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File: 1670520606142.png (360.84 KB, 500x391, 1628493229956.png)

No. 303045

Previous thread: >>170544

Post anything and everything makeup here: product reviews, product questions, cool looks, etc. Thinking of compiling a document with products that get mentioned a lot for future OP posts so feel free to suggest your faves!

No. 303055

File: 1670526959940.png (190.61 KB, 1024x1024, heimish_dailism_smudge_stop_ma…)

i need a decent non-expensive mascara that's water washable and easily available in europe, will this cut it? some people complain it's clumpy, and it's 13 eur where I live, so i wouldn't want to toss it after 1 use

No. 303060

File: 1670528722082.jpeg (423.49 KB, 2048x2048, 42382975-CCD8-40EB-95FE-C49CE8…)

Does anyone know what this is? I saw this on an IG reel, it looks like some kind of smoothing/lifting tape or something but it looks a little thicker, and blends into her skin. The narration was in mandarin and the caption in a different language completely and didn’t describe what it is, it’s probably bullshit but I kinda want to try it

No. 303062

Some kind of weird silicone face mask to give the illusion of extremely smooth skin

No. 303068

this is beyond ridiculous atp

No. 303189

File: 1670597254908.jpg (21.1 KB, 400x533, 607-tartelette-matte-amazonian…)

What are your go-to eyeshadow palettes? For a while mine was the original UD Naked but recently I switched to Tartelette and I really like it! It's super pigmented and great for neutral or slightly-cool toned pale skin tones.

No. 303197

File: 1670601485038.png (1.09 MB, 931x923, canmake eyeshadow.png)

I really like this one from Canmake! I love shimmers and it's good for everyday looks, the pink is super cute as well. Canmake is a japanese brand so it's not as pigmented as many western palettes, but it's buildable.

No. 303198

File: 1670602708622.jpeg (164.23 KB, 1500x1500, 8517EE70-7E44-4F4A-AACB-CDFEE6…)

i use this by makeup revolution, small, has everything i need expect for a black but i smudge out my kohl so it’s fine

No. 303203

File: 1670605893997.png (1.04 MB, 790x827, mg.ebay-kleinanzeigen.d.png)

I haven't been able to part from my Unearthly Cosmetics All I Ever Wanted palette. It has almost all of my go to duo/trichrome shades. I wear most of the shadows on their own, or I pair them with mattes from ABH Norvina or Beauty Bay Bright Mattes.

No. 303204

I’ve given up on wearing more than 1 eye shadow colour at a time… if I carefully apply multiple colours they all eventually blur into one muddy colour. My eyelids are just too oily and I’m not sure if it’s worth it to buy a primer.

No. 303206

File: 1670607450477.jpeg (28.58 KB, 500x500, CD85AEC6-1A54-4680-9026-B96969…)

It used to be the Venus Grunge 3 from Lime Crime (I’m a redhead who looks good in pinks) but for the last year I’ve been obsessed with my Beauty Bakerie Puddin’ palette. It has good pigmentation and blends very smoothly, and works well for minimal looks. Any fellow true rusty redheads, grab this you won’t regret it.

No. 303207

Makeup Revolution, Morphe, and colour pop are my go tos. Cheap and fun

No. 303210

Primer is essential. If your looks end up muddy multiple things could be going wrong. Maybe you are using too many colors, too big brushes, dirty brushes, colors that are on the opposite end of the color wheel…you could also be blending too much.

No. 303211

Elf primers are cheap and useful! Ive been pleasantly surprised with the poreless finish primer.

No. 303264

-Viseart Etendu Cashmere palette and the mini quads as I can buy replacement pans

-Lorac PRO mini Mystic Oak or Frosted sequoia (Amazing for travel)

-Sigma eyeshadow sticks - act as both primer & shadow

-Glaminatrix Nocturnal palette

No. 303276

so I'm dabbling in these three brands now and thus far they're great. I have to wonder why other brands charge an arm and a leg by comparison. I've always been a cheapskate so it works better for me

No. 303289

File: 1670648737664.jpeg (45.81 KB, 492x492, F387D126-5F81-4CD8-AD12-088864…)

Ooo new makeup thread!!

Also I wanted to add onto this with saying the Romand Better Than palette in Rosebud Garden is my go to. I love the soft pinks and the gorgeous glitters! Something about it makes me go back to it every time. I also love my new A.Black palette.

I prefer to use Korean/Asian cosmetics for my sensitive skin

No. 303302

Part of it is sometimes better formulas, sturdier packaging, more sustainable material sourcing, better labs, factories that are not located in china, but for most it's just branding. I've had good experiences with brands in all different categories, from the cheapest to luxury. However, mid range usually gives me the best, most consistent results. Plus interesting color combos and packaging that doesn't fall apart after a month. This excludes indie brands, they're really their own category. I'm willing to pay more for indies solely because they bring something entirely new to the market and because I like supporting smaller brands.

No. 303303

How is the Glaminatrix palette? Indie influencers always rave about the brand.

No. 303308

File: 1670667451005.jpg (334.12 KB, 1779x1670, r-swatchitforme.jpg)

I really liked it, the shimmers remind me of my Pat McGrath Motherships blitz shades in terms of quality and you need to use a primer otherwise there can be a lot of fallout (Milky way is the worst of the bunch). I also found the mattes to be very blend friendly with each other without becoming muddy.
I adore how grungy this palette but my main gripe is the brown is much more khaki-poo brown when sheered out. (Pic from r/swatch it for me & most accurate to in person)
Overall 7/10. I reach for it pretty often and I'm happy to pay a bit more for indie/Aus owned & made.

Also there is a change in formula with the new versions of Nocturnal so the shimmers are less flaky

No. 303310

File: 1670669022580.png (1.37 MB, 1200x848, Alt palette.png)

I forgot to add
Also these are a few other murky palettes for you to consider:
Unearthly Cosmetics Fairy Frolic
Fantasy Cosmetica The Druid
Shroud Cosmetics It’s Freaking Bats
Lethal Cosmetics Evergreen
Geologie cosmetics Pilbara Collection
Violet Voss Olive you forever & Wild Dahlia palettes
VISEART Dark EDIT Eye Shadow Palette & Petit Pro Etoile Palettes (San fransico & London)

No. 303347

Thanks for the detailed response! I have never heard of Fantasy Cosmetica nor Geologie but the palettes look right up my alley. I love these types of grungey, swampy palettes, gonna save your post for future references!

No. 303400

File: 1670715904163.jpeg (544.96 KB, 1005x1298, 4899A4CF-9ABA-41A4-8F6B-842B18…)

I’m a natural brunette, who has also been blonde and now auburn and I was looking for a good natural palette with browns. I just picked up the Morphe 9T Neutral Territory palette last week and I love it so far. I’m on a budget and it was pretty cheap so I was skeptical, but it’s been great for me. I even got compliments from my Nigel who said my eyeshadow looked hot and he hardly ever notices makeup, kek

No. 303408

File: 1670718662176.png (2.4 MB, 1288x1114, sydney grace.png)

Sydney Grace Mountain Trail is another great one and you can buy the individual pans to make your own.

I also love playing with Lethal Cosmetics palette designer I just wish their online swatches matched real life

No. 303432

Have anyone here considered using paint brushes like the ones you can get at Michaels instead of makeup brushes?

No. 303464

I was surprised when I started wanting to wear shadows more again and expand my horizons how much brands had expanded and started selling affordable ones. Shelled out a ton of money back when I bought my first two major palettes, both urban decay lmao. Kinda glad makeup has become arguably more affordable.

where do you find smaller brands? Etsy? Instagram? By word of mouth?

No. 303467

ayrt It is really amazing to see how much things have changed. I remember when I got my first drugstore palette and how shitty it was. Barely useable. Just a few years later Makeup Revolution was successfully duping UD and Too Faced. I get indie recs from Reddit and instagram mainly. r/indiemakeupandmore is a good resource. Indiemakeuphotspot on instagram posts new releases and a huge variety of brands. I'm not a huge Etsy user so can't comment on that much. I feel like it turned into another Aliexpres and whatever you order there's a 50% chance it's dropshipped or private labeled.
These two posts above you are a solid place to start imo!

No. 303496

I have used a watercolor goat hair brushes for the face. Some art brushes are cheaper than makeup fude brushes and perform kinda better than synthetic brushes. Though It comes at a price as no amount of washing would take away the barnyard smell when the brushes would get wet. Though the brushes didn't smell animal like when dry .
The super cheap acrylic paint brushes are great for using water activated liners. The thinner ones are arguably better than some eyeliner brushes. synthetic brushes for eyeshadow and blending are not easily duped by art brushes as art brushes focus more on liquid retention. regarding sable brushes you can get decent art brushes that can be used for makeup. both are pricey regardless of purpose but art brushes tend to have unique shapes so if you have a specific function and the shape matches. Other natural hair brushes can be cheaper on the art supply side but like I said some might smell off so I dont know if there is better regulation for disinfecting makeup brushes.

No. 303547

Seconding the poster above me, but also consider that art brushes are meant for liquid/creamy media, not necessarily powder, so they may behave unexpectedly as makeup brushes. If you use a lot of powders, ie eyeshadows, look for small, flat brushes with a domed tip and also fluffy, domed brushes. I've seen watercolour brushes that fit the bill.

No. 303797

File: 1670922599604.jpg (327.88 KB, 1170x1524, Phytosurgence blushes.jpg)

I found most of mine through youtube and then through alternative clothing companies where I found out about Lethal Cosmetics and the world of duo chromes. My general guide is the larger the palette, the lower the quality.

I like Kaleidos, Sigma, Alter Ego (great Natasha Denona dupes) Phytosurgence cream blushes & Auric Cosmetics.

Pic is Phytosurgence cream blushes and I adore the range of colors

No. 304371

File: 1671254625839.jpg (92.7 KB, 1080x1080, 61-0XzASDZL.jpg)

Any recommendations for eyeshadow palettes that are similar to Toofaced's Just Peachy mattes eyeshadow palette? I'm really drawn to matte brown, pink, and red eyeshadows so this palette seemed perfect, but it looks like it isn't sold anymore? At least I don't see it on Sephora or Toofaced's website. Also recommendations for good brushes would be helpful too.

No. 305978

is double eyelid tape a bad idea to get into? i have hardly any lid space to work with and it looks like an easy fix… my eyes are hooded and not monolid but would it still work?

No. 306620

File: 1673027605681.png (523.7 KB, 560x563, colourpop_innerpeach.png)

Lime Crime Venus, ELF Mad for Matte 2 Summer Breeze Palette, Colourpop Gone Matte/Inner Peach

No. 306992

File: 1673209907122.jpeg (65.86 KB, 506x423, 07E885AE-FC4B-4B77-AAA1-822139…)

i’ve been a massive too faced fan for years but i get more and more disappointed with each new release. they discontinued all the chocolate bar & bon bon palettes for this poorly thrown together uninspired pic related snooze fest and also discontinued the entire peach line when those products were beloved by people with oily skin. same with the heart blushes. now they’re releasing a cheap-looking line that looks like kids’ makeup. so many people have been criticizing tf for discontinuing the product lines i mentioned and for delivering such cheap-looking new lines but it’s like they’re hellbent on giving consumers the opposite of what the majority seems to want. it also feels like there’s no point trying out and getting attached to their products anymore because they’ll discontinue entire lines a year after launch no matter how popular they are and replace them with subpar crap no one asked for.

i’ve loved too faced since i was a teenager and i hate seeing the brand going to shit like this. pardon my autism nonas, i just needed to vent my frustration somewhere.

No. 306993

File: 1673210015608.jpeg (147.96 KB, 960x1200, BA6804F3-ACB7-4EFE-85DF-C90211…)

samefag, pic related is their latest collection. the cloud blushes are cute but the eyeshadow palette and highlighter look like kids’ makeup.

No. 307125

File: 1673287183048.png (401.89 KB, 474x595, cocoabold.png)

I get you anon, I miss their old aesthetic too! It was the perfect amount of kitschy and cute without being childish. The OG Chocolate Bar palettes had some of my favorite neutral, caramel browns. They weren't too warm but they weren't cool toned either - proper neutral shadows. Regarding the Peach line, I don't think they anticipated it being so well received tbh, it was probably supposed to be a one off release. But making a foundation limited edition is just stupid. However, I LOVE the new bullet lipsticks. Chocolate Lava and Chocolate Chip are my favorites.

No. 307126

File: 1673288727157.jpg (135.04 KB, 1000x714, kat_von_d_saint_and_sinner_eye…)

Samefag but since we are complaining about brands changing direction, I am so beyond disappointed with the KVD rebrand/redesign. I understand they want to distance it from Kat as much as possible but her artistic vision is what actually made the products interesting! The packaging was always beautiful and ott goth, now it's plain and looks like any other brand.

No. 307659

File: 1673624428579.png (299.74 KB, 929x1175, 1654915758853.png)

I need a hydrating lipstick that does not come off the second you eat or drink and I need it now

No. 307701

kvd should just close down.

No. 308098

Portland lipsticks: free from any harmful chemicals, last like crazy.

No. 308293

I like the wet n wild bullet matte lipsticks. They're not transfer proof or anything but last well and have a nice creamy formula. If you wanna be bougie Tom Ford are lovely and very nourishing.

No. 309915

File: 1674402966052.png (46.61 KB, 217x92, 498843u4982490242404924.png)

What eyeshadow shape would look good on eyeshape like picrel? I don't like super OTT makeup but the only thing that looks good on me is a small wing or some brown eyeshadow, it gets a bit boring but I don't have that much lid space plus hooded eyes so I don't know what else to do. If someone has suggestions or knows of a youtuber with a similar eyeshape please let me know! picrel is not actually me btw but her eyes look very similar

No. 309916

Samefag, sorry for the small picture

No. 310940

What's a good primer for large pores? I have combination skin, so nothing too matte or too dewy either

No. 310944

Her eyes are gorgeous idk anything about makeup

No. 310958

Just try different places and see what works and what doesn't. Makeup is trial and error.

No. 310966

**placements not places

No. 311769

File: 1675777885552.jpeg (Spoiler Image,129.56 KB, 819x772, 6563606A-478F-4FA5-8F55-469550…)

reposting from /ot/ bc i forgot this thread existed

spoilering cuz eyeball and i know some people get grossed out by eyeballs

wtf is my eye color? my license says green bc i asked the lady to just write down what color she thought they were but i wouldn’t really call them green personally, more greyish than anything but they’re not really grey either. theyre pretty boring and don’t look like any specific color imo. any eyeshadow color suggestions to make them look less boring and “pop” a little bit more?
i usually just wear shiny nudes which is rather bland but i don’t want to look like a clown either kek

No. 311770

id say greyish green

No. 311771

What colors are flattering depends more on your skin color and undertone. But contrasting colors will make your eye color pop. Very warm neutrals, copper shades, rusty reds, warm purples and plums.

No. 311783

They look blue to me, a more neutral, slate blue.

No. 311789

You have grayish blue eyes I think. It's such a pretty color but I don't know what tones would compliment you, you should experiment with colors on your own and decide that way.

No. 312543

any recs for natural/'no makeup' mascaras that won't irritate my eyes too badly? i used to swear by glossiers lash slick, but the last time i ordered it the formula was inexplicably shit, it was smudging everywhere and the tube dried up after a month. id like to find an alternative product if possible – obviously most mascaras are marketed as being super intense and creating dramatic volume, which is not really what I'm after

No. 312570

How tf do you keep lip stuff on the whole day? Even when drinking water, the lip color gets on the straw and comes off

No. 312582

lipcote is the OG I used in my goth days but I've heard good things about NYX Lip Lingerie or Maybelline superstay gloss

No. 312633

File: 1676294404603.jpeg (165.17 KB, 750x1000, 1B51E090-9E11-4A1F-BB76-911FEE…)

Hi, I recently ordered empty vintage compacts because they’re so pretty and I wanna fill them with my current makeup but most of them are creams instead of powder. So, is it like the same process? Or do I just melt it ?
thank u thank u
It’s my new obsession, so many of them are so pretty. I wish makeup brands would go back to this style.

No. 312636

I don't know that much about makeup but these are gorgeous nonna! I would maybe try to take a small bit of every cream, melt it and see how it reacts (if it seperates or something). Just pouring it in seems easier and neater but you don't want all your makeup ruined obviously.

No. 312640

They look like cookies and make me want to eat them.

No. 312643

File: 1676298038188.jpeg (1.88 MB, 2730x4096, 4C41BE28-236E-47A7-AA37-A22AFC…)

They’re not the wants i got, just a pic from the internet to illustrate but here are the ones I ordered!
The one with the camel comes with a liptick holder and the black one also comes with the lipstick holder in the pic.
I got the Mercedes one because my boyfriend thought it was cool. Not my fav but it wasn’t very expensive.

No. 312646

maybelline full n soft

No. 312708

thanks anon, hopefully my local drugstore stocks it!

No. 313110

Benefit Tinted Lash Primer, on its own.

No. 313943

File: 1677102225376.jpg (18.08 KB, 324x190, 23-02-21-20-20-10-664_photo.jp…)

Its my first time attempting any sort of makeup on myself how did i do is it shit

No. 313948

The lower lid makeup is very heavy, I’d recommend trying some looks from this video. She shows the differences in eyeliner and how to apply them so it’s pretty easy to follow.

No. 314018

File: 1677151357053.jpg (252.18 KB, 719x942, Screenshot_20230223-042040_Chr…)

How do I contour a nose like picrel and are there any other tricks to make my nose look less big, my nose is less round than hers and a little more .. angular but is mostly the same shape and width

No. 314023

nta, but I think she was doing puppy eyeliner, which often has a heavy lower lid

No. 314024

It looks cute!

No. 314025

I also think it looks rly cute!

No. 314042

Yeah i was kinda trying to do puppy or kinda gyaru inspired lol

No. 314045

Is there a way to wear cat eyeliner with big, round eyes? i'm doomed

No. 314048

Anyone done diy mascara before? Does it actually work or does it just flake and smear off?

No. 314054

Just… apply it? Do you have eyelids then congrats you can do cat eye liner.

No. 314056

File: 1677190031159.jpg (39 KB, 486x188, 8373595ab68a4c2e184192aea6b108…)

i mean something like picrel, it looks like shoeonhead's eyeliner on me

No. 314094

File: 1677225366820.png (532.75 KB, 1489x556, eyeliner-for-round-eyes-1.png)

Excuse the mspaint, but all you need to do is draw it straighter. Just change it angle of the liner. Don't make it into a swoopy c shape. With option A start from your lower lid and go straight out following the waterline. Then connect the top and avoid the eye crease. With option B draw a straight line from the edge of the lid crease (play with the angle to get it right for your eye, just keep the line straight), and then connect it. Option B goes over your crease slightly and it creates a straighter shape than A. It's like in your pic, you can see her liner is straight, not swoopy and basically extends right out from the crease.

No. 314095

Oh and elongate the liner, don't make it stumpy and short.

No. 314146

Thank you nonna!!!

No. 314157

How does anyone get eyeliner like this to stay? Any kind of makeup near my tear ducts smudges off in a couple of hours. Doesn’t seem to matter how much primer/setting spray or what kind of liner I use.

No. 314163

File: 1677254921135.png (511.78 KB, 2000x2000, 1065496.png)

You should keep the line super thin on the inner corner or avoid lining that far in. Have you tried Essence Liquid Ink liner? It's the only one that doesn't smudge on me, unless I cry. It's cheap so worth a try. I find that it's more prone to flaking off than smudging.

No. 314178

Interesting, I’ve never seen this brand before but I’ll definitely give it a try at such a great price point. I previously liked the Stila Stay All Day and thought it was the best I’ve tried, but still noticed some smudging near my tear ducts after a bit. I’d really like my eyeliner to stay tightly lined for most of the day. Thanks for the recommendation anon.

No. 314189

ayrt, it's an extremely cheap german drugstore brand but they have some solid products. I've been rebuying this liner for more than a decade, literally since my scene middle school days.

No. 314192

Am I the only one who thinks this winged liquid liner looks like ass on very round eyes and/or deep set eyes?

No. 314197

File: 1677263477481.png (95.61 KB, 477x248, liner.png)

I think any style can work as long as you know how to modify it for your eye shape. It's all about making small adjustments, especially around the outer crease, so you don't literally have a triangle stamped on. I'm shit at explaining things but pic rel is what I'm taking about. Still straight, but the top line is adjusted to fit the eye shape better.

No. 314236

I have protruding round eyes and every time I try to put on neat looking makeup, it looks so sloppy like it just slides off too. What should I do? I don't wanna line my waterline either

No. 314364

Use eyeshadow primer! It will change everything.

No. 314375

Please be more detailed. How is anyone supposed to help when we don'r even know what products you're using, your skin type, what you actually want to achieve etc.

No. 314430

File: 1677443884087.jpg (391.89 KB, 3411x4200, Mila-Kunis-CinemaCon-2016-DFre…)

Something like picrel, just neater looking eyeliner, I use ELF crayon or pencil eyeliner because I'm not skilled enough for liquid. I have pretty dry skin but the way the makeup slides off is making me think im sorta oily. Or maybe it's just my cheap ass makeup.
I'll try it! Ngl all I do it concealer and eyeliner and if I'm feeling crazy eyeshadow

No. 314434

Okay so definitely use eye primer. If you have oily lids, Wet n Wild makes a good one. Apply a tiny tiny dot to your entire lid and crease. Set with a translucent powder, foundation or an eyeshadow in a similar shade to your skin. It looks like Mila only tightlined her upper lid with liner. Watch vid rel on how to do it, but if you find that liner smears on you, after the first step I would get a q-tip and remove the excess liner from the waterline. Just run it along your waterline. You only want to have liner in between your lashes. And make sure you get a waterproof gel liner pencil. Your skin might be dehydrated if it appears both dry and oily, or it could be combo. Or it could be the products like you said. ELF actually makes pretty good concealers (the camo ones), you could give them a shot.

No. 314453

what are some good “no makeup” makeup products? to be more specific: skinlike complexion products and base for sensitive, textured, dehydrated skin (showing the texture is preferable to looking cakey, so a hydrating lower coverage tinted moisturizer for example would be perfect. my skin unfortunately is what it is for now, so i know it won’t look effortlessly clear or smooth regardless), a neutral nude eye palette that isn’t too dusty or powdery with little to no shimmer or glitter (my KVD shade and light palette from high school had a perfect range of nudes, but it becomes thick and powdery on the lids with lots of fallout), some nude pink/dusty rose cream or gel blushes suited to pale-to-medium neutral undertones, natural mascara that’s not too dramatic, maybe an eyebrow product kind of similar to boy brow? some subtle lip tints or tinted chapstick. maybe a hydrating setting spray that’s on the cheaper side and doesn’t become greasy? urban decay setting spray is not my favourite, it feels drying and harsh.
recommendations for any one of these would be super appreciated! not asking anyone to put together a whole list of them for free, lol. SEO has made it tough to find non-shill non-affiliate link product recommendations, but i am also compiling recommendations from reddit too, and investigating.
also, any tips or tricks to making it look a bit cleaner and more natural? i only ask because of very seldom wearing makeup… it’s for a new job. i get super self conscious when makeup is noticeable enough that everyone can immediately tell i’m wearing it. not for pickme reasons, i’m just not very comfortable expressing femininity in an obvious way like that. used to get made fun of the odd time i’d try to wear it, and have kind of a complex about it now. only explaining that because i don’t want it to seem like disdain or an NLOG thing, it’s just adult female autism. any advice or help is much appreciated. thank you

No. 314463

File: 1677464167112.jpg (74.66 KB, 1200x1200, 61cIBu4UUNL._SL1200_.jpg)

Is peripera's Ink Velvet Lip Tint good? I want to try something for a more soft, bright, and "cute" look and the colors #02 Celeb Deep Rose and #05 Coralfical are adorable but I'm a bit hesitant to try a new brand.


No. 314464

The shades are OK but they last a whopping 3 nanoseconds

No. 314470

>they last a whopping 3 nanoseconds
Damn, that bad? Do you have any recommendations of a product with similar colors but last a little longer? Preferably under $8#

No. 314498

These are gorgeous but please test them for lead.

No. 314505

File: 1677490829238.png (436.53 KB, 611x547, romand.png)

You could check out brands like Glossier or Korean brands. From the drugstore, I know that Catrice recently came out with a low coverage tinted moisturizer. Ilia super serum skin tint is beautiful and worth the price. If you want the exact tones as in your KVD palette, I'm pretty sure Makeup Revolution still makes their dupe kek. I know Rom&nd neutral matte palettes are popular right now. Huda also came out with 2 completely matte 9-pan palette recently, and I really like her formula. The mattes are buildable and lightweight. But the tones are very rosy/warm at least from looking at it online. You could also build your own palette with MAC singles for example. I think Essence supposedly has a boy brow dupe? I usually use L’Oreal Paris Rouge Signature lipsticks as liquid blush, and the finish is perfect. Dewy, sheer and long lasting. For actual lip products, I love love love Essence Sheer Lipsticks. They have a hint of color and are very hydrating. But my absolute favorites is the MAC Glow Play lip balm formula. They are some of the best lip products I ever tried. Super moisturizing with sheer even coverage that makes your lips look fresh and plump.

As for making your makeup look more natural, I'd say just apply less than you think you need. If your lashes are naturally dark you can curl them and skip mascara or apply a very light coat and then brush through with a clean spoolie. Apply your tinted moisturizer with fingers so that it melts into the skin and go over with a damp beauty sponge to make sure there are no marks. If you want to use liner, opt for an angled brush and a dark brown shadow pressed along the lashline. Even if your skin is dry, set your t-zone and undereyes lightly with a translucent powder to keep things from moving during the day. I wouldn't necessarily shy away from shimmer either, oftentimes a satin finish is going to look more natural on the eyes and cheeks than a flat matte.
Wet n Wild Cloud Pout, Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet or Rom&nd Zero Velvet Tint.

No. 314506

How do you plan on getting rid of the lead?

No. 314627

File: 1677556660044.jpeg (21.46 KB, 250x250, E02B2482-3354-434E-A310-9682F6…)

thank you anon, you are an angel for providing such comprehensive info and advice to a clueless sperg. i hope something wonderful happens to you very soon

No. 314770

i've been wanting to try circle lenses for a really time, does anyone know any trustworthy websites that are actually fda approved and won't make me go blind?

No. 314777

I worried it was too much info all jumbled up at once, glad I could help <3 It's no problem at all, I love sperging about makeup.

No. 315076

File: 1677832964382.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1170x1497, 2C77FDF9-4B07-423E-A433-B7E252…)

i’ve been complaining about too faced going boring but this upcoming palette has some really beautiful shades.

No. 315077

File: 1677833032859.jpeg (745.33 KB, 1170x580, 58A2E65C-271D-45A4-9B4F-979434…)

better view of the shades, very summery (even if the shade names are silly, that’s just tf)

No. 315089

The colors are really pretty!

I love eyeshadow palettes but I have no idea how to use them, the ones I have I just use for crafting lol

No. 315102

Nta but it's actually quite easy, I've only read the basics about shadow palettes and what I've learnt is that you put the dark colors on most of the eyelid, light colors on the corners of you eyes and smudge the shit out of it with your fingers.

No. 315140

File: 1677879796035.jpg (87.9 KB, 736x737, 0b17a7a4c6f9995583509bb64733c7…)

If you're a beginner I'd stick to the "rules" which is light and mid tone mattes in the crease, darker mattes on the outer part of the lid/crease and shimmers on the lid and in the inner corner. Basically dark colors go towards the outside part of the eye, light color go on the lid and towards your nose. But a simple look can also be a midtone matte blended all over lid/crease/outer v + a shimmer on the lid. Once you get a grip on blending colors together you can do whatever and try a lot of different styles, placements and colors.

With this palette a conventional look would be Holy Cannoli/Toasted In Tuscany/Spaghett About It in the crease, Impastable/When In Rome/Feelin Saucy in the crease but a bit below the first shade to define the crease, Mamma Mia!/Espresso Yourself in the outer v to deepen, and basically any shimmer on the lid and a lighter shimmer in the inner corner. Pic rel is a basic look with some similar shades.

No. 315141

Reddit used to be great for tutorials and learning about makeup before it went to shit. Some of the links are broken but there's a huge amount of info hidden in the r/MakeupAddiction sidebar. Here's a link to tutorial https://www.reddit.com/r/MakeupAddiction/wiki/best_of/

No. 315147

File: 1677882796737.jpeg (442.1 KB, 1080x1920, 2D74F89B-3DCE-41D4-A201-4696F4…)

have any nonnas tried flower knows? what’s your opinion on the brand?

No. 315151

Their eyeshadow formula is okay, very lightly pigmented like Asian brands tend to be. I definitely wouldn't buy it again as I have eyeshadows that cost half the price and perform better but you buy it for the pretty packaging, not the makeup itself.

No. 315422

File: 1678046484226.jpg (36.55 KB, 500x500, Pillow_Talk_Beauty_Blush_Wands…)

does anyone know a decent dupe for Charlotte Tilbury's matte beauty blush wand in the shade pillow talk?

No. 315694

File: 1678190781365.jpeg (972.1 KB, 1170x1166, C67A4DBF-7699-4FC7-881C-9D6F9C…)

on the topic of this product do you think someone with fair skin could pull off dream pop with a very light hand without looking like a clown? it’s clearly meant for women with deeper complexions but i just find it so beautiful. idk if it’s buildable or has immediate bright payoff, what do you guys think?

or should i just stick to pink pop or pillow talk?

(dream pop bottom left, pink pop top right)

No. 315695

File: 1678191640952.jpg (51.23 KB, 1500x1500, 12104694-6384927997691420.jpg)

Does anyone else have this and does it work for you? It turns to a horrible fake tan orange on me, many shades darker than I am. I regret wasting money on this so much.

No. 315712

Do you mean it oxidized or the shade just doesn't match?

No. 315713

File: 1678201910681.jpg (661.47 KB, 1500x2000, KGDHLIr.jpg)

Too Faced nonnie, have you seen the irl pics of the palette? It looks so dull compared to the promo images.

No. 315714

It's green so in my understanding it should somewhat just match the skin? I didn't even give it time to oxidise, it blends straight into orange in my case.

No. 315717

I mean if it comes in one single shade obviously it won't match everyone. Next time, just get a normal bb cream/foundation with an actual shade range. In my experience, most products that come in 1 or 2 shades are light medium/medium with warm undertones.

No. 315721

I saw it in Ulta recently. I'm no makeup expert so take what I say with a grain of salt, but the pigments seem pretty mid. The top-right blue (as I thought) is duller when it went on my finger and my hand. It could be nice because then you can build it up, but some people want a strong pigment right away. I tested the lilac purple and it seems to be that way, too. I didn't try any others 'cause I judge pigmentation based on the most colorful shades' formula.

No. 315722

File: 1678203863879.jpeg (435.76 KB, 750x805, A23163B2-68DC-44C8-B1E5-D0E059…)

I remember reading the Rimmel Stay matte powders are the same diameter of Stratton compacts refills and there’s a little pin hole at the back of the plastic packaging to poke out the pan and pop in your case.

No. 315726

It's an anti-redness product and it comes in green, it's kind of hard to know who it will match. It's got lots of very positive reviews from people with fair skin like mine, that's why I want to know if this concentrated orange shade that it came out in is normal.

No. 315727

File: 1678205002148.jpg (130.21 KB, 1167x1285, 71S0CdGkA8L.jpg)

I have the Dr. Jart's Cicapair Tiger Balm and had this same problem. I have very fair cool toned skin and it looked really gross and orange in some spots on my face. I make sure to apply it very sparingly, warm it up between my fingers, and only use it in spots where there is redness (as opposed to all over like a foundation). I've had success doing it this way. Can you not return the CC Cream? I return every makeup item that I don't like. Fuck these conglomerates. Rise up nonnie

No. 315729

Sadly I cannot return it because I opened it. I get a bit jealous when typically US anons talk about freely returning products, here you're just stuck with it. Thank you for sharing your experience, I will experiment a bit more with it, but I won't leave the house with it in just yet lol. I bought it to even out my cheeks, I have rosacea-like redness but this one may be too much to use all over.

No. 315730

Yeah I don't really enjoy Too Faced shadows for that reason. I prefer strong, shiny metallics. Their matte formula is great though, as long as we're talking neutral shades.
Did you not swatch it beforehand? It just turns from green to the same exact shade of beige on everyone. That's how it works. The whole marketing spiel about reducing redness and how it adjusts to your skin tone is just that - marketing. If you want to reduce redness I would look into skincare first. Something like a mild AHA serum, perhaps mandelic acid or azelaic acid. As far as makeup goes, a green primer or lightweight green color corrector before a medium coverage foundation could work. But it's hard to find a product that is green enough to neutralize redness, while at the same time not leaving you looking like shrek.

No. 315731

Samefag as above, you can mix it with a foundation/concealer that is lighter to adjust the shade to better match your skintone. Ironically if it's too orange, you can mix some green or blue concealer into it to counter the warm undertones.

No. 315732

Aw that's a bummer, I'm sorry your hard earned money was potentially wasted nonna. That is frustrating. I agree with >>315730 that it would be most beneficial to try and treat the issue at the root cause and try a mild AHA serum, make sure you drink a lot of water too (trite, I know, but it's true). I understand the need for makeup though, in the meantime. I hope you can figure out a way to make it work for you

No. 315734

I don't know where you are from but if you're a eurofag and bought it in DM/Muller you can return it. DM is lax with returns and if Muller employees give you shit tell them it caused an allergic reaction.

No. 315735

Bought it online which was dumb move in retrospect. It's for covering redness, rather than reducing it. I've used a green primer in the past which would make me look almost sickly pale, so I was a bit surprised when this cc cream went really dark. Thank you for the skincare advice, mandelic acid I've not tried before, and it looks like it may help with my excess sebum. I will try it! Hopefully mixing that cream with a bit of my foundation will work out.
No worries I'm more mad about buying into reviews. Thank you both, I shall go pour myself a cold one (pint of water)
Cannot return unsealed products in the uk, they seem strict with this unfortunately

No. 315736

File: 1678206093936.jpg (86.58 KB, 498x807, Screenshot_20230307-081545_Tik…)

Looking up videos to see if anyone has good advice for CC nona and my god this is a lot of fucking product to put on.

No. 315738

Everything "color changing", "ph adjusting" drives me into mild autistic rage. That's not how skin works. That's not how chemistry works. That's not how anything works.

No. 315744

File: 1678207346976.jpg (42.93 KB, 704x529, 948357.JPG)

Found a blog where a lady had the same orange result as me. The valentino pic was my mirrors' reflection kek
I do admit I was also a dummy who bought one of those colour-changing lipsticks that gave you horrible neon pink lips. Don't hate me, it sounded fun and I was like 17

No. 315746

It turns that same shade on everyone. That shade just happens to match some people.

No. 315748

kek I thought the green toner was meant to be used for covering pimples and redness, that's what I was taught it was used for.

No. 315754

How will it counteract redness when it turns beige kek? You are correct that green is used to correct red tones but it's only useful in the form of a green color corrector or primer (that stays green).

No. 315983

I think about learning about make up from tutorials for trannies. The stuff made by women isn't basic enough for me. I never wore make up in my life, I don't even know what certain products/tools are for and I don't know how they're called, I literally don't know anything. I don't want to wear makeup every day, just for some very special occasions, and I want to do it well and I will upgrade to tutorials made by women with time, but first I need to learn some pure basics. Or maybe you anons have some good sources for a total beginner? Also, how do I know what fits my face and eye shape and my skin tone? I really don't know and I'm scared of spending lots of money and wasting products just for experiments and checking what looks good on me. I'm also allergic and the only time a woman put some make up stuff on my face and eyes for ID photos, my face and eyelids became swollen as fuck, and another time my cousin put some eyeshadow on me I got red rash around my eyes. Those were the only two encounters with anything make up related in my life and it was terrible

No. 316768

File: 1678706347652.jpeg (13.1 KB, 550x734, ACB85584-29A0-4F7D-8349-5B1ABD…)

I am in love with this liner. It’s everything I want in one. Easy, precise application, not waterproof but stays on perfectly even after a long evening and night partying.

No. 316863

File: 1678793195575.jpg (18.79 KB, 500x500, nyx-professional-makeup-total-…)

They discontinued the only foundation I ever liked. Please help me find a replacement! I liked how liquid it was, how good the coverage was and how it blended in perfectly with my skin and didn't oxidize at all during the day. I need something like that again and I feel totally hopeless.

I am a Europoop so I don't have a lot of US products here.

No. 316865

if you don't mind paying for expensive products I like Dior foundations or Urban Decay which you should be able to get online or at douglas.

No. 316867

Any of those in particular that would be similar to mine? I am looking for something liquid preferably and not creamy.

No. 316896

Undertones are wild. For reference, I’m olive-skinned. Recently, I got the new KVD serum foundation and it looked so orange on me. Wrong undertone, plus it oxidized. I bought a blue mixer since it was recommended, and was told to only use a small drop since it’s very pigmented. It helped a little but not much, so I used half a pump of the blue with a full pump of the KVD foundation. It looked green on my hand initially, but what the heck it’s actually a perfect match now. Either that KVD foundation was really damn orange, or I’m very green lol.
I’m not sure why it’s so hard for companies to just make an olive shade. For a long time, foundations were either straight up pink or orange. Gradually, yellow (warm tone) foundation has become more common, but green (olive tone) foundation is still missing and yet it’s also a common skin tone. I’ll continue mixing pigments, but it’s such a pain in the butt.

No. 316897

Have you tried the Catrice foundation that comes in a dropper bottle? It's liquidy, medium coverage and a natural matte finish. Doesn't oxidize on me. On the expensive side I really loved MAC Studio Waterweight foundation (it's not dewy, works fine on my oily skin) and Nars All Day Luminous Weightless. CoverFX Powerplay is also similar but I'm not sure if it's available in Europe. Estee Lauder Doublewear Nude is another one I enjoyed (extremely runny, lightweight, matte) but the coverage is medium at best and even that takes layering. Lovely formula though.

No. 316920

anon this post made me realize I may have olive skin too! I've always struggled to find my color match, I'd go to Sephora and test a million products but everything was way too pink or orange. I tried a bunch of Asian products because I heard those undertones are less common in makeup there but it was all yellow or even grey on me. I gave up on using foundation and just use glossier concealer (it's orange on me but it's incredibly sheer so it's not super obvious kek). Definitely going to get some blue mixer now

No. 316925

KVD foundation oxidized a lot on me and I looked like a simpson toon for the entire day (tested friend's with same skin color basically)

No. 316932

Yeah it took me a while to figure it out, the closest I could get was neutral foundations, but it wasn’t perfect, and I also tried Asian makeup but it was gray. Definitely try it, when you mix blue with orange foundations you get more of an olive tone. I use LA girl which is cheap. Apparently some people add green concealer to neutral foundations as well, but I’ve never tried that before.
When I was testing in the store, even the supposed cool-toned foundation looked orange on me. It must be the KVD formula. I like the coverage and how the texture looks though, so that’s why I tried to make it work with other pigments.

No. 317755

Can anyone recommend an eyebrow gel type of product that doesn't come out too harsh? I need one in black but I've had too many products looking way too clumpy/dark/mascara-like. Looking for something lightweight to tint the hairs but not be too obvious/visible basically. (EU-available products preferred)
I also considered trying to take any old black eyebrow gel and thin it out, just unsure what I can add to it that won't ruin the product.

No. 318100

Does anyone know how I can make my eyes more downturned?

No. 318107

File: 1679532608215.jpeg (89.34 KB, 800x600, 6D6258A1-DD4F-4A0D-8AF8-B050EC…)

It’s official, after using several “drugstore” and “fancy” designer mascara brands, I can honestly say that Maybelline’s Sky High Lash sensational mascara is my absolute favorite. Last year I got a Sephora gift card for my birthday and wanted to try Dior’s Diorshow mascara, and after using it for 6 months my verdict is that it’s…fine, I guess. After it ran out I went back to my previous ol’ faithful Maybelline and it’s genuinely just a better formula in my opinion.

Also Sephora’s store brand liquid liner sucks ass and smears everywhere with the slightest sneeze or watery eye. NYX’s Vivid Matte is superior for me and stays all day, and is a few bucks cheaper.

No. 318108

File: 1679532794799.jpeg (23.33 KB, 480x320, 058B3C00-5D13-4B48-993E-435D61…)

Instead of a “cat eye” where you angle your eyeliner upwards, you could try the “puppy eye” eyeliner trend where you draw the corners more downward, for a cute, downturned look on the outside. That might balance it out a bit

No. 318163

File: 1679577555612.jpg (61.73 KB, 487x962, eveline-cosmetics-art-scenic-k…)

Maybe you'd like Eveline Art Scenic brow corrector? It's a thin, watery gel formula that just gives the brows a bit of color.

No. 318171

Looks perfect, thanks anon!

No. 318175

Okay I'm convinced. This mascara is expensive where I live but I'm gonna buy it. My current holy grail mascara is the shiny blue Essence one which has a similar wand as the Maybelline Sky High but it's way cheaper!

No. 318177

File: 1679585666509.jpeg (11.65 KB, 554x554, images (1).jpeg)

Same anon here, this is the Essence mascara I swear by and got my friend hooked on as well! Essence I amazing and underrated in America

No. 318185

I wishlisted this because recommendations from here haven't failed me before. I've used Maybelline collosal big shot (and others in that same shape of tube) for years now and it's been quite good, just a little drying on my eyes

No. 318193

File: 1679596725180.jpg (58.96 KB, 600x1519, 5861379_Rival-de-Loop-Ultimate…)

my go to is this one, for nonnas having Rossmann in their country it might be worth a try. I used more expensive stuff and natural cosmetic mascaras, but I wasn't completely happy, so I read a review in a magazine, thought the price sounded nice because I was broke and I honestly enjoy that mascara very much. The other one I always liked was the 2000 Calorie from Max Factor. I never tried designer brands as I once had a Chanel nail polish and it was the worst nail polish I ever had, so I'm careful spending that much money on cosmetic products ever again. But I will try your absolute favourite, maybe I like that more than mine, who knows.

Agree with you, they have nice stuff and that for a price most people can afford. Will buy the non waterproof version of that mascara the next time I visit a drugstore.

No. 318231

>>318107 Sky High in brown for all my mascara only girlies, it is GORGEOUS. Will never switch to black again

No. 318511

from what i heard seems like it doesnt add a lot of volume but adds length. it looks really good though
ive also grown up with max factor 2000 c. such a timeless mascara. maybe i have to try this too

my other maybelline mascara was i <3 extreme crazy and it was really good ive used that for such a long time maybe ill buy this one.

also from what i heard with time it loses its lengthening power?.. can anyone confirm this?..

No. 318826

It finally came in the post and it's the most natural looking result I've had! Thanks again anon, great rec.

No. 318885

File: 1680045162422.jpeg (50.58 KB, 1100x1100, 0FB94DA1-F736-4927-992A-7C03B7…)

Reee I’ve been using the Milk Makeup Kush mascara and it smudges like a motherfucker. I feel like I constantly have to wipe under my eyes because the mascara on my bottom lashes rubs off. Has anyone used a mascara that doesn’t smudge so easily on the bottom lashes? (preferably vegan and cruelty free, but I’m open to any suggestions really)

No. 318887

Tysm for the tip. I'll try it out.

No. 318968

heroine make mascara. but youll need a "speedy" cleansing oil to get it off

No. 318985

Glad you like it!

No. 319175

File: 1680204358477.jpeg (118.88 KB, 828x956, 4A7B37E5-7B57-4912-93CB-96B39B…)

urban decay is so strapped for ideas they’re making lube now. I’m hoping april fools came early.

No. 319232

I hate to be a party pooper but april is soon and a lot of makeup companies like to do april fools for publicity. If they actually pull through and make the lube I'd be impressed

No. 319787

I want to get into makeup, but I don't know where to start. The amount of products that you can get is honestly really intimidating to me and I've gone to Boots a few times but then been too overwhelmed to actually buy anything. Right now the best I've done is put eyeliner pencil under my eye (I can never get it right to the lashline on my actual eyelid so usually I give up). What products do anons recommend starting with?

No. 319788

I want to get into makeup, but I don't know where to start. The amount of products that you can get is honestly really intimidating to me and I've gone to Boots a few times but then been too overwhelmed to actually buy anything. Right now the best I've done is put eyeliner pencil under my eye (I can never get it right to the lashline on my actual eyelid so usually I give up). What products do anons recommend starting with?

No. 319796

Mascara and lipgloss/nude lipetick.

No. 319824

Why do you want to get into makeup? If you knew what you wanted (wear fun lipsticks, learn how to do a cut crease, learn how to cover acne etc.) you'd have an easier time buying products. What's your goal?

No. 319837

Bb cream and cream blush. Check out your skin undertone that’s very important to look actually good with make up. Maybe get a eyeshadow palette with nudes and browns. I do my eyebrows with eyeshadow I like that way more but you can also try a brow pencil. Lip pencil close to your lip color makes a huge difference imo. Lash curler, heat it up with a blow dryer before use obviously not too hot though.

No. 319859

mascara, lipstick, bb cream. maybelline's great lash mascara is a nice first one, it doesn't make the lashes feel too heavy, isn't dramatic and and doesn't clump much. you can also watch youtube tutorials for simple makeup looks and figure out what kind of products you'd like to use from there.

No. 319861

If you’re really young you probably don’t need foundation or even face tint. Some concealer is enough, use a good moisturiser every day. Lips and eyes are the best features to play with imo. Get a good black liquid liner and practice with it. You can try different ways of lining it, like doing wings, or a small flick, thick and thin liner, dramatic or natural, etc, and see which shape suits your eye most. Lip tints and tinted balms are fun to play with and often come in cute packaging. You can try different shades like nudes, pinks, reds and corals and see which ones suit you best. Oh and I recommend wearing mascara daily even if you aren’t wearing other makeup. It just makes you feel more glamorous and feminine and enhances anyones eye color and shape.

No. 320064

People always recommend foundations/bb creams and similar to newcomers but I want you to keep in mind anon that it's absolutely not necessary to wear any face coverage items to complete a look. I struggled with foundations for years before I accepted that I can't deal with it creasing/cakeing up in mere hours and wiping off on everything. I ditched it completely and found way more comfort that way. You can start with mascara, eyeliner and maybe some lip tints or glosses since it can be weird to see yourself in an opaque lipstick for the first time. I find shopping online for makeup the easiest, since noone is there to upsell you and you won't get lost amongst the loaded shelves like you would in a shop. Research price points, concerns (do you have sensitive skin?), and consider reviews before buying.

No. 320223

whats the longest lasting drugstore foundation? loreal infallible? cheap foundations that are waterproof?

does anyone know where to get brown color contacts that will actually make your eyes look brown, if you have light eyes? like dark dark brown.

No. 320287

I've heard great things about Maybelline Superstay, both the old version and the new serum version. Another one that lasts insanely well is Makeup Revolution Body Veil. It looks so beautiful on the skin, it's very blurring and you get a huuuge bottle. I also really like Catrice True Skin. This one definitely gets a bit greasy after a while, but it does not budge. I've worn it to festivals and while travelling, it legit stayed on for almost 24 hours.

No. 320365

I am going to need all the help I can get buying the most cry proof makeup for 2 upcoming weddings I absolutely must emphasize, I will be crying my eyes out because i love my friends. I can spend up to 100 on solid products.

No. 320451

How the actual hell do I figure out my skin undertone so that I can find a foundation shade that truly matches? I've tried five different shades and none of them suit me, I don't know what to do. Even "natural" sheer-ish foundations don't match me. Ugh.

No. 320455

Go to a store that has testers and try out a bunch of shades on your face, wait for them to oxidize and then pick a shade.
You can also ask for help of a make up store worker to help you with a match if you trust them but they always suggested wrong matches for me so I wouldn't recommend.
You can also ask for testers of shades if they do it there and apply the testers at your home to compare shade matches.

No. 320531

Thank you so much, that's helpful. There's a MAC store near me that I've seen the workers do customers makeup, so I'll go there and ask for help.

No. 320543

Make sure to swatch on your neck/jawline! Usually your face and neck are slightly different shades.

No. 320710

Which stores actually have all the colors? I've tried this a few times and the ones that look the closest to my skin tone are never actually in the store at all let alone available to test.

No. 320719

Hope it worked out great for you anon! Don't forget to wait to see if it oxidizes and as the other anon said, if it matches your neck.
You can look this up online, I live in a third world country which most stores are different compared to euro ones so I unfortunately can't help much. I've heard mac is good for this and you can give them a try, if the sephoras at your country give out testers maybe those are worth a shot? It also depends on your race tbh, I'm Middle Eastern with pale skin but very warm undertones so I found that asian bb creams fit me better tone wise whilst a black woman would probably gravitate towards makeup lines that produce her shade range.

No. 320722

No store has all the colors, but that's the fun of shopping. Just go around and try stuff. Higher end stores (like Sephora/Douglas/Mecca) have better shade ranges and displays. IMO drugstore shade ranges are fine most of the time but they don't have enough nuance (if you're olive or something else 'rare' like super pale/dark), and they skimp on display areas and in-store stock.

No. 320852

File: 1681062748770.jpg (121.7 KB, 600x778, e17d919cc5dba7e51a887dc21bec63…)

nonnies one quick question, is this makeup style (the line over the crease) compatible with glasses? My eyes are kind of hooded too

No. 320853

Depends on the type of glasses (how thick the rim is etc). Why not just try it out on a free night and see how you feel about it? I personally think the Twiggy look is adorable. Vidrel I found pretty helpful for hooded eyes even though it's done on a moid kek

No. 320863

thanks anon! also ot but shes so pretty and they make a cute couple

No. 320866

I know right! I really enjoy her older videos when she had more of a 60's style

No. 321024

So, you know cosplayers sometimes try to draw bottom eyeliner "to make the eyes look bigger" and "to reshape the eyes"
1. Does it make sense? Does it even look good? If it is not, then what other alternative that can be done?
2. Is it feasible using something other than black, liquid pen liner?

No. 322827

File: 1682107215557.png (223.22 KB, 822x756, blursh.png)

Melt is having a sale and I can't decide which blush shade to get. My usual blush colors are the last two images in the bottom row. Golden Hour is so pretty but I fear it might be too light and sheer when I get tanner in the summer.

No. 322829

What’s in your bare-bones makeup bag? Like if you need to leave quickly and you can only bring

>one foundation/powder etc

>one mascara
>one small eyeshadow palette
>one eyeliner
>one lipstick/balm/gloss

What would it be?

No. 322832

clinique zero gravity mascara, abh dipbrow + brush and pink vaseline that's it

No. 322834

Nonnas help, I need to consoom

No. 322837

I'd do with honey thief since it's more pinky from what you already own, you might as well get the most variety and choice for your buck

No. 322841

Sandy cheeks looks just like golden hour but darker so I would go with Sandy Cheeks
I like that color a lot too and would wear it myself but thought it might be too cool-toned for Nona’s skin since her usual colors are more warm. But I don’t know. For variety it’s a good choice and I don’t actually know her skin tone so it could be nice

No. 322843

File: 1682112563110.png (46.43 KB, 440x440, IMG_7713.png)

Moisturizing sunscreen (possibly tinted but probably not)
Black mascara (I only keep one at a time so whatever I have)
A black eyeliner felt tip pen, idk probably by ELF
Benefit “gimme brow”
Either Dior addict lip in opal or Fenty stunna lip paint in Uncensored

Probably wouldn’t bring eyeshadow at all but if I did it would definitely be the little Urban Decay Naked Basics (I don’t know if they sell this anymore but I have one and it’s great)

No. 322848

sunscreen spf50 with a very pale powder (what I have on hand at that moment)
black mascara (probably Rival De Loop Ultimate Volume Mascara)
eyeshadow palette with black and white eyeshadow (from Benecos right now)
waterproof nude eyeliner (Artdeco)
no lipstick/balm/gloss, therefore NYX Eyeshadow Base High Definition

and, I'm not leaving without my black nail polish, kek. Also from Benecos right now, won't go anywhere without black nails.

No. 322882

File: 1682132092872.png (819.78 KB, 1562x610, bag shit.png)

>What travel bag does everyone use? I'm in need of a new one.
Tinted nars primer spf 50
Stila one step correct brightening finishing powder
Bobbi Brown No Smudge Mascara
MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Color Pencil 506 & 612 - for eyeliner & brow
Tinted lip balm from pat mcgrath

If I had to bring a travel eyeshadow palette:
UD Naked Foxy Mini Eyeshadow Palette
Colorpop supershock shadow for extra omph.

No. 322894

File: 1682142169301.png (768.14 KB, 2400x2100, ul60vkzx3q061.png)

I know this is an old post and this method might not work for everyone, but I took a picture of myself with no makeup in natural daylight and then uploaded the pic to a photo editing program (I used krita), then I color-picked from picrel and scribbled various shades all over my face until I found which orb matched my skin best. This really just helps you with your undertone and level of lightness but it was a really good starting point for me. Not only did I confirm that I'm cool-toned but I also realized I needed to be buying light/medium or light makeup, not medium.

No. 322915

Nonnas I have tried the catrice foundation and while it is ok, it doesn't come in a shade that is light enough for my skintone. I am walking around in orangeface now cause I can not find a replacement for the NYX total control foundation that they discontinued. I am so sad. I really hate NYX for doing this to me.

No. 322918

Its not about the shade being light, it's about oxidation. If youre buying a foundation/concealer never buy depending on the color yo see in the package or the color you get right after you apply it, apply the tester to your hand and wait a little to see if the color changes before buying a new one.

No. 322934


I've had good luck salvaging overly warm foundation with blue mixing pigment , and sometimes a dollop of secret key's snow white cream (or other blendable face product that leaves a whitecast) don't give up!

No. 322944

File: 1682179184502.png (402.99 KB, 1000x750, foundation.png)

I know the jones road foundation was a fucking tiktok psyop but it's genuinely my favorite foundation ever, so sheer and light and blends beautifully into my skin and my face just looks really good when I wear it, kind of pisses me off but also kind of a relief that i dont have to keep trying new foundations as my skin ages, because full coverage was NOT working for me anymore

No. 322945

I use their pencil concealers daily and they're super comfortable to wear (and don't emphasize my dry patches as strongly as other concealers which is a plus). My only problem with them is that it tends to shift around on my face and settle into the creases under my lower eyelids a lot. Does the foundation do the same? (This might also just be a me problem.)

No. 322949

thats a dumbass name for a makeup brand ngl. it sounds like a elementary school or a family owned convenience store.

No. 322950

okay, has anyone else experienced this: your eyes have limited mobility and cant close one at a time, so you basically have to intentionally fuck up your eyeliner and then shape it with a makeup wipe to get a wing?

No. 322952

I don't understand, do you apply eyeliner with your eye closed?

No. 322954

File: 1682183513049.jpg (291.44 KB, 1600x1428, R (1).jpg)

i start it by closing both eyes and doing like, the first half of the first eye, then i continue with my eye open. repeat for the other eye until they're both even. then i make "wings" on both of them with my eyes open. they dont have to be even, but they have to be big. then i take a makeup wipe and take the excess off. they end up being small, but even wings. if theres a divot between the wing and the rest of the liner at the corner of my eye, i fill it in. final product looks like this but maybe a bit thicker.

No. 322955

yes this happens to me both with the pencil and the foundation, but it happens to me with all cream products tbh. i think it's just how my skin is, i have deep eye bags and oily skin and my first wrinkles are coming in there. a little bit of setting powder under my eyes fixes it for the day though (and stops my mascara from giving me raccoon eyes). my only complaint about the foundation is that it's quite shiny, so i use setting powder on a few key parts of my face anyway. still like it a lot.

No. 322984

Don't do liner with eyes closed and start with the wing. It's a lot easier that way.
Thanks anons, I went with Honey Thief in the end, it just looks so yummy in swatches and I don't have a pinky peach blush. I have a light-med muted olive skin tone that leans warm so it's entirely possible it will be a bit too pink and look awful kek. I'll update when it gets here!
If it's truly too dark, mix it with a white concealer/foundation mixer. But as >>322934 said, it might be that the undertone is wrong. Green or blue corrector could save it.
Pencil concealers tend to be really creamy and waxy - therefore they move about throughout the day and sink into creases and lines. It's basically impossible to formulate a concealer that is both emollient and crease proof. I just tap my undereyes throughout the day and smooth out any lines.

No. 323061

I didn't even test it because I ordered it online and just picked the lightest possible shade hoping it would work for me and even right after applying it it's too dark.

Thank you I will try to find something like that around here or online!

No. 323183

it's horrible to find a shade that fits. I once heard about how amazing the Catrice foundations are and how their shades are so light and suitable for pale people. So, I went to the store and tried the lightest shade from every foundation series they have and no, everything was to dark/orange/yellow. But the nonna with the information about oxidation is also right. Once I had a foundation from Max Factor, the perfect shade for me, and it turned dark orange and I'm still mad about it, kek.

No. 323250

From my experience, 99% of stores don't stock all of their colors. The lightest and darkest are never available in any shops near me, just the middle 5 of the range. Whenever I check online I'm surprised by how many shades they actually have.

No. 323821

Anyone know of active discords/communities related to makeup/nail art?

No. 324186

File: 1682689707375.jpeg (52.21 KB, 1308x324, 56202D1D-9649-43C6-B05E-6BA963…)

Today I am channeling the 90s baby blue. It may not sloppy because I used my finger and I am not savvy with makeup, any advice would be nice, but I learned according to my eye shape I should apply on the entire ball part of my eyelids, so I tried that. Also hope you aren't creeped out by my privacy scribbles, my eyes are in fact grey irl, but still want to stay anon

No. 324193

Maybe some gradient with a darker blue or purple would look much better. But it looks very cute nonna!

No. 324194

girl this scared the hell outta me in the front page KEK

No. 324197

File: 1682693396184.jpeg (1.81 MB, 3024x3387, 8DC12BF5-B70F-46F3-A1AB-946493…)

Here's the pack, it has some beautiful colors. It's showing a bit lighter in the photo than they actually are

Ahahahahaha I considered drawing pupils but that might have been worse

No. 324205

holy cheese these colours are beautiful noners. Is the pigmentation as rich as it looks?

No. 324206

holy cheese these colours are beautiful noners. Is the pigmentation as rich as it looks?

No. 324222

kek, I remember wearing that in the late 90s, early 2000s, it was fun that everyone around me assumed that the right colour for your eyeshadow would be the colour of your eyes. What I would do to "improve" the look, add a little darker blue to 1/5 of your eyelids on the outer side where the light blue colour is now. It will give the whole look more dynamic and suit your eye shape. Hope you will draw some pupils next time, lol.

No. 324227

You have wonderful eyelid space perfect for fun makeup looks, have you tried adding sticky crystals?

No. 324313

Yes they come off very nicely on my skin, and this was only $3
Got it
I want to try that but I'll hire a makeup artist for it

No. 324358

File: 1682763897841.jpg (51.85 KB, 562x750, 634552dba932275ef5cc13b3bbf679…)

>be stubborn fucking autist and wear the same makeup for over a decade
>get into the new stuff
>it's actually really good

I got CC cream and a liquid blush amongst other stuff, and damn I look a lot fresher and younger with this rather than the stale, heavy, ghost-looking foundation I've insisted on keeping. I didn't understand why my makeup was aging me before. I almost feel naked like I forgot to put makeup on and I don't have to suffer through strong smells. I've been stuck in the 2012-2016 era of heavy kinda trashy looking makeup until now. Feels good man

No. 325073

File: 1683069167187.jpeg (7.76 KB, 226x223, images (1).jpeg)

What do you guys think of microblading?

I want to get powder ombre brows done so bad but I'm also scared. It says semi-permanent tattoo but some people say while it fades quite a bit it never fades fully. I'm in love with the idea of not having to get my brows done often and just waking up and putting zero effort into my appearance lol.

No. 325105

Too rich for me but I I went on a tour of the louvre on vacation and there was a rich looking blonde lady who had nothing but good things to say about it and her brows looked good lol so I think it’s probably not a bad idea

No. 325119

That's good to hear! And honestly the price isn't that bad. I found it to be in the $350-500 range. The most expensive I found was like over 1k but I think that's because the location was in Los Angeles.

No. 325597

Anon, it's a tattoo on your face,. Don't skimp on it.

No. 325700

I always see conflicting info about the permanency of microblading. If it's genuinely semi-permanent I'd go for it, but I'd never get it if it's permanent when beauty trends are so fickle.

No. 325706

For the love of all things do NOT get powder combo brows, they look awful on every person I've seen them on. Microblading with hair-like strokes however looks great, but you have to be very certain you're not going to want to change up your brows later on
I had mine done by a Korean lady in LA who has worked on kpop stars so she was legit, but it's been 5 years and the ends still haven't totally faded– I have to cover them with concealer because I do my brows in the spock-like shape that's currently trending and now I feel like my microbladed shape is too rounded and makes my eyes look droopy.

No. 325721

I had mine done last year and while the shape looks nice, they haven't faded away and are kind of discoloured now. They used to be brown but now have a bluish tinge to them.

No. 325835

It depends on the ink, how deep the ink got and the individual. Some people metabolize ink faster and break it down quicker. Fading to blue is normal, it's a tattoo after all.

No. 325845

the fancy louvre lady I talked about had light skin, ash blond hair and ash-toned eyebrows so blueness wouldn't have been noticeable on her but I bet that could be annoying on different skin/hair tone

No. 325887

I’ve never bought a colorpop collab because I’m not much of a consoomer but god help me I want the sailor moon stuff and I know I wouldn’t even wear it. The Alice in Wonderland lip mask mushroom thing looks cute as hell too

No. 325901

I know, but everywhere I’ve looked in the city I currently live in the price seems to be $350-500. LA is my hometown though so I considered checking out that area as well I’m terms of prices.

No. 326336

File: 1683500859719.jpeg (166.97 KB, 1280x1280, C65615AF-29CE-4335-B9A8-2EEAFA…)

nonitas who are also kbeauty fags what are your favourite cushion foundations? any recommendations? i have to buy a new one as i’ve nearly finished all the ones i have, i want to try the clio glow mesh cushion because the og kill cover hasn’t done me too dirty but i’m not sure about the coverage i know it’ll be light but i don’t want it to be like a literal tinted serum i have too much redness for that

No. 326984

My Melt blush in Honey Thief arrived! While it's beautiful, blends well and compliments my skin perfectly I got hit with customs AND it's very, very similar to a literal $2 blush from Essence. Kinda bummed if I'm being honest. On me it doesn't look pink at all, it's a very well balanced peach. Definitely warm. Looking back at the Temptalia swatches it actually looks more like Sandy Cheeks irl.

No. 326987

I don't wear makeup anymore. I save thousands of dollars every year and I still look sexy while being richer hahahaha.

No. 326988

File: 1683655345223.png (109.3 KB, 512x512, Z7HeRxU.png)

Well aren't you special

No. 326992

kek whats wrong nonny

No. 326994

good. what do you do with your extra money and free time now?

No. 326996

She should have bought lolcow and become the new admin with all that free time and money smh

No. 327001

Why are you consistently being salty about this? Do you wish you had that level of confidence or what

No. 327006

NTA but it's a genuine hobby for some. Just because you wore it for all the wrong reasons doesn't mean every nonnie in this thread does.

No. 327021

Everyday makeuppo

No. 327033

That was literally the first post I made in this thread period lol

No. 327209

I have such hard time realizing whether I’m olive or warm?

No. 327215

What color are your veins nonnie? I'm olive and it was the revelation of my life when I realized this because all foundations were either too yellow or too pink on me and I was actually neutral.
Are you using any foundations atm which are a good match?

No. 327409

File: 1683788488836.jpg (28.3 KB, 640x371, 3ASRweReH7JkXZtIjCXtovA4cgWoup…)

You can be both. There are neutral olives, cool olives and warm olives. Check out the subreddit olivemua and their guides https://www.reddit.com/r/OliveMUA/comments/rfjdy9/detailed_overview_of_olive_skin_wexample_image/

No. 327854

Is there a decent way to conceal dark circles without wearing a full face? Plain concealer around my eyes doesn’t do shit, I unfortunately need a heavy color corrector under my concealer, but it stands out so much if I’m not wearing a foundation with it. Wearing foundation means I need blush/contour and shit to not look all moonface-y. I just want to not look tired and also not spend 30 minutes on my morning makeup, is it impossible?

No. 327858

If the goal is to look less tired, you could do the opposite. Use black eyeliner & such for that goth/grunge/whatever they call it look.

No. 327862

Worst advice ever kek
Yeah, it's possible. Vid rel is a great technique for using minimal product to completely hide dark circles. She also has an entire vid on doing a full face of makeup without using foundation/base products.

No. 327895

Wow, this was very informative, thanks anon! I’ll have to try this technique.

No. 328842

File: 1684269650100.jpg (132.41 KB, 1079x1987, Screenshot_20230516_223711_Fir…)

I'm a dumbass and need some help lol

I want to start wearing some color on my lips but my job is basically talking for 8 hours on the phone and I have a lip piercing. So I thought I'd try a lip stain or tint. However, does that stuff work the way I think it does or not? Google keeps giving me the same answer to both.

1. the tint can be wiped off normally, like any lip product, it doesn't actually "tint" the lips, like the "stain" is supposed to?

2. Where the actual fuck can I find a stai in Europe because googling so far has brought up almost nothing, they seem to be hard to find. Picrel is the only thing I found but it's all tints

No. 328849

Stains and tints are synonymous. Romand stains are really nice because the lipstick is great upon application but the stain/tint that stays behind is also quite nice. Korean brands perfected stains and you won't find similar stuff in Europe, because makeup trends here are different. High end brands sometimes have similar products, but they're not worth the money. Maybe NYX has something similar? That's the only cheap brand I could think of. Bourjois in general has nice, long wearing lip products. Their normal lipsticks (rouge velvet the lipstick) don't budge without being uncomfortable and the liquid lipsticks (rouge edition velvet) last very long and wear off gracefully and evenly.

No. 328852

So, imo, nothing can really last all day (~12h) without reapplying it, but maybe someone has experience with some really good products. I know the ETUDE house water tint on the pic you attached lasts a very good amount of time (from my experience at least 5 hours, but I also prefer only applying a thin layer for all my highly pigmented lip products). I haven’t used lip stains in a fat minute, but from what I remember they do tend to be longer lasting and harder to remove compared to tints. Personally, I go for tints because if you fuck up with application it won’t be as dire. As per where to buy it in Europe, I can’t say for sure, but any Sephora should carry at least some variation of lip stain/tint (I would go for an Asian brand tho, and try ordering from OLIVEYOUNG/stylevana since it’s cheaper and gives more variety)

No. 328855

There are traditional liquid lipsticks that can last for 8 hours for sure, but they're not the most comfortable imo. L'oreal Macaron liquid lipsticks would survive an apocalypse and legit don't move until you want to remove them but it feels like you have a layer of latex over your lips.

No. 328860

Yeah, I kinda hate the feel of lipsticks in general, which is why I only use tints, lol. I was debating on just getting more natural looking tints, cause I’m 90% sure they’ll last longer if I use them as intended, but can’t get myself to order any

No. 329206

Maybe you'd like something like the MAC powder kiss lipsticks/liquid lipsticks? They have decent wear and really feel like nothing on the lips.

No. 329233

mostly the difference between these products and regular lipstick is the buildability. They are meant to create gradients and smudged effects, it gets darker the more product you apply. While regular liquid lipsticks just become more opaque/intense. Currently because the trend is a gradient that goes beyond the natural lip line (basically overlining but better) the formulas are more spreadable than lipstick but they don't dry down and aren't very tough at all, you eat one potato chip and it's gone. The water tints like the Etude House one however date back to before current trends so they actually tint the lips for a little while. Basically, lip tints are the watercolors of lipstick.

Benefit has a water tint but it's more expensive than Etude while not being better.

If you don't care about gradients/transparent effects and want a solid lip that stays put, you're better off with a product like Maybelline Superstay 24h or a good liquid lipstick, I used to like Black Moon a lot.

No. 329234

File: 1684417951394.jpeg (32.06 KB, 1000x1000, IMG_8386.jpeg)

Picrel fenty lip paint lasts literally all day on me if I exfoliate/moisturize beforehand (otherwise dry lip skin flakes off with the lipstick)

No. 329452

NTA but what color is this? I need it

No. 329897

My makeup always ends up looking the same, even when I try to follow very different tutorials/try different looks. Different eyeshadow and eyeliner techniques never really make a noticeable difference, and I'm really bored and frustrated because of it. I'm also always looking specifically for looks that are good on (semi-) hooded eyes. Anyone know how to get out of this "slump"?

No. 330162

File: 1684807712624.png (287.21 KB, 741x731, blushs.PNG)

Are high-end powder blushes worth it? I don't typically wear foundation or any other face makeup, but I'm very fair and I love the pop of color that blush gives my face. My current Colourpop blush is almost out, and I'm just curious if high-end blush really makes much of a difference, or if the drugstore ones will work just fine.

No. 330171


No. 330221

Some formulas can be more blurring and smoothing, last longer or blend easier. Personally I'm ok with drugstore blushes most of the time. I love blush but I never found that more expensive ones gave me mind blowing results so it's not worth it to me. Cream blushes are another topic though.

No. 330229

File: 1684835982384.jpeg (53.12 KB, 700x467, toofacedhsndeal.jpeg)

What would be a palette similar to Too Faced's Natural Lust? I do 60's-inspired makeup looks and after seeing it on a tutorial it seems perfect, they just don't make it anymore. I've been using Urban Decay's Vice 3 but it's not quite that and I'm running out.

No. 330259

File: 1684857128880.jpg (28.84 KB, 935x862, IMG_20230523_175110.jpg)

Anyone tried this foundation from the brand Essence? Is it good? I really don't want it to look like I'm wearing makeup bc I'm going to get made fun of

No. 330267

File: 1684862190639.jpg (98.64 KB, 1000x1000, 2f_sku_163972_1000x1000_0.jpg)

It is for some brands, I like too faced and I only have 1 that I use every day so its a worthwhile cost to me. Mostly because its pastel pink and I cant find blushes that dont look orange on me. And if they are pink, they're so faint. So I use pictures relayed, cloud crush blush.

Overall though you should avoid the suuuuuper cheap brands since they have no pigmentation and feel so chalky. Not even talking loreal or whatever, but the dollar store stuff. Same with eyeshadow. Yes Natasha denona is pricey but if you are a 1 basic palette girl it's so worth it just for the ease of application and pigmentation.

No. 330271

Essence is really hit or miss, they have some budget bangers for the price but ehh, foundation is one product I really feel strongly you shouldn't cheap out on and get a good brand. Made the mistake of wearing cheap, shitty foundations when I was younger myself. bb cream might be worth looking into too if you're looking for light coverage and a natural effect.

No. 330281

it looks pretty! I wanna try the puppy eyeliner now

No. 330296

What do you like about it? The mauve tones? Golds? The warmer neutrals? ABH Soft Glam has similar neutral shades but it doesn't have a blue. Colourpop Doin' The Most is a nice mix of warm and cooler toned neutrals, but again no blue. Lorac Fairytale Forest could be a better match. Sigma Diana Saldana colab also looks similar. Too Faced's Better Than Chocolate is kinda close too. Take a look at Viseart palettes, there isn't a specific one that is a dupe but I think you could find a color story that would work for 60s inspired makeup.

No. 330354

File: 1684886811474.jpg (50.92 KB, 560x368, IMG_20230524_020637.jpg)

Anyone know a good Lime Crime Venus dupe that's easy to obtain within Europe? I'm specifically interested in the red tones, especially the deep reds.

No. 330475

Makeup Revolution Newtrals 2? Beauty Bay Berries? ABH Modern Renaissance? Glam Shop Burgund?

No. 330476

You could also make your own with singles from Inglot, MAC, Glam Shop, Lethal or any other brand that does singles.

No. 330477

File: 1684916016709.png (933.58 KB, 938x1044, lime crime alts.png)

Alter Ego
Sigma beauty
Lethal cosmetics (you can DIY your own palette color story)
Viseart Petites
Huda beauty

Alter Ego, Sigma & Viseart are fantastic quality

No. 330608

Now I want a blush like that but without resorting to her black magic Victorian fuckery. God damn it, I don't ever wear makeup proper, just some eyeliner, but that natural flushed cheeks look (24:45) is amazing.

No. 331169

i have inadvertently made up my blush like that several times over the years and you don't need a 125 year old recipe for it either. just get any saturated barbie pink colored blush (preferably liquid) OR lipstick and pack it on the way she does in the video

No. 331482

File: 1685299667809.jpg (49.56 KB, 1500x1500, 71fynbEnePL._SL1500_.jpg)

Any recommendation for a powder to use over sunscreen? I finally started wearing sunscreen daily, but I hate the "shiny" look because of it and have to use a powder. At the moment im using picrel, as it was the only one I could find without a disgusting smell and pale enough without being yellow. Maybe someone knows something else, pale, slight pink or neutral undertone, for normal to dry skin and without perfume.

No. 331489

File: 1685300239858.jpeg (64.55 KB, 543x749, IMG_8124.jpeg)

I use coty airspun powder. It smells like baby powder but it has translucent as a color.

If you don’t the smell that there is Palladio Natural Rice Loose Finishing Powder at Sally’s Beauty.

Both are quite affordable.

No. 331494

File: 1685301105509.jpg (180.37 KB, 2200x2200, 9fc8eb00-78fa-4164-8a71-784dc0…)

Nta but this sucks and leeches every bit of moisture from my skin, if I wear it my face kind of hurts at the end of the day lol.
I love the elf hd loose powder and I'm pretty sure in comes in colors as well. It makes my skin look so soft and blurred.

No. 331601

Thank you for the recs! The closest are definitely the Sigma Diana Saldana one and ABH Soft Glam. I mostly use the white, most neutrals, the darker gold shimmer and definitely the black. The gentle red/pinks were also really nice to have on hand. I'm gonna keep looking into Viseart atm and make a decision.

No. 331819

The Kat Von D Beauty Lock-It powder is pretty nice. If you’re pale.

No. 331936

I only use it to put over sunscreen bc it’s so so oily. I don’t use it normally without

No. 332044

any1 know of good nail polish brands that are reasonably cheap??? im a hoe for essie but it is a little pricy..

No. 332055

Getting an OK brand like catrice + really good topcoat is the trick

No. 332077

thanks nonnas! Will have a closer look at these products.

No. 332084

I have a lot from Manhattan, Essence and Catrice and they work good with a good topcoat like >>332055 wrote. As I started only using black nail polish, I looked for a cheap, less toxic nail polish and I can say that the black nail polish from Benecos combined with the topcoat from Benecos is the best I had so far and I've tried every black nail polish you can get in a German drugstore, kek. So, if they sell Benecos where you live, give it a try, they have the basic colours and aren't that expensive with 4 € a bottle.

No. 332085

If you're American try Sally Hansen insta-dri, you can get it at drugstores or Walmart. It really does instantly dry like its name says so you have to kinda work fast when applying, but it lasts for a while without chipping

No. 332095

ty !! <3 will check them out :)(<3)

No. 332317

File: 1685575516186.jpg (11.85 KB, 236x339, d46399c6a91498136ed948bfca2034…)

i can't for the life of me get my lipstick to look like this. it doesn't help that the photograph is black and white so its hard to gauge what shade and tone her lipstick is. every time i try it it looks nothing like it and ages the shit out of me instead of giving that beautiful doll effect. i think my lips are just too plump and ugly to be compatible with this look…

No. 332327

What does the rest of your makeup look like? It might be throwing off the lipstick. Also, how are you applying the lipstick? If you have bigger lips than picrel you might have to modify the shape. Her lips don't look especially large and it seems that the lipstick follows and accentuates her natural lip shape, the bottom lip looks like it could be slightly under-drawn. You also could use a darker lipliner to add dimension, I find that that helps me if a color looks off or makes me look weirdly old.

No. 332330

i for sure bigger lips than the photograph, i'm white so they're not huge lol but they're still way bigger than hers. mainly my bottom lip is WAY bigger than my top lip. how would i modify it so it would still keep that shape?

No. 332331

Overline your top lip and slightly under-draw your bottom lip. You could also put concealer on your lips first to even everything out. It's hard to explain over text but you shouldn't be following the natural outlines of your lips to a T, if your top lip seems to be slightly "shorter" than you bottom lip (like the corners of your mouth extend slightly past the width of your top lip) then you should be drawing the outline of your top lip STARTING FROM the corners of your mouth, adjust the shape as needed (but in general, the top lip should be slightly wider than the bottom for this look).
For the bottom lip, you begin to outline starting right where the outline for the top lip starts, do not follow the natural curve of your bottom lip (assuming your bottom lip is slightly wide/squarish at the sides) but instead draw a slightly smaller, rounded lip shape. Draw the bottom lip like a slightly underdrawn ")" but slightly straighten the sides of the lips so that the bottom lip is slightly less wide than the top lip.

I'm sorry if I don't make sense or if this is hard to understand, practice that top lip shape and once you've got that down move on the the bottom lip.

No. 332332

Samefag, if your lips are a different shape than your picture, that's totally okay. There were definitely women back then who did the same makeup who had thinner upper lips than they did bottom lips. You can find a way to make this look work but unless you are cool with doing something a bit costumey, don't be afraid to work with your natural lip shape, more or less.

No. 332333

File: 1685582714358.jpg (18.55 KB, 643x406, 20230601_031928.jpg)

thank you so much lol i feel so stupid for not being able to do this… yes my top lip is shorter than the width of my mouth/bottom lip, i've just been concealing the sides of my lips and i think(?) that gives that rosebud lips effect. i attached a picture of how i've done them so please feel free to give me any pointers lol

No. 332334

Very pretty nona! I would say maybe you could underline the middle of the bottom lip juuuust a smidge, and maybe slightly straighten out the sides of the top lip, and slightly sharpen the cupid's bow. That's all, but as is I feel like you have emulated the reference picture very nicely.

No. 332335

File: 1685584311150.jpg (63.75 KB, 413x600, ezgif-1-04ec72dd97.jpg)

Queen Victoria said makeup belonged on the stage with actresses and prostitutes. What the FUCK was her problem?

No. 332336

lmao what an NLOG

No. 332339

thank you nonny! i'll try that next time for sure, i tried making the cupids bow sharp but idk how to make it sharper without overlining (it ages me so much when i make the cupids bow tall?)

No. 332342

No. 332349

File: 1685590143561.jpeg (5.21 KB, 275x173, IMG_8967.jpeg)

I think for a 20s makeup look, underlining the bottom a lot on the sides to keep it round and small is more important than exaggerating the cupids bow. although you do want to define the cupids bow, you’re not trying to make it overly tall or overline it if you don’t have to. you need to keep the general shape from curving out on the way up to your Cupids bow and also avoid extending the lipstick all the way to the outer corners of your mouth. Like here for example >>332333 the very top and bottom are good but the lipstick is too visible towards the corners of your mouth. Ignore the corners and start drawing a little bit more inward. Approximate lines poorly drawn in picrel; just a guideline not exact.

No. 332350

File: 1685590468277.jpeg (524.94 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_8968.jpeg)

Here’s a real life example in a modern color photograph. The old pictures do look different and hide the underlining on the bottom lip a lot because you just cant see as much detail in old black and white photos and photography studios employed their own special tricks at the time like excessive grease and powder etc.

No. 332352

To be fair makeup back then contained sketchy ingredients

No. 332359

File: 1685595480239.jpg (21.76 KB, 352x450, 1920s_eyebrows_large.jpg)

Isn't it a massive misconception that they didn't put lipstick to the corners of their lips in the 20s?

No. 332361

As far as i know, fuller lips were more expected from actresses entertainers since it was a more of a stage makeup kind of look given they needed it to accentuate the mouths in film and camera back then. That's why in early silent films even male actors wore makeup and lined lips.

No. 332439

Of course they put it all the way to the corners, but not for that specific look nona was trying to achieve. Probably there were some women that had naturally pouty lips and some that had to do some underlining if they wanted to look pouty, same as now. If she wants that pouty shape she’ll have to underdraw the corners a little bit.

No. 332443

File: 1685632107925.jpg (123.52 KB, 736x981, 1700sdude.jpg)

Makeup was basically lead, ash and grease back then. It was extremely obvious if you had painted your face. In the 1700s the garish look was trendy for both sexes but in the 1800s the natural look was on trend and makeup was frowned upon generally.

No. 332447

Chad "I'm the Queen and can look whatever the fuck I want, haters GTFO" vs virgin "I need to get up at 3am to apply my make up and do 14 step skin care routine or else my Nigel wouldn't let me suck his dick" Becky.

No. 332470

>replying to a shitpost with barely concealed seething

No. 332514

File: 1685651419820.jpg (70.52 KB, 563x750, d86285f348a342ae43fe7ba8aa8779…)

Lip guru nonna, I'd like your advice too, please!
Mine is coincidentally the opposite problem of Clara-nonnie. I have a very small upper lip if you wanna be mean, I guess you can say it's a turtle lip with a substantially bigger lower lip. My upper lip has a very defined shape and cupid's bow. If I overline, I feel like it looks weird because the three-dimensionality is immediately noticeable IRL. I used to define the shape by keeping the sides narrow but widening the bow/top part of the lips, but I feel like it looks too outdated now. I want to try picrel tutorial but it seems like it doesn't look good because the highest part of my lip projects much more than the picrel. Do you or anyone else have any advice on how to make defined lips more soft and "modern" so to say? My main concern is looking nice IRL. When people overline for social media it looks good in pictures, but not when you see them in the wild.

No. 332515

That looks SO PRETTY, girl. You nailed what you were aiming for! The shape is really nice and looks like those pretty napkin lipstick blots you see in old movies. So cute!

No. 332560

File: 1685674156609.jpg (67.82 KB, 640x998, Notes_230602_045039_879.jpg)

Based on your description this meme was the first to come to mind KEK
If you have a defined cupid's bow it should be very easy for you to do lipstick looks with defined cupids bow, no? Or are you trying to do the opposite and make it less apparent like your pic?

No. 332564

LOL this is actually how I feel whenever I overline even half a milimetre above my natural top lip. But yeah, I'd like to see how I would look with a less defined and bigger top lip like the pic tutorial I attached. She made a naturally poutier lip overline subtle and natural-looking imo.

No. 332637

why are you so mad? here is another infamous quote from the fat queen:

"The Queen is most anxious to enlist some one who can speak & write etc. checking this mad, wicked folly of ‘Woman’s rights,’ with all the attendant horrors, on which her poor feeble sex seems bent … God created man & woman different — & let each remain in their own position"

so she's known for having bad takes

No. 332655

NTA, but I have a very defined upper lip and cupid's bow, and what I do is actually overline the sides of the lip more and keep it conservative on my cupid's bow. That is the most "natural" look for me. I also think using two different color liners and creating a 3d shape by adding depth to your overlined lips helps a ton.

No. 332656

That pic would look very obviously overlined irl, I think.

No. 332687

File: 1685725584945.jpg (98.07 KB, 900x896, Untitled-1.jpg)

Why don't you try like the other anon said and make the sides wider but don't put much product on the cupid's bow. User a neutral pink color on your lips and just blend around the perimeter so its fluffy looking like your picture.

No. 332905

The reason why the lipstick was shaped that way was because they used grease paint and they applied it with a thumb.

No. 333304

is it just me or do brushes just make makeup look awful? foundation goes on a lot more unnatural looking, same with powder. its just so much better to use your fingeds or a sponge for foundation and a round for powder from what i've found.

No. 333355

Will I get made fun of or judged for wearing makeup to the beach? Just mascara, brown liner, and blush?

No. 333364

Are you asking about strangers or whoever you'll be going with? Most strangers won't care enough to judge you for more than 5 seconds if they notice at all, because you know they'll be occupied with themselves and their company. But going to the beach with make-up is pretty stupid so here's my 5 seconds of judgement as a stranger lol

No. 333379

No one cares enough, don't worry nonnie.

No. 333466

Stop caring. I never leave the house without mascara and I've friends that never leave the house without lipstick, not even while going to the beach. I would only raise an eyebrow if you would wear a full face without sunscreen.

No. 333592

Absolutely not? You have described such a light makeup, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Go have fun on the beach and feel pretty.

No. 333616

Yea it sure is vain and weird.

No. 333641

If I saw you I would think it looks kinda cute and would feel a little self-conscious kek but I say go for it!

No. 333674

it's 2023. no guarantee someone won't zoom in on your face from 50 ft away and post it on social media to make fun of you specifically.

No. 334393

I'm looking for a good black eyeshadow as the one I have isn't available anymore. The eyeshadow has to be matte, no glitter, not brown or blue, real black, good to blend and with not too much fallout. I don't mind if it comes in a set or single. Anyone of you owns something like that?

No. 334394

File: 1686337453453.jpeg (98.6 KB, 1200x630, 3b24e902-b077-43fd-a57a-db890c…)

Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam II mini palette has a good black. The other colors are nice too.

No. 334445

It depends highly on the material of the bristles (natural vs. synthetic) + the base ingredients in your foundation, as far as I understand it.

It's so annoying when cowanons bring this shitty attitude over to /g/

This seems pretty normal to me and I wouldn't think twice about it, don't worry nonya

No. 334477

The idea that people shouldn't wear makeup to the beach makes no sense.. how many people seriously swim in the fucking ocean much less submerge their face in it?

No. 334480

I don't know about beaches at an ocean but most people swim when they're at sea or at a lake.

Wearing (face) make-up seems stupid to me even if you know you're not gonna swim because you've got to re-apply your sunscreen regularly. Are you gonna wear your blush for like 2 hours and then wipe it away when you're re-applying your sunscreen?

No. 334603

oh, I like the colour choice, it's what I mostly combine, how did you know, nonna? I found some swatches on pale skin and they look amazing. Thank you, I will buy that one.

No. 334674

File: 1686465108373.png (191.66 KB, 972x720, dose of colors.png)

Diff anon but Dose of Colors '9 years ago' is another good palette you could have a look at.

No. 334675

*Dose of Colors '9 years later'

No. 334682

You're welcome! Have fun with whichever palette you to decide to buy nonna.

No. 334783

I know ABH is kinda uncool nowadays, but I really love this palette. The formula is one of my favorites compared to other popular eye shadow brands, it’s very pigmented and blendable. I have the regular size one, but the mini gives you all the best colors.

No. 334804

My favorite!!

No. 334878

Idk if I should post this here but should I get lip fillers or just use a plumping gloss? Do plumping glosses even work? Sorry if this sounds dumb

No. 334899

istg essence is the only drugstore makeup brand that still uses drugstore adjacent prices , maybelline and l'oreal are becoming so expensive like what the hell , atp id rather spend a few bucks more over at sephora for a higher end formula
they work but the effect is very temporary , kind of like the swelling you get after eating spicy food or something lol id reccomend against fillers though as they look pretty obvious most of the time + crappy migration making it look like you have duck lips. maybe try lightly overlining instead?

No. 334915

File: 1686575536137.png (41.51 KB, 1300x554, Screenshot 2023-06-12 at 09.09…)

plumping gloss does actually do something, temporarily. there are duds out there of course, but generally if it tingles/stings a little it's a real one. there are basically irritants (see pic) in the gloss that make your lips swell. It's not good for your skin to be inflamed like that repeatedly and I imagine over a long period of time with repeated use it does some damage to your mouth area (I've never seen a study on this though, it's not confirmed to be especially bad but they have given some people rashes from overdoing it or allergic reactions.)
Exfoliating and moisturizing your lips also works to make your lips appear plump. Like the other nona say you could just overline them a little or use makeup tricks rather than get some ugly fillers.

No. 334917

Lip fillers always look goofy and obvious. Especially on thin lips, ironically. Embrace your thin lips, one day the trend is going to end. Also it doesnt dissolve but migrate, and getting them dissolved can ruin the natural collagen in your skin and leave you saggy and gaunt if you decide to try to remove it later.

No. 334924

exactly! thin lips are beautiful too , nona. work WITH your features , not against them

No. 334933

i find thin lips dainty, doll-like and feminine. i hope they become on trend soon and women with thin lips embrace them instead of ruining them/making them look ugly and goofy.

No. 334966

Yeah. I used to not like my thin upper lip but Bjork and Christina Ricci changed my mind.

No. 335227

Maybelline is so expensive I my country, it sucks. However someone I know bought a Maybelline satin ink lipstick and after I tried it on, I would pay the price for it. Really feels like nothing on the lips yet gives a strong full coverage colour. I think Maybelline is better quality and for adults unlike Essence which is pretty good quality and more for teens I think.

That beings said I'm in my early twenties and love Essence

No. 335228

File: 1686672188740.jpeg (8.94 KB, 500x500, images.jpeg)

This is one of (the hundreds of) makeup products I want to buy because I've decided to not get fillers. Thanks Nonnies. So have any of you girls tried this? Or the clear version? I have this idea that I first apply the clear version and let it plump and then apply this one and so my lips will be doubly plumped. Thoughts??

I'll pair it with my lips being slightly over lined with a lip pencil in a natural colour. Why can't I have plump lips oh my god I hate having to adjust myself to feel pretty

No. 335229

File: 1686672128284.jpeg (8.94 KB, 500x500, images.jpeg)

This is one of (the hundreds of) makeup products I want to buy because I've decided to not get fillers. Thanks Nonnies. So have any of you girls tried this? Or the clear version? I have this idea that I first apply the clear version and let it plump and then apply this one and so my lips will be doubly plumped. Thoughts??

I'll pair it with my lips being slightly over lined with a lip pencil in a natural colour. Why can't I have plump lips oh my god I hate having to adjust myself to feel pretty

No. 335230

i'm confused, are you talking about maybelline vinyl ink or revlon satin ink?

No. 335231

You sound like a troll honestly

No. 335232

Above all, we should remember that a well-balanced face takes precedence over body image trends. Thin lips may not be what's trendy right now but if plumping them disrupts facial harmony, is it really the best decision? It's hard to go by this mindset when we're constantly bombarded by our image-obsessed media and I'm totally guilty of this, too.

No. 335237

I have this one. I collect these plumping glosses because I really like the feel of them on my lips. It's decent enough, not any worse than a pricy one from a reputable brand. Honestly these glosses don't actually do much. Your lip might get a little swollen, but it's not a big difference and it goes away quickly. Worth a try though, if anything the icy hot feeling is nice.

No. 335278

Dumb question but how do you get over the 'feeling' of makeup on your face? I want to wear it more but I swear it makes it harder to breathe and see

No. 335280

Kinda sounds like you’re allergic to something

No. 335286

I never got over it, it's mostly the smell for me and having to smell it the whole day, I don't understand how other people can handle that.

No. 335359

I want huge lashes but want to support smaller European businesses, any recommendations?

No. 335377

using only very very lightweight makeup-skincare breed foundations did the trick 4 me. the ordinary's serum foundations are so good for this imo , full coverage stuff is so uncomfortable to wear ill sacrifice having a few zits showing for it. that and keeping my routine quite minimal

No. 335399

I hate the feeling of foundation so much and I’m honestly very bad at applying it over sunscreen and moisturizer. I also kind of hate how it “flattens” me and then I have to put the dimension back into my face again with other products. If I don’t have acne can I just skip it?

No. 335407

recently i have started putting on a small amount of foundation, and i mean really small. like just over a pea sized amount for my face. it looks how it's supposed to especially when i go over it with pressed powder. it literally just looks like skin. if you find that you literally FEEL the makeup on your face or it makes you look like you dipped your face into paint, chances are you're putting on way, way too much.

No. 335411

yes you can skip it

No. 335431

as I never could find a shade that fits my skin tone I never put on foundation. I wear sunscreen and put a litte powder on to minimise the glossy look of the sunscreen. Maybe you can work with that and some concealer if you have spots that you want to cover a little more? You can absolutely skip foundation if you don't like it.

No. 335451

Nta but I just buy a few concealers. Some slightly lighter or tanner, and then i apply as needed. Sometimes I am paler, sometimes I tan, so having that option helps.

No. 335472

Why is makeup so addictive? I will never use up all my makeup and I keep buying more and more and more

No. 335475

I think it’s because the packaging is fun

No. 335479

File: 1686777611441.jpg (215.22 KB, 953x1256, grace-hartzel-met-gala-2017-cl…)

I wish I could wear grace hartzel's met gala 2017 look on a daily basis. Do you nonnies have unconventional looks you love or would like to try?

No. 335483

File: 1686779203528.jpg (15.36 KB, 330x330, 375287.jpg)

I love 60s Twiggy style makeup! It's a little out there for a normal day, but I'll still do it occasionally because it makes me feel pretty. It's also my only makeup look that gets compliments from strangers! Your pic is beautiful, I encourage you to try it! If only just at home by yourself if you don't want to wear it outside.

No. 335484

File: 1686779350128.jpg (42.42 KB, 564x797, 20c496dd70e9728c84b7be6e9c00c4…)

I wish I could do pat mcgrath's looks for galiano every day. They're so ethereal. Or huge, editorial smokey eyes with deep glossy lips. But dark glossy lips are so impractical. I also love the idea of blue, teal, green lipsticks. I do pretty bold makeup every day but something about weird lipsticks colors is intimidating. I have a teal lipstick I wore maybe twice.

No. 335512

You could try a bb cream or tinted moisturizer too. Subtle but still makes you look a bit more polished.

No. 335515

File: 1686787958926.png (149.26 KB, 800x600, 3336028.png)

I really like lipstick on the top lip only, I have no idea why. Sorry for the Sims pic I couldn't find anything else kek

No. 335557

I love drawing lips like this on female characters, lol.

No. 336252

File: 1687099539065.jpg (83.54 KB, 800x662, eos-dolly-brown-cosplay-circle…)

Does anyone have any eu websites they can recommend for circle lenses?

I only want a pair to make my eyes look bigger, doesn't even need to have color. I usually wear glasses and they tend to make my eyes looks small.

Wanted to ask my ophthalmologist if I can order some through them so I can wear them as normal contacts but apparently that's not a thing here

No. 336255

Does it have to be EU-based because of customs (or w/e) or just ship to the EU?

No. 336305

File: 1687113165318.jpeg (22.47 KB, 337x480, images (1).jpeg)

Would it be obvious if I did similar eye makeup to this lady who I'm pretty sure is very well known/famous for her beauty? I won't be doing it as harsh, like a softer, more subtle copy of this eye look which is her signature look afaik. As in, I'm concerned people will look at me and think that I'm being cringe and copying this lady because I'm a try hard.

No. 336387

literally no one will think that. also her name is audrey hepburn

No. 336395

She is a timeless beauty which is a lot of Hepburn’s appeal so no, you will not be judged. A lot of her makeup is minimal

No. 336404

Jesus Christ, how old are you? How is anybody going to think you're a tryhard for wearing some eye pencil on your lower lashline? Her name is Audrey Hepburn btw.

No. 336420

This isn't exactly Twiggy-level of recognizable make-up anon, it's pretty basic.

No. 336458

she looks kind of scouse here
anyone agree
you'd see her in a leopard print fit in a pub down by the albert docks with a pint and bringing strangers into the conversation and dancing with old men

No. 336754

File: 1687282969996.jpeg (114.09 KB, 760x760, 6A52EDF1-8E8B-4E2E-A474-A5557F…)

Does anyone know a similar palette to Colourpop’s All Amethyst? I really like the color story but whenever I use their blush or highlighter my skin feels like it’s burning about 30 minutes later and I really don’t want to take that chance with my eyelids.

No. 336896

File: 1687361060646.png (1.3 MB, 1194x1185, makeup.png)

ABH Norvina Pro Pigment Palette Vol. 5
ABH Norvina Mini Pro Pigment Palette Vol. 1
Lime Crime Venus 3 Palette
Rare Beauty Give Yourself Grace Palette
Too Faced That’s My Jam Mini Eyeshadow Palette

No. 337507

anyone else just fucking terrible at doing theri nails its like nothing wants to cooperate ever the polish gets clumpy and streaky takes forever to dry (yes i have tried fast dry top coats) shit gets on the cuticles and on the skin on the sides where its hard to go in with a brush to clean up and even then the acetone doesnt even seem to work half the time UGH im this close to giving up and just getting manis and press ons instead but it kinda sucks cuz ive been growing my nails out really nicely for the sole purpose of doing cute nail polsih stuff on my own (and save myself some buuuucks) but shit only goes south

No. 338175

Try OPI polishes, I finally bought some last month and I understand the hype, the brush makes such a huge difference too.
You can clean up the edges with a cotton pad soaked in a bit of acetone or when the nail polish is dry, just scrape it off with your nails.

No. 338268

I used to do my nails myself all the time, biggest help was the Seche Vite top coat. The others just don’t compare in my experience. Drying drops help big time with regular top coats/polish but aren’t as good as Seche Vite. Most of the “hacks” for drying your polish fast (like ice water) just don’t work.

No. 338551

LH Cosmetics Blomma palette is similar

No. 338643

I avoid getting the polish on the sides because I don’t even apply polish near there. I used to want to coat the entire nail space with polish, but I found it never looked good or flattering. Instead I paint the shape I would like my nails to be and avoid going all the way to the edges. I can understand if others don’t like this, because it could look like you have overgrown or incomplete nails. But honestly it looks way better in my opinion because you avoid weird clumpy edges, or uneven shapes.

No. 338659

When I do my make it looks fine, but I guess my straight eyelashes touch my lower lids too much. Over time it gives me racoon eyes because the black mascara transfers to my skin under my eyes. Is there any solution for this?

No. 338681

Waterproof mascara, not putting mascara on your lower lashes, curling your lashes, setting your under eyes with powder

No. 338687

File: 1688366343367.jpeg (66.45 KB, 1200x1200, 60090741-1200-1200.jpeg)

I used to have that issue too and it was so embarrassing bc it would happen at work/in public and I would only realize hours later. I fixed it by doing the following:

Only use waterproof mascara, I highly recommend Essence mascara in the metallic blue tube. Buy a lash curler and a lash comb. Curl your lashes with 5 - 10 presses before applying mascara as this lifts them up for a few hours which prevents the rubbing on your face. When applying your mascara, make sure the wand isn't overly coated in mascara, so rub off excess mascara back into the tube. After applying to each lash, immediately comb through with the lash comb. Use a makeup wipe or a baby wipe (my preference) to clean up any residue/mess/smudging immediately after and wait till your mascara is dry before continuing with the rest of your makeup. Also, don't use a heavy moisturizer on your eyes, because it'll cause any mascara to smudge. Only use a moisturizer that sinks in well. This is the only way I can and will wear mascara and it's been a huge saver to my makeup routine and longevity of my daily eye makeup. I hope this helps you!

No. 338695

You could try falsies or lashify instead of mascara.

No. 338705

File: 1688389373770.jpg (225.54 KB, 1600x1600, KissMe-Heroine-Make-Long-Curl-…)


Korean/Japanese brands formulate their mascaras with straight lashes in mind so they hold a curl very well and don't smudge. they're a bitch to remove, even with oils or balms, so keep that in mind.

I'm using the Heroine Make tubing mascara and it's great at what it does but, despite being a tubing mascara, it needs 2 rounds with an oil cleanser before it fully washes off.

if you want something more permanent, consider an eyelash perm. look up eyelash techs in your area on insta and see what actual clients look like. they usually tint your lashes and brows during the procedure so you may not even need mascara if you prefer a minimal look for everyday wear. results last about a month and you don't need to take any special precautions after the first 24h.

No. 338706

File: 1688389750761.png (295.51 KB, 640x640, lunar lavender.png)


Lunar Lavender from Kaleidos has a similar vibe and their formula doesn't suck. it's on sale because they're discontinuing the line

No. 338745

Powder your eyelids with some transparant setting powder. Waterproof mascara doesn't work because it's waterproof not oilproof, the oils on your skin make the mascara smudge/dissolve.

No. 338791

Thank you all so much. I would use falsies but hate the feeling, I will look into the eyelash perm and a better mascara. I wasn't using powder in my under eyes either, I used it today and heated up my curler too and it helped a little.

No. 338855

File: 1688453995504.jpg (14.43 KB, 400x400, 644453975c100_4059729394798_1.…)

Not sure if this is a dumb question. Please don't be mean. Can I use a brown eyebrow mascara for my lashes? I can't find a brown mascara so I'm considering just using a brown eyebrow mascara instead but I don't want to get a stye or harm my eyeball or eyelid

No. 338858

File: 1688454513923.jpg (250.8 KB, 1200x1095, 46692fc66b65cf4cae3f995346146e…)

Makeup pros of lolcow!! How do I make my round, slightly downturned eyes look upturned and more cat eyes? Picrel is NOT me (but she's so cute lol, random pic I found on pinterest) however the shape of her eyes is basically identical to mine, perhaps very slightly more upturned.

My eyes are kinda hooded too. Not sure if you nonnies would recommend I post a picture of my actual eyes if that would be more helpful? I've considered natural looking cat eye falsies from Shein. Nonnies please help, I'll appreciate it a lot! Mwah

No. 338860

I wouldn't risk it. Elf cosmetics make a nice brown mascara

No. 338862

Elf isn't available in my shithole country but thank you anyway!

No. 338869

I didn't realize the picture on the left was a "before" at first and I thought her eyebags/discoloration was eyeshadow made to look like eyebags and I was really digging it lol Sorry I couldn't help though nona

No. 338917

You're very lucky anon, that eye shape is so pretty. Have you tried winged liner to make your eyes sharper?

No. 338936

If you have tearthroughs like pic rel, conceal them first. Wayne Goss has a good vid on how to cover them, you basically use a minimal amount of concealer just in the hollow line (instead of covering the entire undereye) and blend minimally. To lift the outer corners grab a bronzer or contour and apply in the crease and outer v area, and blend upwards. You want to wing out your shadow towards your temples basically, so that it creates a believable shadow and lifts the socket. Then apply winged liner. Keep it super thin in the inner corner or you can even apply it from the middle of the lid. Make it slightly thicker towards the outer corner and wing it out. If you want a more extreme effect, you can use a brown shadow in the inner corner. This will pull them down and create the illusion of a more upturned eye shape over all. Sorry for writing a novel, vid rel is great too. She also has vids on hooded eyes, winged liner and changing eye shape with mascara.

No. 339008

Not sure if they still sell it but Loreal has/had a brown Lash Paradise mascara. Kiko carries brown mascara too.

No. 339070

File: 1688586060188.jpg (22.04 KB, 450x450, 613Wgc2VXNL._SY450_.jpg)

How do you protect your eyelids and around eye area from the sun on normal days? I've been thinking about using a powder with spf, but the only one I could find is picrel, because there can't be any zinc in it and it has to be pale enough. Still spf 15 is not enough for my taste. Regular sunscreen doesn't work for me (or I'm just too stupid to make it work) and I'm a little bit lost for ideas.

No. 339120

I struggle with this too. Regular sunscreen, no matter how lightly I apply, bleeds into my eyes and stings badly. I haven’t seen eye creams with spf but they must exist?

Also, this Catrice powder is the worst product I’ve ever come across, I can’t believe they’re selling that hot shit. It’s so thick it doesn’t blend, and gathers into all pores and fine lines-even ones you didn’t know you had. I have oily skin and it makes me look cakey and shiny silver instantly despite advertising being mattifying, blah

No. 339133

Sunscreen just doesn't work with my eye makeup, I'm using a primer, then powder, then eyeshadow and with sunscreen it creases after a short time, without it would stay on for days, kek. Was looking for an eye primer with spf, but that doesn't seem to exist. If I find something that works, I will come back here and tell you.

I have dry skin, but I guess I won't even bother buying their palest shade online then if it's that horrible. The only other powders I found have zinc oxide in them and that doesn't work with chemical uv filters.

No. 339136

im jealous ur eye shape is so pretty! you could try black eyepencil on ur waterline followed by tiny winged liner and some inner corner eyeliner for a cat eye effect. the downside is that waterline eyeliner would make ur eyes look a little smaller

No. 339137

File: 1688649197047.jpg (19.29 KB, 500x500, XL_p0170851459.jpg)

I use this sunscreen on my face before applying make-up and it doesn't sting your eyes like other sunscreens do. If you can't find it get a sunscreen for babies, they also don't sting.

No. 339166

File: 1688676984389.jpg (42.49 KB, 600x600, 71SmBhXzwnL._AC_UL600_SR600,60…)

I have oily skin and I use this all over my face, neck, and on my under eye area. It doesn't sting my eyes.

No. 339377

It’s a little pricy, but the Cicapair SPF 30 cream works well for my eyelid area. I wore it the other day (I was out in the sun all day and applied it directly above my eyes) while working out and sweating a fuckton and honestly forgot I had it on, no burning at all for me. It’s a zinc oxide and titanium dioxide sunscreen and good for redness, it kinda feels like a primer/bb cream in one. Surprised me how it stayed on even with heavy sweating.

No. 339569

I got freckles tattooed on me yesterday. It gonna take a week to heal properly but until then its gonna be a bit bold kek. A little embarrassed cause I have to work today . Idk if this belongs here but I figured since its considered permanent make up.

No. 339641

Is water activated eyeliner just water activated face paint put in small pots and marked up like crazy or is there actually a difference?

No. 339684


No. 339699

I think it's eye-safe whereas facepaint isn't but don't take my word for it

No. 339708

sounds nice but cicapair is like $50/ounce so I will have to miss out on that.

No. 339714

Face paint is eye safe too. So I guess its just a scam lol

No. 339719

black face paint usually comes with (universally disregarded) warnings to not use it directly around the eye, so eye makeup must be formulated differently.
>t. face painter

No. 339768

Put a light coverage foundation or tinted moisturizer on your face to lessen the boldness

No. 339816

Sadly, not usable for me because of the ingredients. Silicone, even in small amounts, will make me break out. I will give my regular sunscreen another go, maybe it will work under my eye primer and I was just too stupid to do it right the times before, kek.

No. 339894

File: 1689136148475.jpeg (20.94 KB, 250x250, 1669714130116.jpeg)

How do people get used to wearing makeup daily?? I notice my eyes start to feel heavy after 3-4 hours and it makes me tired or develop a migraine. Skin makeup (foundation, concealer) doesn't bother me too much, but eyeliner, mascara, and falsies do. I love makeup but it just feels so hard to get used to so I'm looking for advice, if I power through will I eventually get used to it? Or are some people just so sensitive they never get used to it?

No. 339895

This is probably the first time I’ve heard of someone getting migraines because of makeup. Are you sure you’re not allergic to the makeup you’re wearing? I’m not sure how that would work though.
Or maybe the smell of the chemicals of your makeup makes you get migraines, which I guess would be a possibility.
Plus false eyelashes are honestly better for parties and not daily use, it’s a hassle to me particularly, since my eyes are pretty sensitive too and they get irritated easily.
Maybe your zone of the eyes is just very sensitive, if you have issues with dry eyes and the sorts, you may need to use eyedrops even. So you could probably try focusing more on other parts of your face to experiment with makeup, like flashy lipsticks or the sorts, and keep the eye makeup at a minimum.
You could also try only one of the eye makeup products you use at once, to discard which eye makeup is actually making you feel sick.

No. 339907

People don't generally experience what you experience from make-up and don't have to get used to it. I think it's more likely you're overly sensitive/allergic. If you,re allergic I doubt you can learn to power through it.

No. 339908

Why are you putting yourself through this, just get your lashes tinted and don't bother with eye makeup if it gives you a migraine

No. 339910

Anon if you do this makes sure to patch test first. If you react to makeup, chances are you sure as shit will react to a lash tint too.

No. 339938

Sounds like you've got some weirdo allergy going on there

No. 339967

you might make it worse if you "power through". I'm very sensitive towards fragrances in general, but having something with a scent on my face just isn't possible for me. Would I still wear it, I wouldn't be able to have a day without headaches. Have a closer look at the ingredients of the products you use and try changing them for something else, with less toxic stuff, as many cosmetic products aren't the healthiest thing on earth. And skip the false eyelashes for some time, maybe they are the reason your eyes feel heavy.

No. 340011

File: 1689204620180.png (194.44 KB, 310x472, uglyasf.png)

Why is it trendy to contour your actual cheekbones instead of below them? People are doing it so much and I don't get it, why would you want to flatten your cheekbones? Or when people contour their nose but follow their natural shape and it just looks like their natural nose but brown. The woman in the picrel made her nose look so bulbous when it wasn't before, again, why?
And it's so common like why have people in general gotten so terrible at contouring?

No. 340233

File: 1689358633300.jpg (Spoiler Image,265.71 KB, 1944x2592, IMG_20230714_141210616~2.jpg)

What kind of eyes do I have? Idk if I've got my eye type wrong or I just suck at makeup.

No. 340462

I have very pale and yellow-ish skin, it's to the point where people have asked if I'm sick when I don't wear eye makeup. I don't want to wear liquid face makeup like foundation but I'm okay with powders, what can I do to look less sickly?

No. 340465


No. 340467

Powder blush to add some color. If your hair is light too you could tint your eyelashes

No. 340469

If you don't want to do your whole face up, the single thing I would suggest is bronzer just to warm up your cheeks and temples so you appear more "alive".
Do you just have naturally yellow pale tone or is your skin sallow from a nutrition/sleep/substance problem? Might be worth addressing other causes and not just covering with makeup. But the makeup will cover it.

No. 340470

they're just making content, they don't actually have any special expertise or skill or aesthetic sensibilities

No. 340473

Bronzer on pale skin looks bad imo

No. 340477

do you think blush would be better but applied in the typical bronzer areas of the face? just to get a better shade for fair skin instead of a brown that doesn't match.

No. 340491

Thanks nonna's, I'll try and see if I can find something that looks natural. Also>>340469 I have almost black hair but I'm white. I think I just have warm coloring and the light color accentuates the yellow in my skin tone.
I have since the sun has been out, my skin doesn't really tan at all though. I saw a childhood vacation picture recently and I looked like that girl from The Ring kek.

No. 340493

don't sunbath, your skin will look horrible very soon and if you don't tan at all there is no logical reason behind even trying it, except you like leathery skin and skin cancer. If you look like the girl from The Ring, I think you look cute, kek.
Look for a blush, guess a peach colour could fit you, it will add a little bit structure to your face and give you some "glow".

No. 340962

Freckle tattoo anon here. I hate it kek. I went through a removal session yesterday so i hope it fades it quite a bit if not get rid of most of it.

No. 341726

What bronzers are generally worth it for the price? Cream or powder is fine, I just get severe sticker shock when I think of buying a bunch of $35 single-shade bronzers without knowing if I'll like them or not.

No. 341751

Why are you so against liquid makeup anon ? Powder alone doesn't do shit. It doesn't stay put, it doesn't blend, it's not better for your skin either. It's just not supposed to be used by itself. Really you're better off getting some korean bb cream, bit of concealer if you have dull spots and blush in a flattering shade (likely a light apricot/peach tone). If you look sick and just put on some blush, it won't make you look more lively, you'll just look like a sick person but with extra redness.

Nta but no, if even the lightest shades of bronzer look bad on you, just buy a regular face powder in a color that works to use instead. The ideal shade depends on your face shape as well as your skin tone - some features look bad if they are too "volumized". It sounds obvious but since contour and bronzer shades are often classified by the skin color they're supposed to look good on, it feels necessary to precise. If you want an example of why you shouldn't shade with blush, just look at zoomers.

You have this "hooded-ish" eyelid shape that's a pain in the ass for eyeliner. You probably don't suck at make-up, you just have a crease that goes too far down and "hinders" you. Because this feature already creates volume and shade, I suggest not going too dark when it comes to eyeshadow and instead staying close to your skin tone. Your eye shape itself is already well defined and expressive, so if you just tightline with a pencil it should be good. Eye shape charts all kind of suck.

No. 342225

File: 1690496564178.jpg (53.65 KB, 564x705, ade89bba71e68ef94d685cdb4cb01e…)

Does anyone have recomendations or a good tutorial to achieve a wearable version of this? Everything I've found uses a matte longwear product and then places gloss over it. This just seems wrong; when I follow instructions, the gloss just dissolves the other products. It makes sense to me that it would happen but people say they can do this look without re-application and so I assume my product choice is wrong or technique is bad.

No. 342262

The only way you can do this without reapplying is if you go the lip liner and lip gloss only route. There are many ombre lip tutorials, but in the vid related the lady states that she taps in the lip gloss rather than swiping it on.

No. 342284

How do I make concealer on sunscreen so it doesn't separate? It's always either that or it looks patchy.

According to google the two products are compatible and "water based" as far as I understood, which should be fine. I also wait 30 minutes for it to settle and the same shit happens. Any other tips I could try?

No. 342319

Thanks for the share. I tested her video already and after thirty minutes of normal activity it lifted up to the cupids bow. I noticed most of the people don't show you continuous wear. It's a super cute look, wish it was more functional.

No. 342361

File: 1690574910077.jpeg (51.76 KB, 721x721, JDjWgH0FbyyK8yq-TCaI_Coby10.jp…)

I need URGENT help! I need a make-up remover that removes waterproof mascara that I can but at Walmart/CVS/Walgreens. I am visiting family in the US and they don't have the products I am used to. I already bought 3 different ones and none of them work.

No. 342363

any oil-based cleanser should work.

No. 342365

samefag but you could even use regular oil and just use a cleanser to remove the residue afterwards if you're really in a pinch.

No. 342366

Do you have any one in particular that you would recommend? I really hate rubbing my eyes so much because my skin is very sensitive and becomes so red and irritated so fast.

No. 342368

Ntayr but try micellar water, it has both water and oil in it and works well as a makeup removal afaik, any brand is good I think.

No. 342371

ok I will try thank you

No. 342373

I use Kose Softymo but that's a Japanese brand, I don't know if your drugstores carry that, sorry.

No. 342652

I have tried all the "hacks" and priming with lots of moisture and spf and whatnot before applying but HOW do i keep the makeup from creating those deeper smile lines after a couple hours?

No. 342655

It could be that you're applying too much product in one layer and/or your blending technique might need adjustment. I get better results when I use a damp makeup sponge to apply base makeup than when I use a brush or my fingers, for example. You might also just need touch-ups during the day, and there's nothing wrong with that.

On another note, how would you adapt really soft, doll-like makeup like >>317120 for an angular face? I can get the eyes down, but my nose, cheeks, jaw, and even chin are all so sharp that it spoils the look.

No. 342691

any redheaded nonas with some general product recommendations? especially lash + eyebrow! my eyebrows and eyelashes are near invisible but i find so many products too harsh and dark on me lol

No. 342712

Posted about this in an /ot/ thread but why am I so bad at figuring out my face shape? Are there any tricks to really figure it out? I've tried tracing my face, read all the guidelines and tutorials and I'm still stumped. I'm stuck between round, heart and square because of the way my jaw is tapered and being unsure whether or not my widest point is my cheekbones or jawline. I just don't feel like I'm sculpted enough for square or rectangular nor demure enough for round, but my jaw and chin feel too wide to be heart, and aren't defined enough for diamond.

It's annoying because I feel like I know how to contour my face enough without being sure of its shape, it just bothers me personally.

No. 342713

File: 1690784468984.jpeg (Spoiler Image,438.03 KB, 1170x1146, IMG_8875.jpeg)

very old reference from when I was underweight, since my jaw was more defined

going up to my forehead would reveal too much of my face even with censoring but I have a rounded forehead

No. 342714

For eyelashes try dark grey/brown/blue (idk what would look best with red hair) instead of black. It doesn't look grey/brown/blue once it's on your lashes but it looks a bit softer, less harsh, than generic black mascara. I have a light complexion and invisible lashes too and have been doing that for years, never going back.

No. 342722

As with body types, essences, color palettes, I think you should not stress over putting yourself definetely in a category. Obviously not everyone fits perfectly into one type, color or shape, and I think it's easier to do the reverse thing and to infer your face shape based on what suits you. I think they are more like guidelines to help you find what suits you than absolut answers. If you already know what countouring is flattering, why do you need to know if you're a square or a diamond or whatever ? I also never figured out my face shape but I know from experience that I should contour and put blush on certain spaces to compliment my features. Face shapes are also just the outlines of your face, whereas contouring changes volumes : shadow and light will sunk out or pull forward an area, so you should consider your face as a 3D canvas and not just a shape. They are helpful to start out but not that needed in my opinion.

No. 342741

File: 1690806448708.jpg (78.28 KB, 894x894, 81uKbcFqrCL._AC_UF894,1000_QL8…)

The picture you linked is a look that seems suitable even for a sharper face, it's not some obnoxious anime eye look from 2012 or ridiculous jirai girl with huge lenses, it doesn't look all that childish and doll-like so I think it's just your opinion and not fact that your features "spoil the look". Maybe if your contouring is too dark and the highlight/blush is misplaced it could give too much volume to your features, so you should experiment with different colors and ways to apply and find the right ones.

It's not possible to turn a sharp and more adult-like (?) face into a uguu kawaii doll but that doesn't mean it's ugly. You will just look more cool/elegant rather than cute. It doesn't look off with larme-kei fashion imo since it's a more muted style compared to others. You especially don't need to have a round face to pull off the style you linked.

If it takes only 2 hours to have lines even with primer it's your products that suck. Also, setting powder with a good blurring effect makes a word of difference. I'm not you though, I don't know your skin and your exact routine, so it's hard to pinpoint the exact problem, but likely it's a combination of things and not just one bad product that's the problem.

If you know what looks good on you already, why bother with some bullshit chart that works for almost nobody ? "Take your individual features into account, do what's best for each of them, then look at the overall result and adjust each thing until the combination looks harmonious" is the most sound advice when it comes to make-up.

If you don't mind importing your stuff, Korean brands carry eyebrow mascara and pencils in light and reddish shades and mascara in various shades of brown. But also, I haven't tried this brand myself but 3ina has a color mascara that comes in brown (picrel) and also a lighter color called "nude"

No. 342903

Your season is retard with an undertone of dumbass. Stop posting your faces on here.

No. 342917

Your haircolor or eye color might be washing you out. Go back to your natural haircolor or a darker warmer color

No. 342935

No. 342950

What's the appropriate makeup for someone who's going to be doing an internship? I know this is a stupid question but everyone around me does their makeup differently and some of the women got negative comments if their makeup was too noticeable. Should I stick to something natural? I'll also be forced to wear a facemask.

No. 342952

Depends on the field a bit but if you could get away with heavy eyemakeup you'd probably know it.. Just play it on the safe side and go with something natural, you can always go heavier if it turns out it's acceptable at your internship.

No. 342986

It's healthcare, thanks noni. I'll probably do minimal eye makeup and a more natural look.

No. 343123

Fellow healthcare nona here,
If you want to be taken seriously: ligh/natural no makeup-makeup.
Be mindful that if you wear a face mask most of the day, the warm air from your mouth might go up to your eyes and keep your mascara from drying properly/making it wet again, speaking from experience.
I usually just fill in my brows, maybe a light coat of mascara and if i feel daring; a mini wing just to extend my eyes a bit. Chapstick only, and a bit of concealer if i have some spots.

No. 343603

what are some gentler lip plumping products/glosses? i don't need ones that make you look like you have an allergic reaction or want my lips to ache too much. i just want a little plumpness.

No. 343649

File: 1691429015476.jpeg (42.72 KB, 720x1030, IMG_9503.jpeg)

I use one of the too face plumpers and I don't think it's too dramatic, but I also have a drugstore hydraulic gloss that I like. only plumps a little, nothing crazy and it has no sting at all

No. 343662

I absolutely love these glosses too but I feel the need to add, you really need to see the colors in person because the pictures somehow all suck. I got both Moon and Topaz and they are pretty much the same shade, but with a different tone (Moon is pink/cooler while Topaz is more beige/warm) however Topaz is always displayed as being much darker than Moon for some reason. Still I recommend either of these two shades for nonas who want a good sheer, shimmery MLBB gloss that matches everything (a rarity in this opaque pigment obsessed world)

No. 343681

File: 1691448055788.jpeg (221.67 KB, 1500x1500, IMG_9560.jpeg)

I have silk and ice? I think and I'm more ivory toned. Really like those too. Ice is sheer but sometimes I just really need to hydrate my lips with not too much color

No. 344880

File: 1692178573337.jpg (6.91 KB, 275x183, 853653.jpg)

I feel very tempted to buy a duochrome eyeshadow (never had one before), but the market is such a wasteland. Options look like:
Invidual pots/tubes for ~£15 per unit
Palettes with 1-3 duochromes starting at about £30
Mystery makeup on etsy/ebay as low as £2 each (usually looks like it's from aliexpress)
I thought I could grab a cheap single from a drugstore brand but it seems they don't even make them. I'm still shopping around, so hopefully I find something, though I wanted a product I could buy in person so I don't have to pay like 50% more to ship a single eyeshadow. Does anyone know why bigger brands don't make these and it seems to be an indie makeup thing? I'm not sure I can trust etsy makeup sellers.

No. 345537

File: 1692486689461.jpeg (140.56 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_0711.jpeg)

for nonas looking for a hydrating gloss I also tried and liked this recently as well, like the maybelline it also has hydraulic acid

No. 345544

>hydraulic acid

No. 345557

I no speaky the english properly today

No. 345562

Urban decay had a few duochrome singles. I'm not sure if they're still available. I think the trends have swayed completely into "clean girl" no makeup makeup looks so a lot less eyeshadow esp colorful seems to be displayed in stores.

No. 345570

File: 1692513966727.jpg (733.22 KB, 3024x3024, IMG_5052_1.jpg)

Colorpop has single shadows for like $5 and they have a few duochromes. Mainstream brands are not good for this type of product though, indies are where it's at. I'm surprised you didn't come across any. Check out Glam Shop (ultra cheap, based in europe), Looxi Beauty, Devinah, Terra Moons, Copacetic, Clionadh(canada), Shine by Sd, Shellwe Makeup(china), Pastel Roses(uk), Lethal Cosmetics(eu). Picrel are Glam Shop singles.

No. 345628

File: 1692551334270.jpg (64.05 KB, 633x633, IMG_6553.JPG)

>trends have swayed completely into "clean girl" no makeup makeup looks >less eyeshadow esp colorful seems to be displayed in stores.
Ugh, I hate this. I'm pale and olive-toned so all these muted, warm brown palettes make me look like I got assaulted by a spice rack. Every goddamn contour stick I try in stores is hideously orange on me, even if the stick itself looks cool-toned and ashy. When will it end?

No. 345630

Didn't it already end? I saw strawberry makeup aka colorful pink lips + red cheeks combo on tiktok the last 2 or so weeks. Cleangirl is almost out of style and most people use colorful tints in the summer.

No. 345669

I agree, I'm pale and cool toned and its impossible to find cool shades now. Every brown is warm, from lipstick to eyeshadow and it makes me look like I've stained my skin with something weird.

No. 345757

File: 1692613956682.jpg (53.73 KB, 700x698, 84575.JPG)

I lumped indies with the "mystery makeup" category, I'm not confident in buying from them currently. I think I'm traumatised from seeing too many tiktoks of girls making and bottling lip glosses in their bedroom to sell on their etsy, lol. I'm looking into your suggestions and the Glam Shop range looks very nice and expansive, thank you for the great advice!

It's a shame, not a fan of current trends. I don't think the 2016 era super bold makeup will come back, maybe something in the middle. I'd like brands to lay off the neutrals already.

Also while researching I saw the new palette announcement from dose of colors (picrel). Comes with some nice duochrome shades, just wish it was more condensed, I'm very over buying full palettes.

No. 345763

Theres a huge difference between bedroom lipgloss/alibaba reseller girlies and actual indie brands with their own factories and legitimate businesses. They shouldn't be lumped into the same category.

No. 345764

How do you verify the safety of their manufacturing process? Most of the brands listed in >>345570 mention nothing about the it, a lot of them talk about being cruelty free/vegan only, some mention they do in-house testing, but that's mostly it. Lethal Cosmetics seems to have the most extensive info page.
There's been plenty of indie brands that repackage aliexpress stuff for sale, I wouldn't buy from some of these purely based on how amateur their website looks. Just trying to be cautious with products that go on skin.

No. 346082

How do I do my lips when I have absolutely none? I mean it, I have no lower lip and even less of an upper one. Every time I apply any type of lip product I look ridiculous, and it sucks because I think having full lips would really even out my facial proportions.

No. 346087

Anon, embrace what you have. Thin lips are very cute too

No. 346095

Any brands that have actual frosted lipsticks? Like the 90s ones.

No. 346102

small lips ate cute and delicate looking .. but if you really wanna you can make them look bigger by simply overlining very slightly only over the cupids bow , while still following the natural contour of the side of the lips. its the only way that it can look somewhat natural and not clownish , imo

No. 346169

I'm going to wear my dark circles under my eyes bare. Done with excess makeup

No. 346215

Might be a shot in the dark but wouldn't wearing glossy lipstick or lip gloss generally help give the effect of fuller lips just thanks to the light reflecting on the product? I don't wear anything glossy myself cuz I'm not a fan of the texture of it, but that is the only thing that came to mind, other than over tracing your lips with a lip liner a tiny bit for them to appear fuller.

No. 346619

File: 1693182124868.jpeg (337.48 KB, 1219x1828, IMG_3294.jpeg)

I’m excited nonnies, I just got a few nice new things i’ve been after for ages: some nice rusty eyeshadows, clinique almost lipstick, clinique mascara, a kohl pencil, and some brow gel

No. 346651

File: 1693217788321.jpeg (705.73 KB, 1170x1084, IMG_6087.jpeg)

happy for you nonna! have fun playing around with them, new makeup is always fun

any nonnas have a specific makeup look for autumn/winter? for me it’s soft nude eyes, subtle contour/highlight and dark pink/berry lips.

pic related is chanel’s rouge allure laque in #90 timeless, it’s currently number 1 on my makeup wishlist, i just think it’s so beautiful.

No. 346742

I have hooded, down turned eyes and I actually hate the way tiktok MUAs say to do your eyeliner. I don't necessarily need thick black eyeliner like that all the time. I like a lot of dewey douyin looks, but none of those would ever match my face because I'm a white Italian girl. If anyone has any makeup inspo for hooded, down turned, droopy eyes or eyes with a heavy fold I'd really appreciate it! Pinterest hasn't been giving me anything good

No. 346754

I'm in the same boat as you anon. My hoods are so heavy they basically sit on my eyelashes when my eyes are relaxed. I will probably give myself mad forehead wrinkles because I always try to keep my eybrows raised to not look like an orc. I don't have much advice, but I had to give up on any kind of winged liner and stick to tightlining. I go in quite heavy with the charcoal pencil and do a little < > on my outer corners. Fake lashes can lift the eyes a bit but I hate the idea of putting glue so close to my eyes so I don't wear them.

No. 346756

Any recommendations for newer no/low fragrance foundations/concealers for someone extremely acne prone/sensitive? When I was younger I tried SO many and had deal with acne/rashes/eye burning/sinus headaches. This includes a lot of indie powders with few ingredients that were pretty shit. I basically gave up on makeup when the pandemic started and only use a bit of (shitty) concealer + mask. If anyone has some products from the last few years I’ve missed that you think should try I would appreciate it.
My shade is between nars rcc vanilla and chantilly

No. 347510

Does anyone have any good tips for doing "natural" or light makeup on masculine/sharp/etc faces? I'm not too bad at doing dramatic looks and my face kind of lends itself to them anyway, but I feel silly wearing that kind of makeup unless I'm dressed up for an event. I'm fine going bare-faced too, I just wish I could find something in between tinted lip balm only and a full face of glam that tones down the severity of my face when I'm wearing casual/cute clothes.

No. 347511

look up Chinese tutorials for “salty” type faces; i think Hailey Bieber is a good western example for this type of makeup

No. 347513

Yea, it's difficult af to find anything hooded eye related, it's not as popular since its more difficult. I stopped trying and now I just tightline and add a tiny tail to exted the eye. Maybe some eyeshadow on the lower eye. It's a lot less work but still a bit depressing how you can't do most of the fun looks.

I also found peachushi a while ago, it's a small channel that has some videos, also Alexandra Anele has some (in general) good videos, but not really hooded eyes.

No. 347524

tinted lipbalm, blush, mascara and eyeliner should be enough. If you don't like eyeliner you can still do something like adding a little inner eye corner highlight. Keep brows groomed but don't fill them in. Personally I think blush placement makes a big difference, you've probably seen Igari and egirl blush placements but I like applying it across the midface, across the nose bridge (not on the nose tip), and the excess left on the brush I apply in between the eyebrows. The blush is really diffused out so it doesn't have a 'sculpted' look.

No. 347525

its so difficult to do anything with hooded eyes, I feel you. I don't do winged eyeliner either. Have you looked into lash lifts/lash perms? I think they open up the eye in a nice way. If it is any consolation it is easier to get away with bold color choices on the eyelids if they are hooded. I have hooded eyes too and wear lots of blue eyeshadow and blue mascara. Looks much more subtle on me than someone with more lid space.

No. 347545

This was a trend from a few years back but maybe look into "the boy beat" makeup look

No. 347768

Could I pleeeeease get reccs for a warm, dark red lip color? I thought "brick" would be a good search word but I find a lot of orangey bright colors. Gloss, matte, I don't care what kind of product it is. Just sick of every time a color seems to be a warm tone, it ends up too pink/purple for my liking. Sometimes company swatches look perfect, but then I look around at customer photos and they always disappoint. I am sick of wearing browns because it's the only dark, warm type color suitable that I can find.

Just went through Besame's catalogue, which I was hoping would be my savior. No such luck. Last purchase was a MAC lipstick with spice in the name…so why was it so pink on me?! I'm a soft autumn and easily look sick and gross with pink tones.

No. 347771

you might want to try a wine color. like a dark purple with a tint of red.

No. 347818

That is like the opposite of what anon asked for. Try searching for KVD Vampira liquid lipstick dupes. That's a nice, warm dark red imo. Also check Temptalia. You can search products by formula, finish, brand, color and color undertone. Her swatches should work for you, as she is also pretty warm toned.

No. 348527

anon if you know your shade in the nars foundations does that mean you’ve tried them, specifically the light reflecting foundation? it’s a watery consistency so it doesn’t feel pore clogging but has pretty good coverage and my skin seems to be liking it - i have rosacea and it’s been very calm recently, no flare ups since i’ve started using it daily. i don’t know the specifics but people claim that it’s a skincare/foundation hybrid and i’m really liking it so far it might be worth it to look into reviews to see if people have had any negative reactions?

No. 348529

Fenty stunna lip paint, uncensored color ("universal red" not orangey or purpley)

No. 348531

does anyone have any k/cbeauty palette recommendations that aren’t the same bog standard pink cool toned peachy warm toned colours, i’ve been feeling uninspired lately i still like an understated look and the glitters that usually accompany such palettes but i’m just getting bored of rocking the same eyes everyday, maybe any advice on how to switch up an eye look and make stuff more visually interesting?

No. 348598

File: 1694652237711.jpg (456.71 KB, 1242x1236, 0017F38D-D249-4E79-B9DC-534E79…)

Good cbeauty eyeshadow brands that aren't just very faint peachy nudes are Florasis (picrel), Tasu (very cute bright colours) and Perfect Diary.

No. 348610

File: 1694654200059.jpeg (482.68 KB, 1170x851, IMG_0707.jpeg)

i like berry fuschia garden from romand

No. 348632

File: 1694669709351.jpg (1.41 MB, 3024x4032, 2v087hxo1rba1.jpg)

Shellwe makeup has really interesting multichrome palettes. Similar ish to what western indies are doing. Girlcult has the cooolest packaging and super interesting color stories too.

No. 348645

File: 1694679011088.jpg (69.88 KB, 505x864, guinevere.jpg)

Maybe Pat Mcgrath Flesh 3 or Guinevere (Blooded Crimson) lipstick? You can currently get Guinevere in a mini lip & eye kit

No. 348650

Go here, choose by color or type, choose burgundy for the color and warm for the undertone. You can choose type of product, brand, price, finish and even filter out discountinued/limited edition stuff. Super useful

No. 349479

copied from the stupid questions thread since a nona told me to try posting it here:
I have super hooded eyes, like so hooded there is no eyelid space. anyone have makeup recommendations/tutorials for eyes like mine? I've been wearing alt fashion/jfashion and trying to get into cosplay - so makeup looks for hooded eyes that are suited for those purposes would be very helpful.

No. 349569

I really love Lisa Eldrige's tutorials. They're a bit old but she uses models with actual hooded eyes unlike 99% of muas. There's a more recent one too, called "Non Makeup Wearer Goes Glam". And as much as I hate him, Wayne Goss has decent tutorials too.

No. 349572

Some quick tips
>bring your crease and transition shade above your real crease so that it shows when your eyes are open
>do your makeup with your eyes open
>smokey cat liner is easier to execute than graphic
>always use an eyeshadow primer to prevent creasing(can't go wrong with Urban Decay Primer Potion imo)
>get a glitter glue for metallic and sparkly shades, it will prevent them transfering all over your eye
>with liner, less is more on hooded eyes
>most influencers are now on TikTok, search for tutorials and people there

No. 349774

thanks nona I'll look into the suggested tutorials!
much appreciated, these are all great tips - I didn't even think of checking tiktok!

No. 350545

A bit late but if your eyes are really hooded you could also take inspo from monolid makeup tutorials, some techniques they use work well with hooded eyes. One good thing about hooded eyes is that although we don't have much eyelid space, the brow bone area is usually spacious and it's where we will be working on since it's the visible part when the eyes are open. In my opinion blurred out, smokey eyes (not necessarily intense) look the best on hooded eyes. Liner can be done but it's harder and you need good products so it doesn't look like a smudged mess at the end of the day, so don't get fixated on that. Tubing mascara (or atleast waterproof) with a curler is a must and having great lashes will do a lot to open up your eyes.

No. 350603

Apologies if this isn't 100% on topic but do any of you have a favorite place you buy colored toric contact lenses from? That doesn't take 6+ weeks? I'm getting tired of glasses + makeup all the time.

No. 351879

Does anyone else get dry lips when they wear any kind of lip product for a while? I’ve been wearing a nice Mac gloss lately, love the look and color, but even with my lip balm underneath I swear my lips get so chapped and gross after a few days. It happens with any lip product, tinted lip balm, gloss, anything. Exfoliating and applying lip balm at night doesn’t seem to help, it only goes away if I stop wearing the colored products during the day. I just want to wear cute lip glosses.

No. 351883

YES oh my god. Even tho I drink tons of water and use SPF balm every day under and even over other stuff (mainly I use water tints or classic lipstick) and even using Vaseline on them overnight doesn’t really help. Wtf is this issue kek

No. 351888

I’m so glad I’m not alone kek, I wonder if it’s an allergy or sensitivity? The only thing that keeps my lips moisturized is not using color products at all and sticking to only certain lip moisturizers like Aquaphor or O’Keefe’s, but my lip color is naturally kinda pale and colorless. Would be nice to wear some color without getting dry and chapped. It’s so frustrating.

No. 351891

AYRT, I also have pale/almost colorless pink lips. Are you by chance also a redhead? Maybe it’s another tragic ginger side effect lmao. This is such an annoying problem to have but it really seems unavoidable. I also only have super smooth lips when I use only Vaseline. Oh wait actually I lied, the lip glaze oils from iNNBeauty actually make my lips very smooth but only the non shimmer ones. I need to repurchase the candy apple one.

No. 351913

Maybe you are allergic? Do they contain carmine? Since you said they were tinted. My lips get like that when I use carmine coloured lip products, and thats the most common dye.

No. 351920

I’m not a redhead unfortunately, but I will definitely try that lip gloss! The colors are gorgeous. Thanks for the recommendation.

Interesting, I looked at the ingredients of my most used glosses/balms (Mac and Fenty) and I don’t see this ingredient anywhere. I’ve tried so many different products and they all have the same drying effect after a bit, it’s hard to pin down what it could be.

No. 351922

It can also be under the names crimson lake, natural red 4, cochineal, e120 etc. I know mac uses carmine for most of their red/pink colours. I hope you find out what it is, its hard to narrow down what since makeup has so many ingredients.

No. 351926

Hmm I wonder if this could be it, I’ll try some fully vegan brands and see if there is any improvement. The brand the other anon mentioned is vegan so this looks promising. My lips thank you nonnie.

No. 351927

You’re welcome for the rec! Their products are all quite nice, i love the facial prep/setting spray, it works really nice to refresh your face later in the day and make makeup fresh again as well. The pH adjusting lip glaze oil “mystery flavor” is also really nice! I love the few I have, I just like the candy apple one best bc it’s such a natural flushed color hehe. The applicator is great too it’s a nice fat doefoot applicator that really applies gloss well. Can’t lie sometimes I forget what all I own because I go thru phases of my everyday lip color, and I’m really into the etude house water tints rn, but I’m gonna start layering the berry jam glaze oil over them to make my lips smooove again.

No. 351929

I hope the other brand works out for you. Ofc it can be something else you react to, but I think its worth testing out. Hope you figure it out, best of luck

No. 354434

File: 1698047074297.jpeg (99.89 KB, 932x932, EfUVk5ZUYAEHcCq.jpeg)

Does anyone have any recommendations for black/dark toned lash glue? I've tried the DUO one, it worked well but it irritated my lash line a lot.

No. 354460

I use Koji eyelash fix, never had a problem

No. 354482

Thanks for the tip, I'll give it a try.

It kinda sucks that I live in a small scandinavian country and there aren't a lot of lash glue options available.

No. 354507

File: 1698072835066.jpeg (590.67 KB, 1125x1872, IMG_6226.jpeg)

Does any other ginger/redhead here have opinions/recs on good redhead makeup? I have both the Redhead Revolution ginger lash mascara (auburn and ginger shades) and the How to Be A Redhead “finally have lashes” mascara and tho a few dollars more I prefer the latter. I loved RR’s mascara when I first found it in 2015 bc there was nothing else like it, but when they improved the formula they made the auburn less red and the ginger less orange and I actually liked that part. HtBaRH is a better formula and the color matches my true red really well. I use it as tinted brow gel and mascara as my brows are pretty thick but cursed to be blonde. I get a lot of compliments on the mascara and would highly recommend to any fellow redhead of any shade. RR has some nice lipsticks and glosses tho, shades for different types of gingers. Picrel looks richer in person than in this swatch, I’ll post my eye maybe later if anyone wants to see it IRL kek

No. 354508

are the glossier blushes any good at all? im getting seduced by the pretty packaging but i dont look forward to potentially making a 20 dollar mistake

No. 354511

I had two and didn’t love them this was back in like 2017 tho, the formula may have changed. I prefer liquid/cream blushes to be more like a sheer gel and not opaque on the finger before application. I barely wear makeup and the cloud paint looked so cakey even on my oily skin. I would rec a water tint instead personally, plus they last way longer bc you don’t need a ton and can be used on lips as well. Etude House makes my favorite ones. I have seen cloud paint work well for others tho so maybe you could get a sample somehow?

No. 354534

File: 1698083174119.jpg (43.35 KB, 564x726, Amazing-red-eye-makeup-and-pin…)

Anyone else experience dry and slightly swollen lashlines after taking off false lashes?

I've had this problem for a while now, but it is so weird that it doesn't happen always and sometimes only my other eyelid looks irritated after wearing false lashes.
I've tried several lash glues, am currently using a latex-free one which works well but I still sometimes experience irritation. I never feel any pain/itching while wearing lashes, my lashline just looks reddish, swollen and crusty when they get irritated.
I also use good quality eye creams religiously and I keep my cosmetics clean.

Could the false lashes I'm using be causing the irritation?

No. 354563

This is probably obvious but switching to brown eyeliner changed everything for me (I am basically a beginner kek)

No. 354570

Oh yeah it’s def a game changer (AYRT btw) and I used to use black mascara and try to do black winged liner (I have eyes that look better with soft smudged single color stuff bc of the shape, and usually I do peachy or pink or warm browns) and it looked sooooo bad kek. Black mascara is not for us, and that’s ok. Like yeah gingers CAN wear it but it’s…idk it can be jarring depending on your particular coloring. Some look great then others look ridiculous lmao. What are your fav lip colors?

No. 354674

File: 1698150441120.jpeg (397.78 KB, 1425x1901, EwyWRZnVIAAHDvp.jpeg)

How often do nonnas here wear makeup?

For me it depends, I seldom wear makeup to work simply because I have to leave the house very early and I hate doing my makeup in a rush. I'm also not really a fan of natural makeup on my self and the looks I usually go for are kinda out there and I have to look toned down and neutral in my work environment. So I usually only wear makeup during weekends.
I'd like to have a full-face more often, but it is what it is. I've also heard that it's good for your skin to not wear makeup every single day.

No. 354676

i always wear foundation because my skin looks like something out of a gore darknet website but getting the shade right is a huge hassle. i don't do anything else though. i've never tried to draw eyeliner on myself or put on mascara in my entire life. also i used to do eyebrow pencil to get that cara delevingne caveman brow because i thought it'd make me look cooler but i realized it didn't make much of a difference.

what do you mean by 'out there'? do you like doing bright colors?

No. 354691

I wear mascara and fill in my brows pretty much every day. My hair is blonde so I kinda feel like I don't have the option to not do it. I'll wear blush and eyeshadow/mascara if I feel fancy on the weekends when going out, that's it.

No. 354697

I have a set everyday look (very sheer SPF 50 CC cream so my freckles stay visible, water tint as blush and lips, same shade for color wash of eyeshadow on upper and lower lids with a little dab of highlight on inner corners, some lip liner for definition with my gloss, and my brows fluffed and tinted with my ginger mascara that I also use on eyes.) If I’m going for an elegant look for a night out or an event, I do a warm nude eye with lots of the same mascara, brows, a little blush and a plummy or wine red lip. Sometimes I do brick red or true red but never super bright. I used to play with makeup a lot more in my early 20s, some of it looked great but other styles just weren’t for me. Now for me it’s all about playing up what I feel makes my best features pop and my face look its best rather than what is trendy or whatever. My best friend does crazy/intense eye looks all the time tho and she looks awesome bc she has a shaved head and a mega gorgeous face.

No. 354707

Every day. I'm Sri Lankan so I have very big eyes which need liner, undereye concealer and curled lashes to look their best. I also live abroad, and going makeup-free in sweats and an old T-shirt is a surefire way for people to be racist where I live or assume I'm a beggar, so I do it to avoid too many stares.

No. 354723

See I cannot find a red that works for me to save my life (too pink, too orange, too purple) so I tend to stick to warm nudes and browner shades when dressing up- though I'd love to get more ideas tbh

No. 354729

File: 1698168879980.jpeg (331.71 KB, 1125x731, IMG_6232.jpeg)

Check out the natural red at Redhead Revolution—I found it to be the best red for redheads, it’s kind of brownish but unmistakably red and it looks so amazing not garish or stupid at all. I have like Sadie Sink coloring for reference but green eyes rather than blue. https://redheadrevolution.us/collections/shop-all/products/natural-almost-lipstick

No. 354750

>what do you mean by 'out there'? do you like doing bright colors?

Yes, that's what I meant. I also like to do "graphic" eyeliner looks sometimes.

No. 354762

Does anyone have any recommendations for long-lasting, smudgeproof lip liner/eyeliner? Sorry to ask such a simple question but I am lazy as hell. I like to use eyeliner/lip liner to enhance this cute little mole near my mouth but I haven't found a lip liner/eyeliner that has really lasted. I swear it all just slides off eventually.

No. 354763

Shit didn't mean to sage.

No. 354771

File: 1698175657643.jpg (93.19 KB, 564x752, clarins.jpg)

does the clarins lip oils look like a massive rip off to anyone else? I have pretty pigmented lips, so spending $20+ on something with a non-existent pigment seems like a waste. the only worthwhile looking one is plum and maybe cherry

No. 354774

God I’m jealous of your pigmented lips nonna. You’re blessed. I’ve been considering getting some permanent makeup in the watercolor style on mine bc they’re so stupid and pale!!!

No. 354804

I’ve been wearing it less these days but I do it on occasions like parties and when I know I’ll get my picture taken, id say like 5 times a month now, I don’t mind being seen without it, I have glasses so I think they frame my eyes well enough alone

No. 354805

I contour with eyeshadow is this a huge no no?

No. 354959

File: 1698210017765.jpeg (281.39 KB, 1016x1512, C0D1EBC9-6B19-4D62-889B-B94F86…)

Anyone have a dupe for the color she’s using? She was testing ancient beauty techniques with malachite so I can’t use the one in the video.

No. 354960

i dont know shit about makeup but i love this lady's videos. she seems so cool

No. 354966

Definitely not! If the colour you're using works for you, there's literally nothing wrong with that. I do the opposite, I sometimes wear shades that are too dark for me from my contour palettes as eyeshadow.

It's the same stuff anyway, dont sweat it

No. 354983

Anyone else experience eyeliner smudging in the inner corners? Mine only ever smears there. I use NYX epic ink eyeliner

No. 355005

Used to be every day, now only on week-ends or my off-days due to my job. Although if I have to go somewhere after work I'll put on some light makeup in the morning to look a bit more put together because my work clothes look rough.

My look is a mixture of stereotypical kbeauty style + some elements ripped from Ageha/Ane Ageha magazines.

I don't understand what you're getting at. They're like tinted lip care… If you want something opaque there's plenty of lipstick options out there. It's not what you're looking for is all, doesn't mean it's a scam.

No hard rules. If it looks bad it's a faux pas, if it looks good it's a super useful secret beauty trick

Colourpop has similar shades (obvi, the business, the mint to be palette and some others) I have never tried them personally however.

No. 355012

I have a question on color theory for brown-ish skin. My skin is a desaturated, neutral-to-warm, light brown. I’ve heard that girls with darker skin should apply more saturated shades, but I’m unsure if that’s the best decision for me due to me being pretty desaturated and ashy, and since I’m only slightly brown compared to being medium brown

No. 355017

lmao, mine only smears there too and I use the same eyeliner

No. 355027

File: 1698239797971.jpg (90.46 KB, 610x465, Hourglass-Modernist-Color-Fiel…)

For the record I don't have brown skin, but I think what's important is using pigmented eyeshadows with a tone and saturation that matches you. If your skin can't pull off saturated vibrant colors, don't bother, and this goes for light and dark skintones. You probably suit washed out soft colors, the only rule is if you use something that's lighter than your skin, regardless of saturation, you just need to apply a lighter eyeshadow base so it can pop. The only 'problem' with darker skins is that you need more opacity, more coverage. A concealer can do the trick but a white eyeshadow base (the nyx jumbo pencil is good for the price) will really make the color pop if that's what you want. Using cream shadows and pencils will also give more opacity, but if you stick to nude looks it might not be necessary. Picrel is the kind of colorful but soft, unsaturated looks I think you could pull off and you might not even need a base for it.

No. 355068

Lol, dang

I wonder what causes this. I personally always use primer and eyeshadow before eyeliner so that can't be the problem

No. 355070

thank you-you are a lifesaver! I kinda figured we had the same colouring.
I wear eyebrow gel and subtle eyeliner pretty much everyday, but I try to let my skin breathe unless I'm going out. I work from home, so there isn't any need to look alive with concealer etc unless I'm bored most days.
they look pretty imo but a colour called "honey" should be more pigmented…

No. 355123

Welcome! I hope you like the lipstick as much as I do. I have one of their discontinued shades called freckled goddess and it’s like almost a mauve but subtle and I get a lot of compliments on it, I’ll have to swatch it and post!

No. 355145

What combination of products would be good for hiding my red and acne scarred face? I get cystic acne on my chin and cheeks and have a bad picking habit. Obviously not much can be done about flaking/fresh scars but the redness lasts for so long even when I'm doing well and not picking. Any product and routine recs for someone with oily, pale skin that has lots of red spots?

No. 355167

File: 1698309393546.jpg (81.82 KB, 1055x1349, blue21.jpg)

What's good makeup colors/looks for someone with blue/turquoise dyed hair? (I do not have pronouns kek). I'm tired of just using neutral black/white because I'm scared anything else would look bad even tho i love colors

No. 355173

Hi nonna, I had turquoise/teal dyed hair for a bit when I was like 20, and I used a lot of warm nudes and almost like orangey browns/tans. Bronze and copper metallics looked really good with it, so does peach. You can make purples work too depending on your skin tone and what shade your hair is. Yellows can be nice too, I have a palette of like goldenrods and ochres that would look cool with that color hair too. Tbh don’t be afraid to experiment a bit! You might be surprised with what looks good.

No. 355174

Same anon just bc it’s funny I wanted to add, when I had that color hair I had to get my new drivers license (21, so horizontal rather than vertical in the US if ur not American) and my hair was the exact same shade as the backdrop at the DMV. Every bartender made fun of it for the entirety of me having that license photo kekkkk

No. 355188

thanks nona i'll try some warms and orangey colors. I don't think purple looks good on me tho, I just look bruised lol

No. 355251

Improving your skin is always going to be first priority. I’m white as a ghost with terrible acne and a picking problem as well but my makeup has never looked as good as when I really committed to healing my skin. Niacinamide serums can help with redness, Rosehip seed oil and Buckthorn oil really improve my complexion, and a gentle cleanser where you wash for a full minute each time are all good placed to start. For makeup techniques are going to help you more than specific products. Tutorials for the Demi method are good as they’re more targeted, just don’t get whatever mlm brands they tend to shill. Green correctors are good but even if you have a lot of redness you should use the sparingly as whenever I used something like a green primer I tended to look deathly if it was all over my face. Look up Alexandra Anele on youtube, specifically the one on making your base makeup look like skin. I use it and my makeup looks so much better.

No. 355375

As a tip to anyone else with hooded eyes:

Pencil eyeliners are much better for this eyeshape. I'm so surprised. I've used liquids for years but they are difficult to work with especially if you're trying to create a wing. I suppose because the substance is too thin in texture and takes just a little too long to set that it can quickly migrate out of place. Pencil eyeliners are waxy and you can just go directly over the crease and clean up afterward. Saw this trick on youtube from a pro MUA. It is seriously so much easier to create a wing with pencil eyeliner.

Personally I'm no longer doing a sharp wing anymore though I'm doing a sort of grungy smoked out wing.

No. 355448

I’m looking for a high pigmented cream lipstick that is dark blood red or very very dark berry red. I used to use a shade by Makeup Forever and sadly it was discontinued. Any suggestions? I miss my signature shade

No. 355513

Noir Red by Besame

No. 355602

I think there's lots of great inexpensive makeup out there and that the general quality of drugstore makeup has improved greatly in the past decade but I've found myself having a makeup collection that is increasingly (mostly) mid-range and luxury. It's just easier to find products that work and match me I guess. I'm really bad at selecting base products for myself in terms of color.

No. 355605

Are you olive by any chance? I find that olive toned foundations(whether warm, cool or neutral) have become impossible to find at an affordable price point.

No. 355608

Yes I am!

For sure it is harder to find good products with olive undertones. Currently I'm using a lot of Makeup Forever, their stuff really works for me. In my experience MAC and Clinique aren't great for olive skin tones despite the price but they do have other good makeup.

No. 355726

As the other anon said, you should probably focus on skincare and go see a derm if you can. Makeup is gonna clog your pores and can worsen your skin if not cleaned properly. To cover acne, I'd recommend spot concealing with a green corrector first then covering up with a high coverage foundation like the MUFE HD stick, a concealer or something similar. Your green corrector needs to be similar to your skintone, so if you're really pale you need a pastel green (you can mix it with a light concealer if needed) and if you're darker you'll need a more saturated darker green, see vidrel on color correcting 101.

No. 355885

Anyone here tried make up from Tirtir, Flower Knows and/or ZEESEA?

No. 355886

I’ve tried only wearing color correcting shades and in certain lights you can still see all the colors and pigment even if you blend it well. Not worth it at all kek

No. 355887

I can't believe it's 2023 and we still think color correcting works

No. 355938

I have been doing eyeliner on the inner lids for a while but i think it doesn't suit me…

No. 356006

I believe that only really looks good if you have smaller eyes to begin with. I have large eyes and when I put white liner on I look like a creepy doll

No. 356059

I do black, I have deepset downturned roundish eyes and i thought black eyeliner inside the lids and dark brown eyeshadow outside would make my eyes less deepset and and make them appear a little elnongated upwards but actually I look like a methhead idk what to do

No. 356116

concealer/foundation always looks either orange or pink on me, i'm literally extremely white so you'd think the most basic white foundation would fit but no. i hate this.

No. 356126

Kryolan TV Paint Stick foundation. They even have pure clown white if you so desire kek

No. 356204

File: 1698828595876.png (1.84 MB, 1018x1018, faces.png)

I really want to get into makeup but I don't know what suits me. Especially lipstick, it's either the colour of my skin or I look like a clown. What colours would look good on a person like picrel? (Not me)

No. 356213

Look into Seasonal Color Analysis to find your colors. After that you can search "make up for (your face shape)", "foundation for (your skin type)", "how to apply (makeup product)" etc. Pinterest is helpful too.

No. 356217

Brick/warm orange or red tones, apricot for the top row. Bottom row would probably look better with a muted peach or natural pink like her lips as she seems to have a slightly more neutral color scheme. Same with blush, go for light peach/apricot tones. Also if you look bad with lipstick try a more smudged/natural way of applying. some of us just look retarded with super crisp outlines. I would make a bunch of product suggestions but since I'm a k-beauty shill it may not be the sort of thing you like/can easily get

white liner looks stupid on nearly everyone without circle lenses, same with most harsh lower eye enlarging techniques. See young zoomers for proof

Anything dark you put on your undereyes will accentuate the curve and pull them down. get a good highlighting color for the first 3/4 of your bottom eyelid and use less/more discret mascara on your bottom lashes. point your eyeliner in the inner corner (think fox eye but less retarded and more downwards) this way the outer corner and wing tip will look higher in comparison.

I always write such wall of texts in this thread I think I'll buy a graphic tablet just to draw make-up tutorials

No. 356223

Round eyes anon, I appreciate the tips and you should get a tablet I think you’re quite good at this.

No. 356230

you're not supposed to wear only color corrector, it needs to be mixed or you need to add a skintone color over it as i said… for anons that don't believe in it, i don't know what to tell you, it's color theory. Do you not believe that red and yellow mixed together make orange either ?

No. 356235

NTA –I think if your final makeup is opaque enough to cover the color-theory colors then it's thick enough to cover your skin colors so what's the point. It's just a trend made up to get people to buy more product.

No. 356242

No. 356254

Color correcting can help neutralize tones without caking on foundation and concealer though? It needs to be used more sparingly than influencers usually do but it’s not a bad technique kek. I had terrible acne like the who anon asked and trying to cover with just foundation took forever and looked awful. Intense discoloration is much harder to cover than just a few pimples.

No. 356348

File: 1698912318343.png (55.1 KB, 462x625, palette.png)

Ok hangon I colour picked directly from photos of myself because I think the AI was a bit misleading, what would you recommend? And I actually love k-beauty but that very bright red only looks good on very pale ivory skin

No. 358761

Does anyone have recommendations for a lightweight and sheer concealer/foundation to cover redness? I've been using Glossier foundation for ages but now that "clean beauty" is the trend I'm sure there's something better out there. Also man I hate trying to find my color match because everything looks too orange on me kek

No. 358822

‘Clean girl’ makeup is elitist and classist. Instead of being about artistry, skill or use of products (which pretty much anyone can afford nowadays due to the wide selection of drugstore products that are just as good as expensive brands, and anyone can put the effort in to learn) it’s become about ridiculously expensive skincare and skin treatments and plastic surgery and increasing the pressure on young girls to be ‘effortlessly, naturally beautiful’ without any obvious aid of cosmetics.

No. 358835

Did anyone ask? Anon was asking for a tinted moisturizer recommendation, no need to sperg out

No. 358918

I love the Dr Jart Tiger Grass SPF for redness, a small amount evens out my skin and provides some sun protection for the daytime. It looks very natural and light. There’s not much coverage but it definitely works for redness if that’s your main concern.

No. 358924

your coloring is similar to mine and I'm a deep autumn

No. 358940

Brick/coral red looks really bad on me; it really ages me. So far the only thing that seems to look ok is semi sheer pink gloss from Dior.

No. 358946

Seconded. I picked this up two weeks ago and am obsessed. Don’t even need foundation anymore, just a little spot concealer. Holy grail.

No. 359236

File: 1700178723003.jpeg (127.58 KB, 736x1116, IMG_2870.jpeg)

What are these type of lashes called? And how can I do them?

No. 359238

File: 1700178760334.jpeg (81.46 KB, 527x866, IMG_2867.jpeg)

No. 359249

Put on mascara and pinch your lashes together with a tweezer

No. 359259

manhua/manga lashes. usually these are falsies, if your lashes are long enough like the girl in the pic you can get a similar effect by curling them and manually creating clumps with tweezers after applying mascara like the other anon said

No. 359486

What would you call the average/most popular makeup style that is everywhere right now called?

No. 359491

I moved to the southern US recently and the most common makeup I see I would call 24/7 Sunday Church Full Beat

No. 359498

Soft glam? Or an attempt at it

No. 359502

File: 1700255963742.jpg (82.37 KB, 1600x1600, s-l1600.jpg)

I am 2 months late but MAC's marrakesh is your answer. Personally I'm struggling to find lip tints and lighter lip products in this color, but it is perfect as a lipstick.

No. 359503

File: 1700256733253.jpg (236.59 KB, 1294x570, 4.jpg)

Besides the manga/manhua lashes like other nonnie said I've seen them called 60's lashes, 60's mod lashes, twiggy lashes, doll lashes, shelley duvall lashes, jane birkin lashes
They can either be done with the mascara method, with falsies or even with liner/pencil like jane and twiggy did for a stronger effect.

No. 359857

How bad is it really to sleep with your makeup on?

Everyone knows it's not good for your skin, but does it really cause irreversible damage if you sleep with a full face of makeup like once or twice a year?

No. 359862

I don’t know about irreversible damage, that sounds like an exaggeration, but you should definitely make a point to remove your makeup and get in that habit. Leaving a full face on overnight could definitely lead to an eye infection, a stye, or just unnecessary pimples/blackheads. Your pillow case is also going to get disgusting and maybe even stained.

No. 359863

Realistically you're doing more damage to your skin by eating sugar regularly or not exercising as much as you should compared to wearing makeup to bed two times a year. Really nothing to worry about.

No. 359933

You're supposed to wash your face every day right? I see this question as what what happen if you never wash your face. For one, if you have acne prone skin/oily skin, the make up would just clog your pores and the natural microbiome on your skin will probably get fucked up, which is already the case if you have acne prone skin. All of that shit is going all over your pillow cases when you sleep, sure you can just wash them straight after, but most people do not wash them every day.

No. 359953

She wrote once or twice a year.

No. 360014

yeah, i'm dumb lmao.

No. 360091

Yeah this is what I was thinking.

I take really good care of my skin so I was wondering would sleeping with makeup on once in a blue moon really do a lot of damage to my skin

No. 360099

The causes leading up to not removing makeup(like drinking) causes more damage than sleeping in the makeup does

No. 360445

File: 1700612328740.jpg (79.65 KB, 736x981, douyin.jpg)

Does outlining aegyo sal not work if you have very deep set eyes? whenever i try to do it i just look dirty and weird. my eyes are sunken in almost, very deep set.

No. 360455

Yeah sorry nonny it's basically for the opposite eye type: shallow set and already lots of eyelid fat. However I also have deep eyes and pn the plus side we already have a natural outline for a cut crease type effect. I also just smudge shadow with a tiny round brush right onto the lash line and not under it like aegyo Sal. Muddyness is also affected by the tone of the shadow, too orangey and warm and it looks terrible on me.

No. 360456

You don't get it…

Option 1: slather foundation and concealer until everything matches

Option 2: use much less amount of color corrector right onto blemishes. Now you are free to apply powder and foundation in a sheer amount without a noticeable blemish dark spot.

No. 360479

Dumb question and sorry if it’s already been answered but do you put spf sunscreen under or over (liquid foundation)? Under primer? Either way I’m finding it wrecks the consistency of the foundation but I live in a literal scorching UV hellscape.

No. 360481

I put it under/instead of either. Primer is supposed to help your skin consistency by filling in pores etc and helping foundation stick, so the right lotion or suncreen can achieve the same goal. Foundation goes over it as a general blender/color affector to form a base. You might need to experiment with different combos of all the products to land on the best final texture combo, especially depending on what you need it to last for… basically just try it out.

No. 360483

Thanks nona, I think you are right- it must depend on the combination of products working together. Will try some out

No. 360493

If contoured aegyosal looks bad on you you can try to achieve a similar effect just with highlighting/strobing. Also the contour actually needs to be quite light handed to look good in real life, a very pronounced line only looks good on camera even on shallow set eyes.

the left shadow color could be good for blush, and even if red doesn't fit what about the other colors I mentioned like apricot and peach tones ? Also your coloration isn't all that matters, i.e red would not look "aging" on the top row from >>356204 but would definitely look more mature on someone with deeper/stronger features or even the bottom row AI girl, you have to take into account the visual impact and definition of your own facial features.

There is no shortcut to finding the right products, you'll have to experiment either way, we can only help narrow your search a little.

No. 360512

Maybe aged was the wrong word but too strong or dramatic, I guess? It just doesn’t suit , I either look like a clown or trying too hard to hard to look mature. As for features I’d say I have small round everything basically, not a lot of contrast or drama.

No. 360672

I did the dear peachie archetype, and I’m not understanding the hype. Basically for every type it’s saying to use less product. As for myself, I’m right in the line at elegant/natural. But winged eyeliner with a deep red lipstick always looks great on me. Natural makeup leaves my eyes looking tired and smaller. Does this even check? Can I be a natural/elegant while still looking great with dramatic eyes?

No. 360716

Dear Peachie is just English translations of Chinese makeup techniques so if you're not East Asian the guides may not necessarily work for you

No. 360738

File: 1700769877455.jpeg (109.75 KB, 736x980, IMG_3053.jpeg)

Are the formulas for Korean and Chinese matte liquid lipsticks different western ones in how they have this blurring effect? Or is it something that can be replicated with western products

No. 360744

File: 1700771592320.png (699.83 KB, 1080x1080, 8809625244453.png)

If you want to do this lip look faster, I recommend buying Chinese or Korean lip tints.
I have picrel and with this one specifically, yes the blur effect is different than trying to replicate with western lip tints. To me, western lip tints or lipsticks are more heavy on the lips and more pigmented and if you don't master the blur effect, the ombré line might be too harsh. Also, most western lipsticks dry really quick and you have to be fast, picrel is buildable, has a more airy texture and doesn't dry the fuck out of my lips. I did this type of lip look with the Maybelline superstay one in the past and yes, you can replicate that with a q-tip and lots of patience, it doesn't hit the same like the rom&and one to me at least

No. 361187

is it worth it to try to become a beauty youtuber/influencer? is it difficult or realistic? i've been thinking about it since a friend became kind of instagram and tiktok popular and now gets send free pr/makeup from a few brands. 90% of content i watch is about makeup so i get the idea, i also think you must need to be conventionally pretty and i feel like i am, but also i'm a college student and only could make content when i'm not busy

No. 361204

If it makes you happy to make makeup vids, sure. If its only to get a lot of followers and sponsorships, no

No. 361383

The swatch pics are obviously shooped to be more blurry, but I do think that asian brands have way better formulas for lip products. I also like their color selection a lot because they tend to have more muted, natural shade with different undertones so it's easier to find something you like that also suits you. To get a blurry effect, you could try using concealer around the lips and put some hd powder all over (I also think the superstay liquid lip >>360744 mentionned is great for a similar effect, it's a matte/satin texture).

No. 361405

Nonnies, i want to get a bit into makeup for a couple of reasons, but also because my dark circles make me look like a panda/corpse and i'm super pale.
I have never really used it except some poor attempts at covering my dark circles, but i want to keep a natural look and i feel like i have to get used to the "feel" of makeup on my face, but i'm always too conscious if i'm wearing it, and i'm always too jumpy or scared if someone is applying it to my face.
How long did it took you to get good and comfortable with it? I'm very sensitive around my eyes, but i would like to add something there too sometimes.

No. 361455

All you do is put like two dots of concealer where your dark circles are it takes 30 seconds to blend in. If you're pale then the dark circles are just the muscles in your face showing under your skin. I assure you no one cares so if makeup is something you don't want to wear then don't waste your time or money.

No. 361457

File: 1701114892353.jpg (18.77 KB, 224x1000, 61G0I9PijUL._AC_UF894,1000_QL8…)

>How long did it took you to get good and comfortable with it?
I started wearing makeup pretty late in life (around 16/17) and until then, when I had other people doing my makeup, I would start crying and flinching when they got around my eye area. What helped me was being an eyelinerfag (I still am) and doing my eyeliner for special occasions. Iirc, my first eyeliner was this Rimmel London one, it was shit, but the brush was soft and helped me get over that fear. I don't know if they make this anymore. Now, I don't wear makeup on the regular and never did so that might help too if you don't like the feeling of makeup.

No. 361484

You don't need to be a very big influencer to get pr just so you know, brands are very generous about giving pr to smaller creators. Be sure to dip into body care, skincare and wellness content in general to maximize your reach if you ever get into it.

No. 361486

I was also thinking about this lately bcs I have a fuckton of makeup and I need an excuse to use it, like making looks for instagram would be a fun way to use up what I have
how many followers does your friend have? I hate tiktok tho but it looks like everything happens there
nonna do you know if brands would give PR to women who are 28/30+ and not college students? I look pretty decent and my makeup skills are really good

No. 361498

I've lost track of all the concealers i've tried, i feel like everytime i'm under the sunlight it looks like i've done nothing to it, but i want to do things properly in the future!
Also yeah i don't think i can help those dark circles much, i'm very veiny in general too.
Aw, thanks for sharing, i don't have many friends but i feel awkward with this subject, i admit i like eyeliner but i\ve never went out with it and i'm 25.
Thanks for the replies so far, i know i can keep going with no makeup but i'll also be moving to a country where it's more common and people use it more for special occasions, so i wanted to get into it, also because i want to be able to apply it to a friend or maybe my daughter if i will ever have one lol

No. 361582

Great transformation

No. 362408

I've been becoming more interested in masculine makeup since I'm already gnc and I've watched some tutorials but there are 2 things that still confuse me and Google isn't helping, or I'm too retarded to figure it out kek

1. in a lot of the tutorials mascara isn't used at all? They put on some eyeshadow and even eyeliner but no mascara? Doesn't that just look unfinished even if it's not heavy glam?

2. honestly how do you know if you blended your contour enough? I've never done anything else but simple highlights so I'm scared to use the dark shades so I don't look like an idiot

No. 362435

can someone reccomend me pearl/metallic lipsticks available in europe? no liquid ones, just classic stick. thank you

No. 362507

the world of masculine makeup tutorials was completely unknown to me until you mentioned it just now, but that makes sense to me because mascara is instantly feminizing. I imagine adding mascara is the difference between an edgy shane look and a smoky eye.
off topic but I've only ever dated normie girls who wear no to minimal makeup and aren't even super butch, so the idea of a masc woman going to the work of doing a full face contour look is so crazy to me. but god the girl in this video is so unbelievably hot

No. 362773

I would just be careful about not putting powder or skin products on your lashes, for example concealer can end up there and they'll look beige or transparent which is not necessarily flattering. I take a wet q tip to wipe that off, then curl. If you still feel like something is missing, a brown mascara applied very lightly can still look masculine.
You know when your contour is blended if you don't have visible streaks. Experiment on your face and check how it looks in natural day light, be careful about using the right shade (not too warm, not too red or too gray) and try replicating the natural shades on your face, very lightly and then building it up as you go.
I also remember that 'boy beat' was a trend like five years ago because of Beyonce's mua, you could look for those tutorials : they're more focused on doing a quick natural and intentionnaly unrefined makeup than contouring to get a sharper, masculine face but they had some great techniques.

No. 362860

You could try brown mascara if no mascara feels weird, it's much softer and natural looking while still adding finish

No. 362898

File: 1701742268101.png (1.94 MB, 1200x1273, MYO travel beauty.png)

I recently went overseas for 2-3 weeks and although I'm not big into make-up I brought the MYO mini travel case. I mainly wear cream products and use brushes & my fingers with application. All my products are multi-purpose so I needed to make them smaller versus reducing the number of products used. It was mainly for everyday with a few special dinners/events.

I brought the mini case and two 3-pan containers.
One for concealer, contour/bronzer & eyeshadow primer (MAC creme eyeshadow Painterly)
One for 2 x blushes & 1 x high-lighter.
It also fit in 2 x 3ml perfume & one short brow pencil.
This fit the bulk of my makeup with only my primer, skin tint, finishing powder, UD Space cowboy eyeshadow, 2 eyeshadow pencils, mascara & 2 lip items.

It really helped shrinking it all down and I've been debating about buying the larger size as I could keep a few more of the looser items inside it. I would also use a small deep pot for the concealer as that was the only item I hit pan on but didn't run out of.

No. 362914

Not really, I do standard 'feminine' makeup (black pencil in the upper waterline and a little bit on the eyelid) and I don't use mascara at all because I hate wiping it off, it doesn't look weird. Try dying your lashes with henna (remember to check if you're allergic first) and curling them if they aren't curled naturally, use eye pencils and crayons, they tend to look more 'naturally undone' than liquid eyeliner.

No. 362939

This sounds counterintuitive because concealers tend to be thick but as someone who any of the lighter options do nothing for, I've got great results out of layering skincare+moisturiser, 50+ sunscreen (generic store brand, I care more about the actual protection factor and they deliver), highly pigmented concealer (Shape Tape works but Thin Lizzy is my go to). I use a very small amount of the concealer and only apply once the sunscreen is almost absorbed, it acts as a primer but also dilutes it. It gives a really natural effect but is good for lessening dark eye circles or covering minor pimples or discolouration. I add a little mascara, a very light brush of setting powder (honestly almost any) and then spray with the mecca brand setting spray. I used to do a full face and get compliments but this looks so natural that it takes years off while getting rid of the stuff I want to hide. Foundation never gave the payoff that I wanted for the sheerness but as stupid as a fullface of concealer does, it literally looks like nothing if you get the right amount.

No. 362957

I do this too and my mom does also. I think she actually taught me it. If you hydrate well and get a really good thick creamy non creasing concealer in the right shade, you can basically just skip foundation and sheer out the concealer into the sunscreen/skincare base. Personally I hate the feeling of wearing a foundation mask and it creases and wears off patchily during the day no matter how much I prime or set, so I find using concealer just around my nose and eye circles as well as on pimples is enough. If you use your exact shade or a bit lighter it’s basically undetectable no matter what lighting you are in and I love that,I feel like foundation is always noticeable up close irl no matter how well it’s blended.

No. 363573

Where do I buy unnatural colored contacts and what brands are good?

No. 364455

File: 1702249861422.png (782.91 KB, 637x640, Screenshot_1.png)

anyone here got good western drugstore products that are matte lip products? Specifically looking for the mousse/blurring lips many east asian women use, i live in the united states so brands that usually sell there would be nice. i have looked around in my local target, ulta, and even sephora but i havent really nailed down any products like this. i would get myself actual east asian makeup products but im fearful of having to spend a lot of money on overseas shipping, plus the wait time is just too much when id rather go to a department store and find something similar. so, any products come to mind? even if its a lipstick, i want one that stays on for a long time and gives that blurring matte look. very into the "clean girl" or the "no makeup" makeup styles

No. 364557

I like Makeup Forever's HD Matte Velvet powder foundation. If you apply it with a stippling sponge or some other brush where the bristles are loosely packed you can get a very nice sheer coverage.

I think you're probably a 'winter' if the coral blush looks bad on you. IME it is totally possible to need to wear a 'warm toned' foundation but look better with cool toned blush and lipstick. Seasonal Color Analysis was written for clothing, not makeup. Makeup is usually sheerer to begin with since it mixes with your underlying skin tone and it is normal for warm toned people to have cool toned lips like in the picture you posed. Even the most warmly toned image in the lower left still has cool toned lips. I think most people are better off using sheer lip products, it's almost always more flattering anyway.

No. 364606

Isn't this achieved with any matte lipstick and concealer? I don't think you need a specific product.

No. 364674

Can any nona recommend a good face powder? I don’t usually wear makeup, but due to tretinoin (Can’t quit, use it for acne) I’ve gotten that shiny look to my skin now. I think it’s become too much kek. I’m looking for something more natural and for daily use.

No. 364677

yeah, nona should look up a jelly lips tutorial. you can use any products, it's the technique that creates the smudged look

No. 364734

Rimmel Stay Matte is super cheap, just don't tote it around in your purse because it has famously shitty packaging.

I can personally attest to MAC's Blot Powder as well and the packaging is much sturdier.

No. 364902

while i know you can do this with any matte lip product and concealer, i heard a lot of good things about the whipped lip products that are popular in korea, but i wanted to try a dupe/western alternative.

i did some digging and found that revlon and wet n' wild have some, but i'm not sure if they are good formulas. any other nonas tried these before?

No. 365045

File: 1702420444183.jpeg (26.36 KB, 302x167, 6E30933F-A9D9-46AA-840E-351A26…)

Anyone use Kohl? Which brands do you recommend?

No. 365047

File: 1702421319190.png (964.47 KB, 1018x1000, Screenshot 2023-12-12 at 2.48.…)


For use over bare skin/no makeup, this one is my favorite. Highly recommend if you can find it. Smooths over pores and mattefies skin nicely. I first bought it in Japan where the shop girl told me you could wear it to sleep without issue (it doesn't need to be washed off). Now I just order it online when I run low, but I've only had to replace it once in several years.

No. 365077

nta but I've seen this powder in a japanese store here in burgerland and I've been thinking about getting it. it seems nice. the tin and the puff with the ribbon are cute. I'm going to check it out again.

No. 365155

File: 1702484522036.jpg (136.42 KB, 1200x1200, 23_Campaign_Holiday_Lulu_McArd…)

I love simple English Rose makeup. Rosie Inc is one of my favourite brands right now.

No. 365156

File: 1702484672255.jpg (99.8 KB, 1200x1200, 22_Rose-Inc_-Blush-Shade-Exten…)

her cream blushes are sooooo nice. I have 3 of them.

No. 365159

Oh I will def be checking that out nonna!! I pretty much only do variations on English rose makeup and this stuff looks so nice and cute. The simple packaging is a big plus.

No. 365542

trying to find good kohl myself

No. 365544

Ooooh this looks so cute thank you for sharing nonna

No. 365640

Maybelline used to have a pretty good kohl I remember using yeeeeears ago, I think it was the Kajal one
but if you want that look it's achievable with black eyeliner pencil = eyeshadow too
that looks very chic, I didn't know about this brand

No. 365904

File: 1702761745247.jpeg (35.88 KB, 1080x1080, shopping.jpeg)

If anyone is searching for a vinyl - like vampy lip like the "So Shady" gloss from Revlon, Rimmel London has a close enough variant (picrel). It's the shade 841 - Bittersweet Plum and it has a medicinal mint smell to it and it stings.

No. 365940

File: 1702775016410.jpeg (254.33 KB, 1047x1080, IMG_2673.jpeg)

nonnies did any of you try any makeup products from flower knows?? they look so pretty but they’re kinda expensive so i need to know if they’re worth it before pouring all my money into it..

No. 366011

I heard bad things about their powder formula stuff like eyeshadows. You should watch a few YouTube reviews and make sure to buy items one by one if you want it to be affordable.
Dont just buy it because of the pretty exterior, its the same thing as the makeup sold in drugstores or sephora, might even have a worse ingredient list if it wasnt checked by European standards.

No. 366793

I have a blush and lipstick from them. I like the formula but I don't think their palettes would be worth the splurge. Their packaging is pretty, but it's bulky and impractical. The blush is just okay, and the lipstick is good, but you can find better/like formulas from Korean brands with better ingredients and for cheaper.

No. 366923

Hey nonas! So I have absolutely NO clue how to do my eyebrows. I know well done eyebrows can make you look so much better but I just never really understand how to do it. Mine aren't very full, not very sparse either, uneven, and set pretty close to my eyes. I never know where they're supposed to start and end. And tips or tutorials would be appreciated!

No. 367880

File: 1703391413904.jpg (102.21 KB, 940x788, Anastasia-Soares-Golden-Ratio-…)

follow the Anastasia golden ratio. Im the esthetician nona and use it on almost all of my brow clients. It's pretty fool proof unless you have particularly narrow or wide set eyes. Also i prefer the look of doing a heavier hand on top and bottom of the brows from the arch to the ends, then a light hand just under neath on the inside toward the nose to the arch and brushing up with a spoolie to get that soft blended effect. I recommend doing this with any thin twist up brow pencil. My favorite one after trying many is by far the sephora collection precision brow pencil. it's exactly the same as benefit/anastasia just half the price. For drug store the skinny nyx twist up isnt bad

No. 367951

A tip if to use a razor to shape then the first couple of times before you go in with the tweezer, that way you know what looks good on you and if you fuck up its not permanent.

No. 369450

sorry nona super late reply since I didn't see this until just now. I know it'd probably be better to forgo liner but I'm wondering if maybe puppy liner would be doable since it is angled downwards away from the fold of skin. I'm trying to find false eyelashes that look good on me rather than mascara on my natural ones since mine are a brownish color and sparse.

No. 369523

File: 1703787040795.jpg (73.34 KB, 444x724, ghfhfhfhfh.jpg)

I'm looking into trying Romand Juicy Lasting lip tint but I can't decide on the shades I want. I'm looking at FigFig, Eat Dotori, Dark Coconut, Peeling Angdo and Almond Rose. I have very yellow/green olive skin, of light medium depth. For reference my favorite lipsticks are MAC Marrakesh, KVD Plath, Wet n Wild Sandstorm and Tom Ford Casablanca. I lean towards brick colors and very peachy, warm nudes. Anything slightly pink or mauve looks either neon pink or corpse purple, but I really want to find a nice cool toned muted rosy/plummy shade.

No. 369531

If you have warm skin id steer away from plummy shades and replicate the feel/vibe with dark brows and reds, coolest being a neutral shade, like the dark coconut shade. I have the opposkte problem, cool skin and I love the look of brick reds and warm browns, but it looks like I've smeared chocolate on my face when I try it on.

No. 369576

Having extreme undertones sucks, nothing ever looks like it does in the tube/swatched. The Tom Ford lipstick is the closest I've gotten to a plummy-ish shade that doesn't look horrendous on me but it's not quite right and the price is ridiculous. As much as I like brown shades and warm ones, a nice muted plum is my white whale and I'm willing to go broke trying to find it kek

No. 369604

File: 1703805194900.jpeg (176.95 KB, 1605x896, 970260D8-0060-4342-92FD-CC1E25…)

As a mixed Wasian girl, Dear Peachie’s videos have helped me so much in figuring out what makeup style suits me. I always wondered why I looked so washed out and plain when trying ‘natural makeup looks’ but get so many compliments when I wear bold lip and heavy eyeshadow/liners. For a long time I tried to do subtle girly kpop idol style makeup but now I realize I suit dramatic red carpet Chinese actress style makeup far more. Her videos are targeted mostly at Asians and use Asian references so if you’re of that race they may help a lot. Even if you’re not Asian I think she can still help you find what type you are. I’m definitely dramatic romantic.

No. 369605

The blur effect is from lip concealer on the edges

No. 369616

Omg a fellow wasian nonnie! Hi! Dear Peachie's videos have really helped me diagnose why my makeup was always horrible– I'm quite the opposite of you. I love bold colors and dramatic looks, but they always looked "heavy" for my features. Turned out my soft features are more suited for muted natural looks, how unfortunate lol.

No. 369784

not sure if this should be in skincare general or the advice thread but since it involves makeup i'll ask here. does anyone else get really swollen eyelids when they use fake lashes? lashes used to be a staple to all my makeup looks a couple years back but one day my eyes started to get extremely swollen and red when i'd take them off. i've used several different lash glues but all of them give me the same reaction. i've used lash glues for sensitive eyes and gotten the same reaction. not sure if it's an allergy thing or just a skin sensitivity thing since lash glue can contain lots of ingredients that may irritate skin, but i just want to ask because i really miss wearing them but every time i take my makeup off or peel them off, they immediately swell. it doesn't happen with any other makeup products weirdly enough? just lashes. if anyone has experienced this and has any solutions please let me know because i really miss adding them to my looks.

No. 369797

You could have a latex allergy it's pretty common.

No. 369810

100% latex allergy, you'll need a latex free eyelash glue

No. 369842

Nonnie, what kind of lashes do you use? I developed an allergy to fake lashes last year which was devastating because I love wearing them for events. From my research, it seems like a lot of people develop an allergy to the latex or acrylates in the lash glue.
I've tried every latex free, acrylate free glue I could find. The one glue that is latex and acrylate free is Tatti Lashes So Sensitive lash glue. I always tested the glues on my eyelids and I'd never have a reaction… until I paired them with lashes.
Turns out it's actually the lash band that is causing my allergic reaction. I bought a lot of them from TaoBao as they have the type I like (spiky), but I think a lot of manufacturers have changed the fibers and it's causing irritation. I recently swapped to House of Lashes and while I may get an itch here and there, I don't have the reaction or swelling that I used to and I can wear lash glue with latex and acrylates again.

No. 369951

That video made me sad cause I’m a natural, fuck that, what’s the point in wearing makeup that doesn’t even look like it’s there

No. 369961

If you can stand the really difficult learning curve, I'm a dual magnetic lash main. One over and one under your lashes. It's easier if you cut them to be on the mids to ends of your lash line (if your natural lashes are long enough to blend into them). Silly George and Ardel Magnetic Accents on Amazon is where I get mine from.

It's a fast and convenient glue-free way to wear lashes, but requires practicing at home for at least a couple hours to get used to them.

No. 370018

when i look it up this was the most common answer but i was really hoping it would be something else. i'm a bit jealous of people who can wear lashes with no issue, but a cute makeup look for one day isn't worth 2-3 days of dealing with my eyes being super puffy and red so i'll avoid latex products from now on. thank you!
i was embarrassed to answer this at first because i'm very frugal, but i've gotten a lot of my lashes from aliexpress because similar to what you said, they had the kinds of lashes i liked for nice prices. my eyes reacted to them completely normally for about 6-7 months? until one day my eyes were noticeably drier, then stung/felt sore, then went to full swelling after i kept trying to use them normally. at first i thought it was just lack of moisture so i applied vaseline to my eyes after taking off my makeup and if i wasn't wearing makeup, but it didn't do anything. i've used pharmacy/drug store lashes before and some of them had the same reaction unfortunately. thank you for the recommendations! i'm not sure if they sell the lashes or the lash glue you mentioned in my country but i'll order online if i have to, also comforting to know i'm not alone since i never see anyone talk about this when it comes to makeup.
i never understood how magnetic lashes worked but i'll test them out if it means avoiding regular lash glue. sorry if i sound silly but just curious, i've heard that putting them under your lashes can be irritating and harmful to your eyes? i've never seen any real reason as to why it's harmful, just wanted to ask because i want to try this out (also sounds like it'd look cute)

No. 370053

>I've heard that putting them under your lashes can be irritating and harmful to your eyes?
thats for the regular glue lashes. The glue can be more irritating in closer contact with eyes.

For magnetics they're not irritating at all just make sure to clean them regularly, I just spray with a little bottle of rubbing alcohol and wipe them, and re-use them for months.
If you apply them wrong they can pinch a bit, what you do is grab onto them with your thumb and index finger and slide them away from each other and try again. If you're a tactile person good at crafts and stuff you'll get used to it, but most dual magnetic lashes have 3 star reviews not because of the lash quality but because of the difficulty of use. A tip I give out is to apply the top one sorta where you want it (the bottom one pulls it to position even if its not perfect) then make wide open "crazy eyes" and apply the bottom ones flying UP not IN. if you try to come horizontally in with them, they will zoop together too soon and be all fucked up. If you are really close to the eye and fly up, the magnet does its job and its in position perfectly.
Also, you can start easy and cut it down to ends only so you're working with a short, 1 magnet strip to make a cat eye enhancer to your regular, mascara-applied lashes.

Also, store them on a metal plate or a metal base of a mirror. Store them in the shape you want to match your eye, the lash strip will stay that shape. not like I or C but in between, this help application so much. I stored them hastily before and they became L shaped lol.

No. 370061


Don't be embarrassed, I bought my old lashes because they were cheap too! I'm US based so I hope you can find something that works for you soon. Other tips and tricks that worked for me included using eczema cream for my eyelids (this was way more soothing than vaseline) and also using warm compresses at night. The lash glue can end up clogging your meibomian glands, which can cause the swelling and irritation. Good luck and don't give up! If you need any help finding a retailer in your country who might be able to get the lashes or glue you want to try out, just drop your country and I'm happy to look around.

No. 370313

File: 1704100768008.jpeg (127.43 KB, 966x828, IMG_4689.jpeg)

I've been trying to use tutorials to improve my makeup and i can seldom seem to find a tutorial where a MUA has the same eye shape. There also aren't a lot of celebrities with my eye shape who don't get blephs or some kind of surgery. I want to throw hands at my sad eyes. deep set, semi hooded lids but not a lot of lid space and creases at the tops which makes eye makeup very bothersome. I've given up on liner at this point but I'm trying to improve my eyeshadow to the point where it doesn't make my eyes look sad, downsy and bitchy. I've been doing my makeup wrong for years. Nobody ever told me till recently how wrong I was doing it. my eyes are not thin enough or lack enough lid space to be truly hooded, but they're not large or spacious enough to be considered round. They used to be my favorite feature and now I'm starting to fucking hate them

I'm somewhere between almond and droopy and can't pull off half the looks with my lack of skill but also with my shape. I'm just trying to figure out something that works by giving the illusion my eyes pull upward. without liner.

No. 370321

If you really want upturned eyes you can probably find a bella hadid fox eye tutorial but honestly it’s better not to fight it. There are a lot of Korean MUAs on YouTube (with English subtitles) that can help you maximize your eye shape. I think Asian eye makeup is great. INBORA, dear peachie, Jessica vu are great YouTubers for figuring out how to maximize your face makeup

No. 370407

I love her videos too but it's a bit like Kibbe, if you're unlucky, you might be doomed to a style you hate.
Dilireba is probably the celebrity I look most similar to (just way uglier) and I know that this is the type of makeup that suits my facial type the best but on the other hand I already look so cold and arrogant to begin with, if I wear a very strong and glam makeup I look even more unapproachable. For her it works because she's a star on red carpets and she has a lovable image but for everyday life…

No. 370414

I wish I could wear natural/barely there makeup. I look like a biscuit when I try natural looks. Painfully plain and boring.

No. 370443

I'm an East Asian living in America and her videos helped since I'm definitely the ingenue archetype. Bold or sexy styles look really clownish on me, so I've always felt really unaddressed by most American makeup (and clothing) trends and had to try to come up with my own guidelines.

No. 370699

File: 1704267277684.jpg (Spoiler Image,105.82 KB, 640x423, 24-01-03-02-27-53-829_deco.jpg)

Spoilered for eye-picture. Could someone give me some tips and or advice? I'm having trouble trying to figure out what kind of eye shape I have and what kind of makeup style is best suitable for this kind of eye shape.

No. 371129

File: 1704442796872.jpg (684.28 KB, 1395x1282, Palmolive-colours-1941.jpg)

i want to try vintage styled makeup but I feel like I look like a middle aged prostitute every time even though I'm using a minimal amount. I think because my eyelids are too heavy or something.

No. 371136

You're not using enough palmolive

No. 371140

File: 1704450498897.jpg (478.98 KB, 1560x2048, kuua_oyasumi.jpg)

does anyone know what the makeup in pic related is called? or any tutorials for it? I see a lot of japanese women (usually cosplayers and women who wear alt fashion) doing this undereye makeup that I would like to attempt but I'm not sure what to search for to find tutorials.
if it wasn't clear already I'm referring to both how she did the lower lashes in her outer corner below the lashline to make her eyes appear bigger and the sort of shimmery eyebags under her eyes as well.

No. 371142

Aegyo sal?

No. 371149

Look for Jirai Kei tutorials for this particular style. The eyebags are called aegyo sal in korean and that's the most used term worldwide but the Japanese term is namidabukuro/tear bag. The word for droopy eye make-up is tareme

This technique has been used for a variety of styles over time. Gyaru did and still do the exaggerated droop x aegyosal combo and now it's popular on Douyin too.

Also beware that it only looks good with circle lenses. Otherwise it just gives you weird sanpaku that makes your iris/pupil look small.

No. 371489

File: 1704560311928.jpg (47.94 KB, 563x750, 7e94316e525fb7434d6817749b1553…)

>it only looks good with circle lenses
Honestly it really depends on your eye color, if you already have sanpaku eyes and where you start the droop/enlargement of the eye. I have dark brown/black normal iris eyes, I start the eye enlargement makeup around the middle/slightly more on the outer side of my eye like ayrt's pic and it looks great without lenses, If you do the eye makeup on the whole eye like picrel than yeah circle lenses are a must even if you don't have natural sanpaku/light color eyes

No. 371534

your best bet for genuine kohl is etsy sellers out of north africa

No. 371607

thanks nonas! found a lot of decent tutorials from japanese youtubers.

No. 371609

What is the least painful way to remove waterproof makeup? I wore waterproof liquid eyeliner basically all over and under my eyelids for a graphic liner look. It looked really nice, but when I went to take it off it took 40 minutes of dedicated scrubbing with cotton wool and micellar water. As you can imagine, my eye skin hurts and is very pink and irritated. Usually I only wear cheap shitty pencil liner which comes off with just water, but do nonnies have any tips for how to be gentle about removing more stubborn makeup?

No. 371610

oil or oil based cleanser. It's waterproof not oilproof, oil breaks up makeup fast.

No. 371612

Everyone has sanpaku eyes looking up like that.

No. 371613

nayrt but do you have any specific product recs? I got a waterproof mascara last month that I love but can't use it daily cause I still haven't found a makeup remover that takes it all off.

No. 371622

If I last used eye makeup 4 days ago and I woke up with viral pink eye today, do I need to throw out my makeup?

No. 371624

Go to an ophthalmologist ASAP and stop wearing eye makeup and concealer

No. 371625

Just use any oil and then your normal remover.

No. 371630

I haven't worn makeup on days and in my country we just wait it out bc it goes away in 2 weeks tops if you dont have complications. Its just a cold in the eye, its not dangerous lol

No. 371740

I like using jojoba or squalane oil, then very mild gel cleanser and follow it up with a bit of micellar water in the end just to ensure I got rid of everything. Those two oils are the least comedogenic and I haven't experienced bad breakouts, but I don't use them as makeup removers every day. K-beauty cleansing balms or something like Clinique Take The Day Off could be a good option if you don't want to use straight up oil.

No. 371798

I did not say picrel had sanpaku eyes kek

No. 374339

what should i get with a 30€ gift card at sephora? i originally wanted to buy dior's lip glow but my friend recommended that i buy clinique's black honey instead, but i don't know if that plum color would look on me + i don't want something sticky (so maybe a lip tint would be more appropriate?)

i never wear makeup, help a girl out nonnies

No. 374341

black honey is a nice color but it is drying as fuck and fades super quickly, would not recommend if you're going to splurge. I love the dior lip oil, personally. if you're going for a lip product I think it's great. interested to see what other anons might say though

No. 374347

File: 1705619824706.jpg (175.24 KB, 1230x1500, s-l1600.jpg)

I find dior lip glow super overrated.
I really like Clinique's POP lipstick, it comes in a million colors and I don't find it drying at all, I'm sure you'll find a color you like!

No. 374365

I use Softymo Speedy Cleansing Oil and it takes about 1 minute of gentle rubbing to remove waterproof mascara, it's a pretty popular and cheap oil cleanser. I use it regularly to remove sunscreen and prefer it over micellar water and regular oils since the viscosity is really easy to handle in your hands.

No. 375053

Opinion on Colourpop stuff?
I dont wear makeup often so I dont want to spend big $, I just need something thats good enough

No. 375061

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by colorpop products. They have a really wide range of foundation shades, too. I hardly ever wear foundation, but I felt like I needed it for an event and didn’t want to spend a ton on something I’d put on maybe 3 times before expiring, so it was really nice to find my shade at an affordable price in a formula that doesn’t make my super annoying sensitive skin burn.

No. 375087

I really like their eyeshadows. they're quite pigmented considering the price

No. 375104

Used to have loads when I was like 20 and into wild makeup, been thinking about getting some new tho, the gel cream eyeshadow pots were so amazing. I loved the texture and amazing range of shades and shimmer types. The birthday girl (gold with high sparkle) shadow paired well with many many looks and I miss it! I liked their classic lipsticks as well, lots of great shades for the price plus they smell nice and hydrate.

No. 381899

File: 1709024480652.jpeg (909.18 KB, 1170x1398, IMG_2988.jpeg)

What the heck kek. I bet they have a color called Dysentery

No. 381961

How to do your lips when you got none?

No. 382169

Can anyone recommend a single true red matte eyeshadow? Like the one from Flower Knows' Black Swan palette? Or anything close to the colour in any format?
Personally what I do for my small, flat lips is keep it simple and do a blotted or blurred look from Asian makeup trends because they let me get away with overdrawing a little while still looking natural. I totally avoid outlining because it'll make my mouth look even smaller and I can't do fancy gradient lips because I just don't have the space. Finally, I do my eye makeup heavier and the lips are just to complete the look since they can't be a 'landmark' of my face all by itself.

No. 382210

KEK is this real?? That's gotta be the craziest makeup collab idea I've ever seen. Brings me back to library hour in elementary school

No. 382493

Their color schemes are crap (literally if they do add dysentery) and they also support troons. They cancelled a collab with Alice Cooper (They’ve done Prince and Ozzy Osbourne in the past) because he said once that men pretending to be women shouldn’t go in women’s bathrooms. The most basic normie take and yet Vampyre cosmetics made a huge deal about supporting trannies. So that’s put me off of trying anything from them.

No. 382513

Any updated waterproof eyeliner recommendations? Also maybe a 24 hour stay powdered foundation/concealer? Right now all I do is put my skin color eyeshadow shade around my eyes and if I have redness around my nose, but I'd rather have something specifically for that in a powder form

No. 382564

How come everyone else's eyes look so beautiful when wearing lashes, and mine look retarded and deformed?!

No. 382576

You need to use lashes that fit your eye shape, and general features. You also need to trim them before wearing. You could also try half lashes or individual lashes.

No. 382719

No. 382734

No. 382915

Is it though? She's touching public dirty spaces, sweating, and then mixing all that up on her face. Why can't she just take 10 minutes in a public bathroom instead of making this nonsense?

No. 383181

I hate the feeling of foundation on my skin. The best lightweight foundation I tested was Lancome's teint miracle, but I refuse to pay for that. It's too fucking expensive where I live. Do nonnas who also don't deal well with the texture of foundation on them have cheaper recommendations? I currently just use conceler, but sometimes I wish I had a more of a uniform look in my whole face. I know about bb creams, but sometimes I feel they are just overpriced washed out foundations.

No. 383236

I find korean cushion foundations to be pretty light on the skin, the only downside is if you aren't pale or lightly tanned then they won't have your shade.

No. 383251

ever since I switched to a BB cream and korean cushions I never looked back, I hate that feeling too

No. 383998

I have always wanted to wear makeup but I hate how when I wipe it off it just smudges and you have to rub really hard to get it out
Also it feels like shit when you wipe it off and there is still some residue left, especially eyemakeup
Whats the best way to remove makeup and not have smudges and have to rub so hard you feel like the veins in your dark circles are about to pop

No. 383999

uh, a facial cleanser? you weren’t supposed to “rub” your face but rather wash the make up off.

No. 384000

I always use makeup removal wipes
Is that the wrong way?
It just always feels like the makeup doesn't fully get removed and I am left with stains on my bottom lash line and/or on my dark circles

No. 384002

Nta. Makeup removal wipes aren't that good and best used when traveling, have you tried an oil based cleanser? It also varies per product how tough it is to remove, my mascara comes off clean with warm water only for example.

No. 384004

Do you have any recommendations?
Its a big reason why I haven't worn makeup in years so I appreciate the advice
Also what are some soft mascaras I could try? I think my issue was also getting waterproof mascaras which seem to be extra messy to take off

No. 384012

File: 1710000882674.jpeg (97.74 KB, 1200x1500, e1a9743f-fd65-4cb6-aab1-3f193b…)

DA but picrel (Kose Softymo Speedy Cleansing Oil) is my holy grail product. I've tried a lot of oil cleansers, but this one works the best for me. You will never go back to makeup wipes after you make the switch.

No. 384031

Thanks for the rec nona!
Should I order this off amazon.jp?
Been thinking of ordering quite a few japanese products from there actually

No. 384032

ayrt, I also like Softyomo's oil cleansers like >>384012 but use the regular yellow one. They're really nice and last a decent amount of time if you use 1-2 pumps.

No. 384038

File: 1710010548091.jpg (57.77 KB, 736x490, 7b889b981c55f506ccaa0e9594c102…)

seconding this, my HG as well although the "speedy" version can feel a bit drying in winter. The other variants they sell like "deep" are also good but you definitely need to cleanse afterwards

No. 384039

Not any of the other anons but I use the deep and it’s amazing as a first cleanse! I follow up with a foaming micellar cleanser to get the residual dirt off but the oil really helps draw shit out of the pores and get makeup off. Very softening too. All of these really are great and I got rec’d it by a nonna also kek

No. 384093

Any recs for peachy toned foundations or concealers for someone who needs yet hates base products? I'm 3/4 East Asian so it's been hard finding things in my tone but I recently found out I'm not olive or very yellow but actually have a lot of pink/red in me. For reference I tried Missha creams in 23 and thesaem tip concealer in 1.5 and they're a bit too yellow. Rimmel 040 Soft Beige is pinker but it's discontinued and their foundation smells like acrylic paint.
I just bought a big haul from there last week, the shipping is painful (your only option is pretty much DHL and their calculations inflate the price) but I say it's worth it to get Japanese drugstore goods at their actual prices and have it at your door in like 5 days or less. I'm never overpaying for Canmake ever again. I don't think my parcel was very well protected for an international flight, it was par for the course for Amazon to just stuff spare space with paper but thankfully everything came safe and there weren't any particularly fragile objects in there.
Keep in mind Amazon won't ship things with alcohol or solvents in them, judging by certain things I couldn't add to my cart like perfume and nail polish. I have heard of people buying from Amazon JP through a proxy (you don't check out your cart and ship through them, you give the proxy the link to their item page) but I don't know how cost effective that is or what benefit it has over a direct purchase.

No. 384098

amazon.jp has pretty rough shipping fees, but it's very reliable and safe. I personally use yesstyle.com a lot, but its selection in J-beauty can be pretty limited. I've also heard good things about dokodemo.world.

No. 384680

File: 1710249697757.jpeg (302.77 KB, 828x1052, 591DE5CC-B699-4408-8088-36E17E…)

I have yet to find anything close to this. I’ve been wanting this lipgloss since high school and when I finally got the money for it, it’s gone. Nowhere to be found online. Sometimes I think about trying to create Thai from scratch but I have no cosmetic chemistry knowledge or business skills.

No. 384713

Are you goth nonny? Have you tried goth stores?

No. 384721

File: 1710271487598.png (930.18 KB, 1350x1800, VAMPIRELIPSTAINSLA_1350x1800.p…)

I've found numerous options. picrel https://www.nekoyanin.com/collections/lip-gloss-2/products/bloodline-lip-stain-lip-tint
Yesstyle have some lip tints that might look like the one you are looking for.
This is nothing like what you posted, but i think it might be interesting to you

No. 384722

Btw, i don't think it would be hard at all to learn to make the stain as someone with basic chemistry skills, but you would need to do a lot of trial and error to get the colour right and some type of preservative would essential.

No. 384738

You might like Mizon snail BB cream. it has good coverage. I use the 21 though so I don't know if the other shades are the same in terms of peachyness.

Etude House Dear Darling lip tint in Vampire Red perhaps ?

Also I think you'd like some of Rituel de Fille's products

No. 384782

In fairness, the odds of this being wearable are pretty slim. If it were a good formula it would still be in production. It's probably thick, congeals, expires quickly, and isn't wearable while simultaneously leaving stains on everything it touches. It looks really viscous and unwearable

No. 385983

File: 1710772773122.png (889.47 KB, 1588x1356, Review LipTint O Negative Mon …)

I don't think you're missing out, it made me curious so I looked up swatches but really only the marketing is interesting, the product itself seems really lackluster (see picrel from a random blog). There are a ton of lip stains in that bloody shade with better formulas available now compared to ten years ago

No. 386226

File: 1710874139053.png (225.62 KB, 563x418, image_2024-03-20_045017214.png)

I want to look into skin bleaching because I don't like my current skin tone, it's just too beige. I'm white so it's not like a race or cultural thing.

I know skin bleaching is dangerous but I've wanted this since I was extremely young, I would just like to be a little paler. I already use sunscreen and keep to the shade (or always walk with an umbrella) on the very rare occasions I leave during the day, so I know I'm at the limit of how pale I can naturally get (without makeup or white cast sunscreen).

Can anyone actually give me recommendations on looking into skin bleaching? I don't do anything unhealthy so in the karmic balance of the universe or something I should be allowed one unhealthy thing to do. lol

No. 386227

samefag but pic is, unfortunately, not me

No. 386371

File: 1710927505987.jpg (92.4 KB, 700x394, Bleaching-Cream.jpg)

If you're not leaving home and avoiding the sun like a vampire you're already doing unealthy things. You should wear sunscreen but the sun rays won't kill you, you need that vitamin d intake. Anyway, you can't be recommended bleaching products because they're usually illegal outside of thirld world countries, for good reasons. Using uncontrolled products is a huge gamble, especially when bleaching creams are known to contain mercury or arsenic. Ruining your skin with scars, early onset wrinkles and cancer to maybe be a few shades lighter? Also, one of the more ironic side-effects is that it can lead to permanent darkened patch of skin, see picrel. Just buy some lighter makeup if you want to look like a ghost like goths do. I'm not even sure if you can get lighter than you are with bleaching, the 'beige' undertone that you mention is just the natural flush of your skin showing that blood is circulating and you're, you know, alive. Your pic looks like it's taken in front of a screen with harsh cool toned light, which, on top of the contrast with the black hair/top, makes it more pale than she really is. Don't compare yourself to internet pics, go outside and look at people's normal, beige skin, and rejoice in the fact that you're already that pale sickly girl.

No. 386372

File: 1710928545908.jpg (34.7 KB, 455x673, 1000008075.jpg)

There isn't such a thing and as another anon pointed out, all the products are illegal and for a good reason. White people are beige, the undertone is what changes. You might be perceiving is thar your undertone is more yellow than pink. Which isn't something you can change either, so I think it's something you should learn to accept in yourself.

No. 386373

>but I've wanted this since I was extremely young
Means nothing, kek. There's a lot of stupid or just misinformed, ignorant things kids and infants think. They're supposed to grow out of it. Evolve.

No. 386375

Like it was said before, the skin colour in the picture has probably something to do with lightning and/or editing afterwards. It takes me one minute to create that skin colour in the picture just by playing with saturation.

I understand your wish, I have the same, but I'm not stupid enough to use skin bleaching products. You can try some Vitamin C cream or a self made mask with Curcuma, which will make you yellow afterwards and takes forever to get rid of, but makes you appear a little bit paler for one or two days. What also would help is being sick or if you have iron deficiency. But ruining you health just for a skin colour that is genetically not meant for you is just stupid and useless.

No. 386380

There's not much you can do. You said you don't want makeup but only makeup and clothes would help.

No. 386399

My eyelids are hooded and slightly uneven. It's not noticeable usually but whenever I do eye makeup besides mascara one eye looks noticeably different, my eyelid is much more visible on one side if that makes sense. Is there any way to make my makeup match better?

No. 386511

I used to have uneven eyelids before I got ptosis surgery to correct it, so this is right up my alley. Back then I had perfected a makeup style to try to even them out. Sorry I don't have pictures, but:
Basically, on the "more visible" (droopy) eyelid, I would do slightly thicker eyeliner above the lashline, then subtly line the upper waterline with white or nude. On the other, "normal" eye, I would do a slightly thinner eyeliner above the lashline, then line the upper waterline with a dark color. This basically gave the effect of making my "droopy" eye look more opened and my "normal" eye look slightly droopier, thereby evening them out.

No. 386686

All skin bleaching as done in East Asia for Kpop idols and stuff is just them taking antioxidants. There's nothing really unhealthy about taking vitamin C supplements (idols get it done via infusions iirc). Skin bleaching creams are all scams at best and actively harmful at worst, but standardized antioxidants like vitamin C are safe enough to try out. You won't get much paler though. People shoop their skintone a lot so don't fall for it.

No. 386690

I had the worst experience with Glossier's mascara. It was great for the first few weeks after I got it, then it dried up so much that I had eyelashes break and fall off e every time I washed it off, no matter how gentle I was. For a while I thought it was just a waxy formula because I've never had a mascara dry out that badly before. Checked online and nope, everyone complained about how dry it got. Waste of $16.

No. 386887

File: 1711192432023.jpeg (15.53 KB, 400x400, images.jpeg)

I'm curious to hear how other anons figured out what truly looks best for them. I can't help but sperg on this because it's fascinating how different methods work for different people, but we somehow get a misconception that sticking to a trend will benefit us instead. For example, I found out that shaving and drawing my eyebrows on instead of just "accepting" my low blocky brows have saved me a lot of time when it comes to getting ready, since i ponder a lot on why my finished look appears so awkward. Just changing my brows made my eye makeup improve and the finished look doesn't look off anymore. I also learned how to do my eyeliner in a way that changes my overall eyeshape. Also, to oily nonas, I suggest a matte base, since it helps keep my makeup look neat and avoid an oily appearance. What changes did you guys do for yourselves and how long did you guys realize them? It honestly took me about 3 years.

No. 386950

File: 1711227419819.png (551.27 KB, 1303x649, image_2024-03-24_065950112.png)

I've watched so many dearpeachy videos but all the girls they use as makeup/hair/accessory examples are already gorgeous and can pull off styles that aren't "supposed" to suit them, so they're often hard for me to follow even though they're supposed to be super helpful.

I recently started to use a Chinese beauty app that allows me to apply fake makeup, like add lashes, contour, change my eyebrow shape etc so I used that as a base to help me see what actually looked good on me, then I started to replicate it IRL. For example, my eyes are smaller, so I applied lashes that extended from the corners of my eyes which made them look longer and widened them out. I also had bushier eyebrows at the time, but made them thinner in the app, which shortened my face (I wanted this). I made an example using Emma Chamberlain who I think is very pretty, but she regularly posts pics with no makeup so she was a good example for me to use the contour & foundation settings with. I tried to keep in as much of her natural features as possible because that's personally how I like to do my own makeup for events.

Keep in mind that this is just to my taste, so I'm biased in changing her appearance.

No. 386996

>>386950 ntayrt but this is good advice, can I ask what app you used?

No. 387004

I use BeautyPlus, but I run a cracked version of the app so I'm not sure if the features are usable on the free version.

No. 387030

Omg, i actually did find out about my ideal brow shape using a beauty app as well! Truly saved me from butchering my brows again kek

I used snow. But any app that has wacky features where it can change you eye, nose, brow and mouth position, length, thickness etc. can work as well. bear in mind, they can be addicting at one point kek, since there are so many features to choose from, and cute stickers as well

No. 389249

Nonitas I’m so sorry to bump this thread, I know the bb cream craze has calmed down when it was super popular back in the 2016’s but I remember getting the Lioele triple the solution bb cream and have not been able to find anything similar to it (especially since export fees have gotten so expensive when getting overseas beauty items) do any nonas have any rec’s? I just purchased the tirtir red compact cushion cause of how popular it was and yesstyle is having a sale but anything else to recommend??

No. 389250

I just purchased the purito bb cream and love it ! It's more full coverage than I expected, so I'd recommend not using too much, but it has a really nice natural finish especially when applied with your hands. It lasts long on me and doesn't become too shiny with some powder on. I heard that the missha one is well liked too and even more dewy

No. 389283

OMG NONNA, I used to LOVE that too! and their CC cream was so good!
It doesn't have the same coverage but it has a similar consistency, I love the Klairs BB! It only has one shade , worth a try!

No. 389439

Thank you nonita! I just purchased one! I hope the shade is a match cause they seem to run a bit grey on the lighter shades and the yellow shade seems a bit too dark for my skin tone but it looks really nice so I’m excited!
YES NONA ♥ omg I miss it so much! It was literally my holy grail! I got so many compliments when I would wear that or the cc cream! And it helped heal my skin so much because my skin decided to go through a dark spots phase kek. Oooohh I’m gonna check it out, thankies sweet nona smooches for you

No. 389512

File: 1712427872062.jpg (373.91 KB, 1991x938, 6Zwi2Db9NhoydV2hVDWiZX.jpg)

not sure if this is the right place to ask. forgive me.

I have really bushy eyebrows kinda like pic related, abit thicker though and with less of an arch. I don't know what to do with them. I only pluck my unibrow but that's about it.
Should I make it thinner? People keep telling me it will not grow back and that I will regret it but I hate it as it is now and have been made fun of for it for my whole life so I doubt I'll miss it.
Also, I don't know anything about brow makeup or what any brow product does. I don't know but please help lmao

No. 389514

Get them professionally threaded if you’re not used to plucking and trimming them yourself! It will look much better, trust. Having thick eyebrows is a blessing

No. 389523

Everyone I know who plucked their unibrow regrets it because they all think they took it too far and now their eyebrows are too far apart. I hope that is not the path you are going down and that you are practicing responsible spacing with your plucking.
It's true that it doesn't grow back (even when some of it grows back you lose the fullness and get sparse little hairs instead, it's never the same.)

No. 389529

Use an eyebrow razor so it grows back when you inevitably fuck your shit up (like mine that doesn't grow back)

No. 389537

File: 1712444510316.png (Spoiler Image,6.32 MB, 1912x2128, bawlz.png)

Here are my eyebrows. I have no idea what to do with them either. I've never touched them or even had a skin care routine. I'm 23 now so I'm trying to fix my looks before it's to late. Maybe first step is my brows?

No. 389541

File: 1712445488176.jpeg (773.53 KB, 1801x2004, IMG_3656.jpeg)

Nonna pluck the yellow bits and see how it goes

No. 389542

Nonnas are so beautiful every time they post themselves

No. 389562

i know right. Nona i can only see half of them but your eyes are beautiful. I think your eyebrows are fine too. I've never plucked my eyebrows either because i hate the feeling too much.

No. 389597

I like your brows but you can get them waxed or threaded just to clean them up a bit! Probably easier than plucking them yourself.

No. 389631

Right? Honestly she could leave them as they are, but since she wants to try plucking or waxing I thought plucking the stray hairs in yellow area would be a good start. Those who bullied her were probably jealous af.

No. 389695

Please please please help me understand foundation & powder! I use moisturizer, sunscreen and then foundation, this is how i like it best because at the end my skin has that youthful glow that is popular for korean makeup looks. I have tried using powder at the end a few times, and hated it, because it sucks out the glowiness of the skin, making it super matte, and i look older and dry. But I recently saw Sheraseven and another tiktok girl (who seemed almost angry when she talked about this, which is why i decided to ask), and they both said "if you don't use powder after foundation, that's ratchet and you're crazy. So is it really necessary?? No one has ever commented on my foundation being bad, I also think it looks so good even after a long day, that i ditched the setting spray because i don't need it. Even a sephora employee whom i asked what she thought of it, took a good look and said it looks fine to me. So why is powder so necessary? (For powder i have the Nyx can't stop won't stop mattifying powder, when i use it it's like photoshop airbrush). Now i don't know if you might say "why are you complaining that a mattifying powder is making your skin look matte?", but i thought that that was always the point of powders? Please nonas give me your advice, i love my glowy look but don't want to look crazy!

No. 389699

You sound a bit inexperienced so maybe you just need to experiment more. Powder is to set everything if you wear anything creamy, but if your skin is naturally quite dry I can see why powder might seem contradictory. I’m very oily and only use the sheerest cc cream, but I put a really fine dusting of cheap powder on once and not again bc otherwise my cheek tint might slide or rub off w my oil. Best primer to promote dewy Korean look skin is Illamasqua hydraveil, the regular clear gel one. It has a slight plumping effect too, and is the ideal base for a mega healthy glowy look!! You don’t need to use powder if you don’t feel like your look suffers without it tbh.

No. 389734

Literally do whatever you want, makeup influencers can be annoying and everyone's skin and needs are different. Glowy vs matte is just a preference. Certain powders cling to my dry patches when I have them and look gross so I don't always feel the need to use it. I have naturally dry combination skin but moisturize heavily/religiously. I like using light amounts of it so my face feels less damp and my hair won't stick to my skin after using cream products.

No. 389774

You're fine. If you don't have a problem with how your current routine is servicing you, you're fine.
I think some MUAs think it's necessary for "setting" the foundation/look, but it sounds like your makeup is staying put throughout the day without it. It's important to keep in mind that a ton of what MUAs say isn't applicable to the majority of people for day to day needs.

No. 390105

Girls thank you so so much for the replies!
>>389699 you are spot on, my skin is dry and i think that is why the makeup sticks for so long, even without setting spray. And thank you for the product recommendation!
>>389734 that's exactly what happens! It sticks to dry patches just as you mentioned! I will take your advice on putting it so that my hair doesn't stick to my face, because it constantly happens with my sides and bangs, because of the sticky sunscreen. (I can't help but wonder if the sponge sucks out the sunscreen's properties?)
>>389774 thank you for the reassurance. And yes, i think that is exactly what they meant. Since i posted the question, i learned that there are different kinds of powder: mattifying, translucent, setting.. i think they meant the setting one, because then i would understand it looking "ratchet and crazy" if the products start moving around the face.
I have a new question then: so if powder is to set creamy products and more fitting for oily skin, then setting spray is for drier skin, right? Basically the opposite (not all the time of course, i see some tutorials use both)

No. 390791

File: 1712926703063.png (136.68 KB, 414x414, 7D659E62-1CA3-4405-8434-72C9A1…)

I’m thinking about getting a besame lipstick. Does anyone have any experience with the brand? How’s the service?

No. 390935

File: 1712977215232.png (3.08 MB, 2196x1120, browz.png)

I did that, thanks! I think they look a bit better but maybe I'd be the only one who could tell there is a difference.
Just don't zoom in because a few of the eyebrow hairs I shaved with a face razor were still stuck on my face lol

No. 390943

Pretty eyes nona

No. 392678

I have their 1930 Noir Red lipstick and it's really nice. It doesn't dry out your lips and the color is buildable. Would recommend. What do you mean by "service"? Shipping?

No. 392732

Nona your eyes remind me of Zoey Deutch you're so cute and you have such nice skin sorry not trying to be creepy

No. 394951

So, for the past 8 years I was living as a trans man and took shots for T, 3 years ago I stopped taking shots and now I want to detransition back to being a cis woman (yes I know I was dumbass for falling for that shit) the only problem is that I still get facial hair on my face and when I use hair remover I still have a grey chin and lip area. I'm saving up for laser hair removal, but in the meantime I was wondering if anyone had any tips or suggestions on cover that grey part up. I'm only familiar with using eyeshadow mascara and lipstick so I'm not sure if foundation is better than concealer or how to make the area not look dry and cakey when covering it up. If anyone could help that would be great!!

No. 397332

I recently made a lot of lifestyle changes - exercise, diet, etc. I noticed I was still feeling very lethargic and fatigued and I was confused why. I did a deep dive into my makeup products and found out I was absorbing way too many heavy metals and talc which were contributing to my shitty mood. I used to think that caring so much about “living clean” was woo woo bullshit but since I changed my makeup out for less toxic ones I genuinely feel so much better and it doesn’t feel expensive since I was already wasting so much money on Fenty products at Sephora anyways. I used this girl’s video as a guide to buy my new products but I’m sure there’s a lot more out there. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to do super cute looks anymore wearing weird hippie products but she managed to contour her face nicely so I’ll be alright, but I’m trying to get rid of my dependence on wearing false lashes and doing intense looks every day.

If any other everyday full face wearing nonas out there feel depressed, fatigued, or icky, you should consider giving it a try!

No. 397874

In terms of longevity, is there anything in between getting false eyelashes installed by an esthetician (it was like $375 which is beyond my budget with all my other treatments) and using the lashify/lilac street kits? The lashify/lilac street kits only stays in 2 days max for me

No. 400997

Just use mascara nonnie, it's way cheaper

No. 401028

You will need to color correct the blueness away using orange/peach. Drag queens do this kind of thing I'm sure there are tutorials

No. 401034

You will need to color correct the blueness away using orange/peach. Drag queens do this kind of thing I'm sure there are tutorials

No. 401055

Why not do the occasional lash lift?

No. 401298

File: 1716827566930.jpeg (175.49 KB, 1200x1200, IMG_3978.jpeg)

Has anyone watched Erin Parson’s YouTube videos or TikTok’s? She make more makeup history videos, and I think it’s a very refreshing thing to see since the fallout of the beauty community. She seems to be geniuenly passionate about makeup itself and its history instead of the connections it brings. It’s nice to see in a world of Mikayla Nogueiras and Glamzillas.

No. 401299

I like her tattoos

No. 401503

Can someone suggest brown waterproof eyeliner that actually stays on? Brown seems to be difficult to find in general here (europe).
I tried stuff from essence but the brown is either dark af or mud colored. Similar with catrice but I think they don't have waterproof stuff

No. 401530

She's a professional MUA with years of experience so it's clear she's better than generic beauty influencers.

No. 402112

File: 1717122353586.jpg (66.29 KB, 611x855, 20240530_222541.jpg)

I LOVE this

No. 402114

File: 1717122520036.jpg (84.74 KB, 720x338, 1000003770.jpg)

Month old advice but if you tweezed all the brow hairs below here you would lift the area significantly because your brow hairs going so low makes the eyeline drag down. This would look really good.

No. 402137

File: 1717127611276.jpeg (67.86 KB, 564x705, WGji06o.jpeg)

posting some similar inspo, nona

No. 402139

hihi have you tried milani stay put? its cheap and vibrant and ive also heard good stuff about the wet n wild breakup proof

No. 402146

stila or lancome if you have access to them.

I wish more people did creative, fun looks like this with their makeup.

No. 402665

File: 1717311129639.jpg (132.93 KB, 736x881, 1000003808.jpg)

Yeah I think I'll just put pics that i scroll past that I think are cute here occasionally

No. 403937

how do you guys apply makeup to minimize the look of eyebags? for me i put concealer under my eye then set it but it ends of looking cakey after a couple of hours. should i invest in a color corrector? do you have any setting powder recommendations for eye bags?

No. 403939

Concealer on inner corners and between the eyebrows to draw away from the bags, never put concealer directly on the bags this only highlights them.

No. 404268

Do nonas have any tips for makeup that is youthful in style and makes you look younger? I feel like putting makeup on makes me look so much older, even when I do it minimally. But I also don't really like my bare face because I look like a potato.

No. 404286

I'm one of those people who have always thought I looked much older with heavy makeup, so I try to be very minimal. At most I wear just a slightly winged eyeliner and very light, shimmery eyeshadow, and a lipstick color that isn't too dark. I also learned not to fill in my eyebrows too dark because it looks harsh on me so I go with just a bit of brow mascara. I think the last thing that can make you look older is emphasizing lines on the skin, and I find what helps for me is just trying to go for a makeup look that isn't completely matte because that tends to end up looking a bit cakey and overdone. I don't wear matte lipstick either as I think it tends to make my lips look dry and a bit of lip gloss or oil is just more flattering.

No. 404545

File: 1717844247210.jpeg (161.61 KB, 587x852, dress.jpeg)

nonas i need help finding a makeup look for prom (i am above the age of 18 mods dont ban me) i have a pretty pale skin with neutral to cold undertones, i wanted to go for a carmilla inspired look but i couldnt find anything that wasnt super heavy or anyone with medium to thick eyebrows. the pic is a pretty close match to my actual dress

No. 404551

You should go full Rose McGowan 90s pale face red lip minimal but dark eyeshadow. obviously not the extreme 90s brows, do your own twist on them.

No. 404732

File: 1717911580064.jpg (99.17 KB, 736x974, 1000003882.jpg)

No. 410634

File: 1719769439675.jpg (400.32 KB, 1080x1233, 1000052599.jpg)

Anyone know what would be a great present for a makeup artist? I was thinking of sending this to my friend but I have no idea if this would be a good thing to give?

Any suggestions?

No. 410658

You could look for zuca pro artist backpacks

No. 410662

File: 1719776920674.jpg (68.68 KB, 564x564, jayduran.jpg)

I really love this, makeup that's inspired by insects' beautiful colors.
https://www.instagram.com/entomakeup/ does so much of it.

No. 410942

File: 1719857426981.jpg (85.34 KB, 960x560, GAlEMvuWsAARzPB.jpg)

oh my god why does every makeup youtuber use a blurring effect on their videos so I cant even see how the makeup actually looks on their skin? whats even the point??

No. 411630

File: 1720113873133.jpg (116.13 KB, 1498x998, Zdo.jpg)

I just know the formula is gonna suck but god I want it kek. Here's the spread

No. 412327

File: 1720310806480.jpeg (94.06 KB, 1280x720, IMG_0654.jpeg)

Is eyeliner outdated? I see ppl saying Shaynas eyeliner is so 2016 and I literally wear my makeup just like her

No. 412336

love it
is that little critter on the top pic real? wow

No. 412338

I literally thought that was her eye lmao

No. 412355

I wish they changed up the shades for the different tamagatchis than just different packaging.

No. 412374

Eyeliner in general isn't outdated, but the ginormous wings going up to her brows that Shayna does are dated. A simple cat eye like the one in your pic won't make anyone think you're stuck in 2016. Soft and simple styles are in right now.

No. 412493

I got the Dior lip oil in coral color for a discount and it's really nothing special compared to cheaper options. My unpopular lip oil take is that Lancôme Juicy Shakers (which I also got in a summer sale because no one liked these apparently) really got done dirty, the applicator gave you an instant gradient lip and was fun to use, and the texture and colors were nice, and while they were still ridiculously expensive, the uniqueness of the product made it a tiny bit more justified.

Things are never outdated if they look good on you. Ultimately trends only really determine what you can get away with. I do my makeup like a kyabakura hostess from 2016, but no one cares because it works with my face. Also, your picrel is a timeless style, it's not that obnoxious at all.

No. 412716

File: 1720404389276.webp (43.65 KB, 600x600, s-l1200(1).webp)

If you have access to Asian makeup, online or not, try this. They have brown, dark brown, black.

No. 412799

File: 1720437220777.jpg (209.43 KB, 1461x1780, 1000004069.jpg)

Yeah (no offense at all) but I think its unspoken that you're just buying for the name. I used to use the Dior lip oil, glosses, lip scrub, and lip glows as a teenager not because they were good but for the experience. In that way I love dior

No. 413341

I don't wear makeup, don't have anything beyond very basic skills and the products I do have are years old at this point. I want to start fresh, but only as I have my first holiday in years coming up and I want to take nice pictures with my partner. He insists he likes me natural but I honestly justcwajt to feel a little bit prettier so I can better face being photographed. I just really don't like how I look and pics make it hard to ignore, still though I want memories with my love to look back on. So yeah I'd really like some easy to use natural look products that will be suitable for a holiday (hot weather)

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