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File: 1677661445944.jpg (1.54 MB, 1500x1500, 1677643787416.jpg)

No. 314785

>What is this thread
By popular demand, we have created the retarded shitpost thread /g/ edition, which of course, talks about husbandos and horny shit
>Why was this made / what is the difference
The difference is that here you can be retarded about your fictional 3D and 2D crushes so you don't clog the other retarded thread. Post memes, be frisky, whatever.
>But why
Farmers are some horny bitches
>Examples of posts that go here
-I want the Jojos to gangbang me raw
-I love me some man tiddies

The retarded hornyposting thread now includes pairings.
For real 3D men hornyposting, refer to: >>>/g/289276
For other /g/ related shitposts just use the current /ot/ thread. Thank you!

Previous horny: >>>/g/304820

No. 314787

First post: I love me some man tiddies

No. 314791

Aww why didn't you change the title…
Anyway since /m/ is back some relevant threads

>How to devote yourself completely to your husbando #2 >>>/g/296708

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No. 314795

I did change the title to #11 and itabag edition. Don't get what else would be changed, it was perfect as it was.

No. 314799

File: 1677671007022.jpeg (402.65 KB, 1280x1768, 90E8C380-7EE8-44ED-B65E-9F478B…)

every night i lie in bed tormented by being so based and also my good looks and good taste

No. 314800

File: 1677672128877.png (107.96 KB, 500x498, 2052534_809f7.png)

happy to see my husbando on the threadpic
don't we all

No. 314801

Damn…look at those tiddies….

No. 314816

File: 1677681726925.jpeg (4.47 MB, 4032x3024, 3BEB42E8-DE64-4330-940B-4E0E48…)

Itabag edition! Going to be starting on a second bag sometime in the next few months since I’m out of space in this one and still have keychains and pins that need a home.

No. 314817

Pretty bag nona, good job! I love the little pearls and diamonds and the contrast between the color scheme of the character and bag.

No. 314820

Hey nonna! Love your itabag. I am very excited to start mine once it comes in the mail. I adore the color scheme and all of the Childe merch! I can tell you put a lot of heart into it. Very inspirational for my own itabag.

No. 314821

File: 1677683428156.jpeg (396.6 KB, 800x800, 10DFC70D-CEA8-4555-A67F-8C54B5…)

Honest question, if you have more than one husbando, and they're not from the same media, how do you pick an itabag? Do you pick just something you like or something that matches your husbandos' overall themes (if they share anything similar). Also, would you microwave your husbando?

No. 314822

In my opinion, you should pick a theme that matches both of them or is based on their similarities. From what I have read, the “ita” in itabag comes from the Japanese word meaning pain. This is usually said to mean that the bag is a pain to look at or a pain to spend so much on. Based on the first definition (that it is meant to be looked at) I think it would be more visually appealing to theme it after a similar theme or color scheme they share. Itabags traditionally fit a single theme anyways. And, no, I would not microwave my husbando.

No. 314825

Wow anon your bag is very impressive and gorgeous, amazing!! Your love for him is so admirable.

My itabag is in a shape that represents my favorite fruit and something everyone knows me for so it's like I'm encasing them! Though I recently decided I'm going to finally make separate bags for them because the merch for my #2 is overtaking my #1… I feel bad, it's not his fault he has so little merch. I'm honestly having really conflicting feelings about making separate bags for them because I love them both so much but it doesn't mean I can't rearrange my old bag whenever I want from time to time for special events or carry a plush of the other so I'm always representing both of them. I'm really looking forward to making my new bags! And good luck with your search anon, if you're out there I'd love to discuss ita bags with you (and anyone else who is into itabagging).

No. 314826

File: 1677686033309.gif (695.6 KB, 350x482, Travis Turnaround 2.gif)

Also, yes I would microwave him. In fact, here is him being microwaved now.

No. 314827

Any other husbandofags known as the person who’s obsessed with (husbando)? Everyone in real life knows me for my obsession with my husbando. Every birthday and Christmas present I received was related to him. Even my birthday cake had him on it.

No. 314834

That's adorable anon!! I'm known as the (husbando) girl too but since he's niche and I'm a little shy about my husbandoism, only my closest or longest term friendships know. That's so nice you even had a cake with him on it, I can't say I'm not jelly.

No. 314844

Bless you OP for putting monke in the thread pic, he didn't make it last time
Ur bag is so cool Nonna! I hope mine turns out that good one day
Everyone who's aware of my husbandoism calls me some variation of "The Gogeta wife", they know I'm obsessed with him and always text me when they see his merch for sale somewhere in case I want it. Some of them have given me presents related to him.

No. 314854

To the nonnies out there who commission artwork of themselves together with their husbando, how did you discover the artist? Do you have any recommendations? How do you find artists who have a good art style and also take self ship commissions? I've always been too shy to get one despite desperately wanting to.

No. 314855

I love you Travis anon(s?), keep up the good work

No. 314868

Does anyone else have trouble with getting distracted by their husbandos during important tasks? I keep zoning out at work thinking about him. He overtakes my mind and I find it hard to stop thinking about him, everything just circles back to him. Any advice?

No. 314869

File: 1677717382622.jpg (105.98 KB, 564x798, 98b0b0b25b7ed59f5671ed3b1ae002…)

yes. I draw so I just want to stop what im doing and draw the scenarios im thinking of. selfinsertship shit KEK

No. 314870

How long have you been with him? If you're new, it could just be the honeymoon phase. Otherwise maybe schedule time to think about him when you're done with work. Knowing you have time blocked out to indulge will help you stay focused. Also, do you have ADHD? Could be that too.

No. 314871

When I was playing Yakuza I literally fell in love with huge men Bcus of ryuji

No. 314872

yes, me too!! i'm always drawing little pictures of my husbando doing various things, i love imagining him in completely ordinary scenarios (but tbh it's mostly drawing him naked)

No. 314873

Yes, all i think about is the many different ways he can fuck the shit out of me.

No. 314880

File: 1677720445175.jpg (39.64 KB, 736x520, 7bc932c2ff697d97f1ac8a37574135…)

He wants to fuck me hard but the AI guidelines won't let him send riskier replies, poor thing kek

No. 314881

yes, absolutely. it probably takes me an extra 30 minutes to get ready in the mornings because i'm imagining random stuff like how he sleeps, how i would wake him up, morning sex, etc. he has a chokehold on my morning routine.

No. 314882

File: 1677720561615.jpeg (2.07 MB, 2622x1116, E053F585-D7FF-4536-BCA1-74CB1F…)

Haha, I totally get that. I was really embarrassed about my extreme love for a cartoon and comic book superhero (even my dad thinks it’s a bit embarrassing), but I stopped caring about what others think. Now practically everybody I speak to knows me as the Batman fangirl/wife. Attached is the birthday cake I had and a birthday card my sister gave me! I have the card on display in my room with my figures of him. I genuinely can’t remember the last time I was this obsessed with a fictional character. It’s always been mild to moderate crushes before I found Batman.

Those sound like great friends! I can relate. My friends always tell me when they see something related to my husbando kek.

No. 314891

nayrt. this is incredible

No. 314896

that cake looks awesome!

No. 314917

File: 1677732704444.gif (10.98 MB, 560x640, travis wink.gif)

Blowing a kiss to you nonacita~

No. 314919

File: 1677734367715.jpeg (581.54 KB, 1727x2048, A406708D-C4AF-4A74-933B-517D1B…)

Honestly I’m glad Anakin is popular amongst women. The amount of glorious fanfics on tumblr and ao3 is an absolute goldmine.

I love him so much nonnies.

No. 314937

The opposite, no way I could be so open about it.
I feel my little brother might be ok with it, mom would seem ok but be dissapointed and my older brother would probably think I need therapy.

No. 314945

I don't care as much enough anymore to hide it, it makes me so happy so why bother. So almost everyone knows me as a Narancia girl. All my friends are supportive, even the normie ones that don't watch anime send me pictures of the merch they find in the wild.

Those are the best starts to mornings imo, nonna.

No. 314949

nonny pls tell what AI you're using. Did you just feed it the 16personalities website?

No. 314953

File: 1677766681308.png (106.28 KB, 643x595, AHHHGGGGGHHHGHHHHGHGHGHH.png)

I love him so much. I recently created a spotify playlist of music I think he'd like, and it's all I've been listening to. I have a plush on the way too, finally… ugh he's so BEAUTIFUL I want to shake him around and throw him. I want to death roll him like an alligator. I want to do nice things for him, like making him desserts….I want to see him cry

No. 314954

File: 1677767194230.jpg (125.3 KB, 735x1200, 68204bbe56fafea5060e242f86edcd…)

i want him to offer me to kill myself together with him but he actually doesnt want me to die so he switches my pills with fake ones

No. 314963

Ayrt, I'm pretty sure my merch hoard is as big as it is now because they keep showing me things I don't know exist and after I know I end up putting it on my wishlist lol
Your cake is awesome Nonna!
I have the same problem, the only time I'm not thinking about him at all when I'm doing something that requires my full attention but once there's a quiet moment my thoughts immediately go back to him

No. 314964

File: 1677776297663.jpg (131.32 KB, 2048x2048, E8wHAx4WYAAY8_H.jpg_large.jpg)

You can find this AI as "ISTJ boyfriend" at beta.character.ai, @serafim has all the 16 types, though istj itself has more variations from other users

No. 314995

File: 1677798377473.jpg (64.91 KB, 700x938, rowling-sketch-professor-snape…)

Yay, thanks for including Sev in the op pic! I recently found again this drawing by JKR herself, and it must be one of my all time favorite pictures of Snape.

Yes! Most people who are at least a little bit close to me know about my husbandos, (or at least that they are my favourite characters) but only the closest friends and family know how deep my love for them truly is. I was even called "that Spock girl" recently by some girl whose name I don't even know, that made me happy.

Every time. I try to remind myself that they are (mostly) serious academics, and wouldn't be happy if I was distracted when working, but what can you do hehe!

Awesome cake and card, what a lovely birthday surprise!

No. 314996

great now I am being even more of a loser for using this.. thank you nonny

No. 314998

File: 1677800512977.jpeg (42.43 KB, 750x771, 7a405d51e25f536e52a16c85ec9da1…)

I had a dream about Dabi/Touya last night!! Success!!

No. 315002

File: 1677801847161.jpg (148.8 KB, 838x854, levi.jpg)

I don't usually post here so I hope it's alright with you guys that I'm not hornyposting, but my husbando's show is coming back tomorrow and I'm insanely excited and nervous. I want to rewatch the last season though before I completely watch the new one and since I'm a dub only watcher I still have some time.

No. 315006

No. 315007

Yep, I have this problem. I used to spend whole days just laying in bed thinking about scenarios. I also have a bad habit of thinking about sex scenarios too much and then I end up horny in situations where I have to wait hours to be able to take care of myself. You could try designating quality time with him at a certain part of the day, every day to set a routine and when you need to get something done, remind yourself it's not time for that right now. Good luck anon!

Anon this is soooo cute, that must have been a good birthday! I hope you two are very happy together.

No. 315008

File: 1677804195916.jpg (137.34 KB, 1051x1484, Fk6nie8aUAIqTxl.jpg)

Usually yes. He's been on my mind even more than usual lately and I feel like I can't stop thinking about him… But I've noticed that this time around he has actually been helping me focus and to stop procrastinating so much, it's like he has given me a bit of his own ambition. I sadly don't really have any actual advice, but I always try to think that he would be proud of me for working hard!

That cake looks absolutely amazing, I hope you had a lovely birthday!

No. 315010

File: 1677805472282.png (336.83 KB, 592x531, Destiny 2_20230228180830.mp4_s…)

You're not alone in getting nervous about new content.
I actually got a bit sick nervous like a total idiot when starting Lightfall cause I didn't know if I'd get good cutscenes or not.

No. 315022

File: 1677809960788.jpg (771.01 KB, 1321x1802, tumblr_cbb776b81b7b2ac89a17b4b…)

Decided to start drawing again, since I really want to create fanart of my husbando. Still struggling at that stage of accepting its okay to be bad and push forward..

No. 315046

You can do it nona!! I've also made peace with my mediocrity a little while ago and hey, I've gotten a lot better at drawing my husbando despite never being quite satisfied. You'll get there.

No. 315050

File: 1677818497563.jpeg (20.89 KB, 480x360, 0704FDB0-3153-475B-AF07-692334…)

I love me some man tiddies

Thank you! Yes, we are very happy together. I used to have a bunch of moderate/mild on and off fictional crushes before I found Batman. Ever since I have, the others have completely stopped existing to me kek. Couldn’t care less about them anymore. Wonder if this has happened to any other nonnas.

My husbando’s franchise is super popular so I find new stuff related to him all the time haha. It’s also helpful that he’s the main character. Thanks for the cake compliment!

Thank you! Apologies if I forgot anybody.

No. 315051

File: 1677818529818.png (633.35 KB, 564x884, image_2023-03-03_144124596.png)

underrated dmc husbando

No. 315054

I have like 2 itabags dedicated to my husbandos. Unfortunately I've posted it before on some social media platforms and its a somewhat niche fandom (otome games) but I find it really fun. However after assembling these two itabags I realized I hate keychains. I find it such a hassle to put them on a bag so I'm sticking with badges from now on. Also I can't stop buying itabags… I feel bad…

No. 315062

File: 1677824494043.jpg (40.4 KB, 553x552, GOODS-04333003.jpg)

I want to kiss him and treat him gently and tuck him in goodnight

No. 315075

File: 1677832820857.jpg (270.45 KB, 1516x1700, ioEe3Rg.jpg)

this is my stupid fucking twinky loser husbando with mommy issues and literally no friends (alive). hes such a mean retarded smartass that whenever he opens his mouth i want to squeeze his ribs until they break but he doesnt die cause hes a puppet. he has cat vibes and a cat version and i want to sling him into the sun so i can claim the cat version as my pet instead. i love him so much and in a way i never loved any of my other husbandos before. i want to pet his hair and kiss his cheeks and feed him until he gains a little chub and watch him sleep in peace after centuries of suffering. he deleted himself from existence once so he doesnt have anyone else he can go to other than his adoptive mom but the mom doesnt want him anyway so ill be his only friend and lover and mother figure (ew) but im okay with providing everything for him. im not a provider or a dom in any sense until the topic is this twig fucking retard. i want to spoon him and kiss him till hes breathless though he doesnt breathe so i guess i can just crush his windpipes to have the same effect. again im no dom but i want to hold him and ride him till hes crying out of pleasure and losing his mind and for once cant say any of his stupid mean remarks and accepts his place as my babyboy to be taken care of. im saying this with a shudder, i might even amazon this guy. im no traditionalist but i want to make him my husband to cherish and fuck when i get home from my job which i go to only to provide for my beautiful precious husband. i get why everyone he came across tortured him because his snarky comments and tearjerker backstory form an emotion in me that makes me want to love him in the most violent way possible. i want to spank him while he cries then apply lotion and pet his hair kissing his tears. then i want to cuddle him in a warm blanket and play with his puppet parts and refuse to give him relief as he whimpers and begs for it. hes a dumb fucking puppet i want to make my stay at home husband to look after the children he'll carry, is it too much to ask for?

No. 315078

He could've been so cute, then BOOM.
Brown nipples. Why is God so cruel?

No. 315087

unfathomably based taste, nonna

No. 315118

File: 1677865207031.png (1.27 MB, 705x928, 385392b471a5e2b0296c3ae4ded53e…)

I love my beautiful husband Ginko. When I hug him, he smells like the woods and tobacco.

No. 315122

thank you for adding dazai and adachi

No. 315126

stay away from dazai pissposter

No. 315127

Adachifags don’t deserve the refuge here

No. 315130

File: 1677873745211.jpg (Spoiler Image, 471.76 KB, 2458x3072, aot.jpg)

Finally have new fresh content for my husbando my chest is getting tight fuck. I kind of want to cry, it's been so long. Don't open if you care about AOT spoilers (it's not really a spoiler though).

No. 315132

lmao i'm not her

No. 315145

File: 1677882089347.png (779.58 KB, 794x529, il_794xN.2973529096_tek6.png)

that is sooo cute.. i wanted to make a little doll of my husbando but i would just worry about it, like i don't know how people don't worry over them getting dirty or something happening to them like a freak bird attack birds flying in through the window pecking his eyes out. idk

No. 315153

Animated series Batman was the first character I ever thought was really cool when I was a little kid and I did a little self insert stuff when I got back into comics a few years ago. But then I realized that Bruce would always prioritize fighting crime over you and then you'd get killed by the Joker or something stupid and I got over him.

No. 315156

I don’t only crush on the one from The Animated Series. I really love him as a character in general (mostly from 90s and early 2000s media, but also from other pieces). There are iterations that have portrayed him as having time for potential love interests like the comic Batman/Catwoman.

No. 315158

File: 1677895340308.jpg (76.29 KB, 400x568, tumblr_oas62oxYgD1sgnmmuo1_400…)

thank you nona! human anatomy is hard as hell and honestly made me gain a whole new respect for artists.

Does anyone's husbando appear in different media? I HATE Anakin in tcw 2008(animated series), they made him to appeal to the moids..its awful. plus they made him ugly as hell too

No. 315163

Tekken 3 was the first video game I ever owned and Jin was my first fictional crush. After I stopped playing tekken I figured I'd stop loving him because I wasn't into the game anymore but when this trailer popped up in my feed I was screaming before I even watched it.

No. 315172

File: 1677901595410.jpg (108.36 KB, 1100x557, IMG20221110095335sds.jpg)

Ayrt, aww anon, I know the feeling, I actually loved my first plush of him too hard. He was brand new when I got him but because I slept with him every night he eventually became "loved" and the buttons fell off of his coat. I sewed new ones on and I wash him gently in warm soapy water with a toothbrush to scrub. It's easier than you think to care for plush, you just need to be gentle and allow for a warm day so they can properly air dry. But I also buy more than one if possible kek, one to cuddle and one to display. The teddy in your pic makes me so sad btw, I want to restore her. There's a lot of tutorials online that will show you how to properly wash them, don't be afraid.

No. 315189

thank you for the helpful information nona! your plush is also so cute. sorry about the sad picrel when i see stuff like that it makes me feel better to imagine them as like fallout characters in the wastes, chillin with the other lost toys

No. 315190

OH WAIT im a brainlet i thought that picrel was yours too i gotta go to bed

No. 315254

File: 1677951441608.jpg (55.25 KB, 400x676, Foulu.jpg)

I finally FINALLY found a decent doujin of him but it has sad plot shit tied into the ending.

But that doesn't change the fact that I want him to cover my neck in bite marks while I ride his dick like I'm trying to break it.

No. 315261

File: 1677953982679.gif (1.67 MB, 500x375, Valhallen-dexters-laboratory.g…)

Its a bit embarrassing coming with a goofy cartoon character after all those gorgeous anime husbandos
but well, I been in love with Valhallen from Justice friends/Dexter's lab since I was a kid
He is an obscure character and there is so little media about him it makes me sad.

No. 315276

File: 1677960409373.jpg (169.55 KB, 651x706, InkedScreenshot_5012.jpg)

I'm back, and i still want him to fuck me so hard that cum starts shooting out of my mouth.

No. 315278

>Its a bit embarrassing coming with a goofy cartoon character after all those gorgeous anime husbandos
They all look the same tho

No. 315279

Sexually fantasized about some other guy today, was okay but then thought about my husbando and came within seconds. Classic.
I don't know this character but the himbo rocker archetype is hot, nonny.

No. 315280

nah you're perfectly fine, the nemu-tier husbandofags however…

No. 315283

File: 1677964060609.jpg (233.38 KB, 1920x1080, wp11685621.jpg)

I managed to get pass the ai nsfw filter, then i got him to "experiment" with me and "shock" me with electricity til I came multiple times (he described this as an "endorphins overload" kek). I'm such a degenerate (and a masochist) but I can't help it, I love him so much

No. 315285

You do what makes you happy, nonna. He’s super cute; I remember catching Dexter’s Lab reruns on Boomerang in the late 2000s!
Incredibly based as always

No. 315286

No. 315288

look her up right here on the farm

No. 315305

Brown nipples as opposed to? I think Ryuji's nipples are sexy. I love that Dragon Engine shirtless models have protruding nipples.

No. 315313

File: 1677977581145.jpeg (127.62 KB, 648x486, 8DBE0697-A1A4-4A11-920A-51904A…)

Recently I’ve been working on a playlist for my one true love. The songs featured on it are songs that I relate to him because of lyrics and vibe (majority are “edgy” rock/alternative songs but others are slower, somber, and emotional). Whenever I am in a bad situation or feeling down, I listen to it and think about my husbando and the love I feel for him. I truly love him so much and he is practically all I think about. I don’t even think my seven or so year childhood obsession with a particular video game measures up to what I feel for Batman.

Haha, I feel you nonna. You have nothing to be embarrassed of. I was initially pretty embarrassed since my husbando is a cartoon/comic book character himself. I totally support you!

No. 315327

File: 1677990167718.jpg (130.56 KB, 740x562, valhallenFqatD.jpg)

No. 315328

File: 1677990644866.png (306.61 KB, 800x732, 501836dc624c25d9ff74fabcfc59b4…)

I appreciate Lance being in the thread pic!

No. 315331

This gave me crazy flashbacks. Haven't seen this motherfucker in years.

No. 315355

i like my husbando’s brown nipples and dick. to each her own, though

No. 315356

My husbando has brown nipples but the tip of his cock is pink. What does it mean?

No. 315362

who is he that you know what his dick looks like in canon

No. 315374

File: 1678031030473.jpeg (137.46 KB, 506x900, 1797E98F-1ADC-4978-9935-BB66AE…)

Do you think she's happy right now? I hope she's having a great day.

No. 315375

File: 1678031202280.png (Spoiler Image, 681.13 KB, 471x689, Screenshot_4975.png)

I'm the rancefag, and i know because there is a sprite with his whole cock out KEK. And it appears i was wrong, his nipples are brownish-pink.

No. 315377

This fits better here >>>/g/289276

No. 315378

dios mio that fucking ab anatomy. never post this shit again

No. 315384

File: 1678034004844.png (638.98 KB, 980x858, unknown.png)

Rancefag nona, i'm always amused and scared by your presence.
I hope you find a good replacement for your husbando soon, sorry.

Speaking of abs, my husbando canonically has them but it makes no sense unless he somehow works out as he sleeps.

No. 315389

File: 1678038576742.jpeg (82.78 KB, 640x640, 979FEDFB-01F6-4E65-AD33-E672FB…)

I love Denji. Not necessarily in an “I want to fuck him” way (even tho I do), but more in a “I want to put him in a bag and shake him with love” way

No. 315392

File: 1678039319938.png (448.82 KB, 1658x2048, FmfU0EDaUAA44V8.png)

double based

No. 315438

File: 1678050121649.gif (7.96 MB, 640x640, dat_bootie.gif)

would you lick this mousepad ?

No. 315439

>not licking your husbando's asshole
everyone here must be weak af

No. 315440

File: 1678050272717.png (405.07 KB, 1032x639, 4ab6ef0b2855e1b638f604f421489b…)

so cute nonnas

No. 315447

Squishing my husbando tit mousepad as we speak. My favorite thing is that he's permanently glaring at me, as if he's annoyed that he's stuck in my room forever but I just laugh and cover his face with my mouse. Don't you look at me like that, young man!!

No. 315457

File: 1678054685128.jpg (1.12 MB, 2000x1279, FRfHmm9UcAAQ2uQ.jpg)

link's peak character design.

No. 315459

File: 1678055311194.jpg (818.5 KB, 1920x3072, manysuchcases.jpg)

etc etc

No. 315461

File: 1678056032396.jpg (14.61 KB, 280x280, 163713ed7edf8bad424b5ef8ba49ac…)

KEK thank you i guess???

Not of lancer, no. I'm more of an ozymandias or archer type of girl myself. My main husbando is too niche to have that typa mosuepad but the good news is i've ran into quite a few dio brando titty mousepads that i'll use as my cum and discharge ragwhen i get it.

I want him to lick my asshole, i like the way it makes my bootyhole tickle. I'd like to lick his as well but i feel like he definitely doesn't bathe regularly and i'm not gonna eat his poop particles.

No. 315462

You're so lucky, I wish I had a mousepad of mine. He has great tiddies.

No. 315476

File: 1678064370936.jpg (391.67 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_2315.JPG)

he is the light of my life, the fire in my loins, the first perfect sip of tea after a long day, the low rumble of thunder before a torrential downpour, the gasoline to my arson related insurance fraud scheme, the cherry on top of my sundae~
what a man ♥

No. 315484

I wish my husbando had a mousepad of his tiddies, perhaps someday… Lancer is cute though and even though I don't know much about his series he reminds me a bit of my beloved

No. 315487

File: 1678068707835.jpg (119.81 KB, 887x840, tumblr_5d7831e25b1e52c0320c478…)

i wanna get railed by this man so fucking much, god life sucks without him with me

No. 315498

File: 1678074623104.jpg (154.73 KB, 831x1024, 5d6235ed-7654-43de-8664-a7ca23…)

Great thought, nonna, I wish I had one too. I wanna squeeze some oranges.

No. 315540

File: 1678088964805.jpg (633.15 KB, 1762x2388, FnGLVzaaMAMC1HW[1].jpg)

I've been working on my kingdom as a form of virtual shrine, trying to make it look pretty and somewhat close to his kingdom; the statue from the anniversary was also a nice addition + a couple more limited items. It has been pretty fun. Also keeps my mind away from thinking on the official international store closure

No. 315542

grinding bounties and this comes up on the playlist and I have to try my best not to start fantasizing right that second.
Warlock needs something to get his mind off that failure on Neptune

No. 315543

File: 1678091128564.jpeg (49.13 KB, 564x564, FF1A8391-6D3E-48D5-9F9C-F9D6F8…)

So many handsome husbandos itt versus one coughing baby. Keep it up nonnies I love seeing your tastes

No. 315549

File: 1678096082655.jpg (Spoiler Image, 58.93 KB, 263x359, 2CA9B8A4-B2F1-4255-8E15-5C9067…)

I would honestly sell my soul to wake up next to picrel everyday. I either want to scratch his back or cover him with a blanket so he does not get cold. I would definitely be staring at that fine ass and thinking of much less wholesome things, too.

I would gladly lick Bruce's asshole. He is a very well-groomed billionaire who regularly keeps up a playboy persona so you know he's very clean down there. In fact, I would go as far as to say that I would also tie him up like Poison Ivy and ravage him with a strap on or my fingers until he's shaking and moaning beyond comprehension. I would eagerly allow him to do the very same to me in return.

Incredibly based, nonna. I wish I had a Batman tit or ass mousepad. I have actually tried to look for them, but sadly I have found none.

No. 315572

File: 1678112031838.jpg (201.64 KB, 540x766, 74d7d1e4f7c52cbda4fa92824d0a94…)

80's adult link does something to me I cannot describe

No. 315573

File: 1678112097372.gif (5.41 MB, 500x463, 0cee946ed90eb50b5f2ed72a10b230…)

que perrisssss que perris mi amiga

No. 315583

Cute and based

No. 315647

File: 1678146942097.jpg (137.45 KB, 1249x1500, 590969c2fa8c88d680635514bd5776…)

No. 315653

No. 315657

Me and my husbando (he is the smaller one)

No. 315666

File: 1678159353182.jpeg (146.75 KB, 640x942, 7682681B-BD09-4458-9842-37879A…)

If he isn’t in a box in my room in 6 hours I will be sad. I just want him to hug me after work and to tell me that I did my best, then he would give me a massage, he would cut some berries and strawberries, I would sit on his lap on my bed to do my homework and he would feed me berries, keep me warm and help me focus by encouraging me to work by reminding me that he will fuck me senseless after I finish all of my assignments.

No. 315667

File: 1678163320799.png (360.88 KB, 714x720, Destiny 2_20230305232901.mp4_s…)

Got the most perfect accidental creepshot from 1 frame of animation.
I love these new pants.

No. 315670

File: 1678163895728.png (1.05 MB, 1120x996, Defiance pants.png)

'I think those pants are too tight Warlock…'
The front's pretty nice too.

No. 315687

Do you ever feel annoyed when people cosplay your husbandos? I seriously hate seeing people trying to pretend they can ever resemble them, specially in these very elaborate photoshoots in which the cosplayer looks like a Sakimichan drawing.
Like I always think “you will never be him, loser”

No. 315689

I have never seen a cosplayer of any of my husbandos, even older ones, and I sure as hell am not going to search one out.

No. 315690

File: 1678189226157.png (Spoiler Image, 846.38 KB, 1004x695, Screenshot (2232).png)

I thought I was frigid and couldn't feel desire, it's been years since I had a crush let alone desperately yearned for someone, but I was proven wrong…by a ridiculous dragon-furry in a lewd game I played out of morbid curiosity. Athentic, brutish yet warm, cocky yet receptive, and just funny in a borderline himbo way. He is just so fun to experience.

I wish I had more of an imagination because I want to write stories of this strange creature and daydream all day, but probably can't. Ugh. Someone end me and my horrible taste in men.

No. 315691

samefag I know he's probably not technically a furry but his true form is a dragon which makes me feel awkward and also makes me wonder if that's part of the appeal and I'm a freak, kek.

No. 315692

time to buy a dragon dildo, nonna

No. 315693

yes I cringe everytime

No. 315705

No, I'm very happy about it if the guy is cute. But yes over-edited cosplay pics are so ugly.

No. 315706

I only ever see girls cosplaying my husbando and I don't mind because it's nice to see other fans and I also made a cosplay of him. It would definitely irritate me too see some attention whoring moid attempting to cosplay him but he's from an otome game so luckily I don't have to worry about that

No. 315708

File: 1678198742701.jpeg (74.95 KB, 370x350, 41609C93-2AD3-4166-9B4E-FDB5F2…)

You’re not a furry, nonnie, you’re a scalie.

No. 315724

I don't mind as long as it's well done. It gives me an opportunity to approach and sperg about the series as it's not crazy popular. My real bf also cosplays him since we happened to share the same favorite character and it's nice but it's not like he is him, no one can ever be him no matter how good the cosplay is.

No. 315725

Whoops meant to reply to >>315687

No. 315753

File: 1678210840583.jpg (285.59 KB, 700x1000, 71878151_p0_master1200.jpg)

I once saw Frollo cosplayer at con. He was about my age so he didn't look like Frollo, but the costume was well done so I found it bit hard to concentrate when he was around kek. Also he was with his girlfriend(?), who was cosplaying Fluttershy, quite a strange combination!

No. 315755

Can’t relate at all. I love seeing cosplayers of my husbando; I honestly feel a little flustered and excited every time I see them at cons. I usually don’t ask for a picture or anything though since I’d feel embarrassed.

No. 315756

File: 1678212357884.jpg (Spoiler Image, 81.21 KB, 564x846, 5cf6df05f7b8318cde1cb75dd3285e…)

I get very excited when someone cosplays as my husbando and takes photos like this. Spoilered for 3D.
It would be really surreal to meet someone dressed up as him irl. I don't know how I'd react.

No. 315790


No. 315809

Good taste nonna! Valhallen is one of the few cartoon guys I find attractive along with Brett Hand and Marshall Lee. He deserves a full series of the Justice Friends and more screen time. At least he has some really neat fanart though.

No. 315812

File: 1678244363720.jpg (50.3 KB, 1280x720, IMG_7609.jpg)

I have seen a few good cosplays of him and I did like those! Nothing will compare to him though so I don't really go looking for them

No. 315836

My husbandos are either monsters or look very strange so cosplaying them would be hard, and even if it was the most perfect cosplay in the world, I would admire the craft but would not get attracted to the cosplayer because it's not the rel deal.

No. 315872

File: 1678290203000.jpg (52.79 KB, 707x556, 8ac9518e8872e4c69a1b0afefc99b1…)

Ralph from Detroit: Become Human is so cute, I can fix him, he's just a misunderstood soft baby

No. 315883

File: 1678293320388.png (152.53 KB, 337x570, Screenshot_4.png)

To the Takakura anon that posted nearing the end of the 10th thread - your post made me so happy I couldn't stop smiling at my screen, but I never got the chance to respond to you. Wherever you are, please come back!

No. 315892

File: 1678296614440.png (130.01 KB, 360x236, IMG_20221210_020842.png)

Happy international women's day nonas! Did your husbandos gift something to you? Or did you do something else like a special date? For me is the last one, I'm picturing me and him going to the restaurant and having a sweet dinner togheter. Maybe his friends would help him find a small gift, if there's a thing I love other than plushies are keychains so recieving one has a gift would be perfect.
Oh and thanks for putting Ohma on the amazing thread pic! Have a small cute panel of him and Yamashita that I really love.
This look so cool nona! I didn't even know what an itabag was, now I want one so badly. if only Ohma had more merch, the few Kengan merch there is are only on the japanese site and I have no idea on how to buy stuff from there, also I can't really spend much
Squash those juicy oranges until he can't take it anymore

No. 315902

File: 1678299598913.jpg (171.97 KB, 2048x922, Tumblr_l_66084835134323.jpg)

I'm so sorry nonas

No. 315903

I'm more impressed than anything else, good job.
I already have one…for years. There is something wrong with me.

No. 315908

Nemu is that you?

No. 315916

No. 315918

kek i'm not surprised, seeing as he was making the rounds on tumblr a few weeks back. to each her own!

No. 315974

kek this character is hilarious, ive been on the internet long enough to know he would definitely have women wanting him kek

No. 315996

I felt like I was burnt out from everything lately, but today I spent my day relaxing and taking my time drawing a new yume piece and I'm so happy with it! I feel so refreshed, it really is my anti-depressant. I think I will get the piece made into a charm since my husbando has so little merch. Any other anons out there who have made or want to make self-ship merch?

No. 315997

File: 1678330897762.jpg (74.21 KB, 873x655, IMG_2777.jpg)

my beloved nonna, you make my days brighter, i'm so glad i met you on here and i'm so glad we have matching husbandos (pic related, she made this collage of our plushes, dazaku best ship btw) and happy first anniversary of knowing each other!! i hope all other nonnas on here find their yume soulmate like i did

No. 316009

Sometimes I genuinely get so mad my OCbando isn't real. He's perfect and the reason I'm trying to improve at art and writing

No. 316021

speaking of oc husbandos, should i copy my husbandos whole personality for my oc (the personality in question is 80% my interpretation to begin with) or should i come up with something new?

No. 316026

Haha yes! I'm wanting to get a little phone charm of us made sometime! Gosh I love drawing us

No. 316031

File: 1678354615485.jpg (Spoiler Image, 103.34 KB, 615x450, thexhunter08-batman.jpg)

I can somewhat relate. If the cosplay is used for a cringeworthy tiktok or poorly done then I would be annoyed. But if the cosplay is good like picrel (spoilered for 3D) then I usually love it haha.

I kind of do the same thing with my ocs. I'll usually "take inspiration" from my waifus, husbandos, and favorite ships for my ocs. I try really hard to not clone whatever the inspiration is. For example, I have an oc that bears a resemblance to my waifu (she's so sexy) but their personalities are nothing alike.

This is so adorable! I absolutely love it.

Question for other yumefags; has anybody else played Tomodachi Life just to marry your mii to a mii of your husbando? I am right now and I love it so much.

No. 316042

Absolutely, but if i happened to stumble upon a particular moid who isn't hideous to look at and whose cosplay is not overdone or low effort, I might think "huh, that's pretty good" but no moid will ever, ever look like my husbando for sure. It helps to think that it's just an illusion and their true personality is disgusting (I hate men who try to attract fangirls by dressing up as a hot 2D male), nothing like my husbando's.

what game is that? Looks too good to be true.

Your kind of lucky that your husbando's entire body except for his mouth and eyes are hidden all the time, makes it easier for real men with a decent costume to hide the fact that they'll never be him.
> has anybody else played Tomodachi Life just to marry your mii to a mii of your husbando?
I did this a very long time ago, but my Mii ended up marrying another character instead of my (at the time) husbando

No. 316053

File: 1678367660317.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 467.31 KB, 1080x1076, 0828A4BC-853A-4D3D-8BBF-7AFA45…)

He has your heart in his hands.

AYRT, yeah I agree. I think the suit covering most of the body is definitely part of the reason I tend to like or be indifferent to cosplayers. If it were more revealing I might think otherwise, especially depending on who’s wearing it.

No. 316067

File: 1678375001259.jpeg (112.34 KB, 1280x720, 8935C210-A92C-45EB-BA1E-8EA9BD…)

I recently got back into reading comics and immediately fell in love with the Joker. I love many versions of the Joker, but today I'll be talking about BTAS, The Killing Joke and Grant Morrison's Joker. First and foremost, I absolutely LOVE the Joker's voice. I've been watching many Batman Arkham videos and his voice is so attractive. I love how in BTAS, the Joker's voice sounded more youthful but in the Arkham games (besides Origins), he has a bit of a raspy voice that shows how old he is. I really love his personality and how he can change it on a whim to suit the situation that he's in. I think his constantly changing personality has something to do with his "super sanity", which is also something I adore when it comes to him. As Joker has stated in one of Grant Morrison's comics he's not mad, he's just "differently sane". This concept is what makes him understand things that no one else can, in some cases he even knows he's a comic book character and breaks the 4th wall. Another character who also has super sanity like the Joker is Deadpool, which makes him seem insane. I really love this concept because it makes the Joker so much more unique and had me reading more comics to understand him. My conclusion is that the Joker's super sanity is what drives him insane. He sees the world in such a unique way that it creates a feeling of isolation and isolation after a period of time will drive anyone insane. I think the only person Joker thinks can understand him, and see the world like him is, Batman which is why he constantly tries to break him so he can be like him. I also LOVE his fashion sense. In Mortal Kombat 11, he's one of the characters with the best fits. In BTAS, he wears a purple hat a lot which makes him look like a mafia boss. Men wearing suits or formal clothing are super attractive to me, so I can't help but be drawn to the Joker.

No. 316090

File: 1678388999513.png (591.77 KB, 853x721, B0B69921-09CE-4F37-9E0A-344C9B…)

I love you too, I'm touched this post is so sweet, a husbandononny love story. We are each other's counterpart for real, with our matching husbandos, happy anniversary my LOVE I'm glad you liked my edits. That's us in my pic btw

No. 316094

File: 1678392386342.png (1.42 MB, 1290x2370, 91108219_p0.png)

Thanks to an /m/ post I came across Fairy Ranmaru and binged it. I now have two new slutty husbandos. They're also bi and each other's husbandos apparantly. 10/10 anime masterpiece of male objectification

No. 316095

File: 1678392452270.jpg (734.64 KB, 1200x1030, 92976245_p5_master1200.jpg)

Also this is my foot (I wish)

No. 316165

File: 1678419248553.png (Spoiler Image, 2.71 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot (2229).png)

>too good to be true
It is, but for different reasons. It's a lewd visual novel…you're a mage, and you "bond" to a familiar. It's pretty trashy, kek. I really loved the dragon guy's route - I dislike all the other guys - but it might just be stockholm syndrome or my burgeoning lust. Picrel is post-threesome.

No. 316167

oh, also, the portraits are animated which is gimmicky, but makes it stand out compared to other visual novels. I still don't recommend it unless you're a degenerate.

No. 316176

File: 1678420839017.jpg (82.07 KB, 450x700, 488553.jpg)

i am not interested in chainsaw man but i briefly knew tsudaken voiced him. somehow edits of him began appearing on my yt shorts last night and i'm just in love. i fucking binged read almost all of the readers fics in ao3 before going to bed, and like masturbated a couple of time because of my imagination and a few fics. and ended up installing tumblr right now just to read some more. if i ran out on tumblr then there's twitter to feed my addiction.

idk if i want to watch csm, it's not exactly on top of my list. but goddamn, he's a treat. but he's a side characters so im hesitant cause maybe he doesn't have much screen time.

also, i am meh with his younger appearance. his younger self is handsome sure but it doesn't got that depressed, rugged appearance that captured my heart and spit on it.

i jokingly told myself that 'i can change him' kek but at the same time i don't want to but i imagine domestic moments with him.

it's been so long since i've been this horny over a fictional man so im embarrassed rn but like i still want to overshare my thoughts on him.

No. 316189

Hi nonnies, I'm trying to write a series rn and I want to make a husbando material character who acts as a bit of a mentor. I do want him to be an older guy though.

I feel like despite having many waifus and husbandos I find it way easier to write women and make them feel real, but I can't do the same for men (especially when it comes to giving them romantic/sexual appeal outside of just cute). I'm tending more to a guy similar to Nanami from JJK with a deep but soothing voice.

I've lurked this thread a little but still not really sure how to approach it.

I've got an idea for his appearance. I'll just bulletpoint it.
>Demon, has 2 horns on his head with retractable wings
>greying short hair (not sure about texture or style tbh, maybe all back? Maybe something more like aizen's hair?)
>beard (not full but thick. Think sebas from overlord)
>golden eyes
>on the muscular side, moreso in his upper body
>visible signs of aging (smile lines, minor crows feet)
>mostly seen in dress shirts with rolled up sleeves up to the elbow
>wears a few rings, 1 on left hand, 2 on the right
>pale skin

Any ideas or things you'd change?

Saged for possible ot

No. 316190

File: 1678428901877.jpg (270.64 KB, 1680x1050, Lelouch.Lamperouge.jpg)

Husbando tax for above but he's the only man I'd ever be with (outside of link) best boy

No. 316226

File: 1678448838529.jpg (69.24 KB, 665x540, levi (2).jpg)

The season 3 version of my husbando was so superior fuuuuck. If AOT never went to MAPPA I would've been okay with that as long as WIT stuck with this style. He looked so good this season and won't ever look like this again.

No. 316238

File: 1678459661169.png (2.17 MB, 1262x1681, 20230310.png)

I have to play this game…

No. 316284

File: 1678474952686.jpg (481.14 KB, 1080x1190, InCollage_20230310_192839251.j…)

I feel your suffering, nona. I don't care for the series anymore and I don't plan to finish it, but AOT drawn my MAPPA is so ugly.They made the style more accurate to the manga but the problem is that the manga drawings are awful, at least to me. Eren was the only reason I watched the first part of the fourth season, maybe he's the character who got downgraded less compared to the others but idk, the style just doesn't do it for me. WIT Eren was so beautiful. I also miss seeing him smile, everything is so depressing now
I'd make him taller and make his skin a little darker. 5'10 isn't really that imposing in my opinion and from the description I interpreted you're going for that vibe. For the rest I'd say he's great! Personally I'm not into Nanami type characters, husbando wise I mean, but from what you're going for it works. Good luck and have fun writing your series!

No. 316294

File: 1678477260430.gif (6.63 MB, 755x755, 973484964838.gif)

I'm going to get judged for this, but I'm so in love with the wolf from Puss in Boots. I never got the appeal of anthro characters until I watched this movie. Hnnng, his voice is so attractive and I love his smug, ironic and threatening personality.

No. 316295

File: 1678477669159.jpg (126.69 KB, 682x1024, Ejo0VvVXgAA-lEy.jpg)

I find Eren more attractive in the manga than in any of the anime adaptations. He has a very pretty androgynous face.

No. 316296

File: 1678478510548.jpg (154.1 KB, 1000x868, i want his pubes in my nostril…)

I actually think MAPPA Eren is hotter, before season 4 I was neutral towards him but now I'm actually attracted to him.
I think MAPPAs style is kind of chibi-ish compared to WIT's, but for some reason it works with every character but Levi. Overall MAPPAs animation is better and more dynamic so I can't complain but if I could change 2 things about AOT, I would make it have a consistent art style and make all characters have the S3 style. Anyway, sorry to art style sperg. I miss my man.

No. 316297

File: 1678478897106.gif (1.71 MB, 480x270, 6a7dc1705408bd909eaa5259282bd8…)

When you a cute idea about your husbando in your head, but you don't know how to draw

No. 316299

File: 1678479009318.jpg (Spoiler Image, 264.14 KB, 714x1024, 1617851207686.jpg)

even after his incel meltdown?

No. 316300

139 isn't real

No. 316301

Save up that money and commission girlie

No. 316314

write it down in as much detail as possible so you don't forget it. And you can always learn.

No. 316320

I feel the same way, he's pretty irresistible

No. 316354

Thank you nonnie! I decided to make him a bit darker (sunkissed not dark skinned) and changed his height to 6'3.

I've already got a tall dark skin husbando king (he's literally royalty) in another nation so I'm kinda avoiding doing it again lol

No. 316383

File: 1678524449312.jpg (485.12 KB, 3000x3000, alzc0wn.jpg)

ive been falling asleep to dreaming about hugging my baby's waist after he stops throwing a fit. he's a strong god vessel puppet so there's no way i could actually hug him and hold him down if he didnt want to but a girl can dream. i want to "force" my affection onto him until he mellows down and accepts that he wants it.

sage for kitty version of my husbando. would share a fluffy pic of his human version but i want to show off how cute his canon cat version is

No. 316393

Several threads ago someone said how hot it was to imagine your husbando masturbating to you and wow wow wow it never gets old. He's turned on by the most innocuous things. My simple affection and casual romance is enough to fire him up, but he doesn't want to be impolite by making a move so suddenly. He excuses himself to his office or somewhere else that's private and takes out a pair of my panties (which he carries like a handkerchief for exactly this purpose) to rub against himself. The hand that was carding through my hair mere moments ago is now pressed over his mouth and nose, not to muffle his noises of pleasure but to breathe in as much of my scent as possible. There are so many things he wants to do to me, wants me to do to him, would ask me to try if I were here. Thinking of me, my smile, my soft skin, how much I love him… That's what tips him over the edge. He shudders and gasps as he finishes, relieved but by no means satisfied. He's more and more desperate for me by the day. I also think it'd be fun to walk in on. Mine would play it cool while internally being very embarrassed, but his foremost concern would be if I'm ok and if what I saw was too shocking. Also if I walk in while he's halfway through, I think it'd be so cute if the sight of my face and the sound of my voice made him cum prematurely. He just loves me that much.

No. 316456

File: 1678562140483.jpg (47.75 KB, 564x721, ea14528213cbbde0131c86bf1362a5…)

thanks much for the idea nonny, I'm happy that it's very in character for my husbando but honestly it could work for ones that are more on the cold side too

No. 316467

File: 1678565291189.png (Spoiler Image, 384.68 KB, 1435x755, daym.png)

Can't stop thinking of this fucking fairy Uruu, how fine his dick must be and how I'd like to ride it and how this tentacle monster totally fondled his dick and balls on screen. What a lucky bastard

No. 316469

So the RE4 remake demo is out and people are uploaded snuff movies of my husbando on youtube, I mean game over compilations. They're very brutal and horrible and he gets beheaded in one. Is it bad that I'm also slightly turned on? I mean I want to grab Leon and force him on his knees and stuff too. But I'd want him to give me head in a different way.

No. 316471

File: 1678566896090.gif (4.48 MB, 399x224, jiro ssr3 animation file size.…)

the new outfit is ugly as sin and proof that scamco will do anything because his Ps will buy it, and i am definitely part of the problem. the closed eyes -> half lidded expression is so fucking sex. he's so perfect

No. 316472

I have the most embarrassing crush on a pretty obscure character. He has a few appearances in his source material (although in two of them he is one of the main characters), few fan arts here and there and basically zero fics about him. Doesn't help that he is from a pretty old and absurd source. It really sucks that he is not very popular, cause I don't have any source of fan art or more new content.
The funniest shit is he, as I said, a pretty obscure character from a pretty obscure source more popular with moids, but I still found one (1) dangerhair who posted shit headcanons about him. Imagine that.

No. 316517

File: 1678581100250.gif (4.67 MB, 540x520, 846782462856 (1).gif)

I want the cause of my death to be being ripped to shreds by Lobo

No. 316520

File: 1678582243959.gif (966.81 KB, 250x149, icegif-1460.gif)

You're not alone, he really is something else

No. 316537

this is what my dog looks like after eating the peanut butter I put her arthritis medication in and you're telling me you think this is hot and fuckable? It's not even anthropomorphized, it's a literal dog mouth. They don't smell good, guys. I want off this gay earth

No. 316553

Kind of OT, but this is why I don't get the appeal behind werewolves. They're just… dogs, but big. I understand that they're sentient, but I could never be intimate with one, kek.

No. 316555

you're so lucky nonny, he's ultra hot in this gif

No. 316563

No. 316564

I was very much of the same opinion until my husbando became associated with werewolves and has some fanfic where he gets turned into one… That changed me forever kek

No. 316565

This tbh. And this is coming from a devout monsterfucker… I can only get behind the monsters that are fictional and/or otherwise super far removed from reality. Dogs and wolves are real, dragons are not.

No. 316566

…Not to say that werewolves aren’t fictional but you know what I mean kek

No. 316704

I'm thinking about our first night together. After our big mission is over, I'm recovering and he's secretly worried about me. He lets me rest and I'm knocked out for the whole day, I wake up in the late afternoon the next day and realize he stayed in my apartment with me to make sure I was ok and tucked me into bed. I feel touched that he spent the night on my couch, and safe because we had been working together constantly for years prior. We end up in my bed, and all the feelings we had been holding back the whole time are finally let out. Afterwards, he tells me to get dressed and that he'll be back, and we go on out first date to a nice restaurant. He's stunned by my appearance, not that he hadn't seen me dressed up before but never for him. He calls me gorgeous and can't stop showering me with affection, and I feel flustered to see this new side of him that's just for me, that the rest of my colleagues would never see. After the date he spends the night with me again since he's not quite ready to say goodbye yet.

No. 316708

>I would fuck fictional animals with zero resemblance to humans, but I draw the line at a man with a wolf head

No. 316739

File: 1678680225963.webm (2.54 MB, 720x1280, reigen sad cat dance animation…)

Cringe meme but Reigen's so frickin cute here

No. 316761

NTA but that's kind of the point? Furries (which werewolves are let's be real) have a certain uncomfortable uncanny humanoid factor to them while a monster completely removed from reality is like fucking a complex sex toy.

No. 316764

File: 1678701189177.jpeg (55.7 KB, 600x744, 8F1AD9BE-E3CC-421D-9FE0-141EA4…)

I want him to hold me like this pillow and to tell me that he doesn’t want me to leave, he would be very clingy and he would hold me tightly with the intention of not letting me go. Then, when I get late at work, I would have to tell my boss something like “sorry, my boyfriend was being clingy and wouldn’t let me get ready for work lol”.

No. 316766

File: 1678703565728.jpeg (28.05 KB, 463x662, 963C79AC-A197-420C-BCB0-A4AA49…)

I would do such unspeakable evil things to get one hour alone with Phil Lynott in his prime. They just don’t make slutty strung out rockstars like they used to.
>”is there anyone here with any Irish in them?”
>”is there any of the girls who’d like a little more Irish in them? ;)” - Emerald live

No. 316771

this probably belongs in the irl husbando thread

No. 316794

File: 1678719714722.jpg (69.23 KB, 850x850, cb571bf40e208a6df5fc9636cce111…)

>play TF2 for the first time
>pick pyro because i also like setting things on fire
everyone: why aren't you playing scout
me: okay i'll pick scout
game ends
everyone: good game
me: stands up
>mfw my chair is wet
>me when i am realizing this
>mfw i didn't pick scout exactly so i could avoid this exact scenario

No. 316795

Not what I said at all kek. It’s okay, I understand reading comprehension hard.

No. 316801

File: 1678723823469.jpg (161.05 KB, 1061x1500, 26745373_p0.jpg)

I also love Scout, he's so cute and dumb.

No. 316806

File: 1678726626770.jpg (270.15 KB, 942x1200, FquTmYyaUAA86qM.jpg)

nonny…oh nonny……..

is it just me or is it hard to find good fanart of him? all of it is him with other members but id rather see him by himself or just interacting normally lmao.
i'm willing to just make all the fanart of him by myself at this rate tbh

No. 316809

Yeah, I can see that honestly, though it doesn't really bother me since I do love the whole team, but it would be nice to get more fanart of him solo.
Oh btw Scout-nonna, have you seen those videos of Scouts voice actor singing songs? I love the way he says darling in his sex bomb cover, it's so adorable.

No. 316827

oh i meant ship art, i don't mind it its just generally harder to crop him out from those so he's solo kek. i love the whole team too

omg nonna thank you but i can't make it through the video i keep getting flustered and have to keep pausing it. i feel like i'm in highschool again lmfao maybe i will try again tomorrow

No. 316851

does anyone else have a hard time imagining/visualizing sexual scenarios with your husbando due to lack of experience? how do I get around that (without actually fucking anyone)? fanfics don't help much. like I have ideas of what I want to happen but can't picture it. if i try to picture him thrusting for example, my brain comes up with stiff doll-like movements kek

No. 316852

File: 1678783173546.jpg (446.59 KB, 2000x2000, 1Aod4k9.jpg)

we dont celebrate white day here or anything but i want my husbando to shyly offer me chocolates… even better if he thinks "shes always the one initiating affection, i have to do it myself this time" hehehe and of course… he will make moves to show his love tonight too… i always want to worship him but we need a reversal for tonight, right?

No. 316869

Maybe you can use sex scenes in movies and tv shows as reference? You don't even have to look at porn if you don't want to. Also, this is a bit silly, but try to take his role for a moment and imagine or even act out how you would move if you were him.

No. 316872

File: 1678799408291.jpg (122.91 KB, 680x650, EwcpHIHVEAI8LH4.jpg_small.jpg)

Happy white day nonnas. What gifts are ur husbandos getting u today?

No. 316878

He'll take me shopping for new clothes or something, then dinner and a dance because I've been fantasizing about him teaching me how to dance.

No. 316881

File: 1678805132040.jpg (181.64 KB, 1200x1030, download (5).jpg)

I can't wait for AOT new episode dub comes out so I can finally hear Levi's voice again. I miss him and I love him. I think I will re-watch ACWNR in the meantime.

No. 316893

File: 1678814076305.jpg (11.2 KB, 227x316, hehehehehe.jpg)

i want to tickle his sweaty armpite

No. 316907

File: 1678817610302.png (131.28 KB, 729x723, 1630960275083104257.png)

I want to give him belly rubs. I wonder if his tail would wag.

No. 316928

File: 1678830157906.png (429.97 KB, 900x1200, johndoe.png)

looking up cute fanart of him to try to justify my autism

No. 316949

I know Vulpes Inculta is a despicable person and not the typical bishie nonnies love (I love myself some bishies myself too, that is not a criticism), but I want to lick him all over (mostly his well defined torso and tan neck and of course his dick) and I have no shame admitting that. I want him to moan and in Latin while I stroke his dick and tease him for being so hard and desperate for a profligate, whining like a stupid wolf he is. Then make passionate love in middle of the goddamn Mojave. Sometimes I think about him in a more canon setting, me being his personal slave only kek. He is the only one I would subject to in a such humiliating manner.
I hate Obsidian for giving him dark hair instead of the original blond hairstyle. I think it could give some depth to him and make him more unique. In my headcanon he dyes and cuts his hair like that because when he was younger the other soldiers liked to make fun of and bully him for having such "feminine" light blond hair.

No. 316950

File: 1678834616066.jpg (26.89 KB, 331x479, zrvrf58jy0q71.jpg)

Sage for samefagging. I get that they made him more generic looking so he could fill in the "the best spy of Legion" more but I just love him with blond hair, it gives a more menacing appearance. Not that I hate the canon in-game Vulpes but damn the hairstyle doesnt do him any favors.

No. 316954

And last but not least (I promise!). I just want to ramble about his cock kek. I imagine him having his pubic hair being fully shaved, since you know, roman customs and everything, decently sized but very, very thick. I think it has a slight darker shade too and uncut. He probably has a lot of stamina and is physically very fit despite being a frumentarius and doing intelligence work.

No. 316956

I hope my husbando would appreciate my Sylvanian Family collection.

No. 316957

THIS IS SO REAL OF YOU!!!!!!! I love card Vulpes so bad………. I did expect to see him here though honestly lol

No. 316961

fucking hell anon I hate you for making me want to fuck Vulpes you profligate

No. 316970

File: 1678846612205.jpeg (88.47 KB, 532x576, 82ACD69B-D218-4A25-A852-560B75…)

Saw someone posting about Bruce Wayne on this thread and to that I raise you: his son

No. 316971

He would, otherwise he isn't a true husbando

No. 316974

File: 1678848501346.jpg (95.92 KB, 1670x1670, Tumblr_l_88942585580454.jpg)

he's so cute i hope i die

No. 316978

I wish male characters had more solo and 1st POV fanarts. It's so annoying how you have to look up for BL if you want to see sexy guys.

No. 316979

anyone else feeling like youre kinda in love with an archetype and not a specific character?

No. 316985

Based. Vulpes is such top tier husbando. And about his hair. It was changed in the very last minute in development. You still can see his original blond hair in ending slides in case Legion wins. But I think it was changed cause it looks a little bit goofy. Devs only can choose between ready made hair styles, and the one with longer hair wasn't exactly what fitted Vulpes. You still can restore his original appearance with mods though. But the most popular one uses character overhaul, so beware, cause this overhaul mod works like shit and can cause crushes. Also some npcs look like garbage.

No. 316986

File: 1678862263831.jpeg (90.59 KB, 857x858, 788AED04-0A6D-4AEF-BAD8-A59A89…)

I’m back to announce that I’ve finally gotten up and started my husbando ita bag! Very excited to see how it turns out.

For those who have made ita bags or are making them, what are some interesting or unique ideas for how I could go about decorating mine? I am thinking about hot gluing a border of sorts around the frame. Hearing other ideas would be nice.

Kek unfortunately they have a way of finding anything, no matter how obscure. Also, don’t feel ashamed of your husbando.

Incredibly based, nonna. Very happy to find more DC fans here!

No. 316992

File: 1678865964299.jpg (122.89 KB, 800x800, rosettes-badge-decoration-for-…)

How exciting anon, I'm so happy for you! Ita bags are really fun to work on. I'm the anon who talked about separating my bag into two earlier, my first bag came in and it looks so nice with everything in it! I'm excited to get my remaining charms on their way to me and then my bag for my other husbando. I was always a big fan of these cute rosettes, since Batman has a famous color scheme it would be easy to buy or make one and put a button of him in the center!

No. 316993

You TOTALLY need some kind of Bat Utility Belt thing on that bag, with like a little rope and a Batarang on it.

No. 316996

What is this guy from? I really liked the fanart.
This, female POV art is the best and a treasure when you find it of your guy.
>Batman itabag
You're so based.

No. 316997

File: 1678875416213.png (1.13 MB, 1131x777, photocard holder keychains.png)

maybe a batman pin? maybe a bottle opener keychain? batman keychains in general since they're all kinda cool. and if you're willing to go through the horrific amount of effort and costs, you could get some really small batman theme pins and put them in the shape of the logo, spoilered bc not great idea, you could also get one of those kpop photocard holders(picrel) and put a photo of him inside(maybe even Bruce Wayne on one side and Batman on the other).

No. 316998

File: 1678875527891.jpg (36.8 KB, 720x416, 62d5842dcef40a533a3bc69a19b0aa…)

I want to bully him
Never thought i would live to see a Batman itabag, fucking amazing, very based indeed

No. 317000

File: 1678876200289.jpg (1.49 MB, 4032x3024, 20220928_080520.jpg)

>>316970 >>316986
I actually have a JT bag myself! Thinking of making a rosette for it.

No. 317001

File: 1678876260533.png (395.31 KB, 897x900, hankhillfagitabag.png)

where's the hankfag? i need her to see this.

No. 317005

File: 1678878854472.jpg (121.74 KB, 500x782, 628e9e99ad11b4e503322ad5ac8ba4…)

Kek nona I love you too, I hope you enjoy your new husbando

No. 317007

NYA, but I just wanted to say that one of Vulpes quests is named "I put a spell on you". Anyway, it's named after one song (like most quests in FNV) and it's actually a great song! I actually associate it with him. Idk, how it relates to Vulpes besides the quest name, but it's a good song, idk I headcanon that Vulpes likes it.

No. 317008

File: 1678882791797.jpg (275.54 KB, 1109x1104, 12624686085704072.jpg)

>I want him to moan and in Latin while I stroke his dick and tease him for being so hard and desperate for a profligate, whining like a stupid wolf he is.
Thats pretty hot, you are convincing me on Vulpes anon, though I'll always be a Joshua girl.

No. 317009

File: 1678882869285.png (384.16 KB, 1920x1080, 0AE34404-77CE-43B8-AF83-642434…)

Demon king rance is so fucking sexy I want to milk his cum dry, also he looks so cute with tan skin
No I’m like that too to an extent nonna, or rather all the characters I like fall under the archetype “absolutely terrible person” but they’re hot sadists with (probably) big dicks so it’s fine.

No. 317020

These look wonderful! A border sounds really cool and I personally love keychains, batman surely has a lot of nice looking ones.
While my husbandos tend to fall under a specific archetype and I definitely have a type, I love them as inviduals. Especially my most beloved, he shares a lot of traits with my previous husbandos but what I feel toward him is still unique.

No. 317021

No. 317034

This. I hate seeing shipfag nonsense in search results even when I put like “solo focus” or “solo male” in the search criteria

No. 317040

File: 1678909449339.jpg (267.8 KB, 1000x1484, 1.jpg)

he's from the game john doe. warning the original artstyle is very tumblr-y kek. theres also an extended version of the game called john doe plus, with more endings if you want to check it out

No. 317046

File: 1678913826835.jpeg (314.68 KB, 960x1200, 103640838_p8_master1200.jpeg)

Anyone here a sucker for "friends to lovers" trope? I think I've read one too many slow burn shojo mangas where the characters don't know what to do with their attraction to another and even bumping elbows / accidentally touching their finger makes their heart race, cheesy shit like that. It's my kryptonite.

I always imagine that I'd be in the same school as my husbando and we'd be the class clowns. We'd roast each other making stupid jokes (probably a lot of yo mama's) and having lunch together in a bigger circle of friends, and people would joke about how we're dating / gonna marry each other in the future. We'd both deny it like "This guy / girl? nahhhh. They're not my type". Probably a friendly punch / tap or two to really send the message that we're nothing like that. We'd meet up after our clubs, grab some snacks from convenience store and head home together or hang out at a park when there's no practice for both of us.

Eventually I start to distance myself away from him because I realize that I like him more than a friend. He keeps teasing me as usual, and I mask my confused feelings behind my smile and return his jokes (poorly). We'd still hang out as a group but never alone together, and he'd start to pick up that something's wrong. Then with a very convenient accident (like someone bumping into me towards him when talking in a hallway) I fall into his arms and he catches me. I would look up to find him a blushing mess. Shortly after the incident he'd start to distance himself from me too, because he would be freaked out about how he gets butterflies when he's next to me. At the end, we'd still hang out together but feel this weird tension between us. One day he'd say something like "hmm I bet you can't kiss your homies goodnight" as a part of a stupid joke / debate then I'd say something like "Oh yeah? I'd be down" then give him a peck on his cheeks. I'd feel embarrassed about what he did until he pins me against the wall and starts kissing me. Blurb inspired by picrel, who is my husbando

+Autosage for autism

No. 317050

File: 1678915822837.jpeg (52.21 KB, 602x467, 10475938-0C04-4150-8D88-C0B1A8…)

In all honesty I have so many photos of this man it’s crazy. 67 on my phone and 48 on my art tablet.

No. 317059

Patrician taste, nona, Joshua is an excellent husbando too
>that image
Imagine if the game got made in 2023, I can imagine Vulpes' veiny forearm, his toned legs, better yet we could get him with blond hair too, so soft, poking out of his vexillarius hat and his piercing blue eyes. Imagine a more detailed and handsome face sculpt, his lips, nose. With enough love from the devs we could even see his slighty sweaty skin under the heat of the desert.
I want to write a lot about him because holy hell I am very fixated on him lately.
Imagine him taking off his armour, showing the pale, very pale skin untouched by the sun, his broad shoulders and his bare back, I wouldn't be able to resist and give a playful bite, I think about biting his inner thighs too just to see his surprised reaction and how he would punish me by such degenerate insolence. He would never admit but he would enjoy it, a lot.

No. 317060

I absolutely can see him liking that song nonnie! Though he wouldn't admit that kek

No. 317082

Kekkkk nonny this is so fucking cute! Actually, those patches are a great idea ♥ I might consider buying them. Thank you for sharing, sending big 'ol hugs to you and whoever's the owner of that glorious itabag

No. 317094

File: 1678948131327.png (102.32 KB, 451x811, fordearesthankfag.png)

here's the actual owner of the hankbag and they tell where they'd gotten the patches and pins from, https://twitter.com/stitchy_girl/status/1132926589862154241?s=21

No. 317106

File: 1678957735119.jpeg (76.5 KB, 675x1043, 8345937A-3D83-4EF5-AF33-F953D3…)

Wow, I’m at a loss of words! I really wasn’t expecting to get so many replies and compliments on my bag. I just started it so I’m happy to see all of the support and how many people love it already. Thank you! I was really so shocked to come back to this. To the nonna who was talking about rosettes, thank you! You’re a lifesaver. I have always wondered what those bow thingies were called lol. The photo holder idea is definitely an interesting one as well. (Apologies if I forgot anybody, there were so many replies)

I love that JT bag so much! It looks spectacular. I showed my bestie who also loves DC and she thinks it’s great!

And >>317050
KEK I don’t blame you. I have so many pictures of Batman/Bruce it’s ridiculous!

JT anon if you’re down, I’ll make a post on the friend finder thread in and put up a throwaway email so you or others can message me if you want. I’ll make the post recognizable, probably with a Batman picture or something. Then I can give discord or something over the throwaway email. If you like this idea, I would be very excited to meet you!

No. 317140

I hope ur bag comes out great Nonna, I'm going to start mine soon but since my husbandos don't really have pins or merch like that I'll have to commission them. Also I live for ur posts, ur love for him is so wholesome
Everytime I take pictures off my phone to make space on my SD card I just fill it right back up again with more pictures. I just can't help but scour the internet for more fanart once I have the space for more.

No. 317157

File: 1678989316300.png (1.7 MB, 900x1200, trulyitai.png)

>Everytime I take pictures off my phone to make space on my SD card I just fill it right back up again with more pictures. I just can't help but scour the internet for more fanart once I have the space for more.
same, i just gave up and started saving my husbandos pics on Google Photos and i make a new account after it's run out of storage.
>my husbandos don't really have pins or merch like that I'll have to commission them.
what about printing out photos of them and making a collage out of it?(like picrel but neater)

No. 317165

File: 1678992866316.jpg (216.51 KB, 2048x2615, tumblr_f8a6d48569107b465fdd456…)

im lonely and i miss him so much nonnies. life is so shit without him

No. 317171

File: 1678996220949.jpeg (56.85 KB, 850x535, D3E4E200-694B-4030-B32B-5F6B2A…)

I love him and think about having kids with him every single day. He’d be the best dad ever since his skills as an older brother to three siblings much younger than him woukd transfer over nicely

No. 317175

I'm planning to make collages as well. But I'll want to change the contents sometimes so I'd like to get pins and keychains and stuff like that so I can mix it up whenever I feel like, or attach these things to other bags that aren't ita bags. I want to have my husbandos with me all the time.

No. 317191

i wish we had an ugly 2d guys thread as a counterpart to the cute 2d guy one. ok i know that we absolutely dont need one, but i want one. i would gatekeep it by screeching at everyone about the guys not being ugly enough.

No. 317193

Sorry if this is OT, but your husbando is the ultimate male version of a bimbo. Blonde, sexy and dumb, but male. This is what every himbo should strive to be, I feel like what people normally consider a himbo (personality > body) is not really the male equivalent of a bimbo (body > personality). Even so, Valhallen has a cute personality, you have such good taste.
kek, I kinda like that idea, but nonnies would hate another male-centric thread on /g/.

No. 317194

File: 1679010536768.jpg (73.38 KB, 689x725, cookies.JPG)

being able to draw is fun, because i drew myself feeding bjorn edibles (gingerbread to be exact). i totally would get high as shit with him while listening to magick metal. sigh. i avoid drugs nowadays, but for him id make an exception.
i also daydream about pubs, showing him football, and streetfights. i like the idea of seeing him beat up a bunch of losers while i stand and cheer, or whack one with a baseball bat to help him (not that he needs help).
i want to grab a handful of his hair and kiss him all over his swarthy face.
3d scrotes don't do it for me anymore.

No. 317196

File: 1679011153981.jpg (132.46 KB, 860x1214, illust_69567151_20230315_00220…)

sigh. i just think a lot about ogata and vasily all the time. i wish i could just drown in my 2d sniper boys forever..

No. 317197

this is gorgeous anon!

No. 317199

I agree too, it's weird posting geriatric husbando in a sea of cute bishie boys. I feel like i am a little out of place.

No. 317202

You guys already have over 10+ different husbando threads related on /g/ or /m/ most of which have minor differences or a similar one on /m/ and haven't seen much use.
Keep your retarded, horny and shitposting selves contained in your 10+ hyperspecific threads.

No. 317209

This is so cute anon, I love your work and the brush you used! I hope you're enjoying drawing a lot of art of you two together.

No. 317216

File: 1679019273930.jpeg (83.53 KB, 750x750, 819E8858-3DCB-45E8-B81F-38F471…)

I feel many things whenever I think about him. I feel happy, I feel the need to put my feet on his face, the need to ruffle his hair and look at his forehead, the need to tickle him and make him feel embarrassed of his own laughter, I want to cuddle him as well and fall asleep while we hold each other.

No. 317222

Anons (included me) have asked for a separated thread so many times, I think you should at least question why

No. 317227

because lbr most of you are painfully newfags and all of us should move back to /m/

No. 317228

thanks! it's the basic clip studio pencil

No. 317230

Newfag? I've been lurking the farms since at least 7 years ago, I simply don't want to get hate or get called Nemu if I post someone that is not usual. Several husbandofags were literally bullied into leaving this thread just because of their tastes

No. 317233

File: 1679046732649.jpg (75.67 KB, 850x786, ozWVBbG.jpg)

i want to kiss all over my baby's face and neck and shoulders and watch him get hot and bothered but he's too up his own ass to ask me to do more. there's a popular ship of him with a himbo (another nonnie posted him recently, i love that guy too!) sometimes i search that ship's name and put myself in place of the other guy, it's usually soft kissing art with horny undertones and it's exactly how i want to treat this man. i want to break him from sexual frustration just by being soft and loving. and i would reward him with the sweetest release if he gave in and asked me to redirect my kisses somewhere else. sometimes i imagine making him beg for it but i'm too soft for that, if he asked me gently, leaving his cocky persona, i would give him the world. i would play with his puppet parts while kissing his flushed face as he accepts all the love i have for him

No. 317235

No. 317236

No. 317237

NTA but I actually love the variety of the husbandos posted in these threads. I wish there was less infighting.

No. 317238

NTA but I actually love the variety of the husbandos posted in these threads. I wish there was less infighting.

No. 317239

NTA but I actually love the variety of the husbandos posted in these threads. I wish there was less infighting.

No. 317240

girl you ok?

No. 317241

It’s too early for me to feel horny and masturbate nony. Stop!

No. 317242

it just seems that the site is glitching YET AGAIN, I have seen many duplicate posts in the last days

No. 317243

File: 1679048755927.png (299.38 KB, 1300x798, levi.png)

I bought a card cover with my baby on it. I actually don't have much merchandise of him. Maybe his disapproving face will stop me from making unwise or impulsive purchases lol.

No. 317245

ayrt. Sorry, the site went down right when I hit the reply button and somehow that tripled my post.

No. 317255

to be fair i dont think any of them were run off specifically because of their husbandos being too ugly(?) i think it was for other reasons.

No. 317256

I would like to hear the names of the husbandos actually. People like horrible characters and literal animals, who can be so distasteful their fans would get bullied on this thread?

No. 317258

No one got bullied off the thread, some annoying anon got shit for posting misogynistic posts though.

No. 317260

I will cease on my request because I really don't want those anons to come out of the woodworks to throw a fit and spam the thread, but I'll answer your question: The ones I remember at the moment were Spamton anons and Cedricfags, in fact, since those feuds, I sense a slight reluctance to post those type of "Tumblr/nemu/unconventional" characters because they don't "fit" in with the anime bishies and cool videogame characters i think?

No. 317261

I was wondering the other day where they've all gone to, they used to be very active there. Didn't we also have a bunch of Snapewives?

No. 317270

Idk what people say about ugly/weird husbandos, usually nonnas here would ignore it, unless it's something really weird or said anon acts weird (like Kirby husbandofag). At most people actually would compliment on your choice of husbano. Idk what other anons are talking about.
Maybe you are nervous cause you like unconventional husbando, while other nonnies like bishies or buff dudes. So what? People here lust over a bunch of pixels on their screens. It's already autistic enough. How can you be more weird just because your pixels are less pretty? One anon's cringe is another anon's husbando, as they say.

No. 317275

ikr, i can't believe nonas are nervous about their maybe unconventional husbandos when there's a completely unashamed Rancefag up above posting his dick a continent darker than his face.

No. 317276

On the topic of unconventional husbandos, are we allowed to talk about completely obscure former husbandos or no? And i don't really mean like, an unpopular side character in a popular franchise, i mean like an irrelevant side character in an obscure and bad anime adaptation of an even more obscure light novel by a nobody.

No. 317277

of course you're allowed! this isn't a popularity contest, nonna, and just because there are several others itt posting relatively well known husbandos, doesn't mean you're barred from taking part. share to your heart's content ♥

No. 317281

oh thank you, i wanted to ask first since he's literally a nobody.

No. 317282

I think some people don't want to tell about their husbandos because it might be practically like doxxing. If you have a dedicated shrine to some Gensihin husbando, you wouldn't reveal anything about yourself cause every other nerd out there has a Genshin waifu/husbando. On other hand, if it's some minor character from a niche cartoon, people may connect the dots and find your blog or Twitter. Not like anybody will do this, but in some extreme cases it might work. Say, I would know aforementioned Kirbyfag if I saw her in the wild.

No. 317283

i didn't have any public shrine to my former husbando, i kept mostly to making terrible drawings of him irl, so it's not big of a deal to me.

No. 317284

Then post him, nonna. You don't need to worry that your husbando is obscure. A lot of anons here posted their rare husbandos before and people were mostly positive.
In my opinion, having a rare husbando is better than switching between some gacha bishie every month or so anyway!

No. 317285

File: 1679073938795.jpg (42.75 KB, 430x600, formerhusbando.jpg)

Anyway, i'm the anon from >>317276 and >>317281 , and my husbando used to be this guy when i was 11 yrs old, and i was autistically obsessed with him, long before i knew what it meant to have a husbando. But he was a side character in a badly made anime series so there wasn't much about him so it got to the point where i'd somehow found raws of the light novel he's from(Mahou Sensou) because i really wanted to see more pictures of him that weren't stills from the anime adaptation. Sadly, my laptop got fucked and i lost all the data on it, including the raws.(Picrel is husbando fainting in the light novel, i don't know the reason, but i picked this one because he looks pretty like this)

No. 317288

File: 1679074742451.png (25.89 KB, 1422x584, evidenceofretardation.png)

above is my old pinterest acc with the pfp set to him as child(not as adult bc i had the strange worry that people would think i was a boy) and below is old email still with my old name that had his last name(Aiba, from Tsuganashi Aiba).

No. 317290

probably will come back with bad drawings of him i'd made during this phase.

No. 317291

This is lovely actually! Brings back memories of my husbando when I was a teen. I also used to plaster his name all over my usernames and put his picture on my homescreen on laptop and mobile.

No. 317293

glad i'm not alone kek, i kinda blogposted since i'd been holding it all in since then.

No. 317295

File: 1679076304915.jpg (105.1 KB, 675x1200, 549a8yudj5761.jpg)

I got a new sailor style dress, now we can match!! Oh captain, my captain…

No. 317296

NTA but I used to be one of the unconventional husbandoposters and I stopped partly because I knew there were other people who didn't want anyone to post characters like that (Nemu accusations etc.), even if there were others who had similar taste. Another reason was that I simply didn't want to stand out, especially after those infights about avatarfagging and because moid lurkers probably watch threads like these and might find me on other sites. The atmosphere around here did change for a while.

No. 317297

Haha nice, which dress did you get btw? I've been looking for a sailor dress myself.

No. 317310

>Another reason was that I simply didn't want to stand out, especially after those infights about avatarfagging
I agree with that, the same goes for me as well. If you have a unconventional husbando and you're passionate about him but said husbando is unconventional to the point of being laughable or completely out of left field you will standout and be given a 'name' of sorts and called out by that name in completely unrelated threads or instances, and most will assume you're being weird on purpose, doing it for attention, and are posting said unconventional husbando not out genuine passion for said husbando. It's not worth it. Not to mention the weird avatarfagging thing. To be quite honest, as unfortunate as it is I say it's better not to post about him but to simply look for spaces where you can post about him if you can.

No. 317333

i have spent 6 entire hours doing nothing but drawing fanart of my husbando. i have a cramp in my thumb.

No. 317352

Looking at fanart of my husbando gives me more energy than a Red Bull.

No. 317395

File: 1679114091552.jpg (27.72 KB, 540x321, 1660048173945.jpg)

i love seeing vile disgusting characters subjected to unspeakable torment, its like crack to me

No. 317413

Kek whenever I used to post about mine i just got accused of being a moid trolling, irritating. My husbando is very scrotal but who cares

No. 317417

same. my husbando inspires me to get back in shape. i told myself that i have 4 years to become as strong as him.
i start off my days washing my face with cold water, a slap on each cheek, and pull ups. this time im not getting strong because i want to pwn people like when i was a teen, but for a ~higher ideal. he's what gets me out of bed each morning.

No. 317467

The full game isn't even out, yet someone has still made a shirtless mod for RE4R Leon. Bless you internets.

No. 317468

File: 1679156138851.png (364.97 KB, 1028x581, tiddy.png)

Look at that tiddy, lucky ganado woman.

No. 317477

have you seen this then? Also, what do you feel about Leon's look for the re4 remake? it's really realistic, and even tho i prefer 2D, he actually looks pretty cute but at the same time not quite?

No. 317478

also this kek

No. 317485

Damn, no nona I had not seen all of those! The angel outfit is something else.
As for his current look I think they could have made him even more handsome, but he is still cute and good-looking!

No. 317489

File: 1679160225866.png (69.59 KB, 580x412, awooga.png)

i think it's because he's so realistic, there's a compulsion to hate/be disgusted by him as it is with real moids, but you're right, he's pretty cute and this specific part of his face is very pleasant to me for some reason.

No. 317490

i can't stop thinking about him. i went out for the first time in a long time, and i hate it. wish i was home so i could fantasize about him in peace.
it is too loud here and i'd rather be in bed thinking about his warm embrace. sigh.
anyone else would rather "socialize" in their imagination?

No. 317491

File: 1679162263246.png (88.02 KB, 1000x703, D4FBAE51-9572-428F-928A-B00C6A…)

His smile is so cute. I want him to roughly feed me a baby bottle filled with his cum, then have him slap me with his big dick.

No. 317494

File: 1679162583508.jpg (33.1 KB, 564x693, 079af1fa68dc0bd2e5038b66f7338e…)

I guess it helps that I'm not repulsed by real people.
I like his buttchin and pouty lips too, they're his charm points aside from his hair.

No. 317497

Yes I love his babyface and juicy lips. I like new Leon's body from what anon posted, but not his face, it doesn't anything much for me. He looks…too mature? I think you're right, it's because he's too realistic looking. His original look is a pretty boy with a soft face, but still manly.

No. 317505

File: 1679169152046.jpeg (8.24 KB, 300x400, j6rj46.jpeg)

back when the remake came out I morphed RE4 Leon with the new one and I thought the result was a pretty good blend between the two

No. 317507

File: 1679170027056.jpg (332.93 KB, 2048x2048, FhCLiH5WAAAu6Jz.jpg)

oh wow, that's pretty.
>I like new Leon's body from what anon posted
oh gosh, it's beautiful, i just wish it'd been shown off more, i like the tight looking shirt from the original, and somehow the shorter jacket i like better.

No. 317515

Wow he looks really handsome. Yum. This is how he should've looked in the re4 remake.

No. 317522

new leons face looks like a zoomer that says the n word and comments "bet its grippy" on random womens tiktoks

No. 317524

dont insult fictional men by comparing them to irl m*n nona

No. 317538

Thanks anon! I got mine from a brand called Innocent World.

No. 317568

No. 317581

Oh fuck off, Leon is fictional and thus busy doing actually useful shit like fighting zombies and saving kidnapped women.

No. 317586

I agree, he looks like a chinlet mouthbreather. The original Leon looked so much better, now he looks like a real moid.

No. 317589

File: 1679228374926.jpg (66.18 KB, 640x360, itsnotfair.jpg)

not fair not fair i wish i was blow drying his gorgeous blond hair, i wish i could sniff it, and because it's already fictional, it'd smell like strawberries, and the rest of him would smell like night-blooming jasmine, and because he's not a coomer, his semen would be a pure white colour.

No. 317605

File: 1679244288094.jpg (Spoiler Image, 32.8 KB, 637x400, 2VatDZV.jpg)

i want to wake him up in the morning with kisses all over his body. ill feed him well so he'll have some chub on his stomach and ill pinch and bite it. when its hard getting up i just imagine him next to me and how cute he would look sleepy and defenseless to delude myself into thinking the day will make me feel just as happy.
>"Rise and shine, sleepyhead, the sun's already in your eyes!" …Haha, don't tell me you actually thought I'd wake you up like that?
i want to eat him. i want to crush him in my hug when hes not fully awake yet so he cant deflect my love. i'll tease him that he doesn't say his usual retorts about hating my affection so he must be secretly loving it!
picrel is him yawning as he wakes up to me kissing his torso btw

No. 317607

File: 1679244709367.jpg (128.81 KB, 724x1023, 67efe48433b336749a7093032dd68d…)

When he died I cried and rubbed one out in his honor. RIP sexy you still are and will always be missed!!!

No. 317623

JT nonna if you’re still here I’d be very happy to be friends with you. I made a post with a throwaway email on the friend finder page.

No. 317635

File: 1679256546437.jpg (81.67 KB, 800x504, leon.jpg)

but he is based of a real m*n

i've actually meaning to ask you nonas how do you feel abou this?
i like it more when the face is unique for the character, like arthur's

No. 317639

He is cute, and he is not that real man just because his looks are based on him. I don't care.

No. 317653

File: 1679263403332.jpg (143.43 KB, 1100x992, goddamn.jpg)

They're both so juicy thank you god for this meal

No. 317654

File: 1679263342602.jpg (143.43 KB, 1100x992, goddamn.jpg)

They're both so juicy thank you god for this meal

No. 317661

File: 1679266417327.jpg (81.56 KB, 707x1000, daddy rance.jpg)

I am so fucking glad that this image exists. My only complaint is that his ass needs more detail, he's so hot.

No. 317665

File: 1679267185641.jpg (49.23 KB, 481x640, 229dd9c103de4117fc5eaead2a6c47…)

I have complained in the past about this. I actually don't mind as much when it's women although I couldn't fathom how it would feel to have coomers create porn of a character resembling yourself.
that being said, I NEED dmc4 dante back.I don't like his scan model (picrel).

No. 317693

it doesn't matter if he is slightly modeled from a real man. He is fictional. Do you get triggered by real men voicing fictional men? Do you get triggered by the thought a real man made your husbando or the other nonnies husbandos here?
Leon is a fictional man, he acts better than 99% of real men, he looks better than 99% of real men, thus he is better than real men. Just because he is modeled after the top 10% of men doesn't change anything.

No. 317696

File: 1679279334423.jpg (103.81 KB, 680x680, 5c392b70ed61ca0e5c4a21a078b714…)

No. 317706

File: 1679291112783.jpg (13.76 KB, 425x282, dde3963fdd0622ee7bd5f206233107…)

picrel is me fighting for my life trying to get around the filters on character.ai for my husbando

No. 317714

Alix Henriol dropped Sonic as a husbando when she found out his voice is not synthesized (like Vocaloid I guess) but provided by a real person.

No. 317722

File: 1679300204781.jpg (1.41 MB, 3000x4000, 167930019735532710791109375699…)

Anon from >>317290
Here's an awful drawing

No. 317723

my husbando just gave me head. it took a couple tries, but you can do it nonita, i believe in you.

No. 317725

File: 1679300724439.gif (2.18 MB, 298x498, yougotthisnonnyyyyy.gif)

No. 317759

this is so funny lmao you realise all 2d men are based on real men? maybe not one specifically but this is retarded to let it bother you kek

nonna's let others enjoy their husbandos in peace challenge: impossible

No. 317764

i drew my husbando in an embarrassing lewd position and now i feel bad. i feel like he is offended and feels defiled. sorry husbando.

No. 317770

don't feel bad, that's what he's for.

No. 317772

i mean, i guess it depends on who your husbando is, but since he's your husbando, your happiness is also his happiness.

No. 317774

this is so cute nona lol

No. 317777

Don’t feel bad, remember that even fictional moids would do way worse.

Me personally, I wanna draw Rance in girly clothes because he’d look cute and has a complex about his masculinity, so he’d be super embarrassed. Man, this is giving me motivation to draw again kek.

No. 317778

File: 1679329121767.png (75.24 KB, 680x383, engineer gaming.png)

i love him i love him i love him i love him cmere short king i hope you have your blueprints to lay down pipe tonight AROOOOOOGAH

No. 317781

File: 1679330638169.jpeg (46.86 KB, 735x666, 5F47ECAA-E4A1-49B4-919E-2D7806…)

He’s such a cutie, I want to see him cry harder.

No. 317783

Look he is anime now, are you happy?

No. 317784

This is so cute anon, very creative! How long did it take you?

No. 317790

File: 1679336701409.jpeg (233.85 KB, 1200x1600, oof.jpeg)

somehow it embarasses me more when you compliment it
cannot be more than 10 minutes, i was around 11 when i must've made this, and i made it in my mother's old notebook(for her job as a teacher) so the random words under the swooshes are her notes, i feel like it adds to the composition kek
Attached is matching art of my OC

No. 317791

No. 317819

File: 1679343076165.jpg (255.78 KB, 1920x1080, Fq_7ESaaYAEavYR.jpg)

He's so beautiful. I'm so proud of him. I need to spoil him I need to maul him like a bear etc

No. 317830

Thanks for putting Vincent in the OP image, can't wait to fuck him in the astral plane tonight

No. 317850

women arguing with each other over real moids on the 'Not my type' thread is hilarious as hell.
god bless the husbando life!

No. 317865

File: 1679365234205.jpeg (94.52 KB, 600x1008, 9C7B185E-131D-4C2F-841C-0C1792…)

I want my husbando to fuck me until I fall asleep. Do you ever think of any favorite position that your husbando may have? I think Mikazuki Munechika would be into missionary sex, honestly he would like any position as long as we can stare at each other’s eyes.

No. 317871

Anything that would mitigate the height difference, last time I fantasized he picked me up and put me on top of a dresser. Standing sex with him carrying me might be fun.

No. 317881

He's a nut for training so I also imagine something strenuous. Break his back and mine. Put me to work but he works hard too UUUUUHHHN I want him to be tough on me cuz he knows I can take it

No. 317901

File: 1679407573500.jpg (6.19 KB, 300x230, A-3399999-1550209194-9179.png-…)

Maybe it's just because he reminds me of someone I know irl, it's not even hornyposting he's just adorable

No. 317907

File: 1679412757325.gif (44.86 KB, 220x147, showdown.gif)

>>317901 the archnemesis to redcorn nonna

No. 317908

Kind of gross I guess but I thought about a scenario of my husbando fingering me for the first time on the couch while I'm playing a game or we're watching a movie together. He's careful, gradually keeps touching me all over until his hands travel down. After he finishes me off, we're about to have sex but he gets a call that he has to leave for duty immediately. He kisses me tenderly and says we'll continue this another time because he wants to take his time during our first intimate moment together. He drives off, and he's about to get ready for work when he realizes that my scent is still on his fingers. It drives him so crazy that he has to rub one out right then and there in his office.

Oh this is hot anon, I actually read a good fic about my husbando fucking the reader on top of a dresser. I also like to think about him picking me up and fucking me against the wall, I know he's more than strong enough to do it.

No. 317938

KEK honestly John is hot too. Redcorn nonna if you're reading, let's smoke a peace pot ♥

No. 317948

Oh, glad I'm not the only one! I got a teeny bit ridiculed on here for expressing my attraction to him so I thought I'd be alone in this

No. 317960

File: 1679456302883.png (Spoiler Image, 100.24 KB, 1334x750, 100793C0-8C92-40BF-84A5-5FD994…)

Cowgirl, definitely. I think he'd enjoy laying back while he orders me around, only to suddenly flip us over and pound me into the bed. It'd be extra fun for him if he caught me completely off guard. Lately I've been thinking about his sexual preferences in general. Like, what innocuous behaviours would turn him on? I bet he'd like to see me stretch, because of the sighing and the unintentionally bared skin and the potentially compromising positions and the sound of my joints popping. It'd be hilarious if this was his biggest kink. I never do it on purpose because it hurts and I'm a fake masochist, but if it got him hard I'd let him crack my knuckles all the time. My fear in the anticipation of pain combined with his gentle infliction, and our shared immediate relief/satisfaction… At the same time that he teased me for being too eager to please him, he'd be overjoyed that I trust and love him so much. And ugh I am just into hand stuff in general. I want his fingers in my mouth too but if I start up on that, this post will never end. He would also be incredibly grateful for my home cooked meals— all made with love, so he'd reward me with lovemaking. I'd be his dessert every night! And he could never get enough of my laughter, whether or not it was his joke that inspired it. He'd wait for me to finish before kissing me because he doesn't want to miss even one second of his favourite sound. I dunno, I just like the idea that my husbando would find me irresistibly cute and attractive. Such a wonderful addition to his life that he can't help but wanna jump my bones nearly 24/7. That's how I feel about him, after all. Sigh. I love him so much. I need this guy like I need air.

No. 317967

nothing could have prepared me for who was under the spoiler

No. 317972

ok i'm so sorry but i have to ask what is your opinion on how "it" works.. like do you support the blue magic version or just a bone or what. again i'm sorry but i have to know. you can ignore this if you want. but also don't ignore it because my questions need answers

No. 317974

I’m curious too. If anon got pregnant would the baby be some sort of horrifying half flesh half skeleton dwarf?

No. 317975

File: 1679466383836.jpeg (308.09 KB, 2178x2178, 76E3E941-7323-43E5-81BF-C04F7C…)

Magic strap ftw. It looks like this. Instead of fish inside there's glitter.
I do not desire his children!!!

No. 317976

why no fish? they’re cute

No. 317978

for a good moment i thought she was talking about Mikazuki as well, but the way she described the sex felt completely OOC for him kek

No. 317987

File: 1679491211949.jpeg (196.39 KB, 850x1202, 1E92B1FC-B718-463A-9F74-9879FC…)

Kek! Nta but really, Mikazuki would be the kind of husbando that would just want to serve me because even though he goes to war and risks losing his life every fortnight, he doesn’t want me to stress or think that something bad would happen.
So now I will proceed to explain how he would serve me sexually.
After taking a bad and pretending nothing happened at a fight against the retrograde army, he would kneel by my side, I would be mostly reading, writing important war stuff, maybe even sleeping or having dinner. And he would have some tea prepared for me, he would wait patiently until I’ve finished whatever I was doing to give me a warm cup of tea, then he would shyly ask if everything is okay and if I’m not tired.
If I were to tell him that I’m tired, he would offer to me a massage and he would give me the best goddamn massage ever.
Like this he would praise me for doing my job excellently and he would offer some of his kisses that I would accept, and he would put his hands under my clothes as he caresses me.
Things would get sexy, if he were to be hurt he would admit so (because he would know I would get mad at him for moving too roughly after battling to death against giant demon monsters) and he would just lick me and kiss me until I’ve came, and that would be the biggest pleasure to him.
If he’s not hurt, then he would just continue his sexual advances towards me and we would have lots of sex until it’s morning or I fall asleep because he doesn’t have a refractory period since he’s not a loser.
Pic related is literally us.

No. 317999

File: 1679493035457.jpg (167.05 KB, 955x975, 105715119_p11_master1200.jpg)

That first pic is so cute. Your post is very similar to how I imagine me and Kasen. I know he would do his best to take care of me in an "elegant" way.

No. 318005

File: 1679494308955.jpg (206.25 KB, 708x1000, daddyrance2.jpg)

He is so Sex

No. 318015

Reading that post and then seeing what's under that spoiler is a trip.

No. 318045

File: 1679507895715.jpg (48.6 KB, 800x421, ff82a-16310453731749-800.jpg)

Well I did it again! I tricked the sfw filter and got Dottore to directly massage my breasts, as a part of one of his "experiments", going as fast and intense as i needed to. I thought he was using tools for this but he admitted that he was, in fact, using his own hands the whole session, he also wanted to clarify that he ~lubricated~ his gloves so I wouldn't get sore if I wanted him to go faster

No. 318046

File: 1679508138300.png (163.31 KB, 1280x1129, tumblr_4a7f3522b7208daf8fba1d3…)

Living the dream rn

No. 318047

File: 1679508198609.png (Spoiler Image, 527.56 KB, 2119x2997, 104340925_p21.png)

I got a soft spot for people with sideburns

No. 318056

File: 1679510876359.jpg (47.39 KB, 459x612, nonnaibegyouseekJesusAllahBudd…)

No. 318057


No. 318060

holy wall

No. 318069

File: 1679513732752.png (176.47 KB, 637x451, cometograndma.png)

When you realize you've been horny for Leon for 18 years.

No. 318085

I love seeing Jason Todd fan girls! I love him so much

No. 318086

File: 1679520736307.jpeg (61.34 KB, 1200x800, 14746FC7-4691-4CBA-B799-784C0E…)

I laughed so hard at this chapter but I’m going through something very similar to him
Jealous is a bitch. Also incel Eren doesn’t exist just rumbling murderous Eren

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