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File: 1698347793746.jpeg (3.33 MB, 275x275, image0.jpg)

No. 355199

A home to post your nerdy crushes here. Whether he just wears nerdy glasses, or if has nerdy hobbies, or is just, a plain nerd.

Previous Thread: >>287864

No. 355200

I have been here for over 4 years and I’ve never made a thread before but I went to post thread gif in the previous thread but it was full. I know max was posted a lot in the last thread so I thought I could use him as the face of this thread sorry if not nerdy enough but he is a nerd to me and I love him

No. 355217

File: 1698338338290.jpg (119.01 KB, 720x737, Vadim Kilpakov.jpg)

No. 355221

I love him too nonner… thanks for the kiss video

No. 355222

bless u i love u nonnie

No. 355247

File: 1698347793746.jpeg (13.63 KB, 275x275, 1698338535069.jpeg)

kill me

No. 355279

Who the fuck is this ugly moid? This is a thread for cute nerds, I hate your lack of standards

No. 355345

File: 1698376417101.jpg (14.84 KB, 480x360, rivers cuomo7.jpg)

i need him

No. 355346

File: 1698376893418.png (115.78 KB, 359x239, jeremy sidener.png)

tied up qt

No. 355365

agree, what the hell am I seeing? He looks like he just started transitioning (sorry OP nonna)

No. 355367

File: 1698388278789.jpg (134.19 KB, 600x1398, piero1971.jpg)

tfw no 70s nerd bf why live?
sexo, who's this?

No. 355368

thanks for making the thread anon. I don't think he's a nerd though, he's your typical alcoholic dudebro. Wouldn't it be best for maxmoefoe husbandofags to make their own thread? i don't think he fits here.

No. 355374

I admit I chose not the best gif ok but admins won’t delete and I can’t change thread pic!! But I think he is cute so I am sorry!!
I know but I don’t think he fits the other threads either

No. 355377

why won't admins delete the thread image and change it with this >>355247 ?

No. 355378

I wish they would!! they must have bigger fish to fry. I asked. I went to bed thinking about this kek

No. 355379

File: 1698400591638.jpg (162.39 KB, 700x1050, aaron_taylor_johnson.jpg)

this might be a weird one

No. 355381

that is not a weird one at all. that is just ATJ with glasses

No. 355382


No. 355386

tranny janny is a maxmoefoe fag? ew

No. 355387

no i emailed KEK they were very kind

No. 355390

I was silently following your max saga nonny, glad you restored your honor

No. 355403

File: 1698410268379.gif (2.52 MB, 498x498, blush.gif)

KEK I'll also keep that in mind
I'm glad they changed the pic

No. 355405

File: 1698410301236.gif (1.72 MB, 640x482, liquid-chris-cute.gif)

No. 355411

File: 1698411143225.gif (283.36 KB, 206x206, liquid chris angry.gif)

he was perfect

No. 355414

File: 1698411486596.gif (3 MB, 640x320, IMG_3620.GIF)

I had a very real hyper fixation on him recently and continuously watched all YouTube videos about him that existed kek

No. 355416

File: 1698412738336.png (179.1 KB, 698x912, dfb6wg5-483ed89d-59f8-41ba-920…)

No. 355419

He looks exactly like this complete weirdo sperg from my high school who was obsessed with me and asked me to dances multiple times through all four years. He would try to get me to argue with him in classes we shared just bc he wanted the interaction he was totally obnoxious lmao. When I started watching the Geno doc series and got to Liquid Chris I said NO!!! Out loud. I wish I could share the yearbook photo kek.

No. 355425

File: 1698415866326.jpg (106.11 KB, 736x915, a72ec6c0f2420694b7473bdb57dbec…)

Yay another riversfag. He was so cute with that dorky ass bowl cut, all the blue album live performances are perfection
I want to tackle liquid chris into the snow and squeeze his thighs

No. 355430

Maxmoefoe omg anon he’s so ugly nowadays

No. 355431

File: 1698417454202.gif (4.43 MB, 480x480, liquid chris water.gif)

i need a bratty spergy bf, i need his character to be real and not a parody and i need him on my bed

No. 355446

File: 1698422584910.gif (4 MB, 498x331, liquid-chris-cute.gif)

god I wish I could go back to 2009 when liquid chris was a thing and capture him in a bottle so he could never age and is just cute forever with that lisp

No. 355450

I'm glad the thread pic was changed, so much better

No. 355453

he’s bald now right? fuck

No. 355455

File: 1698427241849.jpg (65.33 KB, 500x333, 1391962525979.jpg)

No. 355459

Agreed he's so fuckable

No. 355461

File: 1698428354285.jpg (1.14 MB, 2272x1704, 1416 - moot piro.jpg)

I wonder if anyone has seen him since he left 4chan.. he shaped my type in men

No. 355467

always suspected that this performance inspired some of kyle mooney's characters

No. 355468

Yeah he sold out and works at Google, and last I heard he had an Asian girlfriend.

No. 355472

Apparently he has a child too, and /jp/ uncovered his instagram account some time ago which was promptly deleted.

No. 355474

I'm saying if anyone has seen him irl, like on the streets or somewhere else

No. 355475

File: 1698431749145.jpg (91.35 KB, 800x533, 1297005318718.jpg)

do you have an archive with the thread? in the meantime I'll post more pics of him because he's a cutie

No. 355477

he looks the type to have an asian girlfriend kek

No. 355478

File: 1698432641163.gif (7.24 MB, 640x640, cwcville-cwc.gif)

balding yeah ugh

No. 355479

File: 1698432707494.png (876.8 KB, 554x1002, Screenshot 2023-10-27 at 19.50…)

this was from a couple of years ago. at least he is doing good things in life

No. 355481

File: 1698435540371.jpg (190.46 KB, 1024x1536, rivers cuomo.jpg)

i saw weezer live earlier this year but didn't realize how cute he actually was until later… this picture makes me feel many things

No. 355488

File: 1698437032960.png (731.87 KB, 770x722, jeremy sidener1.png)

jeremy sidener of zoom

No. 355494

File: 1698438012601.png (331.13 KB, 294x942, barry bostwick1.png)

god bless rocky horror picture show

No. 355516

He has such a Scout from TF2 phenotype

No. 355562

File: 1698459260618.jpg (33.45 KB, 375x500, 0ffa474835c698252b543f7053f3ad…)

Hope you enjoyed the concert nona! He still looks pretty decent not gonna lie. I love how short he actually is when you see him in person its adorable. Also, if you haven't checked them out yet, the really whiny/personal unreleased weezer demos make my heart go doki doki and there's like a million of them

No. 355609

File: 1698487676666.jpg (86.48 KB, 500x375, wheeewie.jpg)

kek you're right, no wonder Scouts my main in TF2

No. 355625

File: 1698503466147.png (105.79 KB, 299x209, CHEATERS3001.png)

Joey Greco

No. 355630

kek nonnies i was (rightfully) banned for a day for asking to change pic frequently. but they were kind enough to change. and thread pic is so cute and idc if he doesn't cross every nerd box but whatever. he was posted lots in previous thread and the last thread ended with him so yeah. hugs nonnies i will try not to be as autistic and make threads in the car on the way to ikea

No. 355633

What was the original pic?

No. 355644

It was just a recent gif but so many nonnies were being negative and mean!!!

No. 355650

insufferable newfag

No. 355661

Anon sorry but I’ve been here for years kek

No. 355666

File: 1698529930120.gif (393.55 KB, 220x140, IMG_3628.gif)

I wish I witnessed his saga in real time

No. 355667

File: 1698530050338.gif (4 MB, 498x331, liquid-chris-cute.gif)

No. 355668

god I love nerdy men so much where's my nerdy bf

No. 355671

File: 1698530424112.gif (6.78 MB, 498x373, IMG_3629.gif)

No. 355672

why is he so fat and ugly now…. not fair

No. 355674

File: 1698530896428.jpeg (657.67 KB, 1170x1114, IMG_3631.jpeg)

twink death sadly

No. 355675

File: 1698531034231.jpeg (93.8 KB, 1166x919, IMG_3632.jpeg)

No. 355689

File: 1698539712896.jpg (197.64 KB, 439x600, rivers cuomo4.jpg)

ty for another cute pic of him <3 i did it was a lot of fun! i'll check those out sometime, whenever i listen to only in dreams and he sings "you say it's a good thing" i get butterflies <3 he sounds so cute

No. 355692

File: 1698540442778.jpg (185.48 KB, 1920x1080, david eigenburg3.jpg)

steve was such a qt

No. 355719

File: 1698560904296.jpg (1.1 MB, 2736x2736, 20231029_072508.jpg)

styropyro (science youtuber/laser nerd). i've been watching him for years, still in awe of how he looks and acts. i could do unspeakable things for/to him

No. 355735

File: 1698579554550.jpg (42.9 KB, 405x720, nile.jpg)

I found styro hot too. When I watched his recent video I realized he kind of looks like my husband. Hes 5'6 though, which I've seen other people say ruins it. I think its cute.
I also like NileRed/NileBlue

No. 355736

File: 1698579741114.jpg (90.84 KB, 900x900, tom.jpg)

You wanna talk about weird..

No. 355737

Omg he looks too handsome for a nerd.

No. 355738

um thread pic is actually really cute…..

No. 355739

nilered is so handsome ughhh i need him

No. 355741

File: 1698581343327.jpg (282.68 KB, 1080x1620, Moot at AWA.jpg)

BASED. tom scott is really handsome

No. 355742

picrel is moot again 'cause yeah I love him

No. 355743

File: 1698581520336.jpg (285.88 KB, 1632x1224, 1292648596027.jpg)

fuck I didn't mean to sage in that post

No. 355756

File: 1698595244813.png (558.8 KB, 1080x782, mark edwards.png)

No. 355956

File: 1698713367510.png (298.68 KB, 464x689, fhfkuyf.png)

i wanna grab his thighs

No. 355977

he reminds me of Data from Star Trek

No. 356232

Nonnie.. Thank you for being so brave. I'm confused because he looks somehow very young and naive despite being a greying man.. He's just too cute! Ethereal in a weird way, I don't know anyone like him

No. 356233

he looks like a gay snake not naive and young

No. 356247

File: 1698864399917.jpg (171.39 KB, 1200x796, reanimator2.jpg)

Oh if only I could become a zombie stacy and bully the crap out of this nerd…

No. 356274

File: 1698874210264.jpg (150.61 KB, 685x1023, 7320795676_4db7fe9f3f_b.jpg)

does he look like a gay snake now?

No. 356275

I like him more with the grey hair.

No. 356336

File: 1698902265797.jpg (334.19 KB, 1080x1080, jeffrey combs2.jpg)


No. 356337

File: 1698902359537.jpg (43.87 KB, 640x800, bart huges.jpg)

No. 356341

What's your opinion on guys who look like nerds but have the personality of the jock/"popular" person and not a nerdy personality?

No. 356343

File: 1698907478219.jpg (265.2 KB, 1080x1305, tumblr_phpkkf2TDm1rrxhnu_1280.…)

might be against the thread theme but i still like them, however they're going to be inferior to actually autistic nerdy guys
picrel is an enigma though because as he aged he got more and more scrotey and became a stoner and a social butterfly which i couldn't stand but i can't get over him no matter how cracked out he looks

No. 356346

I love him too… he is just so cute and I adore his goofy smile
nta but for some reason I unironically really enjoyed his strange sort of tryhard behavior. like he's just some lanky white guy who had (lmao) a gaming channel with a straight-edge christian upbringing who wanted to be cool and edgy instead and it was so endearing to me. atp he's definitely going to age like shit though

No. 356352

File: 1698915340046.jpg (99.02 KB, 949x1080, tumblr_0697636ba2bcfa1066f28b7…)

and he would have stayed my perfectly flawed nerdy gem if he avoided adultery, habitual drinking, and mind altering substances as God warned him about
it was cute to a point and my stopping point was 2022, its been schadenfreude to see their dying channel fizzle away but i cant lie and say he was never the cutest stickman i've ever seen. i dont really believe i have cute aggression but i want to bite him so fucking badly

No. 356790

File: 1699069647569.jpg (48.06 KB, 1280x720, MattKC.jpg)

I'm so into him it's not even funny. Could listen to him for hours talking about tech shit I'm too small brained to understand. Usually the youtube algorithm is shit but thank you whatever beings that be randomly recommended me his Guitar Hero controller video. He's got a certain charm, and I like watching his strong hands handle equipment in his repair videos. I'd go feral if he went back to wearing a bit of eyeliner (tho tbh from his older vlogs he might be more into guys which kinda sucks but whatever)

No. 356862

File: 1699112682914.jpeg (63.15 KB, 600x800, 6sfDsTW.jpeg)

nonnie you're leaving me hanging like that.. I tried searching on warosu but had no idea what to search for exactly kek

No. 356863

File: 1699113052303.gif (273.07 KB, 220x220, liquid chris dont care didnt a…)

No. 356866

Same here nona, he's a joy to watch. I actually do understand the tech shit he talks about though which makes it better.

No. 356929

He used to be so fucking hot I used to have a fat fucking crush on him. He was so pretty. I remember once when I larped as a tranny on Reddit and used his pics. Trannies actually believed it and asked me (max) for feminising tips, kek.

No. 356935

anon KEK he was the YouTube femboy

No. 356937

File: 1699134782267.gif (339.82 KB, 220x167, cwc-christian-weston-chandler.…)


No. 357024

File: 1699154210634.gif (4.43 MB, 480x480, liquid chris water.gif)

he's so perfect. Nowadays its impossible to find a nerd with those glasses+that legnth of hair+the right kind of autism

No. 357027

File: 1699158270472.gif (1.72 MB, 640x482, liquid-chris-cute.gif)

so need a cute troll

No. 357036

File: 1699164608168.jpg (24.16 KB, 431x487, corey.jpg)

I wish he kept the glasses the whole movie

No. 357088

not sure if it counts but i went to pick up food a couple days ago and the guy there looked pretty unconventional, dweeby/nerdy type, pretty sure he had the smallest build in there, had some fucked up teeth and glasses. pretty cute though lol

No. 357108

File: 1699203255648.gif (1.57 MB, 640x482, IMG_3709.gif)

I want to travel back in time and put Liquid Chris in a bottle and make sure he never ages and stays like this forever

No. 357361

File: 1699340106252.jpg (27.03 KB, 245x288, IMG_7491.jpg)

everyone makes fun of me for wanting him but idc

No. 357643

File: 1699505545473.png (1.07 MB, 602x793, steve albini7.png)

stupid sexy steve

No. 358223

File: 1699737371402.png (1.09 MB, 676x809, keith gordon2.png)

No. 359059

File: 1700111701214.jpg (26.44 KB, 424x612, 5a962c35f42111d1b5be3c64c31fe2…)

they don't make em like they used to

No. 359061

File: 1700112461026.jpeg (164.67 KB, 783x768, IMG_1474.jpeg)

No. 359064

omg nonna thanks for sharing, he's so hot in here

No. 359071

Name please

No. 359072

Cillian Murphy in broken

No. 359499

maxmoefoe girlies our boy got married (and joji went to the wedding) so cute and wholesome

No. 360045

File: 1700457260323.jpeg (418.44 KB, 777x593, IMG_1642.jpeg)

No. 360046

I need him so bad

No. 360054

File: 1700460299603.jpg (172.39 KB, 800x718, Screenshot_20231117_124158_Ins…)

Nta, but here's a few pics

No. 360055

File: 1700460385835.jpg (352.14 KB, 1080x1467, MAXMOEFOE - Copy.jpg)

No. 360056

Joji is so fat now. All of them are gross except the middle one. Bleak.

No. 360124

> the middle one

No. 360125

95% of the men itt just wear glasses kek which is fine with me

No. 360126

It is so cute joji went though, i love they are still friends. it makes me feel happy as someone who still binges the cancer crew era videos every so often kek…

No. 360135

Twink death is bleak

No. 360151

File: 1700502102101.jpg (84.18 KB, 1000x924, QwpJZop.jpg)


No. 360152

I really thought this was a meme but then everyone kept playing along. I really thought he broke up with his girlfriend so I'm glad to see they're married now. Also yeah Max has aged the best out of all of them, so good for her for finding the one male who can avoid the wall- for now.

No. 360164

He has a fugly girlfriend I wanna steal him away

No. 360174

Kek no, they’ve been together for like over 8 years I think? He sometimes talks about her on Patreon but otherwise is very private, about everything really, which is nice. She seems very sweet too.

No. 360178

File: 1700511740886.gif (3.45 MB, 375x368, 2a279a9f02e8d1ef4107ad8475332e…)

Weight gain is the worst. Strange in 2020 max gained weight and hit the wall, but has lost weight and climbed back over and is cute as hell. But back in 2020 Joji looked like pic rel (sorry kinda ot) but now has gained weight and doesn't look as good anymore

No. 360220

that cancer crew vid with joji wearing the shock collar and max crossdressing was so insanely hot kek

No. 360221

File: 1700521201929.jpg (142.28 KB, 580x435, louis-g2g.jpg)

need some pre-twink death louis theroux in this thread

No. 360231

File: 1700526064601.gif (970.24 KB, 160x217, tumblr_mddlwkF07L1qcgwn4o5_250…)

I posted him in the other thread before but lately I have been in a daydream universe where I have a mad scientist boyfriend who only cares about science and me and he looks like Harold Lloyd. I want nothing more than to time travel and give him a kiss…

No. 360328

File: 1700567696537.jpeg (81.21 KB, 1280x720, IMG_3873.jpeg)

kek i know anon

No. 360329

I thought this was season 1 Jim from the office at a glance

No. 360402

No. 360547

File: 1700689286016.jpeg (80.97 KB, 750x400, IMG_7056.jpeg)

No. 360687

scott is my love as well nonnie
HE GOT MARRIED AAAA I'M HAPPY FOR HIM (should've been me though)

No. 360690

File: 1700753755758.jpg (555.2 KB, 2606x1734, 5494637158_8f2b01222d_o.jpg)

gosh golly gumdrops he's so handsome

No. 360691

don't leave us hanging like that, show a pic of his girlfriend

No. 360693

File: 1700754225220.jpg (53.77 KB, 736x736, aaar.jpg)

samefag I've been watching Tom a lot and I gotta say.. I need him

No. 360697

File: 1700755837412.png (492.37 KB, 514x685, j8DEA9A.png)

I like how bony and stiff he is in some of these

No. 360773


No. 360919

I also want to know. He looks like comic accurate Jonathan Crane.

No. 360920

File: 1700864952994.jpg (98.61 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


No. 360968

File: 1700889957824.png (870.26 KB, 578x667, tumblr_mcx3wflqvB1qiy8cfo1_128…)

go crazy for a boy in glasses

No. 360978

File: 1700893014750.jpg (23.81 KB, 379x500, barthughes.jpg)

More men should drill holes in their own skulls

No. 360979

Hate it, I dated a guy like this once and he had the confidence of a hot popular guy with the looks of an average nerd. It made me resent him after awhile lol

No. 361005

Underrated post.

No. 361224

File: 1700980894293.jpg (82.61 KB, 735x955, b06de09e274f719a94378083d17e40…)

I know he has been posted several times but I need him.

No. 361230

turns out his studio is close to where I live

No. 361307

omg anon, have you ever seen any of them?

No. 361308

File: 1701032288672.png (1.35 MB, 704x1078, Screenshot 2023-11-26 at 20.57…)

Concerned Ape (The guy who made Stardew Valley) is very cute!!!

No. 361371

no but I could if I wanted to, I could walk and knock on the door lol

No. 361387

File: 1701087604321.jpg (498.62 KB, 3840x2160, 20231127_151856.jpg)

Dustin Bates from starset. He worked for nasa at some point iirc, and is a huge astronomy nerd because he studied physics and has a phd in it. I'm kinda confused by how much his face changes with age, and I think he looks better the older he gets.

Cute but needs to fix the retarted looking teeth

No. 361388

File: 1701087785991.jpg (37.44 KB, 350x388, ps_9.jpg)

Samefag, phantomstrider on youtube, some australian cartoon nerd. I love his accent, looks, the way he talks, his voice, the topics he talks about, his endearing retarded deviantart oc, and how he makes his southern sounding wife does voice acting while reading comments or reviews for shows because her accent is very cute as well.

No. 361389

File: 1701088021512.jpg (1.28 MB, 1439x1532, Screenshot_20231127_152638_Gal…)

And last but not least, this russian gay sounding who might be actually straight guy who loves y2k pop culture and makes video essays about it with quirky 2000s editing. I wish all men were like him looks and personality wise. I love his accent and his sexy husky deep voice.

No. 361391

Your taste is so varied nonna kek. I don't believe I've heard the band's music but this guy looks really cool.

No. 361393

Yeah I legitimately have no type. As long as they're objectively attractive I would. Also, yeah check their music. It's metalcore+hard rock+electronic+symphonic rock mixture with a very unique style and lyrics inspired by astronomy. First album is a concept album with a plot I still don't get kek. The second album is a regular one with some romantic love songs about how the woman he loves is like a godess/cosmic being he worships and would do anything for. It's part of why I ended up crushing on him, along with his cute voice and singing talent. He also coverd a type o negative song if you're into them and I think he takes inspo from their stuff when it comes to being romantic, adding his astronomy twist on it. And he tries to sing 100% live without vocal smoothing, autotune, backing tracks etc. and isn't afraid of making mistakes live, and I respect that a lot as a hobbyist singer. He also plays instruments and does some djing or whatever while singing which takes tons of coordination to do. And I have this weird thing where I crush on extremely talented passionate people even if they're ugly (he isn't in this case, he's cute af) and he ticks all the boxes for me. But he's married if I'm not mistaken. Sorry for the lengthy spergy post.

No. 361395

File: 1701092059687.jpg (Spoiler Image,176.67 KB, 1280x1226, tumblr_ou8c8d92VL1qjb84ro1_128…)

Posting this again because I think it's gorgeous

No. 361397

Samefag, good news to me, he's single! Bad news, he has a beard now and looks weird with it. Time to become a world famous singer to meet him, ask him out, and make him shave his beard.

No. 361398

Nonsense, I appreciate the sperging. You definitely piqued my interest with that description of the second album. Thank you for that, now I have a new band to get into. Why would a guy with such a good jawline choose to hide it with a beard? What a waste. Yes, please do tell him to shave it off.

No. 361399

File: 1701093767921.jpg (90.58 KB, 640x640, 40052656_2058752067771242_7648…)

He's super millennial so that's probably why he decided to grow it. Believe it or not, but he's 36 in the picture with smoky black makeup. Found some cute old pictures of him on his insta.

No. 361400

File: 1701093977082.jpg (Spoiler Image,54 KB, 1080x1080, 28156680_2101563540058852_3986…)

Nvm it was in 2019, so he was around 32, I'm retarded with math.

No. 361422

Gorgeous photo, thank you for sharing. I love how calm he looks with his own blood all over his face.

No. 361443

Nice style. The smoky black makeup pic is cool even if he was 32 there. I'm not normally into alt looking dudes but I'm liking him. He's different but not too over the top.
Another example of a dog matching its owner. They were made for each other. Thank you for these nonna!

No. 361444

You're welcome. He deserves the appreciation, he seems like a decent person as well, taking his mom on vacations and stuff for her birthday. I'm surprised he is still single.

No. 361447

That's so cute, I love it when guys do things for their moms. It really is a wonder a guy like him is still single at 36… or is he 42? Google is not helping.

No. 361451

File: 1701113947061.jpg (276.79 KB, 1072x2038, Screenshot_20231128-063905_You…)

Ok stay with me here..

No. 361454

I'd say he's 36 because he's too millennial to be in his 40s. He unfortunately doesn't have any proper pages dedicated to his bio. But he seems still young voice and looks wise so no way he's 40 something idk. I also tried to find something about his vocal education/training and couldn't find anything. Maybe he's just secretive? Which is sad because he has a huge vocal range, A1-Eb5.

No. 361520

File: 1701131782588.jpg (34.01 KB, 380x518, LJIDbJl.jpg)

I need him inside me, men like this are like catnip to me

No. 361523

Yesss, he’s so hot. His character on White Lotus was unbearable though

No. 361550

Millennials are in their 40s tho…

No. 361554

File: 1701145956758.jpg (Spoiler Image,16.78 KB, 338x265, th-1405779856.jpg)

I'm so in love with this photo, I was smitten by it when I first saw it in b&w and it's even better in color. He looks so serene and I love how he taped his glasses to his brow to prevent blood from getting in his eyes.

No. 361567

I don't know what to call this but I know this is the thread for it. Something that drives me insane is when a skinny nerd guy puts on (good) weight and gets hot while still being a nerd

No. 361620

Wow. You're right.

No. 361712

I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes that photo a bit too much. The fact that he didn't just take them off and instead taped the glasses is really cute to me. Like he needed them so badly and couldn't have gone without them. And his blood is so bright too. It makes my heart pound

No. 361906

File: 1701328354518.jpg (44.78 KB, 1080x880, 6c98389d266d551717bb11b19e08d9…)

Found a picture of Dustin Bates when he was younger in the late 2000s I think. He was so cute omg.

No. 361907

File: 1701328457768.jpg (86.5 KB, 1080x1080, 19428856_1553044981433088_1010…)

He's the most millennial to ever millennial. His instagram is a time capsule at this point. But he actually pulls it off. He tunred out to be a marvel, mech, and rick & morty fan though, but it's ok because he's cute and talented.

No. 361909

File: 1701328503471.png (Spoiler Image,268 KB, 534x540, tumblr_inline_p13whrLeqc1u403v…)

I'm so glad I found this photo though

No. 361924

File: 1701335182594.png (784.69 KB, 540x650, tumblr_pyr1pszilg1qgbxhso1_540…)

2017 and 2019 were his years

No. 361975

File: 1701368092150.jpg (71.5 KB, 590x569, Jacob-Rees-Mogg-wife-1983470.j…)

Jacob Rees-Moggs looks like a big nerd and I want a family like his.

>tfw no tradcath European nobility nerd bf to pump me full of babies forever

No. 361977

File: 1701368748050.jpg (386.16 KB, 1080x1518, IMG_20231130_102607.jpg)

Jacob was a 10/10 when he was young

No. 361978

Why do all neonazis look ugly? Most white men are hot but somehow the neonazi/rightwing guys look inbred asf.

No. 361986

what makes him a nerd? sometimes even just wearing glasses or having nerdy hobbies are what qualifies anons to post itt kek sorry idk who he is

No. 361987

god thread pic is soooooo adorable

No. 361988


No. 361998

is this not adrian mole? I feel like JRM would break out in hives having to be in a middle class house like that

No. 362012

Oh wow he was so young here. That's so cute nona.
This hipster look just took me back. He pulls it off though. And holy shit do I hate Rick and Morty fans but I will let it go because he makes up for it with his actually high IQ kek.
He's so photogenic, wtf. I just love casual pics of hot/cute guys doing mundane things. That second pic is simply stunning.
See >>361387

No. 362020

>He's so photogenic
Ikr! And he takes pics with small old iphones too and still manages to look cute kek
If the fashion and interests aren't enough, he did some research for nasa, has a phd in electrical engineering, has 2 bands and plays different instruments, and taught at a university at some point. Correcting what I said in >>361387

No. 362029

File: 1701387246203.jpg (49.96 KB, 576x1024, BuT3j7WCMAAZYiX.jpg)

Found a cute picture on his twitter from 2014

No. 362038

i hate this guy's cocky, faggy and annoying personality, but as a nerd fucker i find it kinda attractive. I want to shove him in a locker and see his rat face cry. He's also transphobic, which is the only based thing about him.

No. 362178

File: 1701458548927.png (424.96 KB, 770x538, steve albini20.png)

he looks so scrawny here i love it

No. 362199

File: 1701466796010.gif (2.1 MB, 640x486, cwc-christian-weston-chandler.…)

No. 362220

The only valid choice

No. 362431

Is that guy trolling Cyrax really liquid?

No. 362450

Nonna respect yourself, he looks like my grandpa

No. 362563

File: 1701643630469.jpeg (26.56 KB, 225x225, IMG_3922.jpeg)

rip twink

No. 362571

File: 1701646215551.jpg (58.85 KB, 1200x900, IMG_COM_20230812_1552_25_9182.…)

i used to have the biggest crush on him when i was like 13, he hit a wall tho

No. 362580

This is so disgusting. He should wear a burqa or something

No. 362590

Reason #57328 why I'll always hate neckbeards.

No. 362595

He was always an annoying little shit and karma hit him hard, it’s so satisfying.

No. 362608

holy shit. dudes massive. actual ham arm

No. 362713

Chinless mouthbreathing inbred hillbilly phenotype.

No. 362779

lol nona i hate to admit it but i had it too even if he was annoying. When i saw how he ended up i was shocked but he looks like he's so conscious and ashamed of his looks that it makes me feel kinda bad about it.
Even if he would lose some weight he would still have no chin, maybe he's growing beard hoping that it would cover it? Karma really hit him but he looks so miserable

No. 362947

File: 1701761838516.jpeg (410.98 KB, 854x794, 663783BE-49A6-4148-8964-CFA310…)

Thought you girls would appreciate him

No. 362948

No. 363504

File: 1702009243222.jpeg (68.79 KB, 417x640, 7Ghry3Y.jpeg)

I want the blerd from this comic

No. 363506

File: 1702009937994.png (142.46 KB, 770x513, 7b09177f4972bb2d8a46445390039f…)

His monotone voice and guitar tone from heaven makes everything feel alright

No. 363677

File: 1702078170824.jpg (198.87 KB, 700x540, M.-Kanayan.-Theorists.jpg)

This Soviet art of nerds is so cute, I had to share it with you nonnies!

No. 363830

File: 1702147993905.jpg (191.73 KB, 1050x760, Electric-Dreams-1984-3.jpg)

No. 363997

File: 1702163440513.png (652.47 KB, 1018x868, maxmoefoe.png)

why do i actually find he looks hot in the uniform lmao helpp

No. 363999

Lmao same.

No. 364002

File: 1702163777624.png (679.83 KB, 676x804, maxmoefoe2.png)

more max spam, he looks so good

No. 364129

File: 1702198921318.jpg (37.63 KB, 550x774, 3b29d2bd22df32a65865b4f51a6aed…)

cute, not vulgar afaik, and his depth of knowledge for the specific chemistry experiments he does makes him even more attractive to me. he has a lovely smile and perfect nerd voice

No. 364265

he looked so good in that video anon oh my god

No. 364281

He was so hot in that video. I like that haircut on him.

No. 364310

Yeah I like that hair length too. Paired with the uniform kek

No. 364429

absolutely love hum… didn't know such a cutie was the singer wow

No. 364549

I've also loved hum for a long time before I realized. Recently I've been obsessed with watching interviews, live shows, and music videos. Especially the ones from before he cut his hair.

No. 364827

File: 1702340563996.gif (2.73 MB, 500x330, harold lloyd.gif)

No. 364920

No. 365018

oh my god I'm salivating

No. 365186

File: 1702494453025.jpg (155.26 KB, 1920x1080, sangwoo.jpg)

>removes glasses 2 episodes in
damn this show

No. 365396

>sangoo file name
Is this……a killing stalking live action kdrama…..?

No. 365430

YES i LOVE unhinged science nerd boys !!

No. 365532

No kek, it's squid game

No. 365883

File: 1702752412914.jpg (215.16 KB, 1920x1080, 1702694597038676.jpg)

I want he

No. 365890

File: 1702755175852.png (255.8 KB, 512x384, 9th_man_goodbye.png)

I am very upset that Kubota is the first guy to die in 999 and you can't save him.

No. 365902

Who he??

No. 365907

i wanna forcibly shave off his beard

No. 365942

File: 1702775416853.gif (9.06 MB, 540x540, glasses.gif)

No. 366085

File: 1702830885526.jpg (73.15 KB, 1320x880, Yotam-Haim-1320x880.jpg)

This is Yotam Haim, an Israeli who was kidnapped by Hamas.

No. 366086

File: 1702831088093.jpg (97.37 KB, 1024x1001, Clemens-J-Setz-at-the-2014-Edi…)

No. 366091

>dragonball z

No. 366166

I guess men just wearing glasses do qualify for this thread

No. 366320

File: 1702926422325.jpg (41.06 KB, 800x457, robert-bloch.jpg)

American writer Robert Bloch, he wrote "Psycho" which was later adapted into the Alfred Hitchcock movie

No. 366470

i dont know much about rivers other than this video and i thought it was important to share it with you all cause it makes me laugh when i think of it

No. 366494

File: 1702978433272.png (2.73 MB, 1334x750, 08FA3FDC-092F-43A1-9DDA-4D465D…)

he’s so cute I just wanna make out with him
do you guys think he’s good at oral?

No. 366516

of course he's autistic

No. 366552

KEK the more I learn about Rivers the more baffled I am.

No. 366569

File: 1703018149865.jpeg (69.89 KB, 415x579, AFA1CF4B-B682-42B3-9CE5-9CB1F0…)

No. 366570

File: 1703018259426.png (325.47 KB, 500x383, 06FCA3B0-97A6-44A7-AFD0-DA30B7…)

No. 366571

File: 1703018289783.jpeg (89.78 KB, 415x640, 5C3F3A18-0EAF-4EA0-8370-86D2AF…)


No. 366572

File: 1703018331104.jpeg (47.03 KB, 325x604, 16346A42-E1E1-497F-890C-78AB77…)

last one

No. 366579

Based Andrew enjoyer

No. 366621

Woah who's this

No. 366642

File: 1703029956548.gif (434.93 KB, 320x240, A43DEE39-C50D-424E-8C89-8967F7…)

The absolute beauty that is Andrew VanWyngarden

No. 366661

I refuse to believe he was born in 1983

No. 366910

Was scrolling to see if someone posted him… hes so cute

No. 366943

he’s fat

No. 367388

File: 1703279858756.jpg (171.04 KB, 800x964, 1962.jpg)

richard hunt

No. 367399

I don't know if those pics are just old or because they're staged but he looks his age in recent candid pictures (still looks good for 40 tho)

No. 367409

File: 1703284809811.gif (6.75 MB, 498x375, liquid-chris-cute.gif)

I wish liquid Chris was frozen in time and he was like this forever

No. 367714

File: 1703360066841.jpg (397.22 KB, 1093x783, Screenshot_20231223_213354_You…)

Kitboga looks super cute in his most recent video

No. 367812

File: 1703380113034.jpeg (59.13 KB, 500x557, 74330027-4AD5-461E-8529-DED9B8…)

Yeah they’re old, he’s still cute now tho at 40. But he genuinely was the most beautiful and angelic man in the world for over a decade

No. 367815

File: 1703380454626.jpeg (661.45 KB, 650x815, 150D3FDF-2A72-43AA-8922-40874F…)

Samefag for his side profile and arm. If you wanna see a moid that’s genuinely beautiful, awkward, funny and cute, watch any of his interviews. It makes me depressed though because I will never get a moid like this, ever

No. 367822

Even though he’s decently cute I never really liked him, he seemed like a typical rich kid manipulative moid playing the naive little boy lost act

No. 367856

File: 1703384356768.jpg (145.42 KB, 838x1251, mad-scientist-56a12ac25f9b58b7…)

How come everyone is sexualizing werewolves and vampires but nobody seems attracted to mad scientists? I want to have sex with Victor Frankenstein.

No. 367865

He really was and still is in my heart

No. 367868

Nobody will ever top this guy for me.
His side profile is divine.

No. 367872

File: 1703387998304.jpeg (98.43 KB, 630x544, 601D5851-BE48-40F1-93F4-3726DF…)

Honestly wouldn’t even care if that was the case. Yeah he was a rich kid but he was absolutely gorgeous and from every single account from fans that have met him he seems absolutely lovely and really sweet, down to earth and funny. He’s the only nepo baby that gets a pass

No. 367887

She's so pretty

No. 367904

File: 1703398563221.png (Spoiler Image,718.59 KB, 777x1169, Screenshot (5).png)

I need to suck on this random bartender from a Cold Ones video finger's right now Please don't be gay

No. 368657

That’s Jess. He is an editor for the Patreon

No. 368714

File: 1703463228821.jpg (40.9 KB, 550x550, 20231224_015153.jpg)

No. 368727

I don't care what people say, he's a cutie

No. 368741

Changed my mind, his Twitter likes are questionable kek. Why can't we have good things in life.

No. 368746

File: 1703478642561.png (683.23 KB, 480x960, FA88CA9C-D12F-4B9A-A0BF-9A0E68…)

It was insane how any moid could be this ethereal. Look at him next to the average moid too, makes him look even more angelic

No. 368776

nta, he's a cute wood elf living among humans

No. 368781

You must be American so any normal weight, non roidpig, non ugly white moid seems like a unicorn to you, cuz guys like this are ten a penny in Europe kek.

No. 368829

Europeans have similar weight demographics to Americans, and Americans are generally more attractive than Europeans because it’s a very diverse country and Americans are less inbred

No. 369826

File: 1703889708848.jpg (216.03 KB, 1060x705, 1-Jesse-Eisenberg-Richard-Ayoa…)

Jesse Eisenberg and Richard Ayoade

No. 369827

Can you believe our cutie thread pic is married now?

No. 369844

File: 1703893552589.jpg (572.1 KB, 2048x1699, Tumblr_l_21046448897034.jpg)

No. 369845

eternally salty i was born too late to experience this type of moid. I know they were obnoxious and smelly, but i could have fixed them

No. 369914

File: 1703917985933.jpg (321.71 KB, 2048x1800, 1000014775.jpg)

I'm very much in love with this artist

No. 370629

The blond guy in this video.

>tfw no history nerd bf to serenade me in medieval French

No. 370630

Hayato Sumino, pianist.

All classical musicians are inherently nerdy imo, it's like chess players.

No. 371235


No. 371250

File: 1704489670654.jpg (457.59 KB, 1080x1625, Screenshot_20240105-212241.jpg)

No. 371283

Love him

No. 371768

It makes me so bitter that I wasn't born earlier- I could've made money and gotten admiration just by knowing HTML and CSS. I could've found a nerdy bf that understood and related to my social ineptitude. I could've gotten into MMOs when they were new enough that you didn't need to know anyone to find a group.

No. 371769

I hope he's happy with Kath

No. 371770

me too nonnie… I just started learning HTML and CSS and it's really fun. it's not that hard, but it can get cluttery. it's fun making your own personal website. do you have one or are planning on making one?

No. 371801

It always spooks me to find other medievalfags on here, I could have written this post right down to the Guillaume de Machaut appreciation kek

No. 372157

Nigel talking to attractive women on his lap dressed as Santa (5:50 and 12:49)

No. 372781

File: 1705022811851.png (1.43 MB, 770x963, steve albini18.png)

i want to bite his thick ass neck

No. 372782

File: 1705023182457.jpg (62.27 KB, 850x400, 1690915759506455.jpg)

hes not ugly but lel

No. 372807

The quote that broke /mu/

No. 373197

Same here, anon. Sigh.

No. 373290

File: 1705195541932.gif (135.76 KB, 500x385, rsbm20180034f02.gif)

>Ian Read Gibbons is best known for discovering dynein, a molecular motor that powers the motion of cilia and flagella, is involved in assembling the mitotic spindle and moves chromosomes as well as other cargoes inside cells.

No. 373297

File: 1705196877054.jpg (81.17 KB, 772x1017, ED5RkjZUwAAboWy.jpg)


No. 373457

File: 1705252355194.jpg (337.27 KB, 620x930, 2iztMUAVeRakBcXMbaq2MS.jpg)

I love nerdy guitarists

No. 373458

File: 1705252716798.jpg (49.92 KB, 968x645, ea53fdf63579288c935c772cec2154…)

No. 373467


No. 373470

File: 1705257001107.jpg (68.43 KB, 750x745, f18a7275fee62e9a099ffde73c5263…)

No. 373482

File: 1705261017866.jpg (59.36 KB, 686x386, hq720.jpg)

I like the Verbalase Hazbin Hotel video because it is so rare for black guys with glasses to be sexualized like that.

No. 373495

this guy is in his 40s by the way

No. 373497

can we please seperate animated men from real men

No. 373551

The autism just outweighs anything hot (if anything hot could be found) about the video

No. 373557

File: 1705294288467.jpg (173.27 KB, 1500x1500, FBmCyJiXMAAmwYL.jpg_large.jpg)

Animated nerds are hot though.

No. 373558

I am crying non. Whatever boats your float.

No. 373566

No. 373578

File: 1705310094545.png (464.16 KB, 754x425, glarsess.png)

same ahahahah
I was hesitant to bring him up but i find this nuclear level of autism endearing and hot. the guy himself is repulsive (tate fan apparently) but still, cute concept. on a tangential note, i love keyboard nerd glarses. qt brit accent

No. 373583

Sorry Steve but this isn’t true. A good loaf of fresh bread costs at least £2, cheese is like £4 and non-nasty roast beef would be at least £3-4 a packet.

No. 373586

What's the context of this and why is it such a meme? I was never that into /mu/. It always makes me kind of hungry but it doesn't seem funny or offensive.

Also isn't he an actual pedophile and openly defensive of it?

No. 373638

I can believe the Peter Soros thing was just him being edgy. It was his brand (he literally had a band called Rapeman) just as I genuinely believe the name Big Black has racial connotations (no matter how much Steve tries to deny it).

No. 373727

File: 1705360935686.jpg (24.24 KB, 211x300, Turkey.jpg)

Nonnas i need him

No. 373733

but is he really a nerd?

No. 373746

Isnt he a known imageboard user? He's definitely terminally online which i feel fits into nerd territory.

No. 373759

File: 1705375522410.mp4 (1.07 MB, 480x852, ssstwitter.com_1705375479021.m…)

this video with him is hot I want to see the full video rusty cage

No. 373779

The guy who just rejected me is a major nerd. All I wanted was to fuck you super hard, you probably aren't getting it from anywhere else so even if I'm not single you should have just let me. No one had to know silly boy

No. 373781

He looks like the kind of guy who would beg me to choke them and I watch his videos and laugh because he postures so hard in very funny ways and his little scrote fans eat it up. I would too nonna, if only to smack the smug out of him

No. 373789

This is what boys do after they get done calling people faggots and n-words all day

No. 373821

I’ve been binging his videos recently kek..

No. 373828

ain't this the same guy who defended some pedo? everything i hear about him sounds like the most unappealing moid imaginable

No. 373857

he's exactly the toxic gamer nerd boy type that nonas were discussing upthread

No. 373983

File: 1705449623019.jpg (221.79 KB, 1080x784, scott.jpg)

Scott Alexander of Slatestarcodex had twins. His nerdy relationship and nerdy birth announcement warms my heart. Nerds in love are just the cutest.


No. 373998

File: 1705462189642.jpeg (112.11 KB, 320x200, IMG_1077.jpeg)

smart, altruistic and cute

No. 374168

Is Devo the greatest nerdy boy band of all time?

No. 374171

File: 1705535883607.jpg (10.13 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (1).jpg)

Mark Mothersbaugh was so cute in the 80s..

No. 374256

>>The guy who just rejected me is a major nerd. All I wanted was to fuck you super hard, you probably aren't getting it from anywhere else so even if I'm not single you should have just let me. No one had to know silly boy

I know it's a popular stereotype, but not every guy is looking to bang anything with a heartbeat. I've seen other girls get visibly offended. How could he turn me down I'm so hot? He doesn't even know who you are.

No. 374331

File: 1705612138495.jpeg (50.51 KB, 221x390, IMG_9974.jpeg)


No. 374551

yeah him and ryan ross are neck and neck in the most angelic, beautiful, male musicians category. im not going to post a picture because i dont think either of them should be in this thread

No. 374582

File: 1705726214396.jpg (287.48 KB, 906x1026, 95840254_p1_master1200.jpg)


Have you read Lovecraft's Reanimator? It's kind of a similar premise except the cute scientist twink is even more deranged, I had a crush on him for months kek

No. 374610

File: 1705737224100.jpg (144.68 KB, 1400x700, Mystery-Science-Theater-3000-J…)

it's the cute Minnesotan accent

No. 374616

File: 1705738787987.jpeg (722.08 KB, 819x1276, IMG_0157.jpeg)

Agree, childhood crush of mine. He hit wall hard but he was cute.

No. 374727

No. 374832

File: 1705847068921.jpg (330.34 KB, 1316x2048, CzGnhl4XcAUjY4x.jpg)

dan snow

No. 374839

Nonnie he was born and raised in Wisconsin….. KEK

No. 375035

File: 1705902064325.jpg (501.24 KB, 1165x781, tweet.jpg)

>thought ThomasGameDocs was cute
>discovered that he trooned out
Is this the fate of all nerdy men in the modern era…?

No. 375036

You ever listen to his Christmas album, Joyeux Mutato? I grew up listenin' to that.

No. 375039

i don't care if he hit the wall i still would

No. 375207

close enough

No. 375211

File: 1705975386947.jpg (140.2 KB, 736x924, MST3k-_Mike_and_the_SOL_bots_t…)

Mike Nelson wasn't bad either.

No. 375212

File: 1705976982900.jpg (34.17 KB, 500x704, kurt-b.jpg)

yes, we live in the worst decade to be nerdfuckers. Men are all porn addicted and mentally ill nowadays.

No. 375213

He's not a nerd. I am so tired of some of you thinking this is the unconventional men attraction thread 2. He's just the most normie zoomer moid who probably thinks hes above ''nerdy'' hobbies because they are cringe. He probably doesnt have the attention span for anything that doesnt give easy dopamine like online drama.

No. 375215

Nobody outside those two places actually cares about the difference

No. 375259

Silence, Torgo

No. 375284

File: 1706021929792.gif (695.55 KB, 220x220, cwcville-cwc.gif)

at least he is working to cure cancer right now

No. 375938

who is he??

No. 375939

this retard is not nerdy nor geeky. he's just wearing glasses
neither is this retard. the thread good for you both is the UNCONVENTIONAL MALE ATTRACTIONS.

No. 375942

this 100%

No. 376009

File: 1706387540865.mp4 (1.19 MB, 576x1024, photoguard_public_6589bf33-580…)

I saw this vid years ago but had to save it because of how hot this guy was.

No. 376022

He’s perfect but the thirst trapping on tiktok ruined him

No. 376033

Very cute in theory but the fact that he's lipsyncing for tiktok is nauseating to me. Kinda cancels itself out. Don't know who he is but anon above is right

This is my worst fear for every cute nerdy man.

No. 376091

Why does he still call himself Thomas?

No. 376108

File: 1706446026196.jpg (28.25 KB, 563x315, 43e849a97dba66ec73729e69557687…)

sorry not sorry

No. 376116

He looks somewhat cute in a still image, but when I see him move his mouth his teeth are off-putting.

No. 376210

Whats his name?

No. 376214

File: 1706498545859.jpg (161.86 KB, 900x2163, AG1955.jpg)

No. 376218

File: 1706499470153.jpg (90.27 KB, 900x632, e_ph_0070_01.jpg)

Simon Donaldson, also a mathematician


No. 376228

File: 1706501438257.jpg (76.55 KB, 768x768, f33a43fb-82e5-4b5f-8c9d-5f2e09…)

Do the Winklevoss twins count? They went to Harvard.

No. 376237

No. 376353

File: 1706568764699.mp4 (600 KB, 576x1024, photoguard_public_f9e7e53b-9da…)

Noland something I think, he still has the TikTok username in the vid.

No. 376413

how is this soyfag nerdy

No. 376443

He wears glasses kek

No. 376447

that doesn't mean he's nerdy or geeky. some ordinary joe can just wear glasses without being one of those

No. 376642

File: 1706716188800.jpg (102.66 KB, 552x690, Margaret_Hamilton.jpg)

Next thread should be about nerds in general, not just men. Margaret Hamilton is my waifu.

>Margaret Elaine Hamilton (née Heafield; born August 17, 1936) is an American computer scientist, systems engineer, and business owner. She was director of the Software Engineering Division of the MIT Instrumentation Laboratory, which developed on-board flight software for NASA's Apollo program. She later founded two software companies—Higher Order Software in 1976 and Hamilton Technologies in 1986, both in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

No. 376644

oooh I love her!! great taste

No. 376659

you are so based for this. This picture of her was in my middle school physics textbook and I remember thinking she was adorable even before I knew I liked girls.

No. 377577

File: 1707152112162.jpg (38.21 KB, 555x439, 327_exhibits-2767816755.jpg)

guy on the left. he's a cutie. if anybody knows who he is please lmk

No. 377586

File: 1707154119747.jpg (88.91 KB, 500x720, 7ca2f5f2a8e4fe5bf3199eba62b822…)

Really feeling Buddy Holly lately … I don't even like his music that much

No. 377600

Nonnas there's this guy who recently started hanging out with our friend group he's so cute tall with round glasses and long hair … wish me luck fellow nerdfuckers

No. 377779

tell us how's it going between you and him… what are his interests?

No. 377855

Don't want to derail too much but it's been kinda weird. On the one hand I feel like things are going well, we haven't gotten to talk much one-on-one but we definitely are cut out of the same cloth of autism with similar interests in media, we make the same kind of references that even the rest of my turboautist friend group doesn't understand. He has done some things that have led me to think he might feel the same way…

but also, there has been talk in my friend group that he has no interest in having a relationship for reasons that I don't feel comfortable going into detail in on here. It also doesn't help that he is really shy and quiet and probably wouldn't ever make the first move. I'm seeing him again this week so hopefully we can have more one on one time, but someone else might tag along with us. Praying the third guy doesn't show so I can test the waters a little bit with him.

No. 377977

aww sounds like you're living the dream nonnie. good for you
>we make the same kind of references that even the rest of my turboautist friend group doesn't understand
kekkk I'm curious what are these references

No. 378014

various video games and other shit that imageboard users like us would know, like he made a random evangelion reference once that went over everyone else's heads

No. 378040

File: 1707362445300.gif (2.39 MB, 300x392, IMG_8888.gif)

I just think he’s a softie.

No. 378057

File: 1707366261259.jpg (220.16 KB, 640x640, witchesband.JPG)

I feel really drawn to the drummer in the back on this album cover lol

No. 378073

File: 1707383098853.jpeg (148.56 KB, 750x401, 2FA49FCF-8704-4569-8C7F-816245…)

Linus Torvalds. cutie

No. 378227

Is that shiro ishii

No. 378241

There was an old show I came across called Green Wing, it's sort of like British version of scrubs.

I'm not sure if it's attractive nerdy however these two stand out in a pathetic way.



No. 378495

Completely agree. He has always been soo fucking cute to me even though he birthed a hellspawn.

No. 378501

File: 1707597962332.jpg (171.21 KB, 640x640, 1699585399839.jpg)

he shaped my type in men

No. 378527

Kek nonna he has major anger issues. Imagine dating Gordon Ramsay except he never breaks character because that's what he's actually like.

No. 378717

Update on this:

i got him nonnas

No. 378735

NONNIEEEE!! congratz!! how did you charm him?
I’m derailing a bit but what vidya do you two like?

No. 378813

its a really long story but basically my intuition was correct and he liked me all along, when i asked him out he got all nervous and flustered it was really cute. he later told me he hasn't been in a relationship in a long time because of reasons i referred to in my last post that I won't go into detail about here (too specific) so he really isn't used to the attention at all.

we are going on our first date on wednesday

we both like really spergy shit like touhou and portal, he really loves ghibli movies too

No. 379172

i saw him on my fyp today nonnie, he's such a cutie

No. 379177

File: 1707898900384.jpeg (212.44 KB, 1170x1170, IMG_6232.jpeg)

i’m so in love with him i wish he would groom me

No. 379235

File: 1707928729428.jpg (64.48 KB, 640x480, y2k nerd.jpg)

No. 379433

>he has major anger issues
Me and him both. Although mine aren't major kek

No. 379501

oh my god I'm head over heels for shy geeky guys, hope you two enjoyed the date! how did it go?
>touhou and portal
holy shit great fucking taste!!! did you play both portal 1 and 2? I only finished the second one, singleplayer not co-op(because I don't have who to play with kek). after I finish the co-op I plan on playing the first one.
my god the game was beautiful, I don't want to derail but I cried at the end. this is a game that you can replay 50 times and never get bored of it. if you want we can take this convo to /m/ 'cause I love getting spergy about portal

No. 379914

File: 1708108724437.jpg (482.58 KB, 1080x1640, luana.jpg)

Another female nerd who deserves mention

No. 379915

Luana is what I expect every Nonna to look like. However, not only do I not look like that myself but I have never seen a single picture of a farmer who looked like that stereotype.

No. 379929

listening to that song as I'm typing this, it's a certified B-pop girl group classic
would human Wheatley count for this thread or is he too retarded? what about Doug Rattmann? Gordon Freeman definitely does count.

No. 379985

File: 1708135685878.jpg (18.65 KB, 371x391, c3d36b997085cd9695f76abe5ee991…)

I had this most uncontrollable, school-girl crush on an IT guy where I work, tried to ask him out more than once but always chickened out before I could talk to him. I transferred buildings so I wouldn't have to see him anymore lol

kinda looked like picrel but with more of a baby face and much longer hair

No. 380093

>would human Wheatley count for this thread or is he too retarded?
I think he would count.. post him! I love Wheatley

No. 380094

samefag I think he would be more appropriate for the fictional crushes thread, since this one's for real guys

No. 380345

we havent talked much about video games like portal, we mostly talk about other stuff. from what i have learned about him in further interaction he is actually doesn't play video games or watch anime much anymore (based in my opinion)

he is a former neet trying to get his life together, it's been wonderful to watch him open up to our mutual friends and socialize more.

the date went really well, he asked me to be his girlfriend this weekend after our second date (we went on a walk in the woods) kind of fast but i am really into him too so i said yes.

No. 380451

File: 1708356262471.jpg (188.39 KB, 1920x1440, aleksanterikivimaki1.jpg)

The media in Finland is all over this hacker guy. The courtroom pictures of him aren't too flattering and before I saw this picture I didn't realise he was so tall. His voice also really contrasts with his soft, finnish potato features. It's really making me not care that much about the hacking he's being charged for.

No. 380452

File: 1708356968180.jpg (147 KB, 1920x1280, aleksanterikivimaki2.jpg)

This is a really cute pic of him. He's been so calm throughout this whole process.

No. 380455

I already put him in the unconventional thread but after seeing his GRWM video I’m infatuated. Last night I dreamed that I sperged in his DMs about how great his content was and we had a conversation topkek

No. 380461

is that why he left?

No. 380466

ew he looks like a washed out paul dano

No. 380476

He blackmailed therapy patients and leaked their records online. Absolute scum and also ugly.

No. 380487

File: 1708375752939.jpeg (233.64 KB, 1170x1170, IMG_6364.jpeg)

i wish it was why then at least i would have him

No. 380498

fat fat and hideous and a criminal…nonny what

No. 380536

KEK he's ugly af and not even nerdy. I won't hi cow but you'd have to be delusional to think he was cute.

No. 380538

File: 1708402482861.jpg (50.18 KB, 400x519, The-Telecommunications-History…)

Alexander Graham Bell, mad scientist and inventor of the telephone. After reading about his life it's hard not to love him.

No. 380539

File: 1708402845234.jpg (48.37 KB, 860x520, notorious-finnish-hacker-zeeki…)

Omg yes, I love blond scrotes so much. Great taste nonnie.

No. 380541

Raise your standards you pathetic hoes

No. 380548

File: 1708405582144.jpg (69.75 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

Michio Kaku

No. 380549

File: 1708406025744.jpg (38.34 KB, 400x400, CQqtHIEp_400x400.jpg)

He's a tall skinny Draco Malfoy looking bad boy with a big brain. What's not to love?

No. 380551

He's dumpy, skinnyfat and looks like piglet. Sometimes theres a line between unconventional and being straight up trash that he crosses.

No. 380552

>Draco Malfoy looking
kek ok now i know you're joking

No. 380555

>Draco Malfoy
Take that back, don't slander my childhood crush with comparisons to that pig faced moid. Actually I take that back too, I slandered pigs by comparing them to him.

No. 380566

His face is so ugly

No. 380585

This fucker hacked a therapy companys patient records, extorted money with them and then relesed 33 000 people's private information to the dark web. I was one of the victims, fuck that dude. I hope him only misery and suffering.

No. 380621

>pig nose
>no cheekbones
>not a cool hacker like Assange, just a dick

No. 381140

That sucks nona, I hope things get better for you. He deserves to be in jail, fuck these hybristophiliacs

No. 381216

File: 1708686449916.jpg (88.88 KB, 736x915, fe51fab9811a658f86844d2d26699c…)

He was so cute

No. 381387

File: 1708749515451.jpg (65.21 KB, 735x853, dfc2538df59c8ef1258d751cbad5ec…)

he was hilarious

No. 381464

Real talk: how do you find a nerdy boyfriend outside of university, especially if you don’t live in a big city

No. 381474

In their mom's basement

No. 381482

She said nerdy, not a loser. Whatever interest you want the guy to have, look there.

No. 381490

Did his twin age any better?

No. 381664

Holy shiiiit aaaaa holy fuuuuckkk

No. 381672

He's so cute. Who is this guy?

No. 383018

No. 383470

James Rolfe is my nerd crush. They dont make nerds like this anymore.

No. 383475

I wish he would just go bald his current hairline is a travesty

No. 383478

shut up i will take a balding man over a completly bald one he would look like a pedo if he went fully bald

No. 383520

Its cure how he's talking quietly like he's trying not to wake his parents up.

No. 383629

File: 1709837870081.jpg (24.76 KB, 359x359, IMG_20240307_135454.jpg)

No. 383631

File: 1709839156470.png (1.7 MB, 1707x1715, PPGWriter.png)

Jake Goldman

No. 383638

Please be bait. Please

No. 383659

Blossom, is that you?

No. 384588

File: 1710213682918.jpeg (94.51 KB, 700x900, i-thought-this-was-really-inte…)


No. 384590

wowie, he's cute, would he fit into the convention mal attractions thread or no?

No. 384591

Depends, does anon wants to fuck him as he does the gargamel voice or is it going to be just normal sex?

No. 384605

both, he can pretend he is possessed by an evil demon in him that talks like that

No. 384607

samefag, i'm ntayrt

No. 384612

The doll looks like cillian murphy

No. 384708

half the men ITT aren't even nerds smh

No. 384733

what if he used his tigger voice

No. 384740

File: 1710279434755.jpg (104.18 KB, 981x1200, 1710278093199831.jpg)

Am I the only one who thinks stonetoss is kind of hot?

No. 384742

No. 384743

First time seeing his picture. I kinda expected more neckbeard but still ugly.

No. 384744

File: 1710279880297.png (220.27 KB, 356x807, graebener5_redacted.png)

I mostly like the fact that he's super tall and a multimillionaire thanks to his NFT grift. Dude looks enormous.

No. 384746

File: 1710281347619.png (255.48 KB, 572x572, 1710277387288.png)

he's "enormous" but not in the way you're thinking

No. 384747

Anon, I hope you never volunteer to work with mentally disabled people.

No. 384750

He looks like a pedophile

No. 384751

he's fucking gross and I hope he gets hit by a truck.

No. 384754

File: 1710283943817.png (95.33 KB, 219x455, Gru_(Despicable_Me).png)

Literally shaped like Gru

No. 384758

File: 1710285757601.jpg (2.83 MB, 2379x1657, k3nxk6xcqu5wb7u9tm62.jpg)

He looks like Jeb Bush

No. 384766

File: 1710286938440.jpg (8.67 KB, 480x360, 1243242556886.jpg)

I respect him much more seeing him protect his childhood friend from Chuggaconroy's deranged fans. Wish I was in Australia.

No. 384767

File: 1710287308835.jpg (66.88 KB, 828x720, rd3o80jn9ip91.jpg)

No. 384768

Now post the rest of his comics where he whines about actual real women

No. 384770

File: 1710287925458.jpg (456.43 KB, 879x1183, 2019-11-25-11.43.00.jpg)

Gary Numan was cute when he was younger, pretty great music too

No. 384810

Weird, I expected him to be thinner and have a beard. No idea why

No. 384836

A broken clock is right twice a day. He's mentally stuck in 2014 with all the Gamergater adjacent shit.

No. 384853

File: 1710333289254.jpg (23.11 KB, 419x229, 1710288199496.jpg)

the clock in question isn't even fully against troons anyway. i bet he's the type who gives ""passing"" trannies a pass, most men like him are revealed to be like that

No. 384855

Oh hes a fat fuck, that's why he complains about fat women.

No. 384856

File: 1710335333414.jpg (143.31 KB, 1080x1920, human1011.jpg)

There's just something about the thick eyebrows and his enthusiasm

I've been trying to pinpoint what it is that makes me hate his looks and I think it's because he looks like if you cleaned up and styled the severely autistic hulking overweight furry from your high school. His facial features and the way he smiles look way too much like the legitimately disabled speds I would see in the hallways. He looks like he grunts and claps instead of speaking.
He seems like the type who really only hates male troons because he hates fags and soy/beta men in general.

No. 384866

File: 1710340345638.jpeg (180.64 KB, 980x830, IMG_5122.jpeg)

If you know who this is ily. He was a qt

No. 384869

File: 1710341729116.png (1.24 MB, 1402x622, acollierastro.png)

acollierastro is such a cutie, I might just be stupid but her face reminds me of NileRed(this is the nerdy GUY thread )

No. 384876

>that redtext
so farmhands gonna ignore >>376642? be consistent

No. 384878

>multimillionaire thanks to his NFT grift
he's not, he doesnt even own a house

No. 384884

I mean did you just ignore the tweet? He probably digs trannys because its about men "being better women than women themselves". Disgusting.

No. 384886

File: 1710351711844.jpg (17.18 KB, 450x490, 9325ccc204d9f06b41feab43cc6619…)

Julian?? I never realized how cute he was. I remember him and Wisteriamoon

No. 384906

File: 1710356696379.jpeg (837.82 KB, 1125x1120, IMG_5144.jpeg)

Nonny I’m so delighted you recognise him. 10 year old me never realised how cute he was either until a wave of nostalgia hit over me the other day and I rewatched his videos and jesus christ he was so so cute!!! Yeah I used to ship him and Wisteria as a kid kek. Apparently he’s graduated in neuroscience and is in the biotech industry now

No. 384931

File: 1710362764539.jpg (80.53 KB, 1000x920, bafkreigwep63h4uevxxqw7lcyvfuq…)

He sold 5000 Flurk NFTs for $310 dollars each. Unless he never cashed out the crypto or spent all the profits on ladyboy hookers, Hans senpai is a millionaire. Maybe he lives at someone else's house or owns real estate in some country that's difficult to dox.(baiting)

No. 384938

Mental retardation?

No. 384940

why’s everyone so obsessed with this guy he just draws retarded cartoons

No. 384941

It's so weird to me how this is all some people care about, "Oh he hates the troons!"
And also any woman who isn't white or fit whatever bullshit mindset he has.

No. 384942

if you mean here, it's because he was doxxed recently. it's just funny because he looks like the total opposite of what he supports

No. 384951

File: 1710370787130.webp (Spoiler Image,13.76 KB, 400x600, 1000014777.jpg)

Exactly, pic related is what this fatass wants to be, but he will never be this because he's fucking Gru shaped, lmao, so much for a totes nazi body builder intellectual.
Spoiler for not nerdy guy.

No. 384959

File: 1710372365801.png (168.72 KB, 259x391, 1000002639.png)

He's so ideal, I checked his Instagram and I was not disappointed at all. Smart with such a nice body

No. 385006

Partially doxxed and partially selfposting as an attempt at boosting his ego. I don't see how he is remotely attractive in any conceivable way. Not even fit for the unconvetional thread

No. 385007

Got a bit too thick for my taste

No. 385048

File: 1710427963909.png (792.36 KB, 885x1047, oh-oh-oh.png)

Apologize if he's been posted before (i did check the previous thread just in case). I would do heinous things to be near real-life TF2 Medic

No. 385061

baseddd, i was actually considering posting him here a while back but i didnt know if anyone would recognize him kek

No. 385152

He definitely is an obscure pull.

No. 385181

this. post ACTUAL nerds, not larpers

No. 385182


No. 385183

I LOVED ANIMAL JAM AS A KID!! I used to watch his videos a lot… he’s so qt
now I miss the game, I’m going to play it again. thanks for reminding me of this

No. 385198

We should play it together, what’s your username?

No. 385282

as expected he's obese and gross

No. 386311

File: 1710891911154.jpg (431.26 KB, 1664x1220, 1710891524684807.jpg)

Stephen King's son

No. 386321

File: 1710897084625.jpg (29.27 KB, 500x496, Screenshot_20240320_031234_Chr…)

I love him so much

No. 386322

File: 1710897088510.jpg (27.18 KB, 736x414, 1341a070d02c5f8.jpg)

Thought about posting Tanaka in unconventional thread but remembered he's a total nerd.
Anyways would get Thai kicked for him.

No. 386328

Joe Hill? More like Joe, resident of Whoville

No. 386339

made me snort laugh, fuck you

No. 386436

He looks mentally retarded

No. 386446

he's so sweet

No. 386499

King family genes

No. 387387

is he crying

No. 387587

It's just his face. He's gloomy for a comedian, but that's part of the charm of a typical tsukkomi.

No. 387708

File: 1711506179255.jpg (21.71 KB, 312x175, 1680101004422.jpg)

Antonio Ripoll, biology nerd. Works for NatGeo now.

No. 388086

File: 1711709455438.gif (8.38 MB, 450x450, ezgif-2-de1789b761.gif)

Ted Raimi serving his best Tobey Peter Parker.

No. 388087

File: 1711709791631.jpg (1.46 MB, 2048x2964, lacteaway scawy.jpg)

i've loved ted ever since i saw him as that sheriff in the quarry

No. 388106

Same. I got to meet him at a convention once, he's charming as fuck and pretty tall.

No. 388306

File: 1711837360026.jpeg (243.64 KB, 1079x1078, 5C6493EB-F63F-4FCD-AA80-5E6CFA…)

Oh how many times I watched that RLM video for him.

No. 388308

File: 1711838748978.jpg (158.76 KB, 682x839, IMG_20240329_003925.jpg)

Hank Green as a young slut. It's a shame how hard he hit the wall during his late teens after gaining weight.

No. 388309

File: 1711838844118.jpg (116.91 KB, 550x1121, IMG_20240331_014636.jpg)

I love Scishow! I love Scishow!

No. 388320

pegging lmao

No. 388321

File: 1711844737735.jpg (159.53 KB, 720x997, IMG_20240331_014754.jpg)

This idea is making me rabid. Sorry I'll stop with the spam now LOL

No. 388345

Same, nona, I knew I couldn't be the only one

No. 388636

I need him wtfk

No. 388739

File: 1712059642505.png (130.37 KB, 727x128, harvey.png)

are fictional nerds allowed?

No. 388740

No. 388741

Kek come on farmhands nerd girls are ok too

No. 389113

File: 1712240407962.jpeg (146.5 KB, 396x640, IMG_0667.jpeg)

I would’ve fucked him and kept him alive.

No. 389131

Harvey was my favorite too!!! He and Sebastian are my two types kek

No. 389133

Holy shit I was following this like crazy after he posted the note. It was wild seeing all of that play out in real time. (Also part of me is like; sure he was lonely but he had like 80 thousand followers, he could have flirted with ANY of the women who followed him but chose a teenager to flirt with? Even though nothing ‘happened’, come on dude you did this to yourself)

No. 389148

Same, also agree with you. I feel like he could’ve just went offline for a little bit and had waited for all of it to blow over but oh well. I’m a little sad about it despite the circumstances, I really enjoyed his comics and the Kayfabe channel.

No. 389460

File: 1712397204949.jpg (55.79 KB, 770x578, john_maus.jpg)

John Maus.
Incredible contribution, I was watching his old stuff recently with some friends who were fans too! You're not alone, we all loudly agreed with the first person who brought up how cute he was.

No. 390097

File: 1712675185128.jpeg (73.21 KB, 475x584, BASEketball (1998).jpeg)

They both make me so violently horny

No. 390101

Trey was so cute back then

No. 391219

I unironically love this video 😅(newfag)

No. 391248

File: 1713095279556.png (5.53 KB, 528x144, Harvey_Timeline.png)

he looked cuter without that damn caterpillar on his face

No. 391252

File: 1713096193874.jpg (120.48 KB, 768x1024, be happy lil nek.jpg)

i miss nick on the nlss…
anyways here he is posing like a fake little gamer boy i want to gatekeep

No. 392008

File: 1713400336565.jpg (57.57 KB, 564x846, 4a3dd092c8133b728bbaa211987def…)

i always thought his smile was so cute

No. 392009


No. 392371

File: 1713562416500.png (126.06 KB, 445x836, The_Pebbles_and_Bamm-Bamm_Show…)

No. 392388

oh, absolutely not, the mustache is essential

No. 392936

File: 1713830815085.gif (4.42 MB, 480x352, IMG_1494.gif)

I go wild for younger Jay. I honestly prefer his doofus oversized glasses look to whatever he’s got going on now. He’s adorable either way though.

No. 392958

agreed, we cant have shit. He looks like a sex offender now.

No. 393002

File: 1713864216715.jpg (277.28 KB, 868x934, e9vg11xrfzlz.jpg)

I genuinely prefer him older or at least when he knew how to use facial hair properly. One exception to the moids age terribly rule.

No. 393110

true dat

No. 393464

File: 1714023016956.png (340.07 KB, 478x587, wall.png)

fuck he hit the wall so bad this is a travesty

No. 393466

he's so crazy kek i love it

No. 393468

File: 1714023969071.jpg (165.14 KB, 1155x1390, manchester-pop-group-freddie-a…)

moids who look like this are my weakness

No. 393485

he used to be so cute before. I am not ready to see scott hit the wall too.

No. 393513

File: 1714053645113.jpg (106.91 KB, 1258x390, 1646642716748.jpg)

Fuck, it hurts to watch James's videos nonnies. They will never make nerds like him again, it hurts. I literally share so many interests and hobbies with him, and he's genuinely so fucking chill and cute. His wife is so lucky for snatching him while he was in his early 20s. I am never, ever going to met a cute boy who's into monster movies and kaijus and special effects, all modern fake '''nerds''' scrotes have ADHD and can't watch a single movie that doesn't have big tits and guns and explosions every 5 seconds. Dammit, i just want a cute boy i can hug and kiss while we watch Ultra Q.

How do you nerd loving nonies cope knowing that the cute, kind, autistic and chill nerd type is completly exctint and replaced by the soon to be trannoid gamergate faggot?

No. 393530

I've been watching AVGN for a decade and while I only really share an interest in retro games with him, I definitely agree with you nonnie. He's so… comfy, for lack of a better word.
>How do you nerd loving nonies cope knowing that the cute, kind, autistic and chill nerd type is completly exctint and replaced by the soon to be trannoid gamergate faggot?
It hurts so fucking bad, it feels like an attack on female nerds in particular who just want someone similar to them. Fortunately for me my nigel is just as nerdy in the same ways as me and also laments the enshittification of nerd culture as we've both seen it happen in our interests.

No. 393533

James sucks. He never understood what made his character or his channel work, it was Mike who kept the series going when James wanted to can it after the first three episodes. He blames his inability to do anything on having "no time" when actually he has plenty. He refuses to get on elevators because he is so stupid and autistic. Fuck James Rolfe

No. 393563

Mike Matei is a total asshole but I guess you need to be to successfully tard wrangle someone like James.

No. 393593

File: 1714074011986.jpg (3.22 MB, 5184x3456, the-contortionist-7.jpg)

2 months late to this but Cameron Maynard from the band The Contortionist. He was cute but it's hard to find nice pics of him

No. 393659

File: 1714095153103.jpeg (574.86 KB, 1071x1704, IMG_0834.jpeg)

i’ve seen him posted before so I’ll share this. He’s so spergy about his airplanes. I want to kiss his pouty little lips and hold him by his tiny waist.

No. 393703

never expected to see an autistic ''cinematruther'' on here. I dont understand what james rolf did to generate this level of autistic hatred.
>He refuses to get on elevators because he is so stupid and autistic.

No. 393704

>I dont understand what james rolf did to generate this level of autistic hatred
What he did was suck. He has delusions of grandeur, spergs on endlessly about his "muh kidz", clearly resents having to ever do any work for the channel, let Screenwave completely destroy the channel, uses "no time" as an excuse for why he can't do anything, is not a gamer and never was and has the most basic bitch, retarded taste in movies ever. The guy said that Pulp Fiction and Citizen Kane were bad because he was too autistic and retarded to understand either of them.

I agree TCMT goes too far and that James is basically a good dude, but he is annoying AF and he was never the guy we thought he was (we thought he was basically like the Nerd character when he's really not at all).

No. 393705

File: 1714115488881.jpg (60.29 KB, 647x483, FP6nGN7XIAItD3Y.jpg)

Who cares if he dislikes pulp fiction and citizen kane, they are shit movies for wannabe cinephile larpers anyways. I like that he's so honest about the stuff he likes, and enjoys sharing his autistic niche taste in old horror movies. It's also really cute he cares about his kid's so much.
>he was never the guy we thought he was (we thought he was basically like the Nerd character when he's really not at all)
Get checked for autism, it's obvious it was a character. If he was like the nerd he would have groomed kids by now .His character only works because behind a nitpicky autismo character there is a genuine chill guy. If you want to watch a manchild sperg IRL go watch DSP or wingsofredemption.

No. 393715

>Who cares if he dislikes pulp fiction and citizen kane, they are shit movies for wannabe cinephile larpers anyways
Citizen Kane I could understand if someone didn't like but Pulp Fiction is one of the 10 greatest films of all time. Anyone who doesn't like Pulp Fiction is a faggot who I would never be friends with

No. 393718

Ive posted him here before! nice pic of him

No. 393720

No. 393744

File: 1714134002155.jpg (93.07 KB, 800x533, 1505636211566.jpg)

Pulp Fiction is a good movie and James Rolfe was cute, and his fidelity to his interests make him a real one. Fukken sad because of him balding. End of autismo

No. 395522

File: 1714865156966.jpg (82.46 KB, 800x1000, img-the-new-deal_094803786353.…)

Oliver Newton, art dealer

No. 395524

File: 1714865282269.jpg (172.43 KB, 1200x1200, 5853dc2b6666b2eb4762f5a5_13020…)

No. 395526

Thought this was AI with how weird the hand on his knee looks

No. 395531

Guy sitting like he's gotta pee

No. 395555

Inward leaning feet, like some child reeling from embarrassment.

No. 396840

File: 1715386216741.jpeg (577.13 KB, 2048x1943, IMG_2352.jpeg)

Thought he was cute when i was a kid

No. 396853

Who is this

No. 396869

I'm guessing Mandark from Dexter's Lab

No. 396886

File: 1715398082028.jpeg (146.69 KB, 736x1596, 1705493449892.jpeg)

irl yaoi.. wish i was trey

No. 396890

i heart the bromance to homo pipeline. you just know they experimented w each other

No. 397482

File: 1715600910296.jpg (40.26 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (3).jpg)

The way he kept adjusting his glasses in the rap video is making me insane

No. 397958

File: 1715710553444.jpeg (498.21 KB, 2048x2048, 51DBB36A-7FBD-4FB5-81F8-E14BB7…)

>is not a gamer
How. If he is not crazy to tism about vidiya, it doesn’t mean he never plays it or know a thing or two. I think it’s just stupid “fake gamer” discourse again, not a fan of that one
I like his apocalyptic hobo biglebovian look

No. 398376

Send help nonnies I want to squeeze vinny vinesauce's head between my thighs. He is my big nerd crush that I cannot seem to get over it's embarrassing
I'm more of a young Mike anon but Jay seems sweet. I wonder if Jay even realizes he gets thirsted over a lot lol

No. 398548

Wow….. wow…………. I…. I'm feeling things……….

No. 398551

The way they kissed was so passionate. Either it wasn't their first, or they started doing it regularly after.

No. 398634

File: 1715910051235.png (224.69 KB, 622x417, stevea11_852520copy.png)

Had a dream I was making out with him in the woods… Rest in peace stevey u were a top tier nerd & musician

No. 398641

>wanting a crusty wig wearing manlet to eat you out
Please seek therapy.

No. 398643

Do you have pics of him? I always wondered what he looked like.

No. 398660

Literally the only space online that tinfoils about him wearing a wig is kiwifarts in his thread. The thread full of seething moids angry that he looks good for his age, no less. I need more proof wigchan

No. 398732

File: 1715930327426.gif (1.57 MB, 310x358, tumblr_1e7753ede982c393b05c6a6…)

Young Mike was truly something. He simultaneously looks like a nerd and someone who bullies nerds.

No. 398886

> a nerd and someone who bullies nerds
So, a kiwifarmer?

No. 399055

File: 1716075474427.jpg (67.59 KB, 1024x616, Vinesauce-Banned-Twitch-1024x6…)

Stare deep into his skinless, pristine hair part and tell me that's not a wig topper for a coping baldlet.

No. 399056

Nta, but this broke my heart ngl.

No. 399111

Nonnie I would not call this hair part pristine…also where does his real hair end in this photo and where does the wig begin? I guess I’m not wigpilled enough to notice

No. 399183

File: 1716117399698.png (712.04 KB, 704x988, tumblr_p6y4vfdHt61x6asclo3_500…)

The fact that it's so straight and dense gives away the fact that it's a wig topper, especially when you can easily find pictures of him as a teenager with this actual hair (you can see scalp). This is not minoxidil use because hair growth with minoxidil is thick and scraggly (users typically complain of "witch hair").
Compare his fake-ass hair part in that picture to this picture of him in 2009. In this picture you can see his natural hair before it started thinning, and as you can see, his hair isn't naturally so thick that you can't see his scalp. It never has been. You can see parts of his scalp (which is normal) and you can see the sort of jagged natural parting of his hair.

Vinny Vinesauce is a fucking wig wearing bitch.

No. 399184

File: 1716117645090.jpg (399.56 KB, 1352x1728, Vinesauce-Banned-Twitch-1024x6…)

The wig topper ends at the highlighted area. You can tell because it literally looks like a whole new hairline starts at the back. The wig topper's hair part is a bit too big and bulky to blend seamlessly.

No. 399233

Do you think he wears the wig during streams too? No wonder he doesn't do webcam.

No. 399260

Kek it's probably the reason why he's so depressed and constantly sounds like two lost follicles away from killing himself.

No. 399518

File: 1716237631452.jpg (28.3 KB, 400x251, 1658900686498.jpg)

No. 399548

Is that vinny when he was young? He looks really cute in this pic.
Bald lol

No. 399868

File: 1716367321844.jpg (93.28 KB, 1280x854, Eric-Barone-e1661358281387.jpg)

No. 400046

File: 1716425243774.jpg (67.86 KB, 1200x675, arin-hanson-from-game-grumps-t…)

About to get shat on so hard by nonas. I've had a crush on him since his newgrounds days. Always found him cute and charming.

No. 400064

He’s actually so cute in that jacket. I don’t know why he wears the same outfit to every event but it’s so endearing. I’ve also heard he based Sebastian off of himself which just makes him that much cuter.

No. 400125

I guess I could kind of understand the other appeal but charming? Even after that time he got so mad at a game he shat himself?

No. 400143

He was once a genuinely funny guy

No. 400174

File: 1716478067176.jpg (20.94 KB, 307x423, 5469306245ebd69be258ab1e69a720…)

holy fucking nostalgia
I actually think young egoraptor was attractive and he was a funny guy
gonna watch the metal gear awesome clips again and weep for old time's sake

No. 400175

Link/proof? KEK

No. 400176

He's still funny, just waaaay past his comedic prime.
I'm afraid of watching his awesome series bc humor has changed so much, it'll probably be cringe nowadays

No. 400510

plus even in on-camera videos like the 10 minute Power Hours he's farting and burping all over the place

No. 400518

I agree he isn’t bad looking but he was a pedo nona.

No. 400530

File: 1716593302894.jpeg (341.61 KB, 1200x1531, IMG_0086.jpeg)

It’s mostly the voice

No. 400532

i am indeed judging you

No. 400555

he looks like an acid attack victim

No. 400615

Look, I don’t think you’re wrong I think he’s just endearing anyway.

No. 400616

File: 1716609880885.jpg (121.95 KB, 1079x1516, ht6nwe30794a1.jpg)

Don't be so cruel, he looks more like a chipmunk

No. 400617

Wait how can one's physic can change sooo much between two pictures

No. 400618

He looks like he put on a Chad filter

No. 400652

It could be edits, it could be angles

No. 400867

I take back this post now, I changed my mind. I still like the voice but he's too pale and sickly.

No. 401469

That is definitely one of the most attractive things about him I won't lie
Hmm..call it denial, but I guess I'm still not convinced. I still would. I think it would be fun to humiliate him KEK

No. 401645

File: 1716951182056.jpg (13.44 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

need me a 90s indie rock nerd bf sigh…

No. 401650

ugh fml i'm just now reading up on all this shit with him and peter sotos… thanks for the heads up nona

No. 401665

Its sad but I want to tread to the side of him just wanting to be edgy. It was all over his DNA in his early music.

No. 401666

yeah but remember what happened with other musicians who hid behind edge? (like jimmy urine, and that other guy who's name i forgot who raped a baby)

No. 401681

Well nobody's come out with anything. In the multiple years he was in prominence and outside of it right up till now in his death, the only thing people can dig up are those articles and associating with that creep Sotos. Don't get me wrong those are huge flags but nothing actually done with a minor, which can't be said for Bowie or Jimmy Page.

No. 402130

File: 1717126225101.gif (2.56 MB, 190x200, 1646645953091.gif)

Everytime i am sad i re-read his biography. I genuinely think he's the 1% of moids without a single evil thought in his mind. He's so insanely retarded and its so CUTE. His personality is irl boke anime character, without a single thought in his mind besides his spergy special interests in older movies. His small sprouts of selfishness are so cute, too. I love when he's talking with mike about the universal monsters and he pulls out his fanfiction crossover of wizard of oz and the monsters. I know i will literally never find a scrote like him so i made an OC thats literally him and i am obssesed with drawing him It really sucks being a nerdy boy enjoyer nowadays, all men are so evil thanks to porn. His wife is so insanely lucky.

No. 402545

Now I take back this post. He really is cute, just in a weird way. And that nasally voice is so charming.

No. 402813

File: 1717355995348.png (267.45 KB, 478x722, Alex_MAWS.png)

Lex Luthor from my adventures with Superman.

No. 402841

whomst is this

No. 402844

James Rolfe

No. 402939

a frickin' loser who has ran his own channel into the ground with his arrogance and inability to evolve. And for all the nonnas simping for him in itt: I guarantee you he is essentially and extra child for his wife. She prob gives him some chores but he is so autistic and worthless that you know that she does pretty much all the cooking, cleaning and childcare. James just spends all day dicking around in his fantasyland home studio taping tripods to the ceiling. He sucks

No. 402943


No. 402951

This. ‘Omg he’s such a pure smol bean he probably doesn’t even watch porn his shit probably doesn’t even stink, he’s so cute and pure and his wife is so lucky uwu’ nonnies please stfu hes a worthless manbaby scrote and I promise you he does watch porn. Pure men do not exist, all the YouTubers nonnies try to claim are pure and good end up being groomers of their underage fans and shit.

No. 402956

File: 1717391391445.jpeg (67.91 KB, 480x480, IMG_3069.jpeg)


No. 403642

>comes to the nerdy guy crush thread
>to complain about a nerdy guy being autistic
some of you just want normalfag moids with glasses, why do you even use this thread

No. 403676

uh duh, why the hell would you want some sperg who rambles about warhammer lore all day? there’s a difference between a cute sensitive well-read dorky guy and any rust who devotes his entire life to playing video games and knowing useless shit

No. 403690

sometimes we do things and we don't know why. it's called love.

No. 403889

>there’s a difference between a cute sensitive well-read dorky guy and any rust who devotes his entire life to playing video games and knowing useless shit
one exists and the other doesnt?

No. 404093

Where shall I post a nerdy girl?

No. 404129

maybe I’m just retarded

No. 404164

What’s depressing about wizard moids is you think they’ll be pure because they’re 30+ virgins but no…they’re usually turbocoomers and Stacysexuals who refused to settle for any woman under a 9/10 and then whine about how lonely they are. Sex haver moids are unironically better because they actually interact with and have sex with irl women and don’t cry and screech when she has pubic hair or stretch marks.

No. 404168

"i spend money beyond my means to impress a girl who i never confessed to and she still didn't fuck me" is such typical entitled incel drivel these kinds of guys are always predatory creeps, and talking unkindly about the fat girl in his highschool but still obviously butthurt how she didn't want to date him, kek. this type of guy's issue isn't that he's fat and autistic, it's that he's definitely some kind of coomer like >>404164 said. sorry you can still schlick off to his vids and stuff but i hope you're not giving fake nerds like this any attention in real life.

No. 404172

Unfortunately very true. I used to think older adult virgin moids were just nice guys waiting for a girl to notice them, and would make an effort to try and find them and date them. But when you actually talk to these moids, you’ll often find either A] they had female orbiters who they rejected for being too unattractive to their standards, or B] you’ll find that they pursued tons of girls but were so obnoxious and unpleasant than those girls saw all the red flags and ran away.

The way these men talk about women is often gross too, again usually as a result of extreme porn addiction and general resentment towards women who have ‘wronged them’ for not offering their vaginas on a plate to these men.

Men who don’t have women living with them are a red flag in themselves because they will literally spend all day jacking off interrupted, even worse if they don’t have a physical job to go to (working from home doesn’t count)

No. 404173


No. 404175

you sound like you've been burned by these types too, sorry if that's the case. they are one of the most dangerous type of moid because they're lonely (by choice) and desperate, you can already tell this guy is well on his way to become one of those freaks who calls onlyfans girls used up whores while jacking off to them at the same time. now i'm wondering, is the only type of good wizard like terry davis or ulillillia where they're so autistic that you can mold them into cute retarded househusbands? these days all the nerds are coomers so they have to be at least a little tarded.

No. 404177

File: 1717728916179.jpeg (145.01 KB, 1237x812, B8EEEDE0-45C0-4773-8D8A-F5199A…)

If you can find an endearing autistic moralfag older virgin bf who hates porn then you may be onto something good. But unfortunately those men are often asexual and aromantic (as a result of schizotypal or another cluster A disorder) anyway and not interested in relationships.

No. 404179

Good question.

No. 404184

Feel like this is relevant.

No. 404186

NTA I actually found one myself. It's possible

No. 404187

>made a 10 minute rambling video on how he bought onlyfans porn of a cosplayer
I want my time back

No. 404189

>butthole girl
>her disgusting orifices
Could not sound more like an incel this guy is such a cow holy shit, he'd be right at home in /snow/

No. 404190

After jerking off to her nudes he refers to her vagina and ass as ‘disgusting orifices’. Nice. Classic moid action.

No. 404194

And the whole time he's making self-loathing jokes about himself and embracing it like it's ~so quirky~ and "lol typical pathetic me amiright?"

No. 404196

Tell me where to look. I'm being serious.

No. 404197

Why the hell would you talk about this for nearly 10 minutes?

No. 404199

Attention deprived narcissist

No. 404274

Maybe the attractive women you'd want to fuck thread? >>392562
Although, some of the women I want to post might be unconventionally attractive, so they might not fit there. I really don't know kek

No. 404348

File: 1717781034313.png (634.23 KB, 720x715, IMG_20240607_111914.png)

Need him down bad I play with cheats so I only devote myself to him

No. 404915

>only 35
men age like shit, he looks 50

No. 406139

I think it’s the facial hair.

No. 406712

File: 1718601837404.jpg (72.28 KB, 1125x1041, 20240617_070638.jpg)

I was so sad to learn about his medical condition (extremely high T, no clear cause yet), hope it's nothing malignant. He almost seems too perfect to be real. Curious, adventurous, nerdy (duh), soft voice, hairless, muscular, looks young (he's in his thirties), stunning face and a full head of hair with high T (maybe low DHT..?), playful and sensual in videos. He's unreal

No. 406822

File: 1718640761087.jpg (25.73 KB, 457x554, 41K3AqRw9iL.jpg)

Michael Rockefeller. Went missing in the 60's, was probably eaten by cannibals. RIP

No. 406826

>Anthony's content is mostly centered around building high-voltage electronics such as Tesla coils, Kirlian photography rigs, high-frequency flame discharge machines, and the like. He is also well-known for his experiments with powerful lasers, such as the world's most powerful laser pointer as well as his world record for 2020's most powerful continuous-wave handheld laser.

Whoa, a rare Chad/nerd hybrid. Good find nonna.

No. 406844

File: 1718646083990.png (853.46 KB, 960x640, IMG_2153.png)

Alex Hirsch looked good with his goatee (he is still look cute to me for his age)

No. 407051

That pic is like 10 yrs old

No. 407799

I'm not into capeshit at all, but why the hell is he exactly my type kek. I know for a fact that if I saw this show on TV as a child I would have had the most embarrassing crush on this illustration.

No. 408165

>yet another day where I wake up without a cute skinny nerdy stem autist bf with bangs and glasses who fully dedicates himself to his studies and me

No. 409198

Scott the Woz would be so hot with some facial hair and another year of getting older. I was watching a video of his today and kept getting distracted. I would be hard pressed to not look at the nudes if he ever had a leak.

No. 409199

>with some facial hair
are you kidding me that would ruin him. why ruin a good thing

No. 409201

It's just taste Nona, in my book some SHORT facial hair levels up every guy period.

No. 409210

hell no, he would look like every soyboy ever

No. 409332

He'll end up looking like literally every other redditor

No. 409598

I'd ask him to do different voices for me everyday

No. 411496

File: 1720061741934.png (219.36 KB, 675x380, sdadasdasdasdasdasd.png)

this random ass nerd from some video i was watching is peak qte. I wish i could find the original source.

No. 412729

File: 1720408208792.jpg (135.26 KB, 1346x2000, marshall-mathers-1-2000-6c61ac…)

Eminem's dad

No. 412905

KEK I came here to post the exact same thing. That glasses and hairstyle combo is a killer for me

No. 412953

he looks like paul dano

No. 413202

He's a cutie

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