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No. 331898

Previous thread: >>>/g/278561

This is for diet and fitness related things only.

-Post your goals, your current state, like your weight or measurements;
-What you're going to do to change it and your methods (Weight training? Intermittent Fasting? Running? Raw eating? MyFitnessPal logs?);
-And how to be held accountable for it, like biweekly weigh-ins or measurings.

Feel free to post charts of your progress! If you're doing daily reports, remember to sage.

Reminder that we're all human and we all have our ups and downs. Don't blame yourself for failing and don't get fixated on small missteps. This is a marathon, not a race. Self-sabotage will only make things worse. Try to stay positive and think of the positive steps you've made to get here and keep moving forward!

Don't get fixated on numbers and give yourself adequate rest days and rewards to keep yourself motivated.

No ana, please.

No. 331905

Old thread reached reply limit so can't link this one in it sadly.

To start off, I was starting to have very bad issues with binging and getting too hungry half a year ago and I'm happy to say that I've managed to recover! I've learned that my biggest trigger for binging is strict calorie counting, so I stopped doing that and I've managed to shed 9 pounds! Right now I have only a few pounds away before I hit my goal weight but I've been struggling with it and constantly falling off the wagon. Weight has been fluctuating up and down by 2~ pounds and it's a bit nerve wrecking since that's almost 1/4 of my progress. I try not to be too hard on myself about it, dooming too hard would cause me to binge.

Although sticking to what I've been eating hasn't been working lately because I start caving in and eating a snack or two, bringing myself to maintenance or a bit more. Any help? Have been experimenting a bit with water fasting lately, mostly doing OMAD on most days but overall I'm likely at maintenance since the scale hasn't moved in 3 weeks. I was a bit distraught about it at first but I just reassure myself that at least I'm not going in the opposite direction kek

Usually fasting is a terrible idea for binge eaters but weirdly enough it doesn't trigger me, it's only when I try to restrict too hard calorie wise consistently that makes me break. Any nonnas have experience with this? Was thinking I could try working up to one 48-72 fast per week and eating normally on the other days.

No. 331906

Thanks for the new thread!!
>goals, your current state
I've been pretty skinnyfat for a while. I briefly became more fit last summer and autumn via regular jogging/gym sessions and went down to an estimated mid20% bodyfat. My goals are to jog and hit 6k steps regularly (twice a week), and fix my sleep schedule.
>What you're going to do to change it and your methods?
RN I'm doing Hybrid Calisthenics's daily workout routine for steady and casual growth. I also do mobility exercises/stretches and am trying to find a good nature-y spot to jog at near me.
>how to be held accountable for it
Journaling/habit tracker, and one of my friends said she'd be accountability buddies (doubt.jpg but let's see how it goes)

No. 331996

Goal is to lose 80 lb because I got super fat during COVID.

Currentpy vegetarian, going to start calorie counting today. Going on 30+ minute walks with my dog.

I do weekly weigh-ins. So far I've lost five pounds in two weeks.

Question of the thread - is op's picrel actually a good way to do unassisted sit-ups? I want to incorporate basic exercises and stretching before bedtime but wasn't sure how.

No. 332020

Started being more active and eating less two weeks ago. So far I lost 2,5 kilos. I'm very happy with my results and feel like I can keep going like that.
I don't count my calories and don't obsess about what I'm eating all that much, in fact I can get some pizza or chocolate if I feel like it. The key is to not overdo it. I also walk around 20k-25k steps a day and run every other day. I was big into running before but lost all my endurance, so now I'm extremely tired after my 5k. I started a 5k program on my Garmin, but it's EXTREMELY difficult and unbalanced. Running 5k on your first week and 20 minutes everyday. I gave up after some time. It's just that tedious. Gonna try C25K instead, at least it's truly beginner friendly. I will also incorporate bodyweight exercise starting next week. Any good youtube trainers that I can follow? Appartment friendly, no HEET and strenuous butt exercises (I have a torn meniscus, so I want to be easy on my knees). But more focus on back muscles, especially lower back.

No. 332029

Can I just lift weights and have a belly and be fit?

No. 332049

I'd suggest doing bicycle crunches instead, I'm no expert but I think it's easier on your back.

No. 332056

>Where I started
I gained about 40-50lbs over covid. I was 190lbs at 6' at my highest.
>Where I'm at now
Getting muscular, 155lbs. It was very slow to start losing, but over the last year and a half I've gotten to my current state.
>What I did
I started with diet, counting calories loosely just so I could get an idea of how much I was eating. Found low calories snacks and avoided high calorie meals. I didn't stop eating occasional fast food entirely, but made sure the calories were in line with my daily goal. Didn't beat myself up when I messed up a day. It got easier. Then added walking - trying to do at least 5k steps a day since I was very sedentary. I lost 30lbs and then started building muscle while losing fat (recomp). I go to the gym to lift weights once every 2-3 days. I've been doing that consistently for 2+ months now and have been very happy with the results.

No. 332157

Some say sit-ups arent even that helpful for exercising your abdomen compared to other things. There's a lot of standing ab workout routines and mobility exercises on youtube.

No. 332170


Under calorie count (1200) yesterday! Hopefully the weather improves so I can start walking again. It's so relaxing.

No. 332182

I used to be one of those caloric deficit…but eating processed shit fag. Like would have 5 Oreos for dinner.but now I have been influenced by a moid (the one who is trying to reverse aging iykyk) and have basically completely switched my diet where for the last month I haven’t touched processed food. But I think I am unintentionally starving my self because I am losing weight without wanting to, essentially eating is just not as fun anymore.

No. 332186

My inner thigh/groin area was fucking hurting while I was trying to do squats today. I'm still very new to the gym but I never had that problem last week, is this common? Its been a full week since my last leg day and I've definitely recovered from the next day sores.
I can't help but think I fucked up my form while doing previous leg exercises (I did leg press, extension and curls beforehand) and now I hurt myself? Idk but my whole leg day felt so incomplete without squats

No. 332189

How do you get the will to go to the gym when the weather sucks ass? It’s very rainy and I feel like the dark weather is so comfy that I don’t want to leave my home, I don’t even want to move from my bed. I was excited about trying out my resistance bands, but I don’t want to get wet because of the rain.

No. 332193

if you have a little space maybe set down a yoga mat and do some Chloe Ting (or whoever you like) videos with rain outside? could be comfy.

No. 332321

This is so dumb but guess what? I killed my circuit today! It involved 4 rounds of mountain climbers. Before, when I was heavier, I used to give out 3-4 seconds before the timer ended. Now I caught myself in the mirror with form and strength and more speed. Who is she?!
Keep going ladies; you can improve! You can reach your goals!

No. 332581

nonna are you eating under 1200?? what's your height? most people aren't recommended to go that low, but if you're a very petite woman/supervised by a doctor/only doing this for a week or two, it's mostly fine

No. 332623

Yes! I did this after recovering from an ED and it was the best option for me. Just be careful not to overtrain

No. 332740

I’ve been doing keto for 1 week today, I’m down 3lbs and officially not counted as obese bmi

No. 332742

Down 2 pounds in three days. Water weight but still weight

No. 332777

How bad would it be to go gym 3-4 days in a row? I'm on a real kick right now so I actually look forward to it but I don't want to overexert myself and make things worse in the long run

No. 332782

it's fine to go to the gym 3-4 days in a row but ease into it if you don't currently do it regularly. so if you've never gone 3 days in a row before, take it a little easier on the third day, and if you're doing anything but cardio, try to mix up the exercises you select so you're not hitting the same muscles with the same intensity all 3-4 days in a row.

No. 332784

I'm usually doing
>10mins running
>20-30mins machine rowing
>30 mins lifting whichever target of the day
I'm a total beginner, my 3rd week in. Hopefully that's fine? I usually change the muscle group each time

No. 332785

yeah buddy! you can 100% handle that. just listen to your body and bail if you feel the bad kind of pain

No. 332942

I started r/bodyweightfitness recommended routine and holy fuck, it's tough as hell for me. I can do scapula pulls just fine (that's the first step for pull-up progression) and and incline rows but the dip kills me. First I need to do a bar support hold for 1 minute. But I can't even position myself on the bars and fall cause my arms give up. It's so discouraging that I can't do that particular exercise and when I was at the outdoor gym I saw guys doing dips like it's nothing. I want to keep going but it's sooo difficult.
Any nonas here do that sort of stuff? How do you deal with being very new into bodyweight fitness and having zero upper body strength? I can't adjust the exercise and such, since the only weight I need to pull is my own body. So it's not like I can start with lighter weight.

No. 333075

Just remember that women have MUCH lower body strength (like less than half) than men do and I'm assuming that r/bodyweightfitness' recommended routine is written for the average moid. So don't feel too discouraged if you find these exercises really difficult when you start out. The other thing about bodyweight exercises is that the difficulty really ranges based on your own weight too. It's a huge fucking deal when a woman is able to do a proper strict pull up compared to men.

If you can, it helps to get resistance bands for the body weight pull exercises in the future. For dips I guess what I would do is just practice getting into the right position on the bars, it's okay if you can't hold for a minute now, just practice getting on and make that your routine. In the future when you can do that easily, then start adding hold for x time goals. All the best nonna!

No. 333115

File: 1685871115937.png (321.28 KB, 1594x550, Illustration53.png)

Is getting a mini-treadmill (picrel) and mini-bike worth it?
My place is too small to get an exercise bike or a 'normal' treadmill, so I was wondering if these are good alternatives.
I can't often go outside due to my illness so all I do is play Ring Fit adventure, but it's not enough for me anymore.
How good are small treadmills for running, and are mini-bike good in the long run? I miss bicycles…Would be nice to have something to do as I work on my art commissions.

No. 333120

not the same nona, but im a tall-ish woman and right now due to hormonal issue i also need to stay under 1200 to lose weight. ive tried plenty different goals over a period of a year and only <1200 gives results of a normal weight loss.

No. 333133

I can’t remember what creator or video it was but a youtuber I watch said she was really unhappy with her purchase, as a similar one to the pink one in your pic was really inconvenient to use and now it just gathers dust

No. 333155

I use the down dog apps at home, the OG app is for yoga but there’s also one for HIIT that has a setting to mix yoga with the workout. I was very thankful my boss told me about it because I don’t have to pay for a subscription (free for students and educational workers)

No. 333159

I have to sit down most of the day because I work at my desk. Are there any exercises I can do every half an hour for maybe 5 minutes to keep myself healthy? Exercises that specifically target the parts of your body that get tight and weak from sitting down?

No. 333162

Was really consistent on my casual babystepsass workout this week! Also I just walked 6k steps so I'm very proud of that too.
Maybe you can try walking routines/dance videos/etc on youtube for a while first? I've no experience using mini treadmills/bikes, but from the pictures alone they look like a fad and inconvenient or too boring to use consistently. I bet you cant even jog lightly on the treadmill without being scared you/it might slip

No. 333184

I also play Just Dance games! Just thought if there is something I could do while working in front of a desk all day, and assumed bike would be a good idea… Thanks a lot !
Yeah, makes sense. Afaik treadmills like that are shilled on TikTok a lot…

No. 333347

Are you sure you can't fit a regular exercise bike? If you get a compatible one you could even go on virtual rides and do races with zwift or a similar app. And if you already have a bike you can connect the back wheel to a hub to convert it into an exercise bike.

No. 333348

File: 1685954991049.png (658.56 KB, 2048x1152, what-is-zwift-and-how-do-i-get…)

dropped pic

No. 333383

File: 1685970662395.jpg (76.11 KB, 640x800, 1656414535602.jpg)

i am going to hit the gym for the first time next week. Any tips? anything i should know about? I am scared, i dont wanna quit like i do with everything. I mostly just wanna lose weight and work on some back muscles because i heard that helps with back pain. I am going with a friend who already goes to the gym for the first time, but he sadly lives too far a way to go together. I have no idea what to expect.

No. 333386

You should get into bodybuilding and drop out of college

No. 333388

honestly if i wasnt a fat lazy neet retard and i had money for testosterone i would be killer sally 2 electric boogalo

No. 333389

Literally me 3 months ago except I was anorexic. I am now addicted to working out and wear wifebeaters exclusively. Never give up !

No. 333390

It's just a place for people to workout. No one who's worth anything will care or stare at you for being new to fitness, everyone's just busy doing their routines. You may see a lot of gymrats with matching workout fullbody outfits but don't bother feeling mogged, those clothes are so much form over function. I go in knee-length basketball shorts and old free tshirts.

Starting consistent exercise with just walking is always nice. You don't even have to jog, just warm up your joints and muscles. Since you're going w a friend this time, you might want to hit up all the machines and try them out so you won't feel as intimidated when you go by yourself.

No. 333562

Basic gym etiquette is a must. Remember to bring a water bottle and a hand towel.
>don't drop the weights
>return weights to the rack after use
>wipe the equipment (bench, seat, etc) after use
When someone is using something you want, ask them how many sets they have left, if it's a lot, go do something else first if you can wait. Otherwise if it's a small amount of sets you can just wait around. Alternatively you can also ask to 'work in' and share the equipment when they're resting between sets.

Normally for your first time you can just go to the free weight area (for mine it's an empty spot with a dumbbell rack and some benches for women) and get some dumbbells for dumbbell rows. Most people are hogging the powerlifting racks for squats/bench/etc so it's normally rather empty and my social anxiety ass won't need to interact with other people. Take it easy for your first time there and don't be afraid to try the machines to see what it does! Nobody cares what you're doing in the gym as long as it's not dangerous or disruptive. All the best!

No. 333568

thanks nonny, do you get an instructor or something? sorry for the uber stupid question

No. 333580

No need for instructors if you can't afford one, but they can be really helpful when you're starting out (and also less scary than being alone.) There are simple workout routines for beginners all over the internet so pick one to try out and go ham. Though I wouldn't try going straight to compound exercises immediately, especially without someone to help teach it to you and spot you. Be sure to check guides and videos on how to do each exercise.

No. 333835

>goals, your current state, like your weight or measurements
I want to lose some fat again. My waist right now is 28 inches at 5'6" which is FINE, but I could take an inch off there and some off my legs and hips which is where it stores for me. I want to pull off androgyny a bit better, and I'm beginning to feel my pants squeeze my hips.
>What you're going to do to change it and your methods (Weight training? Intermittent Fasting? Running? Raw eating? MyFitnessPal logs?)
I can no longer weight train and I hate running so my goal is to continue walking 3+ miles a day as a loose goal (this is not always doable), plus a bodyweight workout I put together every day. Diet is the main thing, I must resist midday carbohydrates and replace them with a protein snack like canned meat or eggs.
Calorically I guess I'll aim for 1300 per day.
The real challenge is just reining in my urges to binge eat, which has been harder lately. I've become a monster again somehow. I can't fast anymore unless I want my stomach to torture me with acid so I must instead stay vigilant.
>And how to be held accountable for it, like biweekly weigh-ins or measurings
I'll measure myself at the end of each week I guess. The scale fucks my head over. The main tell will be my pants.

No. 333997

Any advice on how to avoid "anorexic face lines"? I need to lose around 30 kg and as I had an ED before and my face looked like hell back then, I'm afraid of that, so any advice you might have is very much welcome.

No. 333999

Don’t lose so much weight you end up in anorexic range?

No. 334010

Tfw you lose 10 pounds but your pants are still just as tight as before. Hashtag pear things

No. 334018

I was at a healthy bmi (18.5) back then and that's the problem and why I'm asking. I'm just northern europe big boned, kek.

No. 334031

BMI doesn't apply well to tall people which I'm assuming you are if you're northern european. shoot for a mid-range bmi instead of the lowest possible "healthy" one and your face will thank you. (also doesn't apply well to very short poeple - BMI applies best to average-height people, if you're taller or shorter and you look bad at the lower or higher end of "healthy" range then congrats you found out it doesn't apply to you.)

No. 334036

Also even if you’re dead average height and you look like hell at a certain weight then maybe don’t shoot for that weight. On the other hand maybe you just looked bad because of the ED and you were not healthy. Did you get there by unhealthy means? Drastic calorie cutting, mono diet, excessive exercise or caffeine dehydrating you, etc? Eat more balanced food and make sure to get vitamin D and C and omega3 and healthy fats and stuff, get your sunshine and fresh air and drink water and sleep — generic advice that applies to everyone

No. 334225

Exercising while watching my 600 pound life etc is great

No. 334242

yes, I'm taller than average, guess that is one of the "problems" and also a reason I ignore clothing sizes, as I will never fit into smaller sizes as my bones won't shrink when I lose weight. So, will ignore the BMI in the future, too and monitor my face and stop when I start looking bad.

guess that's one reason why my face looked so horrible, alcohol, not enough calories, dehydrated and unhealthy food choices. Could have figured that out by myself but sometimes it's better if someone else writes it down for me. Will try it the healthy way this time, thanks for taking the time to write this advice.

No. 334244

Relatable.. I have very visible collarbones and my ribs sticking out but my thighs be phat as fuck

No. 334412

Ayrt it’s a damn curse!!!

No. 335079

Are chest/tricep days supposed to be the hardest? I swear I feel like I'm doing all the workouts incorrectly even though I have a trainer telling me the form is right. I just find the movements so awkward and its hard to gauge the results compared to legs, biceps and back

No. 335153

Help nonnies, after a chain of slip ups I've gained back some weight and I'm feeling more demotivated than ever. Does anyone here have tips on how to reset your 'mental'? Idk if that makes any sense even lmao like I feel like I gotta have that 'restart' or 'fresh start' again in my head and not dwell on how my health/fitness journey is going

If your trainer is saying it's all good, it should be correct. It really helps to try doing the movements slowly and try to 'engage' with your chest/triceps muscles mentally. Mind muscle connection.

No. 335182

File: 1686655048506.jpeg (304 KB, 1000x750, IMG_4460.jpeg)

I bought a bike I plan to ride to work with! I tested the route today. It’s 5 miles / 8,2 km one way, and goes through really nice foresty areas and quaint neighbourhoods. My job is very physical and I’m usually very tired after it but I hope I still manage to bike to and back from work instead of taking the bus. My weight loss hasn’t gone as well as I would like so I hope this will speed things up.

No. 335216

I woke up this morning and my pecs had the usual soreness, so I guess I was doing it fine. My boobs are saggy so its kinda weird to have the flat skin on top sore kek

No. 335217

>usual soreness
That's a great sign nonna! It's hard to build the feeling of using some muscles so it'll just take time and practice. For me it was for my lats during pull ups lmao

If you're cycling at the average speed of 20km/h it's only a little under 30 minutes to get to and from work. That's a really nice get! What bike did you get?

No. 335239

I think it’s a road / gravel bike, I’m not that familiar with bike types. I got it for cheap as it was refurbished second hand find! Feels comfy to ride.

No. 335242

help nonnies i've gained a bit of weight and am generally skinny fat rn, but i've never really been active or disciplined with fitness. i've only had pe classes in school and mostly did a lot of walking to stay in check before, not really sport. i don't have a tread mill or much equipment, a few dumbbells my dad has, an exercise mat and i'm an apartmentcel so not much room either. also it's really hot here a lot of the time so people avoid going out if they can because you'll get heat stroke or faint if you're out or in sun too long so. how do i begin making it a habit or know what to do with exercises? i really would like to be fit, slim and more active. thank you for any tips or advice

No. 335254

please wear a helm, I know that most of the times nothing will happen, but if you fall and hit your head without a helm you might become a vegetable. Besides that, have fun and enjoy the scenery while cycling to work.

No. 335256

there's tons of youtube fitness videos these days w every niche you could want. walking routines, zero equipment, no jumping, etc etc. You could do Hybrid Calisthenic's recommended WOTD if you want something short and basic while exploring all your options

No. 335257

How hot is it? Can you go outside in the morning before the sun gets too high or is it like 80f/27c all night? If it’s not too-too hot a shorter run in the mornings might be the easiest first step. Like jog/run for ten minutes, walk for a minute, run again for ten minutes, walk, run. Something that would take about half an hour, maybe more like 45 since you should walk for ~10 minutes beforehand to warm up, before it really gets hot for the day. Drink a bunch of water before and after. Beware of shidding yourself if you’re not used to chugging water and then immediately running around in the morning lol.
If you have to stay inside there are some very beginner friendly calisthenics workouts online. They look easy at first but if you’re not used to exercising your muscles will be sore even from something like wall pushups.

I hate that the summer heat drives me inside. I have got to find somewhere to swim… there are no public pools where I live (except playground ones for children that are only open while school is out)

No. 335276

Of course! I think you are required by law to wear one here anyway

No. 335444

I've lost 7kg!!!!!! I started around March and have been losing weight slowly, combining IF and light exercises. I've had a couple of cheat days every now and then, but I generally kept my appetite and eating habits down as much as possible.
So far, I think my relationship with food has increased significantly…I don't binge eat anymore. I hope by the end of this year I got down to my dream weight.

No. 335448

File: 1686766268521.jpg (Spoiler Image,42.17 KB, 1080x670, Screenshot_20230614_200952_Red…)

I'm trying to learn proper form for core exercises and had no odea that picrel, what my abs do, isn't "standard". Having to relearn the qhole thing is a pain in the ass

No. 335459

why isn't that normal? just curious, I see the picture but it doesn't look that weird aside from the way she's pinching her abs

No. 335478

It's normal by itself, but it basically means that you're not engaging all core muscle and that your abs take over so they stick out like that. It's not difficult to fix but you kind of have to relearn how to do movements correctly while engaging the whole core which makes the exercise more difficult than before

No. 336104

this video had some really interesting information and I thought I should share it here. I don't know why I click on things like this (how I lost 30 pounds! etc.) since they're super dumb most of the time - I never learn - but it finally paid off because this one was good lol

No. 336105

oh also spoiler in case you hate being even slightly teased about information coming up later in a video, the second important thing that she paid $3000 to learn is getting good sleep. They get into the science of it briefly and why exactly it's so very important to weight loss. Also shared a nice tip that you should start with setting a wakeup time not a bed time to fix your sleep.

No. 336117

>I started a 5k program on my Garmin, but it's EXTREMELY difficult and unbalanced. Running 5k on your first week and 20 minutes everyday.

Might be replying to old post here but which Garmin coach did you choose? Few days ago I chose Coach Jeff and his drills are way easier to follow

No. 336126

It was the female one, Emily I think? The only woman there.
Got myself a 5k on the first fucking week. With a pace goal no less. Fuck that honestly.
I fell off running for two weeks cause stress, but now I gonna try again. Hope Jeff is more merciful.

No. 336260

I don't think I'll ever get over my gym anxiety, the worst kind of nightmare for me is to be in a social environment with unclear rules (possibly autistic), and having to wait for machines or me keeping someone up sounds like something that'd make me avoid that gym forever after.

No. 336429

Build a home gym nonna! It's cheaper than a gym membership in the long run and you don't need a lot of equipment.
>adjustable bench
>adjustable dumbbells (as women I feel a little lucky that I don't need to buy ultra heavy ones)
>yoga mat
>pull up bar with 2-3 resistance bands
And that's it! It's a lot cheaper to go the second hand route if you have a market like that where you are.

No. 336927

File: 1687383242516.png (Spoiler Image,47.38 KB, 524x274, a.png)

Looks like something they do in Yoga

No. 336951

File: 1687392852291.jpg (30.29 KB, 421x758, Untitled.jpg)

im skinny but have a stomach bulge just like this that will not go away. how do i get rid of it. i feel like lipo or starving myself is the only way because apparently no workout will target this part of the female body.

No. 336953

>your current state
I've been binging for about 2 weeks now and have put on a lot of weight. I have horrible habits around food that I need to break, like starting the day with sugary foods, eating everything I'm offered at work, and snacking after dinner which usually leads to binging.
>your goals
I want to eat in a more intentional and healthy way. I am now 15 lbs away from my ideal body weight and by this time next month, I want to be down at least 5 lbs.
>your methods
counting daily calories often leads to binging for me, but I had success in the past with following an eating "outline". I will use this method again since it worked well before. I will also choose lower cal options, aim to walk 10k+ steps per day, drink 3L of water per day, and fill my free time (especially in the evenings) with activities I enjoy.
>how you'll keep accountable
I am using a sobriety app to track my progress with stopping binge eating. I will also weigh myself every Wednesday.

No. 336972

I know a girl who has that too and I always assumed it was bloating. Maybe you can look into it from that angle?

No. 336973

Looks like poor posture, if she tucked her butt in a little and straightened her back her stomach wouldnt stick out. Strenghten your glutes and lower abs anon.

No. 336981

strength training and adequate protein, plus work on your posture? it will probably take you about a year to change but if you find an exercise you like and gradually increase effort it's not super duper hard. I'm going to be alive for the next year anyway is how I always think about it. there's not really another way to fix skinny-with-a-belly except by getting stronger (whether it's strengthening posture muscles or doing body recomp and decreasing your bodyfat% while maintaining muscle, not sure what your goal needs to be but the path there is kinda the same.)
If you know you have low bodyfat it's probably just your posture.
you could use a calculator to see if maybe you have high body fat even though you're skinny https://www.calculator.net/body-fat-calculator.html? (probably not completely accurate but I think it gives an ok estimate / gives you some info and is handy tool for tracking changes)

No. 336986

i've had this issue my whole life, fat accumulating in my stomach and back and barely anywhere else and i've just recently been able to get rid of it. it's genetics and/or high cortisol levels from stress, which you can try to manage with stuff like yoga, stretching, etc. the biggest thing that helped me was gaining muscle, i tried to lose my stomach fat while i had barely any muscle definition and didn't strength train or eat enough protein for the longest time, it doesn't work. if you gain muscle (and you might feel really insecure gaining weight like i did, i promise it's worth it in the end) and then go on a calorie deficit while still strength training and eating a high-protein diet, you will lose fat more efficiently. the more muscle mass you have, the higher your metabolism. strength training helps you retain your muscle so that you lose mostly fat when you go on a calorie deficit. also, try to correct your posture like other nonnas said.

No. 337072

I signed up for 6 months at the gym. I had the opportunity to sign up for a month but I need to “trap” me in and actually get my ass there.
I hope it’ll be fun.

No. 337081

I’ve managed to bike to and from work every day! I actually prefer it to taking a bus for some reason

No. 337190

During my teenage years I used to be skinnyfat with slight underweight BMI and I had terrible fitness level. Few years later when I got my first office job, I started gaining weight and became chubby and later fat. It was all fat too as I was not exercising almost at all.

Past year or so I cleaned up my diet, started exercising and have lost around 30 lbs. My current routine is training to run 3x a week (preparing for a 5k race in september) and going to gym every other day to do resistance/weight training.

I want to lose 10 more pounds, but I am concered that I will fall to the skinny fat trap again.
So I have been wondering which methods do you use to measure bodyfat? Are calipers the best way to do it?

Also for all nonnas who are similar to me, should I focus more on lifting?

No. 337345

I used to have this problem while doing sumo deadlifts. Have you done them recently? Perhaps you're lifting more weight than you can handle. I don't understand how someone could injure that area while performing the exercises you mentioned.
You should try a program exclusively for women.
Peanut butter will help you.

No. 337348

File: 1687560174944.jpg (372.13 KB, 1613x978, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-oU8c…)

You should consider how you want your body to look, whether you prefer a fit physique with some muscle or a leaner, more runner-like physique. If you opt for more muscle, you will likely need to reduce your cardio, as it will kill your muscle-building progress.

No. 337351

Got recommendations on a women-focused program?

No. 337352

im doin yoga videos on youtube but my neck hurts from staring at my tiny phone lelll

No. 337353

as a beginner you probably need to look and see a pose a few times to learn the basics, but a good yoga instructor will guide you through the movements verbally in such a way that you don't ever need to actually look at them (which is necessary because you can't keep your head pointed in one direction while you're moving through poses, you're gonna fuck your neck up). I wish I had a channel recommendation but I've only done yoga in-person in a classroom. keep an eye out for videos where the instructor describes movements in detail, or maybe there's an audio-format instructor someone here knows (then you could just listen in headphones)

No. 337354

I started training with this full-body program (https://annas-archive.org/md5/c7555f8b5eabc71b0b5a7716d36fdace) I find it interesting for beginners to read the entire book. The author provides videos and explanations that teach you how to perform each exercise, and you can also see which muscles are targeted by each exercise. It's incredibly helpful.

No. 337376

Nonas who jog outside - do you go to parks and trails for it, or just wherever around where you live? Jogging on a treadmill gets pretty boring, and I tried a small local nature trail once but it was not super well maintained. I prefer to not be a sweaty mess around people just going about their day.

No. 337388

I jog on flat paved surfaces, sidewalks basically or in the road if there is no sidewalk. I just pick a route with minimal stop lights so I don’t have to wait for them. I don’t like trail running because the trails are too unpredictable a lot of places and I don’t want to trip and fall, although there are some nice smooth trails some places. I made peace with people seeing me, whatever jogging is normal.

No. 337461

You're not skinny, you're average and probably with high bf%
Try a body recomposition with a slight deficit of only 200-300kcal less than TDEE + bodyweight exercises OR lifting a couple of times a week + hitting your protein goals…
And working on your posture will help too. Good luck nonna, pls don't starve yourself or do an aggressive caloric deficit as it will only make it worse, you'll get more soft and pudgy because you'll lose muscle in the process too, it's not going ot help with your situation

No. 337466

not in 2023 in almost the entire west lol

No. 337471

File: 1687631584193.png (13.34 KB, 800x506, Screenshot 2023-06-24 at 14.34…)

hard agree. do not do a drastic calorie cutting diet, it won't fix this (sometimes not even superskelly mode fixes it). >>337466
she probably means "average" more like in terms of health charts, not in terms of average among the actual population

No. 337473

>starving myself is the only way because apparently no workout will target this part of the female body.
Yeah, don't do this. I was underweight and still had a huge belly. What made it look better and hardly noticeable was gaining weight and putting on muscle. Think of it in terms of proportions. If you gain muscle mass, your stomach will look smaller in proportion. If you starve yourself and become skinnier, your stomach will stick out more. Also, the woman in your picture needs to fix her pelvic tilt. Makes her stomach look bigger than it actually is.

No. 337480

I wanna start jogging and maybe mild strength callisthenics (couch to 5k and convict conditioning), but don’t really want to fully commit to body recomposition and just want to adopt healthier habits slowly. I might fix my diet and start counting how many grams of protein I’m getting later on. I just want get into the habit of exercising. As long as I roughly eat at my calorie maintenance, so what I’m eating really right now, I won’t lose muscle or anything, right?

No. 337625

Since we're talking about this, I'd like to add that the concept of "spot reduction"/"target fat loss" doesn't work, it's a mith, if you train and maintain a calorie deficit, you'll lose weight overall, and the specific areas where you lose weight depend solely on your genetics.

No. 337712

File: 1687781870848.jpg (105.53 KB, 800x1231, 9781529900057.jpg)

I hope it’s OK to make a book rec here. If you are gonna read one book about food, I recommend Ultra-Processed People by Dr. Chris van Tulleken. It’s currently available on Audible. I think for most people it’s obvious that eating “whole” foods is better than ultra-processed, but the industry is constantly trying to obscure any debate about it, so van Tulleken is extremely thorough in this book and cites a lot of sources for why ultra-processed food specifically (as opposed to just fat or sugar or salt), is the cause for global rise in obesity and how it’s bad both for our bodies but also for animal welfare and the environment. He also talks about how UPS affects people of low-income background more and touches in on lots of related topics, it’s a very holistic look on it. If you don’t wanna shell out and buy the book there is also a BBC podcast he partook in on the same topic called Addicted to Food.

A lot of health foods are ultra-processed, but just because they are lowcal or contain a higher amount of protein, does not mean they are healthy for our bodies. Fat-reduced foods need additives to make the texture palatable, and in recent years there is growing evidence suggesting a lot of additives in UPS, particularly emulsifiers, have negative effects on our health and in particular on our gut. As a lover of good food and someone who cares about health and the planet, I can’t recommend this book enough.

No. 337716

File: 1687784047659.jpeg (221.29 KB, 1179x1575, IMG_9662.jpeg)

Do you mean the first 7 episodes of this podcast? I couldn’t find one called “addicted to food”

No. 337717

Yeah that's the one nona!

No. 337745

>A lot of health foods are ultra-processed, but just because they are lowcal or contain a higher amount of protein, does not mean they are healthy for our bodies

Goddamn I HATE the "health food" industry so fucking much. I hate when people talk about how healthy they ate because they used some sort of super food granola in their low sugar low fat strawberry shortcake flavored yogurt. Do you even know how many calories are in the granola, the sugar, or even a proper serving size of it? Like damn just read the label! My nigel is awful about this. He always asks for a low sugar/healthier cereal when I go to the store so I get plain rice chex, off brand, as the best fit I can find (still nutritionally void). When he goes he gets honey bunches of oats or raisin bran because he believes its healthy because of granola, almonds, fiber etc but the amount sugar is astounding. He wont eat table sugar (unless already in the food kek) but pours 3 or 4 tablespoons of honey in his coffee. Will eat only the super sugary flavored oatmeal packets instead of the plain oats with a reasonable dash of honey. My mom does this too. Frozen meals, but they have a green package and green things = healthy apparently. I get made fun of for using canned chicken due to the salt (over my massive bowl of kale, spinach, and guac) but the same people who diss my choices are eating a "Rectangular Health Bar- Double Chocolate Flavor (tm)". I cant blame people too hard for being led to think these things due to the industry. But all it takes is looking at the handy chart on back of packaged food to see what is really happening. My nigel will eat a whole bag of trail mix, 8 or so servings at once, and one serving is 200 calories, but he wont believe me on the serving size kek. Thanks for the book and podcast rec, sorry for the rant. I am very interested in reading, but will probably start the podcast today.

No. 337751

I completely agree with you anon! I’m glad you share my frustration with this. Another point he makes in the book which surprised me is that UPS, including the “healthy” alternatives, is pretty much always lacking in nutrients other than calories from either fat or sugar. So in the case of health foods micronutrients are often added, and getting your vitamins from supplements is not the same as eating a varied diet. Research shows taking supplements has no benefits to our health unless you suffer from a specific deficiency. There might even be a small increased risk of death. Scientists don’t fully understand why this is, but according to the book one reason might be because some vitamins/micronutrients could block your uptake of others. In any case real food is so complex we don’t fully understand it and it can’t be replicated by taking pills or eating a fabricate.

I don’t wanna spoil the entire book but also, a lot of UPS such as protein supplement is made from by-products from other industries. This might sound like a good sustainable practice, but it’s not as if the food companies do this for environmental causes, they do it because it’s cheap and they wanna maximize profits. This means the stuff these foods are made from wouldn’t register to us as actual food prior to processing, so basically we are eating one industry’s garbage with some added flavor, texture and maybe vitamins. I’m very happy that you want to read the book! I hope lots of people do, because there is so much misinformation about food and I like you, I can understand people are confused. I hope the book can at least provide good information about UPS and the industry, so people can choose for themselves whether they want to eat it or not (granted that they have a choice, sadly for a lot of people out there it’s hard to afford food other than UPS).

No. 337753

thanks anon I'll check it out

No. 337757

Nonnas, I think I'm addicted to binge eating in takeout, not sure what to do.

No. 337761

Uh, without knowing any details i guess I would recommend analyzing the events leading up to a binge and analyzing your state of mind at the time you get takeout and binge. Try to address the root causes, work on fixing the issues that lead you to crave a binge. If there's an issue with your environment, change your environment – that sort of thing.

No. 337799

>where i was
i was stick-thin my whole life, and while part of it is just my build (i have marfanoid habitus) the rest was a combo of eating like a bird and being a nerdy autist averse to exercise. it was to the point where i would struggle to lift a full jug of milk and got winded after walking up one flight of stairs. a few years back, i got extremely depressed and basically stopped eating all together, and eventually i dropped to 90lbs at 5'6" which is a bmi of 14.5 and EXTREMELY worrying. this is the point when i started going to the gym.
>where i am now
i can bench 80lbs, romanian deadlift 165lbs, and am currently working on doing more than one pullup. my weight is now pretty stable around 125, which is the first time i've ever been comfortably in the "healthy" bmi range. my appetite has grown and while recently working late hours has made my diet more fast-food reliant than i'd like, my body has never felt better. i've found that exercise has helped to reduce my joint pain and even made my joints less hypermobile, though i did have to approach some lifts with more caution because of said hypermobility. my hip measurement has increased by about 5 inches, my waist by 1-2, and my biceps by 2. in pictures my body looks noticably more human rather than goblin-like kek, and i feel that way too.
>my goals
to maintain my current activity, but also to increase hypertrophy. i'm not exercising just to look better, but noticing the visible increase in muscle mass is an insane motivator tbh. i've always had broad shoulders, and i actually like that about myself, so i'm working more on delts/rotator cuffs as well as lats to widen my back and show visible muscle where there used to just be ribs. since i'm also plateauing in lifts like squats+deadlifts, i need to work more on bringing all my lower body muscles up to the strength my glutes, quads etc can produce. i need to improve my grip, too, and i even have a grip trainer, but having sore forearms interferes with drawing and writing so i'm always cautious. a more pressing goal than all of this is to actually stick to a specific schedule and go 4-5 days a week. currently i'm more likely to go 3 days, with a leg day, push day and a pull day, and doing abs at home when i get the chance, but leaving cardio out entirely has really been detrimental to my more exhausting compound lifts.
>current plans to reach my goals
firstly, i need to stop sleeping so late kek. i hate going to the gym when it's busy, and if i lose sleep before work i'm both less likely to go to the gym and less likely to really gain muscle if i do. secondly, i plan to start ending my non-leg day gym excursions with a few minutes of treadmill/elliptical. because my feet are flat as fuck with highly collapsed arches, i get pains when running for too long on hard surfaces, so i'll probably use the elliptical more, but since i don't plan on running any marathons i figure cardio is cardio. unfortunately, due to my still very birdlike build, i'm not sure how successful i'll be in bulking up any more than i have, since women tend to do so less anyway, but i'm going to focus more on hypertrophy. i have a weird complex about how lifting for anything but strength is a slippery slope to self-hatred, but when i go to the gym and see moids looking at themselves in the mirror while they do the most goofy "exercises" imaginable i realize that's probably just female socialization talking. i want bigger shoulders and legs, so i'm going to try my damndest. rather than high weight low rep i'm going to shift to lower weights and higher reps, as well as more sets overall and less break between sets. i'll post updates if it goes well, but either way, exercise is good for you, so i won't be losing anything.

No. 337923

how late is too late to start exercising and dieting? I really want to start working out and lifting again, but I'm honestly really insecure that I won't be able to see any results now that I'm 27, lmao

sorry for the stupid question

No. 337924

everybody knows that your body starts rotting immediately at midnight on your 25th birthday, so you're too late unfortunately.

No. 337932

No old is too old if you want to be healthier and look better. Although it's not a myth that you reach your peak performance in your 20s. It's mostly relevant if your are pro though. Like female Olympic hymnasts and ice skaters peak at their teens and than they fuck off to doing whatever. I think pro sports like that really did a damage on human minds cause know everybody thinks that only young people are good at sports.
This is bullshit, of course. You can be active in any age but it really gets a strain on you when you are significantly older. I know that one senior guy in my city who runs a 10k on regular basis and then swims in cold water. Tell him he is too old for that.

No. 337938

????? You sure you're not 13?

No. 337948

you should be more concerned over losing common sense with age.

No. 337954

Old hag, just kill yourself already(you must be 18+ to post here)

No. 337962

It’s literally never too late until you’re bedridden or dead. Your life isn’t even 1/3 over you’re not even halfway to the finish line. You haven’t even started losing bone mass — hell you probably barely reached peak bone mass this year. You are barely off your parents health insurance (is that still a thing lol?)
Your age is sort of a vital time to establish healthy habits so it doesn’t become a huge chore to undo the damage of poor living in a decade when you realize it’s hurting you.

No. 338019

it's absolutely never too late, don't buy into that sunk cost fallacy. exercise of any type is massively physically and mentally beneficial to all ages, and even if it wasn't, 27 is young kek. i say that, despite being far younger, because i've been taking my 40+ year old mother to the gym recently and she's been doing great. start gradually if you're injury-prone, of course. bodyweight exercise and light resistance training especially are relatively low-risk in my experience. go for it!

No. 338115

You will see results at any age so long as you're consistent. It's never too late.

No. 338260

I'm in day 1 of Keto diet and I already hate it. Is there a way to eat rice/pasta without feeling guilty about it?

No. 338301

Don't do keto in the first place if you like carbs so much?

Anyway, is eating at a 20% calorie deficit under BMR+exercise too unhealthy? I'm seeing conflicting thoughts about eating under BMR.

No. 338315

Why are you trying the keto diet? For weightloss reason or for health/medical reasons?

No. 338321

>Anyway, is eating at a 20% calorie deficit under BMR+exercise too unhealthy?
short answer: Yes.
you can do anything for a little while but why would you intentionally eat under your BMR for any significant length of time? just to feel like shit lol? unless you are a boxer trying to make a lower weight category in a hurry or something weird like that there's no point, it will just make your body freak out. I feel like I've heard of obese people doing it under medical supervision but again that's kind of a special circumstance.

No. 338327

Squash pasta and rice noodles as a bit better alternative?

No. 338336

Rice noodles have hella carbs. Shirataki/konjak noodles are no-carb (although they will suck up all the moisture in your body which can be a problem when starting keto so they're best in soup.)
idk just decide to stop feeling guilty about food? You can pick another diet, you don't have to do keto. Carbohydrates aren't evil. If you really want to try keto without feeling so bad it can help to gradually ease yourself in by eating unprocessed carbs like whole potatoes/root vegetables/squash/old fashioned oats, etc. for a couple weeks and then cut them out.

No. 338337

Weight loss reasons.

That sounds like a good idea. Thanks, nonnie.

No. 338340

1. Ever since I started eating more protein, cutting sugar out and taking vitamins I barely feel hungry and I have to force myself to eat above 1000 calories.

2. I used a calculator and it said to eat ~1500 calories to lose weight at my activity level and I googled it and lots of people are eating at that level or even less but I'm not sure if they're fine or stupid.

No. 338350

File: 1688137286066.png (22.51 KB, 1024x576, calories.png)

Oh, I don't think you mean BMR? You probably mean TDEE. BMR is your Basal Metabolic Rate, it's the number of calories you need to stay alive while at rest. It doesn't include any activity, it's like the bare necessity calories needed if you lay down and stare at the ceiling all day. TDEE is your total energy expenditure and yeah a lot of calculators will recommend eating 15-20% less than your TDEE to lose weight. It's supposed to be very safe.

No. 338372

I'll continue with my carbs (bless thefitnesschef_ for not making me hate food), but using potatoes or beans to get my carbs sounds good.

No. 338378

>You probably mean TDEE. BMR is your Basal Metabolic Rate, it's the number of calories you need to stay alive while at rest.
NTA but I wanted to add that it is obviously possible to eat beneath your TDEE on any given day. You won’t die instantly, your body will consume its own fat reserves and muscle mass and over time your metabolism may slow down. It’s not sustainable for longer periods unless you are very overweight, like another anon mentioned. The way I see it it’s fine to do this for a restricted period as long as you feel good (fasting energy is a thing) and are eating nutritious meals, but it can be a slippery slope. A lot of people who lose weight by heavily restricting end up overeating later. You say you’re feeling good and have to force yourself to eat more, so I would assume it's fine as long as you have the sense to listen to your body when you start feeling more hungry again. You can incorporate some days where you eat more calories, if you wanna decrease the risk of screwing over your metabolism.

No. 338390

Samefag to add I’ve been listening to some things lately suggesting 10-15% calorie reduction to lose weight might be more beneficial over the long term, although slower it might lead to less yo-yoing for some reason (maybe it gives you more time to adjust your eating habits to a sustainable maintenance once you reach your goals, idk)

No. 338402

I feel really dumb. I put on some weight and kept it for a while, like 2 years now. Usually really good at gym consistency but 1.5 yrs ago my gym shut down suddenly and there were none I could afford/ regularly commute to close enough to me. Today I found out the rec center, which is walking distance to me, does in fact have a small gym component. And its very cheap. I thought it was only basketball courts and a couple classrooms used for field trips (its located on a small nature preserve) and to hold various meetings. Signed up, and went for a very light workout to feel it out. Im so happy. I know I cant out run a bad diet but I know myself and will get back into muscle strengthening and cardio (too hot to run or bike outside) which definitely wont hurt. Ive lost so much muscle I feel like I am wearing coveralls instead of my skin. Its a bit alarming. Currently bmi around 27.5. Goal is bmi 23ish. Used to be kinda buff in a past life…I let myself go pretty bad. Ultimate goal is to get 'back' to where I was, but my starter goal is to lose 4 to 5lbs before I see my family in about a month. I already lost about 5lbs, but that was the heaviest I have ever been. Yo yo those 5lbs for months kek. I think I will commit to 2 days at the rec gym per week. Monday and Friday, to start and end the week on a note that shows respect for my health. I do small calisthenic and stretch stuff at home several times a week before bed. I halfway count calories- ive counted them so much for years I do fairly well with keeping track in my head and can lose weight that way… But I tend to snack a lot at night sabotaging my daytime discipline and might gain weight back after weeks of progress. If there was an app i was not paranoid about I might use one. Record workouts on pen and paper in my journal. Fingers crossed.

No. 338404

Good luck nona you can do it. Don’t be too stressed about any pressure to look or be a certain way by [xyz]-date, you have your whole life to get there and it’s all fluctuations (I freaked out at/above your BMI but didn’t see progress towards a lower BMI until I set a reasonable pace and relaxed)

No. 338458

girl, please.

No. 338555

File: 1688297272556.jpg (Spoiler Image,144.79 KB, 1105x1440, 65747.jpg)

It's Chika anon from the original thread, picrel is as of May and I haven't bothered blurring the background because it's at a hotel in another country and I feel pretty safe!

I want to say everyone I am proud of you and keep going and keep finding things that work for you, I never used to feel comfortable showing my tummy but I'm at a healthy 9st now down from my lowest point which was just over 12st (for my metric friends that's 126lbs and at my heaviest I was around 168-172lbs)

I've finally aced this whole routine thing to the point that gym and eating well no longer feels like a conscious awareness, but it is just a part of my weekly life and I fit it around my job which is thankfully the same days every week. I have been on and off between family health scares and a parent death so it's been gradual but I've wanted to thank all the nonnas for sharing so much good advice in these threads and I'll continue to contribute my own. In the meantime I'm now focusing on building more muscle and I'm very excited to have a bit of back definition coming through. Keep going and remember that the odd off day here and there is not the end, start with a walk and get some fresh air or just get yourself working out even if it's ten minutes, the chances are you'll find your groove and end up doing a lot more. I've loved seeing people here find joy in cooking and trying new weights and workouts out too, you're all amazing.

No. 338556

I just wanna make sure you know there's scrotes who collect these images and "discuss" them even if they're nothing special

No. 338558

Congrats on sticking to the healthy lifestyle changes!

No. 338770

Are any of you taking collagen supplements? I'm getting back into eating better (less sugar, no alcohol, fresh stuff) and working out, but I have to lose at least 25kg and I'm not 20 anymore, so I'm wondering if a collagen supplement would be helpful to support the skin while slowly losing the weight. Any experiences with that?

No. 338775

I take them for a few month now and imo I see a difference. My face looks plumper. But maybe it’s just wishful thinking…

No. 338782

I think I noticed a difference pretty quick, like >>338775 my face felt a little plumper

No. 338790

Collagen retains water, my experience is mostly hearing other women talking about how the supplements make them puffy, esp in their face and hands. I only really got a benefit from collagen if I ate foods naturally rich in it, like bone broths, and those made my skin nice and my joints stopped popping until I couldn't afford good quality soup bones anymore and had to stop.

No. 338799

Just eat gelatine, cost as fraction and does the same

No. 338802

Is it possible to get rid of love handles?

No. 338818

I used to have them and now I don’t so yes. It probably depends but I bet most people can get rid of them.

No. 338857

I know that "spot targeting" isn't a thing, but has any nona successfully gotten rid of the skinnyfat fat thighs with a relatively simple routine? My calories/weight aren't a problem, but I'm also pear-shaped and so have big saddlebags. Would jogging x3/week for 30 mins tone them way down after like 6 months?

No. 338864

Is a weak core the reason for flared ribs? Was anyone successful in getting rid of them?

No. 338905

You will firm up and smooth out but be generally the same shape, judging from personal experience. So “toned down” like you said. I could post a before and after but I would never post my ass on lolcow; it looked better after getting into running, I also ate better and lost weight. Your timeline will vary but I ran at least three miles, six days a week for about a year and I still run to keep it up. I really want to try weights instead I get tired of running in the hot summer months.

No. 338919

Jogging 30 mins x3 a week probably won't result in "way slimmed down" legs–it's just not going to be enough cardio I think. Depending on the fitness level you are starting at, perhaps that'd be good if you are a complete newbie to jogging, but you'll want to escalate the amount (longer runs) or increase speed over the six months and make sure you still stretch before and after runs to prevent injury. Personally, I'd recommend running perhaps 1-2 times a week starting out and throwing in at least some other leg movements, like body weight squats/squat jumps, glute bridges, abs, lunges, and some stretching/ankle and foot care. Even just a little since running is excellent for you but too many times it's the only thing people do and can cause muscle imbalances, decrease flexibility/mobility due to working your legs in one way only.

No. 338935

I can't believe I got rock hard abs just by doing a stupid 15 min ab workout 3 times a week for a few months. Whichever nonna said this was absolutely enough and argued with other anons in the last thread thank you and mwah hope you're having a great day.

No. 338944

I did really intense biking once for like a month and really slimmed my legs down. I was doing it every day and it sucked, but it really did work.

No. 339021

well now you need to share the workout anon

No. 339028

Yay my bf said he noticed I’ve lost weight. My weight hasn’t gone down as much as I would like, but he said he noticed a difference in my body shape so that’s something!

No. 339051

doing a scoop of creatine on workout days made my ass perky and bigger. Do I stop taking it when I reach my goals?

No. 339110

How do I fix a hunchback? I’ve been doing stretches but progress has been slow. Do I need to keep just stretching the muscles or are there any body/free weight exercises K can do?

No. 339111

How do I fix a hunchback? I’ve been doing stretches but progress has been slow. Do I need to keep just stretching the muscles or are there any body/free weight exercises K can do?

No. 339115

Yoga or Pilates.

No. 339138

Anyone has any experience with fixing "nerd neck"? I'm trying to correct my posture starting today but it's hard keeping in my mind that I need to correct my posture all the time. Besides, my neck and back muscles start to hurt when I keep my neck correctly all the time.
It also doesn't help that I need to work with PC a lot of time but both at home and at work I don't have chair that allow me keep my back and neck straight, so I hunch over a computer anyway. Any adjustments that I can do to my work place?

No. 339188

>Be me, 172cm and BMI 22
>Walk 15k steps a day
>Still have the cellulite of a 53 yr old woman with 4 kids
>Can't go to the gym

Nonnies, I hate this. It never goes away, even when I was underweight at BMI 17.

No. 339192

Any advice for getting the gym habit started? I use to go a lot but I forgot what I even felt like being motivated to go

No. 339199

Motivation is nice when it's there, but is much too fleeting to rely on for something that you want to do regularly. Expect that more often than not you won't feel motivated. You said it yourself, you want to make it a habit, so think of it like building any other habit.

Remove roadblocks. Do as much of the mental labour required ahead of time: have your clothes ready, gym bag packed and by the door, and a schedule set up that gives you a realistic amount of time to get it done (e.g. if you normally wake up at 7 am, don't decide you're going to start waking up at 5:30 to work out).

Also, as with the earlier example, focus on one change at a time. Insert the new behavior into your day in a way that doesn't require a whole ton of changes at once. Ideally, you can habit-stack by tying it to an existing behavior.

Finally, you can use rewards. A trick that works for a lot of people is only letting themselves listen to or watch some piece of media they like while they're doing their cardio or something. If I've got a podcast I'm engaged in then I'll only listen to it while doing my 15-20 minute warm ups on the turbo trainer for example.

And one more thing I do, that might not work for everybody, is just let go of trying to do it perfectly. If I'm running late, in the past I would have just said "Fuck it, there's no point in starting now, I'd only get a few sets done." but even 10% is better than 0% and it all adds up. Not to mention, making yourself go through the motions even if you end up not completing the work is key for not disrupting the new habit, helping it to solidify.

No. 339203

Thank you nona, this is exactly what I needed to read

No. 339212

Cellulite is how female bodies store fat. You have to accept it the way a man has to accept his Adam's apple.

No. 339278

Please share the routine nona

No. 339279

For me I have to not think about it. Same with lot of other things like sweeping and foldong laundry kek. The best way to do this I have found is to meditate regularly to strengthen the ability to regulate thoughts, and then day to day repeat to oneself something like 'I am nonnie, and I go to the gym at 2pm. Thats what I do. I notice that I feel lazy and tired. But, I go to the gym at 2pm because that is what I do.' Sounds cheesy, but learning to acknowledge then dismiss feelings that arent helpful has been good for me. I literally repeated that today… 'I am anon and I go to the gym before getting groceries. I am anon and I do 10 full minutes on the treadmill. Thats what I do. I am anon and I do 2 sets of leg press because that is what is happening right now…' kek

No. 339311

this is good advice.

No. 339404

It's this one by Daisy Keech. To be fair, I was already skinny when I started, I just had no muscle definition (recovering anachan). I don't do it by minutes, someone in the comments wrote out how many reps she does. And when that started feeling too easy I switched it for the "15 min extreme ab workout" by growingannanas on yt. I also try to do core focused yoga at least 3 times a week.

No. 339463

I used to run daily but stopped for a long time. Yesterday I was inspired when I found out Pam Grier used to run 7 miles daily, so today I ran for around 4.5 km straight at varying paces then walked the rest to make 5 km. Hoping to do more tomorrow to eventually reach my goal of 11 km like her.

No. 339465

I hate videos that promise shit like this, you literally cannot change your build no matter how skinny you get. Whether you are an hourglass, rectangle, apple etc it has to do with your bones and weight distribution. I understand that if you only focus you exersice in one spot it may give that illusion but I find it very misleading while body image and beauty standards is still a very sensetive topic. However, I'm not doubting that this exersice may be good nonny

No. 339487

I'll go a step further: the workout sucks aswell. There is no way of progressing, so once your able to do it with good form you'll be stuck at that level. She doesn't show any way to make the exercises more difficult, or give any tips on how to move on.
I usually wouldn't bring this up, as how advanced you are also has a lot to do with how long you've been at it, but she herself doesn't even have impressive abs (she kind of reminds me of the untrained chad meme). Perhaps she should read up on training fundamentals and add some weight to her russian twists.
She also says the doesn't train obliques, but then does exercises that target the obliques like russian twists and bicycle kicks.

No. 339491

I haven't watched the video, because I don't watch videos with ugly thumbnails, but looking at the pic I was like "where are the abs tho?"

No. 339495

Doing a bunch of crunches is fine especially for beginners who can see results fast but I was loling a little at her twists. like huh? You just said you wouldn’t do that? But whatever. She probably doesn’t want to advance in any way, she has a maintenance-skinny fit body. I like the video though, doing a little light workout out under a tree on the grass looks chill.

No. 339503

These two advices are so great, I keep coming back to the thread to read them over the last two days. Thank you ladies.

No. 339574

File: 1688951809683.jpeg (76.05 KB, 894x462, IMG_0306.jpeg)

I bought this because it had the most protein but it’s honestly l the most satisfying thing I’ve ever eaten. The one with salt is not as good there’s something about this one

No. 339583

This type of shit is not palatable for me. I’m not into mayo so adding that to make tuna fish salad is out of the question. but genuinely how do you anons eat this? i love fish so its not that its fish, it honestly tastes like preservatives.

No. 339587

I used to make tuna patties all the time. Mix 1 can w/ an egg, tbsp flour, little bit of diced sweet onion, and salt+pepper/spices. form into half a dozen or so patties thin enough to cook through and then pan fry (better with oil but I've also "toasted" them dry in a nonstick before). I always liked them as a caprese, with a thick slice of tomato and mozarella, maybe a little bit balsamic drizzle, and/or wrapped in a lettuce leaf.

I don't make them much anymore because I started to get freaked out about mercury lol, but I was going through like 1-2 cans of tuna a day at one point, they're pretty tasty.

No. 339626

It's good in tomato sauce with pasta. This tastes good with any canned fish.
To eat with bread or salad I buy thuna in sunflower or olive oil.

No. 339674

>Goals, current state
I aim to get up to a healthy weight and then maintain it (no ed). At the same time, I want to do strength training and build more muscle. Right now I'm 123 lbs and 5'8". I'd like to get to 130 lbs.
>How I'm going to get there
Continue eating foods high in protein + calories to make up for what I lose daily. Develop better eating habits to get my body used to eating more in the first place. I'm already doing weight training, so I'd like to keep that steady for now and gradually increase the weight as I go.
>Holding myself accountable
I have a workout buddy and it's fun to go back and forth telling each other our updates, what we've accomplished, etc. I've also noticed my chronic pain isn't as bad since working out on a regular basis, so as soon as my body starts acting up again it's a good reminder to get back to it kek

No. 339747

this thread was one of the things that inspired me to start exercising daily and since then ive been sleeping and eating much better as well! I hope we can all reach our goals nonnas

No. 339748

Omg nonnie based, fish cakes are so good! lit recipe I’ll have to try with egg and flour

I do a can of tuna, a small steamed potato or some microwaved frozen peas + dill, diced onion, salt and pepper, maybe some other spices
they go pretty good in the grill too for lazy/no washing up

No. 340012

Have you tried Konjac? It's a little pricey, but its only 9kcal/100g. They sell it in various formats, from noodles to lasagna.
Actually, it's not. Tons of people live like this and are healthier than the majority of the population. I myself followed a diet of 1000-1200 calories for almost a year, it is unhealthy if you consume 1000 calories of candy, but it is healthy if you consume 1000 calories of vegetables and meat (which can be a real challenge bc you'll be always full).

No. 340013

Let me guess, you're sedentary. I would have fucking died, anon.

No. 340014

Collagen is not scientifically accurate for this purpose; it has become more of a trend/meme. Peanut butter can be beneficial, but you have to be cautious as it is high in calories.

No. 340015

File: 1689206306562.png (21.21 KB, 424x110, jefit.png)

Strengthening my back muscles through weightlifting has significantly improved my posture.
Cellulite has a strong genetic component.
No, i'm not. I have been consistently training without fail for 60 consecutive weeks, including during that period.

No. 340020

you have to find one that isn't tiny chunk bits floating with vegetable broth or cheap tomato sauce or soybean oil. I cannot believe how much tuna fish is full of vegetable broth, it tastes weird. the cheap stuff is not fit for a cat. the higher quality solid tinned fish is better, can be a little dry because it's really packed in there with just water but I don't mind that. I don't put mayo on it, maybe olive oil or something in a salad. I don't know, I like most kipper snacks and Season sardines too but some other canned fish makes me gag so it's not like you're wrong to hate it.
interesting. I kind of don't believe you. some people are weird though so maybe you're totally fine but it just seems weird to eat that little and work out and be fine, like something is off. she asked about eating 20% under her BMR. that's so low. there's no reason for that, you're supposed to do 20% under your TDEE if you're trying to do 20% under anything. I can't imagine a lifetime of that would be good for anyone.
have you considered that your BMR has shifted from adaptive thermogenesis so you aren't actually eating under your BMR anymore? or that you're miscounting calories or that you were wrong about your bmr to begin with especially if you are a petite woman with low muscle mass. or that you have hypothyroidism?

No. 340022

File: 1689212765600.jpg (113.53 KB, 675x1200, 5e260d1ca817c46bd68576dfee14be…)

Anons that train daily or almost daily: how do you overcome fatigue?
I leave work and get home usually between 7 and 8 PM and I'm so beat. Sometimes it's like part of my brain wanna exercise but my body is stuck at bed because it and the other part of my brain are super drained from work, commuting, even socializing. Sometimes I'm barely holding up by 10 PM.
I have some metabolic issues and I'm taking some meds to get better, but I feel like it's not enough. I can't train before work either because I need all the sleep I can get or else I won't be able to function at work. I only feel actually rested when I sleep 9 hours a day but even that is kinda unrealistic for my daily life, only days off
I think the least tired I felt was when I was doing keto (I do have insulin resistance, admittedly), but I'm not even sure if it's sustainable with my current environment. I do wanna go back to it and even my doctor encouraged it, but I wanna know if the meantime there's a way to get more energy, especially to exercise daily?

No. 340038

Pretty sure your body is telling you it needs more rest. Why not take an extra rest day and do some light activities?

No. 340051

You need sleep. When do you get up every day and when does your workday start? Maybe you need to cut back on work hours. Getting home at 7 or 8 every day is brutal unless you start work at 11am.

No. 340054

Sorry, I think I forgot to make it clear that I'm not actively training right now and that I do want to get back because I genuinely like doing so, but since I've started working again, I'm too tired to do most things. Sometimes I roller skate a bit, but not even enough to break a sweat yet (I'm still learning)

I usually get up around 7:30 to 8 AM, and my work day usually starts by 9. Another thing about my job is that I can't have much of a routine because of the nature of it. But most days go from 9-9:30AM to 6:30-7PM, plus one hour commuting from and back home. Mostly due to traffic rather than being far from home
If my city wasn't so dangerous, I could at least walk home, but that's really not possible where I live.

No. 340059

If you really can't reduce your work hours there isn't a healthy way to add a formal exercise block to your day, you need to sleep. I think giving 9-10 hours per day to work plus another 2 hours commuting is way too much but that's up to you to decide, maybe you have to do that to keep your job, I dunno. The only thing you could do is increase your activity in tiny chunks, like setting a little timer every hour at work and doing 12 pushups or squats or something, in a ten hour day you could get a full 60 minute workout that way. Over time it will add up and you will get stronger even though you won't be breaking a sweat. Maybe do a cardio thing on the weekends.
Does anyone else at work live in your neighborhood? You might be able to set up something where you walk to/from work in a group which would be safer (unless it's so bad that wouldn't help)

No. 340076

File: 1689260758337.png (455.65 KB, 2372x892, agosto2022.png)

Well, what I’m saying is true, the attached pic is my logs on fatsecret (app to count calories) and jefit (app I use to log my workouts at the gym).
What happens for people to find it difficult to eat 1000-1200kcal per day is that they don’t like to eat vegetables/lean meat. A large carrot of about 170g has only 77kcal, I used to eat a whole large carrot every day, lettuce weighs 300-500g and I ate at least one every 2-3 days, lettuce has 15kcal/100g, skinless chicken breast 119kcal/100g, konjac (a pasta substitute I mentioned above) 9kcal/100g. so basically if you want to eat a lot without starving you have to eat foods with high density and low calories, cut oil, butter and processed food. I didn’t eat any sweets or junk food for a really long time.
I went from 60kg± (134lbs) to 46kg (101lbs) and I was shredded as fuck, you could clearly see my obliques, when I got to 46kg I became amenorrheic but obviously it wasn’t because of low calories but because of not having any more fat in my body, now I’m at 50kg (110lbs) and struggling to eat 1600kcal in a HEALTHY way (vegetables and lean meat) and I guarantee it’s damn hard.
tl/dr: You can do a nice diet with 1000-1200kcal for months, maybe even more than a year depending on how many kg/lbs you were when you started the diet, if I had started with 70kg instead of 60kg I could maintain this diet for longer until I removed all the fat from my body and finally started to suffer the effects of having a very low bodyfat.

No. 340081

File: 1689263299726.png (461.08 KB, 892x780, no comment.png)

No. 340082

I have a strong stomach for vegetables and love seaweed, "sea" tastes (I don't want to say fish bc I'm vegetarian). I've bought konjac noodles a few times, different brands, different formats. I couldn't eat them. I looked up everything about how to prepare them. Rinsed many times. Boiled for a considerable amount of time. Marinated with soy and miso. omg, how does anyone get this stuff down? I thought I was going to choke and throw up.

No. 340085

What do you do for work out?

No. 340086

I do weightlifting, and during the time of the pic I believe I was following Stephanie Buttermore's intermediate program.

No. 340093

Anyone here tried chicken feet? I am going to try a diet of "high collagen" foods, and apparantly chicken feet are pretty high in such. Also other food that make bone broth when boiled. I hear good things. Feel a bit squeamish about the feet though.

No. 340107

You're gonna boil them into broth? It's gonna make you feel amazing. I would be squeamish about it too but all you gotta do is drop them in the pot and then strain the remains out later. Not too bad compared to biting into one!

No. 340128

what do i do if im 29 and my body looks like skeletor? i can see my ribs from the front. im not even that skinny 18.5 bmi.

No. 340131

File: 1689294285176.jpg (98.67 KB, 610x1080, abd73ef94e5031bfb856608a6375af…)

Yeah, my amount of work hours really are not up for me to decide, unfortunately.
I feel a bit of shame, because I have coworkers that work the same amount as me (sometimes a bit more depending on the day) and they workout almost daily. They are men, tbf, but still.
I live in a huge dangerous city, imagine New York but in LATAM. I only know one person that lives near me, but she has a car and she works mostly from home anyway. She also leaves earlier.
Maybe I'll do as you suggest, and think of strategies to get a bit of a sneaky workout during the day.
It sucks so much because as I said, I do enjoy working out so during the day when I have a lot of energy I keep thinking about the exercises that I wanna do when I get home - but once I get home I really just wanna eat, turn off my brain to some videos or something like that and then sleep. Like it's 9:25 right now where I live and my eyes are already burning.

No. 340150

I wish I could give you advice, but I really feel you here anon. I used to work 10ish hour days plus commute and I was just dead by the time
I got home. The only decent advice I can give is find another job if you can’t decrease your hours. It isn’t healthy in the long run, not for your mind or body.

No. 340154

I didn't promise or say it will magically change your whole bodyshape with a set of targeted workouts. I'm not fucking shredded or whatever (and women aren't supposed to be anyway). It helped me build and maintain abs. Simple as.

No. 340155

Anon, have you considered you are an anachan?

No. 340161

They're quite delicious, but quite tasteless at first. You can eat them with any sauce if you feel the flavour is not your taste.

No. 340162

OP: I have been in two weeks of Keto and by far is not making me crave either rice or pasta (I'm lucky I love vegetables). The Chinese market stores do not sell konjac here, AFAIK, but I have tried to make zucchini pasta and worked quite well.

No. 340169

Strong Asian staple
Listen they’re gonna have little bones in them, it’s off putting at first but they’re actually good as long as spitting bones out doesn’t bother you

No. 340170

How do you get this view in FatSecret calorie counter?

No. 340174

This just sounds like ano/orthorexia

No. 340194

What's the app on the right?

No. 340211

I have already been waiting for comments like these, nowadays people can't focus on their health and pursue their fitness goals without being labeled or judged. I am into bodybuilding, and it is normal for people to go through cutting and bulking phases. For participants in bikini contests, it is common to follow a low-calorie diet of 500-600 kcal for weeks to prepare for the competition (THIS is unhealth and ana). What I did was healthy because I was not losing more than 1% of my weight per week, in fact, I was well below that threshold. Most important of all I maintained a nutritious diet eating health and did not starve myself. I appreciate your concern, but rest assured, I was taking care of my well being.
You have to go through the website and not the app.
Jefit, is a amazing app to use during your training session and with it you can even see graphs on your progress in all exercises.

No. 340220

File: 1689353082080.png (1.3 MB, 1414x2000, food subs.png)

Here are some tips for nonnies who want to lose weight.

No. 340226

I hate ketospergs in general but I’m putting this here to help anyone with PCOS; I’ve been on keto for 3 months now and it’s amazing. Less hair growth, mood is consistent and good, head is clear and focus is easy. My beard hasn’t grown back at all the last 2 weeks, and my ‘tache and androgen pattern growth on my legs/belly is better. Skin is good. Don’t feel sleepy at lunch time or get ravenous at night. I actually have the energy to exercise in the morning. Haven’t had mysterious ovary pains in ages, and my period is lighter. Period was late the last 2 months but very light. I’ve lost 14lbs, could probably have been more but didn’t want to calorie count or necessarily be in a deficit. Next goal is to hit the gym now that I’m not afraid of busting a cyst. The only downsides are I was tired for like a month and the majority of people talking about this on the internet are musclemoid retards

No. 340227

You stopped getting your period so I don’t think you’re being honest with yourself about how “health” you are. Maybe you’re better now, I won’t assume, but losing weight until you become amenorrheic is the opposite of health.

No. 340228

increase calories and look for a weight training program for building muscle, especially upper body. Make sure you are eating a diet with enough fat and protein, not just sugar.

No. 340229

Have you looked at Pamela Reif's app (the free version is fine)? It has several programs and one is 30m per day, which might be doable for you. When I have a busier work or travel or writing day (sometimes I need to use the motivation to just concentrate on my dissertation), I will move some exercises to a rest day on the app and sometimes do a full hour instead of 30m spread over two days. I like the app, it gives a bit of structure to my week and I like editing what is scheduled on each day.

I used to do her 45+ min per day plans and will return to that once this phase of work is done. It's also insanely hot so I'm eating and moving less. If you will always have this work schedule, maybe my solution isn't the best for you, but it's better than nothing, I think. I feel so much better when I'm doing something vs. nothing.

No. 340230

How is orthorexia even characterized? Genuine question because it honestly sounds just like being healthy
This has to be the oldest shittiest graphic I’ve ever seen. If you want to lose weight eat less, probably have to give up ice cream as a whole but like once you do you won’t even miss it, wtf is healthy about eating fruit blended with cornflakes be forreal

No. 340238

Bodybuilders aren't reference for health.

No. 340240

>For participants in bikini contests
These women also take low dosages of steroids, diuretics and clenbuterol.

No. 340251

>Orthorexia is an unhealthy focus on eating in a healthy way. Eating nutritious food is good, but if you have orthorexia, you obsess about it to a degree that can damage your overall well-being.
Like a lot of mental problems it's fine until it's not. For instance, being sad isn't a mental illness, but if you get so depressed you stop leaving your bed and lose your job and are pissing in bottles, those are signs of serious depression. Eating healthy is fine, but if you're so worried about only eating "good" food that you literally struggle to eat enough calories in a day, you are exhibiting signs of orthorexia. If you decide salt is unhealthy to the degree that you give yourself a serious sodium deficiency (very dangerous) then you might have orthorexia (unless you're stupid and didn't know that could happen). That sort of thing.

No. 340253

Konjac smells awful, you'll have to boil the stink out first

No. 340258

Everyone says konjak/shirataki is gross/stinky but I can eat it straight out of the bag. Block or noodles, I like it. Cold, wet and slurpy, like flavorless gum you can eat (lol).
It doesn't really taste good or bad, it's just wet smooth fiber. It's like eating water but it's not hydrating.

No. 340265

I'm healthy, as I mentioned in my post there comes a point where it stops being healthy when you don't have enough fat in your body, and I was aware of that. However, I still chose to do it, just like many women in bikini categories do.
What is unhealthy is having a very low body fat percentage. Eating this amount of calories, if you're consuming everything your body needs in terms of nutrition, is not inherently unhealthy.

The key point of my post is that it's not inherently unhealthy to eat 1000-1200 calories for months, many people can do it in a healthy way. How? By eating nutritious food, cutting out junk/processed food and sugar. Additionally, there is a genetic component to consider. 1000 calories may be sufficient for a woman who is 155cm (5ft) but probably not if you are 180cm (6ft).
Instead of discouraging women who are trying to lose weight, people should provide guidance on how to do it. That's what I'm doing here.
>(THIS is unhealth and ana)

Orthorexia is a label used for unhealthy people who can't stand healthy people feel better about themselves.

No. 340267

I think you're being a little insincere with the way you're framing everything. Like… What you did was healthy until it wasn't healthy but that's ok because you knew it was unhealthy and chose to do it but that doesn't mean you have a problem you are just struggling to eat maintenance calories now but it's not unhealthy no no etc. But whatever. You're right that a small overweight woman could eat at that level to lose weight for a while and not be unhealthy, and high-volume low-calorie unprocessed foods help make it easier and also a change in diet would probably be necessary to maintain long-term maintenance of new healthy weight. You took it to extremes which is your choice but you don't have to lie and say it was a healthy choice.

No. 340271

Being on a 1000-1200 calorie diet can be done in a healthy way. I was unhealthy when I weighed 46kg, and that was due to my low body fat, not the calorie intake itself. Even if I weighed what I do now (50kg) and consumed 1000 calories, I would still be healthy.
The problem wasn't the calories, but my low bf.
So, anyone who wants to follow a 1000-1200 calorie diet can do so in a healthy manner to pursue their weight goals. It becomes unhealthy when you go below your healthy weight, which, for me, is at a minimum of 48kg.
I didn't have any nutrient deficiencies during the period of my diet, but hormones start to get disrupted when you're a woman and have very low body fat like I did. It's important for women to maintain some body fat for hormonal reasons. That's why when discussing body fat percentages for women and men, the female minimum is always 10% higher than the male minimum.

No. 340284

I'd prefer cucumbers or watermelons if I wanted to crunch water and they have a good taste unlike shirataki, with them you'll have to add the flavour to them yourself. It soaks up flavour really quick so you have to be careful with the ingredients.
Personally, I like the rice-shaped konjac more than the noodles.

No. 340291

File: 1689384841006.jpeg (107.32 KB, 1230x922, IMG_0182.jpeg)

I would give my left arm and leg if any of you can find what youtube video this is from. Who is this? I don't know korean stars well and even reverse image search didn't help me.

No. 340292

File: 1689385880733.png (1.07 MB, 1278x880, Screenshot 2023-07-14 at 21.52…)

1. this is not the "help me find thread" and 2. reverse-image-searching that literally opens a portal into edtwt hell. bleak and sad, picrel, this is mental illness. why do you want it?

No. 340293

Yeah I googled the definition and I understand it but what I meant was more what it looks like on a day to day. For example is obsession with tracking, refusing unhealthy food, having too many eating rules considered orthorexia?

No. 340295

ask that in the stupid questions thread not here

No. 340309

Are you retarded? Why are you cunts in this thread so lame? People aren’t allowed to have obvious discussion about health? My point literally was that ortho isn’t a fucking thing it’s just your fat bitch cope.

No. 340315

Nah it's real. Ortho people are genuinely afraid of unhealthy/non-clean food, and not of just obvious things like candy or pizza, they completely pick things generally accepted as healthy apart too so you get orthos who refuse to eat, say, egg yolk or tuna. Or even fruits because fructose = bad! Their time is obsessivly spent on reading food labels, doing research, watching docus etc. and they have an ever diminishing selection of food they're "allowed" to eat, social life suffers because they don't allow themselves to eat what other people in their circles eat, productivity in other areas of life and general happiness suffers because they're overly focused on food. It's not a just set of healthy rules and habits, it's a genuine obsession that inferes with people's lives and mental health.

>For example is obsession with tracking, refusing unhealthy food, having too many eating rules considered orthorexia?

>My point literally was that ortho isn’t a fucking thing
Regardless if ortho is real or not and whether or not your example would be considered ortho, any "obsession with X" like you used in your example means at least an unhealthy relationship with X, even if it isn't bad enough to be considered disordered. Ortho can both be real and be used as a cope by fat people.

No. 340331

>ortho isn’t a fucking thing it’s just your fat bitch cope
>after posting a previous wall of text for calorie counting that is clearly being over the top
Well, go right ahead being an asshole and going to rigged beauty competitions or whatever

No. 340332

Orthorexia is real but it’s not just having a high level of control over your food intake. Limiting your diet and counting calories are NOT the requirement, these are just tools to reach a goal. If you get anxious, fearful or guilty from eating food because it’s food that’s ‘bad’, that is a sign of orthorexia.

Like people who are extremely frugal because they’re working towards a financial goal do not have a problem with money, even if people around them don’t understand why they can’t just treat themselves to x or y. But if they do choose to treat themselves and are overwhelmed with guilt or shame or anger, any of these negative emotions, that is an indicating of a problem. It’s the same with food. Telling someone who chooses to eat extremely healthy they have a problem IS a fatty cope. You can’t speak for what they feel.

No. 340342

Why should she when it is literally on topic with this thread, tard

No. 340343

I made it back under 160lbs today at 159.2lbs. Hell yeah. Got a bit to go but I met my goal of 'under 160 before the last week of July when I go on a trip' a little earlier than expected. I tried to commit to 2x per week gym but despite being motivated to do so I have been swamped with work and not made enough effort to manage my time properly. That, and I check when its busy so I can go when its dead and I never seem to catch it when its dead. I should probably stop doing that and just go, and take it as it is. BMI now just under 27 which I am happy about. Next milestone is 155lbs in the next month or so. Ultimately I'd like to maintain a BMI of 22 or so. Slow progress is okay. And work on cardio/strength.

No. 340344

No. 340350

because I have a low tolerance for EDchan coping and she was not asking sincerely she just wanted to argue about it and call it fake, like she said in her "fatty cope" reply. and it's a stupid question.

No. 340357

File: 1689433466904.jpg (661.4 KB, 1726x3969, control.jpg)

her speech at the end is so sad. she describes how her self-esteem ties into dieting and getting a sense of control from it but she doesn't seem super aware of the implications there.
also she looks like a scary monster, I assume it's a filter that's supposed to be pretty but it's not having that effect

No. 340378

Go nona!

No. 340380

You're so triggered that you're infighting with everyone on the thread and thinking everyone is the same person, truly you're the only asshole here.

No. 340384

File: 1689446015684.jpeg (48.58 KB, 602x451, corn.jpeg)

About calorie counting, I truly believe everyone should be doing it (and it has nothing to do with being ana or ortho or whatever is trending now). Human anatomy has not changed in 200,000 years. We are designed to eat in a completely different way than we eat today. Moreover, even natural foods like fruits and vegetables have been modified by humans to be 10 times more meaty/caloric/whatever.

People say, "It's crazy counting calories!!!" but, in fact, 90% of the population doesn't count calories and just eat whatever, without knowing what they are eating and how much they are consuming in terms of energy. The result of that is obvious: two-thirds of US adults are overweight or obese (69%), and one out of three is obese (36%). I'm not an Amerifag, but these numbers are a trend in many countries.

No. 340386

its funny you say that. im a burger and was recently in line at mcdonalds. if you don't know already, fast food restaurants list the calories for each item on the menu here (govt regulation)
anyway, behind me was an australian or south african family (the accent was a little hard to place) who made jokes about it.

No. 340389

What is the point of your post? It doesn't contribute anything to the discussion.

No. 340391

People need to understand calories, how to interpret nutrition labels, and comprehend that their estimations of how 'bad' something is for you is probably waaaaaay off (eg thinking a granola bar will make you lose weight if you pick it over a chocolate bar). We shouldn't have to actively count calories all the time, that's pretty miserable and stressful, but eventually you develop an instinct for how much you're eating. My diet is shit right now and I'm definitely not counting but I am aware of the approximate calories I'm consuming, weight gain will not be a surprise to me and even if I struggle I know how to fix it.

No. 340392

Processed foods are the problem, not the calories. People over-eat on processed foods because it isn't real food and people aren't going to eat less even if they know they're technically overeating.

No. 340394

Think a little harder next time.
The point is that people know unhealthy food is unhealthy. Go watch the first twenty minutes or so of the movie Fat Head. Overeating is an emotional problem, not a logical problem.

No. 340395

Here's a link since looking it up might be hard for you, considering…
Start at 20:00

No. 340398

File: 1689453376232.jpg (3.54 KB, 150x150, 6c42d11280cbd123e5f1aed53b645b…)

I'm hitting a weight-loss plateau right now, any nonnas have some insight on this? I tried exercising and intermittent fasting for 16hrs but the results ain't rolling in yet so I just eat what I want (in moderation), hoping it would break the plateau.

No. 340405

thank you very much
I don't see it as that bad at all, the last part makes sense to me

No. 340407

File: 1689459949342.jpeg (13.5 KB, 166x304, IMG_0191.jpeg)

I've been having bad cravings and overeating and I hate it so much. The weight gain is one thing, but the worst part is spending money I don't have. This happens to me depending on stress levels and hormones fudging up. I ended up buying spicy chicken sandwiches and buying an overpriced starbucks and cake pops.
I know what needs to be done, but yikes what a nightmare! If any of you have had something similar happen, let me know how you overcame it. I'm going into debt.
Ideally I never want to spend another penny on fast food or restaurants again. I can cook, damn it.
Pic related. I'm becoming a chungus piece
of shit.

No. 340409

This happened to me a few weeks ago. It’s hard, I managed to have some time alone and that made me binge chocolates and brownies, I would also order like two burgers and then some huge pancakes at night.
Something that made me stop doing this is my family, feeling ashamed of the money I spend and of picking the deliveries that gets home makes me stop buying unnecessary fast food, now that I spend more time with them, I also stop thinking about food most of the time.
So yeah, keep yourself busy, do anything, get a friend or family member to stay with you when you’re feeling like bingeing, it works.

No. 340410

Thank you but I'm pretty lonely (just have my mom here and she's agitated easily and tried to feed me all the time) and ironically I binge more when I'm around people for some reason.
I appreciate your advice anyway.

No. 340417

Then maybe you need a very time consuming hobby or job, it works for me, but it has to be something that really makes you use your brain, not watching series or movies (that actually makes me want to binge harder)
Maybe get huge puzzles to build with your mom so both of you can relax doing something fun and nice, or huge coloring books, or you could workout together at home too.

No. 340420

I do need a job. In fact I need to work a lot, pay off some of this debt caused partially from bad decisions.
My mom spends the day watching soap operas endlessly so that won't be an option, but I can try to learn a skill or just pick up 2, 3 jobs. I just hope my coworkers won't be trying to feed me and bring unhealthy food.

No. 340422

The best solution for annoying coworkers trying to feed you is to tell them that you will eat the food later, you accept it but you don’t eat it right away, you can keep it in some tupper and then either actually eat the food later, sharing it with your mom, or give it away to someone else that may need it.

No. 340446

Hi nonnas! Id love to do accountability posts for my focus on muscle gain/weight gain.

I'm currently around 115 lbs but I wanna be at a good 120-125. I'm 5'4 so I think that's a good gw.

I don't want to be crazy shredded, just strong, ya know?

I'll probably use this as a journal for food logging as well as progress on working out.

No. 340498

Any advice on how to fix metabolism after eating 1200 cals for five years?
I stopped losing any weight at all after two years. Any time I try to eat slightly more I gain. I'm pretty accurate at counting as I do measure/weigh things. I would only go over very rarely when I eat at restaurants. It's hard for me to gain/maintain muscle but my body holds onto fat like it's determined to survive any famine. I've been doing pilates 3x a week for the past year and upped my protein intake. I did gain a little muscle but no fat loss. More recently I've started walking 8-10k steps every day, so I hope to create a small calorie deficit that way, but I feel like I should be able to eat more without gaining and it's so frustrating.

No. 340807

Ouch, that sounds extremely rough nonna, I honestly have no idea if it actually exists, but I heard stories like these where people 'break' their metabolism from eating at a too low deficit for too long. If you happen to not be under 5 feet tall, 1200kcal a day doesn't sound right with your activity levels. I did read that when this happens it helps to slowly increase how much you eat every day by 200kcal per week till you hit what should be normal for your weight and activity levels. You will likely be gaining weight throughout all of this, but by the end of it you will eventually stabilize. No, you will not balloon into obesity by eating 1600kcal-1800kcal a day, as scary as it all sounds to you right now. When your weight does stabilize, you could try cutting it back down again to see if you can make any progress, but not down to 1200 again, maybe a 300 deficit? Just to see if your metabolism is back right on track. I have no idea if any of this is actually real or just bro science so if I'm wrong someone please correct me

No. 341149

Literally this

I’m this >>340309 anon and I appreciate this response >>340315 thanks anon it makes a lot of sense. Seems like ortho is fairly generalized from description.

No. 341203

Have any of you tried alli/orlistat?

I went to a doctor and they prescribed me an appetite suppressant and it did work a little, but that was literal hell. I was thinking trying out orlistat to help me because I do exercise and I am trying to make better decisions about my eating habits.

I gained about 20 pounds during COVID and have been trying to lose it for about a year.

No. 341207

Stay far away from alli.
What country are you in? Back in the early 2000s when that medication was introduced to the US market lots of people complained about uncontrollable diarrhea. I'm surprised anyone would ever consider it after that.

>“It forces you to eat a lower-fat diet — if you don’t, you’re violently penalized for not doing so,” says David Sarwer, the director of clinical services at the Center for Weight Loss and Eating Disorders at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. “When they eat a little too much fat, they’ll learn not to do it again.”

>“(I)’ve pooped my pants 3 times today, and sorry to get descriptive but it even leaked onto the couch at one point!” writes one user.

>It can strike any time — even in the early hours of the morning. One user writes: “(Y)a know how when you start moving around in the morning ya pass a little gas. Well, I did and then went into the bathroom and to my horror I had an orange river of grease running down my leg.”

No. 341208

Nta but my aunt took those and described the diarreah as the orange grease that seeps into a taco bell wrapper from the ground beef, it separates itself out in the toilet bowl like how oil and water cant mix. Really nasty stuff. But she took that as her literally shitting the fat from her body and flushing it away, unfortunately.

No. 341309

same here nonnie. i just decide to exercise double the amount and eat even lesser treats/junk food (and eat smaller portions in general - 1200~1400 kcal a day, approx). i am plateauing at 55~57kg and i am 165cm tall. i hate it here I don't want to become fat again.

No. 341310

i do calorie counting because i like to note down the inventory of everything i eat - and it helps me catch my eating pattern and see if i repeatedly eat the same thing or makes me understand if my skin gets weird or get allergies. thanks to calories counting - i could find out about my nut allergy

No. 341562

File: 1690160779026.gif (934.31 KB, 400x293, d559e024-ee40-429d-a37a-2b6468…)

How do you deal with weighing yourself?

While this diet have been helping me, my anxiety is telling me is not helping at all and the less I want to do is be an ana and focus in losing weight in a harsh way.

No. 341977

best website for TDEE calculation? so far the most detailed one I know is https://tdeecalculator.org , with different formulas and things like weight loss prognosis. my goal is weight loss, I need to drop around 6-10 kgs.

No. 341988

File: 1690353622569.jpg (76.3 KB, 750x750, crocodile_m1.jpg)

I have an active, outdoor job in the summer. I'm walking 6,000-8,000 steps a day, five days a week. My lunch is usually some carrots, crackers with peanut butter, and a sandwich or something else plant-based with protein. However, my job is also really stressful, and I love a sweet treat in the afternoon, or a drink a few times a week as a comfort. I thought walking around and expending that energy would be enough to help me control my weight, but I have only gained weight for the past year or so. I'm 5'8" and up to 165 lbs. I feel so chubby and awful, and I don't know what to do. I'm really wary of restrictive calorie deficits, since my job is fairly active and I need to have energy throughout the day.

I'm not really sure what changes I need to make to get it together before my weight gets out of control, and I could use some advice.

No. 341990

How did you all established the routine? I struggle to start exercising and keep going. I drop after a few days or weeks, maybe done if for 3 months at best. I know it's a dumb question but maybe there is something that worked for you that might help me.

No. 342000

they all use the same few formulas so there isn't really a difference between them.
that said, if you want to see al the different formulas use this, it's the most anal retentive one I've seen https://www.sailrabbit.com/bmr/

No. 342001

that number of steps is considered borderline sedentary, you are barely over "sedentary" (5000 steps). unless the rest of the job is really physical like lifting heavy stuff it's not going to counteract daily treats. maybe you could do something simple like replace your treats with something healthier or target some other area of your diet and make a change that decreases the calories while keeping you satisfied (like adding more vegetables for volume or choosing a leaner protein or cooking without oil or something).

No. 342008

Agreeing with other anon, walking that much is burning about 150 calories more a day than not walking at all, 750 more calories in a 5 day work week. A treat and a few drinks is much, much more than that. You can still enjoy those things, but maybe substitute heavier things in your daily meals with some less calorie dense foods. I made the same mistake at my current job, I was walking 12k steps a day thinking I could eat more hefty meals, but I just ended up gaining 5lbs in a matter of 4 months. I coped myself into thinking it was muscle, but my work pants were getting noticeably tighter lmao.
Carrots are awesome, so keep eating those. Maybe it's best to substitute the crackers with celery or even more carrots to dip in the peanut butter. Also, maybe switch peanut butter to one that is just peanuts and oil if you haven't already.

No. 342011

I posted here at some point before because I was moving to a hotter climate and my only exercise is running and I hate running in the heat. I was right to be worried, I can’t do it I’m down to running barely 4 miles in 50 minutes, it’s more of a slow jog constantly stopping to sweat and catch my breath. I used to run >10k in an hour nonstop easily in a colder climate. The only improvement is I wake up much earlier to try to beat the heat and I go to bed earlier so my sleep is a bit better. No pools near me, haven’t found a natural body of water to swim in either, it’s all swamps. I’ve gained 2 inches in my ass and at least 10 lbs. I think I have to join a gym.

No. 342018

sign up for a course. i struggled the same way and realized i need something with a schedule beyond my own control, because if i set my own schedule i'll just drop it at some point.
i started aerial hoop classes, they're once a week but you can also book additional training sessions. just find something that you would enjoy

No. 342019

I would start using a calorie counter app just to keep track of how much the drinks and treats add up. I’m the same way (and even worse, I work as a baker) and using an app like that really helped. I still eat pastries and go over with my calories occasionally, but it has made me think if it’s a good idea to have a second serving of calorie dense treats (it’s not lol). My deficit is not very low at all, 1.8-1.9k kcal for now, but that has slowly decreased my weight. You can lose weight without starving yourself with extremely low calories.

No. 342037

How does one tone their arms more at home? I can't afford a gym membership and my upper arms and underarms have gained some unfortunate looking heft even though I've barely gained any weight. It looks and feels awful

No. 342038

I have high hips and all my weight gathers there and my upper thighs, it looks so ridiculous with the rest of my scrawny chicken legs- How do I slim those areas down?

No. 342047

Unfortunately, spot reduction doesn't exist short of liposuction.

No. 342064

Really? Oh man.. how do I lose inches then?

No. 342067

thank you nona, i looked for this website, i had vague memories of it but couldn't find it

No. 342069

Cardiovascular exercise, lifting heavy weights properly, and controlling your diet

It doesn't matter if you're shaped like Gisele Bundchen or Mulher Melancia, you gotta hit the cardio and weights

No. 342117

I've been obese basically since graduating high school and I'm only just starting to make progress on losing weight now that I've hit 30 and realized it's only going to get harder if I don't do what I can now. I need to lose around 70 lbs and I'm trying to go slow so I don't have too much loose skin, but it's been really hard to shake the despair and anger of what I've done to my body already. I don't know how to cope with the fact that I'm going to die of cancer or a heart attack because of how much weight I've carried for so long and that's terrifying to me, knowing that no matter what I do at this point I'm realistically going to die in the next couple decades. I guess acknowledging that is the first step towards accepting it and I've still been pushing through on practicing portion control and signing up for a personal trainer soon and everything to do what I can, but all day every day I can't stop thinking about how little time I have left and what kind of cancer will kill me and it's no one's fault but my own. Just wish I'd pulled my head out of my ass earlier.
Anyway I'm also trying to keep my knees working for as long as possible but I'm very pear-shaped. I thought about trying to do exercises that focus on building muscle strength in my knees but will that end up just damaging my knees further by putting extra strain on them? Should I focus on losing more weight before jumping into too much exercise or is it okay to do them at the same time? I'm 5'4'' and around 200 lbs.

No. 342165

File: 1690463669479.png (853.18 KB, 1532x1776, Screenshot 2023-07-27 at 09.04…)

>5'4" 200
oh that's not nearly as bad as I thought it would be when you said you needed to lose 70lbs. You're gonna have to do this in phases so it might be helpful to set smaller goals and be realistic with the timeline, like set six months goals within a 2 years frame or something like that. You could definitely go down to 160 within a year and just be normal overweight instead of obese, then going from 160 to 140 will probably feel a little different and much slower. The good news is pretty much any positive change you make will have a noticeable affect on the scale right now as long as you stay consistent the transition can be easymode over a long period of time. You don't really need drastic changes at this point you need a little lifestyle shift (picrel, source https://www.precisionnutrition.com/cost-of-getting-lean-infographic ) and then later you can get into the nitty gritty
I would recommend maybe talking to a doctor even though their advice tends to be generic, it could save you trouble later if there's any concern with your knees.

No. 342187

How do I stop feeling dizzy during/after walking on the treadmill?

Google only says to up water intake, but I'm already doing that. I also do start slowly and only walk 5mph so it's not intense exercise. It takes my brain around 10 minutes to stop spinning and feeling odd. Is it maybe because I'm watching videos while walking?

No. 342193

Are you eating enough? Low blood sugar? If not those things maybe low iron anemia?

No. 342199

could be a form of motion sickness from watching the videos.

No. 342203

Could be the first two. I find it easier to do cardio fasted, guess I'll try to change that

Possible, I'll see if it'll be better without watching videos on the phone but damn that'll be boring lol

No. 342205

I listen to audio books or podcasts while I run, it's pretty chill. Libby and Hoopla apps can get you audiobooks through a library card and Clarkesworld Magazine publishes very interesting scifi short stories (good length for a run) narrated by Kate Baker as a podcast, she's a sweetie. It has been good for building up my auditory learning capabilities (I literally couldn't listen to people talk and absorb anything before I started running). Obviously music is nice too.

No. 342242

File: 1690506471142.jpg (119.08 KB, 712x534, 1641648112220.jpg)

Like the other anon said, you can't reduce bodyfat in one specific area. Just a calorie deficit overall will help you lose fat, as well as resistance training to achieve a muscular shape underneath the fat. Even bodyweight exercises like knee-assisted push-ups and squats with no weight are a good way to get started, along with eating more protein

You got this anon, it's never too late to turn things around. For the knees thing, the only advice I can give is to not do much running for now as that tends to stress joints at higher weights (other forms of cardio like swimming, cycling, walking would be great though). Honestly I don't think light strength training will hurt your knees, it probably will help if anything, maybe just bodyweight lunges and squats to gauge how they feel first

No. 342268

I appreciate this, it's grounding. Definitely expecting it to take a couple years but thinking about it in phases is a good idea, I know I've seen people say that with major weight loss it often comes off quickly at first then slows down a lot. Out of curiosity, what about that height/weight combo makes it not as bad as you thought? I assumed 70 extra lbs would be even worse than usual for someone short.

Thanks nonna. This was the year the damage to my body started becoming too bad to ignore and it's simultaneously demoralizing and motivating. Cycling is a great idea though, I used to love riding a bike when I was younger and that seems like it would be less intense on the joints.

No. 342376

File: 1690576976458.jpeg (78.21 KB, 1200x675, vintage-pool-photos-tease_l6ti…)

Anons, I'm trying to lose weight, only a little, but I'm finding it really difficult to reduce my calorie intake, I try eating less but I then start feeling absolutely starving and lightheaded.

Just some info on my current fitness/weight:

I'm 79kg, 173cm and my waist is about 30 inches, I walk in and out of work everyday (40 mins walk one way) so I get in my 10000 steps, I also (ideally) swim 3 times a week, about 45 mins - an hour every time.

Anons, any advice on the best types of filling meals/foods I can eat so I'm not snacking in between meals all the time?

No. 342393

you might be experiencing a rush of adrenaline and not very used to the way your body expresses those symptoms. i used to feel jelly legs and like i was floating after going on a treadmill for a few minutes. just today i was on a hike and i noticed some weird visual effects in my peripheral vision when i decided to sit on a bench.

No. 342401

I was just imagining at least twenty pounds heavier for some reason, idk why.

No. 342438

I'd suggest finding really low calorie snacks. Carrots, rice cakes, seaweed snacks, savoury cottage cheese (i got a good recipe). That way you can have a couple things and not feel like you're starving, but still not affect your intake much. Helped me through it as my stomach shrank a bit.

No. 342444

File: 1690592899345.png (652.91 KB, 2392x1944, Screenshot 2023-07-28 at 21.10…)

high satiety, high volume/low calorie foods. fibrous vegetables and lean protein, that short of thing.
one not uncommon thing is you might have insulin resistance which makes you feel way hungrier than you should be; if that's the case you can eat low Glycemic Index/ low Glycemic Load foods and it will help with hunger. I have a pdf of foods from some fitness youtuber for women with PCOS and insulin resistance issues, picrel

No. 342461

Eat a fuckload of vegetables

No. 342465

What diet and excercise apps do you guys use?

No. 342497

I’ve been using apple health to track my steps and the notes app to track food. I have used myfitnesspal before but something about it always annoyed me. I just started using FatSecret I don’t really have an opinion on it yet.

No. 342507

MFP and Garmin. I guess one could also count YouTube and the default notes app too lol

I tried so many pf these apps but most have a subscription model and I'm too lazy to find a cracked/modded version. Down Dog is the only app I'd suggest to others tho, but only for yoga

No. 342517

going against the grain, eat really fatty cuts of meat. Fat keeps you satiated for long and doesnt spike your insulin, fat doesnt get converted into fat contrary to popular belief but is just used as energy. Carbs and protein gets stored as fat.

No. 342521

Everything gets converted to fat if eaten in excess, including fat. it’s kind of hard for new dieters to eat rich foods and stay under their new calorie limit, they’re easy to overeat. If she’s extra careful not to miscount and slip up, it might help her though. I guess it depends on her

No. 342528

I love Down Dog and use it almost every day. It has a bunch of different apps but I use the ones for yoga and HIIT. If you’re a student or work in education you can get a really good deal on it, but even if you pay the subscription I think it’s worth it.

No. 342529

Fat doesnt get converted to fat, no matter how much you eat of it. I've experimented with that myself, eating several hundred calories extra in fat on keto, only got more shredded. No insuline response = no fat storing.

No. 342550

Oh, you're talking about keto.

No. 342604

For calorie tracking i use MyFitnessPal cause it had a big library of food information ppl input. I never tracked super close, but it always gave me a good general idea and I'd over estimate if i wasn't sure.
As for exercise, i used FitNotes cause i just needed something basic to track reps and weight. I imagine there's more useful apps out there.

No. 342609

>Fat doesnt get converted to fat, no matter how much you eat of it.
Alright, so if you eat too much fat and go over your calories for the day, what happens to it? Does it just evaporate? Disappear into the void?

No. 342610

nta but I think you just poop it out, greasy stool is a common side effect of keto I'm pretty sure

No. 342618

File: 1690719066992.png (295.63 KB, 584x360, forsberg.png)

No. 342624

File: 1690720913757.jpg (61.91 KB, 492x438, 1684032092354295.jpg)

I'm planning on dropping about 10kg or 18lbs to get to my desired bf%, while also trying to increase or maintain strength as much as possible. I expect to get there in about 3 months. I'm planning on eating at least 2.2 grams of protein per kg of bodyweight, going for a +800 kcal deficit 5 days a week, with weekend refeeds. As I get closer to my goal and my strength starts to suffer, I might have to readjust. Then I'll maintain for a bit and give things a break before dropping another 4-5kg/10lbs, which will put me below fertility range for bf%. Which will be temporary since then I'm planning on bulking up 6-7kg/15lbs. Idk what I'll do after that, will see what things look like and where my strength will be at.

No. 342628

myfitnesspal has been the nicest calorie tracking app so far. i got the cracked android version, i forgot what features are unlocked, but i do how the app lets you edit macros to fit your particular diet. being an unmedicated diabetesfag, it lets me really see what kinds of foods i should be eating less often and what's better to fit my condition.

No. 342635

File: 1690726542417.jpeg (417.14 KB, 1125x2123, IMG_5062.jpeg)

That depends on your leptin resistance apparently

>The practical implication is this. If you are lean and leptin sensitive, then eating more dietary fat, like cheese, will likely not make you gain weight. However, if you are trying to lose weight, and have some problem with obesity/ insulin/ leptin resistance, then adding extra fat to your meals is NOT a good idea.


No. 342637

File: 1690726941627.jpeg (27.04 KB, 400x358, ce8b2ffef0ab10b4.jpeg)

I’ve lost 18 pounds during summer! I could have lost more but I still love eating too much kek, but I think this pace is manageable for the future. I still want to lose about 40 pounds more. But a couple people have noticed my weight loss already so that’s nice!

No. 342638

That was an informative read, thank you.

No. 342639

Good for you, enjoy!

No. 342642

File: 1690731296980.jpg (24.06 KB, 495x720, ttt9bnoziam71.jpg)

I finally feel like I can post here and not in the ED thread lol.
I've been lifting weights since spring. Started eating more, though I haven't been tracking super closely. I have a window of 1600-2k calories that I aim for and a protein goal and that's it. Right now I work out 6x a week but I'll probably stop once 8 weeks are up and switch back to 3/4x instead. I've gained muscle and stamina and no longer feel like a ghost in my own body. I'm still always checking over my shoulder, worried I'll fall back into old habits, but I think I'm doing good! I hope I can keep going like this.

No. 342650

That's so awesome nonna! Good job!

No. 342704

Dang look at you go!!

No. 342772

Thank you anons ♥ I hope I'll have an even better update by fall.

No. 342775

dropping this resource here https://exrx.net/Lists/Directory (list of exercises by muscle group and specific muscles) I think it's fun to look through

No. 342781

The past three months I've been saying "starting next month I'll start eating better!" and then completely failing. But I'm going to legitimately try my best to start in August. I originally wanted to get down to 135, but I think my long term goal will be 140. Not trying to get thin per say, but I don't like how chubby my stomach has been lately (currently at 150, 5'6)

No. 342791

Is there something like c25k but for biking? I swear I can't bike for more than 20 minutes before I'm heaving for air lol.

No. 342807

its pretty cringe but ive had a shit sleep schedule, eating habits, and workout habits for a looong time. im trying to take melatonin to sleep around 2am to wake up by 11am, eat 3 times everyday between 8am-12:30am, and walk at least 6k steps every day.
so far ive been sleeping at 3:30am w melatonin (going to reduce it to 3am today), eating like 2.5 meals a day, and today i walked for 50 minutes (~5.5k steps). im going to go slow but really really be consistent

No. 342848

Started with doing yoga during lockdown regularly and now I've added pilates and strenghtening exercices to my routine. I don't do intense training but I've noticed I'm losing weight, which isn't my goal at all since I'm already underweight. I know I should eat plenty of protein to gain muscle (probably my safest bet to gain weight and keep it) and aim for an excess calorie intake but I don't want to dab into the orhtorexic counting calories shit. I tried eating more meals/day but then I feel like I'm always digesting something and I feel tired, or else I just end up eating greasy fatty food for fast gain which is unhealthy and I still don't gain much. I don't want to turn eating into a chore but I really need to gain some weight, so has anyone got any advice? Maybe a high calorie and protein meal/snack that I could implement into my regular diet?

No. 342851

The most important question here is what about your eating habits is preventing you from maintaining a healthy weight? Does eating generally feel like a chore to you? What foods do you like to eat a lot? If you want high protein and high calories you should take a look at common bulking foods like full-fat dairy, eggs or smoothies. But for it to work long term these need to be foods that you at least somewhat like already so that they can more easily become habitual and you won't resent having to eat them.

No. 342860

If your hitting your protein goal with your regular diet, there's really not much point to adding more protein. Protein rich foods are also really filling and hard to eat a lot of, unless you mix in loads of sugar/sweetener, like most protein bars.
I'd focus more on whole grains and other carbs. Oatmeal, potatoes, rice, pasta ect. In my experience when you feel full is something you get used to, so once you get in the habit of getting seconds you won't even have to think about it anymore.

No. 342869

I have been underweight my whole life even though I have a really good appetite, as a child I was already tall and slim and I never put on weight. That's just how my body has been my whole life even though I never restrict food intake and eat very well, if anything I even overeat often since I smoke weed. I have no issues with food, in fact I love cooking (and eating) so that's why I talked about not turning that into a chore since I really don't want to fixate on food, counting calories, protein intake… I started worrying about it recently because I feel a bit weak and get constant comments from people around me regarding my weight. I'm not a picky eater and love to eat different types of cuisine, baking, and I enjoy greasy and indulgent food as much as anyone. Thank you for the advices, I'll try heavy smoothies in the morning with peanut butter as I think breakfast is the only meal where I can really improve.
Thank you for your informative note on proteins. I eat bread daily and carbs for every meal, else I'd feel hungry. Honestly it's the first time I confront this issue and writing all this down makes me thing I should see a doctor just to check.

No. 342911

File: 1690965148092.jpg (22.93 KB, 564x564, 79bda81b5349958d57e4d3cc4dcea3…)

I'm going to get fucking fit nonas. I saw an older woman the other day with muscular arms and she looked so great. I want that to be me and my future. Has anyone else gone from 0 strenght training to having visible arms muscles? Tell me your story please.

No. 342913

I have signed up at a gym btw, so it's happening!

No. 342916

Yeah it might be a good idea to see a doctor just to rule out some metabolic issue that might make it harder for you to gain weight, since that is a bit unusual if your diet is already so varied and unrestricted.
>I'll try heavy smoothies in the morning with peanut butter as I think breakfast is the only meal where I can really improve.
Hopefully that'll work to get some results! If you feel full easily it can be a great help to consume more liquid calories. I for one know that when I started to drink a lot of beer I would never lose any weight even when I wouldn't eat enough during the day (which is super unhealthy, don't do this obviously, go for the thick nutrient-heavy smoothies or shakes instead).

No. 342934

nta– agree about the beer thing. Obviously she should not do that as it's not worth the lost brain cells but damn it works for me. I'm like kobe beef in the summer when tend to go heavy on the cold delicious beer, it makes me thick and marbled lol. Doesn't really work for my husband though, he's the permanently skinny lean type so maybe it depends on the person.

No. 342939

I failed at going to gym regularly so far in my quest, but I have a one step above sedentary life and stretch/do pt excersises with bands a couple tikes a week at least. Its so, so hot here. Not a good excuse but the heat makes everything between 1pm and 8pm feel impossible, opening the front door even once causes the ac to struggle. Anyway, what I have done was lose 10lbs so far! 165/166ish to 155/156ish! My main goal is to not be overweight by the time I hit 30. I have plenty of time, and at this rate I should hit that goal with just under 6 months to spare I think. My ultimate goal is to "get back" to what I used to be when I was a gym rat type around the age of 24 to 26. Muscular, and around 125-130lbs. But, if I could hit and maintain 130 as my ultimate goal, I will feel accomplished and be okay with a slower gym journey. I used to have a very active job that helped a ton with my body comp. Not sure if I can get to that point again realistically without doing what I used to do for work and NOT sacrificing a lot more time day to day at the moment. But I am happy, had a late night binge slip up last night and paying for it today, I think I can refrain tonight and hopefully the following ones too.

No. 343002

With ADHD and the Vyvanse I take for it I have a ton of trouble eating actual meals for most of the day. I've started to just bring the same assortment of healthy snacks to work every day so I can graze until I get home and the medication has worn off enough that I can cook a big-ish meal (around 600 cal). Coffee with a cup of soy milk, one egg, one cheese stick, one cup Greek yogurt, two cups of fresh/frozen fruit, 1/4 cup nuts, a cup-ish of overnight oats, a cup-ish of raw or dried vegetables, and cramming in chia/flax/hemp seed toppings and popcorn to be at around 1000 cal total throughout the work day. I'm hitting my 1600 BMR and eating more protein/veggies during dinner, getting enough protein, so I guess my question is… is this ok? Like am I going to fuck something up by eating basically the same things every day until dinner? The consistency and ease has been really helpful for making it a habit but I guess I'm paranoid that I'm doing something wrong by not eating more "normal" meals or not necessarily eating grains and stuff every day. For what it's worth I try to mix up the fruit, veggies and nuts I bring throughout the week.

No. 343011

I'm on my third time coming back to weightlifting. My progress was much faster this time because of the work I've done in the past, but it's still a slow climb so don't get frustrated if you don't get results fast, this is a year long commitment minimum. I've had to start with 5-8lb dumbbells or use an empty bar for some moves and it's embarrassing at first but necessary to build good form and when I start stacking on the weights later on I get a huge sense of accomplishment. If you want big arms you should do a lot of overhead work, lift heavy until failure, and aim to eat a gram of protein per lb of bodyweight. I like a push/pull/legs workout structure to really focus on all the muscles of the upper body. I could give a shit about legs but I still train them for balance, just not as heavy. Shoulder moves are really important if you like that capped look, I like lateral + delt raises and overhead press. The muscle wiki is a good resource, you just click on whatever muscle you want to target and they'll give you exercises for it.

No. 343068

File: 1691067319586.gif (10.54 KB, 155x211, Pixel_94.gif)

I'm gonna scope out the local gyms today wish me luck

No. 343069

Good luck!! ♥

No. 343073

Thanks for the reply!
>it's still a slow climb so don't get frustrated if you don't get results fast, this is a year long commitment minimum.
That's all right, I don't expect to get ripped as soon as I touch a weight kek. But knowing that I will likely have visible progress next summer is motivating!

No. 343084

I’ve lost 1” off of my measured areas (hips, high hips, butt and thigh) since June. I’ve only lost about 8lbs and I don’t feel like I look different- honestly most of my clothes don’t even fit that differently, but I’m so proud of myself! I had no idea how much progress I was actually making. I do hiit classes 2x a week, light weight lifting 1-2x a week and cardio 1-2x a week plus daily yoga. Biggest alteration I’ve made to my lifestyle is a calorie deficit, higher protein intake and watching the GI of my foods. I’m pretty sure I’m insulin resistant as I was overweight and even obese a lot of my teen years. I’ve yo-yo’d a lot due to emotional eating and trauma, but I’m determined to lead a permanently healthier and stable lifestyle as an adult. For myself. Still have 37 lbs to go before I hit my GW of 105 at 5’ 2”. I feel like it could take me like 2 years to realistically get there but that’s the weight I feel most comfortable at, hoping and praying I could actually get to that weight and still have lean muscle mass? If I have to I’ll give up strength training and pick up running again

No. 343088

"Every body is different" but in theory the strength training is more important than the cardio if you have to cut one. It will help you keep your lean muscle and burn more calories at rest and just generally make your life easier and your goal weight easier to maintain when you get there. Personally I like to be able to run and not be short of breath so I'm not telling you to stop cardio completely if it's important to you, it's just something to consider.
I don't see why you couldn't get there one day if you go slow and if you keep weight training. Lifting is like telling your body you need to keep those muscles. Being in a small calorie deficit also helps because if you cut drastically your body will consume its muscle first so it's not really worth it. But it sounds like you're on the right track.

No. 343090

File: 1691075439268.jpg (35 KB, 600x388, 8642742246.jpg)

no results since starting daily workouts 4 months ago but I'm gonna keep at it and hope for the best instead of giving up this time

No. 343092

are you getting enough rest in between workouts? how's your sleep and stuff?

No. 343093

yeah I think I'm okay. I made a mess of myself when I first started by following an intense workout vid that left me unable to walk for a week. I eased into it from 15 mins per day up to 30 now, aiming for 45 in the near future. I sleep about 7 hrs per night, I could do better and get 8 hours instead. perhaps it's worth it?

No. 343099

Do you do progressive overload? Do you eat enough, especially protein? Protein from meat/dairy/eggs?

No. 343100

7 is ok. Now that you're up to longer workouts 8 hours of sleep could help though. You're making progress towards longer workouts so I would count that as a "result" if I was you. I'm not sure what results you're looking for so sleep was the only thing I could suggest lol

No. 343111

My nutritionist told me that I need 150 minutes of exercise daily, how do I reach that time? It’s like 2 hours. I used to go to the gym but things are complicated with my family nowadays and I have to workout at home now. I have some light dumbbells, a yoga mat and some space.
I also have this very obnoxious headache that won’t stop bothering me, I’ve been feeling like this for a few weeks already, do you all have any idea of how to workout even if my head hurts?

No. 343116

150 minutes every day? If they mean intense exercise that's really weird. What are you training for? I would just go on a walk with a bottle of water if any activity is ok.

No. 343140

It’s just to fix my shitty hormones and of course lose weight in the process, she does want me to accelerate my heart rate, she told me that I shouldn’t be able to talk while working out.

No. 343142

Over two hours of intense exercise every day will tank your hormones though? Sure she didnt mean 150 of movement in general? Like walking in addition to working out?

No. 343146

Surely she meant 2h of being active a day? Or maybe you misheard. I googled and saw that it is usually recommended for adults do to '150 minutes a week of moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity clearly is enough', which seems way more realistic.

No. 343159

File: 1691115788041.jpg (168.28 KB, 1600x1600, s-l1600.jpg)

OP here, thanks nonas for the reality check. I've been limiting my treats and instead replacing them with fruits or veggies, and going on daily walks or jogs to get 10,000 steps each day. I got back on a calorie tracking app and set a reasonable deficit for myself, and I feel much better for it! I hope it sticks this time.

No. 343190

Great job! Just remember, even if you have a bad day or slip up to make sure you get yourself back on track. You're making a sustainable lifestyle change and we can't be perfect all the time.

No. 343191

I really think you should double check with your doctor, there’s gotta be a typo or a mistake here somewhere because there’s absolutely no way she wants you to do 150 minutes of intense exercise every single day.

No. 343227

Hey nonas, I'm in desperate need for some advice!
For starters, I am 5'6, 115 lbs, and currently recovering from bulimia. I'm still terrified of gaining weight, though I would be okay with it if it's muscle mass.
My ED has made me very weak and I have absolutely no strength, especially in my arms and legs. My goal is strengthen my entire body, so I can feel healthy, which would definitely aid my recovery and overall wellbeing!
I'm also looking to tone my arms, core, and slim my legs - especially because I have serious cankles.
Working out has always been triggering for me, but I'm eager to try again. I just have no idea where and how to start. Do I need any equipment? How do I build a workout regimen that suits my needs?
Side notes: I can't afford a gym membership; I can't do jumping exercises because of my downstairs neighbour; I have a yoga mat and some resistance bands.
Sorry for the convoluted text! I'm looking forward to some advice!

No. 343338

Nonna, it takes a lot of strength to overcome bulimia! Congrats on taking steps to recover your physical and mental health. I too am a recovered bulimic. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but I’m so grateful I did. Some lifestyle tips that really helped me spiritually and physically were incorporating morning and bedtime yoga into my routine, and then gradually introducing some vinyasa yoga flows to build lean muscle mass. You can go from there and do as little or as much as you’d like, you really can’t go wrong with yoga. I’d you’d like, taking walks is also great for your mental health. Do some yoga and then go for a walk! You don’t want to overdo it, and you want to do exercise that helps you mentally ground and be in touch with your body. As for diet, increasing lean protein is going to help you build muscle and feel fuller, which should help curb physical hunger induced binges. Staying on top of hunger helped those kinds of binges for me- and doing yoga regularly helps with my emotional ones too. I still struggle with urges to emotionally eat but I’m telling you regular yoga and journaling goes so far. I hope that’s helpful! Yoga with Adrienne is a great place to start. If you’d really like to build more muscle after establishing overall strength and flexibility you could buy some light weights and a kettlebell and make a Pinterest account for home workouts

No. 343356

When you started doing a new diet with smaller portions and fewer meals a day, when did you stop feeling sleepy, dizzy, tired, hungry and annoyed at everything?

No. 343360

4-6 days.

No. 343363

Well, this is my 5th day so I hope it happens after tomorrow because I feel like crying for the most retarded shit ever and I want to die.

No. 343367

be honest, is it a healthy diet? maybe you need more calories or more volume, you shouldn't be this distraught. try having a hot soup with a lot of vegetables and at least 20 grams of protein in it.

No. 343381

It’s a healthy diet with a nutritionist, I used to have a regular to almost healthy diet with shitty moments of binge eating in between, so I guess I just have to get used to eating smaller portions and less.

No. 343387

are you allowed to eat miso soup if it stays within your nutrition guidelines or is that like cheating or binging? if I'm feeling bad on a diet a bowl of that with some spinach leaves can really perk me up. maybe it's the sodium or having something hot in me, idk. might be worth asking your nutritionist if you still aren't adjusting in a couple days.

No. 343396

It’s 150 per week as the recommendation

No. 343796

I'm struggling to do any exercise or even stretching while on my period because I'm afraid I'll leak, but I feel really bad if I don't move at all. Is there anything I can do without the risk?

No. 343800

I recently purchased the renpho health smart scale on amazon and it's really helped to keep me on track. It analyzes your body composition so when you're losing weight you can see what is truly water weight versus fat. It's super neat! When I see that I'm losing fat, even if I don't look that different in the mirror, it helps me stick to my goals and routines more. I also found out I have a ton of muscle for my size which is super encouraging, I didn't think I did but I guess I just can't see any definition because of my bodyfat. I highly recommend tracking your body composition in a concrete way to anyone struggling with motivation

No. 343872

File: 1691553126948.png (67.89 KB, 275x113, eee.png)

hi nonnies, I'm on a diet (mostly because of a health condition–I'm now 23 bmi which is the skinniest I have been since I was a little kid) and I wanted to ask, is it normal to have a bad mood when starting off on diets and eating healthier? I was thinking maybe it was just sugar withdrawals but I've been having some berries daily so I doubt it.

No. 343881

The little bit of fructose you’re getting in those berries will be nothing compared to the refined sugars you were likely consuming before. It sounds like sugar withdrawals. Good luck nonna! Fight the cravings by focusing on how much progress you’ve made.

No. 343891

have you tried seated workouts?

No. 343982

File: 1691652907267.jpg (38.98 KB, 400x466, yay.jpg)

As of today I am no longer overweight! god bless

No. 344007

what did you do nona? as of this week I officially became overweight by a pound and it's not water weight. kinda disappointed in myself not gonna lie!

No. 344008

that's awesome, well done!

No. 344009

File: 1691674697929.jpg (214.73 KB, 2048x1963, 1691249929859788.jpg)

Really dumb question, let's say I'm eating 1200 calories a day to lose weight, but I go to the gym and burn 600, would I have to make that up by eating the deficit as well?

No. 344014

From what I know, burning more calories than you eat can make you lose weight. So you don't need to eat that 600 calories back.

No. 344015

Calorie calculators always include your resting burn so you have to subtract that (like if you workout for two hours subtract two hours of BMR) then theoretically you could eat it yeah and still lose the weight you expected.

No. 344033

How to deal with premenstrual appetite changes while dieting? My appetite gets insanely high around 5 days before my period starts and it's so annoying. Would upping the daily calorie limit by 200 work or should I add more?

No. 344036

How about willpower? Oh well. Drink more water or tea when you're hungry. Make sure you don't have burgers lying around and therefore can't binge on them. Eat the stuff that's filling but low in calories. The usual.

No. 344038

>How about willpower?
>Drink more water or tea when you're hungry.
Go back to the ED thread, it's widely known that if you deprive yourself for a while you'll obviously give in later and you'll eat much more than if you just ate something small when you first wanted to. Binge-restrict cycle 101.
>Make sure you don't have burgers lying around and therefore can't binge on them.
I have no binging problem, I'm just asking if upping calories for a while before your period starts is even a good thing to do or are there other ways (that don't involve anashit).

No. 344061

>if you deprive yourself for a while you'll obviously give in later
I'm not saying deprivation. I'm saying you could keep eating as usual but drink more water on top of it.
>I'm just asking if upping calories for a while before your period starts is even a good thing to do
It's a neutral thing. Theoretically, progesterone (that's what makes you ravenous) ramps up your metabolism, so you can eat a bit more. Doesn't really make a difference.

No. 344065

Oh ok then, I just assumed you meant drinking water or tea instead of actually eating when you're hungry. Thank you nona

No. 344095

I’ve never dieted before, so I know this will sound like a basic question, but I’d like to know what advice nonnies would give me. I’m
>~5’4 (162cm)
>weigh 124lbs (56kg)
and I’d like to get down to the 110s just to lose the pudgy-ness (I have short limbs and collect disproportionate weight on my upper arms & thighs). With just becoming more conscious of not overeating, I dropped to 124 from a high of 140, but my loss has plateaued and won’t budge below 120. The issue is, I’m already slightly (but tolerably) hungry with my portions as they are now while drinking a lot of water too, so I know cutting my intake further would make me pretty noticeably hungry during the day and that’s not a feeling I’d be able to live with long-term.

I know that since an adult I have never naturally fluctuated below ~125 means that being 125-130 is probably my natural comfortable weight, but it just looks a little pudgy on my small frame. Is it a losing battle to try to fight nature? Are there special foods or eating patterns I could follow that would prevent me from feeling too hungry while still cutting calories? I’m looking for any tips or advice you have.

No. 344100

Start doing weight training and build muscle if you want to look less skinny fat.

No. 344101

You're basically talking about having or not having an extra snack on those days. If you really can't just push through and ignore the cravings get more protein in your diet so that you're satiated longer. Having a little self control and accountability isn't ana and forgoing a snack won't trigger a binge-restrict cycle if you have a normal relationship with food though.

No. 344102

>You're basically talking about having or not having an extra snack on those days.
No, an extra meal or more. I'm perfectly fine with self control on the other days, it's just I get insanely ravenous before it actually starts.
>forgoing a snack won't trigger a binge-restrict cycle if you have a normal relationship with food though
That's where it gets difficult because I've been stuck in a binge-restrict cycle before, I'm mostly recovered now but I don't want to trigger it again.

No. 344106

200 calories isn't a meal. It's a snack. It's yogurt with some fruit/nuts. Or a protein smoothie. A few cookies. A really big banana.

No. 344107

that's the infamous "skinnyfat" phase, for lack of a better term. there's 8 hundred bajillion websites and videos about "body recomp" which is basically what you need to do, but the very short version is eat at maintenance or at your current manageable deficit and start doing some exercise. You will slowly gain muscle and burn your fat without drastic measures. Takes a while but very worth it. If you're already exercising you need to add more exercises that build muscle and start tracking your bodyfat percentage. here's a video that kinda goes over it (warning they do try to sell their coaching at the very end of every video)

Weighlifting is the obvious choice, but there's other stuff if you can't get into weightlifting. Bodyweight exercises like calisthenics, yoga, pilates, etc. Walking a lot if you have the time helps a lot as well. Usually people DON'T recommend intense cardio unless you're gonna get into marathon runs (which are fun and doable!) since that's going to build cardiovascular endurance but not so much muscle unless you get super serious. I don't know how true that is but I've heard it enough times I just believe it now. (A little cardio is nice though, imo.) I'm not a fitness instructor though.

No. 344109

also CONGRATS on your weightloss! that's really awesome. I bet you look good don't be too hard on yourself.

No. 344110

Problem is, I don't think 200 would be enough, maybe 500? Adding around that number seems more fitting for my appetite but I think it'll hinder my progress tremendously.

No. 344111

Just start lifting weights, and swap some carbs for protein, no need to go on a cutting diet or overthink it.

No. 344130

If you're already ravenous, why not throw a bit of extra exercise in on those days? It'll up your deficit, so the extra calories won't be such a huge issue, and your appetite's already increased.

No. 344203

I've been sticking for a relatively low calorie deficit and have been jogging a few times a week, I've managed to lose like 2 kilos and my endurance for running has improved. I still can't managed to drag myself to a gym and have been doing some coping at-home workouts for arms and squatting whatever I can improvise at home kek. I wish I had someone to show me around inside a gym so I wouldn't be so terrified of looking like a retard.

No. 344204

>I wish I had someone to show me around inside a gym so I wouldn't be so terrified of looking like a retard.
Me too. If gyms had like open house nights or free group tours where you get to see how everything works and how it's laid out I feel like they could sign up more members (me).

No. 344206

My local ymca and a ymca I previously worked for does this! You can do it before you sign up or at any point after. I’m sure it varies by location but I always thought it was a super useful feature and people did take advantage of it. I think you got a tour and 1 free session with a trainer to show you how to use equipment. They also have trainers on staff you can ask any questions at any point. I love ymcas

No. 344218

THAT WAS ME mwah I’m glad you’re getting toned as well. I’ve been supplementing the Kerch workout with stomach vacuums to get a flat stomach without growing my obliques and it’s helped a ton. Intense body weight workouts gave me way more results than I ever expected.
Do any anons have recs for lower back workouts that don’t train obliques? My main problem area are my love handles. I have muffin top even when naked and my butt looks like it has a dent in it. It’s not my hip dips because it’s right on my butt, no the sides. Training my upper glutes helps to round it out but I have a hard time keep volume in that area for whatever reason.

No. 344219

thank you, guess i'll be dropping that sedentary lifestyle at least on these days, i was a cardio freak 2 years ago. it'll also help me in exploring the new city i moved to

No. 344223

Try bent over rows and seated good mornings, the good mornings will target your glutes as well and you get a better range of motion than doing it standing up. If you have the equipment for it, back extensions are good and will also work your glutes. How come you're avoiding obliques, out of curiosity?

No. 344246

File: 1691808492339.jpg (134.19 KB, 915x456, Untitled.jpg)

i have never felt more seen in my life. this exact thing happens to me. happens with almost anything i eat bc i have IBS. it drives me absolutely insane to be in a healthy BMI with a toned stomach and then get bloated like this during the day. idk how to fix it aside from eating nothing but rice and water for the rest of my life which isn't going to happen.

No. 344250

There’s a lot of tutorials online to help with this! You can also just google the name of the machine (usually on the side somewhere) with “how to use” and lots of videos pop up. Gyms are awesome. One thing I enjoy is seeing so many people of different fitness levels, it helps to be reminded of what real people look like and how no one is perfect. Even the very fit women with amazing bodies have some cellulite on their legs or a bit of a pudge on their stomach. It’s good to remember that nobody looks like a posed/edited ig pic all the time.

No. 344328

Same, I hate it and having to accomodate for it when buying clothes. When I was younger my classmates used to ask me if I was pregnant all the time.

No. 344399

File: 1691945801189.jpg (124.81 KB, 605x907, soniamalavisi.jpg)

Is working out with dumbbells at home enough to get nice, defined arms or do I have to lift? My arms are the only thing I want to work on visually and I cardio isn't enough.

No. 344404

I have the same problem and the only things that have helped a little are drinking mint tea and taking probiotic and magnesium. (There are multiple types for magnesium but all but citrate have helped me) I generally don’t trust supplements but i have had GI issues since I was 4 and I see a noticeable difference when taking them vs not

No. 344408

I can't answer your question (I thought pushups and lowering your body fat were enough for arm definition) but thank you for posting that picture, I don't follow sports so I'd never heard of her she looks amazing, she's inspiring.

No. 344471

This depends on your overall genetics (muscle insertion and hypertrophic potential). I would argue that most peoples' issue is not the use of free weights but not knowing which exercise to use for the results they desire. For instance, are you looking for pronounced delts, beefy biceps or overall aesthetic balance. Also are you going for strength or size and how will you shift your diet and recovery plan to work with the routine you design. Don't forget that some people and exercises require less weight and others more. Short answer is yes it is possible. Extended answer is only if you do it right. You can even do it with bodyweight calisthenics. Figure out what you specifically want and design a program. Video shared is just an example. You can also look at channels like renaissance periodization for references. In general look for someone who understands the science of anatomy, muscles and the mechanics of the exercise. Nothing matters more than your health and doing things safely. Shoulder impingement is no joke.

No. 344472

same nonna but I forgot. You will want to work on other area just to keep your figure balanced as well as your muscles. If you focus more on an area that is fine but your body is like a giant link chain. A weakness is one area may cause pain and imbalances that could have an impact or your quality of life. By only training arms and leaving out other areas you may develop lower back and neck pain.

No. 344487

File: 1691985881543.jpg (211.07 KB, 1200x1337, GettyImages_1265696332.jpg)

I honestly have tanked my body. I used to be rather slim until a few years ago then I ballooned up. My waist used to be a 26in now its 36in and I am all over a mess.

My goal is to drop back down to my original weight, 125, and hopefully get back to my old level of fitness too. I used to run daily.
I'm just not happy like this and the only clothes I wear are baggy so they can hide me. I miss being able to wear low rise jeans like pic rec. I love that theyre coming back in style!

No. 344510

I've been stuck at 10lbs away from my goal weight for months. it's like I hit some sort of weight loss plateau that I cannot bypass. still eating at a calorie deficit, doesn't seem to be working. am a vegetarian with a relatively healthy diet, idk if that helps with losing weight or not.
I really need to lose these last 10lbs because there is still some visible extra weight on my stomach area plus sides - then I'll focus on gaining muscle mass once I feel skinny enough. would distance running while eating at a deficit help with these last few stubborn pounds? I don't have access to weights, all I can use is a treadmill and elliptical or doing calisthenics (I'm afraid of incorrect form and hurting myself kek so I barely work out). what do you nonas recommend?

No. 344533

How tall are you nona?

No. 344537

There are a lot of ways to approach this but you should maybe eat at maintenance while you figure it out (I don't want to make you backslide but it's possible you're due for a reset). Are you tracking your body fat % / measurements? That might help since the scale doesn't tell the whole story when you hit a plateau, for all we know you're progressing in terms of body composition but not weight.
I think you probably just have to figure out what your bottleneck is and work on that. Sleep, hydration, protein, calories, activity, (progress is always from a combination but one alone could hold you back)

No. 344550

File: 1692025668114.jpeg (33.95 KB, 640x480, images (1).jpeg)

I've been training with a glute program for about 6 months and have seen only a 1-inch increase in my glute area.
Started smoking weed and with the munchies I gained 8lbs, and my butt grew 2 inches in 1-2 months. Weightlifting feels like an ungrateful activit… I wish it were more rewarding.

No. 344554

This is the problem with energy expenditure: the body is a wonderful machine that is programmed to be efficient, and being efficient means preserving energy for difficult times
Unfortunately to achieve a great looking body you gotta do the hard cardio and be on point with your diet, walking 10k steps a day isn't going to cut it

No. 344567

I can't say I've actively gone back to working out to get myself back in shape but I'm trying to reduce my portions (since I've gotten into the habit of eating 1,5-2 portions out of boredom/using food as a comfort). I walk at least 15-20 minutes to and from the tramway stop either to work or to my house. I used to do daily morning yoga to wake up and/or evening yoga after a day of work being on my feet for long.
I just got out of the loop because we're understaffed at work and because of the upstairs neighbor would disturb my nights when I needed sleep.

I'm taking baby steps and do some stretching still every time I feel tightness in my hamstrings and my ankles. I wanna go back to doing some bodyweight and some dumbbell/kettlebell workouts by September. Consistency is a real hardship for me.

No. 344583

Not really. You can't outrun a bad diet but you don't have to do extreme cardio 7 days a week to lose weight. Nonna is just consuming more calories than she thinks she is. Tracking calories, a slight deficit and 10k steps a day is more than enough to lose weight.

No. 344601

This might be a very dumb question, but I started lifting 2 months ago and have gained 4lbs since then. Is that normal? Should I worry about that? My next physical evaluation is in like a month but this is getting me a bit stressed out.

No. 344602

You're supposed to gain muscle mass from lifting, yes. I've got no way of knowing if your 4 lbs are muscle, thoughever.

No. 344612

My diet is god awful, I know it’s 100% the cause (hampered even more by a thyroid and pcos issue) of my weight and inability to shift lbs. I’ve googled diets, nutrition, etc. but I’ve always found other peoples experiences more relatable and motivational, so I was wondering what other anons diets look like? I’m so shit at portion control and my version of a normal meal has been so distorted I have no idea what it should look like any more.
What do you eat in a day? If you were a high calorie eater, what helped you reduce down to more realistic and healthy levels? Any sugar fiends got recommendations for quitting? Any tasty low calories meals you’d recommend?

No. 344627

File: 1692055100736.gif (167.32 KB, 650x632, d78d5dbd26647e27e261c6d433977d…)

I have thyroid issues too and I lost 50lbs by being honest about my diet/eating habits. I started to track and log every single bite of food and how I felt when eating. Was I bored, sad, happy etc. That helped me to identify my emotional eating patterns and somewhat reign it in. Then I just started to make my portions smaller and made sure my plate was always mostly vegetables and protein. Started fasting. Tea with a bit of honey for breakfast. Anything for lunch, as long as it was around 700 calories. No snacks, no liquid calories aside from milk in coffee. If I got hungry between meals I'd eat a piece of ham or cheese or a couple of nuts. Maybe a berry smoothie with a bit of yoghurt. For dinner, I just tried to keep it around 300 calories. Usually it was some combination of steamed veg, protein (boiled eggs, chicken, tuna) and yoghurt or cottage cheese. I ate a lot of broccoli, brussels sprouts, corn, cauliflower. Sometimes I'd pan fry peppers and zucchini together in a tiny bit of oil. It was kinda low carb because I avoided bread and fruit and tried to not have pasta or rice for dinner. I started walking for 30 mins a day and doing light yoga 3 days a week. I lost most weight doing that, probably 30lbs. Then I switched to volume eating because I missed fruit too much. Started cooking lots of light vegetable stews, soups etc. Lost another 20lbs. Oh and my sugar cravings disappeared completely when I started eating fruit instead of sugary treats.

But really, it doesn't have to complicated. Reduce portion size, less carbs, more protein and veg. Cut out snacks and soda, move a little more. Be more mindful of what you eat and how you feel.

No. 344633

File: 1692056223459.png (193.26 KB, 463x523, eaturprotein.png)

I've been weight training and eating a protein heavy diet for 2-3 months now after being a lazy pos my entire life and my body looks insane. I started off as skinny fat but now i have those nice lines on my stomach. My quads have grown and my booty looks more pronounced and i can finally lift heavy stuff without asking my neighbor for help. I am amazed by my progress and can't believe all i had to do was move some stupid weights around and drink protein shakes. I can safely eat fast food twice a week without hating myself. The gym Stacy's were right nonnas… Also, as a tip to anyone who struggles with cravings: eat a protein dense diet. I am literally always full and usually have to force myself to eat to meet my calorie goal. I eat 80-120 grams of protein a day and I'm 5'3 and vegan, so no excuses!

No. 344822


I'm 5'3. So far off the seep end …

No. 344825

me too, fellow shortie. not the anon you replied to but just wanted to say the same thing happened to me, I gained a lot in a couple years. wound up deciding to quit my job because of the negative impact it had on my sleep and stress. had more free headspace to eat better and get out more, weight came off over the next year or two without doing anything drastic on my end. in hindsight I probably didn't need to quit my job I just needed to say no more often (not my strong suit so I don't regret quitting). I did really basic "eat more whole foods and move around more" type stuff, got back into going on walks for fun. you can do it!

No. 344840

don't overthink things. Eat whole foods, avoid overly processed crap. Eat protein with every meal. Let yourself have fat. Both those things increase satiety. Keep the sweets for right before bed. You can look forward to having them and by the time you wake up the insulin spike will have worked it's way out of your system. This should reduce cravings. Over time you can slowly reduce the desire or amount of sweets and have them as a treat. I like to add drived fruit and nuts to oatmeal with some cinnamon and honey, maybe a pinch of stevia. Sometimes cocoa powder with cherries or bananas is good. If you like meat look into seasoning steak and butter searing it. If you eat high protein with nutrient dense low cal veg and get your hydration in it may help you feel satisfied without being frustrated or hungry.

No. 344841

I think I'm going back to the gym. I went 5 days a week for a month straight then took 2 weeks off. It was honestly just something to do and being able to pull down 70lb when I started at 25 felt amazing.

No. 344881

isn't eating at a deficit the most important aspect and the others just help speed up the process? I lost over 20lbs by not changing anything except calories in. I haven't really been working out nor worrying about protein intake, but I didn't realize those might be what is stalling my progress.

No. 344885

I think the general consensus is that what works for the first 20 pounds doesn't always work for the last 10. Even when it does, the last ten pounds always seem to take longer to lose. As you get down to a lower body fat percentage things like activity and sleep start mattering more, your body is reluctant to give up the last of your reserves without a reason and it will even do things like eat up your lean muscle if you're not using it because muscle costs more calories to maintain than fat (that might be pop science but that's how I understood it). But I don't want to give you any wrong advice since I don't know the details of your situation.

No. 344971

Well done Protina! I have a nut allergy, what protein sources do you recommend?

No. 344972

Any recs for good quality exercise mats for working out at home? I do mostly strength training and occasionally yoga. The Amazon Basics one comes up in my search a lot but I was hoping to buy from a reliable brand instead. Bonus if it comes in cute colors.

No. 344987

File: 1692221466447.jpeg (9.04 KB, 225x225, helloswole.jpeg)

what protein shakes are you eating? do you get most of it from that?

No. 345001

whats the best cardio workout after leg day? stair climbers, rowing or stationary bike? or something else?

No. 345002

Awesome job anon, your progress is amazing! I'm also curious about what you mainly eat for protein, being vegan; I'm an omnivore myself and I still struggle sometimes think creatively with my protein sources.
Walking on a treadmill at an incline, it's all you'll ever need.

No. 345003

>another vegan
>shorter than me
i have literally zero excuses
is your only source of protein the shakes? which specific plant protein would you recommend?

No. 345010

>Walking on a treadmill at an incline, it's all you'll ever need.
How long should I do?

No. 345015

NTA but 15-30 minutes is the usual! I just like to do 15.

No. 345054

that's certainly annoying, I think I'll try sticking to a good consistent exercise routine and see if I can lose anything quicker. either that or bad sleeping habits must be interfering, thanks nona I can at least try to narrow down what is slowing my progress now

No. 345076

File: 1692271266414.jpg (83.33 KB, 736x1285, dd530d77676de5988ff4e6c7ce883d…)


I want to add to these nonitas to say that walking on a treadmill on incline has worked wonders for me over the last year or so. Half an hour if you want a big sweat, but even fifteen to twenty minutes is great. I know people meme on the 12-3-30 but paired with good protein intake, sleep, hydration, balanced diet and some weight training, it really does work wonders.

(I was around 170lbs and I'm down to 125lbs with much more stamina, just working on my abs now and building some more muscle now the extra fat is gone!) (and I'm 5'1 if that helps)

No. 345082

Do you do it daily? I never knew incline walking would be so beneficial but considering how many people I see doing it at the gym I should’ve realized

No. 345090


I go to gym 3-4 times a week and do incline walking half an hour on each session, and try to get my 10k steps in on my work days.

No. 345118

I feel like I have the stupidest fucking ape brain when it comes to body image. When I'm not working out I'll look in the mirror naked and think I'm the pudgiest most unfit fucker ever, and then I do like some cardio and fix my diet and after like two weeks, lose a kilogram maybe, I look in the mirror and think I'm like some prime specimen with beautiful muscles and perfect shapes and even my abdominal rolls look decent. I don't know what this delusional retardation is called.
Also has anyone here ever had a personal trainer help them? Did you feel it was worth the price? I'd mainly want one to learn proper form for weight-training, but half the people I found near me promote functional training or organize flavor-of-the-month-gadget group trainings (kangashoes and all kinds of bullshit)
Also would you rather have a male or female trainer?

No. 345121

you experienced self-confidence for a moment lmao

No. 345130

Are there weight loss pills you can take that actually work? Not instead of exercising and diet, it's just that my diet turned to shit for a while this year and sort of plateaued at 10kg (22 pounds) more than I usually weigh. Despite sorting it out and being back at my usual healthier diet I'm stuck at this new weight and I'd like an extra push to make me lose it

No. 345132

I'm afraid it would make my already naturally thick calves even thicker, is that something you've noticed?

No. 345134

It always better to have a female trainer because she will understand the limits and needs of the female body better than a moid that will surely want you to carry more weight than you actually need to carry and such.

No. 345181


No. 345184

Ntayrt but no, it's an endurance exercise and it targets the muscle in a different way.
Lol I experience this too. On my rest days I feel like a flabby piece of shit and on my active days I feel like a god.

No. 345223

I found this one easy to follow, what do you nonnas think?

No. 345271

File: 1692369934459.jpeg (42.45 KB, 750x841, April Meets Tynnyfer .jpeg)

I didn't do the workout but this woman makes me feel like picrel

No. 345284

I also have naturally thick calves and no amount of jogging-running or powerwalking ever made them bigger. Honestly based on everything I've read and watched, minus of training with non-bullshit lightweight resistance or very explosive sports (like sprinting) will really make you grow significant muscle. Otherwise poor bodybuilders could just like juggle some apples for hours to get nice arms.

No. 345289

I've been doing something very similiar with my own "choreography" so to say with slightly more weight for a while now because that's all I had at home. I honestly don't get the commenters that claim to have insane result from it, it's good for building up a sweat but not much more honestly.

No. 345360

Anyone have recommendations for protein powders? I feel like I don't really know what to look for and the stuff I see people talking about is just shilled by some influencer and therefore more budget probably went to advertising than quality of their ingredients.

No. 345491

I've gained 15 kg in the last three years over Corona, my studies and a hard breakup so I'm going to try to lose 9 kg in the next three months (and maybe the extra 6 kg but that was a lot of hard work at the time and the lowest weight I had ever been at, so maybe it's not that necessary). With the extra weight I have a BMI of about 27 so that's a bit too high for my taste. I've already started jogging 1-2 times a week for thirty minutes (can't do more atm) + some yoga when I feel like it. I also started counting calories again and switching to a more healthy diet again. I'm vegan so I find it kinda hard to get all my protein so I'm gonna pump up the amount of tofu and beans I'm eating. I hope this is enough, I'll also tell my bf that I want to lose the extra weight. I'll try to check in once a week in the beginning, not necessarily weighing myself but seeing if I'm able to keep a definite and be a bit more sporty). I'm a bit sock right now so I can't do a lot of sports but I'll still restrict calories. I'm hoping for the best and see you next Saturday!

No. 345522

File: 1692481408388.jpg (1.04 MB, 2221x1341, 20230809_095628.jpg)

Ozempic, Mounjaro, etc there are a lot of new pills trending right now, but if I were you I wouldn't go down this path. You're probably young and can lose weight in healthier ways.

No. 345556

Maybe for stupid questions but how do I calorie count with homemade food? I’m stupid

No. 345571

From what I've seen people weight the ingredients and multiply them by their cal/100g values on the packages or from some other source when preparing the meal from scratch.
For me it's kinda fucky because most of the homemade meals are not made by me (I live with my father who loves cooking). If he didn't mix the different meals portioning them out, I can still weight out stuff and make estimations for the caloric value and add in the oil and other stuff. If he does serve the food for me (even though I ask him not to), I have to estimate a lot about, so I try to intentionally overestimate the caloric value based on past numbers. I'm still losing weight, so it checks out more or less.

No. 345605

You weight the individual ingredients and use the calorific information on the packaging to calculate the total calories. If it's something raw you can look up the calories per 100 grams (or whatever measurement you use) online. If you don't eat it all at once, you'll need to weigh the portions to calculate how much of the grand total you ate.

No. 345618

Is it even possible to start counting calories without triggering an ED?

No. 345619

I take metformin and it makes me shit. I take it for my 'beetus though. Ozempic I heard works well but I think people should only take it for a short amount of time, it doesn't seem safe to me. Healthier ways to lose weight will be worth it in the end

No. 345625

I first tried calorie counting as a dumb insecure high schooler with MyFitnessPal and it never lead me to an ED or any ED behaviors, but maybe I'm the minority here. I'd say it depends on the individual person. I'm not the kind of person who obsesses over numbers, i.e. I don't care what the exact number on the scale is as long as my body looks good, and I wasn't concerned with every last calorie or trying to make my daily goal the lowest possible. But if you're the type who would be obsessing over how many calories are in a piece of gum, maybe stay away.

No. 345631

I just weigh the food i put on my plate and track something sort of similar on mfp. It's not very precise, but it doesn't have to be. I usually cook for more than one person, so weighing out the ingredients and prtions would be very tedious.

No. 345633

There's some evidence that diet tracking doesn't affect people who aren't at risk of ED: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/34427188/
Here's an article on the study: https://www.strongerbyscience.com/diet-tracking/

No. 345755

Any advice on how much weight you should lose in a month? I need to lose around 15 kg to be at a healthy weight and 30 kg to be at a weight I feel good with. I'm trying to take it slow, to give my body and brain time to adjust to the changes. So any advice how to not overdo it, as my mind is telling me I have to start fasting 24/7 to lose 15 kg in like one month, kek.

No. 345756

3 to 4 kg/month

No. 345779

File: 1692633983846.jpg (18.12 KB, 554x554, 20230518_213216.jpg)

The healthiest approach is to lose a maximum of 1% of your weight per week. Losing more than that isn't healthy, unless you're severe obese.

No. 345786

thank you both, that would mean I'm at a more healthy weight by the end of the year if I can lose around 3,5 kg a month, I can live with that.

No. 345799

Not those anons, but why I certainly don't recommend any fad or crash diets, if you set a very low caloric deficit for yourself, really try to add some kind of training into your life. While only eating like 200-300 calories or less is very low stress, long diets still become mentally taxing since you need to really count to make sure you stay within the limit and they're very easy to fuck up when one forced meal by a grandma can offset basically your whole weekly deficit. Working out can really help put a bigger dent and help speed out progress so you don't become mentally taxed over a whole year.

No. 345831

don't worry, I won't do stupid crash diets, I'm too old for that shit and enjoy food too much. Was just unsure what speed would be healthy, so I avoid losing weight too fast. I'm already saving around 1,500 calories a day by not drinking alcohol anymore, the main reason I got so fat. I'm trying to get a balanced and healthy diet without restrictions except for alcohol. Only thing I have to figure out is the work out part, as I don't have a gym near me (only one full of muslim moids) and don't have space in my flat. So I will probably go for fast, long walks and try to find some weight training that I can do in a 2x1 m space without disturbing my neighbours, kek.

No. 345851

>Be me, overweight, flabby, and up 2 dress sizes from what I used to be
>Metabolism is a bit fucked from a medication I was on, used to be able to lose weight fairly easily with healthy lifestyle changes
>Lost a lot of muscle in the last 2 years from being sedentary due to medical issues
>In my early 30s now
>Fasting, eating at a calorie deficit
>MFP has me eating ~1400 cal a day
>Sometimes go slightly over because scared of starvation mode, but it isn't often
>Eat whole grains, veggies, lean protein
>Cut out sugar entirely
>Autistically measuring and weighing everything I eat
>Portions are tiny as fuck
>Weight has not budged despite doing this for over a month
>Body calculator scale shows the same percentages each day, give or take 1%
>Lightly active, do light home cardio, Pilates, or short walks around my neighborhood daily
>Live off a main road, so can't walk further and don't drive
>Want to get back into weight lifting to build muscle and increase metabolic rate
>Weight training makes my chronic illness spike for a few days
>Can't even do a fraction of what I used to do with weights before getting sick
>Still get fucked physically regardless, but gain no muscle anyway

I'm so fucking tired of this. Is there any solution to this? Or is it just over for me? Feel free to slap me for being overdramatic or impatient but I don't understand how I can do the normal -1 lb a week thing when this is what happens.

No. 345873

File: 1692677114932.png (14.12 KB, 679x370, 1590621999470.png)

around 96 kg. goal→ 60 kg.
>Day 1:
>Ate like 1750 calories and exercised at the gym for an hour.
>I hope to reach my goal weight June 2024. >I hate being a fatty.
Any tips on being disciplined? I tend to give up around the 2 week mark.

No. 345876

Have you tried Noom and does it work?

No. 345880

I've been in a kinda similar position to you nona. If I were to give you any advice, it'd be to not entirely cut out the stuff you love (i.e. find lower cal alternatives, try portioning and eating it slowly and indulging in it rather than inhaling a whole bag) and treating a change in eating habits as a lifestyle choice rather than as a strict diet. Also drinking plenty of water ofc it's what got me through a lot of it. Motivation can dip from time to time, but even just walking around for about 30-60 mins a day of moderate intensity can help if you can't manage to get to a gym, it's a great way to keep up your fitness level and burning cals. Best of luck I believe in you

No. 345882

Usually I don't think dieticians or coaches are useful for anyone that knows their limits and general info on health, but since you are taking medication for something chronic, I'd look if I could find someone that can with physical recovery and losing weight safe, because beating up your body sounds dangerous. Preferably someone that already worked with people with your condition.

No. 345884

Counting cals kinda triggers me nonnas. Not in a snowflake way but it's either all or nothing for me, I can accurately calculate the cals for breakfast down to the crumb but with dinner (usually homemade) it's usually always on the fly and I never know what I'll make until I make it, then comes the stress of counting cals and I get paranoid. So I just end up eye-ing it and then after, just having a "fuck it" attitude and end up bingeing post dinner because I considered that day ruined because I couldn't accurately count calories.

No. 345885

have you tried meal prepping for the week?

No. 345891

how can i stop a genuine sugar addiction? I literally get super grumpy and can't concentrate without it and I can't go a single day without sugar anymore

No. 345968

This week I've meal planned breakfast, but not dinner since the fridge was empty and I was too lazy to shop. What type of meals do you plan and freeze nonna?

No. 345992

File: 1692764934635.png (671.25 KB, 1024x1024, 2BWQTFS.png)

why tf dont dentists tell anyone about this miracle substance? and why isnt it more widely available in retail stores?
should really be incorporated in all dental hygiene routines

No. 345996

i hate being 4’11 it makes weight loss without starving yourself literally impossible. i would be maintaining my weight at 1300cals so i basically have to eat under 1000 to lose any amount of weight. i really struggle with either binge eating or not eating at all and trying to stay in the 900s-1000s is purgatory level hell for me

No. 345999

what is it?

No. 346024

helps to rebuild enamel on your teeth. Absolute godsend for me as I used to be binge-purge when I was younger.

No. 346026

File: 1692781482752.png (1.02 MB, 1550x1008, weight tracker.png)

I have a weight loss tracker that has rewards at milestone amounts. Milestones are weight, measurement or fitness challenge based. Rewards are anything from new image discs for my galaxy projector, new vibrator, fancy nail polish or sauna-massage & magnesium float tank.
I also like to look around at places that have new member trial months as mixing it up with bikram yoga & reformer Pilates keeps my brain interested.
I also like coloring in the spots when I complete the task.

No. 346027

Huh really? I was always taught that once enamel is gone, it's gone.

No. 346041

>>345996 If you want to lose weight you don't have to drop that many cals all at once. If you want to lose inches increase activity. Binging isn't great but maybe intermintent fasting would be a good option. A 16:8 would allow meals to be closer together and feel like you are eating more. Increase your whole foods and you will see how far those calories can go. I'm not saying this is your situation but you could eat a small bag of chips or a bowl of piyaz. Close in cals but one is designed to make you hungry and one has ntrients, protein and fiber to keep you feeling satisfied longer.
You can strengthen and remineralize what is there, but we don't currently have the ability to actually rebuild it. Once our natural enamel is worn down, it is gone and our body won't make more for the teeth we have. There are a couple of places offering an enamel coating but it's iffy and obviously not the same. It's always hard to change things we are used to or comfortable with but if you want it, you can do it.

No. 346044

You have to power through it. Of course you'll be in a bad mood at first and feel on motivation, it's an addiction. It'll become the new normal after a while, the body's really adaptable, if you manage to cut out excessive sugar consumption.

No. 346047

Surely you do not burn that little calories? Are you perfectly stationary all day, or did you confuse basal metabolic rate for actual burned calories like many do?

No. 346048

How do I power through it though? And for how long? I try but I always cave in because the grumpy mood I get in is torture and I get nothing done until I've had a suagary snack.

No. 346050

NAYRT but I really like the idea of trying out new places with free trials as I similarly get bored with just going to the gym and lifting weights all the time. ty nona

No. 346052

File: 1692808700172.jpg (64.48 KB, 909x339, sugar.JPG)

This article recommends you slowly reduce your intake instead of cutting it cold turkey: https://www.pinkvilla.com/health/fitness/these-tips-will-help-you-quit-your-sugar-addiction-check-it-ou-492538

No. 346105

it's definitely made a difference for me as once I'd done the 'intro package' even if I didn't sign up I'll still get emails about upcoming specials or wellness challenges which are in my price bracket.

No. 346125

not only that, it can reverse early pre-cavity and prevent cavity from forming. also will remineralize white spots on teeth

No. 346143

I found something to work on my ankles and by extension my hamstrings at home at the grocery store yesterday. It's like an angle block you can use like a gas pedal to do full flexings and extensions of your feet while sitting or standing. I used it a bit yesterday and I forgot to stretch after it so I had soreness in my hamstrings when I woke up.
I went ahead and did a stretching session with a Yoga YouTube channel that I used to watch for daily morning yoga. I feel like it gives me slowly the motivation to get back to morning yoga.
And it'll be at least something to make do for me failing probably at going to the swimming pool twice a week (the opening hours in my town suck ass).
But ideally I'd like to get back into the rhythm of both at the beginning of September. If my 40h/50h a week job doesn't kill my drive again, like last time..

No. 346147

My pants are starting to be very loose around my waist. I've only lost around 2 kgs, but it feels nice it's probably not just water and muscle then. I'm mainly only working out my arms at home just so I don't get complete chicken bone arms.

No. 346159

Only 7.5lbs until 24.9 bmi, 'normal' not 'overweight'. C'mon brain, don't forget to keep at it. Wishing consistency and discipline to all the nonnies out there working to improve their health.

No. 346222

File: 1692915822411.jpg (91.11 KB, 941x941, FB_IMG_1687690188204.jpg)

Sending good vibes of consistency and self-efficacy your way too.

No. 346227

Thank you for the good vibes, I’m moving in the opposite direction from you but I pray I find the peace and happiness to enjoy a nice walk outside or something instead of another 7% beer this hot ass summer (fuck summer!! I need to start drinking la croix or something, fuck me)

No. 346229

Have you tried making your own switchel with ACV?

No. 346237

I’ve lost 30 lbs which feels like a major milestone. It’s taken so much hard work and effort to get here, I’ve been trying since November… but I have 25 more to lose before I hit my goal weight and I’m worried about loose skin. I feel tired just thinking about it lol. I’m sure that with consistency and probably modifying my sleep schedule I’ll be able to do it. Im finally not overweight anymore, but because I’m 5’ 2” and know how I carry weight, my frame really looks it’s best when I’m at the lower end of normal. Im so mad at myself for ever getting so huge.. I was overweight when I got pregnant, I had no idea how big I’d get. I know I’ll never let myself go again because now I know how hard it is to get back the body im comfortable with and healthy in.

No. 346248

How long did it take you?

No. 346260

that's awesome!

No. 346268

Not switchel but I used to make shrubs which is basically the same thing. I should try switchel though that’s a good idea thanks

No. 346333

About 10 months. I do a lot of HIIT and have a very small caloric deficit but I stay consistent

No. 346420

Have any of you tried rope jumping(?)? I feel like it would be nice to do on the weekends when I don’t feel like going to the gym but I still want to do some exercise, but I would like to know just what were your experiences with it and how is it like.

No. 346432

I have finally managed to lose 5lbs! I've had so many false starts and failed attempts. Time to do that many more times to finally be at a healthy weight.

No. 346438

Really proud of you, keep up the good work
I do rope jumping when I failed to meet my daily steps for 3 days in a row, it's really tiring and costing for me kek. I have small breasts and tbf I've always thought about big boobed women while jumping because it's already kind of hurting when I do it (I do it in a really "low jump but really fast" pace)
Otherwise, really nice workout, would defo recommend

No. 346454

My period randomly disappeared a few months ago and I started gaining weight faster than usual. I saw a doctor and did a hormone panel thinking it was PCOS. My prolactin levels are higher than the reference values, with low TSH and high-ish T but both of those still within normal range.
I panicked, thinking I had prolactinoma, but my doctor aunt said my prolactin levels would be much higher than just slightly above average if it was that, and that it's probably just very high and prolonged stress.

I got my period the next day. Fucking hell lmao.
Anyway, question for you nonnies: what small things do you do to reduce stress? It's making me literally sick and I won't be seeing my doctor until 2 weeks from now (NHS), so I want to do what little I can to make life more bearable until then.

No. 346462

Small things I do include:
Writing down a to-do list with mundane tasks so I can check them off for fun
Cleaning but in a retarded way where I shine a glass for an hour until it’s so clean I need a break
Indulging in literally anything but just a little so I also get the boost of self esteem from being in control
Doing something sporadic (go see a movie, go on a drive, any type of go-outside thing, dying hair or cut my own bangs can backfire but has worked lol)
Go to sleep with sunset and wake up with sunrise (this might not sound fun unless you’re literally camping — which I recommend if you can — but it works wonders)

No. 346470

When is the best time to weigh yourself?

No. 346481

Any workout routines that help melt off the lower belly fat? I'm in the normal to fitness range for body composition, but that area is fucking me up mentally to even glance at it. I could swear it stuck out 2-3 inches further than my ribs today.

No. 346487

Seconding this. My mom pooch is being stubborn and I need to form my breasts

No. 346489

I avoid weighing myself tbh, I usually only do so when I notice any dramatical physical changes. I prefer measuring myself, and I try to only do so weekly. The issue of weighing yourself is that unless you have the special scale that measures your fat and muscle tissues, you don’t know what you should be focusing on.
It’s better to go somewhere to weight yourself where there’s the special scale, and to only do so when you notice any particular changes, like your measurements being drastically different to the first time you took them.
Because then you will only see the number on the scale and you won’t actually care about the things you’re doing to be healthy.

No. 346496

During your routine appointment at the dr's office.
You can't spot reduce fat, only lose it overall. If you're at normal range then I'd say leave it alone, I'm not going to offer condescending "love yourself" style advice but fr we all store fat differently. I have a little pad on my belly too that was there even when I was underweight so for me it's just not worth it to fixate on it anymore. As far as firming goes, you can build your pecs with chest work but the actual breast tissue itself will remain the same.

No. 346498

First thing in the morning after going to the bathroom.

No. 346500

File: 1693116206839.jpg (132.78 KB, 500x710, tumblr_n30upuv1Q41r80pqzo1_500…)

I used to measure and weight myself weekly but I found with my hormone cycle I hated looking at the number as it made me anxious.

Instead I do it everyday or night as a exposure therapy kinda-deal. That way my mind get's less sensitive to the number and seeing the small fluctuations throughout the week & monthly hormone cycle.

No. 346519

File: 1693142400358.jpg (280.25 KB, 1000x1000, 1000_F_152647875_mMdjoXtdll55O…)

The last 2-3 days were the hottest days of the summer yet, but what's even worse is that it's sooo fucking humid. I feel bad for skipping out on my run, but I sweat excessively even under normal conditions, and doing it on a humid day leads to me looking as if I was dying and I get sweat in my eyes so I have to stop at every water fountain to wash my face. I have no idea how I'll survive higher and higher record temperatures to come

No. 346525

I just do wall pilates at home when that happens. Honestly, I refuse to run in any weather super hot. Wall pilates and proper diet do show result since you are using your own body weight to train.

No. 346607

File: 1693176967648.gif (1.45 MB, 534x338, its-alll-so-tiresome-tired.gif)

It seems like no one reads the thread or cares to do a Ctrl+F. It has been said COUNTLESS times that spot reduction doesn't exist.

No. 346718

File: 1693264316008.jpg (44.1 KB, 640x480, 804953.jpg)

So I went from 217 pounds to 209 in two months.

No. 346739

god forbid someone ask just to get a second opinion what to do about lower belly fat, like how some ppl ask about what to do to get nice arms
there was an anon who talked about a standing abs routine video working for her so im thinking of doing that and some specific pooch stuff. for now im tracking my calories and going to be more consciously active every day

No. 346766

File: 1693311326059.gif (1.99 MB, 400x400, 1630097901462.gif)

Clinks glass with you as a fellow short lazy nona who just hit the "nice lines on my stomach" milestone. I love it here

No. 346804

How do you nonnies with physically demanding jobs find energy and motivation to work out? I feel like I'm too tired after work to work out and would rather not have sore muscles at work. Is it all just mental and I should just suck it up?

No. 346805

Great going! I'm proud of you!

I started by going once a week on one of my days off. Then after a little bit I started getting a bit more energy and was able to start going during the week. Just slowly build up to it.

No. 346854

They are right spot reduction is BS but standing abs can also be junk. Training in multiple directions, resitance levels and techniques can be helpful. If you have a pooch it might not be fat. Good luck and keep trying. Dont be discouraged by others.

No. 346891

File: 1693413754460.jpg (118 KB, 1068x617, IMG_2712-1068x617.jpg)

I'm sorry, I spilled my crankiness online.
Some thoughts about abs:
It's not really necessary to specifically target abs with exercises to develop the lines if you're into weightlifting, professional bodybuilders don't do it because bulge abs aren't ~aesthetic~.
If you do focused abs exercises it can bulge your abs and increase your waist size (even in men's physique, a narrower waist is considered more aesthetically pleasing).
Finally, for me i have to hit 101 pounds to show my full six packs and burn my pouch belly, and get rid of my belly pouch.. It's a substantial amount, but everyone's fat-burning process is different. For me, the pouch is one of the last things to go, while others might not need to lose as much weight.

No. 346907

Nonas, I need your help.
I've changed the way I eat, don't drink alcohol anymore and stuff like that, but I still need to get some workout into my life. Problem is, the gym closest to me (every other would be at least an 1 hour drive with public transport) is full of aggressive moids with big beards, so I won't go there and I hope you understand why. Now I'm looking into what I can do at home. I don't have much space, I have like 1.50x2.50m, I can't do loud stuff like jumping, but everything else will be okay. Is there anything I can do at home and anything I need to buy to get my workout done? I mostly want to support my skin while losing weight so I won't look horrible when I reached my goal, kek.

No. 346909

Just thinking back on what I used during covid to keep me going - a kettlebell (or several), some dumbbells with interchangeable plates, resistance bands and maybe a small barbell. You can do a lot with that if you're not allowed to jump about, and don't forget body weight stuff too. Obviously nothing really beats the variety in a gym but that should be enough to get you going.

No. 346913

If there's somewhere like a park or a good sidewalk you can take walks there and jump around there and use jumping rope

No. 346982

so, some basic equipment and my own body, I can do that. I would use a gym, but I don't feel save at the one here and therefore it will have to wait until I moved away in a year, but I don't want to sit around, being unhealthy anymore, so every workout I can do at home I will try.

Nothing nice here, I will be going for walks after work in different parts of the city, but where I live I wouldn't feel comfortable.

No. 347043

File: 1693525747358.jpg (748.87 KB, 2810x2810, basil.JPG)

I just binge ate my basil plant. What do. I'm going to the grocery store tomorrow and need quick, tasty, low calorie food to nourish me. Also is the plant done for because I also ate quite a bit of the stems.

No. 347053

I think it will die without leaves kek. Are you a housecat nonna?

No. 347054

the caterpillars on my porch when they ran out of parsley

No. 347063

judging from the chewed up/smashed stems, it'll take a week max before it inevitably dies. just get more basil i guess?

No. 347100

File: 1693576603176.jpg (13.03 KB, 263x191, goya.jpg)

You… Ate it straight…
Did it taste good? If it did, go for salads. Spinach has a good ratio of nutrients but be careful of oxalic acid. You can pick up things like radishes or apples to make a basic spring mix have variety. Crispy noodles, nuts and cheeses change up texture. Things like salt, powder bouillon and salad seasoning can be used for additional flavor with a lower calorie profile. You can also make your own dressing without oils or cook up some marinated meats. Low cal, nutrient dense, quick and flexible. a quater tsp is enough of the salad seasoning for me for a sevenish ounce salad. I fold up the packet and put it in the fridge afterwards.

No. 347102

If the binges hit you this hard maybe you could try a lower deficit? You shouldn't wreck your brain over a diet so hard, you'll end up destroying your neighbor's lawn next.

No. 347109

File: 1693583411838.jpg (52.44 KB, 392x395, colorido 2 (1).jpg)

Strawberries, cantaloupe, papaya, grapes, orange, bananas, pineapple, berries (in general).

No. 347110

I feel bad for laughing but the photo is sending me KEK not sure if you're vegan/vegetarian at all but I like cooked shrimp for a low calorie, high protein meal that will keep you full for a while. Lots of great recipes out there that use them too. Also try to get some leafy greens and cucumbers. Fruits that aren't super high in sugars like apples, strawberries, watermelon, etc. are always a good option too.

No. 347120

Does any nonas have any tips for water retention or a way to monitor weight gain without a scale? It's been a massive problem with me all year, but it hasn't been too much of an issue when I'm in a cut because the weight eventually comes off, but I'm currently bulking so it just gets worse with how much I'm eating. It doesn't go down at all. It's been really hard trying to figure out my weight because ever since I started my bulk I've apparently gained 10kg in 2months, but I know that's not accurate since I've only been eating 500cals surplus. It's been really hard to monitor any potential weight changes in accordance to my diet when it's stuck at 60-62.

I've been using the bodyvisualizer website to predict my weight using a tape measure and filling it in which puts me at around 55-56 which is a thousand times more likely assuming I've been tracking calories correctly, but I'm not sure how accurate it is. Has anyone else tried bodyvisualizer? How accurate is it in predicting your weight, because if it's accurate I'd probably just like to use that number when it comes to measuring my TDEE and protein intake because 5kg+ can change a lot.

Thank you for any help!

No. 347145

This photo really made me laugh, but I honestly feel your pain and have been there.

No. 347173

File: 1693653007993.jpg (277.62 KB, 720x933, Screenshot_20230902_080334_Chr…)

Yalllllll I've been splitting (with a friend) a paid membership to YouTube yoga guru Tana Yoga's website, Tana Studio since May or June 2023 and it is LIFE CHANGING. I started my yoga practice in April of last year and since incorporating Tana's hour long vinyasas and pilates/yoga fusion videos into my life x4 a week my skills, strength and flexibility have all had a major uptick. I've nailed both of my standing splits, I can hit a birds of paradise pose on one side. My back is shredded. Side muscles activated, ankles and feet very strong. Weight hasn't changed at all (wasn't my goal) but my body composition has changed for the better: leaner, compact muscle, nice lines. Anyway my point wasn't to brag but to espouse the virtues : if any of my fellow youtube yoginis were considering taking the plunge and investing in an off-platform subscription, Tana Studio gets my effusive vote.

No. 347185

That was an interesting video, I'll have to check out more of the youtuber's stuff. Thank you for the tips nona!! I'll do her anti-doming stuff to my stretches.
It's ok, thank you for the tips nona! I'll go and lift more weights instead of worrying so much about adding core-only stuff to my routine.

No. 347244

Has anyone lost weight with 5-HTP? I’ve eaten 3 100mg pills so far and my appetite has decreased significantly. There are studies that show it can help with weight loss, I’m just worried about possible side effects and / or gaining it all back after I quit taking them (if I lose any weight at all that is).

No. 347247

File: 1693729266468.jpeg (43.65 KB, 738x415, IMG_1422.jpeg)

Does anyone have any recommendations for martial arts classes for fitness and practical self defence? Right now my options are BJJ, Muay Thai or MMA. I’d also love it as a chance to socialise and would be interested if anyone with experience could say which ones attract the most and least stable moids?
Thanks for the rec! I’ve been doing yoga at home and will definitely look into her pid membership

No. 347258

Short answer is because I hate what I've become and if I don't get on top of it now it will be even harder in the future after pregnancy.

No. 347328

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck I think I’m yet again self-sabotaging myself and I don’t know what to do. I started doing these circuits at this gym and doing that made my appetite override the fucking liraglutide so now I will have to either add a snack after working out or start using a higher dose of liraglutide (I’m using the lowest dose).
But I just feel so hungry again, I hate this feeling, I hate it, I hate it, I hate it so much.
This shit always happens to me and I don’t know what to do, I start a diet, have fun, try new stuff that I end up surprisingly liking but that are healthy, do exercise, lose weight dramatically, then I start getting hungry and gain weight again.
Just make it stop! I’m sick of this shit! I just want to lose weight already!

No. 347338

You haven't given us a good picture. Obviously talk to your doctor but have you looked into things like berberine or products like Alkemi to help with the issue? Maybe increase your water intake and protien to it before your workout. You increased your activity and it's normal to want food or feel more hungry after; it doesn't mean you need food. It's sometimes habit for our body or ritual from past behavior. You can work through it. give your mind something to focus on outside of food. Schedule your meals if you need to and food prep to make sure you meet nutritional needs. You got this!

No. 347350

Martial artist here that had to retire here.

Fitness? Yes. Practical self defense? Not really. Most of the time your teacher/sensei will tell you to give up your stuff since burglars aren't alone and usually have illegal weapon (at least here where I live is). Besides, most of martial arts were made to make yourself stronger to keep working, no as self defense (unless is Krav Maga and even then, you better give your smartphone).

And the ones that bring scrotes to the yard are sadly MMA or BJJ unless their trainer is not as shady as them. I have a friend in Muai Thai and it seems her group is amazing, you should try there first.

No. 347390

what are anon's experience with pilates? I'm planning on getting a package deal at a studio that includes a 1 on 1 session with a trainer so I'm curious on what to expect and how you girls like it.

also what are your go to workout clothes? any brands you recommend? I got some aritzia tna and lululemon on sale and the quality and feel of them is amazing, so much better than the cheap clothes I've been wearing, and even nicer than my adidas pieces. is there anything comparable that's less expensive but still cute? I'll need a good variety since between pilates and the gym I'd be working out 5 days a week, (plus if I go cycling on weekends) and I only do laundry once a week.

No. 347401

idk about cute but if youre going to the gym 5 days a week, I'd go to like TJMaxx and load up on guy's gym shorts. They fit me just fine and I got like 3 pairs for $40

No. 347464

Lost over 100lbs the past couple of years by exercising with my dog. Didn't feel like getting out? Tough, my dog deserves it. After struggling with EDs most of my life, this is the 1st time I had healthy weight loss and I owed it all to my dog.
Well, last week I got into a car wreck that killed my dog. We went for a long walk through the woods and were headed home. Wracked with guilt I've been b/p every day since. I've gained 10lbs.

No. 347479

dear god anon i'm so sorry for your loss and i hope you're okay physically. you need to find someone to talk about this with.

No. 347485

Outdoor Voices is having a sale right now so I recommend them, particularly anything in their TechSweat line

No. 347489

I’m sorry anon. Please don’t feel guilty, it wasn’t your fault. It sounds like it was just a horrible accident.

No. 347497

Nonna, wanted to recognize the effort of reaching out here. It must feel unbearable right now. Know you don't have to deal with these things alone. When you are ready, reach out to a professional. This wasn't your fault. You were doing great, you made progress. Right now it is hard and it's ok to stumble. I'd give you a hug if I could and you wanted it. Again, only when your ready, talk to someone. Maybe in the future you can go on walks in memory of your doggo.

No. 347589

thanks nonnies, I'll take a look at those!

No. 347597

Nonna, the end of your post absolutely devastated me. I am so proud of the progress you made, and I also want to say that you really did do good by your dog by taking your dog out and giving your dog what they deserved.

Pet loss grief is tough nonnie. I had to say goodbye to my dog last year. Actually, the one year anniversary of her death is coming up. I am so sorry for your loss nonnie. I really, truly am. It can feel so hard at times, because I think some of us wonder if it's even okay to grieve for as long and as hard as we do- it doesn't feel "right" since it was "just a dog" but pets brings such immense joy and love into our lives, it's only natural that it hurts so, so much when we lose them.

There's a pet loss thread in /ot/ (>>>/ot/1364964) if you'd like to post about your dog, and I hope you do. Your dog led a life to be celebrated, your dog led to do good things for yourself! I hope you might be able to find joy in long walks once more, I hope you'll be able to celebrate your dog's life. I frequently tell myself that when my dog died, she took a bit of my soul with her, but I believe that I held on to a little bit of hers when she left this earth. I feel like she is always with me. I imagine myself holding her and hugging her tight, and I hope that she can feel all the love I still hold for her, wherever she is. I don't really believe in heaven, but it helps me to believe that it exists for our pets. I hope our dogs are having a good time together in puppy heaven, running free and being little rascals while they wait for us.

Please take care of yourself nonnie. It will hurt and hurt and hurt, and I wonder myself if there will ever come a day when I stop crying so much because I miss my dog so much. But we must continue on. I strive to be the person that my dog believed me to be, the absolute best person that I can be, and I hope that you will feel the same way. Love you nonna ♥

No. 347722

You have to drink more water and eat your fiber

No. 347727

File: 1694089229124.jpg (85.17 KB, 531x680, FzP8bwQXgAA0QCt.jpg)

I work in a huge main city library where it's busy and there is a lot of mental, emotional and physical labour due to the circumstances people come to us in (about 5 percent of my job revolves around books) but I think it's the mental divide between "I'm using my brain in a library" VS "it's my days off and I'm decompressing at the gym" that helps me get that motivation. At first I found it hard but it's almost second nature now and I look forward to my mornings that I get to go to the gym. Take it in baby steps nonna, you've got this!

No. 347746

File: 1694104568899.jpg (21.97 KB, 500x740, 1686843476493.jpg)

The sport I do is pretty high risk, and I tend to get hurt whenever I increase my training intensity. Logically, I know it's because I'm a chronic under-eater/under-sleeper and that puts the body under a lot of stress, but it's still hard to break the mental association of going hard with getting hurt. Every time it happens I end up taking lots of time off of training and wasting time doing easy shit instead of building up intensity and eating more like I ought to be. I've never had a serious injury, thankfully, though lately my wrists suddenly started hurting like hell and it scared me straight, so to speak. Going to do things the smart way this time and increase my caloric intake so I actually recover properly instead of scraping along ana-chan style.

No. 347756

What's the sport anon? I'm just curious

No. 347816

advice on how to successfully kick a sugar addiction? i’m generally too lazy/unmotivated to eat unless it’s a specific craving and for the past six months all i can think about are those pink frosted cookies. they don’t even taste good to me so i feel like it must be all the sugar.

No. 347820

I kicked sugar through intermittent fasting. Since you're unmotivated to eat anyways, it might be worth looking into/trying. Since I only eat during certain windows of time, I can only eat things of high nutritional value, and can't waste my calories for the day on empty sugar. Logging all my meals and having specific calories and macros goals daily helps too. Why would I waste my calories on one cookie when I could have a salad with chicken breast instead kinda deal. I usually meal prep for the week on Sundays, and I'm good till Friday. So it's not time consuming (I'm pretty lazy and this works best for me). Don't know if you'd be willing to try this, but it helped me get a lot healthier and I no longer have sugar cravings after being without it for awhile. Probably stopped craving by the end of the 2nd week.

No. 347830

Force yourself to eat (complex carbs, fat, and protein) regularly. You are probably eating sugar at a point when your blood sugar is lower than it should be. You'll make better decisions if you aren't running on empty. Give yourself 2 weeks without added sweeteners of any kind, eating 3 regular meals, and you'll start to notice the inherent sweetness in things like pecans, plain yogurt, etc. Your sugar addiction sounds like it's your body's way of dealing with being malnourished. Also keep healthy foods that require zero prep around. Hummus and baby carrots is easy.

No. 347865

I started weightlifting and logging my calories. It's been about a month since I started lifting almost every M-W-F and two months since I logged my calories into MyFitnessPal, I also recently turned off the adjust to exercising thing because there was a big of weight gain. Each day I'm usually 150 calories under my 1500 limit, yet since then I've only lost like 6 lbs. Maybe I'm underestimating my calorie consumption or I'm going into a calorie deficit? Is it muscle building? I don't know which to believe. I have PCOS as well, I've pretty much kicked the no period part of it away years ago by switching to a low carb diet, but my weight… It's just so easy to gain and so difficult to lose. Literally the only way I've dropped a decent amount of weight was when I had an anxiety disorder and believed my food was being poisoned, so I really went into a deficit for 2 months.
Such is life. Any other anons with these struggles or ideas to what I could be doing? I've been hiking more often and I log approximately 10k steps every day even on days I don't exercise.

No. 347885

Six pounds in a month is still good progress, especially since you're weightlifting. Your routine sounds fine and you'll see long term success by having one that's easy for you to maintain. I think you're being too hard on yourself, nonnie.

No. 347901

That's reassuring. I'm not the weightlifting type of person so I can't even fathom how much in muscle I could be gaining in pounds. I'm definitely paranoid about it and I just wanna be healthy and not let myself go like I did in the past year.

No. 347933

>Post your goals, your current state, like your weight or measurements;
My goal is to lose roughly 15 lbs (6.8 kgs). I’m early twenties, 5’4 ft (162.56 cm). I currently weigh 145 lbs (65.8 kgs) and want to get down to about 130 lbs (59 kgs). I really just want my boobs to stick out further than my belly.
>What you're going to do to change it and your methods;
I used to be that weight (130 lbs) before I went to college but I blew up to a whopping 155 lbs (70.3 kgs) and when I realized I was overweight I cut back on soda. I lost a little bit of weight but nothing else so now I’m going to seriously try to go at it. I’m going to give one day of intermittent fasting per week a try. I’m also going to start using ankle weights where I can, a stepping machine while I play my games/surf the internet, and one of those weighted hula hoops in the mornings and before I go to bed. I admit any serious plan/diet intimidates me so I'm taking baby steps at the moment.
>And how to be held accountable for it, like biweekly weigh-ins or measurings.
I plan to update biweekly until I reach my goal, if I incorporate other things into my journey, and if I notice something isn't working for me.

No. 347955

Wtf anon, are you my clone? You have the same height and weight as me, and also have the old weight I used to have when I was fat. I'm also trying to get to 130 lbs again, which I used to be when I had regular exercise and healthy diet. I think baby steps are good! I'm also going to start going to the gym in the morning a few times a week, 30 mins as a time. Let's hope we can keep ourselves accountable on our weight loss journey, good luck!

No. 347974

File: 1694268707177.jpg (92.48 KB, 697x545, 1522357813795.jpg)

Lost about 4.5-5 kilograms in a month, although the original big drop in weight is probably me recording the starting weight at my puffiest and most water-retentive period, but seeing the scale go over 75 kg was that scared me into stopping my comfort-eating instantly. This morning I weighted in at 70.2 kg (170 cm) after skipping out on weighting myself for like a week, which felt nice. Tracking actual changes in body size would probably be better but I'm way too lazy for that, but I notice how loose my clothes are becoming. Honestly I feel like I'm almost done with my weightloss, I'll probably still stay at the same deficit and cardio for another month or so since it feels relatively easy and tires me out enough to get better sleep, but my goal would honestly be to recomp, not to become a ~60kg skinny legend (and also don't want to buy a whole new wardrobe).
I weirdly don't have a lot of problems with my looks or proportions, my belly's probably never going to be tight and pretty because of the skin being generally loose in that area, so it doesn't feel like something I should even bother to be concerned about, I have no problems wearing a bikini regardless. I do want upper body strength though. For now I've signed up for some free trial classes that will be available at our university thanks to some sports promotion week, then sign up to one of those fitness trainings if they seem underwhelming or have douchey coaches. If not I'll have to look for something else.

No. 347990

When you start lifting and change your diet around the same time, I think your weight can become a bit unpredictable because a lot of things are going on at once. I'd recommend looking more at the big picture like how your energy levels are and what your body looks like, alongside the scale

No. 348042

Let's imagine an average 5'5 girl, 30% body fat (kinda tubby) at 145 lbs. A healthy rate of fat loss is 0.5 - 1% of body weight per week, starting off closer to the upper limit when first starting the fat loss phase and having more to lose, then getting to the lower end as the fat loss progresses.

This person would be looking at losing between 3 and 5.8 lbs per month. I don't know your stats, but I hope you can see that 6 lbs is actually incredibly progress!

A single fat loss phase shouldn't last more than 12 weeks, before taking a break for 4-8 weeks to adjust to maintenance at the new body weight. Let's say this person wanted to get all the way down to 23% body fat (very fit looking) at 130 lbs, meaning they would have kept the same lean body mass they had when starting. That program might look something like: month 1 lose 5 lbs, month 2 lose 4 lbs, month 3 lose 3 lbs, now time to "diet break"/maintain for month 4 and for month 5 actually hit the weights a little harder and increase calories to gain back 2 lbs(~0.25 lbs /week). This is because they will have lost some muscle mass (lean body mass) and need to gain it back to meet the goal. Now month 6 they would enter diet phase number 2 weighing 135, aim to lose 3 lbs, month 7 lose 2 lbs and there you have it our imaginary person now looks like a fitness model at 130 lbs 23% body fat.

Obviously this is made up and real life never works like that, but I just wanted to walk you through some realistic, healthy rates of fat loss to show that this stuff doesn't happen overnight, and it honestly sounds like you're doing great, and also you can see that even a "small" change of 15 lbs can take a long time when done right. Just remember,slow is fast; I mean big changes quickly almost never stick, and the rebound means that when you look a few years down the road, the person who stuck to tiny CONSISTENT rates of change will always win.

Keep it up!

No. 348075

Sports bra recs? I'm flat-chested (literally like 30AA) so support isn't that important but it also means my nipples stick out like crazy, so I do need a bit of padding or at least ribbing. Most of the light support stuff I found that caters to my size is unpadded.

No. 348134

exercise will make you gain weight due to swelling and water retention when you start out. 3lbs/month is perfectly respectable weight loss, especially for someone with pcos. since you're eating at a deficit, you are not building muscle mass; you have to be eating at least at maintenance for that. there's nothing wrong with how fast you're losing weight right now, tbh 3-4lbs/month is ideal and sustainable, but if you're really worried about it get a food scale and weigh your food. you'd be surprised at how much of a difference this makes. good luck nona, you're on the right track.

No. 348159

i need to get in shape but i don't wanna show my face at the gym until i get stronger because i see my lack of strength and muscle mass as a personal failure. i don't want people seeing how weak and incapable i am. it's a vicious retarded cycle.

No. 348172

with respect nona, the only way through this is to get over yourself. nobody at the gym gives a rats ass if you're weedy, they're all too focused on their own goals

No. 348236

Fuck what other people think and like >>348172 said, most people probably don’t care about what you look like or what you’re doing. They’re focused on their own goals and form. You have to do it for yourself and stop making excuses! Get in there

No. 348238

Everyone was new to the gym at one point. If you have a planet fitness near you, that place is really welcoming to beginners.

No. 348304

If your gym has it, it might help to do an induction session. One of the trainers will show you how to use the equipment and may even give you a basic workout plan. It helps to have a plan of what you are gonna do when there. It helps beat the nerves.

No. 348323

File: 1694519838027.png (6.61 KB, 228x221, images.png)

Any nonnies have any tricks for getting out of a plateau?? I've lost about 30lbs this summer which is great, but for the past two weeks my weight hasn't budged unless I weigh myself after I poop lol

From what I gather, most people say they eat at their maintenance calories for a couple days, gain a couple pounds, but then are able to lose again after. Has anyone done this? I'm just worried if I start eating a lot again I won't be able to drop the extra weight. I usually eat around 1300-1400 calories a day so I know I'm in a deficit because my maintenance is over 2000 calories I'm 5'10 and fat kek I don't even know if I can make myself eat that much in a day anymore either.

No. 348328

I would recommend changing up your exercise routine, or even taking more rest days if you are exercising a lot. I’m the same height as you and it took me far too long to lose the ten pounds I wanted to because even though I was eating with a deficit and working out like a maniac, I wasn’t resting enough. Sorry if this advice sucks and is not applicable to you tho. Agree that maintenance calories are whack. I’m supposed to be eating like 2200 with the amount I work out and I’m…not tryna eat all that. I tend to eat like a reptile (my own description) one day where I have a fairly large meal, then two or three days after that eating ~1100 because I’m just not hungry. Plateauing is frustrating but you can get through it!

No. 348354

I wouldn't pay any attention to calculated/predicted maintenance; it's useful to provide a rough starting point but the definition is just the amount you need to maintain your mass. If you are consistent with caloric intake and your weight is stable… congratulations you just found your maintenance calories.

Also NEAT accounts for more than people think, it's often due to NEAT gradually decreasing across a weight loss phase that people feel like they are chasing lower and lower caloric intake without changing weight. That's where the concept of a diet break is useful; increasing intake (by a small amount!) Allows NEAT to creep back up and once you've stabilized and start reducing calories again you can resume the weight loss.

If you're eating 1400 don't think a diet break means going to a 2000 "maintenance", it means 1400 is your maintenance and going to 1450-1500 for a few weeks, or maybe up to 1550 if you can without too much weight gain. Also if your surplus is only 100-150 calories, you won't gain a ton of weight back because that's literally not enough calories to do so. Any time you see several pounds of gain in a week or two on that small of a surplus, it's just water retention as your cortisol levels drop, hormones normalize, overall stress comes down etc.

No. 348383

>If you are consistent with caloric intake and your weight is stable… congratulations you just found your maintenance calories.
god fucking damn it, seems like mine is 1100-1200 and i'm not even a skinny womanlet. every resource ever says 1200 is the BMR (not even TDEE) of a very short woman or a child.
no noticeable health problems (i've had hypothyroidism in the past but i fixed it by taking prescription meds).

No. 348418

I've started going to the gym again. Feels good. I haven't been since I moved to a small town, but ever since I got my car I can go again.

>My goals

Be in shape, cardio, endurance and muscle mass. Catching covid ruined my fucking stamina/lungs it's insane.
Currently 5'8 (175cm or wtv) and 140lbs
>What I'm doing
Weight training and cardio.
>How to be accountable for it
Logging in notes app and weekly photos.

My problem is feeling guilty whenever I eat. Just eating anything I feel guilty.

No. 348509

is it possible you're counting calories wrong? 1200 is the recommended daily for a 5 year old (granted i guess 5 year olds are still growing, kek). it's very easy to underestimate without actually weighing food. maybe your NEAT is also super low.

No. 348544

OP here. Surprisingly I've been more consistent with going back to swimming, once a week at the minimum after work, twice a week ideally, compared to daily yoga or stretching.
But it feels good, plus I have to walk to the swimming pool from the nearest bus or tram stop and vice versa to get back home in any case so I get some extra steps in too. I wanna wait until I get a good rhythm with everything for two months to see if and where to up the ante, by doing some weight training again (since that used to be my thing during the lockdowns).

But November I'll also be in the US for a good 12-15 days in the Thanksgiving period so I don't know if I have the opportunity there to keep the routine going there. That'll be complicated.

No. 348555

>but i fixed it
hm maybe not lol

No. 348556

For 1200 calories to be your maintenance azt 5'10 you'd have to be bedbound, or you're not actually cured of whatever hormonal/metabolic problems you have. Seconding another anon where you're either extremely lowballing the calories you take in or you need to check in with your doctor.

Maintenance calories in general also might change if you lose muscle mass thanks to low calorie intake, since muscles eat up a lot of energy. The BMR of someone who's 154 lbs with higher % fat will be lower than someone the same height and weight but made up of more muscle tissue. So if you're only losing weight but not doing anything against muscle loss, it'll be very hard to prevent a rebound weight gain when you think you're eating at your "new maintenance".

No. 348559

I'm an ADHD sperg who has issues sticking to routines/scheduled diets and gets easily overwhelmed, but the combo of calorie counting + intermittent fasting is really working for me. I lost 2kg in just a few weeks and I've found that the optimal time for me is the usual 16:8 fast from 11pm-3pm.

My only issue is making it work with my schedule and other plans because, well, the world doesn't bend to suit my needs so it must be the other way around. For example, sometimes my friends want to have lunch early, or I have courses with lunch breaks at a time when I can't eat. Other times I start going super hungry and it's preventing me from falling asleep in the early mornings when bf wakes me up as he leaves for work. How can I accommodate for this?

No. 348560

I weigh down all my food (on the kitchen scale) and correct the calorie data in apps if it's outdated and the label shows a different value.
My NEAT could be very low, I don't go outside often, and when I do, I don't walk a lot, I take a bus or a train. I'm unlearning that though since I can (and often do) walk to the nearest subway station myself instead of taking the bus to there.
I don't have friends to go out with so I guess I could take walks alone with music or podcasts. I did that very often in the past.
Maybe it's time for another check up then. Doing a MRI of the thyroid is the hardest part in here since you'll have to wait a very long time to get one for free and the paid options are quite costly.
I actually don't have a lot of muscle (bf 21.4%, 50 kg) and getting protein in (I don't have a lot of options) is a bit hard but I could manage.

No. 348562

>Goals, current state, etc.
Any tips for weight loss after recovery from ED? I spent the last few years recovering from an anorexic episode, but now I'm overweight and it's effecting my day-to-day life ugh. Weighing food and intermittent fasting is out of the question. Don't know my weight or measurements because that's also a trigger.


I've been lifting 3-5 times per week and walking daily. I eat a relatively healthy diet already, but cutting back on eating out and drinking alcohol is something I need to work on.


I'm open to thoughts on how to navigate this as certain strategies could lead me to spiral. Maybe weighing once a month wouldn't be bad? I'm worried about it tbh.

No. 348564

It’s extremely hard, I’ve been there. I don’t weigh myself at all actually, just go by how my clothes fit (which does have the danger potential to become body checking but therapy helps me with that) and occasionally I will get on the scale and have my wife look and let me know if I gained or lost over 5lbs since the last time or maintained (I was working on losing a little baby weight). Working out has been my saving grace, though the tendency to go overboard is def present in many of us who have struggled with EDs. I also found a Mediterranean diet to be best for me + going back to my Italian ways of long walks after larger meals (I typically eat one larger meal a day and then one small and one medium.) I know the waters can be murky regarding weight loss when you have an ED but it IS possible to do it healthily and not get sucked back in to your old ways. I believe in you ♥

No. 348579


Hold up is this you?

I.e. "not a skinny womanlet" but also 21% bf at 110 lbs? And 5'10? If you just dropped from 140 to 110 then no wonder your bmr would be so low, because your NEAT is fucking tanked after the weight cut.

In either case, if you want to increase your BMR (which you should because being limited to 1200/day sounds miserable) you need to gradually increase your calories and YOU GOTTA LIFT, GIRL

More lean body mass is a cheat code

No. 348588

No, I'm not the 5'10 nona, I'm shorter than her (165cm/5'4 which could be womanlet-tier depending on where you live).
>you need to gradually increase your calories
How gradually are we talking? I'm definitely going to gain fat if I increase them abruptly. Gotta buy the protein powder though, that's for sure.

No. 348606

enough to gain ~0.5 lbs (0.25kg) per week, while resistance training with some sort of progressive overload. As long as you're doing that then you're going in the right direction and the details don't really matter.

Start by adding 100-150 calories to your current intake and aim for that goal every day for a week or two. Weight yourself at the same time first thing in the morning a few times a week, record it but DON'T think about the daily numbers and go changing the plan. Look at the trend line over a couple of weeks and aim to have a steady average increase in weight, equal to around 2lbs/1kg at the end of the month. Hormonal changes, sodium intake, and other things can cause weight swings of a pound or two just in water, so the short-term line can look sort of jagged. That's why it's important to give it time and look at the average over a few weeks.

If you do that for a month or two you will have gained some lean mass, minimal fat, and you'll be at a higher BMR, eating more, and having more energy.

No. 348621

thank you nonita, this kind of seems scary but a month or two is pretty manageable and maybe i'll even continue to work out, i did in the past but stopped for some reason.

No. 349156

Is there an actual protein bar/shake that isn't gross/ contain chocolate or peanut (or peanut butter)? Forcing myself to finish this isogold cause it was gifted but jfc, I cannot quit puking.

No. 349157

maybe switch from whey protein to plant-sourced ones? to get rid of that gross taste

No. 349308

I might try this. My friend DESPISED it so much, but I never tasted it. I'll see if anyone would potentially want to buy it (or take it off my hands kek) if I don't like it.
I actually went to tried some bars at the store and liked the banana bread one.

No. 349319

Spirutein is the most mixable and also inoffensive on its own protein imo. It’s spirulina and pea protein, but alas is only 14g protein per serving. The vanilla and banana flavors make great base flavors for protein smoothies tho. Cannot stress enough how inoffensive the taste is. Ryse x Jetpuft marshmallow protein is 25g a serving and tastes amazing just w milk/non dairy milk. I just can’t do protein w water tbh so I hope you’re not doing that kek

No. 349322

What are good, low calorie replacements for heavy cream? I have ARFID and genuinely cannot eat anything outside of 3-4 meals without vomiting. I’ve gone to ED clinics, I’ve had food therapy, but I can only physically stomach these few meals.

I try to make the meals healthier (adding spinach to smoothies, switching to veggie ravioli instead of meat, making homemade chow mein instead of cheap takeout), but I’m struggling with the sauce. I cannot eat the pasta without a very specific pasta sauce, which is heavy cream, Parmesan cheese, tomato sauce and basil. I have already replaced the pasta with low calorie protein pasta, but I’m wondering if there’s anything I can do to make it healthier.

No. 349327

TA coming back to say thank you for your advice!! Finally saw the number on the scale go down after upping my intake for a week (around 1600 daily instead of 1300-1400). I was hesitant to do it so I'm happy it actually worked.

No. 349328

I swear the only protein snack/bar I've tried and liked are the Legendary protein pop tarts. Normally I also hate chocolate protein stuff but theirs are surprisingly tasty. There are a ton of flavours, only downside is that they're kind of expensive but to me it's worth it because I actually like eating them vs having to force down some nasty protein bar that was the same price kek

No. 349332

Spirutein is pretty weak sauce as anon pointed out but it also has to be blended or it will be chalky and gritty. Maybe I've tried the wrong ones but I fucking hate plant sourced proteins as well, there's this awful health food store taste that I think comes from the pea powder. My recommendation is pristine protein, 90 cals for 20g of protein and it tastes great, mixes smoothly with water too though really I think a smoothie is the best way to eat protein powder. I'm seconding Ryse for the same reasons and there's a better range of flavors. Expensive though so look for deals. I also really like the sinfit waffles and pancakes.
Try coconut cream nona!

No. 349333

same anon, I have no reading comprehension. Coconut cream is about the same as regular heavy cream but slightly lower in calories, higher in protein, and lactose free. You could also try using plain milk, your sauce will be slightly thinner but you can bulk it up with a little cornstarch or flour.

No. 349345

>switching to veggie ravioli instead of meat
honestly if you have an extremely restrictive diet, a little meat would be good for you. you won't be able to get a good range of amino acids and other easily absorbed nutrients on such a diet.
for the sauce, i would recommend half and half and letting it simmer longer. if that's way too light maybe 3/4 heavy cream 1/4 whole milk

No. 349350

>veggie ravioli
what is the filling made of nona? if it's just leafy greens it's no good, you need to look for ones with combined plant proteins (soy, mushrooms, legumes, etc). also, quit parmesan, dairy is poison and is certainly not what you're looking for if you want a healthier meal.

No. 349351


I never thought of that. I switched to veggie cause the ravioli that I couldn’t live without was chef boyarde, garbage ass ravioli. I haven’t found another meat ravioli that I really like yet though, you know any?

No. 349352


It’s cheese, and spinach, I’ll look into other alternatives

No. 349446

i miss being on the low end of my healthy weight, i gained 10 kg in a happy relationship and while i'm mostly okay with my looks i miss the way my legs used to look. i also miss being able to fit most of my clothes and i can't afford buying a bunch of new stuff.
how do i lose 8-10 kg without being unhealthy and miserable? i eat two meals a day and a snack and work out once a week. would appreciate healthier recipe recommendations because i suspect the food i cook is part of the problem

No. 349512

Nearly two weeks into my journey to lose 15 lbs (6.8 kgs), I'm down 2 lbs (.9 kgs). I've found that intermittent fasting doesn't work for me, so I'm cutting back on calorie intake differently by skipping breakfast two days out of my workweek but this is not sustainable. I want to eventually shift over to protein shakes for breakfast and lunch. I'm using my little step machine and weights every night for 15 minutes. It's more fun than anything else so I'm going to keep with it for the long run.

No. 349514

>work out once a week
You need to work out more if you want to lose weight/maintan it if your dietry habits has changed from before you started dating. You don't even need to hit the gym if you work out for 30 mins a day whether it be yoga, calisthenics or even a short walk with your Nigel/Nigella

No. 349583

File: 1695313853826.jpg (57.7 KB, 510x680, putdownyourphoneffs.jpg)

What's your pet peeve at the gym (outside of creepy moids)?

Picrel I hate when people spend way too much time on their phones between sets on the leg press. I don't know why this machine in particular people do this the most. Maybe cause they're reclined idk but I notice it constantly on leg day. My gym only has one and people be taking five minutes between sets to look at insta or text. It isn't a machine for your thumbs!

No. 349588

Since I'm going to the gym for the first time soon, can I ask something retarded? kek
Is it weird or annoying when someone is using the leg machine or weighs and stops after some sets, waits a minute while still standing in the machine doing nothing and then starts again?

No. 349590

YES my pet peeve is when someone hogs the stair machine past the 20 min limit (there is only one at my gym, and this lady comes and will be on it for a straight hour.) Like props to u and ur jacked quads but some of us use it in between circuits for a quick booty pumping cardio boost. I will take prob a minute or two to scroll lolcow or something between my three sets on things like chest/rear delt flies and lat pulls tho to let my muscles recover a second since I do like 70-85 lbs on those.

No. 349597

>What's your pet peeve at the gym (outside of creepy moids)?
The radio ass music and DLers who insist on dropping their fucking barbells loud as possible.

>Picrel I hate when people spend way too much time on their phones between sets on the leg press.

I'm guilty of this, kek. Although I do it mainly because my gym is empty and has 4 leg press machines.
NTA, but do you mean reps? It honestly depends on how busy some gyms are, and how long of a rest you take. People who attend the gym understand that someone is currently using that equipment and they might be done so. Honestly, some people just ask if they can use it/it's free and you can say yes or no. Maybe nonnies from busier/smaller gyms can drop in or counter what I've got to say!

No. 349602

THE WEIGHT DROPPING U TRIGGERED ME KEK. There are some old men who also use machines in a similar way, doing the reps super fast and letting the weights slam down with each one as they clang the bars together or yank them down etc I hate it so much it makes me seethe and I always shoot them disgusted looks

No. 349607

would it be ideal to follow a diet that you just stick to unintentionally? I follow paleo unintentionally and ik it's a meme but it's so easy to eat imo

No. 349612

i was sick for a week and couldnt go to the gym can someone yell at me to go to the gym please. i feel better now im just lazy.

No. 349614

I mean, I think so. If you’re doing something healthy and it works for your body AND you aren’t struggling to stick to it, that sounds ideal! As long as you’re getting enough nutrients and the proper calories to keep yourself physically healthy, hell yeah paleononna!

No. 349616

when groups of friends go to the gym together and then stand around talking in the aisles, totally ignoring people who are trying to walk by, or WORSE all use one machine and then spend 5-15 minutes between sets just sitting and talking. i see this at my gym all the time cause it's attached to a university, guys will come in with five of their closest bros and take turns using one machine so that they literally occupy it for nearly an hour. oh my god it makes me want to kill.

no not weird or annoying at all. it's normal to rest between sets and especially if the gym is busy, you'll want to stay on the machine or near it so that people know it's occupied. just keep your rest time to about 2 minutes or less and if someone asks you if you're almost done, tell them how many sets you have left and offer to let them know when you're finished. it's only weird or a problem if you walk away from a machine and leave no indication you're using it then make someone else move or if you take too long to rest.

No. 349621

Ayrt and no! Like >>349597 and >>349616 said, as long as its only a minute or two, it's totally fine to rest. More than that and you aren't resting, you're just texting!

You're good, nonnie. It wouldn't drive me so crazy if my gym had more machines.

I hate that, too! I guess my general pet peeve is people not being considerate of hogging the machines. Oh and don't get me started on filming at the gym!

No. 349652

Yeah, I get you. For some reason at my local gym it's common for people to sit next to a machine and text while they rest from their last machine (not required?????) There's been a few occasions where I walk up to a machine and someone who was beside on their phone would be like "SorrrY Im UsIng It" (lmao bitch no you're not).

And hello, hi. I'm new to this thread. I wanted to wait a bit before posting but I'm doing keto and I lost 6 pounds from it so far! To any keto nonas out there, how do you make it suck less? I've gotten good at refusing sweets but damn, I just want to make a whole bunch of keto pastries and gobble them up.

No. 349654

Keto has been pretty difficult at the beginning. I'm forced keto due to diabetes and other issues so I had to make the best of what I can with it. The only thing that sucks when it comes to keto breads and sweets, they're usually pretty pricy. Typically, as long as you get sweets with erythirol, monk fruit, allulose, and stevia, you should be good. Avoid the other sugar substitutes. Maltitol is the avoid 75% of the time, it gives me the worst gas.
I've been doing keto for about 4 years now, I've limited myself to 40 net carbs a day, so it's lazier than most. I've learned to love peanut butter more than I previously have. I also treat myself to the Duncan Hines keto brownies, it's $5 for a box for me, but it comes out to satisfying my sweets cravings for at least 10 days, sometimes I sneak in 2 servings when I cut it up in 12 pieces lmao. Having a bowl of whole milk yogurt with a mixture of nuts and berries is my go to for breakfast.
Either way, definitely tap into the savory part of the diet. Butters, oils, and creams. I've made amazing soup taste even better by making it creamy.

No. 349655

If you are going for a new deadlift PR, it's a bit near impossible to lower the bar in a slow and controlled manner. If anything, it would be dangerous. Same thing with weightlifting movements like clean & jerk or snatch and any of the partial variations. Like ok, go ahead and Klokov press more than your body weight and let it drop on your spine or try to lower it in a slow and controlled manner instead of dropping it from overhead.

No. 349691

Ugh I’m a regular gym going nonna and I have a whole routine where I go for around 2.5-3 hours on my gym days, and always at 6am. It’s always empty save for a few old people. Today my schedule is all fucked up so I’m planning to go around 6pm which is peak broccoli head hours as it’s a park district and a lot of the local HS athletes train there, but UGH. I hate seeing them. They are irritating and they’re all congregating around certain areas looking BIG RETARDED with their mini muscles and their slit sleeve tanks and stringers pls just send me vibes of internal fortitude nonnas kek I hate when I’m super reeeee internally at the gym. I just wanna have a good workout and have a nice pump for the wedding I’m going to tomorrow…

No. 349705

Of course, I'm just stating it's annoying and it's a pet peeve. Especially in gyms with the goddamn alarm.

No. 349841

I lost about 3 or 4 kg in the past few weeks which is good because I wanted to lose weight, unfortunately the reason wasn't because I was intentionally dieting but rather that I had a mental breakdown/existential crisis which made me too depressed to eat. I've never managed to lose much weight through an actual diet (my own fault, I just can't stick to them), every time I've managed to maintain a healthy weight in my adult life it's been due to mental health issues or being too poor to afford food. Otherwise I hover around a BMI of 26. Makes me almost tempted to intentionally tank my own mental health.
I wouldn't be so concerned if it weren't for my PCOS symptoms getting worse with weight gain and I am paranoid about one day getting irreversible hair loss.

No. 349844

I'm short and skinnyfat and I look the same even though I'm 20 pounds heavier than I was in college. I try not to feel like shit about it and hyperfixate on a number on the scale, but I do. I've been weightlifting for about a year now, twice a week (because of my schedule I can only fit it in during the weekends). The only reason why I haven't given up despite still looking skinnyfat is because I feel so much stronger, and I know I'm stronger. I can deadlift almost my entire bodyweight. I used to hate cardio because I felt like absolute shit, but I decided to throw in a simple 5 minute run at the end of my workout and I'm not even winded despite running at a good, consistent pace. That's insane to me. I no longer have weird body aches (especially lower back pain was an issue for me) and I'm so flexible now (I can do front splits!).

I tell myself I need to work out more, I need to do more. Realistically, going to the gym isn't my life and I think 2x a week is good for my schedule and I am still getting a lot out of it. My diet isn't the best, but I cook most of my meals with an emphasis on lean protein and lots of vegetables. I'm only human and have a massive sweet tooth that I try to reign in, but god help me if someone offers me a slice of cake- I will take it lol. I follow a lot of fitness people on instagram and I think it does contribute to my dysmorphia, and I don't know how to feel when I see female bodybuilders post stuff saying "you CAN achieve your best physique, you just need to put in the work and be more disciplined." On one hand I know the human body is amazing and I've achieved so much and can continue to achieve more, on the other I think to myself "wow I'm just not trying hard enough, I'm not disciplined enough" and I feel like shit.

I've been working out for a few years now, but it wasn't until I started doing my 2x weekly weightlifting when I finally was able to be consistent without feeling burnt out from lack of aesthetic results- because now I can focus on seeing the weights I lift get heavier and heavier over time. A year ago I started by doing RDLs with 40 lbs, now I'm doing 95lbs. I am happy with what my body can do and what time I can dedicate towards taking care of my body, and a large part of me wants to focus on fitness so I can continue to be independent well into old age, but I can't shake off the feeling that what I'm doing is all for naught just because I still look skinnyfat. Looks aren't everything but the brainrot is real and I'm constantly at odds with myself. Maybe I should try harder, eat better, and I wouldn't be skinnyfat, but I'm just a regular person working a 9-5 who doesn't even post that often on social media.

No. 349845

Don't stop what you're doing, that's incredible! I understand you're through a self doubting period but you are doing great, what you're describing is great.

No. 349849

I keep seeing this post floating around about how toning is a meme and that it's "almost impossible" for women to get bulky without roids, it drives me fucking nuts. What do you mean, impossible? Women are too dainty and small to get big muscles? Stupid. My own progress is already way beyond what I thought I could achieve, and the only thing I can think is that this person must not exercise themselves. If they did they would know that it is possible.
Keep going anon, your progress is incredible and I'm very impressed with your rdl's! Maybe unfollow or mute some of those people until your self image improves, I struggle with the same thing and it's hard to avoid doomscrolling (insposcrolling?).

No. 349865

I'm currently in the process of trying to be healthier as someone who has a pretty hard time with binge eating. I think one of my current issues is eating food while at my comp desk, so my current goal is to eat all food at my table with no computers/phones. I plan to update daily for a week on my progress and then maybe every other day past that point. Aiming for 30days then I will be starting on a new goal while continuing to maintain this one. I know it's nothing crazy big but I need to take baby steps to make change in my life. Wish me luck nonnies.

No. 349885

Just stop eating, pig. Weights aren't going to help you. I don't understand why so many of you think weight lifting will give you a perfect godlike body. Have you seen female Olympic weight lifters? They're all fat.(rattle rattle)

No. 349886

I mean if we could get as big as some women think you'd get by merely touching weights, that would be great. Instead I'm putting in all of this effort for years to achieve what scrotes do during noob gains phase, while their nutrition isn't even on point and their programming is abysmal. Those posts aren't saying women can't gain muscle, but that you can safely lift as much as you want and you'll still look womanly, normal and natural. What people usually want to achieve what they mean with "toning", which they think happens by lifting 1lbs dumbbells for 300 reps and copious amounts of cardio, is actually achieved by progressive overload and lifting heavier over a period of time. You won't look masculine without the introduction of exogenous hormones, which is the truth.

No. 349892

Thank you nonas ♥ Yeah, you're right, I really should unfollow some of them! Most of the people I follow are just fine but there's a handful where I really do wonder why I continue following them lol

No. 349905

Lol I know what you mean. I had to stop comparing myself to moids given that most of them are a foot taller than me and go to the gym on creative mode anwyay, fucking cheaters. The post I saw was talking about bulkiness specifically which annoyed me because bulk is certainly achievable! I'm tired of people pretending it isn't. Though you're right no woman will ever wind up looking like a man from touching a dumbbell, it takes a lot more than just creatine lol.

No. 349911

I'm too scared to join a gym (I also live in a place where going to the gym is very inconvenient and takes too much travel time). Are there realistic exercises i can do at home and still see results from? I'm so scared of "doing things wrong" and accidentally ruining my body because I've always been told you need to be careful with what you do or you're fucked for life etc. I mostly want to lose weight but I'd also like to be stronger

No. 349917

Honestly if you haven't done any exercise for a long time anything will give you results. You do need to keep an eye on your form but a lot of exercise are pretty easy to do correctly. If you feel pain or like something isn't right, then stop and regroup. There are many online fitness video you can do from home. I personally enjoy Fitness Blender. You can search on their website for no equipment workouts as well as intensity.

No. 349920

I mean, yes, you need to take things slowly because if you buy tomorrow a 10 kilos dumbbell and start lifting it even though you’ve never lifted anything as heavy for the sake of working a group of muscles, yes, you will fuck up your life because you could end up hurting yourself badly.
But by doing some simple exercises just imitating youtube videos or pictures from the internet, with some light dumbbells, doing simple yoga poses and such, you won’t fuck up your life, your body won’t go from a hourglass to a block of cheese and you won’t develop canckles.
Honestly though? I prefer making sure I can find someone to help me understand what I’m doing, it’s too easy to do a squat while holding some dumbbells, but you either need a big mirror to watch yourself and see that you’re doing the right movements so the right group of muscles are working as you need, or you need someone to correct you and help you understand what you need to do.

No. 349924

>I prefer making sure I can find someone to help me understand what I’m doing, it’s too easy to do a squat while holding some dumbbells, but you either need a big mirror to watch yourself and see that you’re doing the right movements so the right group of muscles are working as you need, or you need someone to correct you and help you understand what you need to do.
Nta but I'm also a beginner and struggling with the same thing. Is it better to get a personal trainer or join some gym classes for a couple of sessions?

No. 349936

day 1/30
My daily update, I didn't eat at my desk although I almost slipped up a few times out of habit. I did however snack while cleaning my house so I didn't manage to stick to my at the table only rule. I am still drinking sugary drinks at my desk and while walking around. I do want to aim to break that habit but that's a whole other can of worms. Going to leave a note at my desk with a reminder to not eat there…

No. 349939

Actually, it really is better to get a few gym classes because you will slowly get to actually know what you need to do, once you’ve memorized the exercises, not only the technique but how your body feels the exercise, then you will have a better idea of what to do at home.
I used to workout just following videos and pictures and I never felt a bit tired, maybe kind of sore sometimes, but that was because I actually didn’t know what I was doing, I was basically pretending to know what I was doing and killed myself doing cardio Which is something I love tbh I never got injured though, because I knew my limits and it’s honestly really important to listen to your body and know your limits, like, just because your legs are hurting while lifting doesn’t mean you’re doing a good job, a muscle working and a muscle hurting feel completely different.

No. 349950

You can look up resources online that tell you how to do certain exercises. There's a lot of autism around fitness because it's such a male hobby but if you wade through the endless sperging you'll find a ton of useful information. I recommend doing your workouts in front of a mirror and checking your form, trust me even minor fixes to your form make a world of difference. Start with bodyweight exercises. Take at least 10 minutes to warm up before your workout and stretch for at least 10 minutes after, ideally more. And don't push yourself because you think you can do more, DOMS is a bitch and you will regret your hubris.

No. 349986

I just moved into a second floor flat without carpet and am scared of the noise my exercise bike will make if I really go as intensely as I want to/need to for an hour 5 days a week. Think like HIIT except I just do that for the chorus of the songs I'm listening to the whole hour. I got an exercise mat already to hopefully dampen sound but it's thin (heavy and good quality though). Are there any other ways to basically go unnoticed and not annoy the fuck out of my neighbour?

No. 349988

Honestly I think if I were you, I would straight up knock on the lower neighbors door and introduce myself as "new neighbor" and voice your concern to them. Ask if they have noticed or if there is a time where the noise wouldnt be bothersome. Swap numbers and be friendly letting them know to txt if they need anything etc. Now they will feel better about accommodating your noise a bit / you know if it even bothers them, and you can have a helping hand on tap when you need someone to water your plants while out of town. Assuming the person is a normal person not immediately angry or weird when they open the door to meet you. Most people are normal.

No. 350011

What are your favourite snacks? I used to eat a lot of fruits but I suffer from OAS and it's bad this time of year. I eat a lot of celery.

No. 350017

Nori sheets, kimchee, pickles, mini cucumbers, carrots… I’m not a big snacker but I like those.

No. 350035

day 2/30
Completely forgot to make my "do not eat at the desk" sign but I still managed to not eat at my desk.. I believe this mostly was because I'm also limiting my internet use and it made me not want to sit there. I still ate some snacks on the couch but I can say I mostly ate at the table. Also didn't binge! Gold star for me! I'm going to add a 64oz jug of water every day to this habit as of today.

No. 350072

I really like those little containers of greek yogurt. Filling, tasty, and you can get them in non-fruit flavours or with extra protein added if you care about that.

No. 350078

As long as you aren’t doing it at weird times of the day, I wouldn’t worry about it. Occasionally hearing your neighbors is part of living in a flat. You’re allowed to live your day-to-day life in your flat and make noise within reasonable limits. Working out and listening to music for an hour a day is definitely within that scope.

No. 350145

day 3/30
Didn't eat at my desk today, didn't even sit at my desk till now. I drank half my 64oz, I'm going to try to drink a decent amount of water before bed though. Still ate some snacks on the couch, but mostly ate at table. No binging today! I need to work on my intuitive eating and listening to my body for when I'm actually hungry, thirsty, etc.

No. 350160

Nonnies, I’ve been skipping gym for the last three weeks due to mental health. My gym is small and everyone knows everyone and I’m damned ashamed of going back after looking like a fat lazy bitch.

No. 350176

Same, idc about others it's just the matter of the fact everything just feels…pointless. I'm going to die anyway, moids treat you the same regardless of your appearance, I don't understand any point to look good anymore

No. 350185

Started going to the gym in the early afternoon rather than at 6am…I am forever changed. It is absolutely ghost town empty save for this like 44-50 year old dad scrote who just lifts and uses the treadmill. Everything else is mine for the taking, no waiting for the stair machine, nobody else on the track clogging it up walking three or four abreast even tho the rules say two only so they don’t spill into the runner lane…I have found paradise. I can take my time and really focus on mind/muscle connection for all my sets, do two full circuits, use the functional fitness room without feeling weirdly watched. I can’t wait to go today after I’m done with work ahhhhhh may all your gyms be empty

No. 350195

I only do it because it feels good.

No. 350213

Did legs yesterday and I don't knwo what happened but my left leg feels like I strained a muscle, and I don't know how. Still going to continue gym today, but very annoyed.
I've also tried using a Diva cup for the gym now, but it comes out when I workout, maybe I'm inserting it wrong cause I have a small entrance and inverted uterus so I'm spending 3-5 mins inserting that shit.

No. 350241

I had a class with coworkers the other day, it was essentially a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu basics session. The next morning my body was sore all over. I didn't think it was going to do much considering I was hesitant being the only woman in the class. I'm going to try to rally up my female friends to do some BJJ with me, somehow.

No. 350305

Nona I've been thinking of doing BJJ! There's a place near me that offers a free trial month. I've been putting off trying it in case I love it and I don't know if I'm ready to commit to spending more money lol. Are you sore from muscle fatigue or getting hit?
If they notice they'll probably be happy to see you again and you might get some genuine "welcome back"s. Fuck those people who would judge you for it, enjoy your health regardless.

No. 350312

Oh nonna you should do that! It’s a really amazing martial art and really good for women to learn in particular. I hope you can get some gals to joint you, it’s so worth it. Feeling strong and capable is such a good feel.

No. 350336

day 4/30
Didn't eat too well today unfortunately. I didn't eat at my desk which of course is my goal, but the real goal is conquering my binging…and today feels like a bit of a set back. I did drink a decent amount of water today so thats a small plus.

No. 350455

Yay nonny, that's great that you found the moment that works best for you.

I had the same this evening after work with swimming (swimming nonna from >>346143 that has failed to go last week but is trying to be accountable).
Since I live in a big town we have different swimming pools in different neighborhoods, but the subscription card works for all of em.
I went to the one that's kind of in a ghetto area, for the lack of a better term, and I was lucky to be able to share a lane with just one slower old man and go to my rhythm (and before a wave of late opening hours swimmers joined the frey).
Sure that means it takes 30-40 minutes for me to get back home and eat dinner but eh. If I go back two more Thursday evenings to test out if that's always pretty empty on that time slot, guess I don't really care lol.

No. 350469

Today is chest, and there's like an 8 year with his older broccoli head bro, and he is just acting aloof and twirling a pole like a jedi. What the heck.

No. 350472

i hate how men judge women's gym outfits. apparently women need to wear giant baggy clothes to the gym every time or else they're "attention seeking," even though men at the gym don't even wear that, and i see men running in public topless all the time. it fucking sucks wearing clothing that's comfortable and made for exercise to the place where you're supposed to exercise and having people act like you're doing some shocking, scandalous thing. tbf i do put effort into my gym outfits because i like to look nice and put together. not all the time, but most of the time. why is that a bad thing? why does that mean i can't also be serious about lifting? i don't understand the male brain, i'm bisexual and yeah often i'll see a girl at my gym who looks beautiful and i notice her. do i make a point of staring? no. do i judge her and think she must be a bad person because she's beautiful? no. why do men hate to see women that they're attracted to wearing attractive clothing??? it makes no sense to me. yet all the time in the comment section or hearing men talk irl, they will get angry and hateful towards a woman because she wears leggings or a sports bra at the gym. what the fuck else are we supposed to wear????

No. 350480

I go to a women's gym and surprise surprise, most younger women wear normal cute gym wear instead of baggy clothes there too. I don't care much about looking put together, but I do care about maintaining a comfortable body temp and for me that's leggings and a sports bra. I'd never be comfortable wearing that around men though, thank fuck for my gym.

I do concede athleisure wear is getting pretty sexualized lately, like those scrunch bum leggings. But if men didn't want women to try to look sexy they should stop giving us attention and validation for it… men would never reign in their own behaviour though, they just expect women to somehow decide that, even though looking hot has only ever benefited them, they should be ashamed of themselves for daring to meet beauty standards they would otherwise be punished for not meeting. We really can't win.

No. 350486

File: 1695957923363.jpeg (32 KB, 346x1100, D61CC46F-FED0-4949-91F9-4A6D28…)

You’re supposed to wear pic related, silly nonnie! I honestly don’t even give a fuck anymore, I’m not even attractive or in a good shape, and I just wear whatever I want, if it’s too hot I wear my biker shorts and sports bra, if I’m feeling lazy, I put on a random pair of leggings and a loose shirt without a bra and whatnot.
Men are just always mad at women for any reason, the more you read or listen to their retarded braindead comments, the more insane they will drive you.
Like, a woman could wear pic related and she would be criticized for doing so, she could wear short shorts and boob tape and she would be criticized the same way as the woman in a burka with hijab.
Men are just catty by nature and master projectors, they will never stop talking shit about women while also saying that it’s women who are doing so. (I know some women are catty but at this point I think it’s because they get influenced by moids).

No. 350490

day 5/30
Didn't eat at my desk but had another hard day with food. I've been doing alot of housework lately and I have a bad habit of snacking while working. I think it's a stimulation thing at this point. (I have adhd) I unfortunately snack on not too healthy stuff, and eat quite a bit. Not quite sure what to do at this point, if I throw away the snack food theres a good chance I'll just dig it out tomorrow (gross I know.) I did a pretty good job with my water consumption so thats a positive atleast.

No. 350548

Ugh I feel you on this nonna. It makes me want to always wear a pump cover just so I don’t end up being creep shot and posted on some incel forum to be bitched about. How dare a fit woman show any of her body while trying to be comfortable working out??? We can’t win no matter what we do tbh. I see cute girls at my gym wearing cute little shorts and bra sets but like you said, I don’t stare like a creep (the way this one ugly incel fat anime lover looking dude who just started coming does. He makes me irrationally mad) I mostly wear leggings/knee length bike shorts and loose cropped tees bc I worked hard for my abs but still want to be somewhat covered. There are several middle aged scrotes who blatantly stare at me esp when on the stairs but I think it’s bc I dress very 80s for the gym and it must be like nostalgia porn for them kek. On the other hand there is this little baby he-man Hercules boy who comes in and all the women ogle him lmao he is built like a 90s action figure, has like a very 70s/80s chin length hairdo which he wears a BANDANA around his forehead with, and the shortest of shorts. I think he looks so silly but he does have a super fresh handsome little face on him. I’m glad he puts himself out there to be ogled it’s obvious he enjoys it from the way he flirts w the old lady at the desk. I wish I could post a pic of him I just know some nonnies would thirst.

No. 350981

I honestly don't get how so many of you find leggings comfortable to work out in. I feel like every time I wear them and sweat heavily, I get a wedgie or a pimple or something. At worst, they feel suffocatingly hot, and you can't adjust or remove them. I don't see the benefit compared to running shorts where your legs are free to sweat. I've only ever worn leggings in the winter when I am forced to due to cold temperatures

No. 350983

I like compression leggings, but only for working out, I usually only wear a top tho, so I dont feel too warm.

No. 350987

My gym is closed for the next two weeks. The nearest location is 3 miles away and almost an hour long bus ride one way (don't have car). Should I just take the next two weeks off from lifting? Or do body weight exercises?

No. 350992

File: 1696272857419.jpg (74.33 KB, 1000x1000, 9b9cc743f56154c59ded97dc7a87c8…)

You could try climbing pants for winter, they allow for a huge range of motion and are made to withstand being dragged across rock faces.

No. 351030

Do bodyweight exercise. It's what I did during coof period. I'd also check out so outdoor calisthenic gyms if they exist in your area.

No. 351037

I'm loving my losing 1lb a week streak. One thing I always wished for was the ability to run long distances. I used to have dreams where I would endlessly run, I guess it's really time to make those dreams come true. Anyone have pointers or is it just a simple, run and then walk until you feel running again repeat lol

No. 351048

If you want to run outside on pavement, make sure you’ve got the right shoes! It’s super important for your ankles and feet and your joints in general. Same goes if you’re going to do trail running. Absolutely start with intervals, in my experience it’s the best way. You can gradually push those intervals longer and longer, like from running for 1-2 min to 4-5, then maybe even jump up to 10 from there, it’s all about finding what works for you. I used to run the same route every morning, a straight three miles, and I got myself started by doing two blocks running, one or two blocks walking, and repeat, until I could do more and more. Happy running, nonna! It feels so amazing when you hit your stride and are able to push yourself. Endorphins post run are fucking awesome. Make sure you get enough carbs also once you start running for longer intervals, and stretch as much as u can!

No. 351069

how to finally motivate myself to exercise? i already mostly achieved my weight loss goal (74kg to 62kg) but i feel so flabby and i'd like to get rid of stomach fat and lose a bit on my tights but i never end up doing anything

No. 351071

Set a very small goal, something that you could definitely do every day (or X many days a week) without it being a hassle. (5 push-ups, 20 squats, 10 crunches, 30 seconds of jumping jacks, etc — or you can pick a sport or cardio or full-body activity like rowing or swimming if you have pool or gym access). Do the super easy thing consistently and don’t skip (which shouldn’t be hard because you picked a completely achievable difficulty level). Now you’re exercising! You can challenge yourself more later.

No. 351076

Anyone got advice on how to get over fear of getting sweaty?
Exercising is one thing, but the fact that I have to switch clothes and then exercise and then shower and clean myself and put on new clothes that I gotta have ready, and dry my long ass hair for hours is so mentally taxing that I don't want to exercise at all

No. 351080

Time your workout for just before you'd shower regardless? Put dry shampoo in beforehand too, no need to wash your hair every single time you work out.

Also not all exercise makes you that sweaty. Walking in cool weather, weight lifting (I only get sweaty on leg day), maybe some more niche sports like ice skating.

No. 351082

Tbh part of the reason why I like working out is the fact that I get to take a shower and wash my hair, it feels like a reward. But when I don’t want to wash my hair, I do hairstyles that will make it easier for me to keep my head cool, lots of ponytails, or twintails, space buns (idk how to braid my hair and at this point I gave up). You could try learning how to braid your hair because it’s great for keeping your head cool as well. You won’t feel your hair as dirty as when you only have one ponytail or your hair loose (I can’t believe there’s people out there working out without tying up their hair tbh).

No. 351083

Seconding this, I have very very long hair and usually wear a braided ponytail or two Dutch braids and finish with homemade dry shampoo (smells like cinnamon and cocoa!!!) when I take the style out to soak up any head sweat. It’s ok to not wash your hair after every workout provided you’re not on like day 3-4+ without washing (depending on your hair type). Just showering your body is enough!

No. 351084

Anyone have any favorite leg day workouts on a sprained ankle? I've found a few on Youtube and Google but they're mostly 15-minute full body stuff and I'm looking for something a bit longer/more intense and dedicated to legs.

No. 351100

You have to get the sweat off of your scalp after sweating quite a bit or else you can develop problems and need medical shampoo. I used to do sports 5 days a week and lifting 3 times, running every day and only tried to wash my hair every 2-3 days. It was a disaster

No. 351226

Slow going, but now I am only 0.7 bmi points away from being back in the "healthy" range. I think thats around 3lbs for me. Im excited. Im down something like 16lbs or so. Ideally I would like to 'get back' the body I had several years ago when I was regularly lifting weights and was slender. I regret letting myself go but I am happy to be making progress now! Still working on the regular gym attendance again though, havent quite gotten there yet.

No. 351227

Same anon actually its just over 4lbs but thats not too bad and very doable! Wishing all you anons fighting the good fight unlimited motivation and willpower on your journey.

No. 351230

Way to go, nonnie! Spill your secrets. How'd you do it?

No. 351233

I had an issue with binge eating at night due to some heavily sedating meds kek before that i gained maybe 10 or 15 from covid lock downs/weed munchies plus no gym…the meds helped me eat on another 15ish. I am meditating on the idea that eating at night does not serve me or my goals and the desire is temporary. I am aware of what I am doing to an extent, forgive the dumb reference but its like that one harry potter spell where you control other people…you experience euphoria at the idea of doing what your told/giving in, and almost pain at fighting it. At night- Earplugs and zero stimulation plus trying to meditate on the idea that not leaving my bed is more self care than eating is. Sounds weird but it is what it is. Got it under control much better and thats how the weight started coming off. Have some slips ups for sure. I will get nauseated from meds and justify a slice of bread that turns into 500 calories somehow. Much less often now. I eat pretty normally thru the day so just eliminating that extra bit at night has been enough so far. I will probably need to start counting calories soon if I want to get below 145lbs, around 145 is where I kinda 'naturally' hover around if I dont pay attention. Id like to be at 130lbs. I will do around 1400 calories when I do count.

No. 351236

I have a confession but it’s gym related so I’m posting it here. I love working out in general but lately this older guy who looks like a store brand JDM has been coming in at my time and he lifts heavy and it just…god it motivates me to see someone I find attractive at the gym. Like I’m hype as fuck to get off work and go to the gym today. Bonus points that he often subtly checks me out, not gross and blatant, and he complimented me on how much I can leg press. I hate that I get extra excited to work out now bc I get to see my gym crush. I’ll never speak to him in any real way tho kek I’m too young for him. (also yes it’s me, from the unconventional male attractions thread lmao)

No. 351256


Swimming anon again. I originally wanted to try out the pool that's open on Thursday evening to check if it's less busy than the one that's open Wednesday evening. But because I'm going to a concert after work with my colleague tomorrow, I had to pull through a long ass work day (8:30am-6:15pm due to a team meeting) and I forced myself to go to the busy swimming pool nonetheless. I'll check out the other pool next Thursday after work again, since I'm about 70% sure it will be less busy than open Wednesday swimming pool.

Feels good to have a streak going on, even if it's just once a week for now. I don't think I can trust myself to get there twice a week for now, I'll up the ante if by January I'm still going strong.

The one thing I haven't really done before starting at the end of August though is really jotting down how much I'm weighing to see the progress, cuz I'm kinda focusing on strengthening my back (I'm struggling with low back pain from bad posture, and kyphosis).
But progress will be made nevertheless.

No. 351425

I have had a serious ankle sprain and I would advise you to preserve your ankle, but if you want to continue exercising it is better not to do any exercise that puts pressure or weight on the ankle, giving preference to machines like leg extension (quadriceps) and leg curl (hamstrings), for glutes if you want I think frog pump and glute kickback can be good options since in the hip thrust you can still feel your ankle… definitely avoid squats and deadlifts or any exercise that puts weight on your foot, its not worth it!!

No. 351436

It took two weeks but I've made it to 140 lbs (63.5 kgs). I see a noticeable difference in my stomach and arms. I feel like if I can keep up my routine I'll be able to make it close to 130 lbs by the end of the year.

No. 351477

File: 1696574950599.png (921.22 KB, 864x1388, slv.png)

Does anyone have cute gym outfit recommendations? I feel more motivated to work out if I have a cute outfit on. Scrote attention isn't a factor, the place I work out at is all women and gay moids. I like things like this set from Silverwind.

No. 352030

File: 1696857478576.gif (389.81 KB, 220x167, my-true.gif)

well anons, i'm almost there. starting the year at 137, which was my highest weight i've ever been, and currently sitting at 124 solely from diet changes. i've eliminated fried food/fast food, limited snacks, and sometimes skip one meal. i also allow myself to get fast food when i have a craving, but if i get the fast food, that is the only thing i will eat all day.

my goal is sub-120. starting medication made me gain weight to a degree i never have in my life (im used to being 110) and i feel strong even though my weight loss is not hugely significant. keep going nonas, stay persistent, you got this.

No. 352040

If you're in Ireland or the UK: Penneys/Primark are doing cute body suit looking gym things in this colour (as well as other tidbits in this style)

No. 352149

Nonnas, I'm so afraid I'm turning into an anachan. I got into the habit of restriction and now I don't want to give it up. I started off with an allowance 800, now I'm down to an average of 500 and I still feel guilty because I know I could go lower if I tried a little harder. I can't stand the idea of gaining weight back after I've lost so much but I'm still so far away from my goal. I don't even want to go to the gym and risk building muscle. I'm stuck.

No. 352163

800 and 500 what… calories…? if so im sorry to say you're kinda anachan already. would it help if i say eating at a deficit for more than a month (not even accounting for such a strict deficit!!) will crash your metabolism, make your body go into starvation mode, and hang on to all the fat it can? i think the recommended dieting schedule i saw is deficit for 4 weeks and eating at maintenance and a little above for 2 weeks to recover your metabolism

No. 352165

I thought the whole starvation mode thing was a cope that fat girls used to justify their shitty diets. I thought about eating at a 1200 deficit but it felt so wrong because a day or two of slip-ups could mean the difference between 2-3 lbs. That's way too much of a tightrope for me to walk.

No. 352168

Regardless of if starvation mode is real or note, 500 calories a day is an insanely low amount. The recommended amount is 1200 so you can get enough nutrients and have a fast deficit. If you're at 500, IDK what you're eating but you're probably not getting enough nutrients at the very least. You can make yourself sick like this, though I suppose you already know that.

No. 352173

Nta and I know “starvation mode” is a controversial phrase but it’s real as far as I know, in the sense that a very low deficit like that will make your body eat your muscle first and THEN your fat because muscle costs more to maintain. Losing lean mass is generally not desirable and will make you “skinnyfat” (another controversial slang term but you know what I mean) and then you have to go absolutely anamode to look skinny because you lost all your damn muscle — and losing muscle does definitely slow your metabolism, no controversy there.

No. 352174

Music is good and you’re incapable of building more than like 5-8lbs of muscle in two years or something ridiculously low because you’re female. Don’t worry about it. Muscles are small and burn calories also. I hope you can change your mindset before you hurt yourself.

No. 352178

Thank you nonnas, you're all so nice.

No. 352199

Wym? I only ever seen starvation mode among anorexics to explain weight gain even when they've been eating little to nothing and gain weight

Even if fatties did use starvation mode as cope when is starving ever healthy? If you feel unwell it's a sign you're doing something wrong, it's better for fatties to eat fruit or something low cal so they don't go hungry than to sit around screaming at them for not wanting to feel hungry

No. 352200

I’m having trouble parsing your meaning, can you be more clear?

No. 352216

Anorexics don't think starvation mode exists… they know perfectly well that starvation results in weight loss, that's why they do it.

It's a classic fatty cope but also comes from well meaning ignorance, it's a long standing myth. Obviously that doesn't mean starving yourself is healthy and nobody said that, malnourishment is extremely unhealthy and binge eating in response is very common anyway.

No. 352230

Wym? I use to basically live on pro ana forms back in the day and so many of them reported gaining weight if they fasted for too long. The solution was to eat small throughout he day (hence almonds, fruit, etc) so everything is still moving through your system.

No. 352231

If you feel hungry/don't have energy from adjusting to a new diet the answer isn't just to starve because it can cause low blood sugar/low energy/fainting etc. I suppose it's reasonable if you want to be like Elvis and put yourself in a coma for days on end to lose weight even then he still got feeds through an NG tube, even then Elvis was also rich enough to easily lose a couple days/weeks worth of work to starve but that's not reality for most women now who are either chasing around kids or working and can't exactly afford to be fainting at work. 2000s era girlies know this especially if you did a sport or something it wasn't uncommon for girls to have ambulances called on them from how common fainting was among girls if they didn't eat, and last time I check I doubt most Americans (majority of users) feel like paying a 10k ambulance bill because mentally ill users on a basket weaving forum told them they were lazy and fat for not wanting to starve

No. 352232


Here's an example. Plenty. Plenty. Plenty of girls have reported gaining weight after fasting, it's a pretty common discussion on pro ana forums. Can you post an example of a fatty using starvation mode as an excuse to eat bad? Personally I only KNOW of starvation mode because of skellies kek

No. 352252

Literally go on tiktok/yt and look up any fat activist. Their favorite argument against diet and exercise is avoiding the dreaded "starvation mode". IIRC ALR even used that excuse to stop a diet once.

No. 352259

I never seen this personally. One fatty saying off color shit doesn't mean it applies for every situation of someone trying to explain why they're unable to lose weight by fasting. I also feel like people don't understand when we say "starvation mode" we don't mean you'll gain 20 lbs by starving, we're saying your body naturally holds onto any calories you can get because it's not sure when you'll be able to get food again, it will eventually let go of calories but it's why starvation isn't a good way to drop weight

No. 352304

I've seen the "starvation mode" fatty cope, too, anon. It was everywhere.

No. 352316

During any long term caloric deficit (not just starvation) the metabolism is slowed, because the body wants to be as energy efficient as possible and will adjust accordingly. It's not that you will gain weight from it per se, but that the BMR gets lower and lower over time. It can be counteracted by having a 48 hour refeed period, less than that won't work. Other than that, during caloric deficits you will automatically move less, less fidgeting etc., things that can add up to 100-200kcal a day depending on how drastic the deficit is. This means that your TDEE can end up a lot lower than calculated, because the body will fight you being in a deficit.
So that's why you should plan 48h refeed periods about every 1-2 weeks during longterm weight loss to prevent the metabolism slowing down and estimate your TDEE to be a bit lower than expected when you're in a deficit to account for compensatory mechanisms.

No. 352324

Personally not my experience and I grew up around fattys kek

No. 352340

I don't know if it's a zoomer or internet thing, but fatties love blaming starvation mode when they give up on their diets or stagnate in their weight loss. Because yes, your 300 lb body is holding on to all that excess adipose because you're eating 500 less calories a day. That's exactly what's happening.

No. 352353

Most of the times I'd probably argue this is water weight / cortisol. Maybe heavy dehydration if it's dry fasting. You'll gain weight short-term, but there's no way you'd gain weight in the long-term if you fasted for 2-3 days straight. Anorexics also obsessively jump on the scale every 2-3 hours, and body weight tends to fluctuate all the time. Compounding what >>352316 said about your BMR going to shit in a state of heavy restriction, you'll probably just fail to lose the expected amount of weight to substantiate the time spent fasting - ergo "starvation mode" seems more and more likely.

I know anons have probably sufficiently convinced you this is a dangerous path to walk, but I really would recommend raising your intake to something along the lines of -500 your TDEE, with an emphasis on protein. Not sure what your fitness goals are, but there's nothing to be gained (kek) from losing all of your muscle mass from starving. At most, you'll lose the weight entirely from muscle mass and be stuck with numerous health problems from malnutrition. Also losing body weight isn't everything, especially when all of that weight is muscle instead of fat, maybe you could focus on something less triggering, maybe like clothing size or strength?

Also, this might be a little invasive or presumptuous to ask, but are there other issues happening in your life? Stressors? If restriction seems like a coping mechanism for something else, then maybe you should focus on the feelings that make you feel like heavy restriction is something you "don't want to give up". I believe that you can lose the weight healthily nonnie!♥

No. 352370

I'm not sure what you think that proves? Observing a plateau in weight loss is not the same as believing in starvation mode, she doesn't mention it at all. I ctrl f'd on that very page and the first response was
>I don't believe in the starvation mode thing. But I do believe that there's a hell of a lot of factors that can cover up the real number on the scale. Hormones, sodium, exercise, water retention, dehydration and the like.

No. 352396

I'm 150 (highest weight since highschool.) and i'm usually 130-135. What is a good routine to start that is slow with someone who has bad knees? I'm mentally stressed by this weight gain over the last 2 years

No. 352406

cut out drinks and switch to water only. people forget how many cals are in what they drink

No. 352407

If someone is ignorant they'll define starvation mode as in you'll literally gain tons of weight by starving, which isn't true obviously. If you starve your body will hold onto calories easier which is what people mean by starvation mode, which is true.

No. 352409

I don't understand? How would someone who is trying to lose weight claim starvation mode is the reason why they binge? Personally I've only ever seen it when people of all shapes and sizes are having trouble losing weight despite fasting and it's an easy explanation, as our body naturally holds onto basically everything if we aren't getting enough hence water retention, even in our hair if you wash your hair too much you'll train it to be oily, why does this magically not apply to weight?

No. 352413

As someone who accidentally under-ate by a lot (because of autism lol) I ate roughly 300 calories a day for 3 months and that wasn't enough to enter starvation mode. So even if starvation mode is real it takes REALLY extreme cases to get there.

No. 352414

How much weight did you gain/lose?

No. 352453

I briefly developed a phobia of getting my food poisoned and I dropped 40bs in 5 months, I was eating an average of 700 calories a day

No. 352456

What was your starting weight? I'm at 120 rn and trying to lose an extra 20 before winter.

No. 352474

Man, you reminded me of the interview of a candidate of the French version of Survivor who stayed the full 40 days and even won in the end. He talked about the aftermath of almost no food and surviving in the wild (they have a makeshift camp they build themselves, very extreme weather conditions, insects, having to forage or fish themselves, starvation, extreme challenges with running, climbing, pulling, swimming etc. to go through every three days or so), which entailed having hair loss, overeating and other things he had to get a nutritionist and a doctor for to get back to a normal state.

The low calorie intake probably wasn't the worst thing for your body if you still got enough water, enough sunlight and enough sleep.
If more criterions were impacting anyone's lifestyle, like in that Survivor show, then the consequences on one's body would worsen for sure.

No. 352504

My starting weight was 195 lbs so getting at 155 was nice to finally get to, had zero muscle though.

No. 352523

Definitely. I've been drinking mainly water and black coffee or coffee with a splash of oatmilk. I think my main enemy are sweets at night.

No. 352615

anon you're going to fuck up your metabolism if you do this. DON'T RESTRICT SO HARD. taper it down. your body is going into starvation mode and once you start eating normally again it will cling to calories and you'll absolutely gain it back and probably more. extreme diets DON'T WORK for this reason, unless you want to keep being ana for the rest of your (short) life.

No. 352726

I lost roughly 12kg I think, I wasn't keeping exact track of my weight and would still occasionally eat more than the 300 calories when eating with others (which was like once a week maybe) so I think that may also have helped keep me ok. I was just slightly overweight for my height when starting and landed in average weight because of it, so that may also have been a factor. If I had ended up in anachan levels of thin it may have affected me more. I also didn't do heavy physical work and could get proper sleep etc.

I'm not advocating for crash diets, but it was really beneficial to me in the end because once I realized how little I was eating (it really felt like way more because I ate tons of salad) and I started eating a proper amount I still didn't gain the weight back.

No. 352745

File: 1697207905537.gif (735.98 KB, 297x400, 1610928557554.gif)

I MISS THE GYM SO MUCH, NONNIES. I've been sick with such a nasty cough/cold. My neighbour's kid got some super bug from school and I caught it. Doesn't help I have asthma so my lungs are shit. I couldn't even eat or sleep properly, and I lost a lot of weight in the 10 days..
I'm kinda upset about the progress lost. I'm going to go for the first time again in a while.

No. 352748

It’s LEG DAYYYY and I am so excited to work out this afternoon. I got some really cute bodysuits with long pant leggings and have a cute gym fit planned. I’m also glad we’ve had nice weather where I live so I can still rollerblade on my off-gym days. I went yesterday and it just fills me with so much peace and mental calm and also juices me tf up. Idk if there are any other rollernonnas but it brings me such joy. It really helps w the hyperactivity that I have, gets my zooms out. It’s also really really good cardio and great for toning the whole body, legs and abs and hips overall. I notice my ab tone pops even more when I’ve skated a lot in a week. Sorry for sperging I’m just really reinvigorated about fitness lately!!!!! Wishing all of you good workouts and resolve sticking to any diets!

No. 352760

are you four feet tall?

No. 352774

You're so cute nonnie, enjoy your roller skating!

No. 352791

I have always been overweight/obese my ehile life. I kinda went through a starving phase where i would scroll ed tumblr all my free time and just starve myself and i went down to a “normal” healthy weight, back in like 2019, kept it off until like 2021 then went through a suicidal depressive episode mid covid and gained it all back. Any 2019-2021 photo of myself makes me want to kill myself, I know I was so unhealthy back then, but I’m obese bmi now so still unhealthy. I hate everything. I hate myself.

No. 352822

this hurts to read anon because I'm in the exact same boat. I started smoke heaps of weed and I just stopped eating due to being in a daze, and I finally reached a perfect weight. I was shocked because it felt like it happened overnight, I did have really bad dark undereyes though. Skip forward a few year to now, and I have gained all the weight back if not some more on top. I also have anxiety about the gym because I can't handle people staring at me and I also have no idea what to do regardless of how many videos I watch. You're not alone anon, there are lots of ex skinnys who are large again. It's all you think about all the time.

No. 352952

how are you doing this week anon? are you eating better?

No. 352970

I'm hanging in there. I've lost 2 lbs since last week, which cheers me up but I've also been having weird, random sharp pains and funny sensations around my arms and legs for the last few days. I'm anemic and doing new exercise routines so I'm sure that's what's causing it. I haven't stopped restricting, but I am trying to be easier with my numbers. Maximizing protein intake is the hardest thing to juggle and I'm still struggling with the urge to skip altogether, but I am taking the advice to heart. I make sure to have as nutritious an OMAD as I can a day.

No. 353201

>anxiety about the gym
I recently saw some advice to just go and walk on the treadmill for thirty minutes. Eventually you get used to being there and you gain confidence to do more things.
Do you have a protein goal? I think the regular adult baseline is like 80 grams which would be really hard to fit into one meal (unless there were courses). Are you eating enough carbs, too? That will help you get the best nutrition out of what you're eating.

No. 353407

>Eventually you get used to being there and you gain confidence to do more things
Tried it for a year, still couldn't leave the treadmill (or in my case elliptical). Exposure therapy doesn't always work in intense places like the gym.

No. 353589

sorry to respond so late but this set is adorable. I like the top especially

No. 355312

I posted in the last thread a few months about how awful and bloated I felt when my body was adjusting to eating a caloric surplus. Finally got around to cutting in the summertime and now I’m the same weight I was last fall except my waist is 5 inches smaller (was 31”, is now 26”). I’m so much more confident now that I’m no longer skinnyfat, gaining more muscle and then losing weight worked wonders. Living the stacy life that my chubby 12 year old self dreamed of rn

No. 355314

if you eat a few 100g tilapia fillets that will give you a lot of protein. hesitant to give you advice because you're clearly stressing out your body in an unhealthy way and i think you should probably just chill or talk to a doctor or nutritionist for a dose of professional advice.

No. 355338

That’s amazing congrats!

No. 355395

I'm so late to responding to this but thanks nona!!! This is so helpful, I appreciate it.

No. 355454

thank you nonny! once I hit my goal of having a 24”-25” waist I’m probably gonna start gaining some muscle again, maybe even get some ab definition

No. 355498

I need to gain back the weight I lost from stress this year. I'm just barely above my lowest weight ever from when I had an eating disorder, which scares me now (I'm bmi 16.7 but I'd like to get it up to 18). I've been losing hair, getting brain fog, my nails are cracking, and my face is looking all sad and sunken like I had that fucking buccal fat removal surgery. It's gross.

My goal is to eat more protein and healthy fats, take my vitamins every day, get 8 hours of sleep a night, and exercise at least 3x a week. I've been thinking about going back to taking edibles to help with my sleep schedule and appetite, but I'm not sure about potential long-term consequences from that. Nothing else has really helped though. I just want to bounce back from this and have more energy so I can get back to living my life!

No. 355514

Oxtail soup/bone broth is an easy cheap liquid meal that is filled with nutrients and healthy fats.

No. 355519

I should have mentioned I'm vegetarian. It kind of makes things more difficult for me, but I was thinking about cooking more with stuff with avocado, cashews, coconut oil, olive oil, stuff like that.

No. 355539

I want to get into walking for my daily exercise but i cannot force myself to do it. I used to walk to much as a teenager and i believe it was the sole reason why i was in relatively good shape despite eating like shit. I'd get 10k steps like it was nothing. But now i live in burger land and i am paranoid about walking in the dark because of the lack of street lights, especially in the winter and I don't really like the gym. I am just filled with excuses, somebody beat me up.

No. 355556

I get myself to exercise by only allowing myself to listen to my favorite podcasts while doing it. No movement, no podcast.

No. 355614

File: 1698493116253.jpg (35.32 KB, 564x564, a5314d85dbc3988a7728c20cac7257…)

I have unwillingly joined the anorexia war.
I am not anorexic, the only eating disorder I have is binge eating and I had it for years which caused me to be overweight and dieting for most of my life with no fruition, I kept gaining weight but I quit trying to diet for a while and solved some of my unaddressed mental and behavioural issues then I started a diet seriously with a whole lifestyle change and it worked this time, I went from having a 29 BMI to a 20 BMI.
I still live with my mother and sister, I have always been the heavier sister, my sister is younger than me and she's been thin all her life, I have some knowledge of the ED community solely because of my familiarity with imageboards, and I know that k-pop fans tend to be part of that community, my sister would skip meals and she lost even more weight having the BMI of 16 so I was concerned and I told my mother about it and she said it wasn't intentional and it just happened, fast forward me losing weight a year later and she is still the same weight she is and she is maintaining it by calculating everything she eats, I don't care because she is an adult and she should know better and I feel like a hypocrite because I was on a strict diet for a while.
occasionally I talk about my diet on Discord because I am open about it, but I took a break about two months ago and realized that my sister is in fact competing with me, she started eating more and stopped working out when I took my break, and I'm actually slipping back into binging plus some of my old habits are slipping back because they are comorbid apparently. I am trying to get back into dieting because I haven't reached my goal yet and I have gained some weight back and my sister is back into working out and eating less, burning 500Cals a day and walking so many steps. it's actually absurd because one of the people from Discord who is a fatty started dieting also and she does keto and weird contemporary diets but she also started posting about burning 500-1000Cals from walking and lifting weights, additionally, my IRL friend now talks about eating nothing all day but a bagel and coffee, even my aunt is asking me for diet tips and is trying to do an extreme calorie deficit diet, and I feel like I am being under attack while I was taking a break enjoying food and enjoying being a slob women around me are all starting to do these things that I shouldn't be doing because they're unhealthy but I am also spiralling back into my old self who had so many issues so I am more inclined to join the war and hope that I didn't waste too much time being a slob and I can catch up with the others.
I am not insane, all these women are seeing that I am happier and better looking than I used to be and are competing with me and it is making me rage because I haven't been on my top game and I have been telling myself that they just were inspired and it is good to be a good influence because I did it the healthy way, I take supplements and did regular blood work and consulted with my doctor and I made sure I ate food with high nutritional value, I told this to everyone that ever asked me for tips because I don't want to be responsible for people hurting themselves but they seem to not care about health they just want to compete with me. but at the same time, I feel guilty because some of these women did have a history of ED and I feel like I triggered it for them but it's also not my responsibility because matter of fact what was the catalyst of getting back into binging after finally thinking that I am regaining my ability to feel full I got back into binging because of people around me, they kept saying that I am withering away (I wasn't) and that I am not eating anything (I did eat) so I began socially overeating so people would stop making these comments about me even though I am just a healthy weight and I am still a little fatter than I'd like to be but I kept overeating and making a statement of it until it carried into my daily life even when I'm alone and I lost my ability to feel full again and worst part is that the comments did not stop despite all my effort despite showing them my blood work despite everything, some of them, including my mom, literally said that they want me to be overweight again and it suited me better! I can only think that this is said out of spite or to make me less of a competition because I had health issues being overweight and I couldn't go outside because I had zero confidence and I hated myself and everything in my body was messed up from all the junk food and my hair was falling out and people treated me really badly even my family used to bully me for my appearance and men never looked at me twice, and now I am healthier than ever feeling better than ever and being a normal weight, people are nicer to me, and men talk to me more often and I get cute interactions, now I get asked to get back to where I started? I told those people all these things and that I am happier now and they just said that it doesn't matter because I look terrible, I can only think that I am in a vicious war and that the things people say about women competing and coming for each other being true, I can't take this anymore.

No. 355657

File: 1698524620668.png (4.69 MB, 1624x1776, 1698523107251.png)

I guess it wasn't this thread but I could have sworn someone here asked for vegetarian low calorie recipes for weight loss. I found a vegan resource.

I like her "eat more weigh less" playlist; essentially she's doing high-volume / low-calorie by just eating a shitload of vegetables or putting low calorie bulky vegetables in things but the food looks good. She also doesn't seem to use oil for cooking. She uses an instapot a lot but if you don't have one that's not an issue, just make it in a normal pot.
She's pretty good if you like to learn from video. if you prefer reading she has a list of free recipes here: https://highcarbhannah.co/recipes/ –not sure how comprehensive it is. She sells ebooks so beware there's a lot of advertising for that through the link. I tried to find them for free online but only found her sauces recipe book.

No. 355664

Why not start walking during the day on weekends and when you get more comfortable or start enjoying it too much to resist try walking at night? Or maybe go for early morning instead, less risky possibly.

No. 355766

I lost 7 lbs in a week from having the worst stomach bug of my life and my smart scale says I lost some visceral fat and 2 lbs of muscle, which sucks. I feel so weak and I’m nervous about reintegrating into the gym after missing about 5 days of lifting. It also says I lost .2 lb of bone mass and I’m praying that’s a false reading lol but it wouldn’t surprise me because I wasn’t able to eat at all so maybe my body just sucked up any of my resources? I’m probably over analyzing all of this and I bet I’ll rebuild muscle once my appetite comes back and I readjust in my gym schedule

No. 356105

I don't like my boobs. They're not very big or very small, just average, but since I'm short they look bigger on my frame. Does anyone know of any exercises or things I can do to make them smaller? I'm quite desperate here and would like to know if there may be natural things I can do instead of getting a breast reduction.

No. 356177

maybe? breasts are partly made of fat and if you lose some fat it could affect the amount of fat in your chest, depending on your fat distribution.
i could swear i saw an article a few years back where a young lady went from like HH to a B or something with a bunch of pec exercises and weightlifting, but she mustve had a pretty optimal body type to do that. no harm in trying tho

No. 356393

Finally hit that "healthy" bmi, just below 25. Happy. I can tell my clothes are looser now. I havent been working out as much as I planned but at least I am making progress, even if slow. I'd like to make it to a middle ground healthy weight, bmi 22ish with a few pounds either way from 'overweight' and 'underweight'. I hope I can reach that by my next birthday, we will see. Good luck everyone on your health and fitness journeys. Slow progress is still progress.

No. 356399

What’s the best way to not look doughy while being super pale? I’ve gotten a lot more toned these past few months but I still look flabby in some places because of how pasty I am. Do I need to go to a really low body fat percentage?

No. 356430

Yeah unfortunately kek I’m the same as you, literally Kindle Paperwhite™️ bc I’m ginger and I only started to see real “proud of myself” level tone again (this month!!! Am stoked!!!) when I got down to pretty low body fat. I’m not sure what my exact percentage is rn but it’s low, bc I have visible abs etc without flexing and without special lighting. I lost the last little bit of fat on my obliques after quitting pre workout. (Sidenote that stuff is poison for me apparently, I made insane visible gains in the month after quitting it.) The other thing you could do is use some self tanning drops to make your skin a shade or two darker so muscle def is more visible but I get why you wouldn’t wanna. Some women just look more toned at the same amount of body fat tho it’s kind of an unfair genetic crapshoot.

No. 356431

What’s with all the anti boob posts on this board? Many of you sound like pedobaiters.

No. 356436

Probably a moid with a flat chest fetish trying to poison the well. Why the fuck would any woman who says her boobs aren’t even large be considering a reduction kek? Reductions unless medically necessary are butchery and scar you for life. Moid surgeons peddle them to women whose breasts aren’t even heavy to make money off it, same as tranny surgeries.

No. 356518

It really is a genetic crapshoot and it’s not fair kek. My makeup has all been very specifically curated to my current skin tone and the few times in my life where I’ve been 2 shades darker it ALL becomes unusable. I also like the super fair skin and dark hair combo on myself it just means I look heavier. I don’t like looking doughy in certain places but I don’t want to lose more body fat because then my as disappears.

No. 356549

Anyone who's been under the knife would do anything they could to avoid going under again unless they're a munchie or addicted to plastic surgery. I'm always sus of "women" who want reductions without having something like gynecomastia. If your boobs aren't too big and you want them bigger, just lose weight. Trust me, those will be the first to shrink.

No. 356673

Nonas I'm really confused about my stats. I'm 5'3 and fluctuate between 118-123lb, and I don't understand where such a high weight is coming from as I look overall slim despite being flabby and thick in some areas. I'm prepping to see a nutritionist and I just found out I have relatively lower bf (~24%) even though I don't exercise at all. Where the hell is the weight and volume coming from if not body fat?

For additional context, I really suspect that I have PCOS because my blood glucose is never below 90 (even fasting), my hormone levels are wack (mainly super high T) and I have an extremely hard time controlling my weight. My initial measurement/weighing session stated that I should be eating 2k cals a day, but from experience I know that if I eat more than 1200 I instantly balloon. The only way I've been able to get to my gw (110) is by eating less than 1kcals and walking 10k steps daily. I don't know what's going on!!

No. 356675

Nta but how is wanting boobs to match your frame anti-boob or pedobaiting wtf. Basically a woman can't win when making ANY statements about her chest because wanting bigger boobs makes her a tranny and wanting smaller boobs makes her a pedo baiter.

No. 356678

Also NTA and I agree with the above anon. I have small boobs and I'd gladly get a reduction because it's just annoying to constantly be in limbo between needing a bra and not. I'd rather be fully flat so I don't have to keep digging up a sports bra every time they fluctuate in size. There's tons of reasons to want smaller or bigger boobs, chill out.

No. 356680

AYRT and ahhh yeah the ass loss problem. I had to work to gain an ass with good shape to make up for the fact I naturally don’t have a lot of it, maybe you could really target on building glutes so if you lost a little more you wouldn’t feel sad from ass lack?

No. 356686

Girl, you crazy. 118 - 123 isn’t a high weight for 5’3”. You been looking at too many kpop stats or something?

No. 356688

I used to be a bit insecure about the same thing, it really depends on how much breast tissue vs fat you have there because when I lost weight my boobs stayed about the same size the whole time meanwhile some people become flat

No. 356742

I’m 5’2”, my whole life I was skinny, then my mental health started failing due to coming to terms with my abusive childhood, my best friend committed suicide among other tragedies, and COVID, and I ballooned up to 145-150 pounds (not precise as I didn’t own a scale) due to stress eating and having too much disposable income (ordering junk food every day). I didn’t realize I had body image issues until I gained weight. Yes, I was overweight but in my mind I was disgusting and obese. I stopped leaving the house because I was too ashamed, which led to further inactivity. I’ve also never been an athletic kid, my body was always a source of shame and pain so I coped by dissociating from it.

After hitting rock bottom, I started to explore different exercises that I enjoyed and tried to eat healthier. Managed to lose about 5-10 lbs this way but then hit a plateau. Still unhappy with my body, my fat distribution is ass and I have the small tits/big belly convo and I straight up look pregnant. I did gain some muscle though, since I was lifting weights. Recently I realized that my TDEE is probably a lot lower than I initially thought due to having a desk job. Like, I would have to eat less than 1200 calories a day to lose substantial weight. So I started doing that but I fear I might be veering into ED land, because it’s easier to just not eat than it is to eat smaller portions. Either that or Im obsessively tracking calories and thinking about food all day. Once my appetite awakens, it’s hard to shut off, so I just fast. Most days I don’t break 1000 calories.

It’s been like this for a month and a half, and I lost 6 pounds already, I’m at 133 currently. My goal is to keep restricting until the holidays, have a two week break where I eat yummy food and then start back again in the new year. I hope I’m not setting myself up for failure this way, but it’s the only way I’ve managed to lose weight so far. My goal weight is 115-120, so realistically I just have to lose 15 more pounds. Doesn’t seem like a lot but considering my height, it’s substantial.

Sorry for the rant nonnies. It’s been hard.

No. 356756

it's not a moid, reductions are basically a new way of saying breast lift/reshaping without seeming like a full narc. I knew multiple women who got "reductions" that didn't even reduce the size and just got rid of sag and reshaped it. that's what happens when moids and pickmes enforce extreme amount of shame on women who get any sort of surgeries that arent reductions

No. 356773

where do you buy your sports bras? i want maybe 2-3 new ones - are cheaper brands from target ok or is there a huge quality difference between those and ones from like, nike or lululemon?

No. 356777

Hi I'm the AYRT. I'm not a moid or a pedobaiter, I'm just a woman who's always felt uncomfortable with her chest. I developed early and had bad experiences that made me very uncomfortable with being sexualised for something I couldn't control, i.e. my chest.
I don't want a reduction for the reasons you mentioned (scarring, pain and I'm against getting unnecessary surgery). As you said I likely couldn't get one anyway. That's why I asked if there were any natural ways.
I understand that this is an imageboard and that no one knows the context behind someone's posts. Still, accusing someone of being a pedobaiter or a man with a fetish is not fun to read when you're asking for advice on an issue you don't feel you can ask the people in your life about.

No. 356796

I'd imagine it depends on your chest size. I'm a B cup and cheapo Hanes ones from Target work well but they aren't the most supportive so if you're larger breasted I'm not sure if it would be enough. When I was heavier and ~DD cup I thrifted a high impact bra from Puma that looked like a torture device, wasn't the most comfortable but really kept everything perfectly in place even when running kek

No. 356797

I'm a 120lb H cup and I get my shitty little sports bras from Amazon. They suck and don't support me at all but they're better than nothing.

No. 356803

I weigh 50kg for 160cm, meaning that if I lose more than 5kg, my weight will be considered dangerous for my height (meaning I will be underweight)
However, my body really doesn't look like I'm on the edge of becoming underweight, I look like your average girl, especially with my massive thighs, midly fat arms and belly

I know why this happened, it is because I was overweight my whole childhood until I slowly grew into the weight but most importantly, lost a lot of it when I ate only rice and ham cubes for two months

So, is there any way I can lose all the fat that is in my thighs arms and belly ? I know you can't spot reduce, you can only lose weight and pray that you lose in the area you want but as I said, losing more than 5kg seems dangerous

No. 356809

You would have to gain muscle and lose fat - you will end up weighing more than you do right now, but you will look a lot leaner.

No. 356810

Any food recommendations for weight gain for people that crave crunchy savory stuff instead of soft sweet stuff? All the recipes I find are like “getting all your daily calories and protein is easy, just make this sweet chocolate smoothy!” and the thought of trying to down something like that every day makes me lose my appetite.

No. 356814

Do you know how I can gain muscles at home ? Going to the gym isn't an option because I'm in college so money and time aren't on my side

How to lose said fat though ? Will it go away as I gain muscle ?

No. 356818

Sorry to be of no help but I'd also love to find out how to build muscle at home! I'm about to buy some weights but I have yet to find the correct exercise routines and can't really figure out what to eat. Do I have to eat more or be in a deficit?

No. 356916

Pilates type, HIIT and basic strength workouts at home with no proper equipment are absolutely doable! If anyone is interested I can make a list of beginner exercises for different muscle groups to get you started. You can absolutely get some muscles going and fat loss from working out at home! I would recommend investing in either a medicine ball, a set of lightweight dumbbells, or some ankle weights (1-2lbs is enough) to add resistance. Resistance bands are OK imo but not amazing. You can absolutely substitute things like full water bottles and backpacks though for some exercises.

No. 356917

Samefag, I would rec 5-8 lbs for medicine ball and 1-6 lbs for dumbbells for a beginner. Also, to this nonna >>356818 to lose fat you should eat a calorie deficit but it doesn’t have to be extreme or crazy esp if you are working out regularly. Muscle burns more fat too.

No. 356919

Nona I relate to this so hard. I have no sweet tooth at all (probably from drinking too much, but that's another story.) My go to for this is loaded nachos. Tortilla chips, shredded cheese, seasoned ground beef or chicken, put it on the oven for ~20 minutes at 350, and then top it with shredded lettuce, pico de gallo, and sour cream.

No. 357221

From what I gather muscle growth from home workouts has a very hard upper limit. Like you'll gain muscles if you've been a couch potato, but you'll probably max out in 3-4 months unless you want to invest a big money into a proper home gym. I'm currently looking at adjustable dumbbells that max out around 12-15 kilos/side, just so I can maybe use them in compound movements too, even though that's still far below what you'd be able to handle with a barbell squat for example. Since a set of dumbbells costs about as much as one month's fee for an inner city gym here, it sames like a safe investment.

No. 357371

File: 1699346752441.jpg (108.17 KB, 966x971, unsymmetricstrength.jpg)

I never learn. My bench fucking sucks, because I've been doing lots of overhead press variations instead. So now I'm doing a fuck ton of bench just to try to be a little less asymmetric. Also my high bar back squat fucking sucks in comparison to my front squat. I think it's because front squat is less scary to me, since it's easier to bail out from that. Just drop the weight. Instead of having to fling it back or let myself be crushed until it hits the safeties.
I decided to run Smolov for both bench and back squat. I am on base 2 and I fear I will not survive my Friday and Saturday workouts. Pray for me.

No. 357401

Body fat percentage calculated by nutritionists and even personal trainers is usually not very reliable, and even those measured by machines are not often very dependable. Here is a link to a visual guide that measures body fat with machines for you to see if this is really your body fat percentage. I find it unlikely that you are at 24% as your nutritionist claims.


No. 357420

Does anyone know how to gain weight in a healthy way, without eating garbage that will give me diabetes/heart disease? Since I hit puberty I've always had a lot of difficulty gaining weight, and I figure that it doesn't help that the only meat I eat is fish/seafood and I hate overly sweet or greasy stuff (autism). I think I might be just meant to be "underweight" given that my weight is very stable, and I don't have an ED of any sort nor do I look like I have one, but still I'd like to raise my BMI a bit without having to sacrifice my health for it, especially now that I'm trying to become more active with weightlifting. I'm not American if it helps.

No. 357428

The answer is sort of straightforward: eat larger amounts and/or more frequently. You don't have to eat anything unhealthy, just more of it. However there's the case that you want to eat more but you're full, or you want to eat more but you're a picky eater. First some background: Fat is the micronutrient with the highest calorie content per gram. Which means that a gram of pure fat (an example is oil) has more calories in it than the exact same weight of pure carbohydrate (an example is sugar). So really the answer, if you want to gain weight but don't feel like you can manage larger portions of food, is to eat more fat. To be done in a healthy way you should really stick to "good" fats, aka mono and polyunsaturated fats found in oils, nuts, seeds, avocado and oily fish. You can also count calories and slowly increase them as time passes, to make sure you eat more than you burn. There is no difference in calorie content between "good" fats and "bad" fats (which include fat from meat and daily), it's purely about health. Bad fats are the ones that increase LDL cholesterol, while "good" fats increase HDL cholesterol, but that doesn't mean they're that "bad" if your blood levels are checked and you're in the recommended range. They are just more linked to health concerns on average and you shouldn't avoid them entirely. Try eating breakfasts containing avocado, snacking on nuts throughout the day, eating protein bars, cooking with more oil (not lard) than you usually do, adding drizzles to your food if it works with the dish, and replacing lean meat intake with sustainable sources of oily fish (salmon, mackerel, trout, sardines, whitebait, herring and fresh tuna are commonly available oily fish). Also exercise may help you gain weight by building up muscle, combined with a good diet. Most of the advice I recommend you isn't that different from what a short google search would give, though. And really, you might be underweight and not have health issues. People who are underweight are more prone to them, but that doesn't necessarily mean you'll have them.
Also, I don't have autism, but I'm a picky eater and what helps me is eating foods I don't like alongside with foods I like so they become more bearable. I also tried eating first in small amounts food I disliked and then started increasing the portions when I got used to them. If you have a problem with texture, try different methods to cook them. Also some of my habits passed as I got older honestly, I used to hate certain foods as a kid but as I got older I was fine with them, but I know that's not the case with people with autism. Oh, there's also this method when you eat something and feel like you want to gag. You can train your gag reflex in order to stop it, everytime you brush your teeth brush your tongue right where your gag reflex begins. Repeat the process over the next few nights in the exact same spot. Your gag should gradually decrease each time you do it. Once you can touch your toothbrush to the original starting point without gagging, you can move the toothbrush farther back. That worked for me. There's another trick I've heard, which is squeezing your thumb but it never worked for me, it might work for you though idk.

No. 357430

Samefag. Also eat before sleeping.

No. 357445

Cholesterol being unhealthy is a myth and consuming cholesterol is important for brain and endocrine function

No. 357452

Just wanted to butt in to say that saturated fat being bad is a myth. In reality research hasn’t been able to prove for certain that it will increase LDL cholesterol, it’s inconclusive. Some research points in one direction, while some points in the other. In some of the research the subjects were eating processed foods that are typically high in both fat and carbs, so it’s hard to say whether fat was the culprit. There are also different qualities of animal fat depending on what the animals have been fed. For example soy is high in omega-6, so animals that are being fed soy products will have higher amounts of omega-6 than omega-3. Too much omega-6 has been linked to inflammation. Animals that are fed lineseed or rapeseed products will have more omega-3. Grazing animals usually have a good balance between omega-3 and omega-6. All this is to say that fat is more complicated than saturated = bad.

On the other hand, sugar (carbs) will increase LDL cholesterol. In short, carbs are used as energy directly as you consume them. If you can not use all the energy right then (i.e. if you are passive), your body will store it for later. In order for you body to store the sugar, the liver needs to convert it into fat, and LDL cholesterol is a byproduct of this conversion. I don’t mean to say you shouldn’t eat carbs, I love carbs, but I think it’s important to understand how our body processes sugar because so many people these days struggle with their cholesterol and there is little information regarding how carbs can actually contribute to this.

Imo if you want to eat clean animal fat such as egg, fatty pieces of meat, dairy products etc., there is no clear evidence that it is bad for you, so I think people who wanna do it should do so without worrying too much. In the end it’s way better than eating burger, sausages, fried chicken or whatever. As long as the products you eat aren’t UPF it’s usually good because overconsumption of unprocessed products is very hard. I would rather eat a whole fat product and feel full for the rest of the day than eat something “lowcal”. Fat is a great nutrient that makes food delicious and keeps you satiated. It’s important for hormonal regulation. Otherwise I think your post mostly good advice and I would also recommend the foods you mentioned. I would not cook with oil because oils have a lower smoking point than animal fat which means they become carcinogenic easier, and the processing cooking oils go through make them inflammatory (cold pressed oils are good, but you can't cook with them).

It's not a myth, but it's not all cholesterol. It's the LDL cholesterol, and it's more complicated than fat = bad for you.

No. 357649

Hey, does anybody have any tips or techniques for loosing weight while short (5’1)? Anything is appreciated

No. 357653

I'd reverse weightloss advice. Usually they're told not to drink their calories, because it is so easy to go overboard, while you should probably get some drinks it. I mean more things like protein shakes, I don't mean drink Coke 24/7. Try eating lean cuts of meat if you hate greasy stuff.
I honestly wouldn't say being underweight according to BMI scales is anything wrong if you otherwise feel fine, but if you want to build muscle, you'll need to eat more. Usually the people who have a hard time gaining weight in general stuggle more with building muscle too.

No. 357865

I'm going to start thinking about my urges to overeat and snack and binge as a whiny child, i think separating them from me will help me fight it more because I have been giving in way too easily lately. gl anons

No. 357867

It's crazy how much weight you gain just by eating a tiny bit more than usual. I had dropped about 15 pounds and held it steady for several months, then around halloween I started eating a few of those bite sized snickers halloween candies left over from the trick or treaters every night… I gained 6 pounds!! What? I thought you could be a little flexible as long as it isn't a long-term habit, but I was surprised how instant it was.

No. 357877

This is a great idea, I'll start doing that too. You're a lifesaver nonny.

I had a lot of hormonal issues lately that caused a lot of steady weight gain (14lbs) but I got it treated. Losing the weight was tough until I started taking iron and magnesium glycinate supps, so this is your sign to check if you have any deficiencies! It really made a difference for me.

No. 357888

Keep in mind your weight can fluctuate a bit depending on water retention. I think sodium, carbs and your menstrual cycle are three of the main factors contributing to your body holding on to more water. So if you’ve gained a few pounds in a week it’s not necessarily fat, but could be water retention. That’s why they typically recommend weighting yourself once a week, or even every other week, or just using a measuring band instead. Muscles are also heavier than fat as you probably know.

In general though, when I go through a period of eating a lot, like during a holiday or when on vacation or whatever, I usually compensate by eating a little bit less for a couple of days following, or even doing a low-key fast, just to sort of reset. I’m into time restricted eating and I think one of the advantages to this lifestyle is that you can be very flexible with it. In general I try to pick healthier foods, but it’s not the end of the world if I indulge myself every once in a while. That said I’m not looking to lose weight at this time, but used to be a bit overweight and am using it to maintain a healthy weight. My weight usually fluctuates with roughly +/- 2 kgs depending on what I’ve eaten and where I am in my menstrual cycle, but has been consistently like this for over a year. I feel like I can eat whatever I want as long as I follow time restricted eating principles, pick foods that makes me happy and satiated, and don’t overindulge every day. My normal eating window is between 10am (sometimes a bit later) and 7pm. I usually eat two meals a day and maybe a snack. Never count my calories and enjoy all kinds of food and the occasional chocolate or cake or whatever.

No. 357950

This advice is probably has the same novelty value as flat bread, but if you use any kind of calorie tracking app for weight loss, one "trick" you can use is not be overexaggerate the calorie values of certain things.
I've been logging my intake in a way where my black coffees themselves take up like 200 calories, so I already used up almost 1/5th of my calorie goal by the time I leave home. Even if I know I manipulated the numbers, I'm somehow still able to believe I did hit 1500-1700 calories for the day, because I guess my monkey brain just believes the number on the screen, like a magician believing they're an actual mage somehow. I've been losing weight consistently like this over 3-4 months now.

No. 358188

i'm in the same boat and the only way i've managed to lose weight is by eating around 1000 calories a day, which probably isn't sustainable, but I try to eat lots of veggies and protein to feel satisfied. it was rough at first but my appetite has adjusted and i don't think about food as much any more. i haven't reached the maintenance phase yet, so we'll see how that goes. also upping cardio helps a lot.

No. 358227

I'm new to the thread and finally started my weightloss or muscle growth journey. Last 6-8 weeks I started reading the first thread. 4 weeks ago I started workouts at home and this week I am finally back in the gym since 2007.
I never had a flat stomache and it's a dream of mine. First time I was in the gym, went swimming, etc. I kinda stayed chubby and just got sporty. It frustrated me to no end. Getting back motivation and hope to get somewhere really is thanks to these threads. I now have somewhere to start with a clue on what to exactly do. I'm at 62kg rn (1,67m).

I have a stupid question… I have a big butt and don't want it to get any bigger. I want to work to a more androgynous appearance. Can I work out my ass muscles to make it smaller (getting rid of the fat) or will the muscles get bigger too fast in relation to fat being burned?

Sry for sounding weird, I am esl.

No. 358274

Stick to slow / long-term habit-building plans. That’s the only thing that’s worked for me (5’3”) I have an armchair theory that short bodies are efficiency-oriented and more sensitive than larger bodies, they don’t like fast change and are prone to rebelling against crash diets with low energy and metabolic slowdown. I basically just made that up but that’s how I think of it.

No. 358297

Yeah I’m 5’4” and whenever I tried to do a calorie deficit higher than 250 I was just ravenous. It’s also super important to ear more nutritious foods when we’re in deficits. It’s a lot easier when im loaded on protein and veggies. My highest was 150 and it took me awhile to lose the weight but it’s much more sustainable.

No. 358321

File: 1699777655221.jpeg (40.68 KB, 600x919, uJeurvqpZ3sr0fpZjiDNrdfIi.jpeg)

Currently listening to the book Outlive by Dr. Peter Attia. He’s a doctor who has been focusing on longevity for the past decade. It’s a mammoth of a book, the audio version is 17 hours long. It touches on the most prominent modern lifestyle diseases: diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer and alzheimers, which all intertwine to some degree, and it also has sections dedicated to excercise and diet.

He argues that traditional medicine is too late in treating these diseases. Focus should be on early prevention, because when one disease has progressed long enough that you actually get e.g. a diabetes diagnosis, a lot of damage is already done. Another key part to his philosphy is the aknowledgement that people differ genetically in terms of our ideal diet. He used to be an advocate for fasting and ketogenic diet because it was very helpful to him, but as he started treating more patients he was humbled when he discovered people respond differently to it. A diet which worked for one patient might make someone else worse, so each patient needs to be treated individually. I posted itt a few days ago that I don’t think saturated fats are bad, but according to his book about 1/3rd of people get elevated apoB (signifying "bad cholesterol") from saturated fats. As a sidenote he recommends testing apoB rather than traditional HDL/LDL cholesterol because you can have high LDL and still have healthy arteries. ApoB is what actually clogs the arteries, leading to arteriosclerosis. He also recommends testing Lp(a) because it can tell whether you are genetically predisposed to "high cholesterol". A high-carb diet is also not ideal for everyone and can lead to insulin resistance in some. Basically when it comes to diet it’s impossible to make generalized advice because people vary so much. That said the vast majority will benefit from eating more protein lol.

As for fasting, there is some evidence fasting can be cancer preventative, but his stance is that it’s too hard to eat enough protein while doing fasting/time-restricted eating. Seeing as his focus is on longevity he wants to prevent muscle loss as much as possible, so he only recommends fasting for people who are severely metabolically disoredered. Personally I’ve found time-restricted eating to be very helpful, but his book made me realize I’ve been neglecting my protein intake and need to figure out ways to increase that.

There is way too much info in this book to type out everything, but a lot of common sense lifestyle advice holds true. He considers excercise is the #1 preventative medicine and places it above diet. One takeaway for anons itt is that zone 2 aerobic training makes us metabolically flexible, in other words able to utilize both fat and sugar as energy, so for people who are currently overweight this type of training is especially helpful. There is lots of other info about benefits of both aerobic and strength training in terms of longevity. I think the focus on individual differences is what I love most about this book because people are so assertive when it comes to what they think is the best diet (I’ve been guilty of this too), when it might not be true for the next person. All in all it’s a super fascinating read. Highly recommend it.

No. 358324

I'm not sure about everyone else but being the same height as you, do not listen to what the average calorie cut is for a woman. It's probably not going to yield results like it would for someone of average height. I was on a "cut" for 6 months, healthy diet, weights, cardio etc. and I noticed I never changed physically the entire time. I randomly came across some fitness website about other women who were short stating that they didn't lose any weight because they weren't actually in a deficit. You have no idea how annoyed I was that I didn't make any progress, I was just maintaining the entire time.

No. 358325

Nta but interesting book, I'm going to check it out

No. 358340

Yes that's true too, the type of food is really important. The easiest "hack" is just make at least half your plate vegetables every time. It really helps with satiety on a cut or maintenance diet if you struggle with hunger or feeling full. (Side note if anyone tries this: there is a chance that in the first couple weeks you will feel bloated or gassy or have some other digestive discomfort if you're not used to eating so much fiber / vegetable matter but that goes away as you adjust and if anything your digestion should improve, feel better, be more regular etc.)

No. 358354

Thanks for the rec nonna sounds fascinating

No. 358460

i've got this book on my christmas wishlist, sounds really up my street
>evidence fasting can be cancer preventative
the problem i have with fasting info is how differently it effects men and women, which leads me to my question - has anyone got any recommendations for health books that are written by women? (general health or specific women's health)
I have Move Your DNA by Katy Bowman and Deep Nutrition by Catherine Shanahan on my list so far but can't recommend yet as I haven't read them.

No. 358462

yeah I’m >>358188 and just to piggyback off this, I had the same experience, I did lose a little bit following the suggested deficit (didn’t have a scale at home so wasn’t weighing myself too consistently, but around 5 pounds) but then hit a plateau where I was just maintaining. despite continuing to weigh my food and working out regularly. for reference I’m 5’2”, it wasn’t until I started limiting my calories to 1000-1200 per day that I started to lose again, at rate of about .5 kilo per week more or less

No. 358466

nta but just saw this and I'm 5'2" also. my TDEE on an average day (with maybe 30 min exercise, walking and chores etc.) is 1400-1600. the hysterics about never going below 1200 are bullshit for short people imo. we just are smaller and can function on less. eating 1000-1200 calories sucks but it's the only way i could lose weight.
i agree with what some other nonas have said about ignoring mainstream calorie cutting advice for women. small but regular high-fiber meals and lots and lots of walking is what helped me most, but everyone is different. i find walking burns more calories without making you hungry, plus it keeps you busy for longer periods where you're not tempted to snack.

No. 358517

nonnys have you got any advice for toning your body without losing weight? I don't want to lose a lot of weight because then I'd have to buy new clothes and I'm already a normal bmi. however I'm skinny fat and untoned so I look dumpy anyway. what kind of exercise should I focus on to tighten my body without losing enough weight that my clothes are too big for me?

No. 358521

"Toning" doesn't really exist, a toned look is low body fat% with some muscle. You can do weightlifting while eating a little above your current calories to cover the energy expenditure of growing muscle without it cutting into your fat reserves, but it'll be slow and might be tricky to find the balance.
Also while you can get stronger, if you're on the upper limit of the normal BMI you might not even look classically toned even with more muscles on.

No. 358523

If you're skinnyfat from being sedentary, then I think rather than focusing on your body image, you should focus on finding exercise you actually enjoy doing. Run, dance, swim, skate, cycle for the fun of it. That way you're likely to keep it up and regardless of what happens to your body's appearance, you'll feel happier in it. Also if you exercise consistently, your waist probably will shrink no matter what so just prepare to wear a belt.

No. 358550

Weightlifting, upping protein and fat while lowering carbs, while staying in a calorie surplus.

No. 358663

Have any anons tried the 12-3-30 workout? Is it helpful or just a meme? I want to switch up my treadmill running with something low impact but I’m not sure

No. 358665

I used to do it when i had a phase where i wanted to be in the gym, it was my go to because i didn't trust myself with weights and plus it burns a around 300 calories in 30 minutes.

No. 358689

im a beginner jogger so ymmv. i find it pretty challenging and do it at 7-3-30 for now. there's no harm in trying it out for a week

No. 358704

I haven't tried this but take it from someone who lives in a mountainous area, walking uphill is great for your aerobic endurance. After moving here I became in much better physical shape just from walking up and down hills several times a day.

No. 358715

>the problem i have with fasting info is how differently it effects men and women
Sadly I don’t think there is a lot of hard evidence yet on how fasting effects men and women differently, simply because there hasn’t been a lot of research on it yet, which seems to be the norm when it comes to women’s health. If you do have any sources though, please share them. I’m personally not too worried about fasting. Sure if you are doing extreme fasting for an extended time it will likely affect your hormones (this is true in men as well, fasting will lower testosterone), but as does severe caloric restriction. However I can understand your concerns because I think a lot of people go a bit overboard when they first get into fasting. I don’t think people should do severe fasting unless they are deathfat, but if you eat normally then do a 48-day fast a couple of times a year I highly doubt it’s going to affect your hormones permanently. Found this article on the subject of fasting and hormones in women for those who are interested https://today.uic.edu/new-data-on-how-intermittent-fasting-affects-female-hormones/

Personally I can fast once in a while but use time-restricted eating more or less every day. I don’t think eating in the late hours is good for metabolism and I’m also not a breakfast person. For a lot of people this is just their natural eating pattern, they don’t fast intentionally. I average a 14 hour eating window and I don’t think I’ve had any adverse effects from it, but it’s important to eat good food and eat until your satisfied when you do. That said I would also be interested in more research and literature on women’s health.

No. 358731

nta but thanks, that was an interesting read. I don't think it should be too surprising that fasting might effect hormones related to reproduction, as you're basically putting yourself into a circumstance where being pregnant/having a baby isn't ideal by there being less food around (as far as your biology is concerned, not literally).

This year I went really hard on fasting, basically only eating two days a week for about six months, and I can't think of any effects that weren't intentional. It's not something I'd recommend to anyone else, but I got what I wanted out of it and was surprised how good I felt at the time (had expected the whole experience to be awful kek).

No. 358794

I tried it out today and whew, I underestimated that 12 incline. Shit was tough but I worked up a good sweat. I'll definitely be adding this to my routine, but it feels a bit boring walking at that pace for 30 mins so I should probably play something to watch

No. 358825

Lol I once did a 3 day fast and I got heart arythmias that stopped once I stopped the fast. Alot of people love to praise fasts as this perfect health thing but there are a lot of side effects from it that are not talked about. I even saw some people getting kidney and liver failure after doing long term fasts.

Either way I want to lose weight fast so I will still do long fasts but there are health issues associated with this once you reach the 4th day.

No. 358829

Fasting more than 12 hours at a time is a meme and also dangerous.

No. 358847

Nah it’s fine. Nothing will happen as long as you have electrolytes. A morbidly obese man fasted for a whole year.

No. 358848

Fasting when you have a job or drive puts other people in danger. There’s way more stories now of people passing out at the wheel and crashing and killing others and themselves it’s because fasting is so trendy now. There was a 16% increase in fatal road accidents between 2018 and 2022, and it’s convenient timing because so many American idiots are fasting.

No. 358861

Is 12 hours even a fast? People who eat dinner at 6pm and breakfast at 8am “fast” longer than that.

No. 358873

Anon you are leaving out important details out on purpose (I hate it when people do this).

He was under the supervision of doctors in which his fasting weight loss experiment was being conducted who were constantly taking care of him. Now let's not compare this to the average person fasting when there are people being taken to the hospital and almost going to the other world after 20 day fasts.

No. 358874

You need to keep track of your electrolytes as other anon said. Also don't do extreme fasts if you are stressed out or otherwise emotionally unwell. Have some common sense. If you are having health issues you should consult with a doctor first. A lot of people who do very long fast are morbidly obese, if you are already a healthy BMI then 2 days is usually recommended.

lol wtf people are having more car accidents between 2018 and 2022 because more people are driving smart cars and get distracted by the screens..

12 hours isn't normally considered a fast but falls within time-restricted eating

No. 358875

Lol I had no health issues and I drank electrolytes while fasting yet I still got side effects. Is fasting the new snake oil??

I mean it does work for weight loss but why are people acting like there are no side effects to it and blaming everything on not getting enough electrolytes…or being mentally unwell which is a weird thing to say.

I'm 100% okay with fasting but my problem is how people just don't want to call out the side effects and pretend like they don't exist. Honestly it reminds me of middle ages crap woo woo drink piss type of stuff.

No. 358891

Well at the same time, just because you got side effects doesn’t mean everyone who does it will. And fasting has a far longer history in medical context, it’s not a new invention.
Out of interest, what side effects did you get?

I don’t really see what the difference is between my example and the average person aside from duration, the principle is the same. Let’s also not compare people who get hospitalized taking it too far when the average person can do it for several days at least and be fine.

No. 358892

Not trying to start a fight or anything, but could you give us a rundown of your fasting schedule/method and the issues you had with it? I've done what people have told me was some pretty extreme fasting for an extensive amount of time and saw no ill-effects, so I'm curious about your experience.

No. 358897

I got into a wreck because I fainted while driving because of the fasting craze. I'm sure it's great if you have the privilege of not working a job that requires lots of focus and effort or don't drive for long periods, but it's not sustainable for most

No. 358902

I don’t think you should fast if you are experiencing severe side effects. I find the majority of people in intermittent fasting communities are self-aware and mindful about how they do it. I think people should do their own research and pay attention how their own body responds. Personally I’ve found it very helpful.

>Is fasting the new snake oil

I wouldn’t call it snake oil but it is the most recent diet fad. That doesn't mean it can't be beneficial. A lot of people suffer from over-eating, have struggled with their weight forever and found fasting to help them both with their relationship to food but also other medical issues such as inflammation. That doesn’t mean you’re less of a person if it doesn’t work for you.

On the flip-side you have people who think you literally need to eat every 2 hours to stay alive. I think it’s two sides of the same coin. Doing intermittent fasting once in a while is harmless to most people, humans have not always had access to food in the abudance we do today, but somehow we preserved. Sorry you had a bad experience, maybe it isn’t for you.

No. 358929

Nonnies… I hate planks… I hate planks so fucking much… they are the longest 30 seconds of my entire life… I HATE them….

No. 358943

I love planks, they make me laugh because they’re so much work even though you’re completely still. I start cracking up most times I do them which makes them even harder lol

No. 358956

I like them precisely because I'm lazy and want the most burn with the least movement and mental effort (no form minding etc)

No. 358969

File: 1700081019957.jpeg (122.69 KB, 900x956, IMG_8679.jpeg)

really overthinking and frustrated on how to go about my weight loss…ive lost a lot of weight over the years and was 120 at 5’2 but now i have gained due to stress the past year and i am at 135.. this is okay because i have much more control now and im aiming to lose 2 lbs a week and mainly exercise through pilates and walking right now. i am open to more intense training and lifting but how do i gain muscle on a calorie cut? do i wait to tone and lift until after i get to my goal weight? and how the hell do i get enough protein as a vegan? im okay with fish once in a while if really necessary. i just dont know what else to do other than calorie cutting and counting, exercise and healthy food. i count my protein and fiber and have a sugar limit etc. but i only meet like 40-60g of protein daily. ahh sorry nonnies so frustrated.

No. 358976

fellow 5'2 vegan nonnie. personally i shed weight and fat first before focusing on muscle. this is mostly a psychological thing for me - building muscle takes a long time to see and feel the benefits so you can get really disheartened, especially when the scale goes up. you will have to eat at maintenance or a slight increase to build a lot of muscle. but that doesn't mean you can't start getting stronger and maintain the muscle you do have, whilst you lose weight. 40-60g protein is enough for maintenance. then when you increase your calories for muscle-building, it will be easier to increase protein too.

No. 358979

thank you so much nonnie. i will just stick to what i am doing then with some lifting and muscle related exercises added but nothing extreme? i guess until i need to really focus on toning and increasing calories/protein.

No. 358982

I’m sorry you’ve been having a hard time nona. Weight loss is so much harder when you are stressed out, so I hope you’re prioritizing some self-care and getting enough sleep. I’m sorry if this is unsolicited advice or just putting more pressure on you, but for stress I really recommend doing some sort of breathing meditation. We often think of stress as something emotional, but it’s also a physical state. When we are stressed out we will breathe more rapidly, so slowing down your breathing can inadvertently make you feel less stressed. As for your questions, it sounds like you are eating enough protein for maintenance but if you wanna do more, maybe you can incorporate some vegan protein supplement into your diet? I hope other anons can give you some better advice, but remember to take care of yourself, chronic stress is really bad. I hope life goes a bit easier on you.

No. 358985

How do I get enough protein without going over my calorie limit? I need about 100 grams a day, but my breakfast, which I try to put a lot in, doesn't even quite hit 30 grams, and that's with protein powder. I'm a vegetarian, but I eat lots of vegetables, some tofu, etc. for lunch and dinner, but the total is still very low. I'm afraid that drinking protein shakes and eating protein bars will exceed my calorie limit, and I'd also love to be able to have other things for snacks. Any help?

No. 358987

Tofu, lentils, edamame, split peas, all have a lot of protein and are filling. Also don’t forget wheat has protein (seitan, bread, noodles) which a lot of vegetarians forget to count, and a lot of other vegetarian stuff has a small amount of protein that adds up through the day. Eggs can really increase your protein as well, if you’re a vegetarian who eats eggs.

No. 359006

Eats egg and dairy, no plant based option has enough bioavailable protein

No. 359015

It is possible to gain muscle and lose fat on a calorie deficit, it's just difficult. I'm not sure how I'd do it as a vegan tbh, I rely on a lot of low-fat dairy, lean meat, and protein powder. If you're okay with fish, shrimp, tuna, and salmon have pretty high protein content. How much muscle are you trying to gain, like visible bulk or more subtle?
Honestly yeah, at least not in the calorie to protein ratio anon is probably looking for.

No. 359040

I used to walk on the treadmill on an incline as part of my cardio but I had to stop due to getting pain in my calves. For a while I've been using the stairmaster as my main work out and I just increased to a new speed level and the pain came back. So basically any exercise on a slope eventually triggers this pain. I'm so pissed off as I don't want to stop using the stairmaster. Maybe I just have to power through it for a while?

No. 359080

Are there any vegan supplements other than powder?

No. 359084

Are you fat? when i was much heavier that pain existed because of my obvious weight. if you aren't then i have no idea nonna, maybe try stretching/warm up your calves before and after the stairmaster. There's also rowing as an alternative cardio workout if you want to take pressure off your calves without stopping exercise entirely

No. 359086

might sound a bit odd, but maybe look into your shoes/feet if >>359084 doesn't help. Had a friend who was struggling with exercising for seemingly no reason and it turned out her problem was her feet

No. 359096

I just ordered 1000mg daily metformin, and plan on lowering carbs/eating below 1000 calories per day with 3-4 days intermittent fasting every month

Has anyone used metformin to aid in weight loss, or should I splurge and do ozempic? I really need to lose 20 lbs

No. 359101

You're going to lose a bunch of muscle that way and won't just lose fat. It won't be pretty and you might look worse than you do now.

No. 359106

if you don't mind me asking why do you need to lose 20lbs? and how are you getting easy access to these drugs?

No. 359109

If you have hormonal issues, and you actually need the metformin and ozempic, use them, but if you’re doing this just for the sake of losing weight then you will fuck up your hormones.

No. 359110

I've been really lazy about my diet lately. I lost a lot of weight and got complacent. I work hard in the gym but I've kind of been eating like shit, not watching my macros and in general losing muscle and gaining fat. I've been maintaining my weight but I'm slightly recomping in a skinny fat way lol. I need to get it together and not get lazy this holiday season! I feel like its perfectly fine to indulge a few days during the holidays but every single year I get super disordered and basically binge eat for 2 months straight. Not this year-I'm ending that cycle now. I'll update in January. trying to hold myself accountable. I swear seasonal food marketing in the grocery store is my kryptonite.

No. 359111

girl don't do this to yourself. You're about to get super skinny fat and then gain the weight back when you get off the drugs. Calculate what your TDEE is. Create a sustainable calorie deficit. Focus on eating enough protein to build muscle (which will increase your metabolism), get enough fiber and healthy fats too. Find some form of exercise that you enjoy and will stick with. Take baby steps but be consistent. Journal, create a support system through friends or family. Get a fitness watch, smart scale, and track what you're eating and losing. Measure yourself for progress. Utilize these tools everyday. I lost 45 lbs doing this in 13 months. I used to be obese with absolutely no discipline. Long term fat loss is going to come from a lifestyle change and drugs are not the answer.

No. 359122

Echoing what other nonnies are saying: this is a terrible idea. What you wrote sounds more like an eating disorder than a diet and lifestyle change. Slow, consistent, and sustainable are the best methods for weight loss. You're giving into big pharma by taking the easy way out and putting your health at risk.

No. 359135

File: 1700158046688.jpg (46.99 KB, 640x640, 172288823_283955629958027_3544…)

Aww nonna, I hope you're feeling better. Today was my first gym day in 2 weeks since being taken out by the most awful flu and it felt good to start somewhere again, even if I had to take it slower. You're not losing progress when you're resting to fight off illness or bugs and just consider it a short break, which we all need sometimes!

No. 359413

I don't even get why you're adding intermittent fasting on top of eating enough for like a 4-year old and taking drugs. You'll feel like hell and you're setting yourself up for failure and will feel like losing weight is this impossibly difficult task when you can do it in ways you don't even ever feel starved. Do you just hate yourself?

No. 359418

File: 1700218383171.jpg (69.91 KB, 745x744, 32deed515f4d9828685bd444b6a041…)

It's been a while since I posted but I wanted to get back into this. I hit 57kg months ago, but my mother got deemed terminal and work has been a lot and I've just gotten over a really bad bout of flu so yesterday was my first gym session in about two whole weeks.

I am so sore this morning but it's good to start again. I'm taking a rest day today because the flu isn't fully gone so I was struggling with my snotty nose yesterday, and I've definitely had more than my regular intake in sugar and carbs. I've put on a couple lbs that I think will go once I'm doing this regularly again but I'm trying to be easy on myself all things considered, but also not fall into emotional eating of course!

Does anyone have any tips on how to not feel guilty if my first couple sessions back are more slow, or that I've let myself have a little comfort food recently in trying times? thanks nonnas. I love you all!

No. 359422

Does anyone have any experience with running without a sports bra? Normally I don't wear a bra and when I do it's wireless oversized bras. I never felt like my boobs got in the way. I move alot during the day but I'm not doing anything intense. I wanna start running and I wonder if I should get a sports bra?
I do own one but it's really uncomfortable. Most sports bra I see looks like mini tops and it looks like you are going to sweat if you wear them, specially if you also wear a tshirt.
I just hate the feeling of fabric clinging to my skin. Slight tinfoil but I figured cavewomen and ancient farmers where able to physical work without bras so maybe I can run without one too.
It's not that I'm against wearing one but I just wanna hear if there are other options

No. 359423

Your options are fabric clinging to your skin or chafed nipples from loose fabric rubbing against them. I know which I'd prefer.

Running is high impact and can cause damage to even small breasts if they aren't properly supported with a sports bra, you do need one.

Also they're specifically designed to wick sweat away from your skin so it's not like you're going to be all wet and clammy under there.

No. 359424

I recently shelled out for my first sports bra and couldn't be happier with it. I'm flat-chested af so I didn't really need it so much for the 'getting in the way' aspect, but I was finding the t-shirt bras I had been wearing to be uncomfortable and very sweaty even if I just walked a trail let alone jogged it, two problems now thankfully gone. I wear mine under clothes as well and I forget it's even there it's so breathable/good at wicking away sweat and comfortable, so I would recommend it.

If you're not used to wearing a more fitted bra in general, maybe look at sports bras graded for low or mid intensity exercise or go try on a few at a shop? And yeah I don't really go for ones that are clearly meant to be worn on their own, or have decorative strappy backs like they're swimmers or something either

No. 359426

Okay but what bra is it? What brand? Where did you buy it? What qualities or features did you look for when you were shopping? How much did it cost? You're very persuasive anon and I'm grateful for your insight but you left out the most important information.

No. 359430

File: 1700230247582.jpg (270.12 KB, 1035x750, for u sports bra anon.jpg)

Sorry, left out that stuff because I'm not super knowledgeable on the topic as a whole myself and I'm aussie so that might make this worthless lol. I got a 'Dakota Crop Top' by Ell & Voo (picrel) for $34 (AUD, on sale) from Rebel Sport. I was looking for something white, had a simple back, wide adjustable straps, didn't have removable cups, advertised itself as moisture-wicking, and would be comfortable to do stuff like strength training and climbing in. It was also one of the few sports bras that actually showed the model wearing it under a shirt kek.

hope any of this is helpful! (and if not, that someone else has better advice!)

No. 359448

Nonas I’m choosing evil and having a beer instead of going on a run. I’m never gonna make it…
When you fall off on a random day what do you do? I’m thinking of switching today with my normal rest day (Sunday) so it all evens out. Or should I just do something low impact like a long walk and keep the rest of my week the same? What works best?

No. 359453

Yes, that helps a lot! Thank you
Keep your routine in tact as much as possible, that's how we build habits

No. 359457

Has anyone here tried Pamela Reif's workout plans? I'm trying the beginner one and I have mixed feelings.

No. 359459

If you accidentally couldn't brush your teeth (or…shower) one day you wouldn't be like "Fuck it…never brushing my teeth again the streak is over"
So I think if what you wrote is your real mindset you're good and on track, just get back on the horse the next time you can.

No. 359480

File: 1700245166215.gif (595.22 KB, 220x245, IMG_5963.gif)

Thank you both I’m not gonna let this ruin my long term goals or set me back this week, it helps to have feed back though! I mostly wondered what other nonas do in this situation

No. 360367

File: 1700581862017.jpg (57.98 KB, 500x500, 6fca59e565f0f31e27ad84dfc81a67…)

Any tips to cope with social anxiety at the gym?
I'm afraid of being judged for doing bodyweight exercises as well as not lifting weights. I used to lift weights at home but decided to never do it again after a bad back injury that put me in constant pain for two years. Fuck that. I go to the gym now for cardio and because I don't want to make noise by jumping around in my house.
This is aside from normal social anxiety concerns (they think I'm ugly and should be killed, etc.)
Is it common for people to talk to other people at the gym? If someone did I might die.

No. 360374

>Is it common for people to talk to other people at the gym?
No, It’s actually annoying when someone talks to you even, because everyone is too busy counting, checking out their form and dissociating while working out. Just put on some earphones and ignore whoever is around you, just like how everyone else does.

No. 360412

When I struggled with social anxiety I liked joining (virtual) group lessons because I could just stay in the back with no one behind me or paying attention to me. Of course most people are focused on themselves anyway, but I know social anxiety doesn't work like that.

No. 360438

I caught a pretty bad cold, should I still be working out? I know I need to rest but my workouts are beginner level and I feel guilty and I'm worried about losing the little progress I made.

No. 360451

rest for 3 days or until your body lets you work out again. I hope you feel better soon, don't overdo yourself

No. 360452

No you might irritate your respiratory system. Nothing but walking until you feel good again.
I mean you can try to work out you won’t die, you’ll find out pretty fast if it was a bad idea or not.

No. 360458

get plenty of rest, vitamin c, chug warm drinks, and wear warm clothes so you can recover fast and get back to working out. straining yourself now will just prolong the shittiness. gws anon!

No. 360684

File: 1700752027343.jpg (114.39 KB, 1601x1601, 61vmSTp20aS.jpg)

Do any of you use one of those walking pads or under desk treadmills? Are they worth it? I'm tempted to buy one since we have long, cold winters where I'm from and I'd like to get some more exercise. It'd also be nice since I commute to and from work and would be able to just hop on it after dinner while I watch a show or listen to an audiobook.

No. 360692

It would depend how loud it is. Treadmills tend to be loud, and if it was too loud or distracting I wouldn't want it.

No. 360695

I'm also from a winter city and I'd rather invest in some durable winter clothes tbh, but that's just me

No. 360698

I have winter clothing obviously, it's just hard to find a time to go out when I leave for work before 7AM and don't get home until almost 7PM and still need to eat dinner and what not.
True, I think these tend to be pretty quiet though and some are marketed that way as well since some people buy them to use while working from home in small apartments or in the office.

No. 360723

I have an under-desk cycle that I love but cant use because my desk is too low. Consider the actual mechanics of moving your feet/knees before you purchase lol.