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File: 1612573916956.jpg (469.56 KB, 2500x1667, all products.jpg)

No. 170544

New makeup thread as >>72061 is being locked at last. Great job throughout the last one, anons! So many posts were informative and helpful.

Feel free to share reviews, videos, infographics, questions, etc as long as they remain on topic about cosmetics.

Are there any new products you've purchased recently? How do you feel about them?

No. 170552

File: 1612578356899.jpg (1.08 MB, 1920x1306, ophelia.jpg)

Are the etude house bb/cc creams good? what are the best bb/cc creams out there?

No. 170553

I used their cotton fit and the mineral fit years ago. The mineral fit doesn't do the patchy/cakey shit that cotton fit does, but the lightest shade of it is still too dark for me. Cotton fit gets patchy and transfers and it seemed like using a primer actually worsened that.

Some good brands are Tony Moly, Holika Holika, Mizon, Lioele, and Skin79.

No. 170554

File: 1612579031100.jpg (19.75 KB, 640x640, laneige_snow_bb_cream_50ml_spf…)

Doubleposting, but there are also some decent Japanese bb creams on the market. Bison Baby Pink BB Cream is super popular, but its only really useful if you don't have acne to cover and are looking for that flushed complexion. Its translucent. Canmake's bb creams are in the same vein; Good for if you already have near perfect, blemish free skin to work with.


A Korean brand that I forgot to mention was picrel. I got it in #02 for the shade and while its still a bit too dark, mixing it with shade lightening drops from The Body Shop helped. Its actually pretty heavy feeling on my skin though, so I don't use it often.

Have you looked into bb cushions? I've only tried one by Sulwhasoo.

No. 170556

Thx so much anon! i'll check all those out now, you must have super pale skin like me, i find korean and japanese brands to be the best for me because i am super pale with yellow undertones so they usually suit my face. i haven't heard of bb cushions before, i'll look into them now!!

No. 170564

cushions have barely any product honestly. i wonder if it would be ok to resoak them with another foundation/bb cream

No. 170566

This is just a pointless rant, but I wanna complain that decent makeup in my poor country is just too expensive. Local cheap brands are just completely shite, local average brand is often still worse than international drugstore brands, and expensive makeup is just pretty expensive. Importing even drugstore brands that you americans/europeans consider really affordable (like $15-20) can already get to almost 1/5-1/3 of what a middle class young person in their first jobs earns monthly…
This jsut sucks honestly

No. 170567

samefag, but sorry for bad English and late night rant.

No. 170571

That sounds like it blows, anon. Where do you live?

No. 170588

Is the risk of getting fucked by import fees high? There are websites where people exchange things internationally. It works as long as the taxman doesn’t notice.

No. 170589

Anons can you recommend me an eyeshadow palette with mostly pinks? I like smaller ones like 6 or 8 shades ♥

No. 170591

File: 1612610185168.jpg (58 KB, 640x640, ef17a35683e3164b2b644346961e65…)

No. 170593

seconding the other anon that those colourpop palettes are good, i also like the huda beauty neon pink obsessions

No. 170601

File: 1612616592831.jpg (17.91 KB, 300x283, IMG_2016-300x283.jpg)

There's the Venus XL with a lot of variety on pink shades, and there's Venux XL 2 for more "dusky" colours.

No. 170605

Looks do cute thanks anons!

No. 170637

I'm not the anon who recommended the venus palette but I'm just gonna let you know that I don't own much makeup and I got that one and I love it and use it daily

No. 170653

Those colours are so pretty damn. I don't need new make up cuz I'm not going anywhere with covid but I wants it

No. 170659

for bb cream, i like drugstore nyx or elf. cc, i like itcosmetics. idk if it counts but my favorite skin tint is neutrogena hydro boost hydrating tint!

No. 170670

Ugh, the newer Jill Stuart products in here look so cute, but I know they haven't lived up to the hype. The featured Chanel blush also looks really pretty, but this seems like yet another thing I could find at a drugstore for cheaper. Plus, I'm pretty sure that shade would just make my face look dirty.

As for Amplitude, I'm a bit interested in those palettes.

No. 170826

No. 170852

I haven't tried much of Kiko Milano stuff. I only had a skin care serum a few years back. Have any anons tried their makeup?

No. 170891

It's generally kind of trashy and not good, but their micro eyebrow pencils are god tier. It's a really thin pencil with a really hard formula, so not greasy or too dark. Probably not everybody's taste but I miss them so much, all their stores are closed.
(i can just buy online but my hair colour has changed and idk what colour I am now, I need to physically test it)

No. 170933

Does anyone know where to get cute makeup brushes?

No. 170940

Thx anon i was actually considering one of those pearl or crystal palettes. How are their shadows?

No. 170956

BH Cosmetics or elf

No. 170957

File: 1612828433308.jpg (73.64 KB, 513x655, 9804311-2.jpg)

spectrum cosmetics
luxie brushes
it cosmetics

No. 170965

File: 1612834857593.jpg (75.45 KB, 660x825, Review BUXOM Power-full Plump …)

does anyone else use lip plumper, or lip products with a plumping element? i like to combine it with like a lip stain or something light under, or gloss it over a lip butter for a natural look. my lips are full but i have a weirdly small mouth and i find that my facial proportions are instantly like ten times better when i get them to be a tiny bit bigger

pic related, i've been using buxom in "big O" and it's the best lip product i've ever had, it plumps/ moisturizes/ has a custom color-changing element that is a really nice peach-pink on me. i'm obsessed, they should hire me for promo at this point

No. 170966

Does it actually plump though? I used Soap and Glory's plumping stuff years ago and it sucked. How does it compare to Lip Venom?

No. 170967

my first lip plumper was a buxom lip gloss. it didn’t feel like i was giving myself a chemical burn and it smelled absolutely amazing. buxom kills the lip plumper game.

No. 170971


it plumps instantly for me, but it doesn't make them huge or anything like if you were to use those scary lip suction plastic things. I have lip venom, i tried it once hated it and never used it again, it's too spicy and sticky without actually plumping. my other favorite is the NYX pump it up gloss (the one with the syringe design) which is less effective than buxom but is a good gloss to have when you want shine and a tiny bit more volume

No. 170976

Thank you so much!

No. 170978

Damn anon I was gonna order this in Dolly cuz you got me hyped and they don't ship internationally! Lame.

No. 170979

I might have to try this. The Too Faced plumper I used was horrific. I thought I had done damage to my lips.

No. 170986

oh no! i actually got mine off of amazon because it was cheaper there than sephora, maybe look for a different resource than the site you found it on

No. 170987

feeling hopeless because my parents were super strict about not using makeup in high school, now im 20 and i have no idea how to even start :/

No. 170988

Michelle Phan's early, early videos have always been really good for beginners, drama and bullshit aside.

No. 171167

File: 1612963369758.jpg (25.65 KB, 300x300, e8a.jpg)

> Find a cute blush
> Color is really light, might finally not look like a clown wearing one
> Decide to wait
> Discontinued

No. 171191


NO! A literal nightmare, i'd like cry… what was it?

No. 171198

I’m so sorry anon I hate when they discontinue products!!

No. 171214

Yeah I used another UK site! I hope it's as nice as you say Anon. They didn't have dolly but I got the fiery in the balm and the lip stain in Smooch. Hopefully they aren't too heavy a colour.

No. 171223

I dunno why but I still don't get the Korean makeup look, it's all the craze lately, and (at least where I'm from) they mostly sell things that only cater to the look. It's difficult for me to get the kind of makeup I want cuz I lean towards alt makeup styles and a little frustrating when u only see coral/orange-y makeup everywhere kek.

No. 171230

Don’t you have some conventional shops near you like sephora?

No. 171267

This is perhaps only makeup adjacent, but how does one go about fixing chronically chapped lips? It seems like chapstick does nothing and lipstick looks awful if it's not on a soft smooth surface…

No. 171268

Do you use a lip scrub twice a week or so? That could help.

No. 171270

Im thinking about buying a set from glossier, the lash slick, boy brow, and cloud paint. Ive never bought anything from glossier before, is it worth it?

No. 171275

I tried it a while back but eventually stopped since I didn't see quick results. That was probably a mistake on my part, I'll give it another go with something like sugar and honey

I personally really enjoyed boy brow and definitely want to try cloud paint.

No. 171287

No. 171293

File: 1613031387363.jpg (201.2 KB, 1000x985, revlon.jpg)

Any advice for similar lightly tinted lip balm products? These aren't discontinued, just not sold at drug stores in my country anymore. Not a fan of the Burt's Bees tinted lip balms because they feel weird and thick.

No. 171297

are these scented? they're so cute..
you could try maybelines babylips! the red cherry one is really nice imo.

No. 171300

haven't tried boy brow but the lash slick and cloud paints are great

No. 171304

Nta but I have been using these for three or four years now and they are BOMB! They're scented, but I've used them on very chapped lips without any irritation.

Have you tried Nivea, Chapstick brand (they make tints now), Buxom, Clinique, Sunbum, Laneige, or Revlon? They all make tinted balms now.

No. 171394

File: 1613082524496.jpg (117.46 KB, 1200x628, FB.jpg)

let me know how you like it! I only have Big O, i've been meaning to try another shade or maybe one of the stains

oooh next time i'm at the pharmacy I'll have to look for these, they remind me of another revlon product I used to use all the time in high school.

another really great one that I love are the revlon colorburst lip butters, I think they must be discontinued because I literally had to hunt them down on random websites to stock up on them over the years. 'candy apple' red and the coral orange one are my fav shades. I also really love glossier cherry balm dot calm, I only bought one tube and it's lasted me years now. also etude house color lip balms, and if you have a sephora where you live they have a similar slightly colored/ scented balm line, I have pic related in goji berry and it smells SO good. I'm basically just a sucker for light effective coverage that's moisturizing and doesn't take a ton of effort/ won't fuck my entire look up if it fades off like a harsh lipstick or liquid lipstick (i've tried to get into these SO many times and can't bring myself to like them, the only one that was semi okay was OCC cosmetics) the only lipstick I like are the moisturizing ones by Estee Lauder

speaking of, what lip stains do you guys like? I used to use lip markers all the time just for an under layer of color and top it off with a balm or butter, but I kinda want to look into trying a new one

No. 171421

Those Sephora lip balms are great, I loved the watermelon one but I don’t think it’s available anymore. They weren’t quite as hydrating as I would’ve liked (my lips are dry as fuck in the winter) but they work better than most tinted lip balms.

No. 171427

No. 171581

File: 1613243867412.jpg (38.88 KB, 640x640, rimmel_scandaleyes_kohl_kajal_…)

Does anyone know of a good light/medium taupe eyeliner pencil? The one in picrel used to be my favourite until they stopped selling it where I live. I've been using an eyebrow pencil out of desperation but it sucks lmao. There's a fuckton of brown ones but it's so hard to find a nice taupe shade.

No. 171605

urban decay has really nice creamy eyeliner pencils. i was obsessed with the gold one in middle and high school but i have a dark brown one now that i'll use for like a subtle smudgy dark eye look when i don't wanna just do the standard black wing liner look

No. 171627

I know essence has a really nice one and nyx aswell

No. 172861

sorry if necro, but have any of you guys tried any products from the colourpop animal crossing/sailor moon collabs? i’m interested in the purple palette from the ac collab, the blotted lips from the sailor moon palette, and maybe a cooler toned blush from either, but i’m hearing mixed things on the quality and shipping to where i live is a bit expensive so i don’t wanna buy if i’m not sure!

No. 172976

No. 172985

I got both blotted lips from Sailor Moon, and for some reason, they just aren't as good quality as the ones from their main collection. I found that the Sailor Moon ones had a weird, patchy application compared to the normal formula. Doozy from their main collection is more red than pink but I find it very similar to the Sailor Moon ones and I like it a lot, it's one of my go-top lip products.

I would skip the Animal Crossing eyeshadow quads. They're not worth the price. They have a warm pink/purple 4-shade palette called Amor for cheaper, but also for 2$ more you can get one of their 9-shade palettes like Lilac You A Lot, which will give you much more utility in my opinion.

No. 173182

Where do you girls get makeup inspiration from? I love trying new looks

No. 173237


No. 173621

File: 1614614054285.jpg (211.29 KB, 712x400, rag-and-bone-bbt-s14-0121.jpg)

What are your fave drug store orange lipsticks? Can be red oranges too but I am looking for mattes, I always wear lip spf so satin stuff just slips off.

No. 173623

File: 1614614604184.jpg (36.14 KB, 425x376, 51s3CdfYikL._AC_SX425_.jpg)

anyone knows how long the colour stays on? and does it fade away after eating/drinking?

No. 173625

I used to put it on the night before, it stayed on for at least a full day and a half unless you scrub. Proper staining power.

No. 173626

arent these chinese aliexpress stuff tho?
Asking because I'm interested in the real deal

No. 173629

I only got mine in korea and thee don't look like them

No. 173671

So, where is there a reputable seller for these online that isn't aliexpress?

No. 173689

the Korean brand is called Berrisom and you could find it on korean sites or amazon

No. 173833

I can attest to the Berrisom tints. Don't buy a random chinese brand, they don't work as well. Exfoliate with a good sugar scrub before and make you apply a highly moisturizing balm or gloss after peeling because it will DRY your shit out if you're careless. I put mine before bed, just like the other anon, and it'd last for a day or two. They're great, do get them.

No. 176115

File: 1616354478936.jpg (1.17 MB, 1502x1433, 20210321_201431.jpg)

I need help finding my undertones. Here are lipsticks that I think suit me (pic related)

No. 176116

File: 1616354574751.jpg (1.36 MB, 1786x1549, 20210321_201532.jpg)

And here are lipsticks that don't.

What I don't get is that there are (imo) both cool tones and warm tones lipsticks that suit me or that don't. So how can I find out my undertones?

No. 176117

All these lipsticks are very similar looking yet some suit me and some look awful. I am confused please help out! I need to get good at makeup.

No. 176122

Pretty sure you're warm. I only see cool tones in the 'looks bad' picture.

No. 176136

You look better in warm tones and cool tones make you look sickly. You're welcome.

No. 176350

File: 1616544403474.jpeg (317.14 KB, 1528x1529, B77E008D-0A60-4734-8B92-A9F49D…)

Does anyone have tips for covering flaky healing pimples like this? My spots are even redder than this though (not my pic) and it seems like no matter how much concealer or foundation I use they don’t get covered up and it just makes my skin look cakier and flakier

No. 176354

Okay, maybe I'm wrong for doing this, but I use a little bit of scotch tape and loop it around my finger to pick up all the random flakey bits without harming the skin that's still healing. The concealer/foundation usually do the trick just fine after without caking onto any dry spots.

No. 176363

mederma speeds up the healing process for me and keeps them from lingering as brownish red spots. I put it on the spots at night

No. 176382

I usually cover it overnight with a heavy healing moisturizer or ointment. If that's not possible then I do it for at least 30 min before putting on makeup and wipe off excess and then pick of the crusties with tweezers IF it's not going to further fuck up the area. You should probably color correct if concealer isn't covering the redness, a tiny dot of light green/yellow will counteract redness. Blend only the edges a bit (I like to use a small shader brush or a smudge brush). Set that with a bit of powder and apply your concealer. I use Wet'n'Wild Photofocus for zits, it has pretty good coverage without being super dry. It's probably still going to look slightly crusty though, maybe look into moist healing acne. You basically treat pimples like a wound and use drying treatments very sparingly or not at all.

No. 176390

I would use a chemical exfoliator or toner and put a pimple sticker on it overnight, it’ll get rid of the dryness. I have oily skin so I wouldn’t over moisturise cause it would make me break out. Hope that helps!

No. 176479

what are the best drugstore mascaras that aren't over $10CAD? not poor but I hate spending a lot on mascara because I toss them after 3 months as I am prone to eye infections. I wish there were good eco friendly/refill options that are actually good, waterproof and not $$$. in fact all makeup should be refillable imo

No. 176501

File: 1616668092376.jpeg (27.2 KB, 655x655, 3C115791-DB46-4E7C-9499-90C4B6…)


No. 176512

Pretty much any Essence mascara! They're so cheap you can buy a couple and see which you like best. Lash Princess is great but so is the extreme volume one.

No. 176514

thanks! that's a cute mascara

No. 176558

File: 1616699203454.jpg (95.33 KB, 900x900, Sleek pigment booster 900 x 90…)

Has anyone tried this? Is is a good dupe for Inglot Duraline? I need something to mix with my eyeshadows to use them as eyeliners and this is significantly more affordable than Duraline. But for some reason I can't find any reviews on it.

No. 176571

File: 1616705283125.jpeg (84.81 KB, 717x706, 62A8EA8F-2572-43F1-826C-5F5006…)

Calling all oily hoes out there, hit me with your best long wearing matte foundation.

No. 176736

File: 1616796659673.png (712.58 KB, 2048x2042, Screenshot_20210326-150639.png)

This is my go-to matte. If I'm feeling baller I get the soft matte complete foundation by NARS. Both last me at least 10 hours before I need to blot it with a beauty blender, blotting sheet or some translucent powder. I find that the Infallible matte does last longer but by hour 15 it's a little…. melted. Especially if you're super oily or it's humid. Oh, and both are very full coverage so be careful with that.

No. 176779

Oilspill-face anon here. I'd say that primer is more important when it comes to staying oil-free. Clinique's Superprimer is great

No. 177223

I have never worn make up before, I'd like to start now but only for certain occasions. I have no idea what would look good on me though, what shades and colors match with my skin tone etc. Any tips?

No. 177225

I don't wear makeup myself, but every time I tried I looked like a clown. But I realized that its not what I put on my face, but how. This vid kinda helped me realize this. You should look at your face and really think about facial features to accentuate and highlight vs features you want to hide. Example, I have a squarish jaw, so I would prob bronze/contour my jaw so that it gives a softer look/illusion.

No. 177274

After years of buying many products I finally found a foundation and concealer that match my skin color enough. And now I'm scared that I will tan in spring/summer and that I have to buy dozens of products again to try to find the right shades again. What do I do?!

No. 177276

File: 1617192318566.jpg (196.18 KB, 1650x1275, c93a29350ab9ad570032e62e63c185…)

use a foundation adjusting product like picrel. You just mix it with your current foundation to make it darker

No. 177293

Use sunscreen.

Can anyone recommend a vegan cream foundation please?

No. 177294

God, living like this sounds like hell. I couldn't be arsed to do all this makeup shit in the morning, and that's another step to take (even if it's small).

No. 177296

This might belong in the skin thread instead, but I'm having such trouble finding a foundation that doesn't cause flaking on my skin when applied. Now I know it sounds like I have dry skin, but the thing is my skin looks absolutely fine (no noticeable dryness or flaking) when I go bare face. I use a daily cleanser, moisturiser and suncream and it's happy. But if I try to apply a foundation for a little bit of coverage, around the mouth and forehead it doesn't sink in properly and leaves me with flakes. Is this my skin, or am I using the wrong kind of foundation? I'm a amateur with makeup, I'm just looking to even out my skin tone a bit, nothing heavy. Any products to recommend?

No. 177303

Oh I have the same issue. It's both skincare and makeup, I can't stand matte foundations because of this.

Have you ever tried using an exfoliator in your skincare routine? It helped me a lot with this.

No. 177311

Glad to hear I'm not the only one! I do use an exfoliating scrub twice a week. Maybe it's not strong enough? But my skin seems fine without makeup so I'm nervous to use something more abrasive because I do have sensitive skin prone to redness..

No. 177472

The foundation I got is a powder foundation lmao. But wouldn't those change the shade as well anyway?

No. 177474

seriously, I can never get past just the basics because a full face seems like a whole can of worms to be opened

No. 177479

Have you tried using BB cream instead? There are some moisturizing kinds, works amazing for me, used to have similar issue in the past.
Something that also helped, even with regular foundation, is moisturizing the skin before applying foundation, locking the moisture with a little bit of oil / squalane. Usually that means you'll have to wait like 20minutes before proceeding to applying foundation, but if you have time, may be worth it. Another thing is the way you apply it, I can see a difference in the way my skin behaves with it depending whether I've used sponge or a brush (sponge + gently pressing technique is much better than smearing with a brush)

No. 177533

File: 1617336840972.jpeg (59.62 KB, 512x341, skin tint and stretch conceale…)

Some products aren't compatible with each other, for example using a silicone primer underneath a water-based foundation will cause the products to "pill" (flake off and sit on top of the skin). Oils and oil-based moisturizers can break up foundation in a way that makes it slide around the skin and look patchy, mattifying products tend to have this effect too.

If you're looking for your-skin-but-better coverage I recommend the Skin Perfecting Tint by Glossier, it's my favourite. I know some people think its bogus because it's extremely light coverage but to me it makes a noticeable difference and the texture was incredible. Personally prefer it to any of the BB creams I've tried. They make a concealer and tinted finishing powder too that some people really like.

No. 177553

File: 1617365828952.jpg (21.22 KB, 234x203, Screenshot_20210402-131309_Gal…)

So I've never really done proper makeup before (just lipstick + mascara for nights out) but today I was randomly like hmm I wanna try out some eyeshadow so I looked at some yt tutorials & what tha fuck, are y'all really using 839473 products for 'simple natural daytime look' or whatever.. I'm not trying to act superior I am just astonished, how do ppl have the time / money / energy for this shit omg

No. 177554

Like damn, maybe I was better off when my BDD made me think people would laugh if I attempted to perform femininity in any way, it seems like so much work

No. 177558

This is a result of beauty influencers being sponsored to jam as many products they can into one video. Real people don't do that, it would look like shit anyways without all the filters. All you need is a neutral palette (Wet & Wild is good for drugstore, Tarte for higher end) and a blending brush. A light or sparkle shade goes on the lid, then a darker one in the crease. Use the darkest one to line your eyes and blend it up. I also had to learn how to do makeup online so I feel your pain.

No. 177621

File: 1617399293827.jpg (71.35 KB, 700x700, red.jpg)

how can I find out what kind of lip colour would look best on my skintone?

I've bought a few over the years but nothing looks right. I think the red taylor swift was known for was my worst look. I felt like it brought out every little imperfection on my skin.

No. 177622

File: 1617399402149.jpg (52.67 KB, 1052x740, 1521225794_4.jpg)

No. 178430

File: 1617891788163.jpg (27.04 KB, 87x1600, essence-long-lasting-szemceruz…)

I'm looking for a cheap but good eyepencil, is this Essence one good?

No. 178436

Idk if you’ll see this but try cliniques black honey, it looks super dark in the tube but goes on like a gloss and looks soooo flattering on everyone

No. 178438

That particular red is cool-toned so if it didn't look good on you, you're probably warm toned

No. 178446

Is it possible to be a blend of two? I'm pretty sure I'm neutral leaning cool but I'm not sure if that's technically a thing.

No. 178447

Yes it is

No. 178482

File: 1617911990751.jpeg (112.61 KB, 1280x720, kiehls.jpeg)

So late but I'm a big fan of Kiehl's tinted balms! They are extremely flattering, literally every color looks good.

Do you have Bite Lip Lab in your city? They offer custom lip colors where they mix it for you at the store which can get kinda pricy but they will find a shade that looks perfect.

No. 178564

i'm so curious about black honey. the pics online look great! apparently burt's bees red dahlia is a dupe. but that colour looked awful and too dark/brown on me (neutral muted olive). at this point I stopped looking for the HG and am using clear balm

No. 178987

Anon i'm literally you and I'm above 20. Last year for the first time I decided to buy some eyeshadow because fuck it and now I do single or two color
looks from time to time, whenever I have time and want my eyes to match a fancy outfit. There's no need to overcomplicate things and I haven't looked
at a single mua video, I'm just winging it, using my fingers, one brush and having fun.

No. 179521

I got a superthin upper lip and lipstick looks like shit on me, help nonitas.

No. 179525

any recommendations for long lasting eyeshadow sticks? especially for hooded eyes. i find that powder eyeshadow fades away over time, or maybe i'm not applying it right? ugh. i just use brown eyeshadow to contour my eyes and make them more lifted and i want it to last more than a couple hours.

No. 179536

how thin are we speaking? typical british thin or 90 year old granny thin?
first use lipstick in a light natural color, smudge it a little so your lipstick softly blends with your skin tone and then use the second lipstick in a darker tone
or use lip liner, but don't overline on the whole length of lips, just on the bow

No. 179629

Thank you. I watched the videos you linked and the first one looks amazing, even tho her lips are fuller than mine. My upper lip is the problem, it looks ridiculous near my full bottom lip. I didn't know about outlining with the pencil only on the bow and I thank you again for that. I'm gonna try and let you know!

No. 179695

Are you using anything to prime your lids? Even a bit of concealer set with powder is going to improve the longevity and pigmentation. or maybe the shadows suck?

No. 179696

No hate but the second vid is gonna look like shit irl. Unless you have a super flat cupids bow I wouldn't overline it that much, it's super obvious in that area. Lisa Eldridge has a few videos on overlining, i prefer her approach.

No. 180837

So I bought a contouring kit for the first time in my life but it just made me look like I smeared dirt on my face…What am I doing wrong? Are there rules to applying/choosing contour? Also, what's the difference between bronzer and contour? Should I try a bronzer instead?

No. 180839

btw, I'm super pale with yellow undertones

No. 180906

File: 1619129694118.jpg (7.86 KB, 236x236, 81b6d5f7d0c18b413f506027a06f64…)

i want to change my daily makeup and incorporate colored eyeliners like picrel, i was thinking of getting those jumbo liners from nyx but they're not as pigmented as i want them to be so i was thinking of getting water based face paint? what do you think? can i achieve a similar look?

No. 180909

i like to use the white nyx jumbo liner and layer eyeshadows on top of it, but im not too sure if that is the most effective method. my friend uses liquid lipsticks and an eyeliner brush to create looks like picrel and it lasts all day. i feel like water based face paint would be too messy and it would easily crease + spread around a lot. good luck though anon!!

No. 180930

thank u angel that is so clever i never thought of using lipstick i have a lipstick in similar shade!! do you like the nyx jumbo eyeliner? i never actually bought it i did a swatch in the store and wasnt satisfied but if you like it i'll give it a try, you use the white liner as the base right? does eyeshadow stick well onto it? cuz i'm very bad at blending so i never experimented with eyeshadows

No. 180944

For pale people i think a taupe-ish contour works best. Use a fluffy brush with a bit of shape to it (or even a fan brush) and blend blend blend. Bronzer is more for warming your face up and you apply it where sun hits. Contour goes where the shadows would fall on your face. If I used contour I would apply on the sides of the nose, a curve under the cheekbones, and right under the jawline to define it. Just tap your brush into the pan to start and then if you want it darker you can build up color.

No. 181047

The other anon is right but for a newbie i wouldn't rec nose contour. honestly nose contour is pointless imo, just sweep a tiny bit of bronzer/blush instead. Applying too much to the jawline can also look like you've got a beard lol.

No. 181049

File: 1619196116941.jpg (158.49 KB, 1500x1500, Scrunchie_SinglePot_1500x1500_…)

You can do it with eye shadow no problem, just get a good sticky primer and pack on the shadow. You can then make the actual shape by cleaning it up with concealer or makeup remover and a q-tip. There are water activated shadow pigments out there though, pic rel.

No. 181060

Contour is to 'shape' your face, bronzer is to make your skin look sunkissed. I'm as pale if not paler as girl in vid and I think it just doesn't look that good on really light skintones, even when applied skillfully.

No. 181062

File: 1619199328218.jpg (1005.74 KB, 1488x989, c1 (1).JPG)

Samefag, to further illustrate why I think contour doesn't look good on very light skin. It just looks like a smear, which makes sense because it's dark(er) colour applied to basically white. On darker skintones it looks like it could be actual shadows when applied well.

No. 181063

she needs to use contour that's made for very pale people. her natural skin shadows don't look brown, so it really just looks like a bunch of dirt smeared on her face.

No. 181064

What colour would that be though? Her skin is basically literally white

No. 181071

something more taupe. i once saw a really pale korean girl contour her nose with a taupe eyeshadow and it looked perfect. i'll admit most brands aren't making contour for paper-white skin, though.

No. 181077

something purpley-grey, or taupe/greige. absolutely no bronzer

t. palefag with blue undertones

No. 181078

contouring in general looks like shit irl

No. 181113

File: 1619214838100.png (Spoiler Image, 141.67 KB, 459x144, ungabungaassbrows.png)

I've had a hard time finding makeup advice for brows like mine. Is there a name for this shape, where the top part grows down and the bottom part grows up and the inner edge of the brow is a narrow point?

Usually I just wear long bangs to cover my eyebrows because looking at them makes me want to kms, I look like a fucking man. Is there any way to shape/fill these to look nice? They're pretty sparse but look thicker where the hair directions meet and overlap. I don't know much about brow makeup, I've tried filling in with dark powder before but I felt like it just added to the caveman vibe. Any advice would be appreciated.

No. 181123

you do not look like a man.
women's eyebrows also often don't look "feminine" without plucking.
i suggest you look up how asian girls draw on their eyebrows, they usually have sparse eyebrows at the ends and end up plucking them entirely. filling them in isn't very flattering for eyebrows like yours.

No. 181126

The absolute brain rot, your brows look normal. Of course they're not the perfect instagram ultra feminine arched brows when you don't shape them, almost no one has that naturally. Get them shaped, don't use a dark powder but something that matches them or is slightly darker and get a brow gel to brush them up. If you want to make the inner part a bit wider you can draw on individual hairs with powder or a thin brow pen.

No. 181131

i feel you, im on the opposite end mine are thick and super dark but there is a bald spot on one eyebrow, i used to fill it with eyeshadow but i realized it just makes it look darker which i dont like, i'm actually quite jealous of yours cause you can give it any shape you want with eyebrow shadow or tints, it looks more feminine than prominent eyebrows imho

No. 181141

File: 1619222550991.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 2.09 MB, 2742x548, 438954.jpeg)

samefag but while on topic what can i do to soften my eyebrows? they're thick, round and uneven, i also wear bangs to cover them because they make me look so harsh and angry, my face is very round so it doesnt go well together, i look like the angry birds like a teacher was surprised of how much my expression changed when i first got bangs, i was thinking of bleaching them but im afraid it will grow back even more patchy than it is rn how should i thread them to make them look not round and thick? (this is plucked and threaded btw theyre bushier normally)

No. 181142

So sorry to be unhelpful but holy shit what a perfect shape and density.

No. 181148

I feel you anon, my natural brows look very similar to yours. My tried and true method is a combination of trimming and shaving. Trimming the hairs with scissors makes a huge difference and makes my brows look much sleeker, and shaving (mostly I just shave the top part, I hate having those awkward stray hairs at the top) gives them a defined, clean edge and it really helps to shed a lot of the weight so your brows aren't as thick.
Also, another thing that really made a difference for me was changing the tails. I used to be way too afraid that I would fuck my eyebrows up so I only did the bare minimum and never strayed too far from the way my hairs naturally grew in, but when I started experimenting and taking off a small portion of the tails I realized how much better it looked. My natural brow tails would curve pretty far down around my temple because there was just so much hair lol and I felt like it overpowered my face. I don't even remove that many hairs off the tails but I guess it comes down to personal preference on how you want to shape your brows.

No. 181201

goddamn you have good brows. just pluck the stray hairs and trim them with scissors, they're amazing as is.

No. 181240

thank you anons you made my day

i never thought of trimming you're right, i'll also try to shorten the tails maybe i can make them appear softer that way

No. 181643

Thought I would post this video to potentially help out the anons who like me, were confused about their undertones. For the longest time I thought I had warm undertones because in certain colors I'd look visibly yellow, but then when I would wear certain warm colors like mustard I looked downright greyish-greenish. Going down the 'olive undertone' Youtube rabbithole made me realize that I have olive undertones (which makes a lot of sense because I'm half Italian)

No. 181644

This is another video that I found helpful (her voice is also relaxing af)

No. 183157

File: 1619979937805.jpeg (71.29 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpeg)

Anyone got some good waterproof eyeliner recommendations for sensitive eyes?

I currently use Glossier's and I love it, it's the only one that doesn't make my eyes sting (EVERYTHING else does except their products), but I hate how it wipes off easily and especially how it gathers at the inner corners of my eyes. I love pic related type eyeliner look but it never stays for longer than an hour or so.

Bonus points if I can use it on my waterline, pencil is a no go, any pencil makes my eyes burn.

No. 183237

File: 1620009306443.jpg (294.62 KB, 1440x1080, 1618084716378.jpg)

i have tremors and its really bad in my hands, so how the shit am i supposed to do eyeliner? its way too punishing for me to be able to anything with it, should i just invest in an eyeliner tatoo? I'm not shooting for super big flawless wings just basic

No. 183265

I hope someone has a good answer for this, because I've been looking for something to use on my waterline that won't eventually turn me into a raccoon for ages

No. 183293

The most smokey of smokey eyes.

No. 183299

File: 1620038041495.jpg (43.29 KB, 479x259, 52251.jpg)

hey anon you could always try one of these eyeliner stencils from aliexpress, i've neer tried them but theyre dirt cheap and if it doesnt work you havent lost anything, pic related but its shit and small sorry

No. 183309

Draw on with pencil then go over with eyeliner. Makes it easier to wipe off and you have a guide. I use wet wipes to shape it because I can't draw on wings well at all

Literally just do the best you can then shape it. Mine looks like a total mess at first

No. 183349

is glossier worth the price and hype? there are a lot of brands that are apparently dupes but I'm lazy and would rather just order from one place if the products are all good

No. 183367

I have a problem with my eyeliner causing my mascara to flake off. When I apply (liquid) eyeliner some of it inevitably gets on my lashes and any mascara applied on top of it starts flaking off in a few hours. Is the only way to prevent this to carefully clean my lashes hoping I don't ruin my eyeliner in the process before putting on mascara? Does anyone else have this issue? Both the eyeliner and the mascara work well on their own so it's not because they're shitty products. I've never heard of anyone having this problem though so idk if I'm just retarded?

No. 183368

Imo, absolutely. But it depends on what you want from it. It's light coverage.

I think their skincare stuff (moisturizer, lip plump which I use for any area I want to appear smoother) is great, and their cloud paint/blush is very easy to put on and pretty. The eyeliner is great too, the highlighters, the vynilic lip things etc. My entire routine is Glossier lol, and they're especially good if you have sensitive skin (everything else feels like shit on my skin).

Buy one thing and see if you like it.

No. 183371

thanks for the tip, I have really sensitive skin actually. I've got a solid skincare routine already but I might get myself some cloud paint, trying to decide between beam and dusk for a soft autumn…
I wish they carried more eye makeup, too bad they discontinued the colored pencils

No. 183457

File: 1620122493889.png (310.58 KB, 337x638, Screenshot 2021-05-04 at 11.00…)

If it helps, here are the 6 I have on my skin. I'm soft autumn too.

From the top: Dusk, Puff, Dawn, Spark, Storm, Haze

I use Spark the most, it has a lot of color and is warm. Dusk is quite brown, I know some people use it as a contour rather than blush. I don't have beam but it might look better for a blush than dusk.

I follow this girl called Esther Itterly on Instagram, she wears them a lot and can show you how it'll look

No. 183459

And forgot to add, yeah I was looking for the pencils too. It sucks they discontinued them because I really want some colored pencils and only Glossier doesn't irritate my eyes.

Don't try Pixi's Endless Silky Eye Pen or Marc Jacobs pencils if you have sensitive eyes. They're beautiful but hurt like a bitch

No. 183511

File: 1620142318159.jpg (Spoiler Image, 14.57 KB, 453x143, Screenshot_5.jpg)

anon i'm really not a pro with eyebrows so i invite other anons to correct me but the first step to shaping them is plucking this part i highlighted!
for the rest I'm not 100% sure as I'm struggling to shape my brows properly due to them being weird as hell too

No. 183513

I actually like your brows and they look like they're a really good base. I love these types of brows. Just brush them and fill them in. They'll look great.

Don't use powder lol. What I do is use a bar of soap and a spooly (is that the name?) to brush them a bit, pluck or shave at the ends where it's too curled or slopes too much (which can make your face look bigger at the bottom), and then fill with a pencil and finally a brow pen.

No. 183533

Woah we have almost the same skin tone! Thanks!

No. 183591


Never found a brow gel that's as good as Boy Brow. It's a bit waxier, like it almost has a pomade type of formula, so it keeps your brows in shape all day. Really small product though!

No. 183607

nta but thanks for this swatch. I've been considering getting a cloud paint from glossier. I really like puff and spark, I like the pinkier ones.

>I'm soft autumn too.

how do you find out what season you are? I've never found a good resource for finding out. is it like kibbe and really hard to decipher? all I know is I'm white kek

No. 183613

It’s much more objective than kibbe, you just need to determine if your skin is warm/cool/neutral, muted/bright/deep/light and a wear similar colours

No. 183618

Has anyone found any good sunscreen that you can spray over your makeup to refresh it while you’re super busy all day out and about? One that doesn’t leave a weird oily sheen?

No. 183701

>how do you find out what season you are?

Look up images of the different color seasons, they'll have some examples and just match yourself to it.

No. 183815

File: 1620253678040.jpeg (57.22 KB, 600x800, 384C1B92-77BE-448F-9C3A-FF275C…)

I’m sorry about this but the nail thread is dead, what do you call the nail polishes that look semi clear like jelly? Similar to the polish she’s got on here.

No. 183818

Jelly/sheer nail polish. I believe jelly nail polishes are typically gel though, so if you get them make sure to get a UV.

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