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No. 366897

A place for Asian women to chat, vent, offer advice, discuss Asian culture.

No. 366905

File: 1703143394442.jpg (143.44 KB, 1500x1125, mark-zuckerberg-priscilla-chan…)

Do you have any strong opinions on WMAF in Silicon Valley? Seems like the most popular kind of power couple(bait)

No. 366907

I don't really pay attention to that sort of thing.

No. 366911

really hope this doesn't devolve into 99% wmaf sperging (from any side of the debate) like a bunch of other asian woman groups I've seen… there are so many better things to talk about than men
For people whose parents are immigrants to the West or who are immigrants to the West themselves at a young age, how did your family deal with merging cultures?
My family is Chinese and for me growing up, they very much retained their original culture and sort of lived in a bubble where all their friends were also immigrants, but they also didn't really pass it onto me. So I can't read Chinese and there's a lot of the culture that I don't get or only know from more of an outsider's view.
When I was a kid I honestly really resented my situation and felt frequent bitterness over it because I was the odd one out in my family, but I was also notably different from white kids, so I just kind of felt nationless and stranded. For whatever reason the other Asian-American kids I knew were incredibly catty and cliquey as if they were always competing with you so I didn't fit in with them well either.
My relationship with my family was really strained when I was a teen and I think cultural differences contributed a lot to it. We've had trouble communicating on the basic level that we have different preferred languages, even if we both have moderate proficiency in each other's preference. But we get along a lot better now that I'm an adult. I read a study before that said that while everyone usually takes a hit to their relationship when kids become teens, in white families it's more common for things to mellow out when the kids mature and move out, whereas it's supposedly more common for things to get even worse in adulthood for Asian families, so I wonder if anyone else had the opposite (allegedly more common) experience.

No. 366920

File: 1703148179902.png (693.57 KB, 447x680, 3431BFDA-D202-4DA6-B065-06EC7F…)

I’m trying to think about how to respond. I feel like all the issues and thought so surprised as a kid have been bubbling to the surface as an adult.

I feel the same way. Mom was too busy with work and school to give me one in one lessons in my language and I’ve tried and failed with learning it online.

It’s like I want to to be a good daughter, a walking success but I also feel like my mom and I have very two different definitions of what it means to be a successful person

No. 366950

>power couple
Lmao. Literally nobody respects them or thinks of them as a power couple kek.

No. 366951

First post in the Asian girl thread is by a white moid with an Asian fetish. I don’t know why I expected differently.

No. 366957

Anyone else creeped out by the fact so many white people (both male and female) fetishize Asian women to the point of wanting to become them? Every white guy I’ve seen who started listening to jpop or kpop develops tranny tendencies and starts self inserting as female idols. Likewise a lot of white girls are Asianfishing and listening to Asian subliminals. I just find white peoples obsession with Asians a little creepy.

No. 366970

File: 1703165180335.jpeg (466.4 KB, 828x1093, 36D0F92C-8BD2-4F58-85B1-0A491E…)

Just a thought

No. 366981

It's simulacra, where the representations of reality overtake reality. They think the anime girls or the carefully constructed persona of a Kpop idol resembles anything close to reality. Simulations of reality don't talk back to you or correct your worldview if you're wrong. They feel free to project any insecurity onto the simulation.

No. 366998

File: 1703175028497.jpeg (520.2 KB, 1284x1250, IMG_6573.jpeg)

To this day, I have never had a relationship with an asian man and I don’t particularly feel any type of way bad about it. The last asian boy I held hand with was in elementary school in SEA. When I was a teen, asian-american boys rejected you for being FOB, for being nerdy, for not being some proto-ABG or white Stacy. They even hated you for liking anime and Kpop, how they changed their tune now. When I got a bit older, I just found the bulk of them so fucking insufferable and unrelatable, their racial complexes obvious to everyone but themselves, or they are just plain scrotal. It’s not as if I don’t find asian men attractive, it’s unfortunate that majority of my contact is with Asian Boss kevin nguyen stereotypes. Nowadays they’d call me “whitewashed” for not being obsessed with kbbq, raves, and 88rising, never mind the fact that they can’t speak a full sentence in their mothertongue.
The sort of serious nerdy first-gen asian guys who appeared sweet and chivalrous at first are just as coombrained and sexist as any male out there. At least, dating other varieties of males I deal considerably less with boymoms, classism, and religious trauma.

No. 367009

I feel the opposite way. Every race of men has proved themselves trash to me except Asian guys. I’ve never dated a SEA man though. They’re usually shorter than me and I also dislike Abrahamic religions a lot.

No. 367011

Sorry but wdym idols don’t represent reality? They are real people with real lives, not dolls or robots. Albeit they’re in the top 1% of privileged people, but still.

No. 367020

Yeah I’m aware that my experience isn’t universal, I have plenty of asian girl friends who exclusively date asian guys. My microcosm of existence has largely been defined by otherness even within the specific asian-american community which I’ve lived in close proximity, some factors being that my family is working class and non-religious.

No. 367022

You can date whoever you want nona. I was just giving my two cents. I don’t really date Asian Americans tbh. My bf is Japanese and I really like the fact he’s really not Americanized or exposed to that culture at all tbh except outside of tropes and memes. I feel like Americanized Asians feel pressured to go down either the studious nerd or kneejerk rebel against their Asian parents path, and neither is that appealing to me. American culture clashes badly with Asian culture too much and their history with one another is kind of ugly.

No. 367023

Posting for 3rd time lol.

How do nonas feel about plastic surgery and skin whitening? Personally I practise it. I got my nose and eyelids done and apply whitening creams everyday. I actually don’t think the whitening creams did that much for me, I think you need to take some kind of shots to actually stop producing melanin. I’m about 2 shades lighter than I was in childhood. I got into an argument with a twitter sjw type who said this was problematic and that I’m self hating, which I disagree with. I think Asian people just have naturally high standards for our looks, just like we have high standards for many other things. I don’t see that as a bad thing.

My other pet peeve is when someone accuses Asians of trying to look Caucasian. No. It’s just a way for white people to feel superior to us and assure themselves that everyone wants to look like them. The surgeries Asian people get to fit our ideal beauty standards dont even resemble white people in any way tbh and are much older than Asia’s first contact with whites anyway. Also, I’m not sure why everyone thinks Asians have small eyes and flat noses. In my home country lots of Asian girls + people in general have naturally large eyes and high nose bridges. And they still don’t look remotely Caucasian lol. The other annoying thing is when people accuse us of being white worshipping. Personally I couldn’t really care less about white people and I pretty much only consume Asian centric media and products anyway. I’ve also stopped buying food and makeup from many western brands because I don’t like the causes they fund (like literal wars, also Asian beauty products are jut better lmao).

No. 367026

It’s a funny timeline where we went from ‘Asians wanna be white’ to ‘white people wanna be Asian’. Neither is really true, there’s nothing wrong with appreciating different types of beauty, although some take it too far. I’m not that surprised, I remember over a decade ago reading about that blonde Brazilian man who got surgery to look Korean and he gave himself some kind of Chinese name too.

No. 367028

anyone else get so nostalgic for mid to late 2000s internet? i feel like there was a disproportionately high amount of asians online at that point and i remember making so many other asian female online friends on xanga and lj, it was so aesthetic and comfy. i feel like the internet sucks so bad now.

No. 367032

I'm not a fan of plastic surgery or extreme bleaching but I use regular Asian skincare products labeled as "whitening." They don't really change your skin tone but just fade tans and even out hyperpigmentation, I honestly don't view them as whitening at all and the same type of stuff is usually labeled "brightening" in Western countries. They're also not any more dangerous than other skincare products with active ingredients.
I do dislike when people accuse us of wanting to look Caucasian as if light skin hasn't been a beauty standard for centuries, it comes off as really self-centered lol. It's basically a progressive way of implying that being White (as in ethnically) is the ideal so everyone must be trying to imitate it. A really dumb claim I heard was that blepharoplasty (double eyelid surgery) is also an attempt to "look White" even though lots of Asians and people of other races have it naturally, it's not a European feature but just a general thing

No. 367034

you're risking mercury poisoning to look two shades lighter?

No. 367035

Idols are aspirational. they're meant to be seen as cool, fun, sexy, charming etc. They have strict diets and grooming regimens. And they're not allowed to date, which enables parasocial relationships with the fans. I know idols are real people but the image they present to the world is a carefully constructed one

No. 367036

I miss xanga so much, if it didn't die I wouldn't have left for tumblr, a downgrade IMHO

No. 367048

Yeah, I tell people who say asians want to look white that the people who get those surgeries want to look like asians who have that features naturally (my mom has a sloped nose and double eyelid eyes naturally, for example). It's also annoying how some racist white people (mostly men) think that they will be worshiped for being white in asian countries. They are worshiped for their visa and money, not for being white.

No. 367057

kek sometimes the "worshipping" is actually gawking that those guys are too autistic/pompous/ignorant to recognize. If you're a total loser in the west people aren't going to suddenly start admiring you when you fly over, but they might stare like if they're sighting a rare beast in a zoo

No. 367075

kek nona what century you living in

all men are trash regardless of race but i can only date asian guys irl because i am viscerally disgusted by skin texture for some reason and asian moids tend to have the nicest skin on average, men over 25 and moids with wrinkles should be shot

No. 367076

Controversial but even though I’m Asian myself, I actually find Asian Americans kind of detestable. I’ve noticed my Asian friends who grew up in Asia are much more comfortable in their own skin and appreciate their own culture, whereas the ones who were born in America have so many hang ups about their race and experiences some weird identity crisis. I feel like Asian Americans are also way more white worshipping and desperate for white validation than Asian-Asians. A lot of my Asian-Asian friends don’t give a single shit about western beauty ideals or media (outside of massive franchises like Marvel or Harry Potter I guess which most people go watch around the world) and can only name like maybe 1-2 famous white celebrities that they like. I like that they focus more on Asian beauty and people rather than obsess over whites which is so weird and unhealthy.

No. 367078

yep. for instance i remember this white sexpat bro bragging about how asian women kept approaching him in china for pictures and how it must mean he’s so attractive to them. then i saw another video where a lot of chinese women were coyly approaching this kind of unattractive looking white woman and asking for pictures with her too. white people don’t seem to realize that it doesn’t mean you’re attractive, most asians outside of major cities have never seen a white person before so you’re like an alien to them.

No. 367085

File: 1703191815963.jpg (164.95 KB, 2248x2236, alright i'll take my ass out a…)

any SEAnons here ? have you ever experienced someone telling you outright that you're a "cheaper" asian or anything to that effect ( not asian enough, inferior type of asian etc. ) ? how do you feel about that ?
it really sounds like a meme but i've been told this all my life as someone who doesn't and has never lived in asia, in fact someone said this to me as recently as this year kek. i didn't even know what to say. i'm already well aware and familiar with the fact that lots of people think like that so it didn't really shock me to hear, but as a kid and particularly as a teenager it totally crushed me and made me hate myself even more. i truly believed that i was inferior. if the option of removing every drop of asian ancestry in my blood had been available to me back then i would have taken it in an instant. comparing myself to east asians made me feel like the ugliest person in the world. really didn't help that i wasn't ever accepted among my peers and family and was always excluded since no one in the house really taught or spoke to me in our language i'm actually mixed and born and raised in the non-asian country which makes my case a little more complicated so for years i distanced myself from anything to do with my country as a result. now that i've grown older though i care a lot less since i don't believe in that crap anymore and i don't have nearly as much time to wallow about it even if i did kek. i know it's sort of a pathetic thing to get worked up about as an adult but i have seen anons post about feeling that way about themselves too before so i thought to open up the discussion ITT.
i just want to add that i hope this doesn't result in racebait, just encouraging anons to vent about a problem i've faced, as per the thread title.

No. 367095

Kek I wanna reply to so many of these posts.

Are you me nona? I’m also asian american myself and while the asians I know irl are chill I have seen plenty online that fit your descriptors. So many people who are either annoying sjws or have a straight up inferiority complex whilst pretending to be smug. Like they hate white people but also want to be like/fuck them, it’s weird. I also don’t understand why they desperately seek validation from western media when asian media is vastly superior imo. Sometimes I feel like a fob at heart.

No. 367128

File: 1703197544722.jpg (272.71 KB, 1080x1068, Fq9rAjxXoAAFR8H.jpg)

there's just something about being in an American environment that puts a microscope on you. If you are the only one of your kind, you feel like an unofficial representative of your group. It's a constant awareness of being different. I don't want to think about and I normally can avoid thinking about it, but it does come in waves. And I did grow up in Canada for reference.

I don't remember the exact saying but it was like "the opposite of love is not hate but indifference" Asian-Asians can be indifferent in a way Asian Americans (and other Asians in the west) cannot. Just my 2 cents

No. 367132

One thing I hate is how Asian American comedians love to do an Asian accent. Or take their 70 year old parents idea of their country as sacrosanct. It’s like they can’t conceptualize Asian people being human beings in the modern age.

No. 367141

i always found that to be disrespectful, when most Asian-Americans can only speak one language. Have a little humility

No. 367142

I agree. I think this applies to every ethnic group in the US tbh, not just Asians. I think America in general is absolutely unhealthily obsessed with race tbh. It permeates every single conversation and political field needlessly and it’s so tiresome. For instance, I’m Russian, and grew up speaking Russian, but my ethnicity is technically from an Asian minority group in Russia who were assimilated under the Soviet Union. In Russia, I’m just considered Russian. Nobody questions me about it, it’s not even a topic of discussion, nobody starts questioning my roots, they just accept I’m from the eastern side of Russia and are done with it. In America and Europe, I’m just considered Asian, not Russian, and white people, even woke white people, get upset when I say I’m Russian because they don’t understand that not all Russians look like blonde blue eyed TV tropes. It’s amazing to me that the apparently backwards Russians are more mature about the race conversation than so called woke westerners. I believe that Russian kpop idol Lana faced the same stigma and criticism. In Russia, nobody cares about her ethnicity. In Korea, people constantly asked if she’s mixed and what race her parents are. In America, she’s considered white and Asian American sjws even tried to get her cancelled for being a ‘privileged white woman’. It’s just insane to me. I feel bad for her having to deal with such race obsessed retards.

No. 367146

What’s funny is yellow fever white men constantly talk about how ugly SEA women are compared to Japanese, Korean etc women, but they usually end up marrying a SEA woman anyway, so what’s their point exactly?

I suddenly remembered that song ‘Horse and The Cherry Tree’ and was reading about KT Tunstall’s background. Her mom is Chinese, her dad is a white man who KT never met, her Chinese mom gave KT up for adoption when she was just days old. Her mom went on to marry another white guy, who was a BNP representative (alt right UK party) whose pet name for his Chinese wife is ‘Chinky’ (yuck). Understandably KT was disgusted by this man and tried to form a relationship with her bio mom while condemning her white racist husband, but KT’s mom sided with her fat racist hubby, saying that her husband was more important and more ‘real family’ to her than her own daughter. It just amazes me how disgustingly toxic white worship can be among Asians. Likewise I know Asian men who’ve cut off their whole family in order to marry a white woman, and some Asian women who have done the same too and make fun of their Asian parents and culture to appease their white husbands. Asians need to seriously stop kissing white ass so much, it’s pathetic. I’m so embarrassed for us sometimes.

No. 367147

File: 1703200592032.png (37.71 KB, 821x649, 1700131028086.png)

meh, pretty normal that asian americans will be a bit insecure from growing up somewhere that there aren't many other people who are like you. I'm lucky that there are a lot of asian people where I live so I don't really relate to the "only asian in my entire elementary school" thing.

the type that I personally find annoying is the woke kind who try to homogenize "asians" into one monolithic lump and are obsessed specifically with genshin, boba tea, kpop, and popular garbage anime. that, and people who blab about how "traumatized" they are by their scawwy asian immigrant parents. (not that this doesn't happen but you probably know what I mean)
most of the singaporeans and malaysians I know or used to talk to online are chill apart from the mentally ill ones who want to look like filtered douyin girls. some of them used to call themselves whitewashed though.

No. 367148

First gen Asian immigrants are braver than any US marine. I’m terrified for Asians especially older Asian ladies with the massive sleight of attacks on Asians post covid. Wasn’t there just recently a horrible assault on a Boston train against an Asian woman and a South Asian woman who stuck up for her?

I think in Lana’s case they were just jealous because she’s drop dead gorgeous.

No. 367150

That’s funny because I agree, but I also love boba, kpop and anime kek.

No. 367153

File: 1703201537692.jpeg (74.67 KB, 736x735, 62AEADD9-56D8-47D3-9FF9-16FD57…)

I had to stop watching Douyin content because it was killing my self esteem. I was surprised one of the most famous Douyin girls, Yuna Karimova, is Russian too (her mom is Russian and dad was a Korean diaspora living in Uzbekistan) She’s also drop dead gorgeous, but I can’t look at these women too long or I’ll go insane from jealousy. I hate that I feel this way, it’s not their fault for being pretty.

No. 367154

Is your background turkic? My mom is from a former USSR state, and growing up, I always told people that I was from Russia because it was easier to explain (though some ignorant people assumed I was Arabic because of my name when our culture is very different outside of Islam, which I am not even part of nor grew up with). I am also slightly white-looking because I inherited my dad's eye shape, and to most people where I live, Asian = East Asian, so if your eyes are not slanted, then you're not considered Asian, so Russian was just easier for me.

No. 367155

No. 367157

Yep, but if you tell westerners you’re Turkic but you look ‘East Asian’ they’ll get even more confused because they haven’t grasped yet that Turkic is just a name for a confederation of different Asian, white and near Eastern tribes who shared a similar culture, some of whom are very mixed, and some of whom aren’t really mixed at all and look pure Asian, pure white, or pure MENA.

No. 367160

why is it that the word "asian" is mainly associated with EA/SEA? i've always found that strange when it's a very diverse continent

No. 367164

Is there a way to evolve from the topic in a non-retarded way? Not like the failed colorblind stuff of the past but something more nuanced? I’m thinking about taking a prolonged media cleanse, and rethinking my principles from the ground up

No. 367169

This face is full of filters and makeup.

No. 367170

In the UK and parts of Europe Asian usually means South Asian. In America it seems to only mean East Asian.

No. 367171

>what is a douyin girl

No. 367185

In the US it also refers to SEA.

No. 367322

This is gonna lure baiters but I find it funny when Asian men seethe over Asian women dating white men/men of different races yet want to do the same thing. I know that there are wmaf couples that stem from fetishization/self-hatred but these men act like that normal couples with that pairing don’t exist. It’s so glaringly obvious that they are just insecure and feel cucked seeing their “own” women date out so they either also date out to spite them or just continuously mald over it. I feel like native Asian men are less anal about it (if they do it’s bc they’re old fashioned) and that it’s mainly diaspora men who get upset.

No. 367331

You could've said that you love white cock in less words.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 367338

Yeah, I miss it. Now all of the Asian girls I meet online are either TiFs or self-fetishizers. The friends I used to have online (I disappeared for a few years until COVID because life got busy) were probably the most comfortable I've ever felt online.

No. 367340

Can we shut up about white men and dating in/out of your culture in this thread? I'm sick of seeing every space for Asian women devolve into the same ever-inconclusive soerging about it, the discussion is literally never productive because there's no fucking point to it.

No. 367341

The picrel, kek. Did anybody else watch Umma? I wanted to pass away from how bad it was, I felt ashamed that somebody like Sandra Oh thought that was worth participating in. It felt like a Nicholas Cage level of project selectiveness.

No. 367352

This. I hate how every conversation eventually gets to this because it feels obsessive. I don't care who other people date and nobody should care who I date.

No. 367371

White male hands typed this post.

No. 367372

It’s just one weird yellow fever white moid trying to derail the thread. Report and ignore.

No. 367391

The interracial dating debate plagues every WOC community tbf because men are obsessed with owning women. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t.
Why don’t you start us on some unique problems asian women have?

No. 367393

I think it’s pathetic to let douyin of all things get you twisted. So many of them show you exactly how much makeup and editing go into this look and are candid about their plastic surgeries. Can you genuinely tell these girls apart?

No. 367416

File: 1703288193645.jpg (97.03 KB, 1066x1066, 20231218_003419.jpg)

Forgive me for being a tourist but I think it would be interesting to see what your worst yellow fever creep stories are? I can't imagine the kind of stinky weebs you've dealt with

No. 367425

They gatekeep any part of Asian culture and say you're culturally appropriating or Asianfishing if you partake in regular degular tourist activities like hanbok photoshoots. Also they like to bully actual Asians if their not "Asian enough" by their standards. My dad is Chechen and mom Uzbek so I look a bit like both and I've been called yellowfacing white girl by them before. I don't even look white at all lol. Same with that girl Mikan Mandarin, she gets bullied a lot on Tiktok.
Their whole identity centers around being Asian, eating rice and being made fun of for eating smelly lunch or being asked where they're from as if that doesn't happen to other minorities too. Massive victim complex. 2nd gens who actually speak Mandarin, Tagalog &c aren't as crazy though.
I find that so annoying. An American Tiktoker popped up on my feed and did nothing but shit talk my country that he never visited just because his grandparents are from here. He made starving jokes, Soviet Union jokes, talked with bad accent, I'm sure if he did that about Chinese people it would be racist.

No. 367440

Yeah, we know, it just doesn't need to happen for the umpteenth time.
We HAVE been talking about other things, some retard just keeps trying to bring us back around to the same stupid issue. Read.

No. 367442

I feel you to a degree, I look undeniably Asian but I've gotten harrassed by people in and out of my own ethnicity because I don't conform to what people think looks Korean and I wasn't fluent at the time either. It's so fucking annoying, like I get Korean shit is trendy or whatever but get real.
I grew up in a rare case of a Korean-dominated community outside of Korea, but because of the above dual points I had a hard time making any actual Korean friends until uni.
Do you other nonnas have a lot of friends within your own ethnicity? How do you feel about thr quality of those friendships, and do you desire it if you don't have it?
Also, unpopular opinion, but I don't really see the point of seeking out other Asians outside of my ethnicity specifically for cultural connection. Each Asian culture is so different from each other thatI feel about as connected to my Taiwanese or Viet friends as I do to my other friends of racial minorities. There's not really a big sticking point beyond the general shared sense of cultural and physical otherness that's universal to immigrants.

No. 367482

>Each Asian culture is so different from each other
If you’re talking about East Asian, I don’t really agree. There’s tons of similarities between those cultures: food, religious, etiquette, language, rituals, buildings, traditional clothing, etc. Japan Korea and China are very closely linked and they are not only very genetically similar to one another but their languages and writing systems even come from each other, not to mention all the shared historical and religious stuff like Buddhism which had a massive influence on each country. I actually think Japan and Korea need to stop being so uppity and admit that China gave them pretty much all the culture they have now.

No. 367485

the board is being raided by moids for the past week or so, so that probably explains it. any thread that discusses asian women in general tends to attract creepy lurkers and yellow fever moids.

No. 367488

>being asked where they're from
It's a really silly nitpick to feel victimized over since lots of people ask this as a general icebreaker when meeting new people and it doesn't have anything to do with race or ancestry. It's especially common in places like universities or popular cities where lots of people migrated over from another place, even if it's just the suburb town nearby. I see white people get asked the same thing and people are perfectly content when I say I'm from a certain city or state.
I don't have any local same ethnicity friends right now, they're not rare in my area but most of them are people who moved over very recently to attend university, so I feel like we don't have a ton in common since I've always lived in North American cities and I'm not familiar with their pop culture. They also tend to be kinda insular, like they'll have a group of friends that they came over with that they stick to exclusively, which is understandable for someone really new and who often hasn't completely mastered English. The Asian-Americans are fewer and tend to fall into the annoying uber-progressive student stereotype.
I would be interested in connecting more with other Asians and we have an Asian and Asian-American Association here that's, in theory, supposed to bring different Asian cultures together, but they're constantly doing events about African-American culture (e.g., there's an upcoming event about MLK) even though there's a separate Black Culture Center. I don't really have any idea why? At the end of the day I'm not too pressed about meeting same ethnicity friends, race isn't a big consideration for my friend selection.

No. 367492

I'm talking about Asians in general, the region is just too broad. I'd also disagree to a degree on East Asians, though. The past 100 years of history have looked drastically different for Japan, Korea, and China, and it shows in inherited values and hangups when we examine things on a more granular level.

No. 367495

Any other Asian lesbians in here? I'd be interested in hearing your experiences and how you're going about things currently… Especially when it comes to being out.

No. 367498

>I actually think Japan and Korea need to stop being so uppity and admit that China gave them pretty much all the culture they have now.
Oh wow

No. 367505

i'm SEA and mixed.
i thankfully grew up in a town with a lot of SEA migrants although few were from the same country as my parent. i've only dealt with moids calling me jungle asian or inferior, etc. usually trying to neg me but unfortunately i actually dated a hapa that would call me jungle asian. i laugh at it now cause he was so insecure about his white side not being interesting enough that he would try to claim he was 'scottish' even tho his family had been in our country for three generations…
i did have a lot of resentment towards my asian side bc i always felt like a massive outsider not knowing the language and looking so different. it did not help that no one attempted to teach me or made me feel welcome but instead treated me like a show pony by focusing on my looks. they would also call me fat to my face and i'll tell ya being equated to my looks for my whole childhood really does a number on your self esteem… really wish i could hug my perfectly normal child self who never felt comfortable at those asian family gatherings.

No. 367507

All three countries think this about each other kek

No. 367508

Stop LARPing lol what younsaid about the scripts alone is retarded

No. 367509

Would you date a lesbian with yellow fever? If no, what if she's not white?(moid)

No. 367511

Does any nona else here wish she were living in Asia instead of the West? Frequently I wish my parents had never emigrated from China, so I would have had grown up in a culture that is mine. I know China isn't heaven on earth, and maybe life would have been even worse. But I don't like living in America, I don't like talking to American people, I don't want to work for Americans, I don't like American art or media, I don't want to date or marry an American. I don't think I'll ever be happy in this country. Sometimes I think about immigrating, but it sounds so difficult and risky.

No. 367514

AYRT I've only ever been interested in other Asians and dated other Asians so this doesn't apply to me at all.
I think I would have necked myself by now if I had grown up in Korea, but I've thought increasingly about moving there in recent years, especially for health insurance purposes as I get older. The Western experience benefitted me a fair bit growing up, but now that I'm older, I think that my balues would line up better with life over there. It really is such a big leap though and it's hard to know if I could truly acclimate to the culture in the other direction as well. Scary to think that you may always be an other.
Inb4 anybody asks me how this would work being a lesbian, don't. I pass well as straight and I value my livelihood and health more than a relationship, and both are becoming increasingly hard to bear where I live currently.

No. 367515

Your repeated efforts at trying to prove we care about interracial shit are sad. Take your fetish to another thread.

No. 367516

Wdym? Kanji and Hangul are derived from Chinese.

No. 367517

Nobody tell her about the origins of nearly all linguistic scripts.

No. 367518

Just about every Mainlander I've met wants to the stay out of China. I actually don't think I've met one who wanted to go back there after they graduated. My dad goes there for business trips often and tells me it's becoming more and more of an honest-to-god surveillance state over there. Their lockdowns during the pandemic were brutal and extremely oppressive. You really don't want to be there, nona. I don't like a lot about American culture either but you at least have more freedom in the states.

No. 367520

What are you implying? Western alphabets mostly come from Phoenician. Asian alphabets mostly come from Chinese. Korean people used to write in Chinese until one of their rulers decided to simplify the writing system to improve literacy rates for the poor. Koreans still have Hanja names which means the Chinese version of their name and Chinese character derivations/meaning. And I don’t think I need to explain the similarities between Japanese and Chinese, the Chinese literally brought literacy to Japan.

No. 367523

Honest question, how do Asian women feel about AMWF? I’ve only ever seen men talk about it, and you can imagine how that goes.

No. 367525

not asian myself (sorry) but I have a friend who grew up in china and her whole family never wants to go back. They cite the same things, surveillance being insane and the unpredictable handling of covid by the gov't which made a lot of people even more distrustful and paranoid. Her BF got trapped there over the duration of covid and it was awful. People would literally get trapped in like, backcountry tourist towns they just went to visit and got locked in for a crazy amount of time, had to start doing farm work to get by and create a mini life there when they had previously been white collar workers.

No. 367526

>muh wmaf
>muh amwf
Why the fuck would other peoples relationships be any of my business? I’m just trying to live my own life, I don’t care what anyone else does in their personal lives. I swear this thread is full of nothing but racebaiters. Some of you are autistically obsessed with racial pairings, and anyone who defines their relationship as XMXF is a massive race obsessed weirdo probably just trying to get attention and stoke controversy anyway? Most people just date who they like and don’t care about your stupid acronyms. Grow up.

No. 367527

lol it’s nowhere near as bad as youre saying. as long as you don’t write ‘DEATH TO THE CHINESE GOVERNMENT’ all over your weibo account or openly threaten to kill xi jinping, absolutely nothing is going to happen to you.

No. 367528

Even in an Asian woman thread, white people can’t have a conversation without injecting themselves into it somehow. They just always have to be the center of attention and topic of conversation, or else they’ll die.

No. 367529

Everything is derivative of something else historically speaking to a certain degree but you're out here talking like this is on the level of texmex cuisine benefitting from latin american influences. Your base understanding of the complex relationships between Japan, Korea, and China is flawed if you really think that Japan and Korea are "uppity" and unable to admit to Chinese influence beyond what is commonly already accepted. And the only explanation for your own beliefs is that you've either been fed myopic propaganda about what the other countries believe (coincidentally, China has a tendency to overattribute its influence, especially in the modern day) or that you're coming into this haughtily based on only surface-level understanding of how things work. It's not necessarily something I can fault you on as stances on these matters change easily depending on the decade and waves of nationalist sentiment in all 3 of the countries, but it certainly benefits you to research more as you've grossly oversimplified matters.
The matter of Korean script alone is different than what you've stated as the change was not only decided upon to improve literacy rates but also as an act of independence from Chinese influence, and was met accordingly with persecution from Chinese authorities of the time.
And then there's the additional question of whether we can really call it Chinese as we know it today, because China as we think of it today did not exist in the time periods of influence that you're speaking from. So whether the modern assumption of credit is still applicable is iffy.

No. 367530

Im filipino american and my mom never spoke tagalog with me!! why? I work with children and I recently met this russian mother with an indian wife and the two little daughters are trilingual in toddlerhood!! why god! I am almost resentful towards tagalog when i hear it now because its supposed to be mine and it isn’t.

No. 367531

Then leave the thread, your anecdotal input is not as valuable as you think it is.
Just ignore the bait, I know it's literally the first post in the thread but the majority here have decided this isn't a topic that needs to be rehashed for the millionth time.

No. 367532

agree, the whininess in asian american sjws really aggravates me. the whole ‘culture differences, being made fun of for our accents or smelly food or parents who can’t speak english’, is not an asian specific immigrant problem, like at all lmao. all immigrants/poc suffer from this too, but most of them brush it off and get on with their lives. if you constantly present yourself as the victimized eternally oppressed underdog, that’s what you’ll eventually become. as we are seeing now with the massive increase in attacks on asian people. the actual asians from asia i know are so much tougher than americanized ones.

No. 367533

It's never too late to study it and reclaim it nonna. It's regrettable when you feel you were robbed of this point of connection, but there's always something to be done.
I was banned from speaking my native language at home when I entered Western schooling because I coudln't speak English, and ended up forgetting my first lamguage entirely as I grew up because I was still a toddler at the time. But I and multiple other women I know in similar situations have gone on to study and regain fluency (although in my case, there was a lot of incentive as cultural nepotism is still big in my area careerwise even without being in my country of origin)

No. 367534

They have hundreds of millions of cameras tracking citizens throughout the country and are slowly forcing them to switch to digital currency in order to track their spending better. If you don't find patterns like that alarming then I don't know what to say.

No. 367535

Are we really going to derail into China sperging.

No. 367536

I’m so sorry. Missing out on learning your mother/fathers tongue is such a painful alienating experience especially when trying to connect back with that culture and your roots or extended family. It makes you feel like an imposter.

Koreans and Japanese people are extremely hateful and racist towards Chinese people and try as much as they can to separate themselves and deny all linguistic, historical and cultural ties to Chinese culture, even though they are factually undeniable. Which is ironic, because the average western person can’t tell their nationalities apart anyway, and will always assume that Korean or Japanese person is Chinese by default.

No. 367537

How is it derailing? Chinese people make up the biggest East Asian diaspora in the western world.

No. 367538

So…is this thread only for East Asians or can Indians, South Asians and Arabs post in it too since they’re in Asia as well?

No. 367539

They fixate on that stuff because not that there's no problems but in reality a lot of asians end up in good jobs with good lives

Some western chinese are so insecure. "Asian" is a huge group anyway it was probably going to be like this one way or another, sadly

No. 367544

I don't see why not, the umbrella term of Asian, again, casts a really wide net.
Dude, I'm just stating historical fact. Acceptance levels towards and narratives of Chinese influence have always ebbed and flowed depending on contemporary sentiment in the East Asian sphere. And it has objectively been more positive at times and more negative at others. Your continued assertion that Koreans and Japanese have always aggressively denied influence and that popular current sentiment completely denies influence is just incorrect, and I'm sorry if that doesn't fit with the narrative that makes you comfortable. These nationalist dynamics are more complex than you seem to be willing to admit, but projecting total victimhood from either side is beneficial to nobody.

No. 367545

Furthermore, I feel like it's because they end up with good jobs in good lives with unresolved baggae from emotionally stunted upbringings. So these disaffected feelings have to seek some other outlet.
It sort of reminds me of unhappy white kids who start identifying with microlabels and imagining oppression instead of dealing with the actual and resolvable sources of their trauma.
In both cases, pinning blame on overarching hegemonic sources as opposed to the addressable sources close at hand resolves one of responsibility.

No. 367546

I'm not talking about that, I'm talking about sperging about muh evil China. There's nothing wrong with Chinese topics but a lot of these propagandic takes sound straight out of SCMP.

No. 367553

My moms side spoke Arabic but they never taught the kids so they could gossip in their own language in peace. I'm kind of angry as well, lol. Father's side also didn't teach me their language.

No. 367563

My parents go to visit/help family members on occasion but living there is no longer a consideration, the quality of life here is just better in every way and even my grandma who can't even speak English is disinterested since she thinks too much has changed since she left. Politically, my dad is bitter about China because he survived the Tiananmen Sqaure massacre, and he makes it clear that he hopes all communism dies out within his lifetime.

No. 367566

My great grandpa was murdered by commies so I understand that.

No. 367571

File: 1703324746287.png (136.2 KB, 1080x417, A423F237-C74C-4498-980A-831CAA…)

No. 367578

Same except it's Vietnamese language for me. Is it hard to learn Tagalog pronounciation? Becuz Viet feels just impossoble to pronounce outside of the few words I learnt in childhood…

No. 367725

File: 1703361008991.jpg (72.33 KB, 1013x1200, 1654618185000.jpg)

Has anyone dealt with parental/familial abandonment? I feel like this is never talked about in the Asian community, probably because it strongly goes against so many of the basic values that tend to dominate in most Asian cultures, just as a broad generalization. But my (Asian, EA/SEA mix) father and his family basically abandoned me and refused to talk to me. I have known a handful of other Asians, mixes and monoracial Asians, who have dealt with the same thing and like I said, I feel like nobody ever talks about this. I don't know if I just got super unlucky and knew some people who also got super unlucky and I know it isn't statistically common but is it that unknown?

No. 367736

My Asian friend was abused and then later abandoned by her mom and raised by her single dad. She has a lot of sadness because of her lack of mom figure and it messed with her self esteem.

No. 367785

every Asian country is racist to each other you tard, that's why there's always embargos and boycotts going on. but sure, china numbah wahnnn!!(racebaiting)

No. 367798

The mask-off of this being about your hurt nationalist pride when you couldn't refute what she said kek
I get that it's hard with how unfairly anti-Chinese mainstream media and popular sentiment are but going full delusional nationalist tard over it just makes you more miserable without helping anyth

No. 367809

Go back moid.(infighting)

No. 367810

SEA also hates you. Deserved kek.

No. 367811

No. 367813

How does that sound like a man in any way. She’s right.
>everyone disagreeing with me is samefag
Report then bitch. Sorry it’s a shock to find out people don’t like your self victimizing ways outside of state sponsored tiktoks.(infighting)

No. 367825

No Asian woman would make a post mocking the accent of another Asian female poster. You aren’t slick.

No. 367829

Are you referring to the “china namba wan”?? Be serious lmao

No. 367830

Yes, only white male poltards use that unfunny meme. Doesn’t take a wild guess where you’re from.

No. 367834

Girl fak yoo. I’m viet btw. Go back to developing body dysmorphia and doing genocides.(racebait)

No. 367839

dont reply to the baiting tranny retard. hes obsessed with ethnic women and loves larping as us. he was trying to pit african american and african women against each other in the black girl thread now hes trying to pit chinese and sea asian women agaist each other itt. just report and move on.(yes but please just report and move on)

No. 367842

YWNBAW.(replying to bait)

No. 367844

Fun fact: he hates Chinese people because his mom died of Covid. He also got rejected by Yuri Kuznetsov who is half Chinese half Russian and was the one shitting up his thread a few months back. China triggers him to no end. That's why hes sperging.(derailing)

No. 367849

Holy schizophrenia. So you’ve called separate anons male, white, and tranny. Anything else?
You’re literally the one started sperging about muh East asians so mean to china. People hate imperialists, cope.(infighting)

No. 367851

>he’s still going
Yawn. Imagine this attention deprived you have to bait in the Asian girl thread.(report and move on)

No. 367869

Does anyone struggle with parental resentment for having to do a lot of language brokering? My parents still don't speak English very well even after living here for many years, which I can't really fault them for (please don't badmouth them, they had a hard life, etc). It's definitely not as much anymore as my dad learned enough to get by, but my parents ask for help from time to time when more detailed interpretation is needed. Anyway, ever since I became relatively fluent in English as a seven year old, my parents have made me translate things I had no idea about, like housing, some government documents, etc, and they would get angry if I didn't want to. I didn't like having to do it since I was a kid and they were the parents. They were the ones who decided to move to this stupid country, not me. I've been struggling a lot with this recently and I'm not sure what to think.

No. 367873

One thing I'll add is that this made me retain my mother tongue, since I had to do a lot of interpreting and I wanted to help out. Obviously it's not as good compared to if I had grown up in our country, but I can understand a lot of everyday things though understanding news, academic stuff, etc is a lot more difficult and requires a dictionary and lots of slowing down.

No. 367890

Yeah, I know what you mean. A lot of immigrant kids end up in this situation, I remember myself and other friends having to help with tax documents in elementary school. I'm luckily free of it as an adult as my parents learned English, just slower than I did, but I have friends who still get into fights with their parents due to the overdependence making it hard to have their own lives even after leaving home. The feelings surrounding this are really a mixed bag.

No. 367891

Do you nonnas cook? Honestly food is and always will be one of my biggest points of cultural connection in daily life, especially as somebody who feels little kinship with an abusive family. The food is something neutral and nourishing that I can fall back on, and I'm proud that I was able to teach myself the cuisine as an adult as well as I have.
Also, just for fun… what's your favorite comfort food from childhood? Even if it's just poorfag food from tougher times with a dash of ethnic cooking mixed in, it's interesting to me.

No. 367899

I love to cook, but tbh I know very little about Asian cuisines and my focus is on Italian food lol. It's largely because I love cheese and other dairy, which isn't so common in Asian food. I do hope I can learn more though, both because I know there's a wealth of amazing stuff to learn and because I know it'll make me sad if the traditions I saw my mom and grandma practicing as a kid stayed mystified for me.
I love rice in general and congee is a comforting dish for me, it's one of my go-to lazy poorfag meals. My first memory ever involves tomato and egg soup, and it was a favorite throughout my childhood, so that's special to me too. My family always made it "wrong" compared to what recipes will say and I continue to do that.

No. 367909

Why Asian women always hunting down the rich white men?(retarded bait)

No. 367911

Lol I totally feel you on the childhood recipe that your family allegedly cooks incorrectly. There's a cheap tofu simmer recipe that I've loved since childhood, and as an adult trying to find other recipes of it, I've realized it's something my mom wholesale made up due to budget/the closest thing to a real version of it being too spicy for kids.
Do you do any fusion pasta? I find myself cooking a lot of Japanese and Korean pasta recipes… I'm sorry to Italy but they (wow so surprising) are closer to my tastes than a lot of more authentic pasta dishes haha

No. 367912

This is a really sad situation, re:myself and most of the other non-het Asian girls I know. I'm openly lesbian, but my parents are in denial about it and I suspect will continue to be even if I marry a woman. I know a girl who has a longtime girlfriend and looks extremely butch, but told me she will never come out to her family. And it took about a year of friendship for her to confide in me that she had all this going on, even though she also knew I was dating a woman at the time. I also had another friend realize she was into women a bit after we became friends, and her situation in similar. There's just too much to lose in a familial sense, and not enough general acceptance amongst many of our peers for it to be seen as something worth doing.

No. 367936

File: 1703411226806.jpeg (182.42 KB, 1280x720, IMG_0486.jpeg)

Sticky rice with butter and soy sauce in it. And scrambled eggs with ketchup on them on the side. My favorite childhood breakfast.
Mashed sardines on bread is also GOAT… You're making me hungry, nonna

No. 368003

lesbian and not out to anyone in my family until i get financially independent with a solid emergency fund. i found out when i was 16 and thought i'd need to be at least 24 to get where i want to be to feel secure enough. 23 now and this job market is so shit…
idk any asian female friends (out of 3, tbf) who are out to their family in any way, except for maybe a distant friend who made posts about being "queer of the year" and nonbinary. who knows how her indian parents took it

No. 368630

Please just report the baiting moids and move on, don't even respond to them or give them attention. This thread is unfortunately full of them, bans have been issued.

No. 368654

I'm really worried when I move out of the continent. Will they be ok? They have friends in the community but that's not the same thing as having a fluent child help them out. I'm glad your parents learned English; I like to think that my parents would have been relatively fluent too if not for all the hardships they went through.

I feel exactly like you do. A lot of Asians (including Koreans) don't think I look Korean unless I say so and I get a lot of Chinese folks coming up to me speaking Mandarin. I have gotten Vietnamese once, which made me laugh since I strongly look from some vague northeast Asian country. While I didn't grow up in a Korean dominant community, we lived in an immigrant heavy neighbourhood where there were people from Korea as well and we bonded like glue over that. After junior high and onward, there were less and less Koreans around. I still don't really have Korean friends, other than some old childhood friends but I don't talk to them anymore. Most of my friends now are Chinese since there are so many where I live and where I went to university.
The only thing I really miss about having Korean friends is the ability to speak in Korean, since the only people that I speak it to are my parents. There's something so intimate and fun about being able to speak Korean and some words are just more… right in your mother tongue than in English. It'd also be nice to have someone similar to me in age, opinions, personality, etc that I can converse in Korean to.

No. 368663

>Do you other nonnas have a lot of friends within your own ethnicity?
no, and i distanced myself from them because they always excluded me anyway. my dad worked at an embassy so i got to experience a small space that almost felt like the country he was from since they held national ceremonies and events for kids and junk. i'll never forget when my mom made me sit next to some older kids my age and they immediately switched over to the other language when they were initially speaking english the moment i came in when they knew i didn't speak it. that's not the worst instance either because those come from my family but that did play a major factor in me wanting to distance myself from that part of my identity completely. i thought that since they didn't and will never consider me one of them and nobody bothers to even teach me anything instead of making fun of me then i'll just forget about even being associated with those people. i did have sort of a bestfriend from the same ethnicity as me growing up and she was really kind.
>do you desire it if you don't have it?
not at all. i really don't care for that whatsoever but it's no longer because i'm bitter for being excluded. i've accepted that i have little in common with them and it's not like i'm completely clueless about our shared culture for the reason i shared previously about my dad's job. there aren't a lot of them living in my country anyway so it's not something i ever really think about kek. i'm indonesian which means that the people i encounter are muslim conservatives here for theology studies, so even less in common with me considering i'm a lesbian.

No. 368749

I haven't experimented with fusion much yet as I've been trying to learn the roots before experimenting, but that's a good idea! My sister actually wrote a book about fusion cuisine so I should ask her kek

No. 369568

File: 1703796981524.jpeg (617.37 KB, 1620x3425, C488F27A-0EF3-4257-82DB-5D0BEB…)

I hate the way Asians are expected to speak up on behalf of issues that don’t even affect us. Speaking of which, did anyone else see this?

The Israeli embassy posted a propaganda video of a fake Hamas attack on Seoul featuring Korean women being kidnapped and brutalized, and obviously Koreans were disgusted. It got reported so many times they had to take it down, and rightly so. Showing Asian women being raped and brutalized seems to be way too common and honestly I think white/Jewish men just get off on it. There’s so much art by creepy white moids like Trevor Brown that also depict Asian women being mutilated and molested in numerous ways and trying to pass it off as ‘art’. It feels like Asian womens bodies are just made into public domain for being sexually assaulted and when we get upset about it we’re told it’s just ‘artistic license’. It’s too often specifically Asian women’s bodies being sexualized and dehumanized like this in art/media.

I’m glad and proud Koreans could see through this disgusting propaganda garbage.

No. 369573

My guess is Israel made one about Seoul because they know there’s a lot of cults in Korea, some of which are Christian fundies and Zionist Christian bible cults, and Israel is trying to gain their sympathies specifically through appeal to emotion. Still very disgusting.

No. 369680

Especially evil given that Korean women have already been infamously brutalized, raped, and enslaved by an imperial army, we don't need to "imagine if it happened to Korean women," it already did. Tbh, I feel like they're just doing it because of SK's close political relationship with the US, which they believe should make them a proxy ally to the Israeli cause. Glad to see Koreans refusing to fall for it.

No. 370062

File: 1703988712389.jpg (50.41 KB, 750x560, my-favorite-deranged-tweets-v0…)

What if Asian women had a movement like black girl magic?

No. 370109

I can't articulate why but I don't feel like we need it.

No. 370112

We had an Afghan girl in our class in university and I felt so so bad when she told me about her siblings. Several of them had won scholarships in other countries to study in really great majors but they couldn't travel to those countries safely because it's banned for women to travel to get education.

No. 370202

Every single Taliban member should be beaten and strangled and whipped to death in public

No. 370225

Asian girls aren't really deliberately made to feel lesser than other races, so it seems unnecessary.

No. 370464

This, even average Asian girls can amass hordes of yellow fever redditor simps, meanwhile even black female supermodels get called ugly and hideous by racist scrotes.

No. 370473

I don't want to have a spotlight on me being Asian, I just want to be treated neutrally as a person

No. 370530

This. Asians are especially "wow" just to a certain type of moid, but if anything are preferred by that type which also are the types of white boy non-threatening to Asian parents and which run the world economy. There are issues with being cast as leading ladies in Hollywood or at all on Broadway, in the general culture there's a perception of being I guess not ugly but less attractive than white women - it's not very disadvantageous though.

No. 370556

No they're just viewed as subservient children that will worship ugly white loser men, thats not being viewed as lesser at all

No. 370573

I wonder why Asian men and women are so white worshipping? I find it so sad and pathetic. No other race does this like they do.(racebaiting retard)

No. 370829

File: 1704316772659.jpg (68.98 KB, 494x680, GC5kXKrbgAAjVfs.jpg)

Do you ever feel weird about this?

No. 370836

I think white men should keep out of our business and stop trying to tell us what to think.

No. 370869

when i saw this thread i instantly knew how ugly the replies would look. but if you look on the bright side this thread was a mouse trap for racist moids to get popped.

No. 371116

No. East Asian women have a higher average IQ, are less fat,less promiscuous, have more male-like interests like STEM and gaming etc. than other races.
That's why they're idealized among white men.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 371132

I have all of these traits and moids have always hated me. At the end of the day all males just want a vapid bimbo they can show off to their bros. shared interests/ intelligence and modesty don't matter at all.

No. 371155

This is such a tired narrative. With the exception of a few mentally ill Russian and Mexican girls, the vast majority of women accused of “Asian fishing” are just alts who dyed their hair black

No. 371381

File: 1704533515271.jpg (186.37 KB, 1399x2475, duhpqtzo006c1.jpg)

I guess there is no going back to motherland for me

No. 371715

File: 1704610335644.jpg (77.87 KB, 1000x1000, 66614100_1251845188320104_1136…)

Y'all ever highly aware when someone infantalizes you?
I feel like its so rampant
i hate the pick mes that propel it so hard (esp in some korean women its a fucking psyop over there with kpop idols acting like they're 12 when they are nearing 30) but i always remind myself to hate men even more for it.
you can't avoid it when you realize it's everywhere.
I wouldn't care but people actually associate that shit back to me so it actually DOES become my business to deal with
I'm just glad my friends don't act like the "sexy baby" archetype (Abby from 30 Rock)

No. 371716

No. 371883

Is anyone else's father obsessed with fighting against Guo Wengui on twitter

No. 372078

There’s a lot of pickmes online who rely on fetishizers for attention and almost mimic every stereotype associated with Asian women, it’s so weird and gross. It’s like the equivalent of a minstrel show, I wish these women had more respect for themselves instead of pandering to ugly yellow fever scrotes.

No. 373213

File: 1705165633430.jpg (257.63 KB, 1252x1802, 1704957254147500.jpg)

I'm so tired of weird westoids pretending Buddhism is an enlightened religion.

No. 373215

I just had flashbacks to her overwhelmingly detailed her PULL threads were

No. 373230

this feels like it's making fun of an amalgamation of multiple people the person who made the meme met and is angry at kek. It's so incoherent

No. 373345


No. 373478

I see them more attracted women who look similar to celebs like miranda Kerr and Rooney mara.

No. 373832


I’m a SEA and what’s worse I’m half white so sometimes I don’t even consider myself Asian some if not most of the time. However I constantly find myself in this never ending cycle that I constantly feel trapped in leading me to an identity crisis. Here’s how it goes:

>Be half SEA half white that lives in a diverse community of many races

>Have white attributes but have Asian features
>Feel too colored in white communities
>Feel to white in Asian-Asian communities.

To add more into the mix I constantly feel as well get treated as a lesser Asian for being a SEA because my Asian culture is seen as obscure and undesirable compared to East Asians. It’s a pain.

No. 373837

A lot of Asians get lured by Western propaganda that the West is this loving accepting place where you can be free. They never tell you about the racism and fetishism. And Julian Assange went to jail for telling them their smart TV is surveilling them.

No. 373995

I've seen stuff like picrel in real life and I've always felt an urge to be extra mean to white men, so they never think I'm anything like those asskissers

No. 376394

What would this be called? White face? Cultural appropriation..?

No. 376396

It would be called hilarious

No. 376398

They’re completing the cycle of white girls copying Chinese trends and reposting random Chinese girls from weibo onto IG/twitter

No. 376399

Wow, the "lunch of suffering" trend from last year has really evolved to a new level of hilarity

No. 376410

real. i find it weirder on white MtF theyre so hellbent into rping as a kawaii anime girl calling themselves yuki/kira/etc. you are not yuki chan you are john smith from georgia. also the yellowfever americans get from kpop lmao i dont get the hype around korean men theyre cheaters and misogynists and see white women as trophies

No. 376411

Nah its more of a classism(?) issue. Even waayyyy before colonial times having whiter skin = richer looking. It means you dont do any manual labor, like farming etc. The assumption that asian people want to look white is very american centric. I dont mind skin whitening stuff it helps even out my hyperpigmentation. Though i do wish more of asia would accept a beautiful tan skin.

No. 376473

TY for saying it lol.

No. 376525

I have never been able to achieve the body type that most people consider "natural" for east asians without extreme food restriction and dealing with side effects like fainting and awful brain fog. I know plenty of women who don't have problems staying skinny and the woman I nannied for was half my size even three months after giving birth. I don't think I would feel nearly as bad about my weight if I looked more white (I'm mixed) but I'm always going to be bigger than most of the asian girls around me.

No. 376546

How come out of all the racially tinged dance songs of the early 2000's only Cotton Eyed Joe caught on? It's a shame. I like the sitar song a lot.

No. 376579

I feel you… I dunno, I hate always feeling like I'm striving to live up to some standard of what I should look like as an East Asian.

No. 376947

Why does the Instagram algorithm keep recommending me videos of average ass white people walking through Thailand and China and trying to film people staring at them? It’s so pathetic and narcissistic.

No. 376954

It’s really sad that almost every Asian woman I know has had to deal with some form of fetishization. Doesn’t matter if you’re Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Lao, Vietnamese, or literally anywhere with Asian features.

No. 376966

Scrotoids will look at us as if we’re dog breeds and expect us to take it as a compliment. It’s always the most touch starved retards who lust after Asian women so I’m not surprised but it’s still sickening. Every time a guy mentions that he’s into Asians 9/10 he is very likely mentally ill.

No. 376993

found out that my white bf was with a half asian girl that he met on discord and they had sex the first time they met up (ew) and now im worried he has an asian fetish and thats why hes with me

No. 376999

That is kind of weird nona. Hypothetically I think there’s a difference between having an Asian fetish and just being very drawn to certain physical features on an aesthetic level, but with moids… idk. They feed their brain so much fetishizing porn and stereotypes so idk if it’s realistic to say they can appreciate features without fetishizing a person based on stereotypes since they drill them into their head with porn and other “sexy” media reinforcement. Plus the fact he slept with her the first time he met her is pretty trashy regardless.

No. 377015

Lol what did you expect dumbass

No. 377024

Please leave his ass before he gives you an STD. You deserve better than that.

No. 377030

I’m an ethnic minority from China, and a couple years ago, one of my cousins was head of a student union at her uni. She got harassed by Han Chinese students because of her background and was forced into hiding for a while. Recently she opened up a restaurant, and now a ton of Han Chinese students are review bombing it and claiming they got food poisoning from there when no such thing happened and they didn’t even go to her restaurant. I hate this CCP garbage so much. I can’t believe they bring it over to the west, we moved here to escape this bullshit. How does someone remove this kind of cancerous ideology from society.

No. 377058

that sucks for your cousin anon. if it’s on google reviews she should be able to get the reviews taken down easily. how did they even find her in the us?

No. 377095

Yea, idk they talked online for awhile and he just had sex with her the first time they met up in person and he did this with like 2 other non- Asian girls. I’m feeling pretty grossed out after hearing the details, people keep telling me that it shouldn’t matter but im like wut. He tells me that he wishes I was his first after I told him I was grossed out by it and that he only wants me and that im better than them. Of course, because I’m not putting out after the first date. Why did I involve my self with a white moid?

No. 377136

Can anyone else here relate to becoming socially stunted due to having strict/controlling parents? I feel like it’s a very common phenomenon among first gen Asian women that no one ever talks about (like how the majority of Asian immigrants have a hoarding problem, but are loathe to admit it). Basically the whole “study 24/7, no boyfriends, no going out” schtick leads to social retardation that resembles autism at the surface level but is actually the product of being deprived of proper age-appropriate socialization and being extremely sheltered. This was basically my experience
>be me, growing up in multicultural diverse city with plenty of other Asians so no excuse not to socialize due to race reasons
>parents don’t let me have friends over, hang out with friends after school or participate in extracurriculars
>also insist I’m too retarded to take care of myself
>can’t go out and there’s nothing to do at home so I spend hours on the internet
>I’m studious and I do well academically so parents don’t care
>grow up on 4chan particularly the cow days of /cgl/, and the rest is history
It was only during and after college that I realize how badly I struggled to relate and connect to other people, and I cannot help but feel like I was cheated out of a proper socialization. Thankfully, I didn’t TIF out or do dumb reckless shit to try to compensate. But a lot of the typical experiences of young people - going on trips with your friends, going out on the town and getting wasted in your early 20s, doing dumb immature shit with other young people - I missed out on or experienced much later. For better or for worse schmoozing and networking is a part of rising up the career ladder, and being socially deprived makes it so much harder. People always talk about the bamboo ceiling due to white vs Asian cultural differences, but this kind of upbringing is the real bamboo ceiling. It sucks that so many of the struggles that Asian Americans face are due things we internalized via our culture.

No. 377169

Everything in this post is actually too real except I think I'm kind of an actual autist on top of that. Even though I was also friends with mostly other asians I wasn't allowed to hang out with them (except on like two occasions lol) or go to their sleepovers. They weren't even the popular normie outgoing type, we were all obsessed with anime and got good grades. Being treated like that from elementary school age, I think it made me into a very strange and lonely person but I didn't even notice for a long time.
>hoarding problem
I really thought this was just something in my family since my dad had many siblings and my mom was a bit poor growing up so they snap up anything that is a good deal even if we don't need more. It genuinely stresses me out to see so many… things… in my environment so I can't wait to move out. Although, I'm younger than most farmers so I still have more college years left to finally get into dorms and maybe breathe for the first time… idk. Can't wait for that moment.

No. 377209

Is it just me, or is it that being a light skin Asian woman, they always assume you’re Japanese or Korean? I’m Filipina, but I’ve always been told I look like this one kpop idol, and she looks nothing like me. We just both have long hair, East asian features, and light skin. I see a lot of Chinese content creators online who get their videos reposted as “Japanese aesthetic” isn’t that so fuckin weird?

No. 377221

3/4 of my exes are white, and after the breakups it would dawn on me how all those relationships were extremely painful and weird but I would put aside my feelings at the time and only realize later.

I feel like white people gaslight their partners when they’re dating someone non white. When we talk about how we’ve experienced racism they basically say ‘are you sure you’re not imagining it’ in a multitude of ways. Men are generally inconsiderate assholes who lack empathy for others, but when you add a racial factor in there, it makes everything even worse. Don’t expect any sympathy or empathy. Just the word racism makes white guys seethe it seems, and each time I tried to talk about it I would immediately be met with smirks and eye rolls and forced to shut up. Everything becomes awkward, from talking about kids (my ex was talking about how he hoped our kids wouldn’t come out ‘short and too asian looking’ like me. Then when I was hurt by that, he played dumb and gaslighted me into thinking I was being oversensitive. Whenever the topic of kids was brought up, I felt that white oppressive male nature coming out, even in bfs I hadn’t thought were like that. It made them uncomfortable, the idea of their genes getting ‘cucked’ by mine, our kids not looking enough for their tastes, not inheriting their features etc. I feel like all men are reproductively paranoid tbh. They’re always narcissistic and want the kid to be a carbon copy of them. So when you add an egg of a different race in there, it creates this competitiveness in them that’s very unpleasant to witness. It felt like it could damage our relationship if the kid didn’t come out resembling him enough. Or not looking ‘white’ enough. It made me feel very devalued as a person, and angry inside too. That’s just one issue I seem to run into time and time again when dating interracially, and it’s very painful because it’s basically saying ‘your dna isn’t as valuable as mine is’. I even had an exes mother remark a similar thing, saying how ‘strange’ it would be to have Asian grandchildren, but she quickly tried to take it back and just made it even more awkward.

There were so many other issues, like bfs remarking that certain Asian foods I like are ‘disgusting’, and having to change my cooking style to fit their bland palate (sandwiches and pasta only, which I got so bored making) debasing my culture and acting like American culture is superior to all, making fun of habits my family and I do, laughing at racist jokes on TV that are hurtful to me as an Asian (it’s actually crazy how much anti Asian racism there is in white media, I guess we’re seen as easy targets) and just an always uncomfortable underlying feeling. Also, their dating history can make things feel weird too. If they dated only white women ans you’re the first Asian girl, you start wondering if they’re settling for you somehow because he couldn’t lock down a white girl. If they’ve dated Asians before then you have to mentally prepare yourself for the idea you’re likely dating a fetishizer who is going to make you feel like shit. Then there’s the expectations: we have a reputation among white moids (and unfortunately all around the world now) of being docile, submissive, hypersexual etc. That sets expectations for the relationships. I’m usually pretty agreeable, but i once had a guy ghost me because I argued back with him when he was insulting my native country. After trying for a while to be as pleasant and agreeable as possible (which nearly caused me a mental breakdown because I felt so stifled and was scared of being dumped again) I had another ex tell me I was too boring and that he wanted a ‘dragon lady’ type who was going to boss him around and dominate him. No matter what you do for moids they always want something else. It’s a rigged game. It wasn’t worth it IMO. Ive dropped out of the dating game for the foreseeable future and I don’t see myself re-entering it for a long while. I just feel robbed and want all my time and effort back.

No. 377261

Fuck, why do we have the same experience. I am actually central asian but my family is from China and my white bf constantly triesto dismiss my experiences with racism as well. I kept on trying to tell him that I felt like I regularly get disregarded, have weird experiences of people asking me my ethnicity and/or treating me like I’m not Asian enough, and being infantilized and fetishized as being exotic. Nope. He says that it’s not true because he doesn’t see it when we’re out.

He also seems to still have remnants of his stupid edgy discord era still and makes edgy jokes that are racist at times. Why do I feel like that’s such a typical white boy thing to do? My past Asian fob bf never did shit like that and was 10x more mature and serious.

With food and stuff he’s actually quite open to things but he has no idea about Asian food so I have to basically introduce him to everything which is a small thing but can be quite annoying because these are just things I eat everyday. His parents are European and they mentioned that they can’t stand anything with too much salt, sugar, spice or oil and believe that it will ruin your tastebuds and health. These are the people I would have to live around for the rest of my life because I live in his country instead of my family’s and I just can’t understand that logic or live with basic ass unseasoned white bread food for the rest of my life. Please shoot me. They’re unwilling to try anything else as well.

I think he’s okay with having part Asian kids because he’s also a bit weeb-y which he hid from me for months btw. He started telling me about how he really likes Asian art styles, media, and fashion and thinks Asians look cooler. I told him that it’s cool to appreciate it and stuff but its kind of weird that he’s liked it for so long and I feel like he doesn’t understand how those things are cool now but he should be aware and more sensitive about consuming those things as it contributes to the fetishization and sexualization of Asians. I used to be made fun for liking those things and called a fucking monkey when I was younger, Asian media was the only place where I could see people that looked similar to me and made me feel better about myself. I also wasn’t consuming weird coomer brainrot adjacent stuff. And he started fucking fighting me on it saying that he should be able to like those things as well because I like them and it doesn’t matter that he’s white and I was gatekeeping his interests. We fought for days and he eventually deleted all of his anime inspired art off his computer. It was the stupidest shit I have ever dealt with in my life.

He also has the inability to read the room or the air. Not sure if it’s because he’s an ignorant white moid but my Asian bfs never had this problem. I find myself doing things for him to save face and make him happy but I expect him to check on me later or at least realize that I’m doing these things to be considerate and for him to reciprocate later but nope. Nothing, unless I tell him directly to his face and basically shove it down his throat. I feel like this is just what I learned from my family and don’t understand how he can’t act the same .

Now that I’m writing this the red flags are jumping out, but he has been pretty committed to me and basically worships me and do anything for me (as he should). Buys me plane tickets, food , clothes etc. and he’s pretty good in bed. He gives off goofy golden retriever energy and is not mean spirited, just ignorant and a white moid so I feel like i can’t blame him, but im biased as shit.

No. 377279

Being hapa in the west is hell. Always too Asian and foreign for white people. Always too white and not in touch with Asian culture enough for Asian people. Never fully accepted by either side. Always feeling like an alien. Being told you have white privilege when you complain, or being told you aren’t white enough to be accepted into white groups. Having so few people in media or little representation of people who look like you. Always having people ask what race you are, where you’re from, why do your eyes look like that, I’ve never seen someone who looks like you before, always either being hyperfetishized or dismissed by men, having weird tension between Asian and white women who can’t figure you out or place your features, are either jealous of you or racist towards you. Fuck.

No. 377312

I'm also hapa in a western country, do you also experience nazi/pol guys wanting to date you bc they all are anime obsessed with yellow fever yet want a white enough gf too? Those guys flock to me like flies

No. 377331

This is the kind of stuff that gets worse and intolerable once you're married, especially once you're raising kids together. I'd really think about that if I were you.

No. 377365

I think if you let in illiterate scrotes from third world countries who have no social etiquate or cultural taboos against abusing women and who also happen to be of draft age it's going to lead to a lot of innocent young girls and women being targeted and abused. In Honduras, gang and machismo culture lead to women being raped and murdered in awful abusive marriages and on the street by complete strangers.

No. 377382

This made me so fucking mad, holy shit…

No. 377405

They’re the same as any other men, horny and depraved.

No. 377415

Not really because I tend to avoid those types like the plague and wouldn’t talk to them let alone date them anyway. It’s mostly male Redditors and Silicon Valley techbros who fetishize me tbh. They seem to have a fixation on hapa women because they think we’re gonna be their irl Tifa Lockhart or something.

No. 377418

As bad as white dudes.

No. 377452

How can you compare the two anon.. Indian/muslim men or whatever are the bottom of the barrel scum. Misogynistic scum

No. 377482

File: 1707102104828.jpeg (235.63 KB, 1315x1311, C64AC803-387D-4E85-9442-25E117…)

Whenever I see white guys on 4chan discussing hapas, they always bring up incest and talk about wanting to rape their own half Asian daughters. Men need to be burned alive.

No. 377487

File: 1707102906518.png (2.22 MB, 1620x1518, CE53A9FA-E4C5-4824-9B8E-758204…)

Also I remember when this incest story broke, 4chan moids were going crazy over it because the white moid was fucking his own hapa daughter and moids were saying
And talking about how hot it would be to rape your own hapa daughter.

>TLDR: white moid had a hapa daughter with an asian woman, abandoned her and gave her up for adoption. the white moid turned up again when she was in her teens and they had an incestuous relationship where she ended up getting pregnant and giving birth to an incest baby with her own dad. then the dad chimped out and murdered his daughter, their incest baby, his daughters adoptive father, and then killed himself

Absolutely disgusting.

No. 377612

you guys are basically just longwinded versions of the girl in the background of this pic >>371715
embarrassing af and dumb as hell. just dump their ass the first time they make racist jokes instead of even now being all like uwu but golden doggo energy uwu. gag. seriously. how hard is it really to find a guy who isn't a fucking weirdo about your race?

No. 377657

As an Asian woman, I don’t get why everyone is dogpiling on the white girl who won Miss Japan. I thought she was really pretty.

No. 377662

It was mostly butthurt incels trying to pit White and Asian women against each other, as always. Most Japanese women didn’t care or were happy for her.

No. 377679

The only procedures I would get are baby botox and skin microdermabrasion. My aunt does tell me that she would pay for my blepharoplasty if I wanted. However, I've (mostly) found peace with my 속쌍꺼풀 and I'm not bothered by my skin colour (I am lighter skinned so it could be different if I were darker). I'm very skeptical of bleph/double eyelid surgery as it was a procedure heavily promoted during the Korean War, by a white American surgeon to make Asian faces less Asian and thus more ""acceptable"" to the western populace. ""Deorientalize"" the Asian face. Great! Not quite sure on the first patients he operated on, but I remember reading that he would operate on prostitutes in Korea to make them more appealing to the American soldiers, then to prospective women who wanted to marry an American man and move to America. Sure, double eyelids were probably more favoured in the past, but I wonder at how much the surgeon contributed to the obsession for of double eyelids and other surgery in Korea and beyond.
Not shaming anyone, but it's important to know history.

No. 377686

She wasn't even Asian. This was during the peak yellow fever of 4chin and got so obsessed with the fact that there's no way non Asian women are attractive they just started claiming women like Emily browning, Katya lischina, etc were just hapa because they'd rather cope to own the white roasties I guess

No. 377728

I thought they’re dogpiling her because she cheated? Ngl I think she’s pretty too but there are way prettier models in random ass junk food ads in japan (Japanese and white) and I’m confused by the top contestants overall. Are they being judged by looks or other criteria too?

No. 377816

I don’t think any beauty pageant is just about looks alone, they have to compete on other topics too. Most of the hate I saw was from ultra Nationalist Japanese people and anti Semitic incels who hate her because she’s jewish. In Japan many normal people said she was very cute.

No. 377846

They always find something to bitch about every pageant winner. For the last Miss Japan it was because she was half black even though she’s also gorgeous. When Miss France won people were screeching about her pixie-cut hair and how she must be a dyke etc etc. It’s just another excuse for ugly bitter moids to openly spew misogyny against women and then claim they’re ‘allowed to because it’s a beauty contest’

No. 377867

White women are just the universal punching bags atm for every type of open expressions of misogyny. People are more racist towards Asian women, black women, Indian women in reality etc but because you can get cancelled for expressing that openly, most gen Z misogynists solely target white women as an outlet for all their woman hatred, ‘Beckies’, ‘Starbucks bitches’, ‘Karen’s’ etc because it’s safer to do so especially in liberal spaces.

No. 377911

File: 1707307291594.jpg (21.46 KB, 679x382, 20240115_232759.jpg)

People are very quick to co-opt these kinds of sentiments even though they are meant for all women. They don't just mean white women. A man will literally tack on 'white women' to something like "women have the ugliest disgusting most worthless bodies they're ugly bitches and i want to cut them up and play in their blood" and it suddenly goes viral.

No. 377985

Crazy how you could see literally any post related to Chinese people or Chinese culture and there will be some weeaboo (not even Asian), unprompted in the comments being like "uhhm actually, the Japanese are better!1" like good for you I guess. This always happens too with any other Asian country really. They just have to compare other cultures to Japan and Korea like a baseline, because omg just like in their kpoop and mangas. Like they're not fully convinced that Asian people do things for any reason other than to be marvelled at by retarded westerners online. Like Japan is constantly turned into this quirky monolith, like "look guys, the Japanese are so silly with their exotic Japanese habits, everything in Japan is so weird". How did Asian stuff become so popular online, even among basic TikTok types? Even a few years ago, kpop and anime were still popular but I feel like xiaohongshu and douyin reposts are everywhere now. Nothing wrong with finding those things cool and interesting but you can tell there are more people straight up wanting to skinwalk east Asian people. Do they just want to look like their girl group idols or is it more than that? idgi

No. 377989

I find it so weird that the same weebs who worship anything as long as it's from Japan, froth at the mouth whenever China is mentioned. I went to China several times for work and have quite a few friends there from university so it's not like I'm totally unfamiliar with the place. Yet people who have never been really hate this fact and never fail to remind me about muh Uyghurs, communism, censorship, Tiananmen square and pollution. Every single time. Next time I'm making a bingo card.

No. 377990

Agreed nona. I’m not even Chinese, but the amount of Japan worship from white weebs is so irritating. You could literally slap some katakana on a dog turd and weebs would be lining up to buy it.

No. 377997

I feel like India and China are both punching bags for racist liberals. Reddit is absolutely full of China and India hate but the weird thing is most of its coming from leftists. It seems that talking shit about any ethnicity besides whites is forbidden, but you can still bash Chinese and Indian people openly as much as you want I guess and post racist content. The China hate is obvious since China is a competitor and enemy of America, but the India one is a bit confusing because India is suppose to be an ally of the US. I wonder if it’s because Indians are generally very successful when they emigrate to the US and are competing for the good jobs there. There was a lot of racism against Asians in STEM because white stembros felt that Asian men and women were taking their jobs.

No. 378081

China is too massive for this like yes it does have very glaring flaws to criticize but you don't see people condemning the entirety of the USA with vitriolic hatred online for, IDK, police brutality.

No. 378094

File: 1707395523634.jpeg (39.09 KB, 604x579, 0F2F4A9E-6F3D-4811-8DCB-642283…)

I feel like that too. I’m trying to work it out in therapy by gaining emotional regulation and learning real social skills. I secretly resent my mom for not letting me be a normal kid and I feel like a kid in an adult’s body. I hope in a few months I can start fresh and try again

No. 378098

China hate is exclusively an American thing and has come about precisely because of American anti-chinese propaganda. This is explicitly due to economic concerns and competition. Americans are extremely susceptible to propaganda and they just go along with whatever they're told to believe. Interestingly something similar is true when it comes to Europe. The US media will demonize and paint as "colonialism" any sort of economic foray or cooperation a European country does with a Middle Eastern, African or Asian country that isn't the big three. Americans then echo the same rhetoric as they do with China. The newest example of this is in regards to Meloni (Italy) and their plan to be more involved with the economy of Tunisia and other North African countries because Italy wants to diversify its energy supply further and stem the flow of immigrants by economically strengthening Maghreb countries. All of that is done openly and between governments and it benefits them all, but the Americans just screech about everything from racism to colonialism. Why? Because of economics. The US wants a weak and dependent EU.

Interestingly not a peep was heard from American media when just a week or two ago France and India signed extensive and far reaching cooperation deals on everything from military to nuclear energy to space exploration, because the US always hides other people's success or tries to pretend it never happened. This deal between France and India is one of the most significant things in geopolitics since the start of Russia's chimpout and it solidifies and assures the increase of power and influence for both countries, and makes them de facto sovereign (even more than up until now) on the world stage but American media never mentiones it.

Basically this isn't a "White" thing, but an America thing. America will always shit and piss on any country or race that tries to do or does its own thing or acts in their own interest.

No. 378111

The russia Ukraine thing was just a proxy war. Europe was getting cheap gas and energy from Russia, but America had to wade in and goad Russia by putting nato bases on their border. It was always America’s intention to ruin the europe-Russia alliance and keep Europeans reliant on America while sanctioning Russia and stopping them from exporting cheap fuel, America has ruined so many European peoples lives and so many people are struggling, it’s sad. Energy prices doubled in a month in my country.

No. 378116

Nice try but no vatnička. Russia is the clear aggressor and a perpetual enemy of Europe, and the EU will expand towards East, while China will expand from the East. Russia's future is one of being finally civilized as a dependency of both, and we will gracefully accept your submission and teach you how to be people.(bait)

No. 378123

this is just not true. I agree america is anti-china for geopolitical/economic reasons, but have you ever met someone from SEA? anti-chinese sentiment is common there and some even prefer to ally with the us over china because they feel like chinese hegemony in asia is a legitimate threat to any budding democracy

No. 378142

Shut up dumb burger.

No. 378143

Yeah, this. America’s hate for China might be propagated mainly through racism, but every other Asian country hates them too tbh and it’s not for race reason. South Korea doesn’t like China, nor does Japan, Mongolia, East Turkestan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, the Philippines etc etc.

No. 378145

Chinese are just the asian jews tbh. Most of the time they don't even try to integrate and act autistic.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 378165

Can't wait for the racebait war with this one, kek.

No. 378195

File: 1707448280088.jpeg (107.13 KB, 637x637, AB2AEA65-678B-4226-82EB-8D6428…)

Does this picture make you feel weird? I thought it was cute until I saw all the fetishizing posts. Then I felt sick to my stomach

No. 378197

Yellow fever moids just have to make everything creepy and weird, even an innocent plush. Their first exposure to Asian women was usually some kind of Japanese tentacle porn that they found on the internet when they were 7, and since then they just become increasingly creepy towards Asian women every year of their life.

No. 378252

Great, now I hate being a glasses wearing Asian. Why must men ruin everything.

No. 378284

I was shamed for the millionth time today for not speaking my mother's native language by some people I had just met at my work. I hate when older people have the nerve to keep going on and on again about how I'm the failed generation even after I say the reason I don't speak the language is because my mother wasn't even around to raise me.

No. 378505

File: 1707600540976.jpg (Spoiler Image,119.1 KB, 1454x1600, 1707423403041596.jpg)

No. 378523

Not even asian but this makes me suicidal. Thanks.

No. 378524

File: 1707604185347.jpg (136.31 KB, 1024x768, two-women-leaning-on-each-othe…)

I figured this thread would be a good place to talk with other Asian women and finally share my story.
I am a blasian woman, black and Korean, and ever since the uptick of Asian hate crimes done by black people I am pushed to feel ashamed to even be associated with the black race. Everywhere on the Internet and in real life, I see nothing but people proclaiming, from both sides, that Asian and black people will never be able to get along with one another and that by nature they will just automatically hate one another.
It truly pains my heart to see this, as someone who was raised by my Korean parent and grew up with a predominantly Korean/white community. I've loved everything that my Korean heritage has done and shown me and I believe I am a living testament to prove that, as someone who is half black, that by nature I have nothing but love to offer and give towards other Asian people. To any Korean woman that might stumble upon this thread, I genuinely see you as my sister. And the extent of my love doesn't stop at just Koreans, it extends to all Asian people. It is just unfair how I see the hyper-publicized aggressive uncivilized black people being portrayed on TV attacking Asian people and how media wants to use that as a representation of "all black people". I saw one news story just yesterday of an Asian woman and her family that were visiting from Nevada being attacked on a New York subway and I just cried.
From myself and from my extended black family, they have been nothing but a family that has welcomed Asian culture with open arms. Even my farthest distant cousins who are pure black whenever I've met them at family gatherings, when I've told them what my parents look like, they've all gazed at me in awe and admiration and said "Oh you're so beautiful!" I just wish that people could see that not all black people dislike Asians, and even if they have trouble seeing that I'd be willing to be the positive example to prove that as a partially black person that I at least have love for Asian people and Asian culture.

No. 378526

oh damn. when i first saw it i didnt interpret this as asian. i thought "oh, the femcel phenotype" and found it cute.
so, as someone who has a similar look irl, i also feel upset. not asian btw.

No. 378529

There's no reason to be ashamed of any part of your heritage. You're not responsible for the behavior of millions of random people you've never met, only your own and your kids' if you have them. There's going to be racists and violent schizos on every continent. All you can do is be a decent human being yourself and intervene when someone is being singled out for a superficial reason like race or sex.

No. 378535

Cute, how you get upset over a internet meme.

No. 378536

Nona, I'm a mixed Black latina/Korean woman and I get what you mean, it's so hard to come to terms with the strained relationship between these communities, which frankly goes both ways. I am so glad you've had accepting family, and I mean that genuinely, I hope there is more of this in the future. But for me, my Korean family was very cruel towards me when I was young because of my being too dark, they would often joke about bleaching my skin. They'd make fun of my nose, call Black people gorillas, say we are too hairy, and more. Meanwhile, my Black family would make fun of my eyes too for being too slanted, would refuse to eat at Asian restaurants because they were worried about roaches and rats, and other things along those lines. Both sides of my family felt comfortable saying such casually racist things about the other half of my race, even when they were challenged they'd just double down. So I understand why people feel that Asian people and Black people cannot get along. I know that's not true, because there are so many stories like yours, and obviously my parents found each other and saw beyond race (and they stopped bringing me around extended family because they couldn't accept the racism and were worried it'd affect my self-esteem), but it is hard to hear about the uptick in hate crimes. During COVID, my parents cut off my Black family and went no contact because of the horrible things they were saying about Asians on social media. Honestly, I think my Korean family came to accept me more than my Black family did and started to compliment my skin, but I think maybe it's because of social sentiments in S. Korea changing maybe. I truly do hope things get better, it's very hard being caught in the middle because we know better than anyone that it doesn't have to be this way.

No. 378546

File: 1707613528837.png (511.52 KB, 900x768, 1645561651.png)

What if we just erase half of the earth's population

No. 378547

I’m genuinely starting to hate living in the west and wondering if I should move to Asia permanently. I don’t think anyone talks about how prevalent sexual harassment and assault is when you’re an Asian woman living in the US. Almost every single interaction I have with men daily here is made weird and uncomfortable by them. They either get creepily close and invade my personal space, and start breathing in my face, staring me down and flirting in this really skeezy slimey way with a weird grin on their face as if they think I want to fuck them, or they talk down to me like I’m a retarded child and are dismissive and rude to me for no reason. It doesn’t help that I’m 4ft11 and extremely skinny, with very typically Asian features and not white passing at all. I’ve been grabbed and groped by random men in the street and on public transport. Men literally yell sexual things at me from their cars while driving by. Old men will leer at me while walking next to their wives and lick their lips or wink at me. I feel like I have to hide my Asian-woman-ness in public otherwise it automatically taints the interactions I’m going to have. And btw I’m not try to humblebrag or something because 99% of the men who hit on me are ugly geeky white moids or fat old men. I genuinely feel like a piece of meat just going around my daily business and I hate it. I don’t know why but I feel like the sexual harassment has gotten so much worse in the last 3-4 years too. Idk if it’s Covid or Asian fetishes are just growing in popularity due to porn, but I’d say about 70% of the sexual harassment I’ve experienced in my lifetime has happened from 2020 to this year.
I’m genuinely starting to miss Asia, I could walk around freely there. Nobody would stare at me and I was essentially invisible because I’m not considered special or stunning by actual Asian people (also they prefer tall like 170cm+ women there with long legs and white skin and high features and I don’t have any of those traits so I’m actually just considered average or ugly over there) and people just leave me alone and let me get on with my business. But in the west I’m the token tiny Asian girl and every creep within 100 mile radius seems to think it’s fine to sexually harass me because of it and they know that Asian women usually don’t fight back against them so we are easy targets. Every time I’ve tried online dating, as soon as men see I’m a petite Asian woman they seem to think they have a right to talk about my body sexually while using racial slurs, even seemingly ‘normal’ men who’ve been apparently vetted by my white and other race girlfriends seem to develop this starey, invasive, rapey instinct when talking to me and it’s frightening and offputting. It feels like they don’t see me as a human being, just a weird sex object, and it’s disgusting.

No. 378550

I also agree people don't really understand how bad sexual harassment is if you're asian. People do not believe me when I tell them amount creepy encounters I have on public transportation because I'm not attractive but those type of men have low standards. I guess maybe I would consider living in asia if I thought it was possible to get a decent job there but it would be difficult for me.

No. 378551

Where in Asia would you live? Because East Asia has a worse sexual harassment problem and both there and in SEA you will be seen as subhuman by your average man.

No. 378554

>East Asian has a worse sexual harassment problem than the west
No it doesn’t, not even close. Stop swallowing American propaganda.

No. 378560

I literally live with two Korean roommates and they hate how men act over there. When they tell me about the stuff they lived with Korean men and Korean society it really makes me think it's not so bad in here (Canada).

No. 378561

anon. women only train cars and buses don't exist here in the us because sexual harassment in public transportation isn't even seen as an issue worth discussing even ignoring the inevitable 'but but but what about the uwu twaaans women' whining we'd get, not because there's less of it. in my city at least, you can't even complain about sexual harassment or crime on public transportation at all without rich white liberals who don't ride trains popping out to lecture you about how the men who do this shit are all totally just facing socioeconomic hardships (and therefore you should just put up with all of it).
not saying dating or interpersonal relationships with men isn't going to be a total shitshow and come with sexist baggage but I also felt significantly safer and more invisible walking around in Asian cities than western cities.

No. 378566

Over there they just patch the rampant normalized harassment with female-only train cars, sure. In school, the workforce and in your interpersonal relationships you will still suffer from a lot of harassment. Here in the west a lot of the time nothing is done about harassment in the workplace for example, but over there it's guaranteed that nothing will be done at all, plus you will need to put up with it if you work in a company since changing jobs is seen negatively. In here you can find at the very least support groups and fellow women that understand you. Over there that is very limited. I would rather be unsafe outside and have to take precautions with that, than be unsafe in my personal life and have all of the society turn their back on me tbh.

No. 378571

It just runs so historically deep. This is a location doxx for anybody who knows what I'm referring to but the prejudice in the previous generation of Koreans in my area is hard to unlearn because so many do have a family member or friend who was killed in the type of situations that led up to the 1990 riots. You can try to say something to their statements, but in the face of current violence confirming internal biases from blood spilt decades ago, it's very hard to actually push without becoming personally insensitive.

No. 378674

I'm not the nona you're talking to but I know of the area you're mentioning and that history you're talking about. And I still gotta say that your reason is retarded. I'm East Asian and even I will admit that when it comes to races, Asians for no good reason single out black people and put a target on their backs for being the race "best to avoid". When other races, especially Latinos and Whites, have had just as much of a history of animosity towards Asians as they claim black people to have. During that exact same time period as the race riots, there were other races fighting against Asians as well. Latino gangs got into many bloody turf fights against Asians. Many discriminated Asians in their neighborhoods, yet Asians love to simply gloss over this for some reason and many (like Koreans for example) start chain restaurant franchises with Mexicans and say "All you can eat Korean and Mexican cuisine!"
If you're going to discriminate against black people for a past conflict decades ago that primarily happened only in a part of the United States where not everyone in the world even lives, then keep the same energy and be just as ridiculously discriminatory towards other people of color who have had animosity towards Asians.

No. 378676

You’re so right nona. The sad thing is in the West we wouldn’t even get female only train cars even if we literally begged for them. I’m actually more impressed that conservative Asia recognizes sexual assault is a problem and actually did something proactive about it that genuinely helps women and keeps them safer. At least Japan is doing something about it, which is more feminist than any bleeding heart liberal saying that women speaking out about trannies and moids raping women in public spaces is bigoted.

Meanwhile here in the more ‘liberal, evolved’ west would never even dream of implementing female only spaces such as womens train cars. In fact western governments are actively tearing female spaces down to make way for rapist men in dresses. Absolute clown world.

No. 378678

The LA riots might have started out as a race thing but the Koreans defending their stores had nothing to do with race imo. The ‘rooftop Koreans’ were mostly immigrants who had served in the war and had just escaped a brutal fascist totalitarian hellscape run by a dictator that would have civilians murdered in the streets (that Korea was before democracy). Those south Koreans learned the importance of guns as a tool of self defense and during the LA riots they were shooting at anyone trying to loot their businesses. If the majority of the looters happened to be black, that’s not racism, that’s just unfortunate. Are they supposed to suddenly stop defending their families and businesses from violent attackers with guns, just because the attacker is black? That’s stupid.

No. 378679

You’re far more likely to be raped in the west than in Korea sis. In summer in Korea women walk around in tiny mini skirts and booty shorts that look like underwear and practically show their whole ass, and nobody even looks twice or bothers them, and they’re confident enough to not be afraid of wearing whatever they want either. There are girls everywhere in Hongdae, drunk and staggering around, dressed in practically underwear and nobody comes up and rapes them. Sexual assault is also a huge deal in Korea. Just brushing past someone can be reported as sexual assault. Look at the case with in Korea where a singer touched a woman’s knee while he was trying to stand up when drunk, she reported him for sexual assault and his life and career almost got ruined.

No. 378681

The massive wave of covid violence against Asians mostly involved black aggressors. It’s not racist to point this out. And I say this as a Blasian girl myself. I’m tired of people capeing for black men. Not only are black men violent towards Asians but also towards black women and just about everyone else too. Also there’s a big difference between simply avoiding a certain group and actively targeting and attacking them.

No. 378693

Yeah Canada is totally safer than Korea.

No. 378695

At least I can use the bathroom in Tokyo without worrying about being raped at gunpoint by a man in a dress. Can’t say the same for any public bathroom in the US.

No. 378699

You do realize by telling Asians to disparage all black people for the actions of the ones who committed crimes, they’re not just going to disparage only the “black men” but black women as well as they can also commit some Asian hate crimes? I looked it up, that crime that was committed against the Nevada Asian family was committed by a group of black female teenagers. When you tell Asian people to hate all black people, they’re not going to go “Oh only the black MEN are at fault!” They’re going to paint the generalization over all black people no matter their sex

No. 378702

File: 1707702146321.jpg (170.53 KB, 1172x867, transs.jpg)

>At least I can use the bathroom in Tokyo without worrying about being raped at gunpoint by a man in a dress.
Sadly, not anymore

No. 378722

I don't endorse or agree with the discrimination, I'm just talking about the roots of the conflict based on anecdotal events from my community. They have a harder time questioning biased media and ideology because it aligns with their lived experiences of losing family members to black aggressors. I and most of my peers are aware that there are larger structural issues in play and that the race of the individual is not to blame. But majority of time, a 60 year old guy who grew up in a rough neighborhood and lost his cousin to a black man shooting him dead in his business is not going to suddenly start thinking about the shooter's life story and revolutionize his belief system so easily.
It's an important thing to keep in mind and does a disservice to productive dialogue when you get enraged that they can't just suck it up without considering these factors.

No. 378731

nta but its funny that our experiences are so different that I'd say pretty much the opposite. I saw signs warning of spycameras in every other restroom in seoul and all the koreans I saw were generally dressed in "basics" that wouldn't be amiss at a family brunch. As for cases about sexual assault, I'd point to the nth room and the Burning Sun club scandals.
That said, responding to the original anon, it truly varies case by case and if you feel like you'd have a better life in Asia, more power to you. It's not easy dealing with sexual harassment, much less a racialized version.

No. 378745

>Look at the case with in Korea where a singer touched a woman’s knee while he was trying to stand up when drunk, she reported him for sexual assault and his life and career almost got ruined.
Rare SKorea W???

No. 378746

Tbh they probably only did anything because he was a big singer. Didn’t south korea have that problem with telegram chats of men blackmailing underage girls

No. 378758

A ton of American celebrities are unironic pedophiles, abusers and rapists yet still allowed to continue to work openly and earn money and are adored by fans. At least Koreans genuinely cancel their rapey and abusive celebrities.

No. 378762

Sorry but this is the Asian girl thread. If you want to talk about black issues then you have the black girl thread, stop trying to provoke race wars.

Asian women are being snatched off the street and raped in the US on a daily basis and an Asian family is slaughtered in the US practically every week. The west is definitely not safer for Asians than Asia, I know multiple Asians who are considering moving back to Asia because the amount of racism and violence (from every other race) against Asians in the west is becoming insane. Even westernized Asians can be extremely racist towards other Asians because of brainwashing. I just feel bad for the diaspora who can’t even speak their grandparents language and couldn’t move back to Asia even if they wanted to. But I honestly can’t blame them, the US is a shitshow atm and rape and murder rates have been rising for the past 5 years straight.

No. 378763

I hope this is sarcasm. Canada has a horrible track record when it comes to convicting rape and assault especially for woc victims, and their jail sentences are an absolute joke. Look up the Pamela Jean George case.

No. 378766

File: 1707740547021.jpeg (931.79 KB, 2766x1477, EE72F923-96DB-447F-9B4C-0C8ECC…)

I hate this so much. She literally looks plainer and less pretty than she did on the left because now she’s so generic looking and bogged. Why aren’t Asian women allowed to love themselves? I hate this disgusting industry.

No. 378775

bulbous nose where? it’s literally a normal nose. she’s so hot on the left.looks like the cool, edgy girl I wanted to be in the 2000s. striking but elegant. right just looks like a flat image almost.

No. 378782

This is horrific why would she do this. There was quite literally not a single thing unappealing about her natural face.

No. 378783

do any of you have large eyelids? i’m really average looking and my other features are very nothingburger but i always get positive comments from my extended family for having notable double eyelids but nothing else. i don’t have large eyes either. it feels weird

No. 378810

all due respect, I wasn't trying to argue and was just remarking that we had vastly different experiences. I was fortunate enough to grow up in diverse communities and in circles where any racism I experienced was an anomaly and a sign that whoever did that was some already-outcast weirdo.
My pov on the points you raise though is that while the western world does dole out a particularly racialized form of sexism, the eastern world has only sexism (for women who arent mistaken for another race blah etc) only because the race isn't a distinguishing factor. Asian women in Asia also get raped and murdered by men, just by men of their own race. A few countries are already trying to coax women into breeding to boost declining birth rates, China Korea Japan etc, with reports of sex trafficking for the sole purpose of getting brides for those poor widdle scrotes. Imo it's an individual choice for each woman based on their own experiences. I had a shit time in Korea all the way since a kindergarten classmate sexually harassed me. It's ymmv to me.

No. 378862

File: 1707766972934.jpg (458.7 KB, 1536x2048, 1705592501616305.jpg)

It's become a meme in SEA. Girls have just been posting themselves comparing themselves to the doll. It was only picked up on in the West later by Yellow fever moids(bait)

No. 378864

wow that is a fugly face

No. 378865

File: 1707767111335.webm (1.99 MB, 576x1024, 1707763665329066.webm)

No. 378878

Post yours

No. 378883

Why is thread being hijacked by a moid with a fetish for the hamster girl and keeps posting her. Just stop.

No. 378885

I always hear from asian people that I need to lose weight, become paler, get a nose job, etc. but the one thing I'm lucky with is double eyelids. But honestly I've always loved women with monolids I don't understand the stigma

No. 378890

Same. I find monolids on both men and women so much sexier than double eyelids. I’ve never been a fan of big wet eyes with lots of eyelid space, especially on men.

No. 378895

Caring about eyelids is incredibly gay and retarded. There, I said it.

No. 378896

I just wish I had either. I have one eye with double eyelid and the other eye depends on the day. It's so annoying to do eyemakeup like this.

No. 378899

Yea I have huge deep double eyelids which is unusual for an Asian person. Most people think I’m mixed.

No. 378940

Is this a joke

No. 378945

>At least Koreans genuinely cancel their rapey and abusive celebrities.
I want to live in your beautiful alternate reality in which S. Korea gives a fuck about women and doesn't bully them to suicide for not wearing a bra.

No. 378981

File: 1707801457244.png (563.06 KB, 800x533, 98653C86-9CBD-45B2-8EBA-2889B8…)

America is so much worse for women than East Asia

No. 378983

File: 1707801700995.webm (3.94 MB, 1280x1920, sakura2.webm)

If anything S.Korea is getting more scandalous, shes not wearing a bra or safety shorts. Trying to replicate the US.


No. 378991

File: 1707805728706.jpg (65.61 KB, 344x644, itzy (1).jpg)

even broadcast

No. 378999

She looked fine before with good proportions. Should've just gotten a haircut or something, PS is so lame. And why post yourself bare face and then with makeup and surgery.
Kind of similar, when I was a toddler, strangers at the grocery store would comment on my round eyes and I didn't understand why. I used to sometimes wish I had monolids as a kid because they looked so cool and elegant. I'm appreciative of what I have though.

Appearance-related tangent I guess, but it's interesting/odd that I got my dad's coloring but most of my mom's features, but my brother got it the other way around. Like he is ghostly pale and I'm tan, but he has monolids and I don't. Not mixed or anything. My mom used to poke fun at how dark I was in comparison, saying that she didn't know why I turned out like that because nobody else in the family was that dark (???), which could be pretty fucked from an outsiders perspective but I fortunately didn't develop a complex about it or anything. Like what people call 黄黑皮/yellow dark skin. At some point, she commented on how I'm not that tan anymore which makes sense because I dress boring and don't spend a lot of time outdoors.

No. 379039

This just further confirms that they are getting more misogynistic

No. 379048

still better than that weird cookie song that new jeans did and the one who is in charge of the group is apparently even a women, yikes.

No. 379053


I feel sorry for Japanese and korean people. So many weirdos are obsessed with them.(this is an image board. post caps)

No. 379104

File: 1707862128930.jpg (81.98 KB, 1244x593, korean.jpg)

What do you guys think of the effect of K-Pop and K-Dramas on girls around the world?(no kpop allowed)

No. 379237

I work primarily amongst a variety of Asians, mostly SEA. I myself am mixed Lao. My boss told me a conversation between two Viet co-workers. They said they would "never understand Asian girls who get with white dudes" and that they're a "waste." I'll never be accepted by other Asians, and I'll never be accepted by white ppl either, so it was just a nice cherry on top to hear that I'm considered a waste, too.

No. 379240

I think a lot of Asian women date white men because white men have pretty low standards and aren’t that demanding tbh. All they usually want in a woman is a) don’t be super fat and b) be somewhat nice to them/boost their ego. That’s pretty much it. I think for Asian girls who are considered unattractive in Asia because they don’t meet Asian beauty standards, dating a white guy is just much easier than dating an Asian guy because Asian men tend to have high standards and nitpick things that white guys wouldn’t even notice, also a lot of whites are faceblind when it comes to Asians and can’t even tell us apart, and ‘fat’ in Asia is still considered ‘slim’ in the west.

If you’re not a Stai Cee, dating a white man is just the path of lowest resistance and it makes sense why it happens a lot. Personally I’m not really into white men at all, but I can understand why many Asian girls date them, it’s just easier and means you get to make less effort I guess.

No. 379241

Lol nah they’re just copying the western artists like Nicki Minaj and Saweetie by letting their ass and boobs hang out. Nobody is buying music anymore because it’s a dying industry and artists and companies are getting more desperate to grab people’s attention and make sales. It’s all pretty pathetic. Also the biggest pedo stylist/coordi in Korea right now is the woman mentioned, she keeps making Lolita and creepy pedo themed concepts and shoots for underage artists over a decade now, and got so much shit for it from the public for it, then shut everyone down by threatening to sue them for harassment (you can sue individual commenters in Korea because their full ID and name is linked to their account) so it’s all very retarded.

No. 379242

Most of the people cyber boolying Sulli on the live were other women lol. And she didn’t kermit because of that, she had a ton of mental issues that she kept hidden from the public until she died.

No. 379265

I personally don't care what any Asian womans' logic for dating white men is. My mother is a first generation Lao woman who married a white man and had me. If these women are considered wasted in their relationships, it's incredibly depressing to think of what they may think of the mixed kids who are products of these relationships. Every day I deal with both sides of my respective ethnicities finding some way to other me because of their own discomfort with the consequences (me) of interracial couplings. Even my Vietnamese boss admitted that what they said was incredibly racist, the only saving grace in the situation that made me feel a little better about myself. That being said, you are correct about Asian men having ridiculously unrealistic beauty standards. The consequences of post-Confucianism, I suppose.

No. 379295

no offense but it sounds like you’re obsessed with playing the victim. it’s not that deep hapa-chan.

No. 379296

I’m Korean but actually prefer Chinese historical dramas. The Korean ones kinda make me cringe and aren’t as aesthetically pleasing. I also dislike most Korean actors, they’re too plastic and arrogant for my taste.

No. 379302

America has a long extensive history of fetishizing and murdering Asian women. It’s practically ingrained in American culture for fat old white men to import impoverished young Asian women to marital rape in exchange for money. The Japanese war brides act was signed into American law decades before interracial relationships were legalized in the US: meaning that the only interracial relationships recognized and approved by the US government were white male - fob asian female relationships, long before anyone else was allowed to marry who they wanted. American men were raping women and murdering almost whole families in Japan and China and Korea and Vietnam and then bringing their daughters home as wives. This set an extremely unhealthy precedent for the foundation of WMAF relationships in America: a traumatized Asian woman who couldn’t speak English and was a victim of American imperialism, and a psychopathic white male soldier who had just got done murdering and raping and got off with it scot-free.

The same moids calling Asians zipperheads and gooks were settling down to have half Asian children with the same race of women they tortured, it’s no wonder hapas have a reputation for mental illness if that was the foundation of many hapa childrens lives in the west. The extent of brutality towards Asian women and little girls in these wars has never been fully or officially admitted by the government because it makes their supposed ‘noble, superior, civilized western soldiers’ look like barbarians and brutes, but plenty of war vets have admitted to raping and torturing Asian women and children for fun, so we don’t even know the half of it yet. Millions of dead Asian women and kids whose voices and stories will never be heard.

Western governments turns blind eye to their pedophiles and rapists going to South East Asia and raping women and little girls. The whole white world approves the rape and abuse of Asian bodies. We aren’t seen as fully human like white people are: not only are we women which men automatically see as beneath themselves, but we’re also ethnic women, which puts us below even white women, and therefore the rape and exploitation of our bodies is approved and condoned by westerners, they don’t believe we feel things or have the same mental capacity for pain as white people do. White women also hate us and see us as a threat trying to ‘steal’ their men too, so they couldn’t really care less about our pain and suffering and wish we’d just fuck off ‘back to Asia’.

No. 379305

In no ways would I be, but the topic of the thread does include venting. I just wanted to comment and elaborate on something I heard at work that affected me. Nothing to do with claiming victimhood, it's not that deep.

No. 379307

I think this is why hanging on to Asian identity is something a lot of halfies/hapas covet, as one. I've personally accepted a long time ago that I'm an amorphous cultural blob with no real leanings or cultural right to anything, but in other (esp whasian) hapas I know they go one of 2 directions - obsession over their Asian half and rejection of the other, or vice versa. I think a lot of them want to reconcile between the disconnect of their white/non-asian heritage because of colonial violence and a much older form of culture that is mystified to them because of language/cultural barriers unique to hapas. Blasians have always been easier to get along with than whasians, mostly because they have to face their acceptance earlier because of colorism.

No. 379320

I think a lot of hapas, and more specifically white/Asian mixes, end up coveting Asian identity because in a lot of places, being half white does not make you white and you're forced to identify with the non-white side. Add to it that as the other anon said, there are some strange racial dynamics in these pairings and it can be confusing for the kids born of these unions. Either accept your own identity as mixed as you did (aka, amorphous cultural blob, I like that phrase) or try to cling to the Asian side because that's the only option available in a "one drop" situation. I will say that I think this general issue, with it's racial focus and and the bit about being a cultural blob, does strike me as an American/North American issue (please correct me if I'm wrong).

I'm hapa too but from a Hispanic background and while I didn't fit in for various reasons and my race set me apart (I look totally Asian), there wasn't this "otherness" feeling that I see in a lot of other mixed Asians, especially Asian/white mixes, because I think Hispanic/Latin culture is already kind of expecting racial admixture and it's really more about certain cultural signifiers for fitting in.

No. 379323

I think to further your point about Hispanic culture I've certainly felt more accepted amongst Hispanics or other non-white and non-Asian cultures because there is a greater acceptance for mixed raced kids. And I could definitely see it being an American issue. I knew a half-Thai half-Norwegian kid who never really felt as bisected between their respected halves as much as half-American kids do. I will add, if you're a half white Asian kid, you teeter between being the golden novelty child with Asian elders and the black sheep. Never involved until they have an opportunity to admire your whiteness.


I don't agree with it either (mostly cause this is pathetic behavior in general), but you can't deny she is Asian, and if she hypothetically did get involved in an interracial couple, those daughters will be Asian too. They'll face the same fetishization and objectification as every other Asian woman. Same struggles, it's fr fr not that deep kek

No. 379325

This feels like you’re concern trolling. No one cares about some mentally ill coomers.

No. 379326

i wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the same white scrote from the black girls thread. he kept posting explicit BMWF fetish/slavery porn screenshots and saying ‘OMG ISNT THIS TERRIBLE AND GROSS SISTERS AMIRITE’ while clearly searching for and getting off to it.

genuinely wouldn’t be surprised if it’s just the same white moid posting his asian submission fetish and trying to paint white men as desirable, under the guise of concern for asian women. like no real woman would save this picture or even go searching for it lol.

No. 379327

It’s because Amerikkka is the most aggressively racist place one earth despite being the most multicultural and diverse place on earth. When you surround white people with non white immigrants they become more hostile and paranoid and combative, which is also why nazism is rising in europe again now.

No. 379328

Why would you even post something like this in this thread. Fuck off tranny. No one cares about your sissification fetish.

No. 379329

I appreciate your comment. It’s not surprising that Hapas can have poor mental health. I wish it was better. I hope the continued development and industrialization of Asia can guarantee a better world for Asian women and children

No. 379333

Most hapas are fine. It’s a racist myth that they’re mentally ill. Maybe the ones who are raised by white pedophilic abusive dads and self hating asian mail order bride moms, which is obviously going to be a toxic as fuck environment for any child, but the ones who just have normal parents who love each other are fine.

No. 379340

Theres only two hapas that were even in the news.

Elliot Rodger and that girl from Facial Abuse.

But it seems those two single cases have been blown up so much every hapa is now a school shooter waiting to happen.

Just ignore every other case from every other race ever.

No. 379343

File: 1707971019541.jpg (61.54 KB, 572x250, 5577969-9deb4045a348f179ade7f7…)

>Western governments turns blind eye to their pedophiles and rapists going to South East Asia and raping women and little girls. The whole white world approves the rape and abuse of Asian bodies. We aren’t seen as fully human like white people are: not only are we women which men automatically see as beneath themselves, but we’re also ethnic women, which puts us below even white women, and therefore the rape and exploitation of our bodies is approved and condoned by westerners, they don’t believe we feel things or have the same mental capacity for pain as white people do. White women also hate us and see us as a threat trying to ‘steal’ their men too, so they couldn’t really care less about our pain and suffering and wish we’d just fuck off ‘back to Asia’.


No. 379351

With the mixed race experience being it's own distinctive thing/frequent complaints of us "invading" or "derailing" other threads/posting in these threads essentially meaning we have to pick a side when relaying our experiences, would it not be best to simply create our own thread? We're diluting discussion and not really receiving much substantial feedback on our talking points in return.

No. 379373

>Elliott Rodger and the girl from facial abuse
I guarantee nobody outside of 4chan cares about these people

Mod didn’t delete the BMWF porn spam from tat thread even though multiple people reported and complained about it, so I doubt they’ll remove this one either. You can post obvious moidy fetish bait and porn on here now.

No. 379502

File: 1708030045314.jpg (91.13 KB, 709x314, kdr.jpg)

I see the articles pop up from time to time.

No. 379669

Thank god the mods are banning the weirdos posting fetish and porn content now. Fucking finally.

No. 379692

Can we please stop talking about the f*cial abuse girl. Just reading that term makes my skin absolutely crawl. I hope those moids who own that porn ‘studio’ die screaming. They should be impaled on a spike.

No. 379693

I genuinely didn’t even know what facial abuse meant. I had to unfortunately Google it and was horrified. Are extreme porn websites really considered a household name in female spaces like lolcow? I certainly wish I’d never heard of it and am saddened and surprised so many people seem to reference it so casually on here.

No. 379737

no, she just became a meme on 4chan, because she came from a very wealthy family and signed up for only $400 or so.

No. 379813

Can we please stop bringing mentally ill 4chan memes over here? Let moids huff each other’s farts all day in their little r9k echo chamber if they want to, but we shouldn’t have to smell it too.

No. 379823

Yeah seriously whenever it’s brought up I assume it’s some newfaggot trying to get people to look at it, it’s like spreading pseudo revenge porn.

No. 379837

I just went on vacation to Japan and I actually saw a lot of fat tourist Asian couples in my hotel, mostly Korean or Chinese. Both the man and women seemed to be similar in weight/looks. They were always well groomed though and dressed nicely compared to American couples.

All of my hapa friends grew up in relatively diverse areas and are normal from what I can tell. The only one I know who has issues is because her extremely rich white dad divorced her mom and went on to marry and start a family with another Japanese woman- which isn't from being hapa, I think that would fuck up anybody. I feel like it depends more on what your family is like and how accepting/westernized they are.

No. 379862

Asians are getting fatter, unfortunately. Half of Chinese are overweight.

No. 379953

I agree. The trannies keep concerntrolling by posting porn here and making references to disgusting coomer 4chan shit while being like ‘omg sister look at this porn spam isn’t it gross and racist! doesnt it make you mad!’ It’s clearly racebait/fetish content posted by an obsessed white moid and I’m sick of it. Nobody cares about Mayli or Elliott outside of 4chan.

No. 380135

Kinda feels like this thread is full of Asian dudes to be honest, lol.

No. 380200

Never ceases to amaze me how men can debase the fuck out of a certain race women but still be absolutely obsessed with boning them. Male sexuality is an absolute disease that needs to be eradicated.

No. 380202

On Google there’s endless creepshots of underage girls and even upskirt pics of schoolgirls from America and Europe. None of it gets taken down and plenty of the victims are well below age of consent. Can you imagine America or Europe implementing the mandatory loud camera shutter sound on phone cameras to prevent creepy men taking creepshots of girls? I certainly can’t. The western governments arent even acknowledging it’s an issue, yet even backwards sexist Japan has implemented the sound on all their phones (I was flying to Japan and taking pictures of my airline food and noticed the shutter sound automatically became enabled as we flew into the territory of Japan, it was kinda cool) it’s depressing that the government won’t even bring up the topic of creepshots and sneaking candid pics of women, but makes a huge song and dance about fake AI pics.

No. 385552

Malaysian anons- why are most of your men homosexual sex pests with severe mental illness(racebait)

No. 385942

File: 1710744137496.jpeg (34.34 KB, 466x657, images - 2024-03-18T143903.597…)

Ive actually asked a couple of my friends who dated/married white guys why them and they said that the men are more "mature" and are not the jealous types. The filipino guys they've dated in the past are very nitpicky,very jealous and have criticized them for their appearances while not being much of a catch themselves. The worst one they've told me is that their nipples or the inner thighs thighs were too dark. I also find that a lot, but not all, Filipino men are addicted to pornography. Pic related.

No. 385943

Yikes if you compare this by population, the US/Flips/Mexico is actually ok (for what it is) but France is out of the charts. Disgusting.

No. 385946

>Filipino men are addicted to pornography.

Flip here and I agree. I remember back in high school some of the boys would say hentai-tier shit like "yamete kudusaiiii" to a bunch of anime (Love Live?) cosplayers during a school field trip.

There was also an infamous event here where a boy raped his own cousin resulting in said cousin giving birth to "their" child—and he said he did it because, and I quote: "I saw it on the internet and was curious and wanted to try it out".

Lmao this is what happens when sex ed is shit, buying contraceptives can be shameful, and hentai can be easily watched with the type of a finger. I partly blame the Catholic church and its pUrITY bullshit for this.

No. 385949

France is the Japan of Europe when it comes to sexual degenerates. That's why both are so fond of each other culturally.

No. 385954

I think frogs are similar to Americans as well even tho they hate it, so it would make sense that both counties are filled with porn diseased traffickers.

No. 385959

is that the KMJS episode?? I saw that on youtube and I wanted that boy to put on some sort of juvie/jail or sex offender list. kid is a straight up rapist. I blame the church and unsupervised internet access of children . i feel like theres no saving the women here (though i have small hope) . the feminism here is too lukewarm. its always what about the men when discussing women's issues. especially on the topic of rape and marital abuse. they always defend the men on the points of poverty or soiling the family name or keeping the family together. ive seen shit takes recently on filipino socmedia on how a simple rape allegation can destroy a man's life and opportunities. literally brain dead.

No. 385984

>is that the KMJS episode??
Yeah, that's what I was referring to. The girl's dad should've killed the boy when he had the chance.

No. 386015

No one actually believes in "le mentally ill hapas" in the offline world, it's such an overly online belief. I'm half-white and the only people I've ever heard regurgitate that to me were retarded 4channers on the internet.

No. 392834

File: 1713795077786.jpg (22.59 KB, 474x335, 1000011383.jpg)

This is something that's been driving me crazy. I keep hearing people say that some insane percentage of East Asians are lactose intolerant, like 90-100%, and this even got repeated in my nutrition textbook. Look up lactose intolerance and they'll say this.

I LOVE any and all dairy products and have only had positive experiences consuming them. None of my family is intolerant, and we did the "you have to drink milk daily" thing when I was a kid.

I ask every Asian I know if they're lactose intolerant and everyone has said no, at worst they'll say "no but I just don't really like or consume dairy that much." They have also never heard of this supposed widespread intolerance being a thing. I have asked people directly from East Asia and people born and raised Western.

What's going on here? The only thing I can think of is that the alleged statistic is based on some technical definition of lactose intolerance where maybe you're genetically slightly more sensitive but you wouldn't notice any differences until like 7 cups of milk in, but that still seems so weird.

No. 392879

Where do you live? Most I know aren't, and I used to be but I'm not really anymore unless I'm chugging straight milk. Because you can get acclimated to milk through repeated consumption. It's statistically true that being lactose intolerance is actually the human norm, though. Most humans naturally lose the ability to process lactose past infancy unless they consume it regularly as part of their diet.
True lactose intolerance in which even in infancy you can't consume breast milk is a different matter, but that's not what they're talking about with the statistics you've given.

No. 392882

I find it a little weird too, especially because in Korea they had that cheese craze recently. I've seen the statistics too, and I think I might be mildly lactose intolerant, but I do wonder how those studies are defining lactose intolerance. I can have dairy products, just too much makes my stomach hurt.

No. 392907

In Japan and Korea most people take lactase pills if they know they’re going to be eating dairy that day. I’m lactose intolerant, all it does is give me some mild diarrhea and stomach cramps. Certainly doesn’t stop me eating a big slice of cheesecake or pouring mozzarella all over my ramen.

No. 392946

File: 1713837042004.jpg (715.47 KB, 956x820, green-gables.jpg)

My understanding is lactose intolerance really only affects drinking skim milk, other dairy products like cheese, cream etc are not high enough in lactose to cause serious issues unless you eat/drink a lot of it

No. 392949

I have that lactose intolerance. I can only drink whole milk, but the fat amount isn't recommendable to drink it everyday.

No. 392953

That sucks. I have one lactose tolerance gene and one intolerance gene (hapa) and I can drink milk without an issue but if I eat something with a lot of cheese or cream in it I get horribly gassy
Carbs + lactose seems to be the nightmare combo

No. 392957

ayrt I live in America but I am the only Western-born member of my family. My family actually apparently sort of thinks food intolerances and allergies are like a white person thing because it was unheard of when they were growing up, they were too poor to really be picky
Did not realize there was a significant difference between skim and whole milk, that's interesting. I don't really ever drink skim milk because I don't prefer the taste but I drank like 6 cups of whole milk today (trying to finish a gallon before it expires) and I feel great

No. 392960

Honestly there are a lot of allergies with my cousins on my dad's side, I don't know if its a white thing or some environmental thing, but I never had them
Skim milk has the most lactose in it because it has the least amount of fat (hence the skim)
Cream is the opposite, it has a lot more fat content so the lactose % is small

No. 393253

Has anyone else been made to feel inferior for not being the ‘right’ type of Asian?
My bf is a huge weeb (unfortunately only found this out later). He admitted to me a few weeks ago he’s been studying Japanese for 7 years and even went on Japanese dating apps and international sites trawling for a Japanese gf until he finally had a couple failed ldrs and gave up.

I’m Chinese American, not Japanese. My bf admitted he’s attracted to me because ‘I look Japanese’ whatever that means. But he still subtly makes me feel inferior and sub par for not actually being Japanese. When I can’t understand or speak Japanese he seems almost irritated with me. When I don’t dress up like an anime girl or cat girl for him or put on a cute voice or whatever he sulks, he is disappointed that I can only speak some Chinese and that I don’t have a fob accent which he thinks are ‘cute’. When I make Chinese food he seems almost disappointed that I’m not cooking Japanese food instead. He always seems somewhat disappointed with my culture when I try to share it with him because it’s not Japanese, or he’ll say ‘Oh this reminds me of x Japanese tradition’ and start talking about that instead and makes my nationality feel invalidated. I feel like if he met an attractive Japanese woman tomorrow he would immediately leave me for her even though he says he won’t.

No. 393264

>admits to staying with a man with raging yellow fever
please dump him, he doesn't even view you as an actual human being. being single can't be worse than being in a relationship with someone who makes you feel insecure

No. 393271

Not Asian but reading this while browsing the first page of /g/ gave me stomach ulcers and made my eyes bleed. Please leave him fucking immediately. Imagine your gf makes you homemade food from her culture and you’re DISAPPOINTED it’s not anime food??? I’m clawing my eyes out. Please anon. Oh my god. I hope this is bait.

No. 393276

File: 1713969233785.png (162.79 KB, 548x538, 1688409057343233.png)

This is so bad that it honestly reads like bait/someone shitposting about retarded weeaboos, dear god

No. 393293

This better be bait. If not, dumping him isn't enough, you have to hit him with your car.

No. 393322

This happens to me all the time as a SEA woman.

No. 393341

Pathetic. Get a grip.

No. 393346

Holy fuck anon, this reads like bait or a shitpost. If it's neither just get out of there, that's awful.

No. 393449

I have 2nd gen Chinese cousins in Canada and I've heard this sort of thing before from them, it tends to get blown out of proportion by ricecels but there definitely is a subset of creepy white guys who are autistically obsessed with Japan and Asian women
A lot of Chinese girls grow up socially stunted due to their parents so they'll just tolerate that sort of guy because they don't know they can do better

No. 393450

Tbh I wouldn't date a white guy who either has only dated other Asians before or is overly negative about white women
Huge red flags for a "grass is greener" misogynist

No. 393454

Cringe. Do you hear yourself?

No. 393467

I'm not even Asian/Asian gen, but each time I want to take milk tea or something, I have to ask for whole milk or else I'll end it puking it or worse. And is a bummer because most of the time the stores sell milk tea but do not have the whole milk option.

Dump him, nonnie. You deserve someone who treat you like who you're, not someone who he thinks you're or use you as his "Asian girlfriend".

No. 393801

Why did everyone assume your bf is white? He could easily be a weeb Asian or other race guy. Sigh.

No. 393812

File: 1714154382608.png (468.49 KB, 1441x829, anompls.png)

you wear CAT EARS for him? pls get some self respect

No. 393813

KEK did you make this for her?

No. 393814

yes, i need her to realise how she's acting

No. 393816

Guys who fetishize Japanese women typically tend to be white, this isn’t to say that other men don’t sexualize them though. Some of the creepiest weeb men I’ve seen online were either Chinese, Filipino, or latin american.

No. 393817

I’m an Indian woman and unfortunately I’m not sure why but I seem to attract the most abhorrent kind of fetishists. I remember one white guy messaging me that he’d like to impregnate me then punch and kick my womb and cause me a miscarriage. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

No. 393824

jesus christ nona that's so disgusting

No. 393827

He said even worse things before I blocked him. To be far it was my own fault, I added him from a /soc/ thread. Should have known better. The scary thing was he looked like a total normie tho. Like just unassuming white guy with glasses who had a pretty good job in London.

No. 393846

>on 4chan

No. 393860

>Chinese, Filipino, or Latin Americans

Not surprising. These three are the biggest weeb demographics.

No. 393880

File: 1714167310407.png (71.79 KB, 1153x442, 6E47162A-DDB8-4630-BF99-19F921…)

My disgust for men grows daily

No. 393883

There's something deeply wrong with German men. I remember a cannibal website (not cannibalcafe) that showed most of it's users were from Germany…

No. 393890

Not to mention, Germany is obsessed with scat porn. Fucking Nazi freaks

No. 393899

Most men are fucking degenerates even if they are seemingly normal. God i hope he kills himself

No. 393905

This reeks of imagination

No. 393911

/soc/ is filled with the most deranged and degenerate men

No. 393947

idk what you meant as the difference between fetishization and sexualization here, but JP women are fetishized by asian men far more than by western men. JAV is the standard porn across all of asia(not just a side genre), to the point where the average normie man eroticizes Japanese women like you wouldn't believe. Not even just the weebs. Men will harrass jp women with "yamete" "kimochi ii" that they picked up from porn, and expect them to act like they do in porn. Japanese women are also stereotyped as submissive, deferential, feminine, make good wives, etc (among other asians) Westerners don't really know this because to them all asians are the same so the idea that one asian group would eroticize another doesn't occur to them

No. 393986

Fake or not, I wish SEA goverments would just perma ban single White men from entering the countries. But they're too White-worshipping (except maybe Vietnam?) to ever to do that. The next thing we need is another Peter Scully or Richard Huckle on the loose.

No. 394148

I completely agree with you.

No. 394600

I believe this. I’m only 1/4 Asian and quite white passing. I’m 3/4 Polish. I remember my ex moid was really upset when he learned I wasn’t Russian mixed with a bit of Siberian and was actually just Polish and Chinese. I found out (only later in our relationship) he’d been fetishizing Russian and Asian looking Russian women for years and years, and was just ‘settling for me’ because I was the closest he could get. I even caught him on intervals talking to random women from Siberia and Russia. When I confronted him he blamed me and said I was the ‘wrong’ kind of Slav and that he found my mix of nationalities boring. Men like this really do exist unfortunately.

No. 394627

are you in Poland, nona? very strange of your ex moid. There are some Polish Tatars of Siberian/Mongolian/Turkic/Polish ethnicity, so I wonder if he had a fetish for women adjacent to this specific ethnic mix. he's a loser either way.

No. 394723

My ex also had a Russian woman obsession (ugh). I found his porn folder once while borrowing his laptop and it was full of thousands of videos of Russian fetishy content with blonde blue eyed Russian girls while telling me that he 'hates white women and prefers Asian girls' which was another red flag. Its always a specificlaly loser type moid who is a Russiaboo.

No. 395907

Did anyone grow up socially stunted because they had typical strict parents? My family wouldn’t let me leave the house except for school, or let me have friends over (Mom always acted like my friends were party animals who would leave me down a path of drinking and drugs even though my friends in school were nerds who spent their spare time reading Harry Potter). Even my birthday parties growing up were friendless, we’d just have a few random aunts and cousins I barely knew over when I was younger, and when I was older they’d just be my parents and a cake.
I turned 24 a couple of months but still live with my parents because rent is very expensive here, especially as a single person unless you have a dream job. But I have no chance to get a bf because no way will my mother let me bring a man back to the house, and any man would be scared off by my crazy parents anyway. But I can’t afford to pay rent alone.
To this day I have one friend who I knew back in school, but it’s a casual friendship and we only see each other every few months. And we don’t really do things people in their twenties usually do, like going to parties or bars or anything. It’s more like going to the cinema or Starbucks or things like that. (The only time I ever drink is if we go to a restaurant and I get one or two drinks max, because I know if I come home tipsy my mother will throw a bitch fit). And even though we’ve known each other since we were teenagers, sometimes there are still gaps and awkward silences because I have no social skills.
I feel like I’m doomed to be forever alone.

No. 395919

Men with any kind of fetish for any specific nationality or race of women is always always a massive red flag for them being w complete piece of shit person. I don’t care what nationality it is, just run if a moid ever reveals a fetish for women of specific countries to you.

No. 395983

>a lot of these propagandic takes sound straight out of SCMP
You do realise SCMP IS Chinese government propaganda now, right? You must. You can't be this stupid.(infighting a 4 month old post)

No. 396262

File: 1715156264345.png (171.71 KB, 640x565, image0.png)

i'm US born flip and didn't grow up speaking either of my parents' dialects because they worked the entirety of my childhood, and i was raised half the time by my grandparents on either side who had no qualms speaking to me in english. i'm 24 this year and for the first time next month i'll be starting an intensive tagalog class. i'm really excited to be reconnecting to my family's culture after spending my adolescence feeling completely disconnected from it and even other US flips thanks to being autistic & whitewashed. even though tagalog isn't my parents' native dialect (ilocano), it's a start.
my biggest regret is not being able to speak to my grandparents in their own language before they died

No. 396342

I love being east asian because I get to experience telling people I'm a teacher and the first reaction being "your parents must be super disappointed in you, right?"

No. 396379

why? being a teacher isn't bad. not every east asian is a stemcel.

No. 396397

That’s such a weird thing to say

No. 398141

It pays shit and you have to deal with kids who disrespect you.

No. 398144

Fellow Flip here who knows Tagalog. Some Tagalog words originated from Spanish, so if you know that language or aware of some words learning it would become easier.

Simple examples would be: trabaho, syudad, pamilya, presidente, gobyerno.

It doesn't have gendered pronouns, everyone is just "siya". Older people should be referred to by family honorofics (even strangers)—kuya/ate (big brother/sister) for someone slightly older than you, nanay/tatay (mother/father) for middle-aged ones, lola/lolo (grandmother/grandfather) for senior citizens. Also, always use "po" at the end of of your sentence when talking to nanay/tatays and lola/lolos or they'll see you as a disrespectful little punk.

I hope this helps a little or maybe you know some already—may your language learning journey be fruitful nonna!

No. 398381

File: 1715834305814.png (290.28 KB, 1023x669, SEAnons.png)


>>367085 >>367085 >>367085
>growing up you're surrounded by constant Japanophilia (and even Koreaboos) yet simultaneously met with Sinophobia and general colorism. Especially online. I obviously shouldn't take /pol/tards seriously but I've been a NEET all my life so I constantly am subliminally absorbing stupid shit like "SEAmonkeys" and those MSpaint WMAF caricatures you see, I've probably seen that one of Vivienne Tye / laowhy's Wife at least fifty times. It never feels glamorous to be Chinese: the stereotypes are always repulsive. Part of it may be the lingering aftermath of the red scare (vaguely political comments about the state of China, shit about gutter oil, surveillance, communism) and others are just commonly perpetuated stereotypes like being very reductionist when it comes to academics. Visually, online we're more often portrayed as brown, slanty eyed, with an unpleasant accent and shrill voice… fiery, easily provoked, thick-skulled (thinking of Mr. Yunioshi from Breakfast at Tiffany's) as opposed to the Japs, who are like, super sugoi and kawaii!!!!~ Delicate, demure, girly, excessively decorated (Harajuku fashion, Lolita, maid cafes, in a dressed up uniform) with anime-like voices, and their broken English is even seen as endearing instead. You see this with vtubers like Inugami Korone; it's seen as a cute thing… yet I've never heard someone say to me that they find girls with Chinese accents adorable. I've seen so much of "tfw no Japanese girlfriend", people praising their jpop idols, voice actresses, etc… making light of the stereotypes in a way that portrays them as endearing, like that one picture of Mogusa Shirose in the snow captioned "Ouhhh… Husbant…" hahahah. Weebs always talking about how they want to pick up their life and move to Japan, how much they adore the glittering lights of Akihabara, and how they "just love the culture." (Pewdiepie & TrashTaste) And this is of least importance; but all the right-wing chuds online (which is incidentally most of the people in the corners of the internet I'm in, just due to interest overlap) that glamorize Japan because it's a socially conservative ethnostate with strict immigration (Huh, weird, it's like China also fits this description) and treat the Chinese as an enemy while perceiving Japan as a beacon and ideal. The politics of it all are deeply entangled with history (nobody would call a Chinese an "honorary Aryan"), and naturally, this theme of anti-China and pro-Japan permeates mainstream contemporary politics as well. I obviously don't seek the validation of these people; but it would just be nice to feel like I'm not being punched down on wherever I turn.

It hurts so bad and I can't really do anything about it. The easy option is to self-loathe and wish/and or LARP that I'm Japanese, or distance myself from my Asian half as much as a second-gen immigrant can. The correct option would be to fully and unapologetically embrace my real heritage instead of being gaslit into thinking that the Japanese are the only ones with a culture and society that can be romanticized. It's just hard and feels like a lonely existence when I do this, trying to appreciate that part of my identity but having to deal with the hard truth that I can't and never will expect this sentiment to be reciprocated. Nobody should rely solely on external validation for their self worth, but it's depressing taking inadvertent rejection after rejection by the world. And I feel like a whiny victimizer when I talk about it. I feel like I can't win.

No. 398383

File: 1715835067949.png (570.11 KB, 777x639, weezer.png)

I admit this is a cringy personality defect that is a product of low self esteem but at times I genuinely would rather be fetishized/objectified than ridiculed and ignored. In the former, at least I'd be wanted in some capacity, even if it's in a very superficial and spiritually corrosive sense.

I hate this kind of BDD infused with internalized race insecurity that I've never been able to shake. It's things like my weight and figure, but also very specific things like the inadequate fairness of my skin, my eyes not being big enough, having visibly "Sinitic" qualities in my features as opposed to "Japonic" ones that I used to counteract with SNOW filters that made my eyes bigger and whatnot. I hate how I once actually felt good when a guy similarly told me I "looked Japanese" and had people guess I was Japanese because of my racial ambiguity of being half Asian. I intentionally wouldn't correct them out of shame, because I really did covet that kind of identity and its associated western Japanophilia, but I also wouldn't affirm their guesses out of a deep embarrassment that I'm that pathetic where I won't even tell people what ethnicity I am, that I'm that disingenuous and self-hating.

It's the same feeling as growing up and always being overshadowed and outperformed by a prettier and more successful older sibling, but in a broader and more sociological sense. Due to half of it being deeply involved with aesthetics and their romanticization, it's really fueled my body dysmorphia and physical insecurities. I just wanna be cute like Tsuroko and I want to be wanted and I want to be accepted and I want to stop being constantly reminded I'm somehow permastuck in a lower caste just because of what I am. I don't want to live with this feeling of inferiority forever.

No. 398385

>I genuinely would rather be fetishized/objectified than ridiculed and ignored.

Dios mio, absolutely no dude. This isn't a binary of either fetishization or ridicule there's always the third (and best option) of being treated as a regular person.

There aren't just two choices here. Thinking like that is just the race version of the Maddona-whore complex.

No. 398403

>there's always the third (and best option) of being treated as a regular person
I guess so. That's just not what my expectations are. I frame it as a dichotomy because I've seriously only ever experienced attention through one or the other. (being bullied or being objectified.)

No. 398409

Are there any asians that lived in places that are populated with other races? It's basically when you're asian and considered a minority just because you are asian
What was your experience like?

No. 398418

think of it as a blessing or people filter that keeps you from wasting your time. i want to know someone is a creep early on and not accidentally befriend a sex pest hiding their true colors who could potentially hurt you in some way out of nowhere. my heart goes out to asian women in general for having to suffer from the fetishization and ridicule from one big vocal group. anime is fine as entertainment, but it's a strange how something like animated cartoons can somehow make people creeps and racists.

aside, i utter a wry laugh when weaboos claim that japanese culture is superior to chinese culture when japan were huge chinese fans for a large part of history (before they decided to become bit of westophiles at another time) and adapted many parts of chinese culture that are still applied in present japan.

No. 398500

Weeb incels with yellow fever are the last people whose opinions should ever be given any though. Literally the most bottom barrel subhuman men ever, who cares if they think you’re worthless because you’re not Japanese/a trendy type of Asian, just ignore them and embrace your heritage. You will find people that will accept you for who you are.

This, if anything it is a blessing because you’re less likely to run into potential fetishizers/creeps. I really hate how Asian culture has attracted the most vile people ever.

No. 398620

I’m an Asian girl who hates anime lol. It’s hilarious the number of white people who tried to start a conversation with me about their favorite anime and I’m just like ‘I don’t know that one sorry I don’t want anime’ and their face looks like I just took a shit on their shoes.

No. 398813

I don't want to hate, but I wish hapa girls would make their own thread instead of posting in this one.

No. 398816

They do have their own thread kek they just choose to continue posting in this one

No. 398826

Where's the thread? I can't find it in the catalog.

No. 398845

It's the mixed race thread. Though since hapas itt are talking about specifically Asian issues I don't see what the problem is.

No. 398846

No. 398865

The problem is that it's not Asian issues but hapa issues.

No. 399152

Some of them are fine and some of them I don't want to see. Like >>398383 . I don't want to see complaints about how badly she, as a mixed race woman, wants to be fetishized as Asian no matter now self aware of it she is.

No. 399430

File: 1716189828260.jpg (131.68 KB, 1038x437, ivfff.jpg)

>Fake or not, I wish SEA goverments would just perma ban single White men from entering the countries

No. 399486

I read that article and it said 400 babies were born to white sperm donors. Out of a population of 1.4 billion people that's literally a nothing burger. Just a wanky clickbait article to make white people feel better about themselves.

No. 399676

I turn 24 in a couple months but for a second I thought maybe I posted this in my sleep. I’m used to having almost zero social life due to strict parents and now I do like being accompanied by myself but I feel like I’ll never be able to move out of my parents house for retard and money reasons and I'll just have to kill myself. The only way my sisters could move out is because they found guys to pay their rent.
My parents are a lot less strict now than when I was growing up and it makes me feel worse about myself like I was imagining everything because I have a sick self persecution complex but that would be very typical Asian american of me. I wish I was more rebellious and able to advocate for myself as a child because I’m completely burnt out now

No. 399706

>that would be very typical Asian american
Can you not cast stereotypes in this thread?

No. 401851

I’ve experienced horrible treatment from Asian fetishizer white men for not being north East Asian. I look north East Asian enough but as soon as they find out my SEA country they constantly make fun of it, mock my social status and crack mail order bride jokes, compare me and neg me to taller skinnier paler NE Asian women etc. Then again I have a Chinese friend and she said men have literally treated her the same once they find out she’s not Japanese. My Korean friend also has a ton of dog eater jokes thrown at her by guys on dates, and worse.

No. 402734

File: 1717340640352.jpeg (27 KB, 678x452, self-hate.jpeg)

I hate how normalized skin bleaching here is.

No. 402736

File: 1717340795924.jpg (Spoiler Image,97.92 KB, 385x259, Some_picture.jpg)

>South China Morning Post


No. 402737

The most annoying thing about these creams is they don’t even work.

No. 402740

Good. Because trying to change your natural skin color is fucking dumb anyway.

No. 403074

The problems a white/black or mixed race Latina would face are very different from hapa problems
I'd be fine with a hapa specific thread but a general mixed-race thread would just be all over the place and unfocused

No. 403144

I use kojic acid to my skin lighter.

No. 403145

Even so, hapas more belong in the mixed raced thread than in this thread.

No. 403261

This seriously reads like a r/AITA post plz go back to reddit

No. 403270

don't date weebs.

you are replaceable with pretty much any other asian woman to them. you are just "asian pussy". they will rank you according to their extremely simplistic standards, which often has to do with nationality and their preferred media. weebs will rank japan number 1, south korea last. kpop fags will rank korea number 1, japan later. why would you put up with such dehumanizing autists?

No. 403308

I honestly believe this goes for any terminally online moid too, weebs and gamers and youtubers and tiktokers, all of them deserve the rope. I'm not asian, I've just seen this first hand, someone I had the displeasure of talking with (has ties with my bf) basically paraded his taiwanese gf around and basically said something like "I cum inside her all the time, had to convince her" and "can't believe she's with me, she should be doing better considering her looks". He's a white gamer guy. And he also said his girlfriend is basically ok with him talking to him about her this way. The girl is a weeb kpoppie and I'm just praying for her safety. Legit hope she finds better and leaves his toxic ass.

No. 403475

Yes, I'm surprised by how frequently and openly these guys will dehumanize Asian women, especially Asian women who aren't their preferred type (so basically, not Japanese or Korean). They see them as easy and something to use and abuse until they either land the Japanese/Korean they want or a white woman.

No. 404018

I’m Korean and whites and other Asians still look down on us. We’re seen as discount Japanese. When white guys find out I’m Korean they ask me if I’d had plastic surgery, if I eat dogs, joke about smelling like kimchi etc, ask if im going to commit suicide since my country is infamous for that etc. I remember my ex wanted to have sex on my period and made a joke about some Korean stew that’s red color. It’s just so weird and dehumanizing.

No. 404123

I hate the way Asian culture conditions us to be submissive to men and to never show our emotions, because bottling stuff up like that causes problems later down the line and I see it time and time again. So many of my Asian girlfriends are struggling with depression, feelings of worthlessness, low self esteem, moodswings and self hatred etc but you’d never know from looking at them because they’re so used to covering up everything with a smile and always acting pleasant and agreeable because that’s how Asian culture brainwashes us to be.
I also know quite a few middle Asian women in my community with severe depression, anger issues, moodswings, mental instability but they take it out on their kids and husbands etc but they refuse to seek psychiatric help and are ashamed of even admitting or talking about it. Unfortunately a lot of my Asian and Hapa friends moms are also legitimately nuts and abuse them verbally and sometimes physically, and cause their kids a lot of pain through this. We have a serious problem with abuse and mental health in our community but because most Asians refuse to believe in therapy and are always about ‘pulling yourself up by your bootstraps’ these issues never get addressed and so end up festering then reaching a crisis moment. Most Asian parents don’t believe mental health conditions depression or anxiety disorder or PTSD are real things and are made up or just an excuse to be lazy.

No. 404124

Middle aged asian women**

No. 404140

You sound like you wish you were white, to be honest. That's just my two cents.

No. 404163

Nta I don't think her post sounds like that at all. It's pretty widely known that Asian cultures neglect mental health in favor of looking good and appearing productive and I don't see how talking about that means wishing you were white

No. 404176

>Asian culture conditions us
>Asian culture brainwashes us
It's because she always says "Asian culture" but never "our culture" or "my culture", despite using the first person "us" in the same phrase (she doesn't say "out culture conditions us"). She is reluctant to call this culture her own culture, because, subconsciously, she does not think it is her own, she is "white on the inside". It's not because she's criticizing "Asian culture" that makes me think "she wishes she were white", because you can criticize your own culture. Rather, she speaks like "Asian culture" is something weird and foreign and accidental to herself.
Also is the phrase "Asian parents", which makes me think of that terrible Asian American comedian whose only joke is his father being pissed that he got a B plus in math. "Asian parents" is a sort of meme among bananas.
Of course, I might be totally wrong. But it's the impression I get.

No. 404200

I don't want to speak over that anon or overanalyze her wording but imo it is understandable to be hesitant to "claim" it as your own (for lack of a better term) when you grow up with a blend of both Western and Asian culture, but without getting to experience it as wholly compared to an Asian person in Asia for example. I think corny diaspora memeing about le Azn parents is different from talking about how impossible it is to bring up mental illness with your parents and older relatives because you grew up in two different countries with opposing worldviews.

No. 404203

I'm sorry you have to deal with that shit.

No. 404221

Yes, but that hesitation is what makes her "white on the inside". There are Asian Americans who don't hesitate at all. Culture isn't something you "experience", it isn't something you can "blend", except in the most superficial aspects. It's something you have or you don't have.
You seem to think that if you grow up in America, you are necessarily a "banana".

No. 404222

Imagine talking with white guys to begin with

No. 404241

I don't think that being Asian American = inherently a banana? Maybe I should've used different wording or whatever. I genuinely don't mean to argue or anything. My point is that many Asians in Western countries tend to have a different view of Asian culture than Asians in Asia due to being raised in different environments, so I can see why some people would feel othered, but I don't think feeling disconnected from your heritage/community due to whatever upbringing you had means wanting to be white. Personally I always see Asian Americans wishing they could feel more integrated among their relatives and other Asians.

No. 404246

My point isn't the difference between Asians in Western countries and Asians in Asia, but the difference within Asians in Western countries. Some of them are bananas, some of them are not. The ones who aren't, likely are somewhat disconnected from Asian culture, but relatively nothingwise compared to bananas.

No. 404533

i'm wasian (2nd gen half chinese half french) and i'm proud of my heritage, for the most part i grew up in north america but i've lived in china - i spent part of my highschool years in beijing. people have mistaken me as being japanese a lot (even chinese people lol, and FUCK THE JAPANESE and fuck the westerners that idolize them. it disgusts me how they and all of the west have cast aside and glossed over the atrocities committed against the chinese. the sino-japanese war and ww2 left china with a death count higher than the holocaust by their hands and yet there is has been virtually no atonement/social shunning like the germans.

everyone recognizes the horrors the jewish experienced. the japanese still leave offerings on the shrines that glorify the war generals and the soldiers that were apart of the brutal mass rapes and torture. the general anti-chinese rhetoric that has followed this is fucking crazy, like even aside from the older generations young japanese people treat chinese people like lesser "wanna-be"'s without any real awareness WHY…their education system doesn't teach children about that part of their history and so they just absorb the pervading anti-chinese sentiment that their history has left them. lol if you ask a japanese person if they know why they don't really like chinese people they start stuttering. then of course the rest of the world treats japan like a holy utopian sanctuary.

it's so plainly obvious that japan's culture is built on a fascism that is forgiven by their sickly veneer of politeness and their cultural output of "cool and exotic" commodities. their neurotic obsession with order is a textbook symptom of fascism. but who's really surprised when the average westerner is blithely ignorant to/has conveniently forgotten that japan was 1/3 of the axis powers so they can add whatever current and trendy japanese thing to their pile of stuff and narcissistically flaunt their "good taste" to the world.

i hate that it's kind of true when they say that a lot of young chinese people strive to be "more japanese"…even in the mainland i've met people who treat the japanese like the ideal model, it makes me sooo sad when chinese youth especially women wish they were japanese. it's an internal thing but yeah it is really external for women, i've slept with white men who were definitely influenced by japanese-fetishism and in some ways i do benefit from that. it is misguided fetishism yes i don't see the point in complaining about how sexually attractive you are… it does become more painful when you are looking for a long term partner though i wouldn't let someone like that into my life for more than a temporary fling.

i'm definitely glad to be chinese despite the terrible reputation we hold right now (and i do feel it shifting). i do think that we're on the cusp of an asian century with china at the forefront. the massive rapid development in china is unlike anything else that's happening right now and it's going to influence a lot.. there's definitely been a shift in cultural rep that's happening too. i don't know how old you are but in the circles of young people that i'm in the way people talk about china is changing fast, similar to how the west idealizes soviet-era russian aesthetics, people are starting to do the same with eastern bloc china. the french in the 60s LOVED chinese culture (albeit very orientalist) and i think there will be a global revival for that very soon, atleast for more left wing people which will trickle down to zoomer culture.

No. 404534

are there people in chinese imageboards who have japanese domination fantasies? something like posting a picture of a japanese idol with the caption "imagine she's raping you in nanjing"

No. 404544

There is only one country in SEA that is planning on launching a violent attack against a completely harmless neighbor. That same country has used North Korea as a pawn to keep a loaded gun pointed at the heads of South Korea and Japan. Nobody in SEA is afraid of the Japanese but the entire Pacific rim is terrified of China, especially now that the US is dying and can no longer offer credible protection, so I think I know where some of the resentment is coming from.

No. 405114

Literally this! Bordering China is a different type of pressure, even kids know that.

No. 405840

I think it's the west woobifying Japan and essentially adopting it's culture post WW2. Japan still doesn't recognize what they did to my culture (korea) so I understand your frustrations. I wish the UN would force them to acknowledge the destruction they did to my country (korea). Regardless it's made me proud of my own heritage (korea)

t. a Korean

No. 405937

Different Korean than >>405840 but basically echoing her statements. I feel for you.

No. 405938

are you Korean

No. 405990

Wow two of my kind (korean) I feel so special.
Yes I am of the peninsula (korean)

No. 406239

File: 1718473239037.jpg (40.05 KB, 500x325, shutterstock_1131103445.jpg)

>it's not a European feature but just a general thing
NTA but I agree. I'm hapa so I'm not that dark to begin with but I just always look better in paler makeup: I have hyperpigmentation, it evens out my skin tone and naturally enhances the features, especially due to having the typical Asian dark hair + eyes. I even dye my brown hair to a jet black to exaggerate the contrast between the light and the dark. Ontop of the "visually striking" element it just complements my Asian features and makes you look more youthful IMO. It has nothing to do with the Caucasian identity lmao. Skincare enthusiasts of every race do this.

>but I use regular Asian skincare products labeled as "whitening."
What do you use? I wanna start but I'm genuinely a bit nervous, I'm afraid if I get the wrong product, it'll just be a sham, or even worse harm my skin in some way (if it's a bleach) like making my skin peel or giving me a chemical burn.
And obviously I want to get something that actually works since some of the ones I see online seem unreasonably expensive for what looks like a glorified moisturizer based on some of the before/after photos

No. 406258

I'm sick of people whose nations weren't impacted by the WWII Japanese occupation of Korea bitching about Japan. I'm not sure what your own background is, but unless you are Korean yourself, STFU

No. 406279

are you okay? their 2nd sentence literally said they were korean and it's not like you have to go through a whole paragraph to find that.

No. 406532

>what they did to my culture (korea)
>destruction they did to my country (korea)
>made me proud of my own heritage (korea)
>t. a Korean

I'm not sure but I think Anon might be Korean.

No. 406560

I mean, it’s not coincidental that it was only after globalism coincidentally double eyelids, high nose bridges, smaller faces etc all became the standard. It is a little odd that seemingly every standard is something specifically less common in Asians (Koreans especially, for whom these standards are most prominent) and more common in white people. I see self-hatred related to this when I come across foreign discussions on the internet, and they’re honest there. I don’t see what point there is in lying about it.
That being said, the origins of skin lightening clearly aren’t internalised racism/colorism - although they can be used as vehicles for such in the present day. I realised this when I noticed most light-skinned Asians just have less hyperpigmentation than darker-skinned Asians. Some are just naturally darker-skinned with no hyperpigmentation and are still considered “ugly” though. I think it’s best to just focus on products that improve the health of your skin and thus reduce hyperpigmentation and UV damage (like ascorbic acid) but avoid the bleaches and chemicals that will damage your health, especially because the result often makes you look a little ill anyway.

No. 406602

I agree with you. Some people get really up and arms about the suggestions that some recent Asian beauty trends have anything to do with white people but it seems clear to me that at least some do. Yes, there's been a historical preference for white skin, but what about taller nose bridges and different face shapes? Or colored contacts? In older art or depictions of beautiful women the women were certainly attractive but they also looked like Asian women, while it seems like now the preferred Asian women looks extremely far removed from what the average is in her country.

No. 406629

I think beauty standards always revolve around what’s rare in a population tbh. Models in the west are all very tall, skinny, with extremely angular and exotic looking bone structure, those traits are pretty rare imo. I don’t think Asians are trying to imitate white people. There are lots of Asians with naturally large nose bridges, large eyes with double eyelids, extremely pale skin etc etc. I think Asians just noticed people with these features were often exotic seeming and good looking. It just makes me cringe when kpop idols go bleach blonde and wear blue contacts, looks uncanny as fuck

No. 406673

What do you all think about r/AsianMasculinity? My impression is that they’re extremely hypocritical and love blondes kek

No. 406676

File: 1718586851339.jpg (93.43 KB, 745x1000, 91MsVZpPVmL._AC_UF894,1000_QL8…)

>only after globalism coincidentally double eyelids, high nose bridges, smaller faces etc all became the standard
Oh ye of little historical knowledge.
>WW2 movie made in 1957, soldier wants to marry Japanese woman
>Suddenly, Kelly burst into the adjoining room condemning his wife Katsumi for having scheduled to have her eyelids slashed for $8 by a quack doctor, so that she would "have good eyes. l fool everybody. l look American, like Joe….I want him to be proud of me." Kelly pleaded with Katsumi and assured her that he loved her the way she was.

No. 406684

Wasn’t there literally state mandated eyelid surgery in the US for Japanese war brides? I swear I remember reading something like this, like double eyelid surgery was actually invented to make Japanese women assimilate more into American society or something. Nuts.

No. 406935

All redditors are cringe, but those moids are frustrated with racism and growing up in a racist society, which I can sympathize with. I think they have some point in that Asian men receive more racism than women.

No. 407103

I'm not a Burger, I live in The Motherland™ born and raised and this has always bugged me… why are Asians and Pacific Islanders lumped into one group? Like the AMPH acronym or its month. Of all people why Pacific Islanders? I have no beef with them, but it's such an odd group to associate with?

What would a East Asian culturally have in common with say, a Tongan? Or an Indian or a Pakistani one with a Māori? I don't get it, it has always confused me. Is there an explanation for this?

No. 407107

It's just propaganda to make people buy stuff and vote for a certain party. Pacific island cultures aren't really marketable by themselves, so the canvassers join them with East Asians under the cheesy excuse it's one continent, in order to target everyone with propaganda.

No. 407109

For the Pacific Islanders, I always assumed it was due to genetic similarity. But by that logic, Native American would be Asians too.

No. 407133

I'm a burger and never understood this either. I know there are a significant amount Pacific Islanders of partial Asian descent but I also feel there's not really a lot of cultural similarities.

No. 407145

I'm not Asian myself but as far as I can tell, the only racism that is socially acceptable is racism against Asians

No. 407164

Are you illiterate or something that anon literally said they were korean three times.
Just like aznidentity it's just a sub filled with small dick losers that can't attract white women and want to make it everybody's problem. It's legitimately hilarious when they post their greasy haircuts asking for advice. They don't even realize their personalities repel most women. Some of them are stupid enough to post their schools and occupations not realizing they can easily get fired for posting in incel subreddits. I hope someone takes the initiative and reports them to their bosses.

No. 407194

I just went on that masculinity subreddit and all those guys either look like failed kevin nguyen archetypes or the chigyu meme. They can’t attract women bc they’re ugly and have rotten personalities but I guess it’s easier for them to disguise their dating struggles as a racial grievance.

No. 407198

Exactly, It's easier to blame something that you can't control instead of working on yourself. So many of them want to blame everything instead of the fact they are just completely insufferable to be around

No. 407204

it's beyond that. Anyone would rather blame their dating failures on their race than on their height and looks. You can't change any of those things but it's easier to cope with your race being the issue

No. 407226

I wonder if it's because historically, a lot of Asians lived in Hawaii and came over that way, where a lot of them settled and mixed with Pacific Islanders. There are also some situations where they can overlap as well. But basically, in Hawaii there can be a lot of mixing and blending of cultures.

No. 407236

I hope you have pepperspray

No. 407243

I really don't believe that Delusional anon at all.

No. 407253

I get the impression you only date white moids.

No. 407271

I get the impression you're a seething moid. Secondly I'm a lesbian so quit projecting

No. 407685

>I hope someone takes the initiative and reports them to their bosses.
I'm tempted to start doing this kek

No. 407692

Not exactly true, certain races of men and women are strongly favored on dating apps.

No. 408983

A lot of them are the same as any other race of incels. They have bad personalities and are boring and sexist but think that everyone hates them because of their race.
As an Asian nona who has given multiple Asian guys a chance I just completely gave up on dating them because even though I would say on average they’re generally less promiscuous, more honest and more family oriented than white guys are, they always have insanely high standards and criticize women from their head right down to the tips of their toes. Every single Asian man I dated would criticize the shit out of me constantly: if they weren’t nitpicking my appearance then they were whining about how I didn’t earn enough money for their liking or criticizing other life choices. They also tend to be a bit colder and less affectionate in relationships and generally have that critical nature and mean streak that they usually pick up from their harsh Asian parents, disguised as ‘constructive criticism’ or ‘wanting to help you’. A lot of Asian women have this too tbf, but in general we are more encouraged to keep our criticisms to ourselves than men are. I’m not defending white moids either since I’ve had various bad experiences with them too ranging from passive aggressive racism to full on cheating and having another family.

No. 409012

>better moids have higher standards

No. 409039

Nitpicking appearance and income is pathetic. Now if he's offering to send you to get your hair done and let you pursue education while he works that's another thing entirely. Most Asian couples just live in extremely expensive areas so he wants to micromanage income. Does he care about you or are you just a surrogate and extra income?

No. 409107

I've had the exact same experiences. Asian men will always say they're telling you you're a fat ugly poor piece of shit "for your own good" or "just being encouraging." On the other hand I think Asian men are generally a lot better dressed and try a bit harder to make a good impression on youe friends and parents. I don't know about less promiscuous though, I've known enough CS men who were total whores and into drugs. I think Asian men are better at being functional addicts because they care so much about how their image.

No. 409128

>I think Asian men are better at being functional addicts because they care so much about how their image.
It's this 100%

No. 409148

I think Asian men on average are better husband material than other races of guys, as long as you avoid the greasy fuckboy type Korean moids/bad boy type Asian guys, just based on my own experience. Family and stability is extremely important in Asian culture. With white guys it feels like they think it's optional, I noticed most white men I know want to play the field until they're 50 and finally ready to 'settle down' when they're fat and bald and have rotten sperm. I'm not interested in that. I want a man who is gonna be straight-up about his intentions, marries me within 2 years, knows what he wants in life, is going to have a steady career etc. The white guys I dated seemed spoiled and coddled by their moms and seemed to think they can just coast by in life. I really don't like bums and unemployed moids in general because the less financially and status-stable they are, the more they start compensating in other toxic ways to make up for feeling emasculated. My last ex couldn't keep a stable job and lived off his moms savings. He would try to pathetically assert his manliness by coming out with things like 'Women arent logical and are too emotional, they shouldnt be allowed to vote' and complain about how men are oppressed nowadays. When actually he was just a broke insecure bum who couldnt take responsibility for himself.

No. 409150

>uhm akshually Asians are all drug addicts and whores they just hide it better than other races
>even though Asians have been repeatedly proven to have the lowest incidences of drug deaths, STDs and incarceration
>Source: just trust me and my personal anecdotes
Ok retard.

No. 409153

I didn't say all of them? I just think it's dangerous to take how people present themselves at face value and a lot of people have a perception of Asian men that comes from kpop and dramas.

No. 409154

Ngl none of the western Asian men I've dated have ever given me shit for my weight or income, even though I've always been on the slightly chubby side. But I avoid the fuckboy party guy finance bro type.

No. 409159

? I have Asian men in my life who struggle with drug (usually things like study drugs) or alcohol (not uncommon in my culture). It's not all, but it's absolutely true that they're much more likely to be functioning addicts who hide their addiction well until it starts killing them. I've lost two elder male family members to alcoholism.
Wtf is with the hypersensitivity and defensiveness when people are speaking from lived experience. The overgeneralization is odd too. You have mental issues.

No. 409164

NTA but i think the biggest issue in most Asian cultures are abusive men. Being a whore isn't even that big of a deal but the way asian men predate on women and girls, abuse their partners, get away with sexual crimes etc is much more of a social issue than some random Asian woman sleeping around.

No. 409193

As she said, if they're better at hiding it then drug deaths, STD rates and incarceration rates won't reflect it. And it's also been my experience that a lot of Asian men have drug/alcohol/other severe issues that they keep hidden. Ignoring the issues of drugs and alcohol I've often found that they have tons of skeletons hidden in their closets (my deadbeat father never told my former or current stepmothers about me and he's hidden all sorts of shady things about himself to others).

It is certain types, and the finance assholes are some of the worst who will nitpick tiny little details about women. But Asian men who aren't obsessed with finance and status weren't like that, in my experience.

No. 409207

That’s true of all cultures, really.

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