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File: 1619542603271.png (1.35 MB, 1920x1082, 1616452180742.png)

No. 139588

A containment thread for us driverfags to sperg.
Post here about Adam Driver's:
>film roles and characters
>different looks
>homemade AD memes to die for! ♥
>insane people and conspiracy theories from r/adamdriverfans
Notable happenings in last thread:
>the rise and fall of chair drama feat Lidia Franco
>Anette trailer finally gets released, the movie is coming on the 6th of July 2021
>House of Gucci (release in November 2021) is being filmed, charming photos make driverfags wish they were Lady Gaga
>Adam Driver to star as a professor in Hitler studies in another movie by Noah Bauman - "White Nose", to be released in 2022
>More upcoming AD movies: historical drama-thriller "The Last Duel" (release in October 2021), science fiction thriller "65" (TBA)
>the discovery of driverfag cow aka Sariah Wilson and her romance novel "The Seat Filler" based on meeting Adam Driver

Do not come here to talk how ugly AD is according to you, how driverfags have no taste etc. This is an Adam Driver positivity thread (though healthy criticism is okay). If you hate him, just hide the thread!
If you see hater posts, please report them as derailing and do not reply
Previous thread >>122022

No. 139947

File: 1619721606109.gif (310.31 KB, 245x145, tumblr_7e2f647dec6ce452fc46f33…)

New thread inauguration party!

No. 139976

File: 1619733277075.png (2.05 MB, 1089x1280, 967DE74D-2E72-49D2-992A-E6EB63…)

Ayyy, we made it to Thread 2.

No. 139977

File: 1619733322648.jpeg (228.36 KB, 1772x1181, 0BC394B2-59AB-49F9-B10B-FCF995…)

I never noticed how he was being circled by thirsty ladies in these party pictures

No. 139988

File: 1619739072762.jpg (422.14 KB, 1080x1540, IMG_20210430_012759.jpg)

I hate this fucking book so much. Never expected to read about Sariah instructing Adam Driver how he should ran his charity, yet here we are.
I take screencaps whenever something infuriating or stupid happens and I have way too many by. now.

No. 140010

File: 1619759303920.jpg (45.84 KB, 460x460, 7201ab74b761bc7f9a5099a409ea10…)

The guy on the top left is sending me kek
But yeah, understandable, all those women wanting a piece of him lol he seem to be comfortable though (drunk?)

Oof, mang. I am still at the beginning, but I caught myself physically cringing at one part (the "you never even sniffed pizza" one lol)
I am not looking forward to the rest of it

Here's Oscar doing what we all wanna do his tiny hands!
Also I must say that I am glad that we are in a new thread now because the old one was so heavy, it would always crash on my phone lmao
I am very glad

No. 140025

File: 1619766121423.jpg (314.57 KB, 1080x1797, 48r8577483838282828w7h3j27e6ee…)

Sariah wilson allegedly a mormon. If this true big yikes.


I feel I know Sariah is very controlling person in general after reading it.

Go for it Anon. I hate that the MC is bitching everytime where there is not Adam Driver self insert in present.

No. 140029

File: 1619767832380.gif (653.05 KB, 160x180, tumblr_inline_o19490eud01rifr4…)

I feel morally obligated to post some Adam Meaty Tiddy™ on the first 10 posts of the new thread. It's on the thread title, after all.

No. 140039

File: 1619781348555.jpg (2.15 MB, 1080x9074, IMG_20210430_120218.jpg)

> I caught myself physically cringing at one part (the "you never even sniffed pizza" one lol) I am not looking forward to the rest of it
What is the opposite of a treat? Because you are in for it. Seriously, through the entire book there are so many parts when the protagonist comments on someone eating (or not) some junk food, or just scarfing something down. Not-Adam even enables her LMAO.
>Here's Oscar doing what we all wanna do
I wouldn't even notice him if you didn't say he's there!
>Also I must say that I am glad that we are in a new thread now because the old one was so heavy, it would always crash on my phone lmao
Thought I was the only one. My phone is trash and almost doesn't allow me to post on lolcow (unless I use Opera Mini or something). I hate this so much
What does the twitter person mean? How does the knowledge that Sariah may be involved in a cult-like religion may change people's opinion on her paper-thin, trashy romance novels? This isn't Lolita so that you have to look into cultural context, references, biography of the author etc. to fully enjoy the prose. I feel like OP only wants to flex about her complicated relationship with ~Mormon culture~. I mean, Stephenie Meyer also turned out to be a Mormon. Did it bring something to our understanding of Twilight? Not much, if anything, it worsened it. Anyway Sariah kind of reminds me of Stephenie looks wise, so it would be another similarity. Didn't expect to say that, but I respect Stephenie TONS more for never writing an RPF and instead mostly inventing Edward and his family.
>Go for it Anon. I hate that the MC is bitching everytime where there is not Adam Driver self insert in present.
Thanks, I will dump screencaps along with my commentary. Hope it's not clogging the thread too much. Bitching about this novel makes me feel better.
So, about those screencaps… Sorry in advance for autism. As fan fiction writers would say, DLDR (kek).
>#1 - nice to know Sariah also has the 'man big, thing small' fetish. I found that part almost kind of cute. Could I imagine Adam Driver saying something like it? Probably not. Please correct me if I am wrong.
>#2 - how are we feeling about Star Wars being turned into a film trilogy about fae/faeries? Personally, I find it too weird. Cannot imagine something with that feminine title being as popular as SW. I mean, it would be fine if I didn't know she's truly referring to SW… but she is, so I bring my knowledge about the real life film series and it clashes with the title. Anyway fictionalized versions of real franchises are so tricky. Offtopic but I wanted to do that in my novel, but now I think I will go with straight up referencing everything. Good to not be a burgerfag and be able to do things like that. I feel like 'X thing but under a bland name' kinda weakens the impact. IDK I just don't like it, but understand it's necessary. ANYWAY back to the topic. I hate that Sariah just HAD TO include her spergout about TROS in her fucking novel. Also it never stops confusing me that she apparently forgot that without JJ Abrams (and the 2 other writers), there wouldn't be Rey and Kylo at all. This is peak spergout. Especially when you remember she pasted hashtags in the middle of her 'thanks' section. The only good thing I can say about it is that in the future, the novel will be like an unintentional period piece of both Star Wars and Adam Driver fandom (or the more unhinged parts of it).
>#3 - I hate the verb 'to swoon' thanks to Sariah and her readers. Anyway I died at Sariah once more shilling her idea of Adam Driver as Mr Darcy.
>#4 - Sariah would literally murder farmers that say that AD is ugly. LMFAO. Anyway it really feels like she's getting on her soapbox here. Kinda hard for me to imagine her character (who is kinda playing hard to get?) sperging how hot 'Noah' is. Kinda related, but Sariah often describes Noah as having primitive, animalish charm to it. Am I imagining it, or has Adam Driver expressed being uncomfortable with people talking about him like that? Not sure if that was something that happened, or I just mixed farmers' reactions to the 'he looks like a monkey' comment by an interviewer and AD being bashful when called a sex icon.
>#5 - nothing much to say, just cringe. Because I know that Sariah watched the relevant part of TFA like 100 times.
>#6 - why did you not buy the cutout??? If you are gonna be an obsessed sperg, you might as well go for it. I recently saw a guide on how to DIY a cutout of your waifu and I almost wanna send it to Sariah (disclaimer: I absolutely wouldn't. Especially since she can afford like 100 cutouts of Adam Driver). Anyway if her character is such a sperg as well as a self-insert, why there is no mention of her writing fanfics about Malek and Aliana? Kind of a missed chance here.
>#7 - there is doing your research, and then there is just lifting someone's statements from a page, rewording them a bit and pasting them in your novel. THIS IS NOT OKAY. Like if I had too much time on my hands, I could make a giant reference file of every Adam Driver interview that she used for Noah. I have shit memory, and yet I constantly catch myself recognizing his exact words in Sariah's novel (and once words of redditors at r/adamdriverfans). How the fuck is that not a basis for a lawsuit? When she made the announcement about giving AITAF 1/4 of her earnings from the first week of the novel sales, for a moment I thought they have striked some kind of a deal… but then I realized it's just her being crazy as usual (not that Adam would agree to something like that in the first place, see >>139988).

Anyway I have admitted to not being the best with romances >>139792, so maybe this book just isn't for me. I have to admit to feeling very uncomfortable with being subjected to Sariah's fantasies. Like the entire novel feels like the fanfics I would imagine (when I was a kid) about myself (sorry, my self-insert) and whatever anime/vidya guy I was crushing at the moment. The plot points, the drama, the hero literally up the ass of the protagonist… I think it would be better if the novel either stayed in Sariah's head (or diary), or at least she was more subtle about this being an RPF about Adam Driver and herself.

No. 140045

File: 1619790426000.jpeg (390.07 KB, 750x916, 758D22D6-A030-4BF3-8E59-A533DF…)

Thank you for pointing out the guys face, it’s hilarious. I also never noticed they’re grabbing Adam’s hand kek

I don’t see how being Mormon is relevant to her other books, unless we’re taking about sexual repression. Maybe they’re an outlet for her fantasies, but that’s every romance novel. And I don’t pass off bad writing on religion. Seems like people are making weak excuses for her mediocrity

>Sariah just HAD TO include her spergout about TROS in her fucking novel

I find her fixation on TROS to be the most disturbing thing about her. Asking Adam about the ending was her original premise for entering the contest to meet him (I don’t know if it’s true or just a noble cause to sell her followers). She seriously went to a red carpet event with her daughter and the help of his charity and didn’t realize it wasn’t the right place or time. Then she enters another contest and makes inappropriate comments to Daisy about JJ and wears a shirt about TROS. Not to mention her constant sperging on Twitter. It just seems really wild for a married adult with a kid to be that fixated and to not realize saying these things is socially odd. Giving me Annie Wilkes from Misery vibes

No. 140052

>Giving me Annie Wilkes from Misery vibes
You know… kinda same. Good thing Sariah has a husband and children, cause God knows what would happen. I was under the assumption that she was divorced and that's why she became so obsessed with Adam/Reylo, but turns out it's not true.
God, your post gave me an idea for a 'novel' about Sadie Wilson who kidnaps an unnamed movie director so that she can force him to canonize her OTP. It would be hilarious if someone wrote it as both RPF and a Misery fanfiction. I hope someone wrote it in an alternate reality (cause I sure as hell wouldn't, I'm not psycho kek).

No. 140067

File: 1619799889104.jpg (141.4 KB, 1080x912, Booktaste.jpg)

>God, your post gave me an idea for a 'novel' about Sadie Wilson who kidnaps an unnamed movie director so that she can force him to canonize her OTP.
I think Sariah Wilson will not be happy for that. Can wait to have a thread about that in her twitter. Lol I kinda wish this is a movie than a novel

Currently I'm on chapter 22 and dear god, This lady doesn't understand the concept of phobia. Not Adam became her therapist to cure his kissing phobia. Adam want Not Sariah Kiss him and it described in a very horrendous. The kissphobia saga is the most cringy, and it make me most uncomfortable. After she finally kissing because you know Phobia "cured" te-he , she want to date him.

I curious , What do Book/Literature anons think what her literature taste because she seems not happy when white noise adapted into film starting him.

No. 140071

Lol just realized I'm a dumbass, meant to type Sadie Williams. Really hope she doesn't sperg about us. I feel like she (or her agent? someone?) may have google alerts set up whenever her name is mentioned. Maybe she has a good tard wrangler though (or maybe not, judging by her twitter).
>Currently I'm on chapter 22 and dear god, This lady doesn't understand the concept of phobia. Not Adam became her therapist to cure his kissing phobia. Adam want Not Sariah Kiss him and it described in a very horrendous. The kissphobia saga is the most cringy, and it make me most uncomfortable. After she finally kissing because you know Phobia "cured" te-he , she want to date him.
I am around the same moment and the phobia/anxiety/trauma thing incredibly pisses me off. Like when she kept sperging how she has this dark secret weighting her down… ugh. Not to mention it's kinda disturbing she had to mention that she had a pillow with Not-Adam when she was 14 (obviously I know it's only the character and not the real Sariah, but still). Everything about this novel is so horrible and annoying.
BTW are the other celebrity characters based on someone? Excluding the one who's supposed to be a Daisy Ridley stand-in. I have no idea if I am unfamiliar with the references or if all other stars are just random characters she came up with for the novel.
>I curious , What do Book/Literature anons think what her literature taste because she seems not happy when white noise adapted into film starting him.
She has a goodreads authors page. She had actually added novels that are not by her to her shelf (and even rated some!), so maybe you can figure something out based on that:
Oh, and if you click on 'with text' to the right, you can see her review/opinion on the novel. From my brief look, she seems like a hardcore fan of fluffy romances.

No. 140075

Don Delillo is similar to David Foster Wallace and is part of lit bro culture, so I get the lack of enthusiasm. I’m jaded because I’ve had to work with Delillo scholars and they’re definitely a certain type of guy (I’m actually wondering what they’ll think of the movie). But I’m always interested to see how things are adapted, so I don’t really mind.
I also see a lot of undergrad students complain about the books she mentioned. They’re not to everyone’s taste but they’re also usually crammed into entry level lit classes. Sariah can’t really talk when she wrote a cringe masterpiece like ‘Just a Boy Friend’

No. 140081

File: 1619804259317.jpg (382.18 KB, 720x763, PicsArt_04-30-05.25.06.jpg)

No. 140085

I thought I couldn’t hate this bitch anymore, and now she’s talking shit on Vonnegut… the audacity of her RPF-writing-ass…

No. 140086

File: 1619805064976.png (177.68 KB, 665x517, Screenshot 2021-04-30 19.46.05…)

>I also see a lot of undergrad students complain about the books she mentioned. They’re not to everyone’s taste but they’re also usually crammed into entry level lit classes. Sariah can’t really talk when she wrote a cringe masterpiece like ‘Just a Boy Friend’
This made me more interested in reading Catch-22 and Slaughterhouse-Five. Not that I'm gonna do that soon, but someday for sure. I already wanted to give them a shot someday, especially Vonnegut's novel since he seemed like a cool guy (pinkpill me if I don't know about something).
>Sariah can’t really talk when she wrote a cringe masterpiece like ‘Just a Boy Friend’
Have you read it or is it infamous?
Sidenote, but I just discovered that The Seat Filler isn't even Sariah's first 'dating a Hollywood actor' novel. At least this one isn't RPF AFAIK.

Based and driverpilled

No. 140092

File: 1619807794094.jpg (333.37 KB, 1920x1080, HNHysfy.jpg)

>Have you read it or is it infamous?

I haven't read it, but the cover art speaks for itself. It looks like porn for mormon moms

No. 140093

File: 1619808503385.jpg (474.93 KB, 1080x1919, No.jpg)


No. 140102

File: 1619812263659.jpg (76.33 KB, 736x594, IMG_20210430_164536_810.jpg)

OT to the discussion but he looks so hot here, oof
He does look amazing in black, especially

>nice to know Sariah also has the 'man big, thing small' fetish. I found that part almost kind of cute.
After a while it does get kinda repetitive though, albeit it is relatable ngl I chuckled at the "he's like a refrigerator turned into human" part, sounded like something some farmer would say in a negative way lol

>how are we feeling about Star Wars being turned into a film trilogy about fae/faeries? Personally, I find it too weird. Cannot imagine something with that feminine title being as popular as SW

I thought it was a bit weird as well, but it didn't bother me that much. I guess it could be turned into something more masculine easily , kinda like the series Fables or like that movie Grimms (or something like that).
The TROS spergout and TLJ praise was definitely cringy, though. I rolled my eyes when she just basically copypasted her twitter opinions onto her book like that, felt very clunky as well.

>Sariah would literally murder farmers that say that AD is ugly. LMFAO.

Man, did I cringe at that as well kek it was just "goofy looking", which is so innocuous. Here he is called a deformed rat faced bastard kek Just take the L and move on Sariah would sperg out when getting shitted on for posting him on the conventional male attractions

>I know that Sariah watched the relevant part of TFA like 100 times.

The interrogation scene? kek

Please write your Sadie Williams novel KEK

No. 140103

File: 1619812746834.jpg (45.72 KB, 720x720, 180720170_289712952682172_3568…)

Samefagging, but to all toyanons:
Have you seen the new photos that Hot Toys released of the TROS Kylo?? Apparently they changed the head sculpt for the final release. That would also explain the delays (aside from Corona)

I personally think it looks so much better!
ngl I do want it right now. Hopefully it won't sell out before I get a proper 9/5 lel

No. 140104

File: 1619812999688.jpg (88.46 KB, 1080x1080, 179397692_289712966015504_1050…)

No. 140106

File: 1619813108563.jpg (84.04 KB, 1080x1080, 180290191_289712959348838_3647…)

No. 140118

File: 1619816788865.jpg (86.74 KB, 640x960, chg9ys7noaw61.jpg)

HT Kylo anon here, HOLY SHIT! I checked the website a few days ago and there were old photos. God damn, I'm so excited!! You made my day with that news. He is literally perfect. I want to scream, I feel like I won the lottery!
>ngl I chuckled at the "he's like a refrigerator turned into human" part, sounded like something some farmer would say in a negative way lol
That part made me wanna neck myself. It was supposed to be quirky but really did sound like a triggered farmer. Kek
>I guess it could be turned into something more masculine easily, kinda like the series Fables or like that movie Grimms (or something like that).
Yes, masculine! That is the word. Thanks for expressing the idea better.
>>I know that Sariah watched the relevant part of TFA like 100 times.
I feel like she meant the fight at the end where Rey owns his poor ass. And the weird thing between them happens, kinda like between Voldemort and Harry's wands. At least that's how I remember it.
>Please write your Sadie Williams novel KEK
Totally would if I weren't a terribly slow writer. I'm forever envious of people that write 100k fics in like a week.

No. 140148

File: 1619828433818.jpg (4.65 MB, 6248x4000, pixlr_20210430211241181.jpg)

I am very happy for you, nonnie! Please review it once it reaches you!

>He is literally perfect.

Yes, it's a huge improvement. I am now seriously debating wich one I like the best.
I definitely prefer the hair on the TROS one, and I also like the fact that he looks slightly less angry, maybe I am seeing things but even looks like he has the beginning of a smirk? the fact that he's less angry would work better when dressing him up with normie clothes kek
But I like the head and nose shape of the TLJ one.


No. 140153

File: 1619828890359.jpg (325.97 KB, 960x960, 20210430_212759_399.jpg)

Samefagging again, but I wish they had chosen this hair style for the TLJ because it's less flat, but it's a ridiculously specific scene/take, so I understand why they didn't

No. 140175

Imagine rubbing this doll's head on your clit

No. 140180

File: 1619845094250.jpg (191.94 KB, 720x728, PicsArt_04-16-07.59.19.jpg)

KEK Nona you'd caught me dead before letting a 250+ dollars luxury doll like that anywhere near my pussy

No. 140214

File: 1619871856641.jpg (39.48 KB, 1074x222, Theonlyquote worth living for.…)

I finished the seat filler, What a trainwreck. The story was boring and flat. The character are obvious self insert (Not-Sariah and Not-Adam) and one dimensional(Allan and Shebbly). The Author herself, is really obssesed with him , she throws many AD reference as many as possible. At the point it's getting really annoying. Why only snickers is mentioned as candy/sweets. Are they live in a town that only allowed snickers is eated as candy or sweets??
>Funfact: Adam has a snickers tv commercial.
Also the conflict is really forced especially in the last arc when they tried to gets married kek.
Not Adam is really Adam Driver but he talks like he is on sets and interview everytime in this books. Every dialouge with him , is like him reading a bad movie script. I bet she never know what Adam talks in real life(When I mean in real life , like talking in daily life, Stay Mad Sariah).
The MC which is Not Sariah is really boring, zero character development. She only try to be quirky and bitches when Not-Adam around. While trying to deal le typical Evil mom.
I think I have mentioned before but the Trauma and kissphobia is make me triggered so much. First of all if you have a phobia, you must need to consult a professional when you try to get yourself a theraphy. But No, in this book let use a homemade exposure theraphy with Dr Not-Adam Driver. I laughed when Not-Adam complained that he thinks mc used him and lied to him as therapist. Why do you agree to be her personal therapist while she never consult a
Professional before.
I waiting her next sequel : Our Love Forever feat Not-Adam Driver

Nice Shoes,Cinderella kek

No. 140233

File: 1619888737959.png (201.96 KB, 680x445, bcf.png)

This is my wholly subjective opinion, but I would go for the new Kylo! He has so many cool accessories (the hood, the cape, the mask etc) and you can do a lot with him. When I read people's opinions, it looks like he is the most polished version. And this one is retarded, but I zoomed into both figure faces and I realized that TLJ Kylo reminds me of something… then it clicked that his expression looks like the lady from pic related. I might be going a bit crazy since TROS Kylo also has a bit of confusion in his eyes if I look really hard, but it's not as much as TROS one.
That hair was amazing! They really should have went for this one even if he looks like this in just one scene. TFA was the best movie for Kylo's hair, IDK what happened later on.
Anon… I know you are joking but please don't. lmfao. Seconding >>140180. Even ignoring that it's expensive AF, how would that be sexually pleasing? LOL
>>Funfact: Adam has a snickers tv commercial.
Like in real life? Jesus christ, I never knew. I need to watch it. Not-Sariah's obsession with snickers seemed like ONE personality trait and even that it's ruined now that I know it's an AD inside joke once again.
>I waiting her next sequel : Our Love Forever feat Not-Adam Driver
Would love to see a sequel featuring mean driverfags trying to tear them apart LMFAO. It's always hilarious when cows write in their 'haters' into their wish fullfilment novels to get revenge kek.

No. 140244

samefag, but does anyone have that (nongraphic) comedy comic strip where a girl gets a husbando figure and decides to shove it up her vagina (it's suggested, not shown)? I wanted to post it here but I cannot find it. Pretty sure it's been doing rounds on tumblr some time ago. It irks me I cannot find it and that post reminded me of it. Anyway sorry for the degeneracy.

No. 140250

I know exactly which comic you're talking about and now I must find it

No. 140254

Please do, I'm so triggered about not being able to find it!

No. 140281

In case you haven't seen it yet, here's the snickers super bowl ad. I didn't even realise before this nonnie mentioned it. Surreal >>140214

Kek I can definitely see what you are talking about the confused face! I still kinda like the head and nose shapes. But I guess I'll keep saving movie and then I'll just grabbed the one that is available to me more easily lol

Also, I tried my best to find the webcomic, but alas. All the results were unrelated degen shit
Guess we gotta ask for it in the dumbass thread kek

No. 140309

File: 1619945946068.webm (Spoiler Image,11.04 MB, 1280x720, 1610928208867.webm)

Forgive me, nonnies, for I am horny again and I will never get over the fact that Adam was holding Jermima mid sex by one arm. One arm, nonnas
Wish Girls kept going solely for Adam's sex scenes. I think he will never do another series again and that makes me sad (hopefully I am wrong)

No. 140324

My stupid ass clicked on the NSFW spoiler on the train thinking it was another joke about Adam’s bare chest.

I think it would be nice to see him in a series again too. Once actors transition into films they usually don’t go back to tv acting. But I think the rise in streaming has made some movie directors/actors interested again because there’s a bigger budget and they can create more “serious” stories.
I also think Adam chose to do Burn This in order to stay in New York for a while with his son, so maybe if he got an offer close to home he would do it.

And now this video is going to fuel my daydreams the rest of the day. Honestly, I haven’t met a guy who can manhandle me correctly in bed like this and it makes me sad

No. 140328

File: 1619963011620.jpg (1.22 MB, 3464x2309, Kek.jpg)

I feel you too anon. But I think he has a reputation in film. I'm not sure he is coming back to tv series. Because he got so many awards and nominations for his film work.

Btw,How many anons has finished the novel?

No. 140352

File: 1619982194958.jpg (283.78 KB, 837x713, PicsArt_05-02-03.50.45.jpg)

>My stupid ass clicked on the NSFW spoiler on the train thinking it was another joke about Adam’s bare chest.
Sorry nonny lmao I never spoiler his tiddies, personally.

>some movie directors/actors interested again because there’s a bigger budget and they can create more “serious” stories.

I think I mentioned it in the old thread but once I had a dream that he was part of a HBO series that was directed by Martin Scorsese or the likes and he was a priest against celibacy or whatever. He was not the protagonist, but he was a big secondary character.
Hopefully I have divination powers in my dreams kek Or I'll have to write the novel in less than a year sell my soul to Satan and HBO

>And now this video is going to fuel my daydreams the rest of the day. Honestly, I haven’t met a guy who can manhandle me correctly in bed like this and it makes me sad

Relatable, unfortunately. That clip has lived rent free in my mind since I first watched girls

Big tiddies man makes brain go brrrr

>Btw,How many anons has finished the novel?

I greatly overestimated my tolerance for shitty RPF self insert novels. Really thought I'd be able to review it by tomorrow but I am literally in the middle of it still.

No. 140353

>Or I'll have to write the novel in less than a year sell my soul to Satan and HBO
That would be so worth it, anon.
>I greatly overestimated my tolerance for shitty RPF self insert novels. Really thought I'd be able to review it by tomorrow but I am literally in the middle of it still.
Same. I suddenly want to read literally anything else from my long book list.

No. 140363

File: 1619990184879.gif (1.95 MB, 245x135, tumblr_af5005b1d665157b0deb401…)

I was kidding when I said I wanted the Kylo Ren voice AI to read it for me, but honestly it would be so practical cause then I'd be able to mindless listen to not-Adam Driver reading his own lines while drawing or doing chores. I used to do it with other books, but the overtly robotic voice would get on my nerves after a while, while that AI AD voice is fairly natural.

No. 140378

File: 1620004834564.jpg (324.66 KB, 1080x1675, d 03052021030958.jpg)

What the fuck. When I saw Rian Johnson's name, I had to double check. She's been substituting names of real people (AD, Daisy Ridley) with bullshit she came up with, only to mention Johnson like no problem AND somehow make him the director of the fae movie. WHY? This is infuriating and jarring as fuck since it completemy breaks what little suspension of disbelief I had. I can't. Why didn't she change his name to something like Rudy Jamestown? Everybody would know who she meant, but it wouldn't muddle Sariah Wilson's Extended Universe (>>140086 those other 2 books about dating actor happen in it as well). But I guess she HAD TO crawl up Johnson's ass one more timer. Wonder why she didn't write about Sariah and Adam Driver… oh wait, that would be a surefire way to get a lawsuit

No. 140379

File: 1620005148312.jpg (624.58 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2021-05-03-02-56-48…)

fuck you sariah, I'm so glad I haven't paid for this travesty.
Too lazy to stitch that screenshot in, but even in this book she is demanding answers from AD why Ben Solo died. JFC, gatekeeping suddenly seems reasonable.

No. 140388

File: 1620013195446.jpg (89.51 KB, 700x420, Misery.jpg)

I know we've been joking about her obsession with Adam, but if I was Rian I would be equally worried. She tweeted about her conversation with him to the point that other Star Wars fans started voicing concern and now she's directly naming him in this book. It's seriously creepy.

Sariah really wants that TROS ending fixed

No. 140418

File: 1620041754477.jpg (98.09 KB, 1080x540, 03052021133110.jpg)

OMG your shoop killed me! Especially since I just reached pic related and all I can think about is how Sariah has zero self-awareness of how she comes across even to other women who are kinda spergy about Adam and Ben

No. 140439

I'm done with this shit. Terrible experience, do not recommend, here is a fun twitter thread breaking down the novel (in case someone hasn't read TSF yet and doesn't want to waste time):
Also apparently one of the celebrities was a riff on Joaquin Phoenix, with whom Sariah apparently has some beef???

No. 140443

File: 1620064719040.jpg (54.56 KB, 1080x285, Parasite.jpg)

Someone in twitter mentioned before. She dislike Parasite without watching it.
Here the reference

No. 140449

File: 1620066924953.jpg (48.68 KB, 517x646, FB_IMG_1619910388225.jpg)

Isn't it the Chase character? All I could think about was Joaquin Phoenix and Joker, but then I thought it was just in my head. Guess not

When I read this I thought she was dissing on Roma (because LATAM and also Oscar winning), but the parasite parallel is way more obvious now in hindsight.

This gave me a hearty kek, I love it anon!

No. 140451

>I hadn't seen it. I preferred romantic comedies and fairy tales
That's a taste of a child…
The bizzare thing is that Chase is the prince charming of her previous novels. IDK what to make of that. I guess she abandoned him as soon as she could upgrade to Adam Driver?

No. 140543

File: 1620138430466.gif (1.73 MB, 245x340, b2daa654ab6bbfabf13af087447cd9…)

Happy May the 4th!

No. 140544

File: 1620138635056.jpg (25.07 KB, 268x475, 34ad4ecab01fb74111172eb9f68351…)

(That's just my excuse to post Kylo Ren)

No. 140545

File: 1620138817956.gif (3.32 MB, 268x375, ce5b5118d76c9b464fa7f1e232fe2a…)

No. 140547

File: 1620139190935.gif (1.3 MB, 245x461, d6f7cca2d1b4abd5c50008e0a7ba1b…)

No. 140548

File: 1620139381616.gif (2.11 MB, 540x540, a2e03ebed0cd2a93663be4aa6449c6…)

Gotta have some Ben Swolo

No. 140554

File: 1620144811808.png (488.06 KB, 1280x1200, tumblr_o6n4x7rTSC1tyghq4o1_128…)

All the gifs reminded me I've been craving a quality single player game in which you can play as Kylo. Sigh.
BTW I have finished The Rise of Kylo Ren comic and must say that the later half is less emotional (IMHO) than the first one, mostly because it focuses on characters that don't exist beyond the comic. Still glad that I read it.

No. 140555

File: 1620144834339.gif (2.35 MB, 540x450, 8C03331F-6935-435C-8FF3-EF9693…)

Happy May 4th. Some of my favorite parts of the movies were his stylized combat scenes.

No. 140558

File: 1620146462471.png (863.34 KB, 640x731, 329399cf6ee2f013853cda064cefc7…)

Also, is anyone else interested in going to Galaxy's Edge at Disneyland or Disney World? If you've already gone, how was it? It seems cool and I heard Kylo was in one of the rides.
None of my family or friends like theme parks, so I don't know if I'll ever go

No. 140561

File: 1620151836275.jpg (139.14 KB, 736x981, c4377c63f3fb9a6d2a3a866491bb86…)

I would actually love to go there, the ride looks amazing.
I would love to go and wear some campy shit like picrel while disneybouding Kylo Ren and buying some souvenirs and maybe even a lightsaber I am cringe, but I am free
Unfortunately this is not at all on my foreseeable future because my country's economy is in the gutter and we're a covid ghetto kek

No. 140562

Here's part of the ride for those that never saw it before. The animatronics are very impressive and the voice is Adam's!

No. 140564

File: 1620152263023.png (25.23 KB, 1287x221, Screenshot (292).png)

Today in /ot/. Damn, nice to know that I am literally influencing Hollywood. Why the fuck does James Franco still have a career then?

No. 140567

File: 1620153032752.gif (655.66 KB, 160x180, tumblr_inline_o1946jlqP61rifr4…)

>Makes me physically ill
Lmao "oh no le scawwy adam dwivew twiggwes me uwu"
I can't wrap my head around this one, there are literal Saville and Epstein simps on this site but for some reason a goofy looking actor is the biggest sin

Also what's weirder is that they don't know what types of women I like either? I may actually like weird looking women as well. Am I influencing Hollywood? I wonder if these nonnies are the same that complain about Anya Taylor Joy being fug (I personally think she's cute though)

Have some triggering tits

No. 140570

This is triggering me because I know that I will never be able to rest my face on those tits.

No. 140571

File: 1620153877074.jpg (258.61 KB, 1080x1472, 383883iejejenen2j2no7.jpg)

I have no words

No. 140576

File: 1620155598897.jpg (115.1 KB, 557x548, IMG_20210504_161257.jpg)

Big same

I fear ever laying my eyes upon its competition, then

No. 140579

Same. I'm a little jealous seeing everyone's pictures there today for May 4th. Disney is one of the only acceptable public places to dress like an over-the-top fan (aside from conventions).
Damn, that looks cool

Honestly, these type of comments are just funny to me. This whole site is made up of hundreds of threads about the weirdest people and topics on the internet, yet talking about a mainstream actor is somehow controversial. Women have thirsted after weird looking men since the beginning of time (the unconventional attraction thread is wild), what's new?

Okay Amazon editors, which one of you is the cringe driverfag?

No. 140582

>Okay Amazon editors, which one of you is the cringe driverfag?
Kek this reminds me, I always wonder if some of the cows or even youtubers that use this site are covert driverfags. Like, I had a suspicion that maybe Jenny Nicholson or Amanda the Jedi could be farmers, they are strong candidates to be crypto-driverfags.

Vidrel, Drew Barrymore being a driverfag @ 1:20

No. 140609

I love his eyes

No. 140703

File: 1620247148200.png (221.4 KB, 610x688, Screenshot (293).png)

So does it mean AD is okay with it? Or are they just being polite in the organization's name since she is donating profits

No. 140707

I think it was polite to thank someone for publicly donating, even if they are an overbearing fan. The org is largely run by other staff, so I don't know if Adam is even aware or knows what the book is about. Gucci is about to finish filming so I doubt he's doing much work with AITAF right now anyway.
Also, I don't think the org gets that many substantial donations (aside from the Ben Solo fundraiser Adam made a thank you video for). It's mostly grants, so it's good to highlight a donation so others might feel inspired to contribute.
Wonder how they would feel about her snarky comment about how "Noah" runs his fictional charity

Sariah would probably die happy if he ever acknowledged her the same way, but I highly doubt the book generated that much money

No. 140725

File: 1620274434435.jpg (38.33 KB, 500x367, 0d739e91b51a2354bf54d8004eb3e3…)

This anon wrote exactly my thoughts down so just have a rare 30 year old Adam picture

No. 140732

File: 1620287573122.jpg (514.94 KB, 1630x1840, 282872727272727263636626271717…)

I'm on the same mind anon. I think the organization just being polite for her. Anyway I don't think Sariah will come back in twitter, even if she back again,her tweets will be disabled for reaply. She still active blocking people tho. She posts in another in social Media, facebook and Instagram.

No. 140761

I've seen a lady on social media site (a random user, I think) claim that AITAF as well as AD are well aware of the novel, basically 'worked closely on it' (or something) and that AITAF received free copies (???) and therefore are okay with TSF. She didn't give any sources on that and deleted her comment later on, so I have zero proof. It made me curious if I'm missing something out. It made zero sense to me since even Sariah knows Adam doesn't want people to support AITAF based on him being the founder.

No. 140770

File: 1620318572437.jpg (145.51 KB, 750x734, IMG_2166.jpg)

I'm sure they're aware of the book, but I highly doubt they "worked closely on it."
Sariah or her publishing company may have contacted AITAF beforehand to propose a donation and see how the book would be received legally (I'll donate if you don't sue me). But I'm almost positive Adam is largely uninvolved because a lot of celebrity endorsed nonprofits are inundated with similar cases of fans donating to get attention. And honestly, a lot of celebs plant the seed for an org and raise funds but aren't involved in day-to-day business. At most he may have given the green light because he doesn't plan to sue and money is money. This was probably his face when he got the phone call about a weird self-insert romance book.

I could be completely wrong and eat my words later, but that's just my perspective.

No. 140875

File: 1620407011446.jpg (73.61 KB, 828x823, E0y_wmrVUAYGBwu.jpg)

>Adam Driver + #HouseofGucci security team member at wrap party May 6, 2021. “What do I do turn to the dark side?” caption -cr: just.jack.italy
Cute photo stolen from ADFiles ♥

No. 140879

File: 1620408368125.jpeg (425.84 KB, 750x731, 3D86FD92-7355-49DA-ADFD-4584D9…)

I think it’s cute he also signed this for his sound tech

No. 140890

Damn, I want new quality AD content… like a good interview…or a movie…
That's so cute! I would not be able to tell what he scribled, though!

No. 140892

It says
>My sound guy from the dark side

No. 140896

It kind of reminds me of how he sent Ben Affleck's son signed Kylo Ren merch for his birthday. I wonder if he stockpiles them as gifts or if his sound tech asked him to sign it for her. It's cute af

No. 141009

File: 1620500654288.jpg (43.75 KB, 739x415, IMG_20210508_160421_972.jpg)

I am currently just two chapters shy of finishing that published fanfiction, and I can post my unrequited honest review later I fucking hate the liar revealed trope

Kek that picture is perfect. And I agree with you 100%.

He looks kinda tired, aw. I hope he get a bit of rest before they start filming White Noise.
Which btw is my mos antecipated movie of his, I think! I really like all of Noah Bambauch's movies, especially the ones starring or co-starring Adam.

Super cute!

He also made a quick video for Ben's son saying he was Kylo Ren, wasn't it? I may be remembering it wrong, though.

No. 141011

File: 1620501884468.jpg (169.66 KB, 1515x1839, 272726366328828272733672728282…)

I just get Kylo Ren Nendoroid and it's on new condition with decent price.
I hope he doesn't overwork too much. I mostly excited with 65 anon

I think he wrote his son birthday message as kylo ren, correct me if I wrong.

Btw , Do nonnies know he also involved as main cast in Yankee Comandante?

No. 141013

Apparently he did a video too! Vidrel, Ben talks about it. Very cute.

I knew he was doing Yankee Comandante, but was it filmed already or is it yet to start? People really don't talk much about this movie. All I know is that he's supposedly blonde there lol

No. 141019

I think it was approved by the studio, but COVID probably delayed shooting for awhile. It might start later this year or maybe even next year. I think they probably want to film in Cuba, but I don't know what the pandemic situation is like there.

The birthday story is really cute.

No. 141028

File: 1620516280010.jpeg (16.57 KB, 288x360, Ed-cY3UXoAInU3k.jpeg)

I waited my entire life for this

No. 141030

>I just get Kylo Ren Nendoroid and it's on new condition with decent price.
please post cute photos when you get it!!!
what the fuck, it looks good on him though I will always love his dark hair the most

No. 141033

File: 1620518389548.gif (1.88 MB, 500x231, 8f96f5cadc810c17940ed7e07e11eb…)

I do prefer his black hair as well, but this a great shoop, wow
He looks like a 90s grungy boy
I guess we also have Matt to guesstimate how it will be lol

I also really miss his interviews. I love the SAG-AFTRA interviews with Janelle Ridley. Especially those there are one hour long, even if I hear some of the same stories sometimes.

No. 141040

Oh my god, my heart, he's so hot!

No. 141145

File: 1620625032042.jpg (672.28 KB, 1080x1078, 874421166543221133345221565898…)

No. 141147

File: 1620626164319.gif (1.29 MB, 250x280, tumblr_inline_o192rtELdl1rifr4…)

and I've seen he being compared to a goat before, so it's fitting

No. 141160

Love it. This quote originates from the monologue from the music video of Ride by Lana Del Rey, right? Would love an entire edit set to it, kek

No. 141184

File: 1620655572541.gif (2.05 MB, 400x241, ezgif-6-1b7b0839a30d.gif)

Okay, so here's my giant Seat Filler review/sperg at this point I don't know if anyone will care or read kek but I need to rant somewhere

So I will begin with the bad shit and then write the things that I think were okay/good, so we can end up on a positive note.
Spoilers ahead, I guess?

The bad
>The characters
Everyone and their mother here already talked about how bad the self-insert protagonist is. Although Sariah tries to make her so much like not other girls because she eats ice cream by the pint cause she's always hungry, goes to a black tie event with pink converses and likes the Star Wars allegory (which literally everyone in this universe does, even the normies and random people in the street), she still comes off as very bland. I'd say most characters are very bland - her supposedly foil, Shelby, is the blandest. I don't remember her having any unique interests aside from her job. But at least it makes sense why they are friends, I guess. Juliet at least is presented a little bit more flawed, since she has a bit of selfishness to her, but it's mostly presented as it being justified because of her daddy issues and phobia and whatnot.
Not-Adam Driver is also very bland, I believe because she didn't want to tarnish her Adam fantasy, I guess. So she didn't make him very fleshed out outside of the "handsome-humble-down-to-earth-introverted-actor-military-man". Considering how she was so adamant on the fact that she was writing about Adam, sometimes I felt myself imagining a completely different person. Kinda like Adam Sackler (and a biiiit o Charlie Barber, to a lesser extent)? Where it was obvious that there were so many things lifted from his real life (including the Rian Johnson thing and basically quoting some of his interviews) but some stuff just felt a bit too fantasy-like and inauthentic.
By the way, here are the main differences that I can remember between Adam and Noah:
>Noah has always been from an acting family
>Noah lives in LA although he did live in NY before
>Noah uses wacky socks
>Noah is not married
>Noah didn't go to college
>Noah doesn't know how to drive I think that was a joke on the name Driver?? but that subplot went nowhere
Also this has nothing to do with the characterization itself, but I think Rubie Jorgansen or whatever was a damn ugly name replacement for Scarlett Johansson lol Lily Ramsey was okay, I guess. Another thing, the maiden name of Juliet's mom is Barber and he goes visit her basically in one of the outfits that Charlie Barber uses, too.

>The dialogue

They are supposedly millenials but the dialogue reads too cool-wine-momish. I mean, yeah, of course. But then I wonder why she didn't make them a bit older? Like he's 36 and she's 34. Wouldn't sound super natural either, but more natural - Juliet is like a zillenial. I highly doubt she would say shit like
to a fucking Harry Potter reference, of all things. It's possibly the normiest book and movie saga there is.
The banter is also pretty meh. I guess it's innocuous, but again, very bland. I expected something a bit more sharp.
Also, take a shot for everytime Juliet says
>Why did [x] made me feel [y]?
Take another shot if right after, she overstate it by saying she's extra [y] now. How another nonnette said, no subtlelty in the dialogue at all.

>The plot itself

I think the whole kiss phobia thing is a bit stupid, but okay, not enough to break my suspension of disbelief.
Now, for a book that is this long… Basically nothing happens? Aside from the seat filler events and the Vegas Wedding, everything else is just so uneventful and mundane. I usually don't mind small scale stories at all, but then the characters have to be interesting enough to hold it together. I think she could've done more with the movie star premise thing (I don't know if she did it in her other book), like visiting a movie set, going overseas, maybe even visiting the not-Joaquin Phoenix' house and having something kinda heated like an argument happening there, or even explore the stalker fan narrative a bit more to create a big threat, I don't know. Maybe she will make a trilogy out of it when other shit happens? kek not looking forward to it
I hate the romcom cliche "they hate each other at first". I guess she did that because that's the pedestrian version of Enemies to Lovers, like Reylo?
But to me the worst offender in this storyline was the liar revealed trope. I absolutely hate it. It's so overused that at this point, it's just lazy. It was already building up to this, but I gave Sariah the benefit of the doubt and I thought that she would maybe deconstruct it, like Juliet would tell Noah about her lie and he would be just like "Oh, okay, I don't care". But as soon as he threw a mini-fit over a random mom telling a white lie to calm her kid down, I knew it was going down that route.
Also, can she please calm down with the TROS spergs?? There were like 4 times that she made her characters sperg about it, and it always felt clunky , like the whole dialogued just came to a halt so we could hear about how "muh ben solo should've lived uwu". I GET IT. When the random little girl was on the verge of crying cause "Malec" was dead, I just laughed cause it really could not get more anvilicious than that.
this is entirely on me but I though there was going to be at least one sex scene, but then finding out that she was mormon, it made sense that it didn't
And please stop using "my ovaries exploded" and "swoon", Sariah, I beg you

The Good/Okay
Despite the plot being very boring and all, it's written competently. Like, I've seen the onision books and stuff like that, so at least it wasn't this outrageous lol
I chuckled at like 5 dialogue pieces. I don't remember exactly which, but better than none at all.
I liked the part at the very beginning when not-Sariah-nor-Daisy was trying to rememer which character Noah was playing and she said "Toby? Phillip? Charlie?", it got a laugh out of me. I think that, if she didn't market it so heavily that it was based on Adam, it would actually be kind of a clever, subtle reference. (When I saw that the hospital they went to was called Patterson it didn't have the same effect because I was tired of this book and it wasn't as charming anymore considering all of the TROS spergs and the literal Rian Johnson name drop)
I liked like 2 scenes (maybe 2 and a half): The one where they are watching a movie together and then he takes her to his neighbor's home and the moment they are alone in his hotel room after the wedding. I thought they were sweet and well written enough, I liked the scenarios too, despite them being very simple and mundane. I think those were the only moments that I didn't feel neutral or that I wasn't cringing lol
At lastly, I liked that it had a clear sense of consent. I know, the bar is on the fucking floor, but considering how many 50 shades of Grey clones we have with murky consenting, I thought it was nice that everything was very clearly consented.

That's it, sorry for this mini-essay and sorry in advance for any typos and shit lmao

No. 141232

File: 1620672923241.jpeg (30.02 KB, 360x352, Ed9a9fhXgAcopy3.jpeg)

I have more fellow driverfags, get some water and stay hydrated before looking at this

No. 141242

File: 1620674740351.jpg (14.8 KB, 216x290, 3207232e085dbbf9841cda904e8870…)

Damn, this is pretty good! And I'm generally not into blondes at all

No. 141262

File: 1620681322140.jpg (Spoiler Image,55.93 KB, 775x792, Hnggh1.jpg)

Spoiler for Nsfw images
Just something to fuel my femdom AD fantasy

No. 141263

File: 1620681344483.jpg (Spoiler Image,198.4 KB, 828x942, Hnggh2.jpg)

No. 141286

I don't go here but this pic converted me

No. 141293

File: 1620705347121.jpg (32.74 KB, 720x720, FB_IMG_1620432416057.jpg)

Have your welcoming tiddy pic

No. 141294

I swear this man looks like a different person in every photograph. Some weird chameleon thing going on. I'm usually not into him at all either (sorry nonnies) but this is gorgeous.

No. 141301

File: 1620709605323.jpg (3.92 MB, 6143x3813, pixlr_20210511020059853.jpg)

>Some weird chameleon thing going on.
It's probably because he loses/gains a lot of weight on his face, plus different hairstyles.
But considering the movie that he's gonna be blonde in, he will actually have the hair super short and maybe a full beard? Curious to how they're gonna style him

No. 141302

File: 1620710701612.gif (3.73 MB, 221x293, 15-15-29-conversations_with_ad…)

I love when he
1. Pull his shirt down like that, for some reason I find it really alluring
2. Cringe at his own answers because he knows it was probably very unsatisfactory, I think it's cute

No. 141311

those titties…..

No. 141340

File: 1620743699480.jpg (767.57 KB, 1920x2160, merge_from_ofoct (6).jpg)

Yesterday I have stumbled upon the beauty that is the sequel trilogy with "bootleg" screencaps. I have nearly died from laughing (mostly at The Rise of Skywalker - the rest pales in comparison), so I thought I will share. Some of those caps are meme worthy. From now on, Kylo will never not be Kellogg to me from now on.
Warning: downright retarded content that is very hit-and-miss.
Ah, thank you anon! I love reviews, especially reviews of shit things. I wish I could write all my thoughts, but I'm tired as hell. I have appreciated your analysis! I must say that I missed some of the references that you pointed out. Also, that's so kind of you to finish the review on the positive side of things.
>Considering how she was so adamant on the fact that she was writing about Adam, sometimes I felt myself imagining a completely different person. Kinda like Adam Sackler (and a biiiit o Charlie Barber, to a lesser extent)? Where it was obvious that there were so many things lifted from his real life (including the Rian Johnson thing and basically quoting some of his interviews) but some stuff just felt a bit too fantasy-like and inauthentic.
NGL, Noah is a result of smashing Adam Driver biography, trivia and interviews with Generic Swoony Romance LI together. Anytime Not-Adam was doing something romanting/flirting/etc I felt that the LI clearly has taken over.
>the HE SPOKE NERD thing
omg I forgot to mention this when I was trashing this novel, but this killed me. Harry Potter isn't a nerd thing, maybe someone from Sariah's age group would think so. It's also incredibly hard for me to imagine Adam Driver 'talk nerd' like it was portrayed in TSF. It also felt out of character for Noah, since he doesn't seem to have 'nerdy' interests at all throughout the book.
>this is entirely on me but I though there was going to be at least one sex scene, but then finding out that she was mormon, it made sense that it didn't
I will be honest. When they kept practicing kissing, I have decided that the book is written in a code. You read about kissing, but actually are supposed to think about fucking. The narrative makes A LOT more sense then, especially with Noah proposing at the end of it. Not the best example, but I guess the kisses signal sex in the way that the hero lighting a cigarette of heroine was supposed to meen sex, even if it happened in the middle of the street (if anyone cares, more on the topic here https://www.nytimes.com/1992/11/08/movies/film-history-is-written-in-smoke.html). The novel really is about this Hollywood hunk teaching the virginal heroine about sex and helping her get over her sexual trauma. It's just filtered through mormon censorship LOL. Kinda like Edward's lust for Bella's blood also was a sexual metaphor (yeah, I know vampires work like that in many other works, but we are talking bad romance novels by American mormon moms).
>And please stop using "my ovaries exploded" and "swoon", Sariah, I beg you
If you look at goodreads, Sariah's readers adore the verb "swoon" and use it as often as possible. Maybe it's a thing among wine moms?

No. 141434

File: 1620796890729.jpg (37.99 KB, 675x844, FB_IMG_1619979959328.jpg)

Kek thanks for shade racist Kellogg, nonny, had some good keks!

>NGL, Noah is a result of smashing Adam Driver biography, trivia and interviews with Generic Swoony Romance LI together.

Yes! Absolutely this.

>When they kept practicing kissing, I have decided that the book is written in a code. You read about kissing, but actually are supposed to think about fucking.

It does makes sense. I thought that the scene before the hospital scare thing was actually leading to fucking because at least imo it was the saucier one, I guess? He was opening her shirt and she said she waited 24 years for that, I don't think it was about kissing because of the way it was worded…
Mark my words, if Sariah ever writes a book 2, they'll marry first to do the nasty (probably just implicitly), like some.good christians even though I don't think the characters were christians.

Anyone else think she's gonna make a trilogy out of this book? She has like, 3 trilogy books, no? I don't think it's out of reach at all, especially considering it'll still be a money making fulfillment self-insert RP fic. She might even justify it by saying that she's helping AITAF and stuff.

Anyway, random filler pic

No. 141518

File: 1620830388275.png (128.01 KB, 1842x682, Screenshot (308).png)

Today in /ot/: we're obsessed about Belle Delphine (to paraphrase Samantha, I Do Not Know Who Belle Delphine Is), hating on the smallest flaws in women and Adam Driver is 'crusty' despite being more fit than many women. LMFAO
I'm on my way to be banned, it was nice knowing you girls.
The racist Kellogg Jan was my fave, but I did not want to post it cause someone could misunderstand it as racebaiting or something. Lol

No. 141523

File: 1620832413864.png (617.37 KB, 720x1280, 1620831474646.png)

Guess I will be banned too. It's a bit tiring, but I guess we just have to ignore it. We are scapegoats for some reason lol we've been pitbull spergs, scrotes, goreposters, now we're Belle Delphine stans (or whatever the fuck).
Nobody is stopping you from creating your containment thread (unless kpop related), so just do it and stop accusing everything on us just cause you don't like the man's face.

By the way, someone posted this is the hate thread kek time to download lineplay again jk… Unless?

No. 141533

I don’t look at /ot and feel unbothered. The farms are a small group obsessing over internet culture, let them sperg since this is the only place they can say this weird stuff. The average normie doesn’t give a shit about any of this and just knows Adam from Star Wars and John Oliver jokes. Hoes mad

No. 141558

File: 1620843432047.jpg (163.79 KB, 803x667, Don't Ask, Don't Tell.JPG)

No. 141575

File: 1620858826662.jpg (203.85 KB, 720x698, IMG_20210512_184243.jpg)

I go to the Daiver thread at r/adamdriverfans for my biweekly dose of Adam related keks and this time some believed that Daisy and Adam made paper planes with notes on the like teenagers. How quaint.
At least I've seen more people realizing the delusion, one person even commented "His family pictures in Rome made me realize.. What if we were overthinking this?"
Oh, you don't say.
Some still defend it, I think they'll die thinking Daisy and Adam are painfully in love.
Last cope I read was that the pandemic delayed his divorce. Funny, for a man in the brink of divorce to pay for his family to be with him at another continent

No. 141579

Losing it at the
>please stop telling people we are friends

I dunno I think he really loves his wife and kid and does his best to keep things as private as humanly possible.

No. 141580

What the fuck is this? Is it a fan art someone made? I cannot believe it's a real note

No. 141581

File: 1620862067831.jpeg (23.06 KB, 647x474, images (1).jpeg)

Oh, this absolutely fanart. Someone even pointed out how the writing is intact even though the paper is creasing. This is Adam's handwriting, you can see it's slightly different. I know that handwriting can look different depending on the day or how much effort you're putting into it, but to me personally it just looks like someone trying to copy his and her handwriting.

It baffles me that there are still people out there making shit up like that to "prove" that they had a relationship beyond coworking.

No. 141583

File: 1620862377998.gif (2.21 MB, 540x272, c7cb40cd8a51aa741ed07afceb6bf9…)

Also, samefagging just to say - even if this is 100% legit, it really proves nothing , affair-wise. I would probably just look at it and think they were trying to be funny and lighten up the mood on set.
Aside from Reylo, is there any other reason to why people latch onto Daisy/Daiver?

No. 141594

>Aside from Reylo, is there any other reason to why people latch onto Daisy/Daiver?

It kind of reminds me of some of the obsessive Harry/Louis 1D shippers from the Tumblr days (or other teen celeb couples). If the celeb you have a crush on will never be with you, the next best thing is for them to be with someone you like and approve of. I feel like it gives them an accessible romance they can live through vicariously and control.
But no one really knows much about Adam's wife (aside from what they choose to let the public know), so it's like being shut out and the fans can't partake in it. Especially because they don't have social media.

Or it's just collective mental illness. I've never understood people who take stuff that far.

No. 141599

File: 1620879970602.jpg (693.63 KB, 1342x1080, Ot.jpg)

I'm late , but is obvious you fall another /ot/ shitty bait.
Goodluck in the ban nonnies ,hope the mods give a short one
>The farms are a small group obsessing over internet culture,
This. I glad Driverfags accepted in
This site , because it makes the site has less femcel atmosphere (No offensive) imo.

Also the line play event, the face looks ugly lol, Adam sweetie ,I'm sorry.

Pic related Wish mods put this picture for the ban of driversperging kek

No. 141601

File: 1620881917381.gif (2.99 MB, 540x300, 11a0cfbefb71e370bf25c8037c4bf1…)

Kek I am the Simpsons meme one and it was actually one of the shortest bans I've ever experienced. Like, maybe less than an hour.
I knew I was gonna be banned but hey, hopefully the message of letting us autism in peace got across

>I glad Driverfags accepted in This site , because it makes the site has less femcel atmosphere

I mean, yeah, you gotta be a gigastacy to appreciate Adam Driver. I know I am.
Pic very much related

No. 141602

File: 1620882722065.jpeg (153.32 KB, 631x842, D2nG07QU4AA1k9b.jpeg)

To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Adam Driver. The beauty is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of peak male performance most of the sexy big nosed appeal will go over a typical farmer's head. There's also Adam's nihilistic outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterisation - his personal philosophy draws heavily from Narodnaya Volya literature, for instance. The driverfags understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of the meaty tiddies, to realize that they're not just beautiful- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike Adam Driver truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn't appreciate, for instance, the beauty in Adam's existencial catchphrase "Did I answer your question?" which itself is a cryptic reference to Turgenev's Russian epic Fathers and Sons I'm smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Adam Driver's genius unfolds itself on their television screens. What fools… how I pity them. And yes by the way, I DO have a Adam Driver tattoo. And no, you cannot see it. It's for the driverfag's eyes only- And even they have to demonstrate that they're within 5 IQ points of my own (preferably lower) beforehand.

No. 141604

File: 1620883157856.gif (2.21 MB, 540x432, 21516eb236727e4ef860ada3d8c29b…)

Anon I'm DEAD

No. 141681

File: 1620935744211.gif (2.79 MB, 268x384, fad67b9cebff0351d09d7c5ec89e0e…)

Rare redheaded Driver

No. 141683

File: 1620936228011.gif (549.91 KB, 190x271, download.gif)

We can always count on SNL to give him different hairstyles and colors

No. 141685

I'm unsettled, all I see is a kylux lovechild.
BTW is it worth watching SNL sketches (?) just for Adam Driver?

No. 141701

File: 1620950214997.jpg (108.8 KB, 736x1308, 80135616b0b5d5fdb1d6af7eb5a620…)

It's very hit or miss, but they are usually very short, so why not.

No. 141710

To be honest, I think the Kylo sketches are the best (not because of the character, but I guess the movies are easy to parody vs having to write a random skit). He also looked oddly hot in the coffee shop skit with the little ponytail

No. 141717

Is he actually a redhead here or is it just the lighting?

No. 141723

I think it's a redhead wig, yeah

No. 141785

File: 1621017311495.jpg (27.38 KB, 622x415, FB_IMG_1621015172264.jpg)

>kylux lovechild
I see it

No. 141851

No. 141900

File: 1621085420325.jpg (Spoiler Image,64.89 KB, 858x724, 186242365_135438781955007_3397…)

I'm glad I saw this shot from Annette now so that I can prepare myself mentally. Not something I would ever want to see tbh (don't worry, I'm overreacting at a sight of an umbilical cord)

No. 141920

File: 1621103591134.gif (1.86 MB, 268x345, c008f1b058ba8ad0e8b417bcd23191…)

At least they didn't make it super realistic, blue and veiny. Just thinking about it makes me kinda queasy cause I am a big baby myself kek tokophobia

Random gif

No. 141955

File: 1621129413928.jpg (120.89 KB, 1080x1080, 122993962_371375710676211_7502…)

Found randomly on Instagram

No. 141956

KEK amazing

No. 142062

File: 1621188743790.jpg (37.91 KB, 720x900, FB_IMG_1621187505738.jpg)

I see this as another sign from the universe
I wonder how common is the priest fetish

No. 142216

File: 1621257546630.webm (2.02 MB, 640x800, 186572857_542516723405864_7497…)

I wish this video was longer because I really like when he does this

No. 142224

File: 1621260165571.jpeg (79.96 KB, 472x680, 01172355-67EF-4D9D-A58E-47A68F…)

hay sexy baby gurlz

No. 142252

I want the forbidden man to fuck me good until we both cum, his grunts must be so delicious, manly and adorable, plus he has such good touchy grabby hands. Ugh and his hair falling on my face… not to say I love some good musky balls

No. 142254

Ugh please fuck me good please please please ughnnnnnnnnn he looks so good and ready for a good ride

No. 142255

No. 142282

File: 1621277724568.webm (Spoiler Image,4.23 MB, 1280x720, 1610938257994.webm)

>his grunts must be so delicious, manly and adorable
Probably something like vidrel (very NSFW)

No. 142327

File: 1621288117255.jpg (25.71 KB, 720x900, FB_IMG_1621214610922.jpg)

He looked so good on this trip

No. 142328

File: 1621288220431.jpg (51.29 KB, 720x720, FB_IMG_1617473441602.jpg)

No. 142329

File: 1621288455330.jpg (24.52 KB, 540x540, FB_IMG_1621288472185.jpg)

No. 142330

File: 1621288756148.jpg (88.64 KB, 576x768, 7ff41dfde4486a2142a26a14893e49…)

No. 142341

yes please baby grab me with those big manly arms grab my neck and then enter me please

No. 142342

ugh I need those fingers IN MY VAGINA

No. 142368

File: 1621309354072.jpg (35.15 KB, 720x897, FB_IMG_1620783416095.jpg)

Congrats on making it to the pasta thread more than once nonnie, you're an inspiration

No. 142422

File: 1621348521921.jpeg (570 KB, 750x916, A9B05C12-E434-4BA6-88AC-939B64…)

Anyone else get thirsty for smoking pics? On a surface level I know it’s bad for his health, but on a base level it’s hot. Maybe it’s his big fingers holding the tiny cigarette or just an oral fixation.

No. 142425

Smoking is hot AF even though it's also horrible. Not to mention it makes people smell like shit. It's still nice to look at smoking hotties though…

No. 142435

File: 1621353130358.jpg (307.84 KB, 724x720, PicsArt_05-18-02.48.08.jpg)

Yes! I also agree, it smells terrible (unless it's like vanilla or cherry cigarettes), ages you faster and gives you cancer, but I'll be damned if I don't think it looks hot.
I think it's because it draws attention to the mouth and to the hands. I don't know. Like, I think it's nice when he puts his hands near his mouth like this >>139947 or this >>142368

No. 142439

No. 142567

File: 1621369103183.jpg (184.64 KB, 1080x1484, tumblr_p5poefQ4UZ1wlk8j3o1_128…)

Manifesting meeting Adam randomly like this lel

No. 142636

This makes me so wet. This makes the entrance of my vagina tremble with anticipation. I can only imagine how delicious it must feel to cum together and then having him pull out a cigarette, blissful post orgasm face. Bless

No. 142646

File: 1621380322630.gif (1.44 MB, 268x350, 637c54b413416ac3210a47e90025f4…)

Welcome back, nonna!
I don't know if you're a troll or not, but I fucking love the shit you write. Please never change
Plot twist, it is Sariah thirsting anonymously

No. 142650

File: 1621381873639.jpeg (606.27 KB, 750x915, 4BC005A3-1796-4F93-9CA7-87E557…)

Girl, he’s really got you by the throat

This is old, but I love the coat. Guys in my area dress like shit so even a slightly stylish outfit gets me

No. 142651

Thanks! All I feel is genuine
This coat makes him look like a snack, I wonder how it smells like. Maybe pine wood, musk, inscence and other delicious manly scents. He must feel very warm, it makes my heart flutter and my face feel red. If he could only grab my butt and give it a hard spank… then I would go down him and immediately put his large cock on my mouth. I love Adam Driver

No. 142652

Oh my FUCKING god. This picture is everything, I just want to go there and kiss his neck, he looks so sweaty and beautiful, I have no words to describe what I'm feeling right now, only that my tiddies feel ready for him to touch as I continue making out with him… god blessed this man, he's the only man I have ever found truly attractive… other men suck, how can they compare?
God yes that long neck and the way he kisses her, I would always be ready for him to fuck me if he did that to me

No. 142653

Please I just want Adam Driver to fuck me good, the way I deserve

No. 142662

I want him as a main character in a Wes Anderson film. Probably doing dumb shit like being an artist with mommy issues and a history of 26 previous lovers with an iconic mustard turtleneck

No. 142677

File: 1621395175322.jpg (96.94 KB, 736x1104, ad26e976b454a75719c541d58ab6cc…)

Is this the same coat as picrel?
Which reminds me, I like to play this silly game with myself where I give myself imaginary points when I recognize one piece of his wardrobe that he has used in another movie before.
There's this flannel (not the classic black and red one) that I could spot in Marriage Story, While We're Young and BlackkKlansman. I think he said in an interview once that he does use his own clothes a lot for movies because it's hard finding shit that fits him kek

Holy shit, this would be so good. Please Universe, I beg you
And Wes has worked with Brody more than once, so he could bring him too and it would be perfection

Kek manifesting this for you and me, nonette in our dreams, cause I don't wanna cheat and don't want a father to cheat either

No. 142678

>He must feel very warm, it makes my heart flutter and my face feel red
Samefagging because this comment reminded of this cute interaction between him and Joana Ribeiro

No. 142693

AAAAAAAAAA END ME I literally screamed how can someone be this hot????

No. 142694

Oh my fucking god, he's so fucking hot, help

No. 142696

File: 1621404926047.webm (15.12 MB, 1920x1080, yt1s.com-Adam-Driver-as-ADAM-G…)

Hornonny, I am dedicating this video to you
It's mostly played for laughs, but there are some enjoyable elements to it kek (no nudity but kinda NSFW)

No. 142762


No. 142833

File: 1621452247802.webm (10.14 MB, 480x852, 9isDX5NdS_sOa8lw.webm)

I reckon this is you, nonita

No. 142905

File: 1621475911399.gif (2.79 MB, 540x251, 67968bd9e12a1daf274fd194eaf04b…)

Stephen Oyoung about working/training Adam Driver for Looper

What's it like holding a lightsaber?

After a while it just becomes kind of second nature. It becomes almost like a tennis racket, let's be honest. [Laughs] But yes, the funny thing is even now, no matter how many times you do a lightsaber fight, no matter how many times you rehearse, you always do the sounds subconsciously with your mouth. You always start with [mouthing lighstsaber noises].

I may have mentioned this as well. I trained Adam Driver a little bit for his role in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," the first movie. That was incredible, but we did the same thing, man. He straight up, the first day we were rocking with the lightsabers and he would just be [mouthing lighstsaber noises]. Me, too. And I had to remind him, "Hey man, we've got to stop. Because when they film, you're going to start doing that. And then they're going to catch you. And it's going to be strange. You don't want to get into the habit." [Laughs] So that's another pro tip: Don't make the lightsaber noises when you're doing lightsaber fights.

Tell me about Adam Driver. I'm fascinated by this man.

I am too, man! Again, only good stories about Adam. And I'm not just saying that to be politically correct. It's actually very reassuring when you can work with an A-lister who's actually nice, professional and just cool, somebody you'd want to get a beer with or something. But you know he's a Marine and we talked about that.

He's just like a normal dude. Sometimes I'm like, how did this even … Where did you come from? But he's just a normal dude. He was a Marine. And then he went to Julliard. He got a scholarship. And I think from there, he took the acting world by storm on the East coast. But he's always remained humble and hardworking, which is something that, again, another pro tip, if you're trying to get in this business, no matter how big you get, got to stay humble, got to stay hardworking, because people will talk trash about you! Look, I could have talked so much trash, but I didn't! I only said good things. See? You want people to say good things about you, then you'll work more.

I thought it was cute that he was doing the woooun sounds kek Ewan McGregor did it as well

No. 143410

File: 1621572495956.gif (1.13 MB, 387x387, ezgif-7-17ba84f6853e.gif)

Apparently he's going to Cannes for Annette
Can't wait for the pictures

No. 143525

File: 1621614244169.jpg (139.32 KB, 1029x1022, tumblr_7914d431a2630897c764fe2…)

Cannes pictures always hit different, I'm excited. I've also heard the movie will be on Amazon in August, so that's nice

No. 143532

Omg that means that I will be able to torrent it! Very excited. I would totally go see Annette in cinema though. Sorry, paying for Amazon anything is not viable in my case.

No. 143553

File: 1621620663278.jpg (48.57 KB, 646x427, IMG_20210521_145239.jpg)

I actually pay for Amazon but they don't always put their movies in my country's catalogue, and if they do, it's full of delays. I'll probably torrent Annette, The Last Duel and House of Gucci kek I wish I could watch any of them on theaters but alas

They do! Reminds me when people were saying that Olga was all over Adam during Cannes 2018 and that Olga might have had a crush on him (or more extremely, that they slept together but meh) for such an "ugly" man it seems like everyone has a crush on him
Irrelevant, but I think they would make a cute couple.

I guess these are from the same day? Considering the hair and such.

No. 143608

>for such an "ugly" man it seems like everyone has a crush on him
that's cause women into men are brainwashed by patriarchy /s

No. 143625

File: 1621648320483.webm (1.46 MB, 399x480, Found-on-tiktok_-not-sure-if-i…)

Adam being silly

No. 144476

File: 1621744528379.jpg (43.76 KB, 500x625, FB_IMG_1621618585479.jpg)

No. 144492

Ughhh baby you're just ready for a blowjob, I know I wish I was there to give it to you

No. 144624

File: 1621799194532.jpg (5.73 MB, 5636x4117, pixlr_20210523164438175.jpg)

Get that throat ready, nonnie

No. 144635

Wow garters, is this from a movie?

No. 144644

File: 1621802246646.jpg (197.81 KB, 750x1126, adam-driver-bw_08-01.jpg)

No, it was for a shoot and interview for Flaunt Magazine.

Driver has a physical presence like some bird of prey. His arms are long. His fingers are long. Even sitting down he exudes largeness, largeness folded into itself. His hands are massive. I keep my hands hidden beneath the table because I am scared that I will reach out and caress Driver’s fingers, unknowingly, nodding along to his answers.

And this was by a moid, I am guessing he is gay? I guess people are generally shocked by his size.

No. 144653

Help, that look is making this random farmer feel attracted to him to.

No. 144667

File: 1621813345698.jpg (166.88 KB, 736x1104, 53c23e8ad205528f71fe8b45a0564b…)

If it's just for the garters, I'm sorry to inform you those are literally the only two pictures he's wearing them.
But the whole shoot is cute, if you wanna stay around, we have nice tiddies and arm pics

No. 144671

File: 1621815402292.webm (16.56 MB, 1280x720, Breitling-Super-Chronomat-Anth…)

I really like his looks for the Breitling ads.

No. 144673

I want to kiss him. I want to make out with him. I want him to touch my tiddies. I want to feel all his hair on me as he keeps licking them. I'll touch his dick as I touch my pussy. I love everything about him. Perfect man that God made in this crazy weird Earth full of sinners, but Adam Driver is the hottest of them all

No. 144676

How can someone be so spicy and beautiful, how can someone look so fuckable, how can someone be this great and delicious looking, why is he the most kissable dude in this planet earth? I love him

No. 144677

My god I want to hug him, mess with his hair, cuddle on his ample chest, and rub his dick and balls as I kiss him and he moans yes yes yes more please, can you imagine his leaking cock how beautiful and shiny it must be??

No. 144678

Charlize looks really good here too

No. 144679

I want to lick Adam Driver's leaking precum shiny humongous cock and moan his name ADAM DRIVERRRR

No. 144683

File: 1621817910691.webm (16.74 MB, 1280x720, Breitling-Cinema-Squad-Behind-…)

Yes, absolutely! I love both of her looks. Actually, everyone is looking really good there, Brad Pitt aged very gracefully.

lmao this kinda reads like a mix of fanfic and manifestation journal. You can do it nonnie, believe in yourself and you'll kiss Adam Driver
I also think the idea of screaming someone's full name during sex is super funny kek reminds me of Jim Jarmusch's Coffee and Cigarettes where RZA and GZA kept calling Bill Murray by his full name at all times. sorry for being beyond OT lol

No. 144905

File: 1621897142467.gif (10.23 MB, 520x293, 8002b84cf93047b2a2d85fecc7a86e…)

Us in here ITT
I am the one in the white shirt and red shorts

No. 144989

File: 1621931644774.jpg (55.7 KB, 1080x522, 1.jpg)


No. 145032

I am the one in the white dress kek

No. 145071

look at those tits of his, thank you God for letting him have them for the world to see them and enjoy them i want to be the one that catches him.

No. 145142

File: 1621968676365.gif (12.73 MB, 520x293, 5dad5555fa23457aa20c6cefd4266b…)

Kek imagine if this was real

His legs also look amazing in that video. Hannah was weak af, I'd be so pumped to run with him

No. 145171

Just like Ellen Page once said in the movie Juno, I can only imagine how his dick and balls slap as he runs. I want those same dick and balls slapping my face as I suck and kiss his round testicles, mwah mwah

No. 145185

File: 1621980119506.gif (1.6 MB, 239x260, ezgif-1-0d843c00e9d7.gif)

I guess it really depends on how tight his underwear is lol
On this scene there is definitely some slapping action happening

No. 145186

File: 1621980177629.gif (1.57 MB, 268x270, tumblr_81873b8d687d8d96f6f7549…)

Another Adam running gif for your consideration

No. 145192

Hggggnnnn yes yes yes please put it in my mouth yes I want to succ the driver dong pleaseeee

No. 145193

File: 1621982286681.png (97.17 KB, 206x204, BEEG.png)

look at the size of that dong, I bet he's loooooong when fully erect

No. 145195

File: 1621982483091.jpeg (46.03 KB, 303x466, 8623CFE4-11FF-4453-8091-A0A854…)

I know what I want for Christmas.

No. 145211

File: 1621984428627.gif (Spoiler Image,14.11 MB, 524x253, ezgif-3-40b20d513a9a.gif)

KEK the pics
I don't think it's fair to judge a man when he's soft, but if he's a grower his wife is very lucky

No. 145213

File: 1621984477231.gif (540.31 KB, 268x498, bbb18290ee7d9874ff545125743f58…)

For you, anon

No. 145214

oh my god no way, I'm dyingggg AAAAAAAAAAA
yes yes yes yes I want to suck his cockkkkk AAAAAAAAAAAAAA I'm having a heart attack

No. 145227

Scrolling past this thread always gives me a hearty kek, please don't die and never change you maniac

No. 145230

File: 1621996925200.gif (2.07 MB, 512x288, unnamed.gif)

I love that anon, she's being her best horny self something I'm too embarrassed to be
Sometimes when I post shirtless Adam, I'm internally hoping she'll come and give her insight on it.

No. 145254

File: 1622011345614.jpeg (666.27 KB, 1125x1096, 03B21779-52D5-4905-8E19-887CB6…)

Not into him but liked this fanart enough to share it with you who are. anyone know who made it? (sorry) (I'll keep searching)

No. 145255

File: 1622011755455.jpg (245.73 KB, 1910x1080, 282828828282828282829292929.jp…)

I do miss the driverfags a lot
Sure nonnie

No. 145257

I wanna see if they drew other fictional characters b-baka

No. 145270

File: 1622015714613.jpg (126.81 KB, 1200x675, Jpdrinkad.jpg)

I missread lol
The artist is lunchisover on tumblr
https://luncheoff.tumblr.com/ or
@dallasbling on twitter

No. 145323

File: 1622037993289.jpeg (304.05 KB, 750x734, 2C71F6CA-FE78-4CA3-98AF-9D01EF…)

Is size difference a turn on for anyone else? I just want to feel delicate next to a man. All of the interviews about costars commenting on how large he is gets me. And the interviewer who asked to see his hands. Maybe it’s because all the guys I know are manlets or big in the fat sense

I need to go for a run.

No. 145335

SAME. It's a huge motivation for me to lose weight. I'm of average height in my country (so tall according to amerifags, lol), but my bf is even taller than AD, so there is some potential there.
>I need to go for a run.
Like, to release sexual energy or to get fit? Enjoy either way!

No. 145357

File: 1622049146268.jpg (50.29 KB, 409x600, 30c3c7e8bb2186c1b6c59f9795b96b…)

His legs are so long here, oomf

I do have it too, but I think my main focus personally is that I like to be lifted, carried and tossed around. I'm also on the taller side, both for my country and in the US, so I'd have to be really thin and/or the guy has to be really big. I am around the same height as Olga, and here she's wearing heels and he still towers over her nice
I also think it's nice how he is really tall but he's not lanky, he has great proportions, while still having long legs.

No. 145412

File: 1622078805385.jpg (30.99 KB, 332x580, 48b261ca2aefe36f53eeb21c8cbb17…)


No. 145440

File: 1622102868479.webm (2.25 MB, 640x640, 192828770_335961194556215_8508…)

Oh, to be Keri Russell

No. 145497

File: 1622136502613.jpeg (335.86 KB, 1864x2048, 5A27FDFF-021B-48B5-B49E-393749…)

I wish that wine decanter was my throat

No. 145510

Kiss me and smear your nose grease on me please

No. 145518

File: 1622145407039.jpg (73.91 KB, 720x720, FB_IMG_1622043691878.jpg)

lmao nonnie just use some blotting paper for a better experience

No. 145558

Wow thank you resourceful driverfag anon!

who is she? she's cute

No. 145565

File: 1622162658362.jpg (110.34 KB, 600x900, a50269af406c79e64637c11b232285…)

It's an italian actress called Alba Rohrwacher. She plays one of the main characters in the movie Hungry Hearts. The full movie is on YouTube

No. 145580

File: 1622170859336.jpeg (402.63 KB, 750x725, 1952B291-F6AD-4134-B772-DCB32D…)

A song from Annette called ‘So May We Start’ with Adam singing was just released

No. 145590

File: 1622175176812.jpg (95.21 KB, 550x254, zz560b2e36.jpg)

TIL that Noah Baumbach is actually a big friend of Wes Anderson and they wrote Life aquatic with Steve Zissou and Fantastic Mr Fox together. I feel like a dumbass for just learning this, but hey, now this >>142662 is just a matter of time. I can't wait

Thanks, anon! It's already on YouTube too

No. 145591

Samefag, the link is here

No. 145760

File: 1622224788043.jpeg (196.58 KB, 750x739, 4138114D-0231-4F6A-B843-4024CB…)

I’m hyped

No. 145818

File: 1622241725383.gif (3.13 MB, 268x400, 5ce7ec85bf2794431b49f29813ce70…)

Same, I'm super hyped! Apparently the full album will be available when the movie hits Cannes. I'll be super tempted to listen to it, but I don't wanna spoil the movie plot.
Hype aside, I think White Noise is still my most anticipated one.


No. 145889

File: 1622274257183.gif (1.25 MB, 268x388, 16669ce7a801b7613042429ea2a1dc…)

>tfwywn have Adam Driver hold you from behind and have his mouth so close to your ear you can actually feel his breathing tingling it
why live

No. 146138

Look, I need to forget my ex. I made myself a promise: everytime I masturbate I will be doing it while thinking of Adam Driver. I want to cum to dirty thoughts of Adam Driver. I want to think of his delicious dick entering me while penetrating myself in the shower. I want to whimper and think "Adam Driver!!! Adam Driver yessss!!!".

No. 146139

fuck yes exactly what I need, I feel so tingly now, hgggnn I feel tingles on my ear and my pussy entrance

No. 146180

File: 1622415026800.gif (2.95 MB, 540x350, tumblr_pssx7lSom91weksw2o3_540…)

Godspeed on your hornescaped, nonnette.
I'd help you more but my phone went kapoot and I lost my whole Driver gallery for now
You should watch HBO Girls if you haven't yet, lots of sex scenes with him. That and shirtless and/or touchy-feely scenes.

No. 146193

File: 1622417306463.gif (2.97 MB, 540x304, tumblr_pqybjb1MSE1weksw2o4_540…)

No. 146376

File: 1622491128735.jpg (55.02 KB, 640x845, cf0f52d6496dd145ec19d0093acc82…)

Saged because irrelevant but I finally had a dream with this man that we actually interact and it was cute

He was a professor at my old uni (it makes sense cause it's an Arts and Performances one, but even in the dream I was confused to why he was teaching it outside of the US) and I met him there. Noah Baumbach was also there, for some reason. Noah was actually reviewing my sketchbook when Adam arrived. Sidenote: Not only was I a much better artist than what I'll ever be IRL, it had an embarrassing amount of Kylo Ren fanarts there and I was dreading Adam would see them, even though they were like Mandalorian concept art tier lol
Anyway, I don't remember much of our interaction, just that Adam looked at me very friendly all the time and it made me very shy although I was trying to play it cool. He also got super close to me and whispered something in my ear (I think it was a joke about Noah) and I felt small goosebumps.

No. 146516

OMFG that's such a cute dream! I love it. Also, that's an adorable photo of Adam…
I'm gonna finally watch Logan Lucky tonight, hope it's good!

No. 146644

File: 1622667469074.jpg (109 KB, 640x960, f1034e6f22189bb51bb7f953dc3318…)

Thanks, nonnie!

Did you like the movie? It was a fun, light watch for me. Also, to this day my mom will call AD (she doesn't know his name) as "that boy with no arm" cause it was the first movie she ever saw with him kek

No. 146670

me escaping from horny jail to comment on how much I want to suck him off yet again

No. 146674

File: 1622693203222.jpg (41.67 KB, 492x427, e005312f6b9b8d1a4967f0e0121fb4…)

they caught us again, nonny
also works for being banned for driversperging

No. 146675

File: 1622693487808.png (352.77 KB, 492x428, pasture.png)

No. 146678

Sage for not really a milk because she just talking about how she meet Ad and reylo for 99th time.

No. 146756

File: 1622744736869.jpg (333.62 KB, 575x1082, 1617754828212.jpg)

Kek i made this meme last thread but it's so fitting here

Kylo Ren in the thumbnail as well, ofc

No. 146987

is this thread dead? did we all move on from the driver seat onto the back?

No. 146998

File: 1622886746912.jpeg (48.01 KB, 500x489, Ed-KaAXXkAUx8wR.jpeg)

Here you go

No. 146999

Really hope it's not! To be fair, I haven't been posting much recently, and I used to be one of the people constantly bumping this thread. I'm definitely NOT off the driverfag train, but waiting for new movies to get releases (along with promo interviews, hopefully) so I have something new to sperg about. I can't wait for Anette!!! I haven't listened to the released song to not spoil the movie for myself.
It doesn't help that my mind has entered a grey rock phase and I'm incapable of being excited or interested in anything atm. I want to finish watching Girls, but I also don't want to force myself when I'm not in the mood
Based memes, thank you for them!
>Did you like the movie? It was a fun, light watch for me
I did! I found it really fun and I liked Adam's character in it. The arm was really unexpected and I found the moment when it gets sucked in fucking hilarious. The fact that Clay was in military (and that's how he lost it) was interesting, considering Adam's past. I didn't really get the heist success explanation and first, but then it clicked. I'm kinda bad with heist movies in general, but this one was super enjoyable. Thanks Adam for my fun.
Now the only movie with prominent Adam role that I yet have to see is This is Where I Leave You. I'm gonna watch it in the next few days ♥ BTW, weird question, but is there a website that shows you how many minutes an actor stars in every movie they've been in? This would be really helpful for spergs like me to decide which Adam cameo I should see next, kek.

No. 147006

File: 1622902214804.jpeg (256.72 KB, 750x821, EBADB827-AADD-4113-81B4-15A913…)

I haven’t been posting much either because I’m waiting for the movie releases and possible press tour. Part of the pain of liking AD is short-lived periods with lots of new content followed by long spaces of nothingness. But I’m still as thirsty as ever

No. 147073

I'm watching a star wars movie just for adam driver right now even though he has his mask on, wish me luck I actually have never watched a star wars movie before (I feel like my virginity is being taken right now but I would do anything for adam driver)

No. 147079

File: 1622948036207.jpg (824.01 KB, 1039x766, B612_20210605_215030_917.jpg)

oh my god im so horny right now I need to touch my tits

No. 147080

File: 1622948474852.gif (2.95 MB, 540x400, 1eb9a93e20a57796d339a4a56059e6…)

Fret not anonnie, 2 days of inactivity is not enough to kill a thread kek

Like these anons >>146999 >>147006 I am also waiting for the new releases so we can discuss it. I could spam his pics like I've done in the past, but 1. my phone fucking died and I lost all of my collection of Driver pics rip 2. I feel a bit too spergy when I am the only one spamming the thread nonstop kek so I restrain myself


KEK that pic angle
Kylo Ren is hot and probably the best part of these movies alongside with old Luke, as I said in the SW threads hehe
Hope you can at least enjoy that (seems like you already are)

No. 147175

File: 1623007133542.jpg (53.8 KB, 640x375, ft2lpxxjp8371.jpg)

Somehow I missed the part where you were talking about watching WWY and I hope you like it! I honestly really liked, I thought it was going one route and then it went completely different. I also really like Jamie, even though he is an asshole - he's a good character imho. I also love the clothes Adam was using in this movie tight black jeans, yes

I don't know of any site like you described, but tbh I think he's at a point in his career that he will either be the protagonist or a prominent secondary character. I think he'll do cameos in Noah's movies at best if he's currently working on another project that is near (kinda like Meyerowitz Stories that he appears for literally 2 minutes) because he and Noah are super close and he can make the time for him.

>Aesthetic Wes Anderson movie when

>Aesthetic Sofia Coppola movie when

Also I don't know if this is much his style, but I'd like to see him star/co-star in a David Fincher movie or a Tarantino movie (even though he's an asshole, his movies are fun imo)

No. 147179

He looks beautiful and kissable!

No. 147182

File: 1623012698786.jpeg (461.92 KB, 1177x1676, DxX1-ZhV4AARa1Q.jpeg)

Broody dark cowboy Driver when

No. 147253

File: 1623069622589.jpg (828.18 KB, 1920x1920, Parents.jpg)

I want to see Adam play as evil married couple/parents not my idea, someone mention in youtube comment (Something like Lucious and Narcissa Malfoy) and their son need to be Draco malfoy archetype

>Aesthetic Wes Anderson movie when
>Aesthetic Sofia Coppola movie when
I'm begging you ,hollywood please make it happen

No. 147491

File: 1623180698260.gif (1.02 MB, 203x248, ezgif-3-fe5b441cd1fd.gif)

I would love to see this, especially with Charlize. Full disclosure, I know this is completely idiotic, but thanks to stupid rumors and blinds and that Furiosamore fanfic writer on /r/adamdriverfans, I have this weird idea that she has a slight crush/admiration for Adam. I would like to see their chemistry on film. I think older women compliment him well.

What other types of characters would you like to see him play? I think he has a great range.
I guess something that is kind of the opposite of Kylo Ren would be interesting, like a guy that is good or tries his hardest to be good but actually has a lot of evil tendencies, either he recognizes it or not. A slow descent into corruption would be interesting to see.

No. 147594

WTF, he's playing with Connie Britton somewhere? Oh, and it's in This Is Where I Leave You? Jesus, I really need to see this movie… maybe I will finally do it today (yeah, this is same anon that declared wanting to watch it kek). I would like to see him play with an older actress, though IDK how I feel about Connie Britton. I kinda feel weirded out by her for completely subjective reasons. I hope she doesn't have a lot of screentime in that movie. The gif is cute though kek

No. 147595

File: 1623246202865.jpeg (196.36 KB, 750x785, 8B0D762B-D326-4AEE-BE95-5A903F…)

> I would love to see this, especially with Charlize
I’m a little biased from some friends experiences, but Charlize has a bad track record with anger and film crews. I kind of get it because her childhood seems like it was really hard and the whole industry in general is stressful, but I don’t know how well that would go down or if they would clash. Maybe if the movie was similar to Patterson and more relaxed. I guess it’s impossible to know how costars will get along until they’re actually on set

>What other types of characters would you like to see him play?

I like seeing his range. I don’t know how people will receive Yankee Comandante, but he hasn’t really been in a war movie (that I remember) so that will be interesting. Also doing a musical seems like he’s pushing his own boundaries since he said he’s self conscious of his voice. I think as long as he continues to mix it up and still do art house projects that would be cool. Or maybe try theater again

Also, here’s a gift he gave his Gucci stylist

No. 147650

File: 1623282665650.gif (5.87 MB, 452x800, tumblr_pfydyqbnCS1va2rqq_540.g…)

Yes, she's his girlfriend (and therapist too, iirc). Don't worry, she's not a lot in the movie at all. OT But I don't know anything about her, why are you weirded out?
The movie itself is very lukewarm, imho. It wasn't painful to watch or anything like that, but it wasn't anything special, either. Also, kinda nitpicky, but I don't buy that Adam is Jason Bateman's full brother at all lol Tina Fey and Jason, I can see it. But Adam is just too tall, too broad, too black haired lol they look nothing alike.

oh yeah, I've heard that she's arrogant and kind full of herself. Shame, cause I usually like her performances.
>I guess it’s impossible to know how costars will get along until they’re actually on set
True! I feel like AD generally goes along well with his costars (male or female) because of his military discipline. He always talks like he doesn't feel like anyone is less than anyone else and that they're all part of making something bigger work (making a movie) and that he learned that from the military, so I guess he probably tend to keep to himself even if he doesn't like the person he's working with, same for his own ego. Sometimes I wish I was a temp in the staff just so I could see the interactions from a close afar lol

Also is that a picture of them together framed? Cute! He also gave gifts and wrote a thank you letter to a dude from the 65 crew.

No. 147831

File: 1623391694582.jpg (35.57 KB, 415x559, zziybi3upm371.jpg)


No. 147891

There is nothing objectively wrong with Connie Britton… it's just me being a sperg. I had the bad luck of seeing her first in American Horror Story and it wasn't a good experience (tbh, all characters were awful and either she or the actor playing the douchebag husband were miscast). I've seen her in another movie and my opinion didn't change… She just doesn't gel with me. This is very rude, but I sadly find her unpleasant to look at. The fact that Connie vaguely resembles a bootleg version of a local singer doesn't help. This may be weird of me, but I was happy when I sW people calling her hot, talented, attractive etc. cause she's objectively a good looking woman and at least okay actress. She doesn't deserve my retarded dislike lol

No. 147917

File: 1623456419139.png (973.03 KB, 1024x554, cvgquwjlz9471.png)

New Annette tease frame.
I am so curious for this movie, but I can wait as long as we have a long Cannes Press Conference
I wonder if they're gonna promote it in site.

No. 147925

It definitely looks interesting. Aside from the musical aspect, has anyone noticed that their baby is a doll in all of the shots? I kind of wonder if there's a twist related to that

No. 147939

Several years ago I used to be a fujo drawfag on /y/ and my Kylo Ren porn I drew is printed on someone's wallet. Uncensored and everything.

No. 147976

File: 1623515224328.jpg (104.28 KB, 1000x874, 799329c3e9dfacbb75f9ae7283cb51…)

You can't just drop that information and not share the art, anon

jk… unless?

No. 147979

You think he will do a Fincher movie?
He was a huge fan when he was younger, whole fight club thing and all, but when the Sony mails got leaked there was Fincher's mail saying casting driver in Star wars was
>a big mistake
I just imagine if Adam found out about this (he probably did) how he bad he felt when someone he admired said something like that about him.

No. 147980

I just remembered that someone said he wore dark clothes and black cowboy hat when he was at school

No. 147981

File: 1623518677163.png (Spoiler Image,194.72 KB, 554x469, ok.png)

I have conveniently cropped the image, I feel weird about posting the full thing for some reason.

I had a weird way of stylizing Kylo, or I guess I should say, Adam Driver's facial features. Then again, Adam Driver is a bit of a weird looking man, and that's why he's cute

No. 147985

I love your style, nonnie.

No. 147988

File: 1623521647174.png (170.29 KB, 640x562, 9ammcygh42r51.png)

I saw some discussion about this too! I wonder if it's gonna be something like Pinnochio? The movie seems very trippy. Has anyone watched Holy Motors or something else by Leos Carax?

I had absolutely no idea about this, whaaat

>"Oh no, I like Adam Driver a lot. I was just being flippant. I've since asked Steven Soderbergh to apologize on my behalf, but I don't think he thought it rose to the level of actually being addressed. I think he understood it was a joke. But if Adam Driver takes umbrage with it, I can't apologize enough."

>It's kind of weird that Fincher just wouldn't directly apologize to Adam Driver, but that might just be how the dude who directed Fight Club and Seven does things. Regardless, Driver probably could care less as he's in one of the largest movie franchises in history.

I would be kinda offended, but also a bit smug. I think he'd still work with him and I can imagine Fincher apologising in person as well, but that would probably be a bit awkward.
Still, Adam always talk about how he has these directors that he'd accept the role on spot, like the Coen Brothers or Martin Scorcese, I bet Fincher is one of them considering the whole Fight Club thing, as you mentioned.

WAT I am learning so much today. Imagine if AD is actually picrel.
In all seriousness, I thought Rodrigo Santoro's character in Westworld was super hot too bad the character itself was reduced to a shitty simp and I think Adam could totally pull that off

Thanks for actually sharing nonnie kek

No. 147990

File: 1623522338397.png (604.97 KB, 845x696, myboy.png)

Thank you, here's a SFW drawing as well.

I'm legit glad I actually have a place to share this shit. I don't even draw anymore, I have a completely different hobby now.

No. 147993

File: 1623522996451.jpg (104.46 KB, 661x900, 46f5e65eb349604da2c983df7a5921…)

This is cute! Sad that you don't draw anymore. I am also an artist but the only piece I shared was meido driver on the last thread kek
I love how both of Kylo Ren's outfits and his saber is inspired by knights. Disney did really well in that aspect.

No. 147994

File: 1623523971534.png (252.61 KB, 922x733, stupid cape.png)

My wrists started to get really bad and it became more and more painful to draw as often as I was previously. I still do visual art occasionally, but nowhere nearly as frequently as I used to. I feel like I don't draw nearly as well as I used to! I have so much goddamn Kylo art, it's nuts.

The knight aspect is one of my favourite parts. His outfits are so wonderfully simple and elegant.

No. 148005

Oh my God I can't describe how happy I am that I found this thread, thank you for watering my corpses and clearing my skin with the quality content

No. 148027

File: 1623536723396.gif (1.9 MB, 268x460, c4351425a93b2615b91450ae6616f6…)

watering your… corpses?
Welcome, nonnie!

No. 148038

It never ceases to amaze me how many unique gifs you driverfags throw around.

No. 148116

File: 1623611640418.gif (1.63 MB, 396x252, ezgif-2-9fc9b7d7315d.gif)

Kek I know this is facetious, but thanks; glad to amuse you

No. 148159


No. 148170

File: 1623660129483.jpeg (132.05 KB, 1771x944, DRz4VmXVoAAm2Qe.jpeg)

Permanently horny anon, are you back?

No. 148247

File: 1623718436512.gif (2.44 MB, 500x500, tumblr_afcdf17b693c45f5d545d0d…)

Sometimes I don't know if I should post saucier Kylo fanart here or at the horny husbando shitposting thread

No. 148257

I'm new to this thread but I've been a Kylofag since TFA came out and then I saw pics of Adam Driver in glasses and I guess I will just belong here now.

Also it's cringe but there's a guy on Pornhub who dresses like Kylo and reads fanfic or just does RP fapping. In case you're into that or anything.

No. 148261

File: 1623732338631.gif (1.97 MB, 540x268, d9aa27043426ea7e569d08080000f8…)

Welcome anon!

If you liked Driver with glasses, he wears it throughout the entirety of The Dead Don't Die which I personally hated tbh and I usually like Jim Jarmusch and Midnight Special, which I didn't watch yet but he looks cute af, picrel

No. 148262

File: 1623732521627.gif (4.62 MB, 268x500, tumblr_0f9705283d434051461e3d3…)

Also forgot to say that I know exactly what videos you're talking about csuse I stumbled upon them when looking for 3D/sfm kylo porn kek, but yeah, a no for me
Would watch only if it was Adam himself.

Anyway, welcoming complimentary tiddy gif

No. 148310

File: 1623758560011.jpeg (66.21 KB, 574x680, Egx2NCzX0AA4LWl.jpeg)

Why is there such a lack of Kylo in 3d porn?
Animated Rey fucks every creature that walks and crawls yet Kylo is rare.

No. 148312

This GIF reminds me that some of the sex scenes in girls are almost porn-level, minus explicit genital shots. I remember getting butterflies when he made the girl crawl down the hall (I’ll just ignore the controversy of that scene).

Agreed. A 3D Kylo would honestly be better for me than a guy dressed as him because even my horny brain would reject the wrong face

No. 148313

It's up to you, but… Please post here!!! I don't care for the hornyposting thread since it's 99% boring content and it's on /g/. Our husbando has an entire thread, why post him with characters who cannot be hornyposted about anywhere else? I don't like how driverfag thread is deader because of the hornyposting one.

No. 148318

Not enough females/gays making SFM/blender porn? I also wish there was some of Kylo… I almost want to start learning it myself, so everything wouldn't just be by/for horny men.

No. 148352

I would pay you to dot that if you eventually made quality Kylo Ren/Ben Solo porn for women

No. 148381

File: 1623782836455.webm (3.67 MB, 1856x1080, 1612050012305.webm)

When I looked for it I've found some decent ones (even though they were mostly focused on Rey, they had a good Kylo model), but I lost it all cause phone went boom etcetc
I'd agree with >>148318 , probably not enough women doing SFM/3D, usually I see more drawn fanarts made by women. Which is nice, but sometimes I crave something more 3D and closer to reality

Kek I guess I'll post it here when it's just random fanart, but when posting dumbass fanfic, I'll post it there. I'm not as brave as this nonnie yet

>A 3D Kylo would honestly be better for me than a guy dressed as him because even my horny brain would reject the wrong face
YES, this so much! I guess you could "cheat" by using the helmet, but then the proportions and the voice would still be wrong.
>mfw these guys can't even be 194cm tall with 3 head units of shoulder width, pathetic

>This GIF reminds me that some of the sex scenes in girls are almost porn-level, minus explicit genital shots

Yeah, I'm not even a prude at all yet some scenes there definitely caught me off guard lol so much ass eating
I remember showing it to my moid and he was shocked too because it was very realistically shot, to boot. Like this one >>142282 I love the sounds he makes
I have this video excerpt from last thread since I lost the whole scene, o well

No. 148382

bonus post
I wish lolcow would let me post more than one media per post like 4chan, I'd feel less like a spammer sperg

No. 148388

Kek I guess I'll post it here when it's just random fanart, but when posting dumbass fanfic, I'll post it there. I'm not as brave as this nonnie yet
Guess I will have to check >>148312
that thread every once in a while! Super thankful for you posting quality fanart here though ♥
God, that crawling scene is the best, I want more content like that. I know it's not based pinkpilled uwu of me whatsoever, but I have a huge interest in certain aspects of BDSM and it's not femdom at all and this part kind of scratched that itch.

No. 148408

File: 1623791086343.jpeg (60.95 KB, 607x680, DSEVsT2UEAAeycU.jpeg)

No problem! Japanese and korean fanartists are my favorite.

>God, that crawling scene is the best, I want more content like that.

ikr? I'd say I'm vanilla as fuck but I love a good manhandling kek

No. 148426

If anyone ever learns how to use SFM to make the Kylo Ren porn, use the Battlefront II model because it's pretty damn good

No. 148436

The lips move so weirdly, but the model is good. I think something about the nose looks a bit different, but hopefully it wouldn't be noticable…
Is there a point in playing Battlefront II for Kylo? Or any other games?

No. 148440

File: 1623814592085.gif (8.62 MB, 540x445, tumblr_0a379096b3f20e63acd0f48…)

The lip animation is more on the animator. Or the rigger, but tbh I really don't know if you can rig it yourself, I've never messed with SFM.

As for Battlefront II… Well, solely for Kylo Ren, no. IIRC he's not even playable from the start? Also AD didn't dub him (the only game he dubbed some lines for was the Lego TFA one lol)
But if you enjoy games like TF2 or Overwatch (with less variety in champion playability), then sure. And if you like SW, of course.
The backgrounds are super cool and the models were revamped a while a go, I think they are super pretty. It was free for a while (not sure if it still is) so the userbase was actually pretty big, so the waiting time was not long (like TF2, RIP)
I don't think there are any other games featuring Kylo, afaik. Most of the SW games are spin-offs and/or non canonical anyway, and I believe most happen during the OT time period… Considering how the male gamer fanbase of SW didn't like the sequel trilogy at all, I highly doubt there are going to be games that are on that timeline on the near future. There are talks for a Battlefront 3 and a SW open world game, but the first one has no story to it and the second one I think it's gonna be a spin-off RPG as well.

Here's a Ben Solo skin mod for BF2.

No. 148459

Can't I kiss you? Can't I grab your chest? Can't I run my hands through that wet hair? He looks so nice. I bet he smells like a good soap. Bless him

No. 148460

fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me yes yes yes yes yes

No. 148483

We all should learn how to make them and use his lines from girls for it. Will Lena sue us for doing it?

No. 148532

File: 1623848476758.jpeg (119.07 KB, 400x633, 0E3E028E-4559-4447-9768-D5B82B…)

She would probably thank us

No. 148536

Wow, that model is so good-looking! I still think there is SOMETHING tiny bit off about the honker, but maybe it's just my Adam-vision getting in the way, kek.
>The lip animation is more on the animator.
You are right. I realized after I posted that it's a fan made thing and not actual game content (I was phoneposting, so I just clicked around to see Kylo and didn't watch the video, kek), which is why the lip synchro seems off.
>As for Battlefront II… Well, solely for Kylo Ren, no. IIRC he's not even playable from the start? Also AD didn't dub him (the only game he dubbed some lines for was the Lego TFA one lol)
But if you enjoy games like TF2 or Overwatch (with less variety in champion playability), then sure. And if you like SW, of course.
Super sad. I guess I will have to enjoy whatever content with the model is available on the net. Sadly, I have zero interest in shooters, especially online ones… Even the Lego game would be more fun to me, though. The new Skywalker Saga one will probably have some funnies with Kylo (though without Adam's voice). There's Kylo in that the Sims 4 SW add-on, right? Also was tempted to play it since it seems fun, but I haven't really played the Sims in ages. Would be a rough come back after TS2.
I wish there was an action adventure/RPG game in which you can play as Kylo (even if you're just using a skin on a different character). I guess I should look into Kylo mods for different games.

No. 148547

File: 1623856643069.gif (Spoiler Image,2.36 MB, 540x275, tumblr_osj78bSo281vlci76o2_540…)

>She would probably thank us
Kek absolutely
Lena is a nasty, ugly bitch, but she's the OG driverfag, if anything. If she didn't have a crush on him, at least she was very fond of his body. All of his sex scenes (and even shirtless scenes) were not accidental kek

Spoiler for naked Adam and Lena + her weird scowl

I guess you could try looking for mods, indeed! You can play as Kylo in the Lego games after finishing it and unlocking it, but yeah lol Let's see how the Skywalker Saga one will pan out I am excited because I am an SWFag lol
For a serious game featuring Kylo Ren… highly unlikely. I can't think of the top of my head any non-lego games (or shitty movie tie-in games) that you actually played as one of the main characters, you're usually just a rando made-up for the game. TBH I would find cool enough if you were to be a random character but interacted with Kylo and Hux at the Starkiller base and whatnot. But the chances are really small…

No. 148549

File: 1623857192428.gif (2.11 MB, 459x247, ezgif-2-c2174836695c.gif)

samefagging to say, I also think that cutesy romantic scenes like these were kinda telling. Of course they were also professionals, but I really can't get over the fact that she started writing Sackler to be more like Driver.

No. 148605

File: 1623901977403.gif (914.11 KB, 486x274, ezgif-2-c1b677c6c8cb.gif)

horny again

No. 148655

God each time I scroll past I think I'm seeing a porn gif.
Can he even lick pussy with that big nose in the way?

No. 148679

I've been memed into finding this doofy ass man somewhat attractive. I hate you all.

No. 148731

File: 1623956308690.gif (981.6 KB, 169x274, ezgif-2-b6be63ec38eb.gif)

Anon, are you not acquainted with the lyrical genius of Wet Ass P-Word?
The big nose make it better because you can also feel a harder part as he eat you out
Swipe your nose like a credit card

Embrace it

No. 148837

File: 1623989043434.webm (Spoiler Image,5.61 MB, 1280x720, InShot_20210618_005333272.webm)

I still don't understand why they removed the jizz shots from this Girls episode
It's not as if they didn't show it for any other scene
HBO, I need answer, why is big nosed sexy man semen forbidden

No. 148933

I usually consider a 2 minutes long yt video to be an unrealistically demanding, and yet I spent almost an hour watching this. Never in my life have I heard scrotes talk so much about fashion and fabrics as in this video, kek. Outside of fashion industry, I mean.
When will Sideshow ship my boy? I need him in my life ASAP aaah
They did??? Good thing I torrented seasons 1-4. I will have to continue watching on HBO since I couldn't find a torrent of those…

No. 148950

>Do you wanna step on my balls (?)
Yes, gladly

No. 148974

File: 1624052884326.gif (3.05 MB, 582x640, tenor.gif)

I'm anxious for you, anon kek I'd also be dying. The downside of buying it locally is that the prices are usually insanely jacked up, but at least it would be home super quick.

>They did??? Good thing I torrented seasons 1-4.

They did, super weird. I also torrented it, but on the broadcast version they had the same scene reshot without the cumshot. The cum version was shown as a bonus bluray feature lol and I lost my shit when I first saw it
I wouldn't mind more Adam money shots

No. 148976

>ywn experience Driver swiping your pussy like a credit card with his nose

No. 148980

File: 1624054073696.gif (1.69 MB, 353x442, ezgif-1-04915619931c.gif)

never say never, anon

No. 149016

File: 1624079403591.jpg (582.08 KB, 1030x1248, Screenshot_20210618-035851_Fre…)

Imagine drunk karaoke singing with Adam

No. 149161

File: 1624181841288.jpg (127.38 KB, 828x803, AGG.jpg)

No. 149186

File: 1624205942039.jpg (26.93 KB, 640x397, 8bzsikapfy561.jpg)

Me @ neckbeard/twitterfag Kylo Ren haters while clutching my 10 figures of him

No. 149205

File: 1624216666156.jpg (30.05 KB, 500x246, tumblr_p1dwppNo1J1wlykb4o1_500…)

I would just hit them with picrel

No. 149218

File: 1624222295526.jpeg (397.66 KB, 666x732, F9EA8732-D412-4D64-9E4F-193905…)

I remember loving this tweet. Mostly because at the time all of my guy friends were moaning about the sequels and later the girls in the group quietly confided that they thought he was hot.
I really don’t know what the psychology of it is. Maybe it’s a combo of villains being more interesting, the bad boy element, or having a guy want you 100% like that. And the extra Adam factor. But in any case, I hadn’t seen all my normie friends make comments like that before and it was great

No. 149223

File: 1624224581206.gif (2.7 MB, 400x400, 63fce9d784cd7f45c5fc59f569f63f…)

I may be completely off the mark, but I'll write my two cents on this:

Once I was reading about character design concepts and they were saying that a lot of the heroes had to reflect the country's (usually the US) ideals of morality and it being a little deviant of that was too risque (we're talking about super heroes in the 40-60's), especially considering the post-war patriotism and red scare stuff.
So a lot of the heroes had that played out look of being strong, usually anglo males, with light color combinations, kinda like a soldier with extra steps.
So the writers and designers usually flexed their creative bones doing the villains, because every deviation of this cookie-cutter pattern could be written off as "well, he's the bad guy/girl, they are not supposed to be role models". So stuff like longer hair and revealing outfits (especially on men), was something way more common with villains. That's also why a lot of villains can come across "queer-coded" as well. Some were coincidental, but some literally were written to be queer-coded to show that it was evil.
Although I am talking about character design, the same can fit for their personalitis: Villains were/are allowed to be more nuanced because they didn't have to be the perfect role model for kids/good citizens.
And even though we're past these times (and anti-heroes archtypes have grown a lot since the 70s - Iron Man being one of them because he was an alcoholic jerkass-, I think they peaked in the 90s), a lot of these "character design canons" are still in our collective mind. Colors like black, green and purple (and a combination of these together) are very present with villain designs. The long hair, the flamboyancy, the angular, sharp designs, and leather lol. Looking at Loki, that Sebastian Stan character whose name I forgot, Kylo Ren, even Lucius Malfoy and a lot of "tumblr sexy men" still fit these categories.

Regarding Star Wars, I was always a dark side fan solely for aesthetics lol I believe a lot of people are in the same boat as me.
I guess some just see "big man with long hair in leather pants brain go brrr" and that's enough for them kek I know it is for me, although I like Kylo as a character as well - dick bulges in black leather pants just look delicious
Like yeah, a lot of women especially have fantasies of being dominated (not necessarily full fledged BDSM, just some rougher sex with pinning), it's not a mystery and it's become more mainstream than ever now. But it has always been a thing, the nazi uniform fetish for example is rather popular. The "bad boy that is only good for me" is also popular, as you mentioned.

And sorry for writing too much again, I am always too fucking rambly kek

No. 149237

File: 1624234007808.png (769.61 KB, 2464x1641, 1624233597023.png)

Samefag cause I was bored so I made this fanart of our banner because it's outdated and to be completely honest I think they did Adam and the borzoi dirty
sorry for the irrelevant artfagging

No. 149256

File: 1624248665669.jpg (50.05 KB, 828x483, EV8B6c7WsAEu5t7.jpg)

I think I also read a theory that the "bad boy / villain" attraction has something to do with women feeling guilty about wanting or initiating sex, so it's easier to fantasize about a guy taking control (with the caveat being that it's a fictional scenario and someone you're attracted to). I'm with you on the leather pants

I'm still impressed by how many good artists we have on the farms and in the AD thread. If I tried to draw him it would probably come out like the Badly Drawn Sasuke meme

No. 149259

File: 1624254307572.gif (1.62 MB, 268x330, e2a351874dadcd9574607565956d38…)

KEK that sasuke is amazing, I even feel inclined to ask you to draw Kylo so we can have our own version of it kylo Ren drawing party when
Also, thank you, anon! I think I am pretty avarage/mediocre, but that's good cause at least I'm not so good or so bad to be clockable, just run of the mill deniability

>has something to do with women feeling guilty about wanting or initiating sex, so it's easier to fantasize about a guy taking control

Never heard of that theory before, but it does make some sense

>I'm with you on the leather pants

No wonder why the draco with leather pants meme/trope is so popular. Any black pants look really good, especially if you have shapely legs (Like Adam's), but the way leather shines and hugs really elevates the legs and boner kek

No. 149290

>KEK that sasuke is amazing, I even feel inclined to ask you to draw Kylo so we can have our own version of it kylo Ren drawing party when
NTA but I also can't draw but I don't think I can fail that epically. That is a talent in itself. It's easy to make a plain bad drawing, but this is so bad it's good.

Sorry for OT in advance, also blowing off some steam but not at any of you ♥
>Never heard of that theory before, but it does make some sense
I always hear that theory and while I imagine it's true for some (ie. Mormon bodice ripper readers), it isn't accurate for me. God it sucks to be a woman sometimes. You can't just have sexual preferences - you need to justify them, think why you have them, how the patriarchal culture affected you, if it's feminist of you to have them, if you are even allowed to enjoy them if they aren't politically consistent with your beliefs, if you aren't secretly self-harming through them… etc, etc, etc. It never fucking ends and it's all so exhausting. I want to table flip. I feel like some fujoshis when their interest is intellectualized as exploring equal relationships instead of just finding two men fucking hot.

No. 149300

File: 1624283492205.jpg (598.26 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_3010.jpg)

Sometimes I think men jump through mental hoops to try to figure out why women like certain things, but don't really examine their own preferences. I never even questioned liking Adam until some farmers on other threads started making up conspiracy theories which feels like scrote behavior tbh
I like the bad boy stereotype, but he was also attractive to me in Hungry Hearts and plenty of other movies.

>I always hear that theory and while I imagine it's true for some (ie. Mormon bodice ripper readers)

Reminded me of Sariah's romance novel poster

No. 149322

File: 1624296108117.gif (2.75 MB, 500x278, da0de5780ee5fdc58ead0a00ff844d…)

No words, you are absolutely right

>I feel like some fujoshis when their interest is intellectualized as exploring equal relationships instead of just finding two men fucking hot.

Kekek I am also a fujo and I feel this so much, more than one person tinfoiled that I must be a lesbian. sorry for being this explicit, but I like seeing literal dick heads rubbing together how does that make me a lesbian??

I think that exploring the psychology of things can be fun, but this
>Sometimes I think men jump through mental hoops to try to figure out why women like certain things, but don't really examine their own preferences.
Is so true.
And honestly they should be doing this way more considering the shit that's always on the front page of xvideos.

All this talk also reminded me if there's any truth to the full frontal nude shot of Adam for The Last Duel of if it was just someone trolling

No. 149464

File: 1624406480574.gif (Spoiler Image,2.43 MB, 268x268, tumblr_p797o8zrRd1x20wxqo2_r2_…)

This whole short is awkward and stiff, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't wish it were me

No. 149469

oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, do this to me please

No. 149472

File: 1624419019494.gif (Spoiler Image,2.68 MB, 600x338, tumblr_2c9d39f8361ece8f6e7a868…)

Have this one as well, nonner

No. 149475

File: 1624419188008.gif (3.82 MB, 500x416, Adam-Driver-and-Golshifteh-Far…)

Also this one cause I love the ear nibbling

No. 149493

I'm crying why can't this be me

No. 149495

Just found out Annette is playing in a cinema near me in 23 days. I will probably see it twice. Kinda would like to score a poster, but I've never managed to get one of any film that I actually like. By the time I check the box, the good ones are already gone.
I somehow had no idea that this exists and now I feel uncomfortable as hell (even without watching the short film). I totally understand why anons would like to be in Joanne's place in that gif!

No. 149508

File: 1624449927315.jpeg (467.55 KB, 750x792, 39D33B3F-D146-40B4-ABD9-B52B6E…)

Looks like White Noise has started filming. I wonder if that’s his movie costume or his normal clothes (or both since he seems to wear his own clothes in some movies)

No. 149511

File: 1624450666690.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1254x1366, 4AC9F1E9-C425-4A01-99D9-563927…)

Lucky! I don't think it will be available on theatres around here so soon. I will have to either torrent it or wait for it to be available on prime video.
Btw I watched Holy Motors yesterday, it was… something. Interesting picture, but I hope Annette is a bit more traditional on its story telling lol

Oh, nice! Is that Greta Gerwig or Joanne? I really can't tell lol
The clothes look a lot like those he wore when he was papped at Rome, but it also looks like the Marriage Story ones so who knows lol

No. 149512

File: 1624452217628.jpeg (459.39 KB, 750x725, CE0AEFAA-C865-440C-B06A-5279FE…)

I’m planning to go too! Still trying to convince some friends, but they all hate musicals. I wonder if the audience will be all Driver fans.

I think it’s Greta and she’s wearing a robe over her costume, so that’s why I was wondering if he was just wearing his casual clothes for the movie.
Those paparazzi pics of him during Gucci still get me

No. 149516

This phot has a big cryptid energy. Makes me think of a photo of Tania Head caught in the wild still lurking near WTC, the one at the end of her documentary I cannot imagine being a paparazzi lmfao
Omg that's such a cute picture of Adam! I have never even heard about Holy Motors but you made me want to see it so I also can compare Annette to it…
I will be dragging my bf, but probably will go alone first if he cannot go with me ASAP due to work. I didn't tell him it's a musical, just that it's a 'big Adam Driver picture' and he agreed to go kek. To be fair, I also go to whatever movie he wants to, unless it's something like Saw (full of gore).

No. 149524

File: 1624458330555.jpg (17.13 KB, 238x320, dbec022ccd36cfb8442ac60eddb587…)

If you watch Holy Motors, learn from my mistakes and watch it alone, because there are some awkward scenes, including a full on erection showed nonchalantly. This is peak thirsting, but I wish they'd do some nude scenes with Driver. Doesn't have to have a boner, obviously. Considering that Anette is gonna be way more "americanized", I highly doubt it, though.
I still liked most of the movie, but it left me scratching my head a lot.

random pic is random

No. 149635

If Adam was a cat

No. 149641

File: 1624512640800.jpeg (27.9 KB, 739x415, EMKbO8vXsAIVf-O.jpeg)

They are fucking cute, I love them. They should have him pose with those cats for a photoshoot for GQ or something like that. I am sure he knows of the meme.

No. 149647

File: 1624516935820.png (421.24 KB, 1019x660, imagen_2021-06-24_014207.png)

I don't know if I'm into adam enough to buy this but it's kinda cool

No. 149648

File: 1624517174333.png (1.84 MB, 1200x1200, imagen_2021-06-24_014554.png)

I would buy this for the lolcow meme but I'm not so sure either lol

No. 149649

File: 1624517232567.png (76.59 KB, 500x500, imagen_2021-06-24_014637.png)

would you nonners?

No. 149650

File: 1624517273945.png (177.69 KB, 399x500, imagen_2021-06-24_014726.png)

No. 149657

File: 1624518731911.jpg (101.07 KB, 794x794, il_794xN.2138302109_pdsd.jpg)

These are one of the best toys/bobbleheads funko has ever released imo, they have much more personality, expression diversity and appeal. 9/10 very cute would have on my work desk

Buy this and send to my p.o. box, it's the official robe of the high priestess of the House of Driver

I would as a joke if I was not in a relationship. I guess I'd rather have a Kylo helmet mug, though.

Absolutely would wear this to the gym, I want Kylo Ren to protect my pussy from preppy himbos

Also considered getting picrel (someone posted it on the previous thread) as a joke for my birthday, but it was too expensive for a gag self gift

No. 149947

File: 1624655583609.gif (Spoiler Image,3.42 MB, 600x514, E4aOsh1VgAA8n8m.gif)

Been thinking about this gif a lot

No. 149977

New song from Annette released, it's a duet between Adam and Marion

No. 149979

Every time I think I'm out, I see a gif that drags me back in

No. 149980

Lord have mercy on me

No. 150014

File: 1624717777280.jpg (128.01 KB, 750x1164, IMG_3068.jpg)

Kind of a weird prompt, but does anyone have songs that remind them of AD?
When I was looking for the Anette soundtrack to stream I came across this song that's very clearly about him.
But sometimes I also think of him when I hear 'Son of a Preacher Man' since his step-father was a minister. It happens to me a lot where songs remind me of people

No. 150028

This song reminds me of his character cuddling Mimi-Rose in one of Girls episode


No. 150043

This song reminds me of him because of that cute video of him drunk dancing to it
Also the John Denver song he sang for the popcorn interview

"Holding out for a hero" reminds me of Ben Solo because of the meme
And sometimes when I am listening to Butthole Surfers I think of his character on While We're Young because one day my brother suggested that I was like him for liking "hipster music" I don't believe the Butthole Surfers are hipster though??

Sometimes I do wonder what he likes to listen to. I wonder if he likes grunge/stoner rock because it was really popular during his childhood/early teens. Maybe I'm just projecting though kek

No. 150063

File: 1624749476273.jpg (55.58 KB, 1154x513, lol.JPG)

I recommended looking up Adam Driver goods on aliexpress. There is some cool and… uhh, truly special stuff there. See pic related. The implications of this having a child size. You hungry? IDK microwave something, mommy is busy driverfagging'
yeah, I know it's technically a size for people up to 16 years old, but whatever
I was gonna scoff at those (not a big fan of 'chibi' figures), but the comparison to Funkos made me realize they are kinda cool… Though I feel like Rey resembles herself more than Kylo does, but maybe I'm biased
Imagine taking home a tinder date to THIS LMFAO
That was me! I also wish it wasn't so expensive, but I assume it was made by a small company, so yeah…
LMFAO the lyrics wouldn't be bad if they weren't clearly about AD. They kinda feel Sariah-like to me now

No. 150064

File: 1624749525846.jpg (56.5 KB, 1070x484, reylo_but_make_it_lgbt.JPG)

the existence of a Reylo mask celebrating homosexuality is bizzare to me

No. 150072

File: 1624752367831.jpg (72.63 KB, 500x478, EcwkmQ_WsAE8kDu.jpg)

>You hungry? IDK microwave something, mommy is busy driverfagging'
KEK Sariah

Don't you know that Kylo Ren is actually a stunning and brave transman? You couldn't see his scars on TLJ because his tits are just too fucking big

No. 150074

I love that video. I can’t imagine going to a concert and looking up and seeing him

I wonder if companies make automatic rainbow duplicates of products for Pride or if this was an intentional choice

No. 150103

File: 1624773031410.jpeg (183.51 KB, 982x1080, AE4309DC-8352-4BCE-AA6A-3BD7B7…)

That video is so fucking cute hnng please god let me get drunk in a bar concert with Driver someday

Random meaty tiddies that I wanna touch

No. 150352

File: 1624918797238.gif (9.46 MB, 540x700, tumblr_0c66143aed8a0758c487691…)

The non-believing dudettes on the shitpost thread at /ot/ discussing the validity of mantits clearly never scrolled past this thread, shaking my diddly darn head

No. 150356

File: 1624919499217.png (480.13 KB, 380x569, 0DEBC955-D41A-45C5-9DC4-09DD83…)

meant to say through, not past wat
this is now an excuse to post another pic

No. 150705

File: 1625160433009.jpeg (51.3 KB, 551x680, 162384378954.jpeg)

>On the cover of the special edition of M Magazine for Cannes film festival, available tomorrow. Adam Driver. 37 years old, the american actor is one of the faces disrupting contemporary cinema. Comfortable in any genre, from action to comedy to drama

>he became known through the series GIRLS by Lena Dunham, then become a hero in Star Wars. All the while, seducing serious cinematographers like Jim Jarmusch, Noah Baumbach and Spike Lee. However, considering he never watches himself on screen, he is considered by his peers an actor almost from another era. Very much anticipated is his turn in Annette, by Leos Carax, which opens the festival in competition. Adam is renowned for his challenging role choices and his discretion (privacy).

No. 150742

File: 1625173731422.png (109.76 KB, 297x409, f30jlu3adi871.png)

Finally something new! Usually they have interviews to accompany those, right? My french is shit, but I could try to translate it if available.

Someone also mentioned that the last duel trailer will drop "soon", but I'm not holding my breath.

Have some lukewarm item from deuxmoi on him.

No. 150743

File: 1625174488969.jpeg (398.69 KB, 750x898, 8477137B-5529-4B66-958F-E97FC2…)

Finally some new photos.

I work at a museum and have honestly fantasized about a scenario like this. I can also imagine he would be pretty intense

No. 150851

File: 1625251242476.jpg (72.95 KB, 1080x1319, 1625197122139.jpg)

Some of the shots like this one look somewhat awkward/stiff, usually he's a great model so I wonder if he was asked to stay still for too long or if he was tired or both. I mean, they are okay pictures but aside from the one you posted, they're not very interesting or lively (also the one where he is smiling)
I wanna see the possible promo photos for Gucci! I hope him and Gaga shoot together, I'd love it

>I work at a museum and have honestly fantasized about a scenario like this.

Are you me? Spoiler for nlog I don't work on a museum but I've been trying for a while to work for my favorite one here and sometimes I fantasize about finally getting the job and also meeting my faves there

No. 150852

File: 1625251376553.jpg (92.56 KB, 1242x1228, 1625196899316.jpg)

Not nlog, for blog lol
Anyway bonus picture
I never noticed that Gisele Bundchen was in the Devil Wears Prada

No. 150855

I remember a nonnie mention how Adam tends to wear his clothes in the movies and even reuses the same ones. Do you have any examples of that? I'm planning to rewatch his movies someday to take screencaps of his outfits, they always fit him so well so I want them to help me understand male fashion more

No. 150858

File: 1625254390790.jpg (83.2 KB, 540x900, EQzqujoXsAAN0V8.jpg)

I think some people need a bit of direction for photoshoots and if they aren't given a clear idea or theme it becomes more like a portrait session.

>I don't work on a museum but I've been trying for a while

Go for it! It's been a really wonderful opportunity and you get to meet a lot of interesting people. The only actor I've met so far is the guy who played young Han Solo in the movie Solo that bombed.

He really does rock that denim shirt a lot.

I'll keep an eye out. I think I have some saved somewhere.

No. 150864

Adam Driver in college was nicknamed “Egg Stank” for his propensity for eating hard boiled eggs. Glad to hold that distinction in good company.

No. 150872

At Julliard?

Reminds me of all the fitness bros at my school who would eat eggs, chicken and broccoli.

No. 151037

File: 1625378318493.jpg (311.68 KB, 2310x3264, 1625377662485.jpg)

I remember also reading he ate a whole rotisserie chicken? I wonder if he was doing Atkins/Keto

Thanks anon, I'm definitely trying kek

He definetily does, he said himself in one of his interviews that most of the time he has to do it because "It's hard finding something that fits a Sasquatch" - not a direct quote but he did call himself that. Nonnies that have really tall boyfriends/relatives know the struggle to be true.

A shitty collage: Top row - Left is during Girls, Right is for the movie what If.
Mid row - Left is for the Logan Lucky press interviews, right is Girls.
Bottom row - left is Girls, right I think is a random street snap during the Paterson filming.

There are for sure more, I like to play with myself a game of spotting the same clothing watching his movies. This >>150852 was used in Marriage Story as well, btw. He's been using it so much, I wonder why. Makes it look like he's on the run or something lol
I guess The Last Duel and House of Gucci are movies that are going to have a complete fresh wardrobe for him, though, considering the theme for both.

No. 151038

File: 1625378502133.jpg (628.42 KB, 1021x1562, 20210704_020915.jpg)

Sorry for the potato quality of some of the pics. Seeing in motion though you can definitely tell they are the same piece of clothing, though.

Also wanted to share this. I believe we'd all be Jemima.

No. 151081

File: 1625416208742.jpeg (454.48 KB, 750x915, 87B6FCEF-E1C7-41A4-9B4A-B06E44…)

The only reason on this earth why I would ever want to be Lena

Probably going to be a lot of candids during the White Noise filming

No. 151126

File: 1625433284942.webm (15.64 MB, 1280x720, IMG_20210704_180526_811.webm)

these made me realise how often I use the word definitely, I definitely need to improve my vocabulary and proofread my shit

>Probably going to be a lot of candids during the White Noise filming
Hope you're right!

Little clip from Annette.

No. 151127

File: 1625433333552.webm (3.33 MB, 1280x720, YouCut_20210321_171127702.webm)

And I'm also bringing the meow back from the last thread.

No. 151216

Anyone else attending the simultaneous worldwide Annette premiere? I can't wait til tomorrow ahhh
Ahh thank you, this compilation is priceless! Damn, his clothes must be really good quality to withstand years of use.

No. 151263

File: 1625514805549.png (475.65 KB, 527x580, os0cx74rd7871.png)

I think I won't be able to do it, unfortunately.
Now I am confused; is he going to attend Cannes physically? He hust got to Ohio, you think they'd postpone it if he was to travel back to Europe in such short notice

Random pic from the Paterson BTS, rip Nelly

No. 151276

File: 1625519804603.jpeg (276.75 KB, 750x711, 113E7169-7CD1-4A67-97EC-0F6790…)

I think he’s actually there because this interview picture was posted.
They usually have promotional contracts, so I think they knew he had to go in advance and are probably shooting other scenes without him. I think he probably wanted to settle in his family there early too since apparently filming will take a few months

No. 151288

Less about Adam himself but more about Kylo/Ben: anyone else feel like the fanon interpretation of the character is so different from theirs that they can't really enjoy most fanfics? I feel like he's made too dominant and calculating in most cases. I don't read self inserts or slash so I can't judge how he's handled there, but in most Reylo fics their dynamics are barely maintained as they are originally, mostly making him this Christian Grey character and Rey often made too sweet or something. Of course there are fanfictions I have enjoyed greatly and of course authors have the right to write him as they want but I wonder if I'm the only one to feel this and I'm actually the one misunderstanding his character lmao. Forgive me sisters for the sperg, I have felt this way for a long ass time and only now bothered to write it.

No. 151352

I have never read any Reylo fics so this is all based on what I've seen of shipping content in passing, but I imagine the concept of Kylo as a domme fits better with younger audiences who still think edgelord tropes are edgy therefore think he is a powerful bad guy, whereas older viewers see him as a immaturely misguided and manipulated character wrestling with identity and daddy issues which doesn't make him seem like a confident domme. Maybe this is why you feel a disconnect in your interpretation of the character?
This was my first driverpost so maybe I'm entirely wrong kek, I don't know much about him but I like reading the most recent posts when I scroll /m/ because you guys are so funny

No. 151358

File: 1625575042561.jpeg (483.07 KB, 750x701, 18B58B79-E38D-469F-94E4-D2BC21…)

I definitely think a lot of younger girls or casual viewers interpreted him as being a classic villain in all black who falls for the girl vs someone who was conflicted and vulnerable. I also think a lot of fan fiction writers are new to storytelling and don’t know how to write complex dynamics, even if they understand them.
I just looked at reylo stories on AO3 and one of them is about sex with Kylo, his dog, and an underaged Rey who is also his niece?? So I guess some people just use the characters as lazy plot devices for their weird fantasies?? Or maybe this is normal for fan fictions?? I’m kind of shook now

Sometimes I wonder what Adam would think of a lot of the fan fiction and art

No. 151364

File: 1625576961024.jpeg (99.45 KB, 599x900, 16984795945.jpeg)

What were their stylists thinking? What is this??

No. 151365

I feel like most of the reylo fic writers just use the tag and ship name to get attention to their original stories.

No. 151367

File: 1625577197504.jpeg (75.89 KB, 454x680, 16284739855.jpeg)

Is marion wearing bike shorts that are no longer fashionable? Why is Adam Dressed like he was on his way to mcdonalds and accidentally ended up at Cannes?

No. 151368

I think that's just what happens with very popular ships: worlds and characters simply become a vessel for the author to explore what they want and the sheer quantity of works won't make it as suspicious so to speak. And oop I just saw someone write that in less words lmao. Anyway the solution I think is reading works that are very involved with Star Wars in general. Someone willing to write an AU were Anakin is alive or something like that is probably going to generally follow Kylo's character better than others.

No. 151369

Her outfit is horrible, which is a shame because she’s gorgeous. Adam is wearing his standard blue button-down and dress sneakers. Not terrible, but not special either. I think press events like this are more casual vs premiers.

No. 151372

I don't read any Kylo fics (though I'm occasionally tempted to dive into the ocean of Kylo Ren/reader fics) because I'm uncomfortable reading fantasies and headcanons about him by anyone else. I have an intense attachment to him as parts of his story resemble my trauma, so I relate to him even more than I crush. Sometimes I wish I could go full-blown husbandofag retard and make a tulpa so that I can be "more in touch" with him and never even have to consider reading fanfics by other people. The problem is that I'm not insane enough for that.
I mentioned it in OT some time ago without mentioning it's Kylo, but seeing another female sperg claim to be "legally married" to him disturbed me to ungodly degree. I don't need this energy in my life
>I definitely think a lot of younger girls or casual viewers interpreted him as being a classic villain in all black who falls for the girl vs someone who was conflicted and vulnerable
Fucking sad when fans are just as wrong about the characters as haters.

No. 151373

>Fucking sad when fans are just as wrong about the characters as haters.
It's even sadder when some of the people that work at lucasfilm share their opinions…

No. 151386

I feel like at some point in time I knew exactly who you had in mind, but I forgot. Mind reminding me? Not gonna lie, the thought of someone actually working at SW movies validating Tom Preston's 'Disney created Kylo Ren to mock white cis straight male fanboys/school shooters and their entitlement' delusion makes me wanna barf. When the topic was brought up, nonnie mentioned that Kylo wasn't sympathetic in TFA, but I disagree totally forgot to reply then, kek. He was written as a confused and hurting person from the start, even though we were supposed to wonder if he's finally gonna get pulled into the light or dark. The entire Han Solo scene highlighed that he's not the villain that he desperately tries to pose as.

No. 151393

File: 1625591202281.jpg (26.76 KB, 640x345, ypmxaoafctm41.jpg)

>E. K. Johnston
If i'm not mistaken even Solo Story book writer said that he shouldn't have been redeemed, or he was meant to die, something like this.
Most writers on starwars's website are also his haters, so yeah we have a rough time.

I absolutely agree with you, the whole point of his character is someone who thinks solution from his fears and loneliness is a dark side, but he is proven wrong at every step.

Kylux shippers sharing the notion of him being irredeemable monster, who deserved to die also breaks my heart, from things I encounter on twitter it feels like they not only misunderstood his character they just hate him.

No. 151394

>Most writers on starwars's website are also his haters, so yeah we have a rough time.
WTF is going on there. I sure hope they also hate Darth Vader and every other fictional villain/antihero who got a redemption arc.
>Kylux shippers sharing the notion of him being irredeemable monster, who deserved to die also breaks my heart, from things I encounter on twitter it feels like they not only misunderstood his character they just hate him.
What the fuck. Where did it come from? From Hux suddenly being a mole in TROS? Or wanting them to be two baddies banging it out? I'm glad I don't care about shipping in Kylo's case, usually I love to do that.

No. 151405

File: 1625594770712.jpg (126.54 KB, 2048x1366, 1625592208022.jpg)

The face that he's making here really looks like a mix between hide your pain Harold and that Daenerys meme. I believe jet lag and tiredness from traveling is playing a part lol

>I don't know much about him but I like reading the most recent posts when I scroll /m/ because you guys are so funny
You're a star, anon!

KEK I fucking love that pic so much, it's so versatile.
But damn that spoiler. As some already said, I think a lot of people just think Adam Driver is hot and use Daisy/Rey as a self insert for sick, bizarre shit like that. I like approximately 3 fanfics on AO3 because they cater to stuff I personally like, not AU and are not OOC at least not too much
I guess this is why I stick mostly with asian fanart…

I guess this is the type of mess that happens why you don't have everything laid out and everyone on the same page from the get go. Both Kylo and Rey could be very interesting, basically the opposite to each other regarding the jedi order and the force. Bringing balance to the force finally yadda yadda I also really liked the idea of Finn being a force sensitive stormtrooper, but nah.
Every single character fell short and was handled really poorly, Kylo was the one that got the most characterization out of all of them but still crashed and burned with TRoS. Which I bet even Disney hated considering they killed their cash cow lel

Oh boy. I really hate her shorts. This outfit would've looked a thousand times better if she was wearing pants, or a pencil skirt with her shit tucked in. I also dislike her hair; it's very KStew chic but she can't pull it off. The pixie she has in the movie is so cute! Maybe she could pull off the asymmetric hair if it was fluffy and not gelled down.
Adam looks okay, but again, too casual. Both are too casual, seems out of place. Like two higher end of middle class parents attending their kid's pastry bake off competition for the spring festival in their school garden.

No. 151409

File: 1625595500651.jpeg (20.14 KB, 360x360, hairporn.jpeg)

E. K. Johnston and her friends do think that selling Kylo and Vader merch is breeding nazi ideology in kids. I really don't understand why people like that keep working for lucasfilm and why lucasfilm pays them for writing boring books and horrendous takes on twitter.
I really don't know, i guess one of the reasons is they sucked up to anti reylos and sometimes even pretend to care about finnrey. In a way it's a "not like other girls" logic of liking a villain the "right" way. I was a multishipper at first but after the whole shitshow that star wars shipping is, idk what I'm at this point.

Oh I just remembered that chart a kyluxer did and somehow Hux was in the redeemable side higher up and Kylo was at the bottom as a purest evil. I really don't know what some people were watching at this point and don't really care.

No. 151413

File: 1625597724185.jpeg (117.24 KB, 1400x858, dd59616722.0.jpeg)

As someone who has never really pursued in-depth commentary on Star Wars, I'm pretty surprised to hear this. I guess my interest stopped after the movies and cast interviews. The complaining and finger-pointing on all sides kind of dampened the enjoyability as well.

It's a bit lazy of them to draw moral lines in the sand when Lucas Films and Disney make bank on Storm Trooper merch. If we're going to nitpick about glorifying nazi tropes they could start with that. But I also think adults constantly underestimate young audiences. Kids watching a conflicted character do bad things and then suffer for it aren't going to immediately think it looks cool and become bigots

I'm kind of with this anon >>151372 about wanting to maintain my own interpretation of the character, regardless of what other fans, critics, or Lucas Film employees think. To me he was a lot more dynamic than that

Hot take because I'll probably eat my words, but I do think the sequel trilogy may be looked upon a bit more kindly in 5 or 10 years in a similar way to the prequels. I remember people hating them for a long time, but it seems like now they're accepted and some even like them more

No. 151424

File: 1625605200871.jpeg (450.92 KB, 750x913, 5596FE0B-53D1-4DA2-97A8-65B9B7…)

I admittedly don’t know much about men’s clothing and suits, but this is similar to his 2019 look. I like the sunglasses.
I’m excited for the movie and hopefully it turns out well. Musicals are pretty polarizing, but I’m just happy for something kind of experimental compared to his other projects this year

No. 151425

Holy shit, just saw Annette. That was quite a ride and I'm excited to talk it once you guys watch it. Feel free to ask me if you have any questions (will spoiler any replies). What I feel the need to say is that there are at least 3, 4 scenes that will be subject to major driverfagging. Mild, nonplot spoilers for what most of them entail: explicit sex scenes, that's what. AD is shown eating pussy twice. If you wanted to see him humping his partner from behind while laying in bed, that's here as well There is also lots of titties and even AD ass for a moment.

No. 151426

oh and watch the credits!

No. 151428

I’m ready for some new Driver porn after Girls!
How did you end up watching it? I’m nervous to go to a theater but I think it can be streamed?

No. 151441

File: 1625625968145.jpeg (213.32 KB, 1388x934, D120FF3C-D95B-4E5D-B5B8-70BBD4…)

Holy fuuuck I'm so fucking ready for this
I can't wait for it to be torrentable, or for it to be on prime

No. 151499

File: 1625670689821.png (244.39 KB, 549x590, driver.png)

I saw this and thought of you all.

No. 151512

Thank you nona. That scene is truly something. TBH the whole movie he gives an absolutely stellar performance. In my opinion, he caries the whole story. Marion is great too (as well as the other male co-star), but she has less to do than Adam.

No. 151515

File: 1625678021043.jpeg (54.42 KB, 750x601, 0084A337-74E9-4E64-997A-D11AF6…)

If a man can’t sing a ballad while eating you out, he’s not good enough for you

Also, that video of him blowing smoke into the camera sent me

No. 151517

File: 1625679655415.jpeg (95.5 KB, 600x599, E2F47E37-0EF2-4BAB-B2B1-24EFEB…)

I wonder why he's always wearing sunglasses when attending Cannes? Maybe to sugarcoat his jetlag tiredness? is the French sun too bright? Kek
Also I legit love musicals, I wish it wasn't such a polarizing genre.

Thanks, anon! My body is ready kek
Does he swipe his beautiful nose like a credit card?

>In my opinion, he caries the whole story. Marion is great too (as well as the other male co-star), but she has less to do than Adam.
I am guessing this is the case cause he was also a big part of the production? Like he said they've been working on it (Carax and him) since 2014. Also Carax said he contacted Adam at the time because he saw him on Girls! I thought that was so cool, he already saw his potential there. Don't quote me on that but I think he said that he liked Adam because he was "wild" in his performance. I guess not being shy to doing explicit things helped as well

I saw this yesterday and lost it as well but didn't know how to share lol I wonder if it's partially a fuck you for people talking shit about him smoking in Rome. That was so weird
and your post number is cool af

No. 151518

>Does he swipe his beautiful nose like a credit card?
Anon who saw the movie, actually I'm not sure. There are moments when you can't see his face at all, but he's singing a lot too. At worst, you can use your imagination kek
>I am guessing this is the case cause he was also a big part of the production? Like he said they've been working on it (Carax and him) since 2014.
I noticed Adam was one of the producers, but I didn't realize the whole backstory. It's so cool how he backups off kilter projects like this one.
Sidenote, but I've seen someone claim that Annette is somehow (partially?) autobiographical for Carax. If anyone ever knows what's up with that, please let me know. I googled and I have no idea.

No. 151540

File: 1625693695936.webm (3.41 MB, 640x640, 213385963_2072121289601842_757…)

This in video!

>but I've seen someone claim that Annette is somehow (partially?) autobiographical for Carax. If anyone ever knows what's up with that, please let me know. I googled and I have no idea.
Tried looking for this in other languages also and couldn't find anything. Maybe in french…?

No. 151572

File: 1625721347590.jpg (60.46 KB, 828x1017, RDT_20210708_02133066397540281…)

Reporting the news to whom may not know yet: Adam will be the face of the new Burberry fragrance!

I wonder if now we're finally gonna see the shirtless horseback ad.

No. 151573

File: 1625721394770.jpg (317.79 KB, 2048x1363, RDT_20210708_02130740801934306…)

And samefagging because I love his height difference.

No. 151666

File: 1625775496835.jpg (388.27 KB, 1024x764, gettyimages-1327330470-1024x10…)

I know the other actor is short in general, but the height difference really stands out when they're all lined up

No. 151673

Marion is exactly my height, so it's interesting to see. BTW. there is a scene in Annette which highlights her and Adam's height and weight difference, and I loved it. I think some of you will too, kek. I can't wait till the movie streams, cause it kills me to have no-one to talk about it in depth!!!

No. 151692

File: 1625789790353.jpg (57.3 KB, 592x595, 3d43223b564e380c6aada1f1d4d850…)

I know the feeling, Olga is my height as well so it's cool to see how his height compares. Does he get to pick her up as well? Kek

>I can't wait till the movie streams, cause it kills me to have no-one to talk about it in depth!!!

Tell me about it anon, I wanna watch it so badly too!

No. 151734

>Reporting the news to whom may not know yet: Adam will be the face of the new Burberry fragrance!
Oh, I missed that! Thank you for updating the thread with news for scatterbrains like me. I got excited cause I thought it might mean the ad with his photo will be published in a magazine… but then I realized that it would probably be in one for scrotes, and I don't really read magazines anymore. I could check the new issues, but I would probably look in the wrong one. Kek
That reminds me, I think I have a magazine somewhere with the wristwatch ad he was in (?) and more importantly, one with him on cover and with an interview kek I know it's retarded, but I never grew out of enjoying those things.
>I wonder if now we're finally gonna see the shirtless horseback ad.
I just read about the horse photoshoot controversy. I assume the leaked photo cannot be seen anywhere by now?
>Does he get to pick her up as well? Kek
Yes, he does!!! It's a really nice moment
>Tell me about it anon, I wanna watch it so badly too!
I thought it will be shown in like a week and found out it's gonna be shown in cinema regularly in over a month. Welp. Really happy I went to the premiere. Hope it streams earlier than that. At this point I may forget my initial thoughts

No. 151754

File: 1625855517515.jpg (24.08 KB, 448x377, RDT_20210709_15262354086021550…)

This is the photo. You can't see much of it, tbh, which makes me even more curious. All we know is that there's a beach, a horse, and shirtless Adam lol
The Burberry ad with Domhnall Gleeson was amazing, I hope it's something like that. I'd die happy.

>Yes, he does!!! It's a really nice moment

I can also die happy from this someday I'll do a compilation, although I'd feel very scrotey kek

>At this point I may forget my initial thoughts

Unironically, write it down. I did this for that Sariah book lol and although it may seem not worthy it at first, it's a good exercise in thought organization (?) and writing. Despite my subject it was surprisingly fun to write it down and make it into a review. Maybe you can even post it here later so it doesn't "go to waste".

No. 151767

File: 1625864213307.jpeg (337.5 KB, 750x721, 38F718F8-3AD7-45BC-AFFC-7D6CC0…)

I second the idea of writing thoughts down. I liked our little informal book review club

I’m so excited to watch this. For some reason I really like this little shot from the trailer. The intimacy of the angle + the motorcycle helmet + long hair

No. 151798

File: 1625893003185.jpg (553.69 KB, 1080x1600, IMG_20210710_014959.jpg)

CDAN posted the most boring blind they could find about him

No. 151799

File: 1625893221780.jpg (284.85 KB, 1080x984, IMG_20210710_014910.jpg)

Samefagging, what got me curious was actually this comment. Does anyone know about this?
I swear the driverfags are the sanest fanbase of his there is. Probably because is the smallest as well lol

Yes, this scene is perfect!

No. 151818

that comment reads like a super bitter gay guy trying to be the sassy stereotype and failing

No. 151831

You know when you are a driverfag when you read the LATimes Annette review, specifically this part
>Both leads have shown off their singing talents before — Cotillard in numerous recordings and the movie “Nine,” Driver in “Inside Llewyn Davis” and “Marriage Story” — though never at a level this emotionally and narratively demanding.
and you are like 'where's Hungry Hearts???". Guess it's time for me to see Inside Llewyn Davis. BTW I finally saw This Is Where I Leave You - kind of, because I couldn't watch it to the finish. Adam was the only good (or rather noteworthy) thing to me in it (well, except for all the actresses being styled really good). I think that makes it for me the worst movie Adam Driver has been in and had a significant role (also didn't like Tracks, but that was more on me not really being into those road trip movies, I think).

No. 151836

>had a possible brief stint in the military
I have family members who have served and this statement would be considered extremely taboo. You don’t question someone’s service (it’s not “possible”, it’s public record). Whoever wrote it probably doesn’t understand military culture or how charities are run, but if you threw around statements like that near other marines they would probably take issue.
It’s pretty dry in general though. That Reddit sounds wild and I’m glad I’ve never looked at it

No. 151849

File: 1625939044353.gif (1.69 MB, 400x540, 4ba692c985c05a8979f1de3a8fa198…)

Kek, so true. Especially because he sings way more on Hungry Hearts, comparatively. But I get it, the Coen Brothers are way more famous.

>I think that makes it for me the worst movie Adam Driver has been in and had a significant role

Did you like "The Dead Don't Die"? I really disliked it, which is a shame cause I like Jim Jarmusch. It just felt like an inside joke between the actors and I was left out.

The comments are busy with obvious redditors, and from that sub. Some even called each other out lol
I used to go to /adamdriverfans to laugh at the crazy conspiracies, but now it's more moderated and the crazy died out a bit.


No. 151904

File: 1625978206627.jpeg (691.78 KB, 1500x1000, E58nqcrXMAI9sQC.jpeg)

So, the sex scenes or at least the pussy eating singing scene has been leaked kek
Although I'm dying out of curiosity, I wanna have this experience on it's fullest, streaming it in hd lmao
But for anyone else interested, I saw it available on Twitter I don't use it, but I follow Adam Driver Brasil
on other platforms and they announced they retweeted it

No. 152014

Was the part where Adam bangs from behind also leaked? It was part of the same scene, I think

No. 152033

File: 1626109854628.jpeg (84.37 KB, 621x680, 16398574357.jpeg)

I swear if I ever meet Noah I will beat him up for this

No. 152042

File: 1626116499252.webm (1.92 MB, 640x640, 216470660_875003559783290_6758…)

I saw this and holy shit lmao he even looks shorter, somehow. Is this how he's gonna look like the whole movie? If so, I volunteer for the gang beating of Noah. This looks like a SNL skit kek

I don't know nonnie, I didn't watch the leak, but you could check it out
Damn Amazon please stream this movie already

No. 152052

I honestly want to neck myself. WTF is this shit. I think we may get the first movie in which Adam looks absolutely horribly

No. 152061

File: 1626134208651.gif (2.53 MB, 480x480, 217053516_178714777617927_3971…)

Marion is so beautiful, damn. I can't believe she's 45, too.
I think her and Golshifteh are the prettiest actresses he ever worked with. I'd say Lupita and Laura too, but they only interacted during interviews and not the movies they were in lol

No. 152095

File: 1626163956156.webm (2.24 MB, 480x720, uW1cqR0syyBx6heu.webm)

Same, Lupita, same.

No. 152117

File: 1626187277843.jpg (Spoiler Image,262.52 KB, 1080x1720, ZomboDroid 13072021163432.jpg)

sometimes I hate it here

No. 152120

File: 1626187572986.gif (2.6 MB, 268x330, e88aca9667ebcc59613d401130e69b…)

No. 152122

I was so awed by Marion the whole time she was on screen! She looks so young and beautiful, I could never tell she is 45. I know 45 isn't exactly old, but she legit looked anywhere between 28-35 or something.
OT but once Marion called the company I work for and my colleague picked up. She needed some urgent assistance with facilitating her travel. Was super nice and patient even though she didn't have to be, so it makes me like her a bit more. You know what they say about observing how someone treats a waiter etc.

No. 152138

File: 1626197177297.jpg (55.97 KB, 750x591, tumblr_pmrup0keat1vyqz0u_1280.…)

I just realized that Adam also worked with Laura Dern, but I meant Laura Harrier, picrel

Aw, that's a cute little encounter. Also makes me see her in higher regards.

I was actually there and seeing this happening live. I know the transman shit is a joke and all, but wide hips?? His shoulders are huge, and it clearly tapers at the hips. I wanted to post a pic and asking what she was talking about, but not worth the ban kek

No. 152139

why his titties jump like that

No. 152140

theyre full of milk

No. 152142

File: 1626197488252.jpg (264.61 KB, 1080x1350, 217390102_1166031360560054_855…)

Anyway, better pics of…. This. I will never forgive Noah, I know the character in the book was dumpy and old but then, why cast Adam Driver lol, but I truly thought he was going the Marriage Story route and just say fuck it and give the Hollywood treatment where ugly = glasses and unkept hair

As shallow as it is, this made my priority in seeing this movie a bit lower

No. 152144

File: 1626197686783.gif (2.77 MB, 177x200, tumblr_02411a97dc9b677d7b0b452…)

you say as if it is a bad thing

No. 152190


I've never seen anything like it. so it was weird the first time lmao.

even his titties are talented

No. 152211

File: 1626221736541.webm (9.69 MB, 640x360, 215455991_288284603090228_9147…)

>tfwywn be Marion having long eye contact with Adam, clean his suit and make him laugh

No. 152267

I don’t really mind it, but maybe I’m desensitized as a Tom Hardy fan (the wig they had him wear in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy was so bad that at one point they had to do reshoots). I think Adam is very distinctive looking, so they probably wanted him to look different and especially not like he did in Marriage Story

It feels really intimate to fix someone’s clothes, even though it’s not really. I always like small red carpet moments like this

No. 152475

File: 1626396375201.jpg (84.72 KB, 736x920, 217396877_137459141848328_4592…)


No. 152790

File: 1626622331424.png (560.38 KB, 593x585, g75rfsgistb71.png)

No. 152879

File: 1626677711962.jpg (98.89 KB, 640x795, 219141207_491228685310955_9010…)

I just wanna sit on his lap for 5 minutes, I don't think that's unreasonable at all

No. 152962

File: 1626738414816.jpg (478.9 KB, 1200x1526, 1200_previewbanner_300793_Kylo…)

Sideshow will release a new Kylo Ren statuette!
They only have this picture so far, I hope we have yt reviews soon enough.

No. 152968

Me too, nonnie, it must feel nice.

No. 152971

Wow, I'm not usually into figures, but this seems pretty nice. It would be cool to see it once they show more detailed pictures.

I third this. Also his hair in that picture looks so nice. I hope he doesn't have to cut it too short in the future

No. 153051

The Last Duel trailer dropped!

No. 153055

I love him in historical costumes with long hair.

The trailer looks pretty interesting, but I'm low-key nervous since SA is such a sensitive public issue and I could see the movie getting slated if it isn't pulled off well. Also I don't want scrotes to latch on to his character (a man supposedly being falsely accused of SA), since that narrative is also a hot topic.

But at least they didn't butcher his hair like the other men in the movie

No. 153078

hgggnn sexy face

No. 153081

File: 1626846248740.jpeg (73.51 KB, 600x338, E0F83F97-DAE6-41F6-82C4-31854B…)

>I love him in historical costumes with long hair.
He really looks fitting for the role lol
I remember one anon saying last year that she liked Adam because he looks like a medieval man she posted it on the conventional thread and people dog piled her lol I hope you're a regular here, now, nonnette

>I could see the movie getting slated if it isn't pulled off well.

Don't quote me on it, but I think Comer said the main scenes were portrayed in 3 different perspectives, one from each main character? I think it will be interesting, to say the least. The trailer seems to heavily imply that she's telling the truth though and will still pay for it
>The truth does not matter, there is only the power of men
I'm very intrigued. It wasn't very high on my priority list, but it piqued my interest. Hopefully the theaters in my country will be open by then. else, I'll torrent it by November

>Also I don't want scrotes to latch on to his character

That's indeed the worst case scenario lol

I can't wait to see it up close and from other angles. Show me the schnozz! And I love how these realistic figures have his moles.

No. 153146

File: 1626891566727.png (276.73 KB, 320x529, rlh9tcjlvtb71.png)

Those Juillard photos are truly something. So weird to see youngish Adam with hair!

No. 153147

File: 1626891623922.png (225.78 KB, 640x554, tjgzckv8vtb71.png)

can't wait for twitter to take this out of context

No. 153148

File: 1626891689601.png (334.9 KB, 771x543, k7p9fwo9vtb71.png)

No. 153149

File: 1626891718870.png (276.74 KB, 771x543, ce27kfoavtb71.png)

No. 153165

File: 1626900809818.jpeg (452.27 KB, 750x903, F1ADA629-D291-4C1F-BF5F-3A438A…)

Reminds me of this old photo that was leaked a while back. It seems like they had a lot of apartment dance parties.

It’s crazy how well he aged though. It’s like the reverse of DiCaprio

No. 153185

File: 1626920146660.jpg (50.69 KB, 600x750, 219555452_404240534359869_5801…)

Lmao this one is super cursed

He looks cute here imo, but yes, he does look better now. I think the hair also helps, balances out his features better.

Kinda random, but sometimes I lurk his LSA thread for pictures and such they are way hornier than us, at least outspokenly and there was this user saying she doesn't wanna watch the last duel because she doesn't wanna see him possibly dying again. Is this common? Never heard of such thing before.

No. 153189

I would stand with the anons who would always shit on him when he was posted in /ot/ but he looks really cute here. I fear I’m starting to see the appeal.
Someone should write a fanfic where he’s your campus crush.

No. 153212

Not possibly, it's based on a well documented historical event so yeah it's a 100% a fact.

No. 153248

File: 1626983742152.gif (2.14 MB, 540x302, a5202e67e16b21b35917ee9f77b5d7…)

Yeah, I know. I worded poorly, but it's because I didn't want to spoiler for those that don't know the story kek
Which makes me think, I guess she won't be watching house of Gucci, as well? It's such a weird reasoning, to me.

>Someone should write a fanfic where he’s your campus crush.
I guess this could work for his Girls' character, Adam Sackler.

No. 153284

File: 1627012472440.jpeg (169.9 KB, 1080x1069, 5AB9F119-4A45-4961-9768-8EABDD…)

Thinking of Driver dick again

No. 153435

File: 1627152820249.jpeg (297.79 KB, 750x926, 7713F491-82EF-4C7F-9E6E-5D848B…)

If you have a few hundred dollars want to try some of Adam’s pre-red carpet skincare routine, here’s a list.
It’s funny imagining him brooding in his hotel room with eye masks.

No. 153445

File: 1627157066436.gif (1.73 MB, 540x250, tumblr_pf0ii5JdlQ1weksw2o1_540…)

Kek that's some cute imagery. I can imagine something like picrel but with a face mask instead.

I remember someone saying he uses (among others) Tom Ford's Ombré Leather. I got really intrigued by this fragrance, wish I could try it irl because it has smoke, leather, moss and jasmine. It's described as "warm and spicy".

No. 153452

File: 1627167287131.jpg (260.36 KB, 1080x1350, 224538115_578292619832872_6546…)

It's coming

No. 153455

File: 1627169506652.jpg (133.13 KB, 669x960, siyS2PLkAkQ.jpg)

Another pic for this campaign
They did film an ad, right? I hope it's not just a photoshoot, but the pics are also very welcomed.

No. 153553

OH MY!!. I wonder how it smells like. I really, really want to see the ad.

No. 153554

I love this ad so much, I want a cardboard copy of it!!!

No. 153557

That water-like reflection is a nice touch.

No. 153571

File: 1627253552433.jpeg (105.71 KB, 600x579, CC798406-FEE5-4FEC-A75F-E6652F…)

I really liked that effect, too!

According to reviewers, it's very woody with a touch of fresh citrus.
Fresh, luminous and bold, the scent is brightened with sparkling bergamot and invigorated with juniper and black pepper. Juniper, a classic British ingredient of the perfumers palette, brings a vibrant freshness to the scent, and is deepened by a trio of warm cedarwood oils from three distinct mountain ranges; Virginias Apalacian, the Atlas Mountains in Africa, and the Himalayas in Asia.
I fucking love cedar so it's probably delicious. Wish I could get a sample of it, maybe soon enough.

A better look of the pic itself.

No. 153789

File: 1627407957293.jpg (56.28 KB, 563x789, 6c2eb1cd76d40c5186978110e56cfa…)

Such lovely locks…

No. 153792

File: 1627408616901.jpeg (67.2 KB, 673x900, 1639857348593.jpeg)

Say thank you to Burberry

No. 153811

How can he be so perfect, my heart cannot take this
Inb4 photoshop

No. 153812

You know the reason he is holding that little bunch of mane like that is because wone creative director thought it would be a risqué nod to rough blowjobs, but it just looks awkward and uncomfortable for the horse

No. 153817

File: 1627419059929.webm (3.34 MB, 640x640, 226304280_3014822002173248_515…)

Perfect. Is this during the TLD filming or is it an edit?

He looks amazing. I'm now always picturing him smelling like cedarwood.

I couldn't find the ad anywhere but Instagram. I want higher quality!

I didn't even think of that but I believe you are right. I feel for the horse, hopefully Adam was gentle enough and they were quick to shoot.

No. 153818

File: 1627419213509.gif (978.45 KB, 268x336, 698c8f801d315928c58832de6e9298…)

Oh samefagging, I think the centaur bit is super cheesy lol I'm not mad at it, though, it made me laugh
On other news, maybe the Gucci trailer drops this week, let's see

No. 153864

No. 153865

Nah, it's common even for jockeys to hold the horses mane like that.

No. 153881

the centaur moment had real big brain energy. either they had no other idea on how to end the commercial while leaving a strong impression on the viewer, or it's someone's fetish. or both Congrats, I guess it worked since it's so stupid. You aren't a real hero until you merge with your horse, while staying in command, of course.
Adam looks gorgeous though so I will still enjoy this a lot.

No. 153884

File: 1627469149487.jpg (33.37 KB, 634x540, 45971277-9832291-image-a-45_16…)

I googled Zoolander to make the comparison and Google immediately suggested Adam Driver. So glad I'm not the only one.

No. 153894

The ad is so extra that it's almost comical, but I kind of love it. Even though it's a men's fragrance, it seems completely geared towards thirsty women. Especially the centaur bit.
But I'm actually pleasantly surprised because a lot of perfume ads are super abstract and weird. I guess because it's hard to explain and sell a scent, so they have to try to convey it through an artistic lens.

No. 153900

yep, perfumes are always sold by appealing to emotions, values, lifestyle etc. they are expensive, so it's not easy to get consumers to buy them. at the same time, absolutely nobody cares about chemical compounds so you cannot get people to buy them like a washing machine. that's why we get those luxury porn minimovies. I guess they are trying to get women to buy the perfumes to smell Adam, get their male partner to smell like him… or get that gay cash. LOL

No. 153908

Full version of the ad.
They had to post it now even thought it was supposed to premier in few days.


No. 154002

File: 1627501268248.jpeg (116.54 KB, 1074x1343, E7ZMGyhVkAIgECB.jpeg)

I really like perfumes add for this reason.
Natalie Portman's for Dior is one of my favorites, it's like excerpts of a life that'll never have and I believe that was the point
Also I agree with you that this ad is very female gazey. Usually they have cologne ads geared towards men to have strong, famous dudes, yes - but it's more like a male power fantasy, with suits, watches, women… Very James Bond-esque. Kinda like RPat for (also) Dior. Not a shirtless dude racing against a horse in the sunset lol We have so much footage of AD running, btw
That being said, I prefer him with a bit more fat, but the look of him turning on the water against the sunlight is really pretty. It's my favorite shot, personally

Tbh it barely changed anything, it was mostly longer shots lol

No. 154065

File: 1627525049164.jpeg (98.13 KB, 1080x1350, download.jpeg)

Samefag, just found these on insta. I actually prefer his body here, he looks more hydrated.

No. 154066

File: 1627525092109.jpg (92.41 KB, 800x996, 226558300_332170348389191_4404…)

I really love the lighting of these shots. Nothing beats the golden hour

No. 154074

My god he is such a snack

No. 154142

File: 1627594647896.png (465.39 KB, 489x600, 1627571664971.png)

Adam Gucci poster. The trailer supposedly comes out later today
Some said it's gonna have all the actors putting on italian accents, I'm fearful lel I can only take so much cheese at a time

No. 154170

It's here!
Leto's accent is so over the top, but it looks like it will be an entertaining flick

No. 154207

I don't feel things for Adam Driver, he stirs nothing in my loins, but the visuals in this ad stuck in my head and I had a whole ass dream about swimming with this man.

No. 154216

Omg I am so jelly, I could use a nice dream like that

No. 154220

File: 1627651377919.jpg (119.34 KB, 1080x1313, 226265452_801893950391040_8362…)

Big same. I had literally one dream where he interacted with me, and I'm like half of this thread kek
I mean, was it a nice dream? Reminds me of the other non-driverfag anon that is there in the thread pic that dreamt about touching his tits.

I'm going to sleep soon and I hope the universe grants me a dream like that.

No. 154236

I hope we will all be blessed with dreams of his nice tits

No. 154244

It's hypnotizing how his tiddies form a perfect sideways 3.

No. 154247

another driverfag regular here, I had a dream he loved me, we were in a relationship and (that's a weird part) he was wearing my dresses as a joke and a way of showing devotion. Not in a troon way, but like Kurt Cobain. Still super weird, but it was a supernice dream tbh

No. 154274

File: 1627685230883.jpg (209.24 KB, 1080x1057, IMG_20210730_185041.jpg)

I wasn't, sad

How did he even fit, rip all of your dresses kek

For my fellow crafty toy anons (or not), AliExpress finally has a recast for his HT head. I'm tempted to buy it and try to mod/paint it myself, but I don't have an airbrush currently so I fear that the paint won't spread out evenly in a natural way, even with thinning. It's fairly recent, let's see if they'll offer a painted version later. TBH even if you don't paint it, the sculpt is so nice. Maybe customize it to look like a Kylo Ren marble bust or something like that lol
I really wanna have a Kylo fashion doll to sew for, particularly ant the OG HT ones to display

Here's the listing if anyone is interested:https://a.aliexpress.com/_msIQbiF

No. 154324

Ooh, how cool that they are selling the head! If it was available painted and if a jointed body could be bought, I could be interested as well. Would be nice to have a bootleg Kylo to put clothes on and pose without worrying about ruining him.

No. 154374

File: 1627763950821.webm (448.33 KB, 640x360, videoplayback_0_.webm)

Not to get too OT but they definitely have jointed bodies, probably at the same store too. You just need to find one with the right neck peg or buy it separately.
AliExpress is a doll parts haven, specially if you like to customize stuff. They also sell many clothes, in case you don't want to sew some stuff. You could probably find clothes there that fits most of his characters lol

Somewhat related audio

No. 154397

I just realized (am dumbass): can I buy a body and put the genuine HT head on it when I want to dress him up? That would be the best he's finally shipping soon. Endless hours of fun, especially if I buy him nice clothes!

No. 154475

File: 1627814042056.jpg (50.63 KB, 750x850, 228427669_395979752161366_3403…)

Some HT's neck pegs are kind of annoying, because they have this rounded end so it's kinda difficult to fit it in most bodies - I don't know if they did this to avoid bootleg bodies or heads because they are kinda inconsistent anyway (the first Kylo toy has a different peg and you can't put his newer heads on the older body, for example) and also because that wouldn't make much sense anyway cause you already would have at least one original to be able to interchange them at least afaik they don't sell spare parts
The recast head has a hollowed out neck with no rounded tip to it, so you can find bodies around AliExpress that fit. They probably left it that way for that exact reason
I'll see later if I can find a possible suitable body and I'll link it here for you!

Anyway, another Burberry BTS pic. Boobs in my mouth

No. 154509

I would first lick it with my full tongue and then put my finger inside his head and rub my clit with it.

No. 154510

I'm unhinged

No. 154524

YUM yum yum

No. 154533

File: 1627853121975.jpg (50.1 KB, 736x795, 3b3fe2491ef4922b37bcd3469e9545…)

I laughed, nonner, but check your priorities at least it's with the recast

No. 154553

File: 1627868086259.jpeg (106.13 KB, 480x600, 123FCFF4-52EE-41B8-BE43-9864F9…)

I am really enjoying the pics from the Burberry ad, it's been a great couple of weeks to be a driverfag kek

No. 154556

How does he look so damn good just standing around??? Goddamn

No. 154574

Good Shit

No. 154782

File: 1628056148995.jpg (553.82 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2021-08-04-00-26-25…)

Why people keep spreading this rumor?
You just need to watch 5 seconds of girls to know that he clearly doesn't mind. Also to me it makes no sense that someone that went to theater school would mind shit like this
I went to art uni that had a theater course and the theater students were naked for a lot of shit, I believe it's not that different in the US

No. 154784

Look at that feet. Hulk feet. Big toed ungulate.

No. 154785

File: 1628058805347.gif (1.99 MB, 268x268, 7f4d6eadc2acb6aad601b1bca0eb8b…)

190cm man?? With big feet??

No. 154795

IDK anon. The TV series only proves that he's okay with other actors looking at him, not randoms running around. But I agree that the rumor is stupid, IDK where it came from.
>sadam driver
okay that made me laugh, even though I understood it as 'sadboi Driver' rather than 'hussein Driver' kek
that movie is one of the best ones for driverfagging IMHO

No. 154852

Hello fellow Driverfags, I'm new here (after I spent the past days going through the entirety of the existing 2 threads). I've been a long time lolcow lurker, mostly ot and snow, so this is my first time in /m/, I got redirected here after I wanted to post Adam in unconventional male attractions. I got hit by the Driverfever a couple of weeks ago after rewatching the Star Wars sequels (I already saw them when they came out but I definitely suppressed my attraction to him back then kek) and reading embarassing amounts of Kylo Ren x reader ff afterwards (I actually found some really good ones which is great, I'm really picky and reader insert is definitely a huge hit and miss most of the time).
I've never really been into super tall, muscular guys/size difference or anything like that so having the hots for Adam definitely took my by surprise but I'm not complaining. Sorry for the blogpost, I actually just wanted to say that from what I can tell the people who post in here seem super lovely and interesting and I apprechiate you a lot, I definitely feel much more welcome and comfortable here than I do in other threads and I love the fact we actually have a space to talk about our oh-so-controversial attraction to him

No. 154877

File: 1628121077173.gif (4.34 MB, 540x340, 77532e42a14598a8195d360107e3b7…)

I think this has been thoroughly debunked. He's taken a lot of pictures with extras and staff during Gucci and White Noise. But I think Chair-Gate probably fueled it

Welcome! Getting hazed on the Unconventional Male Attractions thread is like a right of passage to arrive here. But now you can be as thirsty as you want. I also wasn't into very muscular men, but I think it works well with his general look and vibe vs a lot of stereotypical muscular guys

I'm super excited for Annette. I'm going to miss him with long hair

No. 154908

File: 1628160418191.gif (3.44 MB, 540x320, 4d9fc891eeb8015292c13d17e7250d…)

Welcome! So happy to see a new Driverfag here!!! also genuinely rec the whole /m/ board, it has some fun or interesting threads
>reading embarassing amounts of Kylo Ren x reader ff afterwards (I actually found some really good ones which is great, I'm really picky and reader insert is definitely a huge hit and miss most of the time).
I know it's subjective and probably much to ask, but would you mind sharing those links? I trust farmer recommendations!
>I love the fact we actually have a space to talk about our oh-so-controversial attraction to him
This always kills me. Like I saw the Gucci commercial and I was asking myself how the fuck it's weird to be attracted to THAT? Pre-centaur, of course kek
>I'm super excited for Annette. I'm going to miss him with long hair
Same. Also bummed that in the next 2 movies that will come out after Annette, Driver dies. Fuck

No. 154918


I'd have to sift through my notes to make a complete list but this one here is my absolute favorite so far I even downloaded it which I've never ever done before kek


Unfortunately there's only 4 chapters and the author stopped updating 5 months ago holding on to the hope she'll update eventually though but it's definitely one of the best smut fanfictions I've ever read. It's well written and pretty in-character (since he's not portrayed as plain evil and it's evident he's struggling with the fact he's got a good side) plus it's about having a force bond (definitely my favorite trope when it comes to the SW universe) and I love all the kinks involved (power play in particular. There's a short mention of breeding/pregnancy in chapter 4 but one can easily ignore that, at least that's what I did kek). Really hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did!

No. 154940

File: 1628172057369.jpg (613.76 KB, 1080x1080, PicsArt_08-05-10.46.48.jpg)

Welcome, nonnette! I'm glad we have new Driverfags! And you read the whole previous thread and this one as well, I'm impressed lol some people barely do that for the main boards

>I never really been into super tall, muscular guys/size difference or anything like that so having the hots for Adam definitely took my by surprise

I saw the Ben swolo meme like the rest of the world but never payed much attention to it, but when I saw him lifting Lena up with his tiddies bare, I knew it was game over for me.

>I actually just wanted to say that from what I can tell the people who post in here seem super lovely and interesting and I apprechiate you a lot

But no, really, this thread is pretty comfy and actually got many laughs out of me. And it's going to be even more fun to have another opinion to weigh in on the movies and such!

And thanks for the fic rec >>154918 kek

>he's okay with other actors looking at him, not randoms running around.
Fair enough. That made actually realize that considering he had some stalkers and has been doxxed, this could go into really creepy territory fast
But as the other nonnie said (and the blind itself) it has been proven fake. Unless he does this intermittently (?)

No. 154941

And samefagging to post the new/final Annette trailer for those that didn't see it yet.

I wonder when will the 65 trailer be released? I don't even know how he'll look like in that movie I wish they'd put him in glasses again like for his Dead don't die and midnight special roles

No. 155016

I finally had a dream about Adam (well, Adam Sackler) last night because I finally started watching Girls and I subconsciously clench my jaw whenever Adam is on screen because I really don't know how to deal with my intense attraction to him kek

Funny enough, the whole "people aren't allowed to look at him" thing was explained in my dream, but since it was a dream about the character Adam Sackler it did of course only apply to real life Adam since he didn't exist in my dream world (the explanation was that he's taking pills and they can make him really paranoid which is why whenever he's tripping he gets very intense about people looking at him)
I should've written the dream down after waking up because at this point I've been awake for too long to remember details but I'm pretty sure there was some physical contact going on
I am now of course hoping for a follow up dream but I very rarely dream of people/characters I know of in real life, that usually only happens when some serious feelings are involved but I spent hours thinking of Sackler before going to sleep so I guess that explains it

No. 155044

File: 1628273859475.jpg (165.74 KB, 1365x2048, 44225024_10155821314592344_571…)

Finally, my HT Kylo is arriving in 5 days! I'm super happy and excited but at the same time, I have so much stuff going on in my head I'm worried I will not be able to properly enjoy opening that box. IDK maybe I should wait? Hopefully I will get into the mood once I pick him up from the delivery point!

>because I finally started watching Girls
Ooh, what a timing! I just went back to watching Girls after dropping the series for a few months since the 4th season was kind of boring. I'm binging the 5th one. I enjoy it overall, but Adam is still the best thing about it, I'm sorry.
Let us know how you like the show and especially Adam's moments!
>(the explanation was that he's taking pills and they can make him really paranoid which is why whenever he's tripping he gets very intense about people looking at him)
wow I love it
>but I spent hours thinking of Sackler before going to sleep so I guess that explains it
Maybe we should all be doing that lmfao

No. 155051

File: 1628281005414.jpeg (163.52 KB, 698x1028, 9PEIyDn.jpeg)

I love his beautiful face…

No. 155065

File: 1628289243431.jpg (133.29 KB, 683x1024, 0ee5aa584c08420d5ba393b5cdc431…)

This sounds like a fun dream!

>I have so much stuff going on in my head I'm worried I will not be able to properly enjoy opening that box.
Me and my boyfriend and some other people I know also enjoy unboxing important stuff, so we usually do it only on weekends to fully appreciate it. I think it's not unusual at all if you wait, after all, it's something special that you wanna "treasure" the moment, right? Sometimes when you are stressed, cake can cheer you up, but sometimes you can't enjoy it to it's fullest due to the stress. So see what mood you're in when you grab it! I'm very excited for you.
spoiler for blog but I've applied for a home temp job that pays in dollar and if I get it I'd be able to order one for my self in literally two weeks of work aaaa manifest/pray for me nonnies

Choose your fighter
Just regular Adam but he's in a lake

No. 155154

Just finished watching 5th season of girls, only one more to go. What can I say? Angry Adam is terrifying I do have to agree that the quality of the show drops, but I'm not exactly sure when. The latter half of the 4th season really tested me though (or was it just Ray's city hall plot? That was too realistic, so boring I stopped watching).
I'm manifesting for you so hard, nona!!! I hope you get TROS Kylo so we can swap sweater tips. lol

No. 155336

File: 1628500891043.gif (1.66 MB, 268x151, tumblr_773928d0d6134daa267e6fd…)

For me, personally, I'd just recommend the first 2 seasons. Those were the ones I genuinely liked.
I absolutely hated the third, the fourth and fifth I tolerated, and the last one I disliked.
I also just kept watching because of Adam, and he elevated his character a lot, I think if it was any other actor, Sackler would probably just be a weirdo sex pest made boyfriend made sex pest again. No one can convince me otherwise kek
It also helped that he and Lena had legit great chemistry, one of my favorites that I've ever seen with one of his co-workers Sorry Daivers. And even though Lena was never beautiful, she at least was normal looking and sold her part of just a regular annoying girl very convincingly.
Spoilers, I guess? But I fucking hate how by the end of the series they try to sell this idea that Jessa was Hannah's best friend all along. What? Am I the only one that thinks that Marnie was the one they sold as Hannah's BFF from episode 1?? They fact that they suddenly changed it to be Jessa just for the ~conflict~ of the 5-6th season being that she's dating Adam and oh no muh bwest fwend betwayed me just felt really cheap and ass pull-y. Maybe I'm the one that didn't pay attention enough, but I watched that God forsaken series back to back and was legit confused by that shit. Marnie is even the one that helps Hannah raise her baby!!

No. 155563

Finished Girls so I finally can reply!
>I also just kept watching because of Adam, and he elevated his character a lot
Same. Marnie and Jessa were so fucking insufferable I would drop the tv series just because of them if not for Adam. I feel like watching this thing from start to finish was a real achievement on my part tbh I feel like that about finishing watching anything, but that's just mental illness for you#. The writing was all over the place, many plot points ended up being pointless, and I was so mad about Adam's ending - though I guess at least it was a nice, sad episode.
I really didn't want Adam to end up with Jessa, the biggest POS this series had. In the end, Marnie ended up being just as bad, but at least in the beginning she didn't seem like a completely awful person. The ending pissed me off cause I feel like Jessa got what she wanted, and I don't think she deserved that - and I also never bought her miracle romance with Adam. I really hoped Hannah would stay with him, even if it would go against the 'maturing and leaving bad relationships in the past' thing. Seeing Jessa get a mental breakdown after Adam dropped her was satisfying (even if a small part of me felt bad for her as well). God, I just hate her!!! Even Adam deciding to be alone would be better than the forced Jessa relationship.
Now I completely see what you (I think) meant about Shoshanna being the best person out of girls. I really enjoyed her time in Japan and wished that weeb Shoshanna would stay like that forever. She was so endearing! Beyond her being the clown of the group in season 1, the only thing I have against her is that she's kind of bland and I wouldn't watch a tv show focused on her… unless she would be her weeby self.
I fucking hated Hannah giving Ray a blowjob in thanks for him hauling her ass out of nowhere. It was awful, stupid and ruined both of them for me. Also not sure if I bought Ray's romance with the cute fattie, but ehhh.
You are 100 right about Marnie being Hannah's best friends. I thought the same! Also I've read commentary about those episodes on avclub and literally everyone noticed the bullshit. Marnie wasn't wrong when she called Jessa a secondary friend.

This would be a waste of time if not for Adam, as overall, there was too much of bad or plainly annoying content.

No. 155855

This is critical. Which AD did you get and does it fit the sign in your opinion?
As a Pisces, I got Charlie and couldn't agree more lmfao

No. 155935

File: 1628994750556.gif (717.77 KB, 268x450, 9d7792e16d8e2c8f66351bf63cc54c…)

Mine was Clyde Logan, I am not mad at all. He's not my absolute favorite character of him, but I believe we would get along well.

>Aquarians love their family and are clever

Why, thank you!

Funny enough, I wanted him to be with Jessa just out of spite. First because as I said, I thought the whole best friend ordeal was stupid as fuck (also thx for validating the Marnie thing), also because I hated Hannah the most out of everyone kek of she was to be with Adam from day 1 even though her character was getting progressively worse, I'd probably still ship them, but it got too messy (he being with Mimi-Rose was so fucking out of left field and even OOC if I'm honest. I think they did that so Adam would have a reason so appear less to work on SW) and Hannah just got too fucking annoying for me to want her getting what she wanted lol which wasn't even getting back with Adam, it was just that he and Jessa didn't get together. And my last reasoning for wanting them to be together was just completely shallow; sex scenes between them because Jemima is prettier than Lena kek
But realistically, if the series was to keep going, there's no way Jessa and Adam would be together still, and they knew that themselves.

My crack pairing is Shosh and Adam. She can fix him

No. 156401

File: 1629243998070.gif (1.13 MB, 324x217, ezgif-3-afaa0eb181f8.gif)

My mind keeps coming back to this gif

No. 156453

File: 1629281835769.png (160.93 KB, 1810x339, Screenshot (426).png)

I want to thank the anon responsible for the driverfag version of the Rick and Morty copypasta. How about we perfect it for future use? By which I mean replacing the literary part with something related to AD. My first idea was to mention the book Adam narrated:
>There's also Adam's nihilistic outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterisation - his personal philosophy draws heavily from ancient Greek tragedies, for instance.
>for instance, the beauty in Adam's existencial catchphrase "Did I answer your question?" which itself is a cryptic reference to Doerries' military epic The Theater of War.
I'm open to different suggestions, though. Has Adam ever mentioned any book being important for him? Or maybe a type of acting theory? I hope this isn't too autistic LMFAO.

Pasta copied below for convenience (as the thread in which it was posted is probably gonna get nuked) - without any changes
To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Adam Driver. The beauty is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of peak male performance most of the sexy big nosed appeal will go over a typical farmer's head. There's also Adam's nihilistic outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterisation - his personal philosophy draws heavily from Narodnaya Volya literature, for instance. The driverfags understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of the meaty tiddies, to realize that they're not just beautiful- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike Adam Driver truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn't appreciate, for instance, the beauty in Adam's existencial catchphrase "Did I answer your question?" which itself is a cryptic reference to Turgenev's Russian epic Fathers and Sons I'm smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Adam Driver's genius unfolds itself on their television screens. What fools… how I pity them. And yes by the way, I DO have a Adam Driver tattoo. And no, you cannot see it. It's for the driverfag's eyes only- And even they have to demonstrate that they're within 5 IQ points of my own (preferably lower) beforehand.

No. 156510

Sorry I'm a new driverfag, which movie/show is this?

No. 156578

File: 1629326040163.gif (853.73 KB, 378x253, animation.gif)

kek anon, thanks for the appreciation, I actually first posted this modded pasta itt >>141602
I don't even remember why the fuck I did it, probably some anons where randomly shittalking driverfags again and I felt like shitposting without getting banned kek
It's kinda bad because I did it on a whim on a generator, your sugestions are very good!
>Has Adam ever mentioned any book being important for him?
As you mentioned, he usually talks about greek classics (the ones he was reading for the Theater of War project, likely), the Ajax one by Sophocles is one that I remember him mentioning during an SAG interview.

It's from the Gucci trailer, nonnie! >>154170
It's not out yet but I'm looking forward the sex scenes and the campiness of it all

No. 156763

Mimi-Rose was the best girl Adam dated, her heel turn by the end made even less sense. I really wish there was a sex scene with her and Adam.

No. 156799

File: 1629427248380.gif (925.4 KB, 400x200, giphy.gif)

>I really wish there was a sex scene with her and Adam.
Boy, how I wish

No. 156823

File: 1629451892979.jpg (847.47 KB, 2062x949, pixlr_20210820040538788.jpg)

I was actually lurking the Deuxmoi sub and stumbled upon this lol
Mento illness luv

No. 156984

Is nobody watching Annette? It's downloadable on rarbg.

No. 156988

I sure hope you guys are so we can finally talk properly

No. 156998

I don't know which is more schizo, larping as ex AD gf or following and collected info on some mentally ill woman's larping campaign

No. 157020

File: 1629569891120.jpg (81.74 KB, 736x916, 3af96d57204c04d31760c46f72a15b…)

Is it downloadable already?? But in good quality? If so, I'll download it asap

the second is not so different from what people with personal cows do kek

If lolcow goes down, I'll miss my fellow driverfags

No. 157030

There is a 2160p web-dl, 15 GB.

No. 157031

with HDR10plus.

No. 157096

File: 1629613844775.webm (14.55 MB, 1920x1080, Goodbye.webm)

No. 157097

I hate that everyone acts like lolcow is already dead. It isn't yet! Worst case, we will migrate to cc or discord (I hope, I like the driverfag community and don't want to join twitterfags or plebbitors).

No. 157110

Grab a lower resolution before you waste the bandwidth on all that. If you somehow for some reason like it, go for the imax quality.

No. 157125

…so I take it you didn't like Annette? Why?
T. Anon who saw it at the world premiere (and has mixed feelings about the film)

No. 157145

File: 1629658845524.jpeg (131.52 KB, 828x483, 0D249C6A-32E3-4713-9FFB-6903B5…)

not a driverfag but thought you all would find it funny

No. 157154

Admittedly I probably was not in the mood for an artsy vocally-challenged musical so I'm going to need a rewatch at some point. I'm a huge fan of Leos Carax in general and the sentiment of him making this film for his daughter is touching to me (her mother/his partner died years ago) but this felt very on the nose for him.

No. 157155

Samefag but keeping in mind the film's dedication, the portrayal of Ann as a beatific saintly nonentity is probably intentional, but it also seemed like a huge waste of Marion Cotillard.

No. 157353

File: 1629788397432.jpeg (141.67 KB, 1080x1350, E9fWTWBWQAc8rVO.jpeg)

Kek I obviously like him for other reasons as well, but the height helps

I've downloaded Annette and I really wanna watch it but I've been busy so I haven't yet. Maybe this weekend I'll finally be able to do it!
On other news, the new Breitling pics are very nice hnng

No. 157354

File: 1629788419407.jpeg (125.22 KB, 1080x1350, E9fWS-sWEAAPrRC.jpeg)

No. 157357

File: 1629788914506.jpeg (268.04 KB, 2048x1365, E9JcyUfWUAMcSD0.jpeg)

And a last pic to illustrate this tweet

Lol kinda sad, aw. Where we're taking the new Driverfags?
I've been randomly permabanned from c.c (even though I was there for it's inception, but they've been having this ban problem) and I don't use discord, not my thing. Since the donations, I don't think lc will croak so soon, but if it did, I'd have nowhere to go lol

No. 157360

confession, i'm not a driverfag but i find it to be the most wholesome thread of nothing but positivity so i still lurk here lmao love u diver nonnies

No. 157415

File: 1629814136996.png (285.16 KB, 515x387, doitfordriver.png)

Is it dying? We should act fast and find a place to migrate

No. 157455

Same. I'm not a driverfag myself but I love lurking on here. Nice with cute little touches of 'tism.

No. 157470

File: 1629835365054.gif (2.2 MB, 498x278, kylo-ren.gif)

It's not. We're in the middle of a bumpy road, but it's gonna last at least for another couple of years due to the farmer's donations. IIRC, the current Admin even said that the next one won't need to worry about paying for the server for at least one full year, so yeah. But a lot of us got a bit scared. No need to take immediate action kek

>cute little touches of 'tism.
lmao wholesome
Jokes aside I legit think it's wholesome when non-driverfags come comment In the first thread we had a fair share of insults kek
You're always welcome!

No. 157476

>Jokes aside I legit think it's wholesome when non-driverfags come comment
nta but i'm strangely fond of you all and when i saw admin's post about the site possibly shutting down by the end of the year, my first thought was 'but what about the driverfags???' you are like a herd of beautiful endangered animals and i cannot bear to lose you, we must relocate you to a safe place.

No. 158071

File: 1630243916270.jpeg (533.63 KB, 750x918, DF31D1D7-1A02-48A0-933F-530B3E…)

I’ve been avoiding the thread because I haven’t had time to watch Annette yet either and I was worried about spoilers. But I’m pleasantly surprised that most people here are chill about it. Twitter and Instagram kept recommending me spoiler clips.

I did see the post about his shoe size though. He’s a US 14 and Google says the average male is 10.5. Take of that what you will

No. 158073

>But I’m pleasantly surprised that most people here are chill about it
It feels to me like nobody cares about Annette and it makes me sad, since it's new Driver content

No. 158088

File: 1630260158473.gif (3.58 MB, 268x300, a2ff1e0e05fd1d645393c2c9f405fc…)

>It feels to me like nobody cares about Annette and it makes me sad, since it's new Driver content
In my case it just came out in a very bad time because I've busier right now than all year lol I'll try to watch it today, but it's one of these weeks that I've been pushing all of my hobbies to the weekend and I wanna do them all but have to pick cause I don't have the time
I could also write a dumbass review like a did for the book, everything spoilered, of course

I'd lick these louboutins clean

No. 158095

All the Driverfags on twitter already saw it, but the movie never got a cinema release in my country, we don't have Amazon so I had to go full Mad Jack The Pirate and I feel bad about it because I really wanted to support the movie.
If it's in your local cinema, go and see it there. I think it's one of a few new releases that absolutely needs to be seen on a big screen and with dolby atoms sounds system.

No. 158097

File: 1630269459250.gif (7.38 MB, 540x280, tumblr_16c857d10610ad6e921c472…)

Unfortunately I don't think it will ever get a theatrical release here in my country either. Maybe next year, on a small indie theatre. But otherwise…
I don't feel too bad pirating it though because I already pay for Amazon Prime and if it ever get released on cinema I'll be the first one there kek it's just that for some reason it'll only be released in my country, on streaming mind you, in November. I don't know what the fuck is up with that, pirating it is

No. 158101


No. 158102

I'm ready to be deepthroated by him, please

No. 158103

File: 1630273175126.jpeg (73.65 KB, 680x526, EcbWJ6qU4AA60p9.jpeg)

We don't want to be criminals but Jeff Bezos is forcing us into it.
>also, literally us

No. 158210

File: 1630353210113.jpg (458.82 KB, 1536x960, 20210830_164711_228.jpg)

Just finished Annette and I have a lot of thoughts that I might right later when I have the time! I generally really liked it, though.

Also this could've been endgame if Henry went to therapy.

He was asked to play Captain Hook, wasn't he? I don't remember by whom (Disney?), but he declined.

Kek is this a thing somewhere?? Am I a slut too for loving loubies?

No. 158212

File: 1630353338449.gif (2.89 MB, 268x376, 2b5cb302a7303a8b5f1776fcb15395…)

Meant write, too lazy to delete my typo while phoneposting, have this gif

No. 158236

Is that supposed to be a real child or some weird doll?

No. 158252

It is a doll, but it's also a child - Adam's daughter. It makes sense in the context of the movie

No. 158311

had to drop this here
pls write the review! would love to read it

No. 158315

Driver is a narc and sees his daughter only as a doll.
It's basically r/raisedbynarcisists the musical.

No. 158340


Honestly loved this

No. 158367

File: 1630448614335.jpg (86.42 KB, 800x800, H92d67f2d36a24372855109cb3d85e…)

Okay! I'll write it as soon as I am able
Also that lego video is pretty cute lol I didn't even know they made lego horses, but of course they do

A follow up for this, they now have the painted head. I will wait to see if anyone posts a review with pics, I won't buy anything from AliExpress without a customer pic first kek
But honestly, at that price, I'd rather buy the unpainted head and an airbrush and do it myself, personally. But if any other anon doesn't have the motivation and/or skills to do it, it's an option.

Btw, to the nonnette that bought the HT kylo: Did you open it?

No. 158463

File: 1630518651440.gif (9.45 MB, 540x600, tumblr_de3d0ee6f65d778766ebd29…)

>ywn be the hand in gifrel

No. 158474

File: 1630525346364.jpeg (364.93 KB, 1242x1940, 940A1A86-0B1C-461E-B067-433ABA…)

>tfw I will never ruffle his soft hair.

No. 158489

Holy shit anon, I feel this. Also love how you placed Driver, kek. So elusive and forever out of touch.
What is the original pic? Google says it's Anthy from Utena, but the colors are kond of off

No. 158494

File: 1630533789896.gif (2.96 MB, 540x288, tumblr_p26tp3xFV91weksw2o2_540…)

I love the poorly edited in oriental short hair kek
but yes, when even live

Definitely not Anthy. She looks indian, I thought it might be Nena from Jojo but upon googling, it's also not it.

No. 158499

Lalah from Gundam

No. 158500

zoom in so you can look into her eyes, they’re filled with what we need

No. 158511

File: 1630547006395.gif (3.2 MB, 268x462, 1afac26d0e3e54a5e6b9b06c934dac…)

Heh neat easteregg!
This is my favorite"touching Driver hair" gif because it's really intimate, reposting since it's kinda sorta on topic still

No. 158513

File: 1630551699674.webm (8.86 MB, 1152x648, 241149245_308973124320685_8828…)

Arms and shoulders appreciation, from the Annette BTS. I like how gentle he is with this doll

No. 158869

File: 1630709739911.gif (6.18 MB, 540x375, tumblr_803251cf225fb2b89aae174…)

Here's my review! I'd say it's more of a big word-salady thought dump than a review, but hey. I am also probably forgetting a lot of stuff since I just found the time to write it today and I watched the movie last week.
I decided against spoilering it because else it would be a giant ugly black box, but everything after this has big SPOILERS

I watched Holy Motors this year to get familiarized Leos Carax' "language", and although Annette is way more straightfoward and has less room for it's plot interpretation, I'd know that I was in for a very non conventional movie, with some meta stuff in it. I think that the first scene in the movie shows that well; I like how it kinda looks like actors walking together to a stage play and get in character by the end of the song. I think that a lot of this movie have strong "stage play" vibes at some points, like when Adam and Marion are dancing/fighting on the boat. I don't know, maybe it wasn't on purpose (but it's not rare to directors do stuff like these when there are budget restrictions), but the blue screen with waves kinda turned upside down/sideways to emphasize the dramatic storm and how the water was being throwing at them in this small practical stage (the boat itself) really reminded me of when I was watching Les Mis live, and they'd do some clever tricks to represent the surroundings and feelings.
Another thing that is very theatre-like that I really liked was the fact that you could see a lot of the women that were part of Henry's act as other background characters like nurses and stewardessess, like a real Broadway musical ensemble. I thought that was pretty cool and also added to that "meta" feeling, like we are watching a movie that it is supposed to be a representation of a story, not like a "simulation of real life" (I don't know if I am making sense since I'm ESL lmao)
I also like how generally, when Ann is on screen alone, the colors of the movie get a bit warmer (aside for her opera/dream/fear sequences). Maybe I am misremembering it, but I had this impression that scenes with Henry were usually a bit more gloomy looking whereas Ann's had a bit more of a warmer tint before she learns that Henry abused the girls. By the way, is one of the girls Kiko Mizuhara or was I seeing things?? That caught me really off guard lol
I couldn't really get why Ann always had an apple with her. If anyone have any theories, I'd appreciate to hear them! I didn't search for anything online because I wanted to write my opinions without any influences.
As I said, the plot itself is pretty straight forward (more than what I could say about Holy Motors, which I had to digest for a while kek).
I thought that Ann singing in the moonlight when she goes into the woods mid-opera is kinda like a peak at her mind, like her fear of being alone (which is kinda the same Henry has, which is highlighted by the scenes where he fails to sleep and the club scene), and it goes to Annette; either genetically or because Ann is now "haunting Henry through Annette' - which again, can be interpreted as either because Ann is literally haunting him by possessing Annette when she sings or the liking, or because Annette just carries too many qualities that are akin to her mother so he's always constantly being reminded of Ann.
I think that Henry has that boxing theme because he's always in a kind of "match" with his audience, just like he says "laugh, laugh, laugh" with disdain at the beginning. And he essentially does anti-comedic rants instead of real stand-up, which I think has a nice flavor of irony to it. They reminded me more of my uni's theatre students doing presentations. I think that Henry became a comedian to both feel superior to his audience but also to be less lonely, but these are just my two cents. When he meets Ann on his bike, it kinda make me think that Henry likes the attention/controversy and that Ann is more focused on the art and not the attention. I guess it again ties in with the theme that Henry is lonely as fuck and it manifests itself in being an attention whore.
I liked Simon Helberg a lot in this movie as well, the scene where he's conducting and talking about Ann is nicely shot. I wish they actually had an affair-affair after Ann finds out that Henry is abusive towards other people, it would've been an interesting addition to the plot and also would actually bring the question if Annette is Henry's or Simon's. They been together just once a week before she met Henry just makes Simon sounds delusional and like he's projecting what he wanted into Annette - and maybe that's the point, but I personally felt like it didn't have as big of a punch then if we were actually left wondering if Henry is exploiting a child that is not even his, killing both of her parents. But Alas. (Both of the killing scenes I enjoyed a lot because Adam is just so big, strong and threatening, you know neither of these characters confronting him have much chance against him. Their lives were literally in his hands, it's very scary to see the size differences and how every effort to even break from him is useless)
I like how the ghost of Ann has two sides, the one that resents Henry and the one that loves him. Again, whether those are real paranormal events or just Henry's mind, works imo. I thought that the scene where he's having trouble to fall asleep and then when he does, Ann's ghost get spooned by him is really cute. When they both confront him at the court scene is cool, as well. I maybe misrebembering again, but is "good Ann" only seen in mirrors and "evil Ann" actually seen in front of him? That would be a nice little metaphor.
I think that it is also good that Henry got his comeuppance by going to jail, and it is very heartbreaking when he says "Am I not allowed to love you?" to Annette and she straight up refuses. I mean, I know he doesn't deserve that, but it seems, at least to me, that he actually regretted his shit during prison time and learned to be a better person - Especially if you consider that he had seen Annette as a doll/puppet all this time, and this is the first time he sees her as a little child. But not even your child daughter wants anything else to do with you, damn. It's sad to see her not showing any type of affection towards him as he hugs her for the last time until god knows when. Although I thought it was sad, it was also really refreshing, imo. No redemption for the asshole narc dad. When did that last happen, especially for a protagonist? I also thought it was cool how his birthmark thingie in his face kept growing through out the movie, like the toxicity he has starts to take a physical form outside as well.
Anyway, I also think that the monkey she leaves behind with her doll "corpse" is also a representation of her child wonder/innocence, because that monkey has always been with her in every other scene; she would hug the monkey or the monkey would hug her. So leaving it behind would be a big deal.
Does anyone know why Annette also resents her mother? This kinda left me wondering. I thought it may be because her mother haunts Henry through her, so her mother also used Annette selfishly as a puppet to get back at her father. But I'm not sure if that's it, and that was a bit confusing for me. If you don't consider the Ann haunting to be paranormal and simply a metaphor, maybe Annette resents Ann because she passed her fears of being alone and her talent, which led her to be exploited by her father? I don't know, just throwing it in the air. I was with Henry when he asked Annette not to blame Ann lol
I liked the intro song, the we loved each other so much song grew on me (and well, it was basically the movie leitmotif so that helped), the nurses song, the storm song, the interrogation song, the travelling around the world song and the last one. I guess those were the big numbers that stayed with me the most. Musicals have these big songs that are usually character feelings/motivations (in opera they are the Arias) and the ""filler"" songs; they are not filler in the original sense of the word because they are usually the opposite, songs to advance the plot. But they are filler songs in the sense that not much thought is put into these songs, since they are mostly sung dialogue vs sung emotions/motivation (in opera those are cantatas, simplifying this explanation a lot). I felt that this musical had a looot of "filler songs", and it would've been better to just straight up make it a book musical, aka a musical with actually spoken dialogue between the big songs. They kinda keep flip-flopping it and it felt a bit weird structurally imo. There were also some parts with "talk singing" that I thought sounded a bit weird. I think everyone sang well, but I feel like they could've pushed Adam a bit harder for his singing, like I felt like he sang more vividly for Marriage Story and we could have used a performance like that in this movie as well, but it was fine.
Unrelated to the movie note: I could identify a lot of clothes he wore for While We're Young and Girls being repeated here.
I was very happy with his naked scenes lol I with the eating out scenes were longer and more detailed kek But I take what I can get. I know that this was a director choice, but still, the tickling scene put a daunting question in my mind: Is Adam Driver a footfag?
TL;DR: 8/10 for me.

Sorry for big text, thanks for reading my bullshit thoughts

No. 159134

File: 1630891139200.jpg (5.58 MB, 4032x3024, driverfagswerehere.jpg)

Saw this at a local con and thought of you lovely ladies. I consider myself a retired driverfag but I love these threads so here you go.

No. 159154

File: 1630907413662.jpg (242.28 KB, 1080x1664, IMG_20210906_023835.jpg)

Aw, thanks anon! That's some really nice art. I can see it's a reylo print. I kinda like some aspects of reylo but to this day I have no idea why it amounted this much popularity, like no other SW couple ever has. Pic very much rel lol
And it's still strong after the botched last movie, which is impressive. But I guess that would be a topic for the SW thread instead.

>retired driverfag

Do you mind me asking why retired? Kek just legit curious. Was it after or before this thread?

I swore I had answered this, guess it was only in my mind, sorry! But thanks for worrying about us, nonnie!

No. 159197

>I felt that this musical had a looot of "filler songs"

I find this is true of the Sparks discography in general. They've been doing this for 40 years and it's like 80%ish filler nonsense imo.

No. 159259

The Driver slander on /ot/ is disgusting, I just needed to say that.
I realize that this is 99% on me being ignorant, but…
Did anyone else felt like they were taking crazy pills when the movie was advertised to the normies like "with a music by Sparks OMG!!!"? I know they are largely responsible for Annette, but I've literally never heard about them before (I know there was some documentary about them this year and that's it). Like who are those scrotes and why the fuck am I supposed to care? Do they have a decent hipster following in the USA or wherever they crawled from? I want to blame it on them being unknown in my country, but maybe I am wrong and theu actually have 250 fans here kek. It was SO bizzare to see them advertised like they are Thom Yorke or a band as recognizable. I don't see anyone going to see Annette for Sparks but I'm probably projecting so excuse me if I sounds like a moron. The music in the film didn't make me interested in them, if it's any consolation for my ignorance.

No. 159266

Sparks were on the cusp of breaking through to the mainstream during the death of disco/birth of new wave years way way back but the recent renaissance is them being rediscovered by hipsters in the past decade. Separately, they've always been an obscure cult fave in France as I understand it. So much so that it's where they decided to move. Parisian rent isn't so bad with arts subsidies.

No. 159273

File: 1630978386319.gif (9.89 MB, 540x320, tumblr_edc79a9d5ab69b8f7f5254e…)

>Parisian rent isn't so bad with arts subsidies.
Nta but maybe I should move to France then

No. 159309

Work on getting a hit Driver gif in France. You can use that as an in.

No. 159334

File: 1631019704125.jpeg (236.47 KB, 750x384, E0201130-5113-435E-8B0C-BA9624…)

This actually looks pretty cool. I’m sort of picky about posters and fan art as decorations, but this one seems like it could fit well

Also, Driver Twitter is probably the most annoying after Reddit. Everyone is either nitpicking him for spending too much or calling him a sugar daddy when it’s extremely obvious that he didn’t have to pay for any of the Breitling watches since he’s literally their celebrity sponsor.
Most things celebs wear on the red carpet are rented or gifted anyway.

No. 159380

File: 1631045916769.gif (8.14 MB, 540x540, tumblr_20810b30f866f82c5254401…)

>Work on getting a hit Driver gif in France
A gif is all it takes? I'm on it jk i know it's probably a brainfart or something

>it’s extremely obvious that he didn’t have to pay for any of the Breitling watches since he’s literally their celebrity sponsor
And even if he was to pay for it, so what? It's not like he's using his money irresponsibly. I wonder if they think it makes a literal celebrity that starred in one of the biggest franchises in the world less relatable because he has expensive watches. I mean, I probably wouldn't pay that much on a watch, but if I had his money suddenly I'd probably get one or two luxury items, even if just to see what the fuss is about. He's feeding his kid, his wife and his dog, those watches are nothing
Has anyone ever nitpicked the designer clothes he wears as well?

No. 159394

File: 1631049751919.jpg (43.82 KB, 373x524, tumblr_ozxlygcBj11w3fctro1_128…)

I'll keep thinking about this gif for a long time, what a beautiful man
Cute Kylo Ren fanart in animal crossing style in case anyone hasn't seen it yet

No. 159395

i love him

No. 159514

>making some funny au art
>RaTloS sHip hUmAnS aNd RaTs!!
Why are tumbler users like this?

No. 159521

File: 1631128843597.jpg (108.61 KB, 1439x1014, 67633046_0.jpg)

Yeah, that one is obviously a joke (and I suppose even the reaction is mostly an exaggerated joke anyway), but there is some weird shit on A03 like stalker AU, incestuous AU and whatnot.
But honestly, at this point this is just expected from fandom shit, I bet that you could find all of that cringy shit under any tag that is popular. Even the "anti" shit is expected lol to me the only thing that crosses the line is the IRL stalking shit, and unfortunately that also has happened in other fandoms, like 1D and Cumberbatch from Sherlock.

I don't even like AUs, so I usually just collect fanarts

No. 159649

File: 1631207931003.webm (2.49 MB, 640x800, 241633559_439737277356789_3711…)

I like this era of Adam a lot. He looked healthy and b i g

No. 160417

File: 1631641433912.jpeg (447.85 KB, 1536x2048, E_GJunrWYAYahrN.jpeg)

This billboard in Glasgow…

No. 160420

Holy shit, why isn't it in my europoor capital? That is a glorious sight. A reparation for tons of billboards with half-naked top models kek

No. 160427

File: 1631650443806.jpg (241.22 KB, 540x757, tumblr_f249ea6d72ace52e2ba1afb…)

Outdoors are forbidden where I live due to visual pollutions laws, so I can only imagine this would be quite a sight to behold lol btw, I really wish I could get a sniff of that perfum. Probably wouldn't be as curious if it wasn't for Adam, but I do love cedarwood.

Anyone else is looking forward to the Last Duel? I wasn't so hyped up before, but the trailers got me interested. I also like Comer.

No. 160509

Where do you live that has "visual pollution laws", does that mean no big adverts?

No. 160540

File: 1631727229777.gif (2.65 MB, 540x400, 9fcb04bfee9bffd1c856592aa64326…)

No. 161011

File: 1632030601890.jpg (80.22 KB, 784x820, 242017621_157711296544326_8738…)

I haven't been able to driverfag as much cause I've been busy, but Adam holding a latte with his face

No. 161448

AYRT, it was actually two prints! Rey wasn't sold out, either. Definite Reylo pandering going on, though. I'm "retired" because of crazy fans of his on Reddit and it's been a few years now. These threads are actually bringing the spark back.

No. 161570

File: 1632432652487.png (2.81 MB, 1056x1176, Screen Shot 2021-09-23 at 4.30…)

>I'm "retired" because of crazy fans of his on Reddit
What do you mean by crazy, if you don't mind me asking? I've always wondered what it's like for artists who draw characters or celebrities. I know a lot of it gets stolen by fan accounts and sometimes people make weird requests.

I like the idea of reylo, but the fan side of it is a bit unhinged. I saw someone on Twitter a few days ago who swore the reason there were no leaked imaged of White Noise is because they're secretly filming a Star Wars project with Adam and Daisy.

Also, I'm ready for some historical looks

No. 161611

I don't mind at all. It's the fans who demonize his wife who are the ones I mean when I say crazy. I was lurking around not too long after that AITAF incident where a fan insisted Joanne bullied her. Maybe I'm stupid but I did believe it may have happened the way the fan claimed…at first. But even if it is true, Reddit driverfags take it too far. Maybe Joanne is a bitch, maybe she's not. None of us can tell from a handful of photos and she's his problem anyway. I hope she treats him well, of course, but if not he knows what to do. The high level of personal investment on there grossed me out.

Most of the Reylo fans I've seen are unhinged too. I dislike the pairing but not as much as I dislike the insanity associated with it.

You're 1000% right about historical dress Adam and I hope we get more too. Cheers, anon!

No. 161678

File: 1632503596704.png (782.32 KB, 1280x973, tumblr_o1kqxgfO6o1qhj6m6o1_128…)

>I saw someone on Twitter a few days ago who swore the reason there were no leaked imaged of White Noise is because they're secretly filming a Star Wars project with Adam and Daisy.
Can't wait for their reaction when it turns out they were wrong and there is no secret reylo movie. Psychofans(and Sariah Wilson)on suicide watch
Maybe I'm wrong, but I've always thought that the insane fans are a minority. Even r/adamdriverfans seemed to calm down a bit when I checked it (granted, it was a solid few months ago).
I just remembered going on a late bus home from work when the AITAF drama was relatively fresh and reading all
driverfags back then lol. I hope you guys are still around, even if the thread became slow.
Anyway, tag yourself. I'm mask/fanboy Kylo Ren. Also apologies if the old ass meme already was posted, run into it randomly and couldn't resist sharing

No. 161679

I’m snarky/L’Oréal Kylo.

No. 161800

File: 1632594859826.jpg (274.19 KB, 1080x1534, Adc.jpg)

Rip the adam driver files. unpopular opinion i hate new rebranding

No. 161807

Was this a good news source? I like following accounts that post new photos or info, but not their own personal stuff or weird conspiracies one Driver account I used to follow made 20 stories about being depressed because of school and it felt kind of awkward

No. 161956

File: 1632717405995.jpg (94.8 KB, 736x736, Inb4 shutdown.jpg)

One of the decent Adam Driver fan news account. Too bad the new rebranding as Adam Driver Central are gonna cater the twitterfags.
I semi retired using lolcow because I lost interested in the content.At this point the only communities I like and post is the Driverfags
Also remember Sam Era , Good Times Anon.

No. 161984

It feels like an end of an era. This new rebranding is already annoying with the rats pandering. Yeah TADF joked about it, but it was not a main thing.
They mentioned how old owner and creator was bullied, anyone knows what happened?

No. 162013

File: 1632760006114.jpeg (41.21 KB, 406x797, OdwGs9i.jpeg)

You've been missed, nona. Also I love the meme lmfao
Wait, why the fuck is this rebranding happening? What was wrong with AD Files?
>the rats pandering
You know, sometimes I hate that everything needs to have a fandom with cringey, autistic name. I remember the funny post where someone was complaining about that like it's a new thing, and another person was like 'yeah, but did you hear about Jesus Christ?'. I do think that it's true that in the last year, those cringe fandom names became a much bigger thing. I wish they were at least something punny and toungue in cheek, like 'adamirers' (still cringe, but at least hard to treat seriously) than fucking rats, which sounds psychotic with the whole 'gotta feed the rats' thing. Sorry, I'm probably overly rude about it, I guess I'm just too old. lol
>They mentioned how old owner and creator was bullied, anyone knows what happened?
Huh, I would also like to know more about that

No. 162213

File: 1632867891811.jpg (145.2 KB, 1224x954, cag8ac6wfh551.jpg)

I am free to driverfag again for a little while, finally aaa

>Rey wasn't sold out
I am not surprised, tbh kek Kylo is absolutely the fan favorite of the pairing, on both sides
>These threads are actually bringing the spark back.
Welcome back! (if you're to return)

>I like the idea of reylo, but the fan side of it is a bit unhinged.
It's completely unhinged. Both sides, honestly, the anti-reylos were also very weird. But this is unfortunately expected now as far fandom shit goes. I guess the main difference of the reylos is that older women are also invested (Sariah being a big example of this), the weird stalkers and also the fact that SW dudebros are very offended by the "twilightification" of the Star Wars. Kinda like they are mad at the Mando series for the "minionification" of Grogu.
Going a bit on a tangent here, I actually like Reylo as well, but if I was the writer of the last movie I wouldn't make them canon, at all. Which could actually be a good thing - let Ben live and them the romance could be built upon (and milked) with more care and time. a bit of a personal opinion here but non canon couples are also more fun kek

>I saw someone on Twitter a few days ago who swore the reason there were no leaked imaged of White Noise is because they're secretly filming a Star Wars project with Adam and Daisy.
This made me legit laugh out loud. This kind of conspiracy theory is so funny to me. That was the sole reason why I'd check the Daiver thread at r/adamdriverfans, but since it became more moderated and less crazy, I stopped checking it out. It's a two way street because yeah, it's a good thing that the crazy is under a leash now, but damn it was funny. I remember reading some fanfic-tier "gossiping" there.

> I hope you guys are still around, even if the thread became slow.
I am totally still here! I like our little fangirling corner of lolcow as well lol
>Anyway, tag yourself.
I am matt and snarky kylo lol

That meme reminded me of this one. Tag yourselves or pick your husbando
I am Clyde, which matches this lmao >>155935

Missed you nonna! I like your memes (and I love your "virtual accent", if that makes sense? You write in a unique way which I like

I like Adam Driver Brasil, I think it was the biggest fanpage second to TADF. They are very good for pics and I speak portuguese lol Also I like how they are just unapologetic horny aunties, but in a professional way, if that makes sense? Like, they deliver the news, photos, etcetc but they are not also uber woke and do not pretend they are above wanting to see them tiddies and stuff. Most portuguese interactions on their instagram is full of horny comments as well. I don't know how twitter is but from caps some people always seem so holier-than-thou

>I wish they were at least something punny and toungue in cheek
I absolutely agree, can't believe I am saying this but even cumberbitches is more creative kek

I also wanna know about the bullying rumours, cause I am as nosy as Driver himself

No. 162640

File: 1633129246669.webm (2.8 MB, 640x1138, 243239518_120923953635893_6854…)

New Breitling thing, I love those

No. 162684

File: 1633183545404.jpeg (254.09 KB, 750x407, 82AD932C-A4A4-4D4D-8166-55C629…)

I remember a director gave a little anecdote about Adam driving out to meet him on his motorcycle instead of taking a taxi.
I think it’s funny that his endorsements so far are high-end watches, motorcycles, cologne and… Snickers. Has he been in any other ads?

No. 163066

File: 1633523362123.webm (569.71 KB, 720x720, Q7c5rQGgnphMQbPy.webm)

I heard it too. Isn't the old owner has a discord server that patreon exclusive??
I kinda wish that I ask the Twitter community but that's gonna expose me as farmer.

Anyway Immigration plan when? I know the site will still up until the end this year. If this community is gone forever gonna blend myself with the twitterfags.

I wish there is a space to dicussing AD that is free from crazy Reylo . I know there is tumblr but still…

Oh I also like Adam Driver UK nonnie.

No. 163067

Samefag, video is not mine

No. 163068

Would love to migrate somewhere. Though it's not yet confirmed that lolcow will be dead by the end of this year. Let's not lose faith.
>that webm

No. 163073

File: 1633525655861.jpeg (327.95 KB, 750x863, 9A8B3514-C7BF-4385-A557-CBE597…)

I’m open to an AD discord if it’s our small lolcow group. It’s nice having a no pressure place to discuss little snippets if the site dies

Pic unrelated

No. 163074

Me too, even though I'm not a fan of discord. IDK how many of us are interested in it, one driverfag definitely wasn't

No. 163080

File: 1633531733937.jpg (451.54 KB, 1080x1945, IMG_20211006_114535.jpg)

Crystal.cafe takeover plan
Let's trigger tranny miners

No. 163100

Kek, what is the thread?

No. 163118

File: 1633548501245.jpg (279.96 KB, 500x626, EniZ3BqXMAMlgGE.jpg)


He has so many mug/cup pictures, I could fill the whole thread if I wanted to be annoying and banned again, most likely

No. 163127

File: 1633553183795.jpeg (14.61 KB, 360x213, 16239843943.jpeg)

I'm down for a driverfagging discord

[spoiler]I'm a reylo thought[spoiler]

No. 163138

File: 1633556283310.jpg (221.03 KB, 900x1500, EPOB_36UUAAEqD5.jfif.jpg)

I also like reylo and kylux! I just don't associate with the people that identify as reylo, especially the western side. I really have to filter a lot of crazy shit to find good fan content of this ship.

No. 163154

File: 1633566083831.gif (2.96 MB, 540x430, 1632494747372.gif)

I get that, community has different levels of cringe, but still I feel more comfortable in that community because I don't see moronic takes on how
>Kylo dying is actually a good thing and Rey being a Skywalker is a perfect ending uwu

Back in the day, early 2016 I was a multishipper and liked kylux jokes and art, but at some point most of them joined anti community and started "supporting" finrey. From that point on I started avoiding them, now all I see is how mad they are Kylo got a redemption, (even thought I think it was poorly executed it was still the only thing that had any depth in that damn movie) how they are "right" fans for supporting genocidal nazi as a villain and not like reylos wanting him to redeem himself.

No. 163170

>all I see is how mad they are Kylo got a redemption, (even thought I think it was poorly executed it was still the only thing that had any depth in that damn movie) how they are "right" fans for supporting genocidal nazi as a villain and not like reylos wanting him to redeem himself.
Not a Reylo (cause Rey feels to me like a void of character, even though she has shown some promise in TFA - and if I'm husbandofagging, I might as well without projecting on a canon character) or Kylux, but I hope they seethe & cope some more. Kinda funny that John Boyega himself was sperging on twitter how the Reylo kiss doesn't matter, cause Finn will be the one to fuck Rey. Or something. He was partially joking, but IMHO it still was createdringe and eyeroll worthy.

No. 163217

Yeah he was "joking" but can you imagine Adam or any other white actor saying that it doesn't matter who girl loves but who gets to fuck her? People that called him out were his fans in his comment section, but he blew it all out of proportion and made it all about "shipping" with his infamous NY meltdown. As usual woke crowd would rather hate on a fictional ship than say that yeah this black guy said something cringy.

No. 163222

I remember when he was shilling Finnpoe (which was a cute ship, even if it would never happen). So weird that he jumped on the Finnrey ship just to shit all over Reylos, Kylo Ren and Disney for not giving his character a bigger role (which sucked, I agree! But that comment was so immature and gross).
>he blew it all out of proportion and made it all about "shipping" with his infamous NY meltdown
Which one was it? The pipe one or was there another? LOL
>As usual woke crowd would rather hate on a fictional ship than say that yeah this black guy said something cringy.
It sucks that the idea of fandom without racism, sexism and other discrimination ended up like this. Hate how the moralfags feel entitled to decide which characters everyone is allowed to like and how they are supposed to interpret them (even if it contradicts canon).

No. 163234

File: 1633627014513.jpg (33.81 KB, 750x219, 1623439874394.jpg)

JJ sidelined Finn in the first movie and used him as a marketing tool to hide his real protagonist Rey and subvert everyones expectations. Thats why so many people to this day are locked in their TFA marketing delusions. Rian gave Finn his own plot, enemy that he defeats in an epic way rather than throwing them in the garbage to reference that other movie. In TROS his character is a literal joke, yet John goes out of his way to defend JJ and tells people not to touch his boy, at the same time he openly hates on Rian. Imagine calling out Disney for racism and at the same time defending a dude that cut out first female asian lead, gave her 2 minutes of screen-time.
It really looks like he was offended to be paired up with Kelly because he doesn't deem her attractive, "supported" finnpoe for clout when in reality he wanted his character with a white woman.
>Which one was it? The pipe one or was there another? LOL
On the same day to deflect attention from his stupid comment he made a post about reylo on twitter with Kylo and Rey fighting scenes and sarcastically named it "star wars romance". At the same time he went after people in the comment sections. He was doing it all on NYE by his time. 10 days later he made a video to show how he didn't care about teenage girls calling him out, by dubbing on them, while every @ was in it and woke crowd went after those people.
Some of those @ were really his fans and that one girl met him outside of some event, his sister even filmed the interaction and hugging for social media obviously, that girl received death threads for being a reylo and feeling disappointed by John's behavior.
>It sucks that the idea of fandom without racism, sexism and other discrimination ended up like this.
Thats why I avoid almost every other fandom interaction, everyone has some awful take ether on reylo or Adam. Some of them have never seen the movies but tumbler told them it's problematic and racist to like it.

No. 163237

Some scene with Adam from The Last Duel. Sassy Le Gris


If anyone teaches me how to download videos from twitter I will use the knowledge here

No. 163242

File: 1633629764790.jpeg (77.68 KB, 750x547, F9B96A08-E871-4FEE-876C-82D2B8…)

So ready for this movie.

Also, not sure if this is true since it’s a random Twitter account, but it’s kind of funny to imagine

No. 163246

File: 1633630272837.png (566.96 KB, 510x680, 162398473895.png)

He looks so so good in that period clothes and everything, I hope he will do more movies with middle ages aesthetic.
I think that anon was talking about their friend in marines not particularly about AD, but I can imagine Driver being able to do that as well.
He did mention that he wishes to be addicted to sleep on The Dead Don't Die press when he was asked about addiction to something, so idk if he even gets enough sleep.

No. 163252

I am not a driverfag, but I just love that this thread is always so active and always popping up to the top of /m/, something is wholesome about that to me

No. 163260

I personally use this site (you can use a similar one though)
https://www.downloadtwittervideo.com/ and then convert to webm on another, like
https://convertio.co/pl/mp4-webm/ (you can convert pretty much everything to everything here)
Thank you, it warms my heart so much!

No. 163275

Thanks a lot! Doing testing with this vid

Don't shy away from joining driverfaging at some point

No. 163276

I am but a humble 2Dfag, 3D celebs do nothing for me unfortunately, but I support you 1000%

No. 163279

File: 1633640670066.png (1.11 MB, 1002x1188, IMG_4328.png)

Thanks for your support, you have respectable choice of preference, here have some 2D Adam

No. 163280

File: 1633641770427.jpg (50.59 KB, 540x537, 886dad690a18933a5c1a8f4173e028…)

>Kylo dying is actually a good thing and Rey being a Skywalker is a perfect ending uwu
Is this actually a thing, though? I thought that the hate for TRoS was the thing that united all SW fans kek Granted, I don't use twitter and just recently went back to tumblr. I've mainly seen this opinion on YT, SW subreddits that I go to casually and 4chan SW toys threads lol

>how they are "right" fans for supporting genocidal nazi as a villain and not like reylos wanting him to redeem himself.

I see, I can see this argument making the rounds.

>I remember when he was shilling Finnpoe (which was a cute ship, even if it would never happen)
I also remember this and I agree with you. The fact that Disney went out of their way to give them "girlfriends" that were basically they, but in a women's body, was funny and tragic. I even prefer RosexFinn to that.

>So weird that he jumped on the Finnrey ship just to shit all over Reylos, Kylo Ren and Disney for not giving his character a bigger role (which sucked, I agree! But that comment was so immature and gross).

Also completely agree with you. Literally every character was butched IMHO, Kylo Ren was the most fleshed out but the ending was still shit. Finn should've had the Kyle Katarn treatment or at least somewhat similar, he was reduced to a Rey simp and it was so stupid, especially how they bring this up in TRoS to only drop it halfway when he meets his female self that was Lando's daughter???? Why does every character has to be convolutedly connect like that aaaaaaaaa

>muh I'm 28 I don't care about ships I did it when I was 12!!!
This sounds so much like he is just embarrassed of doing it and says he doesn't in public, while shipping shit in private lol I guess this was his deflection when he changed from Finnpoe from the clout (or even as a joke) to Finnrey.
>In TROS his character is a literal joke, yet John goes out of his way to defend JJ and tells people not to touch his boy, at the same time he openly hates on Rian. Imagine calling out Disney for racism and at the same time defending a dude that cut out first female asian lead, gave her 2 minutes of screen-time.
press F. I thought Rose was a bit annoying, but had growth potential. What they did to her in TRoS was so bad. Only to introduce more useless new characters.

I guess this is getting a bit too OT, but we could keep discussing the ST at the SW thread here >>>/m/140565
I really want to know: How would you rewrite TRoS or even TLJ if you did it? I am planning on doing one myself, but I always like to read everyone's versions.

Yess I hope I can see this movie when it releases!

Convertio is a godsent. I use it whenever I wanna post webms here at this carthaginian tapestry forum, mostly this thread kek

Thanks for the support anon, you're cute and based, may your water always be in the perfect temperature for drinking at the given weather

No. 163289

File: 1633645380309.jpg (88.25 KB, 960x541, 82214978_1062789667407475_2152…)

Is it safe to visit SW thread here? I tend to avoid general discussions, at this point I'm just tired. TROS managed to retcon not only TLJ but the whole saga and even new Disney canon, I feel like there is no point in arguing about what should have happened when people have different opinions even on what actually happened.

Only thing I'm sure about is that if Adam wasn't in the sequels, I doubt I would have been invested in them at all because I hated the fact that Lucas sold lucasfilm to Disney from day one. Adam really carried it all when Disney did everything to sideline him.

No. 163291

It reminds me a bit of GOT. The last season left a bad taste in everyone's mouths and overshadowed a lot of the good things the series had done.
The Force Awakens was generally well received when it came out, but TLJ was mixed and TROS was panned by almost everyone.

I will say, regardless of all the drama and the way the movies ended, I've already seen two kids in my neighborhood dressed as Kylo for our Halloween block party and it makes me happy

No. 163301

File: 1633650857820.gif (1.56 MB, 500x253, 3675a046745b8105799707ea14e35a…)

Yes, it's not a crowded thread at all lol

>I've already seen two kids in my neighborhood dressed as Kylo for our Halloween block party and it makes me happy
Aw, that's so cute. My nephew also likes Kylo Ren!
Kinda OT, spoiler for blog: My sister is planning on taking my nieces and nephew to a comic con or other con next year cause they've never been to one and I am seriously considering a Kylo Ren cosplay. I know I'd get cool aunt points with my nephew kek we'll see

No. 164413

File: 1634292921420.jpeg (Spoiler Image,321.51 KB, 1536x2048, 16657697987.jpeg)

TLD will be a death of mine

No. 164493

I'm super excited about it too, even though my experience with Annette taught me that Adam's excellent acting skills may make it difficult to watch him play a realistic villain. I wish his character wasn't actually a rapist, but AFAIK he is. Well, that sucks

No. 164505

mmmm rico adam driver rico

No. 164508

Can adam driver come fuck me in the ass? with some hole switching action. For real

No. 164515

File: 1634329205175.gif (Spoiler Image,3.45 MB, 510x400, 8.gif)

No. 164566

File: 1634349440461.jpg (368.74 KB, 959x1280, tumblr_93408098c15b2ea6ab34628…)

This should be unspoilered so the world can get driverpilled
I wanna watch TLD so bad but I don't want Blair witch tier shaky footage. I'm a patient pirate

No. 164675

File: 1634406479163.png (71.91 KB, 824x464, TLD.png)

It's bombing hard, maybe we should watch it in cinema? Baffling how Ben and Matt reunion didn't attract more people

No. 164677

File: 1634406567716.jpeg (40.58 KB, 680x484, 1629373985.jpeg)

Samefag, yet it looks like audience and critics like the movie

No. 164687

File: 1634408562316.gif (5.14 MB, 540x360, tumblr_d6e2d7c6225738331ad52db…)

I don't know if in my country the theaters are open yet, but if that's the case maybe I should go. Although I think I'd be going alone lol I am already vaccinated anyway

No. 164690

File: 1634409475145.jpeg (Spoiler Image,20.24 KB, 360x314, 16548566545.jpeg)

I plan to lure feminist friends to see it with strong women movie argument and dudes with medieval sword fights

No. 164707

Im having to wait until next week to watch it.

Honestly, these days box office numbers don’t seem like a good indicator for how good a movie is. Theater viewership in general is low and most people prefer streaming. But I could definitely see a wider audience for a horror movie during Halloween than a historical drama about rape.
If anyone goes to see it I would be interested in reading your reviews!

No. 165320

File: 1634672790725.png (1.09 MB, 600x800, bhg8cmn01dn71.png)

It was worth it just saw it yesterday with my bf. And was surprised to see as many people in the theater for it when we saw it.

Chapter 3 hit close to home and made me cry though.

No. 165378

Just came from the theater. It was an enjoyable film. There was so much glorious Adam Driver hair in it!! And he looked so good in the costumes. I loved the capes. I really want to see him play a truly evil villain someday.

No. 166741

File: 1635195022427.jpg (298.89 KB, 1080x1650, 77667775321567865333456778.jpg)

Posibility Adam Driver in Hideo game ?
I know he used to follow an adam stan account in the past. But I think Adam himself is not into heavy video games guy. Still posibble if he write a script that intersted him enough
Ot but If Adam and Mads get casted into his next project it will be the ultimate fanservice to him lol

No. 166743

God I would die. Did Kojima comment on the movie in any way? I love his tweets but I'm too lazy to grasp how twitter works.
I'm kinda tempted to go see The Last Duel, even though the topic of the movie seems harrowing

No. 167092

I decided to go watch TLD in theater even though I'm also someone who feels uncomfortable with the main theme. It helps knowing beforehand and I kind of reframed it as two actors. I will say that he plays his role well and the historical costumes suit him

This is hilarious, I never knew he followed a stan account.
Adam seems like the type to have casually played COD or something like that after the Marines. Sometimes I wonder what his hobbies are, but I guess moving between projects and having a kid doesn't give you a lot of free time. The Star Wars cast all said he was good at ping pong

No. 167141

File: 1635279907272.gif (6.3 MB, 540x360, tumblr_0df0ca0b6d5ce5e2a9c98a4…)

When was this posted? I tried looking for it, but Kojima posts so much lol I speak japanese so I wanted to see if he commented anything on the movie itself, but it was fruitless lol It doesn't help that I don't use twitter so I don't know how to properly search for shit.
A game with AD would be so cool! But I don't even know if he would have the time to partake in such project. If Kojima was to call his favorite husbando Mads as well, then it would be a very interesting day at /m/ kek

I am making plans with my brother to see this movie in November. I'll be super late to the party, but so is life. I'll write my thoughts down when I do, but I guess so far everyone seems to like it?

No. 167797

File: 1635572452844.jpg (282.41 KB, 1080x945, 999999927726372727282828282727…)

July 2021 nonnie.
>If Kojima was to call his favorite husbando Mads as well, then it would be a very interesting day at /m/ kek
Yeah, mads and driver will be a neighbor each other

Also yum, no spoiler because i want the world get driverpilled

No. 167955

File: 1635696048957.gif (647.81 KB, 200x163, f0957fb14df7ddfd7f3a8a5d3828a0…)

Happy Halloween, Driverfags!

No. 167958

File: 1635698974300.png (315.45 KB, 632x559, Screenshot 2021-10-31 17.38.00…)

>Posibility Adam Driver in Hideo game ?
As I did the Kojima-Mads investigation yesterday (hardcore driverfag, big Hideo fan, casual Mads admirer), I have looked into Kojima's interest in Adam. Sadly, it appears to be almost non-existent. The best I was able to find was picrel and an adorable thread of tweets gushing about Paterson (without mentioning Driver). I think he may have casually followed due to interest into whatever movie of Adam.
TBH I haven't looked movie by movie, but if I wasn't able to find any 'Adam-san ♥' posts, the collab of our dreams isn't happening anytime soon.

On another note…
I went to see The Last Duel yesterday. As expected, it was a brilliant but difficult movie to watch (mostly in the final part), so I do not plan to watch it any time soon… if ever. One scene was extremely hot to me, though. A a bonus, I have managed to snag the Annette poster after I have long gave up on it!!! This is my first time being able to grab a Driver poster after a few attempts. Too bad I was too depressed to go pick up Patterson one, I had a big chance of actually getting it.
It's from Annette, isn't it? My memory is shit. He doesn't look like that in Gucci, right?
Happy halloween to you too, nona!

No. 168017

I do remember Kojima posting bulky Kylo lego. If I'm correct it was somewhere after TLJ. Tbh I doubt Adam is a video games guy, maybe he played some retro vidya but I doubt he was ever into gaming.

No. 168223


I usually don't find him attractive at all but he looks so hot to me in this movie for some reason, I don't know why. still not gonna watch it though.

No. 168303

I searched for some keywords in japanese in Kojima's japanese twitter as well, and it seems to be as you say, indeed. He likes movies, he likes Star Wars, he likes legos, so it's no surprised that he "bumped" into Driver a lot. If he was smitten as with Reedus or Mads or even that other pakistani (i think) dude whose name I forget, we would know. It still would be pretty cool if he convinced Adam to work on one of his games, as many mentioned before I don't think Adam is particularly interested in vidyas that much but he likes the challenge and new experiences, so I think he'd agree to work on it if the project was interesting (and since it's Kojima…)
Well, let's just throw that into the universe kek

Also nta but yes, it is from Annette! But speaking of Gucci, here's the second trailer for the movie. I am really looking forward to this, it looks like campy fun.

Maybe you just like historical strong men? I dunno. Watch the thirst edits after it comes on a streaming platform kek

No. 168434

File: 1635996994614.jpg (48.97 KB, 576x627, R5yuh53e7eee7h8u87.jpg)

No. 168435

File: 1635997276928.jpg (67.04 KB, 636x885, 55rgj74dvn75gu6tvyjb7yfhuyh.jp…)

I hope Hideo pick up Adam so I can see a realistic render of his tiddies.

No. 168439

File: 1636000125706.jpg (646.21 KB, 1346x2048, Tumblr_l_611703789221686.jpg)

That would be the dream, I want Kojima to put him in a homo scenario like Otacon and Snake with one of his husbandos

No. 168440

File: 1636000390651.gif (3.62 MB, 540x449, Tumblr_l_612143487704251.gif)

Mini tit dump

No. 168441

File: 1636000443383.gif (1.25 MB, 268x300, Tumblr_l_612205340108793.gif)

No. 168443

File: 1636000591180.gif (1.21 MB, 540x306, Tumblr_l_612273754007259.gif)

No. 168446

File: 1636000688657.jpg (208.89 KB, 945x2048, Tumblr_l_612569532428276.jpg)

No. 168522

File: 1636040075264.jpg (223.02 KB, 1000x1000, EZZ8Y8jUwAA0Uwo.jpg)

Too lazy to tag all, but I appreciate the Driver spam…
>I searched for some keywords in japanese in Kojima's japanese twitter as well, and it seems to be as you say, indeed. He likes movies, he likes Star Wars, he likes legos, so it's no surprised that he "bumped" into Driver a lot
I think that Kojima is the type of person (or of a fanboy/otaku) that gets easily excited about new media and characters. He nosedives into his obsession of the week and then moves on to another thing. Regular spergs are stopped by money and/or space issues. Kojima probably has an infinite amount of both, so he can casually buy merch of characters that he likes at the very second. He probably also gets gifted a lot of this stuff — like the Patterson matches with Adam's name on them. For that reason, I don't think any interest matters unless Kojima is consistent with it for a long time. lol
Don't forget that Kojima is clearly an ass guy. Can't believe that picrel is true. Source: https://www.wired.com/2004/11/jungle-fervor/ So we would get a nice butt for sure.
I love Otasune because their relationship is the heart of the Solid Snake timeline MGS series, so that would be great. At the same time, can the potential Adam character have a hot lady love interest? I think it would be the best of both worlds… or he can be bisexual and the hetero relationship could be in the past with a lot of flashbacks. Sorry, I enjoy both types of ships (even if Kojima isn't the best with female characters, I do like quite a few of them)

No. 168941

I have yet to watch the Gucci movie, but is Gaga the only one with an accent? If so that's cringe, they were all italians.

No. 168942

Oh I am stupid, it's not yet out. Sorry. I am getting confused

No. 168946

The whole cast are trying accents to varying degrees of failure. Wait until you hear Jared Leto's.

No. 169001

NTA but I wish accents were ignored. If they are attempted, they almost always sound off to native speakers and just cause issues for the actors. Though I know someone would be like "why aren't they speaking in accents?".

No. 169076

File: 1636320297567.webm (1011.93 KB, 1280x720, LookmommyIcanrollmyRs.webm)

I legit will never understand Ridley Scott's decision with those accents. It just cheapens the movie. It's distracting. He didn't ask for accents in the Last Duel, is it the fact that the Gucci one is more over the top? It still feels too High School play-ish, imo.

>Wait until you hear Jared Leto

You've picked a rrreaall fieerrcrrraaahckerrr

>At the same time, can the potential Adam character have a hot lady love interest? I think it would be the best of both worlds… or he can be bisexual and the hetero relationship could be in the past with a lot of flashbacks. Sorry, I enjoy both types of ships

Anon I'm 100% there with you, this would be my dream

No. 169090

i'm so glad the movie theater i frequent always airs original versions with subtitles, otherwise i'd be so lost. i could barely understand anything when watching the original trailer. they don't have accents in the german dub iirc and i was tempted to just watch it dubbed but i'll probably watch it with my friend who only understands english.

No. 169306

File: 1636488133009.jpeg (761.3 KB, 2048x2048, 238573894574.jpeg)


No. 169307

I like what I see but how did we win? This is some meme I don't get, right? lol

No. 169309


No. 169319

I love it. It's like the odd couple at prom.

He's been looking more dad-like in all of the recent pictures with his sweater combinations

No. 169321

>the ugly couple at prom
Yeahh that's very cute actually lol

No. 169357

File: 1636517769733.jpg (72.13 KB, 600x400, Lady Gaga Metro Goldwyn Mayer …)

I don't won what we won either the pics?, but I love their look, I think they look really cute!
The only thing that's weirding me out a bit is that it looks like Gaga got lip fillers? Something is a bit off. But I love the purple on her.

No. 169360

File: 1636518263375.jpg (54.99 KB, 600x400, Lady Gaga Metro Goldwyn Mayer …)

I don't know*
Have another pic

No. 169401

File: 1636536992346.jpg (361.95 KB, 1462x2048, 1.jpg)

The actual winning pic

No. 169402

File: 1636537114161.jpg (326.04 KB, 1462x2048, 2.jpg)

No. 169406

Damn, I wish I were Gaga

No. 169408

File: 1636541469486.webm (4.94 MB, 640x360, gettyimages-1352325479-640_adp…)

Tell me about it

No. 169409

File: 1636541566465.webm (2.69 MB, 640x360, gettyimages-1352330429-640_adp…)

I wonder if this is the ring from the movie

No. 169410

File: 1636541656034.webm (2.13 MB, 640x360, gettyimages-1352325111-640_adp…)


No. 169425

Did Adam say 'okay'? I cannot hear shit over the screaming and sadly IDK how to read lips. Looks like he is not enjoying the whole circus, kek. Gaga seems much more in her element.
They both look great, love Gaga's outfit! IDK what that anon >>169309 just noticed she got banned, based is talking about, I think it's cool that she looks different and mostly (?) kept her face. I know Gaga had work done, but you can still tell it's her. She's a bit unconventionally attractive, but not ugly at all (and I don't stan her or even listen to her music).

No. 169460

During one of the new Gucci interviews Adam acknowledged the soup meme

>"I know about the meme peripherally, but you were the first person that's ever brought it up to me. In life. It's very bizarre… I don't think I really understand. I mean, I understand what memes are"

I think he also knows about the Marriage Story meme. I always wondered if he would look himself up or if someone in his life shows him some of the funny stuff

No. 169462

The soup scene from Girls became a meme? I feel like a boomer

No. 169509

I think his groomer Amy does

No. 169543

File: 1636662970235.jpg (298.13 KB, 1440x1802, 247993290_410243743962425_6616…)

I thought he said something like "Oh, okay" kinda like "oh, okay, I see what you are doing now". But seeing it upclose on my pc I'm not so sure anymore lol Especially considering that Gaga seems to be answering something?
>She's a bit unconventionally attractive, but not ugly at all
I don't know if this is unpopular or not, but I think she's pretty cute. She had a rhinoplasty but didn't go overboard with it and still kept the shape of it, just went a bit smaller, and I think it suits her greatly. The bar is in hell, but kudos for her for not going with standard hollywood skislope button nosejob.

I think it may be a meme among his fans, not a bigger general meme like the Marriage Story one. Kinda like the luscious hair thing became a meme as well, but not in the general sense. This is my guess kek

No. 169636

File: 1636729469080.jpeg (46.88 KB, 696x1060, bpanews_63ee34af-a3a4-4a88-bd4…)

Adam Driver has revealed he found comic book convention Comic Con to be scary and said he is “not anxious to go again”.

The Oscar-nominated actor, 37, has starred in a host of movie blockbusters, including playing Kylo Ren in the sequel trilogy of the beloved sci-fi franchise Star Wars, which has featured at the convention.

He told The Graham Norton Show: “I didn’t like it. I didn’t know the rules. I couldn’t go out for a coffee without a mask in case I was recognised, and when I opened my window there was a band playing the Star Wars theme on repeat.

“It was scary. And there are 2,000 people who are very devoted – there is a lot of energy.

“I saw what it was, and I am not anxious to go again."


Not a burger anon myself but I find his opinion relatable to me. Star wars fans tends to be have crazy behaviour.

Maybe some burger driverfag can give me an insight what american comic con look like

No. 169644

File: 1636737121033.jpg (817.87 KB, 2375x1786, just a casual convention.jpg)

Crowded beyond belief, smelly, exhausting, most of the attendees fall somewhere on the spectrum so social skills are not a priority, every fan of everything is the biggest fan of that thing etc.
I know people like Driver probably have it written into their contracts that they have to do these dumb conventions for promo but there needs to be pushback.

No. 169646

samefag but I left out the strangely huge amount of ~youtube & twitch content creators~ you've never seen or heard of in your life who don't care who, what or where they're filming or who they're standing on to film.

No. 169667

File: 1636747927394.jpg (206.39 KB, 790x950, Run Adam Run.jpg)

Imaging the smell from this picture alone…

I don't know if he considers himself an introvert (he has some of those qualities, but I don't think he minds attention when it's on his own terms, like lighting the cigarette in the theater), but anyone would be nervous stepping into that sort of crowd and being the center of attention. Especially with some SW fans.

I feel like that would be a problem too. People seeking content with no boundaries

No. 169795

Kek the Sariah edit I love you nonnie

Have some crumbs, Driverfags
I wish they'd release the SAG interview with the Gucci cast, I usually love their interviews

No. 169799

He seems down to earth for saying this. I wouldnt feel comfortable in this situation either.

No. 169873

File: 1636870758454.webm (10.91 MB, 1280x720, 3435Adam.webm)

I feel like a teenager but I legit like this edit, forgive me nonas
Not in a shipping way (and I don't even think that was the intent), just the visuals + song

Also, late, but I absolutely love this suit and look. He could destroy me wearing it at any time.

No. 170286

File: 1637186432142.png (638.98 KB, 814x1084, Screen Shot 2021-11-17 at 4.00…)

I'm ready.

No. 170344

I am curious, driverfags. Do some of you also think he looked worse in Star Wars and better in his other roles?

No. 170382

Which SW though? He looked godly in TFA and then still good, but it's like they gave up on styling him. I don't think he looked worse in SW than in most of his other movies. It varies. In some of them, his hair isn't that great lol

No. 170423

I thought he looked handsome in the first movie, but I'm weak for men with nice hair. The next two are variable. When he became Ben Solo again I thought he looked really nice.
I like the way he looks in BlackKkKlansman, Logan Lucky and Marriage Story. Less so in What If and Frances Ha.
He kind of reminds me of the "two face" girlfriend on Seinfeld. Not that I think he's ugly, but I think some character designs work well with his features and others don't.

No. 170705

File: 1637433252853.jpeg (111.05 KB, 1024x779, 162984739254.jpeg)

They can play siblings at some point

No. 170763

File: 1637477074926.png (359.29 KB, 1105x583, chicken.png)

Apologies if this has been posted before but I came across this article while looking for something and I thought of this thread.

No. 171160

No. 171236

Felt this belonged here, also thread theme

No. 171292

I've been so out of loop and there's a lot of new things I see all the time on insta and tumblr that I wanna post but I just don't have the time and/or the right headspace to come here and post but all of the driverfags and Driver himself are always in my thoughts and prayers, love you all my beloveds
Someday I'll go back to spamming his tiddies ITT and annoy frontpage users, I promise.

Anyway his interview with Graham Norton had some gems, I liked this part especially. Ties in nicely with this, my body is ready as well >>170286

As some other nonnies have mentioned, I think he looked amazing in TFA. I liked his body in TLJ (somewhat controversial, I guess), but the styling was just not there. He actually looked better on Girls during that time because I think they bothered with his hair and didn't give him high rise pants that made him look boxy lol like this look during Girls? >>>/m/122451
Fuck me up, Adam. He's just pure Wagyu beef.

Kek I love this reference
I think his peak was during 2015-2017, I like all phases of it. From the filming of Paterson and TFA and Hungry Hearts (I absolutely love his hairstyle during that movie, I think it fits him amazingly. It's a slight shag) to the filming of TLJ. He also looks cute as the nerdy guy in Midnight Special, even though I didn't watch that movie yet. The glasses are charming!

I think maybe cousins.

Kek I think it has been posted before anon, but no worries. I am guessing he did that cause he was probably doing something akin to Keto, like Atkins or so.

The lyrics are funny but the melody is just not for me lmao I appreciate it, though. Never enough Ben Swolo memes

No. 171294

Samefagging to post this embbeded.

Also, did you see that Ridley Scott blamed millenials for TLD box office flop? He blamed millenials and "their phones" lmao Classic boomer move, if anything millenials were the ones that went to see it due to Adam or Jodie and whatnot.

No. 171329

I'm really excited for Gucci! My friends and I are going to a dress up showing.

>Did you see that Ridley Scott blamed millenials for TLD box office flop?

This was so aggravating. He should just celebrate Gucci (it's doing fairly well as far as I can tell), but this is just dampening things. He could have blamed COVID, streaming, a general drop in theater viewership, but he chose millennials

No. 171350

File: 1637818748655.gif (9.78 MB, 613x750, Tumblr_l_271566115440414.gif)

>My friends and I are going to a dress up showing.
Sounds so fun, anon! Are you all wearing Gucci or just generally dressing fancy? Maybe fancy 80s?

Also when I saw this interview outfit I immediately remembered the nonnie that said she wishes he was in a Wes Anderson movie wearing a mustard turtleneck. I feel like this is close enough kek

No. 171351

File: 1637818891871.gif (5.39 MB, 666x750, Tumblr_l_271345859075708.gif)

And this is also very Wes Anderson kei. Hopefully his Noah connection will convince Wes to work with him, I'm ready

No. 171359

I think Ridley did it for marketing purposes, like his complains got more attention than movie itself, he is creating buzz for streaming service release and blue ray sales.

No. 171361

File: 1637827431008.jpg (274.83 KB, 811x717, SAVE_20211125_045714.jpg)

I think you may be right but whoever came up with that is shit at their job, cause it alienates a chunk of his potential viewers and weirdly enough, actors as well? Like, Driver is an older millennial and Jodie is the same age as me and I think a few others itt. Maybe if he was like "Zoomers and their phones/TikTok!" it would still be a tard move but at least a lot of them are not even allowed to watch TLD yet, nor do I think most have shown interest in doing so. Or better yet, COVID blame like everyone else.
Not that it will stop me from seeing the movie which I'll have to wait to stream cause the theatres stopped screening it for Marvel shit or #cancel Ridley or anything, but shit take was shit

No. 171394

File: 1637849650681.jpeg (109.55 KB, 640x1137, EBC85BAC-9EDD-4622-9370-3BBDF4…)

> Are you all wearing Gucci or just generally dressing fancy? Maybe fancy 80s?
I don’t own anything Gucci, but a friend and I are going to recreate the viral photo. I’ve heard some people are planning to go all out though. I’m just happy to go to a screening where everyone is excited and embracing the theme

I also fully support Adam doing Wes Anderson. Hopefully that will happen some day

No. 171421

He looks so fucking cute, I want to hug him.

No. 171424

I don't even think he know the difference between Millennials and zoomers. In the same interview he mentioned how disney did amazing job on marketing the movie (actually they didn't) so yeah old man did it for the buzz. I doubt anyone who got alienated by his word would even consider watching TLD. Everyone just run with his dumb quote and people actually found out the movie exists, plus almost everyone who saw the movie was defending it and telling others in the comments that they should see it too.

No. 171425

File: 1637864342222.jpeg (20.39 KB, 360x336, 1767889089.jpeg)

I'm gonna say something controversial.

Even thought Marion was perfect for the part of Ann in Annette seeing how Gaga created such a huge buzz around HOG, it's basically already part of pop culture and everyone gets the references and all. Obviously she can sing, now imagine her as Ann and putting Annette on the map for the masses. I know movie would get even more hate from locals but still, with big buzz Oscar chances for Adam would have been sky high and so far not only this year but in his whole career Henry is his strongest performance. It breaks my heart that it will never get a nom.

>also this scene with gaga/driver heigh difference would have been even cuter

No. 171498

File: 1637905431828.jpg (259.76 KB, 1025x558, 888888854322579999768888867945…)

Miss u ♥

No. 171615

File: 1637971776845.gif (2.14 MB, 600x600, ministryofsillywalks.gif)

Oh, I forgot that it was his birthday like… a week a go? Doing promotions during your birthday must suck lmao
Have him being cute trying to avoid stepping on Gaga's dress

Sounds super fun, nonna! Who are you going as?

That would be kinda cool. Apparently the original Ann was intended to be Rihanna but she didn't want to do it? It would've been really iconic, in lack of a better word. I loved Marion, though.

Missed you too!

No. 171667

File: 1638007601063.gif (1.87 MB, 540x381, tumblr_f3d89bf6268a8a69f64a87c…)

One of the biggest driversperg posters here. I miss all of you so much! I want to reply to posts properly but I'm too tired from being sick with flu. I have an idea though. IDK if any of you plan to participate in lolcow movie streams. If the process of streaming copyrighted movies will be worked out, how about we have a driverfag stream (unrelated to the weekly ones)? Some light-hearted movie (aka anything but The Last Duel) plus maybe YouTube stuff. I really love the idea of watching movies together, but I don't want to push Driver on general farmer population unless we have a night dedicated to lolcow crushes.

No. 171693

He looks so cute.

No. 171735

I just noticed how Al Pacino is just standing there and observing their shenanigans. CUTE

No. 171808

Nonnie, this is a good idea! I think anyone is free to use the lobbies to stream their own choice of content outside of movie night hours so I think you should do it. Maybe a Saturday night in-between regular movie nights? Do you have any movies in mind?
Not sure if you're keeping up with the movie night threads, but we worked out how to stream copyrighted movies from google drive. You could do it on either cytube with the use of a Tampermonkey script which every anon participating would have to download, or on a platform kosmi.io, which is now posted in the newest thread and doesn't require any additional scripts. Both official rooms are linked in the new thread, so the choice is yours!

No. 171915

File: 1638146582475.jpg (606.47 KB, 2048x1856, IMG_4811.jpg)

Just finished Gucci!

I enjoyed it overall. I think the people who expected it to be a suspenseful drama will be disappointed, but if you're open to a campy and slightly humorous movie with beautiful clothes and sets you'll be happy. I was surprised how much people laughed or cheered in the theater. I will say that the editing choices definitely hurt the movie and Jared Leto's acting is so over the top that it ruined certain scenes that should have been sad. Also, the sex scene in the trailer was intense and I would love to be picked up and carried like that.

Guess we'll have to wait for White Noise and 65 to see him again since he's taking a break.

Here's a cute pic of Adam having his picture taken with the car. He said he liked taking his picture on set

No. 172061

File: 1638275181404.jpg (305.04 KB, 2048x1526, 1638183131595.jpg)

>since he's taking a break.
I still don't believe him. Once director he simps knocks on his door he will go back to work.

No. 172073

I've been ruminating over it and Patterson has been the first movie that came to my mind. Could make it a Jermusch double feature and watch The Dead Don't Die too. Patterson is like a perfect movie since it's lighthearted, funny and has a weeby element.
I think inbetween the usual nights would be great, if any other driverfags would be into it!
He's taking a break? I can see why since he's done so many movies recently, it's crazy. I felt flooded with content (in a good way). Happy to have 2 more movies to watch (I will go see HoG when I'm allowed to leave house again, so in a week). I guess I will have to watch all the ones with cameos later on or use the time to catch up on Mads movies kek
Anyway I wonder how long is that break supposed to be (read an article and it didn't mention it)… good for him for carrying about his mental health and spending time with family.

No. 172085

I think his break will feel a lot like 2020. He was filming a few projects, but there were no releases, interviews or press events. It felt very dry and then we were suddenly given The Last Duel and Gucci.
But like other anons have said, he could easily change his mind if he was offered a compelling project. I think he probably just wants to be with his kid right now.
There is the hope that if he or one of his movies is nominated that he'll go to the 2022 Oscars. But that's kind of a coin toss

No. 172086

Yeah but he has 2 movies coming out next year, maybe 2023 will be our next 2020? (wtf I had to check what year we are in right now, i hate covid so much)

No. 172813

File: 1638695841243.png (999.77 KB, 600x800, 1638642276180.png)

Behind that ugly blue filter there are such a nice colors to his clothes . Ridley Scott is demented for hiding this in darkness, every shirt has so much detail and work on it.

No. 172814

File: 1638696127145.jpeg (315.57 KB, 1538x2048, 162837954.jpeg)

Samefag. Look at this rich purple, all the gold details. I feel robbed.

No. 173001

File: 1638826600198.gif (26.58 KB, 345x93, z61ad59771fa66.gif)

I miss driversperging so much. Going to finally see Gucci this weekend. Will post my thoughts here for sure!

No. 173382

File: 1639165636918.gif (6.54 MB, 540x500, tumblr_6e10d1667ebb0c74d5f6d1a…)

I miss driverfagging so much, as well! I've been so busy, December's been crazy. I still haven't been able to watch TLD and HOG is not even on theatres were I live.
But even though I didn't watch TLD yet I saw this gif on tumblr and literally dreamt about. I wasn't the lady in it, unfortunately.

I would love that so much! I've been to 2 movie nights in the farms and they were so much fun. I also agree with anon >>172073 that Paterson is probably the best option for the first movie to stream, since it's super cute and casual. I'd also suggest What If, but he's a secondary character, even though he appears quite often. Hungry Hearts is a good one and it's fully on YT, but it's a bit heavier - but since we all watched it (I think), it wouldn't be a problem, I think.
Anyone knows how to host? I also would gladly watch movies with non-driverfags that aren't annoying (aka spamming that he's ugly every 20 seconds), so I don't know if we could promote the driverfag movie night on the streaming thread or just ITT.

I understand using filters to make the colors cohesive and "moody", but it can definitely look washed out. Even lazy, sometimes, because it's easier to just slap a filter instead of coming up with a cohesive wardrobe and background props and such. I don't think it looks as bad as Twilight for example lol but it would still be better to tone it down, a bit. Alas.

No. 173401

File: 1639173462864.png (1.6 MB, 1042x1118, Screen Shot 2021-12-10 at 3.54…)

All of the images and gifs I've been seeing are motivating me to finally watch it. I've also had a few coworkers (who don't know I like Adam) mention finding it good.
It annoys me that it was only released in theaters because I think it would have been much more successful. And Scott kind of put his foot in his mouth

No. 173423

File: 1639189692865.gif (1.47 MB, 400x221, tumblr_a2857bd2b595f993fc9d06f…)

>But even though I didn't watch TLD yet I saw this gif on tumblr and literally dreamt about. I wasn't the lady in it, unfortunately.
Maybe controversial to say, but there were some hot scenes in that movie, damn. Not the final rape scene which is painful and horrible but the one from Adam's POV which plays like something out of a bodice ripper where the heroine plays coy but is into it. The scene in the movie it's portrayed as a game — which is part of the plot, but I don't want to get into the deep shit here. Wanted to say that I was very much into it, NGL. Also the one preceding it, where Adam is playing around with a girl during a small orgy
>I would love that so much! I've been to 2 movie nights in the farms and they were so much fun. I also agree with anon >>172073 that Paterson is probably the best option for the first movie to stream, since it's super cute and casual. I'd also suggest What If, but he's a secondary character, even though he appears quite often. Hungry Hearts is a good one and it's fully on YT, but it's a bit heavier - but since we all watched it (I think), it wouldn't be a problem, I think.
OP who suggested driverfag movie nights and Patterson, glad you agree! I've been thinking about Hungry Hearts too since it's a good movie and Adam looks great in it. Would be SUPER happy to see What If since it's one of the last few movies with AD I haven't seen. Time to pick up the more episodical ones. Then it's only SNL and interviews lol
I found this article and I think it may be a bit helpful as a refresher about his movie roles (despite subjective opinions)
>Driver plays Walter, a co-worker of Maria, the boy’s mother. Although his role is small, his hands are still huge
That's a good line LMFAO
>I also would gladly watch movies with non-driverfags that aren't annoying (aka spamming that he's ugly every 20 seconds), so I don't know if we could promote the driverfag movie night on the streaming thread
Same! IDK maybe we can mention it on the same day or like a day in the advance. Good thing is that we can mute annoying users, but I would still prefer not to have to do that and just enjoy watching in driverfag company. I don't want retarded comments like 'sTrAiGhT wOmEn HaVe No StAndArDs' ruining my mood.
IDK how many of us are here, me and you is two — is there at least a third anon and what time would be fitting for everyone? Maybe it will be a good idea to get other famers on board (maybe with a disclaimer that we are hoping they play nice in the one regard).
Kek what a perfect meme. Scott truly went full retard there. As good as the movie was, it was a harrowing watch overall, despite AD and some hotness mixed in.

No. 173501

File: 1639261332934.jpg (192.23 KB, 1486x991, download.jpg)

Apparently Marriage Story is playing in 10 minutes or so!

No. 173509

File: 1639268968264.gif (6.68 MB, 540x350, Tumblr_l_764584819723489.gif)

Oh shit, I missed it! Any Driverfags there? How was it?

No. 173513

File: 1639272166080.jpg (14.57 KB, 80x80, 1.jpg)

No. 173514

fuck me. fuck me please. wild and savage, ram your dick into me as you slap your balls. please

No. 173515

File: 1639272299850.jpg (13.17 KB, 80x80, 2.jpg)

No. 173516

File: 1639272341043.jpg (14.35 KB, 80x80, 3.jpg)

No. 173518

File: 1639272646307.jpg (14.21 KB, 80x80, adwide.jpg)

No. 173519

I liked the therapist's breakdown of their iconic meme argument

No. 173520

will watch after the movie night.
it went perfect, more anons interested in driver movies, we got driver emotes. Everyone please throw ideas about desirable driverfagging movies and time!

No. 173521

File: 1639275345448.jpeg (263.5 KB, 750x1254, DD08749D-373F-4D21-88DF-24049D…)

If we all pool our money we can buy his Gucci outfit. Or maybe just one of the threads from his sweater.
I know there’s a driverfag out there with oil money who’s going to snatch this. Or just a movie prop collector

No. 173528

It's either gonna be Sariah Wilson or a boring prop collector, mark my words

No. 173538

Do you think it smells like him?

No. 173543

I want to smell him so bad

No. 173574

How did it go?

No. 173580

We have all collectively agreed that Henry has autism and it pleased me very much. Adam's singing didn't go well. Anons were very nice about driverfagging and some are interested in watching driver movies even if they don't stan/thirst

No. 173621

>Adam's singing didn't go well
Does this mean we shouldn't suggest Annette to them?

No. 173634

We will watch annette at some point, we just found it cringe in that bar singing scene

No. 173689

File: 1639407265336.png (1.34 MB, 822x1004, Screen Shot 2021-12-13 at 8.53…)

I remember he said in an interview that the karaoke scene made him extremely nervous because he hates singing. That's why I was surprised he agreed to do Annette, but I think maybe he likes pushing his own boundaries or he was sold on the overall project.

Musicals seem to be a bit more common now, so I wonder if he'll ever do it again. Or theater. I'm still bitter I never saw Burn This

No. 173720

I'm not even a fan of musicals, but it makes me seethe that there are so many that will never be played again and yet theaters are not capitalizing on selling recordings. Like what's the point of this? People who can afford will go see the play anyway, just to bask in Adam Driver's (or whatever other hot guy… IDK why, but I feel like the majority of theater stans are women and gay men) presence. I get that there may be some legal caveats, but they are not even trying.
I fucking want to see Burn This and I never may — unless somehow, someone is holding on to some bootleg of a horrible quality (which would still be a blessing).

No. 173737

File: 1639440291733.jpeg (168.7 KB, 970x546, 159A9683-F493-447B-9867-CFA8B8…)

It’s very frustrating. I’ve heard that the NY Public Library has recordings of all the broadway plays and you can make an appointment to watch in the Reading Room, but that’s a lot of bother and impractical for most.
It took a while for the Hamilton recording to be released, but I was hoping it would show producers that audiences will still go to the theater if they can, and those who can’t still have some form of access

No. 173742

I would do that but I'm not amerifag, like a huge part of interested people. Fuck

No. 174077

File: 1639668719990.gif (9.74 MB, 540x400, Tumblr_l_958389079540655.gif)

Just had a dream where I was watching HoG with my parents in the movie theater and it was very awkward cause after a sex scene they showed a close up of Adam's penis with a semi hard on. It was still throbbing. I remember thinking "that's some professionalism" cause he was just so chill about it in the scene lol

I am a big musical fan and this has always bothered me. Hopefully, they'll see the Hamilton success on D+ and start doing this for most stage productions, at least the big ones. I wouldn't stop going to theaters after watching something on my TV, the vibe is completely different. Just like I wouldn't stop going to concerts after watching a recorded concert, if anything, it makes me wanna check it out live even more.

I feel like farmers will definitely cringe at the sex scenes on Annette lmao

No. 174085

It is weird they don’t record the shows. In Japan they sell recordings and the prices are pretty high but they look great with the different camera angles. Now some stuff has the live tv versions but it’s not the same

No. 174091

File: 1639681573441.jpeg (89.61 KB, 634x507, 6BE9DA80-9636-447A-BD94-E72021…)

One of the people who went to see Burn This also said that there was a film crew recording it, so a tape definitely exists. But I don’t know if it’s for the Broadway archive or intended to be publicly released.
I thought maybe COVID would influence more productions to release some of the recordings, since theater was bleeding money and I’m sure people would have paid to buy or stream some of them.
I guess I just have to content myself with shaky cellphone clips for now

No. 174219

File: 1639770060287.jpeg (229.85 KB, 2048x850, 1635849456.jpeg)

They were too much of a charming due for the movie with "that" plot

No. 174247

God, yes. Especially Driver. I loved how everyone in the movie was pointing out how hot and handsome he was. I instantly imagined so many people in the audience and nonas seething kek

No. 174319

File: 1639828232759.jpg (92.61 KB, 340x305, 20211218_194914.jpg)

This thread made me watch annette and i finally understand what you guys see in him

No. 174323

File: 1639829775836.gif (1.52 MB, 540x360, tumblr_e2e8800aa375c745b69c30d…)

Congrats on achieving a higher level of consciousness, nona! I hope you will attend a driverfag movie stream ~coming soon~
How did you overall like the movie? Personally, I don't find it a prime driverfagging material because of how exhausting it is to watch, plus Adam's character is infuriating (really well played). Also, not a fan of how he looks in the later part of the movie.
If you would like more AD content, I would recommend The Last Duel since he looks similar to how he looked at the beginning of Annette (if you liked the long hair). The movie is about a sensitive topic and may be painful to watch. It's really respectful though and basically a #MeToo narrative.

No. 174327

KEK HOLY SHIT actually me and my friend just got done watching the last duel before we started annette and we were just there looking at adam driver. Annette was ok for me im not really a fan of movie musicals but his character there was good and well done so we watched it. We had to stop at the part where he eats out his wife and fucking smack each other lol. Spent the whole movie screenshotting his tiddies LMAOOOO. And when's the adam driver movie night?? I'd love to attend if my schedule isn't packed

No. 174331

No. 174334

That's the problem, no date has been decided on. The best idea is to stream on a Saturday 8GMT in between regular movie nights. So looking at the stream schedule… those would be eligible:
>26th of December, could be earlier like 4GMT
>1st or 2nd January (also earlier hour) if something else is going on the New Year's Eve
>15th of January (nothing planned for the date as far as I see)
Suggested films:
>What if
>Hungry Hearts

No. 174920

I’m not a driverfag but I saw this video and thought I needed to share it with you ladies. Adam Driver in Ratatouille.
Embedding doesn’t work with the stupid “shorts” format YouTube does now so here is link:

No. 175077

File: 1640163514540.jpg (410.55 KB, 2284x1606, Thanks adam.jpg)

No. 175141

File: 1640191731606.webm (4.08 MB, 720x720, Adam Driver in Ratatouille (6)…)

Thank you so much anon, this is a treasure!!! Now we need Adam Driver in Ratatong.

No. 175334

I love when the thread jumps from memes to erotic pictures.
Hopefully whoever made him aware of the good soup meme will show him this one day

No. 175373

Mhhm fuckable

No. 175374

ehehehehe NICE abs

No. 175607

File: 1640391153527.gif (6.71 MB, 540x400, Tumblr_l_1304477749055889.gif)

Merry Christmas, my beloved Driverfagettes!
I hope everyone is having/will have/had good celebrations!

No. 175623

File: 1640403463309.jpeg (220.13 KB, 713x361, BCB9772F-D818-406D-9C83-CD2FD3…)

Merry Christmas to all!

No. 175647

Merry Xmas to you too! Didn't know what to post, but you were in my thoughts. I miss you all so much!

No. 175973

File: 1640644177886.jpeg (319.27 KB, 1078x1537, 16349437895.jpeg)

It was shared as a blind a few days ago and a few people speculated who could it be. Now this dropped.

Idk fellow driverfags but in recent interviews he talked about his family, spending time with wife and kid more than he ever did so I don't believe this is true.

No. 175987

Interesting. It was also speculated that Joanne was pregnant again because of her recent photos and that's the reason he's staying closer to home. It will be interesting to see which, if either, are accurate.

No. 176056

house of gucci was trash but god every time adam driver is on screen it feels like my ovaries swell 10 x i love his weird stupid ugly cat face and dark hair and huge hands so much

No. 176057

I would be like "huh, sounds like AD and Joanne Tucker… but nah, that part doesn't fit" because of the ~fandom mom and dad~ comment. I stay as far away as possible from "rats", but I would be genuinely shocked to hear about such sentiments toward Joanne Tucker. Huh. Though now I remember some sperg on r/adamdriverfans mentioning people overcompensating for their jealousy and stanning her for God knows what reason. I am not a Joanne hater, mind you. I'm completely neutral towards her. That's why it's really weird for me to hear that some people may treat her like she is some beloved figure on her own.
Anyway, I'm glad to hear there are no cheating rumors so far. For their child, I hope they aren't getting divorced. I also remember Adam saying that he never wants to get a divorce after Marriage Story, so there's that… it would be extremely sad if life forced his hand in that regard.
Do you think it's possible to find an Adam Driver of your own in the wild?

No. 176071

>overcompensating for their jealousy and stanning her for God knows what reason
Yeah, but idk i