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File: 1638112520670.jpeg (181.23 KB, 1130x613, 5E641663-B5F2-4603-B4ED-0D8538…)

No. 171819

#2 >>126536
#1 >>3894

General anime discussion thread, maiko edition!

No. 171821

>>>/m/167972 there is a thread here too

No. 171823

Oops. I just assumed no one had made one yet since everyone was still using the other thread.

No. 171839

This one is so much cuter though, I'm more favorable to this one. Also doesn't look like a newfag made it and it has a season relevant anime.

No. 171860

Agreed much more cuter!

No. 172021

File: 1638231161332.jpeg (54.51 KB, 780x439, 8B7975BF-CB86-4C5F-BFDC-376B33…)

Easily Kiyo in Kyoto.

No. 172237

is toradora worth watching? or is it all comedy coomerbait?

No. 172242

toradora is Genuinely good nona!
all the main characters actually have depth to them and act their age, plus the fanservice is basically nonexistant

i will say this tho, hated the pool ep.

No. 172243

do you like uguu loli tsunderes fighting with big tits stacies over some uggo scrote? There's your answer

No. 172285

the male lead is shit

No. 172286

the female mc is even worse lmao

No. 172293

File: 1638399510381.jpg (Spoiler Image,115.75 KB, 1280x2004, BzsP4SIIEAAZin_.jpg)

What is this anime from? I tried to look it up reverse google suggested me Babylon, but I'm not sure (no time to watch it rn to confirm anyway)

No. 172295

File: 1638399755699.jpg (121.75 KB, 550x766, 61824a5d49cf34279d7ee7bebc132b…)

Just watched Mononoke and I loved it. The art style was a bit off putting at first but I ended up enjoying it. First story made me ugly cry for some reason.

male lead is bad but female lead is terrible. One of those boring animes that at first glance you would think are aimed at girls but really are meant for scrotes.

No. 172298

Same fag found it it's Grisaia no Kajitsu too bad it's an harem anime

No. 172308

This looks pretty interesting and beautiful. I haven't read the manga but it looks like it has a similar feel like The Ancient Magus' Bride which I actually love and enjoyed watching.

No. 172310

Nonny I really rec checking out Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo or Ayakashi Tales of Horror which Mononoke is a sort of sequel/spin off of

Anyone watching Ousama Ranking? It looks cute but I don't have that much time and wanted to know if its worth checking out or will I just be sucker punched by watching for the cute art and get hit with some big ass titty teen girl as usual?

No. 172326

damn…didnt realize i had such scrote tier taste…

No. 172370

Nta, but thank you so much. I loved Mononoke and didn’t know this!

No. 172374

File: 1638443903287.jpg (213.49 KB, 800x522, 800px-LOGH_Tactics_main_visual…)

OK I've watched almost 20 eps of this and I'm at my limit. Give it to me straight, is the rest of the show just going to be 2 mary sues soapboxing? Reading a history textbook would be more educational AND entertaining.

No. 172375

I mean, scrotes simp hard for this anime and it’s on the lists of many as the best of all time. That’s enough for me to never give it a chance.

No. 172386

I've never watched it but it's extremely popular with fujos too, maybe the original OVAs are better?

No. 172395

>it's extremely popular with fujos too, maybe the original OVAs are better?
Doubt it. You know fujos are all over 2 Gary Stus soapboxing, especially if they are rivals.

No. 172397

This looks so nice!! I've read some of the manga and really enjoyed it and the ancient magus' bride was actually based on it. Which is a little creepy considering the girl is so young in the original but I still really liked it either way.

No. 172420

Of course, it's if you've seen Kayo's episode, where she originally appears and my bad the full name is really Ayakashi: Samurai Horror Tales. I think it might be on youtube or dailymotion or you know those other usual sites to check out lol

Anyone watching Heike Monogatari? One of my faves of the season but zero buzz around it from what I've seen online despite the names attached to it

No. 172449

i know gege akutami had an aneurysm after he saw the new jjk popularity poll

No. 172467

Who was the top, I can't find it anywhere, was it Gojo?

No. 172471

What does this medium have to offer you then?

No. 172475

>if you don't want to watch degenerate scrote content then does the medium of animation even offer you anything of value?
go back and jerk off to hentai or something, moid

No. 172476

I'm >>172374. Why are you being so hostile, retard? Denial of anime being scrote-y is denial of reality.

Berserk is also "simped hard" by scrotes by sole virtue of being universally acclaimed. If you strike off every title that meets this ridiculous criteria, you'd be left with nothing but shitty yaoi and otome shows.

No. 172491

>If you strike off every title that meets this ridiculous criteria, you'd be left with nothing but shitty yaoi and otome shows.
holy shit lol, MASSIVE cope. Not wanting to witness extreme levels of scrote degeneracy is only "ridiculous criteria" in the sense that you're right, it's literally everywhere. Doesn't mean you have to like it, respect it, or tolerate it.
There are plenty of gems that don't suffer written-by-horny-scrote syndrome. They're just oftentimes not as well known because the scrotes can't coom to them as easily. I'm not an animefag (more into manga) so I can't speak to which anime adaptions are good or not but off the top of my head:
>Vinland saga
>Fullmetal Alchemist
>Tokyo Revengers
>Boku dake ga inai machi
>Mob Psycho 100
>The Promised Neverland
I could go on… but I guess those are all "shitty yaoi and otome shows".
Anyway, just stop settling for scrote bullshit, it's actually easy.

No. 172502

they'll release it next week

No. 172509

You sperging over scrotes is even more nonsensical now. We were talking about logh, not k-on.

>I could go on… but I guess those are all "shitty yaoi and otome shows".

Again, YOU'RE the one who decided to have a hissy fit on coomers and scrotes in a conversation about logh out of all things.

No. 172614

That's a shame those are some damn delicious shots

No. 172737

File: 1638650508914.jpg (55.21 KB, 643x263, 1421119153328.jpg)

I just started watching part 6, I forgot how funny this part was. The fights really got wacky and entertaining. I can't believe it's been a whole decade since I read it.
The voice acting is really good and even though I miss Miyuki Sawashiro I think Ai Fairouz is doing a perfect job

No. 172764

AYRT I dont even know wtf logh stands for kek i'm not the original person you were talking to. I was just chiming in on your retarded statement. Keep pulling your wedgie tighter though

I see tons of people raving about Jojo stuff but I was never able to get into it. Does it get a lot better later on? I couldn't get through the very first arc and gave up but if it's one of those things that just has an awkward start, I might try it again.

No. 172844

I'm also trying to read it again after a couple failed attempts to get into it. From what I understand the first two? parts are a chore to get through but it gets amazing after that. Right now I'm just skimming most of the exposition during the fight scenes. I really hope it will be worth it…

No. 172850

Part 1 is a bit awkward but 2 is a lot of fun. If you don't like it, don't force yourself.

No. 172853

Tbh, what I do in this particular instance is just read the plot summary of the beginning/essential part and then skip to watch the good parts. I never feel like I missed anything and usually, things are repeated in universe a bunch, so you won’t forget who is who and what happened that you skipped.

No. 172865

Parts 1 and 2 aren't bad, they're just very different to the rest of the series so if you don't like them that doesn't mean you won't like the rest.

I agree that you can actually skip some of the series and move on to better parts, I didn't read them in order. Part 4 is my favourite, I found 3 a slog but luckily I read it after better parts so it didn't stop me continuing.

No. 172866

File: 1638728494739.jpg (154.59 KB, 564x831, 8f30a17c158310da5d797c7efd9386…)

I like JoJo a lot and I enjoyed part II, but honestly, "amazing" is a bit of a stretch. It's dumb, wacky fun with flamboyant (mostly) men and music references. Great for husbando hunting.

No. 172886

File: 1638737303611.jpg (393.41 KB, 1280x960, 1420938904408.jpg)

>I see tons of people raving about Jojo stuff but I was never able to get into it. Does it get a lot better later on?
I read the manga when I was 15 and I really got into it back then. The thing about jojo is that it's absolutely ridiculous but it's fun to read. I read through part 5 when it had that unintelligible translation so I only understood some things after watching the anime kek
It's full of asspulls, bullshit powers, araki keeps forgetting abilities and makes shit out of nowhere sometimes, but it has a special place in my heart. I was never into battle shonen but jojo is the exception. I think it gets more fun as it goes on, and I definitely start caring more about characters.
And like the other anon said, a good amount of wacky husbandos.

No. 173191

File: 1638977495491.jpeg (122.85 KB, 712x526, 1A77B7A1-50B2-4E5F-970D-4FD8AA…)

I’m really in the mood to watch something “vintage.” What are some good 70s/80s/90s anime outside of the big ones (Sailor Moon, Yu Yu Hakusho, etc.) everyone already knows?

No. 173194

watch rose of versailles

No. 173197

City Hunter, Cat's Eyes, Ranma 1/2, Maison Ikoku, I've never watched Urusei Yatsura but if you like Rumiko Takahashi's manga you'll probably like it I guess, Slayers, Captain Tsubasa (one of the big ones if you're European or South American though), Saint Seiya (same thing here), Patlabor, Sakura Wars I guess, I don't remember it very well but I liked the tall blonde girl, Vision of Escaflowne, anything by Clamp, the turned to shit in the 2000s so anything before that is fun enough to watch, Hana Yori Dango's manga is good but turns to shit once Tsukasa's mother overstays her welcome but I've been told the anime stops before that point, and I can't think about anything else on top of my head. I remember watching a shit ton of 80s anime as a kid with the French dub, I need to look up the titles and see if they can be watched online.

No. 173199

Thanks for these recs! I haven’t actually watched any of these, though I did have a friend in middle school who was obsessed with Ranma.

No. 173200

File: 1638988983390.gif (1.43 MB, 500x280, 1585609789372.gif)

Just for reference, can you post a list of what you consider "classics"? As I said I watched a lot of anime as a kid and I'll look up what I can recommend on top of what I already posted.

By the way I just thought about Saiyuki, You are under arrest!!, Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo (it used to be Detective Conan's direct competition back then, some episodes are legit disturbing), and Trigun, GTO, Excel Saga if you're into lolsorandum humor, I've been told that Slam Dunk is really good but I never read or watched it, Nadia and the secret of blue water it's been so long I forgot how the series ends, other anons will recommend you Utena but I still haven't watched it yet, Orphen, maye the Bastard! OAV but I'mmore familiar with the manga, but I'll warn you now, it's "scrotey" or whatever you wanna call it, B'tX is by the same mangaka as Saint Seiya, I hated how the show ended though, Blue Seed, I've been told by friends that Fushigi Yugi is good, never watched or read it though. They're all 90s anime.

No. 173203

File: 1638989908694.png (383.56 KB, 720x480, escaflownecollage15.png)

>Vision of Escaflowne
I watched this recently because I only heard praise for it but the characters infuriated me to no end. I usually have a high tolerance for this stuff and enjoy ridiculousness and dumb drama of old anime but escaflowne pissed me off. The ost was beautiful and the art had its moments though, and I think it's interesting how they went for both the teen girl and teen boy audience so it had strong shojo and shonen tropes and elements at the same time. I feel like I don't see that enough in anime aimed at tweens nowadays. And that ending. Ughh.

No. 173299

moriarty the patriot spoilers
so this series makes me want to believe irene adler is a trans man while depicting him as a woman with MASSIVE tits but after he cuts his hair and starts dressing like a man he suddenly loses the buxom figure and looks exactly like a bishounen.why not make him a guy who crossdressed as a woman, that would be more believable

No. 173310

>makes me want to believe irene adler is a trans man
Anon listen to yourself. Get a grip.

No. 173312

This is exactly the reason why I refuse to interact with the fandom in any way except the occasional shitpost about it on tumblr. I haven't even looked into it, but I know it'll just be littered with "ermagush trans rep" because she's cross dressing

No. 173314

my point was less related to the whole trans thing and more with how ridiculous and nonsensical the character design is, since they look like 2 different characters

No. 173480

File: 1639246612237.jpg (571.83 KB, 1318x2048, FFz-oVrUUAA2o9i.jpg)

Thoughts on the first season of Stone Ocean?
I really like Jolyne as a protagonist, and want more, ASAP!

No. 173495

Read the manga
im mostly excited about the use of gaelic

No. 173592

Are any nonas planning on rewatching/rereading Bleach before the final arc anime drops? I've been meaning to but I don't think I have the energy or time to get through hundreds of episodes/chapters like I used to when I was younger kek… I really should though

No. 173606

The ending was shit anyway, so I definitely don’t care about experiencing it in anime form.

No. 173617

Some people are expecting (hoping) some of the issues will be patched up since Kubo is involved and it's not being rushed. I don't have much faith in Kubo's writing anyway but I guess I'm tuning in for nostalgias sake

No. 173636

Watchef Haibane Renmei. Really good, a show about loss, trauma, and grief. I’ve been listening to the opening song non-stop and it’s making me want to pick up a voila. Think it’ll be one of the shows that’ll hit better after I come back to it a few times.

No. 173901

File: 1639553391068.jpg (74.24 KB, 611x341, 4809327402.jpg)

I recently watched Heike Monogatari thanks to recs from anons in the previous thread. The beginning is a bit overwhelming with all the names and political machinations being thrown around but the pretty art kept me going and by the middle I was hooked. Melancholy and beautiful. Good watch although I was a bit annoyed by the saccharine "just pray and you'll feel all better" message thrown in at the end.

No. 174194

File: 1639760822970.jpg (55.21 KB, 1210x544, eizouken.jpg)

They saved anime

No. 174207

File: 1639767310615.gif (2.77 MB, 520x293, best girls.gif)

they really did, I hope we get a S2!

No. 174228

File: 1639772269871.jpg (120.46 KB, 564x895, dfc40e15f0a5cfc6c706e2f882d24f…)

they saved anime as well as my soul. They were so well written and the animation always so fun and creative! The whole universe was so full of life and diverse. Masaaki Yuasa better come back for season 2 though, I only trust him.

No. 174352

It's a show made by a history fan for military history/strategy/politics fans (lots of subtle references to real life historical events), if you have no interest in these it's not worth watching

No. 174491

I didn’t watch this when it came out because I thought it was gonna be standard moeshit cute girls do cute things
How wrong I was! This is so cool!
What’s with the random ethnicities and thai script though

No. 174859

File: 1640070294971.jpg (47.13 KB, 400x583, 410_637689400044848174PE_Small…)

So, we're halfway through, and I hate it lol. I thought maybe my expectations were just too high because I loved Death Note (though I read it first when I was in middle school, so nostalgia and no eye for quality might contribute to that) and expected to be similarly blown away, but I think even as a standalone and completely neutral work it's simply not good lol. To those who've read the manga, does it seem realistic that the entire plot gets covered in 24 episodes?

No. 174867

This thing always seemed like a ripoff of Mirai Nikki to me.

No. 174868

lmao I'm watching it too, I'm at ep. 30.
What >>174352 said is right. I'm interested in politics and history, so I'm liking it a lot. I didn't use to pay much attention to those two topics, so back then I couldn't stand to watch even one LOGH episode. It's a great story, very well written and entertaining, but it's ok if you don't like it. That doesn't necessarily mean that it's overrated or pretentious, neither does it mean that not watching/liking it makes you a "pleb". It just means that you don't care about its subject, just like I couldn't give any less shits about most horror manga (of which there are plenty of good series).

Are you gonna call everything that's related to war/history/politics "scrotey" and call it shit for that reason? As if they were exclusively male interests, or as if women couldn't be into political fiction? Also, I doubt most anime fans have watched or even heard about this one, most of them watch mainstream stuff like shonenshit, slice of life, edgy isekai shit or romcoms (I'm talking about both male and female audiences). Berserk is much more popular and well-known.

LOGH has absolutely no sexual fanservice, too (at least so far), so it's a breath of fresh air after watching so much "critically acclaimed" anime that ends up having varying amounts of perverted scrote shit. It's also not so much about the characters' personal drama as it is about the politics and wars of this fictional future world. The only way I could call it truly "scrotey" would be if this was another power fantasy about war, but personally I wouldn't call it that.

Anyway, if you don't care about that sort of stuff, there's no reason to try to force yourself to watch it. A "must watch"? That depends on the person, as not everyone will find it interesting, and that's understandable.

top tier husbandos though

No. 174879

File: 1640088384195.jpeg (131.61 KB, 707x1000, E05B6775-5A8B-4EEB-B884-8E34CB…)

Guys… isn’t this just… dororo?

No. 174891

I know the different ethnicities is because the manga author went to an International school in Tokyo so he wanted to reflect that in his work, not sure about the script maybe a Thai Fan?

Anyone think we’ll ever get a season 2?

No. 174923

I’m glad I didn’t waste my time then. Thanks. Of course, I never got on the Death Note train to begin with, so I perhaps had less interest in this series than others for that reason.

No. 174934

Idk what this is but it looks very cute.

No. 174945

Ousama Ranking, fall '21 anime

No. 174947

Whhat anime are you guys most looking foreward to this wintert season? I want toi watch somethinbg nwe.

No. 174948

I'm typing withj gloves on, sorery if these posts are illegible. My house is freexikng cold.

No. 174954

It's okay, Lucinda. We love you anyway.
don't ban pls, just making a light joke of anon not using autocorrect)

No. 174957

Kek I was about to make the same joke

No. 174970

I never watched Dororo, how are they similar?

No. 174977

Snk since I've been an anime only fag since the first season was announced
Kimetsu no Yaiba with my nigel because he has normie taste
Hakozume might be okay although I don't know anything about it, maybe I'll watch that.

No. 175012

Just took a look at the chart and I guess I’ll try watching dangerous lifehacker, hakozume, and on air dekinai.
Maybe Leadale, too, but I don’t have any faith in isekais even though the protagonist is female
Looking forward to, I guess koroshi ai, i liked the manga, or was it a webtoon

No. 175013

Dororo is about a boy whose father, a lord, sacrificed him to demons for power. His quest, helped by the comic relief titular character, is to battle to get his body back from the demons. It’s similar to Bosse‘s deal with the witch. The mother character, in both stories, tries to protect the main character. There are other similarities.
I’m not crying wolf, just pointing it out. I enjoy the unusual art style in Ousama Ranking.
Also, go watch Dororo.

No. 175022

Akebi-chan no Sailor Fuku and Karakai Jouzu Takagi-san. Slow Loop and Sasaki to Miyano looks cute too.

No. 175024

File: 1640130978356.jpg (71.94 KB, 1024x576, 362156256256.jpg)

I'm interested in watching Mobile Suit Gundam because of those two cuties and some videos I've seen of the MC, but there are so many fucking series. Do I really have to watch everything? Is it worth?

No. 175070

File: 1640159336197.jpg (75.43 KB, 451x720, 1456913891394.jpg)

I'm not really into politics or history, not into space operas either and I adore LoGH. It's kind of counter intuitively enjoyable considering my taste, a series that long and dialogue heavy should not have captured my attention so thoroughly. Like, it's 80% talking heads - that should feel boring and slow, but I actually find that all the talking makes it way more entertaining and improves the pacing (as opposed to regular anime that's full of dragged out reaction shots and empty filler moments). I also found it thoroughly unpretentious, it doesn't avoid heavier topics but it was very palatable and easy to understand for someone like me who isn't knowledgeable about politics.

But yeah, considering I didn't expect myself to like it so much I wouldn't necessarily expect others to. It took me by surprise that's for sure. Either way it's not a scrotey series, it's kinda insulting to act like only a moid could possibly enjoy a series just because it involves some basic politics and warfare.

No. 175113

No, you don't have to watch everything. If you want to watch specifically for the two pictured, watch the original Mobile Suit Gundam series (or its movie cuts) and The Origin OVAs. The Origin OVAs is a prequel that has a lot more of Garma (purple-haired guy) but can be a little confusing without background info of the original series. It's a great OVA series regardless.

No. 175164

Wooow holy fuck the new aggretsuko was so bad
You can only destroy a character so much

No. 175172

Only seen first season of Aggretsuko and maybe the second one… not 100% sure. When does the show start to get bad?

No. 175179

The writers must really hate Haida to make him such an irredeemable asshole.

Retsuko is becoming increasingly unlikeable too imo, she’s just never held accountable. The direction they went with this season is just a cheap way to avoid giving her any character development.

No. 175181

Fun facts: Reinhard is based (amongst others) on alexander the great, yang wen li on vo nguyen giap, and the empire/reich is specifically based on Frederick the great's 18th century Prussia. The author is big on chinese history but I'm not so I probably missed a lot of references to it…

No. 175183

No. 175187

It's just a meh Mirai Nikki, like the other anon said.
It's sad because I usually like all their other works. What went wrong with this one? The only character I could manage to give a single shit about was the guy dying of cancer.

No. 175203

When Netflix picked it up

No. 175277

File: 1640250499367.png (1.05 MB, 1683x1041, 1436190254715.png)

Thank you so much for these posts anons, I asked on another imageboard what Gundam series to watch next (I've watched only the original movie trilogy) and got no response so I've been binging LOGH in the meantime, but really wanting to watch some more Gundam too.
They told me effectively the same thing, that you don't have to watch them all to understand the series you choose, but watching the original one first is probably a good idea, and that following the timelines is not necessary.
What if I wanted to watch them in release order though?

Now that's rare, I wonder why it appealed to you so much. Anyway, I'm glad that you liked it too.
I agree on the talking part, even with all that dialogue it keeps me on the edge of my seat; sometimes I laugh my ass off at some stupid asshole noble being shot by three of his subordinates at the same time, sometimes I tear up at the main characters' suffering. Even when everything is fucked and seems like it's only gonna get worse for the Alliance, I can't stop watching.
Ironically, I find it quite fast-paced. Must be the battles and the fact that they skip most mundane stuff/constant timeskips to the next important event.
I also LOVE the soundtrack.

>and the empire/reich is specifically based on Frederick the great's 18th century Prussia.
Yeah I had a feeling. Neat trivia, thanks.

No. 175385

File: 1640288029636.png (169.99 KB, 278x482, GF13-049NM_Tequila_Gundam_Fron…)

>What if I wanted to watch them in release order though?
You -could- do it but as the different series vary wildly in quality you could end up burning yourself out on the early bad ones and miss the later much better ones

For instance 8th ms team (12 episodes) and war in the pocket (just 6 episodes) are considered very good, can be fully understood after watching the first gundam and can be watched in a single day. You -could- watch 300 episodes of other gundams (including 50 episodes of duels against racial stereotypes gundams) in order to watch 8th ms team, or you could just watch the 50 episodes of the first series and then enjoy 8th ms team (whose plot happens during the first series)

I don't think anyone watches gundam in release order anyway, unless they're real die hard fans who do it every year

No. 175493

I'm nta but I loved all the seasons of Aggretsuko up until this last one (season 4). It was boring, just completely lost the heart of what the show was about and barely even had Retsuko getting pissed and screaming which was the whole point.

No. 175913

I was really excited for this one because people were hyping it as the new and improved death note. I recognized obata’s art and tried it out but the writing is so god awful. I assumed Obata wrote the story but it’s actually the same writer who wrote deathnote. What the fuck happened to make this iconic duo create such garbage

No. 176262

File: 1640816029177.png (495.54 KB, 1024x576, vlcsnap-2021-12-28-01h42m56s56…)

>You -could- do it but as the different series vary wildly in quality you could end up burning yourself out on the early bad ones and miss the later much better ones
Ok, I think you're right, but I still wanted to watch Zeta Gundam because I liked the animation/art/voice acting quality of the first one. The newer Gundams just look so different that I think I'm gonna find it hard to adjust to them mentally, kek (even though I only started with this franchise because I want to watch Iron Blooded Orphans)
Thanks for the suggestion.

I watched the first episode of 08th MS Team yesterday, and I was disappointed in the difference in artstyle, the more unrealistic "anime" voice acting for female characters (you probably know what I mean) and the bigger presence of pervert shit, but otherwise it wasn't bad and I expect it to only get better. I guess the original Gundam and LoGH (the only two anime series I've watched this year, so far) spoiled me and ruined my ability to enjoy more modern anime due to those tropes being largely absent or not that obnoxious in older stuff, from what I've seen. Surprisingly, those are also the first pre-90's anime I've watched that aren't popular normie stuff like Saint Seiya and Dragon Ball.

I'm also watching Welcome to the NHK and, although I'm liking it and even finding it funny and relatable, I'm cringing hard at it sometimes.
Idk, maybe it's just me. Maybe not watching anime in a long while will do that to you. Or does anime as a whole really just get cringier each decade?

No. 176301

Came here to see if anyone was watching too lol.
I’m on season 4 and this has just turned into the most typical mushy animu I can think of.
I started watching because it was somewhat removed from actual anime, but now I want to actually find some good slice of life shows to see what it’s all about.

No. 176314

File: 1640849555046.jpeg (33.95 KB, 698x440, 457FBE8F-2D34-4459-81CA-BD4DF2…)

She really should’ve just stayed with the donkey and called it a day kek

No. 176317

File: 1640851691345.png (1.65 MB, 1920x1080, thumb-1920-451202.png)

Did anyone watch Vivy this year?

No. 176337

It was a retard moment. I don't remember why she dropped him (the difference in social status?) but it was so dumb and I'm not buying it. The guy was the whole package:
>imaginative, inventive
>princely in behavior
You find someone like this, you hold on and don't let go. What the fuck Retsuko

No. 176340

He didn’t believe in marriage and was on some space commie shit that she thought was too grandiose for her because she wanted a mundane life.

No. 176360

Nah, was it good?

No. 176361

Also she didn't like the attention it got her. Very stupid nonetheless, but eh

No. 176390

>Idk, maybe it's just me.
No it's a pretty unsubtle anime
>does anime as a whole really just get cringier each decade?
In a sense yes, since as you consume more and more media you get more discerning about it and become able to identify flaws in works you would have enjoyed without reserve before

No. 176393

File: 1640889865276.jpeg (113.24 KB, 1080x561, 65F0AFC7-AFDA-4654-82BC-0D6AA9…)

You’re meant to cringe at NHK. It’s what they’re going for.

What do you like? We’ll give you recs.

Anyway, I rewatched ACCA. Since it came out, I’ve been waiting in a corner of my mind until I’ve forgotten enough of it to enjoy it again, and yeah it’s still great.

No. 176397

Empire of Corpses was shit

No. 176398

I love how the ending of this season was just Retsuko and Haida talking about how awesome donkeybro is. No shit, you lost out on the perfect man because you wanted to birth some screaming spawn, just donate to poor third worlders if you need to feel superior and spend the rest of your day travelling the world and chilling with your rich babe bf. Retsuko stay losing I can't be on her side anymore

No. 176402

Ya and then she becomes an idol lmao who is writing this

No. 176404

>good slice of life shows
There's a bit of the supernatural in some of these but try Monthly Girl's Nozaki-kun, Kageki Shoujo, Fruits Basket, Kamisama Hajimemashita, Yuri on Ice and Yuru Camp. I also recommend the newer (2005) Glass no Kamen. It's primarily considered a shoujo but the romance and unecessary drama are minimal, you mainly see Maya's day-to-day struggles about becoming a better actress and fulfilling her teacher's legacy.

No. 176410

They’re still hanging out and flirting two seasons after they broke up and her only major love interest since him is Haidumb. Retsuko stays losing.

No. 176419

If I cared about the show, I would hope they get together eventually. Haida sucks, but I feel like he will be endgame because of scrote trope (an unworthy dude wins the girl's heart in the end)
Didn't see this season yet but who asked for this? That's stupid as fuck

No. 176420

File: 1640898841194.png (192.77 KB, 1024x418, Winston_Rowntree_-_Sitcom_Flan…)

>wasn't bad and I expect it to only get better. I guess the original Gundam and LoGH (the only two anime series I've watched this year, so far) spoiled me and ruined my ability to enjoy more modern anime due to those tropes being largely absent or not that obnoxious in older stuff, from what I've seen.
I watched a bit of Ideon and even though it wasn't 100% my thing, I enjoyed how the characters acted like people, not anime characters. Picrel makes me think of why anime gets worse each decade. The stories and characters are based on anime clichés instead of some approximation of reality. Visual novels and manga are sometimes faring better in that regard, probably cause they can be niche and not a mass product for as many coomer regards as possible

No. 176423

Tbf, she only became an idol because she’s irresponsible with money and got forced into it.

I’d rather have her stay single and get her shit together rather than stay with Haidumb or go back to donkeybro. She has nothing to offer as a partner, and I wish the show was more blunt with that fact.

No. 176425

>She has nothing to offer as a partner
Kek I'm glad someone said it. I don't hate Retsuko but I also think a lot of fans coddle her as an uwu owo smolbean who can do no wrong. She apparently has millions of followers on YT and could 100% be self sufficient and just leave the damn company at this point, but instead she continues to be an OL and settle for Haida's gross ass despite zero chemistry? She's the only one hampering herself at this point

No. 176504

>You're meant to cringe at NHK
No, no, I mean specifically things like the ED and the way the main girl looks like a kid compared to MC, etc. Is that intentional too?

Kek I feel that pic represents the decline of anime pretty well.
Obviously not all anime is like this, but the industry is definitely oversaturated and so more cheap, generic, pandering garbage than quality stuff is made and this only gets worse with time. But it makes sense, since anime is more often just an advertisement instead of an artistic work.
OK I definitely need to watch this

No. 176517

I really liked it. It's about the world's first autonomous AI who is a songstress/idol trying to work her way to the main stage of the park she performs in. Someone comes from a future where AI has eradicated humanity and needs Vivy to help change things. It's original, only 13 episodes. The action is good and I really love the music too. The series was a lot different than I was expecting.

No. 176521

File: 1640944735198.jpg (142.02 KB, 1920x1080, 1598969559545d6188eb073d0d8fae…)

I recently watched Made in Abyss series and the sequel movie. I loved it so much. From what I had read about the show before, I thought it would have been basically torture porn or something. But I was pleasantly surprised it only had a few nasty scenes. Nanachi is the fluffiest bunny.

No. 176564

You're cringing because Satou is cringey.

No. 176567

>why anime gets worse each decade
>so more cheap, generic, pandering garbage than quality stuff is made and this only gets worse with time.
I'd argue it only gets better with time. The quality of basic animation keeps rising (for instance something as ugly as the first gundam couldn't be released today) and the pandering garbage is at more or less the same levels, it's just that everybody forgot about all the really bad anime that was released 40 years ago. Evangelion was already a critique of the same otaku culture that encouraged the creation of garbage shows, and it was released in 1995

It'd be like arguing that the music industry gets worse with time

No. 176573

File: 1640972202733.jpg (Spoiler Image,45.11 KB, 800x470, Some_image.width-800.bbe274e[1…)

does this remind you of anyone

No. 176575

>Evangelion was already a critique of the same otaku culture that encouraged the creation of garbage shows, and it was released in 1995
Speaking as an Eva fan, how much was it really? Aka: how successful that attempt was?
If you watched ecchi from 90's or early 00's, I guarantee you they would be less degenerate than borderline hentais coming out nowadays. The animation gets better, but anime gets more and more tropey. Wish I had enough time to watch top 10 anime (or even top 3) from every year starting from 70's.

No. 176576

I just want to know what’s at the bottom… I’m invested now. Better be an ancient civilization. I like the world building of this anime a lot.

No. 176581

File: 1640975516861.jpg (Spoiler Image,44.7 KB, 333x499, 517e0zUjsKL._SX331_BO1,204,203…)

I'd say the tropes change. Tentacle porn was all the rage in the 80s but it's not even referenced now, purely fantasy anime got replaced by isekai and running with bread in your mouth because you're late doesn't even get parodied that much.

>they would be less degenerate than borderline hentais coming out nowadays

I think it'd be hard to argue in favor of one side or the other without nickpicking. Picrel was seen as normal in the 80s, but it wouldn't be hard to find even worse examples nowadays

I'm pretty sure there was worse stuff in the past (no reason not to really) but it's hard to check as most of the trash either never ever got translated or got rightfully forgotten some years after it got released… as did the truly awful stuff of about ten years ago (except the eternal boku no pico)

No. 176623

If the original gundam came out today it would be groundbreaking.

No. 176705

Honestly, in comparison Dirty Pair seems very okay. I haven't seen it, but AFAIK it's an action series about "bodacious babes" in steel bikinis on a various explosive missions that they ruin. Of course it's not feminist or even for women, but it seems harmless. At least the heroines look like adults lol
The point is that mainstream 90's-00's ecchi TV series seem chaste in comparison to new-ish ones. The more hardcore stuff was left for OAVs. Meanwhile shit like Yosuga No Sora (probably not even the worst example) was aired on television. I have googled stuff like lists of borderline hentais, anime with sex scenes and ~lewdest~ ecchis and most of them are from 2010s… I assume streaming may factor it a bit, but I doubt it. I've been a huge weeb in 00's and I noticed coomer shit getting worse and worse with every year.
Only kinda related, but I remember bonding with another anon here over our enjoyment of Video Girl Ai (mostly manga, as anime is only a short OAV that doesn't finish shit). There were occasional panty shots, suggestive clothes or poses. Sex was part of the narrative and not just thrown in for maximum cooms. By which I mean that it was treated maturely, just as relationship drama between the characters. The characters were likable and seemed more like teenagers than anime clichés. I remember a heroine's (near?) sexual assault being treated extremely respectfully with a focus on how it affects her mentally The realistic designs also would be out of place in the current moe market… If a harem series like that was published nowadays, I would read the hell out of it even if it's for scrotes. The closest example I can think of is White Album 2 (a visual novel with an unfinished anime).

No. 176746

File: 1641058835807.gif (79.29 KB, 500x500, C1FBE264-70EB-45C1-B5E9-364759…)

I watched Re:Cutie Honey and despite the huge amount of fanservice, I found it really cute and enjoyable. I am usually bothered by fanservice, but it was so exaggerated I found a hard time thinking about it as actual sexualization.

No. 176824

I can't believe in 2021 people are still playing Boku no Pico jokes.

No. 176825

Samefag but shit it's 2022 oh fuck

No. 176834

I don't know if it genuinely got better or if I'm just starting to accept it for what it is, but I'm actually enjoying the second season of Yashahime. I especially looked forward to Moroha meeting Inuyasha and Kagome, so I'm sad episode 13 ended the way it did lol. But I'm glad either way, since it seems like finally her arc has started.

No. 176883

What is wrong with youuu

No. 176891

File: 1641147964033.png (35.68 KB, 1464x713, j1Yb5Jf[1].png)

It's high tide right now

No. 176985

Nonnas help I want to get back into chihayafuru but not sure if I should just watch the anime or read the manga, I don’t have the time for both and just wanted to check if anyone knows what would be a good option (I liked both so I can’t really pick)

No. 177043

More recommendations. This was great. Even my boyfriend loved it and he's not huge on anime.

No. 177156

For as mostly forgettable as it was, Witch Hunter Robin had a killer soundtrack. Neat character designs as well.

No. 177157

File: 1641310280638.jpg (314.17 KB, 730x1000, okome2.jpg)

I'm glad that you liked it! You could maybe try to watch some other works by Masaaki Yuasa. Also every person I know who liked eizouken also loved mob psycho 100 for some reasons(even if the show are quite different on paper, they both have great characters and creativity in the animation) so maybe you could try that too ?

No. 177159

Yeah it was so weird wasn’t it? Strange but fascinating design, convoluted story, all in all one of those shows you forget but are reminded of at the weirdest times.

No. 177197

File: 1641329667717.jpeg (48.66 KB, 852x480, 3BD9868A-0D0B-42E0-8D5E-12026F…)

I didn’t realize it until I saw your comment but there is a huge overlap, I think the great plot characters and colours make both animes work so well and also the art styles and not being creepy. Nonna i Rec Odd Taxi as well, hands down AOTY for 2021 for me!

No. 177211

Can anyone recommend me any anime/manga with a well written and cute mother-daughter relationship?

No. 177218

This is an old post but I took a look at this guide and it ranks Gundam Wing poorly, which confirms for me a scrote wrote it. Gundam Wing is a series made for girls, it has a billion hot anime guys and really strong female characters. The plot is nonsensical but so is most of gundam anyway.

No. 177220

File: 1641338458327.jpg (137.36 KB, 615x640, 411189.jpg)

I forgot my picrel. Anyway, go watch it, it's my favorite out of all the gundams I've seen so far, including the original UC stuff (I just can't give a shit about Amaro, kek)

No. 177225

Chihayafuru is just the "Please pity Taichi-show" and it's infuriating because the other aspects to the series are actually interesting

No. 177226

damn really, I honestly just want to check it out again to see how my Queen Shinobu is doing, but the main 3 tbh aren't really what I'm into

No. 177228

File: 1641340505559.png (1.95 MB, 1920x1080, vm1t6xT.png)

Sora Yori mo Tooi Basho/A Place Further than the Universe, amazing anime with amazing well developed female characters, what drives the plot is a young girl saving money to go to Antartica after her mom went missing on an expedition there a few years back. There's a mix of different mom/daughter relationships in it. The ending will wreck you btw but it's so beautiful, one of my top 5 animes of all time

No. 177297

Many years ago, Gundam used to be shown on local TV. How do you feel about Relena? I remember everyone hating on her for some reason (some of it was fujos mad about her ruining ther ships, but not all).

No. 177319

It gets very bad in the manga, to the point I had to stop reading because it makes me very uncomfortable. I still am curious about how it will develop to the end but honestly I want to just create my own non sexualized version of the story now.
Actual dialogue from the manga:
>Your butt smells like potatoes!!

No. 177330

Can I watch it if I’ve never watched gundam?

No. 177331

The only one I can think of is Michiko to Hatchin… I watched it when i was young and remember the art being cool, the story not so much
Maybe also Avenger, but its not everyones cup of tea

No. 177343

>>177297 here, based on the fact it was many people's first anime (not to mention first Gundam), I would say yes lol

No. 177367

Check the author's name

No. 177387

All this Gundam talk is making me look forward to when I eventually get around to it in my backlog

No. 177447

File: 1641431094796.png (258.79 KB, 1024x768, 1444709300166.png)


I can't remember much of what I watched, but logh's history/politics seemed to be just "muh ideology is better than your ideology".

And I wasn't the one who called it scrotey, retard. In fact I was arguing just the opposite.

No. 177471

File: 1641443279640.jpg (225.74 KB, 981x1816, 1633556339321.jpg)

Definitely gonna watch this one. Thanks a lot.
If you have the time, could you please write a short Gundam guide/ranking for us? Cuz suddenly I don't trust that guide so much kek

For me it was definitely worth it, and I'm glad I watched it instead of any of the "critically acclaimed" modern coomer garbage in my backlog.

>"muh ideology is better than your ideology"
Yeah, so? That's a very simplified and mocking way to put it, but yes, in essence that's what it is about, a failed republican democracy vs. a benevolent autocratic monarchy, and how history progresses from that.
I don't see what's so bad about it.
>And I wasn't the one who called it scrotey, retard. In fact I was arguing just the opposite.
I did not directly quote that anon (I forgot and realized it too late) but I was referencing her posts too as I wrote my post after reading you guys' argument. Sorry
Chill out, I never called you names.

No. 177475

File: 1641448686971.jpeg (26.78 KB, 500x492, 937D167E-A30C-43CF-ADEC-5B308B…)

Just got to the halfway point of Your Name

No. 177488

why would you watch that troony shit?

No. 177489

>baby's first anime movie
Don't worry everything's going to be alright.

No. 177509

Oh, boy. I can’t wait to see your reaction when you watch something that’s actually good.

No. 177527

Your picture doesn't display strategy but tactics, and its author clearly had troubles composing complex sentences. I think both them and you are out of your depth on this matter

No. 177593

File: 1641492760340.jpg (160.3 KB, 852x1200, LoGH_Die_Neue_These.jpg)

Should I watch this shit or nah? This promo art is so horrible I can't stand looking at nu-Yang's face, but in the few screenshots I've seen, the art kinda looks neat in ways the original doesn't ngl
I know it's inferior and almost no one talks about or even acknowledges it, but I'm curious ever since I saw that /a/ thread when it was announced.

When I saw it with my mom and sister at the cinema, I had to force myself to tear up because it wasn't even good at pulling at your heartstrings in the way Disney garbage does. It was the first, and so far only anime movie I ever saw in theaters and I regret it, I was so excited to go see an anime film with my family for the first time, but it was such a disappointment.
Perfect Blue I watched at home and was way better. Didn't make me cry or anything obviously, but it was really good imo. I've never watched a Miyazaki film, for some reason I've never really been that interested even though they're probably pretty good.

This. It's also obvious as fuck that it (the pic) is supposed to be a joke, and iirc that never even happens in the anime. It almost feels like the person who posted it didn't actually watch it and got her opinion from memes.

No. 177627

because it's so good or because it's so bad?

No. 177631

Why is Your Name so popular? The characters are painfully bland, the story is boring, the animation is of course pretty good but A Silent Voice is much better. Whether you like it or not, I always thought it was the far superior popular modern anime movie.

No. 177632

I couldn't finish this film kek

No. 177648

Fuck Makoto Shinkai and his cheap melodrama. He is on the level of Key when it comes to plot. People only like it because muh tears plus Shinkai is a great animator AFAIR

No. 177655

People cried watching Your Name?

No. 177658

Plenty of them, just look up pleddit thread or reviews

No. 177697

Almost done with Eva but I can’t believe Kaworu is so relevant to this day for someone who was introduced and died in the same episode. Don’t get me wrong though, I really enjoyed him too during the episode.

No. 177702

Well, I imagine some of his relevance comes from the movies, too. Which, afaik, are a different continuity, or separate from the TV series in some way.

No. 177720

NTA but he was already a big shot before the movies, that's why they've teased him in the first one and gave him the third one. I think most of his longevity comes from the fujo factor plus NGE being relevant until now. I've read the exact same comment about him in the year 2002, and that was way before Rebuilds.

No. 177756

The same thing happened with Boba Fett, people latch onto this kind of characters because they have cool designs but they are very intriguing because so little of them was shown, so fans want to know more about them.

I saw Your Name when it was released in my country, and while I enjoyed it in the moment (mostly because I saw it with a friend and I probably appreciated the quality time more than the movie itself), when I reflected on it I realized the plot and the characters were pretty basic, the animation was nice but nothing spectacular and there was a glaring plot hole that only a few people noticed. I really couldn't get why people were making such a fuss, even veteran anime fans called it amazing. I guess a lot of normies saw it, it was their introduction to the media and thus they thought it was revolutionary (same with Demon Slayer). I didn't watch A Silent Voice, I hate the manga on a visceral level and I can't stand KyoAni's mushy uwu style, so I can't say if it's any better.

No. 177771

File: 1641547932339.jpg (107.71 KB, 1280x720, 4832094732.jpg)

Been watching Kuragehime… seems to get a lot of praise around here but personally I've been a bit disappointed. The NEET enclave is obviously fun but it's been lame that the focus isn't really on the girls and their relationships but more about the stupid love triangle between Tsukimi and two shitty men. The young guy is a former slut transvestite who is constantly warring with himself about how it's pathetic to have a crush on a girl who likes jellyfish. Just fuck off then? Like wow bro, how shameful you find a pretty, sweet, only vaguely quirky girl attractive. Poor you. And the older brother is like 15+ years older than her and only likes her when she's dolled up. I hope both of them die but I'm not hopeful since the show seems to have increasingly been pushing the tranny.

No. 177788

I felt like that about it too, the girls were super fun, but I just couldn't keep on reading when 80% of the time it was about ugly old scrote drama

No. 177814


Nayrt but what plot hole? I watched Your Name a few years ago and remember quite enjoying it, I didn't think there were glaring plot holes at all except if you're the kind of person that needs everything to be explained in their media.

No. 177816

I never watched eva, but was fully prepared to love him. And now I find out that? lmao So far I never managed to give a single fuck about mayfly characters

No. 177828

he has more screentime in manga, but Sadamoto's interpretation is a bit different

No. 177838

The fact that they never realized they were bodyswapping with a three year interval, I refuse to believe teenagers in a social media world would not see that the trends, news, medias… would be completely different. Hell the boy worked at a restaurant, the full date is written on the receipts. To me this is a giant plot hole.

No. 177840

I remember the manga as being much better

No. 177842

I can't believe fujos sat through 20+ episodes of scroteshit just to get cucked after 1 pandering episode

No. 177848

t. never watched Eva

No. 177851

The original drafts were much more gay, buy they sadly got toned down. I disagree with your opinion about NGE and I'm gonna leave it at that. If you watch it ONLY for BL, you are kinda retarded and deserve the disappointment – if not for that, then for not doing your research
Anyway, was fujobait even a thing in early 90s? Kinda doubt that was the intent since Kaworu is in 3rd episode from the end.

No. 177888

You fool. I looked up on Wikipedia in which episode he appears, watched it and never touched eva again.

No. 177969

File: 1641645519640.jpg (557.18 KB, 814x1384, police in a pod.jpg)

Police in a Pod had a strong first episode, the mcs have a funny dynamic. Also, I think it's cool that it's based on the author's personal experiences as a female police officer for 10 years. Japan continues to shock me with it's sexism and overwork culture
>her replacement DIED of overwork
>would avoid drinking water because female police officers couldn't pee on duty

No. 177983

i watched eva because people said it's a cult classic or whatever and i didn't know kawoshin is a thing so imagine my surprise when i saw those gay scenes with shinji blushing. it almost took me out cause that was the last thing i expected to see in what appeared to be a very scrotey anime and to this day i still see moid coping about how it was 100% platonic. just weird

No. 178062

This new opening is actually quite pretty.

No. 178072

File: 1641680217726.jpg (24.72 KB, 400x300, tumblr_lr64fuqDz51qfk66bo1_400…)

ayrt, sorry for coming back to this post late! I actually really like Relena, she starts out as a massive sheltered pick-me and becomes a complete badass by the end of the series.

I think hate for her stems from fandom stuff, if I'm honest. GW had a gigantic and absolutely cancerous fandom, the kind that got so large that most people in it didn't watch or completely ignored the source material. It also didn't help that the series spawned a million retcon mangas, a sequel movie (Endless Waltz) to sell model kits, and so on.

If you just stick strictly to the anime, and ignore the hundreds of spinoff mangas, sequels, etc. then it's really a great show, and characters like Relena are pretty interesting. I think my favorite women in the series are Sally and Noin, but I also love Dorothy for being an unhinged BPD nightmare.

Aw, thank you nonna… I'll try when I come back in a few days. I haven't seen all the gundam series in these lists, but I've seen quite a few and could at least give a scrote ranking kek

No. 178106

File: 1641687710150.jpg (101.7 KB, 828x622, ElitirBXIAAGaS3.jpg)

Kawoshin 100% wasnt platonic, I mean there is a reason why he is a romance option in NGE games. As mentioned, originally the scripts were more clear about the night they spent together. Sure it didn't happen in the end, but the direction didn't change. Also Shinji gets an orgasm face when Giant Naked Kaworu shows up to smile at him in EoE. Moids cope, seethe and dilate. Asuka will not fuck you

No. 178139

none of it matters since it was all retconned by anno himself but fujos will stay coping lel

No. 178158

>retconned by Anno
You mean the Rebuilds? Lmao, those aren't canon and were only made to make more money or whatever. The original TV series plus some bonus scenes are the primary (or only?) canon source. The movies and manga and everything else are like different AUs.
Not even a fujo but I at least acknowledge that Shinji did have gay feelings for Kaworu in that one episode. It's not fujo baiting, it's true, get over it already. Of course that doesn't mean that KawoShin is the OTP or that it was destined to happen, but there were indeed feelings between them.

No. 178196

in the last movie shinji ended with the worst girl so i'll pretend it's not canon

No. 178200

Have you watched it? Its an alternate continuity, it doesn't affect the original TV series and EoE. I guess it also "debunked" asushin but it doesnt stop anyone from shipping them in either universe.
I'm not even a fujo or kawoshin, I like that scrotes are seething that women have their gay ship instead of joining scrotes in fighting the waifu wars.
There are some secondary tier canon information (IE the Classified files in NGE2), but tv series and EoE is the one that matters. Everything else is considered as much as it doesn't collide with the show information
It is canon only to the Rebuild universe (someone people argue that the ending isn't romantic, but that's some cope in my eyes and media illiteracy)

No. 178373

Is it me or does it seem like all popular hyped animes are pretty old… even young zoomers are pretty much hyping up shit that came out 9 years ago never something that is ongoing right now

No. 178406

>Is it me
Yes. JJK, BNHA, SNK, KNY and other current shounenshit series are very popular.

No. 178407

It really depends on what anime communities you browse online.

No. 178427

I think there aren't as many hit series as there used to be in the past

No. 178430

File: 1641769126111.jpg (596.17 KB, 1920x1080, 20220109_145829.jpg)

I'm really enjoying this show so far. Not gonna lie though Bojji's voice is so annoying to me but even so I hope he succeeds and yeah, the OP is lovely. The shot of Hiling and Bojji nearly made me want to cry.

No. 178483

I don't think I'm going to watch the new season but I wanted to check out the OP lol I hate that I love it

No. 178496

Anime onlies are going to be crushed, unless the ending is changed (unlikely) or they go full denial mode and say it's still the greatest anime of all time.

No. 178938

Nonnies i need a slice of life anime to watch while drawing. Kinda like Kuragehime light and sweet. My brain is too fried to watch deep complex shit

No. 178951

I wonder if it's because we don't have as many 300+ episodes spanning series anymore, so no more sunken cost fallacy.

No. 178979

is there any good anime on netflix? erased?

No. 178988

You’re a tough customer because you don’t specify any theme that you like and the fact you’re not gonna pay attention deters me from giving you the ones i really like
Anyway, how about ao no period, hanasaku iroha or hozuki no reitetsu

No. 178990

File: 1642019357995.jpeg (207.03 KB, 640x960, F5BF6E39-7BFF-42B4-B318-DF0DB1…)

I’ll rec this till I die.

No. 178992

Despite the subhuman fanbase, non non biyori is prime time comfy

No. 178994

File: 1642019622765.jpg (1.96 MB, 4073x5934, Barakamon.full.1824536.jpg)

Barakamon, it's so cute and fun. Might make you want to retire to an island to practice your art. I might rewatch now that I think about it.

No. 178997

>still makes scrotes froth at the mouth in anger to this very day that the character they self-inserted as had a big fat crush on gay angel boy and cared more about him than their preferred waifu
Late but Eva is great for this alone, tbh. Also Kawoshin is a cute ship.

No. 179000

The OP and ED are incredible. I love this show, I really hope it doesn't go downhill/introduce anything gross down the line. Kage best boy
Most new shows are pretty lackluster tbh, the only one I can think of that's gotten a huge fanbase is JJK. It probably doesn't help that most of the big shounen series that are ending soon/have ended like BNHA and SNK have been eating up all the attention for the past decade.
>someone people argue that the ending isn't romantic, but that's some cope in my eyes and media illiteracy
One of the directors said it wasn't supposed to be romantic iirc, it's not really a cope imo. sage for kind of OT

No. 179008

main guy was cute too

No. 179012

File: 1642024562960.jpg (383.82 KB, 1200x1751, Handa.Seishuu.full.1829293.jpg)

Very cute, Handa-kun is also worth a watch

No. 179044

Fruits Basket is painfully unfunny.

No. 179054

File: 1642039447721.jpeg (58.86 KB, 500x361, 00B2B03F-2AFE-4653-9A22-101708…)

child me abhorred scar; adult me is a scar apologist

No. 179057

Ok, it's great that scrotes are absolutely seething about KawoShin, but let's not go full retard in the other direction. In the end, Shinji considers Asuka and Rei his friends, and also wants Asuka sexually. Kaworu (a literal angel, unlike the other characters who are regular, flawed people) simply offered Shinji (a confused and frustrated teen) unconditional love, something that he always desired but never got, and that is what made Shinji so attached to Kaworu as soon as they met. But even after that, he still lusts after Asuka. It's not "either/or", it's both.

No. 179063

>and also wants Asuka sexually
>he still lusts after Asuka
He tries to kiss her when she's asleep and later jerks off to her comatose body, that's no exactly some great sign of affection. He also tries to kill her twice, in a particularly painful and hateful way, and by the end of EoE they mutually hate one another. He sees Kaworu during instrumentality because he cares about him most, just like how everyone else sees the person they love the most. Saying he cares more about Kaworu than Rei/Asuka isn't going full retard, it's just actually watching the show, kek

No. 179066

By the time he sees Kaworu in EoE he is fucking terrified of Rei thanks to Ritsuko's little show-off. I think he gets over it as Rei guides him through the instrumentality, but it is what it is at the beginning of the movie. Which starts with his failed suicide attempt (really unclear, but apparently that's what the shot of Shinji's wet head is supposed to imply) because he killed Kaworu. Worth noting Shinji didn't say that he loves either Rei or Asuka, it's just Kaworu.
I think he had some confused crush on Asuka (and boy, was his early crush/interest in Rei poorly informed lol), but the attraction was almost entirely physical. Maybe he also liked Asuka because she seemed like a good bangmommy thanks to her fiery personality keeping him in check. It seemed very selfish with little regard for Asuka's needs (see the kitchen scene). It doesn't even matter though, Kawoshin is the closest ship to canon with both sides genuinely loving each other.
>by the end of EoE they mutually hate one another
I've read that by choking Asuka again Shinji is "confirmed that he is back in reality". Seriously what the fuck though. He may not be entirely sane then, but it's really telling that this is his first reaction to Asuke even after undergoing instrumentality. I also think that it was claimed that Asuka touching his cheek then is supposed to imply some greater understanding/empathy thanks to the great unification? Big lol at how much it fits sex patterns.
The one person that went full shipper retard was Asuka's amerifat voice actor Tiffany Grant, who at one point claimed that "Kimochi warui"/"I feel sick" is supposed to imply a morning sickness and upcoming Shinji baby kek

No. 179097

Imo I kinda interpreted Shinji calming down when he sees Kaworu as just him being immensely relieved because he had felt so guilty about killing Kaworu, so when he sees Kaworu "alive(?)" he doesn't even think about "WTF IS HAPPENING" anymore cuz it means he is finally released of that guilt.
Doesn't negate him liking Kaworu, I just don't really agree when people use that scene as "definitive proof" of it.

No. 179101

File: 1642081441947.gif (984.76 KB, 245x200, tumblr_mrciv90tKX1szbog8o6_r1_…)

He pretty much has a blissful orgasm face after first joyful shock. That's not a face you make JUST when you see a supposedly dead person come alive and you are relieved. Plus everyone saw the one person they loved the most before they died (usually romantically).

No. 179107

File: 1642082905025.png (1.74 MB, 1920x1080, lt1wfa0.png)

Not sure how similar it is to Kuragehime but I will rec this shit till I die. Yurucamp has been my top SOL since it came out and I reread and rewatch it on a near constant basis. Just highschool girls who go out camping together, sometimes with their alcoholic teacher.

No. 179108

NTA but man Hanasaku Iroha is so good… I watched it right after finishing Shin Sekai Yori so it was felt so good watch something nice and calming instead of something that truly made me feel stressed and dreadful about what was to come. It's been years since I watched it but I always think so fondly of it because of this lol. I can't remember much and I'm probably due for a rewatch but all I remember is really loving and enjoying Ohana's growth. I'm sad not many other people seem to know about it, and I can't even convince my best friend who also loves SOL to watch it with me.

No. 179114

I remember watching it when it was coming out, and dropping it halfway. I honestly don't know why. I might pick it up again

No. 179121

Honestly, I didn't remember the scene exactly, you're right. I guess I just have more tendency for interpreting things platonically (I'm very daft with romantic/feely stuff)

This might also be because I only watched the series once (and watching my country's dub might also have affected it) but the fact Kaworu had only one episode made me have a bit harder time "feeling"/understanding their relationship
Do you have any interpretation why Kaworu didn't appear in the last scene of the series? I found it a bit weird that Shinji was supposed to like Kaworu so much, but Kaworu didn't appear in the last two episodes at all IIRC. Even Aoba appeared in the last scene.

No. 179139

File: 1642095021991.gif (1.67 MB, 569x250, ConventionalIdenticalBumblebee…)

Ive been wondering about this forever. I've seen someone say that's cause only humans are there, even insignificant ones. But Rei is part Lilith. How much of Adam is Kaworu? I think it could be explained by Kaworu not being part of that instrumentality because he died too early. But then I'm wondering how he was present in the "I am the words I love you and I am the hope that one day people understand each other" scene (fun fact: apparently it was mistranslated in English by smashing the words of Rei and Kaworu together with "We"). Then I remembered Shinji asks picrel earlier, so maybe he isn't interacting with a real Kaworu but a vision of him? What's with Rei then? Is Kaworu somehow part of the instrumentality and merged with Giant Naked Rei? My head hurts.

No. 179158

Kaworu's severed head was in the LCL pool Rei-Lilith was growing out of and she absorbed the Adam embryo that Gendo had on his hand, so I think it's supposed to be the real him. They're both partically human vessels for the souls of the Seeds of Life, so that's probably why he gets to remain as an individual(more or less) during instrumentality; he comes from Adam, not Lilith, so she can't absorb his soul in the LCL puddle because of their inherent incompatibility.

No. 179201

Speaking of, did anyone else still love FB rewatching it at an older age? I did but I see some people changed their mind. It made me tear up a lot, especially the story surrounding Yuki.

No. 179206

Thank you anon, I was never that good about the sci-fi/metaphysical side of NGE. I appreciate it, but focus on the psychological side of things so it's good to hear someone else fill in the holes in my understanding. Totally forgot that Kaworu's head dropped into Terminal Dogma, even though it was specifically shown. I guess I focused more on the 'well he's dead' side and missed the implications for Human Instrumentality Project.

No. 179210

No anon, you're not allowed to be logical about character relationships. It's my headcanon that I ruminated over for years or nothing!

No. 179212

File: 1642111964947.png (201.77 KB, 500x748, tumblr_o0jou00iR41v3h8clo1_500…)

Wouldn't exactly say OP is more logical. I agree with her point that Kaworu's love was just not meant to last as it was to idealistic. Just like Asuka was the reality to Rei's dream (or however you wanna call it, don't want to look up the quote)
>It's my headcanon that I ruminated over for years or nothing!
Picrel. Imagine if scrotes had this quote about Asuka or Rei. Whatever girl would have it, would be considered canon. I don't even ship anything in NGE, but Kawoshin is the closest to being canon.

No. 179213

I thought the first anime was kinda shit but I loved the manga back in middle school as it was still being released. I haven't read it again because I know the story and rereading it would feel a bit repetitive I guess but I thought the first half was actually pretty funny, while the second half's few comedic scenes were… they were there I guess. Then I read Twinkle Stars, which was published right after FB and I found it painfully unfunny, I'm wondering if I would even enjoy rereading FB after that. FB Another was kinda shit and completely unecessary, I couldn't even get past the first volume of Liselotte. I found the manga Natsuki Takaya did right before FB way funnier than her recent series. And we really need to talk about it, ever since she had to get surgery for her left hand or wrist her art became complete shit. I mean it. She ha a good excuse for it but it's still disappointing, I feel bad for her. I was too lazy to watch the new anime so I won't talk about it.

No. 179224

>Imagine if scrotes had this quote about Asuka or Rei.
Not a fair comparison since they both spend extended time around Shinji and have supplemental scenes. A scrote equivalent would be a new female character/angel, and it still wouldn't be considered canon by the majority of viewers. Only by retarded scrotes thinking with their dick just like Kawoshin shippers' equivalent.
This post >>179057 literally spells out why and how Kawoshin's relationship is the way it is.

No. 179239

But it's not my headcanon, it's just literally what happens in the show and is explicitly stated. I'm sorry you felt so personally attacked by my comment, kek

No. 179244

File: 1642124429996.jpeg (36.73 KB, 326x406, FC350B8F-D85D-489C-8428-F078E2…)

i don’t care about any pairings involving shinji because he is a misogynist who sexually harasses and chokes women

No. 179250

dare i say based

No. 179251

This, everybody knows that Kensuke is best boy

No. 179253

>Not a fair comparison since they both spend extended time around Shinji and have supplemental scenes
I call bullshit. If anything, other characters having more screen time is all the more reason for Shinji to end up confessing to one of them (probably Asuka), and yet it never happens. He only wants to selfishly use her to fill the emotional and sexual void in himself. Which makes for a nice contrast to Kaworu. Whom Shinji loved. That is canon, just like Kaworu loving him first and Shinji feeling physical attraction to Asuka while not understand ING her at all.
>Only by retarded scrotes thinking with their dick just like Kawoshin shippers' equivalent.
Lmfao watch the show again. I don't ship the cast, but I know what happened in the anime. It would be delusional to say that Shinji was gay for Kaworu in sadamotoverse, not the TV series.
wasn't he selling creepshots of Asuka or was it only in the manga?

No. 179258

>wasn't he selling creepshots of Asuka or was it only in the manga?
Damn, you're right. I take back what I said

No. 179269

No. 179313

should i watch banana fish?

No. 179331

Just read the manga. It's dated but pretty good.

No. 179403

i’ve had so much trouble finding the manga. i ordered volumes 1-4, 10 and 19 and the rest were out of stock in my country so i was going to give up and watch the anime. now i’m wondering if there’s scans of the manga online even though i hate reading it that way

No. 179405

The manga is on nyaa, you can torrent them entire series it or use the mega links to download each volume.

No. 179454

God My Dress Up Darling is so cringe but everybody is creaming their pants over it. Tehe loser boy I'm going to undress in front of you and act like a giddy brainlet over you sewing me a dress because you can make doll clothes uwaa~

No. 179544

Do you have any recs for funny anime about girls just being plain stupid? Think Azumanga Daiou, Binbougami ga!, Lucky Star, Minami-ke and the like.

No. 179546

File: 1642296272711.jpg (167.97 KB, 426x600, 119795l.jpg)

Now it turns out that scrotes are appropriating otome for coomershit
>Office worker Leon is reincarnated into a particularly punishing dating sim [actually otome, this was badly translated for normies] video game, where women reign supreme and only beautiful men have a seat at the table. But Leon has a secret weapon: he remembers everything from his past life, which includes a complete playthrough of the very game in which he is now trapped. Watch Leon spark a revolution to change this new world in order to fulfill his ultimate desire… of living a quiet, easy life in the countryside!
Where the fuck do these imbeciles get their idea of otome games from?

No. 179547

Nichijou for sure if you haven't already seen it. I also like Yuru Yuri, Yuyushiki, and Asobi Asobase.

No. 179549

Plastic Nee-san

No. 179552

The female lead is so pretty but as soon as I saw that dull moid self-insert I skipped on the show. It's a shame because I really like the girl kek but I know the retarded pandering will piss me off.

No. 179558

File: 1642298669147.png (68.77 KB, 1090x484, cant have one damn thing for o…)

I've been waiting for someone to complain about this too. The creator even said on twitter that he himself never played any otome games, so he got all his ideas from reincarnated-as-villaines stories on syosetu and literal gal-ges. translation by moi

No. 179564

Why did it have to be an otome game? Why not just a normal galge filled with sexy anime waifus?

Anyways, if this is an "otome" game, I expect there to be at least 5 handsome anime husbandos. And the female lead should be a dull, flat-chested brown haired girl. Maybe one genki lesbian best friend side character.

No. 179567

File: 1642303887627.jpg (96.76 KB, 424x600, 119897l.jpg)

tbh the male protag in this anime is cuter than most bland generic male self-inserts. This almost looks like a female-friendly rom-com, but it isn't, it's just slightly less blatantly coomerish than most "romance" anime for scrotes. This is as far as I could tell from watching the first episode.


Literally what is the point of making the setting an """otome""" game?? What the fuck is the appeal? It changes practically nothing about the plot (from what I've read about this). It almost looks like you could remove all the references to otome and it would be exactly the same shit, a generic fantasy isekai.
All the "otome villainess" isekai LNs aren't that accurate either, I can't recall even one otome game that had a "villainess" character done in the same way as in those LNs because it's so rare (sounds more like a shojo manga or soap opera thing to me). So this retard is twisting the concept of LNs that already twist the concept of otome games. It's like a game of telephone.
>can't I just, like, change the genders from a galge?
Wow, that would've been such a great idea if practically all the main characters weren't girls. Having such a disproportionate amount of female characters defeats the purpose of an otome game, doesn't it? This setting looks more like a galge kek. It literally doesn't matter what kind of game it is.

Nevertheless, I hope this anime gets a big periphery demographic of women who'll make lots of fanart and fanfiction about the guys, because I must admit their designs are decent and otoge-like.

Thanks for the translation btw, nona.

>Anyways, if this is an "otome" game, I expect there to be at least 5 handsome anime husbandos.
Yeah don't worry about that, after a quick skim through the wiki, it looks like there are several cute male characters in the LNs (the game's love interests), but of course they don't seem to be nearly as important as the girls or appear as often.

No. 179568

Yeah, "villainesses" aren't really a thing in otoge. It's fucking weird and makes me feel old to see all of these otome themed manhwas and webtoons try and parody a trope that really isnt even a thing. This anime looks retarded nonetheless

No. 179570

I have not seen picrel, but just the art gives me manic pixie dream girl vibes. Any "fun wacky conventionally attractive girl saves a boring shy boy from a life of dullness~" is an instant no from me.

No. 179572

Samefag but scrotes just can't write a wholesome love story without adding harem elements. I see the 2 other girls drifting around in the background. Let me guess, secondary and tertiary love interests, just in case the main girl isn't enough.

No. 179576

File: 1642305487303.png (1.99 MB, 1350x1920, Vol.6-07.png)

Meant to quote >>179558

Also here's one of the game's love interests (but I don't think he'll appear in the anime any time soon). You can tell that the LN illustrator had a hard time learning how to draw male characters decently, kek. This one is a delinquent-type character, which I guess is accurate.
There are other cute guys, but there are even more cute girls (who are better drawn).

Yes, I agree, so I'm not watching it lol. Only watched the first episode to make an informed opinion. Basically, the protagonist likes sewing but no one has ever complimented him for being good at it, until the main LI does. She's popular and doesn't let others shit on her likes and hobbies, unlike him.
>scrotes just can't write a wholesome love story without adding harem elements
It's sad that this ruins the majority of "romance" anime.
The other girls seem to be there for ecchi fanservice, idk.

>It's fucking weird and makes me feel old to see all of these otome themed manhwas and webtoons try and parody a trope that really isnt even a thing
this, lmao

No. 179584

File: 1642322797960.png (436.17 KB, 881x492, dressup-1.png)

I watched it and dropped it at on the first episode kek.
I would have liked it more if it was in uni, but that's probably because I'm an adult now and I'm tired of watching high schoolers. And the constant coomerism like pic related (not to mention the titty and ass shots) doesn't help, the worst thing is it was written by a woman.
I hate how 50% of the first episode was the MC constantly whining and feeling bad about himself when he has a pretty unique hobby, just because one girl in middle school told him it's lame.

No. 179588

I wish I could watch this anime again for the first time. I was in a good mood the whole week I "binged" it.

No. 179612

File: 1642332861331.png (1023.2 KB, 514x930, ANG_SNES_Cover.png)

>Where the fuck do these imbeciles get their idea of otome games from?
It's very simple. You know how isekai shit don't parody JRPGs as a whole but specifically Dragon Quest and its copycats? Otome shit don't parody the otome genre as a whole, it parodies Angelique specifically. One parody became successful, so people who don't know shit about otome games decided to ride the bandwagon and this is what we have now.

No. 179613

> I can't recall even one otome game that had a "villainess" character done in the same way as in those LNs because it's so rare
Samefagging to say that Angelique has a rival/villainess, so that's where it comes from. That's why I said otome parodies are just parodying Angelique because it's the first otome game, but they don't even know that because it's a trend ad there's a game of telephone.

No. 179616

I know komi is another of those bland self insert stories but i remember liking it when i read it a few years back, should i watch it

No. 179618

Ah, Angelique was the first time afair. I need to at least give it a shot to see how the genre started.

No. 179623

>balloon tits
>in an otoge
the absolute state

No. 179670

>that's probably because I'm an adult now and I'm tired of watching high schoolers
i feel this so much anon, i’m tired of school settings even tho thats your stereotypical 90% of anime. i will literally skip an acclaimed anime if its characters are a bunch of high schoolers. Not always tho, i won’t mind a fantasy with a teenager here and there

No. 179680

Ah so this is the rumored RWBY I’ve heard so much about

what the fuck is this

No. 179689

I see, thanks for clarifying that.
I should play Angelique already, but the fact that there's no translation patch intimidates me.

kek, exactly

No. 179720

Isn’t there at least 1 manga about a guy going into an Otome game? I don’t remember the name, but I’m sure as hell that in that one, the guy enters the world of an otome of his sister and he has to avoid getting the attention of the love interests. And the guys know that he’s a guy but they have to pretend they like him because he’s the player, and the rules are that they have to romance the guy wether they like it or not.
So the whole
>~woooo I’m so cool for reinventing this cool theme that nobody else has totally never thought about before~*
Is bullshit from him, but of course, everyone is probably sucking his dick, stupid.

No. 179743

idk all these villainess series and otome parodies look like they're unironically targeted at male weebs. an otome would be focused on the boys not the waifus. someone like bakarina is 100% pandered to incels, what's with all that yuri harem kek

No. 179747

File: 1642408180701.jpeg (384.9 KB, 1254x1800, DEDBE5F8-BF08-456F-AE6F-069DAE…)

>Zettai BL ni Naru Sekai vs. Zettai BL ni Naritakunai Otoko
Were you thinking of this one by any chance? It's not an otome game he's trapped in, but a BL manga.

No. 179748

File: 1642408358738.jpeg (973.27 KB, 2900x4096, mp100_III.jpeg)

I just want to say that I'm super excited and happy for Mob Psycho 100 season 3

No. 179749

I saw a bunch but they're genderbend (middle aged man woke up in the body of the villainess plot)

No. 179751

>Not always tho, i won’t mind a fantasy with a teenager here and there
Same anon, for example I really loved Sonny Boy. However in cases like dress up darling, it's really hard for me to suspend my disbelief enough to believe these are supposed to be 1st years in high school, while looking and acting like that. They could all be 25 and I'd believe it fully.

No. 179754

File: 1642411489565.jpeg (224.24 KB, 836x1200, 5674F410-ED00-414F-8915-B303FC…)

>the guy enters the world of an otome of his sister
Yes that’s the one we’re talking about.
I just reread the first chapter and it’s almost funny how much it’s dripping with incel hatred and this pathetic sense of "how DARE women want to date a hot man??" and "a matriarchal society can only be hell

No. 179770

is serial experiments lain a good anime or is it weird like nge?

No. 179777

weirder and more difficult to process than nge for sure

No. 179785

Oh noez poor men oppressed by women's romance games.
As if women wouldn't work too.

No. 179787

File: 1642426575416.jpeg (475.09 KB, 1242x1968, B96CBBC2-2A6A-4E61-B54F-F85C96…)

No, the setting was like a samurai kind of setting, I got them mixed with this one.

No. 179790

File: 1642427511022.jpeg (175 KB, 870x1236, 61875F99-C5D8-4E3E-9EFA-3083C5…)

Oh yeah i read that one it’s fun

No. 179799

OT but what a shitty translation in your pic. Sorry, I'm just bothered by bad translations.

Kek males are terrified of the idea of a matriarchal society. (Not only that but some even fetishize it to cope.) Does this dumbass think a society is matriarchal just because there's a queen regnant?
I don't know what Angelique is like but I'm pretty sure this doesn't sound anything like it. Also, as if there wasn't at least one DILF or even GILF as a love interest in a lot of otoge. Even in the original Angelique game, a bunch of guys were above 20 years old.
But enough of that, I think it's pretty clear that this dumbass author has no idea what he's talking about and there's not much to add.

It's interesting and confusing, to say the least. You gotta watch it a few times to understand it better. I wouldn't say it has the same themes as Evangelion though.

A lot of them look like shōjo (at least, last time I checked) but yeah, I think if this scrote wrote a light novel with this premise, there's probably already a bunch of villainess LNs that appeal to scrotes a little too much.
>someone like bakarina is 100% pandered to incels, what's with all that yuri harem kek
Definitely. I wanted to try watching it because it was the first of its kind that I heard about, and as an otome fan it really surprised me to see that an otome-inspired anime had become so popular with people who don't play it, but I was very disappointed to learn that it has a huge moid fanbase. "Cute girl protagonist gets a harem… which includes girls! teehee" it was obvious that it would attract them.
This is more or less what happened to me with WataMote. I knew it was popular at the time, but only watched it later when I found out that Tomoko was a fujo and a yumejo (I think this anime introduced a lot of normies and weebs in the west to otomege and BL games). I was shocked when I saw that literal, real-life Hadaka Shitsuji poster (that I had saved on my computer) in her bedroom in the first episode, and the subsequent parody of it (which was hilarious kek, it's obvious who best boy is according to the author). How did an anime like this become ruined by scrotes so quickly? Can't have a damn thing for ourselves. Also didn't the WataMote author get dick pics sent to her by 4chanoids? Holy shit I fucking hate male weebs.

This one looks fun!

No. 179800

I'm not bi but tbh, I'm down for bisexual harems. Let's feed everyone. Equality!

No. 179817

literally none of them look like the female choice you'd get in an otome, they look too much like basic waifus

No. 179821

File: 1642441347968.jpg (145.42 KB, 700x495, kny.jpg)

This anime has the most boring cast I've ever seen. Even when a story is bad, I tend to get attached to some character, but literally every character in this one is forgettable. They have only one personality trait and there's no one here that you can't find a better version of in other stories.

No. 179823

>that literal, real-life Hadaka Shitsuji poster (that I had saved on my computer) in her bedroom in the first episode,
kek, maybe I do need to watch Watamote then.

No. 179824

zenitsu should die

No. 179826

No. 179827

File: 1642442362137.jpg (198.17 KB, 640x960, prisonschool.jpg)

I watched the first episode and I didn't like it. It seems to be the type of story that is more enjoyable to read than to watch it.
Pic related is one of the most unnecessary school setting ever. I don't understand why the author just didn't throw these perverts at an actual prison. The characters look like adults role-playing and it's basically porn, it's very creepy.

No. 179831

File: 1642442934124.jpg (38.18 KB, 1280x720, 3968761.jpg)

Here, I don't remember if there's any scene in some other episode where it can be seen more clearly. I don't have the HS image anymore, got it from either /blog/ or Tumblr about 7 years ago. But yes, this poster (or magazine promo art?) exists IRL and it features best boy in casual clothes.
There's another episode where the VN is parodied and the guy that appears is an obvious parody of him too (I think there's also a touching minigame in the same scene but as we know, that's from TMGS).

No. 179845

Yes and all female characters sound like they're 10, unless it's an evil female demon or something. Not to mention they're either some kind of housekeepers, nurses, wives or prostitutes. I have no idea why this shit is so popular, I'd say it could be fun for a 10 year old, but all the online fans are surely older than that.

No. 179847

File: 1642448327828.jpg (4.75 MB, 3195x5242, IMG_20220117_203523.jpg)

>Also didn't the WataMote author get dick pics sent to her by 4chanoids? Holy shit I fucking hate male weebs.
Yes. I remember back when watamote first got discovered on 4chan and everyone bought the japanese first volume and brought attention to it to get it translated. I bought the first volume as soon as it came out and this is on the first page, sorry for the poor quality.

No. 179883

File: 1642461629611.jpeg (17.42 KB, 294x172, 3F667974-BAF9-4CF9-8363-98BE69…)

Imagine wanting to look more into Hange Zoe character and finding out the author made her a gender special.

Why can’t she just be a woman?

On the bright side the anime doesn’t indulge this as far as I can tell.

No. 179886

File: 1642464252096.jpeg (191.96 KB, 1280x1707, 1616607015878.jpeg)

Isayama always meant for her to be a woman. Her initial name before he decided on Hange was Hanako (picrel). This gender bs started when a fan asked if she's a dude or girl and he got triggered that someone couldn't tell just by looking at his hideous art.
>After recieving this question, I’ve decided it’s better if I don’t reveal that character’s gender. lol
Isayama interviews were literally the worst thing about keeping up with shitgeki.
>In regard to characters’ genders, I personally differentiate gender about as much as I do blood type* so I think whatever you think is fine.
>Because of that, I think it’s fine if you’ve decided upon genders while you were reading.
>Like Armin might be read as a girl too, right?

Had to use archive since op deleted their blog

No. 179887

God everytime I get into an anime this sort of shit is what turbo blasts me right back out.

Peace be upon the nonners who can handle it.

No. 179895

File: 1642472645882.jpeg (184.58 KB, 1440x853, Wallpaper_izumi_shinichi_and_m…)

Parasyte is ok so far. Getting annoyed by the slowly increasing number of female characters who start crushing on him, why is nothing free of haremshit elements? Also, his dweeb glasses design was much cuter than whatever the fuck this is.

No. 179902

Yeah, I dropped that one halfway through. I just got to the point where I didn’t give a fuck about any of the characters or where the story was going.

No. 179923

File: 1642503799294.jpg (104.52 KB, 1000x563, MV5BNDUyYTllZmUtMTE1ZC00ODg1LT…)

Rewatching Death Billiards, nonnies. I might just rewatch Death Parade after this.

No. 179939

I mostly remember death parade because when i went to japan they played the op in every store in akihabara

No. 179953

Yeah I don't get it, she's so clearly female even if the art is shit, the way people insist she's a they/them is fucking weird. It reminds me of Envy from FMA who got enbyfied these last years despite being obviously a male, is it because he isn't as muscular as the other dudes in the manga?

No. 180010

File: 1642545577293.jpg (55.13 KB, 540x304, 840392753407.jpg)

I'm glad this got brought up here because I hadn't heard a peep about the show but it's the best thing I've seen in a long while. And no I don't feel Ousama Ranking is very similar to Dororo. I was bored with the latter (felt like a subpar fight of the week with shallow characters and paint by the numbers plot) but OR offers Ni no Kuni-tier graphics and good vibes with a few really dark moments to keep you on your toes. There are enough mysteries to keep you engaged and the characters are complex + grow over time. There aren't a ton of women in the main cast but the few that are are well represented and not sexualized. I love Queen Hiling

No. 180018

What anime do you think worked (or would work) better as a manga?
Or vice versa?
I think most action works are better as an anime than a manga, whereas slower-paced stories work better as manga. Or if the anime has an amazing OST. I have a little hope that the Chainsaw Man anime will be better than the manga solely because of this. Maybe it's just me but during a lot of the action scenes I couldn't tell wtf was going on.

No. 180028

Isn't the author a moid and the artist a woman?

No. 180032

God I hope you're right, I'd feel so vindicated. I tried watching this and just ended up feeling disgusted. Really came across like the personality of a 4chan scrote transferred into a young girl's body in the attempt to make them seem more palatable. Would make so much sense.

No. 180093

File: 1642582278286.jpg (292.98 KB, 750x1000, 20220119_094140.jpg)

My friend is obsessed with this one, but I'm starting to think she developed terminal pick-me/moid taste over the years.

No. 180096

>Now it turns out that scrotes are appropriating coomershit for coomershit

No. 180097

>comparing scrote coomershit to otome
Truly an y-chromosome moment

No. 180099

tell me about it. who the fuck cares?

No. 180271

Begone, male. You obviously don't even know what otome games are.

No. 180329

File: 1642675666229.jpg (22.1 KB, 236x390, big oop.jpg)

What the fuck is going on in this anime at any given moment. Dorothy is based though

No. 180342

The artstyle seems like fun. What's the name?

No. 180364

Watched the show for the first time when I was a kid/pre-teen. I literally didn't understand the jerking-off scene because I didn't know what that was kek.
Still hated shinji back then because I thought he was treating especially the female chars like shit. To me nge is one of those shows that you can enjoy despite not liking any character at all

Has anyone here watched GTO?
Been thinking about starting it cause it's one of those 90s classics but from what I've heard it's even more misogynistic than other shows

No. 180365

The Big O

No. 180373

Its a waste of time. Watch cromartie instead

No. 180387

The dirty art style gave the manga its charm, turning it into clean cgi animation ruined it

No. 180389

Gorgeous animation, absolutely incomprehensible ending

No. 180426

Everyone should watch Cromartie, and surprisingly the eng dub is best.

No. 180445

File: 1642727182141.jpeg (30.28 KB, 474x266, 317A28B7-EE6F-4DDC-88FE-F535D6…)

I had no idea that an Inuyasha sequel came out!

It’s about the daughters of the main cast going on adventures. Love the 90’s anime feel and that the MCs have cute designs and not some brain rot coomer shit.

Has anyone watch it? Is it worthwhile for the story?

No. 180458

We know and everyone hates it. It’s not necessarily canon, iirc. The story was made up by a pedo loving scrote.

No. 180472

>The story was made up by a pedo loving scrote.
NTA but wow, I had no idea. Elaborate?

No. 180496

I mean doesn’t this just fill in the same beats that MCU does for the west?

Simple characters who are recognizable archetypes for the culture and the show looks pretty/cool.

Mass appeal, make monies, repeat.

Sometimes I wonder what sort of popular art we would get if appealing to the lowest common denominator wasn’t so rewarded.

No. 180531

Do you care about show spoilers?

No. 180631

I don't but idk about the other anon

No. 180632

I've read this, it's so funny! are there more like this?

No. 180642

You just reminded many years ago a friend of mine borrowed me tokyo ghoul and I had exactly that happen to me. I remember the action scene looking literally like a blotch, I couldn't tell what was happening even if I put my brain into it.
Sometimes I almost feel like some mangaka don't actually plan the fight scenes or know how to visualise basic fight coreography so they purposefully draw some reandom blotches so they can pretend they know what they're doing.

No. 180696

File: 1642820441975.jpeg (28.63 KB, 474x263, 85F80FE8-ADEB-47E1-8CF7-5F5AE4…)


Thank you nonnies.
My life has been enriched.

No. 180700

I've read that watching Cromartie is better when you're familiar with older delinquent series.
Can other anons confirm?

No. 180704

Cromatie is hilarious, I think the combination of really big guys in school uniform, with serious faces, doing all the typical stupid highschool shenanigans without making it cringe or offensive. And they took every bits of themselves so seriously it's Great to watch.

I should rewatch it, thanks for reminding me.

No. 180705

I've read a ton of old-school delinquent manga and I don't recall Cromartie High making many specific references to other series, so I wouldn't say you need any background knowledge before watching. It just uses the stereotypical setting of an infamous school filled with delinquents and plays it for laughs instead.

No. 180708

No. 180709

File: 1642824237860.gif (Spoiler Image,5.98 MB, 480x272, 822F5C29-0D9E-4600-9691-BD0FE2…)

Why didn’t you guys tell me this show is so cute?

No. 180726

Alright, it was pretty good in the end.

No. 180727

I found Nene annoying personally

No. 180728

kek yeah it's funny af, there's so much absurdity and nonsense with them being delinquents plus gorillas and robots and Freddie Mercury etc, but then it's juxtaposed with the characters being so earnest and introspective with high EQ. Very wholesome comedy.

No. 180755

weird shota show

No. 180771

Ew, I hate this little boy acting like some master seducer. Sit down child, you have homework to do

No. 180773

Noooo you don’t get it he’s a ghost he’s 100 years old and totally legal

No. 180792

I prefer the manga, even if there’s this weird timeskip at some point that makes things a bit confusing. But the manga has some really pretty art.

No. 180813

I don’t get what you guys mean. Nene and Hanako look physically the same age at least. Unless you’re talking about the random sexualizing Hanako, which, ew. I’m glad I don’t bother with fandoms anymore.

No. 180814


No. 180861

File: 1642875809246.gif (1.22 MB, 510x377, tumblr_7568b179761b5faf3ef747e…)

Pretty art style and cute characters. I do enjoy anime with human girl x non-human boy like Made in Abyss and I like how Nene can be a relatable character with her insecurity about her legs and wanting a handsome boyfriend. Would really like a second season.

No. 180867

nene is an annoying pick me and the style is ugly

No. 180869

No one was talking to you. At least this isn't hot shit garbage like Dragon Maid or Komi-san.

No. 180870

File: 1642877673358.jpeg (277.45 KB, 750x1000, 2F355FDA-EEE6-4BEE-80A1-16C5E2…)

Yeah, I really can’t wait for a second season! I might just pick up the manga on other anon’s suggestion.

No. 180876

>No one was talking to you
NTA but do you know how imageboards work? kek

No. 180877

I think Hanako is cute

No. 180889

I'm honestly relieved I didn't even give this show a try. Just gonna read Inuyasha again soon and erase everything I've heard about this shitty pedomaru sequel from my memory

No. 180908

File: 1642888641266.jpg (28.33 KB, 314x445, 51WbGphN SL._AC_SY445_.jpg)

Most disgusting story ever. I watched this show in my early weeb days, and I assumed it was about the different ways children deal with trauma. But one of those days I remembered about the existence of this and went to check the last chapter of the manga, and the litte girl ends up with the teacher.

No. 180913

File: 1642889360554.png (182.55 KB, 640x480, vlcsnap-2022-01-22-16h07m47s77…)

Ok I watched a few episodes last night, third episode had me giggling every now and then but the fourth one had me laughing out loud kek
Can't wait to watch the rest

No. 180915

apparently a woman drew this turd, though I'm not sure if it's been confirmed it's not a scrote

No. 180939

nippon women are severely brainwashed by their moids so i wouldn't be surprised if it was a woman

No. 180944

nooo fucking way, for real? I need confirmation but don't want to give myself PTSD flashbacks from reading this series as an 11 y.o

No. 180952

Wait isn't this that one anime that is basically (literally?) ecchi with pre-school/primary school girls? I don't want to google to check it
I remember one time as a younger teen cluelessly searching on google "kodomo" or "kodomo anime" because I had seen somewhere that was the demographic name for anime for younger kids, like Doraemon, and I wanted to see if I would find how many Doraemon rip-offs/spin-offs exist, but instead got slapped in the face with anime screenshots of naked toddlers.

No. 180956

>I remember one time as a younger teen cluelessly searching on google "kodomo" or "kodomo anime" because I had seen somewhere that was the demographic name for anime for younger kids, like Doraemon
HOLY SHIT same, I was like 11 fucking years old at the time, still practically a kid, and still learning about anime "genres" shortly after discovering anime (and, hentai, unfortunately).
Seriously, fuck whoever made that shitty list for exposing so many children and younger teens to literal anime child porn. And yes, it is "ecchi" with children (not teenagers), so it's "softcore" pornography like everything "ecchi".

BTW I've learned ever since that the actual term is "kodomomuke".

No. 180979

File: 1642910337266.jpeg (Spoiler Image,741.73 KB, 1170x2021, 76BC2DA5-A394-4D9B-8AE8-DFD046…)

Actually, it’s just straight porn, apparently.

No. 180980

NTA but, judging by the title it looks like an OVA or something.
I watched a bit of the original, but never saw any explicit crap, just super borderline shit as is usual in ecchi. Or maybe I just didn't watch enough (thank fuck)

No. 180982

Maybe? I don’t know much about the series, I just remembered this in particular because a disgusting scrote sent it to me in high school. Long story, but it obviously scarred me enough to recall the exact episode it was.

No. 181031

Dude is this bait? Kodomo no jikan is The pedophile lolicon anime. I think all of the main characters end up with the older men they liked.

No. 181032

Lol maybe that’s better than me, at 11 discovering anime i thought "im better than everyone so i wanna watch the intellectual stuff" resulting in my first animes being ergo proxy and serial experiments lain

No. 181061

File: 1642941283553.jpeg (238.46 KB, 1367x770, 1E2F7225-9F0E-4143-9BD5-7178DF…)

Why is komaeda playing baseball

No. 181104

File: 1642954260323.jpg (460.54 KB, 1078x1984, IMG_20220123_171021.jpg)

No. 181106

I am ready to be thrown tomatoes at. I have read the manga. It was a stupid fanservice bait at first that actually ended up dicthing it all and turning into a decent character story. The mangaka stopped lolipandering and started focusing on the tragic past of Rin's brother and sharing the lives of teachers instead (eg a cute romance between two teachers, one of which protected Kuro from being bullied at over liking girls and inspired her to self-acceptance). The author also showed over how bad the whole lolicon shit is at some point because Rin almost got raped by a headmaster (that's also when we get full confirmation that they stop Rin fanservice baiting). However I still got pissed at the ending because in the end Rin still managed to stay uwu smol even after graduating the high school and she married the teacher. Wtf kind of shit is that? At least every other character but Run turned out to be decent. I never gave a shit about her in a first place. Regardless I think it would have been a good manga if Kaworu wasn't so focused on scrote pandering in a first place. Won't be surprised if the author is a lesbian because her next mangas are secret GL stories where they all make fun of a guy.

No. 181117

> However I still got pissed at the ending because in the end Rin still managed to stay uwu smol even after graduating the high school and she married the teacher
So Rin is supposed to be an adult in the last chapter? I just assumed the teacher did go full pedo. It's still pretty messed up because of the age gap. Addressing how some children end up dealing with their issues by hypersexualizing themselves became pointless, since the teacher ended up dating Rin anyway. At least the other grumpy teacher noticed that the gothic girl just needed support and a mother figure instead of taking advantage of her.

No. 181118

He already has something new after Akudama Drive? Has it started airing yet?

No. 181144

absolutely tragic. she was def touched as a child

No. 181289

Do nonnies have any deep obscure animes to watch? I havent watched a tear jerker that made me think in a while. A beautiful style and animation is important to me as much as the plot btw

No. 181291

This unlocked a hidden memory. I watched this when i was like 9? I don’t even know kek but I definitely wasn’t even a teen. I even tried to buy a damn figurine of the blonde one

No. 181310

File: 1643013591570.jpg (3.71 MB, 5760x3780, 1457218176910.jpg)

Hmmmm a deep obscure tear jerker that makes you think with beautiful style and animation on par with the plot? Anything that amazing probably won't be obscure. But idk how much anime you watch and what you consider obscure, if you mean less 'mainstream' series maybe like
>Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu (I recommend this to every anon, it's stunning pic rel)
>Casshern Sins
>Wolf's Rain
>Fantastic Children
>Shin Sekai Yori
>Princess Tutu

tbh most 'tearjerker' anime are trash, like Angel Beats or Anohana or w/e. I don't think I cried at many of these recs, they just have some depressing elements or atmosphere.

No. 181312

NTA, but I tried to give Texhnolyze a try once and it was just very boring torture porn. Does it ever get to a point that it doesn’t feel like you have to force yourself to watch?

No. 181313

I don’t really watch any obscure anime, but maybe Mouryou no hako, Eve no jikan, first squad, and my personal unexplainable favorite, ghost hound

I agree, my god that was a drag

No. 181314

It’s the only show I’ve ever watched where a lot of crazy shit happens while simultaneously feeling like nothing happened at all.

No. 181320

File: 1643015875861.jpg (2.18 MB, 2047x1447, 20220124_101744.jpg)


No. 181321

Ghost Hound was centered around astral projection ghost fights and still got more things right about psychology than fucking Hannibal

No. 181322

File: 1643016583194.jpg (84.04 KB, 351x500, 28668[1].jpg)

Katanagatari has most of these
They better not fuck this one up!

No. 181392

kek I would love to read your thoughts on everything Hannibal did wrong and what Ghost Hound did right

No. 181412

Thank u anon I definitely dont care if it checks all boxes of what i wanted lol but i’ll watch

No. 181414

File: 1643047729713.jpg (260.21 KB, 550x780, MV5BYzhiZjk4NDUtYTdlMC00OWUxLT…)

Maybe Jin-Roh? I've been meaning to watch it forever, the realistic animation and plot are interesting. It's been written by Mamoru Oshii
>What looks at first like an action movie, and then, upon closer inspection, like a science-fiction action movie in truth is neither. Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade is a thoughtful, beautiful, horrific example of the very best in speculative fiction. Its primary function is to muse on the nature of man and war, and ask sometimes uncomfortable philosophical questions. The story, masterfully written by Mamoru Oshii (Ghost in the Shell, 1995), uses the fable of Little Red Riding Hood to illustrate the cost of progress, questioning the age-old concepts of good and evil in a modern society, and daring the audience to squarely identify who is the wolf and who is “red riding hood.” Jin-Roh frustrates the antiquated morality of folklore by suggesting that its characters are simultaneously victim and oppressor, hunter and hunted. It’s a clever and unsettling story, echoing the post-war despair that characterized the 20th century through works like T. S. Eliot’s The Waste Land.
As mentioned, I have yet to watch it, so IDK if it's scrotey or not. At least the art promises it will not be fanservice trash
>tbh most 'tearjerker' anime are trash, like Angel Beats or Anohana or w/e.
Truth! All scrotey shit that is meant to evoke feelings with primitive emotional manipulation aka killing off innocent heroines. I would add anything by Makoto Shinkai to that list, kek. It's all well animated, though, so maybe OP should give it a shot.
I read Angel Beats as Angel Sanctuary and wanted to say that yeah it's trash, but a quality shoujo one and too bad that we never got a tv series and just 3 shitty OAVs
>Eve No Jikan
Watch the movie not the tv series, I think it has extra scenes

No. 181424

File: 1643050929031.jpg (737.35 KB, 1280x1706, MV5BYTg5MTFlN2QtYjhkYi00Y2UyLW…)

Not obscure and not really a tear-jerker but I'd recommend the short movie Nekojiru-sou/Cat Soup, it's very surreal and I watched it during a depressive period, it fucked me up on an emotional level, I tend to find sadness in things that are not meant to be.

No. 181430

What is Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer and why is everyone excited for the anime? I've been into weebshit for a while but I've never heard of it…

No. 181431

I need someone to explain the title to me and how it’s not biscuit planet

No. 181432

Talking only about the psychology aspect here, and taking in consideration the fact that I watched both series years ago and only the season 1 of Hannibal:

Hannibal is a "psychology" show because it's about serial killers, and having main characters who are experts in "psychology" allows the show to have quieter moments where they can cleverly "analyze" how the killers work. Some very rare disorders are sometimes used to make a serial killer a bit quirkier than the others, but it's generally assumed that most serial killers in the show have the serial killer disorder (the public's general view of "sociopathy" or "psychopathy", put in quotes because they aren't actual, current diagnoses, just a grade above calling them "crazy"). Will has an actual disorder (anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis), mostly here to give cool hallucinations and make him look more vulnerable to the viewer, plus whatever "empath" is, to make the plot advance by solving crime scenes. At least the show isn't calling Hannibal a "psychopath"/"sociopath" or gives him ASPD, he just has the serial killer disorder/is "evil". The therapy sessions are mostly casual banter and innuendoes between the characters, but as some IRL therapists do exactly the same kind of mindless and inefficient conversations let's say this part is accurate. Overall it's a "psychology" show because although psychology seems to be the focus, the scientific basis is very light and barely realistic (Will might as well solve the crime scenes by magical means). It's as psychological, as, say, Jacob's Ladder. If anything, it's a show that's more about neurology, cooking, and cool corpses sculptures than psychology.

On the other hand Ghost Hound has a therapist using EMDR and phobia exposure (legit, realistic therapies), name-drops definitions of psychological concepts at the end of each episode and has some psychological concepts in its episode titles https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Ghost_Hound_episodes (a lot of them being pseudo science)

All in all Ghost Hound got more things right than Hannibal about psychology because it features a psychologist doing his job using realistic methods, while Hannibal tries to stay as vague as possible on the subject because it turns out that the "psychology" in it is only thin enough to give a veneer of respectability on a show about cannibalism and cool murders. That's not saying than any of those shows is worse than the other because of it, just that the one with out-of-body-experiences and ghost battles did more research about psychology than the other

No. 181435

My animeplanet says I’ve watched another but i have 0 recollection of it absolute nada

No. 181436

I know I watched it but the only thing I vaguely remember is like, someone falling from a height? Like off a building or balcony or something? It might have been a gruesome moment and that's why it sticks in my memory but I can't remember any details. Or maybe I made it up.

I wish actual scary anime existed. The medium is underutilized.

No. 181437

It's a shounen with a somewhat decent and original story and some sad moments, it ended about 10 years ago and nothing else had been done with it yet
There's a giant hammer called the biscuit hammer, and a girl whose name has at some point been translated into Lucifer because there's "morning sun" in her japanese name

No. 181438

File: 1643056342455.gif (Spoiler Image,4.28 MB, 498x280, heart-attack-dying[1].gif)

The umbrella death scene was pretty popular back in the day, as was this gif

No. 181450

If I didn't get the plot hammered in a second time by reading the book, I wouldn't have any, either. It's just really forgettable.

No. 181463

I just started this because of your rec, it's so good!!

No. 181467

Samfag, I just watched it a couple months ago lol it does kinda humanize scrotes who do terrible shit and that sucked but overall if i forget the critical side of my brain id say i enjoyed it. It was sad and was beautifully animated

No. 181507

File: 1643091057981.jpeg (514.06 KB, 1207x2132, FH_HM8fXsAcllrt.jpeg)

I love them so much

No. 181531

KEK I remember this

No. 181588

I must’ve watched it 8 times by now. I don’t even understand why. Almost every year I have the impulse to watch it and I’m like no, why? But my brain is like "ghost hound time" and I end up rewatching it entirely, the crazy thing is that outside a vague skeleton of the plot i dont remember anything about the sequence of the events and it’s novel everytime I watch it. I think I’m cursed, it’s why it’s so unexplainable

No. 181704

File: 1643192206054.jpeg (231.2 KB, 772x1080, FD413E25-E11A-46F6-8876-5C4BFB…)

this is gonna be dorohedoro x No.6 I’m calling it no one make that joke now

No. 181804

Yeah it has a strange forgettable quality, in fact most of Chiaki Konaka's other works (Serial Experiments Lain, Texhnolyze, Big O) have the same kind of weird, slow, floating plot. Boogiepop Phantom is also like that, the only thing I can remember from it is that music that plays at japanese crossroads
>8 times

No. 182707

File: 1643636288712.jpg (35.11 KB, 1017x304, 20220124_101003.jpg)

It's based on a manga that's the embodiment of 2005-2010 anime tropes, it embodies a generation, so anyone over 25 is hyped for it. It was voted most wanted anime adaptation in several Japanese polls and now it finally happened. It has a cult status on 4chan and old code-geass era /a/, now that board is dead.

To zoomers, I would recommend you should read Spirit Circle instead because biscuit hammer is too nostalgia baity and some things aged poorly (mc being super emo-chuuni at the start, people walking in on each other during baths).

The story is a coming of age story with wacky characters trying to prevent the end of the world or destory it, gradually you get some bittersweet tragic love stories and part with a lot of characters you got to love and MC unfucks himself and grows up.

No. 182713

>MC unfucks himself and grows up
I’d say that makes it a gem of a series. Feels like that’s a rarity in anime.

No. 182881

I love the second opening of Ousama Ranking so much, nonas.
I love Hiling.

No. 182886

Wow I had no idea Biscuit Hammer was getting an anime. I’m also a boomer and remember it was always that one series everyone wanted Gainax to animate and there was always fake anime charts with it . Too bad it’s getting animated now because it’ll probably look like ass.

No. 183740

>only scrotes dislike otome
Are you retards serious lol

No. 184086

File: 1643935068014.jpg (122.56 KB, 442x640, FKqQwESUUAQtdBr.jpg)

There's going to be a Bastard anime adaptation made by netflix. No idea how popular it will be but I'm 100% sure people will complain about how fucked up it is, which will be the pick of entertainment by itself. And on top of that I'm sure the mangaka himself forgot his own manga even exists, when was the last time a new chapter got released?

No. 184094

Me too, this song is gold. It seems kind of cheesy to say but it feels very inspiring and I like how fresh and hopeful the singer's voice sounds.

No. 184111

There's a difference between not liking otome and not knowing what it is.
Most otome is nothing more than romance, no sexual content. So it's ridiculous to compare scrotesshit to otome as if they were the same level of coomershit.

No. 184117

Kek otome games are almost infamous for being devoid of sexual content. You're free to dislike it but calling it coomer shit is retarded

No. 184118

Huh, 80s-90's manga really is making comeback. Bastard! is problematic as fuck kek. All I know is that the pictured girl is his surrogate daughter who is in love with him. Having said that, is the manga enjoyable? Pretty sure either you or someone else mentioned it

No. 184131

>Pretty sure either you or someone else mentioned it
you sure you didn't read about it in the femporn threads?

No. 184160

No, the surrogate daughter is another character. The girl in the picture is his vessel's childhood friend/his love interest. It's super problematic but almost impossible to take seriously, it feels even more like a parody of the genre than, say, Slayers. The MC is an actual pervert so be warned. I wonder if Netflix will try to censor all the boobs and dicks, and how. Hopefully we'll get plenty of Dark Schneider/Kal Su fan content thanks to this kek

No. 184169

No no, it was mentioned here >>173200 and I think re: barrier maidens (I may be wrong). What, does it have femdom content or do farmers want to dom Dark Schneider because he is an insufferable scrote?
Is it a bit retarded/trainwrecky? Because if yes, I'm interested. Maybe.
do those two have an homosexual tension resulting from them being enemies? I haven't looked anything up

No. 184171

It's a giant trainwreck so yes, you might be interested. Never take anything from this manga too seriously, the mangaka sure didn't so sometimes you have entire pages or panels that look like shit with the mangaka writing "oops I didn't draw everything before the deadline lolol" or "fuck it I don't want to draw that shit" right in the middle of the panels. As for Kal Su, spoilers but he's also Dark Scheinder's surrogate son, he becomes evil, and for some reason during their last confrontation they're completely naked. Expect a lot of naked guys btw.

No. 184242

Im getting annoyed at how filler the episodes are getting

No. 184258

I’d rather have undead unluck

No. 184262

File: 1643982798752.jpg (39.1 KB, 352x528, 58860.jpg)

Why do you like it? It looks shit judging by the cover.
Old manga getting new anime is an entirely different thing than some flavor of the month shonen. Undead Unluck probably will get an anime if scrotes love it, old series getting animated is like a miracle. I wouldn't compare, though I get that Undead Unluck may be similar to Bastard! in some way.
Not a Bastard! fan btw, I just love old shit being relevant again because maybe my favorite 90's manga will get an anime if revived series from that time end up making a lot of money.

No. 184265

Anon, you're seriously comparing a very famous and popular manga from the 80s that's been on hiatus for over 10 years because of the author's health issues, and a manga that starting being serialized barely 2 years ago? I understand you may not be interested in Bastard at all for many reasons but that was just incredibly stupid, no offense.

No. 184267

Oh damn judging by the art i thought it was also from the 90s lol mb

No. 184268

Also famous and popular aren’t arguments, scroteshit is scroteshit

No. 184270

It being popular after all these years despite the infamous hiatus matters a lot, for Netflix. I wasn't talking about quality but about business. Netflix releases entire seasons all at once, what's the best option between adapting a very recent series that barely has enough material for a proper season and that doesn't have a big and reliable enough fanbase just yet (maybe later though, but now I'm guessing it's mostly Japanese teenage boy reading the manga mostly) and an old series with a lot of different complete arcs that has older fans that can spend a shit ton of money on a new Netflix subscription whenever they want just for that one adaptation because they feel nostalgic and hope for a proper ending to the entire thing?

No. 184287

>Also famous and popular aren’t arguments, scroteshit is scroteshit
How the fuck does it matter when both things are scroteshit?

No. 184330

It "matters" because, as I said but you don't know how to read, Bastard is scroteshit that actually sells and Netflix is going to make money off of it.

No. 184337

I was on your side anon, which is why I quoted the other person. Both things being scroteshit nullify itself, so we are left with popular and famous series vs something recent that nobody knows.
Sorry if I was unclear

No. 184506

So what’s your point? Netflix is gonna pander to scrotes who want to see teenage girls naked and make money off of it?

No. 184756

File: 1644161321809.jpeg (1005.44 KB, 864x1274, requiem.jpeg)

Thoughts on Baraou no Souretsu so far? I found the beginning really slow but now with Elizabeth and all, I kinda wanna know what happens. I'm still a bit confused about Richards "I'm neither a man nor a woman, I'm a demon uwu" because I'm not sure if it's troonism now getting an inevitable hold of anime too, or if it's a take on being intersex in 1450s Britain, if you think about how those robbers reacted to Richard when they tried taking him hostage.

No. 184765

sounds like the ideal anime for self-inserting fujo-aidens. the main character binds her chest so it is clearly a ftm aiden self-insert. the real richard would turn in his grave if he saw that they made him an intersex genderspecial. will the next big thing furry napoleon that goes by xier/xer?

No. 184770

Yes that's my point.

My bad, I didn't pay attention while replying and thought this was only directed to me.

I bought the first volume a long time ago and found it slow and boring so I never finished it. Does it get better later? I bought it years ago because I recognized the art and found Otomen kinda funny when it started and I was in high school.

>if it's a take on being intersex in 1450s Britain

I think that's it. From the very beginning of the manga everyone around him reacted like he was an abomination as soon as he was born iirc.

No. 185206

File: 1644321145862.png (7.76 MB, 2224x1668, EC143F2D-7541-4569-80E9-4EDC2B…)

Sabiiro armor is absolutely fucking busted but there’s two minutes at the end of each episode with the VAs being dumbasses and thats the only thing i watch it for

No. 185221

Oh it's Spi! Does he get to sing? He is a musical artist.

No. 185267

What would naps fursona be?

No. 185279

The anime has no songs
Its a spin off or might be a retelling of the musical of the same name and the actors play their characters. I dont really know exactly because i cant be arsed to go on a rabbit hole over this but the musical looks funny

No. 185300

File: 1644365414509.gif (617.32 KB, 500x270, kiki.gif)

Please recommend me animanga about witches, preferable for younger audiences or with not too much coomer shit

No. 185304

File: 1644365959299.jpg (112.46 KB, 520x705, A21181-676746626.1531056919.jp…)

apologies if you know of this already but i cannot recommend the manga witch hat atelier (tongari boushi no atelier) enough. fantastic art, great characters, and an interesting story. currently has 55 chapters out

No. 185339

ojamajo doremi is really fun and wholesome. highly recommend

No. 185341

Little Witch Academia

No. 185352

I haven’t watched it because it seems very male oriented
Is it?

No. 185357

Not sure why you got that impression, I can't remember anything that was sexualized. It's actually one of the only fanservice-free shows I can think of in recent memory and is very oriented around the girls' relationships and goals (in a non-voyeuristic way). I loved it.

No. 185362

Ah, it’s because i kept seeing the one character with the droopy eyes being sexualised. I’ll give it a watch then.

No. 185387

It's still made by Trigger which is basically Studio Coomer, it may not have fanservice but it still targets men, it's one of those cute girls doing cute things shows.

No. 185399

I thought Flying Witch was nice although the witch element it's very low-key

No. 185423

Does anyone have any series to recommend about neet girls/women, something like welcome to the nhk just with a female main character and a huge plus if it's not too scrotey?

No. 185424

>cute girls doing cute things shows.
I want to be able to enjoy this without feeling like a gross scrote.

No. 185425

Who cares, let people enjoy things. God, you people are so fucking annoying

No. 185450

File: 1644442117538.png (149.07 KB, 560x594, esu21yv6phv61.png)

seconded, I just binge watched Flying Witch and found it really comfy and relaxing. I'm looking for anything with similar vibes

No. 185481

I didn’t know a new Demon Slayer arc had started, this is gon be a good week.

No. 185495

lol, this

"B-but they made the infamous titty anime!" Even said titty anime (KLK) wasn't as sexual as a lot of other modern anime aimed at scrotes despite every character appearing naked at least once at some point. (Side note here, but what I mean is that a lot of that nudity was simply too cartoony and absurd to be fap material, whereas nudity, pantyshots, cleavage, etc. are always sexualized as much as possible in other anime with less nudity. Trigger's art style also helps I guess. Also there were several attractive male characters who were sexualized pretty explicitly too, which is rare in other ecchi crap, and, personally, made watching the anime even more tolerable.)

So yes, Studio Trigger are, surprisingly, capable of creating something without sexualizing girls. You know how people here love Eizouken even though they know it was made by a pedophile, because Eizouken is just that good, and not sexual at all? Little Witch Academia is the same (except for maybe like 1 adult character sometimes), though I haven't heard of anyone involved in its creation being that kind of degenerate. It's seriously good and I'd even go as far as to say that it's suitable for children.

I actually feel the same when it comes to CGDCT, but I assure you that you will never feel that way when watching LWA, I wouldn't even call it CGDCT.

No. 185508

File: 1644463215045.gif (1.51 MB, 244x244, 36219372194.gif)

I'm on your side I think the studio is fine and LWA is fantastic but
>that nudity was simply too cartoony and absurd to be fap material

No. 185523

File: 1644471628483.png (168.86 KB, 273x581, ryuko.png)

>a lot of that nudity
I know that a lot of the scenes had well-animated bouncing boobs and asses, but not all of it was sexualized like that and on the contrary, half of the time it was drawn like this. That is what I meant. Idk if it's just me tho but thanks to this I was able to ignore the ecchi aspect.

No. 185524

that's still a 17 year old with her titties out even if it's shittily drawn

No. 185526

Eizouken mangaka is a pedo? damn I'm glad I stuck with my guns about not reading anything by scrotes when that series got popular even though I was tempted. Pedophiles do not deserve to have success or their work celebrated.

No. 185559

Has Trigger put out anything since promare?
I Kinda dropped Promare 15 minutes in because just looking at the cover I thought the twink was a girl and i was so disappointed…

No. 185589

The point is just that scrotes can and do sexualize everything under the sun, and it's especially easy for them when it has to do with scantily-clad girls (quality/intent aside)

No. 185591

could I please get recommendations for anime with men who are cute, a little silly, and insecure or shameful?

No. 185619

>The point is just that scrotes can and do sexualize everything under the sun
Obviously. Does that mean that we shouldn't enjoy anything at all because of the potential sexualization from the male audience, then? (Ofc I'm talking about anything that isn't explicitly made as fap material, made by irredeemable people, or made for the sole purpose of getting fans to draw porn of it, because those are pretty valid reasons to not enjoy media)
Just watch what you want to watch, if you like it. Moids will even sexualize colorful cartoon ponies made for little girls, there's nothing we can do about it so why would you care about it that much? Just pretend it doesn't happen, imagine for a moment that you live in a world free of coomers and allow yourself to enjoy things without being disgusted by them, that's what I do. It's fine to shit on them for being disgusting coomer scrotes, but don't let them control your life or appropriate the stuff you like.
This also goes for the anon who wasn't sure if she should watch LWA because she saw some degenerates sexualizing Sucy. All "goth girls" in media are especially susceptible to that, plus these days fanmade pornography can't really tell you what the actual source material is like.

Also, I have a feeling that LWA doesn't even "target men" like someone claimed, but was made for children, though I have no proof of that.

>I thought the twink was a girl and i was so disappointed…
kek same

No. 185703

Ore Monogatari! is the one that comes to mind. Gouda is hilarious and endearing and not really sure of himself but tries his best. Idk the "shameful" part makes me feel like you're looking for something a bit degen but it's a pure show kek. Yuri on Ice has a protagonist that's cute and has to learn to have more confidence in himself and his skills.

No. 185704

File: 1644536237404.jpg (2.03 MB, 1280x1807, 8315315632.jpg)

I think KLK's excuse to give sexualized clothes to the girls is pretentious bullshit (y-you don't get, guyz. I-It's ackshually a metaphor for whatever! I'm not a gross coomer, I care about the plot!), but Ryuuko is very cute and sukeban pilled, so I don't care
>I have a feeling that LWA doesn't even "target men" like someone claimed, but was made for children
Agree. LWA has a very simple storyline with lots of fun mindless action. There's nothing inappropriate in it.

No. 185705

>KLK's excuse to give sexualized clothes to the girls is pretentious bullshit
It was really as idiotic as Kojima having Quiet run around in a little bikini because she "breathes through her skin" kek

No. 185732

>I think KLK's excuse to give sexualized clothes to the girls is pretentious bullshit
Anon I doubt the creators took it that seriously in the first place. They obviously know it's dumb. However I've seen some dumbasses actually think there was some deeper message behind it lol
>but Ryuuko is very cute and sukeban pilled, so I don't care
This, I love her so much. I wish sukeban fans got something better and not sexualized at all, but at least Ryuuko is cool as fuck and kicks lots of ass.

No. 185748

The anime I recommend is Nyan ~ neko sugar girls. I'm a long time fan.
oh my god I remember this movie. My friends and I would watch it together all the time. It's very sad but so trippy.

No. 185819

File: 1644583333618.png (1.15 MB, 1078x600, Screen-Shot-2019-06-17-at-2.44…)

I kind of hate demon slayer. I love the plot, I love the characters, I love the emotion. But it's almost Disney level 3D.. the reason why I was so drawn into anime in the first place was because I liked the simple 2d/basic cgi. This is just like the Japanese incredibles lmao.

No. 185860

I'm very salty that Demon Slayer surpassed Spirited Away as the best selling movie.

No. 185861

File: 1644601523698.png (105.1 KB, 731x528, 1608529076502.png)

Don't worry, Miyazaki doesn't give a fuck.

No. 185876

who cares about silly cartoons when there's trash to pick up? smh

No. 185884

>please let me get back to my trash

No. 185908

Who cares about anime when there’s perfectly good trash right here?

No. 185913

i wouldn't mind anything slightly degen but i meant shame more like insecurity, or hang ups about sex or about having a crush on someone he shouldn't.

No. 186060

File: 1644667188317.jpg (221.13 KB, 849x1200, 313343.jpg)

Wtf i thougt it was gonna be a light hearted slice of life
Also kinda surprised it wasn't written by a woman

No. 186160

When they use it for moving backgrounds, like the moving house, I think it's alright, and I can understand why they used it in the train of Mugen Train, but my gosh the gloop thing looked bad, the scenes with the 2d demon's head on top of the 3d blob looked like shit.
I'm not really in the know of how hard it is to animate things, but I don't get it, they animated the characters so well in the fight scenes, surely animating a blob in 2d can't be that hard compared to that, right?

Oh also, the couple scenes in the series where they used 3d models for the characters to me looked Naruto PS2 fighting video game tier.

No. 186162

Is Jojo really worth reading/watching or is it just hype? I watched some episodes, and the first one was funny, but next ones aren't very insteresting. The characters act in such a comical dramatic way that I can't take them seriously, and I don't know if that's what the author expects me to do.

No. 186166

The interviewer also took a pic of Miyazaki before approaching him, it made me feel uncomfortable because it was on an empty street with trash disposer where he literally just had a bag of trash he wanted to throw out. Some paparazzi are hecking weird

No. 186174

You're not supposed to take it seriously. What makes it fun is how over the top and action packed it is. Avoid the fandom and avoid spoilers though.

No. 186330

File: 1644779625700.gif (281.73 KB, 498x276, 6EBE068A-51E6-4002-AC08-EB8F82…)

Please no manga spoilers, but I'm utterly confused on what on earth is happening with AOT's season 4. The past seasons were fine, this season feels like info dump after info dump and the random action scenes. This is one of the only series where I feel like it would have actually benefitted from filler. Everything is happening way too quick, feels like a whole different series. Or am I just stupid? I miss just being interested in learning about the titans with Hange. The author needed to slow down and explain more things in depth a bit, but I can understand if he felt pressured or wanted to finish early. I miss the smaller scale things.

I wish Zeke and Eren took more time to explore Grisha's memories. I like Zeke's character quite a bit, and when Grisha held him and finally told his son that he loves him, I cried ngl. Zeke must have been wanting to hear those words all of his life, and seeing how loved Eren was as a child compared to how he was treated must have hurt. Grisha somehow fucked up with both of his sons. Poor Zeke. I hope eventually we get to see whatever future Eren saw that he was talking about because I'm not understanding him rn at all. Did Isayama just read Higurashi and decide AOT needed fragment meta now too? Needs more build up. I'm not liking it but I refuse to drop things. Too many shows try to include time travel without doing it well. The Attack Titan suddenly being able to see into the future or some shit feels like an asspull.

No. 186331

Is there anything good upcoming ?

No. 186332

File: 1644781031203.png (525.89 KB, 460x652, imagen_2022-02-13_133444.png)

Nope, only this I think
Everything else is trash this season. Here's the anichart
There are some "ah could be interesting" things in there but not really, a lot of waifu things this season. There's also a new Fruits Basket thing for anyone into that.

No. 186367

I agree with you anon, I've been an anime-only fag since the anime first came out. I was never interested enough to pick up the manga and now that it's been 9 years since the anime came out I feel like I have a hard time keeping interest or even knowing what the fuck is going on. It definitely is missing the small details.

No. 186375


Oh boy. Not spoiling anything but you're definetely in for a trip. If you don't like the direction it's going I suggest you abandon ship at once.

No. 301616

I had to give up watching, because it started to bore me. The pace is too slow.

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