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File: 1645074482566.jpeg (77.15 KB, 735x447, 7CE38E64-BEA5-4096-81DB-BC3A27…)

No. 234950

Gary I Just Took 40 Benadryl

Previous Thread: >>233511

No. 234956

File: 1645074582382.png (49.07 KB, 275x151, DAE4F285-CFE9-4D87-8A11-996F5A…)

In honor of this artist nonny.

No. 234977


No. 234979

Love you too. I’m glad you’re capmaxxing me kek.

No. 234985

you still have 15 minutes to delete this thread

No. 234987

I'm fucking gay spastic and retarded

No. 234989

File: 1645075615073.jpg (6.15 KB, 104x220, 179425-1.jpg)

Here we go again

No. 234990

File: 1645075652899.jpeg (19.85 KB, 480x369, 4.jpeg)

fuck op
fuck spunsklob
fuck admin
fuck jannies
fuck this world

No. 234993

File: 1645075689722.jpg (7.59 KB, 106x220, 179426.jpg)

Sorry meant to post a different one

No. 234997

File: 1645075837195.jpg (6.6 KB, 102x220, 179424.jpg)

Can someone please draw one of these things in the lolcow draw room plsssss

No. 235001

File: 1645075922057.jpeg (209.1 KB, 1125x2436, FEA13486-E346-46E6-B099-7EA010…)

A nonna can’t even feel safe in the confession thread?

No. 235002

What's the story behind these anon? are they sisters? enemies? lovers?

No. 235003

>spunsklob quit hoarding the benz.
>t. Gary the Snail

No. 235005

I'm shook please do NOT ever show me this again, spoiler it, even thought is too late already.

No. 235007

Have you no shame, Anonnetta?

No. 235008

i have never been banned nor warned on here. mods, please give me a one minute ban so i can feel the rush

No. 235009

File: 1645076344250.png (489.54 KB, 614x614, yes.png)

Yes to all

No. 235010

File: 1645076366533.jpg (75.78 KB, 1280x720, ldr.jpg)

No. 235011

this is just what all of us look like irl

No. 235012

malevolent anon, I like your style

No. 235013

She's jesus christ

No. 235024

No. 235031

No. 235032

File: 1645077266047.jpeg (5.41 KB, 97x180, 837587.jpeg)


No. 235033

Omg you are so cool. You’re the new queen of LC

No. 235040

they're from a dating sim, tokimeki memorial

No. 235042

Kek I actually did the joking “wow can’t believe you didn’t hug me” towards a male coworker that did a hug greeting towards his brother in law and another male coworker after he gave me a fist bump (and after he ignored another make coworker he has known longer than me) And got a text message about seven hours later apologizing for a lack of hug because he knew about my weird contact issues and didn’t want to offend me. So that’s at least good on him for remembering facts about me.

No. 235045

He sounds anxious like me

No. 235048


No. 235050

File: 1645078065942.jpg (15.79 KB, 474x266, 1645014021451.jpg)

one month until my husbando's game goes on steam

No. 235052

File: 1645078104569.jpg (227.6 KB, 800x490, fwy_800.jpg)

Hory shit

No. 235054

grrr I wish this thread waited to be made so anon couldn't miss my reply in the last one

No. 235058

File: 1645078211563.png (2.17 KB, 276x68, jiobbbuuobi.png)

Cursed comment moments before disaster famous last words

No. 235059

I'm thinking of getting this as a memorial tattoo. Rip lolcow.

No. 235063

franchises that make the male audience series mc male but make the female audience series mc ambiguous make me angry. just make them both ambiguous if you want to bait more people.

No. 235064

Tag yourselves. I'm the blonde bombshell

No. 235067

I'm the mysterious one with deep blue hair

No. 235070

File: 1645078469349.png (1.33 MB, 1000x1250, 8cb7120954f26e31ac29d7e24a9db2…)

I just feel asleep on a chair, woke up, decided to get some leftover orange rice and chicken before going back to sleep, ate a few bites, fell asleep again, woke up, immediately remembered that my food was on the bed, looked to my right (where the food was) and finished the last few bites of my rice and chicken.
Thanks for listening to my story

No. 235071

I just found out that the kpop dog boy grew up in australia…

No. 235072

File: 1645078604543.png (17.09 KB, 300x350, gunzz.png)

Rappers hit me up, I friend-zone them all. I'm not the woman for your beck and call. I am a rapper, I'm not a groupie. I do campaigns, world tours and the movies. Got every right in this world to be choosy. It's a new decade and I am blooming

No. 235073

File: 1645078642288.png (1.87 MB, 2000x1600, LC drawing room_3.png)

board cleared, come draw!: https://aggie.io/nypffaequn

No. 235074

he alone can save australia, but will he?

No. 235075

Karen is that you
Are you hitting Connor for real?

No. 235077

Free her

No. 235078

File: 1645078862540.gif (4.03 MB, 480x270, shutupscrote.gif)

manhate thread (rip) representation

No. 235079

Bewbz drawer is autistic and rude taking up so much space repeatedly with bad art

No. 235080

File: 1645078930858.jpg (78.04 KB, 531x443, 20161113103537.jpg)

Can I talk about Tokimeki Memorial for a bit??? It's actually super good, most of the girls are interesting with a real personality, and this game came out in the 90s so there's no stupid coom shit (big boobs/ass), and the characters don't even kiss at all, all you get is a confession at the end IF any, because it isn't guaranteed to get girl. They're also very hard to date with solid high standars and talk about what they like/don't like, and if you make one angry all of them start to hate you. They can also drop gossip bombs on you. And they aren't even always available for you.
If you wanna know more pls ask me lol

No. 235081

girl tag yourself wHO IS U??

No. 235082

File: 1645079007215.jpg (33.88 KB, 495x447, 107258_front.jpg)

Also there's multiple husbando versions called Tokimeki Memorial: Girls Side

No. 235083

which girl did you date and why nonnie

No. 235084

Anon pls, it's just for fun. Let anons draw boobs and whatever else they want, even if it's "bad"

No. 235085

File: 1645079087683.gif (1.38 MB, 498x278, crying-fake.gif)

can you speed this gif too

No. 235086

Eh I'm not going to step in to moderate the content on the board, I'm just going to be the admin for settings control + board clearing/archiving purposes, I also don't want the drawing room to turn into some weird "art fag priority" shit, it's just something for fun and for everyone on LC, drawfags or not, you know?

No. 235087

File: 1645079162859.jpg (171.8 KB, 1280x720, 1643986583156.jpg)

reposting my favourite chocolate

No. 235089

I agree I just think it's rude she makes it so big on multiple boards of the same shitty boobs

No. 235090

I'm the winking redhead who's my bow girl?

No. 235091

File: 1645079250789.jpg (78.25 KB, 548x639, DeiRZoOX0AEu6Of.jpg)

No. 235092

I’m on mobile. I put in the aggi chat that I’d fix it tomorrow.. sorry there was blank white space no one touched yet so it was hard to gauge the scale on my phone. I won’t stop drawing bewbz though muahahaha

No. 235093

damn it chocolate pic is meant for >>235082

No. 235094

>I won’t stop drawing bewbz though
Good for you nonna, don't let her stop you

No. 235095

File: 1645079362870.jpg (71.12 KB, 409x600, Aya.jpg)

My favorite is Ayako Katagiri, she's a cheerful artist whose dream is to study art abroad and she also is part of a music band. She loves the works of H.R. Giger (the Alien movie illustrator)

No. 235096

File: 1645079483972.gif (3.71 MB, 498x210, tokimeki-memorial-ayako-katagi…)

very cute nonnie, what's the best way to play tokimeki girl's side nowadays? it's a bit bothersome to hold the 3DS like it's a book

No. 235097

She sounds based af
Now tag yourself nona who is u

No. 235099

Anons, being anorexic is 10x better than being obsessed with aesthetics. I can't stress this enough. I felt so much better because with anorexia, you can win and be gross and underweight. But with aesthetics, you are fucked. No matter what you do, there is more to do. You are never whole.

No. 235100

File: 1645079815091.gif (8.13 MB, 640x512, pills.gif)

maybe /ot/ closing down is punishment for us having to deal with embarrassing people like you

No. 235101

Has anyone tried to post on Crystal Cafe, and suddenly been instantly banned and/or had their posts deleted?
They keep deleting random things. Even in their /meta/ board, someone questioned why the mods were deleting months worth of posts, and the admin answered days later saying "We see people get reported, check their post history and act based on that" and told like two people why they got banned (one got banned for calling someone a retard). That was days ago, now that entire discussion's been deleted and it's only left with the anon asking why the mods delete shit.
What the fuck is up with that site? I kind of want to ask why they're doing this, but I'm scared the admin will just delete it again

No. 235102

what game is this lol

No. 235103

Funny, I don’t see you guys complaining about the incessant amount of commentary shitting up the doodle board and reducing space? At least she has the courage to add “bad” art. Fuck you elitist types. This is meant for a good time not a contest you artfags.

No. 235106

I like the random messages and the random doodles too, it reminds me of middleschool hanging out with my best friend and drawing on a notebook random shit

No. 235108

Needy girl overdose. It’s coomer pandering but mentally ill bitches should colonize it.

No. 235109

File: 1645080019818.jpg (Spoiler Image,41.35 KB, 599x619, b33f83db8fd3ba78fe7ecb14801af8…)

No. 235110

In that case, amazing that it only closed down now and not since I starting posting over 6 years ago.

No. 235111

Holy shit, seriously? The absolute state of female image boards. How pitiful. 2022 is off to a bad start.

No. 235113

/snow/ still works if you want to sperg out so bad about how much better you are than other skellies and fatties

No. 235114

Im having diarrhea

No. 235115

I wanna be a bubble in the background
I think you can play one of them on switch

No. 235116

They're probably banning all the radfems since they're a bunch of tranny retards

No. 235117

This is very spooky

No. 235118

I said obsessing over aesthetics is worse than anorexia. I'm no longer anorexic. I am obsessive now over aesthetics and I'm stating that I think it's a worse mental hellhole than anorexia in my experience. Neither is a great option. Idc about skellies or fatties.

No. 235119

the cosplay was still worse

No. 235120

Nta, but the commentary is great too. I like seeing anons compliment the artfags and when you can see people talking about dumb stuff.

No. 235122

The commentary is funny, but I won’t deny the fact that it takes up room and potential drawing space. Nonnies could shrink the size or something lol.

No. 235123

File: 1645080764262.png (23.9 KB, 1385x201, jbhvg.png)

Nvm, I misremembered the thread the discussion was in, it's still there. Still weird how they delete a bunch of posts (including old ones) at random though

No. 235124

Let them be reeeeeeeeee
there's always new boards to draw after they get filled so who cares, its cute and we're all having fun

No. 235125

I fucking love nirvana but I fucking hate the moid fans, I hope they all perish. I'm glad they seeth at the image of a cute random girl wearing the band shirt and telling them "I just like the aesthetic teehee" die mad music scrotes.

No. 235126

btw this is her singing (very cool 90's japanese song)

No. 235128

File: 1645081027650.jpg (397.91 KB, 551x600, 1375582891020.jpg)

It's the same shitty boob midsection drawn twice at least try something else. If you are in this threadI think you suck at drawing

No. 235131

Okie okie you’re riiiiiggghhht.

No. 235132

File: 1645081365135.jpg (38.38 KB, 497x497, 1641778264969.jpg)

I want to show a normie-ish moid I know something I read on one of the female boards. The problem is, I know it'd catch his interest, and I don't want to risk him googling the exact words to find the thread, thereby introducing yet another male to a female board. This is pain

No. 235134

On the topic of the doodle board, I'm not always around to clear the board and don't want to change the settings to allow anybody to clear it because of troll concerns. Does anybody want approved status so you can clear the board without having to wait for me? Just gimme your anon tag right now in the board and I'll give you the permissions. I've tested that it works even if you're on anon but I'm not sure if it would stick around across sessions (hopefully so)

No. 235135

>watch a movie solely for the now 30+ yo actress starring in it
>"she's so pretty here i wonder how old she was"
>feel like killing self

No. 235136

which female board, spill the beanz

No. 235137

File: 1645081623564.png (4.06 KB, 808x40, cc.PNG)

Whenever I hear about CC it always seems like a mess, even the first time (and only time if you don't count today I guess) I went there I immediately saw some racebait-y discussion.. I'm glad our staff is not like that.

No. 235140

It's just CC

No. 235142

I could do it, my display name there is cowplantt

No. 235143

File: 1645081742272.jpeg (459.52 KB, 1600x1200, download.jpeg)

If you could eat any sanrio character, which would you choose and why? Describe what you think they'd taste like.

No. 235145

Like a Cinnamon Roll

No. 235146

done, thank you! If anybody else would like to volunteer as well please reply to my op >>235134 and I'll add you when I have time. I'd just like a list of confirmed lc users with the ability to clear the board so anons won't have to wait around when layer limit is reached or the board is full.

Pannapitta, would taste like vanilla sponge cake with white chocolate and black sesame flavoured whatevers kek

No. 235147

Dokidoki Yummy Chums. The rest are too cute to eat. I think they'd taste like burger and fries because yea
I could maybe eat Shinkansen. I feel like it'd taste like a white gummy, two pineapple gummies, nine wine gummies and six blueberry gummies

No. 235149

Shinkansen. Train taste

No. 235150

You would be surprised to know these aren't the only sanrio characters there are!

No. 235151

File: 1645082208985.jpg (261.99 KB, 600x373, Purin horizontal small.jpg)

No. 235152

File: 1645082218804.jpg (48.64 KB, 460x422, a0KKRnO_460s.jpg)

i had a feeling this would happen. i woke up and this is what i see. all the occupation threads and im not even a /g/ user. stop leaving the bunker stop de occupation just stop

No. 235153

Keroppi and he tastes like cake

No. 235154

I feel like keroppi would taste like sweetsour candy

No. 235158

Maybe green apple candy yeah

No. 235159

Usa Hana would tastes like a stale marshmallow twist or peep. I don't want to eat that but I can't taste it.

No. 235160

File: 1645082855171.png (342.98 KB, 1290x1781, 1640494931124.png)

i'll eat the train.

No. 235161

File: 1645082911849.png (771.7 KB, 634x630, industrial piercing.PNG)

are industrial piercings outdated now? pic rel

No. 235163

File: 1645083047045.gif (Spoiler Image,1.98 MB, 500x200, KZRd.gif)

I've just been reminded of how much I like this video and AB music videos in general

No. 235164

Same anon here, will getting one make me across like a dyke or genderspeshul? Pls respond

No. 235166

No. 235167

No and no, just make sure you jave the right anatomy for it because they're a bitch to heal

No. 235169

But he’s happily married with two kids lol

I just thought it was funny. But also do like that he respected the boundaries he had heard of through others, like his BIL who is my boss. So he at least demonstrates respect.

No. 235170

I want to host a marathon of the ghost stories dub episodes. Would anybody else like this? Gauging interest because it's not on youtube so I'd have to upload the whole thing on google drive ahead of time. I feel like farmers would enjoy it though kek and you can join in anytime since it's an episodic formula

No. 235171

Sure, I would like to watch. Is it gonna be for a movie night?

No. 235172

I hope you get hit on only by the most rugged of bulldykes for the rest of your days, nonny

No. 235173

Probably not, there's a bunch of things in queue for movie night so I think I'll avoid that time slot, it'll also give anons who can't make it for movie nights due to time zone issues another option!

No. 235174

Its on gogoanime with the cytube method

No. 235175

Yes pleae, fuck. I thought about suggesting this.

No. 235176

I actually have it already loaded on google drive lmao.

No. 235178

File: 1645084489491.png (192.77 KB, 594x476, foryou.PNG)

No. 235179

Let’s gooooo I’m lonely af

No. 235180

Oh anon, would you consider hosting a session? this series is hilarious and very suitable for getting through the /ot/ forced lockdown with kek

No. 235181

My computers + internet is pretty shit tbh (ausfag). Would be willing to host if you don't think that will get in the way of anything (never hosted).

No. 235182

Ah, I see. Well, idk if you have access to the spreadsheet, but I can still add the date and starting time there if you would like (and a link to where you're hosting it if not in the regular cytube room).

No. 235183

As in my internet drops frequently.

No. 235184

File: 1645084941641.png (472.58 KB, 600x800, 2172630.png)

this is so cute, nonnie, i love it so much, im going to kiss ur hand, thank youuuu <3

No. 235185

Can someone explain Wordle

No. 235187

1 word per day. Have 5 guesses of what the word is.

No. 235188

Maybe world rankings or some shit?

No. 235189

Love youuu now I will be sleeping night night. also
>that pic
My heart goes doki doki

No. 235190

Aw I think that might be a problem, no worries then! I'll make a burner google account and upload the series.

Hm maybe I'll just do it later today since it feels right to do it now, and then I'll do a proper rerun/planned session in the future when /ot/ is back up so anons who missed it can enjoy it too? thank you for the offer spreadsheet anon!

No. 235191

File: 1645085395469.png (Spoiler Image,14.45 KB, 396x363, wordle.PNG)

Interesting, I just tried to play it for the first time and almost got it (ignore "admit" I didn't really understand what I was supposed to be doing). It's a cool game, but I don't think I really get the hype. Just feels kind of like a remixed crossword puzzle.
Spoilered because idk if sharing the word is bad for people that play it.

No. 235195

Update on this, unfortunately the files I have are .mkv which cytube doesn't support, and >>235174 I couldn't get this method to work, so it might not work out afterall, sorry anons.

No. 235196

hmm turns out I actually would miss this place

No. 235199

Can you pirate bay it? That's how I got mine. If your country blocks pirate bay, download the opera internet browser and use it's built in vpn to bipass it.

No. 235200

What browser are you using? I could maybe help you, but the method I use for downloading vids involves a browser extension.

No. 235201

Samefag, but also couldn't you convert the files from one format to another? Just search "mkv to mp4 converter".

No. 235203

I could but I'm concerned about quality, I was going to find a mp4 alternative on nyaa but it's down for me. I wanted to put a couple of episodes on and watch anon's reactions to it while I draw but right now it's turning into more work than I'd like kek. I'll try and find an alternative download source and if that's no good I'll try a converter

No. 235207

can any based farmers send me an invite to join a private tracker plz?

No. 235208

What does this mean

No. 235209

i want to torrent (the sopranos) in peace (no feds no virus)

No. 235211

just to explain a little more clearly: there's torrenting groups (private trackers) that you can only join via invite.

No. 235212

Damn… We're at thread #4 already?
Any word from the mods? It's been three days. I'm starting to thing that the site might stay this way…

No. 235213

No. 235221

to the anons who draw the cooler stuff(cause EVERY farmer draws cool stuff on the drawing room): do u use a tablet or can u get by with a mouse cause for me the mouse is impossible

No. 235224

Also anon, I think you can literally just rename .mkv files as .mp4 and the pc automatically converts it. Make a copy of your file and try renaming your episode like 'episode6.mp4'. It will ask you if you're sure and it will reformat it, but it should work I think.

No. 235228

I think I might get sick from this granola I'm eating, please pray for me anons.

No. 235229

i can distinguish between the two. They use tablets the mouse doesn’t have flowy consistent lines unless you’re a autistic god who mastered the art

No. 235230

The anon above is right, if the lines are smooth and flowy, and not pixelated, it's a tablet.

No. 235237

thought so.it makes me wanna get a tablet even tho i barely draw anymore kek

No. 235240

I just signed my permanent job contract yesterday and sent it to my company. I'll finally be able to look for an apartment, I can't wait. I'm going to look for pics for inspiration on how I could decorate my potential future place.

No. 235246

sometimes i wonder if we should have a proper request + delivery drawthread here but it's definitely too dead to maintain that. loving seeing what's coming out of the aggies though.

No. 235247

i once got banned in retarded horny shitpost thread because i "was acting retarded"

No. 235248

I use a phone stylus, I'm the one that drew yaoi paddle elsie, there's programs like lazy nezumi for PC that automatically correct lines smoother, or you can crank up the 'stablizer' setting on the pen tool to try and make drawing with a mouse smoother/easier

No. 235258

File: 1645092936536.jpg (49.83 KB, 563x700, e89f5730dfb0821ff8a86021294670…)

>miga cunts all over /pol/
>unfunny sperging
>so unfunny it pinkpills me
>starts posting here
>never goes back

No. 235260

File: 1645093080990.jpeg (366.1 KB, 741x809, E8731515-3EB0-4477-928B-D7AEB8…)

No. 235267

Stupid questions: does anyone know where I can find info or studies on the consequences of hypopituitarism or growth hormone deficiency that occured during childhood on adults? Like when you're a grown adult who received treatment as a child years ago? I can only find very basic info that I already know from personal experience and I want to know more.

No. 235269

File: 1645094045410.jpg (66.42 KB, 1092x614, burger-trap.jpg)

Amerifat, wake up
It's so slow wo you

No. 235272

today i had a dream i was killing demons

No. 235274

i’m an amerifat who is going to bed now, anyone else?

No. 235278

goodnight bb girl

No. 235283

I actually learned about Tokimeki Memorial through vid rel. It seems like a good game, though it sucks that there's no English patch for the game. Yuina Himoo is kinda funny, and Megumi Mikihara looks cute. I particularly like Yukari Koshiki's outfits

No. 235289

I'm a euro who just woke up
I'll take your shift now

No. 235291

eyes wide like pussy cream pies

No. 235301

File: 1645098004151.jpg (226.63 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

damn i never expected the bootleg dolls on these threads are from this game.the only spin-off of this game i've played is a puzzle game.the music was nice and the girls were cute

No. 235302

File: 1645098120040.jpg (415.43 KB, 750x629, sdjfls;dkjfwoifjslkdj.jpg)

So… Since we're seemingly stuck here…
Who do you guys blame for this recent site fuckup?
>The Kanye stan?
>Some desgruntled troon?
>Or is admin really that bad?
What are your theories?

No. 235305

I think some troon. There was sperging in snow right before ot went down.

No. 235310

File: 1645098806483.gif (1.38 MB, 498x278, b3dc647b72.gif)

nta but here bby

No. 235312

File: 1645098830505.gif (894.99 KB, 498x278, 99ae3db0caa6.gif)


No. 235313

File: 1645098922525.gif (1.25 MB, 300x225, 1642781750581.gif)

Oh damn it, its been two days but hello fellow lukanon! Have you seen all the nice art that was made on her birthday? I almost cried, I hope you got to celebrate her birthday nicely too. Is there anything you listen to recently?

No. 235316

Where are the genshin spergs hiding? I miss my messy nonas

No. 235318

is there an image of
redtext with a transparent background? might wanna make something in the future..

No. 235323

Nayrt but Can you change the target of this wish to me please? Nona? Nona please redirect it I'm way more homophobic than her, please. Haha, it'll be way more hilarious if you did it to me instead.

No. 235328

I just cut myself while trying to open some cheese. I just wanted some for my macaroni. There's a reason why people say to cut away from yourself.

No. 235329

im here but i aint a sperg.playing the current enka update kek

No. 235354

There's too many fucking threads now

No. 235359

this ffs, it should've been kept to one /ot/ chat thread and one /m/ chat thread + following up threads after 1200 posts. What a mess.

No. 235361

They don't realize the more you split them up the less active and fun they'll be.

No. 235362

Hhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah cute

No. 235364

On the bright side this has revived a couple of g threads

No. 235365

File: 1645103500191.png (116.62 KB, 475x298, band.PNG)

What song do you think they're playing

No. 235370

On the topic of art faggotry that has been going on these 4 days i have a dumb question. does any anon here use zbrush? And if so which version is it? Core or the full version? And whats the difference because its not clear on their site and im a beginner so i dont really grasp it

No. 235385

File: 1645104892220.png (Spoiler Image,292.39 KB, 466x742, husbando.PNG)

i love the build a husbando from the last ag too, putting him here for archival purposes

No. 235387

Maybe when /ot/ returns we could make new drawing boards that are husbando themed and make more wild husbandos

No. 235397

tired of coughing up oysters
handsome lad

No. 235402

It's last thread nonna's band, Cute Depression

No. 235403

Is there a place where we discuss the upcoming movie nights?
I can stream Strawinsky at 7:20 PM GMT this Saturday.
Also looking for suggestions for a driverfagging night.

No. 235404

No. 235409

File: 1645106385550.jpg (68.65 KB, 920x1010, b4540dc97fb9f138c53ff10881dd41…)

Stand up for the anthem

No. 235414

What would be the traits of a lolcow colony in rimworld? Misandrist, cannibal and depressive?

No. 235420

Gay and low stress threshold for constant mental breaks.

So that when the AC fails in the desert colony or any other inconvenience, nonnies are immediately sperging out

No. 235423


No. 235424

Kek how could i forgot about low stress tresshold. i was thinking about gay at first but we have a lot of husbandofags.

No. 235425

It feels like lolcow malfunctioning is worse that the pandemic for some anons

No. 235427

We dont go outside anon stop rubbing salt on the wound

No. 235428

No. 235429

No. 235430

No one say anything about my long winded struggle to draw 2 dumb faces

No. 235431

unironically yes i spend more time on lolcow than i do outside

No. 235433

I respect the perfectionism

No. 235434

i dont go outside either im just pointing it out kek

No. 235438

gonna rant, i wish so badly that cryaotic wasn't such a piece of shit. i relied on his videos so much in high school and i can't even go back to them without feeling sickened. i always did think his cutesy dumb mannerisms and wholesome "protective" personality was all a persona but i never would've guessed he was masking such gross behaviour. i liked a lot of youtubers but cry was some sort of comfort zone, like his channel was a sort of retreat from everything else. it seems a lot of fans felt the same way. and it always felt like he understood whatever pain his young fans were experiencing. just makes his actions all the more vile. pain.

No. 235440

What did he do?
Back in the day i felt the same way about markiplier lol im glad nothing bad has come out about that guy

No. 235441

what kind of team do you have? i have a geo team centered around itto and a pyro team with diluc but both kinda fail against the new enemies

No. 235442

nonnas have you ever taken/got revenge in some way?

No. 235443

he outed himself as a groomer and multiple victims were underage, i believe? and it had all been going on for ages. there are many threads on him here. i was a huge markiplier fan too for a while and i really hope he didn't get up to anything terrible. that would convince me to completely abandon nostalgia for any youtubers lol

No. 235446

I think I have an intestinal parasite. I've had diarrhea for like 3 weeks now. At first I thought it was from my covid vaccine but nah… I keep having diarrhea. And I keep snacking. Like I crave sweet and salty things and just keep eating, despite never snacking for a few years. What to do… :(

No. 235448

i'm sick of men being gross, i hate e-girls with all my heart and i want this gay earth to stop, that's it, fuck y'all fuck everything fuck humans fuck hormones fuck the world fuck you and your believes i don't give a damn cause everyone's cringe as fuck cringe MAXIMUS i hate everything i hate makeup and pickmes who "hate" makeup i hate ugly moids men suck i wish they drop dead Xue Hua Piao Piao Bei Feng Xiao Xiao i'm HOTTER than EVERYONE in this shithole of a planet im hotter THAN YOU I DON'T NEED YOU ASSHOLE ARRRRGHH

No. 235451

I like his playthrough of Nier:A the best, the perfect mix of gameplay and commentary that isn't overly intrusive or loud, and I want to rewatch it to enjoy Nier again since I don't have a PS4 or a computer that can handle running it, but I've yet to find another good playthrough. Even though I tell myself it's no big deal to rewatch his videos of it, I just can't bring myself to knowing what he's done.

No. 235452

>the sopranos
you don't need a private tracker for that lol, just use rarbg.

No. 235453

Fuck. My brother has become a NEET. It’s been going on ever since corona started. He won’t get a job. He doesn’t have friends (that I know off). Worse, he’s become terminally online. Pot calling the kettle black, I know, but he’s just become uncomfortable to be around. I can’t explain it. He keeps making those hyper online references and trying to be….relatable, I guess? But it’s so fucking strange that it’s plain uncomfortable. When he talks, I hear the internet void speaking. Even the words he uses and his inflection changed. And he keeps pointing things out in my appearance or trying to get in my business. During my formative years he was downright obnoxious and a bully, and now that he’s older he wants to talk to me. Interacting with him makes me want to run the other way.

No. 235454

One of the worst for that is Pyschadelicsnake aka Lee Baker from the UK. He raped his exgf with MS from the Netherlands (besides general abuse), then quickly married a girl in Brazil, abused her too and cheated on her with tons of fans. He actually flew out to them, with money he supposedly collected for charities. When she wanted to divorce, he made it almost impossible (idk if they're even divorced yet now) and left to go live with a woman in the US, who he knocked up. He's a hobosexual fraud rapist and it baffles me that he's still managing to survive off of grifting.

No. 235455

ANON SAME? tomorrow i'm getting tested for parasites because I've been hungry as fuck all month, having weird periods of diarrhea/constipation and my ass itches, weird shit

No. 235457

File: 1645111214795.png (1.47 MB, 2000x1600, LC drawing room_4.png)

Board cleared, there's a theme this time: Board-tan fashion! Draw our beloved board-tan elsie in whatever your heart wishes. Other doodles are allowed as usual, of course, but sticking to the theme could be fun. Come draw! https://aggie.io/nypffaequn

No. 235458

Didn't he end up dropping his Nier playthrough?
I fucking hated that habit of his of randomly stopping a playthrough, so annoying

No. 235459

I once got them from my cat, just go to the pharmacy and pick up medication just in case. Theyre pretty safe

No. 235460

File: 1645111353105.gif (10.34 MB, 640x614, idiotcat.gif)

No. 235461

I meant some medication is safe without prescription or diagnosis not the parasites kek

No. 235462

wbat's worse, having a NEET brother or a having normalfag brother who doesn't want to get a job (despite all his friends getting one), didn't go to college, hasn't emotionally matured since high school, acts like a wigger, is addicted to weed, and thinks he's gonna be a millionaire.

because I think my brother is worse. I don't even talk to him because he's so mean and entitled all the time. I fucking hate how he treats my dad

No. 235463

Wanted to see Perry's dick

No. 235464

Dumbass idiot

No. 235465


No. 235467

I didn't watch his Nier play through, only his Automata play through that he definitely finished.

No. 235469

I hate how everything has turned into a fucking joke. There was a quote from a philosopher along the lines of how the world could end and people are gonna think it's a joke

No. 235471

how does it feel like to be blonde/blue eyed? like, is it just normal for you guys? you literally have wheat-colored hair, isn't that crazy? Also, blue is a weird ass eye color, why would you have blue eyes? what's next? purple eyes? i can literally see the pupil of your eye (this is not racebait, i'm just retarded and curious)

No. 235472

what if this board becomes broken like the others, where will I go? I'm scared.

No. 235473

Where do I post unpopular opinions?

No. 235474

not blonde anymore but i was as a kid. it felt normal

No. 235475

File: 1645113121919.jpg (40.31 KB, 460x667, dlu.jpg)

This movie tackles just that. You might like it

No. 235476

here kek i'll start strawberries are gross as fuck and pineapple pizza is extremely delicious

No. 235477

i really appreciate the commitment in this thread to recreating /ot/ down to the small details like the annoying borderline racebait. really nailed it!

No. 235479

yes yes yessssss

I always buy strawberries thinking they'll be good but I just don't like them outside of with a dollop of cream or with cake. I usually really like tart things too! I don't know what it is about strawberries, very medicore fruit. Pineapple pizza is the only correct pizza choice. I used to think I hated it, but really I just hate hawaiian pizza because I hate ham.

No. 235480

/g/ /g/ /g/ /g/ baby baby baby
/g/ /g/ /g/ /g/ baby baby baby

No. 235481

File: 1645113413947.jpg (101.4 KB, 278x360, whut.jpg)

good….. morning…….. if you can call it…….. good……………..

No. 235482

Pineapple pizza is straight From hell and so are you

No. 235484

I'm so glad my brother is a Chad who fixes my car and computer, asks if I have food in the fridge and once beat up the guy who assaulted me

I'd be so disappointed if he ended up a terminally online whiny incel. I think my last tiny hope for men hasn't faded out only bc of him

No. 235485

You're right
Yeah, strawberries are so lame they only taste good with some Chantilly

No. 235486

Ok my unpopular opinion:

I would say the most unpopular part of my opinion is the degree to which I encourage it. But I believe girls, especially pretty ones, should definitely feel free to kiss cute boys without any intent of pursuing more. I think casual intimacy is a contradictio in terminis and unhealthy in the long run. Especially for girls to sustain a healthy sense of self-worth, they shouldn’t give just anyone access to their body. But if you meet a cute guy and you both like each other yet have no future together for whatever respectable reason, you should take the chance to have fun and make out with him. I think there is nothing wrong with this and for me, it is noteworthy to arrive at this conclusion, since I could never relate to it before.

Basically I finally have confidence and travel a bit and meet cute guys and I like to spend time with them and flirt and kiss and then move on with good memories. But I have issues with seeing myself as a slut etc

No. 235488

why especially pretty ones kek

No. 235489

Agree with both.

I wonder if I just dislike strawberries because the ones in store are probably shit quality? I vaguely remember eating strawberries from my grandmom's garden as a kid and liking those.

No. 235492

when you become sick everyone will exclude you and leave you and if you kill yourself they will make it about themselves. Never kill yourself as you always kill yourself too late

No. 235493

Idk i just exist

No. 235494

Yeah I was just about to clarify as it does sound weird. I wrote that because my thought process going into that post was: wow, I used to be rather unattractive, but now I am quite attractive and experience so many things I never thought I would, like meeting handsome guys in various countries and having the opportunity to make romantic memories with them.

No. 235495

lolcow anons are so good at drawing

No. 235496

I have no problem with kissing and flirting/whatever with men if girls want to.

But the problem is that even when I was just doing those things within my comfort zone, males would push me, nag me, try to get me to have sex immediately, suck cock, do anal.

It would all be souch more enjoyable if they were into the escalation and romantic aspect too. If you could relax and tell teen girls to just enjoy the moment. But we have to set boundaries not to punish girls but to help them. A girl can be daydreaming about kissing and cuddling and flirting while the guy is planning how to get her drunk/drugged.

It's all so disappointing, having to be so on edge because they have a predator mindset and not a lovers

No. 235497

Yall are weird i will absolutely destroy a pack of strawberries raw

No. 235498

same, those anons are probably eating shitty ones that are filled with water

No. 235499

what overpriced weeb snack should i buy on amazon nonnas

No. 235500

Not a huge strawberry fan, but yes the one you grow yourself are 10 times sweeter and better than store ones.
I hate blackberries because their little seeds get stuck in my teeth, way more than raspberries.
My unpopular fruit opinion is that kinda green bananas are the only good and worthy bananas

No. 235502

I think this would just be unpopular with men, this sounds really nice but everything MUST lead to sex for them so they would take this as “leading me on” like what >>235496 said

No. 235503

If you're talking about >>235471, i didn't want to offend anyone sorry, i don't find these features ugly they're just uncommon in my country so i just wonder how does it feel like to have them i cannot see my own pupil i wish i could

No. 235504

Ayrt, that’s all very true, unfortunately. I have also been in that position a few times and am happy to have developed the confidence and strength to redirect any advances properly without it escalating. I definitely agree girls should be encouraged to be careful and reminded that sleeping around is largely dangerous and disrespectful to oneself. But yes, kissing and romance is so fun… I was just thinking about a guy I had recently met at the school I am at now. I am taking some classes in a foreign country and he’s very handsome. He lives nearby so we spend quite some time together too. We get along well and were enjoying ourselves in his room. As opposed to being nervous and insecure as I used to be, I was just relaxed because I “didn’t care” about what happened and was open to kissing, which we did. It was nice and warm and fun. I don’t care for him to be my boyfriend, especially as I will move again soon. But for now, spending time with him during my travels is fun and he is a good kisser aha

No. 235506

Meiji strawberry chocolate

No. 235507

Omg I am actually shocked, I didn’t think it would be somewhat popular. I suppose I have spent too much time around judgmental men, since I assumed this mindset was generally frowned upon.

No. 235508

right? i'm so amazed by some of the nonnas there

No. 235509

I agree. and anyone reading this who isn't currently good at drawing, it's really easy to learn & you can improve into whatever style you like, or invent one

No. 235510

I took a fat shit and my asshole hasn’t recovered

No. 235511

Has anyone got food poisoning from weeb snacks?

No. 235512

Ugh sorry, just to clarify since I didn’t know how to put it properly: I “didn’t care” about being a slut, about whether or not we would become boyfriend and girlfriend after, etc. sorry didn’t mean to make it seem like I don’t care about danger or anything

No. 235513

this feels very motivating, i kiss you nonna

No. 235514

None. Stop buying from amazon.

No. 235515

Never had food poisoning but i caught worms from eating ikura in tokyo

No. 235516

I actually felt this from the bottom of my soul

No. 235518

i want to fuck corona-kun

No. 235519

File: 1645114854379.jpg (16.02 KB, 201x251, download.jpg)

Jagariko/jagabee fries!! Crunchy and yummy

No. 235520

Glad you shared my very passionate hatred

No. 235521

Stop telling people to purchase from amazon yo

No. 235522

Man i wanna go back to Japan so bad

No. 235523

File: 1645115039657.gif (7.05 MB, 500x500, dancedance.gif)

admin of the drawing room is so talented i love you

No. 235525

Why the hell are only certain boards working? What kind of ghetto mess is this? Someone explain it to me logically how /g/ is fine but not /ot/. Like, what the hell went wrong and why hasn't one of our resident NEETs found out a way to fix it if admin is too busy being a normie?

No. 235526

Do you want to be hot angry bitches together? We can just date each other fuck all the rest

No. 235527

i ship this

No. 235529

Once again I ask: why are there no good seamstresses? It’s putting me off the hobby. I want to learn to make stuff I can’t afford but everything looks so cheap.

No. 235533

Man i wanna go back to Japan so bad

No. 235534

you don't have an asian grocer near you?

No. 235535

No. 235536

>why hasn't one of our resident NEETs found out a way to fix it if admin is too busy being a normie?
Because they don't have access to do so and our admin(s) refuse to communicate anything like usual

No. 235539

My work never pays off and I don't know how to monetize my work and I always go beyond my means to make everything perfect and according to my ideal. People step on me or simply dislike me when I am being myself, although I am highly empathetic and intellectual with a lot of knowledge on various topics. Weird people latch onto me and try to put untrue things in my head and convince me that I am things which I am not. I've had so many people take their frustrations out of me. I felt like I haven't had a genuine friend since my childhood and like all adult partnerships or frienships are purely economical and self interested.

I dont know how to make money. I just want to make art but it feels impossible to make art that you like and sell it too. I don't understand how to work or make money, I am low energy and on the verge of suicide daily and I fucking hate normies and how they blame me for being mentally ill and then fetishize mental illness or literally call me a psychopath when I don't do their bidding. I don't want to be a prostitute and I dont want to be homeless or hungry

No. 235540

Im planning to do an exchange semester over there in two years but it might be a bad idea idk

No. 235541

File: 1645115795917.gif (1006.68 KB, 500x341, tumblr_okqqj1UqFh1w1jgm2o1_500…)

i cant….. live like this…. trapped in one thread….. rotting……

No. 235543

Would it be hard to learn enough coding to administrate lolcow? I don't want this place to go down and the new admins seem suspicious

No. 235544

File: 1645115852358.png (724.07 KB, 2000x1600, LC drawing room (8).png)

aww thank you anon!

themed board: board-tan fashion is still going, come doodle our girl: https://aggie.io/nypffaequn

No. 235546

can you make money as a free lance artist? I paint cyclope anime girls with ancient greek patterns

No. 235548

This is a vent but i’ll never recover from the betrayal of finding out my way way older sisters (like they were in their mid twenties and early 30s while i was preteen-teen) who i thought loved me and cherished me have been thinking i was inferior because i was slightly uglier and born with tanner discolored skin even tho i was a clueless kid who genuinely looked up to their guidance and loved them then grow up and realize they were getting off over being “the attractive sisters.” I thought they were wiser than this It hurts so much nonnas

No. 235549

Can someone suck my titty I'm actually really horny and I'd rather a girl do it at this point

No. 235550

mmm…chibimaru taste like toffee

No. 235551

Damn, this sounds awful. I'm so sorry, nonnie.

No. 235553

gimme milkies mommy

No. 235555

Well I'm not letting you if you're gonna say nasty shit like that. GTFO

No. 235556

yeah but you have to draw coomershit or furry.

No. 235558

im addicted to benzos socially. I have to pop one in order to hang around people

No. 235559

rip to this budding romance

No. 235560

It feels so fucking ghetto.

No. 235562

I think it’s kind of cozy, like getting locked in school with all of the different classes and having a big mixed sleep over hehe

No. 235563

File: 1645117050938.jpeg (209.17 KB, 1440x1800, image-asset.jpeg)

What do you mean? I don't follow many seamstressed but I follow @vivianshaochen on instagram and I like her stuff!

No. 235564

Are you sure?

No. 235565

This is false. We would not be locked in a school for four days with no signs of life from the principal or any of the teachers. This is prison.

No. 235567

File: 1645117119062.jpg (56.5 KB, 500x750, 1RkOoNfMVGo93X4lvl1PWKLcTU9.jp…)

me but alcohol. is it bad before every job interview i've had postgrad (3 total), i've had a shot before. and i got all of them

No. 235569

Im gonna kiss my bestie under a desk

No. 235570

Samefag. Correction: this isn't prison. It's the stanford prison experiment.

No. 235572

twitter is down. TURN ON CNN RIGHT NOW!!!

No. 235575

ayrt and I only came on lolcow again yesterday and noticed the errors then bc I was too busy before. So I guess I’m the person who came in later and sees the situation as kitsch and quirky whilst all the others are suffering.

No. 235576

I love this film sm

No. 235577

i'm shitting in one of the desks

No. 235578

Why though

No. 235579


No. 235580

the toilets are clogged and the doors are locked to the bathrooms, there’s only a few rooms available. shitposting in g

No. 235581

i need to looksmaxx but i'm lazy and kind of don't care how i look most of the times.

No. 235582

its just a titty suck wym

No. 235583

Of course lessgo

No. 235584

nonnies what do we think about russia invading ukraine?

No. 235585

the good seamstresses are doing real work n not posting extensively online. did you check out youtube and find no one you liked ?

No. 235586

fake and gay

No. 235587

dont gaf

No. 235588

i’m worried about it bc i have relatives in ukraine also putin is a faggot but aside from that i don’t care about the political stuff i just don’t want anyone getting hurt

No. 235589

fujoelsie a cute

No. 235590

twitter is working for me and i don't even use twitter

No. 235591

alright sexy queen im waiting for u

No. 235592

i want to get drafted to have an excuse to die but i know it won't happen

No. 235593

kinda sexy

No. 235594

File: 1645118020966.png (28.66 KB, 325x247, 1483320421062.png)

what music do you listen to on your commute to work/school etc? for me, it's anison

No. 235596

I have given up on this thread. I've moved on to doomerposting in /meta/. It hurts nonas.

No. 235597

I literally live in the butthole of the world, hope it doesn't escalate a lot but yeah, i'm fine here

No. 235599

File: 1645118179756.jpg (434 KB, 1328x1488, dark-wojak-light-grey.jpg)

>work/school etc

No. 235600

not music but podcasts. my mind drifts off most of the time but at least I get a tidbit or two that I can think about or share to friends. commuting hasn’t been a thing here for 3 years and won’t be for many years more though

No. 235602

not ukrainian but im moving to netherlands or france if this happens. if i wasnt a woman i would probably join army but rape scares me more than death tbh

No. 235603

The radio

No. 235606

File: 1645118516584.jpg (17.9 KB, 480x368, 20220215_212344.jpg)

I can't believe he thought we were dating like dude I see you once every two weeks at most and we're usually naked

No. 235608

Wow, lol anon u sure showed him

No. 235609

nta but that was uncalled for

No. 235610

Maybe if the /ot/ and /m/ diaspora start shitting up /g/ with threads, /g/ regulars will get angry, and our collective anger shitposting and infighting will summon the admin from her 100 year slumber.

No. 235611

ew, why would i do that?

No. 235613

File: 1645118986850.png (247.03 KB, 500x411, 1644342266516.png)

I take Citalopram and I haven't been able to orgasm 3 times in a row, this isn't funny anymore. My clit has sensation in it but it feels odd, and a little numb…? What the hell do I do?? Someone help please

No. 235614

Does anyone know a good and cheap alternative for the Apple Pencil?

No. 235615

1 hit wonder indie band Hot Hot Heat, but entire albums chronologically depending on length of drive

No. 235617

Wish I could help you but I had the same problem with Citalopram

No. 235618

Recommend some good ones if you know
I’ll check her out nonna

No. 235622

i usually watch random videos or women who make historical outfits, no specific accounts i can think of.

No. 235623

SSRIs in general can decrease libido and make you unable to orgasm. I’ve tried around 7 kinds and I felt that it was a common side effect
>In addition to reducing interest in sex, SSRI medications can make it difficult to become aroused, sustain arousal, and reach orgasm.

No. 235624

File: 1645119496032.jpg (42.34 KB, 919x274, shitting.jpg)

Post funny/interesting caps

No. 235625

No. 235628

File: 1645119720642.png (89.63 KB, 275x251, 1630521844871.png)

God people like you guys are so annoying, being able to draw is the entry to over 900000 different monetizable crafts and arts, just use your dense heads.

No. 235636

File: 1645119978697.png (10.43 KB, 390x199, gee-gee-gee-gee.png)

No. 235638

And this is exactly why I didn't want to go on meds. I'd rather be depressed and horny

No. 235640

No. 235641

I just thought about this earlier but then I decided depression and horny is a dangerous combination. Weird coincidence though
I feel like SSRIs have changed my sexuality entirely

No. 235644

One of my Tumblr mutuals reblogged an unironic "TAKE CARE OF MEN, HOLD THEM WHILE THEY CRY, LISTEN TO THEIR PROBLEMS, GENUINELY CARE ABOUT THEM" and I'm laughing so hard. These tumblr troons are so predictable. Fakebois are usually straight women who are so heterosexual they turn themselves into their objects of desire way less dangerous than mtfs though god, I can't wait for gendercrit to become popular. Those Tumblr troons will have nothing left.

No. 235645

Sounds like bullshit

No. 235648

so he looks like a tranny but he doesn't "feel" like one? he does everything the average troon shown on this channel does but he doesnt call himself a troon wtf

No. 235652

Fuck I just shared a picture of my rat with my sister but my vibrator's in the background now she's going to think im fucking my rat

No. 235653

its all the same posters

No. 235654

No. 235655

I love studying and I love hot kind charming guys and I want to do my studies and attend lectures and cuddle and have hot steamy sex hnhbbsbnshggggnnnngg

No. 235656

Wild strawberries are top tier fruit. I think regular strawberries undeservedly get their good reputation from wild strawberries by association.

No. 235658

Yeah natural strawberries that you pick straight from the ground and eat are way sweeter and much more vibrant tasting. It's almost like you can taste the sunshine the fruits receive all day in the fruit itself.

No. 235659

Well one of us should make a shit ton of retarded threads.

No. 235667

File: 1645121232414.gif (5.83 MB, 640x640, 38E24C2B-C830-4F27-A54F-D3B53D…)

I like to think the admin is fixing the site and its taking a while, she wouldnt abandon us right…

No. 235669

there's a family farm near where i live and they grow the most delicious strawberries ive ever tasted. i feel bad for people who have only tasted grocery store strawberries

No. 235672

in new york i milly rock hide it in my sock runnin from an opp and i shoot at opp and im on the block and im on the block in new york i milly rock hide it in my sock

No. 235674

Good morning betches!! yesterday was a mess wasn't it?!

No. 235676

admin leaving us is like a teacher stepping out of the classroom indefinitely and locking the door on the way out knowing full well that the class is going to descend into chaos and the kids are probably going to start biting each other and shitting on desks soon

No. 235678

i want to hear anons tinfoils about the anons on lolcow.

No. 235679

were anonymous tard

No. 235682

im the retard and yet you cant recognize someones style of writing? seems like youre the retarded one.

No. 235683

i stole a wild strawberry sapling from forest 5 years ago and its still bearing fruits. they are small but so tasty

No. 235684

Was browsing this thread on my break and this totally made my day. Kiranon you are so wonderful <3 Glad to share this bunker with you (and part 8 nona too)

No. 235685

I'm gonna start posting my feet

No. 235686

i have tinfoil that the creepshart drama/so many people talking about lolcow introduced an insufferable amount of zoomers to the site (especially in /snow/)

No. 235687

my tinfoil is that we’re all sexy

No. 235688

don't steal from forest chan you filthy delinquent

No. 235689

You can just take plants they are free

No. 235690

The insufferable zoomers are coming from inside the thread

No. 235691

bites a chunk out of your flesh cutely

No. 235692

This. /g/ is regarded as "the worst board", which I don't understand. /w/ and /snow/ are fucking vile

No. 235693

I think you're right, anon. I never really kept up with CSA but I have noticed that there has been a lot of newfags and anons who are obviously from twitter/tumblr/tiktok.

No. 235694

i’m convinced this isn’t a tinfoil it’s absolutely true. also i suspect a lot of the unintegrated twitterfags are underage, there’s been this weird influx of… zoomer topics? on here ever since interest in lolcow increased due to creepshow

No. 235695

The kpopfags are big tell imo.

No. 235697

Lolcow needs to stop being indexed by search engines.

No. 235698

That girl who kept asking how to make an incantation or whatever was definitely either 14 years old or drunk

No. 235700

NTA but nah, kpop critical threads used to be allowed years ago, when lolcow banned it they moved to choachan, but I'm sure a bunch of kpopfags use both sites still. I'd say the bigtell is the entire art salt general kek

No. 235701

>I feel like SSRIs have changed my sexuality entirely
Same. I don’t mind not wanting to get off ‘cause I really should use my time and energy for more productive things but sex as a concept doesn’t appeal to me anymore. Might as well identify as asexual or something kek

No. 235702

How about the anons that believe in subliminals? That was weird as fuck too.

No. 235703

No. 235706

How is this a tinfoil? This is just the truth.
Also all of the faggotinas from edtwt with that boring Lucinda shit, plus some ex-corpse fans as well. Lolcow now is full of wannabe e-girls, which I wouldn't mind if they integrated better, at least.

No. 235707

Just as bad as those asking for astrological readings

No. 235708

Especially in the art related threads on /ot/ theyre so hostile and they talk like this????11 And think every reply is a take???1?? Kek

No. 235710

kpopfagging was banned shortly after a bunch of idol suicides and when twitterfags found the site

although the kpop critical threads were really not much different in terms of stupidity and looks sperging than some cow threads, you even got occasional drops of tea, like how chanyeol was a total fuckboi some 2 years before his ex gf accused him of gaslighting her

No. 235711

Yeah I think the subliminal/manifestation posts were made by underages

No. 235712

they are free because i stole them. the ducks were free too

No. 235713

Id be fine with it if a nonita started doing fortune readings

No. 235714

people are still going to mention it on other sites thanks to things like the corpse reveal and the creepshow drama

No. 235715

It's obvious that twitter/tumblr/tiktok tards have definitely been using the site more often. Personally, I like to shit talk trannies very openly so the insufferable gen z crowd doesn't get too comfortable here.

No. 235718

One time i made a retarded too detailed vent about my life on cc and never came back I dont know why I’m embarrassed over it

No. 235720

Every time I see some anon talking about "shifting" in dreams I know it's some retarded zoomer

No. 235722

me too kek and use problematic words like faggots and retard so they can filter themselves out

No. 235723

I'm in love with a news reporter, she is gorgeous and has an "office goth" look going on today. This is just like when I go online shopping and get a crush on the models.

No. 235724

the zoomies are worse than the pinkpillers who turn every single topic into an excuse to talk about obsessed with men they are. but lowkey every time you try to force the topic of mutilating dicks you sound like a faggot tranny with a CBT fetish trying to be slick and force women to engage with your fetish. suspicious as fuck how often stepping on and cutting off dicks has become.

No. 235725

Kek, me too, nona. I especially like to do it in Jillian's thread in /w/ because there are sooooooo many tiktok tard zoomers in there trying to educate everyone on DID because it's their hyperfixation.

No. 235726

Ok i dropped my tarot deck on the floor and picked a random card and it happened to be the tower so i think it’s safe to say you’re gonna turn up dead sometime during this year. Next

No. 235728

why does it feel like words like retard were less reviled up until a few years ago? did none of these zoomers have to deal with the toxic middle school environment where everyone called each other dykes faggots and retards

No. 235731

My 14 year old niece said a girl got suspended for calling someone a faggot so I guess times have changed

No. 235733

I'm not looking forward to when retard, faggot, and dyke make a comeback in the general lexicon because I feel like everybody will just go all out to make up for their woke phase so it'll be "faggot tranny dyke retard" every other sentence probably kek. It'll definitely get old in no time at all.

No. 235735

True, there's already aidens who go "im such a cute faggot"

No. 235738

Right, and that's "allowed" because they're "actually gay men". They'll throw demented tantrums when someone who isn't a gay man or a tranny says it.

No. 235739

I'm venting about annoying newfags and infiltrating troons using the trusting anons on this site to larp femdom with them. sorry that bothers you but I had to say it. It's been noticeably more common in recent months.

No. 235740

I mention CBT often, usually when a thread smells like moids, and I can assure you I'm no zoomer nor am I getting off

The biggest problem here for me is attempts at comedy are taken too seriously. I got a 24 hours ban when all I was trying to do was make nonnies laugh. And I didn't even mention mutilated penises in that one. Then the vague posting about anons who are "PROBABLY MEN, HAVE FETISHES, EW"

Bitch calm down and kek

No. 235741

if you have mental issues I fail to see why you cannot reclaim retard, it's basically the n word of mental illness. why the community is so against it is beyond me, I am mentally deranged so let me fucking use it

No. 235743

while I don’t see this happening, the thought that it could is terrifyingly annoying

No. 235745

don't care about what specific haha funny you did that caught you a ban. but you are being defensive about the CBT bullshit. and no it doesn't only get brought up where are obvious moid posters it gets brought up in unrelated conversations.

No. 235750

>it gets brought up in unrelated conversations.

holy shit thats rough, I'm sorry

No. 235751

who would have thought that the older /cgl/ newfags would eventually grow up and move on from their autistic obsessions and the newer userbase will happen to be different than the older one. who cares if they’re from twitter honestly they just need to shut the fuck up sometimes, dile down their obvious immaturity which is used as target against them and learn to integrate

No. 235753

>The biggest problem here for me is attempts at comedy are taken too seriously
Shitpost is dead. I'm one of the subliminal videos posters, there was one very obvious retarded nonner in the thread that took it seriously. I know it's /g/ and full of kibbe-astrology fags but come on

No. 235755

I'll take "faggot tranny dyke retard" over bxtch, cxnt, whxre, etc. any day

No. 235756

you are aware that oldfags from /cgl/ pixyteri days still use this site regularly right? seems a bit dumb to expect them to tolerate and not be annoyed with newfags bringing twitterspeak here and crying about being called r-slurred.

No. 235757

The main problem is we haven't had a hellweek in forever. It always gets newfags in order.

No. 235758

File: 1645124278839.jpeg (473.81 KB, 960x1792, 2F3DE80D-D068-4C55-9F36-CC495D…)

i feel like a retard version of jenny holzer

No. 235759

File: 1645124288635.png (310.29 KB, 514x572, 23b6deaa-9c6a-4969-8c94-7d1110…)

You'd be okay with men saying dyke?

No. 235761

isn't dyke for like manly moid faggots?

No. 235762

It's a slur for lesbians.

No. 235764

fuck, my bad, I'll take the faggot over dxke every day of week then.

No. 235765

File: 1645124469891.jpeg (53.03 KB, 539x405, CECF2343-F02C-4869-8429-1686E7…)

No. 235766

They already do…

No. 235767

File: 1645124486366.jpeg (97.46 KB, 750x478, 076341BB-9B84-4E0A-A267-A2244D…)

aw are you afraid of the twitterspeak? the twitterspeak can’t hurt you, it’s not living in your walls anon like just close your eyes maybe not look?

No. 235768

God I miss /ot and being able to properly structure my mentally ill addled mind

No. 235769

go buy a journal and structure your mentally ill thoughts then

No. 235771

close the /ot/anon it will escape if you leave it open

No. 235772

File: 1645124655670.gif (970.98 KB, 540x385, 1593561848412.gif)

When will we be saved?

No. 235773

I know for a fact I will never be using that friend finder thread because some of you can be unusually uppity. Like why reach out to be friends if you were never going to put in the effort or have a superiority complex? For shame

No. 235774

I just love it when i post about something anons never cared about me posting for the 6 years I've been doing it suddenly getting attention in the past 3 months by seemingly newfag anons who swear I'm a moid or invading the site. Lol the fucking irony. Who the fuck invited the normiefags here who can't take tinfoil or unconventional opinions?

No. 235775

I hate moid accusations for anything no matter how innocuous it is, it's really fucking annoying.

No. 235776

Try not typing like one, you type like an high functioning autistic agoraphobic who is trying to detransition back into a female and now runs a radblr and constantly blogs about their detransitioning in the MTF thread

No. 235777

you have to go back

No. 235778

Kek THIS. Ive been called a moid just for having nonsensical humor on here. Again, never happened for years until recently (as if a new crowd came in). Now we are expected to be on our best behavior and have a public face as if it's Twitter and Instagram and I'm surrounded by normies. Fuck that noise.

No. 235779

1) twitter makes everyone's voice sound fucking annoying and I hate having a window into the minds of dudes that think they're politically opinion matters so fucking much. Like get a personality brendan
2) I just fucking hate the culture on reddit. Omg those people are the most dry and boring repetitive wank stains I have ever had the displeasure of reading. Just because you write with proper punctuation does not mean what you said is impactful. Fuck off.
3) regional reddits make me ashamed.
4) Facebook is bleak. As a woman in my 30s to have kept the same people on my fb from childhood and watch them become parents and do everything wrong. Or just the mess of it all. There is a reason for photo albums and not sharing every thing that happens online.
5) I miss lolcow.

No. 235780

File: 1645124867002.jpg (88.97 KB, 1000x562, cookiesfornonnies.jpg)

everyone take a breather and pick a cookie

No. 235781

Yep, if it's obviously a moid just report or ignore. It's annoying to get called one

No. 235782

star shaped cookie

No. 235783

also try not being racist or a conservative feminist you moron, it makes you stand out more for the retard you are

No. 235784

look, if anons stop the moid accusations then the moids will think it's free reign. sorry to any nona i've called a moid but i don't want them to get too comfortable here.

No. 235785

4 looks like gingerbread and I love that. I wandit

No. 235786


That's all wrong and just a big fat projection on your part. You're probably one of the newfags I'm talking about kek

No. 235787

it does look super cute. good taste nonna

No. 235788

pretty sure anons here are more likely to be difficult to befriend because of anxiety than a superiority complex lol

No. 235789

If you can draft up a whole fanfiction based on one anon's style of typing then maybe you should consider that you're just a schizoid

No. 235790

Is this a shitpost? Calling another anon a newfag and yet you reddit space on an image board?

No. 235791

it's as annoying as the "hello cow" posts kek

No. 235792

No. I had a step parent read mine once and then I set it on fire. And the other two I tried I destroyed again because I was embarrassed that there was just an easily acceptable window into my mind. I much prefer to have my thoughts categorised in threads with the chance of constructive feedback from someone I don't have to look in the eyes.

No. 235793

I don't express conservative or racist views here though?

No. 235794

I have to keep erasing my texts because of the error on here moron.

No. 235795

nta but that's not what reddit spacing is

No. 235796

NTA but meds. now.
All you have to do is report maleposters if they are actually breaking a rule by being obvious males. Otherwise it's conjecture and annoying. Also I'm sick of anons being obsessed with men to constantly bring them up like this

No. 235797

No. 235798

What, you keep double posting? You seem like a retard because everyone else has gotten the hang of not clicking new reply again once they see the error.

No. 235799

I’ve come to terms with the fact that i am a mentally ill person, i’ll never change. I’lll always be in crippling self doubts and ridden with delusions haunted by any past mistake

No. 235800

mambo number five

No. 235801

integrate you fucking idiot

No. 235802

It's also annoying to see deranged anons write conspiracy theories about what you said in another thread as proof you're apart of some secret cabal of moids invading the site. What used to get you called a moid was being a misogynist or an unhinged racist not a garden variety imageboard weirdo.

No. 235804

It has to be twitterfags or tiktokfags because it reflects their culture of policing everybody to act uniform and unproblematique

No. 235805

Who pissed in your cereal today?

No. 235806

Reddit spacing is retards doing a space after the reply, e.g.


>typing from here.

However, some other retards also have picked it up wrong and think writing in paragraphs in general is reddit spacing. It's not.

No. 235807

File: 1645125394991.gif (2.03 MB, 498x469, kittyreview.gif)

peace and love nonnas

No. 235808

No. 235809

If we aren't yassified twitterfags or if we aren't pinkpilled enough then we must be males despite plenty of irl women disproving that

No. 235810

File: 1645125432942.jpeg (42.96 KB, 640x353, 74F7F33C-CBDB-400A-A603-7CEA71…)

we all are sharing the same braincell

No. 235811

The unnecessary space before typing the reply is retarded. It's reddit spacing to me.

No. 235814

The decay of the site must be making everyone so irritable because all the posts today are so unpleasant to read and I am glad because now I can break my lolcow addiction

No. 235819

That's what I said.

No. 235821

you could use some app that locks so that you can write stuff like that in your phone

No. 235822

How is it going anon? Are you gonna stream it?

No. 235824

Being obsessed with men is pathetic, and i think anons mentioning that weird "every woman has a man in her head" phrase need therapy asap

No. 235825

It has been this way since pullfag invasion. Bought a wave of overly combative retards

No. 235826

File: 1645125741801.jpeg (221.45 KB, 1125x327, IMG_00B3D070F03E-1.jpeg)

i can't fucking stand corporate social media accounts. i will murder every single intern who has this job

No. 235827

you can blame the infestation of this site by twitter radfems for that

No. 235828

File: 1645125763720.jpeg (4.43 KB, 200x251, B23E08A0-62DA-4B42-8370-856740…)

I dropped my only brain cell like an Apple airpod and it rolled into a sewer drain. it is now in possession of a schizophrenic stray cat who never stops infighting with me when I post cringe, AITA

No. 235829

I doubt it

No. 235830

Are you the puritanical radfem sperg?

No. 235831

Please dont fight nonnas

No. 235832

nigga there are dozens of radfems on twitter (of course)

No. 235833

no? who are you talking about

No. 235835

i hate seeing nonnas fighting each other. just kiss

No. 235836

File: 1645125991845.jpg (25.9 KB, 300x400, ghost-world.jpg)

TOMMOROW, Ferb 18th 8 GMT
Streaming Ghost World and Silent Night Deadly Night 2

No. 235837

File: 1645126025757.png (236.17 KB, 663x500, kek.png)

No. 235838

File: 1645126050207.gif (1.14 MB, 450x221, 97A5441C-999B-4A93-AF53-68FF23…)

>Are you X anon who nobody else remembers or cares about?
Fighting is kinda fun sometimes, I don't actually harbor anger to you nonnies though, love you even if you are weirdos

No. 235839

i like the infighting over dumb shit. it's entertaining. but i don't like it when nonas get too into it.

No. 235841

Speaking of twitter radfem, I found vidrel because she responded to a nlob anti radfem scrote, and you cannot tell me this isn't kiki with big tits.
>same obvious unhinged sperging
>cringy random singing

No. 235843

File: 1645126206987.jpg (181.64 KB, 1500x1000, frdyf5_coverartmanual.jpg)

Going to see Billie Eilish tomorrow! I know a lot of anons hate her but I promise I'm not some 3edgy5me tween. I just think her music is catchy and videos of her concerts just look like one giant karaoke session. Admittedly I'm not a huge fan of her new album, but I'm gonna go and have fun anyway.

I'm quite the homebody and I don't typically like environments like this with tons of people and loud music (I hate bars and clubs), but I thrive at concerts. I've only ever been to concerts of smaller artists (biggest venue had max capacity of 3k) so this is the first concert I'll be going to of a really well known pop artist at a big ass venue.

No. 235844

jk nonnie, i only asked because these threads have gotten boring and there needs to be more sperging

No. 235845

Every time someone says that it's like they want this site to have a posting history available to each account lol

No. 235846


No. 235847

You just reminded me that I meant to post the art tube drama in things you hate thread for bringing in a bunch of underage newfags but it was the first day lolcow was down kek. It’s not even a tinfoil it’s just an obvious fact

No. 235848

Enjoy anon!

No. 235849

those tradwives pretending to be radfems just because they hate trannies will be the downfall of radical feminism

No. 235850

same. i found a small streamer that sounds like my husbando and im seriously considering sliding into his dms just to hear him say my name and maybe some moans kek

No. 235851

I think this woman was involved in some retarded ovarit drama. More reason to avoid ovarit, these are the jokes that post there

No. 235853

I did the mistake of checking her instagram, made me want to kermit

No. 235854

(in lieu of the personal cows thread)

>my personal trooncow goes everywhere drawing a cartoon character from a kids' show with a huge bulge and even got it into a highly visible fan re-animation project

>spams it everywhere and his tranny discord friends helps him shill their weird communist tranny fetish on random places
>gets insanely triggered when called out for it and calls the person transphobic for being rightfully disgusted

I wonder if some farmers would know about him from his previous antics but most farmers give me the impression they'd only care about anime drama at most. He's been entertaining me for a minute lol

No. 235856

File: 1645126614571.png (225.8 KB, 417x393, 4E3842FA-7E24-4F3B-81B9-0A627F…)

No. 235857

dream life. Walking up to dudes with a big wad of cash and make them moan for $

No. 235860

samefag, also I don't wanna namedrop him because I know he has google alerts for his name set up and that would attract more retarded trannies here. So it's probably best to keep his name anonymous since he's already kinda known in a lot a lolcow sites anyways.

No. 235861

My parents and little brother are getting tax refunds of $3k+ and I'm only getting $800? I mean I guess it's better since it means I didn't overpay my taxes as much but damn.

No. 235863

I’m interested nonny, what cartoon?

No. 235864

what if you





No. 235865

Can you post his drawings at least?

No. 235866

Nonnies will repeat the forbidden name, probably

No. 235868

I honestly don't think that would be worse than what we've got going on right now. You should namedrop him.

No. 235869

RE: The Shutdown of /ot/ and /m/
To whom it may concern,


No. 235871

Since the site is half broken, even if they tried to raid they'd hopefully give up quick before catching on to what parts here are still functioning.

No. 235873

im not paying a dude for shit, he will do it for free and then ill ghost him. but this idea of making guys sell out their dignity for money is kinda hot

No. 235874

just fucking say the cartoon name you can’t come here and tease us like that and then tell us nothing!

No. 235875

I don't know why guys don't pimp themselves a bit more often, it'd make them more desirable for women. Men should understand the female gaze more.

No. 235877

File: 1645127494007.jpg (16.15 KB, 444x324, dd43f36c9f648dbda274968c498d7f…)

No. 235879

God me too I really want to know what it feels like to be with a man but I don't want a real man who will never 100% love me, I want my imaginary man in my head who is obsessed with me, he would be so obsessed with me he wouldn't be able to concentrate at work and he would wonder why until he'd realize he loves me and needs me and he would show up at my door and kiss me deeply and take me away and it would be amazing please god I need him

No. 235880

Thank you nona!

No. 235881

File: 1645127600088.gif (3.17 MB, 378x366, dancedance.gif)

i love you so much drawfag nonnas. i am literally in love with every single one of you. i kiss you all gently on the cheek.

No. 235882

Damn… but do she tinky winky?

No. 235883

File: 1645127686014.jpg (19.17 KB, 600x800, p-24440-8389.jpg)

I wish showing your face was illegal so we all had to wear this type of white mask over our faces so 1. I didn't have to look at ugly ass people and 2. I could get away with my mean girl behaviour more easily.

No. 235885

we don't talk about /w/

No. 235886

File: 1645127716020.png (9.73 KB, 526x228, coooooowwwww.png)

I am 1000000000000000000000% sure the people who made this game actively browse and post on lolcow

No. 235887

i've been meaning on playing that game. is it good?

No. 235888

File: 1645127776466.gif (3.19 MB, 480x196, D4AF2D8D-FCB6-4F45-9CD1-F94305…)

Kisses you back passionately! I kinda hurt my back every time I draw but it's worth it because I love you and it helps me practice

No. 235889

eeew spoiler this

No. 235890

This is a video of the re-animation of a cartoon but that's just the beginning of the rabbit hole. He used to obsess over another 90s furry mascot called Bubsy the Bobcat and headcanoned him being trans and even made an autistic timeline of how he went from a anti SJW edgelord to a communist transgirl lmao

No. 235891

File: 1645127797922.jpg (68.25 KB, 600x600, cdfff25ee74276e04c3a1f30d5447a…)

No, I do not fear you
I do not fear nothing
God is my leader
I know the wrath is coming
Lemme call the corners
Conquer all disorders
You be screaming bloody murder
While I drag you on the corner
I'm fighting with my words
I think they call it spelling
I done called the Babalawo
The priestress and the reverend (That me, on me, on me)

No. 235892

I bet he drew this while crying and then fapped to furry porn to feel less miserable. They always use fiction to cope while being pathetic irl.

No. 235893

Wow. That is embarrassing.

No. 235894

File: 1645127853562.jpg (Spoiler Image,184.24 KB, 1000x1000, ddc.jpg_orig.jpg)

He makes retarded comics like this with his furry OC based on his arguments of him arguing with rightwing retards and "transphobic" people kek. this is a drawing he made of his self insert owning a superstraight. (repost with spoiler because it's disturbing)

No. 235896

Did he copy this off that comic artist on Twitter who's a right winger? I forget his username but he has this style and is not a furry

No. 235897

File: 1645127901537.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.7 MB, 1527x1000, mental illness explains itself…)

Here's the retarded timeline picture

No. 235898

Sometimes I wish lolcow had a like system to see how many anons like my posts lol but I know it would get misused by males and trannies.

No. 235901

Yeah, he's parodying Antoons in this comic since him and Antoons had an autistic twitter beef back in 2021. His account where you could find the sperging is now suspended but he has another under a new name.

No. 235902

downvotes you

No. 235903

kek, I can smell the creepy FNAF adult fan degeneracy from here.

No. 235904

Oh i've seen these comics before (i think?) the coloring and style and the faces are similar to the a few other political comics

No. 235905

It always disturbs me how many furries start getting into furry shit as kids/teenagers. They always end up becoming horrific coomers and I don't understand it. Also the fact that they are easily impressionable and yet staunch in their current beliefs feels like a recipe for disaster.

No. 235909

sometimes I could swear that I know multiple anons from somewhere else.

No. 235912

I used to wonder too but I think the answer is simply autism, it disturbs me too though like what if I have a kid and they become a furry because of some cartoon

No. 235913

>the fact that they are easily impressionable and yet staunch in their current beliefs
That's male autism for you (also linked to trooning out). Imma just drop that here but if one of you would want to start a cult, autistic scrotes are your easiest target

No. 235914

File: 1645128249611.jpg (57.89 KB, 640x480, big.jpg)

From the ice age to the dole age
There is but one concern
I have just discovered:

Some girls' are bigger than others
Some girls' are bigger than others
Some girls' mothers are bigger than other girls' mothers
Some girls' are bigger than others
Some girls' are bigger than others
Some girls' mothers are bigger than other girls' mothers

No. 235915

LOL i've seen these comics before. looks like he's trying to ape GPrime85's right wing twitter comics.

These huge tits on his furry OC is such a tell. Is this guy a troon or just a "based ally" (chaser). Funny as fuck he has google alerts for his name. Cringe fag.

No. 235916

it is pretty amusing and you'll enjoy it if you like /snow/ lol

No. 235918

Just post a screenshot of his usernames or something that will have the same effect

No. 235919

File: 1645128309300.jpg (45.52 KB, 386x766, tbzc7wymtfo31.jpg)

I don't jump around when I go to shows
I must be emo

No. 235920

I almost thought you were talking about Candleja

No. 235921


No. 235922

THAT's who I was reminded of

No. 235923

First they cater to trannies then this shit, eugh

No. 235924

reminds me of aydin paladin my favorite nlog pickme lolcow kek

No. 235925

One time like an autist, I found 100 different furries on Furaffinity that had active accounts older than 5 years and I tried to see how many of them were involved in weird sex shit. I don't remember the exact number, but only 6-8 of them didn't have any ties and I was pretty thorough checking their account and OC names everywhere. I think all of them were furries from way back in the 90's, so either all of them had way better cyber security skills or got into furry shit when it was more innocent.

This took me like ten hours. I had a document about it, but I can't find it now

No. 235926

You know this discord thing isn't so bad once you find the comfy servers

No. 235927

Tbh I blame her managment more than I blame her.

No. 235928

>how many furries start getting into furry shit as kids/teenagers.
because there is a problem with grooming in furry community and they try to indoctrinate you early.
t.i was a furry when i was a tween

No. 235929

same. I hate lukewarm censored shit. Just say retard I beg you all.

No. 235932

I just wish it wasn't so hard to find comfy servers, I feel bad for the lonely anons. I really struck gold with my group.

No. 235933

Facts. Don't be such a pussy, say it.

No. 235934

File: 1645128644004.gif (172.64 KB, 220x160, 80A00DC1-8D2F-4A89-B006-A8739A…)

>had a furaffinity account in the first place

i’m sorry anon but you’re tainted

No. 235935

This, they'll say shit like "x and x cartoon characters are furries!!!" and that's how it starts. It's just like how trannies say "x and x cartoon character is trans!!!!" fuck this indoctrination shit

No. 235936

How did you find yours nonnie? Or do you have tips you can share?

No. 235937

Also this my first exposure to pornography was actually Pokemon porn. I was searching pokemon as an innocent kid and came across a disgusting website full of bestiality like images of the pokemon and i've been traumatized since then. for the love of god never give your kids internet at an early age and try to get them to do something other than watch cartoons all day

No. 235938

and when trying to write his name, censor it like if his name is jake say j_ke or whatever

No. 235940

Furfags are tranny tier, always have been. With the "born in the wrong body" BS and oddly saccharine and cult-like way of typing..

No. 235941


No. 235942

My boyfriend is basically asexual and I'm horny as hell every day any nonas wanna take his place?

No. 235943

In fact, a lot of furries are trannies and pedos, and degenerates, and kinksters. It's the autism and XY chromosome me thinks.

No. 235944

NTA but why? Furry cartoons tend to not have anything inherently sexual in them so someone (a kid or young teen) could be drawn to it for purely innocuous reasons. It's not really someone's fault if coomer adults co-opted it to live out their fetishes now is it?

No. 235945

it goes the same way with porn or any addiction. you start with the smaller stuff and then it streamlines into more dangerous and unthinkable things until there really is no point of return.

No. 235946

this. i just wanted to write stories about spyro ocs and instead got send porn and i was bullied into doing sexting by older furry guy. it took me years to realize what he did to me. im so glad i was to shy to agree meeting him in real life

No. 235948

I want to exploit an army of chan browsing orbiters. Too bad their tism can also make them randomly turn against you.

No. 235949

I joined one of the lc servers last year and we all got lucky and clicked very quickly. We never replicated that ever again, not even when we tried to add more members or I went to join other lc servers. I really think it was a one in a million opportunity. Just keep trying, I think you get back what you put in. Engage with people instead of just talking what you want to, this is a problem I've noticed in the vast majority of servers. It's like no one remembers what forums were like. Good luck anon!

No. 235950

not even Looney tunes characters are safe these days, on twitter i got bombarded with femboy thicc pepe le pew even though those are characters your dad and mom laughed at and liked. are anthromorphic animals more sexualized in the past 30 years because its a big taboo with how its associated with kids or did people in general just get more coombrained?

No. 235951

The first mistake is calling something like a cartoon animal a "furry" because that word has a lot of connotation to it.

No. 235952

Even back then people were making cartoon characters lewd, but things are getting bolder and more explicitly sexual nowadays.

No. 235954

Yeah, also I noticed how easily sexualized they are too. Like, how the Loud House attracted so many pedos despite having a standard cartoony artstyle. Stuff like the Lola Bunny redesign outcry on twitter from pornsick moids just confirmed how mainstream furfaggotry is and how it's accepted to coom over children's characters. I sound like a frightened Karen but it genuinely disconcerts me lol

No. 235956

There are only two ways to love animals. You go the mentally ill way in trying to appropriate their culture and walk around in animal minstrel or study them, keep some of them as pets, keep their habitats from being absorbed by greedy businessman and live in a mutual relationship with them on this planet. That’s all I’m going to say. Dressing up like a furry is just displaying your mental illness with pride like trannies do when they go the grocery store dressed up like Lindsay Lohan

No. 235957

This is a tinfoil but I definitely think fandoms attract mentally ill people kek there is no other explanation for the fact that any single fandom is comprised of either fujo aidens or pornsick scrotes.

No. 235958

File: 1645129625776.jpg (53.07 KB, 608x1080, 9248a95b2b7266e2a1ac50c1f01701…)

You reminded me of my love for spyro nonnie. Used to love hanging around in Autumn Plains for the pretty music

No. 235959

File: 1645129652113.png (362.41 KB, 1280x341, winning.png)

kek it's literally this comic, which was ironically drawn by one of the most batshit troons of all time. troonception

No. 235961

every fugly political comic rolled up into one:
>i’m smart and you’re dumb strawman strawman strawman

No. 235962

I am silly!

No. 235963

Answer is the internet

No. 235964

You don't sound like a karen. There's a reason why older generations shun certain new things happening in society. It's because they're old enough to know better an call out bullshit. A teenager wouldn't be able to see the wrong in what's happening.

No. 235965

i want to join the husbando server but i don't know if i want to make an alt discord just for that hmm

No. 235968

I joined with my normal one because I live on the edge and I mean if anyone recognizes me there then we are both incriminated so it's k

No. 235969

Where is it? Theres like two husbando threads

No. 235970

kek can we be friends

No. 235971

friend finder

No. 235973

File: 1645130101571.png (239.6 KB, 268x414, lulu the culu.png)

I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with liking and participating in a fandom of cartoon animal creatures. Nothing about it is fundamentally sexual. But the reality is that almost everyone in the furry fandom has conflated the potentially innocent thing of let's say Bugs Bunny with sex. From there, it turns into pornography and from there it turns into hardcore pornography and from there is turns into emotional and psychic damage to the people experiencing it.

Of course, a lot of furries skip the initial step and join the furry fandom directly from pornography or hardcore pornography. But there are plenty - although statistically few - furries out there that just like the idea of cute animals doing things that have no sexual attraction to them. Like people back in the day that were really into Watership Down or Redwall.

No. 235974

Ty anon

No. 235975

File: 1645130178037.jpg (22.85 KB, 468x600, 1628201571624.jpg)

They're all me. Your post was also written by me but I forgot.

No. 235978

File: 1645130269194.png (146.55 KB, 287x366, sf.png)

>and you cannot tell me this isn't kiki with big tits
Creepy. People say physiognomy isn't real, but this shit always happens. People with similar physical features acting in similar ways, for better or worse
I need to make a version of this pic with Isabella Jankes, Lindsay Souvannarath, that one "pick me" ish 4chan girl who got arrested for stealing Nancy Pelosi's laptop, Emily Youcis, etc. Too many coincidences

No. 235979

bottom left one looks completely different

No. 235981

Normies shun it bc of muh moral superiority. Which is funny because literal retards make up like 1% of the population. Who even cares about retards except the sad souls that have to deal and take care of their asses

No. 235984

File: 1645130469345.jpg (69.89 KB, 960x690, 118622375_2787603191484402_650…)

Posted shit quality one by mistake and cba to delete/repost sorry

Yeah, he has a stronger jaw/neck but has the same haircut/glasses/hair color/eye color

No. 235985

Have fun. You probably will get covid though not even kidding. It's really catchy and I see everyone has been getting it especially lately.

No. 235986

I feel like I don't fit in anywhere due to ideology and how cruel the world is. My entire life I have desired a deep connection with a community, but my system of belief has become so complex it does not fit in anywhere and I have this desire of completely objectifying my contents, so I spill it all at all times and I have to learn how to be fake, but I cannot be fake.

Everyone is brain rotten by ideology and I don't fit in with right wingers, nor with left wingers and I am in deep need of nuanced and analytical discussion with a group of people. When I was younger I was delusional about the internet and thought it could be a place where you could really express yourself but now everyone is just expressing a stupid character or "niche" they keep for money. A true artist or individualist cannot stay within a niche as their are carried by feelings and feelings change you. I am just sad at how the world is. I want to express myself to the world genuinely but I will be haunted like a witch

No. 235988

middleschool was cruel in that regard kek. not for the faint of heart of today

No. 235989

File: 1645130612756.jpeg (13.12 KB, 612x612, 703c4b3e-57e6-421a-b33f-c1a81c…)

The curse of the computer science wire glasses

No. 235990

…Anon I feel the same way. Are you me? or is this a copypasta kek

No. 235991

dude this is almost uncanny and you know Elliot Rodger and that Eurasian girl that attempted a mass shooting. Forgot her name. I also literally look like my favorite artists

No. 235992

bruh covid is ded, everyone moved on

No. 235993

File: 1645130694682.jpg (218.94 KB, 1080x1386, IMG_20220217_214355.jpg)

Well? Are they?

No. 235994

I care about them but I just take the word to mean similar to "idiot" "stupid" "baka" because it's used the same

No. 235995

File: 1645130762905.jpg (19.37 KB, 552x532, 8e2fc75b99855a1821824bf277c0b6…)

i got scared and thought everynonny went outside and left the bunker turns out anon made the new thread too early i am so relieved

No. 235996

first i thought he was talking to mario from the nintendo

No. 235997

And kyle rittenhouse

No. 235998

are you scandi kek

No. 235999

I am romanian anon everything I say sounds like a copypasta because I cannot take myself seriously, it's like I have developed my brain to constantly make a joke out of my being

No. 236000

You're an idiot.

No. 236003

I think that comes from going on the cynical internet and feeling ashamed of expressing yourself to the fullest due to people calling it sperging

No. 236005

Yeah, I am a bit worried about that. I plan on getting tested after the concert (after incubation time ofc).

No. 236007

no, ive been going to concerts and no one has died. lol you must neets if you think covid is dedly in 2022. hehe

No. 236008

File: 1645131041387.png (699.41 KB, 1093x1239, ok ftm.png)

Oh so this is why i keep seeing idiots quote rting men's clothing on Wiki Victorian with "gEndEr"

No. 236009

The anon who drew Quess on this one did a great job

No. 236010

File: 1645131043986.jpg (27.63 KB, 640x625, 1531881118155.jpg)

Are you implying you're the artist or am I just high

No. 236011

File: 1645131090614.gif (1.77 MB, 167x132, DBC68365-4B5E-4F66-AE14-DB8C47…)

i’m tired i’m tired i’m tired of GODADDY NOT FUCKING WORKING. nonnies who use filezilla and godaddy any tech bitches you gotta help me I keep putting my host name and cpanel login and password and it keeps saying the connection times out due to inactivity and fails to connect to the server. any reasons why?

No. 236012

File: 1645131094126.jpg (8.98 KB, 250x250, x676yxhfwq.jpg)

Oops didn't see your reply but yeah I'm glad she went back to her old image, even if just for the tour. Nothing against the blonde look but the whole thing, especially the vogue cover, was really weird choice considering her long time "don't sexualize me" stance. I love her outlandish haircolors, I think it suits her very well.

No. 236013

Just don't be an asshole

No. 236015

you do sound like a shut in. no one mentioned anything about death its more about being sick lol

No. 236016

not sure what you meant by all that but I can relate to not fitting in with right or left wingers (or centrists for that matter)

No. 236019

well now it depends what "asshole" means because if I talk with a group of leftists and I tell them that a therapist trying to convince someone out of being trans is their job they will think I am an asshole. If I criticize capitalism or say I don't believe in racism in front of a group of right wingers they will think I am an asshole

No. 236020

File: 1645131282555.jpg (45.71 KB, 720x668, FB_IMG_1634754223288.jpg)

Last night I told my partner I was sexist and he agreed with me.

No. 236022

Same lmao

No. 236023


No. 236025

Idk if you're an asshole, but you are a retard.

No. 236026

I don't think you know many people.

No. 236027

how does racism not exist? i dont get it

No. 236028

Retard is just synonym for "asshole" in imageboard speak since being an asshole seen as a positive thing here and criticizing based on how mean they are is seen as moralfagging anyways

No. 236029

I said I do not believe in it, not that I do not think it exists. I am not racist and I do not believe in racism. I think it is irrational.

No. 236030

Why is Sheena Ringo so cool

No. 236031

And I what do I think I wheat if you got am tracks and they were was you can do it too

No. 236032

sheena apple

No. 236034

>I said I do not believe in it
nta but what lol. How can you not believe in racism if you agree it exists

No. 236035

I know how you feel anon…my boyfriend just doesn't exist

No. 236036

Find an actual boyfriend and use your friend for money or something I guess

No. 236037

NTA but anon is saying "I do not believe in racism" as in "I do not agree with it", not "I do not think it is real"

No. 236038

sick with what? a sore throat and congestion? Stay Safe Nonny! You Might Get Corona! go outside.

No. 236039

anons I need suggestions for something long to watch that doesn't take a whole lot of brainpower to follow while I'm doing work for uni I've been procrastinating all day

No. 236040

are you saying you want to get sick or what lmao. retard alert

No. 236041

File: 1645131665821.jpg (17.4 KB, 474x474, s1.jpg)

Based. This was such a good album

No. 236042

ooh i see

No. 236043

it is not part of my system of values, so I do not believe in it. I do not believe that races determine and individual's intelligence.

No. 236044

Having read this >>236029 I take it back. Sorry anon.

No. 236045

oh lmao that makes more sense

No. 236046

>sick with what? a sore throat and congestion?

No. 236047

File: 1645131755624.jpeg (Spoiler Image,2.99 KB, 226x223, download.jpeg)

Everyone.. say hello to my new Nigel

No. 236048

I agree with romanian anon that if you're anti trans (or possibly critical of the LGBT movement as a whole) it's hard to fit in anywhere if you're also anti racist.

No. 236049

He a little crooked

No. 236050

ive never gotten sick purposely in my life? i get colds randomly, so it'll be the same with corona. best part is it'll be the exact same. if being a normie is retarded then i am hehe

No. 236051

belly dancing dildo

No. 236052

tbh my sister caught covid just 2 weeks ago and she spent a whole week ill in bed. That's not that bad but like it can be worse than a sore throat. But I agree (non-risk) people should no longer put their lives on hold for corona, we've passed that stage imo.

No. 236054

he is even an ally to lgb! congrats nona

No. 236055

Asshole as in not insulting the people you want to discuss with, not derailing conversations with weird out of topic sperging, actually considering what people reply to you instead of just psychotically repeating yourself over and over again and realizing that most people also have complex thoughts they never voice.

No. 236056

i didn't read what u wrote but i know ur retarded and shut in lol

No. 236057

No. 236058

kk then just live in a hazmat suit. you can't avoid a virus.

No. 236059

File: 1645131914652.jpg (2.55 MB, 2000x5755, 1645123142884.jpg)

Do you think these archetypes could apply to lolcow?

No. 236060

File: 1645131983473.jpeg (225.21 KB, 828x1129, 1632112212603.jpeg)

No. 236061

Chill out zoomer.

No. 236062

yes except we have less of a coomer problem and it’s missing a “peaked in high school and wants to be regina george” archetype

No. 236063

hehe enjoy developing alzheimer's and dementia at 35 hehe

No. 236064

No. 236065

No we already talked about this. It's obvious a man made that as a lot of men browse cc. Idk who would find this relatable

No. 236068

that's true lol.

I confessed to not believing transwomen are women to people in my class a while ago when the topic came up and the next questions that came up was "Do you also hate gay people then?" Like no lmao and they hardly could believe I wasn't against homosexuality when I am against transgenderism. I think they're still sceptical. (I don't like gay men tho but even I wasn't going to admit to that).

No. 236069

from a corona virus? that's fake news dummy

No. 236071

I lol'ed at it. Some bullet points I could relate to.

No. 236072

i think a lot of anons let weeb coomer shit slide for some reason. anyone posting male weeb little girl shit is a red flag for me. flashback to the first bunker thread where someone called konata their waifu and was mad that she, a middle schooler, was 4'5" which is like the average height for a 10 year old especially in asia

No. 236074

ew i didnt see that post… disgusting

No. 236076

Ok some bullet points are mildly relatable. Transcended oldfag for me, but to look at one of these and be like "omg thats me" is pretty sad. I don't think most users are like these here.

No. 236077

File: 1645132419766.jpg (610.19 KB, 2000x2000, 20220206_132620.jpg)

Cartoon coomers are wild

No. 236078

kek at spongebobs mom

No. 236079

I relate to literally nothing of this.

No. 236081

I'm the oldfag but like.. I'm already divorced so I'm the even older oldfag.

No. 236083

shes very rational

No. 236084

how the fuck is phil and lil's mom on the bimbo side kek

No. 236086

I don't know if a moid made this, I don't think so, maybe she was just a very enthusiastic newfag. Anyways, I' a feminazi and a schizo.

No. 236087

The chart doesn't really work because the opposite of "bimbo" isn't "smart" (bimbos have to also be presumably hollywood style hot and materialistic) and rational and smart are too similar. This is how you get Muriel being highly bimbo which is just ridiculous

No. 236089

My LC tinfoil is that Kate Farms Shill from KF is a regular poster on the pro-ana board. She's got a distinctive way of writing.

No. 236090

i hate francine

No. 236091

im a mix of schizo and oldfag mainly. I stopped smoking weed tho. too much moneyyyyy.

No. 236092

>rarely posting on CC
lmao they are so sneaky, shitty gaslighting moids

No. 236093

Thread not board my bad

No. 236094

Peggy Hill isnt "unhinged" what retard made this.

No. 236096

A certain 4chan/twitter mini cow posts on here and whenever I saw some anon post her ugly mug she screeches about how she's boring and they should stop posting her.

No. 236097

Come on you have to admit Peggy is pretty unhinged

No. 236103

Honestly I feel you. I wish I was able to unabashedly have opinions and express them, but I have trouble with that and I don't know where to go.
Well, this is an anon board. What are some of your based takes? Can't guarantee that people will like them, but it's not like the reception will follow you anyplace else.

No. 236104

God I wish I could love someone
The ugly "bodybuilder" lady right

No. 236106

Honestly I feel you. I wish I was able to unabashedly have opinions and express them, but I have trouble with that and I don't know where to go.
Well, this is an anon board. What are some of your based takes? Can't guarantee that people will like them, but it's not like the reception will follow you anyplace else.

No. 236108

File: 1645133673200.jpg (5.14 MB, 4096x3072, Poyo Natalie Idoldecay.jpg)

I was thinking of this chick, last time I saw someone post her was during the lucinda wars though

No. 236109

File: 1645133676879.jpg (61.65 KB, 900x900, nails.jpg)

I kind of want to remove my gel nails, but I'm a little scared to because I know that I'll bite off my real nails (I even bite off my false ones) without them, and I don't want to ruin the growth that they've had.

No. 236111

that's incredibly sad, you need help.

No. 236112

I think that same user was very active in the munchies thread too way back when we had it

No. 236113

i feel like there are probably cows/other internet relevant people lurking on here a la csa and the reason they haven’t been exposed yet is because they’re a little smarter about not breaking the rules. at least other commentary youtubers have got to be on here since so many of them obviously trawl these threads for evidence and information

No. 236114

someone constantly sperges about her in the lucinda thread, I think it's one half the woman selfposting and the other half lucinda herself shitting on her kek

No. 236115


No. 236116

File: 1645133996247.jpg (74.45 KB, 844x1200, i-img844x1200-1645063162svvevf…)


No. 236117

Emzotic was exposed for posting in the pettuber thread, if memory serves.
Dasha was exposed for talking shit bout Mina in their & Cyr's thread
I'm sure you're right and there are many other

No. 236118

wow for real a o.o

No. 236120

>Angelica and Phil and Lil's moms
>Unhinged bimbos
Retarded chart

No. 236121

I doubt Lucinda posts on LC, when she calls people out she posts directly on Twitter, she doesn't need to hide behind anon

No. 236122

Why are you talking like a clueless mom?

No. 236123

do i have custard pudding or warm brownies with ice cream quick quick quick!

No. 236124

Anon you scare me I was listening to this song all day long wtf.

No. 236126

Of all the boards to be broken, why did it have to be the 2 that I care about and use the most

No. 236127

i’d go with the brownies! enjoy anon

No. 236128

Warm brownies with ice cream

No. 236129

def brownies with ice cream nonna

No. 236130

I wasn’t here when they were active, are they worth reading? I read the KF munchies thread through and don't know where KFS finds the time or motivation. She talks about having hard drives full of munchie lore, and fake munchie-fishing IG profiles. I don't lurk as much on KF now but she still lives in my head rent-free

No. 236131

She whiteknights herself constantly in the thread, it wouldn't be to far fetched that she also joins the gossip when it's about other people. No ones gives a shit about the vampire twittard except the one who has beef with them.

No. 236133


No. 236134

What are your moid spotting guidelines? mine are:
>Tries to talk stereo-typically "girly" but quickly falls into moid speak
>Making the conversation sexual very quick
>Says literally anything about race
>pseudo-intellectualism circular word salad

No. 236135

The two sites I flip between all day on my days off… is the universe telling me to get a life or something?? Coz I won't.

No. 236136

NTA but I don't get how some permanently online lunatics get devoted threads while other clowns get the "don't post about this one" treatment.

No. 236137

A cow's thread is about the cow and not some other twitter randos who interacted with the cow once or something. If the vampire larper is a cow, there can be made a separate thread for her.

No. 236138

Well, thank you ma'am.

No. 236139

Why are some male veterans insufferable in college classes? I had one in a college english class and wanted to smack him. He refused to get help at the writing center. His writing abilities were shit. I also had the misfortune of running into another male veteran who acted like he was above a college english class. He couldn't write a paper without inserting his opinion in it. He literally told off the class and walked out. He acted like I should have applauded him like he's such a big hero for telling off the class. Look, I didn't always like my professors but I never had a tantrum for not getting my way. I've never seen his papers, but I can just imagine it's shit too. I hate these types and wish they'd just disappear. Can only imagine if they have kids how they treat their own children.

No. 236140

most cows posted have vendetta chans that keep their threads alive and that start their threads, the internet is full of loonies that could be considered cows but the ones posted have like 5 dedicated vendetta fags and like 5 other anons that post sometimes in their threads. Like Luna there are other hundreds of girls that do drugs, are fat and unhinged, jobeless and have BPD and archive all of it on the internet, also vendetta chans are created because at one point those vendetta chans are jealous of the cow because the cow has something they desire, but it's really sad because I think most cows read their own threads and are already vulnerable in a sense

No. 236141

File: 1645134959243.jpeg (59.61 KB, 622x602, 4BFCF05D-2D4F-4DC1-B7B4-43AC20…)

No. 236142

sometimes I really be trying to post and then I’m like “why am I here again and what was I gonna say” I keep forgetting which website I am I think I have dementia

No. 236144

oh,I know that,I was thinking more of the group threads which are a mess (like the twitch or pro-ana one)

No. 236145

I think you're based if it matters

No. 236147

They are most comparable to the pro-ana threads imo. I liked reading about Jacquie personally (rip).
See for yourself, they're all still here, just search lolcow for "spoonie" or "munchausen".

No. 236148

Wait I take it back I thought the feminazi would just hate men

No. 236149

none of them fit me so no. the ones in the /m/ board-tan thread are better

No. 236150

>posting opinions as if they're objective facts
>retarded moid talking points (the ones most commonly seen in /fit/, /pol/ and /r9k/)
>"roastie", "whore", "cunt", etc (depending on context)
>trying to boil down every argument to sexual desirability (because they believe that's all women think about)
>defending ugly men
>using words like "hysterical" to try and invalidate women's points
>trying to type in all-lowercase, use "y'all", etc because they think it's more girly
>ugly-ass cornfield "trad" images (/pol/tards love them)
>very obvious, targeted male rage and passive aggression whenever they're contradicted
The list goes on. I know there's some retarded tranny reading any reply to this post and taking notes, btw. Just know: Anons will always think there's something "off" about you every time you get into a conversation, but they'll be too civil to say anything until you get into an argument defending other men/trannies and remove all doubt

No. 236151

Oh well, I stay far away from those so I can't speak on them, though those should be a free for all.

No. 236152

At this point I just assume that any mean replies that are obviously written to deeply hurt you are made by moids not BPD nonas. When you state your oppinion on something and you get such replies full of rage I really believe that that's just a moid with nothing better to do. Specially if they use words like ''cunt'' or ''slut''.

No. 236153

Did you need to post this again just to add two points

No. 236155

No. 236156

I still appreciate your first post.

No. 236157

Let's do it together kek

No. 236159

I'd join a lolcow discord but whenever we're in a non-anon space I'm reminded how a lot of the posters themselves are cows or naive young twitter tweens

No. 236160

you're on lolcow, a place where there are BPD women, a gossip website. Most scrotes that come here actually try blending in or simply quit posting after 2 minutes if they do not get any attention because they simply cannot comprehend lolcow, a female space is beyond their level of comprehension. They also try to infiltrate your life by pretending to be a woman in the friend finder thread and leading you on for 1 month pretending to be a woman or they post NPC tier advice as an attempt to blend in and be "feminine". I hate the stereotype that women are just docile and cannot hold masculine or aggressive traits, a lot of women hold masculine, rational, aggressive traits. A woman swearing is just based. Women aren't little porcelain dolls. They are human beings with rationality, anger, broken feelings and artistic capacities just like men are. A woman swearing, acting like an angry ape or telling someone else to kill themselves is super based. A lot of women do not fit the stereotype of performative femininity and that's why they are outcasts and come here

No. 236161

ty anons it was delicioso

No. 236162

Most of them are like that, but I've been in a decent one for a couple years now that's mostly aged from 21-30 and the users are very kind women. So thankful for lcf for that group of friends!

No. 236163

Followed by
>um the onus of proof is on you when you make a statement online
All in the middle of a casual discussion.

No. 236164

Based and I love you

No. 236165

>A woman swearing, acting like an angry ape or telling someone else to kill themselves is super based.
Man or woman, that behavior is pathetic and shows you're immature. Telling scrotes to fuck off is based, raging at other women is sad.

No. 236166

I like the husbandofags, well maybe some lean to the latter but we seem to mostly be former naive twitter teens who share similar interests without being sjw or causing drama surprisingly. Aka we grew up. At least that's my impression so far. The tricky thing is on twitter people are super friendly within fandoms until you do a no-no, but most husbandofags are chill about no-nos so we are just friendly and horny

No. 236167

File: 1645135955270.jpg (35.75 KB, 590x421, 0a0c4d7c-37cc-4712-bf35-de6d59…)

I want to be someone like mc ride. I want to fill myself with satanic tats and make art and scream into a microphone and express my rage and angst and scratch my pussy in public and smell my hand and throw shit at men because I'm not a little porcelain doll princess. I do not want to express socially what women have been conditioned to express

No. 236168

no it's funny

No. 236170

Then do it nonna godspeed

No. 236171

>Extreme politics (lefty and far-right)
>Weirdly detailed race sperging
>Gets offended by other anons tastes in men (physical traits/race)
>"[Insert anything related to female sexuality] is degenerated"
>"As a radfem/lesbian, [insert any female group] are whores"

No. 236172

Do it, I'll be your #1 fan

No. 236178

Husbandofags are worse

No. 236179

File: 1645136349613.png (456.84 KB, 500x500, 1635774910032.png)

I'm sick of seeing anons complaining that their amazing thought provoking intellectually stimulating unpopular opinions get them accused of being a scrote.
that usually only happens if you are extremely hateful towards women, racebait, write creepy coomer shit or whiteknight males on a female imageboard as if they don't have everywhere else on the internet and irl to be asskissed and put on a pedestal
If that sounds like you, I'd look it the mirror and have a long think about how hard I'm handmaiden-ing if i were you nonnie

No. 236180

Nah, husbandofags are based

No. 236181

is the drawing room cleared? i’m tired of this annoying ass thread and need to draw

No. 236182

Anon I don't know why you came up with such a wall of text. I think you misunderstood. I was referring to replies that are just pure seething about a topic and aren't by any means part of a dialogue in any way, even in the most aggressive way (they aren't tired, angry, stressed out or furious nonas). A poster that constantly samefags with ridiculously angry posts that only contain insults and are obviously meant to deeply hurt another poster is definitely something suspicious, specially when they are outside vent threads.
>A woman swearing, acting like an angry ape or telling someone else to kill themselves is super based.
Is it super based to be racist too? Lmao.

No. 236185

>condescending tone that reeks of a lack of self-awareness
>stupidly extreme level of confidence in their own opinions
>talks about women in an unapologetically objectifying manner, whether it is insulting or complimentary
>clearly thinks in b&w
>finds any excuse to criticise whole groups of women
>zero willingness to understand others' points of view, non-cooperative
>pseud, believes own words hold much more weight than they really do and recycles the ideas of others in order to appear intellectual

No. 236187

I just know you're one of those retards who scream "scrote!!" Every time you don't agree with someone or vice-versa

No. 236188

there's still some room come on down https://aggie.io/nypffaequn not sure about the other drawing room tho

No. 236190

We are cringe… but we are free……

No. 236191

NTA but I've been here for 4 years, I type like a total autismo because I'm an ESL and no one has ever called me a scrote

No. 236192

Archiving my fave /ot/ and /m/ threads just in case

No. 236193

You're right and based

No. 236195

glad to hear!

No. 236197

NTA but you must be one of the lucky ones, I got called a scrote for posting a meme made and shared by women. Also got called a scrote for enjoying a drawing of an anime guy drawn by a woman for other female fans. It is a battlefield out here nonny

No. 236198

but it's an imageboard. I have been seeing anons saying KYS for years to weird opinions and I know they are not scrotes, but I get what you mean. There is a fine line between humor or slightly mocking someone over something jokingly and telling a suicidal anon venting about wanting to kill herself or writing spergs about whores and sluts. I still do think men do not post here, the only time they get on lolcow is when they hear from 4chan that this place has non woke women and they are seething right wingers, but literally the stuff we discuss here and the way we discuss it is beyond their levels of comprehension. I really do not think scrotes post here at all and just invade the friend finder thread in an attempt to get a based rad femerino GF. This place is anonymous and it attracts women from all sort of life situations with all sort of perspectives. Women aren't a hivemind and since it is an imageboard it also attracts right wing women which hate "sluts" and can be racist. I've seen "scrote" being thrown around a lot in the past years on here

No. 236199

It is absolutely.

No. 236201

>you are extremely hateful towards women, racebait, write creepy coomer shit or whiteknight males
your gatekeeping intolerant attitude is childish. what you described is absolutely fantasy, no one here is a 4chinz tier bigot. maybe they cant share their honest feelings elsewhere? ignore discussions you don't like. simple.

No. 236202

Just take it on the chin homie, getting triggered about it is kinda weird

No. 236203

>no one here is a 4chinz tier bigot
This is fantasy land shit

No. 236204

Everyone here call other anons "moids" for merely disagreeing with them, you can't really avoid "moid" accusations even if you act properly

No. 236205

kek I'm just giving a counter to her experience. it can be funny sometimes but it is mildly distasteful to be accused of that.

No. 236206

i wouldn't hang around here if that were true. that's my belief

No. 236207

DAMN my boyfriend just got that 90s manga takumi fujiwara haircut and he looks so sexy. Always liked that hair style. Any guy I've seen with it real or fake looks pretty good in it

No. 236208

So weird that I so rarely see it used unprovoked like how frequent you're saying it does

No. 236209

File: 1645137430741.jpeg (60.78 KB, 640x533, A939A198-1C67-41CF-BE97-D7DAB7…)

No. 236211

I see racist anons from time to time. And some weird weaboo fujo autists who rage about normalfags and hetfags.

No. 236212

It's so fucked

No. 236213

nta but it's genuinely insufferable, especially if you're trying to have a serious conversation. It's aggravating when someone resorts to ad hominems instead of arguing irl, having someone resort to personal accusations that aren't even accurate is even worse, at least to me

No. 236215

File: 1645137613993.jpg (85.56 KB, 618x850, coo.jpg)

calls you by deadname
Nothing personal, kid.

No. 236218

it's a gossip site

No. 236219

an anonymous imageboard with a large white female demographic (at least, from what i’ve noticed) will inevitably have some racist posts. it’s annoying, and i know because i’m a black woman, but unfortunately, that’s just how it is. just report whatever racebait you see and go on with your day

No. 236221

obviosuly I'm not talking about the gossip treads nonny

No. 236222

I definitely agree that men are inconsistent about posting here, they really get tired easily of this place once they drop a couple of mean posts. But I still can't decide if low quality replies like ''kys'' and such are made by cruel nonas, underage retarded girls or moids. I always picture them lurking for a while and finding a vulnerable post and mocking the poster for no apparent reason.
>Women aren't a hivemind and since it is an imageboard it also attracts right wing women which hate "sluts" and can be racist.
I know, I know, but believe me, as someone who is on that side of the political spectrum I doubt that other alt right nonas would do such things frequently. We want to enjoy LC and not get baned, we know that infighting and shitty bait leads to nowhere. Dropping a kys after someone explains her abuse situation or similar things is so out of place only a moid could do it. Or maybe I'm overestimating empathy between us.

No. 236223

i'm a retard who isn't good with discord and i was trying to stalk this one server but ended up accidentally joining one of those call things (thankfully its pretty late so there were no people in the call) so i panicked and closed the app in hopes it would exit me from the call. now when i checked discord again i was still in the call just moved to the afk channel. fml

No. 236224

KEK i just found out one of my exes trooned out, self diagnosed with npd, and got famous on tumblr for being a "mental health" advocate

No. 236226

tbh that could be said for any large demo of any race, yeah an inevitability. just report and ignore if it bothers you.

No. 236229

Dammit nonnie I wish you could tell us who it is but I understand if you don't. In any case, you definitely dodged a bullet.

No. 236230

>Or maybe I'm overestimating empathy between us.
you are

No. 236231

>Or maybe I'm overestimating empathy between us
you are, handmaiden

No. 236232

Magnus is so hot

No. 236233

Ftm or mtf trooning?

No. 236234

That word doesn't fit the context.

No. 236235

I will never get american racesperging because you're all a mix of everything in the new world.

t. Slav villager who is at the same time too white and not truly white because I'm a slav

No. 236236


i'm worried about doxxing myself indirectly but i'm really tempted to just post her, she has cow potential now tbh. no idea what happened to her she was a cute slightly radfem-leaning lesbian when we dated :((:()

No. 236237

>alt right nona
it fits fine since most of them are tradwhores

No. 236242

Pipe down bitches, spring is here

No. 236243

noided nonnie. based.
i know it's a scrote group but i fucking love death grips ahhhh fuck

No. 236244

sometimes I laugh at the threads of cows or snowflakes, but not because of the cows or snowflakes but because of the anons and their predictable posts and nitpicks. Someone said Venus Angelic "slurps" her ramen noodles while hanging out with her friend, like that is actually a bad thing. Most cows/snowflakes aren't even milky anymore, I wish we'd get new ones.

No. 236247

Delusional take from someone with a delusional hobby? Sounds about right

No. 236250

bpd hags are nowhere near as based and are the same level as autistic or aspd men
theyre all disgusting imo

No. 236251

File: 1645139231652.jpeg (47.69 KB, 357x360, ED694C48-FF0C-4B46-945F-DABFDA…)

you’re malding

No. 236254

File: 1645139321781.jpeg (71.12 KB, 750x751, F0466E13-29F3-435A-BAB8-3A729C…)

No. 236260

I'm a normalfag with a 3D Nigel, I don't think the husbandofags on lolcow are annoying because they just stick to their threads and post "X is hot". I have met delusional husbandofags who talk as if the character is real, but those were on twitter. I just like girls who see fictional stuff and say "yes, this was made to pander to me" not "uhmmm sweetie you can't like this because they're gay and you're not gay enough"

No. 236263

Isn't alt-right an umbrella term?

No. 236270

be careful anon, you can't post these kinds of memes without anons accusing you of being a scrote anymore kek

No. 236277

what newfag retard prematurely made a new thread

No. 236278

I am in your walls.

No. 236279

File: 1645141083849.jpg (9.5 KB, 240x240, 26ff2e128064ca20dbdd8ebc3df662…)

why are you so scared of being called a scrote you if you have nothing to hide

No. 236280

i'm not scared I'm just annoyed

No. 236282

File: 1645141216176.jpeg (325.99 KB, 908x758, 30D4D174-4543-4DDE-92D2-0409B7…)

what you're implying is a misdirection, as confucius said, he who smell't it dealt it

No. 236284

File: 1645141262426.jpg (12.21 KB, 275x267, 1645035589107.jpg)

Nonnies I'm such a dumb bitch. I had a fight with my best friend and I'm afraid I was way too shitty. It was her fault too, she kept snickering at me after she hurt me with something she said and kept on talking and taking and tried to gaslight me about what happened. But after I said hurtful shit too. I love her and I apologised but I'm such a shitty person I hate myself. Why do I get upset at shit people say at me even when they don't mean it personally. I suck. I hope she still is my friend. I should just lock myself in home and never talk to anyone ever again.

No. 236285

Does being anachan affect your metabolism ?

No. 236286

No. 236288

File: 1645141579469.jpg (149.64 KB, 828x1299, WWG7G22.jpg)

No. 236289

File: 1645141581478.jpg (32.5 KB, 482x440, 9415370a846097e29c564a8cb84147…)

he? me?

No. 236290

How old are they? Vietnam veterans are honestly the biggest fucking assholes. All the veterans I've met have serious mental issues and it's not just ptsd from battle. They're always incredibly sexist too

No. 236293

literally no one has ever said that unless you're posting loli shit.

No. 236296

File: 1645141827017.jpeg (101.19 KB, 1049x700, 7DCB83AC-845B-43CC-AAE6-9CC696…)

perhaps, now, you understand

No. 236297

and somehow its still less offense than being called a tranny

No. 236302

There's not too much room, I'll clear it soon but I don't want to do it yet because there are still some anons in the room and I don't want to interrupt anyone's drawing/writing.

No. 236304

File: 1645142179448.jpg (66.67 KB, 736x736, 94893e8b64fc3d578632a441663172…)

after all who am i, to pass judgement

No. 236308

File: 1645142333541.jpeg (65.27 KB, 564x706, C8CC2FC3-C9A1-4122-B7E2-9BAA50…)

we are but humble cats, tending to our shitposts

No. 236309

File: 1645142405722.jpg (764.97 KB, 2000x1600, LC drawing room.jpg)

Samefag, nevermind I'm about to sleep so I'll just clear it now.

No. 236311

american soldiers raped countless vietnamese women during the war, and a decent amount of american serial killers were vietnam war veterans. they’re scum

No. 236314

word to this

No. 236316

borzoi anon your doggos are so cute ily

No. 236317

I want to ask the artist anon who drew the beautiful farmer-tan if she used a reference for the outfit & shading or is she just that good? I want to improve to be as good as you

No. 236318

File: 1645142643849.png (19.69 KB, 393x282, refuge.PNG)

Who wrote this fanfic in the cytube

No. 236319

File: 1645142679985.png (10.14 KB, 390x159, 2.PNG)

No. 236320

Uh…was it you?

No. 236321

I fucking love this.

No. 236322

I’m a zoomer and came from Venus Angelic only fans saga because I was shocked

No. 236323

File: 1645142802105.jpg (40.47 KB, 540x659, abded0875fb585d2730680d7b89ca8…)

it's not much but it's honest work

No. 236324

Which beautiful boardtan do you mean anon?

No. 236325

I love stories like this. lolcow creepy pasta when

No. 236326

Whats cytube

No. 236327

How did you find lc

No. 236328

Your mom

No. 236330

Wow I didn't know that…it explains a lot. I've met a few customers at some of my previous jobs that were veterans and each one of them was an asshole to everyone around them.

No. 236334

I want to eat something sweet before going to bed but I ate all my chocolate.

No. 236336

I bought Crush by Richard Siken after seeing his writing on Tumblr for years and I couldn't even get through the book because it just felt… cringe. I can't think of any other word that summarizes the feeling of reading Crush by Richard Siken. Just cringe. Can any nonas weigh in? Am I just an idiot? I had to force myself to get through like four pages and I couldn't do any more.

No. 236341

someone give me a husbando or waifu to draw

No. 236342


No. 236345

you got it nonnie

No. 236348

No. 236349


No. 236354

>implying by disliking misogynistic porn addiction tier comments about women and extreme bootlicking of males on lolcow.com i am gatekeeping

who exactly is in a fantasyland here nonna? maybe stick to twitter lol

No. 236355

you are. with that choice of response.

No. 236356

File: 1645143677713.gif (592.37 KB, 220x225, pizza-delivery-community.gif)

Me, sorry if it was too autistic. I came back today and couldn't figure out what was going on for a good bit. Finished catching up on the containment zone threads and popped in to see if we had any watch parties going on. Hope you nonnies are all hanging in there. We'll make it through this crisis, powdered milk is shelf stable afterall. If anyone wants to stream while we huddle together with our FEMA disaster blankets, that'd be nice.

No. 236358

No i love it

No. 236360

They are all beautiful my bad, I zoomed in on one thing and didn't see the rest, but the one I am asking about is the lolita/victorian/gothic/idk style farmer-tan

No. 236363

i find his work to be unbearably saccharine, but my allergy to most forms of sincere emotional expression may be the reason for that

No. 236365

File: 1645144186735.jpg (41.51 KB, 225x350, 101283.jpg)

Dumb rich English himbo Bertie Wooster

No. 236366

I'm so sad she got suspended, I wonder what she's up to now

No. 236368

Mid 30s. Afghan and Iraq veterans.

No. 236369

Nah it's ok anon, I thought it was funny. Just wasn't expecting to see it in the chat. Someone can play YT videos if you guys want, it's kind of late though

No. 236370

The absolute, irrepressible desire to drop people who talk about "having alters" and "being on the spectrum" into either a cold alaskan forest or a civil war scenario and see how quick they drop the bullshit

No. 236371

“Gatekeeping” is such a retarded fucking meme 99% of the time people use it wrong and gatekeeping isn’t bad it’s based

No. 236374

No. 236376

File: 1645144925792.jpg (182.9 KB, 955x557, Cc screenie.jpg)

Look at this crystal cafe schizo imply the man hate on here is a psyop. I know words mean nothing on an anonymous image board, but I shit-talk moids because it's fun and cathartic.

No. 236377

File: 1645144958190.gif (56.14 KB, 500x331, 9645ac0e38430a6dbb7329c626688f…)

Playing some short films for a little bit

No. 236378

I will draw these after if i still have energy nonnies they are both beautiful and right up my alley! thank you for the suggestions <3

No. 236380

>femcel mass shooter who posted on cc
i highly doubt this will happen

No. 236382

god i hate schizos

No. 236383

File: 1645145088439.jpg (133.7 KB, 720x1028, 1f7f38240ea826ce14f01724c16156…)

im so glad i consume all this shit illegaly kek

No. 236384

I hate this argument of "these people are trying to create discord and divide the two genders when we should be together"
How do women profit from men in a relationship ?
Do the pros outweigh the cons?
The risk of abuse ?

No. 236388

Ayrt, I agree. Like what would creating a divide in genders even accomplish? Men already kill and abuse women like crazy.

No. 236392

Gatekeeping what exactly? Not wanting moids here and wanting one (1) space for venting about the retards?

No. 236393

Teach me your ways sensei

No. 236394


No. 236395

when you have a Y chromosome
>Sniff…sniff…is that…a FEMALE?!?! A-AND SHE MIGHT BE RACIST?! gulp pant pant pant

No. 236396


there's a lot of shitty men online who are so fucking shitty they whine about society yet blame everything on women but also continually deny women's opinions (like telling them what they're attracted to, what they like, ect)

Moids on the internet are too unenjoyable, unloveable, and unhinged not to shit talk. Sorry but the VAST MAJORITY are horrendously bad and evil I would go as far to say.

No. 236397

CC really became a tranny board, it's so sad.

No. 236398

Sounds like a leftypol user. Is that /x/? I rarely see stuff like this in the other boards.

No. 236399

Because they don't want to take accountability for that. They would rather say that talking shit about men/women on the internet is what's causing a divide and not the abuse that millions of women and children are put through by the hands of men everyday irl.

No. 236400

I hope you don't wake up when you go to sleep tonight.

No. 236401

how are you gonna be a conspiracytard and a nazi ?

Nazis are literally psyopped by social media all the time.

No. 236402

>They would rather say that talking shit about men/women on the internet is what's causing a divide and not the abuse that millions of women and children are put through by the hands of men everyday irl.
it's both

No. 236404

>she kept snickering at me after she hurt me with something she said and kept on talking and taking and tried to gaslight me about what happened.
She started it, you don't need to feel bad about what you said.

No. 236405

Why do men do this thing:

I saw posts of women posting their celebrity crushes and some man in the comments said that all of those men looked like women and women don't actually like that, despite it being women posting that.

Why do men go out and deny what women like then tell us what we're "actually" attracted to as if they don't register in their caveman minds that we have our own agency? What causes them to have this possessiveness and disregard to what women find sexually appealing?

No. 236406

Because they think women are subhuman

No. 236408

Nonny, you said something mean to her after she did the same to you, you didn’t do anything wrong. You can’t regret what you said and apologise without also acknowledging that you yourself don’t deserve to be picked on either. The whole thing was probably just stressful and exacerbated your anxiety. You don’t suck, your not a bad person at all and you don’t need to hide away from anyone.

No. 236409

Samefag but also, a lot of women actually have a valid reason for talking shit about men on the internet. When men talk shit about women it's usually insulting her appearance, calling her a whore, or complaining about how they have feelings and we need to care about it. It's not comparable to me.

No. 236411

a lot of them believe we don't know what we want. They think we're a hivemind, so seeing different women like different things (like masculine and feminine men) breaks their little brains

No. 236413

I haven't heard this for years. Something about light singing makes me kek

No. 236415

No offense but this is exactly what a scrote who's regularly lurking here (like that steven moid from the vent thread) would say kek.

No. 236416

le troll face is female confirmed

No. 236417

Men refuse to accept that their perspective isn't the only "true" one. They post hideous apes and insist it's what we're "really" attracted to because they hate the truth (which is that the majority of women actually do love beauty in men, and fuck-ugly/wrinkly, old-ass men can't just lift and then pretend they're gods)
The disgusting thing is I've seen posts saying the exact same bullshit on /ot/ and /snow/. They invade every space to post their retarded opinions. Whenever you see someone who claims to be a woman get triggered and insist your attraction to men who are actually good-looking is some kind of abnormality ("y-you're just intimidated by real men!!" and other copes), or that you must be a confused lesbian for not wanting to fuck a literal 50 year old neanderthal, know that it's a triggered scrote

No. 236419

I have nonnie, let me tell you a tale:
>be 16, had been in a relationship with a 20 year old
>been together since I was 14
>he was gross, obviously a groomer, but was also a major asshole and not many people liked him
>wanted to break up with him and free myself
>Couldn't leave without getting back at him for tarnishing my early teenage years with forced anal and feeding me weed
>He's going to a music fest for the weekend, offers to lend me his studio apartment so I can invite girls over and 'have some fun'
>I agree, but I bring a male and female with me
>We spend the night raiding his apartment for all the dirt we could possibly dig up
>find his birth certificate, which states he was born in a crappy suburb in our country and NOT london like he tells everyone
>which means his shitty british accent is fake
>take photo
>comb through his facebook messages as he was stupid enough to leave it logged in on his computer
>find a bunch of disgusting messages he's sent to women, including asking one for anal (he was obsessed) directly after she told him her parents were divorcing
>Take pictures of these too
>The next morning we hatch our plan
>Get our moid friend to coom into a cup
>My other friend straps on a glove and gets to work, rubbing cum into everything we can
>in his vanilla ice cream, on his tooth brush, in his eye drops, hair gel (he used a lot), basically anything that would come into contact with him
>show most of our mutual groups the birth certificate
>his british bubble was shattered
>Most people knew now that he had unexpectedly lathered himself in a hairy scottish man's semen.

So we basically just humiliated him, and in doing so he became a lot more isolated from those groups, I think he deals meth now.

No. 236421

Sorry nonny, as I said it's not legal and I don't think I can teach you the good stuff without getting a slap from the farmhands.

No. 236422


No. 236424

the fact that he lied about being british is killing me

No. 236429

unbased. anon should draw true husbando material, jeeves.

No. 236430

No. 236431

kek accurate

No. 236432

not the eyedrops kek that's evil. very based though

No. 236433

Based queen. I bow down to you. I’m so mad I didn’t do any shit like this when I made my ex leave town so I could move my shit out. I had days to do shit but I was too traumatized from the shit he put me through & just wanted my shit back & to never step foot in that house again. I wish I’d at least put fish in his vents or some dumb shit like that.
>find a bunch of disgusting messages he's sent to women, including asking one for anal (he was obsessed) directly after she told him her parents were divorcing
Fucking kek. If men have one thing it’s the audacity.

No. 236434

I just almost burnt my throat while trying to eat. Food is so crazy.

No. 236436

I can smell the seethe from here and it smells like male b.o. and piss

No. 236437

Totally. They hate the fact that being a crusty, doughy, basement rat is not pEaK pErfORmANcE. They do this all the time, Justin Bieber’s early reception really drove it home for me and I never even liked him myself. In reality, the only men on this planet that actually live off female attention are kpop idols. Hollywood shills are supported by Harvey Weinstein types to sooth old man egos and push agendas.

No. 236438

File: 1645147857787.jpg (54.55 KB, 640x1138, xgf2t897u4k71.jpg)


No. 236440

false equivalence in action. intelligence does run 4chinz but the misandry is merely a human reaction to that.

No. 236442

Our confessions thread is still missing, so I will just post here There's no thread on this site that I feel more uncomfortable posting in than the Husbando thread. I was about to post about one of my husbandos, but I just can't do it. One time I asked another anon a simple question there and I just thought "Wtf am I doing in this thread. I should not be here."

No. 236443

>man gets confronted with rejection and criticism
>no..no.. this can't be, as the amazing XY cripple gender I can't possibly be disliked and unwanted
>Now I get it!! It must be a psyop!!
Classic. I prefer that cope to the usual "women only hate me because they are undesirable" and similar variations.

No. 236445

He also wrote an autistic pasta how he's so much better than a "cis" woman lmao I wanna post his ugly mug here so bad

No. 236446

I husbandopost at least once a week

No. 236447

No. 236448

based femcel mass shooter that kills men

No. 236449

It was on /b/

No. 236450

File: 1645148246325.jpeg (522.8 KB, 1125x1096, F9AF3683-AA99-4CDA-AE9E-A4DBFD…)

Yes please

No. 236451

File: 1645148262534.jpg (8.62 KB, 159x199, 1470971275711.jpg)


No. 236452

File: 1645148288727.png (2.15 MB, 2149x1373, OkCuO7u.png)


No. 236453

random redditor from a workout subreddit that i lirk and snatch pics from but shhhhhhh

No. 236455

I've been thinking about horses lately.

No. 236456

I don't speak weeb so idk

No. 236457

I don't know. It's not even because I'm ashamed of them because I've talked about my husbando and waifu multiple times before in threads that weren't related to it.

No. 236459

Is it out of shame or embarrassment? If anyone insults you there for your tastes, know that they better be only teasing or I will bitch smack them into next week (just imagine this mental picture if it happened). All husbandofags are equal. Yours may be cringe but I support you.

No. 236460

No. 236462

File: 1645148717089.jpeg (131 KB, 480x600, 15A06D9F-7B7D-47A2-95A3-F8D26D…)

Hell yes hell to the yes

No. 236463

File: 1645148733857.jpeg (146.34 KB, 828x1327, 1AAB4D28-F90C-4505-9AA4-B54384…)

damn kanye is going off hard

No. 236464

File: 1645148743553.jpeg (83.82 KB, 1920x1080, 1599589557425.jpeg)

>you guise are literally like /r9k/

No. 236466

File: 1645148832242.jpeg (8.56 KB, 300x168, download.jpeg)

how did bender and amy have sex? i need to know

No. 236467

I hope at least one anon got screencaps from all the deleted stuff

No. 236472

File: 1645148947367.jpg (43.85 KB, 500x375, fisto my husbando.jpg)

You ever hear of Fisto? It's like that

No. 236473

Seems like she got what she wanted, I take no issue with this. Degenerate Stacy kek

No. 236475

I never thought I would get into manifestation but I've started chanting every time someone pisses me off. I whisper "kill yourself, nobody loves you etc." until my throat gets sore. So far it hasn't worked but it does make me feel better.

No. 236477

i can respect it

No. 236479

so he shoved his robotic arm up her snatch?

No. 236480

Pretty much

No. 236482

thanks nonnie for giving me the talk

No. 236484

File: 1645149380447.png (141.18 KB, 776x364, art.PNG)

This has just been the energy of these threads in the past 3 days

No. 236486

This is my new favourite pic. It made me laugh so much!! Thank you for posting it

No. 236487

Bender probably has a disposable dick. He'd be the type to make that purchase.

No. 236488

ok nonnies all done! i feel weird screenshotting my own art but you’re free to go peek.

No. 236489

….detachable penis…

thanks now I have that song stuck in my head

No. 236490

File: 1645149778318.png (120 KB, 337x462, men.PNG)

Your beautiful art deserves to be screenshotted, anon

No. 236491

raiden my beloved

No. 236495

thank you nonny you’re too kind <3

No. 236497

I'll admit I'm retarded. how do i see the whole pic and get rid of the drawing toolbar?

No. 236498

Same way my female character had sex with a floating robot orb in Saints Row

No. 236500

I just used the snipping tool on my computer to take screenshots of individual drawings but if you want a picture of the whole board, click file, then export and save it as a jpeg

No. 236501

I have this bad thing, I think it's the worst of my symptoms. I'm convinced people have extremely negative thoughts about me or that they hate me so I act upon that and actually make them hate me since I assume they already hate me

No. 236502

Samefag, don't use the "Save" or "Share as PNG" option cause it fucks up the whole image and you won't be able to see every drawing.

No. 236503

Np. I had to screenshot it because it was ant-sized when I saved it, so now it's massive and terrible quality, just the way we like it

No. 236504

I'm sorry you're going through that nona. Does it happen with people who are close to you, or just strangers/those you don't know well? It's possible you are projecting your low self esteem onto them and imagining they feel about you the same way you feel about yourself.

No. 236506

File: 1645150572015.jpg (178.77 KB, 735x1102, bd3e93501609ed583229c601567de9…)

No. 236507

So beautiful, I need her hair routine

No. 236508

Fucking based

No. 236510

Kinda same but my reason is because I'm so used to suppressing my feelings and sperging alone that even mentioning it anonymously feels embarrassing. My taste is super generic too. I'm trying to get over it though.

No. 236512

No. 236513

Hi anon, I used a reference for the general outfit but made up the details as I went along, to be honest I'm not very good at all but doing photo studies of clothes and drapery helps a lot!

No. 236514

It's fucking 80 degrees in my house. I feel like I'm about to die of heat and dehydration

No. 236515

this is cruel of me to say, but i think kanye needs to be institutionalized. he’s having a bad episode and needs to get help before he seriously hurts someone

No. 236518

Thank you for actually answering nonny! I'll have to give that a try lord knows I need it. Most importantly, don't sell yourself short.

No. 236520

i have bipolar disorder and i do feel for him i really do but he is a ticking time bomb and nobody ever pays attention to famous scrotes with obvious bipolar tendencies until it's too late and they actually hurt someone

No. 236521

Kanye has parallels to Chris chan. I think both can be convinced they created the universe.

No. 236523

He's had so many episodes before and nobody did anything, we can only hope that he gets help now that his kids and wife are involved but tbh he might be too far gone. Part of me feels like the Kardashians/Jenners might just use this for publicity though. and you know that if Kanye got thrown in a loony bin then whatever is left of his famous friends would be howling about how he needs to be let out

No. 236524

waiting for kanyes jim carrey "I am so enlightened I spew random nonsense about jesus and numbers" arc

No. 236525

>I spew random nonsense about jesus
Hasn't he already been doing this

No. 236526

yes but now he needs to start adding numbers in there and maybe cause some property destruction

No. 236530

Aw thank you, anon! I hope your art studies go well, it can be frustrating sometimes but it's nice when it pays off.

No. 236532

I come here because I crave information and social interaction and dopamine. I love the anonymity because I can disappear and reappear at will and never be held accountable. It hurts my eyes and wastes my time. I love it

No. 236533

File: 1645152093502.jpeg (57.33 KB, 550x367, 631F781A-4009-4D29-936B-E9377B…)

eating cheeze balls

No. 236535

damn i want your life just erase you and assume your identity with all your social contacts and documents and then you cease to exist and i cease to exist and there's a creature not like you and not like i that exists in your domicile eating your cheeze balls and I think that's really quite romantic

No. 236536

File: 1645152293143.jpeg (376.17 KB, 604x780, 94E71A4E-D815-4930-8975-F63901…)

Can we get a thread just for the drawing board?

No. 236538

don't make me do another jenny holzer snapchat piece

No. 236539

no theres a chat over there. post completed works before erasing the board

No. 236541

being an ana fucks up your digestive system that's for sure

No. 236542

File: 1645152503772.jpg (170.93 KB, 735x1100, 96f5610901be336783275e37c638a8…)

bibi mic

No. 236543

Cool but why karamatsu?? Even when I was into osomatsu I never understood why anyone liked him, he was so insufferable. ichimatsu, jyushumatsu, and todomatsu supremacy

No. 236544

We have one in /ot/ we just can't use it (obviously). I don't think we need one in here, lets just wait for /ot/ to open back up. We already have way too many active /ot/ threads in here.

No. 236545

oh i really like her.

No. 236546

No positivity thread, so I will log this here instead. Today on my lunch break I was drinking coffee outside and catching up on this thread and this random girl yelled at me as she walked by that she thought I was really pretty. I was really surprised and I didn't know what to say and then she walked away before I could say anything other than thank you lol. I don't really get scrote attention (thankfully) so I assumed I was just ugly, but then this happened and it made my day. Maybe she was just being nice though. Hope this doesn't come off as a humblebrag.

No. 236547

you are beautiful, bibi mic!

No. 236548

the entire divorce was a diversion tactic from astroworld killing people

No. 236549

File: 1645152881734.jpeg (790.59 KB, 960x1792, 71836FED-19DF-4EB3-BBB6-A2D919…)

No. 236550

File: 1645152969780.jpg (36.56 KB, 496x485, FB_IMG_1631118603703.jpg)

that's wholesome nonnie. It's probably just my female socialization but I like giving little compliments to strangers when I mean it. It brightens my day

No. 236551

Yay I saved the hairy turkey before it was deleted!

No. 236553

God I love that type of shit.

No. 236554

Bought to go walk around my city tomorrow hitting up all the CVS's for free N95 masks and stock up on that shit.

No. 236555

they're getting rid of the mask mandate in my county soon

No. 236558

Don't know if that's a good or bad thing for you but I'm gonna keep wearing my masks anyway kek. At this point it's just like making sure I've got my phone and keys on me when I step out the door.

No. 236559

You guys are so talented what the freak. To think I'm posting among people who have value in this world…

No. 236560

lucky, my acne sucks rn. fuck this

No. 236561

Young sibling thrives better than older sibling

No. 236563

Fujo nonas I was browsing the mangago subreddit and someone commented that Harada is a man??? Please tell me it ain't so

No. 236564

this was a struggle to do with my shitty work mouse lol

No. 236565

will literally kill myself if this is true

No. 236568

How do we even confirm this? I would feel really sad if harada was a guy all along.

No. 236569

should i destroy the thread by asking why the fuck a woman would be interested in two men being romantically involved? It's like pussy kryptonite to me.

No. 236570

idk my monkey brain finds it hot, although i focus less on the romance aspect and more on the boning side of things. i have like no interest in men irl tho or 3d faggots.

No. 236573

no way, she’s too female-brained (i’m not using that as a pejorative) to be a scrote

No. 236574

i personally only really get into shipping male characters if they're fated rivals
don't like when it's canon either. has to be, borderline homoerotic, will they won't they.

No. 236575

the internet is so immoral and the way these online celebrities make money is just so immoral and it wasn't like this in the past. I remember Youtube uploads and they were not this bad, now there are entire niches with hundreds of thousands of Youtubers trying to make money off the mentally ill or off people's deaths or crimes/disasters. It is just so incredibly immoral and everyone eats it up and people don't question these individuals. I hate all videos made about Chris Chan, making a video about him is not like archiving him on some imageboard or making fun of him, when you make a video about him you are profiting off his illness.

No. 236576

File: 1645155288436.gif (3.65 MB, 498x262, maureen-linda-delete.gif)

Stupid questions is not open so I will vent/ask here. What is going on with my puter and the fucking updates?? I turn it on and immediately starts updating and cleaning things I never asked it to. Is it Windows doing this? How do I turn that shit off I want to draw reeeeeeeee

No. 236578

that's exactly what I'm talking about. i just don't get it. anything with two men is for gay men, not me.

No. 236579

It's never been confirmed, but harada is likely a woman, you can get glimpses of it in her one shots such as the tentacle one (set in a society where women banned porn and prostitution or something and that's why men had to invent tentacles for sexual pleasure lol( and Watashitachi wa bystander which is about girls in bl, at the end she had a whole spread tribute to all the female characters in her mangas that never got their romance to happen because then there wouldn't be bl. I really doubt a male would have approached the subject like that. Also stop taking anything from mangago related sources seriously, that site is infested with underaged twitterfags.

No. 236580

Meh different strokes for different folks. I tend to like BL since a wide majority of it is written by women, for women. I just assume by default that most hentai is written and drawn by men and for men so I don't want to bother with it. From its roots it was a medium for women to explore their sexuality (that's why bottoms look so damn girly, it was meant for self insertion).

No. 236581

File: 1645155443185.jpg (42.72 KB, 499x353, FAaXoup.jpg)

I am sad because drawing is hard and my pen kept glitching (when I press down it would delay) so I gave up. I will just admire the beauty nonnies bestow on us

No. 236582

Oh god yes same, my ships have to hate each other or be borderline taboo for me to enjoy it. Also hate canon shit, it ruins all the fun of speculating and such for me.

No. 236583

i’m not a fujo, but isn’t the answer kind of obvious?
>attracted to men
>put 2 men together
>monkey brain likes it even more than 1 man and 1 woman
i’m not sure what’s the case for lesbian fujos, though

No. 236584

kek I went in to see what people were recommending for each other because I'm bored trying to find new shit to read myself but all their suggestions sucked ass so I learned my lesson.

Even grosser was one of them saying "Harada is a man?? HELL YEAH" fucking gross, absolutely not.

No. 236585

Other way around for me, I like the romance aspect and get picky about the sex

No. 236586

yes it's windows. my work computer does this and it makes me reeee. I leave my computer locked and on before leaving the office and sometimes the next day it has automatically updated itself and restarted

No. 236587

A lot of yuri is scrote shit.

No. 236589

Nta but same kek, I like the spiciness that it adds to the plot when they are enemies or otherwise taboo. Adds suspense, emotion, etc. And I am not ashamed to admit that I basically view one of them vicariously to imagine myself with the one I'm most into. I know you can just self-insert, but with preexisting characters you can work within the plot and there's more content anyway

No. 236590

Anon that’s so sweet of you! I bet you made those people’s days like she did for me. I just hope she didn’t think my lack of response was because she weirded me out or anything. I was just genuinely so surprised lol.

No. 236592

also I enjoy het ships too which are even easier to self-insert into but they have less content sadly

No. 236597

no it's not obvious to me that's why I asked. Adding another man does not increase my horny it ruins it

No. 236602

File: 1645156179246.png (267.98 KB, 400x400, Ikuto-3-shugo-chara-21803446-3…)

it's kind of like the bad boy nuisance/bully character in shoujo manga/anime.
but times it by 2, then you have the perfect BL ship.

No. 236603

i used self-insert as the bottom in yaoi fanart with my husbando as the top until i shifted to only using my imagination during coom time. those were dark days

No. 236604

NTA but I can understand that, nonny. In order to enjoy m/m I personally have to disconnect my brain from irl scrotes and focus on the 2d ones and their relationship as written, which is much more catering to women's fantasies and wishes about how men should be. I don't mind gay men irl or fetishize them or whatever, but their relationships are definitely not at all like the stuff I enjoy, if I think about irl men it's gross. Sorry if that sounds homophobic, I don't actually mind them but what I mean is I don't find the reality attractive so they are safe from my dirty fujo gaze. It's the fact that it's fictional and made for female enjoyment

No. 236608

>Sorry if that sounds homophobic
you’re not going to destroy gay men’s lives by finding irl gay sex gross, don’t worry about it

No. 236610

Since you’re afraid to be homophobic i’ll do it: 3d gays are gross, they have disgusting degenerate fetishes and suffer from the disease of being an actual real life human male. Like this anon said BL is heavily written to cater to women’s fantasies and the men are very “female coded” for lack of a better term, they have actual substance unlike real men who only think with their penises and are gross.

No. 236611

good explanation nonnie thank you for that. I get it now, still not my cup of tea though

No. 236612

Kek thanks, I know but I guess I still have that subconscious fear of getting called a homophobe for it
This, plus I'm going to sound like a fucking clown for this but I find anal sex extremely repulsive but in fanfic I can separate from that mostly. I mean, it's a magical fictional world in your brain, so you can pretend it's basically a vagina. I still can't read about ass eating though, that is too far for me.
Totally understand nonna! I believe we should all be able to coexist with our tastes

No. 236613

Hey girls
did you know
that ummmm
you can post in 2X right now

No. 236616

Your tastes are so refined. Mine are trash to be honest, I like power dynamics (in fiction, irl that is a hard NO). I prefer there to be a big contrast between the characters

No. 236617

this is why bara is so nasty

No. 236620

File: 1645157405967.jpg (181.4 KB, 1200x1200, 3984.jpg)

how many fellow anons went to an all girls school for their education? I consider myself so lucky to have went to an all girls highschool. No male scrotes at the peak of scrote behavior to bother us, it was bliss. We all competed to be the best intellectually, meanwhile my brother at his all scrote highschool learned nothing and had idiots calling bomb threats in weekly. God I hope if I have a child it's a girl so I can help her succeed.

No. 236622

give me an example of what you mean, i'm thinking of something but your idea sounds extreme

No. 236630

File: 1645158015082.jpg (47.66 KB, 750x937, Tumblr_l_272760981810740.jpg)

No. 236631

It can range from basic cringe similar to ereri (I don't ship but fits the bill and is popular example) to the extreme like protag/villain

No. 236632

File: 1645158199170.jpg (427.4 KB, 1820x1024, cover3.jpg)

men give me money on the internet because I have developed a parasocial relationship with them which is based off my sexuality and me trying to represent and mold to the male ideal. I have sold myself both ideologically and physically to men b-b-b-but I am not like those Twitch whores. You know, the whores that lick the microphone, the asmr whores or loli panderers. I am so much better than a sex worker whore by inherently selling my mind and body to men on the internet. These sex worker whores making it such a bad and mysoginstic place for women, but I , the one subscribing my entire being to the most mysoginstic social movement I am benefiting women. Tired of these sex worker whores grooming little girls. I am not grooming little girls by setting the example of being a trad hoe. These whores ruining society for women. I am not a whore! Did you understand? Like the Onlyfans and Twitch whores.

No. 236634

File: 1645158414546.jpg (29.91 KB, 580x696, Tumblr_l_273110301736024.jpg)

We get it, you have a prostate and you're very upset

No. 236635

File: 1645158453010.png (186.38 KB, 494x628, Screenshot 2022-02-18 at 4.26.…)

No. 236636

yaoi is nasty as fuck. take the yumepill

No. 236637

here we go again. fujos are my sisters…. don’t pit us against each other

No. 236638

no thank you

No. 236640

be both and embrace objectifying men in every way possible

No. 236641

Please, we only have one thread. Not this shit

No. 236642

Speaking of ship dynamics, I love power imbalances… especially a top who holds all the power and a bottom with a nasty attitude who's powerless to fight back outside of being snarky.

No. 236643

10/10 edit, can admin give this poster some reddit gold please

No. 236644

File: 1645158685170.jpeg (91.24 KB, 640x636, main-qimg-a8111f2718a79d598d9c…)

I'm so much better than the left wing onlyfans whores. The whores ruining society for women!!!!!!! I DO NOT RUIN SOCIETY FOR WOMEN BY EMBODYING THE MOST MYSOGINISTIC AND OUTDATED IDEAL

No. 236645

File: 1645158701220.gif (2.78 MB, 384x239, 1644848608327.gif)

I'm a yume and fujos are my sisters. Don't believe the propoganda

No. 236647

File: 1645158799011.jpg (116.76 KB, 735x734, 8e9c7a67b4b1d861e8bbdd37c040f3…)

No. 236648

tag urself im the cake

No. 236651

I love this picture. Same. Don't care if cringe

No. 236652

The Granny's Kitchen tea towel hanging on the oven

No. 236654

I'm the android phone with default wallpaper

No. 236655

i'm how grandma's holding the phone

No. 236657

I went to an all girl school. A religious one. Mine was shit, but it was run by a iron fist penguin. Kek.

No. 236658

I'm the cringe

No. 236659

I'm the fake blood on the cute girl's chin

No. 236660

I'm the spiky choker and hanging chain combo the goth girl's wearing

No. 236661


No. 236662

i love youuuuuuuuuuu you are now my blood sister

No. 236663

I did too but mine was fairly progressive. It was Catholic but run by fem-nuns who totally built up female comradery. Men and the male perspective was just a non issue. They never once, even with the traditional Catholic perspective on women's roles, discussed a "man's place" in our lives. We were free to be women at all levels.

No. 236664

he's slightly less assholeish than the other matsus (though not necessarily "good") and i think his chuuni tendencies are funny and find it cute when his act slips but i'm biased towards chuuni characters in general. i like the contrast between his "manly" side and crybaby side. also he dresses slutty and has thick eyebrows. i used to like juicy but got tired of his schtick after a while, usually whenever a whole episode focuses on him and i like totty as a character but he's too awful to be husbando material kek. i have mixed feelings on ichi.

No. 236666

File: 1645159589205.jpeg (71.68 KB, 770x770, 05DAE6D0-8233-48BD-9DCE-0219FF…)

what celebs lurk on lc tinfoil go go go

No. 236667

I need to get over my ex and the majority of my being is over him yet one small part of me isn't and that part is so strong it drives me crazy. He's awful but I still want him and don't want him to be with any other girl. I need to get over him, I can't believe I'm still hanging on

No. 236668

finding out that shmorky is alive and posting on the farms would be truly the cherry on top of this troubled time

No. 236669

Ariana Grande, Doja Cat, Grimes and Azelia Banks

No. 236670

I used to be like you but I stopped caring and now post wildly. I am cringe but I am free. Highly encourage you to do the same nona

No. 236673

>Is it out of shame or embarrassment?
No >>236457

No. 236674

This is cringe but I can't help it: I'm somewhat girly in some superficial ways. I look very girly in terms of my physical traits as well as style and I have a positive, lively character. I like the idea of having a girl friend who is rather the opposite in her appearance as well as style and to be unlikely friends. A more edgy, tomboyish girl friend. It's not that I'm incapable of being assertive, confident or independent, but that isn't my usual disposition nor reputation. So even though I have these traits and am not just an empty stereotype, the contrast would still be stark if I were to have a friend whose default behaviour was less soft. I just think it's a nice idea… I like the idea of us appreciating each others differences. I don't look at other people as characters to fulfill some sort of fanfiction fantasy, so please don't interpret it as such! I am happy with the friends I have and acknowledge them as whole people that don't fulfill any tropes. I also don't want to treat any future people like this. Simply the idea I enjoy entertaining is best described with the terms I used…

No. 236675

kek sorry I deleted my post but I'm still wondering…the truth is out there

No. 236676

That's cute, there's nothing wrong with wanting that. I hope you do find a cool tomboy friend, anon

No. 236679

File: 1645160468796.jpg (97.37 KB, 494x960, ca91b179c64ebaea3a834d2057264e…)

No. 236680

I have a certain attraction to men, but testicles are just so fucking ugly. They look like asses, and they hang in such a nasty way. I hate them, I wish they didn't exist, or that they were invisible. Scrotes are always like "haha xd innie/outie vagina", but no one ever talks about how hideous ballsacks are. Seeing them is such a fucking turn-off

No. 236681

File: 1645160599561.gif (1.1 MB, 400x224, Tumblr_l_275323488852679.gif)

What's he saying ladies

No. 236682

why is everything gay with tumblrtards. they could of been bffs ugh

No. 236683

"Ban fujos"

No. 236684

battle toads

No. 236686

File: 1645160759536.jpg (52.81 KB, 500x474, 6b05c08a43930210f3bb100a40e51e…)

I want a friend like this so bad nons

No. 236687

tbh these types of characters is why i can't get into most shoujo and bl

No. 236688

File: 1645160877818.jpg (25.01 KB, 520x283, fa86b1aad55c603374b45d77ab6627…)

What about these types of characters

No. 236689

Guys whenever I finish a meal my stomach hurts so fucking bad and I can’t move for a bit and I’m writhing around in pain before going back to normal. I thought it would go away after a day when I get it out of my system but its been about 3 days now. The reaction delays a bit now it’s not immediately after eating but a few hours now. My diet hasn’t changed at all and it’s relatively normal. Jesus christ it just hit me again while typing this but I wanted to know if anyone has experienced this?

No. 236691

Yeah I see where you're coming from. I don't mind if they're gay but I'm >>236674 and like that type of dynamic except as a friendship too

No. 236692

No. 236693

How come no one realizes a lot of women are the one on the left when they're taking selfies (or on camera), and the one on the right when they're playing games alone? Do they think some of these Twitch streamers came from nowhere, or just don't really play the games? Lol

No. 236695

No thoughts head empty just want to suck my husbandos cock

No. 236696

Nta but I always feel like shrek and barry the bee memes are beating the dead horse (since it's not 2017 anymore) and yet I still feel an undeniable attraction to both barry and shrek for what they mean and stand for in comedic terms and still laugh when I rewatch the bee movie. How strange….

No. 236697

Your school sounds lovely. Wish I could've attended it instead of the one I did.

No. 236698

What do you usually eat?

No. 236699

I think the original drawing was by a twelve year old and the redraw just by someone in their late teens early twenties participating in the lesbian redraw meme

No. 236700

ariana tells jim carrey about carreychan

No. 236701

Too late I already sucked it. He's flaccid now.

No. 236702

Why would you want to suck his cock over him eating you out?

No. 236703

genitals are ugly that's why we hide them

No. 236704

Gluten ir lactose intolerance?

No. 236706

NTA but it's so easy to do both, why limit yourself like that

No. 236707

Breakfast is almost always Weetabix
Skip lunch since breakfast is usually late
Dinner is usually some carb + protein
Then I finish the night with tea and biscuit

No. 236708

doesn't weetabix give you shits

No. 236710

Hhhh I want to suck dick too guys but no man is really worth it… I should give the best head and then bite his dick at the end to confuse him. otherwise it's no good

No. 236711

Vaginas are pretty though

No. 236712

i cannot tell whether this pic I'm looking at has a fold or a dick bulge

No. 236713

Used to have dry poops so the fibre helped me a lot
I have no issues with those unless I suddenly developed it…

No. 236714

Is this is a joke or you really eat that shit

No. 236715

File: 1645161666416.jpeg (31.11 KB, 455x322, 3AE19164-24F4-40BE-AAAB-E54DAD…)

I can't tell

No. 236716

Those are folds. My condolences.

No. 236717

Whats the issue it’s not that bad

No. 236718

People eat weetabix?

No. 236719

I figured. It looked a little too shaded to be an actual bulge

No. 236720

Have you ever tried eating a vegetable

No. 236721

This is an extremely british post, I hope your tummy feels better soon nona

No. 236722

I never want to hear a britfag make fun of fat burgers again

No. 236724

They’re obviously a part of dinner. Thats it?
Thank you nona

No. 236725

someone tell me why men in the 90s were hotter, why did the standards go to shit

No. 236726

File: 1645162118217.jpg (481.5 KB, 1600x2400, breakfast pizza.jpg)

Thoughts on this breakfast pizza, nonnas? Would you eat it?