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File: 1645119735809.gif (3.6 MB, 545x380, A31CB222-E3EA-4484-9C01-C58413…)

No. 235630

The continuation of the previous ones pls use if you can

No. 235631

Can you make five more threads so it summons the mods and maybe they can answer our questions?

No. 235632

i cant use this thread

No. 235635

Cute op pic anon! Love it

No. 235639

you're retarded but anything is better than the current thread and its painfully unfunny OP

No. 235646

how am I retarded nonna i think it’s time you get offline
TY nonna <3

No. 235664

You know what? You're right. You're not a retard. You're actually a hero. And I love you. mwah

No. 235673

Loving the thread gif!!!

No. 235675

Don’t be rude, OP was just trying. I bet your humor is no better bitch. /g/ is getting flooded with stupid threads oml

No. 235716

sorry but there's no excuse for what that nonnie has done

No. 235719

No. 235721

Fuck it, I’m posting my stupid ass story in here, nobody asked for this but here it is anyways.
Second season is
>Be the deceased that reincarnated as the 7th daughter of a king
>be at party that my sisters made for me so I can meet hot guys
>be wearing beautiful dress that looks amazing on me
>all of the guys gasping after looking at me
>find hot warrior man and hangout with him during the party
>he keeps glaring at the shitty guys yet being friendly with the actually hot guys.
>the shitty guys seethe and cope
>one of the hot guys, a soft spoken, good natured and overall adorable guy approaches us
>he says that he knows what the warrior guy is doing
>takes my hand and runs with me to the gardens of the palace
>adorable guy has a beautiful body
>he’s wearing a suit with a cutout on his back
>he hugs me
>I hug him back
>he tells me that he doesn’t want me to just marry that warrior man
>that he knows about his ancient race issues
>yet that he loves me and that he would never let me go
>he cries while hugging me
>I tell him that it’s fine and that life’s long
>that he doesn’t need to jump into conclusions
>he uwu nuzzles me
>he tells me that he just wants me to find happiness
>that he wanted to let me know that he would always be there to help me
>and that he would be willing to kick any guy’s face if something were to happen to me
>kiss his forehead
>tell him that we should go back to the party
>he’s flustered and certainly horny
>the three of us are at the party
>we’re sitting at my table while looking at everyone mingling and having fun
>we hear the sound of a guy telling someone to stop
>I rush there
>there’s a really pretty guy from another kingdom getting harassed by some disgusting old men
>I tell the men to fuck off and hold the guy’s hand
>”he’s mine”
>take him with me
>he’s amazed
>he’s taller than me but is shy and sweet
>he tried to wear a really sexy suit but it ended up getting the attention of some nasty men
>he tells me that his twin brother must be around
>twin brother appears from under the table
>says that he couldn’t handle the pressure of the party
>they sit with my two other guys from my ever growing harem
>they explain to me that their kingdom is ruined
>that they wish they could marry a person with lots of power but that they also love
>that they’re a deal package and can’t be separated
>yet that most ladies had rejected such a thing
>tell them to not worry and that they will surely find someone like that
>the hot twins look at me
>the two guys from my harem hold my hands while intertwining their fingers with mine
>the party comes to an end
>the shitty guys leave seething and coping because I didn’t even notice them
>one of them seethes about being in the background for just a few frames
>another that you could only see part of the ruffles of his sleeve in a single frame
>they plot to make me love them
>after a few weeks
>my two cute guys from my harem take me around the town
>we get cute stuff for each other
>we notice a festival
>we enter it
>there’s even a circus with really hot men doing amazing stunts
>one exotic looking guy keeps staring at me
>I ignore him because of my still low self-esteem
>he has blueish skin, beautiful eyes that looks like jewels and pointy ears
>we visit the different attractions and have a great time
>there’s even a really novel machine that takes pictures
>we take some cute pictures together and put them in lockets
>Warrior and adorable guy fight comically to help me put on the locket they got for me
>The locket has my favorite gem and is shaped like a beautiful flower
>inside there’s a silly picture that I chose in which warrior guy is trying to smile and adorable guy blinked yet I look amazing
>they help each other putting on my locket
>I give each one a kiss on the cheek
>they blush and just hold my hand
>we go into a huge tent
>we’re at a magic show
>everyone is having fun
>even the stoic warrior guy is laughing while looking at some pretty lights and jumping bunnies
>the two guys from my harem ask me if I like the show
>I’m not there
>to be continued in the next season.

No. 235727

the immense need to fuck julian assange…

No. 235736

I was trying to organize lol the reason why you all are going crazy is because you don’t listen to anyone, can’t follow instructions, can’t read, and can’t organize for shit nonnie. The mods can’t access this site so some people have to minimod sorry if it’s cringe

No. 235746

How is creating yet another active /ot/ thread in the sea of /ot/ threads occupying /g/ organizing anything?
>The mods can’t access this site
Yes they can

No. 235748

at the start of the first lockdown I made a short, half-joking post in my country's subreddit about how being isolated was going to affect my depression. Not even being against it or anything, just venting a little. I deleted it shortly after because I only got comments making fun of me calling me a pussy etc. well surprise surprise it's affected my mental health and life terribly, fuck every single one of those basement dwelling redditors. I know they're probably on there rn whining about uwu poor men's mental health in broken english, ugh (and no I don't use reddit anymore)

No. 235749

I hate polyandry but now I'm invested in this story and I have to know what happens next

No. 235752

File: 1645124017777.gif (576.04 KB, 200x202, mfwmen.gif)

if you're a moid, you shouldn't either!

No. 235754

sorry, i was too repulsed to type correctly - you should be here either, scrote.

No. 235760

what about my post makes you think I'm a moid? that I used to use reddit? i know it's embarassing, i hate it now

No. 235763

>types it wrong again
i love you anon

No. 235817

I take coffee and toilet paper from the office here because their rent went way up so I'm sure they can afford to keep restocking those. I do this weekly and love trying the weird flavors they get.

No. 235823

can't be mad at this

No. 235834

File: 1645125980181.png (415.67 KB, 1080x1685, Screenshot_20220217-132336-969…)

>my wife wants to have sex with me
>Oh fuck OP time to divorce

Are they fucking roommates or something? What's the point of even having a child and marrying someone who is essentially a roommate to you? This dude is probably cheating up a storm on the side anyway

No. 235842

It's kinda a dumb move to marry a man who is/claims to be asexual. Like unless he kept it from her (don't know how you would do that) she must've known she was entering a sexless relationship from the start right?

No. 235855

File: 1645126611265.jpg (64.87 KB, 1080x1113, EuMzZdhXEAcOI6f.jpg)

But that just begs so many questions like why would he want to get married and have a child if any sort of sexual intimacy is gross to him? How was he able to get aroused and ejaculate if he was asexual? You can't just pop a boner and cum on command, he obviously had some sort of sex drive and is leaving out a lot of the story and details about himself

The wife was probably some Tumblr clone when they got married who also thought she was asexual. Legitimate asexual people are extremely rare, and they're definitely not running around getting married and cumming into cups to have kids. Or the pretentious ass "I'm still asexual even if I want to have sex with people!!".

No. 235858

File: 1645126648960.jpg (14.2 KB, 185x200, Tumblr_l_119356465192071__01.j…)

Warning: """asexual""" males are just gays in stealth who want to have biological children.

They usually don't bring up the "uwu asexual" stuff until after she's been impregnated once or twice.

Then he can play the victim if she tries to get intimacy.

No. 235862

I wish I could agree with your tinfoil, anon, but personally any "asexual" male I come across online seems like a redditor shut-in one second away from trooning out. But your tinfoil does make sense.

No. 235895

yeah it sounds pretty made up, especially with the ~I, a male, am the sole caretaker of my daughter~ yeah right lol

No. 235899

Wtf is this? all of that is sexual attraction. Are people going bonkers?

No. 235900

File: 1645127979971.jpg (629.65 KB, 1080x2808, Screenshot_20220217_205715.jpg)

based normie in the comments

No. 235911

>you say asexual I say mentally unsound
Bingo, plus this whole syringe method thing (putting cum inside and shooting it inside the vagina) is basically a fetish. I've unfortunately seen it on pornsites and porn communities and for what I can tell this is yet again some weird power fantasy in which you breed or inseminate a girl without even touching her or whatever. Or maybe they're into medical shit, IDK, and IDC. It's weird. People should stop saying they're asexual when they have very obvious fetishes like this.

No. 235966

How do you fix your brain with BDD? I was able to fix BPD with DBT and time as I don't diagnostically fit into the BPD criteria anymore. But BDD is taking over my life. I cry if my hair isn't right, I feel like I'm too ugly to live to the point of feeling suicidal, I don't recognize myself in photos, it's awful. I keep it under wraps around others, but it truly is bad. Is there any books or types of therapy that can help with BDD?

No. 236080

Do you have a job? Hobbies? Club? College? I had major problems with anorexia when I was doing easy classes and no work. With time I had way more responsibilities like harder classes, working full time, my own hobbies, family or friend meet ups, dentist, groceries, house cleaning and then becoming broke enough food was amazing. I just didnt have the time or energy to hyper fixate on my appearance other than doing basic make up for work, decent hair. Since I like to draw or paint I realised over time there was also a lot larger range of beauty in people than the narrow window I had cut out for myself. I thought I was ugly but it took forced socializing in jobs, school to get out of my own head to just realise there's a lot more I have to care for than the insane ideals of 1-2 hour make up with perfect hair like in shows with celebrities using photoshop too. Apologies if shit advice.

No. 236082

Definitely some bizarre "pregnant slut can't even get touched by me!" fetish, especially considering how weirdly pretentiously professional he's attempting to make his language sound. Perhaps this is some weird larp? Men do seem to like the idea of rejecting a woman from sex and often obsess over fantasies of rejecting the woman until she's "desperate"

No. 236088

Sorry anon but that reply is basically advocating rape. Just imagine some moid telling a woman to "lay there, put a blindfold and some music and let him fuck you". People shouldn't be forced to have sex if they don't want to and don't like it. Now it's his fault for being into a romantic relationship if he doesn't like sex but forcing yourself to have sex with someone is unacceptable for either gender.

No. 236098

I appreciate the advice, but for me, it's gotten way worse since I took on a full time demanding managerial position. However, it is true, I have no friends and my job only has old people or men working in it, so I don't really know how to meet or make friends. I feel like I'm a drone employee and I do some stuff, like read, but I feel like I just do hobbies so I can pretend I'm less shallow than I really am. I have trouble identifying what I actually like. I appreciate you answering, though, it means a lot to me. I feel like I can't talk about it with anyone because they see it as a "tee hee girls" type of thing, they don't realize how insane it is.

No. 236100

This kinda reads like someone is trying to mimic a particular spot on the spectrum. Like one of those 'intelligent but totally robotic' types that you mainly see on tv shows with poorly written autistic characters.

No. 236101

I love drawing boobs so much. I don't even know why I just love the shape and how many types there are I love experimenting with different shapes and ways to draw them
You just did

No. 236102

Sorry anon but that reply is basically advocating rape. Just imagine some moid telling a woman to "lay there, put a blindfold and some music and let him fuck you". People shouldn't be forced to have sex if they don't want to and don't like it. Now it's his fault for being into a romantic relationship if he doesn't like sex but forcing yourself to have sex with someone is unacceptable for either gender.

No. 236107

don't build your identity upon modern media such as anime or asian standards of beauty just do not have modern standards of beauty in your belief system or anything represented by anime or kpop and try to focus changing your identity and basing your identity around accepting yourself and intellectuality or discovering the world.

I had BDD when I was 15, I became anorexic because I would watch a lot of anime and I built my identity around wanting to look like an IRL anime girl so I wanted to be super skinny and have white and long hair and flawless skin and because the way I looked did not fit the mental expectation I had it made me hate myself and not even recognize myself

No. 236119

Nta but he had no problem helping her to orgasm both during the months of attempts at conception and throughout the pregnacy.. this shit isn't adding up. That's sexual contact right there and not at all necessary either. I wouldn't worry about rape, it's people just trying to poke holes in a dodgy sounding story.

No. 236146

how is it rape when he literally wants to impregnate her? Anyway I doubt this story is real and if it is both people are absolutely retarded

No. 236158

What a time for half of lolcow to be fucked up, because I need to vent. I've been dating a guy for the past year and it's been wonderful, he's wonderful, so far we've worked so well together and haven't clashed at all. But. We work at the same company and this week we just got put on the team together, leading a very important project. And I'm freaking out because we are going to need to inform our department head we're together and there's a chance that will change the project line up, so either he or myself will lose this massive opportunity. Not to mention if nothing happens and they don't care, I'll now be working closely with him all this year. And I'm just so fucking mad this has happened this way. GOD DAMN IT. my fault for falling in love with him, because it was so damn easy to keep work/life separate when we didn't actually overlap at work. Iunno, if this impacts our relationship negatively I'm just going to be crushed. Of all employees they picked us, someone up there fucking hates me I swear.

No. 236173

Yeah, it's true that it's extremely weird for him to do that without issue while she was pregnant but not be able to do it after. It reeks of "asexuals can still feel sexual attraction and have sex!" bullshit. But even if he managed to touch her sexually for a while it doesn't justify telling someone to just close your eyes and block out the sounds while someone has sex with you against your will.

You can still want to have a kid without wanting to have sex with someone. That's why people adopt or do IVF. But it's true that it's fishy that he helped her orgasm for almost a year if he's actually repulsed by sex.

No. 236174

>Imma make you come cos I heard it helps with conception… then imma make you come cos I heard it's uh essential that preggo women come with a partner. There's no such thing as wand vibes with long handles where a woman can reach without me, nope
Scrotes always trip up when writing these fantasy pieces.. or social experiments or whatever that was meant to be.

No. 236183

If I ever become a public figure I will be unapologetic. You won’t catch me apologizing for shit. I feel like when politicians or celebs ever apologize for something it’s a sign of weakness and just makes them a target to be kicked some more. When has an apology from a public figure ever worked in their favor?

No. 236186

Yeah and what kind of leader apologizes anyway? Back in the day you'd just say "lol no" and maybe intimidate your opposition with threats of violence or just go ahead and assassinate them.

No. 236217

I'm going out with an old friend tomorrow we're gonna browse lingerie I can't wait to see her and can't wait to lay around in my new flouncy lingerie and feel hot and melodramatic. Im happy!

No. 236227

I'm always hearing that youtubers who make big apologies only get more of a headache for it. That brushing stuff under the carpet is the way to go.

No. 236228

File: 1645138164044.gif (695.24 KB, 220x220, 1643674098392.gif)

Does any charitable anon by any chance happen to have a spare Toyhouse invite code?

No. 236239

Give an inch they take a mile.

No. 236241

what anime is threadpic from?

No. 236245

I think it's sailor mooon

No. 236248

All the guys in the comments trying to justify them being minute men. I understand if you have kids/ work tomorrow, but all the guys revealing how porn addicted they are by saying that they imagine literally anyone else during sex after 5 minutes



No. 236252

the amount of coping going on in the comments kek

No. 236255

File: 1645139393960.png (8.71 KB, 72x66, Sin título.png)

im ded

No. 236257

File: 1645139480072.png (812.99 KB, 525x618, 0033D9EB-3F23-4A1F-BA0C-CBE87E…)

Goodnight, sweet nonna, flights of angels sing thee to thy rest

No. 236266

File: 1645139716832.png (7.71 KB, 71x67, jbub.png)

thanks i love you too

No. 236269

File: 1645140060598.png (8.08 KB, 76x66, hthhtht.png)

No. 236272

File: 1645140301130.png (1.88 MB, 1400x696, 1627943433540 (1).png)

posting sanic here because I need answers.
should I do it?

No. 236287

Ask and ye shall receive
>Be the deceased that reincarnated as the 7th daughter of a king
>Disappear from show at the fair
>the two guys of my harem freak out
>they look around for me but can’t find me
>I wake up when it’s the middle of the night
>I’m in a cell on a suspiciously comfy bed
>I’m alone
>I feel dizzy
>I can hear the sound of footsteps approaching
>Pretend to be asleep
>It’s elven guy talking with one of the scrotes that I rejected
>they’re speaking in an ancient tongue that I can’t understand
>Only understand “Cooties”
>Hold back my laughter by turning around
>The scrote holds the bars of the cell tightly
>He mutters something in that weird tongue
>I heard a tud
>the scrote falls on the floor
>the elven guy opens the cell with the key that the scrote had in his pockets
>he gets close to me
>I get nervous as fuck
>I mutter
>”please don’t hurt me”
>He says that he wouldn’t do such a thing
>that he got hired to catch me
>that he took the money and wants to help me
>I nod and try to get up
>my palms are sweaty, knees weak and arms feel heavy
>Elven guy carries me easily
>I fluster and uwu really hard
>the guy looks beautiful up close
>he’s even more serious than the warrior guy
>he finds a secret exit and leaves with me
>when we’re at a small hotel
>which he paid for
>I ask him why he’s helping me and if he knows where are my friends
>Elven guy says that he couldn’t see them when he took me to the place where I was locked
>that he only knows that it’s in another city far away from where the fair was
>I feel sad because I miss my harem
>I clutch the necklace with the silly picture
>he sighs and gets me some water and new clothes
>A pretty but simple dress, a hood, boots and tights
>he looks at me expectantly
>I throw a sheet at him and get changed
>He can’t see me changing my clothes
>I tell him that I won’t sleep because I don’t trust him
>He says that he understands and goes to sleep
>he wakes up early in the morning and takes me with him
>I wonder if the king and my sisters are fine
>I begin to feel sad and to miss them
>the elven guy squeezes my hand a bit
>”I know that you yearn to go back”
>I freak out because I think he can read my mind
>he shakes his head and sighs
>”I can read feelings… you could say it’s like reading the mood or ambiance surrounding that person”
>I ask if it’s like looking at colors around me
>he nods
>I nod back and he looks at me with surprise
>”Why do you just accept it as it is?”
>I tell him that I’ve seen so many weird things that I just believe in him, and that he doesn’t seem to be a bad guy like the shitty guys
>he asks me about my serious illness called “Cooties”
>I tell him that it was a lie
>ask where are we going
>says that he’s looking for help from the other elves to find my friends
>that once he sends them a message, that he will take me to a safe town and reunite me with my friends
>It makes sense to me
>we keep walking in the woods, we talk about basic things about our lives
>He’s actually from a tribe of ancient elven people who were in a war against humans and the tribe of sexy warriors
>He says that he also knows about the prophecy
>I ask if maybe there’s another way to solve this issue
>he takes me inside an old tree which is actually a portal to the village of elves
>I feel dizzy again
>I fall and some pretty elven ladies help me
>I can barely see an old lady putting a crown on the elven guy that was helping me
>they’re talking in that ancient tongue
>I can’t understand a thing
>until they say my name
>followed by some other words
>he holds my hands and kisses my lips
>now I can understand
>The prophecy will let the elves rule the world again
>I tell him to wait, that I need to know what’s going on
>the pretty elven ladies tell me to behave and to stop making a fuss
>they drag me away
>I keep asking him what’s going on
>he ignores me and keeps talking about the wedding that will be held during the blood moon
>I keep fighting and trying to get close to him
>Another elven lady puts a spell on me
>I get paralyzed
>I can only barely breathe and move my eyeballs
>I can’t feel my body
>they take me to a pretty carriage that then takes me to a palace
>the place is full of nature
>The houses and even the palace are huge trees
>I can barely see the sun due to the huge trees covering the sky
>I wonder just why the fuck did I had to get involved in this whole thing
>At the palace, everyone treats me nicely
>I feel miserable because I miss my family and my harem
>the elven prince is nowhere to be seen
>The elves try to cheer me up with pretty music, magic tricks and delicious food
>But I feel helpless
>when I try to escape
>they paralyze my body and drag me back as if I was just throwing a tantrum
>they talk about how cold is the prince for not visiting me for so many days
>I try to befriend the maids but they won’t cooperate
>they treat me kindly but run away the moment I ask for some information
>I try to find blind spots to run away
>But those get covered by guards the moment they notice my aura gets colorful while looking out of the window
>after two weeks passes
>The prince requests to see me
>I get a new dress
>it looks like it was made with the wings of a huge butterfly
>they give me a pretty accessory
>It’s a golden brooch for my hair
>It has different jewels
>I sigh feeling guilty, I can’t enjoy such things when I’m away from my family
>They take me to the throne room
>The prince sits alone, looking at me with his cold expression
>He says that he hopes that I’m ready
>that he swears that he won’t touch me if I don’t want to
>I shake my head and tell him that what he’s doing is wrong
>That he should consider other people’s feelings
>he gets mad at me and says that maybe I should consider other people’s feelings
>that I should learn to make sacrifices for the sake of others
>that he just wants his kingdom to flourish again
>I sigh
>I tell him to listen to me
>that i know that there must be another way to solve this whole ancient issue
>that getting married with me won’t suddenly make everything better
>”Well, if you can find a solution before the blood moon, you won’t need to marry me”
>I nod and leave the room
>to be continued in the next season.

No. 236299

oh i wanna try too

should i buy the terfy merch, sanic?

No. 236332

quite like this post, i do

No. 236339

Am I going to make friends this year?

No. 236343

Thanks Sonic, very cool

No. 236351

it's almost spring woooooo

No. 236364

He's basically saying "I totally made her orgasm multiple times and she keeps begging for it but I just don't want it". Sounds like some kind of orgasm denial/desperation fetish ugly, bad-at-sex scrotes always have. They enjoy the idea of women becoming desperate and begging them for sex. Just about any story of "women begging for sex" scrotes like to tell are fairy tales 9/10 times kek I've not once met a woman who begged for sex

No. 236379

i hate that emoji

No. 236385

I wish I could give you one nonnie, but I'm an artist in the community and I don't want my name being tracked to here. I wish the invites for the site were anonymous and weren't linked to who invited who.

No. 236478

File: 1645149190682.jpg (38.37 KB, 492x403, catpooter.jpg)

Are you sad I didn't say I love you back? Sorry I was busy irl, please assume I love you until proven otherwise (won't be)

No. 236493

File: 1645149880566.jpg (104.8 KB, 805x863, Tumblr_l_655371114625672.jpg)

No. 236494

File: 1645149921020.jpg (77.36 KB, 735x456, putin-staring-at-a-cat-inside-…)

No. 236516

File: 1645151125963.jpg (280.54 KB, 1280x854, tumblr_mosiltkydG1rz1ki7o1_128…)

No. 236517

File: 1645151199052.jpg (36.4 KB, 620x634, 5fbcca9dc6b537ad053d4c4519d577…)

No. 236519

File: 1645151376709.gif (555.32 KB, 175x200, ADE49E7E-413A-48AA-9230-4425C7…)

Peekin’ in to see if /ot/ is still broken

No. 236522

File: 1645151511225.png (26.47 KB, 431x370, shackles.png)

Yours looks like Xi Jinping

No. 236527

File: 1645151625509.jpg (35.98 KB, 720x706, f572cc30932c369cbe5c6200fd65ea…)

Who does this one look like

No. 236529

File: 1645151838175.jpg (24.23 KB, 491x408, tummy.jpg)

Looks like every other cat

No. 236614


No. 236628

No. 236639

never knew how much you bitches liked yaoi until /ot/ went down. smh freakos

No. 236741

File: 1645163005640.png (57.64 KB, 540x297, tumblr_e994d06264884430a8edbb5…)

good evening sisters….day 4? 5? approaching….

No. 236743

File: 1645163289435.gif (886.14 KB, 480x270, wiggly.gif)


No. 236770

This us really interesting anon, hope you continue

No. 236781

File: 1645168244978.jpeg (218.83 KB, 721x834, 47CF14ED-D9FC-4E9D-988C-382448…)

I’m so scared of the storm that’s supposed to arrow today help nonnies

No. 236787

take care anon!!

No. 236790

my uni isn't opening today because of the storm. I didn't realize it was going to be that bad until I got that e-mail at midnight.

No. 236793

Don't know how I can help anon. Manifesting good weather and shit? Kek. Stay safe.

No. 236800

Wait, what storm?

No. 236801

I’m not asexual I love cuddling and then sex

No. 236803

Oh god, not looking forward to this. I work for the telekom and I can't wait for all the pissed off people to call and yell.

Stay safe anon, hope it won't be too bad

No. 236804

feelin so lonely and bored but i already cut most of my hair off so i have nothing to do, dont even have clothes to try on or nothing

No. 236807

Why is California hotter than every other state

No. 236809

I hate twitch whores (male) so much

No. 236812

File: 1645170141654.jpg (67.67 KB, 1280x720, despa.jpg)

I love him but purely

No. 236815

File: 1645170216571.jpg (12.52 KB, 250x250, 1644445151110.jpg)

Sometimes, I momentarily think to myself "Why am I still on /g/? I should go and check out the threads on /ot/". Then, I remember. I actually thought it was fun to have a giant /ot/ bunker party, but this is getting old. I want our house back nonnies

No. 236826

I love female relationships in any form, it can be romantic, sexual, hate, rivalry, jealousy. Anything. I love women hating women, women loving women. Dramatic female friendships and fallouts. No man involved in any step.

No. 236833

File: 1645171208740.gif (1.8 MB, 400x228, CD497674-BFA2-4B7E-BE24-E21FDD…)

>skimbleshaaanksss, the railwaaayyy caaat
>the cat! of the railllwaaayyy traaaaainnn

No. 236835

This was the only song that cats 2019 did well. The cats 2019 skimbleshanks song is a good fucking song and I will reee at anyone who says otherwise.

No. 236837

File: 1645171507738.png (16.91 KB, 228x182, 17A8EA55-86DA-4D6C-8716-A2456D…)

>felt cooped up indoors
>plan to go outside today
>a storm hits
Just my luck

No. 236839

File: 1645172055252.gif (707.62 KB, 408x303, 60C272A6-88F0-4E1A-B17D-6A7518…)

Anons, hypothetically, which country would provide the best mail-order-husband?

No. 236842

File: 1645172410163.png (1.99 MB, 2000x1600, 1645172078389.png)

No. 236846

Parts of Polynesia? Ancendotally they respect women more than normal, actually do house chores and have low male autism rates. If I wanted a househusband I'd probably select there

No. 236847

File: 1645172935138.png (35.23 KB, 555x880, wat.png)

I'm just like rei from evangelion nonnies

No. 236848

Storm Eunice, it's going over Europe so if you're elsewhere that's probably why you haven't heard of it.

No. 236857

File: 1645174819436.png (350.7 KB, 531x585, Screenshot.png)

I posted this on /meta/ but It might work better here, I hate the way certain leftist men(and some ultra pick-me women) think it's alright to sexually harass abby shapiro and make inappropriate comments about her breasts
I dislike abby and disagree with her on every point the way men like Vasuh, Destiny and Hasan talk about her makes me sick
recently there's this pic of her going around with her breasts edited to be bigger and the comments again made by so called liberal men make me sick and worst is when they try to justify it
since abby shapiro is a conservative, they consider her exploitation to be righteous and that she “deserves it” and the leftist funnywomen online who also take part in this for leftist male approval are just as bad as abby imo


No. 236861

File: 1645175363790.png (470.1 KB, 506x495, aceznampo0v51.png)

I knew she had big boobs but I didn't know they were that big, holy shit how does her back handle them. But yeah it's gross and I hate Destiny and his skinny fat body so much, how a scrote this ugly get that much pussy is beyond me.

No. 236862

Your first mistake was expecting men on either side of the aisle to see women as human.
Leftist men see women as public property, which is why they're pro-sex work and think polycules should have the same legal protections as marriage. Rightoid men see women as private property, which is why they hate abortion and think women shouldn't have sex before marriage.
Vaush is a pedo apologist and Hasan has a filthy dick from Dutch sex tourism. Their opinions are less worse than nothing.

No. 236863

God she’s so pretty why does she have to be a tradtard. I could fix her.

No. 236867

Samefag, I've barely watched any of assan's content, I knoly know of him through the twitch + h3 threads, watching him lose his shit over the fo anitwork interview was so funny. Didn't he used to be a part of young turks? How does such crybaby get a job at a (allegedly) legitimate news org that I'm assuming he would have needed to keep his composure while working at?

No. 236869

File: 1645175789366.jpg (336.67 KB, 1914x1904, 00fed5143627ee45599b5a1e46b0ca…)

his retarded neanderthal looking face makes me wanna a-log so bad

No. 236870

Nepotism, kek. Cenk Uygur is his uncle. Have some sweet hasan cringe

No. 236872

i wanna talk about sanic shit outside of the totem pole ngl

No. 236873

I hate him so much

No. 236874

File: 1645176392747.jpg (92.94 KB, 374x938, os4aaz7zkr081.jpg)

those are commer edited pics

No. 236875

lmao this feels like a skit or something

No. 236877

Reading squid game incest fanfiction, oh how the mighty have fallen.

No. 236880

File: 1645176949441.png (67.08 KB, 365x349, 400.png)

IT'S A WAR-WAR-WAR AGAINST RATIONAL BEHAVIOR runs hand through hair and we're not even aware of it.

No. 236883

same nonna. i've had the fattest crush on her since forever

No. 236886

she looks like a borzoi, which I like

No. 236895

File: 1645178031230.jpeg (94.65 KB, 750x1334, 61A116A3-4C93-469B-8FFD-FEC855…)

No. 236898

Having big boobs means instant sexualization. It sucks

No. 236899

File: 1645178253923.jpeg (48.4 KB, 368x338, DED95D63-425F-467C-9012-B1A997…)

No. 236907

I’ve learned that I can be overly cutesy/sweet/excited at times, which attracts those incel geeky types who aren’t used to female attention and love the anime girlfriend stereotype but wards off normal people who are more neutral in their behavior. So I am currently seeking a middle ground between my natural excitement and optimism as well as normal pacing. I know what it’s like when someone is overbearing too early on and how creepy it can be. I never thought I acted that way but I can see how I might come across as such. I think I’m very capable of overcoming this hurdle as it isn’t always relevant, only in some cases when I’m very excited or enthusiastic earlier than the other person, causing an imbalance. So I am obviously optimistic, but due to a few recent experiences it has become clear to me that this is a necessary obstacle for me to overcome. I am very happy I reflected on this behavior and realised that it might give off the wrong signals even if I don’t mean it as such! One can focus constantly on how others should see your intentions, or one can focus on how to grow to make the world a more pleasant and efficient place. anyway, yay yay !!

No. 236910

As in weather?
Half the lower part of the state is basically just desert and the majority of the state has a dry climate that regularly gets windy causing wildfires every year.

As in looks?
We're not hotter than anyone else. You're just seeing rich people filling themselves with plastic and shooping themselves. Most people look average as fuck over here

No. 236911

The thing is while I hated my grandma's care in a care home and I told my mum I would look after her. She barely looked after me. I even seemed out refuge at an unrelated woman's house (mother of a friend) for majority of my teenage years. My mum kept me in clean clothes and fed which I will always love her for but there's been many times she let me down. And even when older there's been many times I went back for help and support only to be berated and kicked out. Do I really owe this woman to come live with me at the end of her life? If anything I've been held back in life by her, why when I'm settled later do I return the favour. Maybe its never say never and maybe she'd be more mellow as an old lady but she's in her 60s now and still acts like I'm her younger sister she hates rather than her daughter.

No. 236913

No. 236915

No. 236916

File: 1645179514073.jpeg (8.22 KB, 251x201, captains-log.jpeg)

Captain's Log:

>We are now approaching day five of lolcow being broken

>We have not recieved any news from Admin regarding the issues of this nor of any sort of site repair.
>Most site users are now relegated to a single thread in /g/, colloquially knon as "The Bunker"
>The Bunker, first viewed as a releiving refuge for confused anons, is now felt to be stifling by those very anons. A few have unironically expressed that this situation feels worse than the pandemic when it first appeared.
>But there are others who have found solace in creating elaborate digital cave drawings in the designated drawing room.
>More than a few anons have had their /ot/ related questions ignored due to the relatively fast pace of The Bunker.
>There is also possible bitterness from /g/ regulars of the current /ot/ leakage
>Red texts are still promptly delivered, signifying that at least the mods are still present.
>/snow/ and /pt/ still run smoothly although moderation appears to be lacking.
>/w/ is as hellish as ever
>/ot/ and /m/ are ghost-towns
>Anons continue to demand answers from the Admin
>There is a growing concern that as the days increase, the higher the chances of the website going offline, causing all those poor nonnies to scatter to one of the other handfull of female-orriented sites.
>Lesser populated. Less active. More easily raided. Possibly even poorer moderation.
>There is some glimmer of optimism expressed some posters that the Admin, while frustratingly silent, is actually mending the broken site in the background. There is a vast amount of doubt, however.

No. 236939

Just put her in a care home and go visit her weekly, that seems on par with the care she's provided you. If you're in the West, taking your elderly parents in and taking care of them isn't feasible for most anymore anyway.

No. 236945

does someone have a screenshot of the message (messages?) admin posted in discord about the current situation?

No. 236948

i loved her too her whole movie was brilliant

No. 236949

Blame the subject matter kek

No. 236950

File: 1645180846637.jpg (Spoiler Image,400.18 KB, 2000x1600, LC drawing room (2).jpg)

No offense to our art anons, but this might be the ugliest/worst board we've had thus far.

No. 236951

There was only one that I know of, it's in /meta/

No. 236955

The insanity from being stuck on /g/ is finally kicking in

No. 236956

File: 1645181137517.jpg (73.33 KB, 500x669, 08ebedf699e751e4066eb4316618d9…)

Will /ot/m/ be fixed within this month?

No. 236959

I had a hearty kek at this, I love it anon please continue the captain's logs over the next however many days.

No. 236965

what's the timeline of previous admins?

No. 236966

File: 1645181579607.png (11.22 KB, 372x312, confusion.PNG)

Samefag, a borzoi to save us

No. 236967

… I think you already know the answer in your heart of hearts, nonna…

No. 236968

File: 1645181808047.jpeg (78.74 KB, 1024x577, hetrdfg.jpeg)

What is the point of this? Like why?

No. 236970

WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT? Is that a legit troon? Wtf. What game is this? Why did they do that? This is so unsettling.

No. 236971

pls answer this anon for me omg

No. 236974

To make us question and subsequently hate god.

No. 236976

Horizon Zero Dawn

No. 236977

What the fuck, is this real? Fuck I loved Horizon

No. 236978

File: 1645182670617.jpg (160.06 KB, 1400x933, sfdsfsaasdf.jpg)

Is the wacom tablet worth it?
Or are there other cheaper alternatives?
The drawfags have inspired me to draw again.

No. 236980

File: 1645182867626.jpg (64.52 KB, 570x738, burgerphile.jpg)

Any burgernons awake?
Am I the only nightbug here?

No. 236981

Shit like this is why I don't play western games. This is an insult to my eyes.

No. 236983

File: 1645182940296.jpeg (50.22 KB, 679x770, 4BCF59CF-8A5D-44F2-8CAC-4FF7A6…)

wacom tabletd are the best ones ive tried, you can get the wacom one if you want a cheap tablet and its just as good the difference is it doesn’t have any shortcut buttons for zooming in and shit like the intuos

No. 236984

It's just after 12 and it's still pretty quiet here, how's the storm going for the rest of you?

No. 236987

File: 1645183025771.jpeg (74.49 KB, 750x739, A295D8D0-7C88-4D86-9F79-F152E3…)

No. 236988

Awake burgerfag reporting for duty, anon!

No. 236989

Me it's the morning though.

No. 236997

File: 1645184049934.jpg (98.68 KB, 1500x1500, res_ed64cbbced734c0362584f82bd…)

XP Pen deco!! I actually prefer it to the Wacom tablet I had before

No. 237000

File: 1645184180236.jpg (341.21 KB, 1551x2003, nintchdbpict000249459261-e1468…)

I thought Baywatch was a movie

No. 237006

my stepdad had this as a poster on the OUTSIDE of their bedroom door. My mom seemed to feel constantly embarrassed but never confronted him. He's dead now lol

No. 237008

Why is your mom such a cuck? Tear that shit down and burn it.

No. 237013

File: 1645184925420.jpg (42.42 KB, 700x700, 4d9.jpg)

I've been looking for my good scissors for a month, and just found them in the glove compartment of my car.

No. 237014

Get a wacom second hand, it's cheqp and the old model holds up really well. Xp Pen/huions are okay but they have a really big issue with initial activation force (you have to press harder than on a wacom to activate a stroke), so I went back to a wacom after years of huion, then xp pen.

No. 237015

Is there a different way to say oral exam? When your prof wants xou to ask you in person as opposed to a written exam. I dont like how it sounds.

No. 237016

Oral assessment

No. 237018

Speaking test, listening test. Interview portion, conversation assessment

No. 237019

verbal exam maybe?

No. 237023

Completely understand! Thanks anyways though!

No. 237026

I’m genuinely not seeing it. Especially in this pic

No. 237027

File: 1645185966025.jpg (839 B, 1x1, test.jpg)


No. 237029

what did you attach, a single pixel?

No. 237030

NTA but there’s a toyhouse subreddit and one dedicated to giving out invites that’s linked on there, i know reddit sucks but it seems like the best place to get one although I haven’t tried myself since I don’t have a reddit account.

No. 237031

A black pixel, mind you

No. 237033

that's racist

No. 237035

I woke up wanting to kill myself over something I said 2 years ago that I remembered as being retarded, incorrect, and rude. I searched through the chat history and finally found the message. It turns out what I said was actually accurate, fairly humble, and polite. What does this mean

No. 237037

cognitive distortion

No. 237038

File: 1645186860896.png (506.27 KB, 2000x1600, LC drawing room (11).png)

There was still space but the reddit doodles appear to really deter anons from drawing, so I cleared the board (after asking). Come draw cute things: https://aggie.io/nypffaequn

No. 237039

I'll start giving suggested themes (for people who are lost on what to draw) when I clear boards now, if that's ok.
This time it's: Sanrio mascots from memory. Do your best and don't look them up!

No. 237042

File: 1645187137947.jpg (32.96 KB, 542x302, 20220218_112836.jpg)

>tfw I am 26 and only now finding out how everyone uses filters on videos
I feel like I was locked in a hermetic chamber after I deleted facebook and insta 8 years ago

No. 237045

>after I deleted facebook and insta 8 years ago
god I wish that were me. I'll probably delete insta soon but I can only deactivate fb instead of deleting my account completely because my close irl friends are too autistic to use an equivalent to messenger.

No. 237046

Not being on social media is exactly how I knew something was up with filtered content. Being so used to natural faces that it looks smudged or uncanny with even less intense filters. Weird how it’s the opposite for some people!

No. 237047

File: 1645187599250.jpg (33.17 KB, 449x449, 6dbd1dc24241a5ad4d7960d5b7c7f4…)

i have this intense urge to ghost the guy i'm talking to. why am i so stupid? it's not that i don't want to be with him it's just i don't wanna get hurt. also which thread can we use for venting lol

No. 237048

Same but I ghost everyone
>also which thread can we use for venting lol
right now? every and any thread

No. 237050

I think I'm just too shy to directly keep looking at someone's face irl unless it's my boyfriend or a family member so everyone outside is "looks good enuff, nice skin" unless they have obvious scarring.

Good luck nonnie, my irl friends swapped to viber and whatsapp, is only messenger popular in your area?

No. 237051

it’s just attachment issues kek i feel the same. unless he exhibits red flags just try to soothe your anxiety towards the situation

No. 237052

I'm holding back the urge to draw all the Sanrio characters cuz I wanna leave some for other anons lol

No. 237054

I had to remake a fb because of the fucking reliance on fb messenger. My workplace uses fb but I never post on my time line and my only photo is my profile picture. Idk how it comes across but I don't care. The only people's opinions I care about I speak to them in person.

No. 237055

When I stopped watching beauty gurus for like a year and then watched one again I instantly saw the filters than I had never noticed before. Social media and filters really soil the mind.

No. 237060

I wonder if we'll ever get a true counter culture of people rejecting expensive products and filters. Yeah, some people do, but the majority finds that ugly.

No. 237065

File: 1645188926001.jpg (61.14 KB, 640x543, Tumblr_l_203083778399403.jpg)

>Beauty gurus

Deserve the gulags, beauty my ass, it's just a way for narcissists to hear themselves talk and consoom.

They don't have a concept or clue about aesthetics. Most can't even match their foundation.

No. 237068

I’m not gonna lie i think people kill any counter culture that tries to pop out, everything has to be inclusive and “normal” otherwise it’s cringe and people make fun of it and make memes of the people that partake in it as fast as it pops out because they’re seething some of them deserve to be made fun of like incels and schizo moid shit but some of them are genuinely fun but normification of the internet kills it really fast

No. 237069

I wish my friends or girls in my country would stop filling their social media with their nigels. Sometimes it comes off like they have no hobbies beyond catering to their man. It also pressures them to find a nigel ASAP after breaking up

No. 237071

has there ever been an admin who regularly communicated with anons? or has it always been this silent?

No. 237074

File: 1645189397023.jpg (27.85 KB, 499x489, d3f418e33cd11306f97687c749de9e…)

how do i do that

No. 237075

If I was admin I'd keep everyone posted, especially on the important things such as when I'm ovulating.

No. 237077

Is it okay to have a discord server that's openly "cis/natal women only" or is that something that gets you banned or the server deleted if a pissed off tranny reports it? I'm not active on discord enough to know how they handle things like this.

No. 237078

File: 1645189580496.png (29.48 KB, 346x319, image_2022-02-18_080610.png)

No. 237080

Your server will get taken down and you will be banned. You would have to do it subtly and say you do it to keep out "trolls" and have few members who understand, and don't try to wiggle their Nigel or totally hilarious gay moid friend into the group

No. 237081

I used viber a very long time ago on my very first smartphone with high school friends and it barely worked. It was definitely because of the phone and not the app. I think most of us only use whatsapp to talk to family abroad and I stopped using it because my father wouldn't stop spamming links to conspiracy theories about how berbers are the true aryans or some other weird race traitor shit. Whatsapp belongs to fb/meta now anyway.

I used line with my friends before having fb but they wouldn't stop saying it was annoying to get notifications all the time. So instead of changing their settings on the app they just stopped using it. I was pratically forced to get FB because of university, whenever I missed classes because of doctor appointments or problems with public transport I would ask classmates to send me their notes by email and they'd conveniently forget or ignore me unless I asked on the university's group. My friends took this as an opportunity to ditch Line completely. I hate that shit so much.

Weird, what kind of job do you have? I was asked to download whatsapp and then teams on our personal phones when I was in a call center because it was operating 24h every single day of the year and sometimes our softwares would just stop working. I did but always ignored messages. I stopped showing up at some points and noticed like 3 weeks later than a manager asked me why I wasn't connected yet kek

No. 237090

I'm in the UK and it's blustry here but nothing much yet thankfully

No. 237091

Really, since when? I joined a couple of servers that were openly female only with verification

No. 237095

samefag, I don’t see anything in the terms of use that suggests you can be banned for it. In fact, the only thing remotely related I see is a note that you may be exposed to content you find offensive kek

No. 237098

I called the glove compartment the glove department for like 20 yrs

No. 237100

are they still around?

No. 237101

you're cute

No. 237104

File: 1645191735281.webm (6.79 MB, 1280x720, blues cat.webm)


No. 237107

File: 1645192555597.png (165.66 KB, 262x608, tokimeki.PNG)

i'm still in love with the nonna that drew this one

No. 237108

I used to have a pokemon go friend who sent me presents from a pokestop in finland called "Stony Balls". Gave me a chuckle every time.

No. 237109

That was a drawing? I thought some anon just inserted the pic into the board

No. 237110

I’m not sure, I ended up leaving because most of the active users were younger than me

No. 237111

i was really cringy at 17/18 and i had a lot of mental issues when i see how mature those ages are depicted in media i feel so insecure and worthless even tho i grew up

No. 237112

ahh okay well no point in me joining either, I'm practically a grandma

No. 237113

i think the admin of the board said she disabled that option, so it's just one of our really talented nonnies

No. 237114

woah I thought that was the actual pic before I read your comment. nice work nonna!

No. 237115

I'd argue you can't be mature at 17 or 18, you're literally still a teen at that age, your brain is still developing and have hardly have any life experience at that age. It's okay to be cringy at 17.

No. 237130

File: 1645194737385.jpg (2.68 MB, 3024x4032, sarcophagus.jpg)

Look at my chest full of creepy dolls

No. 237133

Does anyone have that boys Vs fujos Death Note meme? At this point I'm begging you

No. 237137

Buying a macbook laptop is legitimately top 5 worst decisions I've made. I want to shake my 18 year old self and tell her it's just another laptop EXCEPT SHITTIER BECAUSE YOU CAN BARELY PLAY ANY FUCKING GAMES ON IT CAN'T EMULATE SHIT CAN'T EVEN DOWNLOAD BLUESTACKS 5

No. 237138

You should sell it and get a gaming laptop i got an hp and it preforms incredibly well but its too big for my liking lol

No. 237139

This is why I fucking hate depending on other people for things because now I MISSED MY FUCKING APPOINTMENT AND YET IT'S SOMEHOW MY FAULT? I just want to leave and live in seclusion already nonas I am done with existence

No. 237140

No. 237141

No. 237142

Where do people buy used macbooks? Ebay? I've never considered selling it actually

No. 237143

Yes ebay, facebook those kind of places. I prefer advertising it on facebook and giving it in person. I think apps for selling used things also exist but im not sure if you have it in your area

No. 237144

I bought mine from eBay, but it was from a seller that liquidates office equipment

No. 237148

Why the fuck does this record cost 190 dollars? Do you want my first child’s virginity as well? And zoomers are being yelled at for using Spotify?

No. 237151

Those are actors that are in their 20s going off a script written by people in their 30s and 40s nonita

No. 237155

I know thats what i tell myself kek but it still hurts for some reason

No. 237157

I've always pronounced caramel like "car-uh-mell" and one time at my old job I said it in a conversation and was immediately interrupted by a moid coworker shrieking "OH MY GOD IT HAS THREE SYLLABLES IT'S CARE-UH-MELL NOT CARMULL!!!" Maybe you should listen closer when people talk you retarded deaf fucking bitch because that's not what I said you useless scrote. Anyway I hope he's dead.

No. 237158

I cant remember what those god damn sumikko gurashi looked like lol

No. 237159

then maybe you never actually matured

No. 237160

Actually it’s car ah mel

No. 237161

live in the present

No. 237162

It was not that long ago so it still looms over me sometimes

No. 237164

I'm thinking of staying off lolcow for the weekend but I fear coming back on monday to find it gone entirely!

No. 237165

both of you pronounced it wrong but who gives a shit as long as you understand? Even I, an absolute autist, would never cut someone off to go UUM?? LMAO CAN'T PRONOUNCE FRENCH BORROWED WORD?? THATS A CRINGE..

No. 237166

some anons get way too mad over cartoons/anime/video games like chill out

No. 237167

File: 1645199054354.png (240.36 KB, 606x449, keiichirou.png)


GET IN BITCHES WE'RE WATCHING GHOST STORIES DUB I got the ghost stories dub to work but google's still processing the videos so I'll add them as we watch, we'll watch 4-5 episodes today because that's all I have time for.

Come by! I'll let the polish cow play for another 5 minutes before I start the episodes

No. 237172

When people say all kinds of western countries are actually just the USA’s puppet states it makes me lol. I like to just think if the white wigged moids in the late 1700s - 1800s had social media. The Britbongs would be cry typing about how America is just a puppet country of the French and Naps should kill himself and he’s the reason for the war of 1812.

No. 237175

Right, he clearly knew what I was talking about. Men are just retarded.

No. 237178

this goes for many 17/18 year olds, anon. seek out media that better conveys that age group rather than mainstream western bs that has no clue about how teens actually act. we collectively rush ourselves into maturation because we feel it's what we're supposed to do, and we impose this on others, even though our lives extend so far beyond the present. it's okay to pace yourself. you're still young, and there's still very much to experience and learn from. and it's not a good idea to compare yourself to others (especially badly written teen characters likely created by middle aged men) unless it's to be productive and make some positive difference in your life.

No. 237179

File: 1645200437136.webm (2.72 MB, 540x960, maebaebay_-1494430125072400393…)

Do kpopfag wives really….?

No. 237180

File: 1645200474826.jpg (209.33 KB, 1080x1128, Screenshot_20220218-100524.jpg)

No. 237183


No. 237184

File: 1645200667392.jpeg (96.63 KB, 680x680, 35C6625F-0A46-4D90-9DDF-52F579…)

No. 237185

Shes one of those cuckettes who try to act so chill about their man child husband walking all over them

No. 237187

wtf is this shit. Was that a drag ? A woman would never (don'treply I know its not true, lemme be delusional ty)

No. 237191

Wtf, this sounds just like 80s rnb music

No. 237195

No. 237196

Yeah I agree with the other anon, you're still not mature if you can compare your actual teenaged self to an adult reading what an even older adult thinks a teenager is and feel bad that you didn't measure up.

If you were mature you'd be able to move on. Ridiculous tbh.

No. 237197

/ot/ anons are the /b/tards of lolcow.

No. 237200

File: 1645201748442.jpg (97.27 KB, 650x650, 1X6oq31kJr.jpg)

What about it

No. 237202

Not really comparable./b/ was always full of pedos, racists and people with disgusting fetishes like scat

No. 237206

File: 1645201979667.jpeg (686.03 KB, 3295x3295, 967FCA7F-510C-48B7-BD2B-8F90E5…)

2014 soft grunge tumblr cheese

No. 237208

File: 1645202150510.jpg (99.88 KB, 541x690, IMG_20220218_173340.jpg)

I'm too sleepy for this

No. 237215

>She thinks lolcow doesn't have racist femanons with disgusting fetishes like shotacon.

No. 237216


No. 237217

File: 1645202600781.png (75.2 KB, 166x400, Moja-Kravica-gusti-jogurt-400g…)

you can get this yoghurt here… i thought it was cute before but it was a bit of a trip to see it trending on the explore page as aesthetic on instagram once

No. 237218

We do have racist anons. They get banned and shamed. On /b/ absolutely disgusting racism and hatred is allowed.

Shotacon? Maybe I saw one weirdo nonnie on /m/ or /g/, but it's really not comparable to the daily UWOOOOOH posts on 4chan and pictures of pregnant lolis or implied bestiality that don't get deleted.

No. 237220

why specify 'femanons' on a female board?

No. 237221

They're in /g/ not /ot/

No. 237223

slipped up there, huh? typed that out a little too fast? watch yourself.

No. 237224

File: 1645203109645.gif (4.33 MB, 640x640, dog-shake.gif)

what are you going to do? call me a moid for using a word? I'm shaking.

No. 237225

you dont need to be posting lolicon to have /b/tard tendencies.

No. 237228

they're everywhere, again g anons are ot anons.

No. 237230

>"there are shotacon anons!"
>uh no, it's not comparable to the shit posted on 4chan
>"you don't need lolicon tendencies for that!"

No. 237232

tragic. also shit music

No. 237233

Not at all. Only now, we are refugees. Integrate moah

No. 237234

Interesting how that was your first thought, but no. I'm saying something else

No. 237235

That she's a 4chooner?

No. 237237

she posted a cute gif at least.

No. 237238

Thinking about how I got called "basically straight" by a friend who has only ever dated males because all of my ex gfs are they/thems or fakebois now.

No. 237240

File: 1645203669691.jpeg (27.42 KB, 680x545, 1643404281955.jpeg)

In yesterday's thread we made lists on how to spot a moid, this should be added together with shameless gaslighting.

No. 237242

tragic. sorry for your loss

No. 237243

No. 237244

File: 1645203722667.png (1.47 MB, 1080x1080, 1637606249953.png)

>Stalin and Saddam Hussein
Street thugs
>Nicolae Ceaușescu
shoe maker
>Kim Jong and Mao Zedong
Farmer sons

Socialist revolutions though started by intelegencia often get taken over by uneducated

No. 237245

Last two episodes. Come catch it if you'd like, you don't need to watch the other episodes to enjoy this show: https://cytu.be/r/farmmovienight

No. 237246

Ok romanianon

No. 237248

kys or go back to 4chan with your shitty forced board wars

No. 237249


No. 237250

File: 1645204252740.png (46.06 KB, 271x214, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a…)


No. 237251

File: 1645204257435.png (161.95 KB, 443x451, 1480928772823.png)

Fuck off. We'll spam the catalog as much as we want because /ot/ are the chads of lc and they can sit by and watch our threads move 3x as fast as their shitty sex fantasy that might involve actual shit

No. 237253

File: 1645204321977.png (40.25 KB, 1127x835, 1614988280368.png)

Could Crystal Cafe raids, this shit breaking and Kiwifarms DDOS be related?

No. 237254


No. 237257

Why the fuck are schizo anon's reaction images all badly cropped squares? Is that a wordpress or an 8chan thing or some site I don't browse?

No. 237258

File: 1645204546633.png (535.75 KB, 453x821, hell.png)

Just think, the kids whose first memories are watching videos like these will be posting on the internet soon in a couple years. I wonder what they'll be like.

No. 237259

when's the last time a shotacon even posted? the very few times i've seen them was almost over a year ago and every time they get shit on by every other anon

No. 237261

They will be so damaged beyond reconcile

No. 237262

My 11 year old brother grew up on these despite my best efforts, right now he's into karate and shooters and is normal thankfully

No. 237263

what the fuck

No. 237264

In yesterday's thread we also shat on schizos seeing moids everywhere

No. 237269


No. 237271

File: 1645204994840.jpg (56.08 KB, 1140x500, dwayne-johnson-The-Rock-nripgi…)

ty nonacita

No. 237272

games like fortnite and apex legends, not call of duty

No. 237274

Admin pulled out a chris chan

No. 237279

File: 1645205540746.jpg (124.42 KB, 1071x798, 111161111611.jpg)

Tbh I wanted to know if it was an attack or not. I have a collection of tinfoil hats and was already wearing one. I'm at peace now. I miss /ot/ but I'm having fun shitting up this thread.

No. 237280

No. 237282

File: 1645205583636.png (18.98 KB, 782x371, adminmin.png)

Interesting, so it was not a DDOS attack

No. 237284

I mean we knew that already

No. 237293

Some anons thought the site got hacked

No. 237296

Me packing for a week long trip: better take 14 pairs of pants, just in case I piss myself every single day that I’m there.

No. 237297

oh well a ddos attack in particular would have taken down the entire site. anyway im glad admin cleared things up

No. 237301

File: 1645206322009.jpg (80.97 KB, 540x540, 1609588391662.jpg)

I thought someone infiltrated the mod team/ a positionwith access to the site mumbo jumbo and fucked it up on purpose.

No. 237303

Some anons don’t understand how the internet works

No. 237304

kek I'm sorry but I don't get you tinfoilers at all. hope admin's post reassured you

No. 237305

It did, ty! You can see it from the chair img not wearing a tinfoil hat fyi.

No. 237307

No. 237324

anyone wanna listen to creepypastas on cytube? as i came in nonnies were saying their goodbyes it was quite sweet actually

No. 237332

I wonder how many other people my age are the sole cook and maid for their whole family. I wonder what its like being 20 and not feeling like a second mom. I wish my biggest concern today was the exam I have next week.

No. 237340

cringe but maybe try specific forums like on gaia, you might have luck there

No. 237342

Sending hugs, anon. I hope you get to focus on yourself and not have to play second mom soon

No. 237345

i do but it will reveal our usernames btw

No. 237346

She was but she forgot to turn friends invites on nonnie open it! Kek

No. 237347

wtf how you get 9 wives? Why would you ever want/need to collect wives like pokemon cards? T

No. 237349

as if our generation wasn't damaged enough by mpaa approved pg13 and r rated movies, the next ones will be even worse

No. 237350

she means the members of that kpop group, not literal wives

No. 237353

oh ok. Not as bd as I thought it was, but still kinda bad

No. 237354

File: 1645209455084.jpg (123.08 KB, 1024x762, e3a3dd634def6d2d.jpg)

Jershua Moon said on his stream he browses a site that posts screencaps of redditor women trying to make babies with their redditor husbands, but did not want to name the site. I that LC?

If so Jersh go away boo

No. 237355


No. 237358

Of all the threads to get a temp in g, I'm glad the driverfags have one. I'm not even saying that out of disdain anymore, but respect. It takes a lot of dedication to collectively shitpost and orbit an ugly moid from a meme movie to the extent they have. I don't know how they do it. Props.

No. 237359

I heard nonnie. It's painfully obvious he's diying to get ~le based lolcow gf~
Poor modaffacca

No. 237360

Um anon I agree all men are trash, but that one is my personal imaginary Nigel so my feelings are kinda hurt

No. 237361

Also thanks for proving my point

No. 237364

yes it is, the trisha paytas caps came from here

No. 237365

File: 1645209847061.jpg (107.21 KB, 1079x1325, 1637083632689.jpg)




No. 237366

The only reason I keep going back to my ex is because he provides affection and I don't have to put in effort for it. I'm extremely horny sometimes and he already knows what I like sexually, so it's easy. But he doesn't deserve access to my body for the way he treated me. How do I find a decent, respectable guy whom I can enjoy affection with? I know tinder is the place for hook-ups, but I'm not looking for creepy guys, do you know what I mean? Just kind of a friend whom I can also kiss and whatnot with. I'm also in a foreign country for work right now, so I don't want anything long-term anyway.

No. 237367

unrelated but ily cat anon(s?)

No. 237368

>family reunion I couldn't go to
>the only male cousin who shows up makes small talk with all my aunts and female cousins and with my little sister
>apparently he sperged over women "talking" with men not being good potential wives and mothers, and he wants a woman who never interacted with men besides maybe coworkers and family members
>says that men aren't the same, they're allowed to date women whenever they want
>now all my female family members think he's retarded
>mom won't stop saying we need to burn all men alive now that she's back home
>she finally agrees with me when I tell her that men who serial date and dump women need to be shamed and called whores and sluts
Based mom.

No. 237371

Same. I miss the cat love thread.

No. 237372

Jershfags exposed for listening to his streams

No. 237374

Nonnies I found in a thrift shop a tie with the print design being a yellow human-dog watering two pot of plants. I immediatley laughed because it really looked like the null dog watering the banana peppers.

Do you think I should go back and buy it and sell it on etsy to some kiwifag?

No. 237377

File: 1645210331438.jpg (99.13 KB, 485x492, tumblr_mpuoizx5211qbqxhko1_500…)

Fuck I want /ot/ to be back so I can get shit off my chest in the vent thread, I have so many conflicting feelings and confused thoughts that I don't wanna bother my friends with. I need it back nonnas, I'd even bite angry lesbian zoomer anon's bait if it's what it takes

No. 237379

vent here nonnie. We officially occupied this place.

No. 237380

File: 1645210492013.png (377.66 KB, 731x798, 1.png)

>bf has been ringing my ears off about russia x ukraine for 3 days straight
>sends me picrel
>"nice, wake me up when I'm going to war otherwise I don't really give a shit"
>now he's mad sulking

No. 237382

Ngl this made me shit myself and i usually dont get spooked

No. 237383

File: 1645210664749.jpg (19.9 KB, 320x317, b988acf4cfdd7514ea42dd7e0cee9b…)

don't know why nonnies keep posting this. You can vent, shitpost, husbando-post right here. Hell there's more traffic in these threads than there would be if /ot/ was up. It's not like there's real content rules in here

No. 237385

File: 1645210797651.jpg (25.12 KB, 800x450, cover2.jpg)

This is your man

No. 237386

cute pumpkin you got there, may I have a piece?

No. 237387

kek I do this with my husband, he really doesn't seem to give a shit

No. 237388

File: 1645210976836.jpg (98.9 KB, 1088x1080, 9kttz.jpg)

Based mom. I had a similar cousin, except he actually tried to touch me between the legs when I was like 8-9, and he was 14-15, and other touching for years to come. Now he is a fat neckbeard who bitches about women at family get togethers. He has a literal diagnosed retardation though.

Do it, with a huge mark up

He does manage to be amusing from time to time, and he does have an unique perspective on internet culture. I have noticed a change in his opinions in recent times btw, you can really see he has been lurking in the shadows here kek. He even argued for women to be included in neo nazism, what a based moid!1 uwu

Josh baby, if you troon out we promise you get a crumb of the puss! Trust me

No. 237390

Because we are so used to containment threads for these things that writing them here feels like standing in a crowded marketplace and shouting your problems out to the crowd with a megaphone.

No. 237391


No. 237392

Well I myself would love to do that

No. 237394

File: 1645211089115.jpg (112.74 KB, 514x600, sculptures46.jpg)

Anons what do you like to do to de-stress and relax?
I'm so tired and close to burn out and I need to find some things to do aside from surfing and a bit of meditating.

No. 237395

File: 1645211098973.jpg (128.93 KB, 632x838, Screenshot_20220218-130405.jpg)

What am I supposed to get from this

No. 237398

This is a moids fridge, isn't it?

No. 237399

Ty nonnie,I'll go tomorrow. I'm confident no one is gonna buy that ugly as sin tie. I will try to sell it 50 times what I pay for it (probably 1 euro lol). Let's hope it works.

No. 237400

Got recommended a couple of videos from cinnamontoastken's channel, and decided to give him a try since the YTers I follow haven't uploaded anything too interesting lately, and WHY the fuck does he have so many fans? He's so boring and obnoxious and adds nothing new or of value to anything?

No. 237401

There were several farmers who said they tried to approach Josh and he sent them back something about "no e-girls" and didn't reply further to their messages, so I doubt he is lurking to get a gf here. Judging by how many farmers thirst after him in the ugly moids thread you'd think he would be dating a farmer by now. Maybe he just likes to laugh at our posts. We are pretty brilliant and hilarious, especially compared to your average kiwiscrote.

No. 237402

>except he actually tried to touch me between the legs when I was like 8-9, and he was 14-15
Clinically retarded or not, he deserves to have all his fingers cut off one by one. I can't believe adults didn't even stop him until he tried. My cousin is younger than me, he used to be a bit less stupid than that, and I've just been told that even his friends think that weird mentality of his regarding women is weird as fuck and off-putting, I don't know them but I hope they can slap some sense into him.

No. 237403

+10 for bonne maman jam
-10000000000 for gamer fuel cans

No. 237405

He won some sort of contest to get promoted by Pewdiepie, it's the only reason he is famous. He makes reddit-tier content for redditors.

No. 237406

Yes it's his dating profile, the rest are pictures of a lawn and his dog. Only one face pic and it's far away with a hat

Ive seen them use the excuse "I'm not a girl I don't take pictures of myself so I use whatever haha"

But this one had the typical jaded prompt where he says "most of you are only on here for your ego".

No. 237407

Also, I too noticed the shift in opinion you talk about. I think reading here made him a lot of good tbh. I also appreciate he not namedropping the site but being vague about where he got those screenshots from. But, we see through this shit . he better not cross the line again.

No. 237408

File: 1645211455865.jpg (87.07 KB, 500x370, tumblr_md31p3Q2eA1r6bz3x.jpg)

Trying to ease myself into an anti-inflammatory diet due to my thyroid issues and fuck me most of the websites I find keep contradicting each other on several points and not giving a lot of advice on what you could replace some more common groceries with. Not even any advice on what kind of chemicals or whatever to keep an eye out for except for SUGAR AND GLUTEN BAD. For fucks sake

No. 237409

sure josh, sure.

No. 237410

Surfing, as in the sport? If so, please be my surf lesbian girlfriend

Anyway, I take baths (with candles lol), do art, play games, and watch videos.

Manifesting unending ritches to you anon

No. 237411

No husbando posting

No. 237412

> most of you are here to watch stinky chopped pickles

No. 237413

Why does Joshua Moon have simps? Y'all blind deaf and dumb?

No. 237414

I pretended to be moid on tinder just see what the average tinder girl looked like and idk if it's just my area, but holy shit I'm never putting myself on there because the other women all look like proper models kek

No. 237415

Even serial killers have simps

No. 237416

Take up gardening, if you have no outdoor space then tend to houseplants. They do so much for your well-being

No. 237417

A lot of those accounts are bots that advertise porn sites to scrotes.

No. 237418

I really do think all this "wow jersh mong has soo much simps and real grillz wanting to get with him" are Null tryina gayop us

No. 237419

You're not wrong, but I had higher expectations of lc anons. My mistake!

No. 237420

H-he has simps? Why??

I did get adults to step in when I got the courage to say something in my later teens. Fucker.

No. 237421

I want to believe that but I know this literal autistic girl who has a serious crush on him and it's concerning

No. 237423

One autistic girl you know doesnt mean he has simps tho.

No. 237424

File: 1645211803482.png (273.67 KB, 378x474, tinfoil.png)


No. 237426

>she says while not providing the link

No. 237427

File: 1645211843934.jpg (107.86 KB, 1125x1408, Tumblr_l_3477122175055848.jpg)

What are you up to, nonners?

No. 237428

Don't be fucking stupid

No. 237429

File: 1645211897511.jpg (47.91 KB, 474x405, tinfoill.jpg)


No. 237430

File: 1645211954252.jpg (16.69 KB, 257x257, 1641935789541.jpg)


No. 237431

You're best off making a tele-health appointment with a dietician. (A Dietician is very different from a self-proclaimed nutritionist, the former requires a master's and certification, the latter an Instagram following).

Then ask them and not the random making articles soley to get Google ad hits

No. 237432

Same nonnie, searching for medical info on the internet is so ass

No. 237433

File: 1645212148521.jpg (963.84 KB, 1080x1611, Screenshot_20201225-134034_Fir…)

It's my day off of work, I had a sweet tooth craving but all I have in the house that's sweet is oatmeal with brown sugar and raisins. Watching stupid reality tv.

No. 237434

I always wanted to ask Russian people - How do they feel about the constant anti-russian messages across videogames, movies, etc. in western media
Did you just get used to that?

No. 237435

File: 1645212152599.png (425.47 KB, 600x600, tin_foil_cat_cat_1.png)

Now I can never post on lcf in peace again! JOSH WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!

No. 237436

File: 1645212175346.webm (6.1 MB, 640x360, thai_women_beat_american_touri…)

I made a webm just for you nonnies of this extremely based video of a group of thai women beating up a guy who tried to grope one of them

No. 237438

I blow dried my hair upside down to achieve le volum but now I just look like an egghead and every one of my hair follicles can feel the hair swaying

No. 237439

File: 1645212244191.png (417.96 KB, 750x613, poor trees.png)

I unironically hug trees like some 70's hippie

No. 237440

File: 1645212308778.gif (1.95 MB, 400x221, 52432F03-3CEE-46C4-B8B0-58A174…)

It’s Friday night and I don’t have /ot/ to drunkpost in.

No. 237441

Beautiful! Love his retarded screeching at the end, hope he fucking dies of cancer all alone!

No. 237443

You do know that germans also browse here kek

No. 237444

> Cry more shit moid

No. 237445

File: 1645212425521.gif (862.83 KB, 480x274, 5Sre.gif)

Restream of
>Ghost World
With only the plan of moving in together after high school, two unusually devious friends seek direction in life. As a mere gag, they respond to a man's newspaper ad for a date, only to find it will greatly complicate their lives.
>Silent Night Deadly Night 2
Thriller Movie


No. 237446

Fun story about punishing gropers from my friend:
>Goes out to a bar
>She and some friends seats themselves at the bar
>After a little while she realizes each and every girl starts jumping on their seats
>She leans back a bit and realize there is a guy pinching the girls butts as he is passing by
>Decides to act like she hadn't noticed
>Guy comes up behind her with his nasty pinchers
>She grabs one of the fingers and starts bending it backwards until she hears him whine and shuffling away
>Homegirl may or may not have dislocated the guy's finger and she regrets nothing

No. 237447

Wasn't the context that he was groping her or something?

No. 237448

was that guy getting beat up white? You bet he only went to Thailand to rape prostitutes and to fuffill his 'asian women are just so submissive uwu' delusion

No. 237449

Fantastic! I hope I can cook fast enough

No. 237450

Probably there because he's a pedo too

No. 237451

File: 1645212575582.jpg (160.46 KB, 735x758, a9af7392c8e53e9616565b93879866…)

I wish all sexpats a greusome and pitiful end

No. 237453

me unironically reading the h3 thread right now is2g if I have to see that hila cartoon he loves one more time
very based thank you nonna

No. 237454

Same,I love hugging trees

No. 237455

for real, he's obsessed. One time is funny, 345 times is not.

No. 237456

Joshua Moon is ugly and fat and I would not fuck him.

No. 237457

Kek I posted that after watching the stream, but I guess I can't proof I am not Josh either

No. 237458

File: 1645212744844.jpg (383.25 KB, 800x800, 1611777028350.jpg)

Praise sis

No. 237459

File: 1645212780181.jpeg (127.79 KB, 1200x1110, 5280B97D-1057-4B41-AA80-733C71…)

So sad this shit doesn’t work on my iPad, have fun nonnies

No. 237460

File: 1645212793847.jpg (738.48 KB, 1993x2793, tinfoil.jpg)

No. 237461

this is why i have to question how many of the null anons are actually women

No. 237462


No. 237464

File: 1645213119890.jpg (1.92 MB, 1993x2793, 1645212793847.jpg)

No. 237465

With or without /ot/, you are the liquor

No. 237466

File: 1645213273995.png (25.17 KB, 261x215, 9ce00342c4c3be098bddd0e2d87eaa…)

to the nonna that saved todays drawing room with your sanrio prompt, thank you, love you

No. 237467

File: 1645213332657.jpg (82.66 KB, 570x570, 2d4a6941729009f3fee787b4c991cd…)

My tinfoil hat is better than yours

No. 237468

The signal will go through all the holes in your hat, RETARD!

No. 237471

File: 1645213568217.jpg (63.77 KB, 474x541, 6e9a6a673710b0d8411db4c81937e2…)

my tinfoil hat is safe and secure, none of you will ever steal my thoughts

No. 237473


No. 237474

File: 1645213691388.jpeg (72.96 KB, 1229x500, itwimdy.jpeg)

there's a storm nonnas. guess I'll hunker down in here.

No. 237475

I do some yoga at home, hug my dog, sleep, dance or try to doodle things.

No. 237476

i had a job interview last friday for a job in the town ive been dreaming of moving to and today is the day i should hear back from them. fingers crossed for me please nonnies!!!

No. 237477

There was a pretty gnarly storm here earlier too

No. 237478

Stay safe in the storm, nonnas

No. 237480

File: 1645214177040.jpg (20.28 KB, 500x375, 9b9.jpg)

good luck anonita!!! hope it works out!

No. 237481

File: 1645214261188.gif (33.79 KB, 195x152, 1638641455401.gif)

It was discussed in the last thread, but I love manifesting, idk about you nonnies but it's unironically done plenty of great things for my life, both the possible and "impossible". I wish I knew before that you literally just have to see it for yourself and stop being scared. Labels like "schizo" really are used as a psyop to keep the majority of people at a disadvantage, it's fucked. Love my wife, love what I've earned, love learning more, love my future, simple as

No. 237483

It's insane to me that there are people who just trust and go through life without questioning everyone's motives, words, and actions. The fact I need to train myself and dialogue with myself so much to become like them in their actions and thoughts, it feels mind-numbing. I feel like they are all in on some great knowledge or wisdom I don't possess. But no, that's just how many are.

No. 237487

i miss the rain (califag). i love watching sunsets after storms from my window, when it is cold and the clouds turn all these gorgeous colors. the last storm we had, i remember i was watching the sunset from my room and a united airlines plane was flying low through the clouds and they turned all these pretty shades of smoky gray and orange. i don’t mind the santa ana winds blowing as the sky is a beautiful blue, but i am just tired of sun sun sun sun sun, painful dry skin, and allergies everyday without cold fresh weather to break up the monotony. everytime they blow, i start sneezing like a mofo and they smell of sulphur from the particulates they pick up on the way. i bet we’re not going to get any may gray or june gloom this summer either. ugh.

No. 237488

Taking apart clothing is weirdly relaxing

No. 237489

File: 1645214789416.jpg (60.07 KB, 480x800, screen-0.jpg)

>living in California
Damn, what did you do in your last life to deserve this hell?

No. 237490

File: 1645214814648.jpg (67.13 KB, 781x1161, MV5BNWYwODRlYjgtODUxNy00YmMyLW…)

Ghost World is not on Youtube, so it should be available to everyone. If you don't have tampermonkey already, you're an idiot.

No. 237492

Nederlander in 't wild

No. 237494

I just bought a Wacom one tablet and I’m already freaking out about potentially worsening my bad posture and back problems after coming across some threads and reviews about the tablet.

No. 237497


No. 237498

nda maar hoi

No. 237499

halp guys

No. 237501

how do you do it? like do you have a routine?

No. 237503

Let the schizo label scare away the unworthy ones nonnie.


No. 237507

File: 1645215508713.jpeg (88.88 KB, 800x800, 8109B852-DB3A-4656-8506-170C94…)

>wacom one
I have it and yes it’s neck & back breaking to use. I recommend you buy a stand for the 12.9 inch iPad like picrel. I use something similar for my One.

No. 237508

File: 1645215512661.jpg (174.93 KB, 700x1245, 2d568c7e7038c0d2162f5a6f4cfc2b…)

shizo posting/venting timeee: i feel like there is something to it. i don't know much about ''manifesting'' as we know it today, but my mantra throughout high school was ''it will work out''. even though i was cynical and things were mostly shit, i had this sort of positive outlook on things,thinking i just have to get through it… and things somehow did kinda work out at the time, however as time went on i lost this positivity, and with that shitty things started happening (correlation ≠ causation ik ik). my outlook now is mostly negative and i feed into it, i have also never been more alone. and the more alone i am the more i steer away from people and it goes into this loop. if i really wanted to i'm sure i could convince myself to give lifing a shot again BUT I DONT WANT TO IM MANIFESTING ALONE LIFE FOREVER FUCK PE*PLE I WILL NOT SETTLE except you my sweet nonnies i love you

No. 237510

It feels nice too. When I was a kid, I regularly hugged trees and because it didn't feel like hugging an object, I was convinced that they also live.

No. 237511

Do you have friends who can introduce you to someone? That’s how my friends have been meeting their Nigels in lockdown

No. 237512

Unfortunately not yet, since I'm in a foreign country for work/internship for a few months. But later this week I'll meet some girls I met the other day at their dorms (I'm also uni age don't worry kek) so maybe that way…..? But they're international students themselves so I'm not sure how many guys they know either

No. 237518

Unfathomably based

No. 237523

I got a piece of my gel nail in my eye while filing them yesterday, and I think it's still in there

No. 237528

I am sad I cannot participate, I always have work on saturday early mornings ;__;

No. 237530

How can trees see though lol

No. 237531

That’s a great opportunity nonnie. Hoping things work out for you!

No. 237534

File: 1645216715423.png (14.24 KB, 660x161, 1.png)

Who's gonna tell Mia?

No. 237536

No. 237537

Is this one of those eating disorder accounts?

No. 237538

I keep fantasizing about taking as big of a loan as I can get, cashing it and then just leaving the country. It seems possible because I have dual citizenship. I’m a huge pussy though so this will only remain a fantasy.

No. 237539

Yes I think. Here's the OG tweet if you want to see a thread of people having a mental breakdown over lolcow transphobia https://twitter.com/cr0nakgs/status/1494073381695770635

No. 237541

Umm Mia I am fat but fish fear me and women and men love me thank you very much

No. 237542

wouldn't you just get arrested in the other country and send back? (assuming the two countries are friendly with each other)

No. 237543

I'm mad at my teenage self. I had a low voice and got bullied for it, so I started talking in a higher pitch so I would stop getting bullied. It worked, and I actually started talking naturally like that. But the thing is I had a nice, deep singing voice before that (to the point where I actually got compliments from my classmates who usually ignored me). I can't change it back to my natural voice anymore, and can't sing well anymore either. I used to love singing jazz but I can't anymore because some retarded bullies made me insecure. I wish I hadn't have been made fun of, I might have ended up sounding like a chainsmoking moid but at least I could still sing. I sing for my own enjoyment now but I know it doesn't sound good, and probably never will because my voice isn't high enough to sing Jefferson Airplane and other female singers I love, but not low enough to sing jazz like Amy Winehouse. I feel so sad about it. Music is my biggest passion in life and I miss singing dearly.

No. 237544

I just have to comment on the fact that these retards said the lolcow comments would have been "good meanspo" if not for the twansphobia. Meanspo is great and 100% okay but hating trannies is just TOO FUCKING MEAN! Every aesthetic tard zoomer is brain dead kek.

No. 237545

Apparently escaping US student loan is quite easy, you just leave the country and never come back

No. 237547

I think it depends on how big of a loan it is. After doing a little research it seems the country you take a loan from usually will just try to take your assets (if you still have any in said country) but there isn’t much they’ll be able to do. If it’s credit card debt there’s nothing that can happen aside from annoying calls from creditors. They of course could always sue you I guess. I wonder what happens if you just renounce your citizenship all together after leaving though.

No. 237548

Hurting women is fine but don't you dare hurt our pwecious moids uwu

No. 237549

I always side-eye people who say their parents are narcs. Obviously narcissistic parents exist, but I think most of the time these people who claim they were raised by narcs just want an excuse for why they turned out to be such a shitty person.

No. 237550

File: 1645217451480.png (26.27 KB, 418x90, pfghghgte.png)

new word for scrote just dropped

I hate maleoids too

No. 237551

I'm not an artfag but made a couple of little drawings on that shared board because it seemed fun and anons left sweet comments, ily

No. 237552

Idolizing serial killers and despising women for not appealing to your beauty standards is ok but TWANSPHOBIA IS TOO FAR!!

These girls are such.. pickmes for tranny dick. I hate them honestly

No. 237553

What site is that I fucking love it

No. 237554

Same. It has become a trend to call your parents (esp mother) narc. No you stupid fucking bitch, she just wants you to get a job

No. 237558

It's a game called Needy Streamer Overload and it's literally Lolcow: the game lol

No. 237560

Then I will continue for you, anonita.
>be the deceased that reincarnated as the 7th daughter do a king
>After the elven prince gets mad at me for not sacrificing myself for his kingdom
>Go to the room where I’m being held captive
>nobody wants to enter it
>they can notice that I’m in a sour mood
>change my clothes to something more comfortable
>have conflicting feelings
>remember my time as a regular human in the world I came from
>all of the times that I had to sacrifice myself for the sake of others
>all of the troubles I had to get in because of someone else
>stare at the ceiling not even able to cry
>sigh and look for paper and ink
>look for the ladies that are always escorting me
>tell them that I need to go to the library
>they take me there
>I start looking for books from the elves’ perspective about the Great War
>take notes of all I know about the human side
>The humans said that this all began when the warriors and elves got envious of humanity’s progress
>The warriors being incapable of ever creating, and the elves being so stubborn about the supposedly great power of nature
>they joined forces and attacked the human kingdom
>humans wanted peace, so they created a barrier that would keep the elves and warriors away
>The elves used their natural powers to break the barriers and the warriors used their brute strength to attack the kingdom
>The war ended when an adult human female stood in the middle of the warring kings
>She was illuminated by a so called god
>She got them to stop the war and to create a peace treaty that would stop their dumbassery
>something isn’t right
>I begin to take notes on what happened according to the elves
>It all started when the humans created a huge machine
>It was supposed to help the elves make their natural powers stronger
>while it made them stronger, to the point that they didn’t need the help of the warriors to defend themselves anymore
>It weakened all that was natural
>the crystals that amplified their powers would shine brighter everyday
>But the rivers would lose their strength, the trees would lose their leaves and flowers wouldn’t bloom even during spring, animals would appear dead everywhere for no reason… and so on
>this worried the elven tribe, they wanted to know what made this whole mess break havoc
>An ancient elven lady destroyed one of the crystals
>and even though the other elves from her village mocked her
>the nature regained its beauty and original state
>Then the war began
>the warriors didn’t want to join the elves for it wasn’t their problem if nature died due to their greed
>they were described as petty for not wanting to help the elves
>the elves noticed that the barrier surrounding the human kingdom looked exactly like those purple crystals that would suck nature’s strength
>they destroyed the crystals and entered the city, ready to fight
>everything in the human kingdom was full of wealth that the elves couldn’t ever dream of
>their bewilderment came to an end when the warriors got in the city for the sake of bloodshed
>the elven king went directly to where the king of the humans was
>and the king of the warriors joined him
>the three of them were ready to fight
>an adult human female ran into the middle of the confrontation
>she was the nurse that was trying to cure the queen from her terrible illness
>she told the three kings to stop and go think things throughly before doing something retarded
>The kings ignored her and didn’t care if they would hurt her while trying to kill their enemies
>the nurse used the power of her lantern, it had a yellow light that blinded the three kings
>they fell to their knees, they could barely breathe or move their eyeballs
>she threatened them to kill them all if they didn’t do something about the mess they created
>the kings reluctantly accepted and whenever anyone tried to betray the nurse, she would paralyze them
>the elves didn’t feel happy about this, they wanted revenge, not a peace treaty, they will always despise the nosy nurse
>I didn’t know that the savior of the world was a nurse, I had a lot of work to do if I wanted the three parties to stop being retarded
>But I also wanted to know the reason for the warriors to join the war
>I took my notes to my room
>I locked myself up
>The blood moon would be upon me in a few weeks
>I had to move quickly
>I created a list of possible solutions
>Like creating a new peace treaty
>marrying the princes of the warriors’ kingdom and the elves’ kingdom with each other
>maybe even finding a new way to distribute the territory so everyone has the same conditions
>I kept writing and writing ideas
>It was tough to do such a thing when as the seventh princess, I was never taught about politics
>All they wanted from my was to grow healthy and marry a rich royal so I could have a nice life
>Everything that I wrote felt so naïve
>But I kept writing
>and writing
>until my hand got fed up with my antics
>and my eyes felt tired of blinking and looking at the letters running on pieces of paper
>I wished that my sisters were with me to help me
>that the adorable guy could be there to cheer me up
>that the warrior guy could tell me the reason why the warriors went to war
>so I could ask the king just why the history books couldn’t tell me the truth
>I didn’t notice falling asleep on my desk
>but i noticed the elven prince carrying me like a princess to my bed
>he muttered something when he put me on my bed and tucked me under the sheets
>”I’m not heavy you lil’ bitch”
>I said annoyed
>He laughed and looked at me
>”I knew you were awake after all”
>I told him to leave and that I didn’t want to see him
>that i had work to do
>he told me that he wanted to make sure I was fine and offered me a cup of an infusion that had an amazing scent
>I shook my head and told him that I didn’t trust his ass
>he wouldn’t leave, he was staring at me
>he was trying to find out my humor
>I covered my head with a pillow
>”go away, you’re being nosy and it’s the opposite of sexy”
>he pouted and told me that I was being unfair with him, that he wanted to at least get along with me
>I told him to stop and that I just wanted to find a way to solve this issue made by stubborn and deceitful old people
>He sighed and looked out of the window
>He told me that he understood after all
>that this whole thing of getting married to a random person was ridiculous
>I told him to let me go, so I could figure out what was going on with the side of the warriors
>He looked back at me and surprisingly nodded
>he would go with me
>he also wanted to know the reason why this all began
>so he got out of the room I was being held captive and made everyone prepare all that we would need to go to the warriors’ kingdom
>I kept my list of ideas and my notes about what happened
>I wanted to find the reason why and maybe even find a new solution that didn’t depend on some phony prophecy made by some nobody
>we parted two weeks before the blood moon
>The elven prince told me to not worry about it
>that the blood moon just meant that lots of mythical powers just get stronger and makes things weird
>I couldn’t help but think that maybe it was a bad omen
>But we had a new travel on our schedule
>we got out of the elven village
>and parted in direction to the city in which the warriors inhabit.
>to be continued in the next season.

No. 237561

Is it worth the money? I love games like this and had it on wishlist before it came out but the amount of men that are fetishy praising it disgusts me

No. 237562

walking home from walk I was worried I'd be carried away by a strong gust but I made it!

No. 237563

Manly uploaded a let's play on his channel, you can check it out and see if you like the overall tone before buying

No. 237564

It's dark and you probably won't like it because there is a route where the main character does sexy streams to get followers faster but that's a bad end. There's also an ending where she says all men should die though.

No. 237565

I wish I could manifest better. The last big thing I manifested was a relationship with someone I'd wanted for years but I fucked it up since I was telling myself it wouldn't work out. I really want to get back into manifesting good things in my life! I encourage anons to read The Secret. I'm so glad it's working out for you and wish you continued success!

No. 237566

File: 1645218342782.png (306.12 KB, 1366x768, unknown.png)

The game itself is pretty cool, the girl is a manhater and also playing it is just like reading casually on any /snow/ thread tbh. Check this out

No. 237567

File: 1645218410281.png (289.48 KB, 1366x768, unknown.png)

No. 237568

File: 1645218467857.png (330.16 KB, 1366x768, unknown.png)

this one gives me /cgl/ in 2013 flashbacks

No. 237569

I love to talk shit about porn irl because it causes an almost instantaneous reaction from coomers (male and female ime) and you can tell they're bothered by it. They start doing the ol "b-b-but it's totally fine a-and natural and the women like it! it's totally empowering!" but I keep talking shit about it and I can see them get visibly uncomfortable. It's the little things that keep you going ♥

No. 237570

File: 1645218561937.png (294.13 KB, 1366x768, unknown.png)

Last one. Let me know if you need more screencaps lmao

ame is my precious cow

No. 237571

fuck yeah anon, i'm lucky to have friends irl who join me in talking shit about porn. it's so cathartic and sometimes i like to talk real loud about it kek

No. 237572

i swear to god that I remember an anon talking about how only fat people have fat hands or something kek the creator is definitely from /cgl/ or a farmer

No. 237573

Alright then. I researched more into it and the Devs are actually making fun of the whole vriual youtuber META that's happening nowadays. They hate one of the corpos that is streaming the game which is a kek. I was just worried it would be a "mentally ill girl fetish" type of a game that moids love.

No. 237574

File: 1645218817376.jpg (44.06 KB, 678x381, needy-streamer-overload-6-678x…)

Also forgot to mention, this game has like 30 endings, some of them are better than others. Yes there's plenty of bad endings, but so far by being nice to her I've been able to make her 1.Quit streaming and go back to her parent's home 2.Quit streaming and become a normie 3.Quit streaming and get a freaking job (and this is very fulfilling because, how many times has anyone here wanted Shayna, Pixielocks or Luna to do so).

We need to reclaim this game back from the hands of stupid maleoids. This is literally /our/ game. And she's a manhater so even better.

No. 237575

I thought it was a reference to bulimia and how it can cause scabs on a person's knuckles because they can scrape them with their teeth?

No. 237577

>tfw enstars as a game looks pretty
>but there's a canon okama evolving into a tranny
>and the main writer is a moid who hates women
I know it's stupid, but I feel so torn about playing it even though I only care for one or two characters and there aren't that many big games for girls.

A friend told me the slang used in Japanese is even more based, but the translators aren't familiar with lolcow culture to really bring the insults across.

No. 237578

Wait, so this game is obviously influenced by CGL and lolcow but moids/troons are closing it? But.. why lol

No. 237579


No. 237581

Go to /vg/ and look at their thread. Scrotes are saying "I want an Ame gf" "I can FIX HER".

Hate to disappoint you but the writer behind the game is a man who got heavily into menhera culture and wrote a book about it. He also voiced Ame in the trailer in a squeaky voice.

No. 237582

File: 1645219125141.jpg (1.65 MB, 3000x2500, E1UC5CiXMAkBSlr.jpg)

>"mentally ill girl fetish" type of a game that moids love.
Nope, it's more on the vein of a dumb cow who makes poor choices with her streams because she thinks streaming is the new hot thing and will bring her attention/fame/money (aka anyone on /snow/). She's actually a neet who dropped out of school and she needs your support to realize that what she's doing is fucking stupid. Though I'm not surprised that moids would think of it that way, because moids fetishize almost anything. But she constantly bashes on males and nerds on her private twitter so I liked that. Just a warning, like any cow, she does have a lot of mental issues. I think she's very Luna-esque in a way

No. 237583

At first, I thought the creator must have been to LC, because there's literally parts in the game where she gets called cowish. I had her go to therapy, and when she posted about it on Twitter, one of the comments under her posts was "What a cow. Unfollowed" lmao, painfully accurate
Moids do not deserve this game, idc if it was made by one who likes menhera girls. Scrotes are just the little fish paying big money to get it popular. It's ours, the main girl borders on based when she's not being unhinged, and that's that

No. 237584

Yes it was heavily influenced by cgl and lolcow, but unfortunately trannies and moids are obsessed with her right now.
Her dialogue is extremely belivable though. Again this is a case when the author should be disregarded because the game is actually interesting and it really, really reminds me of lolcow. I wish we could take it back from them.

No. 237585

>Hate to disappoint you but the writer behind the game is a man
maybe he's a kiwifarms dude?

No. 237587

>she needs your support to realize that what she's doing is fucking stupid
I can see that you didn't get the true ending kek. But even before that we see hints that the "player character" is a moid who does drugs and tries anal with her. Won't sppil the true ending though.

No. 237588

Even if it's a man's creation it feels like some sort of cosmic mockery a game with characters that act a lot like lolcow posters and the cows we make fun of got popular with moids and troons despite this site being very against those two groups kek

No. 237589

You don't use image boards a lot, do you? The first part of the post is a general remark, only the second part is a response to you.

No. 237590

File: 1645219427145.png (10.58 KB, 258x64, unknown.png)

>true ending
All I know are the ones I got so far anon. And I don't really want to corrupt her or whatever scrotes do.

No. 237591

File: 1645219485969.png (12.01 KB, 401x71, unknown.png)

Also isn't this the true true ending?

No. 237592

the creators are JP and they are making fun of menhera (mentally ill bpd-tier chans that are making it their whole personality and are unhinged as hell, eg venus was trying to go through this menhera phase before ,maybe still does).

No. 237594

It's actually supposed to hurt male players because it targets those who develop parasocial relationships with streamers. That's why a lot of them fall in live with Ame and get brutally mocked in the endings with cuckoldry and especially the true end.

The true ending is secret.txt on your desktop. And the happy end is actually not that happy because it shows that in the end Ame still came back to twitter

No. 237595

File: 1645219692778.jpg (84.7 KB, 883x497, NEEDY-STREAMER-OVERLOAD-Comple…)

We honestly need a thread for this when /m/ is back. I know not all people would be into this game but it's very interesting to play.

No. 237597

I thought menhera was just vid rel. I didn't know they were BPD-chans. Is there really a japanese equivalent for lolcow?

No. 237599

There is an /m/ containment thread on this board, you can post about it there.

No. 237600

Menhera just means not right in the head. Can apply to many things.

No. 237601

>It's actually supposed to hurt male players

No. 237602

I already tried it and as stated before, it only worked in reverse at least for me. Negative thoughts made positive things happen and vice versa, how do you explain that

No. 237603

File: 1645219878847.jpg (137.16 KB, 680x680, 20220116_103143.jpg)

I have seen scrotes call female personalities "she's a menhera-chan". Menhera = mental health, it got twisted.

No. 237604

There's a website called girlschannel if I'm nto mistaken
Also menhera is related to fashion and internet communities/art but can simply mean mentally ill

No. 237606

Back when I was on /cgl/ I saw a lot of people relate it to yumekawaii and yamikawaii

No. 237607

How do I click on it though? I noticed it multiple times but couldn't click on it.

No. 237608

doesn't he like some tranny vtuber now
why? what about waifu posting

No. 237609

You need to get all the endings first (I think), then there will be a new save file on the load screen. You can only play this ending if your PC is offline, that's why the game asks for permissions for xour firewall when you install it.

No. 237611

but isn't that site mainly for bored housewives to discuss, not gossiping about internet cows and being mentally ill

No. 237612


No. 237614

The yotsuba someone drew is so cute

No. 237616

not true, i got banned the other day for shitposting too hard. luckily i'm back with a vengeance.

Boom na da mmm dum na ema
Da boom na da mmm dum na ema


So, fight!
Something on the—dum na ema
Some things—they fight
something on the—dum na ema
some things—they fight

something of the—dum na ema
some things—they fight
something of the—dum na ema
some things—they fight

No. 237618

File: 1645220619506.gif (474.67 KB, 248x170, 8y4wtoihgsldk.gif)

It's because you were spamming but also based

No. 237622

it needed to happen the fighting was pissing me off and ill do it again until every ip is banned and no one can post

No. 237624

>until no one can post
This hit too close to home now

No. 237627

Holy shit, maybe they are.

No. 237628

can you be more specific about what exactly you were thinking and what happened?

No. 237629

I'm crazy aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I dont wanna do shit aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa help me aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

No. 237630

File: 1645221029346.gif (1.75 MB, 400x238, wtffff.gif)

Let's get retarded in here
And the bass keeps runnin', runnin' and runnin', runnin' and runnin', runnin' and runnin', runnin' and runnin', runnin' and runnin', runnin' and runnin', runnin' and runnin', runnin' and

[Verse 1: will.i.am]
In this context, there's no disrespect
So when I bust my rhyme, you break ya necks
We got five minutes for us to disconnect
From all intellect collect the rhythm effect
Obstacles are inefficient, follow your intuition
Free your inner soul and break away from tradition
'Cause when we be out, girlies pull they weave out
You wouldn't believe how we wow shit out
Burn it 'til it's burned out, turn it 'til it's turned out
Act up from north, west, east, south

[Pre-Chorus: The Black Eyed Peas]
Everybody, everybody, just get into it, get stupid
Get retarded, get retarded, get retarded

[Chorus: The Black Eyed Peas]
Let's get retarded (Ha), let's get retarded (In here)
Let's get retarded (Ha), let's get retarded (In here)
Let's get retarded (Ha), let's get retarded (In here)
Let's get retarded (Ha), let's get retarded (In here), yeah

No. 237631

Nonnie on my mind nonnie on my mind
Nonnie on my mind nonnie on my mind

No. 237633

>Love my wife, love what I've earned, love learning more, love my future, simple as
This put a healthy smile in my face!

No. 237634

Something about this game repulses me deeply

No. 237637

proud of you, nonnie!

No. 237638

File: 1645221355261.jpg (98.83 KB, 1200x675, qFjLmHxTwBKZ9Euvi5DTrXrBodj-12…)

Silent Night Deadly Night 2 in 15 mins

No. 237640

File: 1645221591944.gif (162.33 KB, 178x300, tumblr_o1cp39qOyz1v62gu6o1_250…)

Vent kind of but kinda dumbass and also dream time
Has anyone experienced this?

I keep having these stupid shitty dreams where I have to go to school for a class and in those dreams I'm always running late or I'm failing a class and I need to talk to some teacher asap to turn in an important assigment so they don't expel me or whatever. But surprise-surprise, I'm already a college graduate and been out of school for like 2 years now. I feel so dumb when these dreams happen, because I feel so much anxiety while sleeping, and the classes that I supposedly have to take in those dreams don't even relate to my degree at all (math? science? spanish? I'm a graphic designer and we don't do that shit). Anyways, today it got kinda weird because I dreamt that I needed to go to school but then I woke up INSIDE the dream and I told my mom "Sorry mom sometimes I have these dreams where I have to go to school but they're fake" and then kept dreaming like normal.

No. 237645

This girl looks like venus if she was actually asian lol

No. 237646

layer limit reached on aggie.io before i could join, time to an hero

No. 237647

Yeah all of KF including Josh simps for that troon bunny Youtuber, I guess it shouldn't surprise me. It's so obviously just the tranny trying to get attention from Kiwifarmers too cause they get like 100 live viewers at max so they started talking about Chris Chan and Ethan Ralph to be talked about on Kiwifarms. Scrotes are so dumb falling for that shit.

No. 237649

I don't care if I have a warm undertone, I'm wearing silver nail polish until I DIE.

No. 237650

someone remind me why is channing tantrum or whatever shilled as attractive in the media again idgi

No. 237651

File: 1645222111634.jpg (714.69 KB, 2000x1600, LC drawing room (3).jpg)

Board has been cleared. The theme is food, draw your country's national dish, your favorite food, what you last ate, etc etc

No. 237652

File: 1645222138093.jpg (56.65 KB, 751x501, IMG-8e828ff7a3ccc695cc01c31311…)

I can't believe Null lives like 200km away from me. Foreginers just don't do well in Serbia. Or is the Belgrade thing a meme?

No. 237654

how can slovakia be above US and Israel……………………………………………we barely have people here. i bet its another one of those poorly translated polls.

No. 237655

File: 1645222312714.png (1.64 MB, 1600x1200, wallhaven-wy92or_1600x1200.png)

would you guys want a vent thread? I know we shouldn't absolutely destroy overrun /g/, but I feel like this is going 'temporary' sleepover isn't going to be solved until late February (I'm guessing until the 27th at the latest)

No. 237656

Starting now!

No. 237658

>Or is the Belgrade thing a meme?
I think it's real, he showed a picture of his pigeons on his balcony once and there were very clear eastern block buildings in the background. He also talked about drinking rakija.

No. 237659

I doubt his liver can take it, one guy in Australia died from rakija kek

No. 237661

Samefag, but if you're just going to the board to look at the drawings, it might help to delete the layer that it automatically created when you enter the website. It's not a big deal of course, but just a suggestion to reserve space for the anons that want to squeeze in their drawings like >>237646

No. 237663

too nervous to start on a blank aggie.io bc i am not a drawfag so i shall return later

also does anyone else get paranoid someone will recognise their handwriting or am i being an autist

No. 237664

Most Rakija you buy in stores is not that high in alcohol content, idk if he buys store-bought or homemade tho.

No. 237666

Desperately need somewhere to vent so I’m doing it here.
There was this female tiktoker I used to like, she made videos relating to radical feminism and while none of her takes were groundbreaking she did bring up a lot of interesting topics and seemed very well educated with strong opinions about everything she discussed. She was an adult woman, making content for other adult women, centered around women, and she did it despite a lot of backlash she got on the platform. I heavily admired her for it.
Hadn’t seen her post in awhile, assume she just moved on until a video of hers popped up on my fyp. It was a video of her responding to a comment asking why she has distanced herself from radical feminism and she stated her reasons. I went through a few of her more recent videos and I saw multiple videos of her criticizing terfs and saying terfs are dangerous, and then a few other videos of her saying that rapists don’t deserve life in prison because blah blah there’s nuance.
This was just so upsetting to see, it feels like it’s impossible to have a voice online where you’re advocating for putting women first. We must always think of the men, we must always center discussions around men, we must always put fairness for men above the safety of women, in every situation, always.
I’m just tired

No. 237669

File: 1645223070508.gif (8.63 KB, 140x21, 1645221868897.gif)

No. 237670

I think I know who you're talking about. Was she the radfem that went to college and became "radicalized" (in her words) and because of that, she no longer believes in criminals serving prison time? She always had winged eyeliner on. I followed her for a while but I could tell she was losing her radfem qualities imo.

No. 237673

No. 237675

File: 1645223633108.jpg (12.17 KB, 332x59, RIP.JPG)

This will forever haunt me

No. 237676

Nobody can claim anything, are you dumb?

No. 237678

File: 1645223801152.jpg (129.87 KB, 1170x893, 20220218_233604.jpg)

No. 237680

Just pirate it

No. 237682

I claimed your mom last night

No. 237683

Holy shit why are there billions of no-name vtuber girls in the west now. I feel bad seeing people with less than a thousand followers pouring a fuckton of money into this

No. 237684

File: 1645224059170.png (7.64 KB, 500x106, febvebfebfge.png)

I'm claiming your post

No. 237685

but where?

No. 237686

File: 1645224368282.jpg (14.37 KB, 400x400, 1643775555441.jpg)

Frends I can't sleep with the storm shaking my building like a maraca.

No. 237690

File: 1645224517934.jpeg (74.73 KB, 487x596, C8EF26D8-4AFA-4204-817A-3C9EAA…)

a fellow connoisseur

No. 237691

File: 1645224569362.jpg (112.4 KB, 1024x511, 1631403084116.jpg)

I think I might stay a virgin forever, since dirty talk in my native language is so, so hilariously cringe that it instantly turns me off.

No. 237692

It's the tryhard aesthetic.

No. 237693

Playing this game as an EOP is a struggle, it doesn't even have eng menus like some JP games do. I'll probably quit but the guys are cute

No. 237694

File: 1645225163311.gif (188.69 KB, 286x350, 1845747bubwewggm3.gif)

i think we should all use these amazing gifs from the early and mid 2000s, you can get them from here: https://www.glitter-graphics.com/
but since the stupid questions thread cant be accessed, i will ask here! what programs did people back in the day use to create the type of graphics gifrel has?

No. 237696

File: 1645225367253.gif (3.06 KB, 40x77, 01A728C2-0B40-4823-8BC5-C6D4D4…)

No. 237697

Dirty talk isn't a requirement for sex, nonny. Moans and heavy breathing are universal and fucking hot. Just go with that instead.

No. 237698

What are you up to this Friday night nonas? I am going to have a videocall with a college friend and reheat some chili for dinner. If Friday night is already over for you- what did you end up doing?

No. 237699

>this website still exists
Wow. I remember back in 2006 using this to find graphics to decorate my "About Me" powerpoint for 6th grade class, kek.

No. 237700

What game?

No. 237701

File: 1645225579260.gif (102.95 KB, 150x159, 202249mfuthdkox2.gif)

No. 237702

Same anon here. Just wanted to add that I exclusively remember going through page after page of search results looking for cute naruto graphics. I feel so fucking god damn old now. Thanks.

No. 237705

Hinata is a criminal mastermind playing 5D chess, confirmed.

No. 237707

Legally this is sexual assault by both parties

No. 237708

Omg, thought I was the only one here who knew about this, I'm glad that's not the case. I remember there was a scene community on it or at least scene posers who would use models' pics for our profiles I was way too young and edited my username on random girls' pics kek. I've also been grateful that it's still up, so many good images on there.

No. 237712

Yumekuro, just released today

No. 237714

No. 237715

Where does the "if you hate something so much youre secretly attracted to it" logic come from ? Like trannies and gays saying people wanna secretly fuck them if they dislike them.

No. 237720

File: 1645226385859.jpeg (158.25 KB, 736x920, 84893759-D306-4202-9CC0-D564BE…)

I've run into those before it's seriously disturbing especially when you find a grown man with a board full of them. Sickening. That is one of the major downsides to algorithms like Pinterest's, Tiktok's, etc. Some or most of the images may even be innocent in nature but it sorts them all together to be served up to fucking pedos. I hate them so much, if I owned Pinterest I would delete all of them.
>picrel for brain bleach

No. 237722

Most of it was mundane stuff about how my day would go, some of the more specific ones I can remember at the moment were during times I thought I would throw up at school, somehow when I tried telling myself in my head "I'm not gonna throw up" (or something like that, this was years ago) it happened but when I convinced myself it was going to happen it didn't. I thought it was a coincidence at first but it happened multiple times. The other examples I forgot the exact wording of them but it was basically thinking "this day is/isn't going to go to shit". Also noticed there's a pattern with that, when I have a good day, the next is shit, then good, shit, repeat.

No. 237723

I think that only applies when someone says they hate something, but they spend a lot of time obsessing over it and thinking/talking about it.

No. 237724

the gay thing is probably a stereotype based on a minority of closeted gays. It's not true of homophones in general obviously but I will say in my experience it's true that repressed gay people are likely to be vocally homophobic

No. 237725

File: 1645226439233.jpg (1.63 MB, 1107x1363, Paprika.(Character).full.31056…)

Paprika movie in 35 min

No. 237726

File: 1645226443148.jpg (63.73 KB, 640x480, 72241eb87a0cab6ce1d471cf7c2586…)

i am the one on right and want a girl friend like on left.

No. 237728

btw I'm glad if you deleted that post because it's too gross and blackpilling a subject, I hope you're okay though anon. There's sick people out there unfortunately. I hate them

No. 237729

That one kid in eighth grade who told the school bully "y-you call me a faggot so much you’re probably gay!!"

No. 237730

File: 1645226514643.png (16.11 KB, 320x400, tumblr_6e8668443ede1c647c25f3e…)

what's the difference between menhera and denpa?

No. 237732

Yes, I deleted that post because it is something that disturbs me deeply and ruins my day. I actually don't want to bring that upon others and should distract myself, since there's nothing else I can do. but I appreciate the understanding response that was written still

No. 237733

Assuming you're trying to emulate this, you could use any 3d modeling software to create the model and animation and converting it to a gif will reduce the color count automatically. Stick with low poly modeling because more polygons requires more processing power. You can reduce the color count manually in Photoshop if you want to increase the color banding further. Make the background a solid color and convert that to alpha.
Trannies and incels hate women because women won't fuck them. Gay men hate straight men because they won't fuck them. These varieties of moids are too retarded to understand that all people do not think the same way as them and so they assume anyone who hates them wants to fuck them, because that's the only reason they hate people. It's as simple as that really.

No. 237734

Get in line youre not the first blonde who wants a cute redhead goth gf in here

No. 237736

The art is nice but the game looks kinda cheap

No. 237739

imgoing insane without ot and m available help

No. 237740

File: 1645226753516.jpeg (27.05 KB, 420x282, 72079007-838B-479C-BED4-83B35E…)

I'm sorry you saw that and that it exists in the first place, ily

No. 237741

This picture is so disturbing, I wish you'd have put a spoiler on it. The pedo vibes are so strong I can smell it through the screen.
On a somewhat related note, I remember stumbling upon softcore child porn and naked children on google images when I looked up Amina Dujean. Absolutely disgusting. Pedos are literally hiding in plain sight everywhere. I hope they all die an unimaginably painful and excruciating death.

No. 237742

she can have any hair colour she wants, I don't mind.

No. 237743

Samefag, nvm anon thank you for deleting.

No. 237744

File: 1645226822568.gif (40.67 KB, 531x81, text-1.gif)

heh I see my work is appreciated, I made an even cooler version

No. 237745

No. 237748

File: 1645226929115.gif (60.93 KB, 67x100, 216421svhfodvsru.gif)

Remember everyone:

No. 237750

Been 1h and a half on bed, huched and with street clothes on lurking this thread and doing really nothing. I wish I had got in bed earlier, it's ridiculous.

No. 237752

kek I remember this, I didn't know what a condom was back then

No. 237753

File: 1645227098582.jpeg (753.17 KB, 2560x1710, 8565A0F3-4B29-4E0C-A16A-3C518F…)

You ever want to go somewhere you can’t ever reach?

No. 237754

File: 1645227118136.gif (3.29 KB, 240x120, img_2.gif)

i have a collection of old net gifs. it has become a hobby of mine to keep them for no reason. also rec checking out: https://gifcities.org/

No. 237757

File: 1645227267075.gif (826.19 KB, 500x500, 28EE8A6C-4A90-498A-9152-86DF53…)

Reminds me of picrel. Saturn's hexagon thing is so creepy, looks like there is even an eye in the middle glancing this way and that. No wonder there's tinfoiling around it

No. 237758

This is reminding me about that galko mangaka that was recently arrested for possession of cp, but supposedly his defense was that the books aren't "actually" cp but 'professional photobooks' of nudist families. Like there's some technical law in Germany (the place he bought it from) that allows it to be distributed. I'm not sure if he got away with it but it's so fucked that you can sell children's naked bodies under the guise of "art" or "work" in some places. Even Japan used to have kid idols in bikinis on magazines and that shit was normal. A world run by men is fucking vile. Globally.

No. 237759

File: 1645227341371.gif (2.29 KB, 48x48, ELIZABETHHHHHH.gif)

this one's for my hoes out there named Elizabeth

No. 237760

I think I have eczema on my jaw/cheek. If I could scream through text, I would.

No. 237761

Ohhh is that your website? Nice!!!!

No. 237762

I like to think that the universe turns in on itself, that deep in the void between quarks is the void of the universe again. Or that if you zoom out 2^gajillion our universe is just part of an atom, it's a funny idea.

No. 237763

Ok I downloaded tinder with a fake account to see at least who is available in my area. On there I saw a guy who was at my host family's house once (he's the son of a friend of the mother I'm staying with and attended a get-together) and I later saw him at my internship. He basically looks like my type but not enough for me to fall in love with him: wavy dark hair, light eyes, freckles, tall and fit. absolutely perfect, thank you universe. next time I come on ot-lite I will have made out with him :thumbsup:

No. 237764

File: 1645227502641.gif (2.01 MB, 335x282, 6A9AFD0A-8889-4DA0-A488-A295D0…)

Remember nonnies there is good in this world

No. 237766

I turned it on! Hope you see this kek oops sorry anon

No. 237767

It's definitely not legal in Germany, that's why he got into problems anyway. Unless he bought that shit in like the 80s which I doubt.

No. 237769

No. 237770

Looked up the mangaka and all I have to say is no fucking wonder. I don't care how much men push for sexy schoolgirls with giant tits or no tits for the more obvious pedo scrote to be normalized, it sets off reds flags immediately.

No. 237772

File: 1645227736877.png (21.6 KB, 1424x119, 3236-98265431234.png)

it seems you are still having the same technical difficulty/glitch as before. it's a little stretched out and some of the canvas is missing in your screencap/saved png. have you tried doing the thing that it says to do in the last sentence in picrel maybe that will fix it
you can also ''leave'' your layer (there is a leave button above the layers tab). when you leave Anonymous (your user) is crossed out and another anon can then claim that layer by double clicking. i always leave a layer instead of deleting, because sometimes anons will ''leave'' a layer that they drew on already so you might accidentaly delete someones art. if you want to delete then just move the layer a bit to make sure there is nothing on it. sorry for sperg idk how to explain it better.

No. 237773

kek based

No. 237774

Can we have a strange astronomy thread plz
With possible tinfoiling ?

No. 237775

File: 1645227864757.jpeg (82.55 KB, 312x500, AFE43D83-5276-478A-9562-350EF8…)

Yes. Imagine you are this fairy nuzzling a bird's soft feathers

No. 237776

I want to kill myself

No. 237777

Thank you anon! The board was actually appearing normally for me this time so I didn't even noticed that the saved picture was messed up until a while after I posted that. I was just going to save pictures on mobile (if possible) from now on, but I'll try this.

No. 237778

>used to have kid idols in bikinis on magazines
>used to
it junior idols literally still exist it's fucking insane

No. 237780

I broek up with my first boyfriend last month but we still talk sometimes. He is very confusing with his signals, but I know him and myself well enough to know he is far from over me. One of the weird things he does is admit he wants to still have sex with me and will tell me he is horny for me. It's silly because he can just have sex with some random girl and get rid of it, but he wants it with me exclusively. I think it is extremely inappropriate to say things like that to someone, though. I don't understand why he does it. Is this a normal thing ex boyfriends do? He still wants to try to have sex with me etc and I don't understand

No. 237781

no not mine lol i'm not that skilled i just save stuff to my computer

No. 237782

Menhera is BPD
Denpa is autism

No. 237783

Yikes, that's not normal. Sounds like he wants to pressure you to give in for sex.

No. 237784

Someone who knows the history of Japan and knows the contemporary culture well:

WHY and HOW did pedophilia get so big there? I always wondered this yet never found any concrete answers. I don't think it's just that they overwork I think that's one of the reasons but not the biggest

No. 237785

I think you are right

No. 237786

Yes it's normal. He might not love you anyomore but his sex addicted brain is still there.

No. 237788

I remember something similar as well

No. 237790

File: 1645228236932.gif (8.51 KB, 75x100, 911020scuckqoql0.gif)

I really hope it gets better.

No. 237791

File: 1645228239132.jpg (101.62 KB, 2000x1600, LC drawing room (4).jpg)

Samefag, seems like it worked but I'll see again when the board is full. Thank you again, nonna.

No. 237792

i think probably because it went unchecked and unregulated for so long. that and autism associated with otaku culture.

No. 237793

I hate this shit because it's clearly wrong but both normies and degenerates believe it. I fucking despise trannies, why the fuck would I want to be near one?

No. 237794

I remember back 10 years ago I've had a friend that was a huge lignuist and Japanfan, moved there and he would show the daily life of japan, and whatever in his blog. What weirded him and everyone out is that he showed that they would sell softcore videos of children, they'd usually wear school swimsuits. and the parents didn't mind at all, in fact he said in Japan it's normal.
idk how anyone can be surprised when japanese birthrate is bad and sexual harassment towards women is normal (they'd even put a phone under ur skirt while you are walking upstairs)

No. 237796

Normal, if he has no history of abusing you and using you for ulterior motive. You say he wants you exclusively, so he may still have feelings for you if there is no history of abuse. Is it possible he is only attracted to you or thinks of you as the hottest woman to him? (how a boyfriend should be).

No. 237798

Weeb shit. Pedophilia is common all over due to porn now though

No. 237799

even getting molested on the train is just considered a normal occurrence by japanese women who use the train.
this video is crazy

No. 237800

Nta but there's also a weird amount of films, even American ones that allow explicit child nudity with the same "art" excuse (Child bride is the most notorious one which is strange since the film was meant to be against pedophillia judging by the premise but there's that one unnecessary swimming scene that goes against that, but the director claimed it's "educational")

No. 237802

Sorry nona. That sounds like a nightmare!

No. 237803

I am one on right and want one on right. Wish I could just fuck myself

No. 237804

I know that mediveal Japan had quite brutal punishments and very little mercy for criminals. The first time I noticed the pedo shit was when I read about the 19th century or so, but again, I am not a history geek.

About contemporary Japan:
The appeal of CP is corruption. I'd tl;dr this as:
>most males experience extreme coomerism and sliding into bigger degeneracies
>brutally sadistic porn materials are popular
>frustration at "proper" society and its norms, nostalgia for childhood days, wish for revenge on others, vile wish to control and destroy someone's life
>the more innocent something is, the more fun sadists find it to break
>it also panders to them because they're physically and mentally weak so they could only overpower a child

No. 237805

This makes me so fucking suicidal

No. 237807

I'm glad none of my retarded posts were frozen in time on /ot/

No. 237808

I looked at a list of imageboard software once, it has examples of IBs that use each of them. One of the examples which I checked out because the name gave me a completely different idea, was a pedo imageboard with suggestive pictures of underage girls. My fucking eyes.
There was another time many years ago when I googled something completely innocent and ended up finding a blog full of the same shit but with boys. And it's not illegal because they're technically not naked. Fuck my life.

>that galko mangaka that was recently arrested for possession of cp
wow another one?
>the books aren't "actually" cp but 'professional photobooks' of nudist families.
literally the same excuse used to defend MJ having CP kek

This, I'm sick of people defending Japan's pedo culture

No. 237809

File: 1645229138955.jpg (30.69 KB, 800x787, cat-headphones-sitting-front-h…)

anytime aggie-chan

No. 237810

File: 1645229153891.jpg (258.29 KB, 1000x1361, url(12).jpg)

Any recommendations for a notebook I could buy for journaling?

No. 237814

File: 1645229388299.jpeg (20.57 KB, 240x160, F10A4BD8-AD9E-4074-8DF4-C17678…)

Anons if you are being deeply distressed by this topic like I am I suggest leaving this thread for a while and distracting yourself. At least I am going to do that. Love you.

No. 237815

>It's actually supposed to hurt male players because it targets those who develop parasocial relationships with streamers. That's why a lot of them fall in live with Ame and get brutally mocked in the endings with cuckoldry
bold of you to assume that they wouldn't get off to that

No. 237816


No. 237817

I watched a movie with a friend recently and he would ask questions the MOMENT something started happening and wouldn't even wait to see what actually happened. How retarded do you have to be to pull that shit. JUST WATCH THE FUCKING MOVIE, SCROTE.

No. 237819

so expensive

No. 237820


No. 237825

Yeah I fucking hate school anxiety dreams. I fucking hated school because I always failed most things especially as I got older. But the false awakenings (dreams inside dreams) are pretty cool, unless they happen several times in a row when I want to wake up already, it's really exhausting.

No. 237827

File: 1645230357723.jpg (711.18 KB, 960x960, 1746019045-930475840.jpg)


I have one similar to this and I love it

No. 237828

sorry nonnie but zendaya is close friends with a troon and is an obvious libfem

No. 237830

File: 1645230598235.png (2.87 KB, 578x66, 2022-02-02_09-28-16.png)

The comments are on point.

No. 237831

Celebricows thread in a nutshell

No. 237832

You can't tell me that LC wasn't used as inspiration.

No. 237833

i guess they had to use maleoids because if they used moids, moids wouldn't get it.

No. 237834

Kinda wish Japanese women were pinkpilled en-masse tbh
I remember that western sex tourist creep who had a YouTube channel where he livestreamed himself harassing Japanese women on the street and the women didn't protest at all, they just smiled not to be impolite, ffs sometimes I wish Japanese women grew a spine

No. 237835

File: 1645230914678.png (7.66 KB, 705x147, 2022-02-02_12-50-20.png)

I think the translator thought "moids" would be too cryptic. Maleoid you can figure out more easily even if you've never seen it before.

No. 237836

I think the logic is if they fight back the moids would start to get even worse and full out raping them

No. 237837

wait so the game is originally Japanese? How can LC be that big of an influence then?

No. 237838

Men can't perceive women as rational creatures, they think the only way to sound smart is just keep pointing out shit as if you can't do basic math.

Like you can keep that shit to yourself and actually use it as a conversation starter, or let people come to these conclusions naturally with time and experience so that you can see diverse perspectives, but that's giving these mouth-breathers too much credit.

No. 237839

File: 1645231150176.jpg (65.74 KB, 800x1200, i-img800x1200-1645004543czsvxf…)

tomboy dolle

No. 237840

>show us the back of your hand
joke's on you i can do it hands free

No. 237841

all this talk about needy streamer overload makes me want to play it so bad

No. 237842

I went to a chiropractor and she stuck her finger in my mouth

No. 237844

Men can't perceive women as rational creatures, they think the only way to sound smart is just keep pointing out shit as if you can't do basic math.

Like you can keep that shit to yourself and actually use it as a conversation starter, or let people come to these conclusions naturally with time and experience so that you can see diverse perspectives, but that's giving these mouth-breathers too much credit.

No. 237846

I wish I could convince my Japanese friend to grow a spine. She always tries to make ME block moids who are annoying her instead of just doing it herself, says she wishes she had a gf who would encourage her to be mean to men etc and I don't get it. Just do it yourself!!

No. 237848


No. 237850

I read somewhere that Japan, on average, has lower rates of child abuse than both UK and US though

No. 237852

File: 1645231662785.png (60.55 KB, 702x67, 2022-02-03_01-37-02.png)

The translator(s) must be very online person(s), otherwise I don't think they would have been able to translate it this well.

I don't know whether it would be necessary to know BPD-chans IRL (online) to translate Ame's mental illness. Like another nonnie said, the author has studied this subject deeply.

Here's a thread about localizing a Japanese expression by the translator.

No. 237854

Wtf is the point in this response

No. 237855

I think your friend wants to date you, dumb anon.

No. 237856

>she tries to make you be mean to moids for her
>she wants a gf who is mean to moids
anon,,, do you think she likes you??

No. 237857

Crime rates can't be compared between countries because they are too heavily influenced by culture and the structure of law enforcement. That especially affects sexual crimes. Japan is still a country a shitty oppressive culture of being fake and hiding everything.

No. 237858

ntayrt but nonnie…. for real… your friend is hinting at something… I wonder what

No. 237859

Nonnie pls…

No. 237860

>Men can't perceive women as rational creatures
this is so true, I see them dismiss women's behavior as irrational or attribute it to something they made up all the time, instead of thinking of it like they're normal rational people and trying to understand the causes

No. 237861

this is why fetishizing east asia and east asian media is a bad idea nonas their society hates women

No. 237863

But anon, what society doesn't hate women?

No. 237864

Maybe so… I’m glad most of you think it’s normal, since it is somewhat reassuring. I was just weirded out by him. We would be having a normal conversation and then suddenly he would say something like “yeah, I really do want to have sex with you…” in his weird horny voice. I find it horrible that he thinks he has the right to speak to me in such a way, but it’s my fault kind of for enabling it. I just don’t get how he doesn’t see it’s creepy. He knows we are broken up and such and will send mixed signals to cope, including that he is over me, but then he will also say these sexual things. It’s so gross, he’ll be half-moaning and everything, you know what I mean? What guys do when they’re horny and talking… I hate how pervy he is ughh I hate him I wish I could block him

No. 237865

where does one find japanese friends to encourage in moid rudeness?

No. 237867


No. 237870

Very sad everything is still busted nonas

No. 237872

Does she also say she wants to be held safely in your arms and be comforted by your breasts against the horrors of society?

No. 237875

it's sad, there are plenty of chinese and korean radfems but you rarely see japanese ones.

No. 237876

opens 700 tabs on chrome

No. 237877

Me when I was 13 and first discovered fanfiction

No. 237878

it's normal to stop talking to your exes after break ups. say you need space and block him. if you want you can try to be friends later but have some period, at least a month, until you talk with him one on one again.

No. 237881

sometimes I think nonnies don't know the difference between butch and tomboy. I posted a drawing of a tomboy on the ideal gf thread and they called her girly and me a scrote.
The doll is cute btw

No. 237882

I always thought it was because Japan values submission, politesse and meekness in women, which is oft associated with youth and therefore cuteness. Similarly, a lot of Japanese people see high school as the peak of their lives, as afterwards the pressure of life really hits. A lot of disillusioned men see high school as the last chance they had for a girlfriend as well, which makes some sense considering the birth rates in Japan. Youth and cuteness are simply valued a lot in Japan, it seems. In response, Japanese women turn to nanchatte seifuku, whereas men turn to coomer anime and pedophilia.

No. 237885

Part of it is also Japan having this thing for "pure, weak and submissive" women, and can't get much purer and weaker than a child.
I don't know if it's any accurate at all (and I sure as hell hope it isn't), but I remember reading somewhere that they're more neotenous in general because of men always going after women who looks more youthful, but this sounds kinda bullshit.

Agreeing with >>237857, Japanese people just tries to hide everything that is wrong so they tend to hide such crimes.
Blogpost but I'm a CSA survivor and from a Japanese family, when they found out everyone was pretty quick to dismiss it and pretend it never happened, all while protecting the man who raped me because it would be a shame to the family and say I'm guilty for somehow seducing him when I was 8 years old when it started. 20 years later and they still never mention it and act the same loving way as always to the guy, meanwhile I'm a bit of an outcast in my family ever since (but in a very subtle way).

No. 237886

i'm sorry i'm too lazy to check if this is the appropriate thread for this
but i made a chemo cap (i don't have hair loss or cancer) and i actually really like how it looks on lmfao

No. 237890

File: 1645233682910.png (96.83 KB, 746x512, huggy.png)

Thanks for sharing

No. 237891

How obvious does she need to make it to you nonna

No. 237892

File: 1645233718519.jpg (936.9 KB, 1080x4190, Screenshot_20220219_021337.jpg)

misandry will never be as bad as misogyny ever and the next time I see a man complaining about it I'm calling him a little soy bitch. They kill us for literally just existing. The girl in the picture was 17, when I was 17 I had instagram and I had online friends and mutuals with pink hair or an alt style who posted ~aesthetic~ edits of themsleves wanting to be tumblr girls or whatever, who looked a lot like this girl; they were just teenagers having fun acting like teenagers. The idea of men caring let alone hating those girls for what they were doing would have been incomprehensible and alien to me.

The e girl thing - male teenage heartthrobs have always been a thing, when I was in middle school i had a poster of Harry styles on my bed and bought one direction cds. no one ever told me that I was a simp for it, or that it was cringe of me to like a cute male celebrity, or that Harry styles was evil for trying to extract resources from me through sex appeal. But males get fucking livid at the idea of other males liking a female entertainer that same as way. Why? Why is it degrading to have positive feelings for a woman? Why is more acceptable and expected to hate the women you want to fuck? It's emasculating to like women, but why is masculinuty rooted in contempt for women?

No. 237893

kek wtf

No. 237897

Being a man is so fucking easy I swear

No. 237898

I get your points anon but Bianca wasn't killed for just existing, she was killed because she wouldn't stop interacting with 4chan men and actively wanted orbiters from that site.

No. 237900

i miss cat love thread

No. 237901

I think the haters are just a vocal minority. Devins spent much of her life in incel circles and r9k, which provoked the ugly reaction to her death. It was literally bitter 4chan incels sperging. Even other people on 4chan think those guys are disgusting freaks.

I don't think the guy who killed her was an incel, but it's been so long I don't remember the exact details of her relationship to him. She had a bad habit of doing tons of drugs and hanging out (and sleeping with) with unhinged bottom feeders though.

She didn't know the guy from 4chan though, he was an IRL acquaintance.

No. 237903

Oh my god shut the fuck up. Anytime this girl is brought up there's always someone going ACKCHUALLY about it. She didn't deserve to be murdered and the fact that there's always someone butting in to remind people that she talked to 4chinz scrotes proves that misogyny is alive and well.

No. 237904

I don't think it was ever stated how they met, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was from 4chan/discord. I know that he knew her family.

No. 237906

Nobody says she deserved what happened. It's a high profile case that is often misreported, and some people here knew her personally.

No. 237909

>nobody said she deserved what happened
>Bianca wasn't killed for just existing, she was killed because she wouldn't stop interacting with 4chan men and actively wanted orbiters from that site
Does this not imply that she brought it on herself? A moid killed her because she made him reee in anger. That's it.

No. 237910

i know this means nothing from an anonymous user but i was mutuals with bianca and was kind of in her circle on tumblr when her url was cups or something. she was a victim and it's not right to blame her for what happened. she was only a kid. she was obviously pretty messed up, made some bad choices, and didn't have parental supervision. i think her parents didn't do enough to prevent her from talking to creeps online and she got infamous on 4chan and had this complex of being untouchable, or an "it girl" because so many incels treated her like a goddess. she was playing with fire. i remember everyone i knew was horribly sad when we found out what happened but not really surprised

No. 237911

File: 1645234730239.jpg (80.84 KB, 811x785, FLKBPV8VEAcD5Rl.jpg)

No. 237912

I have successfully avoided this place for 24 + hours and I’m probably gonna do it again and play sims bye nonnies

No. 237913

File: 1645234798698.jpg (76.07 KB, 715x1200, main-image.jpg)

>Why is more acceptable and expected to hate the women you want to fuck?

The patriarchy killed the concept of the goddesses, Isis and Aphrodite died and in their place is Eve, useless and despicable originator of sin, and Mary, the living contradiction and unobtainable purity. Or worse, no honored or holy women, living or mythic, in their existence at all. They are already predisposed to loathe us, but since the death of feminine divinity they have also been righteous in doing so.

Pornography, weakness of mind, pride without reason, and lives without meaning. The men of today loathe us more than those of thousands of years before, and they'd sooner band together to sink all of society before they'd accept that the sentiments that unite them now come from pure weakness and darkness within.

No. 237915

thank you for receiving nonna

No. 237916

Nonnas the storm really hits the birds the hardest.. i think there's one either resting or dead on my window.

No. 237917

Lesbians are puritanical sluts

No. 237918

File: 1645235089454.jpg (188.63 KB, 1080x1063, FK6_6_GVIAMdsO6.jpg)

No. 237919

That's the thing though, as far as I remember she didn't die because of anything she did online, her 4chan antics were "merely" why her picture was spammed around and why people harassed her family.

Pointing out why something happened doesn't mean you think it's right that it happened. Like saying your house burned down because an overloaded extension cable caught fire doesn't imply "you deserved to have your house burn down".

No. 237920

Beautiful, good job kitty

No. 237922

File: 1645235353278.gif (134.99 KB, 300x305, fancy rat.gif)

Why can't we all get along?

No. 237923

Larger rats WILL work together and kill small cats. Even adult ones. I'd be wary for this kitty because there's always more vermin around.

No. 237924

I love when my cat falls asleep in my armpit, its his favourite place, feeling the tickle of his breathing & his head slowly drifting off as he leans in. Truly we do not deserve these little guys

No. 237925

They met on discord I think, and then hanged out irl. There's conversations between them screenshotted. Also both were fans of Oyasumi Punpun, and he wrote a line from the manga on the ground when he killed her. And they had punpun icons on discord. I have to remind you that in that manga, Punpun is abusive and almost kills the main girl once. This manga is popular between weeb incels for a reason.

No. 237926

Based. I love rats.

No. 237927

Also the discord was a simp discord

No. 237929

Pet rats are cute but so are pet kittens

No. 237930

I thought they met IRL and then connected on discord.

No. 237931

If the bubonic plague comes back to wipe out half the human population I'm blaming these rat lickers

No. 237932

File: 1645235638889.jpg (101.15 KB, 828x816, FLZruqdVkAMJ3uY.jpg)

would you?

No. 237933

She hung out with the wrong crowd for sure, but I still don't put all the blame in her attention seeking stupidity because crazy men are everywhere. The discord she was in was 4chan related too.

No. 237935

No 100%

No. 237936

Yes, a hundred times. Whoever said no has no brain, no heart, no courage

No. 237937

Pet rats don't come from the sewer anon lol

No. 237938

They hung out irl but it's not clear if that's exactly how they came across each other for the first one. He clearly was an incel and he was a member of the discord full of simps that Bianca posted in often, remember that he posted the pictures of Bianca's corpse there.

No. 237939

Crime in Japan gets underreported a lot

No. 237940

You word things a lot better than I do nonnie but that's what I was trying to say, yes. Of course she didn't deserve to die, but she wasn't killed for being an alt girl on Instagram which is what the original post seemed to be implying to me.
4chan is dangerous for young girls, she did dangerous things. The original 4chan egirl, Cracky, even had multiple 4chan moids try to break into her house. A mutual friend of mine tried to warn Bianca about not talking to older 4chan moids and she did not want to listen.
To think Bianca was killed "simply just for existing", or was just doing "normal teenager things" is just plain ignorance.

Of course the men are at fault… that's what I'm saying. Men and especially 4chan men who hang out on /R9k/ and /soc/ and seek out underage girls to orbit are obviously mentally ill and should not be around women.
Her parents should have protected her more and I worry cases like Bianca's will only become more common because of every zoomer growing up online now and parents not fully understanding online safety.
Yet saying this, OP, do you want me to act like Bianca was an innocent angel? You play with fire and you get burnt. It isn't misogynistic to point that out, or to try and discourage/warn other women and girls that men are dangerous and they should be careful, that they shouldn't interact with 4chan scrotes or try to amass a following of orbiters.

No. 237941

File: 1645236086844.jpg (681.48 KB, 1823x1280, B612_20220218_200051_173.jpg)

We can go s m a l l e r

No. 237942

>i was mutuals with bianca and was kind of in her circle on tumblr when her url was cups
Please tell us more

No. 237944

File: 1645236235826.jpg (714.46 KB, 1823x1280, B612_20220218_200337_215.jpg)

No. 237945

I guess she went straight to the wolf's den when she decided to hang out with 4chan men. Rest in peace.

No. 237947

I read that as he was driving her home from a Nicole Dollanganger concert, she kissed her friend on the lips in front of him. He supposedly went kind of insane after that and killed her, he was one of the "simps" who had an obsession with her
She definitely didn't deserve to die, but she had a lot of "fun" yanking those incels around for personal validation, money, favors, etc and her mother was negligent and drug-addicted. It's just a sad story all around, and not really that new. Troubled teen running in a bad crowd

No. 237949

File: 1645236657235.jpg (77.19 KB, 1080x324, Screenshot_20220218-201027.jpg)

Wonder if his interrogation video is out there.

No. 237950

It wasn't purely a simp discord though, it had regular friends in it too, a number of which were women. I never noticed him before though, I pretty much tuned out the guys she talked to much of the time because they were braindead incels, like you said.


She was very mentally ill due to childhood trauma and made terrible decisions. It's sad that she died such a shitty death.

No. 237951

I fucking hate ot being down! I missed the perfect blue rewatch! Damn it all. That's all I wanted to see tonight

No. 237952

Waat fuck i didn't know that was on

No. 237953

Same. I had the absolute most shit day at work and all I wanted to do was see this. I hate that I missed out on it. Perfect blue would have completed my night. We need a Satoshi Kon evening

No. 237954

When I get a haircut, I'll get very anxious going somewhere new and meeting people because the thought that this version of me is the me that they're going to meet and they won't know what my hair looked like before is very distressting to me. Do any anons relate to this or am I just insane? I know it's just hair which is weird that it even makes me anxious in the first place.

No. 237955

Honestly this sounds kind of schizo

No. 237956

I second that, this is crazy. Your hair is not you.

No. 237960

my gaydar is blowing up

No. 237963

Shut up necessarysped

No. 237965

It's the parents fault for giving their kids a tablet and internet access, how retarded and naive could one possibly be

No. 237966

That's what I figured. Idk why it makes me anxious but it does.

No. 237968

Tag yourself. I’m the one with half a head

No. 237969

No. 237971

Women aren't taught to be weary of dangerous men anymore, we're taught that there's no differences between sexes and that only a minority of men are heinous perverts. A lot of women and young teens are naive to this because of the messaging going on a societal scale that makes us move very carelessly with the opposite sex. Women in the past (and not thousands of years ago like BAP/neo pagan fags keep larping, I mean decades or a few centuries back) were warned of how evil men were and many men also knew of this evil in themselves (and they weren't going like, "well akshually women are predatory too! like the soyboy redditors of today".

No. 237972

*"well akshually women are predatory too!" like the soyboy redditors of today.

No. 237973

i wish women would like to date me, but only men do unfortunately and i dont wana live the rest of my life with a moid

No. 237974

I love my current life so much it's insane. every month I barely recognise myself of the month before because I've made so much progress. I actually really genuinely love my life

No. 237975

The issue is all parents are doing this now, whether we like it or not. Parents give their children free reign to do whatever on the internet and for no reason other than laziness and expecting the government/school system to raise their kids.

No. 237977

File: 1645238439995.gif (998.71 KB, 400x312, 2BA88E6D-346F-424D-8548-640E22…)

Me fighting my romantic fantasies about a guy I haven’t seen since freshman year of college

No. 237978

I'm sure even here many anons were affected negatively by an upbringing like this. I was given unlimited access to the internet and social media since I was 8, and even though I've met lovely people online who eventually became the only IRL friends I have today, inevitably I got groomed, posted on 4chan a lot, had an incredibly hard time fitting in and socialising IRL, etc.

No. 237979

Do you guys have advice on how I can help my cousins be raised properly without offending my aunt and uncle who help me out a lot with things like groceries? They are very wealthy but are not raising their children healthily. They eat almost exclusively junk food and are constantly glued to a screen. They're angelic children with a lot of potential and I want to see them thrive. Sadly I have a lot on my own plate, so I can't baby sit them often. Its difficult because I try to encourage the children to watch less television by engaging with them when they have dinner and whatnot, or recommending more educational shoes at the very least. But they're obviously addicted and unfortunately I don't have the authority their parents have. So I can't just take their tablet or something away… I would also propose to cook for them, but like I said, they help me with groceries. I sadly can't afford to… It just breaks my heart and I don't want to think about the future generations, especially not when I could have intervened for at least three children

No. 237981

File: 1645238715392.jpeg (192.98 KB, 827x926, A5312696-7CCE-488B-BCDB-B1F8A4…)

pic. related has convinced me that all scrotes who use 4chan should be castrated and killed. there are no words that can accurately describe the depths of hatred i feel for these subhumans

No. 237983

This doll is adorable

No. 237984

This thread is shit rn. Why are we posting screenshots from disgusting degenerate moids and why are we talking about a girl who was horrifically murdered. Can some anon spam cat pics or something. Let's lighten up, anons.

No. 237985

i’m off my meds and want to kill men

No. 237986

Me too. I don't want to see their degeneracy though.

No. 237987

I don't wanna sound too schizo here but uh… 4chan moids keep sinking lower and lower and I'm actually frightened by this pic since it reminds me a lot of my paranoid fever thoughts I get when I start being too anxious about internet posts

No. 237988

File: 1645239325222.jpg (39.58 KB, 690x921, 33326dcddbf15c56d631e374b62338…)

bianca mutual anon here - sorry, i just wanted to share information since anons brought up the situation. i know it sucks to read about though and i probably should've dropped the topic

anyway! cat cleanse

No. 237989

File: 1645239496736.jpeg (75.92 KB, 525x700, 949D4F75-C873-47E2-A6D7-B53E62…)

they love to autistically hyperfocus on everything negative and ignore people who are actually being rational. they don’t have a positive bone in their body, they will continue to infight until the end of time or until their pride gets exhausted, just ignore it and don’t contribute to their retardation. they don’t give a fuck about bianca getting her head chopped off like a pez dispenser, they simply like the words they craft on the screen like what i’m doing right now, only i have the will to monologue about it.

No. 237990

Gives r9k vibes yeah

No. 237991

File: 1645239587414.jpg (8.45 KB, 235x171, 9b41c236242dc3eb27f6ff477ab014…)

im tired but i gotta do schoolwork now. wish me luck nonnies . logging off for the nexrt coupe hours. make sure everything is good and nothing bad happens ok love you byebye

No. 237992

Ah yes, because talking about bad stuff happening to people means you're autistically infighting over it.. some of you have the EQ of a peanut.

No. 237993

I was drawing board-tan in blue then the whole thing glitched and reloaded the site and suddenly it was gone. It looked like shit anyway but still. I wonder if none of it ever was on the board and I was just in a frozen lagged out chunk. Lmk if you saw kek

No. 237995

File: 1645239922714.jpg (66.15 KB, 735x723, 1befb5723f54627768e1d77642ca4d…)

Okay, schizochan. Take your meds please.

No. 237996

File: 1645239939272.jpeg (190.64 KB, 585x1007, D0B342D6-574D-4469-8121-C25C7E…)

The internet keeps fucking dying at the same fucking time of the night and comes back at the same fucking time of the day. I will murder someone and then kill myself if this shit keeps going on, I’m a fucking nocturnal person who wakes up early.

No. 237997

What's schizo about pointing out y'all act like fucking sissies over some negative topic like it's the end of the world ?

No. 237998


No. 237999

I just like to remind myself that most of them are lonely shut-ins who are resentful about being excluded from the rest of society. I take great pleasure in reading their neurotic diatribes about being undesirable males. To die alone seething is what they truly deserve.

No. 238000

do the parents not give a shit at all? do they care about appearances? send them something that'll scare them straight maybe like articles about kids being screen addicted do worse in school, or stuff like the slenderman murders where kids who spent too much time online stabbed someone (this is extreme example but maybe you could find similar).

No. 238001

No. 238002

File: 1645240110293.jpg (374.23 KB, 1077x1077, Tumblr_l_184207972226166.jpg)

for all anons

No. 238003

Oh no anon, don't you know if you vent about shitty moids and traumatic events it means you're a retard schizo starting shit?

No. 238006

ty nonny ily

No. 238007

Nta but this is so cute, I will steal it, nonnie, i love you ♥

No. 238008

Make a different thread to post uncensored images about moids fapping to stories about women being raped to death so that other anons can hide it and not see this disgusting shit.

No. 238010

I didn't post any screencaps or news articles in the first place, nonny. But I don't mind if you want all discussion moved to another thread, I just got a bit peeved at the scrote accusation though.

No. 238013

im so hungry but I have nothing to eat can’t think of anything to make either

No. 238014

every society hates women but women who fetishize east azn scrotes because of animu mangos and kpop are the worst because they're literally ignoring how bad the pitfalls of those countries societies are

No. 238015

That's tomorrow night nona, you didn't miss it

No. 238017

what happened to /ot/? i've been checking it for the past 5 days and thought it was only like that for me until i found this thread

No. 238018

/ot/ and /m/ are down and have been for the past 5 days. admin is working on it.

No. 238020

Hmmmvbhf Drawing tablet or PC setup the choices are hard

No. 238022

Really anon? Just go to walgreens or the dollar store or tesco or wherever the fuck ur from and buy a notebook. Unless you meant cute quality ones, then you can try etsy or barnes and noble if you have it

No. 238023

rip i already miss starting my day with hot coffee and celebrity gossip… ty for replying

No. 238024

I want to be bred. I want to be railed. I want to be pounded into the mattress. I want to be devoured by the animalistic passion of myself and my lover. I want to be ejaculated in and on over and over. I want to be as close as possible to my true love. hnmgngr

No. 238025

this thread was fun for the first few days now it sucks i just want /ot/ back

No. 238026

I know this is /g/ but go back to the other threads of /g/.

No. 238027

File: 1645241728866.png (1.17 MB, 2000x1600, LC drawing room 1.png)

Whoever drew the sleeping Board-tan on the bottom, you are amazing. It's so cute and perfect and sweet and my heart is leaping.

No. 238028

I never used g, always ot. There's threads for venting stupid horny shit on g???????

No. 238030

Omg thank you nonnie

No. 238031

Who's least favourite colour is turquoise I'll fight you

No. 238033

File: 1645241996404.jpg (586.69 KB, 3660x2440, _methode_times_prod_web_bin_05…)

what exactly is her endgame?

No. 238034

Same except for the weird bred part lol

No. 238035

I'm starting to think it's not coming back…

No. 238036

Nta but turqoise is such an ugly colour lmfao. I'm more surprised somone hates purple and orange. Whoever likes dark green is a boss babe

No. 238038

File: 1645242410068.jpg (106.51 KB, 1024x450, Turquoise-Arizona-and-New-Mexi…)

turqoise is pretty take that back

No. 238040

Idk mang it's my birth stone and I still don't like it. Looks even uglier on that one anime chick in op's pic

No. 238042

You’re such a newfag.

No. 238043

When are we going to teach women that men cannot be trusted again?

No. 238045

Let her be, let her discover, who cares

No. 238051

that khaki green/olive green should NOT be in least fave and i WILL die on this hill

No. 238052

After lurking for 2 years I finally started posting this month…this is all my fault somehow

No. 238053

the site couldn't handle your power

No. 238054

you mean because you got a bad haircut? or just any haircut gives you this reaction? i can understand if you got a bad haircut, sure

No. 238055

File: 1645243410156.jpeg (83.04 KB, 682x432, 59657E12-0D04-4FB8-AF2A-8B5A9D…)

How do I cope with the fact that my parents marriage is dysfunctional and practically loveless? I moved home about a year ago and what began as little disagreements between them have more recently started blowing up into screaming matches. He’s moody and defensive and she never backs down from an argument.
The basic setup of their fights is that he’ll complain about his life or overreact to a slight setback and she’ll get offended and take it as a personal attack or goad him more into an argument. They’re actual farmers so I know the pandemic isn’t the key answer because their lives and livelihoods have basically remained the same. I’ve got a new job lined up in another city and should be out of here in the next few months, but I’m worried about what I’ll be leaving behind. My dad said he might as well send all his cattle to the slaughterhouse because they’re too difficult to manage, and instead of talking it out my mum mimicked his voice and basically told him he was being an idiot, which was based but also not helping the situation.
He’s also recently started picking fights about dinner not being ready exactly when he wants it and how he might as well drive himself into town and get food just for himself, which he’s never done before.
I’m just sick of him being shitty and her insisting that them screaming at each other every other night is healthy. Any advice nonas?

No. 238056

File: 1645243456964.jpg (87.63 KB, 1124x836, ER9j3PLXYAI785y.jpg)

rats didn't bring the bubonic plague, STOP the rat slander. it was spread by human fleas and body lice by humans

No. 238057

Go back

No. 238058

is this from the second movie/follow up to the the act of killing? i don't want to google and get upset, sorry for asking to be spoonfed. also yes they are disgusting and irredeemable, the old chans were still disgusitng shit but the current climate has created such a profoundly perverse and inhuman type of young man/man that is totally detached from humanity

No. 238059

can somebody help me find this gif or video? its a middle aged woman in a big pink coat, she has short red hair, she is wearing shades and appears to be in some sort of concert being the only one dancing with her arms extended out to what i think was dubstep

No. 238060

Rats still carry diseases. Also google rat king tell me u find that shit cute

No. 238061

File: 1645244153006.jpg (86.4 KB, 784x1020, download (2).jpg)

Rats don't carry diseases any more than other animals you let in from outside. Domestic rats carry even less diseases than other pets. Also I see nothing wrong with this.

No. 238062

Those people are richer than rich and they bought THAT bouquet? Bruh…

No. 238063

Perfect Blue and Gentlemen Prefer blondes are Feb 19th (tomorrow)! Join us.

No. 238064

Are you the rat woman from my strange addiction? Rats literally congregate in places where it's filthy. They are harmful and yes carry more diseases than other animals

No. 238065

No rats like being clean and they are very cute and they will lick your hands, lips, face, teeth, eyelids, etc. trust me and it also tickles.

No. 238066

AYRT, it's any haircut.

No. 238067

Hm. Just get a dog at that point. At least it has the brain capacity to actually feel something for you.

No. 238068

Nta, but can you blame anon with the amount of newfags we've got recently?

No. 238070

File: 1645244554282.jpg (37.9 KB, 600x600, 7416ffd1.jpg)

watching you all draw is so comforting

No. 238071

No. 238072


No. 238073

you're almost right but there's not a single rational post in these threads

No. 238074

My rat loves me, more than the family dog ever did. My rat(s) understand me.

No. 238075

rats are extremely smart and altruistic, they are team players and very kind. they absolutely can feel for others and love you.

No. 238076

I'm beginning to think OT's never going to be fixed.

No. 238077

asking again because ot shut down just as i asked but what are some economical drawing tablets that you guys would recommend? i would be willing to get a used or new one, just want something decent, functional, and relatively cheap

No. 238079

I'm the one laying down at the bottom

No. 238081

My boyfriend got me a basic huion tablet and I use it with CSP and so far it's been perfect for me. I recommend it if you're a beginner or just a hobbyist

No. 238082

I'm the one standing right behind you

No. 238084

I draw on an Amazon Fire 10. You can get one for under $70 refurbished from Amazon themselves and using the Medibang app which is free. You can also find refurbished iPads, albeit older gens, for $100-200 on Amazon as well. You can get non-display tablets for under $50, too.

No. 238085

Not trashing on you nonnie but I had no idea people could draw on those fire tablets. They don't have digitizer screens.

No. 238086

File: 1645245894972.jpeg (111.18 KB, 1080x1031, 55D12776-F61A-4EC5-B956-321063…)

Wifi isn't working because of the storm but my 4G is and I have no idea what to do

No. 238087

Rats are cute, idc what you say.

No. 238089

File: 1645246013815.jpeg (82.79 KB, 962x1080, photo_2022-02-18 13.05.15.jpeg)

any chmonya fangirls out there?

No. 238092

I just woke up with this song I haven't heard for 10 years in my brain, wtf

No. 238093

human sacrifice

No. 238096

holy SHIT anon this brought me back

No. 238098

Maybe I'm dumb but wouldn't all tablets have digitizer screens? If it's touch screen, it's a digitizer screen, I thought? I don't know anything about tech like that, sorry. If there is a difference, I'd love to learn. I use a bluetooth pencil to draw on it and it works fine, even registers pressure and ignores my hand leaning on it while using the pen. It's not nearly as good quality as iPads or Wacoms or the like but I'm a poorfag so I accept the lower quality for the time being lol someday I'll get something nicer

No. 238101

No. 238104

Basically that means that the screen itself doesn't register pressure, your bluetooth pen is doing all the work. Which one are you using? I could turn my tablet into a drawing one.

No. 238105

File: 1645247487377.jpg (408.26 KB, 2000x1500, kamila-valieva-se-quebro-al___…)

free her

No. 238106

we need to go back

No. 238107

my heart hurts

No. 238108

i miss my vocaloid phase ;_;

No. 238109

I never left mine for I am superior

No. 238111

>tfw this was only a couple months ago

No. 238112

who are some good producers these days?

No. 238113

from what, she can still compete

No. 238114

File: 1645247863960.jpg (147.96 KB, 1500x1421, 71RkWHuUG1L._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

The sensitivity of the pressure is very light, though, as far as my experience. Very low quality compared to iPad and the like. I'm still happy to have it to practice digital art and try to improve but I'm not going to pretend it's ideal lol

No. 238115

eteri is putting hexes on her as we speak

No. 238116

omfg thank you anons yeah this is it

No. 238117


No. 238122

How possible/difficult is it to get paint out of clothes? Especially blue jeans, and especially interior acrylic wall paint.

No. 238123

>triple A already too old
>kamila is out
Is this the end of an era?

No. 238125

File: 1645248992375.gif (5.34 KB, 50x50, retarded bread.gif)

Anons, I've been refraining from spending too much while I'm in quarantine but I can't deny the fact that deep down I'm a consumerist whore. What do I even want to buy? I don't fucking know. Let me live vicariously through some of you, please. Tell me what you guys have been planning on buying. Bonus for sharing pics and extra bonus for something cute. Gif unrelated.

No. 238129

i bought tampons today

No. 238130

its the end of what was left of eteri's reputation, I can already see the thinkpiece youtubers making documentaries and hot takes about all this (while doing their makeup of course)

but maybe not, maybe all the attention will fade and some kids who're 12 right now will be the next to feed the medal machine

No. 238132

File: 1645249334718.jpeg (19.44 KB, 500x333, 606B6328-F0DA-488F-B24C-409F4B…)

>browsing my real estate junkmail leaflet because bored and nosy
>all agents headshots are on the opening page
>one of the junior agents is tall and v handsome
>see he has a bunch of open homes tomorrow
>laugh at the idea of showing up to one just to check him out irl
>stop laughing
Do I do it nonas

No. 238134

Do it. And report back plz.

No. 238139

I used to browse open houses just because I'm nosy. Its fine

No. 238141

me too, make my fictional adorable daughters realities

No. 238145

File: 1645250694014.jpeg (25.78 KB, 437x332, 7B7AB060-DA73-4E45-9EF9-704235…)

I have someone in my life who keeps hating on and being negative about something I really, really love. Even though I still love said thing, her constant complaining makes everything less fun and I don't know what to do. I don't want to let her ruin this for me but she is.

No. 238146

File: 1645250781845.jpeg (248.82 KB, 828x1354, 6E501E29-D7A1-4B70-86E5-764CB2…)

which one of you kooky bitches sent this into deuxmoi

No. 238147

I'm so sad about how horrible my ex boyfriend really was and how he doesn't see it. He was a jerk to take my virginity and he just won't admit it. Anyone with a sane brain would know that it was a douchebag move. He should have known. Everyone knows it so why does he keep denying it. I can't take that he won't understand. I can't take his stubbornness. I wish he would tell his parents in oblivion so they'd set him straight for taking an eighteen year old girls virginity on the second date as an experienced twenty two year old. Nobody cares if I was making out with him or aroused. I was not ready for sex and he knew it! I cried the night before and told him I come from a vulnerable position. He crossed my boundaries by kissing me and I luckily stopped dissociating once he took off my clothes, to start crying and tell him I couldn't do it and felt trapped. He knew all of this. He pretends to be so dumb. I can't stand how much he defends his actions. I don't know how to get over it. He needs to know what he did was not okay. My sexual behaviour afterwards with him was a cope. I didn't know what else to do. I overcompensated by being hypersexual since I couldn't deal with the fact I had lost my virginity against my will with someone I barely knew. He tricked me and trapped me and won't even admit to it. Instead he says I don't take any responsibility and am immature. Yes I am immature and that's exactly why you should know better horrible horrible pervert cunt I hate that I let you have so much sex with me. I'll blow you the next time I see you and then I'll bite into your testicles

No. 238149

Stfu that didn’t sound anything like necsped

No. 238151

i just commissioned a picture of my 2D husband i hope it turns out cute

No. 238153

Hopefully he gets drawn with a girthy bulge

No. 238154

never, he's a dicklet

No. 238155

Shut the fuck up

No. 238156

Alright I’m gonna go, needed a reason to get out this weekend either way kek

No. 238157

Gay shit kek

No. 238161

File: 1645252804887.jpg (931.1 KB, 1728x2000, 64010002S001_S001_1.jpg)

I bought this since they finally relisted all sizes again

No. 238165

does no one know what jollibee is kek i thought it became famous in burgerland

No. 238166

Do it nonnie! I bet Ariana met her current boyfriend the same way

No. 238167

I've heard of it but there's not one within an hour of me lol

No. 238168

We got one in my city just last year and their spaghetti is the shit. I'm sad they don't have the halo-halo at my location though.

No. 238170

File: 1645253874014.jpg (99.6 KB, 735x640, a7429abe244ac2cb22976fc1ef0819…)

Baby jaguars

No. 238171

>modern western game developer inserts himself in the game

nothing you can do, just move out and hopefully they break up when they don't feel like they need to stick together for you. I had parents in toxic relationship for all my childhood, it sucks and divorce is much better than constant fighting.

No. 238172

No. 238173

i think there's something wrong with me nonas, i think about my husbandos and fantasies so much that it affects my daily life. i thought maybe i have an attention disorder but only the inattentive symptoms match. the thing is i don't really want to stop daydreaming, i enjoy it too much and life would be dull without it.

No. 238174

me too, nonnie. my life is so shit that it feels like my fantasies are only thing keeping me grounded, as ironical as it may be. don't stop daydreaming, there's nothing wrong with you. i'll root for you nona <3

No. 238175

File: 1645254391595.jpg (84.72 KB, 750x559, Gradiva.jpg)

When I come back tomorrow I swear to the One who Reigns, if /m/ isn't back, I am filing an official complaint with the Internet.

No. 238176

same but with OT. I like having celebrity gossip distilled in one source and also the tin foils/conspiracy threads are so fun to read over lunch. Honestly, I haven't even been doing snow browsing since OT has been down.

No. 238177

I just randomly remembered when I was in 7th grade that I uploaded a video of myself cutting onto YouTube. I don’t recall there being anything that would ID myself or anything personal. I have no idea what the fuck I was thinking and now I’m too haunted by my 7th grade cringe to sleep. I tried searching for the old channel in hopes that I could delete it but I can’t seem to find it at all.

No. 238181

i want to a-log so many posters (but mainly one well known one) so fucking badly but i'll get banned for it holy fuck i'm mad i can't take this shit anymore she's so insufferable

No. 238182

Sounds like maladaptive daydreaming

No. 238183

someone might have seen it and reported it nona. youtube would take down that sort of thing, so you might have nothing to worry about. i hope you're doing better now

No. 238186

You recognise anonymous posters? Pls share your thoughts anon, I'm intrigued

No. 238188

It’s MDD and it’s due to general unhappiness. Get out of it while you can. Don’t be an illusion enjoyer.

No. 238189

Do it we’re in the bunker

No. 238194

The people from a few decades back are the same ones claiming that "ONLY outsider men are dangerous criminals who will hurt OUR women". Let's be real, it wasn't better back in the day. The only difference is that back in the day women practically had to marry and any rape within marriage wasn't considered rape. A few centuries back women were the ones labeled as sex obsessed temptresses, it weren't the men taking responsibility for their actions and honestly not much has changed since then. Women got burned on the stake over this shit.

No. 238203

>few centuries back women were the ones labeled as sex obsessed temptresses, it weren't the men taking responsibility for their actions
This exactly, if men were in any aware of their violent and degenerate tendencies they would refuse to have self-control and put the responsibility on da ebil wimminz for "tempting" them.

No. 238205

have you checked where you manage your videos as the uploader? If it was taken down it should still be there with a notice it was taken down. I hope I make sense.

No. 238206

Idk about that but there's definitely anon(s) with huge newfag energy like "I'm so cool for spamming random shit!" trying to fit in

No. 238210

File: 1645258133574.jpg (35.95 KB, 524x278, 0494cfeeddeb32316cd503cfb4f690…)

which one is most attractive

No. 238211

no facial hair

No. 238212

The user reading this

No. 238214

his chest hair alone is more body hair then all the men in my family combined, how do you even live with that much hair

No. 238215

Left > right > middle
Though for practical purposes I made my bf always shave

No. 238216

both left and right.

No. 238217

None, chest hair is gross.

No. 238218

left, right, middle for this particular guy. For other men depending on the face it can be completely different

No. 238219

That's not even that much, here in the mediterranean you'll find men with more chest hair. It kinda looks cute on young guys.

No. 238221

no offense but again how do white and brown people live with much body hair, wouldn't it get itchy

No. 238222

none of them, facial and body hair on men is fucking gross.

No. 238223

Samefag, I didn't realize this was about facial hair. Left is the most attractive. Men are the biggest catfishes because the version of him with no facial hair is butt ugly.

No. 238224

File: 1645258715715.jpeg (51.24 KB, 349x642, A34DACCE-FC54-4255-80D4-DBD15F…)

Yeah I hate that poster, she carries this energy. It’s not cute or funny it’s obnoxious. I don’t know who op is talking about though.

No. 238225

You don't really feel it, at least in my region most people have soft hairs. Though I know a guy who has a issue with breathing and his sternun bone and he says shaving makes him feel more comfortable.

No. 238227

Like the other nona said, it's maladaptive daydreaming. For me it's a valid way to cope with dissatisfaction with reality. You'll probably snap out of it when life gets better or you motivate yourself to improve your life

No. 238228

Who are you talking about?

No. 238229

File: 1645259024994.jpg (87.62 KB, 548x548, woodsmen.jpg)

does anyone have that twitter thread that went something like "this is what men should be doing instead of arguing on twitter" It was some tiktok vid of a guy doing wook work and creating furniture and the comments were filled with defensive dudes making excuses

No. 238230

Wtf is going on in this picture, it's hurting my brain

No. 238231

Scroll up in the thread, there's an anon who basically uses random dragonball reaction images and posts "no u"

No. 238234

my pro controller has drift now too wtf

No. 238235

What is it?

No. 238236

File: 1645260940614.jpg (48.5 KB, 612x452, kittens.jpg)

I'm so sorry that happened to you nona. It must be very common sadly.

No. 238237

Real men are dying out, all we have left are a bunch of fragile, self pitying wimps who are just as violent and misogynist as ever. I really look down on men who use the internet and SM a lot, they are always the most pathetic. Men should be creatures of action, yet they sit on their useless hides all day pissing and moaning about meaningless shit that doesn’t affect them, like feminists complaining about manspreading or women making fun of small dicks, or people ridiculing muh dad bod. Go chop some wood you fucking genetic dead end.

No. 238238

Damn this buttermint tea is making me go craaaazy!

No. 238239

dont most men use sm nowadays? how can you tell a nigel from a virgin? serious question I'm a lil drunk. I've stepped away from sm and my bf of almost ten years hardly uses it but posts on reddit to post his setup lol

No. 238240

File: 1645261268129.png (205.86 KB, 698x618, 1645186860896.png)

Deleted some empty layers so we don't hit layer limit so fast since there's still some space left. Pic featuring an overlooked doodle from the cursed reddit doodle board. Nice work anon!
Come draw: https://aggie.io/nypffaequn (current theme is food, come draw your cravings)

P.S. thank you to the other lovely anon who consistently clears the board, I appreciate you so much, thank you!

No. 238241

Hey, there's one good thing, they're now too scared to participate in wars

No. 238242

I've been sick as fuck all week, so I decided to binge watch old SleepyCast eps. I love Oneyplays & coe but that shit grossed me out and made me want to throw myself out the window kek. Made me glad I don't have a brother.
Chris story about stuffing his shitty perverted drawings into his mouth to make them disappear made me cackle though.

No. 238243

Why is /ot/ so small, he should be the chad of the group

No. 238245

Why is /g/ so angry?

No. 238248

Have you seen the infighting in the relationship threads?

No. 238249

File: 1645262100205.jpeg (16.3 KB, 299x168, 821FAE0A-3920-43B9-8C72-EFD1E1…)

>too scared to participate in wars
That just means they can’t defend themselves, and they feel pure indignation at the mere notion of having to defend women and children. That is literally their role in humanity and why they have superior strength. Women die giving birth to their children, they die trying to protect them. They think we should be the ones to jump the bullet and be drafted so that they can stay at home wanking on the toilet. They don’t realise that their protection of us and their sexual capabilities is fundamental to our desire towards them. The human race is doomed because women can’t bring themselves to reproduce with these sacks of smegma.
Fat men should all be killed.

No. 238250

/ot/ is where the most fighting is happening, /g/ users are often united in horny harmony.

No. 238251

/ot/ invaded his ass

No. 238254

File: 1645262656421.png (114.63 KB, 466x427, mwah.PNG)

>thank you to the other lovely anon who consistently clears the board
No problem anon, thank you for even creating the collab board! I'm surprised that no one thought of it before considering how many art anons we have.
I really love all of the community things that LC has been doing this year/late 2021 (the drawing board and movie nights).

No. 238256

men who get offended at “misandry” are weak and should all die.

No. 238257

File: 1645262807608.jpg (25.41 KB, 474x266, ready for war nonnie.jpg)

Nonnie if you need a squad to get vengeance on the fucking sick pedophile that did you this and you shit family too, I'm here.

No. 238260

This is about (c)rap chan isn't it? This is the only anon that's been very insufferable on a consistent basis lately

No. 238262

But who are threatening women? Right, men. It's the equivalent of some sort of mafia protection racket, they create an unsafe environment for women and then sell themselves again as the solution. How are macho men working for machismo cultures? Lots of femicide. 'The human race' stuff just pushes women in the role of baby factory in the service of an abstract concept. Other than that, not every woman is straight anyway. Why are you putting such a weird emphasis on reproducing with scrotes?

No. 238263

Maybe yours

No. 238264

Because she's weird and keeps sperging everywhere with the same rhetoric??

No. 238265

anons i think i'm gonna miss these threads if/when ot goes back to normal… the site hasn't felt this inviting and sweet in so long. something about all having to be together, it feels more like some kind of anonymous group chat

No. 238268

Yeah true

No. 238269

This is why I liked tempcow too. These emergency solutions turn out to be fun.
I think it's just the novelty though and can get old quickly. I already miss some threads (glad a tinfoil substitute was made)

No. 238270

I'm actually liking these /ot/ threads too. All sorts of anons discussing all sorts of things.

No. 238273

Same. It's because these threads are really active and alive. It gets boring trying to find active threads on lolcow.

No. 238274

File: 1645264829775.png (129.95 KB, 836x443, jheszjkl.png)

i ship this anon and faghagchan, provided theyre not one and the same

No. 238275

>I think it's just the novelty though and can get old quickly.
Yeah, I think on day 3/4 I started to get sick of these threads because anons just started infighting and derailing (I know it was bound to happen, but when you only have like one thread it's kind of annoying when anons use it to argue about dumb shit). Also, these threads move so fast and I both love and hate it.

No. 238277

unpopular opinion but tempcow was fun. the occasional autism was worth it.

No. 238278

fr I need to know. The fuck is that?

No. 238279

ntayrt but i think it's a very ugly ring?

No. 238280

File: 1645265427215.jpg (239.3 KB, 800x800, PG1645-raclette-pans.jpg)

A ring I think? At first I legit thought it was a stack of Vivienne Westwood branded raclette pans, really disappointed it isn't

No. 238281

He looks good either way, I like him on the left the most though. I hate when guys keep just a mustache, it should be all or nothing.

No. 238282

Really looks more like a pan. I see a sailor moon kinda stamp on it and it seems made of plastic? Maybe is some kind of mold?

No. 238284

File: 1645265602951.png (457.96 KB, 1405x847, 480..png)

brassknuckles but for the weakest finger

No. 238286


No. 238287

File: 1645265695941.png (281.33 KB, 486x311, ring.PNG)

No. 238288

File: 1645265830847.jpg (402.01 KB, 1571x1818, 6303000602P131_P131_2.jpg)

I own picrel, it's my zoomer camouflage. No one knows I'm 28

No. 238289

File: 1645265832442.png (8.17 KB, 205x246, skillet thief.png)

Salt and Pepa's back, and we came to out rap you
So get out my face before I smack you
Ho, don't you know? Can't you understand?
If you mess with me I'll take you PAN!

No. 238291

No. 238293

It looks like plate mail for a knuckle. Like you're gonna send your finger to a medieval jousting tournament.

No. 238294

I think it looks cool, don't hate on anon.

No. 238295

would suck dick for a raclette right now

No. 238296

File: 1645266180533.png (49.15 KB, 349x417, armour.PNG)

Samefag, but they have an actual armor ring.

No. 238297

i think its so pretty

No. 238298

I can't stop researching materials related to gangstalking but I find it hard to relate to 90% of the posts. I don't believe in ESP but many TI seem to think that perps are sending mind control waves and disrupting their thought patterns somehow. It's ludicrous. I might be paranoid but I'm not delusional. Gangstalking is a real thing that happens to people and I HAVE been targeted and harassed by strangers in real life. Gangstalking is designed to unnerve the TI and have plausible deniability, it's death by a million cuts. For example, I have cars slow down and follow me on walks, people acting strange towards me in stores and public (saying off the wall things, heckling me, or acting strangely aggressive), I receive hostility or denied service from service people and medical professionals when I act perfectly normal, I am misinterpreted and often steamrolled in any online space I participate in. I try to put out friendliness and act calm in real life and pretend it doesn't bother me but it's jarring when someone screams something at me randomly in a parking lot or my apartment management repeatedly gaslights me that they don't carry my size furnace filter (we have gone through a conversation 3x where they eventually give me the right filter and concede I am correct, it makes no sense).

No. 238299

Vivenne Westwood is now zoomer-coded? Seriously?

No. 238300

Only this new cashgrab ugly shit I suppose.

No. 238301

it happens

No. 238302

Anons are being dumb, what's new.

No. 238303

some of her jewelry is, i think. i have a few red label dresses and suits because her clothing is nice but her jewelry feels especially tacky to me tbh

No. 238304

Which dresses/suits do you have?

No. 238305

I Feel the same

No. 238306

File: 1645266585598.jpg (114.49 KB, 1080x1350, 7ed4651621fcf1befce78beb096bbe…)

Yes it is, became popular among zoomers because of the 90s corsets and that specific pearl choker. The choker has become the new Tiffany heart tag necklace kek. Buy it when it's cheap, wait 10 years for inflation, resell it

No. 238307

Why are these not more popular? They make mindblowingly good food.

No. 238308

I’m so dumbfounded. Maybe I’m a poorfag but it’s certainly not cheap now. And it’s ugly, looks like a mix between Claire’s and aliexpress jewellery. I already knew that middle school metal charms and corsets were a thing with zoomers but Vivienne Westwood? And Alaia is really basic, too. They must love him. What else is zoomer-coded?

No. 238309

I went to the vivienne westwood online shop and it's described as having an armor like design so that's intentional.

No. 238312

theyre very popular in mainland europe, someone needs to spread the good word to the americas

No. 238315

File: 1645267283543.png (47.58 KB, 740x384, EEF00F1E-CC40-4718-95A7-D460F6…)

>why are you putting so much emphasis on having babies with scrotes? Not every woman is straight

No. 238316

why are you assuming she's necessarily a lesbian? and the other anon is wrong, there are plenty of women having kids with losers. the human race is not dying out by any means. the drama, my god. women are still killing themselves and breaking their own backs to tie themselves to horrific men and birth their children no matter the cost

No. 238318

File: 1645267521325.jpg (31.08 KB, 447x550, 2021-New-Hot-Amazon-Sport-Smar…)

i bought a weighed hula hoop for distraction exercise when bad thoughts hit me but it's so difficult to spin it properly. i mean the initial spin to get it going. all the how to hula hoop videos use these super light hoops that are probably easier to spin than a hoop that weighs like 5 pounds. it always ends up tilting a bit and then it falls down after like three times around my body. how am i supposed to learn how to hula hoop when i'm too dumb to get the initial spin right because the ring inevitably sags to one side!!!

No. 238321

For me it's easier with the heavy ones. Why!?!?! I thought it was like this for everyone

No. 238322

Eeeh from what I noticed: Tiffany is making a comeback with the key necklaces, Ottolinger and "post-apocalypse" Dune like fashion, UGGs boots, Mejuri jewelry, Naked Wolfe boots
I wanna open raclette restau in burgerland but it's probably impossible because of the FDA and their autistic sperging about cheese

No. 238324

I can't get over how the mimolette was strictly forbidden in the US recently, yet chocolate that literally tastes like vomit is allowed. Not American, but I saw that on TV and a bunch of Americans who like mimolette were interviewed and said they'd be ready to order some cheese from abroad if they must.

No. 238328

>Imagine being the fattest country and not even being able to stuff your face with good shit
Yeah, I really don't get it. Fuck the FDA. I just want to spread the good word of raclette with arbois chardonnay, wtf

No. 238329

that's great anon, what's your secret?

what a badass little bunny

No. 238331


No. 238332

File: 1645268074024.jpg (92.86 KB, 950x720, 20211211_222809.jpg)

tinfoil nonnies: is the great reset real? if so, where can I read or learn more about it?

No. 238333

not to defend our awful chocolate but i do think leaving in odd compounds is a little different than eating mites. i personally don't taste vomit in hersheys but i dont think it's good. butyric acid is in a lot of food products

No. 238334

I didn't know what that was so I googled and
>The Great Reset is the name of the 50th annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF), held in June 2020. It brought together high-profile business and political leaders, convened by Charles, Prince of Wales and the WEF, with the theme of rebuilding society and the economy following the COVID-19 pandemic.

is this what your talking about?

No. 238337

Nigga you murricans eat fucking hormone pumped meat and you are scared about some cheese mites?

No. 238338

File: 1645268264356.jpg (739.31 KB, 2000x1600, LC drawing room (8).jpg)

About to clear the board.
New theme is intergalactic/anything relating to space. Draw aliens, astronauts, Elsie in a spacesuit would be cute lol sci fi spaceships, planets or just whatever you want!

No. 238339

I think this pictured saved correctly, phew.

No. 238340

is Rachel from western NC in this thread?

No. 238343

there are so many talented nonnies. thank you for blessing us with your artwork. I love the little ghost stories kid and sleeping boardtan

No. 238344

No, she's in the tinfoil thread

No. 238345

File: 1645268429041.jpg (8.47 KB, 225x224, 20211129_083800.jpg)

yes and I've seen mention of it for a while, prob back to around 2018? but hadn't thought/read about it until very, very recently. the stuff I've seen seems legit but I do feel wary of where to start looking into it, who to believe etc!

No. 238347

hi non, I'm the op wrt GRS. what's weird is I identify as a communist and don't necessarily recognize what I've seen from the World Economic Forum/Great Reset stuff as communism. that's why I want to learn more about it, because so many people are calling it as such

No. 238348

people call anything they dislike communism

No. 238349

aw nonnies I love y'all and this, as an untalented artfag. makes me wish iscribble were still around.

No. 238351

Some talented nonnie should draw the alien ship beaming up a cow. But I mean a real cow. Like your fav cow

No. 238353

This. Their "American cheese" isn't even cheese, most of their food are chemically treated leftovers, and they have the gal to ban French cheeses? They just want to be human trash cans gobbling up exclusively garbage.

No. 238355

Why are anons saying this, as an artfag i say you should join us and scribble away even if it’s unidentifiable mouse doodles

No. 238358

I agree!! Make it be Shayna

No. 238359

File: 1645269150088.jpeg (58.94 KB, 640x628, 11399ACB-0B29-478F-9EF9-F97E0C…)

Why are there so many schizos ITT talking about gangstalking? Am not gangstalker pls no accuse

No. 238360

Is it really difficult to draw straight lines in the drawing board or is it just me?

No. 238361

File: 1645269175432.png (892.3 KB, 782x967, 1645175486395.png)

I like this reaction image so I'm gonna post it.

No. 238362

because they used to be contained in the tinfoil thread in /ot/

No. 238370

Why are there a dozen posts about boring ugly jewelry? Who cares. Are you the post police? Also, there were only two posts about gangstalking. I really don't appreciate your attitude.

No. 238371

>I really don’t appreciate your attitude
Is that you, grandma?

No. 238373

File: 1645269651556.jpg (936.43 KB, 1280x1853, 1625727263040.jpg)

Rape you very much

No. 238377

Wow, an actual schizo. Don't look out of your window tonight.

No. 238380

There should be more posts about gangstalking. It means perps like me and all my perp friends have a chance to gaslight our victims.

No. 238382

Tag yourselves, I’m Mighty Raping Power Rapists

No. 238386

this comic was ruined for me when I realized the author was a rapey moid

No. 238388

Come draw anon! I can't draw digitally, but I still go in there and drop in my shitty little doodles. It's fun for everyone, not just drawfags.

No. 238399

ssh nonny or our victims will figure out our MO

No. 238401

File: 1645270473077.png (124.6 KB, 411x504, they left me all alone down he…)

Speaking of space stuff, why cows get associated with alien abduction? Is it just from that horror trope of weird shit happening in quaint little country towns?
Picrel is from the draw board. Makes me so sad, but I love that her helmet has little horns and her shoes are so cute and futuristic

No. 238404

one of the panels just says 'robin williams'

No. 238407

It stems from cattle mutilations as far as I know, people blamed aliens. Imagining little green men have spotted cows alone in a field, taken them aboard their spaceship and experimented on them. It's more likely the local psychopath.

What is that behind her though? An elephant?

No. 238408

Ah, I didn't even think of cattle mutilations, thanks anon.
It looks like one of those deep sea creatures.

No. 238411

File: 1645271015401.jpg (631.69 KB, 909x1500, Screenshot_20220219-064223_Chr…)

discovering the AGP moid author was beyond disappointing.

No. 238413

I have no idea how true it, but someone told me once that Americans are stuck in a perma fucked taste buds cycle because of a mix of massive salt and sugar consumption, high-fructose syrups being overused as preservatives and GMOs.
Burgers, after leaving your country for an extended period of time, did you notice that USA food tasted different when you came back or na?

No. 238414

Tag yourself I'm the huge uncombed wig.

No. 238419

If they grew up there they are usually fucked up for life. I'm speaaking about the people from Murrica that live here in Europe I know of tho. Idk your experinces nonnies

No. 238420

I'm the carpal syndrom glove. I wonder how he got that hmmm

No. 238424

Is it so hard for them to look up a makeup tutorial

No. 238425

My cat is on a diet and it's hell.
Incessant meowing for food. Sneaking into the kitchen and pantry and breaking stuff. Rummaging through trash.
And he just tried to steal my buttered toast. Unsuccessfully, but it fell on the floor. On the buttered side.