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File: 1701883286983.jpg (30.7 KB, 361x500, 4812f888c89dd169fcfb2d0e932219…)

No. 363202

Post conventionally attractive men that you have no shame admitting you'd fuck.
previous thread: >>>/g/360893

No. 363203

File: 1701883448783.gif (9.44 MB, 540x394, tumblr_94209fbdc5a098d86fb6c5a…)

am i hallucinating? why is Delon not attractive to me anymore and feels postwall in every gif or pic i see him in?

No. 363204

hallelujah for that thread pic

No. 363210

He does nothing for me too. Has the sex appeal of the man standing emoji. Stickman rizz

No. 363217

could it be menstrual cycle related nona, my preference is men can change subtly depending on where i'm at

No. 363219

perhaps? i'm close to my period coming and my ovulation days were a while ago

No. 363222

He is still super attractive to me, though knowing now that he was a piece of shit ruined him a little for me.

No. 363233

File: 1701891046315.gif (4 MB, 620x489, newcutie.gif)

He's definitely on the more traditionally masculine side for me but I think he has such a pretty face.

No. 363247

File: 1701895664065.jpg (85.78 KB, 564x996, 9e63c04a66f1106981c88fc63d015e…)

No. 363249

Cute, what is this from?

No. 363251

File: 1701897766557.gif (1.29 MB, 540x400, ohhim.gif)

it's from saltburn, love those sleepy dreamy looking eyes

No. 363287

thanks sister

No. 364415

File: 1702242515578.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1170x1239, IMG_2407.jpeg)


No. 364425

I'm sorry but I can't get over how chapped his lips are. Why does he always look dehydrated?

No. 364579

File: 1702275382769.png (664.94 KB, 640x853, IMG_1955.png)

Simu Liu. Woof.

No. 364590

Thank you, that gif is delicious.

No. 364593

You know what? I'll say it too, this gif is good.

No. 364712

It’s weird, I love Asian men but this guy annoys me so damn much lol. No hate tho nona.

No. 364749

File: 1702325014549.jpg (382.83 KB, 1574x1627, himmmm.jpg)

nonnas please watch Saltburn picrel is me when the credits rolled
I'm also the same height as Barry Keoghan so I can self-insert

No. 364755

HELL no. he looks like that one unmarried pervert uncle at the function. not only does he look like a sleazoid but he acts the part too. don't ever post him here again ugh i hate his ugly mug so much it makes me angry

No. 364764

this guy would go in unconventional attractions if he wasn't pushed so much, so weirdly. god he's so punchable and such an asshole. and a pedo sympathizing freak on top of it all

No. 364783

I'm dying over the guy in the threadpic every time I scroll past my god thank you for blessing my eyes whoever picked that picture

No. 364784

same, he annoys me so much, he annoyed me in the barbie movie too

No. 364788

I didn't understand the hype but this gif got to me. I have a feeling he will age pretty badly though, I can't explain why.

No. 364791

They both look deformed kek

No. 364792

I get you hate him but please stop samefagging it’s against the rules.

No. 364794

His face is just so damn punchable

No. 364795

He looks like a tranny I want to punch every moid with long hair

No. 364801

I'm not going to let trannies ruin my enjoyment of pretty men with long hair for me

No. 364802

File: 1702334462456.gif (3.52 MB, 498x498, IMG_1959.gif)

No. 364803

same, he's so dreamy. i love the look in his eyes.

No. 364814

do you know what samefagging is, anon…?

No. 364818

Ugliest Asian man ever(derailing, racebait)

No. 364822

infighting spergs are working overtime today on /g/

No. 364823

Moids with long hair are always cryptotroons who end up trooning out at some point anyway. Wish I was kidding. Guarantee the op moid wore his wife’s panties and bra before and applied her lipstick to his 5 o clock shadow framed lips thinking he made a nice looking woman. Gross.

No. 364824

I swear it's Blaine. He's also spiteful about long-haired men who are actually attractive/not trannies and likens them to himself to feel better.

No. 364826

This is bullshit. I’m a bio woman who is disgusted by long hair. No idea who you’re talking about but most trannies love long haired moids.

No. 364828

He's hot, thank you for this thread pic, OP.

No. 364829

I swear there’s some sperg in here (this isn’t the worst thread for it, the unconventional thread is worst and the women thread) that keeps replying multiple times to the same posts saying EWWWWWW UGLY 0/10 HAIR/FACE/ELBOWS WOULD NOT BANG to every man or woman posted the last couple days, over and over again. Pretty sure it’s the same lesbian thread baiter shitting up the board with bait posts and flaming. I actually think it might be a moid who is jealous he’s not getting any attention. Anyway it’s really annoying and we can tell by your syntax and phrasing you’re the same person. Stop and please fuck off to your containment imageboard.

No. 364830

File: 1702341053483.jpeg (72.34 KB, 720x960, 4BA7A7A8-C52F-44DA-8CF1-126640…)

i miss when these threads were 95% pictures and 5% screeching instead of the other way around like they are now.

No. 364831

File: 1702341120661.jpeg (66.42 KB, 728x960, 65F9C570-7EF4-4E51-9189-31C946…)

No. 364832

File: 1702341331108.jpeg (174.68 KB, 730x915, DAEFAAB3-47C8-436D-B6B0-38E64A…)

slightly ot but anyone else get kind of fascinated when seeing other people who have features you lack? for instance my jaw is very narrow and v shaped so im always kind of fascinated when people have large squareish blocky jaws. its weird to imagine having it or touching it but kind of cool too.

No. 364834

File: 1702341779843.jpeg (30.36 KB, 750x460, 0CC67B82-1340-41BF-B267-4F745C…)

also find ‘hunter eyes’ and monolids really cool looking and attractive because they look the opposite to mine. maybe this habit is something humans like to find to increase genetic diversity or prevent inbreeding? i

No. 364836

File: 1702341856194.jpeg (39.17 KB, 427x640, 5E366073-7FA0-46D9-BFA7-D288D0…)

hate how incels hijacked him

No. 364838

File: 1702342002317.jpeg (42.41 KB, 453x604, 4239A644-95E9-4E12-B991-B940B1…)

No. 364840

File: 1702342337828.jpeg (108.29 KB, 736x1007, 360A751E-620D-4F37-8737-6BD2E5…)

how long is too long for you nona

i saw a man with butt length hair today and it actually looked kinda nice because he seemed clean

No. 364842

File: 1702342982888.jpeg (422.93 KB, 1836x3264, 0FF86F08-F47E-478B-93A7-225CFF…)

is gingerposting allowed?

No. 364843

Nah I only like people who look similar to me.
I'd only excuse the sperging towards Simu because he defended pedos on reddit, but otherwise agree.

No. 364847

I don’t even like this moid but he explicitly said pedophilia is disgusting and wrong and that nobody should watch cp. all he said was pedos brains are wired differently (which is scientifically correct) and governments should learn how to effectively treat them BEFORE they offend and hurt children, like they do in germany. I don’t see why he should be cancelled for saying that.

No. 364848

you're probably right about others but it's funny that the simu replies were seemingly your last straw. i am genuinely a different anon to the one who replied before me i just saw an anon trashing him and wanted to join in because he's annoyed me for ages kek. farmhands would know anyway

No. 364850

Was actually talking about the long hair sperging and calling people deformed, but ok kek.

No. 364851

this thread is full of permanently offended twitter fags I wish you would go back to your zoomie hugboxes(infighting)

No. 364852

File: 1702344992859.jpeg (25.08 KB, 325x403, E523D432-6865-4385-86D8-5755E5…)

Shame he was a pedo and rapist too. Why can’t men just be normal.

No. 364853

File: 1702345075643.jpeg (464.68 KB, 1621x2048, F03188F3-E875-4A45-8EF8-C513C6…)

Moids are so disappointing in reality, best to watch them from afar.,

No. 364855

File: 1702345329044.jpeg (111.18 KB, 1600x1454, 49877859-586C-44D1-929E-D01C06…)

I don’t even bother searching famous moids backgrounds anymore because I know I will be disappointed. Best to leave it to idealism. Also, we need more sexy men with black or dark brown hair in media again.

No. 364857

File: 1702345914743.jpeg (163.99 KB, 295x441, 9DD0ADC4-A047-4539-882A-0B57A7…)

60s moids always look kind of busted to me kek (was it the chainsmoking, suntanning and alcoholism or all 3?) but apparently he was a sex symbol and he is Welsh so therefore he’s automatically hot to me.

No. 364859

File: 1702346179711.jpeg (183.23 KB, 1117x800, E4FA114D-01CD-4C57-BA6E-D1C69E…)

Another Welshman (please don’t scream at me nonas I’m ovulating and become very attracted to swarthy weatherbeaten Welshman at this time of the month)

No. 364876

Either get better pics or get this busted ass moid out of this thread

No. 364909

File: 1702366158094.gif (Spoiler Image,6.58 MB, 699x540, thebath.gif)

KEK as OP I think I've got to defend myself and say I'd never even look at the moid on the right the left one though…

No. 364910

Who’s that and maybe but I like guys who kinda look like me
Omg I love Gregory peck

No. 364945

Chico Lachowski

No. 364970

Overexposure I guess. I though he was attractive only when I first saw him, the more I look at him he seems like one of those assholish twats who need to make sure they look good in every moment of their life. Also he is a piece of shit who should’ve euthanized himself like he planned to.

No. 364973

>alain delon wanted to euthanize himself
What? Lmao

No. 364975

File: 1702394328233.png (1.84 MB, 1125x2436, IMG_2969.png)

It was demented later by his son I guess, but this wife beater trash should’ve just go on with it.

No. 365014


No. 365015

who's this qt?

No. 365144

Some random Scottish guy I found on the ginger subreddit. He’s good looking but is covered in sunblock so he looks unnervingly greasy and pallid.

No. 365148

Celtic moids (Irish, Scottish, Welsh) are so much better looking than Angloid moids.

No. 365149

you have clearly never visited any of those places. plus they all look the same kek

No. 365150

No, English men all look like ogres. Celtic moids look more like Elves.

No. 365151

> Celtic moids look more like Elves
anon that is just not true, you are blissfully unaware and I can tell you do not live here

No. 365154

let me guess, you're from Dipshit Valley, Florida, USA, but you're definitely 90000000% Scottish-Irish-German on your (great-great-great-great-great-great grand)mothers side of the family, right?

No. 365157

Kek very likely

No. 365205

No. 365209

File: 1702498816577.gif (2.05 MB, 498x294, 16367980217962.gif)

Nonna, I feel your pain. It's so tiresome to be interminably embarrassed and/or disgusted by a famous moid's irl personality.
You're absolutely delusional although I'd like to support you because I have a crush on one Irish actor atm and I'm delusional as well to think he's handsome. The only Scottish pretty actors I know are young James McAvoy (a manlet) and young Ewan McGregor.

No. 365216

File: 1702500389420.jpeg (773.23 KB, 1170x1192, IMG_1541.jpeg)

Cillian is the only attractive Irish male I’ve ever seen the rest are worthless

No. 365217

No. 365221

When I went to Ireland I was amazed at how much better looking the average moid is there than in England. I’ve heard other nonas say similar things. Scottish men are hit and miss. Welsh men are hot if you like swarthier types with dark eyes.

No. 365279

irishmen are nice looking if you're into the dark hair/blue eyes combo (really common here, it's more classic irish than the stereotypical red hair/green eyes tbh) but they drag themselves down with terrible fashion choices. so many irishmen under the age of like 30 have the same retarded haircut and are dressed in tracksuits from the same 3 brands. they also smell like they bathed in lynx africa.

where irishmen have an advantage over englishmen is personality, usually they have a sense of humour and are friendly whereas english people tend not to be as engaging (northern english people are a lot more likeable than southern english but are much less physically attractive than southern english. people i know who went to northern england said they went from average to cute suddenly just by changing location rather than their appearance changing kek).

No. 365328

is this that one male actor that had genital warts so severe some doctor wanted to preserve his balls to use for teaching his students?

No. 365329

File: 1702546927477.jpg (39.21 KB, 500x276, k.jpg)

>man with nice long hair
>"tranny in the making! TRANNY IN THE MAKING!!"
go fuck yourself

No. 365392

might be debated but if you remember him from misfits (seth…kelly how the fuck did you pull that. OATHHHH) this seems like a very normal contender for dilf status
vidrel all I hear is blahblahimhotblahblah

No. 365393

samefag sorry farmhands trust me if you haven't watched misfits stop shitposting and go watch it. if you're here I guarantee you'll like it kek

No. 365395

i disliked it after Nathan left

No. 365469

Yes he was also a pedophile, serial rapist and general sexual deviant. Even by old Hollywood standards he was a huge degenerate and his house had spyholes in it for watching women undress and use the toilet. His last mistress/girlfriend basically admitted he raped her when she was underage on their first date.

No. 365473

Britbong here
>English men
Degenerates. Some of them seem very nice/sweet but it’s usually an act tbh. Avoid. Tallest of the bunch.
>Scottish men
Either super jovial, warm and friendly or mean as hell. Tend to be kind of on the shorter side, unless they’re posh. Most of them are kind of average looking with predominantly blue eyes, the Irish blooded ones can be quite good looking. Probably the most ‘masculine’ acting bunch of them due to social pressure , generally quite honest and trustworthy.
>Irish men
Gallows sense of humour, can be kinda too misogynistic and edgy sometimes. Often have dark hair and nice coloured light eyes as you say. Better looking than Scottish and English men I’d say.
>Welsh men
Kind of mysterious, tend to stick to their own and hardly ever mix or marry non Welsh people tbh. Many of them have a more kind of exotic or kind of Spanish look (since Iberia/Galicia is where a lot of Celts emigrated from), with some blondish types. They tend to be quite introverted, very dry often quite sarcastic sense of humor.

No. 365478

File: 1702600341012.jpeg (611.21 KB, 1864x1876, 2994D419-FCBB-40C3-BD3D-970A88…)

Alright nonas pick your British poison.

No. 365479

James McAvoy and David Tennant, hands down

No. 365481

also holy shit that baby rapist Ian Watkins doesn't belong on here

No. 365482

It’s not based on personality, I just tried to assemble the most average phenotypes of each country using famous people.

No. 365483

Cillian. I'm surprised you didn't use any of the royals though, is it because they're German?

No. 365484

You don’t get to choose individuals you have to take them as a group.

No. 365487

cillian is the best looking by far but he's not even british kek

No. 365489

Neither is Bono, but I think they were just grouping them all together and I think that's fair enough. Though on the topic of the Irish, I think that pic needs someone really dark like Tom Jones or Colin Farrell because that phenotype exists too.

No. 365492

Tom Jones is part black.

No. 365497

Ireland is part of the British isles.

No. 365499

I will take the Welsh polycule. Kill Ian Watkins + Glynn. Fuck Gavin. Marry Rob.

No. 365502

Young Jude Law is physical perfection, he's so good looking he doesn't even belong on this chart of average/ugly moids. Too bad he's balding now.

I do love the black Irish phenotype though, if you'd put Paul instead of John I'd be forced to pick him as my subjective fav.

No. 365503

Jude Law’s mother is Welsh and his dad is half Scottish. Probably why he’s not as ugly as other Anglo moids.

No. 365514

File: 1702608001363.jpg (94.99 KB, 658x482, saintparame.jpg)

No. 365516

Who is this guy?

No. 365525

Hee hee

No. 365527

I often forget that Welsh people exist

No. 365546


No. 365547

what’s his username on there. also post the link nonnie thanks

No. 365558

He’s purdy

No. 365560

irish people still aren't british and the irish government doesn't even recognise the term british isles anyway. calling irish people british is factually incorrect and would end horribly if you said this in ireland lmao

No. 365564

John Lennon and Jude Law

No. 365634

Jude Law sporadically if I’m in the mood, maybe McAvoy, bottom left is clasically good-looking and quite hot, also the guy next to him (I know him from memes, don’t remember his name). He’s funny and seems like he would be good at sex.

No. 365688

You have to take them as a group.

No. 366034

are you lost

No. 366167

File: 1702851759933.gif (349.06 KB, 220x316, dan-stevens-downton-abbey.gif)

do any bongs (or I guess any one) remember Dan Stevens from Downtown Abbey? I have just rewatched The Guest and he is so hot in that movie. He would make a wonderful James Bond

No. 366168

File: 1702852107728.gif (2.84 MB, 500x242, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a…)

No. 366170

hes wonderful, i never bothered with season two but i recommend season one of the show Legion he is super hot in it

No. 366174

kek I think some anons forget this is the attractive men you want to fuck thread and not unconventional attractions

No. 366272

File: 1702904452737.jpeg (151.66 KB, 1027x808, IMG_2716.jpeg)

Ian Mcshane used to be attractive when he was young, this is him in sky west and crooked. He looks so scary and old as Mr. Wednesday

No. 366309

File: 1702922432249.jpg (46.46 KB, 563x698, 97554f39e8a657e601972395fcdb8e…)

scotland forever

No. 366330

File: 1702929270313.jpeg (145.27 KB, 1080x1614, IMG_4111.jpeg)

No. 366594

File: 1703022265280.jpg (135.4 KB, 1256x612, yikes.jpg)

No. 366595

what pretty eyes

No. 366596


No. 366603

And he’s repulsive too.

No. 366681

No offense but this guy is super ugly and should not be in the conventional thread

No. 366682

Please tell me this is fake and shooped. Do men actually come here? Gross

No. 366683

He looks like such a generic British moid.

No. 366690

Not a single attractive man posted ITT(shitposting)

No. 366719

this is neil ellice, a scottish actor.
he is mostly known for doing mocap, facescans and voice acting on call of duty. how you came into the conclusion it is a moid self posting is beyond me.
get to posting then

No. 366744

File: 1703087857555.jpg (750.47 KB, 1277x1920, olmfjl7Pb71uchyxlo1_1280.jpg)

No. 366857

File: 1703122564469.jpg (92.38 KB, 736x865, 4c7dc65a-ce31-44f4-8e60-4449c3…)

Rob Lowe but only in this pic

No. 366974

He is beautiful with beautiful eyes

No. 366975

File: 1703166347178.gif (2.87 MB, 268x304, 2656E8EC-5460-4189-838C-808772…)

No. 366979

File: 1703166690119.jpeg (106.38 KB, 683x1024, IMG_4133.jpeg)

The perfect prince eric

No. 367030

Both of these have played Disney Princes. Very cute

No. 367319

File: 1703273307434.jpg (151.85 KB, 1000x667, bbbb.jpg)

the shears twins. godbless

No. 367375

No. 367414

File: 1703287995951.jpg (247.05 KB, 1002x1002, temperature-resistant-concrete…)

This belongs in unconventional and you KNOW that.

No. 367418

the guy on the right looks like if Tate McRae got macroangley or whatever that ugly nurse had that got her fired

No. 367424

This is funny because they're twins and look exactly the same. Also I have no idea what you're talking about

No. 367427

File: 1703290473270.jpg (326.16 KB, 1600x900, tate mcrae.jpg)

picrel is tate mcrae, and the condition is called Acromegaly

No. 367459

Double bicycle seats

No. 367588

they look inbred.

No. 368728

File: 1703468946901.jpg (38.51 KB, 564x1002, f37ec46c679009aeeb1e81eb4b1db3…)

kyle > tate > kit

No. 368742

Is that jesus?

No. 368825

File: 1703506988215.jpg (130.88 KB, 564x1001, 48460e26048a91a1d3546733ae1929…)

No. 368863

File: 1703529908399.jpeg (66.69 KB, 292x245, 28FB7BC4-193B-4FF7-80A5-650D91…)

No. 368909

File: 1703546843947.jpeg (82.97 KB, 749x720, IMG_2962.jpeg)

No. 368912

No. 368917

File: 1703549072900.gif (1.5 MB, 268x400, he.gif)

No. 369041

File: 1703604616811.png (72.63 KB, 426x600, actor-michael-garza-109092_lar…)

Micheal Garza, handsome asf but i hope he doesn't continue growing out his pubestache

No. 369094

He looks 8

No. 369118

File: 1703633539653.jpeg (323.22 KB, 1023x1174, IMG_3140.jpeg)

I can’t remember his name but classic movie stars were superior

No. 369128

post in unconventional, this dude is ugly

No. 369154

Everything looks 8 to you psychos

No. 369156

he looks like a fucking owl hooo hooo

No. 369165

moid moment, he looks his age, what about this man with grown man facial proportions and grown man skull and grown man eyebrows and slightly visible facial hair looks 8 to you, kill yourself, you're worthless.

No. 369166

this is Gary Cooper in City Streets, but for a good moment i thought this was Alain Delon ngl

No. 369167

File: 1703657282575.jpeg (84.18 KB, 560x743, 841F2F74-F400-4BD9-85F3-4C45C3…)

Andrew WK

No. 369169

NTA what's with these insanely aggressive responses? He does look young. I think it's his hair, because the short and a bit gelled/flicked up at the front is a very 12 year old boy style. I'm not saying you're attracted to 12 year olds, it's probably just the photo, but I did a double take to register he's not actually a tween.

No. 369173

Some cunt is going around in every thread and autistically raging, just ignore them

No. 369174

He looks like a grown man, what kind of "tween"s are you looking at?

No. 369187

File: 1703667197816.webm (5.29 MB, 576x1024, stuart-mackey.webm)

I didn't know which tiktok of his to post since they are kinda cringe but also a bit funny. Just picked a random one

No. 369279

More like twenty-8! You're crazy. This is your brain on battery acid old man cum.

No. 369281

File: 1703706912307.jpeg (800.31 KB, 1160x1148, EB989BC4-3C91-4688-8EE2-85AE9C…)

Why do some Slavs look slightly Asian like quapas or something? Anyway he’s cute.

No. 369282

Idk, why does Bjork? These kinds of questions are silly.

No. 369283

I thought Bjork was part Eskimo or something

No. 369284

That's ghengis khan rape in them

No. 369285

russia and parts of eastern europe got raided by asiatic tribes like huns, mongols and tatars

No. 369290

File: 1703707459282.jpg (229.83 KB, 1080x609, IMG_20231227_230227.jpg)

Jordan Barrett. I want to kill him since learning he's a faggot. Are all Supermodels homosexual or are they just being whores?

No. 369291

File: 1703707473720.jpeg (292.32 KB, 1908x1146, D62610C6-76F5-4153-BD57-8A2AA0…)

I’m not sure if he’s genuinely gay or just gay for pay. He’s a weird guy and lurks forums and subs that talk about him. He got buccal fat removal because an incel on instagram called him fat, kek.

No. 369293

Aww, I hope he develops anorexia. Do you know anything more about his forum past? That could be milky. (If he's gay for pay he's definitely going to start dating women soon because he hit the wall a decade ago and is as good as dead to any faggot)

No. 369294

On the left he really does look fat.

No. 369295

File: 1703707804704.png (657.19 KB, 888x1096, 2B1D4C32-8A6B-4868-AAD7-CE25F9…)

I don’t follow him closely but I remember incels from lookism saying his alt got exposed and he would post alongside them on incel forums. Just like quite a lot of female celebrities had skinnygossip accounts I guess.

No. 369296

When you have a short wide face like that I guess you look bloated really easily.

No. 369300

He's really only attractive at a 3/4 angle but I love this screenshot so much. Being the reason a model botched himself is a sexy idea. I need to find his account to analyse whether his body dysmorphia is caused by misogyny or gay misogyny. I'm unemployed to the maximum right now

No. 369302

What does "hop on fin and dut" mean? And is the poster a woman?

No. 369303

Jocelyn Wildensteins long lost son

No. 369307

File: 1703709178037.jpeg (65.09 KB, 634x727, 56920C0E-DAFF-4BA6-9438-6240C4…)

Finasteride/Dutasteride, hair loss meds. He has a problem with bald spots.

No. 369314

AHAHHAAH HOLY SHIT! Jumpscare of the century.

No. 369351

holy shit kek i'm so uncultured i thought this guy was Lucky Blue Smith, i remember feeling sorry for that one because i saw some japanese tweets pointing out how weird he looks when he smile/laughs, but anyway this guy sounds immature so i don't really feel bad for what he decides to do with his face, cheeks look better on him anyway, he looks more recognizable that way

No. 369356

The guy I'm seeing looks just like this nonnie… I'll be thinking about your hooos

No. 369358

I love Scottish men. The accent is a major turn on as well even if I can’t always understand it.

No. 369368

Late as fuck but I’m a McAvoy girl 100%. Would prefer him as he looked in Penelope or Atonement tho aka his prime. When he was in stuff in the 2000s that was really his peak and it was not surprising as a teen I had a big crush. Beautiful eyes and gorgeous complexion and a really lovely voice imo, plus he’s a good deal shorter than me and I think that’s neat for reasons related to being bossy and pushy with short men kek

No. 369371

and I am very jealous nonnie kek

No. 369373

I thought it was lucky too

No. 369392

File: 1703731433455.jpg (126.98 KB, 640x1027, jordan-barrett-in-2023-his-fac…)


No. 369400

His chin looks like a vagina.

No. 369403

It'd actually a urethra stamp from being smacked in the face with cock so many times

No. 369415

File: 1703737638516.jpg (50.98 KB, 694x658, 1000006666.jpg)

Fuckkk just realized the guy I posted was already shown in the thread…

No. 369417

File: 1703737782192.jpg (71.58 KB, 736x736, 1000006668.jpg)

No. 369422

Nonnie thank you for posting him I love Louis Garrell so much, I wish he played in more movies though

No. 369424

File: 1703741899079.jpg (77.54 KB, 736x920, 2aac2d627e3cef309d86f647693942…)

I love musicians.

No. 369427

Based as hell. Juraj Slafkovsky is a dreamy right winger. I hate the habs, but watch for him.

No. 369438

File: 1703752692283.gif (6.03 MB, 540x450, tumblr_a3003abdcab93e8165d2538…)

Still hot in the Gerwig Little Women too

No. 369443

Wow he's beautiful anon

No. 369444

File: 1703759847654.jpeg (60.57 KB, 400x630, IMG_3169.jpeg)

No. 369446

terrible pic of him

No. 369448

I like suits though

No. 369479

File: 1703771592911.jpg (29.58 KB, 329x489, 1000006674.jpg)

No. 369494

No. 369800

File: 1703874449672.jpg (136.02 KB, 924x788, 20231229_181735.jpg)

No. 369813

File: 1703884073051.jpeg (43.43 KB, 290x467, IMG_1576.jpeg)

No. 369821

Stop posting this Frankenstein

No. 369825

File: 1703889532478.jpg (36.93 KB, 303x386, e62fa80abfd6972a310d69e12a929f…)

No. 369829

File: 1703890247973.gif (1.23 MB, 540x411, IMG_4184.gif)

He was most handsome in Legend

No. 369838

File: 1703892500185.jpeg (131.62 KB, 2000x1333, IMG_3048.jpeg)

Some nonnas posted him here and holy shit I need to fuck him so badly

No. 369841

File: 1703893097426.gif (9.96 MB, 600x1067, tumblr_0350f6b9882fcfcd72e491e…)

No. 369852

File: 1703894919100.jpeg (40.09 KB, 750x725, IMG_9171.jpeg)

me watching stargate:

No. 369855

Ezra miller is better looking

No. 369856

Both are ugly and overposted

No. 369874

His mannerisms are of a dude who watches too much magical girl anime

No. 369880

…Ok? Are you just upset your psycho is not allowed in this thread?

No. 369884

Post your husbando too so we can also tell you to fuck off

No. 369888

he’s so cute in that movie and he’s the best at being sweet but slightly awkward

No. 369916

File: 1703921416547.gif (3.81 MB, 540x400, ezgif.com-webp-to-gif-converte…)

No. 369920

He looks like gigachad quasimodo

No. 369924

File: 1703924230817.mp4 (251.42 KB, 480x484, BF6sY22x6HRc36t-.mp4)

dont worry anon, us barryfags love him too…

No. 369925

He ain't about it.

No. 369933

File: 1703927420788.gif (6.74 MB, 540x561, adwodiapwo-3-75ffe60eeb.gif)

No. 369935

His wall hit is so painful to me, because he had such a nice face and cute hair

No. 369936

AS you grow older, you start to find pretty faces less appealing and start to prefer more rugged men.

No. 369937

Pfft maybe you do, I still don't.

No. 369938

Speak for yourself thanks

No. 369939

the pickme/walled roidpig mantra…

No. 369940

this is a site for women only.

No. 369941

Factually untrue. My grandma and little sister have the same prettyboy taste in guys

No. 369945

shitty bait and even shittier cope

No. 369948

File: 1703938261275.jpg (36.96 KB, 500x500, 22bf4869ab5b33d431af5ad9558d0a…)

Sure, Jan.

No. 369956

File: 1703948585800.gif (6.81 MB, 268x450, ezgif.com-webp-to-gif-converte…)

thank you lovely nonnitas

No. 370246

Who is this?

No. 370261

File: 1704073654207.jpg (5.49 KB, 225x225, images.jpg)

My taste in men is stuck in 2014

No. 370271

who dis?

No. 370273

No. 370274

nonny do you not see the words in the post you quoted?

No. 370291

File: 1704089148212.jpg (43.84 KB, 735x805, 1000006744.jpg)

No. 370292

File: 1704089250312.jpg (121.13 KB, 736x669, 1000006745.jpg)

No. 370323

File: 1704115948480.jpeg (46.09 KB, 480x287, IMG_3407.jpeg)

No. 370329

File: 1704120463981.jpg (97.07 KB, 968x970, 4cd3ea78620b77ca74f3891287a2d0…)

No. 370388

File: 1704149007681.png (1.16 MB, 1200x1203, screen-shot-2022-09-12-at-8-08…)

I don't disagree but you could've used a pic where they don't have dorito chins nonna kek

No. 370493

File: 1704177716831.gif (1.51 MB, 270x180, 1DB1DFE8-438A-4C7C-96A0-F4EDC1…)

started watching chinese dramas out of boredom because the korean ones were getting kinda dumb. lots of the actors and actresses are so fine. the ccp propaganda is working on me.

No. 370494

i don't care who the ccp sends, i am NOT fucking a chinese man!! RAHHHHHHHHHH

No. 370497

File: 1704178642435.jpeg (1.65 MB, 3150x4096, D3FCDCDE-7355-43FB-94D5-DA9021…)

lol i feel this way about all japanese men except my tired angel pic rel

No. 370498

How do I hide this image?

No. 370517

who's that? megaqt

No. 370527

Haruma Miura (RIP)

No. 370529

I love yangyang too. Got into chinese dramas a couple years ago and in 1.5 billion people there simply are a lot of super handsome ones to chose from lol

Nooo, I always used to post him in mog threads, it feels unreal that it will be 4 years already… Last Cinderella is one of the best dramas ever

No. 370544

Now I'm sad again.

No. 370648

He looks like the whitest guy ever, hot though

No. 370759

File: 1704295369263.jpg (35.94 KB, 449x622, 51996284.jpg)

His son looked better and was saner.

No. 371277

File: 1704500784708.png (830.72 KB, 1197x719, IMG_3072.png)

No. 371282

Maybe to Amerimutts

No. 371333

File: 1704511334539.jpeg (71.6 KB, 576x902, IMG_3075.jpeg)

The pain of getting a James Spader erotic movie but he’s just a step before hitting the wall. Still would in a heartbeat tho.

No. 371342

File: 1704513885246.jpg (241.95 KB, 1200x675, WOULD.jpg)

This one's from Dream Lover with Madchen Amick, he's egregiously sexy here.

No. 371345

I want him so much it’s not even funny anymore. Ironically when I saw him first in these threads I was not that impressed, then I found this still from Crash of him looking under the car and now he’s all I can think about.

No. 371355

No. 371699

you think women being abused is "egregiously sexy"? That film has the most fucked up ending I've ever seen(derailing)

No. 371965

Trying not to spam him but I just listened to his voice for the first time and oh my god, it’s absolutely perfect as he is. I would fuck him in every position possible kek

No. 372202

File: 1704772049514.jpg (110.15 KB, 690x1035, 1000007003.jpg)

No. 372212

File: 1704774598775.jpg (107.47 KB, 1080x1346, Snapinsta.app_418047174_109400…)

i want the luffy guy

No. 372221

File: 1704777645161.jpeg (Spoiler Image,425.25 KB, 1101x923, IMG_3713.jpeg)

Does Tom Hardy have a micro penis?

No. 372222

File: 1704777680442.jpeg (Spoiler Image,436.18 KB, 725x545, IMG_3712.jpeg)

No. 372225

Why don’t men speak with this cadence anymore smh

No. 372257

No. 372258

File: 1704802158774.jpg (11.85 KB, 499x332, Marlon-Brando-marlon-brando-32…)

Posting some Marlon Brando to cleanse the thread

No. 372259

File: 1704802205240.jpg (63.94 KB, 750x750, tumblr_ogqhnfWtVQ1urbmlbo1_128…)

No. 372260

File: 1704802299006.jpg (74.86 KB, 640x457, brando48.jpg)

No. 372325

I was considering posting him in the other thread, cause I'm embaressed to be attracted to him cause he's a bit of a memelord. But I'd have felt silly posting a conventionally looking guy in the same thread anons post Jimmy Savile just cause his humor is juvenile sometimes. I don't know italian and I suspect the langague barrier is protecting me from several obnoxious fanboys too, but he's hot so what can you do?

No. 372327

doublepost to post another video cause relevant to the thread I guess

No. 372334

File: 1704838621970.jpg (41.51 KB, 563x547, d541792e943330fdcf6808f5a7b9a9…)

No. 372350

Why not just post a screenshot of him?

No. 372362

File: 1704844766129.jpg (120.1 KB, 720x1004, 20240109_205911.jpg)

Cause screenshots always end up looking awkward and I didnt want to get bullied for posting an "uggo". I also wasn't remembering his ig, but even there he looks retarded in most of his pics and it makes me feel bad for liking retarded men.

No. 372402

Cute barrel chested Italian boy. Discovered him through his croissant video but it wasn't until deep diving into his other videos that his spell was cast on me.

No. 372423

It’s small. Also he’s a gross degenerate bifag.

No. 372427

File: 1704895306818.jpg (41.06 KB, 1100x470, tom-hardy-back.jpg)

not micro but small yes, grossed me out as someone who used to be extremely attracted to him, what a waste of a body

No. 372431

He spent youth life as a slutty twink. Make that of what you will Hardy girls

No. 372518

nah, he's probably a grower

No. 373038

File: 1705093991312.jpeg (64.69 KB, 400x400, 7CAB2AB6-0C28-4BC0-B48A-4A3ED3…)

Andrew WK reminds me of a big sexy caveman or something I like beastly handsome dudes

No. 373039

File: 1705094052976.jpeg (61.08 KB, 1280x720, C64779DF-D496-4C18-B67A-6FCAB3…)

Hiroyuki Sanada

No. 373042

File: 1705094312679.png (368.07 KB, 500x364, FFE5B308-35B5-4D47-86AC-CFBA86…)

I like wire rims. My bb

No. 373045

File: 1705094484843.jpeg (18.16 KB, 261x258, 34C48EAF-DAF6-40D6-B883-1D759E…)

No. 373047

>He might be considered unconventional but I feel as though he doth not belong in the thread full of ugly scrawny nerds.
He does with that face, yeesh.

No. 373048

Yeah he’s kind of a butterface mb

No. 373158

I love james spader in all forms, that's how you know I'm a loyal bitch

No. 373164

Stop shilling that turtle with double barrel shotgun nostrils

No. 373167

File: 1705143365481.jpeg (76.76 KB, 636x471, IMG_3100.jpeg)

The wall was not kind to him but in his prime he was 10/10, pure perfection. yes I do have a whole folder of pics of him

Nta but never

No. 373168

I’ve found my people

No. 373171

File: 1705146532307.jpeg (58.65 KB, 640x480, IMG_3923.jpeg)

I’m so troubled by my attraction to him, it makes me deeply uncomfortable. He seems to be a literal sociopath

No. 373172

File: 1705146634091.jpeg (604.69 KB, 1170x1162, IMG_3919.jpeg)

Does t this look like a sociopath yelling

No. 373179

This is who I imagine Julian Casablancas looks like to people who find him attractive.

No. 373182

Agree so fucking hard beastly handsome is a perfect way to describe my taste as well. Man who seems like he could be an actual werewolf vibes. Thank you if you’re the nonna who went wild posting him kek

No. 373610

This guy I met online who is absolutely fucking gorgeous. The man looks like a chad but he acts like a regular guy that doesn’t even think he’s good looking. Plus, he’s in the military so whenever I see a picture of him I’m drooling. Guys were literally meant for uniforms, being sexy and potentially dying. I had a dream I fucked him last night and it was amazing. It’s weird bc my type is usually scrawny long haired creatures, is this my ovaries screaming out for testosterone?

No. 373623

He looks like me and I hate it

No. 373634

File: 1705332892705.jpeg (1.38 MB, 3276x3276, FA36949E-B9A5-4508-A24C-212815…)

There’s this tiktok moid (kinghippo23) that has been making these begging/pleading tiktoks to some trending song, and I don’t know what it is about this objectively mid man that gets to me but something about his videos really does it for me.

No. 374108

File: 1705516702809.jpeg (19.98 KB, 252x200, C656865A-4EB8-4005-AB86-8BCC4C…)

Boo-boo my qt

No. 374109

File: 1705517081297.jpeg (12.96 KB, 201x251, 514E1D86-474C-47B9-B3E6-27AD30…)

I also look like him

No. 374198

god, can u marry me?

No. 374259

File: 1705567679889.jpg (129.52 KB, 736x981, 16c381f9096defbcbe14394d090ef9…)

No. 374268

Looks like Kristen Stewert

No. 374270

Well I can't unsee that now

No. 374477

File: 1705695326987.jpg (90.11 KB, 578x800, 41336e9bb55a82bcf7c592ea966e48…)

No. 374478

File: 1705696298093.jpg (42.45 KB, 640x828, 640full-dolph-lundgren.jpg)

Based, a peak male perfection, so conventional he almost looks grotesque. He recently supported Amber Heard, his only flaw is the fact that he's married to a woman 40 years younger than him.

No. 374479

File: 1705696579270.jpg (23.16 KB, 425x517, ff014d58bd2694f81c40da874fdbe2…)

>supported Amber Herd
Oh wow, do you have a source for this? I'd like to see it. I love the way he looks in his 20s so much. I wish he didn't get so juiced up. He was beautiful with less or none juice at all.

No. 374483

File: 1705697400843.png (98.32 KB, 810x528, Zrzut ekranu 2024-01-19 214752…)

He basically said that Momoa is an idiot who got scared of backlash and publicly confirmed her words that she got cut out of Aquaman (which DCU tried to spin as 'lack of chemistry'). He also praised working with her before, in the midst of the trial. Based 200 IQ gigachad making incels worldwide seethe.

No. 374488

Fr I can't believe he's real. Hot, strong, tall, smart (has a phd or something), genuinely nice guy. Only flaw is the marrying a woman too young. They should clone him in different flavors so every woman can get her own Dolph Lundgren.

No. 374493

File: 1705701022315.png (31.44 KB, 636x218, Zrzut ekranu 2024-01-19 225130…)

Another fun fact is that he bullied Tarantino on set kek.

No. 374494

File: 1705701349402.jpg (100.62 KB, 684x384, tamino_wide-75173609afaa755358…)

based nonnie, he's the most gorgeous man ive seen in my life i need to sit on that beak

No. 374498

Asian looking Jewboys are my biggest kink.

No. 374499

Great body, fugly block of cheese face. But he’s based.

No. 374500

File: 1705702931868.gif (856.87 KB, 550x211, tumblr_mg0iywnkMK1rs25p4o1_128…)

No. 374502

No. 374505

Lmao I think he looks pretty af in that picture but to each their own. I just prefer the defined features look and how plum and red his lips look and his messy hair. He's like a real life Reiner Braun.

No. 374506

File: 1705703458152.png (1.28 MB, 1440x1080, C684AFEF-7D3C-4C73-91AE-BFBF0D…)

Why did God put me in a country with no cute Jewboys let alone those sexy exotical kinda hapa looking ones with strong khazar admixture.

No. 374534

Post a pic of what your semitic ideal is

No. 374550

File: 1705712846544.jpeg (86.75 KB, 640x960, 8FDCEBD7-4EDD-4EA2-A6BD-40FB2F…)

No. 374559

File: 1705717971030.jpg (Spoiler Image,102.81 KB, 675x900, ELOJ-5PWkAEf4VC.jpg)

>>374534(this thread is for attractive men, please see your optician)

No. 374563

holy fucking shit this guy looks like a megaschizo british moid i hate sorry i got jumpscared
>Attractive Men You Want To Fuck Thread
Wait what the fuck is he doing here, i thought it was the unconventional thread

No. 374567

File: 1705719968228.jpg (23.95 KB, 640x480, sananda.jpg)

pls delet

No. 374575

File: 1705723126315.jpeg (12.35 KB, 275x183, 02AE4433-3A46-49E2-B5EC-4BA401…)

Ew is that Sam Hyde

No. 374581

I hate this faggot kek pls be trolling

No. 374583

Isn't this just Timothee Chalamet?

No. 374604

File: 1705733210039.jpg (77.98 KB, 1280x720, james.jpg)

I always thought he was super hot in his younger days (and even in the boston legal/secretary era where age started hitting him) but a few years ago I was going off of antidepressants cold turkey and I started getting extremely horny and binge watched all of his old movies, I started to get legitimately depressed that I couldn't be with him lmao. anyways here's a picture

No. 374617

real nonnie, beautiful figure, (sometimes) cute face, gorgeous costumes, he'd been putting in the work to redeem his country's men

No. 374625

File: 1705746965535.gif (1.8 MB, 500x250, james_spader.gif)

> I started to get legitimately depressed that I couldn't be with him lmao
I feel bad after reading this

No. 374630

That wasn’t me. My ideal Khazarian Semitic moids are Mr Smithy, Ezra Miller and JGL.

No. 374650

I guessed. Adam doesn't remotely look hapa

No. 374714

File: 1705789953866.gif (4.22 MB, 540x350, IMG_3099.gif)


Please don’t insult Tamino like that, at least he has a nice jaw and doesn’t look like a rat.

Always happy to open this thread and see James Spader. He’s the only celeb man that I carnally desire and fantasize about fucking tbh.

No. 374719

What’s this from? He looks very chewable.

No. 374723

File: 1705793013737.gif (7.67 MB, 500x350, IMG_3196.gif)

Tuff Turf, nonna. He was 25 here.

No. 374728

File: 1705794197953.gif (1.92 MB, 540x400, slocg.gif)

I dont know nonnies i think in reality hes pretty mid but something about guys with this exact look gets me(nerd thread is that way -->)

No. 374749

>this exact look
commonplace nerd?

No. 374750

File: 1705804586600.jpg (58.38 KB, 884x1000, f0c95f19960bdb7ce1fadd9b265b81…)

don't feel bad anon, I started feeling normal again after the withdrawals went away. but yeah young james was superior, too bad we don't have heart throbs like him anymore

No. 374756

It’s like he knows he’s sexy and how to use it, but while he’s a bit arrogant and smug he doesn’t have his head up his ass and easily went for erotic and romance movies. They don’t make scrotes like this anymore.

No. 374803

File: 1705828973627.jpeg (230.81 KB, 793x640, 98233BEE-AF75-44F7-8E57-F884EA…)

I know a guy who looks exactly like him and i wish I could fuck him

No. 374841

yes, exactly. the "nerd look" is hot and i will die on that hill. especially if theyre scrawny.

No. 374847

not to mini mod but can you post your nerdy men in the nerdy crushes thread?

No. 374862

File: 1705856171123.jpg (52.9 KB, 1200x853, Xabi-Alonso[1].jpg)

That's just a bad angle :P(emoji)

No. 374906

File: 1705865305672.jpg (897.8 KB, 3500x2280, CaryElwes.jpg)

That's because they don't make movies like that anymore. It's strange that in his prime he almost exclusively was in erotic films. He was essentially a soft porn actor.
He's actually very short, you would not find him nearly as attractive in person. Cary Elwes is a better version of Spader and his looks would have held up off screen too

No. 374915

As you wish

No. 374917

File: 1705867270306.jpg (29.87 KB, 736x406, 8ab4ae7c022417feb6975f79cb56fd…)

>that's because they don't make movies like that anymore
Yeah it's true, but I also feel like zoomers prefer the kind of 'shy and kind of oblivious to his good looks' kind of heartthrob. Elordi gives off this vibe. Boring. Also Spader is 5'10, not the best height but almost 15 cm taller than me, it's fine.
I recognize him from The Crush and I just realized he was in Saw, I would've never guessed (he looks totally different in both of these). Never liked him in the former bc I don't like men with full lips (he looks cute in the picrel tho), he was fine in Saw.

No. 374918

ugly ugly ugly ugly
sexo ugly sexo sexo
ugly ugly ugly ugly
only if he wears the mask ugly ugly ugly

No. 374933

File: 1705872732372.gif (8.26 MB, 540x540, JSpader.gif)

> Cary Elwes is a better version of Spader
Not to disrespect Cary, who looked absolutely beautiful in Princess Bride and Another Country (he is also the supreme 2D childhood crush Garret the hermit) AND who has aged a lot better, but I think Spader was way hotter.

No. 374934

File: 1705872784656.gif (9.56 MB, 540x405, Spader_SLV.gif)

I'll stop for now

No. 374942

Kek, this thread is like three people spamming him now (and I'm one of them). Love you nonnas. We need a containment thread, I have a bunch of pics and gifs of him saved (both sfw and nsfw). and i finally got my revenge on ezrafags kek

No. 374946

he's 5'9". If you saw him getting dwarfed by other men irl, you wouldn't find him as attractive. He isn't someone like Cruise who can make his manletism work for him.
>but I also feel like zoomers prefer the kind of 'shy and kind of oblivious to his good looks' kind of heartthrob. Elordi gives off this vibe.
Elordi is an obvious sub, that is the vibe you are picking up. He is not remotely lacking in confidence or unaware of how attractive he is, however. In fact, I am confident that Elordi thinks that he is better looking than he actually is
>but I think Spader was way hotter.
Yes but there is something distinctly unsettling about Spader. Also Spader has a gym body, very nineties, as opposed to Elwes' more natural looking physique

No. 374949

File: 1705875450202.gif (1.5 MB, 300x227, tumblr_numonevjMM1soqif2o3_400…)

I'd love a containment thread for Spader

No. 374951

>He is not remotely lacking in confidence or unaware of how attractive he is
No doubt about it, but I think that's how he plays it up in interviews.

No. 374964

File: 1705879245012.jpeg (67.84 KB, 559x768, tasty.jpeg)

fuck all of you for reminding me how hot james spader used to be. i was just talking on the phone while scrolling the board and i literally had to end my phone call to think about htis and it has completely derailed my focus for the rest of the day

No. 374977

File: 1705883066563.jpeg (52.17 KB, 472x640, IMG_2269.jpeg)

Modern western television is unwatchable with the aged, ill, dystotic creatures they peddle as attractive. No doubt poor lifestyle and worsening environmental exposures will make men more sexless, porky, and deformed in the decades to come. Chinese dramas are safe for now at least.

No. 374984

I also enjoy watching kdramas simply for how clean and nice and aesthetic and attractive everything is. I also like the fact they put blurring/softening filters on everyones faces. I’m really tired of seeing some ugly moids wrinkles and pores and nose hairs up close, or a graphic weird out of nowhere sex scene with an actress who is clearly uncomfortable aka every western show atm.

No. 374987

Yes please can you make a containment thread for him. Sorry but he’s so ugly outside of very specific angles, eras and pics.

No. 374989

East Asian countries have the right idea. They at least try to cast pretty/handsome men as actors instead of pushing dudes that look identical to every other 20 something moid as a beautiful face women should love. I really wish Hollywood would take note from them. I'm so sick of being told men like Jeremy What's his name White and Timothee Chalamet are hot and I'm meant to like watching them

No. 375004

not part of this discussion but 5'9 is average for males in burgerland, he's american right?

No. 375056

short is short. Moids always hide behind the whole, "I'm not short, I'm average" line.

No. 375076

File: 1705936120529.jpg (634.21 KB, 1079x1166, Screenshot_20240122-150754.jpg)

This guy is what people who think Adam Driver is hot see in their mind's eye

No. 375089

Hollywood gaslights us by marketing mid balding old moids as hot. They’re trying to make sure women don’t raise their standards and keep worshipping old ugly men.

No. 375090

5ft8-6ft1 is when scrotes are the best looking imo. Men under 5ft7 and over 6ft2 start having really weird faces and proportions.

Also something about Jacob Elordi is creepy and industry plant-y. All the weird shit like posing like Bella Hadid at the vending machine, doing weird coquette bait shit, half assedly calling himself a babygirl on SNL etc when it’s not even funny or cute and gives off agp vibes. He seems like one of those weirdos who are really lazy and infantilizes himself simply so women clean up all his messes and don’t hold him responsible for anything. Something creepy as fuck about that dude tbh.

He’s actually good looking lol

No. 375099

I really like this hairstyle, it looks equally elegant both on men and women.

No. 375118

Jacob Elordi looks like a damn bird, I wish it were against the rules to post him ITT

No. 375237

File: 1705983659036.jpg (576.19 KB, 1229x1536, 1000007271.jpg)

No. 375244

I'm so conflicted by him. In some pictures he's gorgeous and in some he's so strange looking.

No. 375326

Love to see this guy on these threads. Good taste anon.

No. 375338

absolutely in love with his big nose

No. 375350

who is?

No. 375434

File: 1706102448816.jpeg (66.09 KB, 1000x624, 082D0C43-6761-4E38-BEE9-32FCED…)

I don’t usually like blond moids but I’d make an exception for him. He looked most attractive as a teen/early twenty something, he looks kinda gross now. Low-key turned on by the fact he’s such an abusive asshole irl, sorry.

No. 375436

File: 1706102675751.jpeg (116.08 KB, 735x1054, C82FDB0E-5C49-4D6D-8325-8E9120…)

Millenial nonas will know we only watched Stormbreaker for him kek.

No. 375438


No. 375439

File: 1706106028013.jpeg (133.02 KB, 1296x730, E3066A38-7A9B-4E92-B662-76C4AC…)

Not usually into Indian men but he’s handsome.

No. 375440

Yes I’m severely mentally ill

No. 375441

Is that the guy from Victorious? He's Indian?

No. 375446

Nta but technically half indian (other half is white). Yeah same guy.

No. 375457

ntayrt but louis garrel

No. 375513

looks like austin butler

No. 375517

File: 1706148769157.jpg (62.05 KB, 736x898, 1000007433.jpg)

French actor Louis garrel.

No. 375662

File: 1706224077855.gif (5.15 MB, 268x360, gonnaloseit.gif)

No. 375665

He is so fucking hot i am FUMING that he isn't being given major roles and being given calvin klein campaigns.

No. 375667

Nice nose

No. 375884

File: 1706325235964.jpg (176.09 KB, 1200x1202, gettyimages-1222285311-new-167…)

only moid who looks good with a full beard imo

No. 376115

File: 1706450837327.jpg (42.03 KB, 563x441, 7043dd1ea5828c9733289b1d31a43a…)

I'm weeping

No. 376176

File: 1706478934652.jpg (63.49 KB, 512x640, 25d42183be905e3fa2a04ef820fb41…)

No. 376223

File: 1706500991589.jpg (43.57 KB, 453x566, 3371de54348b8d45c6f01c4a075981…)

Sawyer from lost

No. 376285

File: 1706542090839.jpeg (158.44 KB, 787x1024, IMG_4311.jpeg)

No. 376290

File: 1706545704589.jpeg (69.36 KB, 400x600, IMG_4312.jpeg)

No. 376293

File: 1706546155220.jpg (37.36 KB, 563x564, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a…)

Fellow Zurzolo enjoyer.
Sidenote, I never understood the appeal of Liam Gallagher till I saw Zurzolo.

No. 376297

File: 1706546838130.jpeg (127.46 KB, 828x1026, IMG_4313.jpeg)

No. 376299

File: 1706547134313.jpeg (137.59 KB, 960x827, IMG_4314.jpeg)

James Franco reading

No. 376312

No. 376321

File: 1706556195619.jpg (59.97 KB, 736x920, 595325891d2f5d39dfbd78d648c865…)

No. 376370

File: 1706578574842.jpg (44.1 KB, 433x725, 1000007619.jpg)

No. 376401

he always looks like he's tired of the photographer. guess that's part of the appeal

No. 376408

I thought they were supposed to be bedroom eyes.

No. 376423

File: 1706607701157.gif (4.32 MB, 540x320, johnny-hooker-robert-redford.g…)

watching the sting right now and man, robert redford really was a cutie.

No. 376424

File: 1706607926478.jpeg (72.65 KB, 439x582, IMG_1581.jpeg)

No. 376425

File: 1706607960784.gif (5 MB, 540x400, tumblr_6d91299787788da34d6cd3e…)

No. 376449

this happened in Victorious? damn that show was wild

No. 376469

he looks judgemental

No. 376487

File: 1706644601123.gif (9.14 MB, 500x420, redford.gif)


extremely based nona. he was also such a qt in all the presidents men

No. 376559

Any of the ones of him out of costume are enough to lock me out of focus for the day, he's so gorgeous

That one however is making an itch in my throat only a shotgun can cure

No. 376566

I thought he was developmentally delayed kek, like I unironically thought he had some sort of mental disorder. The Sydney Sweeney effect.

No. 376590

He's more attractive than Sydney Sweeney. Sydney looks like an inbred cheerleader from a small town. Nobody would notice her if not for big boobs and blonde hair. This guy is actually handsome with a nice facial structure, he just has sleepy eyes

No. 376650

No. 376655

File: 1706724041391.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1170x1463, IMG_4003.jpeg)

young sean strickland kek

No. 376676

I love his face but I hate the rest of his head

No. 376690

File: 1706744111160.jpeg (60.17 KB, 640x640, IMG_4321.jpeg)

No. 376705

File: 1706752191081.jpg (33.75 KB, 471x475, 68727769_2356582224431940_8005…)

He looks like a neanderthal in some photos. Still looks good but he borders on unconventional sometimes.

Pic unrelated ofc, I just wanted to post Kaneshiro

No. 376708

No. 376716

Love him so much, I need his kids :((emoji)

No. 376717

>farmers try not to bitch about successful women with big boobs or blonde hair challenge (bait)

No. 376742

Maybe that is the appeal for me, very non-threatening

No. 376768

I like him but he looks vaguely threatening, even more so retarded

No. 376786

File: 1706810031458.jpeg (44.32 KB, 519x566, 2BD51439-B124-4875-BF0E-D1A852…)

If he wasn’t a seething misogynist I’d be all over him. The wall comes for all sexist men

No. 376867

File: 1706846937993.jpeg (405.74 KB, 828x701, IMG_0256.jpeg)

I don’t consume his content at all and know nothing about him but holy fuck he’s probably the finest man I have ever seen

No. 376872

He’s very attractive, I always had to make a conscious effort to not watch his videos so I don’t get addicted to watching dumb video game shit just for a nice face. Looking at this picture though has made me abruptly realize how similar he looks to my female celebrity crush. Jfc I really have just one specific type, and it’s so damn rare… fml

No. 376873

who is your female celebrity crush?

No. 376888

File: 1706852772813.jpg (43.29 KB, 735x737, 440438447539457d9be32bf7ca199d…)

No. 376906

Can you not post pics of my bf on an anonymous imageboard? Its really disrespectful to our relationship

No. 376951

File: 1706893313418.jpg (199.67 KB, 1080x1350, 419057609_293967673665789_6726…)

I love my dumb thug

No. 376955

I really don't see it. Even his body isn't that attractive even though it should be because he's reasonably fit, right? I can't point out what it is

No. 376956

tell him to stop being such a whore then

No. 376971

big head, high body fat percentage

No. 376972

File: 1706905029264.jpg (118.43 KB, 1080x1347, behindtheblinds_1706897584900.…)

i thought this was timothee chalamet

No. 376974

that’s why he’s sexy. big muscular men who don’t look veiny and starving a la rugby players are my weakness
kek iñaki is much cuter than timothee

No. 376977

No. 377021

yeah, muscles with some softness are A+++. a muscular physique that's also extremely defined and "hard" and dehydrated and eating an extremely strict diet isn't attractive
i dislike cuddling and shit like that but marki looks so snuggly and cute and i would lay in bed with him all day fucking and spooning

No. 377074

Yeah I think you're right.

No. 377119

Not even close nonee

No. 377149

File: 1706987205953.png (713.58 KB, 602x597, sanada.png)

No. 377163

File: 1706991902821.jpg (35.1 KB, 683x504, SnapCrab_NoName_2020-3-6_0-38-…)

No. 377632

File: 1707177333753.mp4 (1.15 MB, 576x576, 5b1d031644c5c3a062b8b997bc47aa…)

hes so attractive to me and my tiktok is filled with edits of him kek

No. 377660

File: 1707184620904.jpg (281.85 KB, 814x1078, Screenshot_20240206_035846_Goo…)


No. 377710

And then he stops pouting his upper lip over his lower lip to make it look like he has one and he looks like a completely diff person.

No. 377759

File: 1707237994655.jpg (103.33 KB, 750x1000, bg,f8f8f8-flat,750x,075,f-pad,…)

Never been into kpop guys before but this one is gorgeous(kpop)

No. 377834

Is that felix?

No. 377836

Who is that? I love men who look feminine.

No. 377850

felix from stray kids

No. 377897

File: 1707300442160.jpg (125.09 KB, 617x800, STUART 3.jpg)

The only Beatle I care about

No. 377901

File: 1707301979680.jpeg (111 KB, 980x653, IMG_3351.jpeg)

He was so pretty, what was such a cute man doing among these uggos.

No. 377912

His ffs is so jarring and disproportionate to his neck it looks like a head transplant

No. 377913

i know this man's government name aint felix

No. 377930

it is kek he’s australian

No. 378088

Kek really mods? I didnt post him bc I'm uwu ugu omg kpop sperging, its cause he is attractive. Are asians guys forbidden from this thread?

No. 378122

kek case 1284728743 of farmhands handing out bans for retarded reasons like a fatass cop trying to meet his parking ticket quota. don’t worry, farmhands, I’ll do the job for you:
take it to /meta/

No. 378124

Ethel cain?

No. 378125

This made me burst out laughing and I told mt mum and she laughed too. Thank you nonny

No. 378130

Once I got redtexted for posting a pic of yuta from NCT before chin filler. didn't even mention his group or his name, but it was K-pop sperging?

No. 378139

Once, a long time ago, under a different administration, I got a ban for posting Choi Jung-hoon wearing a silly hat, his band is technically not kpop I'll never forgive the farmhands.

No. 378140

I’m starting to think the ‘one of the farmhands is a man’ rumors are true. Only jealous haggot moids get this triggered by pretty Korean boys tbh.

No. 378156

kpoop should not be allowed period. you have every other site to post your wax figures.

No. 378190

Got a redtext for supporting someone making trans jokes. Christ this sites got some trigger happy mods.

No. 378192

Moid haggot detected

No. 378194

Yeah not surprising since one of the mods is very obviously a tranny

No. 378608

File: 1707671482976.jpg (41.61 KB, 550x550, kball.jpg)

Of course not

No. 378613

I have no idea who this guy is, but his voice kills me kek

No. 378614

What's going on with his left cheek? hot though

No. 378629

I NEED to slurp him

No. 378647

File: 1707688142146.gif (993.23 KB, 500x380, zyzz.gif)

Maybe controversial and I'm not usually into roidpigs but he has me 'mirin…

No. 378649

I kinda get it nona. Grandiose narcissists tend to be highly attractive.

No. 378651


No. 378653

Yup. Would.

No. 378657

File: 1707690272148.jpeg (61.81 KB, 510x500, 5AC0E897-242E-411B-BB83-F33A2B…)

need Asian DILF bf

No. 378658

File: 1707690390275.jpeg (220.94 KB, 1242x1401, 7BC7003C-9509-4CFD-B43D-B8A415…)

hold me daddy

No. 378660

He’s responsible for a whole generation of misogynists. I hate him.

No. 378663

File: 1707692391528.png (1.82 MB, 1414x922, 1681536286882.png)

That's not a male Sydney Sweeney. This is.

No. 378669

Why post a moid who is so overtly gay? We wouldn’t have a chance with him, youre just baiting the fujos at this point

No. 378672

He looks fucking 19 how is this a DILF. Are you underage or something?

No. 378684

Nona he’s 47…

No. 378772

i'm seeing it tbh, droopy eyes, moderate lips, upper lip so upturned it will always expose the upper teeth, pale.

No. 378776

the guys insta acc name is @pomogisebe btw

No. 378824

he looks his age

No. 378988

Nta but i almost couldn't believe it either, i've never seen a 47 year old man look that fit and healthy kek

No. 379212

I want to have a secret relationship with this kid, he look like an angel sorry, also in my country sexual majority is at 16yo so fuck off(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 379220

He looks kinda like Thurston Moore

No. 379273


No. 379274

Nonners I’ve just stumbled across the most beautiful guy I’ve seen in my life purely by accident from a looking for band members website…. He literally looks like an angel and he’s Russian, no wonder he’s so beautiful. I wish I could post one of his youtube vids here bc he’s so beautiful and weird and freaky and I know u would all agree but I feel weird doing that…

No. 379289

Nona you can't do this to us… Please share

No. 379293

why can you not share?

No. 379301

File: 1707956706569.jpeg (77.8 KB, 592x598, 7224B803-E9DC-4A5A-9FF7-CD932C…)

Do it ! Or I give you diarrhea telekinetically.

No. 379369

i don't believe you

No. 379996

File: 1708139344408.jpg (2.5 KB, 150x113, Blondie.jpg)

Here, nonnichka, i share with you a pic of a russian guy who i think is really pretty. I found him on some lame ancient forum. Maybe it'll give you some courage. Pls share your angel.

No. 380061

This is not conventionally attractive

No. 380433

File: 1708343699383.jpg (192.99 KB, 990x743, stoneface04.jpg)

>he’s Russian
>no wonder he’s so beautiful

No. 380438

ikr, i kek so hard at any retard over the internet or real life that succumbs to this exoticism brainrot, like, do you really think men that drink like dogs and smoke like chimneys are without a beer gut and receding hairline?

No. 380444

No. 380535

File: 1708401265328.jpeg (80.15 KB, 457x814, IMG_2283.jpeg)

spoiler shit like that

No. 380689

File: 1708475056414.jpg (35.56 KB, 625x478, toshiro.jpg)

toshiro mifune was so fine

No. 380704

? idk anons but this guys is cute to me

No. 380709

stop it kek

No. 380720

do you also think shrek is cute

No. 380732

Not to mention Russian men are literal pieces of shit who are all abusive and hate women

No. 380738

this is blatant racism. I did a year exchange there and I've made some lifetime friends there of both genders. I'm sick of americans and westerners always claiming this racist shit on russians. And yes, there are attractive and unattractive men there, like in EVERY country.

No. 380739

do you think this about black men too?

No. 380741

Why are you two thinking Russian is a race? I'm nta or even defending them, but nationality is not a race.

No. 380749

sage your shit anon. And you can be racist against a nationality.

No. 380751

where's this energy whenever french, german, british, etc men are mocked?
>I'm sick of americans and westerners always claiming this racist shit on russians
but some of the criticism comes from russian nonas who are born there themselves

No. 380753

yeah you can totally believe those are definitely russians. There are heaps of westerners posing as slavs in order to badmouth the culture. But look believe what you want, all I know is as an american I had the same prejudices when I went there and everything changed for me once I spent a year there. The men were polite and just… normal. I actually thought english men were ruder when I spent time there as well. Its all case by case but the blanket term of "all russian men suck" is completely not what I experienced. And I'm an american ffs.

No. 380754

*when I spent time in england

No. 380755

Even if your making a point, I hate that this pic is taking up precious post numbers

No. 380756

>I actually thought english men were ruder
but isn't that also "racist" by your logic? again why is it only "racism" for russian scrotes but not other nationalities?

No. 380758

I didn't say 'abusive and violent' though I just said ruder, I don't think english men are abusive.

No. 380763

I’m a Russian woman and I’m telling you, Russian men are absolute trash. I know you sheltered American coquettes keep harping on about how much you want a balaclava-clad Ivan who wrestles bears and turns you into a tradwife, but I’m telling you now that Russian men are nothing like you imagine they are. There’s a reason all of us prefer to marry foreign men if we can and escape that shithole. Russia and Ukraine are hell for women.

No. 380764

>balaclava-clad Ivan
This whole post smells of western writing

No. 380765

Russians aren’t a race you idiot, it’s a nationality. Russia has multiple different races ranging from albino looking paper white blond moids to dark brown churka moids, and the thing they all have in common is they’re misogynistic trash who abuse women.

No. 380769

>the men were polite and just… normal.
Blah blah blah. Yeah the men act polite. They’ll help women with their shopping bags and hold their purse while walking. But in private they’re all abusive and violent psychopaths and cheat too. You don’t understand Russian face culture at all. There’s a reason Russia and Ukraine have the same domestic violence and femicide rates as literal third world shitholes, and beating your wife or gf isn’t even considered a crime there as it’s so commonplace and normalized.

No. 380770

plus the domestic abuse rates are super high compared to other countries and the laws there are lenient on it

No. 380772

File: 1708496812951.jpeg (56.45 KB, 500x534, 65D1803F-38D1-4F3E-9EC0-CEE634…)

We roast British and other moids on here constantly kek lurk harder newfag. Maybe when British German and French femicide rates reach Eastern Europe levels we will roast them for that too.

No. 380773

Most criminals in Baltic countries are Russian male migrants.

No. 380774

duh i know that, i think you misunderstood my post. i'm asking why the anon crying racism doesn't also complain when we mock every other nationality

No. 380776

I wholeheartedly disagree. But I also believe abusive moids exist in every country.
Stay russophobic, I don't care I had a great experience there woth strangers and have made lifelong friends who are of both genders and have completely normal families. I have nothing more to say,I know the truth.

No. 380778

Take the Russian sausage out of your mouth, sis. Russian moids are trash and Russian women can attest to this. They’re probably using you for a greencard anyway.(derailing)

No. 380779

>I know the truth
Yet you purposely ignore abuse statistics due to your own personal anecdotes.

No. 380780

File: 1708497514203.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1620x1844, 2EAA50C5-131E-4EE4-B09A-49A1DE…)

Imagine whiteknighting a country where domestic battery is decriminalized.

>In 2018, the government statistics agency recorded a total of 8,300 Russian women killed. That works out at 22 a day. Contrast that with the UK rate of one woman murdered every three days.

No. 380781

Russophiles are the biggest delulus, they cannot be helped. They’re just like those hybristophiliac weirdos. Even if you show them evidence that Russian men are objectively terrible, they’ll just get horny and whiteknight them harder because they’re masochists with a kink for savages.

No. 380831

> russophobic
You know nothing.

No. 380833

File: 1708526589436.jpeg (660.02 KB, 1170x1672, IMG_4455.jpeg)

What do you have to say about this >>380780 tard-ette(baiting)

No. 380836

File: 1708527824627.gif (1.32 MB, 245x286, D717DED5-E4D3-42D1-8DF4-5E2F39…)

No. 380851

You guys always itching to post blackpill shit in unrelated threads jfc fuck off back to ot or 2X

No. 380867

Russian moids are the ugliest men in the world.

No. 381007

why do you whiteknight this hard for men that don't care about you? these men, no matter how well behaved, would never defend you back if someone to badmouth women of your race/nationality. if there's Russians to defend, defend Russian women, exoticized and sexualized by both the West and East which harms them. Thinking Russian men are bad people barely makes a difference in their life, it's not like some nonna is going get some Russki fired or assault him, it really is not that serious.

No. 381009

it smells of American social media influence, she doesn't become a Westerner just bc she happens to understand English and keeps up with American trends, there's girls in my college, born and raised and will likely die in India that are into coquette, know about American civil rights struggles and indigenous peoples history because of IG and Twitter.

No. 381060

File: 1708618690305.jpg (189.23 KB, 773x1000, A1uubGwiAYL._AC_UF1000,1000_QL…)

It's so weird that Lil Abner was so popular in the past but is totally forgotten today. He is possibly one of the sexiest male comic book characters.(wrong thread)

No. 381062

Look at this guy's muscles oh my gosh

No. 381065

how dare u misgender HER like this kek

No. 381088

Sorry to ruin it for you but he's on steroids.

No. 381183

i’m crazy about this guy’s old look. i bought his merch 5 years ago and he might be bloated now i’m not sure. too afraid to check. pogo daddy

No. 381186

Oh wow he’s pretty nona. I get it. I wish this phenotype was more common, it’s hard to describe.

No. 381187

Also I was trying to place his face/nationality, I kept thinking ‘mostly Nordic/Germanic with a bit of Anglo, maybe even a tiny bit Irish’ then I found out he’s Dutch Boer and it’s like ah okay…that’s it lol.

No. 381191


kek I remember when he posted his little incel manifesto about how "all women are children" years ago. It was a shame because he made decent remixes

No. 381192

me too fuckkkkk. he looks all proper hehe.
i’m an american and i’ve fallen victim to irish & british accents since i was young. the smile at 1:06 makes me swoon
>>381191 FUCK don’t fucking remind me. fucking yurofag trumpie. i think he was banned from the united states and set up shack in the philippines. do you know what that was about?

No. 381194

Chuddy moids make me horny, makes me want to dominate them. Misogynist moids are for being used as human furniture and resting my pussy on their face.

No. 381195

>set up shack in the Phillipines
god why are these moids always so predictable. as soon as i found out he’s an australian afrikaaner with aspergers i knew this moid is a chud, has yellow fever and wants to live in SEA. disappointed but not surprised.

No. 381201

He made a whole video on how internet is bad because it feeds your ego and makes you want to be worshipped. Now he’s moved to the Phillipines to get worshipped for being a mediocre insecure white moid and get his ego boosted. Why are men like this kek. Even with self awareness they still do the wrong thing, every single time.

No. 381211

wtf I loved pogo's remixes back in the day that sucks so much

No. 381212

I re-watched Blade Runner and got reminded how attractive Rutger Hauer was. Why the hell did they bleach his beautiful hair in peroxide for the movie tho? He was perfect without it

No. 381215

I think he’s ugly but I admit his blonde hair and blue eyes halo him hard.

No. 381259

Enough with the pol posting

No. 381323

they all secretly love it too it's cute

No. 381367

Wrong thread

No. 381431

File: 1708767668458.gif (993.44 KB, 500x322, b75e0513487617f8a767aea233fb23…)

You might be right nonna lmao. I'm just such a bitch for the blond-hair-and-blue-eyes combination, makes me a bit blind for everything else. Although I genuinely like his face (when he's young, ofc, no moids past expiration date)

No. 381591

jagdeep jano. skip to like 7 mins.

No. 381597

File: 1708855994643.gif (2.97 MB, 268x275, f02afb765248c6c3475d86e9854fdc…)


not normally into blue eyed blond men but hes like an angel or a prince from a fairytale

No. 381598

File: 1708856228783.gif (912.79 KB, 500x375, 9dc17ee2f61e1083b35000d45d6f3f…)

No. 381612

He's been so inundated in pop culture I forget how genuinely attractive he is.

No. 381633

File: 1708889532304.jpg (50.86 KB, 500x750, 72482761fe23526948316715130d6b…)

No. 381634

Damn who is this? Gorgeous face, very handsome.

No. 381635

Michael Hudson.

No. 381644

I thought you trolled me for a sec when I googled the name kek, thanks.

No. 381648

File: 1708899422967.jpg (262.34 KB, 640x810, IMG_20240225_221640.jpg)

Ralph Fiennes was a BABE in the 90's. Absolutely enchanting. Yeah I know he's a cheating dick, I'm just talking about the looks. But these days he looks like utter trash because he has no idea how to style himself, always looking like that unwashed, unshaven ancient uncle. Sure, he could never look 30 again but my god he could look a lot better than he does.

No. 381675

All I can see is Voldemort when I look at him, I’m sorry

No. 381782

File: 1708970085231.png (466.49 KB, 1199x654, Midland-BURNOUT.png)

This guy from Midland.

No. 381810

he was so fucking hot and tbh I kinda still find him attractive. I didn't know about the cheating thing though, damn

No. 381898

File: 1709024017051.gif (461.73 KB, 500x279, RareGargantuanBeaver-size_rest…)

Based nonna

No. 381906

File: 1709035363612.png (292.32 KB, 640x799, 9e752465d5bafb1e18795deb260857…)

Do you think he could have pulled off Tom Riddle?

No. 381934

Definitely hot enough and with hypnotising eyes, wrong colouring since Tom's eyes and hair were dark brown back in his original body. But fuck it, I'd still cast young Ralph as Tom, personally.

No. 381964

File: 1709066975966.jpeg (913.94 KB, 981x1302, IMG_7095.jpeg)

I don’t think he fits the character as well, I liked the casting for Tom Riddle in the movies

No. 381968

File: 1709068269952.png (12.29 KB, 1024x1024, 04D.png)

why do brit moids always make this face kek

No. 381973

It's because they have no lips I'm joking don't hate me kek I think he was very cute

No. 382032

File: 1709100414575.png (445.49 KB, 620x487, nwhlms-b88534814z.120151019144…)

i dont care if theyre an industry plant or gay or whatever i want them both at the same time

No. 382033

who are they

No. 382034

File: 1709101808888.gif (665.01 KB, 480x288, tumblr_7ec79361683ce3dfdac7e2d…)

wyatt and fletcher shears

No. 382048

>industry plant
? They aren't even popular
They both have girlfriends

No. 382049

I saw fletcher first and liked him more but nowadays it's wyatt lol but i find it's a bit hard to tell them a part. It's nice that their faces suit so many hairstyles and hair colors

No. 382083

File: 1709132959674.png (979.24 KB, 640x825, IMG_4974.png)

I don’t want to fuck him because he’s so pure and delicate

No. 382108

Those are both accusations I’ve seen on this very website, anon

No. 382158

Moar of this hottie please

No. 382179

Yeah, because the userbase here is known for telling the truth and living in objective reality.

No. 382213

This is basically any hot native american guy

No. 382243

Think anon was just referring to that when she said it though.

No. 382285

There is no such thing as a pure moid, nona

No. 382506

more like because hes ugly

No. 382565

Who's this cute fella

No. 382574

his signature is literally at the bottom of the image, blind-chan

No. 382717

File: 1709422680351.jpeg (2.75 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_0508.jpeg)

I NEED him you don’t understand. Since 2007.

No. 382938

File: 1709523921682.jpg (170.62 KB, 1092x1257, 1000003122.jpg)

He was so handsome and would have been even more powerful without that haircut

No. 382940

File: 1709524001795.jpg (209.22 KB, 1159x1471, 1000003121.jpg)

No. 382955

Oh god yes, I had such a crush on him back in the day

No. 382957

File: 1709533578338.png (1.84 MB, 954x1200, Screenshot 2024-03-03 at 10.23…)

I thought Colin Farrell was so hot back in the day. I love his thick bushy eyebrows. He seems like he'd be so charming and such a generous lover, I remember him being sweet and funny with his girlfriend in their sex tape and he said he wanted to go down on her "for breakfast, lunch, and fucking dinner" and that still lives rent free in my mind kek. Britney Spears is lucky that she also got to fuck him in his prime, I hope that's a nice memory for her.

No. 382966

When he had a buzzcut I was in love with him

No. 382967

He is one of Cillian Herphy’s many affair partners

No. 382971

No. 382974

No. 382975

idk if my ovaries are broken but literally none of the guys in this thread make me feel even the slightest think sigh

No. 382977

Completely normal, most men are disgusting

No. 382995

Why did you feel inclined to share this instead of writing in your diary?

No. 383032

difference in taste, nonnie. also could be your period approaching

No. 383038

nta but doesn't periods have the opposite effect, or at least mine does

No. 383069

Johnny Weir

No. 383070

File: 1709580718175.jpeg (377.09 KB, 1276x912, D1300CD6-3675-4E7F-8BC5-371407…)

No. 383109

This is so true, when I first went to uni I expected an abundance of hot young guys and I have yet to find a single one. All of the potentially hot moids are ruined by being shorter than me, fat, or broccoli headed.

No. 383115

Too real. As an Amerifag millennial I was surprisingly lonely when I went off to college, there were so many beautiful girls everywhere on campus and probably 4 dudes in the whole school that I would actually consider sleeping with (and they were all snatched up and taken right away, kek). It’s bleak out there and it seems even worse for zoomers. The young guys I’ve seen around are even shorter and uglier now, and they all seem to have fat noses and ugly features. What the fuck happened to the gene pool?

No. 383125

He’s such a cutie! I wish he was in more mainstream things.

No. 383166

There are tons they just contain a lot of gay porn..

No. 383184

I’m not exceptionally tall for a woman, only 5’7 yet I’m the same height or taller than the vast majority of moids at my university. There are a lot of east asian, Indian and arab moids that you’d expect to be shorter but all the white ones are short too somehow. I almost want to visit the Netherlands or sweden to find a moid.

No. 383291

Unfortunately Dutch and Swedish moids seem to be obsessed with extremely short SEA girls nowadays, and the number of attractive tall blonde white men is depleting now. I keep seeing tall blonde men with teeny brown Filipina and Malaysian women now and their kids often look 75% or even fully Asian too.

No. 383297

premature baldness seems like a serious issue with moids of these times. i see deep-ass receding hairlines on young dudes. isn't it suspected to be a result of the increase in pornsickness?

No. 383300

Idk if you guys notice it but i feel like a good chuck of men have DEEP forehead wrinkles now. Im 23 and the guys around my age, like 50℅ seem to have visible forehead wrinkles(offtopic/wrong thread)

No. 383304

I think this is pretty general for both sexes nowadays, but yeah moids usually get deeper frown wrinkles because they’re so assblasted all the time

low testosterone causes balding. mens testosterone levels have been steadily falling for decades now. notice how men usually have a full head of hair from 18-25 (when their t levels are highest) vs 40+ (when mens t levels are their lowest)

low testosterone also causes mood swings in men, which is why incels, gay twinks, roid abusers and other low t people (moids in general nowadays) chimp out all the time.

No. 383307

I thought it was high test that caused balding instead, from what I read.

No. 383331

No, whether a moid goes bald or not depends on whether he carries the gene for dht sensitivity. Even men with very low testosterone will go bald if they have this gene.

No. 383340

No, it's whether or not the hair follicles are sensitive to DHT. Like >>383331 men can be low T and go bald because of DHT sensitivity.

No. 383402

this just reminds me of when i was a teen and wanted to make an account devoted to actually hot guys that wasn't gay male taste when i turned 18, but i turned 18 and promptly forgot. i could run such an account now but if it reached troons and their handmaidens attention i'd get cancelled for the terf crime of not having a TIF on the acc.

No. 383404

File: 1709715377415.gif (2.26 MB, 498x308, billy-loomis-scream.gif)

>when I first went to uni I expected an abundance of hot young guys
i never held this expectation bc i'd already been blackpilled about the state of men and i wanted to attend a design college(which are bound to have lesser amount of men) but i had an almost cartoonish moment where i saw a cute North Eastern guy but then he turns around and he has this macrame design on the back of his jacket as the rainbow flag, absolutely embarrassing.
Picrel is thread tax

No. 383465

File: 1709749058945.gif (4.05 MB, 540x350, 341d06b433c64b6482627d63cdf96a…)

I watched black mirror bandersnatch (very late to the hype, i know) and this guy was so cute. Hes 26 now and lost his cuteness so im kinda disappointed. Maybe he looked good only here. Why do men lose their sparky eyes legit at age 21 or something?

No. 383467

He was beautiful in Dunkirk too.

No. 383474

He's so cute, a friend of mine is literally obsessed with him, if he wasn't so expensive I could hire him to do retarded shit.

No. 383487

Literally every decent looking moid I see who doesn’t dress like a slob is gay. It’s horrific.

No. 384287

File: 1710118144123.mp4 (2.97 MB, 480x480, 1000053750.mp4)

Just posting dropping this off for the man boob lovers. Ignore the gross logo this was recommended to me on Instagram.

No. 384288

This is gross they aren’t even perky

No. 384303

File: 1710120034003.gif (571.03 KB, 245x150, 70B23F41-089D-45E0-8590-4CC2B5…)

Cutest 80s actor by far. He would have been perfect cast as Jon Arbuckle.

No. 384306

That's disturbing tbh. Also isn't he on steroids to achieve such a thing? He also seems to have red skin and big muscles around the neck, these can't grow without steroids but idk.

No. 384375

File: 1710143629249.jpeg (306.62 KB, 958x522, IMG_8141.jpeg)

The difference between how attractive he used to be and the horror he has become makes me kek I’m sorry

No. 384418

File: 1710169000543.jpg (133.73 KB, 736x1116, a4e65cac45b9544d853dbac8b73a86…)

No. 384419

File: 1710169031820.jpg (38.55 KB, 400x565, 361442a281332738224000735885ac…)

No. 384420

File: 1710169095842.jpg (85.31 KB, 635x636, 0f7ecf0210d7b7d035a8432b8d8261…)

No. 384422

File: 1710169926405.jpg (59.81 KB, 1200x676, Yellowjackets-stars-Warren-Kol…)

i need him so bad nonas.. he's literally hotter in his 40s than he's ever been. what the fuck.

No. 384446

Scrolled too fast and thought this was princess Diana.

No. 384477

Was looking at videos of using lighters on aerosol cans and found this guy. I feel kind of embarrassed for posting him, buts he's cute.

No. 384480

File: 1710195411949.png (1.81 MB, 1079x1547, 1000009226.png)

Here's an image of him

No. 384487

It's very likely that he injected something or has implants kek
I think the fact his character is so into his wife in the series makes him more likeable.

No. 384508

Please don't post faggots here, they should be at least bi.

No. 384539

File: 1710204449952.jpeg (35.22 KB, 620x413, David Sylvian.jpeg)

He is my princess

No. 384552

Is this hall? The blond one

No. 384556

This is David Sylvian of the new wave band Japan

No. 384581

definitely, because why do they hang like that? it's such a pity though, plenty of men get decent pecs if only they'd just try

No. 384582

why does he speak in vine?

No. 384638

File: 1710230608627.gif (1.98 MB, 496x368, 1000007508.gif)

No. 384675

most average you mean

No. 384737

File: 1710278923418.png (300.02 KB, 416x565, main-qimg-00999534b01939c5e40c…)

Oh my god I want to fuck him so bad

No. 384775

File: 1710289934060.jpg (33.19 KB, 452x679, 1000007564.jpg)

He was so fucking hot in this movie. He was adorable in twin peaks.

Young Keanu was so handsome.

No. 384820

File: 1710301697578.jpeg (64.42 KB, 735x757, download.jpeg)

Just found this guy on my Pinterest today and I have to say he looks like a yummy yummy treat. The kind of face that could cure my depression honestly.

No. 384821

Alexander Malofeev is the ideal male.

No. 384873

This is attractive?

No. 384874

nta but compared to 90% of posts itt yeah

No. 384988

File: 1710378389888.jpg (128.2 KB, 783x979, d2427e65356d47107177a81724c661…)

Are half the farmers in this thread lesbians? He is literally a transvestite, half the people posted here look like TIMs.(bait)

No. 384990

File: 1710379159211.jpg (81.34 KB, 736x801, 60288daba4021e8ef3316a15079c0b…)

He's not a transvestite kek. He's a normal man who was a part of the New Romantic movement in the early 80s. If he's a transvestite, then so are Duran Duran, Adam Ant, Spandau Ballet, and half the artists your mom liked growing up.

No. 384991

>He is literally a transvestite
Why do anons keep saying this about any guy from the 80s kek. Men with slightly feminine and androgynous styles were considered conventional for a long time, like until 2000

No. 384997

Bold of you to post that next to a moid with such a punchable face.

No. 385005

Liking pretty boys =/= being lesbian
Get that fucking tranny brainwashing out from your thick skull.

No. 385091

File: 1710449282847.jpeg (7.38 KB, 193x250, germaine.jpeg)

Tell that to Germaine Ghreer

No. 385093

File: 1710449472794.png (2.19 MB, 1400x1430, fletch.png)

Fletcher Shears is extremely attractive

No. 385095

Same, I rewatched the matrix a while ago and I couldn’t stop fantasizing about him
Fuck I’m so attracted to pianists

No. 385113

Are these dudes high all the time?

No. 385119

File: 1710457638683.gif (2.91 MB, 442x282, fletch.gif)

In interviews they come across as VERY airheaded and stupid. Dumb blondes even though IDK what their natural hair color is.

No. 385151

i don't care about what other women prefer, all i believe is in our right to pursue and reject men as we'd like, but you have some gall trying to dictate what others should like based off what you prefer.

No. 385177

File: 1710489357819.jpg (50.86 KB, 720x882, 1000030910.jpg)

No. 385178

File: 1710489423050.jpg (69.19 KB, 720x954, 1000030911.jpg)

EPs peak for me is '68-71ish

No. 385179

File: 1710489732405.png (825.26 KB, 768x1152, f4d6c7485ee18d262714df7fb7c8c3…)

No. 385192

The male cope is real kekkkk ban me for hi moiding.

No. 385199

This spawned one of the funniest apology videos of all time anon. He was literally just a severely retarded himbo

No. 385201

No. 385202

File: 1710501355512.png (457.3 KB, 400x503, IMG_5178.png)

Ffs I hate posting on my phone, didn’t mean to post that twice and it won’t let me delete. Anyway here’s an 80s qt

No. 385248

nice hairstyle

No. 385249

This is such a faggot post

No. 385252

File: 1710523966140.jpg (43.39 KB, 750x807, 6b92e60f65f5598e7b959c90441306…)

bark bark

No. 385255

I wasn't going to say it but the guy in that post looks like a picture from a gay magazine

No. 385261

I'm sorry for saying this but he looks like a male version of Britney Spears, which is a good thing to me.

No. 385307

File: 1710539972345.jpg (131.38 KB, 640x960, 1000009530.jpg)

No. 385310

File: 1710540556091.jpg (79.63 KB, 720x720, IMG_20240301_175536_552.jpg)

Supreme and unmatched taste. I thank God every day that I am alive so that I am able to witness his form.

He's perhaps one of the only men I can think of that has retained his beauty/looks/charisma for his entire career. I could sperg for a thousand centuries and it still wouldn't be enough.

No. 385345

File: 1710549590615.jpg (95.76 KB, 736x721, 9e52730fa54edab3df01d76bd4be7a…)

He was so cute

No. 385495

He’s the only moid that actually ended up looking hotter with age tbh

No. 385500

uh anon have you seen this >>218073? he's much worse now.

No. 385579

File: 1710642839368.jpeg (100.82 KB, 800x800, 1567446949418.jpeg)

bishounen F1 driver Charles Leclerc

No. 385625

File: 1710657971007.jpeg (268.09 KB, 1965x1543, IMG_4121.jpeg)

I saw Zoolander in theaters when I was 12 and I immediately fell in love with Alex Skarsgård as Meekus and just HAD to know who he was. Also apparently that was his first role in an American movie

No. 385631

I like this man and think he's hilarious but he is so weird looking. Guys get away with everything if they're tall kek

No. 385634

needs sunscreen and a wee bit of minoxidil and a better haircut. but everything else is fine, i'm really into the shape of his lips and eyes

No. 386269

File: 1710882494549.jpg (216.25 KB, 1080x795, BARK BARK BARK .jpg)

warren kole nonas we are so fucking BACK.

No. 386278

File: 1710884884175.jpg (1.22 MB, 1198x1724, 1710884770.jpg)

Wondering what will nonnas say about David Sylvian's (prettier) brother Steve Jansen

No. 386279

he's quite fine, the lashes are a pity tho

No. 386281

what's wrong with the lashes? i can barely see it

No. 386282

File: 1710885604953.jpg (70.41 KB, 736x729, 4a49a218482a1f33a79ca725a3f39d…)

Those siblings had some good genetics. Steve has aged way better though. David looks unwashed these days.

No. 386284

File: 1710886025856.jpg (217.27 KB, 684x1024, 1710885721.jpg)

So true, Steve is a definitive silver fox nowadays, and I appreciate his open communication with all the fans, he's so nice. All David can do is let only the most devoted of his buttlickers follow his privated socials. Pathetic. And he looks like an old goat.

No. 386298

Won't think he's good looking until I see what he looks like smiling. Can't trust British teeth. This >>384990 was a turn-off. Also it's a coincidence that I'm listening to the Monster OST and David sings the first song on it which was used an ending theme, and I find discussions about him and his brother in this thread lmao.

No. 386305

File: 1710890658470.jpg (43.93 KB, 349x480, 8c08d24113cfad478c79baf915d2b9…)

While we're on the subject of new wave boys, I nominate John Taylor

No. 386307

File: 1710891246277.jpg (53.29 KB, 496x624, 1710891230.jpg)

Kek, it's as if universe is giving you signs, nonna.
Steve's got bunny teeth thing going on that he seems to be shy of, but imo a guy so wonderful is ought to be a bit imperfect.

No. 386310

Bunny teeth seem appropriate for someone who was in a band called "Japan." They find it cute over there

No. 386316

File: 1710894732719.jpg (105.47 KB, 1080x1331, 1630282474882[1].jpg)

He's real in my heart

No. 386319

The other guy's teeth look normal imo I thought bunny teeth were common everywhere. I'd take that over american celebs getting creepy veneers.

No. 386323

The blond guy seems to have sharpened premolars and big-ish gums. His front teeth look normal to me though, I had to zoom in to see what was wrong.

No. 386342


No. 386464

File: 1710972538393.jpeg (87.86 KB, 640x632, IMG_5361.jpeg)

No. 386465

No. 386466

File: 1710972753578.png (1.75 MB, 729x1005, IMG_0903.png)

Don’t usually like muscular guys or Arnold Schwarzenegger but this picture is making me feel some type of way

No. 386476

This guy isn't even fit for the unconventional thread

No. 386477


not even for the unconventional? why not?

No. 386478

He looks like the guy that replaced the original rodrick heffley but if he were a scrawny 13yo old

No. 386560

File: 1711032631197.jpg (131 KB, 736x1104, 3b3186c00956c0d60966ef2f3a5a3d…)

Prince Edward was so cute when he was young. He was more handsome than the young William to me (although he was cute too).

No. 386561

File: 1711032725114.jpg (40.19 KB, 480x326, 4b722c2368135a51d6e34ed04e8355…)

No. 386562

Pretty head of hair

No. 387101

File: 1711289576025.jpg (28.65 KB, 450x699, 1000009813.jpg)

No. 387117

File: 1711293916169.jpg (18.36 KB, 437x341, johnny.jpg)

Yes, he was so cute!

No. 387346

British teeth eeew

No. 387349

why is that every time someone posts a dude who is overall conventionally attractive but has one flaw like literally everyone on earth does, someone always has to cry and moan and shit their pants about it?

No. 387350

Average guy you can meet on the street

No. 387356

File: 1711375056079.jpeg (69.7 KB, 1024x323, IMG_3566.jpeg)

No. 387392

No. 387474

File: 1711419155656.png (566.98 KB, 736x1010, 1000009856.png)

No. 387479

Wrong thread

No. 387497

better suited for the male bodies thread nonnie >>>/g/385865

No. 387508

File: 1711438770925.gif (562.85 KB, 245x245, tumblr_71361b00e5b7b1deff2ce6f…)

He's so fucking hot, I love him

No. 387510

File: 1711438907540.png (249.2 KB, 500x281, 10c.png)

I wish I was his sister

No. 387514

His sister??

No. 387517

He’s ugly and belongs in the unconventional thread.

No. 387518

File: 1711440152241.jpg (42.02 KB, 445x290, teudors_f1.jpg)

Lol. He's a character from a show called the Borgias where he sleeps with his sister. I was joking but yeah

No. 387543

I can't explain it but something about his facial structure is so painfully British…

No. 387544

Makes sense, he is a British prince after all

No. 387546

File: 1711456765385.png (1.98 MB, 996x2048, IMG_3570.png)

It’s the teeth and the redness in his face.

No. 387603

i find him gorgeous, especially on video. these could be his worst two pictures ever taken cause he's actually a cutie

No. 387656

He was pretty conventional, people are just clowning on him because he's royal. basically anyone that people don't like for unrelated reasons gets called ugly by salty anons here. Like people moaning about effeminate new romantic singers and Sebastian Bach being posted because they associate male gender non-conformity with troonacy, or whenever James Spader is posted and someone always inevitably complains because they're mad that he's old and fat now or that he played snobby sex maniac roles.

No. 387668

File: 1711496398600.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1510x2272, IMG_3573.jpeg)

No, it’s not because he’s a royal. He has ugly teeth and smile, low brow bone and protruding ears. Not as horrific as Charles, but all Windsor-Mountbattens are ugly as sin and that’s one of the reasons why they should be guillotined kek.

No. 387672

File: 1711497772994.jpeg (160.93 KB, 800x1072, alexander-skarsgard.jpeg)

I absolutely LOVE Scandinavian men. I don't know what it is about them but I find Swedish, Danish and Norwegian men to be the hottest on the planet.

No. 387686

He looks very majestic here lol

No. 387691

He creeps me out, I hear he used to groom his underage fans a lot

No. 387692

I love Alexander skarsgard and always have just because I find giant stupid oaflike men very appealing

No. 387693

This lion faced moid makes me so horny

No. 387730

me too, I fell in love with him the moment I saw him in Zoolander kek

No. 387731

also I think I just realized why I've always loved this movie, I've had a thing for himbos since I was a kid kek

No. 387733

>"nobody gets my jokes…"
>"i mean, my grandma died of cancer and if some moron went around wearing a t-shirt that said 'cancer - kills grandmas dead' I'd be offended. But i also think it's kind of a funny shirt. But I'd also be offended"

fucking kek this is so good. I've never seen that before and wow he was so hot.

No. 387735

File: 1711514511627.jpg (42.79 KB, 250x375, CiVnuMH0n14.jpg)

kek nona, sorry for deleting my post but i figured that picture may have been unflattering

No. 387783

Honestly he was absolutely the most beautiful moid in the world in the 80s and 90s, I don’t even have a crush on him he’s not one of my husbandos but he was stunning. Fun fact which I read in his autobiography, his first wife met him when he was 16 and she was in her 20s, they met at a concert and at first she thought he was a really tall unfortunately built girl with massive shoulders stood alone (he’s 6’4) so her and her friends felt sorry for ‘her’ and befriended him kek.

No. 387860

Jacques Dutronc. Can you believe this video is from 60 years ago? This is a literal boomer.

No. 387865

File: 1711585418567.jpg (695.41 KB, 1920x2400, FReC7vIXEAEz_Ad.jpg)

edvin ryding. love that he has natural teeth and acne scars. adds to his charm imo

No. 387874

I don't like how he looks head on but he's pretty from the side

No. 387877

He looks like a baby Matt Smith in the bottom left pic

No. 387891

Pretty unfortunate body but damn, his face.

No. 387893

File: 1711597208410.jpg (129.13 KB, 1399x1469, 1000003586.jpg)

Many an angel lost their wings when he decided to roid up

No. 387898

i hate this hairstyle in men, makes them look gay

No. 387904

On same pics he looks divine but in others he looks down syndrome-y

No. 387906

Bye that's my favorite hairstyle on men

Woah some of you really have no idea what down syndrome is and just use it as some all encompassing insult

No. 387933

Gay porn actor?

No. 387942

>Woah some of you really have no idea what down syndrome is and just use it as some all encompassing insult
Yeah I feel thats true, but in this case, I genuinely mean it. Have you seen down syndrome people?

No. 388026

File: 1711665786985.jpg (205.64 KB, 1080x1744, edvin-ryding-photographed-by-e…)

you're tripping, he just looks scandinavian

No. 388027

i'm sorry but he just looks like matt smith. something about this guy's face is strange.

No. 388028

He does look downs tbh

No. 388029

File: 1711666546839.jpg (Spoiler Image,743.07 KB, 2456x2295, AP21247841796943.jpg)

in no way does he looks like this uggo

No. 388030

99% of the human population has the downs according to you people.

No. 388031

wait i think i got him mixed up with Cumberbatch kek.

No. 388044

NTA but don't get pissy someone disagrees with you nonnie.

No. 388075

Don't be a schizo. That was the first time I posted about him. He's unattractive to me, not downsy.

No. 388077

He was so cute in Doctor Who…what happened

No. 388147

File: 1711759340608.png (395.47 KB, 450x671, image0.png)

Incoming Chris Cornell spam. He was such a cutie, may he RIP.

No. 388148

File: 1711759377627.png (480.22 KB, 400x518, image1.png)

No. 388152

File: 1711760024438.jpeg (48.05 KB, 335x594, image2.jpeg)

No. 388167

moids age like milk. especially british moids

No. 388191

Then don't throw your two cents and pretend your not

No. 388234

best clean shaven

No. 388440

File: 1711912757626.jpg (275.39 KB, 452x579, MV5BYWU5Y2Q3N2ItYTg5Mi00OTIyLT…)

I'm just going to spam some Jacques Dutronc pictures and videos because it blows my mind this moid, possibly the most beautiful moid I have ever laid my eyes upon, is now 80 years old. It feels so surreal to see handsome boomers when they were young.

No. 388443

And Jaques' music is so nice, too.. it is still as good today as it was 60 years ago.

No. 388447

No. 388449

No. 388453

File: 1711914422310.jpeg (52.98 KB, 700x700, capture-jacques-dutronc-7a8-54…)

For the record this is what he looks like now. Moids age like SHIT

No. 388582

What do you expect EIGHTY year olds to look like anon? Some of you are just delusional

No. 388585

kek i was thinking the exact same thing but didn't want to say it because i don't want to defend a moid. reminds me of that one anon who posted a recent picture of clint eastwood in the men age like milk head as if he isn't like 90 yeas old KEK

No. 388593

No. 388595

File: 1711980438192.jpg (305.01 KB, 1536x2048, Qetjkvfssbopif.jpg)

No. 388606

Shaving the beard and keeping the 'stache.

No. 388608

Kek is that the bully from pretty in pink?

No. 388630

File: 1711995736854.gif (902.8 KB, 245x180, IMG_3083.gif)

Yes, him in his prime. His hair was kinda stupid though.

No. 388642

File: 1712000421302.jpg (71.92 KB, 540x667, ddf3808afa832f148ca1f17d2b56d1…)

Always a good time when I see prime Spader on here. Would 100% get bullied by him.

No. 388676

File: 1712015523601.gif (1.97 MB, 499x281, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a…)


No. 388712

File: 1712034135356.jpeg (182.74 KB, 1063x1000, 21D6444E-2D23-4174-8F4C-985ECE…)

I know he just got posted in the ugly psyop man thread but I’ve never heard of this movie until today and god he looked amazing in it.

No. 388766

Orlando Bloom as a psyop? I originally support the thread idea but its getting out of hand. Its like the French Revolution when people were just chopping each others heads off left and right.

No. 388770

Nonnies think that just because a moid isn’t their type then he’s hideous kek. I don’t like blonde men but I can admit Brad Pitt was very good looking back in the day. Ugly man psyop is real but not like this.

No. 388775

>Brad Pitt was very good looking back in the day
no he wasn't

No. 388800

File: 1712083067591.jpg (236.09 KB, 1920x820, F1dRShVWcAIYr4a.jpg)

Right? The thread has just become "your taste is stupid and bad therefore you are stupid and bad" instead of actually discussing objective trends, WHO is pushing the trends, the agenda and psychology behind it etc.
I guarantee the anons in that thread would say every single man posted in this thread is ugly/old/roidpig, it's just become meaningless.

No. 388802

File: 1712083800023.jpg (19.42 KB, 368x504, 2d34237418951bcb05ffc6acc4249e…)

Mads mikkelsen is ugly though, he looks like cillian murphy. I dont know why anons get so angry when men get called ugly, this is lolcow dot farms. If women bullied men more often then the male beauty standars would be higher, women into hot men would get to see movies with cuties in it while women into ugly men wouldnt have to fight like rabid dogs to get a piece of post wall emmanciated moid dick. Everybody wins that way.

No. 388829

nonna who is this gorgeous angel

No. 388843

These are the types of males I'm trying to see. Reveal his identity nona we are begging you!

No. 388848

Roc Montandon

No. 388855

File: 1712098688248.jpg (180.27 KB, 720x1156, Screenshot_20240402-234648_Chr…)

Russian moids are so sexy

No. 388856

File: 1712098764755.jpg (136.12 KB, 720x1067, Screenshot_20240402-234643_Chr…)


No. 388861

he looks like a churka which ironically is better than actual russian moids

No. 388909

Looked him up and good lord he aged like milk. Why do so many hollywood moids grow the shittiest stubble too?

No. 388924

File: 1712141136238.jpg (89.99 KB, 736x918, kris guštin.jpg)

>stylish(most of the time)
>nice voice and accent
>amazing round ass

No. 388968

File: 1712162658080.png (1.65 MB, 1080x1638, 1000003044.png)

Oh my god I'm going to Marseille soon… I hope I find him, I wonder if he's gay

No. 388975

File: 1712164581542.jpeg (120.85 KB, 540x650, IMG_9784.jpeg)

I love when men look beat up and a little bit sad or scared

No. 389017

File: 1712187087593.jpg (26.88 KB, 598x756, download.jpg)

i need him so bad

No. 389088

File: 1712224927146.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1170x1850, IMG_0073.jpeg)

He used to be so attractive before he hit the wall

No. 389095

File: 1712230576315.jpeg (717.69 KB, 1170x1132, IMG_0107.jpeg)

He should have played Jasper Hale

No. 389162

File: 1712261710089.jpg (1.01 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20240404-174519_Ins…)

guy on the left got brutally mogged

No. 389199

He was a smokeshow in this movie

No. 389253

File: 1712306957035.webp (29.11 KB, 1125x750, IMG_3606.webp)

No. 389254

File: 1712308212745.jpeg (182.62 KB, 1125x742, IMG_3608.jpeg)

No. 389270

File: 1712316788195.jpeg (101.6 KB, 791x459, IMG_3616.jpeg)

He was absolutely yummy in Tuff Turf, especially bruised. I’d let him spit on me

No. 389272

I'd like to learn CPR on him

No. 389284

File: 1712325347319.jpg (88.88 KB, 736x915, fe51fab9811a658f86844d2d26699c…)

He looked so good in that! I'm also a fan of Stargate Spader when he was playing against type. I wish he'd done more cute nerd roles, but I'm a fan of bratty rich kid Spader too

No. 389298

File: 1712333339270.jpg (184.35 KB, 1440x767, 433920155_1816756415494753_522…)

No. 389357

File: 1712357271099.jpg (19.63 KB, 350x399, dbddd56b3721fdfe3c7bc9e0f7391d…)

I've been watching The O.C for the first time and I need Luke cloned and delivered to me. Idc about people who say they don't like perfect guys. What's not to like? His character's arc to a sweet protective himbo while looking like a leyendecker abercrombie wet dream is like it was created just for me

No. 389359

Damn, Does it have a name?

No. 389360

File: 1712358090208.jpg (96.7 KB, 778x905, MV5BMTBlMjgwZGUtZWJkZC00OGRhLW…)

Yes, Chris Carmack!

sorry to sperg out but why tf do they always cast subpar offbrand blonde moids in movies and tv when they can get an actual chad who can act decently.
His irl wife is pretty but still a normie. The most stereotypically handsome men always date normie women, its only ugly moids who demand a supermodel. Good reminder to keep your standards high

No. 389361

File: 1712358294975.jpg (277.65 KB, 1280x1628, d8c74ff886a12c147bcdb3f94afc10…)

need to kiss his little teardrop

No. 389369

Aw, Chris reminds me of draco! (The guy who beat up sylvester Stallone!) if it were up to me I would name him mash potato

No. 389381

Dolph lundgren was a hottie and he was high iq!
I love the platinum blonde square jaw look.

No. 389383

File: 1712362771740.jpg (24.23 KB, 563x409, b440384bb84d56aeea93cf3d4f4d1d…)

another teary cutie

No. 389385

Doesn't Dolph have a degree in chemical engineering or something similar that requires a big juicy brain?

No. 389386

S Tier phenotype. We need to psyop males into bleaching their hair
Kek no offense but seeing his bone structure after Mash Potato’s gave me whiplash. I guess he’s still cute in his own quirky way though!

No. 389389

He would’ve had one If gigastacy Grace Jones didn’t save him from college so he could become her bodyguard and a showpony.

No. 389391

File: 1712364135248.jpeg (2.69 MB, 4032x3024, 73369409235__20D29F5A-601C-4A9…)

My mum sent me this picture of the guy from rem when he was younger look at those juicy lips!

No. 389392

Airbrushed my face? Is that an album name or what? Ahaha he looks like who Elvis thought he was. Cute!

No. 389396

Woah, never seen Michael Stipe with hair before. It's weird. Love when men actually have lips though.

No. 389399

he looks like barry keoghan jr.

No. 389407

File: 1712367856428.jpg (52.84 KB, 564x692, 4acad01d04d6e91f0915242e5e10d5…)


NOOO ahh I know he looks a little frail and twinky after the blonde beefcake but he is nothing like barry and he grew up to pull off the blonde jawchad look. It's not his best blonde photo but I like his arms here

No. 389414

I thought this was the singer of Roxy music

No. 389416

File: 1712372395673.jpg (722.59 KB, 1143x1986, 1000003598.jpg)

I always forget bald motherfuckers had hair at one point. Anyways I dont think he ever actually looked like that and it's airbrushed to hell and back. He's an icon though.

No. 389457

His peak, so jealous of his wife being able to rail him when he looked like that.

No. 389463

Based fellow perfect people appreciator

No. 389494

File: 1712420378966.jpg (207.41 KB, 550x718, MichaelStipe.jpg)

Finally some Michael Stipe in these threads, I love him and R.E.M. so much

No. 389503

Potato nose

No. 389525

File: 1712435060035.png (595.94 KB, 744x541, Screenshot 2024-04-06 211701.p…)

Grace Jones is a true feminist icon for doing what moids do all the time - getting a hottie to drop out and follow you round like a pet

There need to be free gyms and hair dye for such males. Next to drago dolph is one of the only hot love island men.
The entertainment industry will continue to prop up asymmetric moids like Gosling when true kenchads exist

No. 389530

So true, we need support kenchads by sustaining their natural habitats. These elusive creatures are more common in real life than in Hollywood. Another reason to stop consuming media and touch grass

No. 389581

File: 1712461355652.png (286.75 KB, 675x463, Shiraishi Shunya.png)


No. 389582

So your telling me he's an actual case of bimboification?

No. 389583

Did they never have children together? Imagine the cheekbones those kids would have had.

No. 389588

this is not the unconventional attraction thread nonna

No. 389595

Unfortunately no, they were together only for three years. We lived in a fucked up timeline.

No. 389748

File: 1712535524602.jpg (33.81 KB, 399x600, 1000010290.jpg)

No. 389749

File: 1712535615277.jpg (40.05 KB, 500x372, 1000010292.jpg)

No. 389794

He was so hot in the dreamers I wish they had more sex scenes with him. I choose to ignore that that movie is weird incest shit because it has two cute male leads kek

No. 389952

honestly one of the best ever noses on a moid

No. 389999

File: 1712628119865.png (371.68 KB, 447x801, lelandbrendan.png)

Holy shit nonas have you seen Brendan Frasier's son Leland??? He's 1-in-a-million ginger moid who's actually sexy. This is honestly my ideal moid, I adore the long hair and the leather.

No. 390002

File: 1712629815282.jpg (65.23 KB, 735x920, 55b7072fdc08a568f568954baa97d2…)

You need to put him on ozempic tho to prevent him from whalemaxxing when older.

No. 390008

I don't really like his nose and lips but other than that, he has an overall cool look to him.

No. 390011

I can't believe he's real, literally everything about him is perfect. His parents should be proud!

No. 390027

nonas just so you are aware he is 17 also why did brendan give his son such a goofy ass hick name kek

No. 390030

I thought he was named after the Twin Peaks character

No. 390033

Some brave nonnas gotta move in on him before the inevitable twink death that happened to his father happens to him.

No. 390039

Nta but is Leland not a real name? I'm not western and never heard it before.

No. 390042

Didn't brenard or whatever his name is hit the wall on purpose because he was sexually assaulted by a man? He got a binge eating disorder from that and I'd say he stopped taking care of his looks because of that as well. He doesn't want to attract faggots.

No. 390063

ah, no wonder he still has hair

No. 390072

File: 1712666546793.gif (4.59 MB, 500x417, 6-6fff1a4fe3.gif)

God, Jensen Ackles was so beautiful when he was young. He set the ultimate peak of male beauty for me the first time I watched Supernatural all the way back in 2009.
I'm not attracted to middle aged men, but still, bonus points for not hitting the wall now that he's in his mid 40s (let's ignore the caveman beard phase in 2021). Unlike moids like Leo DiCaprio, he has exactly the right features to be pretty in his youth but not die a twink death.

No. 390073

That’s not an excuse. Women who got molested from age 4 to 18 still look good and develop anorexia to have perfect bikini bodies. He’s just a lazy Hollywood whore.

No. 390075

no offense nonnie, but not quite true, plenty of women that suffer sexual trauma don't come out of it skinny and pretty, some become obese, TIFs, alcoholics, and addicts.

No. 390076

I know but a decent amount of them look great. There’s no excuse for men especially because their trauma is never as brutal as ours. Plus looking palatable is his job.

No. 390088

Bc Brendan Fraser is from Indiana kek an appropriately cornfed hick boy name, Leland.

No. 390106

And I also know tons who ended up falling to vices, it depends on people. I don't blame him if thats what happened. But truth be told, his twink death seemed to me completely inevitable.

No. 390114

I don't know a ton about the situation but I'm pretty sure Brendan let himself go because of some kind of sexual abuse he experienced? It wasn't genetic in his case.

No. 390115

Don't care, he's a celebrity I'm never going to meet irl anyway. Also I think Leland is a cute name.

No. 390116

It's an old-timey American name that peaked in popularity in the 1930s but became rare by the 1990s. the kid's probably named after an elderly relative.

No. 390118

No. 390416

you gotta be joking

No. 390656

File: 1712872435531.jpeg (35.41 KB, 423x640, che.jpeg)

No. 390669

What a weird hill to die on

No. 390745

This is some insane genetic mix. I like the way he looks.

No. 390752

Asian+white patents always make the most interesting looking children for some reason. I feel like other combos don’t produce offspring with such an unusual look. Like blasian or white/black mixed individuals for example, for some reason they look very regular and “run of the mill” and if you saw them on the street you wouldn’t really even notice them or look twice. But white/Asian mixed individuals really stand out and make you do a double take for some reason I can’t put my finger on. Or maybe it’s just me?

No. 390754

they just end up looking like kazakhs

No. 390763

This. I’m from eastern russia and we have tons of people who look like this, it’s not that interesting to us. But for westerners it’s very exotic because it’s rare.

No. 390764

File: 1712915972667.jpeg (299.74 KB, 1685x987, 8ED6E02A-F1A1-4E47-876A-949CC2…)

I wish I could find the rest of this guys face because his eyes are very attractive

No. 390767

every single finnish guy

No. 390777

File: 1712922890807.jpg (31.17 KB, 400x309, 1000024163.jpg)

Glam/hair metal was the peak of male sluttiness and we will never see it again, I hate it here

No. 390784

File: 1712925697178.jpg (162.42 KB, 1080x1350, yzjm3q1bx2771.jpg)

Real. I'm so sad they got bullied and made fun for it and it's still s meme to this day in the metal community. While he was annoying and sucked at singing, Axl Rose was so cute when he was younger. I love gingers so he appeals to me. Dave Mustaine was also super cute and he's kinda funny since he's so retarded.

No. 390983

is this not barry keoghan kek

No. 390984

big noses are hot

No. 390994

The rest of him is whatever, but he does have pretty eyes.

No. 390995

>I'm so sad they got bullied and made fun for it
They were the biggest stars back then, dated the hottest supermodels and to this day still sell tickets for astronomical prices?
>it's still s meme to this day in the metal community.
That's because "the metal community" consists of the most disgusting uggo moids imaginable.

No. 391038

there's a huge overlap between the metal community and rpg communities. HUGE

No. 391070

That better not be gay barry keoghan, I’m so sick of anons liking that deformed monster. Just the eye alone looks like a predator jfc

No. 391077

Good point.

No. 391093

His eyes are his worst features.

No. 391514

File: 1713203346289.jpg (47 KB, 751x638, edward+woodward-469314869.jpg)

i almost missed the plot of the movie because of this man

No. 391589

is this the ugly dude from wicker man?

No. 392606

File: 1713703568971.png (8.19 MB, 1548x2138, IMG_7847.png)

Imagine the world if all scrotes looked like this

No. 392607

File: 1713703620354.jpeg (61.84 KB, 278x543, IMG_3287.jpeg)

No. 392609

File: 1713703729571.jpeg (92.74 KB, 403x597, IMG_2729.jpeg)

With makeup

No. 392610

File: 1713703758038.png (533.38 KB, 400x573, IMG_2553.png)

Or without?

No. 392612

File: 1713703908126.jpeg (179.91 KB, 567x865, IMG_2733.jpeg)

Look how this dumb fucking slut is posing lmfao. Men were meant to be hot and objectified like this. Sebastian was perfect because he knew his place as eye candy for women and men and willingly objectified himself.
>tfw no 6’4 beautiful faced retarded himbo chads in society anymore
Where did we all go wrong?

No. 392613

I’d probably be married with kids kek

No. 392614

I'd kms

No. 392648

File: 1713714926489.jpg (35.59 KB, 385x480, xw67e3pomc081.jpg)

>young Dave Mustaine
God yes

No. 392655

File: 1713716963448.jpg (2.19 MB, 3300x2460, 20240421_192911.jpg)

Yes! You get it!

No. 392975

File: 1713843677720.jpg (1.02 MB, 1080x1817, Screenshot_20240423_053703.jpg)

This random gay dude. Pity he's gay

No. 392977

looks like Gerbert Johnson. Gerbert is straight, ask him out

No. 392982

God he is so hot, where can you even find guys like this in outside of Tokyo or on the west coast of the US? Not that I’ll actually succeed in finding one but still

No. 393766

File: 1714141801538.jpg (86.82 KB, 736x715, 1000010825.jpg)

No. 393770

One of those cases where the pet and owner lookalike!

No. 393798

I want to curbstomp smug gay moids like this(alog)

No. 393825

I like that the dog’s ears aren’t clipped

No. 394003

All the beautiful men get molested as children by faggot pedophiles and it makes them gay.

No. 394062

I can save him

No. 394075

It would be easy to convert a gay man, they fuck anything that moves.

No. 394081

File: 1714237564295.png (487.76 KB, 564x752, 17062947709061.png)

Lmao at these takes but I understand your frustration, although I don't think the guy is even that pretty the majority of hetero moids who got molested just succumb to alcohol/drugs and have severe anger issues

No. 394109

Why are men who are this pretty basically always gay?

No. 394129

File: 1714254187694.jpeg (401.41 KB, 1099x1500, C35A1FDD-6DD5-4075-B790-1EA4F8…)

His eyes are incredible. They look like crystals. And gorgeous hair and skin. I wish I could have kids with him he would improve my genes so much.

No. 394162

who is this? His face is a work of art, I'm obsessed with his lip shape

No. 394230

File: 1714292661514.jpg (292.57 KB, 1440x1800, 4451b5b4d93e49a0a4b24c83ef4dbc…)

Hugh Laughton Scott, model.
>Why are men who are this pretty basically always gay
Nonna, don't fall for this bullshit. Only moids call every cute and groomed guy a faggot, coping and keeping the acceptable male appearance standards low. There are plenty of straight handsome men I can even give you an example: ig: thomastapy. Found him recently, it's vary rare to see a man posting his gf so much. They're adorable together

No. 394395

File: 1714350941982.jpg (62.63 KB, 477x594, rush.jpg)

Are we faggotposting now?

No. 394397

File: 1714351460462.jpg (182.13 KB, 736x1125, bd2083e63d32d5292272a3258d414c…)

Why can't men have the 80s buttchin and long curly hair anymore
He was so hot but he looks like an annoying prick the type of scrote I'd love giving a beating, it would make him hotter

No. 394401

That is one of the most perfect side-profiles I've ever seen on a man.

No. 394429

File: 1714362102604.jpg (99.56 KB, 736x981, 1000010905.jpg)

He's pretty

No. 394461

there would be peace

No. 395315

He's hot but I can't find his @

No. 395338

File: 1714782047374.jpg (53.64 KB, 680x680, 1000011005.jpg)

No. 395363


No. 395374

who dis

No. 395378

I think that's toshiya from dir en grey.

No. 395744

File: 1714956519454.jpeg (9.17 KB, 224x224, images (1).jpeg)


No. 395909

File: 1715038808522.jpg (52.62 KB, 750x498, 1000011043.jpg)

No. 395910

File: 1715038830786.jpg (128.21 KB, 500x432, 1000011040.jpg)

more toshiya

No. 395972

Who is this guy?

No. 396458

youtube shorts blessing me with a cute climber guy

No. 396570

File: 1715282117088.jpg (62.92 KB, 736x460, 6f651cff8f15fe2b729a43e38251ef…)

He was such a middle school crush

No. 396665

just fuck my shit up

No. 396666

File: 1715322196098.jpeg (932.57 KB, 1170x1161, IMG_1633.jpeg)

No. 396690


No. 396711

File: 1715350026378.jpeg (36.21 KB, 432x648, IMG_3726.jpeg)

The guy who wrote the script for Challengers is surprisingly cute, I was expecting some old scrote.

No. 396784

File: 1715367409761.jpeg (108.67 KB, 540x675, IMG_2254.jpeg)

Mike Faist. I love his face, he’s hot but he’s still facially unique. Perfect body too. I can’t keep my eyes off him.

No. 396789

File: 1715368678637.jpg (49.17 KB, 563x990, cccec64d5e5f26ad9887b8e35add28…)

No. 397371

File: 1715558019904.jpg (32.32 KB, 512x512, ebde7930c2ba2d6940df3c8cc56954…)

No. 397382


No. 397450

No. 397473

File: 1715597824849.mp4 (2.23 MB, 576x576, Jia☺️_7053954164786826543.mp4)

Nta but he's called Chu BuYeon and he's from a reality show called The Soldiers

No. 397474

File: 1715597906727.mp4 (1.91 MB, 640x640, 80005f2da70fd3ba150e7a4d888382…)

No. 397479

Thank you. He looks amazing.

No. 397483

Thank god he didn't become an idol or something, or they would've butchered his face with their retarded plastic surgery. I want pictures of his body but without the stupid tattoo.

No. 397486

He’s beautiful. I wish my skin was this good.

No. 397533

damn that first scene is hot.

No. 397568

File: 1715624545010.mp4 (4.7 MB, 1080x1920, Ins6987059299_abb87d9e0bf3469f…)

Are you me kek? I find him gorgeous, too, but he's overdoing this "resting bitch face" or whatever. He looks so much prettier with normal and natural facial expressions, without the try-hard wannabe model posing shit. And what an ideal male body damn also, loving your gf and constantly posting about her? Hot

No. 397581

File: 1715628099376.jpg (83.65 KB, 736x1308, 9ecc7f25a3774cf8ed55e7945c982b…)

His looks reminds me of Kaneoya Sachiko’s artwork, especially with the droopy eyes

No. 397588

Looks like a gay domestic violence victim. I want to reach through the screen and slather him in concealer

No. 397589

His nose is so big it’s like a dildo

No. 397591

He kinda looks like a male Emma Chamberlain

No. 397601

>not liking the feeling of his nose tickling your clit while he tonguefucks you

No. 397657

File: 1715640824010.jpeg (127.44 KB, 750x740, 1690578465091.jpeg)

ANd you mean this as a good thing, right?

No. 397660

No I will roofie him and give him a nosejob with a kitchen knife

No. 397669

Based. Big noses are ugly.

No. 397672

i clicked this expecting an actual big nose and it's nothing. even the guy in the thread pic has a bigger nose.

No. 397678

You can’t judge the attractiveness of males by comparing them to each other because then the bar would be in hell. You’ve got to judge them by a universal standard. He needs at least 2 rinoplasties with a revision surgery to fix that beak. He looks like that burlesque lolcow.

No. 397679

Board is being invaded by retarded zoomie twitterfags again

No. 397681

“She called my 3D husbando ugly. Mods, kill her!”

No. 397687

File: 1715646098651.jpeg (202.27 KB, 828x1026, IMG_2014.jpeg)

This guy in the ugly male psyop thread seemed extremely average to me at first but I think he’s cute now. It might be because I like green eyes and curly hair

No. 397688

Under the facial hair he would be pretty

No. 397698

File: 1715646713991.jpg (62.27 KB, 736x736, 79927675bc66332d5f7e645558838d…)

This is Logan Lerman. He was cute in a boy next door way in the 2010s. Not fond of his current facial hair era though

No. 397699

File: 1715646731322.jpeg (689.68 KB, 937x909, E6EC4997-36AC-48D0-B863-AD4165…)

I fixed him. You’re welcome.

No. 397714

Anon, kek. The chadified lips are so hideous on him I’m sorry
The facial hair ruins his face, he has cute/feminine features so it looks disgusting. He needs to shave it off and grow his hair longer.

No. 397724

I used to be weirded out by men with massive lips too but something switched in me and now I want to chase white boys with a syringe and blow their lips up to hilarious degrees. It’s literally a purely sexual response and if social norms didn’t exist I’d get with a himbo with completely deformed cunt eating lips. But I couldn’t bring a whore back home to mama. Le sigh

No. 397749

File: 1715654741514.jpg (19.31 KB, 735x406, 1000011135.jpg)

No. 397750

File: 1715654857648.gif (9.96 MB, 540x706, 1000011136.gif)

No. 397755

File: 1715655358097.jpg (64.23 KB, 735x914, 1000011138.jpg)

No. 397757

who's this whore

No. 397767

Guy from Dreamers.

No. 397779

Ethipians/Eritreans always seem to be the best looking Africans but also simultaneously the worst personality wise.

No. 397790

he's really pretty in motion. looks kinda weird in photos though

No. 397836

His nose is sending me into an autistic rage fit. Not alogging I’m just describing the situation

No. 397840

he is one of the rare scrotes that aged well. i would only marry a forever twink.

kek do you like olly london by chance? huge lips on white guys look retarded but i hope you can follow your dreams one day.

No. 397845

Can anyone tell me who this is???
Google reverse doesn‘t show results, maybe because I‘m on mobile but that‘s all I have currently.

No. 397850

Please remove those lines under his eyes too. It pisses me off every time I see it it's in EVERY photo of him.

No. 397875

Michal Mrazik

No. 397895


No. 397931

Absolute perfection

No. 397938

Men truly age like milk.
This guy is 16 years old.

No. 397954

no he is 22

No. 397980

File: 1715713664309.jpg (16.42 KB, 564x317, 3e80f60bbfcf34767a2086a4981a73…)

Louis Garrel. Ive posted him itt before. He has a nice nose.

No. 397981

No he does not stop lying you ghoul

No. 397985

File: 1715714691748.jpg (47.52 KB, 564x626, 27cb9453198de0128070b5956322d4…)

Eritrean? Thats Future when he was young kek. no wonder he had so many baby mamas

You are >>397836, right? What types of noses do you like nonnie? Now im kinda curious

No. 397989

Based. Hooked big croacked noses are disgusting.

No. 398020

I like his weird nose on his face. Anyone else would look like shit with it, but he looks good.

No. 398122

File: 1715745207181.jpeg (582.19 KB, 1125x1380, IMG_3800.jpeg)

Narcissistic male model, but he looks so much like Hunter if he didn’t troon out.

No. 398126

He only looks good in specific carefully selected stills. In movement he looks like a lizard.

No. 398127

This is Ed Sheeran with brow tint

No. 398139

File: 1715748295936.jpg (260.35 KB, 512x512, Tumblr_l_950599348900813.jpg)

He's hot at all ages

No. 398178

File: 1715765095825.jpg (124.01 KB, 866x1390, 1000003637.jpg)

I was thinking about him frequently that year.

No. 398317

File: 1715817077440.jpg (750 KB, 1054x1182, Screenshot_20240516-002358.jpg)

No. 398351

So sorry but Jensen Ackles had to have been ass-raped at least once. There is no way he made it out unscathed.

No. 398461

I want to kidnap and pimp a narc male model to humble him

No. 398486

There's a tumblr that posts pics of him when he was a child model and I thought the same thing. He was really cute and you could already tell he would be a handsome man, there's no way no one abused him. All in all, he seems very well adjusted, though.

No. 398792

File: 1715960257872.jpg (61.79 KB, 721x637, 28e192e118d6fd6c67c8dedfe3c258…)

I need to lick the blood off his face. Nameless Circassian man from NatGeo.

No. 398798

File: 1715962455363.jpg (110.84 KB, 640x853, 524931e80a52a70f029a191bb93ffd…)

I need a shirt that says I love 90s idol cock

No. 398805

File: 1715964029913.jpg (37.69 KB, 736x736, 718b5a14f9ef3a9d900e547db23237…)

I wanna slap him and then kiss him idk why.

No. 398810


No. 398812

true true

No. 398851

No. 398893

File: 1715996861196.jpeg (112.34 KB, 600x600, IMG_4899.jpeg)

He had sad pretty eyes

No. 399026

File: 1716067700288.jpg (59.7 KB, 448x600, IMG_20240519_002728.jpg)

I would've made him a dad on sight

No. 399030

What a cutie.

No. 399034

File: 1716069046963.jpeg (22.84 KB, 324x384, 8A822671-E4E5-4FD9-9BDC-49BAEF…)

Nameless vintage nurse. I would’ve made you a father too

No. 399035

File: 1716069249045.jpg (114.65 KB, 736x933, dbe67bf3a5297c2ba5d55f376dcdc8…)

I have 3 different baby daddies now. My life is spiraling out of control

No. 399036

Very pretty

No. 399037

need to take his long luscious hair and tie it around my thighs

No. 399103

Reverse image be damned! You need to start adding NAMES to these beauties. Who is this?

No. 399207

File: 1716124896962.jpg (28.98 KB, 428x640, ObmZs.jpg)

not enough beardless pics of this guy

No. 399208

How did you feel posting your acid attack victim after my gorgeous harem? The audacity.

No. 399210

Cursed close-set eyes, and facial structure like he's had rocks thrown at him.

No. 399212

File: 1716126323662.png (281.1 KB, 1024x576, vlcsnap-2012-11-24-19h28m47s77…)

i promise he's hot there are just no good pics

No. 399214

You think he looks hot here because half of his face is invisible and the other half is obscured in candelight. It's ok we all take L's sometimes

No. 399216

File: 1716127101102.jpg (115 KB, 1500x1000, 85.jpg)

nah he's hot

No. 399217

he's also self-flagellating in the first scene we see him and men punishing themselves for their degeneracy is kind of hot

No. 399218

He most definitely belongs in the unconventional attractions thread.

No. 399220

He looks like that Christmas movie boy who got assraped and became a crackhead.

No. 399221

he literally looks like a renaissance sculpture but whatever….

No. 399284

and you think ugly sculptures can't exist?

No. 399329

He looks like that woll smith meme, all his features are shrunken kek

No. 399411

why is one weirdo itt obsessed with 'assrape'?

No. 399419

i stay away from this thread bc it seems to filled with either jealous moids or nonas who are mad their crush got insulted so they're continuing the cycle (or both)

No. 399437

The latter nonnas are definitely not responsible for any "assrape"-posting here though.

No. 399452

Some of us don't have a horse in the race and just care about quality control.

No. 399502

File: 1716227151481.jpg (141.76 KB, 1118x1200, haatepah-indigenous-native-ame…)

his hair is so pretty

No. 399505

File: 1716229057137.jpg (31.24 KB, 719x719, 6d6920cb76d48ade0eb42337568a7b…)

Does anyone else remember when jerma985 used to look like this? What a massive downgrade. He has the easiest life ever and barely goes outside yet he can't escape male aging. But I have to admit he looks better than most men pushing 40, I guess having massive cheekbones and a neanderthal brow ridge helps. Big facial bones keep the flesh from melting away, that's why the delicate faced men rot away the fastest. He's not a heartthrob or anything but I don't want this thread to die kek. He used to have big tits too

No. 399506

File: 1716229328304.jpg (33.35 KB, 736x736, 3b6386961c6f0ba79d96a97051cf9a…)

He had such a US Army phenotype here. Is it the hair?

No. 399507

File: 1716229745033.jpg (33.4 KB, 735x602, c6570103535f94cb90fbe413afc215…)

obligatory tits tax

No. 399511

File: 1716233540871.png (335.57 KB, 781x720, pxypvlv01o861.png)

Rigorous daily exercise is what keeps moids looking good, nonna, not sitting on their asses playing video games for 12 hours straight. He was just fit back then. I agree he had the perfect soldier boy phenotype. That face should have been blown to pieces by a missile strike in Afghanistan in 2013, like God intended for him.

No. 399512

jerma is not attractive. he's quite literally extremely normal looking and wouldn't be worth a second glance on the street. he just has a fanbase for not being hideous as a white male streamer who also panders to his female/tranny fanbase.

No. 399519

>That face should have been blown to pieces by a missile strike in Afghanistan in 2013, like God intended for him.
REAL. The good ending for all of our patriotic boyos! This way they can be young and mildly cute forever.

No. 399533

File: 1716241856745.gif (817.83 KB, 245x200, tumblr_mvmbqfITvK1rzkj8mo5_r1_…)

He's a wrinkled old fart now, but this guy was pretty hot back when he played Robin Hood. They don't make moids like this anymore.

No. 399553

File: 1716248097884.jpeg (96.2 KB, 435x580, IMG_8105.jpeg)

I’ve been thinking about him a lot recently.

No. 399592

File: 1716257420921.jpeg (120.46 KB, 683x960, IMG_1490.jpeg)

I would like to have sex with lee dongwook

No. 399599

File: 1716259797526.mp4 (1.43 MB, 766x576, 3422443.mp4)

No. 399602

File: 1716260548782.jpg (78.13 KB, 702x1200, 1000011271.jpg)

No. 399632

>I don't want this thread to die
So your solution was to post Jermafaggotry in it? You literally couldn't think of anyone better to post?

No. 399634

>He's not a heartthrob or anything but I don't want this thread to die kek.
it's going to die because there simply is not enough attractive men in the world, and the ones who are have already been posted.

No. 399646

We probably know all the attractive males of the world by name at this point. We’re like cousins now

No. 399663

And half of those attractive men are either dead or hit the wall twenty years ago

No. 399814

File: 1716342371554.jpg (82.91 KB, 925x1140, vito basso5.jpg)

I have a folder of gorgeous men for drawing refs and vito basso is a personal fave of mine.

No. 399844

We need to find cuties in the wild and take creepshots and post them

No. 399845

Gamer moids are so useless and whiny. Sadly most younger moids seem to be addicted to them.

No. 399853

Kek i don't know Jerma enough, i thought this was a screenshot of a fighting game streamer me and a friend used to meme each others with because he makes working out sessions between his matches and donations.

No. 399867

the modern man has evolved to look like a bag of playdough, easily recognized by their incel receding chin and notre dame hunchback from too much monitor usage. they don't make white men like this anymore

No. 400112

File: 1716443173453.jpeg (505.5 KB, 664x1348, IMG_4945.jpeg)

Black metal scrote’s cute son, his hair makes him look gay though I wish he’d change it

No. 400113

File: 1716443291333.jpeg (632.28 KB, 1170x1390, IMG_4946.jpeg)

His dad was pretty good looking too. I’d never date a metalhead scrote because they’re repulsive but scandi moids are beautiful

No. 400116

File: 1716443748612.jpeg (81.21 KB, 602x934, IMG_4947.jpeg)

Quorthon was pretty cute in the early 80s but hit the wall so hard. The receding hairline comes for all decent looking scrotes eventually I guess

No. 400123

Nah this the villain from Miss Spider

No. 400131

Which bm scrote?

No. 400144

I’d flirt with him in front of his dad. I think they’re jealous of their hot sons
Literally the only solution atp

No. 400180

File: 1716480649509.jpg (78.04 KB, 463x600, 20c7b07a9ea5ea48fe0eb78beeafa2…)

I don't care about his crazy incel following but he used to be a 10/10 in my eyes. And I've never given this rating to anyone else before. Total ken doll. His features are masculine and neotonous at the same time, my ideal. Too bad he's post wall now.

No. 400181

Samefag but I'm sure it's the compressed angular face with blow up doll lips that does it for me. All of my favorite boys fit this category and have similar coloration too. (tan skin accompanied by golden blonde/light brown hair) I'm so autistic I can't feel attraction to a longer faced brunette for example. Can anyone else relate to having a "type" set in stone?

No. 400233

King ov hell. I don’t care for his music really

No. 400472

I thought this was a woman at first sight.

No. 400493

That’s the greatest compliment

No. 400591

File: 1716603067868.jpg (91.39 KB, 563x634, 6f7ee65f2052d77c69d245e490a743…)

No. 400598

Damn he's cute

No. 400858

File: 1716662062571.webp (38.69 KB, 735x539, pictures-of-dax-riggs-of-sludg…)

No. 400861

Wrong opinion, this kind of hair style is one of the best on moids. You're part of the ugly moid psyop if you think nice hairstyles=gay.

No. 400904

hi chadification anon

No. 400908

does the guy from Sponge count as attractive?

No. 400944

You know hes unconventional stop this

No. 401000

I don't know, actually.

No. 401001

Is this the Potion Seller guy lmaoo

No. 401009

I swear I try not to personalityfag but my character shines through like a beacon.

No. 401060

I mean it’s better than the awful haircuts that zoomer moids get nowadays but I wish his hair was longer

No. 401062

File: 1716746901137.png (549.95 KB, 540x750, 3c6b957c0eb6158bc66b80303dd107…)

Jdm fag reporting for duty

No. 401068

No. 401070

File: 1716749701942.png (970.06 KB, 1641x1021, jm.png)

the hottest

No. 401072

Shameful attractions thread needs to be remade for anons like this

No. 401073

But I'm not ashamed. I'd fuck him so hard and if he can't get it up I'd have him eat me out.