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No. 71573

Last thread was about 2 years ago and it's almost at its limit!

First Thread >>>51836

No. 71592

How come rubbing my clit during penetration is damn near impossible ?! I orgasm from clitoral Stimulation only so when I’m with my boyfriend I try to rub my clit during sex but it’s hard as hell. Especially cuz his girth stretches it out. I tried to use a vibrator while he was on top And I was face down but it didn’t really help much. Felt like I was very close but then nothing would happen. And I’ve done it myself with a thick ass dildo by bending it so it’s rubbing against my clit and it was amazing. I’ve also done it with makeup brushes (had them angled up towards the g spot) and again, amazing. Just can’t seem to do it with him.

No. 71599

It's a weird question and I tried to google it first but since it's very specific it didn't work.
I'm technically a virgin as in my hymen is still there, and sometimes when I'm really aroused or in certain positions, like sitting on a chair with knees up to my chest, I feel a slight pain on the inside. It's so slight it ends up being somehow pleasant. I've always assumed it was my hymen stretching, am I correct?

No. 71600

yep. your muscles expand when you get aroused so the feeling is of stretching and tightening of the hymen.

No. 71601

is you clit lubed up? i find that helps. also, unfortunately this doesn't work that well with circumcised men since they don't have the loose skin that needs to be there. so idk if that's your problem too. dildos work cause you're manipulating it yourself.

No. 71602

So after 3-4 times of PIV sex, since the hymen will be torn enough I won't feel that sting anymore, right?

No. 71607

And just pressing your clit against the moving benis during fuggenings doesn't suffice?

No. 71608

damn I was wondering what that was, thank goodness for this thread lol

No. 71609

yes, once your hymen is torn all the way it basically disappears. then you won't feel that. you basically will only feel arousal.

No. 71616

Ooh understood. Thanks! I've had this question in my mind for a while.

I know right? Hopefully all that stretching has torn apart the hymen at least a little bit, so that we will be able to enjoy benis with no pain from the first time

No. 71621

I have the same problem. It just doesn't work or feel good during sex. I just orgasm a few times before, and if I'm still horny, after.

No. 71649

I'm not sure if this is the place for this question, but it's related enough. How can I make sure I get all of my bf's cum out of my vagina? I know douching is bad, so I get in the shower and use the shower head to kind of squirt water up there, but in the morning, the smell is so rank because I can never seem to get it all. He cums A LOT more than normal.

No. 71651

that's also bad, anon, you shouldn't be really trying to get it out like that. wear a pad or pantyliner after sex so it comes out naturally. by putting any water in there you are removing the bacteria and could get a nasty infection.

No. 71652

I had PIV for the first time (If you exclude the time we put it in and I quickly took it out my first) and It was really painful, I was on top as that was the only way I can get it in. It was a different pain other than penetration pain….
I also made me wanna shit, I’m not sure if that’s connected

No. 71654

Go pee right after sex. Avoid douching, even with water. Try to push out what you can. You can also use your fingers to scoop some out. If the scent bothers you, I suppose you could wear a menstrual cup to try to catch some of it before it hits the air.

No. 71655

>>71649 use condoms. it will protect you from STDs and rank

No. 71658

I'm allergic. Not just to latex, but I think also to the lube they all have on them (even the synthetic and animal skin kind.) Plus, not pulling out is our shared fetish.

Good advice, thank you! It's occurred to me that maybe the bad smell is a yeast infection because of they way I've tried to clean down there.

No. 71661

It might be a yeast infection. See your gyno about it, if you can. Treating it on your own can exacerbate it if the problem is not what you think it is.

No. 71662

How do I make my vagina really clean? I know this sounds gross but I feel like I have a constant bad smell and I know it isn't my "normal" smell. I also get this weird heat coming from down there when I have the smell and I've gone to a gyno and she said it's fine? (I know it isn't). I get the nasty cottage cheese and I have tried to use products to clean it and in general I clean it and shower every single day and I'll use warm water after peeing to clean it a bit sometimes but I cannot seem to feel clean or smell clean down there. I feel really uncomfortable and I just feel like a disgusting person because of it but I really don't know what to do.

No. 71663

Go to a different OB GYN. Even if it is fine a good one would tell you why there is a change.
Could be also stress, hormonal changes, diet changes and so on. Your vagina can smell in many different ways.

No. 71666

I second this: how does one properly clean down there while showering in order to prevent any kind of infection?

No. 71670

No much rocket science. Dont lather it too much and for gods sake dont insert anything inside. A delicate soap/lotion dedicated to it (loads of them on the market) with a quick cleaning does the job. The less I run irritate or focus besides a fast clean the less problems I have.

No. 71677

>be 26
>never had a gyno visit before
>still don't plan on it because no insurance
How fucked am I by not going? I keep track of my health and I visit doctors for general problems when it's bad enough to see one, but I just can't afford to see one

No. 71690

Are you in the US? If so, Planned Parenthood works on a sliding scale.
How fucked you are depends on luck, and if you are sexually active.

No. 71694

Is no hair on the labia and only on the mons pubis really a thing? I have hair all over and I've always thought it would be weird for people to only shave one part

No. 71695

Plain water. The vagina is a self cleaning device.


I have never had any vagina problems, never had a yeast infection etc… Vagina does not smell nor apparently taste like anything(lol) when it is left on it's own, it takes care of itself.

No. 71699

As >>71690 mention PP is great, they can even see you for free if you are low income. If you are healthy enough, don't need bc and do safe sex you're probably okay. I put it off for years because of a mix of no insurance, being healthy, and only ever having had sex with one person and using condoms. When I finally got insurance my doctor made a big deal about a gyno check up and everything was fine, I actually feel like it wasn't really necessary. But for the sake of safety or peace of mind if you can get one for free at PP you should.

No. 71703

oh i do it all the time, shave the bikini line and labia majora and leave the mons alone, because the hair on the mons pubis is always horribly stubbly and painful growing back. 10/10 for me, it has a smooth shaved feeling but none of the pain and discomfort. highly recommend it anon

No. 71706

Lmao nope not at all! Even on top I get so so close and then nothing!! I think the closest I got was in the backseat of his car cuz of the angle and my clit rubbing against his skin and joggers. We could’ve had a big one at the same time but my body just flaked. Still bummed about it cuz I could feel the buildup and everything.
No, we actually avoid lube if possible because we believe it causes me BV/makes it worse. But I can definitely try it on the clit only idk why I haven’t thought of that.
I try to after but my clit gets swollen and tender as hell. Also, my vagina gets tingly and twitchy when we’re done so I’ve been assuming I have been orgasming, just not in the way I’m used to if that makes sense. It kinda feels like my vag is convulsing and that randomly happens for me after an intense climax from Masturbation.

No. 71711

i came to the thread because i experienced something similar. If i dont have sex for a while and i get turned on after nothing for three weeks, it starts burning a lot until it gets wet and starts to dull out

it just feels super wierd

No. 71750

Summer's Eve wash, or something similar. Only Externally. If you have a detachable showerhead, rinse with that. If not, use a portable bidet.

No. 71753

has anybody here had labiaplasty? i'm strongly looking into getting it. i used to have the pink innie kind of vulva you usually see in porn, but over time i've noticed it's not as pretty as it used to be and i'm also worried that there might be an underlying health issue bc the change is so drastic to even how it was a year ago… i'm interested in hearing from anyone who's had experience with it or know women who have and can tell me how it affects things down there in the long run

No. 71754

If you think that you are having an underlying health issue, I advice you go to the gynecologist first instead…

No. 71755


You can lose sensitivity by severing the nerve endings in the inner labia. At worst you could develop tough scar tissue.

Don't compare yourself to what you see in porn or look to porn for affirmation of the beauty of your body, anon.

No. 71756


How old are you? The size and color of the inner labia, hood, and clitoris can change throughout a woman's lifetime.

No. 71757

Is anyone here dealing with post-menopausal changes?

I developed breast cancer at a younger-than-average age when I nowhere close to natural menopause. Because of my cancer's estrogen and progesterone receptivity, my ovaries were removed as part of treatment. I experienced menopause practically overnight.

I am unable to take hormone replacement because of the risk that it could contribute to my cancer recurring.

Now, nearly four years later, the walls of my vagina are so thin I cannot insert even a q-tip without drawing blood, and I have developed pelvic floor dysfunction. Granted, I have also pretty much lost my formerly very high sex drive, so…no great loss?

I don't know how I feel about it all, really.

No. 71767

Can't you ask your doctor about topical estrogens like Promestriene, anon? I think you can use them.

No. 71768

do not get it. >>71755 is basically right, only you -do- and will lose sensitivity. the scar tissue will also become numb and dark anyways. it's a totally cosmetic surgery but it has many side effects and depending on how short it goes it can give an increased UTI and even yeast infection risk.

No. 71807

i only advocate for labia surgery if its actually a real problem, i'm talking some HUGE flaps that get in the way/make things uncomfortable. a lil bit of beef is normal ladies, unless its actually a problem in your life theres no need to hack your privates off. guys don't really care as long as its clean, but there are still some dickholes who believe women should have non existent labia (like in porn ofc) the solution is simple: don't sleep with these assholes and if you do, cut all contact and tell everyone you know how rancid his dick was.

No. 71819

i just in general don't advocate surgeries that change the body for the male gaze. breast enhancement, genital cosmetic surgery, butt implants. all of which are constantly defended as being 'for the woman' despite the fact that insecurities and discontent about those areas stem from men's view of women. even >>71753 said she wants her vag to look like porn vag. but why lose sensitivity just to look good?

No. 71838

I don't mean to come off as someone whos like "teehee I'm so tight it hurts to put anything in" but everything hurts to put in. When i try to finger myself it will hurt really bad and it seems like I can't get off with any simulation at all (vaginal,nipple, clitoral, etc) anal feels kind of okay if the object isn't too big, it just seems nothing can get me off and I can't put anything in there, i know where my hole is and everything but when i try to put a tampon in it either wont accept it or feels very unnatural like its in the wrong hole? I want to enjoy sex, it seems like I can get myself off with fantasies but when I actually touch myself it hurts or i feel nothing

No. 71842

File: 1513829825544.jpg (69.01 KB, 800x800, cusco-vaginal-speculum-25mm.jp…)

If you're having trouble with tampons, see a gynecologist.

No. 71843


are you making sure you're adequately turned on before you try putting anything in? using lube and being as relaxed/comfortable as possible might help, it could just be an issue of you being too tense rather than too tight. but ultimately you should see a doctor about it so you can figure out what's causing it and go from there, some tightness is normal but if putting even small objects like tampons in causes you severe pain that's worth getting checked out imo

No. 71844

the thing is I get turned on but when anything touches my vagina or nipples I get turned off? I can easily get riled up by thinking about sex but I turn off when something touches my vagina, I don't have dysphoria or anything, it just feels.. weird?

No. 71845

Huh, vaginismus comes to mind when I read whats happening with you. Might be worth looking into.

No. 71846

You sound like you have a hormonal imbalance, maybe you have too low progesterone, your doctor can prescribe a cream or bc

No. 71867

I used to have this exact same issue, even a pinky finger would cause excruciating, burning pain that felt like being fucked by a hot knife. I have always been able to get off through clitoral stimulation though orgasms were painful. I also have endometriosis and had excruciating abdominal pain during periods. Go to the doctor, turns out I had a type of vaginismus and abdominal myofacial pain syndrome. Basically, my muscles inside and out lock and go into overdrive. I was sent to a gynecological physical therapist that helped a ton, I can now wear a small menstrual cup or light tampon, though it may be a year of work before anything nearly penis sized can go in. It's pretty cool though, I forget the name of it, but I got to use electrodes near my vagina to see the muscle tension and learn how to fully release muscles that are tense all the time. She taught me different muscle exercises and it's made a huge difference, though I still don't know if I'll be able to get off vaginally.

No. 71869

This probably doesn't belong here but it also doesn't belong in the masturbation thread either.

I'm pretty much only ever sexual with my boyfriend, not really on my own. Sometimes, I do get horny and want to do things wit him ASAP but can't, and porn sounds interesting for an alternative. But as soon as I lay eyes on anything porn related I instantly lose any hint of sex drive, I'll even just dry up. I'm not sure what it is about needing the actual physical act of sex, if it's mental or my vagina is just picky. Does anyone else have anything like this?

No. 71883

Does anyone else ever have cramps after orgasm? Maybe half of the time I orgasm I end up getting cramps that feel just like menstrual cramps, ranging in intensity from "This is uncomfortable" to "This is horrible I'm never masturbating again." It happens after clit stimulation, penetration is no issue. I'm on birth control so idk if that could be a potential reason?

No. 71917

Yes. I don't masturbate often, but when I do, I just replay memories of things I've done with my boyfriend.

I have a copper IUD and it happens sometimes. Staying hydrated and paying attention to electrolytes helps me.

No. 71928


i think i'm okay with loss of some sensitivity from getting it, i admit i do mostly want it so i can feel confident about my vulva's appearance again but it also causes some physical discomfort as well, especially when i exercise or move around a lot during the day

No. 71934

i recently lost my v-card and the first few times i felt like i had to shit too. i asked my friends and they said that they feel like that sometimes.

it happened when i was on top tbh. very uncomfy as i like that position :/

No. 72584

Getting my first session of laser today, nervous as fuck. Has anyone here completed their recommended amount of sessions for an area?

No. 72639

my bf and i had sex today for the first time in over 10 days due to visiting family. usually we go at it 4-5 times a week with me initializing half the time. when we were done there was this insane burning leftover in my vag. i don't think it's an STD because there are no other symptoms and i think i've felt similar sensations before.

i have a fear that my ability to enjoy PIV sex has been decreasing over the last few years, which started even before i started dating him. i don't know if it's because my bfs have been increasing in size and girth or what. he hits my cervix occasionally but that's not where the majority of the bad sensations are. like sex still feels good but after a while i have little pricks of pain / dull aches along my walls. lately when i cum it's more often despite him pounding me not because of it. i'm really sad because i really like having sex with my boyfriend and i want to enjoy every part, but the thought of PIV is starting to make me squirm a bit.

i don't know what's going on, have i developed a sort of vaginismus or something?

No. 72654

Do you use lubricant anon? Sometimes your natural lubrication isnt enough, that would be my first suggestion.

No. 72670

Sounds like you might need a good lube. Sliquid was my altime fave but currently I feel in love with an oil based lube called The Butters. It’s amazing. I used to have similar problems I would experience like mild to intense stinging sensations and general sores during and especially after sex which made it suck. I basically found out that I needed to invest in a really safe and slippery lube and better condoms to prevent extra friction.

No. 72715

i was with an ex for a number of years and stopped enjoying PIV sex with him. it hurt like hell and he couldn't even get it in anymore, he googled it and said i have vaginismus or something and wanted me to go to the doctor. it didn't help with lube either.

long story short, i ended up dumping him because he was physically abusive as well and we weren't intimate anymore so really it was a very shite relationship.

i was scared about dating again because i thought my vagina was broken but when i met a guy i really fancied sex was an absolute pleasure again and no issue. i literally think with my previous ex he made me so tense i took a physical aversion to him.

i'm not sure about the details of your relationship but sometimes i think the body can tell you things you're consciously suppressing. like i just didn't fancy my ex anymore, he repulsed me in most ways (i got tense after moving in with him and seeing how unhygienic and lazy he was 24/7)

sometimes it is the guys. my ex tried to say i was damaged but he was just a massive turn off

No. 72716


Similar thing happened to me. PIV sex has always been difficult for my fiance and I as he's pretty big (not a humblebrag, it's honestly mostly inconvenient) and it takes a LOT of foreplay for it to feel good for me, or even fit it in. This started to make me anxious–like, if we couldn't do it, I'd feel like all the pressure was on me because we physically could not have PIV if I wasn't 100% into it, and of course that made me MORE anxious, MORE tense, and MORE incapable.

Seriously, never underestimate how much your tension can affect you physically. What worked for me is talking it out with my fiance, figuring out non PIV things we can do together, and learning to be okay with trying it, even if it doesn't go well. Also, buying a Hitachi Magic Wand. Those things really are magical. And lube, as everyone has said!

A good dude will listen and be eager to help discover things you can together that'll feel good for both of you.

No. 72742

lmao, did we date the same person? I went through almost this exact experience, down to being really repulsed by how lazy and unhygienic he was, and that making it even harder to get into sex when I was already having problems. My ex didn't even bother telling me I had a problem and needed to get help for it. Pretty much just shrugged it off as being entirely my issue, and not to bother him with my sexual needs until I was "better."

after we broke up, I was really scared to date again because I thought my vagina was just fundamentally broken. Eventually started dating my now bf who gets me off almost every time we're intimate. PIV has never been painful or uncomfortable with him. Worst that happens is sometimes we have sex when I'm too tired or not fully in the mood, so it won't feel AS good.

imo, the key to consistently good sex is love and trust. I didn't have that with my ex, who simply did not care at all about my needs, so our sex life was awful to the point that I was having constant pain and discomfort from PIV.

No. 72768

he slides pretty easily so i thought i was wet enough. though maybe i just dry up quickly.

i have been really stressed lately because of an interview. our relationship's also been strained because of my anxiety, the small distance (since he wouldn't answer me for long periods), and a breakup a few weeks before. i'm really into him physically but i haven't liked the way he's been treating me…i see how all of this could make me tense up subconsciously.

i'll take it in steps and see how finishing the interview, talking about our issues, and then lube will affect PIV sex. thanks everyone!

No. 72807

And I think we dated the same person too. Fucking hell. It seems pretty obvious where the blame lies with this kind of issue then, doesn't it?

No. 72857

i'm op of >>72715 and it is honestly so nice to hear people have been in similar situations i had felt so embarrassed by that and i had friends that had told me how great looking my ex was etc so i never felt comfortable to tell them how much he turned me off lol.

he was honestly such a piece of shit, i dumped him in 2014 and have been with my current boyfriend since 2015 and we still haven't slowed down from the initial honeymoon period with sex and he makes me cum multiple times. he takes care of himself and lived on his own for a few years so knows how to clean etc, he is also very attentive and doesn't even mind period sex, my ex was always very quick to let me know how repulsed he was by me at that time of the month.

it's so funny to me because my ex like prided himself on being a good guy (aka a nerd that sat and played video games while i worked a 40hr week to support us both) and my current bf would be seen as a bad boy but he treats me like a princess were the good guy treated me like his fucking mother

No. 72971

I had this experience too, where piv would be so painful etc, but the difference was that my ex did actually genuinely spend all this time going down on me and saying it was fine if we couldn't etc.
After I broke up with him, I never had the problem again. Turns out my vagina just hated him.
I think it all came down to WANTING to love him rather than actually loving him. You don't need a reason to break up with someone.

No. 72976

Seriously, stop being me, it's freaking me out! I am in the same boat as you are now. Sex has been great, with it's natural peaks and occasional troughs. Nothing has felt fake and there's no pressure to perform if you don't feel like it. We're happy to just cuddle and snooze sometimes instead of having crazy, fun sex!
Really pleased for you and I seriously hope you guys have a great life together. Life's too short for shitty lads and even shittier sex!

No. 73183

This isn't vagina related and it's embarrassing as all hell so sorry in advance, I couldn't find a better thread to put it in

I used to struggle a lot with interstitial cystitis, never got am actual diagnosis but that's the only thing that suits what was going on. It was like having a constant uti discomfort so bad that all I could do was sit on the toilet and cry. It was a million times worse if I was stressed and I actually had to leave a job over it. Fast forward, it's for the most part better now (this went on for years) except.. I have a leaky bladder going on. Throughout the day things will get damp down there so I have to wear feminine products or whatever shit. And when I wake up in the morning it's the same. Not like I've full on pissed myself but like my bladder is always leaking so subtly that I don't notice. I'm worried that it's linked to the cystitis thing and that it somehow did proper damage somewhere in there.
I've never had kids and every resource online says this is a post-kid thing. I didn't go to the doctor with the cystitis thing because I was broke at the time but now I can go I'm just fighting the embarrassment haha kill me

No. 74606

myths aside, does having sex/masturbation/tampons/etc change your vagina? I find it hard to believe constant sex doesn't change your vagina

I'm a virgin and have always been weird to avoid putting things in there because I'm afraid it will stretch me out, ik its dumb and everything but have you guys noticed changes in your inner labia after having sex?

No. 74607

If it can go back to normal after a baby coming out of it, no dick is gonna stretch it out.

Your vaginal walls will open up with arousal but even if you’re having sex twice a day every day, your vagina won’t somehow lose its elasticity. Have a look at the anatomy around there and the type of tissue. Your mouth doesn’t get permanently stretched out if you puff your cheeks out or from chewing everyday does it?

No. 74608

well I know it can feel tight despite sex but I mean more about the appearance/labia
like I find it hard to believe those vaginas with really long inner labias got that without stretching having anything to do with it

No. 74609

The size of inner or outer labia has absolute nothing to do with having sex.

No. 74611

Okay, now I'm certain you're a robot. Shoo.

No. 74612

how do long labias get that way though? I'm not saying specifically sex, in fact I had a friend who had a long labia due to getting several surgeries on her urethra when she was younger despite her being a virgin, I just don't understand ygm ? like does elasticity differ from person to person?

No. 74613

It's genetics you retarded ass male.

No. 74616

It's true. Most vaginas will enlarge to do puberty, some don't enlarge that much. But even when we are small, our lips have pretty much the same shape.
I.e I was curious and have looked at my vagina when I was 5.

No. 74619

…it's muscle. it's not just a flesh tube.

the labia have nothing to do with the inside of the vagina. inner labia is for protecting the urethra and vaginal entrance and outer are for protecting the inner things, which aren't regular skin.

No. 74620

the labia is so unrelated to the actual vagina and having sex and i dont know why im bothering to respond to your fucking robot self but god yall could benefit from an anatomy lesson

No. 74635

I don't understand what kind of retarded brain process you need to have to think that long labias come from sex. They vary from person to person like many other things on the human body. Shouldn't be hard to comprehend.

No. 74638

Yeah and men's penis get skinnier the more they have sex too (like a pencil sometimes!). That's just how life is… That's why women avoid incels and robots like the plague because they want to protect their precious dick.

No. 74639

Man, I love when incels come in and express their self-taught stupidity. This is just another one of those things they use to try to make themselves feel better (like how women won't date short guys or guys with thin necks?) hilarious.

No. 74701

>women don't date guys with thin necks
I too am only attracted to people with downs syndrome

No. 74953

it has been 4 days and I am still fucking laughing

No. 74961

I donated eggs last Tuesday, and while they told me in the clinic that my period would come two weeks from then, I had it today, 5 days after the retrieval.
Am I going to die?
Google doesn't seem to give me a satisfying answer and I won't be able to see a doctor until Wednesday.

No. 74994

I would take advantage of a nurse hotline (24/7 hotline) if it is really bothering you. And you can always check into urgent care too.

No. 75028

like others have said, your vagina is literally two walls of muscle pressing together, and like all muscles, activity only makes them stronger, it doens't wither them away. vulvas may be delicate, but they're sensitive to things like infection and pain and small surface injuries, the actual structural integrity of your vagina is very strong. vaginal birth can damage the muscle in some cases, but even big dicks are nothing compared to what your vagina can handle without long lasting damage.
if you ever feel "loose" it probably means your muscles have weakened and you could stand to do some kegels or get more exercise in general, nothing to do with how often you have sex.

No. 75108

>have you guys noticed changes in your inner labia after having sex?
Not from sex, but I noticed that the labia on the "side" of the clit I touch most often while masturbating has a different appearance from the other side.

Other than that, no changes. Been a almost labialess innie all my life and still am, and I've had sex regularly for almost 9 years now.

No. 75192

This is really embaressing but here goes nothing.
So I used to masturbate a lot as a preteen and a teen (even before I got my first period) and now that I'm masturbating way less I'm really embarrassed about my labia. Like a few anons mentions I think the tips are darker like scarred or something and the flaps are relatively long and like the other anon I'm considering surgery or something but I can't cough up the money for a while. Is there anything else I can do, like cutting off all sexual stimulation until it might just shrink or…?
I'm really insecure about this and I broke up with my bf because I didn't want him to see my vag and be grossed out about how long and dark it is and I really don't know what to do anymore.

No. 75193

You can't change your vagina but the good news is that most men actually don't care they just want to see a vagina no matter how it looks. Your vagina isn't different from most other women, it is just different from what you see in porn.

Keep it clean and groom it in the way you like. And don't worry about how it looks! Seriously, that is not something to feel bad about. In fact, there are some men who even prefer vaginas that look the way yours does.

No. 75194

the discoloration of the labia comes from exposure to friction/clothing. especially if it's peeking out, it dries out and thickens from touhcing your panties. it can't stretch from sex or anything. only way is if you literally put weights on it.

No. 75196

That's normal, mine are so long and dark my mother took me to the gyno when I was a kid because she thought there was something wrong with them. I was told by the doctor that they're perfectly normal but if they become uncomfortable they can be trimmed. I can't wear tight jeans comfortably but the idea of anything being cut down there is so terrifying I'm not bothering with it. It has nothing to do with sex or masturbation: I didn't masturbate or have sex until I was an adult.

No. 75199

[Citation Needed]

No. 75201

good thing you're not a boy…

??? what do you mean. that's literally why it happens. inner labia, is made from semi-permeable membrane which isn't supposed to come into contact with anything.

No. 75202

>good thing you're not a boy…
lel, I've joked about this with my mom, I have to adjust myself like a guy when I wear pants.
Or do you mean circumcision?

No. 75203

i meant the pants!

…i feel sick now though. ugh…

No. 75209

lol what are you talking about
the inner labia turns dark because you’ve gone through puberty, fucking kek

No. 75212

no you idiot, we're talking about areas that are darker not the whole thing. i have long inner labia and the areas that stick out are less sensitive and even darker. same with scars. go ask your gyno.

No. 75218

Any anons here using non-hormonal contraception, like the copper IUD or the cap? I have a family planning appointment today as I’m 8 weeks post-partum and I’m not sure what to ask for. After 10 years on the pill/implant and nearly a year of pregnancy I want to give my body a break from hormone rushes for a while.

No. 75222

File: 1519047043419.jpg (13.73 KB, 300x300, 0hxgz6.jpg)


I got my first copper IUD (Gynefix) in 2012. It's better than being on hormones, but it's not perfect either. Mine (or rather its thread) often poked my bf. The thread was trimmed several times and it still sticks out right after my period.

It really depends on the person, though. My friends never had this issue with their IUDs. I know of some women who lost it, that never happened to me. So, tl;dr there are some issues you should be aware of, but still, it's better than taking the pill in my opinion.

No. 75223

I have the gynefix as well. Since 2015 and it’s going quite well. I’ve had problems in the beginning (an infection) but ever since that passed I’m good. My period cramps almost disappeared and although my blood flow is stronger, my overal period only lasts for about 5 days. I don’t think it’s for everyone but it’s a good alternative to hormones if you don’t mind having a foreign object being attached to your womb.

No. 75230

Thanks anons, I’ve had the copper IUD fitted. See how it goes, wish me luck!

No. 75233

File: 1519086519935.jpg (11.4 KB, 814x543, paragard_iud.jpg)

I hope you find it to be the lesser evil as much as I have!
One thing that helped me (everyone is different, though) with the initial issues of spotting and cramping was taking vitamin E every day. [https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed?term=Vitamin%20E%20(alpha%20tocopherol)%20in%20the%20management%20of%20menorrhagia%20associated%20with%20the%20use%20of%20intrauterine%20contraceptive%20devices#]
A hot water bottle and black panties were also nice to have while my body was adjusting.

No. 75248

Ah thank you anon. That really makes me feel a lot better about myself. :)


Thank you anon
Besides the horror having your labia cut, wouldn't it still scar? Not to mention how painful it would be to walk for a while…

No. 75249

I'm terrible at tagging sorry.

No. 76051

I started birth control as I got diagnosed with PCOS. I specifically asked about mood changes since I have severe depression that I only just managed to stabilise last year. She told me very few women have mood side effects, something I know is complete BS. I figured I'd ignore her and try it anyway and just had two weeks of being the worst bitch ever to my poor housemates. I couldn't do my coursework, socialise or be happy at all.
I came off pill because of this and have a appointment with my regular male gp on the 17th. I should have gone to him in the first place, he at least listens to my needs. Anyway I started my period now and holy hell it's the worst. My periods have always been a little rough but I spent this afternoon hunched over a hot water bottle moaning in pain. I had to dig out my old cocodamol tablets to even make a dent in the pain. It's much heavier than usual and has so many gross clumpy bits, it's nasty. I presume it's because I'd been months without one but that's happened before and never been this bad. I could honestly kill me Dr right now.

No. 76064

My gyno told me if it was done well there would be minimal scarring and due to the kind of skin down there it heals fairly quickly, you can be back to normal in about a month. There is a risk of nerve damage and surgical risks like infection, though so I don't want to mess around with something that's not life threatening. Honestly I'm glad I ended up being gay, because I would probably have to have it done to have sex comfortably with a man. I have to spread them to insert anything otherwise they get pinched up inside lel.

No. 76066

your gyno is a liar. the scar tissue down there tends to be way more sensitive than other areas and doesn't always heal quickly at all. i still have an issue with an area outside that got torn in childbirth 10 years after the fact.

No. 76072

Damn, I guess she was trying to sell me a labioplasty…Good thing I didn't take her up on that

No. 76076

Definitely. Nta but they do try a lot to sell cosmetic procedure to women, and men, and to get women to circumcise their sons still. I actually injured my own labia with my nails before and was told it would heal like in a day and it didn't need stitches but it's still scarred and it burned when I peed for 2 weeks.

No. 76086

I have rather large labia minora, with the one on the left being slightly larger than the one on the right.
Right at the top of the bigger one (like, right where the labia connects with the clitoris) there is a dry spot that doesn't really go away. Sometimes it peels off and then it's gone for a day or two, but it always comes back. I have had this issue for like a year now and I'm wondering what this could be? I've tried putting several creams on it but it doesn't go away.

No. 76097

this might sound weird, but have you tried using a sex lubricant like "astroglide" it has helped "cure" my vaginal lip dryness applied daily but very lightly. I apply, dab some off, and then later re apply. its moisturizing and meant for your sensitive bits :)

No. 76103

Thank you for the tip anon, I will definitely try that out!

No. 76109

File: 1520640630970.jpg (122.61 KB, 690x1164, VM100C.jpg)

Yes lubricant also makes a vaginal moisturizer, if you want to try that.

No. 76721

So, lately, I've been bleeding after sex. I started NuvaRing about 3 weeks ago and it's nearly time for me to replace it, so could that be related? My boyfriend and I don't have very rough sex or any thing, but after I wipe, there's always blood. Sometimes fresh, sometimes brown.

No. 76753

Sounds like spotting, totally normal when you start a new birth control.

No. 76836

I'm gonna experiment my first time with a dick real soon. I'm tight as hell, i can fit two fingers halfway in at the very best and only on a good day. Any advice to make me less nervous? What pain should I expect to feel? Is it going to feel good after? How does it feel? It's an "average" size dick apparently in case you were wondering (it looks big to me tho but that's because i litterally never saw a dick irl before)

No. 76839

Be super turned on! Lots of foreplay, and take it slow. Maybe try being on top since that lets you have better control of how much is going into you. Also for me personally when I'm on top I feel like my vaginal canal is more… straight? So it goes in easier. Slightly TMI but hope it helps, good luck!

No. 76840

Tell him to do LOTS of foreplay, feeling you up all over, rubbing you, all focused on you and nothing to do with his dick for as long as he can manage, your body should do the work for you and make it easy 2 insert. It's designed for dicks to go in.

No. 76841

2 perverts over here independently typing the exact same phrase out at the same time, whoops

No. 76855

You don't have to have sex right away. Fool around first. Explore one another's bodies. Ask him what does/doesn't feel good, and be vocal in your feedback, too. You'll be more relaxed this way, and he'll have a better idea of what you like, so it shouldn't hurt.

No. 76857

Thank you lots anons! My partner's exes were both virgins too so that's comforting to know. I hope it won't hurt too much (aka hope i won't be a nervous wreck and get to enjoy some of it) and that I'll be able to pleasure them properly.
Also lel at romantic slugs

No. 76884

Bring extra lube! Number one reason sex hurts is due to lack of appropriate lubrication.

No. 77031

Hey everyone. This is kind of awkward, but I can never really orgasm during sex. Actually I can't get much pleasure at all when I'm actually doing it with someone else, to the point that jerking off to my the idea of having sex with someone is more sexually gratifying. I really think there's something wrong with me, or at least that I'm doing something wrong.

No. 77032

*the idea

No. 77033

Welcome to being female. Orgasming from PIV is very difficult for a woman. A man needs to do a lot more, touching, oral, toys, the problem is finding a man who will go the extra mile

No. 77035

I've had a few partners and tried some stuff out, but nothing really clicked with me… Any advice on what to try with my current partner?

No. 77038

I can't really advise because I have the same problem. But I can show solidarity…
If you trust him, he is prepared to dedicate time to trying things out (and you can separate yourself from the concern of pleasing him during that time) things may work out better.

I am kinda worried that if I did enjoy sex I'd be super devastated if the relationship broke up…so maybe my own worries also get in the way. Also if you're worried about money or other issues it's gonna be harder. Try and create a completely fantasy environment between you two where you forget all your worries and all about daily life.

No. 77050

I used to only get off on clitoral stimulation, but since getting with my boyfriend, I can only cum from PIV now. Or at least a dildo/some form of penetration. Not only is he a very good lover, I'm also insanely physically attracted to him and I think that's what has helped immensely. My exs weren't ugly exactly, but my physical attraction to them wasn't this intense. Not even saying my current boyfriend is hot, but he's attractive af to me. Sorry, I know this advice probably isn't helpful at all because you can't make yourself be more attracted to someone than you are.

No. 77053

Explain that you can't get off from PIV, so he doesn't think he's doing something wrong. Work together on other stimulation, and be very vocal about what you like. Show him if you need to. It's fine to say "higher, slower, right there" to help him out.

No. 77158

I feel this. I'm hugely attracted to my current boyfriend and this makes sex feel way better by default. He isn't even objectively better at sex or hotter than my ex, but attraction is a little bit more complex than that.

No. 77195

I also can’t orgasm from PIV, I never have. I can’t even cum from someone else stimulating me alone, so technically I’m the only person who’s ever made me orgasm.

I tend to masturbate while my SO gives me oral so I can cum before sex. Sometimes he puts fingers or a small vibrating bullet in/around my vagina too. Occasionally he lies on top of me, with his dick inside me, and I masturbate to orgasm like that… but it’s awkward AF so I don’t do that often. It’s nice to cum with him inside me though.

No. 77196

Samefag but being relaxed and honest with your partner about what you want is essential if you’re going to try and cum from PIV. He needs to be willing to take instruction, basically. It does also help if you’re very attracted to your partner. (I have all this with mine and it’s made sex far more enjoyable even if I can’t cum from it.)

No. 79864

Does anyone else queef when they orgasm? Happens even without penetration, but only with a partner. It's not really an issue, I'm just not sure if it's normal.

No. 79904

Same. I didn't get the appeal of PIV at all until I found out what it means to be intensely romantically AND physically attracted to someone and now just thinking about my bf penetrating me makes me red in the face. I don't think it's fucking demisexuality or anything I just think girls (and maybe guys sometimes?) feel compelled to fuck for the sake of it before they actually WANT to fuck someone and it ruins the appeal

No. 80070

What is the best way to shave down there?
I'm always afraid I'm gonna hurt it if I use a razor so I just try to cut the hair really short using small scissors but it takes such a long time and grows back so fast.

No. 80078

All these posters who don’t cum from PIV sex, why do you have sex then? I don’t like being penetrated either, I try to try it out and insert things into my vagina and it really hurts and I can never get anything more than one finger in there before it stings and I stop. I’ve never had a penis in there, I don’t really see the point in ever having one in there.

I’ve only ever had clitoral orgasms. But I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything, I enjoy my clitoral orgasms.

I don’t really enjoy being eaten out though, a few people have gone down on me and it was never a good experience.

No. 80080

Because it still feels really good and it conceptually turns me on a lot while it's happening, it's just not usually quite enough to put me over the edge and cum, so I add or switch to clit stimulation.
It used to be only painful for me and I hated it but I explained it to my gyno and apparently I had vaginismus from a spasming/tight muscle and I was prescribed dilators and natural muscle relaxers which changed everything. I used to think sex would only ever be painful and that's just how it was but now it's only a little painful if it goes on and on and starts to chafe.

No. 80567

When I workout my vagina gets so sweaty it feels like I've peed my pants. The rest of my body is sweaty too but it never gets anywhere near as sweaty as my vagina gets. Anyone else experience this or am I just the weird sweaty vagina girl?

No. 80811

does anyone know what causes vagina pimples? yesterday it hurt when i wiped so i inspected and this time i got one on my labia minora wtf is there any way to prevent these?

No. 80818

Are you getting them from shaving?
I keep getting bumps on my butt, not a lot, I think its heat rash though since i shave there

No. 80972

I get a lot of discharge sometimes out of nowhere and it feels like I got my period, maybe that's what's happening to you?

No. 80978

not sure if this place is the right one to ask this but here i go.

my gf is really, really tight and my dick is bigger than average. we've had oral before and when i finger her i can barely get 2 fingers in but then there's no space left. my dick girth is like double that.

how can we have sex? don't want to hurt her(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 80979


actually turn her on, and use lube.

No. 81016

File: 1524801388006.png (28.48 KB, 350x541, effective-lister.png)

This is probably an asinine question, but: *Is it possible to be allergic to one man's sperm?*

For context, my current bf and I have been dating for ~9 months now. I had the Skyla IUD when we first started dating, and shortly after we began regularly having sex, I would get UTIs with an alarming frequency. Like, 2 or 3 in a 1-month period. It got so bad that the doctor that usually saw me at urgent care ended up treating me as though I had BV. When that same doctor prescribed me Macrobid, my BV/UTI went away within a day or so.

But then about a month later, I started bleeding with the Skyla still in. By that point in time, I'd had it in for a year and a half and had stopped having periods after the first month I had it. So with the bleeding and the frequent UTIs, I had it taken out. This was 2 months ago.

For the past 2 months I have not been on birth control, but have not allowed my boyfriend to cum in me, though we still had sex just as frequently as before. I did decide last month that I wanted to go back on the IUD. So I got the Kyleena one inserted on Monday morning (it is now Thursday).

My boyfriend and I have been having sex every day since Monday, but he's only cum inside me this morning. And this afternoon I wound up with another UTI that I went to urgent care for. The doctor did tell me that the IUD most likely isn't causing the UTIs, but that there is a chance that I'm allergic to my boyfriend's sperm.

The only confusing thing about that statement of hers is that I had 1 other fling before meeting my boyfriend, with a guy I only slept with once. And that guy came inside me when I had the Skyla IUD and his sperm didn't cause me to get a UTI.

No. 81017

Does he wash his dick regularly? If he's uncut, does he clean under the foreskin?
You never know with men.

No. 81018

Yeah, he washes his dick every time he showers. And he usually showers twice a day since he works as a contractor. And he's circumcised.

No. 81026


are you using different lube? anything in his diet you could be allergic to? anything in yours? Make sure you consider all options. I think it was pretty reckless of her to suggest that as its extremely rare to be allergice to sperm. Do you itch, burn, swell, etc after contact within 10-30 minutes? Or is it hours later?

Sperm allergy can 100% be for some partners and not others, but again, its very rare.

If you can cross out other factors, go to your gynecologist and ask to get tested for it.

No. 81038

this is highly unlikely. are you peeing before sex? that's a bad plan, peeing after will help prevent the utis. are you cleaning yourself after sex? you should be, many women think it's up to the man, and since he's circumcised his dick doesn't get dirty if at all. also make sure to use lube, unscented and non-oil based.

No. 81048

IUDs can make you more susceptible to infection, but it is certainly possible to be allergic to one man's semen, and that seems to be the case here. Unless you are using condoms the other time, everything points to a semen allergy. Keep an eye on it an perhaps see an allergist.

No. 81050

different question about sperm allergies, i've tried asking friends before and nobody really knows what i'm talking about. anytime my boyfriend came inside me (only a few times because of this) within about an hour i'd start to get horrible cramping pains that lasted for a couple of hours, and it almost kind of burned. a couple of times any contact with my skin would make it really red and inflamed for a while too. i found out a while ago i had cervical ectropion and i assumed maybe the face thing was from using different acids and stuff that made my skin more sensitive, but has anybody without those circumstances felt this? it's never been agonising, just a lot more uncomfortable than i've heard other people say

No. 81061

I get a similar thing, if came inside it doesn't sting or burn as such but you can tell the sensation is my body not agreeing with it. If on my skin, then it'll tingle and become red for a while - swallowing makes my throat tingle also and close up slightly but nothing worrying or that stops me. I've had this with two boyfriends except my last one, the difference being that he is vegan. So God knows what's cracking off.

No. 81065


I get the same thing too. Had it with my last 2 partners. They've both been clean and checked regularly and so have I. My doctor says I'm physically okay vaginally and there's nothing going on in there, so I am just assuming I am allergic to sperm. Within minutes of contact my fanny burns and feels like it's cramping around my hole, it's really odd. I find it's lessened when I am really, really turned on, which I am putting down to the fact I might have more of my own discharge going on in there and preventing as much sperm/vagina contact? I really don't know, but I can live with it.

No. 81136

I really hope this doesn't come across as a humble brag: so the issue i've been having is I can only orgasm from PIV, and I cum really really easily so with my bf I will orgasm like 6/7 times before he finishes. It honestly gets so painful for me, plus I squirt (so gross) and it's embarrassing as fuck. how can I control this/not orgasm so easily?

No. 81138

If I don't masturbate at least once a week, I get a strange feeling. Its not like being turned on or anything, but just an awareness? Kinda like how I feel on my period sometimes. I don't even really know how to describe it. If I masturbate, it goes away and I feel totally normal and fine. If I don't, I become progressively more aware of that area in general. Is this normal? What even is the name of this? I guess it would be the female equivalent of blue balls but not as painful? I don't even know

No. 81189

I'm on the same boat anon, in my case It happens also with oral and even just by rubbing it. The squirting part is really annoying and I can't help but feel ashamed of myself because it looks just like urine.. I have never had a partner before for that reason

No. 81196

I have that same problem. I've never been able to cum from just oral, and it takes a while for me to cum if someone's fingering me. But I can come in seconds if my bf's fucking me PIV.

No. 81201

Same with me, anon, except even a bit shorter (unfortunately). I get really tense and fidgetty if I haven't flicked the bean at least once every day. Sometimes it's accompanied with arousal, but sometimes not. This is why I have a hearty laugh whenever men mention jacking off daily being a thing women could never understand. Maybe I don't 100%, but definitely to some extent.

I also have a ridiculous sex drive, so I'm not sure if it's the same with you.

No. 81217

>This is why I have a hearty laugh whenever men mention jacking off daily being a thing women could never understand
Ahh yes the ol'
>da wimminz are incapable of comprehending the 2intense4u nature of the male sex drive
At my peak I used to masturbate 2, maybe 3+ times everyday on average. I've never been able to go for more than a week, even since I've tried consciously limiting how much I fap.

No. 81231

Talk to your boyfriend about this so he can be aware of what's happening and how you feel about it. Try other positions, practice not letting yourself go over the edge, and see if you can/are okay with having ruined orgasms. Your bf is probably fine with the squirting, but you can talk to him if it bothers you.
I find that I can do PIV or clitoral stimulation, but not both at once, or the orgasm goes away. You could see if that works for you?

No. 81237

It is urine…that’s why.

No. 81238

it's not urine. lmao. it may have some in it but it's not pure urine.

No. 81242

Then why doesn’t it come from the bartholins gland?
Why does it leave the urethra just like pee?
What is this mystery fluid with the exact viscosity of urine spurting from womens urethras?

No. 81243

i don't know anon why don't you fucking google it and find out instead of acting like a gross incel shit.

No. 81244

Cause I don't want to see a million images/videos of women peeing while orgasming. I'm not an incel because I don't pee during sex but whatever helps you sleep at night.

No. 81245

No. 81247


>like a gross incel shit.

So if you don’t like squirting and believe it is pee (due to scientific studies) you’re suddenly an incel?

No. 81248

Must have hit a nerve for peepants-chan. Only incels have bladder control and no piss fetishes.

No. 81253

Better hope your bf never googles what squirting is because he'll probably dump your ass once he realises you're giving him a gold shower every time you fuck.

Also go to a gyno because that shit doesn't sound normal or healthy at all.

No. 81255

I’m genuinely freaked out about how many women piss during sex and think it’s not just normal, but desirable.

The entire squirting phenomenon is fucked up and theres women out there teaching others how to piss themselves because they think it’s empowering, not weak pelvic floor muscles.

No. 81261

From what I understand squirt is pee but not day old smelly yellow pee. What happen is the bladder fill up very quickly during sexual excitation and is then released as they orgasm.
That's why a lot of squirter have to let go of their inhibition or push their pelvic floor muscle, they kinda have to force it since we're used to hold our pee in. For the one who don't have to push I guess they either have weak muscles or are extremely relaxed.

No. 81262

It’s pee no matter how old it is. Pee does not become yellow and odorous because it sits in your bladder, and urine expelled during orgasm is exactly the same as piss they’d hold until going to the loo at work. You can try and force a distinction between types of piss if it helps you deal with it but at the end of the day piss that recently entered and evacuated the bladder is still the same smelly yellow piss in your toilet.

No. 81264

File: 1525076588690.png (106.32 KB, 864x370, 094039JF009380EK.png)

Yeah I agree it's piss no matter what, but it seems like your morning piss and squirting piss is not the same (less urea), it's way clearer.
Not a squirter btw, just my 0.2 cents.

Also, it made me remember this reddit thread by a poor guy who wish his gf stopped pissing on him lmao.

No. 81276

Eeewww that poor dude. Honestly I can’t believe so many people convinced themselves that women can magically ejaculate despite lacking the equipment for it.
It went from an embarrassing thing nobody mentioned unless to their doctor, to being a fetish, to Golden showers being an American sexual norm.

Seems like more and more women are learning from porn that it’s normal, not a major malfunction, and there’s literal lectures on learning how to piss all over yourself. Stranger still are the men who claim it’s desirable or attractive.

I get that it’s embarrassing and sufferers wanting to normalise it but honestly ladies need to stop forcing the claim that it’s normal to spray piss like an ocelot and do some kegels.

No. 81279

It is hilarious the amount of people that don't know squirting is just pissing yourself. I remember this girl use to boast about being a squirter. Then she hooked up with some guy they got mad she spoilt his mattress lol. Woof.

No. 81280

There was like a two year period where people got really vocal about it and insisted anyone who said it’s pee is just ignorant about female anatomy. If you didn’t squirt you were some pitiable little lamb who’d never had an orgasm. Oh the irony.

No. 81299


>not day old smelly yellow pee. What happen is the bladder fill up very quickly during sexual excitation and is then released as they orgasm.

Hahahahaha what. Do you think pee gets stale and smelly in your bladder or something?

No. 81300

I guess I didn't express myself properly. Your morning pee tend to be really yellow and smelly because your kidneys are still working during the night but are not getting any hydratation so your pee is highly concentrated in urea, whereas the "fresh" pee you make during the day is clearer and not as smelly, because there is more water and less urea. (when you're well hydrated)
I was trying to find an explanation why all those people think they're not getting peed on when their gf "squirt" on them, and the fact that it's often very clear pee probably help their delusion.

No. 81303

anon is trying to say the pee has less waste in it. it's mostly water, pee is sterile anyways for the most part so it's not a problem. it's not the same as taking a piss on someone purposely because it's a muscle spasm thing. tbh i think everyone should get over it, like if you eat a girl out or suck a dick you're gonna get a bit of pee.

No. 81310


Ah that makes more sense, sorry for laughing. The image of someone thinking pee gets old and stale in the body made me chuckle.

No. 81312

Time to bust another myth: pee isn't even remotely sterile. Even before it comes out of your body it's contaminated with the low levels of bacteria in your urinary tract (yes, even healthy people have this).

Ya'll this shit is just a google search away, there's no excuse to be pissing all over your man and think your magic squirt is totes sterile and normal. See a doctor.

No. 81313

There's no such thing as "sterile for the most part." There is sterile and there is contaminated. You better hope your surgeon isn't cutting into you with tools that are"sterile for the most part"

No. 81315

you guys are fucking retards i meant that it's not toxic, you know you can drink it and not fucking die and the bacteria isn't dangerous.

anyways i wasn't even arguing that it's not pee but it's not that gross. some people lick assholes too.

No. 81318

All pee is mostly water. There’s no distinction between normal pee and organs pee. It’s not sterile. It’s not a drop or two intermixed with other bodily fluids like there is during oral sex.
It’s a bladder-full of urine expelled on you, your partner, and whatever surface you’re having sex on.

No. 81320

God bless lolcow, I like that none of you believe bullshit. I'm pretty sure I've had an argument before about this topic (someone who believed it wasn't urine)

See also: Men who think hard nipples means you're turned on and not just cold kek (another argument)

Why they tryna project hard= turned on and orgasm=ejaculation on us… and worse, why do women humor it

No. 81322

Some men know it's pee and still think it's hot. Could go either way.

>If you didn’t squirt you were some pitiable little lamb who’d never had an orgasm. Oh the irony.
I remember a friend bragging about how his girlfriend was a squirter a few years ago. I didn't have the heart to tell him.

No. 81330


Or that all women like intense pressure on their tits, or having their nipples sucked. Like no thank you. I like gentle touching, not you trying to jack my tits off. They’re not a cock. Don’t treat them like one. Same for getting fingered too aggressively, I know some guys like to wack off with a death grip but I don’t want my poor clit hammered. It’s not sexy, it doesn’t feel good, and it’s painful.

No. 81334

Or guys who think you’re “already wet” because you’ve got discharge lel. It’s like, “nah bud, that’s just happening constantly. I’m only 30% invested in this and I’m thinking about what I wanna eat later.”

No. 81335

Men are training each other to enjoy getting peed on, I just saw a bunch of them circlejerking in a thread about a girl who not only pissed herself but also SHAT herself while orgasming from oral sex. They seemed to be very happy about it and instead of advising her to go the doctor or to do some kegels they circlejerked about her bf being a beast for managing to have her piss and poop on him.

I don't understand how women in porn can handle their tits getting slapped, bitten, violently pinched, etc. Mine are extremely sensitive I can only enjoy caressing and gentle sucking/nibbling. Men also all started to do this rock hand motion to finger you, since a bunch of videos popped on the internet claiming this is how you make a woman squirt and give her the strongest orgasm of her life, but I hate it. Porn really is the doom of a good sex life.

No. 81339

That's just fetish shit at that point, those guys are beyond saving if they think shitting during sex is not. The guys who think squirting is orgasm and not piss are the ones who need training.

I agree tho, porn ruins men and women alike. My virginal boyfriend used to get so upset I didn't come during PIV and thought he was bad at sex to the point where he didn't want to do it. It was only when I told him that women coming to PIV is pretty uncommon did he get over it.

No. 81340

Well, most porn actresses are probably drugged out of their minds to be able to handle the abuse. So. That’s probably why. Porn is seriously ruining so many people and it’s sad. If you try to point any of this out, you’re viciously attacked.

No. 81342

I'm still a virgin so i don't really know much about this, but i remember a friend telling me that her bf always was upset that she didn't squirt… seeing as it's just pee, why the hell would he want that…

No. 81346

Men are dumb and have no idea what a normal female anatomy is. They think because they ejaculate when they orgasm, women must too. Same as why men are extremely rough with fingering. They like jackhammering deathgrip, so they assume women like it as well.

No. 81354

Men are imbeciles. I had a fight with an ex over squirting. He was being an ass and brought up this girl he fucked and how amazing he was because she squirted (I think I was telling him he was shit in bed or something, he was). Began to explain that squirting is piss, congrats on fucking a girl that pissed herself. He defends by saying his best mate also fucked her and that she is a known squirter and it's hot. Congratulate him again on scoring with the common whore who marks the beds of all she fucks. He also identifies her with further stories. "LOL I CAN'T ANYMORE STOP BOASTING ABOUT GIRLNAME PISSING HERSELF OMG" He goes red in the face because this dynamite he is describing is this known fat mess, finishes with - you just wish you could perform better!

Personally I don't get it. I don't understand how some ladies are pissing themselves when cumming. A female orgasm function is to increase conception, the muscles contract to encourage sperm to flow to the egg, opposite direct of pissing. It sounds like this girls think the sensation is pushing a stream of piss out. Please love yourselves and learn how to get off properly. The only wetness should be coming from your vagina and that's to lube yourself up. Remember the vagina can widen to let a skull pass through it, but it cannot contort itself to fire a stream of piss.

Porn is a fucking nightmare. My ex was into porn. I found granny porn on his history too. He was shite at fingering too.


100% this. It's easy to spot those that are ruined by porn. My nipples get hard from stimulation, the cold or even fabric irritating it. I'm not turned on, why is a breast sexual, it's for feeding an infant? Is this why so many men have matron fantasies, my ex with the granny porn really scarred me lmao.
Women do not ejaculate. Some appear to piss themselves, even poop! They must think the sensation to push out is an orgasm. How? How did you get so stupid?

No. 81356

sorry to be a bitch but you sound fucking stupid.

>why is a breast sexual it's for feeding kids

…because the only things that are sexual have to do with child rearing/bearing because that's what sex is for.

No. 81364

I think we should all have a minute of silence for the girls who think pissing and pooping is an orgasm.

No. 81371


A lot of men are also violent. They want to slap and pinch a woman, but have to tell themselves its for her pleasure so they don't feel like monsters.

No. 81374

Late to the party, but anyway.. I have a longer inner labia, or what robots refer to as 'roastie'. Its has ALWAYS been that way. Even when I was a pure virgin teen that didn't get anything near my vagina (also always used pads for my period). It's just genetics, really. Vice versa I'm stunned how people can have their outer labia covering their inner labia, like how?? My outer labia is almost non existent. I'm convinced that at least some porn stars had 'lip injections' down there to make them look full.

No. 81379

lmao, i guess kids sucking on tits is sexy to some. I was more going with at least focusing on my vagina could make me orgasm, but yeah, sexual reproduction whats dat

No. 81380

on that topic, does anyone else get a mild sensation in their nipples when they're horny sometimes? It's hard to explain but it's somewhat nice and the fact that it often happens when I'm horny makes things like nipple sucking appealing. I don't think it's psychosomatic/porn brainwashing either because it would even happen back when I was a young fujo and generally uncomfortable with the concept of straight sex

you know a lot of girls also find breasts really genuinely sexy right? sexual attraction doesn't need to follow perfect direct reproductive logic all the time. It's all there for reproductive purposes, but it doesn't all work out perfectly literally.

No. 81382

I was originally agreeing with the poster that mentioned how erect nipples mirror the thinking of an erect penis and that our breasts and vaginas must work the same as a male penis.

read context. I like when my boyfriend sucks my nipples too but I'm not going to kid myself and say my breasts get horny for him.

No. 81383

i do, my nipples are a bit tingly when i get aroused, though they don't look any different.

No. 81588

I have no idea what the hell is happening and it's kind of scaring me.

I am swollen and red and in pain (not severe pain), I tried checking for a yeast infection but there is nothing to indicate it.
My discharge is watery but I am drying out fast like my vagina is having troubles lubricating itself there is also no foul odor.

Yesterday is when I swelled up on the last day of my period, the lips did not swell though. Just kinda around the opening and inside feels swollen. I'm not sexually active. There is no itching or burning.

I'm not experienced in this stuff and don't want to go to the doctor just yet. The swelling went down through the night but it's still there and quite red.

Any idea to wtf happened? Just happened out of the blue last night.

No. 81592

if your discharge is watery you can still have a yeast infection or a bacterial infection. Did you have your period?
You could also react allergic to tampons or a washing detergent.
Visit a gynecologist.

No. 81595

Yes I did have my period.

I don't use tampons but I'm thinking it could be the detergent as I'm trying a new one. I never had this happen before but I do tend to react to soaps and cosmetics easily. I started to swell and redden up within the few hours of not have a pad lining anything. I'm not going to turn my head to an infection though. I'll try booking an appointment if within the next few days it doesn't get better. I'll try using a different detergent too to eliminate that possibility.

I want to add on here as well that I frequently change my pads as well because I have a very heavy period.

No. 81777

I've been feeling more itchy/sore on my clit and bikini line. I burned myself with nair some time back, but this already was happening before. I've been moisturizing with plant-based fake petroleum, coconut oil, sometimes argan.

I've laid off a little in concern I am overmoisturizing but it helps soothe a bit. I don't know if my clothes or panties are putting a lot of pressure on my bits and causing discomfort, because I feel better when I'm in looser clothes. I don't seem to be excessively dry, but sometimes seem to be so when I'm most irritable, maybe soaked up by undies.

Am I sensitive, dry, or need bigger panties??? I've considered maybe the top bump where they sew in the "pad" in the middle is rubbing on me because I'm getting them wedgied.

No. 81784

Any other girls experienced a mental orgasm?

In my young teen years I experienced them a lot when I had sexual fantasies/looked at porn (usually hentai/fujo shit) since I didn't masturbate until I was 14. The way I experience it, it's like a lighter rush of ocytocin without any other physical effects. It's not up to par with an honest-to-god actual orgasm, but definitely different than just being aroused. I still get them sometimes when I'm fantasizing about someone I'm physically AND romantically attracted to and can't/don't touch myself.

So what's with that?

No. 81785

this used to happen to me regularly before i started birth control. i heard it has something to do with the ovulation cycle? it was annoying.

No. 81786

Not while awake, but I have them semi-frequently in dreams. It feels similar to an orgasm but without the release if that makes sense?

No. 81826

hey, so is there anybody here that just like… cannot masturbate? i've been raised my whole life to think masturbation is bad (i don't even live in a christian household lmao) and i very very rarely get turned on, usually around the time my period strikes. i've tried rubbing my clit, nothing. it probably doesn't help that porn repulses me, believe me i've tried watching porn and flicking the bean. nothing works. i think my clit may be really tiny? or i'm asexual or something? (i really hope i'm not…) i'm an 18 year old virgin, is this normal? thanks

No. 81848

Grew up the same way and had the same problem until I figured out that the only way flicking the bean felt good was if I laid facedown while doing it. Also had the same problem with porn, but after a while I figured out that the only thing the turns me on is lesbian porn and regular heterosexual porn turned me off even though I’m straight. Maybe you just need to keep looking until you find something you like?

No. 81894

It's the same for me minus the christian household part, I've never been able to masturbate using my hands. The only thing that works for me it putting a piece of cloth between my legs and start rubbing against it while I fantasize about something. I'm pretty creative setting up scenarios too. Maybe it can help?

No. 81915

This is how I feel when I'm _really_ turned on

No. 81929

Have you tried written porn instead of video? It tends to be aimed at women more with an actual plot and lets you use your imagination.

No. 81931

I'm sorry you were raised that way. Like the other anon asked, have you read any pornographic lit? There's a lot of fanfiction out there that is actually really effective. Also, for some women, the mood really matters. Maybe turn the lights down, light some candles, run a bath, and get settled in to the warm water. Or have a glass of wine to loosen up and prop yourself up on pillows. Try different positions, take it slow, don't stress out and try not to get frustrated. Is there any celebrities you've crushed on before? Any men in your life you could visualize?

If all of the above doesn't help, you should go to your doctor just in case.

No. 82010

my vagina is way too tight.
fingers won't go in. tampons won't go in. i tried to stick a cotton swab up there and it just would not go, it hurt. felt like i was hitting a wall or something. has anyone experienced this?

No. 82020

It's called vaginismus and it isn't that your vagina is too tight. It's that the muscles aren't being relaxed that allow penetration to be possible.

t. someone who suffers from the same condition

No. 82021

File: 1525741217634.jpg (Spoiler Image,56.33 KB, 813x346, Acupuncture-for-vaginismus.jpg)

Same anon here, here is a good representation of what it looks like:

For me, it's likely psychological because I was abused as a child and I had strict parents. Also, it only occurs for me when I've tried penetrative intercourse and it's the same thing; it's like a wall, even with a fuckload of lube (not that my vagina doesn't get wet). I once told the person penetrating me to try to get past my vadge anyway and he ended up with a fucked foreskin that was all cut up.

For you, it could be you have oversensitive vaginal nerves near its opening since it happens with anything inserted in your vagina. I'll post more useful graphics related to this :^)

No. 82022

File: 1525741386079.jpg (636.65 KB, 987x700, Vaginismus-cycle-of-pain1.jpg)

also, it hurt like hell for the guy, obviously.

The cycle of why vaginismus is difficult to treat is pictured. It can be treated, though; go to your gynecologist and she will likely recommend you to use dilators that increase in size over time so you can insert a tampon in.

No. 82024

yup, i got prescribed some natural muscle relaxers and "dilators" that just look like small plain dildos lol

No. 82039

the first time i tried to have sex his dick wouldnt go in at ALL not even the tip. not only was i nervous as hell but also getting frustrated and embarrassed about the whole thing, which made it worse.
the second time we tried it did go in after like a whole hour of trying but it hurt like a motherfucker for me the whole time, he also did the same thing i just told him to push anyways but he was circumcised. i think if he werent the same thing as that guy would have happened because it was tiiiite as fuck. and the pain was unbearable.
now when i have sex it does hurt at first, like it almost burns but then it subsides a bit and can have sex with minimum pain (it doesnt really goes away)

my issue with sex is that i dont feel pleasure, i just feel nothing except the dick going in and out and that little amount of pain. i do notice my mind going "somewhere else" while in the middle of it, like i feel disconnected. idk it's pretty frustrating to say the least. i dont have trauma of that kind, i dont think. but i always had issues with sex and intimacy so idk.

No. 82045

Anon a lot of women, even without vaginismus, have a hard time enjoying penetration. Don't rely on it. There's so much more to sex, talk about it with your partner, he can pleasure you in different ways. Voice your needs. But yeah, check yourself for vaginismus anyway.

No. 82088

Most of the time it was difficult for me too. It hurt and he couldn‘t get in. Only worked with 2 guys who were super sweet and took it slowly

No. 82266

So I watched a bunch of amateur squirting video for the love of science, and there is no way around it ; it's 100% piss.
I don't even think those women are cumming since the only muscle movement you can catch is them pushing hard their pelvic floor muscles to piss all over their partners. Do they even know what having an orgasm feel like? Or do they genuinely think releasing themselves on their loved one is the ultimate pleasure one can experience? I guess we'll never know.

No. 82274

It's a weird thing for sure anon. I wonder if they hold their piss in for a harder orgasm haha.

No. 82282

Why did squirting become so mainstream and normalized? I was reading smut the other day and it had the girl ejaculate. Took me right out of the story because ew, why, how? It’s like the female orgasm isn’t good enough so we have to make it more male like? Or men had to have a physical thing as proof that a woman came? Or what??

And then it just infected porn and Internet forums to the point where women are writing stories for other women and including it. Which makes no sense whatsoever to me because you’d think they’d know what was going on down there, unless they’re turned on by it too?

So many questions.

No. 82284

as someone who's squirted before because an ex liked it, it doesn't feel the same as peeing normally. i guess i can see why people would like doing it.

No. 82294

IA, it doesn't feel like pissing, it doesn't come out of the urethra, and it doesn't smell like piss. It smells exactly like Scotch tape, kek. Also, it's completely clear like water, and slightly… viscous? Like just a little tiny bit slippery. Less so than a water-based lube or something, but more so than piss or water.

I have no doubt that there's fake squirting in porn though.

No. 82301


This. I don't even squirt myself but it has been proved that it's not piss and it doesn't come from the bladder. Piss and squirt share some similar elements, but so do coffee and water and they are completely different. But I am with you, there are probably a lot of fake squirting videos that is just piss because well, that's way easier anyway. No wonder a lot of dudes (and girls) confuses it for actual pee.

Some people just like it. Also, some people like to visualize things, not necessarily because it's more "male-like". Like seeing their partners faces and body language and whatnot. I guess squirting is a big visual thing after all lol

No. 82303

>it has been proved that it's not piss and it doesn't come from the bladder

No, it has been proved squirting empty your bladder, it's 100% pee.

No. 82305

There are so many studies which prove it is pee. Idk why this is still up for debate

No. 82306

It’s been proven multiple times to be urine. If you’ve got actual studies more recent that 2012, cough up, otherwise don’t straight up lie to make someone feel better about peeing all over their partner like a tomcat.

No. 82307

Insecure women fetishising it and pretending it’s some special fluid from a nonexistent gland and they just orgasm better.

Ten years ago it was a weird anomaly and now it’s a staple in porn and you’re treated like a Victorian prude for not doing it. There’s even tutorials out there as if it was a desirable skill.
Typically dudes know even less about female anatomy than women donand totally believe that women have the anatomy required to shoot fluids and probably assume it’s the same fluid as ones natural lubricants.

Similar to fat activism but not as socially acceptable to discuss. Cam girls had a lot to do with it iirc.

TLDR ignorance and shame made it a hobby.

No. 82310

squirting is disgusting. moving on.

No. 82311

>Similar to fat activism

Haha omfg, even though I completely agree with you about squirting being peeing it's so obnoxious how some of you have to squeeze your thinly veiled hateboners for ~thicc womminz~ into everything you talk about. Even though that makes absolutely no sense and there isn't similarities between the two.

No. 82319

I don’t have a hate boner for larger women, just groups of people that try and turn insecurity into a movement that primarily shames anyone who doesn’t share their insecurity.

I’m saying the groups are similar in that they seek to normalise, and make desirable, a trait that is typically not normal or desirable, and that the most vocal of them do so by layering false pity or straight up cry ignorance to anyone who disagrees with their little agenda.

Sorry your feelings got hurt the minute the word fat was used. It’s a descriptor not an insult fam.

No. 82330

you're trying to say you ejaculated from your vagina and not your urethra. That's amazing. I'm just trying to understand how you were able to contort your vagina that it was able to make a piss stream lol

No. 82331

People are also into scat porn anon. I wouldn't call shitting yourself an orgasm.

No. 82339

Anyone else who is just grossed out by the way your labia lips look?
My labia is just extremely visible. They are huge and I hate looking at it. I know that everyone has different forms and what not and I haven't even watched many porn movies to get the idea that mine is just plain ugly (heard that most porn stars have minimal labia lips).
Its fucked up that I feel ashamed by the way it looks. I wish that they would be smaller so it doesn't look like a small bulge down there when I am just wearing my panties.

Still a virgin and I think one reason for that is because I feel ugly down there so I wouldn't want to show it to anyone in the first place.

No. 82351

Tf? Lmao hamplanet detected.

No. 82357

i didn't call it that. i just said it doesn't feel like pissing normally, so i understand why people would like to do it. it's like an uncontrollable reaction.

No. 82358

yea it's called incontinence lol

No. 82365

you're fucking retarded.

No. 82366

Yeah, I have long gross labia, had it since 12 or younger. No guy has ever commented on it, and I've fucked scumbags who would have used it against me if they thought it was gross.

I'm getting labiaplasty one day, because I can't deal with it even if others do not care.

No. 82371

did u wet the bed or something? incontinence is involuntarily urinating or defecating yourself. These girls need to work on their pelvic floor muscles, they've got old granny issues.

No. 82374

>tfw arousal has been fucked since teens bc of meds

I just want to have a fucking orgasm. I'm edging on 23 and I'm, like, pretty ashamed that it hasn't happened. Not even ashamed tho. Super fucking annoyed.

Masturbating bores the shit out of me. I have never been turned on by fantasizing. I can touch myself for an hour and just be so fucking bored by it. I just don't get aroused by being touched (hard, soft, whatever- none of it is sexy ((bc meds fucking up nerves))). Visual porn doesn't turn me on either. Reading is better- but, then when I go to touch myself, it takes me out of the moment I had and godfuckingdamn I am so annoyed.

I've had sex- I fucking love PIV… like, I may not be super aroused enough but lube me up and fuck me and I'm instantly hot. PIV is great. BUT. Like, it ends up being something that kind of hurts? Not in the way that it's too dry or too hard or anything– more in like, it's too much stimulation? Maybe? I don't fucking know. But, then when it gets to that hurt-y/too much place, I obviously stop PIV and end up annoyed because then arousal drops to the negatives.

Is it possible to have orgasms without knowing? Like. I don't want an earth shattering pornstar moment- I just want to know wtf an orgasm feels like. ugh.

meds are so good for my brain but so bad for my sex life and it makes me angry and annoyed and goddamn I just want to cum. I want my nerve endings to respond properly and I want PIV to stop being so overstimulating.

tldr; nerve endings are so dull bc of brain meds from early on except vaginal, but when doing any kind of PIV I get super overstimulated and need to stop- and then become insta-unaroused.

No. 82387

File: 1526110880309.jpeg (Spoiler Image,292.01 KB, 1000x750, 681A8AFF-3C5B-4DDB-8855-D64C82…)


Top row, second from the left is most similar to how I look except my outer lips are a bit puffier… and I still hate how it looks tbh. I know there is no surgery to fix my dislike, I just don’t like how vaginas look in general. As long as I’m healthy down there, I don’t think about it. Are you sure you’d be happier with it looking different?

No. 82389

I mean, you have the perfect vulva then, if you had a huge fluttering bat-winged vulva like me, you would know. Same as someone with a huge honking beak of a nose knows they will feel better after rhinoplasty, or someone with rock-in-a-sock tuberous breasts knows they will feel better after breast augmentation. If your appearance borders on a deformity, you just know that having it fixed will make you feel more comfortable.

I do not find all vulvas ugly. My issue isn't because I have a vulva, it is strictly the appearance of mine. Seeing before and afters similar to how mine looks and knowing what is attainable makes me happy. So yeah, I'm pretty sure it would make me happier in that aspect of my life.

No. 82404

I'm so sad that I can't enjoy PIV, I do it because I know that's what feels better for men, but it literally does nothing for me except irritate me after 15 min of action. The worst thing is I love anal sex and I can have very strong orgasm from it but it require a lot of preparation and contrary to what many people believe most guys don't want to do it in your butt. (I get it, it's were poop come from)
I wish I wasn't a degenerate and I could get off from PIV, it's extremely embarrassing to bring up to a new partner that you don't enjoy it and that you need them to either eat you out or fuck your ass to cum… I guess I have to abandon the hope of having orgasms on the regular.

No. 82419

I think you've got a mental block on PIV because I can't fathom how you can get off via anal but not when the dick is in the vagina where the stimuli is.

I had a terrible ex once, started out fine fucking, he could get me off fingering (he wouldn't go down) and that was it. After a while I couldn't even take his dick, he told me I had vaginismus but I didn't. I was just not into him and my body could figure it out quicker than my head.

I've had plenty of amazing PIV and PIV orgasms away from him. I think a lot of an orgasm has to just do with how you personally feel.

Just by your saying it's sore after 15 minutes of action, sounds like the dude is just going ham on you and you're letting him. Try and adjust his rhythm and slow him down by using your own body. It's usually when I slow my partner down that I'm about to cum and he's use to it now that he knows not to get too excited and start thrusting like a mad man but ride it out lol.

No. 82423

Tbh I do think I'm kinda scared of PIV, because of my miserable sex history, my first bf had a really big penis and he would never do any kind of foreplays so my first sexual experiences were very painful. Luckily it was a LDR so I didn't have to have sex too often.
My second relationship was with a guy willing to do a lot to please me but unfortunately he was shit at everything (would lick me for 40 min but not take instruction and I never came), he also never washed his dick and constantly gave me UTI, I begged him to get his penis checked for some sort of infection but he refused because he didn't want a doctor to touch his penis… So yeah I think I have this idea of PIV = pain / UTI. On the other hand I masturbated analy since I was a teen and I guess it's a safe space for me? It doesn't hurt and I can't get any sort of infection from it so it's not stressful.

Idk what to do about it tho.

No. 82425

I mean…you CAN get many infections from anal, aids being one of them, infected rips/cuts being another. But, I totally understand your aversion to PIV after what you wrote. I think other Anon >>82419 is very correct and it's all about the right partner. It isn't supposed to hurt. If it does, it's the partner's fault, as he's the one servicing that part. It's designed for peni to go in and baby to come out. It's super functional. Just a shame men don't know what to do with it sometimes.

No. 82437

Me, too, anon. Most people say they like my "puffy" lips, but I feel like it's gross. I wish I could deflate them, ugh.

No. 82693

Back when I was 13/14 I'd have vaginal discharge that was thick, sticky, and rubbery. I'm now 21 and my discharge is strictly creamy white or clear. I also don't expel nearly as much of it as I used to. Back then when I'd stand up after sitting for awhile
or pee it would feel similarly to a blood clot coming out during your period. Anyway, I was wondering why my discharge has changed both in amounts and texture. Was it just my body adjusting to all the estrogen and other puberty stuff?

No. 82709

If you have another partner, be open and honest with them about your history. That said, maybe try masturbating yourself in a way that's not too uncomfortable. over time, you can teach your body that PIV is not bad.

No. 82710

>turn insecurity into a movement that primarily shames anyone who doesn’t share their insecurity

Except it doesn't and you are just projecting your insecurity onto a group that did nothing to skinny women. As far as I know body posivity goes to all sizes and it includes people who have warped views of their own bodies and hate themselves a lot such as you.

No. 82712

Five days and you’re bringing it back up. You dig through five days of posts just to show how mad you stayed over a throwaway comparison in a meaningless thread.
Who’s insecure here?

No. 83238

Mine kind of always smells really bad?
I get checkups regularly and am still a virgin, so there's really nothing wrong with it, but after just one day I feel like my trousers stink already. I shower everyday and use a normal soap.
Is there anything I could do?

No. 83240

Those tea tree oil/neem oil liquid soaps on amazon makes my kitty smell minty. Just search "body odor soap".

No. 83267

I had the same issue and then I noticed I had a stronger smell with only certain underwear. The synthetic fabrics really made things stronger down there versus the 100% cotton. Not sure if you've taken that into consideration yet or if it pertains to you anon but that and diet is all I can personally advise. What you eat and drink has a role in smell.

No. 83334

Wear only cotton underwear, and avoid skintight pants and synthetics. You also might try washing your clothing with ALL free and clear and using white vinegar in the fabric softener compartment.

No. 83346

Make sure you are wearing cotton underwear. Don't wear polyester leggings constantly or nylon.

No. 83373


Not sure if this belongs here or in the masturbation thread but here goes: I can't (or very very rarely) climax during sex unless I am masturbating. My boyfriend is great in bed, but I can't get off unless I 'help out'

Any ladies experienced this?

Some background: I have a weird relationship with sex and was molested when I was younger (surprise, surprise) My speculation is that I still need to be "in control" in order to feel comfortable enough to climax. It makes my bf kind of insecure but it's not about him lol

No. 83393

Most women can't orgasm from vaginal sex, it is normal.

No. 83519

Not orgasming from PIV is normal and nothing to worry about. It might be good to teach your partner how to bring you to orgasm with his hands. Be very specific about what works for you so he can learn. If hands don't work, he could also employ his mouth.

No. 83529

Like the previous anons said, it's normal. Kind of sad that this still isn't common knowledge, but the majority of women experience sexual pleasure this way.
I've never been molested or anything and as long as I have been masturbating I have absolutely never been able to orgasm from vaginal stimulation alone though I can make myself cum in just a couple of minutes from rubbing my clit.

No. 83768

File: 1527626556819.jpg (66.45 KB, 673x460, 494563776.jpg)

Does anyone have any tips for preventing UTIs? I feel like I'm always on the verge of getting one, especially after sex. I always pee and clean myself up after sex (and I make my bf do the same). I drink at least 3L of water daily and I take probiotics. I only wear cotton underwear. Nothing seems to help and I'm not sure why.

No. 83772

If you are on birth control it can make your mucosa drier and weaker, which makes you more suseptible to utis. I has them constantly until I stared using estrogen cream.

No. 83777

Finally my bitch of a chronic illness is useful
I have interstitial cystitis and there would be times where I would knocked the fuck out for months by it. Is your uti like, do you feel it up in your abdomen/bladder or right down by your opening?

Mine is the latter and I recommend cystopurin, peeing for a second longer than usual to make sure it's all out, but strictly not sitting on the toilet any longer than that even if it feels helpful. Also, sitting on a hot water bottle or ice pack, and the best relief ever for me is to just fucking turn my vibrator on and sit on it and read a book. Distracts from the horrible sensation down there enough to think straight.

No. 83795


I am on birth control which does dry things out down there. My typical early symptoms are discomfort in my urethra and cloudy urine coupled with that weird 'drop in pressure' sensation while peeing. I nip it in the bud by drinking tons of water but it's definitely annoying to deal with in the first place. I will look further into estrogen cream and cystopurin, thanks girls!

No. 83916

I actually came here to pose that same question! I feel like I just have these chronic, recurring UTIs these days. It feels like I can just breathe the wrong way and get one. Just the other day, I was thinking about how I haven't had one in about a month or two, and this evening I got that burning, tugging feeling when I went to pee. Thankfully I have some leftover antibiotics from my last UTI to tide me over until tomorrow when I can go to the doctor.

Does anyone know if women with IUDs are more susceptible to UTIs? Because during the 2 months I went without birth control between getting my Skyla taken out and my Kyleena put in, I didn't have any UTIs. Then I got another the same week I got my Kyleena put in.

No. 83918

I have to take antibiotics long term and have a bad yeast infection, did a monistat thing and it made it worse… it's so so itchy and burning, there are legitimately lumps from itching it so badly. can't use the difclucin pill or whatever because i'm on antibiotics for at least another 2 months… what can I do to make it better/not come back again?

No. 83920

File: 1527732378760.jpg (60.21 KB, 800x549, attractive-woman-drinking-coco…)

I can attest to coconut water. It's a natural diuretic and very popular in the philippines for preventing utis.

Here's an article explaining a little bit about it: www.thevirgincoconutoil.com/articleitem.php?articleid=280#ixzz1xF4a5k3X

Another one that I've had success with when I already had a uti is oregano oil. I just read about it on some home remedies list and I happened to have some and my uti cleared up faster than normal for me. Googling it now it seems it can also help prevent them.

No. 84162


Are you using soap when you clean up? I made that mistake when I was younger and basically washed the entrance to my vagina and urethra with soap and I got so many freaking UTIs. Also are the probiotics ones you actually need? Because they can do more harm than good if they conflict with your own personal bacteria which, like the soap, is a surefire way to land yourself a UTI. Not to mention that it's a very broad term among consumer products and could mean basically anything

No. 84349

I never use soap internally or around my vaginal opening or urethra, don't worry. But you've actually made an interesting point about the probiotics, I take them every day but that seems a little excessive now that I think about it. I'm very concerned with gut health but I never realized I could be throwing things out of wack. I'm going to cut down on them and see if it helps.

No. 84449

This isn’t purely vagina-related, but still female anatomy. I went to the gyno today to get ultrasounds (ugh) to check on something, and she discovered that my right ovary is buried deep behind my uterus. Like, it took some serious digging and probing to find it and it hurt so bad. Anyone else have this problem?

No. 84453

is it bad to wear panty liners all day, every day?

No. 84454

File: 1528328532673.jpg (84.28 KB, 570x570, 31f496ae47d75aa5c65d638816c8d9…)

Probably not, but I'd be a little concerned about the lack of breathability caused by the adhesive and plastic backing.

Would you ever try cloth liners? I use them daily and they are not only breathable, but super fun and cute. And you'll save money in the long run.

No. 84505

i suppose you can make them yourself? but how do you keep them in place?

No. 84506

Buttons. And you can buy them online.

No. 84508


How do these things feel? Do they feel big and bulky like a normal pad? I've not worn pads in years and I don't like the idea of tampons any more. I'm nifty on a sewing machine and was thinking of whipping some up and trying them out, but I'm worried I'd make them and they end up feeling like a regular pad.

No. 84511

File: 1528408535435.png (1.98 MB, 998x996, organic bamboo velour.png)


They have wings that are held together by plastic snap buttons, k-snaps to be exact. You can also get metal ones. Snug underwear is a must for keeping cloth pads in place.

They feel amazing and way more comfortable than normal pads because they are breathable and made of the same material as your underwear. You won't get swamp crotch in hotter weather, and they're great for anyone prone to yeast infections or sensitive to the bleaching agents used in regular pads. You can get them in amazing materials like bamboo velour, crushed velvet, minky, cotton, jersey knit, pique. In any pattern, any absorbency, any length, even custom shapes and sizes to suit your particular needs. They can be incredibly thin if that's your preference, not bulky at all, and they don't show through your clothes.

I love cloth pads and can't recommend them enough.

No. 84512

Excuse me for sounding dumb I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to fabric pads.
But how long can you wear them before changing? Same as regular pads?
Just wondering what to do with them if you gotta change it while at work. Where do you put them? Asking myself the same question when it comes to moon cups.
I mean I would feel really uncomfortable washing the in the sink when there is a risk of coworkers coming by.

No. 84513

>>84511some of those fabric options sound like crotch swamp waiting to happen. Velour against your labia isnt exactly getting good airflow.

Also, the snap buttons add 2-4 lumps on your crotch that will look weird unless you have loose pants on. Snaps are bunkhouse enough to show through denim

Fabric holds odors and moisture, so there’s no chance that these will not smell. Make sure you have an airtight baggie if you need to change them at work of your handbag will smell like vaginas.

They aren’t dirty but they aren’t quite as amazing as the shills for them say. There’s a lot of obvious downsides if you know anything about fabric.

No. 84517

I don't use cloth pads, but for moon cups, most people don't have to empty them at work because even the smaller sizes generally hold 25ml, and it's safe to leave them in for up to 12 hours.

No. 84518

You can wear them for as long as you're comfortable, they hold as much or more as regular pads. For work/public spaces, you just carry a waterproof wetbag, fold the soiled pad in half and pop it in there until you can get home. And no, it won't smell at all, nor will it make your purse smell.

Synthetic fabrics (minky, velvet, suedecloth) are not recommended for hot days, but they can be quite nice in cooler temperatures. Bamboo and cotton velours are organic and breathable, they won't lead to swamp crotch at all. That said, generally in hotter temps you'd stick to cotton, jersey or pique (the latter two are moisture-wicking).

The snaps do not show through clothing, least of all jeans. And they smell far less than regular pads, which are made of plastic and allow for no airflow at all. I'm not 'shilling' btw…they're certainly not for everyone and I know that. To be fair, I will list some downsides: high upfront cost, not knowing what works for you and having to deal with lots of trial-and-error, the hassle of reselling pads you didn't like, and the chore of soaking and washing pads.

If getting up close and personal with your own blood squicks you out, cloth pads and especially menstrual cups are not for you.

No. 84535

Synthetic fur is never going to be a great thing to have on your crotch all day, even if it’s chilly outside. Fabric does not make odors disappear so they are going to smell exactly like a pad. Again, if someone wants to use them, get a Tupperware box or a ziplock baggie.

Snaps will absolutely show through leggings unless the woman wearing them has very little or no space between her legs. If you’ve got any sort of gap, there will be bumps. That’s how little hard lumps of plastic are.

You seem almost personally upset that there’s been criticism of fabric pads. I’ve had to use them for menstruation before because of growing up very poor. It’s not that great. A heavy flow will absolutely leak through because they have no plastic lining.
As a panty liner, sure. Save your money and the environment, but buyers should be aware that very thin fabrics cannot absorb much, and that cotton, jersey, linen, or flannel cannot prevent any sort of odor any more than a regular pair of panties.

No. 84536

Not that anon, and I don’t wear reusable pads, but if someone ever ever noticed a small bump on my vagina area while I was wearing pants, they’d be the ones with a problem. If you wear jeans, or skirts, or dresses, or like you said: don’t have a noticeable gap there; you’re fine. And anyone who is looking at your vag close enough to notice (through fabric) a button the size of a fingernail, well they’re the weirdo

No. 84550

I agree. Cloth pads have the same issues as normal pads, minus the trash and plush all the washing and carrying soiled pads around. I have some non-waterproof gauze pantyliners I got from a now-defunct etsy shop and I love them for discharge so things can always be dry down there, but even flannel suffocates the area.

No. 84551

I MISS MY PERIOD :( feel so unfeminine

No. 84559

Why have you lost you period? And why would that make you miss it? I don’t feel feminine when I’m on mine. I feel my worst.

No. 84571

File: 1528481952565.png (1.99 MB, 1006x1326, 039931162738812.png)

I'm not personally affronted at all, I conceded that cloth pads are not for everyone and they absolutely have disadvantages when compared to normal pads. The snaps really don't show through leggings, the snaps go right between your legs, not near your butt or your front…so unless you're wearing very sheer tights with your crotch near someone's face, they're not going to see anything, lol.

I think you had a bad experience and thus a bias against cloth pads due to the options available to you while growing up. The ones you used were probably bulky and uncomfortable compared to the options available from luxury brands like Novel Red or Etsy sellers like Yurtcraft or Beach Bottom (pic related). It doesn't smell like anything, regular pads smell far worse.

You can get heavy and post-partum pads with waterproof lining. Also, the fabric topper is not the absorbent part lol, you can choose from a variety of absorbent cores. Common ones are Zorb (used in cloth diapers), heavy bamboo fleece, cotton flannel, terry, and hemp fleece.

Anyhoo, I'll be around to answer anyone's questions about cloth pads if they have any. Happy to discuss the downsides as well.

No. 84577

My periods haven't come in 2 months and I made a billion tests and I'm supposedly not pregnant, got doctor next wednesday, what do you guys think it could be? The anxiety is killing me

No. 84581

I started taking the pill back to back and I think it gave me a yeast infection or something?
My discharge used to be clear and now it's almost fucking GREEN and it smells disgusting.
I also do not get intermenstrual bleeding which kinda worries me?
I'm going to the doctor soon but what can I do in the meantime to make it less bad?

No. 84582

It can be a multitude of reasons. It could be a lack of nutrition, over exercising, stress (ironically), or a hormonal imbalance as the most common ones. If you can I say talk to your doctor and get a blood test to double check nutrition and hormone levels. Also to look at your exercise schedule and see if you're pushing your body too far.
The final thing it could be, which I hope it isn't, is you being very underweight. Anorexic girls for example will miss their period or potentially lose it all together. I hope this helps a bit and you can figure out your issue soon. Hopefully it's also nothing serious which it totally can be, I just wanted to list the serious stuff as well just so you had the information and do potentially get it checked out

No. 84589

I think it is probably stress since it stopped coming around some time I was quite stressed about class. However it scares me because it couldn't be malnutrition because I eat well, couldn't be because of overweight or over exercising because I am a bit overweight but exercise regularly and don't push myself too much, just do enough. I never thought I would have hormonal problems since my periods used to come every month pretty much the same day. I am pretty scared to be honest. Almost wish I was just pregnant so I could have an abortion and get over it already.

No. 84601

File: 1528509495500.jpg (52.96 KB, 800x603, aloe-vera-gel-wooden-spoon-sel…)

Does anyone else notice during their most fertile week that a lot of discharge comes out during bowel movements?
It's only during that one week each month, and there is no infection or other issue as far as I know.

No. 84607

gross, but yeah… i mean it's the same as when you're on your period. if you are pushing something out then you're also pushing blood or discharge out while you poop. during your ovulation i know many women will discharge regularly so it's tottally normal

No. 84664

SO wants to cum inside of me from now on and I'm into it too.
I'm on birth control and my SO is pretty much unfertile. What should I do tho? I'm so scared of anything bad happening. So what precautions should I take (we're both STD free btw), what should I do once I get cummed inside, how do I make double sure nothing bad happens…
God I feel like such a slut to ask that but it's my first time around such things and I wanna make my SO happy

No. 84665


C'mon girl, don't slut shame yourself. I love it when my man cums inside. First time was weird because when I stood up, everything started dripping around my thighs and the sensation was kinda awful to me. The smell was strong too. My advice is to have ready something to whipe yourself after. About risks of infection, worry not, just have your normal higiene routine and go to the gyno as usual.

No. 84666

Maybe a little off-topic but does anyone else have trouble feeling arousal? I used to get turned on but after being sexually abused when I was in my early teens I've never been able to feel it as strongly, only very faintly at the most. Have any of you had success with therapy or any other methods of restoring libido?

There's nothing to worry about, really. You just have to learn to trust your birth control and like other anon said just keep up with regular hygiene. You've already taken every precaution you can, enjoy yourself!

No. 84667

If I mix powdered maca root in my coffee on a regular basis it shoots my libido through the roof, along with helping my overall energy. Downside is it makes you more fertile and tastes awful. If you’re on bc I suggest talking to your doctor before taking it since it will mess with your levels.

No. 84668

I thought maca root was something invented in Arrested Development. Sage for irrelevance

No. 84692

First off, you're not a slut. If it would make you feel better, get tested together. You could also have him go in and get his sperm checked if that would put your mind at ease, depending on health care in your country. One thing that would help is having an open and honest conversation about what you would do if, against all odds, you got pregnant. It's important to be on the same page here. This is good because it lets you know what the worst case scenario is. You could also look into doubling up on your birth control methods if you're using something that you don't feel is effective enough.

No. 84694

I do, too. I think it was because I was taking anti-depressants when I was pubescent, my libido was suppressed and I didn't even have a sexual awakening until I was 18. Even now I only really feel aroused when I'm ovulating. I'm not sure how to fix it, maybe therapy or something like >>84667 suggested?

No. 84847

I saw some other posts about dark pubic areas in these threads, but no real info on if theres anything you can do to lighten the skin. I have a fully innie-vagina and I try to exfoliate and moisturize the area regularly but my pubic areas are SUPER dark and I'm really pale so it looks really gross (to me). I have the dark skin around my butthole, on my inner and outer labia, and where my outer labia meets the thigh. Is there any safe way of making it less brown/black?

No. 84914

try any gentle face cream that contains niacinamide. it's a natural bleaching agent that discourages the growth and spread of pigment cells/melanin. it should be safe to use externally, such as the inner thigh area, but i wouldn't put it directly on the labia because who knows if the cream will migrate internally and cause irritation.

alternatively you could just learn to live with it…pretty much every human has darker skin on the pubic area and around their butthole, and who is going to be looking at your labia and butthole anyway? just your partner and your doctor, both of whom won't judge you for a little uneven skintone.

No. 84915

That’s so normal it’s sad you want to “fix” it.

No. 84960

Papaya soap can lighten the skin over time, plus it smells great and feels amazing.

No. 85064

Well,the thing is,my SO is a transgirl. I'm reassuring myself since she is taking eostrogens and the likes,which makes her,well,pretty unfertile. And given I take birth control I should be good for good but i'm just always anxious. Thanks for the help gals!

Seconding,I got the same kind of vag but boy is it dark on the lips

No. 85065

(also she's gonna have her surgery next year so i guess that won't be a problem after that)

No. 85080

out with you, handmaiden.

No. 85086

I don't suggest she has the surgery if she is expressing an interest in cumming inside you. Plenty of transwomen deeply regret SRS. You also sound quite young and inexperienced to have never had anyone cum inside and be worried about it. If you're on the pill and take it at the same time every day your chance of pregnancy is nearly zero. The priority is taking it within the same hour every day and not missing a day. With your partner on hrt brings your chance of pregnancy to about zero as long as you are taking the pill correctly.

No. 85097

My gyno appointment is in a month, but I was wondering if anyone knew what could cause burning while peeing but only during menstruation? Kind of want to know what to expect

No. 85107

could it be irritation from pads? i get irritated down there every time my period is about to end (it lasts 6 days for me)

No. 85109

Oof enjoy having sex with a putrid hole I guess.

No. 85152

>wants to cum in SO

My mind is full of fuck…

No. 85182


it's a man who wants to use his dick to cum in his girlfriend before he chops it off for his fetish. that's some gross sissy shit

No. 85188

Whatever you guys say.
Not a fetish. Just ok with using her D but not really liking it. If it was a fetish she wouldnt be on transition since her young teen years. Sissies and shit just discredit real transpeople (which are like,1% of the whole trans comm). I used to think like you guys before i met her tho so heh.

She'll be going to the best surgeon. Those other just settle for cheap shit and end up with an axe wound.

In any case, not gonna shit up the thread any more. Thank you for your advice.
And yes, >>85086 I am quite young and inexperienced still. I guess I'll learn.

No. 85189

Could be. The burning lasts maybe a day and the doesn't come back until the next period.
I loath tampons but if the testing doesn't show anything, I'll try them.

No. 85193

She is a man, it's a fetish.

No. 85194

sorry, but if your bf is okay with using his dick to fuck you, he's not trans. even if trans is legit like you say, that alone makes him not trans. stop being blinded by your affection.

No. 85196

>I used to think like you guys before i met her tho so heh.

Are you trying to say you're proud you regressed? Most of us thought that trans was legit when we were younger and peaked because we matured.

No. 85224

Not the best surgeron in the world can turn a penis into a healthy "vagina" replica. Their body is still gonna treat it as an open wound and react accordingly.

No. 85256


Serious question. If he doesn’t like penetrating you, why does he do it ? If it’s because you like it, understand he won’t be able to do it anymore after chopping it off. I can’t see your sex life not tanking girl, but go off

No. 85257

nta but i'm starting to wonder if that anon is actually the tranny tbh. they're drip-feeding info and acting kind of odd.

No. 85274

>Well,the thing is,my SO is a transgirl.
Logistically, it doesn't matter. A penis is a penis is a penis.
You should still talk about what you would do in the case of an oopsie, and don't rely on your partner's assumed infertility for contraception.

No. 85276

How in the world could somebody who claims they feel like a woman and would be dysphoric from their penis, have no problem with using said penis? Why would they have no issue with ejaculating in a woman when that's something that literallh only men can do.

You're dating somebody who has some serious mental illnesses and is takng their fetish way too far.

No. 85295


i think that happens to most women, it's most likely just irritation from tampons or pads. you can try cups or cloth pads if you feel comfortable enough doing so and see if it's of any help, a lot of pad/tampon companies have harsh chemicals in their products


this won't be what you want to hear probably but i don't recommend doing anything to it, anon. it's completely normal for skin to be darker there than it is on other parts of your body and most likely isn't a sign of a health issue so it'll do you more good to accept it the way it is

No. 85446

cranberry pills can help
also: clean your genital area with water only, dry with a blow drier, pee every 2 hours aprox. never hold in pee!
And when you pee, make sure every drop is released… if there's residue it can contribute
If you do all of these and still get many (confirmed and separate) UTI's, maybe you need to see a specialist.

No. 85670

Can anyone recommend a free, easy to use and cute period tracker app for android? After being on depo for a while I'm due to have a period again soon and I want to keep track of them this time.

No. 85671

Clue has been my go-to for well over a year now! Idk if it's "cute" exactly but it has a very clean and pleasant interface.

No. 85822

Will using nair ruin my vag?

No. 85823

Depends. You technically aren't supposed to use it around your genitals. However, I use sensitive skin nair there all the time, like once every few weeks. Only one time I had issues because I left it on too long (longer than 10 min, NEVER leave it on longer than that, I advise 5 min and give yourself an additional 5 to wash it off completely, this is where I fucked up) - nothing happened to my vag, but outer labia was kind of oozing blood for a few hours after. It healed up fine but it sucked.

So, YMMV. I won't recommend other people do it, I've just been doing it for years so I know how my skin reacts to it.

No. 85830

I like Clue, too. If you don't make an account, you can still use it, and they won't use your data for research. It's very clean, in terms of design.

No. 85836

i use flo. its pretty cute i like it. it gives you advice sometimes too.

No. 86231

File: 1529902941442.png (5.37 KB, 365x378, nerves.png)

has anyone here ever been so unsatisfied with the appearance of their labia that they have literally contemplated mutilating themselves over it? because they couldnt afford surgery? i remember a few years ago i read this odd article/blog post about a body modification artist doing a labiaplasty on herself (though she said she could barely walk for a few weeks)…

i hate how mine look, mine are bigger&darker than average. it doesnt even matter if they're technically 'normal' because men are exposed to so much porn nowadays that i doubt mine would look normal or attractive to them in comparison. what if i were to become intimate w/ a man but he saw how it looked and backed out? has that happened to anyone?

pretty sure this self hatred that has been with me throughout childhood prevented me from ever developing a sex drive

No. 86232

This really shouldn't be "comforting" but always remember that while men talk a big game about how picky they are, they will fuck anything. Regarding porn, I watch it on and off and see plenty of different varieties of labia/vulva. If it helps, you can look around (especially at amateurs/cam whores) and even women with really big, dark labia have fans and positive comments.

No. 86234

In my experience men don't really care, chances are you care more about it then they do. I don't consider my labia to be the ideal but I never received any negative comments about it and I even had some who complimented it. If you're about to get intimate with someonethey're probably horny and just want to fuck so I doubt they'll care that much about your labia. Sure, big labia may be considered unattractive by someone but at the end of the day it's really going to affect sex that much. And lastly, if a guy won't have sex with you because the appearance of your labia then you probably dodged a bullet.

No. 86246

Anon this sorta makes me sad. You could have labia longer than your fingers and you’d still deserve to feel okay and not be held back sexually. Tbh if a dude watches so much porn he’s freaked out by labia that aren’t porn perfect he’s probably spent so long watching porn instead of being with humans that he’s not worth the time.

Labia aren’t ever exactly pretty, but you’re not deformed or a freak or hideous and I really really hope you never act on the desire to mutilate.

No. 86251

Men will fuck you anyway.
Imo it's a bit like the saggy boob issue; sure there's a lot of perky, fake boobs in porn but plenty of men are realistic about what the average pair of boobs are like. They don't really care if your boobs sag, just like how they don't care if you've got some extra vag beef.
And usually the guys who squeal and judge about those things are neurotic as fuck.

No. 86829

How many of you take the hair off? Do you feel like men prefer it with or without, or don't care, in your experience?

No. 86832

This is worded pretty cute so I’ll indulge you anon, I’ve been taking the hair off since it first started cropping up. Personally, it feels very itchy and uncomfortable when I let the hair stay, so I prefer it bare, and so has every guy I’ve been with. It’s also so much cleaner than with hair, no sweat or body odor, just feels better all around. I shave with a men’s razor, really makes a difference after years of using shitty women’s razors.

No. 86894

I used to shave everything, and it was awful and I just ended up with ingrowns. Now, I just trim for comfort and shave the bikini line. My boyfriend is fine with it; he's realistic about hair removal's practical elements.
Someday, I would like to get laser hair removal to cut down on how ling my showers take.

No. 86897

I don't shave anything and trim occasionally. My boyfriend cares more about my armpit hair witch begrudgingly epilate now.
fully bald just seems very infantile to me, If a guy only found that attractive it would creep me out.

No. 86909

Porn has ruined mens minds about the female body

years ago men were more than happy and felt lucky if they had sex with a womam with decent propotions and looked healthy, now it seems the only way for men to be satisfied and pleased with womens bodies is to have insane anime propotions with perfect round perky boobs and an anime pussy, obviously men would still have sex with the woman either way but I avoid ever having sex with men due to how many cry about how ugly a womans body is if she doesn't look like a porn star, hell even most porn stars bodies arent enough for most men nowadays

No. 86911

File: 1530520980365.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.69 MB, 1797x2592, 29843N.jpg)

I find bald pussy extremely weird looking and bald dick are downright ugly IMO. So I trim my hair and shave / wax what goes past my pantyline but that's it. From time to time I'll take the hair off my vulva but I will keep a little triangle on top (I think it fits perfectly with a woman body shape), but that's it. I'll never be in a relationship with a dude that has any kind or requirement regarding my body hair, I'm super anal about it because I'm sadly prone to UTI and shaving down there make them appear more often, I would get so butthurt if I shaved my genitals to please a man and got a UTI right after, and probably would hold it against him.

Speaking about men's taste and expectation, every single subreddit dedicated to pussy's top post are bald innies and it makes me feel like shit about me body. I don't even have big protruding labia minora but I stil get upset everytime I read or hear someone say they prefer "clean" looking pussy. Do they realize they're implying having some lips down there looks dirty? It's so cruel.
Pic related .

No. 86915

>a little triangle on top
This is the best. Nobody sees me naked so my choice in pubic hair is solely to please myself, and my preference is shaved everywhere except for a trimmed triangular patch. It prevents me from looking too bald for my taste and it's also the section of hair that is most difficult to shave, the skin there irritates really easily for some reason. In terms of aesthetics I think of pubic hair as like eyebrows for your body. None at all and it looks weird, but it needs to be kept neat and shaped properly.

No. 86916

i'd prefer to leave some hair but i'm terrible at shaving and can't make it look even and tidy. i don't find a completely bald pubic area that attractive but it's better than a lopsided patch left, so i always end up just shaving more and more until it's all gone. if i go to get waxed, which i hardly ever do, i ask her to leave a patch still

i find it uncomfortable on myself but i love the look of a real 70s style bush. i hate those "real women have _____" style memes but the further out of my teens i get, the more womanly and appealing i find not being fully shaved

No. 86919

>tfw ex porn and hentai addict and even I think women shouldn't have to be perfect and prefer """6/10""" women
Men are useless.

No. 86921

>it's also the section of hair that is most difficult to shave
Literally how? That's the only part you can see, shaving the other parts always makes me scared like shit of accidentally cutting myself…

No. 86974

I can't seem to get anything resembling a good shave or wax on my labia majora. How do I do this?

No. 86978

Like I said, it irritates my skin, it's not a matter of physically struggling to remove the hair. I don't know if other people are the same. It's probably because the hair is thickest there and the way the grain lies, I'm more likely to get razor burn there than anywhere.

No. 86986

diff anon but I have the same problem, it's just that the hair there are much thicker and somehow no matter how hard I try I get horrible ingrowns when shaving it off. Versus the hair near the vagina is much thinner and "fragile" and removing it has never caused me any problems.

No. 87046

File: 1530609093450.png (402.4 KB, 754x514, Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 5.09…)

does anyone here have like a fat pussy? a fat mons pubis? Even when I was at my skinniest 60kg 132lbs it was still fat. I really fucking hate it and get depressed and confused when I see completely flat pussies. Men probably think its horrid

No. 87047

>Men probably think its horrid
Maybe the ones who expect porno pussies. And when are guys like that not douches about everything?
Other than that, no.
Plenty of guys have a fat pubic region as well, it doesn't make them automatically disgusting and it doesn't for you either.

No. 87048

File: 1530609879627.jpg (Spoiler Image,27.62 KB, 526x343, CDNrAmU.jpg)

When you say fat pussy do you mean a simp? Meaning pussy lips so thick that they look like homer simpson's mouth? (pic related)
If yes, know that a lot of men are into it.

No. 87052

File: 1530611211655.png (Spoiler Image,179.34 KB, 576x398, Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 5.44…)

no this area

No. 87070

I know exactly what you're talking about, I have the same thing. I've never had a guy complain about it. Sometimes I'll squish it around if I'm alone, no idea why. Anyways, it probably looks worse to you than it does to anyone else. We're always more critical of ourselves. If you do run into a guy who has an issue with it there are way more issues with him than you having a fatty mons pubis.

No. 87072


No. 87077

I have the same thing. I was super self conscious when I was younger before I lost my virginity but as I got older (and more slutty lol) I learned to just not give a fuck. I do wear bikini bottoms a little big so I don’t have a pouch but other than that it doesn’t affect me or my sex life at all. It doesn’t really go away with weight loss or gain (from 120-155 and back) although it’s a little more noticeable when I’m smaller. I mean if you REALLY hate it you can get Lipo but most dudes (and girls) are just happy to see a vagina much less care about its fat distribution. Plus its SO SOFT when I’m fresh shaved and oiled up

No. 87079

I have this too and I used to hate it (and to make it worse, my mother used to mock me for it), but strangely enough men seem to like it. I don't feel so bad about it now.

No. 87088

I have the same, I absolutely can't shave there or I'll get so many in-grown hairs, cuts, and then it'll grow back fast enough that it's beyond uncomfortable. I've instead started using hair removal creams (nair shower power extra strength works, just don't leave it on for too long!) and I occasionally go get it waxed. The waxing and cream I think has made it much thinner, it's still probably pretty thick for the average woman but less horrible. I still wouldn't shave anytime soon though (for other reasons too though)

No. 87158

Thats so rude of your mother. when I was 13 one of my friends said I looked like I had a "dick bulge". That really stuck with me. KMS. probably gonna lipo or kms

No. 87277

Do you have short or stubby fingers? I am the same way, I can masturbate just fine but when I'm having sex the angle and the space between our bodies make it damn near impossible to get a good "grip" and stay in place lol. I also can't finger myself like shove a finger inside, because of how short my fingers are.It probably can be done but only when you're banging slowly and gently

No. 87278

I know this is my own fault, but I went on r9k a few years ago and they were talking about how the only attractive vaginas are the smooth, puffy, pale and white with pink small symmetrical lips, it has to be perfectly tight and small and always shaven/waxed and don't have any sort of discolouration and sag. That really stuck with me and it fucks with my head even though I know it's not true, I just feel like if I had a perfect vagina my boyfriend would wanna fuck me more

No. 87282

A cake is cake. You wanna eat it even if it’s a bit smushed or it doesn’t have pretty decorations.
Same with your vagina.
Sorry to rely on food as an analogy for a woman’s body but the same goes for dick too tbh. Superficial things about how it looks matters far less than how it feels and tastes and performs. Guys who care so much about how it looks are probably virgins using a flesh light which is manufactured to be “perfect.” Dont take them seriously.

No. 87286

how do you get rid of red spots from shaving on the bikini line? been there for 5 days

No. 87322

this is messed up but it actually makes me feel comforted that someone has felt the same thing as me. every time i look at my labia i think about how i should literally cut them off myself (i won't, don't worry). i've thought about that since i hit puberty..

i have had a meltdown in front of my partner because of the way my inner labia look, can't even enjoy oral because i'm too caught up in my own head. its totally irrational because no one cares that much about it, but it's my biggest body insecurity

No. 87773

TBH I feel lucky to be an innie, I had no idea that the outside labia lips can be a thing till late teens.
At the same time, it literally does not matter how your pussy looks

No. 87778

It's a late answer but nappy creams and medicated creams in general work wonders. I'm an UK anon so for me it's stuff like Sudocrem or Bepanthen
You just have to reapply it pretty often for the first week after you shaved

No. 87781

Does it happen every time you shave there?

No. 87784


a few bumps here and there are normal, wash with cold water and try to mostly wear cotton underwear. if it happens every time you might wanna try a different hair removal method

No. 87792

Same here. I'm thankful because I imagine having outie labia makes shaving pretty difficult. I also always wonder how girls with big outie labia deal with bikinis and other clothing items where you can see the details.

No. 87800

Does anyone else wax? I bought parissa wax kit from the drugstore and used it twice, omg I love the waxed feeling so much! But I got my first ingrown the other day, in the form of a pimple and I popped it and now it's making me think maybe this isn't as easy breezy as I was hoping it would be? I'm gonna hopefully go buy some salicylic or glycolic acid later and maybe it will help

No. 87801

you can tuck them in a bit

No. 87825

this was actually my first time shaving, before I always used Nair. considering going back if this happens every time

thanks anons!

No. 87836

If Nair works for you, you can keep doing that.
For shaving, shave with the grain, with a sharp razor. If you are ok with a less close shave, you can use an electric razor.

No. 87857

Last month my period didn't come, for the first time ever. It was just a tiny bit of blood on day 1 and nothing else. I've been eating regularly and have a healthy life, but I brushed it off as the result of stress from my job so okay.
Now I'm back home and my contract ended so I don't have any source of stress right now, and this month's period is still not coming. Also since last month I started getting cystic breakouts on my chin, when my skin was pretty clear before. I've read that this could mean that I'm having some hormonal imbalance and low oestrogens, so how do I increase them?
(P.s: I'm not on BC and definitely not pregnant)

No. 87861

Well we live in shame and constant fear of being mocked due to men (and other women) constantly going on about how gross it is, giving us horrible self worth.

No. 87866

lmao, i think she meant dealing with them looking lumpy in tight swim bottoms but okay.

No. 87888

Its a stupid question because they just go about it normally. Unless you have like a super fat pussy with super fat lips it doesnt really look different in bottoms.

No. 87908

Have you been dieting? This can cause amenorrhea, even without malnourishment.
There are plenty of foods that can do what you want. https://healthwholeness.com/healthy-foods/estrogen-rich-foods
I've used lavender tea, too, but that working might just be dumb luck. If you have white shorts or something, try wearing those out to a social event.

No. 87962

I know that most of you advices to not to get such surgery, but in the case my labia is really huge to the point I can't even wear jeans or other not-even-that-tight clothes comfortably because it hurts, do you think I should consider doing it? I'm a bit scared of surgeries in general so I don't really wanna do it, not even one person complained of its look so far and I know it isn't a hige deal to guys so I don't really care about the looks of it, but it's somewhat uncomfortable and for that reason I wanted to have them smaller.

No. 87963


No. 87965

I think if the issue for you is comfort and not just looks, surgery is worth discussing with a professional.
It’s not something to take lightly, but if you’re experiencing daily discomfort or pain then the benefits may outweigh the risks.

Your situation is pretty much the most legitimate reason to get this type of surgery, and it’s worth researching it.
It really depends on how you personally weight up and benefit/risk ratio but at the end of the day constant discomfort is a good reason to look into surgery.

If it was for purely aesthetic reasons most here would absolutely advise against it because it’s uneccessary.

No. 87980

honestly my inner labia are extremely small and tucked in to my outer labia, they dont even come close to showing. i've never had surgery this is jusgt how they've always been. everyones anatomy is just different; you're beautiful no matter what just focus on being healthy

No. 87985

Mine too. But I hate my outer labia. I feel like they’re too long, and I feel stupidly insecure about it.

No. 89117

How do you know if your hymen is still intact?
I'm a virgin but I'm also an avid masturbator. Although I've only fingered myself a handful of times and each time was pretty shallow. I never had a moment of "oh! there's my hymen."
So it's got me wondering if I lost it some time before I started masturbating and didn't notice, or if it's still intact but I just haven't reached far enough to break it.

No. 89123

The hymen is a myth, there is nothing to break or that goes away. It is just a ring of mucosa that should strech with the rest of your vagina, but that often tears because of a lack of patience and lubrication. There is no such thing as an intact hymen. Just an unstreched ring of mucosa, a streched one, or a torn one. Literally nothing to think about.

No. 89135

uuh…no…it's not a full seal or something, but it's size, shape, and coverage varies from person to person.

No. 89136

I popped my own cherry while masturbating, I was really upset over it at the time but in hindsight am thankful that I didn’t give any guy the ability to say he did it for me lol. that sounds bitter but I would hate the idea of the first guy I slept with being able to brag or grossly reminisce about it

No. 89171

Same here, I used a dildo for awhile before ever doing it with another person. I don't think there's anything wrong with it, it helped me with anxiety as well as helping me find out what I like and don't like doing.

No. 89197

I have a very tight vagina and it makes sex really difficult and painful even with average sized guys. My boyfriend is 6.5-7" and girthy and we struggle a lot, usually I orgasm once or twice then we pull out because it's too sore and I blow him until he finishes, which sucks because he lasts a while and other women would kill for that stamina. My hymen is torn and we do use lube so that's not it. I own two vibes, a bullet and a 4"rabbit and the bullet totally fills me girthwise, I can't even get the rabbit in.

bf suggested he just push his way in and let me sit on it until it feels comfortable enough to move but I don't know if there's a better approach? The toys were meant to be helping me stretch because we live a few hours away from each other and it takes a couple days for us to have slightly comfortable sex.

No. 89199

Go see a doctor. You should be able to fit your boyfriend and some DIY solution could easily injure you.

No. 89217

How was it? I wanted to do the same, I'm just too chicken shit though because I'm afraid of the pain and it's easier when someone else does it to you because they don't feel your pain.

No. 89244

I am able to fit him, we just have to work up to full penetration or its too painful I am going soon anyway though so if its persistent I will ask, but I've not had PIV sex much. Thanks for the response

No. 89265

It happened on accident lol. TMI, I was trying a larger toy for the first time, it just felt uncomfortable/tight and I couldn’t really get it in. I noticed the blood I stopped and waited a few days before getting off again and then was fine. There was no pain. I wasnt giving my hymen single thought, I was just horny/wet and had been masturbating for a while before I tried, so that probably helped ease into it or something.

No. 89268

obviously going to the gyno yourself is ideal, but if you want a cheat, i went in for vaginismus that ended up being caused by me clenching my muscles too much, so i was instructed to buy natural muscle relaxers from a vitamin store and get silicon dilators. they're basically dildos except they make really small sizes. dildos designed for masturbating are only going to be so small, but that's not helpful if your whole issue is being too tight. i feel like an ad plugging this but the ones i was told to get were from soulsource.com

No. 89429

I'm a virgin in the sense that I've never had PIV sex, because until recently, I've not really had the chance or desire to. I'm now at the stage where I do have the desire to, and the guy I'm seeing atm wants it too, but we're struggling. I've never fingered myself before because, idk, it just never occurred to me to do it. Additionally I've never used tampons because I'm quite small so as a young teen I didn't want to hurt myself.

He wants me to loosen myself by fingering myself, but I can't do it. I struggle to get wet enough to do it and when I am wet enough, I can't get a finger in because I don't like the feeling. When he's fingered me, using just 1 finger, it's hurt, but I didn't mind because it was him doing it and not me. But now he's getting upset with me because we both obviously want to have sex but he says we can't until I'm regularly fingering myself. So I'm not sure where I can go from here.

No. 89431

WTF that's stupid. Your vagina doesn't get bigger/wider from fingering anon. Does your boyfriend get you wet? Because if not that's his problem. No one will be able to push a penis inside you unless you are wet.
Let's be honest, he probably sucks at sex and wants to put it in way too early. Is he a virgin too?

No. 89432

are you 10?

No. 89433

Your bf needs to slow down. Just keep fooling around and engaging in non-penetrative foreplay until your body wants to be penetrated. What you should try to achieve is "tenting" where the vagina expands during arousal, in the same way that a man gets an erection.

No. 89437

Foreplay. External clit arousal until you're wet will make you much easier to spread. If he just pushes his way in it's going to be painful. Giving you head is also a great way to work you up but if he's that dumb he probably won't go down on you either, let alone well.

No. 89453

Has anyone had any experience with bartholin cyst? I've had them recurring on the same side for about 8 years now. Researched so many remedies and tried most of them but it always comes back and It's really taking a toll on my life. I've been to the doctor to have it drained once when it was really bad, and since then I've had to drain it myself a few times and just kinda wait it out. It seems as though my only choices at this point are to either have the gland removed, or have them cut it in a way that opens it permanently for staying drained. But I'm terrified of doing that and getting damaged in the area. Its So depressing and there seems to be no end to this. And on top of that, I've now noticed that I don't get wet anymore and I'm afraid its because the gland is too damaged. I also suspect I may have a hormone imbalance, but not having insurance and a steady income anymore has stopped me from going to the doctor. Anyway, I guess I'm just hoping to get some advice I haven't come across yet? This all really sucks.

No. 89455

i've been misdiagnosed as having one. i was told to do a sitz bath and take serrapeptase, which i saw has a lot of rave reviews on amazon from women who have them. chances are you already know about this but i figured i'd mention. i'm sorry you're dealing with it anon. how awful and scary.

No. 89460

Thank you for the response! It definitely is scary. And I've always heard good things about serrapeptase as well, but I had a terrible reaction to it. The 2 Times I tried to take it, it gave me stomach virus symptoms. Diarrhea and not being able to hold anything down for at least 12 hours. I can't remember the dosage I had but I do remember I bought the highest I saw, assuming it would be more potent. Maybe it was just too much and I'd have better luck if I bought something with a lower dosage?

No. 89480

He does get me wet, but not all the time. The first time we saw each other was amazing, there was a ton of build up, he started out just resting his hand on my leg and slowly moved towards my vagina, so the anticipation got me so wet. However since then he's tended to go straight for my clit, which doesn't do much for me. He rubs my clit quite hard as well, and doesn't keep the same rhythm, which is not only frustrating, but it hurts. He's not a virgin, and he's super sweet and always wants to make sure I'm enjoying myself, but he doesn't seem to grasp that I'm not wet enough most of the time.

Thanks anon, I will take a look at that video. I feel like we need to take it slower in the way I described to the above poster, but atm it feels like he just wants to make me cum without doing any of the foreplay.

He has actually given me head twice, but it didn't do anything for me, and I've no idea why? I know it's something I would enjoy that would feel good, but I think it was the way he was doing it? He was sort of just flicking at my clit with his tongue which does nothing for me, he didn't go anywhere else. So consequently I wasn't really wet.

No. 89482

Have you communicated these specific problems with your bf?

Also, I used to have vaginismus. You shouldn't have problems with 1 finger even if you're completely dry. I think him asking you to get comfortable fingering yourself alone is a fair thing to ask.

No. 89507

I mentioned to him that it hurt when he was rubbing my clit that way, but he seemed to think that I'm just sensitive, not that the way he was rubbing it hurt? I think I need to tell him that I need more foreplay and I guess..anticipation, like the first time we were together, which was amazing. I think he's just eager to make me feel that way again, and so rushes into it. And I think it's a very fair ask, as it would make both our lives so much easier, which is why I'm so frustrated that I just can't do it. He says it's okay but it's not because I can't just not ever have sex, it needs to happen one day, I just don't know how I can get there.

No. 89567

It sounds like you're in the US. Planned Parenthood might be good for a second opinion.

> However since then he's tended to go straight for my clit, which doesn't do much for me. He rubs my clit quite hard as well, and doesn't keep the same rhythm, which is not only frustrating, but it hurts. He's not a virgin, and he's super sweet and always wants to make sure I'm enjoying myself, but he doesn't seem to grasp that I'm not wet enough most of the time.
Try giving instructions. It's easiest if you tell him what you want him to do instead of what you want him to stop doing.


That's totally normal! How much lubrication a woman makes depends on all sorts of things, like medications, genetics, hormones, hydration level, etc. There's nothing wrong with not being dripping wet, but you might feel better if you tell your partner you don't get very wet in general, so they don't take it personally. Keep good lube around and stay hydrated. Pedialyte or similar electrolyte beverages also help. I try to drink a minimum of 40oz of non-caffeinated, non-alcoholic liquids beforehand. But from what you describe, there is nothing wrong with you and you have nothing to be ashamed of.

No. 89584

How do I get over my extreme insecurity of the look of my vag? I'm mexican so its brownish purpleish and shaving n waxing hurts so badly but i like the look and feel of it and I feel like my flaps are HUGE. Would a labiaplasty be worth?

No. 89585

no do not get labioplasty. it is not worth it to reduce feeling down there when no one cares but you. men won't care about the look of it unless they're super weird. same with the hair.

No. 89589

File: 1532505906961.jpeg (31.8 KB, 483x305, 4C834F78-852F-4DFA-A8BC-8674A1…)

It might sound weird but maybe seeing other vaginas (not porn-perfect vulvas or labia, just everyday women’s genitals)
You’ll probably be surprised how many women have genitals like yours and have totally normal sex lives.

If a guy gets disgusted because your labia aren’t a specific shade of pink, he’s probably watching a lot of porn and has little, if any, real sexual experience. A man worth fucking knows that odds are, your pussy won’t look like a neat little coin purse.

Labiaplasty is expensive, wont change the pigment, and can leave you with reduced sensitivity and scarring. There’s also a risk of post surgical infection, or developing keloid scars.

No. 89592

this. even if a guy did care, what's the point of doing something he prefers if you're not going to enjoy the sex?!

No. 89616

I have had a labiplasty anon. No joke, my flaps were at least 2cm past the entrance. I was a virgin until then because I was so afraid of my future partner being disgusted with how “ugly” my vagoo was.
And I would still say it wasn’t exactly worth it. The scaring is unnatural and strange feeling. The lack of sensation isn’t as bad for me as others, but there is definitely some. The recovery is nightmarish. Using the bathroom was agony, and getting the stiches removed was so painful I passed out and they had to stop to finish another day.

Most guys honestly don’t care what your vagina looks like anyways. I’m lucky to have found someone who loves my “mess”, and so should you. There is someone out there who will worship your body anon.

Sage for blogpost

No. 89640

Have you seen what penises look like? Genitalia are weird. It's fine, you're fine, and you're normal.
>Do all women have different degrees of wetness? Like, some women get very wet while some don't? You only hear about this in black and white terms, you're either wet or not. It's never been an issue for me during sex but it still makes me insecure, since I feel like it's expected for women to be dripping. Also, is it abnormal to only get wet during oral/fingering/penetration but not during foreplay/kissing? I read things all the time about girls getting wet from just having their thighs touched and I can't understand how that could happen lol.
Yes, and it's normal. Keep some body-safe lube around.

No. 89650

File: 1532588596101.gif (1.98 MB, 400x250, 583727254940284.gif)

Wow, it truly astonishes me that there are women who are so self-loathing they'd resort to mutilating their genitals. Like it's almost unbelievable, how does someone get to that point? That surgery sounds like it has zero benefits and is just another way for plastic surgeons to cash in on people's insecurities. I'd take meat flaps and being able to fully enjoy sex over losing sensitivity in my cooch and possible health risks anyday.

No. 89723

Anon did you get the sugery because of discomfort or insecurities?
What method did your doctor go with?

No. 89797

How often do you anons masturbate, if at all? I recently learned that most males my age masturbate multiple times a week if not daily, and I was semi-shocked. I tried it once and felt indifferent too it. It slightly hurt, too (maybe I did it wrong?).

No. 89799

File: 1532669059223.png (Spoiler Image,661.13 KB, 677x960, 674CA132-0428-491B-82DA-F9F94D…)

Memes like these (and the male commentary which would come with them) are what made younger me start analyzing how my vag looked. Around that age I also started to explore porn and noticed that mine didn’t look quite like the others. And since I’ve matured my insecurity has reached the point to where I’ve held a razor to myself. I know I shouldn’t care what men like that think, but it gets to you.

Sorry for samefagging

No. 89802

I understand that societal pressures can be difficult to work through, but if the feeling is that extreme I doubt a surgery would fix the underlying issue with your self-esteem. That comes from within, not from validation from an outside source. Therapy would probably be a better investment than a vaginoplasty.

I naturally have a high libido, so I tend do it daily, sometimes twice a day or more. Though recently I've been cutting that down to once every few days.

>It slightly hurt, too (maybe I did it wrong?).

Lol how did you do it? Did you rub your clit or finger yourself? I doubt there's a "wrong way" to masturbate but your body might have a preference for one of the two, if you get what I mean.

No. 89803

i really love masturbating but i'm inconsistent. sometimes once a day, sometimes multiple different times a day, sometimes i can go weeks without it. i think it depends on my health, my cycle, stress levels, etc.

No. 89809

I´ve had labioplasty and the main reason apart from the way it looked was because it was painful. Womens clothes like jeans and shorts are made with no extra space around vaginas, so my longer labia would sometimes be just sort of squished between my body and the clothes when i was sitting and it was extremly painful.

No. 89812

I do it daily, before bed or after getting up. If I'm hanging around the house all day, maybe 2-3 times or 1 time for an extended period. Multiple orgasms are a blessing.
I'm a horny bitch though (probably comparable to the average male's libido, down to thinking about sex all the time) so I may be irregular.
From what I've heard most women do it a couple times a week.

No. 89818

What is the point of therapy when afterwards you will still hear the same fucked up roastbeef/outie/sloppy pussy jokes? It isn't a self esteem issue as much as it is a societal issue where men are allowed to be as demanding and horrible as they want about women. As long as men will talk about it, we will be reminded about how horrible others think our body looks. A small snip and a bit of recovery is better than years of bad self worth.

No. 89832

Who gives a shit what men think? The entire point of SELF-esteem is that you acquire it from YOURSELF and not by other people's petty judgments and opinions about you. Can you just like - consider the fact that it's possible to be secure in the knowledge of who you are without needing others to come along and validate you?

No. 89833

You don’t get what therapy is do you?

No. 89863


I used to do it twice daily before I got on meds that killed my libido. Now that I've ditched treatment it's 3-4 times a week.

No. 89880

Between zero and three times a month, generally around ovulation. Being in a relationship has greatly increased my libido, but I generally have my bf get me off because I prefer that.
My bf generally masturbates in the morning and before bed most days, unless I'm over, or he's intentionally abstaining. He used to masturbate more as a teenager.
As for it hurting, do you use lube? Do you give yourself time to warm up before going at it?

No. 89882

Tbh I think most guys who make these jokes mostly do it because they want to seem cool in front of their friends/ other males, not because they actually find outtie vaginas gross. Also most of the time they are still pretty young and insecure themselves and have probably never seen a vagina in real life, so they don't know any better.

Aside from that most dicks are kinda ugly too tbh so it's not like these guys are in a position to judge your private parts anyways.

If a guy likes you and thinks you're hot, he won't give two shits about what your vagina looks like (as long as it's clean and healthy obviously), just like you won't give a shit about the looks of his dick. He probably won't even look at it too closely because he will be too distracted by other things during sex anyways.

Don't let these stupid memes made by stupid boys make you question your self worth.

No. 89886

Only tangentially related but how often do you hear jokes about pussy shapes…? I have never heard anybody irl make beef curtain jokes in any context, only online. And even then it's almost exclusively limited to places like r9k where garbage tier men congregate.

No. 89918

File: 1532711437898.jpg (Spoiler Image,30.7 KB, 490x489, IMG_20180525_210742.jpg)

>Aside from that most dicks are kinda ugly too tbh so it's not like these guys are in a position to judge your private parts anyways.
Never forget.

No. 89934

samefag from a few weeks ago but my vagina legitimately makes me wanna kms. I have a fat mons pubis and it makes me want to die. I'm never going to have sex. I refuse. I'll just get laughed at and the man will be repulsed. I will have to get liposuction on it, (yes its a real thing) How embarrassing and I'll have to get the money for it somehow.

No. 89935

By fat you mean fleshy or do you mean the bone stick out?

Anyways I understand that you feel insecure about it, but I promise it's not a big deal at all, I don't even think most guys would notice something like that and if they did they would probably compliment you and want to caress it and kiss it. When people are horny they tend to get turned on by the particular things of their lover's body. I know I do and all of my partners did.

No. 89937

Actually, believe it or not, it was covered by my insurance completely. The doctor called my labia “redundant”. Don’t go through a plastic surgeon, go through a gynecologist if you’re 120% you want and need it. They will let you know if you do or not. My labia was so long, it would rub against my leg, and sometimes swell. It would get caught on things and was incredibly uncomfortable.

No. 89940

fat as in fleshy FAT. like just grab a load of it.. it confuses the hell out of me. I actually feel tears in my eyes when I see normal mons pubis'.

No. 89942

It's really not that bad anon, I think it can even be very sexy and sensual. You're only hurting yourself by focusing so much on that body part.

I really don't like my stomach it sticks out and since I have digestion problems it tend to get bigger after I've eaten (I look pregnant…), my bf has found a way to find it sexy, I don't get it but I think the fact that he loves me and is attracted to me makes him like even the ugly or weird things I have.

No. 89963

must be nice

No. 89982

BF and I fuck like rabbits and have done for a while. BF has just informed me of a genital herpes outbreak having never experienced one before. Neither have I. Research tells me that basically it could have been either one of us first if we were asymptomatic, from any past partners despite condoms. It's difficult to swallow and we've both been emotional, can any farmers provide advice or experiences regarding the situation? I'm just worried our sex life will never quite be the same having been so shaken by this, that we might not feel sexy any more.

No. 89985

Samefag to add that obviously we're getting checked and treated, and also that there are no concerns of cheating. At least 1/8 adults are positive, I would think someone here can relate.

No. 89997

Irl, I only hear roastie used as a way to mock incels for being ridiculous.

No. 89998

Hey, any of you know what this could be? Whenever I try to masturbate I get intense stomach cramps and feel like vomiting, so I have to stop. I don't insert anything, it's just outer stimulation. What is wrong with me?

No. 90000

I'm sorry to hear you guys are going through this, anon. Happy to hear you both are handling it in a mature way though. I'm not on the same boat but offer my sympathy. It's a big pill to swallow and will probably take a bit for you both to come to terms with it emotionally. But like you yourself said it is fairly common and doesn't make you an "outcast" or dirty or anything. I think all in all this may bring you two closer together once you've processed it. As for your sex life just give it time. You both need to focus on your physical/emotional health first, those feelings will more than likely come back when you're both more at peace if your relationship has a solid foundation. Just try to remember that it's definitely manageable and even though it sucks, it isn't going to ruin your life. Good luck.
Last year I went to PP and found out my boyfriend gave me chlamydia. He hadn't been tested or been to a doctor since he lost his V card so he had no way of knowing, and he felt really guilty. It made me feel really dirty and I cried a lot, but we got the meds and got cleared up. The experience really made me lose my personal stigma around STDs, it's kinda just a part of life as a sexual species. It also brought us closer together after dealing with the emotional part of it.

No. 90062


I have a belly like yours and my bf loves it too. He's really into it and I find that so weird. Makes me feel comfy tho.

No. 90423

is anyone else's vulva like really enclosed? Even when I'm spread eagle, the farthest I can buss it open, you still have to like pull the lips apart to feel/see the clit and everything else :(

No. 90424

Congratulations, you have the ideal female genitalia according to men.

No. 90427

umm…what…. well, that confuses me greatly. I think its irregular, weird and gross plus I have a fatty mons pubis which completely overrides and ruins everything that MIGHT make me have the cumbrains ideal female genitalia.

No. 90445

I do too anon, it's like a "slit" and a little puffy. Everything is kind of just tucked away in there, I used to be worried that it was strange but I'm alright with it now and I don't think it's abnormal

No. 90506

Yes anon I also have a fat ass vagina (or rather the upper part of it) and no guy (or girl) has ever commented on it during sex. I used to be insecure and wanted lipo too but it seems it's more normal than you think.

No. 90508

me three. I figured this is what is meant by an innie and is preferred by many.

No. 90544

what is a normal vagina supposed to feel like inside? mine has like a point protruding from the front wall and over the point it feel smooth, google says its some kind of prolapse but idk how trustworthy that is.
can anyone help? ive been losing sleep over it

No. 91105

Heads up this is really TMI
I’ve had creamy medium-brown discharge for 5 days now. First two days it was almost nothing, on the third day I had sex and there was a bit more and it was darker, past two days it’s only really when I wipe except there’s been 2-3 instances of a glob coming out while doing physical activity. It hasnt been enough to fill a panty liner, it’s only really when I wipe. My period is due in 4 days. This started 7 days after my estimated ovulation. I’m scared this is implantation bleeding but from what I’ve read that’s supposed to be more watery and only last 2-3 days max. I haven’t had any other symptoms like nausea or cramps (I don’t cramp until the first 1-2 days of already having my period). Should I wait to see if I get my period before taking a pregnancy test? I did just start a new job and am apartment hunting so maybe stress has thrown me off a bit. If you’ve experienced implantation bleeding does this sound like it? Any advice or input would be really appreciated.

No. 91108

Implantation bleeding is usually pinkish and watery but it can differ and not everyone even has it, I had none when I got pregnant. Definitely wait until your period is about a week late and get some cheap pink dye pregnancy tests, don't blow your money on a clearblue or any blue one cause they're shit. Seriously 40 euros worth of them came out invalid for me when 2euro of pink dye sticks confirmed I was pregnant.

It really is probably just stress but I just wanted to let you know the above just in case. Good luck nonnie

No. 91110

i get that too, it's likely stress. are you on birth control? if so then it's 100% stress related.

No. 91119

Ill wait and see before getting the test then, thank you for the input and well wishes. I really don’t wanna blow money unnecessarily either lol.
Good to know I’m not alone. I stopped my BC a few months ago because I had to start other medication that would interfere with it. I’ve had a lot going on and have put off finding another method. My boyfriend and I use condoms 95% of the time but besides that pull out I know that it’s stupid and unreliable but I try my best and only do this when I’m not ovulating. I also could afford to abort if necessary but would really rather not have to deal with that atm.. Getting back on BC will be put on the top of my priority list now.

No. 91262

Going off of BC probably threw things off, tbh.

No. 93690

I'm trying to generate less waste from menstrual products, since realizing how much we have to throw out when using disposable products. I'm considering getting a cup and use tampons without applicators, but I still have to use liners in case I leak…

Would the "period panties" work for what I need? I literally just need something in case my tampon leaks, and it usually only leaks a tiny bit if it does at all.

Also, any other tips from ecofags or anyone trying to just use less?

No. 93699

Plzzzz try a cup anon, I have endometriosis and periods are a fucking horrible ordeal and even for me they make it so much more bearable. I just use panty liners with mine.

No. 93700

use a cup and get some of those reusable liners. that's what i did! throwing a few liners in with the rest of your wash every week has way less of a footprint than using tampons and regular lines.

No. 93735

>have vaginismus
>even trying to put a finger inside me hurts, but I'm able to orgasm in other ways so it's fine
>have no desire whatsoever to get penetrated, I know it would only hurt and I don't need it to cum
>get bf and tell him about this
>he's very sweet and understanding but seems to expect that I'll get treatment one day and talks sometimes about "one day after you get treatment I'd like to try this"
>I'm a wuss against pain and the idea of dilation freaks the hell out of me
>But this will be the elephant in the room until I do

No. 93736

The sad reality is, no matter how sweet and understanding a guy is, hes probably not going to give up the act of penatrative sex in the long run. So unless you give him permission to fuck others and then maybe only get blowjobs from you or whatever, its probably not gonna last if you dont get treatment. Sorry if that sounds harsh.

No. 93737

Just tell him that you have no intention and that it would only hurt you. I told my boyfriend I wasn't interested in penetrative sex because even fingers hurt me, and he was completely fine with it and never tried to pressure me into it at all. Eventually I tried on my own after a year of being together. I lost my virginity to him, and it still did nothing but hurt me despite trying multiple times. We never did it again after, he never asks or pressures me. He even told me he likes sex, but he would rather never do it if it hurts me. You guys may just be sexually incompatible and he needs to figure out if he could deal or not. You should tell him directly.

No. 93741

I have to get real about this. I have the most emberassing issue, my vagina smells. I go to a gyn at least twice per year and two years ago I was diagnosed with PCOS. I was on the pill but it gave me a blood clott after only one month of use and I chickened the fuck out. After that experience I completely changed my dietary habits and some of my symptoms got better but the smell is still there and the white yeasty discharge is still there. I also got treated for yeast infection multiple times. Is there such thing as chronic yeast infection or an yeast infection that's resistant to most of the treatments? Or maybe my hormonal imbalance causes it since my vagina becomes even smellier and the discharge becomes even thicker one week before my period.

No. 93742

I don't know where else to ask since I'm fucking afraid of gynecologists.
I rarely ever get my period. Before it was maybe once in a couple of months, now it's been half a year without it.
And the truth is, I don't experience any problems with that. I hate being on my period,so not having them is a godsend.
My question is. Will/do I have some major problems if I don't get my period once a month?
I think it's from me both being very thin and having some kind of hormonal imbalance, but I don't want to get treated since I'm afraid I'll gain weight. I don't have penetrative sex and I don't plan on having children ever, so not having a regular cycle is not a problem for me.
But should I really look into getting treated or is it fine as it is?

No. 93746

Lack of nutrition can most certainly cause you to miss periods but with your attitude towards weight gain I would worry more about other things. Once you consume enough nutrients your period will return but I'd be more concerned about the health of your heart at this point. If your body is already so stressed and deprived that you stopped menstruating I wouldn't be surprised if you're already developing other problems with your organs.

No. 93749

discharge is supposed to change in consistency according to your cycle. as for the smell, are you cleaning properly? are you cleaning with harsh products that are fucking your ph balance? remember, don't clean inside your vag and clean with a damp cloth in between all of your folds daily. nothing less and nothing more.

No. 93750

If it is due to weight, not having it can lead to(? or be a sign of impending?) osteoporosis. I was anachan for years and didn't have one, now I have osteopenia. Could also be due to low iron intake. It can also lead to infertility though not getting it right now doesn't necessarily mean you can't get pregnant.

You don't really need to go to a gyno about the things it could be due to. A blood test and bone scan will more or less figure it out. Not getting a period was one of the big factors in me staying ill so I get that right now it doesn't seem too bad, but it will have future consequences.

No. 93751

Yeah anon I clean myself properly, I use a special gel with balanced PH and no perfumes or irritants and I don't clean inside my vagina and I take two showers daily.

No. 93755

have you thought of ditching the gel? you really need to get to a gynaecologist if you have constant yeast infections anyway

No. 93769

I don't think I'm that malnourished actually, my bmi is 17,3 which is close to normal 18,5. My lack of a period could also be due to me taking antipsychotics and antidepressants, I read that can be the cause.
But yeah, my heart is not the best, I should probably get it checked out.

Wow, that sure sounds scary. I'll check that out too, thanks.

No. 93774

When I was on antidepressants I started skipping my periods and missing months. I'm on the pill and never changed my diet so it was always alarming. Not to mention antidepressants literally put me up 2 dress sizes even though my diet and activity levels did not change. I srudy pharmacology and honestly people they think it's vain to stop antidepressants because of metabolism defects are morons.

No. 93775

Anyone else here who doesn't particularly enjoy their partner trying to make them cum? I love having sex with my bf but I really don't like him rubbing my clit or anything, I prefer to do it myself. I know a lot of women complain when their boyfriends don't put effort in making them orgasms but I just don't find it important at all.

No. 93789

i mean i don't like to receive pleasure, instead i like to take it but i don't fall for the
>lel i dont need to cum to enjoy sex

No. 93792

It gets worse if I don't use any gel, these kind of gels are made for washing your private areas, so I think it's fine. I did go to my gynecologist 3 months ago and told them I keep getting yeast infections and they did a pap smear and some other tests from my discharge to see if there's anything wrong and I only had an yeast colony, so they prescribed me antifungal ovules and some other oral medication and it went away for a while and after a month I had to come back for a check up, I had the test repeated and the yeast colony was gone but a few weeks ago the yeasty and smelly discharge came back and I didn't even have sex or anything. I think I get at least 6 yeast infections yearly.

No. 93793

well you're doing something wrong because that is not normal

No. 93803

Gels and feminine washes say they're okay to use but for some women they can still fuck up their natural pH which leads to yeast infections.
So go to the doctor again clear up any current infections you may have. Don't use the gel, wear breathable underwear (like cotton) that's not too tight. Don't wear pants that are too tight either. only clean in the shower with a wet rag.
Dampness also leads to yeast infections so dry well after the shower and if your a sweaty person then throughout the day, wipe yourself dry down there.

No. 93863

Anon, I had problems too, and I was afraid I had vaginismus, but idk if I did or not. I spent a while actually afraid of my vagina. I dated (well still am) a sweet guy who was basically the same about it.

It's up to you, entirely. I ended up working all the way up to sex, and at times I think I'm a bit sensitive or tight still, but it's usually comfortable and pleasurable.

For me, it was something for him, and for myself, and it was scary. I had him with me through it, starting from essentially a fucking pen to a regular dildo/dick. In the end, I thought it was worth the pain, discomfort, and tears to be able to do that.

It is entirely up to what YOU want from everything, and if you're willing to try fighting past your fear and anxiety. That alone may be what's causing the pain.

No. 94063

Has anybody here tried to use an epilator on their pubic hair?
I really want to try it out since I already epilate my legs, but I'm kinda scared.
What should I look out for? Should I try it in the first place?

No. 94072

not sure if you are talking about epilating the full on bush but i epilate my bikini line (i have very fuzzy ass cheeks ok) and it works out great! no stray hairs for good 3 weeks and i can just throw on a swimsuit and go swimming whenever. i'd say the pain level is comparable to armpits and the regrowth feels the same as if you'd shaved.

No. 94093

I honestly feel like most "feminine hygiene" products are made to make the issue worse so you keep using their products trying to lessen the problem. It's okay to have an odor down there, vaginal gels and creams and cleaners literally make the issue worse. You can give yourself an imbalance which makes odor worse. I had BV for like 6 months because of OTC yeast infection products and I thought I had fucking gonorrhea lol. It smelled so bad. And these OTC products can't fix it. It is totally natural to have a scent. But a scent that can be smelled by you when you're just sitting around is not natural and means you should see a doctor. Using a cloth or your hand in the shower with no soap is sufficient to cleanse the vulva.

No. 94094

File: 1536000927736.jpeg (864.52 KB, 3000x3000, d7e242bf-d7f5-4aab-a733-bf39d8…)

Been using pic related, works like a charm

No. 94098

Is there any dear anons that could give any tips on going fully porcelain? I have been trying to look for different hair creams and strips, but everyone of them says to avoid going to close the genitalia. I would go to a get full Brazilian, but its not an option this time.

No. 94099

Male razors are so much better than the woman ones. lel.

No. 94108

Shave. Slowly, carefully, in a hot shower. Get a mirror if if helps. Imo it’s easiest to shave with one foot on the bathroom sink and one on the floor because you can see.
Most important thing is to just go slowly and carefully.

No. 94119

>honestly feel like most "feminine hygiene" products are made to make the issue worse so you keep using their products trying to lessen the problem.

Supply & demand. Use soap andnwater and a wash cloth to clean the labia/vulva, but never put soap inside the vagina. It's self cleaning, unless there's an infection or other problem. All that Summer's Eve bullshit is a marketing gimmick like Proactive (only works if you keep using it). You don't need a specially designed and formulated product for every single bodily need and function after all.

No. 94131

>soap and water

no anon, you shouldn't use soap and water on your labia or anything. just water is sufficient.

No. 94132

Ive never had an issue with soap and water for cleaning. I do notice a difference in smell when I wash without vs with soap. It's especially helpful on time where there is dried blood from my period, or discharge.

No. 94134

That doesn’t mean that regular application of soap to the vagina are good for people. You may be find but it’s still not recommended for good reasons.

Your anecdote is meaningless.

No. 94137

On your outer labia it's fine. As in, the places where nasty bitches collect toilet paper bits and dead skin. If you don't understand the difference between putting soap in your vagina and cleaning the area around it then I'm sorry for you.

No. 94140

File: 1536040686061.jpg (334.3 KB, 1080x1068, 18-09-04-01-56-49-136_deco.jpg)

I bet you smell like stale tuna. How did your mother not teach you to wash yourself??

I made a diagram to help everyone ITT who may be unsure of how to wash their pussy.

No. 94141

don't smell like fish but you smell like a robot.

No. 94142

yoy shouldn't put soap near your urethra you idiot.

No. 94143

Yeah, nah I smell like nothing because I bathe daily? But keep putting soap in your vag and enjoy your eventual yeast colony.

No. 94144

UTI too!

No. 94145

Sure I'm going to follow what a random farmer (maybe even a robot in disguise) said rather than what my gyno said. No soap near the vagina, if you smell like stale tuna it's because you have an infection.

No. 94147

What's so difficult about aiming the showerhead at your genitals for a bit to get rid of anything dirty? Way safer and more PH friendly. Have fun with your incoming yeast infection caused by the soap messing with the PH balance.

No. 94149

or even using your hand, not hard.

No. 94782

File: 1536563992350.jpg (34.41 KB, 500x531, 1dYtSL4.jpg)

sorry if this is really autistic but is it normal that my period is very irregular? it's more than two weeks late now and i'm getting kind of paranoid even though i'm a virgin

No. 94785

PAranoid about what?

No. 94790

paranoid about something being wrong health-wise, i only mentioned that i'm a virgin to clarify that there's no way i'm pregnant. i hope that makes sense

No. 94793

Mine's the same way. It could be that way if you're young, or really skinny. Sometimes it has no cause, or it's stress. Mine vary by weeks, its really frustrating, iktf.

No. 94794

It’s very common.
What changes have occurred in diet/medications/sleep/stress/physical activity?
It’s almost definitely one of those things. Go see a gp if you skip a third cycle in a row.

No. 94796

thanks for your response anon! i'm 19, so yeah that might be it. it really is frustrating, and super annoying to keep track of even with a tracking app.

i have a pretty shitty diet so that's nothing new but i've had a ton more physical activity in the last month than before, maybe that contributes as well. thanks for the advice!

No. 94798

It’s a pain. From 14-20 I’d get mine every two or three months, then lost it totally for almost a year. I got into the habit of keeping tampons, pads, and painkillers in both handbags, schoolbag, and stashed a box of tampons in friends bathrooms just in case.
Way easier to have stuff on you all the time than trying to guess a cycle that is as arbitrary as clothing sizes. Plus it’s sorta nice to be that lady with the spare tampon when someone is caught out at work or the mall.

No. 94801

I feel like my vagina is weird. I've tried to look up pics to find something similar, and never end up with it. I asked more than one gyno, they've all been female, and they all just tell me "it's fine" but they don't tell me what it is or why it's like that.

Basically when I stretch my lips apart and try to look into my vaginal opening, there's nothing but this odd flap of skin in the way. I don't think it's my hymen? I'm far from a virgin, I've had regular sex for nearly a decade now, with dicks and dildos of various shapes/sizes. No pain during sex but guys have universally marveled at how "tight" I am, saying it's unreal, surprised it doesn't hurt me, etc. Dicks/sex toys don't hurt, but the smallest speculum at the gyno DOES hurt like a motherfucker. Could my hymen just kind of be there hanging out like the flap of a cat/dog door??? It's so weird.

No. 94815

fun fact, my cervix is sideways and pushes up to the front so all those little nerve endings are basically right at the front instead of further back

pros- i cum super easily, and am even more likely to have inner vaginal orgasms than clitoral which i dont care for

cons- it takes a little bit longer for my boyfriend to find the right angle to stick his penis in me without it being uncomfortable and almost painful

apparently its more common than people know
tldr it could just be your cervix is tilted or further down thus causing some of the skin or nerve tissues to be pushed up more towards the actual opening
no big deal

No. 94819

I specifically asked my last gyno if this (tilted/tipped uterus/cervix) was what it was and they said no. Also, it's definitely not nerve endings, because it doesn't have much sensation (the skin flap) beyond normal skin. Also all angles for dick are good angles for me.

No. 94821

idk i think i have something similar? it almost looks like a half of a doughnut hanging in front of my vaginal opening (but like there is just a slight dip where the hole would be on a doughnut and no, it is not urethra). none of the generic "this is how a hymen could look like" graphics ever look even remotely similar and idk what else that flap could be. i mean it doesn't bring me any discomfort besides confusing me.

No. 94822

File: 1536602454085.jpg (20.77 KB, 426x360, Hymenectomy.jpg)

The donut shape, I've actually seen diagrams like that, for leftover hymen tissue. Pic related. Mine doesn't even have a donut hole or any hole, just skin, can't see inside at all unless there's a sepculum involved. From my pov when just spreading my inner labia, it looks most similar to the imperforate hymen in this diagram, but if that were the case I'd have serious issues like an inability to menstruate normally, and I don't have that issue.

No. 94823

I have the same thing! I used to be super freaked out when looking with a mirror and thought I had some kind of vag tumor

I can feel it push against my finger and so on but it's never caused pain

No. 94825

File: 1536604833558.png (11.02 KB, 462x312, professional diagram.png)

i don't think i explained it in an understandable manner so i drew a diagram, hope that's better. it's like this fleshy semi-circular flap with a dip in the middle. is that maybe like the hymen but scrunched up and with an almost-perforation in the middle?

No. 94831

DUDE I thought mine was a tumor too when I was younger. I remember asking the gyno if it was some horrible abnormality/cancerous when I first went forever ago and they assured me it wasn't, just never said what exactly. I guess we're vag sisters lol! It's cool to know there's someone else with the same thing!

This is really illustrative. I've never seen that in any diagram. I'm gonna guess it's all leftover hymen, like for all three of us talking here. But wouldn't it hurt if it WAS a hymen remnant? Why is this so hard to figure out? I'm guessing you both have seen a gyno at least once for a pelvic exam.

It's really irritating that it's apparently so common to have stuff like this, but also so common for gynos to just keep us in the dark about it. Just hearing "you're fine and normal" really isn't comforting when all images you see everywhere tell you otherwise. Are they afraid to be more specific with patients about this sort of thing or what gives?

The fact that there's 3 of us here, all confused about our genitals, is kind of bullshit tbh.

No. 94870

File: 1536644536839.png (72.36 KB, 802x294, Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 10.4…)

wow i tried to do some research for you guys and check this out. no, she's obviously not asking if it's normal to have labia, you condescending boomer.

No. 94878


No. 94880

diagram anon here, realistically it must be hymen remains unless we all have spouted mysterious novel tissue kek but would be nice to actually know. tbf i haven't had a pelvic exam as I'm too young for my first mandatory one and also too retarded to go ask for one so I guess this mystery shall wait on an experts opinion for 3 more years.

i thought hymen tissue should only hurt if it is injured though? are all of us just that well lubricated lol

lmao how tf could you read the question and gather she's talking about labia? the answering person sounds straight out of 1910s not 2010s

No. 94884

Same tbh. I checked multiple times and I just don't see it.

No. 94886

How come I bleed after sex?I have PCOS too,if that counts.

No. 94887

Wtf, I have the exact same thing. I remember searching for it years ago and came to the conclusion that it was leftover hymen tissue. Recently I was feeling it post-sex when it was swollen and the "dip" you mentioned felt like another hole. I put my finger inside it which hurt and when I tried to search for info, I found out people can have two vaginas so I joked with my bf that I have a second vagina lol. Other than that people mentioned it being the urethra which is fucking stupid because your urethra doesn't protrude from your vaginal opening. You're probably the first person to draw this diagram, thanks for that because there's way too little information out there about female anatomy.

Another detail is that mine hurts when I pinch it, so it must be important skin. I also have really heavy periods and hormonal problems with my skin and weight etc. Maybe that's relevant idk.

No. 94888

Happened to me too recently, I missed my period for two months. It was most likely because I was in an extremely stressful situation, now it's back and regular as ever.
Don't worry about it, unless you miss it for months

No. 94904

mine is super small and i only know where it is because its pretty uncomfortable to touch it outright

No. 94930

File: 1536710697041.png (Spoiler Image,25.7 KB, 575x352, 9057667567.png)

Does anyone's labia minora look this way? (pardon the terrible photo edit). It bothers me so much. I'm considering labiaplasty to make the sides just a solid straight shape. The bump/curve part is more sensitive than the rest, and not in a pleasure way. I'm scared though, that the procedure is super painful.

No. 94932

the bumps are more sensitive because they stick out and rub up against stuff. while a labiaplasty will get rid of them, it will not fix it and instead you'll just have uncomfortable scar tissue. t's not worth it. it's purely cosmetic and doesn't help with pain/discomfort because it creates it's own.

No. 94933

Is it weird that my labia is uneven? One side is flat. I had no idea until i shaved for the first time..

No. 94948

not original anon, but I also experience this same issue. is the scarring really that bad?? bc I am in so much pain and discomfort all the time as it is and have been considering sugery

No. 95084

File: 1536825195287.jpg (6.87 KB, 225x300, s-l300.jpg)

This is gross but I'm too anxious to care much!

About a week ago I accidentally fell asleep wearing these tight mesh bastards, and since then I've been in itchy burning cottage cheese hell. This has happened before (generally whenever I accidentally run out of laundry and resort to this backup pair), but usually it just clears itself up in a few days. Yesterday I started noticing slightly bloody discharge when I wiped, and today I noticed a lot more of it, even though the other discharge has p much entirely cleared up and the itching is going away.

My tracking app estimates that I ovulated two days ago, and I've read that this kind of discharge can happen at this point in the cycle, but I've never experienced it before, and it could mean this itchy hell is worse than I thought. It could also mean cervical cancer, but I'm trying not to think about that.

I have a doctor's appointment on Monday, but I was wondering if anyone else has been in this situation, since that's a long time to spend with only my anxiety to talk to. Also if someone could come here and smack me for not throwing these panties out already that would be great!

No. 95086

Throw out fancy panties! They're cute, but they hate your vagina!

You're probably going to be fine, I sometimes have bloody discharge at random times during my cycle. You already got a doctor's appointment, so that's great!

No. 95094

awww lol. I've never gone to a gyno but a long period of my tweens I was extremely distressed about it and planned a visit for my "vag cancer"

I wish this kind of stuff was put in sex ed, not just penises&periods

No. 95126

yep i always have that happpen anytime i wear thongs or g strings or anything where the underwear goes up in my vag

No. 95141

Fancy panties are going in the trash! Did it freak you out the first time it happened?

It's such a pain! I wish I could find cute cotton briefs that aren't immediately destroyed by my washing machine.

No. 95247

Ugh. I hate even asking this but I’m lost trying to google it. Last weekend something went wrong while having sex with my boyfriend and I ended up bleeding due to a tear I guess, now there’s a small, but painful bump right where my vag ends. Nothing really hurts until I brush up too hard against that. Should I be going to the doctor or is there something else I can do? We’re hanging out for the weekend together and I hate to be like “Hey my pussy is still fucked up”

No. 95282

its fine just let it heal. why would it be awkward to tell your boyfriend that?

No. 96469



The men i have been with have been insecure about the randomest things

one was insecure about the fact that his penis arched a bit when erect (even though it was pretty big)

another one was insecure because his foreskin was very wrinkled

another one was insecure because he had a bad circumcision and he had a "weird" looking tiny foreskin

another one was ashamed of the color of his "head" being too dark

to name a few
men can also be very insecure about their junk

No. 96498

it's not like it's a yeast infection or even your period so why be shy? put some polysporin on it and tell him the tear from sex is still healing

No. 96499

lol anon this image is either fake or not even about humans. dicks can be weird af but not like….that….

No. 96667

But all penises are kinda ugly. It shouldn't matter.

No. 96680

my medication makes my vag not get wet when im horny idk how to fix it.. when i masturbate i only get that thick white mucus-like discharge… i hate it i have to use so much lube

No. 96681


Honestly i find all genitals ugly af but I think it's because we live in a non nudist society lol

No. 96824

Try drinking a lot of water, and maybe some electrolyte drink? Also try an oil-based lube under a water-based lube so that the water-based lube doesn't get absorbed as quickly.

No. 96843

Has anyone else ever had abnormal pap smear results?

No. 96850

i'm due for a pap smear, and i'm honestly kind of terrified of the idea. so i ask for your honest thoughts and experiences of them. like, what to worry about, if anything, how it feels, how i can make it better if it's unpleasant, etc. i really, really don't want to get it done but i know it'd be irresponsible to keep putting it off. so some honest accounts might soothe me so i at least know what to expect.

No. 96857

Don't worry too much. I was a virgin when I got mine done, and I can assure you that it was not anywhere near as bad as I've always heard. In my case, since I told the doctor about never having been sexually active before, she used the smallest speculum. She got it slicked up, inserted it, then widened the tool to make me stretch out all at once. This wasn't too bad since I was completely relaxed the whole time. Being stretched that wide so suddenly was shocking but it wasn't awful. Actually, I'd say it burned more than ached. Now, so far as I'm concerned, when she took the sample was what I'd qualify as being the worst part. When she swabbed, the feeling made me reflexively jump BUT it was over super quickly! The feeling lasted probably no longer than two seconds total.

No. 96862

Just try to relax,the more you clench your muscles the more it hurts but if you manage to relax it feels only slightly uncomfortable. Just breathe and take it easy, its over in like two seconds anyway.

No. 96893

i was terrified too but pleasantly shocked that it was nothing. i guess the cervix itself doesn't actually have much feeling (just everything around it does) because when she actually swabbed it i legit couldn't feel it. i couldn't even feel a little pressure or anything. the only painful part was the speculum which they use in almost every gyno exam. if you've never had a speculum used before just know that it's kind of cold and very hard so your vag will be like "wtf is this? can we get it out of here?!" so you need to really focus on relaxing and not clenching up because that'll make it more uncomfortable

No. 96912

It's not that bad. It's similar to a throat swab.

No. 96914

What is the point of having a pap smear done if you've never had sex before? Because cervical cancer is caused by certain strains of HPV, and there's no way to catch those HPV strains unless you've been sexually active.

No. 96920

Is anyone else experiencing more trouble with gyno exams and speculums the older they get? I remember having almost no issues when I was a teen, but now when I'm 30+, it's getting more and more painful for me, to the point that I'm almost shaking with pain and have to breathe through it as if I was in labor in order to withstand this terrible ordeal. I don't know what could be the problem here? Ale we losing some elasticity down there as we're aging or something? The doctors are unable to help or explain anything, so I really don't know what's going on. The only potentially related thing is that I've been on birth control pills for a long time. I also had no kids.

I always ask them to please use the smallest speculum on me, but it doesn't seem to play much of a role - the pain is still pretty terrible. And I'm not clenching my muscles as far as I know, I think my overall behaviour is still the same as it always was.

This has been causing me quite a lot of distress, to the point that I feel like I'm getting raped every time I go to a gyno.

Does anyone have a theory of what the problem could be and what to do about it, apart from maybe having more sex (but then again, even virgins don't seem to feel such extreme pain during exams)? It would be great to see that I'm not alone in this…

No. 96945

If you're breathing heavily like during labour and experiencing pain, I can pretty much guarantee you that you're clenching up. Did you change doctors? Shit always hurt with my old doctor, but my new one is a lot more gentle.

No. 96948

Well, I'm breathing like that partially because it's something else to focus on, but I still feel the pain anyway, unfortunately. When these pain issues started, I still had the same doctor and I think I was in the same mental state as always (which is slightly nervous, I guess) - I don't know if she suddenly did something differently or used a different speculum on me, but the pain shock was pretty bad (I started shaking, etc.). She just continued with the exam like nothing was happening, which I found quite disturbing, as it was obvious I was in severe pain. I have changed doctors since then because I didn't want to experience that ever again, but even though the new doctor is supposed to be more gentle according to women's reviews, I'm unfortunately not seeing much of a difference. It seems like this pain is also getting worse every year.

No. 96950

Also, I always try my best to relax (even though it's kind of difficult to do that with my legs in stirrups and all that), but the pain is there no matter what I do. I'm not aware of clenching any muscles, which makes this whole thing even more confusing. I don't know what could help at this point… It would be great if the doctors helped me figure out what's wrong instead of just shoving their tools in there like it's not a problem. It's making me more and more traumatised every time.

When I was younger, all went pretty smoothly and the exams were only slightly uncomfortable, but never painful. That's why I thought the issue might have something to do with aging and something physically changing down there.

No. 96961

File: 1538056172288.gif (88.49 KB, 500x491, original.gif)

Sorry if this is a dumb question but why is it that when I orgasm, I have multiple mini orgasms afterwards and keep sort of convulsing? Like, I just get turned on all over again and instantly get a string of littler orgasms in a row. Is this normal? Am I sensitive or what?

No. 96963

that's pretty normal. orgasms are essentially spasms, but in a good way, so it doesn't always feel like one big thing happening.

No. 96992

It would be good to know what kind of pain you're getting. It could be that you've developed vaginismus which is super common. Also because you have a lot of stress around these exams it can make the problem much worse. Relaxing makes a whole world of difference, so perhaps talk to your doctor about ways to make yourself feel more comfortable. It may not feel like you're clenching, but if you're distressed then you will be.

Also I have pain with exams because of vulvodynia, which is two very sensitive glands at the opening. If it feels like more of an outside pain then it's definitely worth looking into. Even understanding what the problem is can help pretty much instantly, and a lot of the time there are things that you can do to help whatever it is. Perhaps speak to a psychosexual therapist to see if you can get to the bottom of it. But don't worry, things like this are super common and normal.

No. 97014

Not entirely vaginal related but kind of. I get horrible intestinal issues during my period. I actually have a small Hemorrhoid from the disaster that is my intestines during my cycle, does anyone have any advice or experience?
I'm embarrassed to see a doctor here, I'm temporarily overseas and don't have an OBGYN I trust.

No. 97017

you can probably see a GP where you are, your gyn isn't going to really know wtf to do about your ass.

No. 97026

I used to have something that could probably be described as vaginismus when I started having sex (I think it was caused by me forcing myself to have sex when I wasn't actually mentally ready; also the whole relationship dynamic was pretty fucked up on many levels). It went away with time (after about half a year) and I then had no issues during gyno exams. The current pain problems started suddenly and with a doctor I'd had since the beginning - I have no idea what could've triggered the pain, as everything seemed to be the same (my feelings, how relaxed I was, etc). It's possible that she did something wrong (used a wrong speculum size?) and now I'm reminded of this every time I go to a gyno, even if it's a different person who's supposed to be more gentle…

It's hard to describe the pain - it basically feels like I'm getting ripped open down there. It does seem to be located a bit deeper inside. It's the worst with the speculum and especially with that move that's supposed to expose your cervix. I also had vaginal ultrasounds done and those are also painful, but bearable, at least. I'll definitely need to research vulvodynia, I had no idea a condition like that even exists.

Thank you for your kind words, btw., they honestly made me feel a bit better about myself. I've been feeling pretty broken about this. The start of my sex life wasn't exactly nice and now I'm reminded of this fact every time I go see a gyno. Because of this whole issue, my relationship with my body hasn't been good and my sex life is pretty much dead. It's strange that gynos don't mention what we can do to alleviate the pain or don't say anything about vaginismus if it's so common… It should be in their own interest to make the whole process painless and not something that we would want to avoid.

No. 97037

Just wanted to let you know anon that I experience this pain too. I had no sexual problems before but they gave me a speculum in a check up at the start of my pregnancy and I was chill about it but then it hurt like it was ripping me and completely frightened me too. It's really not fair that gynos are so jaded they don't give a shit

No. 97071

Kind of a long post but I need to get this off my chest bear with me please

I’m really really unhappy with my birth control and I’m worried I might be pregnant. I’m really phobic about pregnancy so I’ve tried to be as diligent as possible with my birth control pills, but I’ve had rocky insurance coverage and now that my mom lost her job I’m uninsured. Before this happened I saw a new gyno and she prescribed me lo loestrin fe which doesn’t have a generic so now that I’m uninsured it’s <$150 every time I refill it but I can’t afford to see my gynocologist and to ask for a different brand out of pocket so I’ve just been having my boyfriend pay for the prescription because I’m flat broke. Another problem with this brand is that instead of having a last week of placebo pills, the last week has a low dose of hormones and it’s supposed to give you shorter and lighter periods but it’s made me incredibly irregular and I haven’t had my period on time for the 4 months I’ve been on it. Sometimes it would happen in the middle of the pack and be super light and this concerns me as I really need my period to assure me I’m not pregnant and I panic every month and end up taking a pregnancy test.

I didn’t get my period so far this month (I’m 2 weeks into the pack) but I’ve had some spotting for two days. Other than being constipated I haven’t had any classic symptoms but it might be too early to tell? I’m really scared that I’m pregnant but I have no idea how to tell my boyfriend because I’m so broke and afraid to take a pregnancy test cause this is the most frightening scare I’ve ever had. He has a really busy schedule a panic disorder so I don’t want to tell him until I’m absolutely sure it’s legit- but I’m also too scared that I’m actually pregnant to buy more pregnancy tests. I’ve just been paralyzed with fear.

If I’m not pregnant, I’ll have to put my foot down and enforce using condoms and stop taking this birth control cause I just can’t afford it. I don’t even want to have sex ever again at this point but I don’t know how to handle this.

No. 97088

Unfortunately anon the main thing to do here is take a test so that you can know. Most tests are good to take at the point you're at now. I recommend cheap pink dye ones and not expensive blue dye because when I was pregnant the pink ones were the only accurate ones and were like a twentieth of the price lmao.

You're just going to have to pee on a stick either way, whether you do it now or put it off, you can let us know how it goes. Good luck.

No. 97090

File: 1538229337259.png (6.54 MB, 2880x1800, Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 22.2…)

It is true that drinking or eating stuff with lots of vitamin c like lemons gives you more cramps when you are on your period?

No. 97098

Nope, actually it's the opposite! Vitamin C can be used to induce and regulate periods and relieve menstrual cramps.


No. 97102

Weird question, but does anyone else here have issues wearing lacy underwear? My labia minora are slightly bigger than my labia majora, and every time I wear lace panties my inner labia & clitoral hood sort of push through the tiny holes in the lace material (sorry for the shitty description) and it hurts a lot. I'm wondering if there is any way to prevent that since I love cute underwear so much

No. 97103

Oh no. Sorry to hear that, anon. Thanks for sharing.

Do you also have no idea what could have suddenly caused the pain? Had you also had no issues with gyno exams before this happened? I'm really starting to wonder if the doctors are the ones who are doing something wrong and then we are traumatised by it and clenching something without our conscious knowledge.

No. 97104

The thing is I had only had 1 gyno experience before that and that was fine?? I have no idea what caused it either. I definitely think that once you have one painful experience with it though it tenses you up every time you go after that, what a catch 22. Reading your story made me feel not-alone so I appreciate you posting it. Starting to wonder if I suddenly developed vaginismus out of the blue too

No. 97109

How much would it cost you to see your doctor about a prescription for a different, cheaper birth control? That should count as just a consultation, so it shouldn't cost you as much as a regular check-up. I would suggest giving them a call and asking beforehand.

Is your birth control creating a financial burden for your boyfriend? If not, he may as well continue to pay for it, as it's an issue that's involving him too, frankly, and you don't currently seem to have financial resources.

Of course, if you don't want to continue using birth control pills, that's perfectly OK too. I just want to tell you that slight bleeding or spotting at random times is pretty common, especially when you've just started taking the pills. Your organism has to get used to all these new hormones before everything gets regular. But I know it can be pretty annoying.

No. 97111

This has happened to me before, but I bought an XS instead of a S. Try sizing up or buying a pair where the laces holes aren't so big, or where the lace is only on the band/not near your labia.

No. 97126

Boyshorts are good for this.

No. 97127

Do you live near a Planned Parenthood?

No. 97243

hopefully this is the right thread for this.

i've never had an orgasm, though i've been masturbating all my life. i've been on different psych meds since i was a preteen, and assume this is why. i'm sure when i was younger it was just a matter of me not knowing how to "properly" masturbate, but now that i'm grown and have a boyfriend, i'm pretty sure it's the meds. i have a magic wand i use personally, and have pretty good sex with my bf, but i still can't orgasm. i can get close, i think, but never can orgasm. is there anything i can do? i'm on quetiapine and sertraline btw. also thinking about starting birth control, so i'll definitely ask my doctor about this as well, but in the meantime was wondering if anyone here could relate

No. 97277

There are some women that are unable to orgasm (like, ever, no matter what they do… they just aren't physically capable). It's possible that you may be one of them. But the meds can definitely be a culprit too.

No. 97289

Sertraline absolutely killed this ability for me

No. 97310

>got a copper IUD
>First month I get my period normally
>Now my period is weeks late
>Got a bit of bright red blood drip yesterday but then only a trickle of brown waste (like old blood) since
I don't get it. Is it possible the IUD is plugging my cervix and preventing blood from properly flowing? That'd be weird as fuck considering I got completely normal period since putting it in.
Can't really go to a gyno since I moved abroad and the IUD isn't used here at all so a gyno wouldn't be competent anyways. I'm thinking maybe my period is just late because travelling always fucks my cycle BIG TIME but I'm also imagining my uterus is filled with old blood and kinda freaking out lol.

This is more of a vent than anything but if anyone had a similar experience please tell.

No. 97311

Travel can mess with your period. I have a copper IUD and experienced a lot of spotting, especially at first. It's normal and your cervix isn't blocked or anything.

No. 97321

Genital numbness/drynesss, unability to orgasm and/or underwhelming orgasms are commom side effects for psych meds, especially SSRIs. And unfortunately,the effect still lingers even after you quit the meds. If you google 'ssri sexual dysfunction' or something,tons of research articles should pop up.
I have the same issue and I quit my meds 4ish years ago. Shit sucks, I wish I had known before going on the meds.

No. 97334

Anhedonia is the most common side-effect after nausea and somnolence/insomnia.
You use dopamine for arousal and anticipation of gratification, but you use serotonin for the actual orgasm.
SSRIs are molecules that bind to the enzymes that are responsible for the reabsorbsion&degradation of neurotransmitters in the synaptic ion channels. SSRIs selectively inhibit the degradation(reuptake) of serotonin.
Now think about what happens when you basically force serotonin to stick around in the synapses and bind over and over to the 5-HT receptors in some very specific neural networks, in order to combat the symptoms of MDD for example.
The different networks that are responsible to drive home the message to initiate the orgasm (communicating via serotonin) are in long-term depression and irresponsive to your (low) serotonin levels and upregulated degradation enzymes. Their satellite cells are hogging all the action due to the effects of the SSRIs. Neurotransmitters typically need to be "cleared" from the synapses before the neuron can attempt to communicate again.

Here's the kicker. There is always the chance that the neural networks that are responsible for climax (from the serotonergic pathway to the nucleus accumbens to the parasympathetic system) can become repurposed after a prolonged period of time without relevant stimuli. You don't lose your ability to orgasm outright, you just have to reinvent the wheel all over again.

Ingesting synthetic estradiol/progesterone on top of being on an atypical dopamine agonist plus an SSRI that has an absurdly high affinity for DAT already. It will be interesting.

No. 97339

Uh, where did you move if doctors there don't know anything about IUDs?

No. 97714

I can't seem to find my clit. I don't know if I'm retarded but I swear when I pull back my vag to look, the area is just flat.

No. 97743

ngl i want to assume youre a troll bc ive never heard of anyone not having a clit

No. 97744

File: 1538977935825.png (226.6 KB, 683x434, Z9V59fQ.png)

It's above the urethra.

No. 97746

anon, im not even kidding, i am not that anon, but i still cant find my clint. I assume when erect, it's just not there

No. 97747

you were probably circumcised at birth

No. 97756

Maybe her clit is just super small?

No. 97758

And or really hooded, but you can usually feel the "spot" where it is.

No. 97769

Anyone else get that period-like pain after masturbating? It seems to happen randomly and it's annoying.

No. 97771


Oh my god I found it! Excuse my retardation, I don't really touch myself and never looked at my genitals before. I thought my clit was my urethra (yeah ik ik) all these years. It looked like a hole until I pulled that part back and found the clit under there. It isn't way at the top like in >>97744 but its more in the middle like where the urethra in this chart is so that's why I was confused. Maybe you're having the same problem, 46.

No. 97773

I'm glad you found it.

Occasionally, orgasms give me cramps.

No. 97809

Mine are irregular too, I'm thin and I get stressed out a lot. I think my body fat is too low most times to get it, so I usually get a really big craving around the time I am supposed to bleed and will eat like, pasta and cake and chips all in one day, no joke, it happens around the same time every month. And then I gain like a pound and I get my period lol. It's definitely probably not the healthiest thing but I just thought it was weird, it's better than not having a period at all.

No. 97831

oh god, anon, sorry for tmi but hearing that made me recoil cause my urethra is extemely sensitive!

No. 97878

I stopped taking birth control after 7 years and my body is freaking the fuck out. I stopped in April and it took until the end of September to start up again. My super light period came for like 3 days and for the last week it's been old blood and tissue with really intermittent fresh blood. Has anyone else stopped long term BC and what was your experience? Is there anything I can do to force my body to either start up a full period, or at least just clean myself out enough to stop this nonsense?

No. 97891

You could try taking Maca root powder.
It is supposed to help after getting off birth control or if you have PCOS because it helps evening out hormonal imbalances.
Personally, I take about 10-15 grams/day except when my period sets in I pause for 7 days. My period was not completely unregulary but the cycle was too long, like 30 days or even 35 days due to low estrogen/PCOS. I'm now down to 21 days!

No. 98017

File: 1539221773919.jpg (18.02 KB, 500x441, yell.jpg)

I feel like I'm running out of birth control options. Nexplanon made me bleed heavily, non-stop. I've been on 8 different birth control pills…all of them gave me yeast infections or BV.

It seems like my last effective option is an IUD. But I'm really fucking TERRIFIED of it. I've never even had a speculum done, due to panic. My OBGYN even asked me if I was raped as a child. When I read about the procedure I start getting nauseous. Wtf can I do?

No. 98019

Nuvaring, Depo, there's non pill forms. BC pills themselves don't give you yeast infections, but it can upset the hormones in your body that lead to overgrowth and yeast infections.
Have you never had a PAP before? You should really get checked up internally just to make sure nothing is wrong.

No. 98022

Ask if you can get a one-time prescription for a single dose of an anti-anxiety medication for the procedure.

No. 98034

So I tried clitoral masturbation for the first time tonight (I'm one of the anone who couldn't find their clit) it started well until the bottom of my feet started burning like fucking hard. Apparently it's not common but through my searching I didn't see a true really cause and reason behind this.

No. 98035

Mine usually do that if I had like 3+ clit orgasms in a row. I don't think it's anything concerning, i had just assumed it was just my body reacting to the (over)stimulation

No. 98037

Try wearing warm socks.

No. 98043

Well, an IUD is out of question for me too, as placing an IUD is supposedly painful/uncomfortable, and when even speculums give me quite a terrible pain, then that's no, thanks. Don't force yourself into something like this if you don't actually want to do it. You'll only get more tense and traumatized from it. Not every birth control method is for everyone.

Btw. it's rare to see that the OBGYN respects your wishes, doesn't examine you when you don't want them to and doesn't deny you birth control. What country are you from where this happens?

No. 98111

File: 1539347745838.jpeg (192.26 KB, 633x485, 4C138642-2F50-4D84-AEE5-1057C6…)

How do you deal with severe mood swings during periods? As I’ve gotten older my periods are shorter, but right before it starts and during it I get very depressed and irritable. I tell myself that it’s just a few days and I’ll be back to normal but I’m worried about how it could effect work or relationships.

I read articles that some people take a iron/calcium vitamin during their periods and they help a bit

No. 98116

Iron definitely helps with the fatigue, which was a problem for me on my period. I also take B vitamins regularly and that seemed to help a bit.
I've heard evening primrose helps with with mood swings and basically all other side effects of. I have yet to try it though since iron does it for me.

No. 98126

I've been taking iron fairly regularly and it seems to be helping with my fatigue in general.I also take niacin daily which is a B-12 and I'll sometimes take extra for my periods. It's not a huge emotional shift but it is helpful!

No. 98196

Iron, evening primrose and bananas helped this for me.

No. 98201

so, dumb question incoming…

how the fuck can you tell if you've had an orgasm? my bf thinks i finally orgasmed last night, and while it was really good, i'm not sure. i've been on psych meds for most of my life so i think that's why i've had trouble climaxing. when i look it up, you get a lot of articles of people saying "when it happens, you'll know for sure, there's no mistaking it!" though i've also heard that some women have underwhelming orgasms, and that some women just aren't physically capable. please help me.

No. 98203

That's not a dumb question anon. I was on anti depressants for years and it took me a long time after coming off them to experience a legitimate orgasm. To me, it feels like that distinct build up sensation you get in your body before you sneeze, but really focused between your legs. When it happens, to me it feels like a rush of sensations and emotions but physically it's an internal throbbing wave. Like, you would know when it's over as it is normally a definitive stop afterwards. I hope this makes sense!

No. 98232

The vagina clenches up and contracts a lot, and it feels really good, like almost too good that it's kinda weird.

No. 98238

It's like there's this build up of pressure that culminates in a burst of more intense pleasure than what you've been feeling up to that point. I've definitely noticed that my orgasms are weaker since I've been on SSRIs, and I have them less frequently.

No. 98249

Nayrt but this is a great description of an orgasm, but mine kind of slowly fade as they "pulse" away instead of just stop. Orgasm is like, a that tangible, full body feeling of "ah, relief".

No. 98811

Is it normal to feel pain during sex like he's bashing against your cervix? It really ruins the mood, and makes me feel like crap.

No. 98854

My skin gets easily irritated after sex and handjobs, even if I'm really wet. We tried different kinds of lube but there's no change. I have no infection and there's nothing abnormal (had a recent visit to the gyno).

Anyone had experience with this? My last guess is that we might be too rough, but I never felt any pain or wanted it.

No. 98856

Do you let him finish inside/on you? You could be allergic to sperm. I am mildly allergic to it and it can make me feel quite sore and irritated. I also get a bit of a rash from it too. Might be worth looking into if that's the case!

No. 98857

Thanks for the idea, but I'm not sure that's the issue since it happened while we were just in a handjobs/oral phase too, hmmm

No. 98870

Where is the irritation? My skin gets a bit irritated as well, but it's sensitive and the cause is like a mild sweat rash from two naked bodies rubbing together.

No. 98885

No. He’s bad at this if he’s plotting away hard enough to do that. Tell him to watch less porn.

No. 98888

You're absolutely right. I'll have a chat with him about it. Thanks!!

No. 98892

Hope he listens and you both get some better sex.

No. 98897

It's stupid, but after reading an article about a woman with persistent genital arousal syndrome years ago I've lived in fear of developing it every time I masturbate.
If I felt even a bit too sensitive after a session I'd be gripped with anxiety about having it. Absolutely ridiculous.

Just wanted to vent. Anyone else have a similar weird fear lmao?

No. 98898

That’s really, really bizarre anon. Why do you think you will get it from masturbation?

No. 98899

I heard some stories of it happening just when the wrong nerve is triggered during sex (although the cause is apparently usually psychological or from brain/spinal damage).
I'm always stressed about health issues in general though.

No. 98905

It's been an hour since I posted this and I had a session with myself before then. I…still have that sensitive near-orgasm feeling.
Have my fears been realized? Of course this would happen to me.

Is this normal? Has anyone else ever felt very aroused even an hour after the fact? Or is it just in my head because I stressed myself about it and I'm tired?

No. 98906

You need to see a professional for your hypochondria.

No. 98914

It's in your head. Stop stressing so much.

No. 98921

If you are inserting objects or fisting it's likely you will feel sensitive for an hour afterwards. Be gentle with yourself and train yourself to react to less.

No. 98922

I'd call bullshit on your bf trying to tell you when you've orgasm'd. Other anons described it well.

No. 98941

I slept and now that I'm sane I realize I probably have a UTI. It's just the more likely issue lmao.
I haven't had one in a decade so I forgot what they felt like. And my hypochondriac ass wanted it to be incurable! As always!

No. 98944

okay y’all maybe u can help with this problem. i’ve had this issue for years and i’ve gone to the gyno multiple times for it but she never seems to know what it is or why it’s happening. and i’ve never fucked anyone so it wouldn’t be an std.
i get these cuts, kinda like paper cuts around my clit and my vaginal opening sometimes, and they never seem to heal. the doc prescribed me betamethasone valerate and that does make the cuts go away, but if i stop using it they’ll come back in the same place a week or two later. and that creamer is a steroid and i don’t wanna keep using it on sensitive areas like that yknow? cuz she wants me to do it long term.
i’ve had yeast infections before but last time i went she said i didn’t have one, and the first time i went she diagnosed me with bacterial vaginitis but again, the last time everything was disease free.
any ideas would be appreciated, cuz this shit is not something g i wanna love with my whole life.

No. 98945

god damn guys, sorry, i can’t fucking proofread my shit before i post. my bad.

No. 98949

Hm, seems strange that the gyno would prescribe something without knowing what the issue is or what causes it. Sometimes I wonder if they really are so clueless and just throw stuff up against the wall to see what sticks. They really need to communicate with their patients better.

No. 98972

Do you wipe too hardcore? because that's how I tear myself those "cuts"

No. 98974

I think I can answer this. I had this going on for years and was shamed into thinking I had an STD despite tests saying I didn't, which I don't. I stopped having sex because it seemed to aggravate it. Went to my doctors last year after being sick of being scared of them reappearing and he told me it could be to do with my contraception. I'm on the implant and as my periods are very on and off with it, he said it could be due to a spike and drop of hormones causing me to get dry and wet and sensitive down there. He gave me some steroid cream and they haven't been back since. It is called Daktacort which is a mild hydrocortisone 1% cream. Maybe see if you can get your hands on some.
If you get some, don't wash with soap or anything overly fragranced to give your skin some time to calm down, dry yourself off and then apply the cream. Stick with cotton underwear and see how you go. Took me about 2 weeks for them to completely go but it has seriously helped!

No. 98996

nah, i’ve started just dabbing after i pee as a habit since when they’re really flared up it hurts to wipe normally.
and that i’ll def look into. i’ve wondered if it’s hormone related before cuz i do feel like i’m dry a lot of the time. i’ve thought about trying those vaginal moisturizers just to see what would happen. i feel like at this point anything could be worth a try.

No. 99049

Sometimes moisture+movement can rub the skin off of sensitive areas. I get it when I'm ovulating and there's more moisture than usual down there. As long as it's not really painful and there's no infection etc, it's normal.

No. 99085

It's usually around my clit. Now that I think about it, since we're at different universities we don't see each other for a month and then try to make most of the time we get, the sudden jump in action might be unnatural.

No. 99131

Okay this is super embarrassing and I’ve been dealing with it for years and I just can’t correct it. Any gyno I’ve been to doesn’t seem to see a problem with it except that I have a super acidic vagina. I guess I should switch and get a second opinion at planned parenthood but I was wondering if anyone else has an idea what it is.

My mucus is more on the creamy side? Like, the friction from sex causes it to ball up and look like a mild yeast infection?? And it’s just super unsightly and ugh.

The problem is that I don’t have a yeast infection. It doesn’t burn or itch like the one I had in my early 20’s. There’s no yeasty smell or anything like that. It just is lotiony and beads up here and there.

I’ve tried using all kinds of monistat between regular to max strength and nothing worked.

I’ve only had one partner since I last got cleared for STDs and we’ve been together 3 years.

No. 99134

Normal, healthy discharge sometimes looks like that, usually around your period. If your gyno doesn't see a problem with it and you aren't experiencing any physical discomfort then you should probably just leave it alone.

No. 99192

So, not sure if this belongs here bc not directly vagina related but since I was a teenager, around the time of my period, I've been prone to… chest pains? Not soreness in the breasts sort of pain but a tight pain in the chest, usually accompanied by shortness of breath. It doesn't always happen every month but it's frequent enough that I'm not surprised by it.

I only ever did see/tell a family doctor (and again to a doctor and nurse at a womens' health clinic about 2 years ago) but when I mentioned that it tended to happen around the time of my cycle and only very rarely outside of that, I've just been told that I shouldn't worry too much about it.

Painkillers haven't helped much over the years and I've grown accustomed to just waiting for it to pass, but I'm still just wondering what the hell it could be.

No. 99198

sounds like what i get from my iron deficiency anemia. it gets bad around my period cause i'm expelling blood. some women just get it during their periods too.

that'd be the first place i'd look if i were you though.

No. 99200

I have the same thing, it's normal i guess? I never mentioned it to my gyno, but she told me everything's fine
Are you using lube/lubed condoms? I noticed it balls up when mixed with lube

No. 99201

What >>99134 says basically. The consistency and colour of your cervical mucus varies depending on the phase of your cycle. The Billings ovulation method focuses on that so if you're interested in it, you could search for that.
You probably just happen to have a bit more discharge. If there's no unusual smell to it and it's white and you don't have any other symptoms, it should be fine.

Might be due to muscular tension. Many women get shoulder pains after an laparoscopy of the uterus because the gas puts pressure on a nerve in the uterus that's connected with the shoulder.

Is it like a sharp pain that you get while taking deep breaths? Or is it more like a constant pain?

No. 99231


Ah yeah, I've had friends who had period specific anemia too but we never really got into conversation about it so I hadn't thought of that possibility just from the pain.


I tend to have trouble breathing in general while the pain is there, so until it happens again and I observe, I couldn't tell you for 100% sure.

The pain tends to come on suddenly, stick around for anywhere between 5 minutes to a couple hours. While it lasts, generally feels like the inside of my chest is being clenched tight and breathing deeply is difficult.

No. 99258

so for the past couple of months i've been having a problem having vaginal orgasms. my boyfriend and i have sex very frequently (2 or 3 time a day for about 2 years) and i used to come once or twice every time we did it. but something happened and i'm not sure what it was but i just can't do it anymore. i can come from clitoral stimulation but nothing else. i have a theory that maybe i had too much sex and it ruined my vag if that's even possible. i asked my therapist and she said it might be due to my depression or medication but i was having this problem before i starting taking my meds. has anyone experienced this? should i go to a gyno?

No. 99260

Vaginal orgams arent always easy or common in the first place. But since you had them frequently before there could be an issue. Ive heard you can get bored so maybe its that? Try different things you havent done before. Or maybe theres something with your partner that is up. Have you been fighting or not feeling as attracted to him lately? Is he boring you or have you had doubts about him? We cant diagnose you from here, but I do think its common knowledge that when a woman cant orgasm its usually psychological. Especially if she was able to before.

No. 99270

Actually, yeah. We don’t use condoms. Just lube and go.

This could actually be it because I’m not really experiencing anything alarming. It never really happened before I started dating my boyfriend, so I thought maybe my flora has been upset or wacky or something weird. I’m also late 20’s so maybe my body/hormones changed altogether and it is just what it is.

For the longest time I just thought something was wrong.

No. 99276

That's normal. Try staying hydrated, and when you shower ahead of time, you can try to scoop some out with your fingers. It's normal, though, and nothing to worry about.

No. 99285

you also in the panty ruining club anon?

No. 99303

our relationship is going great and i am very attracted to him. i have been thinking about trying to do different things since we usually have pretty vanilla sex but i'm incredibly shy when it comes to asking for certain things but i guess this is gonna force me to say something. thanks for your suggestion, anon!

No. 99310

That’s exactly what it is ugh. I can only wear cute shit like. Maybe one week out of every month if I’m lucky.

No. 99311

i have these little cuts or tears on my perineum that won't fully go away and it's been months! they dont get horribly worse, i'll even think they're gone for a while, but then they come back if i have sex, get waxed, use my cup etc. the gyno just said they were related to a yeast infection i had that went away, but it's been months since then and my perenium still looks and feels damaged.
google is frustrating because anything i find is just about full on tearing from vaginal birth. this isn't that. it's only on the surface but it hurts. does this sound familiar to anyone? does it have a name? is there anything i can google that i might not have thought of?

No. 99315

more of a vent than advice I guess, but i'm 22 and have never been to a gynecologist. I know I really need to go but i'm afraid to because I haven't gone yet and I don't want to be shamed by the doctor and also am afraid I have an std even though I don't have any symptoms of anything. I know I really need to go though because I want to get a birth control implant

No. 99387

I had the same problem a while ago
It stopped after my diet became much less acidic/ caffeinated

No. 99399

I dunno if this is any use to you, but this is my reply to an anon who asked something similar only a few days ago

I've been told by my doc it can be hormonal. Try a topical steroid cream if you can. I used Daktacort and it cleared up all my irritations immediately!

No. 99406

oh no kidding. i guess i should have read more posts. thanks anon! i'll look into it!

No. 99435

to both of you guys, be careful about using steroid cream down there. i'm sure the dr mentioned, but it can actually make the situation worse by thinning the skin in the area permanently, this counts for even low dose OTC stuff. just make sure to use it only when necessary!

No. 99451

Of course! It says that on the directions for use on the box it came in. I only use it very thinly and when I've needed it. It's definitely not something to be slathering yourself in on the regular, however, the small amount has helped me out a lot.

No. 99497

I hate my vagina/vulva. Constantly being told vagina's are gross and being made to feel ashamed for having one and all. I just hate it.

No. 99501

It's a natural part of your body that half the population have. And it's self-cleaning!

No. 99502

oh and constantly being told they are ugly. yeah, doesn't affect you at all.

No. 99504

Dicks aren't exactly prettier though.

No. 99505

this. dicks get made fun of all the time, and men are most certainly insecure about it, they just don't act it cause "muh masculinity".

the human body isn't pretty, but no one really cares.

No. 99506

The underside of the toungue isn't pretty either. Sexual organs don't have to be pretty, it's more important that they are healthy.

No. 99507

They don't call it "bumping uglies" for no reason. It's not gross, though.

No. 99533

not to sound weird, but i had a lot of BDD due to anime and anime porn, specifically the games and not the animated stuff. they just try to draw the most aesthetically pleasing version of both men and women in those things and it does a number on you.

No. 99543

>dicks get made fun of all the time
by who?

No. 99562

I can certainly relate, anon. But hating your own body part isn't very productive, is it? It's not like you can really change it or do something about it (and no, the reassignment surgery would make it look even worse). The time you invest into hating your own body can be invested into so much other stuff that will actually make you feel good about yourself in the end.

No. 99566

I could get lipo suction on the mons pubis. i can't even get my ahead around the Vulva part Ive been ignoring it since only recently. Men and women will mock and shame anything to do with female body so just don't have sex

No. 99569

by literally everyone? media has tons of dick jokes all the time, people constantly joke about men's dick size and make creepy jokes about foreskins/circumcision. hell some comedies are centered around dick jokes as the main plot.

men are constantly joking about their own penises when they're clearly insecure about it. especially when it comes to race. semi-constant jokes from white men about asian dicks, and berating themselves in regards to black men.

it's all over the media, and not just in a lighthearted way.

No. 99571

Oh yeah and I'm sure women are constantly telling men how ugly smelly and digusting their dicks are give me a fucking break

No. 99576

do you know where you are? people on here are constantly doing that. i'm not even saying it's a bad thing, but you'd have to be bilnd not to see that dicks are made fun of just as much as vaginas are, men just pretend they think it's funny cause muh masculinity.

most men and women don't actually care, the only ones who care about either are incels, and they are constantly talking about how women only want a dick that is x,y,z. but they're crazy, and they are also the only ones talking about vaginas.

fuck, some of you need to take some time off the internet for a while because the average person does not care.

No. 99579

Pussies are cute, hairy bushes are hot. Lesbians know this. I really wonder if straight men who insult women's genitals are actually into women.

No. 99581

Second this. As long as they're healthy and clean, all vagoo are cute. Innie, outie, doesn't matter.

No. 99614

I'm just wondering what sources do you consume where people constantly mock women for their genitals… Doesn't seem normal to me. Are you a regular visitor on 4chan and similar boards? It seems to me like something triggered you (and I don't mean it in the mocking sense, but in the actual sense) and now you see yourself in the worst possible light just because of the genitals you were born with. That's wrong. If you're visiting websites that are so negative towards women, then please stop and change your habits, for your own sake. Some places definitely have the capability of destroying you mentally, especially if you're already vulnerable.

No. 99620

TMI warning although this whole thread is that lol
I'm seeing the doctor tomorrow, but was wondering if anyone else has experienced this.
I have a UTI (confirmed last week) and aside from the regular nonsense, my labia minora and clit are very swollen and when I press on them I feel nauseous. If I sit for too long while leaning forward it also gives me a dull sick feeling due to the pressure.

Has anyone else had this or know what it could be? Has the infection spread to the rest of my vagina/vulva or something? I have no abdominal or back pain so I'm pretty sure it hasn't hit my kidneys.
I'm also on antibiotics but nothing is really improving.

No. 99654

You could have BV, and need separate medication for that.

No. 99697

NTA but you can and will unfortunately hear men irl talk like that…more often if they think you aren't listening.

No. 100163

I get a UTI after almost every time I have sex and I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong :/ or maybe I need to take antibiotics for an infection that isn't going away? I went to the hospital about it a year ago and they put a camera inside (hurt so bad).. the doctor said it looked a little bit red/inflamed inside but nothing was wrong with my bladder and after an ultrasound they said my bladder was emptying itself just fine. The problem is that when I get these infections more than usually it's not even my bladder that hurts, it's the clitoris/vagina. Constant need to pee which burns and yellow discharge. I'm only 21 and I wash with only warm water every day so I don't think it is irritated by soap…

No. 100174

I bit the bullet and scheduled an appt to talk about getting an IUD. Does anyone have experience with them? I'm nervous about the insertion.

Is his penis dirty?

No. 100176

I have a copper iud. The insertion wasn't as bad as I was expecting. If you've had orthodontia, it's not as bad as that. Take some ibuprofen beforehand and if you don't normally wear pads, make sure to go buy yourself some. A heating pad or hot water bottle is useful to have.

No. 100177

I've read enough posts on here (where women broke up with their boyfriends and were magically cured afterwards) to say it: Is his fault. And your trip to the doctors seems to confirm that, along with the location of it. Get him to wash properly.

No. 100182

If you aren't doing this already: try to go peeing right after having sex.

No. 100195

I also have a copper IUD. Honestly I didn't even feel the insertion, but I was 8 weeks post-partum so idk if that made a difference. It was quick and easy. Honestly the best birth control I've used, and it's nice to know I'm not filling my body with hormones.

No. 100236

I'm interstitial-cystitisfag so I know this general pain well although it is completely random besides after having sex. I am also your age. How long has it been happening? For now, always pee after sex, and sitting on a hot water bottle can help the discomfort. Mine is also not pain in my bladder but directly at the front of my urethra (lol gross), is there a possibility that's where yours is coming from? Mine is much worse if I consume a ton of sugar and don't drink enough. Doctors are for the most part fairly useless about it but often offer antibiotics or whatever. Not much long term investigating.

It isn't always to do with your partner's hygiene like people are saying here, my partner is pristine with his and it still happens whether we're fucking or not. Can't hurt to see if it subsides by for example, showering together beforehand, or somehow making sure he washes his hands before playing with you though, just to rule it out.

Does cystopurin or a similar medicine help at all? You can also eat a pinch of bread soda and drink a lot of water with it. Sorry for the giant post this is just a condition that lost me a job and bed bound me for a long time so I am sympathetic to anyone dealing with anything similar

No. 100249

Thank you anons <3 Do you feel it at all anymore? Does it interfere with sex at all? I know the hormonal one can change your menstrual cycle, is your cycle the same with the copper one?

Thanks in advance.

No. 100250

The only time I feel it now is when I check the strings in the shower each month. My boyfriend has never felt it. I did experience some spotting in the first few months, but time (and maybe taking vitamin E) took care of that. Other than some spotting (which we eventually decided we didn't care much about, other than no oral) it hasn't caused any problems in my sex life. I love that I don't have to worry about remembering to take a pill. It probably won't fail, and if it does fail, it isn't something that can be blamed on negligence, which puts me at ease. Creampies all day. Never any worries. Never any scares.

No. 100254

I'm curious, anyone here had an STI or whatever? I get so paranoid at the thought of it that I get dry quickly when aroused.

Also, anyone here have excessive bleeding during menstruation? I go through a tampon an hour, and I leak through the biggest ones. Help

No. 100267

You should see a dr about the heavy periods, as they can make you anemic and cause a whole slew of issues.

No. 100300

Not quite vagina, but does anyone else get a rash on their face the day before their period? For the last few cycles I've been getting a dry, painful rash over my cheeks and nose the first day or the day before my period or but it goes away by the second day. I don't know if I just have hormone sensitive skin or what but it fucks my skin up every month and even Cetaphil burns like hell.

Related-did your cycles wildly change when you got out of your teens? I had horrific, blackout painful, weeklong, heavy periods in my teens and was diagnosed with endometriosis, but suddenly now I only get PMS and the rash before very short, light periods. I'm not complaining, but I was told it was only going to get worse like all the other women in my family.

No. 100302

What size tampon and is this at the beginning, middle, end of your period or all the time?

I've gone through super tampons in less than 1h on the second day of my period, but my doc says it's nothing to worry about as long as it lasts less than day. Generally it's just a giant clot or something making it leak.

No. 100328

Hi grills.

A couple of years ago, my partner and I experimented with a dildo we bought from an online shop. Never had any issues with sex toys before. After a couple of weeks of using it, I started to notice I was in pain all the time. It felt like a UTI but I knew it wasn't. It made me incontinent sometimes because it was so painful I couldn't feel when I actually needed to take a leak.
I did some research and found out that I had likely been chemically burned on the inside of my vagina by the fucking toy. Literally burned.
I was too embarrassed to go to my doctor about it, which I now regret.
2 years later, I have recurrent pain issues. I know I should go to my doctor about it but I'm just so fucking embarrassed to explain how it happened. I guess I just needed to rant. I'm gonna suck it up and do it soon.

tl;dr: please please please invest only in quality medical grade silicone for sex toys, or glass, or other materials proven not to leach toxic chemicals into the delicate membranes inside your body :(

No. 100331

I have never ever gotten wet.
I get discharge, but there is literally no change in wetness when I'm horny.
It's weirded guys out before, and it does make sex and masturbation more difficult.

Do any other anons have this? I have googled it a lot but I always find stuff about menopause, or not getting wet anymore, I've never heard of someone who just doesn't get wet.

No. 100333

Everyone's different, anon. I have kind of this weird … delayed wetness? Like I can get really aroused and orgasm but then half an hour later I'll feel a sudden gush in my panties. It's weird. But there's nothing wrong with my vag and I'm sure there's nothing wrong with yours either.

Just use lots of lube. Invest in some quality stuff and don't be afraid to reapply it. It will feel good for both you and your partner.

I don't know why some people have such an aversion to lube- it's like they're convinced that using it is admitting to not having a good enough dick or whatever? I've been with both men and women who felt that using lube somehow was hurtful. But that's not it at all. It's there to make sex easier and more fun for you. Who knows, maybe when your body starts learning how enjoyable it can be, you'll start getting wet on your own. But I would recommend using lube anyway, to anyone. I use a ton of it and my bf's dick has never ever chafed me, bruised me, or made me uncomfortable in any way, thanks to the lube. He has fun too because I'm enjoying it. Look into it anon, it could change your entire view on sex.

No. 100335

> I had likely been chemically burned on the inside of my vagina by the fucking toy. Literally burned.

The absolute state of women.

No. 100336

Yikes, that sounds terrible. I’ve definitely been tempted by the cheaper stuff before, but you’re not the first one to have a story like this.

I actually get this too. So inconvenient. Nothing worse than soaked panties when you’re not even horny anymore.

No. 100342

Checkup with your obgyn and talk about dryness, there's a tooon of reasons outside of you not being turned on that can cause dryness. It's actually more of a problem than you may realize, because the vagina needs that moisture to self clean and stay healthy.

Are you on birth control of any kind? or any meds?

No. 100360

It hasn't healed in years? Maybe actually you did damage being too aggressive with it? Go to the Dr but don't tell them what you think is wrong, just tell them your symptoms and see what they say.

No. 100368

Yeah, that seems weird that the pain would persist for so long. Good luck to you, dildo-anon. Can you let us know what the doctor told you?

No. 100382

anon, getting burned in your vagina won't affect your ability to pee. you probably just had a UTI.

No. 100398

>I know I should go to my doctor about it but I'm just so fucking embarrassed to explain how it happened.
Calm down, it's embarrassing to talk about such things but doctors see worse things. Dildos are made specifically for this use, unlike when patients go to the hospital with vegetables up their ass. I hope this video can make you feel better about this.

No. 100405

Plus, what always helps me whenever I have to talk something that I am embarrassed about: They don't care.
So, the doctor will know you used a sex toy. So what? Why should he care? At the end of his shift he'll probably have forgotten about it. It literally has no effect on your lives.

No. 100458

I had a yeast infection, which I treated, and went back to the doctor and got a BV diagnosis. I'm in an LDR, don't douche, none of the risk factors, other than that I was treating for a yeast infection for a few weeks, so I was using a cream externally and took antifungal pills twice.
However, I do have a sex toy which is probably a porous or semi-porous material. I haven't used it very much in the past month and clean it with soap and water. Could it be that I need to be cleaning it better? Could it be permanently carrying and I'd need to toss it?
I don't know anywhere else I can ask this question but here. :/

No. 100462

it may be due to you using soap on the sex toy actually. you can soak it in some almost boiling water for like 10 minutes or clean it with some vinegar (rinse with water thoroughly) but i wouldn't use soap since that may leave a film that will cause the BV more easily when you use it.

No. 100479

Is it normal that my vagina doesn't really twitch/pulsate anymore when aroused? It used to when I was a kid. I'm 18 now and it hasn't done it for years. I do get normal orgasms when masturbating but it isn't as powerful like before. Is my vagina broken? I never had sex before.

No. 100481

I mean…do you masturbate a lot? That'll fuck up your vag and desensitize it. You should feel twitching when having an orgasm.

No. 100482

Nope. Maybe like 2-3 times a week? Is that considered as much?

No. 100524

Do you masturbate with a strong toy or with your hands? If you're doing it with a strong toy then it can desensitise you a fair bit to normal sex

Don't soap your toys friend!

No. 100535

Just with hands (clitoral stimulation only). I never tried a toy before.

No. 100617

Over the past two years my period has kind of changed. It’s gone from annoying to unbearable in terms of pain and every month it seems to get worse. It started again yesterday, and I kid you not I spent the entire day sobbing in pain and counting the minutes until I could take more midol. It’s not just cramps anymore either, it’s migraines that the smallest noise can trigger and enrage, it’s light sensitivity, entire back and muscle tension. I can’t leave bed, I can’t go to work, I can’t do much besides curl up in pain and even that is hard. I’m really starting to get worried about how this is starting to affect life and job, and I’m worried that the pain keeps getting worse. I’ve gone to a doctor about this, but he only prescribed birth control which might have worked but it really destroyed my emotions and made me angry all the time so I quit that pretty quickly. Does anyone have any advice or experience anything similar? I’m at the end of my rope tbh

No. 100618

do you take hormonal birth control?

i used to get this way in high school, the hormonal birth control really helps alot. now i use it to skip my period and just deal with 1 or 2 days of light spotting.

No. 100621


She said in her post that she used to take birth control, but it made her angry…

What about trying a birth control with different combination of hormones than the one that gave you trouble, anon? I also suffer from very painful periods and birth control is the only thing that helps, sadly.

No. 100633

does anyone have any experiences with labioplasty? the labia directly around the entrance to my vagina is really loose/saggy and it causes me pain and discomfort sometimes.

No. 100643

i was wondering what kind she got, sorry i wrote do instead of did…

No. 100656

What sort of pain and discomfort? Is this during sex or just a day-to-day to thing?
I have large-ish labia and switching to underwear that wasn't an single inch wide at the crotch fixed that particular discomfort, at least. It's not granny underwear either, just switching to slightly more expensive brands.

No. 100659

I had labiaplasty. I had huge labia minor and small major. It doesn’t look as perfect as I wanted to, because I opted for the cheapest option. I was 19 at the time, and they didn’t do the hood :( but, perfection aside, i don’t feel them anymore in underwear and you can see them hanging down! I hated the feeling of the big labia before so I’d definitely say it’s worth it. I only wish I would have spent more. Can’t really get it fixed now and I had a baby by then anyway, so it doesn’t really matter. Baby also didn’t change the appearance besides the hole is larger - aesthetics only in that regard though, canal didn’t change feeling wise.

No. 100660

Can’t see them hanging down*

No. 100679

I had the same rusult. It isn’t recommended to do the hood, because then your clit will be too exposed. The recovery really sucked big time, but I’m satisfied with the result, even though it’s not perfect. Labia doesn't get caught in my panties anymore kek.

No. 100680

sorry if this is really gross, but the discomfort is mainly when i wipe after i pee. i usually wear granny panties anyway tbh. i cant say what sex feels like cause im still a virgin.

No. 100700

I was looking through this thread and I just had the discovery of a lifetime. I am literally a 23 year old grown woman at an Ivy League college who has had sex and I have only just found my clitoris. I thought this whole time that the urethra and the clitoris were the same thing! I think it might be the same issue as the anon this responded to, that I've got a pretty pronounced innie vagina and the clitoris is just hidden under the hood/flat? Idk, when I was told it was button-shaped and next to the vagina I guess I just assumed it was this?
I suppose I haven't really spent much time looking under there; it always felt sort of wrong to do so. I'm still mortified that I've missed something so obvious as where to find the clitoris. I cannot believe I have gone through my life not knowing where my own damn clitoris is.

No. 100703

Same anon, glad You’re happy with it! In terms of the hood, I guess I wish they would have made it a bit more seamless with the lack of labia now. Labia near the hood with missing other labia looks a bit weird to me. I also wish the outer lips were puffier, but it’s stil 10x better

No. 100713

this made me want to puke. sorry you drank the gross hentai koolaid. removing the clit hood makes your clit go numb and it will feel just as bad as your labia used to you fucking retard.

No. 100724

wtf, are those anons lying? that sounds like some third world shit. why would anyone need labiaplasty??

No. 100731

Not labiaplasty anon but I’d want a solution if my labia got caught in my panties too. Discomfort shouldn’t be prolonged to appease quasi feminist argument.

No. 100736

you don't get them fucking cut all the way off. re-read what the other anon said. she wanted her clit hood cut off to match the "smootheness" as if she removed all her labia. she also said she wish she had "puffy lips" that's some anti-roastie neckbeard roleplay if i've ever seen it.

No. 100737

Oh ew. My bad.
That’s really weird. What woman thinks that much about how their vagina looks?

No. 100739

sorry anon, didn't mean to snap at you. i just got pretty put-off by the comments about the whole thing. it sounds either man or tranny imo, especially with that nonsense about clit aesthetics.

No. 100741

Nah I see why you’d get riled. It’s bizarre.
Sort of reminds me of the guys who jump into any conversation about FGM to make it about make circumcision as if the two were comparable. Neckbeards will always wriggle into topics about vaginas to loudly make it about them.

No. 100743

>Ree why do women care about how their "vagina" looks when society keeps complaining about beef curtains

No. 100748

You’re the one reeeing. Calm down.

I really didn’t think anyone took the roastie meme seriously aside from incels.
I’m not shitting on women who are insecure about their labia I’m saying that the descriptors used were weird and that generally nobody is obsessed with the smoothness or puffiness of their vagina.

No. 100755

It’s not roleplay, I really had labiaplasty. The inner labia aren’t all gone, they were laser cut down to the length of where my majora extend.
I will admit that I have bad ideals of my vagina, and I probably wouldn’t have done PS if my ex didn’t constantly make fun of my vagina. The internet warped my image honestly and I wasn’t happy at 19.

No. 100756

See being that concerned with the look of your labia because you were constantly told your vagina is wrong is understandable, although abnormal. Healthy people don’t find themselves distressed over how smooth or puffy their labia are.

No. 100758

I agree, but truly I’m not lying in reference to the other anons. It is/was unhealthy. I wish it didn’t distress me so much when I was younger, and I shouldn’t have to nitpick on it. I do feel a lot better since they were pretty large and did indeed get caught in my underwear. Only wanted to suggest if people hate the feeling, that I had good experiences with it.

No. 100759

Okay okay if it’s this important I believe you.

I totally agree with it in cases where the woman genuinely suffers with discomfort or pain that surgery would alleviate anyway, just never for aesthetics.

No. 100762

So I went to a family planning clinic to talk about starting my first hormonal contraception and decided on a hormonal IUD. I've never had a gynecological examination and told that to the nurse, but she didn't book a time for me for that or showed any concern over it, so my next appointment is just for the insertion. My aunt had a uterine leiomyomata (a noncancerous growth) a few years ago and apparently it's genetic, I told her that, but she didn't really react to that so I assumed that it doesn't affect the IUD.

I know that they probably know what they're doing but now that I've slept on it, I've become kinda lowkey anxious about sticking stuff in my uterus when I'm not fully sure everything's a-ok down there.
Am I worried over nothing? Is it normal to have an IUD without further examinations?

No. 100763

>I probably wouldn’t have done PS if my ex didn’t constantly make fun of my vagina.
I fucking hate DownLow men.

No. 100768

Haha just don’t like been accused of being trans or a man
What’s a DownLow man?

No. 100772

men gay on the low. DownLow men are retards and will date women and destroy their self esteem. I wish they'd just fuck off and leave us alone and go fuck their kingz

No. 100773

Just ask or mention it again before getting it done?

No. 100778

i still don't believe you. any idiot who wants their fucking clit hood removed cannot be an actual woman. we're not debating your labia getting in your panties, but you're fucking nuts and a bad influence for anyone else ITT if you're not a man/tranny.

No. 100782

Not removed, just reduced in size in order to match the length of the reduce labia minora. The hood area sticks out a bit more now because they didn’t match that area to the size of the rest. It’s not completely gone nor would I want the entire hood removed. Just matched. And that’s if I wanted it to be ideal for myself. I’m happy enough I don’t feel it anymore. It’s a self-esteem issue when your vagina is never depicted in anatomy or any other representation of a vagina. When it is, it is called roast beef and beef curtains. I felt bad about it since I was about 13. It felt gross in my underwear. Many factors have made me ashamed of my vagina. I may have issues but I don’t believe I’m necessarily as crazy as you’re putting it. I wish I wouldn’t feel so bad about it. I hope women with longer labia can feel happy with theirs without resorting to surgery. With women getting tons of plastic surgeries, is it that unbelievable I‘m a woman?

No. 100785

Our public healthcare system sucks ass and I would probably have to schedule another appointment to discuss that and that could take weeks. I have absolutely no idea whether I should be concerned about this or not, I've never had to deal with vaginal health shit before, it's why I'm asking if I should just calm down and trust what they're doing.

No. 100788

Has anyone experienced a persistent itching on the inside of a vagina, but on one side only? I have already had hormones and fungal infection checks. Everything is normal except for my vagina being always numb (no sexual pleasure whatsoever) and itching everyday to the point I scratch myself so bad it hurts to pee when the scratched part of labia gets washed with pee.

I take antidepressants so thats why my sex life is dead but I am wondering if something else is not happening…

No. 100790

it is. you sound like a crazy troon who wants an anime vag. just fuck off and stop trying to push your BDD on impressionable anons. also get off the internet, because irl mend you fuck could care less about the aesthetics of your vag.

No. 100795

lol you have your head so far up your ass…
You personally don't have huge labia minora, I assume? Because let me assure you, guys do care.
Nta but I've had men talk to me about how their exes or girls they had fucked had beef curtains and how it turned them off a little. Beef curtains have become almost as much of a subject of meme-mockery as fat women. So how is it still so unfathomable that someone would be affected by that if they already have issues because of how it feels physically?

Heck, even to my underwear sometimes feels uncomfortable because of the friction and my vagina is far from having beef curtains.

No. 100796

File: 1542230129561.jpg (Spoiler Image,502.65 KB, 1080x1998, Screenshot_20181114-151543_Sam…)

Then find a man who loves it? I promise, there are plenty of them out there. Even porn boards on 4chan, I'm assuming the main imageboard where the roastie meme originated, have threads specifically for posting women with larger labia because they're attracted to the way they look. This thread was the very first fucking thread when I opened up /s/.

No. 100798

this anon is fucking nuts man. she wanted to expose her clit for aesthetics even though it would be extremely painful to do so and make it numb. don't argue with someone like this who, as i said, drank the hentai vag koolaid.

No. 100799

Yeah, it was my pubes curling in and tickling. I trim them to about a cm and no more problems. Seriously convinced myself I had herpes because of scratching the skin open.

So stop looking at roastie memes and paying attention to the retards who think labia are some hideous malformation.
If you look literally anywhere outside of porn, you’ll see that labia are wildly varied and it’s normal.

I get that it’s hard to be self conscious, but looking at incels posting roastie memes and listening to a bunch of virgins discuss the “perfect pussy” theyve imagined on their waifu pillows is dumb.

No. 100802

>tfw mom took me to the gyno as a pre teen because she accidentally caught a glimpse of my vagina and thought there was something wrong with it because my labia are so long, dark, and textured

It's not always roastie meme shit, not that anon but my vagina is legitimately ugly. My gf doesn't mind and the thought of surgery is too horrifying but I still hate how it looks. It's uncomfortable and fucks with my self esteem, and did far before I was exposed to porn at all. I'm glad I'm with somebody who doesn't care but I keep the lights off.

No. 100804

Can't you read? Don't you understand English language or are you just too stupid to understand what people are writing?

She did NOT want to remove the entire hood. She wouldn't even expose it enough to affect it.

Also, still not the one that got the surgery kek. Just someone who's sick of people being like
>muh stop catering lolicon fetish
when at this point several people wrote that it's not exclusively for aesthetic reasons, but because it cause serious discomfort on a regular basis. Are you gonna talk people out of breast reduction because of back pain, too? Because that's exactly the same.

Maybe she would even have overcome the self-consciousness about it, if it had not had a physical discomfort connected to it. But a combination like this is just awful. And again; since the aesthetic was not the only reason for it, what's the fucking point of trying to talk anyone out of it?
>muh you can live with pain if you just learn to love your body <3

Fuck off, seriously.

No. 100806

If the aesthetics of your vagina take up more than a moment of any given day you need a shrink. Your mum was probably raised by a generation that acted like vaginas and labia are Satan’s purse and cause degeneracy. You could spend ten minutes online and find out that having outie labia is about as significant as having an outie bellybutton.
Anon got surgery because a teenage boy told her some roastie memes. That’s either mental illness or bad rping.

Anon states they want more work done to make the clit hood look like the rest. They were the one to talk about how they wish their labia were all perfectly smooth and puffier and the rest of the ‘muh loli labia gotta have that porn puss’

No. 100812

Sage for mild OT, but genitalia doesn't need to be cute. Most dicks definitely aren't. Any genitals can look weird when you don't see the whole person or look weird to someone, and cute to someone else.
Your vulva is fine unless it is causing you pain or discomfort, and someone shaming you for it is an asshole.

No. 100813

re-read what she said. aesthetically wanting to change your vag in any way other than for comfort makes you a fucking nutter.

No. 100814

I wish people ITT would understand that no one is shaming anon for fixing her discomfort. We're just grossed out by her weird neckbeard idea of what a vagina should look like. She obviously has BDD when she says stuff like about wanting her vag to look "seamless" or wants "puffy vulva" and regrets not getting it like that. This is super toxic and regardless of whatever her other reasoning was, it kind of dirties it.

I will sympathize, but something is wrong with her (if it is a her) for her to think about her clit area as an aesthetic feature.

Also I have one really long inner labia and saggy outer labia and not one of the dudes I've been with has complained about it. This kind of thinking is really just a small percentage of men (neckbeards).

No. 100815

Probably being deliberately obtuse. Plus labiaplastu anon was defensive as fuck, there’s a good chance they’re samefagging to defend their creepy labia obsession.

No. 100876

If you care so much about what guys want, why don't you go for guys that like vaginas like this >>100796, or something balanced with some exposed labia minora (like a lot of porn stars have)? Instead of going for guys that like hentai smooth "puffy" vaginas like you described. Believe it or not everyone has different tastes/preferences…

No. 100892

shhh. let it go already.

No. 100966

File: 1542473485444.png (111.03 KB, 500x485, 102093210.png)

I've had this problem for about a month now. Hours after I masturbate, and sometimes just randomly, my clitoris remains swollen and bothers me. I'm not sure why, but it's annoying as fuck.
Other info:
>doctor diagnosed a UTI with a quick test after this started, but antibiotics haven't stopped it
>waiting for more recent thorough test results to see if it's just stubborn
>she also says it may be a bladder stone
>I didn't tell her about it mainly being the clit (I will next time), just said generally swollen
>there shouldn't be any damage, I've never used a dildo or a vibrator in my life

Has anyone ever had this? Any idea what it could be? Stubborn infection/stone/nerve damage?
I've come to cope with it anyway, although it was very distracting in the beginning. I just miss masturbating daily.

No. 100968

I don't think they'll insert the IUD without giving everything a quick look-see to make sure insertion is actually safe. A gynecological check up doesn't take more than a few minutes, usually, anyway.

No. 100981

Do you use lube?

No. 100985

No, I put nothing foreign near/in my vagina. Just my (clean) hands.
UTI was from pee holding lmao.

No. 101077

File: 1542613870096.jpg (49.41 KB, 640x480, repro_10.jpg)

Okay, I'm about to get gross, so if you don't want to read a gross post, stop here.

Has anyone here ever had an experience where you're masturbating and you can like. Feel the contents of your rectum through your vaginal walls? And then you get grossed out and have to stop?

This diagram shows how close the vaginal wall is to the rectum.

I've gotten to a point where I can't masturbate if I know I'm constipated. It just ruins the whole thing for me.

Tell your doctor the truth anon, there's no reason not to. She's heard it all before.

No. 101146

Since I sometimes finger my anus while masturbating and occasionally will slightly touch some poop in the act… no, not really.

I'm actually a bit bewildered by how much this affects you, considering you're not even actually touching anything besides your vagina. I mean, I totally understand not being enthusiastic about feeling it but to the point of having to stop or not being able to even start just because you're constipated sounds really unhealthy.

You're a human. You have bodily functions. And as I already said, you aren't actually touching your feces.

No. 101151

I've never fingered myself bc I don't need it to get off but that sounds offputting and I would be skeeved out too and totally stop.

Wtf, you sound gross and I hope you're a troll.

No. 101154

NTA but eh, it’s an asshole, you know the risks you’re taking when you stick a finger up there

No. 101156

nta, but it's so easy to clean your nasty asshole. (especially considering you can feel the poo lump from your vag) no excuses.

No. 101158

It’s an asshole, there’s bound to be shit there every now and then. Yeah obviously I stop if there’s shit and wash off properly but I’m not gonna lose my mind over it - as I said, you know the risks when you tickle your bootymouth

No. 101164

the point was that you're the only one ITT who allows any risks you fucking sperg.

No. 101166

You do realise that even if you clean it out there’s a chance of there still being some poop in there, right? I’m not talking about a whole lump but some specks here and there, there’s always a chance you’ll get a bit. Didn’t realise it’s controversial to point out that when you stick fingers in a shithole there’s a chance of shit

No. 101167

NTA but what is an enema?

You're gross and just trying to play it off like everyone deals with the same shit (literally). This is the vag thread not the asshole thread.

No. 101169

are you a guy? you're being pretty vulgar and also rude as hell. most people can clean our assholes to the point where anything we stick inside comes out clean.

>inb4 there are particles

microscopic particles aren't "specks".

No. 101170

I’m a woman, it’s not like it’s a common occurrence it has happened maybe a handful of times over many years. Sorry for not pretending that I shit flowers? Vulgar I can see but how am I being rude. I’m aware this isn’t the asshole thread I was just chiming in since it was brought up

No. 101172

nta but you're acting like everyone who doesn't think you're gross is fucking retarded. what you said in your first reply also has nothing to do with what the OP was talking about and seemed pretty aggressive for no reason (considering it was mostly about your habits)

No. 101186

… why is having shit in your rectum gross? I'm confused.

No. 101189

I'm >>101172 (haven't commented since btw) and I do apologise if what I said was crass, off-putting and seemed a bit harsh. I didn't mean to come off like that.

I'm just genuinely confused as to why something like that would put someone off this much. Maybe I do feel so different about it because I also enjoy anal stuff in general and therefore - as the other anon(s) already said - you know what to expect if you go there.

But anyways… you aren't really touching anything besides your vagina so this entire disgust about it is genuinely confusing to me. I also feel like this is a really unhealthy relationship to have with your own body. Sounds a bit like a result of the whole
>muh girls having bodily functions is so gross

You don't have to have a full-on scat fetish to come to terms with the fact that the food you put into your body comes out very close to your vagina.

Sorry and sage for blogposting but I'm a bit tipsy and still very confused.

No. 101201

What it seems like to me is that this entire discussion sprouted off from one comment about feeling poop through your vaginal wall. Which is a thing, and I've done my fair share of pushing things out that way myself.

My confusion is why some anons are suggesting that your asshole/rectum is nasty if it has any trace of poop despite it being it's natural habitat. Maybe I'm missing something but I don't make it a personal habit to perform enemas or finger myself with soap.

No. 101233

so am I understanding correctly that all of you anons apparently give yourself enemas multiple times a day so that there’s never any traces

No. 101244

Did you guys actually read the convo? No one just finger's their asshole when it has shit in it, like anon was claiming. It's gross.

No. 101265

I'm >>101077. It's not the concept of pooping I take issue with.

I can only feel the stool through the vaginal wall if I'm constipated. And when I can, it feels weird and wrong bc it's this random hard spot while everything else is soft and flexible. It's like having a rock in my shoe.

Also, >>101146, you're not cleaning your ass thoroughly enough if that's happening. Use an enema and eat more vegetables.

No. 101267

Yeah I'm gonna be completely honest with you. I'm not gonna use an enema just to stick a finger up my ass anytime I masturbate.
Also I feel like some anons got the wrong idea. It's not like I'm shoving my finger up there no matter what. I feel something, I'll just stop or go less deep. No big deal. I just don't see the point in freaking out about it.

And my diet is fine. I'm not constipated, I just have naturally solid stools.

The way you're describing it now makes it a little less bewildering to me. Genuinely thought it was some 'the existence of poop grosses me out so much I can't continue masturbating' kinda bs. I still can't relate, but then again I don't use vaginal penetration for masturbation. So maybe that's why.

Hope you can find a way to solve this issue. (? if you're looking for that? idk.)

No. 101268

No offense non but that's pretty gross. Most people clean out before anal play.

I really hope you don't handle food, bc there's probably poop under your finger nails.

No. 101272

This! This is all I was trying to say. No one was claiming every girl has an anus clean enough to eat off of, but every person I've ever been with has cleaned their asshole or wanted me to clean mine before anal play. Even gay dudes know that. Unlike vaginas, shit and assholes are actually unsanitary. Just do an enema and get over yourself.

No. 101282

My mom did the exact same thing to me, anon.
She also called in my grandma to look. It was pretty scarring and I'm still extremely insecure even though they haven't caused any issues sex-wise.
Also, the gyno was so confused when she couldn't find the "growth" I was sent in for. Grabbed my labia and said "…Do they mean THIS?"
It's morso just embarassing that the women in my family know nothing about female anatomy.

No. 101295

Ugh, that's horrifying. Sorry that you had to go through that.

No. 101302

how does one tell the difference between regular period moodiness and PMDD? i've suffered from depression and self harm my whole life, so the degree of emotional pain i feel during my periods never seemed too abnormal: right before my period, like one or two days before, i get super depressed. my self harm urges go through the roof. i don't let myself give in the urges since i've been clean for a while, but then i just get suicidal. on my actual period, i'm depressed, feeling sick, and fighting self harm urges. the suicidal thoughts are more passive. i'll be so restless and anxious yet all i can do is lie down and cry. last night while waiting to fall asleep i kept tossing and turning, eyes perpetually weepy, feeling this restlessness and anxiety right in my stomach that makes me wish i could tear it open and dig it out, a kind of anxiety i haven't felt since i was unmedicated as a teen. i ended up hitting myself to stop the anxiety long enough to actually get tired so i could sleep. i know hitting technically counts as self harm but my issue was always with cutting so i'm gonna throw myself a bone here… by the end of my period i'll still feel down but i will have mellowed out a lot.

what do you guys do during this? i'm tired of laying in bed panicky and googling variations of "suicidal on my period" "self harm urges on my period" every month without fail

No. 101316

Is it normal to be heavier in the waist when you're on your period? I'm not sure if it's body image issues, mirrors being different heights or looking different, or that I'm bloating up a bit.
Fwiw I do feel like I tend to gain a little bit of bloat or water weight just on my period, but wanted to ask other people if they get it or it's "normal"

No. 101318

Yeah, it's normal. My jeans always fit tighter in the lower belly area in the 2-3 days before my period is due.

No. 101386

It's common. For me it's about a week before period.

No. 101396

It's normal. Something about how when estrogen levels shift, they retain more water.
It always freaks me out when I gain weight suddenly (3-5 lbs) but then get relieved when it's just my period a couple days later and I go back to my normal weight.

No. 101418

Does this issue with retaining water also happen when you're on the pill? I noticed that the only week that I'm able to lose weight is when I don't take the pill (and get the "fake" period). It's a bit frustrating, as I can diet and exercise like crazy and nothing happens during the time I take the stupid birth control pills.

No. 101432

Afraid I can't help you with that question. I was on the pill for only a month in my teens which was a decade ago so I can't remember what effects it did on my body (and probably wasn't on it long enough to notice)
But I did find this article, it does say it can cause weight gain:

No. 101433

Been on it for years and it does happen. However it shouldn't affect the ability to gain or lose at all, you might have a different issue.

No. 101435

It definitely does. The weight you lose during your period is 100% just water weight. You know how so many people say birth control makes your boobs grow? It's water. If you stop taking birth control, it'll all go away.

However, birth control can mess with your thyroid hormones as well, so there's that.

If it's possible for you I'd try to go off birth control for about 3 to 6 months and get your blood levels checked. (It actually takes fucking forever for your hormone levels to get back to normal, if they ever do, but I think 3 to 6 months will do.)

No. 101776

How do I achieve in getting a simp? I'm okay with how everything looks but I feel like the outer labia is too "skinny".

No. 101782

If you're ok with how it looks, why do you want to do something about the outer labia?

No. 101784

it sounds like some roastie meme shit tbh.

No. 101801

Please be a troll.

You can't really… achieve that kind of thing? You could get labiaplasty and get your outer lips puffed up. But if you don't have a simp by nature, you won't likely get one after surgery either.

Plus, what >>101782 said.

No. 101807

Alright, I need to know how fucked I am. I'm on Estarylla and missed pill #4. I took it at the same time with #5 when I usually take it. The thing is, my bf and I had unprotected sex where he came in me right before taking pill #5 late last night. Is there a huge chance of pregnancy? I really don't want to have to pay for another abortion. They're way too expensive.

No. 101808

Plan b?

No. 101810

no, I'm not a troll unfortunately. And idk, I just took a look at mine recently after I overheard some girl bragging about hers (yes openly in public) and I was like dang they're kinda thin. I thought that weight gain had to do with it, but now that you told me it's genetic and not achievable without surgery I guess I'll just pass and live with it than ending up with botched labia lmao

No. 101940

Lmfao you sound like a child. Naive and stupid as fUcK

No. 101989

kek you sound like a frustrated neckbeard that can't get with the girl that will literally fuck anyone (but you, ofc) and has been told he has a small dick one too many times

No. 102043

This might become kind of explicit/graphic so I feel like apologizing in advance. I'm also not very good at filtering rn, so sorry if it's half venting, half actual advice-seeking.

I can't seem to come from PIV sex. Which isn't unusual so far. I am aware of that. But I can't seem to come from it in general.

My boyfriend is really good in bed. He's very well hung, has stunning stamina (he can fuck for like an hour without any problems and needs to recover for about 5 min before he's ready to go again), really pays attention to the sounds I make, puts my pleasure above his own etc.
However, in our 3 years of being together and fucking like 3 times each day (unless I'm on my period) I've only come three times. Twice from him eating me out and once from anal.

He is extremely good at eating me out and I only rarely orgasm from it because I don't like it as much due to trauma and insecurity and therefore can't let him do it as much.

But anyways, back to my actual problem: PIV sex.
I know most women need clitoral stimulation to come and I feel like I am one of those women. However, even if I do exclusively masturbate by rubbing my clit, I can't come from doing it while having sex.
The movement of his dick is so overpowering that I don't feel anything while rubbing my clit. The only way I feel anything at all from it is if he stops moving. Which is just… no.

I just don't know what to do anymore. Even when I was on the pill and I didn't have sex or masturbate for like 6 months, there was literally no difference.
I can easily come within a few minutes when masturbating, but whenever something is put inside of me, my clit seems to become numb.

It's frustrating and I feel even worse for him since he's really doing his best and he IS good at it. I'm just really dysfunctional, I think.

No. 102046

File: 1543806353706.jpeg (Spoiler Image,33.37 KB, 600x503, 27B6492D-AE0A-4753-9ABF-21CD8E…)

I don’t know how willing you are to regularly use vibrators, but I’m really really similar to you and the Tenga SVR has helped me immensely.

I find that my hands just absolutely don’t work for clit stimulation when my boyfriend is inside, but this thing fixes the problem 9 out of 10 times (even when everything was numb and basically sensationless down there from a shitty birth control). You don’t even necessarily have to use the ring portion; depending on the position, the texture of it holds it in place fairly well.

Image isn’t lewd, but spoilering so there’s not a vibrator on the front page.

No. 102079

I did try using a vibrator before but it was too big to comfortably use it, so I might try this. Thanks!

No. 102088

Same problem here, and I don't think this issue is actually rare. That's why I don't get people telling you that you should learn how to masturbate in order to feel pleasure from sex - come on, I already know that, the problem is that masturbating while having penetrative sex does nothing for me.

No. 102105

Why do you need to masturbate during PIV? Can't your bf finish you afterwards in whatever way you like the most?

No. 102107

As I said, oral doesn't work for me mentally and fingering doesn't work because he has some dried skin from nail biting etc that hurts me.
But the thing is, I'd just like to come with him. After he's come it's not as passionate anymore. For me at least. It's not like he didn't offer or try.

I don't mind if I don't always come from sex or come several minutes after him or anything. NEVER coming during sex is what's so frustrating.
Like, yeah, he can make me come or I can make myself come afterwards and that's nice but for the love of god I want to orgasm during sex for literally just once in my life. I feel that shouldn't be so much to ask for.

No. 102111

try different positions, anon.

stuff like missionary doesn't work for me but doggy or anything from behind usually does.

No. 102113

Already tried a bunch. Being on top, doggy, laying flat on my stomach, on the side, reverse cow girl, … You name it.

No. 102124

You might just have to accept you can't, anon. Coming solely from PIV is less common than never coming from it and requiring other stimulation. If you can come from anal, maybe stimulate yourself there (or ask your boyfriend to) during sex? It took me 11 years of sex and 3 years of being with my boyfriend to come for the first time! Getting past sexual trauma can take ages but if you really want it, you'll do it. Good luck anon!

No. 102127

this actually isn't true at all. most women just don't cum as hard from PiV sex, if you cum from it, you realize it's a lot of little fluttery feelings rather than a big bang at the end.

No. 102128

the pressure and impatience you have in regards to cumming during sex could be the problem? it might be hard to cum while youre so stressed about wanting an orgasm.

maybe try having him edge you with his fingers, then right as you know you're about to cum, switch to penetration?

No. 102130

Anal stimulation also only makes me come if it's exclusively anal penetration. I already tried anal stimulation and also anal penetration during sex but even though it feels good, it's way different than actual anal sex.

I didn't really get frustrated until like a month ago though tbh.
Also tried the edging thing so, so many times. Masturbating as well as for sex. The arousal will just fade off.

No. 102242



Actually it totally is true. I didn't say it was impossible or that both clitoral and vaginal orgasms felt the same. It's just far less common, and research backs that up.

Agreed. If you focus on it not happening, it probably won't happen.

No. 102258

Are those little things orgasms? Sometimes when my bf stops in the middle of PIV I get a tingly post orgasm feeling in my vagina sometimes very small contractions I always wonder "is that a PIV orgasm???" pretty disappointing if that's it…

No. 102295

No that can't be the hyped up vaginal orgasm, I refuse to belive it

No. 102309

Those smaller contractions are usually just a sign of arousal, not an orgasm itself.

No. 102362

just sounds like bullshit semantics to me. there's no scientific reason those tiny contractions "are" "actually" orgasms. if it feels nothing like an orgasm and it's not what most women would describe as an orgasm, then it's not an orgasm.

Literally that's like saying a guy having a little drop of precum when he's aroused is "ackshyually a really mild type of orgasm." even if you can force an argument for it, that's not what 99.9% of men want when they think of an orgasm, so it doesn't matter.

No. 102396

No direct vagina issue, but I really need help.

I‘m having really bad pms symptoms and it’s only like week 2 of my cycle. Worst is my breasts. They hurt so fucking much. When I wake up I can’t even lie on my side/stomach oder lie my arms down on my body.

Usually pms symptoms start when I‘m ovulating and will progressively become worse until I start my period. And I‘m used to my boobs hurting this bad but only right before I start my period. But since they already hurt so much I‘m really fucking scared it‘ll become even worse.

Does anyone have any tips to soothe the pain or swelling?

No. 102424

Hi, it wasnt until the last two times i had sex with my boyfriend that it was painful the moment i put it inside and i have this urgent need to pee afterwards, it remains like this for a few days and sometimes i cant hold it and leaks (even if its a little pee what i have). I saw on google this could happen because you need more lube or if ur partner is big, i think it could be both? Im on the pill and i feel drier since, and my bf is in the average to big side. Any recommendation? I dont have as much as pleasure cuz of this and the pee stuff and burning turns me off

No. 102427

It could be a UTI. Leaking and the inability to hold in your urine can be a symptom of UTI. It can also make sex painful so it may be you have one and as it's not being treated, it's making sex uncomfortable and unpleasant for you. Does it burn when you pee or anything like that?

No. 102432

ya it burns, sometimes a lot. I will go to doc asap, thanks!

No. 102433

Deffo get it checked out. Don't have sex until it's fully cleared up and maybe get your fella to get looked at too. You are probably passing it back and forth to each other.

No. 102446

Painkillers and a heating pad, but if the pain is severe to an unusual extent you might need to see a doctor. Check for lumps and abnormalities of course.

No. 102458

Your doctor will likely give you antibiotics and painkillers for it, sounds like a UTI. Also mention that your pill causes dryness. I was on the combined pill for years and it made sex painful for even days afterwards. I'm on the mini-pill now and I don't have a problem with dryness.

No. 102498

File: 1544246022490.png (2.39 MB, 1632x2100, AZO_UPR_Max_large.png)

Yeah definitely sounds like a UTI, if you can't see a doctor right away these pills can work wonders in the meantime. Drinking cranberry juice can also help but it's not a cure. Hope you feel better soon!!

No. 102635

If a guy cums in my hand, to clean it, just water and soap do the job? Or do I need to clean with anything else?
I washed my hands three times already and rubbed alcohol

inb4 i'm too stupid to have sex

No. 102666

Yes, soap and water is fine. The only thing I can think of is that wet cum will become a weird sticky consistency when you mix it with water, but if you clean well enough it all comes (hurr durr sex pun) off.
I've found pills like Midol helps but you probably need more than that. Try stretching or exercising, I know it hurts like a bitch but it helps with body aching. But definitely see a doctor because you shouldn't be in that much pain.

No. 102669

Use cold water. Hot water hardens the proteins and makes it more difficult to remove

No. 102719

i got my first uti… beautiful.

No. 102724

File: 1544459661405.jpg (131.8 KB, 620x349, download.jpg)

So I'm going to a gyno tomorrow because I'm pretty sure I grew up with dysmenorrhea and now I'm having some new issues :(

Growing up, every second day during every other 2nd or 3rd period (the other periods would pass by painless), I'd get so cold I'd need 2-5 blankets, a heating pad, a room heater and still freeze. Anything sensory would be overwhelming (sounds, foreign touch, light) so I'd lie down in my bed in darkness. I'd be in intense pain for a couple of hours and then finally throw up (regardless if I had eaten that day or not. If I didn't eat my body would still go through the same motions). Finally, I'd pass out. Back then I'd take pain relief after it had started and then it'd be too late. Nowadays I make sure to snack on pain relief way ahead so I don't go through the same crazy misadventure.

Now, the past two-three months I've had some pain on the left side around my hip and kinda elsewhere around the lower abdomen. I have no idea what's wrong with my body. I'm not pregnant, I've tested it at the doctor's office. I don't have UTI (although last month when this was happening I did have a teeny tiny amount of blood and leukocytes in my urine) but I've had UTIs before and I know what they feel like. >>102458 is what triggered my to make my post because last time I took an antibiotic treatment (my previous doctor was an idiot btw) for rosacea, I got a UTI from it loool¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I don't think what I'm having is an inflammation either because a couple of years ago I got an inflammation around my left hip (same area-ish) and at least last time I could physically feel the inflammation. BTW this wasdue to mixing antidepressants with Cerazette / birth control (I didn't make this connection until a year later where I read that someone here on lolcow or reddit had the exact same problem!) My doctor claimed it was "growing pains" (bitch, I haven't grown in 10 years!)¯\_(°⊱,°)_/¯

In any case, I'm just wondering if anyone has ever had anything similar to what I'm currently experiencing. It's been twice now that it's happening about 1-2 weeks before my actual period. I can't handle stress that well either while it's ongoing. Sorry about the length!

No. 102736

I'm in the same boat anon, second one in two month too…

No. 102751

Is anyone else just not very sensitive at all? It's not like I don't get aroused, I will get very wet and feel the whole canal kind of dilate which feels great but touching myself does practically nothing. I have only cum once from stimulating myself, all the other times were with very strong vibrators. I never even bothered masturbating until I was an adult and bought a vibrator on a whim because it never felt good at all to do it "manually". I've tried all different ways but they just end in my hand and wrist getting tired before anything happens. Penetration does nothing, as does direct manual clitoral stimulation. Most times when I masturbate I put the magic wand directly on my clit through my underwear and I can cum within 30 seconds sometimes multiple times. I enjoyed having sex with my ex gf but nothing she did orally or manually got me anywhere near climax and it wasn't bad sex. I'm not depressed, not on any medication at all, and my hormones and libido are normal, but I just feel like my vagina doesn't work and never has.

No. 102756

File: 1544489674961.jpeg (10.81 KB, 450x450, 579ccee8-2883-4612-88d6-b4daf3…)

Wouldn't say I'm numb down there, but I only have a real orgasm through heavy clitoral vibration too.

The hottest orgasm I ever had was when a hookup tied me down and forced me to cum with one of these. He put this right on my clitoris and blasted the highest setting. I came so hard I turned red. I can never produce the same result from penetration or masturbating with my fingers. You're not alone.

No. 102779

You're absolutely NOT alone, Anon. I'm exactly the same. Didn't masturbate until I was 17. Although not from shame, just didn't feel the need.
However, I can't handle the frustration very well and just thinking about this numb ass clit makes me angry cry. I don't own a vibrator, but I get off to shower hose on highest setting.

No. 102791

your gyno can tell you more but ovulation pain maybe? maybe even a cyst or polycystic ovary.

with the episodes you mention, there's a type of migraine called 'abdominal migraine', just one example of the types but you don't need to have a headache to have a migraine. the timing with your period, sensory changes and sensitivity, vomiting, all happening in an episode, these kinda do sound like migraine. a neurologist is best placed to determine that if your doc or gyno can't figure it out.

No. 102814

I never masturbate, is there something wrong with me?
I do get horny and im not asexual

No. 102818

…Well why don't you tell us why you don't masturbate even if you get horny. And no, you're not special. Lots of people cba to masturbate, horny or not.

No. 102828

It just never does anything and i dont feel the want?
I feel abnormal because it seems everyone is, but i do want and have had sex

No. 102838

my god, anyone else get like a singular hair or whatever in ur clitoral hood or whatever? that shit is so painful, and i just thought I had an std or something everytime it happens. How do you remove them?

No. 102841

pull the hood up & shine your phone flashlight on it. you should be able to see and pinch it off.

if that fails take a bath and pull back your hood underwater

No. 102850

Holy shit, I had that happen one time. The hair was huge and I guess I had never noticed it before, but it was definitely growing right next to my clit under the hood. Soooooo fucking painful to pluck out. That was years ago and you just made me check to make sure I don't have another one…

No. 102866

I don’t grow hair there but my bf has a lot of hair so during sex every once in a while a hair will get stuck in the hood.
The first few times I thought I had an UTI as well because masturbating etc caused such an intense stinging sensation. But thank god I took a closer look and found the hair before seeing a doctor.

About the removal, what >>102841 said.

No. 102874

you can't grow hair there…

No. 102875

tell that to my nether regions, anon…

No. 103048

Can you have a mild case vaginismus?
I can insert tampons, but it hurt a little. I'm a virgin but when I try and masturbate with dildos (I've done it once in 2018) I can get it in maybe 2-3 cm before there's this… ring?/muscle cramp? thing and it hurts to push past it. It's honestly less painful to do anal for me.

No. 103056

That doesn’t even sound like a mild case but normal vaginismus to me.
Have you talked to your OB/GYN about it?

No. 103066

I've never been to an OB/GYN, hah, maybe it's time.
I was under the impression though that vaginismus was muscle cramping so much it made it impossible to insert anything?

No. 103070

how do i cope with pmdd. i just want to die fam

No. 103079

I would definitely see an obgyn, things used to hurt me so badly and be so tight they couldn't get the speculum in. I was referred to a physical therapist that specializes in gynecological issues and it helped me a lot. The pain and muscle tightness from my endometriosis kept everything way too tight all the time and fucked up my abdominal muscles. I'll probably never insert large things for fun but now I can get a tampon in with no pain and get examined, plus it improved my posture and my periods hurt less too.

It sucks but knowing what it is and when it'll be over helps. Do you track your nutrition? I was doing research on PMS to try and find something to help and ended up figuring out I didn't get nearly enough calcium in my diet. Once I got that where it should be my mood improved and it was shorter. Still not entirely gone, but now I just vaguely consider suicide for a day instead of actively planning it for 3. It may not work for you but it's worth tracking to see if it is.

No. 103084

What >>103079 said. It’s incredible how big of an influence your diet has on hormonal issues. Whenever I become lazy and start eating more sugar and processed foods, my pms symptoms and period cramps become immediately worse.
A plant-based diet (or at least cutting out dairy and eat less but better quality meat) has also helped me a lot.

I recommend reading the woman code. I don’t agree with anything written in it, but it did help me see what I do wrong.

Also blood levels. Calcium, magnesium, vitamin d, b12, b6, C and K are important and can affect your menstrual cycle.

If none of this helps, maybe think about trying agnus castus or hypericum perforatum. (shouldn’t be combined with hormonal contraceptives though, as it can make them ineffective)

No. 103122

i'm a vegetarian that only occasionally has dairy, but i do tend to stack slacking in regards to my physical health when my period comes around. i'll try to stay more on top of it and actually use my fitness app lol. thanks girls

No. 103136

Maybe a stupid question, but how do you know if you're having an orgasm? For me, I've always enjoyed masturbating, but never felt like I "finished" per say? After buying a vibrator, I do think that it helps me reach pleasure faster and I sort of "convulse." But no guy has ever been able to make me "cum" besides me just getting wet. And usually when they finger me I'm just uncomfortable but still get wet. Anyway, how do I know if what I feel is "orgasm" material?

No. 103139

Hello, I'm getting a light period for second month in a row now and of course everything that has to do with a vagina on the Internet says "might be because of pregnancy". I checked several sites but I'm not seeing a lot of personal experiences. I'm 22 and sexually active. Should I get a pregnancy test or be worried about something greater?

No. 103140

What exactly do you mean by light period?
Is it just lighter than usual or really just like spotting?

No. 103141

It's lighter than usual. Last night a bit came out but this morning almost nothing.

No. 103148

If it would still classify as a period (like, deep red blood not just pinkish discharge, maybe tiny chunks of the uterine lining, etc) you shouldn’t worry and it’s probably just some hormonal issue. Any changes in your life lately? Have you been stressed or sick, changed your diet, worked out more/less, gained/lost weight?

You could also track your temperature and cervical mucus (make sure to do it right though, maybe read up on NFP) to see if you ovulate which would be a sure sign that you aren’t pregnant. But even if you don’t ovulate it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re pregnant, just that there’s probably some hormonal imbalance.

If you feel like it, maybe take a pregnancy test. But usually the only real bleeding that happens when you’re pregnant is an Implantation bleeding which is nowhere nearly as strong as a period.

No. 103170

Thanks for answers, I think that I'll invest into a pregnancy test. It's not that strong and a bit pinkish.

No. 103175

Not strictly related to your problem but similar issues: if you are sexually (cishet) active, just buy a preg check every month just to be sure. You can get your perioid even though you're pregnant, and at least in my country the over-the-counter tests are cheap. It's a small investment but at least you know what's the hap in your body.

No. 103220

It's so different for everyone. You could be having orgasms that aren't that strong or you are getting close to orgasm but stopping before the full climax. The pre orgasm convulsions can be confusing.

Have you tried gspot stimulation? I get much better orgasms by that instead of my clit. Take your index and/or middle finger, put them inside with your fingertips facing toward your front and then curl your fingers upwards. You should feel something ridged or wrinkly, that's what you want to focus on. If masturbation isn't doing it then next time you're with a guy have him do the same thing. A lot of guys are bad at fingering simply because they are aimlessly poking around inside your pussy instead of focusing on the gspot.

Don't be surprised if it makes you feel like you have to pee. Put a towel down the first couple times because you might pee a little bit during orgasm.

I second this. If you're in America you can buy $1 pregnancy tests at Dollar Tree. It's the exact same thing as they use in the doctor's office so don't be afraid of the price. I still take two every month because I'm paranoid.

OT but that store is amazing if you need dishes, cleaning supplies, shelf stable food and candy for the movie theater.

No. 103234

Really stupid question but what do you do with that ridged spot?
I think I can spot my g-spot very well but I feel like it does absolutely nothing for me.
Do I maybe need to apply more pressure? I’ve seen a bunch of people do a very fast, jerky motion but it looks so rough (also I don’t think I have the strength for that).

I tried g-spot vibrators but I just can’t tell whether or not I’m touching the g-spot and it feels almost numb-ish?

Only ever came from clitoral stimulation so I don’t even know if I can come vaginally.

No. 103245

When I do it I just move one finger around in a stirring motion and it feels great.

No. 103252

You can try putting your palm on your clit and moving your hand up and down if that makes sense.

Your vibrator could be too powerful but honestly I've never enjoyed gspot vibrators at all.

No. 103312

So I’m wondering if I’m just over-worrying here. Background: I’ve been on birth control pills for 6-7 months to help my incredibly random and often painful cycles. It’s worked perfectly, every 28 days on the dot plus less cramps. But my last period came only two weeks after the last one. It’s been mostly dark (old) blood, with a bit of dark red and plenty of lining tissue. It’s not heavy, I can get away with a panty liner most days. But the main issue is: it’s been at least 8 days, maybe 9 and still see some blood. I don’t think they’ve ever lasted so long or been so early.

I’m wracking my brain for the reason. I know I might have skipped a pill entirely my last pack (never done so before). I started a whole new one on the Sunday after this one started. I was also incredibly stressed and depressed a few weeks ago. And I have the suspicion I might have endometriosis but I’ve never been diagnosed. Are those legit reasons for longer periods or do I need to look into something more serious?

No. 103381

Anybody in here successfully stop a case of chronic/recurring BV? I don't want to keep going to the doctor and taking antibiotics. I just started taking a high dose of probiotics everyday to see if that helps. I already wear 100% cotton underwear. This thread made me realize I shouldn't be washing my toys with soap, oops, so I definitely won't be doing that anymore. I eat plant-based/vegan but need to cut down on sugar (tea and chocolate addict here). Anyone have good results with any supplements/vitamins/herbs and/or hygiene routines to stop this cycle of doom once and for all? Should I see an acupuncturist/chinese medicine doctor?? I'm wiling to overhaul my life completely to get healthy and stop whatever is causing this as I want to get pregnant and have a baby next year.

No. 103384

I'm no gyno, but I will say that birth control does some strange stuff to cycles so I would say that what you're going through isn't exactly uncommon.
I have an arm implant now so I don't get periods anymore, but when I was doing the shot, there would be times where I'd get a really old blood period for like a week or more. Sometimes no period at all.
Hormones aren't an exact science and everyone's body is different. Any concerns you have should be discussed with a professional, esp if you think you might have endo.

No. 103445

File: 1545076832654.gif (67.83 KB, 220x220, tenor.gif)

Sorry for the dumb question but if I get wet from being turned on and sit in my panties without changing them, could I potentially get a yeast infection or something? I'm asking because obviously, you wouldn't get sick from sitting in your discharge but for some reason I'm paranoid about sitting in my own wetness lol.

No. 103449

Can anyone tell me their experiences with a mirena coil, especially after a baby?

No. 103450

I'd say your safe if you only wear cotton. Maybe tmi, but I was pretty gross in my younger years and used to masturbate before bed and sleep with the same underwear on and never got any infections.
Yet, when I started wearing some polyester/nylon undies, even after evolving from my old disgusting habits, I got a nasty UTI which has now most likely evolved into a bladder stone. So. Keep it cotton, anon-chan.

No. 103479

Yeah, that's not gross. That's pretty common. I do it to help me fall asleep. As soon as I'm done I'm out like a light.

No. 103483

Is there anyone here who feels a lot of pain when their cervix is hit? I have had this problem ever since I had sex for the first time. I am currently in a relationship and having sex quite a bit, and there are times when the sex is great but in certain positions or angles when my bf hits my cervix it hurts and I have to stop having sex. I am starting to think that maybe I have an ovarian cyst or something and I'm freaking out a bit. I'm planning on scheduling an appointment to get it checked out but just wanted to see if anyone else has suffered from this and figured out what the cause was. Not sure if these "symptoms" are related but I have extremely painful periods and I also have to pee a LOT more than anyone I've ever met. Thanks guys.

No. 103487

I would say that's probably normal, anon. Lots of women I know say that it doesn't feel good. As for it being a symptom of something, idk. I've never heard of that, but I'm not a gyno. Personally, I like it when my bf hits my cervix and it really gets me off sometimes. If he's doing it at the right time when I'm super horny, I can orgasm from it. I'm probably in the minority on this one, though.

No. 103488

oh hey me too. I read somewhere that it was good to do if you were having problems with falling asleep and didn't want to use an aid, and they weren't lying. it's just so relaxing.

No. 103491

Oh, yeah, nothing wrong with a good session before bed. I just meant that I now try to get up and wipe off the moistness before lying down again so as not to stew in it since my body produces a lot.

No. 103494

I do have issues with that too but it doesn’t always hurt equally bad.
My gyno suggested that I might have Endometriosis because I have really bad period pains as well.

It doesn’t have to be that though. As another anon said: there are many women that don’t like it or that hurt from it. I’d say getting checked doesn’t hurt.

No. 103687

I'm torn on whether BC (Syeda, generic of Yasmin) is killing my sex life or if it's something else.

I started it 2.5 months ago and I've been nearly incapable of having sex for half that time. When my bf tries to penetrate me, it's like…it can't go in? I'm in extreme pain and we literally can't have sex. On the rare occasion we do, it's usually just missionary and after a while, it still feels painful enough to turn me off (especially around the entrance of my vagina). I hate fingering now too.

I went to the ER not long ago (had severe cramps and thought something else was wrong) and a test showed that my uterus lining is abnormal, so idk if it's the BC or whatever uterus condition I have. I'm going to a gyno in a few weeks but can't decide if I should stop taking the pill until then or not; biggest issue is that condoms make the pain worse so I could potentially not be able to have sex even on rare occasion until then, which would suck. I'm also scared about changing pills because of weight gain concerns.

No. 103688

Do you still get wet? What you describe is the case for me when I don’t and birth control can affect your ability to get wet. But also with lube etc I sometimes have those issues, so I guess it probably is hormonal.

Several Gynecologists told me the first 3 months are the worst, after that the side affects either go away as your body gets used to the hormones, or they stay in which case it’s probably better to stop taking it.

There’s also a small chance it’s endometriosis. BC with estrogen can have a negative effect on the growth of the lesions. However, endometriosis usually can’t be seen in an ultrasound. I think adenomyosis can be seen, not sure though.

If that’s the only side effect and you can take it I’d say try going the 3 months or until the appointment.

No. 103751

Just venting but holy shit I'm dying, there's a deep scratch in my cliteral hood that stings so badly if I move too fast or pee.
I'm doing everything to keep it clean so it can heal faster but it's so painful, I feel like my entire life is revolving around this scratch right now

No. 103768

Mostly just venting but maybe anyone has any advice.

I’m probably starting my period some time over the next few days (merry Christmas to me) and even though I’m not even spotting yet, my uterus is killing me. I’m in so much pain, I feel sick 90% of the day, my head hurts constantly, I feel incredibly tense/anxious/stressed for absolutely no reason and just overall awful.

I’ve been taking loads of naproxen and ibuprofen already but it doesn’t do a damn thing. And warmth always makes my pain worse.
I just want this to be over and it hasn’t even started. I’ve been crying for the past hour because I can’t bear it anymore.

I also tried opioids once but they only made me pass out and vomit but didn’t help with the pain - at all.
I feel like I won’t ever be able to do anything about the pain and it just makes me literally want to kill myself (yeah I’m being dramatic, there’s a bit of truth to it though).

No. 103779

Have you gone to a doctor? That's really bad especially since you aren't even bleeding yet. If you did go and they just threw an opiod prescription at you get a second opinion. Having that level of pain outside of menstruation is not normal at all.
I know that feeling with wanting to die from the pain though, I have endo and when things get really bad I'll find myself laying on the bathroom floor begging God to just end it, you can hardly even string thoughts together with that shit. I'm the gyno physical therapy anon from up thread and that helped a lot, but that pain never got that intense outside of when I bled, so there might be something else serious going on with you.

No. 103800

it sounds like you might have endo, anon. how old are you? mine didn't really develop till i was like 22 and it was hellish like what you described.

No. 103801

Have you tried something cold? I have endo and I love laying in a empty bathtub to ease my pain bc it's cold as fuck, kinda like putting an ice pack on a injury or tooth ache.
This might not help ofc if hot things make it worse but I thought it might be useful to suggest since people usually only recommend warm things.
And yes def go to a doctor anon, or ask for new medicine if you already have a diagnosis for this.

No. 103805

Don't eat chocolate or dairy beforehand. Exercise. Masturbation and marijuana.

No. 103806

anon, she is not experiencing PMS. stop.

No. 103810

ughh I had my second yeast infection a week ago. I did a 7 day monostat treatment, and everything seemed totally healed down there so I decided to have sex with my boyfriend today.

At first it was great, but then I had some mild pain and soreness so we stopped. Ten minutes later, I noticed that one of my inner labia had swollen dramatically. It has remained swollen for about four hours now. It is painful and the whole area is kind of burning, but it only REALLY irritates me when it sort of gets in the way when I walk.

I am so freaked out that it's this swollen. I don't think it is a bartholin gland, the swelling is kind of in a different location. I may have gotten bacterial vaginosis, which lots of people get after taking yeast infection med because it overcorrects your vaginal bacteria balance or whatever.

I go to the doctor if the swelling doesn't go down overnight right? does anyone know any home remedies for this? I'm just trying to drink lots of water and apply heat to my vag

No. 103813

A very swollen labia isn't a symptom of Bacterial Vaginosis anon, it doesn't usually cause any symptoms other than a smelly discharge and itchiness. Go to the doctor and stop applying heat to it.

No. 103828

>A very swollen labia isn't a symptom of Bacterial Vaginosis

Actually it can be if it’s severe enough. Regardless, I would go see a doctor.

No. 103838

Yes, do go to the doctor and do all the usual things like no soap etc, but I also recommend cooling it down with the shower head on gentle but on the coldest setting you can handle
Currently going through some swelling due to a scratch and it's the only thing that helps

No. 103844

I actually went to the ER once because I was late for my period (which isn’t unusual) and had so much pain I would pass out and cry. They checked me very thoroughly - ultrasound, blood levels, infections, pregnancy, … nothing. So, probably just PMS-cramps which also isn’t unusual for me, unfortunately.

I had a gyno that thinks I probably have endo but I would need a laparoscopy to get officially diagnosed. But I’m really, really scared since I’ve talked to a bunch of women who said surgery just made it worse for them. Plus, I want to get sterilized really badly so I’d wait until I get an okay for that anyways.

Cold sometimes helps but yesterday it just made it worse.

I’m actually vegan exactly because dairy makes it worse, so there’s that. But I did really not control my sugar intake. Need to go back and focus on it more, thanks for reminding me.
Would love if cannabis helped but I can’t do it, mentally.

It actually is pms.

No. 103850

You can take CBD, which doesn't have psychoactive components (THC). So you get the pain relief without the high.

No. 103861

If it is just cramps I would definitely recommend physical therapy if you can get it covered. It made a huge difference in pain levels and it's a shame that it's not more well known. Most of my periods are now just unpleasant instead of intolerable.
I don't know anyone who's had the scraping surgery but several women in my family have had full or partial hysterectomies because of endo and it was life changing.

No. 103862

there's literally no way that's just PMS. go to a gyno, you likely have endo. don't be such a twat to people trying to help you. ffs.

No. 103863

Do you guys put moisturizer on your mon pubis? I don’t have dry skin, but I was wondering if I should put some there and what to use. Is coconut oil ok?

No. 103864

Yeah I use coconut oil, helps with ingrown hairs too.

No. 104088

File: 1545919287922.jpeg (Spoiler Image,357.27 KB, 795x833, 0ECB705F-E775-4EFB-8B83-35B350…)

Is it possible, to have trouble orgasming during sex because my clit is too hooded?
I recorded myself masturbating because I thought about sending it to my bf (didn’t though). I noticed that I can’t see my clit due to what feels like two or even more layers of skin. I don’t have super big labia minora but also not a simp. (Pic related, not me but basically what it looks like)
I have to pull back quite some skin to get to my clit and then it’s super sensitive and feels nice to touch (if it’s wet or lubed up enough, of course). But whenever I try to masturbate without doing that, I have to apply a lot of pressure or use a vibrator.

Is it possible to get some of the hood removed? Could I talk to my gyno about that? I feel like they wouldn’t know about that kind of stuff.

No. 104093

Coconut oil is really good, but just remember it degrades condoms

No. 104094

nta but is it okay to use coconut oil on your outer labia as well?

No. 104096

I want to buy a new sex toy but don't enjoy the vibrations in vibes very much. Has anyone here tried those which use air like the Womanizer? Or the ones that are meant to be like toungues?

No. 104120

coconut oil is highly comedogenic, so any acne-prone anons should probably steer clear

No. 104121

I suffer from acne and always tend to get really nasty pimples after shaving my privates but can avoid it by applying coconut oil right after.

No. 104126

I use it there and have no problems but only use a little
I used it on my forehead and it was a huge mistake that I'm still dealing with, but weirdly it helps get rid of ingrown on my legs and around my vagina. But yes it's worth mentioning. Test a little first.

No. 104127

I use it there and have no problems but only use a little
I used it on my forehead and it was a huge mistake that I'm still dealing with, but weirdly it helps get rid of ingrown on my legs and around my vagina. But yes it's worth mentioning. Test a little first.

No. 104128

I've had good luck with jojoba as an alternative, though it is slightly comedogenic depending on skin type.

No. 104136

That's because it's razor burn/ingrown hairs, not actual pimples.

No. 104138

lmfao, how old are you??? you don't know what razor burn is?

No. 104185

I'm so aroused all day long (and night) that I can't even concentrate on anything. No matter how I sit and I especially have to force myself to not cross my legs and clench/tighten my thighs (no idea how to describe that)
What you the reason be?

No. 104187


No. 104778

File: 1546577021726.jpg (5.3 KB, 300x168, download.jpg)

>have vaginismus
>just found out that the itchiness I've dealt with for the past week has been a yeast infection
>only doctor I'll have access to within the next 2 weeks is my campus nurse
Fuck fuck fuck fuck, this is terrifying, if I can't get the oral antibiotic treatment I'll have to use antifungal cream because vaginal suppositories aren't gonna happen. I don't have to actually put the cream IN my vagina right? Right??

No. 104779

To clarify, this is the first time I've ever had a yeast infection and I haven't read about treatments for them before because I just haven't needed to. What's scaring me is the idea of having to go to a doctor who'll have to touch/ look inside my vag and the possibility of having to put stuff inside me. Every time I try to even get a finger in, it's painful.

No. 104787


Hey anon. Pharmfag here. Good news is that there's an antifungal tablet you can take for that. Bad news is you will have to go to your doctor to get it (prescription only), which it sounds like you are planning to do anyway. If you were trying to treat it at home, you'd only have OTC products to choose from and most of those do require insertion. I'm not sure about the tests they do to diagnose but it will be worth it so you can just take the antifungal pill

No. 104803

Another pharmfag here, I concur with this. But may I suggest using lubrication if you end up using OTC antifungal such as monistat? It'll be less painful and more feasible I can assure. Having has a yeast infection myself recently I can understand the fears. If there's no access to a doctor then please consider that.

No. 104811

No pharmfag but please get treatment for your vaginismus. It‘s important to get checked and a pap smear at least once in a while.

No. 104819

medfag here, usually for diagnosis you have to look directly into the vagina/vagina walls with a speculum…
however, if you truly have vaginismus, it can also be looked at from the outside as well (look for that white discharge + redness)
The best tratment is antifungal suppositories tho… however there are antifungal tablets too but you usually need to have normal hepatic function to take them (have some tests taken first)… so I'd REALLY recommend trying the suppositories… they are a fast and effective solution if it's candida

Hope everything goes well!

No. 104830

When my boyfriend and I first started having sex I was really tight, like penetration was painful and doing it from behind/doggie style was literally impossible, even a finger sometimes hurt. Don't know if it was vaginismus cuz I never got it checked out. More recently though, I've felt way looser during sex. Like there's a tightness with initial penetration and after that I just don't feel it as much, like it's enjoyable but I was so used to being sort of in pain that this feels wrong I guess? Also I now queef pretty frequently after sex (bf is a good sport about it at least), which never happened before and again makes me feel like I'm way looser. On top of that I've been having more discharge and there's a smell to it (not always bad but noticable). Have any anons had an experience somewhat similar to this? I guess I could always go to the doctor/gyno but wanted to get some input first.

No. 104857

are you sure you're a medfag?? yeast infection is checked via a swab for the bacteria.

No. 104859

Have you changed your birth control? It may have been a hormonal change, natural or otherwise.

No. 104972

Happy ending, I went to an urgent care clinic and the doc was very understanding and prescribed me the antifungal pill without doing a physical exam. Thanks for the advice!!

No. 104975

So I shaved everything off and now my vagina and anus are itchy as FUCK. I scratched like crazy when I was half asleep and now I have tiny cuts and scratches which sting when they get wet/when i pee. What can i do to soothe the itching and that awful stinging? I'm afraid of making it worse

No. 104976

exfoliate with hot water.

No. 104980

Keep it clean with just water, obviously don't scratch, take sitz baths
If it gets worse, saltwater rinses and bepanthem will help it heal

No. 104996

witch hazel has an exfoliating, anti inflammatory and anti bacterial effect. i always use it after shaving.

No. 105002

Aloe Vera is the only thing that works for me. Used to be in agony when I shaved before I started using it. It also helps prevent ingrowns.

No. 105007

Do NOT tell her to put witchhazel on her shaved butthole jfc
Aloe is ok on your mons, but not your labia. Coconut oil can go anywhere but be aware it also damages condoms.

No. 105070

Reposting from the sex thread, don't ignore pls help, this is seriously affecting my sex life:

Whenever i put anything inside my vag i feel like i need to pee. Even if my bladder is completely empty. It's like things really press on my bladder from the inside, it's really intense and really unconfortable. I can't even come because it's so distracting. Does this happen to anyone else? How can i stop it?

I've asked my friends about it but none of them have experienced this. I have pcos, but other friends with pcos don't experience this so idk if it's related. Help pls.

No. 105072

>It's like things really press on my bladder from the inside

That's probably exactly what's happening, it's pressure. Change the angle maybe

No. 105079

File: 1546844517702.png (Spoiler Image,854.93 KB, 1000x911, image-20160413-23623-t84zpo.pn…)

Your g spot is right near your bladder. Even if it's empty, if you're angling your toy upwards towards it, it can make you feel like you have to pee.

No. 105081

this is emberassing but for a while the inside of my vagina seems to "hang out" or something? it's really annoying and I often have to adjust my underwear for it to be more comfortable.
I asked the doctor about this and she gave me a cream for it (someting about funghus? I don't know the proper translation) but I used the cream and it's still not gone.
Am I stuck with this forever? Is my vagina ruined?

No. 105098

You might just have a really thick piece of hymen hanging on or something. If it's not itchy, smelly, etc - just leave it. If it gets bigger or whatever, go back to the doctor, but if not just leave it.

No. 105099

well it's not itchy or smelly or anything and it doesn't hurt when I touch it but it's pretty annoying because it's more sensitive and it kind of just hangs there.

No. 105101

oh and it does seem bigger when I'm ovulating and leaves behind that gross white stuff

No. 105118

Thank you so much!
I haven't used toys but when i do it with my fingers it's fine, i guess they can't go very deep though. But anything bigger than my fingers seems to press too hard on my bladder, and they've tried different angles too.
I've had the same problem with different and more experienced partners so i guess it's just me.
Now i have a better idea of what's happening though, so genuinely thank you.
I'll post here if i find a solution just in case any other anon comes across this problem.

No. 105119

Do you mean your labia?

No. Just..no man.

No. 105156

I know way too little about my own body but I do suspect it's on side of the inner labia that's swollen…

No. 105159

I can promise you it’s not, as the obvious maleposter stated, a piece of hymen.

Go back to the gp, or a gyno and get it checked out. I promise your labia aren’t permanently busted or messed up or deformed. If the cream prescribed hasn’t cleared up the fungal/bacterial issue you might need a different/stronger treatment.

No. 105160

Thank you anon, I will go back to the docter….the reason I've been putting it off is because it freaks me out to have someone other than my partner looking between my legs but well she's a doctor so…

>I promise your labia aren’t permanently busted or messed up or deformed.

That's reassuring, thank you!

No. 105161

It can stay as hell to get checked out. If it helps, your doc has seen a million crotches. Literally nothing but bad hygiene could squick her out and I highly doubt that you’re not clean.
Good luck anon.

No. 105169


Please be a troll or some child that just hit puberty…

No. 105240

Weird question and I'm not sure where else to post this - how many contractions do you get in an average orgasm?
I read that 8-12 was average but more is generally pleasurable. I just tested it and got 15 which surprised me, as it wasn't a particularly good orgasm (masturbating for the second time in the last 24 hours, was not turned on when I started) and I only get clit orgasms - never had anything like the full body orgasms some women describe, it's always focused on my clit.

No. 105249

I usually get below 8 tbh, but it's fine since they just annoy me once the climax is over.
Aren't full-body orgasms also a meme, lol? Although I think I (might?) know what you mean centered on the clit area. For me it's odd but it depends on what I'm masturbating to, even if I use the same technique. Like if I'm getting off to pegging someone it will be exclusively the clitoris area, but if I'm imagining being penetrated the whole vaginal area gets in on it.

idk man bodies are fucking weird. Maybe some women do have full-body orgasms, I've even read of women cumming from having their nipples sucked.

No. 105263

Sometimes i get a lot of them and sometimes don't get any at all.

Also i think i may have had a few of those full body orgasms? Idk if this is what they mean but i've had a few ones that i've felt very strongly all throughout my legs up to the tips of my toes. It's weird, feels a bit like a sudden leg cramp except it's good. And it makes your entire body jerk a bit. It's only happened like 4 times in my life though.

No. 105308

is it really that hard to believe some people aren't as well informed about the human body and sex as you?

No. 105314

Not her, but it's sad to think that a woman would think her labia were a defect. And tbh, I would expect anyone past the age of like, 15 to know what labia look like in the internet era.

No. 105320

>Like if I'm getting off to pegging someone it will be exclusively the clitoris area, but if I'm imagining being penetrated the whole vaginal area gets in on it.
Haha, never felt a difference like that. For me, penetration alone does nothing, but clit orgasms with something in me feel better. It's really annoying, because I often feel really strongly like I need something in me like an itch I can't scratch, but when there is it does nothing unless I'm masturbating using my clit as normal, but it's hard to work with the two areas at once - I think something like a rabbit ear vibrator could get me there. Anyone experienced this and managed to scratch that itch?
>i've had a few ones that i've felt very strongly all throughout my legs up to the tips of my toes. It's weird, feels a bit like a sudden leg cramp except it's good.
Probably is, because I've never had anything like that.

No. 105321

>Like if I'm getting off to pegging someone it will be exclusively the clitoris area, but if I'm imagining being penetrated the whole vaginal area gets in on it.
Haha, never felt a difference like that. For me, penetration alone does nothing, but clit orgasms with something in me feel better. It's really annoying, because I often feel really strongly like I need something in me like an itch I can't scratch, but when there is it does nothing unless I'm masturbating using my clit as normal, but it's hard to work with the two areas at once - I think something like a rabbit ear vibrator could get me there. Anyone experienced this and managed to scratch that itch?
>i've had a few ones that i've felt very strongly all throughout my legs up to the tips of my toes. It's weird, feels a bit like a sudden leg cramp except it's good.
Probably is, because I've never had anything like that.

No. 105350

Don't cuestion me when you think a yeast infection is caused by bacteria…(it's caused by a fungus) You can take a sample if you want to, but you can also diagnose it by looking bc it has a unique type of discharge, much different from bacterial vaginosis.

No. 105409

>Anyone experienced this and managed to scratch that itch?

Me, I understand what you mean perfectly anon. I got myself a suction cup dildo, a waterproof vibrating bullet, some lube for my clit and that did the trick. I stick it to the side of my dresser or the wall of my shower and go to town.

No. 105495

Might be a dumb question but when people talk about discharge do they mean the stuff you can see in your vag/on your undies or do they also mean the dried discharge on undies?

Ugh why is there no gallery online with stuff that's normal and that isn't

No. 105497

Both. If you google different types of vaginal discharge you'll see the variants.

No. 105565

Do I need to go to the doctor and get antibiotics for my UTI or can I just take AZO and hope for the best? I can't really afford a trip to the doctor right now. Or how many days should I wait?

No. 105612

It's always safest to go to the doctor. I know it's expensive but untreated UTIs can become very serious and cause sepsis. If you don't improve within 24 hours, please go to the doctor. And go even sooner if you develop a fever and chills

No. 105914

need tips - i've only recently started noticing this, but does anyone else deal with a dry labia? i don't get any real pain daily but i will sometimes feel uncomfortable during and after i use the restroom or have to change out tampons. it doesn't help that i mainly wear skinny jeans every day, so i'm probably going to invest in other pants if the discomfort keeps coming up since i do think it makes it a lot worse than it should

No. 105921


wtf? people like you are why there's such a huge dependence on antibiotics and super bugs going around. Don't scare people because you're a stupid American who doesn't know how to cure things without anitbiotics.


Just drink a boat load of water and cranberry juice (unsweetened) or those Ural satchets. I had a UTI for 3 weeks once and I didn't die or get sepsis, it was just uncomfortable (and yes I saw a doctor and they they gave me antibiotics after the second week).

If it doesn't get better in a week go to the doctor.

No. 105922

Dry labia? Like dry skin? I'm sure it's fine if you just use a mild unscented lotion in that area?

Dude what?? There's nothing wrong with going to the doctor for a UTI???

No. 105923

Do whatever retarded shit you want to your own body but don't give shitty advice to other people please.
Please update us when you finally get sepsis and your kidney stop functioning.

No. 105928

File: 1547632393863.jpg (65.12 KB, 640x640, a4e001bfdbbd5409d7a228525f4b6a…)

Posted in the Sex thread, but it probably belongs here.

Anyone else /postcoitalbleeding/ here?

>Sex is great

>Want it nearly everyday