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File: 1681924761452.gif (1.54 MB, 498x267, AlainDelon.gif)

No. 322417

Post conventionally attractive males you want to have sex with and have no shame admitting.

Previous Thread: >>286849

No. 322418

File: 1681925602547.jpeg (43.94 KB, 768x560, scale_1200.jpeg)

i'm only ever obsessed with weird looking men but kornev is an exception.

No. 322427

File: 1681927124467.gif (2.21 MB, 268x275, tumblr_p78sfyySFm1rzbj5mo2_400…)

he is pretty strange looking, but his eyes make up for it.

No. 322428

File: 1681928539002.jpg (97.16 KB, 1217x694, 11932831190.jpg)

No. 322430

File: 1681929374537.gif (5.63 MB, 540x300, Tumblr_l_1221074738161381.gif)

No matter how I look at it, I find Carlos so ugly. He's got nice hair and that's about it, everything else about him is so off putting to me.
My F1 husbando will always be Mika, he was so pretty

No. 322435

nta but yours looks way uglier with those tiny rat eyes and pig nose

No. 322438

File: 1681931546257.gif (1.83 MB, 268x217, Tumblr_l_1223378487076648.gif)

kek he's gorgeous to me, rat eyes and pig nose included

No. 322439

File: 1681931599993.gif (4.71 MB, 540x400, tumblr_814afb263c5113ddc28e2a0…)

BASED and alain'ed

No. 322440

File: 1681931638600.png (333.42 KB, 861x1222, MarcoBozzato.png)

Marco Bozzato, handsome but, as expected, looks best when photographed and set by a female photographer.

No. 322452

Nice photo, where can I see more pics by the female photographer?

No. 322453

He looks like a cute piglet, in a good way.

No. 322458

File: 1681936237981.png (73.88 KB, 736x920, fd8109e504d772ea18018ba46c9bac…)

you can look up more of this shoot by searching "Marco Bozzato by Sofia Goncharenko Haze Magazine" or this website: https://fashionablymale.net/2019/12/17/marco-bozzato-by-sofia-goncharenko-for-haze-magazine-winter-2020/, the photographer is Sofia Goncharenko and she has an instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/CrHuyKio4wj/?hl=en
most of her work isn't male models, it's mostly objects and pretty women, nothing too coomerish tho

No. 322463

Thank you nona!

No. 322465

No. 322477

File: 1681941517212.jpeg (208.84 KB, 1080x1610, D8FE8AC9-1B30-4ED4-8FF4-4F8E82…)

Definitely Kai I’m over kpop males because so many look uncanny valley due to all the surgeries but idols like Kai and SHINee I always have a soft spot for

No. 322478

File: 1681941577839.gif (4.16 MB, 268x450, A8B291FD-7E1E-4C72-B815-F788E6…)

He’s such a slut

No. 322479

File: 1681942094702.gif (2.38 MB, 480x470, 3A5C43D7-EAD9-4565-83B6-45C924…)

They don’t make kpop boys like this anymore

No. 322480

File: 1681942174837.gif (3.6 MB, 454x498, 81BBE0A9-FA48-405E-BEE7-A8AC34…)

Okay I’m done with kpop I love that Taemin and Kai are both cut from the same cloth of being nasty sluts. Something about dancers

No. 322481

File: 1681942271888.gif (2.43 MB, 268x350, B0204FE5-6537-4B18-A74A-6D9045…)

I need him to cut his eyebrows thin again it’s so sexy I want to lick him

No. 322483

extremely attractive arms and shoulders
and moves I guess, really showing them off

No. 322485

No. 322495

File: 1681955503283.gif (5.34 MB, 540x350, 2063ECDF-1F45-40E1-A07F-FCC73E…)

he’s so beautiful it’s unbearable

No. 322502

if my mom was a lolcow user

No. 322519

post Asian men if you want, but do kpoops have anything to post besides feminine butterfaced shrunken men.

No. 322524

File: 1681981808505.jpeg (47.88 KB, 521x835, 0262CCEC-BB26-460C-85DA-BEA982…)

Dey aight.
I guess they got nice bodies tho I’m assuming they’re athletes so I will forgive you
I feel like he’d be super gorgeous if he were a woman, he’s odd looking in an ethereal way, he could play a sexy fish out of water alien man or something

Brandon Lee reminds me of my bf a bit with the bushy eyebrows and the elongated face RIP sexy

No. 322532

He's so chiseled, like a work of art

No. 322535

idk he naturally looks botched

No. 322543

File: 1681992745869.jpeg (29.44 KB, 500x500, image0.jpeg)

I understand that objectively he's not ugly..but all I can think of whenever I see him is this.

No. 322545

It's more likely than you think. Hi daughter

No. 322558

File: 1681998768711.jpeg (93.54 KB, 1080x1350, Fm1ZEs4aYAEw2n8.jpeg)

everybody has moved on except for me kek

No. 322559

File: 1682000140229.jpg (59.08 KB, 740x960, whattaman.jpg)

yes yes yes yes, more sports cuties please. But what's a football player doing posing like a model kek

No. 322562

File: 1682003196666.webm (2.96 MB, 720x1280, SaveInsta.App-2784166162737855…)

Butterface but still kinda cute

No. 322563

File: 1682003222362.webm (10.3 MB, 1080x1920, SaveInsta.App-3045980506801052…)

No. 322638

This, he looks gay and botched

No. 322657

File: 1682024870112.jpg (75.41 KB, 1280x720, Yum.jpg)

Can't blame Anna, I'd also cheat on my husband for him.

No. 322712

He IS but he was a qt in his younger days

No. 322752

I have to agree with you but somehow I still find him hot, although I'm not usually even into those features on a guy. idgi

No. 322828

Excellent taste. I rewatched The Crow this morning for the 50th time as I was sick and it has always been one of my comfort movies. I never noticed how hot he looked during the flashback scene where he and Shelly are making out and he takes his pants off.

No. 323023

File: 1682219988266.jpg (114.54 KB, 963x1200, download (7).jpg)

the guy's been posted before: >>>/g/275976 but this time i found his ig: https://www.instagram.com/riccardo_montabone/

No. 323038

File: 1682225111867.png (124.23 KB, 414x621, VJTKYDUOCFEJPGU2QLSDG2QLYA.png)

There isn't a single man I can think of that's more attractive than him.

No. 323133

God, he was so hot in this. Wish Aaron Taylor-Johnson would go blond for another role.

No. 323201

kek he’s actually the star of a Soviet romance film called Amphibian Man (where these gifs are from). His character is basically the otherworldly fish man that the woman falls in love with, actually a science experiment, and they can’t really be together due to their differences, it’s a little bit like The Shape of Water? OT but my mother loved Amphibian Man and had a crush on this guy if that counts for anything. She thought this movie was lost to history and the language barrier makes searching difficult but one day I stumbled on these gifs entirely by chance in another thread so I have thirsty nonas to thank for making her day.

No. 323242

File: 1682289509938.gif (3.92 MB, 498x281, really-renfield.gif)

nicholas hoult inspires serious cute-aggression in me. i want to beat the shit out of him in a sexy way, then cuddle and comfort him after. i want to peg him while his hands are tied and he can only orgasm via prostate stim. i want to make him my little bitch so he makes faces like this all the time

No. 323245

My bestie that moved to Cali told me he was at his movie theater on Friday I told him to slip him my number but of course like a typical man he didn’t!

No. 323247

every time ive seen someone talk to jake he seems extremely shy and uncomfortable around people. probably why

No. 323259

Holy fuck…

No. 323260

File: 1682293197051.gif (8.85 MB, 540x440, 8im7aaj3jak81.gif)

Dropped my pic

No. 323266

looks like he's english

No. 323267

>he seems extremely shy and uncomfortable around people
Ironic since Jake is known for being a creep lol

No. 323272

how so

No. 323274

Oh God. Not this…

No. 323275

No. 323276

Who is this cutie?

No. 323278

James Spader, a sexy sexy sexy man

No. 323280

i don't have the attention span to read all of this can you summarize how we know it's him

No. 323285

>has a pattern of specifically going after virgins decades younger than him one of his recent girlfriends he met when she was 19
>writer mentions being a virgin at the time and 23
>taylor swift, who used to date him basically made a whole album and film saying he does things like this
and some gossip blinds..I guess technically it's more heavily hinted than anything but there's a strange pattern with him

No. 323288

File: 1682301361564.jpeg (145.51 KB, 1200x1200, FPBBxrUWQAsN2NK.jpeg)

Sorry nonas but the feminism leaves my body when it comes to Jake. I don't care if he fetishizes virginity and likes younger women, it's not like he's a rapist or pedo.

No. 323293

oh I'm not saying he can't be posted, worse men have been posted in the last thread (ezra miller, Johnny depp, etc) i just thought it was interesting that he supposedly acts shy and still has the nerve to do that at the same time

No. 323307

Nta but this man isn't even attractive, he looks like the average guy you'd get on tinder begging you to meet up so he can get laid.
Ezra was more fucked than him but at least Ezra didn't look as average.

No. 323311

Isn't even attractive… average… that's just schizo nona.

No. 323313

Nta but he's so ugly to me, I hate close set eyes

No. 323315

My heart ugh. Who do you find attractive then so I can judge them?

No. 323317

No. 323319


No. 323342

He is not talented, attractive or smart. I could look past that though if he wasnt such a creep.

No. 323343

NTA but cope kek. That man is hotter than the one you posted (not judging your taste though)

No. 323344

File: 1682327324963.jpg (48.36 KB, 736x733, 529f2c5ed7438d06fac054f10e8643…)

He is a dilf

No. 323361

File: 1682335168760.jpg (34.67 KB, 320x438, che guevara.jpg)

I love a passionate man.
This song about him too: https://soundcloud.com/ayman-kaldas/nathalie-cardone-hasta

No. 323373

eh at least he doesn't have a nasty beard. tbh jake only looked good in donnie darko.

No. 323417

File: 1682362083083.gif (2.06 MB, 636x324, 98637DEA-8A2A-4B11-BC9F-9167F0…)

Oh my goddd

No. 323418

He’s just meh, he was cute when he was younger but that beard is grotesque

No. 323420

No. 323421

File: 1682362812171.jpeg (15.77 KB, 271x380, E4E816B2-6D92-4684-B5C5-C7F5F0…)

No. 323422

File: 1682362914721.jpeg (173.38 KB, 1080x1350, 2D461078-0296-4B50-9513-491F39…)

I hate tattoos but zamn!

No. 323423

James Spader, a sexy sexy sexy man

No. 323424

File: 1682363191763.jpeg (6.4 KB, 256x197, 68FE0BF1-B9D9-42E3-99E3-3458D7…)

Escape the Fate Ronnie was a qt I don’t like his current look/music (shite) id still bang him tho (protected sex, he probably has the herp)

No. 323425

File: 1682363217284.jpeg (7.8 KB, 194x259, 44EAA00E-6568-4BD6-9E4D-A69F31…)

No. 323428

File: 1682363726683.png (642.09 KB, 1060x1592, 2934598045.png)

It's ok, I'll love him enough for all of us.
Genuinely James Spader would've looked better with a beard there just to cover that weird chin.

No. 323429

>not like he's a rapist or pedo
If it was legal, he'd be going as young as he could.

No. 323431

You have shit taste, anon.

No. 323433

A beard is the worst thing a man could ever have. It ages men like a hundred years and it’s dirty and all men should be facially hairless and look under 30 or else they’re worthless

No. 323438

ugh I hate this dumb squint eye thing men do, makes it look like he has no eyes

No. 323442

Please tell me where this is from

No. 323448

File: 1682368361985.jpeg (84.37 KB, 533x800, 5F0CC4C2-89BD-4C91-A9DC-16F7DB…)

No. 323450

that's from Bad Influence
I personally fell in love with him in Sex Lies and Videotape

No. 323451

No. 323453

File: 1682368971139.gif (1.71 MB, 300x244, B021011A-493A-475C-9F3E-D676E0…)

Anon, how? How did this cutie turned into whatever is that beast that took his name?

No. 323457

What will happen to us all
I'd still fuck him today because nothing makes me wetter than his voice

No. 323459

File: 1682370615528.png (507.93 KB, 1182x1540, 12984713894.png)

Here nona, a young and hairless man to satisfy you.
What's your taste then?

No. 323470

nta but objectively ronnie radke is handsome, he has great facial features

No. 323479

File: 1682378608647.jpg (152.12 KB, 1200x1200, IMG_20230425_012304.jpg)

he'a literally made from two people kek, I know most people are asymmetrical to a degree, but after a certain point it just looks dumb

No. 323480

File: 1682379121552.gif (2.7 MB, 298x482, tumblr_8fc746ab3264ac814600da2…)

Posting an actually handsome man from 1927 to civilize some of you

No. 323485

ok so which half is hotter

No. 323486

File: 1682383526521.jpg (49.2 KB, 640x630, FlUwZhMXoAMYfK3.jpg)

No. 323487

I need the dick picks to leak

No. 323497

who is he?

No. 323498

File: 1682389707873.jpg (49.7 KB, 595x646, 7c542d8a67dc429a6a5482d6633f7f…)


No. 323499

Hall and Oates?

No. 323500

File: 1682389992716.gif (2.58 MB, 540x390, garycooper.gif)

NTA but it's Gary Cooper. Hot, but a terrible actor imho.

No. 323525

How dare you disrespect

No. 323526

I thought this was the guy with the backwards hat in Gilmore girls

No. 323532

File: 1682410587257.jpg (73.28 KB, 736x898, 1a29762efe49bfd7e9e5cdf95ac59e…)

No. 323541

File: 1682417676037.gif (2.91 MB, 540x369, tumblr_3d260981041349a7cc5202b…)

He was also 6'2 / 190 cm. I don't need him to be a good actor, a moid has to be cute, dumb and tall, and then die

No. 323561

He looks like smelly trash in every posted picture, nona

No. 323573

he's pretty handsome, but that is a very unflattering photo

No. 323602

I came into this thread to see if he was posted. I'm utterly smitten after watching Renfield. Beautiful, semi-dead men do it for me (helps that Renfield had a cute personality too)

No. 323606

Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn heart eyes

No. 323624

Post someone

No. 323629

File: 1682462156399.gif (5.19 MB, 500x277, giphy (1).gif)

>lean with delicately defined muscles
>head full of hair
Why can't modern scrotes be like this

No. 323639

He was her only handsome leading man. Such a shame she was paired up with fuggos for the rest of her career. Love them both.

No. 323669

Because men of any generation can barely live up to the standard set by young Alain Delon.

No. 323712

File: 1682488814992.png (21.34 KB, 500x500, 3.png)

No. 323713

bump scrote pic dont scroll

No. 323714

File: 1682488882046.png (50.68 KB, 625x626, 4bf.png)


No. 323751

File: 1682508795522.jpg (113.26 KB, 648x889, dfef05974052fbe37e1d7e06453b7d…)

young Peter O'Toole was handsome and he was the only male lead who was younger than Audrey, instead of another much older scrote. Also they had romance on set

No. 323758

Great taste nona. 80s new wave men are top tier

No. 323760

Such perfection.

No. 323811

Damn never knew Peter O'Toole was that young. He's always been this Old School Hollywood in my head together with Brando, John Wayne, Bogart etc.

No. 323823

File: 1682527954364.jpg (68.41 KB, 767x431, EeXiDncXkAMMOKF (1).jpg)

Yeah I also always thought he was older than he was, and also before I watched Lawrence of Arabia I didn't even know it was him in this movie, I was like 'who is that handsome guy, I don't recognize this actor' kek and then I was shocked to discover it was the same person, because I got used to only seeing super wrinkly super old Peter O'Toole

No. 323825

File: 1682528909304.jpg (39.79 KB, 564x819, 0ce2ba008ae7d2cb206cc30bd0f0ac…)

can i just

No. 323826

File: 1682528931588.jpg (26.72 KB, 563x598, e35ba871a9b566883b37cadde93516…)

No. 323845

No. 323997

File: 1682620331184.jpg (19.73 KB, 408x625, christian-bale-in-equilibrium-…)

Young Joe Turkel jk
I was watching this the other day and god how nice it was to see her next to a costar who wasn't geriatric.

No. 324018

They just don't make them like they used to. Wow.
Oh wow. Beautiful.

Moids/scrotes today look so… weird. With their ugly hair cuts, and out-of-shape, video-game obsessed bodies.

No. 324022

Looks like onision.

No. 324023

File: 1682628434151.gif (510.86 KB, 245x178, tumblr_m759nt6pwD1qafea7o8_r1_…)

No. 324025

File: 1682628664369.gif (9.37 MB, 540x394, tumblr_7c724717bfd3bde46ac60e4…)

A puppy

No. 324031

Which movie is this from?

No. 324034

texas across the river, but there isn't much quality content besides this one scene I think

No. 324058

File: 1682636804965.png (464.71 KB, 721x637, circassian men , brave men , a…)

Love a man in traditional clothing

No. 324077

File: 1682642392805.gif (6.12 MB, 540x300, tumblr_bfeb6b5f7454dccff30882e…)

>alain do the thing!
>what thing?
>the slutty frown!
>ah yes

No. 324122

File: 1682655464736.jpeg (76.3 KB, 640x917, phillips-holmes.jpeg)

Can a man be…TOO handsome?

No. 324166

File: 1682681677588.gif (1.28 MB, 245x245, D5C3FBE0-E6C0-4BE7-A9C1-C8DF64…)

Alexander Dreymon in his Uhtred form

No. 324168

File: 1682682896536.gif (1.6 MB, 500x281, C4AA0758-7286-4315-BFC8-4A064C…)

Alexander Dreymon (2)

No. 324210

File: 1682699855188.jpg (40.58 KB, 420x608, dougy p.JPG)

sorry nonas

No. 324211

He's not really attractive enough along with his reputation kinda makes him more fit for the unconventional thread.

No. 324230

you know it's a conventionally unattractive man, you know other nonnas aren't going to find him attractive, you're even ashamed enough to feel like apologizing and yet here you are in the Conventionally Attractive Men Thread, why are you here? to get bitched out? go to >>>/g/323708

No. 324266

This show did not disappoint with the shirtless and nude scenes.

No. 324319

i have been obsessed with hoult for awhile but he's really becoming cuter and cuter as the years go on. he is so soft-spoken and polite and sweet in interviews and i love all the weirdo characters he plays. such a cutie!

No. 324321

File: 1682741258051.jpg (44.65 KB, 819x1024, monsta-x-wonho-13072022-819x10…)

The things I would do to this man

No. 324372

File: 1682770580149.jpg (66.02 KB, 668x1000, bickle.jpg)

whats the verdict on travis bickle/young robert de niro? ngl i think he cute even tho im meh on the film

No. 324375

File: 1682770755834.jpg (35.06 KB, 355x500, travis-bickle-4911780-normal.j…)

i mean he is conventionally attractive imo tho he is a lil skinny but i like that

No. 324377

I've always found young De Niro hot. He's conventionally attractive, plus he has that je-ne-sais-quoi

No. 324378

File: 1682772991762.jpg (42.89 KB, 600x600, f1fce86094b35a98d8b8e12f397593…)

I've already fallen for Saul/Jimmy, now young Bob Odenkirk is all I ever wanted. He's so handsome, cute, charming and absolute perfection.

No. 324384

File: 1682776345165.jpg (133.5 KB, 768x1024, s1600_135470790_1252003570.jpg)

If any anons who followed the extreme sports scene and especially BMX in the 2000s knows, there were a lot of hunks in it. Chris Doyle (the tall dude on the right) was one of them.

No. 324412

Him being skinny and emciated was the point of the character and central to his appeal. My only problem is, I've known De Niro for his tough guy movies, so I kinda have trouble buying his skinny proto incel-ish character in the movie.

No. 324431

Robert De Niro is the ONLY guy who can do that eye-squint look and have it be hot instead of off-putting

No. 324524

Anthony Padilla onlyfans WHEN

No. 324578

I miss the 1980's male arthoe aesthetic so much, nonnies.

No. 324601

File: 1682872519031.jpeg (109.92 KB, 836x1024, D77C4BC0-AF91-49D9-84B7-94D5F8…)

You get me. The type of men that would’ve been cute goth twinks are being groomed into trooning out. The real “trans genocide” is being committed by them and they’re dedicated to wiping out our goth twinks.

No. 324654

File: 1682892717980.gif (2.74 MB, 498x498, umm-renfield.gif)

Anyone who is self-assured enough to play weirdo characters is always a +1 in my book.

It's incredible that he's also signed on for Robert Eggers' Nosferatu too. He is committed to playing vampire goth men and I am being fed.

No. 324658

He looks like a rat.

No. 324660

Average middle aged man so wrong thread.

No. 324662

File: 1682896681911.jpg (45.18 KB, 437x540, Screenshot 2023-04-30 181635.j…)

You have good taste anon. Too bad he went insane though; his hair and makeup were gorgeous. Wish this type of male wasn't extinct I feel robbed

No. 324663

he even says in the video everyone is horny for vampires, i think he just wants to get fucked by one.
tbh his best roles are the ones where he's getting abused by an older man, he plays those so well. he's so good at making these big wet puppy eyes and looking pathetic and adorable.

No. 324670


No. 324685

File: 1682909929288.gif (8.85 MB, 400x539, po1hdro5zpt91.gif)

men with noses like this are so handsome to me

No. 324732

File: 1682934627941.jpg (104.62 KB, 692x1254, f07b2ab66b36617d2480a8dc2a7620…)

These are not my type, but I will look disrespectfully regardless

No. 324733

File: 1682934699679.jpg (36.91 KB, 420x800, 7697bee375a9664069dac4e6134b47…)

No. 324734

File: 1682934951693.jpg (45.61 KB, 538x810, e2d0c8052fbdabcd7c8fecf2e72a93…)

No. 324738

definitely my type though damn, who is this? I'll be disappointed if there's an ugly face behind that hair

No. 324739

god damn googled it and it's a dir and grey bandmember

No. 324745

So it seems I have a thing for pale fit guys in black tank tops.

No. 324749

This picture is really hot.

No. 324750

Nice angle, it almost looks like a cartoon guy.

No. 324753

File: 1682945064352.png (651.63 KB, 1918x1074, delon.png)


No. 324754

Post-wall in this pic

No. 324757

These are like the most basic requirements kek

No. 324769

File: 1682951863788.gif (1.16 MB, 250x182, tumblr_001c07df721a2fc580f560d…)

yeah it's post wall Delon, although Le Samurai is one of his best movies.
Ikr, and yet the majority of modern man fail to meet them.

No. 324774

Most men don't look half this good in their entire lives.

No. 324778

No. 324781

uuu nice! He will always be a zombie in my heart but vampire sounds nice too.

No. 324785

Majority of scrotes today has fucked up their hormones with shit diet (processed food + alcohol). They really think eating chicken nuggets every day and washing it down with mountain dew is a-okay. Plus they do nothing but stay inside to coom and play vidya all day. It's truly disgusting how far men have fallen.

Apologies for sperging, he's so amazingly beautiful, I will never get over it.

No. 324806


No apologies needed nonna, I've had so many people tell me they thought he was hot despite being undead lmao

No. 324816

File: 1682970532700.gif (1.62 MB, 245x138, tumblr_e532e188cbe20ab12acefbe…)

todays obsession: chestnut haired boy with dead eyes

No. 324840

File: 1682978636224.gif (9.25 MB, 540x617, 78d35e65539967b50c8316d192f264…)

No. 324857

File: 1682983760024.jpeg (98.52 KB, 1200x675, 0e0ae832bfcf49a0f9bdb2a7c81a2c…)

I wanna lick his biceps and abs and ride him until his dick falls out

No. 324890

File: 1682994508307.jpg (97.07 KB, 968x970, 4cd3ea78620b77ca74f3891287a2d0…)

IMO the closest guy alive right now who can live up to Delon.

No. 324897

File: 1682996155039.png (83.28 KB, 500x395, 2ED2EEEA-AE5E-4FCC-99B9-8791F7…)

Not sure what his name is (on right) but I saw him when looking for handsome men in the retro-Euro era and my best bet at the time was searching "gay retro french p*rn". I think this was his only body of work but I could be wrong.

No. 324898

File: 1682996190689.jpeg (9.54 KB, 300x230, B9ED0105-E15C-4255-AF05-7FE31A…)

And this:

No. 324904

File: 1682999804266.gif (5.26 MB, 540x540, tumblr_5024b7057bacda6dcf8b8ba…)

i'm so tired nonnies…

No. 324905

kek based

No. 324918

So glad we will have so many races in upcoming weeks to see more of him

No. 324939

File: 1683016418244.jpg (30.02 KB, 400x400, b12bd593bdf0630f85aa2bef08f933…)

No. 324954

I want a hot boyfriend who looks like this but is humble so I can tell him all the time how pretty he is and hype him up

No. 324959

File: 1683028823901.jpg (59.61 KB, 457x688, i.jpg)


No. 324964

File: 1683032918130.jpeg (603.68 KB, 2850x1900, 0D638E09-1E08-40C1-8869-162AC6…)


No. 324966

Just wanted to say nonna has the best taste looking at the thread-gif. There'll never be a better looking man.

No. 324967

he's conventional?

No. 324971

File: 1683035690357.jpeg (112.64 KB, 714x1202, 0E7F9161-E4FE-4B7E-9E73-0E5486…)


No. 324975

Most moids who look like that are either bimbos or assholes unfortunately.

No. 324980

He's ok. Like a 7/10. There's plenty of dudes out there within their early to mid 20s who look like that.

No. 324981

File: 1683038915832.gif (5 MB, 480x270, BEEC0E94-BBF6-4375-924A-354651…)

Cute. Reminds me of this guy.

No. 324996

he always looked like a nerd to me, guess it was his personality

No. 325006

Not sure what you mean or if you're calling me a Reddit moid

Can't even post hot dudes without some anons being weird about it smh

No. 325011

Nta but he's literally an average Mediterranean dude.

No. 325015

File: 1683047719218.jpg (39.18 KB, 499x624, a157c177b5624f3935bdebc4b389f0…)

disgusting Nikocado chode posted above, don't scroll above, have some Jeenu in Ralph Lauren to cleanse your eyes.

No. 325016

File: 1683047743829.png (594.2 KB, 832x1238, tumblr_521588a69ef18b922dab242…)

No. 325031

/g/ sucks lately it’s getting infested by newfags who can’t integrate

No. 325034

Anons in these threads always act weird whenever asian men are posted, like the time a couple of years ago someone kept calling everyone 'pedo' for posting them

No. 325043

If you’re over the age of 18 and find kpop boys attractive, you are a pedo, they look like literal children(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 325044

File: 1683062029142.jpg (54.9 KB, 735x729, 82ecb14e88393b0f2eae185d3bec28…)

No. 325063

You're the worse

No. 325084

you have to be doing it on purpose now nonny kek. just google the usage!

No. 325120

File: 1683080897376.jpeg (245.04 KB, 995x1159, jakeg.jpeg)

Jake Gyllenhaal with black hair was on another level… god

No. 325151

File: 1683098788939.jpg (325.46 KB, 2640x1430, goldfarb.jpg)

I want a threesome with him and Jared Leto circa Requiem

No. 325165

File: 1683106531164.jpg (126.56 KB, 750x1124, Badgley - Headshot (1).jpeg.jp…)

Not a jakefag but he looks gorgeous here
My pushy belongs to hot brown eyed men

No. 325166

File: 1683107173278.png (328.08 KB, 685x852, Screenshot 2023-05-03 151610.p…)

bump, gore in /w/, /meta/, /snow/

No. 325167

File: 1683107231777.png (271.8 KB, 676x855, iufgvikeru.png)

No. 325168

File: 1683107321785.jpg (65.19 KB, 564x853, 5a5fd689e036e3493014db1efdbbcf…)

No. 325170

File: 1683107945344.png (194.04 KB, 679x856, Screenshot 2023-05-03 152945.p…)

No. 325171

File: 1683108060986.png (287.31 KB, 678x843, Screenshot 2023-05-03 153201.p…)

No. 325176

File: 1683108955549.png (314.85 KB, 718x859, Screenshot 2023-05-03 154644.p…)

No. 325181

not even close

No. 325182

He seems like he’d be emotionally manipulative, and suicidebait when you want to break up

No. 325183

I love your taste, know any other cute guys who look similar?

No. 325184

more like he has peanut sized balls due to steroids

No. 325186

ofc, he's a non-binary loser

No. 325187

File: 1683112946914.jpg (41.26 KB, 356x440, 5865ABE8F0819B2F97FD1FDB85E852…)

i feel like the men of Ralph Lauren tend to look handsome, are black/dark-skinned guys your type? how's this guy?

No. 325188

File: 1683113132089.jpg (143.07 KB, 1191x800, 114307-1200x800.jpg)

Alton Mason, cutest during this Chanel show, he's generally pretty cute but he's a model so he gets put in stupid looks from time to time

No. 325189

File: 1683114948649.webm (4.24 MB, 576x1024, SaveInsta.App-3006306709632705…)

all except 5th, 6th, 7th, and 13th dudes

No. 325190

File: 1683116684411.jpg (71.92 KB, 620x832, ArthurGosse.jpg)

No. 325191

File: 1683117068744.jpg (31 KB, 408x612, MarlonTeixeira.jpg)

No. 325192

too photoshopped

No. 325208

Yeah I'm brown myself and find brown/black men in classy looks quite attractive, I'll make sure to check those models thanks nona.

No. 325229

File: 1683132255574.png (81.43 KB, 600x924, AdonisBosso.png)

>find brown/black men in classy looks quite attractive
same here, which is funny because all the men around me don't have the taste to dress well in their own ethnic clothing let alone Western clothing.

No. 325458

File: 1683204930470.jpg (53.42 KB, 714x940, qMLIH0IU.jpg)

No. 325579

can anybody delonpost a little more?

No. 325584

thanks for this anon, my thirst for him cannot be satiated

No. 325591

File: 1683234506159.gif (2.66 MB, 268x268, alain_delon.gif)

From two threads ago

No. 325592

fuuuuggg thanks nonnie….

No. 325593

File: 1683234920599.jpg (114.61 KB, 640x862, bjorn 30 (1).jpg)

No. 325594

File: 1683235433598.jpg (158.8 KB, 705x1003, 1671906723032398.jpg)

No. 325877

File: 1683314926153.jpg (123.36 KB, 1080x937, renault era.jpg)

never been as attracted to a man

No. 325903

File: 1683323428352.jpg (75.29 KB, 906x1200, 583cbc5b8f7e2dfc4e2b6febbff968…)

What are our thoughts on bearded Alain? He reminds me of Aragorn a little bit

No. 325904

File: 1683323972808.gif (1.35 MB, 480x360, giphy.gif)

Idk.. We feel good, but definitely not as good as young prime Delon

No. 325907

File: 1683324174699.gif (553.25 KB, 640x358, alain-delon.gif)

just posting em cuz I know there's some nonnie out there who'll enjoy it.

No. 325908

File: 1683324537036.gif (3.75 MB, 498x368, the-leopard-il-gattopardo.gif)

did you know it's very likely Visconti fucked him in the ass

No. 325910

File: 1683325104653.gif (2.08 MB, 498x277, 454535345.gif)

I mean, his female co star literally caught them in bed together so..

No. 325912

File: 1683325587228.gif (1.06 MB, 400x215, O3ZZ.gif)

damn I didn't know that
Spill the tea

No. 325916

File: 1683326681039.jpg (36.25 KB, 600x400, 18947737.jpg-r_1280_720-f_jpg-…)

No. 325951

File: 1683353920561.jpg (340.68 KB, 1106x1380, tumblr_55696d5518e2c067dd371e4…)

I know nothing about this scrote but. Yes please. He looks like a character from Patalliro or something lmao

No. 325967

File: 1683368260905.jpg (150.26 KB, 864x1187, 03_gaspard_ulliel_tr-gthumb-gw…)

No. 325970

File: 1683369170764.jpg (93.67 KB, 766x600, dscn98101.jpg)

this movie set was so dreamlike :(
I wish for every hot actor out there, there was this sort of boring slice of life movies solely focused on their beauty(:()

No. 326004

File: 1683377911306.jpg (20.24 KB, 604x402, ulliel gaspard (7).jpg)

No. 326009

File: 1683379998197.jpg (298.98 KB, 1365x2048, outfit.jpg)

He could use a slight chin recession surgery but otherwise I'd like to learn more about him, too. Is he a slut? Is he chaste? Is he kind?

No. 326017

he looks like ezra miller with downs

No. 326018

He does not look downs but I guess he does have a lazy eye kek. Ezra Miller looks like Ezra Miller with downs. Is this random boy the new Ezra? Will he be in the Flash? I literally don't know who this is

No. 326019

I can't decide if he's handsome or just a bit facially weird or both

would be amazing if real

No. 326020

File: 1683385746170.jpg (64.89 KB, 783x1197, ulliel gaspard (12).jpg)

is it fine if I shit up the thread..? I don't know how else to steam off my obsession

No. 326021

No. 326045

File: 1683391277331.webm (6.49 MB, 1920x1080, ulliel slow.webm)

that's it. now I'm making webms.

No. 326046

File: 1683391952349.jpg (164.74 KB, 1121x1200, i miss him on redbull.jpg)

can't wait for tomorrow nonnies…

No. 326069

File: 1683400655933.jpeg (88.97 KB, 709x1200, 88DF3F66-3F19-4298-B5AB-4AC8C5…)

No. 326112

File: 1683410365884.jpg (60.6 KB, 564x895, 7213979f1e30da2e24cf4ae55bc4de…)

No. 326129

File: 1683420720383.jpg (50.61 KB, 752x601, 150063_7088-3318164446.jpg)

No. 326159

He was SO FOINE as Dean Thomas in Harry Potter. Plus he's 1.93m. Neville who?

No. 326161

File: 1683438933233.jpg (Spoiler Image,292.56 KB, 1280x1920, tumblr_o4wszgdyxY1r0i08oo2_128…)

Oh no. No no no no. The Britbong Curse strikes again. Spoilered so I don't kill the vibe here, but it's a sad day. He had such a good glow-up.

No. 326176

File: 1683447669870.jpg (169.18 KB, 1920x1040, MV5BMGUwMDMwMjctOTkzYS00NDY4LW…)

its really a shame that keanu couldnt act for shit cause he looks perfect in all the early 90s movies hes in

No. 326475

File: 1683539411735.jpg (71.56 KB, 701x1202, 678a6f8577e960674e1becaa224bbe…)

feel like shit, might do a sainz dump

No. 326477

File: 1683539455544.jpg (57.42 KB, 736x736, 1de1672acc9bbd9bbdf2950e1eb567…)

No. 326478

File: 1683539515358.jpg (38.2 KB, 530x530, 7ed4aae6e62804e4dc997313037789…)

No. 326480

File: 1683539556335.jpg (96.35 KB, 676x1200, 8fdee4eef6dc1fd86f0a1ada3b826f…)

No. 326797

File: 1683598968225.gif (1.61 MB, 245x260, Tumblr_l_1507376684786177.gif)

I know you will pillory me, nonas, but I present Long Hair Harry to you.

No. 326798

File: 1683599047728.gif (2.99 MB, 350x465, Tumblr_l_1507369566316951.gif)

No. 326801

he loses a lot of points for having an extremely annoying personality

No. 326803

the widespread lust for this man completely confounds me. Even when I was into men, I could never make sense of it. The most I can say of him is that he looks like Some Dude. I think i've seen 200 harries while grocery shopping. And most of them have had better hairlines.
I don't know shit about him so I always assumed he must be very charming or something, but after seeing >>326801 my only working theory has been squashed. I'm not hating on you either, it's probably good to be able to lust after this type of man because you will have many opportunities to find them in the wild. Harryfuckers are probably the reason the human race has been able to continue.

No. 326810

Not my type but you know what the dimple is cute. I'll give him that.

No. 326813

File: 1683606506284.jpg (64.14 KB, 612x459, image.jpg)

I just happened to watch the Seinfeld episode he's in the other day and just realized he was hot for the first time. Something about him is slightly attractive even in his old toad form. I think it is his voice like >>323457 said

No. 326819

>I always assumed he must be very charming
To be fair, he WAS charming when he was in 1d. That's what he was known for really, he got hideous and annoying when he went solo and his hairline receeded.

No. 327000

File: 1683657058743.jpg (208.49 KB, 861x1200, 6ef396e6a4299172c4e8aac4f38819…)

>cut hair

No. 327292

File: 1683747573409.jpg (99.95 KB, 1813x766, bjorn 178.JPG)

not sure if this era is legal yet

No. 327293

This is around the time he started looking like Mayo Monkey #31415.

No. 327305

I had a BIG FAT CRUSH on him when I saw the stargate movie as a little kid, kek

No. 327367

File: 1683771893113.jpg (152.58 KB, 1004x2048, Fu9uk-QWwAosARU.jpg)


No. 327368


No. 327370

File: 1683772030182.jpg (46.28 KB, 736x621, 7dc1dfe397f1ff0bff74d3d7cb6db6…)

I hate that Korean men edit their heads to be so freaking small

No. 327401

Who dis

No. 327435

No. 327710

File: 1683918001464.jpg (114.05 KB, 988x1760, 180a87a437232657d8673d4b1d1447…)

Idk about you guys, but I don't see a lot of these snackin' older men here, as older men/their current age and not their younger selves.
JDM everyday. That smile? That voice? The glint in his eyes? His humor?
Also his down to earth personality alone?
Couldn't keep me off him.
don't come for my daddy issues kek, I just want him to choke me a lil bit

No. 327718

Post wall scrotes are objectively ugly

No. 327733

File: 1683924510735.jpeg (109.71 KB, 1396x1121, IMG_1361.jpeg)


No. 327735

File: 1683924715917.jpeg (18.37 KB, 480x360, IMG_1363.jpeg)

No. 327737

File: 1683925179961.jpeg (39.29 KB, 602x619, IMG_1364.jpeg)


No. 327804

File: 1683955129368.jpg (197.37 KB, 1016x1351, tumblr_pthz15yApg1qlsd9ho1_128…)

ayrt Marlon Teixeira, seems to be friends with Francisco L.

No. 327806

especially when the women thirsting after him are daddy-issues addled younger women, aren't there any decent looking older men that even older women like?

No. 327807

especially when the women thirsting after him are daddy-issues addled younger women, aren't there any decent looking older men that even older women like?

No. 327848

File: 1683979247013.jpg (108.57 KB, 1069x696, cows.jpg)

lucky nonnie

No. 328081

File: 1684041131429.webm (1.28 MB, 576x768, Snaptik.app_699621905890345293…)

sunday delonpost

No. 328085

delicious, thank you very much nonny

No. 328118

File: 1684049690705.jpg (39.32 KB, 500x389, c07371dbda05549e22b8d1b42d3a80…)

Before he hit the wall

No. 328119

so sad, such a cutie when he was young

No. 328177

File: 1684062693549.jpg (21.86 KB, 292x355, director sexy.jpg)

I can definitely think of a snackin older man.
ugh what I would let this man do to me

No. 328181

File: 1684064120129.gif (1.75 MB, 305x305, IMG_7328.gif)

When I tell him pussy is for dessert tonight

No. 328185

File: 1684064545269.jpg (118.99 KB, 564x972, 36690c5118cd1c55769a0dd6167b07…)

Lee Jongwon I think. he's hawt!

No. 328193

Is that Ethan from Maneskin or someone else?

No. 328194

It is him

No. 328212

I can't get over how handsome he is. I hope he never gets rid of his beautiful hair.

No. 328233

I know right. He’d be even hotter if he was in a band that made good music tho

No. 328327

00:09… yep, he's french…

No. 328331

File: 1684095660930.jpg (47.31 KB, 500x500, renny.jpg)

Are my fellow Houltfags/Renfield fags around?

No. 328392

That's him kissing the average Frenchwoman

No. 328491

File: 1684157315687.jpg (31.15 KB, 410x580, 5435d6b6f2e44c677df97ce472dcae…)

toma ikuta starring as oba yozo from dazai's no longer human novel. he kinda hit the wall though

No. 328502

I’ve noticed Japanese men hit the wall faster and bald more easily than other kinds of Asian men. Maybe it’s due to Japs more Caucasian admixture.

Korean men seem to age the best as they have strong bone structure and basically never bald. Dunno about Chinese as I only find a couple Chinese actors attractive. Japs look good in their twenties then get twink death and look like seedy gigolos by 35.

No. 328503

File: 1684159795453.jpeg (28.37 KB, 700x256, 2CC13629-DF47-4300-BFFF-903E69…)

Speaking of Jap boys. Found an old 2005 copy of Poporo magazine from my childhood and almost cried looking through it. They were my OT3 husbandos with flicky hair. Is it kinda bad I always gave zero fucks about the other 3, kek.

No. 328504

File: 1684159941087.jpeg (122.52 KB, 854x1080, 6F7D2DCB-0DF7-44D1-A680-7E56F3…)

RIP Miura-kun.

No. 328538

Truly the British of Asia

No. 328547

that would be India, miss.

No. 328600

He was too beautiful for this ugly world.

No. 328609

File: 1684182419919.gif (1.05 MB, 498x258, avan.gif)

I wish Avan Jogia was better at picking his projects, a guy this fine shouldn't be stuck in the d list shit he is always in

No. 328618

Kinda OT but he was the first ~hot guy~ I actually found attractive in any Disney/Nick series. I sometimes watched Victorious just because I had a crush on him lmao.

No. 328620

Aww I looked him up and it says he was born in 1994. By that first pic you posted I thought he was way older.

No. 328628

Exactly how I found him too nonna lmao. I was slightly too old for Victorious (mid/late teens when it was aired) but I discovered him when I was babysitting - 10 years or so later I'm still thirsting.

I was obsessed with this video at the time and would reblog any gifs of it to my tumblr kek

No. 328645

File: 1684191878764.webm (2.56 MB, 768x576, Snaptik.app_711630415629757978…)

absolutely ILLEGAL delonpost

No. 328683

File: 1684207168501.jpeg (94.13 KB, 564x728, 5de16e2cf8829f9bcc9f2b3d933dc2…)

Chris Cornell in this era

No. 328684

No. 328829

I miss him. <#3

No. 330161

File: 1684807626501.jpg (250.59 KB, 1280x1468, 58662aaee8782cdfbd6e1d0a134873…)

Delon and Helmut Berger (pic related) apparently fought over Visconti (who was old af) at one point and still have feud. They both were bi, Berger called Visconti the love of his life. Delon is now right-wing (don't google how these guys look now kek) but even he admits he fucked some men. The eurocinema scene back then was interesting and produced some 10/10 beautiful man kino.

No. 330276

I've been watching and saving edits of this guy for the past few weeks even though I have no idea who he is. I don't even like moustaches but it looks so good on him

No. 330292

that's aaron johnson, but don't look him up without putting "young" at the end.

No. 330490

File: 1684922378401.png (923.57 KB, 1908x1146, 66635045-0-image-a-41_16738974…)

no thoughts head empty.

No. 330491

Make sure to look up gifs of his dick swinging around in some movie, he is blessed

No. 330509

I looked him up but… meh. I think it’s just that one specific character. Maybe I need to watch this movie
Watching those gifs turned me off more than anything LMAO

No. 330529

That old lady was the only one who got him while he was hot

No. 330575

File: 1684956572609.jpg (48.37 KB, 500x604, 1ffb0d2db19684e74e754e7ffc318e…)

I recently started rewatching Supernatural season 1 and I forgot how stunning young Dean / Jensen was, just jawdropping

not judging you one bit nonna

No. 330576

File: 1684956621914.gif (5.81 MB, 374x211, dean.gif)

looks like the camera thought so too

No. 330595

He's insanely gorgeous, only rivalled by the times Sam got shirtless and is like 7ft tall and ripped

No. 330671

File: 1684984600784.jpg (11.64 KB, 276x259, mattle.jpg)

He reminds me a bit of young Joey

No. 330873

Dean Winchester might unironically be the sexiest man in tv history

No. 330937

File: 1685102598509.jpg (89.73 KB, 736x1104, jackles.jpg)

definitely one of the most beautiful, those eyes man

No. 330960

File: 1685113077312.jpg (31.13 KB, 470x470, download.jpg)

his arms dude holy fuck

No. 330977

File: 1685117536492.jpeg (57.43 KB, 564x555, tumblr_98d296a2425cd47acff5671…)

I NEED young Maxmoefoe right now

No. 330983

It sometimes feels like Jerma could have been am actor instead of streamer. He's probably the only one in the streaming community who carries himself the way an actual (dignified) celebrity would.

No. 330996

I could write paragraphs upon paragraphs of what I want him to do to me. It's so bad. I need him, he's the perfect man in every way

No. 331000

File: 1685128641177.jpg (88.97 KB, 955x767, MV5BMDVlMDA0YjItYjFhZC00YWZiLW…)

Brando-chan, my beloved

No. 331003

God he was so fucking hot in his prime.

No. 331004

Have you seen The Boys? Hoooo man he's still so hot

No. 331031

fuck yeah. i have so many fantasies it’s unreal. imagine how he’s in bed… drooling right now

No. 331042

File: 1685138202577.gif (1.83 MB, 350x184, MFhd.gif)

brandon stoughton in womanizer

No. 331051

File: 1685141315415.jpg (79.13 KB, 750x649, DukNtZhWsAEpBP1.jpg)

No. 331096

File: 1685165768071.jpeg (25.93 KB, 682x450, IMG_0005.jpeg)

Was anyone gonna tell me that Snoop Dogg was fine when he was young or was that something I was supposed to figure out for myself

No. 331100

File: 1685168843824.png (164.66 KB, 1069x544, introoftheBonesmovie.png)

i don't get him in the photo you posted but i thought he was quite handsome in the Bones movie(picrel)

No. 331101

File: 1685169007224.png (154.19 KB, 607x466, oki.png)

okay maybe he's cute in this one too, the guy beside him is also cute.

No. 331102

i image searched the guy on the right, and why why why why is it that men say that women commit just as many sexual offences as men but nearly all female celebs manage to go their entire lives without a single accusation, even if it's "oh men are ridiculed and not believed", who the fuck believes or respects women, this fuck got away twice.

No. 331115

You do know that neither really confirms or denies it right? That just means that theres social pressure for men to keep their mouths shut. I'm not saying that men don't do the majority but I'm willing to wager the number of female celebs is a lot higher than we know iff.

No. 331171

File: 1685207673822.jpeg (361.03 KB, 1920x1280, IMG_2227.jpeg)

i wanna go back to 2007 and make love to this diana lookalike

No. 331173


When I was studying streetcar named desire for english lit at 16 me and my whole class (who were only girls Cus its English literature…) literally combusted everywhere when we first saw him, he was so fine so then I watched a bunch of other movies he was in and I’ve come around to appreciate his acting skills. What’s even funnier is that DIO Brando from the jojo series was based off him!

No. 331210

File: 1685222592639.jpg (175.83 KB, 640x800, 640px-Gregory_Peck_Atticus_Pub…)

I need Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch BADLY. Handsome, intelligent, a good father.

No. 331288

File: 1685242817370.jpg (32.77 KB, 376x594, chace crawford.jpg)

speaking of the boys… (1/2)

No. 331289

File: 1685242856274.jpg (17.5 KB, 320x320, crawford v2.jpg)


No. 331748

File: 1685371153035.jpg (50.48 KB, 1232x1080, downbad.jpg)

this man has me scouring the internet for video footage of him like ancient aliens

No. 331751

File: 1685371734286.jpg (47.98 KB, 564x787, 3bc9bd7fa7d65b13fb74b7f7f004f3…)

love this photo of his, makes him look like an android of sorts

No. 331794

File: 1685380009391.jpg (111.57 KB, 683x1024, 15915041013_a2530377c7_b.jpg)

ooh that's a nice one anon! here's one of my favorite runway looks of his

No. 332666

that is in fact an attractive man I want to fuck

No. 332907

File: 1685811131724.jpeg (32.61 KB, 512x640, 9247CFC5-84B9-4379-B59A-3D2EAD…)

ever since moids discovered Patrick Bateman it’s embarrassing to see them emulate him. but I won’t complain about seeing clips of Christian bale all the time.

No. 332909

File: 1685811635379.jpeg (30.94 KB, 750x620, AC3CFBD4-9159-4149-8F13-A03100…)

It sucks that the majority of his fans are sweaty tifs. They make him say stupid tra enabling things. I feel that he doesn’t understand it but he hates any conflict and is very avoidant of anything that could excite it. His editor on 2nd jerma is a tim though so idk. I would treat him so right.

No. 333178

File: 1685895117433.jpg (29.07 KB, 612x612, Osman_Khalid_Butt_Pakistani_Te…)

No. 333179

File: 1685895261196.jpg (13.81 KB, 350x485, fullsizephoto1501993.jpg)

Lee Kyu Han

No. 333180

File: 1685895423832.jpg (15.84 KB, 600x336, fullsizephoto1433407.jpg)

Jung Chan

No. 333191

eh, this one is like a weirder looking young Johnny Depp, but ig not quite unconventional, any body pics of him?

No. 333198

File: 1685900457040.jpg (67.11 KB, 640x783, 2f04964f0c4b76c419a4c4ef93aa4c…)

I just want to kiss him so bad

No. 333311

No. 333312

looks like winnie the jinping.

No. 334266

File: 1686273461627.png (162.49 KB, 517x636, ryro.png)

I want to fuck Ryan Ross so bad. Always loved him way more than Brendon. Man did he age well.

No. 334267

Omfg yes. Especially when during the Fever era.

Is this an older pic? He disappeared from social media after that one crazy bitch catfished him and tricked him into thinking he was texting brendon.

No. 334268

Yeah it's an older pic. He last posted on Instagram in 2020 but he played a bit at a show in September 2022! Pretty sure it's on YouTube if you search "Phantom Planet Ryan Ross"

No. 334325

sadly yeah there’s lots of trannies in his community (my question is why the fuck??) also you’re right he hates conflicts that’s why he’s letting these things pass by. also about the 2nd jerma editor, who is he? how do you know he’s a tim?

No. 334328

File: 1686309622401.jpg (19.02 KB, 300x300, scott-porter-7.jpg)

No. 334329

File: 1686309646693.jpg (145.62 KB, 1200x675, Jeff-Seid-Training-Program.jpg)

No. 334330

File: 1686309667740.jpg (43.33 KB, 592x793, 1396360496013-XXX-D-HOT-PAGE-1…)

No. 334331

File: 1686309699540.jpg (327.07 KB, 2130x2774, MV5BYzkyNWU3YWItZmZlNy00ODM5LT…)

No. 334332

File: 1686309755712.jpg (89.3 KB, 640x959, DyABNVpU8AAFZ5M.jpg)

No. 334333

File: 1686309805600.jpg (132.22 KB, 900x1110, Maximilian_Schell_-_1961-jn.jp…)

No. 334334

File: 1686309918774.jpg (21.47 KB, 340x510, Yuki Kimisawa Profile.jpeg.jpg)

Last participation, the rest of my gallery are women and manga characters.
Also this made me realize I have a type.

No. 334351

No. 334358

I can’t find the twitter account but the editor posts about how girly he is when he’s taking his titty pills. It almost ruins jerma for me.

No. 334372


No. 334373

File: 1686330369731.gif (2.81 MB, 540x370, aragorn.gif)

No. 334374

File: 1686330488467.gif (454.83 KB, 250x363, tumblr_n6dc5eYetW1s9xl7yo2_r1_…)

No. 334388

my mom is obsessed with him

No. 334391

I found a clearer version of this complete with his walk. His voice grew on me kek. He sounds like Romanian Microsoft TTS.
Aragorn my beloved. Based taste anon.

No. 334397

>he's one year younger than me
What the fuck??

No. 334451

Too bad none of them want to emulate his looks.

No. 334487

We need to go back to those kinds of hairstyles asap. Today's moids have no idea how much they loose their value by cutting their hair too short.

No. 334494

ewwww hell naw jerma i know u can do better

No. 334535

That's the guy who should have got with Marilyn Monroe.

No. 334537

Moids are so afraid of seeming unmasculine or effeminate that they would say that man's hair is "long". As if it was just natural for men to have super short, ugly hair and it's not just a recent male fad. I wonder if war in the first half of the 20th century and the glorification of the soldier's life had anything to do with it.

No. 334539

I know right, my eyes immediately linger on boys with longer hair (so long as the hair is washed and the boy in question doesn't look one second from trooning), they need to realize that they are only going to have hair for so long and may as well embrace it, let it grow out, style it nice, etc. We need pro-long hair propaganda. Tell males it's like a lion's mane. Why would you want short beta male hair when you can have long alpha male lion hair- something retarded like that.

No. 334548

File: 1686417984431.jpeg (117.24 KB, 749x936, D2DBA6F5-6C86-4A71-B014-4E1AEF…)

No. 334549

File: 1686418088468.jpeg (60.67 KB, 564x753, 2932BC60-CDB1-406E-A3FD-97BEE5…)

No. 334550

random guy I came across on yt shorts

No. 334598

File: 1686429915800.jpeg (46.42 KB, 405x719, 0A11B25F-CAD2-428A-87FE-2981B1…)


No. 334599


No. 334610

I don't find him attractive personally, but this video is satisfying as fuck.

No. 334611

File: 1686432984981.gif (1.89 MB, 391x304, IMG_1123.gif)

Finally, someone who gets it. Finding available guys like these in the modern goth scene where I live is so hard. They’re either into mostly men, or not monogamous.

No. 334614

Who is this though?

No. 334615

Who is this though?

No. 334616


No. 334623

God yesssssssssssssssssssssssss rodrick edits get me wet as fuck

No. 334704

I'm not sure if I think that face fits that body

God damn Harry used to be cute, no wonder they had masses of teen girls stanning them. No idea what they see in his raggedy unwashed unfashionable ass now.

No. 335002

File: 1686599597893.jpeg (176.49 KB, 1104x1298, 80670695-B31F-4D1C-8D3D-CB9248…)

They are just the stupidest guys ever. And I love them. Farin and Bela are hot but Rod is debatable.

No. 335003

File: 1686599745598.jpeg (65.28 KB, 640x851, 73C4B9D4-1C29-4B1F-A582-C91B3C…)

No. 335007

File: 1686600512356.jpeg (76.65 KB, 640x996, 8BC527F7-0C3B-4360-803D-DA83E9…)

No. 335098

File: 1686621701318.jpg (119 KB, 663x828, Fxqlao7XoAEtboP.jpg)

It's tragic when fine men have terrible tattoos

No. 335181

File: 1686654772589.jpg (70.99 KB, 735x728, 9b7f74da24d314fc669fcb0a5d7ebd…)

too bad he's a total pos

No. 335352

File: 1686725957280.jpg (17.72 KB, 400x400, tlscJP5U_400x400.jpg)


No. 335415

File: 1686751791454.jpeg (116.02 KB, 1170x1335, IMG_2547.jpeg)

No. 335690

File: 1686862759298.jpeg (51.03 KB, 601x750, 0E349AB7-E1D6-457D-A8C4-133687…)

I need to be healed

No. 335692

Is that the guy from 68 kill?

No. 335695

NTA but that's the guy from the Netflix series "You"

No. 335698

File: 1686864682496.jpg (109.06 KB, 960x1200, MV5BNGJmOTlmNWEtNDFmMy00MTQ2LT…)

It's Penn Badgley (From YOU & Gossip Girl)

No. 335737

not the 2D guys posting thread, try the retarded husbando shitposting thread

No. 335773

File: 1686886862870.jpeg (40.34 KB, 500x464, IMG_1573.jpeg)

Will always think he was one of the best looking men ever when he was in his prime. 40 now and still cute and youthful looking. I saw him in 2018 and the crowd was all smushed against his side and people would NOT budge. So I had to stand on Ben’s side of the stage haha

No. 335785

File: 1686896196311.jpg (22.57 KB, 500x369, 1539509371929.jpg)

don't know who this is

No. 335828

Dear God I love him so much

No. 335830

Oh that's just my husband

No. 335838

File: 1686920896993.gif (2.16 MB, 500x500, joe-goldberg-making-faces-from…)

same anon

No. 335847

File: 1686922621018.jpg (18.65 KB, 450x640, 1366024-casper.jpg)

His torso is so long in this pic my half awake brain saw it as if it ended in a lil point on the bottom like a cartoon ghost tail

No. 335853

File: 1686924027816.jpeg (181.49 KB, 678x1024, Jhonnes-Mattos-by-Felipe-Pilot…)

his name is Jhonnes Mattos, he's brazilian and he's about 35 years old now, he's probably 18 in that picture. I looked up some more recent photos and he still looks good he just got a bit skinnier, being a professional model will do that. he's somehow both hairier and more effeminate looking now

No. 335856

File: 1686924685420.jpg (53.36 KB, 500x700, slide-v-jules-casque.jpg)

Uh well, I find Jules Bianchi quite attractive for whatsoever reason despite him looking like a generic white man…. Now only if he wasn't fucking dead as all hell.

No. 335869

Greetings from the unconventional thread, just wanna extend an olive branch of "I also have a dead-ass husbando". Sucks, but at least you can adore him full in the knowledge that he wasn't exposed to the gayness of today's world.

No. 335897

Why are there a disproportionate amount of attractive men in racing? You don't see this in any other sport.

No. 335910

true!! plus they also wear helmets and you can't really see their face most of the time. so it is unfortunate

No. 335959

About 40% of racing fans are women, the highest percentage of any sport

No. 335966

A friend of mine, who loves racing and whose husbando is Charles Leclerc, told me that it seems to be a marketing technique even, because having hot racers makes racing more interesting to more people, like isn’t it great? Looking at a dude racing some super machine, and when he takes off the helmet that has a bunch of publicity, you see a beautiful man, a sweaty beautiful man with a silly Instagram account with silly pictures and who is ridiculously unapproachable because of his dedication to his job.

No. 335973

Racing is extremely expensive right? Rich people tend to be better looking so that might be part of it.

No. 335991

This is the answer

No. 335995

But the richest men in the world are usually old/fat/or look like Zuckerberg, these racecar guys seem to be just the exception

No. 336224

File: 1687088193405.jpg (38.3 KB, 563x649, 6259c8b07962b0a582b38f5d7a153e…)

i just want to not like him anymore, i spend too much time watching vids hes in.
im curious how you guys would rate him cuz a lot of my friends said hes average but also the beauty standard in my country for men is more "rough and hairy" i guess.

No. 336415

File: 1687154998791.jpg (150.93 KB, 1600x1200, 2a8093ef414d667d65c1bdb5973152…)

His face is sooo beautiful and he has perfect dark brown eyes. He also got so much more hamsome when he reached his 30s. Truly a perfect face to me, if he were bigger tho I would've lost my mind cause he's kind of lanky but thats OK

No. 336418

He’s obviously hot, but who is this? I feel like I recognize him

No. 336432

File: 1687162326960.jpeg (217.73 KB, 1636x1080, 776F9309-8CA1-417B-80CC-5B5CCA…)

too Generic White Male(tm) for me but I figured you would appreciate young Travis Fimmel

No. 336437

not for you is more for me

No. 336438

god dam anon what are you doing to me by posting this

No. 336518

hes hendery from wayv
i swear im not a kpooper i only listen to wayv.
btw he doesnt always look this hot.

No. 336528

File: 1687199023300.jpg (14.41 KB, 320x320, f.jpg)

No. 336620

Kek hes such a little bitch to this day but he has such a nice hairline

No. 336627

File: 1687228730475.jpeg (99 KB, 1201x1201, DDCF1995-648B-4573-B50F-9B603D…)

Random YouTuber I literally just found who does reactions that aren’t that funny but he looks like an ex I’m still obsessed with so I’m gonna watch all of his videos now

No. 336631

File: 1687230288900.jpeg (55.29 KB, 960x540, 7A3D2133-B6D1-485A-B7F0-ECAFB6…)

I think he uses filters on his photos and seems kinda gay but he laughs exactly like my ex too so I’m in love.

No. 336650

Wtf is this broccoli boy mysterie meat abomination

No. 336652

I bet you want to fuck Mike Stoklasa

No. 336654

>mysterie meat
why do nonnas keep saying this about any non-blonde haired blue eye guy, he doesn't even look mixed

No. 336655

That bouffant of broccoli arranged on his head like an edible bouquet

No. 336675

JC I thought this was Hasan

No. 336676

File: 1687247583986.gif (7.2 MB, 480x351, tumblr_d7f00729cf047c595293eeb…)

Hey don't drag us Stoklasasisters into this

No. 336729

File: 1687275914973.png (32.47 KB, 174x290, 2450F35A-0ABB-4B5D-AE92-9353EA…)

Broccoli cuts require the Hitler Youth side fade. He just has curly hair.

No. 336767

anon that pic made me choak on my apple kek

No. 336788

File: 1687291129025.jpg (62.43 KB, 450x695, d94dec6f27c4c2742d6002de922bab…)

I don't even know who he is, but I had this pic saved in my computer and he is pretty cute.

Because they're racist

No. 336790

That’s park bo gum

No. 336803

File: 1687296960533.jpg (184.56 KB, 1500x1000, mark-webber-porsche-silverston…)

'Cause it's a man's sport. You have to have talent, skill, the ability to not die, and be in incredibly good shape. If we're talkin' F1 drivers, Mark Webber used to be fucking gorgeous.

No. 336845

>sitting in a car
>steering a wheel
>stepping on pedals
Truly a """"""sport"""""" that requires good shape. The real answer is its one of the few moid activities where they're pretty faces aren't being molded by the elements each time they play. You'll never find guys who look like your pic related in boxing or rugby.

No. 336851

File: 1687327137434.jpeg (274.62 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_1543.jpeg)

Nayrt but it’s a motorsport and taxing on the body yeah

No. 336854

File: 1687328205927.jpeg (274.12 KB, 1125x1930, IMG_4554.jpeg)

No. 336862

So it's basically like piloting a fighter jet, right? And even if it's not phisical, I guess it's still important to train your reflexes and such. I know a few athletes and top soldiers and they do all sort of crazy fitness regiments even if a skill itself is not important (like doing headstands and swimming in ice cold water) just because it improves your non-phisical qualities like will and perception.

No. 336899

File: 1687365416250.jpg (39.29 KB, 579x621, ghtzzhio183314.jpg)

Why you do this to me, Caleb?

No. 336904

You also have to train your stamina a FUCK ton, as well. Races like Le Mans and others require a lot of endurance. There are also races in hot countries where drivers have been known to pass out.

No. 336943

File: 1687389524680.png (94.87 KB, 780x458, metalrory.png)

i would do unimaginable things to this man

No. 336957

this movie was so laughably bad kek but i got turned on when euro was getting stabbed to death.. he made cute noises

No. 336970

Oh you are in the wrong thread babydoll

No. 336976

File: 1687403435780.png (327.7 KB, 1000x665, norelation.png)

i'm choosing to believe rory culkin is conventionally attractive

No. 336991

his eyes look like something from Spore but otherwise not bad

No. 337035

File: 1687438147832.jpeg (87.05 KB, 558x1112, 3DEB7F06-71B0-4AE9-8F02-8471B7…)

No. 337059

Gordon Ramsey??? This cant be real

No. 337339

He's looking more like gollum every day fuck me

No. 337366

File: 1687569459120.jpeg (70.63 KB, 578x695, IMG_7506.jpeg)

soooo hot. i love his retarded cross eyed gaze its so cute. he’s kinda fat now but he looks good as an older man. this pic is from 2004 btw

No. 337443

File: 1687621491431.webm (3.31 MB, 480x848, would-you-react-the-same.webm)

Peak male body

No. 337447

watching this might be the most I've gotten out of my taxdollars in years…

No. 337567

File: 1687692941626.png (315.53 KB, 876x1096, Misha.png)

Mikhail Kuznetsov playing Fyodor Basmanov (heavily implied to be Ivan the Terrible's lover) in the Ivan the Terrible films. The scene where he is singing and strutting around in a dress is surprisingly risque for 1940's soviet onion

No. 337649

I kinda take this back like physically he’s still very much my type be he’s so painfully fruity I can’t muster up an attraction to him still. Why are all the clean looking moids gay.

No. 337700

File: 1687772929795.jpg (57.23 KB, 492x725, oikawa.JPG)

Never heard of this guy before but he's pretty

No. 337876

File: 1687884224132.jpeg (76.15 KB, 1000x667, gabriel-garko3.jpeg)

No. 337890


No. 337943

File: 1687933925863.jpeg (299.96 KB, 1131x1600, s-l1600.jpeg)

young brendan boyd. not a big incubus fan but man is he pretty.

No. 338174

Oh god I love him. Guys who look kinda native are my weakness.

No. 338484

File: 1688233880655.jpeg (80.23 KB, 749x495, F23A84BF-A981-4A62-8EEE-D58F95…)

Saw him yesterday and he grinned at me he’s so cute

No. 338488

He looks white as fuck, anon. You good?

No. 338515

Omg nonny he was the first male crush I can remember when I was a lil baba I thought he was so beautiful at the age of like 7 lmao

No. 338529

File: 1688269051015.jpeg (1.05 MB, 900x1069, IMG_2052.jpeg)

Imo he’s still cute. Picrel from 3 days ago. His body looks great. But he’s the type of guy you could always tell would age well

No. 338530

NTA but I was curious bc he always looked a bit mixed like Keanu and apparently he’s half Mexican, which means he is likely part indigenous (not a lot but still)

No. 338541

File: 1688283162003.png (336.69 KB, 364x379, Adsız.png)

i posted him before but i just like him so much, so posting again

No. 338548

Hendery is cute and kind of autistic good taste.

No. 338598

youtube shorts blessed me with a cute guy again

No. 338653

the only thing hotter than a cute guy is a cute guy who is also a musician

No. 338701

File: 1688386145499.jpeg (1.41 MB, 2436x1008, 1CDFCE15-AD25-460D-9BBD-17B47C…)

This cute guy in a Portuguese movie I watched recently.

No. 338783

kek look at all the assblasted men in the comments

No. 339315

File: 1688786009846.jpg (1.31 MB, 3648x5472, yung-gravy.jpg)

yung gravy.

No. 339334

File: 1688799897149.jpeg (63.89 KB, 639x593, IMG_4254.jpeg)

He looks like my ex so every time I see this fucker I cry inside. I can’t watch shameless or the bear or even that shitty movie 43

No. 339424

File: 1688863209225.jpg (31.13 KB, 438x594, hhhhhhh.jpg)

i know hes gay but good lord

No. 339450

I think he peaked in The Faculty, but maybe I just love Zeke and that movie too much.

No. 340188

File: 1689328462693.jpeg (91.13 KB, 1061x1041, 3AB642BA-1E81-4B01-BF79-29BB8B…)

i love manboobs

No. 340275

File: 1689376385182.jpeg (191.45 KB, 958x1200, FE4F0105-9E65-4512-9701-7135E3…)

tamino amir. has he been posted before? fuck he’s beautiful

No. 340281


No. 340289

No. 340310

he is become hot, the haver of sex

No. 340311

he has been popping up on my recommendation this week and I always thought people were trolling when they said he was hot but now I understand all the hype.

No. 340325

He looks like he would amke annoying tiktoks

No. 340335

You should look into young Vincent Perez.
Especially in La Reine Margot

No. 340377

File: 1689443039482.jpg (29.48 KB, 750x614, Fs4R_htaIAMRIMt.jpg)

No. 340680

File: 1689635147304.jpg (6.1 KB, 205x246, ufu.jpg)

young dostoevsky

No. 340684

I'd actually sell organs for him to be mine, embodiment of perfect.

No. 340690

File: 1689640407950.jpeg (170 KB, 736x1092, 6FAB5ADC-E11A-437C-9CB3-DFE69E…)

I started listening to his music recently out of thirst alone. I love his downturned eyes

No. 340691

File: 1689640695492.jpeg (88.01 KB, 604x805, 97591122-A9AC-49FD-9698-DA9F02…)

the eyes in question…

No. 340694

I’ve seen him before but always forget his name. He’s gorgeous though

No. 340696

File: 1689642343955.jpeg (98.97 KB, 750x1053, 507B55D4-2D6B-4557-A991-A1D538…)

Def a 2010-esque crush

No. 340697

This looks like someones 14 year old cousin lmfao. Asian guys look like babies, if you are into this shit as an adult woman you are a creep.(racebait)

No. 340698

File: 1689642964923.jpeg (80.73 KB, 574x1024, 4ED71C98-47FF-47A5-BD10-AFBFAB…)

Oh…He was 19 in that pic and so am I rn
Idk I thought he looked pretty masc(?) of his eyebrows and eye bags but each to their own

No. 340699

Thats a toddler nonna

No. 340702

Does he actually look like one?? I’m embarrassed

No. 340703

File: 1689644727251.png (261.06 KB, 1015x657, Screenshot 2023-07-17 204708.p…)

That's not Dostoevsky though lmao

No. 340704

No, he looks 30 in this second photo. I don't know what racist-chan is on about.

No. 340706

It was always Jeonghan for me

No. 340712

Looks like the chad version of Chalamet

No. 340798

shoo shoo goblin

No. 341090

File: 1689884335616.jpg (116.35 KB, 771x584, chalamet.jpg)

No. 341153

Handsome Korean fuccboi

No. 341182

I kinda think he’s cute, would rather see more beautiful smol twink men than hemsworth steroid cavemen in hollywood

No. 341373

I thought that was the singer from Maneskin before I read the rest of the posts

He looks OK styled like that but I find he looks kinda retarded in a lot of pics

No. 341470

File: 1690123306863.jpeg (10.01 KB, 400x300, Cillian-Murphy-in-Red-Eye-cill…)

Just watched Red Eye because of Cillianfag nonas posting about him in celebricows and God. The scenes when he's chasing Rachel McAdams limping and breathing heavily, falling down, tripping etc…
The despair and patheticness was so hot. I enjoyed the bathroom scene as well but I don't like psycho scrotes getting their way, it would have been way hotter if she started choking him back and he cried or something

No. 341473

looks skinny fat here, yuck.

No. 341474

Based. I also posted about it like a year ago and since then I've encountered a few others who found it hot but wished she had shattered his nose or something right there in the toilet. One of those moids who looks super good getting beaten up.

No. 341479

File: 1690128744498.gif (3.93 MB, 400x319, redeyegif.gif)

So many women are into this stuff I can't believe there isn't more media depicting it. I want to watch a cute moid in pain having sexual tension with a beautiful woman

No. 341591

File: 1690179993878.png (241.85 KB, 449x587, benchristo.png)

so I went to a Sisters of Mercy concert and I'm not the biggest fan so I had no idea their one guitarist was a hypeman who has interacting with the crowd,did hearts with his hands, smiled a lot and looked hot af. Tbh he isn't totally my type but seeing him live as close as I was was something else. Bless him for making my night better

No. 341603

this is the only alt man i have ever seen that is contemporarily attractive despite being 43

No. 341606

Damn he's 40+? Idk who he is so I've only got that picture to go by but he definitely doesn't look 40+ in that picture. What a rare sight for men. Not sure about that hair tho kek

No. 341611

I'm OP and he is called Ben Christo. If you look him up and see recent stuff he looks pretty good. The hair, even thought it's a bit strange, it works. Especially if you are watching him playing the guitar and waving his hair around and fixing it. It's hot.

(I really wish I had a better camera to film his interactions with the crowd)

No. 341612

He is WAY too haggard for this boydoll crap. Notice how he started pandering to women instead of gay men once he lost his looks which was basically instantly after his first movie. No fag would go for a “boy” so haggard.

No. 341616

Why do you care what scrotes go for? Are you one yourself?

No. 341618

>spot homeless woman eating a dead rat
>no one with enough money would eat a dead rat, it’s horrible she’s stuck in this situation
>offer her your lunch
>she gets mad and asks if you’re a billionaire
Never again

No. 341665

So what, is this a good thing or bad thing? Its good scrotes aren't hogging this guy up and he isn't pandering to them.

No. 341670

It’s a BAD thing. When your produce is misshapen and past it’s best-before date, you ship it to shitty third world countries for cheap. When a man hits the wall, he starts pandering to women because no man would settle for his lowly ass. Women get the scraps and faggots bag the beauties. It’s always been this way in Hollywood.

No. 341673

File: 1690204549082.jpg (49.11 KB, 640x466, 2398602888_6f7bcb5b08_z.jpg)

I've looked him up and he looks wildly different in like every other picture kek. I like the pics of him with longer hair aswell

No. 341712

File: 1690219121166.jpg (82.77 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

i've never seen a man look this good at this age. this is this yr or last.

No. 341981

File: 1690347489497.jpeg (38.96 KB, 500x464, andrew.jpeg)

He just looks like such a boyfriend in a way I can't describe.

No. 341982

Oops. Didn't even realize he was already posted here

No. 342219

need him so bad

No. 342583

File: 1690682446058.jpg (99.85 KB, 640x810, 640px-Cory_Monteith_2,_2011.jp…)

I could have saved him.

No. 342976

File: 1691010296853.jpeg (26.19 KB, 340x338, image0.jpeg)

Im going to get so much shit for this but somehitng anbout this image is mkaing me like a dog with eyes popping out its head

No. 342978

I live under a rock, who is he

No. 342979

dan howell

No. 342980

Take it to the unconventional male attractions thread. He went through twink death years ago

No. 342991

Can someone please tell me who he is? I have bets on his nationality and want to see if I'm right

No. 342992

why does this image look so disjointed? did someone shoop this haircut onto him? i don't recall his hair ever looking this good, it's been a mess ever since he ditched the straightener (there's a gay joke somewhere there)

No. 343018

File: 1691028821627.jpg (142.91 KB, 852x1136, miaou.jpg)

when you think about it, it's romantic that dan and phil were both twinks in a rare twink/twink relationship and died the twink death hand in hand

No. 343026

anon you are replying to, it's juri vips
he's estonian

No. 343029

Ty anon, my guess was Polish which isn't too far off I guess kek

No. 343035

File: 1691034084982.gif (798.78 KB, 500x281, tumblr_90dec4c68a81d85c7172c8c…)

I am rewatching the "breaking bad" and I am still not immune to this average white guy

No. 343037

File: 1691034636564.jpg (549.85 KB, 1888x1062, same.jpg)

You'll need to get in line behind 5000 TIFs anon. He's cute but for me it's Papa Lalo > Nacho > Jesse

No. 343045

File: 1691044003277.gif (8.89 MB, 540x415, tumblr_c88893e7098706c11e9db51…)

> Papa Lalo>Nacho>Jesse
I love them all, fr, like different sorts of cheese, yk. But I assumed that Jesse is just the most conventionally attractive 'cos Lalo is old (+ the actor is a creep preying on barely legal girls), and Nachito looks like a weird lizard.
>get in line behind 5000 TIFs
Lol, that's true, unfortunately. Hate them for how they twisted and ruined Jesse's character

No. 343046

Same, I’m rewatching and it doesnt help that he’s the one character who’s shown to have empathy and is pretty innocent in comparison

No. 343051

They also get work done, more than the average athlete I think, possibly because it's more image based than team sports and they have their own brands. Like Hamilton, Vettel and Gasly getting hair implants.

No. 343055

I am immune to the average white guy but not jesse pinkman, hes got that icanfixhim factor

No. 343086

Why do we even bother having a conventionally attractive men thread? We should just merge all the 3dpd moid threads into a single thing.

No. 343087

Because that'll cause anons infighting about who's ugly and who's attractive 100x over

No. 343091

File: 1691075676531.gif (9.98 MB, 540x450, Tumblr_l_627937329386916.gif)

I blame the ads and SOCIETY for making Babylon flop. He deserved more

No. 343118

File: 1691088344504.jpeg (100.94 KB, 800x542, 1668929116817.jpeg)

Because I don't want to look at fatties, uggos, Paul Danos and other digusting creatures.

No. 343119

eww he looks like he just got beat up and has swollen eyes

No. 343158

AYRT, that's why I posted this pic and not 2023 Dan. I'd fuck that Dan, not this one.
MOVE out my way.

No. 343203

File: 1691161441404.jpg (79.96 KB, 600x750, 9800384218ff8e8bc15a0619888f2a…)

God, he was so beautiful here.. To me, the peak of his beauty. I wants him I can't help it

No. 343206

So you post a different kind of ugly creature?

No. 343209

File: 1691165758200.gif (2.39 MB, 498x276, tenor.gif)

Shitty gif but you get the idea

No. 343215

File: 1691168511179.jpg (40.33 KB, 675x723, dbf2df218347f8bee88900c8487068…)

I wish I knew who he is because he's just my type, I love his eyebrows

No. 343218

That's Oscar Isaac

No. 343222

File: 1691173966678.gif (6.54 MB, 640x640, IMG_3330.gif)

That's Oscar Isaac nona

His chemistry with Jessica Chastain makes my bisexual heart flutter

No. 343233

He was, he's an mma fighter or a kickboxer, I don't remember nor do I care, I just like seeing scrotes in pain

No. 343234

Hell yes I love you for this

No. 343236

kek are you the thick black eyebrows +dark eyes combo lover from last night?

No. 343258

TIFs trying desperately to become the bf with Jesse by projecting onto him are weird indeed, doesn't seem to happen much at all with Lalo and Nachito (maybe cause they're old and/or latino?) which is a bonus I guess. Gus and Mike can rot in piss for what they did to my lizard

No. 343259

File: 1691201927074.jpg (36.78 KB, 469x624, 0sbewbj.jpg)

I haven't seen much of this show but I thought nacho was very conventionally attractive? so I googled him and found this picture where he looks exactly like a bald charlie kelly

No. 343264

lalo is the patrician choice. also one of the few men who can not only pull off a mustache, but looks better with one.

No. 343266

More like doubly sad and pathetic kek

No. 343282

File: 1691229118742.gif (1.67 MB, 498x264, waitforme.gif)

i halfway sure there's a pov gif of him getting choked somewhere around LC. i might have it saved to my erotica folder, will be back

No. 343283

File: 1691230414566.gif (3.81 MB, 500x271, tumblr_8c51cfb67b3dadc9b8e51d5…)

i am back

No. 343287

File: 1691231672278.gif (3.68 MB, 500x271, tumblr_7f1df5845aa5ffe6ea0e770…)

No. 343288

File: 1691232011192.jpeg (55.48 KB, 720x720, IMG_3869.jpeg)

I genuinely don’t understand what he sees in his girlfriend btw

No. 343291

I genuinely don't see what you see in him, espcially his face yuck

No. 343295

What movie/show is this from?

No. 343296

No. 343307

File: 1691245040918.png (1.1 MB, 1200x636, 0i247dacu2471.png)

Those 3 are the creme de la creme of those series. Kill marry fuck; Lalo, Nacho, & Jesse

No. 343308

kek imagine having a case of the sour grapes over this moid of all people.

No. 343311

Wait, wdym? Did he do something?

No. 343316

Yeah cringe youtoobe videos and the act of being ugly as shit

No. 343343

nah, to my knowledge he hasn't done anything, but i mostly find it funny–and incredibly juvenile–that you resent a popular youtuber's choice of partner, especially when he seems perfectly happy with her. it's pretty sad tbh.
also, he's mid at best, and isn't nearly tall or handsome enough to inspire so much jealousy. be better.

No. 343351

yeah, smooshing his eyes too close together

No. 343403

At the end of the movie I had to immediatly google his name, perfect balance of sexy and cute. Unfortunately he hasn't done much movies and his next project is a gay love triangle story with the guy from euphoria and eyebrows guy, which I'll pass

No. 343428

File: 1691327150662.jpg (118.15 KB, 1500x1000, image.jpg)

I was so fucking into rami malek in no time to die which is weird because I usually think he's kind of bland. I told my friend I thought she was hot, and she laughed.

No. 343429

File: 1691327184202.jpg (108.34 KB, 1200x628, 20230806_141617.jpg)

Oh nona for real. Elordi is in two more projects I want to watch, I literally cannot escape him. I hope Diego stars in more stuff in the future.

No. 343486

File: 1691345084495.jpg (61.98 KB, 500x661, 1689710669844543.jpg)


No. 343512

These are not attractive at all, gross

No. 343517

he looks like his skin is peeling off in this pic. ew.

No. 343519

File: 1691353091649.jpg (232.85 KB, 800x364, Tumblr_l_23952977414503.jpg)

seethe, maybe too much microplastics in food and hormones in bc made you not attracted to masculine men and only to effeminate limpwristed femboys? (not defending malek bc he looks like a bug)

No. 343525

No. 343536

Nonna I love him too but he does not belong here, you can join me in the other thread. But yeah his voice was super hot in this

No. 343541

>beloved lawrenceofarabianon spouting MRA conspiracy nonsense
you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain

No. 343544

I thought he might fit this thread because he's wearing makeup in this particular role but will repost elsewhere

No. 343546

Moid take

No. 343562

File: 1691368778901.jpeg (115.25 KB, 750x949, IMG_3610.jpeg)

I don’t resent her, I just find it interesting he’d settle for someone like her. I remember thinking this simply based on her looks, she seems like a huge anachan. Maybe her personality is bomb, what do I know.
Anyway, you’re wrong about him not being attractive, but you’re free to disagree. Just like I think Murphyfags need a new set of eyes and better taste

No. 343563

my response was half serious but there is some truth to it, there's a couple of studies on that, and I've seen only one saying the opposite - that the pill doesn't affect women's preferences. that isn't really enough to convince me. and there's also the phenomenon of women going off the pill and suddenly losing attractiion to their men, like they weren't attractive and masculine enough for them anymore. but it's one of the least important reasons why the pill is bad in general, and it's bad for the reasons that MRAs don't care about because men only care about their dicks, not about women's health.
also I just hate effeminate men, same with roided men. I mean I hate most men, but especially roided monsters and effeminate round-faced pencilnecks or those with that weird plastic-skin look and tranny fish lips, like certain actors here… even tiktok boys, while conventionally pretty, are too feminine. the last attractive men were born in the 60s. men ended there.

No. 343564

>he'd settle for someone
KEK anon it's a male youtuber who made 50 vids crying about shit, most of his fans are ugly/annoying/younger anyways so it's not like there's a lot of options

No. 343567

nta but i've never been on birth control and i still dislike masculine men. although i'm not into Lawrence more because his lips look weird to me than any other reason.

No. 343593

File: 1691390741696.jpg (68.64 KB, 606x999, tom dale_.jpg)

Too bad he is gay

No. 343612

Happy to know there are other Oscarfags. I have to appreciate that he can pull any look off, at least imo. Like I still think he's hot af with and without a beard, and even with his shaved head in Ex Machina. Like wtf I need to catch him sniffing my underwear while he's jerking off.

No. 344470

No. 344539

File: 1692017079884.jpg (228.3 KB, 457x690, 1a0a646a88fa926bd16e2933909744…)

elio de angelis

No. 344544

Wrong thread

No. 344643

File: 1692061707519.webm (2.29 MB, 853x480, 1471403446968.webm)

No. 344721

File: 1692102943976.jpeg (64.78 KB, 336x640, IMG_8291.jpeg)

I need to have my way with him and fuck all his smugness out or the universe might explode

No. 344817

File: 1692141010784.jpg (432.35 KB, 2500x1630, Edvin Ryding_BTBDigital_Behind…)

he's prettier than omar rudberg in young royals imo

No. 344828

File: 1692148231190.jpg (32.09 KB, 416x631, tumblr_26f0ba3512fac944159b69e…)

Nonnies, if only you knew how it hurts to watch 70s movies with Pacino in his prime (+ Scarface because I have problems, I guess).
The man with the most gorgeous eyes and kissable lips. got his interview from 6 years ago in youtube recommendations, and istg the eyes are still so pretty and big and intense on this dilapidated old man
Can't even bring myself to be disgust by the recent news tho feel sorry for this baby will definitely be retarded.

No. 344830

File: 1692148763639.gif (7.96 MB, 540x400, tumblr_c50980d5179ceaaa0fe5825…)

I mean jesus fucking christ look at this
No surprise that so many women fell for him despite him being a midget.

No. 344844

Hahahaha you had to reverse search for Tupac hahahaha

No. 344845

File: 1692157750186.jpg (6.1 KB, 183x276, images.jpg)

No. 344861

His smol eyes

No. 344879

Wrong thread for this man. He's objectively unattractive and literally has a unibrow

No. 345191


No. 345503

https://www.instagram.com/reel/CkqnPH9sIOe/ this line of abdominal hair tracing down to the good parts is so fucking sexy(imageboard)

No. 345519

File: 1692479494821.jpeg (68.05 KB, 884x1000, C14B9398-9730-4988-9325-E16D09…)

He’s MINE I got dibs on him the second time travel is invented

No. 345533

I’m straight but I don’t find any of the men posted itt remotely attractive. I can’t remember the last time I saw a moid and felt instantly attracted to him.

No. 345534

File: 1692485529525.webm (14.27 MB, 720x1280, Reelvideo-94359.webm)

Here's the vid for you

No. 345538

thanks nonnie
how do you do that?

No. 345546

ABSOLUTELY NOT. i get dibs!!
I would not only like to thank God but also Mary for happy trails and V-lines.

No. 345552

No. 345560

He isn’t when I time travel and get railed by him

No. 345564

ntayrt, but these links work for downloading insta reels, https://saveinsta.app/en1 and https://convertio.co/ , and then this link works for converting to webm, https://cloudconvert.com/ .

No. 345621

File: 1692544892645.gif (2.72 MB, 268x400, slurp it up.gif)

i would do anything to get a taste honestly. i keep forgetting about him and then there he is playing in some new, awful movie and my thirst comes back with a vengeance!

No. 345624

oof cute, who is this?

No. 345655

File: 1692561680197.png (931.15 KB, 540x810, ok.png)

it's nicholas galitzine! my fav gay for pay actor!

No. 345697

File: 1692573356845.jpeg (47.71 KB, 750x1121, 8923E833-CA7D-4142-A8A6-4A2D5E…)

Them lips tho ughh

I’m a sucker for adonis belts

No. 345708

holy shit I LOVE jerma

No. 345711

File: 1692584097228.jpeg (303.73 KB, 2048x1366, IMG_0758.jpeg)

I can't get over how unflattering his main google pic is. Why did they choose the one where it looks like he's lost his buccal fat

No. 345739

File: 1692604420702.jpg (Spoiler Image,5.27 KB, 225x224, 2Q==(13).jpg)

I'm so sorry but all I can see is a fish, I can't believe this guy and >>345655 are the same guy.

No. 345801

File: 1692644889694.jpg (48.38 KB, 450x450, wow.jpg)


he has his crazy angles and expressions like everyone else and i mean who doesn't love relatability?

what can i say but blob blob i'm powerless to the thirst cause i see a man with actual lips and a good head of hair and that's it.

No. 345886

File: 1692686286102.jpeg (113.77 KB, 378x465, E7E87E3B-2271-41F0-B505-4D3C20…)

I dated a guy who looks like Matthew Lawrence but with buck teeth and acne, he was so cute but he was a very very depraved coomer

No. 345896

Ugh whenever I see this guy I'm reminded of my ex because they look so similar and then I'm tempted to get back with him because at least he was cute but he was genuinely unintelligent like himbo status and i just can't do it fuck

No. 345901

File: 1692699897659.jpeg (21.13 KB, 180x280, 25787372-0E95-41A3-AAEA-D6ECAF…)

Nona if you don’t get back with him I’ll snatch him up (kidding) but honestly dumb and pretty sounds like a deal one simply can’t refuse. Anyways was he buff

No. 346120

File: 1692850825661.jpeg (62.3 KB, 564x861, c711c5ef5d30c1a9d27d3f3da7a940…)

he might be not super conventionally attractive but people have posted much worse here.

No. 346267

File: 1692970699442.jpeg (132.35 KB, 1000x1500, IMG_6049.jpeg)

i’ve seen him on the good doctor and find him extremely attractive

No. 346284

File: 1692978170571.gif (999.86 KB, 500x250, patrick.gif)


No. 346289

File: 1692980010414.jpeg (28.31 KB, 236x295, 5FF04DF7-0759-4D6D-9ECE-DF04E1…)

Steve, Pete, and Atsushi are like the holy trinity of lolcow sexymen to me

No. 346290

File: 1692980033357.jpeg (48.13 KB, 500x367, 56A25E16-51F1-4B3B-ADF7-F7805C…)

No. 346311

File: 1692996525386.jpeg (158.62 KB, 1298x1449, IMG_4513.jpeg)

No. 346409

File: 1693049217023.jpeg (12.44 MB, 4000x5000, IMG_6080.jpeg)

gorgeous bone structure

No. 346468

File: 1693096390970.jpg (66.74 KB, 500x858, d4d4e0c30720444282028155d8c3f3…)

based, steve coy has really strong features that he makes work. couldnt find a decent picture but he looks ridiculously good in the brand new lover video

No. 347056

File: 1693539025783.png (693.64 KB, 2300x1080, Screenshot_20230831-233108.png)

the absolutely scrumptious ass on this man in doja cat's new music video

No. 347067

I'm going to assume you are most of those views, anon.

No. 347106

File: 1693579676293.jpg (55.38 KB, 478x478, (loisgriffinvoice)peetah.jpg)

moids: whats stopping you from looking like this

No. 347121

File: 1693594921068.jpg (21.87 KB, 302x400, 9b2f6d5eb340bf86edbb4c3e3fb38a…)

Ive always been into this look or variations of it. Timeless. Men like this are goregous.

No. 347144

I had the same thought, that thing is out of this world
The angel every woman deserves

No. 347153

File: 1693630111094.jpg (58.84 KB, 440x798, ce5a699ac2dd0f29c9299724137e95…)

I would marry Tommy Shelby and then cheat on him with Michael Gray.

No. 347165

No. 347174

File: 1693654185367.gif (3.65 MB, 498x476, 99-240.gif)

the last time he was posted here nonas reeeee'd about him being an ugly frog. guess they finally saw the light

No. 347177

File: 1693659178292.png (525.82 KB, 920x613, 80d789c031cecc311d512fe36d0574…)

He is an ugly frog now. He used to be cute but currently the man looks like a jumpscare.

No. 347241

File: 1693719367755.png (129.69 KB, 322x356, Opera (1987).png)

So this weirdo

No. 347242

File: 1693719410379.jpg (Spoiler Image,153.78 KB, 1280x544, um.jpg)

No. 347243

Kinda ugly but points for 7 feet and long black hair

No. 347269

No. 347289

nta I'm more of a fan of his current looks actually. His voice didn't sound too good live though, but really cute smile.

No. 347451

nta he's just old, he looks better than johnny depp for example. ofc he looks creepy, he makes goth music

No. 347659

File: 1694028513983.jpg (106.07 KB, 800x1070, Prince_August_Wilhelm_of_Pruss…)

thinking about precious auwi

No. 347677

File: 1694049281291.jpg (96.48 KB, 736x736, image1.jpg)

hehe hehehehe

No. 347684

File: 1694054014136.jpeg (57.16 KB, 736x920, Kolcce.jpeg)

He is kolcce on Instagram!

No. 347687

File: 1694056214996.jpg (30.01 KB, 700x461, Keir-Dullea-2001-Space-Odyssey…)

No. 347702

Always knew there was something really striking about this scene. And not just storywise but also in terms of imagery

No. 347719

Sexy ben stiller
I wanna see him get diddled by HAL

No. 347767

how? shoving a loose wire up his asshole?

No. 347777

File: 1694132025746.jpg (140.57 KB, 1035x1591, bbbb.jpg)

He's such a perfect malewife

No. 347779

File: 1694135380620.gif (5.01 MB, 540x390, socutetho.gif)

how does this happen? how did i fall for the whole "women age like milk" rhetoric my entire life?

No. 347834

No. 347835

File: 1694182349046.gif (840.51 KB, 400x187, 1B7E4411-4430-4ADC-BF7D-3528CC…)

Ranveer Singh

No. 347850

File: 1694192865499.jpg (33.97 KB, 736x552, Anton Diffring.jpg)

Dead and gay, what a combination

No. 347856

>Dead and gay
Looks it too

No. 347866

Beautiful eyes, macabre hairline.

No. 347895

never noticed before but his fall off is fucking insane

No. 347904

honestly, so many actors in the live action one piece series are so fine. plus, no weird nami fanservice. this series is woman-friendly

No. 348255

File: 1694473055059.jpeg (62.32 KB, 400x400, IMG_3108.jpeg)

All of the atj sperging in the celeb thread has reminded me of how precious he is in kick-ass. His wife may be a nasty groomer but I don’t blame her for snatching him up for herself kek. I still can’t believe he was already a father around the time this movie came out.

No. 348256

terrible casting though, he should have been a skinny blond twink

No. 348258

File: 1694474549752.gif (3.8 MB, 400x246, aaron.gif)

Anna did nothing wrong

No. 348264

YES THIS WAS HIS HOTTEST ROLE TY FOR POSTING THIS. I adore how he looked in Anna Karenina, somehow pulling off blonde hair and a curled moustache. He was gorgeous.

No. 348265

Ik just mad she's ugly, like there's no jealousy but I don't wanna think about him having sex with Rick Owens in all transparency

No. 348270

why would you think about him having sex with anyone else besides yourself at all kek

No. 348280

this photo is making me realize that this hair texture has been a turnon my entire life.

No. 348288

File: 1694489541556.jpg (74.2 KB, 756x898, nikolaj.jpg)

I will kiss him on the nose.

No. 348294

I think its a Supreme waste of good dick

No. 348306

File: 1694506959968.png (264.85 KB, 397x533, IMG_0601.png)

he was so hot in the godfather my god.
also based threadpic

No. 348318

Yeah, he should have looked more school-shootery, that was the vibe the original comic had. But his look in Kick Ass is still great for nerd enthusiasts.

No. 348321

Thank you for saying this. He absolutely was. Italian scrotes usually look their most attractive 20s maaaybe 30s before they just become grizzled ravioli stuffed nonnos kek

No. 348330

they should’ve had Evan peters switch roles with him then kek

No. 348407

he was 32-34 during the godfather filming. He rly hit the wall afterwrds tho. shame

No. 348411

I need to eat him.

No. 348427

So he's attractive and has mother issues?

No. 348625

File: 1694664638012.jpg (142.43 KB, 736x917, 4728af063ffde2ca227ca66ecda732…)

my sweet sugar manic pixie honey joyboy

No. 348626

No. 348631

File: 1694669297423.jpg (126.98 KB, 736x984, cdb57e6159557a85dc9f5a6ca8920f…)

he's conventionally cute, you just have a shit taste in men

No. 348640

File: 1694676095798.jpeg (288.88 KB, 1020x1236, 9FFDE3A9-92A9-4EB4-AF8E-E9017C…)

I watched phat girls it looked like it was filmed on a potato and it was kind of a bad movie but this dude was cute

No. 348687

File: 1694713328039.jpg (215.94 KB, 1586x830, johnny.jpg)

Would you still would?

No. 348691

As an adult I have to admit he's a bit of a himbo

No. 348692

File: 1694718993284.jpeg (99.97 KB, 630x840, 6C847859-7978-4E37-A451-95253A…)

Nah the real qt was Daniel LaRusso

No. 348704

He looks really good in some photos and really awful in others, it’s strange.

No. 348714

he's just mexican

No. 348718

File: 1694743430338.jpg (23.83 KB, 500x629, 7838fab2ee60922d696e97e3b205b2…)

Googled Laurence Olivier today… I may have new ultimate crush.

No. 348732

File: 1694754474507.png (356.2 KB, 703x631, 41 year old Larry Olivier.PNG)

he was so fine and remained so fine even into his 40s

No. 348742

Oh my GOD I love James Spader, thank you so much for this picture nonna

No. 349315

jealous gay dude kek

No. 349542

File: 1695283284605.jpeg (46.19 KB, 604x532, 41766782-C555-4F3E-AB6C-6C3DD8…)

The most basic looking white guy ever, not usually what drives me crazy but I think he’s so cute wanting to watch all his movies but getting too sad

No. 349545

File: 1695300320615.jpeg (294.12 KB, 432x767, 3B866631-FB81-4E3B-A66B-B558C0…)

I don’t wanna watch riverdale it’s so corny
I don’t wanna watch riverdale it’s so corny
I don’t wanna watch riverdale it’s so corny
I don’t wanna watch riverdale it’s so corny

No. 349551

File: 1695302833331.jpeg (166.39 KB, 1125x887, 27F9DD53-0E7B-4AC8-BBEE-7B05B8…)

R8 my man Masato Hayakawa
He’s like 5’6” and 36

No. 349620

File: 1695323580841.jpg (324.52 KB, 2048x1369, F6PyOIYWQAAWzWy.jpg)

East German soldiers at the fall of the Berlin wall

No. 349625

An argument in favor of socialism

No. 349628

Socialist leaders or soldiers have always been really hot for some reason.

No. 349673

East Germany carrying the age old German tradition of fashionable military

No. 349736

lesbian auntie-core

No. 349813

File: 1695485796925.jpeg (35.48 KB, 452x678, C637303C-B9C9-499D-9CD6-9D3B58…)

Very fair

No. 349874

File: 1695537673753.jpeg (248.58 KB, 640x457, A094295E-CDCE-444E-80BC-DE8734…)

He’s hot he’s like a black Brendan Fraser

No. 349898

Holy shit yes, there are fellow fishburnefags on this site?

No. 349901


No. 349927

File: 1695593810081.jpg (85.38 KB, 1080x720, onepiecenetflix_1695588460866.…)

a cutie

No. 350007

He is simultaneously young and old looking at the same time. Idgi

No. 350013

I just want to trim his eyebrows a bit

No. 350015

He looks like if my favorite operatic tenor Rolando Villazon was not ugly. Like if he had a cute son. It honestly kinda works for me kek

No. 350034

wrong thread. this is objectively the least sexually enticing adult human male I've ever seen

No. 350036

Couldn't you post this in the unconventional thread at least?

No. 350044

Looks like a Brazilian Mac Demarco

No. 350112

No. 350115

that's a bit harsh nona

No. 350116

what? he just looks young

No. 350121

File: 1695764522894.jpg (34.58 KB, 399x509, fart.jpg)

I STILL wanna do Bam. Only young bam though, guy got really fucked up

No. 350157

Bam was handsome in his younger days. It’s a shame he never took rehab seriously.

No. 350164

I love Paul Joseph Watson…

No. 350170

File: 1695805914920.jpeg (12.6 KB, 185x177, 741714C2-4916-4B4F-9A38-0ECB85…)

Oldest looking 20 yr old ever

No. 350178

Holy shit males age like milk

No. 350187

File: 1695817091046.webm (841.05 KB, 576x1024, jeff ward younger.webm)

the man who plays Buggy has great bones, I could see it under the clown makeup. here he is a little younger in another role and you can see it. now he's a bit more rugged looking and has more dark and deepset eyes which is kinda nice if that's your thing. unfortunately I think he looks hotter with the clown makeup now because he needs to shave and stop whatever stress or drugs is making his eyes look crazy

No. 350206

suddenly i'm not attracted to him anymore

No. 350319

File: 1695861490214.jpeg (71.02 KB, 626x1107, E18A0B0E-5D8D-45ED-B7ED-0CDE9B…)

I always have phases on and off with Rodrick, I remember in my strongest phase I watched the the doawk movies every day and I bought all of the books just so I could get a closer understanding of Rodrick’s character. Anyway Rodrick is literally the hottest and cutest baby angel ever. His lips are so full and perfect and his dark fluffy hair and his eyes with his mom’s eyeliner on like the fact he used Susan’s eyeliner and he doesn’t even care is so fucking cute. He’s just effortless basically, he will wake up from a fucking nap and look so fuckable, skinny lanky baby boy. One thing I hate is how he is portrayed as emo; he isn’t emo at all, he’s literally wearing a Who shirt at one point and has a Guns N Roses flag in his room, he makes no kind of hint of him being emo he is a fucking rocker but tards think he’s emo just because he wears eyeliner even though dudes were wearing it in the fucking 70s. Not only is he pretty af but he is so easily manipulated, he’d be the perfect bf because of how easy you could dominate, trick and be in charge of him. The only problem with Rodrick is his aspirations are too high; Löded Diper will probably never really take off successfully or commercially, it may have a small cult following but the music would never be enough to be sustainable, therefore Rodrick would have to get an actual job but he’s not really capable of doing that because of his laziness and dyslexia so he would have to be more of a house husband who you would have to support and remind him to shower etc. Tbh I’m willing to do that though because he’s sexy as fuck and cute. I think me and Susan would get on well bc she would appreciate the fact that she doesn’t have to mollycoddle Rodrick anymore and that he has found someone nice who can look after him whilst he’s able to do his own thing, I think she’d be a great mother in law bc she seems sweet anyway, she’s such a good mom to Rodrick and he has a really great female role model there. One thing I love relating to that is Susan having instilled on him his respect for women, making him throw away his magazines and apologize, he definitely wouldn’t be the type to be a coomer or anything because of that experience and at the end of the day I wouldn’t judge him anyway because he was just a teenage boy and it was probably an influence on him thinking it would be cool or whatever to buy those types of stuff. I’ll always be attracted to Rodrick, even if I have periods where I don’t think of him for a long time, as soon as I see a picture of him I smile. I was going on a long haul (kek) night flight the other day and was pretty nervous so I decided to watch Rodrick Rules during takeoff and it really helped distract me and ease my nerves. The doawk movies will always be my favorite and Rodrick will always be best boy

No. 350321

Girl…………I literally watched those movies bc of him. The older kid of the family I used to nanny for liked them and he wanted to watch them and I was like 17-18 and yes. Rodrick was cute as a button in that particular like almost elf-like way only some guys can be. Idk how he aged and I’m scared to check but he was also very cute to me as Jasper on the 100

No. 350322

File: 1695862855816.jpeg (60.68 KB, 736x740, 0C146DC2-3D66-47FB-8A24-1B285C…)

Ayrt, he hasn’t aged terribly considering doawk was filmed over 10 years ago buy at the same time he never really looked like Rodrick as himself bc of how he was styled for the movie (his hair being fluffed up etc) he was still hot tho and I’d fuck him lol. Yeah you described it perfectly, he as an elven pixie sort of look to him which is funny bc he isn’t small/dainty, it’s just his face is so pretty and fairy-like. I think my fav thing is his lips, they drive me fucking crazy. I used to be obsessed with Kevin by Ezra Miller (hate him but god he was absolutely fucking gorgeous in that movie) so I def have a type, kek

No. 350323

He reminds me of my sister

No. 350324

Is she single

No. 350352

I mean look at Phil, regardless of how much drugs he took he was bound to look like that.

No. 350718

File: 1696098259438.jpg (78.08 KB, 589x586, Screenshot 2023-09-30 112339.j…)

I need this slut inside me

No. 350756

File: 1696110806580.png (785.32 KB, 1080x668, david-lynch-pajaros-carpintero…)

For me, its david lynch

No. 350757


No. 350771

kek wrong thread anon… but that said, i posted him in the unconventional thread like a year ago and even they boo'ed me out of the thread. To be fair I don't know what I was on back then but at one point I agreed with you.

No. 350841

In that anon's defense, I saw the david lynch post and just presumed this was the unconventional thread too

No. 350894

File: 1696199592952.gif (1.78 MB, 250x281, tumblr_ohcbzrKh1z1ti0tp1o2_250…)

Glad to know I'm not the only Pacino appreciator out there. Rise up and then crumble for not having a chance to kiss these lips…
>He rly hit the wall afterwrds tho. shame
Idk, nonna, he objectively looks fine as hell up to the "And justice for all." After that, yeah, alcoholism + chain-smoking + loosing his mind

No. 350900

Can’t lie I also really thought he was hot as fuck in Devil’s Advocate but I think it was partially bc he was Satan kek but yeah Dog Day Afternoon/Godfather Pacino ooooof

No. 350909

WHOMST I ask as I wear my reiner tshirt

No. 350920

File: 1696224080922.jpeg (39.81 KB, 768x576, 8AD92820-F114-4EC4-BFC1-E18CC6…)

No, she has a fat dork boyfriend

No. 350931

File: 1696241352217.gif (871.06 KB, 430x256, IMG_8221.gif)

Honestly pacino is hot when he's a bit older too, like in Heat. I know he looks like camille paglia and acts (even more) like a coked up chihuahua but he's kinda daddy to me here

No. 350956

File: 1696261008090.gif (237.35 KB, 220x123, IMG_5911.gif)

I’m >>350900 and I agree wholeheartedly he is hot in a certain ~type of way~ in the gif you posted…

No. 351001

File: 1696275065327.jpg (52.1 KB, 500x500, artworks-000286693901-kobxti-t…)

Forever obsessed with him

No. 351016

>mfw none of the moids in this thread are attractive to me

No. 351025

kek post pics of men you do find attractive then? be the change you wanna see, nonna!

No. 351043

I want to hold him down and forcefully wax his unibrow.

No. 351102

File: 1696351841811.jpg (163.84 KB, 683x1024, tumblr_ca13809ca730682eabbcf93…)

i recently got into f1 by accident. unfortunately he's british.

No. 351103

File: 1696352166350.jpg (54.74 KB, 564x889, 3405f1541f78b9361915b7aedda3a3…)

he's also one whiny guy
for me it was jenson button

No. 351105

oh definitely. i do have to admit that i love seeing him cry though. he can crash as much as he wants as long as we got to see him devastated and crying.

No. 351110

What do you mean unfortunately? British men are far better than any other European men (who tend to all be manwhores or pedos)

No. 351114

Nta but Britain's known for having a huge pedo problem for decades, idk how you concluded the opposite. British men also tend to be the ugliest, attractive ones are super super rare kek.

No. 351117

Or maybe because Britain actually prosecutes pedos whereas for other countries it’s just an unregulated lifestyle. Dumbass.

No. 351123

You know England has had a ton of scandals going on for decades involving politicians covering up for pedophiles right?

No. 351134

British men are so goddamned ugly though.

No. 351135

File: 1696358565397.jpg (27.93 KB, 400x400, BZ2wCcRA_400x400.jpg)

you guys are so retarded over a simple joke… here's another pic of george to cleanse my eyes.

No. 351136

File: 1696358681935.jpeg (160.19 KB, 735x547, IMG_1806.jpeg)

You weren’t joking

No. 351153


No. 351182

British men hit the wall hard though. They're cute elves and then they hit a certain age and turn to Shrek

No. 351371

Posting him in this thread is too absurd even for lynch himself

No. 351470

File: 1696571012282.gif (1.49 MB, 350x250, 7E0FFE42-854F-4F43-A6FF-95A2AF…)

anon this is killing me I can’t stop laughing, my love doesn’t go that deep but I’ve definitely posted him before so I get you

No. 351471

File: 1696572990822.png (666.36 KB, 916x536, F5D3069E-AC17-4033-82D7-F27004…)

>British men hit the wall hard though.
>They're cute elves and then they hit a certain age and turn to Shrek

That’s just all Northern European men in general nona. Twink death is real and it’s tragic.

No. 351474

I was never really attracted to him tbh. Like I can recognize he’s conventionally attractive but I think his philtrum is too long or something and he looks kind of FAS so my brain just goes ick.

No. 351475

His wall is daily heavy drinking, anorexia, and chainsmoking tho. Obviously he's going to look like shit

No. 351476

All fins have fas

No. 351479

Even moids who don’t engage in such a lifestyle still look like shit after 30
t. European

No. 351483

What centuries of inbreeding does to mfs

No. 351503

File: 1696584816527.jpeg (53.52 KB, 490x612, DA9964FD-AD22-4581-9083-284053…)

it’s a shame he was a rapist, a pedophile, and had such bad genital warts by his time of death that his penis was confirmed to be completely deformed by the coroner, because he was a handsome chap. moids be normal challenge.

No. 351504

Tommy Wiseau?

No. 351505

He looks like my ex, who coincidentally, was also a pedophile.

No. 351538

remember when incels say how chad lives on easy mode and never has to try bc women throw themselves at him. this guy probably could've had any woman at his peak and yet he chose the route of being an absolute degenerate and ruining other people's lives and his own life. but moids are the most logical creatures on earth

No. 351544

For a while I thought that was Ted Bundy and thought it was weird how you omitted the whole serial killer part of him

No. 351555

File: 1696611829965.jpg (36.55 KB, 564x845, 0699d22ab317c10f2dbda5e8bdc396…)

im sorry i post him once every month

No. 351569

Apparently his case of genital warts were so severe that the pathologist cut them off and put them in a jar of formaldehyde for medical students to study STDs

No. 351582

File: 1696622747566.jpg (281.38 KB, 840x1022, 40736129_76059b6849386d4c843e5…)

It's crazy how all my loves have already been posted in this thread…
This means two things:
1. The number of handsome moids is small.
2. Despite being from many different countries, women all have a similar taste, and it's mostly not what's being pushed in our faces by media!

Saw quite many Alain lovers here, came across this pic in another thread and it's so rare to see "equal" couples in media nowadays (meaning he's young and cute too, not just the women)…of course back then not everybody was born pretty either, but most moids at least tried somewhat, meanwhile now…

No. 351585

File: 1696623211167.jpg (100.16 KB, 412x640, 4139935952_e3eb1a3122_z.jpg)

That hair, his pout and those slutty glamrock clothes were so good back then
Be careful and take a seat before you look up his nowadays self tho….

No. 351586

File: 1696623305693.jpg (30.7 KB, 361x500, 4812f888c89dd169fcfb2d0e932219…)

No. 351779

File: 1696722342484.jpg (51.51 KB, 564x701, teorary.jpg)

he is too fine

No. 351780

File: 1696722414482.jpg (25.94 KB, 500x646, also temorary.jpg)

him too

No. 351791

Oh he’s preeeetty wow thank you for sharing

No. 351818

Don't we all? Literally genetic superiority

No. 351955

Fuck AI needs to cure aging pronto

No. 351995

This type of sexy male fashion needs to be brought back.

No. 352007

I always thought he was so cute but at the same time thought he must stink because of the chainsmoking. Such a turnoff. I love that he was also posted in the men age like milk thread.

I love Delon so much, I've never seen another man so attractive. I know he used to be a scumbag and a whore back in the day but his looks were perfection.

No. 352010

sorry for doubleposting but yes, I 100 % agree with you. Men used to look much better in those times, even if you watch tv footage of normal people from back then they were all groomed and well dressed, had proper haircuts etc.
Of course they weren't Delon-level of pretty but today's average men just suck because there are literally no standards. That's also a huge indicator that the patriarchy got worse in some aspects. Women still have insanely high beauty standards while it's being pushed on us to find dad bods attractive. Absolutely gross. Or how they all dress in jeans and wornout t shirts because they think they're perfect the way they were born kek. And the men who seem to "try" are often into this ugly ass full beard hipster (?) style - don't know if there's a proper name but those dudes are always walking red flags and I'm physically repulsed by them. I think a lot of women are manipulated into going for these men because of the nonexistent standards, it is being suppressed to wish men would look more classy. I used to think I have a super rare taste when I was younger but seeing the posts here I think it's just not talked about much.

No. 352437

File: 1697032232607.gif (9.8 MB, 540x400, tomcruise.gif)

Tom is batshit insane but he's also the one of the cutest guys I've ever laid my eyes on

No. 352443

Lol I agree anon I can't help but love his dumb face, even knowing what a psycho he is.

No. 352650

File: 1697134947693.jpg (33.63 KB, 400x598, stja1.jpg)

>>346120 He got way sexier after japan broke up tbh

No. 352705

File: 1697165327479.jpg (56.48 KB, 542x794, descargar.jpg)

Probably the hottest man in hollywood rn, in my opinion. I can't find a single flaw on this man. cute personality, gorgeous face and big dick

No. 352707

isn't he gay?

No. 352713

I like him but I acknowledge that he is very generic. Im not looking at his face tho so

No. 352794

I don't know what was up with my high school self, I thought he was so hot

No. 352795

im getting big AI vibes from this

No. 352797

woah, he's much hotter here than the show

some men should be banned from facial hair

No. 352799

File: 1697241154541.jpeg (205.94 KB, 1080x1509, FC7A0B73-70A3-4A9C-82BF-73417F…)

Speaking of The Boys, I think Anthony Starr looks better with brown hair

No. 352800

I wish more guys had this cute face and soft hair combo

No. 352802

File: 1697242671366.gif (1000.85 KB, 500x281, tumblr_oluu68BfTm1w6b6iao6_500…)

I really like this creepy looking fuck in spite of his holding-a-frog-hostage mouth. He's like Tom Holland to me in that he is somehow still cute although his features do not sound attractive on paper and the mouth thing would normally drive me nuts. He's a great actor too.

No. 352804

File: 1697244424745.jpeg (61.62 KB, 822x375, D90D9D05-675D-4D73-A363-25518A…)

I think it’s a combination of his voice and his eyes, I cannot take my eyes off him in every scene

No. 352826

how do you know he has a big dick nona please provide evidence

No. 352856

not bad

No. 352983

He did full frontal in a movie called a million little pieces.

No. 353005

Yer average dude

No. 353012

File: 1697349706181.gif (7.86 MB, 500x375, 92881ed42a0d76a199f493429e4e65…)

He was truly beautiful

No. 353020

I think this guy is really attractive. I was watching some shitty horror movie he's in the other day and his scenes got me kinda horny, ngl. And yeah he definetely looks better with brown hair.
His amazing nose and eyes make up for his his mouth for me. Plus he has amazing hair and hairline for being almost 50.

No. 353027

File: 1697356297802.gif (5.84 MB, 404x618, AARON_TAYLOR_JOHNSON_SHIRTLESS…)

I want to see it hard so bad

No. 353034

What films can I watch where he looks like this? I'm getting interested lol

No. 353145

File: 1697396264308.jpeg (75.45 KB, 500x661, 1741D63F-E25C-4EE4-899C-718FB7…)

this used to be ricky gervais

No. 353146

File: 1697396297306.jpeg (148.62 KB, 654x674, FDD6DF90-BDF7-4790-A546-B98CC6…)

I'd do them both

No. 353152

File: 1697397274994.png (468.74 KB, 1000x675, mifuneeeeee.png)

I guess his stuff from the late 1940s and early 1950s. I really can't recommend, I've only watched Seven Samurai and another one from the 60s. I really want to watch his earlier films too uuugh
Nonnie I think he should go in the unconventional thread…

No. 353157

Why? He’s conventionally attractive. His face is symmetrical.

No. 353177

File: 1697404669265.jpeg (511.52 KB, 1125x876, 13EE7594-8A3B-4373-A0CF-F5FEF3…)

he has fine features
used to be a pretty boy

No. 353205

Yassified report of the week

No. 353219

File: 1697420552433.png (184.83 KB, 382x509, Richard.PNG)

No. 353225

was thinking of putting him in the unconventional thread kek

No. 353264

I researched a bit and that screenshot is from Snow Trail (1947) and there's also a clip of him in Drunken Angel (1948) where he is really hot, so I'm going to try to find those two movies first kek

No. 353265

File: 1697448255046.png (169.73 KB, 245x310, B39D385E-E7EB-496B-A1B7-15610A…)

Are u crazy ?

No. 353268

when someone mentioned "high iq" (ew I know) black men in the other thread I immediately thought of him

No. 353269

Idk how to say this but this thread is convincing me attractive men don't exist, and I'm saying this being straight. I think in reality women just have a much broader taste than men

No. 353270

File: 1697453260086.gif (1.97 MB, 499x281, cruise_rose.gif)

I guess it depends on the picture. He looks gorgeous here >>353177 but the other two pictures posted don't do much to me.
Good luck finding them anon, enjoy peak Mifune!
Meh, these are post wall and the ones I could find where he's young and handsome have such bad resolution, smh… I think he belongs in the unconventional nowdays.
I think they do exist, but I agree wth you on women having a much broader taste.

No. 353272

eww get that scientologist out of this thread

No. 353273

File: 1697454880649.gif (661.15 KB, 350x193, Bullshit.gif)

I'm not a scrote, I don't think you automatically stop being attractive after a certain age and Richard is still a cutie.
Does he count as black ? But yeah I'm sure he has a very big and meaty IQ score, he have glasses after all.

No. 353274

richard is waayyyy more attractive than tom cruise. cruise's face really annoys me idk why

No. 353275

File: 1697457057258.gif (100.75 KB, 400x225, Tiny-Tom.gif)

No. 353276

File: 1697457313487.gif (7.22 MB, 540x400, FarAndAway.gif)

He belongs here, sorry nona.
I never accused you of being a scrote, what I'm saying is that Ayoade used to be conventionally attractive but as he aged he embraced a nerdy style that's not exactly what many would label as conventionally attractive. Yes he is a cutie.

No. 353277

File: 1697458312789.jpg (51.63 KB, 640x640, 957062a72ab08f454677649e2f0356…)

I know why it annoys me, he constantly looks like he wants to hang people on meat hooks and not in a sexy way

No. 353278

File: 1697458565413.jpg (26.75 KB, 564x544, 15675453098.jpg)

i know he's considered conventional by most people and the media so he technically belongs here, i just find him unattractive myself. plus he's a gay manlet so that's an immediate turnoff. Richard's face looks nicer and less 'shark'-like to me, i'm bad at explaining things. i wish nicer looking men were pushed as conventional

No. 353280

what film is this nonna

No. 353286

There's a million moids who have the Tom Cruise phenotype but taller. They are younger yeah because he has a lot of surgery but I feel like I've seen that kind of face a bunch of times.

No. 353292

I don’t think so. But each to their own. It is the fact he is a Scientologist for me. And I have never seen the attraction.

No. 353309

He annoys me too, even though I think he's kind of attractive he has very neanderthal/apelike features which kill the appeal
I can report back that I found the Mifune movies on archive.org!
He looks a bit like Dave Vanian here but not in the other pictures. Dave Vanian is way hotter though

No. 353347

File: 1697487888535.jpeg (40.04 KB, 500x327, IMG_1985.jpeg)

Asian men with beards are my kryptonite

No. 353348

his son was better

No. 353354

File: 1697489996362.gif (9.94 MB, 540x540, 931256145f1ae6a4cd82dfdb620a1e…)

It's Far and Away!
>There's a million moids who have the Tom Cruise phenotype but taller.
Don't keep them to yourself, anon, post some so we can all enjoy

No. 353379

I dont remember him being this hot wtf

No. 353387

No. 353388

post wall mifune

No. 353410

I love him nonnas… 100% my type in the IT Crowd

No. 353416

Looks like Logan Pauls bigger brother here.

No. 353817

File: 1697747672801.jpg (49.84 KB, 564x564, 0c98800f35aa221cb847d98af23e1f…)

No. 353962

File: 1697823399484.jpg (42.24 KB, 564x814, e3d74e226e4237ffbb1d03508c302c…)

I will forever sob and cry over him

No. 354163

feed me pics of handsome blond guys with long hair please. thanks.

No. 354164

feed me pics of handsome blond guys with long hair please. thanks.

No. 354222

File: 1697967739419.jpeg (70.41 KB, 625x960, F5503210-CE65-4CC2-AAAE-66D082…)

HE LOOKS LIKE MY BF (but yassified) UGH

No. 354223

File: 1697967776235.jpeg (25.94 KB, 226x336, F7BD3B9D-8B76-4E5E-AF7E-BCC8EF…)

No. 354224

File: 1697967881443.jpeg (25.77 KB, 236x364, 390A4F85-A51A-4200-8FF0-7BEFA2…)


No. 354225

File: 1697968036220.jpeg (128.84 KB, 640x397, 5AB9F689-B5B2-453A-B99C-365358…)

He’s my babe

No. 354227

I remember even my mom was thirsting over him when we watched that movie together lol

No. 354240

why is evan peters so hot

No. 354262

My mom's only true love besides my father was Sebastian. RIP to my beautiful mother and hope she is rocking hard in heaven to Skid Row.

No. 354265

File: 1697991687772.jpeg (271.39 KB, 1132x2068, IMG_3574.jpeg)

i think the same as i scroll through my pinterest folder of pics of him

No. 354316

File: 1698002352717.jpeg (171.44 KB, 1620x879, 49671651-011D-453D-BD09-C01461…)

Not sure if this counts as conventional but tall Asian men with hook noses. Ughhhghghghhghhhhhhhh.
Why did God give me such a rare and specific kink.

No. 354317

I love Ren too. Love Japanese guys with tattoos and gaudy yakuza style.

No. 354318

It theoretically shouldn’t work because Evan has butthole eyes, but somehow it does.

No. 354391

He was so cute in Asylum, I wanted to bite him so badly.

No. 354412

No. 354414

File: 1698033824491.gif (8.26 MB, 640x640, E01BDDFF-7B08-4246-A7F1-4B0D6E…)

Hiroyuki Sanada

No. 354415

File: 1698033878950.gif (4.67 MB, 640x576, 5CE00A21-1822-434D-89D2-B4A030…)

He’s hotter when he’s old imo a rare feat in men

No. 354445

File: 1698051713792.jpeg (44.99 KB, 640x360, IMG_4490.jpeg)

Young Tom Lehrer is so hot. Harvard graduate mathematician, NSA agent, musician, and literally invented the Jell-O shot. He’s 95 now tho

No. 354447

File: 1698052043010.gif (6.45 MB, 540x445, IMG_4491.gif)

Also just discovered this guy after watching Pearl. Kind of a Henry Cavill/Matt Bomer phenotype, I like him.

No. 354451

File: 1698052657130.jpeg (533.73 KB, 1365x2048, IMG_0143.jpeg)

Asylum was his hottest season

No. 354454

File: 1698054399976.jpg (59.99 KB, 528x587, 239146701_396996318429923_8707…)

Now that we are on an Asian roll, I now feel safe enough to post him.

No. 354457

In what universe is this conventionally attractive tho he’s like an objective 5-6

No. 354461

Historical precedent places Tom squarely in the unconventional thread.

No. 354465

I actually posted him there first but I saw it was mostly people talking about serial killers and got confused and deleted it kek.

No. 354489

File: 1698065457269.jpeg (159.39 KB, 918x1421, F644382D-50BE-4D46-A5E5-8A8571…)

an angel

No. 354509

Takeshi Kenshiro?

No. 354521

that's so cute
I wish more of them were taller
lmao it can get a little too much there

No. 354531

File: 1698081581852.jpg (65.19 KB, 520x787, takeshi-kaneshiro-during-the-f…)

No. 354533

who's this qt?

No. 354561

He looks like a typical travel youtuber asshole.

No. 354564

Nice jawline but I think he belongs more in the nerds/unconventional thread.

No. 354569

I can’t believe how pretty and feline looking Gervais used to be. Man he really hit the wall hard.

No. 354574

File: 1698093213915.gif (4.23 MB, 540x419, A172E8E2-5080-45AA-A738-0D6B9C…)

>Handsome Asian man with hook nose
I approve your taste nona

No. 354578

jerma turned florida man specimen

No. 354579

who's that?

No. 354580

File: 1698094580210.jpg (455.7 KB, 1536x2048, EFhogqhVAAAiZ8l.jpg)

speaking of jerma, he's hawt and I stil wanna go vanilla w him
he's the guy on the left for non-jermafags

No. 354584

File: 1698095720691.jpeg (198.76 KB, 1538x2048, C0D408BD-823D-411F-BD80-3FEDE2…)

benjamin aston

No. 354585

Bill Skarsgard!!!!!!!!!!

No. 354586

File: 1698096727039.jpg (74.58 KB, 500x723, 7d8302f6e5602cbd4a2bd032419015…)

Who wants to help me foment a military coup to put in place a totalitarian regime where men are forbidden from cutting their hair?

No. 354592

Sign me up

No. 354593

That includes facial and bodyhair?

No. 354596

Ugh no imagine the smell

No. 354598

File: 1698100315510.jpeg (124.04 KB, 640x949, 6AA18EC5-0F81-45DD-AFB9-242A7A…)

Oh my god, I wanna put that one emoji down that is closing its eyes and has its mouth open and it looks like it is moaning because I cannot express in words the lust and yearning I have for this gorgeous delicate boy with pouty lips and pretty eyes. I wish more of these men existed is all I can say about it. The best boys are the ones who almost look like women because they are non threatening and cutesy and i love when they look like this but have a deep voice like James Spader.
River Phoenix was a cutie RIP

No. 354626

File: 1698113816183.jpeg (161.46 KB, 720x1280, 903E5702-8D36-4544-9B76-8867C4…)

The twink tension between them had me screaming.

No. 354663

Nope, that would be hell

No. 354667

Cheerleader effect

No. 354680

ewww not this plastic freak again

No. 354703

File: 1698161440027.jpg (58.05 KB, 991x902, fc4d574b7a9754e8fa04ff7e86a0d3…)

No. 354722

File: 1698166690568.jpg (115.23 KB, 765x956, 251422793_174925204843039_2384…)

River Phoenix and eyeglasses were a dangerous combination

No. 354727

Stay mad scrote

No. 354728

He cheated on Martha Plimpton, which is unforgivable.

No. 354754

kek sorry anon but god he is ugly i cant help it
here is an example of an attractive man that would not melt if you hold a match to him

No. 354758

does he have a jaw implant or smtg? it throws off the balance of his face entirely, i can appreciate that his eyelids were left alone tho.

No. 354787

File: 1698178397607.jpeg (65.63 KB, 457x900, E9D0B85D-13BD-40E8-AEC1-784BD0…)

>Evan peters
He aight, and rather unremarkable and he has creepy eyes where the scleras are barely visible like a wild rodent but I agree with you otherwise

Anyways the next attractive men thread pic should be Atsushi in memory of him RIP, I am so damn sad.

No. 354788

File: 1698178524694.jpeg (25.31 KB, 236x350, 948E8090-9DE6-42CB-8EF4-866C3C…)

He looks like a monkey

No. 354814

File: 1698183393042.jpg (79.89 KB, 540x810, tony_thornburg.jpg)

I just found out about this man and I'm obsessed

No. 354819

oh my god nonna I didn't know. Just saw your comment and looked it up now. Damn…

No. 354839

I think he is so ugly, if he wasnt in ahs he would have no fans.

No. 354845

Evan Peters is ugly af, lol you’re on crack

No. 354846

Why is every single man a disappointment…

No. 354941

Nearly half of all the guys posted here are assholes, whats your point?

No. 354964

Sorry I still wanna fuck him (not his corpse but him back then)

No. 354979

>George Sluizer claimed Phoenix was dyslexic.
sexy retard

No. 355001

File: 1698234125928.jpeg (24.99 KB, 236x236, 82F98BF1-34FF-48A5-B146-9E06D5…)

Ugh I love when moids have stomachs like this I never ever fell for the dadbod brainwashing

No. 355006

shut up nonnie, ur moid looks like he hasn't washed in 3 weeks but each to their own i guess

No. 355007

this retard makes me laugh everytime

No. 355009

File: 1698234681406.jpg (42.94 KB, 564x705, 248e4a75a50c7d9c893792e8506b9d…)

No. 355035

His face is too feminine but his body is like a dad, looks weird

No. 355036

Media can shill anyone ugly as attractive and some idiots will always fall for it, I’ve seen thousands of girls thirsting after Pete Davidson but he’s still ugly af objectively

No. 355041

this is how i feel about tom cruise, brad pitt, channing tatum, george clooney..pretty much most actors

No. 355101

File: 1698273167103.gif (8.5 MB, 540x448, tumblr_36bb68c1dd99e634e143c71…)

He was so beautiful, charismatic and talented and the movie was great and still fills me with nostalgia

No. 355109

Honestly same I find all Hollywood celebrity moids ugly as fuck and always have

No. 355121

I'm curious what kind of you think is attractive.

No. 355127

He died too soon.

No. 355147

He used to be cute but he hit the wall.

No. 355164

Applies to all moids over 25

No. 355168

hard agree

No. 355246

jealous fat moid

No. 355260

them colors make him look dead

No. 355262

ugly body tho

No. 355503

how can one’s dick be so dirty

No. 355527


No. 355579

Constant man whoreing and raping?

No. 355662

File: 1698528139201.jpeg (110.14 KB, 966x1200, IMG_3624.jpeg)

No. 355663

File: 1698528246895.jpeg (71.65 KB, 400x592, IMG_3625.jpeg)

No. 355677

File: 1698533000466.jpg (39.3 KB, 545x776, b7391ff36ad5d7e96ab9b60f8ee42c…)


No. 355690

His proportions look off here

No. 355717

File: 1698560485345.jpg (41.55 KB, 563x871, 43c846dab433ede74bc65b7bbb4d88…)

my ginger husbando

No. 355748

File: 1698592114676.jpeg (155.45 KB, 944x1435, IMG_3638.jpeg)

I would die for him!! I don’t care

No. 355749

File: 1698592365687.jpeg (257.04 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3578.jpeg)

No. 355834

he's so pretty when he cries

No. 355844

His eyes are so buggy and his nose is so piggy kek

No. 355862

to be fair the same could be said for bill skgsgrldl

No. 355864

Bills family are all pedophiles and creeps, I don’t trust him at all

No. 355883

he really is nonnie, he really is

No. 355949

File: 1698708087928.jpg (11.43 KB, 176x176, channels4_profile.jpg)

im sorry

No. 355951

No. 356008

Please no

No. 356017

This is the attractive man thread. Please stop raising ugly ass scrotes self esteem by lusting after bearded fatasses, you’re just making fat old boomer men think they’re gods gift.

No. 356018

File: 1698744547418.jpeg (148.76 KB, 580x859, E5087F9B-13B0-4722-94E5-267E2D…)

This movie is retarded but I think this was his hottest era. I really liked short hair 90s Keanu.

No. 356020

File: 1698744679776.png (2.42 MB, 1120x1984, EF022B71-C871-441B-AF8B-36B8DA…)

Also personal throwback to being 14 years old and masturbating to 240p low res youtube clips of a young Keanu from 1985. I was so obsessed.

No. 356021

That was clearly bait.
He was such a cutie

No. 356022

Oh he’s gorgeous, looks like a living samurai.

No. 356023

He cried because Martha ate crabs on a date and he felt sorry for them, bless his cute heart. RIP.

No. 356024

File: 1698745115076.gif (829.26 KB, 500x288, 0498C782-A615-434B-82F9-B66728…)

Ikr. Not a fan of scraggly old John Wick Keanu but god he was such a hottie when he was young. I forgot about Point Break Keanu too. Ugh.

No. 356028

File: 1698747328988.jpg (163.57 KB, 1108x831, my-own-pivate-idaho-queer-cine…)

Love Keanu, he's in my top 5. I recently watched My Private Idaho for the first time and he was really cute in it. To me he's hotter with a little longer hair. There also isn't much negative stuff about him and he's dating a woman his age which makes him more attractive than other hollywood scrotes.

No. 356031

Ohhh my beautiful babies </3(<3)

No. 356040

God I love him. Esp in B&T, he’s such a himbo, they both are. Bill & Ted was a classic beloved movie for me as a young teen bc it was one of my mom’s favs and she would watch it with me. Alex Winters was also a cutie tbh I won’t hear a word against it also the third movie unexpectedly slapped

No. 356046

Oh yes I also love Bill & Ted because I watched it with a friend smoking weed when we were young and life was easier. I have such fond memories of it and tbh true, himbo fits perfectly. And Alex Winter rocking a crop top was iconic kek. I haven't seen the third one yet.

No. 356058

>There also isn't much negative stuff about him
He once fucked a tranny. There's also that weird quote from an interview (forgot which movie) years ago about women liking rough sex or secretly liking rape scenes something like that.

No. 356062

I know, and I hate that. Still not that much compared to others in the industry because the bar is that low.

No. 356066

ewwww wrong thread weirdo

No. 356073

File: 1698770370355.jpg (71.74 KB, 660x722, title.jpg)

>hottest era
>short hair 90s Keanu

No. 356102

his dopey voice in every movie he was in during the 80s-90s makes me want him as my sex slave

No. 356121

File: 1698789629139.gif (1.19 MB, 268x375, cutie.gif)

love it!

my ginger(ish) husbando (even tho he has a gf). he's one of those ppl who yoyos between looking good and then real off

No. 356129


No. 356137

File: 1698798227275.jpg (115.58 KB, 816x645, h.jpg)

No. 356157

File: 1698804609996.gif (6.21 MB, 540x300, IMG_2722.gif)

Unconventional male thread got locked and half of this thread is controversial, so here’s my pick. His face is more beautiful when he has no hair, but I’ve got a huge thing for middle length blonde hair on men recently.

No. 356159

File: 1698804813995.jpeg (190.67 KB, 1125x729, IMG_2727.jpeg)

No. 356161

File: 1698804907988.png (13.57 KB, 1000x118, 134536.png)

>Unconventional male thread got locked
it didn't

No. 356164

Sorry then, I missed it in catalog, I see it now.

No. 356165

File: 1698805431264.jpg (34.92 KB, 450x550, 2e135216996aa91b7db3324ec7e937…)

Caleb is conventionally attractive. Are you a gingerphobe?

No. 356168

File: 1698805906467.jpeg (1.98 MB, 2000x1270, IMG_2728.jpeg)

Kek, I saw him first in Nitram where he’s a haggard skinnyfat. Still cute though.

No. 356172

He's uggo lmao. I remember reading an article about that movie and the author called him homely and i went back and looked at him like "is he?" and I was like yeah, he is lmaoo
There are cute gingers but i can't name one off the top of my head.

No. 356173

Gingers don't age well.

No. 356180

File: 1698812789974.jpg (61.5 KB, 580x1272, Keanu Reeves.jpg)

He hasn't aged that bad in comparison with other hollywood moids.

No. 356181

I don’t like men over 30, just personal preferences

No. 356182

I was very into him in the first John wick movies but he has sadly migrated outside of my age preference at this point

No. 356186

Based. Best taste in the entire thread.

No. 356187

Bruh this cannot be real

No. 356209

Which doesn't mean this looks good.

No. 356402

Brandon lee

No. 356406

File: 1698949675567.jpeg (81.95 KB, 500x711, 562B73F9-D990-43B7-98DA-6A144A…)

Only thing I agree with dolly mattel on sorry

No. 356408

who's that, that hair is majestic

No. 356411

File: 1698950005590.gif (958.06 KB, 491x367, F458B026-4017-4C92-9EE8-43FE6F…)

Robert plant

No. 356419

That's some very nice hair. What a rare sight to see well taken care of bouncy curls on men.

No. 356435

White men with thick hair are sooooo rare. His hair should be framed and put in a museum, never seen a moid with such voluminous hair before.

No. 356445

File: 1698962760378.jpeg (90.87 KB, 1200x675, untitled-design-2023-09-14t142…)


No. 356446

File: 1698962833986.jpg (108.51 KB, 800x1200, tonythornburg2.jpg)

I know right, he also looks good with short hair and no beard too.

No. 356447

Wrong thread, he looks like someone stretched a latex mask over a pit bull and then fried his hair off(infighting)

No. 356449

jealous moid go back to reddit

No. 356450

Not liking kpop men, means anon has taste. Join your brethren in the new kpop chan instead of being prissy.

No. 356458

kek, this is what fucking ugly moids does to a mf. You can't recognize beauty anymore.(infighting)

No. 356527

File: 1698975940478.png (5.45 KB, 112x112, 1694657816115.png)

who dis?

No. 356583

File: 1698997368151.jpeg (227.04 KB, 1000x560, 7C1C9384-EF88-418D-BEC1-5F1374…)

gib surfer bf pls x

No. 356584

File: 1698997417019.jpeg (74.78 KB, 860x1075, 662593E5-F48B-4C5F-82B9-E70209…)

No. 356590

So handsome, he looks kind of like an Asian Steve Jansen.

No. 356591

you sound like a 60 year old boomer scrote who starts seething whenever attractive young men come on tv kek(infighting)

No. 356596

Aka my haggot dad kek.

No. 356668

why is this anon getting booed so hard? the guy looks botched and uncanny. i thought kpop was banned anyway.

No. 356677

The blonde hair and contacts make him look hideous

No. 356693

>i thought kpop was banned anyway.
Young hot guys are banned in the "attractive men" thread for some reason but don't worry you can post as many old, haggard, botched Keanu Reeves photos as you like.(infighting)

No. 356694

Super hot pose

No. 356696

File: 1699039191990.jpg (108.06 KB, 634x924, article-2347889-1A7E3CEC000005…)

>nitpicking Felix
>simping for Keanu Reeves

No. 356697

idk, the choice between "botched plastic surgery mess" and "aging has-been" is an honestly tough choice

No. 356699

File: 1699039726195.jpg (296.58 KB, 1152x2048, Kim Jongin.jpg)


No. 356700

This type of spergery is why your kind is banned.

No. 356702

File: 1699040027040.jpg (422.73 KB, 1080x802, 1659792185460509.jpg)

Nonnas, pleeease, we need it. At least just handsome and blond.

No. 356716

File: 1699045780235.png (417.66 KB, 500x489, looong.png)

Sauce on metalhead?

No. 356717

nta, why are kpop boys not allowed?

No. 356719

File: 1699047166908.jpg (50.21 KB, 736x588, 189c794e65dcf3c7de45b96a4033b2…)

Doubleposting, took the initiative to share what I could find. His name is supposedly Herkslaw and this guy on pinterest claimed to have been friends with him at some point



No. 356720

File: 1699047306481.jpg (44.33 KB, 736x590, d38d07f47a6e399c04477cb9aa236d…)

Other photo

No. 356721

How old is he? Legit is he like 16-18? He looks like a child kek he’s very handsome but he looks SO YOUNG

No. 356723

Oh nonna thank you so much! I found only the photo i posted, i never knew who he was.
The guy on pinterest claiming he just celebrated his 26th birthday. The green shirt photo is taken the summer before college. The last photo is his senior year. He must be in his late teens on these photos.

No. 356724

Samefag, thank you for this too! Stunning.

No. 356725

I fucked up, the original poster of the photos says he's his cousin. Tbh seems odd to upload photos of your cousin to pinterest for more randos to thirst over him

No. 356728

File: 1699048596419.jpg (65.46 KB, 563x703, nuno5.jpg)

Did I hear men with long hair?

No. 356729

File: 1699048627687.jpg (49 KB, 445x744, nuno23.jpg)

No. 356731

File: 1699050214729.jpeg (30.65 KB, 500x369, Pretty.jpeg)

Last photo i found of him.