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File: 1677904493632.png (1.36 MB, 1200x772, 714D167B-4AFB-48DD-995C-AAEA10…)

No. 315174

To the lesbian anon with a 2D crush, here is something to consider:
>think of your husbando
>really visualise him
>remember all the things you like about him
>now… ask yourself
>what if there were boobies under there?

Welcome to the Lesbian Hornyposting Yumejo Thread, the illegitimate daughter of the Retarded Husbando Hornyposting Shitposting Thread and the Female Fantasies Thread. Here you are free to imagine your favourite fictional woman in any scenario, sexual or otherwise, and post about her to your heart's content. Even better if, in her source material, that woman is a guy.

Example posts
>I just know Komaeda's pussy tastes like battery acid
>I want to fuck Goro Akechi until she is too overstimulated to monologue
>(3 paragraph description of a romantic date with Neku TWEWY which ends in passionate tribbing)

>Board rules apply. No infighting
>No 3DPD
>Use female pronouns for genderbent males
>Absolutely no talk of men, male anatomy, etc. Do not post art of nude men even under a spoiler
>Strap is OK though
>In fact strap is encouraged
>Canonically female characters are welcome too!

Sister threads
Lesbian General
Husbando Hornyposting
Husbando Devotion
Female Fantasies
Attractive Women You Want to Fuck

No. 315176

File: 1677905743578.jpeg (164.99 KB, 750x875, D5C31309-C62A-4A64-88DB-D8FA0E…)

I'll start us off
Fling Posse? More like FLING PUSSY. I don't know who I want more, Gentaro or Dice. As much as I'd enjoy having Gentaro tease the shit out of me, I think I'd prefer sloppy, drunk, "I might regret this in the morning" make outs with Dice. She'd gamble away her clothes, then come home half naked and depressed over the loss, so I'd offer her a drink to cheer up… But her tits are right there. I'm going to stare. She's going to notice. I think she has the decency to not bet away her bra to random strangers, but if she's tipsy enough maybe she'd wager it with me…

No. 315178

File: 1677907466118.jpg (50.92 KB, 500x568, Dy1KbLhUwAAsd0P.jpg)

Based threadpic. I used to have such a huge crush on Goro, and the genderbent version is basically everything I want in a (fictional) woman. She's intelligent, full of herself, obsessive, ambitious, vengeful. I love her stupid monologues, her evil little laugh, her princely demeanor and two-facedness. I don't know if calling her gap moe is appropriate, but I find those aspects of her cute too.

No. 315181

Anon that’s literally the hottest thing and also in character

No. 315349

File: 1678017851376.png (3 MB, 1867x2048, FqNKQjTakAAIGeF.png)

>what if there were boobies under there?
gender swapping the male characters im into often makes me like them 1000% more. it makes no sense why it has to be so roundabout, but it is. great thread nonna.

No. 315354

Ko-chan, is it you?

No. 315390

I tend to have super indulgent sex headcanons for various waifus, but my most consistent one is that all of them want the strap from me

No. 315402

File: 1678041493830.jpg (46.69 KB, 349x600, 911cabf8bd13fb1d1c375b27618814…)

Love the treadpic and examples, may lesbian Goro and Neku look upon us.

Miss Darklaw over here was pretty much my full lesbian awakening when I was 15yo, and even though I’m in a serious relationship of sorts with another character, she never fully left my heart.
Especially ever since I found out one of her scrapped concepts was to make her an assassin. Though nice, she is already kind of dominant in-game, but knowing she could kill me at any second makes it hotter somehow. Having to be at her mercy in an attempt to convince her to spare my life and such. I wouldn’t mind if she started to cut me with those claws while making out though. Or if she stabbed me and played with my insides. Spending my last moments with a pretty woman, how cute.

Funnily enough, I do have a male crush too (I mistook him for a girl at first) and my fantasies are the opposite of above, I want to be the one terrorizing her this time around, just for fun. Sucks that people keep drawing femboy trash instead of genderbends, they don’t realize how cute she looks with boobs… Today is the anniversary of her death and I’m doing my part by drawing her in some angel-themed babydoll.

No. 315408

File: 1678043918122.png (387.95 KB, 811x972, pixiv-id-55725576-SilverAsh-(A…)

Patrician taste. "Fuck or die" just hits different when the one you're fucking is also the one threatening you with death, huh?

I want to crawl inside her jacket. She can use me as a hot water bottle. I'd do anything to be useful to her including under-the-desk cunnilingus while she works.

No. 315409

File: 1678044015089.jpg (25.12 KB, 563x597, daf0e7c9fec3cbbfb5dd9a599c44c4…)

I want to strap her so bad. I love princely butch-chans, and the fact that she suffers from internalized misogyny enough to crossdress and try to pass as a guy just makes me want to fuck her more. Something about putting her in her place just does it for me. My fantasies are so elaborate I could go on forever, but the fact that she has maybe 3 in game voicelines before literally dying makes me embarrassed, kek.

I'd let her do things to me, damn nonna. She's delicious. I wish we could just have female characters who looked like that instead of having to genderbend them ourselves, but it is what it is. Maybe when we have more lesbian gamedevs it'll be different.

No. 315410

>Sucks that people keep drawing femboy trash instead of genderbends
I tend to have a "whatever floats your boat" attitude with fanart, but I wish more cool moid characters would get full-on genderbent but keep their personality/design elements except female. I'm basically only into female characters like I am with women IRL, but a lot of guy characters would just be so much better if they were sex-flipped and the same otherwise.

No. 315417

File: 1678045279111.jpg (437.1 KB, 1534x2048, Tumblr_l_37728117200297.jpg)

Female LBH is so hot and sexy and her pussy is delicious I know it is I just know it. I wish with all my heart SVSSS was about a loser NEET girl marrying her big boobied waifu instead of a danmei. At night I lie awake and think about her with my hand between my legs. I've reached the point where I've started to download fics I order to tweek them to be lesbian. I just want her to come through my screen and become my sweet demon wife. She's perfect for me she really is. Luo Binghe would be softer then Lou Bingge of course. Bingmei would be more pillowy and a cute dedicated homemaker. Bingge would be a hard as steel career woman, a cutthroat business person. In terms of personality anyway.

No. 315419

Wait, wtf? Senpai is a girl?? Where is this said??? My interest in FNF has now been revived please tell me this is canon nonnie PLEASE.

No. 315421

File: 1678046397545.jpg (182.09 KB, 1226x1484, tumblr_2c4b95b746744c99985d8cd…)

Ugh, please nonna, I fucking wish!!! Unfortunately, Senpai is still a canon male, I just couldn't find a good enough genderbend so I used a regular pic instead. She's a butch prince in my heart, though.

No. 315423

oh nonna i love senpai so much like this! now shes a woman to me too.

No. 315426

I cope by making only female OCs. If nobody else will give their female characters depth, then I've gotta be the change I want to see.

No. 315428

Exactly, it's a double edged sword. Fanart usually is either genderbend that changed the character too much (which are nice, but like you said, sometimes you just want the same character but as a woman) or femboy with all the gross genitalia out. The world is so cruel to us…
There's lots of male characters I would lile if they were female instead, I wish writers could give us more psychotic women.

No. 315429

AYRT, this is what I try to do too now, but there's a different kind of fun about finding a character that's "my type" in the wild than making my own. One of my waifus is ironically an OC catered to me though.

No. 315430

>One of my waifus is ironically an OC catered to me though.
Holy based. I have a few waifus & genderbent husbandos that I turned into my OCs. I don't know why, it just feels better knowing they're "mine".

No. 315508

I don't watch so much anime anymore but I just turn 3DPD from random media into my own waifus, training myself to build good gnc lesbians. One day I will make the most handsomes waifus nonnas

No. 315510

File: 1678078421224.jpg (680.81 KB, 2000x2000, Fh6u-JFaYAE6BRD.jpg)

I don't play Genshin, but I would if the male characters were like this. (Some of the female characters are kind of my type, but I dunno if I want to get into a gacha again lmao)

No. 315601

File: 1678125813425.png (489.6 KB, 1000x563, Lucilicca (2).png)

Mommy? Sorry. Mommy? Sorry. Mommy? Sorry. Mommy?

No. 315614

just say she's sexy like a normal person.

No. 315615

Also this thread amkes me confused. Don't we just post our himejo female crushes in the regular hornyposting thread? Or is this just for genderbends and not actual female characters.

No. 315617

Nta but I assume a lot of anons itt don't care to see anime moids and just want to sperg about fictional women and talk to other women who feel the same.

No. 315620

I get that but why make genderbends the main theme then. I want to sperg about actual female characters.

No. 315623

I don't get it either, it's very specific, but given that, now is a great time to say I was a proponent of female reigen long before it became a coomer meme. I was posting about female reigen on twitter so many years ago and no one cared. I just needed someone to know.

No. 315640

…You literally can do that itt?

No. 315641

Honestly, please do, the only reason I've posted genderbends is I don't want my canon female waifus to deanon me LMAO

No. 315642

Are you illiterate? The thread says it's safe for genderbent husbandos and also regular female characters. The reason why this thread in specific exists is probably because the main thread is very straight oriented.
>Why is the main theme genderbends
Many female characters aren't written well/aren't waifuable, so lesbians are resorted to genderbending actually well written male characters to get any sort of satisfaction fictionally. No offense, but when nearly every single fem character is a sexualized, brainless, personalityless caricature or a literal loli, it's hard as a gay woman to be attracted to any of them. There is a strictly canon female character thread you can find in the catalog but it's, as one can expect, dead.

No. 315649

File: 1678148354213.jpeg (475.39 KB, 556x734, 25603ED0-90C5-48CE-96C5-78ECB4…)

I love Megatron. She’s literally my waifu/husbando of all time. Unfortunately a lot of genderbent art of her is moid shit that I’m not into, but I feel like the base transformer designs arent so masculine that I can’t imagine her as a butch woman. She’s so sexy and I want to crawl inside her 5 foot tall pussy and drown there. I want to use her clit as a pillow and her labia minora as a blanket. I just wish robots could grow bushes, but I’m not picky. I just need her huge pussy in my life

No. 315651

File: 1678149541030.png (831.43 KB, 933x702, LucilikaHalloweenwear2021D_ill…)

My bad. I do find her to be sexy.

No. 315652

who is she…

No. 315656

Lucilicca from Lord of Heroes. Just warning you it's a gacha game. It's got a lot of nice character designs, though.

No. 315659

Nona I love this post

No. 315684

File: 1678180947909.gif (1.99 MB, 640x640, 1661779945355.gif)


No. 315865

File: 1678286944930.jpg (221.77 KB, 1538x1248, transformers_bootleg_bed.jpg)

Transformer race car bed frame type pussy

No. 315920

File: 1678303889218.jpeg (201.35 KB, 792x726, 2FCC38A6-8003-4971-918F-48A7FF…)

Ugh she’s irresistible. Literally so stupid and definitely a certified bruh girl tomboy stupid loser neet type of woman but I want to suck her clit off and chew it like bubblegum. Her room has nothing but a mattress and her gaming pc.

No. 316153

File: 1678412595309.gif (755.38 KB, 500x500, 11010321_4c908.gif)

I want hot rivalrous sex with her NNNOWWWW

No. 316229

Isn't that a man or am I missing something

No. 316311

File: 1678487151404.jpeg (136.31 KB, 749x936, CC65E035-7D61-442C-80F0-1896E4…)

Ladies, I am down BAD. Sugar mommy Pantalone when?

No. 316317

\>Even better if … that woman is a guy
\>strap is encouraged
\>canon female characters are welcome too

There's so much repressed bi cope in the OP it's almost satire. Stop grouping yourself in with lesbians when you're this transparent and demanding validation for your delusion. Being bi is amazing, just realize that and get help for whatever this is lmaooo fucking retard

No. 316319

File: 1678492415195.jpg (109.74 KB, 963x1074, EaG2qHrUcAEqE6s.jpg)

Nobody gives a fuck. Also you completely fucked up that greentext like an utter retard KEKKKK. Anyway I want Lady Majima to eat me out.

No. 316321

this whole thread reminds me of transbian cope

No. 316322

It doesn't change the fact that this retarded thread has nuclear levels of cope you larping faggot KEK

No. 316325

a hit dog will holler and closet bis are no different lmao. so thin-skinned that you cry abt the greentxt formatting. Your lady majima looks like contrapoints too LMAO

No. 316326

I'm a tranny because… you just feel like it? It's just the "vibes"? Go back to twitter. You're both too retarded to understand that whoever made this thread is a certified autist. It's literally just drawings you're clutching pearls over.
I know lolcow is getting boring but you bitches are really grasping at straws. Anyways!

No. 316328

It's ok girlie just keep masturbating to yaoi and males and keep telling yourself it's because you're on 20 levels of irony!!! Gotta undo all those canon phalloplasties, am i right? Braver than any US troony marine :3(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 316329

Who even said you're a tranny you turbo-retard? And no one's clutching pearls over drawings, go take your meds, holy SHIT lmfao. We're just laughing at your massive bisexual cope.

No. 316330

>To the lesbian anon with a 2D crush, here is something to consider: think of your husbando, really visualise him, now… ask yourself, what if there were boobies under there?
This description is cringe. Why does a lesbian anon have to genderbend a male character in the supposed "lesbian hornyposting yumejo thread"? Why can't we just talk about waifus?
And OP put this at very the bottom, like a last thought
>>Canonically female characters are welcome too!
Should've just made this the "genderbent hornyposting thread". I see why anons are saying this is bi cope.

No. 316332

Or just called it what it is… the bihet hornyposting thread kek.

No. 316334

Anyone ITT into Femdom? I saw posts about Senpai while scrolling just now, I would actually fuck him in the ass

No. 316335

idk from what shithole the shit stirrer comes, but their baiting is unhinged and i implore my based nonnies to ignore them and continue posting sexy gender bends
i never got the appeal of the male version of this character but she's hot. I like it best when gender bends keep the same hair styling and outfits as the originals though (however i am biased as a lover of butch and princely women)

No. 316337

Ayrt, she actually does have the same hair as her male counterpart (except it's not in a ponytail)!

No. 316338

File: 1678497218486.jpg (31.33 KB, 635x600, 1535517211497.jpg)

>Lesbian hornyposting
>think of your husbando
Why did you have to ruin what could've been a fun thread? Straightoids already have many threads to talk about their husbandos.

No. 316339

God damn just hide the fucking thread, what are you? New?

No. 316342

Tbh, this looks like a bait kind of thread, you could create a real lesbian hornyposting thread instead.

No. 316348

There is one lol it hasn't moved in four days
Seriously what lesbian has a husbando

No. 316350

everyone in here posting about how this thread is bi coping or complaining that its cringe or they dont understand it's purpose are complete and utter retards. this is literally just a thread for posting about genderbent male characters (and female characters in general if desired) you all are so stupid. if you dont want to post about genderbent husbandos just gtfo??? dumbasses

No. 316351

File: 1678500046386.png (401.11 KB, 640x808, 8djygf96g0w51.png)

Ignore the bait. Hets and scrotes are just mad we dared to reimagine their favorite lines and colors as women.
>lover of butch and princely women
Based. They're the best, both in fiction and in real life.

No. 316352


No. 316353

>lesbian thread
>male characters as main focus

No. 316355

File: 1678501049037.jpeg (176.5 KB, 750x826, 9A3B5981-F4CC-435A-8F41-9EFF08…)

She makes her decisions based on coin flips, so I think it'd be fun to have stupid little contests, too. Best 2/3 in checkers gets to top. I throw the game every time. The tie breaker should be some kind of kissing contest but I'm not sure how you could compete at that or determine a winner. I would NOT bring on Gentaro as an impartial judge no I would not…

No. 316362

>Even better if, in her source material, that woman is a guy.
Kek yeah a lesbian thread, sure jan. Keep thinking you’re gay.

No. 316367

the way you miss the point, you've almost achieved vegetable status with full consciousness, congratulations!!

No. 316368

ayrt first of all sage your shit, second of all no one cares that you think its bicope. quit clogging with pointless infighting

No. 316369

just report and ignore, there's strange things afoot in the /g/ board lately and the lack of saging points to that

No. 316386

File: 1678528677894.jpg (95.97 KB, 480x774, shingo_plaster.jpg)

Female shingo make me so hot. I just want to bend her in half in her Honda Civic.

I'm sure she would be a huge NLOG and crossdress to not get hit on by other guys in her team, and they are too autistic to notice it.
I want her to bring me to an out of her turf meet up. She would act tough around me in her car, bitching and judging me, trying her best to act like a guy.
Probably get into an argument there, race against someone and lose and scratch her car.

She drive us back home, being super pissed off and breathing heavy. I try to make her feel better but she feel humiliated and try to stop herself from crying. She is acting and shaking like a spoiled child because she is not looking like the cool edgy guy she think she is. I hold her hands and pat her arm, while she is hyperventilating. I tell her everything will be alright, as she grab my arm and continue whining and chocking up in high pitch cries. I put my hand on her chest and make her synchronise her breathing with mine. " Be carefull wearing that sport bra when your getting all worked up you could hurt youself Shingo." I see her face turn toward me in shock, her foxy eyes open wide. I know her secret , she can't say a word but I just calmly tell her I will not told anyone I noticed. She does't know how to react and blurt out a thank you, put her hand over mine on her chest.
She re-adjust her hips into her seat while looking at me.

Stuff get hot, I kiss her lips and hump nose and we transfer to the backseat. I Remove her mugen shirt and sport bra, revealing her scragly pasty body with almost no breasts. Her pant look so big on her I just need to remove them off her hips with her panty. She still try to look tsundere, with her legs up in the air and black unshaven bush in the open. I would kiss her all over while she squeal the closer I get to her pussy. I grab the little fat she had on her hips and kiss her down there while using my fingers aswell. I make her moan and shake in the back of her car

No. 316424

File: 1678551571669.png (376.38 KB, 640x480, orogirl.png)

I'm only a casual naruto fan but orochimaru is so sexy. I love how fucked up she is… i love her hair and her eyes and her deranged smile. Plus, i know she'd put her long tongue in me and fuck me with it, which is so fucking hot.

No. 316425

File: 1678551982559.png (2.45 MB, 1466x1756, varre_nknown-45 (2).png)

she'd be such a perfect female character, i want to teach her what love can be like beyond what she's been indocrinated to believe by her suspiciously unethical blood cult.

No. 316426

supreme taste nona!

No. 316430

File: 1678553633932.jpg (707.5 KB, 1653x1200, E0Kw2PLUcAIFl0f.jpg_large.jpg)

Please leave the bald midget and come be with me instead, ur too good for him

No. 316444

God nona, I used to have the biggest crush on her when I was little, I even named two of my plushes after her and her daughter to play pretend with them.
Considering my current fictional wife, my taste in women has barely changed kek She was the blueprint…

No. 316449

File: 1678557268715.jpg (514.59 KB, 1920x2905, -akali004.jpg)

I love her tattoos, they accentuate her back muscles so well

No. 316452

File: 1678558861842.png (45.57 KB, 720x753, EmaxCZuWEAAeuIN.png)

I want to give her the world.

No. 316455

It’s a girl???? I always thought it was a boy lmfao

No. 316459

It's a guy, nona just talking as if he were a woman.

No. 316464

File: 1678564209594.jpg (89.99 KB, 1150x1000, FR7dwtBaMAE8nO-.jpg)

I hesitate to get into this series because I think it's cute/funny and she checks so many of my boxes, but the plot is heterosexual. I could treat her right, though…

No. 316465

File: 1678564796175.jpg (46.6 KB, 736x736, spy family.jpg)

Get out, Yuri, this is a female only image board.
(I like Yor but I am not fond of her character design)

No. 316473

She looks so out of place compared to other characters and the time period/setting that the story takes place in. But that's what you would expect from the manga that was created to be a cash cow.

No. 316474

File: 1678568010430.jpg (33.84 KB, 400x600, DtLR3unUwAIHoy1.jpg)

Excellent taste Nona.
I watched dbz again a few years ago and I was smitten. It's a shame that like pretty much every female in the series she stopped being cool after getting married and having kids.

No. 316482

File: 1678569710605.jpg (Spoiler Image,216.81 KB, 1100x1424, blushyspicy__40a8542ec15fa3b5f…)

She's close to my type of women IRL, so I immediately rushed to read it despite the plot. I figured I can drop it and save fanart if I don't like it, LMAO

No. 316484

File: 1678570312211.png (48.04 KB, 250x388, HarukaEp19S.png)

Why does my heart beat so fast every time I look at her? She actually gives me the fucking butterflies. I feel insane. My throat got tight and there were tears in my eyes just because she's so perfect. What the fuck? No. I'm good actually. I'm good I'm fine I'm sane I'm normal <- repeating this mantra in my head (my life is already ruined) They just don't make characters like this anymore and WHY?! WHY WAS SHE THE ONLY ONE?! I'm over it. I'm so over it. It's fine. I'll never love another fictional character the same way I loved her but it's alright. It's okay. Whatever

No. 316511

File: 1678577869168.jpg (28.56 KB, 563x601, 832842658.jpg)

She could literally insult me and I'd end up absolutely drenched for her

No. 316512

File: 1678578132736.jpg (129.65 KB, 1280x1150, moistra.jpg)

EXTREMELY EXCELLENT TASTE NONA…esp her blackwatch skin, yummyyyyyy

No. 316516

File: 1678580984197.jpg (30.69 KB, 437x604, 108a0f2833e9e7f21bf887d4c38489…)

Have you heard her valentines voice line? I felt like I was about to get a heart attack

No. 316521

File: 1678583266298.jpg (42.9 KB, 564x789, b7fbb952c01d46a73e1f48b7fc13be…)

Yessss it made me feel so giddy nonny,god she's perfect

No. 316522

I heard she was based on the look of takarazuka actresses. Maybe if you get into takarazuka it would fill the gap in your heart. Or it would make you clinically insane

No. 316523

UGH nonnie dont get me started on this woman i love her so much

No. 316532

hey nonna idk if you're still there but if you are. what megatron is this? i know it's fanart but was just wondering what series the megatron is from. it doesn't quite look like the 1984 one.

No. 316538

NTA but I think that may be the 2005 IDW Megatron.

No. 316547

I already know of them but thank you anyway nonna, I appreciate it! Posting from the looney bin as we speak.

No. 316548

ayrt, the other nona is correct, this is Megatron from the 2005 IDW continuity! Specifically the design from more than meets the eye (toward the end of the IDW 1 run)

No. 316574

I am heads over heels for this woman. It’s so rare to find an evil or morally grey woman in fiction but she’s perfect and so fun to play as

No. 316590

File: 1678629666565.jpeg (74.31 KB, 750x750, 0F63BD06-8B55-4EB6-8A8D-CE84A3…)

I've always thought CSM was mediocre but I am so grateful it exists because Makima is THE sexiest female character in all animanga ever. She's evil, she's insane, she's 12 steps ahead of everyone at all times and loving the destruction she causes. I don't care about the plot, I just want to see her wreak havoc. I don't care that she loses at the end either. From the moment I laid eyes on her I knew I was going to love her! Thank you CSM mangaka (don't even know his name kek) for inserting your femdom fetish into your cliche, milquetoast shounen comic. Thank you for giving Makima normal sized boobs and a suit and a big black coat and creepy eyes and delicate yet villainous hands. She is everything to me. Also I liked her years before it was cool. The hipster in me is compelled to say so.

No. 316597

Same here, almost every female character in that manga is fucked up in one way or another, I love them so much. I don't even care for the plot or enjoy manga in general, I'm here just to see women killing and covered in blood and I'm glad it's providing.
I started it for Makima too, my sister has been reading it for some years and she hates her guts so she tried to make me hate Makima too, but I fell more in love every time my sister told me about her crimes kek

No. 316599

Great taste nonna, Makima is super cool. I know very little about her but I love her, Power, and Quanxi (and Quanxi's harem, at least from a design standpoint). I just wish they weren't in a misogynistic scrote manga; if they were in a manga made for women, they'd be perfect.

No. 316611

I don't read shounen so I have no desire to read csm but I was kinda sureprised when I first saw Makima. She is insanely hot but not in the way men find a female character hot. She looks like she is designed to be attractive for women and not men. Legit didn't know male shounen mangakas could produce so attractive female characters

No. 316612

I also detest shounen, so I won't bother with it, but I find that most of the female characters in CSM look so good.

No. 316693

File: 1678652233899.png (2.28 MB, 1920x1080, 432874238917423.png)

Bump don't scroll

No. 317353

File: 1679098050669.jpg (297.06 KB, 1600x2134, Fni53cnaMAEIMpO.jpg)

She's so adorable, it isn't fair. What I wouldn't do to be between her legs right now.

No. 317365

File: 1679101176794.jpg (44.3 KB, 360x762, dotmylove.jpg)

Dot my beloved… she's the best human character in a tf show in YEARS. I love her and I want to live with her in domestic bliss. We r butch 4 butch <3(.<3)

No. 317367

if were talking about genderbending fictional men into hot women, my Type is, like, the most fucked up male characters. so:
>Walter White
>Mr Blonde
>possibly Bill (David Carradine)

No. 317441

>Walter White

now i am legit upset we didn't get breaking bad with wanda white as the main character, holy shit.

No. 317694

File: 1679278322395.jpg (282.36 KB, 2000x1125, kashima_yuu.jpg)

Not a hornypost, but do other nonnas with waifus feel kind of ostracized for having female fictional crushes instead of male ones? I wish there were actual lesbian/SSA yumejo spaces since the het counterparts feel vaguely unwelcoming. In order to get around this, I usually stealth with husbandos while secretly genderbending them, kek.

No. 317702

Yeah definitely, I always feel out of place sperging over my fictional women. It feels weird doing it in hetero yumejo spaces, and moid spaces are an absolute cesspool. The series I've been into recently has a surprisingly high amount of lesbian yumejo fans which is cool, but they're all Japanese and on twitter so there's not much opportunity for interaction. It'd be nice to have an English speaking space for yumejo waifufags.

No. 317728

Would Wanda White have a shaved head?

No. 317737

File: 1679306290174.png (32.41 KB, 386x356, 4.png)

No. 317800

Gotta be a shaved head

No. 317849

Yeah, it definitely would be nice, although I wonder what platform something like that would garner the most attention. I wouldn't mind starting a server or webring or what have you, I just have no idea where I'd even find lesbian yumejos to begin with. What series were you talking about if you don't mind sharing, anon?

No. 317854

File: 1679359771559.jpeg (900.41 KB, 1920x2400, C8B877B6-501D-4649-84F1-5D1FD1…)

I realised I may have a thing for mad scientist women
Everything about Moira is just perfect and that skin is the best.

No. 317855

File: 1679360501762.jpeg (62.28 KB, 549x932, DB0F9928-0EFE-47BE-96EB-BB49F8…)

It’s unfortunate her fans are pretty stupid.

No. 319449

File: 1680321187478.jpeg (86.27 KB, 643x1042, Ajhd82uhiaj.jpeg)

None of my experiences are unique, huh? The range of media I'm into isn't conducive to producing female characters I like, so I just waifu a genderbent version of male characters. I've even talked about it here >>299953.
Anyways. Picrel. Not my main but I just know that the strap game would be insane.

No. 319453

File: 1680321688701.jpg (174.28 KB, 1055x830, 6659d948652415118e2d76aa6992d7…)

Fellow Lord of Heroes anon…! It's gotta be Zaira for me.
She's so strong and reliable and yet so cute. I want love her slowly and gently until she feels ready to be vulnerable with me, and I want to show her I'm worthy of her trust by lovingly topping her. What I wouldn't give to be the one she melts for.

No. 319458

File: 1680323657058.jpg (29.21 KB, 400x392, tumblr_02e716fd331ec365579ddaa…)

It pains me that there's barely any good GLaDOS fanart bc of how unwieldy her character design is, and I hate most humanizations on principle alone. She would NOT be a sullen faced generic anime girl with a white bob. She would be a decrepit old woman with a glint in her eye that reminds you that she's as spry as she ever was and still dangerous. Anyway that's irrelevant because I want her to fuck me with metal tentacles and tubes and I want it to hurt and chafe the fuck out of my vagina

No. 319459

Have you ever considered Lady Rick Sanchez or is that too cringe? I want her grey pubes stuck between my teeth ngl

No. 319984

File: 1680574771403.png (765.99 KB, 2732x2048, Wallpaper_Bianca_Horizon.png)

Oh, I like Zaira as well! But my favorite so far has to be Bianca!

No. 320200

File: 1680665817279.jpg (41.21 KB, 600x848, a4e4709a9fd276896850b2edf2bb09…)

I wish more genderbends were only focused on changing the sex of a character rather than the outfit. Picrel is still princely/masculine and I appreciate it so much for that. I hate when they give genderbends OOC outfits… they do that to ALL male to female genderbends and it drives me nuts. It always screams "female = feminine" insecurity type bullshit.

No. 320202

Slightly OT and I'm not even a lesbian but one shitty genderbend that particularly triggers the fuck out of me is Jotaro. She would be a badass and aloof sukeban, not a moe gyaru-esque waifu with a tiny frilly skirt.

No. 320206

File: 1680671692837.jpg (244.53 KB, 1200x774, 52o8wuew9sj81.jpg)

Bianca is sooooo cute! I never got far enough in the game to see her, though, since I quit about midway through the currently released story (fun game, but wasn't clicking). I still think about going back often because of just how good the female character designs are, though!
When it comes to Isola, Helga is definitely my favorite. It's so rare to find a strong, hot, capable older woman like her in anime-style media. I want her in my life.
Agreed. For me, I just wish that female characters got the designs and personalities that male characters seem to get en masse. I don't need anything changed but their gender.

No. 320210

File: 1680672017600.jpg (422.34 KB, 1536x2048, FsJW1m4aUAA45HA.jpg)

Samefag, but I find it so endearing when I go on Twitter and see how many yumejos that Zaira has. There's clearly an underserved market for characters like her.
LoH anon, I have a question… Do you find the game alright to play F2P? I left because I was worried about getting invested when the monetization seems severe.

No. 320213

File: 1680672564575.jpg (52.16 KB, 540x405, 7268d04f7b619601fc2706663b83ee…)

I'm unfamiliar with her series, but wow, what a brilliant looking woman! I love how handsome she is. I hope companies see that masculine female characters like her are capable of amassing a decent amount of fans and continue to create more.
>I don't need anything changed but their gender.
Exactly. It's frustrating to see that all female characters are feminine, have their tits out and wear makeup, and that their personalities always fall into the same three categories of cute and innocent, "strong" in a way that doesn't offend scrotes, or sexy lethal femme fatale. And with the very few lesbian characters we do have, I find that they never actually look like lesbians. They always have long hair and the aforementioned highly feminine physical traits, and it always makes me raise an eyebrow because no lesbian I know, even the femme ones, are like that. And don't even get me started on how literally every single female couple is comprised of one lesbian and one bisexual or, generally speaking, are butch4femme. I don't want to veer into vent territory but I'm simply sick to bastard death of feminine female characters, kek. Give me losers, unshaven legbeards, and bifauxnen.

No. 320214

>losers, unshaven legbeards, and bifauxnen
the holy trio of female characters. I love all of them so much. The only characters like that right now are aiden self-insert fakeboi characters. I think it's up to us, nonnies. We have to be the change. I wish I was more creative at coming up with storylines, I'd illustrate the fuck out of a comic involving characters like those.

No. 320218

AYRT, we DO have to be the change we want to see. I'm not particularly good at art but I personally plan to make a lesbian comic or two in the near future, and I encourage you to too, even if you don't think you're great at making stories. Hell, even one shots would be nice. Just getting cool female characters out there would be awesome, especially now more than ever considering aidenism is at its peak and young girls have no fictional female role models to aspire to. I think in the same spirit as the Butch Yuri Anthology, it would be nice if there was a hub for lesbian/non-scrote pandering female artists to share and post works. This goes doubly for GL, since all of it is either Steven Universe-core or uwu highschool h-h-handholding made by scrotes for scrotes.

No. 320240

>This goes doubly for GL, since all of it is either Steven Universe-core or uwu highschool h-h-handholding made by scrotes for scrotes.
God this, I got into doujin recently and the few GL ones I have found are all badly drawn NSFW by men for men. Sometimes I wish I were straight/bi so I could be into BL/men because women are the only ones who know how to draw appealing porn (or anything in general, to be honest).

No. 320269

File: 1680705419458.png (3.96 MB, 2028x2012, Michael_Skin1_Mobile.png)

NGL I hate danmei art because I always think that they're bifauxnen but then they turn out to be moids. Instant disappointment.
Anyways, here's Michael (female angel) from Alchemy Stars. They have some really coomerish designs, but they know how to do a woman right now and then.

No. 320271

>NGL I hate danmei art because I always think that they're bifauxnen but then they turn out to be moids. Instant disappointment.
NTA and same nona, I sometimes see art on the frontpage here and think for a second it's a beautiful woman or a lesbian couple, but noooo. It's some chinese fujo shit.

No. 320273

File: 1680705773988.png (1.89 MB, 2048x1024, skin-cg-michael-love-embargo-e…)

The accompanying skin CG. What a woman.

No. 320274

I've been bashed for this before, but I really enjoy cool, strong, flat-chested female character designs. People can say that I might as well start liking men all they want, but the difference is that these characters are women. We all know what differentiates a man from a woman, I'm just not allowed to defend myself or else I'll get called a bigot. I'm so sick of people acting like they know my sexuality better than I do just because the internet is delusional about gender.

No. 320275

People are very defensive when it comes to what they believe lesbians are allowed to like. Heaven forbid you don't find the same cookie-cutter triple F cup female character design attractive. It seems like classic butch/GNCphobia to me. Odd how gay men into female musicians/characters never get the same flak.

Holy shit, I adore her! She's just my type. So elegant and respectable. The art is drop-dead gorgeous, too. I'm assuming this is a gacha… what a shame. I'll admire from afar.

No. 320282

I know, right? It's always okay when a man is doing it, but God forbid a woman step outside people's arbitary molds.
You can read more about Michael here, in the file and stories sections:
It really is such a shame that so many good designs come from gacha, as I've distanced myself from those types of games. I guess when you're turning out that many designs nonstop, you're bound to have some hits here and there.

No. 320311

i like em flat as a cutting board. The best cuddlers around despite being shrews the rest of the time.

No. 320314

what the hell are you talking about

No. 320316

File: 1680717513516.gif (1.62 MB, 640x416, pokemon-rika.gif)

Don't know what you men by the shrew part, but yeah– flat is great. I hated when a hot, masc, flat-chested female character blows up and a bunch of idiot moids draw her with a massive rack. They don't know what's good at all. Picrel as she's one of the more recent examples of this I can think of.

No. 320321

File: 1680718180430.png (763.8 KB, 735x839, Beelzebub_(Versus).png)

I want a female verison of Beelzebub from GBF. NOT Helel ben Shalem, the female character he's canonically a male derivation of. I want this exact design but female. And I want to give her the strap.

No. 320322

File: 1680718330251.png (267.52 KB, 480x400, 480px-Npc_zoom_3040351000_02.p…)

Picrel is the female character he came from. I especially hate the infantilizing pacifier thing she has going on. And of course Shalem has to be notoriously horny when Beelzebub is the opposite of that. Why can't we have nice things?

No. 320333

100% relatable. Some okay female yuri smut artists exist (they're just in fandoms I'm not familar with like Genshin), but they always try to pander to moids by drawing futa/spicy het trans shit on the side. I tend to just ignore it and stick with what I like, but seeing everything either involve dicks or pander to dicks is exhausting.

>People are very defensive when it comes to what they believe lesbians are allowed to like. Heaven forbid you don't find the same cookie-cutter triple F cup female character design attractive.
Shameful confession, but I tend to be more attracted to women with bigger busts in real life, but most fictional female characters designed that way look awful. The ones I've seen that look realistic (ish) and attractive tend to be designed by women, go figure.

No. 320335

File: 1680721973715.png (646.75 KB, 767x1080, milsae.png)

>Sometimes I wish I were straight/bi so I could be into BL/men because women are the only ones who know how to draw appealing porn (or anything in general, to be honest).
Same. It's very unfortunate to have the very few things that are targeted towards women/the female gaze be exclusively OSA oriented. Being lesbian is a struggle.

What the actual pedo shit is this? I feel like I've just been put on a watchlist, kek.

OT, but does anyone have any lesbian artists they like and feel like sharing? Milsae is one of my absolute favorites. She draws lesbians that actually look like lesbians, and her art style is super unique and fun to look at.

No. 320348

I’m a relatively masc flat chested nona and this gave me so much confidence, it’s hard out here

No. 320370

Unfortunately, Milsae is all that comes to mind for me as well. I love seeing the diversity of women in her art, though, and she draws the most beautiful masc lesbians. It's always a treat!
I'm glad if we could give you some confidence, nonna! Your type sounds like my ideal, and I'm sure you'll meet that special woman who feels the same way one day.
I think those with similar tastes like me are pretty abundant, IG in my case I'm just not as vocal about it since my tastes not aligning with those of straight men means I expect less general acceptance of it.

No. 320371

File: 1680752826631.png (3.44 MB, 2000x1977, Reinhardt_Ascended_Mobile.png)

I love Reinhardt from AS! Her artist draws massive racks, but I don't mind it as much since they tend to look more natural on the body and in clothes than a lot of other anime-style artists make them look. Her strong, charismatic, and kind personality as the leader of Illumina is really what draws me to her, though. That, and the fact that her most compelling relationships are with equally interesting woman like Forsakin and Wrath.

No. 320372

File: 1680752994794.png (2.8 MB, 2020x1344, Charon_Ascended_Mobile.png)

Speaking of genderbends, though… Charon would be my no.1 as a female character. I'd listen drink her capuccinos, cheer at all of her one-woman performances, and befriend her best train friend, too. A cute and melodramatic train autist wife for the win.

No. 320376

Why couldn't Charon have been a woman?? She looks so unhinged and fun, I'd have loved if she was canonically female! What a cool character design and concept. If you keep posting these designs, I might just have to get into this game…

No. 320377

File: 1680756377271.png (900.3 KB, 1000x568, f364bc642c82c94203c8c24d28177d…)

It's a pretty fun game! In terms of business practices and playerbase responsiveness, I'd consider it one of the best right now.
Just to keep contributing… I'd love Hydrad as a female character, too. His design does nothing for me as-is, but as a woman? I'd love her odd edginess, gullibility, and spoil her shadow dogs rotten. Not to mention, it'd make the Aurorian story where her dogs keep wandering off to watch/guard you in your sleep really cute. I know how it sounds, but she's not the yandere type– just a loyal pup with an edgy design.

No. 320404

File: 1680765167373.png (43.46 KB, 328x245, 3f0798c97398da0c6a6b369696a066…)

Society if they were both women.

No. 320426

based nonnie i don't plan on getting into this game but she will live on in my heart with her shadow doggies as a cute edgy lesbian

No. 320512

I'd 100% love a lesbian yumejo server, I tend to be too shy to name most of my favorites on here, kek

No. 320513

AYRT, I'll set one up! I also feel shy about posting some of my faves too kek, I think a server could be a good compromise. My tag is melusine 9488, anynonna who wants to join can add me and we can go through a verification process.

No. 320605

File: 1680894044486.jpg (61.1 KB, 563x753, cbeb74e40f1d337701cc71ee9870b3…)

If Ada dressed like this I would be so attracted to her.

No. 320628

She looks so sexy. Side note… her official ribbed dress looks like she bought it in the clearance section at rue21 kek.

No. 320630

What really gets me is the high heeled shoes. She is so pretty and badass but then the camera pans down and you see that the moid designer has given her 80's hooker boots to wear on an action mission in the rural country side. It's so off-putting.

No. 320761

Added! If this gets going, we might have luck finding members through posting in the Husbando Devotion thread as well. I've seen a couple dedicated lesbian yumejos there.

No. 320869

File: 1681072730321.png (124.78 KB, 910x682, LucilikaE3_illust.png)

I've whaled in the game, but there are some good units you get for free if you log in each day for 30-day contracts (At least, I still think they're doing those). My most powerful character so far is Lucilicca (Earth) and she was one of those free units.

No. 321598

File: 1681494309633.jpg (153.26 KB, 850x1051, __gladiia_and_gladiia_arknight…)

Godddd she's so delicious.

No. 323769

I won't post her since the media is kind of obscure and has practically no fandom, thus outing myself.
But I suddenly started thinking of cringe self-insert scenarios with her and have even drawn some. I even started working on a little comic featuring she and my self-insert which just feels humiliating and like a waste of time. My abilities should be spent on more productive peojects.
Although it is funny to think this character would literally lightly bully of me for doing this stuff kek.
There are just so few female characters who are both my taste in design AND fleshed out in this particular way with flaws that are rough but endearing. She's so cute. It may also be that she sort of reminds me of an irl girl I like right now.

No. 323806

There's absolutely nothing cringe about indulging in selfship, anon. It's nice to hear that you're spending your time creating something you enjoy, and drawing a comic is productive in that it's still art practice at the end of the day. What's your comic about, if you want to share? And what's she like?

No. 323807

There's absolutely nothing cringe about indulging in selfship, anon. It's nice to hear that you're spending your time creating something you enjoy, and drawing a comic is productive in that it's still art practice at the end of the day. What's your comic about, if you want to share? And what's she like?

No. 323896

I'd never thought about the practice angle. Thank you, nona. It's both comic and dialogue practice.
The comics are just little snapshots of a fantasy I have. Basically my self-insert starts working with her, forming a friendship and helping her admit her interest in women. She's not very conventional in the scrote sense so being shown tenderness by a girl who isn't conventional either and also kind of gnc softens her hard shell of insecurity. But not too much since she's still her blunt self.
This is just what I want in real life haha. I always fall for the "hates everyone but me" deal. Sad!

No. 324606

File: 1682873687753.jpg (84.31 KB, 449x649, nozomu.jpg)

My husbando is such a moidy moid in the wimpiest manner, I struggle to see how he would be gender bent. I guess he would resemble his sister who also dresses in traditional japanese clothes, but taller and with straight hair, maybe tied up in some manner. Also a bit similar to the character Tane, who has this sex appeal but is a disgusting slob. The gap moe between Nozomu's dignified looks and depressed retardation is really important and I think that as a women he would be kind of a seductress character at first glance, but still comically depressed on the inside.

No. 324610

may i ask who he is nonnie???

No. 324614

nozomu from sayonara zetsubou sensei. the fact that some people don't recognize this show anymore makes me feel old

No. 324632

I recognize it nonna! That was my anime only the real og weebs know this gem. Just take solace in the fact that it isn’t wildly popular (yet) and you don’t have to read terrible takes about it on twitter! Makes me feel good to be old so I don’t have to read garbage takes of my old ass anime.(29)

No. 324642

In a way it's a shame because the anime didn't age a day, but not having to hear any stupid shit about anyone being trans or people trying to cancel it because it makes suicide jokes is a blessing.

No. 324649

I recognized this anime and the teacher doing despair jokes but never watched it. I assumed it was some stealth harem anime with deep meaning bs like Monogatari. I remembered watching a bit of it and was met with fanservice of girls in a bathhouse.

No. 324679

No, they aren't really stealth about it.

No. 325260

File: 1683144263736.png (55.76 KB, 434x434, 20230321_Rika_Kashima.png)

I love both Rika and Kashima! I want them to kabedon me, giving neck kisses and whispering flirty sweet nothings into my ears.

No. 325610

File: 1683238862720.gif (2.8 MB, 500x375, e.gif)

I like to just pretend Death is a woman in the Takarazuka performances of Elisabeth because it's just way hotter to me. Asaji Saki in particular really embodies everything I find attractive about the character (though Manato Asaka gets an honorable mention because DAMN does her performance make me squirm a little).

No. 325641

samefag, for some reason it never occurred to me that I was replying to the post above my last one. i'm sorry nonnie i'm retarded

No. 325676

That's ok nonny though she's gorgeous!

No. 326208

File: 1683469553966.jpg (69.01 KB, 600x600, FviCRPsXgAIpt_9.jpg)

I need to stick my fingers in her vagina expeditiously

No. 326216

File: 1683476067416.jpg (179.84 KB, 902x1600, 1665129606334.jpg)

I know nothing about this character other than she was posted on the gnc character thread, but I love her design. My ideal is an older woman who is some position of power (maybe a commander or something) she looks stoic and confident on the outside but underneath she has a lot of issues and stresses maybe mom issues too and just needs someone to be supportive and loving to her so she can let her guard down and find something to care about. Sadly I think this rare for female characters to have this personality and mostly a trope I see for men

No. 326792

File: 1683597634701.png (20.84 KB, 174x508, 3732647.png)

Mary Miyabi from cyberbots, I just love her design and maybe we could adopt a child since she seems to have a soft spot for them, I'd image she has to act tough since she's a soldier but when she comes back from piloting I'll be a shoulder for her to cry on, I'd sooth her and tell everything's gonna be okay and I'm here for her, afterwards we can cuddle up while we watch television and our child is playing outside in the grassy field.

No. 327177

She’s femme but nonna you would love Ichijiku from Hypmic. She’s exactly how you described and as a bonus is a man hater who thinks moids don’t deserve human rights. My #1 wife of all time.

No. 327205

It's Gina from Gangsta! Unfortunately she doesn't appear that often but she fits pretty much half of your description lol.

No. 331950

File: 1685425707009.jpg (53.66 KB, 563x773, f4f03b6c0a382e3430537e22c9d352…)

God her fingers would feel great inside me, whispering in my ear how pathetic I am squirming on her lab table making a embarrassing mess for her, her little test subject. sorry.

No. 332526

So true! Honestly I have a project rn where the main characters are both lesbians. If we want to see more characters that appeal to us we have to make them.

Maybe not the best thread to ask but does anyone else struggle to read gl? I find that it has two main 'schools' of art style: yuru yuri moe garbage or true beauty unnies and barely any inbetween. It really sucks because I find that bl seems to have a way more diverse set of art styles. I wish that some of those artists did lesbian stories instead so I had more to read.

No. 334504

what kind of artstyle are you looking for nonna? I read GL a lot but not BL so I don't know what you mean.

No. 334514

File: 1686402124913.jpg (542.18 KB, 1639x2048, hh.jpg)

i need her boobs in my face rn

No. 334650

Genderswapping is tranny shit

Also I ship Tomoko with pretty much everyone.

No. 334664

hope she takes those talons off first kek

No. 334731

Who is she?

No. 334763

She's Rodion from Limbus Company

No. 334824

File: 1686526016247.jpg (53.92 KB, 564x651, af3dea39fa2c7105192372ee070b93…)

I want The Huntress to fuck me roughly with a strap against the fur carpet floor while she's grunting in pleasure and saying things in Russian that I don't understand

No. 334853

I like big boobies and would definitely marry Camilla.

I also like cute earnest and retarded(i can relate) types and would definitely marry Kamui

Fire emblem is truly one of the best gayms for shipping

No. 334863

No. 336072

File: 1687013559560.jpg (49.29 KB, 500x707, 40055335_p0_master1200.jpg)

I need to eat her out. Hate that the DR fandom is full of fujos when they should have been writing more porn about her

No. 336079

I'm sorry but I felt something watching this oh god

No. 336080

what have you done to me

No. 336097

I'd like Camilla more if the game was more self-aware about her being fucked up by her upbringing. She's moid-pandering as hell, but I was kind of into her crazier moments.

No. 336107

I'm not a lesbian so excuse me but I just saw this while scrolling.. I had a massive crush on those characters when I was playing this game like 10 years ago. It's insane, I thought I was genuinely retarded for it

No. 336110

Oh to long for a male version of this… (unless there was a Black Widow option and I just forgot)

No. 336138

File: 1687040509899.jpeg (96.69 KB, 780x552, IMG_2202.jpeg)

I like to imagine him as a woman sometimes

No. 336413

It’s been 2 months since I saw this post and it hasn’t left my mind since. What I would give to live in a world where all the guys in ouran were just gnc/butch women

No. 336457

File: 1687172061880.jpg (Spoiler Image,22.79 KB, 564x894, ce9f05381c61c82627ec6139ba1857…)

another delicious picture of her

No. 337504

File: 1687651535655.png (38.26 KB, 864x924, Daddy_s_little_monster_by_sirc…)

This is the perfect thread. Made me instantly remember one of my long time fictional crushes. I've been so crazy about Marceline since I was a lame middle-schooler. Honestly she most likely awakened me.

Still to this day she's so perfect

No. 338247

File: 1688071461698.png (896.58 KB, 2208x1242, 6E727326-F558-4E35-80BE-E0EF7E…)

No. 338955

File: 1688509302213.jpg (75.59 KB, 437x600, Black.Jack.600.1685446.jpg)

Teen me could not explain to my weeb girlfriends why I prefer the original manga version of blackjack over the Young blackjack one, the original character look so much like a butch career woman to me. Between the cold professionalism with women and the edgy yet elegant look. She is basically a classic masc lesbian with a hard shell around her true feelings.

Sadly the first love interest becoming a FTM because of dysmorphia and societal pressure on women only having worth as baby makers in canon is so bleak yet common for so much lesbian nowaday, Tezuka was not playing

No. 338957


What the heck are you on? BlackJack is a man. Are you doing the tranny thing of changing the gender of established characters? Just make your own character.

No. 338959

Hettie it's not the husbando thread

No. 338960

Ideal fantasy would be She has to crossdress for her own safetly when working, I met her because I suffer from the deadly illness of my pussy needing her face between my thighs kek and need her help. It's only when we meet in person that I notice it's a woman, which reasure me aswell as give me a huge crush.
After a long recovery she soften up to me, we fall in love and grew closer. With the years passing she become more accustom to me and physical relationship, slowly let me big spoon her and touch her bare skin. We spend our days together when she is not traveling as I take care of Pinoko and work from home.

No. 338964

File: 1688511670363.jpg (38.73 KB, 564x564, 1ef74128c0d859713a4daef39d5886…)

So happy to find another nona who appreciates Haruka! I'm also into Seiya/SSF. They're both so fucking hot and you're right about how they don't make characters like them anymore.

No. 338965

File: 1688511858637.jpg (93.16 KB, 470x792, 984248_962433357117654_7660016…)

ywn be dommed by her

No. 338968

Give me a name nonni…

No. 339011


Nice autism, I guess….

No. 339026

File: 1688562184547.png (69.31 KB, 500x390, tumblr_mxd6v9ml2V1r9qmhoo1_500…)

campanella frühling from dogs: bullets and carnage

No. 339620

File: 1688979479347.jpg (487.62 KB, 1920x1080, 1670552209916940292.jpg)

Breasts in my face, tummy in my face, hands around my cheeks!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!

No. 340433

File: 1689476421376.png (25.26 KB, 500x584, 9360375601.png)

Someone needs to lock me up, there so many hot images of her ughhh

No. 340452

I love her, I want her to reprimand me by calling me a cur.

No. 340453

File: 1689491916576.png (319.69 KB, 556x735, Tohoten.Otome.full.3553852.png)

I'm gonna become Dice's stepmom.
Wow, who from where?

No. 340504

Nice to see an Otome fan, she is so underrated, I love her voice so much!

No. 340507

It was over for me as soon as Femme Fatale dropped. The instant I heard her voice she had me.

No. 340678

Did this ever go anywhere?

No. 342066

File: 1690403405506.jpg (52.21 KB, 564x564, f6e4272612c56f994bde8b8d065b7b…)

Me hiding behind a door and heavily breathing as I watch Alcina torture multiple men.

No. 342086

there's room for two of us at that door, I hope. Surely there's enough room in her bed, after!

No. 342088

File: 1690414324382.png (1.05 MB, 531x1672, DioOfficialArt.png)

I can't explain this without spoiling Virtue's Last Reward. So he's a clone of a cult leader's dead brother. Leader of a clone army/terrorist organization. So… what if that cloned dead "brother" was a TIF? What if this absolutely spectacular lying rat bastard spent his youth among his fellow clones convinced that only freakishly deformed men have penises and being female is the default state of humanity? What if her transgression against the cult to the point where volunteering for a potential suicide mission was the only way to make up for it was wanting to leave because I made her realize she didn't have to copy everything her genetic source had done? Via seduction and my terrible womanly wiles, of course. In short, I wouldn't want to fix HIM, but if I could I would at least try to fix HER.

No. 342107

No idea who this character is or what he's from, but I'm obsessed with this concept. I'd pay to play a game that features a female character like the one you described, it's marvelous.

No. 342152

File: 1690456419159.jpg (37.96 KB, 540x753, 5404958324.jpg)

Of course there's room for two of us nona ♥

No. 342388

File: 1690579062285.png (194.92 KB, 185x651, caffdb7c3e6ca4d48fbf8571da308b…)

Wanna lap at her veins so badly…

No. 342445

File: 1690595428692.jpg (135.39 KB, 473x952, PLEASE.jpg)

I've never posted in this thread but saw Moira hand and had to second this. Her voice acting is fucking perfect and the woman who plays her is also extremely attractive IRL. Blackwatch Moira and scientist Moira drive me crazy

No. 342447

File: 1690596032463.png (217.03 KB, 542x473, tumblr_p3uqjcQS8k1rnxl2ko1_128…)

Samefag I can't find better quality but I need to kneel in front of her while she grabs my face and forces me to look at her PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

No. 342763

File: 1690818681323.png (510.84 KB, 748x836, ddrncyw-a08adc5e-1698-4182-b48…)

I know she's coomerbait but she's so damn adorable I can't help but love her

No. 342804

No. 342977

File: 1691011624912.gif (9.64 MB, 540x350, f01a9bd04f5b7ea647f86606b7551b…)

Still think about her.

No. 344737

File: 1692107950807.jpg (435.53 KB, 1266x1737, Screenshot_20230815_170157_Gal…)

Thinking about her. She's my first tomboy character crush. I've never seen a tomboy character and found her hot, but she's different somehow. Sorry the picture is low quality, the anime is too obscure and it's impossible to find proper images and fan arts.

No. 344755

Totally understandable. Who is she?

No. 344910

Madam Sun, from a korean anime "leged of blue", you'll get better results searching in korean though, 바다의 전설 장보고. The episodes are on youtube officially but no English sub or dub. She's very hot and hilarious in the show, her whole shtick is that she's bad at cooking and everyone hates her food but they eat it anyways because no one else cooks for some reason lol

No. 344954

File: 1692204558436.jpg (80.01 KB, 500x1150, King2000fix.jpg)

I could care less about what she's from but she is so handsome.

No. 344978

Its crazy seeing my wife King from King of Fighters on here kek. I kinda hate what they did with her design in the newer installations though

No. 344982

Just wanted to pop in as a KOF fan to say that anyone who's interested in her should absolutely try out her games, they're so cool and fun- she's in the Art of Fighting series, the King of Fighters series, the Capcom vs SNK series and most of their current mobagames.

No. 345399

File: 1692423030223.gif (654.29 KB, 245x290, helgasinclairshrug.gif)

She's the perfect combination of droolworthiness and badassery that has had a chokehold on me since this movie came out when I was a child. She's so beautiful and clever I want to be her housewife.

No. 346101

File: 1692833820883.jpg (34.15 KB, 563x425, dcaf99bfad804845cef40ce82b721c…)

I get lonely a lot so I tend to imagine Alcina in my head commenting on my regular activities and watching me, from comforting me to watching me play video games, praising me that I took my pills, and of course a lot of sex, she's been a great help to me and I love her so much.

No. 346145

What did they do to her in the newer games?
Any recommendations on where to start? I've never really played a fighting game before.

No. 346149

Oh kek I was the one who posted her. Unfortunately she's barely in gangsta like other nona said I watched the entire thing for her. But she is a cool fucking character and canonically gay

No. 346151

File: 1692879103175.jpg (116.24 KB, 1024x693, sevika_and_grayson_by_dianaiiz…)

I've been unhealthily obsessed with them ever since arcane came out

No. 346764

File: 1693308345124.jpg (51.08 KB, 300x512, akali.jpg)

I just want to hug her from behind and feel her defined back muscles.

No. 346953

File: 1693465092355.jpeg (50.35 KB, 720x558, IMG_7502.jpeg)

I need to eat her out so bad. I have a soft spot for that butch style from the early 2000s-2010s where they wear hats and vests, and her design fits that perfectly. I like to imagine getting close to her as she slowly lets her walls down, and having a wine-drink make out that ends with me topping her. I bet she smells like sandalwood and (faintly) of cigarettes.

No. 346975

File: 1693480043460.png (199.05 KB, 525x922, Kofxvkingnewrender.png)

im not op of either of those posts but they made her extremely feminine in the newer games which sucks because king's charm for me was her androgynous appearance. since they "" redesigned"" her i honestly can't think of any other reverse traps in fighting games

for recommendations I say you can try AOF2 and KOF98, the latter is my favorite KOF game imo and it's so fucking fun. lots of characters (including king!) to choose from as well

No. 347044

File: 1693530008557.jpg (52.08 KB, 561x530, FmSiX7kWABYq2BN.jpg)

If only she had been a real woman instead of a disgusting man. I want her to leave cigar burn on my arms and grab my cravat

No. 347164

File: 1693641774532.jpg (344.13 KB, 1770x1648, tumblr_3ea8143d0c104ca48ecc4e9…)

I'd let any of the sisters cannibalize me

No. 347184

Amazing taste, but

No. 349414

File: 1695192636886.png (2.18 MB, 1266x1404, 20230920_085300.png)

They just announced a full-on mechabare figure of my wife & I'm wetter than the niaga falls, sent help (to my walllet) oh god…..
Her back and legs are exposed as well, this is the best I could've woken up to

No. 349416

File: 1695192892753.jpg (2.19 MB, 2560x2560, deco.jpg)

Like… It's one of her few digures with a defined butt as well kek.
I had planned to save up for a PS5 or new TV, but I guess that money will to her instead. I got a few small figures of her, but not a full scale and this one is jist perfect.

No. 349430

I’m late to this but fuck. Please.

No. 351975

File: 1696832032151.jpg (148.98 KB, 1200x1079, rodrick_catfatigue_twitter.jpg)

she would be so gross and loud, god. i love women like that. unapologetically would string a guitar and be loud as fuck, smear eyeliner and other dark eyeshadow around her lids, and never brush her hair so its just a shaggy mess. it would be so fun to play with. she would be a tall girl, kinda fit but she has a chubby belly. her boobs would be so cute and petite.

No. 352206

File: 1696913419819.jpg (614.24 KB, 1392x2048, tumblr_30cd49ce11baa9dc174686d…)

I need fem!Zoro's fingers in my mouth so bad and my head between her thighs as she pushes it down so I'm nose-deep in her bush. I could sidle up to her after her training and offer to massage her so she can train more intensely and frequently. I need to take an afternoon nap with her where I'm lying just on-top enough to feel her muscles shift as she repositions herself. I need to motorboat her as she fingers me.

No. 355353

Sort of weird (I think) but do any other lesbian nonnas have husbandos they're super passionate about and fantasize about a lot, but completely nonsexually? I've never had sexual deire or even desire to date men IRL, but fantasizing about the comfort of a stable romantic but nonsexual relationship with various husbandos has been of huge comfort to me since childhood. I've only dated women IRL and I don't really spend money on husbando merch or anything so it's never been an issue. But having this habit I can't kick does make me feel weirdly insecure about my sexuality sometimes.

No. 355426

Maybe if you had said one, maybe two max husbandos at separate times and it really was basically platonic but
>with VARIOUS husbandos has been of huge comfort to me SINCE CHILDHOOD
Uhhh nonnie…..

No. 355427

samefag but I suppose I have a friendsbando I think about maybe every other day but haven't bought merch of in years and don't even play/watch his ongoing source material anymore because it's a waste of time (I already extracted the good character out of it, he's in my mind). The stability and comfort, which you brought up, is a huge part of his appeal and the appeal this has to me.

No. 355433

I have had a husbando like this ever since I was a young teen and am lesbian. You and I are pretty similar, I'm absolutely disgusted by moids IRL but I've had a nonsexual relationship (kek) with this character for years though maybe it's because he's nonhuman, and he doesn't even have genitals. Female characters that are both written well and are attractive to lesbians are an extremely rare occurrence, it's hard to blame you. I mean, just look at all the anons in this thread who genderbend male characters to suit their tastes since their female counterparts practically never do the job. If you only experience attraction to, date, and have sex with women, you're lesbian, who cares about your nonsexual crush on a drawing?

No. 355526

>do any other "lesbians" fantasize about the comfort of a stable romantic relationship with various husbandos
no lmao. if i were you two i would stop calling myself lesbian and go labelless for a while to figure things out. what even do you fantasize about? bc even the thought of kissing a moid character is repulsive to me

No. 355535

You’re not lesbians, Jesus Christ stop baiting. You just know this is one of those bait posts by ‘lesbians don’t exist all women need men and dick in their lives lul’ scrote posts.

No. 355538

File: 1698453592414.jpeg (78.62 KB, 828x824, IMG_8934.jpeg)

I hate that they made Anasui a moid because he was supposed to be a woman then my waifu could be bi instead of straight. I love Jolyne, in another universe she’s eating me out instead of talking with that tard Anasui

No. 355588

I'd consider kissing to involve sexual attraction, so not that. It's mostly just the concept of being supported and appreciated by somebody that appeals to me. I didn't know lesbianism was a thing beyond my own preference for girls until I was a preteen, so most of my escapist fantasies as a neglected child involved being liked back and accepted by my favorite characters. With only a heteronormative framework to work off of, that would understandably also involve het relationships on an emotional level. Because they're not real, sexual repulsion to men doesn't become an issue because sexual contact doesn't have to happen.
I honestly don't feel much sexually for fictional characters overall (they're not real…?) but when I have, it's always been for female characters or genderbends of male characters.
Why would I call myself anything but a lesbian when my relationships past, present, and future will all be with women and I have zero inkling of sexual attraction to men? Sexuality is sex-based, unless you subscribe to some vague spiritual conception of sex the way troons do.

No. 355619

so… friends? youre fantasizing about a male character and calling him a "husbando" as a supportive best friend and calling it "a passionate nonsexual relationship"? lmaooo and then you act snotty and accuse people who raise their eyebrows at that whole thing as troon shit? ok you terminal copester

No. 355732

File: 1698577047013.jpg (277.65 KB, 1920x1080, jill-valentine-resident-evil-3…)

jillfags… I love her so much

No. 355757

Mmm delicious Jillsandwhich

No. 355788

No. There are male characters I like platonically or in the context of a ship but when it comes to fantasizing about hugging or kissing them, I get hung up over the fact they would have a dick and a male body with broad shoulders, narrow hips, no breasts (obviously women with those traits can be hot but it's so much different). The only male character I really liked enough to fantasize about, I pretended he was actually a woman since it was a G/PG-rated series so there's no "proof" otherwise. I get most female characters are shallow in media but my disgust towards males applies to 2D and 3D too, I never understood the "lesbian with a husbando" thing unless it was a genderbend. Most female characters do suck but I once yume'd over an OC I made for 5 years straight.

No. 357239

File: 1699265144241.gif (2.23 MB, 540x302, tumblr_bcb581a8bc0633783284f7c…)

i'm not really that much attracted to fictional characters but griffith and komaeda are two i would be into if they were female. but i also can't see those two characters as anything other than gay ( as in male homosexuals ) even if they could lay/have laid with women because i know it wasn't out of attraction but sadism/masochism respectively. i actually never really read much of berserk and it's been years and years since then i'm just saying this based off of what i know and seen people say btw but ideally if they were lesbos with 0 or minimal changes to their design they would so be my ideal type. i love morally corrupt women.
that said lucy from elfen lied has been my waifu since childhood and that scene of her standing over the soldier and killing him still makes me feel things…

No. 357528

File: 1699419184388.jpg (67.13 KB, 736x981, 839f65974c8f2866329777dccd60a3…)

She's not my husbando but my waifu my dear Damara Megido has been in my thoughts a lot lately. She was my sexual awakening like she is what made me realize I was into women. I feel like such loser confessing that the fake-japanese troll from Homestuck who speaks in Google translate is my first crush but she was. I love her so much whenever I think about my fangame (im a mage of light btw) I imagine that we meet in a dream bubble after I finish killing the rest of the players in my session as revenge for bullying me/betraying me and we become friends over our shared love of anime. At first shed speak in the broken English she uses for humans but once she realizes that I know some (shitty otaku flavored) Japanese that is when we really start communicating and becoming friends. Slowly her walls would break down as we exchange human and troll anime and I'd send her vocaloid videos idk how YouTube is still working but let's assume that vocaloid is eternal anyway as we become friends we open up to each other about the bullying we went through and how much we wish others cared (Damara was very much a sweeter and kinder person before she was betrayed by rufioh and bullied by meenah) slowly as we become friends we start to develop feelings for each other but are largely unaware that the feelings are red/romantic in nature. I have prior exposure to troll culture and know how their relationships work. At some point Damara brings up becoming moirails. I agree because to my understanding it means bffs/platonic life partners and I've never been somebody's best friend before. During this stage we spend time together a lot and slowly I'll see that Damara is sabotaging the other players (fair but I don't want her to be under Doc Scratch or Lord English's heels) I'll try and convince her to put her happiness above anything else including her rage (like we can totally make them suffer but not towards the benefit of the enemy) and shed resist at first because she's been so hurt and practically nobody did anything to help her. I'd try to enlist the help of Porrim and shed agrees and we'd both try to be there for Damara as she to struggles with her desire for revenge against those that wronged her, her desire for control over her own life, and her own happiness. Perhaps I'm too pushy and Damara lashes out at me because I have trouble reading the room sometimes and we have a fight and stop talking to each other for a little bit. I'd be so sad and perhaps I'd turn to Rose, Nepeta, Aradia, or Porrim for help given that in this fangame we are friends and then id confront my feelings for Damara. I'd recognize that I like her romantically and that my pushyness for her to "better herself" stems from my desire to see her truly happy but that it's not beneficial to her to try and force her hand so to say. Porrim as one of Damaras friends will attempt to talk with Damara not on my behalf but just to check up on damara. Damara at this point is struggling with her desire to punish her bullies, pursue her own happiness, and her complicated flushed feelings. I apologize to Damara for being pushy and tell her that I just want her to be happy and that it hurts to see her upset all the time, that I'm always up to help her should she call on me but that I can't be complicate with working for the enemy. I tell her that this is the last time I'll mention it or try to push her away from seeking to undermine the others. I'll ask if we can still be friends/moirails and that I'm sorry for trying to undermine her choices even though I say I want her to be independent from Lord English. She doesn't accept my apology and calls me out for being guilt trippy which isn't really wrong so I accept her answer with tears in my eyes. Believing that our relationship is broken I'm heartbroken because I felt that jus being near her platonically was enough. I'd never connected with someone like I did her. Meanwhile Damara is also upset because she has flushed feelings for me but is also afraid of red romance because she's scared to be used by others like how Rufioh used her. She briefly considers me for a kismesis because my human upbringing and media mixes the black and red quadrant together to be one. As we spend time apart our romantic feelings do not wain but her anger and my self pity do. Afer a while of us waiting on the other to make the first move of reconciliation out friendls get upset at our cowardice and send messages on our behalf with our either of us knowing. We are both confused where meet up because 'i thought you wanted to see me first?' but I pull the bandaid off quick and confess that I really and sorry and I know I'm selfish but not talking to you or seeing you hurts Damara you mean a lot to me so much more then you realize you were the first friend I made who truly understood me and I don't want to know what life is like with out you anymore. Damara relents as well because she knows that she is being used by others to sabotage the game for us all, but she's just so angry and can't stop being angry and non of them helped her when Rufioh cheated even though Meulin was at the time in this au her moirail and even helped her get revenge she still left her now she's moirail with Horuss, nobody stopped meenah from bullying her, everybody acts like she's crazy or broken but she's not she's just angry she's so angry and she doesn't want to be angry anymore but it's all she has to protect herself from hurt. We reconcile and start hanging out again watching anime and cosplaying together but we keep our romantic feelings locked up tight. She never does forgive many members of her sessions but she does start letting the ones who tried back into her life. I support this as I want her to have more then me and Porrim. Damara isn't completely devoid of anger but that's okay, she doesn't have to be. As we approach the end of the game we grow closer and closer until the couple cosplaying and cuddling becomes not so platonic. Worried about what's going to happen to our relationship once the game ends neither of us risk ending it on a sour note by confessing. We are so silly! But once the game ends and we step through the door together we see that we won't apart, that we really are gods, we have all the time in the world to be together. We confess to e ah other our romantic feelings and start a red relationship, we are together and we are happy in otaku bliss… I have many other scenarios of us together sometimes it's me x the handmaid (alternian Damara), other times Damara is my patron troll and we go through our hardships together, sometimes bring vengeance upon those that hurt us, sometimes we are the villains, sometimes I'm a troll and she's the human, other times we are both trolls or both humans. All the time we have a happy ending

No. 357532

Just realized I got so engrossed in the development of our relationship that i forgot the horny part. Anyway during the later part of our moirailship we start cosplaying couples a lot, and we roleplay them. We never do full on sex but there is a lot of groping. Totally in character of course. But after we become girlfriends/matesprits we do roleplay anime girls having sex since Damara and Rufioh canonically cosplayed Usagi and her bf i like the the idea of her dressed as Usagi and me as Minako or Rei and the scene is me comforting her after they had a fight and we end up making out to soothe her and afterwards we bathe together on her idea and washing each other and when I imagine the scenarios where it's me and the Handmaid our relationship starts off more black and she sees dominating me as a way to experience control. Im a push other so I wouldn't need much force if a hot demon looking alien wanted me to eat her out. I like to imagine that she tastes like period pussy she'd start off as a sadists but become endeared by my willingness to submit her. As my session continues she sees how the others disregard my visions and advice and helps me to kill them. In exchange I help her escape Doc Scratch. I like the idea of her giving me a uniform and collar to wear and her yanking it and slapping me of I fail to please her sexually Damara and I are equals but the Handmaid and I have a clear power imbalance. I'd be her kitten her silly rabbit and shed make sure I knew it.

No. 362140

i love my waifu so much. not going to add a pic because she's from a very niche media, but i daydream about her all the time. i imagine her sitting next to me on the bus, cuddling together in bed, holding hands as we go on walks by the river… even at the most mundane moments i think of her. i want to braid her hair and fuss over her when she's had a hard day at work. i want to steal her hoodies cause they smell like her. in-universe she often feels lonely and undeserving of love, so i want to kiss her and tell her i love her. i've never felt so attached to a fictional character before. i just love her so much.

No. 362154

You love Lucy anon?? Based. Morally questionable women are my weakness too. With Lucy though, she was molded into what she was by her environment. I always wanted to be her friend and comfort her. She deserves so much better than Kouta.

No. 362247

I'm not reading all that but I'm truly, sincerely happy for you and the enthusiasm that allows you to gush about your waifu like this. May you have many happy years together.

No. 365523

File: 1702612466256.jpg (97.94 KB, 1080x919, gage (formerly brittany).jpg)

>be bi woman with unfortunate weakness for tifs
>start skimming some of the what happens next troon webcomic after seeing the thread about it on /snow/
>inevitably start fixating on picrel, true crime blogger tif who never showers

I could fix (peak) her.

No. 365524

>tif chaser
Many such cases…

No. 365526

There really needs to be more people speaking up for lesbians and same sex leaning bi woman so this awful larping as gay men thing can eventually die out

No. 365528

You are not alone, nona. I want her. But I need to make her shower first.

No. 365531

"Hey Gage, did you know that Jeffrey Dahmer (gay man) died in the prison shower? Maybe we could explore my shower together and while I wash your hair I'll tell you about an extremely controversial, edgy thing called peaking…"

No. 365538

She seems like she would be easily peaked
But her stench could not be fixed

No. 365579

Claire is best girl.

No. 365839

I get you , nona.. I can say from experience that these types are terribly easy to peak. knew a bunch of tcc columbiner tifs in like ~2016 , a good chunk ended up detransing and are now just goth lesbians into industrial metal

No. 368737

File: 1703474452886.gif (49.7 KB, 314x564, 1703428634849.gif)

stealing this pic from a recent post in /m/ because i didn't want to derail that thread, seeing her unearthed some deep, deep memories of how incredibly gay I was for her as a young teen and I think all my tastes ultimately lead back to her. she was the blueprint nonnies

No. 368848

God, yes, thank you for posting her. She's definitely the blueprint for masculine women in manga. The only one who compares is Balalaika from Black Lagoon but i still think Integra is classier

No. 368888

File: 1703536346125.jpg (91 KB, 389x640, haruka.jpg)

I watched helsing for the first time last year and I loved Integra so much. Her poise and power were so amazing to watch. I regressed to my childhood and coloured in a few line art drawings I found of her online. I'm going to be putting waifu stuff up soon and those are on my list to go on my wall. Also Sailor Jupiter + Uranus. I just want a strong woman to cook with me sometimes and call me kitten but I'll settle for looking at them on my wall for the next semester

No. 369125

File: 1703636834114.png (165.17 KB, 449x277, ahhhhhhh.png)

i'm in desperate need to feel Balalaika's wrinkly hand around my throat as my lungs are filled with her cigar's smoke and perfume lord help me amen

No. 369127

Fucking same, I need her to put a cigarette out on my hand

No. 369177

File: 1703663852106.png (525.45 KB, 1024x768, IMG_8816.png)

Every so often the knowledge she bred with that scrote beams into my mind and sends painful impulses through each one of my neurons, completely frying every myelin sheath and surrounding astrocyte. I writhe in my bed as I anguish over how my goddess became half of an accursed “Siblings or Dating?” couple. I’d send myself to the shadow realm if I could. She was supposed to be my wife.

No. 369194

File: 1703671420420.jpg (124.07 KB, 675x1200, 7b8c30e0a26c84019ff2585240171e…)

She's so perfect. I love her with all my being and I can't stop thinking and daydreaming. I would be a perfect wife if I could have her.

No. 369352

File: 1703718562190.jpg (154.92 KB, 407x839, makima.jpg)

I never understood the waifu/husbando thing. I liked shipping, but never understood self-inserting. Until Makima. I was really ashamed of it for a long time because I hate the CSM fandom and the way scrotes talk about her, but fuck she makes something in my brain short circuit. She is SO hot it's crazy: her spiral eyes, her cold smile, her coat that's so big it looks like it engulfs her. But it's also more than that, like her personality is also just perfect to me. I love how she's in control of every situation, and I love how she says cruel, insane shit like it's nothing. She's manipulative, callous, lonely, and impossible to be close to. She'd ruin my life and get me killed, but I don't care. I don't think I could fix her, and honestly I don't even want to fix her. I have fantasized about a reality in which I am able to be her equal and fix her loneliness, but I prefer daydreams in which I only catch glimpses of her true self and I know it's doomed. In the end, she betrays me, but I don't try to stop her. I just think that's the purest expression of Makima, I don't think anyone can really be her equal and meet her where she is even if she craves it, that's part of what makes her so interesting to me. She wants something she can't realistically have, and this would be the one thing we truly have in common. She wants an equal, but I want her, and neither of us can have it. I would follow her to the ends of the Earth and she would not need to do some mind control shit, she's just so hot and intelligent and interesting I'd be obsessed with her from day 1. If I knew she was playing with my mind, I'd probably just like her more. I bet she wears just a tiny spritz of perfume and when she walks past you and it smells mysterious and delicate. I would notice her coming my way before she's actually there and think of her when she was gone. She'd catch me smelling her coat like a freak and then laugh it off and start flirting with me because she knows she can use me for something. I've never been obsessed with a fictional character, much less one I'm terribly ashamed to admit to liking, so I have to sperg about it somewhere before it kill me. I love you Makima. I love you forever.

No. 369396

Same lol

No. 369406

File: 1703736299985.jpeg (153.48 KB, 850x1007, IMG_0497.jpeg)

What a truly obsessed Makima devotee, I loved reading this.
I feel you on hating the way CSM's fandom talks about the characters, I waifu Kobeni but men are so fucking derogatory about her in a gross way. The whole sloppy blowjib devil meme was so retarded. I just want to be her wife and recover her worn-out spirit with my tender devotion. I feel like my home cooking could fix her at least a little.

No. 369411

This feels like something an alternate timeline version of me would write.

No. 369823

File: 1703889278944.jpeg (292.63 KB, 1169x2044, IMG_2076.jpeg)


Anyways Lady D is my wife, my soul, my spirit. The coomers do not understand her the way I do, she’s so much more than “big mommy dommy” and it’s ridiculous that people even still call her that after the game is out. I will go on a big sperg later on cause I’m writing this in a rush, but I love her and her moid murdering self

No. 369831

I can't find the post nonna, was it deleted?

No. 369927

File: 1703925119626.jpeg (1.25 MB, 2760x4707, 5BFF358E-E7AA-47BE-85EA-53AFAA…)

They seethed even before she was confirmed to be a lesbian
Like look at this (they are discussing fanfics), they straight up can’t comprehend that they are the minority and something isn’t catering to straight men kek

No. 369954

I thought scrotes didn't like older "postwall" women. Now they demand porn of her? What the fuck do these faggots want?

No. 370175

Control. It's a distraction from their womb envy.

No. 370911

File: 1704344601799.jpg (159.48 KB, 828x739, gage.jpg)

I want to see her Dominos scented hairy pussy so bad

No. 372112

File: 1704747019687.png (116.91 KB, 677x583, d648aab6095004aba31d5bbacc2818…)

I wish i was into yandere characters, i feel like my life would be better and i would take better care of my self if i was a Dr. Dala yume.

No. 372294

File: 1704821966575.jpeg (167.98 KB, 928x1200, IMG_2570.jpeg)

I need to be in her bed. I need to feel her giant hands against mine, hands that can easily rip me to shreds, but instead are toying with me. I need her teeth to sink into me, while she compliments the flavor of my blood. I’d appreciate every detail on her body, every vein, every wrinkle, every inch of her. I’d bury my face in her chest, where one breast is the size of my entire head. I’d let her do anything to me

No. 372455

Type of girl to spray axe on her pubes and think it's alluring. It kinda is.

No. 372715

File: 1705006360500.jpeg (711.82 KB, 910x1240, IMG_2601.jpeg)

I’m replaying Skyrim right now and I remembered my first video game waifu, Lydia. I was 11 when Skyrim first came out, and when she became my follower, I found her so charming. Women in armor just get me going so bad, and the fact she’s willing to fight and die for me is so incredibly romantic. I just hate that Skyrim automatically makes your spouse a “stay at home” person who cooks meals for you and opens a shop, because that’s not in character for Lydia, I don’t want her to be a housewife. I wrote so much fanfiction of her as a kid, and still have a lot for her as an adult

No. 372729

Idk who that is but she looks like my old celebrity crush and now I want to see her in that outfit. Fml

No. 372740

This post made me consider becoming a Dr. Dala yume. She checks all my boxes. Content of her with a female courier is tragically scarce but at least I have my imagination

No. 372796

File: 1705025902532.png (39.29 KB, 800x1200, 563.png)

I want to be in the middle of a Gage and Griffin lesbian "yaoi" sandwich

No. 372805

File: 1705027654875.png (1.71 MB, 1024x1300, IMG_2642.png)

I’m so sorry for waifu sperging but FUUUUUUCK I LOVE THESE VIDEO GAME WOMEN!!!! I hate her moid fans, fuck them. Nobody appreciates Serana like I do. Waifufags like her cause of her boob window and sassy attitude. I like her because she’s relatable, her “attitude” is just her being intelligent enough to not take shit from other characters. Her family cares so little for her outside of using her as a pawn, but she trusts my character enough to open up about these issues, because I’m the first one to take interest in her as another person rather than as a weapon or monster. Her story as to how she became a vampire is harrowing, I can’t picture her ever being straight after that kind of trauma. I hate when scrotes sexualize her, because they’re completely disregarding her trauma, but I feel like with a woman, it’s different. I would let her take the lead, go at her own pace. She would be awkward at first, probably a lot of “I’m not hurting you, right” but I tell her it’s okay to be rough. She’d bite my neck, and when my blood hits her tongue, she can’t suppress her urges, and she just digs in, slurping and gnawing at my skin, her nails digging into my back. This sex is different, it’s not cruel and scary like her first. This is rich, fulfilling, and she’s not the one being taken advantage of. I fucking love this woman so god damn much

No. 374004

File: 1705465029717.jpg (933.99 KB, 1280x1024, kanna_1280.jpg)

I went into Sakura Wars expecting to like Kanna, but since it's a japanese game I thought she would be constantly teased for being masculine and tall (or worse, that she'd be badly written) so I kept my expectations low.
Well, turns out the game doesn't really do that at all… Kanna is cherished for her super human strenght and her bluntness.
So slowly I felt like I finally could enjoy this type of character shamelessly lol… in a way it was liberating to finally not feel betrayed for the nth time by a tomboyish character.
She's just so sexy, I can't resist her~~!! Every time she's on screen she activates my horny neurons. Her voice is that of an angel and her singing is lovely. She can both be goofy and serious without it being annoying and also she's super cool, literally the best character in the game gameplay-wise.
I also love that she's shy and awkward when it comes to love. At some point during a moment when the whole team is depressed, she feels unworthy and weak, an unlikable masculine loudmouth, but she doesn't have to change to be loved and the protagonist reassures her that she's the best as she is. It was heartwarming to see and I hope Sakura Wars 2 doesn't disappoint me in that regard (though I doubt it will).
She's just… so ideal… I love her. I love her big tits and her big heart, and I love how genuine she is. She's no tryhard tsundere faker, she's just a lovable masculine woman that's not ashamed of being herself.
I want to hug her and make her flustered!!!

Unsurprisingly Kanna had a lot of female fans in Japan in the heyday of the franchise. I even heard a fangirl yell KANNA-SAMA~!!! during a live concert. At that moment I felt happy and I'm glad the franchise never ever forced her to be more feminine or change.

I luv u Kanna♡ I will draw tons of porn of you this year lol

No. 374154

this is so so sweet nona

No. 374334

OMG. I used to follow this girl on Tumblr in 2011 whose waifu was Sumire and shipped her with Kanna too, I wonder where she went every day. I always wanted to get into Sakura Wars because of her, the female cast really does look like is has something for everyone.

No. 375050

I'm interested in her, which game with her in it is best to start with? It's very cute to see you posting about her in various threads.

No. 375165

NTA but the first game for Sega Saturn is fully fan translated and I've heard good things about the anime even if it diverges a bit.

No. 375216

File: 1705977631803.jpg (45.58 KB, 600x681, 6cb7f40d3ee039d61068412b72e4a5…)

i really need fem trafalgar law to fuck me and break my hymen with her stupid tatted fingers (E-A-T, preferrably) and honestly I want to try petplay bullshit with her where she puts a collar and leash on me and has me rub against her to communicate my needs because cats cant speak (no meowing though). i think the pads of her fingers would be calloused and the contrast between that and the surgical precision of her movements would make me come so fast. i want to fuck while wearing her jacket so im breathing in her scent the entire time and especially if she's pinning me down onto it, i think i'd get high from it. i want us to cross paths in the narrow submarine corridors and for her to place her hand on the small of my back as we squeeze past each other and for me to give a fullbody involuntary shiver from just that. and then i want her to make fun of me for that during sex later as she holds my head down to eat her out as long as she wants to. the entire time im so psyched up by her casual bullying and dirty talk that she keeps feeling me tremble under her hand and the bed sway from how i keep incessanting twitching my hips for any relief. she rewards me for such good service by tribbing me through multiple orgasms and their aftershocks, and im losing my mind from the combination of tribbing, her smell, making out, the weight and sensation of her on me, her groping me all over as i hang on for my life and reciprocate with whatever remaining brain function i have left. she notices this and says im doing so fucking good and so hot, and shoves her fingers into my mouth so i can suck on them. im ovulating so hard right now.

No. 375224

I can't get the thought of her rough calloused hands out of my head. I want her to stroke my face and rest her hand on the back of my neck so it feels like a calming claiming/territorial weight. I want her to spazz out about the strawhats not following the plans for the nth time and for me to motorboat her until she feels better. I want to eat her out and to feel her thighs clamping up and squeezing my head and jerking up into my mouth no matter how hard I try to pin her hips down. I want to wear her stupid hat and her shirts so our scents mix together and also for her to fingerbang me from behind while pressing her boobs into my back and I'm gasping into her mouth because I'm too out of breath to make out properly. Call me a den den mushi the way im leaving slime trails, if I go any deeper into this I fear that I'll understand why people marry miku

No. 375261

I thought this thread concept was stupid at first but stuff like this keeps getting posted that makes me insane. So really the joke is on me, huh? Anyways, I want f!Law to hold my heart in her hand and use it as part of power play while she sits on my face.
On another note, when I see posts like this of guys that I know have a dedicated nonna in the husbando threads, I have to wonder– is it the same nonna? Your love is so vast if so lol

No. 375262

>Call me a den den mushi the way im leaving slime trails
I respect you but never say this again KEK

No. 375304

i admire you so much. the other thread would piss their pants

No. 375548

File: 1706166356351.jpg (98.78 KB, 735x1057, cc073a797199d6f3920e5ad417df84…)

Her extensive tattoos are so hot, I'd lick and nibble on them as I work my way down to service her. I want to leave so many hickies on them that it looks like I tried to suck out the ink. She could put her fingers in my mouth and weigh down my tongue as I'm fixed in place panting around her digits, my breaths quickening and tongue uselessly flexing in place as I try to lick her better. The calloused fingertips would be pleasantly scratchy and their weight in my mouth would feel like she's almost petting my tongue as I taste the paper and ink of the medical files she handled, I want to taste her day. She'd get so turned on by it.
I think I could probably come from giving her the strap, her legs clenching onto me and forcing me to stay hip-to-hip with her as I massage her insides just the way she likes it, retrace the trail of hickies I left with my mouth and moan into her ear about how I'm hers as she sinks her teeth into my shoulder. When she comes around the strap and I come from feeling her and our emotional/sensual connection, I might get carried away in the heat of the moment and gasp that I'll get her chest tattoo design as a womb tattoo so she owns me forever sorry feminism. Ideally, hearing that heightens the peak of her multiple orgasms and she bites the shit out of my neck and shoulders some more, I hope she draws blood a bit, that'd be so hot. If she squirts I think I'd come again. After that bit of wild freaky beast sex we both go 'woah… I really did/said that'. Later she apologizes for all the rough handling by sucking on my clit and coaxing me through all the edging/orgasms no matter how I squirm, biting the inside of my thigh occasionally to keep me on my toes. She's so keyed up she keeps casually manhandling me all over the bed, dragging me back by my legs, her thumb rubbing circles over my womb as she remembers what I said about the tattoo, holding up my lower back with one hand to get a better angle to eat me out, etc until I tearfully beg her to just let us rub pussies because I want to hold her. She falls in love with me a bit more because that's so fucking cute and the sex turns really tender, more of slow, pressured grinds that maximize the pleasurable drag than the frantic pace that was set before. Then we fall asleep exhausted and content, me nuzzling my face into her shoulder and feeling her hands stroke my sides as we drift off.
Ughh, I want femLaw to whisk this pussy up with her fingers until it froths and drools so bad. I'd finger her till my fingers prune if that's what she wants. She could just play with me via vibrator remote idgaf. As the timeline progresses and she gets even taller, I want her to wrap her hands around my waist and see how close her fingers get to touching, and then I need her to bounce me on her strap, I need to cradle her face in my hands and shove my tongue down her throat.

Yeah the first post was phrased really weirdly imo but I'm glad that most anons were normal about the topic.
kek, the other thread anons seemed nice but I'll take your word for it

No. 375587

File: 1706191721723.jpg (381.62 KB, 1427x2048, 97029566_p0.jpg)

I really like this bitch (literally), but the gacha game is such a slog to play through. The fact that this character crosses off so many fetishes of mine is kinda scary. She's so incredibly dreamy for some reason…

No. 375700

When you marry Law can you hook me up with the bear? Not in a sexual way, I just want to hug him.

No. 376101

File: 1706430020690.jpg (209.3 KB, 1280x905, tumblr_a68291f03b5272520ab2fe9…)

kisskiss… she's so cute. I'm writing a fanfic outline where she and my self-insert OC meet and fall in love. It's still kind of an L that Law doesn't like bread but love conquers all and I love loser women! Plus I'm shit at baking so I don't mind cooking other food. I've been meaning to learn more fish recipes this year anyways, which will only help in accuracy when I get around to writing that part.

I'll invite you to the reception but I will leave the actual Bepo-cuddling up to your charms, godspeed anon I believe in you

No. 376355

I am so glad someone else understands how wonderful Aloy is. My goal for this year was to start training so I can eventually go on some of the solo backpacking trips I dreamed of as a kid. I was feeling overwhelmed and discouraged, but imagining that I'll need to keep up with her while I'm out there has me all fired up again! I've never fallen this fast or this hard for someone fictional before, let alone anyone real. It's embarrassing, but I can't stop smiling and I'm finding excuses to spend time outside again.

No. 377931

File: 1707316170433.jpg (374.48 KB, 1221x1773, Zenya Sakura Wars Light Novel …)

You should start with the first game on the Sega Saturn! It has an amazing english translation.
The problem is that you play as a male character, Ichiro Ogami. But his personality slightly changes depending on your choices and actions, so I was able to enjoy it and I found his love for Kanna in her route extremely good and a mirror of my feelings for her. He never tells her she's too masculine or that she needs to become more feminine, he loves her for who she is.
But yeah, it's still a heterosexual relationship so if you want to play it you have to keep that in mind in case you really don't like hetero romance.
He's also not a misogynist and respects all of his team members which definitely helped. At first I was tolerating him but slowly I ended up liking him too (all of the cast is lovable).

Anyway,Kanna is still my waifu and I need to see her get lewd (timidly, like her character implies, of course).

No. 378082

AYRT, thank you for the info! I'm a lesbian but I honestly enjoy a lot of well-done hetero ships so that's fine by me. I'm glad you let me know though as I would have progressed with great apprehension otherwise.

No. 378138

I have my eye on a different character in this series, but you're close to pushing me to play it or watch the anime too.

No. 378154

File: 1707419405303.png (52.9 KB, 330x240, Sakura Taisen - Hanagumi Taise…)

No prob! Personally speaking, aside from Iris and Reni, I find that every one of the women from Hanagumi have their charms and I loved interacting with them. It was actually hard to choose between Kanna and Kohran at first, but in the end Kanna won because I love strong characters who are actually bashful when it comes to love ♥ she really struck all my moe points.

Partially related; I love the first puzzle game spin off, also on the Saturn. I love how it gives the fun atmosphere of hanging out with your favorite girl. Sometimes I play it on endless mode just to hear Kanna's cute voice.
Which of the cast are you eyeing? Is it a member of the Hanagumi or one from Paris or New York? Or is it one of the characters from the soft reboot?

No. 378230

What's the issue with Reni? I was curious about her based solely on appearances, and I'd appreciate a warning if her route sucks ass before I head in.

No. 378281

File: 1707502150759.jpg (268.26 KB, 869x437, 7.jpg)

Well for me personally I find dating Reni weird because she is 14~15 while Ogami is in his 20s by Sakura Wars 2, but if you don't mind that I heard that her route is very wholesome and a fan favorite because you help her overcome her trauma and open up to emotions. She is a lovely character but too young in appearance and character for me to waifu.
Also I think she is in a cuter couple with Iris, not just because of the closer age range but because it's a really adorable friendship.

No. 378366

File: 1707533516880.png (371.77 KB, 489x602, Sumire0010.png)

Sumire, because a friend of someone I used to know was a huge fan of her. I know she appears grown up in the reboot, which is a huge plus because I appreciate seeing women over 25 in anime/video games.

No. 378448

File: 1707572068812.jpg (383.34 KB, 1222x1779, Zenya_Sakura_Wars_Light_Novel_…)

Sumire is great… imo the choice won't disappoint. She's definitely one of the best in the cast and she's a natural at being sexy and charming, so her more risqué scenes never feel forced.

No. 379154

File: 1707880602019.jpg (52.82 KB, 624x624, ac4f4dc31d7c7ffd6eaeca625a3c08…)

Saw someone posting about female One Piece fans being pick mes and maybe this belongs in the "fetishes you're ashamed of" thread or whatever but personally my favorite One Piece character is Big Mom. It's cool and based that she abducts men to be her 192819th husbands and then discards them immediately after getting a kid from them. I want to be her little court jester or something and do unspeakable things with her younger self. Terrible women are hot.
Yes I know that her current appearance+these traits have a misogynistic bent to them, but the thread OP talks about Komaeda's battery acid pussy. So really should any of cast judgement ITT?
TLDR: I love her wicked ways.

No. 379157

File: 1707881154291.jpg (70.87 KB, 376x353, akozqdb3ihdz.jpg)

Samefag but the utter childishness of her cruelty from youth to adulthood, becoming more intentionally monstrous in nature as what was originally an innocent aberrance in her biology continues to go unchecked and unmet with genuine sympathy is just interesting to me. This and her fabrication in adulthood of a large family ruled through fear not unlike the facetious childhood she had with all the other children in the orphanage with Sister Carmel.
Anyways picrel is her hottest era, I like how strong she looked from her mid 30s-40s.

No. 379696

File: 1708051225259.png (908.36 KB, 744x1039, tumblr_1c4ef5bf00f4a9e3debaf40…)

I think I'm becoming straight up rarted because of fem!Law. So many things remind me of Law or the Heart Pirates or even just One Piece in general. I think I'll take up swimming when the weather warms up and learning how to make rice balls (her favorite food) would be great meal prep anyway. My new jacket is furry and white = Bepo. And just for kicks I think I'm going to see if I can workout enough to muscle up and lose weight to 130lbs so my yumejo self-insert won't feel as 3dpd and out of place. I'm insane and feel like the Riddler.
Anyway HUZZAH fem!Law finally got animated which means there's a flood of fanart for her. Mmmwah, my wife. She is sooooo cuuuteeeeeeee, I'm going to write myself making so much food for her tonight. She'd be 6'0" and so skinny because she's always studying or training or plotting and no one in the Heart Crew can really force her to take care of herself. But then I come along and make like ten thousand pounds of rice balls and grilled fish and pick up on submarine operations quick, and all the nutrients and protein allow her to muscle up so much more efficiently that she realizes that I'm a valuable addition to the crew and lets me stay, or something like that. I could be the comforting/wildcard-duo personality that actually manages to keep up with her and subconsciously soothe her fear of abandonment/loss.

Great taste nonna, her backstory and characterization are so compelling! Do you yumejo with her by any chance? That'd be such an interesting relationship dynamic to figure out!

No. 383619

File: 1709834094634.jpg (89.85 KB, 1080x1112, scale_1200 (1).jpg)

Didn't watched 4 season, but recently stumbled upon lok discussion saw her and felt something burning inside me. She seems reliable, her voice strong but soothing, knows there to be strict and there to be kind, I'd like to serve under her.
I'd like her to approach me in private, come close, stroke my face, touch my lips.

No. 383623

God I had such a massive crush on her. Love Zelda William's voice. That beauty spot too, hnng.

No. 383625

File: 1709836283089.jpeg (343.82 KB, 1280x1768, IMG_0872.jpeg)

You are so right, and I get so much shit for saying I like her. I just don’t like fake fans who say they only like her younger self. If you don’t love her as Big Mom, you don’t deserve her as Charlotte Linlin

No. 383630

File: 1709838291604.jpg (97.64 KB, 800x450, big-mom-one-piece-5.jpg)

You're so real for this, I feel a spiritual connection with you. I'm good at cooking and want to be one of her tormented little chefs at risk of death on a daily basis at any stage of her life.
Unrelated sperging I love her in the Wano arc, her innocence after losing her memories was a charming look into what she could have been like in another life. Something in her innately makes her prone to monstrous choices but that doesn't necessarily mean she had to become the evil she is today… That was the confluence of events in her life directing her down that path. Plenty of other characters who didn't fit in for wild reasons aa children still managed to grow up "good". Ah, I love her as she is and for all her potentialities. What a fun character to think about.
I do yume her, I want to be like Streusen except I'm not some old scumbag who seems like he had a kid (Perospero) with her despite having known her since childhood?, I spend my whole life dedicated to her since we were both young and in our shared old age I have some meagre protections as the one who has helped provide for her for so long without being one of her disposable husbands. I don't even need her to love me back I just love her wicked ways.
And congrats on the femLaw animated debut!!! I hope you got to eat well from it. Best wishes to you in your journey with Law. It's always so sweet to read about how other nonnas are motivated in their day to day lives by their fictional spouses.

No. 383660

File: 1709850933404.png (1.18 MB, 1920x960, Kuvira-from-Legend-of-Korra.pn…)

She's so hot in the show, too. Her long hair when she's frazzled has stayed with me for years.

No. 383757

File: 1709891240024.png (731.45 KB, 1280x720, Kuvira-avatar-the-legend-of-ko…)

And that ending too, ouch my heart. First time I've felt "I can heal her with my love" for a villain. Hope she went on to have a good life somehow after that.

No. 383822

File: 1709927624244.gif (4.2 MB, 671x377, tumblr_0618ee2c34055b5626944a2…)

I feel a bit like a retard for posting a character from Steven Universe but I just know she'd be rough and dominating. Her smirk and her crazy look just really do something for me.

No. 383828

No, you're right. She's hot

No. 383877

I'm over Steven Universe but Jasper was done dirty.

No. 384863

So fucking true; any art of her as some generic, anime creature (or just young) is automatically bad to me. I imagine her as looking like the Administrator from tf2 (same voice actor, may I add) but with brown hair. It’s a shame, really.

No. 385035

File: 1710416557701.jpg (1.49 MB, 2436x1125, Hwa.Ryun.full.4007280.jpg)

She's my girlfriend. She's my wife. She's everything that is wrong with me. She makes me miserable. She makes me feel the most euphoric joys. She would hate me. She is indescribably attractive. She is so beautiful. I would give her every dollar left in my bank account to help her run a ponzi scheme. She is so fundamentally alone and I could never even dream of breaching the loneliness created by the nature of her very existence. But I could try. My best effort would be eating her out for two days straight and being a sacrificial pawn for a very mediocre test that doesn't even require me to die for it. She is my lover. My world was so incomplete until I was introduced to her story. She would smoke menthols. I would be her ashtray.

No. 386564

i love you nonna

No. 387229

File: 1711325878081.jpg (459.4 KB, 773x634, moniiiiii.jpg)

Not really hornyposting but just very happy, i found out that my beloved had a realistic figure and it's so cute.

In February they also announced a figure of another waifu of mine with my favorite costume but it's going to cost over 300 euros so i will probably just stare at her pictures with my eyes filled with tears, that costume was also something you could only get with real money during an event so i didn't really want to use my money for that even if it's something i wish i could have.
Sometimes it sucks to have waifus from moid serieses but i'm also feeling happy because i've been listening to the silly playlist i made for her.
I always obsess over the tiniest details so loving simple characters can make me feel happy so easily, i love my waifus.

No. 387252

What media is this from?

No. 387382

File: 1711381437749.jpg (150.15 KB, 822x1248, 158235.jpg)

Pinky Street/Kira Kira Pop Princess! It (was?) something more of a doll franchise but they also made 2 NDS games with their silly original characters.

No. 388000

File: 1711658075974.jpg (41.75 KB, 458x906, dfsq41l-54dd02af-71cd-424b-85b…)

Charlie was my favorite character when I saw the Hazbin Hotel pilot. She was sweet, optimistic, a dreamer, but not naive, as seen by her scene with Katie Killjoy and her refusing to make a deal with Alastor but accepting his services. After I watched the pilot, I stumbled upon a great fanfic called "The Taxidermist". It's incredibly well-written and the characters personalities match so much that I swear it could've been canon, although it was an AU! It also predicted a lot of things that happened in the show and it made me fall in love with Charlie. There was a single sex scene and yet it turned me on. That is the power of imagination. She's in fact one of my few fictional character crushes. I loved her singing, her love for people, her eloquence, her beauty, her kindness, the moments she stood up for herself, her determination and her raw power. She's like Star Butterfly from Star vs of Forces of Evil, but in a suit instead of a dress. Despite her grim situation, she manages to stay positive and she's so passionate; EXTREMELY passionate. It's appealing seeing someone who will do anything to make their dreams come true. Her design is also amazing, it looks like a doll. I think her show version has changed a bit to give room to other characters to grow. She's not as mature now and she's supposed to be the protagonist but she doesn't have as much screentime.

No. 388041

Is this it? If it is you've sold me on reading it. I can't help but love Hazbin on a lot of levels regardless of everything. It's nostalgic too in a way, I miss all the old tumblr artists lost to the artist shadowbans and all the gorgeous lesbian art there used to be.

No. 388092

File: 1711729749184.jpeg (472.97 KB, 1080x2244, cover-for-the-taxidermist-a-19…)

This is it! It's very well made and it's almost finished, only the last chapter isn't written yet. Make sure to read the warnings first, though. It's Alastor x Charlie, if that's your cup of tea.

No. 388456

Shit taste, also you sound underage.(infight bait)

No. 388621

It's because I can't speak English well. And let's agree to disagree. I understand not everybody will appreciate Charlie at first glance and the show doesn't give her the justice she deserves, as she doesn't get as much development as other characters, but if you read the fanfiction you will come to understand why I feel this way towards her. What would you describe as good taste instead?

No. 388628

Let's see Paula Allen's waifu

No. 388631

Your Englishbis fine, just ignore those commenters– coming into the waifu/husbando threads to shit on somebody's taste is just assholish. I'd rather see more posts from you about why you love Charlie than posts from her justifying her "superior" taste.

No. 388639

Anons are rude and love shitting on characters, I appreciate your love for Charlie even if I don't care for Hazbin.

No. 388929

No. 389247

File: 1712301846442.jpg (227.56 KB, 2048x1152, 1709412888276.jpg)

I love Rika so much!

No. 389262

File: 1712312556117.webp (56.29 KB, 639x639, 1000016669.webp)

I've stopped reading OPM a long time ago but Fubuki has lived in my mind rent free the moment I laid my eyes on her, I hate how she's a coomers' classic waifu though.

No. 389264

not surprising since the manga artist modeled her on Japanese pornographic actresses

No. 389266

Don't want to post her here cuz I'd be pretty identifiable but I love my waifu so much nonnies!! She's popular with other lesbians so there's heaps of fanfiction and reader inserts with her. I daydream about her all the time, she's serious and uncompromising but she has this soft side to her I love so much. I want to match our outfits, she's gnc and hates skirts/dresses whereas I'm pretty girly, I think it'd be so cute if she matched her shirt to my accessories or something. In the AU in my head she's a doctor, so I turn up at fancy work events hanging off her arm and watching adoringly as she talks about complex medical stuff. I'd be so proud to her and would talk her up to all the hospital bigwigs. I want to hold her close when she's sad and let her cry into my shoulder, she gets embarrassed crying in front of others but I'd hug her and tell her it's okay. She tends to over exert herself so I fantasize about taking care of her, I want to cook her dinner and curl up on her lap and kiss her and tell her I'm so proud of her for working so hard. Ugh she's so perfect nonnies, she's so sweet and smart and driven and capable. I've already planned our proposal out and everything. I've never felt like this about a character ever in my life.

You sound really cute nona, I love your love for Charlie. I think it's cute that she's tall, I love tall female characters.

No. 389286

This was so nice to read nonna, I'm happy you met such an awesome character to have as your waifu! I'm jealous that she has so much fanfic too, sounds like you really lucked out.

No. 389485

Thanks nona! She's the best. I'm thinking of writing a self insert fanfiction about her, I find it hard to capture her personality right but maybe I can just do it for fun? Do you have a waifu of your own?

No. 390412

Today i had to sleep because of my headaches and i ended up having 2 nightmares but in the last one there was my waifu too, it's my first time dreaming her and i'm so happy, it was as if she dropped into my world and i interacted with her, i don't know if when i woke up my tears were there because of the nightmare or me being so happy to see her like that

Wait what!! I'm so stupid but i've never noticed this post… i like the Bounty Hunter too… love you from the future nona, also since i'm here
>what if there were boobies under there?
Personally i'm not into just genderswapping, when it comes to looks my waifus go into the more petite direction and the husbandos tend to be bigger and i like it that way, i don't like the idea of changing a character in my head

No. 390413

File: 1712799393362.jpg (448.09 KB, 1866x1080, Screenshot_20240409_144319_Fir…)

I hate the Hetafags so much for getting me to watch hetalia and fall in cringe love with her

No. 390634

Are characters from live action shows OK to post ITT too?

No. 390638

Unfortunate pose choice for Germany

No. 390640

I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed that kek.

No. 390642

AYRT, I didn't notice that kekkkk
IMO it's fine as long as it's a fictional character

No. 390723

File: 1712890619882.jpg (64.45 KB, 591x694, 1420672863395.jpg)

That's not the Nazi salute. I'm guessing it's just an exaggerated "advance" gesture as a panzer commander which I think is what she's somewhat dressed as. Guess I will take this opportunity to post my panzerfu.

No. 390735

File: 1712897215016.jpg (53.6 KB, 512x512, 7GYUBNBN879io87gyuoiu.jpg)

I totally feel you, I love her attitude. I can't say I'm physically attracted to her (it feels weird to actually sexualize any character drawn in that kids cartoon kind of style) but I love her vibe, her and Yellow Diamond.

No. 390739

Would you say this series is good? I like some of the director's other works.

No. 390746

File: 1712902508399.jpg (81.17 KB, 695x982, 1521941924675.jpg)

It's good if you enjoy the detailed tank models, or CGDCT + gimmick, or yuri subtext, or dumb fun anime.

Pic second best panzerfu. I love brown girls.

No. 390748

File: 1712902609055.webp (106.97 KB, 897x890, Xena_warrior_princess_by_xena_…)

Great. Because I need to express my intense attraction to Xena. She was the hottest in the 90's and she is the hottest now. The blue eyes, the dark hair, the mad fighting skillz, crazy expressions, and wonderful smile in the intro. And of course her soul mate relationship with Gaybrielle. Perfection. Sigh. Just take me now.

No. 390755

If it's not full of overt horny fanservice and the yuribaiting is half decent (if some of it is unhealthy that's bonus points) then I could get into it?

No. 390756

File: 1712907844968.webm (2.77 MB, 900x506, 1561674273436.webm)

IIRC the fanservice is super mild, nowhere near something like, say, Strike Witches.
>if some of it is unhealthy that's bonus points
There is a hatesex couple in the movies based on Oscar and Andre from Versailles no Bara. Webm related.

No. 391258

File: 1713098975100.jpeg (114.47 KB, 736x1063, IMG_2801.jpeg)

How did they craft such a perfect character. She made me realise just how little we have it. She’s not a “muscle mommy” as much as the fandom tries to portray her. She’s something different. SU might be many things but because the gems are all women the team was forced (intentionally or unintentionally) to write somewhat unique female characters you don’t often see in media, just in fandom circles as HCs and hypotheticals
I’m just so glad the the stars aligned and we got Jasper

No. 391259

File: 1713099126790.jpeg (96.45 KB, 413x750, IMG_2792.jpeg)

Because she’s heckin problematic she doesn’t have a lot of fanart (same as Kuvira which i’m very salty about)

No. 391260

File: 1713099544882.jpeg (108.17 KB, 736x457, IMG_2890.jpeg)

I also love seeing how artists interpret her outside of SU’s style. I feel that because of her nose it can be a bit difficult

No. 391261

File: 1713099821898.jpeg (110.25 KB, 540x794, IMG_2894.jpeg)

Unfortunately she’s too problematic so the “uwu pure sapphic lovw wlwlw” will never appreciate her.
But she’s perfect in my eyes and didn’t do anything wrong. My bbg

No. 391262

File: 1713099939077.jpeg (125.65 KB, 499x862, IMG_2895.jpeg)

I see the potential bbg. Unfortunately trash show and rushed season.

No. 391268

File: 1713102207357.jpg (69.11 KB, 736x739, f078e6b917ad7ac8defb77729e961f…)

Jasper is hot but my truly retarded crush is the blue zircon, she's so akward and nervous but smart… I would do unspeakable things to her.
She presses my buttons in a way that's so weird and hard to explain

No. 391733

File: 1713293161716.jpeg (135.56 KB, 724x1024, IMG_1832.jpeg)

Late but I love her too, nonna

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