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File: 1645157828416.png (52.66 KB, 296x345, 2A7F248D-B49F-4F77-A904-1FD936…)

No. 236626

An outlet to share ridiculous reddit posts/screenshots until /ot/ returns, because it WILL return.

/ot/ thread: >>>/ot/1063810
(Fucked up linking this three times god let it be right this time)

Reddit, the hugbox for libertarian snowflakes, troons, suburban white dudes who think they are oppressed because women won’t suck their dicks, and a variety of other losers suffering from unmitigated autism.

Notably, several female orientated subs like Female Dating Strategy were banned as reddit is convinced anything pro-female is anti-male, but shitty male orientated subs with violent misogyny are totally okay and not a cause for concern.

No. 236723

people who lurk others post histories and then comment on it are the most arrogant fuckers
first of all why would you publicly announce you did that but secondarily why is it always incel moids doing it

No. 236747

Reddit is gay caca fuck reddit

No. 236751

uhh anon you rly seem to like to use 'caca'..wanna confess something to us?

No. 236879

File: 1645176784943.png (959.19 KB, 1067x718, proposal.png)

No. 236884

what's so bad about a woman proposing?

No. 236887

eh this is kinda wholesome 100 big chungus, even fat redditors deserve love

No. 236890

at least they're married instead of being single and acting deranged

No. 236891

I think it's cute too, good for them.

No. 236892

she's fat and her husband looks like a soyboy i.e subhuman who don't deserve to breed

No. 236893

I plan on proposing once I meet a couple personal goals heh heh

No. 236894

>le people i don't like don't deserve to breed cuz they UGLY!!
ok eugenicstard, you're just as annoying and cringe as the typical redditor lol

No. 236896

dear subhuman-chan if anyone shouldn't breed it's you with your autism. they're redditors anyway so I wouldn't be too worried

No. 236900

bipolar not autistic
don't compare to those troglodytes

No. 236902

i'd get checked for it if I were you nonnarella

No. 236903

File: 1645178383714.jpg (171.02 KB, 1280x720, image-w1280.jpg)

I'm tall, attractive, high IQ, thin, mixed and with a tall, attractive, intelligent, fit male partner
our children will be giant superhumans who will inherit the earth

No. 236904

Bipolar what, I or II?

No. 236905

>here's an example of an ugly old scrote
at least a fat young scrote has the wiggle room to lose weight and still be young and possibly decent looking after. your example is fucked through and through tho

No. 236908

When I used Reddit taking a glance at the post history made it obvious whether it was worth having a good faith discussion or just troll the fuck out of someone. You're on Reddit and you're on lolcow the ship of not being pathetic has sailed.

No. 236912

zero taste detected

No. 236914

no they don't. only incels think you "deserve" love, you have to earn it and not being a reddit subhuman is a good start

No. 236917

Take that Charles Manson looking murderer somewhere else.

No. 236918

Vicent Gallo wouldn't even sell you his sperm since you're not white, he doesn't want you to breed either. Ironic pic choice.

No. 236919

You're awfully invested in the lives of people for someone who "just" has bipolar, you're probably comorbid with a personality disorder or autism. I don't believe you.

No. 236921

I know theres no point in engaging in enraged troll here but it's sad some people would not feel ashamed about themselves typing disgusting stuff like that, I understand making fun of some cows here because they're bad people overall but we don't know anything about these people, this is sad to see a person act on the need (be it for trolling or genuine) to berate them for no reason really, especially in a genuinely wholesome context of their engagement

No. 236923

OH it's that guy? I read about his insanity and instantly forgot about it kek. You can immediately tell who's a cruel/unhinged male by his bone structure (this guy has a very low trust face with severe features) yet dumbass femcels keep shilling those kind of evil looking men as "ideal". Yuck. It's like they want women to get abused and killed by these cavemen.

No. 236925

i'm not the original bipolar anon

No. 236929

>You can immediately tell who's a cruel/unhinged male by his bone structure
no you can't, this kind of tea leaves-reading shit is what's more likely to get women killed

No. 236933

At the very least, if not bone structure you can tell these types that bdd femcels (like coquettes) shill as "ideal" men always have a very unhinged and predatory slash autistic look on their faces with their creepy blank stare. Also looks like a drug addict

No. 236940

you sound male

No. 236946

im not supposed to criticize anything a woman does at all even though that anon reposted that image from a coquette subgroup that idolizes age gap and pedophilia? That actor is also a fucking pedophile, anon. What kind of male would care about that to go on a rant about it?

No. 236952

>a coquette subgroup that idolizes age gap and pedophilia?
>That actor is also a fucking pedophile
no he isn't
you don't sound male like that other anon said but you do sound deranged

No. 236954

It's a thread on /snow/ and the (c)rap anon that's on here sperging about subhumans was shitting up that thread
>but you do sound deranged
Not anymore than most people on this site and especially not that (c)rap anon. Why do you take it so personally when I sperg over an ugly guy like this site isn't based on sperging over internet randoms?

No. 236957

You can criticize whomever you want, nona. Don't get trapped into feeling like you can't speak up for yourself or against someone else just because they share a sex class with you. We end up run over that way and oppressed in a different way. Fuck unconditional support.

No. 236963

Based and true

No. 236985

File: 1645182999640.jpeg (36.84 KB, 640x479, 4D46213D-8362-4CF9-BE25-CC2E67…)

I know that they deserve it but I’m just a little hung up on the irony of starting a new thread to shit on reddit while /ot/ is completely broken and has been for nearly a week kek

No. 236992

>Autistic sonichedgehog fanart
>He won't even propose so she did
Poor woman honestly. I don't get angry at women who purpose but I kind of feel like how they stay with men who wouldn't want to purpose them in the first place is sad. She probably could do better.

No. 236994

it's an expression, sperg

No. 237010

It having Sonic doesn't make it automatically autistic. Some of you are too obsessed with chris chan i swear

No. 237022

File: 1645185452363.jpg (37.77 KB, 828x445, RDT_20220218_13563174011306951…)

No. 237024

What's the context, why is jail time being mentioned in the same sentence as misscariages? Wtf does it mean by rewarded for misscarrying?

No. 237028

it's not only cwc, autists love sonic because he spins on and on and on

No. 237032

why do people fall for the shit that gets posted on AITA? why are they this gullible, believing most of it isn't made up scenarios people post for upvotes? and some of what gets posted is so obviously the user just begging for validation over something nice they did. wouldn't be surprised if there was an "AITA for helping an elderly woman cross the road?" post

No. 237034

i don't know why they're so gullible but it's made me seriously question if universal suffrage was a good idea

No. 237043

File: 1645187254605.jpg (23.77 KB, 400x400, HfNUlLss_400x400.jpg)

It was obviously meant as a joke and I'm not attracted to current Vicent Gallo either, he's too old for my tastes
I was just using him as an example, picrel is also an example of the type of male I'm attracted too

No. 237072

Redditors love recreational outrage

No. 237089

I didn't say it because of Chris chan, I just read online that autistic people like sonic and cartoons/animes like that because they find it easier to read their facial expressions or something.

No. 237116

anon wtf

No. 237128

ugly and old

No. 237135

Not all who like sonic are tists, though many tists like sonic. Considering guy in the op has a gf he's probably just a regular nerd

No. 237204

reading this made me realise how long it's been since i saw someone use the word "femoid" unronically. Deleting reddit is really among the best things i've ever done

No. 237256

Reddit considers any sort of sympathy towards women to be rewarding, asspats, etc.

No. 237260

attractive good looking man smoking, what's more to get

No. 237265

not attractive

No. 237266

he looks like an inbred druggie

No. 237270

doesn't look inbred but there's nothing unattractive about looking like a druggie

No. 237286

there is to normal people

No. 237290

You mean fat asses who drink soft-drinks

No. 237294

He's ugly and so are you and your boyfriend

No. 237298

>the opposite of a druggy is a fatass
you're a sad and pathetic "human"

No. 237300

no anon I mean normal functioning members of society. seriously you should get checked for autism, it goes misdiagnosed in women often

No. 237302

I'm not saying I'd date a druggie, I just think men who look like they do heroine are attractive looking

No. 237308

Don't listen to them retards anon, he's attractive. They just want to feel special for criticizing an objectively handsome man

No. 237309

Maybe you should join them with shoplifting and begging on the street corner

No. 237312

Objectively handsome like a hairless cat ig

No. 237313

I think she's autistic too, sometimes bipolar is misdiagnosed and it actually ends up being autism since autistics often have mood swings. Notice how she coudnt answer which type she had which makes me think she probably self diagnosed or had a wrong diagnosis. Autistic people are known for having bizarre aesthetic/sexual preferences and over fixating on it everywhere

No. 237316

he looks like a homeless junkie damon albarn

No. 237317

He has butthole eyes anon

No. 237318

So he wants women to go to jail for having a miscarriage? Wtf? What was this a comment on?

No. 237323

Farmers have shitty taste, i bet y'all like those fugly, greasy rockstars and then go and criticize >>237043 for posting an attractive dude for once

No. 237328

still has butthole eyes

No. 237363

File: 1645209757582.jpeg (178.66 KB, 945x1349, 343D3B1E-86F7-43B4-BD0F-E3EB65…)

reddit hating on women, this is fake btw
whole thread is awful

No. 237384

big meme subreddits like that are full of retarded teenage boys

No. 237389

Leo is notably a man child and none of the women he's dated have ever orgasmed.

Which is a point of aspiration for a reddit male.

No. 237422

He's still ugly!

No. 237514

Yes oh my fucking god the woman hating rabid retards. It was either holup or cringetopia that had a pic of the popular female streamer without makeup, the fucking comments man

No. 237526

File: 1645216487656.jpg (389.64 KB, 1080x1630, IMG_20220218_213255.jpg)


Moids be moiding and downvoting reasonable posts.
>uhm this is just gyaru
That's not what gyaru is…

No. 237533

I hate how males love Leo now that he's an ugly old greaseball.
Remember when they used to seethe about him when he was young and cute?

No. 237535

kek I noticed that too, they are so insecure

No. 237555

>>uhm this is just gyaru
>That's not what gyaru is…
kek, that reminds me of how much I hate the fact that scrotes, especially western ones, pretend to know about gyaru just because they saw some stock gyaru characters in their favorite hentai doujinshi.

No. 237598

Gyaru was tarnished by coomer scrotes.

No. 237765

I'm in game dev circles and I love finding how fucking cringe and disgusting devs (and people who might want to work with me/I might want to work with) are. I found a senior art director the other day who was using the same account to apply to serious gigs and repeatedly ask for source on coomer subreddits for his bimbo, blacked, hypnosis, fake breast fetish etc. Like an actual dozen fetish subs, every day, dozens of posts a day.

No. 237894

File: 1645233887413.jpg (111.05 KB, 1080x450, Redditcancer.jpg)

I hate reddit males so fucking much. Imagine getting into the sims because the sims 1 bachelor party dancers comprised of 4 polygons made you horny kek. That is fucking pathetic. I will delight in the fact that while the sims 4 is utter shit, they will not be "appealing" to scrotes any time soon and the sims will remain a female dominated game.

No. 237902

What is this in response to?

No. 237905

Someone said that they wanted the bachelor/bachelorette dancers from sims 1 back in the sims 4 with the wedding stories cashgrab pack.

No. 237957

that's amazing and so depressing. why do they continue to reward these tards with high paying jobs?

No. 238090

File: 1645246030822.png (485.52 KB, 578x746, (you).png)

average poster saying he's ugly

No. 238095

I dont look like that at all. Dont insult me. For one, I'm not clothed. Two, shes too skinny.

No. 238097

yeah, looks like an ana-chan, her bones probably rattle around when she walks

No. 238102

File: 1645247303304.jpg (10.3 KB, 262x213, FKypa9GXsAg36Zm.jpg)

>oooooh my husbando loves making films where he kidnaps large breasted, doll faced women 20/30+ years younger than him developing Stockholm syndrome and falling in love with him oooooh he's so hottttt!

No. 238110

And yet you can't get them fired for this when they clearly don't give a shit about their jobs. I hate this fucking world.

No. 238119

nah. why are you so defensive of him though, he won't notice you kek

No. 238164

File: 1645253243522.png (3.1 MB, 750x1334, 77EF9197-2AA0-4591-9891-C14F40…)

4k upvotes on a bearded man wearing shitty makeup to the gym… the bar is SO fucking low my god

No. 238179

Who even wears makeup to the gym on purpose. For what reason. jk I know the reason: it's for asspats and updoots on reddit#

No. 238252

Just kill him

No. 238253

that was one Vincent Gallo film and I said I'm not even 100% attracted to current Vincent Gallo

No. 238258

Why do so many men who wear makeup also have facial hair? I swear I've seen so many of them, but I just don't get it, it looks repulsive. I'm not against men wearing makeup, like it can look good imo if they lean into androgyny, but having facial hair clashes with that and comes off as extremely low effort/lazy as fuck

No. 238259

You probably look like an average and autistic mixed race girl, don't kid yourself

No. 238276

honestly i don't even care, at this point i'm willing to give asspats for truly GNC behavior because the alt is the troonery praise. i just want praise for men doing GNC shit to come back

No. 238356

That's not being GNC, that's just a soyboy who wants some woke pussy so he does performative shit like this. He is probably a huge pervert with skeletons in his closet.

No. 238368

I think he's just gay, he has gayface and it's usually gay men who enjoy wearing that style of makeup. Soyboys may be effeminate but I've never seen them actually wear makeup.

No. 238395

Yeah he said he was into men

No. 238415

indeed, gay, straight or bi, it's always an issue of men coping. no woman should genuinely count on males to be "GNC"

No. 238429

I stand corrected then, still a huge attention whore for wearing this makeup at the gym and bragging about it on Reddit.
Now that you mention it, I've seen soyboys with dangerhair but never makeup, it's usually when they decide to troon out that they try it out.

No. 238452

He's gay but knows he wouldn't get praise out of gay men because like all men, gey men are the ones who are the most critical and downright mean to men.

No. 238917

Null I know you browse these threads. I hope you read all of my scrote hate and pinkpills, internalize it, and remember my wise words when you have to interact with your autistic male userbase.

No. 238975

File: 1645296756478.jpeg (878.68 KB, 1125x1046, 343685D1-B55E-4FD2-97B7-E54EF4…)

Christ, why spend so much money on this crap?

No. 239009

I can't even hate these people, no matter how much I try I can't
I feel a sense of emptiness and despair when I see the types and just the amount of value they give to the pointless stuff they own or covet

It's like seeing some suffering from a heroin addiction, Hell I think we should feel sympathy for consoomers

No. 239012

Why is every funko pop collector shit with their money? Oh wait.

No. 239219

(it doesn't work if you let him know your aim)

No. 239502

I collect fashion dolls (so I am the exact type of consoooomer he is) but this still made me cackle

No. 239542

At least fashion dolls are usually artsy and appealing to the eye, Funko's are just eyesores of fan merch that's already bombarding malls, shops, etc.

Hot topic is basically all fan merch now and all malls now have at least 3-5 stores that are exclusively fan merch, nothing creative either it's just eyesores everywhere

No. 239626

AYRT and it feels like a slap in the face that he complains about dirty looks for wearing makeup to the gym when so many women are self conscious about their bare faces due to female beauty standards. I know plenty of women who feel obligated to wear makeup to the gym and to the pool bc they feel like they can't have under eye circles or acne on display.

No. 239667

It works when I'm sweet, kind, wise, and based while he has to interact with his retarded scrotey userbase every single day. All I have to do is keep being cute and kf users keep being retarded.

No. 239723

The majority of people in that sub are awful at makeup

No. 239774

Unfortunately, so are people at the farms.

No. 239820

File: 1645315156053.jpg (41.5 KB, 383x500, e7004afe51aa92be92226914a56492…)

Sorry it's OT but what kind of fashion dolls anon? As a kid my parents got me a subscription to a Barbie collector magazine and I shamefully still love the look of the vintage dolls (picrel).

No. 239838

File: 1645316644653.png (604.15 KB, 823x865, twittr.png)

Not reddit but twitter (I figure that's okay), imagine typing the combination of words "a kinky child" on an account showing your face? I feel like pride month will be full of more of the same this year

No. 239863

>As a former kinky child I would have appreciated knowing I wasn’t messed up
You were messed up. Hypersexuality is objectively not normal or healthy in kids. I was also a 'kinky kid' because I was traumatized and then went on the internet and got groomed by a bunch of adult freaks. I hate these people so fucking much.

No. 239888

File: 1645319789216.jpeg (236.18 KB, 828x489, 6802A85C-CEB5-4695-90AC-9D023A…)

A long way to say "I am addicted to porn"

No. 239983

File: 1645325598303.jpg (264.53 KB, 647x835, FaceApp_1645325593384.jpg)


No. 240630

Fuck off with posting this every day to every thread you’re not funny.

No. 240748

File: 1645352492779.png (96.03 KB, 850x482, The-Spiderman-pointing-at-Spid…)


No. 240750

No. 240945

Being attracted to the opposite sex is normal, getting so addicted to pixels on a screen to the point where you're no longer able to have sex with women, have extreme standards for women, and break your own dick as well as wasting hours a day to porn isn't natural at all

No. 242512

>society's unjust demonetization of sex and sexuality
I want to live in whatever society he is apparently part of where coomers aren't coddled all the time by society at large

No. 245524

File: 1645550616077.png (368.96 KB, 1080x1770, Screenshot_20220222-111855-687…)


>Bf is unemployed and gets his girlfriend to do everything

>Somehow has enough time to watch porn DAILY but can't find the time to get a job or put in effort to get a job
>Somehow him being so porn addicted he can't even be bothered deleting history = the gfs fault??
>Her fault for snooping
>"Don't be insecure he just like girls who are everything you're not!"

Jeez. Imagine if women had their feed filled with roid heads with a skinny fat pale neckbeard as their boyfriend.

No. 245528

Post this in /ot/ anon, we back.

No. 245534

nta but you made my heart flutter, so happy

No. 245547

IDK how women even put up with shit like that at all. I couldn't look my boyfriend in the eyes anymore if I found something like this out about him (I have also told him I would immediately dump him if he watched porn). Like.. how do you sleep in the same bed with this dude? How do you kiss him when you know that he wants to anally rape teenage girls? I would vomit every time he entered the room.

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