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File: 1612705820376.jpg (629.69 KB, 2900x1632, anime_generic.jpg)

No. 126536

general thread to discuss anime

thread #1 >>3894

No. 126542

yeah i really like their relationship as of right now. its cute. it makes me so mad that 85% of romance anime have this weird unhealthy aspect to the relationship

No. 126552

What a shit OP. There are over 100 posts left on the old one.

No. 126553

suck my dick

No. 126563

Newfags out

No. 127839

The Caterer at the Maiko Manor is coming this month. It's about two childhood friends who moved to Kyoto to become Maiko. One of them quit and became a caterer, while the other succeeded. It's just a wholesome slice of life anime about their friendship.

No. 127841

Holy fuck I love this manga so much.
You’ve made my entire Valentines Day. I’m really happy.

No. 127851

Yes!!! Already on top of my list

No. 127862

Thanks anon! I'll look at this

No. 127876

This sounds fucking awesome, super excited to watch and I think I'll pick up the manga in the meantime. Thanks anon!

No. 128186

File: 1613488572328.jpg (127.3 KB, 1200x675, 17Pg1uT.jpg)

Does anyone know which anime this is from?

No. 128187

File: 1613488768619.jpg (218.51 KB, 1920x1080, E8iLFip.jpg)

please and thank you in advance.

No. 128188

Heaven's Design Team

No. 128661

File: 1613686963631.jpg (10.59 KB, 310x162, download.jpg)

What the FUCK is going on with promised neverland season 2?

Seriously, what the fuck. It went from a horror anime to straight feels good piece. How did the kids seriously escape without a single death or injury… Then they just randomly did a timeskip? What a noticeable quality drop. Such a disappointment. Wondering if I should pick up the manga.

No. 128668

The manga is better when it comes to the pacing, I think but then, the end happens and not in a darnit! I wanted more! way I feel like it kept the horror-like stuff.

No. 128708

The manga is way better, at least the arc and characters that the anime skipped. I thinknit still falls off after, and the final struggle was a chore to read. It's like the mangaka had a strong concept and overall plotpoints in the beginning, and then lost interest connecting them.

No. 128934

File: 1613921949743.jpg (37.03 KB, 853x477, boku.jpg)

opinions on bokurano?

No. 128960

Read the manga instead, the anime is terrible.

No. 129598

Has anyone watched Jujutsu Kaisen? I don't really know much about the plot but the character designs remind me of other anime I like so I'm curious.

No. 129612

It looks a helluva lot shittier in the manga, the anime does the manga a bunch of favors. Watch it if you like action since that’s jujutsu kaisen’s strength.

No. 129815

File: 1614431828817.jpg (1.91 MB, 1702x1827, EnRqxZRUUAA4aT0.jpg)

Yeah, I follow it. It's like a mix of Yu-Yu-Hakusho(in spirit) and Bleach (in aesthetics+spirit). If you enjoy shounenshit, it's good, and it has a lot of pretty boys and good animation while almost no needless annoying fanservice gags.
I actually like the mangaka's rough, blocky style, but that's me. The anime looks too polished and pretty sometimes for this reason.

No. 129926

so i haven’t read the manga but is anyone else a little .. skeeved with the direction hori and miyamura’s relationship is going in horimiya? it was written by a man and i feel like that it’s kinda obvious with how hori seems to want miyamura to yell at her and treat her roughly. idk i just don’t think it’s appropriate to write a teenage girl who wants it like that in a shonen romance anime. or maybe i’m just too sensitive idk. i’m hoping that stays as like a single episode issue and they don’t keep bringing it up in later episodes.
otherwise i’m quite enjoying the anime and i like how hori isn’t like a typical shrill and innocent love interest who doesn’t understand sex or whatever. i like how realistic their relationship is so far including the fact that they both want to have sex and you can tell that they have been attracted to each other for a while.

No. 129930

File: 1614494161852.gif (1.28 MB, 500x282, F3MXRZx.gif)

Saged cause it's sorta a beaten horse rn but yashahime has lowered the bar of how stupid they can get even further

>It's now canon that after giving birth pretty much no one has given a shit about Rin

>she went missing shortly after birth still apparently living with Kaede further cementing that Sesshomaru wanted loli puss and dipped
>Kaede just kinda shrugged off her disappearance with 'Shit happens she's prob dead' this was said to the modern age daughter Towa who was pretty much the same and shrugged off the important information of her mother
>They brought back Shiori the bat half demon then immediately said her tan skin was demonic and her human night form is just Kagome with pale skin.
>Shiori is wearing the same sacrificial robe she was wearing in her debut they just sorta stretched her model and said "Yup that's an adult"
There's more but I guess they're banking on a season two to flesh out the plot? Which I don't see happening a recent interview even confirmed Takahashi never intended Sesshomaru to get with Rin.

No. 129931

File: 1614494313205.jpg (38.06 KB, 495x642, 8ve7c1e.jpg)

same fagging cause I'm a moron her model is pretty much just Kagome just pale skin being seen as human.

No. 129981

anon I'm not watching the anime but I'm up to date with the manga and believe me most of their relationship is just that, luckily it's ending next month

No. 130010

>immediately said her tan skin was demonic
The fuck? It's 2021, what the fuck is up with that shit, lmao? Glad I'm not watching this.

No. 130020

ew. in that case i think i will give the manga a pass then. i’m just hoping the anime doesn’t keep bringing up this plot point because it just makes me feel icky for want of a better word. i think i saw someone in another thread mention that the manga features abusive tendencies from the couple so i’m hoping the anime doesn’t cover that. what we’ve seen so far is enough for me thank you

No. 130401

Netflix why?

No. 130406

Potential spoilers but there's a semi important scene that revolves around the point of Hori wanting Miyamura to be rough/mean with her (I believe the anime will be covering up to ch 37ish but I forget what chapter this scene happens) Miyamura gives in and yells and smacks something Hori is holding onto the ground and she's profusely apologizing, it's an important scene because students who bullied Miyamura in middle school witness this and they are terrified of Hori, so suddenly the food chain was Miyamura > Hori > Them and they question how frightening Miyamura must be now. It sort of sets up the stage for their interactions in the future or something My memory of the manga is a little fuzzy so I might be wrong, other anons please feel free to correct me lol.

No. 130407

I actually didn't notice the static animation until people started bringing it up but it does kind of suck that that's the style they're going with.

No. 130448

they have a scene in the latest anime episode where miyamura shakes and yells at her and some first years accidentally witness it and then it’s played off as a joke that now miyamura is scary and then he starts profusely apologising to hori i guess i’m just sensitive about domestic violence stuff especially with straight couples so i’m hoping they don’t repeat this joke

No. 130452

It's good and entertaining, I recommend.
Me too anon. I prefer the manga art style compared to the anime, I feel like it matches the vibe of the series better.

No. 130467

It feels oriented towards women, or at least giving women equal consideration, which is great. The villain ripping his shirt off at pretty much every opportunity did make me laugh pretty hard though. The mc has lovable doofus qualities but not the insufferable doormat qualities that a lot of shonen and seinen protags are burdened with. The female characters are cool and varied and not designed as obnoxious waifu bait.
Also picrel is awesome. He has the best lines in the show. I can't believe people stan so hard for other male characters when he's around.

No. 130470

nta nanami is so fine that i don't bother looking at the other dudes in the show, like i don't click with gojo but seeing nanami the first time i knew deep down, he was perfect lol.

No. 130478

Perfect taste anon. Same, I was like um excuse me who's this? He's god tier. Both his personality and looks. His voice actor doesn't hurt either. I don't get the Gojo stanning. Sure, he's bishounen without the blindfold, I guess. Not my thing. I actually found him extremely annoying at first but he got better after a little while. Like, if you are the greatest of all time just eat all the digits your damn self. I actually snorted when Nanami said Gojo and Mahito had the same sort of energy lol.

No. 130875


No. 130876

File: 1614961844122.jpeg (306.06 KB, 1110x1500, D1A6A308-1029-4108-BB85-136098…)

I wouldn’t be so hard on the animation, Gokudolls has an ugly animation but it’s still one of the funniest anime I have ever watched. Comedy doesn’t get much funding anyways, not even a popular show like Gintama. The manga is super fun and the voice acting sounds good, I’m still excited for it.

No. 130883

This literally looks fanmade. Fuck I'm sad.

No. 130902

Apparently once again producers sticking their nose in where it doesn't belong. Reddit already said they told them non moving and everyone is pissed. Hope the dipshit who wanted it is out of a job once it's tanks for being a dogshit slideshow.

No. 131103

File: 1615113281819.jpeg (24.5 KB, 650x400, 936B5D6F-8277-4C09-86FF-7BD849…)

new episode of horimiya. so disappointing, weirdly paced and choppy. and the stupid “miyamura is the perfect boyfriend for hori because he’s willing to domestically abuse his girlfriend in public when she asks for it” plotline. oh god it makes me so mad. and the fact that miyamura brought this up with hori’s dad and they had this skeevy conversation about her ‘kink’. why the fuck would you talk about this with your gf’s dad. also hori’s dad kind of seems like a sex offender lol. i hate whichever man wrote this. like out of all the manga plot points they could bring up why do they have to do this for two episodes in a row. also i totally thought miyamura’s bully had a crush on him lol

No. 131105

apparently a woman wrote this… doubt

No. 131106

its printed in a shounen manga, highly doubt it, this is peak scrote material, i dropped the manga after the weird random sex, so fucking weird

No. 131109

the illustrator is a woman but the writer is a man so yeah

No. 131113

that explains everything

No. 131154

File: 1615151396897.jpg (12.08 KB, 225x225, happening.jpg)

Anyone hyped for the last EVA movie?

No. 131160

the OG series is very near and dear to me but I could never get into Anno's cash gra— I mean uh Reboot

No. 131164

this. the rebuilds are shit, i've lost all hope after i watched the3rd one
TV (including 25 and 26) + EoE will always be superior. Heck, even Sadamoto's manga is heaps better to Rebuilds. It was such a ride to read it throughout the years. Fuck rebuilds.

No. 131191

Over 3 hours right? I'll watch it but have the same complaints as everyone else. (What the hell even were those new characters in the most recent film? Random pink hair girl was so out of place it was jarring) The Utada Hikaru music is the best part tbh. Maybe there will be an audience trolling like in End of Evangelion, lol.

No. 131215

For some reason I expect it to be boring and full of waifushit with annoying new characters. I hope I'm wrong. Where can the plot even go after 3.0?

No. 131234

File: 1615206053870.jpeg (505.85 KB, 724x774, 7F35A965-4E1C-42AE-A9A5-30D95A…)

I’ve never watched the Rebuilds (NGE and EoE only) but I saw this post on /cm/ and had to save it

No. 131235

Aww KawoShin is confirmed as toxic? it was hard to keep up with spoilers yesterday so I gave up, just heard that last scene with Kaworu he is with some random other male character? (Kensuke or Kaji?)
Also if Shinji really ends up with Mari imma just gonna react like that anon from your post, there are many bad things about the reboots but she is easily the worst addition.

No. 131239

File: 1615208017150.jpeg (684.81 KB, 724x1228, B1A6644D-88A2-4B27-A24F-1186E8…)

It all keeps tumbling down

No. 131242

Every ship in Evangelion is toxic except some of the adult ones, lmao.( Not toxic enough to not make sweet merch bux off of tho- pretty sure I saw official ShinjixKaworu dresses and stuff lol) Asuka and Shinji are radioactive levels of toxic. Or how about the girl who is a partial clone of Shinji's dead mom. I mean Shinji kills Kaworu in the original series. Lol that is such a troll move, holy shit. Mari was such a rando addition. Anno's contempt for the fans really jumps out.

No. 131246

File: 1615208508433.jpeg (12.39 KB, 268x188, helovesyourtears.jpeg)

Are these people new to the franchise? You just gotta roll with Anno being a cruel bastard my friends. Am I right to infer from this that the world doesn't end (again) in this one? Huh, that is surprising.

No. 131255

where was it confirmed as toxic and where can i read all the spoilers?

No. 131256

File: 1615211066323.png (645.82 KB, 1200x1200, signs-that-hideaki-anno-is-tro…)

Rumours are flying all over Japanese twitter but a lot are trolls so it's hard to trust what is legit. Apparently Kaworu says something like he was projecting his selfish desires on Shinji and didn't actually care about him at all. Also Kensuke ends up with Asuka? lol Article on how to avoid them but can actually help you find them: https://www.dualshockers.com/evangelion-final-movie-spoilers-explained/

No. 131257

Hmm I remember the impression I had from wathing the NGE tv series was that Kaworu was the least toxic relationship Shinji ever had; I'm not a shipper though and I hate unnecessary coupling in general so i honestly would prefer if no one ended up with anyone; but seems like literally everyone was paired up (unless spoilers were 4chan lies). Could have expected that since apparently point of reboots seemed to make Shinji-centered harem story though, as literally every girl is miraculously into him now.
I guess I'll watch this final movie and then proceed to remove every single memories of reboots from my mind. I saw 3.0 twice and remember almost nothing of it because it was so bad.

All that said, I'm still excited for more Shiro Sagisu music, I love the over the top epicness of it.

No. 131258

File: 1615212024087.jpg (1.8 MB, 2031x2952, Neon.Genesis.Evangelion.full.2…)

Oh absolutely. But it's all degrees. Kaworu treated him the most tenderly, like a human being with agency, despite not being human himself. It still resulted in Shinji having to kill him though. Hence it not really being an idyllic relationship. Their reboot relationship takes that element away by having Misato kill Kaworu, after Kaworu facilitates it, which makes it more of a slap in the face to fans if the spoilers are true. Pretty cruel on Anno's part but exactly something he would do tbh. Anyone expecting picrel was delusional.

Sagisu is great and so is the music Utada Hikaru wrote for it. Beautiful Boy and One Last Kiss.

No. 131259

If this is true then they really pulled that shit out of their asses. While it's true that everything in NGE is toxic, there was literally no sign of Kaworu being selfish, projecting and not caring about Shinji prior to this movie. How can you see bad intentions and toxic behaviour in anything that he does in 3.0? And apparently fucking Mari is the next best candidate?

I get Anno's always been a troll, but at least deep down his decisions made some kind of sense. If 4chan's right then it looks like he just picked the ending casually for the shits and giggles. Or to purposely not please anyone.

No. 131260

>Sagisu is great and so is the music Utada Hikaru wrote for it. Beautiful Boy and One Last Kiss.
I just listened to OLK and I'm so moved, against myself… that part when a bit of Beautiful World plays… it sure brings me back and hurts as fuck. I've been an evafag since I was younger than the children. It's been 16 years now. I remember when Rebuids were announced as NGE but easier to understand and people raged… I rememember waiting for each movie until I stopped giving a fuck after 3.0.
I did not want to get emotional about the Rebuilds yet here I am. FUCK. Though frankly, I'm more moved by the passage of time than the shitshow itself.
I'm glad that original NGE will always be around.

No. 131261

>Beautiful World is thirteen years old
I need to sit down

No. 131262

Agreed. If it's true, and I hope it's not, but from the Japanese tweets I am reading it appears so… It's the literal definition of a writer asspull and retrofitting. There is no way you can watch what he does for Shinji, go against his very nature and sacrifice his life because he actually totally doesn't give a shit about Shinji and is just being selfish, like what? Apparentlty he can manipulate time and isn't really dead which changes the meaning of his sacrifice But this honestly just seems designed to hurt and piss off fans and wreck one of the few relationships that came close to wholesome that Shinji had. What the fuck.

No. 131263

Whoops meant Beautiful World. I feel you, it's so touching. Love being a person who gets emotional over drawings. I was a really little kid when I watched End Of Evangelion (not a good idea in retrospect). It's an odd feeling being around for this.

No. 131265

That doesn't make sense still. Even without a true sacrifice, it was still a (relatively) good and happy relationship, platonic or not. It's obvious that they changed their minds after making 3.0, or (unlikely) the relationship was always meant to be toxic but they didn't convey it well, which is sign of a very bad writer. Even if something happens afterwards in the movie, there would have been no foreshadowing. I can already see the coomers claiming that you had to have 500 IQ to get the hints and understand how totally toxic the relationship was.

I stopped being an evafag years ago because I was tired of all the waiting, and even if now I don't care much about it, this still feels insulting kek

No. 131270

it's fine to ignore rebuilds and just treat original NGE as it's own thing, right? I don't care about Anno shitting all over his masterpiece with a shitty 'sequel' coninuity

No. 131271

knowing that ouran high school host club is proudly transphobic sparks so much joy in me. let’s bring back transphobia in 2021

No. 131277

File: 1615217988624.jpg (Spoiler Image,82.32 KB, 721x523, hmmmmmm.JPG)

someone on reddit claims the ending is open-ended with strong asushin hints. See pic related. This does sound probable cause it's kinda like Sadamoto's manga ended. I remember bits of Sadamoto's narrative leaking to Rebuilds lmfao

No. 131282

kek I actually had a friend tell me I need to take off my nostalgia goggles for that show because it's transphobic (god I hate where I live, all my friends are woke now)

No. 131283

File: 1615224246818.jpeg (26.12 KB, 739x415, images (7).jpeg)

Honestly, japanese women are just as likely to write something like that than japanese men. For example, Koi to Wobu ni Wa is an anime that is going to release this spring about a 27 yo Man straight up grooming a 17 yo that is high school friends with his little sister and the manga was written and drawn by a woman.
I looked it up a bit because I thought it was sort of going to subvert the trope a bit because the main character seems to, at first, be pretty aware of how disgusting it is but nope all of the mc's refusals just make him even more interested in pursuing her and it's even described that he sees it as an "act of love".
Sorry for the rant but ew, I'm so tired of anime like these.

No. 131286

Wow I'm surprised my ~*~*woke*~*~ friends haven't shit on Ouran for being transphobic lmao we all love it.

No. 131293

How is it transphobic?

No. 131295

probably because crossdressing/ngc character isn't revealed to be a troon

No. 131314

the main characters call the cross dressing character a tranny multiple times in the english dub

No. 131361

Hikaru Utada released the full version and video for One Last Kiss and it's beautiful. When a decent version leaks someone has got to report back on whether this movie has any redeemable characteristics or it really is the giant middle finger that it seems to be.

No. 131362

Why not? They are technically seperate and stand alone entities. It's not like you are doing the ultra denial thing where you pretend whole chapters/episodes of the core work never occurred, lol.

No. 131413

File: 1615292371267.jpg (147.28 KB, 826x680, tumblr_mw3c7u13zk1sdg2ewo1_128…)

I'm reading everywhere that end game couples are Shinji/Mari (???) Asuka/Kensuke (??????) Kaworu/Rei (?????????)

No. 131416

File: 1615294469387.gif (889.34 KB, 320x180, SourWeightyAmericankestrel-max…)

Bruh, people are going to be mad at you for not spoiler texting that. Anno just wanted to upset people.the first two seem to be correct based on Japanese twitter but not the third

No. 131417

Excuse me???? This is the first spoiler that actually upset me.

No. 131422

File: 1615296309244.png (668.88 KB, 1280x720, reikaworu.png)

You guys are gonna get yelled at. I got yelled at for manga spoilers that ended in December, lol. Yeah it's so weird. I'm laughing just thinking about it. It almost seems like shipping siblings. Pretty sure it isn't true though. Kaworu is time looping and becoming Commander Nagisa or some shit and retconning his feelings for Shinji and Rei dissapears apparently

No. 131423

I fucking hate NGE but this is so funny. These couples are so nonsensical that I actually hope these spoilers are real.

No. 131424

I get that he wanted to troll everyone but was it really worth it? It's not like all those other manga's endings which where bad but predictable - this is a literal joke

No. 131427

File: 1615297320950.gif (702.82 KB, 500x250, asuka.gif)

Every ship anyone actually cared about BTFO by the creator. The minor character geek getting the ultimate tsundere waifu goddess Asuka has me rolling.

No. 131428

He is mentally ill, and I mean that quite literally so maybe we shouldn't try to judge his actions as merely being that of an obnoxious troll. Though he could be simply that, idk. I think there is something seriously off with him. He enjoys hurting his fans. It partially backfired when EOE became somewhat of a cult classic. Look at the reaction to You Can (Not) Redo. Most people said it was a miserable and disorienting experience that seemed to want to intentionally alienate it's own audience.

No. 131430

File: 1615298080470.png (Spoiler Image,646.21 KB, 749x3341, screencapture-reddit-r-evangel…)

Here's another spoiler movie summary from Reddit. It's pretty good in that it matches other spoilers while making the movie sound like at least it makes some sense (even though the plot still doesn't sound great to me).
>He is mentally ill, and I mean that quite literally so maybe we shouldn't try to judge his actions as merely being that of an obnoxious troll.
Uhhh he seems to be in a much better place mentally though. I'm not even sure if he was trolling or trying to make happy NGE. Even the theory that Mari is Moyocco Anno to Anno's Shinji makes sense to me than him trying to hurt fans this time.
The ships seem pretty open ended from what I read…
I don't know how to put it into words, but you blaming whatever issues with the plot of a movie that you haven't even seen yet on Anno's mental illness rubs me the wrong way. Especially since Anno was in a shit place when he made original NGE and it looks like he's enjoying himself now, making Godzilla movies and whatever.
The new movie seems chirpy compared to EoE. I don't feel like I really like it, but I wouldn't blame it on Anno's diagnosis.

No. 131434

This reads like super discordant fanfiction that artificially imposes a weirdly happy shonen style ending. Actually, this is cheerier than most shonen endings.

No. 131445

File: 1615309328908.jpg (20.06 KB, 292x257, 1615259975537.jpg)

>Anno turns Eva into your generic shounen
The absolute madlad.

No. 131446

File: 1615309913159.png (3.41 MB, 764x5017, screencapture-soranews24-2021-…)

What's even more crazy is that apparently the Japanese are loving it. Don't ask me to dig for source through pages and pages of the Evageeks spoiler thread, but apparently 3.0+1.0 is currently the highest rated NGE movie (including EoE somehow, which if I remember correctly, is rated lower than 1.0 and 2.0). I know the rating will most likely become lower with time, but still… what the fuck.
Also see pic related (source https://soranews24.com/2021/03/09/final-evangelion-movie-is-finally-out-and-weve-seen-it-our-eva-fans-spoiler-free-impressions/ )

No. 131487

What's the point of an anime if it's not animated?

No. 131494

I'm not surprised. Rebuild movies are essentially a casual filter. The average audience don't want to sit through shinji and friends go through pure suffering for 3 movies, only for it to end with them getting tang'd or a bittersweet end with the world being saved but like 90% of the cast being dead or mentally fucked from the whole ordeal.

No. 131495

>The average audience don't want to sit through shinji and friends go through pure suffering for 3 movies, only for it to end with them getting tang'd or a bittersweet end with the world being saved but like 90% of the cast being dead or mentally fucked from the whole ordeal.
Do they even like NGE then? Like what's the point?
There was hope in EoE, but you bad to find it. The movie wasn't blinding you with positivity. People could come back to life, after all - if they wanted to face reality

No. 131500


Well, to be fair SoraNews reporters generally like everything they report back on. Even canned insects from vending machines. You will find a fair number of Evaheads on twitter saying they are memory holing this and forgetting it ever happened. Plenty of meltdowns. But yeah the normie audience (a massive amount of people watched it) have no problem with it, lol. When the audience is that big most people are going to be at least neutral. Look at how AoT hasn't really seen a drop in popularity despite it being a certified trainwreck.

No. 131525

>Do they even like NGE? What's the point?
No. I notice a lot of people who like the rebuild movies end up hating a lot of what makes NGE… NGE. I like the meme that these movies are just Hideki Anno spitting on us /a/utists but, to be honest, EoE and NGE feel like they came from special mental places he's moved on from.

We're probably not gonna get anything like EoE or NGE from Anno ever again. Plus, the man loves toku and mecha, so I'm not surprised these movies devolved into shounenshit.

No. 131544

File: 1615353253582.jpg (17.66 KB, 710x400, evangelion-rei-makeup-lipstick…)

Neatly pairing off all the surviving characters, and having them skip off into the sunset is so funny. Most shounen don't even go that far. I'm trying to think of any. I guess we know who Rei was waiting for in that lipstick commercial now, lmao.

No. 131545

File: 1615354141468.png (406.98 KB, 389x445, 1614655644400.png)

Lol. Anno singlehandedly manage to put everyone from waifufags to fujos on suicide watch. I'm honestly a little excited for the salt to come when it releases in the west.

No. 131547

File: 1615354774861.gif (450.41 KB, 220x220, tenor.gif)

And he killed off Misato and Kaji the one ship that made sense. I would be mad if I cared about the reboots or had any expectation of Anno not being a troll. Personally I liked the original no ship endings. The salt will be bonkers. The Japanese fandom are always more subdued with their saltiness whereas the western fans go straight to death threats.

No. 131605

but at least they have a kid, right? So ship confirmed and at least it happened even more than in the original tv series

I've said it somewhere else but FUCK REI BECOMING A SIMPLE KUUDERE FARMER THAT'S NOT HER CHARACTER. And she deserves a better arc than dying so Shinji feels bad after accepting herself as fully human. WTF is this Pinocchio narrative. She didn't even get a specific name. What happened with Rei II anyway? Why did Shinji stop giving a fuck after going nuclear in 2.0 for her?
Also I'm not buying the happy normie Kaworei ending, even though at least they look cute as a couple and the idea kinda was hinted at in the past

On another note - is Kara no Kyoukai actually good or only if you are a braindead weeb/coomer? I'm considering watching the movies but I don't like dipping my toes in new anime unless I'm sure it's worth it…

No. 131630

As a big fan of original Evangelion lore, this sucks shit. Though I didn't expect anything after awful crap that was 3.0.

how is Asuka an angel now???

Though I kind of dig happy naruto ending. It fits Rebuild movies.

No. 131636

>Though I kind of dig happy naruto ending. It fits Rebuild movies.
because they are also shit, as you said kek

No. 131670

File: 1615427437814.jpg (478.7 KB, 1280x720, download (8).jpg)

I'm not sure if this belongs in this thread or the video game one, but I'm trying to play the Danganronpa VN (V2) and the characters are so annoying. I really enjoyed the story and the characters in the first game, they were just very charming to me, but this sequel is too painful to go through. All the female characters are just ecchi anime tropes personified. Does it get better? I'm only at the beginning.

No. 131671

File: 1615428329672.gif (1.17 MB, 500x213, gaybait.gif)

I'm in the same boat. I didn't expect anything, but damn. I'm just trying to laugh it off.
Lmao I forgot about Asuka being an angel because of all the other nonsense, wtf. He should have paired her with Kaworu if he really wanted people to go nuts. The two angels. I still think torpedoing the Kaworu and Shinji relationship is a huge fuck you to fans and kind of ruins the happy ending. People make fun of fujos but the franchise very deliberately crossed into yaoi baiting with Kaworu and Shinji multiple times. It was never going to go further but it was pretty aggressive. At least let them have the "I was born to meet you" intact.

No. 131677

File: 1615432085027.gif (1.79 MB, 444x250, shinjireihand.gif)


Ship definitely confirmed but it all happened off screen… I feel kind of cheated

We will have to see with the huge runtime. He was devastated when he realized she wasn't the same Rei. Maybe he got distracted by his new waifu? I agree. I always found Rei and Shinji interesting together because of his self loathing and indecision and her alienation from herself and other people and lack of feeling human. They shared a lot. Shinji saying "fuck the world I'm saving Rei" was one of the few reboot scenes I actually liked. I think they are a much more interesting pairing. Not even necessarily romantically. (Who even cares about Mari). Rei putting on lipstick and going on dates is just so weird to me.

No. 131698

This should be in the vidya thread because it actually has gameplay elements. But I 100% agree with you. I loved the first game so much, but gave up on the second one at the very beginnong of chapter 4. It felt like the devs and writers just copypasted the first game on top of a beach scenery and called it a day. The twists and characters are too repetitve compared to the first game, which sucks because you'd expect crazy and unpredictable twists from a murder mystery game.

No. 131704

The way they backtracked with the Kaworu and Shinji relationship fills me with anger. Look at that fucking gif. You can't tell me that they planned to turn that around from the start, especially with all the little details in the movie that made you feel like something was going on between them. Obviously it was never going to be anything more canonically, but at least just leave it at that. There was no need to ruin everything.

No. 131784

File: 1615493636478.png (Spoiler Image,2.47 MB, 1920x1080, 1615481567292.png)

KawoRei scene at the end.

(Don't open if you hate spoilers)

No. 131788

Honestly while I'm a massive fujo I always hated Shinji and just wanted Kaworu to be alive and happy, he deserves it. Would've preferred him to end up with a cute boy that deserves him tbh i.e. not Shinji.

No. 131799

they look like gay buddies hanging out

No. 131800

It's so jarring…

No. 131802

IKR I can't even feel angry at it because it's so damn nonsensical. Reboots have such a disappointing fanfiction vibe.

No. 131808

Anon, my sides. It's true, there was nothing remotely romantic between them before, not even a little hint. Weirdo friends or like siblings sure. Also the clothing is quite jarring. Rei has like low key mori girl vibes and Kaworu with the slick fitted blazer and snazzy watch. This whole movie is just..

No. 131809

tbh it rubs me the wrong way when 2 characters who have chemistry get paired up with someone else (typically the opposite sex) for no reason

No. 131819

Honestly, can we even consider it just Anno trolling us when it's just such a safe ending?? It's not like the argument that "well you wanted escapism so here it is, the whole trilogy is just that" when >>131784 is the last thing fans in general would want.
It's not the ending people wanted and it's also the safest ending to give because everything ends on a happy note with everyone tied together, with all the possible hint of gayness from the story smothered. I know this whole movie trilogy was a cash grab from the get go but this makes me respect him less as a director because it feels very… corporate? Like, does he really have any right to criticizing such a culture when he's engaging on the worst parts of it willingly?

No. 131820

File: 1615510504631.jpg (22.85 KB, 640x360, 73he8338.jpg)

No. 131838

Good point. He out-shonened shonen. It's so paint by numbers. Everything he claimed to hate. It's so boring and lame.

No. 131840

Did she finally figure out Gendo is trash in this movie?

No. 131863

It tends to end up like that with directors who strongly criticize something. I guess he's better off making godzilla movies.

No. 131869

wtf are the japanese audiences not feeling trolled and instead are "yay, shinji got his happy ending, guess its time for me to be an adult too uwu"
Anno has completely lost his touch. Shocking to thing the same person hugely responsible for the original NGE and Shikijitsu (highly recommended to Eva fans, same style as the more introspective episodes) pulled this generic weebshit

No. 131871

It made ¥802,774,200 on the first day despite the pandemic, a lot of average people watched it. At least one big Japanese reviewer said it was hollow compared to EOE. There was plenty of salt on Japanese twitter but yeah the normies loved it. Look at how people in the West gobble up the most generic capeshit though. People have boring standards generally

No. 131926

File: 1615604549231.jpeg (54.24 KB, 452x678, 7F9D5C5C-12DA-45CC-A5CC-4B7AA1…)

anyone else completely confused by otherside picnic? i started watching it because i heard it featured college aged women and yuri but i actually have no clue what is happening plot wise. i’m up to episode 7 but i’m thinking of dropping it

No. 131930

Looks like lame coomer shit. If you give it one more episode and the plot is still bad please come back and say so! I don’t want to give it a chance because I thought a decent yuri plot could save ugly design.

No. 131955

i decided i won’t watch anymore episodes. 7 is enough. they already had a beach episode so i don’t think it will get any better

No. 131960

The manga's a little better but the anime's pretty terrible. Clearly had no budget (lots of wide shots with extremely shitty 3D models) and they've reordered a bunch of plot stuff in a way that doesn't really make sense and skipped over stuff as well.

I only watched up to episode 6, and the manga has been translated to about the end of the beach arc. Plot is basically just portals to another dimension and hunting down stuff that lives there. If you like japanese creepypasta I'd say it's worth checking out, but if you just want yuri it's very mild/only implied with stuff like "wahhh why do I feel jealous whenever she mentions this other woman???" and some handholding.

No. 131966

File: 1615641039332.png (425.49 KB, 1080x534, eren.png)

Saging because nobody likely wants to talk about this annoying ass show but I'm blown away by all the people saying this anime taught them the true potential of literature and art. I thought they must all be 12 but many of them are fully developed adults. Have people never read books or watched movies or even esteemed manga or anime before? I'm losing it at the way people are throwing around genius and one of the greatest works of art ever made. The only beautiful thing is by association- that stunning end song, Shock by Yuko Ando.

Also lmao at Isayama not wanting me to root for Eren destroying everything even though he fails boo. You failed, bitch. Everyone else is so insufferable. This is giving me horrific Daenerys flashbacks.

No. 131993

I wanted it to be good :(

No. 132046

is it really full of anti semitism? that’s what i’ve heard on twitter

No. 132050

Well, there are some pretty obvious allusions/parallels to WW2 and the holocaust. And the argument can be made that with the way the story plays out this basically casts some of the jews of the story as the bad guys for wanting revenge/annihilation of the nazis and germans. It could also be read as saying the allied forces should have just tried harder to be friends with the nazis, lol. Of course other people would say this is all nonsense and it's just fiction with no references to history.

I just think it's funny that people have apparently never read All Quiet on the Western Front or watched Come and See. Imagine thinking a mangaka in the 21st century invented the concept of "war is hell" and that war is bad and should be avoided, lmao.

No. 132059

>I just think it's funny that people have apparently never read All Quiet on the Western Front or watched Come and See. Imagine thinking a mangaka in the 21st century invented the concept of "war is hell" and that war is bad and should be avoided, lmao.
Anon… Idgaf about AoT but this is one hell of a strawmen you are attacking.

No. 132060

I'm not attacking everyone on earth who likes it. But since the series has been nearing the end I have been seeing a huge influx of comments like "this series showed me the true potential of literature" and "AOT showed me the heights true art can reach" which is completely insane.

No. 132062

Samefagging but if you think the AOT anime is not only the greatest anime of all time but the best piece of media ever created you either have consumed basically no other media or alternately have really shit taste.

No. 132071

Ok I kinda take it back. I thought you were pretentiously flexing your superior taste in media but I didn't know that AoT retards like that existed. Wow
I hope they are still like thirteen, but I know I am probably wrong…
Genuinely forgot that weebs love to claim that some shonenshit taught them the meaning of love, life and friendship aka things that children are taught about in kindergarten

No. 132073

No, no way. Sorry if I seemed up my own butt. I enjoy dumb shit. I genuinely love the movie Silent Hill for example, but it isn't good. I have seen it a bunch of times. If I called it the greatest work of cinema, let alone the greatest work of art ever I would want my friends to smack me, lol. I can give 12-13 year olds a pass even though it makes me cringe a little bit but unsurprisingly some of them are grown ass men lol. Like get a grip and expand your horizons. There are way better anime out there.

No. 132088

I first watched the original Eva in high school and liked it just fine, but now I'm rewatching it like a decade later since the final rebuild movie came out and I'm really enjoying it a lot more this time around lol. I remember some plot points but rewatching it made me realize that I basically forgot the majority of shit that happened lol.

No. 132090

nta but the majority of what they've watched before this is probably coomer shit so the expectations for them must be on the floor kek

No. 132095

File: 1615750053031.jpg (31.79 KB, 400x400, 4cokXEyn_400x400.jpg)

I finished the first season of Initial D and was pretty hyped but i'm watching the fourth one rn and it's so bad.
>Nakazato, aka the only endearing charater, get thrown away and never talked about (also Kyoko deserves better)
>Takumi NEVER loses, there 0 tension, the only time and doesn't win, his opponent says it doesn't count
>Ryosuke is supposed to be this OP driver but the only time he is seen in his car he FUCKING LOSES, why the fuck does Takami wants his approval ?
>Itsuki and his cringe romance makes me want to throw myself out of a window

Why can't anime be good more than 26 episodes ?

No. 132097

It was very similar for me, watched NGE for the first time when I was 16-17, rewatched it for the first time few years ago when Netflix added it and I think I've appreciated it even more now.

No. 132099

I was 11 when I watched it for the first time kek.

No. 132100

I was like 10 or 11 too when I watched it on TV with the French dub, I loved NGE so much and didn't mind the last two episodes being weird, I was satisfied with the ending. Thank god I didn't watch EOE until much later I would have been traumatized.

No. 132110

I think I was like nine or ten watching the series and EOE (I loved it and was blown away), lol. I was a depressive catholic kid and deep into the terrifying lore so it didn't freak me out as much as it should have but no wonder my media tastes are so messed up. I really enjoyed the rewatch except a lot of the waifubait fanservice got on my nerves. I don't expect it to be sexually sterile with a confused horny 14 year old as the protagonist but I forgot how prevalent the ass, cleavage, panty shots, etc. were.

No. 132111

File: 1615767970886.jpg (31.91 KB, 736x411, graveofthefireflies.jpg)

Lol yeah, gotta be chugging that titty anime to have your mind blown by AOT. Imagine thinking no anime has ever tried tackling morality or ethics before, lmao. Go watch Monster. Grave of the Fireflies is a beautiful anime about the cost of war (I imagine not "badass" enough for them), and there are others because it is one of the most popular subjects in art ever. Since AOT fans are so into violent euro war stuff I kind of want to make them watch Come and See (not an anime though) Clockwork Orange style. What that actor goes through in the course of that film feels like a war crime that should be tried at The Hague court. I have never seen an actor convey ptsd so convincingly on film.

No. 132115

Seems like a lot of people here like NGE. So it's one of those series you can enjoy despite the MC being a self-insert with a harem for male otaku? Genuinely asking since that was one of the things putting me off of starting it.

No. 132117

File: 1615772473547.png (1.85 MB, 1280x1600, shinjiasuka.png)

I don't really find Shinji to be the typical self insert idealized male protag. A lot of guys who have watched it call him a loser and a pussy because he isn't "based" or "badass". I disagree strongly that he is a whiny loser who sucks. He is a severely troubled 14 year old. As a young female viewer I could really relate to his self loathing, indecisiveness, parental issues. And before the reboots he doesn't actually get any of the girls

No. 132118

Shut up, he’s a scrote male gaze pseud Freudian fuck fest who has no depth. Whoever made this series should get ran over I’m so tired of seeing zoomer weebs obsessing over this anime

No. 132119

Lol, that's just like your opinion man. But fair enough. I don't think it's flawless. I hate the gratuitous fanservice of the three main female characters directed at the audience. Maybe it's just my nostalgia heavily influencing me but I think Shinji is a bit more interesting than that. Especially compared to other popular male anime protagonists who are either cool guys or doormats but in a nice way we are supposed to admire.

No. 132120

According to my girlfriend, the 2chan criteria for "harem" is that at least five girls must be attracted to the protagonist. (We had a long argument about harem anime this weekend, where she claimed that Code Geass is actually a harem series but NGE is not.) I haven't seen all the reboots but from what I recall, the only ones who are really into Shinji are Misato, Asuka and Kaworu. But the first 2 are also into Kaji, after all. Rei doesn't count as she's 100% into Gendo and also Rei is basically Shinji's mother, wtf Anno.

Girlfriend and I are divided on NGE because she hates Shinji with a burning passion and I always felt he was relatable. Sure, he's a whiny passive-aggressive self-centered loser and general sack of shit but so was I at that age.

No. 132122

Anon will type out this shit, and then turn out to be a BNHA fan.

No. 132126

Lol yeah, I don't think it's a harem. To me a harem is virtually every "attractive" female character pursuing the protag. Asuka and Rei dabble in being interested in Shinji and he in them but it never becomes a big thing in the original series or movie. Kaworu and Shinji are definitely into each other no matter how Anno tried to rewrite it. As for Misato- I don't feel she is interested in him at all sexually or romantically except for that one infamous scene, which most people interpret as being part of her inability to connect with people without her sexuality and not genuine interest. I wasn't including the reboots in my feelings on EVA at all except to mention that he apparently ends up with Mari as endgame.

I actually really like Shinji. He's a disturbed kid with a really shitty father who didn't ask for the situation he is in. The adults around him behave irresponsibly at best. Being self loathing and miserable and lashing out and running away never bothered me. I liked that he wasn't the angelic martyr doormat with the inevitable badass transformation arc. I feel like people hold him to the standards of like a 35 year old man, lol (not you, your comments are fair).

No. 132133

>he’s a scrote male gaze pseud Freudian fuck fest who has no depth
>Shinji the mentally ill protoincel teen
>a 'fuck fest'
you okay there, anon?
>I don't feel she is interested in him at all sexually or romantically except for that one infamous scene, which most people interpret as being part of her inability to connect with people without her sexuality and not genuine interest
there is also the kiss, so two scenes (chair one at the end of TV + kiss in EoE). I agree 100% with you though.
I like that the show/EoE call Shinji out on his unhealthy sexual obsession with the women (girls) in his life and the entitlement that comes with it.

No. 132134

Self inserts aren't badass or cool. They're often relatable self-hating outcasts or blank pieces of cardboard. They might turn badass later on in the story as everything falls under their knees but they initially start out as the average moid otaku reality.

No. 132135

At the end of the day there are a bunch of women surrounding a loser with hardly any redeeming qualities for the audience's sake so they are coomer bait/waifubait/harem whatever you want to call it.

No. 132136

Oh yeah, forgot about that scene. And she's got boundary issues. Letting it all hang out in front of a 14 year old boy who comes to live with her. But she is so obviously hot for Kaji and not for Shinji, like at all. I thought those scenes were meant to be uncomfortable and inappropriate. She's bleeding to death in one of them. Yeah me too, the show is very direct and meta in calling Shinji out on his fixation with Misato, Rei, and Asuka and the feelings he projects onto them. But like so many shows it falls into the trap of perpetuating what it criticizes by dishing out fanservice for the male audience. I still think the show and EOE is so much more than stupid shonen scrote shit or whatever, lmao.

No. 132137

The women are interesting characters in their own right who don't exist to chase the protagonist, they have their own goals and desires. And the protagonist doesn't get any of them in the end. The very opposite of harem stories.

No. 132140

Just drop the show and manga, I'm so tired of you whiny people shitting on the rest of the cast just because they don't support your fave and on the story just because it doesn't go the way you wanted.

No. 132141

What do you like about it? The anime. Since this is the anime thread. Genuinely curious. I don't know anyone irl who wasn't majorly put off by the direction it took.

No. 132151

>I actually really like Shinji. He's a disturbed kid with a really shitty father who didn't ask for the situation he is in.

Same, he's such a great protagonist to have in a series like this; his angst and issues are so believeable, it's always annoying to see people whine about him not being a typical happy go lucky shonen protag willing to throw his life away in a deadly battle all the time.

No. 132157

Completely believable for a self loathing, depressive 14 year old boy with abandonment issues. I'm an unapologetic Shinji stan. I convinced some guys in the military to change their minds on him.

I can't stand that there are basically two types of protags. The super genki, happy and brave protag who has an unfaltering desire to save everyone and apparently no fear. Or the meek doormat who nevertheless wants to martyr themselves for all of humanity (and usually goes about it in the most dumbass way possible) and inevitably goes through a transformation into a cool badass. So boring.

I was reading a manga recently that is fairly typical but subverted this a bit by having the normie protag falter when actually faced with horrible maiming and death and have a mental breakdown, not actually wanting to die. Completely doubting his decision to act like a hero and sacrifice himself. That was a bit better than the usual.

No. 132241

Just ignore vents then. EVA fans are at least defending the series but AOT fans aren't even trying.

Maybe I wasn't clear enough. I have, I was never a fan of the 'people with giant exacto knives with jet packs fighting giants' series to begin with. I have just kept up with updates because of the immense popularity (this site is built on hate watching so don't judge me). I'm not an Eren fan, lol. I'm a destroy the world fan. A ham-fisted and in my opinion failed attempt by an author to make their protagonist the very bad and evil villain makes me want to root for their goals. As for the rest of the cast-sorry you like them-but basically giving them all the same boring pacifist "forgiveness is always the answer" personality but still with the ability to be a violent badass on command is very have your cake and eat it too.

No. 132324

Does anyone know some cute/positive/comfy anime series? Or manga.

No. 132326

Tamako Market and then watch Tamako Love Story
Watch Card Captor Sakura too

No. 132328


No. 132332

Yuru camp.

No. 132339

A Place Further than the Universe (and everything else anons suggested)

No. 132341

I'm just rewatching NGE for the nth time so my bf can see it and I adore how well all the characters are written. Shinji, Asuka, Rei, Ritsuko and Misato… they are acting in a very human, consistent way. You can kinda tell what's going on in their heads and why they behave in a certain way, even when their actions suggest opposite. Like in the one episode the three stooges try to keep quiet not to wake up Misato and Asuka overhears and immediately steps in and screeches some bs. You just know she cannot stands the attention being on anyone else but her (even though she doesn't even care about Toji and Suzuhara). This is how all the main characters work, you can even sometimes tell how they are influenced by their relationships (I am sure Touji only knew that Misato got promotion from stripes on her collar because he's constantly hanging with Kensuke the military freak)
I love observing Ritsuko and Misato's friendship, it's fascinating as well.

TBH I'm not a fan of the fanservice, though I appreciate when those scenes at least say something about the characters. It does make me cringe a lot though.

No. 132376

File: 1615920244023.jpg (75.2 KB, 983x553, tumblr_7ce376a5aeedefe6309780d…)

So, is wonder egg priority trannyshit? I havent seen any of the newer eps

No. 132379

Seconding Yurucamp, easily my favorite series of all time. Recommending Hanasaku Iroha, K-On!, and Kimi to Boku.

No. 132381

>Rei doesn't count as she's 100% into Gendo
I always assumed that Gendo was supposed to be a lolicon for Rei, as creepy as that is.

No. 132382

File: 1615923190389.png (Spoiler Image,35.94 KB, 1136x360, 5.PNG)

nvm I deleted my previous comment, pic is spoiler.
What is funny that episode where they vaguely mentionned that there's only suicided girls in the egg world, so kek

No. 132384

I see people everywhere saying Momoe is trans too. I thought she was just a not traditionally feminine girl, wtf

No. 132403

She's just a girl who passes for a handsome guy too much, and makes all the girls turn lesbian around her.
Honestly this episode was kind of annoying to watch, since the main girl performed suicide because of getting pregnant via rape, and they focus on her rapist misgendering her. Like holy shit, get your priorities together girl

Not really, this is the one episode that had a FtM character. But it is kind of all over the place since they're scrambling to actually explain the plot in these few episodes left.

No. 132409

File: 1615931915140.png (Spoiler Image,217.36 KB, 500x281, Tumblr_l_630345894411570.png)

This really bummed me out but things are pointing to her actually being trans considering this scene and when they uwu validate eachother by calling one another a pretty girl and brave boy, also the jacket is trans colored and momoe's bra seems to be too. The only thing that can say she's just a handsome girl would be that she went to an all girls school and ai pointing out she has no adam's apple

No. 132411

I definitely did not care about anyone during my first watch through except for Kaworu. I decided to finally pick it up because of him but since he doesn't appear til the end, I didn't connect so much with the story or characters. I'm so happy I'm rewatching it, even is the twists and turns aren't as exciting as experiencing it for the first time, because I truly do enjoy each of the characters this time around. Actually, knowing their backstory and what happens might be why they're more enjoyable this time. Even during my first watch through as a teen, I would be like "ok, of course Shinji's being a little bitch, he's just 15" but now as an adult it really hits home that all of the pilots are so young and have so many issues yet have to shoulder all of this shit. I can't believe I didn't love Ritsuko or Misato the first time around, they're fucking great- probably my favorite characters really.

The uncomfortably long pauses, repeating scenes, things I used to laugh and chalk up as "I bet they did this to save what little budget they had" really adds to the atmosphere and experience of the original series. I mostly watched the original so I could have some background when watching the rebuilds (which is what I really wanted to watch since they were coming out), but now I don't know if I'll enjoy the rebuilds as much because I finally get what people love about the original Eva series.

Also, I remember reading about episodes 17-19 during my first watch but it didn't really affect me when I saw it. This time, even though it's just grainy old anime gore, I felt really squicked out seeing all the blood. It really hit me this time how much Shinji was going through and how cruel and gruesome the the whole series is.

No. 132413

It just makes no sense to me because of an episode pointing out that all the dead souls were girls and the fighters that the two shady dudes collect for their shady plan seem to be girls too. And they obviously didn't care about Kaoru's inner feeling when making her into an egg. And also what you said, Japan is not nearly progressive enough to have a male being admitted into a girls' school. But it'll probably never be outright stated or denied, and I'm not really feeling much for any of these characters, so it's whatever for me even if it's true.

No. 132417

File: 1615936078232.png (Spoiler Image,594.25 KB, 1120x630, unknown (1).png)

Alright watched the episode, it really felt clumsy overall not even talking about the tranny character but also the way the plot itself is going.

Momoe is indeed a girl (female) for her lack of adam apple pointed at in an episode and the fact that she goes to school in her girl uniform no problem in public. They really should've covered about her gender non confirmity by making Momoe points out that she likes dressing this way. So of course people thought she was a tranny since it was about misgendering, and the introduction of the new character didn't helped much. The way they handled it was really surface level and expeditive (about the rape scene, showed part of it) it's as if the writer(s) just wanted to throw in some traumas and that's it.

Sperg aside the kiss scene was just eh, so she doesn't like being hit by girls but a girl "who is a boy inside" is ok.

The plot is becoming weirdly edgy too.

No. 132420

Samefag my writting is really weird but basically I felt the writer wanted the audience to relate so they tried a bunch of stuff while still being vague about them, the ennemies (Wonder Killer) are uncreative, trans character was handled badly imo, the only character whose thoughts and development was explicit was Rika, only 2 episodes left and unless they already have season 2 green lit how they can explain the plot properly we still barely know anything. I really liked the first half but it's going in a weird direction.

(sorry for rambling kek)

No. 132467

I like shinji too
I recently rewatched nge with my bf who watched it for the first time. My bf is kind of a smoothbrain when it comes to anime because he's a shonenfag and even though he liked eva he said he was weirded out and frustrated by how shinji never "gets better", he never becomes the amazing battle shonen protag you want him to be and it makes sense but it seems some men just can't deal with that kek

No. 132493

File: 1615995302274.gif (130.5 KB, 432x432, 732.gif)

>he never becomes the amazing battle shonen protag you want him to be
Watching with my bf now and I have to keep biting myself in my tongue to not say
>Hey it's hilarious how the opening makes you think that Shinji will eventually ~become a legend~ and it literally never happens, it just keeps tumbling down, tumbling down, tumbling down. Based troll. Good thing I never wanted Shinji to become some badass McBoring Retard. Also really cool how the 'angel of the week' first half lulls you into a false sense of sequrity and completely pulls the rug out of a viewer that expects regular shonen bs. Must have been shocking as fuck back in the 90's. even though the second half is so superior to the first one, especially the early Asuka episodes it's not even funny

No. 132496

Lol ive shipped kaworei for so long- finally patience pays off.
I know its a bit off a nonsense ship-i just think it has some neat possibilities. And they look good together.

Everything else about the new movie looks like garbage though. Rebuild fans get more of what they got before- absoloute dogshit.
TV and EoE will always be miles better than whatever Anno was trying to do with this.

No. 132511

My only question is… Ritsumaya didn't kiss and that was a fake leak, right? Shame, even if that ship would be a pure fanservice and I liked the tragic dynamics from NGE TV/EoE. Gendo fucking sucks but Ritsuko's daddy issues broke my fucking heart

No. 132533

Oh does Ritsuko have daddy issues at all? I guess i paid too much attention to her mommy issues. I think that their dynamic is really interesting and messed up.

I haven't seen the ritsumaya leak- so i don't know about its legitimacy. I think their relationship is super cute!

No. 132535

File: 1616016446175.png (827.02 KB, 1239x647, wegegtge3.png)

Momoe isn't trans, she's just a girl that dresses androgynous. Everything you see online is not true, judge it with your own brain.

All of them are girls indeed. There's no way around it.
Kaoru has the biological reality of being a woman, but in her mentally ill brain that commited suicide, she wants to be a boy, even if she got pregnant. "there's no way around it", like the show says.

This show is very feminist, I recommend it. Sadly it's a libfem perspective. I still like it though. But Kaoru is mentally ill and biologically female. We don't get a choice about being a woman.

Everyone who likes this show, just avoid /a/, twitter, and everywhere else. Because troons are flocking into it and it's going to be annoying. I fucking hate troons.

No. 132556

Yeah, now you made me realize that those may be just mommy issues. But maybe also both, since she didn't know her father AFAIR. Shit gets kinda complicated when you are basically Your Mother 2.0 and become obsessed with the same old guy she killed herself over

No. 132557

MC doesn't have a harem. Gendo on the other hand…

No. 132561

Spoiler your AOT images reeeeeee

No. 132563

Tamako is boring as fuck, would not recommend

No. 132571

File: 1616024751546.jpg (9.01 KB, 320x180, mcd.jpg)

Sorry, these scenes have been out in the manga for a while because Isayama is so damn slow that I genuinely forgot about anime only people. I will at least censor anything next time. Lol at EVA fans defending their anime but AOT fans just being like "leave AOT alone!" and then leaving though.

No. 132577

File: 1616026368781.jpg (Spoiler Image,14.99 KB, 500x282, eww.jpg)

You mean his personal teenage girl clone collection made from his dead wife. So creepy. That scene in EOE where he gropes her breast and then puts his hand inside her abdomen while she's naked was so unsettling. Does it count as harem if it's the same girl 100 times over? Plus Ritsuko.

It has it's own logic, both of them being the outsider "not fully human" characters. It's way better than Shinji and Mari, ugh (why is she even here? Because Shinji can't endgame with Rei or Asuka? Feels like it). That's very manic pixie dreamgirl in a way. Depressive lost boy ends up with super positive and optimistic girl who loves life. I thought Shinji and Rei were an interesting and feasible pair even though he obviously had the most chemistry with Kaworu (thanks for nuking that Anno, you dick). But that's ruined by the fact that she's genetically his mom. Not that Anno had problems with him being interested in her or falling onto her naked body before lol

No. 132580

File: 1616028379507.png (Spoiler Image,1.4 MB, 567x2439, screencapture-qmisato-tumblr-p…)

I do not agree with this tumblrina on everything NGE (as far as I remember, she tried to turn Rei and Asuka into twans/nonbinary icons - disgusting), but I find this analysis spot on, especially in regards the glasses thing.
Link so you can see (?) the embedded pictures:

No. 132586

i hate anything that makes trans people happy so i’m kinda annoyed by this episode.

personally i don’t care about trans rep in anime. i saw some people hyping up this sports anime for lgbt rep and i assumed there was a gay character or relationship but it turned out one of the main characters identified as uwu non-binary and i lost interest.

No. 132598

File: 1616033388542.jpeg (176.19 KB, 1200x1200, 20ECF6E8-4903-469C-B319-B02722…)

i remember watching elfen lied as a kid and I recently revisited it, I only skimmed because the gore was gruesome and unbearable at times, but I kind of like the female psychopath/monster archetype but these things always get handed to scrote characters or “yandere/tsundere” characters because they’re just too strong to admit their feelings for the boring male love interest

kind of disgusts me looking back but idk if anyone here even remembers this show

No. 132601

I also watched this as a kid and recently revisited it. I was immediately revolted by the incest shit with the cousins.

No. 132602

The manga is even worse. The title comes from a chapter creatively named "Peeing" in which a loli diclonius sings the song "elfen lied". Oh, and she pisses her diaper, maybe even twice. I also remember Yuka ,(the cousin) constantly getting wet over the orotag and being scared he will notice it

No. 132606

I remember being a baby edgelord and thinking elfen lied was the deepest shit ever. Looking back, it fucking sucks ass but I kinda want to read the manga just to see how different the anime and manga are

No. 132607

Why are men

No. 132624

I am relieved to find out that this was a universal experience

No. 132637

Men have to make so much anime cringe or downright unwatchable with their weird and horrifying fetishes and inability to write women (or in many cases underage girls). Anime would improve by at least 98% if they could just stop.

No. 132643

>Rebuild fans get more of what they got before- absoloute dogshit.
Agree. They deserved it for liking a shit movie series that never had the charm and creativity the original TV Series&EoE (or even the manga) had. Even as a die-hard fujo I can't bring myself to be too mad over the ending because jesus what were you people expecting, Rebuild was pandering consoomer garbage from the beginning.

This. AoT is babby's first grimdark serious anime and the fans have standards corresponding to that.

No. 132645

>she tried to turn Rei and Asuka into twans/nonbinary icons
Link to that? lol

No. 132648

I definitely agree with that take. I've seen this scene being called "fanservice" but I legitimately can't see how anyone can perceive it as such maybe except some complete degenerate coomers considering how deeply uncomfortable and violating this whole encounter is.

No. 132649

I'm trying to find them, but it's kinda impossible since I THINK qmisato used to post as ritsumaya. She deleted the first blog and all the content with it. Not sure if she ever reuploaded the meta. Have a trans Shinji post though!
In the Rei post, she decided that Rei is nonbinary for some reason (even though Rei's entire character and arc is inherently tied to being a girl and the objectification it brings). In the Asuka one, she was rambling how Asuka hating having a period could mean she's a transgirl because apparently they can get those too.
Nevermind, found some of her bullshit. At some time, the blog title literally was 'Talk trans Eva to me'.

Also I found a quality review of 3.0+1.0 by a Japanese film viewer:
https://pastebin.com/raw/K6t45GTG translated version
https://note.com/wakari_te/n/n0ba0c462e025 source if anyone cares

No. 132650

Gendo wasn't really a lolicon for Rei, she was literally a clone of his late wife he was obsessed with and only a tool to preserve her. The fact that Rei is a teenager is coincidental since the pilots have to be kids in order to pilot the EVAs what with the mother's soul shit and all. That's why they had a whole school made for scouting for suitable pilots.

I had a very similar experience, NGE isn't really for teenagers and resonates better with adults who can look at the main characters through an adult lense and realize just how young they actually are.

kek underrated post.
>Must have been shocking as fuck back in the 90's.
This is exactly why they lost all their funding mid-series and the studio was struggling to make it to the finishing line. It wasn't a fun shonen series about piloting mechas, instead Anno's mental illness kicked in halfway through and the cruel reality of carrying all the responsibility fucking with alien lifeforms came into effect.

No. 132651

File: 1616064663866.png (439.73 KB, 633x1263, screencapture-qmisato-tumblr-p…)

No. 132655

so many based takes

No. 132656

Yeah, I agree too (I thought you meant Gendo literally shoving his hand inside naked Rei for the fanservice and almost had a heart attack for a minute) There is a lot of emphasis on the glasses. It can't be ignored. Way too uncomfortable. For me the actual fanservice stuff could be swapped into a normie shonen seamlessly. Like Misato chugging beer and leaning over to reveal cleavage or short shorts. But when you think about it all the fanservice gets uncomfortable considering the ages or in Misato's case the fact that she's around 14 year olds.

No. 132657

Well, he still treated her more like a talking blow up doll then a daughter. Still pedo for that, even if he didn't made Rei teenage solely for the purpose of creeping on her.

No. 132658

Everything here is completely based. Makes me sadder about the reboots.
>no interest in ordinary life, including eating.

No. 132659

Read the review, it makes SO MUCH SENSE honestly. Doesn't make the movie any better but if true would explain every bizarre choice.

No. 132661

File: 1616066411791.png (57.76 KB, 500x283, crunch.png)

Preying sexually on the teenage clones of your dead wife is predatory as hell, wtf is the other anon on about. Gendo is a horror of a character on so many levels. Picrel was satisfying.

No. 132665

Samefagging to add that if only everyone involved in anime creation had good takes about making the nazis fashionable.

No. 132666

>Gendo wanted Rei to be a submissive doll specifically because she's his wife's clone but in my opinion it's because he was a, for the lack of a better term, a betafag who was skinwalking his own genius wife.
I feel like he was a doormat and absolutely did not mind Yui calling the shots lmfao. He went absolutely nuclear after he lost her. I thought that Rei being shaped into this submissive doll made achiving his goal (reuniting with actual Yui) easier to achieve. I personally don't feel like he took out his inferiority complex on Rei. She was just a convenient tool to be used to get to the real thing that he craved. Your take is interesting though, NGL.

No. 132675

>NGE isn't really for teenagers and resonates better with adults
I feel like it's going to resonate with people who watches NGE with no expectations whatsoever or who get ALL the mecha anime references and references to tropes and clichés the shows criticizes, no in-between. The other anons said it already, but whenever you see some guy complaining about Shinji being a pussy or not dating Rei or Asuka they're only familiar with basic bitch shonen anime no, not even shonen manga, but the fucking anime adaptations to make it worse, they heard about the show being popular and just expect it to be about cool robot fights before watching the first episode.

And since a few anons, myself included, said we watched the show when we were kids, I wonder how many watched it when they weren't even teenagers yet and thought it was scary or just saw it for what it is.

No. 132677

File: 1616073663348.jpg (45.76 KB, 400x583, hoshiai_no_sora_fr_7756.jpg)

Are you talking about the soft tennis anime Sora something? Also got disappointed because it's from the creator of Vision of Escaflowne, but checking about the character in question the wiki he just seems to be gay and likes makeup he himself even claimed that the term gender-x/nb still doesn't feel right to him kek. The writer could've explored something meaningful about self expression among boys but he went pandering route; an interview stated that he learned about LGBT cause from a friend 5 years ago and wanted to add the theme in one of his work ever since.

It really reminds me of this troon manga "Love me for who I am" where the main character is literally just a femboy but has an existential crisis because "boys wear ugly uniforms i don't wanna? but don't want boob either me not girl?" just accept your taste damn.

No. 132678


Let me guess the characters are close and smile at each other often and there’s the sweet music whenever they’re together and they’ve got moments but never actually

No. 132679

File: 1616074881299.jpg (83.11 KB, 900x675, NGE15.mp4snapshot10.282018.12.…)

When I was in sixth grade, I had a nightmare that Hideaki Anno sold out in order to make movies about rubber dinosaurs. I remember being devastated about it. 'But he was such an artist!'. IDK if I already knew about those Godzilla reboots being in plans but it's terrifying how prophetic that dream turned out to be.
Even though it makes me roll my eyes at Anno, I think it makes Moyocco even more based. Not only she writes one of a kind manga about the struggles women face, she has THE anime auteur completely wrapped around her finger. Like damn. What a woman. That pussy must be magical kek

Anyway I love how NGE subtly drops hints that shit is going on behind the scenes. You can appreciate this so much more when you know the whole story.
>In a mundane scene in episode 15, Gendo Ikari gives a few thoughts, which become vital to understanding the entire series later. As he is visiting the grave of his wife, Yui, Shinji's mother, he tells Shinji that the grave is ornamental, there's no body, that everything about Yui is in his heart, and that that's enough for now.
I imagine someone watching the scene and thinking 'He's trying to hold on day after day without Yui until his grief lessens and allows him to move on'. If they are genre savvy, they may think "the fuck you mean ENOUGH FOR NOW? What's gonna happen later then???'. Either way, everything makes so much sense. The scene prepares the viewer for Gendo's ultimate plan and for that reason, gets even better on second viewing when you know what the skeevy bastard is up to. And I know someone may say 'that's how basic storytelling works, you dumbass'… and yet most anime is unable to execute this because the characters and/or plot have no depth whatsoever.
Poor Shinji, it breaks my heart when he desperately tries to connect with Gendo who has no fucks to give at the time

No. 132680

File: 1616076007933.png (159.91 KB, 965x1751, screencapture-qmisato-tumblr-p…)

No wonder NGE is better than most anime since he was inspired by so many works outside the medium. Not 100% if all of those were conscious choices, but still.

No. 132684

NGE literally isn’t but okay, it’s an absolute trash fire.

No. 132685

File: 1616078389646.gif (964.13 KB, 640x348, 1591142127037.gif)

No. 132686

Imagine coming to a thread where anon's been discussing how good original NGE is for days being like "it's literally trash" lol ok

>Even though it makes me roll my eyes at Anno, I think it makes Moyocco even more based.
Same, ah to have a man that will go on and ruin the legacy of everyone's favorite franchise/characters just to show how much he owes you…

No. 132687

File: 1616079276451.png (576.43 KB, 900x577, tweet.PNG)

Reminds me of this dumb tweet.

No. 132710

what a queen

No. 132714

Just started WEP last night, I'm only on episode 6 so I don't know anything about the tranny stuff I'm hearing about yet
I just wanted to say the anime gives off subtly clear made-for-scrotes vibes and I was a fool for expecting something else

No. 132717

>NGE isn't really for teenagers and resonates better with adults who can look at the main characters through an adult lense and realize just how young they actually are
I felt this so hard on my recent rewatch. I also found myself loving misato and ritsuko and their whole dynamic. Oh and when I first watched nge I was around 13 and I completely missed (or maybe forgot) the plotline with ritsukos mom being in love with gendo and ritsuko being the same. I loved the magi episode as well. Honestly this show holds up well, I know it's babys first 3deep5u anime but I still love it idc

No. 132722

Can any anons recommend some anime/manga with good world building and character development? I know some anons were shitting on AOT before, but one of the reasons I like it so much is because I think the world building is genuinely good! World building, characters, lore, etc, those things are important to me.

No. 132723

really? i never got that vibe at all

No. 132726

FMA is great, basic answer but it just is

No. 132739

It makes me mad that Made In Abyss's mangaka is such a rabid loli/shotacon. He obviously pushes his fetishes into the manga (which gets a little bit toned down in animation), the beautiful art, creative designs and the interesting mystery of the setting is wasted on such a degenerate…

No. 132752

Well, I agree about worldbuilding but I thought that all turned into a convoluted mess in AOT with the pseudo-European monarchy bloodline stuff. Probably why it took the author ages to put anything out and the series really isn't very long. Because he didn't know what to do with it.

No. 132753

Same, holy shit. That one page has been discussed here before (I think in the manga thread), but it's literally indistinguishable from a degenerate hentai. I have even had guy friends comment how it gives them second hand embarrassment when watching anime. It's an infestation of degenerate fetishism. It's one thing if it's the villain engaging in incest and predatory behaviour with underage characters but often they are supposed to be good guys. And even if they are villains (like Made in Abyss) you can tell by the way things are framed when the author is getting off on it. Disgusting. Imagine showing most anime to a normie, lol.

No. 132758

the op is still a masterpiece tho

No. 132790

This but with pedo tensei that’s airing this season

No. 132820

oh boy let me tell you anon, the manga is even worse in terms of fetish crap. There's a whole character that got completely cut from the anime and pretty much her whole character was that she was an excuse for the mangaka to shove in some pee fetish (the excuse is that her dad beat her ass a lot so she can't control her bladder because of the trauma and has to wear diapers). The fact that her getting cut out of the anime changed virtually nothing from the main plot is all you need to know.

No. 132825

File: 1616170076612.jpg (112.86 KB, 640x480, 53709.jpg)

Sukeban Deka is pretty dope.
It's an OVA from 1991 about a girl that beats up people with a yo yo and has to go to a school undercover to investigate a recent bus accident that killed a lot of students under suspicious circunstances.

The OVA is available on youtube (I was able to find english dub, english sub, and brasilian dub, probably there's even more)

Quick disclaimer, there's a girl that get's sexually harrassed but it's actually treated as a serious thing

No. 132826

yes anon, I already said the same thing >>132602

No. 132827

I don't know why but the bus thing reminded me of Veronica Mars and I barely watched that show back then. Anyway, is it long? Is it an adaptation or an original series?

No. 132830

That mangaka is a literal pedophile.

No. 132851

File: 1616185303813.jpg (185.93 KB, 800x1200, 28.jpg)

It's an adaptation of a manga, but the manga had multiple "missions" and the OVA only goes through one.
Technically it's two episodes each with about 40 minutes, so the whole thing is an hour and half. It's basically as if it were a movie.

Kenny Lauderdale actually made a video about it if you'd like to check that too first.

No. 132853

File: 1616185494595.jpg (Spoiler Image,77.52 KB, 640x905, eoxcgdyjwyn61.jpg)

Lol at the official Eva 3.0+1.0 poster spoiling final couples lmfao

No. 132860

But Kensuke and Asuka aren't next to each other.

No. 132862

File: 1616189651576.jpg (121.33 KB, 570x800, yashahime-pop-up-parade-figure…)

Welp, Yashahime's "finale" is a wet fart and they've just announced a season two.


Also Goodsmile is making Yashahime figures. Does anyone even care about Sesshomaru's kids? They had no personality.


No. 132863

lmao is Mari showing the bottom of her shoes? She's basically doing a double middle finger in many cultures kek

No. 132869

apparently they aren't a couple, just familiar with each other/close friends. Asuka gets noone

No. 132875

File: 1616193610025.jpg (132.59 KB, 795x1000, 1788bc17.jpg)

Touken Ranbu Hanamaru
Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?
Bakumatsu Rock
Natsume Yuujinchou
There's politics in this one, but Turn A Gundam has a comfy atmosphere

I also want to recommend Digimon (mainly Adventure & Tamers) & Pretty Cure. They have serious moments and action, but since they're kids shows they're also uplifting. I enjoy them even as an adult.

Turn A Gundam for you too
Gundam in general honestly, the original, X, 00, etc.
Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu
Tiger & Bunny
If you can handle the fanservice, Brigadoon: Marin & Melan
If you can handle gore & rape, Berserk (manga > '97 anime > everything else)

Might remember more eventually.

No. 132884

honestly I remember looking at Mari's character design and thinking wow she's got to be some Shinji/Asuka hybrid or their daughter or something it's an uncanny fusion but wow here we are

No. 132885

I thought they were totally a couple. People were going nuts over it. Does that mean Asuka doesn't learn to love and accept herself like everyone else? Because that seems to be the implication. You can't love someone else if you don't love yourself.

No. 132886

I remember Anno saying he wanted her to be Asuka's "rival" and to challenge her but that didn't really materialize? Like at all. She had the same sort of mild verbal ribbing with Asuka she had with everyone. They never really went head to head or had it out psychologically. One of the weirdest parts of the reboots for me. Honestly just seemed there to give Shinji a functional partner who isn't a partial clone of his mom or someone who would clash violently like Asuka.

No. 132887

>the first leaks claimed they are a couple, but then it got straightened out to them living together with others in that village and kidding around. I mean, Shinji and Asuka confess to each other buy decide that it's in the past or some other bs. More importantly if Kensuke and Asuka became a couple, they would probably be shown at the train station. She probably learned to love herself since Shinji reset the world kek. Wasn't she also much happier with herself in 3.0? I forgot most of this movie tho

No. 132888

3.0+1.0 spoilers from Eva wiki:
Kensuke returns in Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon A Time as an adult, working as a self-described "jack-of-all-trades" in the survivor's village. He is very friendly to Shinji and supports Asuka as a tutor and father figure and she lives in his house, isolated from the community, when not on the AAA Wunder, calling him by the nickname "Ken-Ken", though he still refers to her only as "Shikinami".

No. 132889

She was really angry and lashing out at Shinji for pretty much all of 3.0. (curse of EVA halting her aging, his triggering of the impact, she ignores that he saved her life) But takes pity on him in the end in her usual harsh and taciturn kind of way.

No. 132890

I guess she got over her older men fixation in a healthy way, lol. Good for her.

No. 132891

File: 1616209650517.png (715.44 KB, 712x526, bungo-stray-dogs-season-3-trai…)

Is Bungou Stray Dogs ever getting a season 4? It's popular enough in Japan. I know the characters are amalgamations of the authors themselves and the author's characters and ideas, often quite loosely, but it makes me laugh imagining who would be the most pissed at their portrayal. Probably Dostoevsky, but the actual Dazai and Akutagawa would probably be close runners up.

No. 132894

Probably, it's just that the manga content that needs to pad out first. There's a chibi short airing this season so bones clearly haven't abandoned it.

No. 132895

The manga covers are so pretty. That chibi short.. I don't even know lol.

No. 132903

File: 1616229087281.jpeg (Spoiler Image,883.97 KB, 2722x3726, fujobait1.jpeg)

Everyone makes fun of fujos but anime fujo baits all the time and the official anime adaption of Jujutsu Kaisen just directly fujo baited two ships, lol. They threw in a straight ship for good measure.

No. 132904

File: 1616229356575.jpeg (Spoiler Image,890.81 KB, 2708x3702, fujobait2.jpeg)

I know the Juju Stroll things are gags but nothing has really been out of character. So I guess the people on the show are aware of the yaoi doujin that have been furiously pumped out since the manga started. The most popular gay ship would be too out of character to work even in the gags though lol.

No. 132905

TBH Dazai would probably be glad that so many rabid young girls like him/his work now, even if his character is basically just a watered down, villified caricature of No Longer Human's protagonist.

No. 132906

File: 1616232666425.jpeg (118.09 KB, 1105x1600, 631B6DD8-BD11-474F-A32E-B9F353…)

Fumetsu no Anata E is one of my favourite manga. Large, diverse cast, spending time to flesh out each character and their world before moving on to the next. Super interesting fantasy/soft sci-fi universe. High stakes conflicts. Gorgeous art. It's from the same mangaka who drew Koe no Katachi., actually This one is even more dramatic and really tugs on the heartstrings. The first chapter alone had me sobbing. Also the female characters are really good! Like the rest of the world, they're developed with care and attention to detail.

No. 132908

He was a manwhore for sure, lol. But kind of conflicted about it. I think he would have a hard time being seen as a cool guy, especially in later life. Oba Yozo in No Longer Human is a misogynist so I'm kind of ashamed to say I love that novel. But such is the life of a female reader unless you cut out male authors. He's such a miserable mess though, unlike anime counterpart. Even his manipulations don't seem smug or particularly calculating just really desperate, like an animal. The Akutagawa thing makes me laugh though. It must be intentional? That irl it was reversed. Dazai was a superfan of Akutagawa and went into a huge despair over his death (Akutagawa was better at suicide- as bad as that sounds). Dostoyevsky is like all his insidious characters. Like Rodion pre guilt.

No. 132910

Pretty! Is it getting an anime? Somethingg to cut through the usual dreck. I think there is a lot of good character development in a lot of manga and anime across genres but worldbuilding is pretty lacking. Concepts are just thrown out all over the place with little to no exploration and the reader is just supposed to accept them. Often times the world doesn't seem to follow it's own logic and contradictions abound.

No. 132915

Yes! It's going to air in Spring 2021, it seems. Directed by Masahiko Murata, who is known for some of the cooler-looking Naruto episodes and animated by the studio Brain's Base. They did Durarara and (one of my faves) Mawaru Penguindrum, so I hope that it'll come out looking nice.

No. 132917

It's even better because all of the Jujusanpo gags are storyboarded by the mangaka, kek. So he's the one doing the fujo-baiting and portraying his characters like this.

No. 132922

Maybe Shinsekai Yori? Apparently the manga is a bit more explicit, but I liked the anime. It's only 24 episodes so not the longest amount of time to flesh everything out 100% but I thought the world and characters were good.

No. 132974

SK8 is comically bad. I wish more effort was put into the characters and story of fujoshit anime in general, I'm tired of rehashing babbys first fujo tropes with every series. Glad it's flopping in Japan at least.

No. 132975

Oh it's flopping? That's too bad.
It's super cheesy, but at least I enjoy it because of the nice animation quality, and I'm also thirsty for gay shit like that. There really aren't enough fujo pandering animes that are well done in both story and animation.

No. 132980

At least the gay matador is entertaining and the green guy has delicious honkas

No. 132981

>I wish more effort was put into the characters and story of fujoshit anime in general,
Ugh, yes. Or rather, I don't think 'fujo anime' needs to exist, we just need regular anime with m/m couples. The most popular ships are not even in specifically fujo oriented series, but they do tend to be in enjoyable series so the audience will get invested in the characters and their relationships whether they're canon or not.

The big winner would be a high quality series which is good in it's own right, with main male characters who have lots of chemistry, an interesting dynamic, and who have romantic development and end up together because it just makes sense from a narrative perspective.

No. 132984

what it’s so good tho… i really care about all the characters and i’m so happy the main ones are friends again. their reunion/confession scene at the end was so cute. it is a pretty cheesy anime but the character designs are nice and i am genuinely entertained with each new episode. i don’t think the production value is too bad either.

the western fandom is a bit too confident that there’s going to be a kiss between the male leads and that this isn’t fujobait. which is sad because it most definitely is.

No. 133003

are you sure it’s unpopular in japan? they’ve just released a manga for the series so i’m assuming it must have some type of fan base to justify that

No. 133018

File: 1616285446609.jpg (210.77 KB, 849x1199, Yashahime-season-2-poster.jpg)

Ugh, how are they even going to drag this aimless, soulless dreck on for god knows how long? I swear to fucking god that was 24 episodes of literally fucking nothing. Also way to go killing a main character and getting no reaction out of people because they're still a literally fucking who at the end of the show.

No. 133019

Agreed, I watched it and after a few episodes I absolutely couldn’t stand it. It’s like they’re purposefully stalling the show because they don’t know what the fuck to do and the pacing is absolutely atrocious. Should have left the original alone, the ending from the first series was clearly enough

No. 133020

As much as I normally dislike ANN, their reviews of Yashahime have been spot on.

No. 133022

Feels like Sumisawa only wanted an excuse to make Sesshomaru x Rin official and didn't give a damn about literally anything else.

No. 133023

Lol, I didn't know Gege Akutami was that involved with them. That's even funnier. He strikes me as the type to find even the most 18+ doujin funny. Some mangaka get legitimately mad and disgusted. Also, people are like why is Gojo acting like a crackhead in them? Well because he is one canonically. He's got some screws lose. I was reading the light novels and he's completely whack. Just harrassing Nanami like a child the entire time until he has a serious moment at the very end.

No. 133046

File: 1616307405177.gif (344.32 KB, 500x281, ghosthound.gif)

Anyone else remember this strange anime Ghost Hound (Shinreigari) from around 2007?
I love occult-horror stuff and can only vaguely remember watching it the first time, I was really young. But I remember really liking some of the surreal imagery.

No. 133060

No but it looks cool, I might watch it.

No. 133062

File: 1616318487365.gif (990.07 KB, 400x225, ghosthound2.gif)

I'm going to rewatch it after I finish rewatching Zankyou no Terror. I remember it having a lot to do with possession, death, yokai, borders between life and death. It was definitely unusual. The visuals really stuck with me.

No. 133079

Someone dies in this show? That's surprising because that at least sounds like something happened after a full season. I dropped it around epiosde 7 when nothing happened, the fights were boring and the three girls apparently became really attached to each other off-screen while their on-screen interactions were unenjoyable because they had zero actual emotional bonding.

No. 133119

Setsuna was killed in a rather retarded way with retarded reactions from the characters.
Next season will probably be about bringing her back.

No. 133121

Samefag but the final ep reviews are starting to come out


Can't wait for ANN to completely trash it.

No. 133130

No. 133262

I don't know where to post this but I randomly watched this video and I got so irrationally angry over it.
Giguc or whatever is fucking name is kept saying that "Miyasaki's movies don't feel like anime, they just feel like a disney movie".
I'm so sick of weebs, none of them could form a comprehensive arguments to save their lives.

sage for sperging

No. 133284

Lol Christ, get some taste. Anime owes a huge debt to Miyazaki. Sorry his attention can only be held by bouncing boobs and men screaming dialogue at each other. All the big male anime YouTubers make me sick. Especially that one idiot (his channel is huge and he does collabs?) who has had meltdowns defending "loli" porn as art everytime Japan debates defining certain hentai as child porn. Just absolutely loses his shit. And spergs likes he is the ultimate divine authority on Japanese culture. The other day I saw one say EVA is the worst "dark" anime ever and did nothing for anime as a genre but AOT is the bestest and most revolutionary anime ever, lol.

No. 133285

Samefagging, but lol at the aforementioned hentai loving "loli" freak being in the video with him, and a lot of the comments roasting them. The one dude is obsessed with talking about his beloved hentai collection and innocent people walking in on him watching hentai. He's disgusting. These are the people Miyazaki meant when he was dumping on otaku.

No. 133421

File: 1616549937544.jpeg (345.38 KB, 623x874, 5FDEAF72-3E23-4DD6-B60C-C46248…)

so close to watching peach girl

is it good or just a meme?

No. 133425

File: 1616551329342.png (778.77 KB, 1069x1400, tumblr_pbw2mwZ6221w1z40jo1_128…)

I loved the manga, but I don't think the style of the manga really translated well for the anime, but I still enjoyed it.

No. 133426

File: 1616552496831.jpeg (134.27 KB, 680x794, 4ECF62F1-8F11-4C71-A5FC-A7369D…)

meme? Is that a recent thing? I didn’t think most people cared for it. The anime is laughably bad like >>133425 said. Practically none of the manga translates well into the adaption with the exception of the clothes, but really because it’s nice to see them colored. The manga is fun with great drama though.

No. 133450

Has anyone else read the ten years later sequel series? I mean I actually wanted Toji and sae to get together since the end of Peach Girl but what happened to the monkey dude from ura peach girl?

No. 133456

I fucking hate Gigguk so much. He likes to make videos reviewing seasonal animes sometimes and of course he spends literally half of the videos talking about shitty harem or loli pandering animes and how totally hilarious and good they are. Miyazaki's movies don't feel like anime because in your rotten coomer head the word anime is now associated with porn. And my god he talks like he has something in his mouth 24/7.

No. 133459

Lol, 100%. And all of his coomer-brained friends are exactly the same with shit taste. I also love how most of the video was about how apparently Miyazaki is a mean person so that makes his movies bad somehow. What does being a literal pedo make a mangaka or animator? That gets a pass from them. Morons.

No. 133472

That's a hilarious complaint considering early anime took inspiration from disney and western animation, just look at tezuka ffs
It's so sad how sexy pedo pandering fan service and other annoying tropes became so synonymous with anime that anything more wholesome is considered disney.

No. 133475

>EVA is the worst "dark" anime ever and did nothing for anime as a genre but AOT is the bestest and most revolutionary anime ever, lol.

Unironically based.

No. 133476

They are imbeciles who think if something isn't full of violence and yelling it's childish and juvenile and for babies. And being weebs that great Japanese art couldn't possibly have been influenced by Western or Chinese sources. And stuff like AOT is 2 deep. Princess Mononoke is pretty damn violent but I don't think they even mentioned it. I couldn't make it through because I hate both guys, Joey (?) the anime pedo or whatever his name is.

No. 133478

Calling AOT the best anime has to offer is a sign of brain damage and the opposite of based.

No. 133480

File: 1616585016780.jpg (Spoiler Image,294.5 KB, 1920x1080, vlcsnap-00033.jpg)

I've got meme'd into watching Wonder Egg Priority, so I'm going to finish it, but it's funny how it goes from wasting time to suddenly trying to explain the plot before the curtain rolls down. The whole female jealousy over male attention as the world's evil is so tired as an origin conflict for the villain too. "Demented little girl" is so overused of a trope too, it doesn't even shock or make it creepier anymore, they pretty much just made her a little girl so they could force in some physical abuse on a little girl looking AI as a shock factor.

No. 133493

My bf who saw AoT and now is watching NGE with me for the first time thinks that something in NGE inspired AoT. As I haven't seen AoT yet, he refuses to tell me. Has anyone else noticed that some plot point, aesthetics or anything in AoT is similar to NGE? I imagine that if there is something in common, it could also be indirectly inspired, as in by a work that was inspired by Eva. NGE has changed anime forever, after all.

No. 133495

This kind of made me wonder if there are any other anime besides Evangelion or NHK (Utena a little bit as well) that deal with male depression/mental illness. There’s a huge focus on female characters but most of them are in series directed by men.

No. 133498

Sangatsu no Lion, kinda, maybe?

No. 133501

Having seen both (ok, just 2 first seasons of AoT) I can't see it at all. They're both shonen animes with "serious" approach twist but that's it.

No. 133506

File: 1616594983590.jpg (63.11 KB, 750x481, Ejmo_7XWAAAbgTK.jpg)

The only similarity that I see (as someone who hardly knows anything about AoT) is the nightmarish look of Titans and awakened Eva 01 in bandages. Bf hasn't seen much anime/read much manga so the comparison may be really off base. I need to see AoT so I can judge kek. Though NGL, I'm not very excited about it since it seems very 'shoneny' (if it makes sense) in comparison to NGE and stuff that I love in general. Hope there is something interesting in it for me.

No. 133513

File: 1616596379312.jpg (133.26 KB, 672x372, the-tatami-galaxy-featured.jpg)

Tatami Galaxy maybe

No. 133520

are you talking about rikafag or digibro? or somebody else?

No. 133523

Before watching the episode I thought the screenshot was about young Momoe creeping on her uncle teacher kek

No. 133529

>Miyasaki's movies don't feel like anime, they just feel like a disney movie
lol Disney movies wish they had the same amount of soul and a genuine sense of wonder to life and detail as anything Ghibli ever produced

I disagree, anon, I feel like usually animes that actually deal with these themes seriously tend to only look at it from a male perspective. You know, stuff like Mushishi, Flowers of Evil and even works that are initially written by women like Natsume Yuujinchou.

No. 133595

So I assume Wonder Egg Priority isn't really that good? I watched the first three episodes but was really bored so I gave up. I hope I'm not missing on anything. Will appreciate honest farmer opinion as well as spoilers of anything good/bad/cringe that happened (if anyone feels like replying to me kek)

No. 133602

Nah, WEG is very good. That anon is just nitpicking, I'd give it a try and judge for yourself. It's on my top list already.

No. 133605

File: 1616630267832.jpg (100.59 KB, 973x736, 1616630181079.jpg)

It's just Madoka clone but with an electra complex thrown in and weird "women are so irrational" lines thrown in for no reason. The plot only starts happening in the last few episodes so the enemies are bland until the very end.

No. 133611

File: 1616635966147.gif (2.5 MB, 498x280, tenor.gif)

does anyone know what anime this is from? i saw it on discord and it looks cute.

No. 133612

Pretty sure its angel beats.

No. 133613

thanks! i've heart of it but never watched it, guess it's time to watch it now!

No. 133615

>enemies are bland
Not at all, I disagree. They're literally battling with the abusers that made the girls kill themselves.
>women are irrational
This is said, but it's implied that women are passionate instead. Don't take everything at face value.
>the plot only starts in the few episodes
The buildup is really worth it though. A nice exploration of women's issues.
>being uncuntrollable is the essence of femininity
Hell yeah I love being uncontrollable

I'm not here to argue though, your point of view is also very valid.

No. 133622

File: 1616644467154.png (1.88 MB, 1920x1080, [SubsPlease] Wonder Egg Priori…)

>The plot only starts happening in the last few episodes so the enemies are bland until the very end.
do you even know what a plot is? the most recent episode only serves to 'reveal' the mechanisms behind the eggs/what the girls were fighting. and in hindsight there was a LOT of foreshadowing before this episode. speculation every week has been most of the fun out of this series, for me at least. it's an extremely unique original series, a rare find in a cesspool of shitty seasonal anime. pretty disingenuous to call it simply a madoka clone.

imo, with the way it's heading i'm thinking it'll turn out to be more of a Lain clone.

No. 133624

File: 1616644875753.jpg (121.84 KB, 1200x675, Dqmk39gU0AAsQF5.jpg)

I guess this isn't technically anime, but does anyone else here watch Thunderbolt Fantasy? Urobuchi is the writer, and S3 is going to start airing soon. There's also a manga apparently.
I've just gotten to S2, obsessed w/ the monk atm. It's on crunchyroll, highly recommend. lots of ikemens!!!!

No. 133629

File: 1616646125802.gif (2 MB, 400x223, 67480326403242.gif)

I think a lot of nonnies hate it due to the (sort of) manic pixie emogirl, but Flowers of Evil. I personally thought it was great, the show absolutely fucking oozed a depressive, ugly, "at the end of my rope" atmosphere. The manga has a totally different art style and personally I think the realism of the anime worked a lot better, but unfortunately they didn't finish the story. It still ends in a decent place though. Stuck with me for a long time.

No. 133635

File: 1616647872006.jpg (50.26 KB, 800x449, titan.jpg)

Does he mean the reveal that some of the titans have people inside and are basically piloted by them?

Most of the titans look goofy as hell though. If they weren't cramming people into their mouths they would just be funny. It's the contrast between the comical appearance and violent acts that make them creepy I guess. That cap from EVA is more traditional horror to me, idk. All post EVA anime is arguably indebted to EVA but I don't really get the comparison otherwise. The characters, themes, and worldviews put forth all seem really different to me. Personally I think that Isayama was heavily influenced by GOT, and not in a positive way.

No. 133638

I think some anons here are understandably put-off by the mangaka's obsession with sexually evil and deranged women looking to corrupt men. How many of his stories have centered around that now? I agree with you on this though. I like that "at the end of my rope, about to snap and just absolutely lose it" atmosphere". I want more depressing anime. Lol, people were so mad at the art style. I think they were mostly pissed at being deprived of the usual looking fantasy waifus.

No. 133639

File: 1616648618993.gif (858.47 KB, 500x333, 497FA104-1272-45F0-876C-750ABD…)

retarded scrote mcs but AoT has nge bodied because eren actually has a personality and character growth. Could also be “we were the monsters all along” with the retarded twists angels being human and titans being people and the mcs both have crazy fathers and female characters with more dimension who pick up after them most of their lives/the duration of the series. Both are written by loser scrotes but aren’t bad as far as my deep dark twisted fantasy shonen anime series go. I’d say AoT is objectively more entertaining and easily digestible, but I also think NGE isn’t worth shit. You could watch Lain, Beastars, Utena, Sailor Moon and NHK and conflate the events and reoccurring themes between all three and get a better overall experience than sitting through every NGE episode and film. On top of that they all have priority female characters that don’t amount to scrote fodder circling around a single useless moid. NHK and Lain may not be best examples of this but at least they have personality and mean something outside of personal reinterpretations about a character that exists solely to be a female character anime trope.

agreed kek

That’s like every “deep” anime that doesn’t explicitly have a male protagonist, and by extension most seinen. Berserk does a really entertaining and indulging job at displaying scrote psyche. Last time I dunk on NGE I promise kek but Shinji and Kaworu are genuinely just watered down Guts and Griffith.

No. 133641

File: 1616649075859.gif (2.54 MB, 400x300, 0FC14F66-A036-4A52-8104-0CA122…)

nta Well said. I enjoyed and hated it for those same reasons, and the art style difference was honestly refreshing. I wish anime would deviate from the moe waifu shit more often. Ping Pong anime did that, but it’s not “at the end of my rope” and is actually quite hopeful. I’d recommend it if you want something to watch, because it is short.

No. 133643

File: 1616649520575.jpg (Spoiler Image,65.4 KB, 609x440, EVB93ICXQAEF66L.jpg)

The reason I'm still watching AoT (manga spoilers but no plot)

No. 133644

>female characters with more dimension
surely you're not including misaka in this right

No. 133645

for saul goodman? lol

No. 133646

I hope not. Even when Eren starts moving against the group she just stands there going Eree..nnn plleease noo with tears in her eyes doing nothing. It was funny to see how dumb everyone was falling for Eren's "I'm a super bad guy now and hate all of you" but good lord she is one note and always has been. It literally takes her until the second last chapter of the series to do something.

No. 133647

>a rare find in a cesspool of shitty seasonal anime
AGREED super hard
>and in hindsight there was a LOT of foreshadowing before this episode
oh anon, please share your thoughts!
>speculation every week has been most of the fun out of this series, for me at least.
same here

No. 133648

Lmfao, thanks for that anon. Anyone who thinks AoT is good should watch Better Call Saul. Great show. Nacho is a babe. Shoutout to my girl Kim. Best anime not currently airing.

No. 133650

File: 1616651627851.jpeg (60.9 KB, 704x396, A2D33F40-C321-46CA-8F47-68E925…)

I was thinking about Ymir and Historia KEK but Hange and Annie have more substance than a good chunk of the male characters too.

No. 133652

>Last time I dunk on NGE I promise kek but Shinji and Kaworu are genuinely just watered down Guts and Griffith.
The fuck anon, you are taking it too far. Not gonna argue the rest of your post since you are entitled to your opinion. This comparison is really farfetched though. Shinji is a mentally ill kid, not some Guts expy. Not even gonna get into the Griffith comparison.

No. 133658

This sent me too. I disagree with everything pretty much and that's fine. We already had the Shinji isn't a retarded scrote argument just a little ways upthread and I don't want to rehash it. Least of all with a sincere AoT fan. I will just say that because you dislike a character's personality doesn't mean they don't have one.

But, really? The only similarities between Guts/Griffith and Shinji/Kaworu are hair colour and the homoeroticism. And no NGE fan claims that Anno invented homoeroticism.

No. 133659

Oh, the yuri bait couple. One has potential but gets wasted and has an unsatisfying death and the other is involved in a soap opera style paternity drama.

No. 133663

I wanna see him animated so bad lol

No. 133664

Ilu, anon. I'm cackling. Only AoT watcher I respect.

No. 133670

straight up her death is immediately made a joke with Sesshomaru walking over it to hand Towa his sword telling her to try it with no explanation and dipping again like the dead beat dad he is. I woke my bf at 5 am watching the premiere cause I started wheezing at just how retarded it was

No. 133672

Bruh, I haven't even been watching this but that sounds terrible. I hate when deaths are used cheaply in fiction. Don't kill your characters off if it's not going to mean anything.

No. 133678

And Berserk also doesn't own homoeroticism. If kawoshin is a lesser copy of Guts x Griffith, than I guess all homosexually charged male relationship in anime are a better or worse copy of it. Like Akio and Touga from Utena kek.

No. 133694

half of this userbase likes some pretty childish shit, don't even try it

No. 133727

File: 1616700993676.png (Spoiler Image,262.55 KB, 442x630, 1966273_1600_2278_1142470.png)

I haven't yet, but I pulled it up online to start reading. fingers crossed that it's good.

No. 133745

Nobody here has ardently defended dime a dozen harem anime or pedo shit as good let alone fine art, or said that Ghibli isn't even anime. And usually when people here enjoy something that isn't very good they just admit that. They don't fumble around trying to philosophize why their titty anime is actually deep. Comparing this place to YouTube anime scrotes is pretty rude tbh.

No. 133757

File: 1616725785544.jpg (292.15 KB, 1080x1161, IMG_20210326_032715.jpg)

this explains so much

No. 133759

So he has just moved on. That is fair enough, especially if he got a handle on his mental illness. It happens with a lot of creators. But better to not have bothered with the reboots at all then. I sympathize with wanting money though I guess, lol.

No. 133762

File: 1616736077739.jpeg (32.6 KB, 669x380, HsjJOO0.jpeg)

So I'm not gonna spoiler anymore since I doubt anyone here gives about Yashahime but lemme give you a run down how just how utterly batshit this show is.

>Rin got preggers before Kagome implying Sesshomaru was diddling a teen before his brother had sex with his wife

>The episode prior to the pedo ship reveal was about defeating a demon lusting after a 13 year old and how that's bad. But since Sesshomaru is hot it's okay the very next episode
>Sesshomaru takes the girls immediately after birth doesn't acknowledge Rin and fucks off.
>He seals his brother and Kagome in the black pearl and they've apparently just been in his pocket for the last 14 years.
>Rin goes missing from Kaede's hut shortly after birth cause deadbeat apparently couldn't bother to come back after yeeting the kids to the forest.
>Kaede doesn't even care she's missing shrugs it off with a "shit happens" type of speech
>Towa gives her pearl to the villain guy and says the hug with him is 'different' from the ones from Papa Souta
>Rin is attached to the new villain lady and if she dies Rin will wake up and die so Sesshomaru brings her back after the girls magically kill her first encounter
>Then immediately says he will kill her regardless so ain't no one give a fuck about Rin's life
>Sesshomaru's mother makes a based appearance to say she doesn't give a fuck about the twins or Rin
>Apparently there's a magical pinwheel of time that can fix everything so the entire thing including the OG series was pointless
>Setsuna dies Sesshomaru doesn't care and fucks off Oh and the pearls get thrown to the ends of the earth so the whole chasing them thing was pointless.

It's been a motherfucking journey to watch.

No. 133767

And this is why the TV anime is superior. It was made when Anno still had an emotional attachment to the series and actually gave a shit about what he was doing to the point he ended up rewriting episodes again and again and halting production. Rebuild movies are just consoomer crap in a shiny package that he wanted to end with a giant "fuck you" to the audience to show that he doesn't care anymore.

No. 133768

why did it have to be like this

No. 133783

File: 1616755952629.gif (824.19 KB, 384x216, 54D4BBA7-7472-414D-8C31-7869EC…)

Years ago, I hate-watched Eromanga Sensei and it's just as terrible as expected. Boring, disgusting loli siscon garbage, but sometimes I wonder what it could have been if you took out the incest and actually developed the characters. Like, I know their parents are dead only to get them out of the way and facilitate the creepy incestuous flirting, but it's an interesting scenario to explore with the porn goggles off.

>two suddenly orphaned step siblings with no idea how to cope

>middle school age sister becomes a full blown hikikomori in her grief
>older sibling forced into a parental role despite being very young for the responsibility
>the lack of blood relation means they've also lost the main thing tethering them (i.e. married parents)
>sister's only social contact is through her art, obviously a very important coping mechanism for her
>especially since her late mother is the one who taught her to draw
>meanwhile the older sibling writes wish fulfilment isekai, likely a form of escapism
>the siblings reconnect and process their trauma through a shared creative project
>main plot focuses on coaxing the little sister out of her room and back into the real world
>some subplots could be: the older sibling's writing career
>the neighbours and relatives who support them through the tragedy
>homeschooling the little sibling, her school friends who miss her
>maybe there's some cultural/local event that reminds them both of their late parents
>the climax could be their joint attendance, a massive feat considering all they had to work through to get there
>bonus points if they showcase the project they created together
>overall a coming-of-age story for both a pubescent girl and a young adult entering the workforce
>healthy relationships, three dimensional characters, and a meaningful narrative

Honestly I've considered writing it myself. And for starters, I'd make it about two sisters, because opposite sex sibling relationships are hell. Just looking at that massive greentext, it's obvious I've given this a lot of thought lol… But can you imagine citing an ecchi anime as the inspiration for your heartfelt story about family and grief?
It's such a shame that I've gotten attached to this vapid scrotebait series. Probably because I too have been a shut-in, I felt so desperate for someone to actually help Sagiri heal… But instead of addressing her obvious mental illness, the narrative treats her (and all its characters) as low effort fap material. It's not as if I expected anything more, but I'm nonetheless disappointed.

No. 133784

That's awesome; you don't have to cite that crap, why would you? If you wrote that, I would read it, and I'm sure a lot of others would love it too.

No. 133785

>Honestly I've considered writing it myself.
Do it. I'd read it.

No. 133787

Beastars S2 ended airing on japanese Netflix now if anyone is interested in binging it. The ending was really rushed, and the whole Ibuki/Louis final confrontation was so weird. As an anime only I was interested since when I looked up the ED video on youtube the comment section was full of spoiler warnings, how it was going to be a tearjerker. But the anime handled it very weirdly, splitting in between two episodes to built tension from ending on a gunshot but then giving it like 2 minutes of screentime before rushing back to the Legosi/Riz fight, because gotta finish the season. The music video they released for the song is much better than anything they animated for this storyline in this season, so just watch this instead of the finale.

No. 133788

Anon I would read it as well. That sounds so amazing and genuine. I agree, it's really sad the way this anime and so, so many other low-tier ecchi shows treat these topics, not that I'd expect them to give it much thought, anyway. It's just about having a sense of respect.

No. 133821

i'd read it too

No. 133844

Sumisawa has always liked playing up Sesshomaru's unfeeling edgelord side to dumb levels to make him another Heero Yuuy. In the manga it's more obvious he cares. I hate this guy for fucking with Inuyasha.

No. 133846

>two suddenly orphaned step siblings with no idea how to cope
>middle school age sister becomes a full blown hikikomori in her grief
>older sibling forced into a parental role despite being very young for the responsibility
Reminds me of Digimon Story Hacker's Memory

No. 133857

One thing I will give him credit for is that he botched it so spectacularly it makes for a fun time watching the shippers justify it. They full on bend over backwards to scream how much he loves Rin when every interaction with him thus far has been Fuck this shit I'm out.

No. 133998

File: 1616914462327.jpeg (103.44 KB, 1366x768, 91EC47B2-64C4-4001-B4AC-C3DC65…)

well sk8 the infinity will be coming to a close next week. i’m sad because it is a genuinely enjoyable anime. probably not one that needs multiple seasons but a fun ride nonetheless. the fandom is going to be pissed when reki and langa don’t get together though. i can see it so clearly already.

wanting a ship to be canon so you over analyze every interaction between the two characters with a microscope and fine toothed comb does not mean the writers are queerbaiting you.

sure i think they would be cute together but i also think they make great friends and i don’t think they need to go any further to make the story feel satisfying and well done.

No. 134013

What you described is similar to Futaba and Joker's dynamic in Persona 5

No. 134014

The way pilots control the Evas somewhat reminds me of how Titan shifters control their titans, but that's about it.

No. 134015

I feel like I physically can't finish this manga because everyone in it pisses me off so much I wish they would just die

No. 134016

I agree with most of this

No. 134017

I want someone to explain how Kaworu is analogous to an ultra villainous evil rapist? Still baffled. Or how Shinji is a Guts copy in any way.

No. 134026

Ooh, I've never seen any of the Digimon movies. I'll check this one out sometime.

Wow, that's so true! Totally forgot about those two. I really enjoyed their relationship and Futaba's character– or the concept of her, at least. Persona 5's writing was hit or miss a lot of the time.

Thank you all for encouraging me, it gives me a lot of confidence! I think I'd like to try writing it, if only to finally get the story out of my head. It's been swimming around in there for years now.

No. 134030

Anthy and Akio are literally Casca and Guts, Utena shit anime confirmed

No. 134036

They both have white hair, the Berserk mangaka should sue Anno for plagiarism obviously.

No. 134037

Miura and Anno were both heavily inspired by Devilman so I'd perhaps say it'd more accurate to say that any similarity between Griffith, Kaworu and their relationship with the MC comes from that.

No. 134044

If I love NGE and other 90's edgy/dark/psychological anime and manga, should I see Devilman? Is manga better or the Netflix anime? I'm curious but also kind of scared of being disappointed

No. 134051

Read the manga and watch the 1987 OVA if you want the OG story. Crybaby isn’t a direct adaptation of the manga so the director made a bunch of different interpretations and omissions of characters.

No. 134077

kek pls let's also add in killua and gon to the list since the requirements are one character having white hair and another being utterly deranged

Crybaby also seems to have been inspired by Anno too, unironically. to the point that at times it almost seems like kawoshin fanfiction. I personally liked it because, well, I like kawoshin and the themes it generally evokes in a story (a sort of toxic, I'll destroy the world and everything in it for you love and specially how the consequences of such devotion are not overlooked and passed off as positive).

No. 134109

File: 1616981051583.jpg (82.31 KB, 768x432, cpfj937c2lc31.jpg)

Can anons recommend animes similar to Oshiete galko chan or any show that's about highschoolgirls life but without excessive male pandering?

No. 134121

File: 1616982397929.jpg (87.06 KB, 574x850, 5aaf76b4a5175.jpg)

Asobi Asobase

No. 134123

File: 1616982654253.png (161.3 KB, 236x331, kon.png)

K-On, the original music is actually good too.

No. 134130

High School Girls

that's literally what the anime is called

No. 134131

This picture is so dignified but the actual show had me almost peeing my pants.

No. 134134

Just watched the first episode, this is hilarious!

No. 134143

k-on is so boring even by slice of life standards. every other SoL is better than it.

No. 134144

You're most likely right, I'm probably just nostalgic cause I used to listen to the soundtrack 24/7 after finishing the show and it was during a more happier time in my life lol.

No. 134155

When I think about this anime (and no male characters) I think of Lucky Star, they are quite similar.

Nichijou is also very nice, I believe it's a SoL must watch. Shame it never gotten a second season.

No. 134184

Azu manga dayo but I only read the manga so don't know if the 2000's anime quality will be a good watch

No. 134185

Nayrt, but I personally Liked Azumanga during its time. But manga creator did not like it at all, which is why we will never see Yotsuba manga getting an anime adaptation.

Tbh I am only up for Yotsuba always staying as manga-only, it's too precious.

No. 134186

Lol, good point. Couldn't you take this and apply it to any dark haired x white haired (hell, widen the scope by going with light hair generally) male pairing in anime. Because it isn't uncommon at all, pretty popular actually.

True, the Crybaby update is kind of like an extreme KaworuShinji fic with a bad end.

No. 134188

Seconding Nichijou! It's very funny and cute. Also Revue Starlight.

No. 134190

what animes in the upcoming season will you all be watching? i’m excited for the final season of fruits basket but i need recs for others

No. 134192

File: 1617019667161.jpg (90.15 KB, 460x649, bx125038-SsPY4Vvut8Qu.jpg)

Def Shadow House, but beware the trailer spoils important plot points I'd rather recommend to read the manga first and watch the anime if you are a fan
I'm also hyped for Love Live Superstar

No. 134197

Shadows House and Tokyo Revengers (it’s kind of a train wreck but it has some cool guys in it)

No. 134199

To Your Eternity seems interesting. I'll probably check out the Shaman King revival too, out of nostalgia.

No. 134201

File: 1617026049364.jpeg (517.9 KB, 750x1219, 91866D68-E8E3-4410-B475-D49CD4…)

This just happened.

No. 134202

>We would like to report on the TV anime "Tokyo BABYLON 2021".

>After the discovery of "imitation plagiarism" by the animation production company, the Committee reviewed all products to ensure compliance and never again cause the same situation. As a result, unfortunately, in addition to the two costume settings of the characters that were pointed out, it was found that there were many cases of imitation plagiarism.

>The production committee deeply apologizes to the production company for any administrative delays.

>As a result of discussions within the production committee, we judged that it was impossible to continue production due to the lack of trust with the current production company, and the [Tokyo BABYLON 2021] project will be discontinued. On top of that, after discussions with CLAMP and the production committee, we will start again with a completely new production system.

>I would like to express my heartfelt apologies to CLAMP, everyone who loves the original "Tokyo BABYLON", everyone who is expecting and supporting "Tokyo BABYLON 2021", the cast members who appeared, and all those involved who are supporting this work.

>As a production committee, we will make every effort to deliver the important work called [Tokyo BABYLON] of CLAMP as soon as possible with a new system so that fans can enjoy it from the bottom of their hearts. We sincerely ask for your continued support.

No. 134205

God fucking damn it
I laughed when that fujo in another thread said that women can't have anything in anime but she was right

No. 134211

Which characters were supposedly plagiarised?

No. 134213

Wait, I'm confused, so they plagiarized character designs/outfits?? How did they manage to do that when all they had to do was base it off the original manga tf??

No. 134215

I dont remember if it was on twitter, here or on /a/ but some people noticed that Hokuto's ugly as fuck outfits were plagiarized from high fashion brands. Not just some clothing articles but entire looks. And the fans noticed very soon after the anime got announced.

No. 134219

File: 1617039037368.jpeg (54.3 KB, 640x494, 1D1B7580-54A6-4E28-9142-8FBD66…)

This one was from a k-pop group.

No. 134220

File: 1617039201825.jpeg (84.22 KB, 927x749, C8044688-12F8-4281-9F36-2653FE…)

And Subaru was copied from a BJD

No. 134221

You remember this better than I did. I didnt even remember the copied poses. Even Hokuto's skirt's have the exact same wrinkles as the ones on the photo.

No. 134223

jesus, so fucking shameless, it almost looks that it was traced

No. 134225

Who even is the character designer? Why did they pick such an ugly outfit? Are they that much of a k-pop stan?

No. 134226

Yeah they could have picked one of the MANY outfits Hokuto wears in the manga but they picked this trash. The art looked like shit anyway, Seishiro doesnt look like himself anymore either.

No. 134228

File: 1617046288890.jpg (96.76 KB, 557x1024, EnXdtk6XYAAWz4h.jpg)

I hated the Seishiro in TB2021 so much. I know he was in his early twenties but he looked significantly older than Subaru. It really was fitting for their dynamic. If Seishiro doesn't look like a grownass man with yaoi shoulders… that's not the sick fuck that we know and love (to hate). The TB2021 Seishiro looks like an anime highschooler. Disgusting. Anyway apparently GoHands has a long history of fashion plagiarism. Since apparently the anime is not forever canceled, maybe we will get an adaptation that doesn't look like shit. I wish they would drop the 2021 setting and instead went for fullblown 90's nostalgia.

No. 134229

File: 1617046468436.jpg (141.07 KB, 1200x848, tumblr_21e5310f28812bfe26823bf…)

Sorry for the salt but either his head is too big or his shoulders are too small. Or both. WTF are those proportions? The head and arms don't fit those longass legs.

No. 134231

Anon please I was trying to forget this shit.

No. 134236

This is what happens when you outsource your stuff to chinks.

No. 134238

File: 1617049313653.jpg (212.59 KB, 1056x902, 33521b75f887552b5e82af24f8fb57…)

I mean sailor moon did the same thing. I don't get what the big deal is, it's just some clothes in an anime.

No. 134240

Aparently Volks is really trigger happy when it comes to lawsuits

No. 134245

God his proportions are so off, he also looks like he has a hunched back. Which intern traced this off of some stock photo? Give him his dignified yaoi shoulders back, even the overexaggerated CLAMP proportions look better than this beta shit.

Unironically this.

I don't even care myself but the fashion brands will come after you like blood hounds. The only reason Takeuchi got away with it was that nobody ever made the connection until maybe the early 00's and the fashion had already passed by then, it would've been useless to build a case.

No. 134250

In Sailor Moon's case it's not like the internet was a huge thing when the manga was published and the anime was airing. Beside the Opium poster's model/Chibi Usa having the exact same pose the characters aren't doing the exact same poses as the models. And the model for the Opium perfume isn't wearing the same thing as Chibi Usa. I was reading Hana Yori Dango a few months ago and I was surprised by how often the characters would name drop brands and wear clothes with 100% accurate logos. Don't get me started on JJBA's covers being straight up copy pasted from fashion photoshoot published in magazines.

Nowadays as soon as something gets released and references or copies something else people will know and spread the info as much as possible.

No. 134266

I just think it's lazy af and obviously going to end up in a lawsuit so a dumb decision. I dont particularly mind it morally and it even makes sense on something like Paradise Kiss where fashion and brands are sort of the point but ehhh its just seems lazy everywhere else.

No. 134330

File: 1617089442557.jpg (209.26 KB, 945x1603, 20210330_092852.jpg)

Is Wonder Eggs Priority really worth watching or is it just oberhyped by newbie weebs? I was excited about it until I kept hearing twitter saying that there is some trannie character. What is this fuss all about?

Also found out that the creator hates lesbians.

No. 134331

damn that explains momo’s character arc then

No. 134334

File: 1617095641610.png (436.2 KB, 582x622, 47326408932674032.png)

I don't think it's bad, but I guess everyone has their own tolerances. Fwiw I have no idea about the creator's or fanbase's opinions and don't really care, this is just my own outlook as an anti-trans weeb. One of the main girls (Momoe) is androgynous looking and gets mistaken for a man often. Girls frequently hit on her and still want to be with her despite the fact she (seemingly) is straight, and this is often frustrating to her. She never identifies as a man, doesn't want to be a man, and just enjoys dressing in more masculine styles/wearing short hair. In episode 10 there is a female character that says she views herself as a boy despite her body (so, trans) and this was an eye roll moment for me, but the show also makes it pretty clear that this was likely due in part to trauma because she goes to a kendo teacher for advice and he rapes her, she gets pregnant, then commits suicide. I know that sounds super dark and it is, but the show doesn't really fixate on characters' trauma in the way that Madoka would spend like 10 minutes showing little girls having mental breaks and sobbing in the rain. It's more "this shit happened and it sucked and now they're going to try and process it." So for that reason I prefer it. I'm also hopeful the trans character will never get revisited due to her role and the fact the show is ending. Without getting too deep into the plot she's basically one of many damsels the main characters have to save. They all have bit parts and then typically don't ever return past the single episode they're in.

I like the show because the art style is pretty, action is decent, characters are engaging with unique personalities, deals with heavy topics without being torture porny, get to see the girls growing as individuals and overcoming trauma, positive focus on friendship. This last episode has really gone down the rabbit hole in terms of making the plot more complex than it probably needed to be but whatever, shows jumping the shark in their finale aren't really rare and I've had fun up until this point. It's not a masterpiece but for me it's still been enjoyable.

No. 134336

File: 1617096372021.png (Spoiler Image,130.03 KB, 1103x540, WEP_ep10.PNG)

The fans are happy because there's a confirmed trans character on a "pretty made" anime with an allusion to trans flag but they dont really see why her inclusion is awkward (to me and some) and actually doesn't really do them favor. Picrel is someone's review on the episode and there's some good points made about that (ie the Wonder World said to attract only girls so if the ftm is here, she is really just a girl after all kek).

No. 134339

The anime really does attract a ton of newfags, I was in a thread on /a/ where people didn't know about that handsome girl trope that's featured in most shojo anime and in weg momo is that type of character. Was kind of bizarre to see it firsthand.

That said the anime is decent, it's a shame it's so short because the ending will most likely be rushed. It's not deep at all but it's enjoyable. Also there's a tranny character (a girl that wants to be a boy) but the show is kind of based because only girls can show up in the dream world and she's there… which implies she is a girl after all kek

No. 134340

having seen monthly girls nozaki kun i was aware of the handsome girl trope and i think momo’s storyline had some potential to it but i think they missed that chance. i was lowkey hoping she would be a lesbian though but given these comments made by the creator i guess that was never going to happen.

also i totally didn’t realise that all that girls are only 14. for some reason i thought they were like 16/17

No. 134353

i'm only going to watch record of ragnarok just for the adam vs zeus fight. i've only read that portion of the manga and i loved every part of it, there's something in adam's character that was so entertaining to watch and knowing he lost made me sad.

i'm not interested in anything else beyond that from the story.

No. 134373

This is why girls' love is actual garbage as a genre, it's always written by a homophobic coomer scrote fantasizing about his perfect idealized waifus being cute together and then marrying all of them himself.

As for Wonder Egg Priority, to me it's more like a generic cute girls show with the most predictable edgyness thrown in. It's like someone wrote a Madoka AU fanfic but changed the names. I know people love to call Madoka scrote pandering garbage but it refrained from gross tropes and slice of life moe shit a fair amount and managed to keep a very eerie atmosphere and drove into the girls' psyche without sparing punches. Also the girls in WEP really give me gross transbian kinnie vibes which made it really hard to take them seriously, and seeing this statement from the creator explains a lot.

>I know that sounds super dark and it is, but the show doesn't really fixate on characters' trauma in the way that Madoka would spend like 10 minutes showing little girls having mental breaks and sobbing in the rain. It's more "this shit happened and it sucked and now they're going to try and process it."
Well, the point is that in Madoka you get to see how traumatic the event was and how it's causing the girls make the messed up decisions they keep making. The way WEP can't decide if it's a drama with similar abstract visuals to Madoka or a cutesy show with slight edgyness thrown is too distracting to me and it ends up being neither. The animation is really pretty though and it pains me that it's so detailed in a show that doesn't benefit from it.

No. 134379

>in Madoka you get to see how traumatic the event was and how it's causing the girls make the messed up decisions they keep making

Have to agree to disagree on this one. I was able to understand the pain of Ai losing her best friend, Rika's complicated relationship with her mom, Neiru's sense of isolation and so on with the clean and neatly summarized attention they gave each of those issues. I don't need scenes where the girls shoot each other, encourage mass suicide, have one of the girl's dads murder his family, constantly talk about how miserable the world is and how they're all doomed, etc. It's laughably edgy and depressive and leans into the melodrama hard. I was bummed when the most recent episode of WEP decided to show more gore and violence than it had in all the combined eps prior and started giving the girls TraumaGaze because I do agree it felt very out of left field.

No. 134407

So seeing that the creator is a creepy scrote is the "Egg" in the Wonder Egg Priority title supposed to be referencing the womb? Scrotes are fucking obsessed with that symbolism in their sodeep shit and Madoka did it too.

No. 134419

>Also the girls in WEP really give me gross transbian kinnie vibes
Same I was expecting a bit more than that but it seems like they're overplaying their "girliness" with weird comments. Idk if it was episode 10 or 11 but Ai was talking with Acca and suddenly got sidetracked because of Momos date and Acca or Ura-acca made a comment like "girl talk is priority". Felt a bit icky to me kek, like "just girls bein girls, having their girly fun teehee" kind of mindset.

No. 134422

what the hell was that final episode of wonder egg priority. i don’t know if i’m just dumb but it felt really rushed. i didn’t really understand it apparently a special final episode is coming out in june so hopefully that will explain the ending better

No. 134429

Finished it a minute ago and was about to say thr same thing. Let's pretend the recap episode stole the final episode spot because they had issues with the deadlines (last few episodes were always delayed). But nothing is answered, I'm afraid to say this but it really became a "2deep4u" anime they just present u shit with no conclusion about that.
I still liked it but I have mixed feelings

No. 134571

File: 1617306582244.png (98.31 KB, 1152x662, Sin título.png)

/a/ is braindead

No. 134572

>they're overplaying their "girliness" with weird comments
Japanese people have very traditional views of femininity, I didn't see it as awkward. My country is kinda like that too.
What's wrong with wombs now? Eggs are literal wombs you know
>or a cutesy show with slight edgyness thrown
Idk, calling it a madoka clone is such a disservice, and I love madoka to hell and back. The way you're descriving it sounds more like you watched mahou shoujo raising project kek, now that's some bullshit to witness
>handsome girl trope
Exactly, Momoe is that. It's like that girl in sailor moon. Trannies just jumped in and appropiated it.
>this is just my own outlook as an anti-trans weeb.
Based, this is how you should watch WEG. In fact, this is the outlook you should have in life period.
Also the trauma about getting pregnant just adds to the fact biological reality > troon feelings kek.

No. 134573

k-on is male pandering to the max, only that the fanservice is girls looking cute and airheaded instead of sexy. Yes it is a fetish too.
Plus Digibro watched it and it was one of his main reasons to troon out.

No. 134574

>Shinji and Kaworu are genuinely just watered down Guts and Griffith.
Literally how. I think you write paragraphs and paragraphs of shit you don't even know about and think your opinion is correct.

No. 134591

Gochiusa is scrote bait but I unironically like it… I just find it really cute

Amanchu and Aria (the latter has high schoolers in its cast but school's not the main focus) were written by a woman and are both pretty good

No. 134593

>What's wrong with wombs now? Eggs are literal wombs you know
Way to miss the point. The way scrotes constantly use the female reproductive system as symbolism in their cute girl 2deep4u shit pisses me off.

No. 134601

NTA and where else was this referenced and why does it piss you off? Only Utena comes to my mind in that Nanami episode but it made sense

No. 134604

>Japanese people have very traditional views of femininity, I didn't see it as awkward. My country is kinda like that too.
While I agree with that, I honestly never noticed such a high concentration such comments in an anime, and I watched my fair share of shoujo, coming of age, experiencing femininity kind of stuff. Idk it almost feels a bit shoehorned in a way, and also a bit westernized as well. Some other anon can probably explain what I mean better my brain is really burnt out and I ran out of english for today kek

No. 134627

File: 1617327291224.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1000x1000, 8CFEFB07-2878-4274-9622-C6FA08…)

NTA (I don't care at all about WEP), but I do wonder how people come to this conclusion about Madoka. The story ends on a hopeful note— even the Rebellion twist ending can be considered bittersweet— and the the main moral is to remain optimistic, even when it feels like the whole world is against you, because you're stronger than you think. I'd argue that Rebellion's moral is to never give up, because your hard work will always pay off in the end. I agree that a lot of scenes are rather dark and the world building grim, but the story is overall very tight. It's barely one cours long, after all. No time to waste on unnecessary tragedy. Wouldn't it be weirder if they included the darker aspects but then didn't give them the proper narrative weight? On top of that, I think it helps that a lot of the scarier parts are illustrated in a surrealist or abstract fashion.

Of course, it's not a traditional magical girl show and that kind of story isn't for everyone— especially not someone expecting the lighthearted tropes typical to the genre. Honestly, I probably cape for it so hard because I watched it when I was an edgy teenager myself. I really love the character designs, their relationship dynamics, and the universe is so intriguing to me! Plus, Homura is one of my favourite characters of all time. Her character arc fascinates me even 5+ years later.

No. 134633

japanese women also don't act like that unless they're burikko around men. it's just a man's vapid idea of female behavior.

No. 134634

File: 1617330145751.jpg (27.56 KB, 256x256, b97JPn7U_400x400.jpg)

I know I'm kinda late to the party but I started watching Berserk (the '97 anime) and after watching 12 episodes I've decided to drop it.

I get the appeal but it's so painful to watch at times, the worldbuilding and exposition are really clunky (literally a character would just explain a chunk of the plot to the viewer/someone else for no reason or a character would address themselves by their full name and occupation) and the characters sometimes do stupid shit or react in a really stupid way Casca yelling at Guts insisting that Nosferatu injured Griffith because of him or Guts not respecting Griffith's battle strategies ever and just winging it by himself with no repercussions whatsoever

The cherry on the top were episodes 11 and 12, which Covered Casca's backstory. There's a bunch of things that pissed me off, from nitpicky details like Guts doing cpr wrong on Casca during Medieval times, to bigger things like the unbearable way the characters act in these episodes. Casca is completely incapacitated by her period, Guts is being sexist for no reason (says she's not "fit for war" despite fighting along her side for the past 3 years and that she's "easily driven into a frenzy" even though the show is literally called Berserk because he's fucking angry all the time), sprinkled with the occasional pitiful "It must be hard to be a woman". I actually laughed my arse off at the shot with Guts standing in the cave, holding his sword in one hand and a naked Casca in the other while it was raining, it was so ridiculous.

The thing is I know it gets kinda better later on because I watched the movies a long time ago, I know they crank up the fantasy factor and it gets more interesting but at the moment it's so annoying that I have to drop it/take a break from it. I feel like the story might've been better had they not included Casca at all. She's badly written, we've never seen her fend for herself and becomes a damsel in distress when she loses her memory or whatever

Sorry anons I know this is the go-to edgy fantasy anime but I just can't watch it

No. 134635


No. 134691

File: 1617369817281.jpg (10.47 KB, 258x195, pobrane (1).jpg)

>says (…) she's "easily driven into a frenzy" even though the show is literally called Berserk because he's fucking angry all the time
peak scrote logic
I've always kinda wanted to read the manga but it's so fucking long and the beginning with the fairy Puck isn't that interesting. Is it possible to skip to the Golden Arc (or whatever it's called) and not miss out much? When does the manga get good?

No. 134693

File: 1617370344785.png (226.66 KB, 501x475, 1615731066483.png)

>Casca is completely incapacitated by her period
so am I so I'd say that one's subjective

No. 134696

It's probably not going to end so I don't know if I would advise you to get into it. The pain of perpetual hiatus/ a never finished series sucks ass (cries in ASOIAF reader).

Fair point. People forgot that there are women who are literally bedridden.

No. 134712

Ayrt, my periods are shit as well but the fact that Casca has never proven that she's a strong soldier and right when she was about to do so she was saved by Guts and she fainted because of her period was bullshit. We only hear other characters talk about how strong she is but so far every time she fights a foe, either Griffith or Guts help her.

I'm not saying that bed riddening periods don't exist, but in this context I feel like it was just used to further show how frail, fragile and not-cut-for-war Casca is

No. 134833

File: 1617459148629.jpg (226.24 KB, 1941x2304, tdluxt7d2ov21.jpg)

I forgot Puck was completely absent in the anime. I tend to think of that god awful Dreamcast game, with too realistic of sword physics, before the anime when I hear Berserk. Also, has anyone else played the PS2 game? iirc there is an English patched of the game if you can't read moon runes.
Animation and pan clangs aside, I liked the 2016 anime. The story was carried along well.

No. 134857

>in this context I feel like it was just used to further show how frail, fragile and not-cut-for-war Casca is
Agree 100% with you. What matters is in what way something is portrayed/framed in a fictional story, and not if it happens to someone IRL or not. This:
>We only hear other characters talk about how strong she is but so far every time she fights a foe, either Griffith or Guts help her
is classic scrote manga trope so that the male readers don't feel triggered by female characters outstaging male heroes.
Sorry, I'm not the original Berserk OP, just kinda bandwagoning. Maybe I will give the 2016 anime a shot someday!

No. 134893

File: 1617488469938.jpg (1.59 MB, 1146x6600, ZomboDroid 04042021001741.jpg)

The Mari Makinami = Moyoco Anno theory intensifies (if you cannot read the whole thing, skim the last two pages). Taken from Insufficient Direction manga by Moyoco. Absolutely based woman.

No. 134898

File: 1617490033363.gif (936.37 KB, 277x200, mlugbn.gif)

>I feel like she has more talent than I do
When will this crazy fanboy hire his wife to make some needlessly angsty josei anime with her? Bitch I'm waiting.

No. 134913

I'd want angsty josei with relatable female protag or, what initially seems like a fujo-bait anime that ends up being an emotional rollercoaster with 99% of the cast dying. maybe with one of the boys looking like Kaworu as a final fuck you from Anno

No. 134916

Power couple. I wish all married couples were like this. Damn, talk about goals.

No. 134925

Lay it on me. Right now. I'm ready. I don't need Godzilla movies, I need this.

No. 134946

File: 1617505012430.jpeg (78.92 KB, 649x671, 6555DC60-AB32-43BE-B34F-4F57D8…)

well .. sk8 is over … i’m so sad .. i’ll miss this anime. it was cute and fun and enjoyable fujobait

No. 134956

Same here anon. Same here. Anno knows how to subvert your expectations via slow burn, all these new anime just jump right into "THIS ISN'T LIKE X GENRE!! THIS IS X BUT REALISTIC!!" without lulling you into a false sense of security first. Anno and his wife need to put everyone in their place with a collab of the century, a 24 episode angst filled mindfuck that has normies seething over the downer ending.

No. 134957

nta but there are whole ass hentai tags about "womb tattoos" and honestly anything that Kunihiko Ikuhara touches (the Utena director/creator) usually also involves womb references.
I don't think exploring it in itself as a theme is necessarily bad because it really is a prevalent aspect of life in general for any woman in the world but the way it's done in media made by/for men is weird af and usually used to further objectify the characters like their reproductive abilities are one of their values and japanese men have this weird ass take on it like making a woman pregnant gives them some sort of ownership (ie "take responsability" shit).
Compare it to how pregnancy is dealt with in an anime like Nana, for example, and you see how it's a lot more thought out and even touching. Hachi is forced to make a very though choice that is implied to affect her safety and happiness forever just for the sake of her kid but the narrative never either judges or glorifies her choice.

No. 134961

"Returning to the womb" just means you want to return to a safe place before being alive and experiencing the world. It goes for men and women. It has nothing to do with the womb per se.

Now, about those womb tattoos, I do agree they're fucking creepy and whoever draws them is fucked in the head. But wombs themselves are not always sexual, it's just treated as something where humanity comes from. A natural thing.

No. 134962

based, madoka haters are stupid

No. 134964

same anon, it was cute and light-hearted. it was smth i always look forward to during the weekends.

No. 134966

>Japanese people have very traditional views of femininity, I didn't see it as awkward. My country is kinda like that too.
Do teenage girls in your country constantly comment on how amazing another girl's figure is and grope each other? Scrotey sexual harassment is soooo feminine.

No. 134973

Yeah, sometimes actually, and no I'm not kidding (My bestie for example once comented on how big my boobs are and then put her head on top of them… in the middle of our work shift lol, but we had a very relaxed work enviorment back then)

No. 134975

Where are you from? I remember going to the public bath/hammam with my cousins abroad a few years ago and they'd comment on my sisters' and I's bodies like in those cliche onsen scenes. Shit was awkward when they started going on about how I'll never have a husband if I don't try to gain weight and be more thicc

No. 134976

Somewhere in Latin America, I would like to keep it private.

No. 134977

I need this in my life

No. 134982

So apparently they announced the Stone Ocean anime adaptation and they didn't keep Miyuki Sawashiro as Jolyne's voice actress. I'd rather just read the manga again then.

No. 134994

When I see people hating on madoka calling it "scrote torture porn" I cringe so hard. I wish they spent 1 single day on stupid websites like sanakakucomplex to see what real anime torture porn is for scrotes. Yes I'm aware of that stupid tumblr post or whatever that says Madoka "was designed for men in a men tv slot" lmao, that doesn't change the fact that not only in Japan, but worldwide, a lot of women were into it in its prime and even know all the fans I encounter are female. Crazy to think women can like more than one thing I know. Stop quoting every other scrote animetuber and whatever they say and interact with other women more please.

Video is just one random example of a madoka fan, idk who this chick is. But madoka was/is also fairly popular in the jfashion sphere.

No. 134997

You still salty about this? Get over yourself

No. 134998

You still replied.

No. 134999

Madoka still torture porn tho

No. 135001

Ohh nooo how could youuuuu!!!111!!!
Seriously I'm not taking your bait.

No. 135003

NTA, and kek. Imagine thinking Madoka is anything like pic related.
You disgust me. You can't discern between two complete oposites because of how much brainrot you have. You're a fucking gross braindead psycho, if you had said "made in abyss" I would had understand you.
Be grateful I chose a "normal" picture for you, because you really don't deserve much better.

No. 135007

Also nta but holy shit there is something wrong with you lmfao

No. 135008

NTA You sure showed her by posting the most scrote-tier image as a "revenge" for having a shit opinion. Go and hang out in your underage discord.

No. 135009

File: 1617546877917.gif (340.28 KB, 220x220, tenor.gif)

Imagine blowing your cover and revealing yourself as at least troon minded because a random retard on the internet said something negative about pwecious meguca
>Be grateful I chose a "normal" picture for you, because you really don't deserve much better.
Next you will say I should be grateful you cannot rape me. Also, is that from your curated collection? Sure helps to prove people into madoka aren't into torture porn lmfao

No. 135013

I think that anon is gross but Madoka is still not for scrotes like >>134627 says
Pepes are scrotey too anyways

No. 135014

god I'm sorry but this pepe is so gross

No. 135018

nta and you know anyone can go to a website and get a picture like that right? between millions and millions of pictures of hentai porn on the hundreds of hentai websites out there

No. 135021

samefagging for what purpose?

No. 135025

I finally started watching Steins;Gate (I know, I'm very late) and I'm only a few episodes in but I can understand why Makise is so popular. Thank god. She's so not annoying for anime standards.

No. 135027

what's wrong with disliking madoka. why is this the one anime no one's allowed to dislike without people screeching over it. i see this pattern on other IBs too.

No. 135028

I think anons got triggered over it being called a male-fantasy fulfilment, not disliking it. I don't agree with this assesment, it's like calling MLP a scrote-gaze show just because they latched onto it. But I don't feel strongly about Madoka either way.

No. 135030

It was made by Gen Urobutchi aka a scrote for debatable target audience as compared to MLP (Lauren Faust's cartoon for little girls). I read up that Urobutcher wanted to make a hopeful anime for once instead of a trauma fest, so that's something to consider. NGL I still much prefer maho shoujo by women, for women (like, at least based on a manga written by a female author). Madoka is okayish, but I find it massively overrated. Funny to see anons going into meltdown over a wrong opinion about it.

No. 135032

I feel like a lot of people watched Madoka as a kid or teenager so now they have a lot of nostalgia for it. I watched it when I was probably too young to but I loved it and watched it every year afterwards so I'll always have a spot in my heart for Meguca. But I can understand why someone wouldn't like it or call it scrotey ngl

No. 135038

Same. I still enjoy this series, even though it should not have had a movie (even the author was kinda against it). But after they released a gacha, and then anime based off said gacha everything went downhill. Madoka Gacha tried too hard to be like FGO even in terms of gameplay, and it's story was horrible. The fact how they started actually trying to sexualize Mami in gacha spin-off made me feel happy that NA version of this game got cancelled after less than a year.

Tbh they should have only adaptated mangas about Sayaka arc and KyoukoMami ones, they were actually nice.

I do not have anything against Gen, I was in fact happy that anime adaptation gotten a nice and unique artstyle (thanks to a wonderful Ume Aoki, I loved her other anime Hidamari Sketch which is the comfiest and cutest slice of life ive ever seen).

No. 135039

>I do not have anything against Gen
He wrote a pedo visual novel, and his other stuff like Fate also has elements of lolicon. Correct me if I am wrong

No. 135042

>Madoka Manga
Hot take, I think all the Madoka mangas are terrible, and I say this as someone who likes the anime and rebellion (to some extent)

No. 135046

Doubt anyone would care but one of my friends barely acknowledges anime and she was obsessed with Madoka. Even though a guy directed it I think having a few women doing the character designs kind of contributed to it being popular with both sexes.

AFAIK he just wrote the Fate Zero novel that got the anime adaptation.

No. 135049

I just realized that I was being retarded and confused him with Nasu. He did write Saya no Uta though, which has graphic sex/rape scenes with a loli, but I think that's it.

No. 135051

File: 1617563278422.jpg (44.47 KB, 827x457, EyD8D7XVgAIVTcQ.jpg)

Horimiya ended and I'm super behind, but I didn't realize they were just going to do a one and done thing… I saw screenshots on twitter of the ending which has photos of chapters they skipped over, and I saw a screenshot of them with their diplomas. I thought we were going to at least get a season two or some shit but what the fuck. I thought the anime was kinda mediocre so maybe not the biggest loss, but I didn't expect them to wrap up the whole thing in one season lol.

No. 135053

>but I think that's it

No. 135057

>which has graphic sex/rape scenes with a loli, but I think that's it.


No. 135058

Not caping for Saya No Uta, but I'm 90% sure the loli character isn't the one getting raped. No, the loli is an evil tentacle alien who corrupts the main character and makes him rape his (legal age with uwu moe face) childhood friend.

No. 135059

There is a scene in which she either is raped or almost raped by a neighbor family man whose brain she fucked up. He's driven into frenzy over her loli body and either succeds or gets damn close before the protagonist murders him

No. 135062

I do not care too much about it. I liked Meguca, that's about it. Irc fate doesn't have lolicon (if u dont count a shitty spin-off written by other people), but to me fate/series is garbage so I do not bother looking at it.
Did not like the original manga, but its short stories about Mami and Kyouko were good and should have been made into anime, so we could actually have more character depth instead of getting a random cheese girl in a movie.

No. 135075

You know in Madoka there were more people involved and also an author can write multiple different things right? I hate people who never separate the author from the piece/book. It's such a disgusting twitter brainrot everyone seems to follow nowadays. If we never separated the author from the piece there would be 0 enjoyable things left in the world.

No. 135077

I actually think saya no uta is pretty bearable. It's like meta commentary about pedoshit and monsters. I like it even without playing it, but I have a higher tolerance to these things.

No. 135078

Just pointed out there was something questionable about Urobuchi. You can still like Madoka though. I think it's best when people decide for themselves if they can and to what extent separate the author from the art.

No. 135079

I think the other anons were right and you should go back to whichever edgy underage weeb discord you crawled out of

No. 135082

What? I'm not the person who posted the hentai shit, multiple people can have a similar opinion

No. 135083

idk anything about Saya no Uta and it doesn't seem that appealing to me in the first place as I heard there's a lot of gore in it, on top of the rape scenes butttt Gen Urobochi is the guy that wrote Psycho-Pass, right?
I absolutely love that anime and I really can't see him being just your run of the mill degenerate scrote considering how much he criticizes that exact behaviour in Psycho-Pass. I can totally see a valid argument in people saying he often uses violent deaths for women, specifically, as a plot device though.

Same, anon, I sort of dropped it around episode 7 and suddenly saw a YouTube video of them at graduation and was confused AF. I heard the manga ends this months too, tho, so I think the plan all along was to release both of them together as a sort of goodbye to the series? Kind of sad to see the series as a whole go but I would be lying if I said I did not think it overstayed it's welcome a bit, with a lot of the chapters close to ending of the manga feeling like they were fillers. I wish there was more plot to the ending of it and that we got to see a bit of a glampse of their adult lives but I'll remember it fondly.

No. 135186

File: 1617619212411.jpg (214.9 KB, 1200x1600, 2385554.jpg)

I tried to watch Koikimo who has a controversial couple age gap (17 & 27 years old) thinking it would be a nice romcom with some josei drama on the side because of the theme it has but holy crap it sucks, I gave up after one minute. The voice acting of the dude is so bad, and he turns out to be the bad boy sleeping around trope but it felt so try hard.

Too bad if you have any dotting male lead recommandation I will take it.

No. 135188

File: 1617622780445.jpg (32.97 KB, 750x410, Koi-wa-Ameagari-no-You-ni.jpg)

I'd rather recommend checking anime called "After the rain" If you like shoujo/josei with age gaps.

No. 135192

This. I felt like it handled the age gap aspect pretty well even if that whole shit with the coworker finding out then forcing her to go on date came outta left field for me

No. 135214

Let's say that he wrote it while he was hospitalized for a very long time. And despite its themes… well, it's well written. He sure has talent and knows how to write, and I think experimenting is a good thing. It might be that he grew from that work, it might not. We won't know.

No. 135215

i stopped reading the manga years ago and while i was wary with the age gap between the mcs, i enjoyed their dynamic. i was hoping that the girl realize that she fall for the guy because he didn't pity her injury when they first met and she was tired being seen as the fallen athlete. i was hoping that instead of a romance the manager ends up filling in as a father figure for her and the two strive to go back to their passion together (writing for the man while the girl is track and field).

i might read it again though since i really wanted to know more. i think i was at that chapter where the girl accidentally met the dude's ex-wife.

No. 135218

Yeah, Saya no Uta had some very egregious scenes but I guess it was worth it in the end. It was definitely an experience kek. I'm not gonna defend it and can completely understand all the criticisms of it but I personally enjoyed the horror aspects of the story despite the weird scrote shit.

No. 135221

File: 1617634613989.jpeg (45.76 KB, 431x695, 7E3C9140-1B5F-4FCD-8021-CE79B6…)

i just want to be a pretty bishounen man. i hate my life.

i should stick to watching animes with ugly art styles and stop tormenting myself with this pathetic envy

No. 135239

Anon, you need a therapist.

No. 135244

I feel like the disgusting sex scenes could be either his fap fodder, a requirement for the risky visual novel being made in the first place (I think sex scenes were expected, as otherwise the game may not have sold at all. Look how long it took Key to release a VN without sex scenes) or both. It sure was a choice to go for the most morally dubous ones, but I guess that's what happens when this shit is as normalized as in Japan's weeb media.

No. 135269

Anon are you me? Even down to Tomoe kek. I completely get it.

No. 135307

He's fucking ugly.

No. 135321

please don’t say this about my man -_-(-_-)

No. 135323

Kek love u nonny

No. 135327

Fucking hate how this thread always devolves into "yeah but this anime is full of pedo subtext and the writer is totally a lolicon because they included a little girl in their work once idk anons!!!!" Twitter bullshit. There are multiple legitimately creepy authors and in your face loli animes that don't even attempt to hide their pedopandering but anons really have to dig their heels claiming something like that Gen Urobuchi wrote Madoka as his personal fap fodder. Tiring and pathetic. Don't let this become another Artist Salt thread that's just about anons obsessed with pointing the pedo finger at everything and the subject dominating all discussion.

No. 135329

Tons of anons defended Urobochi from that claim already, nonny, no need to be so pissed. It's just natural to expect the worst from men in the anime industry, I think, specially after scandals like the dude who made Rurouni Kenshin being an actual real life pedo and some other people still working with him even after his trials.

No. 135348

This thread is already twittertier enough, with not only "if u like this U ARE A PEDO" but also anons who genuinely want to become a bishounen irl like true autists

No. 135367

File: 1617706055488.jpg (36.99 KB, 960x960, kGpRV5p.jpg)

you are 2 days late

No. 135399

i finished the neon genesis evangelion tv series and i am very confused. that is to be expected because the only things i had heard about the story is that shinji is depressed and also has that gay thing going on with the grey haired guy. maybe the story is better explained in the manga but i just couldn’t wrap my head around the christianity symbolism. maybe i’m just dumb though.

No. 135400

people add a lot of meaning to it while allegedly it was only there for aesthetics

No. 135440

File: 1617729490491.jpg (123.58 KB, 640x480, 33234242.jpg)

Don't dig in too deep into the biblical stuff, pic related
Watch end of evangelion too. Honestly now that I rewatched eva as as a decade+ older person I mostly appreciated the characters and how they interacted in the show.

No. 135449

>Honestly now that I rewatched eva as as a decade+ older person I mostly appreciated the characters and how they interacted in the show.
This is how I always took it. However if OP watches EoE and somehow is super interested in the (let's call it) Evangelion science fiction mythology, there is plenty Word of God (aka canon) content in Classified IInformation.It was a huge selling point of one of games based on NGE. The game didn't get translation, but Classified Information is available on a wiki. Among other things, CI explain wtf are Adam and Lilith. Personally I did not find all this stuff extremely helpful or necessary (as I focus on the psychological side of the show, as much as I like the setting), but it's worth taking a look for yourself.

No. 135658

File: 1617816158473.png (1.12 MB, 1261x745, 1617595257240.png)

Someone on 4chan dropped the NHK Hideaki Anno documentary with english subtitles. Download here:

I'm more excited to watch this than 3.0+1.0. Of course Moyoco is in it and Anno has a picture drawn by her as a wallpaper. So cute!
>pic related
brave of Anno to say that when he made Rebuilds which are pandery as fuck when compared to the original NGE

No. 135660

File: 1617816231275.png (Spoiler Image,3.76 MB, 1150x2715, 1617592589173.png)

Shamelessly reposting a meme from the 4chan thread. Do not open if you care about 3.0+1.0 ending spoilers!

No. 135663

File: 1617816348552.png (1.25 MB, 1249x809, 1617595420625.png)

>Miyazaki on Anno (apparently)

No. 135700

People are having such a meltdown over the AoT leaks/scans, and I'm just happy I was never really involved with it.

No. 135707

Same. What did they expect from a shounen manga lmao

No. 135714

Same. Can you spoil me, lol. What were people expecting after that last chapter? A miracle that would wrap everything up nicely in the final chapter?

No. 135716

Lol, that's it. That's the movie right there.

No. 135727

File: 1617840359788.png (266.66 KB, 1080x1863, Screenshot_2021-04-07-18-03-21…)

Nevermind. Reading them now and laughing so hard. I knew it would be bad but Isayama really outdid himself. Even though I never liked this series and hated fans screeching at me for criticizing it in any way I feel a bit bad for them now. Every forum is like picrel right now.

No. 135729

AOT fans are so annoying purely because they praised this series so much (probably because they’re used to watching shit anime so this seams good in comparison) i’m sorry to anyone who likes AOT but this is soooo funny and deserved

No. 135744

spoil us sis

No. 135745

this and the artsalt thread are full of twitter weeaboo autists, what a fucking shame

No. 135748

I would go to /a on 4chan. It's such an unbelievable clusterfuck that it would be hard to type out here. but Eren is a pathetic whiny incel who doesn't want Mikasa to get with anyone after he is dead. Isayama completely assassinated any dignity he has left. He basically forgets why he did the rumbling. He killed his Mom to save Bert. Eren turns into a goddamn bird after he is dead and wraps Mikasa's scarf around her. Just an absolute trashfire ending

No. 135774

>Eren turns into a goddamn bird after he is dead and wraps Mikasa's scarf around her
somehow this takes the cake for me

No. 135775

Lol I'm not exaggerating. She's sitting by his grave and he flies over and wraps the scarf around her and flies off while she smiles and watches him go. Eren as a bird is a huge meme now. I left so much out. It's a dumpster fire. Everyone being totes cool with Annie and the other titan shifters and killers who murdered their friends and comrades is also so funny to me. Literally no consequences for actions at all. The entire thing is just bruh..

No. 135805

Fuck I really want to read these but I'm going to stay patient because I've been an anime only fag since the anime started airing. I'm not even invested that much it's just fun to be a part of something for so long, since its inception kek
I hope it's going to be a clusterfuck

No. 135854

File: 1617886303859.jpg (1.42 MB, 1200x1634, Super-Cub-image.jpg)

Is Super Cab the new Yuru Camp, it is very slow paced but also calming.

No. 135877

Well if MAPPA doesn't do some weird alternate ending, which I can't see, you won't be dissatisfied lol.

No. 135896

what are your thoughts on the gokushufudou anime adaptation anons?

No. 135900

I see it ended with only 5 episodes was it cancelled or intented to be this short? It feels a small promo campaign this way

No. 135904

Loved how Isayama made the child fall in love with her captor/rapist/slaveowner hubby

No. 135912

DAE prefer the pacing and storytelling of old anime (80's and 90's)? I cannot watch modern series because they always seem to drag on and on. Meanwhile if I give an oldie a chance, I'm constantly focused on the action even if it's not my favorite genre. It feels to me like something has changed about the way anime flows, but IDK what

No. 135938

It very much feels like a drama cd for existing fans, not a real anime adaptation since the voice acting is great! But it does nothing visually to elevate the source content, all the jokes have so much more impact as manga.

No. 135944

> feels like a drama cd
That's what I thought too kek it would unironically be better dubbed over actual manga panels like on youtube. The "animation" lacks all the dramatic effects of the manga which totally ruined the gags…
I wish we got a legit show man wtf

No. 136034

I gagged. People are justifying it as a realistic abusive relationship… But basically no time was spent on her feelings. Eren's just like yeah he pulled out her tongue and burned down her town and enslaved her and all that but she loved him anyways so moving on

No. 136332

I still kinda like the AOT fan theory ErenxHistoria ending.
The relationship of Eren and Mikasa always was more of a protective older sister to a younger brother. Mikasa always needed to find her own path aside from Eren aka serious character development. This ending feels very hypocritical and unfair to Mikasa since she never had any development at all. It seems like the author just wanted to finish his very mediocre series.

But I do like how people are now angry that their supposed 200 IQ big brain god Isayama let them down lol

No. 136348

Isayama failed his female characters at the end, they deserved better and Isayama could've replaced Eren's incel rant with more development. The only solace is that Eren stans are frothing at the mouth, I love that.

No. 136353

Eren should have been a girl, and we could have avoided the stupid inceldom. And Mikasa having one trait- being Eren's slave for life. Yeah all the potentially interesting women just fizzled out pathetically but we are supposed to clap because Isayama didn't do panty and cleavage shots.

No. 136387

Since this is the anime thread, shouldn't we keep Chapter 139 discussion to the manga thread? If you want to discuss AOT here why not just discuss what's only been shown in the anime?

No. 136427

Ik what chu mean

No. 136439

File: 1618055563198.gif (414.93 KB, 464x261, 94411b268536f3b89a2ea623001cfe…)

that was a good ride

No. 136440

kuchuu buranko?

No. 136504

I saw a gif of the girl on the right but didn't know the show, I'm gonna check it out! I fucking love Yuru Camp so much, very excited for a similar chill series.

No. 136866

File: 1618212360199.jpeg (75.67 KB, 460x650, 5DF6BCAD-5835-491F-B667-008D13…)

anyone going to watch this one? i saw some of the first episode on tiktok and it looks like the author has turned his fetish into a manga and now it’s an anime. plus i heard he draws lolicon so i don’t think i should support such a show

No. 136869

Pure scrote fetish fodder. Yes, the creator drew full on loli hentai before this. I don't get the appeal for anyone who isn't a dude who is going to jack off to it to be honest.

No. 136875

It's just a fap show for dudes that want beautiful women to bully them. It's not even doing anything interesting visually.

No. 136883

a lot of scrotes really praise this series along with a few such as that girl with big boobs and skin-like fang. it's basically a part of their big three or four must watch in terms of supposed romcom ecchi slice of life genre.

No. 136895

I know I definetely shouldn't watch this because I knowwww it's scrote fetish fodder but like, I want to see her bullying a nerdy scrote lol
So I'll watch it throughly and report back!

No. 136897

File: 1618222548671.jpg (31.27 KB, 470x280, 651106f5892bf3a3d9c85ad4453362…)

Anon, save your nerves and watch a normal version. This one is a weird fetishy copy of a normal and cute anime called Takagi-san.

No. 136899

File: 1618224495428.jpg (727.16 KB, 1280x720, descargar.jpg)

Is anyone gonna watch Komi-san can't communicate next year?

No. 136903

I read the manga already so I can assure you it's a a waste of time because the girl gets shy and submissive as the plot goes on because of her feelings for him and it turns into a harem at always where the girls are competing against each other. She isn't a bully it's just more of the usual scrotey 4chan version of gfd
Anime always does this

No. 136904

I probably will. I like the art style. Even though I find the premise vaguely annoying for some reason.

No. 136907

Just came back from watching it and- wow, I actually don't hate it? I actually laughed with Nagatoro a few times and the guy even if he's a dumb virgin he's kinda cute. I kinda wanna watch this for the potential romance lol

wow that's disappointing

No. 136909

Watching Steins Geit, only 5 episodes in so far but Makise is cool as fuck and I can definitely understand why she's so popular. Okabe is an annoying idiot so far.

No. 136911

Okabe is a super autist.

No. 136912

File: 1618227383890.jpg (76.48 KB, 640x458, oima.jpg)

To Your Eternity starts today with Utada Hikaru doing the op.

No. 136913

i just watched the first episode and it was super adorable when she made him cry… i may keep watching. i just tried reading the manga but knowing that the creator draws lolis i cant get that out of my head when i look at how he draws nogatoro

No. 136915

IDGAF I actually like Nagatoro and I'm watching it.
Wait was this announced??? Link pls?

No. 136916

AAAAAaaaa I hope it's good. The manga is top tier for me.

No. 136917

File: 1618229016667.png (365.52 KB, 994x580, Fushi.full.2890189.png)

Me too!

No. 136918

the negative reviews on MAL are annoying me. there are so many animes where the men act like abusive pieces of shit and sexually assault women and children and that’s funny but suddenly all these men watching this show can’t handle the reverse??? literally soooo annoying and it’s clearly scrote fetish shit it’s not that deep. they’re supposed to relate to the mc

No. 136920

Would you recommand reading the manga first like people would for Shadow House (banger ED btw) ?

No. 136925

I'm one of the anons you are replying to and I definitely would. I have no idea how the anime will turn out. The story is surreal and kind of melancholy. I love the original art, beautiful and even disturbing at times. Plus I personally like having a whole season complete to go through when I decide to watch a series but that's just a preference.

No. 136926

Weeeeak shit. It's so obviously meant to get men who are into being bullied and dommed off. Women put up with mountains of degrading content produced by the anime industry and are told to calm down. And men throw hissy fits over other men's spank bank material. Pathetic.

No. 136932

Yes you should! I binged it very quickly and the art is a pleasure. I knew I wanted to own every volume.

No. 136933

Haha it’s so fucking funny when scrotes think it’s some evil feminist plot to betafy men.

No. 136941

so i just finished watching neon genesis evangelion and end of evangelion the other week. i needed some time to fully process what happened and read some explanations. i decided that the lore of the story doesn’t really matter and after that i could fully appreciate the story. it makes me feel emotional thinking about it now. the amazing retro animation really adds to this sense of misplaced nostalgia and melancholy . i don’t think i will watch the rebuilds though.

No. 136948

>i don’t think i will watch the rebuilds though.
Absolulutely based decision. I wouldn't watch them if I hadn't been there from the start. I had no way to know that they would end up being a complete trainwreck, especially since the first movie is literally episodes 1-6 with some small changes.
Do read Sadamoto's manga though if you miss the characters! Also Tony Takezaki's Evangelion is a hilarious parody manga (100% based on anime), really recommend it

No. 136961

aw fuck yeah! forgot about this

No. 137068

Right? A plot by men to get other men into even more weird fetishes is more like it. If evil man-hating women were in charge of this it would be so much less cutesy and so much more ruthless, lmao.

No. 137178

File: 1618337026656.png (550.95 KB, 1079x1530, fff46b44f8771ffc006e5ae7a7b104…)

Thanks I'm not that anon but I read the manga and I love them and I read another manga by the same author which was equally cute and they rode by on their bike, I was so happy to see them again

No. 137181

i unironically like the character dynamics i'm sorry

No. 137484

File: 1618471387114.jpg (58.9 KB, 449x349, 1615770517079.jpg)

>tfw you actually laughed at her bullying the weeb and wish this wasn't written by a gross scrote bc then it would've just been 'lolcow: the anime' and been about an anime girl tearing apart nerdy scrotes and making fun of autistic male brained anime tropes

No. 137486

I know shit meme anime, but what are your thoughts on SAO?

Some arcs are truly fucking awful but the gay arcs with Yuuki and Eugeo make me cry every time

No. 137504

I enjoyed watching it alongside the anons in the /toonami/ general threads. It made me wish that SAO was a buddy action show starring kittytoe and yugioh but alas that'll never be.

No. 137518

I enjoyed the first season to an extent, I understand why it became family simulator and I enjoyed making fun of Kirito's main chaarcterness but after all the rapey stuff in the 2nd part along with the incest fairy I was like nah, no thanks. Asuna was a strong character can't believe they did her like that/

No. 137521

Honestly it's far from the worst anime out there, sure it's generic wish fulfillment shounen shit and pretty level entry for normies, but at least the animation is pretty and it's not insulting to the viewer imo. I don't get the old-school weebs who lose their shit over it when there's downright horrible stuff out there like Gate or the isekai with the smartphone. Hell I even think SAO is better than Re:Zero, at least SAO doesn't pretend it's deeper and more intellectual than it actually is.

No. 137534

>I don't get oldschool weebs who hate it with a passion
Because it's entry level anime that every normies' seen. It's basically the "naruto" of zoomers and low hanging fruit that's easier to shit on than the animes you listed because everyone and their mother has at least heard of it/how shit it is.

No. 137552

>I don’t think i will watch the rebuilds though.
Good, they’re crappy cash grabs and the only enjoyable part was 3.0 Kawoshin and the music.

No. 137560

This, all the rebuilds gave me was a beautiful poster for 3.0 and good new eva merch, just ignore everything else

No. 137562

I watched SAO up until ALO arc (which is by far still its worst arc, but its much worse in light novel) and started reading the whole light novel instead. It's a trashfire writing-wise, sure, but over years it's writer actually started improving a lot, eg the recent arc is nice because it gives character development to background characters (even tho its 'plot twist' was shitty) and stuff. Anime-wise it's possibly one of the most normie anime, but it's not like as if it's horrible, just generic as hell. But I hate ALO arc with true passion, because it was full of nothing but retarded imouto shit 'wwah i love my onii-chan so much!!'. Suguha is the worst girl.

But i defo wouldnt recommend it to someone who _starts_ watching anime, there are much better titles out there, eg FMA.

No. 137626

All the rapes/almost rapes that happen are so uneccessary and edgy. But, I can't lie that some really funny shit happens in this trashfire of a series like:
>1000 years of sex
>Some girl dying of aids
>Eugeo turning evil just for some AI pussy
>Same AI pulls a talk-no-jutsu on him by telling him "lmao no your mom never loved you" during sex
>fucking death gun

No. 137637

Watching old stuff right now and am I supposed to want to bludgeon virtually every Psycho-Pass character to death with a baseball bat? Because almost everyone but Akane (why does she have this evil cop job?) is scum. I get that this is a super dystopia but it is really pushing the limits of my credulity. I almost cackled out loud at "yeah, we have to annihilate this rape and kidnapping victim because she's having a mental breakdown and might hurt someone with a lighter (???) but it's for the greater good. also we're the good guys btw." The subtlety.

No. 137638

File: 1618550375580.jpg (1.81 MB, 1500x2127, sailormooneternal.jpg)

Anyone know where to watch it? It's been out in Japan for months but I can't find anything online.

No. 137644

at least naruto didn't have rape and incest

No. 137645

i hate how fakebois who hated adam from sk8 so much became soft and forgiving when the dub changes a line from the sub in order for him to say this. It's so fucking annoying, those people basically made long ass paragraphs and etc about how adam was basically evil and needs to be sent to prison but now that the dub said this line (which then became a a thing on its own outside of the show) some, if not more, of them just said "uwu, i don't mind him committing hate crimes on me." like wtf.

it's also annoying that the eng dub actor for joe said that the character is bisexual and while there is clear baiting on the show. i don't think a voice actor (a dub for that matter) should have the power to insert their supposed 'canon'.

No. 137648

Didn't watch the show but saw the tumblr/gender based drama around this line and it was making me massage my temples. Didn't the voice actor for the SnK dub, doing Hange, similarly announce that the character is genderless or some shit? Or that's how they played them. These people should stop.

No. 137649

i never heard of the hange gender issue on the dub anon, so i can't say for sure. i've never really delve into the dubbing scene that much. but at least to hange, the mangaka kind of said that hange's gender is up for interpretations, so hange could be a woman or man. doesn't mean the dub actor could just state that hange's genderless, that's really confusing. the sub actor for hange even discuss the gender issue on a radio but was never political about it or clearly stated that hange is this or that.

what's the drama around the sk8 line anon? i only recently discovered that the line (that i've been seeing on instagram stories from the people i follow) was from the sk8 dub.

No. 137650

Ewwww, they put this kind of shit in US dubs nowadays? Just more proof that subs will always be the superior way.
I never got the whole debacle about Hange's gender, she's so clearly a woman, why were people so confused over it that the author had to release a statement? This was in 2013, and while Tumblr SJW culture was at its peak, the gender trend hadn't reached public visibility yet.

No. 137652

I always thankfully miss this kind of drama because dubs are so awkward, I avoid them. Right, how is Hange not obviously a woman? She's quirky and not a typical waifu so she must be a man? Gross. Did western fans declare Yelena trans/non-binary or a man too?

No. 137653

All those genderspecials feeling represented not realizing that the original japanese dub doesn't have that phrase and the authors did not intend to make Adam say that.
Voice actors should just dub, if they want to say how they feel about a character they should clarify that it's their opinion and it's not canon. The roleplaying gets annoying.

No. 137655

basically this character is implied to be a bit of a predator and he has many questionable scenes with teenage characters. so basically the whole fandom hated him but now that the dub has this line that includes non binaries the fandom is being very quick to forgive this character and essentially praise the voice actor even though he refers to women as bitches ???

and then the english va went on twitter to say something like ‘aren’t we all non binary because gender is a social construct’ and he got attacked by the some people for like invalidating non binary identities. it’s just complete bullshit, you should never try to pander to queers because you’ll just get cancelled.

funnily enough no one seems to care that this character is very clearly a homophobic stereotype given that he’s flashy flamboyant and a child predator but oh well. they just continue to pretend that this anime is doing something for gay representation.

as for the english va for joe and the english va for cherry they have both respectively decided to play the interactions between the characters as gay and have stated that they believe the characters to be bi and gay respectively. i guess it’s okay to have that opinion but they have gotten the fandom’s hopes up for literally no reason. it makes me wonder exactly how much freedom dubs have. i wonder what the japanese studio think about all this

No. 137657

God anime dub is cancer, the only good thing I liked about it was how openly the VAs would shitpost about the show and their characters but pandering and claiming random shit as canon is crossing the line.

No. 137659

yeah, anon, hange is clearly a woman despite the supposed the open interpretation the mangaka has told his fans.

even though, i haven't the show, yelena is such a beautiful androgynous woman, i'd be pissed if fakebois claim her as non binary because of her clothes and hairstyle.

yeah, they are quick to change judgements on him after that line even though he almost, and kinda always, attempts to murder his rivals one way or another and have been sexual with one of the main characters who is clearly underage. he's also a corrupt politician in the show.

and what an ironic pandering, trying so hard but only ended up getting hated. he shouldn't have never tried or at the very least the dubbing company should have never wrote that line in the first place.

people are just desperate for representation in places that is unlikely to pander to them.

yeah, it's okay to have a headcannon on a character's sexuality but they are voice actors, they should be careful on what they say. and despite the speculations they have, they aren't the writers so their words shouldn't be seen as a source at all.

No. 137665

I have seen a lot of pushback even from younger fans on calling every non-feminine women nb or she/they, so that's good for Yelena, even if half her character is obsessed with a dude.

No. 137669

That's good. Not an SnK fan at all but she had the coolest design and I have a soft spot for the little bit unhinged and deranged characters. Yes, sadly. Don't want to derail this into SnK manga sperging again but the manga really sealed the creator screwing over basically ever single potentially interesting female character in the end. Killed them off in a lame way or lobotomized them into waifus.

No. 137673

>yeah, they are quick to change judgements on him after that line even though he almost, and kinda always, attempts to murder his rivals one way or another and have been sexual with one of the main characters who is clearly underage. he's also a corrupt politician in the show.

Lmao, this is so funny. All a shitty character has to do for redemption now is mention non-binary people? It's like that joke about respecting Hitler's pronouns.

No. 137682

there are (almost) rapes in SAO? God, this braindead popcorn series has no business touching on such incredibly heavy topic. Oh wait, I bet those rapes are treated as fanservice and not even trashy drama. Disgusting.
>1000 years of sex

No. 137703

That makes me kek mainly bc Adam's english VA is such a fucking creep he recorded a woman shitting in a woman's bathroom while he's giggling and laughing, but nooo he validated the genderspecials and that's what's ultimately important.
My bad it was
>"Two years worth of semen made a glopping noise as it flowed endlessly into asuna."
From the infamous chapter 16.5, no idea where I got thousand years of sex from.

No. 137708

File: 1618584623675.png (1.27 MB, 1920x1080, znt.png)

started terror in resonance and picrel has been bothering me
why is his mouth like that?
also, it seems femc follows the miki makimura trope which is grating as fuck.

No. 137710

>why is his mouth like that?
he has turtle genes in him

No. 137728

no need to apologize nonnie, I genuinely enjoyed the manga too

No. 137780

He gets a lot more tolerable but I wanted to choke him at first too, anon.

No. 137793

Plot is shit, but the music is really great.

No. 137800

She's not really like Miki, because Miki is basically perfect, right? Lisa is a mess. She heals but never becomes a perfect angel nor does she develop a satisfying romance with either of the male leads. It remains unfulfilled.

No. 137801

The op, ending theme, and soundtrack are probably the best combo in any anime ever. I wouldn't say it was shit but it felt rushed and 5 felt underdeveloped because of that.

No. 137891

>>137708 anon here.
reached episode six and I guess I am dropping this shit for good.
the op was great though, too bad it got wasted on this dumpster fire of a series.

No. 137894

You didn't even like this gorgeous song or the rest of the soundtrack? 9's character design was also chef's kiss.

No. 137917

Watching Attack on Titan for the first time, didn't read manga (but plan to catch up on the final chapters cuz I don't want to wait for the final season part two to know the whole story). I'm aware that the ending is GoT level retarded, but I'm gonna enjoy the ride. I'm still watching season 1, there are like 4 episodes left or something. Some of my thoughts so far:
>I didn't madly fall in love with any character so far, but I think that out of all the guys, Levi is the coolest and the most interesting. I thought he will be a major edgelord, but he can act compassionate sometimes… or just indifferent. I wonder why his eyes are like that and if there will ever be any explanation. Usually I don't like watching fights, so I keep away from shonen anime, but seeing him twirl around titans is a joy. also I'm not even into BL but the scene in which he kicks the shit out of Eren must have launched a thousand doujins. Holy shit that's some BDSM potential.
>Eren is a complete retard, though I'm glad that at least of the edgy variety and not a happy-go-lucky one.
>Mikasa is a controversial character AFAIK, but I enjoyed her so far! Her being the only Asian is a bit weird, but frankly that's not my problem. I like that she's stoic except for when Eren is in danger. Their dynamics are very cool… or would be if Eren was switched with Armin. I could see him appreciating his strong sister/waifu protecting him. I will say it once more: Eren is a complete retard and doesn't deserve Mikasa. Kinda shame that she imprinted on him, she deserves a better man (or a boy).
>Armin himself is a cutie, reminds me of a labrador puppy or something. I like that he is the 'smart but physically weak' one and not Mikasa. That was a great move on the author's part.
The plot feels drawn out sometimes, but I haven't been bored, so that's good. Looking forward to seeing more.
also would like to see a doujin in which Mikasa and Levi swap personalities or something so Mikasa femdoms/kicks the shit out of Eren and Levi fawns over him KEK

No. 137921

Levi's an insufferable Gary Stu imo.

No. 137922

IDK about him being a Gary Stu, but so far, at least he's rather fun for me. I understood immediately why he has
many fangirls! Don't know much about his backstory yet. I'm planning to watch the Levi OAVs after the first season. Luckily, no character has been insufferable in my eyes. Eren (love how he screamed in despair that he will not be able to kill all the titans when he just failed to kill a single one) and Sasha are the closest to it.

No. 137978

His fandom is so rabid. I think he's still alive in the anime based on that. He should be dead by now. Other characters bit it because they didn't have a big enough and terrifying fan army.

No. 137991

File: 1618711282638.jpg (50.46 KB, 1280x720, image.jpg)

So what's the consensus? As someone who read the manga I think they're doing a good job! I enjoyed getting my heart broken over again. The Utada Hikaru song is great too.

Also, I want to protect him :(

No. 137993

They get trapped in a game for hundreds of years which is only a few seconds irl, so you’re still technically right

No. 138001

Kek I saw that. This makes it even less of an incentive to watch any dubbed anime

No. 138013

File: 1618721806111.gif (1.32 MB, 672x368, eternity.gif)

So far so good. Utada Hikaru is queen, always. Same, I enjoy wallowing in sadness. Yes, protect the extraterrestrial boy.

No. 138875

File: 1619122029513.jpg (228.24 KB, 707x1000, bakuten_9819.jpg)

It's time for me to recommend Bakuten, 3 episodes so far and the animation is still really good. Theme is a little bit niche but still enjoyable, and cute guys are always a good plus!

No. 138912

File: 1619137143018.jpg (61.19 KB, 512x357, unnamed.jpg)

Is Gundam Seed any good if you aren't into mecha? I really wanna watch it because I love the look of picrel, and as far as I understood you can watch it as a standalone, but the mecha kinda turns me off (though my only experience with mecha is through idol anime) lol

No. 138926

File: 1619140516781.gif (1.02 MB, 500x281, haroharo.gif)

IMO it's perfect if you're not into mecha. A lot of classic Gundam fans complain that it doesn't focus as much on politics and mech as much as past instilments in the franchise. Instead it tends to focus a lot on character relationship dynamic and drama. There is still SOME politics but it's pretty simplistic.

I highly recommend Gundam Seed…and then only if you enjoy it a lot would I even consider the sequel. Destiny is trashier.

No. 138933

i thought it was about women in synchronized swimming but i'd still watch it.

No. 138935

I just binged watched the hell out of Jujutsu Kaisen, and I fucking loved it. I got so many chills, and I really love how the females are actually strong and I think I have a crush on Maki and Nobara.

No. 138936

I love Maki and Nobara and they have great chemistry together. I just hope they don't get sidelined/killed off later like sometimes happens in shounen.

No. 138968

That's nice to hear, thanks!

No. 138972

File: 1619166680141.gif (985.26 KB, 500x281, 55BA6A09-E696-44CA-B1A1-E8B414…)

Farmers that have seen Black Lagoon; how good was it? I was thinking of reading the manga but there’s only 11 volumes, so the anime sounds like it might be a beneficiary adaption.

No. 139000

File: 1619186583460.jpg (171.05 KB, 584x600, nobara~2.jpg)

I'm gay for both of them.

No. 139093

File: 1619229596046.jpg (75.33 KB, 652x800, DUxvmwiVwAA9Dnv.jpg)

yes 100%. the focus in SEED is mainly the character drama, the duo in your image specifically. but I'd argue most Gundam shows are focused on the character drama more so than the mecha anyway…
but yes SEED is definitely accessible to a newbie. if you like the aesthetic I also recommend checking out Fafner in the Azure, another mecha which heavily focuses on character drama/dynamics + same character designer.

No. 139115

I watched it a long time ago but I remember liking the first season and finding it entertaining. It's not too deep or anything so I watched it while exercising kek.
Second season villains kinda suck because they're this weird incestuous twins duo and rock starts getting more annoying in that season. Third season was the most meh out of all. Overall I was more interested in the main cast backstories but the anime basically had none of that

No. 139117

File: 1619250216885.png (562.97 KB, 853x480, 565659.png)

both are good. watch it

No. 139135

File: 1619269200844.jpg (340.92 KB, 1472x2160, revbal.jpg)

Revy and Balalaika made me discover my bisexuality as a child.

No. 139142

File: 1619273021579.jpeg (140.44 KB, 500x708, 9091AB53-4FEC-4D67-988E-D44F1F…)

I saw Mugen Train last night and it was pretty entertaining. The beginning of it was fine but in the last third everything, like the music and animation gets turned up to eleven. It was really cool to see in a theater.

No. 139164

File: 1619285705759.jpg (152.33 KB, 700x350, odd-taxi-h4554.jpg)

What are you watching this season nonas? I've been feeling like picking up more seasonal anime than usual and I heard this will be a good season.
I'm watching Fumetsu no Anata e, Odd Taxi, Shadows House, Pretty Boy Detective Club and Vivy.
Odd Taxi is my favorite so far and I might drop pretty boy detective club because it's so boring.
I used to love monogatari when I was a teen but this seems like such a downgrade and all the characters are so boring.
Shadows house is a bit too loli bait-y for me but I'll give it a chance.
Is anyone here watching super cub? I hear good opinions but I want to hear what people here think.

No. 139179

File: 1619293215647.png (2.06 MB, 1920x1080, [MoyaiSubs] Godzilla Singular …)

this spring ive picked up the most seasonal anime ive watched probably since i was in middle school. i dunno what got into me all of a sudden but i'm watching:
>godzilla sp
>thunderbolt fantasy
>cardfight vanguard overdress
enjoying all of them, there's a lot of great stuff this season. i also recently rewatched madoka for the 10th anniversary

No. 139230

File: 1619321805980.jpeg (174.02 KB, 2048x1151, 39942182-1449-41E9-80F3-6D882B…)

I JUST SAW MUGEN TRAIN IN THEATER. Oh my god the theater elevates the movie so much! Every clash i FELT the impact. The directing can only be appreciated to its fullest on a big screen. I can absolutely understand how this movie carried half of Japan’s economy when it got released during the pandemic. 10/10 no disagreement will be heard.

No. 139241

Lol at people who live in cities where you can sit in movie theatres… I'm so tired.

No. 139252

Is yours still in lockdown? Theaters are operating at half capacity here.

No. 139258

That's how they were but they all shut down again because of panic about the new variants so I can't see it in a theatre.

No. 139262

the loli face is a crowd of semi realistic middle aged people

No. 139325

Oh that’s a bummer I’m sorry fam

No. 139409

Rebellion is getting a sequel movie. Rejoice, madokafags (or don't)
More info here:

No. 139412

I am worried that it's gonna be shit after their awful gacha anime.

No. 139413

This. Magia record was a fanfiction-tier mess. If Urobochi isn't a writer on it then, I don't wanna see it.

No. 139414

>If Urobochi isn't a writer on it then, I don't wanna see it.
Read the linked article

No. 139420

File: 1619441933477.png (22.61 KB, 1118x219, rebellion.PNG)

Considering the franchise is about multiverse you can pretend Magia Record and the manga alternatives never happened just fine. I've read an interview that either the writer or the director consider the TV version and Movies as different. But god they're milking it

No. 139484

yeah apparently he had written the script already 5-6 years ago. i wonder why the film got stuck in production hell for this long already? all for the gachashit? :/

No. 139485

File: 1619487040466.png (1.09 MB, 962x1428, Godzilla.Singular.Point.full.3…)

she's actually genius grad student. that scene she's at a conference in dubai, blurting out a theory during the middle of the presentation. the show is fun but honestly sometimes i think i'm not smart enough for it. apparently it's written by some phd physics nerd.

No. 139555

File: 1619535045207.png (233.01 KB, 395x1098, E6E62B0F-78CD-46C9-B984-639E6E…)

Shadows House is pretty interesting so far, but I cannot stand the stupid loli mc and her constant gasps and blushing

No. 139638

Really liking Odd Taxi, I felt legitimate dread during the 4th episode and like how the story's been unfolding. It almost feels too slow to have been made in the last decade, especially with the dialogue. It's amazing that almost everyone on the project is basically green.

No. 139692

I don't understand how people have the tolerance to keep up with a show if they hate the mc. I have kept up with shows that pretty frequently feature a character(s) I hate but I would have to drop it if it was the mc.

No. 139696

Kinda sad the bar is so low, but as long as she keeps being non-sexualized I can deal with it, because so far I really like it

No. 139706

I finally took a look at the season and watched Vivy and 86 today. I really like them both a lot! Odd Taxi and Super Cub are next on my list.

No. 139784

I was being a bit hyperbolic. I don’t dislike her completely, just the loli-pandery moments, though I might just switch to the manga so I at least don’t have to hear it.
I like the other characters enough and I’m interested in the story, so I don’t feel the need to entirely drop it as long as it stays nonsexual/creepy.

No. 140316

4th episode was really interesting although the fact that the cat lost the dodo bothers me a tad because these types of things should be stored server side the moment they happen but I'm not a gacha expert so I'm not sure
I love anime with a lot of characters and intertwining stories though, they're always fun to follow and watch them unfold. Reminds me of baccano and durarara

No. 140331

At first, I really hated Tokyo Revengers, but now I am in love with it.
The opening is extremely catchy too

No. 140341

It’s a very love/hate series, reading the manga is almost masochistic because it’s so aggravating yet entertaining

No. 140376

Can you give me a short exp for why you feel that way? I have heard multiple women refer to it in a similar way and I don't really want to start reading if it's just going to piss me off.

No. 140407

Based, hope you will enjoy this ride

No. 140553

File: 1620143953181.jpg (23.22 KB, 640x353, nV23EZt.jpg)

nta but the only part that thoroughly pissed me off was the fact that it’s not over. I adored reading it. I find a lot of the enjoyment is based on solving mysteries and falling for the cast of characters as a reader. Not a content spoiler:But it could have ended 2 chapters ago and instead we got a “wait, there’s more!” moment. This is likely the final arc, ending the series at around 25 volumes/250 chapters. Reasonably so, because there are unanswered questions. But it’s still slightly annoying. That’s really the most frustrating part about it.

But the ayrt may be referring to content spoiler the fact that takemichy tells multiple people he can time travel, or his numerous failures feeling suffocating. I liked those parts though so I have no idea. At the rate the anime is going, this is going to happen in the second cour (it’s set for 2)

Either way you should read it. Watching the scenes get animated in tandem with reading what happens in the future actually doesn’t feel redundant for once. Maybe because doing it mirrors takemichy’s time traveling? kek
And the characters look cooler in the manga but that’s just my opinion.

No. 140882

File: 1620409005406.png (2.5 MB, 1920x1080, [SubsPlease] SSSS.Dynazenon - …)

anyone watching dynazenon? thoughts on today's ep? imo this is 100% bullying, bitches like this truly make me seethe.

No. 140979

File: 1620483053751.jpeg (523.76 KB, 721x513, 1593240048-986571bff70189ba64a…)

Just found out about pic related and I'm kinda shocked that this forgotten 90's franchise is getting rebooted. I remember reading a review of the original OAV and Tv series when I was a kid and kinda wanted to see it. I guess I still do, because I have soft spot for 90's anime and artwork. AFAIK it's one of those male-oriented series that features only female characters in main roles, there's also some shoujo-ai content. The fanservice is probably mild compared to what anime serves today. I think it will be interesting to see the 90's anime and this one (if I manage to get through it, I feel like it may be bad enough to drop it after one episode) and compare what has changed and what stayed the same.
Please note I absolutely do not recommend Battle Athletes to farmers unless they don't mind scrotey content lmfao. I think that especially the 2021 anime has high chance of being completely shit (the 90's one was considered fun, but mediocre or something). It's just a bit of a curiosity to me, especially since it's one of those series that probably were popular in Japan, but became completely forgotten. Are we gonna get Saber Marionette or Steel Angel Kurumi reboot next?

No. 140980

File: 1620483111665.jpg (867.84 KB, 1088x1508, Battle_Athletes_Victory_Poster…)

that's probably just nostalgia, but I prefer the retarded 90's designs to current ones.

No. 141324

File: 1620734363232.jpeg (26.51 KB, 350x490, FFEA49AC-3313-4D10-BBD2-076720…)

just watched the most recent episode of fruits basket. i want to kill this man he’s sooooo toxic i hope he dies a painful death

No. 141335

No idea where is the anime is at this point but I'll never get over how Shigure's plan to make Akito seethe with jealousy as pay back for her fucking Kureno was to fuck Akito's BPD abusive mom and get conveniently caughtin the middle of it. And then he says that was hot because Ren looks just like Akito. Who the fuck even does that? Akito is a bitch but she should have stabbed him on the spot.

No. 141341

Unpopular opinion but I could never understand why Fruit Basket was so popular in the first place. I still don't get why it's so beloved that an anime remake happened.

No. 141345

The remake happened because the first anime was trash to the point where the director and Natsuki Takaya had huge arguments and the guy swore he'd never work on another FB anime. Thank god for that.

No. 141347

I get it, but I don't even get the popularity of the manga. Though I'm not a fan of typical shoujo, so that might be why

No. 141372

Yeah I'm sure that's exactly why. It parodies many popular cliches from 90s shojo manga but they're also played straight at the same time, and while the fucked up family dynamic is what makes the manga's story unique the setting is still pretty normal. It gets very melodramatic at some point then there's attempted murders and adultery and I feel like that's when most people who stop reading decide it's not what they expected or what they want to read, since it starts as a romcom.

No. 141470

File: 1620814072566.png (Spoiler Image,1.72 MB, 1341x797, SP13e.png)

>written by a snob
That'd certainly explain why all the monsters are so undersized. Seriously, they're all downright puny compared to their tokusatsu counterparts, it's kinda offputting. Will say the easter eggs people have found so far are a treat though.

No. 141483

File: 1620818274106.jpg (52.26 KB, 360x450, Demon_Slayer_Kimetsu_no_Yaiba_…)

Did any of you watch Kimetsu no Yaiba Mugen Ressha Hen yet? What did you think of it?

No. 141485

I cried like a bitch the last half hour or something haha but I really liked the movie a lot

No. 141489

I saw it in theaters, I’m kind of glad they did that arc as a movie because it was short and didn’t need to be dragged out. Lots of screaming/crying but it’s anime after all

No. 141535

Eren Yaeger.

No. 141536

I'm really not that invested in kimetsu no yaiba so it was kind of boring to me
a bit sad at parts but i found some of the anime episodes to be more visually impressive and eye catching than this

No. 141570

File: 1620855240948.jpg (133.77 KB, 959x540, 960x0.jpg)

started watching keep your hands off eizouken and i did not expect to like it as much as i do

No. 141586

File: 1620867428870.png (1.36 MB, 1920x1080, Knights of Sidonia S02 - Battl…)

was really enjoying this show until it turned into haremshit with a giant penis monster in s2. what the hell happened? unfortunate.

No. 141617

File: 1620892376358.jpg (29.58 KB, 650x334, yasuke-character-designs.jpg)

yasuke was a disappointment to me, i assumed that it'd be more historical, which kinda did, but with the same vibe as afro samurai and samurai champloo. i couldn't stand the mecha element of the show, the cgi was also bad and the first scene on the first episode was all of it combined in a senseless and confusing fight with no context at all.

i don't know why yasuke was hyped up to be a telling of the historical figure's story when yasuke and everyone else in the series are strictly fictional. Oda was mentioned but then killed himself in the first episode and we were supposed to mourn for his death because it affected yasuke.

the story would be somewhat acceptable if the yasuke's story was retold multiple times. but he has not. also, the japanese dub of yasuke was kinda grating because the voice actor had a lisp. I dig deeper and found that the production team hired a half-black, half-japanese (i think) comedian to voice him. i wish they hired professional voice actors in the japanese dub since i'm sure people would actually choose that first instead of the eng dub which i think was the first to be made.

No. 141736

File: 1620975740805.jpg (328.94 KB, 750x1060, Kv04.jpg)

Can someone spoonfeed me on Darling in the Franxx?I saw an anon mention it's babymaking propaganda on another thread and i got curious, I want to know specifically on how it's propaganda to meme the virgin japanese otakus into making babies. I don't know how they could do that with what it looks like generic mecha shit

I enjoyed the White Blood Cell- coomer edition because i was kekking so hard at the attempt to meme the incels into fucking

No. 141739

File: 1620977852391.png (Spoiler Image,1.44 MB, 1920x1080, screenshot-1758.png)

Haven't watched it but it seems a big part of it is how they pilot the mechs: young (presumably fertile) men and women being put into sexually suggestive positions in order for it to function properly. Seems like it's more of a motif or an undertone than an overt theme.

No. 141751


No. 141756

The way mechs function is a clear reference to sex and gender roles in general (like >>141739 said, the males "pilot" while the females are in a submissive position and are basically one with the mech, so the males are piloting the females, and for a lot of episodes it's a major plot point that the mechs cannot function in inverted positions or with two males or two females, 02 is seen as destructive because she can pilot one alone and take the dominant role), iirc the villains of the story want to keep everyone the same and genderless (and without specific roles), while the heroes are the ones wanting to fit into the traditional gender roles. Most of the anime is about shitty teenage love stories that set up the male/female couples and explores things like puberty and sexuality and petty drama. Two characters, who are barely teenagers, have sex and the girl gets pregnant, the evil guys try to erase her memories because she's not supposed to have sex and her wanting to instead keep and care for the baby while she and the other guy are still kids is not seen as problematic at all (and the message that comes accross is "otakus make babies!! Love and family and traditional gender roles are good and wholesome!! Everything else doesn't "work").
I probably didn't summarize it very well but that's roughly what goes down.

No. 141758

Adding onto what other anons said, the one lesbian character turns out to be uncompatible to be a co-pilot with men, because she's just not able to completely submit herself and the mecha rejets her and she has an angst arc. To be fair at least she ends up alive and in a relationship in the epilogue. And for the main pink haired "monster" it's a source of angst that she can't have children with MC. For a while it seemed like the plot was building up to her getting knocked up as some kind of "proof" of their compatibility, but that's avoided, while blondie gets pregnant and everyone admires her for being peak femininity.

No. 141760

Oh, the protagonist is one of the blandest and flat pieces of shit I've ever seen that's somehow a good match for the "monster" rebellious girl, and the monsters of this anime have a queen and it's a loli.

No. 141808


Thank you so much anons, it sounds like a trainwreck, I might watch it ironically

No. 141818

File: 1621032495503.jpg (67.66 KB, 564x587, 57787da54f8bdcae4bc8177311b6ab…)

I loved this show, all the characters are so much fun! who's your favorite character?

No. 141819

File: 1621035097744.jpg (252.91 KB, 1600x1200, Blue_sub_no_6.jpg)

Anyone seen this shit firsthand? Saw a few reviews for it years back and they said it was a lot of neat worldbuilding with a bland story. Can anyone here attest to that?

No. 141852

Only 5 Episode in and I've actually bawled my eyes out twice.

No. 141894

Definitely a "just f me up" series.

No. 141913

File: 1621100888457.png (208.36 KB, 1600x1196, eizouken-asakusa-01_4x.png)

i really love all of them, but probably asakusa! she's such a weirdo and its great and i love how derpy all the characters are. refreshingly fun. the character designs are all really great and fun too, especially kanamori

No. 141939

File: 1621116761579.gif (1.93 MB, 400x256, Sword of the stranger.gif)

So, I'm looking for recs

I don't watch anime very often and the last ones I watched and enjoyed were Tiger and Bunny, FMA/B and Sword of the Stranger.

What these have in common, besides the action is the great adult characters. So are there any other anime like that? With adult characters that feel like people, and possibly parent like relationships but that don't get all boring slice of life?

No. 141941

Maybe Dororo?

No. 141957

File: 1621129759506.png (194.54 KB, 446x344, 74302745430857430.png)

Seirei no Moribito, one of my favorite series of all time. The lead is a 30-year-old female bodyguard who has to care for a young prince. She's mature and an absolute badass but it's realistic despite the fantastical world. Like she can't own people 5v1 and has to use her brain. Don't go into it expecting a shounen, it's not fight of the week, but when they do happen the animation is beautiful and I was totally absorbed throughout.

No. 141959

File: 1621132463655.png (543.73 KB, 525x391, 8493274983264938245.png)

There's also Michiko and Hatchin. Michiko is 27 and definitely not mature, it's the sort of "precocious child with irresponsible adult" trope, but as the series goes on she mellows somewhat and does start to genuinely care for Hatchin. Crazier action and drama but a fun story with two female leads. And there's Cowboy Bebop of course, all the characters are older and pretty much act it, though there isn't much of a parent/child relationship in that one. Maybe to some extent the crew towards Ed, but she definitely does her own thing.

No. 141981

File: 1621139498276.jpg (53.64 KB, 826x583, rin.jpg)

Blade of the Immortal. The 2019 adaption, not the older botched one. About a young girl named Rin who enlists the services of a reluctant practically immortal former samurai to avenge the death of her father and the rape and murder of her mother. She reminds him of his dead little sister and their relationship grows a lot. Rin is a really endearing character. A lot of different factions with different motives.

No. 141982

File: 1621140884725.gif (1.97 MB, 600x337, goldenkamuy.gif)

There is Golden Kamuy. The anime isn't nearly as good as the manga, although the voice work is really good. You might find the mix of eccentric humour and serious human drama off-putting though. At it's heart is the close relationship between a lonely young girl who lost her father in terrible circumstances and a traumatized war veteran.

No. 141986

Nta but this dynamic is right up my alley. I'm gonna check it out. Thanks!

No. 141987

File: 1621144020315.jpg (184.2 KB, 720x900, Golden_Kamuy_premiere.jpg)

Their relationship is extremely heartwarming. Some people get whiplash from the oddball humour combined with the extremely serious handling of dark human drama but I love it. I would rec the manga before the anime though.

No. 142035

Thanks, gonna check them all out. >>141981
I completely forgot about Blade of the Immortal. I had the manga but had no idea it had an anime.

No. 142036

I love the BOTI manga. Yeah, it has two. The art style and animation for the older one is so botched looking though, ugh.

No. 142039

2 days old but wanted to add in my bit Blondie originally was paired with the heavy set but nicest kid out of the bunch? They were just that cute kinda ghibli kid romance something mainstream anime is allergic to. The episode he promises to protect her forever. She dumps him for the 'bad boy' aka the autistic basket case who in the span of an episode lost his fucking mind and was just dandy again. From being paired with the demon girl and the Mc not remembering some promise they made as kids, even though they establish a few times Mc was obviously experimented on when young and made to forget certain events. Show just rewards them with kids at the end like he wasn't a total dick to her and the others nearly all his screentime.

No. 142050

sry if this is the wrong thread but i just started little witch academia and it's SO cute it's making me teary eyed lol. the character design is super lovely too! I've needed a good stress relief show and I think this will be great

No. 142111

I'm glad you're enjoying it anon, I really loved the show as well. For some reason I felt Sucy would make a great lc representative. (I mean, I know exactly why. Weird and reclusive and vaguely unhinged but well meaning when it comes to her girlies kek.)

No. 143349

File: 1621549509413.jpeg (182.62 KB, 902x720, AD048CEC-469A-48B7-A4B3-C50D25…)

I’m looking for recommendations to build a list of anime movies to watch when I’m feeling particularly trapped and miserable with my life. I watched Wolf Children for the first time in a while the other night and it totally hit the spot. I think it had to do with the fact that the movie was pretty chill with a large focus on the characters interacting with their environment and living their day-to-day life (that isn’t mine). Fantasy elements are fun but I think I’m looking for movies that’s mostly grounded in setting. Any ideas? Obligatory “I’ve seen Ghibli” comment.

No. 143364

File: 1621551343228.gif (1.86 MB, 540x303, original.gif)

Ah, if you liked Wolf Children, Mamoru Hosoda also has Toki wo Kakeru Shojo/The Girl Who Leapt Through Time.

Haven't watched a lot of anime movies but I remember liking Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda, Hotarubi no Mori e, aaand Okko's Inn.

I usually browse through MyAnimeList's user recs if I'm looking for similar movies/series to the ones I liked:

I hope you manage to cheer up anon. Take care.

No. 143371

Oh god, I randomly watched the girl who leapt through time on YouTube years ago (for some reason the full movie was just on there) and I was not prepared for the emotions I felt. Good rec

No. 143389

File: 1621563669982.jpeg (123.81 KB, 1155x731, 7AE07B1D-12E5-4616-8968-6E784F…)

My Neighbors The Yamadas. The cat returns and howl, seconding anon rec okko’s in! I loved girl who lept through time and wolf children. I’d also recommend any doraemon movie for your purpose. Lu over the wall felt worrying at times, but it ended up being pretty nice. Mirai was wonderful. I need to watch Ride Your Wave but I think it might also be what you’re looking for. I think in general you can expect these type of peaceful anime film to be distributed by GKIDS. Children of the sea was really weird at times but I liked it and the promise it showed. But I’m biased as I really liked the manga in the past.

No. 143440

File: 1621586127456.jpeg (43.04 KB, 607x506, B45508B7-55F0-425F-9DB0-2657F4…)

unpopular opinion: i love boy lolita characters. not in a weird way i just think they’re adorable

No. 143445

File: 1621591107526.jpg (42.21 KB, 490x347, 5874093854-3584376578.jpg)

Paprika is pretty cool. It's definitely more surrealistic but it is set in the modern world and uplifting overall.

No. 143447

File: 1621591548807.jpg (1.19 MB, 1254x1771, 1574210110526.jpg)

based even if #they say you arent

No. 143448

I don't think anyone denies shotas are cute, that's the point, but it's dubious scenarios and characterization that can make them problematic (in addition to perverted fans). Thankfully Fruits Basket is one of the cases where a character like this isn't sexualized in the story itself.

No. 143450

I watched this movie while on edibles, it was one of the craziest experiences of my life.

No. 143454

File: 1621595472383.gif (2.33 MB, 570x320, gk.gif)

Lmao, what prompted that dangerous decision anon? I love watching anime with my bestie when he's on shrooms or edibles. He almost died watching Golden Kamuy because he couldn't breathe.

No. 143455

You cant even compare edibles to shrooms. what rofl

No. 143464

You can if you are sober and they do both in the same day tho.

No. 143465

same… i view them more as little animals instead of humans tho.

No. 143476

You might enjoy A Letter To Momo, Ocean Waves and The Night is Short, Walk On Girl.

No. 143523

File: 1621613460500.jpg (10.68 MB, 2100x2970, 89021362_p0.jpg)

True. They are very cute~

No. 143539

I wonder how fast the mods would nuke a platonic shota thread…

No. 143551

Scrotes will flock in to post porn

No. 143554

>boy lolita

No. 143556

File: 1621621153702.jpg (1.51 MB, 2132x1392, illust_80310109_20210320_01202…)

Then we'll report, whatevs

No. 143557

>platonic shota
Same energy as omocute

No. 143559

I’ll never judge a woman who likes shota characters the way I judge moids who like loli unless they’re blatant freaks. There’s a clear difference between the interest.

No. 143567

God I love this image. Shotas are the cultured woman's choice, lolis belong in the garbage with other moid bullshit.

No. 143572

Oh please anon, what is cultured about liking anime children?

No. 143574

File: 1621629608172.gif (999.22 KB, 500x665, 1537115482437.gif)

Men are all over shota stuff too. Or maybe I just want to convince myself that the ones posting disgusting images and writing barely comprehensible erotica about shotas are not women.

No. 143577

Men are into shotas in a different way though, like mommy kink kinda shota

No. 143579

google 'gokotai'

No. 143580

Do you mean the Touken Ranbu character, because I don't feel cultured while levelling my sword bishies in a browser game.

No. 143581

File: 1621630511571.jpg (57.55 KB, 768x432, 1490602270-8390-card.jpg)

Make the shota thread nonettes even if it gets nuked day one

No. 143582

File: 1621630557507.jpg (244.23 KB, 974x1249, goko.jpg)

that sounds like a you problem… uncultured swine!!

No. 143583

Scrotes only like shitty mommy kink straight shota, traps or the really young legitimate pedoshit, not the cute gay lolita boys women do.

No. 143584

I wish TR didn't have all those kid characters, I hate sending out the kids into battle. Sayo looks ferocious enough but I still feel guilty having him battle monsters.

No. 143587

i understand, i feel real bad about making them fight sometimes too lol

No. 143588

Scrotes only want uwu mommy dom or bratty shota/trap garbage. I just want wholesome non-degenerate stuff.

No. 143589

File: 1621634213285.jpeg (54.07 KB, 640x480, B5818711-9BAC-4DBA-BC06-D2A7D8…)

i just used the word they described honey senpai with from the ouran english dub because i think it’s cute. somehow the word shota sounds more degenerate

No. 143592

This. I hate this mommy dom trend more than the loli one tbh

Not even a shota person, but I keep seeing these femdom X shota meme pictures and they look horrible.

No. 143593

>ouran english dub

No. 143594

Top tier. Wish men would stick to lewding 2B and keep their sissy troon shit away from him.

No. 143595

File: 1621636642212.jpeg (103.11 KB, 494x600, F618F1CD-0B90-47E8-A045-22B17F…)

If Natsume from Gakuen Alice still makes my heart go doki doki am I shotacon nonnies?

No. 143599

File: 1621637407338.gif (521.59 KB, 500x281, tumblr_aecacdeb28a23747c42aef1…)

Only related to your pic and not your post, but HxH really should have just ended right after Gon meets his father and parts ways with Killua (which made me tear up rip). I like Kurapika a lot, but he makes for a better supporting character than a lead, and the manga feels kind of meandering now that it's ostensibly about him.

Also it annoys me when people call him "blond Sasuke," first because HxH was written before Naruto, and second because the backstory and eyes thing is all the have in common. Kurapika is generally pretty kind and polite when he isn't dealing with something related to the Spiders or the Scarlet Eyes.

Honey isn't actually a shota, though. He's just a really short seventeen-year-old who acts childlike as part of his host gimmick. He gets married at the end of the manga.

No. 143600

Wow he was my preteen husbando when I first got into anime… I wonder how I would feel rewatching Gakuen Alice now kek, I remember really liking the setting of the series.

No. 143602

Come on if it looks like a shota it’s a shota. His gimmick is based on his design: appeals to women who like shota and fujo who like Black Butler. Doesn’t matter if he’s 17 or 900 years old lol

No. 143603

what’s ur problem lol

No. 143605

Dubfaggots on my imageboard???

No. 143606


No. 143607

ouran high school host club english dub is so good tho :o

No. 143612

No. 143616

nta but I alternate sub and dub every other episode. I like comparing the translations and picking my favorite actor for each character.

No. 143626

Anon please I'm just playing

No. 143708

it's not even an enjoyable trainwreck like code geass though, it's just teen romance drama. literally anohana with mechs.

No. 145557

I figured this might be a better place to ask instead of the stupid questions thread on /ot/, is there a site where you can watch anime with jap subtitles? Specifically I'm looking for Welcome to NHK with jap subtitles or even just jap subtitles alone would suffice but I can't seem to get any results.

No. 145568

nvm found some sites although welcome to nhk subtitles are still nowhere to be found. I guess I'll just have to make do with what I have at disposal.

No. 145579

If it's on JP Netflix, they tend to have closed captions and you could probably IP spoof yourself into the catalogue.

No. 145663

I will see if I can find any decent torrents from JP Netflix.

No. 146211

I just watched Death and Rebirth and it's all basically a recap?
The only new thing that I've spotted were the quartet scenes. What a waste of time. I liked EoE though.

No. 146460

File: 1622523179778.jpg (100.91 KB, 800x450, Shaman-King-Anna.jpg)

who else is watching the new shaman king? jesus christ anna is so based

No. 146462

File: 1622524231963.png (271.01 KB, 676x384, Sin título.png)

wtf tranny flag in the new shaman king

No. 146474

Tranny flag is pretty much unknown in Japan, the text says "newspaper stand", I don't think it's that deep.

No. 146482

I imagine they could throw it in for the amerifats so the show gets free publicity on the net. That would be a weird coincidence otherwise

No. 147085

File: 1622951350062.jpeg (42.21 KB, 739x415, 971E9047-3E50-41F4-9CD2-3CEE9E…)

i just had a question about yuki and ayame from fruits basket.

i don’t know if i’m reading too much into this but is the joke supposed to be that ayame sounds kind of like incestuously in love with yuki. (not that he actually is because he’s dating that maid who works in his shop) but that in his attempts to get closer to his brother it just comes off as weird and incesty. idk. it’s a bit uncomfortable to watch but i don’t know if i’m misunderstanding it. or is my brain just perverted..

No. 147086

yes, that's the joke. as someone who read the manga over and over for years and has watched all the anime adaptions. it's uncomfortable but it's not entirely out of sorts in weebshit

No. 147090

lol i couldn’t work out if it was supposed to be some type of fanservice or what. but you’re right it’s not too out of left field for anime

No. 147122

File: 1622979133390.jpeg (32.02 KB, 739x415, 6F339A50-6383-4A2A-B160-A4A919…)

i understand why this wasn’t the case but i feel like yuki should have been gay. or idk. it would have fit well with the story and his character arc

No. 148322

Why does everyone love Utena? I always hear about it

No. 148374

Well, shouldn't you also have heard why people love it?

No. 148500

Angsty lesbians.

No. 148852

Love R.O.D. but the intro goes harder than most of the show.

No. 148898

I dont know. It's not even good. Utena is an insufferable character who would h ave been a they/them/nb if the show came out today. She isn't even a lesbian since she sleeps with Akio in one of the episodes later on.

No. 148932

>Utena is an insufferable character who would h ave been a they/them/nb if the show came out today.
In that case she would revert to being a woman by the end of the show. Did you miss the entire point of the prince/princess thing?
>She isn't even a lesbian since she sleeps with Akio in one of the episodes later on.
And what's the problem with her being bisexual? You are also ignoring that she got groomed by Akio and uncomfortable as hell during the sex (talking about food and Anthy). The framing of the scene made it clear that something fucked up is going on.

No. 148955

I mean she’s 14 so the silly behavior and gender role confusion annoys me a lot less, it works with the whole adolescence and growing up theme (except anime 14 year olds act and behave like adults)

No. 148956

True, but in Utena I would say they act like adults while having emotional maturity of children. So perfect. Except for Anthy, Anthy acts her age.

No. 148959

damn totally forgot about this, going to rewatch it now. Thanks for posting anon

No. 148960

Please anon you're being just as insufferable as sjw fags rn

Also it's night in the show so the colors are dulled, I imagine it would be red/blue/white in light

No. 149002

>She isn't even a lesbian since she sleeps with Akio
That scene was definitely rape. The fact that Utena does not explicitly acknowledge it as such is an accurate representation of a 14-year-old not understanding the grooming she's underwent and the fact that she cannot consent to a 700-something-year-old abuser as a literal child

No. 150147

PV for Chainsawman dropped. As someone who's been reading the manga since the first chapter dropped, I'm pleasantly surprised. The cgi is bearable and I'm really digging the more realistic leaning designs. Not sure why they chose to make Himeno and Aki fuck buddies, but I'll trust them on this for now because Aki looks fucking hot

No. 150149

Yeah, tbh when I saw the leaks it felt weird to me and I was worried it was going to be like a lot of modern anime that put way too much filters and polishing and shine and whatnot that I personally feel is overused in a lot of anime and is visually boring to me (I kinda wanted them to try to go a bit experimental and try a bit of a sketchy style to make good use of the style of the manga) but it actually ended up looking better to me after I saw it in motion and I think it looks kinda cool.

Most of those scenes feel fast tho, so I'm still unsure how the animation would look in slower scenes.
Also anons on /a/ were tinfoiling that it might be preanimated

Either way, I guess we can't actually fully know until December.

No. 150151

thank you for saying that clearer than I did >>148932. That was 100% rape, IDK why I didn't call it so.

No. 150153

File: 1624800495385.png (Spoiler Image,1.44 MB, 1920x1080, B5D8FDF1-F30D-4893-9278-3C2888…)

I’ll let it slide because I thought they were really cute together in the manga. Looking forward to more shipping fanart

No. 150154

File: 1624801030933.jpg (487.69 KB, 1442x2048, fuyukonbu.jpg)

That was a fantasy nonnie, everything in the first moments was a dream where they were all alive and happy.

No. 150155

>also anons on /a/ were tinfoiling that it might be preanimated
What does that mean?

No. 150174

What are some good 90s anime aside from the obvious NGE. Berserk, etc

No. 150180

Preanimated is when scenes are specifically animated for the trailer that won't actually appear on the anime

No. 150194

I see, like when they showcase games "gameplay" videos when they are just scripted cutscenes, thank you for your reply.

No. 150199

Just based on what I've watched as a kid and teenager on top of my head
>Slayers and Slayers Next. Slayers Try isn't as good though but that's just my personal opinion
>Saiyuki, it's been a long time so I don't remember the big plot twists at the end but Goku was my husbando
>the first Hunter x Hunter anime
>Yu Yu Hakusho, especially if yiu already like Hunter x Hunter
>Sailor Moon maybe, I watched it too long ago so I just remember the manga
>Cardcaptor Sakura
>Magic Knight Rayearth
>X1999 maybe, the manga is good but unfinished
>Vision of Escaflowne, which is one of the very few good isekai
>Nadia and the secret of blue water, by the Evangelion staff. It's been so long I don't remember the entire plot
>I've been told Utena is good but haven't watched it yet
>Magical Doremi if you're feeling nostalgic over magical girls, it's cute
>Cowboy Bebop

No. 150200

isn't it real tho? i heard trailer was made by different team than anime itself

No. 150202

Adding to this because my list isn't complete
>Excel Saga
>maybe Pokemon just for nostalgia. Now that I think about it the first game's adaptation was pretty good
>Ranma 1/2 but it's not a omplete adapation

I'll add more to the list if I can think of anything else.

No. 150232

Escaflowne and Magic Knight Rayearth are fun shoujo series, I also remember liking Outlaw Star and Now and Then Here and There

No. 150233

I’m not expecting it to look bad but that gave me flashbacks to Togainu no Chi.

No. 150236

File: 1624844604491.jpg (Spoiler Image,359.13 KB, 2043x2043, akihim.jpg)

So many people sat through almost five hours of that MAPPA stage just for a 1 minute trailer, lol. Digging the music and some of the people working on the project. I will wait and see about changes because it was so damn short.

>Directing Chainsaw Man for Studio MAPPA is Ryu Nakamura (Black Clover, Jujutsu Kaisen Episode Director), while Hiroshi Seko (Attack on Titan's final season) will be writing the scripts for the series. Kazutaka Sugiyama (Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation) will be designing the characters and Kiyotaka Oshiyama (Devilman Crybaby) will be designing the devils themselves. Action direction will be overseen by Black Clover director Tatsuya Yoshihara, art direction will be handled by Vinland Saga's Yusuke Takeda, and Makoto Nakazono (Little Witch Academia) is serving as chief technical director.

Rounding out these staff additions will be Kensuke Ushio (Devilman Crybaby, A Silent Voice), who will be composing the music.

No. 150238

File: 1624847317724.png (477.9 KB, 1157x1200, 52C4FF8A-849B-4306-A6D9-430521…)

This sounds like a hotpot of shit flavored garbage. Those experience chops are not instilling confidence like they’re supposed to be.
>art direction will be handled by Vinland Saga's Yusuke Takeda
This is the only saving grace.

No. 150255

File: 1624861862147.jpeg (133.97 KB, 600x600, FEACDDBF-EDF7-4570-BFDF-0E48A3…)

I’ve never cared for Godzilla movies but Godzilla Singularity Point is fun. There isn’t a whole lot of kaijuu vs kaijuu action, but the battles are still enjoyable. I love the science fiction explained in depth in multiple episodes. The characters are nice, I hope they get a second season so the side ones can be fleshed out more. It’s only 13 episodes and left a lot of questions, the ending definitely hinting at a sequel. English sounded like the weakest dub, the jargon came out better in Spanish and German. The French was the best. The OST is very nice. I think they did put original Toho songs throughout the anime. The plot is interesting and I like what they did with the concept and regarding the series name; Singularity Point in reference to a point within another dimension colliding or continuing within “this” or their reality, Godzilla being the source of the dimensional anomaly/portal/gate/entry point as the singularity itself while the bones of another Godzilla from over 50 years ago are another singularity that is alerting of the current original disturbance. It’s also fucking cool that the bones become Mechagodzilla in the end. Mei and Li are based, Kai is annoying as fuck.
Picrel I want Pelops 2 nendroid.

No. 150257

I will never forgive them for giving Power a bland hair colour instead of keeping it pink

No. 150297


>So many people sat through almost five hours of that MAPPA stage just for a 1 minute trailer

KEK for real, I was checking /a/ for the last bit of it (to check if anybody had updates) and someone made a thread maybe one or two hours in saying "CSM trailer in 15 minutes trust me" and for the next 4+ hours it was just CSM anons saying "JUST 5 MORE MINUTES". Retards should just had gone to sleep and watched it the next day.

Sorry anon that wanted pink haired Power, but if we don't throw you into a volcano as sacrifice, the deity that protects us from "haha Power looks like that girl from franxx" memes would be very displeased, and we would be cursed with an even unfunnier (and possibly waifufaggy) CSM fandom forever

No. 150367

File: 1624923999670.png (Spoiler Image,475.81 KB, 718x540, humantaxi.png)

So goddamn glad that Oddtaxi stuck its landing. Original anime doing well always is a treat to get.

No. 150378

File: 1624932964217.jpg (58.92 KB, 564x881, youngkishibe.jpg)

That was so funny. All of the Americans complaining about how they needed sleep and were dying but were sitting through idol anime, sports anime, and neverending SnK talks, lmao.

The best part was the voice actor for Megumi from JJK dunking on his character as usual. Mostly the va's are really respectful and careful when they talk about their characters but he calls him fugly and a retard basically??? Always makes me laugh.

I don't know how I feel about Powah having the same hair colour as Denji but yes thank you for the deliverance from the cursed Zero Two comparisons. Himeno and Aki looked good for the two seconds that I saw them. I hope they do justice to my man Kishibe as well (couldn't really see him). I hope they go for a male voice actor for Angel but probably not.

No. 150408

Tbh CSM fandom is already bad enough with all the twitterfags and underage weebs who never read the manga, can't wait for them to start raging about the anime later

No. 150416

I’m already seeing wank about Himeno being a groomer on Twitter, I didn’t save it unfortunately but I even saw someone call out some other twitter fag as problematic for A. being racist and B. liking Himeno.

No. 150418

So it begins. I saw hilarious wank involving a Chinese fan artist and Chainsaw Man but also a bunch of other manga and anime. She likes to draw villains and the more morally dubious characters. She was getting attacked for "whitewashing" them, as in making them look cutesy and like good guys or something by Westerners. All her Chinese fans thought she was being accused of making Makima and other characters look white. Just a big mess. I hate twitter but sometimes it's funny if you just sit back and watch.

No. 150437

File: 1624975232613.jpg (32.71 KB, 350x474, a68.jpg)

>problematic for liking Himeno
Who the fuck is not problematic in CSM? Also, accusing her of grooming in a manga with 2 very clear groomers (Makima and Santa) just shows illiteracy.
(please forgive the following exercice in autism while i try to dive into the mind of a twitter user)

>Denji: obsessed with sex and his coworkers breasts, sexual harassement in workplace over a minority underling (Power), violence towards minority underling (Beam)

>Power: true and honest racist (does asking for favours in exchange of sexual acts make her a sex worker?)
>Aki: is attracted to his boss (counts as workplace sexual harassement), also a racist (according to him, Denji and Power have no human rights, fucking /pol/)
>Kishibe: workplace sexual harassement towards LGBT, violence agains minors from minority (fiends), also racist against Makima
>Angel: vaguely racist
>Kobeni: racist (?)
>Quanxi: sexual abuse of FOUR LGBT minors, 2 of which can't give explicit consent, and all 4 are treated and viewed as her property (so slavery, and racism towards fiends, who also don't have human rights)
>Pochita: kidnapping and sexual harassement of a woman
>Makima: sexual harassement of minors, LGBT and minorities, sexual harassement in workplace (Aki, Denji, Prinzi, plus the simp squad), grooming of minors, plus countless deaths and conspiracy towards humankind or some shit
>Santa: actual grooming of minors
>all the private devil hunters and PSB(?): violence towards minorities and slave work, violation of human rights (ACAB)

tl;dr CSM, all of Fujimoto's works and Fujimoto himself are intrinsecally problematic and should be avoided by anyone who uses the word problematic

No. 150446

File: 1624977800412.jpg (180.09 KB, 764x1200, lesbosonly.jpg)

Everyone who plans to watch this anime should guillotine themselves for extreme problematic behaviour.

No. 150447

File: 1624978126228.jpg (321.51 KB, 1364x2048, Quanxi.jpg)

Quanxi can violate my human rights tbh.

No. 150475

I don’t use the word problematic but I fucking hate all of CSM (but Power) and can’t wait for it to be forgot (but Power) and I hope every fan commit sudoku (unless they are in for Power).
And I fucking hate every character but Power, Himeno and Kishibe. Thanks for coming to my ted talk.

No. 150488

the ending gave me chills, wtf was that? It's brilliant how they can completely change a mood within seconds.

No. 150493

File: 1624996129235.gif (101.55 KB, 220x148, hun.gif)

That's why I can't wait for CSM anime to come out. Watching all of these people who shit up CSM community and twitter pisses me off. They don't even know what the manga is about nor they are willing to read it, but they assume that its their #1 anime ever.

I'd very much prefer for this anime to get 'cancelled' on eng social media rather than end up being heavily censored.

No. 150507

Why is everyone so hyped for this, it's a dumb scrote manga about a guy who does ultraviolence so he can touch boobies.

No. 150512

File: 1625006556081.jpg (41.47 KB, 607x658, POCHITAAA.jpg)

Because it's a dumb scrote manga with great panneling about a guy who does ultraviolence so he can touch boobies, and through extensive character development, becomes a guy who does ultraviolence so he can fuck groupies. It's fun.
Also Power.
I really like Denji thou, i find him adorable, while unrefined and crass.

No. 150519

It hits pretty much every trope guys obsess over in fiction
>everyone dies
>cool old guy superior
>slutty female superior that wants to fuck the MC
>a lesbian but they’re hot and fuck all their girlfriends
>dumb and cute female roommate that wants to fuck the MC
>dominant attractive villainess superior that wants to fuck the MC
>MC is overpowered orphan that has no goals besides fucking women and being violent, ends with him obtaining a loli/daughteru

Fire Punch is better but anyway I’m tired of seeing anything related to this mangaka

No. 150522

>dumb and cute female roommate that wants to fuck the MC

Power doesn't want to fuck denji, it's pretty obviously meant to be a sibling type relationship (total lack of sexual tension when they bathed together, for example).

>dominant attractive villainess superior that wants to fuck the MC

Makima doesn't want to fuck denji either, her flirting is solely to manipulate him.

>MC is overpowered orphan that has no goals besides fucking women and being violent, ends with him obtaining a loli/daughteru

His goals develop throughout the series, it's called character development

No. 150523

I love how Fujimoto was getting mad at Makima fans for shitting up his streams with their barking and obnoxious worship of her character. As if she isn't the embodiment of his fetishes and the entire manga isn't full of his own sexual issues. Lmao, you reap what you sow dude. And it will only get worse with the anime. I can't wait until some people who haven't read the manga and have managed to avoid spoilers shit themselves with the Makima is actually evil reveal and not just a femdom goddess.

No. 150577

File: 1625064643924.jpg (416.37 KB, 945x971, 20210630_164922.jpg)

people will worship bad guys anyway, either they are fujos or scrotes

No. 150581

unironically based author

No. 150595

>coomer mangaka thinks he is too good and deep for other coomers

No. 150601

>devilman crybaby demons
>with black clover QUALITY
I'm so ready for the s/a/lt.

No. 150613

Nayrt, haven't watched anime in years because I prefer lns and manga, but what's up with MAPPA and black clover?

No. 150616

It's fake. Look at the @

No. 150622

MAPPA is known for having iffy quality, if it's a 2 season anime you'll see it drop around there or during the last couple episodes. JJK anime adaption even has those moments of quality too, generally loses the feel of the manga's messier/grittier art, and I'd argue a lot of the fight choreagraphy looked really stiff. As for Black Clover… It's a massive downgrade from the manga with tons of QUALITY moments. Chainsaw man anime might look nice in stills/have really nice backgrounds but, expect a lot of scenes to look janky or weird along with not so great fight scenes.

No. 150624

Has anyone seen Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time? I see threads about it on /a/ on 4chan as if people have already seen it. I can't find a torrent of it anywhere.

No. 150625

People could've just seen it in Japan, no?

No. 150626

A friend of mine is a huge Evangelion fan, and he has told me that it was only released in the cinemas, and they never even sold it in DVD, so nobody could put the movie online. The reason why some people talk as if they've seen it is because the script/screenplay of the movie got leaked.

Netflix and Funimation are currently in a battle for who gets the rights to sub, dub and stream it. I think technically nobody else is gonna see the movie until they finally decide that.

No. 150628

Thanks! That explains it. I've seen the leaked script on nyaa but I didn't want to spoil it for myself.
> Netflix and Funimation
So, that's why. Fuck.

No. 150630

>The reason why some people talk as if they've seen it is because the script/screenplay of the movie got leaked.
I wish I could read it, google only gives me the leaked English subtitles and that's all

No. 150635

>have to wait for garbage dubs and pick between
>netflix translation that'll sound like it was written by an AI
>or funimation translation that takes liberties on the source material or just outright rewrites shit

No. 150641

I just want to say that I love Quanxi.

I just want to say that I love Pochita.

Thank you all for your attention.

No. 150648

And I love Makima. Get wrecked.

No. 150662

File: 1625125239548.png (361.09 KB, 687x417, yI0A5XN.png)

Did you read the manga? Quanxi uses her "wish" to give them human rights and an education. Quanxi was a sweetheart, if she was a rapist she would have sexually assaulted Powa for fanservice points.

I love Makima too!

No. 150663

It's your problem, anon

No. 150673

The whole concept is stupid.

No. 150679

that post was not personal opinions, but how twitter crusaders may cancel eachother by a liking CSM character
kinda sad that some fandoms are overrun with this policing and cancelling, fandoms should be fun

No. 150745

File: 1625176139774.png (Spoiler Image,2.44 MB, 1918x1400, file.png)

It was this shitty art cover that attracted all the braindead adhd scrotes which lead to them thinking they're reading something niche despite it being published in WEEKLY SHOUNEN JUMP kek. Denji is also very easy to self insert in without scrotes coming off as the average incel self inserter found among isekaifags.

It's a cool manga with cool ideas but execution past a certain point gets pretty bad. It's not hard to tell why it's popular though, doubt it would be as popular among otaku without all the female sex appeal.

No. 150759

File: 1625189854915.png (2.77 MB, 1709x2386, power.png)

Good taste anon. I love Power, Kishibe, and Himeno. I am curious about their voice actors. I don't think hearing about Chainsaw Man would annoy me so much of it hadn't already accumulated one of the most annoying scrote fandoms possible.

No. 150811

File: 1625234184162.png (398.84 KB, 694x1200, eva prime.PNG)

>Netflix and Funimation
Amazon won kek. They also are gonna have the first three movies too.

No. 150812

File: 1625234518374.png (252.64 KB, 1265x1120, news.PNG)

Also here's the article linked in the tweet.

No. 150829

great, time to introduce bf to the 3 trainwrecks preceding 3.0+1.0 so that I don't have to suffer alone. I'm pleasantly surprised, I expected English premiere in December or something

No. 150834

I barely paid attention during my first watch of the original eva just so I could watch the rebuilds with some context, but I rewatched original eva recently so I'm excited to rewatch the first three rebuilds and see how my opinion of it's changed. I know lots of people don't like them but I didn't mind them, maybe because I didn't really appreciate and enjoy original eva as much as I do now.

I don't know how distribution rights work, but I hope someone will get the rights for a theatrical release, maybe GKIDS since they got a lot of Shinkai's movies and got the rights to sell BD of original eva series and movies. I really want to watch 3.0+1.0 on the big big screen.

No. 150859

What is this manga about?

No. 150874

File: 1625258693606.png (185.94 KB, 448x429, 874C6D32-BC8E-483F-8E94-3F3A6B…)

Devilman, but make it for zoomer coomers

No. 150876

that’s already the netflix devilman

No. 150877

File: 1625259325283.jpg (158.62 KB, 772x1080, vanitas-no-carte-visuel-1.jpg)

okay I'm too lazy to write something meaningful so:

1. WEP special episode wasn't a conclusion of the TV show, at all.
2. Vanitas is really good? Art direction & music is a reminiscence of Madoka, at least for the first episode

No. 150899

Am I alone in actually liking Denji’s coomerishness? He acts just like a real teenage boy. It’s more believable than the weirdly asexual protags of a lot of other series(and more than a little relatable tbh, I still remember how dumb I was at that age)

No. 150902

File: 1625280349692.jpg (116.6 KB, 701x1023, he-wants-all-the-sex-3.jpg)

I'm not particularly bothered by it. It goes pretty wrong for him in a myriad of ways and he doesn't have any success. Kobeni and Kishibe staring at him blankly when he's screaming he just wants to have sex lol. Male fans fighting over the best waifu are far more annoying than Denji being sex starved.

No. 150911

File: 1625288739151.jpg (69.2 KB, 917x684, EzYI5JdUUAkfuff.jpg)

i was worried about chainsaw man being a harem at first but seeing him fail again and again due to him thinking with his dick is kind of surprising.

No. 150914

Also in anime (shonen or harem shit) the girls simp for the worthless protag, even if tsun about it. Every single woman who shows interest in Denji is trying to use him and is sexually in charge. There are no acidental boob grabs or walking on someone naked.
I know that this is because the author is a huge femdom coomer, and femdom coomers are like that because they are lazy and coward. But i still like how it's done in csm.

No. 150943

File: 1625320827257.jpg (51.97 KB, 400x384, c90c30b6863721a1af126897e53b03…)

>Amazon has distribution of the rebuild movies
Would they eventually try and get distribution rights for the original eva and it's dub?

Also would we ever get a cursed eva spin-off adaption and if so, which would you nonnies wanna see adapted?

No. 150947

Certainly none of the harem ones. The Evangelion Detevtives seems the least shitty. So I bet if any Eva spin-off were to be animated, it would be Shinji Ikari Raising Project (the most coomery one) or worse yet, Anima.

No. 150986

what do you guys think of the last episode of wonder egg priority?

No. 150991

possibly the biggest disappointment of 2021
3 months of abusing your animators and staff for 25 minutes of recap and a shit attempt to make it ~confusing~ and ~mysterious~ like NGE but instead make it retarded and meaningless.

Neru being made a robot was a last minute thing it HAD to be. Sensei being innocent is incel rhetoric, we all know he was initially a predator.

all in all if they had a chance to make real commentary on how society treats girls but japanese men can't help jerking off to trauma porn while storyboarding.

episode 1-about 6? 7/10
The entire series is a 2/10 the 2 being for neru and ai.

No. 150993

wow that spoiler, glad I dropped that shit after 3rd episode. I have the biggest kek about people sperging how this series is a serious exploration of feminism, sexual abuse and tranny issues

No. 151057

File: 1625400056021.jpg (130.49 KB, 640x905, tumblr_3ffab01ec0455823d9d4401…)

I was really impressed by it. It managed to turn a 9/10 anime into a 1/10 anime with a single episode/special. I didn't hate Neiru being a robot like Frill, and I think it kinda helped connect their storylines into hers better, but literally, EVERYTHING was told through dialogue and the Madoka-style ending was absolutely just desperate baiting for a movie/second season, which will never fucking come. Also, wtf was with Ai abandoning Neiru initially because she was an AI? Just to then realize out of nowhere 'Nah I do wanna bring her back.' It was so rushed. Apparently, the writer is known for his well-written tv dramas, so I think it's like what >>150991 said, pure time constraints that pushed out that contrive to end.

No. 151151

I knew it had to be bad when men were calling the sensei reveal brave, based, and revelatory or whatever. Stupid underage girls trying to ruin men's lives! That's the real problem.

No. 151178

File: 1625467240953.png (522.68 KB, 424x600, 6aH0eBx.png)

i watched the 1st ep of kageki shoujo just now and i love it so far. mostly because blue haired girl is a man hating ex-idol and got canceled on the internet for it, now she's attending an all girls school to become a musical theater actress.

it has an all female cast and doesn't look scrotey so far so maybe some of you will like it.

No. 151185

File: 1625476974842.png (1.08 MB, 1598x875, dfjhfdgcsn1.png)

thank you nona for the rec! I was looking for an anime I could watch weekly and this one is perfect.
>it has an all female cast and doesn't look scrotey so far
The original manga was written by a shojo mangaka, so I think we are safe!

No. 151502

File: 1625671557687.jpg (65.5 KB, 1280x720, nina.jpg)

Anyone watching Artiswitch? So far so good with beautiful CGI, the episodes are only 8 minutes each so it's a quick watch (it's also going to be 6 episodes in total). I'm only afraid if they're going to tackle tranny problems since the show is about girls struggling and "showing your true self within"

No. 151511

This is absolutely perfect, it fills the holes that Shoujo Revue Starlight left me with. Thank you very much!

No. 151513

Any anime like Yamashibai around? There's so much horror manga that has one story per chapter that's short and scary but I haven't seen much of the same anime wise.

No. 151520

I only know of kowabon and sekai no yami zukan

No. 151526

samefag, if normal-length episodes are fine too, there was also a junji ito anime from three years ago

No. 151532

Damn, it's so pretty. I havent heard of it before but I'll watch it just for the aesthetic

No. 151567

That was a fun series. Everything came together so nicely and I'm satisfied even if I don't like how the last scene made me feel lol

No. 151861

File: 1625946824320.png (1.08 MB, 1920x1080, gtuEASj.png)

glad i could help! i also really liked the 2nd episode, even though sarasa makes me cringe a bit with her overly loud personality.

does anyone know the difference between onnayaku and musumeyaku? i know that they're the female roles, but i couldn't find any clear definition. the context makes it sound like musumeyaku are like the pure, hyperfeminine female roles, while onnayaku are the more sexier/grown up/evil roles…?

No. 151962

This neckbeard literally loves Strike Witches, even the "masses" have better taste than him.
Moyoco is a pathetic pickme for putting up with her pedophile husband buying cartoon child erotica.

No. 151984

Disappointed but not surprised

No. 152030

File: 1626106901804.png (2.35 MB, 1913x990, kjvnxfld.png)

Oh, I think Sarasa is really cute, but I guess that's because I love genki characters. She's also a 15 year old, so I think it's normal for her to be cringe kek.

I found this wiki page about Takarazuka Revue (an irl all-female musical theater troupe) that says onnayaku is a term to refer to older actresses playing female roles: https://www.takawiki.com/tiki-index.php?page=onnayaku
I searched for Kurotokage (one of the examples listed by that character) and she's an antagonist, So I guess you're right and onnayaku are roles for grown-up women, since younger ones won't be able to pull up a villainous/mature façade.

No. 152066

Which post am i supposed to read? This is an imageboard. Anyway she's aware that Anno is an otaku and kinda became one herself, so her tolerance for this bullcrap is higher than of a farmer. I still think she's based for a married Japanese woman. From her manga about them it was clear she's calling the shots. Wouldn't call her a pick me, even though it is gross for anyone to be interested in Strike Witches. Like there is stuff inbetween being a pickme and a pinkpilled radfem, you know?

No. 152102

How does any of this make her a pickme?

No. 152113

a doormat then

No. 152247

File: 1626245377729.png (197.35 KB, 324x527, ca9ec772-adea-4074-9be2-3a60fa…)

You know what, I think the deal with that one is that her secret is just being an alien or some sort. Supernatural is canon since day one with Maeda's butt beam alien and the latest chapters having 2 vampires (with one being in the freaking school). Or maybe they'll pull a Qatherine

also asobi asobase really funny want season 2

No. 152287

I don't know, that seems too big brain time. It's obviously a boy and I think he exists so there can be romance between him and Kasumi since she is scared of other men.

No. 152459

File: 1626381834391.png (211.86 KB, 504x556, MZScsZA.png)

i finally got over my anime fomo over the last two years and now i only watch stuff i enjoy and not stuff that i think i have to watch because everyone likes it. in a way, i got both more selective and less selective, if that makes sense. i don't have extremely long to watch lists anymore. i just browse streaming websites and mark down like five shows, then check them out. if they don't click with me immediately, i just drop them. that 3 episode rule is bs and it took me so long to realize that. it's almost embarrassing how serious i took this stupid hobby when it's just cartoons.

pic related, i just finished promised neverland s1 and i really enjoyed it. i read the manga years ago but i forgot many details so it was still very exciting to watch.

No. 152461

I really gotta psyche myself up to watch Higurashi Gou at some point, I already know it connects to Umineko and mentions Ciconia, I get so jkdscmdsjkf if I don't keep up on the When they cry lore

No. 152462

It's garbage. Ryuukishi was never subtle, but he really went full retard with Gou.

No. 152469

I really need to get over mine too. Could've saved myself a lot of time from watching shit that's popular just because scrotes coom to it

No. 152473

I know totally it's off the rails and Higurashi is highkey lowkey been milked to death (he should focus on Ciconia for now) but it's that sweet lore I'm missing out on.

No. 152479

Season two is extremely disappointing l, I mean worth watching to round it off but it completely veers from what made the manga so good. Sucks because season one really was excellent

No. 152497

what's wrong with strike witches? I've never seen it but I've been getting into mecha musume these days

No. 152517

are you on social media/any fandom related spaces a lot? i quit twitter and even though i was only following old friends from tumblr and stuff, there still was some weird pressure to watch whatever they thought was popular and interesting. ever since i stopped using twitter, my only fandom related space is /m/ and it's much more freeing that way. i hope you can find a way to work through it though and find out what your real anime taste is like, nona.

i get what you mean, i just reached the episode where they meet norman again and was so confused because i remember that it took ages for them to be reunited in the manga?? i'm gonna re-read and finish the manga once i'm done with the anime, i think.

No. 152544

I've heard they skip Goldie Pond so it's basically a no watch for me now. I heard they effed up Emma a bit but not 100% sure.

No. 152550

I want to watch Promised Neverland but it stresses me out too much. I basically only like SOL or have to spoil and read the whole plot before watching something because I don't like how nervous it makes me feel kek.

I used to always watch whatever was popular, and I have low standards so I usually liked it. At some point in college, I stopped watching popular anime out of spite towards an ex friend group who always picked up whatever was popular at the moment. Never looked back since then and I take my sweet time getting around to watching popular shows, usually years after the hype has died down. I don't engage in any fandom spaces and usually just yell into the void, and it's kind of lonely and sucks but I realized I don't like discussing anime anymore. Watching it with friends is okay, but full on discussions are weird for me.

No. 152552

Promised Neverland is pretty ooky spooky feeling wise because the cast is both likeable and children so you don't want death and honestly it's pretty tame, it couldve killed a bunch of those kids, most deaths were adults or demons

No. 152553

There's a guy who reviewed all the manga or what was currently out for Promised Neverland and it sounded rather lack luster to read all that which he said was dissapointing too since he had to for the video. I'm someone who doesn't mind spoilers because I'd like to know if my favorite dies prematurely or they get a shit ending so you could watch that anon.

No. 152555

>I don't like discussing anime anymore.
same, especially when it comes to like the quality of a show or whatever you wanna call it. my rating of an anime depends mostly on how much fun i had watching something and i barely care about aspects like beautiful animation or pacing unless it completely destroys a show. like giving a show i don't like 8/10 because everything was high quality when my enjoyment was at most a 3/10 feels insincere to me. i'm just too old to defend my taste.

No. 152557

Sometimes I just like trashy or boring things because I like trashy and boring things! I got tired of listening to people defend their tastes with convoluted reasoning (especially if they throw in some shit about how it changed their life and it's some stupid fucking 3deep5me show), and I got tired of trying to explain why I think a show is good other than "it fun watch"

I think I'll pick it up again at some point! I do want to watch and read it, but I'll probably read the entire wiki about it first lol.

No. 152646

Not only that but they round it all up in such a half assed way it makes me mad..

Tfw no yuugo

No. 152700

File: 1626557693392.png (1.65 MB, 1920x1080, [Erai-raws] Jouran - The Princ…)

I want to sex him so bad

No. 152706

can't believe i cried watching this.

No. 152710

I choked up in some scenes with Asahi, everything around her made my heart melt. Besides that, it was a pretty average show– sometimes fun, sometimes bad. The last episode really annoyed me though

No. 152711

The show was good until they did that They're Dead–Wait No, They're Not, Ha! thing

No. 152712

File: 1626570102804.jpg (447.7 KB, 1280x720, 1596736233910.jpg)

>mfw i was waiting for the "no, they're not, ha!" for the final episode

No. 152789

File: 1626622316849.png (395.5 KB, 696x391, Re-Main-MAPPA-julio-e162065994…)

Episode 3 of Kageki Shoujo!! was painful to watch, but so good. I don't think there's anything I dislike about this anime tbh.

Btw, I really want to get into Re-Main, but sadly the amnesia trope reminds me a lot of that cow on /w/ (Mishkali/Nikki). I just can't watch it.

No. 152806

File: 1626629057725.png (879.15 KB, 1195x681, shootem.png)

Ep 3 almost gave me stomachache, poor little girl not feeling safe at home!
This is the first time I've seen an anime show male creepiness from a girl's perspective. The first time I've seen her fear, disgust and trauma taken seriously. Usually sexual harassment and assault is treated as jokes and fan service which is disgusting. A lot of girls go through this so I'm glad this anime shows the effects of men preying on little girls.

No. 152825

Made me realize how absolutely sick men are for joking about it and watching porn of it. How can this shit be arousing to anyone?? The entire scene of her being scared 24/7 hit way too close to home

No. 152876

Anyone feel guilt watching kyoani newest productions? The animation is amazing but I can’t help but think about the tragedy and hope artists weren’t forced to make a speedy recovery to make deadlines

No. 152886

As someone who has a fear of older men from a similar experience, this was very hard for me to watch. But like you said, I do appreciate seeing sexual harassment/trauma taken seriously, and I'm glad that Sarasa can be there for Ai

No. 153299

File: 1627020191479.jpg (190.12 KB, 1000x1412, sonnyboy.jpg)

What do you guys think of Sonny Boy so far?

No. 153309

File: 1627029946182.jpg (62.61 KB, 723x553, sho.jpg)

I liked it. I love the animation style and it was different than I imagined it would be. I'm looking forward to the series, especially with how the first episode ended.

Also I ended up reading The Drifting Classroom (manga from early 70s) because I read Sonny Boy might be loosely based on it and I had nothing better to do. Such a weird manga full of dumbass kids and worse adults but let me use this post to shout out to my boy Sho Takamatsu

No. 153419

File: 1627148182504.gif (2.45 MB, 480x270, giphy (2).gif)

Kageki Shoujo is giving me emotional whiplash with these latest episodes, but man is it a fun ride.

No. 153468

File: 1627191481922.jpeg (41.07 KB, 452x678, images (34).jpeg)

Is it worth watching or is it all just nice visuals?

No. 153469

I think once it gets going the plot is actual pretty nicely done

No. 153477

Boring and pretentious

No. 153482

Style over substance: the anime basically. I stopped watching around the fifth episode because the characters were so shallow (a girl didn't get picked by a guy and it's shown as a dramatic reveal, like if her parents died) and I generally dislike anything that tries way too hard to be emotional. Maybe it gets better but the overblown animation was getting on my nerves really fast.

No. 153486

I feel like it depends on how much/how long you've been watching anime. All my friends and me who started in the early 2000s saw it as melodrama on Clannad/Kanon level that's emotional for the emotions and not the plot, while everyone I know who started to watch anime around 2016 with SAO or Kimi no na wa or so loved it.

No. 153487

works as a nice screensaver if you leave it running without subs while you do something else: the animation is gorgeous. The plot is pretentious manipulative trash

No. 153550

File: 1627239954108.png (955.81 KB, 1048x601, 740932740327432.png)

I'm so glad they made "Stalker-san" a sweet dude. It really reminded me of a non-fictional show I think on Amazon where they followed this young girl trying to make it initially as an idol then a stand-alone singer. She was having a rough go of it at first but tirelessly pursued her dreams. Along the way there were maybe like 3-4 guys who were her original fans and supported/followed her progress every step of the way. At one point she literally biked along the countryside to perform at different venues and they came along with her. For me, this would be unheard of in the U.S. and the guys would be guaranteed to be perverted freaks, but those men, they honestly were inspired by her persistence and didn't try anything. One who had been unemployed for a long time and just feeling lost in life even ended up getting a job because she gave him hope again. Basically exactly what happened in this anime. And she eventually got her solo debut and was successful. It was so wholesome.

I know a lot of idol fans are creeps and you can never really be sure, but even so, it restored a bit of my faith in humanity.

No. 153584

I think you just put into words a thought I’ve had for a while and also probably the reason I didn’t think Your Lie In April was even good. Like, I already watched Air/Kanon/Clannad in 2005.

No. 153585

Isn’t this basically the 2deep4u version of Chobits?

No. 153596

Lol, that's one way to put it. Definitely tries to have more serious edge (not switch in vagina perv edge). Emotionally repressed to the point of almost being a robot super-beautiful former child soldier slowly discovers her humanity. Personally I was annoyed by the melodrama/romance between the main character and her presently dead commander. He was creepy. The whole scenario was creepy.