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File: 1715520963444.png (507.11 KB, 775x847, meowmeow.png)

No. 397215

What women are you ashamed to say you'd fuck or crush on for any reason?
>unconventionally attractive?
Share your thirst, farmers.

Last thread: >>>/g/158895

No. 397224

File: 1715522738973.jpeg (192.55 KB, 736x981, IMG_3259.jpeg)

I’d let her do anything to me

No. 397233

Is that Dasha??

No. 397247

File: 1715527233984.jpg (50.23 KB, 800x1002, 1668137-800w.jpg)

Yes. The power of styling at work here.

No. 397265

Hey I know you’re closing tonight but we’re really short staffed. Can you do me a solid and open tomorrow?

No. 397297

sorry anon but LMAO

No. 397355

My exact type but not an attractive version of it

No. 398134

File: 1715746938588.jpeg (547.36 KB, 1536x2048, pls....jpeg)

Both these women gross me out but at least the butch lady would know her way around a vagina. This thread needs more of picrel.

No. 398135

File: 1715747141304.jpeg (24.81 KB, 554x554, images.jpeg)

No. 398228

File: 1715791702589.jpeg (138.87 KB, 1239x697, IMG_3808.jpeg)

Self-obsessed psycho bitch but 100% would.

Also kek at Dasha as thread pic, she’s never beating the tomboy lesbian allegations.

No. 398239

The brunette kind of looks like a female Keffals

No. 398242

I can’t even be mad at the cow thread pic because that was the one photoshoot she looked good in, I saw it too. Brave of you to use that, OP kek

No. 398243

No. 398252

Caroline Calloway, snow cow lolcow.farm/snow/res/862657.html. Her thread is not really active here

No. 398262

Thanks Nonnie.

No. 398281

File: 1715805006281.jpg (557.42 KB, 2208x2944, romaniananon.jpg)

romaniananon. I'm not ashamed, she's a qt 3.14
if you're reading this, I love your hair, it suits you well(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 398308


No. 398309

what's her new twitter anyway

No. 398393

File: 1715840506915.jpg (70.96 KB, 960x960, Casey Mongillo [Homestuck, Shi…)

the voice actor for shinji is a tif but she was/is still so kyute(this is a male)

No. 398394

File: 1715840579618.jpg (25.69 KB, 350x491, casey-mongillo-18096-305396098…)


No. 398395

what??????? i thought casey mongillo was a TIM. wtf

No. 398396

samefag i found a post on his twitter where he mentions being born male, so i was right, he's a tim

No. 398699

Jojo Siwa

No. 399380

File: 1716164624852.jpg (158.05 KB, 1080x1350, monami.jpg)

For some reason I love women who are heavily tattooed even though I have zero tattoos or body mods myself

No. 399436

This feels kinda dirty. She acts like some special kid and a victim of some abuse.

No. 399442

her face is so childish (especially her smile and facial expressions) that i’d put fbi watch on that anon kek

No. 399454

Jojo Siwa is like 6 feet tall, come on

No. 402128

>listen to beeb bong podcast hosted by vidrel
>mostly unfunny extremely straight rich woman humour
>listen anyway because they're hot older women

No. 402151

File: 1717133843268.jpeg (211.27 KB, 800x941, IMG_4519.jpeg)

I just think she’s pretty

No. 402155

She had a lovely voice

No. 402156

File: 1717134882185.jpg (377.93 KB, 1290x1410, 1000014754.jpg)

she'd fit in with these girls

No. 402159

Null and Brittany venti would fit perfectly in this list

No. 402179

File: 1717147975499.jpg (207.24 KB, 1024x672, Brittany-Venti.jpg)

Now that you mention her. Brittany, stop being a pick me and pick ME.

No. 402192

i really like her style, it's kind of ladylike and elegant but a little lacy and delicate too, just gorgeous. if i wasn't a total poorfag…

No. 402214

No. 402970

File: 1717396276921.webp (67.4 KB, 1200x900, 309C5D38-80A8-4490-9143-F218E6…)

I think I’ve posted her already but I’ve been obsessed with Zoey Quinn for years. I just love slightly chubby, tattooed women with danger hair who are massive sluts lmao. I just wish she wasn’t such a pickme for mediocre nerd dick, she would be my perfect lesbian gf otherwise. I want to eat her pussy so badly.

No. 402971

File: 1717396361871.jpeg (91.68 KB, 1024x614, 6A6B68FA-14CD-4155-955A-F7A232…)

Need chubby big booby Amerimutt gf with bpd so bad.

No. 402972

I don’t even know any men who simp for the women in pic related though. They seem to be the kind of female celebrities that teenage girls like coquettes and ed twt and Pinterest girlies worship but men kind of just ignore and are like yeah whatever she’s ok looking/are ambivalent towards at best.

No. 403061

a lot of film bros simp for Anya

No. 403064

Filmbros are all closeted gay men

No. 403384

File: 1717507719359.jpeg (127.49 KB, 1920x1080, EF0BB236-CF8B-4D3D-9A6E-80D14B…)

No. 403406

why would you be ashamed of this one? Simply because she's the propagandist for a genocidal regime? Other than that she seems fine

No. 403424

>Simply because she's the propagandist for a genocidal regime?
Is that a bad reason to be ashamed? But yeah, it's that plus she says particularly kooky things even for a propagandist. I love her schizo word salads.

No. 403437

>Is that a bad reason to be ashamed?
Kinda? How is it any of your business how she earns a living?

No. 403578

File: 1717565894325.webp (82.41 KB, 683x1024, 4D674FC9-A60C-4D00-82E9-98BDBA…)

She’s so beautiful, charismatic and sexy. It makes me so sad that she said pussy stink and is strictly straight, I want at least for her not to fuck with awful men

No. 404086

File: 1717710876968.webm (Spoiler Image,16.5 MB, 434x854, ilj-assault-girl.webm)

This video made me horny, I want her to rape me

No. 404091

Me too, anon…

No. 404092

She's gonna give you some sort of treatment resistant fungus.

No. 404095

noooo why won’t it loaaaad

No. 404107

File: 1717716788632.jpg (19.28 KB, 236x354, 111b3569512d2ce62d991f65150a32…)

I've been infatuated with Grimes for the better part of the last decade. Her lisp, her face, her noodle body, her clumsiness, her sense of style, everything about her makes me so horny. I'll watch videos of her and shuffle through my saved pics until i feel my head buzzing, a tickle in the back of my mouth and a need to bite something. I also love the fact that she's musty and a gremlin when it comes to makeup and lifestyle choices. She seems more polished nowadays but still adorable. I want to eat her out until i can't feel my jaw. I want to smell her.
I'm also extremely attracted to Azealia Banks, as funny as it is their feud kind of breaks my heart because i think they'd make a cute couple (i know Grimes is as straight as one can be, yes). I still curse Elon for separating them. I'd write 10k words fics of Azealia/Grimes (enemies to lovers) if making RPF didn't disturb me.


No. 404108

I'm straight but this made me feel something. Wtf. I'm not attracted to female bodies but im drunk and I'd let her hump me. Came across this video randomly I don't post here normally obviously. I'm so submissive with women as long as I don't have to interact with their bodies. I wish I had a hot girl who knew I'd just be down to get touche. Who is she

No. 404110

Same, I fucking LOVE AB and grimes. They're both one of my top streamed artists. I've always been obsessed with them both. i know grimes is autistic or something and thats cute to me considering im an autist too. grimes and AB would've worked so well together. Someone actually needs to write fanfic of them

No. 404112

Chris chan's girlfriend

No. 404113

>Who is she
It's a long story…

No. 404116

Ahhh i'm glad someone relates. Her autism makes her super relatable yes. She never leaned too hard into it either (if we ignore her NFT rationalist era kek), it just emanates from her and makes her super touching. Azealia is also touching and loveable in her own way, but has a totally different presence hence why they'd make such an interesting friend/lover pair

No. 404122

Grimes and Azealia is the celebrity dating scandal we need…too bad they both worship dick

No. 404126

Oh so she's retarded forreal. Yumm

No. 404150

File: 1717723622966.jpeg (244.91 KB, 1024x837, IMG_2643.jpeg)

YES yes oh my god finally someone… I was going to make a post about her here but I knew I’d end up sperging, pre-surgery she was like the perfect woman to me. I find her so cute and her features so beautiful, I love her mannerisms too. I get the relatability part too, she seems like the sort of girl I’d have bonded with over stuff, like those rare autistic women who click with you and become your best friend for years kek. I have this delusion that I genuinely could have saved her. She’s one of those women who has the kind of mind you can intertwine with, a scrote like Elon could never give her that.

No. 404151

not to be weird but can someone give me a link to this that works i want to see it

No. 404158

>She’s one of those women who has the kind of mind you can intertwine with
>like those rare autistic women who click with you and become your best friend for years
You perfectly summed up her appeal. She's the reason why i can't fully look down on people who get caught up in parasocial relationships. I'm glad she has 'only' done a facelift and lip fillers because the fillers will eventually fade and she hasn't severely altered her stunning facial structure/nose. She'd be striking at 70 anyways given her unique features

No. 404161

Have you tried clicking on the file link, sometimes when videos don't load for me that fixes it

No. 404165

She only looks nice in top left pic

No. 404178

It would be fun at first but the fall out would definitely be psychotic

No. 404180

shit taste. the middle one is best, she’d make a hot butch.

No. 404182

butch women are gross

>hurr im such a lesbian, I like women who larp as men

grow up(bait)

No. 404188

>larp as men
because only men can wear masculine clothes and haircuts apparently(don't respond to bait)

No. 404192

>le reddit spacing, obvious bait
go back(don't respond to bait)

No. 404201

t. butthurt aidens or aiden fetishizers(bait)

No. 404205

being a masculine woman means you're an aiden?(don't respond to bait)

No. 404210

You have to be a seething male omg I understand whenever a butch woman acts OTT "masculine" larp in mannerism but being naturally butch does not mean trying to be a man. Feminems are really cringe but just looking like a woman with short hair and no makeup is so vilified that some of you have become insane.(don't respond to bait)

No. 404231

File: 1717746708096.jpg (2.54 MB, 2104x3264, eliot.jpg)

I've very ashamedly had a crush on Eliot Sumner (one of Sting's daughters) for years. Obvious nepotism aside, she used to be a somewhat androgynous lesbian but sadly came out as a they/them genderspecial a couple years ago and has been kinda annoying ever since. Still would fuck.

No. 404295

>animal torture pickme who encouraged chris-chan to rape his mom because she wanted internet clout
I know what thread this is, but I'm still not sorry about telling you to kill yourself.

No. 404310

Fair enough

No. 404317

You should be ashamed. So perfect for this thread. She is revolting.

No. 404326

She's deplorable in every possible way but I still find her hot and get horny at the idea of having Bella finger me roughly and take creepshots of me. I think what awoke this, alongside the video, was seeing her tinder profile, idk why.
Recently I found a girl who's really similar to her in tinder and I'm trying to meet up, she's so deranged and a programmer.

No. 404491

Difference between left and right pic kind of shocking

No. 404506

File: 1717821108504.jpg (191.61 KB, 640x640, ab67616d0000b273ffc3c1fb49fce8…)

Not even ashamed but I guess she fits as unconventional. She's hot and her deep voice is sexy. Also I miss her

No. 404603

Is that the Indian superhero mom? if that's so them same, she's really hot and I love older women

No. 404665

Oh I need her.

No. 405904

File: 1718331573089.jpeg (112.48 KB, 828x1166, IMG_3810.jpeg)

was scrolling an old post-leftcows thread

No. 405907

She photoshops all her pictures she looks like a different person in every single pic

No. 405920

File: 1718335654443.jpg (208.15 KB, 1280x849, 1668140-800w.jpg)

Nearly everyone photoshops their pics. And either way, you still get a general idea of what she looks like and she's kinda attractive no matter how much the leftcows thread will sperg about her.

No. 405926

I actually think she’s really beautiful. I simp for her she gets 5 of my dollars every month KEK

No. 405927

No. 406003

>she's kinda attractive
Very much a personal opinion. She looks fine in the threadpic tho, she could be attractive like this. Her current schoolgirl style was meant for classically pretty girls.

No. 406367

File: 1718520702032.jpg (20.78 KB, 739x415, 1717861517298.jpg)

No. 407589

File: 1718871047504.png (2.06 MB, 1138x898, giorgia meloni.PNG)

I disagree with her politics but the way she's so imposing is kind of hot.

No. 407667

I find her the opposite of imposing. She seems just like some mother in a PTA meeting you don't pay attention to

No. 408353

File: 1719122113555.jpeg (540.28 KB, 1440x3669, 1719117238064.jpeg)

This edgy TiF from the TiF thread. I don't want to fix her, i want to make edgy scrotoid jokes with her, listen to metal and walk in the woods while i'm holding her hand. She reminds me of a super edgy lesbian i know who collects true crime magazines and gimp masks.. sigh

No. 408356

Is she Russian?

No. 408357

>some mother in a PTA meeting
a hot mother in a PTA meeting, no?

No. 408370

Nope. Just an average, unremarkable mom, very likely the Karen type.

No. 408371

Does she stuff her boots to fit into bigger sizes? Also I doubt she's a lesbian, seems to me as the type who larps as the super sexist but secretly gay right wing incel.

No. 408375

No idea nonnie. But she looks somewhat slavic

>Does she stuff her boots to fit into bigger sizes?
KEK i wondered about that aswell. You're totally right about her being straight, you can tell she's obsessed with male loser approval and becoming her ideal bf

No. 408382

ngl I kinda get it

No. 408624

File: 1719208260556.jpg (858.43 KB, 2001x2500, 305220_original.jpg)

She wouldn't be here if it weren't for the Nazi shit

No. 408726

I need her

No. 409226

Probably a hettie but I’ve already fantasised about her eating me out kek

No. 409227


No. 410425

File: 1719706090261.png (477.57 KB, 417x707, Screenshot 2024-06-29 190711.p…)

I know she's horrible, obnoxious, hates gays, but I can't help but be very drawn to her.

No. 410427

No. 410430

Emily Youcis, she's a very controversial cartoonist.

No. 410455

File: 1719713395676.jpg (40.31 KB, 580x387, 9fdf2e57c0b398773103f6eb777277…)

NONNA i had to stifle a gasp.. I love her. She's one the few internet figures that i dream of meeting because i feel such a kinship with her. It's very unfortunate she became a kind of Nazi but i want to believe it's not really who she is. Oh i love her, her face is very pretty, her body too, there's something about her that's just magnetic. This is a meme now but i really find myself thinking 'i can fix her' (too bad she's straight)

No. 410464

She’s so hot. Her edgy humor and obnoxious attitude is so alluring to me. Her troubled side makes me want to emphasize with her.

No. 410485

Watching her early cartoons, she was definitely molested bad. All help that would have made her cope with the trauma was denied because she was infected with early "terminally online" syndrome and adopted controversial personas as rebellion. Last I heard she was doubling down on trad behavior and what exactly she's doing now is a mystery.

No. 410636

File: 1719769758222.jpeg (104.49 KB, 720x720, IMG_4714.jpeg)

No. 410638

Kindred spirits… She's beautiful and I love her voice. If you haven't listened to her cover of "I Remember You," you should. Just checked and she made a PSA on her youtube channel recently, haven't watched it.

No. 410643

She’s on xitter posting constantly, though she will probably get banned eventually because she keeps calling people the n word

No. 410681

File: 1719779808189.jpeg (32.19 KB, 360x239, IMG_4068.jpeg)

She looks like evil Lindsay Ellis to me for some reason. That being said, Lindsay absolutely does it for me, although I hate her TRA ways and horrid style of dressing.

No. 410702

I was literally just thinking this, almost verbatim nona. Lindsay is also so gorgeous.

No. 410704

I hate how attracted I am to her because she seems like she'd be insufferable to be around irl

No. 410739

File: 1719791059416.png (570.54 KB, 694x868, (@jkiillem).png)

I don't like her thing of saying she's a black woman inside, she's not my type and sometimes says weird shit about bdsm but whenever she talks about pussy… I just think we understand each other. I want to eat her out so bad.

No. 413056

File: 1720498267092.jpg (13.71 KB, 360x360, 75.jpg)

Saw Hannah comment on TikTok that she wouldn't date a bi woman

No. 413059

careful, if you look like her and turn into a groupie fan she'll seduce you into her and ninjas occult incest ring

No. 413062

I find the awkward in cringy nature in which she discusses her politics very cute, even if I do not agree with them at all. She's talented and her voice is cute, so is she

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