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No. 192885

Discuss any otome game-related topics here and please tag your spoilers.

What is an otome game?
>An otome game is a romance-focused game within the wider genre "joseimuke", meaning female-targeted games, and feature unlockable illustrated images known as CGs. The player character in otome games is always a female protagonist and can make choices to pursue male love interests over the course of the story. Otome games, or "otoge" for short, are most often text-based visual novels, but they can also be stat-raisers, rhythm games, or JRPGs.

Possible Discussion topics
>Otome game news
>What are your most memorable otome game moments?
>What got you into otome games?
>What is your all-time favorite otome game or character and why?
>What are you currently playing and what's your impression on it so far?
>Which otome games are you looking forward to playing?
>Which otome games do you want to be localized?
>What is your opinion on the current state of otome game localization?
>What do you want to see more of in otome games?
>Do you prefer PC, console, or mobile otome games and why?
>Do you prefer more story-heavy or more romance-heavy games and why?
>What are your favorite tropes in otome games?
>What are your thoughts on OEL otome games? Are there any that you liked, disliked, or are wanting to play?

>VNDB otome game tag https://vndb.org/g542
>Otome Game spreadsheet sorted by Japanese language difficulty for learners https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1frGAK7JBEb6YwHKQK-u7HHFjGXPV-aABsFDN0luiHpM/edit#gid=399911934
>List of Japanese otome games localized in English and available on the Nintendo Switch https://otomekitten.com/2020/05/06/otome-games-in-nintendo-switch-english/
>List of otome games available in English (note: includes Japanese, OEL, and amare games) https://www.englishotomegames.net/list

No. 192887

File: 1648490291507.jpg (249.11 KB, 880x609, Kiniro-No-Corda-Blue-Sky-la-co…)

>What are your thoughts on OEL otome games? Are there any that you liked, disliked, or are wanting to play?
Honestly I stay away from OEL otome games because the art just… isn't my thing. I'd love to play one but soo many of ugly art IMO
>Which otome games do you want to be localized?
Clock Zero and the Uta no Prince-Sama series! And any of the Ruby Party otome games. Also, Meiji Tokyo Renka… Honestly there's so many I want localized…

No. 192888

Samefag, meant to say soo many of them have ugly art

No. 192890

any otome games with an ugly/average mc?

No. 192897

No. 192900

otome MCs are exceptional beings. only play if you have high self-esteem

No. 192901

As always interested if any proper femdom game has come out yet.

No. 192906

Nameless' MC is average with short hair and she's kinda unpopular and weird but the art doesn't make her like straight up ugly or anything.

No. 192908

File: 1648494284596.jpg (143.12 KB, 600x424, fanart_zue.jpg)

>What got you into otome games?
I forgot exactly how I got into otome or how I found out about it, but it was probably something like this:
>fujo with a bit of yumejo at 14-15
>on deviantART looking for art of hot guys (preferably with glasses)
>find a flash yaoi game (very shitty quality but made with tons of love and effort)
>want to learn more about these "dating sims"
>find indie OELVN otome games
>play RE:Alistair and the Date Warp demo, left wanting to play more
>find out about Japanese otome games such as Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 1 which had gotten a fan translation recently
I dropped it because I couldn't figure out how to get a good ending but a few years later I played through the 3 games there were at the time and loved them. It was also around that time that I bought Backstage Pass when it had just been released in early access.

>What do you want to see more of in otome games?

I want more classic/old-school shit like what otoge had in the 2000's or early 10's. I don't like the newer artstyles or boy types, for the most part. Or the plots, for that matter. Too much focus on having dark edgy fantasy plots lately, IMO.
I would love it if there were more games for women who liked all the high school otome/shoujo stuff in their teenage years, but about college age or working characters instead. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'd like more josei-like stuff in otome? But not just in adult games. I like both realistic and mature fiction, and cutesy light-hearted stuff.

>Which otome games are you looking forward to playing?

Not new but I can't wait to play the first Angelique games. Unfortunately I don't know enough Japanese to be able to play them untranslated yet, unless I take the time to look everything up in a dictionary but it would probably take me months.
Also I should've made the thread when I could, I would've used a much better pic

>Do you prefer PC, console, or mobile otome games and why?

PC > Console > Mobile
PC because I can't afford consoles, I feel like VNs (which is what most otome games are) look better on it, and it allows me to emulate most console and mobile games, also all the adult games are on PC.
Console because those games are often high quality (relatively speaking, and not including mobage ports).
Mobile otoge is cheap, lazily made trash with a few exceptions. Also I hate microtransactions or any game where you need to play every single day to be able to finish it without them. If there's even an ending.

>Do you prefer more story-heavy or more romance-heavy games and why?

Romance-heavy because I feel that's the point of otome games. Of course, if there's a good amount of both romance and plot, that'd be awesome. But I don't like otome games that focus primarily on the plot.
I guess more serious story-heavy games with deep, complex themes (which I like, of course) and romance aren't necessarily mutually exclusive, but advertising such a game as "otome" just feels wrong IMO. It can obviously still be a game for women but not exactly a romance game.

>What are your thoughts on OEL otome games?

The older games were better. Nowadays the western otome scene has been ruined (with exceptions) with Tumblr/Twitterfaggotry. My main complaint is the shitty art(style). Like, I don't inherently hate western art styles like many weebs do, but the art in most of these western otoge is truly hideous. Also, thank fuck amare is a thing now, I don't mind maybe one female love interest in my otoge (in fact, I like elegant/tomboyish/masculine women in otome games and sometimes wish they were romanceable), but half or more of them being female while the game is still supposed to be an "otome" game is ridiculous. Not to mention the trans shit.

No. 192937

File: 1648502210559.jpg (52.16 KB, 256x361, 46760.jpg)

Otometeki Koi Kakumei Love Revo
>The main character, Hitomi Sakuragawa, was once a cute, beautiful girl, winning beauty contests in childhood. However, after losing to the temptation of junk food received from fans, she has steadily gained weight… until she reached 100 kg in her second year of high school.

>At the beginning of the school year, the main character and her brother move into her father’s mansion-like dorm. Surprise awaits as she discovers that the school’s most popular guys are also moving in. Their impressions on her, shock her into starting a diet.

No. 192975

>What got you into otome games?
I discovered Hakuoki on the 3DS. My life changed that day

No. 192985

File: 1648517301809.jpg (77.15 KB, 727x998, c369bf7b143ea31e812037657a162d…)

Out of curiosity I started playing hanabi otome games. They're very short but still decent.

No. 193012

File: 1648527681916.png (146.92 KB, 685x593, LOLWHAT.png)

I hate how this otome game group on Steam announces new and upcoming releases every single day but since otome games are rare in comparison, they share moid porn games almost daily. When it's not that, it's "LGBTQ+ and dating sims", shitty RPGs, general VNs, "honorable mentions of other genres" and BL games. I don't mind these as much as the scrote nukige that they advertise (which is pretty insulting imo) but it's still frustrating to not see a single otome game in their updates most of the time.

No. 193026

A long time ago I used to browse this forum and they had a dating sim subforum. I watched some women play these games and we'd all react and draw funny art and shit of the characters. Good times.

No. 193031

damn, rip then i can't play any otomes

No. 193081

I learned Japanese for otome games, then realized that most otome is boring stuff that doesn't have the settings or type of guys I like. I need more sci-fi romance.

No. 193117

Why the fuck are they called "Otome Sekai" then. Absolutely retarded. I will stay away from them

No. 193134

I first found out about otome games through shoujo manga like Lovely Complex, but I could only play pre-patched pirated ones. I got back into the genre the last couple years and part of it is because even though its super small, the community feels like how old fandoms once did. Maybe I'm just coping though and miss the late 00's internet.
The other part is because I can afford to buy shit now. I like that more games are getting localized, but I also wish they could translate older games too.

No. 193135

If there was a game aimed at women with a more mature, assertive mc would it still be called otome? Are josei/redi games a thing?

No. 193139

File: 1648573755113.jpg (691.3 KB, 1085x1327, undermoon.jpg)

Otome means maiden so ig maiden world makes sense. Wish they would stop mistagging their trash and stepping on toes with their name
I can't wait to play old ass games when my japanese improves, i'd give a kidney to play the edgy shit like picrel

No. 193161

File: 1648578721474.png (708.07 KB, 801x601, sachiten.png)

The saddest part is that they're the biggest and most active otome game group on Steam lol

>then realized that most otome is boring stuff that doesn't have the settings or type of guys I like.
kek same, I say I'm an otome fan but in reality not many otome games seem interesting to me due to the setting and the boys.
>I need more sci-fi romance.
I would love to hear your ideas if you have any. I'm glad we can discuss this sort of thing here since fun is not allowed on /blog/
I think sci-fi is also rare in BL but still more common than in otome, they even have a mecha game. Imagine an otome game with mechas, holy shit, that'd be awesome.
Does Date Warp (an EVN) count as sci-fi? Though I'm assuming you want something "more sci-fi" than that.

Yeah that would still be called otome. There are some adult otome games that are still considered part of the genre, which have settings that are kind of similar to that (but assertive MC is still rare). The protagonist type doesn't change the genre, but I have seen someone compare picrel (Sachi no Tenbin) to josei manga, so I guess you're not the only person who has wondered about that.
Surprised to see someone else on here know about redi-komi lol
From what I know about lady comics, ChouDoku would be the most similar.
But not all the games with more mature adult protagonists are R18. The difficult part is finding a protagonist who isn't a doormat.

No. 193164

oh god, I love the artstyle! Can't tell if a Shuffle! autist is responsible for it, Carnelian or someone else. Honestly, I would try to texthook it if it wasn't so difficult to set it up.

No. 193169

File: 1648579794391.jpeg (165.76 KB, 1280x720, BAC5F751-DF8B-4A63-9374-5486DC…)

Absolutely love Collar Malice. The MC isn’t a pushover and actually yells and rejects some of the romance options and doesn’t rely on them either. Also I found myself enjoying the story/mystery as much if not a bit more than the romance options. Also the art is pretty

No. 193202

Same here. I was skeptical at first because I was worried it'd just be a plot-heavy VN with some romance instead of a real dating sim, but it ended up being one of my top otome. Usually I think the plot for otome can be pretty weak since obviously the focus is on cute boys and it can be pretty silly, but I was pleasantly surprised. If you haven't played Unlimited yet, I totally recommend it!

No. 193205

I just started it! I finished Mineo’s route because he’s my fav and I just started Yanagi

No. 193211

>instead of a real dating sim
Nona, a real dating sim is what you'd call a "stat raiser".

No. 193267

Isn't date warp just time travel? That's boring, especially when they only use it to go into the past. I want games set in space or other planets. Or at least cyberpunky with robots.
There's a few old PS2 games like Little Anchor that I've been meaning to play. And there was a game on Vita with mecha (Yuukyuu no Tierblade) but I can't emulate that and I'm not buying a dead system.

/blog/ is just obsessed with that new mobile game now, but their not completely against this kind of discussion.

No. 193733

Do you have any recommendations for other games on the switch? Just finished Amnesia: Memories but didn't really like any of the LIs that much compared to Collar x Malice. I was thinking about trying Code: Realize but the reviews look like a mixed bag, have any other nonas played? What did you think?

No. 193743

File: 1648763897311.jpeg (52.68 KB, 460x215, D8B93263-2F06-4128-94B2-AC3E2C…)

Hi nonnie! I have the same problem. Since I’ve played CxM it’s been hard to play anything else. However I heard Amnesia Memory is being released this summer on the switch? It looks like it’s the same team and artist by Collar x Malice and it looks story driven! Haven’t played it but it’s on steam and vita
I’m thinking of trying Code Realize. I haven’t heard too bad of things from it. What have you heard ?

No. 194106

File: 1648868083938.jpg (402.02 KB, 927x1500, 91l2Y8OZiVL._SL1500_.jpg)

Yep, maybe it's just my bias because I liked CxM too much kek. It seems like the Code Realize reviews are split between people who like it a lot and people who compare it unfavorably to CxM since it's the opposite in a couple ways, like the common route is apparently quite a bit longer so people felt the romance in the character-specific routes to be more rushed in comparison, especially because it takes place in a steampunk fantasy setting so they need to do more world-building.
But some people also like C:R more because of the world-building being more immersive and more fluffy moments in the game compared to CxM which revolves more around suspense, which is one of the main aspects of CxM I liked. Idk though, I might try picrel because it's more similar along those lines.

No. 195561

Just go on vndb and search the tags and ratings. It's no help if you don't give a single specific.

No. 195666

I liked the The Second Reproduction a lot and it has steamy scenes in each route. It's on PC and there's an fan English patch floating on the internet somewhere. Most spicy otome that are easily available in English are on mobile and will mostly be steamy writing. The ikemen series games for example. There's also the Love365 app from Voltage that has a bunch of different games, but is also pay per route. I also see people suggest the PC otome game Fxxk Me Royally for both steamy writing and visuals, but I also see people say the CGs look like they were made for moids. I haven't played it myself to say for sure though.

No. 195868

>Fxxk Me Royally
Yep, definitely don't play this one. I haven't played it but most of the CGs lack female-gazey male focus, and there's also shotacon where the two guys, I think, are magically turned into kids. I've read many bad and lukewarm reviews of it and it looks like the romance is shit, and it's worse in some areas than the previous Kalmia8 game published by MangaGamer which was Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome. Both have, like, the bare minimum of what an otome game should have to be part of the genre. Thinking about it, maybe that's why MG picked those two titles for their first R18 otome, so that moids could buy it.
Remember, this is a game where the protagonist, who almost looks like a loli designed by and for scrotes, is an alien princess from a planet called Cameltoe (lmao, what woman finds that shit funny?? I never even see women say that word, it's always males), where it's completely normal to walk around naked in public and make out with random people. This sounds like it gives a (very shitty) excuse to make the protagonist "dominant" or assertive for once, but not at all in a way that is written for a female audience.
And that's not to mention other more general issues, like the wonky art.

No. 195993

>Ugh i really want to play blood moon calling because of the hot white-haired guy
kek, me too
I hate mobage shit, why can't they port this one to PC already?

No. 196391

cringe at both your post and that hideous art in the picrel

No. 196438

File: 1649629297009.png (1.01 MB, 1228x768, Untitled.png)


No. 196439

samefag, accidentally cropped it lol but i don't feel like starting over

No. 196806

Whoa she actually looks a lot better here now..

No. 219503

File: 1657076384537.jpg (47.59 KB, 256x364, 29292.jpg)

Don't you think it's kinda curious how "galge" (romance/sex games for straight men) are named after the female love interests and "otomege" are named after the protagonist/players? I think it should be called "ikege" or "guyge" tbh
Picrel, it's an otome game but the player characters are the only ones featured on the cover


me lol
It's just that it occupying the whole screen is too overwhelming

No. 219507

Your picrel is like one of the only examples of only heroines on the cover and it's a PS2 game. I also think otoge protags are usually more interesting than galge protags

No. 219512

>Your picrel is like one of the only examples of only heroines on the cover and it's a PS2 game
Yeah, it's an extreme example but the protagonist is often featured prominently on the cover too.
>I also think otoge protags are usually more interesting than galge protags
That's true, but I don't know if it's necessarily better or not.

No. 219515

I can't speak for everyone but I play otoge like they're romance novels. I think the protag is important and a huge part of the story so I'm glad some games have fleshed out heroines with personalities and backstories rather than generic pieces of cardboard. I enjoy games with generic heroines too but the most memorable are the ones where the protagonist is her own character. I've also played a few galge and I enjoyed some of them but generic brown-haired boy gets fucking old after a while. I'd probably enjoy them more if the protagonists were more interesting or looked cooler kek

No. 219726

File: 1657139577304.jpg (277.92 KB, 850x1200, ErroR-Salvation_04-12-21.jpg)

>I can't speak for everyone but I play otoge like they're romance novels.
This is exactly how I play too. I don't self-insert–I just want to read a GxB love story, be it otome, manga, or novel.

Ikege could be a good name for categorizing otomege with faceless female MCs or even joseimuke with male-only casts that aren't necessarily BL. I think the term galge makes sense for moids though because they only care about the female characters and thus prefer a male MC that as bland as cheap printer paper and acts only as a witness to the girls doing interesting things/carrying the plot forward. At least that's what the few moid harem anime I've seen has led me to believe anyway.


I like Yang but he isn't my favorite and yet I always find myself going back to stare at his CGs the most

Also I'm super hype for picrel. I was avoiding Shuuen no Virche anything just in case they never localize it and I'd get excited over nothing. But now it's officially going to be localized!

No. 219797

I'm excited too. I was so happy they announced it. I was losing hope when they announced Radiant Tale's trailer first but then when Virche came on I think I let out a scream. I love otome like CxM, Bustafellows, and Even if Tempest.

Speaking of Even if Tempest, it was really good for Voltage's 1st long otome. Its still short compared to Otomate but its ok. I really enjoyed the new mechanics. I loved all 4 of the boys and don't have a favorite because each of their routes made me happy. Lucien needs more fluff though because his route had too much plot crap, same for Zenn. Could really use a fandisc actually.

No. 221494

File: 1657729794506.jpeg (142.01 KB, 988x556, sbvvgxdfcgvbhnj.jpeg)

So I know I'm like 10 years late but I just started playing Amnesia and god do I hate Shin. I'm all for cute tsundere guys but he's just an asshole and I wish the mc could talk back to him lol I know nothing about the game except for the yandere route so I hope it'll become more enjoyable later on

No. 221570

File: 1657748106288.jpg (135.81 KB, 647x905, cuterion.jpg)

The routes I enjoyed the most are Kent's and Toma's. Shin spends most of the time investigating than acting like boyfriend potential and Ikki is a slut, so I dislike him. I love how Orion compensate for the heroine's lack of personality . I think I wouldn't have enjoyed this game as much as I did if Orion wasn't there, and ended up caring more our friendship than about the relationship with the others guys. I wish Amnesia Later was translated, since Orion has focus in it.

No. 221589

All the guys were unlikeable. I only liked Shin and Toma in an OT3 with MC.

No. 221627

I agree, normally I don't like "sidekick" characters but Orion did add something and it wouldn't have been as enjoyable without him. Especially in Ikki's route, which I found super boring otherwise because I didn't like Ikki at all. I agree with >>221494 with regard to Shin but even then he was better than Ikki.

No. 221688

File: 1657791377969.png (627.73 KB, 712x897, amnesia.png)

Great news, nona!
Funnily enough, I started to like Shin now when I'm playing Ikki's route and he's not being so mean to the mc and has more awkward/cute moments. I like Ikki so far even though he's a slut and treats mc like a prize to win I'm sorry

No. 221692

anyone else played bustafellows? Its described as steamy but I didn't see any steamy parts tbh

No. 221712

Ikki is pretty popular, even though I personally dislike him I get why others enjoy his route even if he is a ho. And I like Toma's route the most even though he's objectively the worst love interest, so no room to talk. Kent is really the only LI who doesn't suck at least a little, but I would still choose Toma because I like yanderes.

Oh hell yeah, that's exciting

No. 221716

>>221692 I played bustafellows a few months ago but only got through crow and Shu so far. Shu has some suggestive-ish CGs but that's about it.Definitely not what I would consider spicy. If you want actual spice I'd try out Olympia soiree

No. 221720

Yeah, I liked it a lot since it was top comfy, gives you feeling of hanging out with the boys. Mozu is also a S tier boy in my book.
In that way, it's the exact opposite of steamy. I thought the romance even kind of sucked since the character routes felt short compared to the relatively lengthy common route.

No. 221833

I fucking love Club Suicide and it kills me (kek) that only one route has been translated. Really hope that some publisher picks it up. I feel like it would greatly appeal to depressive zoomer/millenial weebs with its themes of mental illness/health, recovery etc. If it was a scroteshit game instead of otome, a translation would already exist, whether official or fanmade.
I tried reading with machine translation but had big problem setting it up so the text would not be garbled or repeated.

No. 222403

File: 1657998578260.jpg (355.45 KB, 1920x1190, thumb-1920-769108.jpg)

I hope I'm not shitting up the thread with my Amnesia blogposting but I love Ukyo's little cameos and can't wait to unlock his route!
I'm especially intrigued by his remarks about killing the mc and how he's able to shift through realities, he's probably going to become my husbando, I can feel it
This game sounds really interesting nonnie, is the english patch still available?

No. 222482

File: 1658019581786.jpg (34.54 KB, 480x272, ukyo.jpg)

I'm not completely finished with Amnesia (I still have to do all of Ukyo's bad endings), but he was my favorite by far the good ending was so fucking sweet, it made him my husbando. Also the story for his route is really interesting as well, it never felt boring unlike the other routes.
>I like Ikki so far even though he's a slut and treats mc like a prize to win I'm sorry
kek ngl I can understand why. Ignoring the fact that he's a manwhore and a doormat he's pretty nice and is really attractive (I personally think he's the most attractive guy in the game, but the other stuff prevents him from being my fave). Also I can understand why you like Shin more in the other routes, I did his route first and hated him but he was a lot more tolerable in the other ones. I don't think it makes sense that he would be meaner to his gf than a friend/acquaintance but whatever

No. 222576

>I don't think it makes sense that he would be meaner to his gf than a friend/acquaintance
Tsundere logic

No. 223057

is it possible to play mystic messenger on a pc using an emulator to time travel so I don't miss any messages? or torrent it from somewhere where I can play it without having to worry about missing messages and farming hourglasses? I've done all the casual story routes once and I still don't have enough hourglasses to do jumins or 707s and it's pretty irritating

No. 223197

you can use an android emulator like memu or nox, but time travel is not possible and is grounds for a ban. the hacks for android are dead, only iphone has it and you need a jailbreak to use it. i have some old accounts with hourglasses on them but i honestly don't know how to share

No. 223534

ah dang thanks nonna, I'll just have to farm hourglasses until I have enough

No. 223620

who are your favorite VAs?

No. 223648

Daisuke Ono because he voice acted my first otome husband (and possibly -still- the only otoge husband).
I kind of wish he had NSFW CDramas, but I understand…

No. 223649

He has some BL drama CDs that are NSFW but it's the otome game thread so I doubt that's what you're looking for.

No. 223680

Tachibana Shinnosuke, Morikubo Shoutarou and Hanae Natsuki. Them voicing a character is enough to make me play their route first.

No. 223694

has anyone played hatsuoki? i want to know if it's easy to self-insert as the mc, that's the first thing i look into an otome game to be honest lol if she has too much of a personality then it kinda ruins my immersion

No. 223700

did you mean hakuouki? i think shes fine as a self-insert. if you see fans complaining about mc having no personality or being useless its a good way to tell if a game is better for self-insert kek

No. 223703

File: 1658434078527.png (674.26 KB, 1079x699, virgin.png)

Any nonnie played Palais de Reine? Who was your favorite LI? Hardest LI to get?
I just got Quin's end and I'm so happy! Maybe being a priestfag/robofag played a part, but his route was so sweet. He asks for a fucking kiss on his mask then he gets so overwhelmed it BREAKS
I'm trying to get the Baron's route but he is so hard to get. Bitch.

No. 223706

yes…it was hakuoki… i'm stupid

No. 223707

is diabolik lovers translated?

No. 223709

there is a vita game translated, i think its diabolik lovers limited v. an older game was translated by text only

No. 223710

with how popular this series was in the west, i'm surprised there is no official release. even my normie friends know the series

No. 223711

File: 1658437920690.jpg (136.33 KB, 1024x576, EbbcYB_UwAIqNm8.jpg)

I just played Steam Prision and I don't have enough words to say how much I fucking hated it. The protagonist has to be one of the worse female MC I have ever played as, and the story…. my god, the way it progressed went from bad to worse.

I'm crying inside nonnie, I bought the game through Steam and was so excited to play it, but I was unable to install it because for some goddamn reason after an update the game has now a trojan. Is it as good as it sounds?

Not steamy at all that's for sure, but I absolutely adored it. It's one of the first visual novels where I was actually interested in the story and not only the characters. Teuta was adorable and I loved that she actually has a personality. Plus it has Shu, what else can I ask for.

No. 223712

Rejet doesn't like the west and assumes it'll only get pirated which I guess isn't wrong kek

No. 223716


No. 223719

sadly the latest localizations have all the strong sassy mcs you want

No. 223729

File: 1658443155317.jpeg (40.73 KB, 739x415, 0.jpeg)

>Is it as good as it sounds?
Let's see. It's mainly a game where you try to win the throne and the romance is a side thing. You interact with the knights you hired and also with the lords(lesser than the knights) to gain their support. Later upon the end of the game you choose a character to be with (only if you are close enough) and you get their special scene + the end scene.
Some knights have decent amount of romance in their interaction but not all.
It has no fucking CG gallery, but you can view some when replaying scenes you unlocked.

It's fun when you replay the game and discover new things. Also has some secrets..Really needs some guides to see everything. Unfortunately there is barely anything in english.
Oh and bad optimization. Personally, I had no issues installing I got it cracked kek

Empty vessel MC in english otome when?

No. 223753

I liked steam prison because I'm a retard just like the protag and Yune is cute

No. 223806

>but I was unable to install it because for some goddamn reason after an update the game has now a trojan.
Are you sure it's a trojan and not a false positive? What do the reviews say?
Also you can download old versions of games but I forgot how

No. 223816

File: 1658469896333.jpg (59.33 KB, 416x600, Steam.Prison.600.3436738.jpg)

Yune is cute I agree with you but don't say that anon, love yourself, no one can be as retarded as Cyrus "I don't know what love or sex is and I'm not sure where babies come from". What frustrated me the most about Steam Prison was the potential. There was so much they could have done with Cyrus yet they made her a brain dead MC terribly characterized and inconsistent, the writers expect you to think she is a strong character just because she doesn't like dresses and knows how to use a sword which she barely gets to use anyway.

Every route feels mostly useless until the very end, I mean c'mon we spent half of Ines route teaching him useless shit that doesn't have any impact on the story. I ended up skipping several dialogues in hopes that at the very least the romance would be good since it was rated 17+ and nothing.fucking.happens, there is barely any romance and the CGs are terribly boring. I get the writers were trying to play with Cyrus upbringing but they went above and beyond to make her plain dumb instead of naive. Also Elcreed's route is nightmare fuel and I can't believe someone greenlighted it, there is a goddamn scene where Cyrus literally says that she can't reject him because he is her employer or some shit like that. That said I thought the world building was good, if only they had done something good with it. I'm sorry I just have so many feelings kek

According to some reviews it is a trojan, the devs said that it was nothing and that we should just whitelist it, but imo sounds kinda shady

No. 223825

File: 1658473426471.jpg (120.79 KB, 780x439, 5702ceb5-b81a-46c3-878c-cd8b24…)

Why do we have characters like Yune and Orlok if we can't tempt them with womanly wiles?

No. 223837

File: 1658480030626.webm (1.48 MB, 400x400, r1xdvo7owC1zrhpzq.webm)

It's so interesting to me because both seasons of the anime got an official English dub and the entire point of the anime was to advertise the game kek And yeah it is extremely popular for an otome, at one point you could get DL merch at local weeb stores here and I'm from a shithole country where barely anything aside from manga gets localized and just like the other anon said even my normie friends know DL, there's even been a western DL fandom revival in the recent years

No. 223838

>you need a ps vita if you want to play diabolik lovers in english because the stupid translators couldn't do a pc version
it's not fair, it was really common a few years ago for moids to translate multiple galge visual novels (i know because i played little busters with an english patch) but nothing for such a popular otome?

No. 223839

oh wait the game never had a pc version… because otome games were limited to ps vita only…

No. 223840

because our proxy tends to be a halfwit who probably thinks boys are also the same down there

No. 223848

Diabolik Lovers is a PS Vita exclusive? no way

that ear kek

No. 223884

I have a PSVita, but I'm not sure I would enjoy that VN since I hated the anime. I'm curious now.

No. 223891

File: 1658505937933.jpg (377.87 KB, 1119x1546, 71144040121b10aada9c5299b5dddc…)

It depends on what you're into, Dl is pretty dark but also… goofy? It's like it can't settle on what kind of game it wants to be. The tone changes frequently from horror to psychological to fluffy to comedic. Nothing explicit is shown but there is a lot violence and implied sexual abuse. The mc has more agency in the games and I liked hearing her thoughts. The art and music are gorgeous. Each route is very different, if we're talking about the first game then
>Ayato's route is perfectly in the middle imo, it's not as tame as Reiji's but definitely not as fucked up as Laito's, it has dark moments but they're balanced out by his comedic stupidity, he's way less obnoxious than in the anime, you'll like his route if you're into retard jock characters falling for quiet nice girls and getting embarassed by it, has some tsundere moments here and there
>Kanato's route has a lot of horror and supernatural elements and he's a yandere throughout the whole route
>Laito's route is generally considered the most fucked up because of his mind games and backstory, also sexual undertones, imo he's the best written character and his route has quite a few sad moments
>Shu's route
>Reiji's route is the least fucked up and he has the healthiest relationship with mc, it's the most comedic of them all but in a tasteful way imo, Reiji has the most character development
>Subaru's route has many sad, edgy and fluffy moments, he's a tsundere with a lot of self hatred, his route has very a romantic feel to it at times
Pardon my sperg, I'm a huge DLfag

No. 223892

NTA but
>megane is best boy

No. 223896

As a Reijifag I agree
Just realized I left Shu's rotue blank because I don't care about him, oops.
>Shu's route is mostly him teasing the mc and being the cool guy who acts like he doesn't care, his character is well explored and shocases his relationship with Reiji, as far as I know he's the most popular character among Japanese fans, has some melancholic moments and a lot of teasing

No. 223897

Scrotes do not have you buy the game before they give you access to the patch. Idk if it makes them better or worse when it comes to fantraslations. Otome games are a niche, so I can kind of understand the gatekeeping

No. 223902

gatekeeping the dialovers vita patch until someone showed you a receipt and sometimes rejecting them anyway was so ridiculous though. i love whoever shared it and said fuck gatekeeping kek

No. 223912

The fandom in general likes to act retarded. I appreciate the translators' work and that it's free but come on, as if Rejet would support a fanmade patch just because you pay for the game beforehand. I wish we had a dl thread, some of my personal cows were part of dialovers tumblr

No. 223925

File: 1658515500716.jpeg (284.54 KB, 1280x720, 26C81DE4-12D7-4A84-A19E-DFF7EE…)

Does anyone know the drama with the BroCon translation? I keep checking translation groups but they’re all just sharing dumb discord drama with no updates on translation or patches.. I know precious baby will never be localized but a woman can hope to uncuck yusuke one day

No. 223926

I've always thought DL was terrible yet at the same time can't help to want to play it. Like you said I think it's the tone that's just so over the place I can't help but forgive the fact most characters are terrible men.
Also I just really wanted to do things to Shu.

No. 223927

The same thing happened with Club Suicide patch. I don't think it's a DL thing as much as an otome fans wanting to support the genre.
I had no idea that the DL translators rejected people who actually bought the game. What the fuck

No. 223930

Has anyone played Taisho X Alice? I finished it a couple weeks ago and I still can't stop thinking about it. I love Kaguya so much, even the silly cockney accent really grew on me. I'm looking forward to the fan disk, especially for Woolfe's route. He's really cute.

No. 223933

I want to play diabolik lovers for the nostalgia factor. I don't really care that the LIs are trashy, it reminds me of my middle school vampire phase lol

No. 223950

Same, it's like if Vampire Knight was an equally trashy yet amazing otoge. And I mean that in the best way possible.

No. 224011

At least for the first four games, Vita3k emulates them no issue and there's web translations.
Lunatic Parade also has web translations, but it and Lost Eden have frequent portrait bugs.
It is pretty fuckin shocking that there aren't more patches or just an official translation though, DL is probably the most known otome game next to Toma's circus.

No. 224013

File: 1658555714746.png (118.27 KB, 229x242, Disgust.png)

My second favorite otome game personally. The localizers seemed to be freewheeling it too hard but I enjoyed it anyway, Yurika is a lot of fun and Alice is probably my favorite otome LI, he comes out swinging every time. They're a strong pair. I just wish his route was less of a plot dump.

No. 224024

I swear we need more mcs that don't look like goddesses, moids will get the blandest looking #262739 brown hair mc that the average joe can project on and we get absolute turbostacies that only a minority can relate to. I know it's probably thanks to the very high standards of beauty society forced on women but someone has to make a change and be more inclusive to their female fanbase.

No. 224035

Even now I think a Vampire Knight otoge would make me spontaneously combust

No. 224038

File: 1658581488604.png (1.91 MB, 1534x1022, vkds.png)

Well, you're in luck because they made one and apparently there's and English patch.

No. 224058

File: 1658583477586.jpg (330.74 KB, 857x1000, cpop1.jpg)

>Throwing out hex codes like that
Jokes aside, I like when the MCs look interesting and pretty. Imo they look better next to the love interests and its usually accompanied with better writing than faceless MCs

No. 224067

Wow this brings me back lol
I used to play this game on my DS as a teen while in VK cosplay… My japanese back then was so shitty, I could barely understand it. But i still had fun.

No. 224074

>we get absolute turbostacies that only a minority can relate to.
You think "only a minority" can relate to the pretty MCs? kek, I don't know why it's so hard for you. I do want more plain MCs with a more dominating personality (to reflect mine) but "Stacy" MCs aren't a big deal either.
Also there's a lot of otome players that don't try to self-insert like
And that seems to be the more popular opinion so we're not getting more romance-focused yume otome games anytime soon.

No. 224079

NTA but I think that's simply because in otome, the artists only know how to draw pretty girls, while galge artists generally have no fucking idea how to draw attractive men of any kind. So in otome, "plain" protagonists are effortlessly cute (even when they're not supposed to be) while plain galge protagonists are actually plain or even ugly.
Also hentai is a whole other category where this difference is even more exaggerated, sometimes the protagonist will be drawn as ugly as a toad on purpose because scrotes love degrading women by imagining them being fucked by a hideous male, even better if that male is like themselves.


I agree about the sex scenes but I think the problem there is not so much the protagonist being too pretty (different from "pornified") but the artist not knowing how to draw female gaze or using the same angles that are used in porn for males.

No. 224083

i used to use otome games as a replacement for romance media to get away from trannies, but the latest localized games are not for me. i was playing steam prison and felt absolutely cucked by how stereotypically attractive cyrus and ulrik were together. i was like why am i even playing this kek. it sucks the focus is on more defined mcs now. if i'm playing something gxb, i expect some semblance of control over it so the characters can actually feel like my LIs. i don't see any point in non self-insert otome. call me autistic but it's not the way i want to play

No. 224086

I agree. My problem isn't so much with the protagonist's design but the big focus on story + defined MC personality. I don't wanna read all that shit just to maybe get some cute romantic interactions between a cute guy and a gal that doesn't even act (or even look) like me. If I wanted that, I'd just read/watch shoujo or read a het ship fic.
This trend of localizing only the games with big ambitious plots and almost no control over the romance feels alienating. It's clear they only do it because it has a wider appeal than just the core otome audience, since some moids might try these VNs for the story and pretty MCs.

No. 224088

Also don't get me started on adult otome games. AFAIK the only two such games that have been officially localized so far have been Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome and Horny Magical Princess published by MangaGamer. They couldn't have picked a worse R18 otoge than the latter. Obviously they chose the games that were most likely to be bought by their big scrote audience, and both them and Aksys give no fucks about the otome players that just want to self-insert to romance hot guys because we're such a small niche (or so it seems).

No. 224090

Are there any good otome for adults on PC? I can't seem to find anything good on steam, and Nintendo switch only has around two or three otoges for adults with NSFW scenes.

No. 224105

this is exactly how i feel, i know a lot of otome players don't self-insert but i thought the point of otome is to feel like you, the player, is dating these characters. isn't this how the genre started? i really don't get any enjoyment out of pairing the same girl with 5 different boys if that girl isn't meant to represent me. if i wanted to read that type of romance i would just pick up a shoujo manga or YA novel

No. 224147

I mean we're talking about Japan here… For them women above 1.7m probably are freakishly tall since even scrotes there not always reach that height

No. 224149

That's actually pretty tall in Japan. The average height for women there is like 149 cm/4'9'', you must be from Europe or something lol

No. 224205

I would feel like a huge monster if I ever went to Japan

No. 224211

Don't worry plenty of tall gaijin go to Japan annually

No. 224218

more like 157 cm, they're short but not THAT short

No. 224227

I'm 157 and I felt completely average in Japan, I loved it. Shopping for clothes was so much easier when I lived there because on top of that I'm thin and have no boobs. I know much taller women and while they looked skinny or fit like models they told me shopping in Japan was a pain in the ass just because of their height. So yeah I also confirm that a Japanese women who's 170cm tall would look way taller than average.

No. 224236

Interesting that you say this. the average japanese woman is also petite and small breasted, so what's with this new trend of making otome protagonists stacked? Like i understand coomer media for moids but i can't wrap my head around why does byleth (she's otome-adjacent I'd say) looks like THAT

No. 224240

Byleth from FE3H you mean? She looks average in her art by Kurahana Chinatsu, I have no clue why her 3D model has huge breasts because the difference is obvious. I don't play otome games yet so I haven't noticed a trend yet, I'm guessing it's because Japanese women who play these games want to self insert in a good looking MC and want escapism? Shopping for bras was hell there, unlike for anything else, almost all the cute bras that looked cute were very padded, so I'm sure most Japanese women were wearing padded bras too.

No. 224279

It's either Japanese women wanting their self-insert to be more conventionally sexy like >>224240 said, and/or the artists are attached to this idea that they must draw all women with prominent breasts and they're so used to seeing/drawing it that they don't even notice how massive these characters' tits are.

No. 224282

it's sad that they think the LIs wouldn't be attracted to them unless they were super sexy, meanwhile moids feel no shame drawing pretty girls with ugly bastards

No. 224300

I'm playing uta no prince-sama, but I can't seem to find any translation except for a wikipage that stops mid route. It's still fun with the mini games

that's true

No. 224344

Aren't designers aware that scrotes will want to play as a hot woman for cooming?

No. 224347

Nothing wrong with pretending to be big titty woman
FemByleth's design looks like shit though

No. 224391

It’s bizarre that Robin/Corrin were designed by a man and look fine but Byleth is hideous coomer bait.

No. 224395

File: 1658699519662.jpg (118.76 KB, 900x635, FLy8XkcaUAE3FaQ.jpg)

No idea how that worked out for FE3H exactly, but Yusuke Kozaki did the character designs and in-game portraits for the characters in Awakening and Fates, while in 3H from what I can see despite having confirmation, Chinatsu Kurahana did the character design, made f!Byleth look proportionate, and the art director who's an IS employee did all the in-game portraits and some of the NPC's character designs. And given that he did the art for Noire, Rinka and Rhajat in FEH, I'm sure he just decided to make f!Byleth's breasts larger just because he could and he's a coomer. There's also the fact that Corrin and Robin are customizable and never have balloon tits but Byleth isn't. I'm not posting his shit art and tainting my laptop by downloading it, here's how f!Byleth looks like when done by Kurahana.

No. 224431

When does Cupid Parasite pick up? I'm on Shelby's route and I'm so bored… I usually enjoy more action paced otome (Collar x Malice, Bustafellows, Tempest) but I've been trying to knock out my backlog. But..I'm so bored… I had this problem with Piofiore where Dante and Nicola's routes were literal snoozefests. Is Shelby like that too?

I found the common route a lot more fun. I do have Variable Barricade I started playing too, even though its a more relaxed setting (imo vs others) I really like Hibari so I am keeping my interest more (I think because she's voiced).

No. 224528

I do think I remember Shelby's route being kind of boring. Gill's is also a bit shite since it's 50% flashbacks 50% MC brain damage. And god, do I hate misunderstandings like those routes had.
Others should be better, or at least more interesting.

No. 226938

File: 1659621230221.jpg (298.85 KB, 800x600, ywngetenglishpatch.jpg)

I feel like otome game is cursed as a genre for english readers.
There are barely any decent PC releases over the past 4 years.
And even Nintendo Switch releases are hit or miss, steam storetags love placing any dating sim under otome game tag too.
The only PC release I enjoyed was Degraman, which despite its art style turned out to be one of the few recent steam otome games that actually ended up being incredibly interesting.
I really miss old otome game forums and tumblr fangirling, not what we have now.
And I wish I could finally get a translation patch of the last SS game that I still never played (or found any translation on, other than on a website that asks you to login and register, but the website has been inactive for over 5 years).
I generally miss Honeybee games, I feel bad that they just stopped selling their games altogether now, and back when eng-hype was a thing, they would threaten fans with a lawsuit for translating the games. And now you can't even buy them!

No. 227015

what is SS?

No. 227020


No. 227055

Anyone play Ikemen Sengoku recently? How are the new routes? I haven't played it in years, but I actually learned Japanese just to read it before it was ever translated because I was a lonely kid. I hated waiting for the mobile game tickets or whatever to replenish so I always had 50 otome android games downloaded at once to keep me busy kek.

No. 227147

Girl, my main motivation for picking Japanese back up is to play otome games (yeah, knowing just to know is good too and it could open career options but games just feels more motivating rn lol). The English ones we get are crap and I'm impatient.

No. 227206

omg no I haven't played any Ikesen in so long probably for 4 months. I know that they're expanding the story with an "act 2" and adding ranmaru obligatory femmeboy shota route. I also haven't been keeping up with IkeVamp. I loved Leo's route it reminds me so much of Gilbert's route in piofiore classy and beautiful sunkissed italian men

No. 227212

the 3 new boys they added? I haven't played their routes yet but while on the ikesen topic has anyone played Kennyos route? is it any good? he kinda scares me so I was holding off but his is the last route I haven't done yet (other than the 3 new boys)

No. 227248

The main reason I learned Japanese in the first place was to play otome games, then I realized that most of them are pretty boring and not to my tastes… Now I just use my knowledge to watch youtubers.

No. 227939

New free game where you get to play as an aggressive girl and kabedon cute boys, hope it gets translated into english. I want to play it but my japanese isn't good enough.

No. 229771

Fuck yeah, first the translated game by that one artist, and now this. I hope this is the start of a new trend in otome.

No. 231133

File: 1660615850305.jpg (85.86 KB, 1000x567, ihavenoideaifthisisfanartorcan…)

I'm playing Shinobi, Koi Utsutsu rn and am on Garaiya-kuns, the Chuunis, route. He was about to cry because we drank out of the same bottle, he's so adorable, I love him. I hope bad ending is him actually going full-on Yandere.

No. 231135

Oh God, he's so pretty. I need to play that someday

No. 231215

File: 1660642295778.jpg (156.92 KB, 960x544, lookatmybeautifulman.jpg)

Please do, I just finished his route and, while I guess some people might say it's too long or cheesy, the confession scene was the cutest shit I've ever seen. I've only played two out of ten (or eleven, depending how you see it) routes, but I doubt anyone's going to top him, I'm a puddle of bliss right now. He's not just a great husbando for the game series, he's a top contender for outside of it, too. I love him so much, playing his route after Yuri-kuns already felt like cheating, but I don't think I can play any of the other routes for a while. It's a shame the routes are pretty short and linear overall, but at least there's a fandisk so that's nice enough.

No. 231230

i'm a slut for chuunibyou characters, just wish there was an english patch for the game.

No. 231707

File: 1660775629874.jpg (507.78 KB, 1080x2400, IMG_20220817_173120 (1).jpg)

the ssum is finally out and has a whole bunch unnecessary social features for game item crumbs, including user created labs or forum topics

picrel is an example. i'm reporting the kinnie and kweer shit to set a standard kek

No. 231745

File: 1660785141118.jpg (396.93 KB, 400x768, 1660784954866.jpg)

Hey, my friend plays "Our Life" on steam and she says its pretty good. Does anybody else play who could reccomend similar titles? Steam, mobile, switch and xbox is what she can play on.

No. 231808

File: 1660805527487.jpg (306.25 KB, 1920x1080, Neko.Para.-Catboys.Paradise-.f…)

Nonnies, did you know that you can fund the creation of Nekopara - Catboys paradise sequel by purchasing their merch? https://mobile.twitter.com/catboy_pr
Tbh I am willing to buy some because the game was so good and promising despite being short. On top of that, the devs hate trannies. I can only wonder if they would include R18 scenes, but afaik they said they didn't have it in their future plans, despite nekopara being a coomer franchise…sigh
Some good free-to-play steam otome games:
NEKOPARA Catboys Paradise
Cinderella Phenomenon

No. 231814

did they say something about trannies before? or just ignored them kek

No. 231818

On steam community page they said that their game won't be affected by western ideology (something along these lines) because of the amount of questions about the fashionista genki catboy (people kept screaming that he could be a tranny despite him just being one of the otome game tropes). That is also why I remember they told that R18 would be unlikely (whuch sucks tbh considering how little R18 otome games there are). I don't know if there is a way to find these posts now, hut that was during the games first week.

No. 231836

I remember the boys having dialogue like "we lick things to show affection" damn please show us in graphic detail.
Good on them for rejecting troonism though.

No. 231866

Emulate Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side for the DS/PSP (you can do it on your phone), or if your friend knows Japanese she can play the newest game for the Switch

No. 232866

Bleh, I don't like the art style. It's too uncanny, compared to mystic messenger/dandelion/nameless. I get that they were going for a "realistic" Korean dude but meh… I want anime boys in my anime games…

No. 239599

I'm probably late but Hakuouki is a good game. music and art are really good, story/writing as well.

No. 239619

File: 1663272151683.png (3.48 MB, 1002x1400, 1648387071994.png)

Who's your fave? Mine was always Okita, but after playing Soumas route and crying for days literally teared up on the street several times thinking about their night before he turns himself in, especially that "Yukimura-senpai… no… Chizuru-san" part broke me, oh my god, I'm getting weak again just thinking about it I got swayed by him. I'm so mad I don't have a switch, I watched some of the trailers on the Otomate youtube channel and it seems like there's some new content instead of it just being a simple port, too. I bought a vita just for otome games, at this point I'm considering buying a switch just for this purpose, too…

No. 239658

I loved star project… I was about 12 when I started playing it. I remember constantly trying to walk in on them on in the shower kek. I was really hopeful they would add the rest of the characters but suddenly it was just gone. It was really fun for preteen me. I wonder if there's anyway to "rewritten" it?

No. 239659

File: 1663280544234.png (414.24 KB, 640x477, toouououyauyaoyoaoauo.png)

It's Star Project missing hours nonnies. I don't remember the story being any good in fact, I don't remember any story at all but I had fun with my daily plays. So sad to see it was just gone one day. I think this game is one of the two major reasons for one of my favorite dynamics being manager-chan x idol-kun in otome games and manga.

No. 239660

Whoops, sorry for deleting

No. 239665

Oml i remember i loved playing it so much… from what i know the devs may have created a mobile game with female love interests.

No. 239806

which route is the best in bustafellows?

No. 239849

File: 1663337179786.jpg (107.88 KB, 728x493, anime-hakuouki-shinsengumi-kit…)

Mine is Hijikata, because I think his samurai shit was really cool and his voice when he's pissed off is sexy af. I still remember the last fight with the blond man (whose name I forgot)

No. 239859

I haven't played the whole game yet, just one route so I can't say who my fave is. But the game still stood out to me.
you could buy a switch lite, they're cheaper.

No. 239886

File: 1663343398119.jpg (475.33 KB, 1920x1080, ss_c9495ef5ee27791a72e6fddf696…)

hakuoki nonnas, I've been thinking of playing this game but i am only interested in picrel because of his design. Can i play Edo Blossoms without playing Kyoto Winds, or is the otome game so good that I should play the first one too?
The game is actually still (sort of) alive! You can play it on Mobile, it's named Idol Company (Star Project) but sometimes it's found on google play by googling Kpop idols or something. I am not sure how different it is from the old version, it has the same characters but i admit that it looks a bit scuffed for a mobile game, the screen seems to be too small.

No. 239922

I haven't played Hakuoki but you also gotta take the localization into account. Apparently only the first (?) game was localized by Idea Factory and the rest of the releases were done by Aksys, with a noticeable drop in quality to the point that some dialogue doesn't even make sense in context or context is changed. I forgot which thread it was but some nonna who did play the games and knows Japanese elaborated on it in another /m/ thread (probably the localization one)

No. 239962

File: 1663356846183.jpg (119.17 KB, 960x544, tumblr_inline_o97a32nCtX1r3kln…)

I get it lol. His voice actor is the reason why I've chosen his route among the first in other games, too lmao.
I see… well, definitely recommend playing Soumas route next, if you like eager kouhais lol. I already thought about getting a switch light, but the last time I read up on them, there was something that made me hesitate. But considering I can't remember at all what it was, I guess it wasn't that much of a deal breaker and the switch light is cuter, anyways
You definitely gotta play KW beforehand. EB isn't some fandisk or sequel, it's a direct continuation of the story, so you won't have any explanations why X is Y and what Zs goal is. Hakuouki originally had six routes packed into one game, but I guess the game got too big once they've expanded the routes up to twelve, so they split the story between the two different major arcs. If you aren't some Japanese history autist already, the story is hard enough to follow as it is, as it's based on the actual Shinsengumi and historical events, so unless you don't care about it and really are just in for the romance and wannabe vampire twist, I really wouldn't recommend it.
I have to see if I can find some emulator that isn't bluestacks, I'd love to play Star Project again lol.

No. 240048

File: 1663567288187.jpg (3.47 MB, 2619x2004, hijikata my love.jpg)

you're interested in hijikata? he's my favorite and is also quite the tsundere type if you are into that - I like him with his long hair in kyoto winds so much
like the other reply said you should play both and there is also cute moments and good cgs in the first that you won't want to miss
personally hakuoki is my favorite otome game so I'm a bit biased

No. 241247

People were seriously trying to troon Dill? He's so cute, why can't there be an otome guy who just happens to love fashion? Good on the creators for not pandering to that nonsense. I will look into that merch thing as well.

No. 241278

File: 1663865746186.jpeg (61.88 KB, 460x215, bellchimesforgold.jpeg)

Are any anons familiar with The Bell Chimes For Gold? Apparently it's about an alchemist who wanted to marry her mentor but he takes the money she and he made together to marry his childhood friend. He then tells her shes talented and can buy her own husband. so that's what she goes off to do. The game seems to be rpg/otome. the main character crafts things and then she meets with the LI who basically go and fight the dungeons with her. There are two versions of the game. the steam version is more family-friendly is apparently easier, they also changed the story it's unlike other games where you can just download an +18 patch to get h-scenes. The "adult" version which I found based on the reviews is darker story, harder to people unfamiliar with jrpgs, etc.
quote from a review" Differences between the versions:
- The 13+ version - this one - is more rounded up, everything is easier to understand for people not familiar with jrpgs and high fantasy.
- The 18+ version - which you'd have to look for over the web to find at a more expensive price - is more targeted to an audience familiar with JRPG tropes given the humor, the innuendos, and the sparse information about what the player is assumed to already know and expect. In that version, the relationship progression is packed with suspense, tension, more tooth rotting scenes and about 4-5 ero scenes; among which some that are kinda cringe-worthy (the way they draw men's body -especially the thief's- is something that requires courage to look at, but the way they draw hands and feet…oh my).
Notwithstanding… as long as have enough squinting skills to see only the text and forget about the peculiar drawing aesthetics… well you'll find that the narration is also less professional both technically and in terms of storytelling. So no, this version isn't really such a bad deal. Except for some scenes that were decently written. And, just in case you wondered, don't expect to get to wear the pants for long. (In any route. Not even with the elf. Yeah the dude they put in a maid outfit for promotional CG on their website. Because, you know, no woman really wants that in the end, right?)

>Anyway TLDR

Anyone familiar with The Bell Chimes for Gold?

No. 241285

Repetitive drivel, really boring gameplay. Gross and boring LIs (like holy shit, i've never seen such a bad, trashy roster in any "otome" game, eyebleeding art, coochie drying sex scenes. The protagonist is cute design wise, but dumb and naive as fuck, and not in an endearing way. Like bitch, you using your hard won money to pay for drinking tabs and gambling debts of a guy you dont know after being dumped by a guy for being poor? wtaf
1/10, feels like a game written by men who have no idea of what women like or act like. Love yourself and dont play it. the thief looked like a tif, ugly as sin

No. 241289

that's kind of what I got the idea of, I also chose not to mention how ugly the LI's were. Thanks for the response

No. 241382

i don't mind the art but i just wanted to skip all the boring dungeon crawling parts also it was really annoying how the young pretty guy was the rapey one

No. 241423

I like ojisans so it was ok. Samuel, the elf, and the thief were pretty good. The other two were only nice in the all ages routes cause they have shitty fetishes.
I really hate how this group likes older men, but they also like dark shit so most of their content isn't to my taste.

No. 243496

File: 1664466408255.jpg (133.32 KB, 724x1024, 858fd4a900cbaa162fb740cef72f23…)

Chou no Doku is getting an official English patch for the Switch and since it's console theyre removing all the r18 sex scenes. I understand why, but the censorship is still irritating. I know I should be happy we're getting a localization to begin with, but they keep cucking us dammit. Scrotes get to have their r18 games so why cant we? Same thing with the removal of the sex scenes in Koezaru wa Akai Hana which is also being localized for the Switch. Realistically, I guess all this means is that I should stop whining and keep studying Japanese

No. 243510

File: 1664470624185.png (641.19 KB, 799x597, POV your family at your anal v…)

I don't think daddy Nintendo would be very happy with explicit sex on their console, particularly Chou no Doku's content
Just get textractor and the PC version and enjoy your Majima

No. 243519

File: 1664473601675.png (1.01 MB, 1280x720, Koezaru.wa.Akai.Hana.full.3707…)

Really? That happened to another fave of mine, Koezaru wa Akai Hana, which never had been translated at all, 0 fan patch, but then learned about it cutting out the r18. Oof. Cucked indeed.

No. 243541

Same, I also hate how everything they put out has the men being abusive and the way they draw CGs is kinda scrotey. I just want a decent otome game about ojisans for once jfc. Agony/kinshiiku is even worse because I hate yanderes, the art is super shitty and the author has a fetish for older man/underage teen relationships.

No. 244731

let's say you can create an otome that suits your tastes, what would you do? fully customizable mc? more varied LIs?

No. 244734

Faceless MC but that can have different hairstyles and skin tones, actually, I don't mind if she has a basic anime girl protagonist hairstyle as long as I can change the skin tone.

No. 244736

>fully customizable MC
Not necessarily, just some variety in hair and skin color would be just fine, plus more dialogue options to make her act the way various players would (want her to) act. No "inclusive" "gender neutral" bullshit, thank you very much.
>more varied LIs
Yes! Both personality and appearance wise. If they can easily be described in 3 words or fewer and/or can easily be mistaken for each other if you switch the color palettes it's quite disappointing IMO.

No. 244747

>otome that suits your tastes
I would make myself the player character and my husbandos the love interests kek (or make the LIs all cater to my tastes in every way possible)
But seriously, boy have I been thinking about this a lot. Regardless of whether we're talking about dating sims, visual novels or some other genre, as long as the art is 2D I think having a fully customizable MC is way too much work. I'd rather create an MC that appearence wise represents my target audience but is also a bit plain, and I'd add some personality customization feature with a range covering at least three or four different personality types, to allow players to feel truly represented in the MC's thoughts, dialogue, reactions, actions and choices, but that would require huge amounts of extra writing for it to actually affect the plot instead of just adding small, superficial dialogue changes here and there. I think that would be way more fun than just adding full visual customization, since a game must have strong interactivity, and a novel must have strong writing, and both must be engaging, or else instead of playing otome games you'd be looking at pictures of pretty anime boys online. That is, unless you're making a dress up game with romance elements or something, where customizing your avatar's appearance is the main appeal.
If there's going to be customization for the MC's skin, and adding an extensive range of options for every little detail, or a color picker, is not possible (would a color picker even work with pre-rendered 2D art?), then I'd rather not have that sort of customization than have lackluster or limited options that aren't even going to affect the story or your character's actions, which are the whole reason people play games. Then spend those resources on the personality options instead. I put so much emphasis on this because I prefer selfinserting , but if you asked me to make a more plot-focused otome game where the MC is not supposed to be a self insert I'd try to make her as cool and well-written as possible, and GNC because I'd like more female GNC or "masculine" protagonists in otome.

As for the LIs, of course they'd be the character types I like which tbh are rare or non existent in otome, with the added bonus that they'd offer a little bit more variety in the genre. Art and design wise I'd say it's important that they look distinct from eachh other and avoid sameface syndrome. The art wouldn't be very cutesy, but rather mature and detailed (not western style either, yuck. It's got to be beautiful and the boys must look handsome)

No. 244798

Sci-Fi setting with all older characters.

No. 244811

File: 1664914835892.jpg (134.94 KB, 1200x740, Corruption.jpg)

>Option 1
Creepy/horror/disgusting atmosphere, with LIs and routes that would be appropriate for such themes. Yandere, yangire, hopelessly pathetic, otherworldly being that doesn't quite function as a normal person would, innocent but with infinite suffering, general schizo, some things along those lines. The MC should be unable to completely save them if not get dragged in their shit herself, and have strong visceral reactions. Art should be the roughly colored sort (e.g. pic related).
See: Kedamonotachi no Jikan, Hikaru ga Shinda Natsu, Degrees of Lewdity, Iyagatteru Kimi ga Suki, somewhat Aono-kun Sawaritai kara Shinitai
>Option 2
Fun MC and atmosphere with routes that focus on digging into their character and your relationship instead of some other plot. Essentially, Taisho Alice or Variable Barricade.
LIs can include autistic sweetheart, twin brother, pathetic and/or failure for you to smother in affection, clone of Kobato from Caligula Effect 2, vaguely spooky ethereal sort. Just avoid mr perfects. Art is preferably along the sharp side, e.g. Wooma, Sakusya2, 0oL_ou, 210gaso, Akira Akatsuki, etc.

No. 244814

A simulation game where you kidnap an LI and train him to be your slave. Depending on the choices you make and what you're aiming for, he could end up being fearfully obedient or develop Stockholm syndrome and fall in love with you. His personality, speech, and mannerisms would also change based on how you train him. Also, most of the H-scenes would be POV so you mostly get to look at him instead of the MC's boobies being front and center like in every R18 otome ever.

No. 247648

File: 1665843276072.jpg (288.24 KB, 1920x1080, ss_b69fdb0494a8567cc7c4d43f00c…)

His dialogue is cringe but he is cute atleast.

No. 247882

What game?

No. 247883

File: 1665938489606.jpg (69.21 KB, 616x353, capsule_616x353.jpg)

Error 143. Its a free game and the voice and dialogue are cringy at times, i do think its a good game since its free.

No. 248121

File: 1666039844104.png (64.34 KB, 1042x185, itch.png)

Anyone trying out the games for spooktober on itch.io , are there any ones you like.

No. 257652

Very limited exp with otome but I like serious submissive and yandere. It'd be nice if it's horny but good plot is great too!

No. 257724

I haven't really looked around the tag on Steam before, but taking a peek at it, from what I've played, Amnesia Memories might be alright. It's pretty standard in most areas so you'll be getting a real typical romance drama otome experience, but it is home to THE cage-kun himself, so you might like it if you're looking for yandere. As a bonus, they released that fandisc in english recently so you don't have to wait several years for an epilogue like everyone else did.

No. 258440

Thank you I got it! Excited to kiss kiss fall in love.

No. 258491

>Degraman (dont like the artstyle, but the writing is nice. First act is f2p)
>7Scarlet is a typical yandere otome. Drown in negative reviews because of normies going yucky over one of the love interests being a sibling.

No. 258524

Nameless has a nice submissive clingy yandere among other kinds of yanderes

No. 258595

Kek fuck me I’ll get Nightshade and Nameless as well!

No. 258615

Sperg vent. I joined a big 18+ otome game discord server recently and so far I really liked it, but then somebody's boyfriend joined and now he pretty much dominates all conversation in the general channels. I at first thought he was a tif, but his typing style clocks him as male and even then all the other tifs talk about otomes unlike him. Is there a lolcow otoge server? I know there's a husbando one, but I'm not a husbandofag or even a self inserter

No. 258747

Deadass why is he even there? Does he even like otome games? Can't they just kick him out or are the mods wusses or something

No. 258761

It's really irritating how many otome spaces immediately start licking boots the moment a moid pops up. The moids in question always claim to like otome and require asspats because of it but never actually discuss the games. The otome subreddit is… surprisingly okay and hasnt been completely infested by moids and TIFs (yet) but I really wish there was a more gender critical leaning otome discussion server somewhere

No. 258889

I am afraid that all of the 'good' otome game community times are gone, but maybe that's just me.
I am on a server for otome game fans too, but thankfully it's full of biological women and most of them just want to gush about tv shows and have fun, but there are still some incredible weirdos
>a FtM they/themie that starts shilling genshit impact in comparison to a nice indie otome game, complaining that 'it doesnt have diversity and genshit impact HAZ SO MUCH OF IT' and other bullcrap, always throws 'this LL is a tranny because i saw one pink, one blue and white item in his room uwu', 'he is bisexual because his room is purple!!11'-to which even the dev told that she didn't know that having a purple room means a person is bi.
>a 19yo polish nationalist-chan that does nothing but throws /pol/ manifestos and tiktok /pol/ info in one of the venting channel to prove a point in her hatred for no reason, when people use the channel to vent about their feelings (mostly)

No. 263300

File: 1670969462541.jpg (2.49 MB, 2560x1440, FiB3lpNUAAAtYuz.jpg)

Breathing some life here. What do you guys think about touchstarved? I think the characters look pretty and i like the artstyle for a western VN. Just a bit worried for the possible woke stuff possibly in it. Their twitter has more information about the LIs

No. 263306

Can you guys recommend some otome games that don't have any abusive LIs at all? I know I can just avoid them, but it sours my opinion of the game as a whole when they add in a token asshole LI.

No. 263307

Probably the best art in a western otome I've seen. Thank you for posting anon, I'm interested.

No. 263308

Style reminds me of Hades a little bit

No. 263339

In terms of games I would personally recommend,
>Bustafellows is real bro hours. MC is one of the boys and they all banter with each other.
>Even if Tempest is more plot oriented, but all the LIs are very supportive of the MC and her struggles.
>I think Variable Barricade passes. Taiga is sarcastic and Shion might come off as a bit manipulative in a way, but they're normal people all in all. Only one I'd consider kind of an ass is the MC since she's an awkward sort.
>Shinigami to Shoujo is JP only so you'll need texthooker or nihongo skills, but it's a quality time in general.
And others I know that just don't have anything abusive
>Dairoku boys are a mild, nice bunch. Not my favorite game since it's "mild" in general but if you want something more comfy then it does that decently
>In the whole of the Tokimemo GS series I think the only ass is Majima in the second(?) game, but he's one of the obscure hidden characters in a game with 11 LIs so whatever
>Cafe Enchante has decent people

No. 263502

>the prettiest has they/them pronouns
Because you can't be bishounen and male at the same time?

No. 265060

which otome games do you consider the classics or must plays? so far I've played all of the routes in hakuouki and ikemen sengoku plus done half of mystic messenger. I also have ozmafia and amnesia sitting in my steam library waiting to be played. what else should I add to my backlog?

No. 265079

I noticed you seems to play a lot of Japanese period drama, so if you like them, you might like Birushana. I love the main character of this series. There's also a Chinese period drama called "A vow to my liege" that you can get on steam. I LOVE this game, and can't recommend it enough.
As for true classics, I would suggest playing Amnesia. It was one of my first otome games and I loved it to death.
I have more but these are my top ones, kek.

No. 265144

Aw man I was actually considering this one. Normally, if it has "pick your pronouns" as a selling point, I stay the fuck away, but I really like this kind of western fantasy style art. So as long as the guys weren't gendies, I'd play it and maybe even back it. Welp. The desire to correct what they deem wrong about JP otome runs deep in the western indie circles and that's the reason I stay away from them. Also why coin the "amare" term if they never fucking use it.

No. 265169

birushana sounds right up my alley, thanks for the rec. I really want to play more otomes like hakuouki and ikesen. I've seen amnesia being recommended a lot too itt and in other otome game communities so it must be good

No. 265171

File: 1672188919652.jpg (37.69 KB, 460x215, header.jpg)

Are there any otome games you actually dislike?
Played pic related recently and couldn't stand it. It does everything wrong. Only positive thing I could say about it is Yuki is a good kid.

No. 265181

Piofiore is the only otome I actively dislike. The heroine stands around cooking and cleaning and being scared while the plot happens around her and Orlok, the one character I actually liked and didn't think was a snoozefest gets the shit end of the stick anyways kek. I know everyone loves Yang but I thought he and his route were boring and trite.

No. 265358

Which should I play between Psychedelica of the Ashen Hawk and Black Butterfly?

No. 265488

That depends. They do different things.
I would technically say Ashen Hawk is better, since the story is more interesting, but it's also pretty much entirely linear with very little romance.
Black Butterfly's plot is not as entertaining, but it does at least give alternative routes for each of the characters, and I preferred the LIs here over the ones in AH.

No. 268357

I want to get into otome but I have such a huge non-otome backlog

No. 268363

I would Google 'short otome games' and see if one interests you. That way you don't have to invest a lot of time if you hate them. One short game that is free is "nekopara catboy paradise". It's exactly as it sounds… Filled with catboys. Another short steam game is "My vow to my liege". I would advise you switch games, but those ones are generally much longer. There's also a lot of other short otome games' I can't think of off the top of my head, maybe someone else can pitch in? If not, Google is your friend.

No. 268373

I have a big gaming backlog too. I just like to play a route of an otome in between whatever else I'm playing

No. 268522

I want to like it. I rly do. Im
Still playing it but when I compare it to Collar Malice or Olympia Soiree the MC is SO BORING and the plot happens around her rather than her engaging in the plot like the other 2 games I mentioned

No. 268530

It's been a long time since I played any of it, but I couldn't even get through Ozmafia. I remember the three main guys in it all being skeevy assholes, which was just unbearable coupled with the extremely naive protagonist. I can only accept mild asshole-ery from otome guys if the protag has some feist and can banter back. Also not really a point of hate on it, but it made me laugh my ass off when the canadian christian rock ed played, how did that even happen? "Hello Canadian Christian rock band, will you let us use your song about loving Jesus for our loving anime boy game with a brothel route?" insane

No. 268533

I do like Piofiore but damn do I laugh when they're all having a shootout or fight or whatever and she's just standing there praying

No. 268538

Lmao ok yeah me too. Like children will be dying and Liliana will be “dear father (GUN SHOT) who art in heaven… (BLAM)”

No. 268626

File: 1673547845677.jpg (329.93 KB, 927x1500, 81OJVxmTomL.jpg)

Nonitas, I am desperately looking for an otome game on Nintendo switch. I already played Amnesia on Steam 5+ years ago.
i am looking for a game with
>a decent plot but not too plot-heavy to a point that there is no romance, or a very tiny amount of it.
I know Collar X Malice is shilled all over the reddit but I do wonder is it actually good, is it really worth it? I love detectives but I am in a mood for a romance. I couldn't finish BUSTAFELLOWS because it felt too plot-heavy to me rather than focusing on LL.
I also really like edgy/dark otome games, know Piofiore is known for that, but if you played it, why would you recommend and why wouldn't you recommend it?
>I am most interested in Olympia Soiree but I am still extremely curious about other games. Sadly I cannot buy Cupid Parasite on my amazon despite it seeming like a good mix for me.

No. 268628

Unfortunately I haven't played bustafellows so I can't make any comparisons to that, but personally I felt the people talking about the importance of the plot and mystery stuff in Collar X Malice were over-exaggerating, it's absolutely an otome romance game first and foremost, I think it would probably be up your alley. You ultimately end up getting a full picture of the mystery, but each boy's individual route only gives you a piece of that, with the romance taking precedent imo

No. 268632

people's praise made me think that the game itself has only, maybe 5% of the romance, i also saw some people asking 'when does it get interesting', wondering when they will reach their LL's romance. From what I can tell the plot is interesting despite being more or so generic, but in the end all i really want is the romance instead of being left with a plot-only focused visual novel.

No. 268636

I love both CxM and Olympia Soiree I think both have interesting LIs AND world building. Yeah it focuses more on plot but I find the plot in both very interesting. Highly recommend

No. 268704

I love CxM. I haven't played Bustafellows but everything I ever read about it makes me not want to play it at all. I do like Piofiore because the art is so beautiful and I like the romance in it a lot. Would I recommend it? I dunno. Half the subreddit pearl clutches over everything about it while I think it's barely as dark as the average YA novel. I felt Even If Tempest was a great amount of dark for an otome. I just had to keep playing to see some shred of happiness somewhere, anywhere kek. The romance in it does exist but it mostly gets wrapped up in the epilogues (and more in the upcoming fan disk). Sad you can't play Cupid Parasite. I just started Olympia Soiree myself and can see why it's so often recommended! A lot of people love the MC too and I think she's great

No. 268736

Can't fault you for being cautious of the reddit. They have some odd people.
That aside, all the games you're looking at have a romance first plot second set up, so no need to worry there. My personal order of recommendation would go Olympia Soiree > CxM > Piofiore >> Cupid Parasite.
Olympia is good all around. CxM is good, a rather baseline otome, and they get a gold star for putting some extra effort into the fandisc. Piofiore, anons were discussing earlier, has a boring do-nothing MC, but I found some of the LIs and the mafia stuff entertaining enough, so while it's not a favorite of mine, it's not bad.
Cupid Parasite, on the other hand. I thought would be exactly up my ally, but the humor was the WACKY AND WILD kind, the MC wasn't as unique as I'd hoped, and I didn't care for most routes. Gil's pissed me off, even. I can understand why someone might like it, but I wouldn't go out of my way to recommend it either.
Shame you don't like Bustafellows, but I get it. It's criminally light on romance. I wanted more Mozu time.

No. 268834

I’m in the fandisc right now and I love the villain route. The villains are so well written I’m glad they gave them more interactions. Who were your favorites ?

No. 268845

I enjoyed all of them really, interesting to talk to the deranged, but in particular I remember your relationship with Rika and the twins being interesting, and of course Akito, Mikuni, and Saeki were the main attractions here being the ones with the most plot relevance. I appreciated how they handled Saeki too.
But my favorite part of the fandisc was how by some miracle the side character I liked got a mini-route. Ended up liking Yoshinari more than the LIs.

No. 268853

I'm not sure why the subreddit has so many pearl clutchers, kind of makes me feel like a degen. I really liked all the bad endings in Olympia Soiree for example kek

No. 268980

For me it was Soda. Maybe I’m biased bc if his voice actor but I thought he was adorable and funny >>268853
Oh me too! Especially Tokisada’s

No. 272384

in the old thread, someone mentioned a game from itch.io
but I can't remember it

No. 272391

Gonna need seem details here anon, there's a lot.

No. 272542

I think the demo was like.. the player works at a library and can choose an outfit at the start of the game.

No. 272695

14 days with you

No. 274360

yay, thank you

No. 275324

File: 1676213782837.jpg (530.16 KB, 638x958, himetai_catalog_dlc.jpg)

MangaGamer has a Valentine's Day sale, including otome games:

No. 275600

Why have those games for women such ugly artstyle.

No. 275636

File: 1676320966404.jpg (796.95 KB, 1720x939, shrooms.jpg)

It's an indie game developer.

No. 275730

File: 1676360280802.jpg (63.73 KB, 480x360, 1.jpg)

It's because this artist, although female, mainly draws moeshit for moids. She clearly doesn't know how to draw cute males as well as moe girls. Here's her pixiv: https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/43105
If you meant the wonky anatomy, idk, maybe the moeshit has prevented her from learning how to draw better and more consistently. Maybe they ran out of budget and could only get a subpar artist.
"Indie" otome companies on the same level as Kalmia8 are regularly able to get better artists than that.
For comparison, here's some art from the company's first game. Although it's not perfect, it's certainly more pleasant to look at and not so obviously scrotey. Thats because the artist for that game regularly draws bishonen and biseinen: https://twitter.com/nishio_tor
and this is her pixiv, you can see that she has much better art skills overall: https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/31231264/artworks

No. 275753

they look weird as well.
I don't know, her art looks like it was made for children or something.

No. 275878

we need to gatekeep this genre harder. I looked at a list written by some hack gaming journalist of otome games for switch and they had put scrote games on the it. They had also added Dream Daddy and while that game is targeted women it's such a streamer/meme bait game and was never meant to fufill afemale power fantasy so it's a crap otome

No. 275958

Oh please. Are you reading this crap only to look for material to trigger lolcow farmers?

No. 275995

games journalists are clueless retards regardless of what genre of games they are discussing, it's not just unique to otome

No. 276095

File: 1676515802360.jpg (60.92 KB, 798x592, butler.jpg)

Noonies just started chou no doku hana no kusari. So far I like the butler desu. Very qt and perfect for my daddy issues. The gardener is qt too, heard he is bestboy. I don't like richfag but I like his voice actor from the cds I listen to.

No. 276217

are you playing on PC or console?

No. 276220

Catboy Paradise was sort of fun, but nothing special. Not really much of a plot, just SoL and catboy appreciation. No wonder it's a free game.

No. 276238

Pc bc no porn the console one. It's really good. I might play the console one too tho for the extras

No. 276459

File: 1676665871175.png (737.95 KB, 1022x573, 2311.png)

I'm going to try my hand on playing Dot Kareshi which is my second time playing an otome game on pc, first one was Hatoful Boyfriend years ago. I mostly played on the psvita but I played a few, most of which were forgettable to be honest. Gonna get tired of changing my locale every time I finish playing

No. 276587

Has anybody here played Palais de Reine? Seems like an old but interesting otome game, I'm currently unable to play but would like to. Interested in hearing others' experiences since the gameplay seems rather deep.

No. 276883

File: 1676820264700.png (206.84 KB, 500x281, tumblr_inline_nd95yqJLlZ1qfdh4…)

>mfw i am still waiting for my local gameshop to put aksys games that i wanted to buy in stock, and its been 2 months
Do you nonnas prefer buying otome games digitally or physically?
Maybe anybody knows EU gamestore that sells otome games, too… aksys store had such shitty valentines sale in their EU shop, i am devastated.

No. 276884

Who is this cutie nona?

No. 276898

Ayakashi Gohan, from (dead) studio HONEYBEE.

No. 276932

File: 1676838981719.png (32.37 KB, 130x200, index-logo.png)

Anyone here making or has made a otome VN before? I finally started working on mine but im doing it alone which is scary. Im trying to keep things small scaled for now.

No. 276941

Good luck nona! I've been wanting to make one for quite some time! I was thinking of making mine in RPG maker

No. 276957

are you using renpy? I have not but am interested in attempting to make one if my art ever improves enough. are you planning on releasing it on steam or itch.io when you complete it?

No. 276963

Yeah I'm also making several.
Just focus on writing the story first, that's the most important part of a visual novel. When you finish the story, everything else will be easy and you'll have a higher chance of actually finishing your project. The art can come later, and the programming on Ren'Py is a piece of cake when you already have the novel part written.
Not being a writer and wanting to make big scale VNs instead of something more simple first, is what screwed me over so I haven't finished any project yet. Don't make the same mistakes I made, nonnie.

No. 277040

Thank you! Good luck to you too if you ever decide to do it!
Yes i am using renpy at the moment. Since this is my first real project i thought id use the program most known for its accessibility to beginners. As for the releasing part, its probably going to be on a platform that allows nsfw. So most likely itch.io.
Thats great advice, thank you! I started with the script first but couldn't hold off from making the first CG's already kek. I started looking at renpy tutorials too but I'll have to leave those for later or ill lose my mind with the workload. I noticed that a lot of successful western VN's nowadays have teams behind them so that clued me in that i must keep things simple for now since im doing everything on my own. I am planning to only have two routes and endings for now and keep the game short and sweet.

No. 278314

File: 1677314002936.gif (51.02 KB, 246x198, tumblr_o0crlxSw4j1qjfk5yo4_250…)

I've been obsessed with tokimemo gs lately, playing the first and third games DS versions on emulator (didn't find the boys in the second one that interesting so I skipped that. maybe I'll try it too). So far my favourite boys are Suzuka and Morimura from the first and Konno and Taira from the third. Suzuka is cute when he gets all flustered and Morimura is so sweet, I seem to like the smart boys the best. I am propably going to play Morimura's route again bc it was my first playthrough and I kept having sound issues, also I missed a lot of his CG:s. Also loved the secret character from 3rd Taira's route, loved when he thought I was going to give him valentines choco lol. It was also sweet that he thought he's not good enough for me.
The third game is a nice improvement from the first. I like how the chocolate minigame is less stressful. Somehow I kept messing up in it in the first game. Decorating the chocolates is fun, even though I don't fully understand how the style is determined. I also like the girls in the games. Karen is cute, I love her, just don't call me Bambi kek. I have not yet experienced the love triangle mechanic, (now playing through the Konno and Shitara route) but it seems interesting.
does anyone know if someone has translated the lines the boys say when you start the game after you got his ending? Would also help if there's transcript of the lines in japanese somewhere. Googling was not any help.
The fourth game seems nice too, I hope it gets translated.

No. 278324

I want to, I have a lot of ideas but unfortunately I have absolutely no writing ability…

No. 278369

The love triangle mode in Tokimemo is my guilty pleasure. It's just so fun to have two guys fighting over you, making them jealous of each other, and watching them ruin their friendship for you.

No. 278407

My man, I don't actually care too much for these games but him and Taiyo were very cute. The secret characters are generally pretty nice. Need more background NPC-kuns.

No. 278666

File: 1677439368522.jpg (114.4 KB, 500x496, Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side.…)

I went into this thread to ask a question about Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 3 only to see that it currently is being discussed lol which just makes my question more appropriate I guess?

Is this game a good representation of the otome genre? Aside from free flash games à la Pacthesis and some indie visual novels with romance elements I don't have much experience with the otome genre. I'm finding Tokimeki Memorial a bit overwhelming in a way. I feel like there is a lot to micromanage and figure out what I should do in a day. I completed a year and no guy has shown interested in me romantically(I'm putting all my energy into one guy but still no luck). I know that the game is designed to be replayed and for each replay you get new information but I still find it hard to figure out how to gain any affection. I also do play without a guide since I prefer experimenting on my own when playing games but is this the type of game where a guide is crucial for a first time playtrough?
Should I try playing other otome games and come back to this one when I'm more familiar and experience with the genre? Or do I just need to stop overthinking every decision I make in the game?

No. 278751

>Is this game a good representation of the otome genre?
No, not really. Stat raisers aren't very common and it largely lacks any plot so it's entirely different than most.
I would probably recommend using a guide, it takes quite some time to do a new playthrough if you mess up, and some of the hidden characters in these games are stupid obscure.
But if you wanted to get more used to the idea of stat raisers I could recommend Otometeki Love Revo, it's much shorter and pretty simple so a guide isn't really necessary, and you get more plot for your time. Even enjoyed the MC an amount.

No. 278766

it's probably the least common but most mainstream type of otoge. I think there's some fun in playing blind because when you finally get the character to take interest in you, it feels earned. However… if the system is overwhelming and you want to enjoy the dating aspects, I highly recommended just modding the game so you have max stats. There is an ingame cheat item after completing the game 4 times with a max fashion stat, but that's a long process.

tl;dr cheat and have fun dating nonnie

No. 278783

Since TMGS is being discussed. Can anons recommend any other stat raisers? So far I've played all the TMGS games as well as Long Live The Queen and Princess Maker. It doesn't necessarily have to be otoge. (sorry for off-topic) I just love TMGS style of game so much and need something to do while I wait for the fan translation of TMGS4 to be completed.

No. 278784

I'm glad I'm not the only one who loved the 1st and 3rd games, but not particularly the second. For some reason the boys in the 2nd one were a bit more unlikable? Especially the protagonists. In the first game Hazuki Kei comes off as more of a loner than a jerk but in the 2nd game the Saeki really isn't cute enough for me to care about his dramatic tsundere prince thing. I thought he was super obnoxious lol. Btw anon there's a fan project ongoing here https://discord.gg/DNzztvUQ to translate the 4th game.

No. 278795

Not a hardcore stat raiser like Tokimemo or Long Live the Queen, but if you enjoyed Tokimemo, you may also like Storm Lovers. It has the same school life/slice-of-life feeling, and some lighter stat-raising too but that's def not where the emphasis of the game is.

If you liked Long Live the Queen, I can recommend a historical fantasy stat-raiser with lots of political intrigue called 7KPP (Seven Kingdoms, the Princess Problem). It's unfortunately still stuck in development hell at the moment, so only the demo is playable, but it's surprisingly beefy and I absolutely fell in love with it lol.

No. 278798

>the boys say when you start the game
depending on the game's internal clock they say variations of good morning/good evening etc. They also say cheesy lines like "have you opened your eyes yet" and stuff. If you can find a video compilation/script I'm more than happy to translate for you.

Also idk if the previous games have it, but in the newer TMGS4 the boys have special lines for birthdays, holidays, etc at start up. But like the previous games, only the most recent boy's route completed will be heard.

>2nd game

to me, saeki is the only good route in that game. but his tsundere-ness doesnt get enduring unless you get all his flags and stuff.

No. 278896

>Is this game a good representation of the otome genre?
The dating simulation genre is dead, unfortunately. Now all there is in otome is visual novels, which I personally find pretty boring to finish.
>I completed a year and no guy has shown interested in me romantically(I'm putting all my energy into one guy but still no luck)
Same thing happened to me the very first time I played. You need to raise the correct stats for the guy you want, it's not hard to guess which ones, and there's always 3 or so stats you have to focus on, or 4 for the prince IIRC. Choose a job, and a school club if you want, that raises the stats you need or at least doesn't lower them. Also ask him out to places he likes, and during dates you got to do skinship with him at every possible chance (carefully in the first stages of affection, but when they like you enough you can touch them pretty much any way you want).
Something very important that you have to know, is that in 1st Love and 2nd Kiss youd see their affection raise pretty quickly, but in 3rd Story you'll only see the effect in the chart after a year, so you're probably not doing anything wrong and just have to wait a little longer to see it. Trust me I also thought it was a mistake on my part the first time even though I already had experience with the previous games.
>I know that the game is designed to be replayed and for each replay you get new information but I still find it hard to figure out how to gain any affection.
Not really, you get new info each year in the same playthrough. What you get for new replays is certain items that you can earn as rewards for getting the Rose Queen title in 3rd year.

No. 278912

>Decorating the chocolates is fun, even though I don't fully understand how the style is determined
nobody does kek
this guide might help if you know some Japanese:
>DS version http://www29.atwiki.jp/3rd_story/pages/1.html
>PSP version https://w.atwiki.jp/premium3rd_story/
You will also find the startup lines there, then you can Google Translate them. Here: https://w.atwiki.jp/premium3rd_story/pages/74.html Just click on the character's name and you'll be taken to their respective page where the lines are in white font to hide them (like spoilers)
>I also like the girls in the games
One thing I like about this franchise is that you can also befriend the girls and even have endings for them. I wish they had expanded upon this feature more in the 4th game since I've liked all the girls so far. Just make it both a boyfriend AND a girl friend simulator, why not?

This VNDB search has only games in English and the tags Otome Game, and either Dating Simulation or Raising Simulation. Different things, and I could explain how but it'd be a massive rant and I don't want to clog the thread with that, unless someone wants to know? You however are looking for both genres, so here: https://vndb.org/v?q=&ch=&f=032gen80UJ1280D80E
Also keep in mind that there are several mistagged games because people don't know what dating simulation is (hint: it's not a visual novel), so for those check the game's official site and look at screenshots and footage to make sure it's properly tagged and what you're looking for.
I recommend Storm Lover Kai, like other nona said it's similar in setting to TMGS. https://vndb.org/v4597
RE: Alistair, a short, free Original English-language otoge: https://vndb.org/v3720
Backstage Pass, a commercial game by the same developer. https://vndb.org/v11948 (Right now this dev is developing a new romance simulation game. I like Sakevisual because they're one of the few devs that still make otome dating sims.)
And Otometeki Koi Kakumei Love Revo, which someone mentioned upthread. https://vndb.org/v3549
>It doesn't necessarily have to be otoge
The original Tokimeki Memorial, the galge one, got a full translation recently. https://vndb.org/v19
A Chinese indie game called Prince Maker has an English translation, but I don't know if the game itself is still downloadable. https://vndb.org/v1424

No. 279233

>Storm Lover Kai
where can I get it?

No. 279267

I googled it and there's literally an english rom on the first google result. Download a PSP emulator then run that file, enjoy


No. 279367

Looking forward to it kek. Bit bummer that the three person dates are a little boring compared to the regular ones, feels like you have less power over the outcome (unless theres the going home minigame) and the dialogue repeats if you go to same date spot. (Also Konno keeps asking us to go to flea market so I miss cheap shopping opportunies lol).
>the boys in the 2nd one were a bit more unlikable
Now that you mentioned it, I remember watching a part of walkthrough on youtube and got the same impression. Doesn't help that the boy's designs are somehow boring to me.
>you can also befriend the girls and even have endings for them
Yea that's super nice. and even if you are not going to their endings it's worth befriending them and going out with them for stat boosts. Arisawa and Karen are my favorites. Michiru in the fourth game looks cute too.
Also THANK YOU for the link! It's just what I was lookig for!

No. 279867

thank you, dear nonna

No. 320618

File: 1694360036749.png (57.09 KB, 720x158, NOOOOOOOOOOOOO.png)


Wot the fock does that mean m8.

No. 320622

File: 1694362008233.jpg (23.72 KB, 783x192, game.jpg)

Just read the description.

No. 320623

It's not NB as in nonbinary. It's NB as in night-bringer.

No. 320630

I thought obey me dropped the otome tag?

No. 320632


Lmao my bad I'm a retard.

Still though, the game actually does use they/them pronouns (I played it myself) for the MC instead of she/her—despite how painfully and blatantly otome-y it is.

Could you imagine the uproar scrotes would have if their precious bishoujo eroge did the same to their self-inserts? Godamn, women can't have anything for ourselves. Our shit has to be ~inclusive~ to every fucking gender there is while moid VNs get to be for moids only. It's not fair.

No. 320639

Just get over it kek the game isn't good anyway

No. 326044

They have to include it somewhere, it is a good seo keyword for their type of game

No. 328770

can anyone recommend an otome game with a more tomboyish or tall mc? I have a hard time self-inserting with a lot of dainty feminine protags. thank you everyone!

No. 328774

File: 1697824330896.jpg (249.08 KB, 800x539, FLML_Front_BlogVer.jpg)

This one has a tall MC (it's a plot point), but she's not a tomboy.

No. 329355

File: 1698011127338.jpeg (166.87 KB, 1280x720, Flqmso3WIAgt9bq.jpeg)

Play Utapri in jp if you're a beginner they said
It doesn't have many kanji they said

Maybe I'm a little too early to practice my reading on this kek

No. 329387

You can read from 'watashi' fine right?
The first two are names, then something I had to look up cause I don't read a lot of normal slice of life stuff.
Radical lookup then making flashcards is your friend.

No. 329423

There's no option to add furigana? Why did they write わたし instead of 私 when that's a basic kanji? I'm considering getting the games on the PSVita someday.

No. 329425

Furigana on every kanji is for elementary school kids. It's not really common on full vn's.
Watashi with kanji or not is a style thing, some writers use it to distinguish between characters.

No. 329459

I'm about 2-ish weeks into learning and I wanted to dive headfirst into immersion but I fear that pausing every 2 words to note down a kanji will make me enjoy the story less kek. I know its part of the learning process though.
I'm trying not to rely on furigana so early on tbh

No. 329519

Yeah that might be a bit too early, you need to get a decent amount of vocab under your belt.
I think I read my first vn like a few months in and my actual first game was a kids RPG for the DS that had furigana. It is good not to rely on furigana too much but it is helpful for looking things up early on.

No. 329647

Do you have an actual electronic dictionary? It could be more reliable and comfortable than using google translate or deepl or a similar app but it's also much more expensive. I suggest you get one later once you're 100% sure you'll use it.

>I fear that pausing every 2 words to note down a kanji will make me enjoy the story less kek. I know its part of the learning process though.

That's how I practiced English super fast in my teenage years so O can tell you it will pay off at some point but my first language is way closer to English and looking for any word in an English dictionary takes way less time than with Japanese. Maybe you should play it now while looking for words you don't know and replay it a second time later once you're more fluent to enjoy it more?

No. 329663

There's sites like jisho and edrdg that are proper dictionaries. And they get updated with slang and things quite often which a physical dictionary won't.
And then you can just copy paste into a text file to make flash cards out of later.

No. 329680

Yeah I usually use jisho (app) to look up words. I guess if I want to study while playing on my Switch its not as "smooth" looking up words compared to people who usually texthook via PC

No. 330031

File: 1698210254219.jpg (201.85 KB, 1460x879, XjnjQdy.jpg)

do you nonnies have any recs for otome games similar to boyfriend dungeon? e.g. an otome game with another game mechanic and not just a point & click visual novel

No. 330036

Jisho is pretty useful bjt since English isn't my first language I don't like only using it. I recommended a physical electronic dictionary for cases where she would need to trace kanji instead of copy/pasting them but now it's an option on Google translate as well. Mine has dictionary with my first language. This is why I would only recommend one if she's really serious about studying Japanese, it can get expensive even if it's very convenient.

No. 331103

2 weeks into learning is way too early to jump into immersion. I personally recommend learning 3,000 words via anki first. The difference between how often I had to stop and learn + write down new words when I knew 2k vs. when I knew 3k was substantial. I only started immersion at 2k because it's what all the guides recommended. Your mileage may vary

An autistic thing I like to do when learning new words is "best out of 3." I paste the word into deepl, google translate, and jisho. Most of the time, google gives an incorrect translation while deepl and jisho agree on correct translations. On rare occasions they can't seem to agree, or it'll be a slang word not found in 2/3 or all 3 of those sites. In those cases I do a google image search with the word in quotation marks, assuming the word's a noun, to get a much better idea of what it is, or a regular google search if it's not a noun

No. 331283

File: 1698621880736.jpg (98.11 KB, 563x784, 72e9c04f6d9ba408d33b81bf6a84a2…)

who's your favorite LI of all time? and your most hated one kek.

No. 331284

Yeah I kinda put my game on pause now after experiencing how exhausting lookups were. I'm still doing my daily anki and immersing with manga which is a LOT easier so atm its good, 150ish words so far, I was just too eager for otome kek. Btw nonna I'm currently doing the 2.3k core deck, what do you recommend after it so I can reach 3k?
>An autistic thing I like to do when learning new words is "best out of 3." I paste the word into deepl, google translate, and jisho. Most of the time, google gives an incorrect translation while deepl and jisho agree on correct translations. On rare occasions they can't seem to agree, or it'll be a slang word not found in 2/3 or all 3 of those sites. In those cases I do a google image search with the word in quotation marks, assuming the word's a noun, to get a much better idea of what it is, or a regular google search if it's not a noun
Thank you for this tip!
My husband Alice/Arisu from TxA
>Most hated
The green goblin from collar malice

No. 331287

File: 1698622893816.jpg (531.33 KB, 700x990, Gretel.(Taishou.x.Alice).full.…)

what about the green gremlin from txa kek? i really love alice too crazy little DID victim kek. yurika has a messiah complex but she's based

i hate sasazuka too. he only cares about ichika as his inoffensive substitute mommy and he goes crazy whenever she challenges his authority on her (like in the fd). he really felt like a realistic depiction of a techbro manchild

No. 331290

Himuro sensei from TMGS lel. The ultimate otome husbando

No. 331333

Favorite is also OS Yosuga. Least favorite is Sakuya from Norn

No. 331594

nonny theres a lot of characters because it's describing a location, the rest of the game should be easier.

also - we have advanced technology now, just use a google photo translate app and it will translate in real time. it'll be goofy, but if you have no knowledge in japanese, it's the best you're going to get.

No. 334413

File: 1699577308543.jpg (48.57 KB, 246x400, 49713.jpg)

Shuuen no Virche released today. Is anyone planning on playing it?

No. 334438

File: 1699584784552.jpeg (94.93 KB, 1024x576, ShuuennoVirche-1024x576.jpeg)

Honestly gonna, but solely because of this creature and the story + setting.

No. 334443

Nonna I had no expectations for Ankou going in (I was more interested in Yves) but as soon as Ankou arrived I was captivated. I’m no where near done but he seems reallyyy interesting!

No. 334501

I have it! I think my favorites so far are Yves and Adolphe but I'm still in the common route

No. 334805

Sorry I know this is a dumb nitpick and many of you probably don't care but I'm tired of seeing so many blonde/light-haired cookie cutter protagonists. Irl most of the girls who play otome are dark-haired.

No. 334809

Low quality bait.

No. 334817

How is this bait?? I'm sick and tired of seeing blonde girls everywhere??

No. 334843

File: 1699701861961.png (902.74 KB, 896x784, yusuke kozaki.PNG)

>getting back into Fire Emblem games on the 3DS
>checking Yusuke Kozaki's twitter because it's been a while and he's the character designer for some of these games
>one of the first tweets I find is about some new otome game he worked on, pic related
>suddenly remembering he designed Takumi and Leo in Fates based on otome games' love interests
I'm very curious, does anyone know about that game? It's on the Switch.

No. 334851

It releases on November 30th anon but D3 Publisher has not released otomes in years lol I'm not sure if I should be hyped or not

No. 334862

Can you explain? He seemed like "strict Japanese dad" except ikemen, so I never wanted to romance him. What makes him a good husbando?

No. 334868

I'm honestly still seething that he made leo a siscon but takumi still has my heart

No. 334876

It hasnt released yet. I think this one is some murder mystery one, the plot sounded interesting although I’m not a fan of the character designs

No. 335355

I preordered it from Aksys and I've been playing it since it arrived. Sadly I haven't had that much time to play it but so far I've finished one of Mathis' despair endings. So far I really like Virche! I love how dark it is lol. Also it's interesting that you have to play ALL the Despair ends before you can get the good ends, I've never hear of an otome game doing that before.

No. 335919

Can fans please stop demanding an established MC when we finally get a rare self-insert game? I stopped playing otomes because I felt like I was being cucked in a certain game and haven't been back since. I don't want to read a het romance novel, I want a semblance of choice and a hot interactive boyfriend that's into me no matter what

No. 336005

File: 1700137258425.jpg (951.63 KB, 2059x1114, 1531243.jpg)

year late to this post but I didn't like Shin much the first time I played back in about 2014.
I replayed it when it came out on the Switch last year, and he ended up being my favourite this time around. Not sure if it's just that my tastes changed as I got older or what. Weirdly, Ikki was my favourite the first time. Toma was and still is my least favourite.

No. 336082

Are you talking about sympathy kiss? I agree. I dont even self-insert tbh but I hate retards who scream about MCs who are obviously meant for those purposes. They always act like they’re “above” for not self-inserting and its like… we’re all playing otome for the same purpose. To see hot/cute boys fall in love.

But yeah I’m still excited for Sympathy Kiss! The VA lineup are some of my favorites and the guys look cute. I heard it was quite smutty too.

No. 336253

File: 1700200964067.jpeg (195.45 KB, 1200x750, hot vampire boys shirtless.jpe…)

Is Ikemen Vampire worth getting into? I played it years ago but didn't really get a hang of it but it's tempting me again.. is it easy being a f2p?

No. 336255

This actually has me curious– what are the best yume otome games? Preferably on Switch or Vita.
I've mostly played goofy ones like Hatoful or Sweet Fuse, or ones that weren't very good for self-inserting, but I'd really be into it from that angle.
Games with an 18+ cast would be preferred,but not mandatory if the character writing is really good. I'm really not into teenage real-world academic settings, though.

No. 336256

File: 1700202789656.jpeg (180.79 KB, 600x602, IMG_0377.jpeg)

All of the ones I can think of haven't been translated into English, with the exception of maybe Palais de Reine (depending on what you mean by actual gameplay, I haven't played Boyfriend Dungeon). It's part otome, part strategic simulator and has a lot lf replay value due to its surprising depth and variety of suitors.
YMMV as this is admittedly a first-time-in-the-West modern port of an a rather old game, and the art/premise are rather unique. But hey, maybe it'll scratch your itch.

No. 336261

ok I don't really want to be spoiled - I am just on the common route now - but I like Ankou a lot and I want to know if his ending/route is satisfying for his story? For some reason I fear that it'll be botched or something, or it'll be one of those "I'll await you forever" annoying ends. I'd like a vague warning if it is frustrating.

No. 336266

File: 1700205877968.jpg (67.55 KB, 492x1077, Capture.JPG)

nta but too bad about these reviews it seemed interesting

No. 336267

Yikes… I played in JP and only knew about the English version getting released, thanks for flagging this.

No. 336273

This happens with almost all old JP visual novels, lol. It's absolutely fine to whitelist it. These people have no experience playing older VNs but admittedly, it's scary for an average steam user when their direct download gets flagged as a virus.

No. 336277

Any idea why it happens?

No. 336280

NTAYRT but virtually all old games get flagged as viruses by Microsoft Defender. No idea why it happens though, Defender hates antic code.

No. 336383

The weird thing about Palais de Reine AFAIK is that this wasn't originally an issue with the port. It started a while after its release.

No. 336465

Windows defender constantly gets updated and starts flagging things as virus which it never did before. Happened to a bunch of VNs I've had on my laptop for a decade.

No. 337806

Have any of the other anons who were playing Virche Evermore finished it yet? I finished it yesterday. I really liked it overall, though it made me sob more than I thought I would lol, especially during my fave LI's route Yves, both his despair ending and salvation ending broke me. Ngl I'm a bit irked about how some of the salvation endings went…just a warning to anons, they're not all happy, and both my fave LIs were done dirty Yves has only half a year to live in the salvation end and he's in hiding with the mc, and Ankou didn't even have his own, he dies in the Le Salut salvation end and there's that retarded reveal that he's Adolphe from the future, tbh I would be more ok with it if he at least had his own salvation end since his story gives me Ukyo vibes, who I love, but he only had the evermore end. Also the scientific explanations for stuff was pretty dumb kek. But I still really liked the game and couldn't put it down at some points because of how engrossed I was in the story. Also, despite my complaints about some of the ends, the romance was good in all of the routes.

No. 337810

Nonna you're quick! Or maybe I'm slow? I'm still on my 2nd route… I'll read your spoilers and report back when I'm done playing! Glad you enjoyed it overall

No. 338215

File: 1700967922428.png (Spoiler Image,1.96 MB, 1920x1080, lucas.png)

I'm just on Yves' route I ended up looking at your spoilers–but willingly because I was having a sense of dread about Ankou's story anyway. It's funny how Adolphe is my least favorite and Ankou my most considering they're the same person apparently. Annoying. How does this even make sense? Also, without spoiling it, is the E end worth playing for an Ankou fan? I'm contemplating if I should do it then put off finishing Virche until the Ankou route/fandisk is released.

I'm not really sure how to feel because some of the elements of this VN are among my favorite ever - the art, tone, Lucas and Ankou, the themes and execution, etc - and others make me bitter…still am completely enchanted.

No. 338334

File: 1701040609108.jpg (32.86 KB, 600x338, Ankou.600.3492938-2301029807.j…)

ayart, you need to do all of the despair ends to unlock the salvation ends so I'd recommend doing it anyway, but regarding my personal opinion on it, it's actually my favorite bad/despair end tbh I found it really romantic in a fucked up kinda way kek. I won't say anymore since you said you didn't want to be spoiled. Regarding the spoilered stuff, I feel similarly lol, I mean Adolphe actually isn't my least favorite, but he's definitely towards the bottom, while I love Ankou. It's actually crazy how much sexier Adolphe is as Ankou KEK, as well as more likable. When you play the Le Salut route you'll find out how he became Ankou but even after playing it it still feels crazy
> I'm contemplating if I should do it then put off finishing Virche until the Ankou route/fandisk is released.
A fandisk actually did come out not too long ago and I heard that it has a happy ending for Ankou, but it's in Japanese and idk if it'll get localized. It definitely serves as good motivation for learning Japanese lol.

No. 344312

I'm halfway to Yves route (finished chapter 2) and I just don't have the excitement(?) to continue. It's not awful but its just alright. The guys are so cute though and my favorite boys are in La Salut so I have to push through… did anyone else feel this way while playing?

No. 344857

File: 1703572598226.png (5 MB, 1920x1080, ahhh.png)

tysm for the warnings!! I did get the Evermore end and I'm still in shock kek. at least it was romantic like you said. I just wish there was a way to reciprocate his love. And you're right about it being motivating, it'll still be a few months until I'd be able to read the fandisk in full though.
I stopped towards the end of La Salut on purpose even though I was actually enjoying the game a lot because Lucas and Ankou were my favorites and both are eviscerated by the story. I was also spoiled that Lucas's final CG is a gravestone in his "salvation" end and so I can tell I prefer his caged world end. Seriously, did the writers hate them? Anyway if you do like Adolphe a lot I would say it's still worth playing his route, though do expect Ankou to break your heart no matter what.

No. 345003

Nonnie if Lucus is one of your faves you might appreciate the Salvation end for Le Salut it's literally the only ending for Lucas that isn't bleak, and all of the LIs (except for Ankou) have a happy ending in it

No. 347367

File: 1704749397456.png (Spoiler Image,1.31 MB, 1212x861, lucasgate.png)

actually I was aware of it, it's just I dislike Adolphe so much that I refuse to canonize his route in any way out of pure pettiness.
anyway I'm not sure if I love him but to cope with how confused his route left me I made my first and only meme ever. I hope it makes someone out there cringe. fangs/10

No. 348301

Stumbled upon this. It is getting an English release soon. I thought some nonas would find it interesting

No. 349392

Lol this got posted in the mobage thread and the nonnas there were pretty negative, but I'm excited for its release tomorrow. An otome blogger I follow (and have similar tastes to) played it during the Closed Beta last month had a lot of positive things to say about the game.

No. 350757

File: 1706000159451.jpg (79.75 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I saw the reactions on the other thread and I gotta agree that the love interests are kind of bland, but I do enjoy it so far. Rafayel is the most interesting of the 3 indeed but I do enjoy the interactions with the other two characters. I'm not as much into otomes as other anons, but I feel this is the first time there has been such an effort put into an otome, with such a high effort put into character models, voice acting and interactions. I also like the combat as it's not just mindless tapping and needs skill sometimes. Also MC actually looks cool and competent as a fighter and not an uwu cute/sexy waifu. The game is level-locked though and one has to wait at least a day to gather enough EXP to proceed to the next chapter(just unlocked chapter 5). The plot seems simple for now but still promising. The main thing is obviously the husbandos but the plot is ok too. I'm interested to see where it goes

No. 350786

File: 1706019706503.png (3.17 MB, 1080x2340, 1000007880.png)

So, as someone utterly autistic about otome games. I can say that this game is pretty nice.
I like: the fact that you can customize your character and you can have dark skin (it makes self-insertion to me easier because I'm seriously autistic about it), the guys are cute but the only one with a true personality is the painter who is honestly also the cutest of the three guys so far, I like the graphics, the game play is like touken ranbu warriors mixed with genshin impact, but without the annoyance of open world games, I absolutely love the sci-fi setting, the outfits, the technobabble and the level up system that's kind of like Nu:Carnival's.
I hope they add more romanceable characters tbh, I actually told them in the survey that they should try to mimic the popular guys from other games to attract yumes looking for interactive scenarios with their husbandos, and also so they can imagine their husbandos in 3D.
The dub voices aren't annoying tbh, it seems like they actually tried to do something very nice and they succeeded.
Something else I appreciate is the some sort of encyclopedia they made with the information you've learnt so far so you can re-read and get also extra information about the places and things that happen in the game, it's a seriously nice touch, specially if you play for a long time and tend to forget details.
And another thing that's nice is how natural are the movements of the characters, it's just nice.
I didn't like: the simple personalities of the other two guys, they're tropes, but I appreciate that to some extent because if you already have a husbando, you can just pretend that's him.
I also didn't like how the audio is kind of annoying to adjust, the voices are either shouting or whispering so it's obnoxious but that's just a nitpick.
I also don't like how you can't have different attitudes or how you can't select different options of your own dialog, but I get why, it can't be easy to add multiple outcomes for the main plot if you add other features that other games just don't have and will never have.
Overall it's pretty nice, I like it, the guys aren't particularly special but it's okay.

No. 350830

God, I wish they let Caleb be a love interest. Is he actually dead? I was so upset, the minute he was introduced I thought he would be my favorite because I love childhood friends to lovers. Then he just fucking exploded out of nowhere. The pacing is rough.

No. 350836

File: 1706043103030.webm (1.67 MB, 480x1040, Screen_Recording_20240123_0955…)

these are my thoughts more or less nonnie aside from the sound thing i dont notice anything weird. ppl have complained about the eng dub being bad but i think it's fine. i progressed a bit with the plot and it's a bit predictable but it's ok for now. if this game does well(i believe it will) it will kickstart competition and more effort will be put on otomes like it happened with genshin and open world games
Caleb and another evil guy will be added later so that means Caleb didn't actually die ig

idk if others have seen this cause i definitely didn't know, but this game has jiggle physics kek

No. 350839

Do you get to be dominant with any of the characters in this game? Like actually in charge, not just squeeze his face a bit until he gets on top.

No. 350876

File: 1706065530462.jpg (620.95 KB, 1080x1920, loveseternalwishes.jpg)

I recently tried this otome from Genius, available on iOS and Android only it looks like. The guys are so hot looking to me, I really like the art style and the initial story really sucked me in but it became quickly apparent that major story/romance choices would be locked behind micro-transactions. Tragically killed my horniness.
Anyone know of a full play-through uploaded anywhere, even if it's just the text? I can only find little bits on youtube, most of them in spanish. I also tried to unsuccessfully use luckypatcher with it. I think it didn't work because of how it checks for purchases with an online connection.

No. 350939

So what's the first game I play on my new computer… not Starfield lol.
I only got as far as unlocking the photo studio and I probably had the most fun customizing my sorta derpy protag.
Hope they add a side braid hairstyle that doesn't cost real money and more 'normal' casual clothes.
I really wish my tablet could run this. It's definitely the type of game that's more fun to play lying in bed and with proper touch controls.

No. 350947

>The guys arent particularly special
Man I wish I could get into this but yeah the boys are absolutely not to my (admittedly weird) taste. I wish they had more unique hairstyles and outfits. Like you can do so much with a sci fi setting why not make it look interesting? Even personalities too, I really do like eccentric characters. I guess they need to appeal to the most amount of people though.

No. 351663

File: 1706366139544.jpeg (422.08 KB, 828x814, IMG_2865.jpeg)

fuck i love xavier so much

No. 351806

File: 1706463721636.jpg (68.32 KB, 256x384, speakeasy.jpg)

so i decide to give this OEL a try, since the art seemed ok (and the female LI is just my type). it has 6 routes, i played 2 to the end, and left another 2 in the middle out of boredom. it's not bad, but it isn't good either.


Doesn't feel like a SI; it's too much of a spoiled, petty and clueless rich brat. She is kinda of funny, in a "what a dumb bitch" way. one good thing is that she isn't a clueless virgin, which is a bit refreshing in a otome protagonist.
readable. nothing too bad, but really lazy and bare. plot? what plot? the common route is linear, you pick a LI and it goes straight to the end. The plot is different between LIs, but it's really weak. choices are few and don't matter. no exploration, no variation, no dating sim dinamics.
(it turns out there are 3 endings per route, but i didn't know how to save on choices so played straight to the end and got a happy ending both times.)
boring and bland. what's the point of variety if all of them are paper thin? there's really no time to develop a relationship/romance, there's no time to get to know the LIs. One chapter they are strangers, 2 chapters later they are changing i love yous. when i started getting invested in the characters the game ends.
For a game with sex scenes and a sensual setting, it could have been more horny. the sex scenes were not bad, but not good. just bland. the cgs are okaish, but the naked sprites wear calvin klein underwear, which is both funny and lazy.
meh. actually decent for something western, but could be more polished. The CGs were so few and uninspired! like 1 SFW and 2 NSFW per route. there are moments that in JPN otome would get a pretty SFW CG, and here the only thing you get is sprites and background. LAAAZY.
the sprites are also meh. some LIs and the MC look good, others could be more polished and have a better colour scheme (seriously, some colour choices are regretable).

Rate 2/5.

No. 352538

what's the deal with gacha otome games? does anyone actually like the grinding? I did install ikemen vampire because Shakespeare was my favorite writer growing up and I find the thought of romancing him entertaining. outside of the main story - which I do like a lot - the gameplay feels so arbitrary. the app itself is also a logistical nightmare with a lot of loading screens.
glad to hear that about Rafayel, he was the only one I was interested in based off of looks.

No. 352541

They are for people who really like at least one of the characters designs I guess. It can't be their personalities because the writing in those games is usually awful

No. 352674

Aksys new announcements
>Radiant Tale FD
>Virche FD

Tengoku Struggle release date is April 4th.

No. 352951

I've been playing love and deepspace and I'm SO SO grateful for the MC customization. It's really well done. However there should be an option to toggle MC's personality without interfering with the plot, to make her a proper self-insert. The love interests all look stunning but unfortunately they have the personality of plain toast, they're just as basic as the main guys from tears of themis…

No. 353068

File: 1706909485465.gif (19.6 MB, 482x526, mask.gif)

ok so…I tried Deepspace. with much shame I admit what finally seduced me into installing it was seeing this outfit. I liked it a lot more than I thought it would! maybe it's the high fantasy/sci-fi story haloing it for me. also, it's not really hostile if you're free to play, there's so much content you can unlock.
I find Xavier and Rafayel to be ok for what they are tbh.

No. 353083

Themis guys aren't even boring, I like them all. LDS ones kinda are except for Rafayel but I think Xavier has a lot of interesting lore to make up for his stunted reactions. In general the whole setting and main story is the most interesting thing to me, funnily enough

No. 353093

Rayafel's main issue is that he texts like a cheeky fuckboy with dyslexia…well, how I'd imagine one would kek. And I agree the main story is a lot more interesting. I really hope the romance is integrated well into it because I'm worried it will feel tacked on.

No. 353106

I think the thing that ties me to gacha otomes is the constant stream of updates and events. With regular otomes, once you complete the story/route it's done. Gacha otomes have a consistent fandom, even if they can be super small. Also, max I've spent on an otome is $5 if I want VIP on something kek

No. 353122

Kek I love him but you’re absolutely right about that. I dont mind the lowercase but he needs to use punctuation

No. 353148

Yeah I love the customization too, I feel like this is the closest I got a create a character to actually look like me.
I wish you could use the photo mode hair and outfits in different parts of the game though.

The guys aren't too bad, a bit tropey and Raf is that archetype I hate. But I love the 3D POV stuff, helps me imagine my actual husbando's in POV scenarios lol.

No. 353649

where the fuck did all these tsundere heroines come from? if i want to romance these guys i won't act like a tsundere, i'm not 12 yr old! i'll take those "weak" kind old school heroines over cynical tsunderes any day. you can make the love interest a tsundere, just not the fucking heroine it's stupid and annoying. i'm thinking about love and deepspace because it's obvious they're trying to make the heroine vaguely a tsundere and it's frustrating because this is a game that 1.allows you to fully customize your heroine and 2.it's first person view, very self-insert friendly HOWEVER you get stuck to a basic lowkey tsundere personality that you can't change…

No. 353937

Is she really tsun?
She doesn't really seem that way in the few card stories I've read, and the main story doesn't seem to be leaning into romance too heavily yet.

No. 353942

The heroine is very tsundere but in a "sassy Disney sitcom character" way.

No. 354038

in the new cards the heroine gets drunk and she's basically babysat by the love interests, i can't be the only one who hates this type of scenario, especially because i don't drink myself. it would be more fun if the guys got drunk and the heroine would take advantage of them instead

No. 354175

File: 1707267633750.jpg (Spoiler Image,103.98 KB, 1080x815, ooc probably.jpg)

yeah that confused me too. a long time ago I did play Second Reproduction and that feels like the only otome I've played with an actual tsundere. didn't notice it in deepspace at all. maybe what nonna meant is that she's not 100% agreeable?
you're right! I enjoy the ongoing format. I was just mostly bitter about Ikemen Vampire; between the lack of voice acting and inability to reread chapters it feels like a particularly unwelcoming gacha game. speaking as someone who isn't adverse to spending money. on the upside will's route is wildly entertaining. well, mostly for all the wrong reasons…..

No. 354643

File: 1707445378006.mp4 (3.96 MB, 576x828, rafayelling.mp4)

the english dub has been a nightmare so far and I can't get over it.

No. 354670

I’ll never understand en dubfags

No. 354673

The graphics are so good holy shit. Mobile games really have gone far.

No. 354749

he is my favorite out of the three but wow the english dub makes him give a whole different feel that i don't enjoy

No. 354755

this is precisely why I changed the voiceover to Japanese also Tachibana Shinnosuke voices Rafayel. The English dub for Zayne is even worse kek, I really don't understand some of the praise I've been seeing for the English dub…

No. 354778

I find Raf much funnier english dubbed at the expense of romance and immersion.

No. 357298

I hate when people play otome games but make their entire personality “heroine simp”. Bitch talk about the boys and not the fucking self-insert. It feels like such a performative/fake attempt at trying to come off as feminist.

No. 357305

I wanted to say the same thing, it's fucking annoying. Like why are they even playing an otome in the first place? Just play a galge instead, plenty of girls do it

No. 357320

Yeah its really frustrating, especially when most localized games are from otomate and they’re known for having the most safe and generic mcs with the same old traits. I have no idea how people’s brains got so twisted.

No. 357334

I really want to buy Sympathy Kiss but I haven’t even finished Virche and I have a few other games in my backlog…

No. 357342

do you mean the focus on fully developed MCs or protecting MCs from the way fans always say something like shes so weak and pathetic? but i agree its mostly about the boys. having an MC with a personality and backstory is annoying, i'm not trying to read a shoujo manga or generic romance novel

No. 357381

It seems the TMGS4 fan translation has reached 60%. I'm really hope it'll be done sometime this year but you never know with fan translations.

No. 357382

Just learn jp
By the time they're done you could already be reading otoge with no problem

No. 357385

Nta but getting into otome games has been my biggest motivator for learning jp, more so than 10+ years of watching anime and reading manga lmao. I think its because accessibility is much lower.

No. 357388

I'm the same, nonnie. I think after one point if you're serious about playing VNs it's a worthwhile investment. It's a bit how you learn english in certain countries just so you can play video games as a kid.

No. 357614

File: 1708561966826.png (700.91 KB, 768x1358, Screenshot 2024-02-21 181855.p…)

Question for the handful of Love and Deepspace nonnies: What do you think about the official community yaoi ban? I noticed that the usual "Poor devs were forced to censor their game by the Chinese government!" narrative went straight out the window this time.

No. 357643

>in official communities
so who cares, they can post shit on twitter or whatever all they want.
I hate when fans ship the guys in otome games anyway, they have their own stuff.
Not all nerdy woman are fujos.

No. 357716

Seems fair to me? I am a fujo but why would you feel the need to post BL in the official servers anyway, surely there is enough fanspaces for that

No. 360265

File: 1709619424528.png (1.45 MB, 1156x652, Screen Shot 2024-03-04 at 10.1…)

hi nonnies. I recently started playing collar x malice for the first and im really really enjoying it. I'm on my first run and ended up in the mineo route. I was wondering if there was an optimal play order for the story? I know I could google it but i'd rather get some opinions here. I already know Yanagi is locked and I should(?) play him last but other than that i dont know. Does it even matter? thanks

pic for attention

No. 360621

Impulsively downloaded this. Even if I hate gachas and cringed at most videos. It's actually quite fun. I enjoyed the combat, the weekly card and crane games and taking pictures. The story is ok. Romance is fine, not really my choice of love interests. Rafayel is funny sometimes. It won't be a game I'll always remember, but I'm very happy with the overall quality of the game. I'm glad more effort is being put into otome games.

No. 360689

omg I love this game. optimal way to play is Mineo>okazaki>Sasazuka>Shiraishi>Yanagi

No. 360698

Yeah its pretty decent and I'm just glad to see a game made for women that actually has effort and money put into it. I'm so used to games cutting corners and repeating already tried and tested stuff. Its not perfect but its kinda refreshing.

No. 360784

is this the norm for localized otomes now? i'm playing sympathy kiss and i noticed a few lines in kohei's route are mistranslated to be less offensive kek

the first one ignored the line 'some women never grow out of their love for teddy bears' and the other was kohei being jealous and trying to assure himself MC met up with a girl and not a guy, i'm guessing this line is seen as 'biphobic'

No. 360785

File: 1709876420838.gif (8.68 MB, 268x450, illegal.gif)

I mostly like the first person portions, which is a shame because they really are the most exclusive/limited ones and it feels like the advertisements overplay how common they are. I still find myself obsessively collecting plushies though, it probably counts for half my playtime kek.

No. 360823

Are you not allowed to touch manboobs in this game? tsk tsk

No. 360903

You are and the MC can get really bold but she is usually stopped by the boys or she gets cold feet. I also just downloaded the game out of curiosity even though I usually don't go for otomes, it looks so pretty in the ads. But then I got addicted, you can't just tell me one of the boys is a fish and not show me his merman form properly

No. 361121

Who is your favorite love and deepspace boy anons?
I wonder if anyone else here likes Zayne the best

No. 361128

I do, I don't really care about the other two guys that much compared to Zayne. He is so calming and soothing to me.

No. 365027

Am I the only one who is bothered by the VA’s voice being twinky as fuck? The gay voice ruins the experience of a fictional hot dude. And well if he isn’t “gay” then I’ve got news for this guy kek.

No. 365030

File: 1711235575741.png (1021.5 KB, 800x800, IMG_5837.png)

Xavier, I don’t tend to like LIs who are mean to the MC right off the bat. However I saw that Rafayel has a date where he’s tied up and I will 100% be cheating on Xavier for this.

No. 365032

You can change the language they speak but still have the game in English, his Japanese VA sounds way better and has a playfulness that fits the character. Same with Zayne, can't stand his English VA but JP sounds very nice and fitting
From what I've seen Rafayel is the sub of the group, his birthday card has you overpower him and pin him to a bed. Xavier has switch elements and Zayne is more dominant I guess.

No. 365033

Kek if nonna is right and it's the dub then most dub va's are like that nowadays.

No. 365034

Rafayel ez
Dont really care about Zayne. Xavier is cute but kinda boring

No. 365036

Wait I just noticed it says “Time Limited” so is this date not available anymore? Fuck my life

No. 365043

Yeah that was his valentine's card. It might rerun next year but who knows, the game is too new to know how they'll deal with reruns.
I have no idea if anybody is recording and posting the stories in a secret club somewhere.

No. 366092

Apparently there's a new feature coming to Love and Deepspace where you can work out with them

No. 366096

Sad because I won't be able to whip out the anime boy while working out at the gym, I mostly have clases with a group of people and a trailer.

No. 366105

The voice acting is so bad that any eroticism gets completely thrown out of the window.

No. 366133

The detail of their bodies underneath the clothes are damn hot

No. 366139

Too bad I'm playing on PC emulator so not really what they intended for this feature.
and I don't exercise…

No. 368756

File: 1712529099910.jpeg (177.57 KB, 1164x1581, IMG_1217.jpeg)

When they workout you can zoom the camera to look at them at all different angles too. Zayne isn’t really my type but he is PACKING. God bless this game.

No. 368776

Don't play but I love this. There should be more bulges showing in these games for women

No. 371568

File: 1713380731662.webp (137.58 KB, 1000x697, Episode_26_Banner.webp)

Did any of you play my candy love/ amour sucré/ corazon del melon in the early 2010 ? it was an online game, technically free but you had to wait mouths to complete a chapter. Recently a french twitch streamer started playing it and it created a huge hype. I played when i was 14 and i tried to re play but it's impossible unless you pay unholy amount of money. I hate myself for getting caught up in the hype because the creators are greddy idiots. Just to name a few examples
>they made sequels to the first game called campus life and love life but only kept 2 of the 5 original love interests (when the fans complained enough, they created alternative endings for them wich are 6 chapters long vs more than 30 for the 2 others li)
>there is a lot of sex scenes which is weird because the game is wildly popular with young teenage girls (and the sex scene are never fully explicit,no mention of genitalia but the cg are straight up porn)
>in some cases you have to accept threesomes if you want the full story
>there is a storyline where one of the li (your college professor) is wrongly accused of sexual assault and another li (the only wlw option) tries to get you to make up a false testimony to put him in jail

Fuck, i wish there was a way to pirate this game, i will not pay 100euros to finish it but i miss Armin so much, i had such a big crush on him in middle school

No. 371713

IFI announced english version of 9R.I.P.
Any of you nonnies played it? The only other otomate horror game I remember was Shiratsuyu no kai and I dropped it really fast because it was boring.

No. 371882

File: 1713493939840.jpg (46.42 KB, 564x564, 1b1ce92686a9d3e18caf99219a4bcd…)

weird shit on the front page

No. 371883

File: 1713494025109.png (2.18 MB, 2560x1442, Capture d’écran 2024-04-18 à…)

don't scroll !

No. 371884

File: 1713494129235.png (2.32 MB, 2554x1434, rhHt5dE34g78J.png)

last one (hope it's enough, i'm not brave enough to check)

No. 371885

File: 1713494780994.png (607.92 KB, 984x539, chounodoku.png)

It's gone; don't worry. I was hunting for CGs, too, to bump it off.

No. 371917

Meiji Tokyo Renka is getting released in english for steam and switch this year.
Looks like it's a good year to be otomefag.

No. 372126

Now that i finished sakuya's route can i say i fucking hate him ? What a controlling degenerate pervert. I think i hate him even more because the game insists he's "the most beautiful man ever" and he's "such a gentleman" i only got his bad ending on purpose and i was so glad when he died, i cheered in my room. Poor Mikoto, she's my favorite of the three girls but she is surrounded by creeps who keep touching her . I hope Natsuhiko's better.
Heishi's route was chef kiss tho, i love his va

No. 372161

File: 1713576270142.jpg (108.1 KB, 800x450, Fmg5t4aaYAAGZxE.jpg)

Any nonnies who play Ikemen Villains?? I like it so far

No. 372274

I tried it but the "action point" system was so frustrating that I bailed.

Also the tryhard weeaboo art style is so ugly.

No. 372328

File: 1713625236289.jpg (Spoiler Image,107.59 KB, 473x700, 1397-aa52e4cd5dcbe204166737833…)

yummy yummy in my tummy

No. 372378

Are there any otome games with unrealistically sweet and loving guys? I hate abusive assholes.

No. 372379

where do you play it?

No. 372386

I will give it a try, I hope I actually like at least one of them.
It's on the playstore.

No. 372488

So I'm playing Ikemen Villians and the story is okay, it's kind of annoying that it only has three available characters so far but it can't be helped.
It's kind of interesting how only one of them has an actual content warning, you would expect grown ass adults to be able to play games with themes like suicide and self harm without getting influenced by it somehow, specially considering that this game is 17+ in the playstore.
I'm curious about the cute but retarded blond boy and the happiness obsessed boy. I already hate a lot the guy I thought I was going to like btw, it's the asshat named Jude, if I can be rude to him I will be very rude, he's a fucking asshole but not in a cute tsuntsun way, Jesus, if I wanted someone to talk to me that way I would just go outside and interact with moids irl.
I only just checked the prologue so now I may pick the red queen boy or the Cheshire cat boy because they seem to be less predictable than fox boy to me, but who knows? If I have fun I may play all of the routes.
Also, this system of actually picking a boy reminds me of the old shall we date games with actual routes and not joseimuke gacha suffering baits I still love my husbando though.
I, of course can't help but think of twisted wonderland while playing this game, so hopefully I can disconnect my brain and not think about it Because I just know that the boy that has the same theme as my twisted husbando isn't even remotely similar to him, so I admit I was a bit disappointed to see that.

No. 372578

I played Even If Tempest and got through my first route (Tyril), the themes are kind of dark but it is a good game, the VAs are good and I liked the mechanics overall. I would recommend if you're okay with a traumatic backstory for mc (abusive childhood and so on)

it seems interesting, I'm gonna try it.

No. 372655

Has anyone been struggling to enjoy Otomate titles recently? I thought I was outgrowing the genre as a whole, but I recently finished a title made by another company, and it made me realized the issue isn't with the genre at all.

No. 372668

I stopped enjoying their stuff for a long time. They have a formula and they refuse to go outside of it while releasing 5 games a year doing the same variation of that formula. Its frustrating because they have such a monopoly on the genre. What game did you try?

No. 372683

File: 1713747912366.jpg (70.2 KB, 418x600, Chou.no.Doku.Hana.no.Kusari.60…)

Yeah, I think it's the formulaic nature of their games that really gets to me. No matter how interesting a premise is, it usually devolves into the same thing over and over again. I think I need to stop getting excited for their titles, as I keep feeling disappointed.
>What game did you try?
Chou no Doku! I was very surprised by how interesting the characters were, even those who weren't my type at all. I'm used to hating at least one LI, so having a cast of boys I found compelling was a nice change. There wasn't a single route where I felt truly bored or like I was forcing myself to get through it. Lately, I've felt relieved when I finished a title, but I was actually sad to see this one end because I wanted more. The mystery was compelling, and I loved Yuriko as a protagonist.

No. 372750

nta, did you play chou no doku with 18+ content?

No. 372796

>No matter how interesting a premise is, it usually devolves into the same thing over and over again
Yep. Sometimes I find myself lured in by their marketing because a certain game concept sounds nice, but then I actually give it a shot and the routes are still dragged out with irrelevant/boring story, the romance feels sterile, they rotate between the same 10 high profile VAs and sometimes they’ll have edgy bad endings for the hell of it. Like idk, do japanese fans enjoy this? Is that why there’s barely any change? Or are otomate stubborn because they meet their baseline of target sales regardless of complaints. Either way, the way forward is to wait several months after an otomate release just to see what people say about it before going in. IMO they no longer deserve day 1 purchases.
>Chou no Doku
I loved that one! Its one of the games that inspired me to keep learning JP so I can actually play the FD (and the r18 pc version). The taisho era setting was so nice and I loved all the guys. I feel like the mystery/plot was also perfectly interwoven with the romance, instead of the two being treated as two separate things (which imo a lot of otomate titles suffers from as well).

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