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File: 1457311425596.jpg (122.53 KB, 500x532, tumblr_lu8t4tlZx71r168ymo1_500…)

No. 104102

>What is an otome game?
tl;dr, enjoy a beautiful 2D boy harem as either a girl (otome) or a 2D boy yourself (BL).

Discuss what you're playing now, what you're looking forward to, ask questions, talk merch, etc.

You can find a thorough FAQ and a lot of download links in halfchan's BL + otome general, but most of them are out of date or only in Japanese.

Please spoiler spoilers! CGs are fine unless it's an important plot point.

No. 104103

Dandelion Wishes brought to you and Nameless are two of my recent favorites, especially Nameless. Cheritz makes decent female protags.

No. 104104

File: 1457312277804.jpg (141.01 KB, 400x590, yandere heaven.jpg)

What even is the status of Yandere Heaven Affection Bunny Cage? I heard so much about it years ago and then…was it released? I don't think so. I can't find it anywhere. Someone help me.

No. 104105

File: 1457312918459.jpg (123.98 KB, 500x443, tumblr_mnqh59Zlzp1qk0e71o1_500…)

Whats the deal with the sweet devil route in TMGS3? i want it, help me
This looks amazing

No. 104106

Basically you've got to be consistent with your skinship/dialogue choices. The more playful/sassy you are in your actions, the more your sweet devil rank will level up. Turning guys down, taunting/teasing, and wearing sexy clothes all increase it. To keep it up, make sure you change your clothes at least once a week– even if it's just removing an accessory.

No. 104107

File: 1457314342002.jpg (86.82 KB, 480x640, 3p.jpg)

This >>137579
Just a note: When I got it, I lost it pretty quickly but then I got it back just as quickly by continuing on with what I was doing. So don't worry if it comes and goes for a bit at the beginning.

I want to play 3P Niina and Arashi as sweet devil next…

No. 104108

Holyshit, I want to play this so bad.

No. 104109

File: 1457323591343.jpg (107.38 KB, 800x453, 20140509_863782.jpg)

Me too. I've been waiting for years.

The creators announced the release for Winter 2014, but no copy of the game and no caps of the game so I doubt it was actually released. The website/blog/twitter hasn't been updated since Summer of 2014.


I hope it wasn't scrapped, but I highly doubt it at this point. I think the last Yandere Heaven game came out in 2014 as well (They are all BL except this one) so I'm not sure if they just kinda stopped making them.

No. 104110

File: 1457327177519.jpg (59.49 KB, 256x380, 149772.jpg)

Personally I love "Amnesia". The mystery are quite engaging, the voice actors's voice are hot and the protagonist-game isn't as irritating as in the protagonist-anime. The arts are sooo beautiful too, totally a feast for the eyes, mhhhmmm…

Another otogen that I actually want to play is "Brothers Conflict", both of the version. I've watched the whole anime and I really like how the protagonist's personality is explained and it actually makes sense if she acts so awkward and naive around the brothers. I reaally hope someone translates this game to English in the future so I can play it.

No. 104111

File: 1457328875704.jpg (85.34 KB, 485x800, kou best boy.jpg)

kou best boy


yeah i reaaaally need to learn japanese. i feel like i'm missing out on a lot of stuff i really want to play because no translation or like "read as you play" translations which are a little annoying…

No. 104112

This game was great, but I really hated Toma's route.

No. 104113

Toma's route infuriates me. I mean who the fuck put a girl in a cage because he feels she's not safe?? Damn, even sane-Ukyo is saner than this.

No. 104114

I still need to play this. Heard a lot of good things about it. I'm about to have some free time. What routes should I aim for?

No. 104115

Are these as trashy as they look?

No. 104116

Personally I think it's the best to aim for whoever attracts you the most, then go down to the second man you found attractive and so on.


Do you mean trashy as cheesy? Yes, most of them are, it's reverse harem. If you mean trashy as literal trash, just go away and ignore this thread, don't ruin other people's parade.

No. 104117

File: 1457347893863.jpg (342.92 KB, 890x1280, img_2.jpg)

I'm a teacher's pet.

No. 104118

Same, though I may be just too lazy to learn moonspeak.

Steam is my current source for VN's, but they're usually geared more for guys and not otomes.


Oh my god I would love to play this. Why is it so rare to find anything with yandere guys?

No. 104119

File: 1457365299590.jpg (313.23 KB, 560x800, fOVdrwX.jpg)

I believe yandere guys are just not popular with the general audience of otome games. That's my guess anyway. Yandere is more common in BL games but still not as popular as tsundere or something. Sometimes I wish you could play BL games as a girl MC as they typically have more guys to my tastes in them. I can only self insert as a kawaii shota prince so much before shattering the illusion.

I actually remember reading some negative remarks about a Voltage game (lol) when those got kinda big 2 years ago or whatever who was meant to be their watered down version of yandere. People were super triggered by his possessiveness. It actually tempted me to try their game, and I played his routes and he wasn't all that yandere…like at all.

I remember reading similar criticisms when Bunny Cage was announced on English and Japanese sites. Though those characters are actually yandere so.

I get why it isn't everyone's cup of tea but I don't know why so few games cater to the audience there is for that, and even when they do, it seems they are afraid to go all out.

So, sorta related, what is everyone's favorite type?

The one I go for first generally varies from game to game but I like…

>kouhai/younger guy

>yandere/possessive (obviously)
>mean looking guy who is actually mice gap-moe
>masochist/servant type
>cute/nice guy because they usually end up having a dark side.

To a lesser extent I like tsundere routes but it really depends on their personality after you peel away the tsun. They are really hit or miss with me, but when they're good, they're good.

No. 104120

>actually mice
Hahahaha. I meant actually nice.

No. 104121

Yandere (though rare) and possessive guys are usually who I go for first. I also like the weird ones for some reason. The guys that aren't too popular, I find their situations to be more amusing. Like in Hatoful Boyfriend I went for Shuu immediately. I also like the super smart ones but tend to stay away from them if they're tsundere. I just find tsundere kind of overly done. Then I go down the list of the rest just to see their endings.

No. 104122

usually i go for the one who's designated to be the 'main love interest' first. There's got to be a reason why he's the one being put at the front on the cover, and I'd like to see why.

No. 104123

File: 1457374247271.jpg (111 KB, 500x500, doto 1.jpg)

I don't know, I tend to dislike the main route because those tend to be a kind of generic love story unless it's a very niche game. But then I might like the character otherwise. Sometimes they surprise me though. Also a good way to learn more about the other guys and get a feel for them.

I just found out Dot Kareshi (pic related) a while ago and I am obsessed with slime boyfriend and tsun beastmaster. Want to play masochist knight next. Really short game though so that sucks but I can't complain as there are three of them.

No. 104124

File: 1457376899554.jpg (30.97 KB, 303x474, kanata.jpg)

I love tough, but sensitive/crybaby types. This is my boo.

No. 104125

also can we post ideal/dream otome games?
i think it'd be fun to have a medium/light-yandere (not full on maiming & brain-washing yandere) MC with a couple of unsuspecting ~senpais~

No. 104126

Yeah, it would be nice if MC could be a little more devilish sometimes rather than the kinda generic MC there tends to be. Some are better than others. It would be fun to have a an MC be the one doing the chasing and confessing.

No. 104127

File: 1457388229678.png (790.76 KB, 690x946, 48724774_p0.png)

Same anon…….same

No. 104128

Damn anon, this looks so fun. Gonna try it out. Is there a readily patched version or do I have to do it myself?

No. 104129

File: 1457393271030.jpg (393.87 KB, 950x576, 1.jpg)

No. 104130

Anyone played LoveRevo? It kinda motivated me to self-improve seeing how the MC got better looking and fitter over time lol.

Also, Sweet Fuse, anyone played it? I dropped that shit when I found out my first choice had a daughter. Felt so cucked I ragequit. Was thinking about picking it back up but wondering if there's any merit to the game otherwise

No. 104131

who is that?

No. 104132

File: 1457397298968.jpg (187.12 KB, 650x600, Wakaouji.Takafumi.full.1377449…)

>The main character, Hitomi Sakuragawa (桜川 ヒトミ?) (default name, changeable), was once a cute, beautiful girl, winning beauty contests in childhood. However, after losing to the temptation of junk food received from fans, she has steadily gained weight… until she reached 100 kg in her second year of high school. At the beginning of the school year, the main character and her brother moved into her father's mansion-like dorm. She discovered that the school's most popular guys are also moving in. Their impressions on her shocked her into starting a diet.

Hahahaha I'm intrigued.


Wakaouji from TMGS2

No. 104133

File: 1457397779921.jpeg (43.14 KB, 480x272, Mitarashi3smile.jpeg)

I played all the routes in Sweet Fuse, including the "secret" character. (He was cute but I didn't like his route. Got my hopes up for nothin'.)

It got a lot of flak for lacking plot, but Sweet Fuse is a game I feel like you can't take too seriously. It's just a fun, relatively short game with that shounen-y style.

Doing each character's route also allows you to figure out parts of the "mystery" and you visit more of the amusement park.

The fandom generally seems to agree that either the hikki gamer or Mitarashi are the best boys. Not a fan of the hikki, but Mitarashi's route a good. The weirdest route is probably Urabe, and Wakasa is just a lil bitch.

No. 104134

File: 1457398188440.jpg (211.38 KB, 864x1080, himuro_sensei.jpg)

I just can't get into Himuro. He's so popular, but I'm just not captivated like I was with Waka-sensei.

Maybe I'll start his route tonight and see what all the fuss is about.

No. 104135

need more ero.

No. 104136

The artstyle reminds me of Ace Attorney, is the character design done by tatsuro iwamoto or something?

No. 104137

File: 1457473965778.jpg (91.1 KB, 777x522, Vincent.Valentine.full.87839.j…)

I asked a similar question in the yaoi thread, but does anyone know of an otome with long black haired guys? Or just long haired is enough for me.

No. 104138

Seconded. They don't do anything for me otherwise.

No. 104139

File: 1457486085129.jpg (241.24 KB, 1600x1200, Hijikata.Toshizou.full.185641.…)

Yoshiwara has 1-2 guys with similar aesthetics
Akazukin to Mayoi no Mori (not yet fully translated tho)

Long black haired bishounen is very…old-school character style. So mostly things with historical settings probably. Most long haired characters nowadays don't have black hair.

No. 104140

oh my, 10/10 bishie

No. 104141

File: 1457486508585.jpg (31.04 KB, 616x263, franken.jpg)


Oh shit I didn't realize you also said "or just long haired."
In that case: (All of the following are translated btw)
>Tokimeki Memorial GS 1 + 2
>Amnesia (two guys)
>Princess Nightmare (one guy)
>Dandelion ~Wishes Brought to You~
>Nameless ~The One You Must Recall~
>The Second Reproduction (black haired!!!)
>Code: Realize

hope I helped <3

No. 104142

File: 1457486670920.jpg (412.74 KB, 900x526, tumblr_nrt03iDrZI1r3oltco1_128…)

Thank you anon! Yoshiwara is on steam too, so that's a YES!

The world really needs more husbandos with long black hair.

No. 104143

Where can I download Tokimeki GS 1? I found an English translation patch but do you know where I can get the rom? All I found was outdated adfly links

No. 104144

File: 1457486930548.jpg (52.64 KB, 413x600, Hazuki.Kei.600.195630.jpg)

check erogedownload. or, you can download the JP roms from emuparadise and patch them yourself.

ignore nicoblog, they a shit.

get desmume, just a forewarning the sound WILL be metallicky. just the nature of it being emulated.

pic related is the ONLY good boy

No. 104145

File: 1457489374341.jpg (140.4 KB, 628x800, MoaScrapShuuInTheInfirmary.jpg)

>Like in Hatoful Boyfriend I went for Shuu immediately.
So which option did you choose anon?
Yes,yes, or yes?

Jokes aside, Hatoful Boyfriend is one of my favorite otome. The whole human dating birds premise aside, I really like the story and characters.

No. 104146

File: 1457490134998.jpeg (22.45 KB, 400x400, be7686e23d7c26b998183f09da6ce0…)

you shut your whore mouth. pic related is way better.

No. 104147

Thanks anon I think the erogedownload one will work, it's downloading right now! and so true about nicoblog, their shit made me rage. Thanks for the emulator rec, already got it but very appreciated nonetheless!! Can't wait to play and meet all these qties

No. 104148

Btw anon check the sound fix here

No. 104149

You're an angel.

No. 104150

File: 1457636031850.png (1.76 MB, 900x1543, anubis_ma_at_render_by_render_…)

Has anyone played Kamigami no Asobi?

I didn't realize until recently that someone had translated a bunch of it. Makes me want to try it for real.

No. 104151

File: 1457648709499.png (262.71 KB, 477x267, niinabest.png)

Niina is best boy.
Arashi is really hard to get rid of.
It was fun though.

No. 104152

I need naughty otome games

No. 104153

you and me both, friend. there are a few being translated now, but it's been slow progress and they're not even the best r18 games anyway. I think there's one or two english app otomes that are r18…don't recall exactly. The english native/western one(s?) suck. PersonA ~Phantom of the Opera~ is one of the r18s being translated currently.

Black Wolves Saga -Bloody Nightmare- english translation is ALMOST FINISHED!!! but, the game is 15+, so probably no actual sex scenes.

g.e.hentai has some r18 otome cgs, if you're interested.

No. 104154

Seeing CGs without the plot/effort is so disappointing to me.

I HATE when I accidentally see a really pivotal CG.

No. 104155

Why yes of course. It really was a fun concept though, I never thought I'd get so attached to birds. Just trying to imagine the visuals alone would make me giggle.


I just recently played one on Steam that's kind of naughty called Seduce Me. It's not really graphic but has some interesting content in it and ton of routes.

No. 104156

Currently playing The Men of Yoshiwara, it's pretty good. I wouldn't ever pay $30 for it though. I tried to play Hatoful Boyfriend but I just couldn't get past the whole "everyone is a bird" thing. Not for me.

I was thinking I'd really like a super immersive otome game, like dragon age but with only the relationship parts. Kind of ruins the immersion when the gallery image pops up and the girl you're supposed to be looks nothing like you. Also it gets a bit tiring just seeing the same 5 backgrounds.

It'll probably never happen, though.

No. 104157

Are there any otome games with older protagonists? Like mid 20s+?

No. 104158

File: 1458699890534.jpg (40.78 KB, 500x281, tumblr_inline_no9fcx7Zft1to6f0…)

Anyone play any Voltage games?
I just played through Eisuke's route and half of Soryu's route in the Baddest Bidder and I'm in love

also any games/husbandos who like to take charge and push MC around/use her?

No. 104159

I can't get into voltage.

Also, Diabolik Lovers would be right up your alley (not my thing though). No patch but here's an english script of the entire game, translated by route(s).


No. 104160

File: 1458751724325.jpg (49.01 KB, 500x215, tumblr_inline_ng7557g7WV1t6rnm…)

Holy shit I found my thread. ;__________;



I don't get the appeal of KBtBB. All the guys are complete assholes and I don't get why Eisuke won the popularity contest twice in a row. To each their own I guess.

Pic related. One of the better Voltage games imho but when you play enough of them they tend to get pretty stale, haha.

No. 104161

I just found out that two official otomes (one of the hakuouki games and one of the hiiro no kakera games) were translated into english, but they were repackaged as "Shall We Date?" games………

No. 104162

What are their English titles? I already have Hakuouki, but the other one isn't familiar to me enough to go searching for it in the app store.

No. 104163

File: 1458798559766.jpg (32.42 KB, 340x226, image.jpg)


ohhh i have been trying to remember the name of this game! i also enjoyed 10 Days With My Devil or whatever. i was at home sick for like a week last year and playing these brought me such amusement

No. 104164

I can't seem to get any of these to work. They crash after I hit start on the main screen. I've tried everything in the troubleshooting faq recommended in the comments but it still crashes.

has anyone with windows 8 gotten them to work? it might just be a compatibility thing.

No. 104165

I love these games exactly for that. They're amusing and cute and my heart cries out for a cute romance like in these

No. 104166

afaik no one with windows 8 has been able to get 3 to work, but i've seen win8 users get 1 and 2 working.

No. 104167

File: 1458901700936.jpg (35.24 KB, 480x272, cg_arcana_debito11.jpg)

Has anyone played La storia della Arcana Famiglia?

I have the game but reading it alongside the translation (it's in a word document and minimally formatted) is really tedious.

No. 104168

File: 1459482654752.png (686 KB, 1279x717, shinobu.png)

i only like this guy.
the rest are shiiiit.

they get kind of lazy on some of the routes (the ones i did play) and beyond that are such a gamble to play. it's easier for me to pay $30 (haha, implying) for a game on the off chance i will genuinely like more than one route or the whole game vs buying individual routes and then feeling let down when you just paid $3.99 for a shit route and meh plot.

i think they have their star series (the ones with regular updates) that they milk but the rest kind of run together. but they were a fun way to kill time for me a few summers ago when i had nothing but my ipad with me.

No. 104169

File: 1459504786769.jpeg (80.14 KB, 480x720, image.jpeg)

I love forged wedding. Haruka is the only character i really like. And i've played a lot of games

No. 104170

I thought this was fanart of Manaki and Venus. Sage for getting in the wrong thread.

No. 104171

Oh god nooo :(

No. 104172

File: 1459617133233.jpg (28.66 KB, 480x272, Shin-Hallway.jpg)


I wish they'd revive this game :(



Same! I played Shin's route before his and I hated him for almost trying to kill me. Now I'm just turned off by yanderes in general, thanks to him.

Shin is bae though. I find that Ukyo's route is similar to Shin's but Shin was stuck within the one world to help the MC; whereas Ukyo went through parallel universes and got celestial entities to help her, -chuckles aloud-.

Sorry for blog, just finished this game.

No. 104173

Curious: is it weird to play otome games if you're in a relationship? Any of you in a relationship but still play otomoes?

No. 104174

File: 1459618770979.jpg (110.85 KB, 1000x562, Finally,_in_Love_Again.jpg)

Yeah it was really the only game where I liked all the guys (well, I didn't play EVERY route bc money) and the plot was alright, but it seems like the typical Voltage audience doesn't really like this kind of thing. There are a few games that have gotten very limited releases if any at all (I think one was even stopped after like 2 routes) in favor of their more popular stuff.

I'm looking at a list of Voltage Games right now and wow where the fuck did they all come from. There are so many. I remember when there were like 10. Pic related seems kinda cute. Is it cute?

No. 104175

File: 1459619849876.jpg (435.51 KB, 429x600, tumblr_mds28f5MCG1rgodnyo1_500…)

-chuckles aloud- maybe if your boyfriend is genuinely concerned you will leave him for 2d.

maybe he's right to be concerned.

No. 104176

I want this to be released so much!!

No. 104177

File: 1459630220766.jpg (114.35 KB, 736x1074, 8bd77790a0837a5b917d994129c7d6…)

>this entire thread

No. 104178


I play otome games and I'm in a relationship. I actually had to create a separate steam account for otomes because I didn't want steam notifying my friends that I spent 50 hours on something like "My Secret Love Affair" l-lol.

No. 104179

Same here Anon. My boyfriend knows about the ones on my iPhone and PSP Vita…but the ones for my laptop are usually r18 so I had to put a lock on it so he can't see them. He already gets a kick out of the ones that he knows about.

No. 104180


If they can't handle you at your worst Anon, they don't deserve you at your best.

No. 104181

File: 1459750525097.png (2.26 MB, 521x8300, 17212368.png)

Urgh I had the biggest crush on Saeki from Tokimeki Memorial 2, his relationship with the mc was amusing and felt natural. Also, I was just remembering how I unintentionally triggered the PvP mode between Ruka and Kouichi in TM3 and felt terrible afterwards

No. 104182

I love Serendipity - Jinpachi is my favorite. I just wish they would revive it..

No. 104183

File: 1459796574184.jpg (141.28 KB, 540x532, tumblr_nekbmrsth81qaacgko2_540…)

Damn anon that pic got to me. Saeki a salty binch but I definitely agree that his relationship with the mc felt organic and real. I loved that about it.

No. 104184

File: 1459797083856.jpg (528.16 KB, 1000x857, Tokimeki.Memorial.Girl's.Side.…)


Same. I've been in a relationship for years and I still enjoy my otoge/fujoshit regularly. Bf thinks it's funny but it doesn't bother him one bit. He's into some 2D media too, we're both just chill and open about it.

There were a few times earlier on in our relationship where we got drunk and played hilariously shitty 90s eroge together, what a blast.

No. 104185

File: 1460665083101.gif (42.6 KB, 228x293, Okita_portrait.gif)

i'm straight up brocon trash so i wish i could play brocon games translated.

apart from that my main otome husbando is Okita Souji from Hakuouki. Oh, and Toma, from Amnesia.

hot damn
i might be DO-S trash too.

No. 104186

I've dabbled in otome games on and off, it's a little unfortunate the ones that I like seem to be in Japanese, but at least there's a load of English translations out there and it also motivates me to keep studying Japanese. It's pretty cool that Amnesia is now translated on Steam / Vita.

Now, I'm recently obsessed with Diabolik Lovers (anime adaptation is kinda trash), I don't know whether to feel ashamed of liking it or not, I'm a former yandere hater but somehow this swayed me.

Although we all may have different tastes, perhaps it would be nice to have a chat group dedicated to discussions as this thread seems pretty dead.

No. 104187

Damn, I didn't go Amnesia got translated - I'm gonna have to check it out. Diabolik Lovers is my guilty pleasure though, mostly because I'm a just masochist and I like anime boys. Who's your favorite? Laito is mine.

No. 104188

Kanato for me, which surprised me as he's mommy issues crazy, but I found it made the sweet parts so much sweeter. I feel a bit guilty as he's considered shota to a lot of people, however I never really viewed him as one, especially with the low voice he has.

No. 104189

Who plays himo otoko? Love the sawayaka guy

No. 104190

File: 1464221716958.jpg (79.84 KB, 736x452, 0d208053c5dfe04b908fb4d84de438…)

Did anyone play Ozmafia? The english version was released on Steam about a month ago for those of you that don't know. The route with the three guys… oh my lord this game needs to chill!

No. 104191

Has anyone played any of Pacthesis's games? I think she has some pretty quality games for not being with a big developer/publisher. She's been quiet for a long time though. I hope she can get a contract somewhere to make games professionally. You can play her games through DA if anyone's interested.

No. 104192

we know its you, pacthesis

No. 104193

File: 1464267162558.jpg (64.83 KB, 600x337, dZBFI20.jpg)

Best husbando. I think the same guy(s) who did the Diabolik Lovers art did Ozmafia's and I love it - the colors and lines and everything looks so nice.

No. 104194

Can anyone recommend something for a first timer?

No. 104195


Is it worth the price tag? Tempting, but summer sale might start soon…


What are you looking for? Do you play on PC or console?

No. 104196

I have a PC, 3DS, and PS4.

No. 104197

You can play Rune Factory or Harvest Moon games on the 3DS.

No. 104198


Seconded on Rune Factory/Harvest Moon. I would also recommend Starry Sky ~in Spring~ for PC if you want a more 'visual novel' experience. Pic related.

No. 104199

File: 1464820063673.jpg (2.05 MB, 4153x2900, 1007927.jpg)


wtf pic didn't attach. my bad.

No. 104200

File: 1465638981942.jpg (405.81 KB, 1280x865, 15625382641.jpg.jpg)

Anyone here played Code: Realize? Finishing up Lupin's route now. I really liked it, actually. I think my favourite route was Saint-Germain, which surprised me because I normally go for the tsunderes or the overly sexual flirty ones (Yuri from Nameless, oh my god)

No. 104201

File: 1467201765823.jpg (130.99 KB, 480x679, bestboy.jpg)

I don't usually go for fluffy romance games so I haven't been terribly interested in most otome games.

But I dig vns with psychological thriller\disturbing themes, and Amnesia is all kinds of awesome. Toma is amazing, and so is his route. Loved it the most, I was never once bored. The buildup was very fun.

Personally I hated Shin for being an emo bitch :P

Dunno why people rag on Toma considering ummm how Ukyo is lol.

I enjoy them both.

No. 104202

Aksys announced the localization of Bad Apple Wars, Collar x Malice, and Period Cube. Not really excited for Period Cube since I'm tired of isekai stuff, but the other two look interesting.

No. 104203

File: 1467833060726.jpg (82.02 KB, 360x267, 1423599955704.jpg)

I agree with you 100% on Toma and Shin. I haven't played Ukyo's route yet but I feel like I'm going to enjoy it. Wish I could find more VN's out there with yandere guys.

No. 104204

File: 1467884929475.jpeg (990.85 KB, 1136x640, image.jpeg)

God i love akito

No. 104205

File: 1468331137554.png (2.01 MB, 1920x1080, kent.png)

I'm glad I got Amnesia off the summer sale, I don't think I would have played it otherwise. Anyone else have an insatiable thirst for megane? Kent's a cutie, even if he is kind of an autist.

No. 104206

Kent is pretty adorable, he's actually the first route I played too. His good ending is really sweet and probably the nicest outcome overall.

I also picked it up on the summer sale and am glad I did. The quality of this VN is really excellent, I wish there were more like this available on Steam.

No. 104207

Does Amnesia get really dark/twisted? I've been meaning to play it but I'm not really into very dark VNs. I don't mind twists and stuff but I'd prefer not to be like, dismembered or have a character obsess over my dead body, kek.

No. 104208

Yes, it's not overly graphic but it does get pretty dark. All the routes have some twists in them, though certain ones are more twisted than others and they all have multiple bad endings.

No. 104209

File: 1468352698886.jpg (40.26 KB, 480x272, pic_0048.jpg)

Just finished his true route! It warmed my heart. I'm kind of scared to see what will happen with Ikki and Toma, since Kent and Shin were so sweet…

And I agree! I saw that there was a Kickstarter for another Otomate game, but it totally failed, which is pretty depressing.

No. 104210

File: 1468357935749.webm (7.45 MB, 940x529, 1463368023292.webm)

Hi, could anyone propose a short list of best classic otomes for someone who tries to get a feel for the genre?

Is it common to play these games like completionists, exhausting every possible plot line? Would you be bothered if a game actively dissuaded you from it through length + one-save-per-run to preserve some sense of mystery and risk?

No. 104211

Picked amnesia back on the last winter sale and i am so glad i did. Played all normal routes and got kent's good route the first without even a guide so maybe i am biased but he's probably my favorite so far, his route is so sweet and i'm a sucker for cold assholes who are actually just shy and generally idiotic towards how to act about the mc's feelings lmao

Most steam otomes are absolute garbage, either the art is bad, the story is bad, or both are bad, it's so rare to get good quality stuff localized/transalted. I kinda had hope that amnesia would do well and they would localize amesia later and amnesia crowd, but apparently it didn't sell that well and otomate's last kickstarter was a failure, so right now it's just wishful thinking :/ sad, because i wanted to have a date with orion and see the boys in school uniforms tbh. Really hoping ozmafia!! does well and they start localizing more good otome games.

No. 104212

Heyo, you're the farmer from the advice thread trying to make cash of a genre of game you don't even care about, right? Please at least try to google stuff yourself before asking people to do the work for you.

No. 104213

You won't make money. Like, at all.

Most otoge are only big in Japan. The few that have had some form of popularity in the US were because of the niche fujo market or because it pandered to the tumblr community (see; that flavour of the month Meyers Briggs dating game).

The only way you can probably get any sort of interest is if you have a solid following already due to art or some kind of webcomic/fandom pandering and you'd have to solely cater to them.

No. 104214


Porn isn't a big conventional market either, but you see people pulling 6k a month from it, periodically. I'd be content with 600. Enough to fuel my crippling food and shelter addiction where I live (I wouldn't complain about more though, considering the tradeoff lack of stability in such a line of work).

The thing is people pay differently when they want something to happen, than when they simply buy a finished product. Especially when they can directly affect what gets introduced as backers. I think it's worth a shot.


>you're the farmer from the advice thread trying to make cash of a genre of game you don't even care about, right?

Okay, let me bare my arrogance to the world: I think I can most likely produce better romantic fiction than any of those translated games contain (and if I fail I know where to look for good anglophone co-writers). I like to write and I like getting into peoples' heads.

I also came up with a concept of an interface - and let me remain intentionally vague here on how it'd look like - that'd allow me to pile up branching storyline complexity, outdoing pretty much any story-driven game I know of. I've been looking to use this idea on some project, but regular rpg games require amounts of assets I or people who'd collab with me couldn't realistically produce. Consider this my secret weapon.

What I want to get a feel for is the common clichés, shortcomings and blind spots that are tolerated in the games (the ones still considered good, anyway)… so I can neglect these aspects of the otome for a while. Or, at the very least, not worry about it.

>Please at least try to google stuff

The results are inconsistent, besides, laziness is the optimal mindset for indie development. After all, most problems arise from overextension and burning out~

No. 104215

try for a patreon if you haven't already, fenoxo and such do porn stuff and get paid a lot by supporters

No. 104216

If you already can't afford necessities like rent and food you're not gonna make it. People using patreon and using their art skills have become a dime a dozen, even art school graduates with substantial skill have realized they can make bank doing adult commissions.

It sounds like you just discovered a niche you know nothing of and just want to use it to obtain money.

No. 104217

The patreon thing is a real numbers game, unless you are top of the line amazing and offering content nobody else has, you need a large fanbase before you can pull in reasonable money.
If anon was going for a really hungry niche like a neglected /d/ fetish that somehow had enough followers but was desperate enough to accept anything then they would be fine, but (ignoring the deviant art kids) fujoshis and otome gamers already have enough content to make them a bit more picky.


Have you actually built a similar game though?
If you really do know about indie games, then you'll know that you need to have either 1) extreme passion or 2) lots of building skill already (preferably both)
Nobody is going to back you unless you have a convincing working demo, or a fanbase and body of work. There's a billion visual novels that start up on 4ch all of the time, nobody backs them because everyone knows that they normally don't deliver.

No. 104218


>If you already can't afford necessities

Nah, I'm stable.

>It sounds like you just discovered a niche you know nothing of and just want to use it to obtain money.

Does that make me a bad guy? I like writing fiction and I like games. Just never stumbled on these.

People earn money by offering service to others, not every creative endeavor needs to be a culmination of some sort of deep fascination. Sometimes there's a lot to be gained from having distance instead.


>If anon was going for a really hungry niche like a neglected /d/ fetish that somehow had enough followers but was desperate enough to accept anything then they would be fine, but (ignoring the deviant art kids) fujoshis and otome gamers already have enough content to make them a bit more picky.

Actually, I think you have this in reverse; you're the more starved audience (even if smaller). Porn game selection is, IMO, about 10x larger commercially and pretty common for crowd funded projects.

>Have you actually built a similar game though?

Yes and no. There won't be any similar games when I'm halfway through adding the alt routes, but the basic premise remains.

I'm not the best programmer, but 2D engines are simple as shit and the amount of knowledge that a text-based game requires is laughable. You could go from not knowing how to code at all to building a simple one in 3 hours. I can always ask a buddy who's a pro if I get stuck on a problem.

You guys need to chill, I'm not going to rely on this to survive until the money won't start coming in. Anyway, can we go back to the original subject? I feel like this thread got unintentionally hijacked.

No. 104219

I think that the questions that you asked above-thread are the sort of thing that need to be hashed out with whoever you get to do character design/storyboarding for you. Generally otome games focus on having a roster of different types of characters, but asking a forum full of girls what 'general shortcomings, cliches or blind spots' are tolerated is kind of a crapshoot because we're all going to have different opinions on what's considered 'tolerable'. Would we still play a game that needed that kind of troubleshooting? probably. but no otome game so far has achieved anything like commercial success in a western market, unless you maybe want to count the Sims.
The thing that I would focus on that I've seen cited as a measure of success in other dating sims (for both men and women) is customization–either the ability to customize the player character, or the ability to customize the NPCs with different outfits/haircuts/personality traits. I also don't like games that focus on 'level-grinding' to catch a guy's attention, I'd much rather see story-based events that simulate a budding romance in order to raise affection between characters.
anyways, just my two cents. I think there's a video game thread in the general board if you'd like to continue discussing the possibility of building your own game. Hatoful Boyfriend would be a good game for your to reference as well on your own time.

No. 104220


Nah, all I asked for was a list of classics. Besides the titles already posted ITT. I'll come to my own conclusions.

>actual gamedev advice

Don't need any. I don't want to seem too up my own ass but I have a good grasp on production, really.

No. 104221

>not every creative endeavor needs to be a culmination of some sort of deep fascination
If that's what you believe then you really don't understand otome games or the people who play them.

No. 104222

>I feel like this thread got unintentionally hijacked.

Yes, by you. This is for otome fans to discuss, not for you to ask people to do all your research for you.

No. 104223

Try Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side, that's as classic as it gets.
A thread like this is more for discussing things from a fan's perspective (i like xyz character, etc) than someone who's interested in the subject from an outsider's pov, though, so I'd still probably investigate other angles if I were you.

>don't need any gamedev advice

but that's exactly what you came in here asking for. coding & everything is important, but it's only one half of the equation.
and sorry, but 'I think I can write a good romance!' doesn't bolster confidence if none of the anons itt have any other idea of your track record. plenty of twelve-year-olds on fanfiction.net also believe that they can write a good romance. if you could provide examples of your ideas, it'd be much easier to get feedback rather than vagueblogging about 'i might make a dating sim' and then getting defensive when your audience goes, 'pfft it's harder than you think'.
I'm pretty sure I'm not the only woman ITT who's seen more than her fair share of dudes who think their homebrew vidyer gaems are gonna conquer the indie market (and then the game never even makes it off've their PC), so I don't feel that this kind of skepticism is entirely unwarranted.

No. 104224


I understand what triggers limerence, fascination and lust and how to sneak it past the conscious mind. Should be enough! …Right?


>but that's exactly what you came in here asking for.

No, I asked for titles and one aspect of gameplay none of you addressed and probably never will. Beyond that, if I need specific advice I'll turn to /agdg/, where folks have more expirience.

>but 'I think I can write a good romance!' doesn't bolster confidence

That's alright with me. I'm not asking you for any money. Yet. I'll see you about it when I have half of the thing. Prepare your wallet.

Seriously though, you're getting really pushy and I'm not recruiting or anything, so I think I'll pass on that interrogation.


Just asked 2 questions and everything spiraled out of control, sorry.

No. 104225

>I think you have this in reverse; you're the more starved audience
You're definitely wrong there, there are some really niche porn subtypes that are desperate for content but not big enough to garner it

>There won't be any similar games when I'm halfway through adding the alt routes

>You could go from not knowing how to code at all to building a simple one in 3 hours
Ah, to be 14 again. Go play all the games in this thread if you want insight, stop asking to be spoon fed and then talking a big game.

No. 104226

> I understand what triggers limerence, fascination and lust and how to sneak it past the conscious mind. Should be enough! …Right?

Watch out ladies, he's read through all of /r/seduction and he's not afraid to use his newfound knowledge.

> if I need specific advice I'll turn to /agdg/, where folks have more expirience.

Right, sure.

No. 104227

File: 1468437240534.png (562.26 KB, 1024x576, dandelion__wishes_brought_to_y…)

I picked up Dandelion recently and did Jihae's route first. I thought it was cute but kinda boring. None of the other boys really appealed to me at first, but Jiwoo kinda grew on me as a background character in Jihae's route so I'm pursuing him next.

No. 104228

>laziness is the optimal mindset for indie development. After all, most problems arise from overextension and burning out~
>if i need specific advice i'll turn to /agdg/, where folks have more expirience [sic]
>prepare your wallet

you're gonna crash and burn alright, but for entirely different reasons than you think. let us know when you put it up on newgrounds kek

although tbh the idea of a lolcow-produced otome game has merit, someone like you isn't going to find their patreon bux here with an attitude like yours

No. 104229

Decent game, the blonde is my favorite.

I really liked Nameless (by the same company). I completed it in 3 days and it left me with that empty "oh god why can't they be real" feeling for a week.


god I love Kanata.

No. 104230

File: 1468453412442.jpg (365 KB, 570x854, fuck me up.jpg)

Anyone playing Mystic Messenger on the phone? Made by the same people who did Nameless.
So far i'm liking it quite a bit. I'm also honestly surprised for a free otome mobile game to not be a"pay or wait 80 years to finish the probably mediocre story with fucking ~~tickets~~" bullshit.
The dynamics of the chat, phonecalls, email and so on are also very fun and well integrated and the conversations flow very naturally, the boys are all really cute too and the story seems pretty intriguing so far.
Surprisingly loving this game quite a bit. A pity that the servers suck major dick.

No. 104231

NICE i'm going to look into this. all the mobile otome i have downloaded has stopped at the final chapter because i dont want to earn enough tickets or it costs like $25

No. 104232

This sounds awesome! I haven't even looked into phone based otome since I assumed none of it would be in English. Gonna try to download this when I get home tonight.

No. 104233

File: 1468462424638.jpg (151.44 KB, 700x1022, tumblr_nzjrh75TjR1uw7zkoo6_128…)

I just started playing it yesterday. It's really fun, but the emails are such a gamble (or maybe I just suck at choosing lol). I ended up picking the wrong camera for rui and all I feel is dread.

>A pity that the servers suck major dick.

This. I ended up missing a chat because the server was fucking up.

No. 104234

Can't seem to find it in the iphone app store! Is it called something else there?

No. 104235

I did some googling and it looks like it isn't available for ios yet. Soon though I hope.

No. 104236

I just downloaded that game last night! 707 killed me ded

No. 104237

File: 1468582058413.gif (769.98 KB, 260x221, t&e_002.gif)

>start playing amnesia
>tee hee hee, I'm a coot' lil elfboi shackled to you by lazy plot xD
>click nextnextnextnextnext
>you're allowed to pick the order of inspecting mundane objects!
>you're dating a handsome idol, surprise! :D
>le magic eyes face

No. 104238

Keep playing his route even if you hate him at first. The only way I could've hated his route more at first was it if had a rape and abuse plot thrown in too, but things aren't really what you think they are at all. You find out more and actually have a personality once your memory comes back. I usually hate even the best versions of that type of anime guy but he ended up being one of my favorites.

No. 104239

yeah i didn't like amnesia. i'm a fan of yanderes and twisted things but it was just…not that good. and not that twisted.

i only did face tat and oniichan's route but couldn't be fucked to finish the rest. the characters were just too shallow for me to develop any kind of attachment.

No. 104240

So I just bought OZMAFIA!! on Steam. It's currently downloading, has anyone else ever played it?

Also, what do you think about Dogenzaka Lab games? There's a ton of them available but they look kind of like the type you can just download on your phone.

No. 104241

I played Hatoful Boyfriend and even though it was birds I found myself crying at 2 different stories (shoot me). I loved it. I'm so excited that there are more games like this, that don't just involve birds. I don't know why it's taken so long for me to find out this information.

I really love the mysterious guy who rarely shows his affectionate side. Are there any games that have an amazing example of this type which will make me feel lonely and "I wish they existed" for weeks afterwards?

No. 104242

Are you having a laff son? Please tell me you didn't really cry over pixel pigeons.

No. 104243

Oh hey it's active. Noobish question, but I'm trying to make a dating sim, and would it be classified as "otome" even if it's western graphics? Are there any places to share it once I'm done for like feedback? I haven't really looked into visual novel communities very much.

No. 104244

You can call it 'otome' as long as it fits the bill, but don't use the term if you aren't aiming for a weebish audience.
How you distribute the game depends on what time of game it is (RPGmaker, iphone, in-browser flash game etc), whether or not you want to be able to push updates, if you want to charge for it etc
Where you link people to the game depends on the feedback that you want. Actual game design feedback you can get from game design forums and places like /vg/ (or whichever relevant halfchan board) whereas you can get user feedback from whatever platform you are using for publicity like Tumblr etc

tl;dr more information needed

No. 104245

Clearly you didn't experience Hatoful Boyfriend in full

No. 104246

Thanks for the advice!
I guess it won't be otome then.
As far as distribution, I'm using something like RenPy to make it, so it'll just be a game you can download on PC.
I've been hesitant to ask around on /vg/ because it's mostly guys there, yeah? The guys I know already said they didn't feel like much help because they're not used to dating sims focused on a girl player character. Also, selfposting anywhere on chans seems a bit foolhardy to me. Tumblr seems fine I guess.
What info is needed?

No. 104247

Is Mystic Messenger fucking up for anyone else?

No. 104248

Does anyone have any reccomendations for an otome game with some QT subby boys you can properly dominate? I've found plenty of BL stuff but female protaganist equivalent is sorely lacking.

No. 104249

There's not really anything like that in otome but there's a few dark otoge with that sort of thing. The Chou no Doku Hana no Kusari series (but the sub guy is old af not qt lmao), Mashou Megane, and Jooubachi No Oubou Kaguya Hen are some that come to mind. Sub males aren't popular with the otome fanbase in Japan so it is quite hard to come by routes that implement genuinely submissive guys. Even the really boyish looking ones tend to go all yandere or dom on mc's ass.

No. 104250

Just downloaded this today and finished day 1.

I'm loving the mechanics and interactivity of this game so far, definitely my favourite otogame I've played. 707 is my current favourite.

The only thing I'm not a big fan of is the whole timed chat windows. I know that's the appeal, that it's real time, but they're scattered so widely throughout the day that it's nearly impossible to get all of them, especially if you work/are at school. I'm trying to find a list of chat times without any spoilers/text on them so I can plan how I'll go about being able to see the chats without missing them.

I want to also find out more mechanics about the game without spoiling since it'll be 11 days till I finish my first runthrough, instead of just a couple of hours like I usually do with an otogame.

No. 104251

Here's a guide with the chat times that also includes the correct answers to the guide. http://sabalet.tumblr.com/post/149686882156/hope-this-schedule-sheet-and-party-guests-email

No. 104252

I loved Yoosung's story so much. It actually made me emotional. I'm on 707's right now and I'm having fun but I have a feeling it might get dark.

No. 104253

There isn't. You can download the game on anime-sharing though in case you didnt know.

No. 104254

Already addicted

No. 104255

Also cried at zens ending
Jumin was meh

No. 104256

File: 1477034354076.jpg (148.44 KB, 1024x1355, jumin_han___mystic_messenger_b…)

I was actually pushing this game off for so long, and fuck now I'm hooked and may even pay for the deep story route.

No. 104257

Jumins route is great, his ending is SHIT.

No. 104258

MM is my first otome game and I'm hooked as all fuck. Finished Yoosung's route (got him by accident, not a big fan) and am currently on Jaehee's. Any games similar to this one? I particularly like the chat interactions and that it's not all too over the top goofy-sappy-romantic.

No. 104259

I had Yoosung on my first go too. It made me sad because he came off kind of creepy and there was no going back lol

No. 104260


Yoosung is like a little leech that you have to actively work to NOT get stuck with.

No. 104261

One of my favorite things about Mystic Messenger is how the boys always remind you to eat and to take care of yourself. It's so cute and sweet and actually makes me want to do it for them.

No. 104262

He got better, but I still cringed when he went in for the kiss and mentioned Rika one more fucking time.


I'm making a conscious effort to bully him so I don't get him again…

No. 104263

accurate filename

No. 104264

I'm only missing Sevens route till I've done all of them but tbh Yoosungs has been my favourite so far. He grows the most as a character and while yes he's childish at least it's a genuinely cute crush vs the others

No. 104265

Brace yourself for heartache

No. 104266

That's what everyone keeps saying and I'm so worried. I love Seven so much he only deserves happiness. My heart breaks for him like every ending.

No. 104267

ITT: People with no experience who only play Mystic Messenger

No. 104268

Then talk about something else, senpai.

No. 104269

Seven is my favorite route~ I fell in love with him the moment I had a conversation with him. My first route was Yoosung, I hated him and the route and after I was done I bought the deep route and got Seven. He is my all-time favorite route( oh the feels are literally at every turn) I love him so much haha. My text tone on my phone is his theme song in the messenger. I haven't been this invested in an Otome in a long time and I love it.

No. 104270

File: 1477280849545.jpg (131.94 KB, 540x802, Bad End.jpg)

Going through my first game play and I had no idea how much Yoosung wants you to just fucking be Rika….Like chill the fuck out.

No. 104271

Other people who play MM!

Is there any way to tell early on if you're on the path to a good or bad end? And how to tell the difference between a Normal, Good, and Good relationship end?

No. 104272

No. 104273

File: 1477293562819.jpg (84.33 KB, 553x369, IMG_2323.JPG)

Somewhat off topic but has anyone tried honey butter/"buddha" chips? I tried making them following some recipe on YouTube and it was horrible but the actual product is weird but not bad.


And they're cousins…

No. 104274

File: 1477328696316.jpg (171.88 KB, 1024x1237, meow.jpg)

Who else finds it impossible to keep up with this game? I don't check my mobile phone hourly, to be honest.

Are you really supposed to get up at 3am just to play through a chat?

>inb4 dumb questions

No. 104275

Sometimes I would do something like this: Say you had a chat at 12am, 3am, 8am, and 10am.. I would do the 12am chat and wake up at 7:40-ish to enter the 3am chat. Then past 8am, I would do the 8am chat before the 10am one opened. With this method you wouldn't need to wake up in the middle of the night. But honestly, you don't need to do all the chats to get the good ending.

No. 104276

cringe. you fucking koreaboos are obnoxious

No. 104277

Because I asked about a chip flavor? Uhhh buddy…. get over yourself.

No. 104278

recommend something else then

No. 104279

File: 1477363689360.gif (78.56 KB, 400x400, tumblr_inline_odomqdam9l1qc258…)

Ugh yeah I know.

Well I'm trying to get the good end first. And I'm finally at the part where he realizes we aren't the same person.

Does anyone know if it's worth playing Yoosungs bad ending?

No. 104280

Seriously, is there a way to manipulate the time and do the chats whenever you want? Because I'm not putting an alarm for a fucking game

No. 104281

They ban you if you time travel (change your hone time setting so you can do the chats whenever, my friend got banned for this shit).
Idk, I keep forgetting and then resetting, so I've only played Yoosungs good ending, pls end me.

No. 104282

boy i'm about to list 200 titles dont make me do it

No. 104283

You don't have to catch all of them. I've even had days where I only get 40% of the chats and I still got good ends. The way I do it is if I miss a chat I'll play it out and see if it was actually related to my route (included my intended character/had a few hourglasses or was long) and if so I'll spend hourglasses to replay it or I'll just skip it. Don't worry too much about missing chats it's not a huge deal.

No. 104284

Or what you can do is find a guide that includes who is in the chat and chat titles and see if it is interesting and plan your play time around that.

No. 104285

File: 1477527386785.jpg (24.64 KB, 720x480, hzAOi9g.jpg)

>REEEEE stop talking about MM! I could list 200 other games! But I won't!

Enjoy your otome tendies I guess

No. 104286

They're good af. I bought them on Amazon and they were totally worth it.

No. 104287

angry mm player detected. enjoy being a whiny noob

No. 104288

Where do you guys get your otome games?

No. 104289


No. 104290

how about reading tha thread

No. 104291

File: 1478121967420.png (1.54 MB, 700x990, image.png)


I just finished his route and the Secret endings and I actually cried multiple times.

while I had a hunch the story was going to end up that way, I'm so sad for V and Saeran and Saeyoung. They all deserve so much better especially V. I wish there was an after after end with everyone truly happy and just cute CGs and another party and V being like "lol not dead". Ugh this was such a good game. I think the fact that I actually played it every day for 55 days straight made me more invested.

No. 104292

After 2 months i got tired of MM
Never played jaehee route.

Atm i'm playing liar undercover the truth

No. 104293

So I guess CNN wrote an article about otome games, and I found this subreddit full of red-pillers (or something) who caught wind of it. They are all seriously offended that girls like these, lol


>This is the female narcissistic need for validation gone completely bonkers off the scale !

No. 104294

Ah, manosphere double standards strike again.
They celebrate VR romance/porn but can't stand the fact that women also have romance simulations cattered to them.
They all need a group therapy.

No. 104295

>being this jealous of anime men
I don't know whether to laugh or pity them. The top comment is creepy and basically amounts to "I don't like that this exists so women shouldn't be able to do this!" but even going so far to say it should be "banned" is incredibly strong. Men have had virtual dating and even porn sims since forever but now that females are included and have their own, it's blasphemy. Talk about a circlejerk of pure jealousy and red flags.

No. 104296

Thank you, this is gold.
> whine, whine, virtual boys are spoiling women and that's why I can't have my tall and blond swedish model.

No. 104297

File: 1480377346351.png (725.34 KB, 1024x576, 7e18243d9e5d9bf92ea78a08853bb9…)

is anyone going to be playing this when it comes out?

No. 104298

my steam library is filled with otome. my partner thinks im weird for enjoying them so much but i cant quit the husbando train.
i dont have a smartphone so i only have what steam releases. besides phones and steam what are other ways i can get different otome?

No. 104299

get a psp emulator and play persona 3 and romance shinji.

No. 104300

i have no idea why an emulator never crossed my mind, wow i feel dumb. but thank you!

No. 104301

File: 1480402845639.jpg (351.24 KB, 991x735, 24243.jpg)

The first otome I ever played with Dandelion. I haven't played too many but it was definitely slower and a little boring compared to some others. Jisoo will always have a place in my heart though.

I started playing 10 Days With My Devil, which isn't bad at all, and I'm glad it's not ticket-based. I played one route with Satoru, but was kinda disappointed because I thought he'd be a little more dickish.


I would totally play this just because Marco is a qt. Too bad they're only making it PG/PG-13.

No. 104302

File: 1480434066700.jpg (364.71 KB, 849x636, jihae4.jpg)

jihae is best boi. id turn furry for him

No. 104303

Has anyone played Bocchi Musume?

No. 104304

File: 1505807017716.png (650.31 KB, 542x1708, Sprite_waltz.png)

Cinderella Phenomenon is free and in Steam, pretty good for what you get. Fairy tale style-fare but with a good protagonist. Waltz best boy

No. 104305

anon I have an exam in three days and if I fail it's on you lol
thanks tho, it's a great game and I'm shocked it's free (for such a quality), I love the story and the protagonist is honestly the best, 10/10, would throw my bra at her.

No. 104306

Has anyone played the new V route in Mystic Messenger? It's so bleeping good, so much heartache I love it. They did a good job in delivering this.

No. 104307

There's… V's route? Oh my god, I stopped playing months ago but gotta install it back I guess

No. 104308

im playing in recommended order but its kinda hard since ive already done the route i was most interested in,(the little blonde one) i want to complete the game but so far the only other routes im interested in is waltz and that guy at the castle. (lol i can't remember any names) and i need to 'unlock' them ughhhhh

man mystic messenger was way too fuckin hard for me dude, i was just about to reach zens bad route (my first playthrough) and i gave up, it really feels more trouble than its worth, especially playing in 'recommended' order (zen, yoosung,girl, black hair, and 707)
and also i prefer to get bad endings before i get the good ones.
i feel like im lucky i havent seen any spoilers considering how popular it is lol
does anyone know of a full playthrough with no commentary i can watch instead of playing the game? (i doubt it lol)

No. 104309

Hi anon, is it true that in V's route you're playing as Rika? It was rumored and I don't know if I should install the game again

No. 104310

you only need to unlock another one to get Waltz and Fritz, so it's not that bad. I recommend Karma, I think his route is the most "heart skipping a beat"-ish.

Some of my thoughts, if anyone cares
Rumpel is a mistake. While other routes seemed like they could have been canon, his just does not feel right, and I don't like the heroine being constantly jealous, it gave me cringes and secondhand embarrassment.
I feel like the most "canon" was Waltz, but the most interesting one (for me, at least) - Fritz. Though I was actually more emotionally invested into princess and Delora's bonding than the romance, lol. I cried when she died. Also, I think I preferred Varg over Fritzgerald. If there was a proper bad-boy-but-soft character, I would go for him first, I guess that's my type in otome.
Overall, it's a good game, nothing special but pretty immersive.

Can anyone recommend another otome with a strong not too uwu blush heroine?

No. 104311

If you have a PSP or emulator Sweet Fuse is a good play, on Vita you have Code Realize and Collar x Malice

No. 104312

It just came out this month!
lmao absolutely not. Rika is in the route but you are MC. It doesn't make sense to be a character that's already in the game. This is still an otome game haha

No. 104313

Can you date him or is it just a "friends" route like the one with the short hair girl?

No. 104314

not that anon but

>Sweet Fuse is a good play

watch out! best guy has a kid, had to drop it

No. 104315

Anyone played any of the free otomes in Steam like Seduce Me or XOXO Droplets? I played and liked Cinderella Phenomenon but the rest look so terrible

No. 104316

seduce me is fucking awful, the cgs look like fucking wikihow art
i think its only popular because for most girls its 'babbys first otome' the writing is shit the only thing that might be good is the voice actors but im not sure its worth suffering through the game for that.
i hate this game with a passion and wouldnt recommend it to anyone

never played or heard of xo droplets but from googling it the art looks nice
ill play it eventually

No. 104317

If Seduce Me is free play it for the laughs and cringe value. Then you will know what not to look for in a good otome. I still can't believe it has a sequel.

No. 104318

File: 1506374185292.jpg (293.76 KB, 1200x849, Hadaka.Shitsuji.full.1332401.j…)

Anyone play hadaka shitsuji? It's a pretty brutal and kinky bl game, the game use to have a cult following with each playthrough averaging at 500k+ per vid until the creator copyright claimed the fuck out of every video

No. 104319

i have it on my computer but im so used to playing renpy vns i got to learn the buttons for this japanese vn, ive only played up to the opening(made me lmao) but since theres a million endings i feel i want to save it for another day when im prepared with time to play through all of it lol

No. 104320

File: 1506377054414.jpg (40.92 KB, 593x333, tumblr_static_tumblr_static_do…)

Does anyone tried the free Arithmethic games?
Pic related is Several shades of Sadism. Quite nice. You can play for free and get specials for a small price.
I am currently playing 3 games from them, most because of the qt outfits I confess. But SSS is really nice, I just wish it was more lewd hehe

No. 104321

I played through every characters good route. I did some bad ends as well. I thought I could handle it but a lot of the kink stuff went too extreme for me. Some scenes I just found damn gross. I wish I didn't play it lol.

No. 104322

You can date him :)

No. 104323

I love this game so much. I showed my friend the game and she fell in love also. It was my first bl game and I'd reccommend everyone this. Lmao its fucking disgusting tho

No. 104324

Does anyone know any good websites or resources for drama CDs? I used to go on Error-World but they stopped updating last year.

Many otome games also have a drama CD series so it's a great way to get some extra content with your favorite boys (and practice Moon if you're into that).

No. 104325

File: 1506488679458.jpg (103.05 KB, 720x720, IMG_3318.JPG)


No. 104326

Cute Demon Crashers is short and free and has lewd, Little Miss Lonesome too but it's like 30 bucks

No. 104327

File: 1506498956595.png (253.06 KB, 392x387, Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 3.02…)

i got sucked in to flower knight girl on nutaku….long story but i'm not even into any anime or hentai for a long time except for this stupid game

No. 104328

Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome is on Steam now, it's finally translated. As someone who's never bought my otome games through steam is the sexual stuff cut out? I thought Steam requires censoring for ecchi games, I remember seeing R18 voice cuts from that game on Tumblr.

No. 104329

i think if you buy it on steam they have a patch you can download to get rid of censors or whatever

No. 104330

Awesome, yup this was it. I bought it and played a couple of the routes, so far it's not bad. The voice acting makes it though, it doesn't seem like it has much to it story/character-wise. I would say wait for a sale, idk if otome games get discounted a lot but it falls a bit short of the $25 price tag. I'm glad sexier stuff is getting available to us now?

No. 104331

Got Hustle Cat on one of the latest bundles, opinions? I love cats but the whole non-binary protagonist thing it's too Tumblr for me

No. 104332

Finding newer drama cds is fucking hard. I only know of airavalky and random sites like uswatunhasanahast. Unfortunately the latter seems to only last for a few months before disappearing. I've honestly given up and just use soundcloud now.

No. 104333

are there any otomes that offer somewhat dynamic (mysme-style) gameplay? i tried some classic pc ones, but i'm not autistic enough for the 1. read two sentences worth of text 2. click "next" 3. repeat 1-2 five million times gameplay. sounds like a stupid thing to ask (>otome >dynamic), i guess i just want something immersive.

No. 104334

Well, not sure how many others are like MysMe but if you want something with a bit interaction I like a lot of the ones by Winter Wolves. Spirited Heart Deluxe is like a raising sim. Loren Amazon Princess and Queen of Thieves are like RPG otomes, but you can turn that function off. You get to make more choices and I think they're more fun than some of the traditional otome where all you do is read and make a few answer choices.

No. 104335

Thanks for the suggestions, I will check them out.

No. 104336

Are there any translated otome games that have weird shit go on like doki doki literature club or song of saya? I really liked Sweet Fuse and BL titles where more interesting shit goes on besides the romance, but it feels like the genre in general is pretty copy and paste.

No. 104337

Hey otome anons, is The Arcana worth it? Do you have any other phone otomes to recommend other than Mysmes?

No. 104338

has anyone played black wolves saga?

No. 104339

Aww, babby's first otome. Play something better with hotter artwork. Anything by honeybee isn't worth your time.

No. 104340

ntayrt but what creators would you recommend instead?

No. 104341

Black Wolves Saga was made by Rejet and Otomate though… Maybe you got confused with Re/Un Birthday Song?

No. 104342

The artwork threw me off as the artist usually works for honeybee. Birthday song is garbage too.

Koei Tecmo, Broccoli, Idea Factory, PilVamp (if you're into otoge), Karin Entertainment, Red Entertainment, A's Ring, 3Daisy, Quin Rose, Toybox Inc.

Shit nigga, I could go on.

No. 104343

you're right. would be one of my first. Thanks for the suggestions, will look into it.

No. 104344

I'm very tomboyish and simply can't self-insert into the female otoge protags, are there any good BL ones that have an English translation available? No nitro+chiral allowed

No. 104345

No Thank You and Hadaka Shitsuji if you want a few laughs

No. 104346

>No nitro+chiral allowed

Why? lol

No. 104347

no one knows or cares. this isnt a bl thread. most bl games are disgusting as fuck.

No. 104348

File: 1522531803460.png (1.29 MB, 1200x738, Steam_prison.png)

Mangagamer just announced they're releasing HuneX's Steam Prison in english, looks promising enough

No. 104349

I second Hadaka, it's golden

No. 104350

Hadaka Shitsuji actually made me feel sad lol. They did Komine so wrong.

No. 104351

Komine is one of my favorite routes lol aside from Ichinose.

No. 104352

File: 1524061274612.jpg (175.88 KB, 768x868, tumblr_inline_otg6wzBbAu1r28w0…)

I've played a few. I don't really like sadistic characters so I didn't play much of SSS. 7 husbands was good for a while but I chose Taiga and I can't do incest themes. I think I just need to be better at choosing routes…

For mobile games I've become completely obsessed with IkeSen in a really short time. Like, I'm so glad for the chapter ticket format or else I wouldn't get ANYTHING done. I started out not really into any of the guys but it's really taken me by surprise. I might have an actual crush on Yukimura (don't tell my bf).

I could never self insert either, but I do like the guys for how they treat the MC usually, and root her on in general. There's no rule that says you have to self insert.

No. 104353

File: 1524218356393.png (85.85 KB, 552x319, ssum.png)

Cheritz (publisher of Mystic Messenger) recently soft launched a new game, "The Ssum". Not sure what to think of it! I know that even MM is different from classical Otome games, but I really liked it. The Ssum, on the other hand… It shares MM's chat and call feature, but there is basically no story so far and you only have one character to interact with. You can answer some questions in the beginning and they're supposed to influence the guy's behaviour, but he's just so… bland?

So yeah, it's basically a chat simulator for those who long for a sweet, Korean bf. And there's one thing I really dislike: Just like in MM, you can choose answers when chatting with your boo. However, certain answers (usually the most interesting/cool ones) require "batteries", the in-game currency. Most of the chats include weird pauses as well, and of course you can pay to skip them. I'm fine with waiting between chats, but during the chats? Ain't nobody got time for that! I think Mystic Messenger is more clever in this regard. It gives you lots of content, makes you addicted and then charges for additional stories. I actually had no problem with paying for that because it didn't feel forced and seemed reasonable. I don't see myself paying for The Ssum tbh…

No. 104354

oof yeah, even from the screenshot you've posted I can tell I won't be trying it.
it's got that weird uncanny-valley kpop idol fanart look to it. I'm not digging it.

No. 104355

File: 1529242689982.jpg (39.83 KB, 480x480, fc97dfe000ca6aa608aeb26e7055a4…)

Hi, girls

If you can advise good novel with shota boy?

No. 104356

No. 104357


Evryone know - little boy it's a best boy!

No. 104358

nothing wrong with liking boys

No. 104359

The Chinese otome Lost in Secular Love was released in English. It has monks and optional baldness, haven't bought it yet but I might soon

No. 104360

Does anyone have good recommendations now that Steam Summer Sale is going on?

No. 104361

Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome and the Hakuoki duology

No. 104362

File: 1530657460319.jpeg (1.31 MB, 3186x4088, 2018-01-15-945334.jpeg)

Does anyone have any good Otome Games to recommend where perferably the female protagonist seeking a romance is at least minimum 18yrs old and is romantically interested in a male that in accordance with Japanese terms would be regarded as either a oji-san/oyajii (aka a middle aged man or an old man) I know it's not what's often sought after in the genre, but I can't help but be attracted to older guys.

Especially since most guys my age are just major turn offs, I've been craving a romance game where a respectable and kind man with experience is courting one.

I'm basically looking for something along the lines of Shuuden na Kankei, Tomodachi no Papa - Hakui no Oji-sama, and Ne Ne Ne.

Plus, I've also been pretty excited lately with the upcoming anime adaptation coming out for Koi wa Ameagari no You ni, I can relate to the MC since I had to undergo knee surgery, and was pretty down in the dumps while in recovery and with having to undergo the painful physical therapy.

The MC ended up getting hurt, causing her to require surgery for her foot, thus she was no longer able to compete in the sport she loved like she used to. I had to quit the sport I was passionate about as well.

Anyways, I still like to play Otome Games like Dandelion Wishes Brought To You, Nameless, Amnesia, Ayakashi Gohan, and I even like listening to CD dramas (currently have most of Diabolik and Hitsuji de Oyasumi series) but I'm kinda getting a little tired of seeing the typical Bishonen types in all the games I've been playing.

Right now I'm actually playing Diabolik Lovers through the PSP imulator on my laptop. It's in Japanese so I've been using a translation that someone posted on Tumblr to understand the game better.

As another example as to what I'd like to play in terms of comparison, I guess I'd say something like Seifuku no Ojisama. I have the game on my phone, and I've also been meaning to play Pub Encounters as well, so basically games like those.

Also, would anyone know where I can find the a worded/typed out translation/walkthrough for Seifuku no Ojisama? I've been using the translator on my phone, but it gets really tedious having to screenshot the game, go to my translator, figure out what the Kanji (more or less translates to) and then to return to playing the game and all.

Anyways hope to hear from anyone about any recommendations similar to what I've mentioned above! Also, lol, I had fun reading through all of your post and comments!(ᅌᴗᅌ* )

No. 104363

Is there any good lesbian otome? (Preferably more "realistic", I don't dig the overcutesy manga style)

No. 104364

I know you can date teachers on Tokimeki Memorial Girls' Side however you date them as a HS student so it's iffy. Himuro is ultimate husbando material though, I wish there was more material with him.

No. 104365

File: 1530732066660.jpg (131.77 KB, 960x740, kindred-spirits-960x740.jpg)

Try Kindred Spirits on the Roof, it's still anime-ish but not as obvious fanservicey as the Sono Hanabira saga

No. 104366

Aksys confirmed the 2nd Code:Realize fandisc. RIP physical vita games, I'm glad this will get one at least

No. 104367

Aoishiro is really good. kind of old but good.

No. 104368

Try The Bell Chimes for Gold, it's a fantasy style otome where all of the heroes are old guys while the heroine is in her 20s. You can get it for cheap on Steam but there's also a R rated version available

Also next time leave the name field blank anon

No. 104369

Anyone playing any of the stories on the Lovestruck app? I downloaded it yesterday and started playing, but the hearts thing gets on my nerves a lot. I can wait for tickets, okay, but having to pay real money for a Wattpad-tier story is a no for me

No. 104370

File: 1535184651389.jpg (9.04 MB, 480x360, fxxxme.jpg)

Bless Mangagamer for more R-rated otome

No. 104371

>lesbian otome
lmao that's not otome. thats yuri or just a regular dating sim which you can find plenty of with female options in the western sphere.

No. 104372

File: 1597425592000.png (499.5 KB, 392x696, 392x696bb.png)

Don't know if anyone still wants to talk about otome games since the thread is dead, but I've been playing a lot of IkeVamp lately. Actually, I'd been playing it on and off for a while just to pass the time, but I've suddenly been getting really into it lately lol. I think the characters really grew on me. I'm a sucker for vampires.. and historical figures.

Has anyone else been playing IkeVamp? Who's your favorite boy? Also, does anyone know if other media exist for this series (like drama CDs, comics, etc) or is the mobile game the only thing out right now?

No. 104373

I played Leonardo's route, and I found it really boring so I didn't play any more. I wanted to play Isaac's route too because he seems cute but it wasn't out yet at the time and I uninstalled the game since. What do you like about this game? I think the story isn't especially compelling and the characters are ok I guess. Have you played Midnight Cinderella? It's also by Cybird, and I like that one much better, it's the only free game I liked. Maybe I'm growing out of otome games

No. 104374

Yeah I’m doing Leonardo’s route right now and I agree it’s pretty boring. My friend is currently doing Isaac’s route and she really likes it, so I think his is probably a lot better. She gave me a summary and Isaac’s route sounds a lot cuter since he’s socially awkward and you kinda break him out of his shell. I’m holding out for Dazai’s route.

I think the art/character design is really pretty and I like how the characters are all based on historical figures. Though I agree the story isn’t the best, but to be honest most otome games don’t have the best plot lines to me so I just play off of how hot I think the guys are lol. I’ll take your recommendation though and try out Midnight Cinderella!

I think the only reason why I got invested in IkeVamp is because I have nothing to do in quarantine and I’m playing it with a friend. But I do get what you mean by aging out of otome games.

No. 104375

anyone playing on switch? i was someone who was salty about not using my vita but switch has a lot of selection

No. 104376

can anyone recommend good otomes that aren't mobile based? i want a fully developed and released game with no micro transactions or weird currency for unlocking chapters.

No. 104378

op I'm dying, I'm pretty tolerant of anime sameface but they all look like clones

No. 104381

they really do literally the only difference is their eye shape

No. 104401

The Rose of Segunda
Cinderella Phenomenon
The Lady's Choice
Royal Alchemist

No. 104405

File: 1597446966621.jpeg (62.84 KB, 476x680, EeYy-ZDU0AMy6gp.jpeg)

If you like Japanese otomes then: Steam Prison, both parts of Hakuoki, 7'scarlet, Nightshade, London Detective Mysteria, Ozmafia (but only just one route is worth it). They are all long(ish) and have great production values, decent art, good voice acting. If you have a switch I rlly recommend Collar x Malice. It's mostly plot focused, but it's well written, and has top tier qt guys.

No. 104408

ty anons, i've played a few of these but a lot of titles ive never heard of <3

No. 104409

File: 1597447565520.jpg (115.39 KB, 1024x768, 337930_screenshots_2015-01-09_…)

Sorry for samefagging, but if you like yanderes, try out Nameless. It was made by guys who relased Mystic Messenger. It's romance-heavy and long.

No. 104422

2 years later, my thirsty ass still looking for more Otome games that's kinda lewd but not full porn.

1+ for a protag that isn't a dumbass.

No. 104437

I’d like to see more of these too (although cough pornwouldbefinetoo).

If you haven’t played Wilder yet there are some decent sex scenes that don’t show anything.

Red Embrace: Hollywood has wonderful writing and non-explicit sex on some character routes but it’s REALLY fucked up and dark, I swear to god please do not play it if you’re depressed. There is nothing happy about this game but I guess there are some brief moments of flirty fun amid the horrible despair.

The Forbidden Romance series from D3P have non-explicit sex.

My favorite stuff is from Girls Dynamic but it’s Japanese only so not sure how much you’d be able to understand. They show everything but I think there may be an option for censored?

It’s not out yet and I don’t know much about it, but Degraman is supposed to be NSFW.

No. 104449

Will there ever be an otome equivalent for games like Fraternite or Euphoria? You know there's an audience for it. And don't say Boyfriend to Death because that game blows.

No. 104453

There are yanderes in Nameless? Who are they?
I started playing it some time ago because I really liked the premise but the characters seemed so stereotypically animu (plus I hated that there is a shota as a romance option I presume, wtf?) so I gave up. Does the writing eventually gets better? I may give this otome a second chance

No. 104455

iirc tei is the yandere. i wasnt a huge fan of this otome honestly and i thought the guys were ugly

No. 104496

Does any anon here torrent/pirate their games? What sites do you use?

No. 104501

Igg-games.com usually

No. 104503

There are three yanderes in the game tei, hidden character and shota. Honestly, in most Japanese otomes there isn't that much romance… They are mostly focused on plot and character development, that's why I liked Nameless, it was full of romance. But like anon said, most guys are ugly and have annoying voices. I'd say only Lance's route is genuinely all-around good (he looks pretty, his voice is bearable, and it's mostly just a love story).

No. 104524

gonna give this another shot, Lance was my favorite. TBH he was the only character I was interested in, but now I wanna also see one or two of the yandere routes (except for the shota, ewww)

No. 104546

I was going through the thread and looked up Dot Kareshi – managed to finally find a patched version of the first game, but I run Mac so I tossed it into Wine to see if it would run

It kinda does? I changed my locale to Japan/Japanese and still can't seem to start the game. The settings page is messed up and the game crashes on starting. The place where I got it from says that if the title says "Reverse", then it's going to crash since I didn't change my locale. But I did? Not sure what else to change.

I found a translated trial version while I was looking around and now I just want to play it more lmao
the trial ran on Wine just fine, dangit

idk, anyone on mac manage to get this game going?

No. 104558

Got it working I think, might as well share what I did –

Can't get it working right on Winebottler, had to download regular Wine.

Downloaded the patched version from here:
Don't bother following the "Change Locale" instructions though, they don't work on Mac

Followed most of this walkthrough:
(Pretty much just steps 1 and 4)

Downloaded and installed the fonts listed (installed the old-fashioned way though, not through command lines)
Didn't download Winetricks

When booting up Wine, it opens a command box
use "export LC_ALL=ja_JP-UTF-8"
then "wine [drag .exe file into command window and it'll autofill the location]"

LC_ALL was the only version of changing the locale via wine that worked for me with this
I don't know if there's a more permanent way of changing the wine locale, so you'll need that line before booting the game every time

The Quicktime Developer logo movie thing is borked when I use regular Wine, but not Winebottler. Looking at Terminal it says that Wine can't handle that media type, so I'm sure I need to use Winetricks to install something I'm missing, but I'm too tired to figure it out right now. Winebottler comes with a ton of Winetricks stuff installed, so I'm probably just gonna look at that and see what it is I need

Honestly it could only be the Developer Intro that has a QT movie, but I'm not sure ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 104559

Do utsuge/nakige otomes exist? Something like Key's visual novels but for women. I have a huge soft spot for weepy melodrama and tragedy even if it's not written well at all.

No. 104571

Sure but none of them are translated.

VNDB is a good resource for looking up games with specific traits.

No. 104609

I know, I was looking for farmer recs lmfao

No. 104621

You know nobody here has played anything past mobile games and Akys translations.
btw apparently the CollarxMalice fandisk they just released has atrocious quality control issues.

No. 104629

…No? I assumed some anons browsing here are more knowledgable about otome than me. My bad tho.

No. 104632

Look up house of Fata Morgana on steam

Not classified as otome but a favorite of mine and full of tragic scenarios

No. 104634

Cupid isn't an otome but it's very gothic and dramatic, not as good as Fata Morgana tho

Also I haven't played Ayakashi Gohan or Black Wolves Saga but both of them are fan translated and have dramatic plots afaik

sadly obtaining even legal copies of PC otome in Japanese is very hard. Many companies crash and burn a few years after being formed so there's no way of getting them legally even as cheap downloads unless you get someone to buy a physical copy in Japan for you in some second hand store

No. 104662

is it worth the thirty fucking dollars it costs on steam? I buy points in otome games all the time but I dont know how I feel about spending that much on a game I dont even know if I'll like

No. 104664

just download it on igg-games or from torrent

No. 105111

Make an account on RuTracker, and torrent it. I recently found a few otomes on there, including Nameless. The site's in Russian just to warn you, but for the games themselves, they'll be in English.

No. 106557

File: 1598988370838.jpg (216.42 KB, 1280x720, mr love.jpg)

Is anyone else trash for Mr. Love?

For the unitiated, it's a cellphone gacha game, but has a storyline you follow, and lots of extra content like dates and phone calls with the boys.

It has really nice (imo) English voice acting and tons of pretty artwork to collect. You really don't need to spend money on the game to get most the content.

No. 108627

Is there even any otome games with nsfw content that don't involve any creepy shit? (rape, controlling man, weird power dynamics, etc)

No. 108630

Cute Demon Crashers is short but free and all the sex scenes revolve around consent, there's even a button you can press at any moment if you want to end the sex scene for whatever reason

I've been playing Little Miss Lonesome but it's… peculiar, I'd recommend Cute Demon Crashers for a more wholesome sexy experience

No. 108638

File: 1600728490432.png (703.28 KB, 993x962, goals.PNG)

If you got otome rec with cute knights I'm all ears

No. 108643


Yes! I started playing last year and it’s become a part of my daily routine now lol. Kiro is my favorite out of the 4 and I’m surprised at how easy it is to grind gems. I managed to get all 4 wedding cards just from saving! And like you said, the content being free is amazing too! Who is your favorite?

No. 108646

File: 1600733055713.jpg (60.78 KB, 540x306, 645858769.jpg)

Most obvious choice would be Princess Arthur. I think NTT Solmare translated it if you'd want an English version.

Palais de Reine got a surprise translation and is available on Steam. It's a bit more of a kingdom management game with bonus romance routes, but there are lots of knights! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1023700/Palais_de_Reine

No. 108696

File: 1600800541921.jpg (188.57 KB, 870x634, Blood In Roses.jpg)

Blood in Roses has two lesbian routes in the hunter season, Bridget and Matilda.

No. 108720

btw 'lesbian otome' is an oxymoron, it's just yuri trash.

No. 108759

File: 1600833304925.jpg (70.23 KB, 473x455, 1595791049999.jpg)

I just started playing UtaPri Music 3 again after not being able to play my Vita for a while and I had forgotten how fun it was! It just reminds me how Haruka from the show and Haruka from the games are so different. I kinda wish they'd remake the show tbh

No. 108775

I only watched the show and I remember I still kinda liked her, forgettable but cute. How is she in the game?

No. 108826

nah! How a game with 30 routes, mostly males and only two females, can be yuri trash?
Anon please…

No. 108866

I know jack shit about that game, I'm just saying the term isn't real and just some western misunderstanding.

No. 109629

I downloaded it after reading your post and it actually is a lot of fun. Didn’t understand anything at first, but now the whole card aspect of the game makes sense and I enjoy grinding and leveling up my stuff. I am glad that I gave the game a chance after being overwhelmed at first! However, I downloaded the Japanese voice files because the English voice acting was a bit meh.

11783184 if you want to be friends!

No. 109709

Started seeing ads for this when playing other things and I just can't get over the sameface. The example guys in the ads were way more interesting.

No. 109849

File: 1601737061347.jpg (243.99 KB, 1280x720, 8o33r7pxk0o41.jpg)

The sameface really is strong Mr. Love. What is worse though is that I just realized that it doesn’t have any routes. Those polished mobile games are always advertised as "dating sims", but you can’t even properly date someone and that the story will always play out the same. "Obey Me!" is just like that. They are basically just gacha games with some romance on top, but the otome elements they promise are fake. I actually like the gacha elements, the interface of those games and the daily tasks you get. I started playing Mr. Love for the phone calls and chat conversations which I really enjoyed in Mystic Messenger. But while MM gives you different endings for each guy, here it isn’t the case.

No. 116758

File: 1606658793946.jpg (161.94 KB, 864x1824, 20201129_150641.jpg)

Is anyone else playing Love Unholyc?

Its gameplay is like Mystic Messenger, but the game itself is NSFW.

No. 116760

File: 1606659420686.png (1 MB, 1962x1438, screen-shot-2019-06-25-at-8.12…)

Any otome reccs with a yandere route? Don't even care if the game is trash The trope's a guilty pleasure for me…

No. 116763

Anon, same… I've been looking for yandere routes in otome games all day yesterday, and I still don't know which game is worth playing for yandere route. Any of your faves?

I can suggest you the good old classic Amnesia, Mystic messenger has two yandere endings and Nameless has two routes, Nightshade has one. Also Code:Realize. That's all I played.

No. 116772

Collar x Malice is a great game with actual plot and Shiraishi's and Okazaki's routes are pretty yandere imo

No. 116806

Will it ever be released ENG on PC by any chance?

No. 116839

7's Scarlet has a yandere route. Also several routes in Ozmafia felt pretty yandere, and San's route in Code Realize is also a bit yandere.

No. 116840

Do you girls know any games with gentle Dom bfs? Kinda life jihae from dandelion

No. 116907

ikemen sengoku. Tons of options, most are like that.

No. 116933

File: 1606851523437.jpg (123.4 KB, 652x1000, 971e54065455a0de74f8700b40666b…)

I bought Amnesia: Memories while it was on sale on steam and I went into Toma's route pretty much blind and I'm laughing so hard at the fucking cage. This feels like a shitpost but I love it.

No. 116988

Wait till you get to the part where one of them throws themselves off of a fucking cliff it's fucking great. The edge in amnesia almost made me laugh as hard as diabolik lover's anime

No. 117000

I bought it on sales long ago and never played it, I didnt know it was edgy. It sounds hilarious.

No. 117016

Ah, I wish there was a way to easily play Diabolik Lovers in English. It sounds right up my alley, I love asshole characters and edgy shit.

No. 117071

I've started playing Mystic Messenger and I love it! It's my second attempt at playing an otome game (the first one was Nameless, which I didn't like at the time but I want to give it another shot since the premise is just perfect!). The chat system is really enjoyable and the dialogues are a joy to read. My only problem is that none of the guys are my type (I dropped Nameless for a similar issue - the characters were too exaggerated and tropey for me, but I think I'm better prepared now to enjoy the game for what it is). I like Zen the best though.
I'm really excited about playing different otomes! I'm researching all the available ones atm. I have already played a lot of visual novels, but they were geared toward scrotes.
I have noticed by now that most translated otomes have some kind of a fantasy premise. Is there any otome that is sort of like White Album 2? I do not mean the love triangle, but realistic circumstances and lots of interpersonal drama. Would love something like this!
Oh, I have to play this one too! I am so excited!
Same! Are there any other translated otomes that itch that edgy scratch?

No. 117144

my normie friend was really into diabolik/amnesia but I never looked into it. Now I just might, thanks guys.

No. 117210

If you do. Go for the bad endings, they're hilarious.

No. 119192

Can I get recs for the following:
- Romance heavy game
- Male LI that's caring/kind and not cold towards MC but also masculine/sexy. Kirisawa from Metro PD (Voltage) is my current fave.
- If no male LI then a well written yandere one will do although they aren't husbando material

No. 119286

Yanagi from CXM comes to mind, or Kuroyuki from Nightshade for the yandere

No. 119296

Bustafellows is getting english release on steam and switch in early 2021

No. 119364

Aw I just watched his route (i don’t have the game lol), but I love aiji! CxM wasn’t enough romance for me personally but apparently it gets a lot better in the fandisks?
Also thanks for the nightshade rec, I’ll check it out!

No. 119470

Reminder that multiple high quality otomes are on sale at Steam right now! More info here:

I have already bought Amnesia, both Psychodelicas and I am considering getting Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome and Steam Prison.
Have any of you guys played any of the discounted games? What is worth buying?
I usually shamelessly pirate my PC games but since otomes are still are relatively unpopular, I want to support the releases so we get more shit translated.

No. 121472

Is it worth it to play through the games on your own? I have a history of getting bad endings when not using walkthroughs and have since relied on 'guides' online for what dialogue to pick so that I get the good ending first. Then I just watch the bad endings on Youtube. Does anyone have an opinion on why I should/shouldn't do this? I'm envious of people who play through each route tbh but I'm scared to not use a walkthrough and go in totally blind.

No. 121740

I usually look up recommended route order and then use a guide and play through each route in the recommended order. I also get each bad end as well. I honestly think going in blind hinders enjoyment

No. 121792

Which games (preferably on Steam) would you recommend to a noob just starting out? The only one I’ve played is Obey Me. Are there any in which you can date both men and women?

No. 121826

My personal habit/rule for this kind of thing is pretty much this:
>mobile game
Walkthrough from the start
>PC/console game
First playthrough blind, then walkthrough

No. 130667

Amnesia. It always goes on 80 off sale during summer sale too.

No. 130700

Personally I love Nameless

No. 130720

both are mobile games, but mystic messenger has bi options and love unholyc is planning to add a female romance option soon. both are kinda intense though since they have time-limited chats, but once you figure out how to fit them into your schedule it's easy to play them!

No. 134584

File: 1617309290094.jpg (504.03 KB, 1080x1708, IMG_20210401_223457.jpg)

Catboys are happening, my fellow otome anons. https://mobile.twitter.com/nekopara_pr/status/1377273610943913994

No. 134619

Anyone know of any femdom-y otomes?

No. 134622

I will give my soul if this is true.

No. 134624

It's going to be free so I doubt there will be any 18+ content and it's probably going to be really short on top of that, but I'm still looking forward to it, I wonder if it'll have all the same creepy implications the original Nekopara games had(such as the cat people being slaves)

No. 134672

Hot. I’ve felt kind of guilty about liking the recent catboy craze because I know a lot of them are on the verge of trooning out, but I just genuinely think they’re cute and I like being dominant so “pet-like” and obedient qualities play into my kinks. If they’re 2D I can enjoy the style without validating any gross living scrotes.

No. 140779

>Red Embrace: Hollywood has wonderful writing and non-explicit sex on some character routes but it’s REALLY fucked up and dark, I swear to god please do not play it if you’re depressed. There is nothing happy about this game but I guess there are some brief moments of flirty fun amid the horrible despair.
I just played REH and my God, I love it so much! Are there any other otomes with mature writing like in this game? I loved how all the characters seem more like people than 'dere' stereotypes.
My only complaint is that there is something seriously wrong with the android version. Bought it via itch.io. It randomly crashes while I skip, but that's nothing to the fact that when I started a new game after finishing Heath's normal routes, it somehow reverted to a demo version (???). HOW? I made the mistake of reinstalling it and therefore lost all of my saves. Guess I will have to play something else for now. Okay, I DO have a second complaint: apparently you have to play the game from beginning to the end to get different endings, and only some scenes vary… I'm so mad. I may play Amnesia and wait until I forget the plot, so replaying isn't as painful (even skipping takes hours, and since I had to reinstall, I have to skip all text).

No. 140902

Also wondering this.
Any games with submissive guys?
I downloaded Obey me! where you can whip the guys, but it's just a dumb gacha game.

No. 140911

KLAP for the Vita, if you can read japanese

No. 140962

That game seems perfect! I just wish there was something in english.

Never liked catboys before, but hnng I want to pet the long-haired one so badly.

No. 141074

Otogelib is working on an English patch for Klap, I'm sure it'll be a while until it's done but at least that's something.

No. 141150

File: 1620632646228.jpg (4.38 KB, 229x220, 1616254022263.jpg)

everyday i check if the slow damage eng patch is finished

No. 141472

I just downloaded Obey Me! and so far none of the boys are appealing. I think the art is bad looking, maybe the lines are too thick, and I hate the boy they keep forcing on us. Mammon, is that his name? I like cute, nice boys where are they!!

No. 141473

Dog boys are better but I'll take what I can get

No. 141480

You're in the wrong thread dekinai-chan, that's a BL game.

No. 141496

Yeah I don't recommend it. Fans are also pissed because the developers are so greedy and want you to make as much in-game purchases as possible.

And why is the female player expected to like rude and arrogant characters in otome games? Fuck that.

No. 141497

…if I wanted to talk to asshole men and tolerate all their bullshit I could just do it irl. Plenty of options there.
Cool, looking forward to it.

No. 141538

Hot take: Any otome game that has "ikemen" in its title sucks ass

No. 141556

Yeah, cause they're all mobage

No. 141562

File: 1620844861534.png (911.01 KB, 982x564, 54759473502750437504375.png)

This is a tough one, truly submissive guys in otoge are almost nonexistent (you'd have to go to BL) and finding a dominant MC is hard too. Honestly from what I know the MC in KLAP is still only barely dom. Like she says "sorry" while whipping the dudes and for the most part the guys still initiate and guide the romances. Your best bets are Princess Nightmare (good, MC is a vampire that feeds on her LIs) or Jooubachi no Oubou which has some of the worst writing of the century (there's lots of rape) but a few explicit MC-led BDSM scenes on certain routes.

If you're open to strong MCs in western games, I'd give that a go. I don't know if we're allowed to talk about those here, but I really recommend Ebon Light. You can pretty much play your character however you want on any guy's route and not be penalized for it, including a tough and bossy MC. Demonheart also lets you be mean and outright evil if you like. When The Night Comes lets you be more dominant and you can even romance multiple people at the same time. It's a little genderspecial but otherwise okay. In The Arcana, Julian is a masochist bratty sub, absolute king, but it has a lot of paywalls so I recommend emulating it to enjoy freely.

No. 141564

Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 3rd Story had a "Sweet Devil" play style where the MC is more assertive, overtly flirty and teasing, so you get some nice scenes where the guys are really flustered, but it's not an eroge at all, just a fun mechanic if you're interested. I hope the new game has it too but probably not…

No. 141567

File: 1620853965993.png (776.44 KB, 972x667, Awlboys.png)

why are harvest moon bachelors so fucking gross looking, why cant we fuck takakura

No. 141593

I want to get into otome games, what are some with samurais as the main characters.

No. 141626

kai from the old harvest moon games is cute though! also i miss when HM had this cute chibi style

No. 141627

a more specific request, oteme games with dominant and active female MCs and subbish boys but without any BDSM or kink-shit, I find that shit cringy and gross mostly and its something I actively avoid but I like cue boys as well

No. 141634

File: 1620908249883.jpg (177.12 KB, 800x480, index.jpg)

From what I've read, Marvelous didn't expect HM to get so popular with women too, which is why they didn't even bother creating attractive male characters kek. Current games are fine in my opinion though.

No. 141653

File: 1620920719969.png (492.92 KB, 959x657, suki da.PNG)

I haven't personally played this game but I've heard good things about it, it's a Japanese indie otome game that was translated into English, and it's free on itch.io

No. 141657

thank you anon so much, its so rare to find games like these that don't Involve some fucked up kink
like why does being a dominant and active woman mean I have to hit a man in their balls hit or have to settle for scrotes women to live as dominatrices 24/7, with never a thought or action outside of that framework. This is why I think indulging male perversions is a mistake. It doesn’t matter if the male is superficially on top or bottom
Like I just want normal good sex

No. 141658

Hakuoki for sure, maybe Nightshade as well.
Also those:

No. 141665

File: 1620928756082.jpg (39.8 KB, 600x341, 604585.jpg)

I loved the Sweet Devil route of that game but found that it was really hard to obtain naturally on some of the routes like Ruka who has a natural preference for pure girls. Nothing cheats can't fix though. God I wish they would do another TMGS style game but the recently announced one looks kind of low quality compared to TMGS3.

NTA but I think I'll give this a try, thanks!

No. 141666

Unlike previous anon I'm a fan of kicking men in the dick, but that game looks cute. Nice find!

No. 141668

nta but I don't understand how that would be attractive or sexy towards either party
It just seems a waste of time for the most part and as anon said kinda cringy

No. 141669

It's fine if you don't get randy from kicking men anon, it just means you aren't sadistic like me.

No. 141677

different anon with similar taste but the vulnerability is just more attractive to me, which means seeing them cry, be in pain, or flustered. idk it just looks cute. sometimes it's also a power fantasy for me.

No. 141687

It was over too soon for me, but it's good for a free game!

No. 141688

Its not about sadism, its just kina dumb and cringy, like this doesn't feel sexual in anyway
I like seeing anime boys cry(that's cute) but real men even the cute ones are just aren't cute looking
Its just kinda awkward seeing a man cry IRL

No. 141703

None of the games I mentioned are explicitly sexual except Jooubachi no Oubou, which is why I mentioned the MC's personality in the others. If you're okay with content that would be rated around PG-13, you'll be fine.

No. 141706

I don't think anyone was referring to 3dpd tho

No. 141721

File: 1620964264977.jpeg (207.11 KB, 630x692, 1DDAF41A-1AF7-4696-9AEC-13E82B…)

For real, I’ve only seen praise for that mechanic in the game but no word on whether the new release they’re planning on will have it, so I’m thinking it’s a no. I really loved the TMM games but this one looks so pared down, especially art-wise. I’m hoping it has some interesting gameplay to make up for it but eh.

No. 141727

File: 1620967144400.jpg (847.86 KB, 1600x1850, nozomu_top.jpg)

for real, they have all these artists and people working on TMGS4 and it looks super dated… At first I was upset they delayed the 2020 release of the game but they really need more time with it.

They recently added voices to their site:

I'd rather date the heroine friends though, these dude's fashion and hair sense is really…. something

No. 141728

File: 1620967243996.png (281.13 KB, 450x770, kojiro_tsunagi.png)

sensei's roadkill mullet

No. 141731

Lmao this is his actual hair? Wish there was devil mode so we could bully his ass into shaving the muskrat off his head.

No. 141768

File: 1621002299231.jpg (193.98 KB, 997x565, tumblr_d807ce9dc1d916c5afd75ff…)

That reminds me of how cute the friendship between the MC, Karen, and Miyo was in TMGS3. I hope the dynamic here is as good.
I'm always aghast when I see how bad the art is, it reminds me of the rendering for a shady freeware game.

It sucks, I feel like quality otome with good art, good story, and fun gameplay are getting pushed out of the market with the rise of mobage, where there aren't even real romance routes, just boring harem gacha. It makes sense because even for actual mobile app otome, you can charge players repeatedly for the routes they choose to play, then even more money for "special event" scenes, like the LI giving them a bouquet of roses for Valentine's Day that lasts maybe a few minutes.

No. 142832

I'm looking forward to Tears of Themis official release

No. 142835

I'm honestly not, the art looks pretty but I swear to god I don't think we need any more gacha otoge.

No. 142840

File: 1621454102822.jpeg (55.37 KB, 450x450, 91DC5699-74C6-445B-BFA9-F77DBA…)

The guys look okay, I hope it’s good.

No. 147564

File: 1623218462389.png (175.24 KB, 466x461, Screenshot_20210609-075057.png)

Does anyone remember "Marked by King Bs"?? I'm playing it again (a mod apk, ofc) and god I love the translation, kek. It's fucking hilarious and chaotic. I remember playing this game in 2017 and thinking this was the first otome I truly enjoyed. I really like stories like these (goofy, lighthearted, etc.).

No. 148112

File: 1623609404388.png (886.85 KB, 888x666, 1593546_orig.png)

I thought I saw it posted here but after searching I concluded I didn't, but I played this game Aloners and it's so great. You only have one (super cute lovely handsome) love interest which I like way better than 900 trope husbands. It's set in a post-apocalyptic world and it's full of action. It's a tiny bit dumb sometimes but way less dumb than any other dating game I've ever played. Here is a link https://www.sonnet009.com/aloners.html
It's free but you can pay and get a special version too. Do you know other games (free) which have only one love interest please?

No. 148280

I think it's going to have another route eventually, but Our Life: Beginnings & Always is cute. You grow up with your love interest as kids and progress to young adulthood over the course of the game. It gets a bit genderspecial at moments but it's tolerable and the writing is decent overall.

Sonnet009 was one of the better otome writers, it's a shame she stopped working on Wilders but at least she graced us with Bahadur, the sweet bara-tiddied himbo of my dreams.

No. 148305

File: 1623754579217.gif (2.56 MB, 535x410, trash.gif)

Thank you so much! I downloaded it and I can't wait to play

No. 148672

File: 1623932126355.jpg (156.07 KB, 1200x675, E4DZW3JVUAAiGt2.jpg)

pre-registration for Tears of Themis is now open!


there are some events where you can earn rewards, they are running raffles on Twitter/Facebook too.

No. 148720

i really doubt we will reach 500k preregistration kek hopefully it will roll in enough whales to keep eng servers afloat

anyway. i can't wait to play it again. I was one of the beta testers and the game was fun. i don't really play otoges but I think there was enough romance in side/card stories. the gacha rates were quite shitty tho, pity was higher than in Chinese version and i kept getting the sliimey white hair guy cards instead of suku- artem's

No. 148724

Pretty much this. I recently tried to play Amnesia because I’ve heard it’s good, chose what‘s supposed to be the chronologically first chapter and that rapey edgelord faggot annoyed the fuck out of me. Idk maybe the other bois are better but I was mad that there was no option to slap the shit out of this stupid fuck or even be rude to him.

No. 148729

The green one is wonderful if you find socially retarded autists funny or hot in any capacity. His route is the most chill one too. Very enjoyable overall

No. 148732

Sounds good, thanks for the advice!

No. 148737

This made me reflect on the absolute state of otome husbandos. The ones in Amnesia are supposed to be the cream of the crop, and yet an actual math-obsessed autist is objectively the most quality one, as he's respectful of women and actually trying to get to know you (as bad as his attempts are). Otherwise, you can date:
>a misogynist childhood 'friend' who acts rapey and calls you an idiot for no reason whatsoever. A disrespectful douchebag that deserves an electric chair for how insufferable he is
>another childhood friend who may seem decent in comparison to the above, but will lock you up in a cage 'for your own good' and kill you in a fit of rage over preferring the asshole mentioned above over him
>a playboy with a bunch of psycho fangirls. Has some hidden depth, but also believes woman cannot stay alone with a man unless she's prepared to get assaulted (that's either the writer's or Japanese audience's main kink)
>a male Homura with a brain fried from all the universe jumping in order to follow you. Will kill you many, many times before you reach his good end
Personally, I don't mind it since I love tawdry drama (my only requirement is 'don't be boring and/or annoying' - Shin can neck himself), but it really makes you think how shitty those ~dream~ man are
No problem! Hope you enjoy your time with Kent. The beginning may be a bit rough, but it's nothing like some of the other guys. He's genuinely supersweet.

No. 148758

I wanna get into otome
Will this be a good entry point?

No. 148759

>green haired punished!homura
you have my attention…

No. 148768

NTA, it's Ukyo's route. It's hidden though, so you have to play the other four first

No. 148841

This thread has inspired me to re-play Amnesia, since I haven't played since high school (now a college grad)

I'm starting with Shin's route, and I actually like him pretty okay so far? He's kind of harsh/abrasive, but also seems respectful of the heroine's wishes/consent, she's just too dumb and bland to speak up for herself. I appreciate him being an anime dude who is straightforward and makes intelligent decisions, which can be kind of rare in otogens

(that being said, I'm only a few days into his route so we'll see if my mind changeS)

No. 148844

i played ikkis route in amnesia guilty conscience manwhore lmao i've seen better storyline in fucking fanfiction
i'm on shin's route now and he seems really annoying too but i just want to get to the hidden route because i need to understand why i even liked this when i was younger

No. 148845

At the very least, it's kind of refreshing to have characters in college, even if the Amnesia protagonist is only a college freshman.

Too many otogens have high school students and it starts to feel a little awkward as I get older lmao…

(OT but I feel like Amnesia: Memories is a dumb title, it's an oxymoron. Maybe it's to distinguish it from other games called Amnesia but they could have done better)

No. 148869

Tears of Themis is not EXACTLY an otome, because there are gacha elements and there isn't an endgame. Apps like Mystic Messenger or LoveUnholyc are more otome-like.
I haven't played a lot of otomes, but I liked Nightshade (although it's a little bit pricey, you can pirate it, see if you like the game routes then buy it on steam lol).

i also think 500k it's a bit much, but we'll see… it's day 2 and there are 40k pre-registrations already, hope it keeps up

No. 148880

>have to get through PLOT to play green homu route
Fuckin' dropped.

No. 148884

It would be nice to have more mobile otoge with routes. I personally don't mind gacha elements but I know it infuriates some people.

No. 148890

Maybe you can download a 100% save or ask someone over r/otomegames to drop you one? There are also let's plays, but they suck in my opinion

No. 149013

File: 1624076911384.png (125.56 KB, 620x310, 87a34fc2fca53321dd24bbc03ffadf…)

Does anyone remember this kekfest where you could date ProJared and other youtubers? Never played it but it sounds hilarious.

No. 149197

Cringe as hell and also not an otome game

No. 149781

File: 1624589944149.png (3.31 MB, 750x1334, 5BF39E7D-A7D4-46AB-81B1-0E47FB…)

How does anyone play LoveUnholyc when it doesn’t send you notifications for the chatroom? Thinking of dropping it because I don’t like the guys very much and the lack of notifications is annoying as fuck.
Everyone complains about the notif thing so I assume it’s an app issue. I’ve been looking at guides and setting timers for the day to alert me but this game doesn’t seem to be worth the effort.

No. 151067

File: 1625408734208.jpg (34.27 KB, 500x501, 2kgo2iobg4971.jpg)

No. 152213

I feel like I discovered this thread 5 years too late. I used to be so obsessed with otome games before I discoved what being in a real life relationship was like. Since then I have kinda fallen out of it but I would love to get back into it while being single and missing the romance.

No. 152246

I snorted

No. 152532

File: 1626437689787.jpg (454.33 KB, 1920x1080, nekopara-catboys-paradise-stea…)


It's a prologue, I love the writing and voice actors!! My pet-peeve is that sprites are obviously quick-drawn, they are too small for a big screen (when they zoom in) and you can tell that lineart is not too great either.

Sadly genderspecials and sjws already put their eye on this otoge, trying to tinfoil that one of the catboys is a tranny, and some 'pans' complain that you can't play as a male mc when it's an otome game for a reason.

No. 152535

and it's free!!(?) I might give it a try

No. 152536

It is, because it's a prologue!

No. 152547

Omg, I've been too excited for that dumb game. Thanks anon, I have to check it out now.

No. 152578

Do we get a lewd version eventually like the female counterpart?

No. 152579

No idea for now… People are hoping so, and I think if game does comes out, it'll have a R18 patch. After all there are some pretty teasing lines here and there.

No. 152583

File: 1626467876031.jpg (684.06 KB, 1560x720, hornypussies.jpg)

About 2 minutes in and one of them has already shoved his head into my lap. And then insists on sleeping in my bed. Not to mention getting licked in the face by genki boy.
Likewhoa, slow down babes!

Too bad there are no options to choose answers yet. This is just some trial version right? I'm looking forward to a full game.

No. 152584

I normally hate the guys in otome games but everyone in this one is cute and friendly.

No. 152585

File: 1626468319221.png (Spoiler Image,1.3 MB, 1193x669, nekopara.png)

Not a spoiler CGI, but i spoilered it just in case, because this cactus is nsfw-y

I think developers released this 'demo' in order to check waters, after all sprites don't look as finished as CGIs do. I really like all of their personalities, and I can only hope that NSFW scenes will be nice and unique, after all OG Nekopara's NSFW scenes were boring.

I also wonder if they would end up getting their own l2d rig, so the models could move… Looks like this franchises artist is not Sayori.

No. 152674

File: 1626537523348.jpg (21.68 KB, 474x503, haniwa.jpg)

Kek how pure of you to spoiler the haniwa clay figure.

No. 152686


> Sadly genderspecials and sjws already put their eye on this otoge, trying to tinfoil that one of the catboys is a tranny, and some 'pans' complain that you can't play as a male mc when it's an otome game for a reason.

I am so thankful that nekoworks is the type of company that give no shits abt gender discourse. We get to have something that’s catered towards us exclusively lmao. As for the tranny headcanon, it’s probably because Dill is a calico but I think it’s just a creative oversight. I like to think that Dill is one of those rare male calicos.

No. 152688

File: 1626550417471.png (79.11 KB, 222x241, surprised.png)

Which is your favorite catboy? Mine is either sleepy slut cat or competent butler cat.
Fennel never seems to sleep, isn't that suspicious though?
Laurier looks like Pikachu when he is surprised, so cute.

I looked up the original Nekopara and it's disgusting. The girls look like children. Even Dill seems more mature and realistic than them.

No. 152691

I really hope we'll get figures of the catboys, I'd 100% buy one of Laurier, he's my fave because he's so pretty! And I love his voice.

No. 152692

I’ve just finished Fennel’s route and he’s sort of my top house cat atm. He’s both capable and moeshit please pet him. I love the rest of the boys too ofc. It’s so refreshing to have a wholesome otoge with well-written boys.

No. 152703

i don't like how the ''shota'' character is femenine. I want a cute brat shota.

No. 152735

Thank you for explaining, I thought he was holding a gyroid

No. 152751

Considering gyroids are literally haniwa, you're actually right

No. 152785

Really hope they do make a complete game so we can actually pet the kitties on the head. Also scenes of them licking "things"

No. 153828

File: 1627424258111.png (799.17 KB, 540x960, tumblr_d7c6ba6b4aa093b258e1875…)

Did anyone hear about the drama with Mr. Love?

At least one, if not 3/4 of the English voice actors, have been fired/quit due to one of the voice actors calling Taiwan a country, and this being a Chinese game.

It's a pity, the English voice actors were actually really good imo, and I feel bad that any new voice actors who join might be dragged into the Taiwan-China debacle.

I feel this problem may get even more out of hand with huger Chinese games like Genshin. VA's seem like they will be put in a tough spot.

No. 153845

None of these actors are even Taiwanese. Just 4 white dudes doing their usual "I want woke points" dance that goes on over there, completely unprofessional. Personally I disagree with the Chinese side of this situation but it's like… why work for a Chinese company if you're so passionate about their politics that you'd be willing to lose your job for a stance? Everyone and their mother knows about how anal the Chinese get about every little thing.

I'm glad Themis doesn't have any EN VAs.

Speaking of Mr. Love, I remember quite liking the story to this but the gameplay and how much you had to do daily/weekly was such a pain in the ass. Surprised it’s the most successful mobile otome in China.

No. 153847

doesn't matter. the english voice actors were awful anyway.

No. 153867

>I feel this problem may get even more out of hand with huger Chinese games like Genshin.
Good, still hoping them to fire Paimon's VA

I was more surprised to know about english voices on an asian mobile dating game

No. 154046

>I was more surprised to know about english voices on an asian mobile dating game
hopefully this makes them reconsider hiring english voice actors in the future. should have taken notes, as most chinese games either hire japanese voice actors only or have a mix of both JP and CN talents that are more established. considering china's history of censorship, why did he think that it was a good idea to randomly tweet, "Good morning! Taiwan is a country." imo, hiring EN VAs is just a waste of money and risks companies bad PR since it seems china will continue being sensitive about mainland vs taiwan, and EN side can't help but be outspoken, rarely separating work and private. even for chinese games, japanese VAs are the ones drawing in the weebs anyway.

No. 154156

Curious about these sorts of games but have no idea where to start. Do any anons have some recommendations that aren’t too explicit? Preferably that I could play on switch.

No. 154160

hi, i always recommend code realize or cafe enchante as good starter otomes on switch!

No. 154163


No. 154268

Is there any otome games with an aggressive/leading mc? All I've seen is either abusive boys, or very sappy true love stuff.

No. 154306

I'd love to see one with an assertive adult female mc. And non-abusive guys of course. You can get otome cds like this but not games. I wonder why that is.

No. 154340

File: 1627742510253.jpg (123.96 KB, 1080x973, E06WzvyXoAIbjRP.jpg)

Nonas, is anyone here playing Tears of Themis? What sort of cards should I prioritize leveling up? How tf should I even build my teams?
Sorry its just I just finished chapter 3 and I just barely managed it because my cards are too weak.
Does anyone know if investing on rare cards is just a waste of resources or not?

Also, what do yall think of the story/who's your favorite? I love the banter with Marcus and the misteries are actually really interesting and keep me invested.

No. 154347

Taisho x Alice has a pretty aggressive and leading protagonist but she's manipulative so it seems like shes "soft" at first. She takes a passive aggressive approach to things. Its overall a really good game and its hilarious too.

No. 154531

File: 1627852158304.jpeg (72.12 KB, 813x815, E7iUHtPVcAUJFnA.jpeg)

Yessssss, I'm playing it and good god I'm LITERALLY in love with Luke. His SSR card "Perfect Partners" has such a romantic moment between him and the MC, I was melting when I read the card's story.
Funny thing, I didn't play the beta so I looked at the character profiles and chose Vyn as my favourite. I spent weeks just to get his SR in that pre-registration event. Now I literally can't look at him without cringing, I find him insufferable kek (no offense to Vyn simps). What's worse, before I finally got his SR, Luke's SR came home like… three times or so. My boy was trying to give me a sign and I totally ignored him. I'm sorry, Luke.
The main story is really good, and I actually like how they deconstructed a lot of tropes and even managed to throw in some social commentary. For example, the criticism towards how crazy some stans are (they even made the crazy stan in that story a man, instead of a girl) and how idols/famous people end up developing mental disorders because of stress from being constantly on the spotlight and having to meet the unrealistic expectations of their fans.
Also, the third story, I thought it was going to be your typical murder where "haha goldigger kills rich man to get his money" but no! After the plot-twist I felt really bad for the culprit, she was just trying to get revenge on her daughter… I'm now going to start the 4th chapter, I'm excited.
Ah, and I also like how they wrote all female characters. I hate otomes where other women are always shitty rivals. Kiki is best girl and MC's boss is hilarious because her name is well, Celestine, and that's basically her role kek.

I'm also confused about the cards. I've been following this guide (https://docs.google.com/document/u/0/d/1KQarUM4Hxw6TbWSsgq2F4aH9Ri1VfNDCwT2OvAckPNg/mobilebasic#), I recommend you take a look at "Battle Mechanics" and "Card Development" sections. I'm currently trying to raise all my SR cards to lvl 70 and evolving some Rs (I only have one SSR and I can't evolve it past lvl 70 until I finish chapter 4). My power level is ~18000 and I haven 't had any issues with main story debates yet.

Btw, lucky you, because I think this upcoming event's free SR card is Marius!

No. 154537

Is anyone playing Tears of Themis on an android emulator? Every time I go to update the game, it fucking crashes. I've been trying since the game came out but nothings working.

No. 154541

Nevermind, I had to enable virtualization on Bluestacks and it's working now, if anyone else has this problem there's the answer.

No. 154543

File: 1627861237443.png (1.02 MB, 1024x576, c3d519a934ee791da5b63b98be8598…)

New otome game released on Steam. (Well, new to me lmao.) I have not read any reviews yet but I'm interested. No Switch for me, so I have to simp for any decent otome game on Steam…

No. 154552

I'm playing it too! The MC is so cute, I normally don't click with otome mcs/self inserts but I really love the Themis one's personality.
>what do yall think of the story
I found the first episode a bit mediocre but everything else was good, especially the chocolate poison + murdered hubby ones which were really interesting to unravel slowly. The NPCs feel so alive in this. I'm also really curious about the NXX thing brewing in the background with all the guys working together.
>who's your favorite?
Marius, I love how he teases and messes around while having a really sincere and just side to him. Luke is super cute too! Childhood friends aren't my usual go-to but he's just so loveable. I like all the male leads but those 2 currently have my attention.

About the cards, I've just been levelling and evolving them slowly. The key to bumping up your team power is by upgrading your study room which unlocks after you clear Episode 4 and you do that by evolving your cards (including Rs, don't neglect them!). I haven't rolled much so I've just been evolving my current deck which is mostly Rs, 5 SRs and 2 SSRs and I'm on 22k power with 2 rows of card slots open. Haven't touched any of the card skills yet so not sure there.

No. 154554

I preordered the collectors edition, I think it should be coming tomorrow. I love Shirai Yuusuke so I'm really excited to play

No. 154557

Apparently this has a really awful true route that ruins the whole game.

No. 154622

What are some otome games that feature buff and or bara-like men?

No. 154875

File: 1628119094014.jpeg (275.7 KB, 1079x1919, E73shSwXIAUcTEk.jpeg)

Ahh, I like Luke too!! I have that same SSR and his little call at the end is just >>>>>>
Also, same about Vyn, after playing chapter 4 I kept thinking that despite all this hype around him he's actually a pretty shit therapist? He made so many excuses for it but the fact was that he knew that his client was still suicidal and yet told everyone, including police officers and lawyers, that he was getting better. Like WTF?
Also ahh cant wait for the next event!!!

I love her too!!! She's actually pretty funny and snarky? Like, she's constantly bullying Luke and won't take Marius shit lmao its hilarious.
Thanks for the tips, anons!! My team is currently 18k Power but I think I'm getting the hang of the game much better now

No. 154986

Just finished my first route in Nekopara (Fennel ftw) and I NEED them to make it into a full-length VN. I will gladly pay $50 for catboy content. Please.

No. 155045

Tears of themis is good in this aspect. I didn't expect to like MC that much and none of the dudes are assholes.

No. 155078

Not @ anyone in particular but I hate when SJW's whine about yandere/tsundere/otherwise mentally unstable men in otome when it's clearly pandering toward a fetish and not trying to promote real life behavior.

I'm an adult woman in a stable relationship, let me have my yandere men in adult games, ok?!

No. 155095

Yandere characters in otome are always shit because they are violent and abusive towards the MC instead of other people. I get the appeal of someone being obsessed with you and doting on you, but not the appeal of 2D guys acting almost exactly like irl scrotes.

No. 155099

Hard agree that otome has a lot of examples of yandere that are either uninspiring or just straight up unattractive. That being said, no one can take my rare well-written yandere men away from me.

No. 155121

Do you have any recs of games with well-written yanderes (and the characters)? Pretty please!

No. 155124

The big question is where are the games with the mentally unstable masochist men we can abuse?

No. 155136

So about Tears of Themis…is Marius supposed to actually be a cat? The VA is the same as Laurier in Nekopara, I'm confused.

No. 155158

File: 1628360377370.png (669.55 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210807-133836.png)

I don't think so, anon, at least I haven't seen any hints towards that except from that video which seems to mostly be a joke? I would love for it to be true tho, I'd whale for a cat ear SSR of him
Also, I LOVE that we get to rename their contact names lmao its hilarious

No. 155166

There is that black-haired guy from Jooubachi, but I found him gross. Not to mention the MC gets abused by the other guys so she also sucks.

No. 155174

There's no mystical/fantasy aspects about the game so definitely not literally. Maybe metaphorically?

No. 155175

I try to come up with something interesting but I'm so boring and unimaginative so I kept them the same kek…I really like your ones anon

No. 155181

File: 1628380999253.jpeg (782.5 KB, 828x1207, image0.jpeg)

You can also change their profile picture.
It's really nice, I love details like these. When they send you a message and the notification pops up on the screen, it feels like you really have their numbers saved up on your phone.

No. 155272

I really love the attention to detail in this game and the UI is so smooth, plus even the SR cards have some very nice art.
Is anybody having a hard time to latch onto a single character? I enjoy all the boys to various degrees, but I feel like there's a "spark" missing to make me fully click with a character. I'm simping for Artem currently but mainly because of his character archetype and design.
Also, I feel like the characters are too same facey. Maybe I need to get further on the story.

No. 155292

File: 1628461535672.jpg (1004.13 KB, 2064x1080, WTGyVpKu.jpg)

>Is anybody having a hard time to latch onto a single character? I enjoy all the boys to various degrees, but I feel like there's a "spark" missing to make me fully click with a character.
Have you unlocked any personal stories or card stories yet? You could try reading those and see if there's any guy that catches your attention! The stories are usually sweet and help you see how the character feels about the MC, their quirks, hobbies, etc.
>Also, I feel like the characters are too same facey.
Really? Are you talking about the NPCs or the guys? I think they look pretty decent compared to other competitors, but I may be biased, kek. Even some of the NPCs have their own unique sprites, I think that's really cool.

Anyways, don't sweat it, I'm sure once you read more of the story one or two of the guys will grow on you.

No. 155300

File: 1628468509188.png (2.53 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210808-210703.png)


I agree with the same face thing, I think they made a GIGANTIC mistake by not making Vyn have long hair. It would both fit his character a lot and play off the other designs well in a way that makes it so it's more varied looking.

Honestly, I feel like a few of the best stories are locked behind the gacha cards but also some gacha cards get really boring ones so the impression some people will get of the characters will vary a lot. Like, I only really started liking Vyn after I read his False Tears SR story, which made his shady (and extremely foward and flirtatious lmao) side much more apparent than his character story. On the other hand, Luke's Timely Rescue SR story is so boring even tho there was clearly so much effort put into it

No. 155302

So far I've only read an Artem story where MC gets sick. It was actually really cute! Maybe I need to read more of them.
I think ToT it's not the worst offender regarding same face, but I feel some of the NPCs are more unique in their appearance and convey more personality, like the Idol in the second case or Harry in the third one

No. 155328

File: 1628487714711.png (1.02 MB, 760x1045, Screenshot_20210805-225346.png)

I was really confused at first when he kept making sad faces when I tapped on his cheeks, then just recently I discovered you can actually pinch them and now everything makes so much sense lol.
You can also pull up his shirt and see his eight-pack.

>not making Vyn have long hair

Okay, I see what you mean and I totally agree, although he does have long hair in one of his cards hahaha.

>but I feel some of the NPCs are more unique in their appearance and convey more personality
I can understand your point. My guess is they gave the guys plainer designs so the players wouldn't be put-off by their appearance and focused more on their personalities.

Btw nonas, here's a google doc with all the future events: https://docs.google.com/document/u/0/d/1Bwk-vsGF684QGN39YeHHlB0_EARznySX0os8MJH7FhQ/
Just in case any of you wants to take a look at the upcoming cards. The doc also explains how pity works for the different banners.

No. 155360

File: 1628526463935.png (1.21 MB, 1920x1080, 1624367507165.png)

But can you smack their asses? It's not a perfect game unless you can smack their butts.

No. 155383

Where can I download a ROM of Tokimeki memorial girl's side 1st love for the DS (that's 64 bits)?

No. 155390

File: 1628549079064.jpg (68.16 KB, 268x320, 10-chikara2.jpg)


Google it? I don't know why you would need a specific version of it, emulators/R4 cards work fine with the first result that comes up

Speaking of TMGS though, I will never understand why Konami thought this 10 year old was a good idea. All down hill after Himuro

No. 155406

File: 1628559304422.png (104.36 KB, 400x227, tumblr_inline_pdno2oGipE1qbgg7…)

B-But anon… sensei encouraged me to be my best self! ;_; Okay but I agree the design was a questionable choice. Mixing the obligatory shota option with the teacher was a very weird decision on their part.

No. 155409

Such a wasted opportunity… imagine what could've been…

No. 155467


No. 155605

I wonder if Symphony of the Night will be run in october, since it's a halloween event? Because I really want both SSRs but I only have 3k S-Chips…
Do you think I'll be able to sabe enough until then, anons? Should I buy the monthly pass thing?

No. 155612

I don't know, hopefully they'll stick to a reliable calendar, but for sure it is hard to choose which card to save for when every character gets a card per event.

No. 155622

File: 1628730299807.gif (3.68 MB, 540x255, tumblr_4091982e1318f9da368ba10…)

>I really want both SSRs
Symphony of the Night is a normal event, so the cards will be added to the permanent or rotation banner. That means the cards will have reruns.

So, unless you're a luckstacy you'll have to whale to get both SSR cards during the event or wait until the cards get a rerun and pull the other SSR.

No. 155627

File: 1628734062019.png (2.44 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210811-223506.png)

Do they get rerun together or just randomly put on the rotation banner? Because if it's the latter there's a chance I'll never be able to get both right? If that's the case I might as well say goodbye to the Marius card because Vyn is freaking obsessed with me. I still cant believe I got 5 (!!) of the exact same Vyn card while having this amount of cards.
Also, are limited cards stronger or have something special about them?

I wish the dailies gave us more S-Chips. I know there's the log in bonus and the Trials but Genshin is a lot more generous with primogems in comparison and not only is the pull cheaper there, there's also soft pity.

No. 155640

File: 1628759027560.png (441.17 KB, 646x686, Screenshot_20210812-031216.png)

>Do they get rerun together or just randomly put on the rotation banner?
>Also, are limited cards stronger or have something special about them?
I don't know, but about the reruns… probably the latter, tho I've never played the cn server so I'm not sure. Maybe you're lucky and they rerun that Marius card along with another one you already got, so you don't have to worry about the 50/50.
>that upgraded Vyn card
Well, at least you don't dislike him, kek. He's my least favourite boy, yet he keeps coming home all the time. Damn you Vyn.

Anyways, I wish you luck, nona. I hope you manage to get that Marius SSR!

No. 155644

Any recommendations of games where the MC is dominant and the men are more submissive?

No. 155667

Why does this get asked like every week in this thread

No. 155669

Himetai? The art isn't the best, but the guys blush a lot and are virgins (in a cute inexperienced way, not incel way). The MC is pretty adorable too despite being a slut, it's so refreshing to see her actually happily enjoying the sex instead of being reluctant like other otome MCs.

No. 155679

Anyone have any recommendations for non explicit otome on steam?

No. 155684

Probably because it's so rare, like where the fuck are those games?
I want it too.

No. 155706

File: 1628796921747.png (1.21 MB, 737x2048, E8dhGqTVoAANjAF.png)

I'm curious to see what other otome anons think of this/the growing number of people who are trying to make the genre more "inclusive". I think it's retarded but I'll accept it if it keeps the twitterfags away from my otoge.

No. 155707

We all know what it means: ugly characters, troonacy and retarded shit like enbies. I don't want this! Though to be honest, most western VNs (including 'otome' ones) suck, so I couldn't care less as long as Japanese games stay the same

No. 155709

This is brilliant because it weeds out games I don’t want to fucking see lol

No. 155710

What if I want a hypersexualized femgaze game?

No. 155718

I would dislike it if it tried to change the Otome genre, but since it's trying to be it's own thing, I don't mind. I could even see myself playing one if the term catches on.

No. 155719

I hope people don't start saying otome is a problematic term because of this (like how they say yaoi/yuri is problematic)

No. 155728

File: 1628812224789.jpg (41.19 KB, 603x450, 1625101282469.jpg)

the term they are looking for already exists and it's "dating sims"
I'm gen z myself but this shit is so fucking annoying, notice how it's about how otomes arent inclusive enough but there's no word about how visual novels usually made for men are much much worse than otoges
but it also the way something is classified doesn't particularly bother me, otoges are finally getting bigger in the west so we can actually get translations but not big enough to change how japanese companies make them

on an unrelated note, why is Bustafellows so much more expensive on switch than on steam,,,, fuck Nintendo Brasil, I want to play it on my switch but it's like twice the price in it

No. 155737

That shit bothers me a lot. Yaoi is a useful term to know if a gay story has porn in it and yet people want to call everything BL, because yaoi is problematic for some reason.

No. 155739

>yaoi is problematic for some reason
I say this as a fellow fujo but, c'mon now. you and I both know exactly why yaoi makes people seethe.
same here op, I feel like "amare" would be an exclusively western thing that really only weeds out the tumblr/twitterfag shit you see on itch.io.

No. 155751

Lmao you tard

No. 155753

true tbh, the more shitty ugly western games get tagged "amare" instead of "otome" the better kek

No. 156434

File: 1629266579245.jpeg (375.85 KB, 1305x1638, E8ue-M-VoAANCcf.jpeg)

Just started Bustafellows and honestly, I'm loving it a lot. It has pretty strong Baccano!/Durarara vibes, so if anyone likes these animes I think you'll like the VN.
At least I hope so, I'm only on chapter 2. Honestly, I'm surprised by how enjoyable it is so far, it's absolutely hilarious, I dont think I've genuinely laughed this much while playing any other VN ever (tbf I dont generally play comedy ones…) I heard it gets pretty dark tho so hopefully it's still good
I really love the fact that the main heroine's dialogue is voice acted and that she has her own personality and backstory. I wish other otoges would do this more tbh it's so much better than blank protagonists.
Best boy is Mozu ofc but Crow (pic related) is absolutely hilarious lmao finally a NEET character that doesn't isn't annoying

Are any other anons playing/have played it?? How are y'all liking it so far?

No. 156522

File: 1629309618863.png (240.32 KB, 616x196, A2F43B68-0F97-40D3-B4A0-E31111…)

Lol this reminded of how Boyfriend Dungeon is going through some retarded cancellation drama so I checked it out and it makes me laugh that for a self proclaimed “kweer” game, you can only date one chick but there are two nonbinary characters and one literal cat. God can you imagine what it would be like if Japanese games did NB characters, I hope it doesn’t cross over. Hikaru Utada came out as an enby recently though.

Validate is anoher game that’s even more of a mess of identity pins, but it’s a Kickstarter failure to launch.

No. 156528

Validate is such an ugly shitshow, I hate stuff like this

No. 156530

Kek look at the contrast between the ordinary people and the gendespecials. I don't understand what kind of a story would connect them all

No. 156538

>you can only date one chick but there are two nonbinary characters and one literal cat
Noo, what a pity. I'm bi and want bi options in a dating game, I remember seeing the 3 first characters and considered getting this game. So thanks for the warning. Are there any bi otome games?

No. 156539

>but it’s a Kickstarter failure to launch.
Thanks, this made my day!

No. 156542

File: 1629316068028.png (2.34 MB, 1500x975, Softly with Teeth Key CG.png)

It only has a demo right now and is OEL but maybe Softly with Teeth? The designs for the three female love interests are acc nice.

That said it's annoying how many of the OEL "uwu lesbian" games that get press are just made by men. When Christine Love's games were really hyped, I played a couple, but they always made me feel kinda gross and it all made sense when I googled he's just a LARPing man.

No. 156554

Thanks nona. Are all the love interests vampires?

>Christine Love

Ugh, I'm getting flashbacks to his games getting praise for somereason. Disgusting troon.

No. 156563

File: 1629322473062.jpeg (827.5 KB, 4096x1005, fireemblem.jpeg)

I believe there's a werewolf, three vampires and two demons?

Oh and you can date some of the girls in the newest Fire Emblem (picrel) and some of them can also date each other/become ambiguous life partners. It's only a small part of the game though and it's not all the girls (please just let me date Petra).

No. 156566

File: 1629323198134.png (1.41 MB, 1058x1581, gross.png)

Yeah he recently went full mask-off coomer and made a BDSM crossdressing game that he keeps calling an expression of his lesbianism or something. Fucking gross.

This should prob go in the MtF thread though.

No. 156572

There are some characters who can have more or less ambiguously gay endings between each other but not with the protagonists, Petra can end up with Dorothea but will eternally friendzone F!Byleth.

No. 156595

>bi otome
this is the only reason I will tolerate that amare shit. Words have meanings, I hate lez routes in otome.

No. 156596

>I hate lez routes in otome
this. they're often just tacked on of the sake of padding or, sound like they're written by the dev's resident yurifags.

No. 156598

tbf, yuri games are all aimed at dudes so I could see people wanting something more similar to the perspective of otome, but not wanting the genderspecial shit that amare implies.

Personally I do enjoy games where you can date either because the world feels a little more natural when you have a group of men and women who all interact with one another instead of only dudes and one female friend with a sprite. But that said you mostly get that in RPGs that have a plot outside of just romance and I can see how it's annoying for people who are just here for husbands.

Also I wonder if yuri has forever poisoned the well when it comes to tropes/character archetypes even in otoge. Like I'm a lesbian but I rarely find myself going for the lez route since it's usually like… great you can date your best friend who is a personality-less cheerleader.

No. 156678

>tbf, yuri games are all aimed at dudes so I could see people wanting something more similar to the perspective of otome, but not wanting the genderspecial shit that amare implies.

Yes exactly. I'm the original anon who would like bi options. No to scrote yuri shit, I would like to see dating games for and by women and also without the trans queer nonsense.

No. 156702

File: 1629389036277.jpeg (77.91 KB, 500x447, loverevo.jpeg)

In hindsight a game where part of the gameplay is losing weight and all the guys having a weight preference is pretty trash, but did anyone else also play Otometeki Koi Kakumei ★ Love Revo?

I'm suck a sucker for stat raising games honestly. Are there any recent ones that are good?

No. 156871

The girl options are one of the main reasons why I want a Switch so I can play FEH3 but I'm so broke lol

No. 156912

File: 1629496340458.jpeg (946.68 KB, 1920x1080, 0EB9E42D-941C-4ABE-941B-43783C…)

I haven’t had the time to personally play it but Palais de Reine maybe? You can romance every single noble which includes the women.

No. 156935

File: 1629503300504.jpg (19.53 KB, 163x152, laaaaaadies.jpg)

No. 156944

wtf why does Moomoo have a moustache?

No. 158018

I tried Blooming Panic, it's an original english otome where the story takes place in a discord server. It was interesting at first, then you realize half of the characters are probably trannies. One of them calls itself a 'huge lesbian' and fucked his college professor. Yeah, I totally want to romance that guy.

No. 158033

>discord tranny: the game
ngl that sounds pretty hilarious.

No. 158050

File: 1630222570037.png (741.88 KB, 2048x1600, dNdS6k.png)

Just read their bios and all of them sound like retarded fuckbois who are in it only for pussy. Which one is the "lesbian"?

No. 158076

File: 1630255336202.png (1.31 MB, 1808x1017, 06F62D96-ABAD-4F71-AB93-4787B8…)

Lmao this game is clearly trying to mimic mystic messenger but the art is so gross

No. 158078

Where's the fun in a game where you go on discord where some fuckboy tries to twist everything you say into something sexual? I can do that in real life and I don't have to look at their dislocated shoulders in the process

No. 158085

File: 1630258223956.jpeg (493.11 KB, 600x1000, E4ovLIJVEAIC_3m.jpeg)

Speaking about art, does anyone else feel some Tears of Themis cards look really weird? For example, in this one Vyn looks huge in comparison to MC.
In other cards, Artem seems slightly off model.

No. 158086

File: 1630258547204.png (823.17 KB, 2048x1600, 9Z2mFR.png)

This is the worst one and it's apparently the true route lol >>158076

No. 158089

He sounds like a fucking psycho
He could be cute, but not with that artwork. Reminds me of a gay writer from Suki Dakara Suki.

No. 158094

Why is the OELVN scene so goddamn tragic? The art for this is so subpar and seems lazy as hell. I hate when people make visual novels and don't even attempt to polish the visual part of it

No. 158111

File: 1630276897202.png (1.37 MB, 720x1200, VrtuuJm.png)

Well, yeah, the cards are obviously drawn by a team of artists with different levels of skill and experience. It's not like there's only one person working on the cards, so it's expected some of then are going to look better than others. It's the same with Genshin Impact and character splash art. It doesn't bother me that much, the art looks nice overall.

No. 158131

So like do the people who made this think being hit on by weird dudes with emotional issues on discord is a good and enjoyable experience????

Also picking the most neckbeard of the characters as the true route whew.

No. 158134

Was this game made by neckbeards to promote themselves as dating material or something?
Total psycho face

No. 158182

Honestly I wouldn't be able to get into the game because dating a discord mod sounds cringy even as a fantasy.

No. 158205

File: 1630352279107.jpeg (468.12 KB, 750x807, 05F8B3B6-A065-4EB5-ADEB-5645DB…)

Apparently it was made for an Otome game jam that does seem to be coming from the Lemasoft forums but whew this rules list.

At least not all the things made for it are as tragic. https://itch.io/jam/otomejam

No. 158206

File: 1630352438070.jpeg (315.51 KB, 750x796, 9579E319-6618-4070-8D85-A363C2…)

Never mind I take it back, there are even worse projects.

No. 158217

>all of them sound like retarded fuckbois who are in it only for pussy.
This sounds way too realistic and I play these games for an escape from real life.

No. 158251

Top left Marius is so sexy

No. 158254

File: 1630364996296.jpg (524.84 KB, 1200x675, E-BEaxCUcAMQGq0.jpg)

god all this does is make me wish mystic messenger wasn't programmed by a literal monkey, that app is ugly as sin and constantly crashes even on high end phones but the story was so funny
I've heard they are going to add a group chat function in Tears of Themis but I dont think it will be all that funny idk the male characters dont really have complex relationships with each other

No. 158255

File: 1630366938136.png (1.3 MB, 1080x2160, 1630366310839.png)

>I dont think it will be all that funny idk the male characters dont really have complex relationships with each other
What do u mean, anon? They share such a complex and meaningful relationship: they are all always throwing shade at each other and trying to outclass each other in front of the MC. I love how they all simp in sync for the MC and then get jealous as hell of each other next second (picrel).
Where did you hear about that group chat thing, tho?

No. 158257

File: 1630368881264.jpg (293.05 KB, 1600x900, E98SLGjUcAk0Gnf.jpg)

a friend of mine who plays on the chinese server told me it's a thing there
also, anon, the pic you showed me is actually pretty boring compared to the interactions in mystic messenger ngl
the banter between the group in mm was extremely entertaining mostly because it didn't just revolve around how in love they all were with the MC but about their own personal problems etc
I love my ToT boys but they are all just too polite with each other

No. 158972

Hell yeah, just bough a hacked PS Vita so I can finally play Diabolik Lovers. Really hope I will be able to patch the damn game. I assumed that you can do it on your pc and put the game on the console, but apparently not. Fingers crossed, I'm so excited about this trashfire!!!

No. 158976

It's so worth it anon DL is such trashy fun. You can play Hakuouki SSL in English with a hacked Vita too, and I think the Amnesia fandiscs will be translated in a few months as well. Just take your time and make sure to read the instructions before you start, the moids on the henkaku discord are kind of awful but they should be able to help if you get super stuck.

No. 158977

Samefag, I should also add that theres videos on youtube about patching specifically DL too.

No. 161653

File: 1632483605184.jpeg (290.18 KB, 1600x900, FD194280-8BDC-486B-B77A-6F4F27…)

Have any farmers picked up Olympia Soiree? I'm liking the common route so far, the music in particular is very nice. The plot is definitely unique kek.

No. 162692

is tear of themis worth it as an otome game? i really like how it looks but with the recent shitstorm with mihoyo i dont plan to give them more money.if not do you have anything else to suggest? i liked mystic messenger aside from the ridiculous investment you had to put into it and also obey me but it was too much of a money sucker for what it provided

No. 162697

As an otome? No. As a mystery solving game with romance elements? Yeah. The main story is basically just solving crimes there's no relationship arc outside of card exclusive stories, visits or some events. You only need to spend if you want a 100% card collection or getting more energy. It's definitely more on the casual side, I say give it a go and see if it ticks your boxes

No. 162702

that was a pretty helpful description thank u anon

No. 162731

The story is good, but the in-story romance is very little. I really wish they leaned more into it, it's weird that they don't, maybe it's to make the story looks less self-indulgent, but that miss the point of Otoges.

No. 162886

File: 1633363563604.jpg (110.32 KB, 960x443, what.jpg)

Catboy game spoiler - how did you all react when this happened? I mean..hwappened

No. 162921

I prefer him this way.

No. 168359

File: 1635939974420.jpeg (162.17 KB, 776x900, C544D649-3D7B-42CF-848E-A137BA…)

Is anyone else playing TMGS4? I thought I was going to hate all the dudes because most of them look dumb as fuck but most of them are really sweet!

No. 168361

What a cheap artstyle, I thought it was one those western VNs before reading the title.

No. 168366

It gets pretty awful for certain scenes but overall not a shitshow. The game was delayed a year so I’m guessing they were fixing the wonky shit

No. 168373

I thought it was fanart from the early 00s.

No. 168388

I was apprehensive because of the art but this made me more optimistic! Wish it'd get localized since my moonspeak is pretty rudimentary but maybe someone passionate will try to make an English patch. What do you like about it so far?

No. 168501

It’ll get translated eventually by dedicated fans lol

It feels a lot more natural than previous games, and all the guys seem more fleshed out. If you enjoyed the previous TMGS games, this one was definitely worth the wait.

No. 168671

File: 1636088711858.png (1014.97 KB, 733x2490, Objects Of Desire.png)

I don't like making fun of indie games but it's pretty sad that you can't have a
>NSFW otome visual novel with an assertive, dom protagonist
without it being shit like this.
I feel so bad for all the otoge anons that are into femdom, almost all games they get is stuff like this.

No. 169934

File: 1636915507708.jpg (154.53 KB, 1024x576, magician04.jpg)

God, i will never find another English translated otome with a faceless heroine and pervy himbos ever again, will i? Idk why faceless heroines you insert into are generally disliked among western fans.
No otome cgs have satisfied my gaze like this game. I will never forget you megane mage-senpai..

No. 169954

yeah i find it annoying too since i only play otomes as a self-insert. i tune out discussions about how weak or assertive mc should be too, she's just a stand in so i can focus on the guys. but the guys have to be worth it, otherwise i could be reading BL where i find both people in the couple attractive

No. 169963

File: 1636924174975.jpg (150.93 KB, 400x480, 18135168_p0_master1200.jpg)

My heart, this has always been my guilty pleasure. I don't think I will ever get over Saeki, if only they gave us more drama that's the only thing missing with every tokimeki game. With that being said I can't believe it took them that long to release a new game, also I'm crying inside because it will probably take a good while until we get an english patch.

what game is this anon?

No. 169966

NTA, looks like dot kareshi

No. 170027

anons i'm looking for an otome (i think?) can't seem to find it anywhere. the plot went like this: fem protagonist has a traffic accident with her bf, goes into coma and wakes up with amnesia. the routes are basically date previous bf all over again as if it were the first time or start dating this other guy (can't remember if he was in her life before the accident). i also think i remember that, before the accident, bf's parents didn't approve of her relationship with bf, which is kind of a defining factor in which route to go for.

i can't remember the name of this otome, i'd really like to know so i can get to finding a translation/rom! help please

No. 170036

File: 1636989280206.jpg (119.55 KB, 1024x576, ss_d52fc81020a4b024d2a672c04d2…)

Sounds like Always Remember Me, I havent thought about that game in a while

No. 170038

You can use vndb to find what you are looking for. I used the "otome" & "amnesiac protagonist", you can add in more info you remember.

No. 170051

I miss the simplicity of the plot of this TMGS game. It was so cute with the church and everything.

No. 170071

maybe Double Face?

No. 170091

File: 1637034319451.jpeg (343.75 KB, 927x1500, CD171C2A-FD61-40C5-96E0-E591ED…)

Any Collar x Malice fans? Who’s your fav?

No. 170092

Present, nona!!! It's my favorite otoge, I really do love the plot. My favorite is probably Sasazuka, I don't think he has the best route but he's the one character that I feel makes the best partner lol
He's also surprisingly direct and horny lmao the extra chapter surpised me

No. 170103

I’ve only done Mineo’s so far and I rly loved him! I have a thing for men who crumble in front of me. I started Sasuzaka’s and I got stuck i kept dying ?? Like someone kept shooting me. Thankfully I looked it up and finally got passed it I like how he’s a dick to your brother. Like your brother in this game is such a cunt for no reason

No. 170124

okazaki, maybe sasazuka if he wasn't a manlet

No. 170145

File: 1637072050909.jpg (7.2 KB, 300x168, dreamcow.jpg)

I don't know if i should post here or on the dreams general on /ot/, but it was about a otomegame, and i want to hear about your opinions. I don't know if there is a game with this premise, but i would play it if there was (in EN).

So tonight i dreamt of a otome with a YA cast in a modern setting (don't know if country or city), that may or not have supernatural elements. MC is probably an artist/writer/wtv or a ~frail and sickly waif~ that has to rent her big and old as fuck house to make ends meet, and ends up living with 5 young men who are particulary shitty towards her. Shit starts with pranks and disrespect, gradually escalates to humiliation, physical abuse and molestation, and in bad ends may end with permanent scars, rape (because it's a fucking otome) and even murder.
The 5 scrotes follow a scale of awfulness, with the "best" being just unable to stand up for MC (and himself), and the worst of all being the main instigator and the most sadistic and irredeamable of them all (his "good" end is only good for the MC).

The twist: MC is a raging misandrist and wants to kill them (she may have killed men before), but only after they prove to her that they deserve to be killed. She lets them abuse her and makes herself the perfect victim, and then locks them in her torture (and rape) dungeon. There may be supernatural elements or not (ie, she may be a witch or a succubus or wtv). The endings (from worst to best): she dies or gets permanently scarred after underestimating them; she keeps 1 LI alive as her pet (and dildo) in her rape dungeon and kills/tortures the others; she lets them go and stays together with 1, still a misandrist, but not a murderous one (maybe a hidden friendship end, idk).

Would you play it /otogen/?

No. 170146

I would say Sasazuka if that little manlet bitch didn't break my heart. He said in the extra he wouldn't date a taller girl ughhh, unironically made me more upset than breaking up with my ex.

No. 170159

Normally I like awful tsundere dudes but he just seems. Mean?? Like I’m failing to see the appeal. In his route I unintentionally started to like Souda— that crackhead gaming addict. Interrogating him was adorable seeing him play games

No. 170178

File: 1637100870501.png (558.62 KB, 1024x1024, full.png)

I have a shrine dedicated to Shiraishi and I love him with my heart and soul. I cry every time I replay his route. No one can beat my husbando number one.

No. 170187

File: 1637109061693.jpg (549.72 KB, 850x1200, 94180572_p1_master1200.jpg)

Who else is playing the new tmgs because there is so much content I'm going to fucking expire. Picrel, I thought I was going to hate this fucker but he's actually best boy I can't believe it.

>I can't believe it took them that long to release a new game
Right? I thought the same too. Like maybe the franchise wasn't doing good so that's why they weren't making new ones. But I replayed all of them before the new release and I actually kind of appreciate that they spaced them out. Every game is a different era: late 90's, early 2000, etc. and it was like a time machine?

Also idk it might just be me, but in previous games, characters who weren't the main leads always seemed a little flat in characterizations. Maybe it's my shit opinion, but it seems like every character is fleshed out an appropriate amount that make them seem like believable characters this time around.

No. 170189

> I like how he’s a dick to your brother. Like your brother in this game is such a cunt for no reason
Right??? I kept waiting for a dialogue choice telling him to fuck off but alas all we get is Sasazuka

Don't believe his ass, nona, it's just his complex, he'd probably love to date a taller woman Lovely Complex style.
Also yeah he really is mean but a lot of it seems like he's just talking big.

He's the prettiest one of all of them, nona, 10/10 taste, I wish I could say the same about myself.

No. 170215

Without giving spoilers how’s Yanagi? He seems so bland and a well adjusted person compared to everyone else..? I’ve gotten further in Sasazuka’s and hes telling your brother that he’ll be brought in for investigation and godbless him again for putting the brother in his place even when it’s explained ehh your younger brother is a bitch it makes no sense.

Tbh I thought Mineo would have a deeper voice

No. 170242

it's this one, thank you!!!!! ily

No. 170261

I want to play this soooo bad but I'm gonna have to wait a trillion years for an English translation. Why must I suffer so because I skipped my Japanese lessons.

No. 170265

nta he's still boring, i don't even remember his route besides fans getting upset about ichika telling him to stop smoking kek

No. 171877

File: 1638132761013.jpg (175.51 KB, 1884x1682, 20210920_172251.jpg)

I want to get into otome games, but when I was younger I stayed away so I don't get heartbroken when the guys are dicks and treat the mc badly.

I don't necessarily need femdom material but some stuff I like is:
>mc teases the guy and competes with him, eventually wins him over
>deredere guys, puppy love
>when the guy looks cheerful at first glance but then he turns out to have an awful backstory
>when the guy seems confident but you find his weaknesses and use them
For sex scenes I just hate when they treat the player character badly or the guy does whatever he wants while the mc is an embarassed mess, it's a major turnoff for me.
Got any recommendations?

No. 171888

>when the guy looks cheerful at first glance but then he turns out to have an awful backstory
basic bitch rec but Mystic Messenger has a great one…

No. 172773

Play TMGS lol

Fuck yeah I am
Nana best boy, etc. Inori is my 2nd favorite so far
I was so excited about it's release you have no idea

No. 173039

File: 1638864345827.jpg (159.62 KB, 1296x1732, FEJEQVKaUAE6Y7b.jpg)

God Inori took me by surprise, I was going to do his route later since I didn't think he'd live up to the OG himurocchi. But while doing a different character I accidentally triggered his flags and then he started crying, i went fucking feral lmao

Also did not expect the fucking throw back to TMGS2, Saeki being kind to young inori kills me

No. 173051

File: 1638876606598.jpg (562.4 KB, 1080x1927, IMG_20211207_093955.jpg)

SEEC has done it again. Their games are cute

No. 173067

I like this for equality reasons and hope girls who are into it will enjoy. On the other hand, a husbando on a leash with a retard face isn't appealing to me (sorry! I do not intend to offend all of you who are into it – you are based). It really makes you think how scrotes specifically obsess over owning brain damaged catgirls

No. 173105

I can't take femdom stuff seriously either, it's too easy to pander to scrotes with it

No. 173106

So is this game actually femdom? Interested if it actually is and not just false advertisement.

No. 173111

I've just installed it, but warning: it's a casual mobile game with ads.

You play as a rich arrogant girl, your dad wants an arranged marriage for you. You tell your dad to fuck off because you have a boyfriend (that's a lie). So you find this dumb guy starving on the street and he says he'll do anything for food, you take him to your villa and you have a month to turn him into your ideal boyfriend. The MC is actually confident and capable so that's nice.

Even though it's just a mobile game I like seeing stuff like this because it's a breath of fresh air to swap up the dynamic. Maledom stuff just gives me a gross feeling, I don't have that kind of thing with my bf so I can't relate to most games.

No. 173113

Also the studio's games are decently popular in japan despite being for mobile. I played this and had a lot of fun, they also did a horror survival game.

No. 173120

File: 1638913483946.jpg (28.92 KB, 313x475, 46268385._SY475_.jpg)

If you like the plot of the game, you may also like the josei manga Kimi wa Petto aka Tramps Like Us (there is also a dorama) The LI isn't a catboy, but a regular human. TBH I never read it, but it sounds like it comes from a similar place (maybe is more realistic)

No. 173139

>Maledom stuff just gives me a gross feeling, I don't have that kind of thing with my bf so I can't relate to most games.
Your post made me want to ask a question to other anons… I know this is gonna look stupid, but what are games focusing on maledom? There are supposedly plenty, but it's hard to find something quality. I only know of Diabolic Lovers (not exactly what I'm looking for) and Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome (haven't played yet). I don't care about joseimuke (?) like Obey Me (correct me if I am wrong on that), and especially mobile games

No. 173157

File: 1638944820490.png (7.1 KB, 300x168, i will protect his smile TT_TT…)


it is definately dot kareshi; on a side note, all three where 10/10 amazing imo

monk from the 2nd one is a dumb himbo and villager from the 3rd one is a soft!yandere; they are my favorite

No. 173173

File: 1638961704482.jpg (39.78 KB, 563x316, b972cd21e44bffe8edf8801603e68e…)

>So you find this dumb guy starving on the street and he says he'll do anything for food
Finally we can date Dice from Hypmic!!

No. 173207

Good concept, but I hate having to click these chat bubbles. I don't have the patience for a mobile otome considering they rarely have good writing from experience.

No. 173897

>male protagonist
>otome game
lol no

That's because BL is the original Japanese term. That's what Japanese fans call it and the term "yaoi" in Japan isn't as common as in the west.

No. 174405

File: 1639868406369.png (226.19 KB, 515x243, himuro_and_himuro.png)

Is it just me…or…

No. 174423

God, I wish

No. 174472

I'm sorry for asking this so retardedly late but are there any faceless protag otome games that you guys would recommend?

No. 174506


I wanted to say LMAO but tmgs is so fucking obscure in my circles

No. 174588

I've never played an otome before but I've been lurking the community for a short while noting down which ones are supposedly good, meme-y or has cute characters. This is the list
>chou no doku hana no kusari
>fata morgana
>hiiro no kakera
>oz mafia
>arcana famiglia
>shinigami to shoujo
>taisho x alice
>furue, yurayura to
>collar x malice
Is there anything here you guys would suggest I choose as the first one I play? I'm open to anything not listed here either.

I've been a weeb for years and I'm surprised I never considered otome games until now.

No. 174593

I've played a good chunk of the games on your list, Fata Morgana isn't an otome but it's a really good VN regardless. I think Collar x Malice is a good starting point, most people really like it and I may be biased because it's my personal favorite. Piofiore has gorgeous art but I found it kind of…too slow. I didn't like how passive the heroine was. Ironically, people say Amnesia is slow and boring but I absolutely loved it. Taisho X Alice is really funny but it's a but of an odd one and can get repetitive. I think most people getting into otome nowadays start with Collar x Malice or Code Realize though.

No. 174978

Collar x Malice!

No. 175919

dot kareshi

No. 176534

Any recommendations for easy games to practice Japanese? Around N3 or so. Idc if it’s not a masterpiece.

No. 176603

i dont play much otome, but IIRC 軍靴をはいた猫 was around n3 level. any voiced game will probably do i think. you are better off reading web novels though. much wider range of vocabulary, and still contains simple enough prose and dialogue while still being free.

No. 176628

Thank you anon that’s a good idea! What site do you use to read them?

No. 176667

File: 1641019414763.png (Spoiler Image,585.2 KB, 1000x753, 1635306044882.png)

Is the right one from Aggretsuko? I've never watched that one but tbh there are several Japanese characters whose family name is "Himuro" because it fits their cold personality. Maybe if the creator were a woman and an otoge fan, I'd believe it lol

TMGS, it has no story basically but it's a proper dating simulator and you can make cute guys blush. The guys are pretty good but if you hate slice of life/high school settings you might hate it. If you don't mind the gameplay, which admittedly can get repetitive, it's one of the most memorable (heh) otome games ever.
It's also too fucking obscure among newer generations of otome fans, definitely deserves more love.

No. 176695

syosetu.com, kakuyomi.jp, estar.jp (wider range of genres than the other two, but shitty thing is you have to manually click to go to the next page. if you dont have an extension for reading kanji, then i recommend rikaikun.

No. 180636

File: 1642799163564.jpg (132.4 KB, 800x453, my beloved, so pure.jpg)

spice level so bland it makes flour seem spicy, but souma best boy

No. 181190

File: 1642975637923.jpg (459.01 KB, 1600x720, Ruva.jpg)

Does anyone here like angelique? I'm playing retour right now, it's as comfy as the first game. And I just found out that a new one came out on switch. I'm offended by the new charas as an oldfag.

No. 181196

File: 1642977910525.png (867.12 KB, 600x770, a578159598e38374248b3afb8d4b6a…)

This might be the only indie otome I'll ever back. The art looks good. Reminds me of Fire Emblem Awakening or something. Looks like the creator is still deciding on the rating, but I hope there will be some r18 scenes. I played the demo and I wish otome RPGs were more of a thing so I can fill the void it left.

No. 181255

I wanna play the original games so bad
>I just found out that a new one came out on switch. I'm offended by the new charas as an oldfag.
I've looked at it and even though I haven't played them, I agree. In general I think I'm tired of newer designs and artstyles in otome and in everything anime.

>I wish otome RPGs were more of a thing
Me too, I also like dating sims (what people call """"stat raisers"""") because I can't stand so many hours of just reading and reading (esp. if the rating's not R18)
It would be awesome if there were decent RPGs made for women whether you can actually date the male characters or not. But judging by Square Enix's shit half-attempts at it (KimiKiri, etc.), it looks like it's up to ourselves to make them. nu-Fire Emblem already proves that women love RPGs with romance. Why are game companies not trying to do anything with this niche?

No. 181536

Super late to this, but I just played it and love Dill, I want to create outfits with him. I also think Fennel is really sweet though, and can't help but like him because he looks like Tieria from Gundam 00

No. 181537

File: 1643111499298.jpg (57.68 KB, 728x410, dill.jpg)

Dropped image but this scene was so cute

No. 182566

File: 1643575423383.jpg (917.4 KB, 1440x2000, cupipara.jpg)

Anyone playing Cupid Parasite? Who's your favorite LI? I'm surprised at how much I liked the long common route. I'm still on my first playthrough though.

No. 182568

Anyone know if they're planning on making a full version of this game?

No. 182590

All I remember is with this game developers said they were "testing the waters". It's the same Nekopara universe but writers and art are different. They would also delete SJWfaggotory off discussion and straight up tell that nothing about this otome is related to any of Tumblr politics. (Catboy from before is one of the genki male troops from otoge and you could imagine what some people were writing) I really hope they will finish the game, but the sad part is that they also said that there won't be R18. Unless…there's only hope…

No. 183265

I’m worried this won’t hit its goal but man it looks so good. I have such a thing for creepy or somber RPGMaker type games and this looks like that mixed with Otome.


If anyone knows of anything else kind of like this please let me know

No. 183266

Oh wtf I just searched the thread for this title before I posted, I s2g.

No. 184603

File: 1644096317560.jpg (571.45 KB, 1920x1080, 2964366-variable-barricade.jpg)

Anyone else excited for this? The art looks gorgeous. Been a while since ive played a more relaxed otome so i cant wait until this releases.

No. 184615

What? I haven't played otome in like 3 years but didn't this release like 5 years ago? Am I going insane?

No. 184621

I was also confused lol but it's originally a vita game and apparently getting a switch port

No. 184622

It first came out in 2019 but hasn't been translated to English until now.

No. 184885

AYRT. its okay anon. I'm sad its most likely not going to make it either. The dev did say she'll keep working on it if the kickstarter doesn't make it at least

Super excited for this. Feb 24 can't come fast enough.

No. 186192

File: 1644710160766.png (113.41 KB, 213x197, q.PNG)

i must know nonnies, can you romance this specific dude

No. 186198


Quindecim? i think you can, but i haven't been able to

No. 186205

Apparently you can, but people still haven't figured out how lmao
There's an incomplete guide on Steam though if you get the game and wanna contribute

No. 186210

File: 1644717052842.jpg (184.56 KB, 1257x1504, EgQY_W7UwAASO0Z.jpg orig.jpg)

ok well I found this Japanese wiki that has more info than the guide on Steam, you just gotta know some Japanese lol, just be aware that he's originally called ウィーギンティ
Also I found some fanart from this artist

No. 186298

File: 1644768502885.png (873.7 KB, 680x770, 54118F71-69AB-49CB-9293-169785…)

Damn! We’re over 75% I think?? 24 more hours ;-;

Ya’ll, if you’re interested at all please back it. We need more games made by women! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1039568441/the-silent-kingdom/description

No. 186299

>booba protagonist
deserves to flop

No. 186300

Harsh, I don't mind the armour design.

No. 186302

It doesn’t seem to be that relevant if she’s even holding the sword properly and not breaking her back to show both tits and ass while looking “fierce”.

No. 186305

Her design isn't even sexualized and I'm usually the first to complain about that. There's no cleavage, her breasts aren't hanging out, etc. Are female characters not allowed to have breasts?

No. 186316

thank you nonnies, i may try the game at some point.

No. 186321

File: 1644775323096.png (584.41 KB, 960x678, i love you.png)

This game is great

No. 186323

It is, you can smack him twice!

No. 186326

File: 1644778189080.jpeg (169.75 KB, 576x719, D0F931A2-BAC4-403B-BA1B-2AF97C…)

>her breasts aren’t hanging out

No. 186328

Nta. You sound like such a crab in a barrel and always holding women to a higher standard. Meanwhile coomer moid games get funded in two days and no one bothers to critique their shit. No one tells some useless scrote about his male gazey ass and tiddy we can't we're both girls simulator.
If you want to know why you can see her side boob, its just for the prologue because she's been reliving the same day since she was 13 but continues to age into her 20s.

No. 186333

They're not the size of her head nor are they the main focus of anything

No. 186336

File: 1644781760965.jpg (75.12 KB, 799x598, RE alistair.jpg)

Everyone shut up about boobs now

Anyone else played this? It's a dating simulation game about a girl trying to figure out which boy griefed her in an MMORPG so she can beat him up irl. You figure out which boy corresponds to which player in the game and narrow down the suspects. Got that comfy late 00s vibe.

No. 186363

I REMEMBER THISSSSS. I played it on DeviantArt way back when, and it was basically a gateway drug into otome. Ofc I fell for the soft sweetie on the far left. Do any of you remember what got you into otome?

No. 278067

File: 1677245183565.jpg (148.97 KB, 350x345, alwayswantedtodateharuhi.jpg)

This post sat in a text file on my desktop for a whole-ass year because I tried to respond the exact moment /m/ went down, but I held out for some hope, and here we are.
RE:Alistair and (P)lanets were my first otome games, and once I found the lemmasoft forums it was over for me lol. I think I played pretty much every otome game on there up until 2015 or so. I especially loved Autumns Journey, and am still holding out for the announced sequel, though it probably won't be happening anymore.

No. 278155

omg this was my first otome I don't think I ever completed all the routes. I was very young and it pissed me off that I couldn't figure out who the mmorpg guy was in first try

No. 278336

Why even resurrect these old threads? We can't the mods lock them in bulk? Board ruined.

No. 278404

Mods said its our choice whether or not to resurrect old threads now in meta.

No. 279825

>Why even resurrect these old threads?
i'm not the one bumping these but isn't that what everyone wanted and begged for for the last two years?

No. 279872

how do they ruin the board?
I like reading through old threads and getting recommendations. I never heard of Jooubachi no Oubou before.

No. 286018

File: 1679938714536.jpg (90.45 KB, 2188x1094, survey23-1.jpg)

No. 286085

And of course theyre not going to do a damn thing in regards to otoge. Im getting tired of them doing this tbh

No. 286104

You can't license older R18 games when the companies are dead. And they don't translate for console.

No. 286117

Why not port a console game for PC? Has it ever happened - a console-only game in Japan being released for PC abroad?

No. 286750

I'm surprised to see so much otome on there, especially compared to BL. Rest assured that if they pick up an adult otome title, it'll be the one with the most moid-gazey art and story possible. But it would be great if they picked up Jooubachi.
I would've voted for Chou no Doku Hana no Kusari. Although there's a censored version in English I still would like to see the uncensored version too.

>You can't license older R18 games when the companies are dead.
NTA but some of the otome titles on that list are not that old. Club Suicide in particular came out three years ago and the dev is active, Yoshiwara Higanbana got a release two years ago, Rejet is definitely not dead (though it's Rejet so I doubt they'll want to release anything overseas), Hana Awase is getting Switch releases this year and apparently in English too. The others are a bit older and the companies may be dead but it doesn't seem to be a problem for most of the requested titles.

No. 286752

Who even buys VNs for consoles outside of Japan?

No. 286755

It seems like otome gaming on the Switch is becoming quite common outside Japan, actually. Café Enchanté is one of the titles I kept hearing about from western otome fans in and outside of imageboards. I'm glad that's happening, but I hate censored ports of 18+ PC otome games.

No. 286765

MangaGamer doesn't have the resources to port things.

Club Suicide is doujin right? Have MangaGamer translated and published doujin titles before?
And they don't care about stuff that isn't R18. And again, they don't do console because there's extra work involved.
People have been asking for Yoshiwara since it came out ~7 years ago, so probably can't get the license. Joobachi devs never released another game so probably dead.
Orfleaurs, A'sRing hasn't done a new game in a few years, but also maybe not willing to license cause pretty sure people have been asking.

But this stuff is why I learned Japanese only to not play anything because I only care about sci-fi media these days and Japan doesn't think girls like sci-fi, at least otome-wise. Don't have a Vita to play that one Otomate game.

No. 286775

>Have MangaGamer translated and published doujin titles before?
They're "working on" Luckydog1, so yes, it's possible. It think it's likely to happen, the creator is a gendie and Club Suicide seems relatively popular.
>And they don't care about stuff that isn't R18
I don't know about that. They did Ozmafia and Steam Prison for PC, as well as plenty of non-otome titles that aren't R18 (for example Fata Morgana and Umineko).
>People have been asking for Yoshiwara since it came out ~7 years ago, so probably can't get the license. Joobachi devs never released another game so probably dead.
>Orfleaurs, A'sRing hasn't done a new game in a few years, but also maybe not willing to license cause pretty sure people have been asking.
Yeah I figured it was something like that. It's a shame bc I would like to see some A'sRing titles in English. Other developers that made adult otome games I'm interested in seem to be long dead too.
>this stuff is why I learned Japanese only to not play anything because I only care about sci-fi media these days and Japan doesn't think girls like sci-fi, at least otome-wise
Kek I'm sorry you have to suffer like that nonna. I kinda get it because I'm more into ancient and mundane setting otome games instead of more modern and fantastical stuff that doesn't really appeal to me at all. I also like sci-fi and military, but good luck trying to find a good take (or any take lol) on those genres in otome.

No. 286802

There's this game that's been on my mind but I can't seem to find it.
The setup was that you play as one of two potential new queen bees, and of course there's a bunch of guys you can woo including your servant. It was very nsfw which is what initially pulled me in, and honestly some part of me wishes it'll get a EN version someday even if said nsfw was completely degenerate.

No. 286844

File: 1680284560044.png (619.75 KB, 1000x500, FLML_PR_PO.png)

>Have MangaGamer translated and published doujin titles before?
Kalmia8 games. The 07th Expansion galore.

>the creator is a gendie

No. 286849

I still buy on the Vita, and would on the Switch if there was anything I was interested in on it.

No. 286851

Any nonnas have recommendations for otome games with good humor? I've only managed to get into that sort in the past (Hatoful, Sweet Fuse, Dandy Shot, NekoPara male ver.). The content doesn't have to be funny as long as the concept is.

No. 286858

File: 1680292802023.jpg (207.41 KB, 1725x969, why bother.jpg)

No. 286869

I thought Cupid Parasite was pretty funny

No. 286875

File: 1680301862588.png (15.47 KB, 590x337, Club Suicide creator.png)

Jooubachi no Oubou. Which has been mentioned a few times itt.

Most VN companies are like Kalmia8, in the context of VNs they're not what anon means when she says "indie". (It also means they don't have an excuse for why the art in FLML is so shit.)
The creator's own twitter and the fact that her new otome game is going to have genderspecial love interests.

No. 286880

File: 1680306652955.jpeg (9.33 KB, 300x100, b.jpeg)

Oh crap. Somebody who joined in 2010 has no right to be this susceptible to the enemy propaganda.

No. 286915

just dropping in to say I LOVED the humor of this game, just when I thought it would slow down and be normal, it turned itse;f on its head

No. 286930

Anybody ITT know if Palais de Reine is still suffering from its game-breaking glitch? Sounded like an interesting game, but I'm not going to lay down money for somthing that outright doesn't work past a certain point.

No. 290357

I know it's not proper otome but has anyone here tried the new Obey Me game yet? When you start there's definitely a lot of content, but I fear it'll soon become really shallow and boring. Also some of the faces on the 3D models feel really off to me.

No. 290508

No. 290515

The 3d models are terrible, I just ignore that part of the game. It's a simple rhythm game but I kinda like it. Not sure where they are headed with the story but the art looks much better than the first game imo.

No. 290517

Let's hope this adaptation is decent at least

No. 290519

I've also noticed that the syncing of the animations with the voices is really bad for the 3D models. Honestly I'm not entirely sure why they even bothered since the 3D models are only used for fluff. It's not like this is a rhythm game with 3D dance stages.

No. 290596

File: 1681842915789.png (364.07 KB, 983x1003, Screenshot_20230418-113520.png)

I hate how they look kek

No. 290789

You won't get realistic-looking policemen in otome ever.

No. 290809

File: 1681931015692.jpg (650.53 KB, 4096x3276, GridArt_20230419_120324891.jpg)

Do you know about this game? I'm referring to how in the actual CxM otome VN, the art and character designs are very pretty and interesting. In the upcoming CxM film, they look super tragic

No. 290813

Anime usually looks retarded and botched. Mineo still is the best looking of them all.

No. 290823

Animating complex designs is very hard, that's why anime original characters usually have more simplified looks. Unfortunately the nicely designed characters are too much for an average budget anime, so some detail has to be lost in the process.

No. 290825

Thanks for the mansplanation. I can still say they look ugly kek

No. 290830

What… I was just saying the reason why they look ugly

No. 291239

File: 1682084065641.jpg (113.77 KB, 1000x562, TH73vhx.jpg)

theythems should stick to being chronically online neets because tell me why this otome has a theythem in it? if the developers think calling a guy they makes him not a man, why put him in a game for women to be dating guys? it's so stupid some genderspecial should call them out for treating a theythem like a guy so they change him into a man. obviously no one looks at him and thinks of him as a genderless entity although they made him short so maybe hes supposed to be a tif. it throws me off when the demo keeps calling him a they though. men dont get this shit forced into their games but women have to bear it to play any good game made by westies now. hope there will be a mod that changes his pronouns lol

No. 291245

They should just make a bi dating game and state that the character is female. I'd play that. No to gender shit.

No. 291255

File: 1682093724098.jpg (245.08 KB, 1920x1080, EITA-3qW4AIOUeY.jpg)

wondering if these guys were also behind softly, with teeth, which was another queerio oelvn that never released in full. the art is so similar to me. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/483356923/softly-with-teeth-a-vampire-otome-visual-novel.
looks like the creators surpassed their goal by 10k and bounced.

almost hoping the same thing happens here because i so furiously despise that the cutest character is a they/them.

No. 291258

yeah i thought this game was interesting upon first announcement but the absolutely zero female characters in the game was a total turn off. (though based on the track record of the people who are making it, this is not a surprise. At all.)

No. 291261

it's a dating sim why would you need female characters…?

No. 291263

what's their track record?

No. 291269

After Asra I'm not surprised they finally made a full on theythem. I'm also infuriated though because when the devs first started even posting their little teasers I was hooked on Mhin, cutest LI in the demo. If you recall Last Legacy they also had a theythem that I think the devs wanted to make a route for alongside Rime except that fell through massively, and since they wrote Anisa like shit it was only a matter of time until they dropped all pretense of caring about including female LIs. Nadia and Portia were famously written terribly too, somehow Lucio has a better route. They have Sen for Touchstarved who's a DLC route and female and Elyon who's also a DLC route and a male pimp so assuming this project doesn't fall through again like LL I am expecting a lot of gendie bullshit as per usual

No. 291288

As the protagonist.

No. 291290

anon did you forget that lesbians exist

No. 291291

And bisexuals.

No. 291293

I'm still seething over Last Legacy's fate, but especially the bullshit with Anisa's route being shoved onto the backburner. She was my favorite character of the three, her concept really appealed to me though I think they wrote her a little too airheaded than was reasonable in some chapters (nearly every scene in Rivath made me fucking cringe uncontrollably), i know they set her up to be a super responsible knight who's a trainwreck on the down low but sometimes they pushed it too far.

No. 291297

NTA but otome games are specifically female protagonist and male love interests. Though I personally don't mind it when there's one or two female love interests and some Japanese otoge are like that.

No. 291355

I remember when the devs got a couple chapters in with Anisa and then completely rewrote her route for some reason. My favorite was Felix, since he was the only one with a finished route, but I would have liked Anisa a lot more if she was handled by people who were even remotely competent. Her character was really interesting. Except the devs put more effort into background characters with no routes. It was bizarre. It was like the devs were physically incapable of writing a female character, which we know they can, because they pulled Nadia off somewhat. I loved Rime too, but if you played Sage's or Felix's route there was more detail on him than there was on Anisa, who's a main character and a LI, and I can't talk about Anisa's route because it's non-existent. I think there's only seven chapters of hers out there? Either that or three, and a lot of her scenes are just unplayable. Their track record with female LIs pisses me off since it's blatant they're just token woke characters but I can't find any other western otome games with good art and since I've been stalking them since the early Arcana days, I got attached, shit writing aside. I have no idea what caused Last Legacy to fall through. I heard Nix Hydra fired the whole team.

No. 291618

File: 1682242336659.jpg (143.37 KB, 940x529, bzALrf1.jpg)

samefag, more info about the game. it is planned to be released in 2025 btw. in picrel the names of the characters from left to right: kuras, mhin, ais, vere, leander. the devs had a livestream uploaded onto youtube, it's an hour long so I'm not watching all of it but at the beginning they introduced themselves and get ready for this, it's going to be really shocking, the devs for a dating game full of hot guys with the most desirable traits that women like are all women! one of them is shethey and another theythem, but one is a self accepting "sheher". i thought mhin was supposed to be a guy but he might be actually a she, because for some reason the other guys want to fuck him/her despite being antisocial and an asshole, and one of them already did it.

right, that's another thing. the love interests are all fucking each other, apparently regularly. i dont like that one bit lol leander is introduced as a player so him having slept with another li is kind of whatever but all of them are just into each other? from the demo i felt a bit like mhin is the devs' self insert rather than the mc, whose pronouns you can choose at the beginning btw. he/she is still interesting enough as a character but all the guys having a lot to think bout some guy that doesnt even want to hang out with them was giving it away, even mhin entering the scene where all of them meet was kind of random since he really is antisocial and hates all the guys' guts except for kuras. im even more conflicted about the game after completing the demo but i guess we'll see how good it is in 2 years kek i love the art and the characters are attractive but idk if i trust the devs to not mess up the story with even more woke shit.

No. 291663

Yeah we can tell it's samefag, no need to point it out when you type like that.

No. 291665

>two years for a visual novel
this shit is not releasing kek. they're going to take the cash and run

No. 291691

File: 1682282413643.jpg (43.77 KB, 499x810, 8db.jpg)

please, PLEASE help me. I have a psp emulator (openemu) and I know this console has a lot of otome games. I've been trying to download some for WEEKS but i never find them in english and i have no idea how to patch a game. I want to play Norn9 since i saw the anime i need to do masamune toya's route but i can't find an english version, same for tokimeki memorial girl's side 3.
Do you have any links/website for me ? please don't bully me i'm new to this.

No. 291693

Norn9 in english is on the vita, tokimemo gs 3 can be played on a DS emulator.

No. 291694

Samefag, I don't know anything about a Vita emulator, as I just have my own and bought the games a while back, but for the DS I recommend DeSmuME to play tokimemo gs 3.

No. 291701

Tokimeki GS 3 came out on the DS first but it has an enhanced version for the PSP. Both versions have an English patch.
Go to VNDB.org and look up the games you want. Under "releases" there should be a link to the English patch (if there is one).

No. 291705

If you only care about the art, just wait for the game to be released and see if somebody rips the cg's/sprites. It is absoulutely not worth caring about this when you already know it's going to be shit 'woke' junk.

No. 291720

This is why I stay away from western otome games

No. 291736

In it's defense, the game never described itself as an otome–just as a visual novel dating sim. At least on the kickstarter. The western indie community keeps calling it an otome because even though they have their own term "amare", they never fucking use it because they all know it's cringe and they want to "fix" the otome genre with their identitarianism bull crap. I did play the demo and I'm kinda glad the thembie barely made an appearance because reading they in reference to one person for too long drives me mad. The character art is very pretty, but you just know one or more of the male LIs will be revealed as a TiF. My guess is Vere, the fox one since he's so sexual or Ais, the oni one because he's too popular

No. 291739

File: 1682304220566.jpg (36.73 KB, 500x500, images.jpeg-698.jpg)

While we are talking about western VNs, I know Sunny Day Jack is queerio bullshit and cringe tumblr sexy murderman trash but it's the one release im actually looking foward to, the creator actually seems to have a good grip and skill to deliver, plus its fully voiced even if one of the VAs is a TIF, they set a release date for 2024 which also seems realistic.
Idk its just nostalgic to me from back in the tumblr days when BTD came out.

No. 291746

or someone could mod it to remove all the gendershit and release a patch.
>dating sim
is it a dating sim? please don't lie to us dating sim fans nonna, because i'm starved for that kind of game

No. 291762

>cringe tumblr sexy murderman trash
what was the name of that series that revolved around men just abusing the main character? i know it was a visual novel but i can't recall the name. it had TERRIBLE fucking art though

No. 291765

NTA, you're probably thinking of Boyfriend to Death

No. 291766

holy shit nona thanks. just looking at the screencaps online is giving me a headache

No. 291779

>mod it to remove all the gendershit
I feel like that would be basically rewriting the whole game. No point.

No. 291823

my fatal flaw is actually spending money on the touchstarved kickstarter but i'm delusional and liked the demo. if the devs run they run i guess. i don't actually like romancing fictional characters despite being in this thread (it's just the proper place for talking about this game specifically). i did get invested in all the inter-character developments like Vere and Ais being fwb (with Ais catching feelings) and Leander having fucked everyone except maybe Kuras and everyone wanting to fuck Mhin. et cetera. cause it's messy and i love drama but it doesn't make for a proper otome. also, if you ask Mhin about Leander, he blushes. so it's more like the devs were going for the angle that Mhin is secretly fond of Leander (and Kuras) and that's why he follows Kuras into the bar, tsundere style. like in arcana if you romance Nadia or Muriel, Julian and Asra get back together, if you romance Julian, Asra and Muriel get together, if you romance Lucio, Portia and Nadia get together in addition to Julian and Asra. the devs like doing this shit. Asra and Julian was revealed as having history in arcana too but it wasn't ongoing like Vere and Ais. same with last legacy, Rime and Felix have an illustration named bad romance, the whole premise is that MC gets isekai'd into their world because Felix was trying to resurrect his dead boyfriend Rime. if you romance Sage or Anisa, Felix and Rime get back together. i think Anisa also has a love interest? don't quote me on that. they have a track record for it, this is just rehashing everything they've done before, just with more curse words and way less female characters

so that on top of the gender makes most of their games shit games for people who want to play a proper otome. i didn't watch the stream either but from what i gathered Mhin is most definitely either a woke token character to replace the one female character usually inserted in these kinds of games. doubt the self insert angle though cause people love a tsundere character for the "i can fix (them)" complexes so many women have. Mhin is a classic regarding that archetype. every single character they've made fits an archetype anyway.

like Kuras and Asra being the mysterious mentors who takes care of MC when MC first wakes up, and Julian and Leander being the self-sacrificial ones. I guess Vere and Lucio are the manwhores. Mhin and Muriel are the angsty loners. it fits their previous games' track records cause these people are just recycling recipes since it sells, and not exactly being creative. even if you look at the settings, touchstarved and the arcana and last legacy follow the formula of fantasy post-apocalyptic city with MC discovering all the secrets about it. it's almost a carbon copy of each other.

Mhin is clearly male, just with a they slapped on for diversity points. i think he's going to be the one revealed as a tif because honestly Ais and Vere are fujo goals lmao, plus Vere kills you in a sexy way and Ais beats someone up for you. that's pretty classic male love interest stuff. Kuras maybe, since angels are trans bullshit is popular with the tumblr gender crowd. but my money's on Mhin. i just hallucinate hard enough and pretend Mhin's talked about using normal pronouns whenever i play the demo and escape unscathed. clearly i am autistic about this sorry for the sperging

No. 292456

File: 1682568490405.jpg (357.52 KB, 1500x1654, 893edd0cgy1h3bc0nvtjoj215o19yb…)

I'm so excited for the even if tempest FD! Can't come out fast enough

No. 292473

I ended up watching the stream vod and after playing every route again I 'm starting to think of touchstarved as more of a game by women for women, so I'm liking it and looking forward to it too. They didn't seem to want to get attention from gay men or tims with their pandering, just women tbh. The game feels like it's gonna be a great story and I'd rather women get attention and money from dating sims than moids on top of large corporations, especially after listening to their stream and seeing they're making the game as a passion project detached from their jobs which are all corpo animation etc jobs btw. So see you in 2025 when we're the only two on lolcow playing it nonnie kek

No. 292620

I watched the whole thing go down when Last Legacy went under and the team announced they were leaving. The team's contracts expired (if I remember correctly they were only contracted for one or two years?) and the team collectively decided not to renew it. There was a lot of vague posting on twitter about how shit working for Nix Hydra was (which is unsurprising). Nix Hydra allegedly were trying to replace them, but then of course they went under, so who fucking knows if anything will come of it. I didn't witness the Anisa rewrite, but the way her chapters were written really annoyed me, not only in a "they made her character weird" sense but in a "nothing fucking makes sense and the MC is being a blithering idiot for no reason" sense. I never got into the batshit obsession with Rime, which I think really only happened because the entire fandom is made up of teenage weebs who think he's a hot yandere. I admit I was genuinely hooked on Last Legacy, and I enjoyed all the characters despite their flaws and obvious biases.

No. 292642

Any game that starts to put gay and tranny shit into it is no longer otome. There's different names for those sorts of games and they have no business being under the otome genre.


Remember when nonas were obsessed with that game and thirsted over that Strade character? Good times in our little mentally ill hub.

No. 292670

File: 1682660538432.png (13.05 KB, 630x317, who.PNG)

Ok sorry if this question is off the chain, but, uhhh…is Touchstarved 18+? Actually tried looking it up and couldn't find a straight answer. I assume it isn't and is just touchbaiting us.
I once watched 4 dramatically different women on a server sperg out over Strade while I had no fuckin idea who he was. I was so innocent back then.

No. 292673

In short: I dont know. Long answer: I'm assuming you're asking if it will have sex scenes, not if it's rated 18+ because I'm pretty sure it is for an 18+ audience. They didn't say it on stream but I think it might have some 18+ scenes. The characters are very straight forward about sex so far, on top of innuendos. There are "red options" in certain scenes that are unlocked via you choosing some options if I understood it correctly and they are more suggestive than the other options and I'm guessing they will be sex scenes towards the end of the game. Then again, we don't know much about the story outside of the demo. I hope they keep doing lives etc to keep us updated so we know what we should expect. And I havent played their other games so I cant make a comment based on those, maybe anynonnies played them and could enlighten us whether they usually have sex scenes or not.

No. 292866

File: 1682733488203.png (309.53 KB, 808x1258, Screen Shot 2023-04-28 at 9.56…)

i know there must be other fictiffags in this thread. this guy has haunted my brain for a full year. all their faults aside fictif had some absolutely fantastic artists. reposting because i dropped pic like a dumbass

No. 293531

File: 1682961343894.png (239.24 KB, 1080x1163, Screenshot_20230501-101130.png)

Kek this new Japanese indie game "kimi ga kawaru tame no susume" has not one but two obese LIs

No. 293543

though only scrotes were fatfags, ew

No. 293609

Someone hasn't read the shameful fetish thread

No. 293705

File: 1683050395019.jpg (95.21 KB, 910x587, get bought by China, Valve.jpg)

How to cope, otomesisters.
>inb4 should have bought all games on GOG

No. 293717

Maybe try to pirate the games off of steamunlocked? Or just pirate them in general?

No. 293718

Thanks! But I can't get niche VNs nobody has heard of from there. Can't get them from the developer's page either.

No. 293720

Which are you looking for?

No. 293728

No. 293749

I could be interested in it for the novelty but the art style is a turn-off.

No. 293752

File: 1683063819454.jpg (242.04 KB, 848x1199, Fu43EUwagAEuX8Z.jpg)

Is it the specific style or just anime style in general? picrel is the promo image. It's not my favorite either. Especially the noses.

>is Touchstarved 18+?
The way the devs dodge questions about the age rating and just keep reiterating it's for mature audiences makes me think they're those "age doesn't indicate maturity" brand of gendies kek

No. 293767

Fuck Google, fuck Microsoft, fuck the tech industry, fuck the world, fuck everything

No. 293899

Being lured in by discounts offered by big companies was a mistake. Lesson learned for me. They are going to do this to Windows 10 at some point too now that Microsoft is phasing it out.

No. 293921

The only mature gendies I saw were the ones fighting children on twitter about how being under 18 makes you as intelligent as an insect kek maybe they dont know how far they want to go yet?

No. 294019

It's this specific art style being chubby applied to characters that I'm not into. I promise I'm not a moid referencing this, but I prefer styles like that of SUVWAVE when it comes to chubby characters in an anime style, as opposed to the more traditional ikemen look.

No. 294055

Yeah most artists have no idea how to draw fat people much less in an appealing way lol. I've never seen something like this before and it looks so funny

No. 294435

File: 1683323472230.png (386.67 KB, 650x366, The-Men-Of-Yoshiwara-Kikuya-Fr…)

Can anybody tell me where else I can download Men of Yoshiwara?

What I found on Steamunlocked:
crashes at start-up. (Every other game I got from there works fine.)

No. 295088

has anyone completed the yoshimoto route for ikemen sengoku? if so did you like it? he's the last one I haven't done yet and I read a bad review for his route so I'm hesitant.

No. 296015

I know it's joseimuke and not otome but I want to like Obey Me so badly. But everything about it screams pandering to western zoomers (apparently it started off with an western release only?) which by extension means that there's no group of fans that aren't gendies, and who think the lack of an mc without any identifiable features or personality is actually a good thing.

No. 296092

Why do you want to like it kek it's an awful game with very surface-level writing. The concepts of the guys are interesting I guess, but they are all kind of ugly and everything they say or do is always the same. Mammon is tsundere and wants money, Satan likes cats and books, Levi is a weeb etc., it never goes further than that. The grinding is also terrible, although I don't know if they changed that in the new game. But the faceless MC is actually good. I can never get into otomes where the love interest has a design, it's impossible to self-insert for me and I'm not interested in watching a husbando fall in love with some generic brunette

No. 297085

actually not too long afterward I ended up finding out it has mature themes…just no sex. sigh. honestly though I don't really blame the devs either, many have mainstream industry jobs and a rep to protect, plus it is probably expensive to produce so roping in normies is necessary.

No. 297444

File: 1684548354046.jpg (Spoiler Image,170.05 KB, 1536x934, SPOILER_IMG_9427.jpg)

I hate when western indies make their male LIs bisexual kek I feel like most women hate dating bi men irl so it just feels like weird pandering for those with terminal internet sickness

Anyway the recent B's Log issue shared some CGs for the upcoming Even if TEMPEST FD (picrel) and I didn't think there'd be any smutty scenes given the first game is pretty chaste in that regard. I suppose it is Voltage though. I'm really excited for it!

No. 297469

Just play twst or enstars instead if you've resigned yourself to going down the mobage hole… I've played all three and Obey Me is just the lowest in general quality. And it doesn't even sound like you like much about it.

No. 297552

so apparently hakuouki ssl is being ported to the switch but only in japanese and it costs so much to buy a physical copy from japan. should I hold out hope that it'll get a pc port too, or even an english switch version? or should I splurge for the jp one and muddle through it with my limited japanese?

No. 297572

idk why but the fact that he looks uncomfortable here makes this hotter

No. 297584

The Vita version has a fanmade English patch and I believe the people who made it also made playthrough videos of it

No. 302667

File: 1686948966202.png (1.81 MB, 952x1286, Jack_Jeanne.png)

Anyone playing Jack Jeanne? How is it? Everyone I know is calling it Bisexuality: The Game because cross dressing for performances makes you the other sex I guess

No. 302670

Oh no the fucking gendies are transwashing this too?
Ignore their shit opinions anon

No. 302680

I started playing it last night and I like it so far. I want to do Neji's route first

No. 302682

I wanted to buy this but I heard its pretty light on the romance side… any nonnies who finish it lmk how it goes when you're done please

No. 302770

I like the concept but tbh I only like one of the love interests design wise, so it's going to be a pass for me.

No. 302799

So it's just zoomers being retarded about gender and you don't actually have bi options in this game?

No. 303008

File: 1687118166435.png (177.44 KB, 1043x575, image-1.png)

Yep. Someone I know pretty much said one LI is very, very effeminate so he's essentially a female LI kek

Pic unrelated

No. 303610

Does Chou no Doku not have a physical release for switch? I try not to buy digitals unless I literally have no choice

No. 303623

the physical Japanese version has the English texts as well if you're interested in importing it but afaik it won't get released physically in the West

No. 303625

>the physical Japanese version has the English text
It does?? Any idea as to why? I'd probably fork over the cash anyway since I heavily prefer physical

No. 303729

Why do so many otome fans virtue signal so much about everything? Burning hatred of 99% of tropes and character archetypes, desesperate to have voiced MCs with sassy, ''strong'' personalities and the likes. They need to go watch some romance anime or something because this is beyond retarded and so prevalent.

No. 303732

That's just the sad current state of any fanbase thats primarily made of women nowadays. I legit don't think a single place is safe from virtue-signalling retards who don't actually enjoy their hobby most of the time

No. 303840

>desesperate to have voiced MCs with sassy, ''strong'' personalities
at this point it's obvious that this is their type of self-insert and are shoving it down everyone's throats. "i don't care about bland self-inserts i want a strong female lead" no they just want their own favorite flavor of female character they can project on also i don't understand gay girls who play otome games and gush after female characters instead of the husbandos or want to waifu the protag like go play something else instead??

No. 303849

Maybe girls just don't want to self-insert as a drooling retard or a doormat anymore you know? These games are made for self-inserting so I think they're in their right to ask for something that makes it easier to live out their yume fantasies.
Or are you talking about the ones who don't want to self-insert?

No. 303916

So true and it's annoying as fuck. I've seen some of these fans be also into moid shit without question but only virtue signal about otome games (and shoujo/josei and pm all female targeted media). If they want a sassy, rude fake-strong MC, they can pick up a western YA novel

No. 303984

File: 1687420221666.png (4.98 KB, 691x367, Screenshot_14.png)

this leddit poll shows that most western otome players don't self insert and it's obvious they despise girls who DO self insert despite the medium's original goal. if you want muh strong opiniated mc, you have dozens of indie western games available to you

No. 304002

No one wants to self insert as a doormat, I think the majority of otome fans want a strong feminine protagonist who is kind and caring instead of a character that is the typical snarky sarcastic mean girl that western otomes go for. You don’t have to be masculine and agressive to be strong

No. 304003

File: 1687429957929.jpg (99.99 KB, 500x496, KDSD-989.jpg)

Who is your CXM oshi and why is it Okazaki?

No. 304025

Im actually playing CM unlimited right now and his route dissapointed me a bit, which is such a shame since it had such a strong and steamy start. Still my 3rd favorite boy after yanagi and shiraishi. Im pretty new to the CM fandom and got shocked how popular sasazuka is.

No. 304030

shiraishi is the true overtly popular one, both his route's endings were hot garbage and i felt he would be a better fit for mukai than the mc because how strange and offputting he was in general. i feel they genuinely had no idea what direction they wanted to take his route in

No. 304038

Maybe i got lost on the sasazuka side of fandom twitter then since majority CM fanarts i saw were of him kek. Im definitely mad about the endings of shiraishis route (i liked the ’bad’ ending the most). Im actually hoping unlimited will fix my dissapointments towards those endings, but im leaving shiraishi route for last so its going to be a while since i get there. I personally loved how strange and offputting he was, i think it works well considering who he is and his past. Its actually hurting me a bit that hes not around in yanagis route in unlimited considering the two of them are friends. Im still playing yanagis route and its so good!

No. 304039

who's your favorite, nona? is unlimited fun??

No. 304042

If you put a gun to my head and asked me to pick a favourite id still struggle to choose between yanagi and shiraishi. Theyre so different from eachother but i just love them both. I feel like yanagi isnt my usual type but hes written so well i am completely smitten. Hes got that hidden moe factor. For shiraishi im a sucker for ”cheerful character who actually has a lot going on” trope and just as he liked seeing mc’s reaction to things i liked seeing his. Im also oddly engrossed in their weird friendship and unlimited is just feeding more material to me. Im really loving unlimited so far, i have beaten okazakis route which unlocked yoshinaris side story and i really enjoyed it as well! I cant wait what more side character content there will be, im hoping something for minegishi. Im curious to hear what other nonnas favourites are even if this game has been out for a long time now

No. 304043

I actually think there is a degree of projection that they don't want to admit. This also happens to western YA novels, everyone asks for the same flavour of badass sassy opinionated heroine. Even if they don't self-insert this is the ideal type of woman in their head and the only "right" way of writing a female protagonist, someone who is outspoken and who bickers with the male love interest. If you actually notice, many girls who ask for this type of heroine also have a tendecy to act like that, or wish they could act like that. If they truly didn't care about self-inserting they'd be open to more variety and appreciate even the shy, quiet heroines or sweet, girly girls instead of dunking on them as if it's a personal attack "see this heroine is dumb but if it was ME i would tell him to fuck off". I personally can't stand snarky sassy characters, be it in real life (had to deal with too many mean girls, nlogs and bullies) or fiction

No. 304047

Do you guys use guides when playing an otome for the first time or do you like to go in blind?

No. 304056

I've seen that shit with the wave of Korean isekai webtoons where they'll suddenly talk about how they want female leads overthrowing the government, never take shit and be super feminist. Most fans are still sane but I've seen some wild takes.

I'm biased but honestly most yumes are super chill who just sit in their own corner doing whatever they want. It's always those that think they are better then a self-inserter complaining and virtue signaling the most.

No. 304070

he probably fags out with kazuki every other day but i want an akito route so bad

No. 304080

When I first started playing otome games, I didn't use guides. Then I strictly used guides and now I'm back to no guides but will occasionally check them for missing CGs. My reasoning for now is that checking my phone for the right answer breaks my immersion

I just started his route. He's the one I'm most interested in so I'm curious how he'll be

No. 304084

First time is always blind, and choosing answers the way I'd respond in real life, the times after that are me more or less settling on a personality based on the guy I'm trying to get and when I finished it, I use guides to get the last CGs I didn't get that way.

No. 304100

Ooh, yeah, these people. I don't get why they play self-insert games if they don't want to self-insert. If they read it solely as a romance novel, they should realize they're in the wrong genre.
>You don’t have to be masculine and agressive
I don't even think there's anything wrong with wanting that, nothing wrong with variety.
But I think the problem is that not many otome games give you options to be dominant and assertive. A lot of them trick you into thinking the protagonist/you will be able to take interesting choices but it's all fake and the protagonist ends up being moved by the plot or the other characters instead. And a lot of players (self-inserters) are also tired of not being able to be dominant with the love interests. It's a matter of giving the player a sense of agency, you don't have to make the MC aggressive or rude for that to happen.

No. 304103

>"see this heroine is dumb but if it was ME i would tell him to fuck off"
When the protagonist you're supposed to self-insert as keeps acting nothing like you would, or doesn't seem to have common sense and keeps making stupid decisions, and whose personality in general is nothing like yours, then of course it makes it hard to self-insert. And these are often super girly girls too, so these people associate one with the other, even though a girly girl character can still be smart and proactive (I've personally seen MCs like that).
Maybe that's why some of the complainers don't self-insert, because it's hard for them to find otome games with protagonists that aren't the opposite of what they are and break immersion, and there aren't many quality options for them.

No. 304113

I'm actually playing CXM rn (I finally got a Switch and this was one of the games I got because of how popular it is) and Okazaki has definitely been my favorite so far (I'm on Shiraishi's route now and then I'll have Yanagi's left). Tbh I didn't expect to love this game so much lol, prior to Collar X Malice the only otome I fully completed was Amnesia and it was pretty boring in comparison (except for Ukyo's route, and maybe Ikki's). I was planning on playing the other otome I bought along with the switch after I finished the game but I just bought Collar X Malice Unlimited because I couldn't help myself lol.

No. 304124

File: 1687471134893.jpg (165.77 KB, 800x565, FFF9qJgaUAMqIWI.jpg)

Now that CxM is on topic, anyone know if there is a full version of this picture? Its so cute!

No. 304229

File: 1687507991951.jpg (93.79 KB, 500x500, Okazaki.Kei.(Collar×Malice).60…)

tracer or not, i still love her art

No. 304279

File: 1687538250010.jpg (197.22 KB, 1280x720, CXMU (11).jpg)

I have a thing for scary looking men who're just sweet. Also found it funny/sad he couldn't find anyone to go get ramen with because he scared everyone. personally all the of the adonis routes are my fav. I forgot her name but I especially liked the man-hating her

No. 304309

File: 1687545943887.jpg (162.43 KB, 1448x1078, Untitled.jpg)

I was playing Nameless and I lost. I didn't know you could lose. How tf did this happen? I started dreaming, and then the game was over? All I did was try to follow a cat. Can someone explain, lol

No. 304368

File: 1687569950193.png (120.26 KB, 720x360, FzITWktacAE65zS.png)

Istg, I SWEAR I saw someone posting about Salty Hounds before in /m/, but I have tried using the search tool and nothing came up? I'm sorry if this is not the right place to talk about the game, but it's technically a dating sim with an all male cast (except the MC, obviously).
Is anyone gonna try this? It's from a korean company and seems to take some inspiration from Mystic Messenger with all that "phone call" thing. I like the art style a lot.
To be honest, I never thought this would get released.
Reminded me of this indie yandere otome game that was kind of similar (pixel art, sort-of-open-world). Does anybody remember the name or the twitter handle of the dev? It was in japanese, and I can't read or write moon runes, nonas, I need your help. If anyone from the yandere thread before the /m/assacre can help me find it again, I would be forever grateful.

No. 304375

I backed Salty Hounds and I'm excited to finally play! I only did the lowest tier to get the game because I had doubts about it from the start, but I still wanted to support it. They had issues with their artists leaving but hopefully everything will be fine now and they stick to the end of month EA release

No. 304488

File: 1687625546159.jpg (258.03 KB, 1920x1080, 96609127d59f8a13a3710b6fdb0ffb…)

Am I the only one who laughed her ass off at the big reveal in Kent's route? He's sweet but he was such an asshole before the mc lost her memories

No. 304519

File: 1687638950934.png (82.42 KB, 680x409, 5da9dfc8a302fd49b30d3c226eb361…)

nice! if you can, post your thoughts when you get it

No. 304525

File: 1687641955046.jpg (82.6 KB, 680x383, 68747470733a2f2f7062732e747769…)

Is anyone else waiting in agony for Club Suicide's English release? it was announced 2 weeks ago!

No. 304546

I like Kent but yeah he's pretty deeply autistic.

No. 304551

oh my god anon i haven't heard of this game until now but i just looked it up and im already obsessed, i can't wait. it looks so good

No. 304565

never played and otome because i found the art ugly, but i am willing to pop the cherry with this one. The art is lovely and i like the guy's designs, specially the tanned guy.

No. 304572

It sucks that this artist with such a unique style is also a gendie (don't look up her newest game)

No. 304587

The art looks suspiciously similar to Anji Aizawa's style…

No. 304609

kek it's the same artist

No. 304612

But the one that made the game and art is called Reiji/Leiji Uesugi. Unless that person is using a pseudonym in order to publish hentai doujinshis, which I find stupid because that art style is pretty unique.

No. 304615

It's the same artist, under anji she draws and writes josei porn and bl. You can check some of her manga are translated online.

No. 304617

Why can't idea factory put the amnesia dlc on steam? Why is there so many region locked otome games on switch?

No. 304621

File: 1687687548448.jpg (38.39 KB, 736x581, 2b19c79c5bdb9d1d9b1e387416e665…)

>270 - yes
>545 - no
wtf. Genuinely, why play otomes if you're not going to self insert..?

No. 304622

kek nona
i guess some are older and think self-inserting is past them but to be fair i don't get the appeal it's not like otome games have a great storyline in the first place, the entire point of it is to imagine dating hot guys

No. 304632

Some people just enjoy them like interactive romance novels I guess.

No. 304639

Redditors usually think they’re “above” self-inserting even in media explicitly made for that

No. 304643

File: 1687701687518.jpg (95.8 KB, 960x544, Yoshinari.Hideaki.full.2893370…)

I resigned him to side character status, but was pleasantly surprised to see a mini route in the fandisc. It showcased exactly what I liked about him, and was just a cute to the point romance, no extended drama needed. Good shit.
Main LIs are ok (except Yanagi) but I could take or leave them

No. 304645

With how terribly so many love interests treat the MC, I wouldn't want to self-insert either.

No. 304649

File: 1687705397915.png (516.62 KB, 1440x1866, Olympia.(Olympia.Soiree).full.…)

this girl is so insufferable

No. 304651

Does anyone still play on vita/psp or have you all moved onto Switch full time? I feel like the switch is so damn heavy for long playtimes and there’s no way I’m projecting my games onto the tv kek

No. 304658

My vita is my baby, I'm never going to let it go. I'll probably get a switch one day (I mainly wait for it to get cheaper than like… $250 at the very least lmao), but so far I'm happy with everything the way it is.

No. 304697

>I feel like the switch is so damn heavy for long playtimes and there’s no way I’m projecting my games onto the tv kek
I have a Switch Lite which I got on sale so it was cheaper than a regular switch. I have always preferred handheld gaming anyway and knew I would never use a switch while its connected to the tv so there was no point in getting a regular switch. Tbh as much as I love my PSP I slowly stopped using it when I got my Switch

No. 304753

Why? Is it the flashbacks?
I otherwise thought she was a pretty standard MC

No. 304806

I'm a piratepleb due to living in a fifth world country and could never afford a switch game with that exchange rate and salary, much a switch. I got a hacked vita for a good bargain tho and will have a lifetime to finish all the vita and psp otome. (You can use multiple emulators on psvita like psp, ds etc.)
From switch I don't have many games that I like/want to play tbh, but I'll try running olympia, virche and tempest on the android switch emulator that released fairly recently.
Will probably get a switch once it 100% safely jailbreaks or when I move to another country where I can afford shit lol.
Vita emulator does run most otome games now btw. And switch emulators probably everything now.

No. 304818

the constant flashbacks about her mom and douma's hand make me want to rip my hair out

No. 304820

For me, it's
Though it isn't her fault so much as just the writer's obsessive need to make the player watch the same flashbacks 150 times. Did they think we'd forget?

No. 305547

How do I write a compelling BL story? I can already program the basics and I have friends who can do artwork but Im too intimidated to start sketching out the main story beats, Im afraid it wont be enticing enough for anyone to actually finish it

No. 305555

Can anyone recommend a really tear jerker otome game? I'm in the mood of something over the top and kinda cheesy that makes you cry and feel very emotional

No. 305563

I enjoyed the game and characters overall but I button mashed as fast as I could through all those flashbacks as soon as I saw one coming up.

Wrong thread? This is for otome games, a GxB romance subgenre of the wider joseimuke umbrella (no matter otometwt's claim of "an otome game is any game called an otome game kek). Maybe the fujos can help you out >>298322 or the writing thread wherever it is.

Have you tried Even if TEMPEST? It's 50% off on the eshop right now in NA and EU stores. It has its issues but it's a particularly tragic otome that I really enjoyed

No. 305568

Im dumb, thank you

No. 305572

Shinigami to Shoujo if you're good with reading jap/using texthook MTL
I've gotten emotional with a few otome, but StS is the only one where I was actually just crying

No. 305627

Yoshiwara higanbana. You can choose the r18 or steam r17 version. R17 has an extra route that's THE SHIT.
Black Wolves Saga is very tragic too and first game has eng translation on visual novel database.
You can also browse the nakige and utsuge tags on vndb.

No. 306256

File: 1688329242673.jpg (5.26 MB, 4096x3276, GridArt_20230702_132124123.jpg)

IFI announced these localizations at AX today:
>My Next Life as a Villainess in winter 2023
>Sympathy Kiss in early 2024

No. 306259

I had never heard of Sympathy Kiss before but that cover art got me very interest

No. 306634

File: 1688497477249.jpeg (58.58 KB, 635x473, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a…)

What are some otome games with a gothic/victorian theme? The setting can be modern, I just want these vibes. I tried out Princess Nightmare but she looks too much like a loli to me and the art was ugly. It's a shame because I loved her gothic lolita design.

No. 306745

File: 1688569252565.jpg (663.67 KB, 1280x997, tumblr_2e1adab2876c41f7f3011e8…)

fav piofiore LI?

No. 306779

File: 1688581130976.jpg (135.81 KB, 700x700, Tumblr_l_591769026817102.jpg)

No. 308771

File: 1689544948750.jpg (304.32 KB, 800x1096, cafe enchante.jpg)

I just finished Cafe Enchante yesterday and I really want to talk about it. I knew going in that it was a bait-and-switch with a fluffy common route and angsty character routes with bittersweet endings but it still kinda shocked me lol especially Misyr's, like holy shit…I still can't believe the "good" ending and surprisingly enough it made me cry like a baby, which is not an easy feat since I usually don't cry that easily when it comes to any kind of media, but Cafe Enchante really got me I cried the most with Misyr's, like really hard multiple times, I cried a bit with Il's route, and with Ignis' I didn't full on cry but I did get teary-eyed.

Anyway, overall I did really like it despite the pain it caused me lol. My favorite route and character was Il by far, I loved him so much, the plot and character development were just perfect, and while I've seen some complaints about how there's not enough romance in his route I still found it satisfying, the ending was beautiful imo. After that I'd say my next favorite is Misyr and then Ignis. I ended up liking Ignis a lot more than I thought I would (I don't usually like tsunderes but I felt that Ignis wasn't that mean compared to tsunderes in other games I've played), both his character and the route, and he gets bonus points for having the steamiest CGs. With Misyr I have complicated feelings, I really loved him as a character and as I was playing the common route and the other character routes I got excited to play his route, but in some ways it let me down. On one hand the explanations and backstories were interesting, and how Misyr and the heroine first met and ended up saving Misyr was really sweet, and it makes Misyr's behavior towards the heroine throughout the game make a lot more sense, but at times I felt there was too much plot dumping and the resolutions for the other character's problems (that are explored in their own routes) were sloppy, with the exception of Il. And then of course there's Misyr's good end, I hated it so much. While I playing that last chapter I felt absolutely devastated, and afterwards I felt kinda angry. The writers did him and the heroine so dirty. While this game is known for bittersweet endings this was on another level the other good endings felt at least somewhat happy. As for Canus and Rindo's routes I wasn't really into them as LIs.

Nonnies who have played it what are your thoughts? I searched this thread but there were only two mentions and no real discussions.

No. 309010

sorry long sperg rant about ozmafia incoming. I started slowly trying to do all the routes for ozmafia (my first time playing it, using a guide for correct dialogue answers but otherwise went in blind) and right off the bat finding out about the ntr aka cucking routes disgusted me. then after completing a few routes I disliked the game even more.
the plot seems like it's all over the place - a jumbled mess. the world building is inconsistent. the romances feel like they move way too fast. mc/fuka looks and acts very childlike and it really grosses me out, especially considering how mature the love interests are both in looks and personality compared to her. I feel very meh about the art style - to me it looks idk how to explain, scribbly/sloppy or maybe dated is a better descriptor. the music is very lackluster and there are so many loading screens that are all very slow. the more I get to know each character the more I start to dislike them. it's like reverse character development - feels they regress and get more annoying as the routes progress. the endings I've gotten to so far feel very unsatisfying.
to me it seems like everything was half-assed. maybe once I finish all the routes (aside from the cuck ones, I refuse to do those kek) I'll have a different opinion? seems unlikely though. can anyone explain to me why this game seems highly regarded and gets recommended a lot? or if you played the game and enjoyed it what were the things you liked about it?

No. 311593

File: 1690681065554.jpg (36.5 KB, 600x340, Dante.Falzone.full.2764108.jpg)

I just finished Piofiore and I'm with >>306779, Dante is so fucking cute ugh. At first I was indifferent to him due to his cold exterior but then I played his route and fell for him hard lol. What can I say, blushy guys are my kryptonite and I loved how sweet he was.

No. 312120

sorry for kind of a dumbass question, but why are so many otome game titles seemingly switch or PS exclusive? im used to play BLVN or other classic vns like F:SN, which are traditionally on pc, so its really weird going to look at otome games and seeing that a lot of them you can only play on switch

No. 312123

Japanese companies fuckery. They love having x-device-only releases, so you're forced to consoom more. I laugh at consolefags though - games are increasingly becoming smartphone-based, with developers giving no fuck about consoles (may their demise come sooner).

No. 312126

damn that sucks, thanks for the reply though nonny. im sure the switch is a good platform to play otome games on but buying a whole new device just to play vns for me would be ridiculous. if the trends going towards games being smartphone based thats even worse imo, who the hell enjoys playing vns on smartphone

No. 312162

The problem with switch is how censored shit has to be because nintendo is now a family console (which is ironic considering some of the moid garbage i spot in the eshop)
If otome was centralized for PCs that would be less of a problem

No. 312218

I understand the logic behind the Switch filling the PSP/Vita's niche as an otome gaming console but I don't like it. Feel like pure shit just want her (Miss PS Vita) back. It's just not the same feel.

No. 312447

In a few years, Switch will be phased out as well and the history will repeat itself. I guess people who buy consoles are masochists.

No. 313682

File: 1691567560427.jpg (106.59 KB, 392x373, mg.jpg)

New Manga Gamer sale:

No. 313969

You don't understand the appeal of handheld consoles because you lack a life outside of your home and (even more so) the internet.

No. 313976

File: 1691703693433.png (309.96 KB, 485x519, you're the same.png)

Pot calling the kettle black.

No. 314220

You completely missing what I'm talking about just drives the point home. The appeal of handheld consoles is that they can be taken on the go or pulled out for convenient smaller sessions of reading within a busier schedule.
I actually agree with your point when it comes to consoles like the PlayStation 5 or Xbox, it also makes sense to me to just game on the PC in those cases. But handheld consoles fill a more distinct niche that can't be met by PC gaming. Especially in their Asian home markets where a quick session of gaming on your commute or between lectures at uni is less publicly frowned upon than it might be in much of the West.
And that's just considering the market of working adults with disposable income to spend on fitting gaming into their life. When it comes to kids, there's an even bigger argument to be made for handheld consoles. A hybrid console like the Switch capitalizes on the best of both worlds by being something the kid can take to play with friends or being something the whole family unit can enjoy.
These are all sort of obvious points, though? It's sad that none of it came to mind and you instead reflexively reacted to what you interpreted as a baseless jab. Touch grass.

No. 314229

>go outside
>play games instead of talking to people
Handheld consoles are for people with no life outside their home but have to go out

No. 314243

Wrong, I'm nta but in the cases when you take your handheld consoles outside with you you probably weren't going to socialize to begin with. And I used to take my 3DS with me in uni because I often had 4h or 6h long breaks between classes and if anything a bunch of classmates started talking to me about their favorite games when seeing it or even played with me because they also took their 3DS with them for the same reason.

No. 314247

Are you implying that we should start talking to strangers on public transit? That's nothing but a great way to get harrassed as a woman by creepy dudes in my experience, even if you weren't addressing them. Quit grasping at straws and own that you made multiple embarrassing posts exposing your limited perspective.

No. 314252

This is some high-concentration copium. You're not better than anyone in this thread just because
>I go outside!
>with my console!
>to socialise!
like some Pokemon Go retard.

You sound like you're projecting from your childhood - kids these days play games on smartphones. I do not see anyone playing on a handheld console AT ALL, doesn't matter where I go.(infighting/derailing)

No. 314306

I'm seeing that the idea of a user demographic different than you is just too inconceivable for you, I guess? Some people are casuals and just play on the go in short sessions and a handheld console best fits that playstyle. You're getting told to touch grass because you keep insisting that your reality is universal and that console gamers are suckers for not playing on your preferred platform.
I wouldn't have said this at the beginning of this discussion, but since you've made it abundantly clear that it's who you are… Have fun basing your self-worth in the hours you spend cloistered in your room gaming every day…?

No. 314506

nta but just run an emu on your phone and crack the damn game. consoles are a waste of money.

No. 314817

None of it matters. The days of handheld consoles are not coming back. Nobody but a handful of old geeks will still use one.

No. 315487

>be a fujo VNfag who wants to get into otome VNs
>play Amnesia and like Ukyo a lot
>Check out VNDB for other otoge
>There's like over 80 on switch alone
I'm thinking of starting out with Collar x Malice since my friend said it was really good but wow there's a lot of options! I like darker themes and yandere characters so which one would be good for that?

No. 315682

Taisho x Alice

No. 315711

Are there any actually good otome recs in steam?? There was a time where I had at least 7 Otomes downloaded on my home and I'm starving for neet activity so bad.
Anything is fine, I literally consume anything as long as it has husbandos.

No. 315789

psychedelica of the black butterfly is good

No. 315811

butterfly poison blood chains

No. 341085

File: 1702229318540.jpeg (623.08 KB, 828x817, IMG_0808.jpeg)

coming out as a solomon oshi

No. 344967

File: 1703621743007.jpg (69.7 KB, 563x751, 76576ee434d4848afcf9ede4bfd9f0…)

i just created a steam account, i need to know what are the best otome (under 15 dollars) Please give me your recommandations !
the pic is to get to the front page

No. 344988

taisho alice

No. 345008

Locking this thread. Please use the newer thread, feel free to repost your replies in it: >>192885

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