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No. 378038

Previous thread: >>>/g/377721

This is for diet and fitness related things only.

-Post your goals, your current state, like your weight or measurements;
-What you're going to do to change it and your methods (Weight training? Intermittent Fasting? Running? Raw eating? MyFitnessPal logs?);
-And how to be held accountable for it, like biweekly weigh-ins or measurings.

Feel free to post charts of your progress! If you're doing daily reports, remember to sage.

Reminder that we're all human and we all have our ups and downs. Don't blame yourself for failing and don't get fixated on small missteps. This is a marathon, not a race. Self-sabotage will only make things worse. Try to stay positive and think of the positive steps you've made to get here and keep moving forward!

Don't get fixated on numbers and give yourself adequate rest days and rewards to keep yourself motivated.

No ana, please.

No. 378059

Thanks for the new thread anon!

Haven't posted here in a while. I just finished my day within my weight loss window and 149g of protein under my belt. Drank my creatine and I'm about to go get ten hours of sleep. I feel so good since I went on my bulk, and I was worried going back to recomp/maintenance would be hard but shit's actually easy. It helps that my TDEE is crazy high these days.

Nonas who lift, any wins lately? I hit 75 lbs on lat pulldown and 20 lbs on bicep curls recently and I feel great about it. I'm still within my first year so a lot of my lifts are pretty wimpy but I'm getting there.

No. 378136

File: 1707414166580.gif (989.17 KB, 500x281, 11036E92-CF09-424B-8BA3-DB9194…)

I’m 5’4, actual weight is 130lb my highest was 190lb and I want to weigh 99lb.

My secret technique is that I lurk on Shayna thread to motivate myself because I have terrible fat distribution and my body look kinda like her when I’m fat. Pretty fucked up and petty but it’s work for me kek

Also any other cripple on diet here ? How do you cope with poor physical capacities ? I’m almost an hikikomori actually, can’t wait to go back at countryside in April to use my bicycle again, I fucking hate going outside where I live now especially to bike because it’s ugly and hella dangerous but I know I need to do it if I want to lose more weight, I stagnate here.

No. 378148

File: 1707418238506.png (213.04 KB, 807x846, routine1.png)

R8 my routine.
I feel like I'm getting a workout from this cause I'm a noobie, but IDK if I'm hitting my muscle groups hard enough.

No. 378150

I binged for about a year straight and got to my highest weight ever (223 lbs at 5'8"). I didn't even feel like I was fat but I've been looking at pics of myself and I'm so embarrassed.

The last thread lasted for 8 months so I'm posting this as accountability and will hopefully update in a few months. I'm already 208 lbs since I started losing mid January.

No. 378151

File: 1707418590840.png (174.81 KB, 714x784, routine2.png)

Part 2

Also any substitutes for DLs/DL variations?
I got back issues and my back gets pain whenever I attempt any sort of deadlift. I would like to make my glutes more muscular.

>lost 6 lbs
>lifts going slowly up
>eating at least 120 g protein a day, if not more.

No. 378153

samefagging but how do I know when to bulk?
While my lifts are slowly going up, I feel like I'm not making progress fast enough.

I'm at 27% BF, and I feel like eating a fuckton and gaining back the weight I lost will be a huge hit to my confidence. I feel very lost right now.

No. 378155

would love to know why you wish to be underweight, nonna

No. 378159

I'm trying to lose what I gained over the holidays. I got protein powder but it doesn't seem to satiate me at all. I just end up overeating because it feels like I didn't eat.

I'm ashamed of myself. I usually diet over the holidays, but not this time.

No. 378160

Aight nonna, I was in your shoes over the holidays. I ended up gaining all the weight I lost over fall back, but now I'm losing at a pound a week.

First thing, you should figure out what your TDEE is and then subtract 500 kcal from it. This will be the amount of calories you can eat in a day and lose roughly a pound a week. Do you still feel hungry after eating a full meal? If so, chances are you're not eating the right macros. You should be eating at least 80% of your weight in protein even if you aren't lifting, which you might find difficult to do at first, but I ended up experimenting a lot with what I eat in order to at least make it over 100 g protein a day (greek yogurt, chicken, beef, tuna, etc.).

Second, eat a lot of food that's low-cal/high-volume. Stuffing yourself with veggies that are high-density/low-cal is a good way to make you feel full and get fiber into your diet.

Also, keep hydrated! Sometimes thirst masks itself as a craving for food, and you might find that a drink of water will make it go away. Multivitamins are also helpful to curb cravings because some cravings typically suggest a deficiency in certain micronutrients.

Hope this isn't shitty advice, but this has worked for me so far, so take it as you will.

No. 378166

How long does this take you, nona? What do you do for a warm-up? I'm currently trying to maximise productivity with my routine but it still feels like I am there forever.

No. 378170

I warm up 5-10 mins on treadmill to get the blood pumping. Sometimes 20 if I’m in the mood to walk.

No. 378171


But also I grind out that routine in 40-50 mins depending on gym crowd. Any nonna know if this is enough time to spend at the gym?

No. 378243

i went from being able to do no pull-ups in october, to getting my first one in december (tbf i probably had it earlier, i just didn't have a place to try it), to being able to do 7 now. i'm really happy, i wanna get to 10-15, and then my next goal will be muscle ups. tbf, i'm at a fairly low body fat percentage rn, and i don't have a ton of muscle on my legs (something i'm working on), both of which make it easier, but i'm still amazed at how fast my progress has been.

also i get a lot of compliments on it at the gym from both men and women, apparently the trick is to be a woman who can do a decent amount of pull-ups. honestly, i think any normal weight woman can get to one pull-up with 1-2 months training, it's really not as difficult as it's made out to be. i didn't even train pull-ups specifically in the beginning, just trained my arms and shoulders with dumbbells at home.

idk, i'm just mad at people who act like pull-ups are some insurmountable task for women. most women can't do them because a) the average woman is overweight, b) the average woman who doesn't strength train has very little upper body strength, and c) even women who are fit don't usually have it as their goal. but it's really not that difficult if you actually decide to focus on it. sorry for the sperg, i'm just mad that the internet led me to believe that it takes years of training for women to get even a single pull-up, and that even very fit women can't do more than 2-3. people massively underestimate strength in women imo

No. 378254

NTA but how do you measure your intake per day? Just looking at the packets and seeing how much protein/carbs they have?

No. 378274

Food scale and weighing my food very autistically.

If your food doesn't have a calorie count/protein count on it, you can google "calorie in x per 100g" or "protein in x per 100g." Then you just do some basic math to figure out how many macros/calories you're getting.

Here's an example of how I calculate my food:
>take 112g of cooked chicken thigh
>100g of chicken thigh is 214 kcal and 23 g of protein
>(112/100) * 214 = calories eaten
>(112/100) * 23 = grams of protein

It's a bit laborious, but it's a pretty good way to have some relative accuracy as to how much you are eating.

No. 378293

Ayrt, it looks like your routine is aimed at getting your legs big and building strength but not size in your upper body. If you'd like to hit that area harder and gain some size, you can aim for a higher weight at 6-8 reps. Otherwise it looks good to me! A little busy, but if you're getting it done in good time that's fine. Make sure you're taking your rests, a full 60-120 seconds. I saw your other reply about spending enough time at the gym; as long as you're taking your rests, hitting all of your muscle groups, and taking the time to warm up and cool down, do some cardio, that will be enough time.
>any substitutes for DLs/DL variations?
If your back pain is muscular and not spine-related then I would actually recommend continuing deadlifts, especially romanian deadlifts, at a much lower weight while focusing on form. Even 10 lb dumbbells. Also seated or standing good mornings, some hip abduction work might help. Otherwise your routine already has a lot of good glute focused exercises. Maybe glute kickbacks? That's all I can think of. Congrats on hitting your protein btw, that's awesome!

No. 378297

File: 1707507187401.jpeg (36.11 KB, 600x498, A7D1ACA6-3F4D-471F-A650-917E94…)

I just want to have a little margin if I regain weight later.

No. 378299

Have you guys ever tried the Warrior diet before? It's like a different form of intermittent fasting, instead of fasting for 16hrs and eating in the 8hrs time frame, you fast for 20hrs and eat in the 4hrs time frame.

No. 378308

>less reps, higher weight
Gotcha, nonna!

I’m gonna go to PT for my back and hopefully the physical therapist will help me learn the correct form for those exercises. Tried video-taping my form this week for the RDL, and it was laughable. I’m just gonna do them lightly and with dumbbells from now on.

But thank you for the exercise recs btw!

No. 378309

So basically the same crap but with a different name?

You can do intermittent fasting however it suits you

No. 378368

>Tried video-taping my form this week for the RDL, and it was laughable.
God, me too. I just don't get deadlifts, in any form. I was shown how to do RDLs with dumbells by a personal trainer like a year ago and just recently got the balls to try with barbells and it immediately makes my lower back sore. The pain feels like standard DOMs, not an injury, but it just happens sooner than DOMs should and I'm dead certain I'm just doing it wrong. I've watched videos specifically addressing this issue and I'm STILL doing it wrong somehow. I'm gonna have to hire a PT again to try and fix this.

No. 378390

You're welcome! PT is a great idea, it's actually where I learned the proper form for DL/RDL's. Remember to push your hips back like you're sitting down into a chair, then use your glutes and hamstrings to push yourself upright again. You can also try doing your RDL's with a wall at your back to help cue the movement, try looking up RDL wall press. >>378368 I gotta admit when I first started doing them I felt a lot of immediate fatigue and soreness even with light weights because I'd been avoiding anything that put strain on my lower back for so long. It went away as I got stronger, hopefully it will for you too!
Personally I don't like gimmicky stuff like this, haven't tried it myself though.

No. 378413

File: 1707555721640.jpeg (135.89 KB, 800x699, BCB2765C-C9CF-417A-8ACB-2EAA39…)

I’m getting back into the habit of having 18 hour fasts, but I have a problem with over eating when I break my fast. Should I try a longer fast?

No. 378422

Intermittent fasting is super flexible, that's the charm of it. You can do 16/8, 20/4 and so on. In order for it to be considered fasting you typically have to refrain from eating for at least 12 hours, but preferably longer. I don't do this on most days, but I use time restricted eating pretty much every day. I have a 6-10 hour eating window depending on how my day looks. Even if you don't go into autophagy by doing time restricted eating, there's still some evidence that it can be beneficial to your blood sugar levels which can help curb cravings, and to your gut health. I have done longer fasts now and then. As I understand it, the main issue with doing prolonged fasting too often is that it can be hard to get sufficient protein to maintain muscle mass, so unless you are very overweight, metabolically diseased, or have some other health issue where fasting might be beneficial to you, you need to consider whether it's worth the potential loss of muscle mass. It's completely possible for most people to survive on a small eating window, but it might be hard to maintain your strength and as we age, putting on muscle gets harder and harder. I think it's fun to do fasts once in a while as a challenge and I always feel great afterwards.

No. 378435

Has anyone tried losing weight without lifting and not ended up skinny fat? For context: 5'7", 160lb > 120lb in 2021 through nebulous dieting, following calorie deficits set by TDEE calcs without considering the activity modifier, just to find out I was probably eating about 1000 calories below my TDEE and ended up with a lot of muscle loss. I've been using an Apple Watch since 2022 and have gotten a bigger grasp on how high my TDEE actually is and dirty-bulked for the past 6-7 months up to 140lbs. I want to cut back to 120lbs because I think it's a good sweet spot for me, personally.

However, lately, I've really hated lifting. I don't want to go back to it whatsoever, but I'm very concerned that I'll lose muscle loss and screw myself over again. My plan for the cut was about 1600 calories a day (My tdee is around 2000 cals), eating 110g of protein and I've just been doing 2-3 30 min walks a day because I genuinely love walking and it's the only exercise I don't have to force myself to do. I should probably put in the work to actually maintain a decent physique, but I'm too busy and miserable to factor in lifting to my routine. So, I'm mostly curious as to whether or not avoiding lifting is going to cripple my entire diet and just land me in the same spot I was a few years ago.

No. 378444

Do you want to gain muscle for looks or for functionality? If it's the latter, then I think there are exercises you can do that will help you maintain strength without having to go to the gym and lift weights. Think about what you wanna be able to do when you get old. From a health perspective I think muscle maintenance is mostly important to maintain function and avoid future injury, and the most common injuries when you get old happen due to falling, so stability exercises are great prevention. Pilates/yoga won't bulk you up, but it can help with maintaining stability. You said you enjoy walking. If you have a good backpack, you can add weight to it to simultaneously do strength training. Carrying shopping bags maintains grip strength. My 80+ years old granma mows the lawn and shovels snow all summer/winter and I think it's a big reason for why her health is still so good despite her age. Most people don't do a lot of manual labor anymore though, and going to the gym is better than being passive and letting your strength waste away. If you wanna do strength training to sculpt your physique then these suggestions might not be enough, but if you wanna do it to maintain function then you should think about what kind of things you wanna be able to do and keep doing into age and focus on that.

No. 378489

Thanks anon! I just need to stick to a routine. I have tuna, but turns out I hate it. What kind of veggies do you eat? I don't like to cook.

No. 378516

If you struggle with overeating after a long period of going hungry you could try having small meals throughout the day instead, either that or shorter fasting periods. As long as you are within your caloric weight loss window, going hungry for long periods of time won't change anything, for better or worse.
I don't think not lifting will cripple you aesthetically per se but I do think you'll be sabotaging yourself down the line by not paying attention to your upper body. You could try calisthenics maybe, things like push-ups and pull-ups are sort of a one stop shop for muscle building and target multiple groups at once. You could also try looking into a 3 or even 2 day split for weight lifting, it might be less overwhelming than what you did in the past.

No. 378585


>I hit 75 lbs on lat pulldown and 20 lbs on bicep curls recently and I feel great about it. I'm still within my first year so a lot of my lifts are pretty wimpy but I'm getting there.

QUEEN - im similar to you, i just started lifting late December but now i have access to a gym so im excited to be able to properly work out. i'm at 80lbs on lat pulls and 25 lbs on bicep curls. i started at 30lbs for lat pulls so im so proud!! hopefully going to the gym today since i managed to get really sick this past week but i feel good this morning.
>Also any substitutes for DLs/DL variations?
im not at the point of deadlifting with a barbell quite yet but i feel much more comfortable using a kettlebell for RDLs if your gym has those. i haven't experienced back pain with a kettlebell, i find it more intuitive, maybe you will too. like >>378390 said, try doing it with your back to a wall. focus on feeling the stretch in your hamstring and don't overextend. i used to lower the kettlebell close to my feet and didn't understand what i was working out, now i really enjoy RDL's.

No. 378656

File: 1707690223764.jpg (Spoiler Image,46.94 KB, 563x704, a4534d821085e9a07c8a6742a632d2…)

I kind of want to start body-building. I build muscle really easily and was always super muscular just from doing sports. Because of this, I was afraid lifting weights would make me too big, and I was told that was unattractive. But honestly, fuck any weak people who look at another human in peak condition and says it's unattractive.

No. 378665

Nona i don't have anything helpful to say other that i envy you so much, building muscle for me is just too hard and i lose weight in general very easily, you have such a precious gift.
I may sound autistic but i always wanted to look like some cool warrior, i hope you can get around it yourself, i cheer you on!

No. 378708

Just goblet squatted 32kg for 8 reps!! Really happy with myself

No. 378713

I eat raw veggies, usually spinach/carrots/mushrooms/tomatoes. Also found out I like raw cauliflower too. If you’re not used to eating raw veggies, it takes a bit to get used to it. Experiment with the foods you do like (i.e. make a salad out of your veggies/try stuff you haven’t tried). Sometimes I include fruits as well as a sweet treat. Hope this helps, nonna!

No. 378728

How to continue weight loss while on COVID?
I feel like I’m rotating between not being able to keep a single thing down and eating anything I can.

No. 378778

I think you should just focus on getting better, take some rest and eat nutritious food. You can always get back on track when you’re healthy again, but I don’t think you should focus on restricting calories or exercise when you’re unwell

No. 378779

I am DETERMINED to drop the 6kg that has been haunting me forever. I've come close before but gained it all back. This is my first accountability post of the year, and I plan to check in with myself every 2 weeks. Good luck to you all in reaching your fitness goals this year too.

No. 378891

Gym rat nonnies, has your gym slowed down from all the resolution goers yet?

No. 378897

Thank fuck it did, but I also noticed some faces still sticking around which is great too

But I'm not looking forward to seeing all the teenage boys on valentines day

No. 378904

I like seeing new people become regulars, but it's been so damn busy still! It could be that they're all gonna stick with it this time kek

No. 378920

No sadly its still pretty packed even during nightowl hours when it used to be only 3 or so people turning up past 10pm…

No. 378931

I am blessed, I go at 1:00-3:30 and nobody new started coming at all kek. It’s the old fart hours, so five retired guys who lift, one ancient lady who I love, and me. Stay strong all u nonnas who have packed gyms/have to go at busy times!!!

No. 378969

File: 1707794227573.jpg (529.14 KB, 2560x2560, 9160wW NPVL.jpg)

Anyone have trouble with crunchy, clicky joints? My shoulders pop when I flex lol. Idk what to do, I stretch often and do my warm ups but I still have problems with this.
Hell yeah anon, nice work!

No. 379060

I'm so jealous of your workout buddies. When I go at that time, it's all zoomer college students. Like women in full beat and wearing next to nothing and dudes whose tanks expose their nipples and shout-talk at each other. They're the worst crowd aside from these petty, superficial complaints because they hog the smith machines and stair climbers, film stupid TikToks, and are generally on their phone more than they lift. I hate it. Thank god the 8-10 am crowd is better.

No. 379114

I’ve been working out for a few months now and I still have zero confidence in my form for a lot of workouts… I hate it so much but I always feel like I’m doing things wrong

No. 379120

Same, I always wind up quitting because I'm scared I'm giving myself like, tendon damage or something and freak myself out.

No. 379171

Are you me?? I build muscle easily and I’ve been looking into bodybuilding as well lately. I’m specifically looking into the bikini bodybuilding as my first dip into the bodybuilding world. I wish we had a bodybuilding thread on here but idk how often it would get posted in. It’s hard to find womens bodybuilding spaces online for newbies. Good luck, Nonitta

No. 379211

>scale: You're 91kg!
>me: omg really?
>scale: Oh no, sorry, you're 96. Good trolling.

And then people ask me why I hate to use a scale.

No. 379225

File: 1707925464894.gif (975.25 KB, 332x332, tumblr_pib90zhZGJ1vnhma6_400.g…)

Is it possible for body recomp to manifest as your ass looking rounder/bigger/less flat but your measurement staying the same? Been lifting for around ten months. Please feel free to tell me if I'm being delusional, I just want to figure out what I should be logging as progress

No. 379229

If you’re delusional then so am I, because I had a similar thing happen while recomping. Now my booty is a little more visibly round so others see it too. You’re on the right track, and props because recomping is its own kind of hell apart from bulking.

No. 379239

I was a little scared the only thing that had actually improved was my posture kek. Congratulations right back at you!

No. 379350

i weigh 127 as of today but would like to break to 120 or 115lbs or so, I did it about two summers ago but regained it back (145) when I was lazy and stopped exercising reguarly, my medication also makes my appetite heavy.

No. 379436

File: 1708009355959.jpeg (41.82 KB, 490x708, IMG_9198.jpeg)

This is my dream body. I’m a sticc now so it’s some time away. Is this body (with that kind of ab definition) achievable without breast implants? I have barely any tits now and was hoping I would fill out a little since I’m planning to actually go up in bf% (I’m essentially skin and bone right now) while gaining muscle.

No. 379440

I basically have this exact body rn only slightly leaner in the abs and my breasts are smaller but they are WAY plumper looking than they were before I got this fit if that makes sense? A lot of it is my pec muscles, back and sides, and the upper abdominals and obliques that create a sort of internal push up bra at least on my body. I know others who have had similar results even from the other end like bigger breasts shrinking and sort of distributing different with muscle under them. If you want like a really full kind of shape tho you may end up wanting implants, but wait til you are at your goal or close to it to reassess how you feel about your chest! Best of luck to you on your fitness journey, you’re gonna smash it nonna!!!

No. 379441

Samefag, if you’re going up a little in bf like you said, you prob will gain some boon depending on your particular fat distribution. I gain first in them and lose last in them kek

No. 379498

Thanks nonna! I’m so happy for you and also very jealous of course.
How long have you been working out? What kind of body did you start out with? Were you athletic your whole life?

No. 379507

Don’t be jealous, you’re gonna have a fuckin sicc body someday not as far away as u prob think! I’ve been doing sports since childhood and am considered naturally athletic I suppose, but I did have a period where I kind of got lazy and depressed and had to recomp muscle and lose around 10lbs. This led to me getting in the best shape of my life during a (no joke) 8 month period of the first lockdown through various activities and not just weight lifting. Rollerblading is amazing for toning and building muscle, and that (plus things like walking or yoga) along with working out in a gym 3x a week for long periods keeps me feeling and looking my favorite way to feel and look! I am taller with my legs being the focal point, very long. Kind of like an athletic hourglass build but lean and tall so it’s not as obvious that it’s hourglass. Broader shoulders bc I was a swimmer kek I have learned to love them tho. Another piece of advice for you would be to mix it up fitness wise as much as you can so you enjoy yourself. The more fun you have working out the faster you’ll reach your goals, in part because time really do be flyin when fun is being had!

No. 379582

>tfw i had this body but now i'm back to being skinnyfat because pandemic, wfh and burnout killed me mentally
it hurts but hey, muscle memory is a real thing
make sure to eat a lot of protein and do compound exercises

No. 379600

Can someone please bully me into exercising this evening. Call me fat, ugly, idc, I need it

No. 379604

exercise bitch, you'll feel so much better afterwards, go get that dopamine

No. 379606

Thank you nonna

No. 379706

I am maintaining my weight and gaining muscle but that’s not my goal. I still have another 15 lbs to go but I haven’t lost any weight for months. I lift 3x a week and do cardio every other day. The only day I’m not in the gym is on Sundays. I am really hungry and probably est too much, but I don’t see how I could eat less and still work out so much? Do I need to stop working out as much? I’m wondering if I have a hormonal issue or insulin resistance because I really feel horrible if I eat less than 1600 calories a day. I’m 5’ 2” at 129 lbs. I’m really muscular but I’d actually like to slim down more.. the thing is I used to be obese and I’m terrified that if I stop this current workout routine that I’ll get fat again. Any advice is appreciated thanks

No. 379820

Tons of cardio might actually be to your detriment. What kind of cardio do you do? If it's making you so hungry, it may be causing you to eat above maintenance.

No. 379913

If you work out that much then your intake is probably fine, even with your height. It was hard for me to adjust to the idea of eating more than 1600/1800cal for weight loss but my weight loss window is currently 2100cal, crazy as it seems. We're different heights so it may be different for you, I don't have your specs of course, but you should use a TDEE calculator to find out how much you need to eat to support your current level of activity, preferably one that includes body fat%.
If you want strength and not size, go for a lower weight + more reps, like a 10-12 or even 15 range. Maybe do cardio only on the days you lift. We have different goals but overexercising and not eating enough has fucked with my progress before and it sounds like that may be the case for you.

No. 379937

I’ve heard that stevia is supposed to taste bitter until you get used to it, then it will taste sweet. But to me it tastes neither bitter or sweet, it just taste like chemicals. Am I broken? It’s really intense and overpowering chemical taste, like my body is trying to stop me from drinking some cleaner kek

No. 379942

It just tastes sweet to me but I’ve mostly been exposed to it via a tea that has the leaves and only tastes sweet after steeping 5-10 minutes.

No. 379943

apologies in advance for the stupid question - im trying to plan a routine in advance so that i know what im going to do when going to the gym. i understand reps and sets, do people alternate between two exercises? for example with a kettlebell. do you repeat the exercise 3 times of one and then the same for the other or is it like a, b, a, b? idek if im making sense kek sorry nonas

No. 379959

Same exercise for all 3, aaa, bbb.

No. 379962

I do either, depending on my mood, I guess, and how different the exercises are. Sometimes I'll do a set of squats between bicep weight sets, just to have something to do while I rest my arms a bit.

No. 380068

I have a slightly stiff left hamstring from all my incline walking this week, today is my cardio day but I dont want to make it worse. Would a light jog be fine?
From what I read online it seems like faster runs or hill distances (which is what I was doing) is what causes this stiffness

No. 380092

i incline walk a lot and i get a stiff hamstring kinda often… the only thing that helps for me is really stretching your legs out before and after workouts. also i notice if i don't sleep with my legs straight it will feel worse in the morning

No. 380366

Pull-up Nona please drop the home arm dumbbell routine you started out with, you are my fitspo. I would love to be able to do some pull-ups but I have big tits and a fat ass and I’m getting back into training after a long time off sick so yeah any other pointers welcome thank you in advance. Oh also why did you decide to go for that over chin-ups, and is it a transferable skill do you think even though they target different muscle groups?

No. 380423

Has anyone done fasting according to their menstrual cycle like how Mindy Pelz advocates for, or incorporated long fasts into their lifestyle in general? Is it legit, or is it disordered eating bullshit?
I want to lose a little more fat but nothing is working after years of consistent calorie restriction. Despite exercising I've gained fat, probably due to intense stress and maybe messed up blood sugar, and I definitely haven't eaten more. I'm very diligent at tracking and my cals are already really low for my height.

No. 380667

seconding the other anon! I need your routine, im trying to work up to 3 good form pushups and want to try a pullup next!

No. 380786

what's the best womens multivitamin? perhaps brand.

No. 380821

File: 1708524049512.jpeg (98.65 KB, 750x624, IMG_9294.jpeg)

There’s 40 days until April. I’m going to work on improving my habits to become fitter, healthier and stronger: who’s in?

No. 380839

I am! This will be my motivation to start doing pushups. I already run 5 mornings a week but I want to start lifting as well. I need to eat more protein too. What will be your plan, anon?

No. 380852

File: 1708531471274.jpeg (495.54 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_0990.jpeg)

I’m so in nonna! I’m trying to do an extra shred for summer, and the weather is getting warm REALLY early where I live! I am gonna go to these giant stairs by a forest preserve near me a few days a week and do many reps of up and down. It’s a popular workout spot so maybe I can make some new friends too kek. I gym 4 days a week but going outside and getting a burn is so much more fun to me. My glutes are going to BURN!!! Good luck and many gains nonnas ♥ my other reason for an extra shred is so I can eat picrel this summer and not feel guilty lmao

No. 380896

It depends on what country you're in. I'm in the UK and use Nature's Best Multi-Guard Sport.

Try wearing compression leggings. I used to get stiff and painful calf muscles while trail running, compression clothing eliminated this entirely.

No. 381217

File: 1708687126294.jpeg (65.17 KB, 750x410, IMG_9299.jpeg)

40 day shredded Hello Kitty anon back again. It was so nice to check back and see your replies!
I’ve committed to an hour on the cross-trainer every day because I need to work on my cardio fitness but my knee joints are fucked from my misspent youth as an athlete so higher impact options are out for me. I’m working out at home only so in addition i’m doing arm days with dumbbells guided by linkrel below, core strength floor exercises and I have this retarded looking hip thrust machine like picrel for my glutes.

No. 381231

It's great to find old notes I made and see that I'm making strength progress too! I'm only just getting organized about it, I've just been going and haphazardly remembering the weights I lift kek.
My shoulders are slowly looking awesome and I have an ass again. This summer I'll be so confident, hot, and even more physically able to do shit.
Everything else in my life is falling apart a bit but this is good.

No. 381246

i gained 15 pounds in like 2 months (was depressed over getting broken up with so i basically just moped around, didn't exercise, and ate my feelings.) i was 130 and now i'm 145 which is slightly overweight for my height and now i'm kind of struggling to lose the weight again. i started going to the gym 4 times a week again, and i'm trying to eat in a caloric defecit, but my biggest problem with staying accountable is that i really got into the habit of snacking, and now i feel hungry all the time if i don't snack constantly. i successfully replaced 80% of the junk food with stuff like fruit and nuts, but i will just eat SO much of it i go way over my calories anyway, just out of force of habit. how the fuck do i stop snacking? i tried to start intermittent fasting, so as to limit the time in which i can snack, but i keep breaking my fasts early because i get hungry, lmao.

No. 381250

Look up volume eating recipes, eat high protein, and replace as many snacks as you can with veggies. OR split all your meals into several snacks a day. During snack-y days my "dinner" will be 2-4 snacks. Just last night I had 4 very different tiny meals with a gap in between instead one big traditional dinner.
Also weigh training and gaining muscle simply allows you to eat more. I'm currently eating 500-600 calories above what I was when I was just walking all the time and my weight itself hasn't changed. That's at least two snacks more.

No. 381253

I miss the Gym so fucking much. My boyfriend gifted me 3 months, he was initially gonna gift me a year pass but I told him no need since I start university soon and can use their gym. There are fucking bed bugs in this whole university, and now so now my gym pass expired and I cannot afford a new one.
Can't wait for winter to be over so I can go to calisthenics park outdoors.

No. 381274

Are sports bras with medium or above support supposed to feel slightly suffocating when you wear them? Like the ones that have x-crosses on the back. There's no actual breathing problems but I'm distinctly uncomfortable in a way I've never been when wearing normal non-underwire bras.

Eating 2 hardboiled eggs in the morning keeps you actually satiated for a long while.

No. 381328

I don't get why my weight has stayed the same for so long. Last summer I was eating a lot and doing very little exercise, since school started back I've been eating less and doing more exercise but my weight has stayed the exact same. What gives? I'm not overweight but I'm not so skinny that my body should be holding onto it.

No. 381350

your body could've stayed the same weight by having more muscle mass instead of body fat. do you feel like you look a bit different visually?

No. 381397

Yes but then you have to eat 2 hardboiled eggs

No. 381527

I've been doing short, low impact dance workouts from youtube recently. It's not the epitome of working out or fitness but I'm glad I found something that doesn't make me want to fucking die while I do it, so that's good! I hope I can stick to it.

No. 381546

File: 1708813231490.jpg (287.79 KB, 1010x671, gv30000062338_1-1659594603.jpg)

You don't have to eat them plain! Maybe you can add it to a stew you made, or use it to make healthy egg salad that uses yogurt instead of mayo, or make soy sauce eggs (https://www.maangchi.com/recipe/gyeran-jangjorim)

No. 381552

What is that liquid?

No. 381556

nta but it's soy sauce. she wrote soy sauce eggs in her post too.

No. 381596

Oh my bad, I've never had traditional soy sauce, I wasn't aware it's that thin.

No. 381642

Does anyone have tips for managing body dismorphia and losing weight/getting more fit? Last time I got the fittest of my life, but at the time I couldn't really enjoy the superficially physical aspects (I could enjoy the new found strength and flexibility but not how I looked, I still saw the 50 lb+ version of my self). I didn't gain all the weight back, but I wanna get that fit again and not be so mentally fucked up.

No. 381649

take photos of yourself at regular intervals and look back at them. works for me.

No. 381670

The biggest treatment for my BDD has been socializing and spending time with good friends. I still have episodes but it no longer controls my mind 24/7 like when I was lonelier. I even feel hot sometimes.
Otherwise, after being fat it just takes time to adjust. A really long time, and it may never leave forever. There are still social situations where I feel 60 lbs heavier and I accept that.
Wishing you the best, nona.

No. 382072

I’m starting to look so weird. I’ve been losing weight in an attempt to make my thighs not so huge, but now my upper half is starting to look skelly while my thunder thighs stay the same. I can see my ribs/sternum area above my boobs now and I feel like it just looks so gross, like a frail grandma or a plague victim. I’m planning to lose more weight but my chest area freaks me out. How do I get over this?

No. 382076

Chest exercises to build muscle. It’s normal to have an are where you lose fat last. It’s my thighs for me too.

No. 382110

Has anyone else been reading about ultra-processed foods and seed oils? I'm slowly trying to cut them out as much as I can. I didn't realise how so many things have so much crap in them, like store-bought bread and cereals. Even my favourite cranberry cheese I like to buy has seed oils in it.

No. 382120

I've read about it before, but I think I've reached a point where "everything" is bad one way or another or there's tons of contradictory information/claims about a lot of stuff so I've resorted to limiting processed foods within reason and just common sense health. I cook from scratch most nights and don't eat junk food regularly so I'm not going to stress about storebought bread.

No. 382148

I don't really buy the seed oil thing, yeah it's the emptiest of empty calories, anything else would be more nutritious. But is it actively harmful? Any observational study is going to be extremely skewed, since the worst foods out there have the most seed oils. And it's not hard to see why, it's extemely cheap, flavor neutral, colorless, doesn't go bad easily and has a high smoke point. That being said cereal and store bought bread generally sucks and your right to avoid them, but I'll keep my neutral cooking oil and cold pressed cannola oil for now.

No. 382306

That makes me feel a little better about it, because I was feeling a bit guilty for still consuming them as I had loads of vegetable and sunflower oil left and didn't want to just throw them out. I still prefer cooking with olive oil so maybe when all of my seed oils run out I'll just stick to using olive.

No. 382344

Is there an app out there that snowballs calories throughout the days? I would run into times where I would be under calories one day and I would use that advantage to eat more the next day, but then accidentally eat more because I didn't correctly add up calories or just simply forgot if I underate previously. I'd just like something that would make it convenient for me to keep track of.

No. 382552

File: 1709326360210.png (104.46 KB, 671x445, efwefwefwewef.png)

I don't think an app like that exists yet, but you could use any app and set the daily caloric limit to your weekly limit and then only track on the first day of the week.
Most of them have no idea what they're talking about, foodsciencebabe is a good starting point
>Even my favourite cranberry cheese I like to buy has seed oils in it.
Even if seed oils were bad for you an item like this wouldn't have that much, it's like a drop of seed oil per serving not like eating something fried yaknow

No. 382681

File: 1709405916016.gif (639.83 KB, 300x168, 1gqT.gif)

Back from having COVID… wondering if I should keep cutting or maintaining if I want to gain muscle.

I literally have no clue what I'm doing when it comes to nutrition, but I know that ladies at my height weigh at least 15lbs more than me in muscular shape.

I lost 7/8 lbs since starting my cut but I don't want to keep sacrificing lean body mass for a number on the scale. Would appreciate any advice.

No. 382728

If you've been sick, haven't been on a recent bulk, and want to gain muscle then you should definitely not be cutting. Maintain for sure to get your strength back, maybe consider a bulk if you're not looking to lose fat.
>I literally have no clue what I'm doing when it comes to nutrition
Do you track your calories at all? What about protein? I know for me I had a lot more success once I started tracking because I'd been eating less than I should have without realizing it. I was still eating like I was sedentary while exercising 6x/week. Finding out my TDEE really helped as well.

No. 382736

I've been cutting/autistically-tracking calorie/macros since the end of December, attempting to be consistent when I'm not sick/injured/etc. My cut started at the end of December and I lost about 8ish lbs 169->162/161 with anywhere from 110-170g protein per day. Pants are looser, but the measuring tape says my hips/waist measurements are still the same.

I DO want to lose fat as well since I wouldn't mind having some visible definition on the stomach/arms/legs (and I certainly wouldn't mind looking good in a bathing suit).

Planning to be in the gym at least 5x a week. Also adding in ab routine every other day + walking at least 6000 steps.

I should add I'm about 27% BF at the moment, but I haven't done any measurement besides waist+neck+hips since before getting COVID.

No. 382752

Nonna do you have any good bikini bodybuilding routines you know of? I think my current routine is shit so I am looking for alternative routines.

No. 383276

the countless of women who risk their lives getting BBLs would seethe at your comment. thick thighs are hot and i hope you learn to appreciate them more.
seconded on the chest exercises but i also suggest working out your shoulders. it won't make you look bulky (unless you obsessively work them out, eat a surplus over many YEARS) it would enhance your natural upper curves and having more upper body strength is always useful. working out your pecs also gives you a little more breast thickness.
you can start with push ups. start on a wall, then doing them on an incline, then on your knees and eventually full body weight pushups.

No. 383313

Just lost all of my holiday weight 11lbs. I changed my diet completely and started implementing IF and OMAD some days. Im still overweight but I am committed to becoming healthy again. I am no longer a slave to emotional eating or unhealthy food. Got fat because of spending a decade in two very horrible relationships that destroyed my psyche completely. Also I didn’t realize that I had to eat differently than the people around me due to my height. I can’t eat the same as normal sized people being under 5ft tall. feel so stupid the answer was obvious the whole time. I feel enlightened like I finally understand what my body actually needs after so much trial and error. I thought I was doomed to be fat forever. I spent most of my life thin and I thought it would be taken from me permanently. Im excited to soon be fit again. I hope I look back at this post 6 months from now and smile.

No. 383352

i’ve been doing omad for a while but I’m still fat. yes i know i made crazy progress but it stings to be still fat after all that effort, it almost makes me want to give up altogether. yes i know i’m being stupid rn i just feel so down today for no reason.

No. 383360

You will make it, nonna. Just stay consistent, and you will be amazed with yourself in a few months.

No. 383395

File: 1709708511945.png (360.89 KB, 1176x1384, daily-dozen-infographic_26ce00…)

This sounds lame as fuck but honestly my ADHD has been the biggest barrier to eating healthy, because the process of cooking is one of the most miserable experiences to me. Even when I'm trying my hardest to do everything right I always forget steps, forget entire parts of a recipe, do things out of order, and make a huge mess by being clumsy and scattered. I also have major issues with decision paralysis and it's taken me 6+ actual consecutive hours before just to make a shopping list for the coming week. But nonnas, I'm finally making progress. I'm finally making the switch to a mostly whole food and plant-based diet, been eating like 70% vegan the past few weeks. I feel like shit constantly and have terrible flares of intestinal and hormonal issues despite so far testing negative for everything that could be causing them (SIBO, PCOS, etc) so my main goals are to start eating on a more consistent schedule to try and stabilize hormones and also to unfuck my microbiome with a natural high-fiber diet.
It's taken genuine months of effort to build a 4-week meal plan template with consistent shopping list organization that I'll actually stick to, and I have to basically rewrite every recipe that I save so my bargain bin brain can follow them correctly when it comes time to, but I'm finishing up my first month of prepping healthy, varied, plant-based breakfasts and lunches for the work week which I've never been able to do. Part of rewriting my recipes has been splitting off prep work into separate sections and now for once in my life I'm able to perform such miracles as chopping vegetables the night before I cook them or successfully mixing up stir-fry sauce more than 30 seconds before I need it. I'm eating oats, grains, legumes, and multiple cups of fresh fruit and vegetables every day, and while my GI tract is still figuring out how to deal with the sudden fiber increase, I definitely feel the difference in satiety and consistent energy levels throughout the day! I used the Dr. Greger Daily Dozen checklist as a guideline and it's really helped alleviate some of the decision paralysis, I'm not to the point of exercising regularly yet but I'm optimistic that having more energy and not chewing up every hour of my free time after work with inefficient cooking will make it easier soon. Sorry for the pointless wall of text it's just a rare victory against stagnation for me and I have no friends so I wanted to celebrate into the void

No. 383481

thank you nonna, i appreciate it. i tried on a pair of pants i got back in november that i couldn’t get into but they actually fit me perfectly now- not even tight or anything. so yes while slow progress is there. my monkey brain wants instant results but of course that is not possible- i just gotta keep pushing.

No. 383510

Why does it feel like my progress is going so slowly?

I have lost quite a bit since I started cutting/lifting, but my waist size hasn't changed much from when I started.

No. 383518

This 6 day ppl routine has got me spent, I'm so tireddddd (mentally, my body's handling it great ironically). The results are so good but I don't know how much longer I can take not being able to take a day off unless it's specifically sunday because the gym's closed.

No. 383551

File: 1709813134006.jpg (44.43 KB, 702x613, 130344163_2938572939699780_914…)

Just want to celebrate that I'm finally at the point where I can look in the mirror while resting between sets and stare at my abs. I've been skinnyfat all my life so this is huge to me and has been a great boost/motivator to keep at it.

Putting this down here in case it helps anyone who's similar to me, started out very underweight but with all my fat in my stomach. Funnily enough, over the last few months I've been eating more than I ever have in my life, with very heavy emphasis on protein. Little protein snacks throughout the day, like protein bars or I dip something in greek yogurt or cottage cheese. I go to the gym 4x a week (one day upper body, next day lower, end both days with core) and only do incline walking as cardio.

No. 383635

Serious motivation to continue exercising as Spring is 20 days away

No. 383640

I mean, that's a castrato moid who is taking unnecessary cross-sex hormones. I don't see how is that diet inspo, at least show a woman.

No. 383652

Congrats, nonna! GMI! Very happy for you!!!

No. 383661

As if he isn't on diet medication

No. 383736

Sorry anon I totally forgot to respond. I think you should try eating at maintenance for a while and see how you feel, for me I noticed I could lift heavier and didn't feel as tired or sore and I started seeing more bulk in my shoulders and biceps. As long as you're hitting protein hard, keeping your macros balanced, and doing your cardio you'll still be losing fat. It sounds like you're making great progress! Can I ask what you're doing for ab work? Since going through physical therapy I've realized a lot of traditional ab exercises are a meme and a lot of the important stuff happens in the deep core during things like deadlifts or bent over rows, twisting movements, stabilizing movements, things like that.

No. 383784

My brain still has that awful disconnect where the scale number has to be lower to mean anything good, even though I know that’s not true, but I think I will finally bite the bullet so I can make real gains for once.

>ab work?

I used to do ab ripper X from P90X religiously until I injured by back.

My current routine is:
>4x25 in-and-out
>4x15 pulse-ups
>4x10 bird dogs
>4x10 weighted sit up

I do this every other day.

No. 383870

I understand, I'm in the same place where I just can't comprehend that the number hasn't changed but I still look different. Your body and mood will thank you though.
A lot of what you're doing looks hard on the lower back to me, sit ups in particular are starting to become known for this. I love bird dogs though, I was actually prescribed those at one point lol. If you're willing, look up core stabilizing movements and give those a shot as well sometime.

No. 383925

File: 1709958248347.gif (107.84 KB, 366x290, e4eeb0ef929f4add16f4d9796becaf…)

Looked into core stabilizing exercises and am already planning to incorporate them into my ab routine!
(Also I was wondering why my back hurt a little more during the day this week. Now I know.)

Also TYSM for your nutritional advice as well! I only recently learned on how calories really affect bodybuilding and it really threw me for a loop! You've been a real great help, nonna!!!

No. 383957

What is the explanation for this?
>eating 1500 cal a day for 6 months
>totally plateaued at 126 lbs, not budging
>get covid, lose 10 pounds from illness
>”well damn that’s nice but the weight is gonna come back now for sure since I need to continue eating at least as much as I was before”
>continue eating 1500 a day for four more months
>weight never goes back up to 126, now permanently plateaued at 116 instead
I Do Not Understand. How am I eating the same as I did when I was stuck at 126 but somehow am not gaining weight back?

No. 383971

My first thought is, if the weight you lost was fat reserves, it could be that your now mostly lean mass is making you more efficient at burning calories. There is research supporting this.

I heard an interesting podcast recently with nephrologist Rick Johnson. He has a theory that certain animals will eat a lot of fruits and berries etc. during fall, and the high fructose content in those foods is able to make the animals temporarily insulin resistant. This decreases the animals' metabolism and also hunger signals, making them able to gorge themselves and store lots of fat before winter comes (fructose is capable of being converted into fat). Once food becomes less abundant during winter, they go through a period of starvation and lose the fat again, and their metabolism upregulates to store less fat when it's no longer needed. You could extrapolate this theory to include humans. Becoming fat makes our metabolism less efficient (which was initially a good thing, because the body prepares for a period of less food abundance), and going through a period of starvation can help kick things back into gear. Unfortunately we live in a world where food is abundant all year round, so people are prone to let the fat pile back on if they don't make deliberate changes to their diet. Anyway, he wrote several books on this theory explaining what he thinks the mechanism behind fructose is and so on. Whether his theory is true or not, I think what's certain is that more and more evidence points towards obesity being more complicated than CICO.

That said, be aware COVID is a nasty virus and can mess with a whole sleeve of different processes in your body. Idk how bad your situation was, but if you're still recovering then I hope you're not pushing yourself too hard. I know someone going through long covid like symptoms, and it seems overdoing things after being ill is a big risk.

No. 384035

Aww thank you for saying that, I'm glad I could help! Good luck on your journey, all the best to you.

No. 384138

File: 1710052138415.jpeg (114.66 KB, 736x760, IMG_6042.jpeg)

Do you guys think swimming can help you loose weight?

No. 384146

no it makes you fatter due to the water molecules entering through your pores.

No. 384164

It will epigenetically activate your dormant cetaceous genes to create a protective layer of blubber.

No. 384183

on the serious side, it can be but you get extremely hungry after swimming, so i guess just plan the bulk of your calories for after your swim. Otherwise if you do it like 3-5 times a week and break a sweat you should be losing, obviously given that you eat less than you burn.

No. 384203

I'm similar to you (skinnyfat with all the fat in my belly) and this makes me so hopeful. Good job anon

Dumb question for you girls, is getting a gym membership a good idea as a mostly beginner? Are at-home workouts with dumbbells sufficient for now?

No. 384216

Honestly? I’m a total noob and being in a gym as opposed to home makes me a LOT more motivated. Having home weights/dumbbells is good, but it’s so much easier to procrastinate when I’m home and think, “I’ll work out later,” which ends up with me sitting on my computer and forgetting I was supposed to work out at all.

Just start your weights out small if you’re uncertain, but the vast amounts of machines/equipment you have access to in a gym is way better than anything you can do at home. I made a ton more progress than I ever did in a gym than with any dumbbell/home workout I’ve done.

Hope this helps!

No. 384226

Is walking good enough for cardio?

I think my knees are a bit messed up because of how much tennis I played in my childhood and teens, so I can't jog or run without pain afterwards. The bike doesn't feel very good on the knees either, but walking is relatively painless for me.

Anyone got some other recs for low-impact cardio? I'd consider swimming, which I love, but the only pool is a half-hour drive away.

No. 384232

Anything that gets you moving is good. Your progress won't be as quick if you did more intense workouts, but as long as you're burning more than you consume you'll be fine. If I recall correctly, the elliptical is low impact.

No. 384237

Excited to get back in the gym this upcoming week. I bought all new bike shorts and sports bras and new 1 gallon water bottle (for maximum hydration, kek), and I made an exercise plan in Google Sheets so I don't have to go into the gym and wander aimlessly from machine to machine looking stupid.

I'm currently sitting at 270ish pounds, I used to be 170 but got depressed bc I'd dropped out of college and had to move back to my shitty hick town, consequently stopped working out, started eating large quantities of shitty takeout. I also gained 40lbs around that same time just from taking Seroquel for awhile.

My main reasoning is that I'm having health issues from being this size, and ik that same stuff can snowball in the later courses of your life if you don't be proactive about it.

No. 384315

File: 1710122723685.jpeg (288.41 KB, 656x564, IMG_0502.jpeg)

Nonnies how do I stop binging on nutty foods?? I’ve managed to implement a successful diet in my life but sometimes I just can’t stop myself when I see peanut butter/trail mixes etc… it’s becoming a problem for me at this point. I want to enjoy them without cutting them out of my life completely but I can’t stop myself from binging.

No. 384322

File: 1710123964977.png (26.82 KB, 128x128, wojakclown81.PNG)

I do the same with chocolate, nonna. Really hard once you take that first bite, and 500-700 calories later you wonder wtf you were doing in the first place. I hate how this has been the story of my life with these foods as well.

Anyhow, uh, honestly I'm still trying to learn how to control myself as I improve my dieting, but what pretty much helps me not binge period is just cutting out the culprit altogether, because having it in my life was what caused me to regain the weight I lost after the first time I tried to get into fitness.

Alternatively, figure out what micronutrients you might be lacking and try to take supplements in lieu of eating nuts, which might contain what your body actually is craving.

Lastly, if you're REALLY dead-set on keeping nuts in your diet and have a bit of self-discipline, you can weigh a portion out with a food scale and enjoy it so long as it fits into your calorie needs.

I hope I helped.

No. 384325

File: 1710124330185.jpeg (37.54 KB, 433x282, 1704775047870.jpeg)

need to lose about 15 pounds to get my clothes fitting right again. doing OMAD four days a week (Saturday through Tuesday) and two meals on the other days. I'm interested if anyone else is doing IF or fasting of any kind. I ate my OMAD for breakfast Saturday and declined pizza and cake. sunday morning I didn't feel hungry, I felt like I could just keep going so I went until I felt weird standing up that afternoon and then I broke the fast with some broth. I said at the beginning of this thing I could have broth anytime and not feel bad about it because I'm familiar with electrolyte issues from long bouts of keto in the past. I think the broth around 1pm really woke up my hunger because I was deeply hungry and stomach hurt at 4pm so I went ahead and ate. this was the longest I've ever fasted, about 32 hours. I sort of feel like I've been through something! my body feels tired. going to continue my omad/2mad plan without setting up any longer fasts, but if I feel like it in the moment I'll roll with it like I did this weekend. interested in others' experiences.

No. 384328

gonna lose it I gave into the craving demons and ended up eating 900 calories past my limit. How fucked am I?

I'm personally afraid to fast because every time I tried something longer than 16:8 or the couple of times I tried to get my body into ketosis/snake juicing I had a seizure on both occasions, which is kind-of ironic seeing as how keto is supposed to help manage seizures better.

I really wanted to try water-fasting this year just to have a straight-shot to my goal weight, but most people on epilepsy forums said they ended up having seizures as well. Guess I'll have to get into shape like a normal person.

Anyhow, nonna, you got this and are gonna make it! Keep it up!

No. 384330

File: 1710125328957.gif (255.4 KB, 326x326, 1619120255055.gif)

Gonna also samefag here but how the hell do I stop myself from falling for the sugar demons? I gave up sweets for Lent and am fine every day of the week without feeling the need for sugar, but the second it turns Sunday, which is basically a break from Lenten promises, I become an animal in the face of the various sugary goods my family drags into the house.

No. 384332

How long does it take to go from skinny fat to just skinny? Although I know I’m losing weight, I feel like I just get flabbier despite lifiting weights. I’m trying to get out of this stage.

No. 384335

Are you getting enough protein? A bit of post-workout protein powder goes a long way, especially if you're trying to lose weight and gain muscle at the same time, which is pretty hard to do and is mostly only successful for the first few months for fitness beginners, afaik

No. 384344

I was prescribed Phentermine for weight loss due to gaining from my antipsychotic medication. I’m tapering off of the med, and just got through my first week of Phentermine. I did a 48hr fast due to lack of appetite and have only been able to stomach 500-700 calorie per day due to the Phen.

I’ve been much more active and working out regularly. But the scale has NOT CHANGED.

I’m just trying to drop 20lbs and feel so frustrated. Why am I not losing weight? I was expecting to lose at least 3lbs during the first week and NOTHING has changed. What am I doing wrong?

I’m 28, 5’6, current weight is 145 and goal weight is 125 (my weight before the antipsychotic)

I’m just about ready to stop eating entirely because I’ve been trying to drop this weight for months.

No. 384345

Btw my small meals consist of protein (chicken), protein powder and juiced greens. No sugar, minimal carbs. Eating once a day. Working out 20min a day doing strength training like weighted squats

No. 384356

Not the same anon but is 0.8*body weight enough protein? I have a hard time getting up to 150g of protein, which is a little less than my body weight.

No. 384358

It's only been a week, chill. You could be retaining water, foodweight still in your body or if you're weighing yourself on a simple home scale it might simply be a tad bit off/inconsistent. If you're in a proper deficit the weight will come off, give it some more time.

No. 384364

Also nta but yes, 0.8-1g is what's recommended but just do your best, it gets easier as you go on.
Speaking from experience you're gonna make yourself sick if you cut your carbs too far, especially if you're not getting any in the form of stuff like rice or potatoes. Do you track your macros? You should be eating 25% protein 40% carbs and 30% fats for your metabolism to run effectively.

No. 384382

Yeah but it's per kilogram of bodyweight not per pound.

No. 384390

I definitely feel sick. Today I’m so dizzy I can barely stand up and I’m nauseous. Keep getting head rushes where everything is black for a few seconds. I was sort of trying to do the keto thing so I figured the carbs in my juiced greens was enough every 24hrs. Are you sure 40% carbs isn’t too high? Yesterday I was upset about not losing yet so I did not eat at all apart from a cup of collagen peptides powder in warm water lol

No. 384391

It's the keto flu

No. 384395

Eat some protein and fat. You're just starving, dummy.

No. 384410

Im trying to starve. I’m sick of not losing weight due to my psychiatric meds. Does anyone know how to lessen the negative effects of intentional starvation? I’ve done this before but had to quit because I ended up weighing 107lbs

No. 384412

Get some electrolytes and salt in you. Powdered mixes that go in water or pedialyte. Get some soup broth like bouillon cubes and sip it. Not too much or youll harm yourself

No. 384414

Oh i just read this

>Yesterday I was upset about not losing yet so I did not eat at all apart from a cup of collagen peptides powder in warm water lol

I thought you were doing keto. Well electrolytes and salt will help you but you should reconsider flat out starvation. I have the most success with consistent high restriction and walking 10k steps a day but your body your rights

No. 384486

Crash diets don’t work in the long run, you’re setting yourself up to yo-yo. Starving yourself because it’s been a week and you didn’t see change is a bad idea. You could literally just be dehydrated and retaining water. You’re gonna mess yourself up.

No. 384497

well I've gone and caught some illness; I have a sore throat and feel sorry for myself. going to 2mad until I'm better.

thanks nonna, sorry to hear about the seizures. I know from experience CICO works so don't get discouraged that you can't fast.

No. 384714

How much cardio should I do a week if I am attempting recomp?

No. 384839

Does anybody else's body only shed weight once a month, typically after a period? I'm just curious - I've seen some women on Reddit talk about this and I have the same thing where I maintain my weight for a month straight, then drop it all a few days after my period. It's mostly water weight, it's been happening consistently for the past few years. I'm just interested to hear if anyone else has this issue because I'd love to know why (and if I can minimize it… because it can get really frustrating sometimes, especially when I'm trying to understand if a new calorie deficit is working in a new cut…)

No. 384880

Sounds similar to me although I have PCOS so my period only ever shows up once in a blue moon. For example, I lost 7lbs in January, February I fluctuated up and down around my new low weight, and now in March I'm down a couple pounds. I guess it's partially your body getting used to the weight loss and potentially hormonal fluctuations? Not really surprising there aren't many actual resources out there to look into this with, women's health and related issues never seem to be taken into account

No. 385185

File: 1710493773760.jpg (55.33 KB, 735x710, 2221b61a1589a476f40ba753b422b9…)

I've oscillated between chubby and fat for my entire life, and tried to starve myself skinnier when I was a teenager. It lead to a really slippery slope of eating disorders and my teeth are still fucked up from having been bulimic. Don't do it nonnas, it's not worth it.

On the flipside, I started regularly going to the gym like 3 times a week in the mornings. It's the longest that I've ever committed to something like this, and it's because I'm tired of feeling shitty and gross from sitting around all day. I mainly do strength training with cardio at the end, and I've found it majorly beneficial for both my mental and physical health. I'm 5'7 and 178lbs, my goal is to reach 150 by next year and have decently defined muscles.

No. 385207

Look up low-impact cardio workouts on Youtube, and workouts aimed at old people. Walking is fine as a workout. If you can, try hiking as well.
You're fine if it was a one off. You can lose 900 extra calories just fine over a week by upping your cardio and cutting back a bit on your calories. If you're prone to giving in to cravings, it's better to plan in treats than to binge. Give yourself a cheat day where your macros are all shit but you're only eating 200 or 300 calories more than you would have eaten otherwise, and do an extra 5 or 10 minutes of exercise throughout the week to burn it off. You won't notice the extra exercise if you tack it onto the end of your workout and you'll be way less likely to binge or cheat if you know you have cheat days coming up.

No. 385462

File: 1710610170962.jpg (49.42 KB, 640x462, catcream.jpg)

Nonas give me your best tips in beating a food (mainly sugar) addiction please. I KNOW I shouldn't eat it and I don't want to eat it but once the craving hits it's like my brain turns off or something and I go "teehee one little cake wouldn't hurt… or two!" and I know I'll hate myself afterwards but it seems like such a non-issue in the moment. Even if I don't keep any snacks at home I'll literally start baking just to get that sugar hit. It's so ridiculous and embarrassing to be trying to eat less sugar and then I'm standing there baking in the kitchen like a junkie. I don't live alone so throwing out sugar and flour and such isn't possible.
Not until afterwards when I've baked a full batch of cookies and have eaten a bunch am I able to snap out and throw away the rest of them. People think I'm exaggerrating or joking when I call it an addiction but I truly don't know how to stop myself.

Any tip is apprecaited, even if it's stupid and unscientific, just anything please.

No. 385487

Look at pictures/watch videos of what refined sugar does to your teeth/body/brain. Read about the long-term effects of sugar or artificial sweeteners intake (aspartame). Treat yourself with seasonal ripe fruit when you crave sugar really badly.

No. 385510

Eat fruit instead - dates, strawberries, melon, mango, frozen grapes are very good too. Just eat as much of it as you can until your craving is filled. Eventually, after eating only natural sugar, you will stop craving processed sugar.

No. 385520

Use stevia in place of sugar for drinks and in cooking and baking, get the sugar free versions of stuff you like that has artificial sweeteners instead, drink lots of water and eat a balanced diet that includes healthy carbs since any imbalance in these elements causes sugar cravings, and remember you're allowed to consume real sugar twice a day, whether as a treat/food item or in a drink like tea or coffee or juice, train your palette to get used to less sugary stuff until you can stomach bitter/sour stuff. Hope this helps you.

No. 385523

Start eating pickles instead. Lactose pickles and kimchi. I don’t know why but it works. Sugar cravings can’t stand up to pickle cravings.

No. 385524

5"3 started out at 136lb after gaining weight due to psychiatric medication. I'm down to 123lb after OMAD for around a month + at least 1 hour of walking a day, my goal is 110. I usually eat an apple/banana and one piece of chocolate in the morning and then water fast until 7pm which is when I eat a normal calorie meal + 35 calorie ice cream bar then done eating for the day.
What I wanted some help with: I've been (and still am) skinnyfat my whole life and I am looking to get a flatter stomach + thinner arms and thighs, Now I've never been athletic so forgive me if this question is stupid but are there any exercises that can give me that effect (more regarding the stomach and arm fat) without gaining too much/any muscle? Preferably if it's something I can do at home, There are no female gyms where I live and the normal ones are very unsafe for me.

No. 385545

Fundamental misunderstanding of what your goals need to be. Gaining muscle is what you want. Do not be afraid of muscle. Muscle is not bulk. Muscle is what makes you look fit and trim. You would need to be on steroids to actually bulk up from gaining muscle unless you are a genetic freak.
If you have a lifelong skinnyfat issue it will help to switch from measuring your progress on the scale to measuring your progress with actual body measurements and pictures.

No. 385568

Muscle is so hard to get, especially if you're not even going to drink protein shakes to end your workouts. Don't worry about it, any change will take a few months to even start to be visible so just start and don't be scared. "Toning" is just a light muscle definition and focusing on building endurance in your muscles with a high number of repetitions per set.

No. 385613

It helped me but the hunger that follows is unreal at times. I've started doing it early in the morning or late afternoon so I've got a meal lined up afterwards. I've also noticed that because you don't feel the 'burn' during swimming you don't realize how the DOMS are going to be until the next day.

No. 385718

I weighed myself for the first time since January and i lost 17 pounds. I’m so proud of myself nonnas. I still have more to lose and I feel so motivated.

No. 385903

File: 1710732562279.png (15.2 KB, 162x172, Untitled.png)

I now have a 20.5 BMI and I still look chubby/stumpy due to my short fucking legs and big thighs. It's really demotivating to me to have gone from 140lbs to 118lbs and still look mostly the same because none of the fat comes off my fat stumpy legs. Like what is even the point. It makes me want to give up and just eat what I want and say fuck it.

No. 386066

this is the part where you start building muscle and focus on exercise more. don’t give up!

No. 386086

Back again with a sad update. What the FUCK.

It has now been 15 days since starting the weight loss drug Phentermine, and I’m no longer taking the antipsychotic med that caused the weight gain and fucks with metabolism. Apparently when you stop it entirely the weight falls back off…?

I’ve had 2-3 cheat days where I ate around 1,000-1,300 calories in an attempt to prevent my metabolism from stalling/starvation mode.

The other 12 days I’ve maintained a diet of coffee (sugar free), freshly juiced greens, collagen protein powder, eggs, chicken, rice cakes, quinoa with veggies etc. I’ve spent 12 days eating ONLY 500-700 calories per day and have only been eating every 24hrs. I eat at the same time once a day. I increased my daily steps. I started working out for 30 min EVERY DAY (walking, crunches, weighted squats, push ups, etc.)

TWO WEEKS on an upper med that increases metabolism, energy and supposedly helps tons of people lose weight quickly and efficiently

And I have not lost even ONE pound on the scale. Every time I weight myself I feel like I’m going to break down. I just need to lose 20-25lbs to get back to my original weight. At this point I feel like I should stop eating entirely for a month and spend hours exercising every day. Literally crying.

No. 386088

I’m also using MyFitnessPal religiously and tracking ever single thing that enters my mouth, even gum, so I know I’m constantly maintaining an intense deficit. I’m starting to hate myself so much, it feels hopeless and I can’t stand looking at myself in the mirror anymore.

I just want my old clothes to fit. I want to get back to the body that I was proud of before medication destroyed my life. I’m becoming severely depressed over this.

No. 386091

This is gonna sound crazy nonna, but trying eat more. I don't think you're eating enough and it's making the weight stick to you. Make sure to have rest days from working out too so your body can recover

No. 386092

Does anyone here have a fitbit versa 4? I just got mine today and took it to the gym. It says I burned almost 450 calories by doing 30 min on the bike. Does that seem accurate?

No. 386094

And I forgot to add I also started taking Metformin with the Phentermine to rebalance my blood sugar/insulin sensitivity mess from the antipsychotic.

I’m on a mood stabilizer and now I’m wanting to cut that dose in half, too. I’m literally throwing myself into a full blown psychotic episode, and I’m fucking miserable mentally but I refuse to take the meds that “helped” because my self esteem is destroyed and I just want to lose the weight. I’d rather suffer psychologically and be at the risk of episodes than live with the side effects of these medications

No. 386096

I’ll try that. I might eat today and aim for 1,300 calories

No. 386112

Nta but yes, please do. 500-700 calories a day is ana-chan tier and doesn't belong in this thread tbh. The way you're eating is counter intuitive to your health and not sustainable long-term. I get wanting to drop weight fast but there's a big chance you'll just bounce back later on if you can't do it in a way you can maintain in the future. It'll take time no matter what so just do it the smart way and please take care of yourself.

No. 386116

I’ve had an off and on eating disorder since I was a kid, so that’s probably why I’m getting so upset and risking my health to lose the weight.

I’m 5’6 and accustomed to being around 115-125, not 145… before the meds I was generally never hungry, ate for survival and not enjoyment, and my metabolism was so fast that if I gained a few pounds I could shed it within a week or two. I loved my body and was very confident wearing anything. I hope that metabolism comes back now that I’ve stopped taking meds.

No. 386179

when i was at my highest weight i would burn a lot during cardio according to my apple watch. but if you are at a healthy weight probably not

No. 386205

I do a lot of calisthenics and weight lifting. Does anyone else feel like when they some time off you look more ‘toned’? I haven’t worked out in over a week and my ass looks really good.

No. 386433

Just blogposting here but why do my measurements still suck after 2.5ish months of lifting?

I am quite tall, so my build is quite boxy. Waist started out at 31" and went down to about 30.5" and ass is consistent 40.5." Not aiming for weight loss anymore and instead am just aiming to build muscle at and maintain my current weight.

I definitely see more muscle in my thighs and arms (even though it isn't all-that-visible in my arms). I'm just gonna keep pushing forwards and look forwards to the slow and steady progress.

Another question I have is at what point will I begin to see my abs? Not gonna rush things, but I'm just wondering.

No. 386434

I feel that, nonna.

I'm on carbamazepine, which pretty much fucks with weight loss, so I end up losing at a glacial pace. Just take the weight loss week by week, learn what works for you without throwing yourself into full-blown starvation mode, and don't rush things, otherwise you'll end up gaining the weight back and then some.

Best of luck!!!

No. 386509

I'm worried that my TDEE isn't as high as I think it is and that I'm eating at maintenance without realizing it. I know recomp goes slow but I still feel fat from my bulk in February and all I can see in the mirror is loose skin. I was feeling like hot shit leading up to that bulk and now I'm worried about how I'll look in the summer. Should I cut harder in the next few months just to play it safe? I usually eat 300 calories below my TDEE.

No. 386607

So glad someone here gets it! Are you still taking the medication? I stopped mine cold turkey in a rage because I wasn’t seeing weight loss. Hopefully my metabolism will bounce back and what I gained will fall off soon

No. 386614

Has anyone here tried a peat inspired diet, has it worked for you?

No. 386620

My dad used to eat like that. It did not work for him. I just ignore that style of diet (just something some guy made up and marketed.)

No. 386666

Nonnies, what's a good amount of daily steps for someone who's 5 foot 7 and weighs 182 lbs? I want to lose at least 1.5 lbs a week. I go on run/walks 3 days in the week and I'm basically plateauing for the past couple months. Is it what I'm eating? I'm also noticing I give myself an excuse to eat a snack or two here and there because I'm exercising more that day. How can I combat this temptation?

No. 386669

No, I'm still on it because I still have seizures. I did get off the meds once when I went five years seizure free, but I started having breakthrough seizures again and am back on the meds. Funnily enough, ever since I started going to the gym, I haven't had a seizure since.

I think if I stopped mine cold turkey, I would bleed out of my brain.

Sorry nonna, but speaking from experience, rewards are a gateway into eating past your calorie limit. Why not set aside a cheat day once a week to eat something special instead of throwing your hard work away?

As for steps, I try to do at least half hour of brisk walking a day (or 2x15 if I'm having a busy day in the office). What matters more is how much you are moving your body, rather than the number on your pedometer, but, if you're looking for a goal, aim for 7500 steps and build up from there.

Are you going off of a calorie limit based on a certain activity level? I eat at maintenance based on a sedentary level of activity, even though I am not sedentary and haven't gained a pound since. Maybe try cutting based on a sedentary maintenance value?

No. 386670

Yes I am, I think I'll try that then, I'm having a pretty easy time meeting my protein requirements so it won't be hard to drop down to my sedentary maintenance. It's only 200 cals lower than what I eat right now, that's like one small snack's worth of calories. Thank you nona! Good luck with your gym journey.

No. 386720

I walk about 10k steps a day on average, my job pretty much requires me to be mobile 4 miles every day. I think I'm just gravitating towards eating more because I am generally active for work, but when I'm not working, that's when I can't snap into it. I just upped my daily steps to 12k to see if it'll do something positive for me!

No. 386788

Are there any exercises I can do at home with only little space (like 2,5x1,5m), without jumping and very little equipment. Something for the whole body, maybe. And no, I don't have a gym near me and I can't do stuff outside. At the moment I'm getting at least 7.000 steps a day and I started changing the way I eat and stopped drinking alcohol, but I feel like some movement would overall improve my physical health and my mood.

No. 386794

Search for no equipment no jumping workouts on youtube. I also like Ballet Beautiful which is (sort of) pilatus that requires only the space of a yoga mat and has no jumping.

No. 386847

Calisthenics. Most beginner moves can be done without equipment.

No. 386856

So after 3 weeks of a consistent diet paired with excercise and increasing activity, my weight has not moved on the scale at all. I’m eating 700-1000 under my TDEE apart from cheat days (2 days per week) during which I eat 1,300-1,400.

By the scale not moving, I mean never. Even when I use the restroom, it’s exactly the same. No fluctuations at all. Morning and evening weight are exactly the same, which seems impossible. Not even a .1lb gain or loss. What is the meaning of this? I’ve even checked multiple scales. All the same.

I’ve obviously lost weight. Clothes are loose, stomach is flat, thighs are smaller, tits smaller, ribs and hip bones more pronounced.

I’m so confused.

No. 386885

Muscle weighs more than fat. If you lose fat and gain muscle at the same time you could theoretically stay the same weight while getting thinner.
Kinda weird that the scale never moves for you though. Not impossible.

No. 386888

Why are you starving yourself so much? Your cheat days are 1300 kcal? Thats crazy. You're just going to harm yourself starving that much while also exercising.

No. 386904

I take it back! Idk how or why it worked out this way, but the scale was consistently stuck on 150lbs for 3 weeks. Just hopped on when I got home and I’m at 138, out of fucking nowhere. Weight loss is weird. Happy I can calm down now. Still don’t know why it happened all in one day.

No. 386910


I have the same issue, I am doing the 75 Hard challenge and people are commenting on my weightloss plus I can feel it on my clothes that don’t fit as good anymore, but the scale shows the same weight +/- 300 gram. I know that I should be happy about the visual changes, but of course, I don’t see them as much as others do. I am also focused on a goal weight, so it sucks to not approach that at all. I hope that the number on the scale will eventually change, and I really wonder what is happening. Can this really be muscle gain?

No. 386914

You’ll get there! Just keep up the good work. I’m sure it’ll show on the scale soon. You might be holding on to water weight. I was panicking over this all week and now it’s finally showing in numbers.

No. 386920

Anons need to stop falling for the "starve to lose weight you stupid fatties" meme. If you're having a big difficulty losing weight get ALL of your labs checked. It's unbelievable so many people so many people would rather have people driving while dizzy with low blood sugar and anemia than to hold extra weight

No. 386934

File: 1711219777680.jpg (87.2 KB, 800x1500, 61jJTjjya6L._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

I'm sensitive to artificial flavorings and sweeteners and try to eat plant based. It's usually so hard to find vegan protein powder without additives. My friend recommended this protein powder so I got a big tub. Problem is it tastes like elephant enclosure, hamster pellets..just horrendous. Anyone have experience with this powder and know how to make it more palatable? I've ruined a few smoothies with this already.

No. 386949

IMO all vegan protein tastes like shit, and I know this is a meme but

Tastes ashy, allegedly. IDK how this would work on a female but it's literally straight crude protein.

Maybe consider making an exception for whey powder. Optimum nutrition offers a natural option with stevia in lieu of sucralose.

No. 387010

Can exercise make your boobs firmer? I tried looking it up but only got how-to articles shilling brand equipment. I thought the firmer boobs thing was a total hoax, but sometimes I'm feeling my shit and swear they feel a little different.

No. 387012

It can make them look perkier by developing the muscles underneath them which pushes them up, but your breasts themselves wouldn't actually become firmer because they have no muscles

No. 387015

Sorry I neglected to mention I can't do stevia either–I tend to lump that and sucralose together because they both fuck my stomach up. Thanks for the link though..are those /fit/ dudes serious? I'm intrigued by this but wary of potential animal pellet taste and yeah, can women consume that much protein? But fuck it seems easy enough. Super curious now

No. 387016

depends, once you reach a certain size/sag there's really nothing that stop it. Basically as long as if your boobs don't touch your belly button/ you don't have tube sock boobs you'll be fine

No. 387043

>can women consume that much protein?
why do I keep seeing this lately? There's no reason why women can't eat an extremely high protein diet, you can safely eat up to 2g per lb of body weight with no problems and that's a sky-high intake, most people including men are doing 1g max. As long as as the gorilla pellets are within your calorie range there's no such thing as too much protein.

No. 387045


Here's the original post, but the guy in picrel looks super yoked. I just haven't heard of a case where females have used gorilla pellets. Also, if you decide to go through with this, please report back on the experience/results.

But like >>387043 said, there's never a thing as too much protein. IMO that's always been a shitty psyop by eat-ze-bug people so humans can't reach their true potential.

No. 387157

File: 1711308181313.jpg (28.9 KB, 750x750, FA5A0JeXsAA7dNj.jpg)

Feel like a total fatass today for no reason other than I looked more bloated in this week's progress pic than last week's. Had a total conniption over it this morning, and just feel really sad and drained from hating how I look.

Also the scale said some stuff I didn't quite like, so that just doubly fed into my bad mood, even though I'm trying to work towards gaining muscle/reducing fat simultaneously rather than flat-out cutting.

I know I'm being irrational, but how long until you nonnies started seeing visible progress? I'm trying not to freak out, since my medicine fucks with my metabolism and progress is always slow and gradual.

Been lifting for 3 months, but have gotten way more consistent in the past 2 with 5 days a week lifting.

No. 387162

Ugh, I can definitely relate. My advice would be to take monthly progress pics, you'll be less prone to noticing slight fluctuations and be able to see the bigger picture. For me I think it took about three or four months to notice any muscle progress besides some slight fat loss. I got my newbie gains about six months in and it's been slow but steady progress since then. Keep going nona, ignore the scale; as long as your nutrition is in check you should be fine.

No. 387173

Starting a new programme as of next week which I plan to stick to until mid-to-late June. Instead of my accustomed high-rep routine, I’ll be focusing on strength - and I’ll also be going into a deficit. I am a bit nervous of losing my progress… Should I reconsider? I worry so much about making the “wrong” choice, even though I have plenty of time to achieve my goals.

No. 387212

when you say high rep, how high are we talking?

If you want to focus on strength, do a version of what Doug Hepburn did: take a weight that you can do for 7 reps and do three sets of 3. Do this 2x a week. Do not worry about progressive overload, it is the biggest meme ever. Just lift heavy and your body will tell you when you need to add some weight. The old time physical culture people used the same weights in training for years using the solid dumbbells and barbells and still made size and strength gains

No. 387348

I've only been dieting a couple months but i am experiencing this. So far I lose slowly but steadily until luteal phase and then it totally stalls out. After day 2 of my period, I drop 3-4lbs suddenly. I have to wait a few months to see if this pattern continues

No. 387383

i really fell off my fitness journey in the last 6 months, i got sick and fell out of the routine and eventually just stopped caring altogether. i saw some pictures my bfs family posted of our recent vacation, decided to weigh myself and ive gained 20lbs since i last checked. it was like a punch to the gut to see those photos because i didn't realize how much weight i had actually gained but i'm glad i did because it's now my motivation. i restarted my gym membership and went for an hour yesterday as well as going for a nice walk with my friend. im so determined to get back into the routine of regular gym, walks and healthier eating.

No. 387399

gained 13 lbs in 4 months on lexapro im devastated. any nonnas on lexapro experiencing weight gain?

No. 387415

My sister takes that and gained a bunch of weight, at one point she could only fit into like 2 pairs of her pants because of it. It's a common side effect according to the doctor she spoke to about

No. 387460

Nta but how is progressive overload a meme?

No. 387466

fuck i just saw a psychiatrist last week and was prescribed lexapro, and I REALLY don’t want to gain weight! I even said I was taking bupropion to manage my appetite and energy levels; I need ssris though but I can’t afford to gain weight because I have PCOS

No. 387614

Sorry to say but I believe that medicine of that kind needs to be coupled with regular exercise. At least walking for a hour every day or even bettere jogging at least 30 minutes a day. Because those stupid pills disrupt your metabolism

No. 387640


Yeah this pretty much. Impossible to NOT get fat from having these meds in your body. I'm the nonna on carbamazepine, but I've always struggled to lose weight with those meds in my system.

When I paired cutting with exercise, I ended up losing 7-8 pounds in a couple of months, so it is possible to lose weight while on fucky medicine. I just don't know how the experience varies with people on different meds, but I assume the formula for staying healthy is relatively the same.

No. 387659

resistance training has been around forever, but people only started sperging about muh progressive overload in the last 100 years or so. When you work out, you are trying to stimulate your muscles so that they get bigger and/or stronger. You do not need to keep using heavier and heavier weights to properly stimulate your muscles to grow.
There are times where you should add weight but it isn't something you need to stress about or keep track of

No. 387689

I mean if you're in your noob gains stage, you don't always have to be progressively overloading every time (but why wouldn't you want to? It's the best time to push and exploit noob status). People who do calisthenics eventually have to do harder movements with more weight to make the same gains as they used to. Powerlifters have to keep lifting heavier weights to make strength gains. Bodybuilders have to vary their training with macrocycles and periodization, but even they have progressive overload to help with hypertrophy and strength. So I don't see how progressive overload is a meme unless you're just casually lifting and not interested in getting big.

No. 387820

The Mighty Atom, Sandwina, the Saxon Brothers and pretty much everyone from the bronze age of bodybuilding didn't bother with progressive overload past the newbie stage. Even Sandow eventually gave up on progressive overload, calling it "gay".
Progressive overload is a meme and it has destroyed the progress of countless lifters.

No. 387840

You're listing the genetically elite and just because they (seemingly?) didn't go with progressive overload at the time doesn't mean that it's a meme. Unless you have their detailed training program, I would assume that they were doing some kind of progressive overload but it wasn't labelled as such. Plus, they were from an older era where exercise science wasn't as developed and studied as it is now. What's the alternative you propose, then? Every study and article I've read promotes progressive overload for anyone looking to get stronger or bigger without stalling in their progress. Like I said before, people who start calisthenics who make great progress in the beginning start lifting (yes, using progressive overload) or doing even more complicated calisthenic moves to keep making the same gains.

Even going back to your sentence
>Just lift heavy and your body will tell you when you need to add some weight
is literally a form of progressive overload. Where load is increased. Progressively over time.

No. 387964

The Mighty Atom was a Jewish manlet with tuberculosis, hardly genetically elite. Sandwina was a woman who didn't have access to steroids that modern female athletes do.
When I started lifting, I could only overhead press 60 lbs for 2 reps. I did progressive overload until I built up to 75 lbs for 5 reps, at which point my progress stopped. I then switched to doing 75 pounds for 2 reps and that is where I have stayed for the last 7 months. My shoulders and triceps have grown the entire time and while I haven't tested out my max, I'm certain that it is much higher now.
There is a place for adding weight/reps, even past the newbie stage, but you don't need to sperg about it. That's my point.

No. 388322

Ate a fuckton of nuts tonight. Probably didn't go more than +500 over my calorie limit but feelsbad.

No. 388380

I'm ten days into my "diet" and I'm starting to get really bummed and demotivated. I'm obese (BMI 31) and I would have to lose around 30kg to get to the healthy/overweight border. But last time I was BMI 23-24 (lowest BMI of my adult age), I was still considered fat. Back then, a close friend asked in a non malicious way whether my boyfriend had a fat fetish. I live in a european country with very few overweight people. It would take me so long, so fucking long to lose those 30kg and then I'd still be treated like a fatty.
My main problem is I feel weak, like physically weak from the calorie restriction, i have brainfog… I'm also avoiding seeing my friends and going out because that would mean calories, so I just end up isolating myself. I know it would probably be easier on my body to up the calories (so far I'm averaging between 800 and 1k calories) but that would only make my progress slower and I'm not a patient person. Besides I can only motivate myself to continue by focusing on how unhappy I am with my body but that only makes me more sad…

No. 388383

You've fallen into a classic mental trap. You are treating yourself like you can't have a life until you lose weight. Not to be super corny but you only get one life to live and you don't have to wait to be thin to live it. You will never get this time back, so really think about the quality of life you're giving yourself every day. Holed up isolating on a crash diet so you can lose 5 pounds in 3 weeks instead of 4.
You're not a patient person but you're gonna have to learn to be. Doing sub-1000 calorie crash diets is just setting yourself up for failure. Pick a sustainable calorie deficit. a million women before you have proven you can't rush this and expect good results.

No. 388385

you can still lose weight if you bump your calorie intake up a bit more. you say you're not a patient person but sustainable weight loss doesn't happen overnight and if you lose too quickly you'll be dealing with excess skin. i'm sorry people have treated you so poorly over your weight (sorry but the friend who asked if your boyfriend has a fat fetish isn't really your friend) but what you're currently doing is going to cause you more problems later on even if you manage to reach your goal weight.

No. 388388

Don't be a dumbass and just up your calories to a sustainable deficit or don't complain.

No. 388390

You guys are right about the patience. Of course I don't expect to lose it all over night but when I start thinking about the sheer ammount of time, I just lose hope because it feels like I'll never be fit and what's the point of trying when people don't care.
I'll up my intake to 1100-1200 starting tomorrow. Thanks for the encourragement, I needed it. It feels very lonely because any mention of dieting/food/body image just makes you appear as an even lamer fatty to people. I'm gonna go on a walk and try to find an open store for some chicken breasts, thank you nonas

No. 388391

800 is anachan levels. my bmi is 20 and i can't even function on 800. i eat 1400 at least.

food is more important than exercise, you can tone abs with pure body weight, but the fat loss is determined by what you eat and drink, and when you eat and drink it. for example, the reason why anorexics do not have muscle is because their bodies are using everything it has to keep them alive. exercising does help lose fat faster and build muscle, but in general it is great for our overall health because it can help regulate depressive hormones, keep us alive longer, and make us feel good.

and yeah it's time consuming to burn calories but not to eat them. but this is good, and you want to remember this because you can eat less and go for longer. so you can wait for a potato to cook, spend more time with your family and friends, serve and eat the potato, and then go right back to spending time with them. example that i eat at least once a weak: a 213g medium potato is 163 calories alone. add 20g butter and 100g tuna, that's a delicious 417 calorie meal. that may take about 40 minutes of hard exercise to burn that off – or 1.7 hours (105 minutes) of walking, that's an evening stroll with good company. (10 calories per minute with hard exercise, and 4 calories per minute with walking).

clean eating means mostly avoiding processed foods. processed foods are those foods with tonnes of ingredients on the label that contain a lot of e-numbers, white flour, and sugar. the last two are high in calories and low on making us feel full, making us crave sugar.
clean foods are more natural: fruits, veg, meat, eggs, dairy, whole grains.
>carbs: potatoes, beans, brown rice, black rice, quinoa, oats, whole wheat
>extras: vinegar, herbs & spices
>proteins: egg, greek yoghurt, chicken breast, tuna, turkey, salmon, white fish, lean red meat, shrimp, tempeh, tofu, edamame
>extras: nuts and seeds
>sweetners: honey, coconut sugar, maple syrup, agave
>fats: olive oils, coconut oil, vegetable oil, avocado

our 3 main energy sources (carbs, protein, fat) are called macronutrients. they work together to keep the body strong, lean and healthy. The key is not to cut them out of your diet, but to correctly portion them into the ratios needed for your sex and dietary needs. use those body weight calculators to work out yours and focus on protein first, then fat, then carbs. don't fall for the keto meme, all keto diets are basically low carb diets. actual keto looks like a plate of cauliflower with gravy to keep the fat high and the carbs low and is used to make children with learning difficulties pay attention. carbs are higher in calories in small doses and need to be portioned, portions will help you reach your fitness goals, not cutting out food groups.

fat plays an essential role in vitamin absorption:
>A - also known as retinol, has several important functions: helping your body's natural defence against illness and infection (the immune system) work properly; helping vision in dim light; keeping skin and the lining of some parts of the body, such as the nose, healthy
>D - helps regulate the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body, these nutrients are needed to keep bones, teeth and muscles healthy. a lack of vitamin D can lead to bone deformities such as rickets in children, and bone pain caused by a condition called osteomalacia in adults. government advice in countries with low sun suggest everyone should consider taking a daily vitamin D supplement during the autumn and winter. if you're shutting yourself in you are probably not getting any vit D.
>E - helps maintain healthy skin and eyes, and strengthen the body's natural defence against illness and infection (the immune system).
>K - is a group of vitamins that the body needs for blood clotting, helping wounds to heal. there's also some evidence vitamin K may help keep bones healthy.
these are all fat-soluble, meaning your body can't absorb them without fat present.

"good" fats:
>saturated: animal fats, butter, eggs, cheese, coconut oil
>monounsaturated: nuts, seeds, avocados, extra virgin olive oil, peanut oil, sesame oil
>polyunsaturated: sunflower oil, walnut oil, flaxseed oil, and oily fish suchas salmon and mackerel
"bad" fats:
>hydrogenated and trans fats: sugary sweets, pastries, fast-food restaurants, "low-fat" diet products and ready meals

portioning actually helps with hormone control and regulation. frequent smaller calorific portions (as opposed to smaller quantities on our plates – you can actually eat more food for less calories with cleaner eating over processed foods) help us feel fuller for longer and depending on what we're eating, can make us feel good too instead of triggering sugar cravings, giving us the energy we need to do all the stuff we want. eating as much as you want if it's healthy doesnt guarantee you a healthy lifestyle: 300 calories of carrots is still the same calorific value as 300 calories of junk food, just that those carrots have nutrients that the junk food doesn't, but those carrots also stopped having benefits about 125g in - which is about 249kcals. if you're on a budget, three×125g/4.41oz portions of fruit and veg have shown the same health benefits as eating five×80g portions, this is especially helpful for low income families.) also dried fruit pottions should be [30g/1.1oz].
the body will adapt if you eat too little because it starts going into survival mode.

emotional eating is when we eat for reasons other than hunger. like when we are excited, bored, sad, stressed, nervous or tired. however we may feel these things if we haven't eaten for a while. if it's been around 3-4 hours since your last meal, it is because of that. enjoy a meal, and to help yourself, have a 100kcal snack in between. sometimes we feel these hungry feelings when we are actually thirsty, it's best to drink a pint an hour before or after a meal (including if you've eaten soup), or half a pint half an hour before or after a meal. regular hydration binds to fibre. if you are having issues with digestion, take ginger or apple cider vinegar, or eat something with magnesium, especially during hormone fluctuations due to our menstrual cycles. if you already have a meal plan for the month, try making a set eating schedule to go with it. this helps keep track of any emotional eating, so you can reach for your water instead, satisfying the desire to consume something. tea is also good. food is what helps you function, the body is a 24/7 machine that needs feeding, eating for nourishment is what makes you feel good.

in the event of a work event, friend's birthday dinner, holiday party, or forgetting your meal at home, do the following:
>dinner out
read any menus online if possible before going out. make your choice at home and then stick to it once you're in the moment. this way you won't feel stressed making a decision on the spot. a suggestion is to order unbreaded protein with lots of vegetables (request a light oil) and a small serving of grain, potato, or pasta with sauce on the side. salads don't always guarantee health, some are high in calories and it's not just because of the dressing, although that is part of it. it is the cheese, nuts, dried fruits and fried fixins they often serve it with. (if so, get one within a decent calorific unit with dressing on the side).
>forgetting lunch
look at your food options. grocery stores with a salad bar can enable you to make your own, or pick up a low-sodium meal. if you have to eat fast food eat something under 400 calories and make sure it has the most clean ingredients.
you do not have to binge. binging may set you back in your fitness goals, mentally and physically, promoting an unhealthy relationship to food, re-triggering emotional eating habits, and undoing your hard work. having a healthy meal before going and then snacking on veggies as you meet others is a better option. it may not seem very exciting but it will keep you on track as you finish rewiring your eating habits.

do not be afraid of living your life. learning how to adapt to any situation is one of the keys to making any lifestyle last. consider every event a chance to practise and learn. a recommendation is following a meal plan when you can so you can reduce insecurities and boost confidence in the kitchen and around eating. good luck nonna.

No. 388393

> I can only motivate myself to continue by focusing on how unhappy I am with my body but that only makes me more sad
Stop doing this.
Set very small goals that you increase incrementally that make you feel good about yourself. Things you can control. Example: number of steps per day, grams of protein, cups of water, servings of vegetables. Track your measurements and your weight, never just one or the other. Take a full body photo and hide it if you don't want to look at it; put it somewhere you can find it again in 6 months so you can see how far you got. Increase your NEAT first while you're in the early stages and worry about formal exercise later; anywhere you can opt to walk or bike instead of drive or take public transport, any time you could pace around, just going out for 30 minutes first thing in the morning to walk and relax instead of scrolling your phone. Drink a glass of water before every meal or snack and wait 15-20 minutes before getting seconds. It's a bit of a slog, just accept that. You just have to make a little progress every day, try to think of taking it slow as a blessing not a curse.

No. 388394

Thank you for your very thoughtful and detailed response. I am getting a lot of protein (lean veal cuts, chicken breasts, eggs, skyr) and fruits and veggies (cucumber, carrots, tomatoes, grapes, bananas) but I should probably get a little more fat (so far the only fat i get is a teaspoon of olive oil when i grill chicken or veal). My main problem is carbs : i love them and they're usually the main staple of my regular diet but I feel like if I eat any carbs, I wont be able to stop…They're like a binge trigger.

I know it's bad and I used to do it other ways but in the past years anytime i tried to eat healthy out of "good feelings", I didn't last. While this time, I lasted 10 days. I know 10 days is NOTHING but its the most I was able to do in the past 5 years. I will try to change my mindset though because I'm very aware of how harmful it is.

No. 388398

nayrt but I will not lose ANY weight if I go over 800 a day, and my bmi is 30. And even when eating that little I lose maybe a kilo a month if I'm lucky. I walk an hour a day.

No. 388400

Brutal. Are you short? Insulin resistant maybe? I also have to go really low to see weightloss at a decent speed but I'm short. Higher calories can work for me but it's so slow I have to track it over months not weeks.
Not to nitpick but an hour of walking isn't that much activity if you're sedentary otherwise, definitely the low end of recommended daily steps. Unless you're powerwalking uphill or something.

No. 388401

Yeah I'm 5'3. And by walking an hour I mean doing cardio on the treadmill. Not counting regular meandering throughout the day.

No. 388407

you're very welcome nonna! <3 I'm proud of what you've achieved. this month's choices are next month's results, they're that quick. keep it up. if you feel yourself craving unhealthy carbs, eat fruits and drink water immediately. it fills the stomach up quickly.

I'm also 5'3 and have pcos/insulin resistance, so I speak from experience when I say that the issues may be because of the metabolic adaptation.
>starvation diet
>body has adapted to lower metabolism to survive (automatically have less energy to do things because the body is afraid it isn't going to get enough food)
>only walking because can't do anything else because of the reduced metabolism

this leads to a sedentary lifestyle:
>negative side effects of metabolic adaptation of a sedentary lifestyle:
inactivity causes muscle weakness —> efficiency and coordination goes down —> this decreases exercise tolerance —> this increases anxiety around injury and lack of breath when exercising (it is actually normal to get out of breath during exercising and is actually harmless) —> this may then lead to a decrease of activity and an increase of inactivity —> and this inactivity increases depressive symptoms, contributing to lack of exercise and muscle weakness etc. [we are back at the start]
do low impact and heavily modified exercises when returning to active life. low impact & high intensity exercise at the same time is possible, this is great for raising heart rate and burning calories when there is little time in the day (just remember to warm down afterwards).

the ironic thing is once you are eating more you will have the energy to exercise more effectively. muscle gain is like 0.5-1lb (realistically 0.5lb) and fat loss is like 1-2lbs a week, so for every 1lb of fat you lose, you gain 0.5lb of muscle. so it looks like you've only lost 0.5lbs of fat when you've really lost 1lb. this is why scales can be unreliable. muscle is built by breaking down muscles, which the body responds to by building stronger muscles, you can then do more with those muscles. but to achieve it you must be exercising regularly, and to exercise regularly you must be eating well every day and supplying your body with sufficient nutrition.

i learnt this from a practising fitness coach but increasing by a few hundred calories will not gain loads of fat, what is happening is your weight will appear to increase but its not actually fat it's water, muscle glycogen, this is because for every gram of carbs you will hold 4g of water. its natural but its not fat. you can build up your calories slowly if you don't want to do it all at once. it's possible to gain muscle by surplus-ing by 200kcal a day (this is where the 0.5lb of muscle gain comes into it), any more and the body stores it as fat. a diet to gain muscle will focus on protein intake first (0.4g protein per lb of body weight) and you can fill the rest with healthy fats and carbs.

also if you have pcos, six meals have a more favourable effect on insulin sensitivity compared with isocaloric three meals. however even if you don't have pcos, intermittent fasting worsens insulin sensitivity in women. so women should be careful with approaching IF (and calorie restrictions in general) because going without food for extended periods can slow down non-essential functions like reproduction, digestion, and weight loss. so if you have any skincare issues (reduced cell renewal), weight loss issues, inflammatory issues, or feeling sluggish, it could be because you're simply not eating enough.

as for this next part i'm about to say, i'm making assumptions here based on how i was when i was having weight issues, if you have body dysmorphia in any form, that is a form of passivity. it's internalising your aggression leading to making yourself getting ill, so it's anger turned onto the self. think of it as a symptom instead of a cause. when we do not deal with the outside forces that are causing the anger, the body dysmorphia develops as a symptom of frustration and dissatisfaction with your situation, which needs to be dealt with by fixing the cause. what i mean by this is you could "fix" the body dysmorphia by working out/eating better, but it will not solve the cause which is the outside forces that are leading to your anger.

No. 388433

File: 1711909597827.jpg (23.6 KB, 640x479, 1711909370052.jpg)

Are resistance bands really effectice for muscle growth? Thinking about getting these so I don't have to go to the gym

No. 388486

yes. They are every bit as effective as weights. Even if you want to use weights, you can just get a set of power blocks. You don't need a gym

No. 388495

Anyone have advice for helping ease back strain/pain during or after working out? Sometimes when I’m doing squats or lifting, I can feel stress in my lower back, and even if I stop, the damage is done and the next day I’ll just have a uncomfortable ache there. I’m trying to fix my form but I work out alone and don’t have anyone to check or correct it. Itmd a lot of trial and error. I’m using a foam roller to roll out my back right now and trying to stretch, but I’m curious if anyone else deals with this.

No. 388499

I find back extensions on a roman chair help my back a lot…However, the root cause of your issue may be your form? If no one else here gives better advice, I think you should see a doctor/physio

No. 388500

I was getting that recently because I switched from dumbbells to barbells and was doing something wrong with deadlifts. ngl I never managed to make it feel better once I was already sore, eventually it just goes away but it was fucked for a while. The only thing that helped was like, putting my hands on the back of a chair and just bending down and stretching out. But I stopped it from happening again by lowering weights right down, being super careful, and switching to doing RDLs.

No. 388545

Any anons have running shoe recommendations? I never cared about them much but now I wanna know what's best. Tmi but I have bunion problems as a result of not wearing shoes for awhile and just general old lady things. I see the meshy ones that look stretchy that might be good? I just don't wanna kill my feet and want something comfy and breathable.

No. 388623

If you have a specialty running store where you live they can probably do some tests to figure out what kind of shoe would best suit your feet. I've heard good things about HOKA and the Asics Gel Nimbus line though, haven't bit the bullet on a pair yet since they're pretty pricey

No. 388702

File: 1712029854072.jpg (37.12 KB, 630x900, arm-anterior-illustration.jpg)

Felt a sharp twinge in my anterior deltoid after accidentally putting +15 lbs on the machine shoulder press. I don't think I tore it but it does ache after the fact.

How long should I skip on arm/back day for? Should I just continue with extremely light weights? I don't want to lose my progress over a really stupid mistake.

No. 388706

Same nonna. I meant +15lbs over the usual weight I do this exercise at.

No. 388710

My period is always 1-2 weeks when I cut. It goes back to normal when I bulk, but it pisses me off that it occurs at all. I don't know about the health aspect of it all, I'm sure its not a good thing but I'm sure it's stress-related due to the calorie restriction. I don't have a big deficit (-500 calories) so is there a way to cut in a Less Stressful way? I might stop cutting if it's really impossible to keep my period steady. By the way, I am not that low bf (about 20-25%) and I am not underweight. Thanks in advance.

No. 388711

Damn anon, how long has it taken you to work up to that weight? I'm recovering from a shoulder injury rn so my current weight is pathetically low, but I got up to 45 lbs in my first 8 or so months of lifting before that. I'd love to be able to lift 75 lbs someday.
Personally I'd take two weeks off and come back with lighter weights until you're sure everything's kosher. Don't continue if you're having pain, go to a physical therapist if it's not better after resting.

No. 388761

I’m already going to a PT for my lower body, so I will ask tomorrow when I am there. Thanks nonna.

No. 388776

it took me about 2 months to go from 60x2 to 75x5. Lifting twice a week. I stagnated at 75x5 for another 2 months before I reduced it to 75x2 and that's where I stayed. I may bump it up to 75x3 but I'm pretty close to my genetic ceiling so I don't feel inclined to push too hard

No. 388846

20-25 is about as low as a woman can safely be unless you are some sort of genetic marvel

No. 388976

current weight:64-65kg at 165cm tall, fluctuates a bit
flabby stomach, fat in inner hip area i want to get rid of and weak arms.
my goal for now is strengthening my arms, flat stomach and getting rid of fat on tights. i lost 12kg last year but gained few kg again. i didn't exercise so my body is still so flabby. my weight goal is 60kg, perfectly 58kg.

i started working out again during past few days, i'm slowly building my tolerance (especially for strenght exercises) before proceeding to targeted training. i hope to move on to work more on hips soon.

No. 388979

GANBARE, nonna! I believe in you!
You'll make it so long as you stay consistent– I started hip thrusting at 30 lb 5 months ago and somehow can now do 140. You got this!

Semi-related question for nonnas but at what point did you notice your ass becoming noticeably rounder from ass workouts? Mine is still buried under quite a bit of fat (40.5 in, maybe 26.9% BF), and maybe I just don't see the difference cause of all the fat/cellulite still there. Does the fat just replace itself with muscle at some point or what? I'm doing a maintain/recomp, but tbh I'm tired of seeing dimples in my ass cheeks and thighs.

No. 388982

i am SO HUNGRY all the time. like i can eat so much and not feel full. I try to eat healthy and high volume-low calorie foods but I'm still always hungry. even if i just ate that kinda food to the point that i felt satisfied i'd probably be at 4k+ calories a day.
idk what to do, it's hard to have willpower sometimes.

No. 388983

How many calories are you eating, nonna, and are you eating enough healthy fats/protein?

I gotta eat at least 120 g protein to feel full every day.
Also if you're new to cutting it's definitely a bitch the first week or two until you get used to it. Second, I would recommend a food scale just to have better accuracy on what you are eating (it really does help).

Usually if I'm hungry I try to drink water first to see if my hunger is actually thirst, and, if that doesn't work, I go for a low-cal fruit/vegetable and just try to hold off until it's meal time. Your body WILL be resistant to cutting in the first few weeks until you get on a rhythm. Also, from personal experience, set aside ONE cheat day for yourself where you have one tasty thing, but don't do the retarded thing where you say "just one bite of this tasty snaccccc," because from personal experience that just leads to eating 500 calories that you didn't even need.

Best of luck, nonna!!!

No. 388992

Nonas, what are some yummy meals you eat to help with weight loss? I'm bored of eating the same stuff everyday and want to try something new. I'm uncreative with meals kek

No. 388995

Not AYRT but I found this so helpful, thank you Nona<3

No. 389001

File: 1712174227758.jpg (214.95 KB, 1200x1200, 1000017187.jpg)

I love tuna burgers, they're so delicious, I also have "Bulgarian salad" and anything with plantain is top tier.
>tuna burgers
Just grab the canned tuna, put it in a bowl and add: oatmeal and chopped leek. Mix it all until it sticks together adding oatmeal if it isn't turning into a ball, make balls and put them in the oven or air fryer.
>"Bulgarian salad"
Chop onions, tomato, cheese and cucumber, add some black pepper, salt and olive oil.
Delicious, best carb ever, you can have them boiled, in an omelet, you can put them in the oven and just wait for the deliciousness to happen.
>salmon salad
Salad with salmon and eggs
They're so versatile, they go amazing with any protein (like cheese, pork, fish, meats) and you can add stuff like chia seeds, linseed and oatmeal to add more fiber. Mine is usually a 100gr arepa for dinner, which is pretty nice. They're easy to make and require little to no oil to make.

No. 389014

112g chicken breast+ 100g rice/1wrap+1 oz any cheese (I like pecorino)

35g + 4g + 7g = 46g protein

No. 389032

papaya or fruit bowl, papaya is super low calorie only like 30 cal per 100 grams

No. 389034

File: 1712193401054.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1170x1476, IMG_2097.jpeg)

is it possible to get ripped while working out from home? i hate my local gyms, i tried like 3 of them, so many ugly stinky manlets trying to overcompensate and private trainer is not an option financially. i want muscle definition on my arms and thighs specifically

No. 389036

That pic, can you post the source? I know how to use masa but not the rest

No. 389040

No. 389060

Do you have the PCOS "belly pouch"? I'm really frustrated that I have one even when I get really skinny :/ I just wanna have a nice tummy

No. 389071

depends how much money you're willing to spend and how much space you have, I own a nice pair of adjustable dumbbells that go up to 75lbs which is enough for bulgarian split squats and rdls unless really strong, dip / pull up bars and or gymnastic rings if you want upper body stuff

No. 389072

fairly limited but better than nothing

No. 389073

Thank you

No. 389074

anons has any of you walked 15k or 20k steps like almost every day? i do it for week now, but i dont know if its like effective i should just switch to cardio almost everyday? i gained like 25kg since covid, i was like 55kg before covid started, im tired of seeing my body like this and i don’t want any health issues because of my weight in future

No. 389092

I've been walking an average of 12k steps consistently and I've seen some weight loss results. The key is to allow steps to snowball throughout the week, so one day I'll likely do 10k steps if I'm just not feeling it and the next day I'll do 14k or push it to 18k if it's a nice enough day and it'll give me some leniency for the next day afterwards.

No. 389130

Upgrade to a light jog if you're goal is weight loss. You can alternate walking and jogging to start with as well, don't try to do you're usual step amount only jogging.

No. 389326

Yes! It's even cheaper if you get your equipment used. I have a gold's gym bench that cost me $150 new and some $30 adjustable dumbbells off ebay and they've done me fine for years. I've bought plates from amazon and marketplace for cheap as well. I eventually had to buy a new barbell that could hold more weight (look up the weight limit for whatever you buy) but other than that I really haven't had to spend much money on equipment and it doesn't take up that much room. The bench isn't even a strict necessity tbh, you could probably just start with dumbbells and see how you want to go from there. You could buy a kettlebell but I've found I can do most kb exercises with a dumbbell just fine. If there's a machine you don't have access to, just look up the dumbbell version of that exercise. Gorilla rows were my substitute for lat pull downs for a long time.

No. 389354

>i do it for week now

It's a really good habit to get in to and is a good way to make sure you're not being too sedentary but it will not melt the pounds off you that fast. Don't stop though! Keep going. It absolutely helps. It's gonna take a lot longer than a week. I had a job that made me walk 20k+ steps 6 days a week and I definitely lost a few inches, but it took months. Walking is a great way to start being healthier. Feels good when you get to the point where it's easy, where you can walk 4 hours and not be tired, where walking up a hill won't get you winded, etc.

No. 389462

My half marathon is 5 weeks away. Does anyone have any general tips? Or things they wish they'd been told beforehand?

No. 390214

Your body is craving healthy fats nonna. If you can't control yourself, buy smaller packages of nuts, or try some cognitive behavioral therapy practices like sticky note reminders near the pantry

No. 390250

File: 1712729896404.jpg (258.37 KB, 1200x1200, Louisiana-Barbecue-Brisket_exp…)

What are some foods that could age you? Asking because an anon in /ot/ said brisket makes you wrinkly kek

No. 390258

I'm considering fruitarinism

No. 390259

I've heard too much fruit might cause liver problems

No. 390260

I know a girl who lives like this because of an ED and she shits 5x a day and isn't skinny.

No. 390261

Please do not

No. 390282

If anythin it woukd make you less wrinkly as its full of gelatine which your body breaks down into collagen

No. 390287

>>387173 (Same anon), never felt so weak in my life. May quit the deficit, I dunno, I’m at a loss here

No. 390336

File: 1712768263636.jpg (99.48 KB, 1280x720, stockinggg.jpg)

Have any of you tried resistance training and later dropped it? I've been doing it along with my daily cardio but I kinda hate how bulky it made me. I'm pretty short so the muscle gain also made me stocky, should I try something like yoga instead?

No. 390337

I have a fruitarian cousin who has lived off of fruit for over a decade and she is pretty much nuts.
She ended up eating nothing but fruit for two of her pregnancies and one of the babies came out looking really weird. I feel like this is not a coincidence due to just how much the fruitarian diet lacks, but my point is that our body and mind need proteins/saturated fats to maintain itself. Would not recommend.

Vegetarian/vegan/whatever propaganda. Eating a decent amount of meat keeps you looking younger.

No. 390345

>one of the babies came out looking really weird
i don't mean to pry but can you give details? i'm always really curious about how these insanely restrictive diets can affect human health. i'm morbidly curious about how it'd affect a developing baby

No. 390354

File: 1712775505326.jpg (179.42 KB, 736x981, 1000018047.jpg)

How do you kill any cravings? I have a diet and I'm even on ozempic (a low dose) but sometimes I just end up eating sweets even though I shouldn't. I eat less than when I used to binge eat, but it still makes me feel miserable when I eat sweets.
I've tried getting into more activities to keep me busy, like studying a new language and working out 4 times a week, but around the time close to my period I feel this horribly disgusting urge to eat sweets that kills me inside and makes me wish I was dead.

No. 390368

File: 1712779608415.png (866.95 KB, 800x800, SG_2315_PsylliumHuskFibre_Tabl…)

for me, fiber pills. i use these when i get hungry/craving despite knowing i am full. they expand in your stomach and make you feel full

No. 390398

sugarless gum. I eat like 5 sticks a day any time I feel snacky. Plus it cleans the crap out of your teeth after lunch.

No. 390402

before your period you naturally desire more calories, i think eating more protein helps

No. 390419

Yeah, I don't know. I'm really against these ideas as I think they miss the boat of what a true sugar addiction is.
Soul killing sugar cravings are simply a part of sugar withdrawal. These cravings come in windows and waves and can last for up to two years. The only thing you can do is just endure. Trying supplements/gum/protein or whatever probably isn't going to help

No. 390423

she literally asked for suggestions and so we gave some to her

No. 390452

Do any anons own a calorie tracker like a fitbit? Did it make a difference in your dieting?
I sometimes feel like I may be undereating way below my set deficit, so I think it could be helpful to see how much I’m burning off during exercise.

No. 390468

You can’t ease the pain of addiction withdrawal tbh you just have to struggle through it

No. 390707

File: 1712884396457.jpeg (437.38 KB, 828x894, IMG_6847.jpeg)

My little brother filmed me and I see how fat Ive gotten…. Ugh. Thats it, gym time MANDATORY. Cardio for an hour minimum 5 times a week. I am STEPPING UP.
I really struggle with binge eating. I am in therapy and medicated, but it really is a fight everyday.
Ugh I hate myself for letting it get this bad. I hate the way I self sabotage. I got down to 250lbs last November. I didnt like the way men were hitting in me and harassing me so I aggressively ate my self back to this weight.
I know this is a cycle and I really want to break it.
(Trauma story here) I was always a fat kid, and the summer I was 13 I lost alot of weight joining softball. I was raped that August and I gained all the weight back to hide. I didnt want to be attacked again. This really is deep seeded and I promise myself to address it in therapy
I deserve to love myself and take care of my body. I deserve to be happy and being skinnier does not automatically mean I will be assaulted. Maybe if I take up boxing or martial arts I will feel more confident.

No. 390718

File: 1712888569280.jpg (126.44 KB, 1200x905, DZP1V9oU0AAVGsB.jpg)

Just to clarify with you being on low-dose ozempic, there's no issues with low levels of iron, magnesium, hormonal imbalance with progesterone or digestive absorbance problems?

I personally had huge issues with sugar cravings and it's taken me around 6 months to really get them under control. I first spoke with my doctor and had all my blood work done to ensure that it wasn't a deficiency as I had been under a lot of stress and suffering from burnout so I ate whatever to get me through.
Blood work came back normal & it was what we both suspected - psychological, emotional eating & long-term habit association with my monthly cycle.

My first monthly goal when coming up to my period:
-increase protein so to 90g per day
-fibre supplement with Psyllium Husk, Inulin and Konjac Root
-magnesium-zinc-B6 powder at night
-reduce my intake of any artificial sugars or sugar alternatives including stevia & monk fruit (to help re-set my taste buds)
-reduce caffeine intake leading up to my period
-swap 50% of my processed sugar for fruit. So if I wanted ice-cream I had to halve my usual amount and have frozen berries as the alternative. Get over my aversion to dark chocolate and essentially have my taste buds grow up.
- walking and listening to self-help books about the acceptance of self & books on how to process difficult emotions when they occur and allowing yourself inner space for them.

My goal was to achieve at least 70% each day and as the months progressed I was able to adjust the goals to so I can now get through my hormonal cycle with minimal cravings. I also started to incorporate 36-hour fasting during my period and this also helped immensely in reducing cramps & head-fog. This fasting may not suit you if you have a history of binge eating. I have a binge-purge history but that was due to my household having food restrictions when I grew up so I would over eat till I made myself sick.

tl:dr - the call is coming from inside the house & good luck

No. 390751

Very bad decision for an extreme diet. It like basing your diet around wine.
I have walked 20k steps every day for a months once (just felt like it for the most part) and I didnt lose a gram.

No. 390753

Greek salad, crab salat. Greek salad you can look up, but for crab one I use surimi, cucumber, egg, corn and iceberg lettuce, mixing mayo with sour cream, because sour cream spreads better allowing to use less condiment.
Salted cucumbers and radish, marinated for one night with a bit of onions and garlic.
A simple tofu porridge. Like just take any firm tofu, crumb it on the pan, add spices and heat up and its super filling, easy, and tasty.
A thing I would call summer wrap, which is like bulgarian salad mentioned above, but I also add radish, use cottage cheese spread to make all stick, and then roll it into lavash, also no olive oil. Salmon also fits very well there, but if its not available it still tastes good.
Simple eggplant fried with teriyaki and some garlic and peppers. Cut it in two, make some cuts, and put all this additional stuff into those cuts.
There is also one azerbaijan recipe with eggplant in which you make rolls out of it filled with crushed nut and white cheese, and its heavenly but I never tried it at home.

No. 390774

Hey nonnies. Any of you had any luck reversing insulin resistance? And how did you do it? My insulin resistance is definitely getting in the way of weight loss

No. 390787

You have to go low carb/keto. I had really bad acanthosis nigricans on my groin and armpit since I was 12. Dark skin that was velvety, bumpy and smelled weird. The weight just fell off me as soon as soon as I went low carb. I wasnt even exercising. I reversed the skin pigmentation in a few weeks by cutting out carbs completely. My uncle reversed his diabetes with keto too. Sugar is poison nona.

No. 390868

Compared to his brother, he looks rather deformed, so to speak. Not in a fetal alcohol syndrome sort of way, but he's a far cry from how his sibling and parents look.
Neither of the parents look ugly, so the baby looking the way he does makes me think the mother's diet has something to do with it.
But I feel bad because I think my cousin is going to keep her babies vegan.

No. 390906

What's a good low carb sub-in for sticky rice? I'm Asian and IDK if it can be helped that so much of my regular diet feels fucked without it.

No. 390909

You nonnas in this thread piss me off to no end. Sugar isn't poison and veganism isn't child abuse for anyone who's done basic research (something you don't seem to be capable of). Literally every time there's some fruitarian nutcase some retard online equates that to veganism to suit their retarded agenda. If you're fat/have heart disease/diabetes please do consider eating more fruit and vegetables, you will shit better, feel better and in all likelihood you'll slowly drop some weight.

No. 390930

ironically kids raised on vegan diets end up fat in adulthood because they start pigging out on all the food their parents wouldn't let them eat

No. 390959

File: 1712986301939.png (84.05 KB, 384x400, sports_katsudouryoukei_woman.p…)

I'm 5'6 and weighed in at 170 last I was in the hospital. I was horrified I started changing my diet and exercising right away. I'm realizing now that I've just been eating and drinking whatever the fuck I want. Especially since my nigel isn't a super healthy eater ,because I was basically living at his house I gained a ton. Within the 2 months that I've changed my routine I've lost a couple of pounds. I'm feeling a lot better. I run/walk like 5 miles twice a week and then do a basic abdomen workout twice a week too. On Saturday I have my cheat day and I always fast the day before my cheat day just because it makes me feel more secure about eating out. Even when eating out I try to stay under 2,000 calories. I'm basically just trying to eat about 1,200 calories everyday. When I go on a run I motivate myself by having a mini treat, I get a diet coke and a mini magnum bar ans then I walk back home and before bed I have dinner which is usually baked chicken, salad, quinoa, and chopped up cucumbers on the side. Its my big meal of the day and I've been so much happier since I've taken up this routine. Not absolutely punishing myself but also regularly losing weight and seeing the results in the mirror and on the scale. I'm trying to get my Nigel to diet too but he is absolutely addicted to candy and chips. I was 125 before I started dating about 5 years ago, maybe I can go back to that if I keep at it or maybe it's a pipe dream, I'll be happy with 130 too, im happy with anything lower than 150.

No. 390980

I recommend watching Dr. Robert Lustig's videos for those who want to understand sugar/UPF better. He goes into how modern diet leads to pretty much all modern health issues including insulin resistance. He might seem a bit fear mongery re sugar, but contrary to keto gurus he's actually a proponent of eating "real food", i.e. fruits and veggies instead of coke or instant meals and so on (spoiler alert it's because fiber is good). It's pretty easy to follow for most people.

I'm not insulin resistant so take my advice with a grain of salt, but keto has been shown to help, there's also some evidence suggesting time restricted eating/fasting may be beneficial in controlling blood glucose level altho that seems to be controversial take among some anons and there are a gazillion different ways to do it so do your own research and consult with a doctor if you are actually insulin resistant. Upping activity level is also good.

No. 391016

I like Konjac rice as a substitute when cutting, it doesn't taste the same but it's the most close in texture I've found.

No. 391049

Sorry but kids need b12 and cholesterol for normal body and brain development, its absolutely child abuse

No. 391135

Look at your best friends. How close are you to looking like them? Which one of them is your body goal inspo?

No. 391141

Never heard of this, I'll have to give it a try. Thanks!

No. 391158

Adhering more to veganism with my dist has really helped me be more mindful about what I'm eating. That and running have helped me me lose 13kg in the last 6 months. Compared to what I used to be at I'm quite happy with myself.

I'd really like to start lifting with the dumbbells I have at home but I don't know if there will be any actual benefit to it if my current goal is to lose fat. Is it still worth doing, or should I try to incorporate other forms of cardio instead?

No. 391185

I was mesmerized by this video. Whoever edited this is absolutely obsessed. When it got to Nasim Najafi Aghdam I cracked the fuck up and had to turn it off.

No. 391192

CICO, my good nonna.
I lost quite a bit eating lean meat and stuff ALONGSIDE fruits/veggies. Humans are natural omnivores, and we should not attempt to defy our nature.

Oh my fuck veganism is awful. The before/after vids never cease to make me feel awful for them.

No. 391245

These people look like they don’t eat at all…I know many vegans who didn’t and aren’t aging this way because they take supplements and eat a variety of foods. What the fuck are these people eating? Coconut and sugar? I adore being vegan and could never imagine going back to meat or seafood or dairy. If it affected my health I’d consider eggs? Though I don’t feel starved or malnourished unless I don’t meet my protein goals etc.

No. 391385


I've seen a LOT of confirmation that vegans and vegetarians (especially woman) are recovering or currently struggling from eating disorders and use veganism as a way to restrict while being on their high horse of morality. At least online vegans… I know a few obese vegans living on peanut butter, Oreos, pasta, and oil but would "never touch a marshmallow! EWwWw" Girl…
I enjoy a lot of vegetarian and vegan recipes, but as a lifestyle it is extremely limiting and annoying for others to accommodate. I especially dislike having dinners with kids who are forced to be vegan by their parents because the kids have ask for chocolate or milk but I have to look directly at their parents and say "uh, as your mom. I don't have almond milk."

No. 391430

A restrictive diet appeals to people that have issues with restricting their food intake. I don't think this points to anything inherently bad about taking it on for the ethical concerns, but you're right that as a lifestyle it has a great appeal to people that are just looking to carry on bad habits in a way that outwardly looks healthier and ethically sound.

You find a lot less of this type of woo with people that describe themselves as plant-based, but then you get into things like seed oil scaremongering with those people too. There's nothing inherently wrong with a lifestyle like this, different cultures have been following plant-based diets for lifestyle/faith reasons for ages, but it's definitely a minefield if you have even the slightest issue with eating. I don't think they're annoying to accommodate though. If anything it just makes me more creative in terms of what I cook.

No. 391435

What most people never take into account is the fact humans vary in terms of which diet they thrive on. It depends on your genetics and probably your particular gut microbiome because fiber is essentially food for the microbiome. Nutrients found in plants are less bioavailable. On top of that some people unfortunately have poorer absorption of these already less bioavailable nutrients because our bodies are different. If your absorption is so poor that you need to substitute everything with vitamins, you gotta wonder what the point of eating food even is.

Some vitamins are more bioavailable in meat, a common example being heme iron. Heme iron is only found in meat, and heme iron supplements are likewise made from animals, so if you're vegan you need to supplement with non heme iron which is less bioavailable, or you eat grains/legumes/lentils. I don't buy the "grains are trying to kill us" fearmongering, but it's a fact grains and legumes etc. can be hard on some people's stomachs (some of this probably has to do with how we process these types of foods now VS how it was done traditionally, but I digress). For example it's estimated 83% of people with celiac disease are undiagnosed. Anecdotally a lot of former vegans describe developing issues such as IBS or even food allergies from over consumption of certain vegan staples. What are you gonna eat when you can't grains anymore, then no legumes, then suddenly no soy because your gut is wrecked from eating soy everything every day. Some also describe vitamin deficiencies despite supplementing, probably because of absorption issues, which will be exacerbated when you are only eating food your stomach can't handle. For some people veganism is just not health promoting.

I'm an omnivore and love my fruits and veggies, I believe fiber is essential and am blessed in that I don't have any food sensitivities or allergies, but that's not the case for all people. There is a trend recently of moving onto more personalized nutrition and I think that's the way to go. I think vegetarianism can work for a lot of people, veganism not so much. Still I don't mind vegans as it's their personal choice, but it's certainly not a sustainable diet for most humans and it's misinformed or delusional to think so.

>different cultures have been following plant-based diets for lifestyle/faith reasons for ages

The cultures that have been following plant-based diets were not vegan, they would typically eat fish or ghee/cow's milk. I know you said plant-based, but using them as an example in a discussion pertaining to veganism is misleading.

No. 391438

Seems like nonnas in this thread are knowledgeable about this sort of thing, so I'll ask even though I'm not sure if it's on topic:
What is the reason I get so exhausted from most types of animal protein? Eggs (if I only eat 1), fish, and limited types of dairy products are the only animal protein I can eat without feeling sluggish to the point of being out of commission for the rest of the day. I actually love meat, especially beef, and would like to be able to eat it without such consequences if it's possible… As things stand, I have to pescetarian, though.

No. 391468

> you gotta wonder what the point of eating food even is.
I don't see how this relates to veganism/plant based/vegetarian/any type of diet though, as you also said it's all relative to each person's efficiency at absorbing nutrients, following specific diets doesn't make one more or less likely to need supplementation, it's about each person's genetic makeup and expression. Not everyone that follows a plant based diet needs supplementation, even of the big scary b12 and iron.
On another point you say that you're not in the grains = death camp and yet demonize the regular consumption of soy.
You've a lot of cognitive discrepancies nonnie.

No. 391475

Not the same anon but be careful with Konjac rice or noodles. I can only eat them about once or twice a week because of how fibrous they are and they can cause a lot of gut issues in large amounts.

No. 391487

File: 1713196163668.jpg (6.33 KB, 225x224, images.jpg)

Ok so I am starting to see a pattern and I am concerned
So when I diet I slowly cut down on the amounts of food and such. I have bad self control so I use bupropion to aid. However over the time the reduction of food makes me lose the taste for it, so I don't notice how little I eat, and then I start feeling nauseated all the time and finally can't make myself eat fucking food because of that. Which spirals into neurotic dyspepsia and fear of food (due to dyspepsia) and amalgamation of other health problems.
I still haven't figured out how to eat less without falling into the extreme of hating food. And all in all this makes me really doubt my decision to lose weight at all, because like, it's not fucking worth it to just feel nausea instead of pleasure from grilled meat. Not cool. But if I enjoy food I get fucking addicted to it.

No. 391490

I really want to blame this on the bupropion. I know it's well-tolerated as far as brain pills go but it does actually do things to you. How much do you take? 150mg? 300? More? You know, it commonly causes gastrointestinal issues as a side effect as well as dry mouth. It's probably contributing significantly to your "neurotic dyspepsia". You're basically giving yourself crazy-sick-making pills to help with your diet and then wondering why you feel crazy and sick.
>Ok so I am starting to see a pattern and I am concerned
Yeah. You need to stop doing the same thing and expecting different results.

No. 391496

I didnt take buproprion before. The pattern is there irregardless but bupropion made my sliding into the pattern way more fast and sudden, so I could notice it better. I use it now because I lost the ability to control appetite on my own over the years. My relationship with geowing more like..extewme in a sense that my hunger used to be physical, then it was mental stress eating and now its emotional like I just miss binging and the pleasure of food.

No. 391504

You need to be mindful with your eating which I guess is easier said than done but it is possible. You need to find a balance. Dieting or binging is a false set of options, you normally shouldn't have to pick one or the other. How much weight are you trying to lose? What stress is going on in your life that you're taking comfort from through food or diet? Do you do any physical activity? What is the reason you want to lose weight?

No. 391507

You don't need to supplement iron at all if you eat healthy, I've been vegan for several years and never had issues with iron levels. There is even some evidence that heme iron may be problematic as our bodies cannot control the level of intake (see some of the studies on the link between heme iron and cancer).

No. 391513

>How much weight are you trying to lose?
> What stress is going on in your life that you're taking comfort from through food or diet?
Living lol. I can't deal with life at all, everything upsets me. I have a lifelong disthymia and been on various crazy pills since 14. But I think a significant reason why I binge is because all other substances do nothing for me, I don't really have any other ways of unwinding. It's my only pleasure available all year round, other stuff like sunlight and sex are very rare.
> Do you do any physical activity?
I do, but I hate it quite a lot, I just hate being limp and weak as well.
>What is the reason you want to lose weight?
This is gonna be may be weird one, but I am jealous of myself 5 years ago. I know I could look much better and enjoy my own reflection, but now it just grosses me out. The way I gained 10kg and did not notice it at all scares the living shit out of me, its a complete lose of control.

No. 391527

>I don't see how this relates to veganism/plant based/vegetarian/any type of diet though
Doesn't have to be plant based. Some people digest fibers better than others. A lot of vegans are adamant that there are no downsides to veganism when there are biological variances between people. A lot of people have problems digesting fibers well. What's the point of eating food you can't absorb nutrients from.

>Not everyone that follows a plant based diet needs supplementation, even of the big scary b12 and iron.

And that's great for them, just don't extrapolate that to the entire human population

>On another point you say that you're not in the grains = death camp and yet demonize the regular consumption of soy.

Come on now. My point was people who have a hard time eating any given thing e.g. soy will have issues when over consuming that food. Most of the vegan protein staples (peas, legumes, grains, lentils) are foods known to be aggravating to people with IBS like symptoms, especially if they are low processed. If you're having bowel issues, then over consumption of those foods will aggravate your problem and in the end you have very few options left because your gut is wrecked. I'm not in that camp but my point is ideal diet is different for different people.

No. 392478

I’ve gotten really fat again - think Moo but with an M shaped apron belly and lipodema thighs. I’m thinking about getting a gym membership, but the women’s only gym I’ve been eyeing is $65 a month, which is INSANELY expensive to me. However, I have never even set a foot in a gym, and it’s making me ashamed to start since I have 0 idea what I would even do there. Would I just be better off trying to do guided youtube excercises at home rather than waste all that money? There is s cheaper gym near me too, but there’s men there and I feel like they would laugh my fat ass out of there in a nanosecond.

No. 392483

Pleasantly surprised to see there is a post like this on here, haven’t been online in a while :)

1. My goal is to get to 110 (I’m around 5’1-5’2). Possibly 105 just to see what it looks like on me. My second goal is to create a new diet and lifting regiment to see what weight my body naturally gravitates to.
2. I’ve been doing IF, dirty fasting, and low cal eating days. On eating days I almost ways have rice and a fruit/veg. Two days ago I had a half cup of rice noodles and broccoli with peanut sauce, and then a bowl of 1 apple, 1 plum, and frozen strawberries. Didn’t finish the meal but it was tasty.
-I’ve been weighing myself every day but I’d like to move away from this and instead do it every 2 days. Water retention is a thing and even when I’m not retaining, it’s always a possibility by body will be doing something I’m unaware of and the scale won’t budge. I don’t want to freak myself out again lol.

Today I am 117lb :D I started my journey like two years ago at 154 and obviously didn’t stick to fasting for the bulk of it. However I did lose around 20lb in 3 weeks early on. It really was that fast. I went hardcore, electrolyte fasting and did rolling 48s, then would eat 1200cal in two sittings on days I ate. Didn’t exercise at all. I think that gave me a lot of false confidence and made me super lazy.

I’d been waffling around the mid130s and high 120s until late February. Decided to take it more seriously. Been doing low cal, have indulged a few times (just not with big meals, I mean like I’ve had a burger and some fries here and there lol). The past week and a half of actual rolling 24s and low cal, I went from 123 to 117.

I just want to get to 110 to know I’m disciplined enough to complete this process. I’m mainly excited to see what happens afterward. I want to be in a place where I never breach 130 again due to gluttony. One thing I’m happy about is that I no longer feel cravings for high cal foods and drinks, specifically Starbucks lattes lol.(no emoticons)

No. 392484

Ty for this video

No. 392492

Why do I feel ravenous when I cut out (added) sugar and junk food? I hoped that, aside from the health benefits, I'd lose a bit of weight from cutting out sugar (which wasn't even THAT much to begin with) but I'm just compensating it by eating more elsewhere.

No. 392496

File: 1713636942427.jpeg (72.29 KB, 500x461, 4DFB21FB-CEA4-4C14-8DF6-B3842B…)

Are you me? Same height/weight and same goal! Only difference is I’ve been in a relationship for 4 years instead of 5. I’m rooting for you Nonnie! We got this.

I’ve been struggling with exercise when dieting because I’ve had ED issues (that led to health complications) in the past that involved restriction along with extreme exercise, and I’ve never been athletic so exercise to me has always been a trigger. This time I’m focusing less on being smaller and more on being stronger- I want to be able to hike on high elevation trails and get into bouldering. This time around feels different, and it’s the first time I feel that I’m using exercise in a healthy way. One thing that’s helped is using the treadmill at max incline at a fast-walking pace- it’s great if you hate running.

No. 392502

>Why do I feel ravenous when I cut out (added) sugar and junk food?
Because you are literally in withdrawal. The acute phrase of sugar withdrawal end after a week but then comes what is known as Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome. It's a real thing.
Those who experience PAWS for sugar withdrawal will have either intense cravings for junk food or insatiable hunger. To minimize these cravings make sure to eat a lot of fruit and consume a lot of probiotics and prebiotics.
The cravings/excessive hunger will come and go for a while. Up to 2 years. It's brutal but you just have to push through it. Once you have fully recovered from your sugar addiction, it will be much easier for you to lose weight. And you'll feel much better, mentally and physically

No. 392503

i'm 140 now? 150 maybe, i can't really remember, but i want to be 130 by the end of the year. 5'5"

No. 392506

My gym got a pull up machine! I'm very excited, I've tried it out once so far and I think it's going to be very helpful for inching my way towards a full unassisted pull up.

No. 392528

Planet Fitness, unironically. Cheap and has great equipment.

No. 392533

have you tried negative pull up yet?

Actress Michelle Rodriguez was able to do 7 pullups her first time trying them. It's so much easier for tiny people

No. 392539

File: 1713662563842.png (403.62 KB, 557x413, birdo.PNG)

I need to get toned and lose some weight.
I'm 5'4 and I assume I weight 125-130lb at the moment. I wanna drop down to 110 pounds and work my abs because I see old photos of myself and I get upset I let myself go. My current strategy is intermittent fasting as it worked last time, cutting out fizzy drinks, tracking my calories and exercising.
My building has a free gym that's always nearly empty and I wanna use it for the 2 months I'll be living here, at the moment I'm embarrassed of running so I walk at a fast-ish pace and on an incline.
I'll post an update in like 2 weeks, consider this my accountability post!!

No. 392541

AYRT, not American so that’s not an option sadly!

No. 392554

I jogged for a mile straight today, twice!! I'm pretty proud of myself. I'm going to train to get as close to my jogger friend's old record (8 miles straight) as I can until I get bored

No. 392583

Are there any other nonnas with hypermobility? I gained weight after dislocating a joint badly at the gym and would like to get back into exercise now that it healed but no idea how to start again and what exercise to focus on. Swimming a no go since public pools are too nasty where I live and the ocean is frozen, but I'm up for anything else.

No. 392657

Damn… maybe if the woman's gym is too expensive, see if there's a good co-ed gym for a reasonable price. It will feel awful putting yourself out there for the first week or so– and I felt this way as well when I first started out– but, so long as you stay consistent, you'll keep making progress.

No. 392662

Body weight and walking is a good start

No. 392673

If I'm 5'2", is 100 lbs an unhealthy weight to aim for? That or below is what the women in my family keep telling me to go for, but I think by American standards (they weren't born here) stopping at 105 is probably better or I'll start looking anachan?

No. 392682

by american standards anything under 120 is anachan. But to be serious for a second: at that height it really depends on your build. You might feel and look good at 130, you might feel and look good at 100, there's a large acceptable range. Don't just listen to amerifats or your family and pick a weight arbitrarily. Listen to your body.

No. 392714

where is your family from?

No. 392755

I know I sound like a meme saying this but South Korea. I'm 110 right now and my dad gets upset looking at me.
Thanks, that makes sense. I'll stick to the weight I hover at when I'm eating/exercising properly.

No. 392760

You're going to have to hold your ground unless you want your dad to continue thinking that he can shame and chimp out at you into compliance. I'd say how harshly you hold your ground is up to how much you depend on him for daily life and other necessities, but if you give in, he might turn into one of those old grandpas who nag their middle-aged daughters into shit makeup and clothes and life decisions. Tbh he might still do that if you hold your ground but at least you'll have removed all the power/leverage he holds over you. Past a low point, moids honestly don't know or care about what looks good and healthy on women, it's all just obedience markers to them. You deserve to be better than what another annoying, screeching moid thinks you should starve yourself into. Let him be mad, he's being a retard.
I know this sounded aggressive but please do not go through the same pain I did.
>t. speaking from similar experience and ended up with permanent changes/damages I cannot reverse

No. 392774

I really appreciate your advice nonna– stuff like this, I know on some level, but it always means to hear it properly from someone else. And you're right. I don't want to become another mistreated woman in my family. I need to hold my ground even if others family members get upset at me for it, not just over this, but the general moidery… Thank you.

No. 392781

Are there any nonas here who are visibly muscled and bulky (not lean)? How long did it take you for the muscles to be visible even if you weren't flexing? I want to aim to that type of physique but I'm not sure where to start because every bodybuilding source seems to be aimed at men.

No. 392820

you're already very skinny. your dad is being an asshole. the other nona said it better, but just to reiterate: your dad is a retarded moid, do not listen to him.

No. 392853

116.8 today 😭 Might as well be 117. I have about 20 Boost drinks in my fridge, they’re not amazing for you ik but man they’re so much better for my sugar cravings than anything besides fruit, and a bunch of electrolyte drinks. I’m gonna pee on one of those ketosis sticks later to make sure I’m burning glycogen as opposed to anything else.(no emojis)

No. 392855

116.8 today 😭 Might as well be 117. I have about 20 Boost drinks in my fridge, they’re not amazing for you ik but man they’re so much better for my sugar cravings than anything besides fruit, and a bunch of electrolyte drinks. I’m gonna pee on one of those ketosis sticks later to make sure I’m burning glycogen as opposed to anything else.(no emojis)

No. 392888

File: 1713814640301.webp (70.25 KB, 640x800, yeaouch.jpeg)

Anyone dealt with crippling bouts of back pain? I had some (bad but not crippling) in my lower back about a month ago, and today I was cleaning my bathroom, stood up from a hunched position, and froze completely. I've been bedridden all day because I physically couldn't move to a standing position. It's all the way from my lower back to both knees by way of the back of my thighs, and I'm worried it's sciatica.

Would yoga be a way to prevent future flare ups? I'm pretty strong from physical work (probably how I fucked my back up in the first place) but I'm not very limber.

No. 392926

This stuff absolutely saved my mom when she was bedridden with sciatica: https://www.webmd.com/back-pain/spinal-decompression-therapy-surgical-nonsurgical

when you've recovered, yoga can certainly help but be careful and you need to make sure that you aren't eating inflammatory foods (which is pretty much everything in a western diet) or sleeping on your stomach. If your back is really bad it may not be safe to sleep on a mattress and you may have to switch to sleeping on the floor

No. 392928

samefag. If you are able to simply hang from a door, bar, whatever, that will provide instant pain relief. Try to go 10 seconds at a time and do it several times a day. Although certainly the more the better

No. 392984

What's the best way to fix flabby upper arms and sloped shoulders? My upper arms store a lot of fat and I feel like they make me look fatter than I am. Is there any exercises to help better posture as well? I do a lot of core work and while that's helped I still have that sloped/hunched look a lot of the time.

No. 393004

I failed another diet yet again. I did so well, I did yoga literally every day for 2 months and started calisthenics to boot, 3 weeks before i stopped. I ate healthy, lots of veggies and protein.
I dont think my weight loss was visible really, but my boobs definitely shrank, so i must have done something right. Idk, i really wanted to make exercise a habit and i marked every day i did any type of exercise (which was almost every day) until i just fell off.
At this point Im considering adderall, I'm overweight literally by 10 fucking kilos and ive been spending years on and off trying to get it off. Fuck, i hate my body!
Sorry, that last paragraph wasnt written in earnest, but I just want to lose 10 kilos and stop looking overweight, it affects my life significantly.

No. 393028


Thanks for the detailed reply, nonna. I abslutely hate going to the doctor so I know I'm gonna try all other possible solutions first. I'm doing much better today thankfully, was even able to put my own socks on and had a shuffle around the garden with my cats.
I am definitely a stomach sleeper, so I'll be cutting that out. Now that the weather is warming I've actually been wondering about breaking out the hammock and starting to sleep outside, last time I did so it did wonders for my dust allergy and I actually became a morning person. I'll look into what the effects of that would be.

No. 393031

>I failed another diet yet again.
Sounds like you successfully did the diet, actually. You could keep doing some part of it today if you wanted. Why did you stop? Keep going. It's not over just because you stopped for a while.
I've been in the same place and I had a list of things I would ideally be doing every day to lose weight / be healthier (exercise, diet, water, sleep, limits on vices that got in the way like alcohol) and every day I did at least one of the things right. Lots of days it was only one thing but it was something. I kept my goals in sight in small ways and otherwise focussed on every day life. Eventually I got back down to a healthy weight and in hindsight it wasn't that hard. Perfectionism is just another way to procrastinate and it will stall your progress. Keep going.

No. 393131

After eating in a deficit for nearly two months I've started feeling tired all the time again, sore, cranky, and constantly craving sugar. I've decided to stop tracking for the next month or so and see how I feel. In the past I managed to lose fat and gain muscle without tracking just by eating whole foods and being sensible with my portions, I'm hoping I can get back to that. Since doing this for a week I'm already seeing improvement in my work outs, energy, and motivation.
Took me about six months to get a visibly athletic build, and now a year in my shoulders are prominent even in a shirt. My upper arms don't look like much unflexed, just big, but my traps and forearms are great.
>not sure where to start
Try looking up different types of splits (like a 4 day split or a PPL split) and use that as a guide. Don't worry too much about finding a female specific plan. We use the same movements to build muscle. Nutrition is probably the hardest and most important part. Learning to eat right and eat enough was difficult, you'll need 0.8-1g of protein per lb of lean body weight and this is going to look like a lot more food than you're probably used to eating. It might be helpful to use a calorie tracking app to make sure your macro ratios are good and that you're not over/undereating. I would also 1000% recommend supplementing creatine.

No. 393156

I’m on a diet, but the thyroid hormones prescribed don’t let me feel full, so I’m overweight because I eat too much. I can’t stop taking the hormones, because I’m at risk for myxedema without them. I just can’t deal with this constant hunger despite having a full stomach. Are there any tips I can use for feeling full when my body says to eat more?

No. 393208

Body weight is difficult to do with hypermobility which is why I ask. For example planking feels like my wrists will dislocate any moment. I walk 10k-20k steps every day anyway as a baseline. I'm normal BMI but still 10 kilos heavier than I used to be when I went to the gym daily. I was hoping for tips on more exercise than walking tbh.

No. 393242

Try to drink a ton of water and always have some raw vegetables like carrots or cucumber on hand that you can eat as much as you want of. Also this might make you feel bloated but carbonated drinks always make me feel fuller because of all the gas.

No. 393301

No emoticons, no emojis. Sorry for newfaggin, just haven’t been here in a while.

I spent most of Monday night in the ER because I may or may not have some kind of circulation issue. My legs turn purple if I sit for too long but all bruised up. Like as if I fell of a freight train or someone beat the shit out of me. Literal zombie legs. Anyway I’m saging because I might have to change my diet until I see a specialist but will update here once I get to my goal.

No. 393433

Gained 40 lbs then lost them but my breasts got a little bigger and now have a slight bit of sag. It’s barely noticeable but it just feels weird post weight loss.
Would pectoral exercises do anything?

No. 393438

Hate to possibly bite the bait but are you for real? I'm not a doctor but it sounds like you landed in the ER because of your insane diet. The circulation issues and bruising you're describing are classic symptoms of anorexia. You need to reevaluate your whole diet ASAP. You don't have to be medically underweight to damage yourself permanently.

No. 393443

Nta and I agree with you, I've been trying not to bite either but the ketosis sticks thing really stuck out to me.

No. 393465

I lost 20 lbs in 78 days. Finally, hit a milestone after so many “starting point” posts in these diet threads. 60 lbs left to go. See you in a few months for the next milestone.

No. 393474

For years i have been hoping that i would gain some muscle and stop being skinnyfat. Especially my butt bothers me, i have hip dips, tiny ass and cellulite. I think getting better glutes would help a little. For me working out/doing sports is so hard with my body image issues, bad self-esteem and other mental issues. I'm working on it in therapy and hoping that i could even find myself some sporty hobby that would keep me in shape. Maybe even gain the confidence to go to the gym. I think i could do some workouts at home too, but I'm having trouble motivating. I have seen a lot of comments about how home workouts don't even work etc. so I have been avoiding it. I do have some weights at home too, so I do have the possibility to do something, I just need to figure out what I should do and what would be the most beneficial to me. Do you nonnies have any suggestions of any actually good at home workout videos that have worked for you? Or any other tips on what i should start with.

No. 393480

For weight exercise I find that doing it at home works best, as I am far too lazy to go to the gym. When you have your stuff at home, it requires much less motivation.

As for developing legs and ass, other option might be doing a sport like cycling or rollerblading which works those muscles, but is also out in nature and fun.

No. 393482

Yeah I’m real and I know how it sounds lol. I’m not an anachan, don’t wanna be abnormally skinny or orthorexic. The circulation thing has been going on for yearsss, WAY before I ever started dieting or doing IF or even lifting. I thought it was normal because my iron tends to be low. But the other day I sat in the same spot for 3 hours and my legs turned a super blotchy purple color, more dramatic from what I’ve experienced before, and my mom freaked out so I ended up going to the ER to get a blood panel. I’m fine, they think I have Raynaud’s or maybe it’s just a body quirk idk so I’m gonna see a specialist soon. And just for peace of mind am going to be doing OMAD every other day.

I planned on using this board for accountability but maybe I shouldn’t be like journaling everything on here…also I don’t get what >>393443 means. I thought it was standard for people who did IF or keto for weight loss to use those keto sticks no? I mean just to track your progress?

No. 393496

There are tons of effective workouts you can do at home especially if you have dumbbells and a kettlebell etc. Try curtsy lunges 24 each side (with dumbbells if you like!) and rainbows 3 sets of 12 per side to start for glutes as well as things like various squats and wall-sits. If there are a decent number of stairs where you live, go up and down them as many times as you can handle before your legs give out. This will tone your legs glutes etc a LOT and is simple and free and easy to do while listening to a podcast or music or whatever. The other anon who mentions rollerblading is right too but don’t get me blade sperging bc I’ll never stop I love it so much Yoga and Pilates inspired exercises are super doable at home just make sure you have a nice cushioned mat for your joints! I have a lot of online clients who buy plants from me that start with at-home workouts before they ever step foot in a gym. A lot of times building that confidence at home for awhile can help you want to get into a more public workout space. Good luck on your journey and have lots of fun! ♥

No. 393564

Anyone else deal with a need to binge unhealthy stuff due to weather?
Basically weather has been crazy where I live, it went from mild spring temperature (as expected) to hot summer temperatures (went to the beach and even and swimmed around a bit lol) to winter cold temperatures, all in span of three weeks. It just threw me off balance and last three days Ive been sort of binging unhealthy stuff while completely losing my will to exercise

No. 393570

Jealous tbh, it takes me ages to lose even a few pounds because my hormones are all fucked up kek. Good for you though! Keep at it nona

No. 393579

Thanks, noña! My secret is just to be extra fat. kek, I was a little over 200 lbs and my hormones went crazy too. It'll only get slower from now on though. But persistence is queen. Keep going even when you trip up!

No. 393604

Agreed with other anons here, there's a lot of stuff you can do at home and body weight exercises/calisthenics are a great place to start if you're nervous about starting in the gym. What kind of weights do you have? I can give some advice for upper body stuff if you need it.
They're just kind of unnecessary imo, I'll put it this way I've never seen anyone who's not ortho talk about them lol.

No. 393622

Different anon here but could you tell me more about rollerblading out in the open? I’ve been thinking about getting into it since I’m getting bored of going around in circles at the local rink ice skating or roller skating (quads). Are in-line skates easy to maneuver in when skating in the city or in nature? Is it a relatively smooth ride even when skating over curbs and sidewalk cracks?

No. 393682

Interesting, yeah I guess they’re unnecessary since you’re losing weight one way or another. There’s a doctor on YouTube who I originally heard talk about them for fasting for women and then I’ve seen people talk about it on forums and stuff. They’re kind of expensive though I’ll probably stop buying them.

No. 393755

Thank you all so much for your advice! I might try cycling, I think it be easier for me than rollerblading. And using stairs for a workout sounds good too. I think will try these and doing those pilates inspired workouts at home for a month or two and then see if im ready to go to the gym.
I would love any advice you are willing to give. I have few dumbbells, i think they weigh 4-8kgs. And one kettlebell which is either 6 or 8kgs.

No. 393761

File: 1714140468547.jpg (70.99 KB, 736x736, 94de25cf4b8b8054ff3436b33b1aef…)

Hi nonnas, it's me here after a while…

I managed to get a little too underweight last summer despite being petite and I have since put weight on and my mother seemed relieved to see me at 5'1 and about 60kgs when I got a bit scrawny around 55kg. However, lots of stressful things happened early this year that got me really burnt out so I'm at about 63kg and my hormones are crazy because I'm 30 now (exciting but also oh my gosh what is a consistent cycle)

Anyway, I am trying to start a cut and I'm guessing that a little extra cardio wouldn't hurt me alongside my weights routine and resistance training? How do you nonnas get out of a rut? I've been so tired and I want to fall in love with gym and cooking again, and I'm glad I have recorded my progress for years because it means I can look back and see what I was doing right. How do I avoid beating myself up? And how do I stop craving sugar again as my workplace has been cake heavy and I was stressed and realised I was binging chocolate and cakes a bit and I need to get back into a better mindset.

No. 393810

File: 1714154001827.jpg (24.75 KB, 564x470, me.jpg)

I'm so tired of workout programs made for women looking more like torture sessions than exercising. You were right bodybuilding-chan. Those workouts are trash. I'm going to try a new one, minimalist and we will see how it goes. Fuck all those 10 minutes abs videos and chloe Ting and Caroline Girvan. I don't want to suffer to look like a piece of jerky. I want to be healthy.

No. 393848

sage for vent but man, I hate my retarded brain when it comes to exercising. For SOME reason when I think about going for a run, I start to overthink every little thing - what's the weather like? What route should I take? Do I have time to shower later? Should I eat before? etc etc. It's stupid and prevents me from sticking to a consistent routine because I'll talk myself out of it. The frustrating thing is, when I finally cave and put my shoes on and get going, I love it. Like immediately enjoy the feeling of movement. Feels great; I hit that runners high, I feel accomplished afterwards, always lifts my mood. I ran 10k today with the only intent to just get out the house for a bit. WHY do I keep fucking myself over by stressing over an activity that (so far) brings me nothing but joy. I've literally never had a bad run. Only bad thoughts while debating it in my mind. I want to take my brain out of my head and smack it sometimes istg

No. 393852

File: 1714162077757.jpeg (54.03 KB, 518x513, D534509E-EFA1-466D-A168-259706…)

I’ve posted about this before but it’s really making me want to tear my hair out, I’m so mad. I’ve always been in a normal weight range but have always had saddlebags. I finally got fed up and decided to get really serious about losing weight. I cut out carbs, cut out a few hundred calories a day, picked up regular walking and hiking, and through that I have gone from 144lbs to 113lbs (-31lbs) in around 6 months and am having no trouble maintaining comfortably. But my saddlebag thighs are exactly the same fucking size. I know because I measured. It’s so ridiculous that I considered if I have lipedema or something, but I don’t have any of the other symptoms. It seems like no matter how much weight I lose, my body will never release even an ounce of it from my saddlebags. Picrel is honestly less severe than mine.
It really makes me angry because I’ve made so much effort and progress but none of it matters to the ONE thing I started doing it all for. I will always have this stupid fucking shape (I also have shirt legs so it looks ridiculous) and there’s nothing I can do about it whatsoever. It just feels so unfair. I could really throw a fucking table out of pure rage.

No. 393863

Thats hot, I wish my thighs were bigger like that. Give some to me

No. 393877

Anon you probably looked at straight-hipped women too much. Your body shape is absolutely normal and attractive in its own way.

No. 393889

It's partially just due to having a female frame, you shouldn't be that mad about it. Building up your glutes can help lift things up a lot if you want to try that. You can't spot-reduce but you can tone up the muscle in the area.
In weightloss progress pictures I've seen, somewhere around the upper thigh is often the last area to let go of fat. You see it holding on there a lot especially when people just lost the weight, but then you look at a picture from 1-3 years later and it's way less. I think it might work itself out for you. Our bodies love to hoard a little resources somewhere, and you just lost a lot of weight pretty fast so give your body some time.

No. 393891

I appreciate that guys but I don’t think you understand how much I look like a female Oompa Loompa. Kek
I’ve been thinking this too, but I already have a pretty big butt and tbh I don’t want to grow it any more since I’m already so bottom heavy. I’m wondering if I continue losing weight until my body finally lets go of some of the saddlebags (I suspect I’ll have to dip into underweight for a while) and then regain but with more protein and less carbs, maybe then I could be a healthy weight but without saddle bags…?

No. 393895

I don't know… I don't think anyone here will tell you to become underweight willingly unless they're trolling or an anachan pops up out of the woodwork.
You say you went from 144lbs to 113lbs and your hip measurement literally did not change? at all? Did your other measurements change a lot or not really? Did you accidentally diet too hard and sacrifice muscle for fat (ie. become skinnyfat?) That would be an explanation for the weightloss but no inches lost.

No. 393906

I don't want to be permanently underweight, I just want to like, reset my fat gain since it won't leave under normal circumstances.
>You say you went from 144lbs to 113lbs and your hip measurement literally did not change? at all?
At all. If there has been any change it's within the margin of human error while measuring, that's how slight.
>Did your other measurements change a lot or not really?
Yes, my upper arms slimmed down and I lost a couple of inches off of my waist. Which tbh, the latter just makes my saddlebags look more exaggerated so I don't even count it as a win.
>Did you accidentally diet too hard and sacrifice muscle for fat
….maybe? Although to be totally honest, I was surprised how easy it was to lose the weight and at no point did I ever really feel hungry. I was always comfortable. So it never felt like I was going too fast or anything. Really all I did was just stop serving myself the same as my larger (as in, just taller and bigger, i'm only 5'3) family and peers and eat portions that were just enough for me. That and I stopped snacking and just chewed gum when I got a little munchy.

No. 393944

File: 1714180729518.jpeg (164.3 KB, 1179x1179, IMG_1013.jpeg)

Anybody else get bad eyebags? I have consistently shit sleeping habits and you can really tell. Aside from sleeping better which is a priority, anything from any nonna’s experience that worked to deflate them

No. 393946

Oh also what I’m doing currently are those under eye mask patches and green tea oil. Otherwise I try to hide them best I can when I go out but the main issue isn’t darkness so much as puffiness. I feel like this is health related so hoping for some pointers, even exercise related. I went to IR light heated yoga a couple times and I think that helped too.

No. 393954

Great! You'll definitely find your own groove for what works for you, but my advice is to look up a split that works for your schedule, so if you wanted to do upper body three days a week you would look up a three day split, or you could try something like a push-pull-legs split, bro split, or an arnold split just for example. These are all just ways to organize which parts of the upper body you work from day to day. You could also try a full body split! Personally I like to use a push-pull-legs. You can do nearly any exercise with dumbbells, you'll just have to google the dumbbell modification for any moves you see that you don't have the equipment for. Here are some moves I use when I'm doing my workout at home.
>dumbbell bench press
>chest fly
>lateral raises
>farmer carry
>shoulder press
>overhead tricep extensions
>tricep kickbacks
>bicep curls
>hammer curls
>rear delt fly
>dumbbell rows
>gorilla rows (with kettlebell)
>dumbbell lat pullovers
>forearm curls
Note that you don't have to do all these in a single workout, usually 4-5 moves is fine. I like to hit each muscle group twice. Another thing is that if your goal is to build muscle then you'll have to add a lot more protein to your diet, and don't try to cut your calories too hard or you'll exhaust yourself and get hurt. If you're doing everything right and starting from being skinny-fat you will likely see the scale go up but find your clothes are fitting looser. Body recomposition is fun like that.
FUCK yeah anon, I hope you have fun!!

No. 393963

nayrt but thx u!!(integrate)

No. 393965

I went to brunch this morning and ate freely without thinking about calories (eggs benny with homefries, plus a mimosa). It's kind of impossible to count calories when you eat out, that might have been like 1500 calories depending on how much freaking butter they used. So I decided that this would be my intake for the day.
I enjoyed the meal and overate a bit, but still left food on the plate. I'm proud of this as in the past I have automatically cleaned my plate without really thinking about how full I feel. I successfully didn't eat anything else for the rest of the day which is a W for me. It's nice to indulge while still keeping in line with your goals.

No. 394042

massage face with an ice cube.
don't drink alcohol.
interrogate your diet for excess sodium. actually you could do a lot with interrogating your diet but I can't really recommend anything specific.
don't spend all day looking down at your phone. practice good posture.
change your air filters / clean your house (could be an allergy reaction) and on that note it could also be products you're using irritating your eyes.
Fixing your sleep is probably going to help the most.

No. 394349

i'm 5'3 and 160lbs and i want to get into shape but i have no idea where to start. i feel pretty confident on fixing my diet but i'm overwhelmed by everything related to exercise and fitness. everywhere i look there's different advice. i don't understand what exercises to start with, there are so many and i'm completely lacking in flexibility and endurance from years of living sedentary. please any advice appreciated

No. 394355

just take walks for the first 2 weeks, minimum. walks are a great easy cardio that benefits the entire body, get yours used to moving around. you can come back here after 2 weeks and let us know how it went and whether you want to try adding things to it or not

No. 394409

Last thread I vowed to make it to 130lbs. I made my goal during December, but now I want to slim my waist and tone my legs. Currently I'm sitting at an 82m/32in waist. My goal is to fit into the Lolita dresses I'm saving up to buy, so being in the mid 70s in centimeters is my goal. An elliptical fell into my family's lap so I'll try to get 30 minutes on it each day. I eat roughly 1500-2500 cals day depending on what I have for dinner, but my eating habits aren't exactly the healthiest. Breakfast I either have nothing or two cups of coffee which is about 70c calories bc of my creamer. Lunch is usually 350-550 calories depending on if I want something sweet or salty. Dinner is whatever is ready when I get home (think of American soul food but with less taste and more salt). I've been maintaining my weight of 130lbs for a few months now, but since I want to see some change I think I will take the L and start meal prepping for lunch and dinner.

No. 394425

Just walk a lot and focus on diet until you're down to 140-145. Doing intense cardio or HIIT type stuff while you're 20 lbs overweight will make you feel bad and will make you ravenous which you don't need right now. If you want to start a formal exercise start slow and do something calming that builds strength like weightlifting or tai chi, or even just stretching since you say you're lacking flexibility.

No. 394464

Nonnies how much do you gain during PMS bloat?

I gain around 3-4 pounds, is that normal?

No. 394480

yes, it's common to fluctuate around five pounds or so

No. 394540

File: 1714416852563.jpeg (100.93 KB, 637x903, DDFE932B-108B-4A3F-A06E-6D0FC6…)

The way you eat and the level of activity you have are both parts of “getting in shape,” but fixing one doesn’t require fixing both unless you’re so obese that you can’t move around well. Read the study on the Hadza people by Pontzer et al. They found that sedentary westerners have the same energy expenditure as reasonably active hunter-gatherers. The ‘extra’ energy sedentary people have likely gets channeled into increased whole-body inflammation, lighter sleep, increased anxiety, etc. The point is that once your body re-equilibrates to a more active lifestyle, that extra activity isn’t going to directly help you lose weight. Eating better food and exercising more will both improve your health and quality of life, but since they’re both significant permanent changes to the way you live, I think it’d be easier to tackle one at a time.

No. 394561

Kek I love thighs like this, I would trade with you in a heartbeat

No. 394682

What kind of exercises should I do if I want to 'tighten' my body? If that makes sense kek

No. 394685

Not sure what you mean by 'tighten', as you can't spot-reduce fat, just overall eat less calories than you burn. If you mean to tone a certain part of your body, you can make your muscles appear bigger in certain areas, which may tighten and reduce the appearance of fat. But it really depends on what muscles you want to train. I recommend lifting weights 95% of the time for people who want to lose weight and tone their body. You can do a workout split like PPL (Push, pull, lower) or upper/lower, etc, like this >>393954 anon said.
If you just mean your abdomen/stomach fat/fat in general, you can stick to cardio or simply reducing calories until you are in a caloric deficit. But 9 times out of 10 you will look way better with cardio as well as lifting weights to fill in the muscle around the area.

No. 394688

I can't go to a gym to lift weights so do you think I could do it at home with dumbbells or something?

No. 394691

I don't see why not. I recommend buying a set with some relatively heavy dumbbells (10kgs, 12.5kgs, 15kgs) etc, or maybe buy a cheap-ish barbell and some cheap plates for something to do some barbell exercises with like RDL's, hip thrust, squats etc. Of course a proper gym is ideal because they have machines etc, but it's all the same equipment regardless.

No. 394717

… Saddlebags? I swear to God there's an extra degrading nickname for every single thing about our bodies. Jesus Christ.

No. 394749

double posting from skincare thread, but does anyone here take liquid chlorophyll for health benefits?

No. 394801

As the other reply said, you can buy your own dumbbells and get great benefits from it. Look up basic exercises you could do (watch videos so you could learn proper form) to start with and build from there. To start you can always focus on one exercise per muscle group (ie: shoulder press, bicep curls, chest press, squats, etc), start with doing full-body workouts then move to upper/lower (or whatever split works for you) once you're more comfortable and learn more exercises. Honestly, dumbbells are great, you can do a full body workout with one set of the same weight, and even if you "outgrow" the weight so to speak there will always be exercises that will leave you struggling and humbled lol.
I would also recommend getting a good quality large resistance band, as it will be useful for stretches. PLEASE stretch before and after your workouts, it will help you not only become more flexible but also reduce a chance of injury (and if you're injured, you can't exercise!).
But also, I wouldn't underestimate body weight exercises. Squats, push-ups, tricep dips, planks, all sound easy but actually take a lot of effort, and often the only piece of equipment you may need is a chair. You can do squats with no effort? Great! How about bulgarian split squats or pistol squats? Can look up callisthenics for beginners if you're interested, but basically it's exercise using your own body weight which sounds easier than it is. Honestly it can feel really good confidence-wise.
Most importantly though, nutritional intake will definitely play much of a bigger role in this than you think, and please remember (as the other reply has said) that you can't "spot reduce" when it comes to fat. You might "tone up" in one area in your body while another might stay the same size no matter how much you try. Try to focus more on your health and how you feel than the aesthetics.
Best of luck!

No. 394802

piggybacking off the calisthenics suggestion, Hybrid Calisthenics and its WOTD schedule is a nice comprehensive resource that offers video demonstrations of each of the 4-7 levels of bodyweight workouts like squats, bridges, etc

No. 395064

I was able to go 5 kilometers today on a machine it might not sounds like much but I'm proud of getting back to it.

No. 395152

Well, trying to lose weight again! I can't believe how easy it is to regain…I'm so cold.
I tried it for body odor, noticed no difference.

No. 395206

>Change gym
>Boyfriend recommend going to same gym as him
>Sure, plus there's a few around job + campus compared to my previous gym
>It's full of people who unironically set up cameras and microphones
>It's smaller with less machine
>Bit expensive too.
Sigh, I'm so upset about it, but at least I have gym closer to my school and work.

No. 395207

NTA, but can you recommend some stretches?

No. 395210

Not to mention Hampton is a sweet adorable muscly long-haired cutie, genuinely such a rare breed

No. 395211

How can you make your waist thinner? I've only started exercising one month ago to fix my body and rn my measurements are 87-66-90cms 66 being my waist. I want a thinner waist but idk if its possible because i have a wide ribcage, i used to have a thinner waist when i was underweight

No. 395238

That’s already a very thin waist. Just general core strength stuff and a healthy diet will probably maintain it.

No. 395250

subtle humblebrag

No. 395278

ntayrt but if you think 66 is a humblebrag i don’t know what to tell you. i’m short and your waist doesn’t look defined at all at that point unless you’re genetically lucky (or work out)

No. 395404

Can nonnas help me out in this thread? Here is what I ate yesterday more or less. I was so hungry the whole day.

>Wake up at 8am, fast until 12-1pm.

Half of a wrap (with ham and cheese and mayo) - 300 cal
3 Boiled Eggs - 215 cal
1.5 cup of frozen veg - 112 cal
Parmesan cheese - 80 cal


200g cooked white rice - 260 cal
Homemade Curry(Chicken and a lot of veg) - 325 cal

Then I was still REALLY fucking hungry so I ended up binging and ate
>1/2 Cup Ice Cream - 140 cal
>Peanut Butter on White Bread - 164 cal
>Glass of 2% milk - 42 cal
= 1638 cal in total and I still was hungry when I went to sleep. I even had a really killer headache. Can anyone give some advice or tips on how to improve this, preferably cheaply?

No. 395411

(ntayrt) Really? I feel like my waist looks absolutely tiny when it's anywhere at or under 26" and I'm 5'3". I have large hips so that probably helps make it seem smaller by comparison but even just by measurements/clothing sizes a 66cm waist is pretty small. That's like a size 4 or under.

No. 395412

How much water did you drink all day? How tall are you, how much do you weigh, what's your bodyfat %, what physical activity did you do yesterday, do you have pcos, do you normally skip breakfast, was this your first day of eating different, what are your goals etc etc etc

No. 395413

I drink over 2L of water a day, maybe 3. I'm a fatty, 96kg and 165cm with very little body muscle, almost completely sedentary besides doing house chores. I don't know if I have PCOS but I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis since I was young and have a slow metabolism. This is my first time trying to lose weight after struggling with alcoholism and bad eating habits during and after COVID. I've been dieting for about a week now, sometimes I go for walks. I want to lose weight, getting down to 68 kg by December would be nice but I'm also just trying to feel better and be healthier. Finally getting out of a long spiral of depression and bad choices. Thank you for trying to help in advance.

No. 395422

Congratulations on making some healthy changes! You can do it! Having hashimotos is rough, I don't have any advice about that, maybe another nona has experience. Do you have a doctor that can give you general advice there? Your weightloss presumably is going to be slower so keep that in mind and just keep making healthy choices. I think 68kg would be more realistic as a one-year goal; even if you got to 78 by December that would be amazing. Actually if you add some consistent physical activity and eat about 1600 calories a day you could theoretically be 78 by December (although that's just based on an online calculator which is never completely accurate – gives you a ballpark though.)
I was going to say your hunger/headaches might be blood-sugar spike related. You're eating refined carbs at every meal (assuming that wrap was in a flour tortilla or similar) which is definitely hurting your efforts. Maybe a small change you can make is to stop buying refined carbs and replace them with alternatives like complex carbs if not cut them out entirely at least from some meals. I'm not a carb hater but they do seriously affect blood sugar and hunger levels which is torture when you're trying to diet.

No. 395426

File: 1714828406841.jpg (78.72 KB, 1024x818, 1881553.jpg)

Thanks so much for the kind words, nonna. It really means a lot. I think I will try replacing the refined carbs with whole grain like you said, and maybe instead of rice I'll see if I can afford quinoa or something like that. I'll try to stay realistic too about how much weight I can lose, I really don't want to burn out or yoyo-diet anymore. Again, thank you so much!!

No. 395476

Quinoa never makes me feel full plus it’s so expensive. But if you like it that’s cool. There’s always plain old brown rice too. The carbs I really like that seem to satisfy me are potatoes, yams, root vegetables (turnips, parsnips) and pumpkins/squash. Also soup is your friend for weight loss, just leave the added oils and creams out of it (make without and add a dash at the end just for flavor.)

No. 395483

File: 1714852538490.webp (15.13 KB, 640x561, IMG_0644.webp)

My unhealthy and somewhat stressful lifestyle have caused me to start balding badly. Especially since I thought it would stop when it was small and maybe grow back…nonnas I definitely might be stage 2 balding…

I have soon have an appointment with my doctor and maybe we can get me a dermatologist or a specialist against balding. I hope they can help me as I also have 4c/afro hair. Can’t believe I am in my mid twenties balding. But I have an unhealthy lifestyle, some periods I don’t eat because of light depression and most of the time I am my usual weight but sometimes I’m too skinny or chubby for a while, stress because I’m working only myself to improve my life and not be miserable all the time. If my mother didn’t help me eat better meals. I would barely eat vegetables, I already barely eat fruit twice a day, my only exercise is running down the stairs to catch the bus when I’m late.
The tight braids that sit too long also def play a part…
I definitely have alopecia, as if my life couldn’t get worse. All I hope it’s reversible if the dermatologist gives a reversible diagnose and if eating better, exercising more doing a fun sport, get some medicine for my scalp or to consume will help my hair grow back. I will find peace and appreciate my difficult hair more and try to be more patient and loving. It’s been months since I had braids, I hate wearing wigs all the time.
Sorry for the long walk of text, I know it’s mostly my own fault but life sometimes hits me hard. But I’d love to have full hair on my head on my (mental) health journey.

No. 395499

No one cares fatty, it's calories in, calories out. Sorry you can't be asked to put down a donut but stop blaming everything else but yourself(infighting)

No. 395504

Being fat is definitely my own fault. I don't claim otherwise. Thanks for the reply!

No. 395507

don't reply to the bait, nona.

No. 395547

I feel weird, my body is telling me that I've been losing weight because my clothes feel bigger now, my shoes too, and they're clothes from both like 10 years ago and clothes from a few months ago, but my brain makes me feel like I'm obese.
My family keeps telling me that I look okay or can even notice if I get bloated because of my period (something I didn't know happened to me) but today I was told at the hairdressers "Chubby but pretty!!" And I don't know what to feel, my face looks disgusting to me but I'm being told I look fine, my body looks huge to me but my family tells me that I've been losing weight.

No. 395552

I suffer hashimotos and pcos, the only things that helped me shift my weight was cutting carbs (breads and pasta) because it’s an easy win for both problems, high intensity interval training, and weights.
My advice is to start slow until you find a level of intensity and weight you can handle comfortably. From there alternate between the two with the goal to work out every day. Take breaks as needed, your goal is to be consistent so even when you have a day off you can get back to it the next, don’t lie to yourself (if you can do it, do it, don’t let yourself down). Up your weights and intensity as you feel things getting too easy.
Again the goal is consistency because that’s where the sweet spot is in my experience, I feel like it helps keep my metabolism going and gives me more energy. You’ll know it’s working because you’ll start wanting to move, sitting will become uncomfortable and you’ll crave to do something! Embrace it to do some yoga and stretching.

No. 395646

I’ve been stuck in a plateau for months and I’m getting so sick of it. I cannot seem to break out of the 150s.
I lost 65 lbs in the past year and a half, I use to be pretty huge. I would like to lose an additional 20 lbs but I literally cannot lose anymore weight now. Nothing I try has been effective, because i gain and lose the same 5 lbs.

No. 395654

When I used to sprint in middle school and a bit of high school I used to have a bubble butt then I became depressed and laid around so now I have a pancake. I don’t want to sprint; I don’t do the gym but I do have a 20lb kettlebell, any easy exercises to plump my butr? Would a variety of hip thrust and glute bridges 3x a week make any significant difference? I run 3-5x a week 30 minutes just for my mental wellbeing. Thanks babes

No. 395679

Do you weight train? Are you counting your calories and not snacking? Are you getting enough sleep? I hear the last bit of weight is difficult for a lot of people, so don’t beat yourself up over it or anything.

No. 395681

Glute bridges and squats (with the kettle ball if you’re feeling it). Sit less, stand more, core exercises can help too. Running is also good obviously.

No. 395808

Im 5’7” and 123 pounds right now. All my fat is in my belly so I look bloated. I used to be able to do intermittent but fell off. I’ve never gone to the gym more than a handful of times in my life. Could cardio help with flattening my stomach if I just do a ton of it? I love walking fast. Is cutting out carbs the other option?

No. 395810

if you're just not fit at all but you're that thin probably any exercise you enjoy even an informal one that you do consistently will improve your shape

No. 395811

Some people report having better results after a 2 week diet break

No. 395814

High cardio is an option and indeed that is what figure competitors and bodybuilders use to cut. Low carb is not an option and if you go down that path you will die and then burn in Hell for all of eternity.
No matter how fit you are, your body wants to carry x amount of fat and your body will distribute its fat the way it pleases, regardless of your thoughts on the subject.
This being the case, the best option is just to eat clean, build as much muscle as you can and get in peak cardio shape, and then let the chips fall where they may when it comes to how your body looks. That being said, I suspect that isn't the answer you are looking for. You want to reduce that belly fat, come hell or high water.
Fair enough, going back to the example of figure competitors, what they do is not only lot's of a cardio but a strict, yet balanced, low calorie diet. How low cal you go depends on a lot of variables, it is something you will determine either with the help of a nutritionist or simply through trial and error.
Now I have to warn you: this will be extremely unpleasant. It will involve doing things like weighing out your food, prepping all your meals a day in advance and eating your meals at the same time every day. The diet will weaken you and reduce your energy, how much varies depending on the individual. You will also frequently be cold. Your body will also start to wear down from all the cardio and you will be plagued with nagging injuries.
But you will be skinny.

No. 395827

How do I know when I should return to cutting? Been in a maintenance/slight surplus for the past two-ish months, though I've been lifting for longer, and, while I've gained a little weight, I don't see any visible tone/muscle in my body, except my abs that are slightly more defined.

Also I've been working out my ass for about four or five months via lifting. However, since I already had a big ass before I started working out (probably mostly fat), it's pretty hard to tell if there's much of a difference when the cellulite is still there, but my ass lifts (hip thrusts, split squats, etc.) have gone up exponentially in the past couple of months. At what point will I start noticing a bona-fide booty?

No. 395847

I’m sorry nona. I don’t have alopecia but I have had stress-related bald spots pop up before and it definitely didn’t help my stress level. If you aren’t already, try to eat foods rich in vitamin A and healthy fats, like carrot and avocado or salmon in a salad. Biotin and collagen supplements can go a long way as well. Aside from those, there are tons of effective treatments that your doctor can help you with, so don’t lose hope.

No. 395868

can you elaborate?

No. 395883

nta but it's common for people on long term diets to hit a plateau and subsequently take a planned short break from the diet to "reset", after which they go back on their diet and weightloss resumes

No. 396174

I am trying again. I was always bottom heavy (I am 99% sure I have lipedema, I hate my knees and ankles), but when I was younger it just looked thick. Having a kid changed a lot my body, now I have a belly and fat on my arms. I was at my highest weight a month ago, I am 160cm and was 79kg. I am exercising almost daily (nothing crazy, about 30 minutes of weight lifting or cycling) and counting the calories and I am down to 77kg in a sustainable manner. It is slow progress, but achievable for my busy schedule.
I will have an appointment next week to finally address the lipedema issue, and from what I read there is not much we can do about it besides liposuction. Did any of the nonas noticed improvement of lipedemic leg appearance with only diet and exercise?

No. 396204

I'm >>393852 and I'm thinking I must have an early stage of it. Diet and exercise doesn't touch it even a millimeter. It's extremely disheartening. Getting skinny doesn't take away, but any weight you gain back adds onto your original bulk like some sort of cruel game of only punishments and no rewards. Thanks for the reassurance in my decision to never have kids.
If I were you I'd get as fit as possible, knowing it won't take away much of your lipedema fat, so that if you do get liposuction, you can clearly see what is excess lipadema fat, you know what I mean? Personally although I'm already thin, I'm still flabby skinnyfat, so I've decided to get fit enough to make the lipadema fat obvious and then look into liposuction.

No. 396347

Thanks for the advice and encouragement nonna! Glad yours grew back and your stress levels went down. So far I’m kinda improving my diet and I should get hair supplements again. Too bad the doctors in my country barely do shit unless you are in pain or it’s a emergency, they are not qualified enough (though this falls somewhat in cosmetics but losing hair and being bald sucks), that’s why my doctor planned me to see a specialist for my hair. She said she wasn’t sure if they could help me, but honestly some doctors say bs and she seemed in a hurry this time…and most specialists do their job right because they get paid more. Anyway if I know what I have and it’s reversible, I can work on growing my hair back and taking care of my head wounds.

No. 396354

Currently trying to go from semi-underweight to lean muscle. My main goal is having a stronger core, arms, and better cardio endurance. It took me years to not care about everyone saying any amount of muscle will turn me into a man. I go to the gym for 30-45 minutes of cardio then do weights 20-40 more minutes 3-5 days a week. Whenever I'm feeling tired like I want to quit I remember all the time wasted on video games. My measurements are smaller or the same but my weight has increased. Not really sure what programs to follow because I do worry about plateau in the future. If any anons have a favorite treadmill or bike video I'll take it. Cardio always gets so boring for me that I'm considering putting videos on the gym bike.

No. 396384

How much protein is actually recommended for growing muscle? And does anybody have any tips for getting enough protein in while still staying under your calorie limit ? (5'4, 145)

No. 396392

Anyone know how to reverse obesity related skin pigmentation? I’m losing weight but it’s not changing

No. 396407

Hell yeah anon. I'd recommend doing cardio afterwards, if you want lean muscle your energy will be best spent on the weight lifting portion of your work out. Tbh I'm usually reading or watching videos on my phone during cardio, my gym partner brings her switch and plays zelda lol.
0.8-1g per lb of lean body weight, I think 100g is a good starting place for most people because eating 100g will feel completely outrageous at first but once you get used to it you can scale up from there.

No. 396442

for me? lowering carbs or at least sugar. makes sense since it’s related to insulin resistence.

No. 396445

Considering taking creatine for gains. If I start taking it, will I go bald or undergo any sort of adverse health effects?

No. 396643

Yes, of course you will turn into a man. Watch out for the quasi-penis you will grow if you take it.

No. 396679

Been taking creatine for years now, can confirm

No. 396790


I am this nonna >>396445
Can I get some serious advice on it? I see mixed results in peer-reviewed studies, so I’m really on the fence about it.

No. 396793

Kek, yes, you can take it without issues. I'm >>396679 and like I said, I've been taking it for years and had 0 issues. Creatine is probably one of the most researched supplements and one of the safest

No. 397168

I'm so sorry to poke but any help or reassurance is appreciated!

No. 397196

Hey nonas, I wondered if anyone has any tips for strength training? I want to build muscle too but I'm trying to focus on strength because I'm sick of feeling like a stringy noodle.
I'm around 62kg and 6ft at the minute, I try and workout everyday using YouTube vids (I like Caroline girvan ATM) but I don't have a gym membership right now.

No. 397208

Saying 5'1 at 55kg is underweight made your post seem like some sort of bait/joke since it is not even borderline underweight. I'd say don't overthink exercise since diet is more important when cutting. Sugar cravings stop once you're used to not eating sugar, there is not really another way than being strict with it.

No. 397225

Hey nonnas.
Due to a health issue I have grown into a hamplanet (160cm and 110kg) and would like to change this.
How do you all keep yourselves motivated and on track? I struggle with keeping myself accountable and consistent and feel like falling back to my old bad habits whenever things get hard.

No. 397348

If you google it, it says to aim for 1.2-1.7g of protein per 1kg of body weight if you want to maintain/build muscle. Most of fitness youtube channels I've seen tend to recommend a similar range.
Personally, I aim for 100g of protein at least on average. So I might not eat the same amount of protein every single day, but if it averages out to 100g/day over a period of like a week or a month, it's all good.
As for tips, I can only offer some from my own experience:
Figure out how much protein you're already taking in (if you don't know already) and slowly increase it. When I first raised my protein intake I literally doubled it overnight, so I struggled a lot with really bad indigestion, although my body adapted and I'm all good now, but it was more than a little uncomfortable at first. So I definitely recommend slowly increasing your protein intake so your body can get used to the change (think of it like suddenly eating a bunch of fibre bars when your fibre intake is usually low, you'll probably get the shits, well the same applies here just in a different direction, need to take it slow and see how your body responds).
Build your meals around your protein (so if you meal plan, decide on the protein for the meal first, then add the rest of the meal around it that will make it taste good, if that makes sense).
When it comes to protein sources, I like to think that anything 100kcal/10g of protein ratio is a good source (so lean meats, high-protein yoghurts, some fish), and especially good if you are trying to stay within a limit.
Eggs are good too, but I wouldn't make it the main source of your protein unless you can handle having like 4-5 eggs at a time. Some low-fat versions of cheeses can have a surprisingly good kcal/protein ratio, at least where I'm from.
If you're vegan/vegetarian, just be aware that meat-alternatives can be a good source of protein, but in my experience they don't really come close with how much protein they can provide compared to lean meats.
Obviously beans, peas and quinoa and stuff like that is good, but they can also come with a higher calorie count and a lot of fibre so always make sure you don't eat a bunch of it at once unless you've already been doing that.
A benefit of eating more protein though, is that you'll actually be able to eat more calories eventually while still losing weight. I've started out the same way as what you're asking, trying to meet my protein goals within a certain calorie limit but found that now I eat way more than I ever thought I could get away with.
I've heard some people recommend getting most of your protein intake early on in the day, so like eat 80% of your protein goal amount for breakfast/lunch for example, so you don't have to worry about it too much later in the day. This could help if you're not able to have very structured meals with the same amount of protein in each, and tbh that's what I prefer to do as well, as it allows you to be more flexible later in the day and not freak out if dinner plans change.
Protein shakes and protein bars are okay, but don't make them a staple in your diet (unless you really like protein shakes lol, you do you). I tend to utilise them as snacks, rather than main meals. But I've seen a lot of recipes online utilising protein powder so if you're into cooking or baking, you can definitely explore making high-protein versions of stuff you already like.

No. 397349

People are built differently. Nta but I'm 5'2 if I get below 55 kg I get underweight, my ribs start showing in my chest and my hip bones stick out, my face turns gaunt and hollow and my thighs stop touching. Some have more muscle weight and denser bones than others. The weight on the scale doesn't matter, its all about how you look/feel.

No. 397351

forgot to add my long wall of a reply:
count all the protein you eat. Bread can have up to 5g per slice, serving of pasta can have up to 10g, salads with leafy greens can have up to 2g or more, etc - individually these are marginal amounts but they all add up in the end.

No. 397353

You'll have better results by starting slow and focusing on damage control. Small changes make a big impact on your overall health.
Try drinking a cup of water before and during every meal. If you eat a lot of rice and pasta, definitely try konjac/shirataki noodles and rice! It has very few calories so even if you stuff yourself with it you'll be consuming way less calories than if you'd had regular pasta and rice. It'll keep you full too.
Try to do some form of light exercise after every meal. Going for a walk is ideal, but you can do housework or gardening if you can't go out for whatever reason. This helps regulate your blood sugar levels, which also helps you feel full for longer.
Don't try to change everything about your life at once, you WILL fail and it's really not sustainable to make that many changes at once. Your old habits serve a purpose, so figure out what that purpose is and see how you can replace it. For example, if you eat out of boredom, find a hobby that's easy and cheap that keeps your hands occupied so you can't mindlessly snack. If you order food because you're too tired to cook, look into meal kits or meal prepping.
Don't expect to enjoy eating healthy food at first. Your palate will change with time. Try to eat more whole foods and cut out processed food. You don't have to change what you eat at first, just swap the store bought version for a home made one. Again, start slow, and start with foods you can easily make at home. Gradually add in more healthy foods as you get used to this.
I know you've heard this a million times, but cut out soda. Cut out any sugary drinks that you consume regularly, including juice, but soda is the one you want to get rid of first. Work on replacing 75% of your drinks with water, if you haven't already.
Exercising will help you a lot. Aim for 30 minutes 3 times a week, do low impact exercises, and stretch after. You can break this up into chunks throughout the day. Ideally you'd be exercising daily, but bear in mind that it's important to have rest days, and at your weight you WILL damage your knees and ankles if you do high impact exercises like jumping and running. Doing exercises to strengthen your core, knees and ankles will help you a lot at the size you're at, but if you feel any sharp pain stop what you're doing and work on something else. Injuring yourself isn't going to help your progress.
Also, don't focus just on what you did wrong. Write down what you did right, even if it's small. If it's something you'd beat yourself up over if you did it wrong, it's worth writing down when you do it right. Focus on non scale victories, tangible or intangible, like how you feel after a week of sticking to your meal plans and workout routines. Learn from your mistakes, figure out why you made them, and think of what you can do differently next time. If that doesn't work, just keep trying. Don't tie your self worth to your weight or your failures, you're more than that. And keep going! One bad week isn't enough of a reason to stop you from trying to lose weight. Let yourself celebrate birthdays and holidays, but be mindful of how you eat otherwise. You have a long way to go, so don't get mad at your mistakes, you have plenty of time to learn from them.

No. 397354

keep a food journal, but make your goals very simple (ie: calorie limit, protein goal - literally just one or two things that you want to focus on). Doesn't have to be detailed, just a few points you can focus on and track, and it can help keep yourself accountable.
Motivation comes and goes, it's perseverance that is important. Sometimes we expect immediate results and when we don't see them, motivation evaporates. And this happens to everyone. You have to push through it, think about the longer term goal.
And falling back to your old habits can happen a lot, it's very common with any kind of journey to self improvement, just don't throw in the towel. Acknowledge the fact you fell off track, but just get back on it. I know this metaphor is used a lot, but nobody's weight loss journey is a straight line to the top, there's always a range of dips and peaks, as long you're moving forward no matter how slow, you're moving forward towards the goal.
And please take care of yourself, and don't be too hard on yourself. I hope the worst of your health issues has passed and if it hasn't, I hope it does soon.

No. 397582

File: 1715628372013.jpg (124.65 KB, 1280x1770, 1000002004.jpg)

I was rewatching an old episode of Family Guy yesterday, and it made me realize just how much I relate to Lois' binge eating and how I currently feel like my life is stuck in this rut.
They truly weren't lying when they say that a woman will turn to food if she feels sexually unsatisfied.
My life has currently been stuck this way after leaving not one but two toxic relationships now. My first boyfriend was a fat lardy crybaby piece of shit who taught me to "eat my feelings out" whenever I felt sad.
Before I met him I was slim and cute looking. I only weighed around 59 kg at 173 cm. Then thanks to being in a tumultuous relationship with that fatass and learning to be more emotional and cry, I picked up the had habit of binge eating.
Now I'm 173cm at 75 kg and I feel absolutely disgusting. Even my family jokes with me now about how I'm picking up a double chin.
When I have sex with new men, they merely fake smile at me when I ask them if I'm beautiful and they say "Oh well you're not a 10 but you're okay".
Now I'm completely chaste but now since I'm sexually unsatisfied it just causes me to turn to eating as a form of making myself feel better. I traveled out of the country last summer and I was so happy, I had gotten down to 68 kg and was feeling a lot better, but then I came back home and regained it all back and then some. I could honestly cry because I hate myself so much. I hate how I picked up binge eating as a habit and I just wish I knew how I could get rid of it already so that I can go back to being skinny again.

No. 397602

God you sound annoying

No. 397605

File: 1715632891692.jpg (297.94 KB, 1080x1527, Screenshot_20240513-214023.jpg)

75kg at 173cm is only a tiny bit overweight. Making jokes about you having a double chin is crazy

No. 397612

Don't be jealous nona because you've never been skinny

No. 397650

“only a tiny bit overweight” kek(rattle rattle)

No. 397651

nta but weight distribution varies between person to person and ,if nonny continues this path she's on, she might up on a concerning amount of weight

No. 397653

She's only 0.2kg over the healthy range. That is indeed a tiny amount overweight, yes.

No. 397664

I've seen people say Kiana Docherty's videos analyzing the causes of emotional binge eating (including her own) really helped them. Good luck on getting back control anon, it's rough

No. 397762

isn't this catherina zitas weight/height? hopefully you don't think shes a hambeast

No. 397815

Thank you so much for the great advice, it honestly means a lot to me! I'm for sure going to implement these things into my life and try to keep my spirits high!

No. 397842

File: 1715684662427.png (Spoiler Image,1.51 MB, 736x1392, 3.png)

If you don't control what you eat to be lean you can be a little over 190lbs at that height and still be in a decent range provided you have a decent amount of muscle built at the gym. Crazy strong legs also doing regular cardio and squats
Spoilered because not everyone wants to see this kind of fit-thick body

No. 397849

Girl you know anons are going to call her a deathfat, this is lolcow kek

No. 397856

Doubt she looks like that since she’s depressed and didn’t mention working out. Posting her numbers triggered so much bone rattling and general sperging since she’s barely overweight, I feel bad for her. If I gained 30+ lbs in a relationship I’d feel like shit too, don’t really think it’s about wether she qualifies as fat or not. You’re right that’s a totally fine BMI for a muscular woman who works out, she could theoretically look amazing but it sounds like in reality she’s in a bad place mentally and not doing good
From everything you said your environment is crushing you. The men you meet are trash, your family is wearing you down, and in general everyone is being insane and harsh about your weight including you which is stressing you the fuck out. Sometimes health and weight is a mental game and you are losing that game right now. What did you do when you were abroad that made you happier/healthier? Can you do that at home? Maybe it was your activity level or your diet or just being away from your usual stressors and pressures; examine that situation and make your every day life more like that. Move if you have to, it’s your life. Focus on your habits and living and not your numbers.

No. 397861

File: 1715689272090.jpg (87.72 KB, 564x839, 0985061da4ff33f1f8b7c027c9b167…)

I am 5ft tall and 65kg and have been on/off lifting and working out in general since I gained the weight over lockdown. I find it really hard to shift the weight consistently especially since my TDEE is only like 1400/1500 while working out a lot, and I have to be insanely strict with food or else I just end up falling into my binge-eating ways. I seem to be the type of body where I put on muscle quite easily but unfortunately also put on fat very easily. The only concrete progress I've made is that I'm now very good at weighing calories/macros and I haven't actually gained any weight beyond this level, which is something I guess.

I used to be really slim, a little skinny-fat but nothing too bad, and I'm still actually disgusted by the sensory issues I get by being fat. It's almost like my brain still doesn't catch up with the fact that I'm fat and then it just feels horrible to be in my own skin, feeling my chest be bigger and the fat on my back disgusts me. Do any other nonnas feel like this? I don't want to sound like a skelly sorry that's not where I'm coming from I'm just not used to this at all.
It's made even worse when summer comes around and then I can't get away with wearing comfy oversized clothes.
How do you fat nonners deal with the self-esteem issues even while you're on your journey to losing weight? It's quite hard for me to just knuckle down and focus on my workouts sometimes in the gym when there are mirrors all around me and I see athletic women (good for them ofc I'm not hating) and I always end up comparing myself to them and it feels shit.

No. 397863

Being strong doesn't automatically mean you're healthy, too much fat is still bad for you. Americans ruining this thread with their delulu I swear. Even the earlier posts like >>397349 about 23,9 bmi being underweight was so crazy I decided to not respond anymore.

No. 397864

File: 1715689700847.jpg (61.57 KB, 563x701, 1715367153680078.jpg)

I think it's depends on your genetics and body rhythm.
Some women start losing their period at BMI 22 and others are BMI 18 and don't have any problems.

No. 397868

Yeah it’s probably different for everyone but at a certain point I start feeling uncomfortable in my skin, like it doesn’t feel right physically, it’s awkward and alien almost. Not a self esteem issue, just a physical feeling of discomfort. Have you ever looked into intuitive eating? Alternatively have you ever looked into high-volume low-calorie eating?
That anon was pretty short so normal bmi rules don’t apply to her though.

No. 397870

You could just say it's too thin for your own liking instead of using BMI related terms incorrectly.

Being short means the opposite though. For short people BMI can make you think you're thinner than you are. Shorter people have a higher risk of obesity too. You could just not use terms like underweight and overweight if you don't want to use BMI.

No. 397871

that post reminds me of someone in /ot/ acting like visible collarbones in itself were a sign of being unhealthly thin, even though most people (including healthy people) have them kek

No. 397872

Well, the good news is that if you put on muscle easily, you can raise your TDEE easily as well, because muscle mass takes more calories simply to maintain.

No. 397876

File: 1715691247140.jpg (22.82 KB, 269x479, id.jpg)

im 170cm and 165 lbs. nonnies i want to finally feel okay in my skin. i have been dieting on and off for years, extreme ones to just casual fad ones which never worked for weight loss. i have always had bulky calves due to my genetics, i have the same legs as my dad, my knees turn inwards slightly when i stand normally. my boyfriend said i had mewtwo legs as some kind of compliment but i don't really enjoy walking on these chicken drumsticks… i want to exercise at home because i am agoraphobic. i have blue hair so i am always harassed by evil moids and children whenever i go outside where i live. i've downloaded a shit ton of apps and i want to do intense exercise for at least an hour every day, drink a lot of water, cut down smoking and eat a maximum of 1200 calories every day. i want to be in shape so bad. i hate my love handles. it's the worst when i sit down and i see my rolls in the mirror. my muscles are pretty solid from working out obsessively over lockdown but i just want to slim down, not be a big beast. picrel is what i would die to look like.

No. 397882

No it works both ways when you’re short. Put on any muscle and suddenly your bmi chart says “whoa there slow down fatty” and also tries to tell you your tdee is super low. It’s still fine for ballparking but bmi has to be taken with a grain of salt at shorter and taller heights.

No. 397971

Ehh I’m classed as severely underweight and I say just focus on feeling healthy. If you’re trying to drop down to your ideal body and no longer feel good then just gain weight again until you do. I feel like people overstate the importance of BMI; eating nutritionally dense foods and being active is most important, if you’re that worried then get your bloodwork done.

No. 397994

I wonder how many women who keep underweight/near underweight body types are simply just not paying attention to health or don't care?

No. 397998

"Feeling healthy" doesn't equate being healthy. I've experienced that myself though it wasn't directly weight related so I won't blogpost about it. But the consequences of an unhealthy weight or lifestyle can slowly creep up on you and go unnoticed for a long time, especially if you're still young and your body has the resilience to cope. You're not doing your long term health favours.

No. 398003

Shit advice

No. 398006

idk, to me it just looks like the average volleyball player body tbh

No. 398007

I always wondering this too, same measurements, even when I'm supposedly lower end of healthy weight my chest bones start showing. I've also known women who were like 5'7 and started looking like a crackhead at 150

No. 398014

so meds made me (5'4") go from 115 all the way up to 136 by around september of last year. my appetite was ruined from the medication and i just felt hungry all the time, so i was eating more than normal. i've finally gotten it under control with only bare minimum exercise and just cutting calories; i'm at 121 now.

for fellow lazynons who hate exercise, remember to be patient. it can take a long time to shed weight if you're not doing an extreme diet.

No. 398023

My friend is like this, very thin, "healthy" looking but doesn't exercise and doesn't eat much

No. 398030

might i ask how long that took? im also that height and have been 145 for maybe a decade

No. 398042

I can relate to a lot of things you said, my legs are huge compared in relation to the rest of my body, it's literally the last place my body loses fat from. I also have x shaped legs, I had to get physical therapy as a child to try to fix it. I could be underweight, and my knees would still be touching. I've been dieting on/off since I was 13, I will be turning 30 soon, and only during the last year I managed to find the healthy balance. I would literally compare myself to mewtwo in my head when it came to my body, your post gave me such mental whiplash, I had to re-read it like 3 times.
My first advice would be to stop worrying about things you can't control. I know it's easier said than done, and I still struggle with it myself daily, but if your body decides to store more weight in certain areas of your body, you can't do anything about that, short of plastic surgery. Also, even if this might seem hard to believe, there's probably many girls who would love to have thicker legs, as opposed to a bigger stomach or upper body, or even a round face, etc.
The girl in the photo you posted might not even have the same body shape and composition as you even if you were at a similar weight, you shouldn't compare yourself to others, it won't lead to happiness or feeling comfortable in your own skin. And she might even hate the body she has, yet you idolise it. Most people you know and meet likely have things about their bodies that they hate, things that you probably won't even notice or might even like.
Exercise goals are good, but instead of just working out for an hour everyday, I would suggest scheduling in some rest days, while increasing your overall movement during the day, like sitting less and trying to move about more or even go for walks (I know agoraphobia can be a bitch, but working on conquering that could help too, I wish you all the best when it comes to trying to tackle that).
I wouldn't recommend eating a maximum of 1200 calories a day, it's not sustainable at all, especially if you have a history of dieting. You should know that. And even if you do have the self control to eat that little, you'll likely feel like shit physically and mentally.
Aim for something more sustainable, like 2k calories a day for now. Slower, but healthier progress. If you want to maintain your muscle mass while losing fat, high protein intake will be key, otherwise you'll burn through your muscle as easily as your fat even if you exercise.
Do drink lots of water, and do cut down on smoking, can't say anything negative about these goals.
But to put it simply, if your ultimate goal is to feel comfortable in your own skin, you need to accept the things you can't change. Work your ass off when it comes to improving yourself, inside and out, but accept that some things are beyond your control, if you try to control them it will just drive your crazy.

No. 398051

Same height here, went from 170 to 110 (to 155 now…oink)… don't ask, am a phasic binger. My weight has fluctuated drastically my whole life.

As far as timelines go, the 170 to 110 took me about 9-10 months at 1200-1400 cals a day + 30 min of a light walk 5-ish days a week. Otherwise I was VERY sedentary (like, bedrotting). Felt great btw.

No. 398055

I said my chest bones stick out, not having collar bones. If I can see my chest bones through my breasts, thats being too thin, even if the "bmi" is normal.

No. 398080

NTA but I can see the ribs above my boobs and I’m literally overweight lol.

No. 398083

i was in the 130s in summer of last year, and when i made a commitment to try and get my appetite under control it's taken about 7-8 months to get here. while i hate exercise as far as physically exerting myself, i still get my steps in, ~10,000 during the weekdays. i also sometimes only consume one solid meal a day (with the rest being drinks) if i feel like i ate too much earlier in the week. i allow myself to cheat with an unhealthy meal every once in awhile but i'm attuned to my satiety and won't force myself to eat once i'm full (for instance i might get a fast food meal but only consume half of it, and i'm full, so that's done and it goes in the trash. it satisfies cravings without me feeling too guilty.)

No. 398097

it honestly reminds me of shayna

No. 398105

She wishes her body resembled that body even a bit.

No. 398113

Just benched 55 nonnies!!

No. 398114

nice work. how many reps?
I gave up benching and I really think all lifters should (unless they are competing in powerlifting). The upper body pushing movement should be overhead press. Bench press is a horrible, counter productive lift, imo

No. 398115

Just 1. I usually just do with dumbbells, but tested my luck today. Last time I tried it was only 47. What’s your reason for retirement?

No. 398116

Good job nona! It's smart to work primarily with dumbbells, you build more strength for the bar that way.
Interesting, why do you think so?

No. 398117

there is nothing new about resistance training or physical culture. Its been around forever but bench press didn't become big until the 50's. If you see guys like Sandow, they did not have the massively built pectorals that the gym bros today have and the old school look was much more aesthetically pleasing.
In sports, I can't think of any advantage of overly developed pecs. Maybe for linemen in football or gymnastics ring specialists, but that's it.
Bench is an ego lift with minimal practical advantages. It's an easy lift to get injured performing and it takes focus away from developing your overhead press

No. 398118

File: 1715744889080.png (1.3 MB, 984x1058, Screenshot 2024-05-07 at 4.41.…)

do any anons have any good cut meal plans/meal prep ideas? any idea for snacks/meals will be greatly appreciated!

Im 5'1 and ive been on a bulk, TDEE for that was recommended 2,600 (i mostly ate around 1900-2100) and i was mostly moderate carb/protein diet, my total intake for cals is around 2000/2100 per day and im trying to aim for 1600/1700 cals per day.

i do alot of rucking/hiking like 3-5+ miles a day for my job and i enjoy weightlifting too. ive never been super successful at cutting before (gonna try to get my hormone/vitamins levels tested this summer if i have time) and i want to try to at least cut a few lbs.

Im 145 rn, but you can tell im fairly muscular if that makes any sense, i have farm strength so like that body type. still soft but strong. i wanna try to cut at least 10/15 lbs.

any advice is appreciated!!

No. 398140

Just found out I'm only eating half of the protein I needed, supposedly it's close to grams in your weight. Is this true to other anons looking to build muscle? I'm 120lb, so probably need 100grams?

No. 398169

I actually agree with your stance on bench tbh nonna. OHP whether with barbells or dumbbells is a much better push movement and it's also easier to set up, plus you don't need someone to spot you doing OHP provided you're using a proper rack.

No. 398175

Yeah because that is literally normal and nonna is delulu. Nonna also said earlier that showing hipbones are bad but many people see theirs even if overweight.

No. 398184

My nutritionist told me it’s 1-1.6 grams per your weight in kilograms but that was for regular nutrition not someone bodybuilding. Not sure what you’re trying to do. I thought it was one gram per pound of body weight and she laughed and said no, that’s way too high.

No. 398194

Kek I've seen this before too. Most women would have to eat straight protein powder and liver to try to reach this goal without over eating to the point of pain

No. 398195

Okay why are you seething so much over that I need to be at a higher weight to look normal? Sorry I dont think looking boney is attractive and healthy even if the number in the scale is fine.

No. 398196

Nta but chest bones aren't normal kek. Outside of pigeon chests, chest bones showing are usually the giveaway of someone being anorexic

No. 398197

Then how do you explain >>398080

No. 398199

I'm extremely pear shaped and at any weight, even slightly overweight, I have always had the bony chest look and no boobs. For some people it's normal. I don't think it's attractive either but it's not a sign of an eating disorder.

No. 398213

Maybe some people just have bigger ribcages. Or they are "literally overweight" in their mind

No. 398244

I think they are for some people though. I’m a normal weight at 118lbs at 5’3 and I have visible rib bones above my boobs

No. 398248

ive been underweight most of my life and never had visible chest bones. however, my ribs are ALWAYS visible, and remained visible even when i was at the highest end of "healthy" bmi (24). my collarbones are the only bones on my front that will either become more or less visible as my weight fluctuates

No. 398364

File: 1715828128772.jpeg (Spoiler Image,29.85 KB, 747x414, Jiggle galore.JPEG)

hi i need some help.

in one month exactly i have a wedding to go to.
>as a bridesmaid
its hot where i am, so the dress is sleeveless but its very long and covers my legs. i gained almost like 42 kg (100 lbs??) 2 years ago and lost like 11.5 kg since february 2024. i want lose weight slowly bc i dont want gallstones. i have worked out at the gym here and there, but not consistently. im talking about between february and now. my concerns are these
>jiggly arms
>slight pronounced back roll
my face has become a lot more skinny, my legs are getting muscular bc i walk alot (theyre not fat or flabby bc ex athlete), and my stomach has flattened as well. i dont care about that. but my arms are now ugly because of stretch marks and how jiggly, big they are.
>both are around 37 cm (i think 14.5 inches?) circumference at widest part
i eat 1300-1700 calories regularly and try to walk at least 5k steps a day. i am 170 cm and weight 86.6 kg. my goal is 57-60 kg which is my OG weight.
>i average 8k steps each weekday
>i bought a kettle bell but that workouts out my hams and butt.
>I want to start swimming 3 times a week
today i went to gym. one hour of latpulldowns,lying down skull crushes,leg press, dumbell overhead and dumbell declined chest press, and 2 variations of bicep curls + 30-40 min of walking. my arms feel ded.
Thank u. picrel is my jiggly right arm. idc if you are mean id laugh too kek.

No. 398367

File: 1715828237498.png (529.89 KB, 508x934, es posible??.png)

i am same anon.
is it possible to get like picrel in one month? i stole this from google btw.

No. 398368

KEK nona please screenshot this for yourself in the future, you’re being insane in a funny way. Your arm literally looks fine, it’s not visibly flabby like arms can be I can’t believe you spoilered that lmao

No. 398369

the way women can be anorexic and someone will still call them fat. when i was 105 at 5'4" once some guy said i was "looking a little chubby".

No. 398371

I mean don’t lie to her, she’s not a hambeast or anything but she is lacking muscle tone and the arm does look a bit flabby due to this.

No. 398373

kek sorry.
yes, i just dont like the way they look in person or in motion. my upper arms look massive compared to everything else. maybe its the last place ill lose fat i guess.

No. 398380

Seems like coolsculpting

No. 398441

I just mean it’s a normal shape and doesn’t have any serious droop, you know how some arms really have a flappy fat area that hangs down especially after weight loss. But she doesn’t have that at all, it’s basically a firm arm shape just not skinny.

No. 398550

ayrt, I disagree. BMI is flawed. It wasn’t even made by someone specialised in biology, it was made by a mathematician. Why is it that it’s ok to be “just a little overweight” if you’re otherwise healthy but not the same if you’re underweight? Seems like a double standard. Like I said, just get your bloodwork done. If your body is stressed it will show up there.

No. 398583

You're not wrong BMI is flawed but your advice was still complete shit because you suggested people drop down to a (presumably) low ideal and if that starts to feel bad then it's ok to gain weight. It's a reckless strategy that reeks of anachan cope. What is "feeling" good, what is the "ideal" weight?
Also no one normal gets their bloodwork done on a whim. ALSO by the time your bloodwork is off you're in trouble and there's absolutely no reason to take yourself to that point in the pursuit of some ideal weight.

No. 398605

I’m sorry, then what advice do you give then…? The short anon doesn’t think BMI works for her so unfortunately her healthy weight is unknown to us. There isn’t much else but trial and error to work with here. Unless you have another suggestion?
>by the time your bloodwork is off you're in trouble and there's absolutely no reason to take yourself to that point
First of all I think you’re really over-exaggerating. No one in this thread is trying to get to an extremely low BMI (presumably) it’s just that BMI is frankly a little unreliable across a large range of heights when it comes to the normal weight boundaries. Second of all, do you think people who are overweight or underweight just suddenly become near deathly ill overnight? Being less healthy is gradual and most people know their body well enough to notice. You should be getting your bloodwork done anyway especially if you are doing anything like gaining or losing weight. You agreed that BMI is flawed, so what do you want her to do if she wants to lose weight? What metric is more reliable, over how you feel and your blood test results?
I fail to see how this is anywhere near an anachan “”cope”” (?) and find it weird how defensive people get about any topic like this, especially when anons itt talk about being healthy and overweight all the time.

No. 398683

Interesting, thanks for sharing. Personally I find it valuable as a stabilizing movement and I like how my pecs look with some extra muscle so it's a good movement for me, although I absolutely agree that more people should be prioritizing their overhead press over benching. If I had to pick between one or the other I'd pick ohp every time and hit chest flys for an accessory.
You really don't, I get 130-150g a day and I don't eat anything crazy. It can seem intimidating at first in but really it just involves restructuring your meals. I didn't realize that a lot of what I ate before was mostly just carbs.

No. 398760

>what advice do you give then…?
Depends. Which post are we giving advice? Your advice seems to be "become skinny". Like, okay.
You said you were severely underweight. If someone said they were severely overweight but their bloodwork was normal so they're healthy and they advised other people to see if that weight range was comfortable, they would get a side-eye from me too and I would honestly think that health issues were coming for them at some point and they were coping /using this excuse to keep living the way they want. Guess you're just built different. I thought your advice would be reckless for a lot of people. I find that people don't actually know their bodies that well and health issues creep up on them fast (if they were in tune with their bodies they wouldn't be overweight in the first place from binge eating etc. like you see in the thread, no offense to them.)
As for bloodwork stuff it just sounds like something an ex-ana would say or maybe your doctors do it for you because you are severely underweight, idk. People might get their bloodwork done once per year at a physical where I live, and sometime the doctors don't even do that if you seem healthy.

No. 398774

>Your advice seems to be "become skinny". Like, okay.
I really fail to see how you read that anywhere. There are people itt who want to lose weight, so of course the topic is based around that.
>I thought your advice would be reckless for a lot of people.
Hence why I asked what you think would be better? This is a general question, not necessarily aimed at any post in particular but take the short anon. If BMI doesn’t work well for someone the only thing they can do is see what weight works for them.
>As for bloodwork stuff
It definitely isn’t common, but it should be. I first got interested in it ages ago only because people in nutritionally focused internet spaces would mention doing it when trying to hit all their vitamin goals. Not something I do regularly at all, but as I said - it’s always a good idea while losing weight anyway especially since the reduction in food intake can result in your intaking less vitamins. Also, when someone’s body is stressed from malnourishment or high body weight it shows up in your cortisol and cholesterol levels, etc. There are anons itt that said they started feeling shit at a BMI of 20 or 22 or something. This is the sort of thing that could be gauged pre-emptively and is also an example of people just needing to listen to their bodies to find their healthy weight - they knew they had to stay above BMI 20-22.

No. 398808

I just weighed myself with the gym scales today and it turns out I'm 137lbs, not 146lbs like I had thought.
I've just recently got back into training again and I thought I had gained a lot of weight. Turns out I've actually stayed relatively the same which was a big surprise for me considering I'm very short and it's super easy for me to overeat bc I have the appetite of a horse. It feels good knowing 10ish pounds lighter than I was last year, and that my calorie tracking must be accurate.

I'm lifting on a upper/lower split 4 times a week but the difference is now I'm adding a little bit of walking on the treadmill after my upper body days, on top of walking to and from the gym. I'm considering dedicating the 5th and 6th days purely to cardio but I guess it depends on how much rest my muscle needs. This is the first time in a long time I've felt like I'm excited to go to the gym. I used to just stay inside on my rest days and never go on the weekends but I feel very different now, like I'm excited to see a change even if I only need to lose 20lbs or so. Feels good.

No. 398999

How much Protein should I be consuming as a fatty to lose weight and build a bit of muscle? My target weight is 135 pounds.
Would it be 190 g of protein/day? or 135 g of protein/day? Yes, I will be working out.

I am not rich. So, nutritious meals on a budget would be ideal.
I'm around 5'7 (5'6.8") in height and weigh 191.2 pounds as of this morning. I average 40 g of protein per day. On good days it's 70-80 g of protein. If I eat 1500 calories a day (give or take 200 calories) how the hell am I supposed to reach 100+ grams of protein? My physician wants me to lower my cholesterol, ergo, I don't eat certain meats and aim for less than 20 g of saturated fat per day. Stomach doesn't agree with dairy except for kefir and greek yogurt. What do?

I bought a Garden of Life protein powder before traveling. So that's an extra 20 g of protein in one shake (I use Water or Almond Milk). But I get tired of drinking it daily.

No. 399000

Can’t your physician tell you?
If you want my unprofessional opinion 95 grams of protein would be perfect. That’s 25% of your daily calorie allowance from protein (protein has 4 calories per gram). It’s also 1.6 x your weight in kilograms which is in the recommended range for weight loss. 135-190 grams per day is crazy. Are you calculating it by pounds instead of kilograms?
I’ve had that protein powder before and in my opinion it tastes best mixed into oatmeal with some berries.

No. 399002

You're massively overthinking this. You want to lose weight, so I assume you want to eat protein to reduce the amount of carbs, fats and sugars that you might otherwise eat, while helping you gain muscle. If that's the case, there's no point weighing your protein out with autistic precision. That's something you'd do if you were already fit and looking to put on more muscle.
Focus on eating clean, consider eating a ton more plant proteins as well as animal proteins so you don't go insane eating steamed chicken breasts and protein powder every day, and don't fall for retarded diet shit like protein bars that have less protein than an omelette but cost five times more than eggs.

No. 399015

I think you're doing well with the protein. Incorporate more protein rich foods organically. If you can find unflavored protein powder, it's a good add in to sprinkle in with your cooked chicken and fish meals. Reduce sugars, cut back a little on high carb ingredients, you can increase some fatty foods, but it seems you're on the right track. You should be good as it is. You'll see results in a few weeks, very slowly, but muscle takes time to build. It'll look like you're not losing at first.

No. 399116

Calculating by pounds, yeah. My physician is bad when it comes to dishing out nutritional advice.
Thank you. I'll aim for 80-90 g a day on weekdays then. I just have to get creative with adding in more protein from whole foods. Maybe Reddit could help with that.

No. 399120

I used to work out regularly before starting my master's, but the further along I got in my master's program the less consistent my workouts became, until I just completely stopped doing anything in the last month of the program. Now that I'm finally done, I'm trying to undo the damage I've done by being so sedentary. I've only gained about five pounds, which were arguably needed since I'm still underweight by BMI, but it's enough to make me feel flabby. I've also definitely lost some strength and flexibility. Is there anything I can do to support or even speed along recovery? My diet is pretty good, and I'm not above drinking or eating weird shit in the name of health, like cartilage or really gelatinous chicken stock. I'm more interested in specific things like how to time workouts or macronutrient ratios since I have a decent handle on the basics.

No. 399144

I’ve been eating cheat meals way too frequently recently to the point normal food (even bread) makes me lose my appetite. I think I’m getting bored of the monotony. I’m going to quit junk cold turkey again and I’m wondering if anyone can provide recommendations for very basic clean meals? *For whatever reason, I can’t eat any fruits, bell peppers, or chickpeas.

No. 399146

rice + broccoli is my extremely simple but filling meal of choice

No. 399168

If you were cutting out carbs because of insulin resistance or something it would make more sense to eat 140-190g of protein, probably would have to just to get your calories. I don’t know I’m not a doctor. Maybe once you get in your groove and 90g feels easy you can try a high number for a while and see how it makes you feel. In any case I wouldn’t try to shoot up to near 200 from under 50, you’d probably give yourself digestive issues lol

No. 399172

Damn, I was going to say southeast asian curry but a lot of them have hot peppers. Maybe Indian curry. It’s all just proteins pulses and vegetables with aromatics, don’t add all the oil and excessive coconut milk they use in the restaurants and it’s healthy. You could also try spring rolls as a snack, with shrimp or tofu or something as a protein, skip the peanut sauce and dip in a light lemon soy sauce dip.
Look into a cuisine you’re interested in but not familiar with cooking and try it out. That always makes things interesting again after too much monotony.

No. 399187

If anyone is wondering whether or not cardio and strength training in tandem is worth it, this is your sign: I eat almost a whole box of pasta a day to myself a few times a week as part of my diet and it’s actually a positive for my health and body composition. If you love bread, cardio is for you lmao

No. 399390

(I asked this a few times in the stupid questions threads in the past and never got a response so guess I'll try here since it's health related.)
Why does caffeine make me so sensitive? Every time I drink something like iced tea, even if it's only half a cup I start feeling lightheaded, have joint pain and headaches, and feel aggressive for no reason. In the least bad case scenario I get very, extremely tired. I already have bad fatigue problems yet caffeine, and basically anything else thats supposed to increase energy makes it worse.

Also something entirely unrelated but why do magnesium vitamins give me chest pain?

No. 399406

overly sensitive adrenal glands. You probably respond very poorly to foods with high glycemic loads as well

No. 399417

How do I know when I should begin cutting after bulk/maintain?

IDK how long I should be bulking. 178 cm/170 lbs. I don't look fat tbh, but I feel like I should lose some fat since I'm above 25% bf.

No. 399427

I'd say…lose maximum 5 lbs of fat. You're in a good range nonnie don't lose anymore weight tbh.

No. 399433

I said I'd start exercising once my finals would be over but I'm so lazy
How can I find the motivation to exercice when I just want to laze around?

No. 399434

garlic, salt are good spices that will make food taste good but aren't high calories

No. 399440

File: 1716199430395.jpg (Spoiler Image,56.25 KB, 540x446, 1633396712462.jpg)

You won't find the motivation. You have to follow the plan, not the mood. Exercise is going to make you feel so much better, and look so much better. Might as well start now.(spoiler this shit)

No. 399488

lmfao this is terrifying.

No. 399716

Has anyone completed any certificate programs about nutrition/exercise/wellness or even integrative medicine that are in-depth enough for someone with a science background?
I anticipate paying $$$ for a cert and it will just be mostly common knowledge, overly watered down and not explaining the biochemistry of it, not factual…
I like trying different salad dressings and veggie dips. I have a veggie chopper device so it’s lazy to eat a lot of chopped salads and then try different combinations of veg and dressings
Most likely dehydration. Possibly not eating enough solid food too. Look into combining caffeine with l-theanine

No. 399723

What "tastes good" are chipwhiches, Cherry Coke and McDonalds. I want to consume a diet of 3500 calories made up primarily of foods like that. Is there any way that I can eat like that and still both lose weight and feel well mentally and physically?

No. 399726

Like >>399440 said you need to follow the plan not wait for motivation. Start with something that’s easy for you to do; yoga for 10mins, a 2mi run, stretching, whatever works for you. Pick something and commit to doing it everyday and then do it every day. Whatever you do after you’re done think: “I feel good, I feel better, that was good”, positively affirm the behavior in your mind so you don’t pattern it into a chore. Then on days where you’re sick or just don’t do it don’t allow yourself to feel bad, pattern positivity, think instead “oh man I can’t wait to get back to my physical activity, I always feel so good when I’ve exercised” and make sure you get back to it asap! It might seem silly but exercising became so much more enjoyable and easier to do once I started focusing only on the positivity of it instead of seeing it as a chore or berating myself for not doing it.

No. 399727

I lost a ton of weight eating one meal a day of fast food but I felt like shit and my skin was awful. would not recommend

No. 399729

I'm sorry your tastebuds are so fucked you can't enjoy normal food again nonna, imo garlic toast is the ultimate snack experience and you can make it low calories easily

As for actual fast food, it's all about calories deficit. If your body absorbs 3500 calories and spent 4000 calories, you'll lose weight, simple as

But good luck burning 4000 calories when a literal marathon is 2 000 calories
You could cheat with certain laxatives (the kind that don't let the time to your gut to absorb nutrients) but that comes with a lot of harmful side effects

Long story short, drop your fast food, un-fuck your brain into being able to enjoy normal foods again
You'll be healthier, happier and you'll lose weight

No. 399732

Probably not but if you’re determined maybe try lifting weights and putting on muscle under the chub. Make sure you stay active on your feet and do stretches/yoga to stay mobile. Keep in mind that most fast food joints use heavily processed foods and garbage oils so you might be able to make a healthier alternative at home (if you’re having trouble capturing the flavors use more seasoning!) by just making the patty yourself or not using subpar oil. Your best bet is to keep a journal of foods you consume, health data and mood data and work out for yourself what in particular lowers your mood or causes lethargy and then adjust your high calorie diet accordingly. Make sure to get your blood done quarterly to check for deficiencies or build ups.

No. 399739

Stop eating that stuff cold turkey and eventually you won’t crave it anymore, and will start craving healthy things. I’ve been craving Brussels sprouts so bad for the past week that it’s almost painful, meanwhile fast food doesn’t sound appealing to me at all anymore and hasn’t in years. Your brain rewires itself and you will naturally start craving foods that are good for you over foods that are bad for you. But you have to give up regular shitty eating to get this 180 flip in your brain to happen.

No. 399745

File: 1716316005110.jpeg (90.2 KB, 355x513, IMG_5206.jpeg)

can someone give me some advice if possible? i’m trying to get back into routine, especially an exercise one, and i have more free time due to summer.

i used to do 10,000 steps a day and workout videos almost daily. i got too obsessive and down the road burnt out but i think it was academic stress rather than fitness related.

im aiming to workout 5-6 days a week for 2 hours minimum. this is because i’d like to get back to 10,000 steps daily, improve at ballet, and fit in some time for strength exercises or pilates. i feel like i can handle it but how do i look out for burnout and adjust? how do i navigate things if my schedule gets busier in fall? because its all lower impact i think ill be just fine! i just wonder if its excessive. i have been handling it well but get worried if it can cause problems. i even had to cut out some time for stretching and im just overwhelmed.

i think ill just set a 2 hr limit so i dont go overboard. even if it means not finishing each part of the workout.

No. 399748

I've been eating clean for 6 weeks now. Not only am I eating clean but I'm consuming lots of probiotics and prebiotics. I mentally and physically feel much better and have lost 16 lbs., despite doing very little exercise.

But I still really miss junk food. The people who say that you will eventually enjoy a healthy meal as much as you enjoy McDonald's are liars. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy healthy foods more than I used to, I even occasionally get fruit cravings whereas I used to never eat fruit at all, but there is no comparison between a handful of raspberries versus the orgasmic high you get from eating 3 chipwhiches and a Sprite. Junk food is a literal drug, it's not just "like" a drug, it's an actual drug itself. And while I seem to have gotten over the physical withdrawal symptoms, I can't see how I won't be psychologically addicted for life.

I don't like being fat but if it was just about the weight, I would have quit this diet on the 2nd day. The only reason I went on this diet was to ease the symptoms of adrenal fatigue and depression. It has worked, I feel sooooo much better both physically and mentally but literally the only reason I am sticking with it is because of I'm scared of what I'll feel like if I go back to eating crap

No. 399749

>6 weeks
Anon… you are just starting. Do you think your brain and gut can completely rewire years and years of bad eating habits in just 6 measly weeks? It sounds like you’re doing good so far, and even you admit that you are now getting fruit cravings that you didn’t get before! That’s excellent and a huge sign that what I’m talking about really is true. But again, you are only at the very beginning of the reworking process.
>The people who say that you will eventually enjoy a healthy meal as much as you enjoy McDonald's are liars.
I don’t know how to convince you that I’m not lying, but I swear hand over heart I would prefer what I had for dinner last night (lightly fried brown lentil strips seasoned with Caribbean jerk, roasted sweet potato, roasted onion, beans, fresh spinach, and brown rice with a hummus-baba ganoush sauce) hands down over anything on the McDonald’s menu. There is no contest between the complexity of flavor between those two meals.

No. 399750

Can I workout my arms twice a week? So like today and Thursday or Friday? Also, can I basically do the same lifts/exercises?

No. 399751

>I don’t know how to convince you that I’m not lying, but I swear hand over heart I would prefer what I had for dinner last night (lightly fried brown lentil strips seasoned with Caribbean jerk, roasted sweet potato, roasted onion, beans, fresh spinach, and brown rice with a hummus-baba ganoush sauce) hands down over anything on the McDonald’s menu
I don't question that you would now prefer the healthy meal, what I don't believe is that said healthy meal would give the same, heroin like high that the McDonalds did back when you were still a junk food addict

No. 399754

this is going to be controversial but I didn't start getting results with my arms until I started hitting them 6 days a week. I would find a weight that I could curl for 4 reps, and then what I would do is several times throughout the day, on a whim, I would pick up the dumbbells and do a single repetition
I know people are going to hate this advice and I admit it sounds completely retarded, but it works. I don't get it, but it works

No. 399758

Okay, I'm just worried about overuse injury…like with repetitive movements. Also working them out 2+ gets results quicker right?

No. 399760

I mean, maybe not, I can’t say for sure since I’ve never gotten high off of McDonald’s. But even if you draw this direct comparison to heroin, it’s still clear that the only real option is to get clean and learn to enjoy natural life without artificial highs. Dwelling on the high you’re missing won’t make this easier.

No. 399761

I can only speak for myself but for me, my arms don't grow at all at anything less than 4x a week, and I know I'm not the only one.
If you are gonna train 2x a week, you should be okay in terms of overuse injuries provided you stop well short of failure and listen to your body

No. 399767

After years of crappy restrict/binge cycle, I decided to try a higher restriction of 1,600 calories and walking a lot (I used to try to fast or do 1200 calories or OMAD diet, etc). Some strength training twice a week as well.

I still feel like skipping breakfast isn't bad, though.

No. 399773

when you exercise and eat clean but don't monitor your calories, do you not lose weight?

No. 399780

Honestly? I get a high from eating a good pasta meal better than from eating some dull mcnuggets or whatever

No. 399789

You're going to crash and burn if you approach exercise like that, it sounds like an obsession more than anything. Stop being autistic about the time you spend working out, focus on building your strength and stamina after the last time you crashed and burned, and work on your foot, ankle and knee strength so you don't injure yourself doing ballet.
You can easily find time to do everything you listed without being a massive sped about it. Low impact exercises can and will cause damage if you overdo it- stretching is vital and so is rest. One rest day a week would normally be OK but in your case I'd aim for 2 to start with because you're already overwhelmed. Slow the fuck down and look after your mental health.
Your taste will change, trust me. I went through a horrific depression phase where I had McDonalds pretty much every day for months, and now I can't eat it without feeling sick. I've never gotten a high from food like what you described though. It kind of sounds like you were so understimulated that your brain latched onto junk food as its only source of endorphins. If that's the case, it might help if you pick up some hobbies that give you a similar rush of endorphins.

No. 399794

>It kind of sounds like you were so understimulated that your brain latched onto junk food as its only source of endorphins. If that's the case, it might help if you pick up some hobbies that give you a similar rush of endorphins
I had hobbies before but I wasn't able to put much focus into them because I was depressed and felt like crap. Now I can enjoy my hobbies more but I would enjoy them more still if I could binge eat thousands of calories worth of adrenal system crashing, blood sugar spiking, sugary foods

No. 399803

Does anyone have skin ezcema/allergies and do outdoor sports? What do you do to avoid breakouts? I'd love to do hiking and rafting in the future but I'm allergic to like all pollen, and strong UV triggers my ezcema even with sunscreen on. Right now I get enough sleep, drink enough water, eat mostly homecooked foods, exercise 2-3 times a week, but even eating a takeout burger 3 times in a week will start bringing symptoms back up.

No. 399827

damn bitch you nailed me….im stressing out over what should be eliminating my stress!

No. 399860

Did anyone here successfully manage to curb their phone addiction and improve their sleep? My current main obstacle is how much rest and time I lose to my phone/laptop. They cause me immense stress and are a true source of addiction. Steps I have taken so far include: buying a box for my phone that locks and deleting social media. A few months ago I had developed a very solid nighttime routine where I made significant improvements in putting my phone away before bed and reading instead. It improved my sleep and well-being. My idea is to start by reducing my screen-time step by step, first at night, then at the dinner table, then outside, then a whole day, etc. However, once school started, I completely lost all progress and am now struggling to get back after finals. My motivation at the time was a sticker sheet where I would keep track of successful days. Once I achieved a month of successfully following my routine, I would receive a reward or something. Unfortunately, once I mess up one day and have to start all over again, it causes terrible stress. Since then, I have not wanted to use this method again as it just makes it appear impossible to recuperate from failure, which is not true in real life. In addition, I could never think of a good enough reward. Now, I am wanting to start working on this addiction again so I can be more present and sleep better. Please give me advice and help me based on your tips! I would also love to have an accountability partner or something, I want to try anything! P.S.: Yes, I have tried for instance having people take away my phone or putting passwords on things, but I always end up bypassing them or finding where my family/friends would hide my phone, or I would go on my computer instead and waste time there… no phone in my bedroom rule I find difficult to execute, since I am renting and sharing the house with roommates… I would truly love some unique insight!

No. 399880

Things that helped me
>Black and white colour setting on my phone so everything is more boring.
>Time restricted block that I can not undo until the time is actually up. I block the problematic apps every day from 8 pm to noon.
>Also block sites/apps up on my PC from certain hours. Some permanently too.
>I have a note on my desk reminding me to get a cup of tea/water if I get a sudden urge to waste time. Makes me evaluate my urges and take a deep breath.
>Separate user profiles for work/uni and free time. This has helped the most for some reason.
>Instead of any rewards, I punish myself for not keeping promises to myself. Small punishments, nothing too serious. Rewards kept my dopamine too high as I'm trying to feel more satisfaction from small things.
>A separate alarm clock so I can ban taking my phone to my bedroom.

No. 399882

Forgot to add: Since you mentioned you might not be able to leave your phone out of your room, you could keep your phone in a pocket or bag while at home. That way it's safe but not right next to you. Journaling your intense urges might also make you feel less impulsive.

No. 399926

You know what works: routine. You know what doesn’t work: streaks. I’ve got a similar mentality in that breaking a steak causes more stress, what I found corrected that was seeing a streak less like a marathon and more like a sprint. My goal became less maintain behavior and more get back to behavior. So now any time my streak is broken I evaluate why? What can I do better in my next sprint to maintain and improve my time? What helped me? What hindered me? Interrogate why you’re using your device when you do use it and ask yourself what you’d rather be doing, what else could you do, what do you need to do, why is this the easier/preferred option? Come up with solutions before the problem happens so when the problem occurs you can immediately course correct.
Remind yourself that the brain often seeks the easiest/least painful path through a situation and those paths can be reconditioned. I’ve mentioned somewhere else using this technique to convince myself to exercise and found it effective for quitting other bad habits: when you’re doing the preferred behavior (not using your phone/putting your phone down) affirm the behavior “wow I did good, my self control is iron, look at me being responsible, this is so much better, I’m happier, I’m productive” mentally pattern a positive connection and thought process. When you fail to meet expectations don’t think “I suck, this is hard” instead think “I feel so much better when I don’t use my phone, I can’t wait to put my phone down, this is boring and I’d rather do something else, what could I do instead of using my phone” and then put your phone down, it’s hard because it’s so easy. You need to hijack that part of your brain and make it work for you by making the phone addiction the difficult part and everything else the easy part. There is a tipping point in your brain, you just need to keep looking for it and flipping that switch until it sparks brighter then the phone addiction.

No. 400193

It might sound retarded but how do I approach weight loss with a healthy mindset? For the record, I used to go on anachan tier diets and was pretty slim but now thanks to my meds I put on a lot of weight. So, with that background it's hard to approach dieting with the right mindset. I either want to go on another ridiculous crash diet or just give up and keep being a fat fuck.
Like, seriously, it's the only thing stopping me. I don't even eat junk food because I like it, but mostly because I go thinking like "meh, I'm already hideous, there is no point in trying". So, I can just eat healthy and exercise it's just I have this mental block in my head.
Again, I know I sound stupid.

No. 400198

Rules. You need rules. This will tickle the part of your brain that relied on your ED for a sense of control. You might benefit from a professional who knows you ED history making a diet plan for you.
Always a risk you'll go ortho if you get to psycho about the rules and start making up new ones to restrict. You need to watch out for that and indulge sometimes. I think that's why having someone else with knowledge of nutrition make the rules for your diet will help.

No. 400285

I have until December to lose 30 pounds. I say December because that’s when I plan to start dating and lose my virginity to another woman. I can’t count calories, any advice ?

No. 400315

Extremely ambitious and possibly reckless but doable. Gallbladder issues risk needs consideration. Need more information like starting weight, height, activity level etc. What have you tried before? Why 30 pounds? Do you have a girlfriend already? How will you get one in December?

No. 400316

Thats more than feasible?? I mean i don't know where that person is starting from, if they have ever went to the gym, if they have hormonal problems, but assuming she has normal dispositions, its 6 months so like, 2-2,5kg per month which is in the recommended range for weightloss.

No. 400317

Samefag but, you have apps that let you track your calories and you just have to scan your products, you enter your weight goal and how long you're gonna do it. Myfitnesspal is what i use. Other than that, hit the gym, i recommend body building because it's more effective than cardio but it also depends on your jam. Walk 4km (or 6000 steps) a day minimum.

No. 400320

That shouldn't be too hard imo, I lost about 25 in the same time period without even really trying that hard, never counted calories, all I did was stop over eating at meals. I started putting my food on smaller dishes and I soon realized how much less than what I had been eating was enough to feel satiated.

No. 400323

Sure, theoretically. But dropping 30 pounds in six months is not easy in real life nor is it always healthy. It really depends on where she’s starting from and how much time she has in her life to devote to this project. Considering the way she asked she doesn’t even know the basics so I don’t trust her. Also how does she not have the ability to count calories? Did she get hit on the head?

No. 400342

I also suffer from eczema and exercise induced urticaria (hives). It's really tough for me during the spring and summer but it really calms down in the fall and winter. Do you see an allergist? I find that applying either a biologic cream or my topical steroid cream (a small thin layer) to my hot spots help and then showering immediately after to be helpful. I also take an antihistamine if I am going for a long run.

No. 400368

Tryna go from
5’1 and 137 to
5’1 and 100 - 110 pounds

No. 400369

I eat dining hall food so I don’t cook my own food.

No. 400373

You need to increase the number or calories you burn in a day or you would have to go ana-mode with the calorie cutting which will make you uglier in the long run.
I think you should set an ambitious workout goal and an unambitious weightloss goal. This will set you up for success down the line. You don't want to yoyo which is highly likely since you're setting your goal date around the holidays in the middle of winter when people normally gain weight regardless. If you come out of a long diet then and you don't even know how to count calories of food you don't cook yourself, you're doomed to gain it all back. But if you've been working out for 6 months you will absorb the extra calories easily with the new muscles you built to burn them off. Then after the holidays you can do a winter cut.
Also consider shooting for a measurement goal instead of a weight goal. Shoot for losing [x] inches instead of [x] pounds. What are your three measurements right now? (bust/waist/hip)

No. 400381

(samefag) actually don't do bust waist hip, this isn't for clothing sizing. post neck/waist/hip, then we can use a body fat calculator to estimate your body composition. https://www.calculator.net/body-fat-calculator.html or you can do it yourself.

No. 400394

Idk how active you are but maybe try walking more? It's good exercise and fresh air. You can burn a decent amount of calories with an hour long walk.

No. 400414

I don't think you have to wait till marriage but what about waiting until knowing that this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with? That would seem like a good strategy

No. 400415

No. 400492

File: 1716586055724.jpeg (290.59 KB, 642x1210, IMG_1206.jpeg)

I did it and here it is

So should I focus on strength training or both cardio and strength training

No. 400509

I thought you said you were 5’1”? 178cm is 5’10”

No. 400512

Focus on strength and getting a minimum of 10k steps per day. Some cardio would be good but don’t overdo it, look for something you enjoy like biking or dancing. Cut out processed foods as much as you can or restrict them to weekends. Don’t drink alcohol if you can help it. Get plenty of sleep.

No. 400550

Agreed, you need to have at least some rough knowledge of calories and appropriate serving sizes or else you'll need to follow a bunch of restrictive food rules that won't work out for you in the long run. I don't track calories anymore but I keep a rough estimate in my head along with my protein intake and it works fine for me.

No. 400614

My bad, I fixed it and it jumped to 38 percent fat

No. 400838

File: 1716654593654.jpeg (82.82 KB, 502x619, IMG_6030.jpeg)

These past two months I’ve been consistent and I’ve never felt this good in so long. The biggest shift for me was actually making it a priority to lower my cortisol/paying attention to my hormone health. A big part of addressing those issues has been diet. Whole foods/fiber, limiting refined sugar, and (this was the hardest part) giving up caffeine. Interestingly enough what’s really kept me away from a lot of junk food is just paying attention to how much sugar’s in it vs how many calories it is. I’ve been losing weight consistently and haven’t binged so I think I’ve truly found a way of eating that works for me. I hope you nonas continue to achieve your goals too!

No. 401064

File: 1716747619403.jpg (37.42 KB, 558x788, 3x197j5rwmr61.jpg)

I have gained 0.9 kg in a month half-assing it in the gym. Mostly in my arms. So how inaccurate is the InBody test? Is this just how noob growth works?

No. 401086

I'm happy for you nonna! I will follow your advice

No. 401499

I know it's not much for my height and weight (160cm / 58kg) but I benched 30kg today, 3x8 and I'm a bit proud

No. 401508

Go go! It's so satisfying when you are able to lift a new heavier weight. How long have you been lifting? We are almost the same weight and height but I can only bench 20kg for now. I'm 2 months in.

No. 401557

Unfortunately for more than 5 years, but never really bothered to actually work on it until now. Really wish I started sooner

No. 401594

How can I lose body fat while still gaining muscle/hypertrophy? I think I’m getting slightly up in the chunk zone from bulking and need to cut.

Mostly my fault since I haven’t been really mindful of my choices as of late since I’ve been having more seizures recently, which give me insane munchies for the worst foods.

No. 401595

Eat less carbs and more protein and fat. Less carbs is also good for seizures, but you probably know that.

No. 401647

File: 1716951584835.png (102.16 KB, 420x420, musclecat.png)

5 years of weight lifting? Or just 5 years of general fitness? Just curious, I can't get a solid consensus on what's the usual progression rate for bench press.
Mild caloric deficit, like 200-300 calories at the most. If you start losing strength and seeing your numbers go down you cut too hard. It can be tempting to go hard on a cut but having more muscle means burning more fat so make sure you're eating enough to grow.

No. 401674

I actually had seizures the two times I tried switching to keto the day after each instance. I have no trouble with protein though. Thanks nonna!

I bench once a week (maybe too little imo, but I can’t drive) and worked my way up to 70 lbs in 2 months.

Anyhow, appreciate the dietary advice! I am afraid to start a cut, but I think it’s a must at least for a solid month so I can lose some of my stomach and thigh fat. I’m rather new to lifting so hopefully the loss in gains will be minimal. Thanks again, nonna!

No. 401909

File: 1717050232964.png (508.25 KB, 718x840, 5AC0AF1C-C431-407B-B7A4-970C60…)

Do machines do anything? Are they legit? I only do latpull downs and tricep cord/bar cable pull as far as “machines.” Can you get actual muscle growth? What machines would give me nice arms and a muscular bum? Would I get stronger?? What machines to use and to avoid?

I’ve always been a dumbbell and barbell girlie.

No. 401932

they work as long as your form is correct and you're activating the right muscles. dumbbells and barbells for growing your arms should be fine, for glutes maybe you can try the (lying or standing) leg curl machines sometime. don't forget that diet is a very important part of growing muscles though, so make sure to eat enough (protein).

No. 401979

finally for the first time in my life i'm intentionally losing weight and trying to be healthier, i've lost 10lbs in 2ish weeks which isn't a lot, but i'm proud of myself! i've only had one weekend where I was "bad" bc I was on vacation but I still managed to not binge and exercise control at dinner and whatnot… I can't notice my body changing yet but it's encouraging that something is actually happening

No. 402010

If I’m on a small cut, do I have to reduce the amount of sets/times per week I strength train, or is that BS? How long should I be cutting for to lose 3-5% BF?

No. 402021

Christ how did you lose that fast, what’s your start weight and what’re you doing?

No. 402034

nta but weight drop is more drastic at the start because you also shed water weight and glycogen stores etc depending on how you're doing it. You are usually also carrying less weight in fecal matter from your reduced food intake. Even just retaining less water if you've cut down on sodium and booze as part of your healthy diet can drop your weight that much. Not to discourage her, I'm glad she's making healthy choices but 10lbs is a lot and she may be disappointed when it doesn't continue at that pace so I hope she takes a measured view of that number and sets realistic expectations moving forward.

No. 402060

thats amazing! ive had a very similar few weeks, it feels incredible to see real progress after failing for over a decade lets keep going nona! i feel like im prepared for it to slow down since i finally got a taste of success and the fruits of being patient

No. 402667

I want to lose weight over the summer without losing muscle mass. Everything online says to eat protein and resistance train but thats too vague… Any advice?

No. 402794

File: 1717351298255.jpg (185.85 KB, 736x1472, 9b32fb65a7ff2fcb9ba3cd35e8734a…)

Back to my keto grind after more than a year and a half. I have insulin resistance and PCOS and I'm tired of feeling like shit after eating.
After a week, I already lost 1.5kg (or more, because I only did the first weigh in the middle of the week and then 3 days later I saw the loss) and I know it's mostly water weight but fuck it, I already feel so much better because whenever I eat carbs/sugar I just feel bloated all the time. I'm thinking about doing it for about 4-6 months or until I lose around 25-30kgs. Then I think my hormones will be okay enough to just stay in a caloric deficit.
I really don't mind low carb food and with the right recipes it can be really delicious actually, what fucks me up is how unpractical it is. Sometimes when I feel hungry I'd just go to the store near work and buy an onigiri or chips. Also work parties that I have to attend and have no option for me at all. But I think it's worthy it on the long run. Rejecting stuff that I'm offered has been easier than I thought.

No. 402804

I feel you nona, I have PCOS and insulin resistance too and I am heavily considering getting into the keto diet after trying out everything and failing

No. 403329

>learn I need 70-100g protein/day
>get unflavored whey
>put big scoop in oatmeal
>it's fucking repulsive
How are you supposed to consume this stuff?

No. 403335

Usually I tend to blend vanilla flavoured whey into a fruit smoothie. It's better to get the flavoured kind because flavourless will have this weird chalky taste and texture. Whey protein is really difficult to properly incorporate into foods besides smoothies in my experience, I used to add some when I would make pancakes and even then the texture would be off. Best bet is smoothies!

No. 403351

Thanks for the tip nonnie, I'll try and drink it next time.

No. 403352

>Eat more protein
You don't need to live on whey powder or steamed chicken. Eat more beans, chickpeas, lentils and nuts, which have a ton of protein. Aim to eat 1-3 portions of animal protein per day like eggs, chicken, fish, cheese, whatever. If you're vegan just eat more plant-based proteins.
>Resistance train
Strength training comes in many forms and I encourage you to try all of them. The most important thing to remember is form. If you fuck up your form, you can seriously injure yourself. Follow tutorials on Youtube if you don't want to shell out for a personal trainer or commit to a bunch of lessons. If you have access to weights do a mixture of heavier weights with less reps and really light weights with a shitton of reps. Bodyweight exercises can be anything from pushups to pilates- again, form is everything, so if you feel any pain, stop and reassess your form.
You should also stretch extensively after a workout to help prevent injury. If you're overdoing it you won't get anywhere, so add in a couple of rest days each week and stretch or do yoga on those days. It's also good to do some cardio alongside your strength training, even if it's going for a quick jog around the block a few times a week.

No. 403375

>Aim to eat 1-3 portions of animal protein per day
nta but she should eat more than one portion every day. she should eat 15-30 grams of protein per meal (depends on how many meals she has)

No. 403383

kek nevermind too late to delete >>403375 but I see what you're saying now

No. 403435

im 5'8 and almost 210 lbs. My ultimate goal is to reach 140, preferably in the next couple of years. I want to focus on losing for the time being, and my goal for myself this month is to establish a solid daily routine. My biggest hurdle is going to be eating healthy on a budget- I'm a broke bitch, produce and meat is expensive AF. I try to focus on balancing my meals where I can, but its very inconsistent. As far as exercise goes, I'm sedentary af, I know I need to get my ass up and do it, but I have a hard time without structure. I would happily take suggestions on beginner friendly 30 minute workouts that I can do daily. I have access to a gym at my apartment complex which has treadmills, simple weight machines, and there are trails everywhere where I live. Best of luck to all of you and thank you for inspiring me to work on myself!

No. 403558

Start small, but you can spam walking for easy beginner cardio. Try and get 10k steps a day, and upgrade to incline walking as you get more used to it.

Include weights in your routine so, when you lose weight, your body ends up toned rather than flabby. Again, start small, and work your way up. Lean muscle mass will help you burn more fat in the long run.

If you don't mind me asking, how much is your budget? I live in a commie state and spend $20ish dollars on chicken, which basically is lunch and dinner for about a week for me. Canned tuna, if you can find it cheap, is king as well.

Greek yogurt/skyr is also relatively cheap/low-cal/good macros. Mushrooms are about $1.50 where I live and taste good in everything. Also, seasonal fruits are usually cheaper, but, if you want to include more fruits/greens, you'll probably have to get autistic about when and where the sales are.

I believe in you, nonna!!! You got this!!!

No. 403571

Seconding the other nona, spam cardio and do some weight machines (leg press, arm rowers, some overhead dumbbell movements).

For food, maybe something like picrel or look up sheet pan meals? If your grocery stores have those cheap rotisserie chickens, those are amazing esp for their price. Shred one, freeze half for later, make soup broth by simmering the bones for ~3hrs. Canned beans and mushrooms could be decent protein if they're much cheaper than meat where you're at. Personally I would say to prioritize increasing activity first and foremost. Meal-planning and cooking can be half-assed at first as long as you're not eating more and worse than before.

No. 403601

I started off heavier than you (~230) and have gotten down to 200. I really recommend couch to 5k as a running program on a treadmill or outside if you're willing to give it a shot. I did it as 3 runs a week and the regularity really helped me with reframing how I viewed exercise and motivating me to get out.

With regards to food, I find meal prepping really helps me. I do things like chickpea curry or chili in bulk that I can eat throughout the week to maintain consistency. You can prepare multiple things on one day to then switch up throughout the week if you're liable to get bored.

I believe in you nona! I hope that things go well. Don't get frustrated if your progress doesn't follow an entirely linear journey. Lifestyle changes like this can be a lot to adapt to, but you've got this.

No. 403623

File: 1717591453971.jpeg (50.29 KB, 625x352, 0D939433-F5B2-4D6D-957F-29A5FB…)

is my mom going to be ok? she switched to a keto diet and doesn't eat carbs, ever. keto made her feel like shit at first but she seems fine now. she's measuring her blood sugar all the time. she's not diabetic but she believes she will be if she eats sugar or even carbs. i don't know anything about nutrition so asking here, is this a sustainable diet?

likewise my dad has gone full ana-kun but he's probably aware he's being insane so whatever.

No. 403627

You can live off a keto diet, it's fine. It's been kind of trendy for a while.

No. 403629

You start to stink and smell because your body is constantly in ketosis. You also need to have a plan to maintain once she hits her goal weight.

No. 403634

fatties smell far worse kek

No. 403637

I gained weight after working in an office for 3 years. I would force myself to walk on a treadmill for 30 minutes, and this would sort of work, but I'd eventually fall off of doing that. What HAS worked for me consistently is just counting steps. It doesn't need to by anything fancy. I use a Samsung 5 watch, but really even a pedometer will do. You just need to walk a small amount of steps a day and slowly work your way upwards.

I was walking like…2k or less steps a day when I worked in the office. Now I force myself to walk at least 4k steps a day with the goal of 5k steps (which I usually reach). I've kept it there for a while. I am thinking of increasing my daily steps to 5k-6k. But I have definitely lost weight with 4k-5k steps consistently. I make sure to take a 20 minute walk during my lunch and then I also take a short walk (10 minutes) before I leave work (the short walk is just 2-3 laps around the business parking lot complex I work in lol).

The trick is, this way you aren't super hungry because you're only walking and not overexerting yourself. I also do some bodyweight ab and flexibility exercises like 3-5 times a week (it only takes me less than 10 minutes for a session).

I also am yes, a little more careful about what I eat, but not that much. I don't count calories, but I make sure I eat 3 meals a day. I eat on a schedule - breakfast at 7:30AM, lunch at 10:30AM-11:30AM (somewhere around there) and dinner at 5PM. I sometimes will have an evening snack around 7:30PM-8AM, but it's something light, like avocado toast, and only if my dinner was light. For me, the bad habit I had learned was eating too much on weekends. If I bought a huge bag of chips, I'd eat the whole thing in one sitting. If there was a gathering with food, I'd eat everything that was sweet. Now I make sure that if I buy something sweet, I don't eat it all in one sitting and I make sure to save it for throughout the week (like if I buy cookies, I make sure to only eat one or two a day). The reason I think of it like this is because I was a major anachan before and counting calories is exhausting. Realistically I'm eating less than 1500 calories a day, but I don't need to count, I just need to make sure I'm not eating snacks throughout the day and that if I get something sweet that it is carried through the week.

I don't know how much weight I've lost, but it's very noticeable! I need to weigh myself when I get the chance, but I don't own a scale. I started at 127 lbs and my goals is to get to 112-113 lbs. I don't want to go skinner, I'm aiming for a BMI of the 19s range.

No. 403640

alright thank you. in that case i hope she outlives me since she's such a health nut.

No. 403725

ntayrt but what is spam walking??

No. 403752

hilarious question. humans have lived in ketosis for ages for periods in history. even babies are in ketosis.

No. 403784

Walk a lot. Very easy beginner workout. Good for back, good for fat burn.

No. 403790

kek nona, spam is used as a verb here

No. 403812

I think I may have aggravated an old injury in my shoulder doing lat-pulldowns. Not very badly (and I don’t know exactly how painful it might be later since I completed an entire back workout with only a small amount of mild discomfort).

How long do I need to avoid doing back workouts? It didn’t feel like a very serious pull, but I don’t want to hurt myself further.
Should I go back to eating at maintenance? I recently started a cut, but I’d like to heal properly.

No. 403876

Are there any whey protein powders out there that don't taste like complete shit? The ON chocolate whey and similar powders taste like vomit to me.

No. 403886

Cute nonny lol

No. 404155


No. 404366

I’ve been trying to lose body fat and build muscle and as a result the top muscle of my butt has grown a lot and the middle-bottom part of my ass has lost volume, now I have a hank hill ass. What do? I’ve kinda just been doing hip thrusts, high incline walking, and stairmaster and calling it a day…

No. 404377

You technically can't build additional muscle mass without eating in a calorie surplus, nonna. However, you can get decent strength gains if you are a noobie.

Maybe once you're not afraid of gaining body fat, consider a bulk to add more muscle mass to your butt.

Imo your ass needs more than hip thrusts to round it out as well. Consider adding good mornings, bulgarian split squats, reverse barbell lunges/split squats, squats, cable machine kickbacks, and sled leg press to your routine. Don't forget to even it out by building your hamstrings and quads as well.

No. 404378

Same nonna here, are you watching your protein intake as well?

No. 404618

I've been slowly getting into more pilates workouts, focusing on my core and legs. After 2 weeks, I can feel more core getting stronger and more capable of doing exercises I couldn't do more before like leg drops and pull-ins.

I still have a ways to go though but I'm excited to see my body getting stronger.

I'm also trying to double up on aerobics. I usually do 1 dance workout per day + 20-30 min hulahoop. I want to do 2 dance aerobics and jump rope to burn more calories.

No. 404764

Any other powerlifting nonas here? I have a stupidly weak bench press compared to my other two lifts. I know that bench press in women is disproportionally weak due to fat/muscle distribution in chest versus legs, however, it is not improving in line with my other lifts.
Anyone have any advice? Do I just spam pushups/bench/chest every single day to gain muscle? I was benching 3/7 but it hasn't really been helping. Failing 50kg straight off the chest and am pushing up to 100kg+ squat, 120kg+ deadlift.

No. 404765

is that 50kg number raw or with a bench shirt?

No. 404776

Raw - competed in my first meet yesterday and it was my third attempt. I knew I wasn't going to get it up but looking around at everyone else's numbers and seeing their squat and deadlift at similar places to mine and their bench far surpassing (60+kg) made me start to freak out a bit hahaha.

No. 404787

i've been going to the gym all year (average 2x a week with occasional breaks) and last week some girl said 'damn dude' in response to me hip thrusting 240lbs+ made me feel really flattered. i wish i said something cool and not autistic to her but i was really flustered. women are so awesome!!!!!!!

No. 404824

I don't train bench, I think it is the most retarded lift ever, but I did have a similar problem with my curls. What worked for me was a method called "Grease the Groove". You take a weight that you can do for 5 reps and then do it for 2 reps. One set. You do this 5 to 6 days a week. After two weeks, you add a rep. Then you repeat the cycle again. After the 2nd cycle you take a week off and then repeat the entire process.
It isn't gonna make you Hercules but it's a great way to bust through plateaus

No. 404932

how'd you get to that point? and how long? I can only hip thrust a 30 lb kettlebell…

No. 404946

I got rhabdo like a year ago in both my arms and was sent to hospital. It’s been fine since until the last couple weeks where my arms swell up immensely after my push days (but go back to normal after a bit) I’m worried about developing it full on again. What can I do to minimise this possibility?

No. 405079

You absolutely can build muscle while in a mild deficit, especially as a beginner or if you're overweight. It's quicker and easier to gain size and muscle with a caloric surplus but it's not actually necessary. You just need to eat enough protein. Sadly I have no advice for ass building however as I'm trying to do the opposite lol.
Nta but I want to try your advice, my curls are ass and haven't progressed in like six months. It's been hard putting on size in my biceps and I'm sick to death of lifting the same baby weights over and over again. One question though, do you not worry about over training the muscle? That's something I've had issues with in the past and it's hard for me to find a good balance.

No. 405128

You don't overtrain because your volume and intensity are so low. At the end of 4 weeks you do feel a bit run down but then you take a week off and you come back as good as new.
Remember, this is the same volume as if you did 3 sets, twice a week. You can handle it

No. 405153

Anyone know how you train for endurance vs strength or hypertrophy? I want to build my type 1 slow twitch muscle fibres.

No. 405266

Endurance: Low weights, high reps.
Hypertrophy: High weights, low reps.
Bodyweight exercises like pilates and barre are great for endurance as well.
Wow, good job! It's a fantastic feeling to be able to do moves you couldn't manage before. Don't forget to work on your arms as well to help you with planks and pushups.
Your cardio routine sounds great. Try introducing the extra workouts slowly, maybe 2 or 3 times per week, and see how you feel. Jumping rope isn't easy on the ankles and knees so definitely start slow with that, and do some strengthening exercises if you feel any pain.

No. 405441

File: 1718174367708.jpg (184.71 KB, 1400x1400, dajlien-bench-with-storage-bam…)

Ikea has a new gym range and this is the only bench I've ever seen that would look good and match the colour scheme in my apartment. I want it so much but it's sold out everywhere and it's apparently limited edition reeee I'm gonna be so upset if I can't get it.

But I got a dumbbell set on sale anyway, I already go the gym but I wanted something at home for when I cbf leaving the house. What are anons fav dumbbell exercises that don't involve a bench? Or I can do on a lounge or chair or something kek.

No. 405503

Idk what dumbbells you have but:
Pec flys
Dumbbell deadlifts
Lateral raises
Overhead tricep kickpack
Dumbbell shoulder press
Bulgarian split squats
Goblet squats
Dumbbell bench press
Upright rows
Bent over rows

No. 405505

nta but
>Pec flys
garbage movement
>Dumbbell deadlifts
total joke. Do good mornings if you want to work those muscle groups. Deadlifts only work with a barbell
>Dumbbell bench press
nah. Only faggots do direct chest work
>Upright rows
>Goblet squats
These are good but I prefer to just clean the dumbbells to my shoulders and do normal squats
I'm not familiar with Bulgarian split squats. I've heard of them but I don't know what they are

No. 405509

GOD what do you have against chest? I swear you reply to every post in this thread discouraging training it but the only reasoning you give is that it looks bad on MOIDS

No. 405511

Nta, just because you don't like an exercise doesn't mean they're bad kek

No. 405516

it looks bad on everybody. But the real reason I hate training chest is because you either need to train it using push ups (gayest exercise ever) or with a movement that can only be performed lying down. Also, bench press is such a bro lift and is a horrible measure of upper body strength

No. 405518

Then don't do it and leave the rest of us alone. No one cares about your preferences

No. 405522

I’m just trying to help a noobie get started. No need to be mean, nonna!

I like doing chest. I love my flys and benches, even if they are weak atm. Cheers to the good nonnas who are building up to be chest stacies!

No. 405629

I've lost 30 lbs in 126 days. Hoping for 50 lb loss once I reach 210ish days. 50 lbs left to go. See you in a few months for the next milestone.

No. 405682

File: 1718272704824.jpg (8.82 KB, 351x334, 1698696500464.jpg)

I'm still in the obese BMI range (31), I lost 22 pounds last summer but plateaued for the winter. I still have 55-60 pounds to lose and I want to get back on track. I've started counting calories again and doing yoga, which made me discover I actually do have core muscles! I couldn't even do one (1) sit up before, and even with short amount of training I managed to do it today! Also thinking of trying couch to 5k next.

My biggest problem rn is staying within the calorie limits, I should probably stick to 1.4-1.5k a day but even 1.8k is a struggle. I just love to eat too much and I constantly think about food, waiting for the next time I can eat. Any tips to overcome a food fixation like that?

No. 405684

Update: Under 200 lbs now. Lost 15 lbs since May 1st. Though I suspect some of it was just water weight…Maybe true fat loss is more like 12 lbs.
Grats nonna! Keep going. We can do it together.

No. 405694

To curb cravings and food rumination you could try chewing gum, a moderate amount of caffeine, flavored water, miso soup packets (don't have too many they're salty, but they satisfy that hot food craving) or developing a pickle habit (eat a type with no sugar). Keep yourself busy, don't spend idle time indoors and especially not in the kitchen.

No. 405700

Congratulations nona, I hope you'll reach your weight goal! One thing that helped me tremendously with food cravings was always having coffee (decaf after 5 pm) and green tea to drink throughout the day. It helped curb my appetite a lot in the short run. Long run, I cut down on processed sugars and white bread, everything became so much more manageable when I stopped eating junk food/sodas/white bread.

No. 405928

I'm only losing weight in certain parts of my body and it's starting to worry me. I'm down 25 pounds and only lost inches in my butt/hips (48 to 40) and underbust (34 to 31). Zero inches lost off my stomach, thighs, calves, or arms. I don't work out so it's not because of targeting certain parts or something. Is this normal? Will it even out later?

No. 405929

If you can afford it you could try tirzepatide. Makes calorie counting really effortless. If you get it from a peptide lab it's much cheaper than compounded. Injecting it is a simple process. I bought mine from Xcel.

No. 405982

File: 1718364177417.png (321.83 KB, 1504x1780, a waist over 31 inches indicat…)

I'm not a doctor but it is kind of concerning your body is holding onto stomach fat. not concerning like you're doing anything wrong, it's just the most dangerous area to hold fat in terms of possible health complications from fat. you might have more visceral fat there.
Anyway, yes. If you keep losing weight eventually your body will use up that fat too. Diet is your number one tool for losing it but you should really mix in physical activity if only just steps or something. And make sure to get enough sleep, that helps with fatloss tremendously.

No. 405984

With weight loss your body shrinks but the proportions will stay the same. So say you have boobs that stick out the exact same distance as your belly, if you lose weight and your belly becomes flat, your boobs will probably shrink down to a similar size too (although there will likely be sag and excess skin)
If you’re overweight and have disproportionately large hips and thighs, even when you lose the weight your hips and thighs will likely remain larger than the rest of your body

No. 405985

she literally just described a situation where that is not happening, nona. she is shrinking disproportionately in her hips.

No. 405988

For whatever reason miso soup seems to curb any cravings and stops any impulse to overeat for the day. I just make a small bowl of it with my electric kettle and it stops all chaos. I previously could only ever control these cravings and overeating with regular fasting and low carb OMAD. I have no idea why this salty soup is helping me and I feel lucky since I stumbled upon this due to an impulse buy of miso paste with dashi.
I’m starting to think that I only overeat due to a sensory thing of wanting my stomach to feel physically “full” and warm. Not because I am actually hungry. One scoop only has 25 cals so there is no way that it is satiating any actual hunger. That’s the only hunch I have on this, that it’s probably some sensory thing with food due to my autism and needing that feeling in my stomach present when I notice it’s gone.
I’ve been able to stick with eating a healthy amount of calories for weight loss due to this and have not had to modify my eating habits in odd ways like before. If any anons have any battles with weight loss due to uncontrollable overeating with an unknown cause maybe try this. Who knows it might help. Use onion dip mix as a soup flavoring if you can’t find miso would probably help the same.

No. 405989

I always thought it was the salt. The warm full feeling is good, but something plain like hot tea doesn't work as well.

No. 406011

> Falling for this meme

No. 406026

That’s just not true. I wish my boobs were gone (since they’ve always sagged naturally due to genetics, would be better small) but my body fat distribution has changed for sure. It could be diet though - ever since keto I pretty much lose only from my waist. Which is nice for some but I was already naturally pear shaped and it looks kinda ridiculous.

No. 406112

6 months 2x a week, including at taking multiple breaks for illness/fatigue/period cramps/etc. lower rep ranges (4-8) is better for increasing strength while higher reps(10+)/lower weight are better for gaining muscle.
switch to a barbell if you have access to them, it's much more comfortable than a kettlebell imo. the bar alone can range 10lbs-35lbs. but if you only have dumbbells there are many variations including ones where you're holding two that are worth experimenting with and are easier to progressively overload than a heavy kettlebell on your pelvis.
also make sure you're eating enough protein and calories, if you are starving yourself (<2000 unless you're petite) you wont progress. sleep is equally important too.
good luck nonny!

No. 406566

I'm attempting to cut for the next month. 3 days down out of 30. I'm a little nervous because in the past when I've tried I get a little crazy and binge-y towards the end of it but I think that's because I went too hard. I'm eating at around 500 calories below my estimated maintenance (factoring in exercise, if I were sedentary I'd be eating at maintenance) and I think I'll be okay as long as I'm staying satiated. I'm just trying to see more definition and I have loose skin from losing a lot of weight while being sick so any extra fat looks really bad on me. Hopefully it'll go well, and hopefully my lifts won't go down. Wish me luck, nonas.

No. 406609

Update from 5’1 137

Am now 5’1 135

I’ve been lifting weights 1-3 times a week

No. 406901

File: 1718656255434.png (404.66 KB, 584x354, 49849815165.png)

Is anyone here on injectables and how's it going for you?

Been on Wegovy since January, was losing 1-1.5lb per week but the effect seems to wear off pretty quickly. Stayed on 1.0 for a few months but by the last month it wasn't suppressing appetite at all, now on 1.7 for a couple weeks and still not suppressing. Weight hasn't budged in 6 weeks now due to this. It's bumming me out. Are others like Saxenda or Zepbound better about not wearing off?

No. 406919

you are starting to lose weight but you haven't gotten any taller at all. May need to change things up

No. 406920

Kekkk please

No. 406966

at this rate of progress, when can you expect to be 5'2?

No. 407048

I just randomly found out I can do one chin up. You all better be impressed kek

I think I'll start building it up, if nothing else, it looks cool. Although pull ups look better

No. 407228

Does protein powder work well as a diet aid if you don't work out? I want to do OMAD/IF type thing where I only eat in the evening. If I drink a protein shake in the morning when I wake up, will it keep me feeling full until evening when I can eat dinner?

No. 407232

If you drink a protein shake in the morning that's not OMAD. A protein shake is food, sustenance, calories – it's a meal. You can only drink water or black coffee in the morning if you do OMAD.

No. 407235

Okay, regardless of the terminology can you answer the question that I asked? I only want to eat actual food later in the day, will a shake keep me full until then?

No. 407255

Probably not. OMAD isn't hard if you actually fast most of the day but if you eat something with calories in the morning it's way harder to not eat all day. You'll get hungry by the afternoon.
That's really just my experience though. You're free to try it, maybe it will work for you. It would be a very easy experiment. Just please don't say it was OMAD, you'll confuse other people. There's a reason it's called one meal a day and the research supporting it being an effective diet is based on actually not eating most of the day. It is designed to manipulate how your body uses fuel (stuff to do with with insulin and glucose) and that doesn't happen if you are eating a protein shake in the middle of the "fast".

No. 407286

Thanks and great job nonnya. Finally getting under 200 lbs is the best feeling ever! Let's crush this.

No. 407320

I want to give OMAD a go for a few weeks, what I'm not sure about is when to have the meal. What did you do? Evenings makes the most sense for pratical reasons, but wouldn't it be better to eat in the morning to fuel up for the day?

No. 407325

I've always stayed full on protein shakes for a good while, but you could always just give it a shot for a week and see how your body reacts in preparation for OMAD, if you're one of those people that doesn't like to fail an official "diet". I would always recommend eating in the evening because trying to sleep on an empty stomach is torture for me, but YMMV.

No. 407336

ime the longer i wait to eat the more full the meal will make you, even for smaller things like a shake. i do 8am black coffee, noon protein powder in yogurt, 5pm an egg or two, 8pm an actual meal. my fast is then ~9pm to noon. ive been hitting about 80g of protein in 1300-1400 calories lately and havent had trouble being super hungry, or grogy from eating too much at a time.

No. 407339

A shake is just as much actual food as solids

No. 407343

I always did evenings.
Post results when you're done. I did it for a long time and then it just became a habit. I drink a coffee in the morning, go to work all day then come home and make dinner and that was it. Did that for years, weight went up and down, developed a crippling coffee addiction to get me though that day and was pretty moody, etc. I think it actually did more harm than good long-term and I feel a lot better eating a few small nutritious meals. But it was fun when I started because it felt like I was doing something.

No. 407656

I've had the worst brain fog and lethargy and junk food cravings of my life the past few months but then I started having a giant omelette every morning and suddenly I'm cured. I guess I must have had some kind of nutritional deficiency but I don't know what I was missing that I'm suddenly getting from eggs because I was already eating meat. It couldn't have been anemia because I try to get lots of beef in my diet. Anyway eggs are miracle foods, I love you eggs.

No. 407720

Update, it turned out that I gained more than I thought and my actual starting weight was 67-68kg. Because I was scared to weigh myself for too long… Now I'm down to 63,5kg as of now. I try to exercise few times a week, but now I'll try to do it more often and focus more on building muscle on my stomach and hips and burning excess fat on these areas

No. 407734

If you were eating a lot of carbs, or processed foods, the brain fog was probably from your blood sugar being all over the place. Eggs are protein, so they don't give you the same retarded insulin spikes and crashes as, say, cereal. That'd stop you craving as many sugary, carby foods throughout the day as well. Nutrition is fucking weird but I'm glad you fixed your brain fog and lethargy, it's such a shit feeling.

No. 408015

is 95-100 lbs an okay goal weight for 5’4? i’ve always been around 120 (started at 124), and am now 110 lbs after two months of intermittent fasting (mainly omad and some 48 hour fasts).

i was honestly expecting to see more of a difference. i carry most of my weight in my lower body, and can’t really see a change there. my boyfriend said my stomach and chest (sadly) have gotten smaller, and this i can kind of see.

according to bmi i technically shouldn’t lose more weight, but my legs visibly carry a lot of excess fat, and i think i could maintain a slightly lower weight. it sucks that you can’t target weight loss…

No. 408036

Obviously not. Just work out.

No. 408053

what kind of workouts would you suggest?

No. 408055

That’s too low unless you’re trying to get into a kpoop idol group and your contract says they’ll pay for all the surgeries to make you look not-ill

No. 408069

Working out will do wonders for your muscle tone and silhouette. The number on the scale will go up but you will visibly be more fit and sleek. I'm guessing (correct me if I'm wrong) that right now you just got rid of the 'fat' part of the 'skinny fat' label, leaving you with minimal musculature and making you want muscle definition.

Walking is always a great full-body low intensity cardio. Low intensity cardio will burn mostly fat, though the harder you go (the higher your heart rate), it'll burn more carbs and protein(muscle) than fat. There's basic bodyweight exercises like squats, push ups, etc. Using exercises with weights are good to strengthen your joints and prevent osteoporosis down the line. If you want to make the weighted exercise pay off, you need to up your protein intake (protein powder is most convenient) and keep it consistent even on days you dont exercise.

No. 408094

File: 1719020398296.png (1.92 MB, 1880x1388, clowngun.png)

185 lbs, 5'7", bottom heavy with kinda muscular build but I got on anti depressants last year while also starting school so I completely tanked my caloric intake v spending. I started calorie counting and doing sit ups and kettlebell twists at home but I plan to go to the community center gym like once or twice a week and maybe work my way up to several times a week. I started meds for adhd so hopefully will get better at being consistent. I already feel like I'm drowning in things I have to do each day but I can NOT stand to look at myself in the mirror and I'm terrified of becoming obese. Please nonnas, give me your strength to not become a wideload pic is Michelle McDaniel who inspires me to get fit

No. 408098

Antidepressants are fucking brutal. I was on Effexor for years and went from 130lbs to almost 200 (at 5'2 so that was gigantic for my size). When I got off of it, I lost 40lbs without even doing anything. It was just making my brain feel hungry all the goddamn time. If antidepressants are unavoidable, I think it would be a good idea to look into GLP-1 meds to help curb the gaining. I would've def done that if they existed back when I was on it.

No. 408138

Are there big pharma shills in here or why are there so many weight loss drug recommendations? What’s the point in using them if your weight goes right back up when you stop?

No. 408222

there are newer glp-1 agonists coming out, like retatrutide, which have shown a slower weight regain after stopping.

No. 408227

File: 1719078922512.jpg (130.72 KB, 736x736, tumblr_5bdba0720a0018552e61714…)

I'm 5'3 160lb last time I checked before the scale was lost. Goal weight is around 115-125 depending onif I gain muscle. Just doing OMAD for 2 months, my clothes feel less tight and I've worn a strapless shirt I was too unconfident to wear for years. With a shoulder-length haircut it's now actually possible to shower under 10 minutes and get the sweat off faster.
I usually start the day off with 2 cups of water whenever I wake up and eat around 3:30-4pm unless I'm guilt tripped into eating because "you're starving yourself".

No. 408229

samefag, no I don't drink only 2 cups of water a day kek, I posted too early. There's a treadmill and set of weights in my basement, plus jumprope, medicine ball, yoga mats, etc. The actual barrier I think is being self-conscious of others actually seeing me using them and knowing I'm exercising at all, but I'm slowly overcoming it by just getting down there and doing it. I'm WILL stick to my routine and get to at least 130 pounds by late October!

No. 408340

i've been doing OMAD this past week or so unintentionally bc of my beepin' messed up sleep schedule. weighed myself today and dont want gallstones to form so i better do something about this bc im losing 1-2 extra pounds on top of the reg loss. sleep is very important guys it is VERY influential on your weight plus more.

No. 408350

It works well for a lot of people so why wouldn't we recommend it? It's not something that you have to stop taking, just like someone with high blood pressure wouldn't randomly stop taking betablockers. Nothing wrong with continuing to take medication for as long as you need it. It's def much easier than staying on a strict diet or exercise regimen for the rest of your life.

No. 408612

Cut is still going well. Only had one "cheat" day so far for a special occasion and I feel good, my pants are fitting looser at the waist but so far that's the only change I've noticed (I don't use a scale). I've found it easy to hit my protein goals and I still have room for treats, I have candy or a pastry most days. There are days I come in a few hundred calories below my sedentary maintenance but if I know I'm going to be working out then I meet it. Haven't noticed my numbers going down and I haven't been having any shoulder problems (usually my first issue if I cut calories too hard). 17 more days to go, but if I'm still feeling good by the end of this I might just keep going until my summer trip.

No. 408623

does anyone have advice for losing weight without counting calories? i love cooking so much and feel like i would ruin the fun by having to weigh everything out. i also regularly eat food cooked by other people which i couldn’t track, or have meals with my boyfriend where it would be complicated to figure out my exact portion.

No. 408625

Whatever you would usually eat, eat less than that. Like, if you would usually have a big bowl of pasta, have half a bowl. And even if you don't count calories for your food, try to get an understanding of what foods are higher/lower calorie in general so you can make better choices when possible. Eg you can eat tonnes of berries for few calories but not tonnes of bananas so you might pick a berry smoothie over a banana smoothie.

Nobody can track exactly what they eat unless they have no social life tbh, you have to guess restaurant meals or food made by other people a lot of the time even if you count calories religiously. But caloric intake is relative, the numbers aren't inherently important and eating less than usual is pretty foolproof.

No. 408709

File: 1719248328483.jpg (72.02 KB, 700x700, BiAbs40hKCx-png__700.jpg)

Change the way you cook at home

No. 408716

If your weight issues are caused by PCOS, the GLP-1 drugs can be miraculous. There's only so much you can do eating healthy and working out if your hormones are working overtime against you, and the GLP-1s (specifically semaglutide) have changed my life and I'm healthier now than I have been in a decade. I'm down 4 BMI points, no more sleep apnea, no more acid reflux, and I have more energy than I have since I was a teen.

No. 409060

im happy for you nona!!

No. 409356

I can now easily do like 10 sit ups!! I've also started to train with a wall to do a hand stand but I need to lose a lot of weight before doing one for real, my poor wrists will break if I attempt it at this weight kek. Also started running again after years of inactivity, I've noticed improvement with just a few runs already. Just walking around on a nice summer day is absolutely lovely and gets my daily steps in. I feel like I'm actually enjoying exercise for the first time in my life.

Thank you for the responses nonas! I'd rather not get into medication rn (or ever), but eating less white bread and pastries has helped a lot already.

No. 409369

File: 1719399571324.jpeg (231.88 KB, 2852x1514, IMG_4193.jpeg)

What to do if you’re skinny fat? I look chubby despite being underweight. Its affecting my health too. I’m very weak and lethargic. I feel like an old woman despite being young. Like the girl from howl‘s moving castle kek

No. 409371

What do you want to achieve?

No. 409374

Maybe try doing hatha yoga and move into vinyasa once you feel stable enough to do a more active workout. Yoga is great for body strength without using a lot of accessories.

No. 409375

Calisthenics every day.

No. 409380

is toning up without a gym possible? i’d love to have her body but i can’t attend a gym, they’re all too far away

No. 409388

for the past months ive been seeing this thread in the catalogue and reading the threadpic as "dee-ter", like the name. as if the chic in the pic is called dieter, but that's a male name.
i dont know why i feel the need to share this. sorry for ot.

No. 409461

File: 1719429228717.png (128.2 KB, 448x296, CrunchesModified.png)

Okay nonnas, truly stupid question time. I am gaining weight due to meds and I've been calorie counting and doing exercise for the last 2 months with no change, in fact I've gained another 5 lbs. scale may be broken, batteries are old, this may be a nonissue but I'm still not seeing any differences in my body My daily caloric intake is about 550-1k a day. I start the day with protien powder in black coffee, drink water all day whenever I feel hungry and eat a half portion/serving of dinner to keep my moid off my ass about 'disordered eating'. I DO eat around 5 oz of low calorie ice cream (basically a large table spoon), that's about 125 cal serving and only once in a while because I'm not a huge ice cream fan. Basically wtf am I doing wrong? Am I just a retard? I'm doing 5x20 reps of kettlebell twists, 1 minute planks with a few second increases each week, and as-many-as-i-can modified crunches with elevated legs picrel. Please help, all my weight is in my mid section and I'm losing my fucking mind because I've always been an hourglass. My arms are even getting flappy, it's actually horrible to look at.

No. 409480

Check out calisthenics. There's various progression to the exercises, but you can definitely get toned at home, with or without equipment. A bench and some dumbbells can be very affordable as well.

No. 409494

Has anyone had good experiences with at home dance tutorials as a workout? Since I'm working from home right now, I want to be able to do some dances, mostly for exercise but I also want to learn how to move my body better because I feel so lame anytime I try to dance. I saw a video someone posted following a Youtube tutorial and it looked so fun, I just don't know where to start.

No. 409495

I would incorporate at least a 30 min walk a day or something similar to elevate heart rate for a while. your workouts are good for targeting muscles but not enough to burn a significant amount of calories on their own or develop enough muscle to burn more calories at rest.

No. 409496

bellydance is easiest to get into in my experience because you dont need a lot of floor space or to jump around.

No. 409498

Your total daily caloric intake is 550-1000??? Aside from that fact alone, if you're still gaining weight (could it be water weight? bloating? constipation? idk) I don't have any advice for this except ask your doctor/another doctor wtf (assuming they're not useless)

No. 409521

I get brain fog and lightheaded in the afternoon. I will try your egg suggestion, nonnie! it doesn't even feel like a chore. They're so good, easy to prepare, and have lots of prep variety. Eggs are eggcelent.

No. 409524

No? Are you an ana-chan or what? It's a drink. Just like nobody would call a can of soda or a cup of a coffee "a meal," neither is a shake. They are all drinks.

I have binge eating disorder, not PCOS, but I've had a similarly miraculous experience with semaglutide. I'm pretty much cured now, it's amazing.

No. 409539

Volume eating I guess?

No. 409569

My point is that your body doesnt differenciate between a 200 kcal shake or 200 kcal solids. It doesn't count as fasting to drink your calories instead of eating them, you're just taking in prechewed food basically.

No. 409574

Tried miso soup because of this, and I’m seconding the benefits of curbing cravings. It tastes good, it’s low calories, and it makes me feel full. Thank you other nonnies for sharing your experiences, it’s informative and encouraging

No. 409594

File: 1719459753216.jpg (52.75 KB, 759x533, GQ13VQda4AASEqV.jpg)

It's not much but I just wanted to say that I've lost 5kgs after a month and a half of constantly walking and dieting.
I know this is just the beginning of my weight loss journey but I am very proud of myself for sticking to my diet and not giving up after multiple attempts.

No. 409595

That's a significant amount, you are right to feel proud of that.

No. 409743

i think you should figure out your TDEE and increase your calories at least to 1200. it shouldn't be necessary to eat such a low amount to lose weight, regardless of your height. this would also give you more energy for cardio like long walks, which will burn a lot of calories anyway.

No. 409748

Most likely you actually do have disordered eating issues and you probably gave yourself a metabolic disorder which is why you are looking worse in spite of low calorie intake. You described textbook unhealthy eating and textbook predictable bad results.
But also your description of the ice cream serving is I-hope-you’re-trolling level laughable. 5oz is not a large tablespoon 5oz is over half a cup — not that that would cause you to become flabby if you did it occasionally but it did give me pause that maybe you just truly don’t know what you’re doing and you are overeating. You also mention a medicine that’s causing weight gain so … it’s all too much to help you with here, you should seek professional guidance

No. 409782

Well nonnas, ive done it. I recomped after a year and a half of Sisyphean effort. I am 5’10 147lbs of all lean fucking beef with more ass than ever and I DID IT ALL BY MY FUCKING SELF I WANT TO GO HOWL LIKE A DOG OUTSIDE. Don’t give up on your goals. I lost everything body wise due to depression and so many times I wanted to give up on this journey getting back to athlete status. I didn’t think I could do it. I cried a LOT. I did two a days. Three a days. I finally found the right balance of everything again and just had my Nigel weigh me at the gym and I’m crying with happiness. I can lift the 100lb dumbbells to hand him when he presses, and I do it just for the sheer thrill of being way stronger even than I look (beanpole phenotype originally kek). I love being strong and looking powerful!!! Ahhhh!!!!

No. 409786

Samefag to add, okay not TOTALLY by myself, I have a great emotional support system around me to cheer me on esp my guy, he’s my gym partner and my biggest fan and my best friend who goes on crazy hikes with me and encourages me to take more rest days. I’m just HAPPY and PROUD that I got through all the hard days to be here!!!

No. 409787

That’s lovely you have a relationship like that nonna! Great work, keep it up!

No. 409788

AYRT kek when I say large table spoon I mean that I use a big ass spoon to take out a giant scoop, not literally a leveled table spoon amount like you would have if you were measuring baking ingredients or something

No. 409808

It throws everything else you wrote into question when you do things like that. That’s just a confusing thing to write.

No. 409830

It's pretty easy to miss changes to your own body when it's gradual. I think your scale being the issue is more likely than a medical issue causing you to gain on a deficit.

No. 409834

Gym is paying off. Lifting heavy shit at work like it’s nothing. I was kinda shocked tbh.

No. 409835

are you using your newfound strength to bully your coworkers?

No. 409839

hi nonas, i was just diagnosed with endometriosis at 20. im looking to switch to a low inflammation diet for both weight loss and less general pain
my question is how do i find genuinely enjoyable recipes? i feel like low inflammation diet recipes have been overrun with anachans on social media telling me to eat a rice cake with an egg on it. id like to compile a decent list for a menu if anyone has good resources or personal lists let me know, thank you

No. 409846

Nonnas, based on your (or ppl around you) observation. Which part of your body changes the most when you lose weight?
For me:
>Slimmer face, more defined features
>My fingers are smaller in size
>Flatter stomach
Based on my mom:
>Smaller chest
>Skinnier arms

No. 409847

Face and butt have been the biggest ones for me. No more double chin and my cheeks are much more defined. My ass is like completely gone at this point, it's almost a flat pancake. Kinda sad about that one lol. I know it's possible to do workouts to get a muscle butt but I don't like how muscle butts look/feel.

I think face is also the biggest one I see in other people too. Sometimes it's not a positive thing as it leaves the face looking saggy/hollow… but either way always looks much different than it did before.

No. 409853

My waist. Specifically the back of my waist goes first. This is observed by me and others. Lower back / small of back vanishes on me. My waist will suddenly look small from the back and the side. After that I think my face changes but no one has ever said that and I don’t ask. Legs change last / never kek

No. 409904

big time.

No. 409928

My face is already slim despite being fat and when I lose weight I always lose it in my face first for some reason

No. 409936

I've fallen off the wagon nonas. I was doing really well, eating healthily and doing ballet twice a week as well as hitting the gym. Then I ended up on medical leave from work and went through a heartbreak and also changed to new antidepressants and now I'm better mentally but have zero energy or motivation to exercise. I feel like a failure but I cannot work out how to get energised and motivated again and go back to the gym. Any advice?

No. 409938

Tell me your ways, anon. I've been working on recomp after being really fucking sick and losing all my muscle mass and it's like an uphill battle sometimes between injuries from pushing too hard and finding the right nutritional balance.

No. 409961

File: 1719547008673.webp (48.67 KB, 800x800, 63D50E42-6325-458C-AF6D-DB3889…)

Drop the routine, frequency, progression, and MACROS (protein) right NOW please

No. 409972

She looks really small for 217lbs on the left tbh. Is she like 6ft tall or something?

No. 409993

File: 1719556925534.gif (871.53 KB, 260x335, kagura-azumanga-kagura.gif)

im being active this summer. decided to take a reformer pilates class for the first time + continuing my tennis classes. so now im exercising 4 times a week. im having fun!!!!!

No. 409996

I'm reporting back! Now I am down to 73kg and getting very happy about how my body is looking! I am taking measurements weekly, and even though my knees and ankles are not changing much, my thighs and butt did reduce quite a bit. Of course, I lost most on my belly and arms.
I did low carb for a little while, but it did not work for me because it made me nauseous. I suspect I may have gallbladder issues… I am just counting calories, increasing protein intake and avoiding any processed food. I feel ready for summer!

No. 409997

By the way, no doctor in my city seems to know what lipedema is. I am doing my research myself. I will start using compression garments soon, since they seem help a lot for people with desk jobs.

No. 409998

AYRT Nonna I feel for you. It is one of the most frustrating, defeating experiences to go from fit to not and have to climb back up the rope. I started off just conditioning, I looked back to my soccer days and followed a lot of that; dynamic stretching and a lot of at home plyo/HIIT with some light strength building. Cardio as hell because that’s always been something I love and makes me feel confident so it helped to be “good” at something I was doing right off the bat. I have to say I really fucked my progress by messing around with pre workout in the beginning. You don’t need it. Nobody does. I also did a lot of outdoor activity like walking, hiking and stair climbing to boost my stamina. When I started adding my weight and gym training in again I immediately bit off more than I could chew lmao. Eventually I realized going to the gym 3 days a week for 2-2.5 hours at a time was best for me and the level of hard training I wanted to do. I began adding in extras like my beloved rollerblading or jogging/running or hiking and even doing just random sets of exercises at home thru the day on my off days. Typically I choose one TRUE rest day on the weekend to do absolutely nothing and just eat whatever I want with no moderation at all. I don’t count any calories or do macros tho to the anon who asked. I have always had a crazy metabolism so the more cardio I do the more I gotta eat plus since I lift…let’s just say I supplement w things like Taco Bell a lot kek. If I had to guess my daily protein intake it’s prob around 60-80g but my carbs are thru the roof. I eat as many carbs as I possibly can get in my face. I do have days that I don’t eat much because my body just doesn’t seem to need it. I’m very big on intuitive eating which I know doesn’t always jive for everyone. I can drop my workout template/weight progression tho tomorrow when I’m more awake kek

No. 409999

For anons that perform stretches or calisthenics, what is your morning stretch routine? I want to improve my flexibility because I feel as stiff as a board kek, but I don't know where to start. What's a good stretch routine for beginners?

No. 410100

Congrat nonna you're a queen for this!

No. 410107

Sit on the floor with your legs parted sort of like a letter V. Reach your arms out and lean forward until you feel a bit of tension in your hamstrings. Rock yourself lightly at this point to gently pull your hamstrings into allowing you further reach. It should feel kind of tight but it should NOT hurt. Try going to the furthest point you've rocked yourself to and hold for 10 seconds. Do this first thing in the morning to get yourself lumber for the day and do it every day. If you overdo it and hurt your hamstrings, take a hot shower or bath and remind yourself to go slow. Do this every day, make it a habit, and eventually work yourself up to grabbing the bottoms of your feet or touching your nose to your knees. Your knees should not be bending at all for these stretches btw keep them flat to the ground and if you feel the need to bend them then you're overdoing it and not getting the full benefits of the stretch.

No. 410173

What really happens if I don’t eat any protein after a workout? Surely it wouldn’t make much of a difference? It seems to be considered one of the most important things but I can’t imagine it mattering too much.

No. 410174

Not necessarily after work out but better after work out since that's when you've created microtearing that will heal very fast (which will cause muscle growth). Proteins are essential for body transformation, it helps with gaining muscle mass and losing fat bc they make you produce amino acids which is what your muscle needs to grow!

No. 410184

so…what happens [to the muscle] if there is microtearing but not enough protein or no protein at all to help rebuild?

No. 410233

would it be fine to go for a run while around 20 hours fasted? i usually stick to walking for exercise while fasting but would like to try going for a short run, maybe 2-3 km. i’ll probably try it out and see how i feel but was wondering if anyone else has done this

No. 410236

File: 1719638687122.jpg (78.11 KB, 736x1308, GRNL5s-bgAAdVfE.jpg)

Lose 5kgs this July
Lose 5kgs this July
Lose 5kgs this July
Lose 5kgs this July
Lose 5kgs this July
Lose 5kgs this July
Lose 5kgs this July
Lose 5kgs this July
Lose 5kgs this July
Lose 5kgs this July

No. 410242

My leg and chest/face area are always the first to go, which is a bit awkward at first because I looked like gru from decpicible me before it all evened out.

No. 410245

Yep, just supplement electrolytes. There are benefits to exercising with depleted glycogen.

No. 410247

I noticed how my wrists and ankles became slim when i began losing weight, it's weird.

No. 410341

Recovery time will be longer and you won't gain new muscle mass.

No. 410358

Ayrt, yes please post it!

No. 410379

no it would cause instant heart failure and death

No. 410431

File: 1719707370849.png (939.13 KB, 1000x667, health.png)

Now that I have my first full-time job with my own insurance, where should I start with doctors? Neither me or my family ever gave much of a shit about my physical health, so I haven't properly see a doctor in ages. Plus I didn't want to since I was unemployed in burgerland where medical costs an arm and a leg. I'm sure I have a ton of unchecked health problems - nasty teeth, bad skin, never go outside, unchecked fungal infection. I might as well need every type of doctor but how do I even find a good one that won't fucked me up or that actually takes me seriously?

No. 410438

Just going from your list, you obviously want:
-a PCP-type of general doctor who will probably be listed as an 'internist.' A good PCP may be able to recommend other doctors for you if you're having a hard time with the rest of the list
-Dermatologist (for the fungal infection and bad skin, and also you should have any moles checked)
I can't tell if you're still in burgerland or not, but if you are, an annual check up with a PCP and an annual ob-gyn visit should be free so you should start there. A lot of dental plans completely cover 1-2 cleanings a year, as well. Your insurance website probably has a search function you can use to see who's covered, or you can try zocdoc or something. I personally started my search by looking for female doctors who were taking new patients and located very close by, but not in areas that were hard to access/park in, and then I looked at reviews on websites like zocdoc and just by google. Aside from these, when I first got insurance, I also looked up a sports medicine doctor about an exercise injury I had to get a physical therapy referral for that, but I think this is a very good start. I don't really have other advice on how to find a good one besides looking for reviews or asking friends if they have any doctors they trust and would recommend.

No. 410441

>throw away your starbeez and drink water 96% of the time. forget juice soda and sugary coffees
>increase veggies, fruits, organic meats and dairy
>move more
>20 minutes of outside sun exposure minimum
>move even more..get strong
>better your sleep quality.

Doctors ain't shit. You're an adult..use your brain and take initiative without hand holding. You'll save money and a better sense of who you are.

No. 410442

drop the routine nonny

No. 410445

Just do all the free things that come with insurance. In burgerland that usually means one OBGYN checkup per year (some other things you may or may not want there are fully covered by insurance too, I never paid for my IUDs) one free physical exam per year with basic bloodwork (might depend on your age but they’ll check your white blood cell count and stuff like that for free at regular intervals, maybe not every year — also certain other tests if you have symptoms) and if you have dental it should include TWO free teeth cleanings per year (or one every six months) but I’ve heard of some that only offer one per year, vision insurance should include one free vision exam per year I think (I never needed it personally but I got one once when I had a bundle insurance package that included it). For dermatologists there’s usually no freebies, I found the cheapest option if I knew what was wrong was to use the telehealth/online health portal thing and send them photos so I could get a prescription that way.

No. 410446

These are all undeniably good ideas for anyone, but doctors can also identify some health issues for you that might not be detectable without tests, do blood work to find vitamin/mineral deficiencies, update your vaccinations, provide the HPV vaccination upon request if you want to minimize your risk of one major STD, offer some special things like vitamin B shots to immediately address a deficiency if you have one or write a prescription for some other problems, refer you to a psychiatrist if you're worried about an attention deficit or depression or anything, and refer you to other doctors to save you the trouble of hunting down the help you need. I hate doctors too and have a very negative view of them, but since some amount of healthcare-related assistance is free, there's no need to take them for granted and pass up on them. I also got healthcare later in life so I want to congratulate nona on trying to take the initiative to take care of herself

No. 410469

Dentists are 1000% necessary though, if anon chooses to see one professional I would pick a dentist. Your teeth won't fix themselves with healthy living, and they can get astronomically bad over time.

No. 410620

Dentist is the priority item IMO, you're never getting your teeth back if it gets so bad you need to remove some, and dental issues are a slippery slope.

No. 411002

Update after my appointment with the dermatologist specialist: Seems like my braids are the culprit (alopecia mechania I think he said) and he said to wait for it to slowly grow back and stopping braiding for a long time (and not wearing it too tight or too long ofc.)
I miss having braids so much, but I guess I have to go natural. His advice because I said I’m desperate (kek) Minoxidil for women 2-5% is more than enough. I have to be careful not to grow extra hairs, beyond the scalp like thicker eyebrows or side burns beards lol. But I have to try because massaging won’t be enough and he said my lifestyle (healthy or not) isn’t too much of a influence. My family and friends told me they see it growing back, guess there is hope for me nonnies.

No. 411014

Wishing the best for you. Good job actually going and getting the help with your issue

No. 411301

Depends on what you feel comfortable doing– if you're worried about doing higher-intensity exercising while fasting, try something you can do at home first and see how you feel after. I do three day fasts and run on the first day, but shift to trail walks or the exercise bike for the days after that– just make sure you keep up electrolytes like >>410245 said and be aware of your limits

No. 411595

Calorie counting is crazy because I'm weighing everything and I know I'm within range but also the amount of candy I've eaten feels suspicious…

No. 411669

Is it possible to lose weight after a long time and NOT have flabby arms? I have about 30 more lbs to go and I'm getting worried because my arms don't seem to be shrinking. Don't know if it's still fat in there or if it's gonna be loose skin. How can you tell if it's fat or just leftover skin? Ugh, the surgeries to fix flabby arms leave horrific scars that are even worse than just being flabby… I don't wanna have to deal with either thing.

No. 411677

You have to focus on building the muscle in your arms to make them appear more toned, it can reduce the amount of flab. Usually when you lose weight, your skin will remain "loose" for a 4-5 months before adjusting to the new weight. You only need the loose skin surgery if you were seriously obese and lost a lot of weight (>100lbs) over a very small period of time. Just focus on losing weight at a healthy rate and start exercising your arms with minor weight lifting or calisthenics.

No. 411682

Speaking of calisthenics. Who in the calisthenics world helped you progress in your skills, from absolute beginner to fairly comfortable? Who are some female pros to follow and listen to? YouTube or Instagram no matter.

No. 411683

File: 1720131208293.png (1.3 MB, 900x1939, 1654534328-image.png)

But I don't want muscular arms either… I want thin, lithe arms like picrel. Are there any good exercises that keep the arms slim and smooth like that? I hope what you said about the 4-5 month thing is true and maybe they'll just go away.

No. 411691

You're not magically going to get muscular bodybuilder arms from doing a few arm excersises with light weights or body weight a few times a week. Building muscle isn't that easy. Toning makes your muscles lean, not bulky, which is exactly what you want. The key is light weights and lots of reps. Anon you replied to is right.

No. 411711

Kek nonna, genetics play a huge part on whether you will have wrist thickness arms or flabby arms, if your arms are flabby even after you lose weight, you NEED to do a bunch of arm exercises to tone those muscles because there's no way in hell they won't end up looking like wings of skin.
If your arms were skinny at some point in your life, that was because you were young and genetics were on your side, the moment anyone isn't a teen it's the moment in which everyone must workout at least three days a week to keep those muscles toned or everything will begin to deflate with the speed of a metastatic cancer destroying the organs of a chainsmoker, that's just how it works.

No. 412104

Fell into a depression hole. Haven't exercised or really done any physical activity for a while… I thought it had been a few weeks but writing this and looking at my calendar I realized it has actually been over 2 months holy shit. Treated myself like a waygu beef cow and had tons of beer, whatever food I could scrape up nothing healthy, probably gained 10-15 pounds I don't know I don't have a scale but my hip measurements went up almost two inches. I thought typing that out might motivate me to change but it's hard to even care, I'm not really motivated by numbers on a good day either. I've never fallen into a hole this bad. I think part of the reason is that exercise and routine is my anti depressant and that routine got disrupted by life and I just fell off hard. Has this ever happened to anyone else? How did you get out of it?

No. 412110

Stop consuming alcohol. You’ll seriously feel much better and gain back mental shit you didn’t even know you lost. That motivation to better yourself will come back.

No. 412126

Artists from certain East Asian countries inject their arm and leg muscles with botox so they won't develop despite the fact they dance for a living

No. 412302

I had the same thought yesterday and swore it off for a while to see if that helps because this is getting ridiculous, I feel crazy.

No. 412304

I've tried several times but I'm depressed so every time I start I quit sooner or later. Extremely hard to keep consistency. I started exercising a couple of months ago, after not exercising in ages, but like >>412104 I quit again. Only lasted for like literally two gym visits until I put it off and then the days turned into months for the 700th time.
Thanks nonas. I've scheduled both a OBGYN and PCP visit now. Going to schedule a visit for a dental soon too. I checked my Dental plan and it does include 2 free cleanings per year! For derm and vision, I may wait a little longer since it isn't critical. I would just want to visit them for cosmetic reasons. lol
Same, I basically look and feel like the "Three Weeks Later" phase of vidrel 24/7 but without even being in a relationship. I'm wondering just wondering when I'll reach the "Three Months Later" phase.

No. 412315

I spent a month and a half walking a fuckton every single day and I didn’t lose any weight at all. I was super stressed and not eating a lot of calories every day. I feel like I lost the muscle mass I had accumulated and just started looking doughy again. Did I accidentally go into starvation mode or something?

No. 412330

Although I'm in a depression hole right now I was doing good for 3 years exercising 6 days a week in some way or at least getting 10,000 steps. I've stopped for a week or two here and there but never this long. Feels bad. I think the exercise was the only thing keeping me out of the hole. I've come to the conclusion you really do need to do it every day like taking your medicine even if you don't want to, even if you're busy. I just need to make myself leave my house and go on a walk or something and break this curse.

No. 412462

File: 1720346176809.jpeg (121.39 KB, 800x800, 833489-800-800.jpeg)

I was fixing my eating habits and exercising 3-4 times a week. Lost some weight but plateauing often. I felt I was doing so much and barely making a difference. So I needed to cut off more stuff.
Every morning I'd make coffee with milk, splenda and 2-3 spoonfuls of coffee mate. Pic is my fave chocolate one. Usually twp cups "for work". I thought Coffee was healthy and creamer 30-60 calories so who cares? Threw it away finally. I started dropping pounds FAST. Every week I get on the scale and its lower. Even after a "bad" week! Everyones been noticing and asking how I'm doing it… Sharing my story so you feel less retarded on your weight loss journey.

No. 412483

did you quit coffee too or just stop using the creamer?

No. 412683

I'm starting creatine, yippie. I want to get so buff! But I went and hurt my leg water skiing, so I can't even do my normal routine. I know I won't lose gainz THAT quick, but I'm so sad. I love the endorphins from working out… I want to bike so bad!

I've heard good things about Blogilates.

Probably not. What usually happens is you subconciously stop doing other non-exercise activities when you begin doing a lot more exercise. The worst thing you can do when you're trying to lose fat and not muscle is to stop eating protein. So try and up that, like 1.6g per lean body mass. Or even more, there's really no reason not to.

No. 412731

I feel super gross and fat and flabby if I don't hit the gym at least three times a week. That's all..

No. 412777

i just dropped the creamer! I was drinking a sugar bomb instead of coffee basically. I add a tiny bit of milk though but very little.

No. 412948

Currently getting back into going to the gym and fitness in general. I recently found a womens only gym that’s only a 17 minute drive from where I live. But how do I make sure it’s actually women only like it says? On the site it says ladies only and I feel like that’s kinda vague. I don’t like big commercial gyms they bring out my anxiety really bad but with these gyms it’s always hard to tell if they mean actual women

No. 412954

Check the Google reviews and see if they mention something about ir or just anonymously call and bluntly ask

No. 412981

You have to be doing something else or it’s a hormonal change or something because 70-105 liquid calorie deficit wouldn’t cause rapid weight loss

No. 413026

I feel like the chances are gonna depend on where you live. In an ultra liberal state like mine, there's 100% gonna be trannies there.

No. 413033

she was probably having more than she thought and/or it was messing with her blood sugar or hunger craving levels. it's not that crazy.

No. 413148

I have no problem with cardio but really need to do strength training and get some muscle tone going.
Anyone point me in the direction of a good youtube video with advice for such a thing?
I have a YMCA membership so access to weights and machines

No. 413191

I like jeff nippard. watch the short little man's videos.

No. 413505

Is anyone else "stronger" on one side? When I workout, I notice that one side of my body feels like it's doing more work than the other, and I try to correct it. I'm starting to think I'm gonna have to do more weighted exercises with the other side to help it catch up.

No. 413513

Yeah, my right side is stronger but I'm right handed so it's to be expected. Found out real fast in yoga class because of the way they always have you do the move on each side, especially the one-legged poses. Sometimes I think about doing exercises specifically to even it out.

No. 413515

Yes, my right side is generally stronger and more explosive but my left has better endurance. Really strange. I've done a lot of unilateral work to fix it but my right arm will always be somewhat naturally stronger because I default to using it most often (though I try to use both equally now).

No. 413645

i hate tracking calories and was wondering if it would be sustainable to lose weight simply by fasting one day each week? i would try to eat healthy and aim to be in a small deficit the other days, but that day of fasting would still account for majority of my weekly deficit.

No. 413707

I've always wanted to try this. I've read about it. Let us know if you give it a go and how it works out.

No. 414100

so nonnas I am in dire need of advice on building motivation even when I'm in bad circumstances and it's very hard to imagine things getting better for me. inspo has never worked for me.

so, I am about 24 bmi. I was obese age 0-21 and I cut down to 22 bmi, then settled at a comfortable 24 for a very long time now. however I definitely felt better at that lesser weight. my diet wasn't even great then, hell I wasn't more active either. I have a lot of health issues (that have taken a huge number on my looks, I look like hell) + stress in my life and food is one of those things that genuinely comforts me. on top of that I have another issue: I have to eat a limited diet as lots of foods make me feel worse, including some healthy ones, which makes it so much harder for me to keep motivation up.

also I can easily down 3000+ calories in a sitting and still feel hungry. not that I do that, I control myself, but I'm a very big eater and I enjoy it way too much. the best workaround I've found is low-calorie foods I can consume massive quantities of–even then it gets really boring eating stuff like baby carrots all the time.

No. 414103

It’s summer in the northern hemisphere, so if you’re there, watermelon is in season. Sometimes I eat like half a watermelon in one sitting and get so full. it’s like 90% water. It doesn’t even have to be watermelon (although it’s the best), a lot of other fruits are similar, in that they’re mostly water but the water makes you full. I eat so much fruit. When I’m hungry I just eat a plum or an apple of some grapes or strawberries and it’s so satisfying.

No. 414108

Get a hobby. Sounds like you're eating out of boredom. Eat a normal sized meal, wait 20 minutes then go for a walk instead of continous eating. Or something else that not just sitting dowm

No. 414141

any nonnas have bone spurs in their spine or who have a pretty strict workout routine because of chronic pain?
I was super active, then had a few years break of corporate sedentary life and now I got pain in my neck and it turns out I have bone spurs
>doc said I shouldn't run anymore, nor do a lot of weight training
this destroys me since I used to have a body like this >>379436
I am now skinny fat without much muscle mass and it sucks, I can't do deadlifts anymore and those were my favorites.

No. 414151

Maybe starvation mode was extreme but I thought it was odd that I was barely eating, walking upwards of 10-20k steps a day, and didn’t lose a single pound. Now that I’ve been back I’ve been doing some calisthenics and gotten my muscles back a little but I weight the exact same.

No. 414327

Thank you nonna! I am very happy I did.

No. 414345

A lot of people would just eat more or even end up binge eating the day(s) after fasting

No. 414351

mounjaro+metformin combo is making me crazy constipated for a while then shit buckets all at once and ive only done little acorn sized poops the last few days pray for me sisters, wish i kept a scale in the house so i knew how heavy they were

No. 414394

It will help you regulate your insulin and hunger hormones, which will help you lose weight. In terms of calories burned, it won't do as much as you think.
The easiest way for you to adapt to this sort of diet is to eat within a specific timeframe for the rest of the week. Eat lots of protein and healthy carbs like oatmeal to keep you full for longer. You'll naturally eat less over the day, which will help you lose weight without obsessively counting every calorie you put in your mouth.

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