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File: 1645035030151.gif (439.21 KB, 220x220, borzoi1.gif)

No. 233529

Post random things you hate and why. A picture of the thing you hate is always appreciated. Please don't vent about your life here. For venting about your personal life, your family, neighbors, boyfriend, coworkers etc use the vent thread. For minor annoyances in your very personal daily life use the annoying thread. Thank you. Commentary is fine (positive, negative or neutral) as long as you don't come here to start a retarded infight with your personal issues. Keep the borzois in mind.

No. 233537

File: 1645035158109.jpg (40.85 KB, 526x583, strong but sensitive.jpg)


No. 233552

I don't use 4chan that much but recently I went to the archives and I saw an advert there that was advertising what looked to 'candid creeps' footage, specifically a website dedicated to sharing videos that were made by placing cameras in public places, specifically 'dressing rooms, pool cabins, bathrooms ,toilets, showers' without permission. Isn't this stuff illegal? I don't want to visit the website, but there must be a way to report it somehow, right?

No. 233590

being horny on your period. it tears you between bloodied fingers… or waiting out for your cycle to end to quench your thirst, neither which are great options

No. 233602

i hate kpop and kpopfags so much. they're like trannies with how they infest every corner of the internet. liking kpop erodes your iq i swear.

No. 233606

being a boygroup fan definitely takes down your iq faster

No. 233611

yeah, i was talking about the boygroup kpop/kpopfags. i'd hate kpopfags way less if they just posted gifs of the girlgroups. i hate men so much that i hate seeing any boygroup kpopfag sperging.

No. 233617

I hate men and I especially hate young men so seeing kpop men triggers my flight or fight response, I want to punch out the dog gif kid so bad

No. 233714

File: 1645040303507.jpg (27.65 KB, 236x522, jamie.jpg)

Idk if this is the right thread for this, but I hate it when I realise how brainwashed I am when it comes to what I consider beautiful as a zoomer. I grew up with the thicc trend shoved down my throat throughout the 2010s. I was watching a video, and then it brought up Jamie Lee Curtis, and seeing her body and what was ideal back in the 80s made me shocked and realise again how truly cartoonish recent beauty trends are. Even stuff like 'bootylicious' by Destiny's child, their butt ,by today's standards, are non-existant

No. 233719

Why do you not have adblock

No. 233752

It’s likely staged anon

No. 233788

>i'd hate kpopfags way less if they just posted gifs of the girlgroups
Lots of moids lust after girlgroups tho, to be honest I prefer seeing the boygroup sperging because then I can be sure it's women doing it

I just wear pads and never use my hands to masturbate, instead I dry hump some hard surface. Being on my period doesn't stop me.

No. 233815

>le horny never quails.
Based queen kek.

No. 233853

sometimes i think that some of the posters (not all) who complain about seeing anime,kpop,fictional men posted and then ask for porny anime,girlgroups and male-gazey females to be posted are men

No. 233870

Same. It's sus.

No. 233872

so because I dont want to see scrotes anymore even in 2D form since I hate them so much I must be a scrote? I'd rather see women

No. 233880

If the female representation you would rather see conveniently fits the male gaze, yes it is sus.

No. 233923

No. 233943

the sun. i like sunny weather sometimes, like when it's really cold outside on a winter morning. that feeling of the sun on your skin is lovely, and seeing it when everything else is so icy. sunsets are also beautiful. but besides that, there's something about sunlight that's upsetting to me. i always have my blinds down in my room and hate when it's sunny and my room gets all lit up. i usually have a lamp on instead. when i go out, regardless of how much i enjoyed myself, if it was sunny that will affect my memory of that day and i'll look back on it somewhat negatively because the sunlight just makes everything uncomfortable. whenever it's gloomy outside my friends complain but it really makes me happy sometimes for some reason. it's just comfortable and i look back on a lot of gloomy, grey days fondly. it's like the opposite of winter blues, where i instead just feel really drained and moody because of the sun. i dread summer every year because of this, it's always the saddest season for me.

No. 233947

holy shit nonny are you me? I keep all the windows and doors in my house covered with curtains because I hate the sun, i do agree sunsets are nice and sometimes it’s nice to go out when it’s cold and sunny but rainy and gloomy days reign supreme

No. 233950

I think both sides are stupid

No. 233956

This a retarded "gotcha" that boygroup kpopfags always pull. Women will never escape the male gaze. There will always be men projecting their retarded porn-gaze to anything a woman does. I just want to see women more than ugly scrotes. I just don't want to see ugly moids.

No. 233967

nta but we should let each other exist without giving a fuck about what men are into either way. I'm sick of anons obsessing over it, embrace what you like and don't spare a thought to men if you truly are sick of them.

No. 233970

based, we should go on a walk in the gloom together sometime nonny

No. 234023

File: 1645049136408.jpg (47.44 KB, 720x568, misato2.jpg)

hate the way genderspecial terms have seeped through my native language.
they have managed to circumvent grammatical gender by adding @ at every noun

No. 234046

File: 1645050021538.png (15.69 KB, 633x758, 318271da980706f7a18a811c3456a7…)


No. 234070

You prefer old men?

No. 234071

That's pretty based though, and it's what people have been doing for decades in my language

No. 234185

older, not completely geriatric. i am 25, 18 year old men are disgusting to me

No. 234202

I still hate picky eaters.

No. 234264

Me too. I especially want /m/ back.

No. 234283

why was /g/ a survivor.

No. 234703

The fact that 'positive affirmations', 'fake it till you make it' and grey rocking never works when i do it and actually backfires in most cases, resulting in the opposite of what it's supposed to do. but people will still suggest it anyway when i tell them this.

No. 234863

>calling someone a sperg just for being knowledgeable on the topic they're talking about or kinda passionate
Did anyone forget that the old autism is associated with certain logic types and not just general emotions? You're not doing yourself a favor by calling everything that isn't bare shitposting or low effort posts "autism". This goes for all the modern internet kek

No. 234873

*Did everyone

No. 234877

idk i wouldn't consider, say (c)rap anon, or the "muh cankles" posters, or romanian anon, or people fighting over mundane shit for 50 posts for example "knowledgeable"

No. 234896

I agree, it's no wonder that /ot/ is full of one-line posts and the longest ones are vent posts

You know she's not talking about people like those. Those can actually be called "spergs". What she's talking about (I assume) is when people shame someone just for talking about something she likes, as if having fun was "autism" = "cringe" = bad.

And on that note, I hate it when people here are disingenuous like that. Like you know that's not what the other person meant but you still make shit up to discredit their argument. It's super common around here.

No. 234903

>And on that note, I hate it when people here are disingenuous like that. Like you know that's not what the other person meant but you still make shit up to discredit their argument.
maybe i'm just retarded ever consider that

No. 235000

Yes, thank you nonny you understand me!

No. 235047

I won't get banned if I derail this thread because it isn't the real deal

No. 235051

Or will I

No. 235053

>Stay safe!
No. Arnold. I’m a fucking risk-taker, a daredevil. Stop cursing me with this wussy phrase.

No. 235157

Anyone got any Reddit cringe to post?

No. 235401

I hate the existence of the genetic lottery. It's either you get dealt good hands or you don't, and even if it determines most of your life you have no say in it.

No. 235407

File: 1645106349479.jpg (21.49 KB, 562x315, Screenshot_20220129-172831__01…)

Have some hinge cringe

No. 235417

he didn't specify what sub he mods, anyone wanna wager a guess? mine are:

No. 236306

File: 1645142244407.png (755.07 KB, 790x734, 16143763317959.png)

I connect with this kind of sentiment lately. I wish I was savvy enough to create a post-lolcow site. The never ending scrote, autism, race-baiting accusations, the new flavor of cow milk, the empty moid-bashing mantras are so annoying and hackneyed. CC is slightly more receptive but dead. I'm always online and I'd like to engage with new, controversial, and suppressed takes from other women. But it's hard to find a bubble that's like that online. This website filled that void temporarily except it no longer does. I can't return to popular social media sites since my habits are too aligned with imageboard culture. I hate my inadequacies.

No. 236337

File: 1645143150500.jpeg (17.15 KB, 101x113, F28C3FDC-C5AA-49B4-8082-AE5E1E…)

I absolutely hate this post.
And I love these ones. One of my least favourite things about this site is the moid obsession. I'm sick and tired of anons talking about scrotes, the male gaze, all of it. I like what I like and I don't care if it was made for scrotes in mind or if scrotes like it, because I don't care about scrotes. There's just too much focus on men here. Negative attention is still giving them attention. All women must like the same things and if you dare like something that men happen to like it means you're a man now.

No. 236353

What an achievement!

No. 236357

please do i will join

No. 236367

I like the atmosphere here personally. The catty nonnies are great. I think the gossip sides are the site are valuable because its why this site exists in the first place. Plus its good for filtering about newfags who can't cope with "toxic" shittalking. I know a lot of posters ITT dont engage with that part of the site and even hate it but i think its kind of good for the site overall.

Bringing this up bc from my little experience with CC the site is TOO soft on troons and moids which fucks up the atmosphere. The obnoxious performative male bashing here is obsessive and annoying but lolcow will always be better than CC because we dont bend the knee to "the good ones". Granted its been a while since ive checked out CC so I'm not sure if the attitude has changed after some radfem anons left when we lost the OG gender crit and pinkpill threads.

No. 236390

File: 1645145604985.jpeg (50.57 KB, 510x508, 3AC485C0-7922-428E-98D5-D6CB94…)

I’m happy that you like it here nonnÿ! I used to but I don’t as much. Hm, I agree with you that CC has a lot of flaws, and you mentioned key ones. It would be hard for me to choose a side for I believe the beef between LC and CC is retarded. I guess, speaking for the present, I favor the lack of cattiness there hahaha. Something other than CC would need to spring up though. A total blank slate.
If I had the abilities I’d do it in a heartbeat and you’d be the first member! You and I are not the only ones feeling this way, that’s for certain.♥

No. 236418

i don't get these complaints, we already have waifu threads and "women you want to fuck" threads, nothing is stopping anyone from posting women

No. 236420

samefag also the hornypost thread allows women too

No. 236474

Just brought that up bc i think if any new girlchan exists it should learn from what LC did right and what CC did wrong. But im also not super doom and gloom. I dont think were gonna go dark anytime soon. But idk whats happening tho I do have a bad tinfoil. Anyway sorry.

THINGS I HATE: CC allowing themselves to get infesting with trannies by being too soft.

No. 236629

>CC allowing themselves to get infesting with trannies by being too soft.
I don't get why CC is always accused of being full of trannies. Where is the proof? Is it just because they prefer to keep overt tranny hate contained in one thread? Is it because the mood is not as hostile as here?

No. 236982

File: 1645182934619.png (375.23 KB, 812x813, 1645175270713.png)

I hate men!

No. 236990

She also said disgusting things about women

No. 236991

Somehow the caption/article seems even more insulting towards manlets kek

No. 236995

literally 1984

No. 236999

File: 1645184152289.jpg (52.23 KB, 718x394, FL1HEy0XsAMUJ-G.jpg)

The rabbithole goes deep

No. 237001

File: 1645184218936.png (17.79 KB, 718x394, FL1pHuGWQAARi_Z.png)

Better translation

No. 237004

File: 1645184481766.png (97.31 KB, 943x719, tinf.png)

Then twitter users tinfoil that JP users were making Tanukana statements up (outside of 170cm men don't deserve human rights) to gain more western support

No. 237005

Those are a lot of heated gamer moments
>attack women with smaller breasts, older women, black people, Korean people, LGBT, depressed people, etc
>Japanese moids sleep
>attack manlets
>Japanese moids lose their shit

No. 237007

kek she thinks I should consider suicide, I don't feel too sorry for her then. But couldn't she try to be less visible while saying this shit? Don't e-celebs care about their reputations in Asia too?

No. 237009

made me kek but isn't she scared? Aren't japanese hardcore when it comes to online bullying?

No. 237012

No. 237020

>huge boobs
kek, japanese people always fucking kill me. They're so out of touch with the other first world countries, it's actually hilarious

No. 237021

File: 1645185442381.png (159.57 KB, 471x395, tnk.png)

Her smile reminds me of Azealia Banks lmao

No. 237036

File: 1645186813602.png (53.17 KB, 981x467, comments.png)

She might have been being sarcastic because some people were calling her fat. Regardless, it's weird to read the comments from men praising her for this. If a female streamer from the west reacted this way, she'd get called a thot, titty streamer, told to make an OF already, etc for talking about her breasts positively on stream, comparing herself to porn and telling people to look at her bikini pics (and of course she'd be considered an NLOG/cowish even outside of incel communities for it lmao)

No. 237040

File: 1645186996241.jpg (362.71 KB, 826x683, kween.jpg)

she is based and doesnt deserve hate

No. 237041

shit someone already posted it

No. 237044

"Asian women are so much better than western women because they're feminine and not big meanie sjws" is a common western moid loser mentality. It panders to their docile and submissive woman fetish and I'm pretty sure most asian fetishists are closeted pedos just from the way they talk about asian women.
She's so much prettier in video, wtf. I wonder if they purposefully took a shit pic of her

No. 237049


No. 237062

File: 1645188595360.png (6.94 MB, 1440x1798, SPOILER_unknown.png)

No. 237063

File: 1645188701463.jpg (100 KB, 736x1103, fa8768674ea30fe16cf73a75b3e2d6…)

The fighting game community is vile to women but the moment someone make a joke back at them …

No. 237064

I need a testosterone injection after seeing this image, and I'm a woman

No. 237073

cute shoes

No. 237076

I didn't know about her before, but I like watching her tournament videos. It's very satisfying to see her body scrotes. In this one, even the male presenters get passive aggressive about it lol

No. 237079

those shoes look like they're on hands

No. 237084

Reclaim Tanukana from weeb moids, she's ours and I want her to shame me for my tiny tits and depression

No. 237092

File: 1645190366824.png (352.85 KB, 500x513, o89fzo6hjji81.png)

weird question but how often do you clean your hairbrush? I have to do it every 3 days, I don't understand how my thin ass can accumulate so much dust, especially considering I never go out

No. 237102

The dust isn't outdoor dust, it's your skin cells

No. 237119

Jamie looks banging there for sure but I can honestly see a lot of modern men calling her body type mannish cause she hasn't got the slimthic thing going on

No. 237120

it's what she deserves

No. 237121

My family has awful communication skills, bad relationships or not I’m a little envious of people whose parents and siblings actually talk to them daily.

Today is my Mom’s birthday and I found out last night she was planning on going out to eat today with my dad, my sister, and sister’s kids. My sister hasn’t talked to me since December. Last minute my moms says I can go, though I wasn’t in the plans since they assumed I would be at work today. I didn’t want to go if my dad was there, so I stayed home, and as it turns out he didn’t even go.

No. 237122

I was just thinking she looked like an asian azealia banks kek

No. 237123

>never works
it's all mindset anon. right now you have the mindset that it never works which meaans it will never work! your affirmations are in direct conflict with your feelings about said affirmations

No. 237124

File: 1645194487087.png (120.34 KB, 1832x1092, angry moids.png)

nope sort by newest, they are seething rn

No. 237125

the fake it till you make it method 100% worked for me.

No. 237129

we need a thread where all mention of males is outlawed

every few days I have to grab all the hair out and bin it. I don't see dust on my hairbrush?

No. 237149

i used to think it would work..seems it only works when i'm not thinking about something
it just made people dislike me even more lol. they could tell i was pretending.

No. 237177

I thought the manifest shit was old hat, some of you still buy into it?

No. 237199

File: 1645201701789.jpg (679.23 KB, 870x1300, the audacity of some people.jp…)

I know it might be the baggy clothes she wears but tf he tits aren't even that big. I think she was being ironic about the whole 'the whole women over 30' thing because she was born on November 21, 1992, so she's 29 and nearly approaching 30.

No. 237207


Now what did black people do to her? Why do they always have to be racist toward black people, there's only like 5 of them in Japan idgi

No. 237209

either a lie or a shitpost// black men say she wasn't racist to them and she hugged him 3x, so idk how deep it is

No. 237210

File: 1645202273555.png (110.91 KB, 943x1066, kekd.png)

this is all so stupid kek

No. 237226

lord, please stop black weeaboos from cooning for japanese people

No. 237236

>Is it just because they prefer to keep overt tranny hate contained in one thread? Is it because the mood is not as hostile as here?

it's because the site is full of trannies. You think all those uwu soft girls who talk like motivational posters and NPCs there are actually females? I remember when that site was made. They literally advertised the site on /soc/. I know LC has 4chan roots but at least we came from /cgl/ which was the "girl board" for the most part. CC was doomed to tranny infestation from day one.

No. 237278


Klansman used to rape black women they saw on the street walking alone. Physical contact and playing nice in public doesn't mean the person isn't racist person.It means they're not a stupid racist person. And again, I'm tired. They're like 5 black people in Japan yet black people are still on her mind like why?


Coons make me sick. I wish Harriet Tubman left more behind.

No. 237343

>Coons make me sick. I wish Harriet Tubman left more behind.
I personally hate you, and I hope you get a neurodegenerative disease.

No. 237425

NTA but feeling called out? lol

No. 237504

Sorry but that reply made me laugh

No. 237515

kek unhinged women are so entertaining. she's clearly in need of help.

No. 237517

her and azealia need to team up some time.

No. 237557

File: 1645217698691.jpg (64.04 KB, 768x768, 1540194074139.jpg)

Yeah I can see that a little.

They'd shit talk each other before ending everyone else.

No. 237580

Didn't Koda Kumi have a big scandal for saying older women have rotten amniotic fluid? Gotta be trolling to mimic something so specific and infamous.

No. 237596

What the fuck does "rotten ammiotic fluid" even mean. You produce that shit fresh when you get pregnant. Its so outlandish. Then again, the Japanese

No. 237679

yes and then she proceeded to get pregnant at like 29

No. 237688

Now I'm just sad that you see nothing wrong with that comment.

No. 237706

Azealia would have been the kind of bitch in highschool who asks girls "why are you so quiet???" And then spread rumors about how creepy they are

No. 237711

This is the first post that triggered me on a deep level. I was on the receiving end of this so much kek

No. 237746

god i hated this, the equivalent in my language is "why don't you speak?" bitch why do you speak so much

No. 237771

what kind of tik tok memetic bullshittery is this lmfao???

No. 237779

No. 237797

She reminds me a lot of my big sister, like they might as well be clones or something, and my sister was kinda like that, even with me. So I wouldn't be surprised if that were true.

No. 237868

That's not really what I was saying anon…
I know those threads exist.

No. 237869

File: 1645232428506.jpeg (86.81 KB, 884x526, A1205FB8-83D1-4BD4-8080-FD98A6…)

This is a real poll CC did. I don't get how it's not obvious to anyone that the site is infested with men and trannies. It gets mentioned 10x more on 4chan than here is.

No. 237873

that lucinda girl's style of photoshopping her face and appearance makes me actually mad bc it looks so fucking stupid. that being said she is extremely mentally ill, so…

No. 237879

She just has ugly teeth

No. 237883

Big for Japan maybe

No. 237884

>where is the proof on identities of anonymous posters
It's just very obvious from what, how and with what intentions they write. Nevermind 4chan trannies openly admitted to posting there.

But CC was made by farmers.

And this is only the ones who admit their identity.

No. 237887

At least she isn't digging holes in her legs like that other horror munchie.

No. 237888

That looks like shitposting banter, it's the kind of nonsense I'd post on discord or something. Does anyone know whether she was actually serious about any of this?

No. 237899

> it's the kind of nonsense I'd post on discord or something
That ain't good

No. 237907

Sorry, I'm European.

No. 237914

ur right, it's based

No. 237943

You think shaming other women, even jokingly, is based? On MY lolcow?

No. 237958

jokingly - yes, sincerely - no

No. 237959

File: 1645237430459.png (3.26 KB, 354x88, 2022-02-02_08-44-37.png)

dis is u

No. 237962

No. 238005

File: 1645240195623.jpg (79.91 KB, 896x573, kawai.jpg)

WRONG, this is her
and everyone else here

No. 238037

Where's this from? And based.

No. 238069

It's from Needy Streamer Overload.

No. 238080

so the developer was mocking women with this?

No. 238091

well that's the solution if you want to see more women, idk what else you're trying to say

No. 238195

File: 1645256117386.png (349.62 KB, 640x640, fmn4ysb77ia81.png)

I fucking hate scroteshit coomer "memes" like Bowsette, Zone Ankha, traps/femboys, etc. or whatever the the fuck scrotes get off to whenever I'm on the internet. I don't want to see girls or anything feminine being sexualized by horny moids to the point of it becoming popular, trendy or just every where. This shit isn't funny and shouldn't be normalized. It's fucking cringey and disgusting. Makes me wish we live in a reverse world where men are more sexualized and degraded than women. A world with more male sexualization, male focus porn, memes of sexy men, all that. Sorry if I sounded like I'm venting. Guys get everything while us girls get bread crumbs.

No. 238204

I've been getting the occasional YT ads that are over 10 minutes long. TF is that about? I've had one right around when I was about to nap that was over an hour. Who is plugging their shit like that?

No. 238207

what the fuck. maybe unlock origin will help? apparently Adblock has become useless

No. 238208

Maybe I’m just a bitch who dislikes seeing excessive praise but I hate those comments on asmr videos that are always along the lines of “omg insert name you are such a beautiful, kind, gentle, and wonderful person and I hope your entire life is filled with blessings, happiness and joy, you sweet angel!” Just fuckin say good job and leave, instead of groveling and creaming in your pants over a person tapping a microphone jfc

No. 238213

It's usually when I'm using a Roku on my TV I get the weirdly long ones… so idk if I can use ad block on that in any regard. But like, I'll throw on a playlist for a nap and get woken up by the entirely out of place ads. I'm fine with the 5-30 second ones because they're not that disruptive but it's when I realize they've not gone back to familiar voices after 5 minutes? not a fan.

No. 238266

I stopped playing guilty gear after jack-o came out because the endless flood of coomer art and her coomer pose meme that would not leave my media feed.

No. 238310

Reminds me of MilleniaThinker videos, how do you make or watch that shit and not get embarrassed? You have to be brain dead to not realize how terminally cringe it is

No. 238326

the amount of losers warning other men to not spend money on internet celebs like they're being horrifically exploited in the comments is hilarious. like it's any less pathetic to waste $40 on pewdiepie superchats or some shit anyways

No. 238367

even pwerdie is a better role modle for most moids these days

No. 238521

I never said I wanted to see more women, what I would like would be if this site stopped talking about moids so much so I can just talk to other women without being reminded of men. I'm saying there's too much talk about scrotes here, I don't get what you're not getting.

No. 238525

You're not a bitch nonnie, a lot of those comments borderline on parasocial mental illness. YouTube comments overall suck. I hate when people write their life story or some sad whining. Sorry you were having a bad day because of whatever but why are you announcing that to random strangers in a YouTube comment section? Do they not have friends?

No. 239451

File: 1645303110121.jpeg (286 KB, 1600x1600, 69F5354A-18AE-4B2C-9F41-2598E7…)

Fidget toys. It’s all cheap and useless plastic shit made in a 3rd world factory. I got into a tiff on discord with some autismo about them. I said that they are a huge waste of plastic and they started sperging about bUt MuH stimming!!!

No. 239456

tbh as an autistic tard these are useless to me and scream fake tiktok autism

No. 239525

Okay, I have to ask, what is so stimulating about those popping toys? Like, the amogus toy in your pic where you press the buttons. I've played with one while in line at a checkout and it was not stimulating in the least. You gotta be lying about something if you enjoy those things. They're always super ugly looking too.

No. 239529

I work with a lot of autistic kids and we have lots of fidget toys at our office. Every time I've tried one the kids just get more distracted, they're literally all worthless.

No. 239544

the fucking amogus one

No. 239582

No. 239632

Its like bubble wrap but less satisfying because the dots don't pop

No. 239644

Is this real? Wow the double standards.

How is talking about her like this any different from how the male weebs you hate talk about her? This shit is gross. Some of you all need a grip.

No. 239662

Kek. I once was asked to choose a date spot from a guy who bitched about his ex never choosing date locations. I chose to go to the arcade with a lot of fighting games because it's fun for me since I am good at any game I play. I kept bragging about how good I was, he told me he would rage at call of duty, and he ended up changing the date spot, picking to go to the movies. I didn't go to the movies with him. Shit is pathetic.

No. 239672

I hate all the osu comments under touhou songs.

No. 239760

nta but the second anon is referring to this >>237001

No. 239771

I don't care. The way that anon is speaking is gross and not funny.

No. 239781

NTA but stop being a moralfag, it's getting on my nerves

No. 239785

and you need to stop being a pearl clutching reddit spacing newfag

No. 239798

What do you mean?

No. 239821

I hate that because of the "Things you hate" threads, I am becoming more drawn towards eventually getting a Borzoi. They're cute and the black tufty ones look like hellhounds.

No. 239828

I hate incels, but especially the ones that are obsessed with women to the point that they won't leave us alone, despite allegedly hating us and not wanting our attention.
They're pathetic and annoying as fuck.

No. 239869

How old is that poll?

No. 239870

I hate how it's become trendy to shop at thrift stores. These zoomers will never look like their coveted 90's heroin chic waif. They should stick to H&M.

No. 239881

seethe, I look cool and based with my thrifted grandma skirts and wool blend men's flannel shirts (not worn at the same time)

No. 239886

Yeah fuck you you're just jealous you can't fit into some cute 70's shirts

No. 239894

You have to be 18 to post here.

No. 239905

You're retarded if you think thrift shopping is an under 18 thing.

No. 239911

I said zoomers, which is usually meant as 15-17 year olds. If you're a 20+ year old zoomer getting angry over someone shit talking zoomers you are retarded. Also, you will never be your coveted 90's waif.

No. 239915

and shut up not everyone wants to emulate the 90's, tard

No. 239917

Why are you malding so badly? I've shopped at thrift stores my entire life and was teased over it and I can't express frustration at the fact that retarded zoomers are ransacking thrift stores because it's a trend (not to mention how they'll buy a ton of shit and resell it for insane prices on depop). Take your meds and stop taking random anonymous posts online so seriously ♥ you will never be your coveted 90s waif

No. 239924

Reeee I just said I didn't like the 90's!!!

No. 239928

based, but dont waste ur energy seething. i roll my eyes bc shit like this always happens

No. 239930

My apologies, nonnie. The cabin fever is getting to me, I need to step back kek.

No. 239933

Kek yeah this whole situation sucks

No. 239952

I hate it when anons are rude or aggressive to other anons for no reason. Being mean to cows is one things but here we're supposed to all be frens sad face

No. 239973

u - limp noodle, i - firm spaghetti

No. 239997

I hate the fact that I found porn when I was a teenager and ruined my masturbation habits he desensitized myself sexually. Yes porn is a vile industry and I hate it for the trafficking and lack of consent but also, very selfishly, do I despise the fact that even though I stopped watching it a while ago, I still have to think of it to get off, I used to get off to Ann Rice novels now I have to think of a scissoring compilation I saw two years ago.. I wish I never ever stumbled onto pornography.

No. 240053

People who turn on the AC when it’s cold outside

No. 240063

People who have the heat on when it's hot out. Those people should die for being insensitive of health problems that heat can cause or bring out.

No. 240068

No. 240708

Related, but I hate the moral panic over teen girls "gentrifying" thrift stores. It's a common breadtube topic and argument so I'm happy to see women like vidrel calling it out and saying it's complete bs

No. 240710

Hm isn't really popular with zoomers imo? It's not as trendy or appeals to the young demographic as other fast fashion brands such as Zara, bershka, pull and bear, brandy melville, etc. At least in Europe.

No. 240711

could be just a uk/us thing.

No. 240712

File: 1645350266027.jpg (44.92 KB, 670x671, 1616652397113.jpg)

tried watching it and immediately died of cringe, how do people tolerate this shit
also this is the same girl who said women should break up with their boyfriend if they have "transphobic" views and that her country Greece supports white supremacy cause it's racist against poor Muslims

No. 240714

sorry nonna, I dindu know her from before, just thought she was right in this

No. 240720

yeah, she's a hard one to watch with the pandering and all. too bad she's good at presenting information

No. 240721

some people are just cheapskates, can't blame them for it

No. 240723

I feel like most zoomers nowadays shop online on shit like cider, princess polly and shein

No. 240736

File: 1645351834733.jpg (843.76 KB, 1434x2952, WTF.jpg)

No she's not, she has the same breadtube style which is visual over facts, I'd prefer if she actually showed some statistics
anyway these are the so called "rules" she gave out to her dumb zoomer fans in order to judge whether they should break up with their partners, now some of these fairly rational and do make sense but others are just illogical and will probably ruin actually good long term relationships over meaningless shit

No. 240737

heyo, i have not watched her in a long while, cut me som slack. but thanks for updating me

No. 240740

Kek, I didn't know she was that retarded. Pure reddit relationship advice cringe.
I wanna kermit

No. 240743

and they don't even make sense
>talks to his parents too much
>watches sports
>is against sex-workers
all of these are considered red flags for her

No. 240746

Imagine thinking that loving your mom and actually saying that she's an amazing woman = redflag. I'm sorry that her mom never loved her. Also I have tism and can't stand bodyhair on myself or other, so I guess I'm a filthy pedo too kek

No. 240754

No. I'm sorry but there's no way it is real nonnie…I refuse to believe this isn't shitposting, it reads like the most satirical shit ever.
Was she foaming at the mouth while typing this?

No. 240757

It's real, the video in question

No. 240763

The fact that her batshit insane ass doesn't have her own thread is beyond me, fucking hell

No. 240766

poster her on breadtube thread, >>>/snow/1447756
If she turns out to be more Milky we could have separate thread about her, I sense a lot of potential milk with her

No. 240785

File: 1645357010355.gif (13.8 KB, 220x134, a14dc031c8dcc40f173.gif)

i hate husbandofags so much.idc anymore. at first they were adorable in a juvenile way. but it's not funny anymore. why is everything so sexualized, always 24/7 hornies??? buhuh lemme introduce a fucking tardmoid on a 2X board..THECLASH.doheeheemyoneandonlynigel<>hahahaimsoqu1rky?!bcimalwayshornyforfuckingcartoons
<>noooshutupimnothurtinganyoneGoaWAy. yes your sperging is fucking up my user experience here. next we'll get tumblr tier shipfags pairing elsie and tard-tan together, then comes the gender swapping, then the troonery, then full-on furry caca. this place is getting worse and worse. ugh at least be funny, now it's just a sad sight to see. very sad.

No. 240786

frankly, i see them as the equivalent of 4chan coomers just dialed slightly down, but equally as annoying and smelly.

No. 240787

I feel bad for the talented nonnie who drew him, 4 gatsu must be playing in her head

No. 240788

a waste of energy tbh. she's not going to give you eternal life.

No. 240789

I'm gonna hornypost thrice as hard now
she doesn't seem to mind

No. 240791

then be FUNNY. not PATHETIC. laziness is chronic here.

No. 240792

File: 1645357671979.jpeg (29.07 KB, 288x450, 1645319144415.jpeg)

Are you triggered by 2X-Tan, you could use a hug

No. 240793

what do you consider funny

No. 240794


No. 240796

like i should write a ko-chan tier copypasta or what?

No. 240797

my moid is enamored with him and I have to listen to vidrel every fucking day

No. 240798

i trust you have good judgement.

No. 240799

i don't. i'm retarded.

No. 240800

so am i

No. 240801

lucky anon, is he a buff alt dude

No. 240809

File: 1645359456834.jpg (51.33 KB, 564x699, ee59dbd25d47daa6c2a6a44b597d62…)

Nowhere near Steele's buffness but he's tall, has beautiful hair and obviously has his own band. Speaking of which, finding a metalhead bf that wasn't involved in the local neo-nazi groups was an absolute pain in the ass, no idea if it's only in my country. All of them are also deep into germanic heathenism

No. 240813

I hate it when I come back from the store and realise as I unpack the bag that I failed to buy precisely those things I went out to buy.
And it's always some essential shit, like toilet paper etc.

No. 240814

File: 1645359895514.jpg (269.14 KB, 1500x1500, ffb58b38bb48fdb3814d9ce1493451…)

I had a metal-head ex who was also part of neo-nazi group but he wasn't actually racist and was a good guy overall, we broke up mostly cause of distance issues
My current partner has a normie taste in metal but at least isn't into degenerate music(so I'm thankful for that)

No. 240817

Samefag, and if I make a list, I'll inevitably forget to bring it

No. 240818

>neo-nazi group but he wasn't actually racist
kek not trying to infight, but how does that work?

No. 240825

he just dislikes Muslims(Paki's specifically) but that's it, he's actually not racist against Jews, black or Indian people, plus he was dating me someone like me who is mixed-race
Pretty much the only one's who call out Muzzie bullshit are the right wingers, sadly
samefag you should encourage him to get buff, nothing hotter in this world then a buff and tall metalhead

No. 240826

so he just liked nazism aesthetics? ill never get the obsession of that era.

No. 240830

No, it's just the neo-nazi groups are the only one's who call out the bullshit, most aren't actually all that bad either

No. 240833

oh, okay. i guess i dont understand why they associate themselves with that. why not come up with a new name or brand lol

No. 240835

cause people are gonna call them racist and neo-nazi's regardless, so what's even the point
besides' action speak louder then words, most of those so called "racist" skin-heads were more respectful towards me a mixed-black woman then most African men who fetishize me cause of my lighter skin-tone

No. 240837

File: 1645361082057.jpg (34.17 KB, 564x538, AAAA.jpg)

Nta, but my tinfoil is that millenial metalheads walked so that aesthetic obsessed zoomers could run.
It's a weird community where they adhere to a radical political movement for the edgy nord ~aesthetic~ and because all their friends are in it. There's a chunk of them who truly are nazbols but the others don't really give a shit. If they're from europe, there's also high chances that a lot of them got bullied by chad Samir and stacy Fatima at school for looking like scary school shooters, so I guess there's also some kind of lingering saltiness regarding muslims.

No. 240840

actually i'm not sure they would if what you say is true? if they're actions say otherwise, and they fly a new flag then wont they become their own entity? but you may be right since they could be somewhat at risk because "assembly of white men = trouble." it's great things worked out for you, your experience sounds interesting lol

No. 240842

>Muslim chad
WTF are you on about, while the black immigrants usually preform well in schools, most arabs and pakis are almost always losers who stick on their own
They are always like a foot shorter then the people and considered ugly

No. 240844

plausible theory.
the girls can be quite catty and the dudes vocal ime

No. 240845

The "popular kids" at my hs were mostly Arabs hope this isn't racebait
>t. France

No. 240849

I don't remember any paki or arab scrotes ever doing any sports, being popular or even hanging out with other kids, they just hung out with their own cousins, the most interaction they'd have other school children was when they would be selling drugs
They weren't nerdy but there was not a single chad quality about them, they were short, smelly and hairy dudes who married their cousins, that's what most people thought of them growing up
I'm from the UK so my experience is different, I guess the cultural is difference
cause most of the Muslims here are rather quite short compared to the average and don't even exercise(either scrawny smokers or fat asses)

No. 240853

big difference between pakis and arabs imo

No. 240857

I knew you were britbong from the "pakis" alone kek. Arabs with maghreb origins are quite different from pakis and bangladeshis immigrants. Then again, it heavily depends on not only your country but also your town and neighbourhood. I grew up in ghetto tier urban area, if you stood up from the crowd a bit too much, your ass would get obliterated, and trust me being bullied was the softer outcome of what could happen to you

No. 240868

Anon te parle d'arabes et de pakistanais et tu parles de maghrébins lol…

No. 240870

again I understand it's different over there, the arab community is also different from the pakis, but here the pakis are kind of a joke
they may groom little girls and sell drugs but no one think they're tough guys, cause quite frankly they aren't
they are short asf(most aren't ever above 5'7) smelly and usually skinny fat or unfit

I guess if we had arabs things would be different but as of now they are still awful in their actions and from what I hear from france the arabs are also even worse, so that's why I don't give a shit if some punks abuse them, all Muslims deserve it imo

No. 240901

just dropping that here just in case

No. 240927

Marry me and let’s get two

No. 240933

File: 1645366781442.jpg (15.53 KB, 460x374, images.jpeg-271.jpg)

I hate lip fillers, everyone who gets them looks bad.

No. 240941

File: 1645367019549.png (531.59 KB, 893x493, t32PySY.png)

I used to think Rachel from Rachel and Jun was so pretty, before and after nose job, but she had to ruin her face with lip fillers. I hate it it looks so botched and ugly, when will this madness will stop

No. 240948

as a person with big lips, this feels almost offensive, m-my lips don't look like that

No. 240952


No. 240960

It's crazy because Rachel always looks plain af, but those lip fillers are the worst decision she's made yet

No. 240992

>m-my lips don't look like that
No they most likely don't, unless someone recently punched you really hard on the lips. So don't worry about that.

No. 240999

File: 1645368637517.jpg (29.91 KB, 400x400, 3Sw6uQQV_400x400.jpg)

Becki Cruel also comes to mind, kek. There is a reason why women with high nose bridges also tend to have small lips. Nature can be a bitch but usually it manages to balance things alright. When you have a borzoi snozer and big lips, your face becomes overly busy with prominent features and it looks uncanny

No. 241069

just looks like she has downturned eyes to me

No. 241091

Agreed. I hope this trend dies out soon.

No. 241307

agreed, it's even weirder when women with already full or decent sized lips get them

No. 241311

They’re just down turned although I’m sure she fucked with them more in Facetune. The size of them looks a bit uncanny.

No. 241321

I have only been with 2 men my entire, and my ex wasn't racist and never called me a racial slur and my current partner is very normie-ish, he's not a skin-head or a punk, he's a good man
and I don't let myself be racially abused or insulted by anyone, I don't tolerate it

No. 241357

File: 1645378841716.png (370.41 KB, 1200x630, true-crime-memes-fb.png)

I watch alot of documentaries and youtube vids about missing people cases, especially cases where the person started to act odd in the lead up to them vanishing. I know of a few missing men where it came out afterwards that they had cheated in some way. All that snooping around after their disappearance had people coming out of the woodwork to admit as much.. but at the end of the day people don't really condemn you when you might be dead… unless it's a case where a woman does the exact same fucking thing.

Watched 2 vids back to back yesterday and without meaning to I found 2 cases that mirrored each other in alot of ways. Genders were reversed though and the comments were insanely different. I mean I'd already noticed it before but it really laid it out clear. People will talk about possible brain injury, brain tumours, any excuse to try and explain the mans cheating which in fairness they often act oddly too so I get it… but FFS just apply the same to women who are acting insanely out of character too. This selective forgiveness that men apply to other men and even women apply to men is the same shit that true crime/murder videos are plagued with too.

Man does a bad thing, cheating/murder.. Well he must've had a good reason to. Lets all try to think up reasons
Woman does a bad thing, cheating/murder: There's no excuses for doing such a thing.

No. 241362

Whoa what? When did she do that to her lips? Why does she think it looks good? Jun let her do this?

No. 241367

What does henry rollins have to do with metal. Also why would you post him here

No. 241573

thirsting over 2D boys is not being a husbandofag kek

No. 241584

File: 1645389214242.gif (266.11 KB, 500x281, kek.gif)

>sperging over 2X-tan being male


No. 241599

File: 1645389817293.jpeg (84.37 KB, 900x694, 68A917A9-1ADA-45F6-BFE8-B4F273…)

The actual 2X mascots

No. 241605

Nta you replied to but why can't you talk about anything but how mixed you are and how much you hate everyone who isn't into white american subcultures? No one would keep bringing it up if you spoke of literally anything else.

No. 241607

I understand a moid shouldn't be 2X's mascot, but all this whinnying and moralfagging towards husbandofags is getting annoying, i can't wait for mods to fix the other boards so you faggots fuck off and leave us alone

No. 241619

I just drew it as a joke Nona, it was just supposed to be a joke about isekai dating sims not a serious attempt to introduce male mascots into 2X/lc I just wanted people to post/know on it more because it was kind of dead so I was baiting gomenn I'm not making these threads

No. 241622

He's not even the mascot of the board, it's just a genderswap (of the actual mascot) that >>241619 drew as a joke and people found him hot

No. 241641

Now I kind of want to write an autistic a story about Nonnie going into the world of Lolcow.farm and living with the board tans and the Genderbent board tans.

No. 241663

That's something i don't understand, why >>240785 is so angry when this dude was never supposed to be nothing more than just a silly genderbend, a mere sketch? It just seems like a cheap excuse to shit on husbandofags (again). This shit is going way too far, one thing is to shit on us in their lame ass board, but to come directly to our threads to hijack the discussions with their mandatory infighting and shit on us some more? Nah, I'm already losing my chill

No. 241667

I hate women who give scrotes a pass to have disgusting fetishes because “oh he’s my friend and he’s one of the good ones” fuck you for supporting that shit I hope you both die

No. 241673


No. 241677

File: 1645392892611.png (171.27 KB, 697x779, screenshot.PNG)

Whatever the hell this is

No. 241684

That art looks mediocre ngl. Btw the creator of playboy was a sexpest and produced, distributed and profited off of cp. Glad he’s dead

No. 241689

Yeah, playboy is disguisting and I hate that theyre doing this weeb crossover shit

No. 241747

File: 1645395728415.jpeg (279.72 KB, 612x719, F812A688-F5C2-4912-94D9-7096FC…)

If you have naturally big lips, then they do not look like that. Anon is obviously talking about the blow doll sausage smoothed out lips.

No. 241755

File: 1645396228632.jpg (97.43 KB, 828x581, 0 ILnZLOymgFwQsZRG.jpg)

No. 241774

That looks painful, what's the point of doing this to yourself? it doesn't even look right, i would be embarrassed

No. 241776

everything that's been done to this girl is absolutely tragic

No. 241797

File: 1645399269549.jpg (21.64 KB, 554x554, images.jpeg-280.jpg)

iirc anon shes a porn actress, she mainly did it to herself.

No. 241800

She doesn't even look that bad on that screen, every time I see her in Euphoria I can't shake off the feeling of pity, she looks miserable

No. 241801

Thankfully I don't think my closest male friends have any fucked up or shameful fetishes. Or if they do, they never ever imply anything of the sort. I hope they're not hiding a rape fetish or something.

I think that art is tame compared to most shit you can find online with little effort. lol

I believe it, but also would love to have a source on that

No. 241823

Men did this to her lbr.

No. 241838

God I'm sorry but I can't stand her face, is so punchable and gross

No. 241839

File: 1645401348417.jpg (1.2 MB, 4030x2267, 01hmxcWyN13h1LfMglNxHGC-1..v15…)

Roombas. I fucking hate roombas. They're completely needless, clean like shit and bump into everything, Everytime someone said their roomba wasn't going to hit me it hits and bites at my ankle like a retarded chihuahua. Pretty sure the government uses it to listen in on normies too. Fuck roombas and everyone who owns one

No. 241842

File: 1645401533670.jpeg (117.72 KB, 750x1334, 4AD9917D-9425-4BCA-9D77-78ABA2…)

yeah the industry did this and she started at like age 18, you can't help but feel like a lot of them are groomed into this

i don't know when she started laying on the ps so heavily but finding old pictures of her makes me sad

No. 241846

You can tell how insecure she is. It's so fucking sad. I will never forgive men for creating porn. Whenever I see girls like her it makes me depressed. I hope she can get out while she still can and learn to love herself. No one goes into porn or gets insane lip fillers because they love themselves and are content with who they are.

No. 241865

at first, I appreciated them but the fact that you spend more time taking care of their insides and throwing stuff out of it is not worth it AT ALL. It's much the same experience as using a cleaning brush (sorry I am ESL). I want to get myself a new vacuumer, switching from a classic one to the one id be able to carry with one hand.

No. 241947

File: 1645406426771.jpg (480.1 KB, 1440x2192, Screenshot_20220221-021549__01…)

I was surmising for a few months as to how the modern concept of masculinity shifted from something drastically different from how it was centuries ago and I knew it was related to the monarchy falling out of power but I didn't know it was to the extent of middle class philisophers losing their shit about women supposedly "corrupting" aristocratic men since interaction with women bad apparently.

No. 241949

File: 1645406464948.jpg (306.48 KB, 1440x1417, Screenshot_20220221-021556__01…)


No. 241970

File: 1645407195504.jpg (618.8 KB, 1440x2726, Screenshot_20220221-022150__01…)

Last post for sperging, hate how this philosophy of manliness is really based on homoerotic feuled misogyny and ironically a modern rebellion to traditional forms of masculinity (which tradlarpers and bap fags will never ever admit kek).

No. 241987

Dont apologize for anything you are wonderful and i your creation has made me see the light of love

No. 242027

I used to work at a thrift store and hipsters buying weird clothes was revenue that kept the lights on to serve the people in need. Anybody who would try and shame anyone for thrifting should stop expressing opinions.

No. 242040

No. 242054

+ Average clothes are so fucking expensive now. I use to run to the mall with $20 and get myself a new outfit, lunch, and some goodies. Now $20 will barely pay one article of clothing if you're lucky. I imagine normies making 12-17 an hour with 500-950 rent can afford to sperg out 1/4th of their damn paycheck on one or two articles of clothing. Even at Macy's or JCPenney that was originally catered to the middle class its like 40-50 dollars for a basic shirt and 100 dollars for jeans. Middle class people aren't thriving to be cool but it's the only way to afford decent clothing nowadays

No. 242057

+ Average clothes are so fucking expensive now. I use to run to the mall with $20 and get myself a new outfit, lunch, and some goodies. Now $20 will barely pay one article of clothing if you're lucky. I imagine normies making 12-17 an hour with 500-950 rent can afford to sperg out 1/4th of their damn paycheck on one or two articles of clothing. Even at Macy's or JCPenney that was originally catered to the middle class its like 40-50 dollars for a basic shirt and 100 dollars for jeans. Middle class people aren't thriving to be cool but it's the only way to afford decent clothing nowadays

No. 242058

This makes me wonder if this also servers as an explanation for why in heavily misogynistic cultures there’s always a huge number of men who turn to fucking other men or more commonly young boys? Do they literally reach a level of misogyny where they prefer to fuck men and rape kids rather than touch women? Men are sick and depraved.

No. 242173

I hate the word malding

No. 242181

Same and lately I've seen it used a by scrotes a lot

No. 242291

Anon they were probably gay pedos. And in those times the elites could get away with anything, so ..

No. 242320

how is depop gentrified? it's not a thrift store, it's not really meant to be one. it's a secondhand clothing platform, not meant to be bottom of the barrel. not watching the vid but if she claims depop is gentrified as if it were ever meant to be 2 dollar clothes meant for vulnerable peoples… no

No. 242562

I hate reading an interesting article or watching a video and then the fag has to make his annoying opinion on something completely irrelevant be known ha. Good way of turning off anyone who doesn't blindly agree with you on everything, retard.

No. 243042

weebs spamming their weebshit

No. 243342

I hate that 'bimbo' will always have inherently sexual and negative connotations while 'himbo' fucking doesn't. I can't say 'this character is basically a female himbo' because it sounds so lame.

No. 243401

Anon it's an imageboard

No. 243447

The issue with secondhand clothing sites is that people keep trying to charge the same exact value they brought it for and then just wonder why they can't sell it. Clothing, makeup, accessories, etc, once used, drop at least half in value once worn, regardless of if it's thrift or not.

I've noticed this on Craigslist, Facebook marketplace, etc. And then these same people will rage about how no one wants to buy their $500 item they got for $550 and then just go donate it anyway. Thrift stores are also starting to inflate their prices to insanity. I literally saw a broken stroller for sale for $600 at a secondhand convention the other day. It's like people forget secondhand items are literally for people who can't afford to buy new. If anyone has that kind of money to drop on those kinds of things they would just simply buy new

No. 243777

File: 1645473204448.jpeg (285.78 KB, 1269x928, F181469B-454B-413F-B9C0-60AFD5…)

I fucking hate Netflix shows.

No. 243779

kek same (also add trannies to that pic, fuck trannies)

No. 243780

File: 1645473481325.jpg (16.45 KB, 275x183, images.jpg)

I hate that bimbo has sexual connotations because bimbo is a bread

No. 243793

File: 1645474360422.jpg (343.04 KB, 1600x900, 169bimbo.jpg)


No. 243809

This kek
I cringe at Joel laughing at it

No. 243814

File: 1645475691047.jpeg (227.93 KB, 828x525, 9E7D238E-A5E9-446C-9768-E32025…)

Would put this in the twitter hate thread but god what a stupid passive aggressive response, she was just trying to be nice and offer support even if you disagree with what she said. Too many people online are just far too aggressive when their feefees get hurt.

No. 243875

Goddamn if I hate sex scenes so much. I do not wanna see them I’m not even a prude but 8 feel like I can only watch kids shows or documentaries

No. 243878

I bet you that autist is illegitimate and faking it for Twitter points

No. 243898

Same, I posted about it in last night's /ot/ thread. I don't want to watch porn when I'm trying to watch a normal ass movie. Why does everything have to be so sexual?

No. 243932

>this thing people have most likely bullied you for and terrorized you over is not everything that you are, you are more than it.
God, the state of it all.

No. 243938

File: 1645479482220.jpeg (38.46 KB, 558x549, 22CCC0D7-8C9B-41D2-88D8-A61D6E…)

Typical Twitter convo
>“just be yourself! You’re wonderful the way you are xoxo”
>“um excuse you but as a queer disabled fat transwoman this is so invalidating as someone whose vision of themself doesn’t meet their actual self. I need to go on HRT and get 4000 surgeries and change my name and pronouns for me to not be fucking miserable and depressed constantly and if you have a problem with that sorry hun but you’re a transphobic piece of shit xoxo”

No. 244043

nta but maybe about how they always comment stuff like, scores/skills on osu?? (I dont play osu, but i do see the comments often)

No. 245117

True especially since one of them told a troon to fuck off when he wanted to marry her

No. 245241

File: 1645521051738.jpg (229.02 KB, 1024x718, 1024px-A_Versailles,_à_Versail…)

late reply but I feel this is a bit bullshitty and either taking historical events out of context or pure exaggerations
While many of the enlightenment thinkers proposed "scientific misogynistic" views regarding women, this wasn't a unified position, and during the rule of the committee were granted full legal rights on par with men women
and this also ignores the role women(especially common born women) took part in the French revolution

No. 245255

File: 1645522578270.gif (524.11 KB, 500x350, 4576bba78935c0736dc08ba95107e8…)

No. 245314

oh god i hate this shit so much

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