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No. 289276

previous thread >>>/g/193846

the anticipated second containment thread for the irl husbandofags is here! sperg freely about your trash men here and don't forget to have fun

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File: 1663780313441.gif (89.01 KB, 233x213, steve.gif)

No. 289280

File: 1663780743942.gif (543.49 KB, 400x400, 05542A3E-718D-413A-BB2A-082D0A…)

stevefag did you ever use the relic of mid-late 00s greatness known as blingee??

No. 289283

No. 289295

File: 1663783619525.jpeg (45.46 KB, 456x453, c7a6644a170a9e82ace6004bc1fb5c…)


No. 289297

Chinese Ezra saga!

No. 289301

File: 1663783987907.jpeg (37.99 KB, 500x481, 5add6b84dd1e317113b88129f6837a…)

to bless the new irlhusbando thread

No. 289303

Medieval ezra dis time hmm

No. 289305

i wish he'd kidnapped me instead

No. 289307

File: 1663784581823.jpeg (56.7 KB, 564x564, 89dc2782bc2c5031c03a5a2ab34987…)

No. 289308

Do any of the ezrafags know what he's doing rn

No. 289311

File: 1663784991915.png (99.9 KB, 1720x566, Screenshot 2022-09-21 at 19.28…)

in this article he said:
>> "Having recently gone through a time of intense crisis, I now understand that I am suffering complex mental health issues and have begun ongoing treatment,” the statement says. “I want to apologize to everyone that I have alarmed and upset with my past behavior. I am committed to doing the necessary work to get back to a healthy, safe and productive stage in my life.”

No. 289319

That's nice, he's probably in a mental hospital, maybe he'll make popsicle stick dolls of the flash

No. 289326

i hope that he is getting help

No. 289334

File: 1663790366309.jpeg (113.23 KB, 1024x706, 72D2F055-2D96-4AC6-9D79-3D3963…)

It was great fun. the apex of tacky 00s profile graphics and the base of all the fun of modern phone apps like picsart. that kind of graphic is coming back into fashion again too

dc is still going to release the flash, they've spent too much money to let it go to waste

really tempted to photoshop THE TALENT to say something vulgar, maybe THE WHORE, but I shall abstain

No. 289336

Im glad it's coming back into fashion I love the shinies big glitter fuckoff shiny big sparkles please

No. 289353

File: 1663792953294.jpg (87.4 KB, 691x1080, peakperformance.jpg)

he is just so perfect in The Mummy, both his acting and his looks

No. 289360

File: 1663794512838.gif (1.15 MB, 202x360, bdda8c30d96b0449616d07d8f0aa0a…)

carreyfag, i hope you are doing well.

No. 289363

File: 1663794884691.png (92.79 KB, 1323x255, Screenshot (243).png)

I must've written this in a previous life

No. 289381

File: 1663797112919.jpeg (449.79 KB, 1125x753, CB652399-6236-4872-88DE-2D1C54…)

if you don’t collect everything related to your irl husbando you’re NGMI

No. 289384

File: 1663798511785.jpg (674.57 KB, 1920x1080, worldrenownedscottishhobo.jpg)

I tend to stick to the streams where I think he looks the most attractive. If he's wearing a hoodie or the beard's coming in full force I am clicking on that shit fast as hell. He's been keeping me sane during this rough patch. Thanks, Limmy ♥

No. 289394

File: 1663801421741.png (443.96 KB, 750x497, D04292B6-C46F-4C8D-969C-609784…)

where is the discord server btw, i need to sperg about my husbando with a bunch of nonnies who won’t reprimand me for my taste (because of their choice of husbandos)

No. 289395

KEK I LOVE THIS EDIT NONNA. I would also love a discord chat for the irl husbando anons!

No. 289439

File: 1663817183156.jpeg (110.79 KB, 1024x986, E41ECA94-D43D-48CF-8067-511B50…)

I'd like portions of the 00s-10s back without some of the toxicity of the era

as a song I listened to once said "somewhere between ecstasy and suicide". I want to be a happy woman and I'm not rn? but was I ever happy?

No. 289463

File: 1663824508860.png (529.81 KB, 640x800, B7A4A648-3F20-47EB-924A-74AA9F…)

my other true husbando next to john
Carreyanon, have you seen this insane conspiracy post about Jim being a serial killer on reddit? https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/ti9557/i_copied_and_pasted_this_archived_blog_post_about/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf

I think you would get a laugh out of it

No. 289552

File: 1663860847603.jpeg (31.83 KB, 319x306, 7CACC76D-4CDB-4B64-9E4F-2EDB1F…)

I've seen it. a little farferched for my tinfoil taste, although creative. Not doubting he has done some very bad things but I don't think The Number 23 is a biopic

No. 289558

File: 1663861879200.jpg (729.79 KB, 1556x1080, Screenshot_20220905-160429_You…)

Yesterday I wanted to off myself but then I watched a bit of Limmy's Show this morning before work and I'm happy as can be. At this point I'm starting to think I genuinely am unhinged and I might be going psychologically crazy because the hold that this man has over me is fucking insane.

No. 289574

File: 1663865557983.png (269.22 KB, 396x561, sexy.png)

slurps the sweat from his hair like its a straw mmmm vegetable soup!

No. 289576

who is thisssss

No. 289587

File: 1663869563104.jpg (235.52 KB, 953x953, 1663850036111180.jpg)

No. 289595

File: 1663872299343.jpeg (46.07 KB, 500x341, 13EF3043-1E0D-45C5-AFEF-8F90B7…)

what’s your thoughts on him ?

No. 289692

File: 1663898949968.jpg (58.99 KB, 564x564, loml.jpg)

if it's not him then i don't want em
i've read our birthcharts and now im convinced he's the love of my life sry not sry

No. 289693

So is this jimin or jungcook

No. 289725

File: 1663908910498.jpg (8.11 KB, 201x251, padilla.jpg)

I cannot lie Anthony Padilla is gorgeous af, even in his emo Smosh days he was fine

No. 289727

File: 1663909640111.jpg (60.09 KB, 672x372, NothingMore-10-1-672x372.jpg)

Samefag Jonny Hawkins from the band Nothing More is also gorgeous AF and has a great singing voice

No. 289790

File: 1663942993191.gif (5.07 MB, 360x202, steve gets rejected.gif)


No. 289825

it's J-boy

No. 289838

File: 1663954720450.jpg (Spoiler Image, 60.24 KB, 622x728, brettt.jpg)

At this point I know it's weird but I don't give a shit. Manifesting a tattooed bf in my future 1/10 as adorable

No. 289847

this tiny picture kek

No. 290022

File: 1664029397637.gif (526.56 KB, 353x500, poor thing.gif)


No. 290067

Who is this cutie?

No. 290334

File: 1664152290174.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.33 MB, 268x180, f7a3bd674488ee1cb4ae1481298be0…)


No. 290528

Too lazy to attach a pic but I'm so fucking depressed that I will never meet my husbando, that I'll most likely never meet him. Fuck. I am genuinely considering manifestation (manifesting a moid very similar to my husbando to come into my life) or fucking "shifting" or whatever. I'm half-joking but honestly I am so in love with him it drives me crazy. How do I cope nonnas. The moids around me do not measure up even the slightest bit. I know I'm definitely idolizing. That's pretty lame of me, because I know my husbando is just a regular person.
I just love him so much it makes me insane kek.

No. 290532

I feel you. Although on one hand I'm a little relieved that I can never meet my husbando because he'd probably disappoint me too. Do you think that if you guys were to meet in real that you would be compatible? What part of him are you really attracted to? Maybe there are things you can do to at least feel a little closer to him?

No. 290536

Too embarrassed to post my husbando's face. But I just realized something. He's a musician, and when I sing along to his songs, it's like we're doing a duet.

No. 290547

Ayrt, I do think that we would be compatible, at the very least if we had ever gotten together it'd be a pretty solid relationship for a while. Of course that's just what I assume and what I think, based on how I perceive him. It might not even be true. My main problem is that he's quite a bit older than me and I'm not really his ideal type of woman (I'm skinny and flat as hell both ways) (but that also makes this parasocial crush feel very safe) and he lives in a different country. It's hard to fantasize about him because it feels like we're soulmates (I know it sounds crazy kek and it fucking IS lmao) but we missed each other by more than a few miles. It honestly kicks my ass that I'll never at least run into someone so similar to me, I'll never have a conversation with him, I'll never be able to tell him how much he has helped me. I'm really attracted to his mind and his wit. I think that if he wasn't as witty or smart then I probably wouldn't be as attracted to him, though I do find him physically attractive. His mind sort of elevates his looks for me. And as for feeling closer to him, I keep one of his books with me wherever I am, be it in bed or in the car or in my purse out and about.

No. 290566

We'd either be soulmates or we'd kill one another. There's too much instability. I figure there is no telling which it would be at any given moment so now I do not want him near me

No. 290577

Aw anon that's cute. I know what you mean about feeling frustrated you might not run into anyone like him. I often feel the same way about how I don't think I could meet anyone similar to my parasocial crush, but then I think I'd be so disappointed and disillusioned if things didn't work out. That's really nice that you carry his books around with you. That sense of longing can really suck, but I think it's admirable how much you love him.

Lol nona I'm glad you're prioritizing your safety. I wouldn't want your husbando to kill you.

No. 290755

File: 1664302149824.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 134.44 KB, 750x670, 4F8341DF-C915-4A53-B0D1-FA331C…)

>sent this letter to his brother when he was 40 years old
Why do I find this kind of autistic behavior so endearing

No. 290767

Is this from Bundy?

No. 290771

No. 290786

File: 1664306628534.gif (10.17 MB, 638x526, limmy-bobbi.gif)

It's like I fall more in love with him with each passing day. This is definitely not normal! Tbh I get withdrawals from his streams/show when I'm at work. The only thing keeping me steady throughout the day is looking forward to going home and watching him stream/his show. The worst part is that I don't even think my Limmy autism has peaked yet.

No. 290846

i don't want to end up dead but i also fret my manifestations may succeed for all the wrong reasons. god help me for changing my mind

No. 290848

Anon if you're manifesting anything you should be super specific with what you want! Sorry to any husbando nonnies that don't believe in manifestation or care for the topic but I can't have my fellow nonas feeling down and doubtful.

No. 290849


No. 291006

Theodore Roosevelt

No. 291231

No. 291752

File: 1664632556301.jpg (16.38 KB, 518x300, E-gHjz_VIAAw3lE.jpg)

must be ovulating. i want mads mikkelsen sexually again

No. 292984

File: 1665208620672.jpg (38.79 KB, 650x921, prettypac.jpg)

This thread is as dead as my husbando but I really want to sperg about him, I'm tired to pretend he's not the hottest man i've seen, I found him so captivating that is embarassing.

No. 292988

File: 1665211664781.jpeg (82.92 KB, 750x750, 47DBE418-BD31-4796-BD2D-575939…)

Jerma is so cute it drives me insane. His girlfriend is so lucky. That should’ve been me

No. 293377

File: 1665415632709.jpg (156.45 KB, 668x1047, 1.jpg)

God I just want to live in a simple cozy cloudy looking town where my husbando takes me on long drives, we take walks together near the woods, I cry into his arms and he hugs me real tight and strokes my head telling me everything's going to be alright in that low gravely voice of his, we have sleepy cuddly sex in bed, drink tea together, raise a cute daughter and live happily ever after the end. In no particular order.

No. 293756

File: 1665618669749.gif (1.85 MB, 300x251, tumblr_o5bursSwuR1t4fi9ko1_400…)

I don't CAre don't care he fired people from their own bands they were also his bands, I don't care he makes most musicians he works with hate him idc, that's like the worst thing he does is he's petty and honestly, he kicked out whetton for being an alcoholic and idk, steve doesnt have to have empathy for alcoholics i guess because he's so health conscious and autistic he probably doesn't understand how someone can be an alcoholic and just not show up for a band since he's so anal. Plus I think him pressuring Greg to stay in the band is funny, his flaws are so mild compared to what other people like they just don't like him because he's mean to their faves. He isn't even that mean, he's just shady mostly and I think the idea of him being responsible for people who aren't fully committed to the music freaks him out because he did that at 20 at the cost of waiting several more years living in a shitty apartment with three friends making no money!
Also, maybe he didn't like Steve Hackett because Steve Hackett's the asshole. Didn't he cheat on his wife? Also he grew out his fingernails to a disgusting length because he didn't want to use a pick, what the fuck? Clearly he doesn't have anyone to finger. Steve Howe on the other hand once said he could grow out his fingernails to better play spanish guitar, as is the custom, but he said long fingernails aren't part of 'his lifestyle.' You do the math.
Firing Jon Anderson was a lover's quarrel. That one was 100% pure pettiness.
Sageing because this is one for the real spergy autistic husbandofags.

No. 293929

File: 1665707001974.jpg (247.51 KB, 1080x1350, Dacre-Montgomery-dogs.jpg)

Dacre with his dogs. I wonder what their names are.

No. 293946

File: 1665711626787.jpg (556.63 KB, 1916x1080, Screenshot_20220921_170802.jpg)

Quite honestly he's the only reason I haven't ended it all KEK. I've been rereading his autobiography like crazy. He is the light in the darkness. I'm going insane, I think like legitmately fucking insane. I love him so much. I'm fucking obsessed. My precious possibly-maybe-on-the-spectrum blorbo.

No. 294231

File: 1665901871270.jpg (31.14 KB, 221x320, franz-kafka[1].jpg)

With his clumsy, skinny, spidery fingers he was knitting woolen socks for the peasants. He had almost spitted his gray eyes on the knitting needles, for it was already dark.
Someone knocked daintily at the plank door. That was Impure in Heart. And at once Lanky began feeling ashamed. He was ashamed of his height and his woolen socks and his
room. And with difficulty and shame he set his bony legs into motion and shamefully extended his hand to the guest. It reached across the whole room. Then he stammered some friendly
mutterings into his woolen socks.

(he characterizes himself as Shamefaced Lanky and a friend as Impure in Heart here)

oh nonnies i miss my dead author so much

No. 294466

File: 1666018681693.jpeg (55.18 KB, 400x401, 47CB055C-A384-463A-85FF-990CCA…)

Good evening

No. 295347

File: 1666461241350.jpg (270.74 KB, 1364x1335, graphic_28769.jpg)

>stares at you from across the room

No. 295371

File: 1666469288155.jpeg (556.28 KB, 1200x800, 92307_l200.jpeg)

As my love for him has migrated from attraction to obsession, so I have migrated from the unconventional attractions thread to this one. I love Dubov, I love his cuteness, I love his accent, I love how smart he is (just watch any of his interviews). He is perfect in every way, and I mean that. The fact that he speaks russian as well as english makes him 10 times more attractive to me. I imagine him saying things like "I love you", etc in russian but I don't know what he's saying because I don't know the language. Then I secretly take language classes for russian and learn it, but he doesn't know I know what he's saying. The last time I obsessed over a 3d man like this I was a teenager. I'm honestly surprised I still have the capability. I like to imagine a scenario where we play chess against each other in a tournament (he wins), then talk about politics afterwards and become friends and meet up after every future tournament to talk and slowly grow closer and closer.

No. 295654

File: 1666583672909.jpeg (398.15 KB, 1574x2048, iw102222553.jpeg)

ohhhhhhh nonas. i've been listening to black country new road again and i'm falling back in love with him. please convince me not to enter an essay contest so i can maybe win and go to london to maybe see him walking the streets. i am going fucking insane

No. 295662

File: 1666588773793.jpeg (353.88 KB, 2000x1334, phprvlVGd.jpeg)

Do it nona, I know nothing about your husbando but if I had a 1/1000 chance to possibly see mine I'd jump on it in a heartbeat. The worst outcome is that you lose the essay contest, your only loss being the time you spent writing it. London is a nice city anyway whether you see him or not. Do you have a specific contest you're thinking of entering? I'm not sure if posting my husbando is avatarfagging or not

No. 295752

He looks really good in a suit

No. 295754

File: 1666632582266.jpg (298.82 KB, 1784x1585, FfDgLaJXoAEdqf7.jpg)

he strongly resembles Leon Kennedy in this pic. god he is so fucking hot

No. 295777

Crunchy wig

No. 295807

Trips confirm it is a crunchy wig also holy kek he does not look like leon, he just has a similarly parted crunchy wig

No. 295810

>crunchy wig
I love this theory so much

No. 295816

I used to see him only as a funny guy who would be good to befriend but I think after watching too many of his streams I'm developing a crush on him.

No. 295820

yeah exactly nonna

No. 295823

Is he cosplaying Corinthian??

No. 295864

His depression and being single only make him hotter tbh.

But reading again the statements by some of his ex-partners during the whole sex pest drama last year, at best he sounds like a douche and a pain in the ass to have an affair with. So yeah I don't think I wanna fuck him anymore lmao.

No. 295954

nonnie it's been debunked, all those allegations against him were pure bullshit. also I thought he was married? wdym single

No. 295985

Kek you thought he was married? No way. Sorry but he gives terminally alone vibes.

No. 296000

Got a link to the debunk? I know at least two of the people who were framed as "victims" in the google doc said they were not victims at all. But what about the others? I know it's not that big of a deal as he didn't groom or rape anyone, it was definitely blown out of proportion, but if he actually talks shit about his own friends behind their back, if he actually sleeps around with his fans, and if the STD incident actually did happen, then that makes him kind of an asshole and a bad partner. That audio recording sounded pretty real to me. Of course even if those things were true, it's still possible that he has learned from that but knowing he used to sleep around is a huge turnoff.
>also I thought he was married?
lmao no? Where have you heard that?

No. 296011

sorry nonna isaac is a cutie and i can't in good faith discourage you…

i had tickets to see them earlier in the year before he left the band and the tour was cancelled… still sad about it. lewis is cuter though imo so not all is lost!

No. 296125

File: 1666804904017.png (233.12 KB, 634x349, 444r4r.PNG)

well I didn't hear anywhere that, I just speculated that he was married to one of his fellow streams, MentalJen, because they seemed like a married couple kek. also I did not do any research on it so I just went along with the thought. oh and if you want a link to the whole allegation drama, go see the kiwifarms vinesauce thread + a few vids on youtube. in one of the vids it analyzes the audio recordings, coming to the conclusion that they were all faked. from what I've read this whole shit came from 4chan(picrel), some retards wanted to see vinnys career fall apart so they decided to waste their lives trying to ruin someones career. here is the vinesauce thread on kiwifarms, sadly kf is down temporarily, so make sure to check it out when it comes back from the dead: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/vinesauce.9958/
I think the drama starts at page 100?? I'm not so sure because I can't check it now.

No. 296126

samefag, sorry I meant to reply to you lol idk what happened

No. 296186

posted him in the unconventional thread a little while back. hes just so…

>oh i haven’t felt this way in like ever

No. 296356

File: 1666907238763.jpg (113.67 KB, 710x960, 9c266030d97da4d13e49dd8596f589…)

Nonnies I am going insane. Ive always been obsessed with this body type and i had no kdea that old pro wrestlers are a goldmine for EXACTLY that body. Put your thumb over their faces because they're ugly as shit but god damn i need some beef like that

No. 296357

File: 1666907328143.jpg (7.49 KB, 285x177, images.jpeg.jpg)

The one closest ti the camera is hot if you just rip his whole head off and find a better one to replace it with

No. 296448

File: 1666975278798.jpg (189.82 KB, 751x1000, mummy tummy mummy tummy mummy …)

My halloween husbando (ok the movies aren't horror nor scary at all except when he's in his non-living form maybe but he's an undead mummy so he counts). I'm more focused on the character rather than the real life man himself this time, even though I like both but he's still 3D so I'll contain him here.
I actually rewatched all the Night at the museum films recently and still genuinely love it and all the other characters too idc if it's a dumb cheesy kiddy movie it's fun and magical. I think I like it more now than as a kid because I wasn't paying much attention back then kek. First one is the funniest imo but in the third one Ahkmenrah gets more screen time, more backstory, and is where a certain dj dance gif is from so I like it a bit more. Third one also has a more interesting plot although it did kind of felt like the movie dragged it out near the end, and at times running some jokes into the ground, where I was like "ok we get it" but otherwise it's fine. So I rank it as 3>1>2. Maybe switch 1 and 3 in terms of humor. Second one isn't bad necessarily, just didn't interest me as much as the other two and Ahkmenrah is barely in it till the very last minute.

I love thinking of all the ways Ahkmenrah would react to modern things, love his regal/formal old-timey way of speaking, and he's written with a nice personality in general, he would probably call you his queen unironically kek or some other variant of that. Also the fact that he's one of the very few characters in the museum that used to have a living body instead of wax or other materials, and is the whole reason why the things in the museum can even come to life is pretty cool, so he's extra special out of all the other characters in the movie, his outfits are gorgeous, and he has the best dances. Only downside is you can only visit him at night and he'll outlive you since he's immortal..but I won't think about that now! The first part can at least have workarounds, like disguising him if you take him outside to other places lol. I think there is potential for other possibilities with his character too even with the little info given, since he's thousands of years old and all he probably experienced a lot so it's fun filling in the blanks (sometimes I like to fantasize about him telling me old stories of his life) So um that's the end of my essay.

No. 296934

Samefagging but I'm bored so I'll post one of my favorite dances. lmao his face at the end

No. 297698

File: 1667609720359.jpg (362.83 KB, 1059x894, rare plane steve.jpg)

He's a plane, train, automobiles type autist. He even got to experience riding in the cockpit of a private jet like a good boy. He feels more safe flying in a private jet than he does eating meat.

No. 297734

The sheer size of their boy milkers overshadowed by their ugly as sin faces… Classic tale.

No. 298528

File: 1668089756357.jpg (81.33 KB, 750x784, DM.jpg)

Stuck on this shit ride of life and can't get off, but at least I get to listen to Depeche Mode

No. 298529

File: 1668090625244.jpg (92.08 KB, 615x757, DM spam.jpg)

My sweet Depeche boys

No. 298530

File: 1668090815494.jpg (63.3 KB, 750x486, DMspam2.jpg)

I showed them to my cousin who likes British vtubers and she said they looked like they were gay

No. 298531

File: 1668090931397.jpg (33.4 KB, 564x376, thx.jpg)

anyway thank you for listening. just wanted to get gross shit off the front page

No. 298533

Why do men not dress like this anymore, ah…

No. 298536

What’s funny is none of them were actually gay

No. 298538

So are the deepdish boys ALL your husbando(s)? Or is there only one you'd marry? Is this a harem situation?

No. 298541

File: 1668093994771.jpg (60.95 KB, 564x549, cf52b864bc1bb241ca011c5ed09ce3…)

Actually before I really got into DM and just knew about their music, I thought that at least one of them was gay. It's not even because of how they looked or anything. I think I just had some association that someone in the band was gay. Anyway once I got into Depeche lore I found out that none of them were gay. My androgynous Depeche boys…

In order of preference I would marry Dave, Alan, Martin, Fletch, and then Vince I guess lol. I could marry all of them or just one, depending on their preference. I am so grateful to them for making good music that I really would marry any and all of them (except maybe Vince since he was only there for one album… Speak&Spell was good, but still).

No. 298546

Some of the songs are pretty gay, at least on the first album. And I do like Speak and Spell, go marry Vince anyway

No. 298668

File: 1668147998017.jpeg (203.67 KB, 307x542, AE0C25C7-35AA-4486-9DDA-E05F66…)

Because why not?

No. 298727

No. 299193

File: 1668393465278.jpg (69.36 KB, 640x912, sorry.jpg)

Currently looking online for an oversized leather jacket because I've been inspired by the Depeche boys. I know in the 2d husbando thread I've seen people talk about buying particular clothes because it reminds them of their husbando. Curious if anyone if this thread has done something like that as well or if it's just me… also sorry for taking over the thread with Depeche Mode

No. 299195

God damn Alan is attractive.

No. 299196

But like why

No. 299202

File: 1668396093696.jpeg (366.85 KB, 1545x1019, 09289D97-205A-4106-8F4C-E7B714…)

Alexander is conventionally chad attractive but Bill Skarsgard has an odd handsomeness to him that I love.

No. 299203

Whenever I see photos of him I think he’d be a great model, he’s a bit unconventional but still very uniquely nice to look at I can’t help but stare at him.

No. 299206

File: 1668397748445.jpg (41.29 KB, 540x744, d8e3f4ecb442f25ff47f833daf9ae5…)

Ross Lynch is very attractive. He has a slight cokehead edge that is appealing.

No. 299207

No. 299208

File: 1668398430480.jpeg (139.96 KB, 564x949, 714797D7-A87C-4A00-8345-A08958…)

So true anon, if he wasn’t an actor he’d be a great model.

No. 299214

File: 1668400085965.jpeg (61.76 KB, 520x454, 63AA9E8A-AF43-416A-8EAE-6598A5…)

Sage because it’s the husbando thread, but I’ve honestly got a girl crush on the honorable First Lady. Her cute little suits and her here in traditional Korean dress is adorable. I want to hang out her in South Korea and see the sights.

No. 299271

Yes I do this, but I already dress better than Steve Howe anyway.

No. 299286

Based Howechan. Any piece of clothing or an outfit in particular that you wear that is inspired by Steve?

No. 299291

File: 1668456290465.jpg (54.61 KB, 148x431, cherry outfit2.jpg)

I guess just 70's buttoned shirts that I find at thrift stores, and corduroy pants that are flared at the end, but to be honest I've always loved those kind of pants, they are so cute and comfortable. Tucking into my pants, which I've always done anyway. Buying more colorful clothes/having more colorful hand-me-downs (I have a lot of that), and interesting patterns. He's more like a scaffold to build a style I've always wanted to explore regardless. He also wears lots of flannel, which I have a lot of. He's not very drippy but he dresses pretty comfortably, too, which is important.

No. 299307

File: 1668462837029.gif (4.74 MB, 268x340, tumblr_cf2ccc1463fa73d7a9bed5e…)

god I adore him, his face his height his everything

No. 299344

That sounds really cute! I really like his outfit in the picture you posted. It's neat and put-together, but also casual and comfy. I also like his bag kek. Cute that you could go out and be secretly twinning with your husbando and people would just see you dressed in a cute, 70s-inspired outfit. I see he still wears the printed button-up shirts even now!

No. 299345

Yes, although the older he got the more plainly he dressed, sometimes not even tucking in the shirt. I think he was going for a more sophisticated look. I wish he was just a tad more costumey, like Chris Squire was.
You should get the oversized jacket, I've had leather jackets before, real or faux, and they are comfy though sometimes smelly. Even Steve got one in the 80's, though I imagine it was fake leather. It'll probably be expensive though, to get a quality, real leather jacket. Good Christmas gift though

No. 299518

Aw, well I guess that’s to be expected. I think his style as an old man is nice in its own way. It looks very comfy and down to earth. And I think he does look sophisticated. Better than a lot of other aging rock stars.

Can I ask when you got into Yes and developed your crush on Steve? I think vintage mens fashion is fun and I’m curious if you have any favorite outfits for him.

No. 299530

File: 1668554171279.jpg (368.96 KB, 1600x1066, download (20).jpg)

I got into Yes properly in like 2018, kind of recent, because I got an album of theirs for my birthday that year, because I like vinyl records. It was the Yes Classic record, which was used and cheap, and that's just a collection of some of their best songs. Of course now I own all my favorite albums of theirs. I don't want Topographic Oceans tbh. I got into Steve more recently because I'm usually not into members of bands as people. But Jon Anderson, the lead singer of Yes, is interesting and I was interested in him because he's such a hippie and has unique vocals. The rest followed. I don't know what it is about Steve over the others that I love, I just love him.
It's hard to compile actual pictures and collections of his outfits, given a few factors
>not many images to begin with
>black and white
>holding guitar
There's a secret fourth reason
His outfits probably suck to the untrained eye but to the Stevetrained eye, I like them. I also like his accessories, as it encourages me to accessorize. I wish I had a snake-skin belt…
If you mostly want images of vintage men's fashion from the 70's, just check out the whole band's outfits; or other bands, though Yes was never super rock-n-roll so their outfits are probably more on the hippie spaced-out side.

No. 299533

Alexander looks too much like any basic white guy you'd see at the dollar store but Bill can fuck me anyday. I wish he was in True Blood instead.

No. 299545

Thanks for sharing nona. 2018 may be kind of recent in terms of Yes' career, but to have been following them for four years and been really attached is awesome! I know what it's like to have a band that you're really attached to (obviously). Music is a wonderful thing and it's a bonus when you really like the music and the people behind the music are also interesting cute people.

I hope your Stevetrained eye will continue to aid you in spotting cute accessories so you can continue to be stylish and twin with Steve. I'm sure it is a skill that has taken years to perfect unless it's an innate talent some people are born with like perfect pitch A snakeskin belt sounds cute. And even if some of his outfits are questionable, I always respect a questionable ensemble that expresses someone's sense of style over something safe and boring.

No. 299550

Thanks. I don't know if it was really 2018 or earlier, I am really bad with time. The funny thing is, he is safe and boring, his sense of style is subtle and not very flashy, but is a combination of things he likes. I wish there were more pictures of him in the image I posted, maybe of him standing and one in color. Kind of disappointing
You should get the large leather jacket if you're still that same anon, I think leather jackets are always in style somehow.

No. 299570

File: 1668572895205.jpg (24.06 KB, 500x389, Depechesleep.jpg)

I will! I actually ordered one online yesterday. Second-hand too. I've already got a lot of black in my wardrobe and high-waisted pants. Just need the jacket now to complete the Depeche ensemble. Kek and now I'm thinking of how funny it would be if there was an lc convention and everyone just dressed as their husbando It was nice talking to you Howechan. Good night to you and all the other husbandofags.

No. 299578

File: 1668574446226.gif (2.01 MB, 540x300, mads_wink.gif)

i have also been thinking about him (sexually)

No. 299579

File: 1668574639881.png (Spoiler Image, 338.44 KB, 554x565, real picture of jerma985.png)

i member when this picture was going around tumblr because people thought it was really jerma

No. 302161

File: 1670104609859.jpg (349.04 KB, 708x554, slavhusbando.jpg)

I have the most retarded crush on Boris for quite a while now. No matter which moid I crush on from time to time, I always come back to him to daydream about. Idefk what he looks like but him cooking, making a hat for his cat, being crafty and his exaggerated accent makes him so cute to me. I want him to cuddle me and make me food and tell me stupid jokes ;-;

No. 302194

File: 1670123527013.jpeg (331.45 KB, 800x1257, 60609E03-1A96-44EE-96F0-9FE662…)

Luv Chris
Luv Zach
Simple as

No. 302216

File: 1670131542148.png (2.2 MB, 1120x840, 96827DB9-0DF6-436B-903E-94F5F3…)

No. 302253

File: 1670162130526.png (455.59 KB, 603x576, zachtrump.png)

Oneyfags rise up, we have autistic fics to write

No. 302257

File: 1670163314956.jpeg (173.3 KB, 716x562, 6C5A7946-6E9E-4AB4-8655-A61A54…)

Already on it kek

No. 302259

File: 1670163378377.jpeg (183.2 KB, 954x1257, 818C350C-13D2-4737-A507-283C84…)

i have been summoned. i want to hold zach in the palm of my hand

No. 302260

File: 1670165594028.png (50.1 KB, 720x405, 845307.png)

God bless you nonnie, your number 1 fan will be waiting! Also these fucking edits kek
I can't stop thinking about holding his face in my hands, his cheeks would fit so perfect in between my fingers and thumb

No. 302302

File: 1670183507017.jpeg (87.29 KB, 735x817, 18CD5725-1FFA-43C5-923B-AD293B…)

Hate when I look at photos of Chris and I’m hit with that dreadful realization that I will never meet this big bitch. Sperg incoming but I wish I could be like those cringey fans that email him constantly or bother him on twitter in his dms. I wish I could sperg out about monkeys and apes with him. I wish I could take him for a tour at the zoo I work at and let him see the animals up close and feed them
>tfw you will never hold hands with him while walking around at the zoo and talking about great apes and spider monkeys
>ywn hear him imitate the gibbons songs and the howler monkeys hoos
>ywn accidentally brush hands when you pet the small cownose rays in the aquarium touch tank and see him blush from it
im so down bad nonnas if you see a zoo date fanfic with chris look away kek

No. 302303

I remember on Sleepycabin Chris said he was into "petite women with pixie hair cuts" so if thats you nonny go for it

No. 302308

File: 1670185473838.jpeg (142.46 KB, 735x1120, 16A7116F-912A-4E37-8066-4BCFA0…)

I wish I could but Im neither of those kek I’m also sure he gets it all the time from fans so it must be annoying. I’ll just pine from afar and write my daydreams down as self insert fics for the rest of the oneyfags ♥

No. 302313

Stop my heart melted for you nonna, this is the cutest shit I've ever read. Make that self indulgent fic!!

No. 302362

File: 1670200490214.jpeg (177.5 KB, 1351x1014, FB7952A2-2FF4-49E5-BAC0-A4DBBC…)

I feel ya nonnie.
>ywn get to meet Zach (or Chris)

No. 302370

File: 1670201389222.jpeg (27.5 KB, 311x311, 0CDFD04A-49C3-4720-9067-F4D90A…)

i came back to this thread to say i feel so relieved there’s other nonnas out there who feel the same way about the oney players as i do. i genuinely do wish zach was my actual husbando even though i’m probably the opposite of whatever he looks for in a woman. i just love it when a man is naturally funny and slightly ugly

No. 302371

I guess this is where I get to brag that I’ve met Chris and he shook my hand. He’s really nice and super super tall. Most starstruck I’ve ever been. Now I just have to meet Zach…

No. 302373

Lucky nonna! Was it during a con or just by chance randomly on the street?

No. 302374

Real as shit nonnie, I love guys who are goofy in looks and in personality. From Nicki's comics & posts Zach is such a good & sweet boyfriend too
I hope you've never washed since that day.

No. 302376

It was at a really small local con that hosted a Newgrounds animator panel one year (but I also do live in LA, so whenever I’m in Burbank/Glendale I am always secretly hoping to run into them kek).
I definitely considered it.

No. 302380

you’re so lucky! Chris seems like such a sweet guy

No. 302383

File: 1670205792763.jpeg (173.18 KB, 680x651, 7E56A6A7-0691-402D-8377-839D66…)

Envious of you nonnie hope you see them again in the wild this time kek

No. 302388

He was super sweet, especially considering how nervous I was.
Thank you nonna, I hope you all get to meet them as well! Also these edits are amazing.

No. 302410

File: 1670223491917.jpeg (267.46 KB, 584x616, 523110F6-473A-4407-AA27-B28C27…)

i’m a couple degrees of separation from them hopefully one day i get to meet them both.
i’m friends with the manager of the smiling friends studio in my city and might get a job for them soon!!

No. 302457

File: 1670250657364.jpeg (275.87 KB, 549x1097, C01EAA81-3DA9-499E-A29A-D5D5E4…)

Nonnas living the dream!! Gods favorite itt

No. 302476

File: 1670258655763.png (127.46 KB, 396x433, lczc.png)

Did this doodle whilst working bc I couldn't stop thinking about >>302259 kek
Nonna we need you as a spy on the inside! I hope you get the job if you go for it

No. 302482

Nta but this is so cute! We need more oneyfags fanart

No. 302503

I love all the oneyplays/sleepycabin boys, but I also want to give love to Michael. He’s so adorable and humble and I love his accent. His animations have always been great, so him getting a show with Zach has been a dream come true.

No. 302515

Funny enough, I was going to ask what we think of Michael. He is seriously underappreciated and he also has a cute accent.

No. 302544

Yeah Michael is definitely underappreciated but he's also an Aussie

No. 302692

This is cute! Good job nonna!

No. 302964

Haha I love them so much, they make me laugh so hard

No. 303084

File: 1670536153324.jpeg (184.09 KB, 659x1200, 1357ACC8-C50E-4E4D-B673-3DF8F6…)

Nonnies I'm so obsessed with him it's not funny. He was so attractive late 90s-00s and now he's hit the wall (but I still love him…) I will never forgive him for being bald in his sex tape.

No. 303085

File: 1670536220821.jpeg (144.12 KB, 634x950, 39D73285-16AD-4E3C-84EE-F1EC4F…)

He's so goofy

No. 303101

>bald in sex tape
Become really good at deepfakes and deepfake hair onto his head

No. 303106

File: 1670543460272.jpeg (62.14 KB, 400x400, 036A4072-1783-425F-B8D6-7CDD3E…)

there’s a picture from the 90s? that used to circulate tumblr a lot with him with frosted tips that image could probably get me pregnant. i would truthfully sell both kidneys to lick his armpits.

No. 303131

Unfortunately, not even the magic of technology can fix his hair.

No. 303159

At the end of the newest Oneyplays, Chris implies he has (or had) a thing for giantesses.

No. 303228

File: 1670618799766.jpeg (205.14 KB, 736x1024, BB03625D-BB8F-4193-AAFE-AA9BA9…)

Goddamnit my little changuito Chris in the new oneyplays video. I just got over my zoo date daydream too

No. 303236

I hate myself for laughing when he says "You have a beautiful pussy" and then he turns the camera to show her pet cat standing there kek

No. 303255

File: 1670631162593.jpeg (122.99 KB, 750x1200, E672FE3B-D87F-4D04-90CF-1B5145…)

This is what I mean he's just so goofy it's really really endearing…I think he'd be very sweet in person

No. 303269

File: 1670636981318.png (1.26 MB, 604x1080, chris.png)

Sometimes I feel like he's into femdom shit kek I would love to dominate him tho, he'd be such a cute sub omg
Nonna I pray & manifest everyday that you can take Chris on a zoo date, sounds like the cutest shit ever

No. 303272

>he's into femdom shit kek
Nonna please…. You can’t do this to me

No. 303283

I feel like Zach would be too,Just imagine

No. 303511

File: 1670771583916.png (184.47 KB, 256x400, 22035891.png)

nonnie you can't lie, he has such the perfect face to make beg & whine & considering he used to jelk for 3 hours too kek. I'm giving myself too many ideas, Lord help me
I always imagine Zach being the classic chill/shy guy to being dominating cliché, but now thinking about it, you're kind of onto something…

No. 303513

Are you kidding? Zach's the opposite of that. He's pretty much the top dog in the cast if Chris isn't, and its only when he gets put out of his secure spot that he starts getting flustered.

No. 303591

Yeah, I sorta worded it wrong, I meant like him being on top socially would carry on? If that makes sense, I'm not sure how to word it kek. But after thinking about it, I think bullying and teasing Zach would be very enjoyable

No. 303652

i remember too. i feel like jerma is super sanitized compared to other streamers, he provides no crumbs for my horny brain. However he is always talking about his fear of showing his dick on stream, so much that I feel like it’s bound to happen and that will be the best day of my life probably

No. 303725

Didn't he recently post that pic of himself naked sitting in his chair?

No. 303823

File: 1670937859272.png (Spoiler Image, 798.43 KB, 640x838, jermass.png)

Yeah, he tries his best to not be degenerate, probably even more now bc all these annoying ass horny zoomers and troons that have now appeared and non stop shout "handsomest streamer" in his chat
Picrel is the original, I know there's an edit where he's in like a tiny thong kek, I await the full frontal leak

No. 304310

Guess you didn't hear about the porn-sponsored streams and shit…

No. 304372

File: 1671255313844.jpg (170.54 KB, 1280x720, 038d7e3e1280.jpg)


No. 304373

File: 1671255366619.gif (2.82 MB, 540x260, tumblr_pp2v74ma_SR2qde4w6o5-r1…)


No. 304485

File: 1671308474228.gif (3.5 MB, 498x280, 637BF2C6-0375-4E0B-9321-F11453…)

Was watching Red Letter Media with my Nigel when out of nowhere he goes, “Ha! Mike reminds me of someone you would have dated before me” and then paused and said “NO OFFENSE!” kek
Joke’s on me. He’s right, I have an inexplicable crush on the dude and he doesn’t even know

No. 304500

Would you dump him for Mike?

No. 304566

…who’s asking

No. 304626

Does it count if you pirate it all?

No. 304645

He took a sponsor from Fansly but it doesn't mean shit. He'll accept any shitty sponsor because he's desperate for money to use on his big event streams. I'll only start caring when he actually posts his dick on Fansly

No. 304655

He's got like 50 billion subscribers/viewers, he can get them all to donate 1 dollar to do a big stream. He's a sellout, anon.

No. 304673

He only recently hit 1 million followers and he doesn't give any incentives to donate/sub, he was 98 on the twitch leaks which is pretty bad for someone of his size. Considering a single event stream can cost at the very very least $10k people donating isn't gonna be enough (especially for things like dollhouse which I think was 80-100k). Before taking on sponsors he used his entirety of his savings on those streams, you're getting angry that he's a sellout because he takes a few mins out of a 4 hour stream to make enough to cover whatever shit he's doing. Think logically nonnie.

No. 304679

>tfw no fanfic where we peg him or zach

No. 304681

So he picks the porn sponsor? Really? Out of every sponsor in the known universe?

No. 304695

To be honest, Jerma's been looking extra cute lately, so I can let the porn sponsor slide. He's a run-of-the-mill liberal millennial, so of course he wouldn't be opposed to it. If he did the porn sponsor thing back when it was clear he was gaining weight because of his chronic pain then I'd be more disappointed.

No. 304697

File: 1671409063581.gif (951.95 KB, 240x228, clinteastwoodno.gif)

No. 304701

>using a controlling misogynist racist rightoid as a reaction gif
Hm… peculiar…

No. 304710

You find fault with the gif because you don't have a proper response. Give me a break. Learn how to argue properly.

No. 304720

Jerma should just spread ass and show us asshole, taint, balls, penis in that order

No. 304724

well now that i've got everyone on the topic of jerma, guys im fucking obsessed with him and i can't stop i need to get into his life and i need to take his girlfriends place. i literally think about him every moment of my life. Someone help

No. 304738

I truly do not understand the appeal of man ass

No. 304742

I feel so fucking retarded for feeling sad about this, but lately I’d been fantasizing about meeting my husbando (whom I actually have a few degrees of separation with through colleagues IRL). I’d daydream about us just happening to work/collaborate together, and dream up scenarios where he’d ask me to have dinner and drinks afterwards and one thing would lead to another, etc. He used to have a girlfriend, who disappeared from his videos a few years ago and I assumed they broke up. Turns out they’re probably married, and they just keep their personal life more private now. I feel irrationally sad, like I actually feel a little bit heartbroken as if it were a guy I’ve actually met, talked to and had a chance with IRL. I feel so creepy and retarded for having these parasocial feelings. Can anyone relate?

No. 304744

File: 1671433576958.jpg (121.95 KB, 1079x1516, ht6nwe30794a1.jpg)

>Not of him and Zach

No. 304745

I'm a few degrees of separation away and I fear it because it's not through the best means. If he has a vague idea I exist at all he probably hates me. I'm too ugly for my husbando to ever want me even if I had likable qualities

My dreams turned to dramatic nightmares a long time ago and yet I can't expel him from my mind. He just lives rent free in there like a parasite. I've resorted to trying to forget my nights in order to shield myself from the visuals

No. 304748

Now you’re talking!

No. 304750

Ahh, I’m sorry nona. For me, the fact we have mutual acquaintances/a few degrees of separation makes me sad because I have a hunch we probably would get along, and if we did happen to meet and work together, I think he’d find me attractive too. Something about that fantasy felt attainable and “so close, yet so far away” and it just feels bad, sigh

No. 304775

Nonnies… I might be cooking up something, but I can't promise anything maybe not pegging, but defo femdom
I feel you nonna I've been jermafag for years and it hurts, he's literally my dream man, I really want to bring back the jermafag thread in /m/ but there's not much to talk about and probably will derail this is also very surreal that this thread is basically just jerma & oneyfags my two loves
Just remember the divorce rate. 50%. That's pretty large chance for you to live your dream

No. 304834

I hope you achieve your dream nona. It'll always be bittersweet to see optimism like this considering how my perception shifted but I really think we all want at our cores for it to work. I wanted just a fling or a small thing with my former husbando, not forever, and that's still been smeared and bloodied. If your perception changes I hope you dont let it get you down.

No. 304891

I'd like for the jermafag thread to revive too but it does not feel like a safe space for me to be unhinged. They seem to congratulate him for being happy with his girlfriend. His girlfriend literally makes me fucking insane, I can't cope with the fact that she exists and they share intimate moments together every day. I need them to break up. I can't rest until I can at least get Jerma to find out that I exist. I was fucking seething at all of the pictures of the people who met him at the chessboxing event GODDDD imagine hugging him. Someone save me from this mental prison I'm obsessed

No. 304892

File: 1671501768404.gif (992.73 KB, 245x150, tumblr_mucrihFjOm1rihnh5o3_250…)

i love him forever

No. 304915

File: 1671811700776.gif (642.01 KB, 260x195, pop.gif)

weakest cheek pop ever, didnt even make a sound, disappointing and lame. +3 points for acting silly!!!!!!!

No. 304918

File: 1671818104413.webm (2.32 MB, 576x1024, FullSizeRender.webm)

Hope oneyfags can get on here, I’ve been wanting to post this video since I found it kek. He’s so cute, I could stare at him for hours I want to hold and kiss him so badly i hope this video uploads, I’m doing this off my phone

No. 304930

We’re still here lol, well I am. There were no irl husbandposting thread in the new website yet and.. im debating if I should make a oneyfag thread.
Besides that, there’s a new Chris fic on ao3 for you chris nonnas!

No. 304934

Kek I was thinking about doing the same thing! (>>302383 is definitely thread pic) but there's only a few of us around so I'm a little hesitant. I'll probably read the fic later, the tags are VERY interesting

No. 304938

who is he ? i like his voice

No. 304939

Zach Hadel, he's sometimes on Oneyplays. But if you aren't really into lets plays, then he's the cocreator & voice of Charlie from Smiling friends

No. 304941

File: 1671842325305.jpg (171.62 KB, 1800x1800, ka6gwspo9ya61.jpg)

Where are people getting these "Zach hurls abuse at you" videos from?

No. 304942

Zach is so cute. I just want to kiss him and watch his cheeks turn red.

No. 304969

Wtf I can't stop staring at his crotch, but it's not my fault, the cameraman had the camera fixed on it for half the video.

No. 305010

saw someone in one of the bunker threads claim that one of the oneyplays guys dated a troon, is that true?

No. 305027

link to the thread nonna?
and that person is Cory, though nobody seems to know if the person he’s dating is actually trans or not. And I wouldn’t be surprised.

No. 305029

Same nonna, I just know it's big
Yeah it's Cory not surprised if you look at his twitter, all asshole & futa porn he's dating a TiM called "Lexi". Vidrel, 2 hours in he plays, the troon voice is deafening & I'm pretty sure the reason chat is turned off bc they're all being transphobic. Though, on a nicer note, Chris says he uses Old Spice swagger

No. 305032

Besides the one Cory is dating, there did use to be someone named Waffle or something who was clearly a troon and appeared in some videos

No. 305050

The real tea is Waffle, Lexi, and Cory have all had a threesome.

No. 305054

Yeah on Cory’s AskFM he said he isn’t really attracted to vaginas and prefers assholes and dicks. But as you said, that’s apparent through his art.

No. 305103

File: 1672004131749.png (127.53 KB, 400x400, 494A23DF-1F25-4883-BE14-4E3727…)

Merry Christmas nonnas!

No. 305125

File: 1672024968309.png (731.75 KB, 995x500, nonnagift.png)

Merry Christmas to my beloved Oneyfags & that 1 jerma fag. May we prosper! If anyone wants the blank screen ver to put their own husbando in let me know kek

No. 305127

this is insanely adorable ily nonna

No. 305147

so he's just gay lol

No. 305152

Yes and no. Its gayness but with the needed requisite of degeneracy

No. 305203

Nta but yeah is cory just a big degenerate fag or did he fall into the tranny meme because he has no luck with real women? I know in a recent oneyplays he talked about how one time he tried flirting with a friend chris brought by while saying shit like “is me sperging about this video game hot to you” and her not saying anything to him because she was creeped out. Aside from the token trannies waffle and lexi, I don’t think he brings other trannies around like that

No. 305228

Kek cute art nonna!!

No. 305229

He’s probably always been that degenerative, he’s been posting NSFW art since like 2012, and every story he tells from his younger years he sounds like a coomer loser. He’s definitely the tranny loving type of bisexual, “best of both worlds” type shit, I’ve never liked him too much bc of all of this

No. 305237

There was this clip of zach laughing really hard on stream and it was really cute. Unfortunately, the clip was removed/privated, I should’ve downloaded it when I had the chance.

No. 305239

Wish there was a big oneyfags archive we can all compile and put our videos in. Im already tryingt to compile youtube videos with them in it so I can download them all later. Vidrel Chris filmed with a friend but later deleted, there’s also some pinterest accounts that have good pictures of zach from old twitter posts and videos that I can’t seem to find

No. 305240

File: 1672120474622.jpeg (24 KB, 542x749, 82B5C79F-0EA8-48A3-8D81-60F87D…)

Samefag heres a pic of Zach petting a cat, don’t know if its from nikki or from a video he deleted

No. 305259

File: 1672157855465.jpg (81.7 KB, 611x541, IMG_5216.jpg)

Anyway back to wholesome husbando posting. I love how Steve has instrumentals written for each of his family members, it's very cute. I think his wife has several songs. Mood for a Day, one of his most popular, was written for her when they first fell in love. So romantic… it's such a beautiful, expressive instrumental. He'd play it all the time to rapturous applause.

No. 305261

File: 1672158948538.jpg (81.44 KB, 1200x1169, bf4fadcf56f46c2f776305c264ddc8…)

Do you know what/whos stream? I would love to hear, someone's got to have a copy of the stream
There's so many deleted/lost videos, if there's not already an archive then one of us must start one kek. Pinterest is good, when I go digging archived /co/ threads also have good results
MY HEART!! I always love seeing what Nikki posts/doodles about Zach, I'm normally very jealous of my husbando's gfs but she's an exception

No. 305262

Luckily nonnie I found another upload of it At 4:02 !

No. 305308

Kek yes! That moment is so cute I wish I could see him laugh like that irl, bet he was adorable. I love the positive streams, hope they do more

No. 305336

File: 1672207804530.jpg (68.03 KB, 784x588, 101dalmatians_101.jpg)

I just watched a short interview of my guy and I think I fell a little bit in love, truly. The man's been dead for a few years now but he was so humble. It's been a long time since I'd heard someone act so genuine, not at all full of himself (and not even masking it by "acting"). He said in so many words that he didn't want to be remembered as an actor, but as a friend to someone who had needed it.

And that lined up with what I'd heard a director say about him. This director was once at a party, worrying and stressing about his film, and then my guy sat next to him and said he'd saw him sitting all alone, and then asked him what was wrong. The director poured his heart out to him and eventually cast him in his movie.

I tell ya, they don't make people like him anymore.

No. 305337

Your husbando is a dalmation?

No. 305338

NO, kek. Just saw it and thought his expression kinda fit my mood.

No. 305341

Why won't you name who "your guy" is?

No. 305377

'Cause I'm shy. I get embarrassed about gushing about the same guy too much, lol. I wish I had the mental fortitude of women like Carreyanon and Steve Howe-anon.

No. 305389

File: 1672248932802.gif (7.83 MB, 540x540, Tumblr_l_665072085760976.gif)

Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker still my fave, I still like him

No. 305402

Howeanon should be banned. Tell us who your embarrassing crush is

No. 305403

>Howeanon should be banned.
nta and not the howeanon but why? she's not doing anything wrong

No. 305450

I want to run my fingers through his hair

No. 305592

Jermafag here, I'm late but Merry Christmas!!! Feeling as unhinged as ever and seething at the fact his girlfriend gets to spend the holidays with him

No. 305615

File: 1672361620218.png (434.14 KB, 602x622, 1535366557986.png)

ZACHFAGS! Ao3 tag got updated, I almost cried, same person who did the Chris one too kek.
I hope she had the worst day ever and he had the best like he deserves I replied on CC if you didn't see, I still can't stop thinking about how she might have a fat fetish kek

No. 305623

File: 1672370271486.jpeg (52.35 KB, 735x409, 800AC6B8-910D-4945-81E8-57770F…)

Thank god for oneyfags itt, the ao3 tags sometimes move slow for readerfics so I barely check them. Wish we could sperg out small fics here like how some anons do in the other husbando threads

No. 305630

File: 1672372045448.jpg (113.45 KB, 828x828, tumblr_d4ccd9c1feac5eff1de142d…)

Today is his birthday!

No. 305631

File: 1672372181168.jpg (71.12 KB, 828x1101, c55d2dea029eb895eb1bef3a75dc39…)

No. 305638

How'd you get this rare pic of Zach in his Sleepycabin days? I remember this vid being up for a while on reddit before being deleted and I regret not saving it ever since.

No. 305647

File: 1672381915499.jpeg (34.37 KB, 735x615, D476FDE6-0DF2-4072-9135-CF200F…)

I got it off a pinterest acct while looking for screenshots of older videos that have been deleted too kek. I did see that stamper uploaded an older video that showed Zach on an archived /co/ thread but its been deleted and I only have the url to work off of. Heres the url if you wanna try https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ebwPORa--e4

No. 305648

File: 1672385129783.jpg (20.84 KB, 564x564, ccb99c85e92b04cb3c9a53c558e824…)

I replied on CC nona <3 In other news that isn't new, I get worse every day. Every time I see a picture of him my heart just explodes. I'm going to confess I've been looking at his family members on those person lookup sites and texted a number I thought was his brother. Got no reply though. I don't know how I'm going to infiltrate into his life but I will not give up looking for a way

No. 305650

That's deranged nona. By stalking him/his literal family you're only making it more likely he stops posting entirely

No. 305658

>texted a number I thought was his brother.
Stop. You’re going to make him stop streaming. Just admire from afar like the rest of us

No. 305660

I knew saying that would get a rise out of people but relax guys, realistically my actions will never reach him. I’m not actively trying to contact his family either it was just a moment of weakness

No. 305661

No, I'm too shy. But your post made me kek

No. 305664

If you want to get close why dont you try like how his exes and his current gf did? I know some ecelebs just befriend anyone who is a mod for their discord lol maybe do that and see how close you can get to him

No. 305710

All of that for an ugly moid…

No. 305716

Zach looks so confused kek

No. 305731

Way easier said than done. I'm going to try to befriend his discord moderators but I don't expect it to get me anywhere
He may be an ugly moid but he's MY ugly moid

No. 305740

Love the oneyfags on this thread. chris is so cute and I adore him with all my heart

No. 305745

Oh anon unless you're a master manipulator or one of those people who can read other people like a pro, this is just going to blow up in your face.

No. 305749

File: 1672434670140.jpeg (68.86 KB, 736x711, 922D0614-4CAF-4A88-9355-3291F1…)

Hes so cute and awkward when he has his facecam on wish he did more livestreams like his witchhunt one in 2018

No. 305752

File: 1672435774577.jpg (89.23 KB, 1000x1500, tumblr_c98b91bac2616f73c1b8c94…)

i rarely watch supermega anymore but i'll still tune into the podcast or live action videos just to see him

No. 305756

same nonny

No. 305757

lol young chris in this video looks kind of like my nigel now haha wtf

No. 305762

matt mogs

No. 305767

File: 1672440774123.jpeg (46.05 KB, 460x532, 465AF349-2CCC-4583-A8E7-795A10…)

Just makes me love him even more kek

No. 305794

I check almost daily kek, if you want to talk about fics I will probably reply, I know I talked with an anon about some briefly in the unconventional thread. Anyways, the writer said they'd be writing more stuff, they're aren't the best & I feel like they're a TiF (gender neutral reader… they/them pronouns… all ticking me off) but I'll take what I can get
Ayrt, girl don't message his family especially if you did it with your personal number. I get the feeling but you can't be doing that shit, it's probably false or dead number but control yourself my love!!
Based, if Matt never dyed his hair that disgusting blonde, I would of never taken the Ryanpill and seen the light. Ryan is so hot in every single way & is the only reason I keep coming back

No. 305796

KEK that’s what I said but I’m desperate for some Zach stuff so I’ll take anything at this point.

No. 305803

File: 1672453606653.jpg (35.51 KB, 563x551, dedd11e9e3d818b9dce111e9e7b191…)

Sigh. I wish there was a space for me to be unapologetically insane. You guys worry too much. I understand why but I promise there's nothing to be concerned about. He'll live his whole life without ever knowing of my existence, same goes for the people around him. Regardless I'll go back into hiding

No. 305806

I genuinely think you should hit up all those other numbers on those peoplefinder sites. Keep trying until you get someone. Then ask them if they know who Jeremy Harington is. Then, if they say yes or ask you who you are, explain to them that you are his one true fan and soulmate, and you are on a mission from God to unite with Jeremy Harington and marry him and have his children, forever, until you both die of a murder suicide. Then I'm sure they'll be down to give you his contact info after you explain what's going on.

No. 305852

Matt was cute in his brunett college boy era but idk he’s a little obnoxious for me now especially with his bleached hair. I’ve always liked Ryan though especially in creator clash phewwwwwww

No. 305935

File: 1672541444831.jpeg (515.44 KB, 750x752, 9F6EC129-B97A-4D31-AF60-4B6674…)

Nikki uploaded this Zach pic just now. My heart. I’m melting, he’s so handsome!! Nonnas I can’t take this anymore

No. 305961

File: 1672585529862.jpg (80.42 KB, 571x643, tumblr_1ef4df152fbc2fdf6a85b4f…)

i need him

No. 305962

File: 1672585670716.jpg (83.35 KB, 540x800, a keery.jpg)

this thread is almost fatally deficient in joe keery

No. 305970

New Zach pic just dropped? On New Years?

No. 306013

File: 1672631713616.jpg (62.13 KB, 736x966, 898778d8802e48b0be8ec0a495aff9…)

Rare early Zach

No. 306143

Oneyfags, what’s your thoughts on Adam/Burt(not Adam paloian) . I like his voice it’s calming in a odd way.

No. 306161

File: 1672741876786.jpeg (403.98 KB, 2048x1436, DB51FC80-C94C-488D-90CB-6F427B…)

He’s retarded in a sorta endearing way tbh and he looks pretty normal lol picrel is him with veronicas dogs. He also used to twitch stream under slamhamstream and there’s some vods you can find linked on reddit that have Niall in it

No. 306170

File: 1672753830224.jpg (16.27 KB, 450x450, 1517519232192.jpg)

I have a few early Zach pics if anyone wants me to drop them
Yeah his voice is very nice, but he's very retarded, it's sweet though. I've never seen a pic of him, he doesn't look how I expected but not bad.

Speaking of, I'm surprised no ones mentioned Lyle yet here, I remember seeing a CC nonnie talk about him in a thread

No. 306188

File: 1672761509833.jpg (67.73 KB, 1170x1013, d712542f868276d47d1a88ccb07583…)

Lyle is the only traditionally attractive among the group but there's practically no cam and he gets overshadowed by Chris and Zach a lot. He also seems like an idiot most of the time but its quite endearing sometimes.

Also post rare Zachs

No. 306197

Im gonna cry why does Zach look the same in every picture he's so ugly I'm sorry but your husbando is hideous, he better be positively rapeable or something

No. 306206

THAT'S what Lyle looks like?! God damn

No. 306208

Drop them all nonnie

No. 306211

Yeah that's why I was surprised he hasn't been mentioned, but tbh the pics he posts of himself sometimes aren't very flattering kek

Spam incoming sorry nonnies. Vid rel is where a lot of "rare" Zach pics come from, Chris is in this too, first 20 seconds he's in the green & 1:03 mins in he's sat next to Danny, then at the very right in the next scene for a split second. It's so cute seeing Zach in this kek, he seems a little awkward it's adorable

No. 306213

File: 1672768801108.jpg (21.04 KB, 564x755, b140b214ae1eb31ea0d49e13974aa3…)

No. 306214

File: 1672768948771.jpg (29.52 KB, 564x423, f54c4a2dcd035e49be6b8470e73e9e…)

No. 306215

File: 1672769124723.jpg (12.94 KB, 358x245, 458f30a9b32b5f4d4d76d7e1a2c926…)

No. 306216

File: 1672769191297.jpg (23.77 KB, 277x750, c1334cf0afc2c8c70b996bfb27422e…)

This pic always makes me think it's of Kitboga and not Zach

No. 306218

File: 1672769723838.jpg (108.37 KB, 1024x765, 4af77e4ff37b19460853be690cae18…)

Finally my favourite one, I have more but I need to do coursework kek. There's some panels I will try and find bc I have a lot of screencaps from those but linking vids is easier.
Also been rewatching the Visage playthrough and hearing Zach cry and squeal in fear is too cute man

No. 306232

I felt so bad when Chris scared him kek

Unrelated but related I had a dream where Chris and I did some activities like painting.

And then I woke up..

No. 306269

File: 1672809950848.jpeg (693.67 KB, 1170x1129, BAC7EF4A-0F77-48EA-9572-5B1242…)

I’ve been watching Red Letter Media lately and I’m genuinely sad that I’ll never get to be with Mike Stoklasa. The guys are all so secretive about their personal lives, I’m assuming he’s married to Jessi, and there’s no way we’d meet in person anyway, but I have such a crush on him it hurts kek

No. 306389

File: 1672887746539.jpeg (203.56 KB, 1080x1699, EE9291AA-721F-48AB-963D-F16575…)

it is so unexpected and yet so amazing to see so many ppl share the same zach hadel crush….submitting my rare pic, i love nikki despite her stealing our husbandos, so jealous nonas just imagine its u on the right

No. 306427

File: 1672909718217.jpeg (111.15 KB, 852x640, 735525EF-852D-4393-BFF3-475638…)

God I love nikki for sharing photos and cute drawings of them! So cute to know that Zach loves the cats they have and he’s their favorite. I wish I had the time but alot of sleepycabin members in 2015 would post photos of each other on twitter and I’ve been meaning to look through Micks to see if hes posted any of Zach! Heres a rare Chris pic from that time

No. 306432

Props to nikki, she was there since the Sleepycabin days. I distinctly remember the Chris and friends teasing Zach when Nikki visited him when he was hospitalized way back in early 2010s

No. 306488

File: 1672951856801.png (15.47 KB, 500x232, 44fryw.png)

I can't take this… so jealous, but they're cute together
Please share whatever you find with us nonnie!
This is so fucking sweet I'm gonna cry, as much as I'd hate it, I hope they get married soon

No. 306509

File: 1672961899938.jpeg (107.86 KB, 730x693, DBB72852-EDF1-4D84-8EE7-F50673…)

I was violently obsessed with this man a few months ago and to this day he’s the only man I’ve considered myself attracted to for his looks.

No. 306570

File: 1672997032881.png (718.62 KB, 919x1200, 12502654-0CED-4AF0-8B86-4AB355…)


No. 306792

I thought you meant the dog's voice actor

No. 306803

File: 1673123364736.jpeg (47.05 KB, 242x525, 09DAEC3B-1D62-4BAD-B3B0-9AB8FB…)

Here’s one I found recently

No. 306815

God you just know he was super fucking obnoxious and loud in middle school

No. 306817

who is he

No. 307068

File: 1673262622275.jpg (13.19 KB, 399x399, 23127c9d36c76c5e6af60a1a1404c6…)

It upsets me that I'll never have him. I listened to the Strokes a ton when I was younger but only started finding him attractive in the past 2 years. He's been looking godawful in recent years though. What a shame. I can't even watch their old music videos anymore because I'm sad I'll never kiss young Julian.

No. 307069

>Traditionally attractive

No. 307093

nta but seems to be Takahashi Eikichi, a japanese sculptor who died young

No. 307107

This moid looks like my genderbend wtf

No. 307113

nta but you know she's talking about >>306170 right

No. 307115

File: 1673282997695.jpg (105.25 KB, 1000x563, Hhhhhs.jpg)

I mean compared to Chris, Zach and Tomar he seems more well built and has the most TV friendly face

No. 307123

He looks like absolute shit kek

No. 307129

the bar is very low for zachfags…
t. former zachfag

No. 307186

Wasn't she talking about Lyle?

No. 307194

yes and he's not traditionally attractive. he's pretty average looking and also does himself no favours with the kinds of pictures he takes

No. 307203

>former Zachfag
Enlighten us on how you ended up there

No. 307309

Zachfags, Lylefags… let’s not fight..

No. 307314

I feel your pain nonnie… different artist but I'm going through the same thing

No. 307360

File: 1673403402151.jpg (50.75 KB, 647x627, 4f79de83bf1a219be69ce400d21dfc…)

You're right, you should be both bowing to Chrisfags

No. 307471

File: 1673476601502.jpeg (202.67 KB, 1024x768, 1670101639914.jpeg)

Oneyfags. We can all agree our husbandos are retarded and not really the most attractive to the average nonna. But does that matter? No. It matters that we have each other and our boys, we're in this together, Oney Sisters.

No. 307480

Otae would beat these guys up.

No. 307489

File: 1673492325394.jpeg (131.84 KB, 750x563, 2B2B4D06-41B7-4E0F-A569-30E85C…)

Love this retarded irishman with all my heart

No. 307542

This sounds kind of twisted but does anyone else want their husbando to die earlier so he doesn't disappoint you or fuck things up in the future?

No. 307576

File: 1673564765095.jpeg (168.11 KB, 2048x1364, F4B5375A-8CC0-42F1-9681-91A8B4…)

Deserved. So deserved. I love him. I love him so much.

No. 307615

File: 1673584876333.jpg (650.86 KB, 4104x2808, imok.jpg)


No. 307650

File: 1673620898007.jpg (233.99 KB, 736x1087, 13d12938379e597a2edf4ee872af50…)

I love his smile so much.

No. 307716

File: 1673648960784.png (346.09 KB, 784x428, Screenshot_1986.png)

are you this anon? are you THE resident japananon here or does this site just have a david sylvian bias because im all for it lol

No. 307751

ooh, he's hot, I'd never heard of him before. He kind of looks like an ex of mine

No. 307752

Chris is genuinely a cutie

No. 307830

Listening to songs about love and browsing candid pics of my husbando as if I was there with him, as if I ever knew him… sigh

No. 307883

That was indeed me lol, but there are other sylvianons.

No. 308122

File: 1673814577531.gif (7.5 MB, 540x450, Tumblr_l_505465812901343.gif)

The love and adoration, i've for him is ridiculous, i've been obsessed with him once again, since i watched the prequels again… i need help… still beautiful to me

No. 308193

its good to be around others with refined tastes…

No. 308311

File: 1674065950423.jpg (43.66 KB, 437x612, gettyimages-1431127060-612x612…)

Zachfags! New York Comic con pics I managed to find. I also found some Poloni show interviews/press videos with Zach (no face) if anyone wants me to drop them?

No. 308312

File: 1674066014895.jpg (40.44 KB, 408x612, gettyimages-1431126823-612x612…)

he looks so retarded in this I'm sorry

No. 308314

File: 1674066111485.jpg (449.56 KB, 2307x1814, NYCC-2022-The-Paloni-Show-Ben-…)

No. 308315

File: 1674066184929.jpg (459.61 KB, 1706x2560, NYCC-2022-The-Paloni-Show-Zach…)

I love him so much

No. 308318

I lied, there is a video interview kek

No. 308319

I want to kill myself every time i see his ugly rat features and rat-like face

No. 308323

File: 1674067846623.jpeg (127.55 KB, 550x266, 78C9995A-6429-434F-9B1C-17BAFC…)

He owns the rattiness, and nobody can deny the comparisons

No. 308326

Agreed, but I still love him in all his rat glory, he could eat all my walls and I would always house him

No. 308368

File: 1674075559691.jpeg (91.36 KB, 683x1024, _ (6).jpeg)

He isn't really an irl husbando because I'm exclusively attracted to the character and not the actor necessarily, but I suppose it'd have to go here. I had another dream last night where he and I were laying on the bed in his room, chatting in the afternoon. Our conversations covered every imaginable topic. At a certain point, we landed on his disability. In a tender voice I asked if he ever wished he could live a life free from his disability. He said that he sometimes did, but he didn't want to focus on something that would never happen anyway. It was silent for a moment. I take an interest in chiropractic care and had some knowledge about his situation. I turned my body to him and leaned on my arms, my face hovered near his. „Would you allow me to try something? I promise it won't hurt.” He nodded, a bit confused. I sat back and instructed him to lay on his belly and relax. I used a gentle tone of voice and ran my hands along his back. „Just relax, I'm going to try a few things” I applied gentle and constant pressure along his back, easing him into it. Then I corrected a few joints and bones, swiftly and carefully. He gasped slightly. „I'm done.” I tucked my hair behind my ears. He raised himself up on his hands and moved his legs. He seemed confused. When he stood up, he looked at me with a puzzled expression. He took a few careful steps, and couldn't believe what he was experiencing. Long story short, the whole family was overjoyed and they invited me over for dinner .

No. 309547

Might be me but Zach looks a little sleepy in some of these.

No. 314540

File: 1677510336619.gif (1.99 MB, 311x456, 4B2133F5-0500-45B9-9323-EEB569…)

Gonna spam my husbandos here
I ♥ Buster Keaton

No. 314541

File: 1677510483657.jpg (280.83 KB, 806x861, UlxraeE.jpg)

No. 314542

File: 1677510543152.jpg (294.06 KB, 848x751, 2yemJ6c.jpg)

What a gorgeous side profile

No. 314543

File: 1677510663700.jpg (219.06 KB, 870x1108, qqZhW1G.jpg)

The quality of this one is shot but I love the way he looks in it nonetheless
This guy is strangely cute

No. 314545

File: 1677510763258.jpg (36.63 KB, 600x751, 9E9J7KJ.jpg)

George Mallory image dump

No. 314546

File: 1677510809479.jpg (89.97 KB, 1024x576, 4O4yRTh.jpg)

No. 314548

File: 1677510959298.jpg (60.36 KB, 653x1000, v4zjscp.jpg)

No. 314549

File: 1677511089590.jpg (19.21 KB, 306x423, 9HdrepS.jpg)

No. 314550

File: 1677511127404.jpg (64.88 KB, 500x677, iBsvmDy.jpg)

I love how half of the front page is just Georgie

No. 314551

File: 1677511260228.jpg (46.46 KB, 470x603, gIBWhf4.jpg)

I wish I knew what his voice sounded like

No. 314552

File: 1677511309252.jpg (25.65 KB, 224x423, 45ciUn1.jpg)

K last one for now

No. 314554

File: 1677511725266.jpg (325.72 KB, 1368x1918, Cajvxs9.jpg)

I tried to fill the front page with his face KEK
But this shitty site keeps giving the "seRveR FaILEd tO haNDLe yOuR uPLoaD" message (and still is!)

No. 314596

File: 1677533269444.jpg (298.33 KB, 817x1222, adam-scott-jason-schwartzman-g…)

god i wish that was me in the middle…

No. 314614

holy fuck me too nonnie. schwartzman getting choked in fargo awakened some feelings in me

No. 314915

File: 1677732087370.jpg (70.06 KB, 564x564, 832b8c71c30264df40319cf6f0a6d8…)

After being dogpiled in the attractive men thread for posting an attractive man and not a plastic caveman I've been forced to relocate here. I don't even know who this tactical slut is and he's living rent free in my head. They can call the mask a burqa all they want but they're just in denial of the fact that it makes him 10X more attractive. Not everyone is brainwashed to think your cookie cutter hollywood neanderthal 'husbandos' are the pinnacle of male attractiveness.

No. 314918

How are you calling them cavemen and then post this Neanderthal brow bone motherfucker

No. 314920

he's got the exact same eyes as that faggot dan howell

No. 314922

File: 1677735506183.png (1.55 MB, 1489x1195, caveman.png)

First of all, how can you even come to the conclusion that he has a neanderthal brow bone if his face is covered? Sounds like you're desperately grasping at straws to defend your plastic cavemen. Second of all, compare these two. On the right is a 'man' posted in the attractive men thread (shit quality pic but you can see the essentials), on the left and below is an actually attractive man. The hollywood neanderthal on the right has a disgusting, almost comical caricature of a face. You can clearly see a jutting brow bone and fake dyed hair. He is not a person, he is a creation made of plastic surgery and money crafted for the sole purpose of appealing to your primitive brain. Continue cooming over your cavemen, it doesn't matter to me. But don't jump on anyone who posts someone naturally attractive.
A real neanderthal, for reference. I wonder which one resembles the neanderthal more, hmmm?
Just looked him up and he's some zoomer-haired faggot. I don't see any correlation and I don't know why you're making these stupid comparisons but I think you should get back in the 'attractive' man thread. Keep posting your kpop waxworks and hollywood neanderthals. I shouldn't even have to say this but apparently anons are especially defensive today. Feel insecure that I criticized your cavemen?

No. 314925

you just know there's no chin under there

No. 314927

File: 1677742349211.jpg (46.93 KB, 442x454, 6fb22d6bfcc726ba5cdaf8915ce3e2…)

I'm not even going to go into the fact it's ridiculous you're measuring attractiveness purely by chin. I'm just going to say that you're completely missing the point. I do not care at all if he has no chin, I don't care if he looks like a faggot under the mask, I don't care if he's fat (that would make him more attractive, actually), I don't care if his eyes look like those of a dead fish, I don't care that I'll never see his face - all of which are wrong but that's besides the point. The point is that he is objectively attractive in a natural, non-plastic way but most anons are too stuck in the attractive 'man' thread's echo chamber to realize it. You think that because everyone agrees with you, your hollywood neanderthals are hot. Well they're not, and they're not even real, they're artificial creations of plastic surgery and selective breeding. His appeal is true and natural attractiveness which the mask accentuates. I already got an anon in the uniform thread to concede that he is in fact attractive. Try again later!

No. 314928

Military Industrial Grade Corpse Husband

No. 314929

File: 1677743523145.gif (4.8 MB, 600x750, 578821f078ad9705e7bd935950c28f…)

>I don't care if he's fat (that would make him more attractive, actually
Alright now you're just fucking with us. I'm cleansing this thread (nta and not the original buster anon btw)

No. 314931

File: 1677745113758.jpg (41.84 KB, 564x522, ea41bd94976d62af7801f162c3c175…)

If you're trying to compare him to some Donnie Darko looking character I don't see the resemblance and I don't even know where that's coming from. If he showed his hair he wouldn't have ugly unwashed hair like that thing anyway.
And here's yet another example of what I was talking about! At least you posted someone who's not an exact example of a cookie cutter hollywood neanderthal (although the 'attractive' man thread anons would probably find a way nickpick him because he's not in their designated box - I'm sure the anon who said my husbando probably has a small chin would love to hate Buster Keaton). The point that keeps flying over anon's heads is that I can like men that aren't their cavemen-looking plastic surgery creatures. I can like men who don't show their face, I can like men who aren't a celeb, and I can like men who are chubby without 'fucking' with you. I'm going to keep posting him so you better get used to seeing his face, or lack of it.

No. 314933

File: 1677745620038.gif (1.78 MB, 348x322, yooink.gif)

>(I'm sure the anon who said my husbando probably has a small chin would love to hate Buster Keaton).

No. 314934

Nona this is my type too. Who is he? Where can I find more pics of him please

No. 314936

File: 1677747049703.jpg (81.25 KB, 429x831, e553079781c516463bc4adb5ef2dba…)

Well I'm glad that there are some sensible anons on /g/! I didn't know of him until yesterday myself while searching for images to post in the uniform thread, and the second I saw him I couldn't stop thinking about him. I actually found out just a few minutes ago that his name is Roman Partizan and he's a Russian man (which makes him a thousand times hotter to me - I think Russian is the most attractive language) who has a youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/@715TEAM. His instagram is https://www.instagram.com/roman_partizan/. I haven't had time to watch one of his videos but I assume he's part of an airsoft group or something. Also look at his hands in pic related, I'm drooling.

No. 314938

File: 1677748777631.png (477.73 KB, 844x445, amonguswindow.png)

nayrt but bless you nona, he is gorgeous. i feel a soul connection with amonguswindow right now

No. 314939

File: 1677749677837.jpg (61.72 KB, 564x564, cd1202ae8f908076dd390e4df23931…)

So nonnies finally see the truth. If they at least reverse image searched the photos they'd think before clicking post. He is so fucking attractive, and I don't even know how to explain why. He's just some guy in a mask and military clothes but it's like he's turned some switch in my brain which causes me to obsess over him, and I know I'm not the only one here. I never understood why nonnies would seriously masturbate to images of men (3D and 2D) they find attractive but I think I get it now. Not that I'd defile him like that, I want the way I view him to stay pure.
I've been saving all the images of him I can find. I have a folder with 32 files in it already and I'm going to download all the videos I can from his youtube. If nonnies want I can upload the videos and images to a Mega or something so they can download them as well.

No. 314941

He’s so fucking hot. Besides physically, what is getting me is the way he looks into the camera. Those penetrating eyes. He’s staring into my soul. Holy shit Nona I haven’t felt any sort of attraction to random men in a very long time but this sexy russian masked beast has done something to me. I’m watching his YouTube videos now. Thank you for bringing this blessing over to us kek

No. 314942

File: 1677755381881.jpg (40.7 KB, 563x571, 27b51bf90186d5bd2725252ebfa77e…)

One thing I like about the mask is how it emphasizes his eyes. I've never really appreciated how attractive eyes are but looking at Roman his eyes are definitely one of his best physical aspects next to his uniform. I had a military and mask fetish before I found him (the entire uniform thread -thank god the gore troll is gone- is pretty much just me photodumping and defending liking uniforms) so that's one of the reasons I find him hot. Judging from his instagram photos he definitely knows that the main reason some people watch him is because they find him hot. I'm sure it's not a question of if, but how much fanmail he gets from thirsty women.
>Thank you for bringing this blessing over to us kek
I'm glad I've led the attractive man-starved anons from the 'attractive' men thread to an actually attractive man! I'm sure the anons who were seething at me initially are regretting their eagerness in dismissing him as an 'unidentified meat shield'.

No. 314950

File: 1677763098450.jpg (102.97 KB, 929x1345, 700263.jpg)

I'm a tactical slut enjoyer as well, I wish I had a bf that would dress up like that for me. we would have a sexy roleplay where he's my POW kek

No. 314958

Shiey and Poison are much more attractive guys who wear masks and get in adventures.

No. 315080

File: 1677839546910.jpg (216.44 KB, 1440x1605, 240396235_202333561920339_5463…)

I'm starting to think these two nonnies maybe on to something here.

No. 315159

File: 1677897535836.png (703.28 KB, 1082x579, mega.png)

Romanonnies, after saving so many pictures of him I figured other nonnies might want the pictures as well - so I uploaded them to a Mega folder. Inside the folder there's images of Roman Partizan (mostly taken from pinterest) and some of his youtube videos from 2023-2019 as well https://mega.nz/folder/oLoiQCSL#z15wjZLm-KcqclC56Zqprg
There are some… uh, interesting photos in there that some nonnies might enjoy. Please tell me if some videos or images are corrupted so I can fix them!

No. 315198

File: 1677913852479.jpeg (39.49 KB, 497x600, BB365DF3-9615-4541-A90A-524A91…)

nonas I am DYING over how bad I want him… tfw no military genius emperor bf…

No. 315223

Nonna… I kneel.

No. 315757

File: 1678212365304.jpeg (269.85 KB, 2048x1363, FD595D26-1261-497F-AB0D-55ECCB…)

he never was gonna fuck my ugly self anyway, I was never going to be some boring, dumb blonde with fake tits, who pretended to have a room temp iq. but I came out fucking broken. this man disgusts me and any residual attraction I have to him hurts. I hate him. I hate him.

I hate you, jim carrey, and I wish the mother you despise so much had aborted you. After all, you were your families youngest child, the last thing they needed was another useless moid. All your abilities all your harm outweighs. Hollywood stereotype, running away from your problems. Cowardly, spineless, and pathetic, decades far from your former glory. Your disease and predation is wasting away. If you're lucky, you die alone, if you're not, you're preserved in a legacy of humiliation. Perfect for a clown.

Got issues with the demise of your reputation? Watching it wither and die like you watched hundreds of women you abused die inside? It's what you deserve. People are starting to see you for what you are, and it fucking incenses you. To be anything other than perfect, to be so grotesquely self indulgent, and yet self hating, clearly disordered, clearly inadequate. I thought you were strong, but you're a weak scrote through and through. And even a weakly strong woman, with time, dismantles the lies of a weak scrote.

Suck my boobs you bitch

No. 315781

File: 1678226052365.jpeg (152.45 KB, 1898x930, 31057D9E-6E2B-4213-894F-2A23D7…)

it ruined my life and I never even got what I wanted. i didn't even do anything wrong, this parasite twisted itself around me. and I won't forget the happier things and what they taught me, that jim wasn't always a dusky, repulsive leech, but for now? I'm afraid of what I used to love trying to dismember its persona. far too late for redemption. only god can forgive him now

so with all due respect, and strong a-logging, the blood on his hands deserves a far worse and brutal death than the one he's probably going to have. if he commits suicide that's a fool's way out. what he deserves is every woman he's ever assaulted, harassed, raped or abused stabbing him at least once, and driving that knife in deep. if there is hell and an afterlife he'll be ninth level. that's where he's going.

I'm done. I hope you're uncomfortable every single day of your short remaining life jim. That's a fraction of what you deserve.

No. 317002

i'm so assblasted over someone criticizing my husbando (not on here some other site, though he does get criticized here too but i don't care as much) and over a very old post too. i shouldn't care about something so insignificant and he wouldn't either, yet i do because i'm a big crybaby. all i can do i vent it out i guess.
it's not simply disliking him that's the issue, you can't be liked by everyone obviously, just some of the reasons why seem dumb. i don't think it's fair to judge his skills based on his very, very earliest roles where he gets less than 5 minutes of screen time while ignoring everything else he does. other complaints are just over mundane things blown out of proportion, of course by tunglr and twitter but this one annoyed me more.

No. 317695

There's this guy who's kind of a friend of a friend, I know him because we like each other's bands. He's tall and blond, he has a aquiline nose so fs a big cock. I'm surprised I'm so attracted to him since usually I'm attracted to nerdy brunettes, and he's blond and people like him.
The first time I talked to him, though I think I came off as obsessed with him and weird (which I wasn't at the time!) so now he doesn't like my Instagram posts. It's probably nothing but he likes my best friend's posts. I just wish he wasn't gay, too old for me, and in a committed relationship.

No. 318349

File: 1679710051825.jpeg (135.98 KB, 828x998, BBC75F64-0B85-4FCF-9D2D-6C5184…)

>when asked how it felt to be both black and Irish, Lynott responded “like a pint of Guinness.”
>during a listening party for the Black Rose album, Lynott was speaking at length about “my people”, when music journalist Alan Jones asked him, “what peoples that Phil, the Paddys or the n-ggers?” Lynott slapped Jones so hard that he fell to the floor, and he was immediately thrown out of the venue by Thin Lizzys roadie team.
>”Is there anyone here tonight with any Irish in them?” cheers “Is there any of the girls here who’d like a little more Irish in them?”
>tfw no 6ft3 mixed bass-player lead-singer Irish-historian super slutty poet bf who could be both a kind loving family man and a dark and mysterious seductor
I can’t take it anymore. Seriously I’m at my limit.

No. 318352

kek, late response but this is too real. I had an obsession with an IRL celeb husbando many years ago that was life consuming and when he turned out to be, surprise, a horrible person, I could have written the same manifesto. After that I swore not to get too into any celebrity again, but last year I fell deep into a crush for a famous woman. I was like… it's probably safe, right? What are the odds it would happen twice. And she's a woman, not a moid. There's no way my heart will get so broken again. And then just a few months after that, an article came out detailing supposed harassment she did (not sexual but very mean). It was a sort of sketchy article, but the way she addressed it and the way her PR team handled it was so shitty that it almost doesn't matter if it's true or not, the response was bad enough by itself. The worst part is I tried to quit her for a couple months but failed miserably and now I'm back to following all her activities because i try to forget the bad response and cope by saying the article wasn't true anyway kek. I'm retarded enough that I've almost split her into "Her As A Real Person," and "My Fantasy Version Of Her".

I wish I could stop but I'm not strong enough. I think maybe I could if I had someone IRL to direct my feelings towards, but for some reason I never fall for anyone around me at all. I want to be normal. sorry for irl waifufagging in the irl husbando thread i hope it's okay since it's basically the same illness

No. 318368

File: 1679734750128.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 14.84 KB, 541x278, EA6FC7FC-59ED-4513-94EE-B018A8…)

God nona I'm sorry. I've tried to distance myself from celebrity gossip a little more and not emotionally invest in people.

I'm not even sure I believe the epstein island shit, but I do think JC's committed horrendous atrocities. Doesn't matter how much you talk about it, though. it hurts to my core he's never had another formal accuser. Everyone who crosses him is fucking terrified, and I'm realizing why. Beyond his press fodder he's actually a very charming showman, but his mask slipped hard. during interviews the day of his retirement he truly looked and acted like an angry, drugged up psychopath. And for the first time behind just reading or watching unsettling moments, I felt like I saw a glimpse of the "real Jim." The one who ruins lives.

I don't necessarily believe the epstein shit until I see more concrete proof, for me it's the likelihood he's a serial sadistic abuser who's probably infected thousands of young, formerly healthy women.

He's allegedly got hoards of accounts and PR, and keeps his detractors and victims under watchful eye. How was anyone supposed to know, mercy mercy me, he was a terminally online weirdo? I guess there was a reason, even when I was still a fan, that I kept fleeing. Survivor instinct was blaring from day 1! Why didn't I listen to it! There were so many red flags, I ignored until the elephant in the room stomped me nearly dead. Like I wasn't traumatized already? I literally see picrel in my nightmares. My lingering bits of physical attraction make me sick.

In some obscure corner of the earth jim is busting his gut at how clever he thinks he is. Having sold his house and C&D'ing some aggressive qanon grifter. Oh boy, what's next? A political bid? Wanted for actual crime? Please, please tell me the plot thickens! Fucking hell, the only thing that can shock me is the serial killer theory becoming reality.

Unfortunately there's a lot of women in the industry who've disappointed me by standing in solidarity with lousy men, even if they're still better by virtue of being women. Margot Robbie hyping up and rumors she's having an affair with Brad Pitt and praising David O'Russell, for one. Olivia Wilde's dramatics, the disastrous Dont Worry Darling, possibly helping weinstein. These women accustomed to their privilege. they forget and dismiss or at worst participate and endorse the hardships other women endure. It's such a sad cycle.

Who the hell wants to be in this predicament? If I had a healthy brain and a safe home life, I wouldn't fixate on this loser. I always knew he was deranged, I sympathize with his derangement. The only lingering piece of sympathy I have is knowing this man is deeply, deeply unwell. Yet I refuse to tolerate the fallout of his sexpest endeavors. I just figured he was more like your kooky schizoid friends dad and not a creepy uncle.

Nobody prepares you for the clown revealing himself as joker. Nobody. I want to wipe him from my memory, but then I'd also be wiping parts of my meager joy. I've met people and had experiences i value in the last few years. If I'm erasing him, I erase them. Sad state of affairs to be in. I really do wish you luck and well in getting over.

I have met extraordinary people with wisdom beyond compare who aren't famous. Fame is a gamble of chance. Put your fave in an alternate reality and they wouldn't have brushed with luck. Try to think of it that way, fame is an attribute we assign that purely begins by accident and happenstance, and ends with force. Fame is pointless, and with the right posturing most people with some kind of talent could be famous, it's just PR and promotion. Spoken like a true cynical gossip.

No. 319208

File: 1680217736702.gif (18.39 MB, 600x480, 4.gif)

God I wish he looked at me like that, and that, and that and…

No. 319210

File: 1680218268756.png (Spoiler Image, 9.51 MB, 2143x4200, autism.png)

The lengths I go to for him specifically

No. 319362

i was convinced but his thighs in those jeans omfg….

No. 319531

File: 1680375919723.jpeg (140.39 KB, 952x1500, 0F034871-5554-4ACB-93A7-2BF9D2…)

I am healed, I am happy, there is love and light. Blissfully oblivious. The rumor mill is closed, to keep his work segregated from his rabbit holes. Chose to be a healthy woman who didn't invest in a goya eyed surrealist. I know upfront not to be too revealing, and I never was.

No butterfly ripples, no domino effects, no skull tattoos, no slap comments or career tanking cascades. What I thought was ugly is now pristine. I strayed away from sharp objects, no tingles under my nerves. Graduating on time, I relinquish a darling idol to a big city, not small wisdoms. Reminding myself that I have dreams yet be squandered.

He never retires, he was fun as hell during Sonic 2 promos, the last brava of fangirl stupidity for me! I hear whispers about productions at my newfound job, he's filming Aleister Arcane now. Heres to hoping it's no 23. 23. What a movie. What an age. What a number. What a year.

yeah, april fucking fools

No. 322198

Calling him my husbando seems wrong, but there is a guy (who I don't know in real life) who I have been attracted to for about seven years now. It's on and off, but whenever I discover a new piece of information about him I get excited and I add it to my mental database of everything I know about him. When I'm bored, I imagine us having conversations and I imagine what it would have been like if we knew each other and were friends or dated and it brings me comfort. I've even watched certain movies because I knew he liked them and visited certain places that were connected to him. This is such embarrassing behavior, but I tell myself it's okay because I don't actually know this person (and never will) so it doesn't matter. I thought I would have outgrown this eventually and gotten an actual boyfriend at this point, but nope. And to top it off, he died at a pretty young age so as I get older and older it'll become less acceptable for me to feel this way. Ah well, I think I'm overthinking it. I always get this nagging feeling that I'm doing something wrong or unhealthy whenever I indulge myself in these fantasies even though I guess I'm not hurting anyone.

No. 322211

Honestly who cares if you feel less acceptable because your older. Your not actually harming anyone, your just nurturing a feeling he inspires and the fact that he's dead (RIP) just cements it even more.

No. 322334

getting your hair brushed out your face by husbando's thick hands
getting thighs grabbed by husbando's thick hands
gazing the stars at night while he holds you with his thick hands
going for walks near the park and he gives a bouquet of flowers, with his thick hands
getting spanked by the thick hands

No. 323244

Omg nonnie I wouldn’t expect to find a fellow Phil enjoyer here! One of my favorite bassists ever, coolest motherfucker. Rip my man

No. 323248

File: 1682290220535.jpeg (384.35 KB, 1500x1842, E5482F8A-16DA-4452-9DEF-F7CAC7…)

This is my beautiful husbando. I am so in love with this man, it quite frankly, is unreal.
>I can cum just by looking at or thinking of him
>I repeat his name autistically when I’m sad or stressed or scared
>I wear a bracelet with his name on whenever I leave the house
>I talk about him so much and have so many photos of him that my mom says he should get a restraining order out on me
>I’m saving my virginity for him and I’ll die a virgin if I don’t get to fuck and marry him
He is absolutely beautiful, the sexiest man to ever exist in the history of mankind. He is so fucking intelligent, charismatic, interesting, funny, mysterious, and not to mention an amazing singer. I love you so much Dave, you own my heart.

No. 323332

File: 1682321781184.jpg (146.85 KB, 1080x1348, tumblr_d13a08bb8afc648349db680…)

Foaming at the mouth

No. 323333

File: 1682322016289.jpg (26.87 KB, 400x458, tumblr_08fdb3b31ea238cbc437c0d…)

No. 323338

Honey he has leprosy

No. 323339

Guy probably has so much coke in his body, you'd get high from being in the same post code. Anon could do a lot worse, though. Diamond Dave is better than Jim Carrey, Ezra Miller, or Tucker Carlson at least lmao.

No. 324249

File: 1682710671473.png (Spoiler Image, 109.37 KB, 1204x1204, download7165445287.png)

I'm going to be cringe again sorry
He means so much to me, he was such a layered character. I cried for a week after watching this series, sometimes I still do when I hear the opening music. I wish he was obsessed with me as much as I am with him. I could just lie in bed all day kissing and licking him all over and he'll do the same to me, trapped in eachother's arms, in a cozy home away from everyone else, away from this awful world. Then make him coom in french.
This game had no short curly option so this is the closest I got lol.

No. 327706

File: 1683917474502.jpg (155.79 KB, 1096x1512, f770a8bba898d57eff27cd3b4e4_1d…)

Well, happy 42nd. I was not expecting to like him this much years ago (just had no opinion back then) but here I am. It was probably bound to happen anyway since he's my 'type'. I made a list of things I like about him but won't post it.

No. 329159

File: 1684383578796.jpg (19.48 KB, 367x307, dammit_stephen.jpg)

>I wish I could stop but I'm not strong enough. I think maybe I could if I had someone IRL to direct my feelings towards, but for some reason I never fall for anyone around me at all.

I feel this in my core. Simping for unavailable fucks has been my drug of choice since childhood. I'm too damn old for this shit, especially since now I'm obsessed with a scrote with a high potential of being vile. At this point in my life I truly wonder if I have some weird erotomania psychosis because I want to live in my head with a fake version of a scrote. I fixate on the funny cute spergy side of him so I can ignore the giant fucking sword of Damocles of him being disgusting over my head. And my family lies to me and says I'm not autistic when deep down I know I truly fucking am because why the hell would I be doing this shit

No. 329161

File: 1684384419243.jpg (63.57 KB, 632x257, ipushbuttonsrealgood_hurdeedur…)

Ah what the hell he's such a qt3.14
Push my devil's doorbell you disgusting little freak, and I'll show you some good foot work

No. 329172

nona please come back i love him too.. i love his eyes and his cadence its so sexy

No. 329237

File: 1684418385090.gif (8.93 MB, 493x498, IMG_7307.gif)

Him except I don't really want to learn more about him because I'm scared it'll ruin him for me, all I know is he has an Italian speech impediment and a massive cock

No. 329274

File: 1684433531532.jpg (36.73 KB, 615x409, 0_JS270896921.jpg)


No. 329308

Leclerc is cuter tbh.

No. 329645

File: 1684555094070.jpeg (52.32 KB, 678x477, IMG_0050.jpeg)

Toshiro Mifune. I’m starting to hyperfixate on him after watching some of his samurai movies. I keep fantasyzing about him having a gruff warrrior type personality, but with a sweet and gentle side for me. Gonna watch binge watche more of his material soon. I hear his non samurai stuff is good too. More material for me to obsess over.

No. 330262

>I want to live in my head with the fake version of a scrote.

Haha fuck. I came here to vent about exactly that. And the older I get, the more immersed in it I become. When I was younger, I could at least separate it as ‘well my imaginary scrote boyfriend is great but I’m sure there are men out there who I could also like,’ but now I’ve gone so deep I worry that he is the only kind of scrote I could ever care about and unless a carbon copy of him exists somewhere (which wouldn’t be good) then I guess I’m screwed. I’ve succumbed to the illness of comparing every scrote I know with this idealized fake scrote in my head. I think of all the ways they are inferior even though he’s objectively horrible. It is what it is. I even imagine having conversations with him when I’m bored or upset about something. It’s insane.

No. 330280

who's this? he's hot

No. 330291

He is so hot, both as a gruffy warrior and clean shaven, they don't make them like that anymore.

No. 330425

File: 1684902413764.gif (854.33 KB, 245x189, IMG_0049.gif)

The best of both worlds

No. 330498

File: 1684925373489.jpg (Spoiler Image, 17.36 KB, 326x293, theagony_theecstasy.jpg)

I'm so sorry anon, for me it almost seemed like I kicked the habit for two years or so until I became obsessed with my current scrote. Like you've said, I've noticed it gets worse during times of stress. It also spikes when I find out a female friend or relative is starting an IRL relationship.
>I could at least separate it as ‘well my imaginary scrote boyfriend is great but I’m sure there are men out there who I could also like'
I hate to sound melodramatic, but with my current scrote it's almost like some higher being decided to make me aware of him for shits and giggles. It's almost like this scrote was created via an algorithm because he and I are so similar (engineers, enjoy synthesizers and industrial music, interested in alchemy and kabbalah, goofball atheist). Even his rants on his facebook page seem like they could be written by me if I was doped with testicle juice. It also doesn't help that he dressed so slutty sometimes when he was younger and embodied a lot of my fetishes for men. Now he looks like the unabomber if he was a metrosexual amish guy

No. 330572

Aw yeah, it makes sense that you’d become so enamored with someone who you have so much in common with. I like the idea that he was AI-generated by God just for you lol. And looking like a metrosexual unabomber isn’t the worst thing in the world to happen to a guy.

I kind of feel that way about the person I have my longest standing obsession with. I don’t think my natural personality is compatible with a lot of people. I can’t imagine myself being in a relationship with most and not having to change some aspect of my personality to make it work. So I’ve accepted that I probably wouldn’t be happy in a relationship for the most part, even though I still want one (on my own terms). I know it’s delusional, but I could imagine myself being in a relationship with him and not feel constrained to put on a face to be attractive. It’s completely delusional, but somehow I can imagine that maybe he would have liked someone like me- and that’s really rare for me to imagine that with anyone. I don’t even know him, so of course I acknowledge that I could be completely wrong, but even if I was, it’s nice to have an idea that there’s at least one person I could imagine myself being happy with rather than no one at all. With most of the men I find attractive, I get the feeling that we wouldn’t actually be very compatible (nor would they be into someone like me in the first place). And the men irl who have shown interest in me are ones I am not interested in because I know I wouldn’t be happy in a relationship with them. He’s the only person I can think of who I could imagine actually liking me for me- and I’d actually like him back! So it makes sense (at least for me) why I’m so weirdly attached to this idea of a person. Sorry for rambling. I just need to put it out somewhere kek. Usually when someone asks why I don’t have a boyfriend I just say it’s because I’m not interested, but this is the real unhinged reason.

No. 331285

i hate mine so much he's literally ugly and a manlet. he makes my life so hard everyday. i hope he dies. no fashion sense no social awareness no skills whatsoever literally negative value male and yet i love him and think about him everyday. i want him to be my bf irl but also i want to punt him directly into the air like a football

No. 331286

enlightened taste. doesn't hurt that most of his movies are really good either

No. 331437

My new BF is fucking amazing and he's so sexy nonnies, and he's into women worship. It's beautiful, straight out of a dream.
He gives me everything from grabbing car/all doors, flowers everytime he sees me, paying for everything, floods me with compliments, walks on the outside of the sidewalk, picks up things I drop, does my shoes/sandels, stares at me just to tell me how beautiful I am- And when it comes to the bedroom, ugh, he's amazing. He even told me before we started having sex that he his whole goal is just to get me off, he doesn't care if he does and that I'm a goddess meant to be worshipped… Ugh amazing. So I brought up that I've always been into the idea of my feet being kissed and sucked but my other partners were not into that/didn't want to do it for me, and his answer? "yes princess, anything for you" got down on his knees and oh how he loved on them and told me how beautiful they were, and even told me it was his first time too, but his cock was just rock hard, ugh, it was amazing. And then after we had sex- But he's so in love with me, it's so cute. I love him too. Hehe.

No. 331441

He sounds perfect! I'm so happy for you, nonnie.

No. 331613

I think you're in the wrong thread…

No. 331774

Thank you nona!! He is fantastic, he even gave me full access to his phone, no permission needed and added in my thumbprint while we were in the talking phase because he wants me 'to trust him completely'. And I was talking to him about how I'm a no/go for porn and don't like it, my reasons, etc. and he admitted to me that he does look at porn but will stop (I rarely believe this with men but the thought is nice) and won't even take his phone into the shower (we don't live together yet but when he stays over) if it makes me uncomfortable (so yes, men do look at porn in the shower, he admitted it's his 'place' when he watches porn). But he's so thoughtful and considerate. Honestly I've heard "if he wants to he would" but like, I didn't know if he wanted to HE would, yknow? My exfiance (together for 8 years) was never nearly as considerate or thoughtful. I would have to beg him for compliments as he just "wasnt an affectionate person" is what he said. I was pathetic, I don't know why I stayed so long with that. I'm so happy now. Thank you for listening nonnie.
I'm not sure which thread is more suitable, this was the closest thing I found to sperg on. Lol.

No. 331787

No. 331792

Thank you nonnie!! I appreciate you. Will move all my sperging in there.

No. 332774

File: 1685747556730.jpg (22.77 KB, 540x166, 213345345466678797342.jpg)

I'm having another episode again. It drives me mad that I can't have him, it truly makes me legitimately upset. I keep creating AUs in my head where we meet in highschool or college, become friends, and start a family. I thought of how our child would look and act like, our house and backyard, activities we can do, trips, everything. I don't even want kids irl and it wouldn't work out regardless for many reasons. I have reached peak pathetic and peak creepiness.

No. 332846

File: 1685780741097.jpeg (126.19 KB, 828x1440, IMG_2392.jpeg)

Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please

No. 332848

Post pics or I'll assume he's fat.

No. 332863

>>332846 I want him so bad

No. 332864

File: 1685789818006.jpeg (18.12 KB, 547x561, IMG_0015.jpeg)

>dick outline visible through joggers

No. 332872

is this Michael Mando

No. 332964

File: 1685825273797.jpeg (569.82 KB, 1536x2048, wendimylove.jpeg)

Something about his voice absolutely does something to me, I think because I'm not American so I find the southern accent incredibly charming lol. I also love how he'll occasionally use cute terms of endearment like "darling" or "sweetie" in his videos - I pretend he's saying them to me kek.

As much as I am attracted to him, I can't be jealous of his fiance. Very happy for her for bagging him, and the fact she's tall and a doctor - just proves he's not afraid of a tall, educated woman - incredibly rare male trait tbh.

No. 332965

his accent is fantastic. I had such a huge thing for wendigoon until I found out he was an extremely outspoken devout Christian, but if I were a god fearing nona it’d be a no brainer

No. 332966

>Very happy for her for bagging him
wasn't he a coomer or something? maybe i'm thinking of the wrong dude

No. 332969

>man are afraid of tall rich women
This is delusional. Most men always go for women who are out of their leagues and manlets are notorious for fetishizing any tall woman

No. 332975

No, he and his fiancé are highschool sweethearts and wendi never posted any coomer shit, he is a gun nut tho lmao but being southern thats a given.

No. 332985

nonna I just switch my brain off when he starts talking about god (and I choose not to watch those videos kek)

There has to be some trade off, and if I'm going to crush on a southern guy with a pretty voice - the god and guns shit is a given.

No. 332996

Was he insecure about his eyes? Thats why he wore sunglasses for the longest time?

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