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File: 1684943425600.jpeg (261.76 KB, 2048x1200, IMG_0095.jpeg)

No. 298322

>FUJOSHI (腐女子, "rotten girl"): a self-mockingly pejorative Japanese term for female fans of manga and novels that feature romantic relationships between men.

>Discuss yaoi and BL here, as well as series and games aimed at fujoshi like Hetalia, sports anime, and male idol anime.

>Discussion of BL games here is totally OK but please do not cannibalize the otome game general.
>Discussion of Male/Male ships outside of strictly BL series is allowed.
>Feel free to ask for recommendations, but please specify what kind of material you're looking for (Genre, oneshot/series, doujinshi, SFW/NSFW etc).
>Being reasonably critical of BL is welcomed but don't come here only to bait or excessively moralsperg about fujos or how much you hate BL as a genre. Take it to Twitter.
>Be mindful of others and hide your spoilers. Use the spoiler image option and wrap your text inside spoiler tags.
>Reminder to ignore the baiting males and trolls who come to provoke. Hetero and pedo shit is forbidden here. Just report their posts and ignore.
>Be nice to each other , we fujos should stick together.

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No. 298328

Thank you for the fresh thread anon-san, may this one be fruitful and fun

No. 298329

File: 1684944941922.jpeg (53.07 KB, 500x768, IMG_0058.jpeg)

Amen yaoi Jesus

No. 298331

File: 1684945590527.jpg (1.69 MB, 4032x3024, 1557450839772.jpg)

I'm looking for recs. I want a manga with juicy art (hot men, no shota), sex scenes and a retarded plot. What's out there for me?

No. 298339

File: 1684946271206.jpeg (248.21 KB, 1400x2000, IMG_0096.jpeg)

Caste Heaven’s pretty fun for retarded BL manga

No. 298340

File: 1684946285938.jpg (217.05 KB, 1582x1875, 20230111_033513.jpg)

Looking for recs with shota because they're cute, preferably spirit or yokai x human boy (I'm already well aware of hanako-kun)

No. 298343

File: 1684946907799.png (381.24 KB, 601x578, BL room.PNG)

Any anons know or follow accounts similar to erinnnnnnnnao? I enjoy her social so much because she posts daily BL covers on her main IG, lifestyle like yoga, food and fashion on her second IG and lifestyle + BL on her twitter. I could only dream of owning a BL room like hers. Her socials:

No. 298344

File: 1684946943460.jpeg (73.29 KB, 460x652, IMG_0097.jpeg)

Ganbare Nakamura kun’s mangaka did some stuff like this, one with a historical horror theme (Gesshoku Kitan, which I actually really enjoyed despite it only being one volume) and a one shot with a Jianshi boy which was very cute (Aojiro Shohan).

No. 298345

File: 1684947038240.jpg (174.42 KB, 1333x1000, 107568389_p12.jpg)

Gonna ruin my life and rewatch Naruto for <3 them <3

I love the Boruto designs but I've never seen it because I never finished Shippuden lmao

No. 298346

Who tops

No. 298347

What a queen.

No. 298348

File: 1684947425431.jpg (70.29 KB, 600x589, 57826910_p17.jpg)


No. 298349

also I usually hate Vtubers and think they’re cringe, but Seto Kazuya is an extremely adorable zombie(?) boy.
I hope we get more spooky shotas in the future.

No. 298355

Thanks for the OP picture, now I have to remember to get this VN and DMMD some day. Not now though because I need to save money for my summer holidays.

No. 298356

Anything by Niyama. Her art keeps getting better and better, I recommend Sonna ni Iu Nara Daiteyaru because there's a sex scene like every chapter. Happy Shitty Life is extremely retarded as well, not just the plot but also the characters.

No. 298357

File: 1684948184464.png (500.12 KB, 826x733, huh.png)

she's hindu? huh?

No. 298358

File: 1684948418485.png (542.29 KB, 884x743, sasunaru canon and real.PNG)

According to Megan Thee Stallion, Sasuke tops Naruto. I trust her.

No. 298360

she's japanese so I guess she just likes the look of it.

No. 298364

File: 1684949659240.jpg (16.2 KB, 720x615, cb4d1b65af7d55c824a3118fe15123…)

my turtle fujo verdict is that during teenage-hood naruto is most likely to top, being the "boke" raises his hornyness so he is the one most likely to push the romance. During adulthood I can see sasuke being more dominant and in the top role as he is edgier than ever and naruto just wants him back. But when they reach old geezer status I can see them switching constantly depending on their mood.

No. 298365

Megan Thee Stallion is comparing herself to Naruto in the lyrics, "I'ma make him eat me out while I'm watchin' anime (Wow, wow, anime), pussy like a Wild Fox, lookin' for a Sasuke (Yeah, yeah, ayy, yeah)", Megan Thee Stallion would definitely be a top if she was a man, therefore you are wrong and she is based and thinks Naruto tops. In this essay I will…

No. 298369

waiting for slow damage haters to be mad that towas the threadpic lol

anyway anons, for when i finish sweet pool are there any slightly more light-hearted BL vns worth checking out? most of them on my list to play are on the darker side, which ofc i enjoy, but… last few vns ive played have been very dark and gruesome, and i really feel like i need some brain bleach

No. 298371

My heart says that Naruto tops.

No. 298372

File: 1684951536303.jpeg (36.52 KB, 325x450, IMG_0111.jpeg)

>waiting for slow damage haters to be mad that towas the threadpic lol
Really hoping I didn’t cause infighting there whoops.
>more light-hearted BL vns worth checking out?
I’m playing through Lemures 2am right now which doesn’t seem too dark comparatively? There’s a focus on death but there’s no H scenes and such.
You have to change your system to Japan and run it as windows 7 for it to run properly though (at least it’s free).

No. 298375

i hate slow damage. and i am here to fight about the thread pic.

No. 298376

OH anon were you the one who posted the image of the game in the last thread? if so i actually downloaded it bc of you! i thought the art looked really nice – its sitting on my pc installed and ready for me to play next. thank you for the recommendation!

No. 298378

Yeah I was! It’s always nice to see people check out more obscure BL VNs (Japanese ones that is, western stuff is cringe) since mainstream fujos don’t care about visual novels.
Is it the eye pussy

No. 298379

Post an essay about why you hate slow damage

No. 298380

>Megan Thee Stallion would definitely be a top if she was a man
kek that's too much for my poor heart.

I'm so damn jealous of her. I don't have an instagram so I can't see her posts individually, does she just post pictures of the BL she reads or does she also review them?

No. 298390

i actually would like to read an essay on why people hated slow damage. for the most part i found it engaging - i had a few complaints for sure but i still think it's one of n+cs better entries

No. 298398

Fuck off. The last thread is still active. Mods, kill this thread.

No. 298421

jesus anon relax, these threads are slow asf. doesnt make much of a difference if a new thread is made now or later

No. 298422

Calm down Jojofag Jesus fuck.

No. 298424

can we not just be thankful that someone made the thread correctly with all the right links and without adding their own squicks as a thread nono for once.

No. 298425

Technically those squicks from a nona threads ago are still there

No. 298427

Is it me or things are looking kind of bleak for BL VNs? Just don't see any coming out anytime soon. There's only one I really liked recently and it looks as though it'll be the company's only VN ever.
I will regret asking probably but SD haters? What? It's such a middling yaoi VN - I would never replay it - that it's weird to think people particularly hate it. The threadpic is cute.

No. 298428

File: 1684959235846.jpeg (588.35 KB, 1612x2048, IMG_0125.jpeg)

>Just don't see any coming out anytime soon
Lykt and Slow damage came out in English not that long ago and Ooe is in development and should be out this year (at least in Japanese).
I’d argue the opposite if anything, for quite a while the market was barren as hell but now there’s a fair amount coming out.

No. 298436

It's the same exact OP as the previous one, even still referencing the now-revived /m/assacred threads

No. 298452

for me, it was just boring. towa's such a dull uke (not cute at all, just some bulky skelly apathetic dude) and completely wasted on the tops + setting. it was also so slow kek. i got as far as him leaving that one dude's (?) apartment after they cut his arm or whatever then my interest totally petered out.

lkyt is much better. i do wish mc was a uke though. can't have everything

No. 298456

ah, you're right. Now that I think about it probably is just a me problem. I just haven't liked what has come from major studios recently. SD, Lkyt, UltraC, the weird doctor one from the Hadaka people (which I thought would at least be morbidly funny but it wasn't), etc. Ooe looks ok but not my type, either. I liked Tokyo Onmyoji, Hashihime, and Sorcerer's Choice.
I think maybe my tastes have gotten very narrow with age.
tbh, you made the right choice. the devs pretty much have route be the only real true route and I'm still bitter over it.

No. 298459

re: the game feeling slow, i see where you're coming from but i feel like most if not all of the n+c titles have the same pacing issues. seems less like a slow damage issue and more like a n+c issue imho

towa didn't do much for me either lmao, i'll be honest i spent most of the time wishing he'd actually eat something and wondering how the hell he didnt just keel over from his anachan diet of coffee and cigs (ill still take edgelord towa over a bland white bread protagonist like konoe from lamento any day though kek)

i liked reis route tbf. rei in general deserved better. but yeah, the true route definitely feels like it was made to be like, the main takeaway from the game. i can imagine the handful of people that actually liked madarame we're piiisssssed about the last route

No. 298461

Why didn’t you like UltraC out of curiosity? I thought the unconventional storytelling was really well done (though hashihime was still better to me).

No. 298462

I think a lot of the game definitely does rely on how you feel about Towa, I personally loved him so slow damage became my favorite VN of all time (not just BL) but I get why he might be irritating to a lot of people.
>lkyt is much better. i do wish mc was a uke though.
Ok now I’m actually surprised, I haven’t played lkyt yet but I 100% thought the protagonist was an uke.

No. 298470

Well, when I say don't like, I didn't dislike them aside from Patient S Remedy where I wasn't even able to finish even half of it and I got to a bad end. UC was entertaining for a while though it got super…abstract in a way that I found hard to follow–I preferred how Hashishime's weirdness was a slow burn. Also I hated the gender stuff in the 2nd route even though I adore Shiro.
I didn't like the 1st couple at all. Plus, having the couples pre-ordained was probably made it less exciting to me. It's great for people that want to experience an epic, experimental, fixed story, you're right, but wasn't for me. OH! The sex was also all awkward quickies to me and each time I was left confused and weirdly unfulfilled. Maybe I'd have a more favorable opinion of it if I played the 3rd route/couple?
Based fellow Rei enjoyer. I wished his route was better but he's the only character besides Eiji I really liked and at least he has a lot of sweet moments.

No. 298472

The 3rd route clears up a lot of the story (though it still has a level of confusion to it, which is why I’m thinking of doing a reread).
I actually really liked the first couple, it was nice to have two guys start the VN already dating since that’s so rare in BLVNs, didn’t care for the second one at all not only for the gender stuff but that they never really go into how fucked up it is that Isshiki raped Shirou? They just sort of phrase it as ‘oh this is why Shirou is homophobic’ and just have him get over that he was raped. isshiki in general didn’t have much going on with him to make him likable as a person or love interest to me.
Although I like ULTRAC I think it would have greatly benefited from being longer and maybe even just keeping it to two couples instead of three (once you play the last route you realize that Isshiki x Shirou really don’t matter in the grand scheme and are basically filler characters).

No. 298479

No. 298495

Both! she reads and reviews manga. She also loves BL audios.

No. 298505

Join the fujoshi discord!

No. 298547

isn't there also "What in Hell is Bad" coming out recently? there's also Nu:Carnival.

No. 298548

Nice, thanks for the link. I'll check her reviews for the BL manga I already like a lot and see if we have similar tastes before I can use her website as a reference.

No. 298549

can someone recommend incest BL i have a need for brothers being creepy towards one another

No. 298563

lots of Slow Damage opinions, so I'd thought I'd share mine.

The game is mid at the very best for me, which is a real shame, because I've loved every other N+C title out there. It's not that I hate Towa, I just find him very uninspiring. I've played 3 routes and started the last route around a month ago, and just haven't gotten round to finishing the game (mainly bc Zelda has been distracting me). I see ppl across reddit/twitter/Tumblr say the last route is the best and all, but I feel like 0 motivation to actually finish it, which is super weird for me bc I always fixate on BL games when I start one and don't do much else entertainment-wise if I'm playing one.

I thought Murase was okay. I liked Rei, but didn't like the direction his route went in. Thought Madarame's route was hot garbage. Fujieda's route seems okay so far. Haven't done enough to have an opinion.

what do you girls think? Should I push through, or drop the game and start Lykt? I think I'll like it because I really liked No Thank You, so if its the same vibes, I'd be having more of a fun time there.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 298564

File: 1685001120024.png (445.14 KB, 1000x1222, illust_96652836_20230525_02531…)

Thanks for the rec anon! I've been loving Seto for a long time too, his design is so cute and striking

No. 298565

queen your crown is falling… leave the subject field empty next time

No. 298582

Honestly, I would say to just drop it. Fujieda’s route is the best one only because it has relevant plot, but imo it wasn’t that much more interesting and if you played the rest it’s pretty easy to predict what’s going on. I also just found Fujieda to be super boring and the whole ending with him and Towa together felt kinda forced.

I still like Slow Damage, I don’t have incredibly high expectations for BLVNs just by the nature of the thing, but for all the hype I saw about Fujieda it seemed kinda lame in the end. The prostate hitting sex scene was A+ though

No. 298609

>I think I'll like it because I really liked No Thank You
Is no thank you good? I’m a huge slow damage fan but I never checked out no thank you because I thought the art was kinda ugly.

No. 298646

File: 1685036898562.jpg (419.06 KB, 2035x2048, FgAsuj-VUAEcagV.jpg)

anyone have good fanfic recs for them? preferably in character and not too long. they are one of the most written about ships on ao3 in general but 99% of them are trash, it feels like the fandom is stuck in 2007 some fics still have ‘yaoi warnings’ ffs.

No. 298667

File: 1685044796685.png (396.03 KB, 1280x1024, penisgate.png)

nta but I almost forgot about NTY. I don't find it hot at all even if everything is done technically very well and it's probably perfect for people with a taste for fucked up stuff in a more sterile, fruity aesthetic. None of the characters are my type. It has such a chaotic vibe with the main character being a very agentic mega-perv and from what I read it wasn't boring, it's just clearly written by a man.

No. 298682

File: 1685054122856.jpg (96.75 KB, 800x598, 8129_original.jpg)

christ i had no thank you on my to play list, i didn't realise the guys were so ugly
honestly i know people hate on overly flowery shoujo art styles in BL vns but i'll take the pretty boys in titles like lucky dog or shingakkou over some generic looking dude who looks like he doesnt wash his asscrack any day

speaking of lucky dog, we're never getting that english translation huh

No. 298695

Fujosperg idea of the day: Making a very heterosexual, very sexist, very proud/arrogant but still hot anime scrote raped slowly into becoming a stupid gay sex toy who only feels complete when he’s taking dick from other men. Like him becoming so dumb that the only thing on his mind is sex with other men and he gets genuinely distraught if he can’t.

No. 298707

>honestly i know people hate on overly flowery shoujo art styles in BL vns but i'll take the pretty boys in titles like lucky dog or shingakkou over some generic looking dude who looks like he doesnt wash his asscrack any day
I think a lot of it just comes from ‘not like other fujos’, those types who brag about only being into bara as if it somehow makes them superior and isn’t just a personal preference like everyone else has (even more annoying though if they don’t actually like it and just want to be contrarian)
The strange thing is that the no thank you characters were drawn by a woman, but she also did the art for euphoria and maggot baits so I think that speaks for itself.
But yeah I’ll take flowery over realistic looking moids.

No. 298710

seconding this. please drop recs nonas

No. 298720

Has Service Boy not picked this up yet?

No. 298726

File: 1685074074905.jpg (73.36 KB, 702x1024, topsuke.jpg)

Yeah, the last time I read fics for them was way too long ago. I second wanting recs.

No. 298728

this sounds like a shayna tweet kek

No. 298739

File: 1685078840455.jpg (153.95 KB, 1000x1412, Aru_Otoko_no_Higeki_by_Harada_…)

Not the exact same, but I thought of him.

No. 298744

File: 1685079160136.jpg (179.11 KB, 1080x907, 20230526-073043_Twitter.jpg)

>we're never getting that english translation huh
Mangagamer tweeted that the translation is almost complete a few days ago, there's still hope nona.

No. 298769


Harada sensei my beloved

No. 298777

English BLVN scene is so sad, who even wants to play these dated games

No. 298799

No. 298809

i'd agree with you but lucky dog is honestly a good game and im happy it's getting a translation, even though they dragged their feet on it for years and years.
also i think gian is probably my favourite BL visual novel protagonist, out of the handful of vns ive played. would be cool to see some people play it & share there thoughts here

No. 298862

I want to play them! I found tokyo onmyouji cute and well-realized. I only get worried though because if it doesn't sell well, then they might stop translating old ones. Not really sure if there's any BL visual novels coming out soon with a style I like. I hate being so picky.

No. 298986

File: 1685194106294.png (Spoiler Image,1008.71 KB, 839x840, Screenshot_6017.png)

Nsfw 3x3 of ships i like, was hesitant about posting it here but fuck it

Me, i do.(ban evading)

No. 298999

File: 1685200331971.png (321.45 KB, 1280x978, tumblr_ou3uniyso91qkgj3no1_128…)

I retract everything I said about Rance, I respect you now.

No. 299018

File: 1685204687732.jpeg (70.26 KB, 502x780, shejustlikeme.jpeg)

based towa thread pic nonnie
I was gonna ask if anyone knew any sites I could download SlowDamage from besides justusa because it doesn't accept my card for some reason

No. 299024

Adachi/yu is better though

No. 299031

It's too different to be comparable imo. Not a bad ship, but it gives off very different vibes. Yu/Yosuke is cute and fun while Yu/Adachi is way more edgy. Adachi belongs to Dojima anyway.

No. 299064

the monster of memory

No. 299104

File: 1685215214764.jpeg (217.94 KB, 759x1105, IMG_0480.jpeg)

>Adachi belongs to Dojima anyway
>Implying Dojima doesn’t belong to Yu
He’s an uncle fucker

No. 299128

Not gonna happen because Yu's mom would beat Dojima to death and Dojima is already scared shitless of her anyway.

No. 299137

>drops her son off for a year in the boonies
>implying she gives a fuck

No. 299139

It's canon but only mentioned in a Golden exclusive scene, I think it's when Yosuke makes everyone get motorcycle, you have to ask permission from Dojima and the poor guy is begging you to not get in a traffic accident because otherwise your mom will come back to Japan and kill him. Yu goes well with everyone imo, video related. It's a crime that we can't date any of the guys when it's the one Persona game where it would have been believable.

No. 299162

source of the bottom right one?


No. 299371

i've played this game already
bumping this request also >>298549

No. 299389

Deichuu no Hasu by Tamekou is a personal top pick for creepy incest BL. Fuyushirazu no Koi is quite good but it's about cousins not brothers. Tobi Washio's bros. was also decent (I love Tobi Washio but it's not my personal fav work of theirs) but they're not blood related.

No. 299425


Correct. Dojima x Adachi is superior is every single way.

No. 299426

Are you the same sort of retard that thinks Joker's parents are the scum of the earth because they sent him to Tokyo alone because it has the ONLY school that will accept him?

No. 299450

Does anyone have some recommendations of BL that features the concept of a prisoner of war falling in love with either a guard or warden? If possible, in a more historical setting?

No. 299451

>Dojima x Adachi is superior is every single way.
But Yu is cuter and I want Adachi to top…

No. 299452

I don’t care about persona 5 outside of gay art of Joker with Yusuke or Goro (not Ryuji though, he sucks)

No. 299456

Nah, it's all about Dojima x MC

No. 299475

Ryuji is based because he always shit talks the ugly, annoying mascot, there I said it. Not BL related though, but fuck Morgana.

No. 299477

>not liking the kitty cat
What’s wrong with you? He’s cute.

No. 299478

Dojima > Adachi > Yu > Kanji > Teddie > Yosuke
For the seme to uke scale btw

No. 299484

Fuck morgana for being an annoying sex pest. He peaked at the one fujobait moment, Teddy was cuter and 100x more bearable–no pun intended.

No. 299548

there was a Nazi BL that i read a while back, about a prisoner that sleeps with a Nazi Officer and it ends with the 'Muricans(?) arriving and ripping off some patch from the Nazi's jacket and the prisoner stabbing him, now if only i could find it.

No. 299558

His cuteness is canceled by his shit attitude and his annoying voice.

No. 299564

holy based

No. 299578

Goro is the best boy simply because of him always sounding like he wants to kill and fuck Joker at the same time.

No. 299681

Queenly opinion. Goro is best boy.

No. 300144

File: 1685743002214.png (627.86 KB, 1600x2269, radical omegaist.png)

big fan of this blackpilled king

No. 300145

File: 1685743037121.png (719.04 KB, 1600x2269, choice omegaist.png)

there's a liberal omegaist too omg
noah's ark

No. 300146

Based rad-omegaism

No. 300147

Based rad-omegaism

No. 300148

File: 1685743490465.png (534.35 KB, 1600x2269, 898988.png)

my last post about this but i can't believe i ever thought this author was a scrote kek.

anyone know of abo manga in which the ukes are indeed biologically smaller/more feminine than the semes btw. that's a plot point here but it's more of a background thing

No. 300151

I've seen a lot of shit in bl but theres something uniquely unhinged about slipping a buttload of commentary on feminism in a your omegaverse bl mango like greens in a smoothie. based, but where did we go wrong (or… right?) to get to this point.

No. 300152

i don't know, but i'm obsessed. i hope it's selling well…

No. 300155

File: 1685744502437.jpeg (797.47 KB, 1665x1754, F9B1D0FD-7BCA-41C0-AEDB-38162E…)

I love where this manga is going. I wish it were easier to tell people to read Asada’s manga, but the content is always a little too suggestive for anyone that doesn’t read BL.

No. 300156

File: 1685745159655.jpeg (954.92 KB, 3799x1700, IMG_0933.jpeg)

Damn I should catch up with Owari no seraph since apparently it got even gayer
Like, Yuu literally ditches everyone else to be with Mika and rejects the feelings of the female love interest because he only loves Mika and openly admits that he considered suicide everyday that he thought Mika was dead.
I’m surprised they’re letting the two mains be gay in a shounen manga honestly.

No. 300157

>in which the ukes are indeed biologically smaller/more feminine than the semes
Literally any ABO manga, nona

No. 300167

Maybe I just read too much omegaverse, but I feel feminist commentary is par for the course with this subgenre, hence why I am always confused when people automatically write it off as sexist or pure fetishism. In the right hands, it's a goldmine.

No. 300176

kek, really? that's amazing. I really wanted to get into it because it seemed like it was dripping in melodrama but I instant-quit the anime when the protagonist finally gets to the surface because some randos show up in tacky military-style uniforms to poach him and I realized it's probably like any other shounen.

No. 300190

File: 1685769835340.jpg (836.74 KB, 1450x2048, E9ic2xzVcAEDLea.jpg)

>I feel feminist commentary is par for the course with this subgenre
recommend some
>Literally any ABO manga, nona
you too, give me recommendations

No. 300210

No offense, but this is just regular male/female hetrosexual reality. but men will never ever have babies IRL so the omegas are literally just women.

No. 300214

morbid curiosity, did omegaverse actually go mainstream? everything I know about it I know from Omega Vampire which I am deeply ashamed of.

No. 300217

I feel like this is a culmination of the whole Omegaverse really. I feel this subtext was always present since its inception in fanfics/literature

No. 300227

File: 1685796986373.jpeg (318.23 KB, 1500x2106, D2D18661-1982-4239-B81E-B313A3…)

I think most people are aware of that, it’s just the contents of this manga are so centered on feminist topics smashing the…alphatriarchy? it probably not be allowed to exist if it were in anything but a BL magazine

No. 300229

I will lose my shit if this manga causes some fujo to peak and become a radfem…and I'll gladly accept it

No. 300232

kek I'm not reading this because of my deep hatred of omegaverse but it does look like a thinly veiled feminist manifesto like anons said in the previous thread.

No. 300233

In Japan when it comes to BL? It's absolutely mainstream. I had a hard time finding good stuff that wasn't omegaverse in the Animate in Ikebukuro a few years ago and I don't like omegaverse so that was super frustrating. Not sure how diverse the stories are, from my point of view I thought almost everything I saw seemed to be sad melodrama with just Megumi to Tsugumi being a comedy, but that's the only one I read. I'm just saying this based on the covers I saw.

No. 300235

Not a Fujo, but this os genuinely one of the most interesting things I have come across.

No. 300236

it showcases a side of fujos that i never liked, mpreg was always its own niche but you guys know that fujos has always been accused of self inserting as the bottom or unable to read het and now the omegaverse with the ass babies proves just that

No. 300246

There's no "accusing" of self inserting, they actually do that. You can read blog and website articles (in japanese) that ask fujos why they like BL, and it's pretty much guaranteed that a portion will say they do it to self insert. It's not a bad thing, and it's not surprising considering japan's shitty society.

No. 300247

I don’t like omegaverse so I might come off as bitter (and I don’t mean to) but the reason I find this kind of logic frustrating is because having to force yourself to read feminist critique with male avatars is just lame to me. Why not engage with feminist theory with female characters? Why do you need male characters to be saying it? I don’t know, nothing about abo is appealing or subversive to me. The only time it makes sense to me is when someone tells me they like abo because they have a pregnancy kink, kek

No. 300248

because female characters don't give me that horny buzz. reality is too depressing, imagining men as the ones suffering takes some of the edge off.

No. 300249

>Why not engage with feminist theory with female characters?
It's not a documentary. It's like asking with Orwell wrote about a farm and animals to make a point about human politics when pigs and cows aren't the same as humans, it's an allegory girl. I personally would rather watch the news than see some fictional teenage girls go through all that shit just for the sake of being informative, at the end of the day the manga is supposed to be entertaining as well. And imagine unsuspecting fujoshi who just grab this book at the closest Animate to see hot guys making out and reading this instead.

No. 300250

Yeah idk, imo men can suffer without taking on real-life women’s problems. I can understand where you’re coming from but men in BL already don’t act like real men, so why does it need to go one step further and turn into feminist ideology. I just never understood people defending abo for these specific reasons, you can have your kinks without turning it into some incredible feminist sociopolitical critique as a defense for why you enjoy it

No. 300251

Comparing Orwell’s Animal Farm to male characters acting out radfem theory in romance fiction is kind of baffling to me, sorry nona. It’s like comparing apples to oranges

No. 300254

>why does it need to go one step further and turn into feminist ideology
why doesn't it? I don't see the problem. the use of male characters as talking pieces only gives it a broader appeal to women, some of whom may not be interested in a normal feminist doomer manga men would probably make fucked up porn of. I think the animal farm analogy is somewhat fitting.

No. 300255

Both are allegories though, even if they're not similar and don't target the same audience at all.

No. 300258

It’s a bad allegory because men and women are both people? What is the allegorical intent there? It’s like if you had white people act out black people’s social politics in some made up fictional word and said it was allegorical, it’s absurd and serves no purpose other than to obfuscate and misdirect. It’s certainly an allegory but it’s a retarded one

No. 300260

File: 1685811726556.jpeg (69.37 KB, 500x714, 520AF939-8BB8-4D2D-80F0-B19E29…)

No. 300262

I wouldn't use race as an example, but you are correct that both men and women are both people but even in a perfect egalitarian world we will have vastly different experiences, like no man will ever understand childbirth or prospect of an abortion, they will never experience what it's like to be slightly smaller then half the population
It doesn't make men better or women worse but It makes us both distinct in our own special ways.

No. 300264

I do neither and I like omegaverse honestly, granted I also like hetships and don’t self insert as the girl in them either.

No. 300266

Because its not as interesting that way. Really the author just likes both feminist ideology and seeing two guys fuck and at the end of the day, what's wrong with that? Or to throw the question back, why does it need to be women if the author doesn't want it to be women?

No. 300267


No. 300269

Because it’s a reflection of female social politics? I don’t understand your aversion to women

No. 300270

i don't understand why would i want to read feminist ideology but with ABO dynamics like this sounds extremely dumb to me? you know there's many different ways to make men suffer, and i can't take it seriously in ABO situations even if it's an "allegory" the premise itself is way too ridiculous. women don't go into heat, we don't have strong weird pheromones and we don't fuck like animals. if you want to read something feminist you will read it with female characters that showcase the reality, if you can't do it with actual female characters then my guess is that you don't really care that much about feminism. now if you just want to coom then as i said there are better ways to make men suffer rather than omega going into heat and being knotted

No. 300271

>not wanting to draw or see women experiencing horribly depressing discrimination means you hate women
What's the logic here? Lesbianism? Really the endgame is to draw men having sex, the feminist ideology is not the main course. Why do you need it to be women so badly? You've acknowledged many BL characters already act like women, and are of course written by women.

No. 300272

Your own exemple is so stupid I'm shocked. No wonder why you don't get the point.

No. 300273

>the feminist ideology is not the main course
It quite literally is, in this case. You can read my other posts, I’m not criticizing people who enjoy omegaverse as a fetishism thing (although I can’t really get into it, I don’t find mpreg hot). I’m criticizing people who say reading feminist critique is “boring” when it’s about women and only find it engaging when it’s men telling the story. If you just care about the sex why do you need the politics in the first place?
>inb4 It’s not that deep!!!
The original post I responded to was saying they didn’t understand why more people didn’t enjoy ABO explicitly for the feminist ideology, all I’m saying is that if I want to read feminist critique I’m going to read it in stories about women. I read BL to see men be pathetic and get fucked

No. 300274

Similar to what the other nonas said, it makes it easier to digest because it's not as real while still drawing from real experience. Like how watching a documentary about one thing can be depressing but reading a fictionalized version lets you see it from different angles with a degree of separation because no one is actually getting hurt. Reading a history book vs reading Game of Thrones. I'm not averse to media with women (I probably have the largest amount of crossover with the gl/yuri threads here than anyone else in this thread) but reading media centering women and female only experiences will always, without fail, strike closer to home for me and brings up deeper and more complicated emotions. BL, while it does bring out strong emotions, has that degree of separation because I'm not a gay male and neither is the author (usually). Omegaverse is a way to channel the author's commentary and experiences while still letting both of us have that degree of separation. Maybe it is just that the author has a pregnancy fetish, but they also don't like seeing women being fetishistically submissive to men; why not just use a fictionalized version with what they are comfortable seeing? Of course, no one is obligated to like it, and to many authors it is just a fetish piece, but my favorite works of the genre always delve into the deeper aspects of the worldbuilding and the unique views of each author.

Admittedly, most of my all time favs with the most complex commentary are fanfics and I don't want to expose my niche fandoms, so I'll list the handful of manga I like. Not all of these focus on feminist parallels but rather have interesting worldbuilding, in my personal opinion.
>Megumi to Tsugumi (I have rec'd this in like 3 fucking threads just go read it already)
>Kimi to Unmei ni Tsuite no Hanashi ga Shitai
>Shima-Chan Chi no Tsugai Jijou
>Kouguu no Omega
>Meppou Yatara to Yowaki ni Kiss
Also want to ask if anyone remembers the name of this manga of an omega teenage boy who becomes suicidal after presenting as an omega and either getting raped or nearly getting raped, it was several years ago and I don't remember how it ended but it stuck with me, I think I stopped in the middle because it was so depressing but I want to finish it..

No. 300275

>because I'm not a gay male and neither is the author (usually)
btw, is Asada Nemui into women? Because My Little Inferno was about a male hacker and a male student yet the student's mom has a way more detailed backstory about her girlfriend that died while climbing a big mountain and the mom training to climb it and see her again or to give her a proper burial or whatever. I'm not into yuri at all but if she ever decides to make one maybe I'll read it.

No. 300276

I wish I knew and I also wish there was a manga about that mom kek. It blindsided me like crazy seeing the most insane backstory ever in just a little post credits note.

No. 300277

>it makes it easier to digest because it's not as real while still drawing from real experience.
The issue I have is the fact no degree of separation and allegory can change the fact the women are the only one's who get pregnant.

No. 300279

I’m sympathetic to the idea that it’s easier to engage with feminist media when no women are involved to see get hurt, so I understand where you’re coming from and I’m sorry if it seemed like I was turning my nose down on it. I guess I just will never see the appeal of a story that is basically “poor man, oh woe is man, society has hurt the man”. I don’t want to see men suffer the way women do, I want to see them suffer in the own system they created. And then get fucked in the ass, I guess.

No. 300280

Do you struggle to conceptualize "what if?" scenarios?

No. 300281

>it’s time to listen

No. 300285

File: 1685820229816.jpeg (166.65 KB, 1016x1003, 832A9187-622E-4FD2-B485-C69B7B…)

She just started writing a series with a female lead, only one chapter so far but it seems like all the main characters are women.

No. 300287

…and? No one is trying to change that fact or claim that men totally give birth too. It's a made-up universe with made-up sexes that's most likely used to experience and analyze issues with a degree of separation. I don't like omegaverse either but you're making it sound like girls into it are trying to erase women or something when it's just entertainment with some deeper messages here and there.

Oh that's nice. I hope she doesn't write BLs just because it makes her popular, because sometimes it really feels like she's very into women and wants to write GL instead (and drop the BL like many other authors do once they get more established).

No. 300288

There was a Tumblr post I saw sometime back, about what if men got pregnant and had to take care of babies. People were joking about it until someone pointed out that it's just our current world situation. A "what if" scenario can't simply be turning X=Y without changing anything except for maybe the pronouns while keeping the same structure.

No. 300290


No. 300308

No. 300309

kek i wonder if it'll get translated.

No. 300406

>Somewhere out of here a clueless straight guy thinks this is just friendship

No. 300490

A trauma victim and his abuser.

No. 300555

I just think the characters are a cute couple or have an interesting dynamic. I don't like to imagine myself in these situations.

No. 300556

Haha, get it. Because yaoi.

No. 300557

No. 300560

File: 1685945802843.png (56.27 KB, 500x374, f9f.png)

>Comparing George Orwell to omegaverse BL manga
Typical day on Lolcow.farm

No. 300574

god forbid women analyze fiction

No. 300575

fuck george orwell

No. 300578

fujoshis could do Animal Farm, but George Orwell could never do omegaverse BL.

No. 300579

based, imagine making not-wearing-makeup into some crime against humanity and evidence of an oppressive system.

No. 300580

please don't use twitter phases here. It makes the gay male lurkers feel welcome here.

No. 300581

huh? what was twitter about that post

No. 300582

what word did i use that was twitterspeak? did you mean to reply to >>300578

No. 300584

Kek what is this schizopost, what part about that was twitter phrasing and why would it attract gay male lurkers

No. 300586

File: 1685952462105.png (Spoiler Image,72.79 KB, 612x409, forallgayscrotes.png)

if gay male lurkers here feel welcome, then i have picrel for them

No. 300588

>Come back to the thread to read up on what I've missed
>It's another "omegaverse is a misogynist allegory" episode once again
At this point I'm almost certain that it's Paki-chan or some equally retarded troll baiting because the argument goes in circles for ages and they refuse on a principle to understand the concept of "they're not women and that's the entire point" and keeps conflating them with FTMs and their self-insert breeding fetish and bringing up "w-why not just read things with female characters instead my fellow fujos?!" like a broken record. Nobody is this stupid or dense, it's entirely bad faith acting by now. Nonnas need to stop biting the bait.

NTA but IME all ABO manga has painfully basic as fuck bottoms that look like generic brown haired schoolboys/college students with no personality, not strikingly beautiful and effeminate tamekou bottoms like anon here >>300190 posted.

No. 300600

This thread has a handful of topics that will derail it for days on end because anons can't just scroll past and ignore anything they dislike. I can't stand all the rape and abuse posted but I'm not going to argue with the people who post it because it's none of my business.

Idk if it's people from the anti-fujo threads coming in to purposefully derail or keep the arguments going but I wish everyone would just drop it when it's obvious no one's going to change their mind. It's yaoi it's not that deep just post more art.

No. 300601

And after all this way too obvious homo shit they'll still find the way to shoehorn the very unlikable girl love interest (seriously Shinoa fucking sucks, not because she's female but because she's an annoying teehee manic pixie girl who's also suuper strong and deep, though Yu is just as bad) by getting rid of Mikaela most likely.

No. 300602

Amazing how I only compared both because they have allegories and nothing else and yet anons are having collective heart attacks. Your reading comprehension is too low to comment anything at all, go back to primary school.

No. 300606

Yeah but it would be Animal Farm where Napoleon and Snowball are in a tense love/hate toxic relationship and it kinda loses sight of its point and its ending is much more unsatisfying.

No. 300618

I think this manga is hilarious (omegaism? MISALPHIST??) and I love that the author is really going off with the obvious feminist messages in-between two men fucking. It's just… if the omegas are oppressed, Takatora became an omega afterwards, and the blackpilled king calls him an alpha still… is Takatora the equivalent of a TIM? TIO? Trans-identified Omega?

No. 300619

Samefag, this is mostly a joke btw, I know you can't compare ABO to real life

No. 300626

I’m not baiting, I legitimately just think ABO is cringe and lame. Your mpreg kink doesn’t need to be universally loved, stop seething about it

No. 300628

Omega vampire was cute, funny and retarded in a good and I enjoyed it very much even tho I'm not much into ABO. Karin makes some good games.

No. 300699

Your argument would be valid if it would just be about not liking ABO because I find it cringe and lame too, but it's always garbage faux concern like "b-but it's ackshually, like, super misogynistic and stuff and you're an aiden egg with a pregnancy fetish (btw totally not screenshotting this for the antifujo thread)" and even legitimate discussion about the assumed ethics of ABO is impossible because you stick your fingers in your ears when people make an honest attempt at explaining the appeal and block all conversation. It's shit, transparent bait and anons need to grow wise to it.

No. 300702

I didn’t say any of that, I responded to someone who was explicitly wondering why more women didn’t like ABO for the feminist critique it apparently provides. All I said was it was embarrassing to claim you like ABO for those reasons, and I continue to feel that way. Go ahead and like your mpreg smut doujin, stop pushing that there’s some intellectual pursuit behind it.

No. 300706

At no point in her post did she say that was the reason why she liked it, autismo. NO ONE said that. All she said was that she didn't understand why people who hate omegaverse brush it all off as misogynistic garbage when plenty of it has feminist undertones. You made shit up and argued about it for a whole day.

No. 300717

Who knows at this point, Yuu already openly rejected her and chose Mika so I’m not sure how they could write her back as the love interest.

No. 300718

File: 1686016242133.jpeg (44.1 KB, 500x345, IMG_1144.jpeg)

Also you could tell the anime staff REALLY wanted them to get together

No. 300719

i hate this ship because mika deserves better than annoying retarded yuu. i hope he dies at the end

No. 300720

Yuu isn’t that bad, he’s a bit of the typical shounen protagonist but his deep obsessive love for Mika makes him more tolerable in my book.

No. 300721

Can nonnies redpill me on this ship, is it worth reading? Is there a fun dynamic there or is it just a standard pining x oblivious type ship. I need to know the level of reciprocation

No. 300729

I just read this, I love this character. The MC may be trash but him getting a hysterectomy in reaction to being an omega was wild as well.
I hope it continues being based because it'll hopefully open the eyes of some readers who hadn't previously thought this deeply about feminist topics. As sad as it is, many women simply choose not to face reality or easily swallow up validation for their self-subjugation. Maybe feminist concepts arriving in such a package will get a foot in the door of their minds.

No. 300730

Honestly… no. The plot is convoluted, and all the characters (aside from Mika and some of the vampires I guess) act really fucking stupid. It's actually annoying to read if you're trying to take the story seriously. It's good at the start (by good I mean the Mikayuu moments and tension), then it becomes an utter clusterfuck in the middle, and only in the recent chapters (I'm talking like the latest 20 chapters) does Mikayuu actually develop. The only reason I still check in on this manga once in a while is because I used to be obsessed with Mikayuu back in middle school kek.

But if you are really here just for Mikayuu moments, yes Mika is absolutely obsessed with Yuu and is the only character who doesn't get any flack from the fandom. His actions and goals make sense in terms of what we know of him (everything he does is for Yuu's sake). Meanwhile, you'll find yourself scratching your head trying to understand the other characters' motivations because it keeps flip flopping and doing plot twists and turns.

Yuu is just… infuriating. But in the later chapters I think I've actually come to find him more tolerable like the other nona said. It was mostly Mika pining after Yuu and throwing everything away for Yuu's sake, but now Yuu is doing the same in return for Mika and choosing him over the world. I was actually shocked the manga decided to go this route, but it feels rewarding to finally see Yuu pining obsessively for Mika (to an unhealthy level). The sad thing is, this ship could actually be really great if only the whole vampire-seraph plot didn't drag it down so heavily.

No. 300771

As the other anon said, the plot of the story is convoluted and shonen-tier with a bunch of lame twists and gotcha moments. The only good characters are Mika, the villain and some other secondary vampires. It's gotten better in the latest chapters where Yuu reciprocates Mika a bit but during the whole story he's your typical dumb shonen protagonist yelling friendship and vengeance while Mika is the more serious and better written counterpart. I know it's good to dream but I don't think they'll be a canon couple by the end, most likely it'll turn out that they're parts of the same being reincarnated separately and more akin to brothers/twins/literally a split person.

No. 300790

can someone recommend some BLs set in a zombie apocalypse? or at least related to the undead.

No. 300802

The anime is actually entertaining and very well made so I recommend you check that out and see if you like the characters.
I liked the show a lot but Mika and Yuu were too bland for me.

No. 300803

File: 1686066353813.jpeg (200.3 KB, 650x924, E4709EAD-51EA-4015-A57F-3E247B…)

Thanks nonnies! Honestly them potentially being the same person split/twins sounds like something I can absolutely get behind. Stupid plot twist shounen usually don’t dissuade me from reading so long as it’s sufficiently fujobaity/otherwise fun, and I don’t really expect anything canon. I’ll give it a read and see!

Boys of the Dead? Or was this the BL that got you interested in the setting? It feels too obvious somehow, kek

No. 300809

>Boys of the Dead? Or was this the BL that got you interested in the setting? It feels too obvious somehow, kek
nope, it was Uruwashiki Shuuen, as well as some other manga i can't name that was also BL with zombies(but the MCs had a more rapey relationship), both that i read on MangaRock.

No. 300842

There's Undead (kinda lame though tbh), Zombie Hide Sex, Boys of the Dead and if you want korean webtoons there are Rainbow City and Radio Storm. I'd also be interested in other BLs in a zombie setting.

No. 300896

I'm late but what is that code geass one? are those lelouche/suzaku children??

No. 300920

No, I think it's just a really generic ahegao face. But rance fan was a shotafag, if you couldn't tell by the other ships on there, so I don't blame you for assuming so.

No. 300923

ayrt, what about the Unfeeling Me? i remember reading it a long time ago but dropped it and i can't remember if i had a good reason to.

No. 300931

File: 1686114921903.png (602.57 KB, 3507x2600, IMG_1227.png)

I’m interested in checking out date fate extra when the remake comes out in English (hopefully that’ll happen…) despite thinking the original VN (which I did read) was pretty shitty.
With that being said though I’m surprised Gilgamesh usually bottoms for the male protagonist though he gets shipped with the female one way more, kinda makes me wonder if fate is a franchise more waifufags and yumejos are into over fujos?
Only real gay ships I know of is the mentioned male protag x Gil (less popular than the female counterpart), Lancer and Archer (I don’t get it honestly, they don’t really have any chemistry) and Waver x Iskandar (haven’t seen fate zero, just seen a lot of small hamster big banana fanart for them).

Is there any ships I missed?

No. 300934

File: 1686117339909.png (240.36 KB, 512x875, 550_CE_Talk of The Hot Sands.p…)

Enkidu/Gil, Kirei/Gil, Arjuna/Karna, and Sherlock/Moriarty are also all big ones. Enkidu/Gil is probably the Gil ship I see modt frequently nowadays (and I'd consider it the most canonical), although Kirei/Gil used to be the big one.
Also, almost missed Romani/Merlin, which is also pretty popular. I see quite a bit of shipping between the Knights of the Round Table, too.
Honestly, I haven't seen much ship art of male Hakuno/Gilgamesh. But if you see more of female Hakuno in general, it's because she's just pretty popular. The player character x Gilgamesh ship that I see most often has to be Gudao/Casgil, though.
Picrel is art drawn by Takarai Rihito of Ten Count fame that's actually in FGO as a craft essence

No. 300935

File: 1686117571145.jpeg (144.7 KB, 720x800, IMG_1272.jpeg)

All I know about Enkidu is that he’s clay that probably doesn’t have a dick, barely counts as BL if I’m being honest.
I actually did see a lot of the male FGO protagonist with Gil (more than with the female one) and he was bottoming in most of it despite them both being silent protagonists? Kinda makes me curious why they’re basically reversed. I guess for extra you could make the argument it’s because the female protag is a lot cuter and better designed than the male one, but I think the girl is still cuter in FGO too….
I was not aware they had fate counterparts, please show them to me because that sounds hilarious

No. 300936

File: 1686117632290.jpg (180.92 KB, 1200x783, bcd6a6f89505f8d4f7e6cd9ede2fb1…)

I'd really recommend reading Fate/strange Fake to Gil fans, by the way. It was written by the Durarara and Baccano writer, Narita Ryohgo, and he really went full in on Gilgamesh and Enkidu as soulmates.
It'll be getting an anime next month. Any nonnas who miss the DRRR and Baccano days of shipping dudes who beat the absolute shit out of each other should enjoy it, too.

No. 300937

File: 1686117859072.jpg (577.99 KB, 1200x1697, 8f7db43040fc426ae37c7b71391794…)

Nah, Enkidu/Gil usually gets played as either a) normal BL where they both of dicks or b) Enkidu still has a dick but they (fanartists and fanfic writers) use the clay aspect to do some borderline teratophilia shit with it.
Picrel is Moriarty and Sherlock, Moriarty is the old guy.
Now that I'm thinking about old man BL in Fate, Mozart/Salieri is also potently gay stuff. The dudes are ugly as sin in the actual games, but fanartists go wild with their imaginations. I'll include art in a reply.

No. 300939

I’ll just stick to Gil/Gudao for now since I don’t really like long hair bottoms that much (tops sure though)
>Picrel is Moriarty and Sherlock, Moriarty is the old guy.
I was honestly expecting something a bit more crazy design wise.

No. 300940

File: 1686118296199.png (1.15 MB, 700x994, 7773526ba03f157f311fc258bd734c…)

I'd recommend looking them up. The discrepancy between their in-game appearances and the fanart they get is genuinely delusional but I kind of love it. Makes sense though because the tortured BL they have going on narratively is some really good shit.
Re: The Gilgamesh stuff, I'm not really sure why top/bottom dynamics work out that way. I just know that in the case of Casgil, I mostly see him bottom because it's one of Gil's "tamest" (tame by his standards, I guess) iterations. He bottoms a lot (~75% of the time) with Kirei and Enkidu too so I think it might be a situation where fans just like seeing him put in his place by anybody who can actually do it.

No. 300941

Archer/Lancer (Emiya/Cu) is a really popular ship too, it used to dominate all Fate spaces for the longest time. Sakamoto Ryouma/Okada Izou and Gilgamesh/Ozymandias have plenty of fans too.

>All I know about Enkidu is that he’s clay that probably doesn’t have a dick, barely counts as BL if I’m being honest.
NTA but this is literally the most ridiculous "totally no homo" cope scrote fans desperately hold on to because they can't accept their chad bro Gilgamesh being gay and the "actually Enkidu uses they/them pronouns" crap only exists in the English localization of Fate/Grand order, not in any of the original scripts. According to the original legend of Gilgamesh he and Enkidu were both men and in Strange Fake Enkidu is described to have a male body but a beautiful, feminine face because he copied it out of appreciation from a shrine maiden who saved his life in the past iirc.

No. 300942

That probably does fall into it, Gil is such an asshole that he needs to be taken down a peg for once for a lot of people. I like him topping more even though I’m not thaaat into him character wise (looks wise he’s very nice though).

No. 300943

>because they can't accept their chad bro Gilgamesh being gay
Why would they care anyway? Dude spends like half of stay night trying to yandere rape Saber so it makes sense that he wants to stick his dick in everybody.

No. 300944

>Why would they care anyway?
Because they're homophobes who think being gay is disgusting and damaging to their fragile masculinity to the point they can't project into their totally awesome top dog golden king (who always dresses like a flamboyant gay man anyway)? You know why.

No. 300945

>projecting onto a canonical jobber

No. 300946

File: 1686119000855.jpg (168.51 KB, 734x1034, 11afb08ce916e5127a5e4739f8cfef…)

Right? I hate the forced they/them-ing of Enkidu by fans who don't even prescribe to the original text. The clay excuse is so stupid, too, I don't see why clay can't be male if these troons believe a man can be a woman.
God, I can't believe that I forgot Ozy/Gil… The most obnoxious ship in the best way. It's some great shit.
This art is more depictive of their actual designs. Moriarty also has a young version, but IDW keep shitting up the thread with my Fate picspam.
Wasn't part of the reason he's so obsessed with Saber because she reminds him of Enkidu, too? Dude is so gay that he seeks out Enkidu in every iteration and could literally sense Enkidu's summoning when it happened in strange Fake with exultant delight.

No. 300949

File: 1686119633256.jpg (286.62 KB, 960x1330, c06d8d40b596f8e2e7ac6a0ff27279…)

>Dude is so gay that he seeks out Enkidu in every iteration and could literally sense Enkidu's summoning when it happened in strange Fake with exultant delight.
And don't forget that the entire reason why Enkidu died in the past was because Ishtar was so fucking jealous over Gilgamesh rather choosing him and repeatedly rejecting her that she wanted to kill the competition. Their relationship is spelled out so many times and Gilgamesh never shows any signs of genuine interest in women since the obsession he had with Saber was more akin to seeing a shiny new toy too.

No. 301011

>Waver x Iskandar (haven’t seen fate zero, just seen a lot of small hamster big banana fanart for them).
That's the best part

No. 301044

Didn’t deny that, I just feel bad for Waver’s butthole.

No. 301075

you could be referring to each one of them and I would'nt know

No. 301083

i had a dream about a BL visual novel but with a big roster of romanceable boys w really pretty character art, & it made me realise that otome games/dating sims tend to have a wider variety of character archetypes and designs? BL vns seem to go more for having a deep plot but with less routes & characters.
i don't really have anything to add with this observation tbh, i just wish there were some more fun BL vns out there à la hatoful boyfriend

No. 301086

Maybe it's because with otome series, they can get away with the MC not having a strong personality so it's easier to add in a lot of characters without having to think too hard about the dynamic between the MC and the love interest. In BL, I feel like if the main character isn't interesting enough or otherwise has a strong personality, it's not as engaging to watch the relationships from the sidelines. BL games don't ever really aim for "self-insert" or silent protags like otome can, so each relationship needs to be more carefully considered to make it convincing, maybe leading to less options in the end. That said, I also kinda want to see more series like that, Nu:Ca will get there eventually if they keep adding new guys.

No. 301097

i agree with you there. i was even thinking about nu:ca when i was typing my original post– i havent played it but it popped up in my mind as a bl game with potentially a bit more variety in characters.
n+c vns over their various iterations have had some really fun LIs – clear from dmmd, that iguana guy from sweet pool, etc etc. but yes the routes are usually pretty limited in their games. dmmd kind of stands out to me as one of their only games with decent route variety (slow damage didnt have much variety imo, granted i only enjoyed 2 routes out of 4 lol)
also i'm an artfag and sometimes i get the urge to draw up some pretty boy character designs for an imaginary BL or otome type game, just so i can indulge myself a little

No. 301117

Want to talk about furry bara but I know you biches will pitchfork me and throw me into a bog cause ur tasteless

No. 301126

I mean if you say "tasteless" that is a fighting word, kek.
also I installed tokyo summoner a while back and I find it cute but I find it difficult to find most of the characters attractive.

No. 301128

Only men like furry bara and furries need to die anyway

No. 301130

this isn't true. I knew a girl back in college that drew them and seemed to like them.

No. 301131

not true, tifs fuckin love them for some reaosn

No. 301134

Do they ACTUALLY like it or do they just pretend to because it makes them feel like true and honest gay men?

No. 301150

honestly anon you choose the ONE imageboard that isn't okay w furryshit, literally you could post furry bara to 4ch and they'd be okay with it.
have fun with your moid ass taste

No. 301156

The gall to say other people are tasteless when you like bara and furry shit on top of it. Fuck off, your tastes suck you damn zoophile.

No. 301158

You have the same taste as a porn addicted moid.

No. 301165

Then talk about it, no need to sart stuff. I support you nonnie.

No. 301169

Just go on /y/, they love that shit to where it clogs the entire site.

No. 301174

they pretend obviously. deep down they still want twinks but if they admit their love of twinks that will make them less faggot-like

No. 301176

File: 1686236498380.jpeg (686.89 KB, 3500x3500, IMG_1369.jpeg)

Reminds me of this shit
>straight woman yaoi just looks like an outdated yaoi hands manga from the 90s even though everything else looks modern
>lesbian yaoi just looks like a lot of modern BL art styles, nothing really lesbian specifically about it (women generally don’t let their coom habits effect their art like moids granted, so there’s less of a difference of art between straight, bi and lesbian women).
>gay men yaoi is just regular barashit
It’s not as bad as that other one where even the bara garbage they wanted to be the ‘good one’ looks poorly drawn, but it’s still pretty clearly TIFs being insecure as usual.

No. 301179

at this point they have to be delusional. gay men like bara for a reason, they are moids after all therefore they have moid fetishes and like hairy chests, pot bellies and smelly armpits. the same way straight moids like massive melon tits, ahegao and art with fucked up anatomy. but this is something the average woman finds disgusting! there are rare cases where bara can look okay, but pic related is gross imo. i have nothing against women who like bara, but it's a fact that for most of us is a turn off and something we have to be brainwashed to like
everyone having different tastes is whatever, the problem arises when people mock and make fun of female interests and put male interests on a pedestal. twinks are bad because women love them and moids hate them. bara is good because moids love it

No. 301184

what the hell is lesbian yaoi? looks like your regular enby self insert character to me idk.
also reminds me of the fact that zoomers & aiders get up in arms if you call BL a female-oriented medium and start screeching about how they're not women actually & that BL is totally valid queer representation kek

No. 301185

File: 1686239788303.jpeg (58.3 KB, 800x290, IMG_1381.jpeg)

I’m gonna guess they were going for the Nagata Kabi’s artstyle?

No. 301213

File: 1686258050090.png (1.34 MB, 912x908, bk-mita.png)

Anon I will support you. They can't call you a zoophile for this when they're still posting shota and incest. Who's your favorite artist? Mine is BKMita.

No. 301216

gtfo this is the one fucking place that furfags haven't ruined with that shit. go post it on /g/ keep the male and tif adjacent content out of fujoland.

No. 301217

i wish this brand of normalfag would just leave yaoi (and to a certain point, all weebshit) alone.

No. 301218

>this brand of normalfag
I call them tourists because they feel like they're fake fans who don't know what they're saying.

No. 301227

Not even a furfag, I just like buff men in my yaoi. All male x male is valid, ignore it if you don't like it. Bara is one of the most tame things to bring up in this thread considering what else has been posted.

No. 301228

Not even a furfag, I just like buff men in my yaoi. All male x male is valid, ignore it if you don't like it. Bara is one of the most tame things to bring up in this thread considering what else has been posted.

No. 301238

Everything else posted here is made by women and a female fetish. Bara is gay porn for men drawn by men, it doesn't belong here.

No. 301240

File: 1686265989811.png (Spoiler Image,113.83 KB, 850x580, 029d313c57eda483483f4b147cb8b4…)

I actually read a French Bowser x Dedede fanfic yesterday and I've been thinking about it non-stop so I get what you mean, in some instances it can be really cute.

No. 301248

File: 1686266999071.jpeg (414.78 KB, 1552x2048, IMG_1462.jpeg)

>people are still into furries in 2023
Technology is the way of the future, furries are on par with dogs who can’t control their bowels

No. 301251

>All male x male is valid
it isn't though. all male x male made by women is valid regardless of degeneracy, but the only women making furry bara are tifs larping as real gay men.

No. 301257

I don't only seek bara made by men. Also, once again, not a furfag. If anyone has any artists who are women that draw muscular men, then please do recommend them. But if I have to consume content made by men because they are afraid of any man who weighs more than 100 lbs then so be it
Bowser and Dedede are so cute, but I can't see them in any sexual way. If only Bowser ships weren't just moid pandering peaches porn or luigi then I would be so happy
Robots are leagues better than furries. I used to follow this old Japanese artist who drew a bunch of Rodimus nsfw but I've lost all of their art.

No. 301260

This all feels like a massive male troll. Just ignore and report

No. 301263

I don't want to keep infighting or derailing the thread, but I'm not a male. Don't know why you can't fathom that not every fujo is into the same things that you are, nona.

No. 301265

File: 1686273416603.jpeg (424.69 KB, 1800x2048, IMG_1463.jpeg)

>But if I have to consume content made by men because they are afraid of any man who weighs more than 100 lbs then so be it
Idk seems like a cope.
I hate the ‘I’m not like other fujos! I like bara!’ meme, as if there isn’t plenty of choices with more muscular men that isn’t drawn by moids or TIFs.
>Bowser and Dedede are so cute
I don’t buy that you’re not a furry.

No. 301266

>I hate the ‘I’m not like other fujos! I like bara!’ meme, as if there isn’t plenty of choices with more muscular men that isn’t drawn by moids or TIFs.
Then name them. I asked and no one gave any recommendations. And if me calling a character cute makes me a furry to you then you're genuinely retarded. If I call something like a stuffed animal cute that doesn't mean I want to fuck it.

No. 301267

File: 1686275771036.png (45.81 KB, 150x111, 150px-MPDS_group_ending.png)

bowser has a son he loves dearly, he's a great parent. do NOT make him be a weird fat gay dad or any other kind of sex thing, sickos. he's a TURTLE.

No. 301269

The fact that you yourself cannot post any bara made by women is proof enough it’s fetish art for men by men. Your community is over on /y/, have fun talking about their enema and fart fetishes

No. 301270

>Bowser and Dedede are so cute, but I can't see them in any sexual way.
Agreed. I actually skipped over the sexual scenes between him and Dedede oddly enough, I think I just enjoyed the odd crossover romance between the two that was pretty in-character by all accounts. It made me a little sad because there's like zero content between the two outside of that and a few cute illustrations by garouzuki.

No. 301271

Kirbyanon is that you?

No. 301273

>Get told to seek bara art made by women
>Ask for recommendations because you only know male artists
>Receive no recommendations
>Proceed to get called a male for not knowing any bara art made by women
Anon, your common sense?

No. 301274

MRM has been infested with furry and the worst bara art for the last two years. Go dumpster dive and don't come back with your furshit

No. 301276

Y'know I never really got the need to find artists of a exact gender. So long as they draw good, the men are hot, and shitty opinions or agenda aren't in the art it's all good. Anon, go enjoy your art, not everything needs to be rationalized or found under the "good" checkbox.

No. 301277

File: 1686277880584.jpg (Spoiler Image,86.77 KB, 563x803, ab0263b85af49360bdd5b0650de9a4…)

Cope and move on.

No. 301279

File: 1686278559077.jpg (330.76 KB, 1128x1035, 20230430_000705.jpg)

Starting to think you might be right. The implication that posting degenerate content made by women is on the same level as degenerate content made by or made to emulate that of fags is weird. Either a faghag or a male looking to make us uncomfortable.

No. 301280

File: 1686279582068.jpg (54.52 KB, 564x501, 2f97acd4ff06d0b32936bb532f3ad9…)

Thank you nona, you're the only one here who isn't a schizo

No. 301285

much of conventional BL is made by men–most yaoi visual novels are (i.e., nitro chiral. my favorite is made by only women but people don't like it). that's the nature of the beast, unfortunately. also maybe another thread could be made for bara (and furries). I'm surprised to see so much controversy about it because I've known so many women irl and online that have liked "bigger" men, body hair, etc, and I don't understand the idea that only men like body hair or big muscles when men also like sparkling fem boys, it's not mutually exclusive.

No. 301295

i call them normalfags because they're just normies with a genderspecial coat of paint. complete and utter lemmings that can't deviate from the norm no matter how they try

No. 301297

File: 1686289292338.jpg (158.21 KB, 850x1087, __astolfo_astolfo_and_roland_f…)

farmers sometimes can't comprehend anyone liking anything but manwha hunks or slender bishonen unfortunately. if it's too masc or too femme then you're a moid
that said i hate bara too kek.

No. 301298

They'll say those women are brainwashed to like things they personally find ugly and unbearable. Kinda sick of that attitude on here sometimes and it doesn't just affect fujos.

No. 301308

Bara is made for and by gay men you dingus.

No. 301318

Basically this, I'm pretty sure the "lesbian yaoi" term here refers to the certain brand of sort of edgy look and stories in contrast to the sparkly and wholesome bishies of that "straight woman yaoi" stereotype since lesbian authors are known to be more drawn to dramatic and tragic storytelling.

No. 301323

NTA but that anon pretty clearly meant that the fact that you can't even find any female bara artists is proof of how bara is a very male-specific subject matter and mostly enjoyed by a male demography. I'm sure there are women who have bara as their niche and actually enjoy it instead of just as a "maybe I'll be seen as a true and honest gay man if I pretend to like this" thing but chances still are high for a barafag to be male.

But good god being a furry or into furries should be a bannable offense. Anyone who likes bara furry art and is degenerate enough to admit it should get their Lolcow access revoked immediately, I'm starting to tinfoil that the banning of shota made the male lurkers go to their next signature fetish.

No. 301328

File: 1686295477035.jpg (154.28 KB, 1080x1678, 20230609_084941580.jpg)

People are going to think you mean art for moids when you use the term bara. Just say you're looking for BL with muscular men to avoid confusion.

No. 301335

>much of conventional BL is made by men–most yaoi visual novels are
Because men have also worked on a visual novel while a women is the main scenario writer, director and artist it’s made by men? If a yaoi game has voice acting it’s made by men?

No. 301337


No. 301338

This. Bara and geicomi refer to malexmale stuff made for gay men, which often features all sorts of fetishes (lots of cum, sweaty big exaggerated muscles, big and hyper-detailed genitals, A LOT of body hair, fat men, pot bellies, old balding men, they often feature weirdly realistic muscly kids). Not every story with muscular males is Bara. Now I can't name them all off the top of my head but there are plenty of works with big (but normal-looking) muscular men who are obviously aimed at women and most likely made by women. Some works from CTK and Asada Nemui come to mind. There's ppatta too which is borderline imo but it's still enjoyable for women.

No. 301344

You're right, I probably should've said yaoi with muscular men, but I really like the typical bara art style. Typical yaoi and bl bodies don't get close enough to the style for me. Everytime they do they have this really strange obsession with drawing their pecs and nippers incredibly exaggerated to a point it's silly.

There's only one furry itt, but there should be nothing wrong eith bara art

No. 301353

if you're looking for deep BL featuring obese sasquatches you won't find it because it's a fetish genre for real gay men. one with about as much appeal to normal fujos as futa, not even normal traps. if it's out there it's made by a ftm doing a terrible job of hiding her female socialization.

if it's porn you're looking for, head over to 4chan's /y/ cuz again bara has as much appeal to normal fujos as futa. a bunch of us are already fed up with having our spaces infiltrated by eye assaulting bara furry art. if you want to enjoy coomer moid porn you have to learn to enjoy being around coomer moids. have some courteousy.

No. 301356

>much of conventional BL is made by men
What the fuck are you even talking about, are you straight out mixing BL with all gay porn?

No. 301357

>strange obsession with drawing their pecs and nippers incredibly exaggerated to a point it's silly
Sure i've seen some horrible boob pecs in BL but bara is WAY worse about this. Bara art almost always looks super exaggerated. Not to sound rude but i'm not sure why'd you go to a fujoshi thread to ask for bara recommendations, head over to /y/ instead like >>301353 said.

No. 301365

Yeah, it’s kind of insane to see someone imply BL is by in large made by men simply because men happen to have a hand in the production sometimes.
>Well actually a male CEO owns Canna magazine so that means all BL is made by men

No. 301414

I never even came here looking for recommendations. I just got told off because anons like >>301265 suggested seeking alternatives made by women. This conversation only started because a different anon posted >>301117, and I told them they're not the only one.

Again, if you don't like it, ignore it. There's been worse posted.

No. 301428

Why are you still here when there are entire boards dedicated to bara and furries over on 4chan. You came in here picking fights and are acting surprised no one wanted to put up with your ugly male fetish art

No. 301437

Any manga by Sakira I guess?
She's a woman and draws muscular men that aren't hideous, at least to my non-barafag eyes

No. 301438

Any manga by Sakira I guess?
She's a woman and draws muscular men that aren't hideous, at least to my non-barafag eyes

No. 301439

For any nonny still looking for recommendations, maybe try any manga by Sakira I guess?
She's a woman and draws muscular men that aren't hideous, at least not to my non-barafag eyes

No. 301443

File: 1686349143829.jpg (97.35 KB, 600x843, 953683_28019124.jpg)

If you retards knew how to actually read, you'd know I wasn't picking a fight. You faggots just keep responding adding nothing new of substance because you are allergic to critical thinking. I'm a fujo so I will stay in the fujo containment thread, seethe and cope
I tried to look them up and I can't tell if this is them or not. The faces remind me of something old, but thank you for the recommendation I'll check them out nona!(infighting)

No. 301449

File: 1686353018407.jpg (13.27 KB, 214x300, 1683774101073161.jpg)

>seethe cope
>fujo "containment" thread
>"I'm a fujo" translation: spoonfeed me the widely available, grotesque gay porn I seek for I am just too busy with my non contributional shitflinging to do it on my own
>has never heard of JJBA bl
All very interesting!(infighting)

No. 301450

>Does not know board lingo
You have too much time on your hand to be sitting in this thread waiting to try to get a "gotcha" moment out of people

No. 301451

I was mostly referring to VNs. I know of one just made by women (with male voice actors) but most of the studios I checked out had mostly male staff as far as I saw after reading through the names? Like I'd love to hear about studios with a female director, artist, and writer. I was disappointed at what I did see. Also, I wasn't saying BL was mostly made by men, thank god most comics and art is made by women.

No. 301452

Do you even actually like bara? If you’re looking for stuff like Sakira’s art, I wouldn’t even consider that bara/geicomi. If you’re just looking for muscular bishounen you should really specify it, there’s plenty to rec.
No one here can help you with furshit, it’s not BL and this is the wrong thread to be asking about it. (That applies to bara/geicomi too, btw)

No. 301454

You referenced NC+, Slow Damage’s lead scenario writer and director was a female (Fuchii Kabura) as well as their lead art director (Uiro Yamada). Where are you seeing male names?

No. 301459

that was a retard moment; I had been reading through a few other studios and only had glanced at NC. I realized the mistake after posting. it was a dumb point, the nonny I replied to worded it way better. I just have known a few not ftm women that did draw very muscular men and it's weird seeing the "it's impossible for a woman to like this stuff" being repeated here. however it shouldn't be posted itt, let alone without being spoilered anyway. I'd suggest a containment thread for more unconventional gay stuff like bara and furries but people would probably dislike the idea.

No. 301463

Not seeking furshit, I'm not the furry anon. Yes, I like bara, but stuff like Sakira's style is fine too. Just anything with muscular people, not really a fan of the same-face same-body type yaoi. And I'm not here to look for recommendations but if you drop some I won't be mad at it. I'm really not picky, nor do I only like one genre of yaoi, so it's interesting to see some people itt be so particular about what they consume

No. 301466

I’m not trying to yuck your yum or whatever, but bara is almost entirely sameface. I think you’re just looking for muscular men in BL, people probably wouldn’t have jumped down your throat if you hadn’t said bara, truthfully. Do you like artists like CTK or Zakk?

No. 301471

Nonnie, that's not even remotely bara

No. 301473

I know that nona

I like both bara(I know the face style you're talking about that's same-facey, and I agree, but I prefer that over the typical triangle chin boys) and regular muscular men, but you're right; the word bara does seem to get people angry here. It should be specified for future threads for no barashit or stuff made by men if it will cause long insights.
I've not read anything from them before, but I've seen both of their art. I think CTK's art is more appealing though

No. 301474

File: 1686365423571.jpg (Spoiler Image,159.98 KB, 1262x1192, 99249a83e4247e12e0340d3ac63f9f…)

There are women who draw muscular man yaoi, they're just not the most common kind of BL artist so you have to dig a little deeper to find them. Once you start to come across a few of them, though, it'll get much easier to find the rest.
But for fuck's sake, I'm so sick of people mixing up "bara" and "muscular". Bara is not a synonym for that, and it doesn't even have to involve muscular men (the second most common body type in bara is obese). Fuck retards on social media who started to use that specific term to refer to muscular guys in general. Probably the main culprit was the "bara tiddies" meme.

That being said, check out Maeba (pic related): https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/92305
Marinconia/marumari: https://twitter.com/Sumimaru_Mary
LESS: https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/611061
Foxvulpine: https://www.pixiv.net/users/1517932
Really, the average female JoJo/Golden Kamuy fanartist is probably gonna draw muscles. Get into Japanese media that has attractive muscular males and a huge fandom, and you'll find plenty of fujo artists who make the kind of BL you want.

No. 301475

Sorry to doublepost, but let me add that some of these BL artists are clearly influenced to some extent by bara art, so maybe it's the best of both worlds for you.

No. 301486

can i vent about fujostuff here? kind of annoyed right now, as i was recently made fun of by a bunch of aidens for enjoying BL. as if they aren't also straight women. so crazy.

days like this i'm tempted to just change my pronouns to they/them or "any" or something so i'll be left the hell alone.

No. 301487

Why are you taking whatever Aidens say seriously? Imagine getting hurt over their shitty delusional insults when they are thousands of times more laughable than you are. Nonna, just grow a thicker skin.

No. 301494

Aidens will literally shit themselves if someone uses female pronouns for female people like themselves and will never have the guts to correct someone in real life, that's why they turn into little cringy cyberbullies kek
Just ignore them anon, they're insecure little girls who hate themselves (and all other women).

No. 301498

methinks the cringe is coming from inside the house, theybe. grow up.

No. 301502

File: 1686382152590.jpeg (Spoiler Image,96.8 KB, 850x578, 8c9a657bc3545a9d04a3e4c96c32fd…)

this is the pairing that got me bullied btw. i was apparently "self-inserting into and feminizing" venti too much i barely even care for genshit so it was extra silly

i'm not a theybe, i'm just tired of hypocrisy and want to enjoy my fujo content in peace.

it's less me feeling bad about what they're saying, and more irritation at fujoshi thinking they're any better than me because of their pronouns (which make them not fujoshi, actually, they are based genderflux gay men.) i long for the days when bl spaces online were full of all sorts of female craziness and don't like don't read reigned supreme.

No. 301519

I think anon is not the one who needs to grow up

No. 301524

Unrelated but Venti as a top is so hot and in character for him, I hate that he’s always a bottom just because he’s small

No. 301547

I knew you were going to be that annoying sperg from the genshit thread and other game that has a general only you use as soon as I read >>301486 but didn't say anything kek. You blog about getting bullied on twitter so often there's no way it isn't for something more than you having bad taste and not being a genderspecial.

No. 301571

File: 1686409106268.png (270.53 KB, 919x474, 1111.png)

How many volumes are in printed KS (english, Seven Seas)? Usually printed webtoons have way too many volumes, maybe japanese version also is not fully published yet? Can somenonny guess from the cover art?

No. 301573

Bakamanga says it's eight volumes

No. 301579

File: 1686411473664.jpg (48.16 KB, 500x454, sad.jpg)

I'm so jealous of male otaku that all their dumb fetish shit gets rips of the official releases and posted on nyaa but seemingly barely any BL and yaoi official releases gets ripped from kindle…

No. 301581

File: 1686412155434.jpg (425.8 KB, 1700x2405, FxEDw-ZakAEoXlz.jpg)

no clue if it's in character but same. this artist in particular really turned me onto small tops (i subbed to their paetron for a month just to get at their art)

but i've never been in the genshit thread…just proves that this is happening to multiple women kek

No. 301582

have you tried yaoiotaku.com?

No. 301586

This is so hot nonna do you know the artist? I miss when Childe was the top husbando to be shipped with Aether

No. 301587

it looks like she deleted a lot of her shit lately due to anti drama :(

No. 301588

Thanks! Bless the friend that asked her to repost this.

No. 301595

Learn how to hide your posting style better if you're going to try to deny it

No. 301597

Didn't she start spamming drawings of a prepubescent loli futa character fucking male characters with a giant dick and then threw a schizo fit when people following her for m/m content found it disgusting? That's a step above "anti-drama".

No. 301630

Are you retarded?

No. 301631

That's exactly what anti drama is. People getting mad at others for their ships or content they make.
I'm the shizo you're referring to dumbass. I'm not that anon. Kys(alogging)

No. 301732

No, I'm not going to pretend like catfishing followers with BL ship art and then openly talking about how you find female toddlers with huge cocks fucking those men hot and posting graphic drawings about said situation while having a meltdown about people being offended is on par with someone calling another a pedo over shipping a 17-year old and a 18-year old.

No. 301751

Whether you like it or not that's exactly what proship vs anti discourse is. You cant be proship and judge someones ship. Also catfishing is such a funny term because unfollowing takes two clicks.

No. 301776

Honestly, I would be pissed if a BL artist I liked started obsessively drawing loli futa porn too, but artists should be allowed to post whatever they like to their art accounts. You’re not entitled to their art, just unfollow if you hate it and lament the wasted talent like a normal person

No. 301799

Why do people assume the default here is that everyone's a proshipper? Can we keep those debates on Twitter? They're retarded and for people who spend way too much time online. Everyone has their own opinions on fiction, no need to black or white it

No. 301965

File: 1686628473863.jpg (17.37 KB, 280x280, c58f142d29e1c472c5e9c1cd2729ef…)

>writes BL
>has secondary characters that directly parallel the main couple
>claims she never intended their relationship to be romantic
What did she mean by this?

No. 301967

This is three days old but methinks is reddit speak. You don't have any right telling people what's cringe.

No. 302238

File: 1686747970992.jpeg (358.81 KB, 1920x1080, F8EA530E-43D7-4A5A-B507-7DF7F2…)

Who’s going to this BL cafe collab with me so I can get the themed coasters

No. 302246

Where is it? I could go if it's in Tokyo. Don't tempt me like that.

No. 302248

It is in Tokyo!
The goods and menu haven’t been announced yet though. I’ll see you there nona

No. 302249


I see you're an anon of culture too.

No. 302251

I could go depending on whether a reservation is necessary or not and if I have enough time. I'll be on holidays for like 2 weeks when the collab will start. See you soon anon!

No. 302258

A girl on instagram went to one of these specifically for harada stuff in a nice coord, that’s honestly my dream kek.

No. 302259

File: 1686758074831.png (389.96 KB, 2048x1183, IMG_1319.png)

Most iconic homo CGs in gaming?

No. 302260

File: 1686758121042.png (758.45 KB, 2048x1183, IMG_1320.png)

I think yes

No. 302261

Oh to be able to go to BL collab cafes with your fujo friends… Life isn't fair.

No. 302262

reminds me of when i made friends with this girl based on our shared love of BL and distaste for male-made hentai, and i gave her my insta id on a scrap of paper, and she never sent a request.

No. 302263

I met a girl from my country in the yaoi floor of the Animate in Akihabara, she was looking at the only 5 yuri manga in the entire floor, asked help to understand what they were about, we followed each other on insta because she seemed really nice and she turned out to be a huge TRA queerios who would sperg about US politics all the time to the point where she'd spam videos of brutal murders in her stories for "awareness" and would call BL and yuri manga "queer literature" so you know, maybe you dodged a bullet. I talk about BL with irl friends anyway but I go to events alone nowadays.

No. 302272

>so you know, maybe you dodged a bullet
eh, idk, where i'm from, transgenderism isn't as wide spread a contagion, but it is kind of more common among well-off girls who're in competitions to see whose heart bleeds the most, so probably she could've been a "they just wanna pee" casual TRA that unintentionally says "transphobic" things in moments of mental clarity. thanks nona, i feel better.

No. 302274

Book your ticket now and come with us

No. 302297

you joke but seeing this cg in dmmd the first time i played it at the tender age of 13 really changed something in my brain chemistry

No. 302354

File: 1686797684921.png (124.21 KB, 640x480, [EG]Turn-A_Gundam_01_V2[E8F575…)

watching turn a gundam right and these two are already piquing my fujosense. i hope there's a lot of bait

No. 302365

File: 1686803947752.png (155.99 KB, 800x600, tumblr_9b64f396c9472eb12f4bee1…)

>Most iconic homo CGs in gaming?
You posted it. I think picrel moment is pretty legendary for the shock/meme value, I knew about it before I ever played the game.

Runner up is nazi Shiki and Akira in Togainu, I still haven't played that game but have known that CG for years.

No. 302376

God, this fucking cg

No. 302394

Speaking of Togainu no Chi, I'd say the one with Keisuke ripping off Akira's intestine while saying "I love you" is pretty iconic.

No. 302397

Speaking of Nitro+ there's also Sweet Pool when the friend guy sits there after he eats the protagonist and the two main guys fucking while they turn into meat

No. 302402

I literally almost throw up in my mouth every time I see this picture and am reminded of that scene.

No. 302412

Why can’t BLVNs just be normal….

No. 302414

I guess that's because normal stuff is already covered by BL manga and it's almost only hardcore otaku who play adult VNs so the writers go all out.

No. 302415

File: 1686836021121.jpg (165.42 KB, 1479x1109, 20230615_153527.jpg)

Same anon, I just checked the emo cafe twitter account to check what it's like usually. The food doesn't look all that amazing but they almost only do collabs with BL manga. Turns out they did a collab with Oni to Tengoku in December and now I wish I could travel to the past so I could go there and buy merchs like the stupid consoomer I am. Here's the twitter for the anons who are or will be in Japan: https://twitter.com/emocafe_collabo

No. 302422

VNs don’t really feel like something only hardcore otaku read to me, is that really how they’re viewed in the market? BLCDs are constantly being pumped out, I always assumed BLVNs were only so weird/had more extreme fetishes because they were forced to compete with BLCDs acting as a companion for BL in general

No. 302427

I think most VNs are seen as otaku stuff by default while manga in general are normal (depending on the story of course). I don't know if BLVNs really compete with BLCDs, on one hand most BL drama CDs are adaptations of successful manga while VNs tend to be original work, on the other CDs are expensive and targeting girls who already read the original manga so at that point you can assume the audience for VNs and CDs are the same as long as it's BL. My guess is that there are plenty of BLCDs because it's cheaper than making an anime, they can make a full adaptation of one volume with one CD, and in Japan people still buy a shit ton of physical copies of anything way more than in the West so you can bait fujoshi by adding some merchs with the CDs like acrylic keychains or charms.

No. 302454

I always viewed VNs in general as the most otaku-ish of otaku media - because the format of VNs today started almost exclusively as PC eroge in the 90's, keeping in mind that few people in the 90's had personal computers at home and the ones that did were often huge nerds or tech autists. Manga and anime in comparison are super accessible, BLCDs would be another level of needing something to play the CD and some headphones, while VNs would either need a full computer setup or a gaming console and also like 50+ hours to read and click through the story. PCs becoming more commonplace and VNs getting adapted into portable handhelds changed this and made them way more accessible, but I still personally think of VNs as being very niche and nerdy.

No. 302499

Well it depends. A lot of VN, especially indie ones, are more like the author passion project. The problem is that they are unprofitable.

No. 302500

Jesus reading this chan feels like I'm some alt 4chan schizo channel. Of course videogames are made by a lot of people lmao.

No. 302502

Haven't seen this before but yeah that's pretty disgusting, reminds me of that CG in euphoria of the protagonist jizzing all over one of the girl's food and making her cry.

No. 302503

VNs in general is where people put all the stuff they're not allowed to get away with in mainstream manga+anime, and can do it for a huge length of time too (that's why I love them though).

No. 302505

sort of OT but Gen the butcher being on staff for sweet pool is pretty funny to me.

No. 302507

I already know most games are made by a lot of people so I don't understand your point? I was just temporarily shocked because I recently learned how many are penned by men; i.e., >>302365 or much of Parade's stuff which…I probably should have guessed to begin with considering how bizarre they get.

No. 302512

i know its hadaka and we shouldn't expect anything from a game like that but komine genuinely did deserve better.
also id say a lot of the ichinose cgs are…. memorable, to say the least

sweet pools cgs are so nice looking for a game with such a weird and shocking subject matter, honestly

No. 302513

File: 1686872499656.gif (643.83 KB, 250x180, 1461117462485.gif)

This homo incest gif makes me blush so hard

No. 302535

Komine got the second worst route tbh

No. 302538

File: 1686880872151.png (73.43 KB, 540x378, tumblr_mvtew2eN5P1sko75oo1_540…)

>id say a lot of the ichinose cgs are…. memorable, to say the least

No. 302622

Has anyone played nie no machi?
I saw the ryona tag on DLsite which seemed interesting… if you’ve played it i’d love to hear your opinion on it!!
I remember wishing room no.9 focused slightly more on that aspect, but it is what it is

No. 302657

i haven't heard of it but just looked it up, i might try playing it honestly. looks like a nice enough game. i basically just looked up nie no machi and read through the first review that comes up on google, i didn't read through the spoiler section but presumably she goes into depth about the ryona you mentioned so it might be worth checking out some reviews if you're interested

No. 303393

File: 1687235984239.jpeg (368.6 KB, 1242x1760, dear inferno.jpeg)

what types of age gaps do you like, if you're into age gaps? personally obsessed with dumbass in their early twenties/late teens x someone a bit accomplished in their thirties

No. 303406

I don't go looking for age gap specifically but I'm fond of them meeting first when the top is a kid and the bottom is a teen/adult/old as fuck or immortal non-human, and then the top grows up to be a lot taller and possessive.

No. 303424

i love this too. but i prefer the bottom being younger tbh. i wish those shojo reincarnation stories existed for BL

No. 303427

File: 1687242747658.jpg (75.2 KB, 735x579, 175069913d13b95e870862f0c78c60…)

Absolutely 100% this. Especially if the older one is more tentative about romance with someone younger but the younger one is SUPER into the fact that the other person is older.

No. 303429

File: 1687244215538.png (399.38 KB, 1240x803, Screenshot_15.png)

>balding uke
i can't kyaa to this

No. 303430

No. 303440

I always thought her art style was very unappealing, I even prefer Nakamura Shungiku's.

No. 303442

Me neither but I unironically read this one for the story.

No. 303447

NTA but Hadaka Shitsuji isn't really an archetypal BL visual novel in my opinion, it's more in the geikomi genre since it's made by a man and is more reminiscent of the really hardcore gay porn comics than what you find in Boys Love. BL can be extreme and graphic but it has a way different vibe from what male writers cough up because it's directed by he female gaze. Most VN studios are ran by men because they dominate the video game market to begin with, but BL is first and foremost a female genre. A few visual novels penned by men doesn't change that fact at all.

No. 303510

hadaka is confusing bc the scrote behind it decided to sprinkle in female sex options, but also every single hardcore kink you can think up with all the male characters. in the same vein, the game sprinkles in fujo moments e.g a lot of the 'bad' route ends which amount to tomoaki living happily ever after with the LI, but its clearly not written for fujos either unless they're particularly fucked in the head and like disgusting shit yaoimaster comes to mind kek. even then the game actively makes fun of you for wanting anything actually sweet or romantic.
so it's like this weird no man's land between geikomi, BL and your average hardcore eroge

No. 303527

I’m always a sucker for a teenager being a bottom to someone older than them and then later in life they reunite and the younger one ends up topping. The role reversal/shift in power dynamic is too good.
I also just like younger/cuter characters topping older men too, in general.

No. 303581

File: 1687289186064.png (82.16 KB, 724x432, Screenshot_13.png)

wish i could kick it with asada. she seems cool.

i actually enjoy her style. was more or less joking in my post, mamiya's autism does make me 'kyaa' sometimes.

No. 303629

anyone have any BL recs for situations where a character is abusing a position of power over someone, e.g a teacher or a priest? im sure i saw a post here a couple years back with some similar recommendations but i havent been able to find it, gomen

No. 303635

NTA but I always thought Hadaka Shitsuji is like a bishoujo nukige but with males instead. Very male indeed. Still liked it
>hadaka is confusing bc the scrote behind it decided to sprinkle in female sex options
Do you mean those scenes where the MC's college girlfriend is included in threesomes with the guys?

No. 303639

yep. i remember being confused at the weirdly sexualised way her sprite was drawn when i first saw her at the beginning of the game (considering its meant to be a BL game) – lo and behold you can have threesomes with her and all the LIs, and iirc she even has her own route too (bad end i think, to be fair, like most of the ends are)
i think youre correct in calling it a bishoujo nukige lol, i dont think such a blatantly coomer game should be lumped it with other popular BL games & yet people are quick to cite it when recommending BL games to others so idk

No. 303647

>weirdly sexualised way her sprite was drawn when i first saw her at the beginning of the game (considering its meant to be a BL game) – lo and behold you can have threesomes with her and all the LIs
tbf most if not all of the threesome CGs with her are focused on the LI, and not on her. If it were a galge, she'd be the bisexual male option lmao

No. 303661

File: 1687314820864.jpeg (234.84 KB, 1283x1724, CCCC93B3-0ECD-4647-BCC6-E10BAB…)

I know it’s not BL, but the next chapter of Yoi will be on Urasunday tomorrow!

No. 303671

File: 1687317535984.jpg (83.14 KB, 900x900, tumblr_27949464ec53026864a50ac…)

I wanna smack his stupid bald head

No. 303702

File: 1687340237229.jpeg (79.61 KB, 1407x509, F3803883-8EAF-4CB0-B231-A0E539…)


No. 303719

her official response is that it's not realistic to have so many gay characters in the same story
but the actual truth is that mxtx tends to be hyperfocused on one couple and is afraid of the "second couple is more popular than the first one" phenomen which happens to a lot of BL series. in her first novel scum villain there is another canon couple besides bingqiu and a character who has a one-sided crush on the protag. what happened is that people were discussing a lot the other pairings and she didn't like it. she hates it when people ignore her main couple so since then she wrote her stories in such a way where a love triangle is impossible (so no more liu qinqge pining) and there could be no popularity competiton with the 2nd couple. however because she's a fujo she still has a tendency to write strong male-male bonds such as the pairing you posted, beefleaf and many others, she just doesn't make them canon or focus too much on them to take away the attention from her main leads

No. 303774

Why do i find him kinda moe…

No. 303853

>balding at 29
I know actual men start going bald even younger, but eeesh. Good thing the story alone made it worth the read

No. 303898

File: 1687399931598.jpg (615.18 KB, 1923x2048, 3393006.jpg)

Hi nonnas I'm not a fujo but I'm here to ask a question. Recently I've been seeing the ship WangXian absolutely everywhere! Why are they so popular? If any nonnies here ship them why do you ship them?
I'm not familiar with them or their source material at all, just wanna know why they're so loved.

No. 303901

File: 1687402563116.jpg (167.56 KB, 1013x1433, FxxfBcvagAAXNjo.jpg)

I actually just finished reading the novels and watching the live action version in the past month and became yet another victim of falling in love with these two so I'll explain it with my current brainrot lol.

I think they are both great characters individually, they both have strong personalities both by nature and by being products of their environment, and when you mix them together it's satisfying and beautiful to see how they either clash or are alike. They also have a lot of tropes that are popular that apply to them: childhood enemies(?) to friends to lovers, repressed stuck-up guy falling for the bad boy, "even if the world turns against you, I never will" type beat, also both raising a kid and acting like dads together. Their romance is both pure yet very passionate and is sexual without it being the sole purpose of the series, making it easy for all kinds of fujos to enjoy.

Also, the actual plot and story of the series is really engaging. Even with some weak points, the series has a lot of things to like. The characters and scenarios feel very mythological in how they span and how poetically some things play out. Even though it is a recent story, it has a very classic feel. Wei Wuxian in particular feels like a character out of an old tragedy, making him really stick with you after the series is over. (I am very new to this particular genre of chinese cultivation fantasy though, so I have no idea how it compares to other works but also I don't really care lmao.)

Honestly I came into MDZS skeptical and almost wanting to hate it because I knew some really annoying fans back when it first blew up that turned me away from it, yet once I finished it I truly felt like it deserved the hype. It's also kind of amazing to think about how the author planned and wrote all 5 novels in like, less than two years while also going to college.

I can understand why she would shy away from making another possible love triangle – it's like when shippers hate seeing their favs with someone else but now people are doing it with her own characters LMAO. I understand her mentality, especially coming from the era of Junjou Romantica where every man on screen was gay and fucking everyone else, but I found it weird that in interviews she acts like the other ships she hints at in the books are totes straight guys. Doesn't stop me from enjoying the ships, but is just so different to so many other authors in the genre who will either play into it or like to keep it ambiguous.

No. 303988

I'm taking the plane to Japan right now, I made myself a list of BL manga I'm going to buy and I'll see if there are events out there.

No. 304011

File: 1687434884728.png (597.45 KB, 1400x1990, 30AB8AA8-1469-4D0E-B183-018ACE…)

I like that he seems to always think that his plans are going to be perfect and he fucks them up every time with his own incompetence/refusal to acknowledge his mental issues. It’s like a human version of that

No. 304014

File: 1687435213375.jpeg (54.81 KB, 1125x333, 01A4F745-B286-44AC-AF9C-03D6ED…)

Also in the next chapter after he looks all serious telling Sada they’re going to have sex together he doesn’t bring it up again for an entire week lmao

Hope your trip goes well and looking forward to hearing any updates while you’re there, nonny!

No. 304024

listen i know you guys mean well but if i have to see this bald mfer in my BL thread full of beautiful ikemen one more time im going to go insane i swear to god

No. 304027

This sounds like mobrei.

No. 304034

File: 1687441421639.jpeg (431.16 KB, 1600x1120, 214D3D77-EDDA-45E9-BFD7-AB44E7…)

You need to become stronger nonnie. This is exposure therapy

No. 304051

Kek same, nonnies need to spoiler that shit

No. 304061

File: 1687447818003.jpg (145.22 KB, 1304x581, 1686409364790185.jpg)

No. 304107

It's just lines on a screen, and it could be much worse

No. 304115

File: 1687467216506.png (2.24 MB, 1080x2400, bdsmbusinesscasual.png)

ok I ended up picking up Nu Carnival in spite of being anti-gacha/casual/harem games and I like it a lot more than I thought I would. A few observations:
>the sex scenes are good, though some obviously have more budget/effort than others
>the normie protagonist annoys me, which sucks because he's extremely involved in every single scene
>is funny sometime and doesn't take itself too seriously. The whole harem goes on an adventure together to save the world
>not really great for people that get super into one character imo; each one gets one chapter and their arc probably never goes anywhere
>I actually like the minmaxxing/grinding gameplay…
>favors people that play a little a day, events give good stuff
>Rei is bae even if his outfit is beyond human comprehension
>the gacha system is evil, but I lucked out and got a limited time Rei the first day he was available even though I had a 1% chance and am free-to-play…don't play if you have poor impulse control

No. 304116

this is idubbbz/saul goodman why are some women standars so fucking low(bait)

No. 304117

>saul goodman
>low standards

No. 304118

nonny, he looks more like post-wall Jesse Pinkman than Saul. Also agreed. That shit needs to be spoilered. No offense to oyaji enthusiasts.

No. 304121

i mean, he's cute if you have seen the show, but ooc he just looks like a smelly old uncle that you often find yourself wondering if he touched you inappropriately when you were a child and blocked the memory as a self-defense mechanism.

No. 304129

File: 1687473722810.jpeg (133.19 KB, 1080x1080, EED9054C-E1C8-4A21-A216-270908…)

thought of you when this showed up on mercari

No. 304134

No. 304135

I like that his balding head is the only part of him that isn't covered.

No. 304138

He had hair in the high school flashbacks. It’s just what mad science does to a mfer

No. 304141

do you guys read books? not chinese danmei stuff, i really don't care for that. i think it's crazy that there are literally millions of books out there, but i generally have a hard time locating homoerotic/gay fiction aimed at women that doesn't seem totally unpalatable and cheap (those "gay novels" with titles like "taken by the boss" and the cover is some scrote's six pack) or "queer" shit (heartstopper). like, is captive prince really all there is? someone recommend me novels.

No. 304142

i can't read moon sadly
but what's the plot looking like so far nonnie?

No. 304182

kek I love it.

No. 304209

i wish there was an alternative to YA novels but with gay pairings instead, but it's hard to publish gay focused romance in the west if you don't make your own sexuality known to everyone…. the publishers need to know if you're "queer" in order to be able to market it to that specific audience

No. 304243

Update, I'm still not at my hotel because of some fuckery with my plane landing late and Narita airport being a labyrith compared to Haneda. As soon as I arrive I'll take a warm shower or bath and sleep like a baby. If anyone knows places where I can resell BL manga as a tourist in Osaka post names or even addresses, I have bought the French versions of these manga way later and they have uncensored dick and good translations.

No. 304271

File: 1687533107564.png (Spoiler Image,44.63 KB, 595x238, Fx8Q_UyacAAoLxH.png)

I am begging for the nonnie who has access to psmhbpiuczn privatter to keep us updated.

No. 304272

not a leonsister but god i love how this artist draw

No. 304282

I'm not gonna lie, I almost strictly read classic European literature for the fact that all male friendships seem homoerotic to me

No. 304657

drop recs. do you have any that involve vampires

No. 304672

ntayrt but…Dracula?

No. 304684

be serious

No. 304730

NTARYT and not classic Euro lit but Interview with the Vampire is super homoero if you haven’t already read it, not sure if you’re looking for something with confirmed gays but I can rec some other stuff if you don’t mind just gay subtext

No. 304734

i love gay subtext and i love anne rice. drop me all your recs nonnie

No. 304743

not being able to find homoerotic subtext in a vampire inviting a man into his castle, imprisoning him there and then telling his female vampire harem to back off bc 'this man belongs to me', plus the inherent gayness of being a vampire and sucking peoples blood seems like a skill issue nonna

honestly though other anon is right, check out interview w a vampire and ann rice's stuff for the actual gay vampire content lmao dracula is frankly described as ugly asf in the books so i don't blame you for skipping him

oh also, highly recommend the picture of dorian grey. not vampires but close enough, and it's oscar wilde so naturally its gay as fuck

No. 304745

There might be some obvious ones, not sure how much of a reader nonnie is, but Picture of Dorian Gray, Brideshead Revisited, A Separate Peace, Maurice, Death in Venice, On the Road, and the History of Henry Esmond all come to mind as classics with surprising amounts of subtext or just general wistful yearning for pretty boys

The Mr. Ripley books are all incredibly gay but kind of vary in quality. I also really liked The Secret History and The Goldfinch for more contemporary books. A lot of Dostoevsky’s books are kinda weirdly gay too (Brothers Karamazov always felt like this to me but I might just be making it up in my head). If you like fantasy The Silmarillion gets a little gay

I agree with this nona too, I also found Dracula to be pretty homoero but I’m always reading with fujogoggles on admittedly

No. 304777

>A Separate Peace
Sage for blogpost but I read this in high school as a chosen book for a project in English class and did a lot of kyaaa'ing over it with a fujo friend. We even dressed up as the main characters for Halloween. Those were the days…

No. 304816

>>the normie protagonist annoys me, which sucks because he's extremely involved in every single scene

Wtf the protagonist is one of the best parts of it

No. 304829

bram stoker was literally a closeted gay man and "dracula" has TONS of overt subtext for its time, this is well-known. read a book sometime.

No. 304832

It was required reading in our high school for some reason. I enjoyed it since it was like getting to read a slowburn angst bl for grades lol. Our teacher vehemently denied any gay subtext though. But even the 15-16yr old conservative southern boys in our class picked up on it and argued that the mc had romantic feelings

No. 304838

aside from the subtext in the vampire stuff, i found the male MCs to be very sweet with each other, that's what i'd been thinking about.

No. 305209

File: 1687930431232.jpg (246.4 KB, 1024x1004, rivershirt-1407325412770811907…)

does anyone else have unironic yaoi withdrawals? sometimes i feel an impending sense of "doom" if go a few days without looking at bl or having a delusional daydream session before bed

No. 305319

Honestly not exclusive to yaoi or boys love, but I notice if I don't have time to partake in any of my current hyperfixations, I get really upset. Back when I was in university and it would be exam season, I would always get manic, kek. I definitely think daydreaming about yaoi is a form of escapism, or just something to cut away the boredom. I wouldn't say I self insert, or do it in a 'maladaptive daydreaming' sense, but I definitely need time to enjoy my hobbies, even if only mentally.

No. 305344

I start to feel very empty inside. It's especially annoying because I've made it a point to cut down on the amount of things I pick up so I don't end up like I did years ago with being in the middle of reading 50 different ongoing manga and forgetting about them because I couldn't keep with them all. So now I find myself curating more and as a result I follow fewer ongoing stuff and waiting on new chapters gets so agonizing

No. 305350

>the normie protagonist is annoying
Nonnie, he is the best part in the game, we need slutty protagonists like him in blvns instead of the "Eh two guys can have sex with pp going inside poopchupe?!" retarded ones.
And if you are not familiar with blvns and voice acting, Eidens voice actor is currently blvns moans fav pick. He does otome too and many otomefags play the game and swallow the bl just for him.

No. 305365

NTAYRT but being super slutty and obsessed with sex is as boring as super virginal, that nona is right and she should say it.

No. 305394

Unrelated, Eiden's voice is good but every time I hear him he reminds me of fucking Aoba, that bitch will keep haunting me

No. 305412

it makes sense in this context. it's a porn game and eiden needs to fuck all his harem, only someone super horny could do that. also i feel like eiden acts pretty normal most of the time, he doesn't come across as a sex freak

No. 305485

Lots of homo in the 1st episode of Ooku. It surprised me but in hindsight it was obviously going to happen.

No. 305487

I’m sure it makes sense in context, it’s just that the concept of the game is kinda boring in and of itself

No. 305510

Actually I don't really like protagonists in general with rare exceptions. I dislike him cuz he reminds me of a lot of isekai protags, has a whiney voice I don't like at all, has a normie design, etc. Though, I noted what I did most only because he pretty much has 50% screentime across the board. Towa I liked a bit more in spite of being a massive manwhore.

No. 305594

What's your ideal BL protag? I love tsundere brats that melt in the seme's hands.

No. 305615

It doesn't apply just to BL but in a pairing I like when both characters are tsundere for each other. Or if the tsundere is nicer to the love interest than to others, it's cute.

No. 305621

I know it's trashy but I love the enemies/rivals-to-lovers trope in BL. Even when mental illness or trauma are involved. In darker stories where there's an abuser, I love when he either gets kicked in the ass and then he redeems himself, or if he ends up falling in love with the (hopefully manipulative) victim.

No. 305640

My favorite trope is childhood friends to lovers, or when the pairing knows each other for a long time, but they slowly fall in love with each other. I especially like the trope when a characters says they don't even know when they fell in love with the other, it just happened. I think it was Flynn Scifo and Yuri Lowell form tales of vesperia that made me like this, kek.

No. 305723

Always has to be the really outgoing chaotic guy/the really quiet and probably angsty guy. It literally never gets old for me. Also I like when the main character is the top, I feel like most series have the bottom as the MC which I don't mind, but I like seeing the top lust after the cuteness of the bottom. I also prefer the quiet guy on the bottom most of the time but it truly depends on the ship, it can go either way.

No. 305820

File: 1688190767029.jpg (160.66 KB, 1200x678, noctilucent.jpg)

new BL game on erolabs (same platform that hosts nucarnival) called noctilucent before dawn, it has a very pretty artstyle. i think it has potential!

No. 305824

Oh same. I like a particular variant of that: "enemies-to-begrudging-friends-to-lovers." I love when one character thinks they hate the other, but then sudden when the other is sad or in danger they reveal that they care. Tbh I think I basically just described Tiger and Bunny. So yeah, that type of thing lmao.

No. 305826

It doesn't matter to me whether it's the POV character, but I love sweet, dumb guy characters. I particularly like when a nice dumb guy is paired with someone really grumpy or cynical.

No. 305827

File: 1688193222290.jpg (303.8 KB, 1293x1772, Tumblr_l_40751664166755.jpg)

Don't get me started anons, I've had VC brain rot since I was fifteen. Really loved the new show btw, though I surprised myself with how little I minded the changes from the books. Maybe I was just distracted by all the male nudity kek

No. 306117

I don't have the time to get addicted to any more phone games but this looks really cool.

No. 306212

File: 1688311825408.jpg (74.68 KB, 720x948, Jake_-_Shutline.jpg)

So I just go spoilered.
So I was looking at some video edits of Shutline and one video ended up revealing a huge spoiler and that is that Jake is actually a undercover cia cop agent all this time pretending to be a gangster.

Also by reading this comment you also got spoilered too MUAHAHAHA evil laugh

Since you already got spoilered how do you feel about this revelation?

No. 306214

Also i remember shutline being popular last year ago but now not much people talk about it…is it because of the slow updates?

No. 306215

Who the fuck cares how a uke looks like. Ukes majority of the times are the MC or self insert of the story so they're not the one the reader wants, it's the seme or top they want.

Although there are rare cases where the MC is the top in big/buff uke stories but that is rare because a majority of the time the uke will be the Mc and be small/feminized.

No. 306219

Obviously a lot of people care? Why are you even saying that? As if all fujos self inserted.

No. 306220

Speak for yourself. Both of the men have to be attractive imo, I don't want to look at ugly men or literal traps because I'm not into ugly men and I'm not a lesbian. Though Living Dead is an exception, I don't really look forward to the sex scenes because the story is interesting enough already. Also keep your feminization/sissy fetish to yourself.

No. 306222

>keep your sissy feminizations fetish yo yourself.

What the hell do you even mean by your last sentence. Did your brain malfunction or something.

Most ukes literally look like ugly androgynous short aliens with bug eyes meanwhile the top/seme is a hottie.

No. 306223

Did you stop reading bl in 2010 or something? What a stupid take.

No. 306225

File: 1688315115348.jpeg (7.25 KB, 179x282, images.jpeg)

Lol no, I read whatever I find and this is the conclusion I came to after reading bl for years.

I've noticed that the character design for ukes is not created to be appealing to women instead its created to be relatable.

Why are you mad over a opinion or are you mad bcus it's true?

No. 306228

Also for anyone thinks this is a attack on yaoi….it's not because the same thing happens in other media too especially the lgbt one.

One of the Characters in Yuri and girls love stories also get self insert for whatever gross incel male wants to pretend he is her.
It's very obvious who the self insert in girls love Mangas is too

And same thing in yaoi too there is self insertion of the readers. This is normal and it's what happens when straight people write gay fetish stories for straight people to consume.
That's why the uke behaves and gets treated like a pseudo-female in yaoi stories. And that's why in girls love stories there is always that one hulking tall "girl" who behaves like a neckbard.

No. 306229

You're just stupid then. BL nowadays has all sort of artstyles and it's rare to find "ugly bug eyed aliens" now. If anything, the standard bl art style looks something like Given. Look here: https://www.chil-chil.net/blAwardRank/y/2023/, none of them look like what you're bitching about, only a few have very feminine ukes.

Yeah you're just retarded. Nobody here cares, go tell twitter or the fujo-cringe thread about the evil gay fetish manga for straight people.

No. 306231

>Taking a trashy korean webtoon where the "uke" has kpop lips as reference for all BL

No. 306235

i remember binge reading this shitty webtoon and i don’t remember the bottom being necessarily “girly” tbfh

No. 306245

You could argue the face is pretty feminine because they imitate k-pop idols and modern korean fashion a lot, but yeah you can fucking tell that's a man. Face aside he isn't feminine at all.

No. 306250

He looks exactly like real life K-pop male idols. They're basically saying men who look like K-pop idols aren't appealing to women, they just like them because they're "relatable". Sounds like something an ugly seething scrote would say.

No. 306251

Any man who isn't an emotionless, hulking rape ape is a basically a woman now. Rancefag is the only heterosexual lolcow user. Trust, I spent the last 14 years of my life in a buddhist temple where they made me read every yaoi 14 times a day.

No. 306252

File: 1688326988525.jpg (824.6 KB, 1196x1700, 817ea26c-e92d-4032-8632-b7ffec…)

to be very honest the majority of bl (in recent times) is just two dudes. it's rare to see trap ukes or even androgynous ukes, or even…pretty bishonen. i say this while understanding "just two dudes" is common because of translator preferences. i bet there's a lot more variance in jp bl circles…

then again, i'd also argue okane ga nai tier stuff wasn't exactly common back then. i get everyone has different ideas of masculinity and femininity but to me a guy being short and wimpy doesn't really mean he's "feminine", he's just a beta dude

No. 306253

i never got self-insertion. i don't want to be in my BL, i just want to see cute boys go at it

No. 306255

>I bet there's a lot more variance in jp bl circles
Maybe if you're into a specific niche. You can see what the most popular stuff series are in places like pixiv comic and chil chil rankings, and all the characters just look like two dudes imo. I think there's less bishonen nowadays.
Look at the chil chil rankings for best uke and best seme from 2022, they all look like two dudes.

No. 306258

Nah Rancefag is a lesbian too, that Rance dude has a bit of a feminine face he's basically a woman in all but pronouns.

No. 306270

sad. i can't ever totally get into two dudes BL, it just doesn't satisfy my love of visual contrast. have a height gap or something at least

No. 306275

I really like BL where the uke is a bishounen who still looks like a grown man, it feels like the more feminine ukes now are always the tiny wide eyed cutesy types which I don't mind if I like the plot/relationship enough but isn't my first choice.

No. 306277

File: 1688337640756.jpeg (146.88 KB, 673x1200, Fzy8hkHakAAWf63.jpeg)

>character design for ukes is not created to be appealing to women instead its created to be relatable
Disagree, the uke is supposed to be the more desired/cute.
A lot of it comes down to personal preference though.

No. 306280

File: 1688338120588.jpeg (534.17 KB, 978x833, IMG_2029.jpeg)

I’ve been spoilt by BLVNs and harada
All other BL feels mid to lame

No. 306281

We are opposites lol, my specific interest is having ships with the exact same height or imperceptible height difference.

No. 306285

im speaking specifically about BL vns but i love when protags aren't totally spineless. my fave BL game protags so far have been lucky dogs gian & michael from shingakkou, bc they actually have some spirit and in gians case at least he's not weak at all and can kick ass when he needs to.
i just hate it when BL protags have no personality whatsoever & the LIs have to swoop in to save them every 5 minutes its so so unappealing (lamento was so bad for this)

No. 306286

File: 1688344100752.png (377.89 KB, 735x518, FxSFyeRacAAXFQN.png)

t. snake

No. 306287

nta and welp guess i'm a snake now. a+ chart thank you anon

No. 306288

If you've already experience peak literature you've got some options either re-read it
move on
touch grass
get new skills like whittling wood or kite surfing or idk self improving
or create your own peak bl

No. 306289

nta but if any anon felt like making their own BL vn and posting it here id love to play it. the western BL vn market is so rough it's not even worth bothering with, i at least trust lc anons to have good taste and artistic vision lol

No. 306293

Art like this just looks like AI art to me these days, kek

No. 306307

post fanart of him getting raped by beefy men and/or tentacle monsters or gtfo

No. 306308

to be clear I meant rance not your boyfriend

No. 306373

File: 1688394763260.jpeg (Spoiler Image,397.75 KB, 1289x1462, 81C32BBA-8F21-408A-8593-AD096F…)

>I don't really look forward to the sex scenes
They at least don’t have a lot of nudity. The boxing pic sensei posted on Twitter has the least amount of clothes Mamiya’s been drawn with

No. 306430

File: 1688405504394.jpg (86.54 KB, 474x624, brave_2023-07-03_13-32-03.jpg)

New BL anime adaption of the manga Twilight out of Focus is coming! Has anyone here read it?

No. 306431

You are correct

No. 306445

File: 1688414397770.png (643.81 KB, 809x468, Ukes.png)

Rance always looked rapable (but also kinda ugly). All of the generic hentai protagonists look rapable. I always hoped they'll be approached my another male and the real fun begins. I remember one hentai that had such a scene, but they made a joke out of it at the end of an episode and didn't actually animate it, and i'm so maaad.

No. 306448

You're actually right, they all look like weaklings who'd would either be otaku or into the obscure and be bullied (and like it)

No. 306455

They look like any other self-insert protagonists for moid series, like harems and isekai. Is there anywhere else the discussion for male-oriented porn can be turned to besides the BL thread?

No. 306457

rance has a cute face and shark teeth, his retardation would make a fun unwilling bottom. I like a hair over the eyes cutie as long as he doesn't look too close to a real unkempt ricecel, but the personality can stay to make extra intense stuff feel warranted.

No. 306458

Oh, I actually like this series and the related works. I like the premise more than some of the execution but it's good, I'll be watching it and hoping to see the side characters from the spinoffs in the bg.

No. 306466

File: 1688420538190.jpeg (193.77 KB, 800x2500, 348e4270db0eef8a464d8b54df9030…)

Recommend me stories where the uke is big and muscular.

No. 306467

File: 1688420874223.jpeg (231.42 KB, 1071x709, IMG_2094.jpeg)

I looked up the CGs for masquerade and they’re honestly some of the funniest I’ve seen in a while, not really that sexy but very hilarious (the best one being a guy getting Coca Cola shoved up his asshole).

No. 306471

What is your pic from? My current favorite is Plaything. It's so good, I love it when the top is pretty and smaller and also dominant. Wootan to Fumi and Jelly Pool are also good reads, they are both very cute.

No. 306472

File: 1688424297994.jpeg (429.05 KB, 1280x960, IMG_2100.jpeg)

I don’t trust this guy

No. 306474

I liked the art for Paradise, but looks like it's a 'MC only bottoms' which is no fun for me, I want MC to top.

I expected Masquerade to be hilariously, stereotypicall 'MC is uke' but from reading the VNDB entry, it looks like he may actually switch…?

No. 306475

>it looks like he may actually switch…?
Yeah he switches, I think everyone in the VN does actually judging by the CGs.

No. 306476

Idk, the blond punk's (not Takara's) route in Paradise was really nice and oddly wholesome even if you weren't really into bottom protagonists. I'm not really sure if there's much that have tops. No Thank You is ok but a lot of it caters to gay men.
Lol, do you actually know what happens with him?

No. 306477

File: 1688427264178.png (805.31 KB, 1024x576, IMG_2104.png)

>do you actually know what happens with him?
Nope, I just instantly don’t trust him at all.
Apparently Matsuda is the Mink though

No. 306480

File: 1688429442268.jpg (151.69 KB, 828x828, 7c599df3-dc53-44b7-bb17-4c1975…)

Hey, the pic is from "hard boiled love".

Yeah i like playthig too but the main story was too short.
Ili check the other two out.

No. 306488

File: 1688434191044.jpg (60.62 KB, 680x643, a21.jpg)

Why does he remind me of this guy?

No. 306513

What the hell, they're localizing a 17 year old game? I already played it with Visual Novel Reader and my basic Japanese, thinking it would never receive an English patch kek.
Interesting piece of trivia, it seems so have drawn inspiration from Gakuen Sodom, a game by PIL (PIL/SLASH's sister company that focuses on galge eroge). Both are about a violent criminal taking a high school classroom hostage and making them do sexually sadistic and humiliating acts. I don't know what the galge is like obviously, I just read the summary on VNDB, but despite being short and mostly about everyone being forced to fuck each other at gunpoint, the plot in Masquerade was resolved nicely imo. And yes, it is hilarious as fuck, some of the endings are straight up baffling. There are several hot scenes, and there's also some romance between the protagonist and two other guys.

No. 306514

File: 1688442345480.png (27.75 KB, 775x189, kekekkk.png)

Samefag but kek at this horribly translated summary.
>insulted sexually
They literally just copy-pasted the shitty VNDB description.
I'm glad the CGs are going to be redrawn though, the wonky art sometimes got distracting.

No. 306516

File: 1688442734256.jpg (20.59 KB, 250x300, 70995.jpg)

The protagonist in Nonke Ippatsu Tabehoudai was a qt although he is always tops iirc. Despite his looks, he's kind of his own character.

No. 306540

Thanks, I don't think I've seen that one before.
I can also recommend Omune-chan no Sainan, Bitten by Moonlight and the Beast That Yearns To Be Tamed

No. 306541

>some of the endings are straight up baffling
Spill the deets anon

No. 306559

>Who the fuck cares how a uke looks like. Ukes majority of the times are the MC or self insert of the story so they're not the one the reader wants, it's the seme or top they want.
What? I never care about the seme exclusively, I want the uke to be cute and charming and the seme to work with his persona to create chemistry between them. These people coming in painting all fujos with a broad brush like they were laying god's truth piss me the absolute fuck off, especially when they're doing it using stereotypes from the mid 00's. At first I thought it was some male bait but now I believe it's some yumefag high on "I-I don't like icky disgusting gay folks I just self insert because t-that's what everyone does, right?!" copium. No in fact I do not want to fuck drawings but I like reading a good story about an interesting couple.

KEK underrated post

No. 306560

Kek, you're not really wrong. Matsuda somehow grossed me out more than Mink, though. Also as for Takara, I really liked his personality at first but he kind of reminds me of that cannibal from Sweet Pool. God, I deeply regret playing that game and knowing this information.
honestly I'm mostly confounded by the choice not the age. If they were going for weird shit they should have done Shingakkou or Omega Vampire or something.

No. 306597

The fujo board is down :(

Last I recall, it was being spammed with soyjacks :((do not use emoji/ emoticons)

No. 306600

I saw that too. I hope it's nothing too bad, I want to post.

No. 306612

It was raided by soyjak.party, I hope adminjo doesn't have issues putting it back online

No. 306620

why can't jast ever localize good games/games people actually ask for? why not do shingakkou reeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

No. 306624

File: 1688490188393.png (1.43 MB, 2048x1314, IMG_2165.png)

>Matsuda somehow grossed me out more than Mink
Damn now I’m really curious and might do his route first when the games comes out just because of that, ironically though rape routes are usually my least favorite with the exception of Keisuke, who I think got the best route in TNC by far.
>cannibal from Sweet Pool
He was my favorite and I was genuinely mad that he didn’t have a full route, especially since the actual love interest was boring as tar and had no personality.

No. 306625

I kind of assumed these games are working like test pilots, like selling two of their lesser known games first to gather money to translate Shingakkou sort of thing.
Apparently the main thing keeping them from doing so is one of the seiyuus is really expensive.

Sucks because the art style in Shingakkou is absolutely gorgeous.

No. 306647

File: 1688504023687.jpg (199.46 KB, 1024x576, BBs54yi.jpg)

…ok I'm an idiot but why do they have to pay off the seiyuus? Aren't they just getting the licensing fee?
NOTE: beware, these are minor spoilers for Paradise. Skip if you wanna go in fresh.
Matsuda is weird because his route imo isn't really done well, except - take this with a grain of salt I've never been crept on irl - it has a very realistic feeling to it that's very rare in BLVNs…it also lasts for a very long time instead of culminating in one sadistic scene or something. Very controlling, possessive, demanding, cruel. He feels like an actual domestic abuser. His VA also went extremely hard with the creepiness. You might like it if you like being uncomfortable, kek. I do hear that there is a spinoff that "fixes" him and I'm not really sure what it entails. I think I kind of like Keisuke more because his yandereness makes him sufficiently unrealistic for me to enjoy his route.
Anyway, I think by the end Mitsugi is the only guy I like in Paradise. He's kind of spicy and sadistic but also pretty wholesome too.

No. 306655

A lot of the time, the seiyuus have to be paid for each country's localization. This is also true for a lot of Chinese and Korean games, too. I don't know the specifics but it seems to be a contractual obligation that they are paid each time.

No. 306784

File: 1688584535173.jpeg (41.48 KB, 750x598, 82A4BC87-0842-467F-AC94-B9F09B…)

being silly

No. 306786

what about konoe lmao

No. 306788

I haven’t finished lamento yet gomen

No. 306795

Who's the cutie with orange eyes?

No. 306797

File: 1688590564529.jpeg (46.18 KB, 400x225, IMG_2214.jpeg)

Shoutarou from uuuultra C

No. 306803

File: 1688593303471.png (138.1 KB, 750x598, now with added konoe.png)

is okay nonny thank you anyway. i tried my hand at adding him plus a few other BLVN protags i could think of

No. 306807

File: 1688594894738.png (177.9 KB, 750x598, 1688593303471.png)

can i contribute?

No. 306821

Thanks for contributing nonnies!

No. 306841

what are good fujo mods for stardew valley

No. 306900

Sorry to the anons in Japan right now… I won't go to the emo cafe, I already made a reservation for another cafe with a collab with a BL manga I like more. The food looks basic as hell so I'll only go for the goodies.

No. 306934

File: 1688663695124.jpeg (93.14 KB, 1200x900, gotham-season-3-penguin-gay-ed…)

Out of all the gay ships that never became canon, Penguin/Riddler from Gotham hurts me the most, because unlike every other gay ship, this one actually had a chance of happening. Both actors playing them actually fit the sexuality. Penguin's actor(Robin Lord Taylor) was gay and Riddler's actor(Cory Michael Smith) was bisexual, and they had no problem with people shipping the characters and even having a romance. (Although Penguin's actor did have an issue with people shipping him IRL when he already had a boyfriend, which I can admit is a fair objection) But even then, it could have totally worked. The fans wanted it and had no issue with it, the actors wanted it, but instead, we get two seasons dedicated to bisexual dominatrixes (the writers obvious fetish) and a focus on a worse version of Harley Quinn.

No. 306936

I apologize in advance for all the spergs who will inevitably reply to this with seething about 3DPD.

No. 306940

No. 306942

nta but honestly, Gotham characters acted like cartoon characters most of the time. Everyone was just so over the top

No. 306943

You got that right, 3DPD should be spoilered because nobody wants to see disgusting real life moids

No. 306944

3DPD in my sacred fujo thread…

No. 306945

Ewwww. Please spoil that shit

No. 306949

even the right guy hair is retreating after seeing the left faggot grass hairstyle, absolutely heinous

No. 306954

File: 1688669518856.jpeg (86.17 KB, 1000x561, 4500B21F-656A-4832-A32F-428FC2…)

>we get two seasons dedicated to bisexual dominatrixes (the writers obvious fetish) and a focus on a worse version of Harley Quinn.
Sage for OT and I'm not even a fujo, but you described the situation perfectly. Literally, more then half of the female villains in Gotham was almost always a 90 pound, conventionally attractive lesbian or bisexual woman in BDSM gear. Even the female characters who "hated" men did so in a fetish femdom way and would end up sleeping with men half the time, what's weird though is the fact most of these episodes with bisexual dominatrixes were written by a gay male writer.(Charlie Huston)

No. 306965

Right is so ugly. 3dpd nonnies need to get better taste. You're always simping for the ugliest moids and gay couples.

No. 307022

Thank you for reminding me that real men are ugly as sin, nona

No. 307033

moid hands typed this. no one wants to see 3dpd men, I have to look at their ugly faces irl.

No. 307039

asian ikemen are the only acceptable 3dpd for me as they closely resemble 2d fictional men the most

No. 307041

Shut up Kpopfag, we don't want to see 3DPDs in here period.

No. 307046

if I speak I will get banned for racebait. above all things do not ever post that yellow fever shit here.

it's not always about the looks, it's about the chemistry.

No. 307048

>People thinking 3DPD is BL
>People thinking bara is BL
>People thinking fat ugly bastard is BL
>People thinking moid shit like boku no pico is BL

No. 307055

actually I prefer japanese men

No. 307056

>People thinking bishounen het otomeshit is BL
>People thinking geikomi is BL
>People thinking gaybaiting Vtubers is BL

No. 307057

>People thinking bishounen het otomeshit is BL
Does this happen? Only thing that I can think of similar to this is moids on 4chan and reddit calling anything for women 'fujoshit' because they don't actually know what the word means.

No. 307060

It's most common on 4chan but it generally happens with scrotes (and clueless women) anywhere. They see a series with pretty men and think it's "fujoshit" just because it's bishounen-centric even if it's a full on reverse harem setting. They also think that being an unhinged yumestan for a male character or a male actor is being a "fujoshi".

No. 307062

peak male brainrot to think that a woman enjoying a male character who is literally designed to be attractive and appealing to women somehow makes them what in their minds they consider a faghag…

No. 307063

approx. 10,000 times worse

No. 307065

It still means you need to get better taste. Idk how you can stand looking at these old ugly ass moids for the "chemistry".

No. 307085

File: 1688731515474.png (2.13 MB, 1500x1021, Screenshot 2023-07-07 at 12.01…)

I haven't read new bl in literal years. Just got a bunch of recent uploads from yaoiotaku. Which one should I read?

No. 307088

Douseiyanki is retarded and wasted potential but the early parts have a lot of good in them and I think would make many a nonna smile so I think you should read it until it gets too tarded for you and then just drop it moving on to [literal dozens of other bl at your immediate fingertips judging by your screencap that are no doubt better than it]

No. 307089

kieta hatsukoi was pretty cute if youre in the mood for fluff

No. 307092

Douseiyankee and Nakimushi/crying landlord

No. 307117

Douseiyanki did grab my attention. Sad to hear it's not consistent, but it's good to know so I don't get my hopes up.
>that are no doubt better than it
My issue is that I just don't know. There's too much stuff. The artists that I do know and like don't really have any free raws at the moment, and I don't want to buy any.
It really is an issue of having too much variety kek. I have a folder on another laptop filled with pre 2019 bl that I saved but never read.

Thanks for the recs nonnies.

No. 307127

3DPD shipping if fairly common with fujo fandom, touch grass retarded incel.

No. 307137

I like Itsuka Koi Ni Naru Made a lot, it's a typical best friends school romance but the art really sells it. Its actually a prequel to a volume where they adopt their friend's kid, Kazoku Ni Narou Yo, which I like even more and rec if you like parenting stories.

No. 307198

Dear Gene was absurd and I loved it

No. 307231

isn't it funny that women will happily make slash art of the most hideous scrotes (see the disco elysium dudes) but it's so rare for scrotes to do the same to ugly female characters? like i've never seen a single guy gush about something like the favorite (2018)

No. 307241

I feel like women are generally way more invested in interpersonal relationships than men will ever be. Of course they’d ship ugly men if the story and characters interest them, moids can only focus on looks and how fuckable someone is.

No. 307242

what is it with nitro+chiral games completely uglifying the LIs when they age them up in their good ends?
they did it with rei in slow damage and since i am just now finally getting round to tnc, they did the same shit w rin too…….. they get their character designs so right sometimes that its a wonder to me that they dont realise some of the changes make the characters look objectively awful (see also towas vomitrocious blonde hair)

really though rins whole point as a LI is being boyish and cute, i guarantee noone romancing him wants to see him aged up w a new shitty haircut lmao

No. 307244

I thought older Rin was cute (and it makes me wonder if he upgraded from uke character to switch character)

Rei looks like shit though yeah, Towa on the other hand looked supremely sexy in Taku's end.

No. 307252

Didn’t Towa just get ever so slightly longer hair in Taku’s end and everything else stayed the same? Kek

No. 307258

File: 1688788643843.png (Spoiler Image,937.57 KB, 1276x716, Screenshot_202.png)

It got pretty long and the blonde completely went out and he started dressing like a tradwife.

No. 307260

Among the aiden tumblr fujos maybe. No one wants to see your hideous Brits

No. 307261

Among the aiden tumblr fujos maybe. No one wants to see your hideous Brits

No. 307278

Nta but it's more common among normie fujos than any other type of bl outside japan, including the rest of asia.

No. 307315

No one in this thread cares about live action media or why scrotes don’t draw ugly British women or whatever. Are you lost?

No. 307316

ot but taku by far has the worst route i can think of in any n+c game, maybe tied with asato (who is at leaat endearing to make up for it.) what a waste of a LI

No. 307323

Yeah sure keeps telling yourself that. People were shipping 3d before half of this stupid zoomer channel was even born. But as usual we can't discuss shit here because some anons are more trigger than some twitter snoflakes.

No. 307357

Anime imageboards have historically been against 3dpd. This simply isn't the place to discuss it.

No. 307361

>back in my day people shipped REAL MEN from Star Trek and U.N.C.L.E, damn zoomers
ok boomer, don’t you have a TCM marathon to watch

No. 307405

I'm still very perplexed by it like his entire arc was realizing that he's attracted to Towa. So dumb. Also Asato has a bad arc? Bummer. He's very cute.
lolcow is an anime imageboard? That's news to me.
I find it ironic you roast nonny over having that knowledge, but then have very specific examples that most people aren't aware of having a huge female fanbase like Star Trek.

No. 307406

Jokes on you, Taku has my favorite route in SD.
>lolcow is an anime imageboard?
NTA but all imageboards are pretty weeb to me.

No. 307409

Make a thread for 3DPDs then

No. 307413

its a weeby drama imageboard but not an anime one. its currently the least weeb its ever been and we already have a dozen threads for [insert butt ugly 3d moid celebrity here] simping, maybe someone can make a dedicated 3dpd shipping thread so everyone can be happy.

ot but the husbandofag culture /m/ and /g/ developed over the past year or two irritates the crap out of me. the borderline avatarfagging mixed with emulation of 4chin waifuist moid behavior for edge points gives ftm vibes.

No. 307417

hes a qt but i find his route very, very boring. granted thats a symptom of me finding lamento in general extremely meandering and boring. but yeah, asatos route kinda ends up being konoe and asato brooding and not being able to express their feelings for eachother for hours and hours of playtime, and also his route is very much separate from the others, which all intertwine with eachother in a meaningful way.

anon whyyy
to be fair though SD doesnt have the best routes so i can forgive this. i said this before in one of these threads, but i didnt even realise i was on takus route (i went into my first route blind) until WELL past his first sex scene lmao. they have so little chemistry that genuinely i thought their awkward fumbling was part of the main plot….
i find taku very bland but his last sex scene w towa is quite sweet, at least. also helps that he's in the same game as madarame who i hate w every fibre of my being, so like… anything is going to be better than him

No. 307418

I'm probably older than you and I despise 3DPD shipping. Go make your own 3DPD fujo thread then

No. 307429

The husbandofagging in the past two years here is insufferable, it’s just glorified avatarfagging. They go out of their way to pick the most autistic/speshul husbando and say the most vile things so that they are immediately recognizable and get attention on an anonymous image board, pathetic.

No. 307431

File: 1688844964542.jpg (72.84 KB, 563x567, 22b3e7ccf5a703e53ba4eb0bb6c5e0…)

You're right, but this thread is filled with around two people who are autistically obsessed with gatekeeping and then wonder why this thread gets so dead sometimes. People in this thread will get mad that people want to 3DPD ship in a thread called /fujo/ when ACTUAL Jap fujos are obsessed with shit like shipping the live action Spider-Man movies.
It's not worth fighting about but at least write in the rules in the OP, retards.

No. 307435

>to be fair though SD doesnt have the best routes so i can forgive this.
Can’t agree here either, SD is honestly my favorite visual novel in general (not just BL)
>they have so little chemistry that genuinely i thought their awkward fumbling was part of the main plot….
I guess it just kinda depends on what tropes you’re into, I personally love the ‘grooming your father figure type character into being your lover’ and the whole route felt like an improved version of Motomi’s route in TNC, which did to me feel really forced and out of no where.
>also helps that he's in the same game as madarame who i hate w every fibre of my being
I honestly ended up liking Madarame! He’s a shit head and his route probably has the least strong writing, but chemistry wise he and Towa had the best chemistry to me, helps that they were basically former fuck buddies and Towa’s masochism comes out best with him. Usually I don’t like the rape route (don’t like characters like Mink or Hanazawa at all, Shiki is kind of cringy but funny though) but I think Madarame gets a free pass simply because Towa actually likes getting abused.

No. 307436

File: 1688847095832.png (122.09 KB, 527x494, 91218336_p1.png)

how blubberbutt cummerbund always manage to stay relevant with fujos? he was even in that really good BL movie 1917

No. 307440

>ACTUAL Jap fujos are obsessed with shit like shipping the live action Spider-Man movies
when did japanese fujos became the authority on shipping? Slash shipping has been big in western fandom for a long time even before japanese influence. Fujo, yaoi and BL are japanese terms that has been adapted by english fandoms but women still had ways to discuss ships between two men and homoerotic content before those terms got popular. Idc if women are into 3DPD but the holy land of nippon shouldn't dictate your opinion

No. 307442

File: 1688848281128.jpg (233.72 KB, 1430x2048, 103927775_p1.jpg)

He was also a villian in the reboot of the classic BL series Sutaa Torekku. He's true fujobait.

No. 307448

>when did japanese fujos became the authority on shipping
Because we're in a thread called /fujo/ using a term from Japan, so obviously the actual use of it in Japan is worth considering? The point obviously wasn't that they are an authority on shipping.
Someone coming into a thread called /fujo/ with no explicit rules against 3DPD in the OP and saying 'I can 3DPD ship here because fujo is a Japanese term that, in Japan, includes 3DPD shipping and there's no explicit rules against it' is perfectly reasonable.
Like I said, it's not worth fighting about, put it in the rules in the OP next time and hopefully people won't sperg out about it.

No. 307455

I'm talking about this thread. It's an anime/manga thread in an imageboard. Most people are gonna act like the usual weeb imageboard crowd.

No. 307462

>3DPD being forced in the fujo thread
Fujochan can't come back online soon enough, smashing F5 on their front page as we speak

The constant racebaiting and homophobia around the site interestingly correlate with the rise in autistic husbandofaggotry, I wonder why?

No. 307463

>Fujochan can't come back online soon enough
Admin chan told me it's probably going to be about 2 weeks.

No. 307471

NTA but while I liked Slow Damage, it definitely falls flat on the romance aspect. The LIs are interesting characters (although I find Madarame to be a bit boring),but the romance was rushed and sometimes nonexistent until the end. It just felt like they didn't properly develop the relationships. Everything else was great tho.

No. 307485

I hope the admin of fujochan is doing alright, I miss visiting there.

Also NTA, and I tend to agree. Slow damage might not be the most romantic game around but I loved the story. In fact, there's some games/VN that I wish had less romance if they just had a decent plot… But then again, I've always been a plot heavy kind of VN enjoyer. I don't usually like fluff as much, so maybe that's why I feel this way.

No. 307503

I can't believe fujochan is down when I wanted to post some specific stuff.

No. 307511

I have no horse in the 3D/anti-3D discussion but I do feel like it's worth mentioning that the specific term 'slash' literally came from Kirk/Spock.

No. 307527

This isn't an anime board. Plenty of 3d threads exist. It's just half of this thread is anons who should go to therapy instead of posting online.

>Go make your own 3DPD fujo thread then
Nothing in the OP says anything about 3d or 2d stupid zoomer.

No. 307528

At least read the thread before replying. >>307455

No. 307545

It’s a marvel that moids like this can touch each other without puking, much less that anyone would willingly observe them and find anything endearing or attractive about it.

No. 307546

File: 1688916180021.jpg (76.28 KB, 564x638, 5569122d93d5ab405be8e78d95aa67…)

Stop replying to the 3Dfag, it's obvious they're just trying to intentionally stir infighting at this point.

No. 307555

they just want to larp as a weeb scrotes reeing about 3dpd women

No. 307574

File: 1688928603676.jpeg (322.7 KB, 944x1532, 26D46149-5449-4CCE-AD3A-A44916…)

Don’t scroll

No. 307597

File: 1688946066629.jpg (347.26 KB, 1462x3421, IMG_2352.jpg)

Pick your era

No. 307607

I love pre-Heisei style, but hands down, modern era BL is the best so far in terms of quality of both art and writing. The pre-Heisei stuff has some classics I'd still recommend, but 90's and 00's were full of trash with hit or miss art. Much love to those artists who were the ones who made me aware of the genre, but they simply can't compete with all of the series we have from the latest decade.

No. 307608

pre-heisei > 2010s > royal road >>>>> fallen angels

No. 307609

I really like royal road style, and the early 2000s were when I was starting to get into manga and stuff, so I think that is playing a big part in why I like it so much.

No. 307610

For just aesthetics? Pre-Heisei or Fallen Angels, modern is just OK to me. I honestly stopped reading BL during the Royal Road era because I hate shit like Kyo Kara Maoh and the general style of that time.

No. 307612

File: 1688949383181.png (1.37 MB, 1127x1600, HEOLLL.png)

found a oneshot about a fujo forcing boys to kiss for money

No. 307617

Going by aesthetics
I like pre heisei a lot but I don't really find it sexy, I think stuff clearly inspired by it like Shingakkou is pretty sexy but actual stuff from that era like Kaze is beautiful looking to me but not sexy
I like stuff like Royal Road and Crisp touch for actual BL
Fallen Angels does nothing for me art style wise or 'sexy' wise.

No. 307618

File: 1688953496253.png (253.81 KB, 1125x412, the fuck.png)

Lovely art but this kinda grossed me out.

No. 307621

File: 1688955571323.jpeg (10.54 MB, 3238x4007, 6C83CCCD-5FBE-4DF0-87CA-FF1D3D…)

I kind of love all of them for different reasons. 2000s was a pretty ugly aesthetic but I’m nostalgic for it anyways, especially the late 2000s, it wasn’t quite what the 2010s BL picture is and it wasn’t quite full Royal Road either.

No. 307637

extremely late but i agree. comparing gay rape fiction to animal farm was a new low for these threads. i don't think george orwell was jerking off to the pigs kek. using feminism as fodder for fetish fantasies is nothing new. i don't know why people here seem so addicted to justifying their tastes as "progressive" or god forbid "activism"

No. 307651

So, did anyone in Tokyo actually go to the emocafe event? If so, how was it? I'm considering going just for the merchs even if I'm only interested in the ones for Happy Shitty Life, the food really doesn't look that amazing.

No. 307652

Honestly I just hate 2000s lips/mouths SO MUCH and am thankful most artists have moved past that

No. 307661

I want the dramatic stories of the pre-heisei era but drawn in modern style. I fully agree with >>307607 though, BL has never been better than it is right now and realistically I probably wouldn't change a thing about it. As an oldfag fujo it took me a long time to get into BL simply because the art was so shit back in the days but now the quality has soared and there is a lot of selection. When I think about the 00's style I'm instantly reminded of Shungiku Nakamura and how much I despised her work.

No. 307667

Do you think we will ever regress or evolve into another weird, ugly artstyle? It scares me, I don't want to. Or it is no longer possible at this point, given all the art variety we have?

No. 307670

i wish these people would just say it's a fetish that they get off to. All this discussion of how omegaverse is totes feminist is annoying I know that women get shamed for everything so we need to justify everything we do but everyone knows that these a fetishes so why bother hiding it?

No. 307671

In terms of artstyle I like our current era. The other eras either sucked when it came to BL or I'm not too familiar with them. The previous artstyles but applied to the shojo manga I read long ago make me super nostalgic though.

No. 307672

File: 1688985376256.jpg (47.97 KB, 564x709, e4750ba460b417902bb665dcec2204…)

Stop with this shit bait and go back to the antifujo thread to sperg about men being oppressed by fujos and projecting your own coomerism into them or whatever dumb shit you do there. Here, I'll even give you a post to screenshot and mald over: The Y chromosome is a genetic disorder and will be bred out eventually.

No. 307678

I made that half-assed comparison just to say it was an allegory and that novel is the most famous example among English speakers and now I'm accused of liking omegaverse even though I loathe thay shit, it's actually kind of funny. And it's the only Asada Nemui manga I don't plan to read so far on top of that because it's specifically omegaverse.

No. 307687

It's inevitable that artstyles will change. Whether or not it's "ugly" would depend on your taste.

No. 307689

Honestly, I can’t imagine it ever regressing into what it used to be. If anything, it’ll probably start to blend together with korean manhwa which is a whole new horror.

No. 307694

I feel like the internet and social media has irreversibly changed it so that even the nichest series will find their fans so variety is much more accessible, and that undeniably influences the style of other BL mangakas as well. Nevermore shall we return to lip fillers' reign of terror of the 00s.

No. 307696

It's okay anon, we know. It's just that you can't expect some pickme with a strong hate for women not catering to men to understand simple concepts without shitting herself and running to her hugbox thread where other pickmes can laugh at women all they want because misogynism is fine if it's fujos.

No. 307697

File: 1688999947584.jpeg (526.82 KB, 1627x2048, D_TwuJJXoAEPAca.jpeg)

>new anime season is kinda shit (save for 3 series at max)
>fc down
>too hot to do anything
>still no transformer comics either
I am dying. I would draw my gay bots but I lack the energy.
I miss the Vinland Saga thread, it's so much fun and even pretty active for fc standards.

No. 307701

Like >>307696 said we understand what you meant but it's no use trying to explain it to these people. You could spell it out with letters visible from the moon and they would still play dumb and intentionally misunderstand the point you're making just to find more reasons to circlejerk about how fujos are just misogynistic rape porn addicted coomers who will troon out and worst of all draw anon's husbando kissing a man. They claim to despise fujos yet can't stop themselves from monitoring this thread and engaging in the conversation just to throw their poop around like the chimps they are.

No. 307702

lmao you're so right

No. 307703

File: 1689002198791.jpg (1.21 MB, 750x1725, 52742816_p18.jpg)

No. 307705

90's > 2000's > 2010's > Pre-Heisei. The actual porn scenes in the modern era are objectively better, though.

No. 307709

Fuck I've already seen a couple that looked like korean manhwa, please no it's awful.

No. 307710

File: 1689002926765.jpeg (510.68 KB, 4000x2857, F0iKZ3PaUAEhBgY.jpeg)

It might be too woke for some I fear but I liked that Nimona starred an openly gay main character with a partner. Lesbians are pretty common by now but gay guys are usually omitted or you only see it happening with background characters or a sidekick with an unreciprocated crush.

No. 307713

>Ugly gay dads
Christ, no thanks

No. 307714

Kek I remember when Voltron revealed Shiro to be gay and then gave him a NPC husband who died in a flashback and that was the only thing gay characters got in years. Female couples are much more common because scrotes don't find them threatening and thus aren't as offensive, and can easily be written off as just two best friends being close with each other. But that said I agree, I found it nice that they actually were lovers and it was treated in a very normalized way instead of trying to beg for brownie points or trying to hide it, I wish it was more common.

No. 307717

Kek they are even uglier in the movie.

No. 307719

can any kind nonny translate this? i can only read like 2 words

No. 307720

File: 1689004580537.png (1.19 MB, 1120x957, 92895304_p0.png)

kek I honestly watched for the design of the black knight in the first place, considered him cute before I even knew he was gay. But my taste is weird I guess, I also find Tsurumi hot as shit. Post-brain damage I mean.

No. 307722

I think they're cute, anon. The art style of the movie in general doesn't really appeal to me though.

No. 307725

>I went to the dentist and the doctor's chest got all up in my face, it was kind of awkward
>I'm sorry, Aoba, I can't see the inside of your mouth
>Ah… It's okay…
>I know what you mean
>Is it about a woman? It's unusual for the two of them to talk about such a topic
>I think you might be wrong
I don't normally translate from nip so it probably sounds awkward, but that should be enough to help. I should play Dramatical Murder sometime…

No. 307726

thank you so much nonna may your day be filled with good fortune & beautiful anime men.
and yes you absolutely should!!! even if you're not too into BLVNs, dmmd is still worth playing imo

No. 307727

File: 1689006416159.jpg (251.84 KB, 1536x1780, TuBinganna-1642918621948305408…)

I'm a yurifag with some latent blshitting on the side, but thank you and you're very welcome, nona! I'm always happy to translate whatever I can.

No. 307729

Gendice is such a good fucking ship, I feel like shipping either of them with Ramuda got more popular over time but to me, those two are still the best FP ship.

No. 307737

its a solid ship but i wish there were better characters to ship gentaro w sometimes i cant lie. i have a hard time imagining him and dice actually having much to talk about sometimes lmao.
but this is a problem i have with hypmic in general, theres a startling lack of actual good ships outside of maybe doppo x hifumi (and even then…)

i still love the pic from ayrt though it's so good

No. 307744

That is a very adorable Cygate pic for what it’s worth

No. 307746

It’s honestly hilarious to me how in cartoons the only actually cute gay couple I can think of is Creek(I don’t think either of Shiro’s NPC boyfriends were cute, even though Shiro is very cute) otherwise they’re either
>Someone’s ugly dads (9 times out of 10 tall thin white guy and short fat black guy)
>maybe background characters next to some lesbians
There was a self insert fakeboi troon character in some Netflix cartoon who got with a guy though who were both main characters, so as long as it’s actually just straight people it’s okay I guess.

No. 307749

File: 1689014461289.png (9.32 MB, 2100x2300, IMG_2356.png)

>I feel like shipping either of them with Ramuda got more popular over time
But Ramuda already has a husband…they’re just kind of in a rocky area right now….

No. 307752

Pre-Heisei and 2010s I guess.
Still not really reading BL since they are still mostly looking like j-rock and k-pop twinks and I hate those faces and teens in general but afaik modern BLs have at least more varied stories and aren't just the feminine girlboy and the seme.
Pre-Heisei looks like yuri but at least they were pretty. And the stories often had some dark or weird turns that made them interesting to me.

2000s were the worst and they look and feel like hetero to me.

No. 307756

File: 1689016834937.png (302.96 KB, 467x1199, DmPd7otU4AACgDB.png)

To me, their relationship is Gentaro making up fake things to trick Dice with for entertainment 50% of the time, 40% of the time Dice being an unruly and unlucky sugarbaby that needs to get bailed out of absurd and comedic trouble, and 10% Dice being really, really sincere about things that catch Gentaro off guard. I think Gentaro would do most of the talking because whether it'd be lying or being honest, Dice would believe him and give a sincere answer.

No. 307757

based izuleo pic nonnie

No. 307758

>Lesbians are pretty common by now but gay guys are usually omitted or you only see it happening with background characters or a sidekick with an unreciprocated crush
Women love to add gay men to their works and men love to add lesbians to their work because both are uncomfortable with gay people of the same sex in media. Like more sitcom type shit will have gay men like with Modern Family rather than lesbians.

No. 307763

1st ayrt, the entire point of my post was that it's stupid and annoying to act like yaoi is feminist activism (and you diminish feminism in doing so). i wish it oppressed men, but it doesn't, so why pretend?

No. 307764

Show me where anyone in this thread said yaoi was activism, quickly.

No. 307768

What kind of a woman, much less a lolcow user of all people, would be so personally offended over something you like being seen as feminist unless you were here to seethe about fujos? Get lost, your hugbox thread is lonely without you.

No. 307771

How can you like Pre-Heisei and then say in the same breath you hate twinks and teens in your BL, kek

No. 307776

Like I said I cannot really view it as m/m, I just think the characters are at least pretty unlike modern bishounen teens. It's more of a cuteness thing than any sort of attraction. The pairings I am actually into are never from BL series to be honest.

No. 307783

File: 1689024522242.png (633 KB, 895x874, side eye.png)

>The pairings I am actually into are never from BL series to be honest
Oh…you're one of those types…

No. 307784

>it does look like a thinly veiled feminist manifesto
>it'll hopefully open the eyes of some readers who hadn't previously thought this deeply about feminist topics … Maybe feminist concepts arriving in such a package will get a foot in the door of their minds
>I will lose my shit if this manga causes some fujo to peak and become a radfem
consciousness-raising is a form of activism. the idea that ABO/yaoi/whatever would inspire a woman to be a feminist is completely absurd when you consider that women here were talking about how boring they find feminist critique outside of yaoi

it's not the fujoism that bothers me, it's the moralizing about it. for the record i also find it retarded when women in the fanfic thread talk about how their self-insert fics are totally getting back at men by "objectifying" their husbandos. it's ok to like stuff without pretending it's some eye-opening anti-oppressive conceptual framework or whatever. it's silly

No. 307788

File: 1689025006996.jpg (196.33 KB, 1709x1401, 20230709_141633.jpg)

Please report and ignore the infighting faggot, no one wants to hear this debate again.

No. 307790

Let your little brother use the computer Paki-chan

No. 307791

File: 1689026077099.jpg (76.95 KB, 564x798, 91365d32c43303b07fe63254bf9356…)

NTAYRT, but what's the problem with this? I read both BL and non-BL, but most of the relationships I enjoy are from non-BL's. I dream a typical Shounen would actually include boyxboy instead of bait one day because I love adventure stories more than romances.

No. 307792

Feminine men are still men, I wish you retards would leave this thread already

No. 307794

File: 1689026534862.jpg (434.25 KB, 2705x2628, Ira_552_R-1630200900869554176.…)

izlo is pretty based, I agree

No. 307798

I also read both, I just think people who say 'I never read actual BL' generally brush off the genre as a whole which is kind of annoying.

No. 307805

animal farm is trash anyway
>broooo the innate evil of man bro…..broooooo

No. 307810

it does oppress men though, have you never seen how furious they get whenever their self-inserts and vehicles for porn are made out to be gay in fanwork? guarantee if you go to /a/ or /v/ and post a yaoi picture in a thread you will absolutely be bombed with hate + the usual "ugh! women have to ruin EVERYTHING, can't men just be friends?!"

No. 307811

i mean you're wrong but why are you trying to continue the animal farm derail when this is meant to be a BL thread… post some cute anime boys kissing or something if you're gonna post low quality bait or better yet just go to the book thread holy shit

No. 307825

Late on this convo, but in a decade or two we might honestly see people drawing in the style of the 00s, in the same way we see people now aping 80s and 90s styles. If we're just talking about aesthetics, I personally like the older styles more. But if we're talking about content, modern stuff is the best, no contest.
ughhh, I miss it too. I want to go sperg in peace away from this thread.

No. 307864

Kek whenever I make jokes about how LOTR or the hobbit characters are gay the moids around me always seethe about how they're just friends and women ruin everything.

No. 307936

Women have historically way more tolerance of lesbian stuff than straight guys do with gay men. Even a lot of first yuri ships were written by women.

Modern BL, no question. Pre-2010 BL is basically like BETA bl, the genre was still finding it foot. Nowadays you get so much variety and it's starting to cross to other genres.

No. 307983

Nta and I don't know if you need to be told this, but annoying a handful of men isn't feminism. And to the original point, it is extremely retarded to make a allegory for women's oppression with goddamm ABO

No. 307985

Fujochan is still down :(, I know it was never active but it was still nice knowing a space for us just existed.(":(")

No. 307988

stop shilling your site kek

No. 307992

kek why would she shill a site that's dead?

No. 307995

It was mentioned upthread that it's going to come back in a few weeks. It's agonizing because I migrated there a good while ago and had to come back to this thread haunted by Paki-chan and the crew from the antifujo thread.

No. 308013

question: are there any publishers aside from JAST where i need to buy directly from them as opposed to the steam version bc of censorship?
i learnt it the hard way while playing through the nitro+chiral games that in order to get the full experience i had to either buy the game from jast or else buy the censored content patch off them as dlc, so now that im moving onto games from other companies itd be cool to know if this is something i need to worry about again

No. 308017

I'm looking forward to posting on fujochan again because I have a lot of things to say there specifically.

No. 308177

Same. I hope the board can slowly grow without ever attracting shitposters (probably not possible but still). There are so many series or ships I want to talk about but I don't samefag and I don't know any fujos with a similar taste as me personally either. Still better than nothing, especially with how poisoned all discussion about gay content or pandering is these days.

No. 308198

What are your tastes?

No. 308200

File: 1689195900384.jpeg (253.33 KB, 1127x1500, homo salaryman figure.jpeg)

The more I look at him the more painful not owning him becomes

No. 308206

post uncensored i want to see his balls

No. 308215

What's anons opinions here about mpreg and omega/alpha stories?

Do you read those type of stories? Do you avoid them? Or do you like them?

No. 308217

I hated them in fanfics and I hate seeing that they started getting more and more popular with Japanese BL.

No. 308218

I feel like this gets asked at least once per thread, and the answer is pretty much always the same. It's just like any other fetish, where most people dislike it, but some people are really into it. Afaik most anons here are ambivalent about it, some enjoy it, and some (like myself) really dislike it. Personally, I fucking despise ABO and mpreg and avoid it at all costs, but that's just me.

No. 308219

Something as silly as a guy photocopying his butt should not be this hot wtf

No. 308229

I like a/b/o as a horny thing but only without any mpreg.

No. 308234

File: 1689210016973.jpeg (Spoiler Image,284.97 KB, 922x2048, 2636746.jpeg)


I don't actually know if he's photocopying it, he might just be sitting on it.

No. 308245

I can’t stand abo or mpreg, both give me extreme second hand embarrassment

No. 308248

I only like the one with the blackpilled feminist omega in it. Actually I don't even like it, I just like that character.

No. 308265

i don't actively pursue abo works but if it otherwise looks appealing it wouldn't chase me off. but mpreg? nasty

No. 308267

I barely even notice if a story is a/b/o anymore unless it's extremely focused on smut or in-universe politics. It's just background noise in a lot of series, like normal writing otherwise but the characters are really affected by smells and social heirarchies. I also don't care about mpreg unless it gets into the gory details, it really only exists for the sake of including baby daddy drama or family fluff.

People get way too mad about this stuff, the only thing that really matters to me is writing quality - a really good author can make any weird shit enjoyable.

No. 308268

I think the omega/alpha dynamic is extremely retarded but if it's included well in the story then it can kinda work (still not my favourite thing though). Mpreg is disgusting unless it's a story where the characters are not human, then I can accept it… otherwise I can't stand all the baby talk and daddy/mommy/pregnancy drama.

No. 308271

the only time ive found that shit acceptable in a BL work is sweet pool, and that gets a pass bc its not really mpreg a/b/o in the traditional sense & its practically a horror vn anyway.
i genuinely thought mpreg was just a weird niche fetish so it's very strange to hear there's like, actual BL being written around it

No. 308272

At this point I'm suspicious of people trying to bring ABO and mpreg up like this all the time with no real discussion attached to it and feel like they're trying to bait infighting or juicy screenshots to gawk at. But that said I don't care for either, mpreg is a huge turn off for me and I don't really care for kids or domestic family fluff either. I like the pheromones and heat stuff and whatnot but stuff like that exists outside of Omegaverse and the more animalistic it gets the more weirded out I am. But I'm intrigued by that one Asada Nemui series using it as an allegory though.

No. 308301

i liked this, do you have any recommendations for similar type of stories? esp ones with a little tragic undertone.

No. 308305

> feel like they're trying to bait infighting or juicy screenshots to gawk at
That's absolutely the case kek

No. 308342

Don't like them. Actual ABO stuff seems to be easy to avoid and it's very rare in the fandoms I was in so I am pretty neutral since I don't see it unless I search for it.
Something related to preg that annoys me are family/kid AUs since that shit is incredibly popular and people use it to shill their shitty OC children everywhere. So a part of the art tags of your fandom is just filled with badly designed chibis and everybody that does it also turns cool gay dudes into ships that might as well be het crap written by some mormon or something. One of the reasons for why I like m/m is because it explicitly avoids all that and because it's just giving me two cool badass dudes being weak for each other and ruling/punching/going on adventures otherwise.
I think what also annoys me about this is that it shows how a lot of fujos are genuinely incapable of imagining a romance without children and marriage and probably not without classic gender roles either.

No. 308347

needs to be done in the bg or else i get squicked out.
used to really hate it but now i love it. i enjoy reading works that are autistically in depth about it.

No. 308361

ABO is fine so long as it's relegated to being the flimsy pretext as to why chara A and chara B need to fuck right this very second, but as soon as omega oppression comes into play I'm out. Reading that kind of ABO makes me feel like reading torture porn het, since the bottom is literally a woman in most respects(referred to as a wife/mother, is a victim of misogyny, etc). Detailed descriptions of dripping assvagina cloacas, ovulating boyvaries and man-uteri also skeeve me terribly kek, just leave the attempts to explain their biology out of it and let them fuck

Controversial opinion but mpreg where there's somehow a fetus developing in a male body when it shouldn't(whether it be through magic, technology, etc) is a guilty pleasure of mine. It's kind of a body horror thing, which imo is a great vehicle for hurt/comfort with the top getting to be more protective towards the bottom. Yes it's cringe, I won't deny that, but I want my OTP to suffer so they can become daddies okay

No. 308375

I did try reading an omegaverse once just because I was really desperate for smut but the "slick" was too much. I used to read moomin smut when I was 15 and heat fics were common (strangely moomin was not the one going into heat) and I was cool with it so I think the actual reason why I dont like a/b/o (and mpreg) is just that it's too funny for me to read it as anything but crack

No. 308376

>moomin smut
I've been drinking and this made me fucking lose it

No. 308379

Oh definitely. It's the speds from the antifujo thread looking for shit to take out of context so they can claim that all of us like ABO, which is ostensibly straight, so why can't we just enjoy straight shit like the perfect little vanilla trads they want us to be. Retardation.

It's one of many reasons I fucking despise ABO, personally. It's gross, it's cringe, it's based on nonsense wold science, and what the hell is the point of writing a story about two men fucking if you're going to make it basically straight by adding the ABO and mpreg crap. I've tried reading some of the "less cringe" ABO stuff and it still repulsed me. It reads like it's written by people who've never had sex in their lives, or even from a planet where sex happens.

No. 308386

one of my fav bl's is from the 2000s and is still ongoing so it's interesting to see all the art style changes throughout. I think the floral backgrounds from the 2000s is cute

No. 308400

ABO is only good when it features a strong and masculine character getting his life ruined by the fact that he's an omega.

No. 308402

File: 1689318622817.jpg (22.1 KB, 403x350, crucified.JPG.jpg)

>me being an mpreg liker reading this thread

No. 308410

The pre-heisei is so beautiful, I'd love to see more modern works in that style but with better plots.

No. 308424

File: 1689329341826.jpeg (236.85 KB, 700x1035, 7ef75fe8-451c-4362-a185-13ae05…)

The only mpreg I actually like is Sex Pistols, because of nostalgia goggles but I also find it so stupid and funny. I haven't read it in years, but I really should.

No. 308431

I "get" ABO and its appeal because as women we've been made to think that the ultimate proof of love, the "two becoming one" experience is having a child and being two men you can't "perfect" their romance, so I don't see it as necessarily straight thoroughly but definitely a representation of the heterosexual endgame. The added animalistic nestbuilding and such crosses over to weirdly detailed fetish territory though and the alphas dominating omegas is definitely a BDSM thing.

That said the way they try to use omegaverse as a self-declared gotcha of how we actually are only into straight relationships but just don't realize it perplexes me. What kind of a person is so obsessed with fujos enjoying a relationship featuring two men that they first accuse them of self-insertion into the bottom despite the effeminate girly uke being a near dead trope and ultimately claim that all fujos are into ABO (despite most of us actively disliking it even in this thread, at least the pregnancy aspect) and thus are just NLOG aidentrannies who hate women and want to carry Chad's child, and should instead write stories of women being forcibly impregnated. What kind of a person indeed?

No. 308433

>it's kind of a body horror thing
Damn I would actually like reading some horror shit where the pregnancy is used as body horror and something that's not supposed to happen. Do you know if there are already stories where it's used like that (bl of course)?

No. 308448

I'm dumb, I just realized Sweet Pool is exactly that.

No. 308450

Horrible shit, but The Orc's Bride is this.

No. 308451

The only thing that annoys me about ABO is how so many fics nowadays, if they're tagged ABO, seem to be just a subtler form of FTMxM shit. Even if there's no instance of mpreg, the omega is written with female genitalia. I swear sometimes it's not even tagged so you stumble on it without warning. Granted it's almost always TIFs writing this crap but I do see why some people would believe ABO is just disguised het. TIFs just seem to gravitate toward this trope.

No. 308453

The issue is how much the lines of ABO are being blurred in bad faith. ABO is a whole ass alternative universe about alphas, betas and omegas being subgenders that define your reproductive system, with pheromones and heat suppressing and such, but mpreg predates it and has been around forever with different plot devices like ridiculous rectal wombs or weird pregnancy spells or as a body horror/humiliation fetish and so forth. FTM fiction is the most recent addition, and it's just straight out hetero sex. In the other two genres it's always two biological men, but with plots involving FTMs it's someone who is a born female, not a man with magical anatomy. This gets overlooked a lot and spergs do it intentionally, they pretend to not see the difference and repeat "but if you can get pregnant you're a woman so it's the same thing!" ad nauseum as if they were suddenly incapable of suspending disbelief with fantasy biology.

No. 308464

forget ABO and mpreg, the real enemy is cuntboy/ftm/futa shit

No. 308469

i don't want to start any arguments but scrolling past the fujocoomer thread and seeing them write paragraphs about how we're all on the same level as delusional tifs is very disconcerting. sure this thread is a dumpster fire sometimes but a lot of anons just want to see cute anime boys kissing lmao, meanwhile they're out there writing fanfic about us. what a weird thread.

No. 308479

There's enough hate in my soul for both, I assure you.

No. 308483

>the "two becoming one" experience is having a child and being two men you can't "perfect" their romance, so I don't see it as necessarily straight thoroughly but definitely a representation of the heterosexual endgame.
Christ that is so bleak, not just because it's homophobic, but because you're probably right that women have been so brainwashed into romanticizing heterosexual power imbalances and being defined by having/raising babies. Giving birth and raising children fucking sucks. Being in a relationship with a scrote sucks 90% of the time when you're a woman. If you're still projecting that garbage into fantasies and fiction, you haven't caught on to those problems and are still buying into the myth that those things are necessary for "happily ever after."

Childfree gay people (regardless of whether they're men or women) are fucking based because their relationships have fewer power imbalances and they're not saddled with an expensive, soul-sucking kid for eighteen years.

No. 308487

That contempt for women pursuing a harmless hobby and female tranny obsession comes from feeling outcasted by other women and struggling to get along with them off anon. Hide mental illness threads.

No. 308495

Thanks that was REALLY fucking horrible. I wish BL authors would stop drawing ugly males, what's the point if they're not hot? I want to look at beautiful men, not fat bartards or literal pigs. A shame because I enjoyed Heartless from Nishin.

No. 308498

A lot of them are the table scraps of the FTM thread which in itself is the local hotspot for scrotes mad about girls sexually unavailable to them, Not Like Other Aiden crabs seething over their own kind, yumes possessive over their husbando's heterosexuality and tradthots who hate all GNC women in general.

Kek NTA but I remember seeing it once and checking it out, nope'd out around five pages in and the drawings still fucking haunt me. Nonnie forgot to mention that it's filled with graphic gore which the circle is known for, including angst and horror.

No. 308502

tbf, she recommended it to someone looking for body horror so I think anyone going in should be a bit cautious lol

No. 308520

Megumi to tsugumi is cute ok

No. 308525

>sexually unavailable for scrotes
many of them troon to live out their 'mlm' fantasies though kek

No. 308526

misogyny is oppression of the female sex. being a wife/mother =/= being a woman. fictional sexes are not irl females kek

No. 308527

Being "sexually unavailable" can also mean someone a scrote doesn't find sexually attractive, not necessarily "is a potential fuck".

No. 308531

oh. but honestly i don't know what that anon's talking about, i'm in ftm gen all the time and i never see scrotal posts.

No. 308544

I wanted to sell my volumes to Mandarake for some reasons I won't specify, forgot my books at home in my country, and my mother put them in the middle of my desk for all to see. Now my family probably knows I read BL, I don't even like omegaverse, just kill me already.

No. 308547

File: 1689391448715.png (861 KB, 600x847, memememem.png)

Does anyone have a ship that they really like the look of/think the ship always looks really looks good together in fanart, but they don't actually really like this ship? For example I don't really ship AsatoxKonoe, but I alaways think the fanart for AsatoxKonoe is really good, and I think they look good together.

No. 308551

File: 1689394394694.jpg (167.85 KB, 1000x1907, __kurapika_and_chrollo_lucilfe…)

Kurapika and Chrollo have some of the most gorgeous and classy, sexy fanart ever, but I can't imagine them being romantic towards each other lol

No. 308557

I never understood this ship. I love the look of them like you said, and they have really good fanart, but I just can't imagine them falling for each other. Which is weird, because enemies-to-lovers is one of my favorite tropes, but I think it's because Kurokura is completely one-sided in that Kurapika cares way too much about getting revenge on Chrollo, and Chrollo doesn't give a shit about anyone not in the spiders lol (forgive me if I'm wrong, I haven't read HxH in years). In most enemies-to-lovers ships, there's at least some mutual degree of intensity in their feelings toward each other, but I don't see that in Kurokura. You'd have to drastically change their characterizations and motivations.

No. 308565

I agree 100%. I love the sexy revenge but beyond Kurapika's hatred and the beautiful aesthetics they have together, there's just no way they can interact normally. Funny enough, I'm a huge LeoPika shipper but I have the opposite problem with that ship, I don't think Leorio is hot AT ALL but I love their bickering dynamic and that they secretly care about each other a lot and respect each other's values.

No. 308568

File: 1689414421235.png (11.8 MB, 2716x3203, 1689412978106449.png)

Impressive fujo collage not gonna lie

No. 308571

I kinda like it for that specific reason. It's a challenging ship, I like seeing fic writers work hard to get a couple together despite it making zero sense. You're right that the characters need to change drastically, but that just means the relationship development needs to be long and slow burn enough to justify those changes. ofc it's rare that it's done well and it's never 100% believable, but it's interesting.

No. 308575

>Rin/Haru instead of Makoto/Haru
>no Shiki in sight, Akira is portrayed with another love interest

No. 308577

File: 1689420986150.jpg (542.09 KB, 705x1000, 20230715_133553.jpg)

>ugly generic-looking salaryman bl gets anime
I hate it.

No. 308580

Only the stupidiest manga gets anime for some reason lol Maybe japanese fujos have different taste?

No. 308581

File: 1689425127568.jpg (71.24 KB, 480x640, 1678156662116.jpg)

It's going to sound dumb but I have a hard time getting into new series and I want a quick, convenient way to keep up with everything I like or I should add to my backlog that's more or less related to BL. Whether it's actual BL or just fujobait. Should I make an online list on some blog so it could work as some sort of recommendation list if anyone else finds it or should I write this in a small notebook? If online, what platform would you suggest? Carrd seems like it's taylor made for this kind of things despite being mostly used by stupid gender obsessed teenagers.

No. 308582

No they don't have different taste, I think it's just that they are more of them and they have more things to read and potentially adapt into anime or live action series. I think other things that are popular in this thread tend to also have anime adaptations if they're very well known, or they get all their volumes adapted into drama CDs or dramas. That also applies to shojo and josei manga which target the same demographic, for some reason they also are more likely to get live action adaptations compared to animated adaptations.

No. 308588

Still waiting for Harada anime, fingers crossed color recipe inshallah

No. 308589

>those hands
im gonna lose it, this is so ugly

No. 308590

No adaptation could live up to Harada's talent in storytelling, her series would absolutely be butchered in an animated form. It would end up like those horribly awkward Junji Ito animes nobody liked.

No. 308591

i love this but is that fel x mukoda from campfire cooking in another world at the top?? kek what in tarnation, i can't believe someone ships that

No. 308592

tbh if they managed to make a good Gintama anime it's not impossible that we could someday have a decent Happy Shitty Life anime because it's a comedy but I can't imagine an anime of her more serious stories. Maybe One Room Angel could work?

No. 308593

I normally wouldn't care but these colors are so dull it's almost painful. the live-action was good, just leave it at that….
A carrd might be good, it mostly depends on how you plan on organizing your list. there are countless options for blogs: wordpress, blogspot, neocities, etc. I always like seeing others bl recs.

No. 308604

>meanwhile they're out there writing fanfic about us. what a weird thread.
This whole shithole has a board dedicated to stalking people irl (esp women) are you surprised lol?

No. 308607

I actually had no idea who they were, but yes I guess someone ships them?

No. 308608

damn i didn't even notice this was cherry magic. it seems weird that they'd make an anime after the success of the live action?? & they made the artstyle so much uglier than the manga….

No. 308610


No. 308613

I hate the hands too, somehow they look ugly and small while the faces are big with big features eugh

No. 308624

I support you, sis

No. 308626

File: 1689459873585.jpg (82.25 KB, 749x568, Du-wSIhW0AAr1tK.jpg)

>kawoshin right in the center
as they should be

No. 308630

I don't care if this gets my fujo card revoked or get calleda moid I can't no longer hold myself: I hate Kawoshin and I find it boring as fuck.

It's stupidly boring and it goes nowhere and the fans are always setting for less and getting cucked because it's a franchise for straight dudes.

No. 308639

File: 1689466929762.jpg (119 KB, 736x1308, tumblr_2e57762b38301a725d7005e…)

It's not about the relationship going somewhere, it's about the unconditional love of someone you were designed to destroy. The cosmic rewriting of fate to protect someone who had a positive impact on you. Feeling that life is worth living because the kindness and love of one person is worth just that much. You just don't get it smh smh…

No. 308641

NTA but I'm not a huge Kawoshin person but I appreciate it for being one a portrayal of gay relationship in a series that is otherwise notorious for its "best girl" debate, especially seeing how it was made in the 90's when it was even more rare than it is now. Also agree with >>308639 , for most people their appeal isn't about the relationship "going somewhere" but the curious affection non-human Kaworu has for Shinji. And moids hate it so that's a bonus.

No. 308656

File: 1689472736742.png (745 KB, 1140x554, nctierlist.png)


this was surprisingly fun, nitro+chiral fans pls post yours so we can compare and i can judge your tastes kek

No. 308665

File: 1689476977244.png (681.73 KB, 1393x508, mytasteisbetterthanyours.png)

Judge me, nonnies. The granny is first because she's a woman, of course, but honestly she could be written better. I don't know about Fujieda yet, i didn't play his route yet because this game is so damn boring, i started playing it in december and still can't finish. But i like his concept so far and he seems mysterious. For now, it seems, he loves Towa the most. But i don't know yet. Shiki, obviously, belongs to D-tier, but i give him C for the priceless endings. Oh, and i didn't play the cat game yet.

No. 308666

File: 1689477088258.png (762.53 KB, 1140x463, previsualnovelruin.png)

Haven't played a single one of these games, this is based on pure vibes.

No. 308670

I kinda want to see your thoughts on Verg, nonny

No. 308676

admittedly it's funny seeing him as the only character i put in S rank, but even though lamento is by far my least favourite n+c game, verg just has this 'kyaa' factor for me that i never really got w any of other character. i wish i could explain it better. i love the vibes he gives off & i wish his ending was better tbh. that's what elevates him from A to S rank imo: all the characters i put in A are ones i thoroughly enjoy, but verg is just… idk man i feel so weirdly attached to him, im even tempted to say he's got husbando potential

side note but if the shaman character from lamento were on this chart id have put him in S or A rank too. for such a boring vn, lamento has so many good side characters…

>ren is s rank
verrrry interesting
it's been so long since i played dmmd, i just remember not feeling much towards ren except mild amusement at the fact that aobas dog got an actual route kek

also elevating shiki from d to c based on his endings alone is so valid. if not for his bad endings id have put him way lower too, theyre the only real thing that makes him interesting outside of his va

>based on pure vibes
i respect you for this but putting madarame in s rank is unforgivable, im sorry

No. 308678

File: 1689482059716.png (148.7 KB, 452x491, IMG_2504.png)

Have you read the manga version? I love all versions of Kawoshin but the manga version is definitely the best, it’s very tsundere and Kaworu is fucking nuts though.

No. 308679

File: 1689482846606.png (740.52 KB, 1140x556, my-image.png)

I admit, I don't have a consistent type of guy that I like. Anyways, I'm a Towa fag all the way. That little edgelord has my heart.

No. 308682

AYRT nah it's okay, I don't think disliking it makes you a moid or whatever, different strokes and all that. moids who hate kawoshin sperg about how shinji totally isn't gay you delusional fujo!!! and the like, i disagree with you about the relationship 'going nowhere' detracting from it but i understand why someone wouldn't like it on that basis. but tbh i don't think we get treated all that bad by the narrative or the franchise in general, shinji was never gonna officially get with someone because that's not what the series is about(loved asushins getting btfo into the stratosphere tho) and the merch still panders to us for the most part

No. 308696

based and true

No. 308699

File: 1689490266413.png (733.87 KB, 1140x465, garbagè.png)

I always anger people when I post my tier lists, kek. And I may or may not have rage quit Lamento because Kaltz is not a love interest…….

No. 308724

you really didn't enjoy sweet pool huh
& yeah i agree w you about kaltz, he's great. he didn't even get an ending ffs unlike the other devils. they just tell you 'oh actually he's asatos dad so fuck you for wanting to pursue him, we won't even give you a bad end'. we deserved better

No. 308749

File: 1689530550234.png (674.58 KB, 1140x1097, my-image.png)

i'm extra

No. 308752

Always buy directly from publishers, otherwise all your games will get nuked once Steam starts demanding you update to Windows 30. Steam might also start censoring previously uncensored games (and you won't be able to stop the game 'update') if they get too much heat/the political landscape changes.

No. 308760

File: 1689534944750.png (747.18 KB, 1140x554, noregrets.png)

>hasn't played
>fujieda on D rank
it shows

>shiki above fujieda
i don't get it

No. 308765

You're so real for this

No. 308773

File: 1689545337628.jpg (Spoiler Image,288.09 KB, 1468x2048, 1689520918838363.jpg)

Holy fuck this is hot
Gotta love the iconic bad ends for nitro chiral games.

No. 308775

>nano dead last
i can't help but take this personally, he's meant to be the true route nonna…..putting trash like madarame and shiki above him is unforgivable

i love this but it took me a sec to realise that's meant to be towa in the middle kek
maybe im a freak but i always wished arbitros end where you see akira in dog form was longer and had an H scene. they hint at it but don't show it, meanwhile in all aobas similar bad ends you get to see everything… dog akira walked so aoba could run truly

No. 308783

I'm sorry nonny, Fujieda is just ugly…

No. 308790

File: 1689553161191.png (688.46 KB, 1140x553, my-image.png)

tnc should have had a kau route.

i'll be honest i really don't like this one

>spoilered text
i was expecting an h scene and then the game ended just like that, i'm still upset about it

No. 308792


No. 308793

After seeing everyone's Nitro+Chiral charts and seeing how different everyone's charts are, something I'll say is I'm glad N+C isn't afraid to create characters with a wide range of personalities. Even if I don't like all N+C characters, I really appreciate that the writers aren't afraid to write a character that might be 'disgusting' to some people. I think some writers are afraid to create characters that might be easily hate-able, but I always thought N+C did a good job on creating a cast of characters that made me feel something (even if the thing I was feeling wasn't good, kek).

No. 308794

File: 1689555978533.jpg (Spoiler Image,56.61 KB, 464x610, tumblr_lyl5flLe1t1rouzqjo1_500…)

>kau route
we can only dream

i want to see an alternative tnc route where it turns out kau was il re and running igra from behind the scenes and was playing arbitro like a fiddle the whole time lmfao.
he'd do a better job than shiki let's be honest

No. 308797

This is the worst opinion I've ever heard.

No. 308826

There's about 10 million anime characters that look the exact same as him, he just looks generic. And his vibe gave me the "hmph im pretentious and kind of rude but when you get to know me im kinda sadistic and/or sassy" thing. But I'll play and see if I change my mind, especially if his writing is good.

No. 308843

Does the MC ever top in this game?

I want to play a new BL but playing a 'bottom-only' protag is soul-crushing to me

No. 308844

File: 1689582163723.png (544.42 KB, 801x602, 46.png)

Only Akira, he tops Rin in one route.
All other Nitro chiral protagonists are bottoms.
I know there are BLVNs out there where the protagonist tops (pretty sure Lykt is like this but I haven't read it) but they're uncommon compared to the protagonist bottoming yeah.

No. 308845

N+C really favors bottom protags, Parade tends to go for top/switch protags.

No. 308892

File: 1689607638817.png (106.15 KB, 720x430, Screenshot_20230717_091103_Chr…)

I wish they could just give a proper update on the movie, if they cancelled it, if they are still working on it, something.

No. 308907

Why? The BD/DVD sales were stupidly good. Sounds like an excuse.

No. 308911

To me this reads more as exposing production companies as leeches more than anything, but also, can they not do what Trigger did and crowdfund literally one of the most popular and successful series of the past decade? Can they not sell it to another company for being a huge IP? (Though I think this is a last ditch idea because selling it means it goes to a different art team than the ogs)

No. 308914

In the replies some people said it's because a bunch of parties are involved and MAPPA received the least money out of all of them. I don't know how that works exactly, I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't expect the anime to be a massive success so they didn't bother negotiating for higher profits. Regardless, I'd like to know if the movie is still happening or not. My guess is that we'll never get a movie because their current series are bigger cashcows just because they're adaptations with established fanbases. RIP Yuri on ice.

No. 308915

File: 1689618434147.jpg (30.27 KB, 612x768, 1518010414634.jpg)

Dakaretai Otoko sucks so bad, manga and anime both, i wasted my fucking timeeee

No. 308920

I'm going to read a manga called "until I kill you", the plot sounds interesting even if you remove the BL aspect so I'm excited. I just read the first 20 pages online so far.

No. 308922

where did you read it nonna? when i look up this name a lot of different titles pop up, which aren't BL.

No. 308923

I bought the volumes in French. The title in Japanese is boku ga kimi wo korosu made, it means the exact same thing. Maybe you'll find something with the Japanese title.

No. 308925

thanks nonna

No. 308927

File: 1689619884407.jpg (157.06 KB, 703x1000, 81ss-8WMF1L._AC_UF1000,1000_QL…)

Oof sorry nonnie the art is really ugly. You can tell it was drawn by a moid. Hope you like it tho.

No. 308928

I don't mind it so far. I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm reading for the story. The covers aren't all that amazing though, that's true but I checked the summary while shopping at the bookstore and it seemed interesting.

No. 308929

My guess is that they had to beg money from a ton of different production parties to fund the series allowing them to pocket all the profits from their shares, and would do so in the future for anything released under the Yuri on Ice title so even if they crowdfunded it the studio would refuse to let them work on it since they could be creating new properties fully under their control. Mappa wasn't a very successful studio pre-YoI and making a life story about gay ice skaters was a huge gamble for them (which paid off and Mappa unironically owes fujos their current status), they're also notorious for underpaying their animators and working them to death in multiple productions at the same time.

No. 308930

I opened the trial and thought exactly the same thing as I closed it after looking at 2 pages

No. 308932

I never watched this because the art was ugly and their big lips and pointy chins reminded me of Junjou Romantica. I'm salty it got an anime.

No. 308942

You're missing out it's funny as fuck. Not because it's a comedy but the hybristophile fangirl cracks me up.

No. 308943

I have no idea how it got popular enough to get a fucking anime, it reads like outdated garbage and the art is uggo.

No. 308944

ayrt, i hate it very much, and it's like you said, very outdated, the manga has this weird thing about Takato "never being able to hold another woman ever again".

No. 308992

hashihime retails at $39.95… probably thats a normal price but for me who's used to pirating BL games, it just seems like so much money wtf.
ive burnt through my current BLVN catalog and am looking for my next game to buy but damn everything is so expensive at full price

No. 308993

samefag nevermind i was looking at the hard usb copy price, the download version is still like $35 though sigh

No. 309019

Companies have discounts regularly, just check their news page every now and then:

No. 309033

I'm back to say, I liked it a lot. I expected something very different though. I thought it would be some sort of mind game between a cold blooded murderer and his executioner just manipulating each other all the time but it turns out that the killer is way more sympathetic than that, and it was assisted suicide all along instead of an actual murder. It was way more depressing than I thought it would be. The crazy fangirl is hilarious until the end though.

No. 309080

This nona got it so right…fuck canon ships this shit is so much better

No. 309126

I decided to attempt Lamento again. I was wondering something, is it worth playing all the routes for story purposes? How much redundancy and new revelations is there? Any particularly interesting ends? Honestly I might just end up going for Rai but I really love a lot of stuff about this VN so not sure if I should try Bardo and Asato too even if I'm not super into them.

No. 309130

i think rai and bardos routes are the most relevant, and theyre both related to eachother so if you finish rais route you might as well do bardos too imho (in each route you get details about both the characters and their past so you learn something new each time.) however you can skip asato and not miss out on much, poor guys pretty much irrelevant to the main plot

No. 309135

Thanks! Also, does Asato's feel unique from the others? I think that's the only way I'd check it out. I still find him cute but if the story unfolds the same then I won't bother. I wish more VNs in general had almost 0 overlap between routes.

No. 309140

File: 1689711096018.jpg (463.41 KB, 900x1385, Lamento.full.1599613.jpg)

honestly i feel like im the worst anon to ask bc ive been vocally critical of lamento in a few of these threads kek, its really not myt favourite.
asatos route is unique from the others in the sense that the storys different i guess? so you find out about asato and his past in the village he came from, and his connection with kaltz. im assuming youre the same anon who originally ragequit bc of kaltz not having an ending ,so for you its defo worth playing asatos route so that you can see more of kaltz (i like him a lot too tbf.) asato's ending also feels quite tonally different to the other two imo.
for me personally, asatos route was the first one i did and it was a big let-down and basically ruined my enjoyment of the game lmfao but ymmv, loads of people love lamento and despite my criticisms i wouldnt say asatos route is not worth playing, just depends entirely on how you feel about the characters.
thanks for reading my wall of spergery anyway have some kaltz x verg as compensation

No. 309223

File: 1689755234347.jpg (199.81 KB, 836x1227, 11841.jpg)

just the current state of BL, this makes me nauseous. i'm so sick of moid pandering media and shoujo crap getting all the adaptations

No. 309225

To be fair most of these are cheap garbage so I'm just glad good BL series don't get turned into what they are.

No. 309238

Shojo manga get anime adaptations nowadays? I'm not really paying attention but the popular ones from the 90s and 2000s had anime but never a complete adaptations, or they got live action adaptations more often. Not all romance manga are shojo or josei manga so that doesn't help. Anyway I don't think I ever watched a BL anime. Unless you want to count stuff like Sarazanmai, Boeibu or Yuri on Ice where there's a canon pairing or some hints that are too strong to be fujobait but it's not the main focus.

No. 309241

why would studios waste money producing BL series when they know they can get easy money off moids who want to see big booba anime girl kiss generic self insert protagonists for all eternity

also i agree w >>309225, id rather BL series didn't get picked up by studios if it means they'll be turned into quick cash grab seasonal garbage as shown

No. 309242

Eh, I found number two to be sort of cute.
What really pisses me off is that some count number 7 as bl because the female lead is used to be a dude.

No. 309245

>doesn't like shoujo AND BL
Lol, keep seething. I'm happy we're once again getting adaptations of manga that are also made for women.

No. 309266

im sick of it too, ive been planing to animate my own BL for a while now. Has anyone here tried to make their own series and could give tips?

No. 309272

I'll like shoujo once mangaka realize that uglier and taller more masculine less uwu girls also deserve to be loved by an ikemen not just traditional beauties

No. 309277

Are you serious? It's be extremely hard, but I'm sure you already know that. Honestly, even though I like 2D animation than 3D, if you were going to animate something all by yourself, 3D would be much easier, speaking from experience.

No. 309281

>3D would be much easier, speaking from experience.
is that so? i often see 3D models and assets in the backgrounds of anime, BL and non-BL alike.

No. 309283

I don't actively read shoujo manga but I'm pretty sure a subgenre of it is supposed to be "ikemen falls for the bland unpopular girl". Tall might be more dificult since japanese people aren't tall. But off the top of my head I can think about a couple series like that so it can't be rare.
One of the series on that list actually fits your description too.

No. 309286

skip and loafer right? it sure is a breath of fresh air but the mc is still a small tiny girl

No. 309288

One thing that might make 3D animation easier than 2D is the fact that once you make a model/scene/object, you don't have to remake it, no matter how many times you use it. With 2D animation, a lot of times artist have to redraw characters for every different scene to account for different angles, perspectives, etc.. While it is harder to initially make those 3D models, once you have them, your set in that aspect. 3D animation has its own challenging aspects too, of course, but there's also a lot more software that can help you through those issues. I've worked in maya and rendered using arnold (3d animating software, somewhat similar to blender), and there's a lot of presets, tools, tutorials that can help you. If you're good at coding, you can even code your own animations (though this is mathematically challenging). I also love 2D animation, but if you asked me to publish an ocean scene with waves on the beach tonight, I would be making that scene in maya. Things like water, cloth animation and lighting are all taken care of by tools in these softwares.
3D is considered cheaper for this same reason, and it can feel un-personal to some viewers. I don't disagree with them, especially because some companies over recycle their models and motions to death. The only reason the original OP might consider 2D over 3d is stylistic choice, or lack of a 'beefy computer'. Rendering a 3D scene is a pain in the ass with lower end technology, but it's also not impossible.

No. 309302

Are there any stories where the "bland unpopular" girl isn't still a pretty cute girl and is instead an actually ugly girl? I've seen so many where the girl is still tiny, cute, feminine and pretty and has a glow-up later when it turns out she's just bad at dressing up kek.

No. 309305

That piece of shit Kiss him Not me series had her be an ugly fatty in the beginning but she literally starved herself into suddenly becoming a skinny, conventionally attractive girl. You will never find a shoujo that has a non-traditionally feminine and pretty girl being courted by an ikemen, even the "plain" girls are just "plain pretty" because they're supposed to be power fantasies for little girls.

Anyway hetshit doesn't belong in this thread and I want it out right now

No. 309379

File: 1689791013973.png (363.36 KB, 513x799, Screenshot_46.png)

just found out king's throne has a third season and i'm screaming. look at their baby!

No. 309384

i do a mix of all. 2D, 3D, stop motion but my work is mostly corporate since that's what pays me the most. i saw this on Twitter yesterday https://twitter.com/akira_yoru/status/1385531655461359616?t=Gtf5iZqwaWZUmKHLTn1WLw&s=19 of course my work is not going to be as good or as detailed as hers but if i simplify it enough i can make a BL. i already have all the needed Adobe software + blender to get me started and like you said itll be difficult but im used to working on long projects. its the price i have to pay for yaoi on screen.

No. 309395

And that's why I don't read shoujo kek. It's supposed to be a power fantasy for women but the girls are always conventionally cute/pretty by men's standards, and in the most boring ass way too. The only manga I've read daring to have an ugly woman with a super pretty guy is Adekan (I haven't read that in a while though so I don't know if the author gets rid of her).

She's the typical overpowered little girl but she's cute! I like her dynamic with the "grandma". The last chapters are a bit all over the place imo but it's nice and self-indulgent kek

No. 309417

The MC in Tomodachi no Hanashi is not meant to be pretty. Another one I know is Bara no Tameni where the MC is short and actually fat, but that's super old. I'm sure there's more out there.

No. 309464

explain your dream BL to me /fujo/.

No. 309471

Unhinged white hair guy
Menhera cutter
Character introspective psychological horror, at least one schrodinger's cat mention
Basically I just want BL madman characters.
I'm up for most things since I'm more into character focused stuff, preferably not nerdy wizard fantasy shit or shounenshit though.

No. 309472

I was going to answer to the above post but this is unironically so close to mine. You have good taste, kek.

No. 309480

Completely unironic, outside the not mentioning wizard shit this fits a popular isekai ship to a tee.

No. 309483

>this fits a popular isekai ship to a tee
Which popular isekai ship?

No. 309486

File: 1689818557712.jpg (128.64 KB, 1174x1720, 20230306_164200.jpg)

Re:Zero Otto x Subaru.

No. 309487

I've actually seen that one shilled a lot and I'm mildly curious about it, but apparently most of it is exclusive to the light novels. How is Otto unhinged out of curiosity? I don't mind spoilers.
Also Remfags made me avoid Re:Zero.

No. 309488

Tall and not ugly
Tall and tan/brown
Both are switches/around the same height. Act like two partners with a deep bond that borders platonic and romantic, but are still playful with each other.
Doesn't matter, I just prefer action/adventure with the romance on the side, but still prevalent. No boring political drama.

No. 309490

>Also Remfags made me avoid Re:Zero.
Can't really blame you lol.
Anyway, it's mostly due to his background of being mentally retarded as a child due to his powers, being targeted by assassins at an incredibly young age, plus being willing to lose his morality and get into the "taboo" when it comes to the inuniverse stuff.
There was also an au spin off from the author where Otto loses himself to debt and becomes a dead body cleaner and Subaru ends up going completely yandere and becomes a terrorist.
There's also a different au spin off where Otto leaves forever and Subaru goes mad whenever he thinks about it, punching walls and stuff and another where Subaru goes mad and specifically targets Otto to kill because to him, he's the mvp of the group.

No. 309491

File: 1689819780547.jpg (424.51 KB, 1416x2000, qi549oc1pdk51.jpg)

Sounds based but I'm not surprised most of it is in AU stuff over main series stuff
Though I notice the trend with most long running isekai is that eventually they introduce a male love interest who makes the protagonist mcfucking lose it.

No. 309495

Tbf in Re:Zero's case, pretty sure the author meant for the mc to be written as a menhera crossdresssing cutter from the start. The fujobait starting at arc 3 was a nice surprise though.

No. 309526

>at least one schrodinger's cat mention

No. 309527


No. 309546

These polls are woth jackshit. Even MAL is more reliable.

No. 309652

ew, awful taste, and schrodinger's cat shit is so overplayed

No. 309670

Post yours

No. 309687

leave my friend alone

No. 309699

File: 1689900053719.jpg (914.53 KB, 1170x1143, 1661161637189-0.jpg)

No. 309700


No. 309701

No. 309724

dark hair, tall, sadistic/mean/stoic/obsessive
pale hair, small, androgynous/feminine. tsundere and pure-hearted
rabbit/wolf type dynamics, maybe abo. corruption
something harada tier.

No. 309751

File: 1689920928947.png (601.6 KB, 742x789, angry kitten.png)

>and schrodinger's cat shit is so overplayed

No. 309752

Nonas, is there anywhere I can find uploads of blcds?

No. 309758

aarinfantasy, specifically here

No. 309840

I think yaoiotaku forums has some.

No. 309844

File: 1689965060920.jpeg (255.67 KB, 869x1264, IMG_3432.jpeg)

I have yet to finish Luchino’s route but hands down luckydog1 is probably the best bl game out there, the story, characters, and the humor really blow it out the park. I don’t know if I should check out badegg but I am disappointed that they changed the voice actors sans Giulio’s.

No. 309886

It's dumb but whatever. You know how the most popular pairings in Gintama are Gintoki/Hijikata and Gintoki/Takasugi? But in the manga and the anime which I never finished but someday Gintoki actually fucks Kondo and Hasegawa? Even if that happened in comedic scenes I wonder if there are girls out there who legit ship Gintoki with them. I'm sure they had a heart attack when they saw that.

No. 309901


No. 309902

File: 1689979079266.png (1.98 MB, 1920x1080, TrueLove.png)

SERIOUSLY NONNIES SHIP THEM MORE if anyone could tell which episodes those scenes are from, would be great kekek

No. 309904

File: 1689979798650.jpg (76.32 KB, 425x600, Gintama.600.1432670.jpg)

Kyuugou of Acid Town has drawn multiple HasegawaxGintoki books. They're really good. I love her slutty languid Gintoki.

When I was at Comiket ywars ago I also bought HaseGin doujin and merch (totebag) kek

No. 309905

Ty so much, i'm going to check this out!!! Gin looks so gorgeous here

No. 309923

Do you guys prefer BL with or without foreskin?

No. 309925

No. 309943

File: 1690003285437.gif (Spoiler Image,1.15 MB, 245x300, ahhhhhhhhhhhh.gif)

thanks for the tips, nonny. but I am in the hell of my own creation anyway because I realize Leaks is even hotter than Kaltz and while I find them platonically very cute I don't at all find asato, rai, nor bardo attractive. why must I be like this? why can't I just accept what's given to me? kek. whatever though, enjoying myself. love the atmosphere of this game.

No. 309946

episode 240 for the Hasegawa scene

No. 309953

Where can I read it? If it's only on MRM I'm screwed it's still blocked where I am.

No. 309973

Nonnie, i really can't find it anywhere except for MRM. MRM is blocked for me too, you really need a VPN at this point, because this sucks, it has most doujiinshis. But you can google "Gintama dj - Guilty Game" and find it on russian.

No. 309976

Thanks anon, I'll see what I can do.

No. 309985

ahh i loved lucky dog, i can't wait for the localisation to be finished finally bc im genuinely so excited to replay it & im holding out til then.
i never finished lucinos route either bc back when i played it his route hadn't been translated yet. but i remember being blown away by ivans route. gians such a good protagonist too, he puts other BLVN protags to shame imo.
i hope when the localisation is finally finished a couple of anons will also play lucky dog and we can post about it here a bit. anyway who waa your favourite route nonna, and what do you think of the characters?

No. 310013

Ivan’s route without a doubt is definitely my favorite, I do like all the individual cr:5 members including Luchino who was kinda underwhelming at first but he eventually grows onto you.

No. 310320

File: 1690179112578.png (765.42 KB, 800x600, Screenshot (2488).png)

Is it me or Asato's route is weirdly short? I am in middle of it and I'm already on the last choice (as shown in the guide I'm following). If the route is really as long as the others yet has no other choices that's quite odd.

No. 310344

Mangago allowed comments back a while ago and my god there's so many enbies/insecure straight women going "u-um I'm a g-gay man that's why I can read yaoi! All h-hetero women are f-fetishists I wish they didn't read bl, p-poor gay men!!" jfc they're all retards. They should close down the comments again.

No. 310359

iirc theres quite a lot of space in the story between the last choice and the end of the route? like a lot happens.
anyway i cant actually remember if asatos route is shorter than the others but it didnt really feel like it to me.
are you gonna play the bad ends anon or just do the good ends? i heard asatos bad end cg is gross but i never bothered to play it kek

No. 310377

is anyone here part of any BL communities or online spaces? do any good ones even exist?
places like tiktok twitter etc are overrun with gendies. im aware of fujochan (im assuming its still down?), although the inactivity there always made it a bit hard for me to enjoy. i guess theres places like aarinfantasy, although im assuming they also have similar problems with inactivity. which leaves here, and also places like smaller discord servers which work on the basis of knowing the right people to be able to get in

No. 310395

Avoid places with fujos under 25 for one thing and stick to smaller fandoms or find yourself a small niche corner in a bigger one. I don't think there is any big magical BL space besides fujochan available (granted it returns) so you'll just have to do the legwork and network with the right people and create your own.

No. 310398

thanks for the reply anon.
when fujochan comes back i think i try a bit harder to post and contribute there. granted its still not going to be able to fill the social niche that lc does for me currently, but i appreciate that there is a place out there run by and for fujos to post in without judgement or gendie bullshit.
i really really just wish it were a bit more active so that it'd be easier to have conversations over there – it always made me sad seeing threads there where the posts are months apart

No. 310401

I still don't understand why some people see it as nothing but a fetish and what the actual issue would be if it was one. Who is hurt by this when there is such an obvious difference between fictional men created by women and real life moids? They always act like neet fujos are out there harrassing poor defenseless gay men and not sitting in their rooms looking at images

No. 310404

nta, I'm looking forward to fujochan coming back and I'll post a lot more there once that's the case. Twitter is turning to shit even faster than usual so I want to have another space where I can talk to other fujo as well.

No. 310407

We generally understand the fetishism of sexuality as bad because men who fetishize lesbians actually go out to harass, hurt, and assault lesbians in real life all the time. But going after men is too hard and male desires are somehow sacrosanct no matter how much harm it causes in real life. So fujos writing/drawing about idealized 2d romances in their own spaces get pestered instead. While the same group of people pestering fujos about social justice also typically advocate for males to further invade lesbian spaces. It's so bleak out here.

No. 310452

Nta but I just wanna say I agree with this message. I tried joining a Facebook group and a discord for this shitty phone game I liked. I figured it might be safe since there wasn't a huge western fan base. Man was I wrong. The discord was filled with zoomers, with a lot of them still in highschool. I just wanted to see fanart and memes, not teenage discord. I left almost immediately. It's not worth it Nonnas. I should have known better.
I am also awaiting fujochans return. It might be small but I'd take anything that doesn't have a callout posters.

No. 310460

Aarinfantasy? Perhaps some forums with BL sections, like Novel Updates?

No. 310461

/y/‘s BL discussion thread is good but it’s a small group (and on 4chan)

No. 310468

Any updates on when fujochan is coming back? What happened in the first place?

I used to mostly lurk, but this time around I won’t take fujochan for granted

No. 310470

And it has unspoilered dicks, which drives many people away.

No. 310473

Every time I've tried browsing /y/ it's just gay moids posting extreme bara with gaping assholes and monster dicks, trap threads and Aidens accusing twink art of pedophilia. It's just a very unwelcoming atmosphere, I can't wait for fujochan to come back up.

No. 310508

File: 1690249121461.webm (2.8 MB, 800x600, leaksvod.webm)

actually I might end up dropping it - I already feel like I learned plenty from it - and just going to other routes; I don't like Asato and I imagine his bad end is like Ren's from DMMD except nastier, kek.
Finding private small servers is probably the way. I've had good luck with them. Problem? Getting into them is hard.

No. 310651


there are specific niche subreddits that are decent on reddit, but the problem is there isn't one cohesive group (/r/BLGames, /r/MM_RomanceBooks, /r/Yaoi, /r/Boyslove, etc.) The communities can also skew younger with a lot of zoomer lingo and screeching. Overall though, the discussion isn't too bad.

I think twitter isn't too bad if you find normal people, but you'd have to actually dig for the gold there. Forums are the best bet if you want to meet older normal people, but they have general inactivity problems.

No. 310652


every time I go there there's a few people fighting over the stupid shit. The only good thing about /y/ is the translation threads (which are actually active & have really helpful people translating things) and the recommendation threads. Other than that, the general bro atmosphere and weirdly hostile discussion turns me off

No. 310690

That's because /y/ is literally just for porn, why would go there to discuss kek

No. 310693

Being male truly is a mental illness.

No. 310695

Too bad, it's nice that they have an active bl thread but the thought of a moid talking to me about bl makes me want to throw up. There's nothing more pathetic than a gay moid reading girl comics.

No. 310708

This, men into BL is an instant turnoff because it immediately makes me suspicious of their intentions. This genre is so specifically for women, the fandom and creators are all women, it's just so exclusively female that I really can't imagine a man being super into it unless he feels like there's something to gain. Like preying on girls who are wooed by a man being into something they enjoy. It feels disingenuous is what I'm trying to say.

No. 310711

File: 1690298559827.jpg (124.32 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I know non-japanese works are not allowed here but that fucked up story Placebo with only 3 chaps just got serialized and now it's become a ongoing story called Placebo:Let's Play

No. 310712

I've never seen the moids who like yaoi or m/m ships be able to discuss it without inevitably being misogynistic towards female fans tbh.

No. 310713

Anon you are going on male boards being surprised that there are men there. Sorry but this is just as retarded as the moids who come here and then go chimp about us on their sites.

Also anon…those are faggots let's be honest, none of them want to touch your coochie.

No. 310714

My issue isn't even that, it's that I can't imagine how much of a weirdo you'd have to be to enjoy something made entirely by women and for women. Reading bl as a gay moid must be a stepping stone into becoming a tranny or some other kind of social misfit.
But you're right, if a moid irl told me they like bl, I would instantly assume he's a predator.

No. 310715

I wouldn't be able to stand it online, especially on 4chan but I has several pleasant conversations about BL with men irl. They were all gay fudanshi and just weaboos in general so usually we started talking about manga and video games first.

No. 310716

Nobody is surprised. We're just grossed out about males engaging in a female hobby where they shouldn't be.

No. 310717

Fuck off you stupid scrote, just take your ban and stop evading. Nobody wants you here.

No. 310721

Shut the fuck up retard, you spend so much time on 4chan and other male imageboards that you are paranoid and accuse everyone of being a scrote.

Alienating women is the reason why the quality of these threads went down so much and now it's filled with 4chan retards and shota defenders.
I'll be waiting for your transition.

No. 310722

To be fair in this case this is more of the international and westerners weapon faults. Because every Japanese animated gay media gets labeled yaoi so now you have Bara, shota and all these other gay media made by men for other men get called yaoi.

No. 310723

What? Nobody is talking about gay japanese media in general, we're talking about the BL manga read by women and made by women.

No. 310725

No. You got your retarded screeching post deleted yet you're still here baiting anons and being a retarded XY. Kill yourself.

No. 310727

.. .huh? What the hell are you talking about, I hope your deranged tinfoiling gets redtexted.

You know I am a woman because if I was a man you wouldn't be talking that with me especially not with the ones you spend all your time on 4chan with, you subhuman.
I obviously meant how anything that has a anime style gets labeled yaoi even if it's made for gay coomers.
Anime = Japanese animation and animation style.

No. 310728

Find something better to do than screech like a retarded chimpanzee and telling farmers to kill themselves just because they disagree with opinion you have.

No. 310730

It doesn't matter, nobody is talking about all the stuff that gets labeled as yaoi despite being for males. We're specifically talking about bl manga made for women.

No. 310731

>My issue isn't even that, it's that I can't imagine how much of a weirdo you'd have to be to enjoy something made entirely by women and for women.
I get you’re talking about porn because it’s the BL thread, but that’s kind of a weird take with the amount of women that read manga made by men for men (or mistakenly think fetish series written by men with female characters are for a female audience, like Alien 9)

No. 310732

Non Japanese works are not allowed here? I can see why some things wouldn't necessarily be allowed (like 3dp) but I didn't know non Japanese works weren't allowed.

No. 310736

They are allowed, but sometimes you get anons complaining about them.

No. 310739

The gay guys I knew irl who read BL were TRAs but would never, ever troon out. I wonder if they actually just support muh troon rights just because they still see the movement as being about mostly very girly gay men just wanting to marry their boyfriends and not gettig discriminated at work and when looking for a place to live. But on the other hand I've seen a few twitter accounts of people calling themselves fujoshi who read BL but they were very obviously MTF because they were retweeting shota art, trap porn art, etc. There are plenty of women who like shota but they usually don't like the same art styles and scenarios as men, it's obvious. Even among gay guys it's sometimes different. Like I was talking about Black Butler with a gay guy and he was like "When the first season came out and I was in high school I wished I were Ciel because Sebastian was my husbando" but the troons I'm talking about reacted to the new season announcement by sperging over how fuckable they found Ciel. Weird, disturbing shit.

tldr; it really depends on which gay guys we're talking about.

No. 310757

I tried being active on /y/ on 4chan for a while but I had to drop it because every discussion was eventually derailed to some unrelated shit no one cares about (and misogyny of course, faggots think yaoi is made for them). Like I remember browsing to see the latest BL mangas and some retard started talking about how rape for women feels good (according him, an autistic faggot). It's just full of moids and moids are unable to discuss anything without sounding braindead or talking about their personal political opinions no one gives a shit about, even in real life I just can't listen to a man talk for more than a couple of minutes.
I'd like to give fujochan a try when and if it'll come back up but it was so slow and there were definitely baiters there too.

No. 310768

Kek, the only moid I knew who was into BL was of the belief that women who enjoyed BL were automatically fetishists. When I called him out on it his excuse was that BL was about gay men for gay men, so he was allowed to read it. How the fuck do you hate women who read BL, completely ignoring the fact that it is a genre for and by women? He loved to complain about how he was being fetishized but I know damn well no one was fetishizing his ugly, twink ass. It honestly felt like such a cope. I think he just wanted a reason to hate (straight) women.

Deleted and re-posting to add that this dude would give dumb excuses for disliking it like "women were getting off to gay men being raped" and then would get off to those exact same stories…

This is unfortunately the typical logic seen in the modern LGBT community. It's so ridiculously anti-women. They'll ride on the coattails of women's progress and media and then ridiculous us in the process.

With that said, I really appreciate the few places like this that still exist. I wasn't an active participant of fujochan because it seemed a little dead when I first found it, but I might have to be if it goes back up. I hope we can have spaces like this just to ourselves for as long as possible.

No. 310769

>Like I remember browsing to see the latest BL mangas and some retard started talking about how rape for women feels good (according him, an autistic faggot).
Pretty sure its one guy who consistently does josei hentai threads, not even a bl fag he just gets off on the fantasy of women enjoying getting raped by "rapechads."

No. 310835

File: 1690349824681.png (504.66 KB, 1080x1080, F1vDHJgXwAMpTo1.png)

No. 310838

>I know non-japanese works are not allowed here
3DPD and furry stuff isn't allowed here, non japanese stuff is perfectly fine.

No. 310855

Megaten is yaoi adjacent, I will not take no for an answer.

No. 310862

I mean sure, it may be one or two moid baiting or sperging but they don't get banned and I don't really want to share a space with mentally ill undesirable males. 4chan is just too autistic and moid-pandering to me.

No. 311085

ngl Garu's voice actor sounds pretty bad, in intimate scenes, he sounds like those retards struggling to speak.

No. 311098

Hey anons since these threads tend to be negative and shitting on other fujos i thought we should take a break from that and say something positive.

Like for example say something you like about Mangas, Manhwas and Manhuas. (I know there is going to be nippon-worshipping anons who are going to swear at me for daring to mention manhwas or manhuas)

I'll start:
Manga: brings back nostalgia for me, have really good stories when it comes to high-school settings. Good detail into characters hair and clothes.

Manhwa: Diversity, I love the diversity in art and storylines when it comes to Manhwas. Currently I've been mostly reading Manhwas and I'm enjoying it.

Manhua: easily digestible, humor is slightly better compared to Manga or Manhwas. Manhua platforms are much easier to use and you can read without paying.
I really love "private devil puppy" so I'm gonna start reading that manual again.

No. 311107

Oh, I wanna say something positive. I love manga artists and doujinshi artists that make stories directed at women, especially mangaka like Yana Toboso. Even if some works aren't explicitly BL I still love the beautiful art and outfit designs. I also love doujinshi artists that create stories from my favorite series. Some of my favorite memories from high school was reading copious amounts of hetalia doujinshi, kek.

Although I don't read a lot of manhua, I wanna also say I love danmei books and a lot of the authors there. I've been getting into to 2ha and it's been really fun. I love that danmei authors also aren't afraid to add heavier plot elements. Although fluff is nice, I love all the different genres that danmei seems to cover, whether it's fantasy or mystery.

No. 311109

Manga: classic always, i like what they do with European-y settings(fairytale romance, stuff like that)
Manhwa: is really funny sometimes, i like the different art style of it, i like how many office romances there are, and i feel like it's less weird about homosexuality(like those "gay but only for you"/"i don't like you as a man, i like you as a person!" tropes)
Manhua: never read any somehow, but i've read a Chinese comic about two boys with ever so slightly homoerotic relationship and a fujoshi that ships them(Nan Hao and Shang Feng) and i think it's really funny, and trad Chinese men's clothing is cool.

No. 311121

I've never read BL manhwa or manhua for some reason. I don't particularly care about them but I've noticed how popular they are online and how publishing companies in my countries and in other Western countries are publishing some of these series and heavily advertise them. I think that's cool for the fans, it shows how things have changed for the best when it comes to publishing BL because when I was in high school long ago we only had the most popular BL published and they were hard to find in physical stores even in big cities.

No. 311340

Nonnas, is anyone else disappointed by the severe lack of yandere/psycho bottom stories? It's always the top doing the imprisoning/stalking/raping, i just really want to see more batshit insane bottoms. Does anyone have recs for this?

No. 311342

File: 1690576772648.jpeg (10.9 KB, 187x270, download.jpeg)

Little bit psycho. Its fairly new and I heard the uke is the yandere rapist in that one.

No. 311344

BL has a lot of outdated tropes and rules regarding how bottoms and tops should behave that everyone seems to follow, like the top must always be the one who chases the bottom. Yanderes also tend to be dominant and assertive, which is a classic top trait and it's easier to inflict pain on the receiver. But even in stories where bottoms are allowed to be more dominant and assertive, they still act very nonchalant about it, like it's just regular sex stuff for them and they're not very attached to the top. Like they could find dick somewhere else. On the other hand, a top is always super in love with the bottom and willing to do everything for them, that's why by following the BL rules is easy to write them as obsessed psycho yanderes
I think this is heavily influenced by heterosexual romance stories where the guy usually chases the woman and the woman represents this beautiful object of interest. They could just make it similar to moid gaze yandere media like mirai nikki but if we're being fair, if yuno was a man she would obviously act as a top towards that pathetic protagonist so we're not solving anything. I think some fujos are still narrow-minded and don't want to break the rules

No. 311345

Yes I checked this out. The role reversal was refreshing but there's too few chapters out currently to decide whether it will be good. Uke is very cute tho

No. 311357

Did you read Sleeping Dead yet?

No. 311402

Petition for mangago to close their comments again wtf

No. 311421

Post some screenshots, anon.

No. 311423

Same holy shit, I didn't know the community there was that retarded

No. 311427

File: 1690619066968.png (257.49 KB, 1048x461, realgaymantm.png)

Nta but I came across this discussion and there are a lot of other similar ones too.
Opinions on fujoshis by Real Gay Men (who totally aren't just insecure straight girls policing what other women do) featuring their totally real gay bois experiences and "muh fetishization" by evil fujoshis, that really happened guys I swear.

No. 311428

It's funny how these "gay guys" i.e. trooned yumes gleefully accept and consume the BL created by these very same evil fetishizing women yet get mad at other women who do so themselves.

No. 311436

File: 1690628285150.jpg (231.98 KB, 1000x1000, ELszHatXYAAaR45.jpg)

Post the link.

No. 311465

Where are all these fujos supposedly calling actual gay men "yaoi"? They talk about this constantly but I've never seen it happen.

No. 311477

They all have an identical story about being sexually harassed by women while wearing cosplay with their bfs too.

No. 311492

Moral grandstanding on an illegal manga website, you love to see it

No. 311530

They probably heard about some young fangirls in the 2000s being very exited/cringy about characters and yaoi at cons and decided to turn it into a "all fujos harass real gay men such as myself (a straight woman) literally all the time to this day".

No. 311531

Which makes it even funnier bc you know all these "gay men" weren't even born the last time a yaoi paddle was brought to a convention. It's all so hilarious

No. 311559

File: 1690664287723.png (731.55 KB, 936x644, Parallels.png)

Kek, flashbacks.
Reading so far, i think they'll at least be switches. If the blondie won't become a seme fully. Thank you for suggestion, nonnie.

No. 311564

File: 1690665473902.jpeg (117.67 KB, 800x1132, just_say__no__by_miriamthebat_…)


No. 311565

Seriously though ancient ass anti yaoi/BL stuff like this is hilarious to me

No. 311567

File: 1690666533359.jpeg (21.28 KB, 168x300, IMG_2841.jpeg)

Answering the first dude’s questions for fun

1. I don’t, I hate men and am very happy I was born female
2. Because Japan is a patriarchal society that values the group over the individual and gender roles are expected to be enforced in society
3. Because BL is for women not gay men and that dynamic appeals to the female gaze
4. It’s hot and I like reading stuff specifically for women in a space that’s usually pretty anti male, it making moids (straight and gay) seethe is a bonus
5. Only 13 year old K-pop fans do this because they’re 13, even then they only do it with their Korean celebrities because the average irl gay moid isn’t appealing to them at all

No. 311570

File: 1690667171045.jpg (186.19 KB, 704x1000, 81dJPUSjZQL._AC_UF1000,1000_QL…)

Do you think they're ever gonna kiss? It's so obvious they like eachother but they're both so retarded I don't know when they'll notice

No. 311571

I feel like with Harada you never know how it turns out. It could end up with Kuzuya returning to the countryside and Kasuya getting back with his ex girlfriend but them having some sort of an affair. Or maybe they'll actually become a couple and the girlfriend finds someone else to peg or turns lesbian. Both are just as probable.

No. 311573

It would be funny to see her and botan bonding over pegging their ex-boyfriends tbh

No. 311604

File: 1690685233793.jpg (1.52 MB, 3550x4096, FmzbD0QagAE6P-p.jpg)

1. i have never wanted to be a male
2. bad taste. fem ukes > all others
3. contrast is great
4. to kyaa unironically
5. i've never done this

No. 311605

they're all underage

No. 311606

File: 1690685935619.jpg (93.54 KB, 600x600, 1690682052375699.jpg)

No. 311607

File: 1690685975541.png (317.77 KB, 600x600, 1690683040387338.png)

Still haven't seen this movie haha

No. 311645

>First dude
That's not a dude anon

No. 311646

first gal then

No. 311742

It's a good movie. I think people who read the manga like the manga a little more, though. I'll be curious to see what these figures look like.

No. 311743

Is this the one movie where two teenage boys have been together for a year and somehow couldn't figure out how gay men have sex? Despite being hormonal young men and having access to the internet and probably gay porn in japanese shops etc. Just remembered how laughable that was.

No. 311762


No. 311768

OK, I confused it for another movie.

No. 311771

genuinely wondering who would want figurines of these two.
i thought the movie was okay, kind of a fujo staple so worth watching just for that, but ive never thought about these 2 characters again after watching the film kek.

No. 311774

Didn't the movie just adapt one volume of the manga? I think each volume has a slightly different title too.

No. 311780

File: 1690744645880.png (998.15 KB, 840x1200, sR0Uegx.png)

Any hopes for Yaoi on Ice aka "Dogs Red"?
It's Noda's new ice hockey manga, it finally started. It's sport centered, but it's made by the mangaka of Golden Kamuy so it might actually get some good m/m dynamics and probably even gay jokes and gay ship pandering if it's anything like GK. I am eager to read it, but fuck knows whether we will get any proper (and regular) translations and scans. Most translators seem to focus on isekai and ecchi nowadays and the rest is usually doing mediocre MTL. I guess I hope that they'll release the physical volumes in the west at some point.

The first chapter has a good bunch of GK references, for those who are interested.

No. 311784

I'm going to give some unpopular opinion takes:
-Reading the same true love or getting obsessed after the first night stories have become boring to me and alot of yaoi stories are like that, I want to see a yaoi story that's similar to the one men make where mc has a couple of people in rotation and they never fully settle. Also there is a lack of threesomes in yaoi , like it will be super smutty yet still have no threesomes.

-Office stories are slowly becoming the new mafia stories and by that I mean that they are becoming overrated.

-characters who behave very juvenile towards sex like something you'd see in sex Ed where the class is giggling and acting like they have no idea what sex is or how penises work despite being a male character. This is what I hate the most and it's everywhere in both mangas,manhwas,manhuas and drama series.

-a small uke doesn't mean feminine unless the top is so much larger than him and the uke acts juvenile towards sex "omo what your penis thingie is so huge wait what does a boner mean…no I can't have sex, sex is so scawwwyyy uwu uwu but I'll let you force me into it so I don't look like a slut". For me it's more about behavior than appearance and i cant stand ukes who behave that way.

-Lately there aren't that many translation teams so because of that many new stories get machine translations that make no sense and you have no idea what you are reading but you still keep reading only because you like the art.

-I don't like or find yaoi-bended art of straight characters enjoyable. There are so many yaoi stories that you could focus your fanarts and doujins on instead of Shonen stuff for moids or gacha games.

-I don't care what anyone says, shota is disgusting and most consumers of it are gross pedo men.

-Most popular yaoi comics are mediocre. Jinx, painter of the night etc etc are not that great and there are other stories with less views who have better storylines.

-Mangas, manhwas and manhuas are all equally good.

-Talking about trannys all the time is so annoying and it took over the whole site. Ot and M are filled with tranny discussions when that shit should be kept contained to snow and 2X.

No. 311787

File: 1690745692565.jpg (968.95 KB, 1280x1805, tumblr_ncjizxPQKc1tw1782o1_r1_…)

>-Talking about trannys all the time is so annoying and it took over the whole site. Ot and M are filled with tranny discussions when that shit should be kept contained to snow and 2X.
I disagree. We should make trannies feel unwelcome here at every opportunity.

>Also there is a lack of threesomes in yaoi , like it will be super smutty yet still have no threesomes.

Well, there are DMMD doujins…

No. 311788

Nta but yeah, the movie is only one of the many volumes. I liked the movie, the author has some good stories (imo better than this one) like Copernicus's Breath and the one with the crossdresser but this one is just so fucking long, filled with pointless drama and overall it's just a mild slice of life.

I agree with the threesome bit, I would love to see stories with three men, I think the dynamics may be interesting (I normally hate polyamory shit though).

No. 311800

I was 100% with you about everything you wrote until you started talking shit about Jinx, nonnie. (Just kidding I know how mediocre it is but it's my little guilty pleasure)

>characters who behave very juvenile towards sex

A 20-something character acting like an embarrassed teenage girl about sex makes me cringe, it's such a stupid and overused trope. Even an unrealistically slutty one would be more entertaining.

>Talking about trannys all the time is so annoying and it took over the whole site. Ot and M are filled with tranny discussions when that shit should be kept contained to snow and 2X.

This, I'm so sick of hearing about the tranny discourse all the fucking time, everywhere I go, no matter if you're for or against it. To be honest the trend has calmed down a lot in the mainstream and I barely see gendershit anymore so the anons complaining about the constant troonification must hang around 16-year olds because they're the only ones going bananas over troonery anymore. Literally every fujo over 20 I've talked offsite hate the transbending thing and roll their eyes at all the gaydens even if they support trans people otherwise.

No. 311810

>We should make trannies feel unwelcome here at every opportunity.
honestly this. i agree that a lot of users here take their tranny hating obsession to the next level sometimes, but i appreciate that we make it abundantly clear that moids and trannies aren't welcome here.
id rather see one too many 'kill all trannies'post than risk having this thread overcome with gendies and i think most people here would agree

i find the office setting to be so boring. it really sucks the joy out of it, especially when theyre doing nothing to subvert your expectations and it literally is some shitty corporate office setting…. who wants to read that