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File: 1618313689598.jpg (9.15 MB, 540x540, iKXT8Mo.jpg)

No. 137122

Previous thread: >>>/m/105134

>FUJOSHI (腐女子, "rotten girl"): a self-mockingly pejorative Japanese term for female fans of manga and novels that feature romantic relationships between men. Receives its meaning from the belief that a woman who enjoys fictional gay content is "rotten", too ruined to be married.

>Discuss yaoi and BL here, as well as series and games aimed at fujoshi (and fudanshi) like Hetalia, sports anime, and male idol anime.

>Discussion of BL games here is totally OK but please do not cannibalize the otome game general.
>Discussion of Male/Male ships outside of strictly BL series is allowed.
>Feel free to ask for recommendations, but please specify what kind of material you're looking for (Genre, oneshot/series, doujinshi, SFW/NSFW etc).
>Being reasonably critical of BL is welcomed but don't come here only to bait or excessively moralsperg about fujos or how much you hate BL as a genre. Take it to Twitter.
>Be mindful of others and hide your spoilers. Use the spoiler image option and wrap your text inside spoiler tags.

No. 137127

i love this thread pic, great choice!!

No. 137128

File: 1618316004836.png (Spoiler Image,381.76 KB, 371x441, 53f912b407ac03b81acb0fdb6c0692…)

Awesome job with the thread pic, OP.
>She does it for free

Also is that Blood Bank I see in there? That shit brings back memories, probably the only Korean BL I've ever enjoyed.

No. 137166

I adore this OP image

No. 137182

File: 1618338252731.jpeg (113.56 KB, 582x899, 3D871405-DFA7-4A59-B8D9-F666DB…)

KEK thank you anons. It was hard to figure out because I’d never made a gif before but I spent the most time redrawing Edward and when trying to think of BLs everyone likes my mind went blank so I just grabbed what was in my gallery lmao.

Also, if we made a BL tier list or something that’d be really cool! And I’ve already thought of how that could be used as a meme for the next thread pic too KEK. There could be subcategories like Korean Webtoon, Japanese Doujinshi, Chinese Manhua, Novels, Cinema, Period BL (set in a past time), Fantasy genre etc.

No. 137184

File: 1618339154170.jpg (Spoiler Image,160.47 KB, 480x360, fdOjSXd.jpg)

YES it’s Blood Bank! I usually attribute Sign to being my all time favorite but before that, I was major Blood Bank fan KEK their dynamic was everything even if it got kind of psychotic and very soap drama-like at the end lol

>redrawing Edward
samefagging dropped pic I had a minimized >>>/m/136653 fujo-tan in the corner but I still forgot the flower crown and glasses! I had to add those in the gif making program. If another anon sees this and she wants to make it better please feel free kek.

No. 137195

Holy shit the thread pic is amazing, good job anon

And for the anon asking where people read BL, I just pay for it on Renta or a similar site (come on, don't be a poorfag, support the creators) but for the ones that aren't available for an official translation I usually go to MyReadingManga. The latter is filled with male coomer shit too though so be warned.

No. 137231

that comic had no business making me feel the things it made me feel. shit was so goofy at the start but it had me crying toward the end. wild ride.

No. 137232

/y/'s BL thread has tier lists.

No. 137482

File: 1618469377574.png (1.48 MB, 1024x1442, Screen Shot 2021-04-15 at 15.4…)

Can I go full autist for just a second here?
My favourite BL is Ore ga suki nado warawaseru by Sato Tsubame. It's about two guys in their late 30s (I guess) working at a bank, it's not cutesy but also not violent or anything, just a normal relationship developing. Anyways, I love it.
It's the spin-off of another manga, in which the two main characters have zero chemistry. It's basically one dude trying to sexual harass the other into loving him.
Now I saw that the artist had released a new chapter of something about bankers, and the cover art kind of could've honestly been both couples because "one is blonde, the other has dark hair" is not a tired trope at all. So obviously I bought it and obviously it's the shitty couple, which wouldn't be all that bad if the characters from my favourite BL didn't pop up. Whenever they do it just drives home that they're the better characters. Give me more Kaji and Kamiya ;_;

And on that note: Any recs with guys in their 30s/40s who actually both look and act like grown-up men?

No. 137483

I think it'd be a cute idea if we made our own but tbh I have no idea how many of us are itt since it's pretty slow moving unless we have radfem-chan, gangrape chann, and others to rile up the thread with their autism.

No. 137485

Honestly, wouldn't tier lists be super subjective?I think there are some works we can agree on, but I feel like for a lot of stuff you'd need special categories. People love Harada, but I can't read her stuff, for example.
Or would it just be a general list of quality work no matter the content matter?

No. 137503

Don't you dare attack our queen Gangrape-chan like that. She's the most based poster in this whole thread.

No. 137639

Someone on twitter is giving away a ton of bl merch.you only need to pay for shipping(theyre from canada i think) https://twitter.com/YUUDACHl/status/1382516904569495559?s=20

No. 137651

Honest question, but what are people doing with goodies like postcards? Do you display them in your room? Like honestly I feel like doing that would be on the same level as scrotes with half-naked anime figures in their room.

No. 137654

Maybe if you live alone or something… I wouldn't want to traumatize my Dad every time he has to come into my room for something. Mine are just shoved between the pages of doujin and original volumes. Plus it doesn't really go with the aesthetic of my room. But idk, if the people you live with are cool with it I don't really see the problem.

No. 137658

I’m sooooo tempted but I’m not willing to have any of this displayed on my shelf… Maybe I should and just put them higher in the bookcase where people wouldn’t think “oh what’s this?”? I hope if not me, the aomine stuff goes to a good home…

No. 137660

Oh I thought we were just talking postcards and posters and things like that. I just brazenly mix Harada volumes between depressing Russian lit, vintage Kafka, and books on canid taxonomy because nobody cares to look through my books lol.

No. 137661

Yeah this seems like a bit commeri-ish, I mean its one thing to have collections to have BL doujins but post cards seems male Yuri tier

No. 137663

File: 1618562075012.png (573.41 KB, 650x919, E9DAC6A5-0720-4E48-B7BA-32C3B5…)

I wish I had your mindset lol my bookshelf is tiny and it’s also my main display shelf, otherwise surfaces are occupied by textbooks or clothes or beauty stuff. I don’t have many novels on it anymore (most of my novels are in storage now) but I think maybe original content doujin would fit in next to my gaming stuff kek

Autistic wish but if I had a spare room for hobbies and shit that would be perfect. Because then it could be an entire miniature library of books and cds and art and functionally work for building my own art and playing games too. Have any anons ever considered making a doujin? I figure many of us have written fics, but drawing things out is also its own hurdle.

No. 137664

All of my wall space is occupied by books. Most people I know think reading, and especially my taste is boring as hell, except gay friends who are into like hardcore bara stuff, so I'm safe. Don't we all need more space though? I collect a lot of weird stuff and lack room.

Speaking of 19 Days… that latest chapter. It keeps getting gayer. He Tian and Mo just need to do the deed already.

No. 137670

I don't collect anything, so I'm actually good with the amount of space I have. Almost all of my BL is in the cloud. Works better this way because no one, especially not my partner, need to know how much BL I own.

No. 137733

Sometimes I think about how I started really liking Toya/Yukito when I just started primary school because I was reading CCS to learn how to read on top of watching it on TV and I was also obsessed with Clamp Detective School and in love with the blue haired tsundere guy when I was like 7 years old. I can't believe I was already a dumb fujo back then.

No. 137752

File: 1618605930041.jpeg (977.11 KB, 840x1120, 7AD6E9D0-8519-47FE-ADE0-45E9A9…)

somebody claimed all the enstars shit and the Free magazine… FUCK MY LIFE. I don’t even like free anymore but when it came out I was so into it. Prime 2010s fujo bait. I hope she posts the rest of the giveaway soon. I need emotional retribution. I’m happy for whomever received it though.

To add on to this, ManhuaScan has a large catalogue if you don’t mind scalpers. The scalpers themselves will also usually have an advertised instagram or discord in the footnotes where they share content. supporting artists on Renta is really cheap these days, and Amazon is constantly expanding their library. A lot of Japanese doujins I can’t get on their native host sites I can get through the Japanese Amazon store. thank you for the compliment anon ♥

>rile up the thread with our autism
That’s why I think the tier list is a perfect opportunity to do that! KEK You’re both right >>137485 tier lists are inherently subjective when we’re just tallying up votes for “/fujo/farmers favorite period era BL couple” but I think it’d still be interesting if we took content into account and made it a separate category. Like why when it comes to writing, atmosphere, and artwork this BL is voted fujofarmers favorite period BL, even if it did not win the award for best period BL couple. Does that make sense?

Old xian really has no limit. I have absolutely no idea how she keeps teetering like this. Her ability is endless.

based cloud anon I should make a new Microsoft account and do that KEK when I die someone I love is going to come across the one I have now and be in for a shock lmao

>Can I go full autist
always anon!
This BL sounds really good, between crazy plots and meaningless smut a healthy, regular relationship is always a nice read. I’ll check it out! Sorry about the author baiting you. As for ones about grown men who act and look like grown men, I’m not sure. I’ve read some about men in their late 20s through 40/50s but it’s either bara smut or they’re really childish. Do you want something where they act like normal people?

No. 137753

File: 1618606879770.jpeg (379.73 KB, 1459x2048, 75ACE5FE-C525-47FA-9C86-8ACA10…)

KEK it’s nice you can recollect that far back. I don’t think I really became one until around 2018, at least not in the sense that I was interested in specifically BL content, like games or CDs or anime or fics or novels etc. I had been into DMMD and watched junjou romantica and shit but I wasn’t really there because it was BL.

samefagging if memory serves me right, there’s a manga about 30s salaryman who is paired with an older man who is an angel? Or something like that. I’d have to search for this shit because I never read it, only saw it in passing. I’ll get back to you if I find it! There was also a series of BLCDs about salarymen but I can’t find it either. You might like picrel, it’s called Manly Appetites and it sounds fluff.

No. 137756

File: 1618608657446.jpeg (94.55 KB, 600x400, 8F4BB638-175E-4264-B7C7-DF50E3…)

They would probably go in some kind of collector’s binder like people do with trading cards. And I know hobonichi sells postcard holding pockets for their planners

No. 137760

I think this is a great idea.

Personally, I display some of them in my office above my desk (I work from home). Some postcards are more high quality and "arsty" than others, and can just look like… vaguely homoerotic art lol.

I'd be on board with making a tier list. How do you all want to collab? Google docs, maybe?

No. 137779

File: 1618613643938.jpg (68.15 KB, 640x569, special-present-thumb-All.jpg)

>Do you want something where they act like normal people?
I'll read smut, I'll read childish stuff (even with teenagers), but I just want "normal" grown-ups (still written by women obviously, because who needs real scrotes?) who are gay for each other.

>I don’t even like free anymore but when it came out I was so into it. Prime 2010s fujo bait.

I usually don't watch anime, but I watched Yuri on Ice and could totally see the bait (I mean, they exchange rings ffs!), but with Free I honestly didn't really. I mean, they're a group of guys with girl's names, but they're not especially homoerotic with one another. Or maybe I'm just numb to it。

No. 137787

File: 1618616730044.png (1.52 MB, 1022x1915, don'tclosemountain.png)

>Old xian really has no limit. I have absolutely no idea how she keeps teetering like this. Her ability is endless.

The stamina for 354 chapters and counting is amazing. I feel like it's slowly progressing though. My fave Mo, is having (implied) explicit sex dreams now, picrel.

No. 137789

>but with Free I honestly didn't really. I mean, they're a group of guys with girl's names, but they're not especially homoerotic with one another. Or maybe I'm just numb to it。

Any dramatic emotional relationships/conflict between men= homoeroticism, lol. Well the male anime community is hilarious and often this comes from them. Free was obviously marketed towards a female audience with the designs but they literally consider any show that has a) a male cast that would largely appeal to female watchers too b) a female cast that isn't blatant waifu bait or just there for bouncing boobs and panty shots to be homo fujo bait. I see Jujutsu Kaisen get called Fujo Kaisen and Bungo Stray Dogs dismissed as a husbando/ fujo show, lol.

No. 137803

>they literally consider any show that has a) a male cast that would largely appeal to female watchers too b) a female cast that isn't blatant waifu bait or just there for bouncing boobs and panty shots to be homo fujo bait

This shit right here is why I stopped browsing /a/. A show can be the most degenerate male coomer trash with tiddies in my face and loli incest but the second there's an attractive male character, it's "fujo" bait.

No. 137808

lol that's ridiculous. So males in anime aren't allowed to have feelings and friendships? Toxic masculinity knows no bounds.
Like obviously there are shows marketed towards women, but how many shows with an almost all female cast are out there made for men with crazy sexualized official art? I walk through Akihabara sometimes where it's on display in stores and this shit makes me so uncomfortable.
But sure, attractive 2D men are the real cancer.

No. 137810

Right? I still browse for the occasional based posters and sometimes to laugh at the men with terrible taste in everything. But it is eye-rollingly annoying. There are some staunch fujo defenders there, funnily enough though.

Also good threads get derailed by trolls spamming the absolute worst characters and ships in every single series. And they are relentless.

No. 137818

It's the no homo meme personified. A man having any strong feelings towards another man is flaming gay.

Only been in the station. My female Japanese friends won't let me go there because they don't want me getting the 'habara contamination, lmao. They hate all the men there.

No. 137822

Ladies, someone please tell me what the manga is in the bottom left panel of the thread pic. The one with the brown-skinned guy with cat ears and blonde dude. I beg.

No. 137825

File: 1618627742377.jpeg (46.94 KB, 350x490, D627D498-2E2E-47A2-B021-415488…)

No. 137828

File: 1618630293841.jpg (135.01 KB, 640x361, 200124_160115.jpg)

Just when we talked about what to do with goods (postcards and the like), Chill-Chill released a guide to storing them with 100-yen-store items: https://karela.chil-chil.net/newsDetail/25498/

No. 137830

Speaking of fujobait, I've recently gotten back into enstars and have been really enjoying it. Story is decent and there's a fuckton of doujin and fanart since it's so popular in Japan. Plus the game is pretty.

No. 137855

NTA but Akihabara has some fujo-oriented stores (like the girls' Animate) but all in all it's very, very cancerous with its waifushit. Listen to your friends, they clearly know what they're talking about.

I'd love to get back into enstars but the fandom is riddled with spergy genderspecials kinning the characters. The last I heard of them was that huge drama blow-out of some troons demanding the wiki and everyone else use she/her pronouns the okama character (Arashi) who looked like a male and dressed like a male but semi-joked that "he had a heart of a maiden". They chased a prolific Japanese translator out of the fandom when she tried explaining that he's actually using Japanese gay slang and isn't trans so I gave up on the whole franchise. I hate that so many female spaces are ruined by these obsessed lunatics.

No. 137856

>NTA but Akihabara has some fujo-oriented stores (like the girls' Animate) but all in all it's very, very cancerous with its waifushit. Listen to your friends, they clearly know what they're talking about.

Oh yeah I know, and I like some of the gacha shops. But I can get what I want elsewhere for the most part without the same level of poisonous male otaku. I swear walking past maid cafes and what my friend calls "boob anime" makes me want to kms. My friend practically made me swear a blood oath never to set foot there while vigorously shaking me, lmao. The Yamazaki Pan lunch pack sandwich store in the station is amazing though, absolute aces.

No. 137857

The fujo version of Animate is in Ikebukuro, not Akiba. I personally felt like the floor for shojo manga and BL manga was way larger in Ikebukuro than in Akiba too. But places are huge though so you re almost guaranteed to find what you need.

No. 137859

Animate is not Fujo oriented - they have some fujo stuff, but they just have everything really. The Toranoana that used to have fujo doujins doesn't have them anymore at all. Like it used to be one floor, but apparently that was too much when the scrote Toranoana right next to it has idk 6 floors full of waifu/hentai shit.
Much better to just go to Ikebukuro. Now if that just wasn't so far away from my home…

No. 137862

I was living only 3 stations away from Ikebukuro and while I went to Animate and Mandarake a lot I didn't buy as many things as I thought I would at first. I guess having too much is kind of overwhelming so I only bought stuff I only read before on mrm.

No. 137868

File: 1618652298780.jpg (2.24 MB, 3840x2160, PXL_20210308_054706979.jpg)

I'm mainly looking for doujins, the only commercial BL I've bought a physical copy of was one I wanted the 特典 for. Everything else is on cmoa.
Right now it looks like the only place selling BL doujins in Akihabara is Mandarake.
I went to Animate in Shinjuku a while back and found it hilarious how much more BL there is than Yuri. It's like 1:10, if not even more. Fujos spend serious money.

No. 137869

I actually met a girl from my country because she was desperatly looking for yuri manga in the yaoi/shojo manga floor and she asked me to translate titles. There was barely anything for her, meanwhile the entire store was lo1ded in shojo, josei and the trashiest BL manga in plain sight. I actually didnt buy an doujin because,again, there was too much choices. The few times I tried to buy some doujins I only found pairings I hated or ugly shit. By the way, I found a Harada Gintama doujin compilation and that shit was crazy expensive, I was pissed.

No. 137885

File: 1618660920067.jpeg (155.5 KB, 602x858, 6600807E-4E7F-4A19-B737-C5C5E2…)

Wow we really have anons all over! How much do doujins usually go for? I’ve come across BL for less than 1000 yen (converted) in bookstores, but the selection I had is very, very, very small.

You’re allowed to read a bit while in the store, right? I think the feeling of being so overwhelmed you leave with little is understandable. Outside of BL I’ve experienced similar at music shops. But maybe you could try picking something randomly and reading it? In my mind unless you’re looking for a specific author, that’s really the only way to come across hidden gems (without prior discussion) like what >>137482 read, but in person. However if it’s not like a library where you can return the book then I see how the financial impact could be cumbersome. I’d say a wider selection of BL available at those manga cafes would be a good idea, but 1)I don’t know if those are even open because of covid 2)it could be very embarrassing and deter readers at the cafe from choosing them and also 3) no matter how important public decency is to others I’m not touching a book that’s possibly had multiple fudanshi hands all over it. Obviously this doesn’t apply to farmers and fujos.

No. 137888

It's been a while since I came back from Japan and I couldnt stay for as long as I wanted because of covid, but I do remember that manga kissa/cafes were close at some point last year. I bought most books at Mandarake, and from what I've seen there most doujins are cheap, but if the author is a "big name fan" or became very famous later then prices can become outrageous. I've seen some very old CLAMP doujins, including the infamous Jotaro/Kakyoin egg one and they very easily read the 10000 yens. The Harada doujin compilation was so expensive I can't even remember the price.

No. 137895

File: 1618665614069.jpg (233.21 KB, 900x1284, Ikemen-Under-My-Skin-ch1-00-MR…)

I loved Under My Skin by Usui Iroha. About an office worker and a carpenter. They look and act like adults.

No. 137896

File: 1618665879283.jpg (335.09 KB, 900x1284, Ikemen-Under-My-Skin-ch1-05-MR…)

I really like the contrast in character design. Upturned eyes and downturned eyes are a great combo in my opinion. It got my attention because one half of the couple starts out kind of domineering in a slightly bullying way, but just ever so slightly (because I'm a sicko). But it's a pretty healthy and wholesome relationship story overall.

No. 137905

File: 1618671649242.jpg (264.46 KB, 900x1284, Ikemen-Under-My-Skin-ch1-10-MR…)

Very attractive couple. Great dynamics and a lot of sex. I could stan them all day.

No. 137906

File: 1618671724596.jpg (96.01 KB, 570x929, Under-My-Skin-extras-ESGMYkvU0…)

No. 137963

Thank you for the recommendation, I'll look into it! Apparently there's a special digital version with 16 additional pages. Just in case you didn't know. (No idea which versions get chosen by scanlation teams)

No. 137984

File: 1618708645058.jpg (235.25 KB, 973x919, Stigmata.Takahashi-Hidebu.ch05…)

I really wish the horror BL niche was more filled. True horror like Stigmata - Aikon/スティグマタ ─愛痕─. and Stigmata - Seikon Sousa/スティグマタ─聖痕捜査─ By Takahashi Hidebu. It's so unexplored as a genre. I will find the occasional great one shot. But mostly it's just cute stuff with supernatural themes. I want blood and guts and a lot of morbid stuff.

No. 137985

File: 1618708749637.jpg (207.63 KB, 853x983, Stigmata.Takahashi-Hidebu.ch02…)

And the main couple dynamic is so nice, in addition.

No. 138033

No problem! I'm into office workers/ older guys too. I get really bored of high school settings and whatnot unless there is something especially unique. Plus the designs of the older dudes are usually hotter anyways tbh.

No. 138036

File: 1618736351230.jpg (352.98 KB, 927x1422, Syaku-Ao-ni-Naku.jpg)

Anyone else read/reading (it's completed) Ao ni Naku/あおに鳴く by Syaku? I was familiar with her works from when she wrote Gintama doujins also under the name Gekirin. Her art is beautiful as usual and I like where she takes the time travel concept. You can feel the sadness building, there are a lot of wistful elements from the start- but that ending though. Good thing I love being in pain. She's a creator to watch for sure.

No. 138037

File: 1618736468988.jpg (305.31 KB, 810x1280, Ao-ni-Naku-c5-img0001-167~2.jp…)

Starting your bl career as a Gintoki x Hijikata doujin creator gives you powers.

No. 138131

Is liking Gintama just a pre-requisite to becoming a based fujo mangaka? I feel like this should be on a bingo card or something kek.

No. 138153

File: 1618802711188.jpg (Spoiler Image,270.49 KB, 900x1304, Bokura-no-Chishio-051-MRM.jpg)

Apparently it is? If you draw a lot of picrel, you are based and probably going to make an original work that will make me really sad.

No. 138156

File: 1618804359139.png (984.54 KB, 930x1450, Screen Shot 2021-04-19 at 12.5…)

Anon, I just read this and I'm not okay. Please take responsibility. Also - just how beautiful is this art?
Honestly I was really worried at first that this was going to be "incest - but with time travel".
The only thing that felt a bit awkward was the sex scene, actually.

No. 138160

File: 1618805439754.jpg (96.44 KB, 1000x664, Syaku-Ao-ni-Naku7-image00116~3…)

I'm sorry anon. I am totally not okay either. I'm blasting Very Cruel by Poliça. I will doubly punish myself for selfishly sharing my hurt. That art is so lovely. Also glad for no incestuous time travel plot. As soon as we got that flashback I knew the pain was going to be bad for sure.

No. 138166

File: 1618808989307.png (1.85 MB, 1078x1654, Screen Shot 2021-04-19 at 13.5…)

A cute one with adults is Yume nara doko made yurusaremasu ka? 夢ならどこまで許されますか? Guy tries to turn himself in for murder, turns out he had just dreamt it. The police officer on duty tells him to come by anytime he has trouble sleeping and the relationship develops from there.

No. 138241

god i fucking hate when TRA/tranny fanfic writers don't tag their shit on ao3 and suddenly i have to read about akechi's or sukuna's pussy and clit. they always pretend to be woke and that fujos are evil fetishizers (who fucking cares) when they're the ones fetishizing their own mental illness and are obsessed with straight piv sex. sorry for the blogging, it just keeps happening lately and i can't vent to anyone without being called transphobiqué.

No. 138246

>akechi's or sukuna's pussy and clit

Words I never wanted to read in combination. No, that's incredibly annoying anon. They can tag their stuff but want to force it on people who aren't interested instead.

No. 138252

Are there any dark, tragic manga like Tokyo Babylon? I live for that BL relationship angst, but the only other comic that I read with a similar vibe is Boys Next Door by Kaori Yuki. Read most stuff by Clamp except XXXholic, Legal Drug and Gate 7.

No. 138300

File: 1618862912560.jpeg (69.44 KB, 388x550, 31A1A1A1-690C-4CCF-A4FD-1B57CA…)

How about Number 6?

No. 138302

Fuck yeah murder, thanks for the ref

Kind of related in the same realm of crime, this upcoming movie gives off BL vibes(obviously not gay but very cool concept)

No. 138306

Thank you! I don't know this series yet. Should I go with manga or anime? (I usually prefer manga)

No. 138322

File: 1618869149356.jpg (86.97 KB, 1024x575, 0fe7dae8ee8b54b8dbab882b45a067…)

What about Nabari no Ou? I've read it AGES ago but from what I vaguely remember about it could be fitting for your needs

No. 138323

I think the manga is really good! And >>138322 is a great recommendation too.

No. 138324

File: 1618870145118.jpg (17.86 KB, 180x256, 100001799500001.jpg)

Meanwhile I read a (otherwise really bad) Japanese BL with a trigger warning because "there is straight sex in this next chapter". It had the most stupid plot ever though (Private Libido): MC who was molested as a child (which turned him gay apparently) works as a male prostitute, falls in love with a client, starts living with him, surprise, it's the guy who molested him as a child, but it's fine because love.

No. 138338

Damn, I know we are all used to the "raped until he loves him" trope and "nonchalantly reacting to rape"… But "surprise I'm secretly your rapist from the past who traumatized you" seems like a guaranteed mental breakdown. Now that you mention it, pretty sure I have seen this basic scenario before.

No. 138341

But anon, he only inserted one finger in the anus and stopped when the child said it hurt, he is obviously a nice guy! And this is not something I just inferred, it's actually in the manga.

No. 138361

File: 1618887946749.png (3.75 MB, 1512x2150, F55317AF-47AF-440A-A7FD-F2429C…)


I’m going to read this, does anyone else happen to have any recommendations with more…I wish I could explain it better but with more “seme” archetypical personality traits. Getting terribly bored of the cutesy or flamboyant ones always bottoming.

I don’t know, like D18 from the old hitman reborn fandom or like picrel

No. 138378

Do you mean with a bottom who is more assertive/non-cute? Because I feel like there's a ton of those lately.
I don't know your references so I have to ask.

No. 138380

Reserved, quieter, maybe shy, usually dark hair I guess?

No. 138423

This is the most retarded shit I've ever read, thanks anon. Like I get the redeemable seme stereotype but this man just molested a child. It would be one thing if the relationship was portrayed as toxic like Harada's fucked up works but this was just trying to convince me that fluffy sweet romances between traumatized children and their abusers are possible. Holy shit.

No. 138426

File: 1618924154244.jpeg (924.01 KB, 828x1163, 58905AD1-D6FA-48A0-B39E-237679…)

so keen.. i’ve missed them

No. 138430

Same wtf. Starts off with a pretty realistic abuse flashback. Then the abuser has the audacity to be angry at the victim for being a, uh, sexy child I guess? And like you said this isn't portrayed as dark at all but cute and everything quickly becomes happy and blissful. Whiplash.

No. 138431

NTA but who the fuck cares, fiction is meant to make dynamics that would never work in reality to work. I get people finding it gross but objectively trying to do this "b-b-b-but think of the children, i-i-i'm so twiggewed" shit is a waste of time. I sure as hell would not fall in love with someone who assaulted me but that's because I'm a real person with feelings and complexity, unlike a character in a comic book. Swear the zoomer bitches ITT would never survive in the 90's to early 00's BL environment

No. 138433

yeah but it’s just weird. people are allowed to dislike bls for whatever reasons they want . don’t be so butthurt lol

No. 138434

Calm down. I like some of the most genuinely demented BL around that other people won't even touch and this one was genuinely stupid. Rape, violence, and abuse, in yaoi doesn't trigger me in general. This one was just dumb and not interesting.

No. 138436

ATYRT and I don't mind any of those things you mentioned either, this one just did a shit poor job at convincing me. The writing was bad. And yes, we're allowed to be critical of BL in the BL thread.

No. 138437

The thread gets enough moralspergs like the one who started mass reporting NSFW stuff in the first thread and gloated about it (and got poor Gangrape-chan banned kek) so it's understandable to be on your toes regarding questioning the morality of BL. Especially in the current climate of "everything needs to be a comfy coffeeshop AU or it's toxic and abusive". It's sad that whenever there could be criticism regarding the writing and your personal preferences you can never be sure if it's the "I didn't like this personally and found it badly written" kind of legitimate critique or "this is heinous and everyone who likes this is a pedo rape apologist" kind.

No. 138442

I just read it and it was hot wtf? Like I found it wasn't that unsettling compared to what can be found in the BL/hentai world.

No. 138444

Well I agree with this. But I also think we should be free to criticize particular works if we think they are ridiculous or for whatever reason. I'm fine with vanilla-chans. I'm a huge Harada stan, I love even her most taboo stuff. Very little goes too far for me. I don't like moral sperging either but think people should speak freely. If anons are getting banned for being too "edgy" or whatever that really sucks.

No. 138447

I thought the tonal shift was weird. Like it should either be unsettling or wholesome not a mish mash of both. The seme was creepy but then it shifted to a normal slice of life domestic bliss deal and it was too weird for me.

No. 138450

i think that as long as people don’t get mad at what other people are reading or go on moral crusades about it, it’s fine to criticize certain works/tropes/themes

No. 138454

I know this was discussed last thread but still feel its important to say

I feel like aydens and the faghag fujos(you know the ones that glorify and or fetishize IRL gay men) would disappear if there was more social consciousness and reminders that BL males are absolutely fictional

most normal people who read BL are aware of the fact that BL characters are very far removed from real life gay men or real human beings in general
But either very autistic or dumb and underage girls correlate actual gay men and male homosexuality with BL, and cause of this we end up with Aydens or faghag fujos

Just think how much better the community without these 2 pests

No. 138455

I think it has to do with age too. A lot of young girls with very little experience with the opposite sex get into BL and think IRL gay men are all like this without having any life experience to contradict it. Most of us grow out of our Ayden fakeboi phase real quick once you interact with a live man. These girls are mostly internet dwellers who never reach that point.

No. 138457

god I loved no. 6. One of my all time favorite anime openings too. The casualness of their affection really draws you in, it was the first anime/manga I had read that included a gay love story that wasn't the focal point (not that there is anything wrong with that). It was a dystopian sci-fi with some gays.

No. 138458

Still the issue shouldn't exist in the first place

No. 138478

You can say this cause you have the privilege of hindsight, I don't think anyone could have predicted the rise of aydens and faghags in the community and the fact is they exist whether we like it or not, faghags are generally more tolerable if the discussion is soely about BL and yaoi content but other then they seem like insufferable human beings and you can't win with aydens, hell there's a chance they might groom new comers in the community

I mean its getting really bad, so some action has to be taken

No. 138485

File: 1618946912838.jpeg (234.71 KB, 800x1200, 92899A25-AE68-4949-9BDA-7FAFBA…)


Not going to lie, I enjoyed every minute of this garbage and I will enjoy every minute of this garbage : adventures in Spain

But why is the panel layout in the manga so always so painfully cluttered

No. 138504

Problem is that now it would piss a lot of people off to say that BL dudes are mostly written by women and that's why they're so likable and relatable to women. Because now we have BL creators and consumers who think they are not women lol

No. 138507

The manga didn't make me mad because I'm a moralfag, but because it didn't make any sense. On the very first page, they say that the trauma from being molested is what turned him into a prostitute, but then later it's like "Oh no actually he was a very kind molester and he's so nice because he didn't really rape a child, he only tried to". So on the one hand the trauma is real and had a huge impact, but on the other hand it wasn't all that bad?
I don't think every BL has to be wholesome, but every story has to make sense in itself.

No. 138595

File: 1618997281380.jpeg (40.6 KB, 351x362, 51D5F0E9-83AC-4135-8C39-D8843A…)

why exactly were big yaoi hands a thing in like the 90s. was it just a handful of terrible artists that got popular or was it just a meme?

No. 138600

File: 1618999494363.jpg (148.66 KB, 675x560, 1618321784453.jpg)

It was a meme in the sense of the original definition of a meme which is
>"A meme is an idea, behavior, or style that spreads by means of imitation from person to person within a culture and often carries symbolic meaning representing a particular phenomenon or theme"

The early works of BL were typically Doujins of established Shonen and some Shujo Series in the 70s, one of the first was the Original Devilman which was at the time revolutionary and a trend setter, the early Yaoi artists copied that aesthetic and kept certain aspects of it as it evolved

No. 138613

But the hands in Devilman weren't especially big? Or maybe I'm wrong and haven't noticed it while reading. In the screencap the hand looks mostly proportional

No. 138614

i think that's kind of women's fantasies

No. 138625

Strong hands, sure. The guy in the pic anon provided looks like some kind of urban legend monster though, lol.

No. 138628

>>138595 In the 80's-90's in Japan many men wore huge suits with lots of shoulder padding which made them look very wide/'manly'. I'm guessing mangakas tried to put that into their art but then felt the need to have the hands match the size.

No. 138641

File: 1619023413727.jpg (247.29 KB, 2048x1660, EofCAaZUUAA07jz.jpg)

>In the 80's-90's in Japan many men wore huge suits with lots of shoulder padding which made them look very wide/'manly'. I'm guessing mangakas tried to put that into their art
Pic related is a goddamn legend for that reason alone. Shoulders to end all shoulders

No. 138645

Christ I don't get how anyone could be Into that, speaking of which anyone here ever stop reading a Doujin cause you disliked the Art style or it was just bad art period
Like I tried reading the Clamp

No. 138646

File: 1619026082665.jpg (90.19 KB, 462x584, tumblr_inline_pbi1g1aXXr1snovb…)

It's all about the angst, the story and character's personalities. Though Sakurazuka's mutant shoulders are endearing to me in a memetic way. It probably helps that I love Clamp with my whole heart.

No. 138761

File: 1619077135936.png (740.19 KB, 1038x818, Screen Shot 2021-04-22 at 16.3…)

Not even just doujin, there's lots of commercial work that's just bad. Like who signed off on this? (Just a random BL I stumbled upon)

No. 138790

File: 1619093312640.jpeg (75.54 KB, 727x975, shoulders.jpeg)

This is having something of a resurgence on pixiv lately.

No. 138892

Wow, I like and would love to see more. What should I look for?

No. 138899

all he needs is spikier hair and a dorito chin to that could slice a man's neck open and he'd be perfect.
>another trashy bl anime adaption
On one hand, I enjoy it bl anime adaptions. On the other, most of them are garbage bc they choose to adapt ones where sex is like 90% of the plot and we end up with this barebones asf story that awkwardly jumpcuts or just gets rid of the steamy "plot" that fujos are really here for.

No. 138919

File: 1619138871124.jpeg (260.32 KB, 1086x1593, angel.jpeg)

Honestly people should share more of their favourite pixiv artists in this thread. There is so much BL content on there. Her stuff is more BL adjacent from what I remember. I can't find her account now and it's so annoying. Here is her twitter with links to other social media though: https://mobile.twitter.com/shidokenai

No. 138921

>all he needs is spikier hair and a dorito chin to that could slice a man's neck open and he'd be perfect.

It already looks like he is slicing men's necks open, minus the dorito chin. Improvement if you ask me.

No. 138924

File: 1619139479327.jpg (278.41 KB, 1000x1412, FushiguroWaOreNiAmai_26-MRM.jp…)

How can people get mad a fujos when they have this degree of self awareness and self deprecation, lmao?

No. 138930


>You will never become a ruthless fujo demon. Why even live?

Which doujin btw?

No. 138931

Lmao. The author was making fun of her own doujin because it's a cute one and has no hardcore action at all. It's Fushiguro wa Ore ni Amai by chicken. JJK doujins are usually either cute or depraved (like Megumi getting fucked by his Dad). I was reading one the other day where Yuji was actually the bottom for once but then it turned out that Megumi had been doing incest with Tsumiki and Yuji reminded him of her.

No. 138946

I feel like in general most anime adaptions are meh.

No. 138948

You can always use saucenao to find their pixiv.

No. 138967

File: 1619165175105.jpeg (71 KB, 464x661, F78511BA-E4F1-4BA5-A23A-504ED7…)

this is why i enjoy the given adaptation…maybe a little slow moving and quiet but it’s cute and it’s so nice to experience the songs <3 i hope they adapt the next arc of the manga when it’s finished

it’s not that i don’t enjoy a good sexy manga but i feel like bl anime has a bad rep for being awkwardly sexual. i would love for some more plot heavy bl mangas to get adapted, i think there’s good potential to gain a new audience in the slice of life/romance demographic too.

No. 138999

File: 1619186437425.jpg (170.76 KB, 600x1103, hatchetguy.jpg)

Found her in my feed for the nonny who asked originally.


No. 139170

the first arc is the only good one

No. 139489

File: 1619489783721.jpg (175.99 KB, 920x1308, bakana-80-MRM.jpg)

Bakana Inuhodo Itooshii/バカな犬ほど愛おしい by Yuitsu. There is a lot more variety in bottoms now but it's still pretty hard to find a quiet, reserved, stoic, type of uke. I like this one because the art is nice and while the bottom is naive and pretty cute personality wise he looks like a tough hooligan with the scar and general design and can defend himself in a fight.

No. 139490

File: 1619490201365.jpg (190.55 KB, 914x733, c1-bakana-23-MRM~2.jpg)

Also this self aware moment really made me laugh.

No. 139528

File: 1619517943307.jpg (43.44 KB, 900x634, 29-125~2.jpg)

More unwholesome recommendations. Sorry for giving up on only suggesting completed works. They will vary in depravity and how bad the endings are for the characters.

Oni wa Warau ka/鬼は笑うか/Will the Demons Laugh? by Kimura Hidesato - a student begins a curious relationship with a taciturn classmate after he discovers his sexual relationship with their abusive gym teacher. Bloody and violent in parts.

Gesshoku Kitan/Total Eclipse Of The Eternal Heart by Syundei - set in the Taisho era with the mangaka's trademark unique art style. A former mystery writer and serial killer reincarnates into the body of a teenage boy and is still out for blood. Some of his former long dead victims have also been reincarnated and want revenge. Supernatural horror.

Onborobachi by Syundei - a university student keeps running into a withdrawn former elementary school classmate. Feels guilty that he stood by and allowed him to be bullied by his friends when they were little kids. Becomes more concerned about him when he stumbles upon the fact that his classmate and friend, and the half-brother of the aforementioned elementary school classmate, despises him and is forcing him into prostitution.

Doushite Sensei ni Natta by Syundei - one shot about predatory new teacher taking advantage of a student who developed a crush on him a few years before.

Utsuro no Shouzou/ Hollow Portrait by Nishin Masumi - psychological horror about a little brother who sells himself to men to pay for his tuition. His brother gets violent with him when they have a fight over it and they both almost die as a result. When they come home from the hospital there is something really wrong with his brother.

MADK by Suzuri Ryo - Mostly recommended for the bizarre factor and often beautiful art. A teenage boy summons a demon and wants to make a pact with it by eating it's guts. A lot of organs spilling out and blood and gore. Pretty surreal. Monster sex.

Balloon - by Kan/ Kaninn -  Adachi x Yu doujin, you don't have to be familiar with the source material but I suppose it helps. Violent and dependent relationship between a murderous cop and high school student. Expressive art, themes of insanity.

The Heart Of A Crab by Kan/ Kannin - Adachi x Yu doujin, similar to above but more of a reversal with suicidal and masochistic dynamics.

Vesti la Giubba by Repollo - Adachi x Yu doujin, same psychotic situation as the above two. Pretty art. Violent abusive love-hate, I want to be the one to kill you dynamic.

Nishikaidan no Akuma by Ogawa Chise - surprisingly no incest in sight. A hapless transfer student falls into the clutches of a probable demonic entity lurking in his new school. Violent and bloody, stockholm syndrome.

Misshitsu paraiso by Melomelow/ Hyura - pretty disturbing Erwin x Levi alternate universe doujin. An obsessed adult stalker kidnaps and imprisons a young singer. Gradually wears down his resistance. Stockholm syndrome.

No. 139529

File: 1619519383482.png (1.82 MB, 1069x1426, killaheart.png)

More unwholesomeness.

How To Kill A Heart/ Kokoro o Korosu Houhou by Kashio - wasn't expecting this to be this dark. A man remarries late in life and his son gets a younger step brother. Younger step brother is obsessed with his new older brother and has obsessive, sadistic, and psychopathic tendencies. Blackmails him into rape. Older step brother copes by pretending he is having sex with his boss who he is in love with. Themes of suicide, self-loathing, and desperate homicidal urges. Ending takes quite a dark turn out of left field that I wasn't really expecting.

Rec me by Hashikura Jil - two actors with horrendous personalities in a relationship. One incites the other intentionally by screwing around as much as possible. Turns out the guy he is cheating on was his high school rapist (unbeknownst to the rapist) who he blames for getting the teacher he loved killed.

Groping in the dark/ Yonin no Nibiiro by akabeko- an innocent guy living with his grandfather tries to rescue a yakuza sex slave on a whim and gets entangled in the group's drama. The yakuza higher up chose the sex slave (who is more than he appears) because he reminded him of his mother who hated him, and is in a violent love-hate relationship with his half brother who he has been using as a punching bag and raping since high school. The family dynamics here are insane .

Oni Otoshi by FIZZCODE/ Satonishi - doujin, Hoozuki x Hakutaku. Thousands of years long hate filled relationship between a demon and supernatural entity. Choking and violence, masochism and sadism- naturally.

Mazu no Hoshikuzu/魔都の星屑 by Miyako - a noir and kind of gothic set during the opium wars in Shanghai. A shady and duplicitous soldier with a bad personality manipulates a gay and masochistic gangster involved in the trade for intel. Nice art style.

Mourning and New Departure/Mofuku no Hanayome/喪服の花嫁 by Megu Iroha - a young man accepts his horrible fate, a sexual relationship with his disturbed author father after his mother leaves them. After being raped by one of his father's business associates he punches out a cab driver in a drunken and emotional haze. They make a connection and the cab driver has a tragic past of his own. Pretty sad but doesn't have a bad end.

Manin Densha to Kimi | 满员电车与你 - by Koyubi - slow burn psychological without any hardcore action. A cross dressing young man in a schoolgirl uniform puts an older professional man's hands on him in a crowded train. Soon after he does the same without the girls uniform. A strange relationship develops.

No. 139531

File: 1619520402172.png (1.13 MB, 1007x1045, tiedwithfate.png)

A lot of psychological issues in these.

Fish Tied With Fate/ 因果の魚/ Inga no Sakana by Arai Niboshiko - Psychological drama. I really love this one for the art and dark story. Two cousins are involved in an unbalanced sexual relationship since childhood. One is extremely dominant both physically and psychologically and this includes physical abuse and bullying. The other feels inferior and goes along with his poor treatment. This progresses into adulthood where they both work at the same company and have complicated feelings for each other. The ending isn't particularly tragic, and offers some resolution for the wronged half of the duo, so I think you can stomach this if you like angst and some darkness but something that doesn't go really really far.

Attachment Love by Matsumoto You - A younger man obsessed for years with a stern policeman who helped him as a child commits a crime so he can become involved with him. Starts out with a pretty lighthearted tone but the policeman's deep psychological issues make this one oddly compelling.

Hitori to Hitori no 3650nichi/ 1人と一人の3650日/3650 Days Of Two People Apart by hitomi - a kindhearted highschool student confesses to his best friend on graduation day. His friend calls him disgusting and walks away without ever looking back. They are reunited by chance many years later. The kindhearted friend is dismayed to find the classmate who rejected him has been pursuing violent and dangerous sex out of self-loathing. Contains side story The Immature Us Will Grow Up In Summer About a misunderstanding between friends, which is a lot less dark and sad.

Shitto wa Ai wo Kumoraseru/Jealousy Clouding Love/嫉妬は愛を曇らせる by Nagisa Eiji - psychological, a bitter pianist with mommy issues and no real love for the art resents a naive and cheerful up and coming pianist who deeply admires him. Decides to toy with and manipulate him out of spite.

Ore, Sono Kao Kirai Desu/ I Hate That Face/オレ、その顔きらいです by Koikawa - love the angst and the simple and clean art style. A self-loathing young man has recently moved away for university. He despises his face because it is the spitting image of his father who abandoned his family and is dismayed to find that his new neighbour could be his twin. Their personalities clash and his tendency to sleep with anyone who will have him has unintended consequences for his neighbour.

Kawataredoki no Yume by Mayama Rika - oneshot. A teacher's brother in law comes to stay with him and his wife unannounced. He writes romance novels as a hobby and his brother in law stays up at night with him telling tales of his sexual exploits for inspiration. The teacher becomes obsessed with his brother in law and begins to question his sanity and sense of reality.

A Knockout From A Fist Of Love! by Mushiba - oneshot, love the retro style. A good student becomes obsessed with beating a delinquent who has never lost a fight. He loses and to his dismay realizes the delinquent has intentionally been going easier on him than any other opponent. The delinquent becomes as obsessed with making his challenger cry as his challenger is with beating him.

Ore no Pants ga Hitojichi ni Torarete Imasu/俺のパンツが人質に取られています by Haruta - A senior student has to come to school with no underwear on due to a mishap at home. When he goes to the bathroom to change a sadistic junior student, who clearly has a thing for him, blackmails him with a photo he takes in the bathroom.

No. 139536

wow those really are unwholesome

No. 139545

File: 1619529986453.jpg (221.81 KB, 900x1330, Ore-Sono-Kao-Kirai-Desu.jpg)

Some of them aren't as bad as they sound, lol. Despite all of the psychological trauma and angst and abuse the couple in Ore, Sono Kao Kirai Desu go through they develop into a healthy couple, for example. But I know a lot of people don't do the violence, rape, incest, etc. that comes with the territory. So it's worth grouping them.

No. 139547

File: 1619530391190.png (179.2 KB, 900x1293, 30.png)

… they end up like this after you get through the self-loathing and fighting and rape.

No. 139571

Onborobachi still waiting for the scans for this. Ugh.
Love Ore Sono Kao Kirai Desu, the facial expressions are top tier and I honestly think its cute. Also im a degen that likes incest in yaoi so its a nice cope.

No. 139647

File: 1619562342929.jpeg (326.52 KB, 1000x718, 3DAC30A7-322B-4D61-85C9-A470AE…)

Anyone else like to buy figures in pairs? I have a hard time justifying buying a figure of a male character if I don’t have another boy who I ship him with to match. Pic related as an example because I ship them.

No. 139650

File: 1619563226885.jpg (282.06 KB, 600x600, 639561.jpg)

I should have done this, you're smart. I get lowkey sad sometimes that my Kaworu figure doesn't have a matching Shinji.

Speaking of BL figures- I'm not super interested in Yarichin but I love this figure and I want him and I want more lewd male figures like this. He's perfect.

No. 139654

File: 1619566523259.jpg (Spoiler Image,237.62 KB, 900x1336, onborobachi.jpg)

>Onborobachi still waiting for the scans for this. Ugh.

It's so annoying but worth it. Syundei is really versatile with her storytelling. And her art style is golden. I don't know what it is with psychotic half-brothers and step-brothers in bl I have read lately though. Like oh "I resent him for existing and taking some of the spotlight away from me so I'm going to have him raped". Get therapy lunatic, damn.

No. 139655

File: 1619567153369.png (241.38 KB, 900x832, kaokirai.png)

>Love Ore Sono Kao Kirai Desu, the facial expressions are top tier and I honestly think its cute. Also im a degen that likes incest in yaoi so its a nice cope.

It's like guilt free incest. Well, is there anything more romantic in a psycho drama way than willingly getting raped in place of the guy you kind of like to protect him? That's noble.

No. 139657

>I want more lewd male figures like this.
I thought the ten count and figure of the guy photocopying his ass were cuter honestly.

No. 139658

Me too (why crocs?). The photocopy one was pretty expensive was it not? Some of the regular figures you can diy lewd if you buy in pairings and are creative though.

No. 139662

File: 1619570937170.png (1.14 MB, 880x1412, Screen Shot 2021-04-28 at 9.42…)

Can I recommend something wholesome?

>25-ji Akasaka de (1am in Akasaka); Natsuno Hiroko

>25時、赤坂あで 夏野寛子

Young actor gets a part in his first TV series, a BL story. He plays opposite his senpai from university. After the introductionary meeting, the senpai gets horribly drunk and tries to sleep with the young actor, who is thereby thrown into a sea of amigaynow?!
I originally didn't buy this because the cover art is boring af, but they had it at my local rental place and I was bored. It's very sweet while also having a fair amount of sex scenes and the art is pretty.

No. 139663

Omg nonny are you me. I'm literally buying both the Jakurai and Ramuda Aniplex figs because I had to have them in a pair. I bought the Dice Nendoroid as well and I'm seriously considering buying the Gentaro one so they can be together too.

No. 139664

because he wears crocs in the manga lol

No. 139666

Lol I know but it still bothers me. Like, what are you my grandpa?

No. 139667

ugh same … the haikyuu nendoroids are so cute but i know i could never buy hinata without kageyama <3 they belong together

No. 139670

Same! I’m mainly into hypmic for those two ships as well.

No. 139671

That's all of the Haikyuu! figures to be honest, they are all de facto paired up.

No. 139675

File: 1619574931690.jpg (112.74 KB, 950x743, Balloon_p05.jpg)

Yes, you really should to balance out the even more shady stuff I will be posting.

No. 139710

You have no idea of how much I appreciate you and your hard work.
Thank you so much for the recs!!

No. 139712

Thank you anon! I'm so boooored. The pandemic has f'd my life. I should be travelling right now but all I do is work overtime and read (not just BL I swear to god) because everything is shut down here so I have been going through all the crazy stuff I have read.

No. 139721

Anyone have recommendations for some soft-dom(gentle maledom??) BL stories
I personally find it hot to an extent, but most of the time its just disgusting' and just cringy for me
I'd like to read some a story with some light bondage, choking and really nothing more beyond that

No. 139723

File: 1619590598617.png (1.27 MB, 1028x1430, dom.png)

I don't know if it's available in English, but 一目惚れした人がドMだったもので (Hitomebore shita hito ga do-M datta mono de) has a bondage teacher who is into choking and his loving boyfriend.

No. 139724

I'll check it anon, thanks anon

No. 139778

Speaking of Yarichin, I'm just trying to figure out who ends up with who. My fav pair is blue hair dude and pink hair dude, but I'm pretty sure pink hair will end up with the stalker dude. For the main pair, wish it'd end up as a threesome kek. Whenever there's a love triangle, I stupidly wish for a poly relationship knowing that's never going to happen. That is unless one of the love interests is a total douchebag, then that's understandable.
Her art style is what drew me into Onborobachi and her other bl. I think it was the one where the dude was into a wax figure who came to life? But I may be mixing it up with another author.
I wish there was more or at least a point of view chapter for why tan version was into the other twin. Or at least a progression? Idk, I just really wanted more chapters with them being cute. The ending was definitely nice, but it left me wanting more cause it was so cute how affectionate nontan twin was.

Is anyone following/reading Black Mirror? Any ideas on what might be going on? I can sorta read korean, so i've been following the korean scans, and it feels like something might finally get explained. Oh >>139721 Black Mirror has some choking in it but idk if you'd consider it gentle maledom??

No. 139819

Is anyone else tired of ABO and its endless variations? The other day I saw something that had the world divided into Doms and Subs (complete with the English words). If you want SM to be part of your story, maybe just have characters who are into that shit instead of going the "innate biological submissivness" route?
If you want "humans in heat", just give them a stupidly potent aphrodisiac like every other stupid bl manga out there kek

No. 139828

File: 1619648544386.png (1.82 MB, 1028x1452, Screen Shot 2021-04-29 at 7.12…)

Another wholesome rec.
"Until I meet my Husband" by Tsukizukiyoshi based on the life of Nanasaki Ryosuke (jp. title 僕が夫に出会うまで)
This is a non-fiction BL, illustrating the troubles of growing up gay in Japanese society. As it tells the story from when Ryosuke was little it can feel a bit rushed at some points ("and then I dated a few other people and then…"), but there's a happy ending and an actual sex scene (which surprised me considering it's about real people). I will also admit to happy crying a bit because I'm mushy and just want everyone to be happy lol

No. 139838

File: 1619652767840.jpeg (28.01 KB, 455x500, 1235307978.jpeg)

I dunno I kind of prefer fujobait over full on BL. and I much prefer tragic homo ending above all. Is that weird?

No. 139853

File: 1619656730845.jpg (282.22 KB, 748x908, Unmei-no-Tsugai-ga-Omae-da-Nan…)

Yes, god. I get so annoyed when I am looking into something and it has nice art and looks otherwise interesting only to find out it's onegaverse. I only read one all the way through recently, Unmei no Tsugai ga Omae da Nante by Haruta because I generally like the artists other stuff and the character's animosity towards each other was well done (also had no mpreg). And the mc looks just like Denji from Chainsaw Man which was hilarious to me.

No. 139859

File: 1619659992936.jpg (238.48 KB, 900x1306, I-Hate-That-Face-Ch.-2-32-MRM.…)

>I wish there was more or at least a point of view chapter for why tan version was into the other twin. Or at least a progression? Idk, I just really wanted more chapters with them being cute. The ending was definitely nice, but it left me wanting more cause it was so cute how affectionate nontan twin was.

Me too. I think the turning point was when he realized he was really hurting himself (the sadist ripping his earring out) at the end of chapter 2 and the emotional convo they have in chapter 3, and deeply self-loathing, sleeping with scumbags and not just screwing around because he didn't care about other people. But obviously it takes a really really good and benevolent person to do what he did.

No. 139876

Just passing by scrolling on /m/ and this pic made me laugh so fucking hard

never change yaoi, never change

No. 139877

I agree so hard. Some of the BL with the nicest art seem to be omegaverse too… I always click the ones with pretty covers only to be disappointed that it's ABO.

No. 139881

I really fucking hate omegaverse, it has just so sexist undertones. Maybe I sound ridiculous Since it involves all men. Just hear me out. I think omegas are quite clearly a representation of women. I mean it’s quite obvious since they carry children and that’s something women do in real life. like Yaoi usually does feminize the “uke “ and omega is always uke submissive one. While alpha is masculine and dominant. From The omegaverse stories I’ve read the omega stays at home and takes care of the kids. There’s nothing wrong with that but I never see them deviate from this stereotype.
It basically becomes a rapey hetro story

No. 139888

You can prefer whatever you like, nonnie. You're not hurting anyone.

No. 139893

>Utsuro no Shouzou/ Hollow Portrait by Nishin Masumi
I love this one so fucking much. In fact, I love all of Nishin's works but this is probably my favorite due to the incest aspect. Wish we'd get an update.

No. 139898

File: 1619673540304.jpeg (254.46 KB, 900x1277, 45AA1066-9D00-4582-A765-41D007…)

I don’t know if this manga was talked about already, but reading Tsuki to kin no shangri la made me feel cozy and happy, It’s like reading some sort of otoyomegatari but short and bittersweet.

No. 139900

Not that it counts for much but I'm on the exact same boat as you.

No. 139904

I like the idea of ABO and all this carnal desire shit because I'm a huge fan of the stark contrast top/bottom dynamic and forced breeding but ABO rarely even has that setting? The ones I've read have been immensely boring and more focused on dumping the lore on how these humans breed and maybe a few badly drawn sex scenes with the most boring characters ever.

The anon who always starts sperging about omegaverse being some anti-female psyop when the genre is mentioned needs to take her meds though.

No. 139909

I like it in fanfiction but I hate reading about it in manga. They make it so boring.

No. 140253

>stark contrast top/bottom dynamic and forced breeding
I hate that ABO stories rarely utilize those aspects. I'm here to read extremely problematic smut, not boring shit. I feel baited every time I go into the omegaverse tag on MRM and see pretty art but it's just some beta/omega shit. What's the point??? I'm there for the dubious consent and weird knotted dicks, not some softcore wholesome love story.

No. 140336

>tfw I was looking for beta/omega for societal hate
I want to see omegas getting hated on by alphas for not dating the chaddest of chads!

No. 140387

The omegaverse aspect that I'm really into is the fated pair concept. Extra points to authors who use it as a way to break your heart and hurt you like Akabeko's Shounen no Kyoukai.

No. 140391

File: 1620015455853.jpeg (260.89 KB, 1910x1080, A2EB4E43-5287-46A8-BA47-43B315…)

I like it but I have an absolutely disgusting mpreg fetish / I love stories about my ships having kids. If it has neither of these elements and not even any nasty wild sex, literally what is the point?
It’s invaded fandoms everywhere, JP fandoms too, I wonder if gross mpreg fetishes are way more common than I thought.

No. 140394

This fanart is cute but I genuinely don’t get this ship.

No. 140395

It's usually the opposite in my experience,"how dare you date a chad!".

No. 140396

File: 1620017194379.jpg (170.92 KB, 846x1200, Kyoukai_c01_p25.jpg)

This one is good if you like more fucked up omegaverse stories in general. I like a good sad ending but tbh I wanted the mc to end up with the shitty former gang rapist ringleader, lol. And let the hot mess have the childhood friend rapist. Like I'm sorry but childhood friend was still a rapist too but was supposed to be more redeemable. Even though personally I would be more hurt by that betrayal.

No. 140397

Neither do I, but sometimes I’ll follow an artist just because the art is cute.

No. 140448

File: 1620065712178.jpg (245.53 KB, 844x1200, Dousei-Yankee-Akamatsu-Seven-c…)

I haven't read yaoi in years, but just started reading Dousei Yankee because I saw a fun edit and I am feeling all kinds of giddy! I thought I was done with this fujoshit nonsense but appparently not. I want to scream with happiness: I'm a fucking degenerate

No. 140523

>Everyone hypes ABO up to be the most ~problematic~, abusive power dynamic shit there is with dick knots and breeding and all that
>Sweet, maybe I should check it out.
>Instead it's just cute omega wife with his tender alpha husband doing domesticated things, melancholic drama that drags on forever or disgusting furshit
>What the fuck
I just wanted nasty, sex filled smut between two anime men.

No. 140542

File: 1620134880311.jpg (243.86 KB, 900x1280, Anti-Alpha-c2-014-MRM.jpg)

Lol, depraved/sicko/unwholesome rec anon here. I should dig up some omegaverse recs next time I'm not working 16 hour shifts since people seem to want some. I know I have read a few, not many in this genre though surprisingly. I don't know where the knotted dick thing came from though, lol. Wolves? Because of the alpha and omega origin thing? My favourite hilarious trope is that all of the omegas forget to take their suppressants almost all of the time. In a world where that means likely getting raped, probably by your own friends/classmates/colleagues.

Off the top of my head I would try Anti Alpha/アンチアルファ by Okuda Waku. It's basically all violent sex and abusive dynamics. Of course the protagonist falls in love with his rapist in the end, duh, this is yaoi- but it's not super cutesy.

No. 140621

i started reading it last night because of your post, and i got to chapter 13 and found out that the last few chapters were not scanlated, likely wont be because the manga just got licensed. if we do see an english release it would be somewhere in 2022. so fuck you anon, but also i love you, this manga was a very good read and it was drawn really well. i loved the comedy too

No. 140731

i unironically love dakaichi. i finished watching and reading it just last week. can't wait for the movie

No. 140941

File: 1620450170898.png (2.66 MB, 1030x1458, Screen Shot 2021-05-08 at 14.0…)

Quick review dump. I read these all in Japanese, no idea if an English translation exists. No particular order, it's mostly the order I read them in. Might've talked about some of these before. I marked the ones I liked with *, but tastes differ blablabla.

Okane ariki no kankei desu ga - Sakurai Nanako: Yakuza falls in love at first sight with male prostitute. Pretty cute, quite a bit of sex. https://www.chil-chil.net/goodsDetail/goods_id/110865/

* Onijoushi Gokudera-san wa abakaretai - Arata Licca: Extremely strict superior is found out to be wearing women's underwear and having an inta account where he uploads pictures in it. I'm usually not into men in women's panties, but I like it when they have a secret perversion, so this one scratched an itch. https://www.chil-chil.net/goodsDetail/goods_id/114108/

Tonari no Kei-kun wa koi ga kowai - Tsuzurao Kaya: Younger guy tries to get older guy he grew up with to sleep with him after they start living together because of some Manga plot device (I think one of their houses burnt down). I don't remember it being actively bad, I just barely remember it at all. https://www.chil-chil.net/goodsDetail/goods_id/104938/

Faker - Chiyozaki: Popular guy at an ad agency sleeps with his married superior, but it's not going anywhere. His kohai finds out and tries to convince him that he's the much better choice. I liked this one, but the way the seme's eyes are drawn (糸目) really annoyed me. https://www.chil-chil.net/goodsDetail/goods_id/116628/

Derail - Aiba Kyoko: Yandere tries to manipulate his childhood friend into a relationship, friend doesn't need much manipulation. This one's interesting as it's from the Yandere's perspective. I think Derail was really popular and even won some BL award thing. https://www.chil-chil.net/goodsDetail/goods_id/113538/

Jouzu ni mate ga dekiru kana - Utsumi Long: Uni student falls in love at first sight with a man he sees sitting in his window. Due to plot magic they have sex, after which they find out window man is much older than still underage uni student. They decide to wait until the student's 20th birthday. This manga was cute, though I didn't like the fortune telling theme thing it had going on. https://www.chil-chil.net/goodsDetail/goods_id/103542/

* Under my Skin - Usui Iroha: Salaryman falls in love with a carpenter and learns to show his true self. An anon recommended it and I really enjoyed it, so thanks again for the rec! https://www.chil-chil.net/goodsDetail/goods_id/113261/

Sugar Dog Life - Yoriko: Extremely young looking uni student into cooking starts cooking for a police man who is stationed near his home. Their relationship is very cute, but there's quite a size difference, which – if you're into that. https://www.chil-chil.net/goodsDetail/goods_id/107386/

* Ao ni naku - Syaku: A man without memories falls out of the sky and into the life of a high school student. Time travel BL that's going to make you cry. Another great rec from an anon! https://www.chil-chil.net/goodsDetail/goods_id/91416/

Rakkaryuusui no Hoshi - Suzumaru Minta: A young police officer comes into town and is tasked with bringing a young man who is sleeping with married men back onto the right path. The path leads right into his pants. Another cute one, it actually takes them quite a while to do the deed. https://www.chil-chil.net/goodsDetail/goods_id/96933/

* Come to Hand - Sei: A gay high school teacher falls over in the snow and gets picked up by a tattoo artist. They slowly develop a relationship. Tattoos are not something you see on characters all that often, so this was interesting. It's quite sweet, slice of life. I don't quite remember if they even have sex on the page, but I remember that for a manga that has "hand" in the title the hands are sometimes drawn a bit weirdly (too small). https://www.chil-chil.net/goodsDetail/goods_id/113284/

* Delivery Hug Therapy - Miyata Tooru: After his best friend gets married, a straight dude gets so drunk at a bar that he sleeps there. He is watched over by a young bar employee/student, who starts giving him "hug therapy". Sweet and kind of slow-burn, student guy has a sad backstory. https://www.chil-chil.net/goodsDetail/goods_id/111441/

* Hitomebore shita hito ga do-M datta mono de - Yamada Nonono: Dude meets bondage artist at an SM club he was kind of forced to visit with his superior. Starts dating bondage artist and getting into SM. I really liked the SM relationship they had (based on love and care and stuff), there is a scene in it that shows abuse though (not between the main couple). https://www.chil-chil.net/goodsDetail/goods_id/103067/

Minori no Te - Scarlet Beriko: Massage therapist forces himself on clients, who all love it so much they return. Is visited by his first love/client and goes down memory lane with him. Kind of didn't expect it to be so rapey, though it gets better after the first few chapters. https://www.chil-chil.net/goodsDetail/goods_id/52406/

* 25-ji Akasaka de - Natsuno Hiroko: An actor's first big job is for a BL drama opposite his university senpai. They get drunk together and senpai tries to sleep with him. Fresh actor decides that having sex is going to help him with his role. I really liked this one, their relationship evolving was very wholesome. https://www.chil-chil.net/goodsDetail/goods_id/97299/

* Boku ga otto ni deau made - Nanasaki Ryosuke / Tsukizuki Yoshi: Based on Nanasaki's life, the real story of how he grew up gay in Japan and found his husband. An interesting look into what it's like to actually be gay in Japan, felt a bit rushed sometimes but that's what you get with autobiographical material. https://www.chil-chil.net/goodsDetail/goods_id/118546/

Pornographer - Marukido Maki: Uni student crashes his bike into an author who breaks his arm. To pay off the debt, the student takes on work to write what the author dictates, not knowning that the author writes pornography. The concept is nice, but I felt like this was over before it really started. Manipulative uke, if you're into that kind of stuff. https://www.chil-chil.net/goodsDetail/goods_id/56913/

* Bokura no Chikyuu no arukikata - Sorai Mone: A couple goes on a trip around the world, at the culmunation of which they want to get married. This is basically a travel manga in which the protagonists happen to be a gay couple. Still interesting, I'll surely read the upcoming volumes. Made me want to go to Georgia (the country). https://www.chil-chil.net/goodsDetail/goods_id/111525/

Crack Star - Kurahashi Tomo: A former classmate suddenly turns up at top's home and asks whether he can stay there. The reconnect as friends, when top finds out bottom cheated on his fiancee with a man. Not bad, but didn't leave much of an impression. https://www.chil-chil.net/goodsDetail/goods_id/60958/

Unfair Game - Kuroiwa Hachiya: Dude uses mobile games with voice chat to meet men, meets up with dude from uni by mistake. I didn't like the characters or drawings, meh. https://www.chil-chil.net/goodsDetail/goods_id/111097/

* Do-S na Ura-aka danshi-kun - Sumeshi: Salaryman who is into YouTuber has a look-alike on his train every day. Look-alike has a pervert twitter, which the salaryman starts following. Gets invited to drinks by pervert-kun, evening ends with him being filmed being fucked. I really dislike the drawing style, but the story is so far up my alley I'll throw money at it anyways.https://www.chil-chil.net/goodsDetail/goods_id/112427/

Ura-aka ga Shinnyuushain ni baremashita - Sakana Tomomi: Department head at work has a secret twitter account on which he writes about wanting to be violated/in a chikan situation. Gets invited to actually play it out - surprise: it's his new underling at work. The art is nicer than the one mentioned before, but I feel a bit luke-warm about the story. https://www.chil-chil.net/goodsDetail/goods_id/117916/

Yarashii Ura-aka-kun wa samishigari - Yoshita: Hikikomori with a secret twitter account onto which he uploads erotic pictures of himself meets up with a follower he has been talking to for a while. Surprise, the follower is a popular idol who has just declared his own career over. The pairing is cute, but it felt a bit too clean in a way, needed more sex. https://www.chil-chil.net/goodsDetail/goods_id/113523/

* Ren-chin! - Kakine: Construction worker with a penchant for cooking starts making bento for a TV presenter who says his taste buds are underdeveloped. Really sweet, I liked this one. https://www.chil-chil.net/goodsDetail/goods_id/92703/

Hang Out Crisis - Owaru: After an unsuccessful dating event, two popular university guys decide to just sleep with each other instead. Best sex ever blabla, and of course they catch feelings (over time). Quite the right amount of stupid, though the two short stories included in the volume are bad. https://www.chil-chil.net/goodsDetail/goods_id/53795/

Kare no iru seikatsu - Miyata Tooru: Childhood friends start living together, top was always interested in bottom and now is his chance. Very wholesome. https://www.chil-chil.net/goodsDetail/goods_id/102822/

Shitateya to Bocchan - Ooshima Kamome: Rich kid (of age) falls in love with the family's tailor who is more than double his age. While the tailor character was interesting, overall kind of boring and the rich kid's hair is stupid. https://www.chil-chil.net/goodsDetail/goods_id/50811/

Koi tokidoki, Yakisaba Teishoku - Ooshima Kamome: Dude tries to get worker at a small restaurant to fall in love with him, but it doesn't quite work out. First story was nice, but could've gone on for longer, the other short stories were boring. https://www.chil-chil.net/goodsDetail/goods_id/55164/

Yoru to Asa no Uta - Harada: Bandman in love with other bandman who treats him badly. Kind of cute regardless, plus asshole gets his comeuppance. https://www.chil-chil.net/goodsDetail/goods_id/53346/

Rakuen no Ori - Narisaka Rin: 3 Stories (underground boss x his kept man; yakuza x detective; 15-year-old x his adoptive parent). Felt like old-school yaoi with the dynamics and art style, I didn't like it.https://www.chil-chil.net/goodsDetail/goods_id/50385/

Workaholic Baby - Chiba Ryoko: Ex-lovers start working together. One of them still has feelings for the other. Kind of cute, but forgettable. https://www.chil-chil.net/goodsDetail/goods_id/91538/

Cyan to Yellow - Narishima Sachi: Bottom has a boyfriend and a lover - and they know of each other. Boyfriend is sweet and loving, boyfriend is for rough sex. At some point, the boyfriend decides he wants to be able to satisfy bottom as well. Very very sex focused. https://www.chil-chil.net/goodsDetail/goods_id/108506/

Kuzu wa kyu ni naoranai / Kuzu demo dekiru renairon - Shishito Karari: Guy who calls himself a piece of trash is in a relationship with a super popular classmate, they later go to university together. It's a shojo manga but with guys, idk. https://www.chil-chil.net/goodsDetail/goods_id/95049/

Sonna ni iu nara daiteyaru - Niyama: Dude changes his whole appearance at work to look more unattractive to hide he's gay, but he's super popular in the gay scene. A popular co-worker he doesn't like starts drinking at his favourite gay bar even though he's straight and gay dude decides to teach him a lesson. Idk I didn't buy the Clark Kent/Superman thing. I think the Seme was voted best seme in the BL awards though, so maybe there's just something I'm not getting. https://www.chil-chil.net/goodsDetail/goods_id/111536/

Tabetemo oishiku arimasen - Yamada 2-choume: Universe in which oni make up 99% of the population, uke goes to high school and is found out to be human by classmate. Apparently he smells so good, oni just has to eat him. Eating is basically kissing and fucking, which feels incredibly good to humans. ABO light? https://www.chil-chil.net/goodsDetail/goods_id/101411/

No. 140942

Anons, I think I have a problem.

No. 140943

File: 1620450702634.png (216.56 KB, 438x322, 249082309473205.png)

Damn girl. Don't sweat it, you're doing god's work. Thank you for the extensive recs and reviews.

No. 141100

Bless you, anon. I hope some of these get translated and published in english so I can check them out!

No. 141124

A few of the good ones are fully translated (not official or published but good quality) and some are in progress so I would search the titles anon. A bunch are only in Japanese like blessed nonny said though.

No. 141135

I'm sure some of them are translated already! It's just that I have access to the Japanese market (I speak the language and have no problem throwing money at cmoa lol), so that's always my first choice.

No. 141337

File: 1620741465157.png (525.33 KB, 720x438, Screenshot_20210511-174316.png)

I recently watched The Untamed and never in my entire life had I needed something so badly and I didn't know I wanted til I got it
It's so fucking good and refreshing and the characters are so likeable and just beautiful

Anons that are more familiar Chinese fantasy BL stories, please recommended me more

No. 141714

File: 1620961604321.png (323.5 KB, 690x644, bunny.PNG)

recommend BL with beautiful ukes please
thats the only requirement, really

No. 141718

File: 1620963074741.png (1.57 MB, 1024x1430, Screen Shot 2021-05-14 at 12.3…)

Do you mean ukes who are portrayed as beautiful in the story or do you mean well-drawn ukes?
I'm partial to Under My Skin, I love the way Usui Iroha draws men.

No. 141719

I love this so much too. It really is beautiful and has such a good story. I'm watching Word of Honor now though and its really good. Would recommend to anyone who likes the Untamed.

No. 141740

Seconding this, nowadays it's surprisingly rare to find BL with bottoms that are portrayed as beautiful twinks. I got corrupted by that preference in the 00's and I'm an old lady sticking to what I know best.

No. 141750

based. i loved under my skin so much and i genuinely liked both characters because their interactions even outside of sex scenes were really pleasant.

No. 141757

Same! It's just all around good. The art is really nice, so was the sex, but I actually liked both of the characters. That is kind of hard to find.

No. 141791

I mean there's a beautiful theirs and there's "draw a girl and call it a boy" like this >>141714
It breaks the emersion for me

No. 141832

So cute! What are these bunnies from?

No. 141867

>"draw a girl and call it a boy"
>Saying like it's a bad thing
Never got it why it bothers people so much that the bottom is a girly twink. I find masculine bottoms 100% non-erotic and they're a huge turn off for myself, but then again that's just me being disgusted with the male form in general and being a lesbian IRL.

No. 141877

It's fine when bottom is a twink, but not every single time.
For example, there's this one manga about bottom being 2x bigger than seme but he acts like very little girl, and that's the most unattractive thing ever. Why not ach normal? Well, that's my opinion, anyway.

No. 141927

Both, tbh. I like androgynous twinks but also just really nice art that focuses on the ukes sex face. Your recommendation looks hot as fuck.

Dotei Tora to Tsundere Usagi. I read it on Futekiya

I like it when the bottom looks like a girly twink as long as they aren't insufferably spineless.

No. 142086

Honest question: If you're a lesbian, why do you read BL? Is there something there the yuri market doesn't give you (I don't read yuri)? You say you dislike the male form, but BL by definition is all penises, so…

No. 142088

File: 1621204701529.png (481.56 KB, 622x750, h0kn0xz6ns21.png)

>this is brought up every month on lc.

No. 142090

Sorry I hadn't seen it discussed before and was/am honestly confused.

No. 142104

scroll up

No. 142145

File: 1621225004158.jpg (182 KB, 466x696, 1578091746257.jpg)

No. 142210

File: 1621256356922.jpg (153.52 KB, 863x907, Living-Dead-18-MRM~2.jpg)

After the pretty upbeat My Little Inferno Asada Nemui is back to some pretty sado and horror themed content, in Living Dead リビングデッド (朝田ねむい). About a teacher who stumbles upon what appears to be a stalker killing a schoolgirl and gets killed himself. He is "rescued" by an unhinged mad scientist type and revived in a zombie like state. I feel bad for him, he doesn't deserve this lol.

No. 142211

File: 1621256622508.png (Spoiler Image,110 KB, 340x689, asadatwitter.png)

Based on Asada's twitter it's going to be pretty wild with some guro.

No. 142215

Someone in /ot/ was bitching about yumejos and fujos in /m/ and baiting the unpopular thread with obvious scrote shit earlier today so I'm going to assume it's a m-word picking a fight.

No. 142217

Maybe a tourist. I've noticed /a/ going ballistic over fujos lately (more than usual) even though the men there will have heated arguments over what male anime character has the biggest literal dick.

No. 142227

Thank you for this update but damnit I wanted something more like My Little Inferno, Asada Nemui what the fuck is wrong with you

No. 142230

File: 1621263759646.png (1.3 MB, 700x996, Umareboshi2Bch002Bp003-23.png)

Do any fellow fujo have any angsty BL manga to reccomend? It's been abt a year since I actively read BL, so I'm out of the loop. I really enjoyed Meiji Kanako's super angsty Mimurake no Musuko, for example (pictured).

No. 142234

Lol based on their past stuff I'm not surprised (that infamous one shot). But I honestly feel bad for the cute teacher he already had to drink dead girl smoothie in the first chapter. The mad scientist is gross and irritating and creeping me out already and I'm a sicko so.

No. 142238

File: 1621267632372.jpeg (393.72 KB, 1000x1248, E438E8A7-99CC-4239-898B-84FAB7…)

>more translated Asada Nemui
Great start to the week!

No. 142258

>Mimurake no Musuko
what is it about?

No. 142326

File: 1621288024081.jpg (207.51 KB, 800x1168, A-BUS-TO-HELL_001-8.jpg)


It's about an unrequited love triangle, sort of? A guy is in love with his best friend who has a twin brother that ran away from home. One day he runs into the twin and they start casually hooking up. When his friend becomes aware of their association things become more complicated of course…

I like Meiji Kanako's Jigoku iki Basu (A bus to hell) as well. Her art is kinda rough, kinda awkward and very expressive.

No. 142346

File: 1621301305396.jpeg (290.63 KB, 663x1000, asadadeath.jpeg)

For real. The sadistic mad scientist isn't doing it for me though. That porn stache… I hope sensei hooks up with another living dead guy or a zombie sympathizer he won't though who am I kidding. He's stuck with this psycho lol

No. 142716

File: 1621411584673.jpg (155.11 KB, 600x834, d2uqm9g-f4e8131d-5c2d-4d10-831…)

Post your first BL ships, these two belonged together

No. 142718

File: 1621413618574.png (2.47 MB, 1026x1458, Screen Shot 2021-05-19 at 17.3…)

Hi, anon who reads to much BL here again. I have again read too much BL. * are the ones I would recommend.

* Nekokaburi Polarity - Haru: Guy works at love hotel, notices that a popular guy from uni uses it a lot with different men. When popular guy is stood up, he invites the love hotel worker in and sleeps with him, only to take pictures to force him into silence. I like shitty characters who have or develop a soft spot for only one person, this one was pretty nice in that regard.

Fudanshi-kun-tachi no Bitter Sweet Days - Yodogawa Yuo: Two couples, with the uke's being brothers. Semes are both older. This apparently is the 3rd in the series, so maybe that's why I kind of had a problem with following along. Felt a bit like one BL cliche after the other? I also really don't like age differences where one is in high school and the other is already working.

* 144-jikan kimi wo omou yo - Kasai Chiaki: Two guys who have been sleeping together since high school still do, one is now a writer, the other an actor. They meet every Thursday for sex, the actor is in love with the writer but thinks the writer is not romantically interested in him. I liked it, though I couldn't tell you why.

Tsuki ga kakereba koi wa michi - Sasaki Ima, Takase Roku: Uke is a "rabbit", seme a "wolf". They basically have to have sex depending on moon cycles. Seme is the caretaker of the uke, who comes from a wealthy family. Uke declares love for Seme who can't accept it because reasons. Watered down ABO, I'm never renting anything with "Moon" in the title ever again.

Ai ga nakucha dekimasen! - Yun: Male prostitute is visited by university student who was told by his crush that he'd fuck him if the student prepared his ass. He wants the prostitute to help him prepare. Quite predictable storyline, but cute.

Ameagari no bokura ni tsuite - Rakuta Shoko: High school friends meet again later in life and confess their feelings for one another. As they slowly get closer, old and new problems arise. This is very low on sex, but I felt this was actually trying to tell a story instead of just connecting one sex scene to the next. The seme's emotionally unstable mother reminded me of a family member kek

Itsuka koi ni naru made - Kurahashi Tomo: Childhood friends (high schoolers) fall in love. This hits all the plot points you'd expect from that scenario, the art is nice, the boys are cute, but it doesn't really stand out.

Yarisugi Brothers - Sakana Tomomi: Through shenanigans seme becomes the legal brother of uke, who works as a swimsuit model. After "rescuing" him from molestation several times (and subsequentially molesting him himself) they totally fall in love and fuck while uke calls seme oniichan. Just not my thing at all.

Otome Yankii ha unmei no hito wo matsu. - Izumi Kureho: A yankii is secretly into fortune telling and cute things and asks a fortune teller when he's going to meet his special person. The special person turns out to be a classmate, who is already into the yanki. Sweet enough, but kind of boring.

Pussy King-sama no akuheki - Owari: I only rented this for the hilarious title. In a mysteriously middle-eastern or SEA country, a member of the royal family fucks. a lot. Random men at sex parties, his servants, no one is safe. He then gets fucked by a commoner, whose magical penis turns King-fucks-a-lot into a lovestruck puppy. The setting is interesting enough, but I didn't care about the characters at all.

Hajimete no - Narashima Sachi: 3 short stories about 3 couples' first time. The first one was alright (senpai finds kohai masturbating with senpai's towel - "Boku wa kimi no iinari" does the same setting better though), the other two boring (two guys from the students' council / two guys from the basketball team). There is a second volume, which was equally as boring.

Jikanteishi-kei Love hame ecchi - Kosaka Tsumugi: Dude who can stop time uses his power to fuck his room mate/friend. It's a concept I hadn't seen before, but a) it's kind of rapey and b) the room mate is in love with him anyways, so there are no stakes. The short story about another guy who can stop time and the other kid in school who isn't affected by it was better.

* Slow Starter - Ichikawa Kei: Super slow story about two high school boys who meet when they take the same train to school. Slow, no sex, but felt very cozy.

* Anata wa iyarashii hito - Kashima Kotaru: A cop needs to masturbate for an online audience to calm down everytime after he apprehends a criminal. He is found out by his subordinate who offers to help him out instead. Soft SM, the illustrations are a bit pretty boy and reminded me of Manhwa (no idea why exactly). It was good though, had a nice substory as well.

* Inu mo kuwanai - Psyche Delico: Two stories. First is of a private detective who is in love with a man (A) who is in love with another man (B) and takes his partners from him. So the private detective decides to hook up with man B to get to man A. Second story is two old friends meeting again after another friend has died and them recounting their weird relationship. Both kind of dark but exactly what I expected from the author. Would recommend.

Zombie Hide Sex - Yodogawa Yuo: It's the zombie apokalypse, but we can still have butt sex, right? Conbini worker is surprised by zombies at work, gets rescued by a member of the JSDF (Japanese army) and they hit it off. Interesting concept, I'm way more interested in whether they'll survive at all than in their relationship.

* Yarichin ni yoru Trauma Kokufuku xxx - Yuzushiwo: Dude who had a bad first sexual experience is roped into trying to cure his problem by an uni mate who sleeps around a lot. I'm pretty sure the MC is heavily inspired by Haruka from Free, same aloofness, looks the same and he even has a girl name. Even though this was highly predictable, I liked the progression between them both.

* Mask Danshi wa Koi shitakunai no ni - Sango Mitsuru: Dude who wears a mask to school everyday gets his mask taken off by his classmate, who wants to find out his secret. Tsundere uke with an S seme is a lot of fun to read.

Boku ga shiranai kimi no kao - Fuji: This is apparently a debut work and it shows: Dude moves in with childhood friend who he's had a crush on since forever, blablabla I'm asleep. Maybe authors are afraid of putting their personal preferences into their debuts, but this was just bland.

* Hadaka yori mo oku fukaku - Usui Iroha: Dude picks up a guy at a club, sleeps with him, turns out it's a student at the university dude works at (not as a teacher). One night stand evolving into something more, I liked the story and I adore Usui Iroha's drawing style.

Kunkou Schale - Taino Nikke: Chemistry? student has an overly sensitive nose that makes life hard for him, but one dude at the lab smells extremely good to him. He pushes himself onto the dude as a lab partner, saying he'll help in exchange for the good smelling guy to let him smell him. The dynamic between the two is interesting, and there's also some backstory, so it's not all about one guy smelling the other. A huge part of it is though. Fetishes are good.

Ore shika shiranai karada - Usui Iroha: A studious high school student confesses to his band member classmate on their graduation date and the classmates agrees to have sex once. It develops into a relationship. The characters felt less detailed than in her other works, but other than that it was good.

Dekiai na yome no baito desu - Torita Chizu: Guy starts cleaning the home of a friend of his brother's. He falls asleep on the couch and wakes up to brother's drunk friend trying to kiss him. He keeps cleaning and cooking for the guy and through shenanigans they start living together. I think it was advertised as the seme kind of bullying the uke, but that didn't really happen, so I was a bit disappointed.

Hajimari wa naka kara - Michinoku Atami: Guy buys urethra bougies - turns out the shop is run by his co-worker who kindly offers his help in administering them. I like when bosses get sexually bullied by their subordinates, and it was great in that regard, but urethra bougies are not exactly my kink.

Golden Sparkle - Suzumaru Minta: Two boys at an all boy's high school figure out they're very gay for one another. The uke grew up with only his mother and sister and is extremely innocent when it comes to sex, so the seme selflessly teaches him how to masturbate. The uke's character is very direct, so reading it was fun. Like you know what's going to happen anyways, but the ride is nice.

Milk Tea - Panda: Guy moves in with his aunt, uncle and cousin for university. He starts spending time with a friend of the family and falls in love with him. Kind of boring and I honestly don't need small kids as characters (the cousin is 5) in BL manga at all.

Warawanakute ii no ni - Aino Koko: Guy gets confessed to and has sex with a super popular guy from uni he has known since middle school. While he still has a grudge against the popular guy for being the reason girls broke up with him (they liked him better), he starts liking him and wants to protect him from the many weird people being attractive attracts. For some reason many sex scenes are abridged, which is a shame because when they happen they're quite good.

Amaeru nara Mayonaka ni - Asakura Yui: Model sleeps with bartender, falls in love with him. Fairly standard BL fare, but it was cute.

No. 142730

File: 1621417613169.jpg (36.99 KB, 395x397, 5sbGkfK.jpg)

good old times. looking back i can't even say that they had any shippy moments. i think i only shipped them because online everyone shipped them too.

No. 142732

Maybe Its cause they were the best looking male characters, but Yeah I don't remember them having any sort of interactions with each other

No. 142761

File: 1621430198359.jpg (245.42 KB, 700x707, 2186fbf0c052f1ade7f5620dcab124…)

No. 142777

File: 1621436730168.jpg (34.9 KB, 704x396, ty.jpg)

Touya and Yukito. Then Kaworu and Shinji.

No. 142790

File: 1621439084619.jpg (1.84 MB, 2965x4200, Tsubasa_.RESERVoir.CHRoNiCLE.f…)

These two. I swear CLAMP singlehandedly birthed a whole generation of fujos.

No. 142798

File: 1621441069526.jpeg (75.07 KB, 500x666, EAFDDA43-01F5-4663-BE5A-6E3DEE…)

I was a dumbass kid who couldn’t even use a computer, but these two were my OTP.
>tfw my OTP of that time has barely any fanart

No. 142810

File: 1621445423567.gif (41.77 KB, 300x480, Digimon_Emperor_t.gif)

>tfw my OTP of that time has barely any fanart
Thats kinda surprising, these two had a lot of scenes together, there was chemistry
Plus ken had an evil darkside that used a whip

No. 142826

I know right, maybe it’s because the yaoi fantasy died after almost everyone got married and had kids.

No. 142834

File: 1621452512756.jpg (147.94 KB, 850x1296, 14480.jpg)

No. 142863

File: 1621460296982.jpg (27.43 KB, 500x385, 92d22edcdb3c51fc83b384c54ba209…)

if netflix haven fuck shun (green one) over making him a girl in ther shit rebort i willn't have to see hetero porn of them

No. 142865

File: 1621460947696.jpg (82.8 KB, 600x424, Pokémon.600.80930.jpg)

These two still hold a place in my heart after all these years. I even did a bit of cringe role-playing and VA as Green, kek.

No. 142866

File: 1621461663805.jpg (2.23 MB, 2144x1938, 50316547_p0.jpg)

I finally gave in and bought my first doujin recently and it was Ikki/Shun, I should feel ashamed but tbh they tick all my boxes even if I'm not really into incest ships

No. 142868

File: 1621463202413.jpg (512.66 KB, 1165x1000, ertyuiopmlkjhf.jpg)

I liked them as a couple when I was like 6 or 7. I liked the brunet guy and the blue haired guy in Clamp Detective School too back then.

It's been on hiatus since when again?

Good taste. I liked how much of a tsundere he was with Red in GSC even if they were never in the same scene in the game.

No. 142874

The fuck kind of amount of typos is this, I can barely tell what you're saying

No. 142882

if netflix haven fuck shun (green one) over making him a girl in ther shit rebort i willn't have to see hetero porn of them
If netflix had not fuck shun over (the green haired lad) by making him a girl in their shitty ass reboot, I would not have to see Herero porn of my beloved favorite pairing.

No. 142884

Thanks dear

No. 142912

File: 1621478434326.jpg (95.99 KB, 1024x768, d7evbav-2985d075-3419-421c-aa1…)

I remember before Omegaverse was a thing, there was a lot of Sasunaru mpreg content, most of it involved more or less than same plot, Sasuke would want to recreate Uchiha clan and naruto would either volunteer or be forced to bare sasuke's children
His sexy-Jutsu was also almost always a factor in these stories, sasuke would impregnate naruto in his female form, and either naruto would stay female during the pregnancy or would return to his male form but still be pregnant

No. 142919

File: 1621481399550.jpg (122.74 KB, 666x843, tumblr_m6to1kP8jH1rssim0o2_128…)

This was mine. I'm probably younger than most other anons in this thread.

Anon I'm taking away your car keys

No. 142922

Pretty much everything in Yugioh. I was introduced to the concept of doujinshi from some Ryou Bakura fansite.

No. 142923

I've run into a lot of it while looking for general digimon fanart on pixiv.

No. 142924

File: 1621484019755.jpg (154.12 KB, 736x920, d136ebed83956072dcfecdf8e8d2b6…)

I think it was this, although I was 8 and didn't know why I liked seeing them together (especially when they were fighting and Sanosuke would cling to Kenshin)
I think my first "I know I like gay dudes" pairing was from that shitty Ragnarok Online anime kek can't remember the name of the guys though, one was an assassin and I think the other one was a knight

No. 142927

File: 1621486127587.png (287.9 KB, 660x465, akiakiaki107-blog 6.png)

This duo of idiots were probably the first pairing I consciously shipped.

No. 142931

I feel like they were meant to be canon all along

No. 142934

I'm so sorry for being ot lovelies but is there a shoujo ai general on lcf? I searched via Google and got nothing so figured this would be the best place to ask. again I apologize for derail pls forgib

No. 142959

File: 1621503586314.png (20.03 KB, 117x130, 1620431121305.png)

I'm not the biggest Asada fan, her only work I liked was MLI. Can you guys remind me how was that homeless mam series called?

But is the mad scientist really a bottom? I'm kinda intrigued.
Sage for autism but if you're a mad scientist and you don't use it to find the biggest dick in town then what's the point kek

No. 142966

The homeless addict cult member and the priest by Asada? That's Dear, My God.

Idk is he? I have read stuff with sadistic controlling power bottoms before but not to this degree. Like, he's tasering him for not wanting to drink smoothied human being and then vicisecting him while conscious. Totally sadistic. Lol anon, that's one way to use your talents.

No. 142967

File: 1621506242171.png (284.23 KB, 533x525, gutsgriffith.png)

R.I.P to Kentaro Miura and the super influential Guts and Griffith ship. Probably the undisputed king of unhealthy and twisted yaoi ships.

No. 142971

Lol vivisecting it's 5 am

No. 142972

File: 1621508340379.png (310.52 KB, 2513x1800, Berserk_v10_p032-033.png)

Griffith being in love with Guts (at least so far as he is capable of loving someone) is a fujo hill I've always been willing to die on

No. 142973

File: 1621508897414.png (255.42 KB, 689x633, guts defeats griffith.png)

Griffith is scum (duh!) but I absolutely agree with this.

No. 142975

He said in an interview that he was a fan of Rose of Versailles and Kazeki, kind of unusual for a guy to mention being influenced by women’s manga. Sad for the loss of a living legend.

No. 142978

Based. Meanwhile the universe allows literal walking garbage men to live healthy and long lives instead of taking them. Unfair.

No. 143000

File: 1621515815202.png (355.21 KB, 474x842, 844e87a9da7fb5244b25081fb14e03…)

I know this might be controversial in this thread, While I like male shipping with most shonen, I still preferred Guts x Casca
I just wanted them to find some happiness

No. 143001

me too and you can tell griffiths love for guts was definitely one sided. Hence why Guts was always so quick to leave him lmao. Griffith is just a crazy ex bf without the bf title LMAO

No. 143002

Oh me too. I just think it's interesting to have the deranged villain in a sick sort of love with the protagonist. I would never want them together.

No. 143003

File: 1621516603195.png (675.56 KB, 883x700, Manga_E0N_Griffith_Claims_Guts…)

Griffith spazzing out and ruining his own life when Guts won't let him treat him like a dog and leaves him would be so funny if it weren't for you know…

No. 143005

File: 1621517464098.jpg (Spoiler Image,30.79 KB, 473x439, the1000yearagegapistheleastofi…)

Samefagging to add that I'm all for a problematic or edgy ship but I have a hard time with a ship that is literally one party driving the other insane, killing their loved ones, torturing them, etc. Picrel.

No. 143010

all griffith had to do was not fuck the princess like wtf is wrong with him he had one job CHarlotte was in his hands like puddy anyway! he should have just killed himself but we all know men would rather destroy the well being of women then ever own up to their shitty mistakes. stupid psycho freak with beautiful hair. GRIFFITH SHOULDVE DIED NOT MIURA. Fate really is cruel.

No. 143040

You could make one, just make sure it doesn't get filled with scrotes.

No. 143196

File: 1621541233194.png (1.08 MB, 1200x827, qAHZzLo.png)

the atmosphere in this is insane.

No. 143378

I love me some men in suits.

No. 143387

Lighting your cig with another person's cig is a whole deal.

No. 143394


No. 143412

File: 1621572992644.png (1.45 MB, 651x930, bad.png)

I only remember getting into shipping at all literally at the same time I found 4chan and /y/. Just so happened that the online space I was in was flooded with hetalia, so I checked it out. I cannot honestly remember what exactly was my first ship, but it's easiest to say it's tied between germany/italy and scout/spy from tf2
yes i picked the worst image possible on purpose

No. 143414

File: 1621573355499.png (346.72 KB, 345x524, 0.png)

does anyone have any recommendations like this? supernatural, dubcon, porn with plot. not overly detailed visually but not super simplified either. beggars cant be choosers so ill just settle for supernatural pwp.

No. 143419

What sources are there for looking up BL content in the form of just random images and fanart? Similar to Danbooru but for gay shit. I used to visit /y/ but even that board's been infested with trannies and twitterfags whining about ~problemactic~ content and derailing threads with their spergfits. Do I just have to go to Pixiv and figure out tags to look up?

No. 143421

Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, and Chinese twitter artists and fanartists are still churning out problematic content but pixiv is your best bet for variety and also because once you land on something you like it will rec similar content. You can also go through an artist's favourites/bookmarks and find stuff that way. Some people on pinterest actually source the stuff they post and I have randomly found good artists through there. I was actually thinking of making a thread for favourite pixiv and twitter artists because there is a lot of gorgeous stuff. Not BL specific but a lot of the artists dabble in it.

No. 143436

File: 1621585525523.jpg (32 KB, 247x1200, bosselot confirmed.jpg)

You just reminded me of the MGS5 ending where Ocelot lights up the real Big Boss' cigar before they separate. Kojima confirmed in a commentary that they fell in love with each other at first sight in MGS3 and all the other characters noticed because Ocelot was acting like a stupid horny teenager in love, but that ending confirms that there was more going on between them after MGS3.

No. 143563

File: 1621623828397.jpg (172.19 KB, 1000x1000, 4b68d17d8a1771fa5d314d0ead0ca2…)

idk It doesn't feel right though, IMO Snake fell in love with Otacon during their first conversation, see Snake is a lonely man and he didn't have the privilege of having many friends with Otacon he found fellow traveler, He also knows what its like to be betrayed by those who you trusted the most and have your skills and expert is be used by another, so while one may be hardened soldier and the other a meek scientist, they understand each other more then anyone else in the world

No. 143568

I wasn't talking about Snake/Otacon, I was talking about Big Boss/Ocelot. Snake/Otacon feels more like a married couple after MGS1 but I don't think any of the writers confirmed anything in interviews or whatever like for the other pairing so who knows what their intentions were.

No. 143620

Kirby ships (I was like 10) >>143412 was my second though but I was also into USUK a fair bit.

No. 143628

Oh wow didn't see that, Also I really don't care for Ocelot that much(not that engaging of a character for me)

No. 143629

File: 1621651659629.jpg (73.95 KB, 338x305, tumblr_mi9ihelFh21rubqqao1_400…)

I like Ocelot especially because of MGS3. I think it's hilarious how we see him first as some kind of mastermind but in the prequel he's just crazy, stupid guy who gets bullied by everyone all the time, including his mom and his crush. And then it turns out he was already a scheming piece of shit anyway.

Since I'm about to go to bed I may as well translate the screenshot I posted here >>143436, it's about the scene where Ocelot appears for the second time and Eva is about to shoot him :
>Snake : Wait!
>Eva : Why?
>Snake : He's still young.
>Kojima : The first time Snake and Ocelot met, they became interested by each other. It's pure love.
That kanji for love always means romantic love btw.

No. 143630

That's cute I guess, but Big Boss Is a prick and Ocelot is annoying, so again I don't really care for it that much

No. 143635

File: 1621657682821.gif (72.55 KB, 180x90, tenor.gif)

No way this is super cute anon thanks!!!!!!!!! I didn't knew about that, as someone that played snake eater before anything else (by pure chance) I always tought ocelot crush was fairly obvious tho I'm surprised it was reciprocal.

Ugh even as an old man ocelot is so cute I can't believe it!!! I love him so much!!!!

No. 143650

Nice, I love them. I always felt like they were OTP so I’m glad to hear Kojima confirmed it.

No. 143765

Griffith was always insanely self-destructive when he was upset. He self-harmed several times (including right after he screws the princess) and the part where he sleeps with Gennon was driven more by him wanting to punish himself for his mens' deaths than actually needing the resources.
I actually really like how fucked in the head he is in a sort of realistic way.

No. 145550

File: 1622157672945.jpg (487.18 KB, 1826x2088, ebhRJHrehb.jpg)

I'm gonna lose it if Immortality doesn't air, it's getting postponed a suspicious amount already…
I didn't enjoy Word of Honor as much as other people, but I'm looking forward to this so much, it seems so promising, the budget is multiple times as high as The Untamed's (their clothes in the leaks already look like really nice quality), Luo Yunxi is an actual actor, both suit the characters really well with their big age and height difference…too perfect to come true i guess

No. 145551

File: 1622158311509.webm (1.45 MB, 450x492, 2ha-1397486611214979075.webm)

No. 145647

same anon, im extremely excited for it after reading the novel, which i think can be immensely improved through the streamlining process of an adaption
wonder how they will get around the racy gay stuff though bc unlike mdzs its integral to the plot that its a romantic/erotic obsession in 2ha

No. 145858

File: 1622253876784.jpg (Spoiler Image,378.67 KB, 1448x2048, 32.jpg)

Not usually a BL fan, but I'm a huge sucker for anything with a male yandere. Kansai Jin To Hukumen Satsujinki is about a serial killer that falls yandere in love with a man he was about to murder. The art isn't great and the plots dull/cliche, but it's mostly smut anyways and that content makes the weak points worth reading.

No. 145860

I really wanted to like this because I liked the premise but I couldn’t get into it. Usually I don’t mind bad art if the story can carry it (or vice versa) but unfortunately the smut couldn’t carry both at the same time for me.

No. 145974

File: 1622319565830.jpg (214.79 KB, 1280x1707, ab678d89d3058cddbb8d390b38d356…)

People were worried about TU and yet they made it work, people were worried about WoH and yet they made it work, they will also manage for Immortality. Tho it likely will be less in your face than WoH because that was a low budget production with unknown actors, so it flew under the radar, while Immortality is expensive and has Luo Yunxi who's quite big already and Feiyu whose dad is a very famous director, meaning it will get checked very closely. I just hope it does air at all.

No. 146058

Wow, I never knew it was possible for 3D men to look so ethereal

No. 146110

File: 1622386644441.png (1.17 MB, 1302x1865, malepatternbaldness.png)

it's 2021 and I'm realizing that GTA V was a love story

No. 146114


No. 146115

Always has been

No. 146117

They've been filtered and photoshopped to hell, it's debatable if they're even 3D anymore.

No. 146123

Any threesome recommendations? Especially ones with two tops and one bottom.

No. 146128

File: 1622398429040.png (778.31 KB, 1144x784, cfc59a83f397d0dcd3aef2848424f9…)

I was not expecting something with this subject matter to be presented this fluffy and funny. Lol…very strange read.

No. 146132

File: 1622400991056.jpg (1.2 MB, 4000x3000, hfjdjbrms.jpg)

true, both k and c dramas are filtered
the secret to looking so good in those traditional clothes is being ana af irl

No. 146146

I'm replaying the story after all this time and damn. I remembered there being a lot of tension and subtext but this shit is unambiguous. youtube philosophers are truly out here analyzing every frame of every cutscene in this stupid game and failing to grasp the romantic coding

No. 146153

Really? I want a TL;DP pls.

No. 146224

Honestly can we not, like its fine to ship these two, but the whole romantic subtext the whole time is fucking johnlock conspiracy tier shit

No. 146248

A lie. Rockstar absolutely meant something by making Trevor like dick.

No. 146271

Fuck this is one of my deeply hidden ships. All my friends are typical Kawaii anime boys and don’t play games so I could never bring it up. Vid rel is the song I have for them

NTA but in their youth two guys are like sworn bros and do huge bank heists. One day the other fakes his death and goes into witness protection/new life to give his family a better life. The other guy thinks he died for real and lived the next 20 something years in grief and being batshit insane. In the game they cross paths again and there is a lot of animosity, but deep down they truly care for each other(or not, depending on which ending you decide to get)

In the game there are multiple references of the crazy guy, Trevor, being okay with anal and fucking anything

No. 146279

>>146110 holy shit anon - i haven't thought about these two since high school. you've awakened something deep within me. i had hella 8track playlists saved that were dedicated to them.

No. 146281

Please let's not cross into faghag territory, there's a difference between being a fujoshi and being a faghag and shipping ugly 40 year old balding men is definitely faghag territory

No. 146282

Don't agree with your sentiment homophobe-chan but I do agree that westshit and 3DPD needs to stay out of this thread. The gay Chinese dramas at least are actually about homosexual characters and based on light novels and have comics and animations done based on them but GTA just does not belong here lmao, take it to the shipping thread.

No. 146290

pic on the left kinda looks like that meme with sweaty mob men standing next to their idols, hot

No. 146291

I'm not homophobic-Chan, I just find the faghags in the community annoying, by faghags I mean women who legitimately fetihize and glorify anything with gay or precived gay males in it, even if the gay males are ugly, annoying and misogynistic
These women also watch drag race 9/10 times

No. 146292

File: 1622457564375.jpg (61.63 KB, 508x360, 1493384796039.jpg)

Sometimes a ship is convincing enough even if they're middle aged and balding, you just refrain from thinking about them sexually since it is indeed gross.

Pic related is my fav old man ship complete with receeding hairlines.

No. 146294

my bad nonny, misunderstood what you meant. I totally agree with you.

No. 146317

File: 1622469231609.jpg (42.64 KB, 670x1024, 998834540f2df1900b8ef129ad8bb0…)

Does anyone here read Dear Door?
Typically im not into demon bla bla bl but i really like this manhwa and i like the art style.

No. 146320

File: 1622469457415.jpg (56.64 KB, 240x160, 150x150_3f8ab7de-a1ba-4ff0-9df…)

i hope they turn this manhwa into a series, it has so much potential to be made into a animated series. fingers crossed

No. 146324

File: 1622473180178.jpg (130.51 KB, 740x925, Sonic.the.Hedgehog.full.150061…)

Alright this might potentially be the most controversial post here, but anyone else here in to Sonic shipping ?
See there's a lot of ships in the fandom(both same and opposite sex) but there's a not that much shipping drama or shipping wars with in the community and there's a lot of diverse and interesting dynamics with every ship

Let me just post the most popular sonic ones
Sonic x Tails
Sonic x Shadow
Sonic x Knuckles
Sonic x Silver
Sonic x Jet
And my personal favorite Sonic x Scourge, he was an evil alternate version of sonic who rejected being just an evil version of sonic so he started doing his own thing and become more of a anti-hero(yeah I know how it sounds)

And that's just the major sonic ones, every major character has like 20 active different ships and even the minor characters that appeared only in the former extended sonic Canon (Pre-Super Genesis Wave) can have like 5-10 different ships

No. 146329

Are you for real, anon? Because as an ironic joke this post is hilarious but as a sincere one about your furry sonic ships it's disturbing

No. 146331

its probably a troll or a deviantart user

No. 146332

I swear to heaven I'm not a furry, like yeah there's a lot of unsavory and autistic shit in the fandom but there's a lot of good stuff as well, And as I said the shipping in the fandom is fairly tame compared to what your preconceptions maybe

No. 146334

File: 1622477144222.jpg (84.18 KB, 1014x570, 16-WBSIP-4362-copy-1014x570.jp…)

well…we all have our weird ships.
I ship Joker and Batman, i dont know why they arent a more popular ship considering joker is madly in love with batman.
I wish someone made a doujinshi about them

No. 146338

File: 1622478785142.jpg (133.21 KB, 1482x740, 7378b810-5ae8-4297-9309-4110e7…)

Sonic anon here
I think with regards to shipping with comic characters, it depends on what version of Batman and Joker were talking about, cause there's a lot of interpretations, adaptations and revamps of characters constantly

when I was younger and used to watch BTAS, joker used to literally freak me out as a kid, he was creepy as hell, then you had the Burton movies(which were great mind you) but had Joker played by a 50 year old Jack Nicholson, then the 2010's was dominated by the New 52 Version of the joker, The most edgiest and goriest interpretation of the Joker, he removes his own face and wears it as a skin mask and is generally very disgusting

So no one wants to ship a scary clown, 50 year old man and a creepy serial killer

The version's of Batman and Joker that do get shipped are Batman and Joker from the Nolan trilogy (who did have feelings for batman) Joker/John and Batman from the Telltale Batman series and Joker and Batman from the Lego film

No. 146343

File: 1622481567837.png (485.94 KB, 740x353, Screen-Shot-2018-11-05-at-19.0…)

i think the biggest reason for me that i ship joker and batman, is because Joker was/is supposed to be gay character and the fact that batman has no problem killing villains but doesnt want to kill joker. I like their fucked up chemistry.

Id love to see DC make joker like pic related again but the fanboys would probably have a meltdown over it.

No. 146346

You must be so fun at parties, nonnie

No. 146354

Again depends on the version, also his autistic no kill rule applies towards everyone, he's spared the equivalent space Hitler
Thats the trouble with western comics

I ship Joker and Batman as well(specifically the telltale versions), and the Joker has been written in a million different ways, him being portrayed as effeminate or bi depended on how the hundreds of writer's who have worked on Batman choose to write him

That's the trouble with western comics, even shipping is a mindfuck

No. 146358

Samefag, the very specific version of Joker you posted was from the Dark Knight Returns and he has been portrayed already in the Dark Knight Return animated adaptions
Also its worth noting that the Comic was written by right wing conspiracy theorist nut job Frank Miller, so Joker being portrayed to be Gay is not meant to have any positive connotations

No. 146363

File: 1622486734608.png (1.38 MB, 720x1108, Screenshot_20210531-234447.png)

This is also canonically the same version of the Joker you posted, both were written by Frank Miller and set in the same continuity

Frank Miller's really into making the Joker unreasonably for no apparent reason

No. 146366

The joker seems more like he is bi tbh, like he would fuck anything no matter the gender as long as it excites him sadistically.

No. 146372

>legitimately fetihize and glorify anything with gay or precived gay males in it

what the fuck are we doing with shonen anime series and shit then? I don't see the difference. Why is snake/otakon okay but you draw the line at a game like gtav? it seems like you just hate that the characters are old and not conventionally attractive? But we have the DILF/old dudes shit in JP BL series too

No. 146373

File: 1622489971651.jpg (94.45 KB, 667x1000, 612tfTJuVML.jpg)

This will shock you but some of us are actually forty year old women who get off on realistic looking men that are our own age.

No. 146374

File: 1622490554583.jpeg (728.16 KB, 840x1219, 66DC6797-6FE7-4C25-9B10-5CFAAF…)

Brudick is superior.

No. 146377

NTA but sounds based. Good for you 40 year old fujo anon.

No. 146383

I don't know much about the batman universe so I'm trying to figure this image out.
I think batman and robin is a very popular gay pairing, but one that gay men are interested in for a change, so does that make it less appealing for fujos?

No. 146385

File: 1622493281521.jpeg (740.25 KB, 840x1186, 9456DDA8-44B8-4BCC-A10C-2E30EF…)

Most of those are just ‘lol gay jokes’
In the context of this doujin, it’s shortly after Jason Todd ‘dies’ and Dick is sort of emotionally fucking with Bruce because both of them are so fucked up.
Very dark stuff.

No. 146386

Brujay is better desu. You can't top the angst.

No. 146387

Both are good, I’m into brudick, brujay, jaytim and jaydick currently so I’m up for most of the ships.

No. 146437

>It seems like you just hate that the characters are old and not conventionally attractive? But we have the DILF/old dudes shit in JP BL series too
Sorta yes, even the old dudes 40 year old fujo anon posted >>146373 are actually attractive compared to ugly, balding, smelly, skinny fat, disgusting Trevor and Pudgy manlet Michael

No. 146528

File: 1622568075314.jpg (144.04 KB, 1200x799, ETc525PU0AAg8BQ.jpg)

Should I read this story?
Where to start, novel, manga or anime?
>Scum Villain’s System √√√
>Mo dao zu shi √√√
>Heaven Officials' Blessing ???

No. 146533

Iirc the novel is 2ha (noone can be assed to know the entire fucking name). It was being fan-translated on twitter, like most chinese webnovels, but the community is filled with spoiled and entitled cows, and the only complete translation iirc is mostly from google translate. Check novelupdates.

No. 146537

File: 1622574257444.jpg (98.31 KB, 1080x708, EUIAxq1XgAE4dYy.jpg)

I'm not a native English speaker. There are 218/244 chapters of quality translation from Chinese into my native language. Is this novel as good as the System and Mo dao zu shi?

No. 146540

In terms of quality i think it's on par with mxtx novels. It's darker than mdzs, and goes on for too long with pointless sideplots like HOB, but it had good (angsty) moments. The romance is enjoyable, even if a bit overdramatic.

No. 146541

I mean a "not my cup of tea" would be fair anon, no need to tier bl fans lol. We're all degens at the end of the day.

No. 146543

>Heaven Officials' Blessing ???
It's so good, anon. Their love feels so much deeper than in MDZS and SVSS, highly recommend.

No. 146545

Hanfu clothing is literally majestic, seriously fuck the Qing forcing males to wear those quenes and ugly clothing

No. 146553

File: 1622581335358.jpg (189.95 KB, 1200x837, EUy92q-UwAApGGP.jpg)

Thank you so much, anon. I will read and write my review.

No. 146590

File: 1622609602491.jpg (282.2 KB, 1400x1997, seven-days-cvr.jpg)

So this is a series that stuck with me for a long time, specifically cause of the themes and overall message
See the MCs have their trouble's being an idealized Ikemen, before they eventually fall for each other, I think that many young people both boys and girls, gay or straight, all sorta fall for the image of their romantic ideal when they are far from perfect

This message blew my mind as a kid and I think its a good message overall for young people and even older people

No. 146594

I don't even like BL anymore, but I saw this on the front page and was intrigued. this is a series I remember as one of the good ones that stuck with me for straying more away from the unhealthy stereotypes of yaoi, nice art too.

No. 146913

I only watched the liveaction of this one and I didn't get a message from it at all? At the end they're still the most attractive and popular people in their school who date each other.

No. 147533

Are there any other fujos on here who live in Tokyo? I need a foreign fujo friend lol

No. 147763

File: 1623356422829.jpg (203.28 KB, 1617x1527, 1620596490714.jpg)

No, but I find fujos from London.
Let's be friends.

No. 147769

>>146324 …Unfortunately, I'm into Sonic shipping. IMO Sonic/Tails is superior because Tails is waifu, but Scourge/Sonic…. yeah, that still hits.

No. 147800

borders closed cant get in lol, if only there was a reverse eikaiwa hobby meetup shit or something

No. 147803

File: 1623378414375.jpg (832.03 KB, 1500x878, akasaka_banner_1500877_04.jpg)

Background is that 25時、赤坂で (1pm in Akasaka) which I really enjoyed is having a themed café, but going by myself is the lamest shit ever and I don't feel like I can exactly ask my IRL friends here if they'd come with me.

No. 147842

aw anon you should go anyways! those type of themed cafes are real chill. Honestly you can bring a normie friend and they wouldnt know its gaysex themed unless you told them.

alternatively if theres a gacha badge being sold, you can get some interaction by trading with others.

No. 147928

Sage for vent, about a month ago an anon posted that there's probably some American Psycho mxm fan fics out there and I thought that makes sense cause of how purposefully homoerotic the film was, and so I spent weeks trying to find some and I got no real results
I mean this isn't something I'm desperate for but the fact that there's no content at all for a film as homoerotic as American Psycho really is surprising

For those who watched the film and you'd know that Patrick has this wierd crush on Timothy Bryce, he's desperate for his validation and his praise and In the Novel Patrick states that Bryce is the only with any sort of his sense and intelligence that he knows

No. 148041

No. 149074

I didn't get that from HOB at all. I feel like just being in close proximity made XL think he had feelings for HC but it was mostly one sided. It was such a big book but their relationship hardly developed, but that's MXTX I guess.

No. 149257

File: 1624251109375.jpg (83.36 KB, 540x540, cryingintheshower.jpg)

I just finished the novel yesterday and now I'm feeling more single than ever and I have a BF lmao, what a beautiful love story in general, not just as a BL work.

No. 149295

File: 1624282615592.jpg (43.63 KB, 612x414, 4eversearching.jpg)

Nonnies, i have a request.
I'm looking for a rape-to-love story, but with a slight twist: the rape is portrayed as something truly awful and unforgivable (because of the act itself, it doesn't have to be gory). The rapist feels genuine regret and disgust at his actions, and tries to make amends (or kill himself), but the victim either tells him to fuck off or actively tries to get revenge and destroy the rapist's life (preferably without raping him back, because that's just cliche).
Somehow, they actually build a relationship, not because you-raped-me-because-you-loved-me-so-its-okay, but we-love-eachother-even-though-you-raped-me.
I don't care if it's manga, fanfic, webnovel, anime, i just want this premise in english. I've been looking for ages, and i can't believe this premise wasn't done before.

No. 149299

Why do you even want such a thing to exist? Looking for therapy might be a better use of your time.

No. 149301

File: 1624283994754.jpg (8.68 KB, 298x169, rottengirl.jpg)

got 99 problems that need therapy, but being a flithy fujo ain't one

No. 149304

There’s this davekat fic I read in high school that vaguely fits the bill. I read it as a 15 year old and thought it was super sexy but going back and reading it as an adult it really made my stomach turn but it is well written if you can get past the light references to homestuck canon and in-character(weird) dialogue.

Dave, this wealthy businessman picks up a super young teenager(karkat) who was dumpster diving and takes him back to his place, hooks up with him even tho he know he shouldn’t, and karkat isn’t really into it, bc he’s still infatuated from their past life.

Dave realizes he’s fucked up so he tells the karkat he doesn’t have to sleep with him for a safe place to stay or food to eat and karkat pushes it and takes over his apartment and cold shoulders him while Dave tries his best to be accommodating to it while being all torn up about what he did and still being in love and all that.

They end up together in the end cause he confesses to his sister over the phone how bad he feels and how hard it is to be the only one who remembers their past life where they didn’t have such a fucked up power imbalance and karkat overhears.
Ending is kinda open ended up it’s presumed they end up together and working through their fucked up coupling.

I know homestuck is cringe but if you don’t mind it’s there. Part two with all the drama is the four week follow up the author has linked at the bottom.

I think the hannibal fandom also has some stuff like that but I can’t remember any off the top of my head.

No. 149308

Samefag but I’m rereading it again and Idk if I can actually say it would be an enjoyable read without being a homestuck fan first. Maybe take my rec down from well written to just decent

No. 149311

I remember reading a one shot on MRM about a guy, I think he lives with his big family so he has no privacy to jack off. He regularly goes to a manga cafe or some other similar place where he can rent adult videos and jack off in a little cubicle. The dude at the front sees that he accidentally rented gay porn or some shit, and then goes into his cubicle and rapes MC. Has anyone else read this?? Also, I'm not the above anon but I will also not seek therapy for my noncon kink.

No. 149312

Literally any work by Harada. Try Color recipe

No. 149318

What this guy said >>149312(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 149319

Skin by Asada Nemui?

No. 149327

File: 1624297754770.jpg (206.45 KB, 900x1282, Nonke-kun2Bto2BGesu_p14_Eng.jp…)

It's probably Straight-kun to Gesu! I remember it well because I really liked the shopkeepers look

No. 149331

Thank you anon!!! You're my savior! I've been looking for it for forever. I found another one with a similar premise but certain panels of this one have been stuck in my head so I'm happy to finally be able to read it again lol

No. 149339

File: 1624303559678.png (517.44 KB, 600x827, 1624295456817.png)

Obey Me is a manhwa by Rusena.
I read it through the force, it seemed a bit protracted, compared to the System.
The biggest disappointment from that
that 100+ chapters of Wei Wu Xian did not suspect anything about Lan Wangzi's feelings, he was not aware of his feelings either, and then he understood everything in a second when Lan Xichen spoke about salvation. Seriously?! I do not believe in Wei Wu Xian's love for Lan Wangzi, he is very kind, ready to give anything to protect other people, and he could not refuse Lan Wangzi. It seemed more grateful to me.
Also, I did not find answers to many questions.
Did Lan Wangzi burn Wei Wu Xian's funeral money?
When did he start falling in love with Wei Wu Xian? I was still waiting for a separate extra on behalf of young Lan Wangzi, where all his aspirations would be described, but unfortunately, there are only indirect hints of this.
Comparing with the System, where it was gradually shown how Luo Binghe falls in love with the teacher, because he misunderstood his words and actions, then I did not see any prerequisites for this.
What happened to Wen Ning? His chest was punctured, where and how he went.
Has the conflict with Jiang Chen been resolved?
The branch with Xiao Xingchen seemed cut off in half, the story was poorly fit into the overall plot. But this story is my favorite.
Sorry for my English, annons.

No. 149341

Seeing that this girl I talked to fairly often on tumblr because she posted a lot of Ryoma/Xander art gets her original stuff published is so weird. It's been years since then but I'm proud and happy of her.

No. 149405

Living the dream…
Did you end up going or not? Are there many fujo events in general in Tokyo? I know that there's one fujo cafe lol

No. 149417

When I was a teenager I found out there was a travel company that offered group trips for fujos and I’m kid of sad I missed out on that.

No. 149422

Fuck you nonnie for reminding me about this fanfic. Time to binge it and remind myself of my teenage davekat cringe.

No. 149423

File: 1624377726391.png (332.46 KB, 900x900, 1595926112145.png)

Late reply but it's picrel for me, I wish Toei would stop pushing Sora between them and just let them be together since they're so clearly in love with each other.

You know, it kinda pisses me off how much the fandom ruined this series' reputation, I've been re-reading the manga lately and they're genuinely a great couple

No. 149452

It's not on yet, but I've decided to go to a JJK doujin event next month.
If you're into doujin of a popular series there's quite some things going on, and even if you just read commercial BL you'll have small events from time to time.

No. 149653

Inspired by an anon posting that hilarious "yumejos are just homophobic fujos" take in the unpopular opinions thread and otomefags having a meltdown in /ot/ over it, what's your opinion? Anon who mentioned fag hags upthread who legitimately fetishize gay people remind me of the subtype of fujos who "kind of" ship characters but are mostly there to self insert and ship them to themselves. The type all the anti-fujo fakebois often sperg about, the straight stacey who's lowkey homophobic despite butting in to becky fujo spaces. They're rare but I've met quite a few, does anyone know the type I mean? In all honesty it's an interesting topic that I hadn't paid a lot of attention to.

No. 149659

Christ I wasn't talking about Fujoshis, how do you not get that, even most Aydens don't seem fond of Drag Queen, Yass, Queen annoying 3D gay men
Honestly this is just rediculous overall, anyone who refers to themselves with a made up Japanese term is just kinda autistic
I mean none of this that deep, some women like self inserting as the blank female mc with their husbandos and some women like seeing two guys do it cause its two hot guys, but no one should make liking the former and latter an identity

No. 149660

Christ anon, take a deep breath. I legitimately can't understand anything said in this word salad.

No. 149661

nta but that sounds more like you not knowing how to read to me

No. 149709

I complained about some obvious flaws in Pokemon SwSh in the vidya thread but I want to see some Raihan/Leon art now.

No. 149982

File: 1624685719829.png (834.84 KB, 828x1792, CAB1B020-36A1-4328-9F57-0E7AFD…)

The Male Chanboard was talking about why Western Animation can’t appeal to fujoshi audiences and the answers were as brain dead as you’d expect

Why do you think western media isn’t making content that appeals to BL fans? The Chinese series are popular despite being censored. AO3 gets $500k+ everytime they ask for donations. There’s money to be made off fangirls.

No. 149987

File: 1624689441290.jpg (114.84 KB, 900x720, 0a827549b43ec14691c452d2bfd7ad…)

well the only mainstream comic series I can think of that tries to attract a Fujo audience are the recent Young Avenger series, (In which the characters Wiccan and Hulkling are the most popular ones) and the Spider-Man/Deadpool crossovers, both series did well but not nothing Incredible, see mainstream western comics in general are dying, I mean fucking Demon Slayer on its own outsells the entire western comic Industry

There's a lot of factors that leads to this
>Over reliance of crossover events that break up the story.
>Quality of writing and art can shift dramatically as different authors and artists will work on the series during its run
>EXTENSIVE editorial meddling
>Shitty Distribution that fucks over everyone
>People don't know where to start with comics so they don't bother

some of the posters were right, out of touch media executives who don't wanna rock the boat and change something too much, for a significant change to the status quo to happen in Western Comics a series has to break record sales otherwise it always get retconned

No. 149990

BL is a niche and unsurprisingly western media doesn't appeal to niches.

No. 149991

Comics are a niche dying industry, they might as well try and squeeze out some fujobux since unlike the tumblrites they try to appeal to fujos will actually support series that pander to us.

No. 149996

File: 1624695010806.jpg (32.11 KB, 360x553, 714361._SX360_QL80_TTD_.jpg)

They won't try anything after the disaster that was "All-New, All-Different Marvel" right now they seem to be focused on trying to keep their current fanbase
just try Indie Comics, you will find tons of fujo series, my husband got me into Indie Comics and I'm liking what I see but be warned there's a lot of woke shit that is sometimes unavoidable
for e.g picrel has a "non-binary" character that adds nothing to do the plot

No. 149997

Yeah one of the main reasons I avoid western stuff is because I know it can't Just be gay and there will be some stupid gender bs forced in it too. The writers will also do everything they can do avoid fujo accusations so will try to 'subvert' as many tropes as they can to make it more woke and it'll end up being really safe and boring.

Also a lot of western stuff is just ugly and the fandom is full of teenagers who are absolutely rabid. If the fandom is like Voltron or She-Ra I'd stay far away from it. To address the original point there's also the fact that most showrunners and staff are still men and are uncomfortable with gay men but lesbians are seen as 'safe' representation because they don't threaten their masculinity.

No. 149998

Honestly its best when the paring is never the main focus of Series, I'm new to India comics myself but I still believe there's hope for the non-capeshit Western Comics Industry
also I kinda disagree with your last point, Japan has a worse Industry gender ratio then US yet they still churn out BL content, I think its just the issue of Western fans being far more rabid and expecting a lot more, the likely risks involved and the competition with Manga

No. 149999

Yeah I'm the same where I don't like the relationship to the the main focus, part of the appeal for me is filling in the blanks and how they get together so I generally don't mind if their relationship is more ambiguous.
And I agree that Japan's industry is male dominated but tbf a lot of them accidentally create popular m/m ships by writing compelling relationships between the male characters that aren't tied down by misogyny like the female characters are. If we're talking about writing something intentionally gay then most het men are going to shy away from that.

No. 150000

True, a lot of the new female written comic series lack the ability to write deep male character interactions the way a sexist Japanese man can

No. 150024

It fucking sucks that there's really no mainstream BL works in the west, I mean the fucking people's republic of China even helped in the promotion of a BL series(mostly cause it was about Chinese Patriotism, showed off Chinese culture and showed the Japanese as Inhuman Barbarians) but still it happened
all the major mxm content in the west is made by gay males for gay males and I'm not against gay men its just that actual gay male content can be really fucking vile and disgusting

No. 150032

File: 1624729536686.jpeg (12.08 KB, 194x260, download.jpeg)

The most you'll get are webcomics which are either a hit or miss. Speaking of which, anyone remember It's Always Raining Here?

No. 150033

I said mainstream, webcomics and self published novels can only do so much, I just want a major studio to make a show exclusively for a BL audience

No. 150036

>people's republic of China even helped in the promotion of a BL series(mostly cause it was about Chinese Patriotism, showed off Chinese culture and showed the Japanese as Inhuman Barbarians)
what series are you talking about?

No. 150037

Sorry for my incoming tl;dr autism but to me the main difference between Japanese and western media has been the segregation of gendered genres. The female audiences in Japan have their own stories and the male audiences have their own, and BL in general was developed by women themselves in the late 70's/early 80's for women to have their own genre of erotica/romance without badly written trophy females they couldn't relate to. In the west nerdy media has always been very male oriented and women traditionally just had to take what's given to them by the male creators. The whole idea of women producing geeky shit like comics, cartoons and games for themselves is extremely new in the west whereas in Japan someone like Rumiko Takahashi has been a best-seller for 30 years and many prolific BL artists such as Ayano Yamane have created a goddamn imperium around their franchises and executives are willing to pander to fujos and female audiences in general because they're already established and willing to pay up.

So in other words the west hasn't reached that stage of maturity where they feel comfortable targeting exclusively female consumers and they're very lost on how to even play the market, that's why instead of getting shows we actually would enjoy we'll be given some scooped up tumblrite rainbow vomit in an animated form or ridiculous Marvel #girlboss crap because the executives making these decisions think it's what women want.

No. 150041

This just makes me more pissed off that whenever they do make some mediocre show/comic aimed at women in the west, male nerds still seethe about it not pandering to them and still have to take over it and ruin it with their scrote porn.

No. 150045

I never thought about it much, but I guess you are right in that there isn't any animated western content aimed towards women. I guess execs assume western women can only like soaps and tv dramas. Sometimes you get girly cartoons but never anything for an older age group

No. 150054

Ugh but Hulkling is so fucking uninspired and boring. Hate that ugly motherfucker

No. 150075

File: 1624758185252.png (301.91 KB, 1426x653, Screenshot (79).png)

Winter Begonia, just like the Untamed they massively toned-down the BL elements and actually played up the war aspects, but they sent researchers and historians so that the accurately portray the Peking opera depictions

No. 150120

>that's why instead of getting shows we actually would enjoy we'll be given some scooped up tumblrite rainbow vomit in an animated form or ridiculous Marvel #girlboss crap because the executives making these decisions think it's what women want.
tbf many women do want that, Captain Marvel was wildly popular with women and Marvel will try to replicate that, hell even Woke Shit sells cause people pay for it, Capitalism has no empathy or morals its based on market and demand
We just need one massively popular western series to be produced, fujos will flock to it, and then other studios will churn out more BL content in the west

No. 150289

I remember talking to a woman at comic con, and when I said I found Captain Marvel pretty boring and pandering, not even bad and she lashed out at me, saying "How dare you not like it as a woman!" or something like that. I find marvel's attempts at feminism really insulting tbh, but I guess they work, but that may be because of how empty the market is.

No. 150708

File: 1625164856406.jpg (Spoiler Image,103.87 KB, 720x1380, 23.jpg)

I myself am not interested in smutty yaoi webtoons about unwilling himbos with massive tiddies but I saw the art for it on a manga site and it reminded me of you degenerates
The series is called The Secret Life Of The Demon King, go get your funbags
Reposting to spoiler

No. 151162

File: 1625454782622.jpg (330.96 KB, 1078x1553, E5fEYbWVIAUEmjK.jpg)

There's a free manga on Shonen Jump Plus that might tickle some anons here. Gyaru has the spirit of a fujoshi in her new apartment and needs to get it exorcised.

No. 151163

>unwilling himbos with massive tiddies
That's my shit all right, thanks for sharing nonny!

No. 151165

I know there are some people into this but I still don't get it, these bodies look gross and fucking unappealing, those muscles literally look inflated

No. 151170

Is this based off a currently running series? The black hair boy with the mole is sexy.

No. 151171

why is his head so small

No. 151172

The bara curse

No. 151179

I don't think so, it's just a generic ship.

No. 151181

Same, it's a fad for a ton of Aidens to be all about big bara himbo tiddy smooch smooch and think they're superior for liking "real men" but to me these bodies are grotesque. I don't find them sexy at all, they're disturbing and unnatural.

No. 151183

File: 1625473019455.png (381.52 KB, 1741x1243, ErEhSLAWMAEzeTR.png)

I actually think these big bara tiddie males with synthol muscles look more female then the Bishōnen males, cause while Bishōnens were beautiful, they were beautiful in a very male way
monstrosities such as picrel have a very female form to them, Pectoral muscles that function exactly like women's tits, impossibly huge asses and the weird chrome smoothness, they look like weird she-males quite frankly

No. 151188

I really don't think something like >>150708 looks very female. It's just how most gay porn for gay men is, lot of exaggerated greek god level muscle features because that's what men just like. They're the same sex drawing comically big tits on women.

I think it's been discussed before but ngl these "haha a fujoshi is a nutty coomer" mangas always make me feel like it's scrotes trying to sexualize fujos, often as just horny girls who need a boyfriend to calm them down.

No. 151190

File: 1625478674784.png (122.85 KB, 382x750, 6ec54cee03bfdc2340b20e46d51b10…)

Really? just compare this shit >>151183 with typical male drawn bara, even the more comically large muscular males drawn, have musculature that has depth
Recent, mostly Korean and Western drawn males have muscles that look like jelly. the structure of their bodies and even fat and muscle alignment is closer to women then men and as said it looks fucking gross

No. 151198

Still looks like a guy to me, like the ones in Kengan Ashua. Didn’t you already complain about this in another thread, blaming Koreans and now you’ve brought it here?

No. 151199

I have never read Kengan Ashura but from what I've seen those muscles do look wonky asf, but I bet they have depth and aren't these weird pseudo-curves

No. 151215

That pic would be fine, if his head was bigger. His pecs are big, but at least they don't look like actual boobs (they are pointing down, and his nipples are pointing out for example). I fucking HATE that so many bara pecs end up looking like breasts/gyno, it's so disgusting. Even worse if they lactate.
I agree with you on this one. Especially on the right his pecs look like breasts, and his hips have a feminine shape instead of being more boxy. The face looks like a girl's too. It looks so unnatural, trying to make a male character voluptuous in the same way a woman is.

No. 151217

There are certain moments of recent BL that feel more like Yuri then Yaoi

No. 151359

File: 1625575723404.png (601.36 KB, 959x623, aaa.png)

usa18/nishida having basically vanished still makes me sad

No. 151362

Oh come on, you are really telling me that's supposed to be a male

No. 151375

She draws women with way bigger breasts, you have to see it to believe it.

No. 151400

That's even worse, also as stated that's now pecs work even a muscular woman who has breasts, her chest wouldn't work like that

No. 151443

File: 1625627443288.jpg (Spoiler Image,68.24 KB, 600x1022, 1629422_14270518.jpg)

While we're discussing the 'pecs that are actually tits' thing I want to ask how it's possible that this artist has gone her whole life without ever seeing what a man looks like. I mean it's incredible to get to a point in life where your BL pornwha is being published without ever actually seeing a real human male. I see men out on the street every single day of my life and somehow this artist has managed to never see one.

No. 151452

I mean, by the body structure that's definitely not a woman. It's just the pecs that are soft for some reason (which is possibile in reality, but not of he's that muscular)

No. 151454

The "hasn't this author seen a real man before kek lmao????" clause is useless, of course they know what men look like but the make a conscious choice to overexaggerate features. Inflated bara titties are just the current trend in porn and often considered a counter against ridiculous mommy milker breasts men force into everyone's faces. I don't find himbo tits appealing myself but I'm all for colonizing and sexualizing male body parts just like they've done to us for centuries.

No. 151455

Although I agree with everything you said, this >>151443 is so unappealing. And this is coming from a male tiddy lover. He just looks like a troon mid transition that could only get his boobjob so far

No. 151459

The issue is that that's 100% how muscular Pecs work, even a muscular woman's pecs don't work like that and yeah you are right it does look a lot like a TIM
Also trying to replicate male behavior and degeneracy doesn't work, we had good looking males a decade ago, they were cute or beautiful but drawn in a male way, these new males are frankly disgusting and look like shemales

No. 151462

Don't care. The baratitty shit is niche as hell anyway, it's not like there's an outbreak of all BL being centered around unrealistic manboobs and I'm sure there are plenty of other muh broken anatomy moments all over.

Why are anons so obsessed with wanting the characters to look like "real men" to begin with? The less they look like actual scrotes the better. And trannies are still men so don't know how "not looking like men" makes them look like troons kek

No. 151463

I'm >>151455 and I think they look like males, just really ugly shitty ones (troons), and I really don't wanna see troon porn, if I am looking at something to be titillating, I want it to be pretty/hot.

>Why are anons so obsessed with wanting the characters to look like "real men" to begin with? The less they look like actual scrotes the better.

Can't talk for every anon, obviously, but in my case it is because I'm straight. So I really dislike troon looking men or a malefemale hybrid, and this goes not only for bara, but also for bishies.

No. 151466

I'm so lost on how any straight woman reads BL and then complains about the men not being like "real men" instead of just going to enjoy otomeshit or shoujo or content created by gay men or something. And I'm being sincere, I thought it was pretty obvious that a lot of BL is just created for women who want them to be as far removed from IRL moids as possible.

No. 151468

I don't want them to look like "real men" I just don't want them to look like bizzare MTFs with gross bodies, there's a difference between a beautifully drawn male and a shemale

No. 151469

There is some content creators that are straight. It's not that puzzling to think why women that like men would enjoy seeing two penises rubbing against each other. I don't read what I don't like (really feminine men being one of them) and honestly I don't read most things for the plot, either. That's probably why nowadays I go mostly for short, graphic stuff. And yes, I know it's not completely realistic, but I still like seeing male sweaty bodies pounding one another lol

No. 151476

Interesting perspective cause I'm >>151468 I actually love pretty boy bishe's but I can tolerate bara If its drawn well, but I despise this recent trend of drawing males as pseudo-females with boobs and curves, it just takes me our of the moment

No. 151494

Let's be honest, there are plenty of BLs that are beautifully drawn and feature beautiful realistic men who aren't male/female hybrids. Plenty of BL readers are straight women who just want to look at two hot guys fucking, and them looking like (slightly stylized) real men is a huge plus. Some examples above are either deliberate exaggerations of male bodies or artists not knowing how to draw well.

And honestly I can't understand anons saying beautiful man-who-doesn't-look-like-a-bara-ape = woman and fetish/badly-drawn-pecs = boobs = woman. Like >>150708 >>151359 >>151443 are clearly all males, just exaggerated because of pec fetish or poor drawing skill. They're not meant to look like women as the extra feminine, whiny, pretty and small ukes often are.

No. 151501

I respectfully disagree, even the most feminine ukes look more male imo then crap like this >>151359, the bodies are just gross and too feminine looking and function like their fat and curves and not actual muscle

No. 151507

Oh come on, this is clearly a man. Look at the V-taper, huge ass lats, and at least they drew the right pec properly. There is a some exaggeration on the left pec, but even irl, men have a slight bit of fat/skin on their pecs that you can grab. He has a pretty boy face but still doesn't look like a shemale like >>151183
I hate tranny looking dudes but this guy isn't that.

No. 151531

The body is the least feminine thing there is and the face is just pretty, but you can tell that's still clearly a man. Aside from the soft pec the rest looks like hard muscle and his shoulders and arms are huge. He's almost a fucking fridge and everyone at a first glance would think it's a male. Women can hardly look like that. Like >>151507 said, >>151183 is the only one that looks like a troon/shemale because of the face, head to body ratio and squishy muscles.

No. 151538

File: 1625691506640.png (110.26 KB, 371x293, 59483085034985.png)

Sooo would you mind directing me to a place I can see more of this guy? I went to the artist's Twitter and all I can find lately is big tiddy women. Although I did find this hot incubus

No. 151556

What are everyone's least favorite BL tropes?

>Characters don't understand the concept of homosexuality "B-But we're both guys!" etc
>Incel looking but talented author/artist is actually really attractive when he shaves his beard, cut his hair, and take off his glasses

No. 151559

File: 1625714884930.jpeg (38.13 KB, 243x287, A7E851C6-0BFD-4A00-B2C3-3D51C5…)

part of me wants to say bad 90s anatomy but at the same time the shit’s absolutely fucking hilarious.
i hate the “b-but we’re both boys!” thing too. ukes being overly-feminine and semes being overly-masculine is probably the most annoying one for me though

No. 151562

I like an evolution (?) of that first one, which is more like

>Guy thinks he's totally heterosexual and in deep denial the he may be bi (or gay) and slowly realizes because at that point he can't deny it anymore

No. 151566

LMFAO finding this doujinshi is what made me start reading golden kamuy, even though her (do we know the artist is a woman? I always assumed it was a man based on what and how they draw) sugimoto looks nothing like canon sugimoto.
if by "this guy" you mean the dude in the pic then yeah, it's from a whole doujinshi. If you look up golden kamuy doujinshi it's probably gonna be the most popular (gay) one.

No. 151571

File: 1625721260121.png (219.51 KB, 452x439, 10987430975043.png)

Ah thank you, I didn't know it was based on an existing manga (esp Golden Kamuy since the style is so different as you said). Found it though!

No. 151585

I've been reading one lately where the bottom spends the whole time thinking about how much it hurts when they have sex even though he will initiate it and kept doing it after they became actual boyfriends who are supposed to be in love. The dialogue during sex scenes is pretty terrible most of the time but it really takes me out of it lmao.
Also I hate how much recent BL has the protagonists looking like skinny K-pop boys with ugly haircuts but that's not really a trope.

No. 151587

Honestly I find this shit disgusting cause you know there based on real people and it's some fuck k-pop stan autism infecting BL

No. 151593

File: 1625745156261.jpg (308.08 KB, 900x1280, c1-Kabukichou-Bad-Trip-Page_2-…)

this was hot as fuck, i hope vol2 gets an english translation at some point

No. 151594

How tf is that meant to be Sugimoto?
It's a really odd choice considering the artist can clearly draw well

>All sex is noncon
>Rape is immediately forgiven for whatever dumb reason
>Any reference to breastfeeding or pregnancy
>Paedophilic age gaps

No. 151596

>The main character's only personality trait is "N-noooo I-I'm not gay!!" and the already mentioned "But we're both guys!" bullshit, it's fucking 2021 stop this already
>Annoying, endless pining coupled with forced, badly written drama
>The main couple are childhood friends and the other one has had an obsession with the other for decade(s) without pursuing it
>no graphic sex scenes

No. 151601

File: 1625751272673.jpg (158.02 KB, 728x1051, v.jpg)

Speaking of noncon, I'm reminded of the only noncon story I've ever enjoyed, Hua Hua You Long also the first Manhua I've read
The story is about a rebel bandit chief who has his men kidnap women whom he rapes and then sells into slavery, one day he his men find a young noble lady and present her to the bandit leader, the leader upon seeing her beauty instantly decides to marry her, but on their wedding night it turns out the the noble lady is actually an exiled prince who then rapes the bandit leader, the prince then manipulates bandit leader to help him get revenge and reclaim the throne

This is a story where everyone is a horrible person, either murders and or rapists so the non-con elements aren't that of an issue. It's just the right amount of edgyness and taboo where it's hot but doesn't make you sick

No. 151608

>Characters don't understand the concept of homosexuality "B-But we're both guys!" etc
kek it's my FAVORITE trope

No. 151614

>Characters don't understand the concept of homosexuality "B-But we're both guys!" etc
This one, it’s fucking annoying.
I also hate the woman who only exists to cause a love triangle and be a bitch, though luckily you see this one less often now.

No. 151615

many have already been mentioned, but what i really hate is when the story is like 6 chapters long and they get together in chapter 4 and then in chapter 5 character A sees character B talk and laugh with a woman and A immediately jumps to conclusions that B is cheating. ofc in the end it turns out that the woman is B's sister/mother/daughter/best friend's gf and absolutely in no way in a romantic relationship with B. it happens all the damn time and i hate it. just spend the last two chapters on nice sex scenes instead of this fake drama that everyone knows the end of.

No. 151619

File: 1625760270744.jpg (239.07 KB, 1125x1583, happyshittylifech7.jpg)

I love how even in her lighter stuff like Happy Shitty Life, Harada has to include some top notch sadism. Tfw when the class delinquent is in love with you but is too dense and autistic to show it in any form other than domination and rape.
>I'll be gentle
>reams him with his monster dick until he can't stand

No. 151621

I hate it when an actually funny romcom with sex scenes turns into some dramatic sad bullshit in the few last chapters. In a way that makes it look very sudden and out of place. Right now the only example I have in mid is that one manga from Owal where a porn addict virgin meets a guy who's a porn actor in the train and shit happens, I can't remember the title but the last chapters were about the other guy's mommy issues, it's ruined the whole thing.

No. 151622

File: 1625760534390.jpg (44.1 KB, 483x600, Sugimoto.Saichi.600.2326456.jp…)

Why you gotta do Sugimoto like that? I am deeply offended.

No. 151625

Ugh, this was so good! I loved the art so much

No. 151633

God I have endless amounts of love and respect for Harada and her degeneracy, I need to catch up with Happy Shitty Life. Didn't realize it was being scanlated already.

No. 151634

You're thinking about Kichiku Encount and while I love the manga you're absolutely right about the sudden out of place tone shift with the mommy issues. I would've preferred the guy to be the sex pest badass he was introduced as without the tagged on cheesy "humanity".

No. 151635

Harada manga really is the best!

No. 151680

As opposed to before when they looked like Japanese hosts with those dumb glamour mullets?

No. 151695

File: 1625793383651.jpg (213.89 KB, 1112x603, dating.jpg)

Me too sis. There is a chapter from the delinquent rapist's pov and he's really in love with the protag and thinks they are dating. But just absolutely terrorizes him.

No. 151696

File: 1625793668362.jpg (169.81 KB, 846x1200, HSL6-31.jpg)

Another absolutely demented relationship. How do she do it?

No. 151700

>Bottoming with zero prep
>Bottom gets off from monster dick with zero prep and experience

No. 151702

File: 1625797142154.jpg (447.49 KB, 1500x2062, 72305b6fb65cecdbc777fc92f0f88d…)

I just read this since I saw you guys talking about it and I haven't laughed this much at a BL in a very long time. Harada is absolutely based, I don't know how one woman can write such degenerate and hilarious character dynamics. When she revealed that the girl, the dad, and the son all have fucked the same guy I was absolutely howling. The main pair are a complete chaotic mess and I'm still honestly waiting for a threesome scene between delinquent and MCs tbh.

No. 151721

Sorry for offending the kpoppies but I can't stand when they all have the ugly floppy hair styles or those overdrawn lips that make them look like they've been stung by bees. The style is shit and I'm sick of seeing it when looking for new BL to read.
Also yes old school anime style is based and I'd much rather read that than half the current bland shit.

No. 151727

File: 1625837610180.jpg (275.82 KB, 1000x1430, Happy-Shitty-Life-4-Happy-Shit…)

I was also losing it, anon. My sides. Harada is a genius. I think he would actually get fucked to death if that happened.

No. 151735

This is the page that made me lose my shit. It's the type of cringey humor where you just know the situation is so embarrassing and absurd for everyone involved that you can't help but laugh, it's my favorite thing in BL manga.

No. 151773

File: 1625868558469.png (170.45 KB, 830x1200, Watashi_tachi_ha_Byplayer_35.p…)

Harada truly is /ourgirl/ in multiple ways. First of all she draws unbelievably smutty porn and pushes the envelope continuously, going further past the point where most BL mangakas would just stop because they're afraid of their audience not being able to handle it. Her work is vulgar and crude but never lacks character development and well-written dynamics, even the art is top notch.

But not only that, she's well known for adding developed female characters in her stories and in one of her tentacle porn oneshots the backstory was that women's rights group liberated women so men were only able to use each other for pleasure. She also took part in an anthology with her short story told from a girl character's perspective titled "We are the byplayers" that basically ended with a sad note making a stand about the cruel trope of female characters being only used as rival plot devices to push the two male characters together despite falling in love with one of them, having their love go unrecruited. Harada is based beyond comprehension and her work should be treasured.

No. 151778

You made me remember my love for harada, anon. What you are talking about sound very interesting, I should get up to date with her stuff.

No. 151801

Wonderfully said. Last time I was in Japan I picked up a copy of nii-chan for keeps. It’s by no means my favorite, but I wanted to own something of hers that was just one volume (didn’t wanna pack luggage with lots of books) and also distinctly her, that is, super fucked up. I absolutely love her stuff and you really hit the nail on the head!

No. 151806

File: 1625896127193.jpeg (46.45 KB, 604x395, 437E6FB9-3433-40B1-820E-8E5072…)

You have such a way with words, nonita. beautifully said. I always love seeing my favorite mangaka get the love they deserve

No. 151820

File: 1625900789946.jpeg (54.67 KB, 225x350, 57276D9F-D783-4A7A-880E-4D5C27…)

The girl she made for this one shot is definitely one of my favorite characters she’s done honestly, the panel where she was getting all excited over two boys ‘fighting’ over her was so cute.

Also not a girl but Riku is based.

No. 151821

>when you realize the only negative about harada’s works is that her stuff makes other BL look boring+poorly written by comparison

No. 151833

Color Recipe was not good.

No. 151882

The girl (Himeumi) and her last speech was so powerful and sad. I wasn't at all expecting the story to go there during the last few pages because I read the story out of context, only learned that it was a part of an anthology later. I've always hated the stupid cliche of only having a girl character as the third wheel who has to give up her crush and either help the other guy out or be the story villain and I'm so glad it's going nearly extinct these days. Harada really went all out trashing that trope with "Byplayers" and it was all well deserved.

For those who haven't read it, it's a short story (around 20 pages) in which a girl who has a crush on a handsome boy in her class accidentally switches bodies with another boy, spends a while like that, falls in love with the boy she switched bodies with, they switch back, she's ready to pursue love with either of the guys only to find out they're in a relationship together by walking in on them having sex. It ends up with her having to give a pep talk about how she's not going to tell anyone, they shouldn't care about what others think and that "if you'll be happy, I'll be happy". All the while having an inner monologue presented by thought bubbles about how painful this is to her to act like it's not bothering her to give up her feelings.

Even with Nii-chan you could argue that the girl ended up being cucked but she was still a fully developed character who was given a good reason to let the guy go (she was a closeted lesbian herself dating him out of convenience) and played a major part in the story.

Agree, after going on a Harada binge everything else seems so lame in comparison.

No. 151883

Anything involving the seedy underworld or criminal activity, because the authors never do their research and it's just super naive.

No. 151889

File: 1625961387469.png (1.32 MB, 1500x1500, 1625508137182.png)

I always get intrigued by the fujo sexuality debate. Where I'm from, they're mostly bi or straight, I wasn't even aware there were lesbian fujos before. I wonder which is the majority in LC? (Or at least this thread). I honestly think lesbians will win.
It would be very much appreciated if anyone helped me with my stupid survey kek

Straight: I

No. 151895

>Bi: 1
>Straight: I

No. 151897

Straight: II

Fujoshits are the only ethical way to be a straight female. Objectify the male form without ever giving any RL moid any sexual pleasure whatsoever.

No. 151898

File: 1625971543567.png (152.12 KB, 251x295, gay.png)

Bi: II
Straight: II

No. 151899

Bi: II
Lesbian: I
Straight: II

any and all sexy content created by and or for males is an innate turn off for me idk I like female gazey anime guys better than any anime ladies

No. 151901

Lesbian: I
Straight: II

No. 151902

Same reasons as >>151899
I can kind fantasize butch x butch if the bits are censored so it bothers me when fan translation does penis redraws lol

Lesbian: II
Straight: II

No. 151910

File: 1625980465385.png (199.56 KB, 1208x692, Screen Shot 2021-07-11 at 14.0…)

Lesbian: II
Straight: III

I went to a doujinshi event today and apparently some girls took out the doujins they had bought on the train and commented on them. At least it's not just foreign fujos who lack a filter IRL sometimes? Like why would you openly read R18 shit?

No. 151915

Lesbian: II
Straight: III

No. 151916

for those of us who are not fluent in japanese, care to explain what the screenshot says?

No. 151917

Not that anon but it's detailing what she said about the girls reading doujinshi in the train station and commenting it out loud, saying shit like "omg so sexy". Being an obnoxious nerd is pretty universal tbh so I'm not surprised Japanese fujoshi can be like this. Good for them lol. I dont recognize all the kanji in the last few sentences though, because I forgot a lot of kanji.

No. 151918

lol yea sorry.
>When I waited for the train at Tokyo Teleport station today, there were two girls waiting for the train who were like "Here is fine, right?" and proceeded to take doujinshi out of their bags and comment stuff like "so sexy!" and "the art is great". They got on the train that arrived all the while reading doujinshi. I was shaking. On the covers were Sukuna, Gojo x Yuji and Toge (JJK). This is too scary, please stop.

No. 151919

So far I've experienced the fujo scene here as one where trigger warnings abound and everyone does their best so their fujo shit doesn't interfere with normies.

No. 151920

So I didn't recognize the last few kanji because they're names from a manga I never read, it makes me feel a bit better ngl. The person who posted this on twitter is such a drama queen though, I'd understand if they said it's annoying or disgusting but scary?

That's definitely the majority, especially online but there are exceptions for everything. I wonder how they act in their own conventions and events, especially the very small ones about very specific pairings, since they wouldn't bother anyone in theory.

No. 151924

Lesbian: III
Straight: III

Based Japanese fujos, if men grope women on the train they can talk about their cartoon porn.

No. 151930

Lesbian: IIII
Straight: III

>I was shaking.
>This is too scary, please stop.
jfc they sound like fakebois on tiktok who ask content creators to say something in favor of trans shit because they don't want to feel 'unsafe' in the comment section of some person who makes comedy skits that have nothing to do with TRA logic.

No. 151933

pretty sure that person is a fujo herself, its a tongue in cheek "scary" just like when nips say yabai it doesnt actually translate to them being serious about smth being dangerous
Lesbian: IIIII
Straight: III

No. 151934

i am intrigued by this picture but i also don’t want to know

No. 151935

It's meant like "scary that someone could not have the common sense", not literally "I was scared for my safety" or something.

This was my first convention in ages and before that I had only been at Comiket, but everyone was really nice and quiet. That pretty much everyone was 18+ (and some way above that age) surely helped. I imagine it being a lot worse in the west tbh, mainly because Europeans/Americans tend to be louder in general.

No. 151942

It didn't feel like sarcasm to me though, since it's not just "it's scary" but "it's scary so stop doing that". Then again it's written so sarcasm is easy to miss.

No. 151943

File: 1626013044775.jpg (120.39 KB, 577x621, cab74.jpg)

I have so many feelings about akiyama-kun's finale. Obviously sad is over, but I'm so glad nobara aiko didn't die or something before completing it. I can't wait for the tankoubon.

No. 151945

I’ve seen guys openly reading lolicon in Japan food tour videos, so this isn’t surprising.
Lesbian: IIIII
Straight: III

No. 151949

File: 1626019471785.jpeg (Spoiler Image,249.09 KB, 687x595, DB885C3F-D47F-4008-8ED6-ECC222…)

>/y/ has no spoiler function
>posting on tumblr would spoil everything for followers
>lolcow has spoiler functions for both text and images
Guess I’ll post this here.

I’ve been following Living Dead and the newest chapter was super interesting. It looks like Mamiya/Touya was in school with both Sada and the guy they abducted in the previous chapter. I can’t read Japanese so I’m guessing Sada didn’t recognize him with the fake name and receded hairline.
I’m really wondering where the story will go since the Sada is already dead and after revealing Touya gave the other guy a quad amputation it’s clear he’s a total psycho, I can’t imagine a good end for him. His reaction to Sada turning the tables with him on the bed was interesting too.

No. 151950

Lesbian: IIIII
Straight: IIII

No. 151956

Lesbian: IIIII
Straight: IIIII

I just love treating males like they always treat females. I don't need to think about them as people, I can just like their bodies and forms and see them do the most embarassing and degenerate things without being involved (as someone who has to give pleasure). I also love that it popularises the beauty of men, makes the ugly scrotes who think that they're good enough seethe.

No. 151957

Lesbian: IIIII
Straight: IIIII

No. 151960

File: 1626028822696.jpg (47.13 KB, 736x587, c96a2718ad852ea55f7df95abe9057…)

I'm the Survey OP btw thanks for everyone that answered it! I was half expecting for it to flop and this is quite interesting. Seems to be very balanced! (Also it's cool to have an idea of how many use this thread)

No. 151963

File: 1626032159301.png (361.3 KB, 600x440, 9e3.png)

Lesbian: IIIII
Straight: IIIII
Two of a hot thing is good duh, especially if they're well written (aka written by a woman) and framed by the female gaze. I don't get ppl who psychoanalyze fujos, do ppl psychoanalyze coomers? No they just call them degenerates and move on.

No. 151966

While in some cases it's overkill to psychoanalyze fujos it's still interesting and in some ways also important to recognize how the gears turn behind the fujo mind and why exactly so many fujos aren't straight aligned. My pipeline went as follows:
>Be a febfem "bihet", in my case a self-hating lesbian in denial
>Damn why would a lesbian like this shit? Isn't it just for straight girls who imagine themselves to be the bottom fucked by a handsome man?
>Memed into reading some of it by my lesbian/bi friends
>Damn this is actually pretty good, nothing like I've read before
>Become a full fledged fujo, find a wholesome community filled with wonderful, talented, intelligent women creating and consuming this content, accept my own homosexuality, armchair in the fujo thread on lolcow dot farm
And even in the case of being a straight woman fujos are still based as fuck for enjoying the genre that has its foundations in liberating female sexuality to the point it's completely free of male gaze. I know some will be "who cares i just want to see dem smexy hot guys doing it lmao!" but ultimately their reasoning for enjoying it lies in these root causes.

No. 151967

I find this stuff fascinating. When fujos became a thing in my europoor country, it was the first time young girls and women started expressing their sexual desires toward men. They were as often into BL manga/dj as slash fanfiction (ie drarry) based on movies with actual male actors. I wish some worldwide fujo study was done, since there is a clear divide between straight and lesbian fujos (ie anons saying fujos were always lesbians when it's not at all how the situation was here). I imagine homophobia may have played a bit into that, though we also had a small circle of lesbians popularizing yuri like Ebine Yamaji's work. Though tbh, if I were to guess, most fujos here probably are still either bihets or FTM trannies/nonbinary weirdos.

No. 151975

Lesbian: IIIII
Straight: IIIIII

Sometimes when I read good sex scenes in fanfic I come to the realization like "damn, I'm really being turned on by another girl right now huh? That's pretty gay." but men could never, they don't understand developing tension and sensuality and building emotional connections like women do, they just want degenerate hardcore porn and don't want a story behind it. The only reason I'm still turned on by things like blowjobs (that men ruin by seeing it as degrading their partner) is because of how women write them.

No. 151976

File: 1626046464675.jpeg (23.51 KB, 184x184, 02CD7970-B769-4457-B5DA-0D6A20…)

Lesbian: IIIIII
Straight: IIIIII
for manga i like good storytelling but for fics i usually just read pwp. i don’t get turned on by them at all, i just like reading about my favorite male characters getting dicked down for some reason. i really hope i’m not alone on this tbh

No. 151978

Lesbian: IIIIII
Straight: IIIIII

No. 151985

I'm a febfem fujo and I'm largely uninterested in live action slash/RPS because it's 3DPD men.

No. 151990

Lesbian: IIIIII
Straight: IIIIIII

No. 151996

Lesbian: (IIIII)I
Straight: (IIIII)III

started groups for the talleys because I'm autistic and it's getting hard to read

No. 152003

I always thought this thread had maybe 5 active anons but turns out there are dozens of them which makes me happy, anyway I wish an especially peaceful evening to all the lesbian/bi fujos ilu

No. 152010

File: 1626080119333.jpeg (164.56 KB, 992x992, E04D24C3-84F0-487A-A22F-A8C2FD…)

Lesbian: (IIIII)I
Straight: (IIIII)III
Like >>151985 and >>151899 I hate malegaze and have absolutely no interest in 3dpd in my romantic life. I don’t like or read or watch live-action slash, but regular love stories and shipping are fine. I don’t think anything in BL remotely resembles real life men in the first place and that’s part of the appeal. It’s “dehumanized” but in the most eloquent way, and often times written to be very, generously humanizing. I read pwp djs like >>151976 because of shipping purposes and for fun reading. It’s fun to read about a character you like making epic sfx to the character they love (or hate.) But for fanfics I prefer stories to be prioritized over action, and rarely read sexually explicit fics.
My favorite part about BL is how it’s a community built by the minds of thousands of brilliant and creative women, and how large of a market it is. I think the shamelessness a lot of fujos have is admirable regardless of when its appropriate or not.

I think you bring up a really interesting topic. I’ve only ever been in or wanted to be in relationships with women, and I’ve never hidden the fact that I am a fujo. My longtime girlfriend thinks of it as a shipping fandom thing. I don’t know what this speaks on the possible divide between lesbian/bi/straight fujos, but I thought this may be of interest to you. My fujo story is a lot like >>151966 but I never thought of BL as self-insert material. To me, fictional male characters don’t even qualify as representatives or reflections of “real” men and seem more like an entirely different species. They’re more like aliens with occasional morals and vaguely elastic bodies (kek) than humans. I retain this idea for all of my husbandos too. It’s pure fantasy.
Thank you for making the survey! What a lovely idea.

No. 152012

Lesbian: (IIIII)II
Straight: (IIIII)III

It’s a shame Fujoshi are so demonized in western fandom nowadays. Genuinely believe the shame people put onto Females who like m/m shipping was a part of why I didn’t realize I was a lesbian years after my peers learned they were trans and gay despite hanging in the same spaces where being gay was the norm. They’re put on immediate block lists for being ‘straight women who think gay people should have no rights and no interesting stories to tell.’ My god. Borderline sexism. MOTI and no shame; Wish teenage girls who come after me won’t have to always see this negative view of being a Fujoshi for long, and people accept that they have dirty fantasies too that may hurt someone’s feelings and that doesn’t make them terrible, moronic people who only think with their tits (while they view trans Male/Enby desires as free from sin and super deep…).

Also does anyone have recommendations for BL involving people vaguely in the military? Like Underworld Capital Incident. Boys in uniform are good boys.

No. 152032

Lesbian: (IIIII)II
Straight: (IIIII)III
i'm in the same boat anon, I rarely read anything that's not nsfw or more then 2 chapters

No. 152037

Lesbian: (IIIII)III
Straight: (IIIII)III

No. 152050

Lesbian: (IIIII)IIII
Straight: (IIIII)III

No. 152106

Lesbian: (IIIII)(IIIII)
Straight: (IIIII)III

wtf how are there more lesbians than straight women

No. 152108

Lesbian: (IIIII)(IIIII)
Straight: (IIIII)IIII

No. 152109

After observing this anti-fujoshi mindset for multiple years I've found that the underage "antis" genuinely believe that fujos are those same heterosexual staceys from high school who ostracized them for being GNC/gay and are now enacting as fag hags squeeing over RuPaul's drag race while still despising the girls who now identify as "transmasc MLMs" (i.e. butch4butch revisited). The other breed is the hardcore polilez teen who thinks of fujos as gender traitors for not enjoying superior (genuinely fetishizing, infantilizing or just badly written) lesbian media. So it all just boils down to projection before we even get down to dudebros who hate fujoshit only because it's gross gay stuff they don't find palatable.

Liking BL being dogwhistle for bi/lesbian women is not just a meme, anon. The split in this thread is pretty much a 2/3 for "non-straight" which corresponds to what I've gathered elsewhere as well.

No. 152115

Lesbian: (IIIII)(IIIII)
Straight: (IIIII)(IIIII)
2D guys > 3DPDG, I can’t wait to have a job so I can buy anime pillows of my favorite anime guys so I can keep them in my room.
I don’t even masturbate to yaoi unless it strokes all of my fancies like one of the guys having dark skin and such.
I still remember when I didn’t even speak English, I used to post on an anime forum about yaoi and all the fujos were nice, good times.
Sometimes I don’t even know if I truly want to know what is of the fujo friends I had in high school, like, I know one of them wants to troon out or something for a long time, but I don’t know about the rest of them.

No. 152121

how are there 30+ people on /m/?

No. 152124

omg this was so good i had to read it twice, and the art was amazing!

No. 152129

File: 1626191126704.jpg (584.62 KB, 1500x993, 000.JPG)

i really liked b.s.s.m by ido gihou. it takes a couple of re-reads to understand the plot, but overall it was such a surreal manga. its like one of those manga's that their isn't a lot of action but a lot happens. i would also recommend her other manga's. its sad that it isn't as popular. but it was a nice pace of change (if anyone is bored of what they are reading and want to change, read this or her other manga).

does anyone know where she went? i found her twitter but it hasn't been updated since 2018.

No. 152137

Lesbian: (IIIII)(IIIII)
Straight: (IIIII)(IIIII)I

No. 152170

Lesbian: (IIIII)(IIIII)
Straight: (IIIII)(IIIII)I

No. 152171

does anyone else listen to blcds? Im getting worried with aarinfantasy dying there wont be any reliable digital imports available.

No. 152172

Lesbian: (IIIII)(IIIII)
Straight: (IIIII)(IIIII)II

No. 152176

I really want to get into blcds, they seem nice.

No. 152179

File: 1626205848183.jpeg (214.96 KB, 1400x1995, 1A90553F-F235-4D20-BA75-7E2DCC…)

I do! I think with the likes of yarichin and a few new and popular series at least, BL is seeing a bit of a rise outside of expected fujo circles. Which means blcds are getting back in style(?) too, at least a small bit. With ASMR on youtube and souncloud I’ve seen blcds and adjacent content have a noticeable and steady rise in viewership. But unfortunately, those platforms are usually reuploads from places like aarinfantasy, where last that I checked there isn’t too much new user activity at all. I’ve reached out to some reviewers who were very active for a long time, it’s not that blcd listeners are necessarily decreasing, but that no one would want to participate (as far as uploading is concerned) when scalpers are still on high. I hope aarinfantasy can stick around for a long time, hibikiforum too. But the only way to drive more new people towards them is to mention their names and encourage activity, which can in turn lead to more scalping.

No. 152180

File: 1626206151774.jpeg (119.28 KB, 810x1080, A9BE80A1-7E11-430C-B99B-CDCC7C…)

samefag we still have DLsite and I don’t think it’s going anywhere any time soon. Sometimes they offer works for free if you’re not keen on buying every time. You can also consider using amazonjp if it will ship to your country, it’s a small and more random selection but if something major like aarinfantasy were to go down for good, then it’s better than nothing…

No. 152181

aarinfantasy is dying? thats sad as hell, they have a huge amount of media found nowhere else, i still remember them for making n+c games available to the west. theyre basically the reason dmmd was such a juggernaut of content for a while

No. 152183

holy shit, it's finished? where did you read it?

No. 152198

I mean, it's probably just lurkers.

No. 152216

File: 1626224831540.png (Spoiler Image,1.3 MB, 637x1690, endhawks014.png)

okay i know there is a fanfic thread but its damn near dead so im gonna ask here if anyone has any good BNHA fic recs? as long as its mostly in character and not aged down (aka no shotacon but canon/highschool age is fine) i dont care what's in it or who it is really i just want good smutty fics that are more than one chapter/oneshots please nonnies im desperate.

No. 152233

yes bitch, same I love ido gihou. I'm afraid to look deeper into her disappearance though, I did that for another author recently (boy meets maria) and found out they passed away. I'm a pussy sorry.

No. 152236

File: 1626239213681.jpg (110.09 KB, 500x500, artworks-000095156505-nbo6tz-t…)

I like yandere heaven black

No. 152239

what! she passed away, read part of boy meets maria and loved it.
I'm afraid to find out that ido gohou might have passed away but i don't want to believe. I've tried to find any tweets from her twitter that indicate that she is alive or on another account but there is nothing. i love the art style way to much!

if there is anybody familiar with her work (in terms of art style or plot) can you recommend some manga similar?

No. 152251

File: 1626247280056.jpg (10.48 KB, 187x270, download (2).jpg)

Lesbian: (IIIII)(IIIII)
Straight: (IIIII)(IIIII)II

I was wondering, is there anyone here that's reading Dangerous Convenience Store? I'm asking because I want more BL with similar story lines and/or bottoms that are like the MC (not a whiny bitch and is straight forward)

No. 152252

File: 1626250545793.png (131.33 KB, 856x515, XSlFoYr.png)

not an expert and I may have shittaste, but I liked "Quiet Rapture" (almost completed, 45/50 chapters): https://archiveofourown.org/works/12792258/chapters/29193657
It's BakuDeku, a/b/o but there's no male preg shit, Izuku is a badass who doesn't put up with Bakugou's shit when he's rude or violent. Also, it's slow burn. You can check the tags and see if you like it.

There's also "Treat me better" (completed, 17 chapters): https://archiveofourown.org/works/17562998/chapters/41390099
I found this when I was searching for a fic where one character is stuck in a toxic relationship and they get saved by someone who treats them right. It's TodoDeku, with BakuDeku being the toxic relationship.
Here Izuku is more of a scaredy-cat, while Todoroki is thoughtful and really sweet. Bakugou is just Bakugou.

btw the pic you posted made me laugh kek.

No. 152279

On renta. I've been buying the cab magazine issues it's in. Not the cheapest, but I just couldn't wait for the next full volume.

No. 152285

I do the same thing when I get impatient but I’m glad some sites like Honto have old magazines for discounted prices

No. 152300

File: 1626281405310.jpeg (Spoiler Image,549.83 KB, 750x1112, 5F878D96-6712-4C34-B690-C3C0B2…)

Just found and caught up with 4 Week Lovers this morning, I think it’s cute lol. I love tsunderes and bonus points for lots of porn so far.

No. 152316

File: 1626290978800.png (10.79 KB, 560x132, otomefag.png)

How overly defensive otomecucks react when their self-insert fantasies are threatened

No. 152319


No. 152320

File: 1626291871325.jpg (110.6 KB, 840x1120, love is an illusion.jpg)

Lesbian: (IIIII)(IIIII)
Straight: (IIIII)(IIIII)II

are any nonnies here into omegaverse? i already read picrel but i had no luck finding another one that i would enjoy, i mostly just read fics

No. 152323

File: 1626292673966.jpg (58.94 KB, 500x500, artworks-000406563129-z5cpak-t…)

Reposting the link to fujo discord server! Join if you want.
I like omegaverse but I didn't care for love is an illusion, the alpha was just the typical rich sugar daddy with no personality.

No. 152324

>You can choose your protagonist's gender in Genshin Impact
>The male one (Aether, the blonde twink) is very popular to ship with the other bishounen male characters in the game, also the canon main character
>The female one (Lumine, his sister) is very popular with otome fans who ship her with the male characters as well
>Beginner Genshin Impact player asks for advice from experienced Genshin players on what to take into account playing the game
>One anon gives a big list of valid gameplay advice and tags "pick Aether" because most people she has met regret not picking him for whatever reason
>Anons who self-insert into Lumine for the otome effect in the game believe she's doing it because she's a "repressed misogynist fujo who hates female characters" or whatever and have a fullblown spergfit
Literally why do otome fans always get so mad over fujos and have a weird superiority syndrome over them? You're literally fantasizing about fucking an anime man, you have no right to call fujos degenerates

No. 152333

I love omegaverse but I think good abo mangas/manhuas are really hard to find. Actually I don't think I've ever found an abo omegaverse manga that I liked, but I tend to find what I like in fics. I tried to read picrel but couldn't even get past the first three chapters.

No. 152334

I always want to insert and say that BL was basically created by straight women as a way to self insert themselves into the stories and explore their sexuality, but I can't be assed. I like reading fujo shit mostly to get off as a third party viewer, but I would imagine that it has it's roots in basically the same shit as otome games. As long as it's created and curated by women for women, who gives a fuck? We're all self inserting one way or another, as long as no ones playing that dumb fakeboy shit irl why does it matters which gender we want to self insert as? It really is just fantasizing about fucking an anime man at the end of the day.

No. 152345

What was up with the sperg who said fujos are worse than scrotes? a-logging the shit out of a couple troll fujos on a board that's been spammed with gore and cp by scrotes for literal years kek. the "ree fujoshit internalized misogyny" tripe must be pure projection.

No. 152346

I've seen that "fujos are just as bad/worse than cumbrain scrotes" clause repeated multiple times and it just doesn't make sense. Fujos can be horny fuckers with messed up fetishes but even the most demented gangrape oviposition fujo will never reach the levels of the average coomer male who masturbates to lolis being raped and ahegao sissy futanari lactation before getting ready to spam gore and CP on a girl imageboard. Never.

No. 152354

plus we need to be realistic here. most fujos are not watching real life gay porn which is full of abuse and exploitation whereas most cumbrained scrotes are jacking off to this (be it straight gay or lesbian porn) on the daily. it’s just not the same

No. 152355

>There are no good ABO mangas
Maybe that's because ABO inherently sucks lmao. Also, it's a trope invented by American Tumblrinas in the Supernatural fandom, of course there isn't going to be very much Japanese content.

The fuck is the point of reading BL if you're just going to have the bottom get pregnant and act like a sexist stereotype of a woman? It's basically just straight shit at that point.

No. 152356

Exactly, I'll be waiting for the news story of fujos kidnapping 2 men and forcing them to re enact their bl fantasy.

No. 152369

Tbh I’ve read the most lewd and nastiest BL out there but I’ve never jerked to it. No hate for those that do, but BL are just stories for me. I find it so weird antis assign negative sexual perceptions to the BL genre or fujoshis in general. Whereas the audience of clearly mainstream coomer bait isn’t attacked with as much intensity.

Anyways im just rambling and miss the time before people were prudes and purists. I don’t think I could ever talk openly about ships or BL without being cancelled in the foreseeable future.

No. 152371

It's because it's women who sexualise men, which of course is against nature or some bs.

No. 152374

Same here. I guess I sometimes remember bits and pieces of fanfic later on when I masturbate in the shower or whatever? But I don't really feel aroused when I'm reading or writing the material itself. I mostly just like to get invested in the characters and whatever dynamic they have.

My favorite trope in BL/slashfic is when friends with benefits try to resist falling in love but end up getting together anyway. I think I like it because it's horrible when it happens in real life, but it's fun in fiction. Harringrove is crack but I ship it because so many of the fics have a nice "enemies-with-benefits-to-lovers" story arc. I'm also a sucker for any pairing that's basically "sweet dumb guy soothes broken mean boy who secretly just wants to be loved.

No. 152375

Thanks cause abo is fucking garbage and the small handful of azn artist that dabble in it are usually cucked for western media but can’t get the uniquely american Autism necessary for abo right

I’ve definitely seen fujo artists mention they watch gay porn to get a better understanding of how to draw it. I agree it’s different from what coomers do tho

No. 152377

If ABO just focused on animalistic banging it would be great but it ultimately divulges into the whole “uwu nesting” and “I’m pergnant” shit. Imagine bad ass thanos secretly being an omega and then breaking his character down into an uwu softboy who is pweggie weggie.

No. 152381

I would love to read a manga with animalistic features like being in heat and pheromones, I could even accept breeding but the nesting nonsense, scent glands and other weird out of place things in ABO are too much autism for myself. I don't judge people who like it because I see the appeal however, I find it pretty harmless since a lot of it is just two domestic bliss college students having babies or something.

No. 152385

Fuck penis redraws, they ruin the whole image

No. 152386

the reason why i love a/b/o is the fated love trope and the bond and i also like the dom-sub dynamics lol idc much about mpreg
i just want to read some unbreakable lovey dovey bond shit and it's basically always there in a/b/o. or at least in the fics that i enjoy the most, the animalistic banging is just a plus

No. 152389

File: 1626349704835.jpg (Spoiler Image,259.35 KB, 925x1362, heartache.jpg)

sry for samefagging but this reminded me of a berserk doujin where guts is the omega lol picrel

No. 152422

Thanks for the tip nona.

No. 152424

File: 1626364823171.jpg (414.97 KB, 2048x1958, Minky.jpg)

Just finished my DMMD revisit. Mink is super sexy and did nothing wrong. IN THIS ESSAY I WILL-

No. 152425

Iirc the fan translators made him look bad and that's why almost no one liked him back when dmmd was popular, probably because he's not your usual hot bishie. Unironically his route is pretty good.

No. 152451

>I don't judge
I do, because assbabies.

Is this what killed Miura

No. 152464

I'm sorry I will fucking judge anyone whose into omegaverse, It is wrong as hell and is laughable at best and disgusting at worst
based on some Tumblr autist's wincest obsession, Honestly Sam/Dean shippers were probably the most insane and degenerate shippers I have seen in any fandom

No. 152465

mpreg is hot

No. 152466

File: 1626386412405.jpg (41.55 KB, 736x490, 0aea08a507aa76f8f9a43cc6024170…)

Not even regular, female pregnancy is hot.

No. 152468

File: 1626386843337.jpeg (415.84 KB, 2048x1152, 334B693B-CEDD-4943-ACE7-97C252…)

Tbh I just like cute babies. I’m sorry nonnies.

No. 152470

Why do the proportions look so scuffed in the right pic for me. It's like his head is far to big or maybe im just tired and stupid.

Anyway i also hate m preg but i dont mind abo if its just characters being super horny for each other.

This tho wtf is hot about pregnancy, like ew.

No. 152474

File: 1626394842933.png (804.72 KB, 1266x680, 542C5972-FC25-4680-960F-2C5B1E…)

No. 152477

No it's not like at all, I can understand the primal lust aspects but ass babies is such a bizzare and misogynistic trend, also it's something that encourages a lot of TIFs cause their the only "men" who can get pregnant
It's not a fantasy for them

No. 152483

I'm glad the idea of a fetus growing in someone's colon gets you wet anon-chan, but you don't need to share it with the rest of us. Or anyone. Ever.

No. 152484

Can't you just have them adopt a baby? Y'know, like gay people do in real life?

No. 152486

File: 1626406212729.png (566.14 KB, 891x717, tumblr_84804eb75b3e49fca64588d…)

same anon, I think it depends on what aspects of mpreg fujos find attractive.
Some like the primal sex and some like the over dependence omegas have that makes alphas really protective and loving.

And some like the child being made for a family dynamic

and some fujos have a rape and impregnation fetish but dont want to self insert so making them both male but one male with the a fucked up version of the female reproduction system works.

No. 152496

not against the adoption idea but I don’t care what 3DPD moids do in real life. I don’t care if the baby is delivered by the Yaoi Stork, I just like cute babies.

No. 152498

File: 1626418039855.png (196.62 KB, 1080x1101, 1625802351538.png)

No No No No, it's bad enough we had to deal with Aydens invading our spaces now TIMs
Christ what did we do deserve this

No. 152499

>The "assbabies are misogynistic and enabling troons!!!" anon returs once again
Now come on, I don't even like ABOshit and I find mpreg just as weird as the next guy but it's seriously not that deep, a lot of it is just people wanting their favourite gay couple to have love children for a domesticated fantasy bliss scenario or it's a primal lust overpowering domination kink. Rarely do I see it used as some fakeboi cope.

Nah, they're never going to be into BL because it's too female-coded and they're men. The femboy shit they're doing is just a regurgitation of pseudobisexuality practiced by pornsick AGP men, they like to imagine themselves to be hot anime traps and get turned on by the thought of being found hot and fuckable.

No. 152500

There is a recent overlap with BL and Trap content recently, I don't think it would be too out of the blue

No. 152501

There really isn't. The crossdressing shota porn created by gay men isn't in the same category as BL and the weird outlier tranny mangas are always created by men to begin with.

No. 152503

Don't try to weasel out of explaining assbabies, mpreg-chan. Is the uke's butt like a cloaca, where they have a uterus and the rectum and vagina converge into one hole? Or does he have a vagina and uterus instead of an anus and colon, so he never eats or poops and survives via photosynthesis? Or is his colon also simultaneously somehow a uterus with a lining that he sheds in bloody diarrhea once a month? Are these ukes actually just hermaphrodites with dicks as well as vaginas? How do the ukes pass the baby their their male pelvises? Do they get cesarean sections?

I have no idea how someone can suspend their disbelief with mpreg, it just raises too many questions.

No. 152505

NTA and don't ask me how I know this but in some cases the "omegas" in ABO have a womb connected to their rectum by a small forking passage or then they straight out have a dick but instead of testicles they have a vagina-like second hole in addition to their anus. As for menstruation I have no idea how it works in omegaverse.

I can suspend my disbelief with the logistics of fertilizing an egg and even carrying the baby but the birthing part is way too outlandish for me to accept. Pushing a baby out of your anus sounds so wrong and ridiculous I just can't accept it kek

No. 152508

File: 1626422371076.jpg (550.39 KB, 1280x934, cursed.jpg)

< how mpreg works

No. 152509

They'll leave soon enough. Male trannies are male trannies, if they can't coom, they won't stay.

No. 152511

I really don't care about the mpreg aspect at all, My major issue with Omegaverse is that it further perpetuates the false male hierarchy myth about wolves and other Canines that has been proven false for decades now

The alpha/omega concept came about from the misunderstanding of one researcher
see Wolf Packs are a extended family groups, most commonly led by a breeding pair of wolves. Basically, wolf packs are mum, dad and kids and sometimes younger inexperienced aunts and uncles wolves working together to survive.
The typical wolf pack then should be viewed as a family with the adult parents guiding the activities of the group and sharing group leadership in a sort of division-of-labor system.

Most wolves who lead packs achieved their position simply by finding their mate and producing pups, which then became their pack. In other words they are just parents and their kids

No. 152512

>What the fuck am I reading in my BL thread
Lighten up, anon. It's just a fantasy setting borrowing some cherrypicked elements from animalistic behavior to make it spicier, it's not a goddamn National Geographic documentary. ABO mechanics are ultimately just for fun and not to educate people, it's like calling out a medieval theme restaurant for not being historically accurate with its menu and environment. It's just a waste of time.

No. 152513

Damn, you're really telling me my Teen Wolf fanfic isn't scientifically accurate…? Next you'll be telling me werewolves aren't real.

No. 152515

It's not about accuracy, it just perpetuates a dumb pseudoscientific myth that was made popular by PUA

No. 152516

Okay but there's a big difference between watching an indoor joust and beating your meat to wolfcock rape with assbabies.

Also "knotting" requires a canine penis, therefore if you're into a/b/o with knotting you are categorically a furry.

No. 152518

Is this bait or are you just having a genuine autistic fit over some stupid "what if men were the subjects of carnal lust for once" imaginary world? Did an ABOfag punch your mother or something?

No. 152520

nta I just made the point that omegaverse just perpetuate's a dumb meme that needs to die already from public consciousness, I don't care about the mpreg and "carnal lust" aspect

No. 152521

please nonnies can we just accept that some of us are into animalistic sex and ass babies and move on to discuss actual fun bl topics? we don't have to psychoanalyze everything, it's really not that deep

No. 152523

anyways I want to see twinks being bred

No. 152524

Okay sage vent post but I hate the amount of gay coomer male rhetoric that has infested western BL spaces and content, it's gotten impossible to avoid even in the more based spaces were anons claim to be "old school fujoshis" well I am an old school fujoshi(2000's and 2010's) and there was never this much gay twitter speak in these spaces

No. 152525

ok boomer

No. 152529

I'm an old school fujoshi from the early 00's and I want to see twinks being bred too kek

No. 152534

how breedable would you say your favorite bishounen is on a scale of 1 to 10?

No. 152537

Adoption by gay parents is about as possible as mpreg in Japan.

No. 152541

File: 1626442063681.gif (1.08 MB, 320x240, lmao.gif)

>Come into BL thread, post educational videos about wolves

No. 152563

Astolfo’s baby has small ass hands

No. 152570

does anyone play yaoi oelvns? can someone tell me if there are any safe from gender nonsense? most of the otomes i tried sneak that shit in and its an instant pass for me

No. 152577

Losing my shit laughing at the recent development of this thread lmao. I love all you degens

No. 152586

>"what if men were the subjects of carnal lust for once"
It just seems misogynistic to me though, obviously trying to force men into a female role because anything regarding submission is automatically feminine, therefore, inferior. I thought people read BL to get away from the garbage.

No. 152587

File: 1626469081029.png (Spoiler Image,1.33 MB, 1670x790, 3144123413341.png)

sometimes its nice to see men be subjected to what we go through nonnie.

No. 152588

You can have men being raped, beaten, or whatever, without the misogynistic undertones, though.

No. 152589

people has different tastes anon idk what you want me to do about that

No. 152592

The idea of it happening to a female makes me disgusted and furious though, but happening to a male is hot.

No. 152599

But if you give the characters uteruses, they functionally are female. You realize that, right? Women are oppressed because men have historically wanted to commodify our unique ability to produce life. Having a character be treated like shit and act submissive because they have the ability to give birth is literally misogyny, coom-chan.

I don't want to think about pregnancy or power imbalances or any of that heterosexual bullshit. I read slashfic to get away from that nonsense, which is also why I generally dislike seme/uke shit. Christ why can't straight women enjoy something without bringing their masochistic obsession with breeding into it?

No. 152601

Omg shut up and ignore it damn

No. 152602

File: 1626480881463.jpg (341.17 KB, 2026x2048, 1625586136762.jpg)

>stop being misogynistic!!
>why can't straight women enjoy something without bringing their masochistic obsession with breeding into it?

I was with you and I personally fucking hate mpreg and irl pregnancy and whatever, but that last line fucked up your whole argument.

No. 152604

nta but why is there a argument about this in the first place? If some anons want to read delusional misogynistic mpreg let them its no different from women who have any other degenerate fetishes. These fictional men aren't going to jump out the screen and thank you for defending them nonnies. Agree to disagree and move on damn

No. 152605

It's sad because it shouldn't be like that.
What did she say that was wrong exactly? It's true that a lot of women look at pregnancy as a masochistic thing. I wish it wasn't like that though, because it's disgusting view adopted from scrotes and not how it should be seen.
Because one of the main purposes of BL is to get away from this shit. Not only do we have be exposed to misogynistic shit on the daily from scrotes but now also in our own porn now too. Yes it can be ignored but it's fucked up that the women who create this stuff don't see their own hypocrisy.

No. 152607

File: 1626483193388.png (565.82 KB, 839x1000, レン.png)

How many more radfem think pisses on the evils of mpreg am I going to have to read in this thread today

If being a fujo is some sort of ebin liberating feminist experience for you that's awesome but… don't expect every other fujo to feel the same way kek. Is polifujo a thing?

No. 152609

I just wanna jerk off, sis. I ain’t out here fucking scrotes, I’ve never had a truly enjoyable experience fucking a scrote. If there’s an element of self-insert gender fuckery to ABOshit, fine.
Let a dumb fujo enjoy her fantasties about hard nasty boning and also cute domestic baby bliss, it’s not like they’re going to actually find it IRL anyway. Fujoshit stuff is literally just female fantasy wish fulfillment, I’m surprised it’s not even more weird.

No. 152610

Anon it's not that deep… Are women not allowed to have breeding/pregnancy fetishes just because it's mainly a scrote thing? What is the point in having to have "correct" fetishes? They're fetishes, there's no rhyme or reason why my clit gets hard at power imbalances and other inherently misogynistic shit within the fictional porn I read. The fiction I consume does not affect how I view things or act in reality.

No. 152612

nta but
>there's no rhyme or reason why my clit gets hard at power imbalances and other misogynistic shit
>The fiction I consume does not affect how I view things or act in reality.
you have to laugh. anon said did you know you can just choose not to be affected by media if you're smart enough? #lifehack

No. 152614

read some bl YOU WANT
nobody is forcing you to read abo

anyways has anyone else played hashihime of old booktown and if you know any vn's like it?

No. 152615

most radfems tend to be completely against BL as a whole in general and the minority who do actually like it are insistent that you only enjoy the "equal" and non-problematic content and that your a idid disgusting handmaiden brainwashed by the patriarchy if you enjoy even slightly rough sex in your Doujin

No. 152616

Who gives a shit what's with the rf sperging in a bl thread. It's literally just pixels on a screen no fujo is kidnapping scrotes and forcing them to re enact her bl fantasies.

No. 152619

You know radfems literally shame other women for enjoying any piece of media that doesn't align with their ideology

No. 152620

Butting into a historically degen escapist community to try and shove their ideals down our throats because our degeneracy is "too scrotey" for their taste… Being a radfem really turns you into an insufferable party pooper, obsessed with being baste and pinkpilled to an unhealthy degree. Mass slaughter to irl prostate owners and especially trannies still.

No. 152622

Idk I'd argue reading about men getting degraded would be cathartic and undo the hopeless victim mentality most rf's have.

No. 152623

As a fujo radfem listening and consuming bl while not trooning out is actually Very feminist.
Objectifying men in bl to piss them off because it doesn't cater to them at all is very fun.

No. 152624

are you a redfem proper or just dislike Trannies and porn radfem ? most of the ideological ones with Andrea Dworkin pfp hate BL and Yaoi

No. 152625

I used to be a more andrea type but im slowly letting up on some of the more ridiculous shit radfems try to make us feel bad about. I think as long as the bl is made by women for women and doesn't feature any shota its alright.

Also a lot of radfems are just conservatives in denial so i take what some of them say with a a grain of salt. Im not giving up any sort of written erotica to appease anyone.

No. 152626

There are some genuine ideological redfems who play an important role in the community

No. 152627

i didn't say there weren't?

No. 152628

File: 1626495697237.png (1.57 MB, 1833x1484, 1626495655050.png)

>and doesn't feature any shota
not baste

No. 152629

Agreed, and that CG is hot, makes me wanna lick his boots

No. 152633

File: 1626504718000.png (654.81 KB, 800x800, 67019711_p8.png)

Creek a cute

No. 152634

File: 1626505199776.jpg (1.78 MB, 1169x1750, 18.jpg)

can I get a sauce on the artist pls anon (pic is emutaro in case anybody wants to know)

No. 152635

No. 152640

Matt and Trey and probably the only creators who don't get "triggered" of slash shipping, they find it weird but don't act offended about it, probably cause all their characters are just them doing silly voices

No. 152642

What is this shit? Radfems are generally indifferent to BL, the ones who aren't are the spergy GCfags who hate BL for "converting all the cute girls into troons". Which is a valid, albeit misinformed point but claiming it's the same as male AGPs being memed into becoming anime lesbians for cooming is simply being ignorant. If you let the "all sex bad" puritans get under your skin then guess what libfems have a notorious amount of those too. It's not like all the "anti-fujos" running around calling fujos degenerates even know who Andrea Dworkin is or don't have "terfs dni" on their profile.

By and large everyone who isn't familiar with the fujo culture or knows what the appeal is based on thinks they're lower than dirt for either being sexually autonomous or "fetishizing gay people". It's just how it is, being fujo is suffering regardless of the political views, especially if you have unconventional kinks.

No. 152645

Which creators do get triggered by slash shipping? I know Jhonen Vasquez dislikes it (ZADR), but it's a trash ship anyway so I get where he's coming from and Butch Hartman gets triggered over it since he's a conservative Christian but other than that I can't think of iany.

No. 152648

Vasquez openly despises all parts of his content fandom though, Zim fans were massive autists, and Johnny the Homicidal Maniac Fans should probably be on a list

No. 152668

Can't imagine why it doesn't bother them.

No. 152682

>That intense ass makeout session
Jesus, I've never seen Basketball but that genuinely surprised me.

No. 152685

There's actually some rumors that Trey Parker might be Bi, if you ever watch any of the South Park Commentary episode's you'll notice he mentions dicks, pussies and balls a lot, Matt seems like a well adjusted adult with a juvenile sense of humor but still an adult, Trey Parker is a 50 year old man acting like an edgy teenage boy, In the video you posted you can see Matt doing it vigorously to accentuate that it's a funny over the top homo kiss. Trey is doing it gently as if he's kissing him genuinely.

No. 152701

File: 1626557720206.jpg (62.3 KB, 634x496, 76v.jpg)

Dare I say kings?

No. 152702

Them getting high on LSD, wearing bad dresses and fucking about in the Goddam Oscars will always be hilarious

No. 152707

Absolutely, this is the type of shit I would pull if I was famous minus the LSD.

No. 152708

File: 1626566486022.jpg (Spoiler Image,565.56 KB, 1200x851, grvzX2Z.jpg)

every time i like a character, he's usually headcanoned as a top by the majority of the fandom and i'm cool with it. but always, without fail, i end up wanting to see more bottom content of the dude in question until i end up thinking everyone has shit/boring taste and that character is obviously a bottom and cannot top for the life of his. pic very much related, i just want more bottom gojos. and top megumi good

No. 152724

I don't like South Park, the Humor's not my cup of tea and I don't agree with all their commentaries but I do respect the creators, they've stayed true to their ideals and aren't self righteous hypocrites
though I do like Matt Stone more then Parker, it's clear that he's a coomer

No. 152726

based bottom Gojo sister

No. 152727

Top/Bottom discourse is always autistic and retarded, like who fucking cares

No. 152728

File: 1626587336222.jpeg (99.86 KB, 508x900, 8C6A4B32-49DA-4D0E-A2A3-E06B67…)

Tbh I do the same. I definitely don’t engage in discourse or anything but I usually end up liking B x Awhen 75 percent of the fandom / content is A x B. Ah well.

No. 152729

Japanese fujo are dead serious about that shit. I almost never see switching in nip fandoms but there’s a good amount in Western / slash fandoms. I don’t always get it though …sometimes one of the guys in that couple are just not the kind you’d really want to see fucked in the ass.

No. 152731

Nonsense anon, every 2d guy looks good when fucked in the ass.

No. 152732

BNHA stans are super autistic about who tops or bottoms
>Deku is a passive bottom no he's Deku is passive top
>Bakugou is power bottom, Bakugou is secretly a totes sub who needs to be pinned down to defeat no Bakugou is a Dom Daddy
just stop please

No. 152733

Bakugou is a top with deku and shouto, he's a bot with kiri.
those are non negotiable for me whenver i read bnha fics

No. 152734

I'm picky when it comes to switching. I wish Western fujos weren't holier-than-thou with their 'everyone should be vers' headcanons.

No. 152736

I even have to stop reading whenever their positions don't turn out the way I wished or imagined them to be.

>everyone should be vers

Rather than that, I'd go so far as so say that many western fujos are simply obsessed with turning an original pairing around, making the most stereotypical top into a bottom and vice versa. And the people most guilty of this in my experience are woke fakebois. No idea why, just search for another if you don't like this one.

No. 152737

Fully agree, I'm so sick of the discourse about "top and bottom dynamics being ~toxic~" and that the bottom being smaller in size is "abusive". Who the fuck cares, just ship however you want. Why do so many people genuinely want to implement real life standards into fictive settings?

No. 152741

Haven't posted here in a long while, but damn, the sudden rage against "faghags" in multiple threads…oof, feels like when back then suddenly all manhate got banned, hopefully we can stay here.
This is also the first time I ever saw this term.

No. 152742

Don't fret it, the fujo hate comes in waves and it's always one anti-fujo anon who's spamming multiple threads about how much she hates fujos for a few days and a few opportunist contrarians/twitterfags chime in to support them. They're so obsessive over their hatred for fujos that it really makes me wonder if most of them are moids or literal teenagers especially with that weird aggression pattern, especially since they always repeat the same exact talking points about fujos being degenerate misogynist faghags and "fujos being worse than scrotes" which alone should be a dead giveaway kek. Acting like fujos are the worst of the worst simply because some twitter teenager said anon's husbando is gay tells more about them than fujos in general.

Anyway my favourites are the anons who write a seething post about how horrible fujos are and when their point is challenged they throw a tantrum about how "you disgusting degenerates are always so defensive, stop bullying me". It's always the same thing, especially when they tag that "I used to defend fujos but now I hate them all" thing to the bottom. Yeah sure you did. Like mentioned upthread the otomecucks who have a superiority complex are the usual culprits for this as well.

No. 152743

The best part is you know they secretly enjoy fujo content. The guilt of acting against their performative morals makes them lash out whenever they see women happily enjoying bl with no shame

No. 152744

That's a really interesting take, anon, and it makes a lot of sense. I would imagine that being shamed and ridiculed for liking fujo content would eventually turn you against fujos especially if they're allowed to freely enjoy their gay shit unlike you were. Basically continuing the vicious cycle of hate.

No. 152746

Ehhh, not to feed into it but personally I don’t understand people who want Bakugo to bottom for Deku at all, a lot of the times (at least on some threads) they’re just Kiribaku shippers who jumped ships so they want Bakugo to bottom, which ends up causing them to fight with the people who already ship bakudeku and want Bakugo to top.

No. 152747

File: 1626598967841.png (581.77 KB, 906x656, cantbeatthepenis.png)

PSA: the 2nd volume of happy shitty life is translanted.

No. 152748

Does anyone have futekiya's subscription and is it worth it?

No. 152749

Thank you!!

No. 152750

blowing you a kiss in spirit, nonny.

this. i still enjoy fanart no matter who tops or bottoms because ultimately i just wanna see my faves together, but it just gets so stale after a while. maybe i just want more porn diversity i guess.

No. 152761

File: 1626611523244.jpg (Spoiler Image,478.54 KB, 846x1200, WA_52.jpg)

I hate Megumi virtually always being portrayed as this uwu pushover super-uke. Sure he's not a murderer super chad like his father but I don't get where this spineless bottom thing is coming from.

No. 152763

File: 1626612041721.jpg (178.61 KB, 1026x941, apenis.jpg)

I cackled.She was so cute. Kyoutarou is so dumb. Dumbest person in the village. I'm rooting for her.

No. 152764

File: 1626613612491.jpg (260.8 KB, 1125x1523, ifeelattacked.jpg)

Harada satirizes the genre as a whole and her own work so hard in this. Super meta commentary on tied up and forgotten, tentacles, that even nympho masochists would run screaming from her seme rapist characters. This character in particular has to be a commentary on her readership and readers of more extreme bl in general.

No. 152765

File: 1626613892913.jpg (364.94 KB, 1027x1511, lmao.jpg)

Lmao, queen of self awareness.

No. 152766

I have a really high tolerance and generally don't care about what is considered problematic, but god if there aren't some obnoxious ships. Some threads on /a/ will actually be decent and then get spammed with like some toddler x their dad ship. And then the shippers will act like you're kicking their front door down for saying ew.

No. 152768

the fujo cringe thread on /ot is really experiencing a resurgence

No. 152771

Fuck is that the company president's daughter. I need to catch up now.

No. 152774

It’s just like the doghate thread, everyone in there will seethe forever and fantasize about fujos being a vile hivemind while doing nothing about the so powoblwematique and evil fujoparty that contributes directly with: human trafficking, the grooming of males and the porn industry or something.

No. 152775

/ot/ anons are more cringe than any fujo… that board has been unreadable since at least 2018

100% chance it's just those same 2-3 otomespergs still extremely bitter about being called cucks again

No. 152776

Ofc, it's summer, scrotes, twitterfags and trannies are running rampant in /ot/. There's even someone screeching about "StInkY wEeb RADFEMS!!!!1!1!" kek. Just ignore them and hide the thread. Scrotes can't stand women having fun.

No. 152777

Some of the posts are exactly like the schizo rants from /a/ about how fujos control the entire anime and manga industry and also the world.

No. 152779

They really are, I don't know where these people hang around to see these hordes of "stinky weeb radfems" who force fujoshit on them and oppress them for preferring het content. Delusional and seething, pretty sure it's that waifufag triggered by the fujos in the genshin impact thread a few days back. Just like the time that one anon had a meltdown over fujos "ruining the maid thread" by posting boy maids and couldn't shut up about it for days.

No. 152780

File: 1626617761347.jpg (93.71 KB, 1025x427, lovespegging.jpg)

Yes, she's too good for her ex.

No. 152781

Lmfao, that maid thread is awful unless it's dudes. Sorry to the anon who made it but anime girls in maid outfits set off my flight response.

No. 152787

Slash fandoms are usually 3DPD

No. 152788

File: 1626621984883.jpeg (242.33 KB, 1000x1412, 2DCF27F2-F08B-48F9-A14F-01848B…)

BNHA fandom is absolutely cancer in itself, I’m guilty of enjoying some of that JP content and a few fanfics because shoto is cute. But I’m expecting a Hall of Anal Devastation collection when Deku ends up with Ochako at the end because it’s a shounen manga and people are idiots if they think otherwise.
I wish there were more goofy / happy go lucky / “puppy dog” tops in BL though. They’re cute and underrated.

No. 152791

BNHA probably has more sheer amount of BL fan content then any other series I've ever seen, add to the fact in this modern age with Aydens latching onto Deku and self inserting as him you get double autism

No. 152792

File: 1626623843416.jpeg (120.3 KB, 700x993, D78C8D37-87C8-4CD7-B140-B6EE25…)

honestly I gravitated to top deku because bottom content makes him so uwu girly and out of character , it’s annoying
Not that the reverse is perfect but at least he’s allowed to be a male and not a pussy (with a literal pussy)

No. 152799

People who unironically think that gay ships in bnha are going to become canon are very delusional…first rule of shounen jump is no gay MCs allowed.

No. 152802

Yeah but most Top Deku fics make him to a functionally different character, like it's already non-canon but if you change the character that drastically that they have nothing in common with the original, there basically an OC

No. 152807

holy shit that /ot/ thread is hilarious, imagine dying on the hill that killing stalking of all things is actually not gay

No. 152808

People thinking BL aren’t allowed to be more than one genre

No. 152810

File: 1626629842548.jpeg (215.16 KB, 1567x2048, 09630576-025F-4A5C-B395-7DBB44…)

This. The author literally ships them herself.
It’s generally a coping mechanism that people who enjoy the plot of killing stalking come up with ‘I-it’s not really fujo, it’s psychological horror!’
Like if color recipe counts as BL literally no reason KS wouldn’t as well, if not more so since Bum still loves him at the end.

No. 152811

People in that thread have some real damage over fujos headcanoning a character gay, not that it matters with KS since it's obvious that it's a gay romance albeit a really fucked up one. I get people becoming annoyed at people just randomly deciding a character is trans or something just because they want them to be with no basis on the canon but who the fuck is so bothered over people shipping two characters who share obvious chemistry and history together? The amount of pure rage they emit when subjected to this is strange as hell too.
>Naruto and Sasuke are so gay it's canon, lol

No. 152815

It’s the same shit you see from 10+ years ago on sites like deviantart.
I get where people are coming from with ships with no chemistry or barely any screen time together but that can apply to literally any ship not just gay ones.
Luckily most of my ships are at least semi canon~

Another thing they mentioned was people harassing creators over ships? Which I only see fakeboi types do, which they might be shocked to learn hate fujos even more than they probably do hahahaha!

No. 152817

It's pretty obvious that scrotes are afoot, they're even in /meta/ trying to falseflag and create artificial anti-fujo/fujo dichotomy now. Nice try but literally nobody gives a shit about this because as mentioned before, fujos stay in their lanes until harassed. Advising anons to ignore all of this.

No. 152819

it is fujo content, but I would enjoy in the same way if it was het. maybe even more lmfao

No. 152826

No. 152834

Fucking this. I don't care about the top-bottom stuff, but a bunch of the westerfags who won't shut the fuck about its discourse are obsessed with versatility. Like fuck off and let people ship their pairings the way they want to. You're not "woke" for supporting vers at all.

No. 152835

Why are people so obsessed with anal sex anyway, it's my least favourite gay sex position. Assholes are gross. Guys sucking dick ftw

No. 152836

try it for a month and see if you like it. I signed up when mangadex and go both were down a few months ago and I've kept my subscription

No. 152837

File: 1626644250266.jpg (Spoiler Image,280.11 KB, 735x1200, 027.jpg)

"It's abusive so it's not BL" is the most dumbass take. Like the 24 Group wasn't drawing some fucked up shit when they established the genre and 'rape to love' wasn't the biggest trope for decades.

No. 152838

you're in a fujo thread? gay sex is the main topic?

No. 152839

gay sex is more than just anal and there are gay men who never have anal sex.

No. 152840

Yes, and I'm discussing my preferences in which sex acts that are hot to look at. Which part did you not get

No. 152841

There's going to be ass talk either way so just make your own post about diluc and kaeya making out or something? you just sounded like an asshole(heh) trying to seem different because you dont like anal

No. 152843

Not enough intercrural sex in BL

No. 152844

>Weird petty infighting about anal sex
This thread is truly being raided, what the fuck.

No. 152846

Agree, dick on dick frottage is hot too.

No. 152848

10/10 taste

No. 152863

File: 1626658370139.jpg (Spoiler Image,962.1 KB, 1828x1000, 91272220_p35.jpg)

I've seen him as tsundere more often than as some super-uke. Do agree though that Fushiita > Itafushi, but there's so little material… Basically Yuji should always be uke, he has so much potential because he's such a people-pleaser.

No. 152865

It always makes me a bit sad when at the beginning of a story there is actually a variation of sex, but once anal sex has been achieved, that's the standard going forward.

No. 152866

>Another thing they mentioned was people harassing creators over ships? Which I only see fakeboi types do, which they might be shocked to learn hate fujos even more than they probably do

I honestly have never seen Japanese fujos do this. And rarely Western ones who aren't underage. Being sad on your private platform doesn't count. They don't @ the creator or whatever. Besides, I have seen people do the same thing over plot decisions and character deaths or hetero pairings more often. The woke western genderspecials definitely do this the most and not just with ships but every little thing they disagree with. They hate fujos because to them everything is toxic and shipping a pair with a two year age gap or whatever should be illegal.

No. 152867

I agree with you on bottom Yuuji, but isn't Fushiita more popular than Itafushi?

No. 152868

File: 1626661865970.jpg (Spoiler Image,643.85 KB, 1200x1600, hewouldatleastfightback.jpg)

I see him portrayed as a super uke without any fighting spirit all the time on pixiv and other platforms. Crawling around and helplessly prostrating himself. Probably because a lot of people draw him getting raped or willingly dommed by Sukuna or his… Dad. Makes me sad that Megumi and Yuji isn't more popular because they have canon chemistry. Yuji is one of the only people Megumi reacts too. I don't care personally but it is funny that Gojo with both Yuji and Megumi makes him look like a systematic groomer. Sorry, but Geto is the superior ship and only Gojo ship I like.

No. 152869

File: 1626662676779.png (82.31 KB, 442x476, Screen Shot 2021-07-19 at 11.3…)

>but isn't Fushiita more popular than Itafushi?
Unfortunately not. Picrel is from Toranoana, Itafushi (137) vs. Fushiita (38). Fushiita is also the first ship mentioned that has Fushiguro on the left.

Goyu is by far the most popular ship, though I prefer when it's Senpai Gojo x Kohai Yuji for the reasons you mentioned. Pretty much the only Fushiguro stuff I read is with Itadori, maybe that's why I've not encountered weak uke Megumi lol

No. 152871

Huh, on Pixiv Fushiita is slightly more popular than Itafushi. Anyone have the Weibo numbers to compare?

No. 152877

All yaoi fanfics are out of character, I just hate uwu practically female bottom bitch deku. He’s very boyish, not that effeminate at all. But I hate the uwufication of any character when people try to shove them into bad outdated stereotypes to be fair

No. 152878

>that can apply to literally any ship not just gay ones.
Reminds me of the Tales of Zestiria controversy during which the two male main characters were obviously coded as a gay couple (the game outright saying they're soulmates, the developers saying neither of them would work with a girl, the other one being boyish and the other being effeminate etc.) but people still tried to push the male main x female main as a couple despite them barely having any interaction together. Because straight ships never need confirmation, they can just exist as the default option.

No. 152880

I think Deku more then any Shounen Character in history, is just Aydens self inserting

No. 152885

File: 1626680974984.png (11.26 KB, 1844x47, retard.PNG)

This is such a stupid ass argument, why the fuck would real world logic apply to a fictional medium? You can literally make everyone bisexual and because it's fictional it wouldn't matter.
I've only played a bit of Berseria but it's a fantasy franchise so there's even less reason that real world logic would apply to it.

No. 152888

The "if you don't like gay ships you're homophobic" claim is an ancient meme but with takes like this you have to wonder why they have such an aversion to headcanoning a character as gay and go around calling it fujo brainrot. It's such a harmless thing to imagine a romance between two close male characters I simply don't understand why it would make one seethe unless they're homophobic, self-inserting or usually both. Maybe they're the type that associates being gay or being a fujo with only explicit sexual content and think it's instantaneously bondage gear and rape from the get-go, which is all inside their head.

No. 152906

I fucking HATE Omegaverse so damn much. why Why WHY did it become such a constant in fujo circles?
Everytime, EVERY SINGLE DAMN TIME it's the same. I read a great sounding setting of a story or rp, I can see there was a lot of thought put into it, I get excited- BUT OH NO. OH NO! WHAT IS THIS?? and HERE IT FUCKING COMES, HERE IT FREAKING GOES, once again, again and again, HERE IT IS: The section explaining the fucking retarded ass pregnancy bullshit. BRAVO, THANK YOU. JUST what the story needed you brilliant genius of homo interests. How could I forget the absolute ESSENCE of ANY good story, the absolute literary, narrative GIFT that is men being dogs. I am simply not worthy, not capable of following the complex symbolism that dog fucker pregnancies carry to your zombie survival story.
fucking dropped

No. 152909

I fucking HATE Omegaverse-haters so damn much. why Why WHY did it become such a constant in fujo circles?
Everytime, EVERY SINGLE DAMN TIME it's the same. I read a great sounding conversation in a fujo thread, I can see there was a lot of thought put into it, I get excited- BUT OH NO. OH NO! WHAT IS THIS?? and HERE IT FUCKING COMES, HERE IT FREAKING GOES, once again, again and again, HERE IT IS: The anons explaining the fucking retarded ass anti-omegaverse bullshit. BRAVO, THANK YOU. JUST what the fujo thread needed you brilliant genius of homo interests. How could I forget the absolute ESSENCE of ANY good fujo thread, the absolute literary, narrative GIFT that is omegaverse haters. I am simply not worthy, not capable of following the complex symbolism that anti-omegaverse sentiments carry to your fujo threads.
fucking dropped

No. 152917

Why would you want to watch two men have sex? What do you find attractive about this?

No. 152921

kys hag

They're bitter that no one draws self insert het art of their husbando(s) in favor of homo stuff and possibly either ex-fujos/coomers who are desperately trying to prove how #reformed they are by going on constant antidegen tirades or deep in denial about being fujos themselves. No need to post the same small handful of retards' screechings here, go fight with them in the /ot/ thread.

No. 152924

I like cock, it's that simple
The more the merrier

No. 152927

File: 1626709262738.jpg (165.37 KB, 857x1200, tn3taeZ.jpg)

ignoring whatever you guys were sperging about, do any of my fellow fujos like nyan-nya's stuff? i really liked jawbreaker and sweet heart trigger, even though the bottom was a bit of a psycho. alex (brunette in picrel) is super hot. there's something about her works that's just so intriguing and makes you get really invested in the characters. most of the time the characters in bl are just tropey and i don't mind that, but sometimes i find stories with good characterization and those really pull me in.

No. 152928

I used to have one but ended up cancelling it because there was nothing interesting on it. This was pretty early on though, it looks like they've gotten a lot more titles so it might be worth checking out!

No. 152930

Glad someone agrees. I just find other sex acts hotter. Can someone recommend a manga that is NOT like that?

No. 152933

It's cute.

No. 152936

File: 1626716998900.jpg (126.05 KB, 874x575, vigilante x shining knight.jpg)

Alight no more sperging or fighting, I wanna discuss something else
what are some obscure ship content works you wish existed, for me personally it's the fact that outside of less then half a dozen low level Deviantart works, there's also most no fanart of these two

No. 152938

I love nyanya and it’s even greater to know she used to live in America.

No. 152957

In BL men get to have emotions that usually aren't shown in het content. Like I really like men blushing and being embarrassed and cute and shit, and good luck finding that in non-BL. Plus I don't have to look at lolifaced G-cups.

No. 152978

File: 1626756959070.jpg (63.4 KB, 275x268, 1610257852163.jpg)

Which one of you retards keeps replying to the scrotes and prudes in /ot/??

No. 152980

I felt both Alex and Cole were crazy in their own ways, but I liked Sweet Heart Trigger. Do you know if Volume 2 was ever translated into english? Also didn't even know Jawbreaker was a thing, I'll check it out!

No. 152982

This. Fucking stop already, fighting with them does nothing.

No. 152986

i dont see why someone won't make a "fujo cringe thread" cringe thread and move on, or sinply hide that cringey cringe thread and keep fujo posting outside the fujo thread to assert dominance. unlike the banned threads the anti-fujo spergs used to occupy, this was never a containment thread no matter how much they insist it is. the mods literally could not give any less of a fuck about someone posting homo fanart in the jjk thread or whatever.

No. 152990

I think the fujo cringe thread is supposed to be about cringe things in bl manga and in the fandom. Not an anti-bl thread. Pretending there is no cringey fujo content is cringe itself.

No. 152992

yeah, but its been totally derailed into "20 reasons why fujoshis are all disgusting hags and should be treated as such" theyre even using bara porn written by MEN as evidence even though its pretty obvious we dont like that shit.

No. 152997

That's what they always do, post toddler shota and bara rape doujins created by men as some standard examples of how BL is or alternatively content created 20 years ago with questionable loving rape storylines, and even that is nothing more shocking than what's found in an average shoujo manga/otome visual novel. They just hate fujos out of some sense of duty and bitterness and there's no turning their heads since they don't even know the genre and get their information from outdated memes and their highschool traumas when a cringey 15-year old fujo classmate wrote edgy fanfics with questionable fetishes.

No. 152998

Kek you win this one, anon with awful taste

No. 153000

File: 1626776633842.png (Spoiler Image,805.46 KB, 990x853, rhx1yGm.png)

yeah i just re-read it last night and i had completely forgotten how fucked up both of them are. for the other chapters, check out mangago!

No. 153012

Another lesbian for the thread. BL smut is unrealistic and I don’t feel sad about being single after reading it.

No. 153037

File: 1626799742594.jpg (23.38 KB, 225x317, 15-1583491749.jpg)

Lesbian: (IIIII)(IIIII)I
Straight: (IIIII)(IIIII)II

To anyone who hates rape or "but we're both guys!" plotlines I recommend Hana Ni Kuchizuke as a decent romance drama, I just finished it. There is also a sequel which isn't as good but I was happy to see more of the characters

I added your vote to the count with mine dumbass, you're fucking welcome

No. 153094

looks like lesbians aren't the majority of bl fans even on lolcow, kek
>inb4 tens of lesbians show out of nowhere to add to the counter

No. 153095

Could you please fuck off with your bait already and at least hide the thread?

No. 153097

TBH I find it fascinating how even the stats are, I wonder what the LC stats are in general about sexuality. Perhaps there are more lesbian and bi anons here because the site is overall homofriendly and has a bunch of same sex attraction threads in /g/.

No. 153173

File: 1626909246483.png (189.41 KB, 394x633, 242b93fccdf4a5af6d6c757e839d19…)

Lesbian: (IIIII)(IIIII)I

It makes sense that lesbians are into BL. BL is some of the only smutty material made by women for other women.

No. 153201

I think a lot of people dont know lesbian fujos dont consider the characters in bl as men, theyre like a fantasy version of male- like creatures.

No. 153209

I'm straight and I still don't consider the men in BL depictions of real people. They're mostly what women wish men were like.
Same with the sex, BL takes place in a world where men can cum from giving blowjobs, multiple orgasms are the norm and assholes mostly need no cleaning and never tear.
But who cares, I'm not reading BL for anatomical accuracy kek

No. 153226

characters in bl most of the time dont behave anything like irl men also, many of them are basically written like women

No. 153238

Some of the men in BL look and act more like butches

No. 153241

There's probably no real answer, some straight women see them as idealized versions of men and lesbians see them as stand-ins for women. Personally as a lesbian I see them as very female-coded since the dynamic is cooked up and written by a woman and the men act nothing like real men do, but then again I also freely ship characters from male-written material. They're all fictional 2D characters so there's a lot you have to fill in yourself, it's not like they're indistinguishable from 3DPD actors. I would be repulsed by an actual real life man but with BL I'm not at all bothered with the male anatomy. Because they're not real and frankly I don't even imagine myself fucking them because I don't self-insert. I get off more on the scenario and dynamic than the male form.

No. 153242

This. I'm straight and I'm in it mostly for the porn. (and that's why I prefer doujins with established characters), but people will like different things for different reasons.

No. 153485

File: 1627206101304.png (338.22 KB, 450x641, Oni-to-Tengoku-vol12.png)

Any good old man BL recommandations ? Really enjoyed Oni to Tengoku.

No. 153507

Good taste! I’d recommend Never good enough (by CTK), the author does great older men stuff in general

No. 153533

I want to read it again but myreadingmanga isn't available in my country anymore. I'm sure it's published in my country, I should look it up.

No. 153673

I'm not really a fujoshi but recently I have this incessant desire to see Megumi getting fucked in the ass

No. 153685

File: 1627333685665.jpg (Spoiler Image,271.71 KB, 860x1214, 89229048_p14.jpg)

Thanks for the rec nonny, this was nice.

Well luckily you're not the only one.

No. 153868

Any good bl/yaoi stories with minimal sex scenes? Lately ive been enjoying yaoi that doesn't have a sex scene every chapter.

No. 153878

File: 1627467382109.jpg (280.31 KB, 1125x1584, 96c2db8e491f5a915.jpg)

Finally got around to reading Happy Shitty Life and WTF this bitch is too funny, I shouldn't be laughing so hard at porn
>now that I think about it, it was a real pain to raise tentacles that wouldn't fuck us

No. 153901

File: 1627472822778.jpeg (160.24 KB, 638x526, 485B6EDD-5DB6-4C4A-A7FE-6FAC09…)

holy fucking shit my sides are in orbit. this is great, thank you for reminding me about this.

No. 153905

LMAO YES it’s too good

No. 153916

File: 1627479005602.jpg (255.56 KB, 1024x1063, 14.1~3.jpg)

I couldn't breathe the entire time.

No. 153930

LMAO YES a true masterpiece

No. 153931

lol sorry doubleposting but I love that part, I was crying from laughing

No. 153933

Same. And afterwards when the cute ex is like they're so dumb and relaxed together so they are obviously in love, lmao. Queen Harada. I was dying the entire time. Every character is gold and the meta self-parody is too good.

No. 153934

AAAW YES Haha I need more so bad

No. 154015

Please rec me your favorite smut/pwp fics. Doesn't matter the pairing or series, or even if it's original work. I need it for… research purposes.

No. 154037

If you're fine with school kids, I like Nomi x Shiba. It's very cute and so far no sex.

Favourite original BL smut: Junai Dropout, Sex Drop (Shikke), Sex suru yori hazukashii koto.

No. 154555

Sorry for autism but is there anywhere left on the internet to do yaoi RPs? Gaia is dying and Discord is full of zoomers and SJWs.

No. 154578

dreamwidth but that's its own brand of autism.

No. 154617

If you're willing to dig into the vestiges of old fandom, there are still rps announced/run through Plurk. It's not especially active, but it may be what you're looking for.

No. 154633

File: 1627945106834.jpg (195.87 KB, 844x1200, 715zyV9naTL.jpg)

Recommendation time!

Tokyo in April / 4月の東京は
Kazuma joins a new company in Tokyo and is surprised to meet his first love, Ren, from his middle school days again. Back then they were seperated apruptly, but Ren doesn't want to talk about what happened and why he now goes by a different last name.
I just loved all of this. There's of course the love story, which is quite epic, but also just finding out what happened 10 years ago and the aftermath is super intriguing.
If you look online you can easily find the first two chapters translated and it looks like there's an official French translation.

No. 154643

File: 1627951298275.jpg (162.33 KB, 900x1280, 001-MRMe8986e700a0718f4.jpg)

i wish they'd finally continue translating yamashii koi no hajimekata. i love the art and the raws i read were really nice, i just want to be able to understand what's going on already

No. 154694

This one is such a guilty pleasure. I mean, technically the guy is raped when incapitated twice, but also – the art is really nice? And they end up in love, so? Unfortunately the latest chapter was released in April and the one before that in April 2020, so we'll probably have to wait a little for the next one.

No. 154818

File: 1628079785416.gif (3.8 MB, 505x284, Alex Mason and Frank Woods.gif)

Okay so I know this is series that not everyone here would be into, but was anyone else here ever into Call of Duty Black ops Shipping ? I am aware the series has a reputation due to its toxic mostly male Multiplayer fandom but the series for a long time has had engaging Story Campaigns, with charming and likeable characters. especially in the Black Ops series which stars Alex Maxon and Frank Woods
also surprisingly enough the fandom really didn't the mind the shipping cause even scrotes admitted there weren't any female characters, not even female characters that are less developed or stereotyped, just there were no women in the series as far as I can remember(the newer games actually have some pretty good representation now)

No. 154828

Lesbian: (IIIII)(IIIII)I

I don't ship from CoD but read some doujins on MRM and they were pretty hot.

No. 154831

File: 1628093685655.png (226.64 KB, 400x452, 12.png)

well COD is littered with daddies and a cute snarky robot

No. 154832

File: 1628093707640.png (69.69 KB, 400x256, 13.png)

No. 154834

File: 1628093933230.jpg (49.53 KB, 400x370, 14.jpg)

No. 154835

File: 1628094000608.png (289.06 KB, 400x533, 15.png)

and last one

No. 154848

File: 1628103052968.jpeg (865.09 KB, 828x1400, 53D02823-A1FD-4DDB-9010-911683…)

Oh my god another fan. It’s amazing how Harada can write the most hardcore shit and the funniest shit. Good humor comes from dark times

Picrel made me laugh so hard

No. 154849

Lmao this part my sides!!!

No. 154850

File: 1628103863640.jpeg (671.66 KB, 828x1433, 927A5A15-7071-4D6C-9F57-721E65…)

Also this manga has some really good character designs. The Yakuza from Asa to Yoru no Uta is still one of my top favorites thanks to the yakuza franchise

Anyways lmao to them giving into this guy. Honestly I’d do the same I’d feel bad he looks too cute

No. 154857

SAME lmao

No. 154899

This guy was the cutest fucker ever lmao. Poor guy just wants to share his degenerate sick torture porn fetish with his friends who are too kind hearted to tell his puppydog face that he's being a freak.

No. 154948

I bought the physical, came with a cute little booklet for first editions! Would you like a basic rundown of the plot?

No. 154959

File: 1628188592493.png (42.46 KB, 884x339, not the yaoi paddles.png)

This has to be a scrote rant complete with the dated 2010 "but what about yaoi paddles and the sherlock cult" parts. These spergs are actually so misguided and seething over literally nothing that it's hilarious how they end up outing themselves.

No. 154987

File: 1628210239614.jpg (80.68 KB, 342x449, o29393299.jpg)

Just finished reading vol. 1, this shit is great

No. 155009

God every panel of this story is just gold. Harada's writing and artwork are always top notch and nothing less, the anon who said that she makes all other BL look boring in comparison was so right. It's such a crash to move on to other series after finishing something from her, but due to her being so ridiculously influential in the Japanese BL scene more authors are going to reach for her level and up their game. BL has come so far from what it was in the early 00's and developed into something larger than life to a lot of women. while yuri is still milk morinaga tier scrote pandering catgirl soft porn

No. 155029

File: 1628261194108.jpg (441.18 KB, 1008x1550, RCO012_1583404983.jpg)

I wanted to like Fence I truly did, I wanted there be a good western BL series but it was so fucking awful, I hated every aspect
It's such a simple dynamic, Dumb hot head x Princely Talented stuck up, and they somehow fucked it up, also most of the non-white characters look like racial caricatures and are only there for diversity points, the way the female characters are portrayed also so pointless and infuriating, every single woman in this series is a strong, independent, masculine woman and it slaps you on the face about that fact until it becomes redundant, I get that they wanna avoid sexist tropes but making every single woman the same character is just as bad
Also this fucking gremlin I hate him, he's a non-binary smol bean, probably only there so that Aydens can self insert

That's just the story aspect, I'm gonna even mention the horrible inconstant art and atrocious pacing

No. 155071

I hate everything about this, my god. The artstyle looks hideous and the quality itself is incompetent, to top it all off they had to stick in racial caricatures and muh nonbinary representation like it was an afterschool special. This was written by the woman who had her bestseller novel's Japanese release artwork done by Chinatsu Kurahana, what a ridiculous downgrade. I want to punch a wall.

No. 155074

>probably only there so that Aydens can self insert
I’ve noticed this more frequently in certain (autistic tumblr) fandoms, instead of just shipping a male character or making them gay they have to make the trans or NB to relate to them more

No. 155088

File: 1628306102248.jpg (319.6 KB, 1041x1600, RCO004_1583404983.jpg)

As I said every single non-white character is drawn either with overly pronounced lips and or these large potato noses, its so distracting and so unintentionally racist

No. 155094

No offense, but how is drawing a person with characteristics of their race, racist?

No. 155097

File: 1628308935610.png (242.21 KB, 611x360, Screenshot (19).png)

Anime characters were meant to be Aracial Japanese people, when white people in Manga and Anime get depicted they often have these exaggerated features
In this series all the white people get depicted in Anime-esque style and the non-white characters get depicted with these racial features, its kind of distracting

No. 155102

They try to draw you in with the Hamletmachime art and you get…this in the interior…

No. 155111

Isn't that most American comics? At first I thought having a completely unrelated artist do the covers was exclusive to cape shit but then I saw the same thing for most cartoon sequels or adaptation comic books. I'll never understanding why such a misleading practice exists in the first place.

No. 155113

Tbf the black dude is the prettiest out of all these characters, so I wouldn't mind

No. 155116

well you might be able to overlook that but it still sucks on every fundamental level regardless

No. 155118

Kek I always wondered why the cover art looked so good compared to what's inside, this explains a lot. Wonder how many people got catfished into paying for this.

Those expressions are so annoying, why are they speaking through their teeth in every single panel?

No. 155119

>Kek I always wondered why the cover art looked so good compared to what's inside, this explains a lot. Wonder how many people got catfished into paying for this.
I did, I got catfished into reading this horrible series

No. 155135

I didn’t knew this was a thing.
Holy fuck, how could it turn from this >>149996 to this? >>155088 this is so blatant, how do they get away with this shit?

No. 155147

File: 1628349271918.jpg (172.65 KB, 913x702, 14.jpg)

Manga vs Netflix Adaptation

No. 155156

disgusting gaijin art style

No. 155171

>t. westerner

No. 155173

Quick anons, Cmoa gives you 17% off if you buy more then 5 books, tell me your favourite BL.

No. 155178

File: 1628378165364.jpg (378.13 KB, 759x1068, utu.jpg)

My favorite of all time is probably Under the Umbrella by Junko. I loved all her works really, before she got into shoujo manga. I won't lie and pretend its better than stuff like Harada, but the art is good, I love her character dynamics and how she draws facial expressions.

No. 155205

nta but most of us here aren't Japanese or Korean and we all know that East Asia creates the best BL content and the west or any other region doesn't compare to even 1/1000th of the quality and quantity in Japan

No. 155206

File: 1628396246361.jpeg (210.72 KB, 794x1200, BAF0B94E-1FC0-4553-9899-37C6B4…)

madk, but there’s vore. The art is beautiful though

No. 155222

File: 1628419173951.jpg (81.9 KB, 684x426, 6.jpg)

Holy Shit

No. 155223

OMG I LOVE MADK the art is so damn beautiful

No. 155256

Good taste anon, I really like MADK. the cannibalism is handled really well imo and the designs of the demons are really cool

No. 155259

MADK is one of my favourites. Great character designs, everyone's a dick but it's well done and you can sense that the characters go a little deeper than that.

No. 155433

File: 1628589715872.jpg (128.2 KB, 900x851, ugly shit.jpg)

I thought the art looked familiar and it turns out that the main artist is johanna the mad. I hate her artstyle it looks so ugly, she still managed to make it look less ugly in this comic but it's still not enough. Pic related.

No. 155434

who are supposed to be these two

No. 155436

Oh god, this was fucking awful.

No. 155437

File: 1628594122514.jpg (229.25 KB, 1124x1124, 1628571218505.jpg)

tim should be sucking some super dick

No. 155438

oh god no what the hell are they doing to tim? so happy i gave up on comics this is not it. also based anon it’s timkon or nothing.

No. 155440

Maybe I’m bias but it’s not that bad? It’s not nearly as ugly as all those fake woke art you see on Twitter or tumblr. Not trying disapprove you’re point since it’s a farcry from all the beautiful BL provided here.

No. 155458

Even without reading this I can already predict that it's shoujo/otomeshit disguised as BL, I've had enough of rehashed versions of "BL-addicted, autistic pretty girl ends up with a dreamy guy but it's marginally related to BL so there you go we classified it as such" plots.

No. 155461

>shoujo/otome shit
I wish it was that. It's more like a self-insert transformation fetish comic where the gross (I mean that literally not figuratively- she doesn't take showers, and when she's a dude, shoves her hand down her crotch for a stupid gag) femc gets with the transfer student who tolerates her autism because he wants pussy before realizing he has to take dick because femc has fujo brainrot.

No. 155462

They're supposed to be two guys from Attack on Titan.

No. 155463

File: 1628613209676.jpg (127.43 KB, 1200x1200, 9d962cd6a0daa716c08a5ea1e014e0…)

>the one on the right
same energy

No. 155464

So in other words… shoujo/otomeshit?

No. 155490

What the fuck is this, whos the blond kid

No. 155609

File: 1628722276085.jpg (472.32 KB, 873x900, cute shit.jpg)

I like stuff of Tim with Jason more.

No. 155613

File: 1628724631879.jpg (27.64 KB, 193x500, Bernie.jpg)

Bernard, I hate his redesign. He used to look like a 90210 teen drama type character now he looks like a shota. But he's always been a throwaway so I don't think we'll be seeing much of him past the coming out storyline.

No. 155618

I can't believe this shit. What is kon doing, I can't believe tim is cheating on him with a minor character with ugly redesign
I think this might be my biggest fujo disappointment since tiger and bunny

No. 155657

Tbh even though I like dumb and cringe shit this was too dumb and cringe even for me. The MC acts like a 2006 era fujoshi.

No. 155833

Have they even even interacted outside Bad Blood though ?

No. 156038

Doesn't matter, fanart's cute.

No. 156040

That's usually how all these series featuring "fujoshis" are.
>Ships her irl classmates and is generally obsessed with 3D men
>Spergs at anyone willing to listen about her autistic yaoi addiction
Compared to real life fujos
>Shys away from men if she doesn't outright hate them
>Is private about her BL collection and often hides her hobby from outsiders
And the stories naturally all end with the boy-crazy fujoshi finally being blessed with a wonderful boyfriend. I don't even spit in the direcion of these "this has to be so relatable to you anon" series, ever.

No. 156043

I mean tbf some mega autistic fujos do kinda reveal their power levels to the public and genuinely act well like "autistic fujoshi" even with 3d men, so its not implausible but still rare

No. 156045

These people are either teenagers who are retarded to begin with or genuinely autistic and don't understand universal social etiquette. What rubs me the wrong way about series like this is how it implies fujoism is some sort of a cope for not having a boyfriend which makes them always seem more like a shallow shoujo romance stories than an actual story about fujos and their sisterhood, which in turn makes me wonder who the hell are the audience for this. The straight, mainly otome oriented girls who dabble in BL simply because they find the characters attractive but don't get into the actual scene?

The fujo community would be the source of endless stories such as fujos becoming girlfriends, cosplay and doujin circle drama, ship wars, the craziest stalkers of the scene, successes with zines, hype created by new series, the different types of fujos and their tastes etc. But no, it never progresses past "omg hot guy squee" and always somehow ends up sexualizing the female characters. Imagine if that hilarious torture porn guy scene in Happy shitty life was rewritten with female fujo characters talking about their tastes.

No. 156048

you know their are plenty of girls who like both Oteme and BL, so I'm assuming that's the target audience

No. 156049

>What rubs me the wrong way about series like this is how it implies fujoism is some sort of a cope for not having a boyfriend
For many that's exactly what it is, especially teenagers which those series often are about (as you or someone mentioned above). Lesbian manhating fujos aren't the target audience. I think that the kind of series that you are describing would be much more interesting. I think only Jellyfish Princess comes close.

No. 156074

File: 1629127208742.png (376.92 KB, 894x683, Screenshot.png)

fellow chinese bl fags, have you already heard about this?…

No. 156086

Read Fujoshi Rumi. The beginning is more on the "dumb fujo needs to get a bf" side but then it turns into some fandom drama between the two main girls creating and selling a doujinshi and another jealous girl who shitposts about them on not!lolcow.farm and it gets hilarious.

No. 156093

why the fuck would he go there? to honour war criminals who killed shitloads of chinese people?

No. 156098

yeah hes over. who knows why he would such a stupid thing but yeah

No. 156099

from a detailed reddit post explaining the situation

>On thursday evening, netizens found out that a few years ago, ZZH attended a wedding at Nogi Shrine, which was dedicated to Nogi Maresuke, a general of the Imperial Japanese Army. At the wedding, he took photos with Dewi Sukarno, one of the wives of a President of Indonesia, and who was said to be anti-China. Those, coupled with photos that he uploaded (one of a vehicle with the rising sun flag, one of his supposed heil Hitler gesture), were deemed evidence that he is a "Jingri.(collaborator)" Note that the two photos were already quietly circulated before but did not receive much attention, his fans said that the gesture was not Hitler Salute but a gesture in a film and was taken out of context.

>His friend whose wedding ZZH attended wrote a public apology, saying that he was regretful for his carelessness when he did not check the backgrounds of his guests or the historical background of the shrine.
>Netizens continued to dig up ZZH's 2018 photos of him at Yasukuni shrine, where people who participated in the Sino-Japanese wars and WWII were enshrined. There was this instance in 2014 when Justin Bieber had to apologize for visiting and taking photos at this controversial place. This shrine was known in China, and netizens pointed out that in the list of books ZZH read and shared with his fans, there are books that mentioned Yasukuni.
>On friday morning, Zhang Zhehan apologized, admitted that he was ignorant and promised to do better. (No1 hot search)
>Past photos of ZZH were dug up which was deemed evidence of his bad personality. The photos were of him making a vulgar gesture to a mermaid statue, him sitting on a grave(considered super disrespectful in Chinese culture), and a photo he took without permission of a teenage/student couple (whose family begged him to take it down but he refused).
>The People's Daily criticized his visit to Yasukuni shrine, he reposted the article accepting the criticism and promising to do better.
>The brands that he represented started to announce that they stopped working with him.
>CCTV named him and commented that such action could not simply be blamed on ignorance. They condemned him severely.
>In about 4 hours, all the brands he represented announced that they have ended any working relationship with him. The Formed Police Unit movie and "The Hero" show dropped him, too. On weibo, there was a rumor circulated that he was the one asking them to drop him to avoid badly affecting them.

So it seems the whole thing is likely a misunderstanding as well as him being a dumbass, I mean its a dumb mistake and his co-workers have abandoned him

No. 156109

oh i see. and from the way weibo is reacting there’s really no way to clear this up nicely :/

No. 156110

That's not a misunderstanding wtf. He was being as offensive as possible.
I used to live in China and they still really, really resent the Japanese because of war crimes during the second Sino-Japanese war.
He is not gonna have a career in the PRC after this. He's toast.

No. 156133

I don't think he was trying to be purposely offensive rather just being willfully ignorant and thinking he could get away with being slightly edgy

No. 156141

File: 1629153400223.jpg (699.56 KB, 3942x1488, hgjhlghgvh.jpg)

Absolutely. That reddit excuse and anon are clearly biased.
>the gesture was not Hitler Salute but a gesture in a film and was taken out of context.
That's a lie. It clearly is the nazi salute, he did it in front of a world war memorial hall and his fans later copied him.
>Yasukuni shrine, where people who participated in the Sino-Japanese wars and WWII were enshrined.
It's a shrine worshipping class A war criminals. At the entrance is a sign stating "who enters this shrime worships [name of criminal]" and inside the shrine japanese right wingers place anti-chinese letters.
>him sitting on a grave
The grave of a comfort woman.
And a clip surfaced in which he's fondling his female costar.

Visiting a place in which people celebrate killing people like yourself, in which people pray for the killing of more people like yourself isn't "edgy" it's just on another level of insanity or self-hatred.
In Germany graves of world war officials aren't a thing to prevent exactly that from happened, Japan is truly fucked up for allowing that.
Imagine a jewish actor partying in a concentration camp memorial, people are allowed to no longer want to see him after doing that, being rich and famous is not some kind of human right.

No. 156142

File: 1629153442121.gif (6.63 MB, 322x720, c3e0f8e02ab451e98cc0c25e5655ec…)

uwu waifu is actually a sleazebag scrote

No. 156216

okay but removing any content featuring him is a bit too much, other then they just gonna remake every series he's ever been in

No. 156232

Nonnies really need to understand that the CCP will ban your ass for literally any arbitrary reason if they feel like it. He could've just as well been canned for saying he enjoys sushi because that can be seen as a pro-Japanese and anti-Chinese statement. This is exactly why I've been wary of getting into Chinese BL, you can literally never know when the government decides to cut off an author or send them to a re-education camp or whatever. CCP shills need to fuck off with their "it was a a shrine glorifying the slaughtering of the Chinese!!!" bullshit, no normal country systematically punishes you attending a wedding. The grave sitting is I'll admit douchey but that Hitler salute thing is a reach. And remember these weren't even the core reasons but attending a goddamn wedding at a place that hurts the government feefees.
Remember that this is the propaganda channel that airs forced confessions and bribes foreign youtubers to deny the Uighur genocide.
>People's Daily
The literal propaganda outlet for the CCP dedicated to glorifying Xi Jinping and the magazine tried to muffle out any talks about the covid pandemic.
I know people are over the moon about danmei but never forget that the Chinese government is a blood-thirsty, police state organization oppressing its own citizens and ranking at almost dead last on the freedom index list.

No. 156236

I mean he should have at least women, its considered super disrespectful to just casually hang out around a grave in East Asian culture and the fact he's doing this in front of the grave of the comfort women is just bloody disgusting
I don't think he could be canceled and yes the CCP is shit but he was an edgy bastard

No. 156251

>The grave of a comfort woman
I agree with everything else, but where did you get that? Everyone reports the grave as belonging to Su Xiao Xiao, an ancient courtesan and poet (comfort woman is a ww2 term, right?)

No. 156255

Probably either a mistranslation or Chinese nationalists spreading deliberate misinformation. It's not like this hasn't happened a million times before.

No. 156276

File: 1629193769641.jpg (209.63 KB, 1280x853, 11.jpg)

That could also be the case, Japan has a lot to answer for with its War Crime Denialism but Chinese AND Korean nationalists spread a lot of misinformation and actively distort history, trying to portray Japanese as always being Evil, treacherous, ungrateful, being jealous and stealing from Chinese culture and always trying to destroy China or conquer all of Asia

No. 156277

No. 156279

Chinese nationalists latch on to this retarded victim mentality of muh WW2 war crimes when their government, at this very moment, is an oppressive dictatorship killing and generally disposing of ethnic minorities, casually executing their own people for wrongthink and practicing xenophobia and blatant racism and homophobia. I have no idea how danmei can even be legal in China since normally you'd get jailed for pornography and portrayal of homosexuality. One author already got a 10-year jail sentence for "spreading obscene material" in 2018, it's all about if they happen to piss off the wrong party official.

No. 156281

he's playing with her bra strap in case you can't tell and she's obviously uncomfortable af
in an earlier interview he also admitted to getting turned on when filming kiss scenes and the taking care of it afterwards

he's obviously a shit person not deserving of any of his popularity. no idea why so many are going above and beyond to whiteknight him and muh glorious nippon. not everything is chinese propaganda.

No. 156282

Because Chinese nationalists are notorious for making shit up and taking things out of context to blacklist someone who they feel is a threat to the government. There's really no trusting what they say, especially because all of this conveniently surfaced only after they found out he attended a wedding held at a place they felt was anti-China. He might be a rotten scrote who deserves to be held accountable for being disrespectful to women but generally whatever "Chinese netizens" say has to be taken with a grain of salt.

No. 156774

Disgusting. All you're doing is corrupting your own mind by feeding this disgusting fetish that degrades men.
There's no gay love. Gay = men who were sexually abused.
That's why fujos are all feminists, they all hate men so they want to see them in a degrading way.

No. 156776

stop coming into women's spaces to sperg like a retard and go back to giving yourself erectile dysfunction with whatever degenerate pornography you're addicted to, scrote. you're not welcome here.

No. 156783

Quit worrying about what women like. you will die alone and never feel the warmth of one. worry about that.

No. 156784

File: 1629417133854.jpeg (320.67 KB, 750x1000, 714C1C5E-FCA4-403C-8D76-D063C7…)

No. 156787

File: 1629420324217.png (365 KB, 500x675, 39a.png)

>they all hate men so they want to see them in a degrading way.
Yes, I like seeing men degraded and abused mentally, sexually and physically. I'm as what some would call, based if you will.

No. 156789

wtf i love fujoshis now

No. 156800

So are there any BL/yaoi manga about dudes in prison? Asking for a friend.

No. 156804

File: 1629435709426.png (Spoiler Image,2.09 MB, 1014x1396, Screen Shot 2021-08-20 at 13.5…)

Any recs for stories that involve exhibitionism, especially online?
I really enjoyed this one (Hitori Ecchi Online). Can be forced or not, idc, I just want someone who gets off on being watched.

Deadlock: https://www.cmoa.jp/title/82263/
It's about prison in the US though, Japanese prisons really don't lend themselves to BL.

No. 156805

Just adding that acording to Chillchill there is 0 sex in Deadlock. https://www.chil-chil.net/goodsDetail/goods_id/39412/

No. 156807

Is ABO OK? I’ll try to find it but there’s a short one that was published online about an omega(?) who ends up in prison and is sexually attracted to an alpha guard’s teeth. I think it’s in this or the previous thread too.

No. 156880

File: 1629485945094.png (1.35 MB, 1363x1107, j.PNG)

For those who care, someone uploaded the rest of the chapters for Vol 2 of MADK on mangago!


No. 156903

File: 1629493512932.jpeg (237.86 KB, 1130x640, E4E19777-4CCB-4AF8-9C88-3A4A19…)

Thanks nonnie!

No. 156925

The first part of Hako no Naka takes place in a prison.

No. 157015

File: 1629567213342.jpg (38.44 KB, 1280x720, cries_in_anime.jpg)

Anons, if LCF does close eventually like Admin mentions on /meta/. Will you guys move to another board? CC maybe? This is honestly the best thread/fujo community even if it's relatively slow. I know I'm just fear mongering but the fujos on this site are objectively based.

No. 157019

same, i really don't wanna lose the good discussion on here, not just about fujo stuff but anime/manga shit in general. i was always too scared to join any discord servers from here but now i really regret not doing so when i had the chance.

No. 157022

I've been considering for a while to make a board called fujo.sh or something of that nature, basically take /m/ and make it the entire website as that's the only reason I browse this place. I like Discord but the lack of anonymity is a bit annoying.

No. 157033

File: 1629577752568.jpg (410.42 KB, 1080x1080, thumbnail.jpg)

I've found that the horror bl niche is more popular in western media, usually fanon or presented as such. Not sure what kind of horror you are looking for, but The Hunt has spooky themes but honestly is not meant to be a scary toon. TBH if you are fine reading fanfic, check out hannigram fanfics on ao3, just ignore all the ones that are actually plot-related in favor of AU


No. 157044

i would seriously try to support that in anyway i could!

No. 157046

I think the quality of our weebshit threads is a biproduct of LCF's infamy as a "safehaven for TERFs and cyberbullies." It does a decent job of warding off the Aidens, wokescolds, and scrotes that ruin BL discussions on other sites. All that remains are the irreverent old-school fujoshis like us.

No. 157058

I'd be so sad to see this thread go. Where would I go to sperg about fujo shit?

No. 157063

the comments of myreadingmanga kek.

but tbh, if anyone has any fujoshi discords or needs discord friends somehow id love to connect

No. 157088

I don't want to lost this space, while not much activity happens and we have occasional disagreements every now and then, this is the only space to discuss BL without Aydens, Faghags or Moral Puritans, which is a rare sight these days

No. 157109

theres a fujo thread on trash i sometimes visit https://boards.4chan.org/trash/thread/41065615
otherwise, discords

No. 157111

I'll stick to /cm/ and /co/, trash has the worst male coomers on all of 4chan