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File: 1682247385413.jpg (76.71 KB, 1000x563, 1000_F_463869082_7ZUH9zydGZrJH…)

No. 323080

I see this come up as a topic in the relationship thread a lot and thought maybe it should be it's own thread.

So as a straight woman if you don't want to die alone you will eventually have to have to try to find a man who isn't totally disgusting, which is extremely hard. One of the most important qualities a man needs to have is not watching porn. So here are some questions to discuss:

How do you find a man who doesn't watch porn?
Is it possible or impossible?
Can you convince a man to give up porn for you?
Do you think a man can give up porn forever?
How do you trust a man not to watch porn?

Personally I think that a man will probably never quit using porn fully. I have had two relationships with men who told me they won't watch porn because it hurts me and I consider it cheating. The first one I straight up caught watching porn, the second one I found out was trying to skirt around the rule of "no porn" by not considering things like gifs of women doing a sexy dance or still images of naked women as porn. He'd also listen to women doing ASMR and I think he was also watching porn whenever we had a fight and he was angry at me. At this point I don't think it's possible anymore.

No. 323099

My boyfriend doesn't look at porn. I'm thankful, the only trade off is that his libido is much lower than mine and I have argued with him in the past over it (he's always been like this, we've been together for a long time) but have come to accept it's better this way. Kind of a double standard because I still read erotica a lot but it doesn't take away from my intimate moments with him. We're high school sweethearts so we kind of grew up together but even high school boys now are terribly porn addicted. I'm starting to think I was just incredibly lucky and it only makes me more grateful. Sorry I don't really have advice on where to find non-pornsick men, but never settle for a coomer and always shame men for their porn usage. You always deserve better.

No. 323100

Samefag but I wanted to add sometimes we browse Instagram on his phone together and it's disturbing how it always recommends young women advertising their onlyfans and coomer shit like that. He blocks them all because he hates coomers and coomer culture as much as I do (I've gone through his following and likes and there's nothing like that there), I think it gets recommended based on his demographic. This shit is so normalized it's disgusting.

No. 323102

Does his low libido not make you think he is watchimg porn secretly? In my experience men who have "low libido" are just lying about that and are just getting their needs met by porn so they don't have interest in the real thing anymore.

No. 323109

I've gotten this exact response so many times and while it is a common thing, for my bf in particular, no. All I have to do is kiss him and he's hard for me, he's just always had a lower libido.

No. 323113

Different anon - I hope you are correct and your bf is truly trustworthy, but my porn addicted ex would reject my advances and always said he just didn't have a high sex drive and the first thing that made me suspicious was when I noticed all of his recommended channels on Twitch were titty streamers (that he'd always slag off in front of me). I would then repeatedly press him about it until he finally came clean and admitted he watched porn nearly everyday.
My current bf gets nothing but sports and memes on his Instagram and can scroll through TikTok in front of me for ages without getting a single thirst trap so I don't believe it's based on his demographic. If I were you I would make a fake male profile and see what I get recommended but maybe that's too deranged lol.

No. 323115

Ill chime in. My bf doesnt like porn. He also was a virgin and never kissed anyone till his late 20s. Then he met me, and we have been together for 4+ years. I have access to his electronics but never need it. He hates the porn noises and what not. I once put on porn because i was curious how he would react during foreplay. He went limp instantly and the mood was killed for him. He passed my test.
He reads a lot and is aware of the drug and other abuses these women suffer on the daily and he cant “accept it” as a form of entertainment or arousal.
With that being said, we are very sexually active and freaks kek. He gets excited if i even wiggle my butt. I love I took his V card but tbh hes the best partner I have ever had and want for nothing. Maybe a big factor could be that he was morbidly obese for a long time with a broken spine, but when i met him he was down 130 lbs and in shape + a few months out from the corrective surgery. He also doesnt do social media beyond a 5 minute scroll through funny videos on reddit in the morning.

No. 323116

I appreciate the concern anon and I'm sorry your boyfriend had shitty taste in streamers. He actually gave me his ps4 so we share a Twitch account and thankfully we watch the same streamers, no titty in sight. I'm not going to write it off as absolutely impossible because he is a man after all, I just don't think it's very likely after spending over a decade together and him being the same as he's always been. He doesn't reject my advances but he is super lazy kek, sometimes I try to start something and he tells me to just do whatever I want with him but I don't because I wouldn't want to be forced to do anything if I were in that same position. I hope every anon who isn't SSA can find a man who isn't a disgusting pornsick scrote.

No. 323117

he gets this because he's looked at it before nonnie

No. 323119

I can't help but feel like some of you are really naive and delusional. It's because I have made bad experiences myself. My ex also promised me that he hates porn, never watches it, doesn't like it, hates "whores" and thots and e-girls and how disgusting the whole industry is and how fake it all is. He would always agree with me whenever I would talk about it. We also had sex every single day and sometimes he got blow-jobs on top of that. I thought there is no way he even has time or energy to also jerk off to porn on top of how often we do it. But I was wrong and he was still looking at porn shit on 4chan behind my back the second he thought I couldn't see. Men's morals and their penis are not connected whatsoever. And they lie A lot.

No. 323120

I guess so but Instagram recommends me weird shit all the time if I linger at a post too long accidentally. He's shown me the block list and I'm not worried since he only made an Instagram to support my art account anyway. I appreciate the concern again.

No. 323121

Yes, you should always be wary no matter what. Even if you love him, he can always be hiding something or flip on you. That's the nature of any relationship but especially for men. The truth will always reveal itself eventually.

No. 323122

It's just too tempting for them. Seeing women naked is the thing all men desire most in the world and porn has made this possible at the click of a button and on top of that all men now have a mobile porn machine on them that they carry around all of the time. Thinking a man will not use this machine that gives him instant dopamine when he sees a naked woman on it is just as delusional as thinking you can leave a mouse alone with a cat or a fat kid alone with a pizza. They will go for it the second they think nobody is looking and they can get away with it.

No. 323126

I've come to believe this too, my standards have dropped to 1) be honest about it and 2) don't follow them on social media.

No. 323127

I used to be a porn addicted retard when I met my husband. As we talked about our experiences with porn back when we were just friends I found out he used porn to masturbate a handful of times in his life, and he genuinely isn't a masturbator in general, which was shocking to me. I believe this is genuine because I came from a perspective of a porn loving "all kinks are great" nlog so he'd have less reasons to lie to me to impress me. He was pretty bashful about it too. I even remember a nonnie mentioning this as a great tactic to weed out porn watchers when looking for a suitable boyfriend.
I can't say with 100% certainty he never watched porn in our decade of being together, but I do know he doesn't like porn as a medium and generally he doesn't like to get off by masturbating. He gets hard at the mere sight of me clothed when we're alone so his libido is fine.

I think it's hard to make someone give porn up for you. I didn't give porn up for my husband and to be fair he never knew the extent of my porn consumption, instead I just naturally matured, learned more about the porn industry and slowly started masturbating less and less to it because I was put off by everything surrounding it. I swapped it out for 2d porn and erotica and started masturbating less frequently.

I think that aimless men with no hobbies, friends or goals are more likely to fall into any kind of addiction. Don't think any man can be trusted not to watch porn, you just have to go with the one that has the least likelihood of watching it, and don't settle. Poke and prod about their knowledge and experience with porn before going into a relationship, or when you're both comfy talking about it. Although this would require some experience with porn yourself. Lastly, men that are too preachy, activist and religious are sus to me for example and I would not date them no matter how anti porn they seemingly are.

No. 323149

He's getting barely legal porn on his INSTAGRAM yet you think he hates coomers??? He's a coomer himself

No. 323155

I just find it really hard to believe that in a day and age where it isn't an exaggeration to say that EVERYONE is addicted to social media and can't stop doomscrolling even if they wanted to, that there's still men out there who don't look at porn when it's just as accesible and addicting as instagram on your phone. Basically if you spend more time on your phone than you really want to, don't think your bf is any better about porn usage.

No. 323156

I can relate anon, I'm also actually the coomer in our relationship kek. My bf gets called a prude all the time by his friends and co-workers.

No. 323158

I doubt you could get away with doing this, but I guess prohibiting your moid from owning any kind of smartphone and only allowing it to use a livingroom desktop could work to keep it away from porn. It would be annoying to police the moid, but I don't see anything wrong with women taking away their moid's privileges if it keeps him in line. I imagine it wouldn't feel very good though, you'd just end up feeling like his mom.

No. 323159

If you have to do this much to prevent your bf from watching porn, just don't fucking date him kek wtf. This is so retarded.

No. 323172

yes, i hate this kind of take so fucking much, it's enraging how often you see stuff like this here on lc. "why yes, most moids are low quality, often dangerous and the cons almost always outweight the pros when it comes to relationships with them.. oh well! i will craft myself a decent one to fight it (by controlling him 24/7 and having him slowly consume my mental sanity for the rest of my life)"
regular pickmes are less pathetic than this

No. 323179

File: 1682279318389.jpeg (27 KB, 500x500, 2487B0A2-745C-447B-BBB5-8C3D20…)

It is impossible. I thought my bf quit for me but I found out he was again I don’t even want to look through his phone anymore cause I will probably dry heave. Those girls don’t even look like me, they have big booties but I am a flat ass-chan I’m an idiot

No. 323182

Samefag I’m planning on leaving him, I’m saving up but I am still emotionally attached to him and sad about it

No. 323191

File: 1682282151322.gif (3.58 MB, 498x253, 1678552057671.gif)

>this fucking thread

No. 323206

Leave him and don't feel bad about the porn you found, most men jerk to weird asf shit, I had a male friend who only dated skinny chicks but he had a fatty fetish so he always jerked to obese women.

No. 323225

Anecdote but I once did an experiment with an old bf where we both made tiktok account (first time for both, I watched him make the account and what he got immediately recommended), and I got makeup vids, crafts, clothing vids etc while he got just barely legal girls dancing and generally being sexual. So some sites algorithms are definitely made to push sexual content if you are a male user.

No. 323229

I think we should make a list of things that are warning signs that your moid is consuming porn to look out for.

1. not interested in sex and has excuses like "tired" "stressed at work" or "low libido"
2. takes forever to cum in bed and needs to jackhammer you really hard to cum at all (or can't cum if he's a terminal coomer)
3. takes his phone into the bathroom or generally spends a lot of time "pooping"
4. gets anxious when you grab his phone to look something up, especially when you type "p" Into the search bar or flat out refuses to give you his phone
5. has no search history on his browser
6. uses privacy browsers and incognito mode
7. has spent a long period of his life single and/or terminally online
8. has weird fetishes or likes BDSM and other porn stuff
9. stays up late and doesn't go to bed at the same time as you because he's playing "video games" into the night

A friend also once told me that men not getting morning wood means they beat off too much, but idk if that's really true.

No. 323236

Even before I was peaked on porn I felt so sick when I found out guys jerk off to porn my first bf who I had when I was 13 had some on his phone so I broke up with him kek he said I was overreacting
The idea of a man jerking off to a video of a woman he will never meet and seeing her in such a intimate or degrading state and then probably thinking of her as a whore and just cumming to it is so disturbing. And I’m supposed to walk around these psychos who jerk off to filmed rape. I’m gonna kill myself

No. 323273

>thinking of her as a whore
This really gets me. I’m tired of hearing “everyone watches porn, it’s not a big deal!” then see the women who do porn get made fun of. I don’t understand how you can be so pro-porn then call the women whores. Aren’t they providing a much needed service for you? Gross attitude.

No. 323297

Same, boyfriend and I are HS sweethearts, together >5 years, quit porn together at 18. He is also somewhat low libido but gets hard easily even if I just kiss him. Before he quit he had trouble maintaining and erection and afterward he never had any problem.
Even before we quit porn, he was still pretty actively disgusted by lots of pornsick stuff. When we first started dating I was really insecure and felt like I “had” to be okay with being hit during sex, which I offered to him and he flat-out refused. Looking back now I’m very glad he refused.
For nonnas looking to date pornfree men, I’d suggest trying to gauge their opinions on choking, hitting, hardcore BSDM, etc. Men who get off to women in pain are more likely to be enthusiastic porn consumers.

No. 323309

How do you know that wasn't some algorithm based on already collected data that's linked to your e-mailaddress/ip and device or however that works? I don't know a whole lot about data and algorithms but I do know that your data collected on one platform doesn't stay on that platform. Even LC has facebook tracking you in the background.

I'm not necessarily claiming that what you're saying couldn't be true but I'd be very careful making any claims about algorithms considering how refined that whole system is

No. 323314

I am not trying to be a killjoy, but I wouldnt invest too much in someone who told you they dont watch porn, especially after you told them how you feel about it. Its really easy to lie about and hide. At a minimum ensure youre getting something else out of the relationship besides fragile mental comfort.

No. 323322


LC doesn't have facebook ad trackers, but it's very hard for those algorithms to "tailor" themselves to you especially using competing social network data. It's generally not the same between facebook and tiktok.

There will always be initial signals in the app that it has to start the algorithm with, like the phone device, location, gender etc. The initial algorithm is doing it's best to get the user to engage more based on best guesses.

I 100% believe that if he chose male, it would see what other males like and try and take a gamble on it to get him to interact more.

If his algorithm after 2 weeks is the same, then it's not the algorithm.

No. 323331

File: 1682321686657.jpg (42.06 KB, 640x347, tumblr_2ae2c46e08ee49b3fbf561e…)

Ffs just make meaningful friendships and buy a good vibrator.

No. 323337

From my experience, most men who don’t watch porn are recovering porn addicts… Which is a gamble bc if (and when) they relapse, it’s way too pathetic to even try to make things work. Only semi-normal options are guys who are super into wellness and these guys are probably at least partially douchey and into stuff like aligning their chakras. Sad but that’s pretty much what the deal is. Everyone else are just sneaky liars.

No. 323340

My ex had most of these signs and I ignored them thinking we were so in love and ready to get married soon and we're so honest with eachother.
He admitted to cheating on me and beating off to gay porn while I was asleep.
The minute you smell something, it's true.

No. 323341

what about guys who are into fitness or have physical hobbies?

No. 323349

I think that even the men who are honest about not liking porn are still jerking off to something. If you think your moid is either not touching his dick at all or hes using his "imagination" you are dumb as fuck. Those moids just jerk off to softcore shit like girls dancing on Tiktok or Instagram thots or your sister in a bikini on Facebook and they don't consider that porn. There are absolutely some moids who get excited only when they know the girl so they don't watch porn but they have cranked it to every single facebook pfp of girls they know irl. Technically not using porn, but somehow even more disgusting if you ask me.

Lets face it, you can not possibly always be available for sex when the mood strikes him. So he's absolutely stroking his pickle when you are unavailable.

No. 323357

Men into fitness are the biggest coomers of all. Physical activity raises testosterone. When my bf started working out he said was hornier than ever in his life. It explains why most gymbros are gay, they get so horny they just fuck each other in the gym showers.

No. 323358


No. 323360

Best way I think easily gets moids to tell on themselves is act a bit like an aloof manic pixie dream girl in the beginning by being very open and curious about their sexual tastes. Don’t come off staunchly against anything until you let him speak on it first, then react accordingly. I’ve had men clearly tone down or hide their true opinions and tastes after I made it clear what my stances are, and then when I tried acting more open and friendly about it later, it still didn’t work because of the initial moment I shut them down.

No. 323362

Agreed, pretend to be open at first so you know exactly what you're getting into.

No. 323383

Shockingly I don't think my bf masturbates much if at all, he used to when he was younger like any other teenage boy but mellowed out with age (meanwhile I've only become hornier). I'd elaborate on how I know but it's pointless since the more I learn about other people's relationships, the more I realize what an outlier we are.

No. 323391

Women thinking their bf doesn't masturbate and doesn't watch porn actually seem to be the majority kek. Of course most of you are wrong.

No. 323406

This thread has taught me that fooling women in love is comically easy

No. 323434

Some women here are really bothered some anons are in healthy relationships. Sorry it hasn't happened for you yet.

No. 323446

Just don’t be shocked when you find out he’s been lying..

No. 323447

File: 1682368348533.jpg (33.88 KB, 500x499, 1664662810055.jpg)

No. 323449

You don't think all the nonnas who found out their bf was watching porn behind their backs thought they had healthy relationships until then?

No. 323516

My boyfriend is porn free. Like the other anon said, I would say the only downside is he also has a lower libido, though this is still much better than the porn-addict boyfriends I've had in the past. He seems to be uninterested in sex in general and rarely initiates, but if I do, things go fine. Here's some info I can give if it helps anyone.

We knew each other for five years before we started dating. I was actually a porn addict at this time and would try to discuss it with him as a way to flirt, or send him sexual memes/shitposts. He was never interested in these and never shared anything back. I do think he may have occasionally looked at porn as a teenager, but from my understanding he finds the idea of porn/even publicly discussing sexual habits to be a gross thing to do in present day. He also has a negative attitude towards hookups/casual sex, and didn't want to have sex until we were over a year into the relationship. Not sure if that matters or not.

I have access to his email, phone, financials and socials. I don't snoop that often, we just work together sometimes so occasionally I need to get information off his phone/accounts when he's busy. He doesn't have much free time to be on them anyways, but I've never seen anything even slightly hinting he looks at sexual images at all.

I was his first girlfriend/he was a virgin. Never kissed a girl before. Not sure if that makes a difference but I feel like maybe I was able to pick him up before he got sucked into dating culture that might've desensitized him to porn/sex/sexual topics overtime. He also has literally no fetishes/kinks, aside from normal stuff, like kissing/massages, which if he was watching porn I feel like he'd be interested in weirder things. In my porn days I would ask him to do fetish/kink things with me and he always refused.

>Can you convince a man to give up porn for you?

Absolutely not. If he's openly into porn, he's not changing. If he's watching porn when you meet him, he's not changing just because you ask him to. At best he'll just keep doing it in secret.

Don't bring up being anti-porn with a man early on. Wait a while while you get to know each other, bring the topic of porn up in a neutral way where he can't tell you're against it. If he senses you are, he'll lie. Best case he'll say he doesn't like it and maybe you can observe him for a while and it'll be true. And it might be obvious advice, but try and find an overall healthy man. Someone who's got their life together, generally takes care of themselves, ect. Healthy people have healthy habits. The guy who sits at his computer most of the day is 100% watching porn. Avoid men who use instagram/tiktok completely.

No. 323522

I'm sorry but this is so dumb.

>He seems to be uninterested in sex in general and rarely initiates,

This is the number one indicator that he is watching porn and masturbating and thats why he's not intetested in real sex!

>I was actually a porn addict at this time and would try to discuss it with him as a way to flirt, or send him sexual memes/shitposts. He was never interested in these and never shared anything back.

So? Maybe he just feels shame about looking at porn as he should be.

>I have access to his email, phone, financials and socials

You don't need an account to look at porn. Incognito window, go to porn site, you'd never know about it.

>I feel like maybe I was able to pick him up before he got sucked into dating culture that might've desensitized him to porn/sex/sexual topics overtime.

The fact that he had no experience with real sex before you is yet another indicator that he was/is probably watching porn. You seem to be under the delusion that men who don't date or hook up don't watch porn? Its the opposite. Men who have real sex watch less porn than men who never get laid. The porn replaces real sex and relationships for them.

No. 323540

What's the point of this thread again? Anons come in with stories of their pure nigels, others reply trying to prove they do in fact watch porn and that they're deluding themselves, rinse and repeat. There is no discussion to be had.

No. 323556

Well I guess op wanted some advice on how to get a porn free boyfriend, but no one, even the anons with porn free nigels, seem to know how. I guess you just stumble upon a guy who says he hates porn and give him the benefit of the doubt.

No. 323559

There's no point but this thread is honestly good to contain the retarded sperging these anons would've otherwise carried to relationship advice or nigel thread.

No. 323562

The best shot you have at a porn-free dude is a guy who doesn't use social media (rare) and doesn't have screen related hobbies (rare). Deeply religious dudes are more likely to be porn-free but one that dedicated to his faith has other drawbacks.

The chance at finding one remains small, if you can't stop doomscrolling don't expect a guy will stop looking at porn for you let alone be already porn-free when you get him.

No. 323564

Your best shot is to kidnap a man from some off the grid village in a poor country. But seriously, I don't see that much advantage in finding a guy who doesn't watch porn, even if we take their claims at face value, the reasoning always seems to be "oh porn doesn't turn me on", "oh porn is so fake", "oh something something whores", rather than because it's an industry that capitalizes on the exploitation of women. So why should I care? If we lived in an alternate reality where somehow porn existed without being based on exploitation, I really wouldn't see a problem in dating someone who watches it, I dont really follow the watching porn is cheating like of thought. And keeping an eye on your partner just seems annoying as fuck, like, it's nice if he doesn't hide what's on his phone or browsing history, but I really have no desire to go throught anyone's devices.

No. 323568

In a perfect world you could just tell your boyfriend "Please don't watch porn, it hurts my feelings" and they would be like "Yes, woman I love, I would never want to hurt you, of course I won't do that."

But men are shitty and selfish and the only reason they would ever give up porn is if their pp is broken from watching too much of it.

No. 323570

You may not think it's not cheating but I do.

No. 323571

I don't care. My problem with pornography is the (in)humane aspect of its production, everything else is secondary at best.

No. 323574

I don't care.

No. 323576

>rather than because it's an industry that capitalizes on the exploitation of women
Not trying to defend any coomers or males here, but most people consume things only possible by the use of exploitation and injustice, its not surprising or unexpected behavior, most wouldn't give up their addictions or luxuries even if they know it costs lives, only if it affects them personally they will care, hence the mentions of porn consumption related health issues, instead of the countless crimes that happened in the porn industry

No. 323578

Yeah, fair enough, tho I still believe any other reason to not consume porn has little to no weight. Like, if a guy tells you he doesn't watch porn because it doesn't turn him on, why is that supposed to be a good thing? The implication is that he totally would if it did turn him on.

No. 323589

Find a low libido boyfriend, and make sure he is actually low libido and not just jerked himself off so much he doesnt want sex. My bf never jerk off and is happy having sex once a week, takes a minute in the bathroom so I know he doesnt jerk off there, and he had a big load so I know he hasnt wasted it. Also his way of havkng sex is very normal, not pornlike. Sucks a bit cause I like sex every day, but he is happy to get me of instead and its better than having a coom bf like all my exes were.

No. 323594

God this thread is so depressing. My moid claims to only jerk off to thinking about me. I don't think he uses porn but it's always been in the back of my mind that maybe he likes some soft stuff. The thing is he is super busy all the time doing chores and taking care of his parents so I'm not sure he actually has time to watch porn which gives me hope. He gets hard for me just cuddling him or kissing him, or laying on him in a towel fresh out of the shower.

I find that men who aren't doing anything and just go to work and come home to sit on their computer/phone are always the morons who sit there and get bored and decide to watch porn. Especially manchildren who are still into video games or cartoons.

No. 323596

>I find that men who aren't doing anything and just go to work and come home to sit on their computer/phone are always the morons who sit there and get bored and decide to watch porn. Especially manchildren who are still into video games or cartoons.
This. Porn watching men are fucking losers and deserve to be shamed for it. Imagine being such a low quality male, embarassing

No. 323597

>I really wouldn't see a problem in dating someone who watches it, I dont really follow the watching porn is cheating like of thought
Even if there wasn't exploitation, I don't want him getting off to someone who doesn't look like me. To me that implies he doesn't even find me attractive.

No. 323598

Who said anything about keeping an eye on your partner? The thing is you shouldn't have to. You should be able to trust your partner's word if they cared for you. You sound like a pickme coolgirl. Not everyone here is going through their boyfriends phone or has the care and time.

No. 323604

All breeds of men jerk off and watch porn, even the high-functioning ones. The ones who play video games or watch anime might be turbo coomers but it’s hilarious if you think successful and busy men don’t do it too. Men jerk off at their jobs. They do it in their offices, in the bathrooms, even while driving on their way home from work. Not saying your perfect Nigel does this but the idea that only stereotypical loser men are porn watchers is a joke.

No. 323608

>You sound like a pickme coolgirl
Ok then.

No. 323623

How? Like how does it not make you jealous I don’t want to eat for a week when I found my bf’s porn thing open I guess they even looked “like” me big giant saggy boobs but I still felt awful.

No. 323625

Samefag like yeah the inhumane trafficking, misogyny, degradation and just frankly how it’s all out there for free bothers me too. But even without that it’s like how can you be intimate with someone when they masturbate to other people behind your back? It’s such a betrayal feeling comparable to being cheated on

No. 323632

I don't understand how most women get more upset over the ~psychological cheating~ aspect than the fact their moid cums to watching abuse and misogyny and trafficking in porn. It's always
>yeah that's bad too but what's REALLY inexcusable is my nigel looking at another woman!
blackpill moments happen again and again in this god forsaken life

No. 323635

Why would you be jealous of a woman in a porno… she's suffering

No. 323645

nta but i don't think she's saying that it's worse, just that even without the abuse going on porn would still be bad regardless

No. 323689

I’m not saying it’s just as bad I was responding to an anon who said in a world where porn is ethical she wouldn’t care if her Nigel jerked off to it. I just can’t wrap my mind around it.

No. 323690

What about like the verified ones who are like celeb status and hang out with Trisha Paytas and such? I’m kinda jealous of those ones.

No. 323691

T. Dying alone

No. 323695

If that's what helps you cope nonny

No. 323697

It sounds like you are jealous that they get to hang out with Trisha, not that your nigels likes them.

No. 323705

Yeah I mean she seems fun

No. 323706

i'd rather die alone than fight for the attention of a man who'd rather spend it on his computer. no way am i ever going to stoop to that level. i'm not male, i don't need a partner to feel complete.

No. 323707

Man this thread is depressing. I hate porn for both the exploitation and the fact that it changes your sexual taste, so I don't see any way I'll ever accept any kind of porn in a relationship. I'm going to fall in love with men that will disappoint me along the way and stay single my entire life. Actually porn memed me into thinking I was bisexual, but I genuinely wish I was now.

No. 323709

He used to watch porn and I was fine with it when I was younger, it never affected our sex life but I brought it up as a deal breaker around 6 years into our relationship and explained why. He was initially very defensive and said it wasn't a big deal, that it's "just porn," but later confessed that was mainly out of embarrassment and said he'd stop since it wasn't very often and only a convenience thing, also emphasizing that he didn't want to hurt me in any way. I really want to believe him, we've been together a long time now and he's never broken my trust before. I think that's all I can do. I will admit I'm lucky though, he has a heathy libido and very normal ass desires that have never changed in almost 10 years.

No. 323720

God, I hope I do

No. 323723

Why the fuck would you want to hang out with Trisha Paytas?

No. 323724

File: 1682496124740.png (88.11 KB, 700x441, 400011578.png)

Anons are struggling to accept that porn is something you just can't compromise on with men. If you live in a country with access to their internet, every moid you meet is going to consume porn to some degree. They know it's harmful and they don't care, or will eagerly accept the comfortable lie that "sex work is work," and that the women in porn aren't being exploited. You have two choices: date a man, or date someone who doesn't look at porn. It's a crappy dichotomy, but that's basically what it boils down to.

I'm not making excuses for males overindulging in porn, but looking for a male who doesn't look at porn is like going to a shelter and asking if they have a vegan cat. Could a man theoretically abstain from porn if he wanted to? Sure, but he won't. If the only cost of looking at porn is violating your boundaries or values, that's a trade men are happy to make every time, because they will always prioritize their own desires first.

No. 323726

How do you know he's not jerking off whenever you leave the house? You're not with him 24/7. Sorry but I don't believe that there are men who don't want to coom every day. Low libido in males doesn't exist.

No. 323727

Maybe go outside and live in the woods if you want to be a moral purist who never benefits from exploitation. You know how the chinese children are treated that made your smartphone and your clothes? By your logic it would be perfectly fine to date a man who only watches Hentai or Onlyfans stuff. No women are hurt so its totally okay right? Stop shitting up the thread with your moralfagging, you don't even have a bf.

No. 323728

All I can do is kek at this response. It’s just that ridiculous. Bravo nonny, you’ve outdone yourself.

No. 323731

nta but she's right, coming specifically to this thread to moralfag is what's ridiculous. there's an entire board for feminist discussions including about porn if you really care.

No. 323744

Bc I told him I struggle with a porn addiction myself and I have told him when I have folded, he is a very easy going guy who communicates a lot, so I doubt he wouldnt tell me. He works a job where he cant jack off and he wants to talk pretty much constantly over text unless he is busy with work. Also we often have sex when he doesnt want to cum bc he knows his libido is lower, and he want to be able to have sex with me cause his dick goes limp and he loses interest in sex after cumming. So if he jerked off we wouldnt have sex which we do. and he is into orgasm/plasure denial so his fetish is not jerking off/cumming lol

No. 323745

I’m in a fairly new relationship and sometimes think about this. A couple of months into dating my nigel asked me if I watched porn. He was single for 7 years before me, so I guess it’s too much to expect he wouldn’t have used it, but he told me he had tried to watch it recently and it wasn’t the same after he met me. He was already aware of nofap theory, so knew about some of the negative consequences of watching porn. He told me in his last relationship he had started using porn a couple of years into it and it affected his libido, so at least he’s given me a heads up and I’ll know what to be mindful of.

We are still in the honeymoon period and our sex is bomb, but I’m aware a few years down the road the excitement might wear off and he’ll start using again. I told him I’d prefer if he didn’t watch it for x, y, z reason, that sex is important to me and if I ever feel like it’s affecting our sex life I’m out. There’s not really much else I can do. You can’t control other people’s actions, only assert boundaries and apply consequences if/when they are broken. I also periodically struggle with porn addiction myself, so feel a bit hypocritical. I’m financially independent, don’t plan on getting married or having kids, so it’s easier for me to drop someone if things go sour, but I feel for women who get baby-trapped and it turns out their scrote is a coomer.

No. 323754

Maybe I’m too optimistic, but I think despite porn being more socially accepted than ever, awareness around the dangers of porn industry and porn-use is slowly increasing. I’ve seen this trend for the past few years. I think porn will keep getting more degenerate and addictive with VR and AI, but there’s also bound to be an increase in number of moids who decide to abstain from it. Most of them will probably have been deep in addiction at some point, but at least the tide is turning a little bit.

No. 323777

File: 1682518305814.png (143.21 KB, 708x711, Mio Naganohara_Image Gallery.p…)

>you don't even have a bf

No. 323788

hit a nerve doesn't it?

No. 323839

Not everyone who disagrees with you is the same anon, and not everyone who posts here is straight or interested in a relationship.

No. 323841

You're right, but this thread is specifically about straight (or bi) womens experiences with porn free men, so if you're lesbian or uninterested in dating men there's really no point in being here because you can't bring anything of worth to the discussion besides a snarky remark here or there.

No. 323855

Hot take or possibly the real answer to this thread: Date computer engineers, like true math-first computer engineers/scientists (that don't watch anime). Not the bro-coders or discord junkies that know about anime and watch twitch.
Really really nerdy math guys are all about their passion and don't seem to be as internet and porn poisoned. They stayed up late to code and learn to build robots, and their internet use stemmed from their hobbies and passions which probably wired their brains to not even go on porn websites as an option.

No. 323861

then you'd get a moid too autisic to show any kind of interest in you, but it probably works if your end goal is money or children

No. 323866

Hotter take: just date a helen keller

No. 323877

This is so true. Every computer engineer I have met had no idea how to have a normal conversation or show any emotion. They themselves are robots.

No. 323880

This reminds me how the few terrible times I had to see TBBT Sheldon was the only guy in the cast that didn't disgust me because he wasn't a gross pervert

No. 323883

real life sheldon would have a deviant art star trek inflation fetish or something

No. 323893

Is this even what actually matters, or is it now just a massive lolcow circlejerk cope for not wanting to see the actual bad (or sometimes good) in your moid? OH MY GOD THE OVERWEIGHT SCRUFFY GAMER I GOT HAS NO LIBIDO IN HIS DEAD DICK AND NEVER MASTURBARTERDS IN HIS LIFE, HE'S PERFECT. Really? This obsessive bullshit is already beyond the point of self-parody, sorry.

No. 323902

And his actor is gay kek.

No. 323959

Lmao you are totally retarded. Autistic guys like that are the biggest coomers. They are just so far removed from human connections and emotions that they stroke it to dragon fart inflation porn or MLP.

Some of you are so dumb about the nature of men it's really not surprising how men get away with being degenerate coomers if all their girlfriends are as ignorant and naive as nonnies in this thread.

No. 323970

You are kinda mean, anon, but someone had to say it. It's pretty weird seeing someone say their bf has low libido as if that is a good thing, my first thought is "what health issue is he going through?" Porn free bf seems like a faustian bargain.

No. 324003

>Porn free bf seems like a faustian bargain.
I love how you phrased this

No. 324021

If it was me I guess low libido is the wrong word, he just doesnt want to have sex as often. He wants me to lock his cock up in a cage and is into orgasm denial and wants to only pleasure me, so I guess get a moid with a fetish for not cumming if you dont want him to watch porn. Cant exactly jerk off when I have his cock in a cage

No. 324033

That's fine, some anons would call him a coomer tho.

No. 324038

Deff a coomer but hey if it works rock on, still though it's fucked the only way for a man not to touch his penis to porn is for it to be a fetish on itself

No. 324039

maybe, date an FBI/CIA agent? or an academic, humanities preferably. for some reason I can't see an archaeologist being addicted to porn

No. 324049

he's gay sis

No. 324055

>I can't see an archaeologist being addicted to porn
Oh, I can. I went to school for it. No matter the field of study, scrotes are gonna scrote.

No. 324057

>for some reason I can't see x being addicted to porn
this is how most women feel before discovering their perfect nigel actually is addicted to porn though
i am a zoomer and the situation seems so bad when it comes to guys in their teens/early 20s, so unless the scrote covers a particularly important position that takes away all of his time (again, that's still undesirable) he'll have had infinite amounts of time to develop a porn addiction as a teen and it's rare they actually make efforts to get over it, no matter the kind of field they're in

No. 324066

>date an FBI/CIA agent
Look up Operation Midnight Climax

No. 324076

so basically, the only option is to find someone who is completely technologically illiterate

No. 324082

File: 1682644233489.jpg (89.17 KB, 800x986, garrett___quest_for_camelot_by…)

This is the answer.

No. 324083

Having an archaeologist bf is all fun and games until you catch him jerking off to cave painting tiddies.

No. 324104

kek this is good nonna

No. 324123

I think I'd be okay with that. The things I dislike most about porn are 1) that real women are harmed in the making of it 2) it creates unrealistic expectations and 3) it fosters an addiction that eventually leads to shit like BDSM and trooning out. None of those things apply to cave paintings, lmao. I'd happily take a scrote who only beats his meat to shit like the Venus of Willendorf.

No. 324124

>chastity cages
See you back here in a year when he troons out and you have to dump him

No. 324155

Just wanted to say that even if he's not chronically masturbating, that doesn't mean he's not a coomer. A lot of the really heavy porn addicts look at porn/softcore images such as thrist traps chronically throughout the day without nescessarily masturbating. The frequent edging/prolonging of orgasm creates more dopamine than the act of cumming, and you'll see a dip in dopamine once you finish and that's when the shame and bad feels etc happen. I'm not as blackpilled as certain anons and don't mean to make you feel bad or comment on your relationship in particular, but just a heads up.

No. 324177

He's a pron-free coomer, anon.

No. 324180

Meh not worried, he has no sissy whatsoever fetish, he just wants me to own him. He even reads radfem blogs out of his own free bc he thinks its funny to laugh at troons.
Sure, but his insta and tiktok feed are free of softcore and he has no issue with me using his devices. He does look at pictures and videos of the two of us, but so do I so I think thats ok. I guess that does count as watching porn, but I mean, its our own, I dont mind that.

No. 324181

He sounds like a coomer! He isn't supposed to want orgasm denial, chastity cages, etc you're supposed to force it on him.

No. 324188

yeah, men hate troons for different reasons than women. not reassuring at all

No. 324189

Troons are nothing like women at all

No. 324190

In retrospect, I guess this is where this thread was always doomed to head to, the example of porn free bf being a masochist sub degenerate, but at least he doesn't look at softcore porn on ig. Now, I'm much more lenient on masochist sub degenerates than most farmers, but I doubt that's what op had in mind when she created this thread.

No. 324209

Lmao no wonder why you guys always get played by stupid moids, imagine being in this situation and not realizing there's something off(infighting)

No. 324212

All engineer men I know are addicted to porn because they're retarded with women and can't ever get laid, kek. They're also very likely to be mentally retarded or autistic. Don't date engineers.

No. 324215

Pretty much all the guys I’ve been with and have seen with other women watched porn. I might just lose hope in trying to find one that doesn’t.

No. 324216

It's kind of impossible to find a truly porn-free moid. Let's say you manage to get your nigel to quit porn, it's going to be at the back of your mind every time he's in the bathroom too long or you're going to get the urge to check his browsing history now and then. Let's say he is truly "porn-free", he is still going to watch stuff like GOT and The Witcher that shove in sex and titties in it to get males excited (and they will, regardless of how much they lie.) Even retarded video games shove in sex and ass shots in them.

No. 324218

Unbased farmhand, she speaks the truth

No. 324219

Infighting is against the rules, regardless of your argument being correct or not. If you make replies obviously trying to start fights you'll be redtexted.

No. 324220

No. 324232

What if the right thing to do is to stop trying to fight it. If every moid does this, then what if they’ve simply evolved to be attracted to multiple women at once. And we can’t understand it because we’ve evolved to be with one man.

No. 324237

tbh, i've just been observing this thread and in my honest opinion, if you are going to date moids you have to accept their degeneracy. I genuinely think this is just how they are programmed and trying to fight it is futile and a waste of energy. So you have two options: ignore it and proceed or just stop dating all together. if you are lucky, out of respect to you he will hide is vile side from you.

No. 324238

File: 1682707409187.jpeg (33.52 KB, 828x543, 0F2B68CA-FD30-416E-A8B8-4D917D…)


No. 324242

moid or moid take

No. 324244

So let's say hypothetically you're right (you're not) why is it that women would have to adapt to men instead of the other way around? Why aren't you telling moids to stop trying to fight what comes natural to us women?

No. 324247

Seriously. The porn industry is a modern invention (and ancient sculptures and cave paintings of nude bodies isn't the same thing as treating sex like a commodity). Scrotes suck, but this blackpill shit treats patriarchy as natural, thus making any feminist action useless.

No. 324260

Men have only evolved into failures

No. 324275

>still wants to be with a moid despite believing that men are innately/evolutionarily disgusting whores
No hope.

No. 324292

He sounds like he either has a domination fetish or he's daydreaming about having his prostate poked.

No. 324297

Hate to break it to you nonna, but online radfems get a lot of "submissive" male orbiters. Source: Firsthand experience. He's probably just getting off on it and doesn't really give a fuck about hating on troons.

No. 324300

I was gonna say that but decided not to in case it was just me. But yeah I run a radfem blog and I am constantly blocking coomer submissive "female dominance" males who try to follow me. It's disgusting. Moids fetishize everything, even a movement created to escape their violence.

No. 324301

It seems the gist of this thread is that "men who claim to not watch porn are lying or recovering porn addicts," but my husband doesn't watch it (he's not alone enough to hide something like that) and he says he didn't watch it after 18. We married when he was 30 and I was 28 so that's 12 years where he says he was porn free prior to him and I buying our house. His story seems believable to me, he said that after the initial teenage thrill of porn wore off he found there was too much anal stuff to be worth wading through so he switched to just using his imagination when he felt like masturbating. He never demanded anal from me and looked grossed out when I mentioned it one time so I think what he's saying lines up with his behavior?

No. 324304

oh god so it is an actual thing, i met at least three different (terminally online) moids who spent most of their time humiliating themselves and praising chastity and "strong, radfem women", one was obsessed with browing cc too
to me that's just as bad as a scrote who watches random vanilla porn (if we only consider the coomer side and don't count in the ethical implications)

No. 324325

NTA but you at least should realize sexuality is not a choice and that most people want to have actual sex (not just a vibrator) every now and then.

No. 324326

Unfortunate but it's true. I work out 5 days a week and run into a lot of these gymbro types when I'm lifting. They're extremely coomerish and often vain / selfish. Upsetting that my type is a muscular himbo though. I don't find men who aren't muscular attractive at all, no matter how pretty / handsome they look. But I digress.

At this point I gave up on dating. I'd rather die alone than be anywhere near a coomer, which is 99.99% of scrotes. I like the concept of dating a man, but the fact that every one of them is gonna jerk it to women (or girls, because these sickos will jerk it to literally anything) being abused makes me sick to the core. The moids who are so-called 'porn free' are doing it temporarily because their dicks are broken with the most degenerate shit + death grip. They always relapse, because they know that porn exists and it's so easily accessible now. They'll only do something it when they can't get their dicks up anymore, and aren't concerned at all about how fucked up the industry is.

It's funny and sad how moids are basically an amoeba, just drifting along in the waves and nothing but sex and cooming on their mind.

No. 324327

Sex with most moids is absolutely bad, not worth the risk

No. 324332

To all the women who think their bf doesn't watch porn because he "doesn't have time". You are idiots. I spent almost 24 hours a day with my man during the pandemic and he still found ways to jerk off. Here are some times men will jerk off and watch porn while living with you:

- any time you leave him alone to go run errands or go to the grocery store or to meet friends and family
- at work in the bathroom. Yes even if he has a "demanding" job or "no opportunity to do it at work. They surely have a bathroom.
- in your own bathroom while he is "pooping" or "showering"
- any time you don't go to bed at the same time, he's not staying up to go play videogames, dumb dumb
- at night next to you in bed while you are sleeping, yes this literally happened to me
- in the morning when you get up to make him breakfast (also happened to me)
- any time you are in the shower or in the bathroom, if you take showers and poop then you can't say you know 100% for sure that your bf never jerks off
- while you are in another room or guess what… Even while you are in the same room he will edge himself around you and then go to the bathroom to coom.

Men are pigs and you are idiots.

No. 324333

>porn is totally gross and I totally dont watch it cause of how much poopoo stuff they do
Wow and you really fell for that huh? Guess what kinda porn hes watching.

No. 324335

This. Basically the kind of romance and love that women seek with a man that we were made to believe by literature and fiction does not exist in real life. Just like men will never get their harem of 10/10 13 year olds that they dream of, we will never get true love.

If you decide to be with a man you should know that they are not capable of loving you the way you love them and you should make sure your man at least provides something useful to your life like money and orgasms. Then weigh if it's worth it for you. Men will betray you and never be truly monogamous because they are incapable of it so always have an exit plan and honestly its best not to be in love with them at all, but I know most of us can't help it because women are too kind and can love even the most undeserving and disgusting creatures on earth.

No. 324336

Nta but okay, I’d just dump them after I find porn and/or them jerking off to other women. Totally reasonable to break up if you communicate a boundary and they decide to cross it anyways. You should be able to leave whenever shit hits the fan, otherwise you are in danger.

No. 324337

>you at least should realize sexuality is not a choice
And who the fuck said that? There wasn't even the slightest implication in my post about changing your sexuality. God forbid someone dares criticize women who still decide to partner with men despite whining and complaining day in and day out 24/7 about how shitty they are, or in anon's case, believing that they are biologically/evolutionarily unfaithful and disgusting.

No. 324338

Well the issue is that men are really good at hiding that shit and they might trap you into marrying them and having kids with them before you ever find out. Also you can end up wasting years of your life on them.

No. 324341

>(he's not alone enough to hide something like that)
?? Your husband is never alone for even 20 minutes? Do neither of you have lives independent from each other?

No. 324342

Women aren't evolved to be attracted to only one man. Even in a woman's menstrual cycle, she gets attracted to different types of men. I've also always been attracted to other men while in a relationship so if you're a man making this post, be %100 sure your girl is also attracted to other men, fantasizes about fucking them or already did fuck them behind your back. People cheat and it's unfortunately very common for both women and men to cheat women just hide it better.
Cheating or going against your partners wishes to spend hours fantasizing about fucking someone else is not excusable for either gender but if you're gonna excuse men, you should also excuse women.

No. 324343

NTA but I agree. You gotta pick your poison. You either date a moid who will watch porn or stay single. Nonnas can keep coping that their nigel doesn't, they may consume less of it than an average moid, but they still watch it in secrecy or will watch it at the end of the day. Or even when it's not necessarily porn they'll jerk off to something that's not you, like half naked women on instagram or hentai or whatever it may be. That's just how moids are with their pea sized brains.

Sometimes I wish I were bi / lesbian so I could do away with all this bullshit and just date a woman, but I don't swing that way. Loneliness doesn't really phase me though so it's not that big of a problem. I go to friends for social interactions, and if I have sexual needs I've got a vibrator. Sure, if some decent moid asks me out for a date and if I don't have anything planned, I'll let him entertain me and buy me a drink or a dinner, but that's how far I'll ever go with them. From my experience they just want the woman to play therapist for him for the night, and they feel pretty happy about it. Yes some of them are truly brainless and get upset if you deny them sex on the first date, but that's why I only meet moids in a busy public restaurant, so if they were to act up I could call the cops or ask for help. Anything past a first date I wouldn't even entertain it.

I've concluded that trying to date a moid long term is self abuse in exchange of mediocre sex, disloyalty, getting shackled to them if you were to ever be pregnant with his child, and them feeling entitled to you because they pay for a few things in your life. No thanks, I'm good.

No. 324344

>comparing a woman being love to a man getting a harem of children
Get help, sicko. A lot of women get loved by men or women, stop telling women being loved is as weird and unlikely of a wish as a harem of underage KIDS! This is so disgusting.

No. 324350

Well it lines up with him not wanting me to do it. If he was obsessing over anal all the time wouldn't he ask me to do it at least once? And why would he seem so disgusted when I mentioned it?
>?? Your husband is never alone for even 20 minutes? Do neither of you have lives independent from each other?
Not somewhere where it would be practical to watch porn. I mean he drives to work alone and that takes more than 20 minutes but I don't see how he could fit in a porn session on the way through the traffic. I feel like his car would be showing signs of damage from the accidents he would be getting into.

No. 324351

Lol, one day you will be blackpilled on men too.

No. 324352

Men watch a lot of stuff in porn that they don't want to do in real life. It's exciting for them to see it happen without having to do it themselves. You seem very naive.

So you never leave your husband alone to take a shower? Does he come with you? You never go run an errand or go to the grocery store while he stays behind? He never stays up longer than you or sleeps in when you're already up? Honestly he could be doing it in bed right next to you while you sleep and you'd never know. It happened to me and I never thought he'd do such a thing either cause who would think men have the audacity to do that? Well they do.

No. 324354

Women literally evolved concealed ovulation to deceive as many males as possible about paternity. In the past 17 women reproduced for every 1 man that did. Enforced monogamy is a male invention.

No. 324355

I'm not attracted to other men while in a relationship. Speak for yourself.

No. 324359

Quit larping, incel. It's not in men's nature to fuck multiple women while women somehow stay monogamous. How would men fuck mutliple women if women are also going to just be exclusive with one man? It literally makes no sense.
Why don't incels accept that their gfs are gonna cheat on their pornsick asses sooner or later? I've literally known one man whose fiance cheated because he preferred porn instead of fucking her so she fucked other men. Women cheat just as often as men do.

No. 324383

This. I’m in a relationship, insanely attracted to my nigel, but it’s not like I don’t have eyes. I also have several girlfriends who have expressed attraction towards other moids while being in a relationships. At the top of my head I can think of at least 4 women I know who have cheated (one was 100% a butch lesbian). It's not something I see myself doing, but it's pretty common.

No. 324385

I very much doubt that women cheat as often as men do. We have nothing to gain from it unless the man we're with is unusually bad at sex.

No. 324386

NTA it’s not like people always do things that are 100% rational. Humans feel sexually attracted to other humans sometimes. I remember listening to an audiobook about vulnerability, and the most common reason cited for cheating on your partner (for both men and women) was feeling rejected. Which is the classic excuse I know, but it goes to show both genders are sluts for attention and validation. It’s true statistically men cheat more often, but it’s not a ridiculous difference and there could be different reasons for why that is. One that comes to mind is women often being more financially dependent on their partner therefore having more to lose if they get found out.

No. 324387

No. 324393

Sorry to break it for you but, you absolutely have a choice to not be a masochist and fuck with retarded animals.

No. 324395

I thought reasoning for wanting porn free man was because otherwise they get: low libido, not wanting to be intimate with you often, death grip, degenerate fetishes and expectations etc.

But ITT I see nonnas braging how their man are porn free yet displaying all these symptoms of a coomer.

Two sides of a same shit coin lol, what a hilarious thread.

No. 324396

I'm so confused with that excuse, admittedly I'm not super familiar with porn websites search engines, but how difficult would it be to find non-anal porn or filter it out? Supposing he is indeed not into anal porn that is.

No. 324397

It's hilariously contradictory, I hope it'll last. At this point, we might as well advocate for seeking out self-admitted porn addicts who are trying to quit, you might even end up with someone who is somewhat honest about his porn consumption.

No. 324407

>LC doesn't have facebook ad trackers
If you use ublock, do check your ublock console while using this site and look at the blocked js

No. 324419

my bad, I meant the uBlock logger

No. 324453

Those nonnas are just delusional about their men's porn use. Any man who claims low libido and no interest in sex is absolutely a coomer.

No. 324454

You're obviously a scrote peddling some bullshit about all women being cheaters. Neck yourself.

No. 324512

i genuinely do not think this is possible.
there might be a shred of possibility but i'm too paranoid to date men because of this. finding out he was using porn instead of having sex with me like a normal person would absolutely destroy me and it seems to happen in every relationship if he doesn't instead cheat.
men are just hardwired to spread their seed around, i don't know if i believe they can even be monogamous.

No. 324514

Nonna, I don't think that's what the other nonnie meant. I think women can definitely get loved by a woman the way we picture 'true love', but moids are incapable of coming anywhere close to it because at the end of the day their first priority is sexual pleasure, not affection or comfort. Romance novels are popular among women for a reason, especially married women / housewives. Why do you think that is? Men written by women is amazing and fantastic, because it's what we want them to be.

The other nonna is using the 'harem of 10/10 13 year olds' as an example of how depraved and disgusting most moids are. I bet some of them have even more degenerate fantasies. Not to get political / controversial, but why do you think ISIS told their moid suicide bombers that they'll get 99 virgins if they blow themselves up? And they actually fucking do it, believing it's true? Moids never say it in front of you if you're keeping them at an arm's length / they want to fuck you and is keeping their thoughts in, but the shit they sputter out the moment they consider you 'one of the bros', I wish I could unhear. Being a tomboy unironically blackpilled me on men and I'm glad about it. At least they'll tell me how disgusting they are so I know to stay the fuck away from them.

Not to blackpill you, but I want you to think long and hard about a time where a man have treated you well without an ulterior motive (it's always getting in your pants). If you want to believe and think there are actual living, breathing men who are Mr. Darcy's out there ready to write love songs for you and swoop you off your feet while only having eyes for you, by all means go for it, if that makes you feel better about dating your nigel.

No. 324542

>moids are incapable of coming anywhere close to it because at the end of the day their first priority is sexual pleasure
NTA but I resent this assumption that women and men are complete opposites. I’m a straight woman who enjoys sex. There would be no point in me being in a relationship with someone if we don’t bone. I think I’m capable of love too, and it’s not like I’m gonna fall in love with someone just because we fuck once or twice, but if I’m gonna be in a relationship with someone it goes hand in hand with intimacy. The majority of farmers are obviously sexually dysfunctional, but it’s not the case for a lot of women. Honestly judging from the husbando/horny threads I get the feeling a lot of farmers are as pornsick as their nigel. They’re content with their limp-dick low libido scrote so they can keep flicking it to their 2D husbando or male inferiority fantasies or whatever.

>the shit they sputter out the moment they consider you 'one of the bros', I wish I could unhear

Yeah I've lived through this too having worked in a male environment and it's annoying. Having said that, the shit my gfs sputter when we are alone can get shocking too, they’re hilarious. We’re all adults etc.

>think long and hard about a time where a man have treated you well without an ulterior motive (it's always getting in your pants).

Don’t approach moids for friendship, problem solved

No. 324550

>The majority of farmers are obviously sexually dysfunctional, but it’s not the case for a lot of women.
This. A lot of farmers act as if women are creatures without any lust and only want to be loved purely while men are rape apes, these are true to an extent but farmers obviously take it to extreme ends and act as if women are incapable of lust and men are incapable of love. If that were true, lesbian women wouldn't have one night stands, fuckbuddies or cheat.

No. 324551

Real maleposting hours

No. 324554

Men have to tell themselves this lie of "women are just as bad!!!" cause otherwise they would have to admit they ARE disgusting rape apes and don't deserve women at all.

No. 324555

I think this thread has ruffled quite a few male lurkers feathers because it made them realize how horribly heartbreaking it is for their girlfriends that they are watching porn and how women really do want a man who doesn't do that, which to them is an impossible request, kek. This cope of "look over at the husbando threads! Women are degenerate too!" is hilarious because those women are just autists who thirsts after fictional men BECAUSE real men are so fucking disgusting. Their husbando will never cheat on them by watching barely legal anal rape porn.

Comparing posts ob lolcow vs posts on 4chan paints a completely opposite picture of men and women. Even the few thirst-threads we have here are almost always men who are clothed, headshots of famous Hollywood actors and gifs of youtubers being cute. Meanwhile on 4chan its hardcore porn and men talking about wanting to inhale womens farts as well as wanting to rape kids. Men are vile. Women are wholesome. Seethe about it and die alone. None of you deserve to ever be loved by a woman because you are incapable of love.

No. 324557

No. 324558

No. 324562

>I know most of us can't help it because women are too kind and can love even the most undeserving and disgusting creatures on earth
What a nightmarish existence to be honest, this seems to be the reality for the majority but i just cannot imagine living like this. I'm hetero too, but men barely qualify as human to me

No. 324563

They really think a straight woman who has normal sexual urges must be ok with male porn addiction and zero respect for women, and that they're on the same level just because "both crave sex". Kek at them trying to compare husbandofags with a normal libido with men who jerk off to real women being tortured.
The fact that women are able to see moids as close friends without making it sexual but moids can't really says a lot about how women see men vs. how they see us.

No. 324565

Honestly if those are not moidposts then they are lost twitterfags who think them talking to their girlfriends about wanting to fuck the new male intern is on the same level of degeneracy as their husband who watches interracial humiliation cuckhold gangbang porn. Women who have never been on 4chan and never seen what men say when they are anonymous and no women are around don't know a single thing about the depravity of the male mind. Whenever a woman says she is totally degenerate too!! Just like the boys!! I just have to fucking laugh. The only reason women ever are into truly deranged stuff is if they have been severely traumatized by men in their life like through childhood sexual abuse. Sorry Becky but you talking to your girlfriends about Batmans bulge is not the same as your husband talking to his friends about wanting to fuck his 12 year old cousin.

No. 324566

So if your bf only masturbates to written erotica stories is that ok?

No. 324567

File: 1682856439479.jpeg (Spoiler Image,75.49 KB, 933x948, 1648753995011.jpeg)

No. 324568

Written erotica about what exactly? Or you think males don't write fanfics about woman getting raped lol?

No. 324569

NTA but to me, no. I don't want my man to masturbate at all in a relationship. I don't either. I have a high sex drive and I want to have sex with the man I love. I know from experience that men who masturbate can't satisfy me. They have ED or can't cum and then have to jackhammer me for 2 hours until I am sore (which isn't actually desirable despite what porn tells you). Men who masturbate have dicks that lack sensitivity and that takes away the fun. They always end up being rough in bed and I don't like that. Save it for me or fuck off and stroke your dick but leave me alone.

No. 324570

This plus male masturbation honestly disgusts me. It might just be because both men I ever loved jerked off and watched porn behind my back while we were in a relationship but men touching their dicks is associated in my brain with gross coomers and gooners who watch hardcore porn all day and beat away at their dicks like animals. I guess I have some sort of PTSD kek but even just seeing a man touch his own dick briefly during sex makes me want to stop immediately cause I feel sick.

No. 324572

First, moid """erotica""" is always degenerate, disgusting and misogynistic (the r/incest subreddit is nothing but scrote incest fantasies and it's a very popular sub, for example) except for very few rare exceptions maybe, and I doubt 99.9999% of males are going to gravitate towards those exceptions.
Second, if I were in a fulfilling relationship with a male I wouldn't have a husbando and much less read self-insert fanfiction or draw yume porn (this is exactly how it was when I had boyfriends), if the purpose of your dumbass question was to make me and other women with the same mindset look like hypocrites.
Also, masturbation, sex, fetishes, pornography, healthy fantasies and degenerate fantasies are not the same thing at all. Stop treating them as if they were all synonyms. Attacking pornography, moid sexuality and fetishes is not the same as being a sex-repulsed prude or saying that women don't have sexual urges at all. Horny women and horny men are on different levels of degeneracy and most horny women still respect men while the men don't respect women.

In this era it's practically impossible for a man to not be consumed in porn addiction, so this hypothetical ultra-rare moid who only reads tame erotica without misogyny and who respects, loves and desires his girlfriend/wife only and has a healthy sexuality is virtually non-existing. So the only kind of moid that has a remote chance not to be defective in some way is the moid that's completely porn-free. Hell, if I were optimistic I might even believe in moids who have developed high levels of empathy and despise porn solely because they respect women, but I doubt that's a thing.

No. 324579

>they respect women
I guess I’ll get banned for this, but I’ll just throw this out there in case anyone here wants to understand more about how men think.

I don’t “respect” all women as a group, but I don’t “respect” all men as a group either. A random person who I don’t know is neither deserving of respect nor disrespect. I don’t respect them, but I don’t actively disrespect them either. It’s just… not a relevant concept. It has no bearing on how I relate to them.

Respect is something that someone earns through their actions; and even then they’ve only earned respect for those particular actions, or their particular place in the social hierarchy, they don’t get some deep respect “as a human being” or some shit. The idea that I have to “respect” someone just for existing is foreign to me and I suspect that most men would agree, if they really thought about it. You think that we respect other men in a special way that we don’t grant to women, but this is totally wrong.

I’m bi and I sometimes fantasize about other men in ways that you would consider bizarre and degrading. Am I “disrespecting” them? I dunno, it’s not really a consideration that factors into my thought process. It’s my private fantasy, why should I give a shit what anyone else thinks?

You can’t get men to “respect” women because that’s not how men relate to respect. It’s something that’s given in exceptional cases to individuals who have earned it, it’s not part of my default view of human beings. Anyway I’m out, peace.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 324580

File: 1682863313172.png (218.42 KB, 1565x1510, porn_free.png)

No. 324584

Either male or lack reading comprehension, both terrible predicaments.

No. 324586

Proving bi moids are no better

No. 324587

I bet you the degrading way he fantasizes about men is just putting them in the place of a woman and sissifying them

No. 324588

bisexual men are just men who are so desperate they'd fuck anything. Literally can't leave them alone with a ham sandwich. Hooking up with bisexual men is how women get AIDS btw.

No. 324589

Farmers throw this word left and right, but this is indeed twitter modus operandi
>any kind of criticism towards porn
>"So you are denying that women have sexual urges too?"
>literally not what the post they are replying to is talking about

No. 324591

Well, it turned out to be a scrote this time

No. 324616

After reading this thread I came to the conclusion I will be forever alone and childless.

No. 324617

Like the old scrote adage
>any holes a goal

No. 324775

>Cut out men that watch Porn
How many are left
>Cut out men that read erotica
How many are left
>Cut out men that watch/read porn/erotica that's considered safe, consenting and not harmful
How many are left

Realistically how many men are left from all of this sifting, porn I can understand but the idea of erotica being not allowed is crazy to me.

I think as long as it's not used as a crutch or a core focus and the subject matter is okay it would be fine.

You may be better finding someone with similar personality traits or compatibility and then detoxing them off said bad habits, with the way the world is and the nature of social media you're looking for a something very very very rare.

Even then its no idea that said person who doesn't watch doesn't also have unhealthy attitudes.

No. 325276

I'm personally okay if they read erotica, but the first cut will immediately eliminate 99.999% of scrotes my age instantly so I'm not even going to bother. They only care about their pleasure (cooming / having sex) and comfort (being a mommy to take care of them) first and foremost, so why should I?

No. 325336

Question for this thread: whats stopping you from filling up your camera roll/Pc with cuckolding scenario captions, photoshopped eboys, male underwear models, young twinks giant dicks, and so on, then telling Nigel its just a fantasy and nbd?

No. 325341

File: 1683177763215.jpg (66.16 KB, 800x800, PINKTORTOISE-mousepad-anime-Ma…)

Sounds like you have a real problem with porn. U should get into some BL or slash fic brah
I recommend Bara
Are you insecure? Do you have trauma? Did someone you date have a terabyte of porn?(bait)

No. 325365

Well yeah we already came to the conclusion that porn-free men don't exist unless you want to date a dude from an uncontacted rainforrest tribe and even he will start watching porn once you bring him back to civilization.

No. 325366

Men wouldn't care about that since they don't have real human emotions like women do. If you tell a man you are a pornsick weirdo too he will just feel emboldened, start sharing porn with you and expect you to do degrading things like threesomes and watch porn during sex.

No. 325369

>and even he will start watching porn once you bring him back to civilization.
this kek, I've read about men from tribes and "primimtive" villages that used to be relatively isolated from globalized society, while there was misogyny and sexism in their culture already, they became misogynistic in new ways, for example they started to use the stuff they "learned" about women as an excuse to be misogynistic pieces of shit like all other men.
Porn is designed to make scrotes addicted, it doesn't matter what culture he comes from.

No. 325370

My point wasnt to join them if you cant beat them, my point was to give them what theyre dishing out. If hes watching porn its only fair for you to openly lust after other men.

No. 325371

NTA but what would be the point then? Just more bitterness in your relationship? It'd be better to just dump him.

No. 325373

Entertainment mostly.

No. 325375

late but this point screams insecurity. I'm not agreeing with the anon you replied to, but your partner is going to find other people attractive, even if he's in love with you. I'm deeply in love with my nigel but I can acknowledge someone else being attractive and thus, being attracted to them. Your man will still find others attractive, including people who look nothing like you.

No. 325382

That's dumb and literally goes against what we are naturally "attracted to" in a relationship. Even if for majority of couples that is not the reality of the situation, deep down we all crave somebody that loves us for us and feels like we are enough for them, whether that is emotionally or sexually. Claiming anything else is just a cope with your situation, sorry.

No. 325393

File: 1683194039618.png (46.51 KB, 352x320, 1645028793167.png)

>tfw bf has no coomer fetishes
>high libido
>so in love with me he can only get off thinking about me
>tells me all the time how hot I am
>great satisfying sex

Doesn't get any better than this nonnies

No. 325409

wait until the novelty of your body wears off

No. 325412

>I know because he said so

No. 325417

That's great but stop it with the animu girl avatar pics.

No. 325423

You sound almost excited to see anon's downfall, kinda weird
>finding an "porn-free" bf is as unrealistic as 4chan moids wanting a "trad gf", it's nearly impossible
What constitutes a "trad gf" anyway? A virgin, religious girl? There are thousands of them around the world, but non pornsick males are just nonexistent

No. 325424

Don't reply to the attentionwhore moid, just report

No. 325425

Why is this so hard for nonnas to get, it's a female space. That's literally the whole point, to get men out of female spaces. Just report the minidick faggot and pretend he doesn't exist, like the women he tries to talk to IRL

No. 325428

>"I can only get off thinking of you"

Nonna if you're over 20 and believe a word of this I am so so sorry for you

No. 325449

Sorry I didn't knew that post was him trolling too

No. 325454

File: 1683203778198.jpg (17.09 KB, 365x348, Untitled.jpg)

i resigned myself to it long ago. even if you find a man who doesn't watch porn (meaning he probably has other weird hangups like religion or nofap or smth) then you can't guarantee he won't be terrible in bed. what if he just jackhammers you for 2 minutes and is done and refuses to get better? back to the dating pool where you will never find another pornfree man? jesus it's bleak for us out there. rather be content and stress-free than lose my mind questioning my personal morals for a dick. dildos work just fine.

it hurt my heart reading that. oh nona.

No. 325455

you think watching porn guarantees men are good in bed? they're not exactly watching porn centered around the pleasure of women, far from it. watching porn makes your described situation more likely if anything. at least a porn-free man can be taught.

No. 325459

that's not at all what i said. i said even if he is pornfree it doesn't make it him automatically a good partner.

No. 325462

no but the other way around is equally true if not more so, so what's the point you're trying to make? A porn free partner who sucks in bed is better than a coomer who sucks in bed if you really insist on having a bf

No. 325466

>A porn free partner who sucks in bed is better than a coomer who sucks in bed if you really insist on having a bf
neither of those things are good.
the point is that dating is a minefield you shouldn't even bother trying to cross unless you're willing to stress yourself out a lot for some dick that you could just give yourself with a dildo. i refuse to settle for mediocrity.

No. 325471

Has anyone tried to do the opposite to their scrote? Like just watch hot male pinups whenever he's near, hang posters of both real and 2D men anywhere and just generally be a pornsick menance but in a way that isn't attractive to him?

No. 325477

Yes, and it's hilarious how approval seeking they become. All of a sudden it's "b-but you like me more, right? h-heh…"

No. 325478

Question: if its common knowledge that men will fuck anything and can be memed into jerking off to anything, what does him jerking off to you even mean?

No. 325488

I am someone who is only attracted to someone I am in love with. I can objectively say if a person is attractive or ugly, but I am not attracted to other men. I don't thirst for movie actors, youtubers or random men on the street. I don't imagine having sex with other men. I don't want to see other men naked. I literally just want to have sex with my partner. I honestly WISH it wasn't like this and that I could be like a "cool girl" who is like "yeah I sexualize the fuck out of men and never think of my scrote while masturbating lul" cause then yeah, I wouldn't care if he did the same thing. Because then it would be fair. But I'm not like that and so it's unfair. I think a lot of women are like me, very monogamous or idk there is some kind of "-sexual" word for it. And so yeah we want a man who treats us the same as we treat men, but those men don't exist and it SUCKS. I just want to be loved the same way I love my man and it will never happen for me and it makes me want to kms to be honest.

No. 325489

Men wouldn't give a single shit about this because they are socialized differently and think differently about sexuality. It doesn't work the other way around.

If you want to make your man insecure in return you'd have to start showing off your own body to other men. Start an OnlyFans, walk around in public in skimpy clothes, bend over in yoga pants infront of his friends, go out alone at night with your girlfriends without him. That would piss him off because you are his property to be oogled only by him.

No. 325492

it’s called demisexual

No. 325495

KEK go back

No. 325497


No. 325498

I’m hetero, monogamous, very attracted to my bf but can still look at/fantasize about other men. Doesn’t mean I would necessarily fuck all of them btw. I have all kinds of fantasies, a lot of them are of my bf, but I wouldn’t necessarily act everything out irl. I used to feel a little guilty of it and I also feel a pang of jealousy when I think that my scrote might sometimes think of other people, but in the end it’s like the older I get, the easier it is to just .. realize I can’t control what other people do. He wants to be with me, he gives me great dick all the time, shows me off to his friends and family, helps me out with stuff and we have a lot of fun together. I’m currently listening to “Mating in Captivity” because everyone and their mom recommends this book and while I'm uncomfortable with how sex positive it is, I think her takes on maintaining independence in a relationship is on point. Feel like a lot of you are borderline codependent which leads to a lot of rumination and control issues. I’ve been there myself in previous relationships.

No. 325507

Wouldn't start an onlyfans or entertain a nigel's group of scrotes in yoga pants but going out with your girlfriends and walking around in public in "skimpy" clothes has def irritated my pos ex off, all while he was a porn addicted coomer. Thank goodness I dumped his ass.

I think acting like a Stacy is the only way to keep a scrote in check, reminding him that you're sexually attractive to the everyone (especially other scrotes), not just him. That plus not necessarily watching porn to counter his coomer behavior but making comments about how you find an actor / 2d man / whichever male celeb attractive is enough to keep them humble.

Even with my moid associates, they get jealous as hell when I call a celebrity hot, when I have 0 intentions of doing anything sexual or romantic with them kek. They snap and immediately start pouring insults towards a celeb I'm praising- from 'fake' / 'not real' / 'gay' etc… It's funny how scrotes are going to lust after everything he sees from instathots to egirls, and coom to porn, but they also lose their fucking marbles when they see a woman (who's not interested in them at all) find other men (not them) attractive. I'm not interested in dating atm but if I ever do I'll just fight fire with fire. kek

Seriously, if you're curious about how crazy and insecure moids are, try praising some other hot man in front of him. They start foaming at their mouth, it's hilarious.

No. 325516

The thing is that if you reached that point, why just not dump him? It seems like much less work.

No. 325521

This could fire backwards and make him brag about his "property" being desirable on top of him being jealous. I was asking so anons itt to find a way to be as obnoxious as moids with porn, in hopes it shows the moid how retarded it is for the relationship and so that he eventually stops his consumption.
Just remember how butthurt they get by balding, infertility, dick and other size jokes. In that same spirit you could annoy them with displays of coomerism they don't like

True, but I'm trying to see it from the perspective of hetero nonnas who just want a nice non porn addicted bf.

No. 325528

i feel like a lot of scrotes are disgusted by women being fujos (especially if they ship irl people), or at least i met some who were, i don't know if that could be a way to trigger them

No. 325530

Ok… you're not like me then. It's fair if both you and your bf fantasize about other people. Also the whole "he gets his appetite outside but he EATS AT HOME!" and "he might want to fuck other women but he chose ME!" is such a dumb cope. But whatever, you also want to fuck other people so that's fine.

No. 325535

Ayrt. Sorry I was rambling and trailed off. I realize we’re different, but my point was if your relationship is good, he’s crazy about you and you don’t have any evidence/reason to believe he is doing this, then there is no point in thinking too hard about it. You can’t control someone’s thoughts, but should judge them by their actions. Maybe it's not helpful, but imo being preoccupied with what your partner may or may not be thinking is unhealthy and codependent.

No. 325538

Well yeah, I make the best out of it and don't usually think about it. Still sometimes when we are having a fight or we are out and about together and attractive women walk around infront of us in skimpy clothes it makes me very depressed knowing that I will never have a man who only thinks about me the same way I only think about him.

No. 325550

I think guys who look at porn (at all, they don't even have to be addicted) or are coom-brained enough fantasize to about women tend to have a lifeless look and demeanor about them when alone with a woman. As if they emotionally checkout. Anyone else notice this?

No. 325561

nonnie you just described all of my male peers kek, or the entirety of male population. They all watch porn the moment they know it's there and they'll never stop, thanks to the internet. They have this glazed, dead fish eye look and the only thing on their mind is cooming, so it's not surprising.

I find a lot of moids like this even when they're not alone with a woman but when he's just staring at one. So many of these disgusting creatures at my gym, I always wear the baggiest clothing when I work out and I still get stared at like this. I wish there were a biologically female only gym.

autosage for sperging + blogposting

No. 325586

I notice a lot of men can fake being human in the presence of others usually, but if they're alone with a woman they check out mentally and emotionally. As if she doesn't even register as human anymore, and they just see her as an object. Maybe I'm biased because I've seen this behavior with my exes, it made me dump them. Thank god I didn't have sex with them.
What made me think of this? I've been dating a guy who is so present with me and attentive that I can't help but be hopeful that he isn't a degenerate. He doesn't have the dead-eye coom look, that I've seen every man have eventually.

No. 325618

sorry nonnie I hastily went through the reaction image thread to find something fitting, I think that's the first anime reaction pic I've ever used

Well, yeah. That's what trusting a partner in a loving relationship is nonnie, we're very open and into each other. We were friends for years and while I was in my libfem "oh porn is so fine" phase we would chat about it and he wasn't into it then. I teased him a lot about how romantic and loving he was (and is).

This is such a bitter comment, lol. But I was friends with him while he dated his ex, who got fat and he would still tell me that he found her beautiful, so I don't have much to worry about.

No. 325620

samefagging but he tells me he just uses his imagination, or his memory of some fun times we've had together. He just imagines us having sex.

No. 325632

Simple: ask the guy if he finds blowjobs degrading. If he says yes, ask him if he expects you to EVER give him one then. If he says no, never, I suppose you could give him a shot. He could just be lying though. If he expects you to do it anyway, never talk to him again.

No. 325638

i am pretty sure no man on earth thinks blowjobs are degrading.
also sorry for the inevitable rage this will cause but oral sex isn't a bad thing if both people are fine giving and receiving equally. it's guys who think eating pussy is "gross" or something they don't ever think about that are a red flag.

No. 325640

wish we could go back 100 years ago where oral was inherently taboo

No. 325643

No, what the fuck, I want my pussy ate

No. 325644

Lmao this, fuck men and their blowjobs, pussy eating stays tho

No. 325652

Enjoy oral cancer I guess

No. 325657

??? Citation needed

No. 325659

In the off chance that he's telling the truth, that's awesome for you anon, but you have got to stop taking things men say at face value. Most likely, he's saying these things because he thinks it's what you want to hear, not necessarily because they're true.

No. 325662

this is the retarded incel belief that oral sex gives you hpv in your throat which causes throat cancer.

No. 325668

Almost EVERY man on earth thinks blowjobs are degrading and that’s why they want to facefuck women. You are either a moid or dumb

No. 325669

Scrotes that don’t want oral but want to eat coochie exist nonnie, I hope you find one

No. 325670

Who's gonna tell her?

No. 325672

not hard to look it up, the more partners you have and give oral sex to increases your chances of getting strains of hpv and its associated cancers. i think there was a recent study about it too that every newssite was freaking out about

No. 325677

Most women are vaxxed for hpv, and if they're not they should be, stop fear mongering. You have higher chances of get ring hpv and getting cervical cancer anyway but you'll never talk about that.

No. 325680

it's precisely because it's degrading that they find it hot, just like facials or anal or whatever

No. 325690

>Most women are vaxxed for hpv

No. 325692

1. it does
2. hpv vaccine covers 9 types of hpv. 200 types exist.

No. 325697

File: 1683272362761.png (40.21 KB, 1189x397, mahpv.png)

NTA only a few of those strains are commonly associated with cancer, and the vaccine seem to provide some protection for throat cancer as well. Performing oral sex on women is riskier in terms of HPV throat infection than sucking dick.

No. 325704

this is the same level of stupid as saying that kissing people will give you cancer bc of mono and shit
sooo what's the chance of getting it in general? like 5%? who gives a shit. you probably get in a vehicle every day and that ups your chances of dying by lke 200%

No. 325713

>the more partners you have and give oral sex to increases your chances of getting strains of hpv
Sorry but if you are having casual sex with men and giving them unprotected oral then you kinda deserve it. I would only ever give a bj to a man I love and who also loves me back. Doing this for tons of random scrotes makes you an uber-mega pick-me and you reap what you sow.

No. 325720

This. Sucking dick has always been degrading and every time a scrote sees you on your knees sucking his dick he sees you as lesser being and something to dominate. Gross.

No. 325726

goodness, they deserve an hpv infection? listen to yourself.

No. 325730

Safe, protective sex should be paramount but what the fuck is wrong with you? Someone deserves an infection beacuse of that? That is some scote-tier roastie logic there.

No. 325734

>Doing this for tons of random scrotes makes you an uber-mega pick-me
I mean yeah, but that still doesn't mean that they deserve to suffer for it. Your anger is misdirected, get mad at the hypothetical scrote instead, because they are the source of all this bullshit.
I don't give oral, but that position in particular is awful. No woman should ever kneel in front of a scrote. I don't think it's degrading if both the man and woman are lying down and the woman is doing it at her own pace, at least.

No. 325747

Thank you, me too

No. 325757

In most of the the Western world, the HPV vaxx has only been introduced in the last 1-2 decades and even then most girls of target age are not getting it, so most women are indeed not vaxxed.

In my country they've actually rolled out a campaign this year that allows adults up to 26 (which is far older than the 'ideal' age) to get the vaxx because the vaxx rate was that low.

No. 325798

This should count as a-logging.

No. 325801

If you were just honest and told your boyfriend that him jacking off to porn makes you insecure most men will probably stop.

No. 325802

No, males love it when their girlfriends are insecure.

No. 325804

Men wouldnt be half as interested in porn if there were no women to terrorise and groom with it.

No. 325805

No but I appreciate you bringing the thread back to topic.

No. 325807

I'm not any of those anons but it literally doesn't make me insecure, I just feel disgusted because most of them jerk to women being abused, slapped, spanked, hit, raped. The last guy I was talking to got shocked when I told him I wouldn't like being slapped. Porn normalizes abuse and that's not ok.
I don't know who told you guys porn makes women insecure, it does not. Most porn stars don't even look that good, they're just average, manipulated teen girls who get raped on camera. It disgusts us for other reasons.

No. 325812

Agree with >>325807 anon, it doesn't make me feel insecure. You're prob a moid but let me entertain the bait. Moids would be the ones feeling insecure if they caught their girlfriend / wife watching some monster sized dick porn. I'd even say most moids aren't comfortable when women happen to have regular sized dildos that are bigger than theirs. They'd lose their fucking marbles because 'uhh how dare they enjoy something bigger than my ~precious~ dick!11'.

Porn makes people dehumanize women, and your brain's dopamine center gets broken to the point where you can't coom without abusing women or watching / doing degenerate shit. Moids never just stick to vanilla porn, they always fry their brains up to the point to watch the most depraved shit.

No. 325818

You can't even be honest with yourself. All this moralfagging is secondary to the fact that it's making you feel insecure when your boyfriend jacks off to other women.

No. 325819

>You're prob a moid
I don't even agree with the anon you're replying to but there are posts in this thread saying it makes them insecure >>325538 so it's not something made out of thin air. Her statement was still stupid and naive.

No. 325826

Nta, it's true that some women felt insecure but scrotes love thinking "ah, this is the REAL reason they all hate porn!!" just because some women said so. Suddenly all the other, equally valid and true reasons don't apply, they're just looking to win an argument against women and especially anti-porn women.

No. 325848

>ree you're just moralfagging

Nonny, just because you feel insecure when your nigel scrote jerks off to other women, doesn't automatically mean that every other woman on this thread is also as insecure as you. Seek therapy kek

No. 325849

Right? Kek, it seems weird to me that anon is referring to it as "moralfagging", usually that word is used by people whose fetishes are being criticized. Why would a woman be this upset and call it moralfagging when other women attack men for watching porn? Sounds like a scrote to me

No. 325854

Males who masturbate to porn should be shot, end of.

No. 325885

I agree. I can admit that it makes me insecure because it makes me feel like I am not enough to satisfy him. But not just that, it makes me feel betrayed. It's honestly like cheating to me. Men shouldn't be doing this to begin with. Women shouldn't have to ask them to stop.

No. 325915

Agree with what…? Could I know how you and >>325818 have become omniscient and certain that the anons who say they dislike porn because it's dehumanizing are only using it as a façade?

No. 325919

No I am sure thats part of it but saying you don't feel insecure at all because all the women in porn are so mid is cope. It feels like shit to be compared to other women and especially when they are fake and willing to do horribly degrading stuff and give moids a false sense of what is normal. You're not losing to scrotes by saying it makes you feel insecure.

No. 325933

>No I am sure thats part of it but saying you don't feel insecure at all because all the women in porn are so mid is cope.
NTA but when I was with a pornsick scrote I legit didn't feel insecure, maybe in part because I was pornsick too and a huge pickme who saw nothing wrong with porn. But also that guy was in love with me and wanted to fuck me all the time, and I knew that, so I never felt like he'd stop being attracted to me. Plus he didn't seem to have a "type" kek, he never compared me to any pornstar or hentai character which is probably why I never felt jealous over his porn use. I don't know if I was right or just naive, probably the latter, but the point is, it's possible for a woman to not feel insecure if her boyfriend or husband watches porn. That's not to say feeling insecure is wrong, it's a natural reaction.

Things are different for me now and now I hate porn not because I was ever jealous of pornstars but because of the psychological effects it has on people who consume it, and because it's based on the exploitation and humiliation of women. I became anti-porn AFTER dumping that guy (because he became possessive, jealous and abusive as fuck, funnily enough he hated that I was a fujo) and after at least one year of being single (still am). I just hate seeing women being abused and all of us being told that it's normal and that we should want it too. I hate misogyny and I hate injustice, it's that simple.

But I understand that there are women who do feel insecure and jealous, it makes perfect sense after all, since a moid who watches porn is ogling and getting off to other women who are naked and being abused. I do believe it is a form of cheating when put that way, but not every woman who hates porn now does so because she felt like she was being cheated on through porn at some point. I hate it solely because of what it does to women in general (normalize abuse, sexual violence, misogyny, etc). And now I could never, ever date a moid who has such little respect for women that he would watch videos of women being raped and get off to their torture and then try to recreate said torture in real life with their partner and then also defend rapists because they don't think rape is even real anymore. For me it's a matter of principles, whether a man jerks off to misogynistic shit determines his values and worth as a person to me. A man who likes porn has lower empathy for women, that's a proven fact and it's something that permeates society everywhere. You can be a victim of the effects of porn without even having a boyfriend through your interactions with random men on the street.

It's really, really fucking weird of >>325818 to try to force others to "admit" that they hate porn because they were jealous of pornstars and that women can't possibly hate men who watch porn because of other reasons. It's like saying you can only hate the ultra rich elites because you're jealous and want to be as rich as them, not because they exploit us all and actively work to keep us from having any sort of power over our own environment. If you found out that your husband consumes CP would you say the children being abused make you insecure, or would you just be absolutely disgusted and disturbed at the kind of degenerate monster you married? Well, for some of us, the latter is similar to our reaction to men who watch "normal" porn (only of course CP is miles worse but you get the point). Moids who watch porn are immoral and don't care about the humanity of women.

No. 325950

You just didn't love that guy. That's why you didn't feel jealous.

No. 325952

I have a great body and most women in porn are average teen girls who are being raped. A normal woman doesn't see a raped 18 yo girl and go "omgz im so jealous she has bigger titzz wtf!!", that's male logic. Men are the ones who get insecure of their average/small dick sizes after watching porn. I once told a guy his dick was a little small and he had a full on mental breakdown on me, you're telling me men aren't the ones who are insecure? Lmao.

I'm sorry but a man wanting to beat me up scares me more than him possibly liking girls who have bigger tits than me, I care more about my safety and wellbeing just like any average woman.
And I used to watch this stuff when I was young, never got insecure then either. Maybe deeply insecure women get triggered by porn but that's not the case for most women.

That's why I wouldn't care if my bf jerked to other stuff as long as it's not violent BUT nowadays all porn is violent so it definitely bothers me.

No. 325956

Good for you. I don't have a great body and I am very insecure. Yeah it makes me feel like shit if my bf looks at other women. Especially because they are unrealistically perfect, filtered, bleached, operated on and 10 years younger than me. I don't know why your personal experience is supposed to universally apply to women. I feel just as bad being compared to Bella Delphine as a man being compared to some chad with a big dick. Not all porn is beating and raping. By your logic a man watching hentai or OnlyFans would be totally fine. It's not tho because it destroys intimacy in the relationship.

You have been derailing this thread for weeks now because you are unhappy with our reasons for wanting porn free men and are on some weird moral purity crusade. Stop.

No. 325957

So my bf couldn't get an erection last night when we wanted to have sex. This is the first time in like 4 1/2 years we have been together. I noticed his performance slack off in the last couple of months. Of course he swears up and down he doesn't watch porn, doesn't even jerk off, hates the porn industry, preaches to other men about not watching it and tells me he is sooooo attracted to me and that he is just "stressed".

It's over isn't it.

No. 325959

maybe his honeymoon phase is over

No. 325962

Mental health can affect your sexual drive a lot though. Is he acting different in other ways? Or taking a new medication?

No. 325963

Stop pushing your insecurities onto others. If you feel jealous of RAPED teen girls, you're mentally ill and disgusting. Go get on a diet or something instead of accusing every other woman of being jealous like you. Ew. Am I supposed to feel bad that you're ugly and fat as if you didn't attack anons and start infights because you can't accept that women think differently?
Also the post I made yesterday and today are the first times I've really voiced my opinion about this, not everyone who says they're not jealous is me. If you feel jealous of a random skinny girl, go get on a diet instead of trying to excuse RAPE AND ABUSE in porn you ugly bitch. Stop accusing every woman of being insecure losers like yourself. I can't believe that you think a man jerking it to a manipulated woman who's being taken advantage of doesn't matter but her being young and cute does.

God I hate people like you. Imagine being jealous of a victim of sex trafficking or abuse because she's younger and prettier. You really are disgusting.

Does he suffer from mental issues? He could very well be jerking off even without porn or be suffering from a mental block of sorts. Try to talk about it to him openly. Hope it's not anything serious and you guys resolve it easily.

No. 325964

This reads like a troll post.

No. 325966

Can be due to porn, can also be due to other reasons

No. 325968

No. He's usually extra horny when he is stressed out too cause it makes him feel better. I assume he is jerking off due to stress too much so he can't get it up for me anymore.

Idk how to "talk to him about it" because he lies to me and says he's not jerking off and not doing anything because he knows I don't want him to do that. I am always up for sex so he doesn't have a necessity to jerk off. He is doing it for no reason and ruining our sex life so I am not inclined to try and empathise with him cause it's something he needs to quit.

Its not

No. 325972

Its really crazy to me that men will jerk off so much their dicks literally stop functioning and they have to sit there infront of their disappointed girlfriend with a limp noodle dick and still they feel zero shame or incentive to better themselved. Men always externalize their issues by blaming anything and anyone but their own personal failure. They are incapable of accepting responsibility and they will blatantly lie to your face as if it's not insult enough that they can't even get hard for a woman they are supposed to love. These losers deserve nothing. They need to be dumped and publically humiliated. Tell everyone you broke up with him cause his limp noodledick doesn't work.

No. 325973

Entertaining the notion that this is not a troll post, the way you talk to him is by saying sex is important to you, so you either need to fix this, break up, or make some kind of arrangement so that you can get your needs met by someone else (100% fair if he is watching porn as it is already cheating)

No. 325977

Why exactly do you think this is a troll post? What exactly would be the pay-off? Where is the funny part? I don't get why you keep saying this making me feel more like shit about this embarrassing situation.

I already told him it's very important for me. There's nothing really more for me to do just wait and see if he gets his shit together or not. My issue is… what do I do now? I am so put off my this I really don't want to have sex anymore cause it was so humiliating for me and I don't want it to happen again but if I don't then he will just keep jerking off more and it will just get worse. It just sucks so much.

No. 325981

Did he have any sort of plan? Did he not even offer to get you off in another way (like fingers, oral)? If he's not taking the initiative to fix this I'd be worried that he's just going to passively wait until things become irreparable. Since you've been together for 4 years I can understand why you'd be hesitant to leave. Can you sit him down and ask him genuinely if he's been jerking off? Tell him you won't be mad, but you need to take the steps to improve your sex life and this is a big detriment to that. Can you even trust him to be honest about this? Because if you can't, then there's a way bigger issue than just your sex life.

No. 325982

AYRT Sorry I just think jumping straight to the conclusion that he's been watching porn because he goes soft once is a bit of an over reaction. It happens. It’s kind of hard to comment on your particular situation because there are so few details. He certainly could be wanking it to porn, but there could be other reasons as well. I think if he is choosing porn over you and lying about it then it’s grounds for dumping him.

No. 325983

She also said that his performance has been poor for a while, whatever that means. I can see why she'd be suspicious.

No. 325984

Yeah for sure, from her post I get the feeling his desire has dwindled and it's fair to bring it up, but my point was that there could be other reasons than porn. If he's feeling stressed out but still wants to have sex, you could try other things that takes the pressure off his performance a bit, e.g. mutual masturbation, erotic massages, oral sex, taking baths together and so on. However I think the stress excuse is usually a cover for other feelings.

No. 325986

>Did he have any sort of plan?
No he just got angry at me for being upset by this

>did he not even offer to get you off in another way (like fingers, oral)?

Lol, no. He never does that, which was ok with me cause I can have orgasms from intercourse and it was always good. Honestly was also very turned off by that situation and felt depressed and shitty.

>Can you sit him down and ask him genuinely if he's been jerking off? Tell him you won't be mad, but you need to take the steps to improve your sex life and this is a big detriment to that. Can you even trust him to be honest about this?

I tried and he got angry that I would accuse him of that, which to me is a huge indicator he feels caught and guilty and is using anger to deflect. He wouldn't be honest cause he knows how I feel about porn, that its cheating and I would break up with him.

>AYRT Sorry I just think jumping straight to the conclusion that he's been watching porn because he goes soft once is a bit of an over reaction. It happens
I have been noticing him be less attracted to me and having issues for months. This is just the final straw for me. He's been less complimentary, less touchy-feely. We used to have great sex every day, sometimes multiple times a day. He'd get a boner just hugging me. He was always up and ready for it instantly. He's been taking longer to get hard and he also has been having issues finishing during sex. So I think whatever hes been doing (jerking off) has been going on for a while and his dick only now broke from it.

It makes me feel so shitty. I feel like there is just no way to have a long term relationship with a man cause they are biologically built to seek out novelty and thats why porn is so popular. You get a different woman every time. They just can't be satisfied with the same woman for 50 years and its honestly so sad cause I love him so much and still desire him the same as I always did. Just feel so undesirable now despite still putting a lot of effort into my appearance.

No. 325988

Ok yea definitely sounds like porn, but whatever it is the way he's getting so defensive and doesn't wanna work on it dosn't bode well. I'm sorry anon. Tbh he already knows how you feel about porn, so I think it's best to stand your ground because guys need to learn their actions have consequences, but I get that it's hard when you've been together for so long. You'll feel better for respecting yourself though. Check out the subreddit loveafterporn if you haven't, it's 99% stories of women giving their moid way too many chances.

No. 325989

Damn. I'm sorry, nonnie. The fact that he doesn't give a shit about anything other than intercourse is a huge red flag. Men should want to kiss your body, caress you, and give some focus to your body outside of just PIV, otherwise they are pornsick and selfish. I get that you like PIV and can orgasm from it, but imo he needs to be willing to engage with your body outside of that.

His reaction is so shitty too. Shows he has absolutely no conflict resolution skills and doesn't give a shit about resolving this and making you happy. I'm sorry you invested so much time with him, because this should have come out way sooner. I really think you should break up with him.

No. 325992

Thank you. Like many nonnies here I really thought I found the one guy who is not like the others. I think he even was/is serious about knowing how destructive porn is for relationships and how its bad for you. I just think that men, no matter how anti-porn they are, will find excuses to consume it anyways like drug addicts who go back to their addiction "just once" or "because I'm stressed" or "because she's mad at me anyways" etc and just can't stay off it long term.

I know that even if I broke up with him and found a new man the same thing would just repeat itself. I think that we just have to accept it or die alone. I just hate how much it destroys me and my confidence. I never felt so ugly and unlovable ever in my life. The man you love the most not desiring you hurts so bad.

No. 325993

Yeah I was thinking that too tbh. He never kisses my body or touches me before sex. No foreplay other than kissing until he gets an erection. I don't feel like he loves or desires my body very much. Now of course I am getting a lot of thoughts like what if he has been thinking about other women during sex with me just to get hard before and now even that's not enough anymore or what if he thinks I am just too old now (I turned 30 last year) and men just will always desire women in their early 20s most so I lost appeal because of that. Idk it is hard not to think of this being because I failed to be what he wants me to be.

No. 325994

No offense, but you need to stop acting like you failed or did anything wrong. He failed YOU. Even if you were 18 and had his dream body type he would still lose interest, look at porn, and fantasize about other women. He is that type of person. While it sucks you invested so much love, effort, and time in him, none of this says anything about you as a person. He sucks. That's it.

Really, I think you should take this time to work on your self-esteem. Boohoo pornsick man doesn't like you? Time to move on. I genuinely think men who don't give a shit about young woman/novelty exist, but you will never meet them while you're stuck dating losers.

No. 325995

No. 325999

I don’t mean to make you feel bad, but if he gets angry at you for sharing your feelings and doesn’t bother touching your body then he doesn’t sound like such a catch. Like other anon said, you could be the onlyfans e-thot everyone gets off to, and your scrote still would not be able to get it up to you if he’s a porn addict (I’ve read personal acounts of it). I second that you need to work on your self. I’m in my 30s and finding a new bf after my last relationship took me a couple of months, getting older is not the end of the world.

No. 326003

File: 1683377895664.jpeg (18.41 KB, 540x540, 1610491903320.jpeg)

Thank you very much for the support.

No. 326005

Anon please love yourself, you didn't fail him, he failed you. If he expects his partner to be forever 21 he's the one failing his partner, please love yourself.

No. 326007

File: 1683379495422.png (20.99 KB, 984x438, Untitled.png)

I've been looking at this subreddit and it's really heartbreaking. This post especially hit me. I think that almost all men are addicted to porn so if you date a man who was single for a long time and used to watching porn daily then he will always struggle with not doing this and he will always WANT to go back to that. Men will always want to watch porn even if they don't do it for your sake and why would I want to be with someone like that? The constant anxiety I have over this is destroying my life. Constantly wondering if he is sneaking behind my back, constantly analyzing him and our sex, is it worse today? did he jerk off again? Was it when I left to go to the doctors? When I tended our child? Is he looking at that woman on the street? Is he fantasizing about her? Is he thinking about her while being with me?

This is constant mental anguish. I am not doing this anymore.

No. 326010

I dunno, despite all the negativity on the internet I think there are still good men out there who don't get off on objectifying exploited women. I'm not going to wallow in misery because shitty people exist. I understand your mindset completely though, I would hate to be in a relationship like that and I would never settle. It's much better to be single.
Unfortunately for me, one of my dreams is having a wonderful loving relationship, so I don't feel like I can give up completely. I enjoy my own company but I just want to spend my life with someone who is worth it.

No. 326011

A relationship between a man and a woman consists of constant effort for the man to fight his urge to betray her and a woman's constant effort to love a man undeserving of her love.

No. 326025

I know my bf isnt a coomer, so I doubt he watches porn. When I was in grad school there were times we went months without habing sex because I was too stressed about school. I was worried he was masturbating but then one night while he was asleep he had a wet dream which he was really embarrassed about. anyway I know he wasnt masturbating because they can only have wet dreams when they havent ejaculated in a long time (over a month is what I noticed with him). so unless he watches porn without masturbating (who does that?) he isnt a porn addict.

No. 326030

> anyway I know he wasnt masturbating because they can only have wet dreams when they havent ejaculated in a long time

??? what kind of logic is that lol

No. 326032

it only happens if they get too full of cum, their body releases it to make a new batch

No. 326036

Dumb and not true. They happen because he's dreaming about sex (probably not even with you). Sorry but you actually think your bf didn't cum at all for MONTHS? Lol. Man I wish I was as naive as you.

No. 326039

This is a dumb argument. Nobody can control wet dreams.

No. 326052

This isn't true, it's a myth. It's reabsorbed into the body. But a guy may have wet dreams when he stops masturbating.
You sound miserable.

No. 326057

Saying that you know for sure your bf doesn't masturbate cause he had one wet dream when you haven't had sex for MONTHS is the most retarded thing I have read in this thread yet. Sorry but it's true. There is a zero percent chance that a guy doesn't touch his dick for several months when he's not having sex either.

No. 326058

I’m kind of past this mindset. Incoming sperg, but I’m the anon who posted previously about codependency. I used to be in a relationship with a guy I loved more than anything in the world. I loved him so much it hurt. He’s my ex now, but part of me still thinks fondly of him and cares about him. However I realize the kind of love we felt for each was so all-encompassing it was smothering. I don’t think it’s natural or healthy for a woman to love a man to such degree it’s self-obliterating. In a way we were each other’s lovers, best friends and adoptive parents, and at the time it was all I wanted. That one person who makes me feel like he will love me and accept me no matter what I do. I still think you should feel safe, loved and respected by your partner, but the love I felt erased the boundaries between what was me and what was him. Again I recommend the book “Mating in Captivity” for more on independence in relationships. The author argues that modern society expects a romantic partner to fill a multitude of roles that in the past would be filled by several people when society was more community based. It creates a lot of pressure on one person and unhealthy relationship dynamics.

The relationship I’m in now is much healthier. I consider the guy I’m with an upgrade compared to my ex, but I’m also putting in more effort to respect his boundaries and maintain my own. I love him, but realize he’s an imperfect being and might end up hurting me one day. It’s the risk you take when you’re in a relationship. It’s going great so far. Bottom line, I feel like there’s a narrative on lolcow that women’s love knows no boundaries but is it really the case, or is it a result of unrealistic romantic expectations and our existence being more isolated and dependent on one single person these days? Also is that a healthy kind of love?

No. 326062

I agree its best to be in a relationship with someone you don't love enough to feel jealous over. You didn't need to use so many words to say that. The issue with dating someone like that is that it gets boring and you likely will fall in real love with someone else somewhere down the line. But dating a guy you don't have true love for will definitely spare your feelings.

No. 326068

AYRT what even is true love tho kek. I think it's a ridiculous concept. Is it obsessively ruminating over what you partner might be feeling or thinking? Your day being completely dependent on this person? Worrying about them all the time? It's not for me I guess, but I enjoy being with a guy I have stellar sex with, who supports and inspires me, gives me energy and that I can have fun with.

No. 326078

>I agree its best to be in a relationship with someone you don't love enough to feel jealous over.
What's the difference between that and a housemate jesus christ

No. 326086

File: 1683404483490.gif (2.38 MB, 498x280, what-is-love-baby-dont-hurt-me…)

No. 326088

If you want true love, get a 2D husbando.

No. 326141

Men aren't for loving theyre for labor and service

No. 326144

Randomly scrolling a thread and overwhelmed with the urge to tell you I understand the reference

No. 326156

That's schizophrenia, retard. Do you think men who jerk it to hentai waifus like you guys schlick over your husbandos are in love? Those both groups are bottom of the barrel autists.
>get in a relationship with a man you don't love
This advice proves you guys never dated. Being with a man you don't love is torture, I tried it once and I got nauseated whenever he tried to touch me, ended up dumping him to date someone else.

No. 326157

Don't try to be rational, nonita. You know exactly what kind of site you're on.

No. 326163

I've been reading /r/loveafterporn and it is honestly heartbreaking how much those women are torturing themselves, but I can relate so much. They are all women who already married and had kids with their Nigel so they want to keep the relationship working for the kids, but they are just constantly worried about their husbands watching porn again. These men can't be left alone for 5 minutes. There was one story where a guy got up in the middle of the night to "go to the bathroom" but the wife caught him so he had sex with her jnstead, later she found out that he was watching porn on his phone and if she hadn't woken up he would have gone to jerk off while she was sleeping, but instead he used her as a human fleshlight while thinking about those women.

Men are not human. They will come to you with a boner that's not even for you and have sex with your body while imagining you are someone else.

They also can't go to the beach out of fear their gross husbands will oogle all the young girls. They catch their husbands mowing the lawn only to watch the teenage girl who lives across the street sunbathe in her yard. They catch them lying about watching porn over and over again and go to therapy to "fix him" when you literally can not fix that shit. That's just male nature. Men are but sex-driven apes that want to mount any ass they see. They will always seek out the dopamine of getting a boner from other women. Having a family with a man is nothing but getting constantly cucked and betrayed over and over again.

No. 326164

I agree with you it's heartbreaking. There is some scientific evidence to the claim men are more visual creatures than women, but I don’t think the type of behavior you describe is inherent to men. It’s a type of intrusive thinking caused by porn addiction. Sure it's normal to look at someone you're attracted to, but how would our species even survive if men have always just been walking around to oogle women all day.

No. 326165

It's not like they are wandering around to look at women but they will always oogle any woman who passes their way. If your man is working in an office he is oogling the young interns, staring at the secretaries butt, imagining what sex would be like with every woman in his office. Comes home horny from work cause the new intern wore a short skirt and will have sex with his wife's body while imagining her. Any time you leave the house with your nigel he will be looking at women who are dressed in short shorts, yogapants, skirts, tank tops, crop tops. It takes no time for him to watch her while you buy groceries to cook him dinner and he's imagining that girl later while being with you. That's how married men cope with only having one woman for the rest of their life. They just have a constant wandering eye and eye-fuck any woman in public that sparks their fancy. Men also get boners in public and tuck them into their waistband so you'll never know if your bf isn't currently rock-hard over some thot that bent over infront of him at the gas station while you are right there with him. Men will never have eyes just for you. They are not built that way.

I never hated men so much in my life and I wish I had known these things before involved with them.

No. 326166

Yeah that's what I mean by intrusive thinking. Then again I'm one of the girls who also have a bit of a wandering eye despite being monogamous. I don't think acknowledging another person's attractiveness while being in a relationship is a cardinal sin, but constantly fantasizing about rando women is intrusive thinking imo. I've seen porn addicts describe it in these terms, and that it lessened once they stopped watching porn all day.

No. 326173

Why are you equating males and women? Who cares what pornsick male waifufags do? A husbando is just the better option in a world full of moids that don't even have to be waifufags to be bottom of the barrel. Hate how all moids jerk off to porn but still want to fall in love? Get a husbando.
Also curious of you to describe women with husbandos as "bottom of the barrel autists" too.

No. 326174

>I'm one of the girls who also have a bit of a wandering eye despite being monogamous
Ew. But also that is not at all comparable to men because men are not as sexualized as women. Men don't walk around in yogapants with a dickprint or croptops with their abs hanging out. 99% of men are ugly as fuck walking around in cum-stained hoodies and jeans that have never been washed. Not worth looking at unless you want to vomit. And if you do look at a rare attractive men I bet your thoughts about him are nowhere near the kind of thoughts men have about women. Read anonymous messageboards for men sometime and you will see the kind of disgusting thoughts men have about women. From raping them to what their farts might smell like. They also look at kids and get boners to 13 year old girls who just hit puberty. And they talk to each other about how normal that is and "What were her parents thinking letting her walk around like that". This isn't just pornsick men, who are like 90% of the population btw. Men have always sexualized women and girls since the dawn of time.

No. 326195

>This isn't just pornsick men
Yes it is, normal non pornsick men don't post on anonymous messageboards

No. 326209

No they don't. But they still have the same thoughts. Young boys already steal girls underwear and try to peak uo women's skirts. Males are inherently perverted and sex obsessed.

No. 326210

That all just sounds like a nuisance.

No. 326217

File: 1683476166299.png (37.43 KB, 974x800, blackpill.png)

Since apparently some of you haven't had enough blackpills about men yet, this /r/loveafterporn subreddit is full of it.

No. 326218

yeah that's porn addicts for you

No. 326227

Lesson: Let men tell on themselves early on, do not waste 8+ years like this woman. Ask questions about his sexual tastes in a flirtatious manner, and seem willing to appease him so he can at least give you a hint at how fucked he is. You don’t have to have sex or send nudes in this process, just ask flirtatious libfem questions, then leave once you know he’s a degenerate.

No. 326230

Agreed. Also, I feel for women on that subreddit and I understand a lot of them have already devoted years to their scrote, have had multiple children etc. but smh at how they keep giving their addict chance after chance after chance. I'm not in the all men are trash club, but dump your scrote on the spot if he turns out to be a coomer like this. Like I would be instantly bone dry, what's there to salvage? It's the only chance he has of maybe being motivated enough to get better, and you save yourself from turning into a self-hating nervous wreck like the majority of these women are.

No. 326242

>I understand a lot of them have already devoted years to their scrote, have had multiple children etc. but smh at how they keep giving their addict chance after chance after chance
>what's there to salvage?
You answered yourself, its sunk cost fallacy. Also, op admitted she still "loves him" despite hearing all that crap, so yeah, some of them are not very bright to begin with

No. 326248

Men are smart and know that women do that. They know women want to hear "oh of course I don't watch porn, thats so gross and dehumanising of women". Men lie. Many of the women on that sub have been married to men for years and thought he didn't watch porn cause he was being sneaky. It's like with serial killers how all their neighbors and friends are shocked and never suspected a thing. Especially if the man is tech savy you might never know until its too late and he already babytrapped you.

No. 326249

File: 1683485074381.gif (1.84 MB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

NTA but it's a risk you take I guess

No. 326251

Well the odds are stacked very high against your favor.

No. 326253

File: 1683485599734.png (28.57 KB, 976x482, blackpill2.png)

This appears to be the number one tell your bf might be watching porn behind your back other than sexual dysfunction/disinterest. Now that I read this I realize that this is exactly why men take so long in the bathroom. All my life I thought that men just have terrible diets and indigestion from that, but they will literally shit in the toilet and then jerk off on top of their shit (one of the reddit women's husband admitted to her he does that). That is how vile men are. Now I am reminded of my own family members who are male taking long in the bathroom despite doing obviously no personal groomin. I am sick.

No. 326263

>They know women want to hear "oh of course I don't watch porn, thats so gross and dehumanising of women". Men lie.
The point is to seem willing to indulge in their sickness, like you're a typical sex positive libfem who would dress up in a school girl outfit while you peg him. If they think you're a sexual doormat behind closed doors (even though you may seem normal on the outside), then they won't think prudish lies are relevant and instead find it extra exciting they didn't expect you to be so willing so they'll say weirder shit. You don't even have to pretend that much, just say you're open minded and up for literally anything and everything. They of course won't share the dirtiest shit up front, but they will give you hints and a good basis to judge.

No. 326266

File: 1683488146393.png (24.93 KB, 681x514, clockedbyyourcolonoscopy.png)

This post had me curious kek. It's def something some moids do, but there are also anatomical differences that make scrotes worse at pooping.

No. 326267

So men are retarded at knowing if they're done shitting and that's why they spend 30+ minutes in the bathroom, okay

No. 326268

That's pretty much it

No. 326269

And they must be using their phones in the bathrooms to look up diagrams of their colon to effectively finger the shit out of their asses as well

No. 326271

Ugh okay, most other animals seem to be doing just fine guessing when they need to poo but okay.

No. 326274

Cause humans generally go around pooping in the wild whenever the mood strikes

No. 326277

This isn't true. I was a super pick-me in the beginning of my relationship who was open about porn-use and willing to do degenerate stuff in the bedroom. My bf has insisted that he is super vanilla and would never want to anything kinky in the bedroom for our entire relationship. He still watched degenerate porn. He just didn't want to do that with me (or in real life at all) and he was embarrassed to admit it to me even tho I was a pick-me who said I wouldn't judge him. Men are very good at compartmentalizing and often times they don't actually want to do the kinky shit they watch/jerk off to. Many have Madonna/whore complexes where they will be sweet and worship their girlfriend and then let out their disgusting degenerate side with whores/porn/camgirls because they dont see them as people. Sorry to burst your bubble

No. 326278

This seems like cope invented by a scientist moid who was caught jerking off on the toilet by his wife.

No. 326279

I can see that. Out of curiosity, when/how did you find out he was a coomer?

No. 326280

Idk there were guys in that thread admitting to beating the meat while on the toilet because reddit, but sure. I didn't mean to imply it doesn't happen, just a personal curiosity because I remember being like 10 years old pre smartphone era and having a guy friend who took foreeeever to poop

No. 326281

I get that the advice isn't effective in all cases, there are men who are too ashamed to admit to it. And I'm sorry he did that and lied. I still think allowing men a chance to show their true colors early on will prevent a lot of women from being deceived long-term had they just seemed willing enough for him before he clammed up completely.

No. 326286

I caught him jerking off in the middle of the night while he thought I was sleeping and suddenly a lot of things made sense to me.

No. 326290

Ew that must have been awful. I’m really sorry that happened to you anon. The reason why I’m asking is because I feel like guys hiding something like that either are kinda off about sex/intimacy from the start, or it escalates into that. I don’t mean to say you should have known because porn addiction isn’t widespread knowledge yet and generally we want to believe the people we love are telling the truth. I think some moids do hide really fucked up fetishes out of shame, I also had an ex that hid less savory parts of his sexuality from me. I still believe there are normal moids out there, but I get that it must be hard to trust someone after having had that experience. It's a gamble.

No. 326307

There was nothing off. We had what I thought was very fulfilling sex almost every day. Turns out he needed to coom several times a day.

No. 326310

Sounds quite porn addicted tbh

No. 326319

File: 1683496088160.jpg (38.33 KB, 626x470, sad-woman-hug-her-knee-cry-sit…)

I am honestly so disgusted by men at this point I can barely stand to even look at them. Whenever I see a "happy couple" outside I just think about how badly he will hurt her, when I see a man smiling at me in public I just think that he probably jerks it to degenerate porn of women being abused. I don't even see men as human anymore, they don't feel love and affection the way we do. Because if you love someone you aren't so selfish. Men will always put their pleasure about your feelings. They deserve nothing. They are depraved. I still remember when I found out that rule34 was a thing and that men are drawing porn of every disney princess and childhood cartoon I watched. That really broke something in me. Even the "good ones" have jerked it to degenerate shit like loli/shota or rape, abuse, revenge porn etc sometime during their many many years of being alive with access to the internet. True love to me means only getting aroused for one person. I can honestly say that in my relationships I have never been aroused by other men even one time. All I want is the same kind of love that I give to a man. But I will never get it. I am so depressed over this.

No. 326486

Would you be ok with him if he jerked off in the bathroom while not looking at anything?

No. 326488

Nonnas, how pornsick do you think your family members are? I have no brothers so I can’t speak about family members of my own generation who grew up with the internet, but I do think about the older ones.

I just can’t imagine my dad watching porn. He grew up pre-internet of course and it’s just impossible for me to imagine him jerking it in a porn theater or buying dirty VHS tapes or something. IIRC he’s also the first person I heard who referred to porn as “abuse of women”.

Our mothers at least had the ability to tell themselves their men weren’t porn addicts. Even if they actually were, if you didn’t know for sure you could still tell yourself otherwise. Nowadays? You are 100% sure that any man you meet is a pervert who has been with thousands of women digitally and who has depraved fetishes.

No. 326490

No. Why jerk off when I am right there??? Guys who jerk off lose sexual interest in their partner, it's just worse if they use porn also. Deathgripping their dicks also damages sensitivity. Not to mention how absolutely disgusting and pathetic it is to imagine him sitting there beating his dick and cumming into a toilet bowl while I am like 10 feet away ready to have sex whenever he wants. It's just so pathetic, like some animal without self control.

No. 326491

File: 1683543325208.jpg (129.51 KB, 713x1011, 71gcTdY6qaL.jpg)

Playboy and other magazines like that were wildly popular with boomer men. Before that they had pin-up calendars and shit like picrel and in the stone ages they would just draw a bunch of titties on the wall of their cave. Men have always chosen fictional, idealistic depictions women over their flesh and blood partners.

No. 326500

Your father has jerked off to playboy. He has fucked prostitutes, drug addicted girls, tattooed girls, and black girls. As a young man him and his friends made misogynistic comments and took turns gang banging Stacy. He lusts after your friends, and if he is handsome he probably has fucked insecure girls your age. He thinks bimbos are hot and loves a pair of big fake tits more than he’ll ever love you.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 326502

>fictional, idealistic depictions
Kek we do that too. Our monkey brain thinks they are real.
Sometimes I despise the internet for what it's done to boys and girls. Then I think back and… yeah. The good ol' times were just as bad, but in a different way.

No. 326504

Hell no. Men just jerk off because they want to be entirely self-indulgent instead of having to even acknowledge or care about their partner's pleasure.

No. 326509

Would you feel the same about another woman?

No. 326517

If I was dating him and we could’ve just had sex instead, then I wouldn’t be okay with it.

No. 326518

The only fantasy I have about fictional men is having a man who doesn't watch porn and doesn't thirst after other women.

No. 326520

Nope, women often care more about their male partner's pleasure than their own. It's not the same.

No. 326525

If a woman masturbates in a relationship its probably because her partner is selfish in bed, never makes her cum, never touches her clit and just does pornbrained jackhammering. Men suck at sex and rarely satisfy. Not the same at all as a guy who just needs to stick his dick in a woman to cum but prefers to jerk himself off anyways because he is too lazy to satisfy his partner and prefers the company of fictional women over his real life woman who is left unsatisfied with his limp noodledick.

No. 326533

I was asking because I date other women and a girlfriend telling me I can't masturbate would feel incredibly weird and invasive. My clit is still mine, thank you very much.

No. 326535

>Men will never have eyes just for you. They are not built that way.
it is true. and it's why heterosexual relationships are fucking doomed imo. it's why when men had even more power than they do currently, women were fully property and just there to be tolerated vaginas around the male living quarters. it's why so many cultures had extreme polygamy and so many still practice it. men are biologically wired to want to dump their coom in as many women as possible and they can't truly be satisfied with just one woman.

it's why, similarly, women who have a bunch of casual sex aren't really satisfied by it. fucking a ton of dudes doesn't satisfy anything biologically for us. we want a strong partner to give us strong babies. we don't want to ensure our dna spreads as much as possible. monogamy is doomed to fail and polygamy disgusts me so i choose to be forever alone instead of waste my time with a moid.

No. 326537

Why are you in this thread then? Relationships between two women and between man and woman are not comparable whatsoever.

No. 326538

File: 1683550964127.png (54.91 KB, 352x395, 941587.png)

>women who have a bunch of casual sex aren't really satisfied by it
Speak for yourself. Please.

No. 326539

Getting disappointed in bed by multiple men who use you for sex and then discard you is not empowering btw.

No. 326540

I'm sorry you've only had sex with shit moids kek

No. 326541

Couldn't pass up a glaring case of double standards kek. Pretty soon some of you will enter an actual long-term relationship and realize two people are rarely horny at the same time and it's better if the horny partner just gets off quietly in the bathroom.

No. 326542

I've had multiple long term relationships with men and I've never gotten off quietly in the bathroom. Only the thought of that is the least sexiest thing I could ever imagine. Men's only purpose in life to to get an erection and dispense seed so if a man can not do this at a woman's whim then he is useless and his life should be snuffed out tbh. You're a lesbian so maybe fuck out off this thread.

No. 326544

Lesbian derailing thread about straight relationships

No. 326545

man does it hurt to see this again. hope you find your strength
most men aren't good at sex and the onus should not be on women to try and pick through mediocre dick to find it. be less of a pickme.

No. 326546

I'm bi, but that's not the point.
>if a man can not do this at a woman's whim
Most men are hornier than most women. Do you really want him trying to initiate sex when you don't want it? That's "woman's duty, spread your legs and think about England" all over again.

No. 326547

It's not my fault you have been gaslighting yourself into some sort of baby fever. I'm not hardwired to sniff out superior sperm or whatever, that's a (You) problem.
Guess what? Those who practice casual sex do it because they enjoy the experience. Do not project your feelings onto them. I promise you we're not suffering deep inside.

No. 326548

File: 1683552235882.jpg (100.74 KB, 682x670, Untitled.jpg)

No. 326549

Dangerously pinkpilled

No. 326550

Are these moids in disguise or has lolcow really become that pathetic? Defending pornsickness and low-value dick? Holy shit.

No. 326551

kf is down so…

No. 326553

I'm not a guy. I disagree with some stuff you're saying, plain and simple.

No. 326554

>fucked a black girl
Imagine being so racist you think it's a crime that a man has been intimate with a nonwhite woman. You're more mental than pornsick men if you think being with nonwhite women is trashy.

No. 326556

Why are you comparing prostitutes to girls with tattoos and black girls as if being black or tattooed is as shameful as selling sex?

No. 326560

Thoughts on my moid? Am i retarded for trusting him?

>pornfree before we got together, used to watch it when he was younger

>used to watch it from age 15 to 18 but found it too shocking, only jerked off to masturbation instruction vids
>after that he became a religious fanatic, moreso than when he was young
>would nofap for months on end and then take breaks where he would jerk off to his imagination
>is anti-porn but used to view it as the porn makers AND actresses being guilty of spreading degeneracy, I had to teach him all actresses are victims and not just a few obscure cases
>used to watch GoT before we got together, i told him to stop
>only red flag is that he saw creepy animes like Dragon Maid or that weird shit with the bully girl and he brushed the creepy shit off as "just a weird japanese thing"
>unfamiliar with a vast majority of kink terms and sex positions
>meek af in bed but gets horny with me a lot, we do it a lot even when we promise ourselves to take it slow
>gets a boner just from cuddling
>once stayed up watching tiktok (we live apart) like 40 mins after we texted goodnight, i found it super sus
>cums fast but nuts are sometimes bigger/smaller

Other than that he treats me well, spoils me and is very present, is grateful and never gets mad

No. 326563

>used to watch GoT before we got together
>once stayed up watching tiktok (we live apart) like 40 mins after we texted goodnight, i found it super sus
how are those red flags? you're being way too harsh anon

No. 326564

Then he waits until she wants it. He's not going to die if he doesn't coom. He can use that energy for doing something productive instead of jerking his sad weenie.

No. 326565

Sorry but any man who watches anime is a coomer and belongs into the garbage. That shit is so pornbrained, stupid, vapid and degenerate, no man of value would consume that medium ever. Literally every anime just has girls who represent scrotes favorite trope/stereotype that has zero to do with how real woman act. A man who enjoys anime no doubt has zero clue about women or straight up hates them, otherwise he would find it to be grossly offensive and tbh a torture of all senses.

No. 326566

To reiterate what said >>326551 the random racism and oddly presuming everyone here is white is such a kiwiscrote thing.

No. 326567

I watch it myself, not all of it is like this, and even he is aware most of it is pornbrained, for example the isekai genre. He's seen a lot in order to judge it accurately but he only likes/keeps watching things like Dragon Ball, Berserk and Demon Slayer, or love stories like Komi or Spy Family

No. 326568

Maybe so anon, i hope you're right

No. 326570

You should dump him cause he has shit taste in anime.

No. 326571

Like i said, he only briefly checked those to see what the hype was about, he prefers either childish love stories or shit where big buff guys fight every fucking episode

No. 326572

Berserk? The one where a girl gets raped by a horsemonster? Sorry but there is no good wholesome anime. Its all cumbrained garbage. As a woman you probably don't even notice the various ways degenerate scrotes are catered to. Not a single adult man who is worthy of pursuing a relationship watches that garbage.

No. 326573

>acktually you're not enjoying sex
No thanks, I do enjoy it quite a lot. And nobody is forcing you to participate.

No. 326574

Ask him if he has watched Princess Tutu, if he hasn't, dump him.

No. 326575

Girl please, i have literally criticized the medium for years and made radfem analyses on it… women aren't idiots anon, i know very well how even normal things (like eating icecream or working out) are overly sexualized in most anime, especially slice of life anime.
If i were to leave out misogynistic media, i would only remain with about 2 or 3 series to watch, in anime and other mediums combined.

Yes a woman is raped in berserk, the private parts arent shown and its meant to horrify you. Should we condemn any media that portrays rape? Why don't you talk about the ways in which the character it happened to recovered and reclaimed her voice?

You have an irrational bias and seem to carry it over to me as a person by assuming i'm some yes-woman who doesn't notice the obvious

No. 326576

Haha ok i will, he hasn't seen Madoka Magica which is already a tragedy though

No. 326577

Lol you are hopeless. Good luck with your future troon bf.

No. 326578

>Madoka Magica
It's not that good imo.

No. 326579

You getting offended shows you just chose to take what i said as an attack rather than a correction. He hates troons just as much as me but thanks i guess, I hope you can learn to be less polarizing.

No. 326580

It's my favorite but I have to admit that it can get boring whenever the pacing gets all stretched-out. It would've worked better as a movie than a short series

No. 326582

nta but i don't trust men into that stuff either, they usually like it for the wrong reasons. especially tiktok.

No. 326583

Got lost in my spergings and forgot to mention he lets me check his phone whenever and doesn't follow any girls nor does he have female friends, and I'm not allowed to have male friends either

No. 326584

what a weird relationship, merging with another person like that. you must be an extrovert. i'd kill myself.

No. 326585

Of course he doesn't have friends and isn't interested in 3D women, he's an anime watching sperg lmao. Honestly a man that watches anime is the biggest and brightest red flag in a man I can possibly imagine.

No. 326586

He actually has male friends he goes out with frequently, i said he doesn't have FEMALE friends
He's not a waifufag either

No. 326588

You'll learn eventually that you are retarded. Don't say we didn't try to warn you tho.

No. 326589

>I'm not allowed to have male friends either
That's an absolutely classic red flag…

No. 326590

She isn't allowed to have male friends and you're worried about anime?

No. 326591

Maybe i would understand why i'm supposedly "totally retarded lololol" if you actually came up with real arguments? This is a thread meant for discussion, not some 4chan shithole where you misread a post and then spit your venom.

No. 326593

Oh shit, an actual smart take!
Thanks for raising the bar anon. Now that you mention it, it's kinda sus

No. 326595

>he have female friends, and I'm not allowed to have male friends either
I know quite a few friends that had this same dynamic and most of them got cheated on or cheats. I am not saying it's 100% chance this is going to happen to you, I'm just saying that it's clear you guys don't trust each other from the start. It can be you are both insecure, but dealing with the insecurity would be better than trying to restrict each other.

No. 326596

you're in a mutually retarded relationship where both of you destroy each other's boundaries, policing screen time and going through each other's phone. but it's like you don't even notice the real issues, getting sussy over tv shows and how much he cums. for me the religious fanatic part is the biggest red flag.

No. 326598

Destroying which boundaries? Reducing what screentime? The only thing we ask of each-other is to avoid ecchis/"boobs-n-gore" and it's no big deal since we don't have any current interest in it anyway…
His religion is in fact an issue for me at times but the rest isn't and hasn't once bothered us

No. 326599

Okay, so you're suggesting that working on trust and insecurity can help us right? I'm not really sure what exactly can be done to help those things, but at least you helped me put into perspective that those are the core issues

No. 326600

>only jerked off to masturbation instruction vids
Are you saying he was jerking it to other dudes showing how to jerk off?

No. 326601

whatever. just remember to communicate.

No. 326602

No, to women jerking dildos off

Nona please stop, i already have to live with the fact he loves shit like dragon ball with big buff guys and "jokes" with his MALE friends by pretending to hump them and kiss them, don't you fuel the gaydar now

No. 326603

>"jokes" with his MALE friends by pretending to hump them and kiss them
I think your boyfie is a fag

No. 326604

God fucking dammit, so the only way to have a porn-free guy is to date a gay man

No. 326605

I can't tell if you were trolling all along or if your bf is Latin-American.

No. 326606

On my fucking life i'm not trolling, and no he is white

No. 326607

Let me get this straight. Your boyfriend
>suddenly becomes super religious
>doesn't like porn… at all
>is completely 100% okay with not having female friends
>humps his friends' asses
My diagnosis is bisexual with a case of internalized homophobia.

No. 326609

I am unironically getting tears irl right now wtf do i do

No. 326610

Nothing. We're just teasing you.

No. 326611

The religious thing combined with watching anime (these two things do not make sense whatsoever combined since anime is considered to be satanic and degenerate by anyone who is an actual Christian) screams 4chan /pol/tard to me tbh. Top that off with "he hates trannies" and yeah he is probably a closeted homosexual/troon in the making.

No. 326612

>gay man
>porn free
Gay men watch even more porn than straight men and also have way more sexual partners. When they date women those numbers get even higher. All you stand to gain from a relationship with a gay man is HIV that he got from the THOUSANDS of men he fucked while dating you.

No. 326613

Nice stereotypes you have there. If op's boyfriend really has gay tendencies, he's clearly ashamed of them. Probably wants to marry op and try to be a good husband. Might succeed since he's not a complete homo and cuddling op gives him a boner.
But I'm just spitballing.

No. 326614

>since anime is considered to be satanic and degenerate by anyone who is an actual Christian
LMAO what?

No. 326616

I think you underestimate how popular DBZ, Naruto, and other mainstream anime is with more "normal" people, I don't think being christian and watching really popular anime makes him a /pol/tard automatically. If she said he had waifufag tendencies and also prioritized her being a pure virign then I'd agree with you

No. 326617

Being a Christian and watching anime is incompatible, sorry but your loli waifu is not based and Christpilled.

No. 326619

File: 1683561553099.jpg (74.18 KB, 735x708, 53340b76b4049406a1ff24bf7eceeb…)

I'll patiently wait for you to tell me where in the Bible Jesus says anime is cringe.

No. 326620

It's hard to give suggestions since I don't know where the possible insecurities come from. I would say it's a good start to understand this before anything else. Even if he allows you to go through his phone and stuff I don't recommend doing this, it's exhausting to keep on looking for cracks and it can stress you out.

No. 326624

He's not a waifufag and thinks loli shit is gross thankfully and doesn't care about virginity, especially so in the case of rape

No. 326626

Still helpful advice, thanks anyway

No. 326627

Tell me how japanese cartoons about little girls in short skirts being sexualized by grown men is in any way shape or form Christlike.

No. 326628

What's Christ's opinion on French literature?

No. 326631

There is literally a character called Mr. Satan in Dragon Ball as well as several demon kings.

No. 326632

kek anon

Honestly I can imagine catholic /pol/fags being both against and for anime, I've seen both. And I've seen both with catholic normies too. Reasons behind it are what matters.

No. 326651

If you story needs an animated rape scene instead of just cutting from her horrified face to something else, it wasn't only for plot. That magna had random women being raped all the fucking time. It was scrote rape fetish bait. Sorry to break it to you. As someone who also watches anime, yes… Most of it is moid pandering bullshit, which is why I haven't bothered with anime for years except a select few.

No. 326653

Yeah this relationship is a train wreck. You're "not allowed" to have male friends?

No. 326671

We mutually agreed to no friends of the same sex because we find that weird, but go off i guess, yeah a total trainwreck which is why there's respect and care, i like how you're totally not infighting

No. 326672

Him and i read the manga and it's absolutely not as frequent. Sorry he doesn't get a boner whenever it happens and sorry it makes him tense up with disgust, maybe it's yet another sign my relationship is sooooo bad and weird

No. 326674

I meant opposite not same, sorry i got distracted because i'm throwing away all my mangas and video games and books and dvds because they have brief sexism in them

No. 326694

if you are so secure in your great relationship why did you ask our opinion to begin with?

No. 326700

Because i wanted to ask if you suspected that he watches porn, not if his anime taste was cool enough or if it's based of him not to have female friends.
I didn't ask about anything else, just if he seemed like the sneaky coomer type. Because, you know… it's what this thread is supposed to be about

No. 326722

Well and we told you that anime is a huge red flag in regards to porn use cause its a highly sexualized medium with its own dedicated porn genre and a lot of it is straight up softcore porn. Chances of your moid watching porn are pretty high. But you didn't take it very well.

No. 326723

>but you didn't take it well
This would be true if it wasn't just some of you sperging that "anime bad!" without explaining how it could connect to porn use.

Now that you actually bothered to argue properly, I can see your point. He isn't into 2D so the chances aren't so high in my opinion, but the risk remains

At last i managed to get an actual reply to my simple question!

No. 326724

While i'm at it, i just wanna point out some incoherences in what I read on here, both before and after my posting

>if he watches anime it's a red flag

>ummm you DARE control what he watches??


>omg you literally can't leave moids alone for 5 seconds! They will use those to jerk off in the next room?

>ummmm lol you don't let your man have female friends? Weird??? Thats a literally useless boundary?

It's not adding up

No. 326726

It's probably because it's different anons?

No. 326727

Still, the point of this thread is (among other things) to find out how a man can be trusted not to watch porn. This means finding concrete solutions, not throwing shit at a wall and seeing what sticks

No. 326733

They mentionned lolicon (which i mentionned my moid finds gross) and rape which disgusts him. Besides, not all animes have those.
I know r34 is a thing, but he has said himself that he found 2d weird and prefers 3d by far. He's not a full-blown otaku, he goes out and works out more than he watches anime.

Again, the risk remains, but i believe it's not as extreme as anons here believe, hence my indecisiveness on whether or not i should be worried

No. 326736

File: 1683586510056.gif (13.52 KB, 300x100, 39 (1).gif)

Oh no, the admins put this banner on the site! This must mean they are hentai-addicted coomers!

No. 326737

Yeah. My problem is porn, not masturbation.

No. 326740

The AYRT explained the connection very well.
R34 culture is deeply intertwined with otaku culture. It's practically inescapable if you use the internet at all, and every single moid who watches anime also jerks off to porn of the female characters.
Fucking look at PreCure, it's completely non-sexualized, cutesy magical girl anime for little girls, yet Japanese scrotes still made a huge fandom of it because they want to fuck the main characters. They're the Japanese bronies. The moidpandering magical girl anime sub-genre was born in the 80s because studios realized otaku moids are pedophiles who will sexualize anything innocent as long as it involves female characters, and buy tons of merch.
Since then studios have also realized that sex sells, especially to men, and they use that to their advantage designing most female characters of almost any age to be sexually appealing, so they'll hopefully get popular through hentai doujin.
And with the internet, R34 has been getting overwhelmingly popular almost overnight, to the point it's common knowledge that there's a ton of porn of every female character ever and it's constantly joked about and referenced by moids online and in real life.
So yeah, being a male anime fan is the same as being a coomer.

Not to mention Kentaro Miura openly defended pedophiles/lolifags justifying the existence of that genre. Of course he was a degenerate and all the rape scenes weren't "meaningful", they were about as "artistic" as rape scenes in horror movies by scrotes.

That banner was made ages ago and when moids were still allowed here I think? Either way a lot of people have already complained about it and want it removed. It's one of the most commonly complained about banners iirc.

No. 326742

AYRT but if your boyfriend really hated lolicon that much or found 2D weird, he wouldn't stand watching anime because depictions of girls and women in anime are already weird as fuck and detached from reality, and because sexual assault and pedophilia jokes are common in anime too. That includes all of the anime/manga you mentioned your boyfriend likes.
It may not seem like an extreme case because anime "weirdness" has already been normalized in the mainstream, but him being desensitized to it is indeed a red flag and you should be careful.

No. 326743

Oh wow, a paragraph of shit i already know! Sorry girl but if a scrote can't even look at PreCure without sexualizing it, he's a whole ass pedo, that's not normal.
And whereas little girls are sexualized in some anime, adult women are sexualized in most irl series. I would say that maybe my moid watching shit like attack on titan isn't the problem? Since what he watches/likes isn't any loli shit, and the only loli shit he's seen is things he's been recommended and stopped watching after seeing the degeneracy.
Who even is Miura? Asked my moid and he didn't know
The banner thing was a joke but i am not surprised it completely flew over your head.

No. 326744

If he into precure in that sort of way DUMP!
Idk if they watch silly anime shows like that or sailor moon but there’s a line lmao
I agree

No. 326745

typo *idc if…..

No. 326746

To be fair, he watched me play a danganronpa game and cringed at a beach scene and said "why do they have to be so naked?" So desensitized isn't exactly right, he just tends to think it's "a fucked up japanese thing" though that's lowkey racist ngl
The rest of what you said is true, but i'll be honest, as a radfem/terf i myself tend to consume media while turning a blind eye to the bad shit once i made a first-time analysis (unless it's too severe to gloss over), you gotta tolerate some bullshit in order to have entertainment or else you would never watch anything at all. It's a sad reality

No. 326747

Don't worry, he's not
He's into demon slayer, berserk, attack on titan, dragon ball and jujutsu kaisen, as well as spy family and komi cant communicate, also a silent voice
The sussest out of these is Komi, and my worry is that he views it as a genuine and accurate portrayal of anxiety, which it is ABSOLUYELY FUCKING NOT

No. 326749

Me not knowing who it is should've made it obvious that the shit you mentionned about him is things neither him nor i knew and that therefore that point is irrelevant, but sure I'M the retard here…
I know r34 exists…
And i literally acknowledged multiple times that it is in fact a red flag…

Anyone who actually has a brain wanna add to this conversation or

No. 326751

File: 1683588223412.gif (3.11 MB, 314x200, angry-angry-white-woman.gif)

Those anons when your normie ass moid who occasionally watches anime isn't a complete neckbeard and is decent to you

No. 326752

Kentaro Miura was the creator of Berserk, retard. You could've just copy-pasted that name on Google and gotten your answer.
The PreCure thing was just an extreme example of the relationship between anime and coomer fandom. It means that when grown ass men watch anime they're going to find a way to sexualize the female characters even if they weren't designed for that purpose, and produce tons of drawn porn. Especially so if the characters were meant to be sexualized like in DB, SpyxFamily, etc. Shounenshit is notorious for this. You even mentioned at the beginning that he watched Dragon Maid and Nagatoro, two coomer anime. And he was just watching it because it's "haha so weird"? Sounds like a childish excuse to me like he's hiding something. Anyway, it's a red flag whether you like it or not. I didn't say it's definite proof that he's using porn just that you should watch out. Jesus

No. 326753

>he watched it because it's weird
I said he checked it out because it got hyped to him and stopped when he saw the degen shit.

How about you stop spamming your post over and over and take your meds, you raging schizo

No. 326755

>the shit you mentionned about him is things neither him nor i knew and that therefore that point is irrelevant, but sure I'M the retard here…
Yes, you're the retard here because the point I and the other anon are making here is that Berserk has a lot of rape in it because Miura was a degenerate who gets off to rape and those scenes weren't meant to be there just for narrative purposes. The scenes were drawn in a certain way to cause a certain reaction. You are not a man or pornsick so you wouldn't know what effect those scenes had on your boyfriend, especially since you don't know if he's secretly a coomer or not. Right now you can't be sure but him watching more obvious coomer shit suddenly makes it at least a bit suspicious.

No. 326756

>a lot of rape
Granted, we didn't finish it, but… literally 2 instances that we know of… please. But sure call me a retard over it, you totally don't look unhinged, especially when you act like rape is hot. Like what the actual fuck. Yes i saw my boyfriend's reaction, he was just as furious and disturbed as me. The one whose mind immediately went to porn is YOU.

No. 326759

Oh, sorry, my mistake. I read "brushed off the creepy shit" and assumed he kept watching but just ignored or pretended to ignore the coomer parts. You never know, but again, saying anime (or TikTok/whatever) is a red flag just means it could potentially mean he's a coomer. It's just a possibility and doesn't confirm it but it's something to keep in mind.
I'm not spamming, I just deleted my posts to add more information and reply to new posts I didn't see while writing my reply.

No. 326760

Oh okay, sorry i thought you spammed on purpose. I agree that anime and tiktok are red flags especially since tiktok has secret ways to come across cp

No. 326762

>you totally don't look unhinged, especially when you act like rape is hot.
My god I take back my politeness. Rape isn't hot, it's the artist who can decide to depict it as something that is hot for his fellow perverts. That's why you can never know what a scrote really thinks of those kinds of scenes. A lot of them are aroused by murder scenes in movies where women are killed, and that's not because I think women being murdered is hot, it's because those men literally have admitted it, and because movie directors have literally being exposed as misogynists, porn addicts, pedos, fetishists etc. so it would be stupid to think the violent and sexual scenes they create don't have anything to do with their sick fetishes.
Anyway this debate is pretty much pointless since nothing you said about your boyfriend is damning evidence that he watches porn, there's no way we can know.

No. 326764

>Anyway this debate is pretty much pointless since nothing you said about your boyfriend is damning evidence that he watches porn, there's no way we can know.
Well shit
I'll see myself out

No. 326795

File: 1683598233580.jpg (587.5 KB, 2048x2731, Tumblr_l_1040265470639437.jpg)

Nonnies, I have one of these. We are even married now. The answer is find an outdoorsy, rural boy. They are simple and sweet and don't really understand the internet. They want to be outside climbing a mountain and chopping wood. Get one of these. Top tier.

No. 326796

Ok so once I get out into a rural area with men, do I have to worry he may turn out to be an axe murderer?

No. 326799

That's where the sweet part comes in. Does he like animals? Cats especially? Does he read and gets a little shy? All good signs, and probably no axe-ing.

No. 326818

Nothing says you are comfortable with your man's anime consumption than this insane meltdown and going on to attack anyone who might suggest otherwise lmao. Let her learn the hard way.

No. 326821

i was kekking so hard earlier

No. 326824

That sounds like an exagerated 4chan user caricature

No. 326825

I am that anon, and sorry to let you know but hostile replies aren't always "insane meltdowns", a few femcel's posts are going to get me gritting my teeth at best

No. 326826

>Lololol she defended her man
Fuck, you're right, obviously i should've dumped him on the spot for watching the blatant cp that are dbz and aot!
It's funny how it looks like i'm the one who had a supposed meltdown when anons here tried to nitpick at every smallest detail to make my moid seem like some degenerate. Maybe i'm biased because i'm an anime-fan but come on

No. 326827

>as a straight woman if you don't want to die alone you will eventually have to have to try to find a man
>straight women who willingly don't date men die alone by definition
Straight women are so sad. No wonder most straight women I know have no friends kek.

No. 326828

It's sad but I honestly think if you date men you have to accept that they likely watch porn. If you can't handle that possibility you're in for a bad time. Not that you have to be a doormat and act like you're okay with it, you should obviously find a man who agrees that it is morally wrong but let's be honest they are probably giving in at least every now and then. It hurts I know, this used to tear me up inside but it's just the truth of modern dating. Every person has flaws, this is a particularly disgusting one that's rampant and you have to decide if you're willing to date someone with it or otherwise avoid men for your mental wellbeing. These anons' relationships sound strange and like emotional minefields. Again by "accept" I don't mean finding it okay, but that having this strong fearful obsession is not good for your health or relationship whether he's watching it or not

No. 326829

Not even female ones?

No. 326830

What angers me about this is that it's shit that moids don't even think twice about and have no guilt for while we have to worry about it. I hate the fact that they get to be so fucking uppity at times, especially about women's hobbies while they're these disgusting addicts. We need to normalize shaming men more

No. 326831

Your anger is righteous and justified nona. I feel it too but the truth is men are just monkey brained. I hate to say that like we shouldn't expect better but they are extremely primitive and sexual imagery activates the ooga booga. At least it technically isn't 'personal' they're just animals but we have every right to be angry and demand better, I just think that most are incapable of it because they are that enslaved to their instincts. The least they can do is feel bad about it and hopefully be educated on the harms to women

No. 326832

God I hate tiktok newfags

No. 326833

No. 326835

they shat up 2x with that term too it's insufferable and leaking all over the site

No. 326840

Anime fans are cringe as fuck as you nicely demonstrated.

No. 326841

No. 326842

God gave men a brain and a penis but not enough blood to use both at the same time. It is what it is. Even the most sensible, intelligent, thoughtful and sweet moid turns into a caveman as soon as he is horny.

No. 326843

This is the most autistic thread on lolcow atm. It could have been an interesting discussion imo, but derails into low effort trolling. I made a couple of posts here where people disagreed with my views, the next day those same retards (apparently one or two anons) are stealing arguments from my post using them against anon with the animu bf. No point responding when people are just gonna bait you/argue in bad faith.

And there you have it

No. 326848

I think in any interpersonal relationship, especially a romantic one, you have to accept the fact that a person could potentially disappoint/hurt you emotionally in some way. It’s the risk that comes with any relationship. If you find a partner you like, who you have sexual chemistry with, who wants to spend time with you, has hobbies, is social, a stand-up guy/girl, i.e. is a functional grown up, then there’s no point obsessing about it. Judge a person on their actions. You should assert boundaries and make your feelings towards porn known, but you can’t control what he or she actually does. That also means if they end up breaking your boundaries, e.g. if you have a zero tolerance towards porn and you catch them watching porn, you should stand your ground and dump them. Otherwise it turns into a control issue and you start losing your sleep and hair over it like those women on loveafterporn subreddit. Nothing kills attraction more than knowing your dude is hunched over a blue screen, doomscrolling and touching his peepee with a dead eyed look on his face for hours. Like it doesn’t get more pathetic than that for a guy, so just move on swiftly.

No. 326849

Looks like someone got butthurt i kept smoking her

No. 326850

Ok femcel

No. 326851

>nothing gets more pathetic
Animu bf anon here ig, sorry that i keep flooding so much but you subtly made a pretty important point. An important part of getting over heartbreak after catching your moid watching porn is to realize that he's pathetic and that you did nothing wrong. It's what women need to remember if they feel "jealous" of the porn actresses (i know there is nothing to be jealous of since those girls suffer) or when they feel like the moid they lost was valuable in any way.
Women as a whole should start being extremely strict on the no porn boundary, because when you think about it, men are much less valuable partners than us due to their cumbrains and should strive to be immaculate when it comes to this shit if they want to be loved. But that won't happen because doormat handmaidens are a thing. I myself have been very selective when picking mine but i consider myself to have bullshit luck, unless he's secretely a serial killer or something

TLDR most moids are pathetic and not worth suffering and stressing over

No. 326852

Writing that fucking made me sad. The third wave of feminism fucked us so hard. We have come to the point where porn consumption is mainstream, and calling it out makes us the bad ones. Women are letting their men watch it thinking it's okay. We have become a fucking product for the masses, and this thread is us desperately trying to find ways around it. Fucking kill me

No. 326857

Very based. The worst thing a woman can do in this situation is take it personally. It keeps them docile because they think the problem is them, that they're not hot enough, that they need to do something to fix it, etc. Nope. It just means your moid is broken, you need to fuck off and move on. Like you said, it's a repulsive habit and if you know the guy engages in it then he just outed himself as a subhuman. He's just like every other ape-brained moid. Not even worth your time, attention, and especially not love.

No. 326867

Oh my god can the weeb anon please fuck off and stop spamming this thread? Go watch some Japanese high school girls get sexualized for a moids fetish and stop annoying us. This is why everyone hates weebs. Also your bf is going to be a troon and that's a fact.

No. 326869

Tbh how can you even be attracted to him, if I caught my bf watching anime I’d be so embarrassed and turned off my pussy would be dry when we had sex. It’d be over.

No. 326906

>used to watch GoT before we got together, i told him to stop

Game of thrones ?

No. 326908

LMAO stay mad! Foaming at the mouth kek
Not all anime has that, and sorry to inform you but half of lolcow's users is into anime. I can already imagine you taking your little bitchfit over to the husbando thread…
Keep malding about me while my man spoils me and stays manlier than any fag you'll ever attract(infighting)

No. 326915

You're retarded and missing the point. A half decent man isn't going to sit there reading rape depicted in magna with his girlfriend in the first place. He'd reject the media outright or at least skip over because it's offensive and obscene.

No. 326916

My God you're annoying. Aren't you the one that came in here looking for advice on how to deal with finding out he watched porn? Not all male anime fans are super degenerate coomers, but the pipe line is fierce and unforgiving.

No. 326917

Why don't we also cover our eyes like toddlers whenever there's gore while we are at it? Bold of you to call others retarded when you're over here policing what others see like an entitled autist. Yes, it's obscene, that's literally the point… go back to twitter

No. 326918

I came here to look for signs. He doesn't watch it. And okay, if there's a pipeline then he should watch/read less, glad to get actual advice for once. And you need to calm down, this is just an online thread, nothing to get pissed over

No. 326919

Okay, enjoy watching animated rape with you Nigel. You're so edgy and not like us pearl clusters who will die alone.

No. 326920

This is the most autistic thread right after fujocoom LMAO
We need more threads like that. watching retards fight over stupid shit is really funny.

t. anime husbandofag

No. 326921

Who said we enjoyed it? Are you trying to make me look bad on purpose or are you a schizo? Yeah we don't skip the dark parts of the media we consume, doesn't mean we like it and doesn't mean we actively look for it.
I take back what i said about you coming from twitter, even twitter users are smarter holy shit

No. 326922

You're actually retarded if you didn't know there was a anime to coomer pipeline, literally all anime is hypersexual, unless it's explicitly for children. Then the fanbase is hypersexual. I'm not mad, I'm just laughing at how stupid and buttflustered you are. You're afraid to catch him watching porn but you're obvious to the fact that most anime desensitizes you to sexual content because of how sexualized it is nowadays. (Especially since most anime taken place in highschool settings). Cheers.

No. 326923

Don't make us laugh, also i bet you're the anon who sperged about all anime being cp
I get your post is meant to be edgy, but if any of this makes you react beyond raising an eyebrow you have a mental disability

No. 326924

Rape being depicted in media outside of a tasteful jump cut or illusion to it is completely unnecessary and is only there because the person who created the media has a fetish. The only people who repeatedly exposed themselves to that shit also have a fetish. There's no reason for someone to watch an animated rape scene, and there's no reason for one to be animated.

No. 326925

You're so pathetic… please explain to me how dbz, aot or madoka are hypersexual. This isn't rethorical, actually explain it to me please.
But hey you saw one meme about there being a pipeline on 4chan and took it at face value, so it must be real right?

No. 326926

Would you say the same about fights/gore?

No. 326927

Most anime are hypersexual. If it's not the creator doing it, it's the fanbase. Go Google rule 34 for madoka or something. Hell,they even sexualize pokemon. Sorry you're butthurt but most media nowadays is over sexual, especially anime.

No. 326928

Give a nonnie a break please, she's watching anime herself and don't find it arousing or degenerate. So she's only projecting on her man thinking if she doesn't wanna coom to it meaning her man doesn't wanna too.

No. 326930

Yes tbh. There's no reason other than shock value to depict someone being decapitated for example. Don't get me wrong, I'm fine with a fight scene, I can tolerate someone depicting a person being sexually harassed, but I feel like showing extreme violence and rape on screen is unnecessary.

No. 326931

File: 1683647958906.jpg (9.81 KB, 236x236, 0e19a05d306f4cc7064b92c00d49dd…)

Mfw my moid and i horrifiedly saw a rape scene and so that makes him a degen coomer. Fuck… Guess it's time to call the cops on him. Gotta get him behind bars quick, i don't feel safe with this madman out in these streets

No. 326933

Is this now the finding anime-free men and having anime-free relationships thread?

No. 326936

According to your braindead logic, i'm a zoophile because i like pokemon and yu gi oh.

No. 326937

Men can't consume anime responsibility 8/10 so, yes. Avoid gamers too tbh.

No. 326938

Rent free my dear retard, i don't care about shota. More even I wish after shota ban, mods will ban all your autistic rambling about wanting to be raped by moids and sucking their dicks. Youre all filthy degenerates along with shotafags to me.(infighting)

No. 326939

There's a difference between it being sprung on you vs being okay with consuming media that depicts it more than once, graphically. I'd be weirded out by the later. And personally if someone I was dating was too invested in the former I'd also be weary.

No. 326940

He's not a gamer thank fuck, or the discord mod type of guy

I read that post like 3 times and still don't get what you're rambling about. The original schizo meltdown

To be fair he had to take a break from it after that. I didn't but then again i'm no moid so no need to worry about me

No. 326941


1. Pokemon/Yu-Gi-Oh monsters aren't real animals and they don't depict real animals in a sexual way like half these anime depict teen girls/women.

2. Plenty of furries/zoofags in the ranks of Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon fans. Primarily male, because they can't handle not involving their dicks in things they like.

No. 326942

The anime is pedophilic cause of a one reason which is.. It's their faces are drawn mostly with a proportions of a child. So for liking pokemon you are not a zoophile, but a pedo zoophile.

No. 326943

It's probably a good sign he needed a break. He was rightfully disturbed. Because rape is disturbing, especially if the show/movie decides to just spring it on you

No. 326944

Please tell me you're trolling

No. 326945

File: 1683649179489.jpg (47.75 KB, 570x617, coomer.jpg)

Women always do this. They literally can not relate to how disgusting men are so they always give the benefit of a doubt and project their own innocence onto men. Like, I watched Spongebob as a kid and never found it to be sexual. It's obviously not sexual. Yet you will find millions of millions of rule34 pictures of Spongebob out there. And that's not even a show that caters to moid fetishes unlike anime where all the main characters are pretty girls or have pretty girl sidekicks. Men an literally sexualize anything and they do. We can't imagine looking at two vaguel ballsack shaped rocks and getting wet, but men will look at a booty-shaped tree stump and go to half-mast. It is what is is. Women need to wise up to this and stop being delusional.

No. 326946

I think they are otherwise they're completely retarded.

No. 326948

File: 1683649538247.png (Spoiler Image,1.22 MB, 1218x1122, Untitled.png)

Thankfully her moid only watches very wholesome anime like Dragon Ball, which NEVER caters to disgusting creepy coomer males. I chose not to include the many MANY MAAAAANY instances of Son Goku as a child being depicted completely naked, with his tiny baby penis flopping in the wind, since I personally think shota is fucking disgusting.

No. 326950

That's the core issue anime GF and her ilk are having. Have a conversation with a man long enough and he'll bring it back to his dick, somehow. It's always about sex with them. They see sex in everything and seek it out constantly. It occupies their brains so much they start going stir crazy when they can't get the sex. Male sexuality is a bottomless pit.

No. 326951

I'm probably about to blow your mind, but get this: watching something doesn't mean you approve of every element that it includes.
Shocking right?

No. 326952

When I was pregnant I had periods where I was extremely horny our of nowhere all of the time. Literally all day I would want to have sex and think about it. This didn't last very long but it was completely debilitating as it really distracted my mind from things I wanted to do. Then I realized, this is how men feel ALWAYS. Every single day of their life. 24/7 they feel like that. They get horny out of nowhere or with very innocent input like a woman in a pretty sundress and they can not focus on anything else and their brain is firing wild instructing them to dispense their seed or else. I can not imagine living like that. I think most women can absolutely not relate or even imagine what it's like to be so totally controlled by your horny.

No. 326953

I have had talks with him about it, and no, it's not the case. He's not this rabid 4chan user you're describing. I get that it's rare in men, but you're acting like i'm completely oblivious and didn't look out for this kind of stuff before getting with him. You're coming off like someone who thinks they're smarter than everyone else

No. 326954

Did you forget on what kind of site you're on?

Ooh am I the schizo or a shotafag now, for cringing at your autistic thread about finding a porn-free dick?
Whatever helps you sleep at night, good luck not getting up at middle in the night with a moid jacking off to porn. Cheers.

No. 326955

Somebody get the kiwi refugee outta here

No. 326956

girl, shut the fuck up about your anime loving discord troon bf

No. 326957

Pretty much all men are controlled by their sex drive. Some just don't act like wild animals because they respect themselves. If you feel like I'm being condescending I'm sorry, but I'm not the only woman who's observed this. Hell, even men will tell you they're mainly sex obsessed. But not the one you're dating because he's aware of the optics.

No. 326958

File: 1683650156613.jpg (74.09 KB, 1200x800, 0x0.jpg)

That post was brought to you by picrel

No. 326960

Then maybe i really am naive. It's grim to think about, honestly…

No. 326961

Yeah, but you're denying the events exist. When they're blatant. In the DBZ/older anime era, it was more bearable because the shows had better plots and more charming animation/ characters to disguise the pandering but nowadays it's just pure fapbait.

No. 326962

their faces looks like a child BTW, disgusting pedo moids ruin everything.

don't bother with them nonna, their reasoning are NPC tier

No. 326963

I'm not denying it. Newsflash, men control over 90% of the media, so practically all of it has at least a little bit of fapbait. You can't escape it

No. 326965

A little, but it's okay. This doesn't mean all men are bad or anything, you just have to be mindful of the ones you allow in your company. It's probably fine if he likes anime, but if he's into only moe shit/hentai/fap bait anime, or he's heavy into rule 34 of other types of anime, cut your losses. Lots of men can't consume media like anime responsiblely because they can't not involve their dicks in the process. Liking a female character without liking her body or sexuality is somewhat unheard-of. Even the female characters who would hate to be sexualized get sexualized. Sometimes harder than their other counterparts m

No. 326967

And the point is, anime has A LOT of fapbait. Especially modern anime. It's half flashy fight scenes, half naked big tiddy girl fell over and now I can see the outline of her pussy through the panties uWu.

No. 326969

Please stop with this dumb names calling and give me a solid reason why i'm wrong.
Or are you just trolling, which i'm not that surprised honestly.

No. 326970

I know, but thankfully there is still some of it that's salvageable, even if it's rare

No. 326971

I would love to, but sadly i can't make sense of your schizo meltdown. But you know what would REALLY get me mad and defeated and all? If you took some meds! Man i would HATE that! Wink wink

No. 326976

But if I take meds, voices in my head will disappear and I will have no reason to hang out with my schizo nonnas on lc.

Maybe if you take some you can become normal too. Does anti-autistic meds exist I wonder?(infighting)

No. 326977

Is a "no u" all you can do? Come on, try harder
Especially now that i'm ready to move on from this thread because i solved my problem, just pretend i'm still there, shouldn't be hard for a schizo

No. 327142

I feel like I put in so much effort but I don't get the same shit back from him. I don't usually send nudes to people but he asks so I do because I really love him and we are together so it's better-ish. He uses the excuse that he doesn't want to have to watch porn (he knows it makes me uncomfortable), so it makes me wanna send them more. I ask for normal pics of him and he barely sends any and it bugs the shit out of me. How can you ask me for pics of my naked body but you can't even send me your face??? AND I know he still watches porn!! even though I'm giving him nudes. I hate myself

No. 327145

Anon this is really sad, please stop sending nudes and delete them off of his devices if you can. And then break up because wtf are these expectations. The moid should be single for life.
I have been in this situation btw and it fucking sucks. But you cannot let scrotes set such a low bar of their own willpower and self-control. They do not need naked pictures of anyone, it’s a desire that they have. And now you’ve potentially fucked over your own life for this trash moid by sending him naked pictures for his little weenie to get hard. Please take my advice and leave him. Stay single and build some self-respect.

No. 327147

I know, can't delete them off his devices cause we are long distance lol. it is what it is. i'm trying. thank you for the advice anon

No. 327149

BASED. This is 100% my view as well as a former devoted gf who would have been posting to Reddit about my porn addicted bf. I learned the hard way, ugh.
Obviously you need to make it known that porn is a boundary beforehand. If they know that and still watch it then you leave and don’t look back—it’s fucking pathetic/degenerate behavior from a moid that no woman should take personally. No relationship is worth constant surveillance and trust issues. Just stick to your boundaries and do not give any second chances.

No. 327151

I’m sorry anon. I’m glad my advice was taken well. Do you feel like you have to stay in the relationship because you’re scared of what will happen to your pictures if not? My own ex went crazy on me after we broke up and would have circulated mine too. But let’s be real, being together with the moid doesn’t really provide the protection for your nudes that you might think it does. I hate to break it to you but there are probably millions of moids posting naked pictures of their unconsenting gfs, wives, and family members who treat them with kindness and love all over the internet, including communities that are solely dedicated to sharing photos of wives and girlfriends. I don’t want to scare you but it’s possible that he is sharing them now. It’s somewhat more common for moids to share those pictures with their friends, which is kinda gay imo.

No. 327158

File: 1683697221197.png (50.93 KB, 833x471, Capture.PNG)

For me personally, knowing all men watch porn empowers me to see them all as subhuman garbage. Why should I love someone who cums to graphic depictions of human suffering? So I have a question for this thread: why are you all doubling down? Why is your reaction to this "well I just need to try harder to find my fair prince"?

No. 327168

duh, because anons WILL find the unicorn. And you're just a bitter old femcel hag.

No. 327169

Come join me in my hut on fowl's legs…

No. 327170

You must be 18 to post here.

No. 327172

NTA, but she was joking.

No. 327174

holy mother of autism. it could not have been more clearly sarcastic. are the rising autism rates the reason zoomers add /s at the end of their posts now? I'm starting to see the need

No. 327175

All the unironic use of femcel earlier had me on edge, my bad.

No. 327179

yeah, i can see that. There's one or two anons who go around sperging at any male or het criticism by unironically using that term and I can't figure out where they came from because it's pretty recent.

No. 327184

>So I have a question for this thread: why are you all doubling down?
There's no point in arguing with you, because no matter what anyone says you're also gonna double down. It's been discussed several times in this and other threads and people like you won't accept anyone's arguments. Do the serenity prayer a couple of times and move on with your life.

No. 327193

Kek, zoomer men bragging about their porn induced erectile dysfunction. Men are so shameless nowadays. I'm so glad all of these men's genes will die out because they have limp noodle dicks and they castratre themselves willingly. There is no future for coomers. In my opinion it's a modern version of evolution and natural selection.

No. 327206

uh…after much back and forth and discussion about how harmful porn is to women with my moid, I found him visiting those places with the solo audios of women. Not sure if I should be upset or at least somewhat happy he chose a less exploitative form of porn. Thoughts?

No. 327207

Congrats, it's like finding the cupcake with the least amount of shit filling? Still would rather eat a cupcake without shit in it tho, but that's just me.

No. 327208

On one hand I don't think it's as harmful, but he is spending his sexual energy on someone other than you. Whether you are fine with that or not is up to you, but I'm also assuming he kept this a secret and that would be a dealbreaker to me.

No. 327210

What arguments are there to the contrary?

No. 327214

At least he's not consuming something that directly harms women, but I believe there are multiple facets as to why porn is harmful. I think it still erodes the intimacy and stronger sexual + emotional connection you two would have without it, but it's up to you whether it would bother you or not. Personally, I would be extremely turned off and repulsed if my moid was pathetically jerking it to other women even if it's just audio. The lack of sentimentality and self-control it takes for someone to do that is one of the biggest turn-offs ever.

No. 327221

If you get triggered by words, go back to your own website, femcel. I'm not one of those anons who called you femcel before but I also agree that if you're a femcel, you'll be called one.
I'd be happy but if you're still upset, it's because you're jealous he's getting off to other women and that'd completely natural. Would your bf be fine with you listening to audios of men and getting aroused by nude imagery of OTHER men? I doubt it. It's normal to be uncomfortable with your partner consuming this content, you should have a talk with him

No. 327222

Kek moids are so retarded

No. 327224

>go back to your own website, femcel.
>t. tiktok refugee

No. 327231

google "ARP poisoning". if you're uneasy about what he does on the net, that's the fastest way to know.

No. 327232

What do you mean by femcel

No. 327234

Yes, pair bonding is absolutely real and men pair-bond mainly through sex. Meaning that a man who watches pornography is bonding with that woman. Ironically incels use this logic to say that women are all whores now cause they pairbond with maybe 2-4 long term relationships on average, while men have jerked off to millions of different women and their ability to feel a real connection with a real life partner is completely eroded.

No. 327238

Femcel is imageboard terminology. Now go back to /r9k/ or /cc/ to cry about never getting a good man because you yourself are an autistic jobless ugly neet. Femcels are no different than incels didn't a femcel tif shoot up a school?
Femcels are like incels, bottom of the barrel women who will attack other women for dating men and blaming them when the man in question hurts/cheats/watches porn etc. because they think dating a man means willingly accepting abuse just like how incels think dating a woman means you accept being cheated on or used for your money. They usually believe in similar stuff and both tend to be autistic losers so I call the female equivalent femcel.

No. 327240

Who is even acting like this itt tho?

No. 327246

You're trying too hard

No. 327256

Integrate newfag

No. 327257

ok schizo

No. 327258

>jobless ugly neet
I have a regular job plus I earn money from my hobby plus I'm conventionally attractive and I get hit on by men that other women call good quality, who are educated and earn nice money and are tall and with head full of hair, instead of balding manlets, and yet I never engage with them because I hate men, I also don't befriend women who fuck and cape for men because I also hate them. Am I a femcel? Kek
And even if all the women you're talking about were bottom of the barrel autistic women, they still would be right, and you would be wrong.
Just say that you think there has to be something wrong with women who hate heteronormativity, handmaidens and sucking dick because it's so natural and normal and good for us and no sane woman, who isn't bottom of the barrel, would oppose this. That's just another version of you think what you think because no one wants you by moids. Just say that if we allowed ourselves to be fucked by a good quality man with his disgusting dick, it would fix us. I know it's what you think.

No. 327259

Holy autism. Why are you in this thread again?
Based take

No. 327260

You are 100% a moid/troon (same thing really) or a handmaiden who got lost. Go back

No. 327261

femcels are not the same fucking thing as incels holy shit moid hands had to have typed this.

No. 327262

I understand you and don't know why the anons are disagreeing.

No. 327263

Hoping we actually do have moids itt with us right now, instead of women that retarded, it'd be less depressing.

No. 327265

This is why i fucking hate the fact that this stupid thread exists. Of course nasty ass scrotes are going to come in droves to defend themselves and attempt to gaslight everyone here into thinking that wanting a moid who has a clean mind if somehow abhorrent of a request, granted i think anons who are anti porn and have nigels are completely delusional if they think their moids aren't jacking off to porn when they aren't around. If i was a farm hand i'd lock this thread.

No. 327267


No. 327279

The problem is the thread is called “finding porn-free men and having porn-free relationships” but any good discussion is interrupted by manhating polilez such as >>326174 coming in to shit-stir because straight women dare enjoy sex/relationships with moids. As if there isn’t a very own special board for these people. I’m sorry the only experience some of you have had with scrotes are from your chan days, but it’s not the case for every woman out there. Agree this thread is shit.

No. 327283

I've been posting here for over 2 years
Because they're handmaidens I guess and thank you

No. 327284

nta but i don't see how >>326174 is wrong. i've seen completely normie men on social media (and heard some unfortunate real life convos too) talk about finding girls that young attractive

No. 327285

There's a retard who habitually goes around calling any woman who disagrees with them jobless, ugly, neet, femcel, etc. They shat up 2x with that too, they're very clockable and obsessed. Just ignore them, not only is it autistic to try to defend yourself to their random claims but they'll just say you're lying, as is their pattern.

No. 327291

Weird you picked out my post as example for polilez since nowhere does it say anything about women being dumb for wanting relationships with men. I am a straight woman who wants that, I am just realistic about the nature of men. Why are you offended by a post calling men out for being creeps unless you are a man who feels exposed?

No. 327405

The polilezzy is >>327258

No. 327413

They call you this because your instincts is right and they think not fucking men = fucking women because men cannot comprehend women hating men without being gay. To recognise that women can judge male depravity while still being of the sex that they prefer, means it's one less women for the scrote to fuck and they don't want this, however, they also don't want to stop being degenerates or accept responsibility for their behaviour, so they cope that the women who rejects them is gay aka was never an option on the table for them so they don't feel the crushing despair of their chance to coom and die being lowered through no ones fault but their own.

No. 327415

>femcel is imageboard terminology
Blatant lie, only male imageboard users created to cope over the fact that men are being recognised as violent and sex obsessed but still dehumanise women. No one seriously uses femcel other than coping incels to try and pretend women can be just as bad as men, or the pickme-type women who larp as coquettes and think calling themselves that is edgy to try and mimic bottom of the barrel failsons kek.

No. 327416

I'm almost convinced it's the kiwifag tif tranny that shat up the unpopular opinions thread sperging about women hating male depravity being femcels. Kiwifarms has been down so it has come to sperg here.

No. 327417

Here's proof:
>spergs about femcels because anons say men see women as sex objects >>>/ot/1572078
>accused of being the kiwifag tif >>>/ot/1572725
>admits they are the tif >>>/ot/1572754

No. 327418

Samefag, that or it's a male tranny claiming to be the tif to try and get called a girl.

No. 327434

A volcel is not a polilez you retard, I will never claim to be a lesbian

No. 327451

How is that anon wrong though? I've heard straight women who have relationships with men complain about the exact same thing that anon was pointing out, it sounds more like you are pissed that she is pointing something out about moids that you'd rather have hidden. There's is a billion dollar industry built completely off sexualising women for a reason and that's because men typically see women or at least certain women, nothing more than sexual objects. Maybe your nigel doesn't treat you that way, but being in complete denial of this truth is delusional.

No. 327487

no one's going to believe me but for most of the time we've been together I'm pretty sure my bf has only jacked off to pictures of me. besides that I think he just looks at r34. he kind of doesn't like most girls and finds most other girls disgusting. i got extremely lucky.

No. 327489

>rule 34
>finds most other girls disgusting
>i got extremely lucky.

No. 327490

The level of cope this comment is steeped in is hilarious.

No. 327496

what on gods green earth. The Nigel owners in this thread are something else….

No. 327499

> nobody’s going to believe me but my moid jerks it to porn parodies of children’s cartoons
I believe you

No. 327502

lmao seriously. Moid jerking it to powerpuff girls getting molested and Spongebob x Patrick cockvore is supposed to be a winner?

No. 327558

What if he was a volcel and quit porn a year before we met? And we were friends when he told me, and I opened up about still struggeling with porn myself so its not like he had to lie or anything?

No. 327572

I wish your "bf" dumps your demonic ass.

No. 327576

are you okay anon

No. 327584

I think he jerks off to like Harley Quinn and shit chill lmao. It's better than him jerking off to Belle Delphine or knowing the names of every pornstar ever like I'd rather die than date a guy who watches actual porn again.

No. 327588

Males masturbating reminds me of the youtube vids of zoo animals jerking off or licking their own dicks.

No. 327596

Well what do you want to do? Do YOU believe him? I think your own feelings matter more. It's not worth being paranoid about it if you are not willing to be vocel yourself.

No. 327602

This is the type of anon that I call "femcel". Get help.
Incel was literally created by women who couldn't date, femcel was used by a bunch of redditor women who also couldn't date. They had a subreddit that got shut down because reddit never allows female only stuff. Stop making up shit.

No. 327611

It's the same thing. Excessive masturbation is a symptom of boredom, anxiety etc., conditions which humans experience in modern society aka captivity. I doubt you see hunter-gatherer types walking around with their dick in their hand all day. I'm female but you can bet I'm horny as fuck whenever I have an energy surpluss or am mentally understimulated.

No. 327617

Sure. Have you ever look at a rule34 website? It's absolutely impossible to go on there and not see tons of fucked up fetish shit and your bf is already horny going on there with his dick in hand conditioning himself to associate arousal and dopamine release with drawings made by perverted autists. No doubt he jerks it to super weird stuff by now. Maybe he doesn't jerk it to real women because he can only get off if he sees the mom from Incredibles get inflated into a balloon.

No. 327634

>How do you find a man who doesn't watch porn?
You can't
>Is it possible or impossible?
>Can you convince a man to give up porn for you?
>Do you think a man can give up porn forever?
>How do you trust a man not to watch porn?
You don't trust them

As simple as that, whoever keeps fighting about it, is either delusional or retarded

No. 327637

Oh he is not anymore, we are sleeping together kek. But he said he had no interest in sleeping around, masturbate or watch porn. And that he had dated a girl who he wasn't actually into and couldn't bring himself to sleep with her. I mean he could lie to impress me, but tbh I told him before that I was dating a guy who I had very frequent sex with at the same time he was with him ex, so its not like he had a reason to lie? Plus I had a porn addiction when we met which I told him about. I get lying if it seemed like I was very "pure" but I told him I wasn't, so its not like he had to lie to feel like I would want him. He said in his younger days he had watched a lot of porn and slept with girls he didn't like, and that he regretted it a lot, so he stopped. Which I have done as well so that ok with me.

Plus we have very normal, not pornlike sex, he doesn't have porn induced views on women and doesn't have coomer humor, so I actually do believe he isn't currently watching porn. And I have told him about when I have relapsed with porn in our realtionship so I do think he would tell me too.

No. 327643

Trusting men that they don't watch porn is one thing, but some of you even believe that they don't jerk off.. at ALL? NEVER? Come on.. You really can't be that naive.

No. 327647

Trust your own judgement. You have all the details and we don't. If you genuinely feel like can't trust him, then it's better to not be with him at all.

No. 327656

>He only jacks off to me… And 2D waifu porn
>I'm so lucky

I swear actually taking men seriously must give y'all brain rot cuz…

No. 327658

Based and the only correct way to go about it. I don't believe men when they say they don't watch porn. It's either because they've got "home videos" of women they slept with that they use instead, or he's a filthy fucking liar. They're entirely too motivated by sex and horny to not be. Even the ones who don't have sex by choice are eternally horny and will find a way to reference it in casual conversations. Men lack sexual discipline and imagination. And like someone else said, they're bored because they aren't dying off in wars or eating sandwiches off steel beams.

No. 327668

I'd honestly be more inclined to believe a guy that he doesn't jerk of than believing he doesn't do it to porn when he does.

No. 327670

Gotta disagree. I have never met a man who could keep his hands off his dick for a significant amount of time, not even in polite company. It is a literal compulsion for them to touch it constantly. The average man jerk off every single day, a lot of them do it twice a day or more. A man who says he never jerks off is just a liar and you can bet he jerks off to porn also because he's lying about that as well.

No. 328198

File: 1684070981927.png (137.8 KB, 1178x762, 02dw4a1osnza1.png)

The state of moids.

No. 328206

All cupcakes have at least a little amount of shit in in it, literally. Check out labels that say "may contain traces of", and "soy" is included, but "rat feces" is omitted purposefully.
Don't eat cupcakes

No. 328215

imagine bragging about having casual sex when moids are at their most limp-dick and pathetic in all of human history.

No. 331485

Anyone has experience with guys into tantric sex? I half believe than guys that are into woo-woo sex mysticism shouldn't be into porn, half believe they will be as hypocritical as any other moid.

No. 331564

Porn is banned in North Korea. Need me a husband from the DPRK.

No. 331573

Yup and this is why I couldn’t care less about guys who do nofap. The only men who seem to care about not watching porn are recovering addicts who frequently relapse. And I’m not interested at all. The damage is already done by that point. A guy who has been jerking off to porn since he was 10 years old will never be ‘normal’ in any way. Doesn’t matter if he stops at 20 and never watches porn again, you can’t undo all that damage.

A lot of people wonder why millennial and zoomer males are so weird and either sexist rapey creeps, simps or avoidant socially awkward spergs. It’s literally just porn making them that way. If I meet a moid who is overly creepy and forward, or one who is super awkward shy and avoidant of women, I know he has a porn addiction either way.

No. 331644

Men masturbating gives me the ick, porn or not. I just find the mental image of them stroking their dick absolutely pitiful and pathetic looking, kek. It’s so funny when moids think they are being sexy by masturbating in front of us, I have to stop myself laughing usually.

No. 331645

Men masturbating gives me the ick, porn or not. I just find the mental image of them stroking their dick absolutely pitiful and pathetic looking, kek. It’s so funny when moids think they are being sexy by masturbating in front of us, I have to stop myself laughing usually.

No. 331647

Yeah, I'm not into it. There's probably a way to make it look good, but most guys look like apes.

No. 331650

When dudes get older it's not as much of a priority. I'm guessing the demographics here are mostly young to mid 20s.

No. 331674

I love watching my bf touch himself for me, but I’m a bit boy crazy. I think it’s dependent on the context. If you're connecting and sharing your sexuality with someone I think it can be super hot, but when you're hiding away so you can compulsively touch your schlong for hours and hours it's pretty much as sad as it gets.
This. I also get the feeling there are a lot of NEETs here who think every man in the world are lurking the internet 24/7 because they themselves are. I think normal adults who live a productive life are less likely to be in the habit of masturbating/watching porn excessively (though of course any amount of watching porn is excessive imo). You'll always have some men who are high achievers in addition to being sex addicted freaks, but in general how are you gonna have the time or resolve to do normal adult things when you are so dopamine addicted? My guy friend who has discussed his porn habits with me says masturbating pretty much only comes to mind when he is bored, it's not like he is horny 24/7. Porn/nutting all the time tends to either make men more sex-obsessed, or deplete them of their energy and will to live. Look for signs of mood dysregulation/dopamine desensitization in general.

No. 331681

North Korean defectors have literally said that NK is less sexist than SK.

No. 331683

>Could a man theoretically abstain from porn if he wanted to? Sure, but he won't
He can abstain from porn and use his imagination while he takes care of himself.

No. 331707

it's not only smelly socially inept terminally online neets who watch porn, it's also men working low socioeconomic jobs that go clubbing and have sex in their 20s-40's

no one needs to watch porn or masturbate, it's just modern conditioning, if your nigel is doing it he doesn't really believe there's an issue with it

No. 331708

those are broad types of social dysfunctions you're attributing to porn as the sole possible contributing factor

No. 331712

Why do men think we see it as a compliment when they tell us they jerked off to out completely normal SFW selfies?
It grosses me out.
Are men incapable of just jerking off quietly and without jerking off to something specific? Do they have to make every masturbation session borderline an assault?

No. 331721

For sure, my point was I think a lot of anons are so isolated from normal society they forget people exist who don’t have the time or interest in spending hours a day beating their meat or looking at yoga videos on youtube or whatever because life is good for them. I think excessive porn use is often related to dopamine desensitization in general, and people who struggle with that are usually losers in several aspects of life.
>it's also men working low socioeconomic jobs that go clubbing and have sex in their 20s-40's
I rest my case

No. 331723

Men are sick in the head. I once dated a guy and one day he told me he loves me so much that he now only watches porn with women that look like me in it. He thought that was a compliment. Men are socially retarded in every conceivable way.

No. 331726

Lol you are delusional. How long do you think it takes for a guy to boot up pornhub and jerk off? Like 15 minutes. Even normie men with jobs and hobbies find time to do this daily. They have done studies with a wide variety of normie men and like 90+% watch porn regularly. It's not something only basement dwelling neets do. Every man you know has a smartphone with which he can lock himself in the bathroom for 20 minutes or do it before bed. They always find time for it

No. 331727

What the actual fuck.
Man some guy i was in the talking stage recently told me he would jerk off while we were just calling because i was doing silly voice impressions of video game characters and he found that incredibly hot. (Voice lines were in no way sexual)
Made me feel so fucking dirty after, like i was just having innocent fun and he was jerking off?????

Men get so mad they cant get a girlfriend but then they pull ultra autistic stunts like these…

No. 331729

I'm not arguing men don't look at porn, I'm talking about excessive use. Coomer moids generally lack the energy and will to do anything in life.

No. 331732

>it's also men working low socioeconomic jobs that go clubbing and have sex in their 20s-40's
god forbid

No. 331740

I actually believe that. I’ve heard Russians and Chinese say that communist Russia and China were also way less sexist and misogynistic than capitalist Russia and China.

No. 331741

Yeah this, even normalfag men watch porn super frequently, smelly meets and incels watch it most because they have the most free time obvii but ive also heard endless stories of guys watching porn at work and masturbating in their offices and bathrooms. Hell I’ve even seen multiple guys watching it in public on the subway and such, moids really are coom hungry chimps. And no I don’t believe older guys are less horny or perverted either, thats when they start getting bored of regular porn and start watching CP and stuff. Also I want to find a partner in my age range not settle for some balding 40 year old with autism baby sperm.

No. 331742


No. 331754

>communist Russia
>less sexist and misogynistic
lmao nope
t. slav

No. 331755

There is no such thing as responsible or harmless porn use. Porn has the same affect on the male brain as hard drugs and all men who consume it are addicts.

No. 331759

I've sort of heard similar stuff, something to do with how everyone was forced to work. I think things like workplace sexual harassment and sexual assault weren't taken seriously (still aren't), but I dont think I've ever heard a Russian tell me 'oh women just can't do math'.

No. 331763

Yes, there was a large percentage of female engineers, but that felt a tea spoon of honey in a vat of shit. We didn't have pads, tampons, birth control, and toilet paper. Women, even the professionals with degrees and government jobs, were expected to tolerate domestic and sexual abuse. You could get raped by the boss, or some thug if we talk the post-Soviet 90s, and no one would be able to do anything because the cronyism was everywhere, kind of like air. Having a child outside of marriage was a societal death sentence. Fun times.

No. 331764

Oh and all of that only concerns the regular cities aka the good life. Soviet villages were full of borderline medieval attitudes towards women.

No. 331766

Oh for sure lol. I've heard the horror stories from my mom and grandma. What I'm talking about is a specific attitude in specific social circles, not to mention that those female engineers and doctors were paid shit because they were still women. And obviously women still did the domestic drudgery. It's something I think about rarely when I hear the 'muh women too emotional for science' attitude from Westerners, but I don't think it would be better to live there. Or now with decriminalized domestic violence.

No. 331767

My mom got sent to a rural village for a summer with distant relatives and she said literally every single man got drunk and beat his wife every night.

No. 331773

right same its so gross lmfao no matter how hto he is

No. 331793

It doesn't matter if they watch porn only once a day, once a week, once a month, the problem is doing it at all. Don't try to gaslight the anons here for not wanting to touch a man who watches ANY amount of porn, no matter how small.

No. 331826

Somehow I don't think this has as much to do with Communism as it has to do with it being a fucking rural Russian village. At that point in history they had probably been beating their wives for hundreds of years already. In fact the men in Russia are still beating their wives to this day, despite no longer being Communist.

No. 331828

>Muh gaslighting
You’re allowed to have those boundaries, take a chill pill etc.

No. 331831

It gets to a point when you're both 40, having porn on your phone, and visiting swingers clubs together. I've seen that happen

No. 331840

Based. Cheat on his ass , he' probably doing it too anyway one way or another its only fair you have your fun too. Being loyal is a scam

No. 331846

Nta but no matter the country, the rural areas are more likely to have high rates of undocumented domestic violence.

No. 331848

My country is first world and was never communist, and men still beat their wives all the time here

No. 331850

I think women should be allowed to cheat on the down low if their bf or husband watches porn. Porn use 100% is cheating.

No. 331853

Same. I find it pathetic and unsexy.

No. 331900

I feel guilt because I watch porn from time to time (mostly soft lesbian stuff) but I would minecraft my bf if I caught him watching porn

No. 331975

>men into fitness
So fat guys who aren't into fitness are less likely to be too horny?

No. 331977

They are usually lower T so yeah they will be lower libido than high T fit guys. But they still jerk off all the time of course. In my experience gymbros are all sex addicts and a lot of them are so horny they even start doing gay shit. There is a reason gay men go to the gym so much and brag about fucking straight men in the shower there. The testosterone from a good work-out turns them into absolute animals just seeking to stick their dick into anything.

No. 331980

The fatter a guy is the less testosterone he produces. As a matter of fact, I think body fat promotes estrogen, making obese dudes s0y. But on a day-to-day basis less testosterone just means they produce less jizz, have muscle weakness, and are more likely to be depressed. It can affect their sex drive no more than ginseng or zinc.

No. 331982

NTA but it’s anecdotally well known that men tend to get a spike in hornyness post workout. Muscle mass and long-term testosterone levels are related, but there’s also a short-term spike in testosterone directly after a work-out which affects men’s libido. On a related note, it’s the same with alcohol. Alcohol will lower a male’s testosterone levels, but later when it exits their blood they’ll have a spike, which means scrotes will often be horny the day after drinking.

No. 331983

No. 331984

You do realize that most of the women in lesbian porn are also-ran straight women who are paid to act out something they're probably uncomfortable about, right? If you can, stop it altogether.

No. 331986

Not really. Plenty of fat guys are addicted to porn and jerking off. I honestly don't think testosterone has a direct effect on sex drive (unless it's severely abnormally low); look at all the disgusting obese old men who are horny af.

No. 331988

Well, you could always go for a super obese dude who has trouble reaching his own dick

No. 331995

I think testosterone levels have an impact on “healthy” scrotoid sexuality, if such a thing exists (essentially I mean a guy's inherent sexuality in a fictional world in which porn is nonexistent). Porn addiction has a little bit to do with sexuality, but a lot more to do with dopamine, so testosterone levels aren’t as big of a factor when it comes to porn. Porn addiction is a trained behavior, hence all the gross old fapaddicted geezers out there. In neuroscience research, dopamine is recently being understood as a chemical involved in learning pro-survival behavior (hence its addictive properties), the problems arise with modern society in which we can have anything in abundance. Porn has been termed a super-stimulant by some. Each time a scrote cooms to porn, dopamine is released, which implies they are training themselves to keep coming. No wonder people itt find moids reminiscent of captive monkeys.

No. 331998

Yeah this, men with low testosterone are more likely to be irritable and unstable, and I think its more likely those men will lock themselves in a room choking their dicks rather than seek out normal healthy relationships

No. 332004

Ironically, I think healthy testosterone levels in men has the effect of making men wanting to bond through sex, too. So they are more likely to seek it out as a bonding experience, rather than only care about cooming. Imo lower test men seem way more likely to dehumanize/objectify women and get into weird degenerate fetishes. Low testosterone = rape ape

No. 332013

Disgusting old men are overcompensating for their lack of testosterone. Also some guys are just higher T than others. But in general yes, testosterone levels has a lot to do with a man's horniness and you can just listen to TIFs who take testosterone injections and report being ridiculously horny or troons who take testosterone blockers and are sad they no longer feel horny and their dicks go limp. It's scientific fact.

No. 332015

I think some of you are coping a little bit because you just realized your hunky fit husbandos are probably super mega coomers or maybe you're suddenly feeling a little insecure about your man hitting the gym?

Just look at all the military guys trooning out and the body builders that look like shrek in a wig. Being fit does absolutely not mean the guy isn't a coomer porn addict.

No. 332016

Idk I thought we agreeds moids are gonna coom regardless of T level. If you’re gonna choose between a fat coomer or a fit coomer at least pick the healthy better looking one.

No. 332017

And again, gonna eat the cupcake with the least amount of shit filling…

No. 332018

File: 1685457924368.gif (96.12 KB, 700x350, jSeEhwq.gif)

No. 332023

NTA but this feels more like anons with obese bfs coping. The hardest porn addicts I've known were either skinnyfat or obese because the more freetime and lower self worth a man has, more likely he'll be addicted to consuming hardcore media.

No. 332026

I feel like what's a coomer isn't very well defined, I think some anons call any man who consumes porn a coomer, which I don't really want to argue against, but at the same time, there is a difference between the avarage man who watches porn and a proper porn addict. And like, sure a regular gym goer can very well still be a degenerate, but most addicts wouldn't spend time, energy and money working out, when they could be just dedicating themselves to their addiction.

No. 332027

I know. Those are the hardest porn addicts anon. But even if you are just a casual consoomer, one porn is a porn too many. It would be easier to find a unicorn than to find a honest pornfree guy. If he’s not the lowest of the low 24/7 incel coomer, then he still watches porn from time to time. If he doesn’t, then he’s still looking at twitch streamers or yoga videos on youtube. If he doesn’t, then still watched GoT. If he doesn’t, then he’ll still steal a glance at another woman once in a while or god forbid smile at her. If he doesn’t do any of those it’s simply a lie. It doesn’t matter how successful, active, social, talented, kind, attractive and attentive he is in other aspects of life. He is Schrödinger’s coomer.

No. 332028

>then still watched GoT.
What's wrong with GoT? I've been rewatching it, actually.

No. 332030

Oh nonny, everyone knows all guys who enjoy GoT loves rape or at the very least finds it a little bit titillating. If he doesn’t then he’s emotionally indifferent to it or worse, thinks it’s great storytelling.

No. 332032

Lol what? Are you trolling?

No. 332033

Lol what? Are you trolling?

No. 332035

Even in a hypothetical porn-devoid world, your nigel having loving sex with you and caressing your face as he looks at you with tender eyes, telling you how much he loves you, will still be thinking of his aunt Betty’s titties for those brief seconds as he empties his balls into you. That’s just how the scrotoid brain is wired. Remember moids are visual creatures. They are in endless need of novelty and incapable of seeing a female without going ooga booga. Any time a moid sees a woman his brain literally blanks out with an internal film reel of saucy images flashing before his eyes. It’s a miracle how they even live, let alone that we as women are allowed to exist in this day and age without having to cover ourselves from head to toe like in certain Eastern countries.

No. 332041

Just as pathetic

No. 332043

true blackpill

No. 332054

There is a lot of nudity and sex in it. Male nudity is always either gross or played for laughs but the female nudity is always very sexualized, they often show prostitutes etc. There is also a lot of graphic rape that is unnecessary. They definitely put that in for the moids to get off to. I watched GoT too, but I would never let my moid watch it. Thankfully he has no interest in modern tv or movies at all.

No. 332057

True. Men who go to the gym don't even need porn because they go there to have gay sex in the showers behind their girlfriends backs.

No. 332060

>It’s a miracle how they even live, let alone that we as women are allowed to exist in this day and age without having to cover ourselves from head to toe
Adding to this, there’s a direct correlation between the degree to which a female covers herself and societal advancement (at least from a moid-aligned standpoint). Uncontacted tribes lack progress because they wear less clothes, thus their scrotes are too distracted to do anything but rape all day. Advanced society took precautions against this, to the detriment of women. Even completely covered up, moids will still find a way to sexualize women, so in their view it’s best not to allow us into the public sphere at all. Lately we are heading back into a state of undress, tearing the fabrics of society apart and culminating in complete chaos because moids simply can’t function around a woman in her natural state. If we want freedom, our only option is complete segregation from all moids.

No. 332065

What's happening with muslim societies where all women are covered up?

No. 332066

As someone who studied history, you are hilariously wrong.

No. 332079

Nothing to do with testosterone, I get horny after working out too, it’s just to do with increased blood flow to the whole body including the genitals. I always orgasm extremely hard after going to the gym.

No. 332080

When me and my boyfriend started dating we both had a problem with porn addiction and were keeping eachother accountable for that. Almost three years into our relationship, he's started getting into fighting games and well, one day he woke up earlier and I found him jerking off to girls in cosplay in our office. He promised to get better and weeks later I went to snoop on his history and there he is, saving tons of hentai fanart of various characters of fighting games, etcetera. He's now seeing a therapist but I just feel so disgusted and betrayed. I do enjoy playing fighting games too but every time I see one of the characters he was likely jerking off to I can't help but feel awful. Is there any hope?

No. 332082

>worrying about moids viewing porn
Haha, thats a noob level blackpill. I’m more concerned with the fact most men are pedophiles.

No. 332087

>*all men
fixed that for you

No. 332088

According to sexual studies I’ve read around half of ‘normal’ men are pedophiles (sexually aroused by prepubescent children) and pretty much all of them are hebephiles (attracted to 12-14 year olds)

No. 332093

>Moids are visual creatures
I hate this sentence. Humans are visual creatures, that's it. Both men and women do dream about different people during sex, both men and women chase after attractive people out of shallowness, stop trying to put us women into prey situations.

No. 332098

Honestly that's why I only go after obese men.

No. 332099

Same here. I hate the whole "men are visual, and women get off to CONTEXT and RELATIONSHIP DYNAMICS" shtick. No, thank you very much, I prefer long slim legs and pretty face and nice back and, god help me, I can get off while picturing a foot job. And yes, I sometimes imagine unrelated stuff during sex. And yes, I ogle at attractive strangers through my sunglasses.
I feel very uncomfortable when people try to put me on some moral high ground pedestal because I'm a woman.

No. 332105

Okay, I'm glad you guys posted because I've been monitoring this thread and >>332060 made me feel like things had truly gone off the rail.

No. 332107

>I can get off while picturing a foot job.
Also, I need to get something off my chest.
I love my feet.
I have pretty feet.
I spend time and effort and money on my feet.
Footjobs are cute. Or, convenient.
I love having my feet played with.
Fuck you, I don't care what you guys think.

No. 332111

What is happening? Can you elaborate plsss

No. 332114

Yeh yeh ma’am you do you

No. 332115

Nta but men there get ape tier aroused from seeing an elbow or bare neck. In the societies where women show more skin, men are used to it. And if you spend most of the time in the nude near a guy, he will stop experiencing your naked body as inherently sexual. In this respect, the real world is pretty much the opposite of what many people seem to believe.

No. 332117

You should have put nta right at the beginning because for me it's the other way around. I love receiving foot jobs.
The point is, being porn-free doesn't mean puritan. I hate porn for the way it promotes violent and degrading sex. I hate it for the industry, the trafficking, and the treating human body as commodity. I hate it for frying our dopamine receptors. I do NOT think about modesty or appropriate behavior when I oppose porn.

No. 332119

Where did you hear that from? That’s literally not the case in most Muslim countries, most times they don’t care. For example morroco, Egypt, saudi,uae they only care/look your way if you’re a foreigner, simply Cus they’re trying to fuck and I doubt it’s Cus of religion but more to do with porn I think saudi has the most porn watchers in the world and I swear they used to bury girls alive way before islam(yuck) basically I’m blaming culture here. it’s so nasty how even with religion condemning men from looking at women for too long , banning beating your meat, death penalty for slut shamming and death for rape we still get nasties like that. I feel sorry for all these Muslim girlie who think they’re lucky to marry a Muslim man who they think is free from being a porn addict that lives by stroking their 3rd leg. I’ve heard too many stories of girls marrying porn addicts that later turn around and give them stds cus they think with their dicks. Porn actively destroys lives and it’s so heartbreaking

No. 332120

Can we also talk about how a lot of Muslim aren’t chaste and want to marry a chaste girl even though that’s literally haram?? Is there another thread I can talk about religious relationships problems, kekek…

No. 332122

>Where did you hear that from?
I've heard it from muslim men. Also I've seen it. Arab guys (foreign students) sometimes faint from a lap dance. Literally get a nose bleed. Cum hands free. It all depends on his background. Experienced porn watchers don't get this effect, of course, but you can always tell which one is the degenerate by his face when he first enters a place with dozens of scantily dressed girls.
> it’s so nasty how even with religion condemning men from looking at women for too long
That's why they watch porn. Internet is the only opportunity to see a woman's knees kek.

No. 332128

>receiving foot jobs

No. 332129

tfw he doesn't wear your snatch like crocs.

No. 332154

Please kys

No. 332155

Go back, scrote.

No. 332191

My boyfriend doesn’t watch porn, but he does jerk off to SFW images. He says he’s visual person and wants the context, so he searches a sfw scene on google images to get a visual in mind to imagine.
He says “95% of the time” I’m the woman he imagines in the scene, but sometimes he’ll think about someone else as filler. While he claims that it’s more about the scene he’s looking for than whatever woman is pictured in the image, it still hurts me on some level that he has ever had the desire to imagine sex with other women while in the relationship with me.
We discussed this last night, and he said he had no issues with stopping if it hurt me. I also reframed it to him and asked if it would be hurtful if I got off looking at SFW pictures of other men. He acknowledged it would be hurtful so he understands, and he said he doesn’t plan on continuing the behavior so problem solved. But can I get a reality check here?
Am I the one being crazy for being hurt by this? I don’t have the desire to imagine having sex with other men, I just wish he didn’t ever have those desires in the first place. But now that’s just me being upset over something to which there is no solution

No. 332222

I keep attacking my bf on an almost weekly basis about this shit because he swears on his life he does not watch porn or enjoy it. He says he used to watch it in his early 20s but realized he preferred having actual sex so he would just do that instead of watching it. I still accuse him of watching it (with literally zero proof at all outside of people saying "all men watch it") and it turns into hours and hours of discussion about it and him explaining why he doesn't have any interest in that or any sexual material that isn't just actually being with a woman in real life. I corner him and demand to know what he'd use when he was single and he told me he'd not jerk off much and if he did it was over past sexual experiences he has had, but he wasn't really single for extended periods of time anyway. But still I cannot stop fighting him about this because he is male and its tearing our relationship apart. I've got to the point I don't care if he watches it anymore because I can't live like this, and I never want to marry or have kids with a male anyways, and he tells me it doesn't matter if I say he can watch it he has no interest in it. But still I cannot accept that a male doesn't watch it. He has a high sex drive (not insanely high, but his sex drive matches mine) and is sexually normal, no ED problems that I experienced with my ex who was a porn addict (I was much younger and had no issue with him watching it, I learned the hard way) There is no way for me to possibly know 100% he is not watching porn, apparently every single male watches it, so to me there is no such thing as being happy with a porn free man. Even if you're with a man who appears not to use it you will still seethe with hatred at him. Every week for almost a year I've been attacking my bf despite never having found a single bit of proof

No. 332226

at this point, i have zero hope for any porn-addicted moids. assume they will always go back to it when things are even slightly inconvenient. porn is clearly a huge topic that's discussed in moid spaces but they are the biggest fucking hypocrites about it. if a girl films porn for whatever reasons, moids will cope n be like "such a dumb whore, doesn't she know it'll be on the internet forever?" yet they'll be the same ones who willingly consume the content.

also, if you start talking to someone new, just assume they're going to be a coomer. maybe 8/10 men ive met end up being a degenerate who's "suuuu sex positive!11!!!"

No. 332227

What the hell is this bullshit? Just break up with him, stop wasting so much energy fighting and cornering a coomer

No. 332228

>accuse him of watching it
>on an almost weekly basis
>it turns into hours and hours of discussion
>hours and hours of discussion
>on an almost weekly basis
I don't want to say anything because y'all are going to call me names, but…….

No. 332230

I genuinely don't understand what you're getting at

No. 332231

Because I haven't found proof or anything that he is one. What do you think?

No. 332234

Put yourself in his shoes. Imagine your girlfriend interrogates you like that.
If he does watch some porn in secret, your hour-long talks are not going to change anything. If he doesn't watch porn, you're just nagging him and he thinks you're neurotic. That shit is detrimental to your relationship either way, and that's why you should stop. Even breaking into his phone while he's asleep would be better. In fact, if you know how to do it stealthily, I recommend it.

No. 332235

I truly don’t care if it annoys him or makes him feel bad. Either a) he is using it and this is his karma or b) he isn’t using it but he’s a male so he should understand he is guilty by that fact alone. If he doesn’t like it he can leave. I have tried being subtle about it in the beginning (we’ve been together for over a year and a half) I implied I wasn’t that against it at first, he said he didn’t like it anyways as it wasn’t sexy to him. Then I used a CIA interrogation tutorial to interrogate him as well but he always passed that, I’m only openly attacking him now so maybe one day he will snap and go “okay you’re right, I watch it, I can’t take this anymore” which is a proven technique that works, it is just shocking to me how many attacks he has endured and has not let up even slightly. He has told me a while back I need to stop doing this and he actually cries now and says I am dehumanising him, but I have outright told him I don’t care and he can leave if he’s so “dehumanised” or else tell me he uses porn. I don’t leave him bc there is no male that I won’t do this to (again, zero evidence against my current bf doing anything wrong) and at this point it’s just routine for me to go through all this so it barely bothers me now

No. 332238

nona i get it i was like this with my moid except instead of porn it was him not being over his ex\still having her nudes. spare yourself the trouble and just go through his phone (and check everything , and i mean EVERYTHING) you're just gonna drive yourself crazy , they wont fess up on their own EVER. the funniest part is i ended up being right

No. 332240

What’s the best way to ask him for his phone? Any tips on where to actually look?

No. 332241

Oh wow, you are actually abusive.

No. 332242

Actually the more I think about it, if the phone comes back “clean” i literally still will not believe him. I don’t know if it’s worth wasting my time

Who cares? He’s most likely guilty anyway

No. 332245

Can't tell if trolling, genuinely deranged, or larping some kind of femdom emotional abuse fetish.

No. 332246

I’m completely serious. I don’t get any pleasure from doing this, my dream was to have a man who loved me, marry him and raise children together. I am hard wired monogamist no matter how hard I try and it has completely destroyed me to have accepted that monogamy doesn’t exist in males. I don’t feel bad for anything I’ve done because I see my bf as inherently deserving of it. I recognise it’s tough on him but I just do not care, he is an adult man and at no time have I threatened him or made him feel he can’t leave safely. I’ve never put my hands on him, tried to control him, nothing. But if the line is “all men watch porn” that means he is cheating on me by watching it behind my back, as every male who says they don’t watch it do, and any woman is justified to get a bit deranged when it comes to dealing with an unfaithful partner

No. 332249

Why be in a relationship if you can't trust him even after 1+ year? Just leave.

No. 332250

Bc I don’t want to be alone, he is very nice to me and helps me when I am having depressive episodes and like I’ve said there’s no proof he’s done anything

No. 332251

Pathetic. You believe he looks at porn and you stay with him anyway like a cuckqueen.

No. 332252

You’re right, I should end it today

No. 332290

The relationship, right?

No. 332291

You’re very neurotic

No. 332306

I think I skew older than most of this thread/site, so let's revisit some basics.

Trust is fundamental. Your constant suspicion and accusations toward your boyfriend, despite no proof, indicates a lack of trust. Hours and hours of discussions about the same issue without conclusion indicates ineffective communication. Cornering him, interrogating him, and attacking him despite his distress and even crying is you being a bitch.

You're certainly not the only one on this site doing so, but your assumptions about all men aren't applicable to every individual. Treat your partner as an individual and don't base your views of him on stereotypes.

To me it sounds like your past experiences are fucking up your current relationship. Figure your shit out. If you're unable to change your behavior, end the relationship to stop further harm to you and the boy.

No. 332309

Yes, sorry my message sounded a lot more ominous than I intended

Thank you for your reply. What's interesting is in my last relationship my bf never hid his porn addiction whatsoever, I was a pick me bitch and had no issue with it, so I've never actually experienced being betrayed with this topic but my brain has marked every single male as a porn addict now. Our conversations technically come to conclusions as in he tells me all he can tell, he's told me in explicit detail his journey with porn and sexuality in general to the point he has nothing left to tell me about it and still my brain is always waiting for some new information. He's told me at length, in detail how he had no interest in sex whatsoever until he was 17 and he shortly got an actual girlfriend who he had sex with and only turned to porn when they split up in his early 20s and only used porn for a year or two before realising he didn't like it and wanted to focus entirely on real women. He also had a traumatic experience in middle school where two "friends" forced him to watch porn as they put their penises on his shoulders and its why he never got into it until he was craving sexual connection in his early 20s. He also never virtue signals about the abuse of women in it, like don't get me wrong he does mention it, but its never a top point, he never really calls it totally disgusting, the way he talks about disliking it feels sincere, even going as far as saying a part of his dislike is how it made him have insecurity about his body and penis size which he never had before watching it. His answers never really follow the pattern of the liars I've seen online where the focus is how disgusted they are by porn and how abusive it is, like virtue signalling what a better guy they are than other men. His answers are very believable and natural, he also has had 10 girlfriends/sexual partners so it makes sense he didn't have much time for porn habits to build up. And still this is not enough for me. I will tell him to his face "you are male, you are a pig, you are naturally deceptive" and watch him break down in tears asking me why I'm doing this to him and I still am not satisfied. If I leave him I will do this to the next one, and the next one, and the next one, because its not possible to prove a negative. I also don't want to be alone. I don't know what to do

No. 332318

this kinda reads as a moid tbh

No. 332319

Thank YOU for your reply.

Please remember your current boyfriend isn't responsible for the actions of your ex. And he is not responsible for the actions of other men.

It's important to take responsibility for your own emotions and work toward personal growth. If possible, you should consider therapy. Some jobs will give you a few BetterHelp sessions for free, so maybe look into that.

Meanwhile, stop yourself from calling him a naturally deceptive pig, or any names/labels at all. You can call him that if he actually does lie, but until that time, based on what you've said so far, I think it's in your best interest to show him some trust and work on yourself. I'm not sure what you need, but generally you can do things like self-reflect/journal, self-care, focus on building your self-worth independent of your relationship status. Start small and work your way up. You CAN break free from negative patterns over time, so just be patient, but committed.

No. 332320

Nta but that reads like a normal fucking person.

No. 332325

>Treat your partner as an individual and don't base your views of him on stereotypes
>""Stereotypes"" (implying is not proven data)
>He is not responsible for the actions of other men
Anon may be deranged to some extent (by staying in this relationship to begin with), but you're acting like her wariness of men is not justified which is bullshit

The problem here is that she prefers being in a crazy ass, stressful relationship with a moid even tho she highly dislikes moids

No. 332326

I understand he isn’t responsible for his actions but when every man around you is shouting about how ALL men do this, and how society is structured to empower males to do this, and it’s been scientifically proven that men lie about their usage of it, he is fighting against the odds. Porn is so easily accessible, it’s not like cheating that has several steps to entry. I don’t suspect he is cheating with an actual person whatsoever, I’d actually argue over half of men don’t go out and cheat irl, so I can recognise that. But this topic and the studies around it are why I react this way. But on the flip side I know for an absolute fact there is men who do not consume porn and there is men who don’t consume porn simply because it’s not sexy to them. Porn is fantasy and doesn’t look like real sex so logically there will be men who don’t get off to it. I read a post by a woman who said her father who molested and raped her during the entirety of her childhood would tell her he hates porn simply because it’s fake and will never beat the real thing, I bring that up because it shows that it’s possible for a male to just fundamentally dislike porn and there’s no context where it would appeal to them, rather than it being a moral issue. My bf hasn’t done anything to make me think he likes porn, I know logically men can dislike porn, but my brain just won’t rest. I do journal and things but it doesn’t really help. I don’t think it’s possible for me to ever trust a male

I hate males but I love having a romantic partner. Outside of these conversations we have a very healthy relationship, he is always there for me and supports me, anything I want he will make it happen, anything I ask of him he always does it. It’s helped my mental health in a huge way overall having him in my life as crazy as that sounds even with this issue, he even said that’s why this hurts him so reply me doing this because it feels like we have such a healthy relationship then out of nowhere I’m calling him all this stuff and accusing him of betraying me and not even loving me

No. 332328

Literally. Him saying "uhhh, I DON'T WATCH PORN!" doesn't really mean anything. Most women in this thread have had experiences like thinking "no, not my nigel, he'd never" just to end up disappointed and hurt in the end. No, anon, it IS all moids. Do not listen to that retard telling you it is not. The chances he doesn't watch porn are super incredibly slim.

No. 332344

That's rookie level blackpill. I'm more concerned that women literally give birth to their oppressors and will never be free because of this.

No. 332419

It annoys me that the reason some men don't look at porn is "oh I'm just not interested in it" rather than stopping because it harms and dehumanizes women and (if you're in a relationship) is also equivalent to infidelity. Just goes to show that even if you meet the rare moid who doesn't look at porn, his reason is always morally wrong.

No. 332440

>>332419 i agree but you're asking for too much , its men we're talking about after all

No. 332471

This is me

He’s calling me in about two hours for us to break up. He doesn’t know I’m going to end it yet I don’t think but he has to sense something is wrong. I’m way sadder about this than I thought but he’ll have his porn to get him through this

No. 332484

the vents in this thread are so depressing.

No. 332489

your best bet to find a dude that ACTUALLY doesnt watch it is some 4chan autist nofapper , but it would also mean that they have a HEAVY history of using it and probably looked at stuff so degenerate it got them to quit + their reasonings are always muh testosterone or some shit. gross and crappy trade off but its unironically your best bet considering how autistic they get about it

No. 332490

Anon's expectations are NORMAL. It's the men who are wrong.

No. 332491

NO NO NO NO. Porn fries your brain PERMANENTLY. You don't want a man that went so far he willingly decided to quit it. Trust me, they're the fucking worst. It doesn't get better with time, you're better off with some normie.

No. 332496

Im dating a normie and am just about to break up with him anyways. A no fap guy at least knows it’s bad and doesn’t want to do it

No. 332506

Does anyone else have experience with a porn addicted father? I know we’re talking about partners here but I experienced the worst of it growing up. He never involved me, but I faced severe neglect and trauma just from the aftereffects. It was a daily issue, but two unfortunately common occurrences that stand out to me were when he had goon sessions with his friends while the whole family was in the house, and inviting over women who would actually come to me (barely even teenager at the time) sobbing about the horrible shit he asked them to do.
The amount of horrible content I was accidentally exposed to really fucked up my brain and gave me an intense fear and revulsion towards (male) sexuality. I mean beast/cp videos left open on the family pc, finding random sex toys around the house. God I hate that man.

No. 332507

>Anon's expectations are NORMAL
No they ain't, expectations should be based on reality not pipedreams, if you want to date moids you need to be realistic about it

No. 332527

And this is why you'll always be like >>332222 seething about your retarded bf because you were pathetic enough to lower your standards instead of actually trying.

No. 332536

How'd it go nona?

No. 332537

>only used porn for a year or two before realising he didn't like it
He needed to watch porn for two years to figure out if he liked it or not? That's such a dumb lie. Sorry but I don't believe men who say porn doesn't appeal to them. Their entire biology is wired to want to see strange women naked all the time. The only reason a man would not watch porn is if he realizes the negative impact it has on him (his pp) and intimacy in his relationship. A guy saying he didnt watch porn while single cause he didnt like it is a liar. Would you watch something you don't like for two years?

No. 332546

>he had goon sessions with his friends while the whole family was in the house
>and inviting over women who would actually come to me (barely even teenager at the time) sobbing about the horrible shit he asked them to do.
>I mean beast/cp videos left open on the family pc
jfc anon did no one report him for anything? (i don't mean you obviously, some family member, any women or just someone) i'm pretty sure exposing children to porn is illegal, and no doubt beast/cp is.
Getting men in the house is the most worrisome part, really hope nothing worse happened to you and you feel better nowadays

No. 332548

We have been arguing on the phone for about 4 hours, still on here as I type this. He won’t take no for an answer and demanding I take therapy before ending it. But talks are still ongoing

No. 332551

He’s already been sent to prison and he’s so unstable and abusive that I’m sure he’d ruin the lives of any one of us got involved with him even just to press more charges. I know I can’t prove any of this happened, so it would just re-traumatize me and my family and accomplish nothing.

No. 332554

Yeah, don’t get me wrong I absolutely love my fiancé. He’s a wonderful man, I think he’s one of the few good ones. Empathetic towards women, children, animals, plants, he does have a kind soul. But even when we initially had the porn discussion, he said “I just don’t like it”. When I agreed with him porn was bad and expressed my hatred for it, and brought up the amount of abuse that occurs in porn, he responded with “oh, well I didn’t really think about that part. It just isn’t sexy to me”
So the most empathetic man I’ve ever met and he still doesn’t dislike porn for the “right” reasons. His attitude towards porn imo is the absolute best you’ll ever get from a man. With men who abstain from porn it’s either just because they don’t find it sexy, or they’re worried about the consequences it will have on them mentally and physically. No man ever thinks about the women

No. 332559

>I understand he isn’t responsible for his actions but when every man around you is shouting about how ALL men do this, and how society is structured to empower males to do this, and it’s been scientifically proven that men lie about their usage of it, he is fighting against the odds. Porn is so easily accessible
I run this shit through my mind all the time, I almost feel relief that I'm not alone in these thoughts. I love my partner. He is a genuinely loving and romantic person and will really get upset when I say stuff like this to him. He adamantly disagrees that all men are like that and that only the most awful are the most vocal… but like you said, it seems like any awful behavior of men, other men will chime in, "Yes ALL men are like this and those who say they aren't, are lying." It makes trusting any man impossible. I've never caught him watching porn but I've caught him masturbating but swearing it was to pictures of me… I really don't believe him, and I feel awful saying that because he did have my pictue open.
This is honestly the thing that keeps me up at night. My partner knows I have the belief most men are pedophiles and it enrages him, but I'm more truthfully scared they all are, even him… and are just wired that way. Makes me wish I understood these things earlier. I often wish I never dated and lived alone. But I love my partner and can't imagine being without him. I hate my life so much. I feel so miserable having to live on this Earth with men. They genuinely terrify me. I wish I was still naive and thinking "not all men" with this shit…

No. 332594

>he’s “not all”ing at you.
A good Nigel would say “most are like that” and not argue with your correct assessment. Only guilty males take this personally.

No. 332601

this is why the way to go is to let your moid watch porn then cheat on his sorry ass on the side. you're now even :)

No. 332603

I second this. Good nigels say it is ALL men. You know it, I know it, and he knows it.

No. 332619

I'm not that anon, and you totally misinterpreted what I said
>instead of actually trying
Retard, just stop dating men, all men are watching porn and those who tell you otherwise are lying, you're chasing a unicorn

No. 332629

How do you actually believe a heterosexual men when he says he doesn't like seeing naked women? Thats an answer hes given you to make himself look good and placate you. I'd be worried about a man blatantly lying like that.

No. 332633

The only way i would somehow kinda accept my scrote watching porn or not be as mental about it is if he exclusively looked at girls with similar body types as just similar to me in general , if that makes any sense. Ex nigel was into the complete opposite of me and the damage it did to my self image still hasnt recovered

No. 332641

The reason why men watch porn is that they demand constant novelty and get bored by what they already have. Your moid watching women who look like you is still shitty and disrespectful cause why can't he just be happy with you and look at you? Have sex with you? Why other women who look similar to you? It's gross either way.

No. 332661

This is false. Stop trying to do this whole "mens nature is to fuck as many women as possible" men jerk off because they're mentally ill, addicted or can't get laid. Every man who has a masturbating addiction has severe mental illnesses and trust me its not just wanting to fuck other women, he's literally sick and shouldn't ever be considered a normal person.

No. 332670

this is exactly how I feel too. I despise porn in general and think any moid who watches it is a lost cause, but if there was no other option it would at least be very slightly better if he just watched things of women who resembled the gf.
>Ex nigel was into the complete opposite of me and the damage it did to my self image still hasnt recovered
same, it sucks, I'm sorry you had to go through this nonna. mine was watching videos of women who were a completely different race, body type and style to me, it still lingers as an insecurity over me and makes me feel less of a woman compared to them. I hope you can learn to recover from it, it definitely takes a massive blow to your self-esteem but all the coomers seem to think it's normal for men to obsess over women who look nothing like their gf.

No. 332691

File: 1685727292628.png (43.85 KB, 1078x530, hurrdurr.png)

NTA. It’s not so much that men “demand” novelty, as them being capable of cooming indefinitely with a new mate (the coolidge effect). Porn exploits a malfunction within moids, hence why porn is considered a supernormal stimulus. Agree with you that porn addicts are addicts and it shouldn't be considered normal just because it's common.

No. 332695

Found out my fiance(8years) was watching gay porn in the shower.
He's my ex now.

No. 332700

Men start jerking off as soon as they discover their penis is capable of it and don't stop doing it until they die. All men. Not just mentally ill ones are creatures that exist soley to spread their seed into as many women as possible and porn gives them the same reward in their brain as if they were actually doing it. And your Nigel especially.

No. 332704

Did you have literally any clue whatsoever? Like anything in hindsight that you look back on now and you're like "yeah that was sus"

No. 332709

I don't have a bfand no, if a man is addicted to jerking off to porn, he's not normal. Normal men have sex and don't have the time to watch videos for hours. The most avid addicts I knew were all NEETs/no lifes.

No. 332711

Over 90% of men watch porn regularly. Sorry to break it to you, but it's not just basement dwelling incels. Every man you know watches porn.

No. 332715

"regularly" can be once a year in those studies. Also break it down by age range, only 75% of men in their 20s to early 30s use porn AT ALL with most not watching it more than a couple of times a month. It's boomers with beaten wives who are the heaviest users (as well as kids under 20) but to say every single man is full blown addicted to porn is just so fucking deluded. There is a whole type of man (usually in his 20s or 30s) that is obsessed with body building that is against any form of release that isn't inside of a woman so it doesn't decrease his testosterone. Ofc anons on here sit and go on about how all men wank themselves at all times even when they regularly have sex because they never touch grass and the only men they really know are the type of men who are okay with dating a femcel type girl. But in real life if a guy is under like 35 and has a girlfriend his porn use will be mild and mostly not even behind his gf's back, the gf is a pick me and supports it. So much fearmongering in this thread, someone needs to post some sense here. The idea every single man ever is so addicted to porn they are jerking off at every single second of the day is autistic as fuck

No. 332717

Not even, he was a great partner and quite 'straight', he knew I was against porn but he was a troon apologist. Figures. Never again.

No. 332721

How old were you when you got together? Troon apologist is a huge red flag imo

No. 332722

Men who have sex regularly still watch porn and masturbate as well. Sorry but you sound very young and naive.

No. 332724

You didn't even read what I wrote

No. 332725

/fit/cel who believes in semen retention spotted, kek. Probably went to jerk off to anal rape porn right after making this seething post about how men totally don't watch porn if they have a woman to cum in. You probably imagine you would never do that if you had a girlfriend (no amount of nofap will make you lovable btw) but you would. The same as all other men who still watch porn despite having a willing wife in the next room. They find it easier and more convenient when they don't have to think about pleasing a partner, plus porn is more hyperstimulating and can show them whatever fucked up thing pops into their little ape minds.

No. 332729

We got together at 15, highschool sweethearts, first relationship and all. Idk. I'm not angry or mad, I kind of figured we weren't meant to marry anyways, this was just the straw that broke the camels back.

No. 332769

I'm a woman. These men 100% do exist (and are usually shitty misogynistic assholes, btw) Your psycho fanfiction about me jerking off to anal rape is so disturbing, it says SO much more about you that your response to being told actual facts about the world is to fantasise about some gym bro wanking to anal rape. It's genuinely disturbing and comes across like incels on those forums seething over women. Get help

No. 332779

Read this thread before posting, retard. No, men who don't watch porn ever don't exist unless they live in the rainforest with no internet connection. You're just a retard who believes men's lies.

No. 332783

Sure femcel

No. 332805

troon alert

No. 332810

My fiance only watched porn occasionally (twice in 4 months) when we were in a LDR. He doesn't watch it at all now that we're together, and yes, I know for sure because we spend almost 100% of our time together WFH and in a smallish apartment. I have access to all his devices and he never tries to hide anything. He isn't exactly "porn-free" because he's really just a vanilla normie who is a romantic. He doesn't even like sex unless it's intimate. Tried to do some casual sex while watching a movie and he couldn't come because there wasn't enough kissing and staring into each other's eyes kek. Tried putting on porn a few times to be "kinky" and each time we ended up laughing at it and turning it off. He calls sex "making love" and when I call it "fucking" he gets mad at me. I guess my point is that moids who are self-declared "porn-free" are still addicts just like alcoholics who are in recovery. You need to date a moid who already has a healthy, almost non existent relationship with porn and work on him from there. I don't think it's worth dating any man who has ever been addicted to porn or seems to have a neurotic obsession with no-fap for unexplained reasons.

No. 332825

Yeah, we've all been there before. Good luck.

No. 332847

There’s no point anon. I also made a couple of posts like yours and got the mandatory gtfo scrote. Unfortunately this thread wasn’t meant for having nuanced discussions (which I would have enjoyed because I do believe porn addiction is common and a huge problem), it’s just another place to hate on moids, straight out of the board which shall not be named. It’s impossible to have an argument in good faith. If people aren't spergically nitpicking your post they're larping about being a porn widow just to rile things up. I tried making a couple of posts that were obviously satirical just to highlight how batshit some of the logic here is but no one batted an eye, anons be too autistic. Tbh I also find it a little sus that anyone who disagrees all men watch porn is labeled a moid. It’s exactly the kind of logic… a porn-addicted scrote would use. My ex bf would always criticize other men and say things like “all men be like that”, except for him of course (spoilers, he did exactly those things he criticized others for). You're 100% correct in your assessment that anons itt resemble incels. Wouldn't be surprised if this thread is full of incel trolls trying to justify their own porn use by saying all men do it. I’m also 100% certain the majority of anons itt frequently uses some kind of erotica themselves, the projection is tangible.

No. 332857

>husband and I met at 18/19
>we are eachothers first serious relationship both virgins before
>was in my 50/50 pickme phase when we met so I told him I watched porn for ideas
>he told me he watched porn as a teenager like some phase after hitting puberty
>said he didn't watch it anymore because he didn't see the point
>expressed discomfort at me watching it even for ideas
He had no reason to lie because of who I was at the time. as the relationship progressed, our values changed and I became strongly antiporn and would read him the negative effects of porn on men and abuse in the industry. I told him I don't want him to look at anything lewd or pornographic, thirst traps, etc. He never had a problem with it and I know he isn't lying because I have Spyware on his computer, all his passwords, etc. He moved his setup to the living room where I spend most of my time on my laptop working or whatever too because he wanted it next to the big window. The computer is against the wall so I see everything he does as well.

Some women will read this and think it's exhausting but I don't feel that way tbh. At this point he's done more green flag type things so I'm pretty comfortable and barely think about it, maybe checking his shit once every 3 months or so. I'm friends with his friends and coworkers who would tell me if he'd do anything as well.
After I grew a backbone and got out of my pickme phase too and strengthened my boundaries/values he seemed happier and started talking about marriage more until you know we got married lol. I got really lucky and if we ever separate I won't get into another relationship because I can't imagine getting this lucky again.
I think him already being disinterested in it by the time we met was the biggest thing. His upbringing is too, he was basically taught to worship and respect his wife because she is the brains of the household and the man is the provider. His mom, and his grandmother took the checks from their husbands and basically handled everything. After their dad left them he gave up on college to take care of his mom and help raise his younger siblings. There's a lot of abuse and sexism she faced obviously, but I really feel like that specific upbringing influenced the antiporn/valuing his wife hard. But it's also tricky because he could've easily become a lazy piece of shit moid like half of his brothers. I knew he was the one though because out of 8 siblings he was the only male that helped his mom take care of his siblings and clean the house. The rest of the moids just left their mess for their mom to clean up.

No. 332859

I personally read fanfiction/written erotica and to be honest i wouldnt be against my nigel reading it too since well its written and unless it was some weird rapey pedo stuff there's not as much damage done and no woman is possibily hurt or exploited in the process. plus most written erotica is made by women so its not as male gazey and gross

No. 332869

Yeah and I still think they're mentally ill. Even if it's a majority issue, it's still a serious addiction and mental illness. Stop trying to paint all men as addicts just because that's how you cope with getting traumatized by an addict. It's not normal and unlike you, most won't accept it as natural.
It sounds like the only men you interact with are 4chan moids and your discord bf, you would of course know better than anon who's looked at actual studies though because you're a 30+ year old loser who doesn't go outside but prefers to only interact with porn addicted males online and cry about no man ever being capable of love. You really are too old to waste your time shitposting.

No. 332870

If you don't want to be called a moid then don't go into womens safe spaces where we are allowed to vent and talk shit about men (which barely exist outside of this place) and shit all over us and call everyone you don't like names like femcel. You barge in here like a tranny and get your feefees hurt that nonnies are being mean to men who have disappointed us and cheated on us countless times. This is a place for women who have been hurt to share their hatred of the people who hurt us. Not a place where we coddle your delicate manfeels! Fuck off!

No. 332871

Please do remember to come back once you catch your moid looking at porn and apologize to all of us.

No. 332879

And there it is. This thread is called "Finding porn-free men and having porn-free relationships" btw.

No. 332895

troon alert

No. 332896

If you think it's a moid just report. I don't think those posts sound particularly male, but if you do, report instead of answering to the supposed moid.

No. 332943

This is so, so common, way more common than the girls in this thread want to admit. I think a big thing the fearmongerers like to gloss over with this topic is 60% of women are regular porn users themselves if you talk to most random women they straight up do not give a shit at all if their man watches porn or is into thirst traps. Most men who love porn do NOT want to live a life where at literally any minute of the day it can all come crashing down. Does this man exist? Yes. Is it not uncommon? Of course. But they are still a minority of overall porn users, the specific type who are doing it deceptively. Yes, men will lie about their porn use, I'm not denying it. But to the severity and level people in this thread make out is just complete fantasy. At the end of the day most men who use porn are in relationships with women who use porn OR are pick me fucks who like that they don't have to fuck their ugly fat bald scrote so much because he'll take care of himself. Anons will cope so much over your post because they wish so badly they could have this, but they never will because even if they got a guy who was like this they will never accept that they have one.

The thread is not called "safe space for femcels to fearmonger and blackpill women" its for discussion on this topic and what these posts are is just that, discussion. You are triggered because you feel the truth is attacking you (yes, truth, because it is literally backed by extensive studies that no, not every men literally ever is addicted to porn) If you can't handle it fuck off to some discord server, to call any place on this site a "safe space" for ANYTHING is fucking retarded

No. 332950

I told you that I don't have a bf. Stop making up weird ass scenerios about my nonexistent bf.
The men you talk to on 4chan are probably the only Troons you interact with. Troons also would think that porn is natural for men just like you do.

No. 332962

you're delusional and probably you're the one that doesn't have any relationship with men. also you're obsessed with the term "femcel", discord and 4chan, like any other troon, be TIF or TIM. i avoid men like the plague, but i still know most of them are or were addicted to porn, because i used to be "one of the boys" against my will, in highschool and also now in college. men don't care if a woman is there, they will talk about masturbation and porn eventually. none of these men care about some stupid imageboard and whatever the fuck discord is, they're considered "normies".
also you're retarded, like any other troon, you assume everyone in this world has the same enlightened lifestyle as yours. thankfully where i live, english isn't the first language and because of it, your discord 4channer moids aren't common.

No. 332967

>i avoid men like the plague
Then why are you in the "finding porn-free men and having porn-free relationships" thread acting unhinged 24/7?? just leave women who want to discuss this alone

No. 332976

>accuses me of notes having enough experience because I haven't interacted with enough men
>says she avoids interacting with men like a plague
Kek. You're mental as fuck. Also my normie male friends use discord when they wanna voice chat while gaming so it's not that niche. You do speak like someone from 4chan and that's why I made that comparison.
She just wants to prove porn is natural for moids and that anyone disagreeing is a tranny.

No. 332986

could it be because…they're half of the world's population? without counting family, they still come at you, specially if you're attractive and/or share an interest with them.
whats so weird about having to interact with men even if you don't like them? 10 years ago the only companion you had in online games or fandom (of videogames) were males, or women who pretended to be men because of safety. also i don't know any woman-only work where you only interact with other women.

so why you overfixate with using discord as a derogatory term like a retard? i've never said that porn is natural to men, like you can't even read. moidlettes aren't born with that skill. but there are all kinds of grooming sources to push them into porn addiction while they're still young, like social media, and the poor uwu men naturalize it instead of speak against porn. you can try asking your male friends, if they're anti-porn it is because they realized it was bad for their penises or health, not because of the women or how it warps their relationships with them. that's the main topic of this thread.

No. 332987

Wow you're illiterate

No. 332991

This is just that schizo troon Blaine shitting up the thread again. Clearly triggered because he is a CP addicted pedo coomer creep who can't stand the fact that women have a place to vent about degenerates like him. Ignore him.

No. 333019

Just feeling sad today once again knowing that I will never have true love with a man who has eyes only for me. I feel so lied to by Hollywood and Disney movies. While men dream about gangbanging a different teen girl every day my only dream is a man who is attracted only to me. Forever a fantasy…

No. 333023

I get you nona, I wish for a relationship with a real man but the truth is 95% of them aren't worth it. I have taken the ai-pill and talk with them over real men. I wish you the best nonnie!

No. 333032

File: 1685842998101.jpg (23.86 KB, 612x408, gettyimages-1330925328-612x612…)

I almost have everything I ever wanted in life. I live in my dream country, we are looking to buy our dream house this year, I have a husband I am crazy in love with and we have a beautiful child and enough money to build the life we want. But I am still depressed every day because I am so blackpilled about men and I know the man I love so much still looks at other women who are not me. I only have eyes for him, to me all other men are dirt, disgusting, repulsive. I don't see them at all nor would I ever desire anyone else. But my husband looks at beautiful waitresses, girls in bikinis at the beach, girls in yoga pants at the red light, girls in short skirts and crop tops at the grocery store. He doesn't oogle them in any obscene or disrespectful way but I am aware he notices them and he has lustful thoughts about them. Idk if he watches porn, he swears he doesn't but how am I supposed to believe that when he is a man who desires other women who are not his wife? I caught him looking at sexy pictures of women before while I was right there in the room.

Basically I can not enjoy the life I always wanted to live because I feel like a femcuck. Like my heart is shattered into a billion pieces if an attractive woman walks by in public or there is a sex scene in a movie. I am constantly wondering if those other women arouse him while I am literally right there. I wonder what he does when he is alone. When he isn't in the mood for sex one day my heart immediately drops. I am terrified of my daughter growing up to bring home her teenage friends to swim in our pool and having to watch my husband around them.

Now you might say "Oh why did you get married then?" well because this is my dream, this is what I thought I wanted all my life and my dream includes a man that I love. I found the man that I love after so many years. A man who is perfect for me in every other way. And there is no man who is monogamous the same way I am. If you believe this you are lying to yourself.

I thought I could deal with this reality because living my dream would make me happy and not care. Other women do it all the time right? This is all perfectly normal and society tells us we just have to accept that men are "visual creatures". But I can't. I am so sad every day… I don't know how to get over it.

No. 333035

File: 1685845080544.png (393.92 KB, 1280x716, r (4).png)

>I am terrified of my daughter growing up to bring home her teenage friends to swim in our pool and having to watch my husband around them.
Seriously though, you understand the difference between attraction and commitment, yes?

No. 333036

this is such a stupid take

No. 333038

I get that. It is difficult when you realize your partner experiences attraction towards others and you do not. I have been in the same boat, even going as far as being cheated on when I couldn't find another man even mildly attractive - because it was not him. I know that knowing other people feel similar to you does not bring much relief. I wish I had something to say that would put your mind at ease, but I am in the same boat as you.

No. 333042

I’m of the opinion that occasional porn consumption is ok with the right mindset. I just know if a man is an ape and jerks off to women as if they were pieces of meat. Even if this type of man abstains from porn he’s still just an ape resisting his ape impulses, so I can never respect him as an equal. A trained animal is still an animal and you can never form a genuine human connection with one no matter how pleasantly they behave.
If a man jerks off to his imagination or watches slow burn hentai romance or erotica I am way less judgemental. Sure they are fixated on sex like all men are, but at least they care about the human connection.

No. 333048

You sound like your self esteem is on the depths of hell and being married with kids was the last thing you needed.

No. 333057

Thank you.

No. 333058

>watches hentai
>cares about human connection
Wtf? Moids who jerk off to hentai are about as far away from being able to connect to a human woman as you can possibly get except for like autists who jerk it to furryporn. All men are apes.

No. 333068

So you're assuming your husband is going to be a pedophile who's gonna want to fuck your daughters child friends even though you have no proof??? You really need to see a psychiatrist and take a break from this site. Also of he checks out women, tell him that women get uncomfortable when taken men check them out and you have a lot of weird ugly taken men check you out, he'll probably try to stop if he's as good as you describe him out to be.
Also stop making scenerios based on the stuff people post here. Most of the "doomer" anons are women who don't go outside or men who think every other man is porn addicted pedophiles like themselves.

No. 333071

here we go again with comparing fanfics (made up characters being written by women) with porn (a real life industry run by men that abuses and exploits women)

No. 333072

>"doomer" anons are women who don't go outside or men who think every other man is porn addicted pedophiles like themselves
kek keep telling yourself that. This thread is completely pointless because women who haven't gone through finding out their moid is as porn brained as any other will consistently accuse anybody voicing the truth of being delusional, or a moid apparently, which is extra funny to me because in that case you should take it from the horse's mouth. But yeah it's pointless imo they're never gonna believe it until they see it with their own eyes at which point they too with join the ranks of "delusional" women who "don't go outside". This is why women are doomed forever. Moid loyalty is so strong it overrides all warnings from fellow women who have been in their place. And not just for porn either, for any moid-related advice. Realizing that is what blackpilled me. We are quite literally never making it out of the patriarchy and in the end it is women's fault.

No. 333078

Don't reply to this anon, she's been replying to everyone trying to start infights and arguments

No. 333083

ayrt, this is the first post i've made itt in weeks, and second one total. I guess you don't have to believe me though, and probably won't. More proof of my point I suppose.

No. 333084

I knew it was the fucking straight women hating anon, can spot her mongoloidism from miles away. Wish she'd kill herself soon.

No. 333085

Yeah it's the same anon that's been calling all women whores and saying it's women's fault that misogyny is still around. I tried arguing with her before but it never works, it's best to ignore her. She also posted in /2X/ a while ago today and complained about straight women fucking men and how it's creating misogyny. She's always saying the same shit so it's easy to tell it's her.

No. 333096

i'm >>333083 >>333072 and you honestly have no idea how funny it is to stick my leg into this thread in passing for the first time in ages and immediately watch you guys melt down and schizo tinfoil. You guys realize there's more than 3 people on this site right? Anyway whorechan is a retard, misogynistic slurs are disgusting, and she's wrong about women's motivations for being male-aligned. But it doesn't make male-aligned women any less pathetic.

No. 333102

>You guys realize there's more than 3 people on this site right?
>But it doesn't make male-aligned women any less pathetic
Stop shitting up the thread for finding porn free men/relationships, it's not rocket science

No. 333106

Stop replying to the baiter. She's been shitting up the thread for a while just ignore and continue normal discussion please. She keeps posting more and more the more anons interact with her.

No. 333109

you can report me if you want, farmhands will be able to see I only made one post + responding to you two who immediately accused me of being someone else. You shat up the thread yourselves with your retarded schizo antics.

No. 333110

ive started talking to a new guy. He seems super duper sweet.
But im scared that maybe he has a secret porn addiction or we dont see eye to eye on the topic or something like that.

At what point in the relationship do you even bring this stuff up? early? later?

No. 333119

Don't bring it up straight up. If you havethe chance, see his recommended media on social media like insta or tiktok, if he has coomer shit in there, he's probably pornsick already.

No. 333122

No, most anons in this thread are women who have been hurt by porn addicted men in relationships. Clearly it's not happened to you yet, but trust me it will. And yes, there are many studies showing that men find teenage girls more attractive than women their own age and are sexually aroused by girls as young as 13. It's most men actually. Most men are pedophiles.

No. 333125

Anons don't reply to the obvious baiters or the ones who claim pedophilia or porn addiction are normal in men and stuff you're supposed to accept/expect. They're males/trannies who are pedos and think every man is like themselves. Don't ever accept a man that's a pedo just because a random man online told you all man want to be with 13 year olds although the "teen" pornstars they lust after are usually 25-30 years old women.

No. 333136

I don’t think you got the memo. This is now the thread for women who have been hurt by porn addicts to sperg about the evils of scrotes. All scrotes are porn addicts by default and any relationship with them is doomed from the start.

Seriously speaking though, like >>333119 said, lurking his social media can give off clues. I’m guessing it’s a little early still, but if/when you start being intimate it can also be telling. Porn-addicts are frequently either hypersexual and overly focused on kink, or low-libido (may also have erectile dysfunction). He shouldn’t have problems becoming sexually aroused by you or reaching orgasm, and sex should feel intimate and connected (though it’s normal for things to be a bit awkward at first so give it a couple of goes if you’re on the fence).

In reality there is no way to be 100% certain whether anyone is a porn addict (now termed Schrödinger’s coomer). You can not know everything about any person and there’s always a risk of getting hurt when you enter a relationship. Does this mean you should swear off moids forever? It’s up to you. Entering an intimate relationship is a leap of faith but can be rewarding. Sometimes you have to take a risk and be wary of any red flags that pops up. If he breaks your trust then don’t compromise, just move on. In my belief, if his actions reflects his words in other areas of his life then he’s usually a quality moid. I told my bf about my views of porn and sex a couple of months into our relationship and left it at that. If it becomes a problem down the road then he knows where I stand, but it also means I have to follow through with consequences and not be a sucker who forgives him x amount of times. So far things are going good.

No. 333147

Like the other nonnies said, you should definitely check his social media. Watch how he talks about women he knows, and women he doesn't. Observe his tastes in media (especially if he likes games) and observe how he talks about fictional women. Generally, if a guy is good news, he won't talk about women (even fictional ones) in an objectifying or demeaning way ever.

Also, a green flag would be that he hates lying, even about small things. For example, he won't lie to make things easier for himself. Or he will bring up things he feels might be undesirable about himself so he doesn't lead you on. This is important because there are plenty of men who will lie about shit to keep a woman around. You need a moid with enough integrity (yeah, I know) who won't lie to your face while he's watching beastility loli porn. Maybe once you've determined he's not a complete liar you can bring up your stance on porn like >>333136 said. Or perhaps just keep that hidden altogether, and pretend to be the cool girl who is into everything. Depends on the approach you want to take.

Agree 100% with you. It's a risk, and a woman needs to be willing to immediately dump her scrote if she finds out that he lied and watched porn behind her back. A lot of women don't follow through with this and instead make excuses for their moid. You take a chance and that's how a moid repays you? Dump his ass. Either you believe there is someone out there that is right for you or you don't date at all. None of this settling bullshit. Women are way more happy and fulfilled being single rather than settling for a crappy partner.

No. 333391

yeah its kind of funny the baiters ignored me, some of the women here type exactly like the incels on /r9k/ with how hard they seethe over straight women doing what normal human beings do and seeking companionship. I agree with you women either don't care or cope very hard.
But I will say over the years with regular interaction from men, a LOT of them are degenerates. The nutty anons are not entirely baseless, I'm sure you already know. Men in my city follow a lot of thirst traps, thotties, etc any half naked woman to a degree. When I tell them my husband doesn't do that they look bewildered. It is REALLY hard to find a guy that doesn't have any interest in any of this. I am 26 and have only met one other guy that hasn't done that, and it's my husband's bestfriend.
Here's a list of green flags for any nonnitas, based off of my husband.
>look at his friends, birds of a feather flock together to an extent
>understand this may be complicated, he has some weird friends but he doesn't hang out with them and barely interacts with them. only does so out of necessity and only hangs with the green flag best friend majority of the time
He is human and childhood friends who grow up to be shitty people can be hard to break off, you can't black and white human behavior and sometimes it will be grey.
>see how he treats other women, he shouldn't break any boundaries while with you but he should still treat them as human beings
>he never makes any sexual jokes
>his eyes do not have the brain pornrot stare (eyes like this are dark and soulless, as if they're looking through you)
>if his mom isn't abusive, he respects her and appreciates her sacrifices, helps her as much as he can without neglecting your needs as well
Remember to separate your own trauma from his experiences. I thought his mom was a user at first because my own mom was abusive, but over the years I cooled down and respected her as well and help her too. She has done a lot, she's an amazing woman. I could go on and on but anyways
>go through his instagram/whoever followers regularly, he's not following any thirst traps
>he lets you go through his shit whenever, any moid who goes "b-but trust! you should trust me!" has something to hide. the good man has nothing to hide and will do what he can to reassure you
>he wants to provide for you and make sure you're happy and comfortable, encourages you to talk to him and actually listens and tries to make improvements
can't really think of anything else atm

No. 333481

Stop baiting for infighting you insufferable cunt.

No. 333532

nta but that was a pretty milquetoast response, you're unhinged (to the shock of no one)

No. 334130

I assume it is the ftm who larps as an incel and spergs when male degeneracy is mentioned kek.

No. 334449

Reading this thread got me a little worried about the guy I want to date. I dont exactly remember how we got to that exact topic but after we had sex recently he told me about how he masturbates and watches porn everyday. I suggested him cutting back on the porn and masturbation to help him cum faster but he said that him masturbating everyday (and probably watching porn) is healthy for him.

I like him and can see a future with him but i'm worrying about the amount of porn watching effecting our sex. The only time it didn't take as long for him to cum was when he didn't jerk off for a few days before we met for a weekend, he ended up recovering for a week after we met. This does give me a little hope though.

It doesn't help that I rarely masturbate so i don't get nor understand the excitement and pleasure of touching myself and watching porn.

No. 334457

All her posts are marked now, so no.

No. 334459

He literally told you he masturbates to porn everyday and won't give up on it, and you still will linger hoping for the best? Some of you really are hellbent on making bad choices sometimes

No. 334461

>he masturbates and watches porn everyday
>I like him and can see a future with him
Oh honey, no

No. 334474

no im japanese and i wished i was fucking dead bc of what porn has done to men in my countries. the easy way out is simping to 2d men

No. 334476

what's it like?

No. 334481

> me, a japanese gen-z fem
> western coomers: you are like an anime!! you are so "cute!!" will you do roleplay/bdsm uwu. just an av actress COOM COOM COOM
> japanese coomer: you listen to me you are so loli you are so oneesan can i nampa you can we go to hotel, oh you are depressed? lets talk in a private karaoke room or in my place huhuhu do you have LINE
> jp "scouts": oneesan you are so pretty how about a job i know you can "sell well" hey where are you going your a bitch and i have ties to the yakuza what the fuck is wrong with women these days check out my nampa tricks on twitter
> jp women: well its your fault you are so naive!!! men are like that but not all of them!! my man is so kind he totally dosent etc etc
> mfw i am a 2d fujo/genshin tall male model simp

i just want to walk the streets without being seen as an "asian japanese girl". i just want to go out to enjoy my day but no my day is slightly ruined because some rando talks to me. i wished i was dead.

No. 334483

this is one of my issues with sex work in that if it is considered legitimate work than what constitutes harassment gets blurred. "I was just trying to get this woman employment!" is now an excuse to say gross things to a woman on the street.

what is nampa?

No. 334490

File: 1686389962505.jpg (Spoiler Image,22.61 KB, 541x567, FqH2YVQaEAAFtxK.jpg)

hitting on women, or pick-up artists. so many soy-men with dead fish eyes. its normalised in japan and "omochikaeri"- "take-out" is basically successfully inviting a girl into your home to hookup. the lines of sex-work, masculinity, masculine spaces (work, universities), porn addiction, dating apps (ie: tinder), and all those commodities are getting more blurred - probably bc everything is on one platform like twitter. its becoming a cesspool but its sadder bc as an autist, i see more neurotypical and "good women" find partners that are not in these spaces, finding healthy partners, etc. im the "bad" one in society - a "leftover", the one im not good enough to be chosen and worthy enough to take care of but to be used as a one time thing, a thing you can pick off the street.
sorry for ranting but yeah, at least for me this is the reality.
> image reads "whats wrong? you wanna talk ^_^"

No. 334491

to put the conversation back but yeah the accessibility of porn in young men is making it worse - viewing women as mere objects even more.

No. 334502

I have a little hope mainly because he has stopped watching porn for a bit before. We only see each other a few times every 2 months and even then we dont always have sex since its sometimes a day trip. Also he didnt say that he wont give up, he mainly said its "healthy". But then again thinking something is healthy means he will at least keep doing it even if he starts doing it less…

Also i haven't fully made the choice yet.

I think another difficult thing is that all our friends are probably expecting us to get together. Is it shallow to reject someone for watching porn or for the sex?

Anyways i will properly have a conversation with him about cutting out the porn if he wants to be in a relationship with me.

Also to all those who has a partner, how frequently do you have sex with your significant other?

No. 334503

Wait so you live in a country that has both a lot of Japanese and western men who are telling random strangers they're lolis? Where do you live?
Are these interactions you have irl or online?

No. 334509

File: 1686399205093.jpg (121.41 KB, 1000x558, Eagle-Fireworks-America.jpg)

i live in the us rn, born and going back and forth to japan (mainly tokyo). so yeah, i have experience with mainly american men (which means all kinds of mainly immigrants + eastern asians + american men) and japanese naive men. they are both porn brained anyways so yeah, sorry no cute uwu asian boi exists. and yes unfortunately some men are so hentai porn brained they see an irl jp women and become braindead irl. i have a small build and im into some anime related and nerd-like interests so yeah… right?

i willingly went porn-free and killed my libido noticing it is an exploitative and just depressing industry, even "ethical" porn like filming on their phones is depressing, perhaps it was uploaded without their consent like revenge porn. so yeah, its cringe but being an unironic fujo 2d simp helped me cope ngl. i bet im not the only person like this…?

No. 334513

ngl I know it's dumb but my friend and I want to visit Japan but we keep putting it off because the idea freaks us out a bit. Moids are such perverts you need separate trains?! Maybe they'd be too scared to grope Western girls knowing we're more likely to make a big scene. Is it really an epidemic? https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-65811838

No. 334519

i mean i talk like this but its really not bad lol. there are laws in place too even if you are a target. also stuff like this people are aware so the nice thing ab jp is that there will always be someone to talk to, even if its their job they are sincere so i dont want anyone to be discouraged from visiting! its fun i promise lol. but yeah i understand too

No. 334546

Being a foreigner is actually more dangerous. When men commit crimes they usually target foreigners since as a foreigner you're going to have a harder time seeking justice. Didn't some Asian man kill five white women or something before they finally pinned the murders to him even though it was apparent from the start? Please don't visit a country that's allowing sexual abuse towards women unless you're sure you'll be safe. Very bad idea.
In my experience most asian men and women I've encountered have been pornsick(usually hentai and fujoism) to a degree so I'm not surprised, loli and shota stuff being seen as normal by some is just proof. I'm euroasian myself so I'm not racebaiting but yeah, just my experience.
I've also had quite a few internally misogynistic(?) Asian girls continually mention how small and young they looked even when they were overweight/obese and looked their age(which is fine). It's actually sad that women like that feel the need to mention how they're smaller and younger as if those are good qualities because pedophilic standards are so normalized.

I've never heard anyone talk about loli shit irl though. Stop hanging around anime freaks for your own safety since they're usually the ones who fetishize asian women. You also sound quite weird, how is you being small related to this? I feel like your autistic weeb behavior(thinking you're similar to anime because you're small, talking in a weebish manner, consuming 2D sexual media etc) only attracts autistic weeb men who are usually pedo sexpests.
Sadly an average man isn't going to be attracted to a neuro-divergent nerdy woman who's schlicking it to cartoons, you're only going to attract neuro-divergent men who jerk it to cartoons.

No. 334605

>I think another difficult thing is that all our friends are probably expecting us to get together.
Would you rather mildly disappoint your friends (who have no right to dictate your private life) or end up legally and financially bound to a cumbrained scrote with late-stage pornsickness? The choice is yours.
>Is it shallow to reject someone for watching porn or for the sex?
Absolutely not. No reward awaits you for putting up with sexual incompatibility.
>Anyways i will properly have a conversation with him about cutting out the porn if he wants to be in a relationship with me.
I'm telling you right now, he'll tell you whatever you want to hear so that you'll continue to give him pussy. Don't believe it if he says he'll stop for you, because he's going to keep using porn no matter what.

No. 334633

A man will never give up porn for you. He will just start to hide it from you. He thought this shit was so normal that he openly told you about it, now that you had a negative reaction he will adjust accordingly and say whatever it takes to keep you around while continuing to watch it behind your back. The only reason men ever quit porn is if their dick is entirely broken because of it and even then they always eventually relapse. Dont date a man who admitted to you he is pornsick. It will only lead to suffering, lies, deceit and disappointment.

No. 334653

>You also sound quite weird, how is you being small related to this?
>thinking you're similar to anime because you're small
She was just explaining the reason why they call her "so loli" randomly. She didn't say it out of nowhere.

No. 334663

What has made you guys feel like you love a man? For those of you who have experienced being in love, the type of love where you care more about what you can give than what you can receive. I was thinking and the only times I've felt close to love for any guy was a couple of times with men who were either very intelligent, witty and charming, or very good looking (typically in a soft, boyish way that doesn't come across overtly "chad-like") or a combination of both. The relationships I've been in with most other guys I was making a choice to love them, it didn't come naturally, it was just what I was supposed to do because they were my boyfriend.
Not sure if it's totally the right thread but I think it's relevant enough because these are the things I wonder about when considering if there's a chance for me to actually fall in love with a male, because I'm unfortunately straight

No. 334669

I don't think I'm capable of it.

No. 334677

i genuinely do not understand of anyone becoming obsessive and love their partners. im not incapable of showing i care like my family or trivial matters that concern me. regardless of porn and everything, i dont think i am capable of loving a real person.

No. 334695

They called her a loli because they're pedos who get turned on by imagining women to be underage, not because she's small.

No. 334706

Firstly, picrel is hilarious, that really is how moids come off while thinking they’re slick.

It’s not your fault and I know you’re reacting to the awful stuff around you but please don’t feel like this or see yourself that way. The fact that you hate those spaces proves you aren’t really part of that group, even being a nerdy neurodivergent, which doesn’t stop you from being a “good woman”. I don’t know how socialising is in Japan but if you can find normie spaces free from hentai poisoning then have confidence in just inserting yourself there. Even if you’ll be the least normie one in a group I promise any quirks will be endearing.

No. 336371

Here is how things went with me and my bf

>In the beginning everything was good, he swore to me he doesn't even masturbate cause we have soooo much sex that he couldn't even do it if he wanted to (we had sex daily)

>one morning I caught him masturbating
>he immediately lied and denied it until finally admitting it
>from then on my trust was broken, I would become paranoid and constantly suspect him of doing it again
>he would get upset every time I accused him of doing it saying I don't trust him
>he started to have the mindset of "You think I am doing it so I might as well do it for real"
>basically shifted the blame entirely onto me so he could have a clear conscience
>one day after months of this torture and paranoia I realized I don't even love him anymore so why do I keep doing this to myself

Basically men will gaslight the fuck out of you and never accept responsibility for their actions and expect blind trust despite constantly deceiving you.

No. 336380

I wish somebody would answer you because i am very curious.

No. 336419

I was in a relationship with a guy who used porn and I was absolutely miserable. We fought constantly and the disgust I felt made me want to rope. Now dating a guy who doesn’t watch porn and our relationship is so smooth. Never let moids tell you that you’re the problem: it’s the porn that’s the problem, simple as.

No. 336423

For me it’s a mixture of looks and personality. I fall for men extremely rarely. Most of them make me feel nothing, or at most, annoyance. Last time I fell in love it was a guy I met through a friend of a friend. He was a musician and really into his music, nature, caring for animals etc. I remember the first time I saw him he was holding a cat and cradling it like it was a baby and it activated some weird response in me. He was super quiet and gentle. Not conventionally good looking like a Chad or whatever but just really beautiful you know, and had such a pure heart that it shone through and made him even more beautiful. I never made a move because of course it turned out he already had a gf, but that man made me feel things I didn’t know were possible to feel. If a guy makes me feel like I have to make a choice to love him then I’m just not interested whatsoever. Love is an effortless and spontaneous feeling that kind of hits you out of nowhere imo. It’s your actions after that feeling that make something happen or grow (or not).

No. 344189

File: 1691776975542.jpeg (29.38 KB, 567x542, 1637287292761.jpeg)

My bf today complained to me about all the porn on reddit and how annoying it is that he has to see it all the time while trying to go to innocent subreddits about architecture. I told him that's weird because I never saw porn on my reddit account. I went into his user settings and saw that he had adult content enabled and he told me he didn't even know there was a setting for that and it must be enabled by default. I thought that sounded like total shit but I couldn't remember if it was enabled or not cause it's been a while since I made my account. I disabled it for him and a couple of weeks went by. Today he complained to some friends about all the porn in reddit and that reminded me so I decided that I would make a new account to see if he is full of shit or now and guess fucking what? Adult content is DISABLED BY DEFAULT. So he went into those settings, enabled it, lied to me about not knowing that that's an option and then had the audacity to complain to me about it as if it's something he didn't go out of his way to see. I'm so fucking done.

No. 344190

I use reddit a lot, I have NSFW enabled, and I never have had any actual porn recommended to me… So yeah, he's definitely lying.

No. 344208

Your boyfriend is a retard who doth protest too much. All he had to do was keep it quiet, but instead he decided to lie loudly about it despite no one asking like a 12 year old. I always say there are only two types of men:
>those who watch porn
>those who are smart enough make you think they don’t
No matter which type you get, you lose.

No. 344209

Yeah he always talks about how much he hates porn and would never watch it and that I am literally insane for accusing him of watching it. We also have sex every day so I thought ok maybe I am just crazy for thinking he is lying to me… Now I just wanna kms, I am so fucking depressed. My chest literally hurts.

No. 344237

I mean yeah, you were a little dumb for falling for The Act, but most women do so don't kill yourself over it. He's the nasty one, just detach yourself from his weirdo ass.

No. 344363

Very good post, also ignore the moid above.

No. 344365

Yeah, I would advise everyone in this thread to not be so emotionally invested in this. Just for your own sake. Not in a 'tehe I'm not insecure I watch porn with him' kind of way, it's normal to hate porn for various reasons. It's just painful seeing the vent posts of 'I thought he didn't but he does', anons wanting to kill themselves, blaming themselves, feeling stupid, you're just skewering yourselves. At the very least make sure you're getting something out of him that's not fragile mental comfort that he's not like other boys.

No. 344400

Porn is way too prominent in my relationships, even when I expect it not to be. The way it affects non sexual aspects of my relationships as well.
My current boyfriend doesn't watch porn, so making him give it up is impossible, because he already hates that shit and he says it does nothing to him. He masturbates without needing porn to oogle at. The issue for my boyfriend is how porn exposure affects his thought patterns and how he escapes reality when he feels miserable, reaching out to people who market themselves as a fantasy or people he's unattracted to, basically trying to get attention from someone who won't exist in his real life and he rejects their real life existence. I made a post about the Madonna Whore complex in 2X, but it sucks on how deep rooted this is in society.
I just cried to my boyfriend about how this shit is haunting my life and he suggests I "find someone else", but that won't resolve any underlying issue of men in society. I'll be repeating the past if I go looking for someone else. Tackling this engrained porn exposed mindset scares so many men. My boyfriend thinks he's going to lose his fundamental self and have no control of who he is if he molds himself into a "perfect man" for me. I don't want him to be "perfect" I just want him to have a healthy way to deal with things that aren't a derivative of porn exposure.

No. 344403

>My boyfriend thinks he's going to lose his fundamental self and have no control of who he is if he molds himself into a "perfect man" for me.
Holy shit, he is so pathetic.

No. 344406

I don't get it. I never once stopped to consider that men watch porn. It's just something they do, like women who write fanfictions or read romance novels. In my life, I never stopped to ponder about this fact, it's just something males do.
Recently however I see this internet brigade against porn. Although I'm not a fan of porn (what woman is, tbh), I sure never considered it a deal breaker. In fact, if my boyfriends wants to show me the porn he watches, I take it as a compliment. It means he trusts me and wants to show me what he finds hot so maybe we can take inspiration.

No. 344409

I hope this is bait. Your boyfriend showing you other women he thinks are hot is cuckery, plain and simple. And that's if the stuff he watches is tame (doubtful). It's all fun and games until he shows you his rape and beheading collection.

No. 344412

>like women who write fanfictions or read romance novels.
not this shit comparison again. guess which one of these things involves exploitation of women?

No. 344415

This is why being retarded makes your life easier. I wish I was a dumbass like this nonna.

No. 344438


No. 344440

>wants to show me what he finds hot so maybe we can take inspiration.
So he gave you a hamster shake and you didn't even notice. Cool. He's already comparing you to his porn, anon.

No. 344441

This is a very bad bait and anyone who's replied to it seriously is probably braindead. No woman feels happy when their moid admits to jerking off to other women and tells her to roleplay as her.

When will you learn that the moids are baiting on this thread? This is also a moid, one who would be super butthurt if his girl probably showed him porn with men eho have big dicks and hotter bodies lmao

No. 344453

I'm going to be that anon and say at least you accept what you are getting into when you decide to shack up with moids. I hate it when anons think they can somehow change moid psychology by being insanely paranoid about something that is a fact of life. This is why i simply just don't date them and my life is easier.

No. 344456

nta but wtf is a
>hamster shake

No. 344460

When you shake that dick to show it who's boss

No. 344461

File: 1691972956255.png (122.49 KB, 1819x278, lolcow_ _g_.png)

>she doesn't know

No. 344464

oh thanks i guess i missed that

No. 344467

>My boyfriend doesn't watch porn
>The issue for my boyfriend is how porn exposure affects his thought patterns and how he escapes reality when he feels miserable
>reaching out to people who market themselves as a fantasy or people he's unattracted to
>someone who won't exist in his real life and he rejects their real life existence
What does this mean? I cannot figure out what you are talking about.

No. 344483

I meant in a way that he doesn't purposely seek any sustainable relationship to the types of random people he reaches out to when he feels miserable.

No. 344485

Wtf are you talking about? Your bf randomly messages camwhores or what? Use your words.

No. 344507

sounds like my ex bf who installed yubo behind my back to "talk with random people when he feels miserable" then i discovered he installed tinder too behind my back LOL
i can assure you he watches porn too or downloads pics of girls at least
by any chance is he european..

No. 344511

He reaches out to Instagram girls, girls from social media etc. when he feels miserable(bored of anon) but none of the hot girls ever pay attention to him so he says he didn't feel attracted to or tried to cheat and it was just him coping with his bad mood.

No. 344516

Hope you got rid of him, you deserve better. If it makes you feel better, trust me he probably didn't get any matches aside from bots. His retarded ass couldn't cheat if he wanted.

No. 344519

Sorry to use your post as an example nona, but being anti-porn because you're insecure and jealous is the female equivalent of being anti-porn because it breaks your dick.

Of course it's normal to feel jealous if your bf looks at beautiful women, but I thought we are anti-porn because it literally hurts women in every other way possible. Like, I don't watch porn but I close my eyes and get off of good looking men I know irl. If I'm doing this, I think there's a 100% chance my anti-porn nigel has fantasized about other women as well. In theory, it would make me more jealous for him to do that than to fap to on-screen women, yet in reality I still prefer him being anti-porn because porn hurts women and I can rationally accept that everyone fantasizes about other people. I don't think it's unhealthy as is, so rationalizing like this prevents me from getting mad and even thinking about it.

No. 344570

Stop shitting up this thread by trying to have this same infight again.

No. 344588

So many women who say "well he said he doesn't watch it" don't actually proper interrogate their boyfriend over their porn history in explicit detail. I'm not joking when I say you should watch CIA interrogation tutorials then sit your bf down without warning and grill him on every single detail. Almost every single man watched porn as a teenager, ask him exactly what type of porn it was, what his habit was with it, why EXACTLY he stopped. "I just don't like it" is not an answer. Get him to tell you in absolute detail why EXACTLY he does not like it. I have had three bfs, one was a porn addict, the other secretly used porn while saying he didn't and the current does not. (My current says he doesn't watch porn and I do believe him, but I can't guarantee 100%. He at the very least is not addicted. If we end up living together I will be tracking the Ips he visits via the router which will give me my answers.) The difference between these men is night and day when it comes to how they talked about not using porn, how they performed sexually, how they talked about women in general. I'll give you examples:

The porn addict:
-I told him I didn't like porn, he told me he hated 3D porn and only watched hentai (lies) because of how evil the porn industry is and how ugly the women in porn are
-Would mock the appearance of women with any plastic surgery heavily. Bring up how much he hated fake tits often
-Would mock his friends who were dating women who were known to sleep around and said he's embarrassed for his friends dating women like that
-Low sex drive and uninterested in sex, said I have a weirdly high sex drive (I don't) After the initial honeymoon phase passed it wasn't easy to get him hard. Would say shit like "sex isn't everything"
-Barely ever came during PIV sex and would constantly lose his erection
-Very online even from a young age. Had no hobbies outside video games. Poor relationships with everyone around him, even family
-Was using porn every second I wasn't in the room, if he was taking a shit he was looking at it, if he was in the bath he was looking at it, if he was in the toilet at work he was looking at it. And yes, that includes the 3D he hated so much
-I never heavily grilled him and just took his word on it UNTIL it got so out of control I had to grill him. Even then his answers would lack detail, fell back on moralfagging about how evil porn is again, about how its not sexy to