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File: 1676634842233.jpeg (97.33 KB, 700x630, 4BED01FD-FF51-4BB4-BD09-4205EE…)

No. 313130

had to make a new one because the old thread is dead and moidish.

ITT, post your type of woman/girlfriend/wife. feel free to be as specific or vague as you like.

previous thread:
ideal guy thread:

No. 313131

Only scrotes care about ideals because of their Madonna whore complex and porn addiction. Only women are capable of loving and accepting naturally flawed human beings.

No. 313134

>older or same age as me
>has similar education
>chubby or maybe a bit muscular
>can bare with me ranting about politics like a retard
>introverted and likes cuddling
>doesn't drink or smoke
>likes animals and children
>wears no/minimal makeup and isn't completely hairless
>doesn't have a weird relationship with her exes
I disagree. Straight women also like specific types of men, stop acting like women don't have standards or types and just date whoever imperfect creature is interested in us.

No. 313161

>spiky hair (long or short)
>or poofy big hair
(Either way hair looks very prominent)
>wears dark baggy clothes
>lean to buff
>metal head
>nerdy interests
>shows me off
>dark eyes with bags
>understands me
>defends/protects me from my awful family

No. 313167

>taller than me or approx same height (5’8)
>brown eyed
>weird but can integrate if needed
>hygienic but not dolled up
>thicc thighs for me to use as a pillow
>creepy towards me
>lets me take control
>enjoys my cooking
>weebshit/vidya/yuri fan
>likes learning
>boobmogs me and teases me about it (unfortunately achievable)
>gets retarded with me
>not into social media
Aware that I sound like a scrote whoops
Ngl i have such a fat head knowing i fit someone’s criteria, winky wink

No. 313177

File: 1676659181051.png (80.35 KB, 334x312, 96270A58-65DB-4808-950A-5404FC…)

here is my exhaustive list of my ULTIMATE ideal girlfriend traits
>preferably slightly older, if not no younger than a year from my age
>can't be shorter than me (>5ft)
>is a tomboy
>naturally dark hair + eyes
>naturally unconventional and edgy since childhood ( in terms of taste )
>cares for animals and likes cats
>shy and introverted but not entirely socially inept, has her own friends etc
>okay with me being a female separatist
>doesn't keep up with popular culture ( in other words not a normie )
>has a hobby/interest she is deeply passionate about with years of experience and spergs about often
>doesn't do social media ( and prefers computers to mobile phones but i understand this is really niche nowadays )
>doesn't wear makeup not as a stance
>likes the outdoors
>not squeamish or afraid to get dirty
>speaks multiple languages fluently, preferably not the exact same ones i do
>quiet and patient type but not unexcitable
>against pornography
>wise and grounded
>well read, smarter than me
>small chested
>high physical endurance and strength
>at least has a weebish/otaku past
>enjoys teasing me and being teased
>spoiling type
>likes or prefers to eat my cooking
>must not be a nihilist/doomer/whatever. has to have hope in her heart and sees the beauty of life in little things at a core level. no need to actually say it outright you can always tell
>wants to grow old together
>a receiver

No. 313186

>feminine, lets me watch her putting makeup on
>smart, obviously a feminist
>laughs loudly without shame
>nice butt and legs, but I have no preference on size either slim and plump women are the best
>nerdy, not necessarily anime, but into comics, movies and hopefully videogames
>fujoshi to complement my himejoshi
>likes to be in the open air, not necessarily hiking
>likes animals, huge bonus if she has a dog or cat(s)
>likes to snuggle in bed
>similar music tastes
>is okay with me being an idolwota
>she eventually pretends to be an idol just for me
>tolerates and loves me being cringe
>likes cute things

No. 313200

>Enjoys sperging about random interests with me
>Radfem leaning
>Slightly shy/introverted
>Wears little to no makeup
>No alcohol, drugs or smoking
>Wants play video games with me
>Similar education, decent income
>Not a maximalist/hoarder, appreciates living in a nice clean open house
>Doesn't have an unbearable high sex drive
>Decent fashion sense
>can be a little chubby or just moderate in weight.
>Likes to go to art galleries and drink overpriced coffees with me.
>Dark hair dark eyes, any skin colour.

No. 313202

>wears makeup
>a feminist

No. 313204

>high emotional intelligence
>intelligence in general
>my safe haven from the world (and i am hers)
>tomboyish in an old fashioned way (like rotha lintorn orman)
>gender critical
>likes making little things with traditional craft (knitting, whittling, etc.)

eh. i think that you can wear makeup purely for the artistic aspect of it. i used to be against makeup completely, but nowadays i wear makeup myself. not to make me conventionally attractive, but because it suits a style i like. in my case, it doesnt appeal to scrotes whatsoever (unless they have a very particular taste, but even so, its not my business).
however i agree that the line between "doing it for myself" and doing it to subconsciously appease scrotal standards is thin. especially if the makeup styles you lean towards are conventionally attractive.

No. 313209

Not everything you do in your life has to perfectly align with your ideology.

No. 313217

>occasional gamer
>dark eyes
>dark hair
>or maybe platinum blonde
>kind of mean, but not to me
>hates troons
>makes fun of males to their faces
>not into philosophy
>likes to read
>likes wearing cool clothes
>not too big boobs (sorry boobstacies)
>tall, either my height or taller
>can play an instrument that'd be so cool
>loves the outdoors
>not too girly (doesn't mean not too feminine)
>gentle with me
>gentle to and loves animals
>kind to me, and in general
>can make me laugh all the time
>likes to hate-watch
>can bear being in silence (not a phone addict)
>wants to climb shit and explore stupid shit
>will have sex with me
>doesn't really believe in sex roles (like the 'actual act of sex' roles) and we just make love
>doesn't care for anime, but may watch some cartoons (i wouldn't mind)
I literally don't know I just kind of want a better version of myself.
This is basically me

No. 313224

File: 1676681161382.png (211.1 KB, 300x450, 3184034-jupiter.png)

>smart w/ unique interests - specifically into history, science, the paranormal, etc.
>androgynous but leaning fem. kind of a girl next door type. pic related.
>really engaged in conversations and attentive to me
>likes animals
>plugged-in, likes to go out and knows a lot of people
>slightly older than me
>non-conventional life path - not in school or work
>strong, funny, sporty
>has seen Utena


No. 313225

If men can want a girl with big boobs and no fat elsewhere I can desire a girl who wears makeup without wanting to please men (which like to sperg about how much they want a ~ clean girl ~ )

No. 313228

>late 20s maybe 27ish-mid 30s (i'm late 20s)
>medium?ish height, healthy weight or a bit on the chubby side
>either feminine or androgynous
>same sex leaning bi to match my same sex leaning bi
>gc/rad leaning at least, doesn't have to be full terf just not a troon handmaiden, basically someone i can be honest about my gender and trans thoughts with
>not right wing, not poly, not vegan
>wicked sense of humour
>secretly very kinky
>as someone who used to be very into fandom i'd find it fun to be with a woman who could introduce me to new shows or whatever series, fujos are cool too although i'm not one myself
>not overly concerned with other people's judgements (social media, who's "valid" etc), someone to be silly with who'd push me to open up more and try new things

No. 313256

>tall and lean, dark hair/eyes
>well groomed short hair
>Soothing low-ish voice
>cute long but rounded or wide nose (i am realizing all of my crushes have had this type of nose. chicken or egg scenario?)
>really good at a sport or generally athletically inclined (I want to watch her practice)
>Quiet type, shy, can be bit of an airhead if caught off guard
>doesn't mind being playfully teased and can do it back even better than I can if pushed
>Calm demeanor, but might be prone to overthinking
>not chronically online
>will do random weird projects with me
>A funny or dorky laugh that she tries to hide (my #1 weakness)
>submissive in bed but will sometimes surprise me

No. 313267

File: 1676718226820.jpg (185.3 KB, 800x995, Margaret Hamilton.jpg)

I have already posted here but my taste have gotten weirder with the years

>huge nerd (not the funkopop collector way or chronically online way), either academically inclined or just obsessed with her niche topic of choice while having a more normal job

>logical, interested in science
>loves learning new skills and informations
>can form an opinion on her own, doesn't get swayed by trends, and capabale of admiting that she was wrong on a topic
>doesn't care about how people perceive her and not a people pleaser
>dress in a typical nerdy/grandma/cute librarian way or just something comfortable or practical, not necessary but I have a thing for glasses and really long hair (picrel is a good exemple of peak style for me)
>slightly unhinged, bonus point if people warns me that she's weird or creepy
>doesn't shave
>loves nature and animals, even better if she loves cats
>has empathy and wants to build a futur (with me preferably)
>used to being a loner
>hates social media, she doesn't know or care about trends
>unconventional and original way of thinking and doing things

No. 313268

File: 1676719367996.jpg (89.6 KB, 614x1000, gulpwater4.jpg)

Pretty much the same as >>313267, but with a few extra things
>Has niche interests
>can have a discussion on a lot of topics
>doesn't care about trends
>doesn't care what people think of her
>likes animals, especially insects, arachnids, miryapods and other spineless creatures
>isn't afraid to touch frogs, lizards, snakes, and arthropods
>loves biology, paleontology, entomology, botany
>funny, makes nerd jokes
>loves to cuddle, hug and hold hands
>dresses either comfy & practical or punk, metal, rock style
>listens to rebell or screamo
>wants to do things together
>here to comfort you if had a bad day
>likes BL
>can be younger or older, I don't mind if she's not the same age as me
>has her own opinion on all matters
>doesn't spend much time online
>doesn't take selfies
>will snuggle in me when we sleep
>cares about weaponry, machiner & aviation

No. 313273

>light hair/eyes
>likes reality tv/horror movies
>smokes/drinks occasionally
>passionate about her interests
>likes going out
>relatively emotionally stable
>positive outlook on life
>likes similar music to me
>somewhat of a normie

No. 313286

This is kind of specific, but not everyone I liked has hit all of them.
>awkward and a bit odd, definitely was a weird girl while growing up
>also an artist (very important) even if not as a career
>equally as terminally online so that we can talk about things
>bit of a weeb and has similar taste in media
>open to new music so we can endlessly share music between us
>likes fashion (I'm equally attracted to masculine or feminine)
>respects my boundaries
>will bluntly voice her needs and opinions to me
>genuinely interested in me as I would be in her
>able and willing to go on walks and hikes with me
>willing to people watch
>likes cats/animals in general
>respects my love of bugs even if she doesn't share it
>an ethnicity similar to my own but maybe not identical. I don't want to have to explain A LOT but do wish to have room to share cultures with each other. I'm also madly attracted to women who have certain features common in my ethnicity.
>shorter than me (<168cm)
>for feminine women, I do like when they're a bit chubby…not obese but squishy

No. 313382

>goofy, makes dumb jokes and is silly and kinda dumb but in an enduring way
>generally very loud and boisterous and outgoing but always looks out for me in social situations
>kinda loserish
>little to no makeup
>share our interests to each other and enjoys my sperging
>music nerd (we listen to music together)
>some interest in politics/history or just able to have in-depth discussions with
>cooks together
>not a libfem or right wing
>slightly older than me
>doesn't smoke
>soft tummy

No. 313405

>honest and open to communicate
>dumb sense of humor
>has not grown up super sheltered, knows how shitty life can get
>likes science, engineering or medicine related stuff
>also likes art and music
>any cool hobbies that would like to share with me
>more of evening person than morning person, will stay up with me
>okay with drugs sometimes, but doesnt do them all the time
>shorter than me (176 cm)
>can be masculine or feminine, but doesnt wear much make up or shave all body hair
>nice butt
>likes to both give and receive in bed

No. 313588

File: 1676899913188.jpg (126.78 KB, 1280x720, 1656639888232.jpg)

>himejoshi that makes her own content like me
>decent stamina, strength and fitness
>maybe chubby
>femme, at least slightly more feminine then me
>nicely shaped jaw
>probably light eyes
>similar height to mine (5'7")
>has a lot of OCs she likes to rave about
>blackpilled but civilized in how she expresses it
>killer sense of humor
>asocial like me
>doesnt want kids
>relaxed personality
>probably a stoner or smokes cigs
>eloquent and intellectually my superior
>more dominant one
>isn't icked out by medical science
>will listen to me rave about the scientific evolution of blood transfusions
>reads several books a year, fiction and non fiction
>will read what i suggest just to get to know me more
>night owl
>isnt afraid to get forceful during sex
>a moderate pervert that enjoys my smut
>not afraid of technology
>good with crafting / handy
>will indulge in my whims to do couples cosplay even if its against her aesthetic

it took all the strength in my body to not write a joke post about wanting a cryptid gf. cryptid gf might be more realistic too

No. 313628

Anon what the hell, this describes me almost to a T. I don't smoke though, and I'm more masc than femme most days. Doublepost because I dropped my sage.

No. 313640

File: 1676934932384.jpg (48.29 KB, 775x653, E2AEDzXVkAcIjoP.jpg)

woa women like that actually exist? maybe this gay earth isn't as shitty as i thought

No. 313678

good thread op

No. 313679

Anon this is literally me
>tfw no gf to read and draw yuri together

No. 313693

>butch or butch leaning
>preferably similar height (176)
>honest, open, outgoing
>communicative and has a big friend group
>normie leaning, but nerdy
>vidya/board game/tabletop enthusiast
>similar music taste so we can go to concerts together
>likes sweets/not a gymtard/anachan so I can test new recipes on her
>won't make me feel like shit over my lack of experience

No. 313703

Lots of women are like that. This isn't rare at all. Even I have a lot of these traits.

No. 313796

File: 1677023129563.png (369.28 KB, 640x513, tumblr_bf6ac46806c5a478b5307a1…)

>manhating feminist
>no makeup, no shaving
>has a strong creative drive, likes to draw and make OCs
>shorter than me, but not shorter than 5'1"
>likes listening to my random spergs about videogames and anything else i feel like talking about
>likes to go out frequently and try new things. adventurous
>openly affectionate and loving, is fine with pda
>enjoys frequent gift exchange, whether it's bought or handmade
>enjoys cooking
>laughs at all my jokes and can make me laugh too
>a switch that leans sub
>is focused on growth and self betterment, and never wants to stay stagnant
>has a voice i like listening to
>has a good relationship with her mom
>decent sized boobs i can rest my head on
>high libido

No. 315492

Long list of traits I'd really like in a girlfriend.


>good at foraging, a capable hunter, so she can teach me
>extroverted, likes going out and doing things
>not that passionate about fashion trends
>doesn't watch tv, likes reading or being sociable
>likes cats
>active lifestyle, goes on long bike rides with me
>lean to muscular, even a little chubby is fine
>doesn't wear makeup
>my height or slightly taller (5'7)
>slightly more domineering but a switch too
>has similar opinions, full-blown terf
>has medium to longish hair
>preferably multiracial like myself
>laid back, not afraid of men
>can appreciate my need for solitude once and awhile
>let me give her a tattoo
>isn't afraid of how dark life can get.
>likes to occasionally trip and smoke weed now again, but not a full blown druggie/pothead
>tolerates smoking or wants to quit so we can quit together
>musician to my writer/artist, something cool like a cello
>silly, goofy, doesn't take things too seriously
>can get down with my weird schizo life theories and interest in the occult/folkore, doesn't have to necessarily be into it herself
>same age or a little older
>bi, but done with men forever
>a hater

No. 315530

File: 1678085176587.jpeg (91.13 KB, 1123x1123, us___.jpeg)

Huh I made a post on the last thread, I wonder how much my standards have changed from that one

>Short/buzzed hair
Idk why having buzzed hair makes women 100% more attractive to me. I've had it too but didn't look right for me. I love the way it feels too Bonus if she lets me dye designs into it

>Taller or bigger framed than me (5'4 so not that hard kek)

>gym rat with good arms/shoulders

I'm honestly not cut out for this lifestyle, but she would take me with her and encourage me to be stronger together ♥

>different nationality than mine

not really a requirement, but I think it would be neat to teach & learn about each other's cultures

>Butch leaning, into alt styles

again something I've tried and didn't look right for me but love the look on other women
>tattoos & piercings

>comforting soothing voice

The voice is super important to me, sometimes it's the first thing that attracts me to a person, if it's annoying to me I can't it working out long term. Though asking this I also have to find someone to accept my hick country accent too

>very down to earth, casual and curses a lot
>maybe a little more extroverted than me, can encourage me to get out more but also stay in and chill with me
>can smoke or drink occasionally but doesn't need to to have a good time
>listens to me sperg about nature topics
>loves my weird pets and helps me take care of them
>similar music taste
>likes the same shitty shows as me and sense of humor
>doesn't care about interest being too 'masculine' or feminine
>interested in playing games together casually

The dream is we own property together on a homestead and ride our motorcycles around it ♥

No. 315934

>late 20s-early 30s
>monogamous, wants an LTR and eventually marriage
>chubby but not morbidly obese
>muscular arms
>shorter than me (5'8)
>good hygiene
>420 friendly
>childfree but kind to children
>grew up terminally online, can relate to my experiences
>has struggled with dysphoria or is detrans, but rejects tranny politics. can have deep conversations with me about gender angst from a GC perspective
>loves animals and loves my cat in particular
>progressive but no virtue signalling
>decent sex drive, will flirt with me and make me feel desired
>into light BDSM/femdom, likes it when I boss her around a little, willing to occasionally dress up like a sexy dapper butler for me
>likes to wrestle and roughhouse
>laid back, good sense of humour
>not a doomer, can find things about life to enjoy
>endearingly cringey
>nerdy hobbies
>kinda goofy, likes dumb jokes and puns
>open minded about spirituality, no edgy reddit atheists
>loves cuddles and physical affection
>creative in some way
>hates social media
>weird and not ashamed of it

No. 315956

>dark curly short-ish hair
>slighty chubby but also somewhat muscular
>active, likes the outdoors
>outgoing and sociable
>intelligent, wide range of interests
>similar taste in movies and other media
>direct, no-nonsense communication style
>openminded, likes to try new things
>smokes weed or at least non-judgmental about recreational drugs
>similar sense of humor
>laid back, calm and patient
>comfortable with her body
>affectionate and playful

Basically someone who is different from me in all the right ways and encourages me to join her in being more outgoing, active and adventurious, but who is similar enough to to understand me and relate to me as a person.
Obviously even if this girl existed she would not be into me and way out of my league, but still.

No. 316770

Reposting here because I posted in the old thread, someone had necroed it and deleted their reply which made it look like I necroed it kek

>understands my stupid img board tier humor and has a good sense of humor herself

>is gc, but not super serious radblr user
>smokes weed and drinks, parties with me
>has friends and likes mine
>likes hanging out with each others friends
>not super morbidly obese or a steroid using body builder
>femme, masc, anything goes
>preferably bisexual or a lesbian who doesn’t care that I’m bi
>has somewhat similar libido to mine (which is usually pretty high when I’m with a woman)
>likes cats and other animals
>vegan or vegetarian
>some nerdy hobbies
>would possibly be open to non-monogamy
>not a NEET

So basically I want to date myself

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