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Nominate your favourite moments for the 2023 Lolcow Awards!

File: 1700511828610.jpg (340.67 KB, 1280x1280, I actually think she's cute bu…)

No. 360179

Post women you find overrated or ugly when they're shilled as beautiful. Is it her awful personality shining through? Is it her weak bone-structure or weird thumb? Is it her PR team brain-washing the whole planet into worshiping her?

Lesbians, bi and straight women are all welcome to contribute!

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No. 360181

Grimes. I'm sure she's been posted before. Her nose is wrong. She must like it because she's never had it changed even with all the other stuff she does to her face. Puzzling.

No. 360183

File: 1700513156000.jpeg (38.7 KB, 593x517, DFC1BE08-0F4D-4D05-ABAB-DDCE75…)


No. 360184

File: 1700513440275.jpeg (330.49 KB, 640x636, E32F6F95-8A38-48C2-8C52-5A44DF…)

getting compared to her was always so annoying

No. 360185

File: 1700513775426.jpeg (57.56 KB, 554x554, 2D0D29A3-FA20-4790-A0A3-9109E0…)

She is kinda cute but she looks like just cute and not the sexy bombshell everyone tries to make her out to be, maybe if she styled herself like Zoey Deschanel or something she’d look a lot better

No. 360189

File: 1700514955771.png (884.6 KB, 914x748, annoying.png)

Sadie Sink. She has such a punchable, annoying face kek

No. 360191

It's hard for me to separate her looks from that atrocious Marilyn Monroe movie. I hate her and her face because of that.

No. 360193

Is this girl botched? Why does her skin look so tight? It's like she drinks hyaluronic acid or something, also the greasy/wet make-up look is terrible. Sorry about the sperg, as someone with oily skin I never saw the appeal of shiny foreheads.

No. 360199

File: 1700515732970.jpg (34.87 KB, 728x385, ana-de-armas.jpg)

>styled herself like Zoey Deschanel or something
That's literally how she looks on blade runner.

No. 360215

there's something about her face that I find rodent-like and irritating. I don't think she's ugly though, just that she has one of those annoying faces

No. 360218

File: 1700520037245.jpg (107.54 KB, 1200x1203, greg-williams-bts-1-64104360bd…)

Anon I came here to post her kek you beat me to it. I think her nose job throws me off, it looks uncanny. Knowing that she panders to coomers doesn't help as well.

No. 360219

for me it's the eyebrows, the archness is very distracting

No. 360223

File: 1700522100112.jpeg (741.3 KB, 1170x770, IMG_2435.jpeg)

Kate Moss looks like a dried up turkey now kek, I guess that’s what she gets for turning an entire generation into anachans

No. 360224

Her eyebrows piss me off too

No. 360235

File: 1700527527975.jpg (269.87 KB, 1440x1800, NINTCHDBPICT000832359489.jpg)

She looks so busted.

No. 360238

File: 1700528260222.jpg (75.45 KB, 1100x666, BGBTGLNZRVEZZOMYTCXUS6HB2I.jpg)

Samefag but even her body that is supposedly her best physical asset is busted.

No. 360246

Who is that

No. 360253

File: 1700534811452.jpg (34.4 KB, 467x467, 045586e7c74a193b9b185fbadfd16e…)

she looked awfully plain in stranger things. without hollywood glam make up she looks like a 12 year old horse girl

No. 360255

I mean she was like 16 years old playing a 12 year old there so that’s not really relevant…

No. 360256

Lena The Plug. She is a famous pornstar and execrable pickme.

No. 360258

Porn stars are kind of always ugly

No. 360263

File: 1700538787922.jpg (222.05 KB, 1280x1600, sadie-sink-2023-venice-film-fe…)

Nah even with the glam she's super plain

No. 360264

same here nona. I thought she was cute in blade runner though. I watched knives out for the first time after the Marilyn movie came out and couldn’t fucking stand her idiot face.

No. 360269

File: 1700547597741.jpg (908.68 KB, 2234x3000, Anna_Kendrick.jpg)

Something about her jaw makes me uncomfortable. She is cute, but I don't understand why scrotes obsess over her.

No. 360270

File: 1700547786455.jpg (671.57 KB, 3688x2804, GettyImages-1492428289-e168485…)

Lily Rose Depp

No. 360271

Agree, she looks like a mouth breather

No. 360289

File: 1700556261463.jpeg (928.8 KB, 1170x1223, IMG_1688.jpeg)

I don’t get it. It doesn’t help that people who know her in real life say that she’s a catty mean girl

No. 360305

moids are pedophiles and are obsessed with weird uncanny bug faces. they also love that she starves herself and bleaches her hair blonde while playing uwu shy, same as a lot of pickmes who want to be her

No. 360315

Its almost all celebrities for me, sure they're conventionally attractive but it's a beauty standard that you see everywhere that they become boring imo, I never got the hype for Megan Fox or Angelina Jolie for example.

No. 360331

I've changed my name because of her. I wish she didn't choose porn

No. 360349

Same and even the old hollywood stars as well. Since the beginning to end it's all about having giant block heads and squinty stoned eyes

No. 360366

Her mouth is really ugly.

No. 361185

File: 1700968747170.jpeg (388.29 KB, 1229x2048, IMG_9924.jpeg)

No. 361202

File: 1700972994965.jpg (107.9 KB, 1500x844, b51bcb_7754ee66592b81101140bd7…)

I'm tired of seeing her stupid face everywhere,she looks like an alien in a bad way of course.why do a lot of anons become defensive of blonde women recently???

No. 361203

She looks like a MTF

No. 361226

File: 1700981878457.jpg (117.56 KB, 810x1080, XjrTOpJ.jpg)

Anna Kendrick and Jennifer Aniston are the queens of women scrotes obsess over.
I would add Emma Watson but I find Emma Watson to be genuinely very beautiful.

No. 361227

Blonde women receive a disproportionate amount of hate and misogyny

No. 361228

Kek no they don’t(stop)

No. 361229

Yeah they do.(stop)

No. 361232

That’s silly and you’re just trying to find a way to victimize yourself, stop embarrassing yourself. Women have dyed their hair blonde regardless of how bad it looks to fit the beauty standards for decades, they aren’t treated worse because of it. Now take it to another thread, this one is not for whining and crying to defend the women posted here.

No. 361234

File: 1700984018746.gif (386.25 KB, 128x128, 167900321.gif)

>it's another hair color infight: part 100

No. 361242

It's easiest thing for trolls to bait about.

No. 361372

She looks so bland if you are a brown girl with glasses you’d get compared to her

No. 361379

That's her main appeal, a muslim girl-next-door being a secret deviant.

No. 361385

Her teeth seem to have an overbite? And her nose is croaked I think. Her eyes are ok, and I like her jaw and chin.

No. 361394

Mia khalifa is a Christian and she always has been. She constantly gets murder/rape threats by Muslim men stop referring to her as a religion she never was a part of whose members want to unalive her.

No. 361396

With the way you've been obsessively posting about the same celeb in several threads for a whole week, I can't help but wonder if you're someone who has been bullied/got her role stolen by her. Usually when someone is obsessed with a cow they interacted with the cow or know the cow irl

No. 361407

I haven’t posted her before

No. 361409

Nta but I don't believe that. This exact image has basically been spammed all over lolcow and the user who did it was whining about how people find her attractive

No. 361415

I am aware of that. ISIS threated to kill her. I was referring to her famous porn scene where she acted as a muslim hijabi woman (the one that caused her to get threatened). Porn Inc. knows the innocent girl next door gets corrupted shit sells well.

No. 361417

samefag but what I was trying to say is that most women in those kinds of pornos are not bombshells but more regular-looking girl-next-door types like Mia Khalifa because it makes it look more realistic for scrotes.

No. 361419

File: 1701102492156.webp (Spoiler Image, 249.39 KB, 1149x1600, 52966215-7D69-4983-A2AB-D76471…)

I find something about her face really hard to look at but I can’t pin point what

No. 361423

For me it's her chin being too long and her lips being too small and almost a circle rather than like, horizontal curved across the middle of her face. The boring makeup, too. Her jaw is nice but the long chin ruins it.

No. 361424

File: 1701106327522.jpg (653.51 KB, 1080x1473, Screenshot_20231127-173232.jpg)

I've always thought she looks like a milkmaid

No. 361426

More like Tweedle Dum

No. 361427

Her head is huge but her features are small and crowded together. Same reason Flo is ugly.

No. 361428

She looks like elbow skin

No. 361429

I think it's because her face is so triangular with her lips just slightly too high (or her chin is slightly too long, however you wanna look at it) giving her a slight "handsome squidward" quality

No. 361432

File: 1701107889692.jpeg (532.7 KB, 821x1064, 4B1C788C-DA0D-49F8-8976-A9300F…)

Wonton. She’s so overrated. The only reason she’s so popular is because she’s tall for an Asian girl, and has anorexia which peaked the coquettes and had everyone marvelling at her skinniness. Other than that she has a very generic slightly downie looking face. Also, she’s only 19 but her anachan tendencies are starting to age her. I know most westerners are faceblind when it comes to Asians, but she definitely looks old for a 19 year old Asian girl here imo.

I also think she’s a very fake and unpleasant person, but that’s beside the point ITT.

No. 361436

idk if "wonton" was on purpose or not but I'm dying kek
I think part of the reason wonyoung is so popular is because of her makeup style tbh. it's distinct, but cutesy in a way that appeals to teenage girls, and it's easy to imitate. not everyone is good enough at makeup to do for example the jennie kim cat eyeliner or sunmi heart cheek, but pretty much any teenage girl can do very simple eyeliner, put glittery shadow on, and put some lipstick on the middle of their lips before putting a slick of lipgloss all over.
I don't think she's ugly but I do agree that she's way too skinny. especially as she's so tall so it makes her look gangly

No. 361453

Surprised to see her in this thread. She's very pretty but the hairstyle in this picture does her no favors.

Agreed. She's ugly to me and looks just like her disgusting father. Something about the nose and mouth area looks terrible.

No. 361488

Whoever let them get plastic surgery should be jailed. They were beautiful to me before, but now they just look like parodies of themselves. I am so sick of buccal fat surgery in general and all that crappy cheek filler.
I've literally never understood the hype about her ever. She's not ugly to me, but she's not the bombshell people make her out to be. I also never thought her hair was all that, i think any woman can get it just by looking after their hair.
Eh, i don't hold pornstars in high regard in terms of beauty. As long as they wear good shapewear, push their tits to their chins, know their angles and practise basic self care it's whatever. At the end of the day the role of coomer fodder doesn't require that much.

For me, i find that a lot of celebrities have the sensibilities and taste level of normie laugh live love women with no backbone and are scared to wear red because it will stand out. A lot of them aren't very stylish or have their own sense of taste, they aren't very adventurous or fun when it comes to their looks. They almost always just follow trends and are willing to alter themselves to fit boxes rather than searching for boxes that they naturally fit in.

No. 361566

I got the image from another post here, I didn’t post it

No. 361573

Well sometimes other nonnies save pics, I myself have grabbed a few pics from celebricows to post in the women you wanna fuck thread

No. 361592

She's so medicore and her face is so annoying to look at after she was shilled everywhere.

No. 361593

Whenever I think this, I feel like I'll be accused of being jealous by some guy, but her features look harsh and almost ratlike to me. I just don't find her pretty.

No. 361595

File: 1701181112232.jpg (51.75 KB, 700x717, Emma-Chamberlain-1-2.jpg)

she always looks like she's nodding out

No. 361635

She’s not conventionally attractive but sleepy or dopey looking girls are kind of my weakness personally. I think it’s kinda cute.

No. 361665

I think she looks strange blonde, but as a redhead, she pulls off that color far better. She also doesn't even look like this anymore with the buccal fat removal.

No. 361679

I think Jenna is beautiful but she also definitely looks like a real life Tim Burton character and not everyone's cup of tea. She's said before that she was insecure about growing up in Hollywood being hispanic and not having a casting directors "ideal" look, but I find her interesting to watch

Maybe I'm sympathetic because I also look like a real life Tim Burton character and that's a huge insecurity of mine too

No. 361682

I've never seen her shilled as attractive. She is quite the ugly one.

No. 361954

File: 1701357423217.jpeg (114.68 KB, 780x438, A90328BF-F6B2-4DF4-89A1-549D0A…)

Kek same nonna. I didn’t know there was a thread like this for women, the male celebs all look disgusting to my gay ass. Anyway I’m unnerved by any women with dark hair but light colored eyes like Zooey Deschanel

No. 361964

Man, anons are fucking brutal. I barely ever check these threads but when I do it's imminent regret.

No. 361968

Try think of it this way, anon: there was one celebrity who I thought was objectively beautiful, like, automatic 9 or 10. Then I saw people calling her ugly. There's another celeb I found very unattractive, then my friend declared she had a crush on her. These threads remind me there's always going to be someone who finds you unappealing and someone who thinks you're gorgeous.
Also let's be real, anons are jusging celebs based on OTHER celebs, who all have access to personal trainers/stylists/MUAs etc. In the real world people don't judge each other so harshly.

No. 361973

Shes actually a natural blonde so that might be why she looks a bit off

No. 362023

kate moss slander breathes new life into me.

No. 362025

File: 1701385071736.jpeg (287.97 KB, 553x602, EC38BFAB-5DCF-4A90-AB46-A8637C…)

She’s not unattractive by any means just incredibly plain I don’t get it.

No. 362026

Maybe I'm biased because I have the same body type as her, but I think she's cute underneath the alcoholism, lupus, and fillers.

No. 362040

Imo, surgery is the primary thing that breaks a lot of womens looks. It's also not bad to look plain, it's just an opinion.

No. 362077

Her quirky bangs and 60s/70s look was very fitting for the trends of 2009-2013 but she really needs to update her aesthetic imo, it’s too played out now. Also her entire career was only possible because of her blue eyes and her connections in the industry through her dad, let’s be real.

No. 362078

Wow, it's been years since I've seen her. Is this a recent picture? She's ruined her face so bad.

No. 362087

Scrotes are so suggestible. If she wasn’t in all their favourite movies they’d call her mid but since she’s been in blade runner she’s supposedly some otherworldly beauty? She’s certainly not ugly but I don’t find her that beautiful.
>turning an entire generation into anachans
You think she was the only anachan in the 90s? You can’t lay ALL the blame at her feet. Maybe blame the faggots in charge of the fashion industry for requiring them to look like this to keep working? You sound like a bitter fatty just saying…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 362090

File: 1701419622267.jpeg (134.72 KB, 735x913, IMG_2146.jpeg)

I think her eyes and lips are pretty, but her bone structure doesn’t fit with her features and I hate her nose job. I will say though that I think she’s the prettiest out of her cohorts- Lily Collins, Anya Taylor Joy, Jenna Ortega, Florence Pugh. They’re all kind of bland imo though.

No. 362091

>bone structure doesn’t fit with her features
wdym? both her face shape and features look round

No. 362095

She's embracing the crows' feet instead of turning to a botox addiction, good for her imo. If she styled herself in a way that didn't wash her out she'd look charming.

No. 362105

File: 1701429912349.jpeg (195.8 KB, 800x1200, IMG_2147.jpeg)

Her face is really wide and big and overpowers her features

No. 362106

Are these really all the same girl?

No. 362107

File: 1701430625436.webm (2.85 MB, 1080x1920, 1701425664739234.webm)

She's so mid, polcels are desperate

No. 362109

No. 362110

File: 1701432706894.jpg (243.23 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_8b372926956ee95781fbfbf…)

She has always been very pretty to me. I do wish she didn't do whatever she did to her jaw and chin. Her chin was a little weak but it made her face look cute.

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