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File: 1535835963427.jpg (2.14 MB, 5760x2776, bag.jpg)

No. 93899

Inspired by >>>/g/93056

No. 93900

File: 1535836315632.jpg (161.49 KB, 1000x1000, wimp.jpg)

cute idea

No. 93902

File: 1535837745605.jpg (2.35 MB, 4992x2666, purse.jpg)

No. 93908

I have a question for you ladies who carry makeup around, what is the point of that?

No. 93912

Presumably to reapply it during the day? I usually have my eyebrow stuff, lipstick and compact in case anything rubs off during the day.

No. 93913


Why are you carrying a knife around?

No. 93915

File: 1535884556599.png (621.78 KB, 951x628, mybag.png)

I love making stuff like this lol

No. 93920

File: 1535891491277.jpeg (578.61 KB, 1024x768, 20180902.jpeg)

I feel like a grandma because I like to keep a couple of hard candies in my bag all the time.

No. 93923

File: 1535892529750.jpg (167.42 KB, 610x400, what ins my bag uwu.jpg)

i collect bottles for recycling and i buy junk food for that money lmao …. also i'm fucking boring

No. 93925

>recycling bottles
>for that money

No. 93929

Why not just use the old thread in ot? It's not necroing if you're on topic. Also what happened to taking real pictures of your shit instead of combining a bunch of gaudy images via mspaint. It's easier and looks better to just snap a shot with your phone.

People who can only afford drugstore quality usually have to reapply during the day.

U old enough to post here?

No. 93930

File: 1535895493255.png (813.83 KB, 1000x1000, bag.png)

I'm basic

No. 93931

File: 1535896508408.jpg (183.07 KB, 1754x1240, un sac.jpg)

I just received my new bag! It is quite practical and well-made, but it won't look kuute with all of the useless crap i'm going to throw in it during the next days since it's a see-through material, so here is the apex of my bag organisation cristallised in one ultimate image. And i realise that it looks pretty boring. And blue.
Hope that you are feeling great wherever you are in life :9

No. 93932

Lipstick/gloss for reapplication (nothing will last through a meal for me), and concealer just in case. Someone with oily skin may need a powder for touchups.
Stuff like eyeshadow and mascara I don't see the point in carrying though.

>People who can only afford drugstore quality usually have to reapply during the day.
Lol please, there's plenty of good drugstore and shitty high end, it just takes more searching.

No. 93933


I carry my makeup around because after work i put on less "work appropriate" makeup if I'm going out or anything. It's not always poorfags who do it.

No. 93936

>tfw when currently poorfag, looking for a new hand bag and the only ones you like are from pricey brands like Marc Jacobs and Coach.

I don't care about showing off brand names, I just want something that won't fall apart within a month, looks good, and not over £100.

No. 93937



No. 93941

File: 1535901423973.jpg (152.77 KB, 851x1280, 18f94629940b31d5be8bb68b986723…)

It's not my only or default bag but it is the most practical i own. And the design and detailing make it so that it doesn't look too casual or cheap, while allowing me to carry some of my haviest work tools. I'm sorry about your opinion sucking a little.

No. 93948

I checked the /g/ catalog and didn't see a similar thread. I didn't think there'd be one in /ot/ seeing as this is more of a /g/ topic.

No. 93950

I'm surprised none of the pictures have pads or tampons. I always have at least two pads in my handbag just in case.

No. 93954

I only carry them when I'm actually on my period. I should probably get into the habit in case someone else needs one. That's a really anxiety inducing situation to be in.

No. 93955

I love your wallet!

No. 93960


it's either that or a plastic bag so suck it

No. 93966

i think anons point was that bags usually refer to purses.

No. 93967

I would have put some in my image but I recently started the mini pill so I don't get a period anymore. Before that I was basically a walking pharmacy with all kinds of painkillers and tampons.

No. 93970


i don't own a purse other than a coin purse and pockets.
besides tote bags are perfect for when u haul groceries home and they can fit in a pocket.

No. 93978

File: 1535920330306.png (486.08 KB, 792x578, bag.png)

it's uni season back on ladies, if someone wants to run me over i'll apprecitate it!

love the backpack! what brand is it, i can't quite make out the tag

i beg to differ anon, recycling bottles for snack money is pretty hardcore and not-boring

you are the same anon from outfit thread w centipedes, right? if so, you seem pretty cool

No. 93983

You carry m&ms in your bag everyday? Are they indestructible and never melt in the hot weather?

No. 93987

maybe anon needs to buy a new bag every day.

No. 93989

I like carrying some sort of snack with me to make life more tolerable, sharing bags last ages. where I'm from it's fairly cold so honestly have never had any melting problems!

No. 93991

File: 1535928014632.png (1.16 MB, 1500x1275, pretty awful.png)

I like to switch it up between bags depending on whether I'm going to be shopping or not.
I'm also in need of a more aesthetically pleasing bag since my "purse" is a bit utilitarian (not pictured, pic related is a close match though).

If you are indeed bug anon, it makes total sense that you're an artist lmao. Are you going to art school/are you already working professionally?
No offense intended btw, I also draw and love inverts! I don't have cool fashion sense though.

No. 94005


yours is so cute! what is the metal thing by your laptop though?


Vivienne Westwood cutie with good anime taste!

No. 94006

>your name
>good anime taste
what the fuck anons

No. 94007

File: 1535936062720.png (477.72 KB, 1008x640, me.png)

Here's my one

I travel a lot because I don't live with my family so there is a lot of train and bus rides, so I'm always prepared

I keep my DS/3DS games in the round rilakkuma pouch

No. 94009

this tbh. everything by that director is garbage.

No. 94016

File: 1535938363926.png (646.68 KB, 1040x784, crap.png)

wow you guys have such nice stuff. how do you guys manage to keep so much shit in your purses and not want to pull your hair out

i have the most hideous and practical Ohio tourist mother rig going because i'm too lazy and i still want to shoot myself in the face rifling through it

i forgot my shitty phone and my keys, but i carry those too. they always sink to the bottom of the bag. i hate it. i would get nicer stuff but i feel like they'll end up getting ruined or stolen so eh

No. 94029

10/10 this is the most realistic here. Love it!

No. 94038

ty, beautiful anon!

does panthenol work for skin? never seen it used like a lotion before

No. 94042

File: 1535949623094.jpg (837.64 KB, 1167x1200, 6e631eb3-ffe8-419d-bd43-9c229a…)

No. 94048

>most realistic

are you implying that other anons are unrealistic? it's not that hard to fucking clean out reciepts and trash at the end of the day. my everyday bag is 500 i don't want that shit getting filthy.

No. 94051

File: 1535952335300.png (2.06 MB, 1628x1538, mybag.png)

my everyday bag. i dont always carry sunglasses though if its cloudy out.

No. 94052

Anon that's adorable honestly I want my purse like that

No. 94053

File: 1535954764315.jpeg (726.48 KB, 2048x2048, D9375607-BD1D-42DE-A55E-1AA87C…)

I switch between these two bags on a daily basis: all depends on where I’m going for the day. Some things not pictured are various business cards, a compact, chapstick, and three different lip crayons/mattes I cycle through.

No. 94064

I can understand if you're period is regular, mine wasn't until recently so I kept the habit of keeping pads in my bag. My period also used to be completely painless and kind of heavy so I guess I was a bit traumatized by having blood all over my trousers and only noticing once I'm changing clothes at home a long time ago lmao

I really need to put painkillers in my bag too now that I think about it.

I used to bring my 3ds with me in college for streetpass and because of my insanely long breaks, and some stupid fuck kicked my handbag when I wasn't in a classroom for 2 minutes even though it wasn't in anyone's way, and broke it a little so I leave it at home now.

No. 94071

it's actually hand cream with 2% panthenol, I have dry and cracked hands from work and so far it works quite nice! much more effective than nivea soft hands etc bs at least.

No. 94074


I don't miss school at all anon people are rude there ouch

No. 94075

Thanks anon x
It's a utility card that has a bottle opener, can opener, blade etc. It fits into a purse like a card and it actually comes in really handy when I buy something that isn't easy to open or when I'm at a friend's house and I need a bottle opener. Highly recommend!

No. 94087

File: 1535995646489.jpg (1.78 MB, 2600x1778, bag.jpg)


No. 94088

File: 1535997843295.png (3.27 MB, 2000x1730, dailybag.png)

No. 94239

File: 1536132340055.jpg (706.32 KB, 3264x2448, BeFunky-collage.jpg)

i wish i had a bag big enough to fit more stuff inside but at the same time im picky as hell and already so happy with this one, makes me envious to see so many people with bags full of everything they need on hand

No. 94241

I might have a bag full of necessities but I'm envious of that vw bag.

No. 94260

File: 1536165756302.jpg (1.6 MB, 2137x1729, purse.jpg)

Personally I'm one of those people who cries a lot and hard, so I basically carry enough makeup to fix my face when that happens. It's the worst.

No shade intended but are you a guy? Or do you not live in a city?

Yeah, I only carry tampons when I'm on my period, otherwise they just take up too much space. I try to always keep pantyliners at least though, just in case of spotting or whatever.

No. 94262

File: 1536170528898.jpg (901.9 KB, 3264x2448, whatsinmabag.jpg)

it's pretty boring and very Basic Bitch: Nordic Countries edition.

No. 94272

File: 1536179151139.png (1.05 MB, 1413x787, bag.png)

No. 94274

File: 1536180923349.jpg (199.65 KB, 640x640, bag.jpg)

Not very interesting, sometimes I bring along sunflower seeds as a snack.

No. 94277

Ha. I wish I was the sort of well put together lady who cares to carry round lady things like lipstick, perfume. Reality is I have a satchel shaped like a ps1 in which I chuck in my bus card, loose lunch money, deodorant and a book to read on lunch break.

No. 94282

File: 1536185599211.png (324.31 KB, 922x584, 154545452535.png)

Here's mine, minus a shitload of keys that I need for work.

No. 94301

File: 1536200640001.png (836.76 KB, 1249x908, bag.png)

im such a bloated bitch i just keep the gas ex in my purse now

No. 94463

File: 1536260692036.png (2.58 MB, 2104x1808, bag.png)

this is generally what i keep stocked in my purses. i usually alternate between a tote bag and this zara city bag. i always try to keep at least some imodium and lorazepam in my bag bc of IBS and anxiety, but i do like to have aleve and midol in there sometimes too. my friends always know i come prepared for any emergency lol

No. 94467

>People who can only afford drugstore quality usually have to reapply during the day

you dont seem to know shit about makeup tbh you probably just buy what is expensive, brandwhores are hilarious, you sound like jill that only buys toofaced

No. 94470

Where did you get that bag?

No. 94472

File: 1536264976360.jpg (471.16 KB, 1099x820, bag.jpg)

yeah not very interesting. i didnt find the exact bag but it's similar.

No. 94535

File: 1536321177843.jpeg (157.89 KB, 640x640, 6E567EF0-A6E9-42B2-B975-6C6FFC…)

I dont keep much in my bag.

No. 94547

File: 1536325680123.jpg (130.94 KB, 1000x592, bag.jpg)

Satan's Swampy Asshole resident, reporting for duty

No. 94550

File: 1536329310163.png (363.61 KB, 1131x445, stuff.png)

No. 94558

I want to post my own, what mobile app do you girls use?

No. 94574

that's not actually mine, just the closest match it could find. Here's the image source though

No. 94607

File: 1536375010168.png (797.39 KB, 1152x800, 52156156156456456132.png)

No. 94910

I mean, your shit's the least gaudy in the entire thread so keep it up I guess.

No. 95334

File: 1537031042460.png (624.64 KB, 1084x683, whatsinmybag.png)

Skater backpack. I travel a lot so I have some entertainment when i'm bored.

>>93920 I'm the same way when it comes to hard candy, it's a must-have. Your Name is a really good book.

No. 95349

wow you are so boring anon

No. 95352

File: 1537052069793.png (825.59 KB, 1400x1208, wimb.png)

Very boring. I honestly used to just shove my wallet in one pocket and my phone in the other and call it good lol but I got the bag as a gift (strap not pictured) and figured I should use it. I'm planning on getting a bigger one so I can at least carry around water and deodorant as well.

No. 95354

iS that purse MK? I can't seem to find it

No. 95396

File: 1537115334966.png (2.17 MB, 3264x1784, sensiblestudentbag.png)

No. 95405

Scandinavians have class. Which tacky one did you post :^)

No. 95406

File: 1537121055267.png (2.69 MB, 1893x1357, Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 12.0…)

I fully embrace my gaudiness, it makes me happy.

No. 95412

File: 1537126352717.jpg (52.26 KB, 650x719, g43_gen4_45_path_1.jpg)


No. 95422

File: 1537137150004.png (282.59 KB, 784x427, bag.png)

i prefer not to carry a lot of things around unless i have to and i opt for flight/fanny bags mostly

No. 95431

>what brand is it
Ah sorry I missed this. It's not my packpack but it's pretty damn similar. The brand in the photo is "The Bridge" and I think it's a men's style. It's cute.

No. 95509

I agree Anon the old thread >>>/ot/170726 was a lot cooler because it was actual farmers pictures. I mean the mspaint style pictures are less personal imo. I like these type of threads because I get ideas on what I should have (for in example one of the farmers had a milk powerbank in the old thread and I bought the same one). I'ma post my own pic when I get home.

No. 95517

Same though. Love being in the US for this.

That's exactly my thoughts. It's definitely less personal and none of these pics look pretty at all like they would if it were real pictures. This thread is so much less interesting and I cba to look at all these ugly white slideshow-tier collages where as before, I thought EVERYONES stuff was cute. Please be the first to turn this boring thread around.

No. 95537

i'll take a real picture of my bag later bbys.

No. 95583

File: 1537300882432.jpg (502.9 KB, 1000x799, IMG_20180918_145355_mh15373008…)

I hope this meitu filter makes my bag and its contents look less trashy.

No. 95592

how do you fit a whole cat in there

No. 95602


No. 95629

File: 1537326393342.jpg (2.04 MB, 2160x1620, IMG_20180918_192627_mh15373257…)

I like the idea of actual pictures! The sticker is covering my work ID. The little ball is actually a small portable deodorant! Pictured: Purse, water bottle, deodorant, hello Kitty x loungefly wallet, lip balms, perfume roller, prescription sunglasses, liquid lipsticks and gloss, earphone case, portable charger, hand lotion, and sunscreen.
I love this thread, I hadnt thought about carrying around Advil until I saw the little tablets container someone posted! (I actually forgot it in my purse before taking this picture) I should probably also pack pads.

No. 95634

Deets on this purse pls anon

No. 95635

File: 1537338284058.gif (3.78 MB, 390x270, thats-the-good-shit.gif)

>diablo sauce on the ready

No. 95641

File: 1537343907331.jpg (2.34 MB, 1620x2160, IMG_20180919_005452_mh15373438…)

I bought it at Marshall's so I don't have any details on it as it didn't have any 'brand' on it :( the only distinguishable thing about it is that it came with this little chain that says Vegan Leather. The tag also said vegan leather. I'm assuming that's the brand but it's kind of hard looking that up since you'll get so many results.

No. 95642

I leave all my bags empty and when I go out I decide which one I take and put my phone, my wallet and tissues in, that's it…

No. 95643

I did that sometimes for when I needed to go to work and have something big enough to hold my stuff and my uniform. In the end I gave up because I was always worried I forgot something important like my keys or important papers.

No. 95646

It helps to put all your important stuff in one pouch and then transfer that between bags

No. 95662

File: 1537378364141.png (1.39 MB, 1280x720, I swear Im 22.png)

Forgot my keys but I usually toss them on my entrance table and take them only when I get out.
I also bring some candies/honey now and then.
If anyone has links to some sites that sell this kind of bag, can you please tell me? (Crossbody with the flip part) I can't find anything like my purse and I desperately need to change it. Even ebay/aliexpress its good.

No. 97093

File: 1538232145959.jpg (80.51 KB, 472x443, 20180929_073948.jpg)

This is an old post but on the chance this anon still visits, where is this bag from? I love that it converts from backpack to shoulder bag!

No. 97502

Hell yeah! that's why I got it! I also love that the entrance to the main portion to the bag faces your back when you wear it as a backpack, makes me feel a lot more secure walking around in sketchy areas

No. 97505

oh and it's from amazon! They're out of stock of that deign but if you look up the brand UTO they have a lot of similar ones

No. 97506

>pencil shavings
are you me?

No. 97508

why does that frog eraser look familiar?

No. 97616

Bless you Anon~ Ty

No. 97617

File: 1538849454027.jpg (563.41 KB, 2365x1816, 20160830_170134.jpg)

ITA– thought I'd contribute. This pic is a few years old. I thought I had another picture of the contents of my purse at about age 17 (10 years ago… christ) but I can't find it :( will post if I do

No. 104471

File: 1546255748989.jpg (1.69 MB, 3000x2114, whats in my purse 2019.jpg)

No. 104644

File: 1546472537313.jpg (438.15 KB, 1200x1137, my purse.jpg)

this and like a bunch of card candy wrappers

No. 104758

so many cute wallets ITT. where can i purchase a nice, non tacky, wallet? preferably black or plaid. i'm having such a hard time finding something decent.

No. 104773

Ppl might hate but there are tons of cute ones on AliExpress if you don't mind waiting a month for shipping.

No. 104785

File: 1546578764591.png (9.6 MB, 5000x4000, yeah ok so bascially i monky.p…)

forgot some things but something like this

No. 104813

Nothing's more boring than seeing the same ~kawaii~ rilakkuma and hello kitty items in every picture. I can't believe how many of you have the same exact keys too.

I don't really like what Modella stands for, but the print on that pouch is cute. Get rid of the meme rainbow pocket knife and get a real one and you'll be set.

No. 104852

File: 1546635830858.jpg (36.53 KB, 428x111, eyes.jpg)

No. 104924

File: 1546689968179.jpeg (40.78 KB, 640x480, images (5).jpeg)

i have a million different bags im constantly clearing out but i fucking swear more just spawn in there

No. 104928

I made it a new years resolution to clean out each of my bags and only use the ones i like and donate the rest. it's frustrating to have way too many bags. it's how i lost some actual important stuff before. Toss those receipts and put the loose coins into a small coin purse.

No. 104936

File: 1546702806556.png (413.74 KB, 605x920, whatsinmybag.PNG)

inb4 thai stick deodorant is pure aluminium salt and probably really bad for you

did not include the wallet which is just plain black nothing special which keeps cash, cards and ID in it

No. 104942

Fuck, apologies for posting + deleting like 5 times.

This post is exactly in line with how I imagine the saltier (salt-tier hehe) farmers are irl hah

The Modella bag was thrifted a few weeks after I also thrifted its larger companion. Top fave thrift finds for sure!

No. 104948

B o r i n g
So which one is you

No. 104956

askldfj this is 3 months late i hope you see this anon, but I finally noticed a small badge on the inside of the purse that says 'miztique'. I tried looking up this particular purse but could not find it. I am seeing others in a similar style though - I hope you find one you like!

No. 105000

File: 1546772083203.jpg (10.88 KB, 285x249, cranky.jpg)

cranky because you're not kawaii arent you

No. 105039

File: 1546802197125.jpg (709.89 KB, 2288x1640, allt.jpg)

Got a fanny pack in my bag where I have all my essentials, it's all a big mess.

No. 105045

File: 1546805999768.jpeg (26.31 KB, 359x298, 6967FBBC-C8EA-4245-BAD7-231A1F…)


& the kopiko are essentials

No. 105046

Some of them are very disturbing. Knives, guns, tasers? Where the fuck do you live that require those???? Holy shit! you can't leave your house without weapons?

No. 105049

You can be kawaii without being boring about it.

No. 105050

I got a loicense, mate

No. 105056

i think youre a little naive. no matter how nice your country is, there are still muggings, rape, and human trafficking. these anons just want a bit of security. especially since women are targeted a lot for these crimes.

No. 105060

I carry a knife and while if it came down to it I would use it in self defense I've only ever needed it to open packages or like cut a loose thread off a shirt or something. I agree with >>105056, you really have to take protection in your own hands, especially depending on the area you live in. Nothing disturbing about that.

No. 105061

File: 1546828716394.jpg (1.88 MB, 2758x1961, imhighlyautistic.jpg)

No. 105062

Lmao anon, where tf do you get modifinil tabs? Everything else is cute though

No. 105063

File: 1546831006206.jpg (62.25 KB, 327x346, glow.jpg)

(But seriously, I get them from a friend, who buys it from a place, online)

No. 105064

I like you.

No. 105067

I like you
(I'm a complete cow irl, tho)

No. 105113

What app are you guys using to make these layouts? I've never made one and I wanna try! Ty

No. 105127

I used photoshop CS6, copypasted stuff off google images/from the sites I bought the stuff from

No. 105129

File: 1546904964091.png (370.86 KB, 829x525, i almost never use all that st…)

I'm a student so when I go to college I carry more of useful stuff in my backpack and school supplies.
I would put a knife but it could cause the criminal to be more agressive towards me, even more if they have a gun…
I like to carry a little towel to use as a napkin or in case I mess up food, and a little bottle with coconut oil too, removes makeup well.

No. 105130

File: 1546905306114.jpg (1.79 MB, 4000x3000, IMG_20190107_174808_HHT.jpg)

bag varies, usually a pink Doughnut brand backpack or something Kate Spade since I work there. I always carry whatever I'm reading + small comics anthology. After scrolling this thread I'm really thinking I should carry a knife and some hand cream..

>inb4 juul

I'm trying to quit smoking

No. 105138

>back to taking real photos like in the old thread
My nigga with the turn around. Looking at all these collages is so boring and ugly fr lmao

No. 105145

What is top right? A pin? a compact mirror? It looks really cool

No. 105162

aw i love kuš comics!

No. 105174

So, anon…are you playing otome games on the go like a boss?

No. 105219


No. 105246

ah nice i want to be your friend anon

No. 105248

hell yeah. It's so impersonal, I'm nosy and I wanna see people's actual belongings
It's a mirror! I got it at Artbox in Korea. the packaging didn't credit the artist /:
omg, I didn't think anyone would recognize it!! I found this issue in Toronto during TCAF and nearly died, it contains some of my favorite JP artists.
I'm actually playing a lot of Hotline Miami lately because it soothes my violent urges towards annoying people on the train, ha (but I'm looking to get back into otome games if you have any recs)
I'm shocked by the positive response to this I want to be all of you guys' friend tbh

No. 105250

>tfw i'm scared to post my purse because i carry an embarrassing amount of makeup in it

No. 105255

Go for it!

No. 105491


yes, I was too naive about it. I just wish I would be allowed to carry a weapon but everything is forbidden here even the pepper spray you can buy here you are actually not allowed to use. It says "for dogs" but I do agree on self defense use.

Actually you all made a very good point. I'm thinking it might be a good idea in carrying a knive with me. I'll look into getting one.

No. 106197

Where do you farmers get all these cute wallets from?

No. 106372

File: 1548290434105.jpg (1.36 MB, 2748x2064, IMG_8237.jpg)

No. 106379

what is that wallet thing?

No. 106511


i'd be your friend :)(:))

No. 106861

If I’m with my boyfriend, I don’t take a bag and just give him my phone to carry.

If I’m alone, phone, ipod, keys, wallet, sunglasses. My bag is a medium Lady Dior in cream (sorry, on mobile so can’t make a cute collage). I have a bad bag so try to carry as little as possible. Want to downgrade to a micro bag.

No. 401283

File: 1716823590059.jpg (262.37 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_2537.JPG)

I'll take my ban for necroing this thread.

No. 401292

File: 1716826873621.jpg (869.56 KB, 1400x1191, my bag.jpg)

If mods want to ban you for posting on an old thread maybe they should lock them and not act like annoying faggots, I'm joining you
This was fun to make! It was hard finding exact matches for my things

No. 401295

I'm surprised by how many nonnies carry pads all the time tbh

No. 401302

I never remember to bring pads when I actually need them, so it's a lot more convenient to just always have them on me.

No. 401311

I carry a small box of tampons

No. 401312

Better to have them on you at all times so you don't have to remember putting them back in your bag. I always have a small pouch with tampons and painkillers in my daily bag so I can't be caught off guard or forget.

No. 401317

Yeah but your period is only once a month at the same time each month, it's not likely to be a surprise, surely?

No. 401323

Nta but a lot of women have very irregular cycles, mine for example oscillates between 31 and 43 days despite being healthy

No. 401324

Things I wish I kept in my bag: a sample bottle of my favourite perfume, lip balm + lipstick, hand cream, a pocket mirror and comb, a book, a small bag of bonbons, rose quartz for good luck
What's more likely to be in my bag: old bus tickets and receipts, granola bar wrappers, one singular scrunched up pad

No. 401325

Used or unused?

No. 401328

Unused. My bag may be as messy as a trashcan but it's not a biohazard

No. 401332

Wish I could say the same, I use reuseables

No. 401360

File: 1716841540877.png (609.16 KB, 1797x1287, 9NhLD4p.png)

i always enjoy these types of discussions so thank you for reviving the thread

my typical EDC is an unwieldy carabiner with everything attached so pic rel is a bit more aspirational fantasy than reality

No. 401361

So aesthetic, you can definitely feel the shift in culture between the older posts and these

No. 401362

Absolutely. Can't put my finger on it though.

No. 401365

File: 1716842443568.jpg (33.17 KB, 736x736, 024384b86f44582cef6ac14d480750…)

>Flip phone
Do you actually use one or is that also part of your aspirational fantasy?
I hate modern technology and I've been thinking for a very long while of buying myself a flip phone. I'm already off of social media and use my computer for most things but the internet addiction is too strong and maybe downgrading is what I need most. How is it? Wanna talk abt it?
Picrel is the model that I've been considering

No. 401367

Tiktok happened. All those girls showing off their inhumanly organised bags full of glossier lip balms and flower hair clips

No. 401371

>at the same time each month
Uh no? It varies on averag within 5-7ish days for me, pretty sure most women don't have a perfect 28 day cycle.

But regardless why take it out and risk forgetting about your hygiene products when you can just leave them in your bag?

No. 401375

What's the spiky silver thing above the cellphone? An earring?

No. 401384

….keys nonna,,,…

No. 401385

My bestie has a flip CAT phone now

No. 401387

File: 1716843831498.jpeg (132.8 KB, 564x564, 5t9fB7W.jpeg)

it's still aspirational, but i'm in a similar boat as you. i don't have any social media, so having a data mining device attached to me at all times for little reason is off-putting. i'm looking to make the switch soon, but there are a few apps i use for communication (signal), navigation (maps), and travel purposes (some e-tickets) that have kept me from making the leap. a lot of people on r/dumbphones recommend keeping both a smartphone and a dumb phone and using them interchangeably but it feels excessive.

these types of curated collages significantly predate tiktok. i've seen stuff like this since i started reading fashion magazines in the the early 2000's, and i'm sure they existed even before then.


No. 401406

i hate etickets man. navigation apps can be switched out by gps devices, whatsapp etc can be used on pc but etickets cannot be substituted it pisses me off

No. 401463

Not the keys anon wtf lol

Oh that's a cool design for a carabiner

>there are a few apps i use for communication (signal), navigation (maps), and travel purposes (some e-tickets) that have kept me from making the leap.

Same here. I've been thinking about switching to a dumb phone too but I need whatsapp to communicate with basically everyone.

No. 401480

It's all the green. It makes it look editorial - like a spread in a teenvogue/seventeen magazine. It is fun to look at but comes off a little unrealistic
Nonna I love this because it is visually interesting but do you really like green so much? It's cute if you do like green alot.

No. 401482

File: 1716894176818.jpg (880.27 KB, 2712x1836, mybag.jpg)

I'd love to see more real pictures as opposed to idealized collages, it's always way more fun. Enjoy my personality-less bag, I'm keeping it as simple as possible nowadays.

No. 401485

I'd post my bag but it's hand sewn and I don't want to risk being recognized

No. 401488

No. 401495

File: 1716904013614.png (2.42 MB, 2186x1052, whats in my bag.png)

Forgot to include my pencil case but it's just a floral green makeup pouch, so nothing exciting. My sketchbook is also a different Escher print, but you get the gist.
Also not pictured: random scrunched up receipts, broken hair ties, miscellaneous scraps of paper.

No. 401497

File: 1716904952021.jpeg (738.88 KB, 3464x2620, AF346349-D6E8-4E4A-B3BB-5B2E90…)

Not much

No. 401500

File: 1716905200986.jpeg (3.87 MB, 3024x4032, IMG_7143.jpeg)

Sometimes I put plushies on it though

No. 401502

Super adorable! Do you dress in pastel too?

No. 401504

I’d say I do a fair amount, I wear more reds though.

No. 401510

i must admit that i chose some items to match the book i'm currently reading, but i do own most of what's included in the collage, albeit some in different shades or brands. i have a lot of bright green stuff irl, but not specifically these items. it's a good colour for someone like me who tends to misplace things often kek

No. 401521

File: 1716912176408.jpeg (1.99 MB, 4032x3024, F9AC43CD-B9EE-4837-B8FD-A2CD46…)

She’s earned her wrinkles and crinkled.

No. 401523

File: 1716913018926.jpg (2.6 MB, 4079x3005, IMG_20240528_191540.jpg)

The binoculars come out when I go sightseeing, which is practically the only time I carry a fullsize bag. Normally it's just my edgy pocketknife & wallet in one pocket and my phone in another.

No. 401528

Have you seen anything particularly interesting lately?

No. 401534

kek, based nonnie

No. 402751

omg get over yourself

No. 402752

you carry a marker? hope you are using it to write YWNBAW in womens bathroom stalls

No. 405326

>money (usually loose, sometimes wallet if i need id)
>antibacterial wet wipes
>phone charger
>little folding knife for cutting stuff, or little scissors
>pen/pencil for writing
>little notebook
>pepper spray in case the local homeless guy seeks trouble

No. 410463

File: 1719715455963.jpeg (763.77 KB, 1170x2080, FF18E229-E802-40FD-B03E-A973C6…)

i labeled everything but idk if it’s legible. i basically manifested this madewell transport tote because id been wanting one forever and found it at the thrift. bought a replacement strap. i have an ungodly amount of lip products with me at all time - pictured is a merit lipstick in tiger, glossier ultralip in villa, fig balm dot com by glossier, blossom roller lipgloss, and marc jacobs lipstick (rip fave brand), rem beauty lip gloss. my keys which is more keychain than key. weed pen. kate spade wallet i scored on clearance. wet brush. chloe perfume sample. color pencils from this swedish brand i love, that i haven’t used in like 2 months but are still in there (just in case ig??). cutie clementine. i actually didn’t have trash in my bag today which is a miracle.

No. 411324

File: 1720014666646.jpeg (1.33 MB, 3464x3464, EDF7305F-37FC-4DFE-906C-2C6E45…)

I need to get a backpack because this is ruining my left shoulder kek

No. 411338

File: 1720021764819.jpg (237.72 KB, 1152x642, dfsdgdfgad.jpg)

Not pictured: trash, crumpled receipts and various crumbs on the bottom of the bag

No. 411422

Damn that bag is beautiful

No. 411428

Besides what the other nonnies have already said, I’ve been able to help out numerous friends and even a couple strangers over the years by carrying extra pads/tampons in my bag. It just feels nice knowing I can help someone out when they’re panicking over personal emergency. It feels very sisterhoody

No. 411433

That ikea coin purse is adorable. Also I’m curious about what brand the Swedish colored pencils are?

No. 411444

File: 1720054987569.png (111.01 KB, 1556x1056, whatsinmybag.png)

No. 411576

sorry for ot, but nonna do you recommend this specific brush?I saw it in a store some time ago and I am looking for something small for my bag, do needles bend over time or do you protect it somehow?
I agree, it just feels nice to help in case of emergency. I carry pads and extra tissues and wet wipes mostly for others lol but also suprisingly so many public bathrooms are out of toilet paper and towels.
do it nonna, after years of avoiding backpacks this summer I got one and finally everything fits and my arm is glad… but I am a pack rat so I need to be careful to not add just one more extra book and other stuff lol. Small/medium bag is forcing me to just take bare minimum.

No. 411605

KEK nona i love this so much

No. 411627

File: 1720113324274.jpeg (660.45 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_6399.jpeg)

I have too much shit for such a small bag. Not pictured is my keys with 5lbs of keychains attached

No. 411860

sorry i was mistaken, they have swiss origins but the brand is Caran d'Ache. i love them! i bought em years ago when i worked at a craft store and they’re the only ones i really like. super soft and pigmented!

No. 411863

i haven’t really had any issues with this one and it was super cheap! it’s by wet brush and i throw it in my bag and haven’t had any bristles come out or get bent. i’ve had it for about 6-12 months already.

No. 412402

i love the otter keychain nona!

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