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No. 298322

>FUJOSHI (腐女子, "rotten girl"): a self-mockingly pejorative Japanese term for female fans of manga and novels that feature romantic relationships between men.

>Discuss yaoi and BL here, as well as series and games aimed at fujoshi like Hetalia, sports anime, and male idol anime.

>Discussion of BL games here is totally OK but please do not cannibalize the otome game general.
>Discussion of Male/Male ships outside of strictly BL series is allowed.
>Feel free to ask for recommendations, but please specify what kind of material you're looking for (Genre, oneshot/series, doujinshi, SFW/NSFW etc).
>Being reasonably critical of BL is welcomed but don't come here only to bait or excessively moralsperg about fujos or how much you hate BL as a genre. Take it to Twitter.
>Be mindful of others and hide your spoilers. Use the spoiler image option and wrap your text inside spoiler tags.
>Reminder to ignore the baiting males and trolls who come to provoke. Hetero and pedo shit is forbidden here. Just report their posts and ignore.
>Be nice to each other , we fujos should stick together.

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No. 298328

Thank you for the fresh thread anon-san, may this one be fruitful and fun

No. 298329

File: 1684944941922.jpeg (53.07 KB, 500x768, IMG_0058.jpeg)

Amen yaoi Jesus

No. 298331

File: 1684945590527.jpg (1.69 MB, 4032x3024, 1557450839772.jpg)

I'm looking for recs. I want a manga with juicy art (hot men, no shota), sex scenes and a retarded plot. What's out there for me?

No. 298339

File: 1684946271206.jpeg (248.21 KB, 1400x2000, IMG_0096.jpeg)

Caste Heaven’s pretty fun for retarded BL manga

No. 298340

File: 1684946285938.jpg (217.05 KB, 1582x1875, 20230111_033513.jpg)

Looking for recs with shota because they're cute, preferably spirit or yokai x human boy (I'm already well aware of hanako-kun)

No. 298343

File: 1684946907799.png (381.24 KB, 601x578, BL room.PNG)

Any anons know or follow accounts similar to erinnnnnnnnao? I enjoy her social so much because she posts daily BL covers on her main IG, lifestyle like yoga, food and fashion on her second IG and lifestyle + BL on her twitter. I could only dream of owning a BL room like hers. Her socials:

No. 298344

File: 1684946943460.jpeg (73.29 KB, 460x652, IMG_0097.jpeg)

Ganbare Nakamura kun’s mangaka did some stuff like this, one with a historical horror theme (Gesshoku Kitan, which I actually really enjoyed despite it only being one volume) and a one shot with a Jianshi boy which was very cute (Aojiro Shohan).

No. 298345

File: 1684947038240.jpg (174.42 KB, 1333x1000, 107568389_p12.jpg)

Gonna ruin my life and rewatch Naruto for <3 them <3

I love the Boruto designs but I've never seen it because I never finished Shippuden lmao

No. 298346

Who tops

No. 298347

What a queen.

No. 298348

File: 1684947425431.jpg (70.29 KB, 600x589, 57826910_p17.jpg)


No. 298349

also I usually hate Vtubers and think they’re cringe, but Seto Kazuya is an extremely adorable zombie(?) boy.
I hope we get more spooky shotas in the future.

No. 298355

Thanks for the OP picture, now I have to remember to get this VN and DMMD some day. Not now though because I need to save money for my summer holidays.

No. 298356

Anything by Niyama. Her art keeps getting better and better, I recommend Sonna ni Iu Nara Daiteyaru because there's a sex scene like every chapter. Happy Shitty Life is extremely retarded as well, not just the plot but also the characters.

No. 298357

File: 1684948184464.png (500.12 KB, 826x733, huh.png)

she's hindu? huh?

No. 298358

File: 1684948418485.png (542.29 KB, 884x743, sasunaru canon and real.PNG)

According to Megan Thee Stallion, Sasuke tops Naruto. I trust her.

No. 298360

she's japanese so I guess she just likes the look of it.

No. 298364

File: 1684949659240.jpg (16.2 KB, 720x615, cb4d1b65af7d55c824a3118fe15123…)

my turtle fujo verdict is that during teenage-hood naruto is most likely to top, being the "boke" raises his hornyness so he is the one most likely to push the romance. During adulthood I can see sasuke being more dominant and in the top role as he is edgier than ever and naruto just wants him back. But when they reach old geezer status I can see them switching constantly depending on their mood.

No. 298365

Megan Thee Stallion is comparing herself to Naruto in the lyrics, "I'ma make him eat me out while I'm watchin' anime (Wow, wow, anime), pussy like a Wild Fox, lookin' for a Sasuke (Yeah, yeah, ayy, yeah)", Megan Thee Stallion would definitely be a top if she was a man, therefore you are wrong and she is based and thinks Naruto tops. In this essay I will…

No. 298369

waiting for slow damage haters to be mad that towas the threadpic lol

anyway anons, for when i finish sweet pool are there any slightly more light-hearted BL vns worth checking out? most of them on my list to play are on the darker side, which ofc i enjoy, but… last few vns ive played have been very dark and gruesome, and i really feel like i need some brain bleach

No. 298371

My heart says that Naruto tops.

No. 298372

File: 1684951536303.jpeg (36.52 KB, 325x450, IMG_0111.jpeg)

>waiting for slow damage haters to be mad that towas the threadpic lol
Really hoping I didn’t cause infighting there whoops.
>more light-hearted BL vns worth checking out?
I’m playing through Lemures 2am right now which doesn’t seem too dark comparatively? There’s a focus on death but there’s no H scenes and such.
You have to change your system to Japan and run it as windows 7 for it to run properly though (at least it’s free).

No. 298375

i hate slow damage. and i am here to fight about the thread pic.

No. 298376

OH anon were you the one who posted the image of the game in the last thread? if so i actually downloaded it bc of you! i thought the art looked really nice – its sitting on my pc installed and ready for me to play next. thank you for the recommendation!

No. 298378

Yeah I was! It’s always nice to see people check out more obscure BL VNs (Japanese ones that is, western stuff is cringe) since mainstream fujos don’t care about visual novels.
Is it the eye pussy

No. 298379

Post an essay about why you hate slow damage

No. 298380

>Megan Thee Stallion would definitely be a top if she was a man
kek that's too much for my poor heart.

I'm so damn jealous of her. I don't have an instagram so I can't see her posts individually, does she just post pictures of the BL she reads or does she also review them?

No. 298390

i actually would like to read an essay on why people hated slow damage. for the most part i found it engaging - i had a few complaints for sure but i still think it's one of n+cs better entries

No. 298398

Fuck off. The last thread is still active. Mods, kill this thread.

No. 298421

jesus anon relax, these threads are slow asf. doesnt make much of a difference if a new thread is made now or later

No. 298422

Calm down Jojofag Jesus fuck.

No. 298424

can we not just be thankful that someone made the thread correctly with all the right links and without adding their own squicks as a thread nono for once.

No. 298425

Technically those squicks from a nona threads ago are still there

No. 298427

Is it me or things are looking kind of bleak for BL VNs? Just don't see any coming out anytime soon. There's only one I really liked recently and it looks as though it'll be the company's only VN ever.
I will regret asking probably but SD haters? What? It's such a middling yaoi VN - I would never replay it - that it's weird to think people particularly hate it. The threadpic is cute.

No. 298428

File: 1684959235846.jpeg (588.35 KB, 1612x2048, IMG_0125.jpeg)

>Just don't see any coming out anytime soon
Lykt and Slow damage came out in English not that long ago and Ooe is in development and should be out this year (at least in Japanese).
I’d argue the opposite if anything, for quite a while the market was barren as hell but now there’s a fair amount coming out.

No. 298436

It's the same exact OP as the previous one, even still referencing the now-revived /m/assacred threads

No. 298452

for me, it was just boring. towa's such a dull uke (not cute at all, just some bulky skelly apathetic dude) and completely wasted on the tops + setting. it was also so slow kek. i got as far as him leaving that one dude's (?) apartment after they cut his arm or whatever then my interest totally petered out.

lkyt is much better. i do wish mc was a uke though. can't have everything

No. 298456

ah, you're right. Now that I think about it probably is just a me problem. I just haven't liked what has come from major studios recently. SD, Lkyt, UltraC, the weird doctor one from the Hadaka people (which I thought would at least be morbidly funny but it wasn't), etc. Ooe looks ok but not my type, either. I liked Tokyo Onmyoji, Hashihime, and Sorcerer's Choice.
I think maybe my tastes have gotten very narrow with age.
tbh, you made the right choice. the devs pretty much have route be the only real true route and I'm still bitter over it.

No. 298459

re: the game feeling slow, i see where you're coming from but i feel like most if not all of the n+c titles have the same pacing issues. seems less like a slow damage issue and more like a n+c issue imho

towa didn't do much for me either lmao, i'll be honest i spent most of the time wishing he'd actually eat something and wondering how the hell he didnt just keel over from his anachan diet of coffee and cigs (ill still take edgelord towa over a bland white bread protagonist like konoe from lamento any day though kek)

i liked reis route tbf. rei in general deserved better. but yeah, the true route definitely feels like it was made to be like, the main takeaway from the game. i can imagine the handful of people that actually liked madarame we're piiisssssed about the last route

No. 298461

Why didn’t you like UltraC out of curiosity? I thought the unconventional storytelling was really well done (though hashihime was still better to me).

No. 298462

I think a lot of the game definitely does rely on how you feel about Towa, I personally loved him so slow damage became my favorite VN of all time (not just BL) but I get why he might be irritating to a lot of people.
>lkyt is much better. i do wish mc was a uke though.
Ok now I’m actually surprised, I haven’t played lkyt yet but I 100% thought the protagonist was an uke.

No. 298470

Well, when I say don't like, I didn't dislike them aside from Patient S Remedy where I wasn't even able to finish even half of it and I got to a bad end. UC was entertaining for a while though it got super…abstract in a way that I found hard to follow–I preferred how Hashishime's weirdness was a slow burn. Also I hated the gender stuff in the 2nd route even though I adore Shiro.
I didn't like the 1st couple at all. Plus, having the couples pre-ordained was probably made it less exciting to me. It's great for people that want to experience an epic, experimental, fixed story, you're right, but wasn't for me. OH! The sex was also all awkward quickies to me and each time I was left confused and weirdly unfulfilled. Maybe I'd have a more favorable opinion of it if I played the 3rd route/couple?
Based fellow Rei enjoyer. I wished his route was better but he's the only character besides Eiji I really liked and at least he has a lot of sweet moments.

No. 298472

The 3rd route clears up a lot of the story (though it still has a level of confusion to it, which is why I’m thinking of doing a reread).
I actually really liked the first couple, it was nice to have two guys start the VN already dating since that’s so rare in BLVNs, didn’t care for the second one at all not only for the gender stuff but that they never really go into how fucked up it is that Isshiki raped Shirou? They just sort of phrase it as ‘oh this is why Shirou is homophobic’ and just have him get over that he was raped. isshiki in general didn’t have much going on with him to make him likable as a person or love interest to me.
Although I like ULTRAC I think it would have greatly benefited from being longer and maybe even just keeping it to two couples instead of three (once you play the last route you realize that Isshiki x Shirou really don’t matter in the grand scheme and are basically filler characters).

No. 298479

No. 298495

Both! she reads and reviews manga. She also loves BL audios.

No. 298505

Join the fujoshi discord!

No. 298547

isn't there also "What in Hell is Bad" coming out recently? there's also Nu:Carnival.

No. 298548

Nice, thanks for the link. I'll check her reviews for the BL manga I already like a lot and see if we have similar tastes before I can use her website as a reference.

No. 298549

can someone recommend incest BL i have a need for brothers being creepy towards one another

No. 298563

lots of Slow Damage opinions, so I'd thought I'd share mine.

The game is mid at the very best for me, which is a real shame, because I've loved every other N+C title out there. It's not that I hate Towa, I just find him very uninspiring. I've played 3 routes and started the last route around a month ago, and just haven't gotten round to finishing the game (mainly bc Zelda has been distracting me). I see ppl across reddit/twitter/Tumblr say the last route is the best and all, but I feel like 0 motivation to actually finish it, which is super weird for me bc I always fixate on BL games when I start one and don't do much else entertainment-wise if I'm playing one.

I thought Murase was okay. I liked Rei, but didn't like the direction his route went in. Thought Madarame's route was hot garbage. Fujieda's route seems okay so far. Haven't done enough to have an opinion.

what do you girls think? Should I push through, or drop the game and start Lykt? I think I'll like it because I really liked No Thank You, so if its the same vibes, I'd be having more of a fun time there.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 298564

File: 1685001120024.png (445.14 KB, 1000x1222, illust_96652836_20230525_02531…)

Thanks for the rec anon! I've been loving Seto for a long time too, his design is so cute and striking

No. 298565

queen your crown is falling… leave the subject field empty next time

No. 298582

Honestly, I would say to just drop it. Fujieda’s route is the best one only because it has relevant plot, but imo it wasn’t that much more interesting and if you played the rest it’s pretty easy to predict what’s going on. I also just found Fujieda to be super boring and the whole ending with him and Towa together felt kinda forced.

I still like Slow Damage, I don’t have incredibly high expectations for BLVNs just by the nature of the thing, but for all the hype I saw about Fujieda it seemed kinda lame in the end. The prostate hitting sex scene was A+ though

No. 298609

>I think I'll like it because I really liked No Thank You
Is no thank you good? I’m a huge slow damage fan but I never checked out no thank you because I thought the art was kinda ugly.

No. 298646

File: 1685036898562.jpg (419.06 KB, 2035x2048, FgAsuj-VUAEcagV.jpg)

anyone have good fanfic recs for them? preferably in character and not too long. they are one of the most written about ships on ao3 in general but 99% of them are trash, it feels like the fandom is stuck in 2007 some fics still have ‘yaoi warnings’ ffs.

No. 298667

File: 1685044796685.png (396.03 KB, 1280x1024, penisgate.png)

nta but I almost forgot about NTY. I don't find it hot at all even if everything is done technically very well and it's probably perfect for people with a taste for fucked up stuff in a more sterile, fruity aesthetic. None of the characters are my type. It has such a chaotic vibe with the main character being a very agentic mega-perv and from what I read it wasn't boring, it's just clearly written by a man.

No. 298682

File: 1685054122856.jpg (96.75 KB, 800x598, 8129_original.jpg)

christ i had no thank you on my to play list, i didn't realise the guys were so ugly
honestly i know people hate on overly flowery shoujo art styles in BL vns but i'll take the pretty boys in titles like lucky dog or shingakkou over some generic looking dude who looks like he doesnt wash his asscrack any day

speaking of lucky dog, we're never getting that english translation huh

No. 298695

Fujosperg idea of the day: Making a very heterosexual, very sexist, very proud/arrogant but still hot anime scrote raped slowly into becoming a stupid gay sex toy who only feels complete when he’s taking dick from other men. Like him becoming so dumb that the only thing on his mind is sex with other men and he gets genuinely distraught if he can’t.

No. 298707

>honestly i know people hate on overly flowery shoujo art styles in BL vns but i'll take the pretty boys in titles like lucky dog or shingakkou over some generic looking dude who looks like he doesnt wash his asscrack any day
I think a lot of it just comes from ‘not like other fujos’, those types who brag about only being into bara as if it somehow makes them superior and isn’t just a personal preference like everyone else has (even more annoying though if they don’t actually like it and just want to be contrarian)
The strange thing is that the no thank you characters were drawn by a woman, but she also did the art for euphoria and maggot baits so I think that speaks for itself.
But yeah I’ll take flowery over realistic looking moids.

No. 298710

seconding this. please drop recs nonas

No. 298720

Has Service Boy not picked this up yet?

No. 298726

File: 1685074074905.jpg (73.36 KB, 702x1024, topsuke.jpg)

Yeah, the last time I read fics for them was way too long ago. I second wanting recs.

No. 298728

this sounds like a shayna tweet kek

No. 298739

File: 1685078840455.jpg (153.95 KB, 1000x1412, Aru_Otoko_no_Higeki_by_Harada_…)

Not the exact same, but I thought of him.

No. 298744

File: 1685079160136.jpg (179.11 KB, 1080x907, 20230526-073043_Twitter.jpg)

>we're never getting that english translation huh
Mangagamer tweeted that the translation is almost complete a few days ago, there's still hope nona.

No. 298769


Harada sensei my beloved

No. 298777

English BLVN scene is so sad, who even wants to play these dated games

No. 298799

No. 298809

i'd agree with you but lucky dog is honestly a good game and im happy it's getting a translation, even though they dragged their feet on it for years and years.
also i think gian is probably my favourite BL visual novel protagonist, out of the handful of vns ive played. would be cool to see some people play it & share there thoughts here

No. 298862

I want to play them! I found tokyo onmyouji cute and well-realized. I only get worried though because if it doesn't sell well, then they might stop translating old ones. Not really sure if there's any BL visual novels coming out soon with a style I like. I hate being so picky.

No. 298986

File: 1685194106294.png (Spoiler Image, 1008.71 KB, 839x840, Screenshot_6017.png)

Nsfw 3x3 of ships i like, was hesitant about posting it here but fuck it

Me, i do.(ban evading)

No. 298999

File: 1685200331971.png (321.45 KB, 1280x978, tumblr_ou3uniyso91qkgj3no1_128…)

I retract everything I said about Rance, I respect you now.

No. 299018

File: 1685204687732.jpeg (70.26 KB, 502x780, shejustlikeme.jpeg)

based towa thread pic nonnie
I was gonna ask if anyone knew any sites I could download SlowDamage from besides justusa because it doesn't accept my card for some reason

No. 299024

Adachi/yu is better though

No. 299031

It's too different to be comparable imo. Not a bad ship, but it gives off very different vibes. Yu/Yosuke is cute and fun while Yu/Adachi is way more edgy. Adachi belongs to Dojima anyway.

No. 299064

the monster of memory

No. 299104

File: 1685215214764.jpeg (217.94 KB, 759x1105, IMG_0480.jpeg)

>Adachi belongs to Dojima anyway
>Implying Dojima doesn’t belong to Yu
He’s an uncle fucker

No. 299128

Not gonna happen because Yu's mom would beat Dojima to death and Dojima is already scared shitless of her anyway.

No. 299137

>drops her son off for a year in the boonies
>implying she gives a fuck

No. 299139

It's canon but only mentioned in a Golden exclusive scene, I think it's when Yosuke makes everyone get motorcycle, you have to ask permission from Dojima and the poor guy is begging you to not get in a traffic accident because otherwise your mom will come back to Japan and kill him. Yu goes well with everyone imo, video related. It's a crime that we can't date any of the guys when it's the one Persona game where it would have been believable.

No. 299162

source of the bottom right one?


No. 299371

i've played this game already
bumping this request also >>298549

No. 299389

Deichuu no Hasu by Tamekou is a personal top pick for creepy incest BL. Fuyushirazu no Koi is quite good but it's about cousins not brothers. Tobi Washio's bros. was also decent (I love Tobi Washio but it's not my personal fav work of theirs) but they're not blood related.

No. 299425


Correct. Dojima x Adachi is superior is every single way.

No. 299426

Are you the same sort of retard that thinks Joker's parents are the scum of the earth because they sent him to Tokyo alone because it has the ONLY school that will accept him?

No. 299450

Does anyone have some recommendations of BL that features the concept of a prisoner of war falling in love with either a guard or warden? If possible, in a more historical setting?

No. 299451

>Dojima x Adachi is superior is every single way.
But Yu is cuter and I want Adachi to top…

No. 299452

I don’t care about persona 5 outside of gay art of Joker with Yusuke or Goro (not Ryuji though, he sucks)

No. 299456

Nah, it's all about Dojima x MC

No. 299475

Ryuji is based because he always shit talks the ugly, annoying mascot, there I said it. Not BL related though, but fuck Morgana.

No. 299477

>not liking the kitty cat
What’s wrong with you? He’s cute.

No. 299478

Dojima > Adachi > Yu > Kanji > Teddie > Yosuke
For the seme to uke scale btw

No. 299484

Fuck morgana for being an annoying sex pest. He peaked at the one fujobait moment, Teddy was cuter and 100x more bearable–no pun intended.

No. 299548

there was a Nazi BL that i read a while back, about a prisoner that sleeps with a Nazi Officer and it ends with the 'Muricans(?) arriving and ripping off some patch from the Nazi's jacket and the prisoner stabbing him, now if only i could find it.

No. 299558

His cuteness is canceled by his shit attitude and his annoying voice.

No. 299564

holy based

No. 299578

Goro is the best boy simply because of him always sounding like he wants to kill and fuck Joker at the same time.

No. 299681

Queenly opinion. Goro is best boy.

No. 300144

File: 1685743002214.png (627.86 KB, 1600x2269, radical omegaist.png)

big fan of this blackpilled king

No. 300145

File: 1685743037121.png (719.04 KB, 1600x2269, choice omegaist.png)

there's a liberal omegaist too omg
noah's ark

No. 300146

Based rad-omegaism

No. 300147

Based rad-omegaism

No. 300148

File: 1685743490465.png (534.35 KB, 1600x2269, 898988.png)

my last post about this but i can't believe i ever thought this author was a scrote kek.

anyone know of abo manga in which the ukes are indeed biologically smaller/more feminine than the semes btw. that's a plot point here but it's more of a background thing

No. 300151

I've seen a lot of shit in bl but theres something uniquely unhinged about slipping a buttload of commentary on feminism in a your omegaverse bl mango like greens in a smoothie. based, but where did we go wrong (or… right?) to get to this point.

No. 300152

i don't know, but i'm obsessed. i hope it's selling well…

No. 300155

File: 1685744502437.jpeg (797.47 KB, 1665x1754, F9B1D0FD-7BCA-41C0-AEDB-38162E…)

I love where this manga is going. I wish it were easier to tell people to read Asada’s manga, but the content is always a little too suggestive for anyone that doesn’t read BL.

No. 300156

File: 1685745159655.jpeg (954.92 KB, 3799x1700, IMG_0933.jpeg)

Damn I should catch up with Owari no seraph since apparently it got even gayer
Like, Yuu literally ditches everyone else to be with Mika and rejects the feelings of the female love interest because he only loves Mika and openly admits that he considered suicide everyday that he thought Mika was dead.
I’m surprised they’re letting the two mains be gay in a shounen manga honestly.

No. 300157

>in which the ukes are indeed biologically smaller/more feminine than the semes
Literally any ABO manga, nona

No. 300167

Maybe I just read too much omegaverse, but I feel feminist commentary is par for the course with this subgenre, hence why I am always confused when people automatically write it off as sexist or pure fetishism. In the right hands, it's a goldmine.

No. 300176

kek, really? that's amazing. I really wanted to get into it because it seemed like it was dripping in melodrama but I instant-quit the anime when the protagonist finally gets to the surface because some randos show up in tacky military-style uniforms to poach him and I realized it's probably like any other shounen.

No. 300190

File: 1685769835340.jpg (836.74 KB, 1450x2048, E9ic2xzVcAEDLea.jpg)

>I feel feminist commentary is par for the course with this subgenre
recommend some
>Literally any ABO manga, nona
you too, give me recommendations

No. 300210

No offense, but this is just regular male/female hetrosexual reality. but men will never ever have babies IRL so the omegas are literally just women.

No. 300214

morbid curiosity, did omegaverse actually go mainstream? everything I know about it I know from Omega Vampire which I am deeply ashamed of.

No. 300217

I feel like this is a culmination of the whole Omegaverse really. I feel this subtext was always present since its inception in fanfics/literature

No. 300227

File: 1685796986373.jpeg (318.23 KB, 1500x2106, D2D18661-1982-4239-B81E-B313A3…)

I think most people are aware of that, it’s just the contents of this manga are so centered on feminist topics smashing the…alphatriarchy? it probably not be allowed to exist if it were in anything but a BL magazine

No. 300229

I will lose my shit if this manga causes some fujo to peak and become a radfem…and I'll gladly accept it

No. 300232

kek I'm not reading this because of my deep hatred of omegaverse but it does look like a thinly veiled feminist manifesto like anons said in the previous thread.

No. 300233

In Japan when it comes to BL? It's absolutely mainstream. I had a hard time finding good stuff that wasn't omegaverse in the Animate in Ikebukuro a few years ago and I don't like omegaverse so that was super frustrating. Not sure how diverse the stories are, from my point of view I thought almost everything I saw seemed to be sad melodrama with just Megumi to Tsugumi being a comedy, but that's the only one I read. I'm just saying this based on the covers I saw.

No. 300235

Not a Fujo, but this os genuinely one of the most interesting things I have come across.

No. 300236

it showcases a side of fujos that i never liked, mpreg was always its own niche but you guys know that fujos has always been accused of self inserting as the bottom or unable to read het and now the omegaverse with the ass babies proves just that

No. 300246

There's no "accusing" of self inserting, they actually do that. You can read blog and website articles (in japanese) that ask fujos why they like BL, and it's pretty much guaranteed that a portion will say they do it to self insert. It's not a bad thing, and it's not surprising considering japan's shitty society.

No. 300247

I don’t like omegaverse so I might come off as bitter (and I don’t mean to) but the reason I find this kind of logic frustrating is because having to force yourself to read feminist critique with male avatars is just lame to me. Why not engage with feminist theory with female characters? Why do you need male characters to be saying it? I don’t know, nothing about abo is appealing or subversive to me. The only time it makes sense to me is when someone tells me they like abo because they have a pregnancy kink, kek

No. 300248

because female characters don't give me that horny buzz. reality is too depressing, imagining men as the ones suffering takes some of the edge off.

No. 300249

>Why not engage with feminist theory with female characters?
It's not a documentary. It's like asking with Orwell wrote about a farm and animals to make a point about human politics when pigs and cows aren't the same as humans, it's an allegory girl. I personally would rather watch the news than see some fictional teenage girls go through all that shit just for the sake of being informative, at the end of the day the manga is supposed to be entertaining as well. And imagine unsuspecting fujoshi who just grab this book at the closest Animate to see hot guys making out and reading this instead.

No. 300250

Yeah idk, imo men can suffer without taking on real-life women’s problems. I can understand where you’re coming from but men in BL already don’t act like real men, so why does it need to go one step further and turn into feminist ideology. I just never understood people defending abo for these specific reasons, you can have your kinks without turning it into some incredible feminist sociopolitical critique as a defense for why you enjoy it

No. 300251

Comparing Orwell’s Animal Farm to male characters acting out radfem theory in romance fiction is kind of baffling to me, sorry nona. It’s like comparing apples to oranges

No. 300254

>why does it need to go one step further and turn into feminist ideology
why doesn't it? I don't see the problem. the use of male characters as talking pieces only gives it a broader appeal to women, some of whom may not be interested in a normal feminist doomer manga men would probably make fucked up porn of. I think the animal farm analogy is somewhat fitting.

No. 300255

Both are allegories though, even if they're not similar and don't target the same audience at all.

No. 300258

It’s a bad allegory because men and women are both people? What is the allegorical intent there? It’s like if you had white people act out black people’s social politics in some made up fictional word and said it was allegorical, it’s absurd and serves no purpose other than to obfuscate and misdirect. It’s certainly an allegory but it’s a retarded one

No. 300260

File: 1685811726556.jpeg (69.37 KB, 500x714, 520AF939-8BB8-4D2D-80F0-B19E29…)

No. 300262

I wouldn't use race as an example, but you are correct that both men and women are both people but even in a perfect egalitarian world we will have vastly different experiences, like no man will ever understand childbirth or prospect of an abortion, they will never experience what it's like to be slightly smaller then half the population
It doesn't make men better or women worse but It makes us both distinct in our own special ways.

No. 300264

I do neither and I like omegaverse honestly, granted I also like hetships and don’t self insert as the girl in them either.

No. 300266

Because its not as interesting that way. Really the author just likes both feminist ideology and seeing two guys fuck and at the end of the day, what's wrong with that? Or to throw the question back, why does it need to be women if the author doesn't want it to be women?

No. 300267


No. 300269

Because it’s a reflection of female social politics? I don’t understand your aversion to women

No. 300270

i don't understand why would i want to read feminist ideology but with ABO dynamics like this sounds extremely dumb to me? you know there's many different ways to make men suffer, and i can't take it seriously in ABO situations even if it's an "allegory" the premise itself is way too ridiculous. women don't go into heat, we don't have strong weird pheromones and we don't fuck like animals. if you want to read something feminist you will read it with female characters that showcase the reality, if you can't do it with actual female characters then my guess is that you don't really care that much about feminism. now if you just want to coom then as i said there are better ways to make men suffer rather than omega going into heat and being knotted

No. 300271

>not wanting to draw or see women experiencing horribly depressing discrimination means you hate women
What's the logic here? Lesbianism? Really the endgame is to draw men having sex, the feminist ideology is not the main course. Why do you need it to be women so badly? You've acknowledged many BL characters already act like women, and are of course written by women.

No. 300272

Your own exemple is so stupid I'm shocked. No wonder why you don't get the point.

No. 300273

>the feminist ideology is not the main course
It quite literally is, in this case. You can read my other posts, I’m not criticizing people who enjoy omegaverse as a fetishism thing (although I can’t really get into it, I don’t find mpreg hot). I’m criticizing people who say reading feminist critique is “boring” when it’s about women and only find it engaging when it’s men telling the story. If you just care about the sex why do you need the politics in the first place?
>inb4 It’s not that deep!!!
The original post I responded to was saying they didn’t understand why more people didn’t enjoy ABO explicitly for the feminist ideology, all I’m saying is that if I want to read feminist critique I’m going to read it in stories about women. I read BL to see men be pathetic and get fucked

No. 300274

Similar to what the other nonas said, it makes it easier to digest because it's not as real while still drawing from real experience. Like how watching a documentary about one thing can be depressing but reading a fictionalized version lets you see it from different angles with a degree of separation because no one is actually getting hurt. Reading a history book vs reading Game of Thrones. I'm not averse to media with women (I probably have the largest amount of crossover with the gl/yuri threads here than anyone else in this thread) but reading media centering women and female only experiences will always, without fail, strike closer to home for me and brings up deeper and more complicated emotions. BL, while it does bring out strong emotions, has that degree of separation because I'm not a gay male and neither is the author (usually). Omegaverse is a way to channel the author's commentary and experiences while still letting both of us have that degree of separation. Maybe it is just that the author has a pregnancy fetish, but they also don't like seeing women being fetishistically submissive to men; why not just use a fictionalized version with what they are comfortable seeing? Of course, no one is obligated to like it, and to many authors it is just a fetish piece, but my favorite works of the genre always delve into the deeper aspects of the worldbuilding and the unique views of each author.

Admittedly, most of my all time favs with the most complex commentary are fanfics and I don't want to expose my niche fandoms, so I'll list the handful of manga I like. Not all of these focus on feminist parallels but rather have interesting worldbuilding, in my personal opinion.
>Megumi to Tsugumi (I have rec'd this in like 3 fucking threads just go read it already)
>Kimi to Unmei ni Tsuite no Hanashi ga Shitai
>Shima-Chan Chi no Tsugai Jijou
>Kouguu no Omega
>Meppou Yatara to Yowaki ni Kiss
Also want to ask if anyone remembers the name of this manga of an omega teenage boy who becomes suicidal after presenting as an omega and either getting raped or nearly getting raped, it was several years ago and I don't remember how it ended but it stuck with me, I think I stopped in the middle because it was so depressing but I want to finish it..

No. 300275

>because I'm not a gay male and neither is the author (usually)
btw, is Asada Nemui into women? Because My Little Inferno was about a male hacker and a male student yet the student's mom has a way more detailed backstory about her girlfriend that died while climbing a big mountain and the mom training to climb it and see her again or to give her a proper burial or whatever. I'm not into yuri at all but if she ever decides to make one maybe I'll read it.

No. 300276

I wish I knew and I also wish there was a manga about that mom kek. It blindsided me like crazy seeing the most insane backstory ever in just a little post credits note.

No. 300277

>it makes it easier to digest because it's not as real while still drawing from real experience.
The issue I have is the fact no degree of separation and allegory can change the fact the women are the only one's who get pregnant.

No. 300279

I’m sympathetic to the idea that it’s easier to engage with feminist media when no women are involved to see get hurt, so I understand where you’re coming from and I’m sorry if it seemed like I was turning my nose down on it. I guess I just will never see the appeal of a story that is basically “poor man, oh woe is man, society has hurt the man”. I don’t want to see men suffer the way women do, I want to see them suffer in the own system they created. And then get fucked in the ass, I guess.

No. 300280

Do you struggle to conceptualize "what if?" scenarios?

No. 300281

>it’s time to listen

No. 300285

File: 1685820229816.jpeg (166.65 KB, 1016x1003, 832A9187-622E-4FD2-B485-C69B7B…)

She just started writing a series with a female lead, only one chapter so far but it seems like all the main characters are women.

No. 300287

…and? No one is trying to change that fact or claim that men totally give birth too. It's a made-up universe with made-up sexes that's most likely used to experience and analyze issues with a degree of separation. I don't like omegaverse either but you're making it sound like girls into it are trying to erase women or something when it's just entertainment with some deeper messages here and there.

Oh that's nice. I hope she doesn't write BLs just because it makes her popular, because sometimes it really feels like she's very into women and wants to write GL instead (and drop the BL like many other authors do once they get more established).

No. 300288

There was a Tumblr post I saw sometime back, about what if men got pregnant and had to take care of babies. People were joking about it until someone pointed out that it's just our current world situation. A "what if" scenario can't simply be turning X=Y without changing anything except for maybe the pronouns while keeping the same structure.

No. 300290


No. 300308

No. 300309

kek i wonder if it'll get translated.

No. 300406

>Somewhere out of here a clueless straight guy thinks this is just friendship

No. 300490

A trauma victim and his abuser.

No. 300555

I just think the characters are a cute couple or have an interesting dynamic. I don't like to imagine myself in these situations.

No. 300556

Haha, get it. Because yaoi.

No. 300557

No. 300560

File: 1685945802843.png (56.27 KB, 500x374, f9f.png)

>Comparing George Orwell to omegaverse BL manga
Typical day on Lolcow.farm

No. 300574

god forbid women analyze fiction

No. 300575

fuck george orwell

No. 300578

fujoshis could do Animal Farm, but George Orwell could never do omegaverse BL.

No. 300579

based, imagine making not-wearing-makeup into some crime against humanity and evidence of an oppressive system.

No. 300580

please don't use twitter phases here. It makes the gay male lurkers feel welcome here.

No. 300581

huh? what was twitter about that post

No. 300582

what word did i use that was twitterspeak? did you mean to reply to >>300578

No. 300584

Kek what is this schizopost, what part about that was twitter phrasing and why would it attract gay male lurkers

No. 300586

File: 1685952462105.png (Spoiler Image, 72.79 KB, 612x409, forallgayscrotes.png)

if gay male lurkers here feel welcome, then i have picrel for them

No. 300588

>Come back to the thread to read up on what I've missed
>It's another "omegaverse is a misogynist allegory" episode once again
At this point I'm almost certain that it's Paki-chan or some equally retarded troll baiting because the argument goes in circles for ages and they refuse on a principle to understand the concept of "they're not women and that's the entire point" and keeps conflating them with FTMs and their self-insert breeding fetish and bringing up "w-why not just read things with female characters instead my fellow fujos?!" like a broken record. Nobody is this stupid or dense, it's entirely bad faith acting by now. Nonnas need to stop biting the bait.

NTA but IME all ABO manga has painfully basic as fuck bottoms that look like generic brown haired schoolboys/college students with no personality, not strikingly beautiful and effeminate tamekou bottoms like anon here >>300190 posted.

No. 300600

This thread has a handful of topics that will derail it for days on end because anons can't just scroll past and ignore anything they dislike. I can't stand all the rape and abuse posted but I'm not going to argue with the people who post it because it's none of my business.

Idk if it's people from the anti-fujo threads coming in to purposefully derail or keep the arguments going but I wish everyone would just drop it when it's obvious no one's going to change their mind. It's yaoi it's not that deep just post more art.

No. 300601

And after all this way too obvious homo shit they'll still find the way to shoehorn the very unlikable girl love interest (seriously Shinoa fucking sucks, not because she's female but because she's an annoying teehee manic pixie girl who's also suuper strong and deep, though Yu is just as bad) by getting rid of Mikaela most likely.

No. 300602

Amazing how I only compared both because they have allegories and nothing else and yet anons are having collective heart attacks. Your reading comprehension is too low to comment anything at all, go back to primary school.

No. 300606

Yeah but it would be Animal Farm where Napoleon and Snowball are in a tense love/hate toxic relationship and it kinda loses sight of its point and its ending is much more unsatisfying.

No. 300618

I think this manga is hilarious (omegaism? MISALPHIST??) and I love that the author is really going off with the obvious feminist messages in-between two men fucking. It's just… if the omegas are oppressed, Takatora became an omega afterwards, and the blackpilled king calls him an alpha still… is Takatora the equivalent of a TIM? TIO? Trans-identified Omega?

No. 300619

Samefag, this is mostly a joke btw, I know you can't compare ABO to real life

No. 300626

I’m not baiting, I legitimately just think ABO is cringe and lame. Your mpreg kink doesn’t need to be universally loved, stop seething about it

No. 300628

Omega vampire was cute, funny and retarded in a good and I enjoyed it very much even tho I'm not much into ABO. Karin makes some good games.

No. 300699

Your argument would be valid if it would just be about not liking ABO because I find it cringe and lame too, but it's always garbage faux concern like "b-but it's ackshually, like, super misogynistic and stuff and you're an aiden egg with a pregnancy fetish (btw totally not screenshotting this for the antifujo thread)" and even legitimate discussion about the assumed ethics of ABO is impossible because you stick your fingers in your ears when people make an honest attempt at explaining the appeal and block all conversation. It's shit, transparent bait and anons need to grow wise to it.

No. 300702

I didn’t say any of that, I responded to someone who was explicitly wondering why more women didn’t like ABO for the feminist critique it apparently provides. All I said was it was embarrassing to claim you like ABO for those reasons, and I continue to feel that way. Go ahead and like your mpreg smut doujin, stop pushing that there’s some intellectual pursuit behind it.

No. 300706

At no point in her post did she say that was the reason why she liked it, autismo. NO ONE said that. All she said was that she didn't understand why people who hate omegaverse brush it all off as misogynistic garbage when plenty of it has feminist undertones. You made shit up and argued about it for a whole day.

No. 300717

Who knows at this point, Yuu already openly rejected her and chose Mika so I’m not sure how they could write her back as the love interest.

No. 300718

File: 1686016242133.jpeg (44.1 KB, 500x345, IMG_1144.jpeg)

Also you could tell the anime staff REALLY wanted them to get together

No. 300719

i hate this ship because mika deserves better than annoying retarded yuu. i hope he dies at the end

No. 300720

Yuu isn’t that bad, he’s a bit of the typical shounen protagonist but his deep obsessive love for Mika makes him more tolerable in my book.

No. 300721

Can nonnies redpill me on this ship, is it worth reading? Is there a fun dynamic there or is it just a standard pining x oblivious type ship. I need to know the level of reciprocation

No. 300729

I just read this, I love this character. The MC may be trash but him getting a hysterectomy in reaction to being an omega was wild as well.
I hope it continues being based because it'll hopefully open the eyes of some readers who hadn't previously thought this deeply about feminist topics. As sad as it is, many women simply choose not to face reality or easily swallow up validation for their self-subjugation. Maybe feminist concepts arriving in such a package will get a foot in the door of their minds.

No. 300730

Honestly… no. The plot is convoluted, and all the characters (aside from Mika and some of the vampires I guess) act really fucking stupid. It's actually annoying to read if you're trying to take the story seriously. It's good at the start (by good I mean the Mikayuu moments and tension), then it becomes an utter clusterfuck in the middle, and only in the recent chapters (I'm talking like the latest 20 chapters) does Mikayuu actually develop. The only reason I still check in on this manga once in a while is because I used to be obsessed with Mikayuu back in middle school kek.

But if you are really here just for Mikayuu moments, yes Mika is absolutely obsessed with Yuu and is the only character who doesn't get any flack from the fandom. His actions and goals make sense in terms of what we know of him (everything he does is for Yuu's sake). Meanwhile, you'll find yourself scratching your head trying to understand the other characters' motivations because it keeps flip flopping and doing plot twists and turns.

Yuu is just… infuriating. But in the later chapters I think I've actually come to find him more tolerable like the other nona said. It was mostly Mika pining after Yuu and throwing everything away for Yuu's sake, but now Yuu is doing the same in return for Mika and choosing him over the world. I was actually shocked the manga decided to go this route, but it feels rewarding to finally see Yuu pining obsessively for Mika (to an unhealthy level). The sad thing is, this ship could actually be really great if only the whole vampire-seraph plot didn't drag it down so heavily.

No. 300771

As the other anon said, the plot of the story is convoluted and shonen-tier with a bunch of lame twists and gotcha moments. The only good characters are Mika, the villain and some other secondary vampires. It's gotten better in the latest chapters where Yuu reciprocates Mika a bit but during the whole story he's your typical dumb shonen protagonist yelling friendship and vengeance while Mika is the more serious and better written counterpart. I know it's good to dream but I don't think they'll be a canon couple by the end, most likely it'll turn out that they're parts of the same being reincarnated separately and more akin to brothers/twins/literally a split person.

No. 300790

can someone recommend some BLs set in a zombie apocalypse? or at least related to the undead.

No. 300802

The anime is actually entertaining and very well made so I recommend you check that out and see if you like the characters.
I liked the show a lot but Mika and Yuu were too bland for me.

No. 300803

File: 1686066353813.jpeg (200.3 KB, 650x924, E4709EAD-51EA-4015-A57F-3E247B…)

Thanks nonnies! Honestly them potentially being the same person split/twins sounds like something I can absolutely get behind. Stupid plot twist shounen usually don’t dissuade me from reading so long as it’s sufficiently fujobaity/otherwise fun, and I don’t really expect anything canon. I’ll give it a read and see!

Boys of the Dead? Or was this the BL that got you interested in the setting? It feels too obvious somehow, kek

No. 300809

>Boys of the Dead? Or was this the BL that got you interested in the setting? It feels too obvious somehow, kek
nope, it was Uruwashiki Shuuen, as well as some other manga i can't name that was also BL with zombies(but the MCs had a more rapey relationship), both that i read on MangaRock.

No. 300842

There's Undead (kinda lame though tbh), Zombie Hide Sex, Boys of the Dead and if you want korean webtoons there are Rainbow City and Radio Storm. I'd also be interested in other BLs in a zombie setting.

No. 300896

I'm late but what is that code geass one? are those lelouche/suzaku children??

No. 300920

No, I think it's just a really generic ahegao face. But rance fan was a shotafag, if you couldn't tell by the other ships on there, so I don't blame you for assuming so.

No. 300923

ayrt, what about the Unfeeling Me? i remember reading it a long time ago but dropped it and i can't remember if i had a good reason to.

No. 300931

File: 1686114921903.png (602.57 KB, 3507x2600, IMG_1227.png)

I’m interested in checking out date fate extra when the remake comes out in English (hopefully that’ll happen…) despite thinking the original VN (which I did read) was pretty shitty.
With that being said though I’m surprised Gilgamesh usually bottoms for the male protagonist though he gets shipped with the female one way more, kinda makes me wonder if fate is a franchise more waifufags and yumejos are into over fujos?
Only real gay ships I know of is the mentioned male protag x Gil (less popular than the female counterpart), Lancer and Archer (I don’t get it honestly, they don’t really have any chemistry) and Waver x Iskandar (haven’t seen fate zero, just seen a lot of small hamster big banana fanart for them).

Is there any ships I missed?

No. 300934

File: 1686117339909.png (240.36 KB, 512x875, 550_CE_Talk of The Hot Sands.p…)

Enkidu/Gil, Kirei/Gil, Arjuna/Karna, and Sherlock/Moriarty are also all big ones. Enkidu/Gil is probably the Gil ship I see modt frequently nowadays (and I'd consider it the most canonical), although Kirei/Gil used to be the big one.
Also, almost missed Romani/Merlin, which is also pretty popular. I see quite a bit of shipping between the Knights of the Round Table, too.
Honestly, I haven't seen much ship art of male Hakuno/Gilgamesh. But if you see more of female Hakuno in general, it's because she's just pretty popular. The player character x Gilgamesh ship that I see most often has to be Gudao/Casgil, though.
Picrel is art drawn by Takarai Rihito of Ten Count fame that's actually in FGO as a craft essence

No. 300935

File: 1686117571145.jpeg (144.7 KB, 720x800, IMG_1272.jpeg)

All I know about Enkidu is that he’s clay that probably doesn’t have a dick, barely counts as BL if I’m being honest.
I actually did see a lot of the male FGO protagonist with Gil (more than with the female one) and he was bottoming in most of it despite them both being silent protagonists? Kinda makes me curious why they’re basically reversed. I guess for extra you could make the argument it’s because the female protag is a lot cuter and better designed than the male one, but I think the girl is still cuter in FGO too….
I was not aware they had fate counterparts, please show them to me because that sounds hilarious

No. 300936

File: 1686117632290.jpg (180.92 KB, 1200x783, bcd6a6f89505f8d4f7e6cd9ede2fb1…)

I'd really recommend reading Fate/strange Fake to Gil fans, by the way. It was written by the Durarara and Baccano writer, Narita Ryohgo, and he really went full in on Gilgamesh and Enkidu as soulmates.
It'll be getting an anime next month. Any nonnas who miss the DRRR and Baccano days of shipping dudes who beat the absolute shit out of each other should enjoy it, too.

No. 300937

File: 1686117859072.jpg (577.99 KB, 1200x1697, 8f7db43040fc426ae37c7b71391794…)

Nah, Enkidu/Gil usually gets played as either a) normal BL where they both of dicks or b) Enkidu still has a dick but they (fanartists and fanfic writers) use the clay aspect to do some borderline teratophilia shit with it.
Picrel is Moriarty and Sherlock, Moriarty is the old guy.
Now that I'm thinking about old man BL in Fate, Mozart/Salieri is also potently gay stuff. The dudes are ugly as sin in the actual games, but fanartists go wild with their imaginations. I'll include art in a reply.

No. 300939

I’ll just stick to Gil/Gudao for now since I don’t really like long hair bottoms that much (tops sure though)
>Picrel is Moriarty and Sherlock, Moriarty is the old guy.
I was honestly expecting something a bit more crazy design wise.

No. 300940

File: 1686118296199.png (1.15 MB, 700x994, 7773526ba03f157f311fc258bd734c…)

I'd recommend looking them up. The discrepancy between their in-game appearances and the fanart they get is genuinely delusional but I kind of love it. Makes sense though because the tortured BL they have going on narratively is some really good shit.
Re: The Gilgamesh stuff, I'm not really sure why top/bottom dynamics work out that way. I just know that in the case of Casgil, I mostly see him bottom because it's one of Gil's "tamest" (tame by his standards, I guess) iterations. He bottoms a lot (~75% of the time) with Kirei and Enkidu too so I think it might be a situation where fans just like seeing him put in his place by anybody who can actually do it.

No. 300941

Archer/Lancer (Emiya/Cu) is a really popular ship too, it used to dominate all Fate spaces for the longest time. Sakamoto Ryouma/Okada Izou and Gilgamesh/Ozymandias have plenty of fans too.

>All I know about Enkidu is that he’s clay that probably doesn’t have a dick, barely counts as BL if I’m being honest.
NTA but this is literally the most ridiculous "totally no homo" cope scrote fans desperately hold on to because they can't accept their chad bro Gilgamesh being gay and the "actually Enkidu uses they/them pronouns" crap only exists in the English localization of Fate/Grand order, not in any of the original scripts. According to the original legend of Gilgamesh he and Enkidu were both men and in Strange Fake Enkidu is described to have a male body but a beautiful, feminine face because he copied it out of appreciation from a shrine maiden who saved his life in the past iirc.

No. 300942

That probably does fall into it, Gil is such an asshole that he needs to be taken down a peg for once for a lot of people. I like him topping more even though I’m not thaaat into him character wise (looks wise he’s very nice though).

No. 300943

>because they can't accept their chad bro Gilgamesh being gay
Why would they care anyway? Dude spends like half of stay night trying to yandere rape Saber so it makes sense that he wants to stick his dick in everybody.

No. 300944

>Why would they care anyway?
Because they're homophobes who think being gay is disgusting and damaging to their fragile masculinity to the point they can't project into their totally awesome top dog golden king (who always dresses like a flamboyant gay man anyway)? You know why.

No. 300945

>projecting onto a canonical jobber

No. 300946

File: 1686119000855.jpg (168.51 KB, 734x1034, 11afb08ce916e5127a5e4739f8cfef…)

Right? I hate the forced they/them-ing of Enkidu by fans who don't even prescribe to the original text. The clay excuse is so stupid, too, I don't see why clay can't be male if these troons believe a man can be a woman.
God, I can't believe that I forgot Ozy/Gil… The most obnoxious ship in the best way. It's some great shit.
This art is more depictive of their actual designs. Moriarty also has a young version, but IDW keep shitting up the thread with my Fate picspam.
Wasn't part of the reason he's so obsessed with Saber because she reminds him of Enkidu, too? Dude is so gay that he seeks out Enkidu in every iteration and could literally sense Enkidu's summoning when it happened in strange Fake with exultant delight.

No. 300949

File: 1686119633256.jpg (286.62 KB, 960x1330, c06d8d40b596f8e2e7ac6a0ff27279…)

>Dude is so gay that he seeks out Enkidu in every iteration and could literally sense Enkidu's summoning when it happened in strange Fake with exultant delight.
And don't forget that the entire reason why Enkidu died in the past was because Ishtar was so fucking jealous over Gilgamesh rather choosing him and repeatedly rejecting her that she wanted to kill the competition. Their relationship is spelled out so many times and Gilgamesh never shows any signs of genuine interest in women since the obsession he had with Saber was more akin to seeing a shiny new toy too.

No. 301011

>Waver x Iskandar (haven’t seen fate zero, just seen a lot of small hamster big banana fanart for them).
That's the best part

No. 301044

Didn’t deny that, I just feel bad for Waver’s butthole.

No. 301075

you could be referring to each one of them and I would'nt know

No. 301083

i had a dream about a BL visual novel but with a big roster of romanceable boys w really pretty character art, & it made me realise that otome games/dating sims tend to have a wider variety of character archetypes and designs? BL vns seem to go more for having a deep plot but with less routes & characters.
i don't really have anything to add with this observation tbh, i just wish there were some more fun BL vns out there à la hatoful boyfriend

No. 301086

Maybe it's because with otome series, they can get away with the MC not having a strong personality so it's easier to add in a lot of characters without having to think too hard about the dynamic between the MC and the love interest. In BL, I feel like if the main character isn't interesting enough or otherwise has a strong personality, it's not as engaging to watch the relationships from the sidelines. BL games don't ever really aim for "self-insert" or silent protags like otome can, so each relationship needs to be more carefully considered to make it convincing, maybe leading to less options in the end. That said, I also kinda want to see more series like that, Nu:Ca will get there eventually if they keep adding new guys.

No. 301097

i agree with you there. i was even thinking about nu:ca when i was typing my original post– i havent played it but it popped up in my mind as a bl game with potentially a bit more variety in characters.
n+c vns over their various iterations have had some really fun LIs – clear from dmmd, that iguana guy from sweet pool, etc etc. but yes the routes are usually pretty limited in their games. dmmd kind of stands out to me as one of their only games with decent route variety (slow damage didnt have much variety imo, granted i only enjoyed 2 routes out of 4 lol)
also i'm an artfag and sometimes i get the urge to draw up some pretty boy character designs for an imaginary BL or otome type game, just so i can indulge myself a little

No. 301117

Want to talk about furry bara but I know you biches will pitchfork me and throw me into a bog cause ur tasteless

No. 301126

I mean if you say "tasteless" that is a fighting word, kek.
also I installed tokyo summoner a while back and I find it cute but I find it difficult to find most of the characters attractive.

No. 301128

Only men like furry bara and furries need to die anyway

No. 301130

this isn't true. I knew a girl back in college that drew them and seemed to like them.

No. 301131

not true, tifs fuckin love them for some reaosn

No. 301134

Do they ACTUALLY like it or do they just pretend to because it makes them feel like true and honest gay men?

No. 301150

honestly anon you choose the ONE imageboard that isn't okay w furryshit, literally you could post furry bara to 4ch and they'd be okay with it.
have fun with your moid ass taste

No. 301156

The gall to say other people are tasteless when you like bara and furry shit on top of it. Fuck off, your tastes suck you damn zoophile.

No. 301158

You have the same taste as a porn addicted moid.

No. 301165

Then talk about it, no need to sart stuff. I support you nonnie.

No. 301169

Just go on /y/, they love that shit to where it clogs the entire site.

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