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File: 1641364696508.jpg (42.46 KB, 474x490, downloadfile-2.jpg)

No. 28830

Because it's been 2 days and admin seems to be asleep

No. 28831

Can you fucking ban Romanianon? And all the talk about her. Namefagging is not permitted and her long ass derails are very recognizable. She baits and baits and shits up threads. Please admin.

No. 28833

Admin’s on a resort island in the Maldive that’s how she deals with autists maybe you should try it too. And like you should get banned too coz you talk about h*r. Way to waste a first post. Ignore it and you’re good to go.

No. 28835

There's gore in /g/, be careful anons.

No. 28836

/ot/ too

No. 28837

Schizo in the Ruby Mae and Maeve Ethridge keeps replying nonstop

No. 28838

samefag sperg just doxed one of the girls posted a phone number

No. 28847

Wouldn’t this be thread #4? This site is a mess right now, I wonder if new admin has started yet. The townhall meeting was in November but that’s still pinned to the top for some reason.

No. 28848

Mother had abandoned us. She loves us not.

No. 28849

Can someone please ban the Sims porn sperg in the altcow thread?

No. 28850

the moid asking bisexual women to email him via protonmail is back, he's currently in the threads in /g/

No. 28851

I mean let's just call it a continuation of #3 before new admin comes and makes a new one

No. 28852

Sounds like you're her lmao

No. 28855

For the love of god do something about the weird anon with an unhealthy obsession for HSTS and gay men in the MTF thread, she keeps attacking other anons for telling her to calm her sperg and derails the thread for multiple posts just to write her demented rants about gays that are out to get her and her Nigel and accuses other anons continuously of being trannies. The thread is just 80% her nutty bullshit now.

No. 28856

HSTS troon mad that the tranny thread is not just about AGP hons and we make fun of you too, kek. It's not off-topic to discuss gay trannies in the thread.

No. 28857

You're the one who starts the arguments by getting personally offended over her stupid comments and then neither of you can back down because you're both fucking spergs. I can tolerate hsts sperg because it's at least mostly ontopic, but your pearl clutching is obnoxious as hell please just shut up.

No. 28858

you are both retarded

No. 28859

I would like to once again request Steven's post reveal. He's currently still shitting up the vent thread with NAMAB/akschually you are the men and trannies derailment, psychotic videos masked as condolences trying to fit in and over-the-top insulting and a-logging everytime the romania schizo posts.

No. 28860

/ot is full of tranny newfags that don't know what to post and where…what happened

No. 28866

There’s been a shit thread on a 15 year old on /pt/ for the last day >>>/pt/863920

No. 28867

Why are there no mods here today?

No. 28868

yeah, that would be great so we can laugh, rage and spot his retardation easier

No. 28869

File: 1641746873113.jpeg (124.75 KB, 599x506, 838F2C50-F06B-4EAB-ABD8-2D1A10…)

Why is admin so retarded? Banned for being a “moid” while agreeing that 70% of all men should be killed. Doesn’t that indicate I’m not a moid? Besides it was a JOKE.

No. 28871

which thread was this in?

No. 28872

>2 months ago

The state of this place.

No. 28874

I remember this post. I thought you were a male with a sense of humor

No. 28875

Why is this thread so shit and dead? The last one was hilarious. "I've been posting here for a year, I'm not new!" Some retard checking lc at a family gathering and getting triggered by PT's bum. And of course, several novitiates from the immaculate order of innocents losing their minds over ~literal porn~ of the ass banner.
LC might be in terminal decline for the final time, but we can at least have some fun while we wait for the end.

No. 28876

Can you please put the Taylor R thread back on autosage? It's absolutely infested with spergs who completely refuse to integrate. They won't sage their non-milk posts even when its just nitpicking, tinfoiling, mommy-blogging, or rage sperging. and any milk that might have once existed is now drier than the Sahara.

No. 28877

Unsaged male writing long rants about how fuckable Taylor R is and random anon's fuckability indexes, I think we already know he's ugly with a tiny penis, but I do not come here to read deranged male opinions, ban the scrote
I don't think it needs to be autosaged, it's actually been very active lately with her preggo shenanigans

No. 28879

There's what looks like a link to CP in /ot/, pls delete

No. 28880

Is there a way to autoban everyone who necros just to say "bump"?
Unrelated but sometimes I feel bad for being a dumbfag and wish I could send the jannies flowers or coffee or something (anonymously ofc). But yeah I'm sorry for that time I reported a post for "scrote energy"

No. 28881

kek yeah the whole "why do we have a panty shot as the spoiler image" newfaggotory was insane. Not recognizing PT's ass and being offended by it, lolcow really is just twitter 2.0 now.

No. 28882

Is anyone interested in a dedicated TT Exulansic discussion thread, maybe in Media or ot? She is doing good work but bioscience and semantics stop making sense to me very quickly and I'd love to have a place to ask questions of knowledgeable people, as well as read legit critique people might have (just because i support her doesn't mean i want to fall into the trap of believing everything she says uncritically). I also want to have a place to lurk and read what other people think. Am I alone here?

No. 28883

No. 28884


No. 28885

the unintegrated newfag from /pol/ is back in the trve vikings thread and is shitting up the thread again without saging.

No. 28886

moid in the fakebois thread, constant jewish racebait in the MTF thread. please clear it up and hand out bans

No. 28887

File: 1642279859208.jpeg (Spoiler Image,36.75 KB, 800x533, 1481150443665.jpeg)

the pixielocks thread is now a doctors office. everyone is talking about their own diagnosis (unrelated to pixielocks) and diagnosing pixielocks of random shit (as if she doesnt get off from being a munchie). its not even a slow thread, she posts shit every other day, i dont give a shit if nonnies think she has diabetes and their personal struggles with fucking bpd that have nothing to do with jill. stfu for fucks sake

it is absolutely useless posting and non contributions, its not interesting and youre not as clever as you think you are. jfc, of course the munchie queen attracts tik tokers to this site its awful. pic related nonnies looking like this

No. 28888

Please autosage this thread. The retards who keep bumping never have milk and its just their personal takes and complaining about the same thing for months, nothing new.


No. 28889

Has anyone noticed how much fucking LSA retards there are in the Celebricows threads. I swear it wasn't this bad in the past year, everything inevitably devolves into sperging about race and black women now.

No. 28890

CSA thread is a mess atm

yes, they’re fucking obnoxious yet they never seem to get banned or shat on for racebait like other anons do. the threads only grow more toxic and more nitpicky the more of them start sharing their stupid takes too

No. 28891

God I know, the words autism, add/ADHD and bpd need to be banned from her thread so these retards can keep themselves from posting

No. 28892

Mods, this dumbass keeps trying to lowkey doxx by showing people where Belle and her friends live and its fucking creepy and not milky considering Belle hasn't posted in 2 years. >>>/w/193603

No. 28894

Please delete all the house photos this sperg posted and they posted her address. >>>/w/193649

No. 28895

Why’d you lock the Yeonmi Park thread? “Best Korea” is an ironic term an a meme. Can you please open it back?

No. 28896

It was just a bunch of tankietards picking apart a sexual violence account. I’m glad it got locked.

No. 28897

CSA thread is full of newfags. No sage in sight and retards are filling the name, email with something else than sage and subject fields for no reason.

No. 28901

Can you please permaban the retarded scrotoid who's shitting up the Luna Slater thread?

No. 28902

Luna thread has devolved into an infighting mess

No. 28903

Reddit thread infighting
Do something about it

No. 28904

Can the vocaloid thread be put on autosage. It's two years old and there hasn't ever been milk yet it's always at the top of the board because it's full of children who don't sage.

No. 28905

There has been multiple derails in that thread for days. It would help a lot if a mod could step in and tell everyone to shut the fuck up and stay on topic. I don't think we've actually talked about things Luna has posted or done recently in four days.

No. 28906

Can mods ban the fujo femcels r icky baiter in the unpopular opinions thread?

No. 28909

Yep, there's been a moid working overtime seething around the site in multiple threads, especially about fujos. They started with the radfems, then fujos, who will be their target next?

No. 28911

It's at the top of snow now too, so tread with caution till it's cleaned up

No. 28913

Gore in /snow/ now

No. 28914

Dude was actually seething over yumejos "cucking" their real husbands with husbandos. Can you believe this shit?

No. 28915

pt getting spammed to death

No. 28916

If only there was a limit to new threads per hour

No. 28917

Been noticing site feature issues since yesterday. Arrows to go all the way up or down in a thread are gone. The quick reply link is gone. Clicking images opens them in a new tab instead of expanding them within the post. Hovering over quote links doesn't bring up a preview anymore. Are these bugs or intentional changes?

No. 28918

All those things are working for me.

No. 28920

Turns out my browser was the problem. Thanks for the reply and the indirect help, anon! I appreciate it.

No. 28921

Is the gore still there?

No. 28922

No. 28923

File: 1642705977733.jpeg (114.03 KB, 750x1023, C66EA1E6-3F7E-4A1B-9812-02BBA6…)

oh come on, I can’t even poke fun at how empty /meta/ is and I get a permaban? lmao could have just given me a few days ban and called me a retard

No. 28924

If mod could ban him already that'd be great

No. 28925

Spam in /pt/, not sure about other boards

No. 28926

there's spam plus gore in /pt/

No. 28929

That mad incel has been at it all day now. 2022 virgins are weird.

No. 28930

I just wanted to say thank you to whoever's been deleting the gore and bump posts and everything so quickly! I've reported some within a couple minutes of them getting posted and seen them disappear in under five minutes.

No. 28931

gore in ot

No. 28933

Thanks for your hard work, farmhands.

No. 28934

This wave of gore posting is becoming a big problem.
I'm here posting the word "bump" without saging on random threads since I found out that it annoys people, but the gore is a much worse problem that is overshadowing me.
How do we fix this, girls?

No. 28935

use your scrote powers to track him down and fight him to the preferably mutual death. there can only be one pet moid. you know what you have to do.

No. 28936


That's an idea…
Here's another: have you guys tried IP banning him? I hear IP bans are very effective and impossible to circumvent

No. 28937

I propose offering a sacrifice to God so He may help us in this trying time. You could contribute to this plan by killing yourself

No. 28938

I'm starting to think some mods don't know how to give out bans that are not permas with how fucking dumb they are when applying them.

No. 28939

Don't do that, itll get you banned. There's a report function for a reason.

No. 28940

Anon, that's the scrote that has been bumping random threads. It doesn't have anything to do with the gore.

No. 28941

I noticed bumper-scrote only bumps threads of girls with thotty threadpics. He must be jerking his little gherking.

No. 28942

Maybe mommy blocked porn on his computer so he has to come here?

No. 28943

What are you talking about, the thread's going great.
Luna: goes mental on filters, comes out looking like a lens flare with beady eyes
Anons: She looks kinda nice here tbh

No. 28945

File: 1642798661847.gif (208.9 KB, 435x200, 200.gif)

Picrel is /meta/ these past few months

No. 28946

Kek I love you anon.

No. 28947

Not really. I started with cryaotic, and I also bumped that isabela janke one with the rainbow roulette pic and a small crop of her mug, this one >>>/snow/1360109 (I just now realized the thread isn't about the dude in the picture), and whatever the fuck this >>>/snow/1343332 is.

Now this one >>>/snow/204109 I did choose because she's attractive, and it's even better now knowing you don't like it. I was picking them mostly at random, but now I know that the hot ones will annoy you more!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 28948

Oopsie, I meant >>>/snow/204019

No. 28949

Ladies, he just wants to talk to girls. The thread bumps aren’t really annoying, his shtick has gotten old and gore boy has blown him out of the water. I think the best option is just to report when you see him and stop replying to his bait and I promise I will do the same
Mods have been doing a great job about deleting things in a timely manner, there honestly isn’t much to complain or be upset over.

No. 28950

But why? Scrotes don't seem to understand that lolcow works differently to other image boards. Bumping threads does nothing because the thread you want can just be found in the catalog. Spamming and bumping dead threads doesn't do anything either because there is no page limit. The greatest inconvenience caused is that you need to scroll a little bit further to find a thread.

No. 28953

they should be banned for whiteknighting if they weren't.

No. 28954

CP in /ot/

No. 28955

still not taken down. lol.

No. 28956

Samefag but should I report this to the FBI even if according to what I've read here admins will do it? It was only a link but I'm really scared to go back to /ot/ and see more posts like that with images this time. I accidentally saw CP in another imageboard a couple months ago and then my mental health had been really bad for nearly one month. I don't want to experience the same thing again but I don't want to get in trouble with autorities neither.

No. 28957

Weird projection but ok. I just noticed that you are a desperate coomer, probably why you are on here doing this instead of spending time with a woman in real life. This is the only attention you can get from women, it's like that retarded kid in class who just makes random noise so the teacher yells at him. He enjoys it because at home his mom is always passed out drunk on the couch and his dad left so he's never gotten any attention. That's you.(stop replying to the scrote)

No. 28958

Can we have a farmhand clean Up! the Genshin Impact thread a little bit? The game has obviously attracted some moids who bait and create infighting every hour.

No. 28959

Why do so many of you think that writing those elaborate fairytales with juvenile insults will make ne stop posting "bump" on random threads?

No. 28960

Honestly gonna blame the farmhands for this one actually, they should just lock old threads that nobody has replied to in years then nobody could be annoying and bump them. Why keep them open? If these cows for some reason produce milk again one day you can always petition in /meta/ to re-open it. Idk why this site is so fucking poorly managed.

No. 28961

Retard moid spamming /pt/ again

No. 28962

Wonder what got this moid all big mad to the point of nonstop spamming for this long. Gross.

No. 28963

Is the Lolcow discord still around? The link up top is expired.

No. 28964

is there a way on mobile to report threads whilst the thread itself is collapsed? if i see a cp thread i immediately close the thread so i don’t have to see the picture and i don’t want to have to reopen it to report it.

also cp in /ot/

No. 28965

cp in /ot/

i really want to believe it's a little person or something

No. 28966

File: 1642918931879.jpg (78.03 KB, 564x779, 24d646a37cce2cca8eb464601f2cff…)

(just drowning out cp)

No. 28967

File: 1642918987771.jpg (51.22 KB, 404x635, dae09baedce9ec84b1e762cf1ae3cd…)

No. 28968

has it been removed?

No. 28969

yes it's gone now

No. 28970

Someone probably told him he will never be a woman

No. 28976

There so many better sites for that. It just leads to Twitter fans coming here.

No. 28977

There's ccc

No. 28978

Can one of the mods/farmhands fix the Discord server's link? Is currently down

No. 28980

that filth has no place in lolcow

No. 28981

Can this thread be pinned, please?

No. 28982

We've gone from absolutely no/minimal farmhand moderation over Christmas and new year to farmhands redtexting every other post in threads now, can we have a happy medium please, it might be over-eager new farmhands but the things they are redtexting are inconsequential

No. 28983

I know it is extremely futile to ask admin to fix anything about this site, but god I would really fucking love if the site WORKED when you have cookies disabled. Since I now know that admin uses cookies to track individual posters I'd rather have them disabled but it breaks so many site functions. I really wish I could hide threads like the husbando thread (holy shit is that depressing as fuck) or the camwhore threads. I guess I have to live with this but it sucks ass. Also you can't report posts for some reason while cookies are disabled. It is really incomprehensible how shitty this place is designed and run.

No. 28984

Disabling cookies breaks functionality on every site, the best thing to do is not be a cow and don't post personal info (anything other than gender, race and general age bracket is what I keep to) that can be traced back to your irl socials/you in general, even without cookies shared across ips you can be traced by devices and thread interactions. But also is not a concern unless you are legitimately a cow and people would want to see your post history.

No. 28985

If you're worried about cookies, just leave them enabled and come to this site in incognito mode, that way you get different cookies every time and each session cannot be linked to each other through them

No. 28986

the redtexting has seemed pretty appropriate to me, do you have any examples of posts you don't think deserved to be banned?

No. 28987

There is no reason why you shouldn't be able to report posts with cookies disabled. I'm not a cow, but I still value my privacy and I know that Admin is a petty little lolcow herself who can't handle criticism of any sort. Honestly I would suggest all posters disable cookies since obviously Admin is not concerned about posters privacy and if you make a post that criticizes her she will go through your post history to drag up any dirt that she can find (I've seen it happen). Same for farmhands who can also access all of your post history, just a FYI.

No. 28988

didn’t we just get a new admin lmao

No. 28989

The amount of newfags in the Jillian thread is insane. I can smell the genderspecialness from here.

No. 28990

kpop critical is here:

No. 28991

just migrate to choachan nona. kpc there is so slow lolcow nonnies could colonize it

No. 28992

I wish

No. 28993

Stop perma-banning VPN IPs.

No. 28994

What's the problem with perma-banning VPN IPs?

No. 28995

when have you seen it happen to a non-cow?

No. 28996

the altcows thread could use some general cleaning up >>>/snow/1423288
the infighting is getting excessive, I personally suspect some self posting from a couple cows and wannabe cows, and there's been some people who knew the cow irl struggling to integrate with emojis and such. it will probably continue being a problem until the Jake and kaya breakup passes.

No. 28998

Have all the mods bailed? Lately it takes over 8 hours on average for bans to get handed out, and with the influx of newfags maybe it’s time to put farmhand applications back up?

No. 29000


No. 29003

This is the worst modteam ever

No. 29004

retarded kpoopers in ot

No. 29005

Hey mods, the leftcows thread in /snow/ is getting brigaded by Scarethots, scrotes and other assorted freaks. Lots of offtopic, unsaged posts and whiteknighting, would be great to get some bans going

No. 29006

In /g/ too and they're posting outside of the thread they made

No. 29007

could mods please pin this thread for complaints and unpin the old one? its been dead for a month almost

No. 29008

Why isn’t the kpop thread removed in ot?

No. 29009

Can a mod do something about the mini modding wk in the himeahri thread in /w/? They’ve been in the thread for months now vendetta crying and mini modding. Any normal person would’ve just hidden the thread.

No. 29011

Maybe if anons didn't bump the thread with "I saw this in a stream" without posting it, on an imageboard. Not to mention the already warrented bans for nitpicking and old postings. Post milk, not your 4 year old cry about asian fishing still as if we don't already know she does it. Nothing in the thread is new milk aside from one post she made about simps taking being nice out of context and then anon retardedly added on how she's a fake pansexual for some reason without anything to back it up except tinfoil and vendetta when the post had nothing to do with that at all. It had to do with telling simps that being nice isn't the same as flirting. It's not minimodding to tell you your posts are garbage.

No. 29012

> not your 4 year old cry about asian fishing still as if we don't already know she does it.
So because every knows she asian fishes we aren’t allowed to talk about it? Lmao
>no new milk
Why are you so critical about a goddamn thread? Hide it and move on. But I guess you can’t because you’re a wk.
> It's not minimodding to tell you your posts are garbage.
Assuming everyone is the same person kek
I agree, it’s not minimodding, it’s wking.

No. 29013

They're right boys, time to pack it up! We can't talk about it anymore because everyone know that Skyleigh is a fake asian!
Imagine if the world actually worked like that.

No. 29014

It's called waiting for new milk, the same way spergs say to stfu about Moo's tit vein. It's not new info and posting about it constantly doesn't make it new milk and it's the same recycled opinions too. You have nothing new to add and are just adding to your own context to make it seem new. Learn how this site works. It's not an archive just for nitpicks just because "its a gossip site". Go to discord for that shit if your going to obsess over every post daily she makes when you just say the same thing about the post every time.

No. 29015

There’s a difference between sperging about moos left tit vein and commenting on Sky’s continued snowflakery.
Also are you new here? Pretty much every thread in /w/ is like this.. Sky’s thread gets posted in every few days and you’re moaning about it like some newfag bumps the thread with unsaged rambling. Go touch some grass.

No. 29018

posts by insistent racebaiters like the one in /g/ rn should be deleted, because they just want attention

No. 29021

kpop stans should be banned

No. 29022

there’s been so much retarded infighting in tunas thread lately can a mod please start banning????

No. 29023

Can someone delete >>>/ot/1046754 ? I'm the one who made it, tried to delete it but it says my password is invalid and doesn't work

No. 29024

there’s a thread with a link to what i’m assuming is pedo shit in ot

No. 29025

Seconding this

No. 29026

Mods please check OT there's a cp link on the first page for the past half hour

No. 29027

Yeah I just saw it in /ot/

No. 29028

Can something be done about the infigting in the genshin impact threads that happen every single day now? I admit, I have taken the bait too but now it’s getting a bit redundant with the obvious twitterfags bringing up misogyny into husbando arguments. Actual discussion about the game rarely happens anymore.

No. 29030

It's all over the site right now, Scarethots, pro ana scumbags, MTF thread… wouldn't be surprised if it was some kinda coordinated effort

No. 29031

Why is this Grimes and Musk thread still up with a baby in the threadpic? >>>/snow/1426381
I thought No Kids is a site wide rule?

No. 29032

Celebrity children are not off limits I'm assuming??

No. 29033

Can something be done about the constant "hurr lori fat" nitpicking in her thread over in /w/? Its getting as monotonous as
>hurr moo fat
>hurr Shay ugly
>hurr shoe bald
The low effort bullshit isn't milk.

No. 29034

Jill's thread has been filled with nonstop retarded race infighting all day, please mods I am begging you to hand out bans

No. 29035

Now obviously no one person sees all posts in all threads because no one has time for that but…. God I feel like it's been ages since I've seen a farmhand / admin post anywhere on the site. It makes the empty feeling lolcow has been steadily acquiring even louder recently when there seems to be no voice coming from the other side of the wall.

No. 29036

Scrote posted porn in Shoes thread.

No. 29037

Yeah, no updates if new admin taken over or not, it seems like maybe one mod checks this site and hands out bans once a day, pt has been abandoned shit threads stay up there for days, I think it’s time to put farmhand applications back up

No. 29038

why did this bait thread get redtext but didn't get locked??

No. 29040

A butthurt fan is trying to start fights with anyone replying to information regarding a call out and derail the lilleejean thread in pt

No. 29041

File: 1643654962569.png (158.05 KB, 1842x542, mod_abuse.png)

Just reporting some casual power abuse by farmhands for banning this nonny for no reason.

No. 29042

File: 1643656953042.jpeg (372.2 KB, 828x887, 4128DFA8-F9AC-4011-9A0B-EBC3A6…)

how did this get banned for nitpicking but none of the infighting did (including the post right above it)???

No. 29043

Not to wk the farmhands but we don’t need retarded crypto bros anyways. Given the post above is complaining about male posters, that anon probably got reported and banned for sounding male. Farmhands could have checked the logs and made the decision based on more than that one post.

No. 29044

Yeah this is getting really bizarre. We should have a new admin and a whole new team of farmhands. Yet there is no announcement, extremely inactive moderation of threads and nobody replying in these threads. This is fucking depressing

No. 29045

Moid in Things We Hate Thread in /ot/.

No. 29046

male in celebricows, jannies wake up pls

No. 29047

I’m not a male you’re just ugly and can’t accept it(male)

No. 29048

File: 1643675001613.jpeg (268.61 KB, 640x961, F66D3D03-E6DF-4BAC-9AB3-9B69DB…)

I’m not a male. Is it so hard to believe one woman calls another ugly? On this website of all places? Wtf(ban evasion)

No. 29049

I’m not a male and I’m going to keep bam evading until you unban me for maleness and reban me for general female retardedness like I deserve. You can’t just ban someone for being male baselessly because someone doesn’t like their fave being called ugly on celebrities thread.(ban evasion)

No. 29051

you probably got banned for sperging all over the place and having a mental breakdown and saying stuff like "post your saggy baggers" or whatever – something only a male can do.

No. 29052

I’m not a regular on the effina thread >>>/snow/1431387 but it looks like it’s having trouble with whiteknighting and absurdly long posts debating whether plastic surgery is haram or not, could probably benefit from a farmhand looking it over. It feels like a lot of threads have been struggling more than usual with bait and infighting and derailing and all that.

No. 29053

That’s what that entire thread is, there’s no milk. There has been a massive influx of newfags and no bans going out to them so they just come back the next day and do it all over again

No. 29054

The LJ thread used to be my favorite but lately it’s just the same few twitterfags blogposting about their superiority to the attic goblins. Any time anons point out how obvious which twitter callout they are, they throw a fit. Not surprised they got pissed about other callouts getting attention.

No. 29057

The crypto discussion was on topic, saged and WTF is this misogynistic crap about women not being able to talk about crypto??

No. 29058

you do not have to censor naughty words on this website. can you twitfags please learn to integrate

No. 29059

AYRT I wish we knew what was going on in even a brief update post. I wish I could help, I was a janny here for awhile but had to stop when real life stuff came up that needed my attention. The old discord for mods/jannies has been inactive since Aug 2021 so I wonder if there is even a decent sized team still technically on or if anons guesses are right and it's only a handful. It feels like theres few if anyone left.

No. 29062

/snow/ and /pt/ are getting spammed with weird threads

No. 29063

CP in /ot/

No. 29065

Mods have to be absolutely trifling if they think we are going to click on that horrifically disgusting thread and report it. They better wake their asses up and delete it, tired of this shit

No. 29066

You can hide the image before reporting it. I literally use a book to block out the horrible image on the screen while I click to report it. Trouble is you don’t want it getting buried by well meaning nonnies who spam cat pics to cover it up.

No. 29067

File: 1643868105761.png (443.92 KB, 1440x1186, PartialScreenshot_20220202-235…)

Is anyone else having issues with spoilered pics? Instead of the spoiler image I see a blank box, and when I unspoiler there's like a blue screen over the image (picrel)

No. 29068

Click that (show) button next to the file

No. 29069

That did work, but is there a reason that all spoilered images would be 'hidden' by default? Unspoilered pics show up fine for me

No. 29070

Gore on /Snow/

No. 29072

File: 1643957138722.jpeg (88.49 KB, 578x278, ED8308D1-4A13-4F54-AD5F-23763F…)

Can we please ban retards like this? It’s akin to “hi cow” but even worse somehow.

No. 29074

Is it gone?

No. 29078

File: 1644000542725.jpeg (51.43 KB, 540x401, 1641616035769.jpeg)

theres a dumbass on the shay thread derailing and fighting. wont stop sperging paragraphs about how pedophiles are too good and high quality to enjoy shays porn. and seethes when we tell her what pedo pandering is. making pedo pander shit is why shay has a thread in the first place. its dumb and deserves red text.

No. 29080

Not real pedo pandering when you're an adult though. It's she okay at that point. She will get DDLG with what she does. I get the argument but pedo pandering has completely lost its meaning when farmers constantly call old looking, DEVELOPED women as childlike enough to pedo pander, based solely on pigtails and ugly onesies with stuffed animals.

No. 29082

File: 1644012597396.png (76.53 KB, 275x196, 1618837821490.png)

Hello Can we lock>>226291/g/attractive men thread? That thread is a total trash dump now. Can we start over and only allow pics to be uploaded until the retards can behave? Thank you

No. 29083

some idiot is spamming /pt/ with posts. nothing graphic yet but you never know.

No. 29084

File: 1644035993338.jpg (10.95 KB, 240x240, 98264c105df9d0000a931f7f52b4f5…)

I'm so fucking tired of seeing Cp and gore being spammed

No. 29086

/g/ is getting raided

No. 29087

Now there’s a gorespam on /ot

No. 29091

Elaine’s upset no one’s paying attention to her

No. 29092

the tranny moderators here are too busy banning people if they mention kpop once instead of banning and taking care of actual issues that are affecting this site lately.

Like this disgusting moid post for example >>29088
This same moid has been spamming here for weeks and he still posts here, shouldnt he and all of his vpns be banned already unless someone is forgetting to ban all of his ip's hmmm….

No. 29094

Up for 7 hours…. Great work mods.

No. 29095

I don’t think mods check this board ever, I mean the townhall from November and the full complaints thread are still pinned to the top

No. 29096

File: 1644089181902.png (1.2 MB, 1148x1230, Untitled.png)

Admin has left us to die

No. 29097

at this point it seems like images should be auto-spoilered

No. 29098

can the power-tripping ban happy mods stop permabanning people for the dumbest things? kthanks

No. 29099

Stupid moid in ot

No. 29100

SHAYNAFAG ADMIN please report to the 100th Shayna thread. Make a warning post, get jannies to red text, or something.
It is full of newfags, obvious scrotes and one anon who is responding within minutes to infight but keeps saying "NTA" to make it seem like there is support for cowtipping and alogging. There is so much same-fagging that's obvious because they repeat the same phrases and syntax. Everyone talking about Black Mirror and Shayna ending her life and the whole vibe is really fucked from the Twitter/scrote samefagging since the middle of thread #99, and it's been noticed by other anons too.

No. 29101

We desperately need a hell week but it’s clear there isn’t nearly enough staff for that

No. 29102

Has anyone actually heard from the new admin? Like any posts or anything? Also how could one apply to be a mod? There used to be a link to apply but it's been removed. I love this place and I'm willing to invest however much time I have to to keep it going and moid-free. But tbh I don't even know if I'm qualified. Feeling a little hopeless in these past few weeks.

No. 29103

tbh i feel like the admin has left and its just mods now, maybe im wrong but thats the feeling im getting with how inactive and messy everything has gotten.

No. 29104

I think so too. Admin said she was leaving Jan 1st and we haven’t heard anything. Maybe the Shay admin flaked and we’ve just been drifting with one or two mods carrying the site. I’m afraid one day soon the site just will go down

No. 29105

New admin need to say hello if she is actually here. Life signs please.

No. 29106

Pretty sure retired admin is still active in the duscord and somewhat in the technical aspect of the website.
If new admin really flaked, there'd be no harm in at least opening up janny positions again.

No. 29107

At this point I'm like desperate to apply for a position, the mess in /ot/ right now is really bumming me out. It's my favorite board next to /m/. But I also kind of hope some anons will use /m/ more often because they're exhausted with /ot/. Bleh.

No. 29108

Is admin still accepting new mods?

No. 29109

wish posts using the word 'faghag' could be autodeleted, every single one of them using it is annoying bait

No. 29110

That’s what I think too. Admin said she was gonna leave after the new year. And so she obviously has. The new admin who just wanted to keep lolcow alive for the Shayna threads is clearly not here yet. Maybe she got cold feet and now we don’t have anyone. Cause it’s clearly only mods here. Doesn’t seem to be a new larger mod team either.

No. 29113

I just hope the server bill is still going to be paid

No. 29114

If old admin is still in the discord, could someone just contact her and ask?

No. 29115

>>1055680 end his misery

No. 29116

She said that she will give the new admin support, not fuck off completely… while she wouldn't be directly involved, she would watch over the new admin. The fact that we have zero information from either of them is concerning.
Shaydmin, if you are here… this is your chance to show up.

No. 29117

Have you ever considered not simping for gay men on here?

No. 29118

The new admin joined the discord server a week ago, she hasn't said much, but she's there. So I still have faith.

No. 29119

could you provide screenshots for anons not in the server?

No. 29120

Great, she goes to the discord for newfags but won’t make an announcement here at all. Why do we even have a discord, we’re no better than the scrotes on kiwi if we’re gonna namefag and scream for attention but pretend that we’re better than the cows here. Discord and an anonymous imageboard is just a bizarre combination

No. 29121

Calm down Elaine, you're gonna get your shot at doxing her soon enough

No. 29123

I’m the first anon you replied to and I’m not Elaine, I literally type like a eurofag anon. I’ve just been here since 2016 and it’s disappointing for me to see how bad it has gotten here. No interaction with the new admin, the worst moderation team in years and farmers sperging and seeking attention on discord while we’re supposed to be anonymous to not stray away from our lolcow culture. I’m way too attached to our farm to see it become this way

No. 29124

I'm with you anon. The mod team and admin are dragging their fucking feet. It feels like there's maybe two mods.

No. 29125

the scrote himself says that he uses vpns to circumvent the ban and all his posts does is get deleted and the he posts again a couple hours later.

No. 29126

They should continue to remove his posts. What I don't understand is the team's refusal to communicate with the fucking board about it.

No. 29127

i agree with this the most. Its like they are ignoring us on purpose, i wish they spend more time communicating with the anons on lolcow who are 90% of their audience instead of sperging on discord.

No. 29129

i don’t get why anons won’t stop replying to the scrote. i get that they’re annoying but the thread that’s getting spammed is flooded by replies and it makes it hard to report the posts as they show up and it ends up being a lost cause. a farmhand jumped in to tell everyone to stop replying and that post got drowned out by another string of responses

i almost think the admin/farmhands are being silent on purpose because anons won’t listen to them lmao

No. 29130

I mean still, can someone contact her and ask what's going on?

No. 29131

I'd apply to be a mod/farmhand if it was only for /ot/ and /m/ since they're the only boards I use, so my suggestion is when farmhand applications are open again to let anons applying be able to pick which boards they mod..? Idrk how shit works but this place needs more farmhands and I think that would be a good start to getting more.

No. 29132

are you retarded? i'm the second anon you replied to and i'm asking because i want proof they actually exist. apologies for not wanting to see gore and cee pee every time i log on to laugh at ugly fat girls on twitter

No. 29137

I don’t get why they won’t just lock the thread. That’s what they’ve done for years, why refuse to do it now?

No. 29139

I think that’s usually how it works. I know different boards have different farmhands

No. 29141

looks like one of the mods is awake for now but still no answer to what happened to admins

No. 29142

why would mods tell us when it should be coming straight from the horse's mouth?

No. 29143

I would be extremely unsurprised if the obvious moid saying she wasn't human and talking about wanting to see "how it ends" (cue: samefagging and idiots agreeing since they can't see what he was leading up to) is the same person who shortly after suggested we "hack her and delete her socials" and was talking about her "passing away"

Generally if someone is trying to present someone as less than human it's in the lead up to some sort of planned harm which they are trying to rationalize with themselves, it's like nonnies never read a history book.
At least they outed themselves and got banned but people really need to be careful what they humor especially when it's as obvious as that. It isn't pearlclutching to try and nip potential moid raids and doxes in the bud when you see the lead up to them (i.e. talking about a cow dying and saying they aren't human) rather than encourage them, but like you said half of the "agreement" is likely samefagging.
Doxing, cowtipping, a-logging and wishing bodily harm are all against lolcow rules regardless of how much of a hateboner someone has for a cow, and feeding into that stuff attracts moids like flypaper.

No. 29144

File: 1644279733355.jpeg (295.75 KB, 1242x1025, 642C3774-B09B-4E24-9543-22A5AE…)

Kind of random- I had the attractive men thread up in a tab from when I replied last night. When I came back to the tab just now, I noticed the photos and the model’s name was deleted. Was he a minor or something because he didn’t look like a minor. More like a early/mid 20s pretty boy. I’m genuinely curious.

No. 29145

He’s 19 and one of those tik tok celebs and models. So not a minor and he regularly posts stuff like that.

No. 29146

maybe anon's posts got caught in between an ip range ban?

No. 29147

Well that’s a relief cause I felt really gross for a second kek
I still feel gross but not nearly if you said he was 17. Legit thought like 24/25.

No. 29151

We have been raided a lot more than usual lately. For instance, we had/have a CP raid today that I am still keeping an eye on. We have had almost daily general raids for some weeks now.

Posters do not end up seeing most raids that are happening, but three days ago we had raiding from 40+ IP's. In such instances, sometimes mods end up deleting by accident posts that happen to have an IP collision. I am currently not available to go dig up that post for aforementioned reasons, but I assume it was an accidental collateral deletion.

No. 29152

nta but thanks for your hard work against the raids farmhands! Glad to hear back from you and stay strong.

No. 29153

Omg, you guys are alive?
Jokes aside, I'm sorry you have to deal with raids. Thank you for your work.

No. 29154

Thank you so much for your hard work. I know that people ride your asses over stuff but the fact that we don't even see most of these raids shows how hard you guys are working. It's not going unappreciated.

No. 29155

AYRT- I wasn’t upset about it, general curiosity. Thanks for all your hard work

No. 29156

File: 1644339776014.jpg (94.23 KB, 1057x287, Screenshot_20220208-090210_Fir…)

Are these anons the ones who keep raiding too? These unsaged fat posts are everywhere, especially /w/.

No. 29157

racebait and /pol/faggotry off the charts on /ot/, multiple threads. i've reported the instances i saw but it seems to be especially eggregious today.

No. 29158

Hi Farmers, I'll be your new admin. The current admin and I are in daily communication and I've joined the team as her 'understudy'. I won't be taking over officially until a few weeks from now, but I'm excited for the next chapter of lolcow.farm. I do have an account in the discord server, but I'm not active there and have nothing to announce as of yet. When I do, it'll be on /meta/. I'm reading all of your concerns and suggestions and can't wait to do my best for this site. Once I'm in charge, I'll announce myself in a separate thread.

No. 29159

Holy shit I had noticed that the raids were more frequent but I didn't know it was that bad. Thanks a lot for your hard work, stay strong.

No. 29160

Good to see you exist, you were worrying us there. Thank you for stepping up and not letting the site go dark

No. 29161

Welcome, new admin! Hope you don't have a lot of trouble dealing with us

No. 29162

Good luck! I am expecting great things.

No. 29163

Thanks for letting us know, soon-to-be admin! Can't wait to see what you do with the place.

No. 29164

Twitterfags racebaiting in /ot/

No. 29166

The 'things you hate' thread is chock full of racebait. It's probably in other threads too.

No. 29168

It’s been hours of race sperging, jannies help please

No. 29169

Please lock the luna aquaphine thread

No. 29171

Welcome, good to see you posting new Admin!

Thank you for your hard work. You're doing splendidly because despite being here often, I haven't seen this stuff.

No. 29172

When will you be reopening farmhand / janny applications? Welcome, new admin! Hope all goes well!

No. 29173

scrote posting nsfw thread in ot. i don't want to click it to report.

No. 29174

I checked the box next to the thread and reported it. I hope it wasn't anything illegal since I don't have an image blocker on mobile.

No. 29175

File: 1644407031029.jpeg (271 KB, 741x557, A4B7DC70-66ED-4E89-8407-307D59…)

Yay finally. Thank you.
Salutations, admin..

No. 29176

Ah my posts, nice to know I didn't do anything wrong. Is it okay if I repost them?

No. 29177

File: 1644435080984.gif (658.62 KB, 500x347, 8B58C78E-E2BF-4E6B-B7E0-5F8821…)

Hello sexy

No. 29178

Good to see you, admin! I'm glad old admin is still around to help you out. Hope this year is kind to the staff and farmers.

No. 29179

Welcome admin! Excited to see what changes you make to the site.

No. 29180

thank you for the official announcement admin, welcome home!

No. 29181

Just coming to remind everyone the waifulab threads on /m/ are shill plants by a creepy incel.

No. 29182

Tbh it's not awful. I love generating husbandos and waifus there. We might as well add that some picrew authors post their stuff in the thread too and yes some are moids

No. 29183

Hi admin, I'll be your old farmer.
I'll be shitposting and reporting gore and such.

No. 29184

Moids and trolls in this thread.

No. 29185

gore on /ot/ again

No. 29187

Just a big thank you to The Mods for for taking a better stance on tinfoil lately in threads. It helps keep out those who clearly have vendettas and try to take stuff from cows out of context in order to pass it off as milk instead of just waiting for milk. Its been making some threads more legible.

No. 29188

You derailed

No. 29190

Lots of annoying blogposting in the coquette thread on snow right now

No. 29191

File: 1644523174547.png (295.99 KB, 1080x1461, Screenshot_20220210-104832~2.p…)

The following is written with respect and a little bit of humor.

I own my autism. If you think I was derailing by linking all those WK posts, ok, I won't do that anymore. Criticism accepted! But come on now, I was not accusing "people" of samefagging. I accused one person - the same one still dropping boring turds of "wisdom" and "what's normal for MOMS" in the thread.

No. 29192

waifulabs has been trying to buy advertising here and on 4chan, they are preying on the site. autists gonna autist tho i guess.

No. 29193

No one was defending her. Learn what whiteknighting is.

No. 29194

I gotta disagree, there's someone who samefags all the time in that thread about any criticism and whines that Tayhasn'tbeenmilkyinyears. Research-chan >>29191 only started listing their posts, as soon as I searched for "never been around pregnant" or "never been pregnant" a bunch of older preachy ones came up. Someone is hard obsessed with her and her pregnancy, it's p funny and weird

No. 29195

I really think the constant tinfoiling over other anons in the thread needs to be banned just how calling banning people who call everyone a scrote should be banned. Every fucking day I see anons arguing about "You're probably that one anon from that other thread that I had an argument with!! You sound just like them!!" as if there's not hundreds of different posters on here. It's such pathetic whiny infighting and completely irrelevant.

No. 29196

Goddamn just remove racebait, it shits up the thread an you remove posts for less. I want to look at hot men, not endless redtexts.

No. 29197

Decimate the Twitch thread now. It’s just males posting about women being whores every two days.

No. 29198

Why Does it touch a nerve for you? Hm? Just say no.

No. 29199

It's infighting, it should be against the rules.

Every second thread in /snow/ is about nitpicking sexworkers, but it should be banned in the twitch thread.. why?

No. 29200

Does anyone know of a Chrome extension that works with Lolcow and allows you to see things like replies to your posts, etc?

No. 29202

File: 1644599402414.png (3.64 KB, 646x64, reee.png)

you don't have this issue when anisa is discussed

No. 29203

Can you please circle which one of these is you?

No. 29204

File: 1644600036126.jpg (277 KB, 1650x784, 1644587235150.jpg)

No. 29205

I don't see being neutral or pointing out tinfoils and run-away train like anon spergs as defending. Anons argue about hypothetical language issues when the kid isn't even born and go for almost 50 posts. Thats derailing and has zero points, considering, the kid isn't born and can't even talk. Some of the shit anons say are borderline racist about it and its spergy as hell. Maybe stay on topic and don't nitpicking shit thats common for pregnant women like breast pumps or a nursing cart. I get its a gossip site, but some of you completely miss the fact that a lot of this posted has to be plausible with existing proof. The whole "she's making fetish content" is retarded as hell too. She's not if anons actually gave context to video or explained they are memes.

No. 29206

File: 1644601746246.jpg (154.06 KB, 1080x459, Screenshot_20220211-094833_Fir…)

Dear god thank you

No. 29207

no, the farmhands are wrong about this. the anons who are ruining the thread are the ones arguing against it.

No. 29208

Its not milky to tinfoil.

No. 29209

holy fuck, can you at least keep it in the Taylor thread? no one here cares about your opinions

No. 29210

Fucking thank you. That shit was getting so annoying and no one was posting any proof, just arguing about it. At least with the lipo saga there were scars.

No. 29211

i'm the omelet bites

No. 29213

the tinfoil wasn't the issue. it was all the uneducated idiots reeing about it.

No. 29214

It was tinfoil.

No. 29215

every single /ot/ thread completely dogshit right now.

No. 29216

Seems like there are alot of twitter kids here right now.

No. 29217

Moid posting in the FTM thread.

No. 29218

its been flooded with twittfags for years now :(

( :( )(emote use)

No. 29220

Please, can something be done about the twitterfags and the /pol/fags on the artistsalt threads. It's every single day, the derailment.

No. 29221

the kanye defender is derailing the thread to hell in the celebricows thread and is infighting with all anons.

No. 29223

Can the mods please ban tkyosam self posting in the jvlogger thread?
I feel like I’m the only one who can see it, every time the conversation derails he always makes reference to himself to try and steer it back to jvloggers. The previous thread pic was literally copied and edited from a thumbnail from one of his videos.
I would call him out but I don’t want to get banned for hi cowing!

No. 29224

crap anon is also back, can these two please be banned for infighting derailing ffs.

No. 29227

pedo scrote saying that csa victims ''flirt with adults'' in the mental disorders you cant deal thread.

No. 29228

crazy how the people who can't handle different opinions so they call others whores and scrotes are the ones who think the other person is derailing, not them. people can complain and call me every insult in the book but when i reply to the fuckery im derailing and shitposting gotta love the pure hypocrisy this website can have sometimes lel

No. 29229

kanyefag. Anons in both the celebricows and things you hate thread are telling you to stop but apparently you think all those anons are at fault and you are right.

No. 29230

and you’re an expert in the handling of different opinions, aren’t you? really monitoring this whole sight so that no Kanye wrongthink goes unpunished.

No. 29231

It's so obvious this is only happening because Kanye is very unpopular on here so they think anyone who likes him has to be a tranny/scrote/troll despite me criticizing him several times on the same thread.
I've probably aggressively stanned for other celebs more than kanye on here but only kanye is the one getting angry vendettafags to keep mentioning me everywhere so it's weird.

No. 29235

there's been a infighting for at least two hours in the salt thread, pls do something

No. 29236

Its on topic though. Art shit in the art thread.

No. 29237

There will always be infighting sometimes. No matter what thread or topic.

No. 29238

Subhuman anon has been spotted in so many threads, she tries to derail and infight in a lot of different places. She always uses the same language like "subhuman" and shit. Absolutely no effort to integrate.

No. 29239

Moid/troon posting in MTF thread.

No. 29245

Maybe gay scrote triggered by MTF thread.

No. 29246

No. 29248

No. 29250

why won’t it let me reply to the book thread …

No. 29251

So why was Lolcow down?

No. 29253

No. 29255

File: 1644822824554.jpg (133.83 KB, 993x1024, 1644808569697m.jpg)

I keep getting weird errors, I can only assume new admin is testing shit and pressed an oopsie button

No. 29257

I keep getting errors but it seems like it's posting anyway. Seems like anons in /snow/ are having no trouble since I don't see anyone there mentioning it.
Nah, we may have been ddos'd. Apparently Kiwifarms had the same issue just yesterday.

No. 29258

Weird, I saw your post earlier, but only now the image popped up too.

No. 29259

I'm trying to post in OT and it's not going through, I can only post here (though I haven't tried the other boards yet as I have nothing to contribute to them)

No. 29260

That was my bad, I tried posting with and without an image to see if that affected the error I receive (it didn't), then deleted the duplicate post when I realized both went through

No. 29261

/snow/ is working for some reason, but I can't post in /ot/ or /m/ either

No. 29262

Oh, that explains why I kept getting errors. Anyway, I've just cleared the board for the doodle room, if there are bored anons here waiting for LC to work again you could pop by and drop a new drawing.

No. 29263

/g/ worked for me

No. 29264

Moid comments still up in unpopular opinions thread

No. 29265

Moid comments still up in unpopular opinions.

No. 29271

Same. Disappointing… I want to show Hillary Duff bangs anon the photos I found. Wonder if she got her haircut.

No. 29272

Is the posting problem on /ot/ and /m/ being fixed?

No. 29273

I’m sure

No. 29275

/snow/ seems to be having the same problem right now

No. 29277

Can't wait for /ot/ to be back up so the artist nonnas can post what they drew in the meantime in the doodle room!

No. 29278

File: 1644848608327.gif (2.78 MB, 384x239, Tumblr_l_89951999170127.gif)

i miss you nonnies…

No. 29279

i stupidly tried posting a few times in the off my chest thread and vent but kept getting an error. i didn’t see anything but if there is a flood of duplicates it was my fault and i will report them if they show up so they can be cleaned up.

No. 29281

File: 1644848817822.jpg (28.92 KB, 563x545, 26486f58f16b34a5298e8e2c5197e4…)

Nonnies are my valentine

No. 29283

Same, I’ve been trying to post in the confessions thread and I hope they don’t duplicate because it’s autistic as fuck.

No. 29284

The anon who posted this won my heart.
It's yours, my friend.

No. 29285

Test post to see if I get an error message now

No. 29286

File: 1644851827595.jpg (36.01 KB, 612x344, istockphoto-1035522026-612x612…)

I got flowers for everyone! Happy Valentine's day nonnas!

No. 29287

So, do we know whats going on?
It's been hours, I thought I would wake up to see ot and m working again

No. 29288

I know right, is the site getting a new coding system or something? Idk how these things work though. Did we get some faggots trying to somehow hack the site and turn it off?

No. 29289

This might be related to when the site went down last night, assuming something got borke in the backend and maybe admin doesn't know yet?

No. 29290

I know right, is the site getting a new coding system or something? Idk how these things work though. Did we get some faggots trying to somehow hack the site and turn it off?

No. 29291

File: 1644853183117.jpg (24.24 KB, 450x452, 34fab44854620b1792362a22f9996b…)

Thank you!

No. 29292

File: 1644853432263.jpg (52.28 KB, 700x817, Depositphotos_156593154_s-2019…)

Happy Valentine's day nonatellas!
A great gift would be…being able to use the boards properly!

No. 29294

File: 1644853980522.png (637 KB, 640x800, 9731DD75-0AFE-4ECB-9AF2-0EF033…)

happy valentine’s day, nonnies! i love and miss you even more now that we’ve spent time apart. hope new admin isn’t too overwhelmed with all this bs.

No. 29296

Ban the smeggot in the unpopular opinions thread already

No. 29297

Ban the smeggot in the unpopular opinions thread already

No. 29298

Ban the scrote in the unpopular opinions thread

No. 29299

File: 1644855059325.gif (63.69 KB, 460x260, happy vd.gif)

Ignore that error, your post gets posted.

No. 29300

File: 1644855106891.jpg (33.74 KB, 1061x233, Capture.JPG)


(this one)

No. 29301

It doesn't? None of my posts have gotten through

No. 29302

They get through here despite the error message but not on ot

No. 29305

There's something wrong with the database storing the posts, did the admin attempt a migration or did the service running the database crash completely? Did the posts table get corrupted by something?

No. 29306

This is working on /snow/ now but not /ot/

No. 29308

They are getting double posted, how embarrassing. But maybe this is just a clever way to keep most boards locked until the scrotes get bored.

No. 29310

Why do I keep seeing "duplicate key I'd no. " When I try to make a post?

No. 29311

I'm sure they're aware and working on it, nonnie. They just don't keep in contact with the board which I think is weird but they've gotta be trying to fix it.

No. 29312


No. 29313

Would it kill them to post a sentence or two just letting us know what's going on?

No. 29314

File: 1644862063991.jpg (6.07 KB, 101x220, 179427.jpg)

What is happening to this website??

No. 29316

The cloud host wasn't responsive. This happens sometimes and isn't rare and not lolcow's fault.

No. 29317

File: 1644862266150.gif (224.68 KB, 320x240, tumblr_nqb4f6maJU1tltytjo1_400…)

Can this be the new shitpost thread until /ot/ opens back up? TIA mods <3

No. 29318

For some reason i felt this was gonna happen from all the infighting and autism yesterday tbh.

No. 29319

File: 1644863437552.jpg (71.76 KB, 644x488, 1644692477972.jpg)

i hope this calms things down and that nonnerellas got some intimate time with their SO today

No. 29320

we could make a temporary /ot/ shitpost thread in /g/, would that be ok? I need to be retarded

No. 29323

god please, i have too much retardation in my brain, its gotta go somewhere

No. 29324

Adminnnnn when are you gonna fix shit in /ot/ and /m/

No. 29325

idk you guys, maybe i am being paranoid but something must have happened because the mods usually try to communicate with us whenever we are having technical issues. i am wondering if they themselves are unable to access the backend or someone deliberately fucked up the servers. i know someone will say i am overreacting but in the all the years i have been on this board, it has never been this bad.

No. 29327

I have the same feeling

No. 29328

holy fuck you can stop typing in bold Elaine

No. 29329

No. 29331

go to hell, retard.

No. 29332

and it looks ridiculous stop being over dramatic

no u

No. 29333

File: 1644871341404.jpeg (131.55 KB, 564x797, 49FE70DF-9886-4B5A-B31B-A47A15…)

yeah but 522's never resulted in posting functions being disabled, at least in the few years I've been here

what is fucking going on

No. 29334

this is tinfoil but maybe the mods shut down /ot/ temporarily because of all of the raids?
I remember when there was a raid a couple weeks ago and anons were telling the mods to shut down /ot/ for a while so maybe the mods took their advice?? Hopefully not though, this is just tinfoil.

No. 29335

that is what is weird to me as well. i have been through a few server crashes and the only thing that is familiar to me are the duplicates but not the weird codes.

it’s just the radio silence that is so weird. i am
hoping that the mod team didn’t fall out again, it’s almost like they abandoned the site.

No. 29336

>Kiwifarms down due to DDOS attacks
>lolcow goes down at the same time

Is the troonmageddon finally here? Am I typing one of the last posts in the free internets?

No. 29337

but this doesnt explain why we get errors in the
other boards too. Idk its just mess.
The way the so called new admin is ignoring everyone is weird. Do we have a admin or not because ever since the old admin left lolcow, lolcow slowly started becoming a mess.

The new admin/mods now also allowed infighting because they are too busy to ban posters.

No. 29338

lolcow didnt go down the same way kf did, thats why anons are so confused as to what is going on.
Lolcow had its usual ''host is down'' moments and then was back up and now you cant post on certain boards.

No. 29339

Isn't the new admin the Shaytard one? Btw isn't there an emial to shoot admin an email? Anybody tried this?

No. 29340

LC has been a mess for years. It didn't just start.

Tinfoil that the last admin finally rolled out her super-duper board upgrades and fucked things up. Think it was mentioned a few weeks ago she was planning to do this.

No. 29341

File: 1644873366609.gif (1.23 MB, 220x211, catkiss.gif)

If anything happens I just want to tell you nonnas that I love you and that I've had a great time here

No. 29343

Same. I really don't want it to go down though

No. 29345

>The new admin/mods now also allowed infighting because they are too busy to ban posters.
That wasn't the new admin though, that happened months ago

No. 29346

I really doubt the team just up and quit. Remember when we those moid raids a week or two ago? A farmhand stepped in to say that they had been working on keeping it under control but that the moid(s) kept ban evading so it was a lot of work to clean up the retarded posts. There's probably just a handful of mods so that's why there's no communication because they're too busy cleaning up and trying to fix this shithole. Let's have a little faith.

No. 29347

the fact we’ve all been in this thread for a while and haven’t had any mods say anything is pretty telling.

No. 29348

No offense to you anon, but I'm kind of tired of anons doing this "the staff has abandoned us and LC is literally on the brink of shutting down". It really sucks that no one is telling us what's going on, but I'm sure we're just having the technical/server issues (whether that's because we got ddos'd or something else" and it'll be fixed soon enough. Also if we're having issues posting, then mods could be having their own issues with banning.

No. 29349

Quickly skimmed /snow/ and the last ban I saw was 23 hours ago, which is when the /ot/ glitch started happening. So basically the site has been unmoderated for about a day, right?

No. 29350

Are they not active on the discord

tf are people even donating for when mod/farm hands don't do shit.

No. 29351

i just checked, i haven’t seen anything.

No. 29352

>Think it was mentioned a few weeks ago she was planning to do this

No. 29353

File: 1644875556556.jpg (110.88 KB, 1920x1200, White-and-black-cats-hugs-and-…)

Same, love you all. Even the conspiracy thread anons, although they scared me

No. 29354

No you idiot. A quick look even on here at meta you can see that there was a ban 8 hours ago. Farmhands are still here banning people, it’s just that admin hasn’t addressed the technical issues at all. Which maybe kinda makes sense since the new admin hasn’t gotten full control yet, she said that she’s still kinda learning stuff from old admin.

No. 29355

Yeah, this happens every time there is a technical issue but the site has always come back. Whatever happened this time might be something that takes a while to clean up

No. 29356

It's valentinesday, Oldmin is probably busy with her gf and Newmin is probably too inexperienced to fix it alone yet. If a seething scrote is responsible, it would also be contrapoductive to give him any form of recognition.

Or it's what >>29340 said and we're finally getting the update Oldmin planned last year.

No. 29357

I think this is the most likely scenario. The old admin might be working on restoring the site, and the new admin + farmhands don't necessarily have much to say about it.

No. 29358

Sorry nonna didn't check here, love you

No. 29359

File: 1644879182690.jpg (157.49 KB, 736x822, 842aa9c5b05d1960b4e81a5ad67841…)

i luved scaring you darlings with the Truth(TM)

No. 29360

File: 1644879464597.jpeg (225.16 KB, 1400x1050, 410AF69A-FDD1-42C9-A9CE-83EA00…)

I love you cuties, and also admin-sama, maybe this is a sign to go enjoy Valentine's day. If you don't have a valentine then I am it now. xoxo

No. 29361

File: 1644879698116.png (615.46 KB, 1080x956, 249-242-9-259-25-92.png)

ty, let me now lead you to th e bedroom wi nk wi nk

No. 29362

File: 1644879894892.jpeg (17.42 KB, 288x175, 77A9718A-4973-4AEC-ADAD-F4465B…)

a-anon I…

No. 29363

File: 1644880123434.png (458.44 KB, 518x494, ebddbd5ace77b496ac9d9298670904…)

no words only - SMOOCH

No. 29364

Now that you point that out it's really suspicious.

No. 29365

No worries anon sorry for calling you an idiot, I just really dislike doomposting. Love you too

No. 29368

I ship this. I’m not drunk, this is love.

No. 29369

File: 1644888148975.gif (4.34 MB, 480x360, bus-sad.gif)

I just want /m/ back

No. 29371

I hope you are diagnosed with a neurodegenerative disease so that you die slowly, painfully and confused, preferably with no one at your side.

No. 29372

Since the mods are busy, can I post gore of dicks getting crushed horribly?

No. 29373

So on the off chance that this is fucking it, where do we go? Any suggestions or backups? I sure as hell am not going back to 4chan, this is the only decent imageboard on the internet.

No. 29375

If they've been active for two hours then why hasn't whatever the hell's been happening here been addressed?

No. 29376

File: 1644889160529.jpeg (23.38 KB, 600x600, 7DC20A48-5150-4213-9193-20E765…)


No. 29378

File: 1644890406431.jpeg (74.39 KB, 480x895, B11324BF-EDBC-49D9-B55E-44825F…)

Happy v-day nonnies; making some menstrual cup soup and missing /ot/

No. 29379

File: 1644892069183.png (296.29 KB, 612x612, 1598771886921.png)


No. 29380

good job mods

No. 29381

Did I just peep the Horror?

No. 29382

File: 1644892836070.jpg (892.59 KB, 2048x1365, Tumblr_l_73697478025672.jpg)

No. 29383

No. 29384

Idk what you expect mods to update us on anon, I doubt they're involved with the technical aspect of this site. Today is a holiday, just chill and wait for tomorrow and we'll see if admin updates.

No. 29385

I can barely post anymore. Anytime I try to post something it says there's an error, time-out or whatever the hell. The site's been lagging like crazy for about a week now. Am I the only one experiencing this? I don't use a VPN and have been using this site since the second artist salt thread was made (long long time). I never had issues before, is there a reason or is my computer just fucked?

No. 29387

I love it, you should post it in the thread on /g/
It's not you, it's this site, but we have no clue yet what exactly is wrong and are waiting to find out from admin or somebody

No. 29388

Okay thanks nonna, I hope it gets fixed soon! I'm a neet right now so I need this site lol

No. 29389

File: 1644896774075.jpeg (185.8 KB, 629x900, 62109C71-9FE4-4D7B-A3A6-8C715C…)

I feel ya. This place is pretty cozy tbh fam

No. 29390

I need to cry in the vent thread. Hope the site gets fixed soon.

No. 29391

so is it just OT and G that are broken? or have I been cursed?

No. 29394

Same but I couldn't hold it in so vented in the impromptu thread in /g/

No. 29395

/ot/ refugees are welcome in /g/!

No. 29396

File: 1644912152097.jpg (67.74 KB, 720x638, 20220129_145802.jpg)

modmin don't need to mention deets. can they just tell us they're aware of the issue?

No. 29397

I need Finland general in /ot/ admins pls do something ;__;

No. 29399

I noticed that the mods are back, so we will hopefully get some news about what happened in a day or two depends on the timezones. However I think most of the mods and admin must have spent v-day offline before realizing what happened to the servers as last year there wasn't the usual traffic.

No. 29400

Ok that's a cute thought, I hope admin is bathed in love

No. 29401

File: 1644915457857.png (8.7 KB, 1388x96, where are you jannies.png)

how the hell is there a 5 hour old ban in /snow/ yet we've been begging for a response for over a day now? admin, we KNOW you see us

No. 29402

Because admin doesn’t give out bans retard, farmhands do. Farmhands can’t do anything about tech issues

No. 29403

no shit. we've been asking for a sign of life from any staff. and if admin is unaware you'd think the jannies could contact her about it.

No. 29404

>admin, we KNOW you see us
That's a janny, anon.

No. 29406

I took a day off of lolcow to come back to this

No. 29407

I know, but if the jannies are still here I don't see how they couldn't be aware of what's happening to the site and try to contact admin or at least address it like "we don't know what's going on either" or something

No. 29409

Ooooh we gotta bad ass over here If this is what makes you happy i feel very bad for you. We can navigate through a “dead” thread but can you resolve your little dick insecurities? Doubt it.

No. 29412

Are you guys really going to give an autistic scrote the female attention he's milking for? You're not his mommy, you can ignore him and his wet diaper. Don't interact.

No. 29414

File: 1644920213782.jpeg (48.82 KB, 623x673, B8098A2C-A690-4964-9AF9-697A4D…)


No. 29416

How did the male sex go from hunting animals twice their size with their bare hands to thinking they’re super cool and badass for being retarded on an image board. Devolution at its finest ladies, we need to bring classic masculinity back, men should only be out in the wild hunting and building houses.

No. 29417

Imagine have such mental and emotional incompetence you spend all your time coming to lc to troll women instead of doing anything to better your chances at actually making real relationships and getting laid. All these bait posts and bs wont change your appeal or dick size. You must of been an angry lil scrote stuck to a screen on valentines day.

No. 29419

File: 1644921602726.jpeg (56.73 KB, 668x431, 37539DF0-4D72-4E0D-9BFA-9E3385…)

come on nonnas take notes from actually successful male run sites

No. 29421

KEK, it's still down and dead too

No. 29422

What the hell is that retarded logo?

No. 29423

>Reddit for retards to retarded for reddit shuts down.
>The tards come here instead.
Damn, that's really how it is on this bitch of an earth. Anyways, tempted to start work on a temporary lolcow, or at least a female only imageboard. Would there be any interest for that you all think?

No. 29428

Characters and artist. Now.

No. 29430

>I'll continue bumping threads, and the other dudes here will continue ragging on you all, and gore/CP will continue to be posted on other threads
>being smug about being a nuisance
>being smug, if not encouraging, of your ilk posting CP
Have as much sex as you want just please, please, do not personally continue your bloodline. Do not not spread your genes.

No. 29434

File: 1644925776487.gif (2.7 MB, 514x640, meow-cats.gif)

Mods, please fix /ot/ I need to use the vent thread.
Pretty please?

No. 29435

Pretty telling the difference between the two audiences. Lolcow shuts down, people chill in the real world, Kiwifags shuts down, retards chimp on other sites like a plague of coom chimps. Jersh should be ashamed.

No. 29437

Kiwifag had tranny jannies, and jannies who fucked trannies stinkditches. Lolcow's never hired a tranny.
Lolcow: 1
Kiwifags: 0

No. 29438

File: 1644926000094.jpg (115.66 KB, 1080x1347, 5787665446yu.jpg)

What did mods mean by this?

No. 29439

Fuck it, what we really need is the nonnie with the penis gore

No. 29440

wew elaine is on a roll today

No. 29441

i was literally thinking this…where is cbt anon?!?

No. 29442

Kek, a true queen.

No. 29443

Moids are too incompetent for tech. They need to go back to dying in needless wars against other scrotes.

No. 29445

Oh my GOD! Please be joking

No. 29446


No. 29447


No. 29449

It means you're trying to post an image that's already been posted itt

No. 29450

I though I saw something that said the m text thingy should be fixed. I'm a dumb dumb, my bad.

No. 29451

There's a reason autism is more common in men nonnies. They're literally retarded. Y is a mutation of a healthy X.

No. 29452

No sadly I am not, the tranny fucker was called Cat something.

No. 29455

Nah but you sure seem to be mr dick obsessed whore

No. 29457

File: 1644929226269.jpeg (116.1 KB, 897x1184, 0C9D7092-D0ED-424F-8A0C-86C162…)


No. 29460

based but they’re like 15

No. 29465

File: 1644929628904.jpeg (462.19 KB, 1175x1763, 0E8B2207-4D67-465E-A9FE-CD027C…)


No. 29466

>based but they’re like 15
Male fictional characters do not have souls or rights, I am their impromptu God and will make them do as I command.

No. 29467

you should go outside more often. i don’t think any fictional characters have souls

No. 29470

>Lolcow shuts down, people chill in the real world

lol yeah sure

No. 29472

Post more yaoi, I'm at the office and bored as fuck, I want to see hot anime guys making out.

No. 29474

File: 1644929898213.jpg (93.82 KB, 547x354, Zelda.no.Densetsu.full.3043656…)


No. 29475

I do go outside, call me a schizo but I view female fictional characters on a different platitude than their countrtparts.
Lol nona, are you me?

No. 29477

oh so now the mods wake up and start deleting the yaoi wtf

No. 29478

File: 1644930092247.png (937.09 KB, 1280x720, C6FAC77D-0868-4981-93C1-A3D54E…)

where is the dmmd smut anon when we need her most

No. 29479

What we really need is good old Gangrape-chan to share her most degenerate stash

No. 29480

>mods have enough energy to delete the yaoi
>not enough energy to give a update, statement or literally a n y t h i n g.

No. 29481


i would love for anons to spam uncomfortably graphic yaoi to counteract the gore/cp scrotes from now on but i’d also feel bad if they got accidentally banned lmao

No. 29483

that’s a great idea and it would be fun but i’d feel bad exposing innocent nonnies to that

No. 29484

This. As much as I like the idea I wouldn't want anyone here to feel uncomfortable by that.

No. 29485

File: 1644931391863.gif (13.19 MB, 530x640, 587A01E6-D4E1-4AD7-8DB8-0B779C…)

I miss /ot/ and /m/

No. 29486


that’s a good point anons, i really hope whatever the new admin has planned makes this shit easier to handle for the mods so we don’t have to keep finding ways to chase the mongoloids off ourselves

No. 29487

what the fuck is this m shit and why do I need to fix it? I get this alert every time I post on /snow/

No. 29488

mald moid's posts seem to have been deleted

No. 29489

File: 1644931743223.png (15.46 KB, 587x383, Capture.PNG)

and here too, apparently

No. 29490

Is there anything being said/done in the discord/matrix?

No. 29491

read the thread retard and stop making the same repetitive complaints.

isn't that the point of a thread, so we can see previous complaints and so we can know not to repeat the same shit since other anons are complaining? good god.

can a farmhand delete the animal gore on /ot/

No. 29492

Let anons complain, that's literally what this thread is for lmao

No. 29494

aren't you the same anon who was whining because people were using bolded text? stop trying to boss meta you mentally ill piece of shit.

No. 29495

idk what you're talking about, schizo. maybe you should spend less time in meta and more time with your psychiatrist since you think everything is about you.

No. 29496

Let’s go chill in cytube if you’re bored

No. 29499

Fr I really wish they'd say something. The /ot and /m containment thread in /g is becoming more and more unhinged as time goes on.

No. 29500

File: 1644951511252.gif (1.26 MB, 250x250, dont-be-suspicious-gif-3.gif)

The more they don't say something the more sus it is.

No. 29501

It could honestly be just because they don't want to let someone know they're on to them. I'm just hoping that the new admin hasn't had a mental breakdown due to breaking something with the databases and is now M.I.A. The current downtime with Kiwifarms is way too convenient though so I'm going to bet my money on an orchestrated attack of some kind. Maybe someone exploited a backdoor in their backend service.

No. 29502

i'm confused af, what kind of news do y'all want from them? didn't the new admin just post here a couple of days ago, saying she's getting the hang of things

No. 29503

Yah. She said we had a lot more activity (raids blah blah) going on and that we were only seeing a glimpse of it. I'll do some ass kissing and say thanks for all the work admins and mods.

No. 29505

Agreed. If all they said was "yeah, we're trying to fix it, stop complaining and let us work on it" I'd be satisfied. But no acknowledgement is weird. I hope they're not stressing out too much.

No. 29506

That was a farmhand, admin was >>29158

No. 29510

File: 1644956170060.jpg (2.51 MB, 2948x2057, Great_tit_side-on.jpg)

You two first.

No. 29512

>NULL is able to update the users on what the fuck is going on
>LC anons are treated with a ghetto ass /meta/ board with no updates, no mentions until a few days later
>Admin and jannies finally get online with their power-tripping highlighted roles to finally explain
>Anons forgive them and give them typical generic compassionate responses
>Miscommunication still stays the same kek

It’s a miracle that this place is able to run I mean even the former admin was rarely here

No. 29517

It's a kiwi bird slightly bent over with its beak on the right

No. 29524

…these weakass baits.

No. 29526

>>29501 I feel like it’s fairly obvious that admin is intentionally ignoring us at the moment. Like she probably has a good reason.

No. 29529

File: 1644960515807.png (250.95 KB, 474x500, 44B5CAE9-F1DA-40F3-AC9E-B45EAD…)

I miss my anonies

No. 29544

No. 29546

Kek is this xy retardation some reverse psychology psyop to make admin work faster?

No. 29562

It was a few days ago nonners, shaytard- admin replied with an update here >>29158
after constant questioning by anons wondering where the admin is and that was a week ago. Prior to that there was an unusual amount of scrote activity, bait and typical CP/gore being posted and jannies were also as inactive. Kek do you guys even read the thread?


Ew, don’t reply to me you matted caca asshair XY faggot. You’re going to get banned once the jannies finally pull together this website with their yarn strings, fuck off and leave us alone

No. 29573

I wanna sperg about my shitty anime games on /m/ this is heeeell

No. 29575

Same nona, same.
Won't somebody please think of the autists?

No. 29577

i wanna sperg about my seals :/

No. 29582

What’s up with /ot/? I’m literally seeing the same posts

No. 29583

I dropped into the discord, nothing much seems to be happening.

No. 29584

It tickles me to see the same posts on the homepage kek

No. 29586

btw if the issue isn't fixed soon, the thread will reach limit and we won't be able to post here at all

No. 29587

Anons will make another /ot containment thread.

No. 29589

In case you don't know, threads can't be made at the moment.

No. 29592

I thought /g/ was working? It seems to be…

No. 29593

Depends on the board.

No. 29597

ffs read the thread

No. 29599

well I said HERE as in /meta/

No. 29600

What part of the thread do you want me to read?

No. 29602

this shit neva getting fixed.

No. 29603

I know kiwifarms ain't shit but sometimes I wish we had a femcel basement dweller as an admin that loses her will to live when the site goes down, too.

No. 29604


No. 29606

We had a discord update, just check the /ot/ thread.

No. 29607

>me trying to take a couple day break from this site only to come back to this like I actually did something

No. 29608

Making a conscious effort to take to take a couple day break from this site only to come back to this like I actually did something

No. 29609

Which thread? /ot is also “down”

No. 29612

File: 1644995614786.jpg (137.9 KB, 1080x873, 1644980557306.jpg)

>would they provide the first update in 3 days in the impromptu “/ot/ replacement thread” in /g/
Anon it was a discord update, hence why I said "discord update". You could even go in the discord to see the update. Anyway, here you go for any other anons who perhaps didn't see it.

No. 29613

I'm not familiar with discord, is this a farmhand?

No. 29614

That's admin

No. 29615

For the love of god is she retarded? A discord update? We are an imageboard, why would she not update us on our main platform?

No. 29617

i know her irl and didn't realize
until i saw this.

No. 29618

I don't use discord but my first thought was to check the discord for updates

No. 29619

Anon, I understand the sentiment but I wouldn't want a mentally ill retarded neet as an admin like the ones at KiwiFarms.
Well at least we know it's being looked at and will soon be fixed. That's a positive…unless it's bullshit and that's just placating words.

No. 29620

Is the most recent update from admin from the 14th?

No. 29621

why are /2X/ and /snow/ working ?

No. 29622

At least Kiwifarms actually gets regular feature/design upgrades and hardware upgrades and whenever it's down because of butthurt trannies DDOSing it you know Null is sitting there 24/7 trying to fix it. Obsessive autism is definitely needed for a webadmin. Our admin can't even fix simple issues, let alone upgrade the site in any way. The sage function is completely retarded, people have requested removal or adding of banners which takes like 5 seconds, for months and nothing has ever been done. I wish we had someone who actually gave a shit about this place the same way KF does.

No. 29623

So what happened? Scrotes and trannies posted and lc shat itself? That's normal for this site, tell them to cope, seethe and dilate and ban them. Easy.

No. 29625

Shit's fucked

No. 29626

What error? Didn't see anything

No. 29628

What error? Didn't see anything

No. 29629

shit's so broken it wont let me quote

No. 29630

No. 29631

Are YOU retarded? Can you not think ahead that maybe admin literally cannot post? Nobody has considered that admin + other farmhands maybe don't have the ability to post atm, maybe the trip codes aren't working or they can't login to the admin-side of the site?

No. 29632

samefag but inb4 "she could just make a regular post here!!!" would everyone believe that? I guess I'll make a long winded and technical post here and everyone will take my word that I'm admin. (I'm not but you see the issue.) She has an admin role on discord, might as well announce it there as opposed to here where we may or may not even believe a regular post.

No. 29633

Null-kun tasukete~

No. 29636

can subhuman anon get banned for avatarfagging or something
literally go back there then kek, or better yet go outside, your mongolian kite making forum has been having some issues for the past few days you'll live. The sage function is fine, and banners have always ben added en masse every couple years. You care an awful lot for a newfag. oh also null won't fuck you

No. 29637

i like you, nonny
admin is a social construct, we are ALL admin

No. 29638

File: 1645036588596.png (162.33 KB, 497x492, brave_P8Esw78uj7.png)

No. 29639


No. 29641

I’m suffering too.

No. 29642

I mean they literally said they're working on it via discord which was reposted here

New admin prob doesn't want to deal with us bitches after seeing the dumb shit old admin dealt with communicating in meta kek

No. 29644

Post some nice ships pls.

No. 29647

Oh so many memories, I used to be big on tumblr for being a dmmd blog

No. 29649

anon said post good ships

No. 29651

File: 1645039966643.jpeg (165.01 KB, 700x527, 4AC47A63-C5FD-4E8E-90F7-2FD3B6…)

lolcow is truly the only thing holding anons sanity together, i’m unraveling, help me

No. 29652

File: 1645040157415.jpg (393.11 KB, 1280x1920, tumblr_18dc2f48a6f90fe4032e68c…)

mine are all super normie or extremely autistic no in between

No. 29653

Please, I need to sperg about funko pop and tiktok small businesses on the consoomerism thread

No. 29655

I just need the vent thread to whine about things that I can’t solve.

No. 29656

how to post about being unhinged with /ot/ down

No. 29657

and I want to read your sperging! I love the consoomerism thread

No. 29658

The fact that people are still getting banned on /meta/ yet admin/jannies won't say anything to us makes it feel like they're just fucking with us at this point. That or something really ominous is going on..

No. 29659

please … just one farmhand tell us something. anything … it’s kinda fucked up that it’s been nearly 4 days with only a discord message that 95% of farmers wont see

No. 29660

>banners have always ben added en masse every couple years.
nta but that's still dumb. also the fact that we can't upload mp4s and multiple files at once and it takes forever to load threads, especially on mobile

No. 29661

File: 1645049296418.jpeg (48.81 KB, 500x275, 3E44BEE6-C57B-40EE-A31B-9B4581…)

I want celebricows back

No. 29662

Admins pls fix the site. I want to go back to making fun of costhots.

No. 29663

>takes forever to load threads on mobile
i post on mobile and I've never experienced that. It does take a long time to load links from the catalogue but that's easy to get around
>we can't upload mp4s and multiple files at once
that's how imageboards work nonnie

No. 29664

Wait, is /w/ broken too? That board is so dead I completely forgot about it these past few days and didn't think to check.

No. 29665

Hey, uh, mods? I think /ot/ and /m/ are down! I'm not sure if anyone noticed? Or maybe it's just me? Anyway, someone should definitely try to fix it!

No. 29666

>we can't upload mp4s and multiple files
Idk if you realize this, but LC is an imageboard and KF is not. I don't get the anons who come here every so often to try and shill KF to us. The anons who want to use it already are, you just look dumb doing this shit.

No. 29667

other imageboards (except 4chan) can do that, that's what I'm trying to say

No. 29668

They're literally redtexting in the mtf thread. Calm your tits.

No. 29669

File: 1645053223779.webm (3.56 MB, 320x240, GEORGEBUSHDOESNTCAREABOUTBLACK…)

same. i want to post this yeezy webm i downloaded while his ig posting is still hot.

No. 29670

No. 29671

Yeah this is what I was about to say. They've been banning people on active boards. I have no idea how websites work but I think them having the ability to ban/redtext but not post is unlikely.

No. 29672

it's just you, sweet nona. adminchan has it out for you in particular. i'm sorry you had to find out like this </3

No. 29673

Y’all are so bratty wtf
Has any of you considered that maybe it’s not something admin herself can fix? She literally said it had to do with the host outages. Calm your fucking tits

No. 29674

We've been over this. It's the fact that she won't address it here that's bothering us. Yet we know they're still here reading our posts because they're banning us and whatnot but won't give us an update. It's weird.

No. 29675

Yes, it would be cool if she could tell us that, though.

No. 29676

I bet the reason mods/admin haven't said anything here is because mods and admin ran off with the money and bought themselves a nice dinner and are laughing together at our misery. I reckon they'll never come back.

No. 29679

I'm curious about this too. It's awfully suspicious that both sites got fucked simultaneously.

No. 29680

Day 4 of no /ot/ and /m/ and I bet admin and jannies still won't talk to us.

No. 29681

seriously why those did it have be the only /2/ boards that I actually use, couldn't it have been /g/ or /pt/

No. 29682

porn addicts please leave this site

No. 29684

Tech anons is it really hard to learn the basic programming knowledge for an imageboard? I’m genuinely considering learning this stuff. We really should have a co-admin position where a person only does the technical maintenance for lolcow.

No. 29685

Can farmhands unlock the new Terry thread since the old one hit post limit, please and thank you


No. 29686

File: 1645093856378.jpg (557.75 KB, 1638x2048, 20211119_014452.jpg)

where can I donate money to bribe modmin into addressing her site audience?

No. 29687

I want to know this too. It really seems that the admin is just going to let this site sit here until the server money runs out. The fujos were able to prop their own site fairly quick. Sure it sits empty buy at least they have their own space.
How hard can it be?

No. 29688

the folks doling out b&s are farmhands which are the site equivalent of mods. we're wanting to hear from admin

No. 29689

Can the Jess Celebre/Jess Woods thread be locked? It's annoying that it keeps getting bumped for no reason.

No. 29690

I honestly think new Admin just doesn't know what she's doing. That's why she can't give an update. She doesn't know what's broken (even tho it says so in the error message) and she doesn't know how to fix it. It's so fucking embarrassing that we can't find a woman who can code.

No. 29691

Let's take this time to dream about WHAT IF WE HAD A GOOD ADMIN… imagine all the improvements we could have to the site…

>finally fixing loading threads from catalog

>getting rid of disgusting coomer banners
>adding cute new banners
>fixing the "sage" function to work the opposite way so every post is automatically saged and to bump you need to tick a box instead of typing something in the e-mail field like a caveman
>ability to upload multiple pictures
>ability to upload file formats like .mp4
>fixing the issues you get when you use the site with cookies disabled (inability to hover over pictures to view them, inability to use the report feature, etc.)

Man, what a nice place this could be.

No. 29692

me too nona, me too. Julia Fox and Kanye broke up already.

No. 29693

I don't think a good admin would want to erase some of the history of our site by taking away the banners you see as distasteful.

No. 29695

>the sage function
it works fine and is a actually a good way of seeing who has read the rules and is integrated, and who is a newfag (you)
>issues you get when you use the site with cookies disabled
why would you need to do this? I assume you're either permabanned or paranoid, either way you can just use incognito mode.
I hate porn too but the banners are part of lc history and not that big of a deal
>mp4 and multiple files
I mean yeah but you could also learn how to convert a file and make a collage like literally everyone else and stop complaining. Do also you go bitch at null about how he's a bad admin because videos don't load, or that the search function is awkward or thumbnail isn't the default image setting or whatever? If you hate it here so much leave

No. 29697

You really think the banner of a naked woman rubbing her ass and calling herself "daddy's little porkchop" is appropriate and not totally disgusting and belongs on a porn-site instead of a female space? Fuck whatever history it has, it's gross.

>you don't like a feature you must be a newfag
I've been hear for years and I still think it's retarded and should work the opposite way
>why would you need to do this? I assume you're either permabanned or paranoid
Yes I am paranoid since I found out that Admin and mods read our post history to track users and will reveal your posts whenever they don't like you. I have never been permabanned, which is something you can't even enforce on an anonymous imageboard anyways.
>I mean yeah but you could also learn how to convert a file and make a collage like literally everyone else and stop complaining.
I do know how to do that and I do it all the time, but why do I need to go out of my way to do that when anyone who knows how to code can easily implement an easier method?

Honestly, wtf is wrong with you that you don't want improvements to the site and better functionality? Do you have some kind of terminal autism where you can't handle change?

No. 29698

File: 1645101062611.jpg (38.95 KB, 640x640, Ze5qlqq.jpg)

>NOOOOO how daaaare you ask for improvements to be made to a site that hasn't been updated or improved or fixed and of it's issues in the last 5 years?!

No. 29699

>reveal your posts whenever they don't like you
no they don't? it's only self posing cows (Dasha, creepshow art, Elaine etc)
anyway admin said in the last townhall that she was planning to move the site to different software so you'll might actually probably get what you want. though personally I think it's better to encourage people to make one shareable collage rather than dump multiple pictures in the drama boards.
The banner is funny and it does belong in the ~female space~ it originated from, stop clutching your pearls

No. 29700

I have seen it several times in red text that mods will say "this is the anon who also posted X", so yeah. I am just in general uncomfortable knowing that they can read my post history whenever they want to.

No. 29701

kek anon you mean like the "this anon has hundreds of scat fetish posts" or "entire post hisotry is comments about belle delphines's vagina?"? unless you do something extremely egregious like that you will be fine. and if you do do something like that, other anons do deserve to me made aware
I mean if you literally hate everything about posting here you probably should find a website you like more yeah

No. 29703

NTA but
>literally hate everything about posting here
how did you get that out of her post lol. wanting improvements isn't "hating everything"

No. 29705

I think the only one who got exposed was that anon like 2 years ago who was posting parts of her face/body. She claimed that it was actually an ex-bf to try and get the posts deleted (the pictures were already removed) and mods revealed it to prove that it was actually her who posted those pictures because anons kept posting about it in /meta/

No. 29706

I get banned a bit and sometimes farmhands will leave random messages on the ban page accusing you of being certain anons. I think it's just paranoia rather than tracking though because they're never right

No. 29708

Y’all act like you wanna hear from admin so bad but literally not a single one of you retards has the balls to ping her in discord and demand answers lmao y’all are just bratty

No. 29709

speaking of, what is it called again ? has it been shut down too ? i went on fujoshichan.org but the page keeps failing to load or telling me that it doesnt exist

No. 29710

it's fujochan.org

No. 29713


No. 29714

Twitter speak

No. 29715

I don't use discord because I'm not a pedophile, furry or incel.

No. 29716

>I mean if you literally hate everything about posting here you probably should find a website you like more yeah
I just want the site to be better because I like the site. Why the fuck do you have such an issue with constructive criticism that isn't even aimed at you? Admin doesn't even read this shit so no need to lick her boots.

No. 29717

Admin literally agreed to delete the porkchop banner during the last townhall and requested more suggestions of porny banners to delete

No. 29718

there's also no need to attack admin for things that do not matter (sageing, cookies) or compare lolcow to the other farms
yeah and anime is also just for men and trannies, right? please go back

No. 29719

Constructive criticism and suggesting changes isn't an attack. Grow some thicker skin.

No. 29720

>WKing the owner of a site in the feedback thread of said site.
Go all the way back up her asshole nonners.

No. 29721

your paranoia about your post history, problem with admin in particular, and complaining all over this thread makes it seem like you are bitter because you know mods don't like you because you're an annoying sperg. It doesn't sound like your ~constructive criticism~ comes from a place of genuine concern since you didn't care enough to participate in the town hall (or did and forgot everything that was said) and didn't know or care to check the discord for updates

No. 29722

when i see someone repeatedly say "y'all" who is not consistently southern in the rest of their dialogue i want to put them in the pillory

No. 29723

On mobile when I try to press OT it asks me if I want to download OT ???

Also I can’t post without a notification saying it’s a duplicate ID whatever that means.

No. 29724

Read Mystery's thread newfag. Daddy's little pork chop is funny and has history. Just refresh when you see it.

No. 29725

If you're on PC you can hide banners with uBlock Origin. The sage idea is very stupid though.

No. 29726

Then don’t bitch about wanting answers quickly if you’re not willing to reach out via the quickest way. It’s pretty simple.

No. 29727

Why do i have to download discord to ask admin a fucking question when this is her site that she is in charge of. she should have communicated with us on day fucking one. why don't you go on discord and fucking ask her?

No. 29728

if we all get super crazy and dramatic like how we were during the moid raids, mods and admin have no one to blame but themselves to be honest.

No. 29731

>she should have communicated with us on day fucking on
she did, on discord

No. 29732

Which is retarded. Who gives a fuck about the discord. There are moids and attention whores in there and it sounds cancerous. Maybe admin should just shut this shit down if she doesn't give enough of a fuck to grace us with her presence once in the past four days.

No. 29733

>she doesn't give enough of a fuck to grace us with her presence once in the past four days
not be repetitive but she did…on discord… maybe you should leave if you think the whole site should cease to exist because you personally don't agree with how she communicates

No. 29736

Nta but how much clearer could she be in saying that admin hasn't answered us ON THIS SITE and not just on discord which doesn't make sense as meta specifically would be the first place to check for feedback

No. 29737

How many people are in the discord? Because only one anon posted a screenshot, so it must not have that many people. If that's so, why is she not communicating on THE BOARD where MOST OF THE USERBASE IS LOCATED? You are retarded.

No. 29739

File: 1645118321828.png (776.41 KB, 1164x748, 1645110292154.png)

could we have coquette's posts flagged with "coquette" like we have for newfag
posts like picrel

No. 29741

Her posts will not get flagged. Anyway I don't know why anyone even posts suggestions itt. /meta/ is a ghost town and admin dgaf.

No. 29742

No I'm saying posts that are obviously from coquettes get flagged, stuff like over ana-chan behavior and lusting after eastern european soldiers

No. 29744

Are coquettes enough an annoyance to get banned on sight tho?

No. 29745

they integrated well but they stand out, mostly with their ana-chan tendencies and claiming the superiority of thinner women

No. 29747

I'm not advocating to bad them, just flag them every once in a while, just like new-fags or racists on lc

No. 29748

Sorry nonnie but that's definitely not happening any time soon. Anons wanted the retard scrote that raided a while ago to be flagged and mods didn't deliver even though it would have been a very good idea.

No. 29750

nta but see >>29717

No. 29751

When did admin say this?

No. 29752

Do you know what town hall is?

No. 29753

So, she didn't mention it on the board?

No. 29754

No, she never posted an official post-townhall update.
An anon did here >>28394 and you can see people reacting in the same thread. I didn't take any screencaps so don't have any other proof, you can take my word on it or not. You had to be there

No. 29755

It’s true, was also there, it was discussed and admin asked for suggestions for banners we should remove but it didn’t happen

No. 29757

There are plenty of women who can code, they just don't want to be associated with this site/don't know it exists.

No. 29758

The new admin isn't even active yet, she said so here >>29158

No. 29759

Is the /2X/ board still active. I tried to go there and got 404'd. I can still see the archive on wayback machine. what happened with that?

No. 29760

It still shows up normally for me

No. 29761

This week has been the funniest shit. I sincerely hope you’re not all this incompetent irl

No. 29762

As a woman who actually is an experienced software developer I've thought about contacting admin multiple times to help her out because I love this place but like >>29757 mentioned, I'm too afraid for my own privacy and I doubt admin would even give the keys to all the environments to some rando who just decided to hit her up after the board went boom. People fail to understand that Lolcow runs on a shitty old imageboard engine that's most likely ruined further with the first male admin's piece of shit legacy code, a detail one of the previous admins admitted. If there's a catastrophic issue in its database it's not up to just fixing a line in the code, there's something wrong with how the infrastructure is set up and that can take ages to figure out. Especially if data has been lost or there's no documentation of how the architecture is constructed.

So godspeed Admin-sama, as a full time grill coder I know how it is and I'm sending you good vibes because that's all I or anyone else here can do at the moment without proper communication.

No. 29763

You are such a kiss ass

No. 29764

Well at least I don't kiss ass for an ugly moid who scammed a wheelchair-bound person to fund his train wreck of a vanity project and has a suicidal fit every time his little boyclub forum goes down kek

No. 29765

Julia is it you?

No. 29766

Shut the absolute fuck up you are insufferable

No. 29767

nta but damn it's completely reasonable to expect admin to communicate with the userbase through THE WEBSITE SHE ADMINISTRATES! Why go off-site for site-related issues? Not all of us are in that discord (I'm not going anywhere near that shitfest) but all of us are here on lc!

No. 29768

Do you guys really think admin would choose not to comment on a major fuck up when she's commented on less? Even new admin? Like think, why would new admin choose to leave us hanging after just introducing herself? It's clearly an issue where they probably can't access the means to get back to us.

No. 29769

You sound both kind and knowledgeable anon. Maybe you could hit up admin-sama on discord and help her solve at least this current issue? I understand that you don’t want to permanently associate with lolcow but I think admin-sama really needs help right now

No. 29770

This doesn't make sense. If that were the case she'd just say that she's unable to post updates on the chan, via Discord. She's being cagey and it's weird as fuck.

You do sound kind. It may be worth reaching out to admin via a throwaway Discord account just to see if you can chip in somehow.

No. 29771

it's been 4 days since there have been any kind of news, and that news was barely seen by anyone because it was on discord. even just a small message that they are at least working on it would be great.

No. 29772

what? farmhands are still handing bans, they can use the website. your tinfoil makes literally no sense. how do you even come up with such a weird explanation? anon they are very obviously here on lc, they are just not responding to this particular thread.

No. 29774

Capitalize the X, idk why but that's what makes it work for me

No. 29775

is there any other place besides /ot/ where I can vent about leftist men sexualizing and making inappropriate comments about abby shapiro that isn't a tard conservative space

No. 29776

leftcows in /snow/

No. 29778

??? It's so weird that you mention this, literally an hour ago I discovered the Abby Shapiro subreddit an hour ago and the posts were disgusting.

No. 29779

I saw it on twitter just yesterday, I disagree with abby shapiro on every point but the way liberal/leftist men think it's alright to reduce her body to some sort of fetish is disgusting
especially when she says she doesn’t want to be sexualized, so they do it even more and the way they defend this behavior is also infuriating

No. 29780


No. 29781

Please come to the leftcows thread, I'm desperate to talk about something new

No. 29782

holy shit theyre still down?

No. 29783

guess we could start a discussion on that

No. 29784

I don’t think this will get solved for a couple of months.

No. 29785

Admin, can we have a time indication? Is this gonna take days, weeks, months?

No. 29786

she doesn't care lul, at this point I'm keeping my expectations extremely low

No. 29787

Can Celebricows be put back in /snow/ then?

No. 29788

Just do it. If admin/staff disagrees, they will close it down.

No. 29789

There might be no public comment from admin due to security reasons. Maybe the people that fucked both LC and kiwifarms are lurking waiting for it to be fixed so they can do it again. Old admin was technically competent and good admin over all so if she's still around, this situation seems very strange.

No. 29790

this thread has turned into a giant tinfoil. still no word from mods or admin, half of site still not functional, we're all going crazy aren't we?
oh, here's a complaint: the site isn't working.

No. 29791

>Old admin was technically competent

No. 29792

Pretty sure a week ago new admin made a comment here that old admin is helping her learn the ropes. So theyre both here atm. I just wonder why theres nothing on the site announcing the brokenness. Just a small “we know the site is busted, we are working on it” would be enough, the silence just makes everyone freak out

No. 29793

I miss the Driverfagging thread so much anons.

No. 29796

>TFW no vent thread
I have to buy a diary

No. 29797

where is everyone? even the bunker threads on /g/ are slow as fuck. is this a timezone thing?

No. 29798

I've made a few complaints here and there but I've come to realize this and then I won't make any complaints here anymore.

1. This is a free website, we don't pay for it, the money that was donated goes to server/hosting shit. We don't pay to use it though and there are plenty of users here screaming that didn't donate a cent.
2. If I had a site where the users were rude and shat on me all the time (even before things went down and even before the donations started), I'd honestly not update you all either.
3. It's lolcow and we should take a break from it for a bit until it gets fixed, it's not a necessary thing in life
4. Again, it's free and admin doesn't really owe us anything. Admin and the farmhands do this for free, they aren't held by contract or bound by anything to update us and maybe they just don't want to until it's fixed

No. 29799

It's 7-10am on the American side, which is where I think most active users are but i may be wrong.

No. 29800

I hope admin sees this and dates you anon. Good luck!

No. 29801

uwuu admin-sama!

No. 29802

Gay af. Have some selfrespect -

No. 29803

well I mean if admin and farmhands actually you know, updated us, talked to us, didn't just ignore us, they probably wouldn't get as much hate.

Honestly feel like all the "hate" are just farmers wondering why tf the site ADMIN never responds to anything.

No. 29804

me too Nona, me too. Wanted to sperg in it

No. 29805

we should

No. 29806

>It's lolcow and we should take a break from it

No. 29808

Ty. can we know what's going on? There's a lot of tinfoil going on here (and in my head)

No. 29809

thanks for the update

No. 29810

was it an attack ?

No. 29811

It's a technical issue which is not out of the ordinary but takes some effort to fix, however it's not due to an outside attack.

No. 29812

Thank you very much for clearing this!

No. 29813

A life sign! Hallelujah! Can you tell us why you're being so quiet about it?

No. 29814

you should give up ownership to one of our resident NEETs. I'm sure some of them have enough tugboat money to keep this place alive.

No. 29815

tbf nobody stepped up when asked

No. 29816

Paging all /g/ and /m/ NEETS. It's your time to shine babes. Don't disappoint, you don't even have to leave your house for this gig.

No. 29817

Thank you for the update. Hopefully you guys can get it fixed soon

No. 29818

Why did you go AWOL without even a proper website notice? You guys need to fill us in more

No. 29819

Didn't admin who just departed say she received multiple applications for admin?

No. 29820

she did

No. 29821


No. 29822

she said none of them were fits. not to mention this was around the same time null was being a cunt and Elaine as well, so she probably had to be extra cautious about who she hired.

No. 29823

applications don't mean the people were up to the task and IIRC Elaine alone applied a handful of times, so who knows how many applications were even legit.

No. 29824

its time like this i wish anons weren't genuinely retarded.

No. 29825

okay, i'm so confused.

Is leftcows thread for discussing leftist cows…? Or leftist anons to discuss alt right cows?

No. 29826

pretty sure she said at some point that there were several options almost as valid as shaydmin

No. 29827

Leftcows threads started with a group of particular people like Red Scare and Chapotards, who were grifting as "dirtbag" leftists at the time. Now it is cool to larp as dissident right wing, so the thread is about the same core people and their orbiters although some of them have gone from "left" to "right" in terms of their political brand. The Chapos haven't made the jump, but they are also kind of out of milk, so now the former leftcows who make money by posting right wing takes are the only ones left doing anything. It is not about leftist cows in general, but a specific group and scene of cows, and their politics have changed overtime but the thread name has not. Anons who post in the threads seem to hold a variety of opinions and they attract a lot of wks as well so the mood is pretty mixed. Sorry for the long autistic explanation, but every day there is some post in there along the lines of "uh these people don't seem very LEFTIST" because without having been in the earlier threads the way they are doesn't always make sense.

No. 29829

There's already a new admin and ko-fi money anon, according to the earlier posts itt she's just in training or something.

No. 29830

Nonny I could kiss you for this. Thank you I much for the detailed write up. ♥

No. 29831

When are they fixing to/ot/ and /meta/ threads? It’s been a week

No. 29832

All they said was that they're working on it

No. 29833

Every time I go to that thread it's just full of nitpicking women's looks

No. 29834

isn't that like every /snow/ thread a this point

No. 29835

thank you for the update!

No. 29836

I need your advice nonnies. I miss you.

No. 29837

the threads in /g/ are active, come join us nona

No. 29839

File: 1645229205456.png (192.06 KB, 750x741, 79A921FA-60DB-4CC6-A1C6-FD17EA…)

Thank you admin-sama for telling us! Ganbatte with the tech shit

No. 29842

Now call me pretty

No. 29844

File: 1645262734167.png (19.29 KB, 659x465, posts_m crashed.png)

Hi, IT nonna here. Can you please run "sudo mysqlcheck –repair –all-databases" (two dashes before repair, and two dashes before all-databases) on the server where the database is? I've been getting this error every day.

No. 29845

File: 1645272804315.png (43.2 KB, 896x614, Untitled.png)

CAN YOU FUCKING CLEAN OUT THE FUCKING PERMA BANS YOU HAND OUT TO VPN IPS ALREADY? I am so tired of seeing this shit every time I switch to a different country. I have no idea who made this post and I have appealed it because it's on a VPN AND NOTHING IS EVER DONE and it just happens CONSTANTLY. You are not achieving anything by handing out perma-bans. The poster will literally just hop onto another IP and block these IPs permanently for everyone else using the same service. I am so fucking fed up with being unable to post because of bans handed out to other people.

No. 29847

just use a better vpn

No. 29849

When will someone save us

No. 29850

I have tried 3 different VPN services over the years and I still get this shit, but honestly, why do I need to change anything when it would literally take Admin 2 minutes to wipe out these old perma-bans? Or for mods to look at fucking ban appeal at all? Do their fucking jobs? Don't hand out perma-bans to begin with because they are fcking pointless? You literally can't stop people from ban evading by giving perma-bans to VPN IP's and it only serves to bother people like me who did nothing wrong.

No. 29851

I've never seen someone so pressed when they can just get a new IP address in a matter of seconds since they're using a VPN holy shit kek. There's a ban appeal option for a reason. are you that lazy that you can't quickly drop a screenshot in an email and hit send?

No. 29852

The general work around for not doing permabans has been them banning for 1-2 years. So would that have been any better? This IP was banned in March of last year, you'd still have to get a new IP address even if they did just ban for a year.

No. 29853

this, and i use vpns too and have never run into this issue lol anon has some incredible bad luck

No. 29854

No way you get this repeatedly. Anons say not to use VPNs on lolcow all the time for this reason. I'm going to assume your main IP is also perma which is why you're hopping around so desperately. Maybe the ban is legit.

No. 29856

At what point does everyone just claim they use a VPN then to get unbanned? These complaints aren't that often, but the anons who get them are loud. You gotta stop believing every anon is truthful when its a no expire ban too. VPNs aren't immediately perma-banned, so anon had to use this one with prior bans.

No. 29858

nta anon but this is very common with vpns

No. 29860

Can something be done about the weight sperging in Shay’s thread? Arguing about how fat she is and how much she might weight is clogging up her dead thread.

Like it somehow matters if she’s 160 or 180lbs.

No. 29861

as someone who uses Nord VPN since I am torrenting pretty much constantly it annoys me too but it happens rarely to me. Saying that, it happened already once today though.

No. 29862

You're probably fucking americans. Try living in a different country where you can either use local VPNs or have a ping of 200+ milliseconds. I can't help that other people using these IPs are fucking retarded.

No. 29863

Are you blind? The ban has already been appealed in January and it's still not resolved. And when I switch IP's I'll just get a different ban message from someone else. It's fucking miserable and the EASIEST WAY TO SOLVE THIS would be to just hand out 1 month bans intead of perma-ban. If someone is really annoying then banning them for a month will surely get them to stop? Or if they use a VPN like almost all of these people do… well then YOU ARE NOT GONNA STOP THEM WITH A PERMA BAN.

It's so fucking miserable complaining about anything in /meta/ because all of you dumb fucking bitches who don't even know how a VPN works gotta chime in with your non-advice cause you think you will be awarded some sort of good-girl points by an admin who, let's be real, does not give a single fuck about us. Stop being dumb bootlickers and let people complain.

No. 29864

>hurr durr just don't use VPN
If you don't post with a VPN on here or anywhere on the internet you are honestly retarded and can't be helped. Like having sex with a stranger without a condom.

No. 29867

it barely makes a difference with how much data websites harvest otherwise

No. 29868

Imagine how many fucking VPN IP's will be taken out of the rotation because the retarded mods are probably giving him a permaban every time. You could literally just troll this site by getting every single VPN IP permabanned and mods would wonder why nobody is posting anymore. It's just so retarded.

No. 29870

Hi, bump anon. I know you crave attention so I shouldn't be replying but I think you should kill yourself.

No. 29871

Hey bump-anon, what’s the deal with the bumping? Just curious

No. 29872

He already admitted to being clinically diagnosed as a legitimate autist, his hyperfixation is on lolcow. Just ignore the tard and maybe he'll go play with trains instead.

No. 29873

Oh yes, that makes sense.

No. 29874

File: 1645313700526.png (124.28 KB, 700x700, 1492114909302.png)

mods come back to /g/ soon pls they're infighting

No. 29875

Have you tried politely asking admin to unblock the VPN IP range you want to use instead of screeching about it in the meta thread? It worked for me.

No. 29877

Autistic males should be gassed.

No. 29883

it's not about data harvesting browser-wise which you should be using other things to stop. It's about your connection being sniffed, spoofed, interrupted etc. It's also about server logs. When you're on here on verizon or w/e with no vpn the cops/lawyers/court/gov can ask them for those logs at any point and they can see where you've been on the net. "five eyes" means living in europe doesn't protect your data from the yanks, and vice versa. They all work together on this shit. That's how if you torrent music you can sometimes randomly get a letter saying "you downloaded x album". These ISPs aren't going to protect you when they start getting legal letters kek. A vpn is, like another anon said, a condom. Your logs are now with a third party that (if they're a good vpn) will auto-delete them if they're in five eyes territory, or refuse if they're somewhere that five eyes doesn't cover (Russia for example but then you gotta decide if you trust the company not to be sending logs to their government).

Some of you need to stop reeing about vpns when you don't even understand the basics of them. I copped a permaban once for posting on /ot/ for saying a farmhand using the term "people with a phallus" was retarded. I once copped a random ban on a completely normal on-topic post and the message had a paragraph of reeing about me being someone called "hamchan". When I appealed that this was a vpn they denied the appeal again. There's no way I'd post here without a vpn because the farmhands have never followed their own rules because they were old admins rl friends. I'm hoping new admin solves that.

No. 29884

Has the /ot/ thread been fixed yet?

No. 29885


No. 29886

Crystal Cafe, I guess?

Mods, please save us! I need to cry in /ot/

No. 29887

Ty, I was worried. Good luck fixing the issue!

No. 29889

admin please boot up /ot/ asap. anons are becoming unhinged hypocrites. they want to e-rape a moody fictional ninja child.

No. 29890

He's fictional

No. 29891

I don't think that's new anon.

No. 29892


No. 29893

They were joking (?) in the /ot/ thread about Sasuke.

No. 29894

Stop tryina make it happen. Crystal Cafe shills in full force. CC sucks, we won't go. Coming here very 1 or 2 days writing the same thing without reading how anon replied last 45 times is sus af

No. 29896

As you can see IN THE IMAGE the ban was already appealed weeks ago by me explaining that it is a VPN IP. You are like the third person saying this without reading the fucking image.

No. 29898

since the word retarded literally means slow i guess we can say that admins are being retarded about tis whole situation.

No. 29899

Get a new ip address then, you fucking retarded animal. Stop screeing, nobody gives a fuck about your menial problems when the site is shitting itself. I've never seen someone have an autistic meltdown so badly before. If you're using a VPN, switch to a new ip address. If that one gets blocked, keep going. And maybe stop using free, easy access VPNs that scrotes use to post here. End of story.

No. 29900

File: 1645375529545.jpg (474.79 KB, 1080x1376, Screenshot_20220220-084321_Fir…)

Mods, why do you allow this clear vendetta thread to keep existing? All anons do is armchair the fuck out of anything she says or does, and they nitpick stupid shit for posts on end, while bumping, like debating a anime figures legal age and whether or not the meme she said to her boyfriend is romantic enough. Not to mention this cat weight sperging and nitpicking about saying she likes her cat over friends. Either tell these spergs to stop bumping with nitpicks considering she's had no drama for a year now (nitpicking ShE hAsNt posTed, isn't milk) and the last 2 threads have been plain just arguing over her OF and complaining about wigs being reused. Like damn, at what point is it clear it's been a nitpicking cesspool? Its less than 50 posts in and its been nothing milky. Just shit teir posts like these. >>>/w/197693

If nitpicking statuses and spending 20 replies nitpicking no proof tinfoil is acceptable for cows now, then can I make anyone a thread and call it milky if I word it right?

No. 29901

I don't use VPNs and I still get these life is very unfair

No. 29902

anon i don't have a dog in this fight but you need to chill out, you're the only one having a full blown meltdown here. If being without lolcow for a week makes you feel like this you need the kind of help no one here can give you.

No. 29903

kill yourself

No. 29905

>the reason barely anyone's complaints about threads or the site get addressed properly
first she has to swim through people crying and begging her to give up the site and claiming she hates us and ran off with the money and has quit on us, and is racist against the white women of this website, i'm sure the occasional infighting really sets her off and makes her not want to help us… /s

No. 29907


No. 29908

honestly i wish we could just put this place to rest because it’s just going down the tubes every day. i haven’t been here in over 2 years and it’s sad watching lolcow die a slow, painful death. i know it’s a lot of work and i am not blaming the mods or the admin (whichever one we have) at all, it just needs to end at some point. i know people are going to rage at me, but look around. where is the good milk? the intelligent, insightful posts? the wit, the humour? why is this place even still open other than for nostalgia? it’s hard to believe some of you are even women anymore because the levels of absolute hate and rage directed at people you can’t even see and don’t even know are more apropos for mentally ill men than women. i mean for god’s sake we are on an damn anon board, yet it feels like a bunch of namefags on some shitty bb forum. i really don’t even know what to say anymore other than some of you need to get help, go to church, idk, find jesus or whatever. because like other anons have said, if parts of the board being down cause you to a-log this hard, you need help, or a life.

but seriously admin-sama, just archive this place and move on with your life. if anons really cared, they could make another farms if they wanted to.

No. 29910

>claiming she hates us and ran off with the money and has quit on us, and is racist against the white women of this website,

lmao you don't even know which admin you are talking about, thats the old admin which doesn't manage this site anymore.

Next time you blindly defend absent admin make sure you even know what you are saying lmao.

No. 29911

I pay for all my VPNs, and yes I DO switch to a different country, but it is still A CONSTANT NUISANCE TO RUN INTO STRANGERS BAN MESSAGES EVERY DAY. I am screeching because I have addressed this issue like 10 times in these threads now and nothing ever gets done except I am told "just appeal them!" but when I do appeal them NOTHING IS DONE! They literally could just make a rule for mods not to deal out perma-bans since those are absolutely pointless anyways and will just be evaded, but they are too fucking dense to do this simple thing that would fix everyone who uses VPNs issues. So yeah, I am pissed. You can't even read my posts where I explained the issue SEVERAL TIMES now, so maybe just shut your mouth if you have nothing to contribute.

No. 29912

nta but who cares about your shitty issue when we have bigger issues and admins/mods are ignoring everyone in general. Do you think out of all the complaints here that they dont read they will read yours.

No. 29913

Look, I agree wrt the VPN issue but shut the fuck up.

No. 29914

File: 1645383593212.jpg (Spoiler Image,41.03 KB, 600x471, (OHTEA).jpg)

>almost an entire week without my cryvent board
Repent sinners, I'm tired of waiting.

No. 29915

Maybe get a better VPN service? The VPN I use has plenty of IP ranges that aren't blocked and when I found there was an IP range that was banned I explained the situation to admin and she unbanned it.

No. 29916

Been here since 2017 so I’m not a real oldfag but the vibe is completely different I agree. However, it only got this bad during the pandemic, we have not had enough hellweeks. Unregulated autism and anons who take everything too seriously and sperg for hours has definitely become a bit too much lately. But I can’t let lolcow go at all, there is not a single space on the internet where women can gossip, be weebs and not be politically correct at the same time. Cheer up anon, there is still a few of us long term farmers left

No. 29917

thanks for articulating what I’ve felt. i really don’t want this place to die but maybe it does?

No. 29919

Wont let me delete this, just read through the thread, sorry!

No. 29920

Please bruh I don’t even care about drama boards. I just want a space to be myself with other women.

No. 29921

read up on what happened.

No. 29922

I've been here since 2015 and Lolcow has only gotten better. In 2016 we had unironical ana-chans, moids and a-logs all over the fucking place and reading back on old threads everything pre-2019 was just so shitty I was amazed I was coming here. Lolcow has been developing so much since its inception and each year we get these "B-but what happened to lolcow? It was so much better before!", ever since the beginning. If you don't like it, you don't have to be here. Coming into /meta/ after 2 years of not visiting but somehow have a good view on its current state is embarrassing, anon.

No. 29923

i agree, the only problem for now is how absent both the admin and jannys are which is leading to too many infights and trolling lately.

No. 29924

I only wish it would die so I would do something more productive than post here. I fucking hate myself for my lack of time management someone give me a free years supply of fucking lamictal so I can escape this hell

No. 29925

There's scrote bait in the ot containment thread.

No. 29926

I would shut up but retards keep replying to me with the same dumb advice. Why don't you tell them to shut up if they have no solution to the problem?

No. 29927

nta, you realize you don't actually have to reply to anons right? no one is holding you at gunpoint. You have issues kek.

No. 29928

Are you fucking stupid? the admin that opened donations still manages this site. She's helping the new admin transition over. Retard.

No. 29929

Can we all agree that the one anon that said "I've missed you so much nonnies…." actually crashed the site? it was like a warning.

No. 29930

its obvious you are missing some iq points due to too much ass kissing, you sound like a seething moid.

No. 29931

Dear god, the more you type the more I hope you never get your IP VPN unbanned. Admin should read these replies and agree.

No. 29932

And you sound like a dipshit that has no idea what's going on at the moment despite prev admin and new admin both explaining things. Go back to school and learn reading comprehension + context clues and I bet you'll figure it out in due time ♥ . Don't hurt yourself tho

No. 29937

I've only been here for about 4 years or so, but I have to disagree with this. This site has felt more unwelcoming in these last couple of months, but I honestly think it's just because of aggressive newfags, plus mods not banning stuff like infighting as often anymore. I agree with the anon above who said a hellweek could fix a lot of issues, but we have a mod shortage so it hasn't happened. Also, there's not many "female-only" spaces like this on the internet and the ones that are, are completely for politics.
Nta, but that anon is right.

No. 29940

No. 29941

i thought the problem was only in ot, m is also down?

No. 29943

it's been down for a whole week.

No. 29944

Scrote posting in the Temporary Vent Thread in /g.

No. 29945

Scrote chimpin in Use this thread until /ot/ revives #8 thread in /g.

No. 29946

i don't really know why it has not been solved yet despite supposedly still looking into it, from a quick google search it seems an easy fix
i hope admin fixes it soon, and i hope they're doing well, both old admin and new admin

No. 29947

I honestly think that new Admin just doesn't know how to do even the most simple things.

No. 29948

Just a question but are snow/ farmhand only reserved for snow?
Because i see people getting banned there for not saging meanwhile there is a male troll on g/

No. 29949

Maybe that problem is just a symptom for a bigger one that they have to check.

No. 29950

Mods please
some kpop brain rotted fujo is spamming the /ot/ thread with Yaoi
please perma ban her, she's posting porn at this point


No. 29951

It's not one anon, shizochan.

No. 29952

New admin still isn't even in position. Can none of you read?

No. 29953

You would just find another excuse to keep procrastinating

No. 29954

mods please the faggot worshippers are shitting up out refuge center

No. 29955

Then why is she coming here to tell us she's working on it when nothing is actually being done?

No. 29956

Are you looking over their shoulder or something? This shit isn't viewable to us, its all BTS stuff. Calm down.

No. 29957

Yeah, are you like as every farmhand and talking shit about admin or something? Otherwise you have no clue what they're doing kek… unless…?

No. 29958

It's a really easy issue to fix, you can literally just google it.

No. 29959

there have also been numerous anons here who posted on how to help admin fix this but they all got ignored.

No. 29960

>its all BTS stuff
hell on earth

No. 29961

bts army stuff?? gay shit I hate it

No. 29962

No. 29963

There’s a new admin? When will the next new admin come?

No. 29964

bts = behind the scenes anon. why do you get so autistically riled up at any mention of kpop related stuff?

No. 29966

I think the reason why Jacob Elordi as Nate gives wet pucci to farmers here is because he’s being slightly abusive but not enough to the troon. Had he choked the troon instead of his gf it’d have been MUCH better and he’d be the king of lolcow.

Mods’ fault for not letting me sperg this on /ot/ or something

No. 29970

it was a joke nonna

No. 29971

Has there been any word from new or old admin on what’s going on besides the “we’re working on it” discord message from like a week ago?

No. 29975

I’m not about to read through a week’s worth of pointless infighting.

No. 29976

nta but
>at least try control+f "# admin"

No. 29977

That doesn’t give any new information. Are you trying to say “admin doesn’t have any updates besides vaguely alluding to fixing it someday”?

No. 29978

Back seat tech support isn't exactly a solution. For fucks sake, it could be deep in code that something is missing an extra /. If anons know nothing except a Google search and think they've solved it and yet it still isn't fixed, maybe that's a clue anons are idiots about what might actually be the root of the error. Already mentioned it might have also been due to Cloudflare being down days ago, probably corrupted something on site reboot. Could be why it's taking a while, like a small error in code that hasn't been found yet. Or I'm wrong. Don't have a solution. If all you're here is for/ot/, maybe use that time on a different board or site.

No. 29979

File: 1645510414170.jpeg (51.87 KB, 680x558, 1594709532676.jpeg)

It's been 8 days without posting on /m/ and I've lost all taste in my left eye and I'm beginning to lose vision in my clit. Please send help

No. 29980

It's really amazing to witness the bootlicking ITT. You must have all been teacher's pet in school. Admin will never fuck you for defending her absolute incompetence.

No. 29981

File: 1645516095963.png (35.66 KB, 644x221, email.png)

I got this email. Emails can be spoofed and I have no idea what it's about. I sent a reply but just in case it's being spoofed and my email isn't received or understood, here's the original.

No. 29982

So this was written by Admin to Null? Instead of fixing the site they are working on a writeup about… Elaine?

No. 29983

Josh why the fuck are you still hovering around here like a creep, nobody likes you and it's been like fucking 6 years. The admin won't fuck you

No. 29984

She sent him an e-mail tho?

No. 29985

please ban (c)rapper-chan on sight. i don't need to be told her asswipe lifestory a thousand times.

No. 29986

if this is legit i just lost all hope for new admin. Why is she jumping on null dick kek pathetic. why would you want a fat poor basement incels opinion on anything

No. 29987

is this for sure the new admin or the old one? but then, i don't think the old admin, wanting to retire, would be working on a… project like this, so it's probably the new one. tragic.

No. 29989

I wouldn't even care about that if THE SITE WASNT BROKEN. She could at least ask him how to fucking fix the site while she's at it.

Someone said new Admin is a Shaynafag, is that true? It would honestly explain so much.

No. 29990

You guys are retarded if you believe some random fucking screenshot sent over by someone who has not even proved himself to be that dirty scrote josh. I see why moids come fuck with lc now considering half the userbase is this gullible

Should I also photoshop an email that admin sent me too? that'd be fun I guess

No. 29991

Why would anyone make this up tho? Wouldn't they at least make up something more… interesting. Like "Help me Null, it's me, lolcow Admin my site is bwoken and I can't fix it UwU Can you pwease teach me how to code?" Like that's what I would write if I wanted to fuck with the site pretending to be Admin. Why the fuck this vague shit about Elaine? Unless of course it's fucking Elaine pretending to be the admin and trying to get attention again.

No. 29992

where else am i supposed to complain if not the actual complains thread? scroll past it.

No. 29993


No. 29994


No. 29995

we are saved!!!!!!

No. 29996

File: 1645549364967.jpg (9.08 KB, 300x300, 300px-Crying_Cat_screaming.jpg)

admin-sama I love you and thank you for fixing /ot/ but /m/ is empty except one thread and when I went to a thread via the catalog and tried to test post it says "Thread specified does not exist." Please help

No. 29997

File: 1645550316317.jpg (17.31 KB, 400x400, 1630737346831.jpg)

please /m/ is overall way more useful then all the other boards combines
please there has to be a way we could get the threads come back

No. 29998

Don't worry, everything was backed up and will be restored soon. All other current issues should be fixed.

No. 29999

File: 1645550938326.jpg (108.03 KB, 1125x1248, 33e7f0f6252d1e66a50b3ca86060af…)

Thank you admin-sama I love you

No. 30000

Excellent. I hope you can also tell us what has been going on the last week.

No. 30001

thanks for the update

No. 30002

Thank you for fixing it!

No. 30003

File: 1645551980768.gif (1.55 MB, 450x230, bbe4b7944a975664c3e4509b4c1a05…)


No. 30004

Thank you for your hard work admin-sama!!! Thanks for not bailing on us

No. 30005

File: 1645552652743.png (527.64 KB, 720x619, def42c7c8a1017b991989f8c5a4c53…)

thank you admin

No. 30006

I wonder what will happen to the temp threads

No. 30007

File: 1645554682166.gif (937.86 KB, 350x200, 2f0.gif)

thank you admin-sama

No. 30008

File: 1645554909486.gif (983.13 KB, 200x160, tumblr_inline_mtbwilFglr1qhjcf…)

No. 30009

Why is /m/ barren? it has no threads. Fix this please, we had amazing threads there

No. 30010

Can you scroll up like 5 posts

No. 30016

File: 1645566164236.png (10.83 KB, 470x454, 1365345749952.png)

So how will you make sure the website isn't dead for several days at some other point the future? Has the underlying problem been fixed or just the most obvious symptoms of it?

No. 30019

probably not, don’t get your hopes up nonna this website is gonna go back to being slow as shit in a few days just you wait

No. 30020

When will you ban romanianon and the other retarded anons in the vent thread?

No. 30021

Is there any way to make it so using the catalogue doesn't load every single thread at once? I prefer to search for threads with that, but holy shit I cannot use it for /snow/ without completely crashing my phone's browser.

No. 30022

methinks, you’re the only one who has a problem here. she’s living in your head rent-free along with her pet Shih Tzu liberally taking (c)raps up there.

No. 30023

NTA but most anons (including myself) hate her so it's clearly not just one, she might as well be avatarfagging with the way she stands out. Though I haven't seen her post in around a day or two.

No. 30024

New admin when you're fully in charge and comfortable, please add some of the new banners from the thread here. So many creative anons have made great ones and it makes me sad to see them unused.

No. 30025

why is /m/ so desolate?

No. 30026

the threads from m are still there, they just don't show up on catalog

No. 30027

But you still can't reply to them

No. 30028

Scroll up.

No. 30029

Hi admin, I get that the old /m/ threads are backed up, all threads are still searchable. But we can’t post anything and bump them.

No. 30030

Admin-sama, please do post rebuild, that's what I use for my own imageboard. Also would be nice to add quick reply options. If you need tech support contact kreepy, you'll know how to find me. Thanks.

No. 30031

Admin knows

No. 30032

By old admin do you mean the man who originally made this website? He's been out of the picture for years, I think we went through at least 3 or 4 admins iirc.

No. 30033

we're back! thank you for your hard work admins!

No. 30034

Did it go down for anyone else? Hoping it's just the admin preserving threads or something.

No. 30035

It was down for me too. Glad the site is still here.
This, tell us the plan please.

No. 30036

Yes! Got scared for a moment bc of the most recent events here.

No. 30037

>Someone said new Admin is a Shaynafag
Iirc all (old) admin said was that the new admin wanted to keep the Shayna threads up and that quickly became "New admin is a Shaynafag"

No. 30038

File: 1645667772376.jpg (47.09 KB, 710x252, Screenshot_20220223-205535_Chr…)

/m/ seems to be fucked again, at least on my end

No. 30040

It was never up for me, idk about anyone else.

No. 30047

Moid reeing in the Male behavior and habit psychoanalyzing thread.

No. 30048

Admin can we have a time indication of how long it'll take to fix /m/ please?

No. 30049

Just curious, why do you feel entitled to know a time estimation? if admin said they're working on it, and fixed the rest of the site (plus its not like you pay to use lolcow), why do you need to know when?

No. 30050

I don't feel entitled to it, that's why I asked for a time indication instead of demanding it (not like I could but ok.) Is it really that hard for you to imagine someone may want to know how long it'll take to access something again?

No. 30052

Admin didn't give us a time estimate for /ot/ and probably won't for /m/. It's frustrating but it will probably be resolved within a couple days to a little over a week maybe, like /ot/. I would also like a time estimate tho.

No. 30053

mods ban the infighting and baiting retards from the eurofag thread

No. 30054

I'm curious Anon, how does the boot taste? Whatever Admin has stepped in must be pretty scrumptious with how much furious licking you have been doing.

No. 30055

Could we get a farmhand to do a warning or ban some anons on the eurofag thread at /ot/? It’s filled with bait, anons replying to bait, retarded newfag typing and infighting as well as some possible scrotes.

No. 30059

How many times have you used this line, retard? At this point you're bootlicking. Who? idk. Null, Elaine. You act like people can't ask questions without it being bootlicking. Quit hovering this thread and do some homework or something.

No. 30060

man why'd the male behavior thread get locked? it was such a validating and supportive thread. feelsbad.

No. 30061

Somebody’s little brother is jerking off to and shitting up mickey deer’s thread.

No. 30063

Someone can just make another in /2X/

No. 30064

No, but the thread should've just been moved to /2x/ where it belongs. Not sure why the farmhand didn't do that.

No. 30066

Exactly. I got locked before I even had a chance to reply. It was so validating and a safe place to discuss the ape like behavior of raging moids. Thanks to one anon on that thread I realized female teachers always placed me next to a moid during school because I was the well behaved, quiet kid and teachers expected my behavior to rub off on them. It never did. Seriously why lock one of the best threads on lolcow with so much potential?

No. 30067

My one theory is that threads like that attract more raging moid attacks to lol cow and the admin doesn’t want to deal with that

No. 30068

When can we have a Hellweek?
It's always been such a good tool to help in mass integrating new users. There has been a constant influx of newfags that don't read the rules or posting guidelines, and we could really use it.

No. 30069

You are literally screeching at people for using this thread for its intended purpose. You won't be getting any gold stars for "defending" Admin from complaints and constructive criticism. That's what this thread is for you fucking bootlicking retard. Just stop reading this thread if it bothers you that people report issues and suggestions they have.

No. 30070

Like previous anons said, Admin could you move this thread >>>/ot/1066693 to the "xx chromosome" board and open it up again?

No. 30071

what happened to the celebricows thread, i cant find it.

No. 30072

"you are literally screeching" hmm… I'm not sure you understand what screeching means? I simply asked a question "Just curious, why…." and wasn't even rude about it to that anon. Apparently that's screeching now. Look at you getting so worked up when people say things you don't like. I don't even want or need to read the rest of your post to know you're seething over a question that wasn't even directed at you. You should definitely take a break from lolcow if you can't have conversations without losing your shit like this kek

No. 30073

This thread has been absolutely invested with people like you who attack those who complain and give suggestions as if Admin will somehow give you an award for defending her honor in a thread that is MEANT FOR COMPLAINTS AND SUGGESTIONS. Why can't you just be quiet if you have nothing to complain or suggest?

No. 30076

I MADE ANOTHER MALE BEHAVIOR PSYCHOANALYSIS THREAD ON THE XX BOARD! I'm not the original OP, but I had to because it was a great thread. Please direct all male psychoanalysis there!

No. 30077

Here you go anon: >>>/ot/1063558

I'm tired of it too. There are anons who literally only come here to infight, they just shit up the threads more because there's more to scroll through

No. 30078

Can we make sure that anons either have to spoiler or get banned for posting videos of people dying/getting severely injured? The eurofag thread needs more moderation.

No. 30079

At this point, someone needs to make a Romanianon update thread that posts updates linking to whichever recent post she makes and also puts a tl;dr explaining whatever new piece of information she reveals so anons can see the lore.

No. 30080

Please, when is /m/ coming back? It's been days since the update!

No. 30081

Cringe af. No one cares that much. We are not making a quirky twitter thread on an anonymous board.

No. 30082

It's a board to gossip about annoying internet personalities who refuse to get better. She has made a name for herself and refuses ro take any advice and instead goes on long-winded schizo rants fueled by her benzo addiction. There should be a thread talking about her.

No. 30083

nta but romanian anon is not an internet personality and considering she can't be followed on her socials (unless those were doxxed too), you'd just be waiting for the next anonymous post, would be hardly interesting.

No. 30084

It would be a good way to stop shitting up the vent thread and to maybe discourage her from murder sperging.

No. 30085

Discouraging tinfoil and schizo posters by having a cap thread of their most insane theories and rants would be good for discouraging the level of /x/ tier schizo dissociators we've been attracting. It's gotten wildly out of control and they leak everywhere.

No. 30086

I can't tell if you're serious or not but I kind of agree. I've seen some stupid conspiracy shit outside the tinfoil thread recently and it's just annoying. They need to keep it inside that thread instead of calling normal people cornsyrup guzzlers kek.

No. 30087

she would absolutely deserve a thread if she was more of a public figure, but i don't think a thread could be sustained on anonymous posts. it would probably just make her stop posting

No. 30088

m/ is still down

No. 30089

No shit

No. 30090

as amusing as the scrote in the moo thread is, he should be put out of his spergy misery.

No. 30091

the alr and kpop spam is quickly becoming akin to the wojaks frequently posted, I hope mods can eradicate with swiftness

No. 30092

File: 1645878922460.jpg (44.69 KB, 929x253, Screenshot_20220226-132112_Sam…)

I know the site is still pretty shaky right now but can we please ban the samefagging retards in the Lucinda thread?
Or, even better, take a look at their posts history as soon as LC is stable enough?
Pretty sure that these "anons" going on with their "uwu jaleous fatties! Rattles-rattles" for months are Lucinda herself or one of her friend (Moogle or something like that)
That's where the real milk is in my humble opinion and I really hope that it won't be swept under the rug like what happened with Annie the selfposting crazy in the Manson threads.

Thank you for your service and welcome to our new Admin-Sama!

No. 30093

please get rid of the moid with a crush on putin in the Europe thread

No. 30094

moid in the eurofag thread
was about to post the same thing.

No. 30095

Mods the males from the eurofag threads are now starting to bait in other ot threads too. Will something be done about it or are jannys on a break,

No. 30096

thanks for removing it mods, sad that we had to neg you to do it though.

No. 30097

Could a mod pin the new Movie Night thread in /ot/ please and thanks! The previous thread is full. Here is the new thread >>>/ot/1071635

No. 30098

I miss my fellow Genshit anons… Please can we have a time estimate for when /m/ is back?

No. 30099

d-dont ask questions like that, you are attacking admin.

No. 30100

Yes could admin please comment again on the situation with /m/ and what is going on?

No. 30101

stop bothering admin. I will save her from your tormenting.

No. 30102

I have to say that farmers are surprisingly polite and patient about an entire board being gone so long.

No. 30103

LoL. You're so bothered and for what?

No. 30104

It's jokes.

No. 30105

/m/ posters have always been the most chill and based

No. 30106

Can we just make a temp thread in /g/ for it?

No. 30107

Go bother /ot/ with one, /g/ has seen it's fair share of temporary threads.

No. 30109

No. 30110

hey mods, the male trolls from the eurofag thread seem to be back.
That thread seems like a breeding ground for 4chin males.

No. 30111


No. 30112

Scrotes in the Eurofag thread in /ot/

No. 30113

Ban the fucking yaoifags in the Euro thread please.

No. 30114

Yaoi poster(s) in euro thread, so fucking annoying

No. 30115

Yaoi poster in the eurofag thread spamming shotacon, disgusting moid behaviour.

No. 30116

I was just about to post the same thing. Please ban his ass

No. 30117


No. 30118

Where the fuck are the mods? Why do I have to see gay male illustrated in a eurofag thread? Do sth about it dammit!

No. 30119

File: 1645990099702.jpg (416.94 KB, 1519x2124, 01060037371.jpg)

No. 30120

kek sure. everyone on this female image board is male, and you, the one posting nsfw gay porn is the only true female

No. 30121

Going on a donation strike is looking more like a good idea everyday.

The mods and admin have been acting so fucking absent with this site since December 2021.
Oh and that admin defender can go fuck themselves. You cant even talk about how weird mods and admins is acting without that fucking bitch defending them

Commit sudoku.

No. 30122

The paranoia over scrotes posting here does more damage than actual scrotes ever will.

No. 30123

Everyone is tired of your spam, if you're actually female then take the hint.

No. 30124

The people upset about gay porn are males.

No. 30125

File: 1645990691864.jpg (77.44 KB, 1024x1015, 1598633909402.jpg)

>everyone who doesn't want to see unspoilered gay porn in an unrelated thread is male

No. 30126

Do I really have to explain that it's completely inappropriate to spam porn pics in a discussion about a war currently happening?

No. 30127

When anons complained, spammer gave them some autistic reply saying they will spam Russia Hetalia porn to keep it on track.

Such obvious trolling.

No. 30128

How is it not on track to trigger moids who constantly come to the thread to bait with /pol/tier comments? They see the yaoi and they leave.

No. 30129

This. We want to have a conversation about the war without having to look at cartoon men fucking each other. Is this too much to ask for?

No. 30130

holy shit stop samefagging lmao

No. 30131

You can either have men derailing the thread with scrote-tier bait or you can have cartoon men fucking.

No. 30132

so we have then two idiots spamming shit that nobody wants to see just to make the thread unreadable for everybody? Pure autism on both side wow

No. 30133

Why continue to spam the thread even after the moid bait stops, also the current yaoi spam was mostly shota,unspoilered porn and traps. Basically shit that a man would post….hmmm

No. 30134

Thread got locked, you fucking happy now spammer.

No. 30135

I had to escalate the yaoi posting because the moid was still malding, you're actually probably him being assmad that you can't bait anymore. None of this would have happened if the moid didn't start throwing a shitfit about yaoi being posted.

No. 30136

I'm pretty sure you've accussed atleast 20 anons of being a moid by now.
The original yaoi posted was different from the shit you then started to post. I guess its so hard for a retard to integrate here even when he spends all day here.
Let me guess not even 4chan wants you.

No. 30137

I think we should ban all yaoi posting outside of their designated threads, it's unnecessary derailment.

No. 30138

You did not "have to" do it, everyone was against it, you ruined the fucking thread.

No. 30139

Yeah cause someone said that moids are probably not even grossed out by just watching two men kiss, gotta go a little further then.

No. 30140

Literally tons of people cheering me on but whatever. I'm sure the thread will be back.

No. 30141

wait for real why can't there be a current events thread on /ot/? can we get a definitive yes or no on this? talks about whats happening are going to seep out into other threads no matter what

No. 30142

Literally only one anon was cheering you on and the rest were all telling you to stop posting yaoi and pedo shota.

No. 30143

File: 1645992177086.png (804 B, 150x33, 674547356723463569.png)

so you can ignore us here instead?

No. 30145

Can we get a feature that allows us to disable all images? It'd make raids less frequent if we could avoid seeing whatever they're spamming using this feature.

No. 30146

There was not, you are so delusional and disturbed

No. 30147

Nah, it's genuinely funny how badly it bothers him, but it got too much with the shota and nsfw.

No. 30148

Admin/Janny's the spammer is here, you can ban them instead of locking a thread,

No. 30149

there's huge fucking invasion going and mods wont let us discuss current events? literally what the fuck?

No. 30150

Yeah, who spams a thread with porn to improve its quality? That's either trolling or so retarded it should be banned anyway.

No. 30151

Ok next time I will keep it strictly Hetalia.

No. 30152

that's the spirit

No. 30153

Give me back my fucking thread

No. 30154

It the lock isn't temporary - please let us have the thread. It shouldn't be locked just because of one scrote or a spammer. It was genuinely calming and entertaining to chat with other euro anons about what's happening and to share news. Just ban the shitposters and let the rest of us have it.

No. 30155

Mods please don't be lazy and ban the spammer now.

No. 30156

File: 1645992357457.png (7.31 KB, 439x109, 2022-02-27_21-05-40.png)

Global rules 6 and 11 you mongoloid.

No. 30157

File: 1645992372549.jpg (246.79 KB, 1000x1278, CbhWcCiXEAQd6YL.jpg)

They already banned me twice(ban evasion)

No. 30158

You suck

No. 30159

So your saying you will spam again…you are lucky farmhands are all lazy now and chose to lock threads instead of banning mouthbeathing retards like you.

No. 30160

No one wants it.

No. 30161

File: 1645992521226.png (372.56 KB, 480x640, 798edf378da76f38476fe98c5ac4aa…)

Why do you hate cute ships?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 30162

they're ban evading. nothing mods can do unless the ip ban their general location

No. 30163

just as brain dead as the moid - you both deserve each other.

No. 30164

Agreed, yaoi retard should be banned and we would like to have our thread back. Or the permission to create a Current Events thread where we can discuss the news in general. Although it was nice to have a Euro specific thread

No. 30165

File: 1645992603193.jpg (125.96 KB, 850x907, sample-fd27370001b8a52fb1585ff…)


No. 30166

Just go away. No one wants you here. Yeah I think I'd rather have an occasional scrote bait than having to look at ton of explicit cartoon gay porn when trying to talk about a war.

No. 30167

great now I have no where to discuss ukraine/russia

No. 30168

TBH the moralfagging "uwu war is vewy sewious!!!" is annoying, you shouldn't be getting your news from here anyway. Go call your mom or DM a history professor or something if you want to talk about the gravity of the situation bc you look like a joke trying to do it in all grave seriousness on an imageboard that critiques fat whores' labia on a daily basis.

No. 30169


No. 30170

>stop having discussion on discussion imageboard because i said so!!!!!!
literally kys. /ot/ is /ot/ because it's off-topic. not like we were discussing ukraine on /g/ lmao

No. 30171

not a moralfagger but there's a difference between cracking a joke or two, posting some putin memes etc, than spamming for the entirety of the thread to the point where not one anon encouraged it but called it out and the thread fucking locks.


No. 30172

its a war that has real life consequences globally, changing by the hour. people are more online for news and discussions, of course lc would also want to have their own place here to discuss things. people were more upset about the porn spamming, not trying to police the "seriousness" of the discussion

No. 30173

I don't care, I just want to read what european anons have to say about european things, not to see fujo shit. There's a thread for that, go there.

No. 30174

A war concerning Europe being talked about in a Europe thread isn't moralfagging.

No. 30175

File: 1645992971772.png (360.9 KB, 512x512, Z7HeRxU.png)

No. 30176

talking about current events is moralfagging…whoa. learn something new every day i guess

No. 30177

Retard take. If we can't discuss something then what's the point? Asking people to have some reverence for the situation instead descending into ow the edge /pol/-tier rhetoric is not moralfagging.

No. 30178

the thread is back now calm down

No. 30182

>over the threat of your continent falling into a full blown war
I even find the fujospam funny and justified to bother posting moids, but kys if you think worrying is "moralfagging".

No. 30183

calm yourself with the foaming-at-the-mouth posts and the "kys", the thread is back

No. 30184

my suggestion stays the same though

No. 30185

Tinfoil but i think these recent spam was done by males because they hate women discussing things that aren't makeup or gossip.

No. 30186

yes kek, no way yaoi poster isn't a male, there's no way someone can be that retarded. Keeps avatar fagging in the thread now too

No. 30187

Farmers, how do you feel about reviving the /int/ board?
The board was abandoned as it was not too popular, but maybe times have changed.

No. 30188

after looking at it for 2.5 seconds, no thank you

No. 30189

It's been a hidden board for like 4 years, what you see at the top is random spam.
What would actually go there:
Amerfag thread, Eurofag thread, Brazil thread, French thread, Italian thread, German thread, the new Polish thread, and I'm sure I missed some.
Plus regional cow threads.

No. 30191

>I'm sure I missed some
The Canada thread, I forgot that one
I also forgot the Finnish thread
Point is, there is more than enough material of the same category to fill a new board, and we already have that board ready

No. 30194

Please pin the new Movie Night thread in /ot/ please and thank you very much >>>/ot/1071635

No. 30195

Moid in the mtf thread.

No. 30196

Why is like everything still missing from /m/

No. 30197

Because admin is the most absent admin we have ever had checking lolcow maybe once a week. This shit was supposed to be easily fixed since it was all backed up but it’s been 6 days since admin said that. I used to kiss admin and the farmhands’ ass but even I feel like they’re way too absent and non-communicative

No. 30198

Yes but make it international (general) instead of international cows so all the country threads from /ot/ can go there. It's becoming a lot lately.

No. 30199

Seems like the majority is against it because a) they don't think we have enough users still (I think they're wrong, half of /ot/ are now such threads) and b) they think moving to a new board would make the threads less posted in (I think this is a valid concern, happened before)
See replies to my is in /ot/

Anyway, it was an idea I had seeing how /ot/ has grown full of country threads and they're quite popular, but farmers don't want it so - nothing.

No. 30200

Patiently waiting for /m/ but I’m fucked up inside ngl no rush though

No. 30201

farmhands just want to let you know that there are anons who regularly use /m/

No. 30202

Infighting in the Eurofag thread again. I think we could use another temporary lock

No. 30203

Please do something about the infighting in the relationship advice thread in /g/

No. 30204

Can we have /int/, /vg/, and /co/ boards created pls?

No. 30205

Please at least unpin the old movie night thread even if you're not going to pin the new one like requested. It will take half a minute, I don't know why it's just sitting there.

No. 30207

What is the point of redtexting shit with "take it to /meta/", but when anons actually post about their concerns or questions here you don't do anything to address it? Like the anon above said, you won't even do things that take a second like pinning the new movie night thread. I understand that there is a staff shortage, but maybe if you guys didn't ignore us we wouldn't give suggestions or complain in other boards. It's not even because we're transitioning from one admin to the next, because it's been like this for a while.

No. 30208

has anyone tried reporting the op? Maybe a farmhand sees it that way

No. 30209

posting in /meta/ really is fucking pointless.

No. 30210

Nta, but I've reported it

No. 30211


No. 30212

cp on /ot/

No. 30213

and /g/

No. 30214

ugh i feel so gross now.
Maybe putting the eurofag thread in /int/ is maybe a good idea now.

Because i have a feeling that it was the eurofag moids that did this now.

No. 30215

seems like a spambot to me but i'm not a fan of these generals either way.

No. 30216

Mods on this site are legit beyond fucking retarded. Banning people for the dumbest non-reasons and letting scrotes run absolutely wild derailing and infighting in threads. Honestly beyond incompetent.

No. 30217


No. 30218

it's gone now!

No. 30219

cp in /g/

No. 30220

Lots of women openly browsing /ot/

No. 30221

No. 30224

Why the fuck have you locked the Polish thread? What has this achieved? Are we supposed to shit up eurofag thread with posts in a language that 99% of the farms cannot read? Pierdolę to kurwa

No. 30225

Yeah wtf?? Just lock our threads too then t. finfag

Can't you just make /int/? Clearly people do have interest in country specific generals. This is the first place I ever found similar women speaking the same language as me

No. 30226

>Just lock our threads too then t. finfag
Yours was around before the eurofag thread, seems unfair. I do agree with the farmhand(s) that the nationality threads are getting out of hand but redirecting to the Eurofag thread is not it. Re-opening /int/ and moving everything there is a good idea imo.

No. 30227

Farmhands will literally do shit that no one asks for, but won't even respond to our basic requests. The shit moderation is going to kill this site. I just hope that new admin turns things around.

No. 30228

Could mods/admin/idk whose responsibility is this pin the new movie thread (>>>/ot/1071635) so it is on the top of the page? And I guess the previous one could be unpinned?

No. 30229

Yeah this feels like power tripping

No. 30230

Yeah, two new nationality threads definitely would kill /ot/, if they would have no active contributors they would die by themselves, and if people would contribute, means they're just as valuable of a thread as is Italian, German or Finnish one. Power trip for sure

No. 30231

Why polish thread is closed? Why other countries have their own thread but Poland can't have one?

No. 30232


No. 30233

File: 1646082581525.jpg (174.17 KB, 1054x532, 1639937288713.jpg)

No. 30234

please just give the polish anons their thread back, the shitposting is too powerful, I can't even understand it with a translator

No. 30235

There is infighting again in the Eurofag thread. The Poles can't handle not having their own thread

No. 30236

we are having a civil conversation in our mother tongue just like they told us to. i dont see anything wrong.

No. 30237

Please bring the Polska thread back, so we can discuss our war in peace

No. 30238

Bring back Polish thread please!

No. 30239

how can you even tell that we are fighting? we are just talking like we used to in our thread lmao

No. 30240

quality meme lmfao especially as a driverfag

No. 30242

they are too busy discriminating polish anons

No. 30243


Thread has reached 1100 posts. The thread will be locked and you will be unable to post in it shortly after it exceeds 1200 posts. Please begin preparing a new thread and post a link to it when it's created.

No. 30244

Why did the polish anons lose their thread anyway? There's italian thread and some scandi thread, german thread… From what I understood with my limited polish anons now are loudly proclaiming love for each another, non infighting kek

No. 30245

we were so happy to make the thread and be able to talk so we don't understand at all

No. 30246

it didn't work. they're not even talking about a tangentially related topic anymore, just attacking each other. very curious how many posters this is/how long those bans were

the thread is always shit at this point; it's almost not worth having, since many anons asking for advice just get drowned out by the bullshit back-and-forth arguments that rarely provide any insightful commentary. was there a certain time this started? or has it been gradual?

No. 30247

Infighting in relationship advice thread in /g/ AGAIN

No. 30248

I also want an /int/ because i want an hispanoamerica thread kek but lets be real nonnies /m/ is still not working properly the jannies can barely mantain the site as it is now

No. 30250

So close america thread then. Why some countries can have a thread but other not?

No. 30251

not to tinfoil but it's almost like since those scrotes from /pol/ came and fagged the place up, some anons are demanding their own threads. keyword: demanding.

No. 30252

Nah. Thats eurofaggority for you

No. 30253

i agree, i don't think we need 17 diff country threads, but maybe an int board would be nice, but make it hidden like the other hidden boards

in other news, i hate scrotes

No. 30254

>an int board, but make it hidden like the other hidden boards
That already exists.

No. 30255

almost like when a war breaks out in europe people start wanting to talk about shit????? dumbass

No. 30256

That's a reason for scrotes to join the board and shit everything up?

No. 30257

>>30254 but nonnita, it's closed kek

No. 30258

admin-chan please bring back /m/ i'll start sperging i can't do this anymore

No. 30260

Why is this shit thread still on /pt/? It keeps getting bumped, it shouldn’t even be unlocked and the cow certainly isn’t a /pt/ cow >>>/pt/864707

No. 30263

Cope and we made our own thread, idk why it couldn't have stayed. It's always scrote invasion (upcoming or in progress) when one of you doesn't like something kek. I'm seeing the retarded argument like for the 3rd time while knowing very well I'm not a scrote.
It costs nothing to leave the thread be like other European ones

No. 30264

You can still post on /m/ so just make a new temporary thread for what you’re craving.

No. 30268

Okay, a little history for the newfags that join the site and start complaining.

Do you guys understand that the German, Italian, Finn, British Royalty threads were all made BEFORE the eurofag thread was made (which was made only 4 months ago)? And in retaliation to the eurofag thread being made, there was the Amerifag thread made and the Canadian one made. Canadian culture and american culture are completely different, so that makes sense. Anons wanted to discuss Trudeau in the Canada thread while discussing the culture of america in the American thread. There was also the Canadian Hate thread and American hate thread but jannies deleted those.
People wanted to merge the two and call it North American sperg thread but literally no one cared to do that so that idea was ignored. I also think there was a britbong thread but that might've been deleted too since there was British royalty thread and Eurofag threads already

There is already a Hispanoamerican/Spain/spanish speaking countries thread, but no one decided to try to search for it even in their own language despite the other country threads being written in the countries mother language… >>>/ot/621962

ffs just look at thread dates and maybe use some critical thinking or even read the threads a bit which has the history and reasoning behind why some of them are made. use the catalog. There is already a hidden international board that seems to be working based on what some anons said here, but like some other anons said, every little country doesn't need a thread. inb4 "MY COUNTRY ISN'T LITTLE" eurofag moment

No. 30269

Mods could you just temporarily(like an hour or two) lock the Eurofag thread
its getting really insane now

No. 30270

>Canadian culture and american culture are completely different, so that makes sense.
Enlightened take from an oldfag, are you implying polish and spanish cultures are identical therefore they should stick to one thread?

No. 30271

>>30268 i mostly agree with you nonnie but i can also say "look at the dates" to you kek. I think that enough shit happened around the globe to see why people want itl threads now even of their little countries. There is a ton of censorship, falseflags and psyops in traditional sns and what it used to be discused there it can't be anymore, so they moved here (tw is for example very ban happy right now). I'm not even an eurofag i'm an ot refugee who after the whole bunker saga now i have to watch /ot/ burn down thanks to the polfaggority that attracts the Europa threads. I'm not even asking for banning i sympathize with euroanons but maybe all those threads need to be moved to the hidden board. Because i know that all the recent gore and cp raids were caused by the attention that the euro threads brings to the main site.

About hispanic threads well the problem is that hispanic lolcows are discused in plain sight usually. There is little to no PC/watchdog culture in hispanic circles so there is no need to be anonymous or to use imageboards to discuss things, not even hispanic terfs hide themselves kek. I think that there are very few spanish speaking boards because of it, and they're as centralized as regular sns.

No. 30272

File: 1646156502005.png (130.08 KB, 890x706, Untitled.png)

Are you actually, genuinely fucking retarded, farmhands? Can you explain to me how joking about men being coomers makes me a scrote? Seriously double digit IQ going on here.

No. 30273

I pointed out the spaniards have their own thread, retard. Is poland different from the other Bavaristanislav counties in Europe? nope. That farmhand did the wrong redtext but it doesn't matter, there was no need for a Spain thread when there's already one.

No. 30274

this is a decent write up, thank you for sharing your thoughts nonny. you're right, I really hope mods open the hidden board for anons to make threads but so far there's not much there kek

No. 30275

I strongly believe that we need a separate Spanish thread, not only we have different languages that don't exist in Latin America but our cultural context is entirely diffrent than theirs because we are in the European continent, have our own internal problems and haven't been part of the same government for at least one century. The political happenings here aren't known there and can't be discussed like it. We can't use only the Eurofag thread unless you want posts in Spanish or other iberian peninsula languages there. I'd rather have a thread shared with Portugal.

No. 30276

>Is poland different from the other Bavaristanislav counties in Europe?
Yes you fucking retard. And the thread was very active for as long as it lived, so it wasn't just one person feeling entitled.

No. 30277

File: 1646162859656.jpg (23.2 KB, 480x270, 1611608156803.jpg)

Please fix /m/
Please fix /m/
Please fix /m/
Please fix /m/
Please fix /m/
Please fix /m/
Please fix /m/
Please fix /m/

No. 30278

Mods please pin the new lolcow movie night thread >>>/ot/1071635

No. 30279

They seriously don't read this thread. I don't know why we even bother.

No. 30280

ignorant retard holy fuck

No. 30281

No. 30282

Mods are too busy banning people in the Eurofag thread for posting funny edits of Putin to listen to your legitimate complaints, sorry.

No. 30283

>getting permabanned over a putin meme
>in the eurofag thread
>where most posts are about russia vs ukraine
>where most posts are also about putin.

Are the farmhand here retarded or are they just pro-putin?

Also atleast take the fucking time to answer anons in meta for fucks sake.

This new team is trash and everyone included (mods,admin etc)

No. 30284

i was about to post this too.

No. 30285

> Canada and USA have completely different cultures and they need separate threads.
>South America (+10 countries) and Spain belong together because they all speak Spanish.
Doesn't make any sense to me.

No. 30286

I wonder if the new farmhands just don't know how to ban properly and are handing out perma-bans to everyone. But I don't know why the anons making Putin edits got banned anyway.

No. 30287

File: 1646174325971.jpg (67.86 KB, 900x235, probs why.jpg)

this is probably why

No. 30288

>Is poland different from the other Bavaristanislav counties in Europe? nope.
What an ignorant faggot. Of course it is.
I'm not a Polish anon but I find it fucked up how western countries get to have their own thread but eastern countries don't.

No. 30289

It's not even that criteria, it doesn't even make sense. Greece has it's own thread but Spain can't have one.

No. 30290

Moid spergout about conscription in MTF thead in snow/

No. 30292

The celebricows thread is getting more retarded than usual. Mods please wake up.

No. 30293

PLEASE BAN THE RETARDED GREEK AUTIST IN THE MTF THREAD PLEASE. He won't shut the fuck up and is derailing the thread.

No. 30294

Why are mods handing perma bans for stupid edits anyways? I agree, I don't think they know how to ban properly and just end up banning the people they disagree with. There was someone in /ot/ who got banned after they disagreed with a specific "anon"

No. 30295

What post are you referring to?

No. 30297

We have two dumbass shit threads active. Can we pls lock this one cos it’s ugly AF

No. 30299


No. 30300

Yes also punish the person who made it. Force them to live in isolation forever and milk yaks

No. 30301

Whyyy were mods able to lock that thread but not pin the fucking movie thread?

No. 30302

File: 1646222786065.png (8.33 KB, 698x98, eee.png)

Mods answer for perma-banning anons from all boards for posting putin memes.
This is hypocritical since memes are often posted in that thread (so are baiters which mods are mostly absent from when happens) so its weird to ban anons over that.

Also recently there was a Zelenskyy meme edit posted and that was okay but god-forbid you post a putin meme.

these mods are either absent or they vendetta ban people and micromanage. There is no normal in-between.

No. 30303

I wonder if either the mods can't do it at all (just admin) or something broke behind the scenes or they no longer want to have it pinned for whatever reason? There's definitely farmhands active in /ot/ so it can't be that.

No. 30304

Maybe you're right and I don't mind if farmhands themselves are not able to pin, but I just wish they would say that.

No. 30305

Yeah most mods are absent and when they ban its vendetta, everyone knows the permanent bans for a few memes is stupid. Doesn't help that there was illegal content that was up for hours but memes are considered spam and warrant permanent bans. Huh? New admin and mods are trash honestly, there are so many scrotes everyday that never get banned but nonnies do if pickme jannies disagree with their views.

No. 30306

this is retarded, I have enjoyed the stupid Putin memes. They have lightened the distressing mood a bit. Just make saging them a rule

No. 30307

>New admin
We don't have a new admin yet anon, what do you mean?

No. 30308

I posted a Putin meme but it was along side a post that was participating in the discussion. So what the mods are probably trying to do is remove image spam to allow discussion.

No. 30309

We don't? I thought the new admin was the one that fixed the site issues. Pardon my ignorance.
Saging isnt a rule because it's ot though, the board would be dead if it was imo

No. 30312

I know saging in /ot/ isn't a rule in general, but we still sage non-milk posts in celebricows. I don't see why putinposting should be any different. If people don't like them, they can hide the saged posts and just read the discussion.
Permabans for some silly pictures (which are on topic) are just insane

No. 30313

I second. They derail there and on OT and are detailing at every opportunity while being pedantic.

No. 30316

Why a pedo moid? She seems like a regular aspie, she posted her (fat) hand too.

No. 30318

Oh I thought you were talking about the conscription aspie from the MtF thread.

No. 30319

Putin confirmed for staff's husbando

No. 30320

Hiding saged posts in /ot/ will never work because people sage or not sage whenever they feel like it. There's too much randomness too it.

No. 30321

In general sage is used here as it is on 2ch/5ch. I think lolcow is the only western image board that still uses sage as intended. moot removed visible sage on 4chan because it was used like a reddit down vote button.

The problem is that what counts as relevant contribution on /ot/? Most threads on /ot/ are for sharing opinions so what makes one opinion worth bumping a thread over another? It's entirely up to poster and there's no clear definition.

No. 30324

Mods please ban the autistic tards in the celebricows thread that are derailing.

No. 30327

The celebricows thread always brings in the most retarded and unhinged newfags too. Mods please wake up from your 1000 year slumber and ban them.

No. 30328

the stupid faggot is back. pretty much the entire thread is filled with his derailing now.

No. 30330

ok then let putin memes be

No. 30331

i hope the celebricow thread goes to snow

No. 30332


No. 30333

Kek mods ban people they dislike. This anon >>1071451 was perma banned and when she complained they, probably same jannie-cuck, just told her to go to meta.

I'm convinced one of those jannies is a pro-russia scrote or pickme who perma bans anyone who wrongs her.

No. 30334

I agree that it should be in snow, but /ot/ is literally where it originally was.

No. 30336

Samefagging because I tagged the post wrong. This person got permabanned for no reason and when they voiced their opinion jannie just told her to go complain in meta. >>>/ot/1071451

No. 30337

think they meant that it shouldn't have been moved to /ot/ again anon.
Since it was slightly better during its snow period.

No. 30338

you can just say /m/ got fucked you know, no need to beat around the bush.

No. 30339

lolcow is anonymous right? how would a janny ban someone who they don't like?? or did you mean ban someone who's opinion they don't like?

No. 30340

idk, i feel like /m/ had a lot of pictures/gifs so it probably is taking longer? but idk :/ it's weird that only /m/ was the one fucked, but it makes sense when you add that /m/ probably had a lot more media files than all the other boards

No. 30341

Yeah I agree. /ot/ has bad moderation and always attracts both trolls and newfags who, for some reason, don't get banned until the whole thread goes to shit. Yeah I get it they could use vpns and join again but mods literally never ban the obvious racebait or pedoscrotes until it becomes a huge problem.

No. 30342

Someone wrote in another thread mentioned but jannies can see the post history of ips. They can also ban if they disagree with someone, hence the jannie permabanning anyone who made fun of putin via memes while ignoring real rulebreakers.

No. 30343

if you check the kaka posts reveal page, it explains how they also receive some information about posters from cookie files beyond IP

No. 30344

what if someone uses incognito mode

No. 30345

Wtf that's so creepy. Can you link me the reveal you're talking about?

No. 30346

File: 1646249590630.jpeg (65.76 KB, 828x275, FE44DFFC-CB0E-4023-9F40-5DD49F…)

I was actually trying to distract from the poltard smh

No. 30347

Kek. Banning some