but because I don't tend to like extremely popular ships, kek

No. 242045

idk if you're the same nona that has posted him in previous hornyposting/husbando threads but his legs are what got me into playing touken ranbu

No. 242048

I owe you my life anon, thank you for your service.

No. 242130

If it makes you feel better, there's an extremely high chance that whoever draws them self inserts as one of the characters so it's quite similar in the end.

No. 242143

Was about to post exactly this

No. 242159

File: 1645414817072.jpg (98.1 KB, 962x1200, ElPOfekX0AAKg6S.jpg)

I must go read these now

No. 242163

File: 1645415052321.jpg (8.36 KB, 236x236, 78a9cf82d62c6a0113be94b6482283…)

anyone else has only had one husbando? he's so good, i don't need to fantasize about any other fictional character. I hope I find a real man who has his appealing traits (without the bad parts) some day.

No. 242188

You must not consume a lot of media, or you have a very specific type.

No. 242195

My confession is I have never had a proper husbando who stands above the rest, just an ever-growing harem of boys.

No. 242202

if you had to get rid of all but one, which would you pick

No. 242205

I can't even think of that, I love them all too much.

No. 242206

I just have one at a time, usually at least a year in which I love him intensely, and then move on to another one when I fall out of love

No. 242207

nona now i'm really curious who your husbando is! having only one is really special. i'm not exactly the same as you since i've had more than one husbando, but i can only have one at a time. as soon as my brain hyperfixates on one character, all the past ones don't seem as attractive anymore. fortunately i don't change husbandos a lot otherwise i'd feel bad.

No. 242209

I only have one two. I don't like new things, I just want to stick with my comfy husbando who is familiar to me. I also think my own stupid loyalty is sweet ngl.

No. 242235

File: 1645420084812.jpg (447.63 KB, 1305x2530, E3WvCDRVkAEkZFK.jpg)

Lately I've been feeling things…

No. 242295

thinking about how sick husbando has been seen in canon. a screenshot of his flushed face has been open in my browser for like 2 days.

No. 242312

There's a single digit number of characters I ever even found attractive and only 1 that I'd really consider a husbando, that I daydream about and stuff

No. 242394

File: 1645436954633.jpg (93.45 KB, 600x800, FK1zbmRagAQSHy7.jpg)

That could have been me, I salute you fellow nona of culture!

No. 242955

File: 1645456435466.jpg (Spoiler Image, 64.86 KB, 543x680, C2O7WvPXgAEtr01.jpg)

Oooh Nonny I've been archiving my favorite fics too. Particularly this husbando.

No. 243019

I moaned my husbando's name last night while masturbating and I'm so embarrassed. I'm down so bad nonas

No. 243053

At least you didn't moan it while having sex with a partner. That would be awkward.

No. 243062

File: 1645458781183.jpg (744.9 KB, 1550x999, __majima_gorou_ryuu_ga_gotoku_…)

I don't have husbandos. All of the male characters I'm attracted to are mere sex toys and masturbatory aides to me. I couldn't care less about "cheating" on them by fantasizing about multiple men from the same series. I don't care about their hypothetical feelings in any way. I barely see real life men as people, why would I see pixel representations of men as such?

No. 243091

No one is telling you to? That's probably standard.

No. 243188

good for you

No. 243483

File: 1645466553922.jpeg (157.27 KB, 988x1588, 5D429C76-751E-4DCF-89AB-C1C055…)

Pic for you. I have both husbando and ship playlists but they're too cringe to ever divulge
I mean, I just have multiple husbandos, a harem. Don't feel a need to justify it myself

No. 243578

tinyduck on ao3 satisfies my shounenshit husbando craving, she's really good.

No. 243668

File: 1645470395823.jpeg (96.58 KB, 518x518, DE93F964-EDD7-4C44-90CD-17E1C0…)


No. 243671

File: 1645470432462.jpeg (57.47 KB, 349x426, 34F5ADFF-B260-4664-AF62-627B30…)

Everyday until you like it

No. 244592

File: 1645488799876.jpg (115.72 KB, 736x1268, 863bdec834217359415113f8697f25…)

I would never

No. 244750

File: 1645490456522.gif (1.06 MB, 498x372, hiei-yu-yu-hakusho.gif)

I can fix him

No. 244796

He's so sexy. I would let him fuck me.

No. 244856

File: 1645492513192.jpg (85.68 KB, 1280x1024, 1705889-vampirebloodlines__38_…)

Would bully/10

No. 244858

File: 1645492756503.jpg (Spoiler Image, 13.6 KB, 480x360, tumblr_otaxdvFcNq1rawb5do1_500…)


No. 244890


No. 244938

File: 1645495680770.jpeg (95.65 KB, 600x814, 1645494590640.jpeg)

Well here i am, and i want to say that i do want to fuck the skeleton, look at those thighs, i want to ride him for hours. And those pecs?? hhhnnnggg

No. 244959

Kek ok so he's kinda from an obscure failed pilot show called Amazing Screw on head, I think by the same artist for Hellboy. The pilot is only like 20 mins so that's the only media there is for him (besides a side comic) Idk if I'd actually thirst for him he seems rather dry (pun intended) I just think his personality is super fun for a campy villain, shame that it was never made into a full series

No. 244965

File: 1645496813817.jpeg (267.6 KB, 632x381, 61AA938B-832A-46FC-8863-F436B8…)

Based I was the one who posted that in the containment thread it’s nice to see i’ve found my people

No. 244988

File: 1645497573983.jpeg (95.63 KB, 629x800, E91A5AD9-DDC1-4874-A566-426449…)


No. 245051

File: 1645500581566.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 414.48 KB, 1451x2048, CB1356DF-1CC2-4131-98A7-A3CC51…)


No. 245054

File: 1645500889250.jpeg (40.4 KB, 474x646, images (79).jpeg)

Cat day

No. 245075

File: 1645503197201.jpeg (31.92 KB, 532x577, 1643260870355.jpeg)

>looking at my husbando chart on my monitor
>fart all of a sudden
>mfw I just farted in front of all of my husbandos
fuck my life

No. 245079

How would they react to you farting?

No. 245085

I'm so ashamed of it I think they'd all think I'm disgusting, except a couple of them whose opinion I wouldn't mind anyway. Or maybe some of them would assure me that it's normal and wouldn't mind it.

No. 245165

i wanna grab his horns and ride him til his dick falls off. maybe lick the horns too, i wonder if they're sensitive

No. 245166

>i wonder if they're sensitive
DO NOT remind me of my days as a 13 year old doing age-inappropriate homestuck RPs

No. 245201

kek now that i think about it 2X-kun does kind of look like a grown up version of that troll obsessed with horses

No. 245266

File: 1645524470159.png (257.08 KB, 540x740, 57o2y7q8ax331.png)

manwhore headcannon for him

No. 245336

Dude why

No. 245422

Listen, if your husbandos love you then they know that girls fart. It's fine.

No. 245495

File: 1645548478626.png (903.62 KB, 1059x1200, d7548bf8787f20dafae0a62f7441ad…)

i would fuck both. not in a threesome obviously

No. 245544

I went into the sexyman wiki fully expecting not to see marvin but he was there
I feel somehow mocked

No. 245565

Which Marvin?

No. 245571

File: 1645570469488.png (Spoiler Image, 255.49 KB, 300x454, mdLjU3u.png)

He came out of nowhere, nonnas. I'm usually not even into the clank clank but now I'm addicted to this autistic robot. What's worse is the lack of fanwork. There's one good self-insert fic, but it's a bummer and not exactly sexy.

No. 245574

File: 1645571481056.jpg (30.15 KB, 500x520, 6d08933ff1328e8a016d99e19db930…)

L <3 its such a shame hes a britbong but i've had a thing about him (and other malnourished looking emo-esque guys) since i was like 11

No. 245577

Good for you nona but how tf can a robot be autistic? kek

No. 245579

95% of his personality revolves around Megatron to the degree of it coming across as an autistic hyperfixation. He's also got other quirks that read as non-neurotypical, but I just call him autistic as a joke.

Fun fact: Transformers actually has a canonical autistic robot. Her name is Transmutate.

7th grade me had such a thing for him ever since I found the CGs of that doujin game where he gave Light a donut cockring.

No. 245582

are you kidding me, Nona? Robots are autistic by default by the virtue of not being humans yet acting like them despite being cold machines… unless we are talking androids like Connor Detroit programmed to be empathetic and social, but then again, even he had his autismo moments
>I see you are a fan of Dark Heavy Metal. I also listen to such music.
>You listen to music?
>Well not listen per se…but I'd like to try

No. 245593

Oh I see, though I had already realized that robots are similar to autists by default. I just asked because my husbando is often jokingly called autistic by fans though I'm not sure if they're serious about it because personally I don't think he is.
>Transformers actually has a canonical autistic robot. Her name is Transmutate.
Oh wow, a female autistic robot? that's interesting, though I don't know much about Transformers.
>ever since I found the CGs of that doujin game where he gave Light a donut cockring.
Oh god someone else remembers that, I read the web translation when I was a teen and I have the game installed right now

No. 245612

>>245579 looking that up immediately, brb.

No. 245615

NEVERMIND. fuck them fujos

No. 245616

If you mean the doujin game, it's Kinbaku Ouji by Orange Pekoe

No. 245617

>fuck them fujos
What happened

No. 245631

I still want Wiggins to eat me out for hours, me grabbing his silky hair while commanding him, i want to treat him rough too, suffocate him with my thighs. I think he would be very gentle at first, but eventually, he would go faster just to please me more

No. 245637

File: 1645589110711.jpeg (226.4 KB, 1378x2048, 3207338C-8C6D-46AA-937D-9EA67F…)

i want to kill him in a murder-suicide tbh

No. 245639

File: 1645590318769.jpeg (92.88 KB, 750x750, 901FB2C3-4152-42F4-8E54-7313F3…)

Whenever I have my period I just want my husbandos to pamper me. I also had this weird daydream that became a slight dream in which I was running some errands for Diluc and he saw me talking with the traveler, so he got jealous and when he approached me he gently held me like by the nape? The back of the neck that touches the back of the head? How does that even work? I’m not into bdsm shit, but hell, I hope I have a dream where he does that again.

No. 245643

He is so hot.
How should I know? I was 13.

No. 245647

I'm fantasizing about my husbando (s) and I taking a shower together and he helps me rub my back and then I do the same for him. Or we just take a shower together. I don't know why I'm so obsessed with that idea tbh

No. 245648

I personally really like showering or bathing with someone I like, I totally get the appeal. The steam, the wet hair (and everything else), the nice smell of soap, the heat, the nakedness…

No. 245650

Oops I meant "scrub", not "rub". Sorry, I'm ESL and sleepy.

Yeah, it is a bit erotic, but also really sweet and intimate. It doesn't really make me wanna fuck, it feels like another, more relaxing way to bond. We help each other and are comfortable with each other, and it means that we are close. Also, I'd probably get to see another side of my husbando while he's in the shower.

No. 245652

You're right, but you're also stronger than me because I'd totally want to fuck in the shower as well lol I guess the hot steam makes me hot and bothered.

No. 245675

File: 1645619791992.jpg (568.03 KB, 846x1200, 96413300_p0_master1200.jpg)

I can never admit this to anyone but I couldn't stop talking to him. I guess it's because he looks like Volkner.

No. 245677

File: 1645620163019.jpg (17.25 KB, 480x272, genesis.jpg)

idgaf if he's based on gackt, genesis and sephiroth are both so hot. no wonder theyre so heavily yaoified (not that i'm complaining)

No. 245722

File: 1645639255664.png (141.18 KB, 506x199, oh no he looks pathetic.png)

inb4 shit taste but Shiraishi looked the cutest like this in my humble opinion

No. 245750

I actually have a playlist of mostly daft punk songs so I can daydream about Megatron it’s sweet.

No. 245752

File: 1645649999277.jpeg (52.81 KB, 550x385, 8BB60695-EE1D-4651-BD33-444CDD…)

more power to you but I don’t understand the genesis and Sephiroth thing when Vincent Valentine exists

can’t wait for all the new fanart from the second part of we ever get it

No. 245757

File: 1645651306922.png (3.34 MB, 1102x1596, retard.png)

I haven't been able to play the game thanks to switch issues, but I've watched playthroughs and holy shit. Not usually a villain enjoyer, but something about him truly does it for me.

No. 245775

File: 1645657134335.jpg (22.86 KB, 425x474, maxresdefault.jpg)


No. 245779

File: 1645658942903.jpg (144.66 KB, 2048x1152, titsout.jpg)

ex-turk, turk, all the same to me, ALL HOT!

No. 245785

File: 1645662269354.gif (2.96 MB, 498x280, 4F3367BE-4B4A-4075-903C-49C23A…)

Finally some nonnas of taste

No. 245786

Who is he? I love him already

No. 245787

I have an ambient electro playlist for when i fantasize about driving him.

No. 245789

Based, nonnie I also want megatron to take me anywhere I want in just a few seconds and to give him a kiss on the cheek when he says goodbye before I go to work

No. 245793

Volo from Pokemon Legends Arceus! He's assumedly one of Cynthia's ancestors. Being hot and powerful runs in the blood.

No. 245795

I have not played the game but if he is Cynthia's ancestor why is he wearing modern clothes? Or were baseball caps invented in pre modern pokemon world

No. 245801

File: 1645671352323.jpeg (626.05 KB, 1580x1303, smol angry man.jpeg)

I would die for him. I would kill for him.

I just want to sit at the had table with him and make fun of people together before we go back to his chambers in the dungeon and fuck.

Is that so much to ask?

No. 245809

If I gave a fuck about Harry Potter past my childhood, he would've definitely become my husbando. Also did you see the Pixiv logs with really good Snape yume porn

Honestly I had been wondering where the carfucker had been lately. Good to see you

No. 245814

File: 1645676512353.jpeg (99.05 KB, 697x1146, 0077872E-BD62-4B2F-B41E-059B54…)

I'm on the border of giving in to how you feel. I definitely find certain fanart of him attractive but hnnn he's a bit too old looking… Surely if I watch the movies again, I will cave. Should I do it?

No. 245816

please link the pixiv logs

No. 245837

File: 1645689196245.jpg (15.29 KB, 288x296, 4ab24567a2e65d689da6be932c40ec…)

was torn between posting him in the unconventional males thread or not but he is a character

No. 245843

Can’t be on lolcow all the time, i have cars to fuck.

No. 245844

I want to play Call of Duty with him.
No, but seriously, him being pathetic and canonically having daddy issues did it for me, I want to bully him. Jreg is also a qt.

No. 245846

File: 1645704725505.jpeg (455.11 KB, 703x995, C180E13F-A18B-4CAD-944C-DECA99…)

oh noo I missed cat day! Have another one anon. By the way ever since I’ve seen the canon short comics about kogata and the butt-patting I somehow started to collect these pictures of him lol.
It’s okay, he may be a walking std but imo hes kind of cute in a ‘I want to bully him’ kind of way. I liked it when he disguised himself as a prisoner and had to shave the half of his head plus the canon lore that his hair would be slightly wavy if he grew it out. Can’t wait for /m/ to be back.

No. 245852

File: 1645707613950.webm (194.71 KB, 326x444, crow.webm)

Making webms~
fix /m/ already!

No. 245853

File: 1645708924706.jpg (484.07 KB, 1080x1920, 90e48959-6bfc-40dc-ab1b-c0d5d3…)

Over the past years, I have always demanded strong female video game protagonists and was very outspoken about this. Kassandra from Assassin’s Creed is cherished by many and seems to be a badass character, great representation, overall a feminist statement.

Needless to say that I picked Alexios, equipped him with the almost nude outfit as soon as I could and have been looking at his bulge in-game many times. Also started reading fanfiction about him and Thaletas and feel ashamed.

No. 245860

i want to eat him

No. 245873

File: 1645724898111.jpg (469.09 KB, 1451x2048, 455ff20edf5d1515245f5b76a18466…)

Very cute pic, thanks! You mean pictures of him as a cat? Which reminds me, I'd love to have all of the ohiruneko GK figurines, they would look very cute on my desk.
>Can’t wait for /m/ to be back.
307 chapter is out and I have no place to sperg about it reeee

Before checking, I also thought this was about Ogata lmao I'd play COD zombies with Ogata

No. 245892

bullying him? Mmm, yeah I want to watch him twitch as he pathetically begs

No. 245900

File: 1645730899465.png (696.58 KB, 829x1151, 6wj6ki4pwri41.png)

Kek, same anon I wanna bully the rightists, the mommy and daddy issues are what makes it so great

No. 245915

How do you girls deal with your husbandos ageing? Do they stay the same like vampires or do you age them in your head?

No. 245918

File: 1645741669884.jpg (979.99 KB, 1920x2932, Sexy-Greek-Demigod.jpg)

Top-tier taste, nonny.
He's so robust and masculine, without any of the toxicity. And that voice. Damn, son.

No. 245923

File: 1645744657293.jpeg (1.03 MB, 2051x2041, 130D9154-3958-4551-970A-72C618…)

Yes, exactly! But tbh he doesn’t even need cat ears or anything because the likeness is integral, other catbois simply cannot compete. I just think it looks cute.
>Before checking, I also thought it was about him
lmao same, must be the brainrot.

No. 245925

Reminder that the drawing room theme is husbandos

No. 245931

i like seeing my husbandos at different ages, but it can hurt to see them transform into an old man if it happens in canon. generally i just fantasize about my favorite time period of theirs.

No. 245936

he stays the same like a vampire because old men are worthless

No. 245939

None of the stories go long enough for them to age, but most of them are already older, or they're robots/don't age for other reasons.

No. 245947


No. 245949

Oh my god, thank you for letting us know! Today was one of those rare days when I didn't check lolcow so I didn't notice.

It helps that my husbandos are often older than me (at least 10 years older). But those who are around my age or younger stay young, unless I decide to take the canon date or the release date of the work they came from into account. That often makes them older than me by a few years, but I still think about their young selves.

No. 245963

I kind of have to think about my husbando as older because he’s in high school canonically. At least when I imagine our interactions, I don’t want to think about him in high school kek. I just imagine him to be around my age (early 20s) and I think it’s kind of fun to have my own interpretation of what he’d be like a little older. I’m not sure if when I get older whether I’ll age him up to match me or not (assuming he’s still my husbando then I guess).

No. 245983

File: 1645770550618.jpg (54.52 KB, 500x707, cd916c65657f9fd0ce5a3d2e130c68…)

Ugh your pic reminds me of how much I like feverish Ogata, he makes me horny. I guess it's the sweat and the flusteredness. 10/10 would fuck the fever out of him until he forgot who Yuusaku is

No. 245984

File: 1645771138589.jpg (39.12 KB, 800x800, 91dd56de9c48ee09942c6b4d046b75…)

Im assuming they arent jailbait right? But yeah its dumb when people sperg on about how its predatory. Loli/shotacons can stay fucked tho

No. 245985

my longest lasting husbando is ciel (i fell for him when i was younger than he is, canonically) so you can imagine how that goes. it used to stress me out, but i realize he's a fictional character who's never going to age.
>b-but you're meant to grow out of your childhood crushes!!
i have. all the disney channel stars who i used to find sooo cute when i was younger just look like kids to me now (as they should). i guess it helps that i have an oc i ship him with/would rather see him with elizabeth.

No. 245987

Based anon

No. 245988

Ciel is top tier. So is Alois. I don’t care what anyone says.

No. 245991

>but hnnn he's a bit too old looking
that only makes it better lol
>Should I do it?
some people think Alan Rickman is more attractive than Snape as described in the books so yeah sure
hope you're still around
I think the artist has several of these https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/95159015

No. 245994

They do get older since most games in the series are chronologically set some time around the year they're released, but they've always been older than me if we consider their canon birth years. They also age absurdly well.

No. 246054

Definitely not, don't worry lol. Not a shota and could probably beat me up if he wanted to (not that he would bc he is nice). I do get paranoid about getting called out or something for sexualizing a minor (even though I barely lewd him) so I'm careful about where I post my love for him. I also guilt trip myself sometimes, so tumblr/twitter doesn't even have to kek

No. 246073

I just imagine him my age. When he's been shown as older in canon he basically looks identical anyway.

No. 246120

File: 1645815001176.gif (1.47 MB, 500x281, tumblr_190d2398fc65af833b31f8d…)

need to bite on his thighs so bad

No. 246123

File: 1645815182317.jpg (42.6 KB, 640x500, Shallot_full_art.jpg)

Kinda hot

No. 246134

File: 1645817000885.png (172.74 KB, 245x342, SWSH3_EN_186.png)

tbh I'm afraid that if I play SwSh I'll fall in love with him and he'll dethrone Maxie as my Pokemon husbando

No. 246136

File: 1645819084148.jpg (73.38 KB, 736x981, 1643740443044.jpg)

It's this freak's birthday. He's pretty gay, but I bet he'd fuck a woman just for the experience of it.

No. 246140

File: 1645820320717.jpeg (133.69 KB, 640x750, 2C9BEA79-D431-404C-BA1F-127E3E…)

i can’t go through a day without reading levi fanfiction

No. 246143

levi penis….yum

No. 246145

File: 1645821770896.jpg (85.18 KB, 540x748, kabu.jpg)

kabu my beloved

No. 246146

Not into that character but that doll is really cute, congrats nona.

No. 246148

File: 1645822267590.jpg (247.87 KB, 1200x898, Cosmile-Golden-Kamuy-Hyakunosu…)

I was this close to getting this Ogata plushie for my birthday, if it wasn't for the cat ears i think they are a bit too excessively cute, and as some other anon said it, he doesn't need them and if it was a tad bit cheaper to ship to my country, I would have bought it. They are so cute.

No. 246152

nice angle

this is so fucking cute, congrats

No. 246158

File: 1645825356430.jpg (63.87 KB, 640x360, EoFiTmKXYAI5lbn.jpg)

where are they when we need them the most

No. 246159

No. 246161

File: 1645826788698.jpg (35.22 KB, 350x538, IMG_20220220_180603.jpg)

Jason Todd could nerf me

No. 246162

File: 1645827801514.jpeg (198.78 KB, 940x739, 50D5E4AA-4143-4D1C-BB91-6AE944…)

He was also hot before his face melted off and he had his psychotic break. I’m sad enough that both versions are appealing to me. But fuck remorse, I want to sit on his lap so badly, nonnas.

No. 246166

MY GOD. i once spent an entire summer writing love poems about him (normal mode)

No. 246167

Robots don’t age

No. 246168

Nta but SKELETOR ISN'T ACTUALLY A SKELETON???? excuse me WHAT???????

No. 246169

File: 1645829814134.jpg (99.33 KB, 1920x1080, rufus.jpg)

no guillotine could take away the head im going give him

No. 246173

File: 1645834780215.jpg (100.86 KB, 491x450, Kaeldor.jpg)

i want to suck him off

No. 246174

File: 1645835029258.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1351x1910, 65578868_p0.jpeg)

>that is official art
They knew what the fuck they were doing drawing your pic. I use to read a lot of his fics anon, do you have a favorite writer/story?

No. 246179

File: 1645836649814.jpeg (81.74 KB, 1024x576, D90B2A6B-D386-43FB-9806-F2D0A8…)

Say hello to my Elden Ring husbando

No. 246180

File: 1645837620415.jpg (81.73 KB, 791x1010, 2f91cb0e644077fab23e2781fbd739…)

You wouldn't be able to pry me off him with a crowbar

No. 246182

No. 246185

File: 1645842255259.jpg (399.1 KB, 1920x1080, 20220225205846_1.jpg)


No. 246194

vintage thirst
my first video game crush

No. 246209

All of my husbandos died at their peak. The perks of loving villains, they rarely reach old age. They are eternally the same in my head for the most part. Can't think of any I ever aged.

No. 246210

NTA but you have nothing to feel guilty about anon, although it's better to be careful than not I guess. You remind me of someone who has posted here with a lot of disclaimers, it's cute but unnecessary to me. Most anime high schoolers I see people crush on seem older one way or other. If it's the one I'm thinking of, the only immature characteristic is his personality which, well, you know how guys are even in their 20s. I think your cautiousness is endearing, but don't tear yourself up over it please. Some of us are far worse anyways, but I don't see reason to sweat it unless it applies in real life.

No. 246224

This. I guess it’s an unpopular or even taboo opinion on LC, but I think women can like whatever fictional character they want, free of shame.

No. 246236

File: 1645873823807.jpg (288.48 KB, 2048x1670, autism.JPG)

agree, it’s cute but the chibi style+cat ears are a bit overkill.
hnnng anon you’re too kind. But yeah I loved it too and it sure did something to me, this bitch needs to be layed down. love how that actually happened multiple times in canon already lol

No. 246242

File: 1645878014393.png (10.98 KB, 517x94, T9uWhgt.png)

the good news is that he wouldn't leave you disappointed

No. 246274

File: 1645886157593.jpg (152.98 KB, 1402x2048, EwHLaxbVgAA1GcK.jpg)

Always loved that fanart of him, he looks hot.
I like how usami being good at sex is what makes him even more scary kek

No. 246310

I kinda get what you're feeling because I have a husbando that appears to be a high schooler (and it was really shocking to see some people online thinking that he's in his early teens instead). At first I didn't feel guilty at all despite knowing that he's definitely a teen, but when I started to think more seriously about his precise age, that changed. Some people headcanon him as being in early adulthood, which I guess helps a little, but the fact that I lewd him a lot, unlike my other husbandos who are high schoolers, prevents me from being guilt-free.

No. 246347

File: 1645902934569.jpg (1.24 MB, 2500x1468, __lelouch_lamperouge_and_kurur…)

I think a good rule of thumb is that if I liked them in my teens then they are a part of the waifu/husbando harem forever. Also for newer interests, for the most part, if theyte built like Jojo characters or are mature looking then its fine. But characters who look like twinks are subject to debate. For ex. I adore Suzaku and Lelouch from Code Geass but that can be seen as problematic to some people.

No. 246354

File: 1645904071670.png (1.63 MB, 1500x2117, 1645877755199.png)

i lovet this sexy old amnesiac and i want to do picrel and kiss and tease him a lot

No. 246355

File: 1645904214275.jpg (121.11 KB, 736x929, 221d11727c8cfb8c8d78846d64f3cd…)

This was actually a mistranslation, and what Noda says is "I can't see Usami actually having sex with women, but his unpredictability is his scariest trait". I still wanna believe Usami is good, though, and probably a freak too, like he is for everything else lol a man that has a jerk off battle on the street is definitely not shy in bed

>it’s cute but the chibi style+cat ears are a bit overkill.
Glad I wasn't the only one to think so, then! My brother suggested me to get it and cut off the ears and sew it back together, but then I'd just feel like a monster lmao
>love how that actually happened multiple times in canon alread
Noda keeps us well fed, can't wait for Ogata and Sugimoto to meet again, hope there's fanservice

No. 246356

File: 1645904225447.png (333.41 KB, 542x299, Untitled.png)

picrel was mine. and god they made him hot as fuck in burial at sea

No. 246360

File: 1645905253391.jpeg (210.01 KB, 1300x1280, 9E37E688-3FBC-48B3-8282-2A320D…)

i don’t see the problem with being attracted to teenage anime boys; they aren’t real, after all. my husbando was a cute high schooler

No. 246363

go forth nonnie, men brag about their loli fetishes with no shame so i never gaf about women objectifying fictional boys

No. 246376

I'd kill my mum to be with him. Blood is thicker than water but it's not thicker than those thighs GOD DAYUM

No. 246378

About to watch Encanto with my mom and sister. Let's hope I don't fall in love with the rat man, wish me luck

No. 246380

File: 1645910797806.jpg (487.5 KB, 735x1000, FMh4gsoaAAERSxL.jpg)

He is too powerful….

No. 246384

File: 1645911300655.jpg (173.79 KB, 839x1187, FKwifiQagAQnqtc.jpg)

I just wanna…#floof his floofy hair gently

No. 246385

>hope there’s fanservice
If they don’t meet again or Noda keeps us thirsty, I will form a tribunal and convict him of the crime of shamelessly baiting while not delivering.

No. 246386

Who is this ridiculous looking hottie? reminds me of a bimbo, kek

No. 246388

Based and husbandopilled

No. 246395

File: 1645912905364.jpg (123.38 KB, 800x1024, Zelos_Status_(ToS).jpg)

I like him especially bc he faintly reminds me of my first husbando

No. 246397

File: 1645912948801.jpg (629.91 KB, 1584x2048, FL-RDH7aQAIuIqV.jpg)

Sengo Muramasa, he is not dumb he just wants everyone to behold his full nude power kek

No. 246399

File: 1645913486388.jpg (674.54 KB, 1448x2048, FKpMz6OUcAMpw2c.jpg)

personally i just perceive every fictional character i like as my age

No. 246406

File: 1645917396145.jpeg (136.62 KB, 928x928, 2F91846F-9731-461B-A842-67F942…)

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This man is bodacious

No. 246408

File: 1645917706776.png (1.93 MB, 1000x1418, 4ACB68E8-0764-4040-8176-2B1D59…)

Fuck I just found out he has the same VA as Abbacchio. That's it, I'm officially hooked.

No. 246409

File: 1645918100977.jpeg (91.04 KB, 749x723, DC6FF5DF-BAEC-4D5A-B62E-EC3712…)

I honestly don’t know what to do when a character looks shotaish but is an adult or the equivalent of “sh-she’s 4000 years old!”.

No. 246411

File: 1645918422280.jpeg (92.39 KB, 739x1080, A305AFD8-C8E1-4CBE-B99B-1F5043…)

No. 246412

File: 1645918624288.jpeg (74.7 KB, 600x600, 134D18D2-0AA2-4E71-9044-091EAB…)


No. 246416

File: 1645919036239.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1170x2232, F2EEAC1A-D5F8-444A-8505-9C9230…)

I can see the appeal.

No. 246421

I bet he slings the hottest of dicks.

No. 246434

File: 1645926833756.jpg (503.37 KB, 877x536, EkXbgLkWsAEDUwN.jpg)

this but also with his brother

No. 246447

File: 1645933297628.jpg (280.23 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_20220227_022730.jpg)

I never knew he had a face… i think i perfer the skull tho

No. 246454

File: 1645943676532.jpg (190.79 KB, 896x1200, D7IahnVUwAAiO_t.jpg)

Board husbando?

No. 246456

>that boob window
Could Rykiel become a rival of sorts to 2X-kun?

No. 246502

I would love a picture of him with 2X-kun, pressing their pecs together and looking at each other menacingly iba really homoerotic way or looking at the viewer and asking whose pecs are better.

No. 246516

File: 1645972514865.jpg (Spoiler Image, 401.71 KB, 2000x2646, 5d441c7d2feb5e2f083903ec91539b…)

One serving of beef

No. 246517

Do you maybe have any other pictures of him please I was looking for like twenty minutes before I found that one

No. 246522

File: 1645975442299.jpg (Spoiler Image, 707.95 KB, 1601x2048, FKzHMm5VkAIZxOe.jpg)

I love how the Sengo love is spreading. Great taste nonnies he is the best. Such a sultry voice by Suwabe as well.

No. 246524

I want to bite that spot near the dick.

No. 246530

Why not the actual dick, yum.

No. 246531

File: 1645978836922.gif (7.96 MB, 540x540, Tumblr_l_1274614973608362.gif)

No. 246532

since i'm 14, amazing taste anon

No. 246534

File: 1645979604438.jpg (992.57 KB, 4000x3000, collage.jpg)

i'm obsessed

No. 246535

OT but what happened to him? Does he recover?

No. 246536


he got fucked in an explosion when fighting zeke and nah his injuries are permanent when the bandage comes off he has a scar on his face and he's blind out of one eye >>246535

No. 246539

I still headcanon that he's a working class Dublin bloke because his accent is the same as mine so he is probably supposed to be from the same part of Dublin as me as well. Hes the only good Irish character I've seen in a videogame (other than the ugly red hed from RDR2 with the Sheriff street accent. The voice was EXCELLENT for him but the red hair and shit made it too on the nose to be enjoyable)

No. 246540

Wtf did they do to my husbando. I haven't watch the show in 10 years.

No. 246550

File: 1645986622256.jpg (114.04 KB, 1080x1920, EZ5172RU8AA3ZyH.jpg)

I need him to take me shopping and then fuck me on his desk at shinra hq and then take me on a date on his helicopter is that too much to ask

No. 246551

>Such a sultry voice by Suwabe
ok that's it, I'm a Sengofag now. Though that won't convince me of playing the original game.

No. 246568

I wanna grope him so bad, time to find clips of his voice too

No. 246570

File: 1645990984272.jpeg (195 KB, 1102x770, C74A9B45-AA9D-4A29-814B-1F6480…)

I need to see that. Super hot.

No. 246603

File: 1646000266943.jpeg (107.82 KB, 589x589, D1148E28-8AEA-44BB-BAC9-A0B49A…)

Forgot to update

No. 246612

based, get the drawfags on him for more

No. 246620

I want to go draw him, he’s really hot. Is there any lore other than him being the male version of 2x-tan?

No. 246651

File: 1646020705505.png (2.59 MB, 1280x1329, 9B237F80-2B9F-413E-96C2-CFDF5A…)

heavy breathing

No. 246655

those creatures are so sexy to me and i'm glad there are more people who agree

No. 246669


No. 246722

So far all we got is
>Tall and muscular
>Perved on by Elsie
>Sister (?)X2 is even taller
>likely pro-feminist
>Seems introverted/timid
It's up to us to invent the lore.

No. 246739

um, anon

he's not actually irish

No. 246795

Okay then, the official lore will say that I’m his girlfriend.

No. 246821

>she doesnt know
i hope you didnt look any further into what isayama did to him

No. 246824

File: 1646076666816.jpg (76.52 KB, 1125x780, 2ab263dd597e108ec20f88a70d7590…)

I want him to bite me pls

No. 246828

File: 1646078135260.jpeg (25.48 KB, 150x407, 1DE15B62-6961-4992-86E1-9749A7…)

Full HD imagine but I want Diluc to wear this when he sweeps me off my feet and carries me away from any sort of inconveniences because he wants me to be happy.
I also want him to be all mysterious and to the show at a party with this outfit and then I will be like “that’s the mysterious guy who saved me from my life plagued with minor inconveniences!!” And then he will hold my hands, he will look at me directly in my eyes and he will say that all he wants for me is to be happy and to stay with him forever, but then he stammers and gets all shy saying something like “w-well, only if you want to” and then we kiss under the moonlight.

No. 246844


No. 246878

Is this Sans Undertale

No. 246880

This man has DRIP

No. 246893

That’s exactly why I want to fuck him, nonnie, I’m glad you understand.

No. 246894

No. 246898

day 60-something of wishing that the faggot scrote who attaches pictures of my husbando to his terrible posts on /a/ will die of a heart attack

No. 246900

Manifesting with you anon

No. 246901

thank you, nonna

No. 246906

File: 1646091273873.png (11.02 KB, 400x400, Entp.png)

I want to fuck this son of a bitch and I'm sick of pretending i don't, look at him he thinks he's the shit he's so smug and I LIKE IT reeeeeEEE i hate myself so much

No. 246915

I don't share your attraction but I support it, entp is objectively the best mbti type

No. 246918

File: 1646094631460.png (814.17 KB, 970x1117, tumblr_abaf8dd895f8fc3768f88c5…)

someone PLEASE draw 2X-kun in jin's outfit

No. 246923

sending a prayer for you and your husbando anon

No. 246928

you've been reading the sexyman wiki too haven't you

No. 246929

File: 1646097825429.jpeg (270.26 KB, 1448x2048, ECF805AA-3B57-472B-9514-2301B0…)


No. 246933

I've been coping with this since 2018 when i found out about mbti, i got over it but i couldn't stop thinking about him

No. 246935

File: 1646102680760.jpg (17.08 KB, 250x262, Robert_1.jpg)

it's absolutely FUCKED UP you can only play as a moid

No. 246936

File: 1646103233269.jpg (142.97 KB, 450x544, d2t0vga-a43a0076-7207-4d39-bd2…)

aha i would have more if i still had my first PC, but I properly destroyed it by downloading an insane amount of viruses to get free gaia cash.
i'm actually surprised that you can't find anything of him now. though i'm sure everything i had saved was very poor quality (picrel, probably something i saved), or just gay porn (as is most of what i can find). i guess i just completely misinterpreted how popular he was back then

but thank you for the very intense nostalgia trip i just went through trying to find anything

No. 246938

File: 1646104421926.png (1.43 MB, 1067x1079, lmfao.png)

would make him cry (sexily.)

No. 246939

I haven’t played BOTW but I know I’ve been falling in love with it’s version of link. I legit gasped when I scrolled down, like #uwu# I’ve never seen him like this~ Good post op, I’ll become a husbandofag from today. I’ll improve my drawing so I can make lewds of him

No. 246941

File: 1646106854153.jpg (53.56 KB, 509x720, d38a8024ce21efecf7e88ba1335cc3…)

THIS MAN gave me a breeding fetish. now all my husbandos must be father material

No. 246942

File: 1646107313964.jpeg (42.05 KB, 750x648, 861505DF-CD94-43A2-8088-ACD244…)

Who is this anon? He looks cute

No. 246945

nta but its overhaul from bnha

No. 246947

I don't get it and reading his article I thought it was just a meme but apparently people actually want to fuck an MBTI illustration…? Explain to me nona, please. How do you have a crush on that?

No. 246948

File: 1646110430951.jpeg (267.06 KB, 828x1110, F348FAB9-C9D8-4A5D-A54B-CAB007…)

Based, I want my retarded husbando to father my children too

No. 246950

File: 1646113322656.jpg (148.94 KB, 564x891, fdc3a57e761915cda8fe22af3ba008…)

It's my dear husbando's birthday today! Say something nice about him

No. 246951

What game is this?

No. 246952

Nta dream daddy, a game where you play as a single dad who gets to date other fathers in game.

No. 246953

Oh yeah I've only heard about it, some of those guys are hot as fuck. Why can't western otome games be more like it?

No. 246958

File: 1646115253107.jpeg (78.18 KB, 1448x2048, E0h4p2yVEAQ24Fv.jpeg)

Kuroo would be a great dad, nonny. I'm in love with the idea of dad!Sunarin personally

No. 246959

He’s cool lookin
Did u cut up his face to bully him

No. 246960

Good taste anon

No. 246962

File: 1646116673141.jpg (499.29 KB, 1214x2048, Tumblr_l_950373328528656.jpg)

Thank you! i don't see HQ in here very often tbh.

No. 246964

File: 1646117202105.jpg (53.45 KB, 500x600, 3b13d46c9c545db967ba460da943be…)

No, he's a war veteran. I could never bully him unless he really wanted it
I would take care of his war wounds, though

No. 246965

File: 1646117297350.jpeg (952.85 KB, 1242x1174, A35E6043-936D-476D-A0D6-C88A26…)

is it bad that i wanna fuck the shit out of the fnaf purple guys son or whatever idc hes fine as hell

No. 246970

File: 1646119647255.jpg (20.18 KB, 221x206, tumblr_c82f079d78359c1685f1a65…)

beyond indulging in carnal desires, knowing i won't ever have my husbando's children hurts me the most because i know he'd be an amazing dad. I love him soooooooooooo much, I feel full of love right now, it's embarrassing. Love you, nonas

No. 246973

File: 1646123269023.jpg (1.2 MB, 4000x3000, fnaf.jpg)


theres something about him

No. 246985

File: 1646139677080.png (1.03 MB, 979x732, alucard.png)

I just can't resist him tbh

No. 246994

Imagine being attracted to an Asian man's drawing. Cringe.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 246997

girl I'm sorry but he looks like he belongs in the fakeboi thread on /snow/

No. 246999

He's Michael Afton, he should look older tho
Lots of characters itt look kinda feminine to begin with, i don't see the problem

No. 247001

File: 1646149230039.jpeg (114.36 KB, 680x680, E1EA4BCD-5914-4B84-A008-B1BC8D…)

Happy birthday to your husbando! I haven’t read Golden Kamuy yet (I’ll get to it one day) but you and the other GKanons always look like you’re having a lot of fun. Are you going to do anything special for his birthday?

No. 247004

I don't know him but I love his hair. It's like my husbando's.

No. 247008

File: 1646152695057.jpg (195.52 KB, 914x1200, 1446167200700764170-FA_-NEiUUA…)

My guy pretty like a girl

No. 247014

File: 1646154969623.jpg (94.46 KB, 736x764, 35f780b70a64fe1777b0b9749796e7…)

Thanks, anon! I hope you like it when you read it, it sure is a wild ride. It has become my favorite manga. When you do, don't forget to join us at the GK thread! if /m/ ever returns
I was thinking of just making celebration art, but I'm not sure if I'll have the time. I'm sure he's the type that would be just happy to have people remember it, though!

No. 247015

File: 1646155120351.jpg (121.39 KB, 1367x1076, E1UexxAXsAAzJnP.jpg)


No. 247018

The one in the middle is really cute

No. 247023

Get that thing out of here

No. 247024

nonna, i don’t mean to be rude, but i don’t think overhaul is exactly good father material, kek

No. 247025

Kek thanks for posting anon I'm gonna try to make my own drawings

No. 247026

File: 1646158902806.jpeg (836.46 KB, 967x1080, FGzMMwhaMAEZDFa.jpeg)

They are all the same guy, Sugimoto Saichi. Middle one is him before the war, right is during the war and left is after the war.

No. 247040

File: 1646162209084.jpg (941.33 KB, 1014x1500, E5iiX0yVgAgnYCJ.jpg)

let me live in my delusion with this beautiful, beautiful man
he would take an entirely different approach towards his own biological children which i would happily keep giving to him. they would be treated like little princes and princesses, he'd be so happy to finally have a family of his own after being rejected so much, finally accepting the warmth that comes with touch, breaking out into hives less and less from stress and being in close proximity to others. they'd either have a quirk like his or be quirkless, both of which are acceptable, if he's still vying for that cause. my breeding fetish in relation to him is directly the result of imagining that he would fetishize quirkless women & give up his treatment of eri for a new resolve of just producing quirkless children himself
he's just a little autistic and has a one track mind but thats ok i can fix him and make him wear socks

No. 247050

As a lezbo, if an anime man looks like a fakeboi, more fun for me

No. 247053

Who is this guy? He's insanely hot.

No. 247055

Arthur Morgan from RDR2

No. 247056

File: 1646170535806.jpg (50.09 KB, 406x680, Clean.jpg)

No. 247058

File: 1646170653458.jpg (73.27 KB, 485x679, watat.jpg)

No. 247059

File: 1646170842388.jpg (66.14 KB, 736x526, ed870b691d2d1fcb2aee863d30b314…)

No. 247060

File: 1646170910640.jpeg (520.94 KB, 1280x1707, 9AED122E-17B9-4199-8F79-ADBEC2…)

oh shit we Arthurposting?

No. 247061

File: 1646171205609.jpg (444.7 KB, 1920x1080, Tumblr_l_1390721667020469.jpg)

No. 247063

File: 1646171569753.jpeg (64.84 KB, 680x617, D9625244-E112-4C2F-B619-E58DEC…)

No. 247064

File: 1646172358111.jpeg (260.46 KB, 735x496, 6619601D-D5DF-4B31-BC39-2E7F6F…)

No. 247068

Human fuckers downbad…

No. 247076

File: 1646180212734.png (Spoiler Image, 184.75 KB, 570x366, uighfoiugehr.png)

what husbando would you do this to?

No. 247080

All of them

No. 247083

File: 1646181572047.jpeg (55.82 KB, 736x603, DAFD1141-DF85-4386-970E-78211F…)

All of them but specially him, I want to see him getting all embarrassed about it.

No. 247084

File: 1646182224449.gif (3.24 MB, 706x460, dejected.gif)

Jermafags once again picrel

No. 247089

get your disgusting greasy serial killer looking 3D gamer boy out of here

No. 247096

File: 1646187411808.jpg (48.83 KB, 500x462, 687474~1.JPG)

u know who

No. 247097

File: 1646187430709.jpg (984.05 KB, 1400x2100, Chisaki.Kai.full.2924476.jpg)

Overhaul anon you're back! Thank you for blessing us with your presence and descriptive walls of text. You have a wonderful imagination.

You're right he does look like bishiefied Jerma.

No. 247105

File: 1646190968838.jpg (36.3 KB, 460x460, 553470a15419d6e2bd06c26286bfba…)

i'm not gonna lie i thought i was being sneaky and that my posts could be seen as being from different anons but i guess my adoration for him makes me sperg in the same way every time. thank you, nona

No. 247107

I am >>246939 and cosign this choice wholeheartedly. Does anybody have anymore link stuff? Not to sound lazy but I don’t know where to find fancy fanart.

No. 247115

File: 1646196575167.jpg (358.02 KB, 782x1307, Untitled.jpg)

i will never lick up the sporty dilf's body while inhaling his sweaty scent after a game why live

No. 247116

whats the sauce nonny? saucenao doesnt come up with anything

No. 247117

None. What the fuck, this looks like hentai shit.

No. 247120

I'm with you Nona, firing up a new game just to see him again

No. 247127

Your tradwife dream of being a breeding cow for a man with psychosomatic allergies certainly helps you stick out from the rest

No. 247143

File: 1646218593370.png (1.6 MB, 1585x1040, zMq71Vy.png)

i love him (and emmet) so fucking much, it hurts

No. 247149

File: 1646226651861.png (126.05 KB, 500x318, tumblr_o1mxgrTvpb1r3j59ko1_500…)

nonnies, i don't think i'm strong enough anymore to resist it, im going to get a body pilow of my husbando… i tried to resist but im so lonely and i hate real men. i will probably hump it too

No. 247152

Well have fun nona. i think we all would if given the opportunity

No. 247153

File: 1646229426515.png (3.31 MB, 2600x2402, 85538352_p9.png)

Do it anon! It's 100% worth the cost and potential shame from guests, I have never slept better.

No. 247155

File: 1646229859232.jpg (283.75 KB, 2039x1846, 1646065462774.jpg)

No. 247156

Do it, nonnie, just put a nice pillowcase over it when there’s people visiting.

No. 247160

File: 1646234275327.png (56.66 KB, 561x367, dVqo2od.png)

yes, but with me sandwiched between them

No. 247177

cute, good luck! you have my full support

No. 247189

Idk who that is but hawt

No. 247191

File: 1646256036865.jpg (105.13 KB, 512x1122, cfde9134451c924914658bd61ded21…)

NTA but god I was so mad when I realized that Overhaul had to wear that jacket with that ugly color combo, he lookes so much cooler in the manga or in fanart like in >>247097 pic. Husbandos and waifus should never have to wear ugly clothes like that, it's a crime.

No. 247195

I'm getting a custom plush made of my husbando and now another artist has a pre-order open for one as well. I'm so excited!! All these years of no merch and now it's practically exploded. I love him so much and I can't wait to snuggle him.

No. 247200

File: 1646261972227.png (Spoiler Image, 45.69 KB, 516x680, EuU5ga2VkAAbFG8.png)


how does it feel to be most galaxy brained posters in the thread

No. 247207

File: 1646266340217.jpg (3.86 MB, 3995x2408, FDHf5l3acAEUH6e.jpg)

i have to agree he does look more intimidating in the manga but i love the color combo personally. makes him look toxic. i did get a jacket like his that i wear outside 100% unironically though, so i do have an additional bias

now that you point it out though i am noticing how few fanartists work in the contrast

okay, fair. that's fair.

you should. body pillows are beyond comfortable on their own but when you wake up in your nest of other plush still curled up against your husbando it's a whole different start to your day.

No. 247208

I don't feel like a body pillow of my husbando would work. What should I do then?

>i did get a jacket like his that i wear outside 100% unironically though
Oh, that was you. That's pretty cool, I wish I had some clothes similar to my husbando's that I could wear outside every day.

No. 247210

God bless you nonnies, now i consider this game worth it's heft price tag.

No. 247213

File: 1646270378619.jpeg (187.84 KB, 1447x1151, 89BC9191-1219-4C78-93B0-A7C0B5…)

Watching aot isn’t enough I need to fuck him.

No. 247220

nah, pathologic has become tumblrfied garbage for aidens

No. 247228

oh come on, is there any video game left completely untumblrified by aidens anymore? just avoid the fandoms, or at least pick the right parts of the fandom to hang out with

No. 247230

'tumblrfied garbage for aidens' you are weak and will not survive the winter

No. 247232

Whoever that is, he's perfect

No. 247234

File: 1646281880834.jpg (581.18 KB, 1080x892, husband_shopping_when_youre_on…)

On the period again and my hips are killing me. I wished Reigen would massage and comfort me but that'll make me incredibly horny.

No. 247235


im sorry that the truth hurts you so much, id be embarrassed too

No. 247243

I don't know what you people are talking about but I'm curious now

No. 247245

wahhhhh twitter artists are ruining my niche russian RPG and now I need to whine to other people who enjoy it in order to feel good about myself

Patholoic is a survival horror game released in 2005. It got a massive resurgence in popularity after Hbomberguy made a video about it and now there's a remake/sidequel out! I really recommend looking into it if it intrigues you, it's fun (and full of cute boys)

No. 247247

File: 1646289326343.jpg (691.52 KB, 1617x3072, tumblr_2ed5b572929956105be3d2b…)

YES YES YES I ALSO LOVE THIS ASSHOLE. I want to make him worse.

I've seen a few Patho nonnies lately and I am LIVING for it.

No. 247250

File: 1646293446011.png (488.84 KB, 540x678, tumblr_b03841c45970db4385fb68c…)

Same nonnie.

No. 247255

Ngl, feels pretty good, we should start a club.

No. 247259

File: 1646299513405.jpeg (35.77 KB, 678x452, B56362B5-D97E-44A1-AA14-91EB30…)

I need him to knock my cervix into the back of my throat

No. 247266

God I want to pull him around by his cravat and shove his face into the dirt. Literally built to be bullied

No. 247267

File: 1646303132228.jpg (213.33 KB, 1500x895, 19876753891.jpg)

Here, have some pictures I thoroughly enjoy that I feel you might like too

No. 247268

File: 1646303166039.png (281.76 KB, 1200x700, E0vaZ5gVcAM3_88.png)

chef's kiss

No. 247276

File: 1646307140373.jpg (48.9 KB, 800x450, Da4D0nlVwAMUTAU.jpg)

happy birthday to big horni guy

No. 247278

Writing personal smut while listening to electronic music at 3AM~

No. 247283

Ok I'm gonna play that game

No. 247289

No. 247297

File: 1646332082681.jpg (46.86 KB, 564x479, d20202f468968298765ece82a063fd…)

mwah happy birthday to this loveable small penised doughy dude

No. 247301

File: 1646334079383.jpg (148.45 KB, 1414x1462, FEyPhJPaMAAiTkJ.jpg)

Love him. I want the gk /m/ thread back already

No. 247316

File: 1646340807262.jpg (30.51 KB, 491x600, Shiraishi.Yoshitake.600.215613…)

I want it so badly as well, where are the mods/admin
Anyway Shiraishi looked hot with the uniform but maybe that's just my military uniform fetish speaking

No. 247317

Military uniforms are hot and i refuse to believe anyone whos heavily into gk doesnt have this fetish kek

No. 247324

All of them. Would suck and kiss.

No. 247325

File: 1646345484696.png (609.56 KB, 1200x1020, 86656451_p2.png)

No. 247347

completely unrelated but i can tell this was done in mspaint

No. 247357

Looks like oekaki but I'm on mobile

No. 247369

File: 1646390069568.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 177.95 KB, 748x1024, 6708DE77-C3FB-44FF-A49C-8B14C5…)

Can gods from mythology count as husbandos

No. 247383

I don’t see why not, nonnie, some mythological gods can be interpreted in a very hot way.

No. 247388

File: 1646404909502.jpeg (109.83 KB, 479x680, 0F187F38-FA52-4E02-9152-FEE3C8…)

I want this.

No. 247390

No. 247439

I played sword recently and I thought of you when fighting him nonna. His little jog is funny and it's really sweet how he went out of his way to cheer you and Hop on after beating him. I also like his eyes.

No. 247449

File: 1646430622832.jpeg (30.38 KB, 508x219, 15B026FF-47FF-4EB0-B28B-DB6F06…)

Yo whose man is this.

No. 247452


No. 247456

Thank you for understanding and I agree >>247390

No. 247460

This is wild please what game is this?

No. 247461

E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy

No. 247464

Thank you

No. 247471

lmfao anon ily

S tier taste

No. 247472

File: 1646443949789.jpeg (314.98 KB, 2048x2048, tumblr_51c023042926f916d1f7785…)

Snape anon here and I'm back on my bullshit.

I got a nice new portrait of him that I framed and put by my bed. I just love him so much I feel like my retarded little heart could burst. He's so gorgeous and intelligent that it makes me so sad I'll never get to watch him flounce about in the dungeons and we'll never get to make fun of people together.

No. 247474

File: 1646445343094.gif (2.98 MB, 498x317, guzzy.gif)

how does pokemon manage to have so many husbandos

No. 247482

>I got a nice new portrait of him that I framed and put by my bed.
Awww that is so cute. Sorry that it hurts so much that he'll never be real, I know that feeling.

No. 247487

You're aboslutely right. Let's rate pokeboys!

No. 247504

File: 1646473742687.jpeg (101.41 KB, 1024x768, EFA8BBA2-0166-4E04-9135-D6C914…)

i don’t want to fix him. i want to beat him up until he learns to respect women (and also fuck him)

No. 247532

>i don’t want to fix him. i want to beat him up until he learns to respect women (and also fuck him)
I have no idea who this is but that whole statement is on point, what an icon you are nonny. Respect.

No. 247534


sorry to be a noob but what's this from?

No. 247535

File: 1646482156287.png (2.65 MB, 1000x1000, m6h0o7v.png)

it's Eddie Gluskin from Outlast

No. 247536

He's hot, give him a good beating on my behalf.

No. 247567

File: 1646490969934.png (570.35 KB, 1064x554, my-image.png)

was too bored for the rest

No. 247568

File: 1646491021520.png (1.79 MB, 1140x1286, my-image (1).png)

i dont actually know a sizeable chunk of them. also if any maxie anon sees this its not personal, im sorry

No. 247584

File: 1646498068625.png (828.92 KB, 1075x745, poketiermaker.png)

longtime fan but there's just way too many characters i don't really have an opinion on maxie anon ily

No. 247602

File: 1646505690996.png (1.89 MB, 1075x1565, HiHEDMD.png)

too many doubles, took the latest versions

No. 247607

File: 1646508288180.png (2.71 MB, 1064x2427, my-image.png)

I spent like 30 mins on this. I didn't remember a large chunk of these but I also haven't played the latest games. Also no generic grunts, I'm sad

No. 247644

File: 1646517011098.png (197 KB, 1064x465, my-image.png)

I barely know any of them, but I didn't see the guy who calls you on the xtransciever in Black and White 2, I would have put him next to Wally. I just realized, please don't take me for a creep who likes little boys, I just love Wally ever since I helped him catch his first pokemon I wished we could go on an adventure together, because he really cares about pokemon

No. 247658

File: 1646520894486.png (307.27 KB, 950x406, 72B3B210-2A67-47A2-8CFC-2FCB08…)

Only N truly matters. Everyone not shown is in D tier.

No. 247661

File: 1646521473470.jpg (83.5 KB, 850x814, __hilda_and_cheren_pokemon_and…)

I loved Cheren so much when I was younger, kicking his ass constantly only made my love stronger

No. 247662

I had a crush on him too! B&W was also my fav Pokémon game in the series was happy that he became a gym leader

No. 247665

File: 1646524034631.jpg (90.65 KB, 1005x1303, IMG_20220302_020602.jpg)

Who wants a sip of some cowboy bath water?

No. 247666

I mean, I understand what you want to say, but blegh now I am imagining soap in my mouth

No. 247667

File: 1646524317474.png (418.87 KB, 936x649, download.png)

i wish the player character was older and had a menacing ferris wheel type moment with volo. i really like fate tropes.

No. 247668

Am I the only who who never really got into pokemon? It's so boring and the art style is too cartoony to care about just the looks.

No. 247669

I didn't even know pokemon was a game till the internet I thought it was just a kids cartoon

No. 247670

But it's not just about the looks, it's also about their 3 lines of dialogue

No. 247677

I'd rather join him, he best make some room for me.

No. 247680

File: 1646527596033.png (111.31 KB, 817x80, Screenshot_808.png)

i will not be elaborating

No. 247683

File: 1646530527123.jpg (115.88 KB, 744x405, Screenshot_20220305-173456_Chr…)

Easy tier list

No. 247686

File: 1646531023766.png (1.22 MB, 1064x1103, my-image.png)

>>247567 anon here with an updated chart, everyone else is whatever

No. 247687

Today we learned that if Cynthia suddenly changed hair color we'd have to blame a farmer.

No. 247694

the most boring taste in the whole pokemon fandom

oops sorry I forgot this isn't the husbando roast thread

No. 247702

the most true taste in the whole pokemon fandom

No. 247709

if that was a roast, I'm kinda disappointed, I expect a little better on lolcow

thanks nonna, I respect YOU

No. 247715

File: 1646546161436.png (2.26 MB, 1075x1746, my-image.png)

I rated all of them, even the ones I don't know (based solely on appearance/vibe)

No. 247716

File: 1646546162076.jpg (646.27 KB, 1113x871, 4.jpg)

love u too anon

No. 247720

File: 1646547033400.png (1.05 MB, 1075x968, my-image.png)

No. 247721


No. 247723

File: 1646548924321.png (243.25 KB, 1140x408, my-image.png)

The only ones I would smooch.

No. 247725

File: 1646550141293.png (605.32 KB, 1064x554, my-image.png)

everyone else I don't care about

No. 247747

I know nothing about pokemon, why should the last guy kill himself and who is the blond awooga guy with the cap?

No. 247749

File: 1646557874250.jpg (243.92 KB, 1600x900, 227_p9_14.jpg)

Nta but the last guy is obnoxious as hell and there's so many trannies claiming him

No. 247751

File: 1646558121478.png (Spoiler Image, 534.14 KB, 860x1214, uh oh!!!.png)

nta, but the blonde is volo from legends arceus.
>claiming an obnoxious okama who's a dick to anyone that isn't adaman
sounds about right

No. 247758

Yup you're the only one in the world

No. 247760

Well I appear to be one of the few in this thread.

No. 247764

I have never been into it either and had no idea they had cuties like this. >>247751

No. 247765

Roark isn't underage wtf

No. 247769

I didn’t get invested in any pokemon character before sun moon tbh

No. 247775

What does GIDLTF mean?

No. 247776

File: 1646569658199.jpg (538.71 KB, 1280x1480, tumblr_4f855a2794fff9a5eb6c694…)

literally this thread

No. 247781

I fucking hate this tranny. He's annoying and nobody likes him. Happy to see troons know their place!

No. 247783

Someone make a /g/ version of this! It should have the cowboy dude, Leon, Golden Kamuy guys, Touken Ranbu guys, 2X-tan, Jojos, Souls tincans and more.

No. 247784

i love my husbando so much

No. 247785

seconded, and someone should make it the new op pic

No. 247786

yeah me too

No. 247787

File: 1646571634807.png (281.36 KB, 848x536, ws4edrftgyhnujmik.png)

No. 247790

File: 1646574928188.jpg (142.17 KB, 719x1280, tumblr_nkys0v8Xyo1rw2ejbo1_128…)

i think i have internalized misogyny, how do i stop liking my husbando and start liking another one

No. 247791

Please no, plus I like Arthur being our posterboy for these threads.

No. 247816

I don't think only one husbando should have monopoly on being in the op.

No. 247827

nothing wrong with a cowboy, I also like him. He's certainly obscure comparing to jojos

No. 247828

Arthur combines everything in 3D and 2D men though… he's like the lost link

No. 247829

pls don't do this, it apparently hurts a lot

No. 247830

File: 1646587413861.jpg (48.08 KB, 564x547, 8d6136872ed2f13ad9fa4c5ff939b5…)

My husbando would love it then.

No. 247831

massaging balls does not hurt a lot unless you're squeezing and twisting them lol

No. 247832

>Souls tincans
i love you

No. 247833

Probably "Grandpa I Don't (?) Like To Fuck"
What do you mean by that? Why would it be internalized misogyny to like one character more than the other?
Nonny what do you have against blond guys with blue and yellow outfits?

No. 247834

it's actually internalized misogyny to post shit like >>247776
shaming women for things they like is bro culture

No. 247838

Yeah I agree, especially when they have an obvious bias and don't shame anyone else for liking bishies or other conventionally attractive characters. Shaming everyone here for being into non-existent men would make more sense kek

No. 247839

i don't think that post is genuinely shaming anyone, seems like a joke

No. 247843

Maybe you're right, sorry, sometimes it's hard to tell because there are people in these threads who genuinely hate that kind of character.

No. 247847

File: 1646590396592.jpg (150.43 KB, 1018x844, artflow severus snape.jpg)

That's for you Snape anon.

No. 247849

hell, i myself hate that type of character, i just struggle to see what the "tumblr sexyman" joke exists for besides trying to make women feel like shit for the things they enjoy. there's an entire website called sexypedia which seems to just post every single popular character at this point.

No. 247851

File: 1646591577563.png (387.15 KB, 1280x720, 1646537251788.png)

Yes, this is obviously supposed to be some dumb reaction image but look at him!! LOOK AT HIM!!

No. 247853

File: 1646593600530.jpg (72.03 KB, 564x831, 9e6df05e5b6d7dbcf095a11e6dccb3…)

Someone posted this guy in /ot/, fuck it WHY does he die so early I just want a cute house husbando fuck it.

No. 247854

Youre seeing things in an unnecessarily negative light. The sexypedia is for cataloging characters which do not appear appealing at first glance yet are and the articles are clearly all written by diehard fans of the characters in question.
Whats more, viewing things in a joking way shows that we have maturity and are able to view ourselves with a neutral eye as opposed to manchildren who screech as soon as you as much as dare say anything about their waifus

No. 247855

File: 1646593978911.jpg (397.65 KB, 1280x845, 1637156372019.jpg)

hehe he's cute

some people really do think tumblr equals cringe equals bad, but others might not take it too seriously, or even be into sexymen, and still joke about it. I mean, I like a couple of sexymen myself and find pics like this pretty funny.
if someone talks shit about my husbando or try to shame me, but not in a joking manner, I will simply ignore it

No. 247856

there's a difference between poking fun at yourself and submitting to the sexism extremely present in fandom spaces but i understand both sides

No. 247863

File: 1646596660408.jpg (117.83 KB, 736x1021, 7dc5df960be722992e631d60a39235…)

I am all for this. Arthur Morgan could be the biggest one at the center surrounded by other common husbandos at this thread. More examples: Komaeda, Adachi, Okabe, Shadow, Sniper and Medic, Kylo Ren, Pokeboys, Shane from Stardew Valley. Since Arthur is the center, I still think he'd come as the poster boy.
I made the last 2 or 3 threads including this one and although I don't care for Arthur Morgan like that, I like the meme of him being the poster boy. I think it's a good compromise.

No. 247866

File: 1646596944058.jpg (16.58 KB, 236x415, bruno.jpg)

I'm the one who posted this pic:
And I really didn't do it in a mocking manner. I am aware that the sexy man wiki exists, but I don't see it as a bad thing, at all. On the contrary, I see it as a social phenomenon between us husbandofags that SHOULD BE documented and even celebrated. If someone wants to laugh, whatever. But I want this to be seen and I'm happy there's an entire wiki for us weird girls who like weird characters. I mean, come on, would I really laugh at someone who likes komaeda if I myself like bruno? I want his big nose sexy man semen. So many things made by women or liked by women go undocumented through history and finally there's some way for us to undo that. I don't care if this means making a whole wiki about tumblr sexy men, because I am proud of being part of the tumblr sexy man lovers. Seriously, having weird husbandos really humanizes women in the eyes of others in my opinion, because we're expected to like what magazines and tv tell us to like, but here we are finding random characters sexy. Very radical and punk if you ask me.

No. 247867

File: 1646597182741.gif (198.35 KB, 362x300, clapping-usagyuuun.gif)

Well said well said

No. 247868

also add Majima and Double D

No. 247869

Do oyu think we could make a drawing board like the one in the thread on /ot/ (but not that one, to make a new one just for this) and everyone could draw a husbando or two in heaven to make the image?

No. 247870

I'm not into the tumblr sexymen specifically ( I've never used tumblr but I checked the wiki when it was mentioned to see if my husbando was on there KEK ) but your explanation is what I was hoping that the intentions were.

> So many things made by women or liked by women go undocumented through history and finally there's some way for us to undo that.

This is really true and makes me want to create more husbandofag content.

No. 247871

File: 1646597828094.jpg (Spoiler Image, 37.6 KB, 500x375, tumblr_eb47fdac1246283685de542…)

No. 247873

Oooh for sure Majima

No. 247874

this sounds so cute, i agree

No. 247875

majima too

No. 247877

File: 1646598549220.png (139.49 KB, 472x349, asdfghjkl.png)

tbh they did him so dirty with ugly bulbous potato nose. Here's a more natural approach to his nose, while it is still big (I like big noses) it's way more natural looking. Free plastic surgery. You're welcome lmao

No. 247878

File: 1646598560385.png (363.55 KB, 720x800, im looking.png)

i love my ojisan idol. that is all.

No. 247879

seconding!! I still hope someone makes an photoshop edit attempt though (please artsy nonners…)

No. 247880

>being mad that the cartoon man has cartoonish proportions

No. 247881

I'm not mad, he still has cartoon proportions and a big nose but now he's much hotter (to me personally)